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127971 F20090414_AAARAO 00484.QC.jpg c688026a4abc2289c5b72ff9857f53120ea756a33bb5ba757dc217cd29ad9c2a935192a5
7174639 F20090414_AAARAP 00484.tif 12af0599c224d8e89f55e65e9555fd8ae0e9160c430215029f285685004d15d14e236039
48032 F20090414_AAARAQ 00484.txt 9ba0157388ecae884ac88c92b2181a6873fd3bb17e88a7be246892157bf234f85f9dcf1e
29820 F20090414_AAARAR 00484thm.jpg 620ed2b750900eded4e7520151a5283005e2ac66a3b19e4e976c80cc86b141e0e7134dd2
892661 F20090414_AAAQYK 00475.jp2 8f47917fcf9a03bbb0660f0e52ca807831129bf4e23c6f829c71e871836d7b28dfcb13fb

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200782datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 14, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007820740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 14, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 14, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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\ i mol-- ._MCBCKi. ,. ****** ._..-? u ****** ******
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.' Of Florida .1t1l ;1 i '

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n **



.********:******. -
VK.1 II HI. 23 ''SITlIII', scmpm 21, mi 201Ceh t s Dili clteelie.

,, '* 4 ****** Stars Judge SlirsTh
.t'f.: .,. ...1.I. .... ... -1"\" "' ...""" *.* .** ,:\<..... ... ''...... ,,\,", .""ofot\;,"' ,...t'A' Gets Fuel Hit
.. '"" ) ,

110. _.__ ; ....,. '" +..... .... From U.S. Urit F
****** **** ** ... IJ
TALLAHASSEE Three apparently \

School Board bird-headed systems will Florida have t
to retrench, reorganise and
tighten their educational: belts
this year-ell becaasetbey
refused, with their superlntend-
r nts-to follow tilt dictates of
1M United States Office of
IN.BID FOR REHIRE r. w.t Education and tilt Departmentof

1 .t,., bra.Health, Education and Wei

Lafayette, Taylor and Baker '
.. *.** TT*; .."'. .!" Counties all counties waned I A

Farmer Orliido Cliim AiottwMM U to !their delinquencies In th*
Aged Instructor i way of desegregation, were,

Citizen Served CoMMittedDeeble 1a on Friday, September IS, 196, II i
cot loon from United States ,\
Aid for schools. This definite

Here 15 Years Was Bypassed In Mirier but pre-announced the programs action of ,these wartaffect t

counties' programs for kindergarten -

Rev. Benjamin J. Williams, PORT?. JOEOaSeptembertl .....-51.. .. '. >:.J elementary and high ,'
pastor of tilt Mt. Oily AYE School TransferST. two of Florida's Death Row fI/';.. r.r" i'l>' 1. "1 school curricula, and perhaps,
Church, Jacksonville, died convicts will get a chance to !-( .JJ;(A'f: \ will touch upon dlsadvantagedareas.
Wednesday morning at 7 a.m.at bars what they here called a ) J J': Pj \ .
the St. Vincent Hospital, un AUGUSTINE-An aging Negro scbooltacber ic'i: Merle "framing0 rehashed in court. County educators hare bounced
e ectem1. Seniors, 61, has filed suit against the SL Augustine board They will plead that.another Th* Stars Over Miami talent show la Ulaml Stadium was a hug success. Importance was back by saying that they bar
Rev. WUUams, widely known asking the Federal Court to order the local board to return her man committed th*.He able, added by' the presence of the personages above, namely, from the left Blanche Calloway, been prepared for this new deaL
throughout Florida and la other to her Job and to kill the Florida law which is blamed for taking murder for which they pled sister of, the great "Cab", Miami TV personality Chock Ztak. syndicated columnist Hy Taylor County Superintendent
parts of Oat country, had been It away from her. guilty.Tb Gardner World Boxing Association Heavyweight' Jimmy Ellis and Lloyd Marx, chief Judge Alas E. slut contends that they
convalescing at his boot from A possible victim cube gimmicks: by educators will not two men are Wllbert e.Dd. muatcat director of tilt CBS-TV Original Amateur Hour. will be able to carry on most
illness when be suddenly "phasing" out of schools In Tort -"Slingshot" Lee, 11.<&'IP-. "; v Photo Courtesy Ulami-Uetro Department of Publicity of their procrams. Hornet,
becam ill and had to be rushed compliance win desecrefatlon The United States District wood laborer, and Freddie L."::. Ilt be tried to tbt IHh to bold oft
to the hospital. directives, Urs.Seniors, Court has been asked to appoint Pills, t7' a Mobile Ala, sold the guillotine.: H* went oa to
.f Pastor of Ut Ollv Churchfor who taught at the Excelsior a au-...JII &'t panel for doing ier. Both contend that, under : : Sti4..t Celtic say that some programs will \
Grammar School charges that away with th* 1955 law. ,Tbecontention duress, they confessed th* SeparateFamiliesAfe 'tedlKontlnuetHeboastedthatTaylor J
discrimination has been used is that it is has don more towarddesegrtacton :i
,will be. -
Boderr: ;They repreWed
t ,lo remove her from th*system; .onooostibdrel.allbeet-.ee->'+ by'Attorney BBlC J P. =" .MwY.! TeNewPreinM. than other ., "
Urs. Seniors, participant tea'' guidelines, and violates due Williams of Washington. They bi lr "Shuck" counties. Eighteen teachersbav '
''f class action suit, wants reinstatement process and egret protection claim that North Florida *crossed racial lines.HOT ,I
with back pay, under the Constitution. It officials framed them. .! than IS per cut of lilt pupUs,
$10,000 In damages, and teukI55 further contends that Urs. According to tilt two men., Negro, are la Integrated setups.
that the 159 law per- Seniors' vested rights cannotbe their testimony of guilty was QuarrelsFamily ATLANTA Negro colleges lie said that HEW polsted/ I
mitting school boards to choose ots& made with hopes of saving them, Following in the South must make Immediate straight at the Jerkins High' .
its continuing This is the first suit of its kind '
among personnel oa through mercy, from the death curricula changes School, anall.NegroscboolaM
contracts as to which to be filed la Florida. peal quarrels over tilt Harrington, granddaughter of come out of the doldrums, and said U must be integrated. H*
should be retained, be declared They say the third man., the weekend brought about the death Urs. Keltt and Harrington's start forth to give their graduate said nothing wu put In writing ,
;pf nnf HtyMnM..1,, JicksmilleSeMters murderer, is Curtis Adams of on* of two apparently angry niece, disclaimed knowledge of broader career opportu More than! 142.000 win bewithheld I I
Th county school superintendent Jr., J5, already under life sisters, oa the ODe hand, and any pistoL Following nities. from Lafayette County. ,
r W. Douglas Hartley, has Die sentence for a holdup>> slaying tile death dos merchant......., shooting after a few moments That in a ..ut" of tilt word' Superintendent Clark said they
denied dllcr 1..111 Ual. Be in Fort Laaderdale 19 days oa tb* other,victim of another of scuffling in the room. Harrington is a new opinion handed dowel will eel the pinch. A retrenchment .
pointed out that Urs. Seniors' after the Port St. Joe incident family: quarrel. is said to tare left tilt by the powuhlSOItllna' program will be la order.
principal a Negro, did not Fren WembTh Adams confessed to the double Two sisters, Urs. Ora Ua house and walked east on Sum Regional Education Board ins Four aides may be taken tiff
recommend her for transfer to War In Vietnam, has murder during t lie detector UcTler, 14. 1179 Beaver mit Street t. toward Stockton publication called "New and no hiring will be don*. H*
another school. The superintendent Street. said that HEW insists that tilt
Beater andCirrtcuUnv
probe. Careers
of two Jacksonville LwW ,117 '
claimed the lives -
i mentloalagthslExcelsior the Negrosoldlers According; to authorities, information Nary la th* meantime. Elvis Keltt Change." This report covers only Negro school the county
Grammar School wu Adams is Street upstairs engaged la a have all grades removed to a '
given by all major undergraduate study:
REV. B.J. W1LUA18 all-Negro, continued that there according ment. to the War Depart conclusive that .b* did commit furious argument last "Thursday areas, except teacher training, white school. B* said that wu l
were not enough vacancies for Jut before p.., don last Th order was .
12 of his 15 years la the city, Marine Pfc. Gerald I.Clarklo. the murders. AlfII1l1m.u general education courses and year. .
all the teachers. H said that to officers. of
according rescinded because parents'objections
tors said that Pitts' head
Rev. Williams wu known ClOt ... II, was killed eyes that Urs.UcTler Junior college programs.
of the most energetic and pro- the Negro principal, upon and mouth at tilt time of arrest Pollc reports state .. This startling suggestion Is particularly Negro ;
gresslve of ministers. request, recommended that showed marks of a Nttl"g. and Urs. Henry exchanged not too tar from aa earlier parents. ,
seven of the ten be sent away. words In Urs. .kksrCandy will lose about I
Originally from Orlando th* ,Attorney J. Frank Adams rejects criticism that Negro colleges
late minister served for ,some The suit has been entered by the Adams' confession, Keller's apartment Later, have fallen short of the real 'U .t8allt federal funds,which I
as presiding el er. a Tampa law Urn for 14 r a. saving that the convict has. Urs. Henry is reported to have goal of education that some could have been used for voca-
Widely Seniors and the FEA, Dr. Phil recanted. goo to the same apartment Inferior some Uoaa1 education and adult haste
heralded u a theolo are bordering on ,
executive secretary.: with a pistol. Th first bullet education projects.: <
lawn. Rev Williams was for The hearing win be conductedIn : are skaky and few are relative- .
( Following a statement by Dr. Port St Joe.The case history fired from a .32 caliber pistol, stable. This Is the first drastic move'
the of .,
some on faculty
years Constans, Hartley vehemently was 'deflected by Sammy e on the. part of the Office ofEducation.
Edward Waters College,where dates back to 1963 when Jesse f&\t/ This conference on careers
denied that discrimination Lee BUnion 32 1207 Dora Duval
was County was
and Grover Jr.
he served u an Instructor in Burkett Floyd was composed of consultants,
involved. He said.. realised were found dead 13 miles away Street, when he knocked tilt ELVIN POMERO KErn specialist and Negro faculty. not involved.
religion.Rev. that Urs. Seniors mandatory pistol from her hand.The bullet Thus, three counties have lost
from the
Williams tilting they Strong recommendations were
was reassigned retirement age would be 70 and the Uo-Jo Service went into the roof, said the is said to lure walked Into the more than 3200,000 la helping 1
to Ut Olive AWE Church at th sunned mad.
taftirpnm where h*eras Sitting 1
that the decision: to deny her Station. This 1 officers.Urs. monies because they have
was on Negro science students must
last conference.Th .
her Job was "hard." However, 1M3. Puts and Lee pleaded Henry, according: to on the floor when offlceuutn.d. be given elaborate training In refused to obey the mandates Jof
deceased one taught In he emphasised that a tttcfctr N reports, fired a second time.Mrs. Investigator R. the Supreme Court and tilt r;
17 and
guilty on August on mathematics and th of
the Florida school lilt
system. on continuing contract can be UcTler received: a bullet B. Lauremor was first on the directives: of the powerful salts v
23 and sentenced
August were of th
instruments because
new *
Funeral services have been ,
released. wound la the right sid of her seen and was followed by of the UnltedStates government *
set for Monday at 10.10: a.m. to death. Testimony from Willie Austin. Other officers demands of industry. Biology
Sergeant U.
However Dr. ""Ehim ** abdomen Captain Whittlngton
ftaken '
at the church which to Dastored t.I'FC. Mae Lee, state's witness, students should be trained for 9Lt&MMM Tfttf
arriving on seen
a decidedly different point GERALD J. CLARKSON condemn the two said. The young woman was VeWuwWJ Iwl9Frther
for so long., IIII.8D. W.M. Hasklns and C.Y.-. tile multitude of opportunities
of view. He said that the law W ..boDSmWL dead on arrival at the DUll were ,
Pitts 4
Graveside services will follow was apparently designed to .September la G use g Tri, and Specialist Medical Center. 'Thornton. Evidence Technicianalso offered in health areas. Eaters
the funeral, at Greenwood eliminate Negro teachers, Vietnam by hostile fir*.Private Smith Lee vlaterreleuedafter identified Lee Urs. Henry was lodged in Jail made a checkup of the Business courses should be
Cemetery In Orlando, Florida. wherever possible, during consolidation Clarksoa was a native of the second on a homicide charge and was evidence. Officers Ratios and,. completely revamped la orderto Newest Appeal'
u guilty maL This qualify students for executive
Jacksonville and attended Thornton saw the accusedstanding
The eulogy win be delivered programs. Be also later transferred to the county
by Presiding Bishop E.C. said that the Uw seems to be Stanton Senior High School. was not la evidence presented jail according to Investigators at Summit Street yM positions. Uathematlcs, FORT WTERSlaID" !
la of
Hatcher of the Florida District designed to affect the Job Clarkson was a member of the court Judge 55. Beck and '.8. Short Acosta and mad the arrest accOUDUDr marketing budret- Richardson,, convletedof
Rev. Williams is survived by security of those under eon- tare Stt Pins Catholic Church. Fitxpatrlck until 1967. After the second shot was fired Officer J. Phillips took tile log and control and collective murder In the death of on of
the widow, Urs. mil S. tinning contracts, where Survivors include Urs. Sarah Ulaml Polygraph Investigator two other sisters, Urs. Dalsey accused into custody and to the bargaining are suggested' for his seven children who died
Williams, a daughter, line F. Clarkson, mother; two Warren D. Holmes confirmed Mae Johnson, 23, 620 Court F, police station. business training.Uodera .' of poison last year, has. filed
Anise Williams,three slsters- Join The FLORIDA STAR brothers, John m and Ronald that Adams is the true killer and Miss ROM Uarle Jefferson The pistol was not recovered. language programsshould an appeal. H
la-law, two brothers-in-law, A. Clarkson; grandmother, 'of Burkett and Floyd and of 16, 1179 West Beaver SUM Person about, denied any include critical The police of appeal la the
and nephews and nieces. .Registration Driveriw Mrs. Mary Covington; nephew Floyd in Fort Laaderdal He called the police, who came aad knowledge of It. Keltt'died at languages, even Asian and circuit court her, said aa appeal '
Ronald A. Clarkson; and II said that Adams' knowledge of mad tilt arrest heal Medical Center. African. In tile Humanities was being filed lathe -
aunts, all In JacksonrUle.Pfc. loatione: wuconvlxingnongh.ind In the second fracas ElviaPomero Hekher"Participates students should be given credit State Supreme Court. tt was
K Randolph. Sampson 124 chided J local police for not Seat, 1521 Summit. Bishop for training in the performing signed by Richardson now on
West Sib Street,died September being aware of the possibility Street Jacksonville, a laCoisolidkiiei arts. Humanities should be death row la Ralf ord, and his
d in Vietnam. of falsity. la fmn to that. merchant seaman., 44 year old, worldwide. Negroes<< must be attorney, John Robin eon, of
IuAaG voHcormXfO < Services will be held Friday Marl Akins, a former girlfriend died from a stomach. wound on Diy. encouraged to explore their own Daytona Beach.
la St. Stephen's AIdE Church, of Adams, added teat Sunday. culture. Courses should Include Richardson was brought to

hUHT Rev. J$. Johsnon, presiding. mony. She said she knew Adams According to police reports, sldlng Bishop prelate E.C. Hstchrpr-of tilt Florida NecrolailtortecODOlll.clci Fort Uyers for trial after a
T CAXDOM9 1tWONQ.. Burial will be In Ut Olive intended to commit the crime. Self became engaged la aa area of the AUE Church, will discrimination, urban sociology chang of venue for DeSoto
DDMOT utid Memorial Park with! Carter's PIta contends that he was argument with J.C. Harrington, be the religious leaders and other matters of Interestto County He was living la Arcadia -
.. lliU'uucllDto. Baking the confession among Negroes. Current Issues be and wife
Funeral Hone in diu, who was charged with the fatal taking part la the fyy i'faHMi and picked '
the oameaWafiQ jerun.w's!?>d Be. Sampson was a native of of guilt Lee,.said he shooting. Th argument concerned Day ceremonies: on October 1, should be part of the Humanities fruit there when 111I.eevea.children .
1967 was threatened by the ..rUt.1M program, not age-old I of '
he favor d a enseWrepd Jacksonville and was a Keltt's slapplngand u part of UllIIaor'. rraJ'rBrea.tfut. died w
said. "You alone with stories Uk Hamlet
graduate of the New Stanton go allegedly abusing his wife,Urs. .
lit M easE< IppuaNt Senior High SchooL what"the white people was say Ruby Keltt. J.C. Harrington is Th* William\ Ralns High Th South' 79 Negro colleges Judge John Justice: denied '
d the ;- Sjrrtvors arc: Charlie H. ing. Local officials refuse to tilt SOB of Urs. Ruby Keltt.and. School band will participate were urged to cooperate withothei a notion for a new trial la
Ur Neville' talk, awaiting the outcome of establish a campus and tilt case then went
br l minion, father | the stepson of Elm KIIf. and will conclude tilt program college, July,
t S. Smith Baton Rouge, La-, the. September- 23 hearing.- According: to witnesses, a shot with the playing of America. task fore for curriculum into th* appellate courts. All
i mother; Miss Fannie CIITTHT., ,1J.' was Orel Ruby Keltt cam Into A parade will lit promoted, u revision and to give students. first segree murder verdicts
sister; CharUe Sampson Jr., j the rooat and pulled the com well.as open housed the city opportunities to work on committees. with a sentenced death must
and Jimmi Sampson,brotbtn.A batants'apart. Lollta be appealed, undjer. state tew }
.. __ ___. ,._. hall sad the courthouse.

f b

l' ., I .
.; .J'r \, .Y. .i""" 4._,J f' .:s.!{t J i';".:..E. .... I : Jafc. ...."' ..... 1;' :;. J '. ,. .' ..u.M"- \ '--. .. if.Y





PuoHsbed! by the Florida Star Publishing Company By WHITNEY Y. YOUNG, JR >Br,



NEGROERIC P ; While the world's eyes an on Prague and Vietnam, thousands' del'
of people are dying of starvation In Blafra. In fact, the whole
Bx peoples- ereral million of them-toce death through star
ration or arms In a brutal civil war. T
But many people who are upset by the tragedies of Vietnam or is
who rush to condemn the Russian rape of Ccechoslorakla haren'tspoken Se
out to protest the sufferings of black people In the, GI
0. SIMPSON MANAGING Nigerian war.
That cirU war has been going on for over a year and until
recently It has been buried In the back pages of those newspaperswho
HILDA WOOTEN CIRCULATION hare bothered to carry It
at all. Only In the last few weeks !
2323 MONCRIEF. ROAD PHONE bare we seen tile horrible "' II''
pictures of wan, an but lifeless j F
children, their arms and legs
sticking oat d. their
undernourished i bodies like sol
P.O. BOX 599 lACKSONYHLE', many sticks. a
How can supposedly elrUlted
32201 countries watch such horrors I
Without doing anything to end '
MIAMI OFFICE( 5018 N.W. 7TH AYE them? If such sufferings were
going on In Europe or other i i .(
PHONE 151.3819SUBSCRIPTIONS white nations, would the world" t

RATES The Nigerian Idly by? affair Is very complicated. The Dm peoples ortht, ;
One Year, $12.00 Half Year $7.00 eastern region of that country declared their Independence and
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United formed the state of Blafra after IOOOOoftbeir fellow-tribesmen
Subscription payable in Advance were massacred in riots In the Moslem northern region the
Send Check or Money Order to: Nigerian government, backed by British, Russian and Egyptian:
arms and aid, Invaded and blockaded the eastern region.
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 Few the starring'east. The Nigerianfederal
,. supplies are reaching .
'n" t Florida gorernment feared that a "mercy" air route to bring .
food to Blafra would be used u a corer to bomb Nigeria or to .,
Import arms. And the Ibos of mitts refused to accept a com
DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION promise offer of a land route through Nigeria that would bring
food by trucks. Nigerians might poison the food they said, or
they might ue It u an Invasion rate j
1968 WAS It Is bard to pick rlllalns and heroes this. Certainly I don't
pretend to be able to Judge the rights and wrongs of events taking
I place 8,000 milts away without first-hand knowledge of the facts.
There was nothing dull about the recent But there can be no question about the humanitarian aspects of
convention which was held recently In Chicago. < this bloody war. Row can we be silent while children starve to (
a "play with a play" intelligent youth backing j death When the Russians blockaded Berlin three years after (
ylppies and hippies In Grant and Lincoln Parks I the end of the war, launched a massive airlift of supplies to (
sippl and Georgia mostly Negro-and-moderate ; keep our former enemies from starring. Aren't Ibo Uses worn I
battling versus the "old-time diehards" u < as BUCB to UT
show of force by the police. Surely we most hare learned something from World War U which
The dramatic conflict was there In both a I caw a silent, passive world accept mass death la central Europe,
falling action. Suspence and the unexpected I an event we all swore would aver happen again. But It hte-U
to the very end. While speculation was high is going on right now, and we hare to do something about It The
would be the vice-presidential candidate I '/ U.S. ought to Join with the Red Cross and the UN to mount a
Muskle wore the angel's halo for the supporting massive food airlift to end the starvation of Innocent people
Tear gas war thrown, and crowds dispersed, Black Americans especially hare a responsibility to urge such.
odor of the gas seems to have haunted the actions on our gorernment. And they ought to question some of
The Mayor said It was his only choice because the black nationalist who are so openly pro-Arab about the
stations musn't get out of hand. Egyptian role la this slaughter of black people.
All of these events add up to this: (1)) I hare sever been able to understand tbe lore affair between
vides for dissent, but not for violence. some black rationalist spokesmen and the Arab world. Arabs
must always be kept in check; ((2)) were enslarlng black people long before Americans Imported
be permitted to take the law into their own stares. A UN report said that slavery existed Arab countries
a happy medium, be met; and (3)) the days of right up until a few years ago and it probably continues In some:
the out and for to take of the more backward area -
political duplicity, are,on way
is only V)u:matter'of time before the final. quarter. See' la the Sudan, a country Just below Egypt, Arab northerners art
goes out. U your waging civil war against black southerners. For the put tea,,
Televising politicians In action lingers lon extra cart years arms supplied by Arab countries hare been used in this,
minds of the public and constituents back at W'etr. re war to massacre many thousands of black Sudanese who want
don't forget the voters will remember these their independence.There .
Dot be wasted. is a lot of bloodletting going on in the world right
if some of them are too lazy to go to the polls ti"I DOW
poses and all citizens should be trying to stop the fighting and end
starration. America, as the leader of half of the world, should
11 IS 'M be U concerned about suffering black Africa u it is about
WELFARE SYSTEM IS .. Cold War politics elsewhere.

