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1099303 F20090414_AAANZY 00360.jpg 0ac9b72d36a30df8035f41d84a2b27dc8cabe723ac7c40354a6d113aec2a0d5c5c2ba89b
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123449 F20090414_AAANYJ 00353.QC.jpg 69a564777ac15ed5358b70e5860defa4d4ac2c6bd070d1a433d5eafeffb5