Must forever tne truth be "the poor we ; DEC AS IT LOOKS FROM HEREBy
with us always" But must this always be 1STN
Welfare .1s costing Florida, like in other no one can NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL
pretty penny The latest report shows the departing from
partment of Welfare provided financial sense,at POLITICAL HISTORY
260,273 aged and handicapped persons in .from There life is a nl'W an atmosphere of confusion diffusion and party divisionand
cover primarily the cost of decent shelter .'. political turmoil, the Democratic Party held Its 1968
food and adequate clothing. exper D&tiaaal j convention in Chicago an unrest-torn metropolis, t4
To be
Welfare checks (grants) to these folks own.better emerged with a symbolic contribution to the annals of political
255,899 with the State paying $1,791,686, and be.It DO Initiative sever before known in the history of our nation.It .
ing 16.464.212 being paid by matching funds.In comes fought racial discrimination in its own ranks and outlawed
addition to welfare checks many golden the treasury oppor the traditional practlre of excluding Negroes from Its dele
benefitted from medical services purchased by can be found .
partment of Hospitalizatlon which prescribes u wen u It outlawed the unit rule that spelled a death knell for machine
services of Old Age Assistance and Aid to the ends of the politics down states.
nently and Totally Disabled. Nursing home also are la- It beat an attempt to discredit President Lyndon B.
purchased for the blind, and the those who wish Johnson in his administration's foreign policy and elected the
Many citizens, wring their productive or profes Only eami M ate upholding the dmlnly rtHtt < ..
modest wages and have not been able to more or less cast aside those who would appease our communltst enemies
old age. They deserve the help they get, but in one place and gin them free rein for conquest and aggression i
not enough. The welfare system does not them brick by Finally, it placed nomination a prominent Washington (D.CJ) }
recipients with adequate support. The grants eclipse indi minister for the Presidency of the United: States.
lower than poverty levels set by the Capri- Three Negroes addressed the convention on behalf of major
The system traps a recipient much like the take this candidates for the Presidency. -
tenant farm system entrapped poor farmers when plan Where will the Negro rote go in November? That is the big.

h years, and a credit grocer enslaved a customer question.
started buying food on credit. We might casually add!, "Where can he go?"
JI. -62
$ The Republicans didn't offer
or try to give the Negro any
: consideration. In tact, the Republican convention was absolutely
A SALUTE TO CENTRAL lUywhite, and designed to appease the racist faction of thenation. -
JAN. .
Another milestone has been reached by While the Negro's complete Americanitatlon hasn't been
Life Insurance Company of Florida. Its new. 1BTI completed the most conspicuous and *->n fWc gins bare
equipped and air-conditioned home office come to him through the activity and consideration the Democratic
Tampa is open and ready for business. r. Those who ptJ'tJ-c1Dct the administration of President Franklin
'.he new facility will be dedicated formally ,consequent- Delano Roosevelt '
week next month. At that time,, the public thank them- He can, however, find reason to support certain state Republlcan "
bird's-eye view of the three-story structure at u their stars. regimes where tt is warranted from a local perspective.
Boulevard, which was built at a cost of $ la a loss would' The political dye is cast, t.D41Ha has set the tone of political
acre plot of land which cost $90,000. In this many progress for the American Negro in no uncertain terms.
Ulm is
u n
West Tampa, where a complete block is The doer tr opportunity was opened wide by the Democrats.
the world and
stitution is destined: to grow significantly in the follies" of, 'All from the here.Negro has to do Is enter-and that's the way U looks;

ahead.President that seemed
Edward D. Davis stated "We without cod are
were building for the future, but we barely .. THIS WEEK IN
build for the present. But there is always NEGRO HISTORY;
which to expand making an institution an 13-63-491
community and state. September. 19, 1905 EddieI.ochesterAndersonradiocome41aD.( ) I
We take this means of saying "God bora. '
we salute this fine business and community FEB.

'.. 20TI SeptemberhlafAPa 13O. First NaUooal Negro Convention held in i!

on edge. B if s
it's another. A September m, Ian Birth of late Joseph D. Bibb,
does Dot former newspaper editor and former pubUc"safety.
another will Dot no bad the first highest appointive postES bJa Jfecro II
Register Jus la Its wake IWDoI.s. "
Q wonderful to
stock together September ZI, ltot Depo5ed Pr.ldtllt Kwame Ntnmah ell the ,
To Vote and **'. But the Bepub1Ic ell tans was borD. '
about Income

: defy solution in- September 22, 1661 President Abra.twa Lincoln lases first
cu: manage Eeaerpb tstabsproclamation freeing a1& Negro slaves IA Coo
lks CkM I OctrtH on bow to go ,

.<':1 _! : t..! j ,.'1: :. ", :;:::'" September 11. 1101 labia Henry r" I j
4 70771945Ml 3'- 90.2Z 17.- -Ml of the knowledge. Then is a 6. 10. 44 l8.19.391 fdmlff.A n thA nil -v..-_..&, _. -raWUllrat MIcro to be I l i

li i lj j

4 .,,. C 3 .
F l'

U, t



I .UTIIMY_ SEPTEMIEI 21, 1KI_____ _mi rmtt_ PIi3'Oriiizitieis (
T .

]r I Sisters Merry 11 Feafird li DtiUf Ceremonies WEDDING BELLS ::11

Ladles Unit Dirlif Del James W. Johnson, 1712 W.. Joe D, Mathis, 7028 Rhode

21st St, 31 and Roth D, Brown, Island Dr. E., 22 and Barbara !:i
the Ladle Auxiliary of the Weddiii Rites 143 W. 6th St., 32.: J. Terry, Betray Beach, Fla.,
Brotherhood of M. of W. Em r 23.
\ ployes Lodge No. 2162 will bold Doable wedding ceremonies t Raymond E. Griffin, 1086 Got-
their monthly meeting Friday solemnlted the pledging troth \ fair Blvd., 32 and Betty A. Joseph Bynes 1517 W. 45th :
Bight, September 20, at 8 p.m. between Miss Barbara Paulette ': Dawson, 1086 Golfair Blvd,2$. St., 21 and Etta M. Mason,
Uri. Willie U. Shlpp is presi- Bright and Mr. Garnet Findlay '. 1553 W. 36th St., 18.

ta'Ie dent. and Miss Phyllis Cheryl Bright Trevor S. Mali, Port Antonio,
and Mr. Irvin Morris Sexton at Jamaica, W.I., 23 and Linda Grant Owens Jr., 3538 Freeman
". United Ju the Church of God in ChristNo. \ D. Moore, 5430 Dakota Dr., 18.Jallus Rd., 41 and Dorothy G.
Jenkins 2609 Kings Ave., 28.
L; (. ,
4, Elder W.F. Faust officiating. ;
Itr5 The. United Jar, Inc.,will hold The ceremonies took I A. Williams, 1150
I' It; regular meeting Monday place Saturday, September 7, Franklin St., 22 and Yvonne John W. Bentley- 1731 W.43rd
September IB, at 8.30. Dr.A.E. at 8 p.m. Thomas 1972 W. 23rd St., 19. St., 24 and Jeanette Arthur,
Girardean U chairman.Iris 1731 W. 43rd St.,.25.
Both brides are the daughtersof
n Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bright.Mr. Charlie T. McDowell, 861 Cemetery St. Peters
Garden Garnet Findlay Jackscn- Lane, 29 and Janette John W. Hymen
M. Genearl 1532 Pasco St. burg Fla., 20 and Brenda J. ,
Mlle, Is the son of Mrs. Hilda St. Jar
219 W. 5th .:
The Iris Garden Circle will- Findlay Cascade Portaa 24. .
hold the first fall meeting the Spain, Trinidad, West Indies Bch., Fla., 20.
bolas of the president Mrs. and of the late Mr. Arthur John O. Harrell, Jr., 1637 J.V. Moss, 56 Lewis St, Atlantic
cber.1599 West 16th Street. Findlay. Mr. Sexton is the son W. roth St., 20 and CarolynY. Beach, Fla, 46 and Dolores -.
The meeting scheduled for of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, 2075 W. 13th St., 19. A. Cromartle 1134 Me-
September 26 at"?7.30.: Members Sexton and hails from kv harry Ave., 36.
art expected to be on time. Portsmouth, Va. Leon Mercy 1666 University
\.r- Mrs. Findlay wore a sheath St., 19 and Susie M. Klnson, Warren M. Geddes, 1237 E.

...;... Delia Campbell gown of silk organza over taf 2764 Floradale Dr. S;, 18. 3rd St., 19 and Doris E. Keys,
feta. Her Tell was attached to 1931 Broadway Ave., 17.
belli Campbell Chapter 198 lace petals, with seed pearls. I t 11W %t.jr Robert E. Williams, Jr., Lake
dOES win met'September 26 She carried roses and carnations. : Wales Fla., 20 and DeborahM. Thomas T. Sloan, 917 Broad
si I p.m. on the third floor of I Rich, 1978 McQuade St, St., 21 and Georgia Lane, 736 I
the Masonic Temple 410 Broad Mrs. Fin d 1&'' attendants $ !1. Cleveland St., 21. '..

1. Street. Mrs. Ella Robinson were her sister, Wanda Bright.
Worthy Matron. the maid of honor, Jennifer Godfrey A. William, 1614W. Raymond Tyler, 1076W.Dml
4u Bright, bridesmaid. Michele 26th St,20 and Neota B.Greene, St, 56 and Marie Maddox, 2121

Ladles Club Bradley was Cower girt John .. 1165 Hart St, 17.IvorD. Mars a., 36.

1IJI Findlay brother of the bridegroom L. 1 1I Paige Richmond Vs.
Johnson 1017 DeWittSt.
The Owens Illinois Ladles Club Shlrland ,
was best man. Melvin 217rfW
11. win bold the first meeting at Lang was usher. Iran Porter ..., PJ!:" 20 and Catherine Brown, ., 22 and Audrey M. Lawson,
IJI 12th St. 21.
M 707 Ifl W. Beaver St. 31.'ttlelgb .
7:30 at the home of Mrs. Ar- was ringbearer.Mrs. -' ,; ,

1Co deifies Peters MM Phoenix Sexton wore a fitted gown .l'- ____ .. I Curtis R. Young 2603 Phlox
I; Street Mrs. Emma Mellon Is of Cbantllly lace over taffeta, Shown above art pu'tJllpantaoradoableft 2lDceeremOll1 at the and Mrs.. Irvin Morris Sexton. Mrs. Sexton was formerly Miss St., 25 and Harriett, L. Masters, Simmons Wells 1703 W.1606W.4thSt,23. UCla
)e'f reporter with seed pearls. Her tell was Church of God In Christ on Saturday September, at 6 p.m. On Phyllis Cheryl Bright Both sisters are daughters of Mr. and 6107 Japonica Rd., 1$. St., 46 and Allen. ,
' attached to a double crown of the left are: Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Findlay. Mrs. Findlay was Mrs. Phillip A. Bright. Bob Smith Photo ,
j Twelve Christian lace and see pearls. The bride formerly Miss Barbara Paulette Bright On the right are: Mr. I I I
't carried roses and carnations.

''e Club Meets Attendants for Mrs.Sexton were CoHcilwoMi Mithls Aids
;. Miss Bennye Irving, maid of Nuptials HUGO'S fe
I The third anniversary honor and Miss Roxanne lecil Recrtitioi Cellars S a
celebration of the 12 Christian Bright her sister bridesmaid
oo of Club will be held in the Holy Claudia Bright, another sister, Mrs. Sallye B. Math, councUwonua of the third ward, made J
Church of the hiDe God, 14th was flower girl. Freddie McCoywas a special tour of the city recreation playgrounds and community Ltcaratt FINE FURNITURE
and Grunthal Streets, Sunday, best man. James Smith was jiwf I centers last week Mrs. Mathis talked with children and with
ItIt September 22, at 8 p.m. usher. John Jenkins was ring- c t the playground directors la order to get an Idea as to what Is
Entire Showroom Stock Reduced
Participants will be Mission bearer.A P+ needed In their respective areas. i

'. any Fisher, devotions; Mrs.C. double reception was heldat Mrs. Mathis arranged for the Johnny Thomas, Willie Settler
.t Williams, mistress of ceremonies the Joe James Recreational transferral of city funds to the aDd Sinclair Johnson, of the 3139 Philips Highway
I ; Mrs. Fedd, welcome Center. Mr. and Mrs. Findlay recreation department for the CJEO: : program.: U.S. # 1 South
a address; Mrs.Green,response;' and Mr. and Mrs. Sexton will parebut of plarrrOUDd equipmelll I
Heavenly Gospel; Singers; Edna reside In Jacksonville Some or the directors Mrs McClenton Hosts ,

11.' Courtney, solo; Gospel: Angels; who ban already received their
.f Mrs. Vivian Cherry solo; equipment said Mrs. Mates'
Rose Of Club
I Christine Williams solo; and St. Matthews Baptist .special efforts have already Sharon p}

Miss McVUUers ao1o.Evange paid orr ID larger attendance The Role or Sharon BIble Club r
x list Andrea Mack 1s leader Church Ushers Meet ID the arta. wW meet Sunday afternoon at m
I The Earths White Community I with 1Ir. Myrtle MI-
1 Chit Chit Savings Usher Board No. S of St Matthew Center received aD allotment ClIlltOD p.aa 11&0 Wilt 10tJa Strltt. Service ,
. Baptist Church will celebrate Dosing coaches JulIlllCiulJlfard Mrs NaomI AleDDIStr" pre- 4

II; Club Heels Monday Us anniversary Monday aDd "Ruorbads" Jackson eald a1 t1lt. 1Ir.. wry Tnpp ts'boxing
night, September 23, at I p.m., practice will begin 1m. reporter HIT lilt t
L' .The Chit Chat Civic dab will, In the main auditorium.Mrs. med1a1eIJ. Boxing practice wW
m., hold its regular meeting Moo- Christine Plnkney'vlllbe be"M14 Mors .WedDNdal and .fA IL1IPsvi1pieI l \
I : day September 23, In the home mistress of ceremonies and Friday, from a to 7:10 p.m. AD PALM Eft'S
r of Mrs. D. Gllmore 2173 West will be Introduced Mrs.Janet .. boxers interested ID JoID1Dc the "SKIN'' SUCCESS"
14th Street, with Mrs. H.W. Campbell. The devotions will be '.J< ... I boxing teem art asked to beprtltDtSept.aabtr i
led by Deacons Charlie 1/:<" at OINTMENT I
, Robinson as hostess. Plans will I zo Ip.JQ. :
\/, c r EluEiAUIETS
I be completed for the annual tea Sheppard and W.C. Taylor. ,". ,.; 4'1. Parsons I' years old to ZI fIR."UT arms eat Nle m .
It t of October 28. Mrs. D.Gilmore Others will be: Mrs. Vandal ". years will be eligible for try' iM Mwl.MIW ear IAYM"Me Anon emode. J I
Emanuel welcome '
U president. address; AI a an edq hIAI era IiIMII 1M.
Mrs. Sarah Smith, response; .: .N." "......' .. j The etlller received a new lit HU01 ems eacu-1wms f ,
Gateway Barracks Mrs. S.D. Davis solo;; Miss Miss Coma Marie Atkins, above, and Mr. Walker Lee West, of bartltlll for wel&tltlUUnc i ;:-:.e....::-. .=..I"I.w' w -:.= III" .Hlynl
Debra Wilson reading Mrs. Jr., were Joined la holy matrimony at Stephen's AME Church eI.... Closes wW be every ........ w e: s r .rw ...
Maggie Kirkland. solo; Voicesof on August 10 at 6 p.... with the r.... JJB. Johnson pastor, Monday Wednesday aDd Friday ::-: ': ""'':..u-me"nulls n. '? I
Hold Easiness Meet Harmony, selection; Mrs. from officiating. A reception followed the wedding, la the church p. w irncE misTl
r: .
L.I 11.y/" .. &.;. ...
Bertha Rodgers, history Mrs. scheduled at "
Gateway Barracks Veterans ; dining room. Mr. and Mrs. West will remain la Jacksonville. Other activities .... w.ube.n. Mrs
Fannie Perry, solo; Mrs. Ruth the center are ptogpongcheck.. : ;
of World War 0,, will have the awraa ., IAI: !:Nf ;
Rush solo. esn.erwu
horseskossbdmin"O.pbyslcal 44. I :
AtklisMirries ere. ,
Miss Cirnei
Saturday .
regular meeting September The offering win be taken by fitness. wreatUnr, b. Dt u An Nlw
I 21, at the Barracks G.D. Ford, Tommy Wilson sad rate, ehU4rto' story hour and rCOllOllY sal I" 011 011'ayogi. SIT. SKI SIRIAT
I Center at 2 p.m. Business of James Howard. The board count Mr. Walker West SIT NuatOT91 'IOncno.
I importance will be discussed. will be made bJlIr.. Alberta Assistants at the center art N: ..::. ul'/W.-=-Iw.qNIN
l Books for membership! are open Lawrence St. Stephen's AME Church was the on August 10 at 6 ... A am 11:11: II 31:
and Mrs. Beatrice scene p.m. Miss Carolyn Peterson and .:".MI. w.w.l..=.. .....
for 196869. Members should Davis. Mrs. Sarah Price will of the' wedding of Miss Carmen Marie Atkins and Mr. Walker 1IJa. Paulette 1Ialpr.. Ed- ':i' ZIJS,;: : ::.;.".
I get their cards at the first make the presentation. Rev. Lee West, Jr., with the Rev. J.S. Johnson, pastor, officiating.The ward Waters .ulor, and !

meeting in October. The asked firing to George A. Price Is pastor and former Miss Atkins Is wedding trip to West Palm BOB SMITHFASHION
squad members are
be present also. This is the *U\ make remarks. President the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beach the couple win reside WHEN YOU ARE IlL
last before the annual Emma Wyatt will also mate James T. Scarbrough of Jack at 2906 Abbot Street, Apartment
convention in New Orleans. remarks. sonv lle. Mr. West is the son 2, Jacksonville. You Seek The Best Doc- STUDIO
of Mr. and Mrs. Walker L. N- -tow1a guests were: Mr. tor. When Your Doctor r

Junior Fastrioiette West, Sr. and Mrs. Blarney Stokes, ST., ,Prescribes, Get Experienced i
Patio Tea ForSt.Stepben's The bride, given In marriage Mrs. Barbara Allford, Ronald 11
Pharmacists Jo
Club Will Meet by her step-father, was gowned Stakes, the Misses Rhonda, 2422 K. MUtil An 161.3200I
WOII in bridal satin of original design Carol, Dianne and Tayna All- Fill Prescriptions Ac 1
3 September 28 featuring a fitted bodice ford, Brooklyn, William Henry cording- Your Doctor's : .

I The Junior Fashionette Host Day Is September 22A and long tapered sleeves. The Thompson, Mrs. Normlne 'Order :
and Hostess Modeling and. dress was accented with Imported Yeates and James Frye, all of It Use Only Toe Best C. E. BLACKProprietor
Club will meet Saturday Patio Tea will be sponsored Venice lace motifs and New York City.Jacksonville.
Savings September 22, Sunday at the clusters of seed pearls. Theskirt Quality Drugs. '
in the home of I
September 28, home of Mrs. Pearl Washington featured a wide border ......
Miss Diane Pride 825 West 1499 26th Street from 4 3 Registered Pharmacists Serve You
Street. Mrs. EUxabethDayis of matching lace at the bottom. Legion
18th to 8 p.m., la the Interest of The detachable train was s ,
advisor. Women's Day at St. Stephen'sAME bordered with lace motifs and .. ...... .. A COMPLETE LINE OP.- 1t0
YWCA listricfffsli Church. seed pearls. The" bride's elbow- Pins Monthly Meet F oa10A

The tea will be sponsored length veil was attached to satin Jacksonville Post 197 of the Rubber Goods Candles "n.0 Secs I (1
by Mrs. Marie R. Collins and petals outlined wit seed pearls. American Legion will meet Cosaetics ENClO s I

Mitt' Tip, Mrs. Eartha McGowan. She carried baby orchids and Friday night at the Post BOOM I BLO'i0 I I I
Mrs. Leona Daniels will be Sundries. 4 RO tk4C
stephanotis on a prayer book. at I p.m. Foremost on the {
the speaker. Mrs. Callie Falcons Mrs. Barbara Word, of agenda' win be the 1968 membership I KoN
4H Jill Stills will preside at the table. Brooklyn, K.Y., cousin of the drive and the report -PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED1307 -
Hostesses will be Mrs. Marine bride was matron of honor. of committees. The Fifth Garages
A dance class will begin at the Ledbetter, Mrs. Geneva ColeBan. Mrs. Allford wore a lime green District School of Instruction KINGS lOAD 353-1279 CONCRETE WORK
YWCA, A.L. Lewis Branch on Mks. Emma Yates will nylon chiffon floor-lesgtb lawn will be held at Stetson University PAINTING

Saturday... September 21,at 11:00'a. be Dean. Mrs. McGowan win with f a>'*>'lnc headpiece and Deland, on September 29. Lilly's Drill Store ALUMINUM SIDING
preside. carried a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. Willard Morris Is commander.
.Instructions in Tap, Ballet, Other t participants will be: COMPLETE RlMODELING
Modern Dance, and Jaxs will Mrs Willie Stephens, mistress Bridesmaids were Miss Eleanor
: be offered. of ceremonies; Jerome Craw- Simmons, Miss The odls i
i Young people between the ages ford, welcome; Jack Young, Brown, Miss Janice Harris, i ESTIMAtES
of. 6 and 18 years are encouragedto
: response; Mrs. Mattle Brown, Miss Evelyn West, and Mrs. FRE
j come. Classes will be arranged solo; Mrs. George E. Rich, Mary Thomas and Miss GeniTooey

I and scheduledaccordlnc the occasion; Mrs. Carrie Nitre, W.V. ;S! uptoTNIGNtYerxtersYt4othing
to age and dance experience.Mrs. Lockett introduction of speak. Carlene Lemon and Chlquetta pY"

L.ottieDoosldzon, dance. er; Woodrow Cam, solo; Mrs. Blake were flower girls. The
; Class Instructor at Eugene Butler P. Washington, offering; Mrs. bridesmaids were Identically 10%
teach the DISCOUNT
.j High School will Elsie Sampson, observations;
; claw;. Mrs. Marie Collins, apprecia wear-ng .

I contact for farther the YWCA information, 3539674.Register. tion. Rev. JJB. Johnson Is the chrysanthemums.The" ttttr.Afnt. \".11.. .... ; ..t iwrJnl fI' HI": MM*!.) ..li".I.I NOW thru SEPT.
pastor. father of the bridegroom MalMbulloni b..IN 'rpl"l". t
I was best man. Ushers were irr f'I"MIHI.nil..UM ,111.,011",41.1. 1
Alfonso West, brother of the \ iln. .i.<..1..'ilr..".
Phyllis Wheatley ,
bridegroom Herbert Thompson -
Terrell Benjamin, James : REPOSSESSIONSTAADE INSlAY-AWATS t.ullpMuridr.bin.1; ..
; lodge WIN Meet Thompson, Jr., Bronx! H.Y.". White .nll OVER LOW MAx AI .:
McKinley Genwrlght, Jr., 100
tin, many 1.
Phyllis Wheatley Chapter too. Samuel Howard, George Lemon ....If .Iho/. rOeN00ex nOM 51500 Ss.DI DOWN SUI M0. ,
So Yon Cai Vole 52 will hold the regular meeting and Ronald Stukes, Brooklyn,
September 26 at Prince Han. K.Y. M' in'IK SEIZING cjiv; TIK;

91> Jefferson Street. Pearl Lyndon Faust was ringbearer. Boulevard Open Mondays Till 7 P.M. 353-9977
5ft Hudson U Worthy Matron.Sadie The reception was held la the : .... -.-...- -
\ 1! Books Oct.. Butler is reporter. church dining room. After a


I qll ,.

,4' "

.. .:.::.:. r4.+.. .. ..."" .IIIIII_" L. .



me 4 till PIPER SITilllY SEPTEMBER 21. IHi "


I Minister Pushes For Cool Civil Rights Trail Combined With Common Sense I


1 Crowi'm OF Qien. Ojficjds Dr. Levis Cslvla Irewa Says,

lethel. leftist w. -
.*. LitfPrewiwtt -,4w -- --
; -
I : "lick Tt CtMti Seise"FORT

Speakers/ For Meet
WORTH, Tel..-(NPI))-Sandwiched between ranttogsof s'

Women's Day will be held at Bethel Baptist Church Sunday the Stoker Carmlchaels, Rap Browns and Dick Gregorys
September 22. II:.. Mary E. Holland Is chairman. Mrs. R C. ," rt. there echoes the soft voice of Dr. Louis Calvin Browning
Slngletary ii co-chairman and Mrs liable Cherry ihaimiaqof He Is tan, 51-year-old minister Luther King, Jr.
the Program Committee. Rev David Johnson ,is pastor } "holtuat-tilmmed Dr. Browning's unique Involvement
Participants In the S da .. graying hair and gentle manner in the civil rights
II y .. Rose Stephens will speak i11 ,. "
School, which begins at 9:30 in the 1IIorDlar service. Other ; 4& hardly qualifies him u a issue began 10 years ago whenas
will be: lira. Beatrice Stogiettry participants will be: Mrs. : # modern-day rebel But that is minister of the Bethel Methodlst .. r
guestsiperlntendent,. McCoy, Waymon Chapel AME k A, .. the role into which Dr. BrownIng Church, Tyler, Texas, :t
Jerusalem Baptist; Mrs. Rifle Choir No. 1, Mrs. Marie M. tit has projected himself-the. he founded u organization he:
leader of rebellious movement, named the Youth Crime Prevention
Attrition, lesson miewer Toombs, acting pastor for the 1 '
Church of Christ; Secretary day; Mrs. Mary Clark,Mt.Zlon t'y "Back to Common Sense. League of America-:
Mn. Winfred Randall. Bethel Baptist; ......Ossie Davis Mrs. a In 18 states,in scores of cities years beforerlots became the
Baptist; Mrs. Ullie Saunder, Carolyn Burney, mistress of I Iu y ., Dr. Browning has conducted accepted way of solving racial ,v
Bible Class. Second Baptist; ceremonies; lire Dorothy Wiggins -- something be calls "Keep it problems.At .
Mrs lintel Usd 1e. Trot Tint welcome) ; Mrs. Beuoh Cool" workshops. Crowds of first only the members of o :
Holiness, adranced class; *.. Mitchell, response; Mrs. Irma f fl Negro youths, ranging up to his congregation Joined to behjt,',
Bernice Williams, Mt. Moriah Odom, solo, Zion Hope Baptist; ,rr; 600 at a time, have attended. him spread the Browning phi--, ;
Methodist, Intermediate class;. Mrs. Josle Bell Wllkerson, B may not equal the Carmichael losophy. Then, assistance came J
[ Mrs. Ethel Smith, Jerusalem Introduction of speaker; Mrs. or Brown drawing power but from members of other,
Baptist, primary class; Mrs. Ann R. Hicks, announcements; It's start,believes Dr.Brown-. churches and today It comes '
II. Field, Emamwl Baptist; and ...... Alice Boston solo; Mrs Ing.His from hundreds of people la ':
Mrs. Joslt L.Bryant,remarks.St. E. Winston, Day Spring, Mrs. theme simple. many states. it
Frances Smith, Day Spring, p It is time for the energies of Now, Dr. Browning Is engaged &(
1 PoT AMI offering; Mrs. Elisabeth Watts, the Negro youth to channeled in a campaign to build r
acknowledgement of visitors; '! "back in the right direction" A national headquarters for his
W.... .r.... Mrs Charlotte Slngletary, ap. r _. back to basic values and things organization in Dallas. '
preciation. Shown abort are the membersoTEalni JobaChapter, Order of s.ru.aoclate Milton:;Rev. Wallace Worthy Patron;; spiritual, says Dr.; Browning.: According to Dr. Browning
Fer Octeber 21 The Southside Chic Club and Eastern Stan 1M. who will craws the OIleD ci the Chapter. Uan and hare Cornelia C. Wallace, Worthy Patron.Second row, from Because of his beliefs, Dr. CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 .
the Whit Rose Savings Club afttr./e. program, Sunday night September 12. I Sat d left, are: Mrs. Eddie L. Same, Mrs. Dorothy W. Green, Mrs. Browning often has found him
St. Paul AME Church's women will participate Ushers will Peter AIm Church, eft SOOa and 1M Streets RevR Wallace. Letha Thomas, and Mrs. Arlene Mattox. Third row members self at odds with other more St. Pettrs'sA.M.E.
art making plans for the annual come from Jerusalem Baptist pastor Clarence Felder, baritone soloist, will:be presented in are, from left: Mrs. Elodst Parrlsh, Mrs. Charlie M. Barrett, militant leaders of the Negro ;
Women's Day on October 21. Church. a recital, sponsored by Miss Battle Bennett, a contestant. The Mrs Hazel Shaw, Mrs Gladys Ruff and Mrs Barbara Wallace. community. He has debated
Officers art Chairman, hart The evening service begins at program will begin at 1:30 o'clock. Mrs. Barbara Wallace, Is The public isEphesus cordially invited to attend. James Farmer He has had Cktrcfc :::
ROM Akins; Co-chalman, Mrs. T p.lII. Participants will be: the other contestant Reading from left to right,seated are: hart vocal confrontations with Dick
Ucile Johnson, Mrs. L. Erans Jerusalem Baptist Church Gregory and the late Dr.Martin
and Mrs. Vivian White,Recording .. Choir No. 2; ...... Carrie M. Friendly Westside Plus Eveits
secretary lam Dorothy Love, scriptures; Rev. Cora ATLANTIC lEACH Eo.esis dwell HebsTnel .
I Williams; Assistant secretary, Fiord, prayer for sick; Mrs. Choir Union St. Peter's AME Church, loch,
Mrs. Eigeae Chlaolra;; of Mt Plsgah AILS Church will and Let Streets, will be the.
Mary H. Woods, mistress .
Treasurer Mrs. Climfie line ceremonies; Miss Lena Hayes, Holds Mass Heeling celebrate Its Women's Day an (' I I1D11' scent Sunday September 22, vat
ris; Financial secretary, Mrs.: welcome Mrs. Catherine day Sunday September 22. 8 p.m., d. two Interestingbaffairs. ,
Henrietta Wiafate. Sampson; Mrs. The Friendly Eettside Choirs Rev. Mrs. Cora Floyd will One will be a musical'
Several events will precedethe S. Massey ,solo response Mt.Olive; AME Union will hold Its monthly preach la the morning service. 9 recital by Clarence Felder.The
annual Itself. Oa Sunday Trio Mrs., Ann;; Ricks, announcements mass revival meeting, Sunday Devotions will I* led by Mrs. x other will be Ole crowning of\
October 1, the women willsponsor ; Mrs. September 130 p,m.. In M. Face and Mrs T. HowelL the Queen of St. John under
a Seasonal Tea on the Willie M. Lesine; Angelettes West;Union the main maid Royal Tabernacle ,,Mrs Wile M. Arnold will lead the auspices of St. John Cagier
first floor of fee church at 1:JO Baptist Mrs J. Collins, Mt. Baptist Church,lUG West the call to worship. Mrs.Rosalie .. ill No. 154, OES. Mrs. Cornelia' .
pm. Ret,. King, pastor of Olive AWE and Mrs. Willie '". lilt Street Holmes will lead hymn Wallace Worthy Matron. :
Greater Payne Chapel AMS and Davis, Mt. Olive Baptist offering Mrs. Alberta Latlmore and singing. Mrs Rosalie Petersonwill Fel er'. recital win precede .
and Her. W.C. Real, pastor of ; Mrs. Dessie Graham, the Latimort Singers art boatesses. pn,. Choir No. 2 of the Ole crowning. Both events will
St. Thomas Baptist, will bespecial acknowledgements; Mrs. MaryE. The Gospel Chorus of church win sing. Mrs. Remel Vw.t follow the regular service of
I r
guests Oa October 20 Holland,'appreciation.Waymon Philadelphia Baptist Church and Rice wUl read the Scriptures.Mrs. the church. Contesting for the,
the people will sponsor Chapel AUE's Usher the combined usher boards of Johnnie M. Simon will honor of queen art Miss RattU
a Seasonal Tea. Saturday at the Board No. 1 will participate. Royal Tabernacle will serve. sing. Notices will be read by Bennett and Mrs. Barbara
church a ep.ctalprojecl} will The visiting club will be the Mrs Ruby A. Stenrt, Unionpresident. Mrs. Sarah Payne. Mrs.Arnold Wallace. .
be sponsored will Mrs. Yrrlaa Cbarmettet.Q Rev. Let McQueen, will Introduce the speaker. Tat; Felder 1s a baritone soloist
White la char n. host pastor. public offering will be super and will represent St Paul AM2,
The Friendly Westside Choirs vised by Miss Peggy Rice and Church He will be accompanied
Union will meet Las pre- Mrs. Evelyn Dlxon.la by Mrs. Alice Mclntosb.
maslcalcaUedeoafereneeMonday the evening service beguiling Members of tht lodge win be
Monday night 22.la at 9 p.... Madame Irfrtnm la semi-formal or appropriate
the main auditorium Royal Brown will speak. Selections attire. The public 1s invited
Tabiraaelt with Mrs. Catherine will be given by the Clifton Expected to participate are;
t W. Sykes, Joseph P. Long 1 Gospel Singers Mrs. Mary L.. Mmes. Charlie M,Barrett,IDea
and Mrs. Stewart \\U ,charge.ChristiM Carter chairman of the youth Best,oolile Clart.Elsle Owens-

Unify Ferui gr.up, will preeeat tea progrun. : phes s S vtn DaJ Adtsntisk Church sponsored this group of underprivileged boys and Enison.YaciQe For:d>da Grant,,
at 1 p.m cia' ail Mrs. girls Vlth a week's camping trip at Hawthorne.They enjoyed for the first time the experiences Dorothy Green,'Gladys Hender,
Chairmen for the of camp life, which Included early morning devotion, swimming, games and craft work This son, Maggie Hlnton Bertha
Plans Anniversary Johnnie M. Simon and Ms.Tommy Is Just one of the projects sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Church of which Elder R.B. Kelly, Eloulse Kennedy,JlmmleKeneriy ,'
L. Hovell. cochairman. Hairston Is pastor. Each month food baskets, clothing and cash donations art given to those Ella Kirby Alberta
The Christian Unity Forum Rev.R.J.Arnold Is pastor. u need. lambert Arlene Mattox, Eloulse -

of Jacksonville will hold Us Parr I., Gladys Ruff,

4 AUnMMI JUOW mfNOM CALL*f SMOW0MT4i anniversary Wednesday evening 1509 HUT IISPITU Helps Aifkch leftist. Cfctfck PlusWtWH's Eddie Lou Sims, Hazel Shaw v.
at I p.m. at Ole Center Ullle Singleton Letha Thomas,
Kings Road. A program will The first hospital laths United With ScholarshipsFor A..Is Diy Sweky Barbara Wallace, Cornelia
.St.* be gang AH art Invited. Refreshments States was built by the Spanish at Wallace, Mattle Williams, and
I will be served. St. Augtistlne in 1597. The annual Women's Day observance of the Antioch Baptist HattIe Bennett Rev. R.Wallace

Do you have questions about the. biggest SII deals Church, Rev. J.J. Jones, pastor, will be Sunday, September 22,' 1s the pastor.
with services throughout cue ca,.
crisis SISTER BESSIE Seventeen people of tilt
our nation has ever young Hawkins win Zion Choruses
faced, the* racial crisis? She will read your entire life-past, present and I Epnesus Seventh Day Adventlst be Mrs.la charge Beatrice of tht Sunday Iota Reed of St. Matthew Baptist Hope
Church left recently to further will be the The
Do have future. She asks no questions but will tell you]
you suggestions you'd like School: at 930. The morning
their education at Oakwood College
Greater Macedonia Youth Choir
to make to the Black and 'the White what you want to know, giving date and facts of] In HuntsvUle, Alt worship will begin at 10:45. Hold Joint Annuls
business, love health and family affairs. Will! Mrs W.C. Neal wife of the Thesing
leadership about how to solve its They art Cynthia Clark,Davis worship begins at
help.you find lost art. TELL you wboaa'OII"W pastor of St. Thomas Baptist The Malt and F.ma1.Cboru-
Do you want to hear what other marry and when If the one you love is true, what 3 Gaines, Billy Claudia David Church, win be the guest 5:15 Mrs. Thelma Ray will be es of Zip Hope Baptist Church '
ordinary citizens ask peopleJobn to do to be successful. Will reunite the separated < and Hazel Golson,Car rolGrler, speaker. Mrs.Katie Stricklandof guest speaker, and will represent will bold Joint anniversaries ,
locate absent friends' and relatives, and cause I Ralph Hairston, Jr., Walter Union Progressive Baptist on Tuesday night September,
Lindsay and Stokely Camicbael and' Hawk, Jr., Elaine Hopkins, Audrey Day Spring Baptist will sing Mrs. M.L. Johnson of Bethel
&applnea between man and wife. Make up lover'squarrels. Mrs. Mary S. Huey of St Matthew 24, at I p...The entire program
what sort of answers they come up. felts, If sickness and bad luck ors I '. Holloman. Lorralat Baptist will lead tilt Baptist Institutional Church will will bepr.sentedthronghsongs,
with? Make yourself heard and hear it natural enemies, evil Influence andbadluck.powi Stephens, Luclous Wells,WandaWhltfleld meditations. The Frailer lead the ..dltatl 011. Urs. with some of the leading chorasf}

all on NIGHT CALL, the-new nation- toot tell to p1eaIt'O ,but wiUUUihe, truth One visit will repay Cleveland Kenneth Sisters will sing. Tot St. Mat. Vivian Cherry of Mt. Bethel es and choirs of the city participating .
in all others. I not only read lifelike and Williams. will be guest soloist.Choir No.1of .
disappointments your .
wide telephone call-in snow.T.riiii. you Owen Brlssett will attend thew Baptist Choir No. 1 will f
book but I also help out of TROUBLES. Macedonia will be guest. Scheduled: to Grant
an open you your be the serving choir Ibf Usher appear are
: P.M.Ts 12:301.11.: Come and see why you art so unhappy when everything seems Atlantic Union College, Lancaster Board of St Jahn Baptist will Tabernacle Baptist's Usher Memorial Choir No. 3 and Malt
I WRHCl1:3D to go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried Mass.; Dwayne Harris serve. Board No. 1 will serve. Chorus West Union Gospel
Friday when you can be helped and everything made clear by consulting is attending Pine Forge Academy At 3 p.m. the young people Mrs. Dorothy Ward Is Chorus Memorials No;
In Pottstowa, Pa.; Barbara ch Irman. Mrs Ullie Simmons
Call Cillict THE GIFTED t&XtlUUt Everybody welcome. NO MAIL will be in chargt. Mrs Lillian i, Varlet No.
212-749-3311 ANSWERED. I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address, Cynthia and EvelynWilson Haywood will supervise. Mrs. is co-chairman. 1, Mt Vernon Malt and Gospels
The United Methodist Church SISTER BESSIE II located north 0(.CaUahu on UJS. *1, and Rosl** Gaines will Tabernacle Choruses, Mt OUvt Primitive:
Released cooperation with the 1/2 mile from City of CALLAHAN Florida. Phone._8792250. remain in the city to attend Holy Baptist! Male Chorus, Mt Sinai'-
II IIUnlll1i
National Council of Churches WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF .HOUSE Edward Waters College.A Malt Chorus, Southside Male ..
National Catholic Office for Radio and Television Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL aelli.formallOclal was In memory of our dear brother Assembly Officers Chorus, Emanuel Male Chorus,
J Florida Council of Churches Open daily 8 am to 10 p.m.,Including Sundays given Saturday night at the Sanford Martin, who departed Elm Hope Choir No. 3. Miss
Epnesus Academy auditorium Chosen For Year
THJS CUPPING ENTILESPTOU.: A $5. READING for $2. I for these this life, September 9. 1962 Florence Nelson and Monroe
young people. You left u six years ago, but The twenty-first General Assembly Ford are presidents. ...... Ella I
your memory will never leave of the Holy Tabernacle ... Kirby 1s program chair maa..
w. We love you but God loved ended on September 1, with Rev. E.R. Simpson is pastor. .;
.r you best. the tltction of officers on The church located at I19$ '
HELP ELECT AN EXPERIENCED DEMOCIATI! 8-U"1. Sagged Sister. Mrs. Estella September West Church Street.

Douse, brother, Bennle h. Officers art: District No. I.
Martin and family. Mrs. S.... Smith District No. Dr. Reddick SpeahiOn ".
2, O.L. Meadows; Willing
LYNWOODROBERTS Workers, Mrs. I. Cavaughan J' I
FUMtRM.MDMlt .president. Adult Choir Warfare -
president and director Mrs.
L. Dlggs Missionary Board Dr. A, Joseph nWfl pastor'.;
president Mrs 1.. Raley; Appreciation of Grant Memorial AME Church .
Club president,Mrs. win speak on the "Arm of the,'
TOCONSOLIDATED ., Individual Service E.L. Meadows; Junior Choir, Lord" In the morning servlc...
AVAILABLE TO EVERYONEREGARDLESS president, O.L. Meado".; Sunday and on "Christian'
Church Secretary,Mr..IIcCoJ.Cbarda'Tr..vtrJ Weapons of Warfare" at M5 -
CITY COUNCILON < OF .i Mrs. L.: p... 1# :
Ray aodlrs.M.StoCudBank. The YouthCholr will serve at';
OCTOBER 1st FINANCIAL CONDITION tag Mrs. M. Stafford Mrs. F. the IDOI'nInr..nIce the Male'
Smith and Mrs. E.L. Meadows; Chorus at DI&bL' *.r

e Support a Friend Who Das Protected Welfare Programs LADY ATTENDANTS Programs, ...... L.Dlos Mrs. Tht Sunday School opens at''
as Your Duval County Budget Commissioner STAFF ORGANISTAIR L. Riley and Mrs. Meadows ISO with Bernard Reed:is'-
The Holy Tabernacle Jubilee charge, along with his staff des
C LYNWOOD ROBERTS Went To Tallahassee to Battle for CONDITIONED Singers will observe their anniversary officers and teachers. Tht.f
More Money for Duval Medical Center BURIAL SHIPPING Sunday, September Class Leaders' eo.cu win bf'1.
CREMATION 22. at I PA. All art Invited. nor D1aed after the monmrr

wr Pledges Fall Co-operation In Building Better School Program for All Duval Children CALL DAY OR NIGHT a loving memory of oar Mrs.Bishop Meadows R.L. Jones U reporter.1s pastor. aim service.Clay The Street.cherub. located vHbtNDSHIP /,
darling sister Alowmlcher
years ago today, September sir :

I" 'f Tell You Fried Abut.,. 7dq 151t 19M."A.. Sunday School begins at 9 45 win Mrs. Uaster Ssrth, supst.'
precious one from Is
u ,
: tottndeat, tacharge. Tat oralag servkt ltao'
at 1140
>' I gone, a YOke we anti IIIW1. preaching by ttw pastor Err H. Robinson At ) pst..ML"OUvt '
in Is vacant
; 'I' a place our Prlmttlvt' aVi ',
4$15AU and never caa be fitted. Sadly Baptist lilt pastor. ....1... tdt
hare charge of the
services J.
t Mfttcrtt PiM Mica! Ad". ARHETI P ROGEtt. l.f.D. missed. Signed Hettle Mat out Saturday at 8017 Ltocola Circle IptCIaa Soutt project:ud w1U at Ii First carrioab W.:
Me Cttcfcts, Dodlt Mat
Spearing for tht benefit of Wonuas ay.OAobertT.theFrids7
Peterson and family I alSaturday proms win be tposere: for ... mme propose.

t i 1


T r \



Mrs. Jeiile Crockett HeedsCemrittee '

CHURCH NEWS Missfeiiriis AHad AHE Coifib 'I

For Anvil MeetSt.
:c .
NEW REDEEM BAPTIST Ste lien's .AME Women's Day will be Sunday, October 27..
Rev: E.I. Norman is pastor. Group No. 1 of the Valiant Ladiesfor I jI Rev. J.S. Johnson, pastor, has released a list of workers of the
Women's Day will barf a Friendship Tea,Sunday, October .. church who will carry out the agenda of the day. Mrs. Jennie I
Women's Day will be October 27. Officers art Mrs. Birdie Mae V. Crockett will be Commander-ln-Chief and Mrs. JJJ. Johnson
Sykei, chairman, and Mrs Addle Waters, co-chairman. Sunday will be the pastor. Mrs. Mamie Taylor will serve as secretary '
School begins at ':30 a.m. with the superintendent and teachers Several "Armies" will be Mrs. Eartha McGowan and Mrs.
In charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the pastor. The morn. heaoed by generals and. lieu Ola Lawrence will be presentedIn
lag worship begins at 11 a.m. with the deacons In chart of I tenants. Miss Charlesetta a recital by Mrs. Maxine
derations. Choir No. 1 and Usher Boad No. 1 will serve DistrictNo. Spicer will be the commander Ledbetter. On Sunday night,October
,II will meet at 3:30: at the church. The Efccational Board wL' for the Red Army, with Mrs. 13, the young people,
will meet after the morning worship. The evening worship Gwendolyn Moore as lieutenant directed by Mrs. Mary Blake,
begins at 6 p.m The E.I. Norman Chorus will serve. Rev. and Johnson O'Neal as generaL Miss Malinda Wilson and Mrs
Norman will speak at both services. Prayer meeting will be i l The Green Army will have as Altamease Mcintosh, win hart
Tuesday night and will be followed by Bible study. Mrs.'Jessie yaa. commander, Mrs. Carmen charge of the services. Miss
Word Is reporter. Church ideation: : 1614 East 30th Street.: West, lieutenant, Mrs. Sophie Charlene Taylor Is president
C' Manltsby and as general Mrs. Louise Genwrlght, president
COLOSSIANS BAPTIST Howard Gu yton. of the Budget Board,
Sunday School begins at':30 with the superintendent and teachersIn Albert Pierce, Jr. will be the will present a project, assisted
charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the superintendent. general of the White Army. by her officers and members.
The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. and evening worship at Mrs Audrey Jones win serve Professor Mathew McCoy will
6 p.m. Rev. R.J. Crawford, pastor, will deliver both sermons. as commander and Mrs. ZeUs. be presented In "Gospel Time"in
Usher Board No. 1 will serve throughout the day. On Monday / Lawrence will be lieutenant the main auditorium at date
night Rev. R. Smith of Friendship Baptist, Rev. William! Uvant FJ The Blue Army will be com- to be announced Be is an Instructor .
of St. Mark's Baptist and Rev. W.L. Williams of Bethlehem mandeered by Mrs. Marine In the school systemand
Baptist will have charge, for the benefit of the church. Prayer i N Ledbetter, with Mrs.Camllla served as organist of Mt
service begins at 7:30: p.m. Tuesday. Bush as lieutenant and Walter Ararat Baptist and Emanuel
l Boyd as generaL Baptist Chncbes.
ROLSET CME Mrs. Louise Genwrlght will Throughout the month of
Sunday School begins at 9.3: with Mrs. Blrtha Grfffen and be supervisor.Mrs.Sadie Tlllls October other events win take
leaders In charge. The morning. worship begins at 11 a.m. with The East Florida Conference of Missionaries of the AME Church the Crisis In Southeast Asia" and "Prayer For the Hour The will be adviser Mrs. Eartha place.
the pastor In charge. The Board Christian Education will have act In l StPanl AME Church, St Augnstlne.Saturday, September Power of Prayer. Among ministers attending were Presiding McGowan will be chairman of Committees are Programs:
charge of the E4ucaUODHour.OnSeptemberl.Stenrdelllku4 14. The meeting was well attended. Themes were Introduced by Elders T.E. Shehee and A.R. Richardson. Miss Thomas the planning board. Mm... Geneva Wheeler, chairman
No. 2 will have a waistline party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rev. A.L. Esau, Miss Polly D. Brooks, Mrs. T.V. Randell and Is the director of the young people. Mrs. Ablah B. Sbehee is On Sunday Bight, September Martha FUmore, Mabel
Nimrod Pollard, 1122 Van Buren Street. Prayer meeting Is every Mrs. Beverly Portia Dr. Dents of the Ancient City spoke to the president. Bob Smith Photo 22, the choirs of the church Jones and Ear lene Ed wards.
Tuesday night. Rev. Dave McElvla Is pastor. Mrs. Eva Mae YPDers on "The Effect of Drugs." Themes were "Christ and will present "Hymn Time". A Sponsors and Advertisements:
Gilbert Is secretary. The church Is located Third and Franklin pew rally will also be held. Mmes., Rosa Curtis, Joyce
Streets. On Sunday afternoon at 3.30, Gilbert LaVerne Washington
_Really Sirprisiig Bishop Hitcher September 29, Mrs. Katye Emily Harrison, and Mettle
TABERNACLE BAPTIST Strlckler, soprano, win be pre- M. Jones. Music Mmes.Eunice
Rev. W.E. Young pastor. Sunday School begins at 9.30 with flT seated in concert In the Lee, Daisy Wallace Ola Lawrence
Superintendent Dealt Solomon In charge. Deacon Sylvester i i auditorium of the church, at a and Wilhelmenia Mem
Warthaa will review the lessee. The morning services will Kickoff Tea The public is invlted. tosh. Finance: Mmes. McVella
begin at 11 a.in. Rev. Young will preach. AD youth choirs and Mrs. Strlckler 1st Pauline Ruby Wallace, Atta-:
Usher Board No. 4 will serve. Youth choirs rehearse Wednesdays : 4I member of the Day Spring .mesa Mcintosh and Mamie
at 5:30 p.m. The teachers' meeting is at 6:45 p.m. The Baptist Church, Rev. Wearer, Taylor. Sunday School: Mmes
Prayer meeting Is at 7:30 p.m. 5t 1 pastor. Minnie Hill, Verne Stormes;
I- Mrs. Ethel Bannister, gospel Mary Spicer. Publicity Mrs.
FIRST BORN TEMPLE singer 1 will be presented in a Willie J. Stephens, and. Mrs.
Sunday School begins at 10 a.m. The morning worship begins song festival on Sunday bight, bet Bivens; Office Consultant,
at 11 a.m. An appointee will speak. YPCW meets at 9.30 with ;; September 29, tome auditorium Mrs. Rosabel Counts and TOtr
Mrs. Margaret Johnson, president is charge. Elder A. Hill, after service. Mrs. Bannister Dollar Club, Mrs. Ruby John;
pastor, will speak In the evening service at 7 p.m. Elder Levy will festers some of her own Mrs. Johnson tot
Smith is presiding elder Elder A. Kill Is pastor. Minister recordings and pev tribute to its. Mary Day Courtesy:Mrs*
McQueen is superintendent of the Sunday School. Location the late Dr.Martin Luther King. Maggie Sims and Mrs. C.A.
12$West Monroe Street On Sunday Bight October 6, Duke.

Christian Aid Society will celebrate Us anniversary
Sunday September 29, at 2 p.m. Rev. William Darker, associate. rL HUGO'S !
minister,will speak. Services Sunday will begin with the church t SttfC!
school at ':30 with Tyrone Merchant and his staff of teachersIn )
charge. The lesson will be reviewed by an appointee. The al\CC
at 10-43 with devotions and consecration Cl
morning worship begins : car
led by Deacon James Melton and the deacon board. Music win t
be furnished by Choir No. I with James Kitchen at the console 4 1&
Usher Board No. 3 will serve. The BYPU meets at 8.30 p.m. Bishop. E.C. Hatcher was really surprised OB September 12 OB presenting the birthday lift; Rev. AjC.Chandler, Rev.Charles I Entire Showroom ,Stock' Reduced t
Rev. C.C. Jenkins Rev. AA Richardson. Rev. A.J. .. .
E. Toston _
with Mrs. M.L. Polite in charge. The evening worship begins .. i
his & *
birthday prelates of the local AILS Church area, WDM a
ReaaictTRtvlir.F. Foster sad Rev. G.W. Smith. Mot shows are ." VVU.S.
for the will be delivered
at 6.30.; Both sermons day by Missionary I 3139 'Philips"Hiyhwly'sI
L.T. Daniels, assisted by Rev. W. Barker. Weekly activities they Hatcher gathered are shown at the In episcopal the picture church la the borne.center Bishop above.sad Others Mrs. Rev :I.E. ......, Rev. R.A: King Rev. AD. Harris. and.. Rev | South 1
include: Tuesday night, prayer meeting and Bible study; Wednesday WJt.. Killings. Bob Smith Photo I
in the picture are, from left: Rev. E. Jones, Rev J.W. Johnson,. I
and Friday, choir rehearsals; Thursday night, special .
call meeting. Mrs. Bessie Merchant Is reporter. The church I
Is located at 3333 Franklin Street letkne-CeekmB Seller Repents .

EMANUEL BAPTIST On Prefclem !I. Alice Aid Asia / / EDGEWOOD

On Tuesday the teachers will caret Prayer meeting will be at
the uual hour with the assistant pastor and officers charge. A Bethune-Cookman College senior who toured Africa and f AYE., B STORE
On Wednesday Choir No. 2 will rehearse at I p.m. On Thursdayat Asia this summer, found the people there bad three main.
noon Prayer meeting is featured at the church. Choir No. 1 gripes about the U.S. S OPEN SUNDAYS
rehearses at I p.m. Sunday School begins at':30 a.m. with Mrs. "They don't like what we're added.Kldd. E R MARK t
Mamie Fields and Deacon: George Smith In charge. The lesson ,. doing In Vietnam, they don't said he feels that many U
will be reviewed by an appointee. Consecration is at 1030. The like our riots, and they are Africans. and Asians lack a
morning worship begins with the deacons in charge. Preaching very concerned about all our thorough knowledge' of what
will be at 12 noon. Baptism will be administered in the morning uau&1DaUoal) ," said JuliUS really goes on In the UJJ. .
worship. The BTU will meet at S p.m.with Deacon Junes Phillips Kldd, president of the B-CC "I asked a tang (U.S. Information iT iT iT iT iT iT ;or.iT iT.iT iT.T; iT iT iT iT iT iT iT iT iT iTiT; iTi
la charge. District No. 19 will sponsor a musical tea at 3:30 at slides government, Just re Service) man la Nairobi : .PORK
the church. The evening worship begins at 630. Choir No. 1, turned.Kldd what he told the Kenyan people'
Junior Choir, Usher Board No.and the Junior Board will serve. was one of two B-CC about riots, and be said 'w. m =; i ia i
Miss Loretta Rollins and C.B. Fisher will be in charge of students on a six weeks' tour tell them the truth.' But does I
Methodist he know the truth?" the student + ROAST
musk. sponsored by the i+i i i
leader asked. "J' "
Board of Higher Education,
Grice leftist Observes Mei's Nashville; the American University Black Africau' problems
School of International aren't so different from black / t
of Methodist Americans', even though they :+: :+:
Service; and a number GIANT
Diy SwHdy With Mary Feiteres Church related colleges are m t the majority Africa, 29
I such as Bethune-Cookman Col Kldd went on to say, but the + SIZE 35
Grace Baptist Church, 1601 East 21st Street, Rev B.F. Brown, lege. problems are worse becauseof : .
pastor, will observe Its annual Men's Day on Sunday, September Roger Booth, a B-CC student widespread poverty and U. LtMTTONE WITH 5.00 OR LI
22, beginning with the Sunday School and ending with the afternoon from Philadelphia, also went on literacy. MO..E FOOD OUDEu .
service' at 3 p.m. the tour. They visited Senegal, Most of the wealth In Africa : iT iT iT ;"f'.iT iT.t: : iT iT.. ;or.iT iT i'T' i'T' iT iT iT iT iT iT .iT iT iT
In the Sunday School, which offer prayer Rev. P. Joey Nigeria, Ghana,the Ivory Coast, remains in the bands of white
begins at ':30, the guest superintendent. will introduce the speaker,Rev. Liberia, Tanzania,Kenya,Ethiopia Investors or government leaders
Deacon W. .Jones ofSprmghlll J.M. Haielton of Mt Canaan. Pakistan, M'' Thailand, Kidd claimed, and little 25 TENDER SLICED
Baptist will be In Baptist. The Brown will be. Hong Kong, Japan and Hawaii. filters down to the people. SWEET POTATOES 2 us[ *
charge. Guest secretary ,will taken. by Julius First The purpose of the trip was to The tour confirmed Kidd's Intention BEEF
be.W.J. Jones, Jr., Deacon Baptist, and Deacon Jessie see the role religion plays In to p into the Peace nun
J.C. James will be host superintendent Furlow, Tabernacle Baptist. developing nations, Kldd said. Corps after be Is graduated IIIE'l1TE .... :\ ONIONS 311. IIc.20e'
and Jo Ann Chester Deacon Herman Gogglns will He said be believes two major from B-CC and to make some '
will be host secretary. Guest acknowledge the visitors. religions, Hindu and. Islam, are kind of International servicehis MAYOHNAISt I \ IEllllis LIVER ..
teachers will be Deacon O.D. Officers are: Chairman, playing an apparently negative life's work. '
Phillips, Payne Chapel AMP; Deacon H. Gogglns; Co-chaIr. role. The caste system of the "The thing these people need a. lSa'' I COW FLAKES n.tzjnJfC
Deacon Elijah Toliver; Deacon man, Neptune Gogglns; Finance, Hindu religion and the Islamic most Is more education and" ;I
Arthur Johnson, Bethany Baptist Deacon Douglas Wiley; and requirement that everybody more help from volunteers, t Ems.SIIlTENINI
,* Deacon Dunson, Redeem Secretary, Deacon Robinson.. stops what be is doing,face east he said.Bishop. 45' 3 LI. CAN 49tfilLIEN IB. 39'
Baptist; J. Williams, Bethany Other committees are: Programs and pray five times a day both L- JAKHITE
Baptist and T.R.Sherman,Ebe- Deacons N. Davis, C. are hindrances to progress, he .. A.dlts. Foal FLEET
Mter Methodist. Deacon L.C. James and W. Walter; Music, FIIZEN
Franklin Christ Written In Billy Deal, Deacon Ulysses Sut- so many countries IDa Are Guests At File, SHRIMP 11 iz. PIG 59t
Heaven will give the general taD, Paul Sanders. Ezekiel six-week period, ICW dIdD't
review. Neptune Gogglns will Breaker; Decorations, Deacons have much chance to get out and The House of God Holy Church ee e
acknowledge' the visitors. Willie Anon, V. Saxton, M.C. talk with people on the streets, of the Living God, Pillar and a '
In- the morning worship, beginning Way and James Hodge; Publlity but be said be saw enough to Ground of Truth for all people, WESSON
at 11 a.m., Deacon : ; Deacon Nathaniel. Davis. realize that they have "t terrible 1916 Meharry Avenue, celebrated .
C.W. Hollman and Deacon W. Courtesy, Joe Williams,Joseph economic: problem." th t."""&* dual anniversaries -
Sheppard of Bethany. Baptist Chester, Joe Clark and Willis "Most of the countries we saw on September I at '
will.be in charge of devotions.Rev. Cant.SI.. hare a per capita Income of 3 p.m. in the mUD auditorium. :
will read the less than $100 a Kldd andSister Dothan Faulk
P. Jocey ...... year Bishop I' OIL
Scriptures. Deacon W. Arson pointed out "The slums are and son Darryl Faolk were
will pray and Deacon N. Davis ThoMS His sordid; the malnutrition and honored. Darryl Is Junior bishop
will read the announcements. film are terrible." designate for the churches at
L-tams of First Baptist win He visited one school-"at large and came In as third. 24 IZ IITiLE ;
deg. Rev. Joey will Inrrortureth KIlI-OeHI Drive least it passes for a school,", runner-up. The Junior bishop
..speaker. Rev. FJ>. Davis where 29 or more stylists will be elected in 1970 at the
of College Park Baptist Church. The .Pulpit Aid Baud of St. were crowded Into a stuffy, general convocation.:
The offering will be taken by Thomas Baptist Church will dirty, five by six foot room., Evangelist Viola Williams, C 1 1"SSOR
J. Greene First Corinthian sponsor a King and C Queen contest ran said be wasat asked state elder of the Dominion of
Baptls. T.! Sapp. Zloq Hope Sunday night, September macs about race relations. Canada, pastor of a local church
Baptist and George Butler, 22, in the main auditorium of "Black Africans would shake there, was a special guest
Second Baptist. Deacon Herman the church, beginning at 1 p.m. my hand and can me 'brother,' Deacon Ej8. Coleman gave a .
Goggitts will receive visitors. The public is Invited Refreshments W they didn't ask me many report of progress of the local:
The evening service begins will be served at the questions," be said. church flananclafly. Elder Prison .1
at | p.m. Music will be furnished close of the service. Rev W.C. "There Is a kinship though, spa... Mrs. MeClendon. .;
by the male choir and Meal Is pastor Mrs. P.Clayton and they are ftll friendly and Mrs. Fowler, and Mr/ Robinson LIMIT ONE WITH $5.<00< OR .

ADS Jackson First Baptist president sympathetic to the black man's prominent teacher, were MORE FOOD GftEERr 4i
Durcn. Deacon W Walker will ****** problems to this country, be present -

\ i 5'

.. .. .. .. ,'-... ., ." ..... .. ., \:.\. .,

,0 r 'f" ,. ,. If' T f'" .. ( 0 ,

PILE I am turn "'"", gnaro 21, mi' _

I ==== FEMININE -e. citiIfl '

Leather Liie For YOMI ..... It. Sail ShapeUp For Fill- ii

ShpiI Up !I. MM'S Clothes :
r. ;
Undone ; :'
Mil Leives Nothing

The young man lewing home for college carries seU-esteem Y Emphasizes Need Of Sirteriil 6'11.
-and prestige.-with him when he takes smart leather luggage. '
It won't take him long to discover that the latest American Fan 1968 Is an "up"season In men's fashion, according to the

leather luggage Is lightweight, durable easy to care for- od o ". t .ftlle'eri questions about i f American Institute of lien's and Boys' Wear. The "up" bit Is 1
the mark of a seasoned traveler. : Junior Mm etiquette, 1 .:.di&t: ,,f explained by the AOIBW u"shaptog-up"In sUhouette,"colorIngup" .I
For well In suit, sportswear and shirt hues, "stepped-np" in
practicality as as of varied : grooming and 'interestj.Q '
prestige leather luggage Is plenty school wardrobe.space Team It with Dad will be pleased at your regard to the numbers of outerwear models and fabrics, .
important to the college man. accompanying case, I'm const.ntl'I'aYln.( the thoughtfulness and you'll have "styled-np" In reference to current rainwear"rocketlng-up" .
Few people do more traveling duffel or club bag carryon and you have family bathroom I mcsi with" a fanciful decorator accessoryall In the numbers of men who find It fun to go formal, "knltting- I
In a shorter period of time the packable pair for hair rollers, m.ke-up, etc. How your own. up" the greatest array of sweaters ever, and "matchlng-up" "
than the student living away use perfect during college-and long can I forget? Dad raise the Q. Would you believe I have ,handsomely patterned ties with the most vibrantly colored 51; ;
from home, observes Leather after.Today's. roof about It every day. I never I problem when If* time to shirts In history. __ .
Industries of America. Adding tanning techniques stem, to have time to clean upieba leave I party? I never know "Shape" has been accepted by and leathers. Tue eann tones, 11\\ + qt ,I .
weekend I'm through. Any tolu- what" to do or I.,. My whole and mature men with bright shades and neutral tones r
up trips, vacations and produce a luggage leather that lions? balloon" banl.t"b.1 young men
visits home, today's collegian Is ounces lighter yet handlesthe "happiness equal facility as Its flittering are often aeantedwlthpatterns'of t
I ?
should do fi
is a man on the move to rival travails of travel with little A. How about making I place lines move the male population harmonltlng or contrastinghues. : _
"Bonnie and Clyde." It's no sign of scuffs, bumps or dirt. for your things? A cigar or A. Take your "happiness bal out of the "baggy era." .
shoe box will do the trick. But loon" with when leave! Rainwear, warmly lined or
wonder his leather suitcase and leathers are sell-renew- you you Outerwear for the current season -
don't stop there! Cover the box There no need for uneasinessor equipped with tip-In warmers, r
other pieces of luggage becomea scratches offers the widest possible
that surface
log, so in Marvalon
,embarrassment It'* polite to often emulates the popular twist ;
vital part of his last-paced ,choices of models, fabrics, A
filled in waxes deepIn
are by and you have I cute "catch. to
(FretT Mantle of Yott, cloths found In suits, goes
life. the fibres. The choice of all!" Choose a pattern to blend colors and patterns. r
ibft tells whet
HIV booklet smart and sophisticated ) v.
glen plaids
Basic bag Is the traditional finishes Includes with the decor of your bedroomor The fabrics used In the smart
handsome In Rtcommtniti "
it to girl. -
nieces a
two-suiter, roomy enough to bath Or, you neednt even Dew outerwear Include deep checks, and puts new
smooth, antiqued, aniline-dyed, for gn 9 )o 14. SfJfour clear A
hold his coats and have c.tch-.n twills meltons sleek fashion emphasis on
tfnlts. grained, brushed or unusual your match any mtmi tnt tuitlrttl to warm ,
Crafted of supple\ lightweight embossed leathers.: room if a particular pattern fMtrtclt," tdtttho Dtpirtmini mohair ana worsteds, nylons, grays, both deep and "dusty"blues
i leather the two-suiter has powy, tow)' or fragile feminine Kimbrrly-CUrlt! Corp* poplins, gaberdines,whlpcoros? and continue with the
!j upe.ndabIe sides that allow ........ happen to strike your fancy. N"* I olives and blacks. Look for
I new "shorties" as well as long
coachmen" models and a host
r SELLS of updated dovble-breasteds. r
wingers win dig the new

I KehrnSftoo.Formalwear Is owned and worn
by more American men than at
CHOICE BEEF any time In the history of the
nation. The "dark suit" no h
longer gets by when the distaff
side dolls op In a cocktail dress .
or formal gown. But, this has a.
Inspected and Graded by the proven to be DO hardship to
the fashion-aware fellows who The National Board of the Coat and Suit Industry reveals that

United States Department of have found that modem formal femininity and youth are In tail suits, plus great wherewithal.,
OO STOWts Agriculture wear Is u easy to wear u They suit fall weather wonderfully, and are right for an but
casual sports wear and that the most formal occasions. Here Is one-Continental Features.
U'. fan to go formal. Proof
QUANTITY ajoxn fttsnvn-Mica GOOD VMKU KmMia asSNORTENING..59'
---... of this Is found to the fabulous Exclusively Exciting
fabrics and many models being
worn in tuxedos and by the
colorful tax shirts and ties that
have become the role rather'

BUTTERKING ._-tte/s .than the exception.Sweaters _
for the cold weather ;
MAYONNAISEPETERGENT 39 reasons are styled u much for
looks u they are for warmth
and comfort as the new fashions t

: Include Scandinavian-types, I
.; 89 Crusader models golfers, ski- :
I SIZE CHEERDETERGENT types, fisherman knits and, of
course, the familiar pullovers Pr i
"BAGS"bftn hand coat styles that make One; !!!
k I 99 TEA 89 ,fireside' fT*"'"''? when the
winds '
/e7 bowl aDd the snow
; ,- ,.1U.4..1bi 'blc'rbQ! collar;'1,, _

ksTr :!:.1 5 .favorite ft return of on the both 1920'shas pullovers made and \ -

coat styles.Hlgh .
---ee.wsv er lea-users agar .. the fabulous
among fashions -wwt
Preserves...... 39'<'< Appiesauceeeeeeal/$1.1 viennaTs'ge 5/$1. WlC terne.eeee. /$1. of the fall season are If
,. the colored shirts and
vibrantly .
n. unim m it* 1 sew Lair nttr MX** t* 1 u>Saner%"] IM.aM* Mwniuu*wi

Tem .ts./I.. jPineopple........3/l. Tuna( i .::......5/$1. Greek leins..6/l. .them.the ties Deep designed hues of to mulberry wear with,

IjinriTssue..... 5/l. Fruitrmks.....5/l. Tomatoes=. .." 6/l. Perl' & leans 10/$1. green gold, blue rust, cedar and ,gray tangerine-some, I t ,. .t

2 plain, others p.Uenaeciyt "t'II f

Paper Towels 3/87 Lunt di eon Meat3/l Tomato Sauce 5/$1. Fini7yliiice:.:3o 39( of gotten approval.***almost The madman success of vote the .> ...., ..

_.. .
richly colored shirts Is pheno "
:. "
ensue!. The deep tones, slightly .. .,' tI
FRYER PARTS MORE MEAT SPECIALS lighter In execution,are equally .. t'..,.;
strong with the supposedly conservative '
USDA CHOICI W-D BRAND CORN HO SONOCSS men who add pinned The above Is a new; umbrella fasdlm-pacuetter created by !
BREAST w Ribs, WINGS 39< collars and modified spread laden Kits. The coat Is by Male Street.' The pretty erica
Round Steak collars to their favorite button- mlnl-siied umvelU: with Its ruffle-frosted, edging gives a:; !
DRUMSTICKS LBor BACKS IISUNNYIAND 98 downs this season. dainty feminine accent to dressy or romantic clothes. When .
THIGHS Solid colored tits vie win closed U'. almost prettier, with a deep froth of ruffles falling a
USDA: CHOICE WO BRAND CORN FED OUB. T-BONI O'tij about the gleaming knob
stripes, geometries, and free- polished handle It Is unusually practical
form prints and many are color- and easy to carry, when not in use His also easily packable
Sirloin Steak $109 cued to the smart shirt hues. and !ideal for travel. There are many colors.

ij Tin new ties are wider, too,
TENDER SMOKED SHOULDERPICNICS w.a as they blend Into the new Umbrella Styles E.-'z.'

i i Qr9AST -69* shapely silhouettes.

MM Sloes Slated Variety, Teste Aid GleemrIf _..

CHUCK SI t.tL69* you've never felt like singing In the rain you )Just might this 1
Fir Stritits fall Never has there been such a wealth of fashion la umbrellas. ,.
w wa.elawn MM The days ot the one-umbrella wardrobe are clearly numbered :'i
with the variety of styles available "
'UU''ILO'. SHORT RIBS -49 : !
Art Dmbh in net, this Is the year the Some of the most effective are f
WHITE SUCCESS 'ACON __a11/1Yn nurr..ww/.r.Mtl.d umbrella has finally come Into giant scallop designs and huge,
,,1 NEW YORK-This fall,teen- Its own as one of the great brilliantly patterned kaleidoscopic -
GRAPES..5-M. I 65 Stew 3 99'Stew $1.99 alters will ride the leather shoe 'PUt-tocetber.." It can add the prints. The ever popular

shutttle between the "brutes"and perfect accessory touch to a'costume. florals too are printed In beautiful
1 the "beauts." ,And DO one Is more color combinations that coordinate -
J.ws vaw. w wsuw To match the mood of the
aware of the umbrella's fall
importance with the new
Onions 3 29' Apples -59'' U S N* 1 REGULAR WHITEPOTATOES styling the latest American to the total fashion shades In shoes, bags.and
leathers cover versatile picture than Palest Katz leadIng gloves. Colds, fire orange
sweep of textures and finishes.Among innovator of umbrella grelge and tobacco tones are
Pears...2 39* Honeydews< 10 59 the most Important for fashions. leading hues.There's _

wea.Mavwwasste. M-U.M>k*NJ.M*|tMMTt UUUM4 teen shoes, Leather Industriesof For every mode, whether It a whole new sire
America lists the smooth, be In the haberdasher vein this
a story season too. The long
rrots..2/25 Potatoes.... 69 70 Ik. 99 antiqued grained waxy glove, thirties revival, or a romantic and the short of it-the mail,
brushed suede, embossed,lus style, there Is an umbrella to the midi, and the IILlD1.<
Oar.ceee tmOOM.OMMNWv so.>a.rwlww. lii l wdr..Mw.ll.rMeM
tre and leathers.,
genuine patent
Mix give emphasis to the look. Other favorites for jaYeIy"
s..5/$1. Vegetables 5/$1.
Their attributes
All Flavors THRIFTY MAID easy-wear easy-care There's even a leather-look plane, train or bus are the
CM*CMCUH MM IWMUT -U.f*+Oar tOOK iUfllMMJt M are a beautiful bonus,
jmbrella for the current leather telescolic miniatures. Women
Meet Irwien. 39 Peach Cobbler. 99 and with low to mid heels and
as reflected in the many who drive favor them too and
a...tKSr Ice Milk 2 S1. :broad toes dominant features, leather capes, Jackets, vests,. often a spare Into the glove r
Eo .
Waffles.......49 Coffee Rich.4/l. foot comfort is doubled. suits and coats. compartment for emergencies.
t-U. The mannish monsters now Equally important Is patent, Handles from the easily
Strawberries..2/89' Shm hu7kees much of the fashion
Si99 so a part especially antique
patent.Here, packable short-shorts to ttte,
Mar seem *-*asses*w MY.v9..MI i w iw picture are a special favorite Polan Kali scores again InbrolUes eight inch length. Many of the
Green Pees..5/$Orange Juice.... 6/l. with t It I.. Girls dig the!" with matching handles aDdcue. new bandies have serpentine "1

leathery quality, their waft of mock patent and antique or heavy types of chains: In ',
CUP THESE ability, their handsome chunky- patent. New too are other simulated
silver and Other
fl' Wma { .Mte{ ;,. ww {t.w{ I +. MUM ItAMM ; Wsx {r.wf I stu e) heeled look. Leathers strew handsome vinyl effects such stunning types are gold.of canedor '{1 1

; y.. r..a rwt wawn.. ... ,rrrw rw.sew. ...,!?n.N14.11 -. COifWSFOiEXTRA the antlquey, grained or natural u cases with matching bandies polished wood, and some of \
at. D..Ld11r ..Ils.... .ae.al 1...11..r..u. 11 STJIMPSHi waxy finishes. In multi-hued needlepoint floral the most elegant, art of olivei 4 i
.. ._.. Leather's superiority as ft foot
tapestry patterns.Stripes .
., covering ,lies In Us Intrinsic wood decorated with inlay work; I
} and
EXTRA geometric from swain
I I XTRA a e.MJ} I h WUe {r.MM I I EXTRA w Wr"t.yVl I I EXTRA 1. 1eW ::.AV{ I EXTRA L WIUwI T.w{ I I IMM Ii EXTRA.I qualities u an animal hide. prints add ting to rainwear 1
i Among these are a super-pli' fashions with their varied hues Household Jp.&a I
t..t t M i
....,__. .u.N.n" NNa.. dic.I.Nk.M l L.t S1..LtsN1 ancy, molding action and that coordinate with a variety ?When '
as .,
.. .
.l .N' "' "'wtit .""" tit wwww..t "' .. .w...,tit a+ ....ww..1t breathabillty", all especially of fall colors. Stripes have a LOT the fall you're awuon. keep safety

necessary to on-the-go teen, Pleasing qukk-ehange effect too mind. Here are three "1Dua ."
feet When leaner is tanned from straight dashing horizon 1. Read the label on all house
ftnd crafted lato shoes tal lines when the hold product and follow safety ;
Amulca -.tJl., the end- closed to brolly u lists. doaely 2. Never put s
Winn-Dixie 11NIj Beef; curving stripes thaCOOCtdul non fc.d
shop product in an empty
i product Is recognised u theworld's follow the ambrefl '. food container 3. Keep ewry ;
finest footwear for m
when If s open.coledtci Will you didn't buy in the food
.TAMP ww the fI.ml11-lroaa the nursery patterns are department out of the food cabi-
K ,school set to nonagenarians.. large in boldly scale children nets and out of the reach of

( ; I; ..




;.. 'MCE 7
- "

I S :i here's the "hew"/ to $; eal- 1 pMng: and creative cookery' i

Hurry Up Beef Stroganoff "' .

Teen TreatsToday Potluck .

lets cook up some fun for the fun.loving\ teenagers- the f
really truly snack.happy crowd. Since Ice cream rates high with tly
: teens keep the freezer Riled for whopping up chocolate sodas .
and banana splits on the spur of the moment. And remember
Miry Riynttdi' 9
Instant snacks like Whistle and Bugles for dunking into cream
cheese and chill-cheese dips at coke time. And for a teentlnJ Ever since the Spaniards conquered .
picnic on the patio-here are recipes for Super Sloppy Joe and the Aztecs in Mexico In
, Milk Chocolate Brownies. So easy, the teens can do them them- 1519. Mexican food has been anexciting .
. selves. As any teenager will tell you -Mom theta half the fun amalgam of both world
. ot snicking. of cooking. The resulting style is ;
MILK CHOCOLATE: unusually delicious ana distinctive
SUPER SLOPPY JOES BROWNIES ,with an appealing character
unlike food anywhere else in the
1 package (I ounces) semisweet -
t world.
chocolate piece Mexican Food
*4 cap milk 1 can (1S ounces) sweetened Delight Fair.Goer
r J4' cup salad dressing condensed milk Right now, many American I
or mayonnaise S tablespoon salad ell are savoring Mexican foods during
1 cup chopped not their visit to HemisFair. the
1 can iU/ ounces) barbecuesaoce
and beef gaps New Bbqalck San Antonio World's Fair. But
Heat oven to 375. Grease ob even if you don't plan to visit r +
Paprika long pan 13x9x3 inches. In Texas this year you can serve
small saucepan, melt chocolateHeat some of the very same Mexican
oven to 400. Grease over low heat. In large bowl foods that fair-goers are enjoying T'l ftn ,
8x8x3 Inches. Mix At the fair's International Foods ;
square pan. : combine milk salad on and
f tMu
.. Blsqulck and milk with fork nuts; stir in chocolate and New Restaurant, the Mexican portion. ( +a J?
. < '0" to soft dough. Blend in ma'ODBllqulck.. Spread In prepared of the menu consists of many the zA r i
: naise. Spread half the mixture pan. Bake about 10 minute same Patio Mexican Foods you
" in prepared pan. Cover with Cool slightly. Cut into IVVtoch can buy In the frozen food section
beef mixture. Drop remaining ot your supermarket
CANNED PRODUCTS have wrought these days! This ten minute dough by spoonfuls over top; Brownies & la Mode another Mexican Medley r
of Beef spread with fork. Sprinkle teenage rage: Top Tortillas T.ro'rmlltl.
version Stroganoff is a time-saving choice for mealsonthe -
.run, children lunches and after the movie snacks. with paprika. Bake IS minutes. brownies with scoops of toe EnchllldsTortillas
Canned roast beef already precooked In Its own delicately S servings. cream and ladle oa the chocolate the mainstay. of the
seasoned gravy makes a perfect starting point for a stroganoS. sauce. Garnish with maraschino Mexican diet, make excellent
The finishing touches produce the unique flavor of this dish Menu: Super Sloppy Jam, cherry.The perfect endIng party bon d'orovres' Frozen in
with ease: sour cream sliced mushrooms and bits of pImiento pickle sticks, soft drinks, for an. evening ot movie easy boil-bags, tortillas may be
and green onion tops for pretty dashes of color. Cook only until brownie or record served plain, tilled with chili or
heated throughout and Its ready to be spooned over toUted beans, quartered and wrapped j-: .
waffles from the package. around cocktail franks or used
Youll find canned roast beef with gravy one of the most con with a variety of tempting dine/ --i- ,
For Parties
Pizzas ,
venient products In the convenience: food lineup. It combines @ taco .tamale and enchl-
with a host of good foods and is always tasty. S,, need. .to be bested -r;(;

HtRRY tP: BEEF STROGANOFF before serving C S

I can (It ot.) roast beet with l/i cup dairy soar and each makes ,
an excellentchangsof
1 can gravy(! ot.) sliced m..... t cream tablespoon diced \ pace main eoa..... For
rooms, drained an easy-to-prepare meal accompany
cup green onion tops, sliced I frozen waffles toasted lettuce your Mexican dish with a
crisp and onion sated' and
Combine rout beef with gravy, mushrooms and green onions an ked beverage. Wind up the
In saucepan or skillet. Cook stirring occasionally over medium meal with a chocolate' de.sertt a A'A
heat until hot but not boiling. SUr in sour cream and heat hI I Mexican favorite, and you rebound
thoroughly, do not boll. Serve over not waffles. Garnish with to have the family asking
pimiento. for a repeat' performance soon.
.Makes > IefInP.Cr..ttI .

Ala Ice Cream Favorite
Aid MiskeoMS
a Peach French melba chef was In Invented London by to GELATIN SALAD MOLD FOR A POTLUCK SUFFER!'

Tempt family appetites with vegetable variety. Serve honor on Australian. In spite *
peas with a gourmet flair. A creamy evaporated milk fhe Involved International. CRBP AUTUVCN DAYS AND A FULL SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES: MEAN A NEED Fat
sauce and sauteed mushrooms make Creamed Peas heritage the ot dessert vanilla I Ice* atmple.Top HEARTY FAMILY SUPPERS TO PkEPARE ABEADOF TIKE. THE ONE STARS A MOLDED
and Mushrooms delicious eating. Try it soon. Your' with scoop peach halves; add cream Melba HAM, PEA,AND CELERY: SALAD ZESTILY: FLAVORED AND BASED ON LEMON GELATIN
family will be delighted Join the plus parade with the** petite plssas. Even the least Sauce. IPS ALSO A GOOD WAY TO tEE UP THE LAST OF THE BAKED RAM)A GOOD PARTNER
CREAMED PtAS AND MUSHROOMS .p.lftIIon. can toe together a* ganggathers. ******
Here's the Borden .
Kitchen way for a "presto" party.TwAt
(Makes <4 *Party Picas
t 1 y& cups lOounce package) V( teaspoon' salt (Mak.i10 pulse "
frozen pies V4 teaspoon paprika 1 ("./IOL.) package Pateiirid ProcessBig YOUR DOLLAR
10 Flaky Biscuit Cbeea Slice
V4 sliced onions '
cup 1
teaspoon sugar I (1-0..) can tomato paste 1 (3-oc.) can Grated
1 Vt cups (/ pound) sliced- Vi teaspoon Worcestershire 8 singly wrapped(lie** (on* Pal'lMlaa.1\4 Romano
fresh mushroom sauce -os.,q.) American Cheese
Vi cup melted butter rice CUP undilyted Camattoo Pimento or Swiss IUYS MORE ATYOWBANMi
2 teaspoons flour Evaporated Milk Place biscuits on a baking sheet Bake In a moderate (S7 'F.)
oven, 10-14 minute or until jgelaea brown. Cool. Carefully apllt r
Cook-|*.*-accordlng to package dr ctlon*... >prajn..wtlL.t, biscuits In half crosswise.,Spoon About Z-S teaspoons tomato .
Saute onion and mushrooms In butter until tender. Stir pate ante each. 'bUrolt half. Cut.cheaae, allot intevuartr*,t .
Place one quarter on each ,Iasa.' Sprinkle each with grudparmesan .. '
In flour salt paprika sugar and Worcestershire.' Gradual'ly w--w
and rocnaae chose. Return to a moderate (21'.F )
add Carnation. Cook over medium! heat until thickened, 0.... 3-S minute. or until choose milts and tomato paste I*
stirring constantly. Add peas Heat to am'Ing temperature. thoroughly heated. QUANTITY FOOD STOlE"SII"


\ CHUCK ROAST ( r) 48 sun 'UIIIICHUCK f'- lLD em r

SUGAR 5.lbs. 19'RD'

"SIPEI.iIUir" K.MEl IIIN SlICtt ((2 TI S.ll. lie Pit) ,


I I PORK CHOPS 11.69t .j SUGAR 5 39 v

5 3 -

Ellll ClICI: ((3-tl IAS SI.45)"COFFEE ) i:..' ,. ,cf' ,-/\ rvSWIFT'S t

.., 41' i.\1' 'j.' .1; .I ... .. .., :

:. 49 PREMIUM riEsi



u" S S. ((4f 011))

? 511.IK.

:: FLOUR 49 Sli:

I rawhat IAN
$1 39 rlSCO

...r......-..... 6'ge


PIES I $1 :\' ', . CHUCK ',. '. .


59' .


i *
mil APPLES\!!

SUP AT Till '011101 79'*



1 4:. IESI H IUS, IIIlE 55 *

11 .If E/ 19
' 45TI ST.fllCEJ II. 49' GRAPES LI.

; '' _

; Al lit till ulna CII IIMII VINE IIPEIEI "

' '. THNCI SAC. 99 Z Y. 58!


I 6

..., ......... '. ,. : ', .'. ; h ,F


'.' .


.: .. '

: \ !..l':11pll: : UJ 1 b :. \ "/' :

.... "
-' .
-- BM -
HARVEYSWIGS Camera .Rides .stl Walks

,ice. _.. -
CIVIL RIGHTS .J.c"J'" '1'- "
} ( .. < "'r...... .. .:.. ..:.r' '. t

ROUNDUP 'c'. :. mat w ,
IT FIGURES "- tr'/ .
Miami. Fla 33142Wholesale WASHINGTON (NPI) Some of the leading pollster hare +..
'' come up with another phrue to add to the Jargon that toes along _
with political campaigns especially at the higher lerels. It's ,
caned "the cop rote." The way the pollsters see it, police look

;......._ "f7;: upon former Alabama governor and third-party Presidential II
candidate George C. Wallace u "their man.

I Oirecl wie M Shown DESISTST. ._ .
LOUIS-(NPI)-A call for a "complete end to the racial n' ,. ....,
I In Picioie. All 100 % Human Hail referral system of funeral directors In St. Louis,"was made by ''' +'.,:.,- ..".. '
I Richard E. Risk, creative director Missouri Commission on i. -
A U3.J5$ Valoe for Only 118.95 Human Rights at a )Joint meeting of six local funeral directors' .,
I In Chase Plaza Park of Plaza Hotel. Noting that .;
Get Smart groups meeting \ t'
Order Now. ..... "such referrals violate the Missouri Public Accommodations :'1' I. 1i. / k.'
Act-even (to) asklngthe race of the dead person," he added, ": \ ; ,
...ORDER LIST..... l \ "
can't think of a worse time for a person to have to suffer the ., HI L
effects of discrimination." ".P ; .

ADDRESS (!CPr) The "silent majority of the black .
community has been called upon by Dr. William A. Warier, -.
CITT- : --ZIP--- fTATE- Savannah (Ca.) president of B'nal B'rlth, to give! Its answers to '" : .
the racial crisis. Addressing the 125th anniversary convention ..
"COLoRS: Wk Off lilt --Ur0.---Auhura-- d the Jewish StrictOrganization, Wezler said "White America
Alt Other Colors Add;IO.OO..Ben4 money order only, we pay Is hearing the views of black extremlsts..andblack separatists' \\I
pu*tage... .O.D. TOIl Pay Postage Check your color by-X Or but the "quiet segment of the Negro community Alas yet)to make
Mod. Ha*Simple. Itself heard.'
Childrei Get 1

Spic.il Ederetios

r @UJJ1rOO )f @mnIDAO""II..IN' HARTFORD, Com-(NPI)-
Suburbia has been opened up to
tOO black and Puerto Rican ,
school children In the Connecticut
area of Hartford.Waterburyand
New Haven, and Newark'
T N.J.) pupils. The goo wUl be
going to school In the suburbs
I under the Project Concern Program -
while the II will be
r traveling to Verona under asuperior J- w1
court order blocking a while back a beautiful young lady was helping) photographers Pretty Girl Like Tot Doing Way lk>Here?" This was producedby
I that suburb' anti-black:Injunc- make a movie. That was Pan AM Stewardess Elaine McGraw-Hill u one of aa.lll..rltlOI career opportunities.'
lion-seeking tactics Vaugh seen above. Hiss. Vaugti starred In a movie "What's A Pin AM Photo

i i TRANSFERS J Entertainment Hues and CriesJAZZ I .1

NPQ ..'As a
} RIDE result at demonstrations conducted FETEMONTEREY slated to appear at the festival.
by the Concerned Peopled : Calif.-(NPQ)-
from the West Side, two white Trumpet star DUijr GUletpV& 70PARADEE'
principals were transferred and his quintet have bees booked NASSAU' B&bamuNPr
r. of the area by the school board. for ft starring appearance at the CttlMos and tourists of this
NORTHSIDE The transferees were Dr. Hth aaoial Monterey lassFestival famous tropical &Island resort
Eugene Richards, and Mrs.Ana ,September 20-22. according will enjoy a real musical treat
Wart Porter, principal and assistant to festival I General on September 17. On that date
fork your cor cf Norf ftitfi and tt principal respectively Manager Jimmy Lyons. Appearing the famous bud leader-coo
at the Crown SchooL Dr.' with the 1D1ID1ta1II.CU- poser Duke Ellington and his
,- rtft a hut f 0 eM the Richards received a new appointment lesple will be sidemen James orchestra vlll play a one.sJght
i at the all-black Moody, on tenor saiophone and engagement alike Paradise
MIAMI DOLPHINSAND Harvard School on the .Cute; Candy Finch,drums;Mike Island Casino's WU Cabaret
PAUL'S CARPET WAREHOUSE has Miami's newest showroom andover Southside; while Mrs. Porter Logo piano and Russell 'Theatre.**
2.000 rolls of carpet in stock. Paul's i is Comaros mill warehouse went to the Family Living George electric ball.A number
outlet in So. Florida and the nationally advertised 9.9 Comaro '.Wind.rau' Center No. 1, also on the Southside. of other bit name start are NAGS SINGER
is on sale for 17.00 Sq. Yd. in a choice of 18 colors Another Co. UNIV. OF MIAMIHOMCGAMES ; NEW YORK (NI'Q) A
benefit show to raise funds for
maro favorite is 'Forever Yours' a regular $6.98 embossed SOl Nylon starving children... the seces
Pile Carpet available in 10 colon for only J4.88 sq. yard. All carpet is a ends parking problemstndt 1 t New ...UIO CAKPCTC *.. UOLiNotruM slonlst state of Blafra, m;
First Quality and can be installed, padded and finance at a very low cost AU. eitceXU Nigeria, ended on a sour note
Why pay more Come to PAUL'S at )l N.W. 23rd Street or fighting traffic J-JJ: SOCIALS UXIS un recently, when police arrested
lot the star
parking omplylig611d narcotics
/ on a charge.
Phone 374-8435 Daily 9 w 5:30: Sat. 'til 1 P.M. t your cor police protected .,,1 50c U' taxis IMS Police said Lester Chamber,

cawed 3rJp LINOLEUM CITY a rock V roll singer and star
t d the Chambers Brothers
CU To Your Room Slat group was nabbed la the offstage -

11 A GlUT VALUE fer the MAN NORTHSIDESHOPPING SPECIAL ARMSTRONG Cushioned Floor Now $%.00 A Yard worth of act marijuana of purchasing from 12,000 lames

< (14"". .jiiyNaI; else ..... 1.w "WL. YIANI Smith u actor, IB a parking
CENTER ..,...."... rer..aFLASH ld, shortly after the show at
i Wke keys styliImported VINn. "The Scene" nightclub. James
: ef.elMfy" D aprdlN1ooa1ducer! ,
also was arrested.
eta1 t N.W. 27th AVE. & 79th ST. \\\\\\'III\ '/
Inwy... r CRUEL?
\ | ( --Toklamtlllaosdhos,
malt 1-ttleoUd eat ertalaer

\,. WVYW? Sammy Darts, Jr., may be a
gentle and very pleasant person,
Your professional beautician but his blueS Sn41 -bora
.' 100% WOOL knows the answer... wire Mal BrUt charged iSantaMmics
Dr. Welters recently that be was
cruel In snug for divorce to
., FiN FtsUeM! i i end their eight.year-old Interracial
s marriage. She charged
a Woidcrdl Tooth Powder that "Mr. Golden Boy's" be
t, fait( Skirls ili hatter caused her "great
anguish and mental "

,-1.t;:. Why does some hair Aullilli It year merits Prig Stin irStin Sbe d the asked communal the usual property suffering.division and

i \.:. isrally M6. break off when combing? i StUrilS Nil Si Ink Fir It custody Ttacey d 7,their Mark three, I and children.Jeff, S..

r J Your hair Is precious and delicate..,and none of us like to see 0 f* *f *f > 0* SWITCHEDNEWYORKNPQAntha
12.99 I ; it break off for any reason. Scientists tell us that excessive use "Don't Lose Ybur Hair" Franklin, the nation's recog
J ;I of hot combs and over-processing of hair with chemicals often sized No. 1 Soul Sister"
; are major causes of brittleness resulting in hair breakage. But UseYAL'S recently switched to a straight
._ / hair that is naturally curly and tangles easily frequently breaks real-life bines tune,confirming
'. Choose from three smart style. ; :\ off in everyday combing Notice how irritated your scalp becomes SUPER-CM) that she and her hvsband, Ted
Included u shown, popular I' when you comb in contrast to the way your beautician does? White, have separated and have
shirt Jac with hidden buttons -. Your professional beautician knows that curly hair mats and Hair Conditioner decided to end their five-year-
and harmonising striped front. I 1-:1 .l tangles so easily that it should be softened before combing their old marriage.She charged that
S. M. L. XL. t Otherwise, unnecessary irritation to the scalp and damage to marriage was damagedby
t 4 _: %). t the shaft and ends of the hair occurs. To achieve this needed 3 Moriks SwlY-OilY $UQ coastaat quarrels. Miss
.. '\ f\ s ti softening and a temporary relaxing effect that prevents break Franklia reportedly try
f .' age on all human hair (including wigs), most beauticians rely II million annually
: on Clairol Hair-So-New' spray-on creme rinse. For combing Order iirecfKhttMi's records, theatres TV aadalght
.: ease and for beautifying your hair in many other ways trained dob engagements.
i ,. Ht E. Flajler St. beauticians stock complete family of fine Clairol products for
') NATIONALSHIRT 13 E. FJac1er St. your specific needs. IftMty Cart* t
Northslde Shopping Center Visit your expert hairdresser, who cares about your hair care
1-.f i 201 Lincoln R4. and your comfort. Whatever the nature of your hair problems
: SHOPS Dadeland Mall Shopping Cater only your professional beautician knows the answer for sure. _9954 I.W. m Are MM, f la.
CCI.lrollnc.lM7 .',' { Courtesy of ClaJroIlnC.f' V Nfci* !-* -* ** -- M'SO'

>' 6 ,
r l;.


i ... /,
_w...". .
-- -

i .. ,

r0 : ------ ri..rarns' ,ir pw S ,

I "Marching Men Of Cookman" Get Set To Bolster Cookman Spirits This; Fall"l 1'I I

Troalheaes Dry Ftftts '
World News DigestBY TV Coverige
Gill Speisers

""' -
DIVERSION BANNED .. "Give 'em t five minute break!I"

DAR ES :SALAAM (NPI) Beauty contests have been With this call from smartly goateed Dr. L. ADen Pyte, D, a .

'declared "unwarranted and time-wasting diversions," and an sweating group of young men at Bethunt-Cookmaa. College dived
c1l1tv," In Tanzania for the nearest shady spots.
"Imported by the ruling Tanganyika
African Nation Union. In outlawing the holding beauty contests, 9sI For some time before Dr. No mesh accom.pl1lfdfeal'gr.

the central committee urged women Instead to concentrate "on NBC Fyke's order, the coUepu11I4 the players, who also must work
the tut of helping to build in the nation a policy of self-reliance. r .tiY' 'Ii been llm to keep up a "C" average to
u the uniformed football team stay in the band. This standard

PARTY BANNED NEWS working oat nearby. resulted In the loss of SO musicians -

LUSAKA (NPI)) The Zamblan government recently announced But these husky BCCerswon'tbe at the end of the first

the withdrawal of recognition to the Pan AfrIcan1st.C carrying a ball on the field semester last year.

cres' of South Africa, because "In recent months.. the they year; they'll be toting But the band formations.also
rupture within the PAC has thrown the party into disarray (and) clarinet, trombone, drums, mean work for Dr. Pykt and
Instead of concentrating attention and efforts u a united fore flutes and trumpets while they McMillan, who must spend u

against the enemies of freedom, they have engaged In futile proudly( parade u the "March- much as 2S hours creating each

activities which have dissipated the total effort. of the party Ing Men of Cookman." halftime show. This means
and thereby rendered Impotent" That's the nickname for the hours over a drafting board
B-CC band, which has been. an plotting each move with miniature -
BLOCKADE LIFTED male since 1961. band members

LAGOS (NPI) The federal government of Nigeria lifted It.. easy to Imagine, watching Dr. Pyke, who holds a doctor-
the blockade of Biafra temporarily, under an agreement with the the band going through Its rigorous ate m music from the University

International Red Cross to allow food and medicines to be ulutlln1ulJldcom- of Iowa, does all the band arrangements.
airlifted to the starving refugees of the civil war. The airlift plicated formations, that coeds Be....puUWar-

began last Thursday and will continue for 10 days, with six tl, would be hard pressed to keep ly happy Thursday, because he

planes-supplied bribe Scandtnayin-natton quartet olDennark, up. Especially on some of those had Just beard that he won't have.
Sweden Norway, iSd Finland, and Switzerland and the Hither- p Ir r ..zn P five-mil Christmas parades to teach any classes the first
Iab inking the airlift. I I : and there have. been plenty of semester. He has been teaching

f r f tri those la the history of the the piano, harmony, and theory

RESERVE BANK Bethune-Cookman College classes that the college's 75 or

NASSAU-(NPO) -A bill has been Introduced In the Bahamian i tIIDI1. JO music majors tab.
House of Assemblyprovtdlogfortheeetabilshmentc a monetary One band member lost 20 McMQlon, or "Mac" u Dr. 1

authority-similar to the U.$. Federal Reserve Bank-to handle pounds In a year with the Pyke calls him, writes the t

the I Issuing, the redeeming of currency, and the managing of the "Marching Mea of Cookman. dance arrangements the band ';
nation's assets. The authority will also deal with all matters S D4 The men were drilling Thursday uses.-for the "Marching Mend

relating to banks and bankings on the Island. In Jut about anything they Cookman" often art called 1
cared to wear ot the smart upon todaDcldarlDetlltirallon1

ALL BUT TSHOKDE E.. /. maroon and gold uniforms with u wen u to march '

KINSHASA (NPI) The government of President Joseph white spats and gloves they'll When the B-CC band goes

D. Mobutu recently granted amnesty and freedom to some 19 s have' later. CONTINUED ON PACE 12
political prisoners In a gesture toward national reconciliation. Also missing was the one girl r

Among those freed was Godefroid Munongo\ ,, a former close 'uit4..... r
associate of Moire Tshombe, former Congo and Katanga premier TEAM AT CONVENTIOJC-Vltany concerned Projects for the Gulf 011 Corporation; Gen Whltlock, a unit the band, the "Golden Girl
who still languishes In Jail la Algeria. Tshombe I* still under Interest In the Black Community manager for the National Broadcasting Company, and Dan Keen of Cookmaa" who'll selected IRRITATE YOUR SKIN?
In their companies'
a death sentence, after being convicted la absentia of treason. and Democrat of Gulfs Public Relations Department Gulf Is the sponsor of IOOD, ant, Ivw, r l e.M.tI M was Mw.
this trio who worked at both the Republican SpecialDr. NBC-TV's coverage of both conventions On hand, though to supply ,...,"/..ta... DNlcM,a S IIMK.....4h Ills "MM,.., ew.e
Kohler Manager-
AYES HAVE IT Conventions. They are left to right,Roy b.ttIlJId figures on the band's w., .... two Mrowltr kMltftr. ..MCM

NEW YORK -NPO---A) prenatal, gynecological and family- plans this year was the assistant .*kM e/W.M..I1/.m*Ynt.IM,1rnM.Iw.Mc.n_.<. CeMr.* I". 1
Teacher ScertsOvirlookiii .
White Writer band director, Dennis IM .PHCttiK* If cWKfMIM .t* y
planning survey made this summer among Puerto Rican women Gore Gets Special Award ckMM' rw4" fMIMlituill
McMilllon, Jr. Be Joined the :vc( tuiC-r.UM M .
1* said to have disclosed that the majority favor sterilization I
I ...IC.I4 .'.. c..eI... ,lit "ll
to birth control. The study, sponsored by the New York Health Naireis I.! History Bstaff u Dr. Pyke'sassistant meld : (MMMittlrantoln renal?

Research Council, disclosed la a random sampling of 100 women, Ii la 1M1.BCC's *,*l*. M*.:ru toctf:. MhiMlwy*< tuttt....fMnMc ...*.IC.-
that II were aware of sterilization, and 42 ot these wanted the II II.l "Failure to recognize the Negro u a !tlstorlcal figure' has left Marching Band 1s It. "Mrcel ? -" .r1..!:,nNqr.aeNw :.
operation either Immediately or la the future."IN" a significant portion of the young people In our population with scheduled to make Its first I..e,'''' 1ft.*'.law_r.h..w'M II ,..1111..n....
i It a very serious lack of a history they can Identify with," said public 1RrIICI.September 0111" CIUM torn. M. **/*t = fMT
tlrr, Mferd **"
THING Professor Henry F. Graft professor of history at Columbia 21 when the local college's (w.Mar**.Ilan. H. ti .l trtckltt. rmtltk -

LONDON (NPO) -Abortion-he legal klnd-fcave become University, when speaking out recently concerning the need fora Wildcat play Atlanta' Marcia ,IM* ta-niwkif-..-.urtkMt.M tern MiMtMiif lee*.

the "In" thing la England la the four months since the country more representative history of America which reveals more Brown College at Welch iVn .*.*. w1N1.i M' .Nkt"w..en. riNtmil .

passed a liberalized abortion law. Women from Sweden, Italy, of the contribution. of the American Negro American culture Memorial Sta41um. ..' "HIM IKtllf. t.

France, Spala Germany, the U.s., and Canada, Including their Because of his! Interest over Other Information shows that Before the season ends, the
British counterparts, are taxing both public and private facilitiesIn the past few years and because Negroes (Captain Oliver "Marching Mea of Cookman" OCT HtAOTOTOtntOTCCTION
the The demand has been of his delving Into the areas will have memorized seven
the rush to secure operation. so Hazard at Lake .
) helped Perry Nw ik" **Mrtt t 1** >))i**/itMiM M
great that the Abortion Law Reform Association has suggested of Negro history, Dr. Grail has Erie build the' vessels that different formations for sit .mm.. *JCct11" io.* M I .Nr.1N"KMMl .
special abortion units be established to bo Ua1I. written a book "The Free and defeated the British In the ward halftime shows-U pieces of ..<. >M*..0.fMl ttltiil|H M*VlM( .'. 1ft.. I M..p.tII' ,
The Brave. a book which Is band music to be learned and fir. N M M. feYMOl
1112. of .r-ci
Flagbearers Perry "UMImltf. $$ .
DARES fast becoming; one of the mOlt j came ashore J 1D Japan. with the synchronised with complicated_. *4I IM Slw 4 Slid,.**.(..
SALUM-NPQ-Zambla) and Tanzania seem to be widely-used history textbook, pioneer.Dr. marching routine .: -. ,--,JOIIIJ

working more closely with each other u time passef. On Labor for the Meslh, eight nnduOnthgrades. Graff ha/Uken pain to';'. ... ;

Day the two black president, Doctors Kenneth D. Kaunda and Dr.. George W. Gore, Jr., president of Florida AAM Uoiverstty,'. f jl, br1nr,1 I1oI..cJopr. He has 1 ': ..
Julius K. Nyerere, shared honors at the official opening of the proudly( displays the "Outstanding ClvnlanS.rvlceAward"to the Only recently a COlllfl ttonl'subcommittee written about Hiram Revel who

diesel fuel oil pipeline connecting Mali In Zambia with Dar In first lady of FAMU, Mrs. Pearl Gore. The award was presented charged that held the teat la the Senate held

Tanzania. The company operating the pipeline 1* known as to Dr. Gore by Major General William H. Craig (extreme left), standard textbooks make little formerly by Jefferson Davis. Martini? :
Tazama Pipe Lines Ltd.Earlier,Inter-governmental ministerial Deputy Commanding General, Third VS. Army for his contributions mention of the Negro's role In The eminent educator concludes -
committees met In Lusaka to adopt an agreement estiUlsMng to the FAMU ROTC. Looking on U U. Colonel I Samuel F. the country's development by saying "My belief

the T>nf B< --7iinM Railway authority which will l coordinate Sampson professor of Military'Science at FAMU. James Baldwin, the noted Is that to be dignified and feel

Implementation of the rail project author says that Negrochlldreo secure la a society like burs,
Seen grow up with "a feeling of no adults have to have bid U
14 HOURS Rights Issue put no present andnofutu.e." children, some sense that they
NASSAU! (NPQ Radio Station %.-1. the voice of the .\\ftite authors seem to have can participate la and contribute

Bahamas, began a M-tov broadcasting I&I', effective this Ignored them, some say Intentionally to the life their country.".
IDOIIih.t Originally broadcasting from 9 am. to pMn1!* the, preferring to begin .
station will occupy the Intervening six hours on a strictly Failing After Confab with accounts of slavery and '
musical format. It* sister station, ZNS-2,however,will continue. the Civil War. /a1. 1rar

the 11-hour schedule.CONTINENTAL ) Continued tracted debate over whether be "The Free and The Bra,," rr

obsession with the rights or his hippie opponents were carries nearly a full column ra to

CAMPAIGN and wrongs of the Democratic right was btcoll Increasing of entries under the beading"Negroes.

National Convention la getting ly stupifying and po1at..... ." Many facts
MONROVIA (NPQ-Talking abed political e&qII.1pa, how Included are small but extremely r
The convention alreadyweeksin
about one that take*a candidate to every country on the continent to the point Interfering wWl'the Dr. Graff said
,: Important BRAND NEW
That's what Mrs. Agate Brooks Liberian Minister of State for real business the conventionwas
will be astonished
Presidential elections but. "Students .
Foreign Affairs, has dune She sought the endorsement of leading up to-election: of weeks lost, In to learn that there were more 1968 VW -
various African heads of states for her candidacy as president the nation's next President away, are being CongressionalMedal
than 20 Negro
of the UN General Assembly at Its 24th session la 1969. She And civil rights Is one of the the shuffle.almost. Supporters of of Honor winners In the Lady Bug :

visited 1$ of the Independent black African states in a tour crucial> 'Issues that are glossedover Well standard bearers Civil War." He went further to
that began last July I and ended Friday, September IS. U the nation continuesto Republican '
rivet Ill attention on street Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. mention that there were about / SEDANAUTOMATIC
Agnew"are making po1Wca1 Ny 180,000 Negroes who served lathe it
Nircitlcs Mil disorders In Chicago during
Health Center the convention.All out of the Chicago disorders Union Army, "They were / /
and playing on them la their with Theodore Roosevelt at San STICK SHIFT r
the the debateIs
Will HeierKiel's Spirri Dtitfc fierce over and country shrill over the, emotional appeals for law and Juan," continued the educator.

question of whether Chicago's order. rr
Mayor Richard J.Daley handled And the fact that the convention TAKI ALONG fUNTT o.iCE'. / Efforts !I. FRI' Arrest
security arrangements for the was held In the city presided r

A Westside NEW YORK (NPQ) -A plat. convention In a sensible or over by Mayor Daley, a powerful !
CHICAGO(KPI)- Democrat both locally and
health center has been to "rub oof a Black under storm-trooper rtifM i.In nationally, In effect, forced : CatlinGriffin-
Martin narcotic agent In retaliation Houston, one newspaper
named after the late Dr. cover Democratic Presidential nominee -
Luther King Jr., at the same for the arrest of a dope reader wrote, in a letter to Hubert H. Humphrey Into : T
dime that leaders of a proposed peddler was nipped la the bud the editor, that Mayor Delay :
the position of defending Daley
had shown himself to be such
Southslde health center: were recently, wbea federal agents and the "law
backing mayor's :
Volkswagen Make it
restorer of law and
a capable
la the perfect.Seagram's
seeking to have their facility arrested eight suspects and order" stand. I\ Imp i bf hi rw emir
order that be ought to be sent
named after the late civil rights conspiracy. INC. / .
Thus, the tentacles of convention -
Irving to Vietnam to stop the war, touts lei I fie c9. iw
the eight was
leader.On Among 1250 EAST 8th
Another letter writer condemned oriented controversy kept IU1 NwwwJ A.... 744111Duri : ST. .
the Westdd theLawndale "Razor" Jones, 14, and William his their grasp on the Issues In the lei I fid Ct: 354-9091 / VrJ. 1
couua.ur now has its Martin (.[.) Moore n, of St. "oppressive"police Presidential campaign.It ere L Ilk W. Ill-Mil H
force which down
Lather King Jr., Nelghbartood Albans. N.Y. Both! are black. put Ur-Pf1//r5\
disorders. Is almost as If nothing else i i
Health Center. The facility replaces According to Assistant VS. nipple mattered except the need for ,.
storefront center which .Attorneys: Raymond Granewald,. Even in that Southern city, law and order or the lack of It. TO SET .Iw
local Issues took a back seat to ION1 IAVE 11 fiO II TI1K
was damaged by fin AprU 9, Jones and Moore had teen conspiring Farm policies, civil rights, 111 : :
during riots which followed Dr. to help wipe out dennon controversy over who was to
Improved postal
King's ttattirotian.Mount Cooper. blame shambles.In for turning. Chicago Intoa ter highways,air ppocoor, \ t:

Sinai Hospital administers Cooper, the Black undercover other cities u well, Chicago's ruption la government, Inflation LOW PRICESDRUG II'Fr
the center, with the agent, had arrested Jones on became either even the Vietnam war, !
guidance of a panel of Uwndale August 7 on a charge of selling mayor have taken a back seat to the K '.
of veneration vilUflcation
residents. The center will treat heroin to Cooper. Jones was figure or one'sposition. law-and-order fuss spawned by .. '; .._ ..i
depending on
later released on $5,000 bond. 11(" ", .
60,000 patients year. the Chicago debacle. .... '
local ;
Many mayors r' c-;
On the Southslde, a new He was alleged to have used his! Does Humphrey or Nixon offer "..i ,, ) ; ''7
mast have .complained that ( -4I
medial center lathe Englewood ball time to conspire with Moore the best hope for Vietnam .iff.fj"n t V [ ,,
area win be named for Or.King and others against Cooper. Mayor Daley wu upstaging peace? Which candidate could j with Your Neighborhood Drug StoreWE : 'r
Including: them la their own home towns. WILL PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL .
If the Southern Chrlsitaa Uader The eight suspects. mite a nation torn by racial I MEET ANY :
snip Conference, which he Jones and Moore,were arraign The debate over what should strife? Whose civU rights I PAPERS. We deliver We also fin all Doctors Prescriptions.. : i.
founded gives permission. ed before UJ. Commissioner nave been done la Chicago Is the best? program "t t.: 4 j'
during the Democratic National S4re./ f r..r'
Dr. Herbert Odon U one date Max PcVfr" and held for a And what Is happening to I
Convention toot on the characteristics *
who federal grand Jury on charp'ofcoup1rlDetoWa.raI
black physicians plan '
of a symbolic dispute George Wallac. ,bac kill b ,
to band the fcMthsideaelghborhood's campaign P r tli d u alOW Dixie Pharmac :
between the old-fashioned advocates '
first major ..nltJafIdJ.1tJ agent, attempting to obstructJustice that the "crime In the streets" ;
routing arrest and of law and order, and the .i.
Issue Is
dominating the nation'sthinking
A branch library lorawlyknowa possess log narcotic -more modern defenders of ctvllliberties. '\
as the South Parkway Bond for Jones and Moors These ExttajprjIUIUM ; .
are questions that
Branca baa bee renamed in was set at JM.OOO each. Two .It was Ironic that Mayor Daley i
not "
even being asked as American I '
school women held u material wit- became Identified with the cooservative Pint 353-553 ; "!,.
Dr. King's honor and his citizens continued theirYIU'J' ." t+ r'1 e
ttneiii plan to name a new Besses wen bonded at 129,000 positionwhen fruitless f IIoi i
debateoverthe t. i
t ,
and four men were held credentials u a liberal laTE AND ,
high school la the Hyde Park- each Justifiability of pollee tactics PAY YOU LICIT
advocate of welfare and civil .
rights Kenwood/ leader area after the. civil la Jones$5,000 was ball arrested each. recently rights advances are at least during the Democratic. NatinalConvention. 's ExfraGry/the .Nirfeot. aMrliri. .. iii '.!

near the Grand Army Plaza la'CONTDJUSD u good as many lea controversial TEUrilNE ILLS AT III SIDlE
HELP FlCBTuNCER'.j WtjH ON PAGE U mayors. By ROLAND BLACK iiinuui "11m. atlas '.iUvuu Mini rttnuuwii,MM.r .,
CHECKUP AND A CHECK But, la any event, the pro \ wK


1 I Y

I' '-'"'- . .. .' .. .

S : i-T------r- -
- -
: : y1 -
.- -

IT ,

I r

I( 60,000 Expected To See Grambling-Morgan Classic -In N .Y."September 28 .

Jickson College Tigers Get Reiiy Fer Foothill letk Schtls Will Present last

Set For Timiltioes Seisoi ',;,, '. :;J'-of

r' ... .,,'. .j'. "'." 't 'II !II Depth liliice Riis Pisses
The Tlger'of Jackson fixate College art feeing many problems > ,
I after a 6-3 record and the lost of 22 players from the 67' squad. By COLLIE J. NICHOLSONNEW
Because of the many gaps to be filled, this season could

be said, "to be one of rebuilding" YORK, N.Y.-There are always skeptics around to crack:
Some one will have to replace the sensational Harold "00" suspicions smiles, but tans attending the first annual Invitational
Jackson, who was a 1966 lttsburg Courier AlI-Amerlcan. l'E Classic at Yankee Stadium September 21 will have an opportunity
And don't forget John Outlaw, whose dependable 27.4 punt to see at least a half-doten players epitomise All-American
return average will be missed. talent and competitive temperament combined In one package
Coach Roderick Paige Is optimistic about the upcoming: season. '
He Is assisted by Robert Hill,In his fifth season with the Tigers; Grambllng and Morgan State long pessimist, into an eternal

.Henry lattimore, beginning his fourth under Paige; and William are Negro football powers that optimist.Robinson.
Gorden, beginning his second. have had little contact with the Insists that "James

The Tigers this year will be young with the will to win. outside world, but pro scouts has. an unlimited future"u'a
"I and football writers revel in professional quarterback.
Paige said, expect a 9-0 record.
.their sustained level of ex Harris became a virtual AU-
The Tigers scoring ability this year will be one to be reckoned
when he Associated
with. Offensively, the Tigers expect great things from cellence. American surety
Scouts attest that In almost Press pointed out In
James Anderson, 62", 220 IDS. Anderson Is an outstanding
;Mocker and Is aggressive. any year, they measure up to the Us annual pre-seasau checklist
uninhibited ruggedness of Eastern of the nation's finest backs
Looking up foe the oncoming season Is Richard Castor,
6'6", 215 Ibs. Castor was the team's leader in pass receptionslast football powers. that "Maybe the best of all
season As usual, .the biggest concen.tration will turn oat to be the James

Included In this .exclusive .crowd of returning players Is of power Individual Harris of Grambllng the
Jimmy Cm, 6'5", 240 IDS., whose agility enables him to play prowess. Is at Grambllng where Orange Blossom Bowl IIVPwIIo ,
i any offensive or defensive line position. quarterback James Harris, a hurled for 1,246 yards and 17
The position of signal-caller is uncertain with Robert Kelly, datsllng senior AU-Amerlcan TDs last faO."
"the freshman sensation" Wilbert Vaughn and Freddie Jackson candidate has been translating Tackle Benny Taylor, a fero-
serolng in onihat' target. -t alr nothing Into something for three clout 325-pound, 6-8 behemoth;

David Dowdell, S'll", 185 lbs has great promise as a sen- seasons with his pin-point pas reliable Richard Lee,265-

tattoo back, barring injuries. Leroy Mason, 6'2", 210 Ibs, Bye pound offensive captain, who
touted Gramb leader
Is the most
plays wing back and has great potentials after working hard provides inspirational
In spring training. line player since the days of ship; Henry "Jnghead" Jones,

Other offense threats Include: Eugene Mosely 6'4", 240 Ibs., Paul "Tank" Younger and a quick and combative 235-
tight end; James Holland S'll", 180 Ibs, QB; and Richard Willie Davie His 17 touchdown pound senior fullback; and Clifford
i last fan almost turned 285-
passes Gasper, aa eager
Ltmpkln 6'4",196 Ibs, QB.
To maintain a 9-0 record. the Tig's defensive unit will have Coach Eddie RnUnson, a life- pound suitor for wide recognition -
their hands full. are big and tough enoughto

Giving a helping band will be Monroe Alexander, $'U",186' U. S. Athletes make any team tread care

tbs, DLB, who saw limited action last year because of a bad fully.Grambllng.

knee.Richard Harvey, 6'2", 190 Ibs, Intercepted passes last i r : Seei E..rll.1 class and depth will InthebackfleldL also muster

year, returns to haunt opposing quarterbacks. With him Is .- -. -----,. .. While Morgan might not_ be
James Baylls 6'!" 190 Ibs, will be a formidable threat as The Pop Warner 1967 Football Sooner! Champions are ready for and has been coach since tbe team entered under the Dual Olympic Chinas nearly so loaded with standout
defensiv e end At center, Booker Williams 62", 220 Ibs, the 1968 Little League Football play. The above picture testifiesto County Recreation Rules. Williams Is shown Issuing uniforms .. personnel, the Bears are unbeaten -
will be a bard man to get by. that. Joe Bailey, newly-elected president of the Astro Gents, and equipment to 1968 players. The home field will be Scott NEW YORK-Tbe U.s.Olympic In 26 games over a three-
Behind Williams, Monroe Allen will start as middle linebacker has announced the reappointment of Nathaniel (Boots) Williams Park on Yemen Road. team win capture U gold year period and at times seem
Allen Is known for its sure tackles. as bead coach. Williams was tilt Bees winning coach for 1967 medals, more than any other to brows.have muscles In their eye

country In the 1968 games In At least three of Coach EarlBeaks'
Nitre Dime Aid Seithen Cil MmmM MMm MmmmMmM wMMjrjrmn Mexico, according to a detailedanaJ.1I stellar performers are

SEAFOOD CENTER Rite II Sports Mid Listless |I Sports Farads |I and the field New of expert every York event Frank Times by Lttskyof track In an being for Banks AH-Araerlcan can prominently list no drastic mentioned honors.position

144 N MYRTLE AVI PH CL 4 14(8TTWII article appearing In the current
NEW YORK Notre Dame, Southern Cal and Minnesota have problems. He recently
placed two players each on tbe 22nd annual All-America Preview ] .** ." Issue of SPORT Magazine surprised ardent supporters by
tflCUUH Football team named In the According putting his personal endorsement
current lain of
WlirjTWIM: Minima
M a -- --'- LARGEST INDOOR MEET the U1{. win win IS of
..:=irf .. The Notre Damo on the current aggregate -
-W.* w ._.. ....way.. r picks.quarterback All-America backfield, alongside HOUSTON (NPQ The world's largest Indoor track: meet the 14 _D'\track and field .
....I...P CiAT ,.... T.1 69 Terry Hanratty and Hanrattv and Simpson, art Is slated to be run next January 24-25,In Houston's super-sports titles, 10 of tbe 17 men's swimming
offensive end Jim lots cspsile. analysis"
UIK3 3D c SNAPPER' Seymour, Purdue halfback Leroy Keyes palace-the Astrodome. It will be the "Astro om..Ytc1tnUola "'nU, and 11 of the .16 Indicates the
could most depth Morgan can
t'u; i"U" lb. CATFISH repr..eat.the offensive players explosive InachooIlIIItol'1. and Oregon State fullback BUIEnyart. National Relay Championships," which wW be contested over women's swimming tests to account mutter. .'
what has been to be the world's Indoor track for the of Its
VA. ale fIN Hanratty has run Keyes, the "dotnryWDc" reported largest majority George Mock, m-poaad
back who rushed for 889 a 1/5 mile banked wooden oval layout.DEPARTS medals.
CWiWIwirr [ and passed 487 times for 2993 senior is expected to provide
com KINCFISH c' yards, caught 45 passes for The one d1tarynBg! area
45'lk. 59OM yards and 29 touchdowns,, and all-star leverage at one halfback
smittensiomui 758 and to be basketball.which
STEAKS U yards, completed eight seems
JIb. In range of becoming Notre spot Harold "Texas"
Dame's of 18 passes for 1M yards and WINS FIGHT (NPQ) Hardhitting outfielder Rico catty: the C.S. has. won all of Its ;
all-time totsl-oCeneS Bell(, muscular 265-pound sophomore -
M Tk, Ewe IM |M>>,< five touchdowns ltd the nation returned to the Atlanta Braves team recently after winning previous U Olympic games.
:: a leader.
PVC Is tackle
: Seymour. Notre
i* TV rw Na.r already -,* merltalRlf'-
.11I. ft
'* Dame's.all-time leader'in >la ec tlng with 114 poInta. Enyart -r. fly.- th'battle' against t tuberculosis. Carry donned his old This year, with such players, dative notation Joseph Alex
carer receptloasandtotalyards. ," a bruising pow r-ronner, No. 29 uniform for the first time since March 27, when be was as lAw Alclndor, Clvln Hayes a 240-pound buU-of-a-Iailback,
was Important cog In OSlTs stricken and admitted to the Southeast Florida Tuberculosis and Wes Unsaid choosing motto Is ,
at home
WE TAKE DEALS OTHERS REFUSE'NO The Southern Cal players upsets of Southern Gland Pur Hospital. compete,dIthe U.s. will be blockers equally or snatching warding off
due and Us tie with UCLA. lucky to than third passes;
ON SPOTI armed toSPQRT's Preview An- and John Fuqoa, a speedy wide
America are halfback O.J. Playing opposite ND's SLEEPING VICTIM according to LUsky. threat rated the finest
68 PONTIAC running
68 PONTIACI I Simpson and defeaslveback Seymour at offensive end Is NEW YORK-(NPQ)- Pitcher A!DonI.,tWw york Yankees The Russians are expected to back la.the Central Intercollegiate
Mike Battle. The elusive Simpson Florida Stat.'. Ron Sellers. swlftle. Is suffering from a sleeping sickness called "encepha do well aIIoln, International Athletic Conference
ALMOST BRAND NEW led the nation in rushing Ron ranked fourth In the nation litis", and Is required to take special pills to sleep at night and competition. The SPORT uUcle will blend safflcUnt desire aob
ILLrl M with 70 catches good for 1228 to remain awake the Is picks the Russians to win the
BONNE : !NA5,TEMPI with 1543 yards last season. during day. Downing reportedly experience to knock everything
PRIX'A :;:)T, LE- yards In 1967. the disease that he most medals overall, as they
MANS GRAND Minnesota's Preview All- plagued by can sleep on a bus or In a hotel In their vicinity horltontaL

a 0- N.... 0M UM_, All Q :m.,................. P.w. Americas according to the Joining the Minnesota duo on lobby. He reportedly even slept In the bull pen during the World did In the '64 Olympics, with Nock Is being acclaimed IDth..1uUca11J
AS Low XS' SPORT article, art tackle Esell the offensive line are tackle Series In 1961.COACIrS their maID strength coming in as another Leroy
Mike Mother of Colorado such sports as gymnastics
Jones and guard Tom Fink, a 1CeU,.
pair of tough, mobile offensive guard Ken Mendenhall of Oklahoma urn SEASON wrestling, fencing, weightlifting Quarterback Charles Harrison
$195 down linemen. .and center Jon Kolb of AMBLING, La. (NPl) A "perfectionist' with an boxing and canoeing.The 175-pound Junior could
Oklahoma State. Insatiable for Eddie Robinson final unofficial team standIngs -
Completing SPORT'S Preview appetite victory, of the GrambUng also be a revelation
On the defensive squad.Southern College Tigers will begin his 28th coaching season when he unleashes should show Russia on top, His throwing plus the
HURRY HURRY Cols Battle 1s flanked by his Bengali against the Alcorn AIM Braves, September concludes the SPORT article talent Banks and his-
Tom Kyasky of Syracuse and 21. He ,has a coaching record of 171 victories, 64 defeats staff unearthed this
WI tiril Roger Wenrll of Missouri u and 11 draws.GrMllisf's. Deny MditaMitchri summershould
the Bears
68 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE $5795 AUTORADIATORS the deep backs.Alabama's MItt through their fourth growling

fffotT Str.T I'LCOllOITlONfD\.TILT.. .., HalL Texas A&M's Billy Hobbs laferasttei MM With banner season. straight
JAToti Wi Ai' NT'I '" MI. and Indiana's Jim Soiadeckl are ,

68 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE $5695 the linebackers. Nickelsea Is Teas As Writer Pitcher DIM GrambUng One thing nor Is certain Morgan,is neither ready

v IT t.aYrt. &: i SW TT.rr.tm.ru!! WaA Aa *** **** to concede anything to anybody.
... b.9 A"A"Tr. Sl195 cw. suer By ANDREW HARRIS NEW YORIC-'DenDJaicLaiD had a '.1 record
65 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE $2595 .. I/.r ..... BATON ROUGE La,-In the gram. Is pitching now' the way Whitey h soon
"....... "_ past several years, Grambllng .Aside from the reams of Ford Warren Spahn, and Bob A crowd d 60,000 will watch
u.ItJ.I.e )tI.VI' QNIT VMt **"* Mlvi' IT ANDOVER ,. ,.... Watch
p/.-. MI College has grown to a position printed copy that Nicholson pens Lemon used to," says Detroit the two teams battle in Yankee:
100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM! of pre-eminence In college In Grambling's behalf each Tiger pitching coach Johnny Stadium to aid the Mew York
We Take Deals Where Others Refuse. I ARLINGTON This Clown sports and Ironically, most of year be Is also the mentioned SaID In an article la the current Urban Ltacue'.StrHtAcadtmJ
Credit Approved on Spot RADIATOR the credit for Its stature and unheralded overtime worker Issue of SPORT magazine program for high school drop-
14n MAICHICK 711171I 41- 33-11 popularity does not go to the who completes the behind-the- Sain, commenting on the pit outs.
faculty, coaches: and athletes, scenes details on may of the cher who could become the
R. S. EVANS 31 -II 00S but to a man whose name hardly school's big productions.: first 30-game winner tn base- Cirl WilllnsRewrisU
I MAIN STREET ever pops up when Gramb It Is "Nick" who schedulesand baIl since Dizzy Detain 19M,
RADIATOR 3 ling Is extolled arranges the college band's says:
MAIN AT 4W 161-5511Sri.r That man Is sports information national TV appearances; It Is "Denny's pitching like a big- Ceecli

3rd & MAIN ifcu ad**4 f 4 1 director Collie J. Nichol "Nick" who bickers for newspaper leaper should pitch. With his

VrniM SAH Cr M StampiiTaucMT Ion. and magazine space for kind d motion, I don't see why At Settler U.
'EL 4-8381 OPEN 'TIL 9.80: P.M. ELU382 2 d "Nick", u be Is known the college; It Is "Nick" who he cant be a good pitcher for
throughout the country, Is the 'bargains for players when It ever. He's got built-in control. BATON ROUGE, La.-(NPQAatima -
51 IJ 15 ,man who keeps Grambllng comes contract-signing time; Sato, a perfectionist when It Saturdays breed
/ aouraoN WMKV.n mof CUM,OLD CNAma wn.co..IOUI VUUKT.' I College In the limelight. An It ls "Nick" who helped arrange comes to analyzing and refining football heroes-fnlltarks who

24 -. 77 II Interesting writer, who has a the national TV show on the art d pitching adds: riddle defensive lines, running
special: verve and flair In his Grambllng football several "He's got as good an attitude backs who Justify the paying
Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes work, "Nick" Is a publicity weeks ago It Is "Nick" who for a pitcher as anyone I've of a4m1&a1CIII with long exciting

Tick-tock..tick-tock... He'. Down. He Adds.Subtracts, man's publicity man. ids In bringing future stars ever ..... He's got self- broken field runs, and bias s
"He works It all around1N32OS Bill Nunn, Jr.. of the Pittsburgh Into the GrambUng fold from control You watch him out chip defensive plays tamed In
thatdidrit Courier (Pa.) In noting state high schools; it was Collie there. You never see him lose by players who thwart potential
the Bourbon
his ability to "play up" the J. Nicholson who wrangled two control of himself no matter scoring thrusts-but the
I talents of Individual stars major football attractions for bow much they may be hitting real unsung Saturday afternoon
i watch the clock! COMING ATTRACTIONS stated that "Nicholson should the Tigers In New York City him, he never loses his poise." hero Is the athletic trainer.

I 21 '.24IIS be assigned the massive task and Houston that undoubtedly Other Tiger teammates are Carl Lester Williams, Jr.;
-. of publicising. UCLA's Lew will have the school playing equally Impressed with the development Houston (TeL) protege d the
Ii Alclndor.: before the largest crowds In of the 24-year-old Houston Oilers' great trainer
i ; OLD CHARTERKentucky's MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED "Nick", however, appears to small-college football history Me Lain, according to the Bobby Brown, 1s goatherd
l be more content to make public this aeISOD. SPORT article. University's entry in the ball

the prowess of the Henry Dye{s, One of "Nick's pet projects "Denny Is ten times the pitcher of unsucg heroes. .
Finest Bourbon Buck Buchanans! Willis Reeds, Is to get the IDDUIl Grambllng- be was when be won 20 games Sine 1Ia, Williams' first

Man's Days are UDlbered.*' James Joneses and ErnieA Southern game televised two'years ago," says hurling year at Southern- tkleteshav
; 7 old ,Health and fortune Can Be La4ISs. Eventually, hell succeed For mate Earl Wilson. "And best been more confident d finishing -
years Yours When You Know Your Grambllng College official Grambllng College, "Nick" like so many young pitchersyou a quarter, half, or for that
Lucky Days pointed up recently the fact toes the mart, baby. see around today. He's matter, the entire game because
that on the surface of It,Gram When Grambllng College's fearless and he challenges many injuries which conkl spell
bung athletes are not better history recounted, anasterik you." finish to the day's become
Lucky Colors, etc. than the ones at Southern Unl-. should be placed by every accomplishment Tiger veteranAlKaliae strictly temporary due of the
Send $2,00 for your versity, Louisiana Tech, Jackson saying "Collie chimes In "What! gets me about work of "Little Doc.
HoroscoQt ..GuideSErnWBER for State Mississippi South. J. worked here." Deny is that be goes out thereto Less than a month ago, Williams .
: era, Florida AIM, San Diego, Fact is, Grambllng will be complete the game.You don't ,had ft theme to follow
F or Texas Southern, bat they in the limelight for as with as see hint trying to go' five or the age-eld advice d Bone
generally make greater niches -Nick" Is affiliated It. six Greeley to "go west
Fffl in the blank Innings.. Be', oat there togo ,, young
w mail ZODIAC below and n pro sports because of the Be knows more publicity gimmicks an the way" man..." A west coast professional
1 Box ill Jo Post Office reputation "Nick" develops for and has more contacts Dennis Me Lain could become football toam extended
Jacksonville, Fla, ,GrambUng and Its star athletes.He 'than' probably any publicist In the first pitcher to win the an open application to Williams
e R, NAME operates an Ingenious publicity the game ft pays off bamdsorely American League's Most to Join Us training staff..

smUT and public relations pro-. Valuable Player award since '1\1111 a type offer which comes;

BATE OF BIRTH _._ Cltst' Bobby Sheds 18 1952'concludes with ridiculous andcCtmxUED
-llllsler' Mi! Inks let.. 5tl t. the.SPORT arUclt. 11r
.'1" ON pAGE

It ti 1/ I, '?' ,

... .... i'r
-- -...... .


I A&T State University Team Fights Against Injuries Plague Before .Kickoff -I

lethme's Ceeteta Clewis WrlfctWMts Powerful B-CC Wildcat Couch Htrisby Hawaii ItlimsPliyars

( =' LYMPICrpr7itiiiastaw .1 To Pity Profession! lull Will Overcome All Odds

; GREENSBORO, N.C. -With the opening kickoff for the 196S
When he was graduated from Harris High School in Hastings,
football season less than three weeks away, ALT State University
EDITOR'S NOTE: Jesse I I had received and all the con. ,1a., ClewU Wright: was offered eight football scholarshipsbecause football Coach Hornsby Howell finally admits that things
Owens, winner of four gold idence and hope of my family be could kick ft football as far as any prep school punter
and friend would may not be u .bad u they seem
medals In the 1>M Olympic go into the In the state. Re turned them down to enter Bethune-Cookmaa
Garnet, bat spent tome time In next 10 seconds. College and went on to become Its ace quarterback. But this "We still have ft long way to' ALT, .is generally, regarded as'
Mexico City with It was a frightening thoughtthat said Howell "and I won'tbe
various go, one of the most outstanding
could be the most taxing In his career.
everything was riding on season young '
Olympic officials about able to really evaluate our
halfbacks in the CIAA. senior
my seconds
the upcoming events. Coupling later it was all history and One of the heaviest burden slim for Negro quarterbacksIn prospects until we have had ft. from Wlnston-Salem, N.C., be
this with his thoughts and. I t had become the Olympic 100 resting on the quarterback's. the pros bat Is confident of few more serious scrimmages. led the Agates in scoring last
knowledge of sports and the meter champion I also was shoulders Is that of leading ft making it as ft punter. "Rightnow However, some of the players season with 10 touchdowns.
Olympic competition he has lucky enough to win the 200- team with all new recelrers. I can only think of my are beginning to come around." Howell said the Aggies' defensive -
written seven columns, the meter and broad jump gold
Last fall Clewls. learned firsthand Job u the number one Quarter- Howell said he was particularly units are alsobeg1Dnl.ncto
first of which Is presented here. medals and to be a member of I the '
the winning United States 400- how Important be Is u the back. Last year when won pleased with the showing of Jell. '
The worlds fastest human meter relay team leader of the Wildcats. WhenBCC top spot it wasver 34f' veteran Daryle Cherry,whohas He cited the improved play or
being. Charlie Paddock, stood People many times ask me moved Into the second feeling of my since y been switched from "defensive veterans Merl Code, Wendell:
before an clam at how it felt to be winner with football
a I have been playing offensive end.
Fairmont Jun Hitler watching me from the quarter, deadlocked 0-0' with. believed that I halfback to Hattie, Henry Ripps, Bill
IorHighSchool stands I always answer that I Albany State College, Coach I have always Cherry, a Junior from Charlotte Smart, and Billy Galnes.Gaines
that day b came into this competition with Jack McClairen sent Wrightin was meant to lead. N.C., has added ft dp (I.S, 222)) was a fine defensiveend
1928 and to ony one ambition to be a to call signals. Wright led Did he foresee problems with to the Aggies' offense. Howell for ALT last season. Code
u' about hisexperiences champion I don't know what the locals to ft 10-0 victory the new receivers this fall? "It had expressed some concernabout combination quarterback-
in lnt : Hitler aim but 1 know 1am be ;
was gets easier all the time,
not having too experienced
the 1928 Olympic happier being where I am Td:ovlagtohksavorltetargetitwins with many defensive' halfback last season,
: GamesAmsterdam in today than where he is. Samuel and Daniel Coop said. "The more you are offensive ends. but will be used mainly on
There also I is the story going er, and Bernard Burns, Clefs these gays the closer you get I Others who have looked good defense this time
Holland around about my broad jump compiled 533 net yards for IDII. to them. 1 am ft beck of ft lot on offense In the Initial drills Injuries continue to plague the
During his with German Lutz closer to them now than I was
competition .' for the are fallback Richard Armstrong however Five potential
per-game average Acfles,
xpeech. I wt the rail for my Long It is mostly because of recently." Willie Pear-
remainder of the season. His halfback starters are nursing serious
life-time being A Olympic: this man that I managed to win 1 the Wildcats -
champion. Paddock was the the broad jump He noticed I longest touchdown was Bet.. Since September son, and quarterbacks Jerome Injuries These play.ralDdudt
national hem after his victory was pressing during the quail- yarder to Samuel Cooper. have practiced'twice ft Turner, Stan Jacobs, and Chuck. co-captain Jim Smallwood and
that vear in the 100-meter run tying and told me to aim so I nard Hums graduated, and theCoopers day. Behind Clewls are two Mlddleton. Mel Holmes, guards, Ike Golden -
and I wan just one of thnuundi would take off way In front of were drowned earlier very good passers, Jimmy "It's much too early to say ft tackle and Don Thomas
of awestruck kid anxious just the hoard just to qualify ThisI Jackson of Jacksonville, ft two- Clewls Wright, above, was offered eight! football scholarships which of these boys will get the ; ,
in the summer. The Cooperswere a defensive end.
catch of did and leading
to tight hero, let.lone easily qualified
mv veteran t and Charles because be could kick football far school "
a u u
any prep punter said Howell
I year starting role ,
roommates and the
hear him talk to an eventual winning leapof Wright's The Aggies! open season
Even though I looked<tall against Sooth Carolina Statein
Charlie Paddock with a sort of finished second Long.of course and off the playing field. Lauderdale. The Wildcats will College He is now its ace quarterback. Wright feels that this three of them. It could go Memorial Stadium here
kid'* open.mouthed admiration I tell thee stone only to> to be the field 1240 pound line toprotect season should be his best. Martin Gross Photo either way"
I et my goal that day to he the poin\ out.to the youth of today "I want this season" its signal caller. for September 21.
fa teftt human being in the the Importance of setting a goal' 'best one I ever bad, .Clewls Morris Brown Collate of Atlanta Pearson, a co-captain

world.All I III the ease with many and then fiber pointing toward every accomplishing :competitive .. win said It recently.an and "I 1M think have ft we halfway can will Invade Daytona REGISTER ....tr yn hive NO CHOICEI! nn nTE... ... th ciiici Is IIEIIJ

kid" I came along quite quick. that aim. Winning([ is season I know we Beach's Welch Stadium for the I
Iv. building up to a shot at the not easy, hut then what in life good 1W8 season opener, Saturday, VOTK .and the choice Is YOUItSI
Olympic: game in 1932 But I U? will do i September It. ...
found at 17 year of age I Competing In the Olympic: knows be will have to
wain't quite ready. for theM, Game wa my boyhood dream.It pass with more accuracy to his
event I wa defeated in the alto wa the accomplishment new receivers because, "whenI
IIf'ml.fln.l. of the Olympic: trial upon which I 'look back with
last those
in all three of my pecialUe-* the greatest satisfaction. got careless year
the 100 and 200.meter dashes I feel the Olympic U a stan Coopers had ft way of stretching
*mt lha. Mad Jump dH toward which everyone to grab the good and bad New !
Thinking hark upon that de. should strive and an accom passes"The One-Way
.however I feel it was one a ttl.C.s should 20-year-old senior began
!i.tt..... pent thins. to happen tome cherish on race, tat
I Just wa not ready at that religion ethnic belief fpo mnfying early spring
time for the rigor and demand poidkai ; for be knows there Is more to
nl an Olympic: competition something every Individual: qnarterbacklBg than computing
should t: feel a* a personal honor passes. AI a signal caller be
The preMur was on again Anyone participating athletic must also lead mentally and
July 4. 1936, at Randall I*, know that lust competing
,land. New York. Ml. of the help mold behavioral pattern physically the running attack,
final' trial for the Berlin Olympkr for life. This goes even field goal formations, kickoffs
*. I wa lucky enough to double in the Olympic: Game, and panting.The talented athlete
win the 100.meter, making because: each time YOU step on. led the SIAC Conference twice 28 bottles
qualification In and the track or other field of competition
much with t plis-40-yard punting
broad jump that *..r, you know that you areeompetin ounce
knowing 1 already had won a against the brat In average. Bis longest: kick to
berth. the world for the title of the date .is 176 girder against
Warned by Coach Larry world beat By winning, anunexcelled Morris Brown College,lastfall.
Snyder that every race I ran pride take over The six foot US-pound field
'wouM he a Anal beewun of the your entire being by losing much to
quality of the Individualswhom you learn to accept gracefully general wants very
aiatmit I would he competing. one setback in your career, but play professional football He
I approached the OUm- one from which you can rebound realizes the chances are still
pie Game with a treat deal of .
caution and fear. When I won In 1968 In Mexico City,many W iestuskid with re-seal !
all tour of.rov, "heata. some_in athlete will' .rcmt: .-.
rrront times I.war greatly relieved thrill. I ,felt an Gets :
Olympic champion. But many Spit caps
But that Ming at relief other will undergo the utter
wan nhort.lived. I found myself feeling of despair at defeat '
al the starting line the next Regardless of the outcome will ,With TrWeWGRAMBUNQ
d.v. facing five other youths all MW the cream of lu upcoming'
intent on the ..me aim a. I- IHd..... La. .Winston
winning the 100-meter race ItI. I may not led the actual Short sophomore sprinter from
hard to dencriht how I felt thrill of winning a title in GrambUng College who likes to
that day but I can *ay my len Mexico City but 1 will be there throw caution to the wind, has They make life...
and experiencing
fell like they were loaded with watching
lead and my stomach remindedme very feeling of the winning earned a spot on the Trinidad four easier. '
of a butterfly round.up In and the locing-athlete. In all Olympic team. ways
Central Park. event. It I* an exhiliratkm 'beyond Short will ran the open too
Then I began thinking, thinkIng compare and one which
meters aDd ft leg on the 400 '
that all the year I had will be remembered by the participant .
trained for this moment all the through all the coming meter relay unit la Mexico
race I had nut all the advice year City.
He has been clocked ... in
the 100 yard dash while his 1. 2. 3. 4.
FAMU Rattlers Plan best time in the 220 is 20.7.
In making the Trinidad team, [AS Y TO Oft N cap term back EASY TO STORE 23-ounce bottle ECONOMICAL Cat (list alter DISPOSABLE. No deposit ft' raton

Short fulfilled the expectation to Mil in ill the flavor and urn room In your rtfriftritor. glass over lei from every bottle, turn. Then empties you don't

of Coach Lee Calhounwho to- You save money. bring tick.
Speed For Scoring
earlier predicted that this was ,

Ms year of prominence.
Calhoun has Just returned from'

I- South Lake Tahoe, Calif wherebe 1

)- spent three weeks tutoring -1 f
hurdlers prepplng for the UJ.
Olympic squad. He woo gold
This season the Rattlers will Milton is now with the Miami medals la Olympic competition. ,
be fast, swift, and quick but Hof the.American: Foot in 1951 and again U 19W. -
without the blinding speed of The coach proudly announced

yesteryear. Schoolfleld caught seven passes that Short U the third Gramb- I
"We're not u fast u last for 106 rard and two touch llng athlete selected in recent <>'\.

year," says bead coach Jake downs lie has earned a reputation years for the Olympics. d ,.
Caliber, "but our boys will be for making the seemingly .
hard to catch if hey get in trout impossible catch and will be DtIt.1I Gwes ,I
anybody., We have the speedto one of the favorite targets for

score from anywhere on the Rattler quarterbacks.He Are listed For
field and titers fast enough for has been clocked at 9.7

me." and 9.I consistently and J'ILQI' WHIR Broidcul a. L
The top men in the speed ,; ell with the ball after a catch: ,' -
category for the Rattlers among Like Schoolfield GUm and Edwards MIAMI Jacksonville radio wtlw3

lettermen include halfbacks average about"$as their station WMBR win carry live

Hubert Gila, Glen Edwards, fastest speed. Clan explodes on all of the 1961 Miami Dolphin .
and flanker Kent Schoolfieki. takeoff and is almost in full football games for listeners .

'All three are expected: to start gear from the outset He earned 'Central Florida., ,
when the Rattlers open against Associated Press honorable" In making the announcement, : ,

Allen University on September mention All-Amerlcan honors. Jim Wesley, general' : manager, :':
U. but season. of Miami's WIT flagship sta'tlon f.j f.
Schoolfleld is known for UseiceUent Edwards Is at home when he for the Dolphin network ",'
pair of bands u well gets in the open field. and then said "phy-by-pUy will be f.

u his feet Last year played tarns it on after breaking handled by Bob Gallagher.
behind Eugene Milton who was through the defense Both are
the fastest collegiate player threats from anywhere on the HELP FIGHT CANCER WITH

in the state. A 9.4 dash mum field.] A CHECKUP AND A CHECK 1. :: -- "Ink ttlr


our fall '68 greyhound racing

season opens monday >_ r

i night September 30 j r ,
I- "

: '
t W 11 'l'r'4 k i4

TI! I :" ,
t : .. .Ji; : .
. "
', .
Dt ,(1y ,

: .' ,.

.' .
j Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Company by: JACKSONVILLE BOTTLING COMPANY"SATlIIII ,:' ,


I 1

i __ .J
__ ___
-- "- -- - --"

'" ..-... ,.'....:rjm ..

j + PACE '1 12 STAR ,PAPERS SimiAY JEPTEMItl 21; 1HI


't RAPID Register Now Carl Williams FAMU. RetireeHe Ricisn His leei Eliwieited'

I j TV TV SERVICE, So You Can Vote one CONTINUED which is ordinarily FROM 10 hardto J I PALATKA NEWS 1Mr. 1 $" Let Head I \le Miiy leiefictil PrefrM I

calls $3.0"
Financing: Available 5th turn down. But then, Carl Glide Teichiig A return visit to Houston (Tax.) after seven years' absence
,12:351.8834 Books Close ,Oct. Williams has a keen sense of W.O Hank1na,official distributor Fla. = reveals a city of one-million population that baa remarkably
right and wrong. He thoughtthe of FLORIDA STAR DAYTONA BEACH, Fla changed In some ways-and remained the SUM In .others: ;.
FOR MEN '. N D ****** offer was admirable, but papers In Palatka and In the A new program has come to "I want to do with my hands" While Houston Is the nation'ssixth Negroes shaking hands or
WOMENOF MOTEL I was hesitant to take the new outlying area, takes this methodof Palatka mainly because of the .what may heart says to do. most populous city and whites addressing Negroes U"Ur.ff
I assignment leaving Southern's great Interest and progressive It was In Emmy V. Hunt's
expressing appreciation for of the U.s. cities
ALL AGES one largest have out of style.
12 rooms private bath $5.00 and head the gone
grid force high and dry. What polnt-of-vlew of Its citizenry heart to organize
the support given In the past and in area, it only recently attained racial designations
,Take New IMPROVED NATURE>r? 18 rooms, semi-private $4.00 did he come up with? for assistance that he will receive It is the CAP, Community Home Economics Department nationwide prominence, Belittling
lost their acceptability
TABLETS for that tired run Day time (semi-private) $3.00 Following serious deliberations In the future. ,Aclton Program a government at Bethune-Cookman College in' due largely to the construction have' bad
down feeling that keeps you from Wee>>*Rat (plus tax) he fired off a letter of Mr. Hanklns writes: "To (he project, with the district director 1939- 9M.- When that department of the Astrodome and Space In community a city where sanction.they once
enjoying life. appreciation to the team makingthe many customers of the Director Chestnut in was dissolved In favor'cg Center.
schools have theo
100 Tablets $3.00; 200 Tablets EOGEWOOD MOTOR COURT, offer, explaining that while FLORDA STAR, In Palatka and Atlanta. a more modern college cur- Houston remains a Southern reticaayiotegrstedaltLagbt public e
5.00. $1.00 deposit on COD'S. he was flattered and temptedto In the Iwant A meeting was held recently, It ,
EMPIRE INTEGRATED surrounding areas, city, but at the same time "freedom of choice" plan helps
PRODUCTS 1SALES accept, Southern's'68 season to thank you for supporting ard officers were chosen. Rev. has changed many of its segregationist Houston
5911 US.1,Cor.Edgewood Ave. maintain segregation.
Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway was practically beginning, and Satchel of Bethel AME Church
the this result cots
i Phone Open" paper past year, ways, u a Oike other Southern cities
:.164-OOO3-A1way. : many
Chicago, Illinois 60626 out of principle, he "Juit with me as your agent Now, opened the meeting with prayer. economic growth and increasing and unlike many Northern
couldn't make the switch. I am asking all of you to Join A representative explained that cultural sophistication.It cities) has never bad a hard-
So Carl will have to wait fo-! Deacon Eddie Vreen and me there will be a board of 42 would be naive to say that and-fast policy of residential
another call, and the Inner feel. in a greater effort to bringour people Fourteen win represent the city now offers equal Job segregation. As racially adjoin
VETERANS! InC is that Williams will not community a more repre- the agency, fourteen the poor opportunity along with housingand patterns produce,
Mov.inforaslittI.at.! have to wait long. sentative paper, telling and and fourteen clubs and businesses. educational equality. Yet, some integration, busing and
sO 1 showing-what we are doing. We The first five elected to there have been changes, f rmore redistricting are not always
GOWN H..lrclts..75t'roclS. 'can do this by sending church represent the poor are: Mrs radical than any com- needed to facilitate school
news or social news directly Grace Moore Willie Hanklns, vparable Northern or Eastern desegregation. Attt+same
to the FLORIDA STAR or by Mrs. Llllle Bassard,Miss Mar- city has undergone In recent time the local school: board
.. ..-$2.50hchenllli I calling Deacon Vreen or lI1e.f Jorle Lee and Eugene Miller. years. maintains a diehard stand of
Parents who have sons and Refreshments were served Many developments illustrate Dixie-style resistance school
r f want them to earn a little extra after the election to a large the caps racial growth. integration, and few black If '

money for school are asked group. In 1961, the University of Bonstonians send their children
BARBER COLLEGUNC. to contact Deacon Vreen or me. The CAP offers many services Houston and Rice University to schools outside Negro areas.
Five cents will go the seller free, such as legal aid were off limits to black As In other cities, many black
F. 34 bedroom plant with 1, 1 Vi.l 131, lifts St. 355-3174 for each paper sold I am lookIng to a degree,information on J Jobs, PROFESSOR EMMY HUNT students. Mow,both universities parents prefer to keep their
3 bath and garage. forward to a better second homemaking, classes In sewingand art Integrated and the U of H, children in an-black schools,
I Modem school, churches and a cent Inn Iiriirin year. Thank you-Willie Hank- many more. rlcnlum, she continued serving which has become a state institution out of a regard for black eo-
conttr clot by.LINCOlN Ins, Route t Box 175, Palatka All are Invited to stop laths B-CC U an Instructor in education. -has a considerable besiveness and pride.

ESTATES A NEW CLASS STARTS center and talk with the people black enrollment Black athletes On the other band, some aspects -
EACH FOR RENT there. Ton might be able to get The devoted teacher will be are prominent at both of the racial situation
7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE; 765.1685 MONDAY.ENIOLL help for yourself or someone absent from the classroom for universities. have not changed.The .
220 Spearing St. 7 room,Lower who needs help. the first time In 28 years. Seven years ago the city's local police department
NON Apt. with 2 baths. S70. She was retired from the teaching bus system had no Negro has remained 89 per cent white,
FOLAND HIGHER RUM M RENT profession at the' end d drivers. Now, close to a fifth even though 22 per cent of the
Realtors last spring semester. of Houston's bus drivers Is city 1s black..
354-8435, 117 W. ForsythTick'tock. Single man or couple. Call The Philadelphia native black.
SPECIAL 354-7810. recalls many pleasant experiences In 1961, the fire department .......
L at Betbane-Cookman was virtually an-wblte. Now,
r DUPLEX College but cites the growth It has a couple of black captains Dr. IreweCONTDNUEDFROM
JACKSONVILLE of the college under the leader- and is .ubstantla1111ntegratec1.

...tick-rock... $500 do. $65 mo. Live In one ship of Dr. Richard V. Moon Seven years ago, such public 4.
side, rent the other to pay u the most gratifying."Dr. facilities U buses, lunch
mortgage. 1222-1224 E. 22nd Mary McLeod Bethune counters, rest rooms, water 'the church has tailed the youth'of
INTERVIEWSTo the Bourbon thatdidtit St. Call '114-40U NORSE hired me to teach for one year/' fountains, public libraries, hotels the United States and mast
reorient its If It la
REALTY CO. she said, "but the atmosphereand theatres, sports events, approach
her' sincerity erased any and hospitals had Just begunto to survive the trends of modern'

fill IMMEDIATE OPENINGS watch the clock! FOR niT thoughts of my leaving Daytona Integrate on a token basis society.
at "In the put,the Negro preach-.
Conf. ero. at an w. 15th St. Beach. She dreamed of tb* largely U a result of federal
LOCKHEED-GEORGIA COMPANY doing very good business. Year. campus u It Is today prodding. Now, segregation of er, In particular has catered
STItl'(TlnES: ASSEMUI.EIM I ; round beer license. Good lo The enrollment at B-CC In those facilities, by and large, to adults because they foot the
1939 was about 300 students. t thing of the past bills financially says Dr.
two years aircraft ttructum assembly cation. Have two other businesses -
experience dutiable Including ability to rllet ; OLD .-reason for selling.For Information Many majored la Home Economics job opportunities have Browning bluntly. "What I want
blueprint. and to drill sod Install close tolerance call 3558545. and all were requiredto Improved somewhat for black' to do Is rejuvenate spiritual
bolt and fasteners take at least two semesters people u a result of the city's nines among the youU of this
ASSEMBLY INSTAU.EICS CHARTER overall economic growth and nation-to motivate them

Minimum two years aircraft experience la at ra RENT the relaxation of restrictions mplrtttally. Otherwise the

taching sad locating hydraulic, electrical and Kentud Finest Bourbon Mr. Wizard Eloc. turn, apts. H t C water. on the Jobs black people might adults communications and youth gap will cOD betweev Dlit..
mechanical bold.
units M alrcrifL Met hive ability On bus tine 3M-73S4.
to read blueprints. sketches and technical: order Officially sanctioned racism to w1 ta."
Prefer heavy nyrirauUca experience.. C5 Oils 91 baa given way to some Integration Dr. Browning Is as quick to,
I FINAL ASSEMBLERS "tm.v..........!.. FBI RENT of governmental opera criticize Negro militants aa:

Three Iran aircraft experience la sheet metal $10 1 4:. J,2 me. Famished or Unfurnished Apt. tions. Both city and county they are to challeage established -
UbricaUoa. luUtUUoa aDd offices now have Integrated order.
repair o complettdaircraft. tor rent Excellent .
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overhaul and I M,IM.*' Nk. _. location. 150.001 60.00 mo. Brown and Dick Gregory are
or repair. Mutt have ability to rod $10 d.. $74 Phone 367.1201VETERANS unheard of a decade ago.) And
I complex blueprinU. sketches and Uchnlctl order 7 mo. Thomas Routt Is the first black iwrong," be says flatly. ,",10-
HYDRAULIC AN) TLUMIilNG 67 Mustang person to become a full-time lence, rioting and looting notonly
INSTALLERS ..M...._we t a. Judge d the local CorporationCourt. an a disgrace to society
old $10 d* $61 "'0. (This violates the old but they are a reflection on
three years aircraft experience la Inciallatica our'rac... "
of hydraulic sod 66 lulck Cite. 225e..oal. Southern rule that Negroes must
., ... NO MONEY DOWN stay Mln their place.'). "Riots and violence will not
Muit have ability to read plum!>>D: charts sod
diagrams, blueprints or other authorized documenu. ,-_. a..l, There is 'a subtle shift of get anyone anywhere contends
$10' a*. $56 me. FOR A 3 OR 4 attttadea away from con Dr. Browning.

I ELECTRICAl. AND ELECTRONICS ; 66 Olds FSS descending demeaning relations "Dick Gregory has said be Is

INSTALLERS e ..,!.. a ... BEDROOM between the races. The going to bring this country to
UMI* old taboos against white and ,Its kneea-3wt I say U Hitler
Minimum three )can experience installing lie 557 me. and Tojo couldnt do It with all
electrical and electronic wiring systems 'Ddulpmftlt. ,
61 Falcon .the weapons at their disposal,
Mud have ability to read complex FBI
blueprint\ wiring charts and technical order ...... *'. '-- w ON URGE lOT. IN then Gregory and bis graywon't
MILLING MACHINE OPERATORS $10 .". $58 "'0. 309 Lafayette. 9 rm. Duplex. do It with bottles and
358 mo. rocks."
Two year apprenticeship" trainlni program ba k. 64 Cad.lUc BEAUFIF.UlCARVERPINESI. Phone 359-3301 There should be only one
ground preferred plus minimum two yean recent c_ aVM
l. America, Dr.
-* Alt says Browning
eiperience ai a machine operator oa vertical ....
$10' 011. $55 "aa America of blacks aidwhites
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own >et.up* and work from complex print 65 CTO FriCmADxE APPLIANCES "TS. FOR RENT living and working together

to close tolerance 4.we... M, Furs apts. S51 Goodwin st. 3 and moving forward u
TOOL PLANNERS $10 1 d*. $56 "'.. NN.GOWN' ( I rms. Pray Bath & Porch.Elec.A on,."

Minimum two years experience development of Call Mr. Wizard '' water tars Coos to bus. Narcotics MM
Assembly SubAwmbly. Detail Tool Product J59-6925 ON FHA Adults 0 child) 317.50 wk. 388-
Peica. Jlt'elbr.lkaAi| and characteristics of material ''fipgpMT salmons WHIW at rtoor ctos,on PUBJ\I art,o0.loutsviui,an TERMS.VUICAH 6472 CONTINUED FROM t '
u..d in aircraft manufacturing. Ability to with
along two men
dWrme and cUouoat tooling delay. -
INC. IN KEIlilU.In and two women. Aa ounce of

OVERSEAS OPENINGS ,memory of our dear mother cocaine was found In a packet
for LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT INTERNATIONALJIDDA. A Great Valve For The Mil HI. 161-3479 and wife Mrs.Helen Mae Grady. of his 1968 Cadillac.

SAUDI ARABIA who left us two yaws ago Narcotics agents ambushed
Com Hercules experience at General Mechanic September 24, 1966. God alone )lid arrested Moore and two
Guidance Communication NAVADS Calibration, Who enjoys) styl.IItI knows bow we miss her. Never other men Agents foaad a
Pneumatics, Fuel System, Instrument, Repair, 2 HI. All KICK shall her memory fall. We love loaded Browning semiautomatic -
Quality Control and ACE. a 12-gaug shotgaa and
you but God loves you best
TOWN HOUSES Signed: Husband, L.W. Grady a pen-type tear gas gun la th*
RELOCATION ASSISTANCE : FOR tinporlod' daughter, Gloria Bythwoodand car.
QUALIFIED APPLICANTS Range &, family. Federal agents busted th plot
by Infiltrating the narcotic
Refrigerator t ra d.. The also got "1DsJ I'
APPLY NOW AT 11II -TEETHINGPAIN Information" from t Inforawata.

Shortly afterwards, agents

I ., arrest, hen( nabbed Moore
100% Wool
II "SWEAT" RUN '-- nri Millions of mothers"' nly
ff ;c M laky OU.JO. liquid.
SERVICE FHAVULWlIIIC. .. Put ot-piit'i game Mirchtag Men
Recommended by
r. wnypediatricians.
Ml laW_ .'[IS, to CONTINUED
f ---i us*. Brings Brolongidrtliat. .
=1 Carries Cood marching by the listeners will
215 Mar.st Strut Housekeeping warranty ad a special blooded sound th*
Kilt Shirts rill lEI IIKIT II y w 5 ual Ask pharmacist for directors like to call"stereo

lickiiiiilli I phonic". This Is aa effect
I 7tt 3479 created by mixing instruments.

To arrange your personal interview wWI usually M6.: The clarinets don't com all
a Lockheed representative,who will la ODe bunch; neither, do the,.

conduct Interviews oa September 23, 24. ,trumpets,, etc.
Th* accomplishments of
28 and 27
B-CC's marching men have

If aa Interview is inconvenient, this time, write to: 12.99 S occasioned several award
Lockheed-Georgia Employment Office 2363 Kingston 1 daring tile past few years, aswan
Court S. Z.. )Msrietta Georgia 30060. YO UR OWN HOM 3546746UL'NICK as invitations to HTur"
Lockheed U an equal!opportunity employer Choose from mreesmartatyles'I I J. 'in th annual Maitil Gras aidMug's '

Including, u shown popular :h Thanksgiving Day Pa-
THE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE LOCATED at the shirt Jan with hidden buttons : rad*. A trip to New York wasat
Intersection of M5 North at Highway 280. and harmonising striped front.S. possible last year' because a
Traveling North or South on I-7S, take theWCIQIZEDaobMaa M. 1.. XLX -1 r'r 3IEMMM drive to raise funds for tt*
: AFB exit aDd come one-fourth ti/I I f r expensive trip would have conflicted
Bile to the EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. As low as: with another fund drtv
: la progress at tilt school. .
NoMt V Watching this year's &-CC
AR.FT CENTER OF THE WORlD NATIONAL ooh $66- bandsmen work oat Thursday,

j it was difficult not to 1-.cJaI

DIVISION 2Oth ST. EXP. parading
A of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation SHIRT SHOPS win even more honors send
invitations before th* ItO-W
season ends

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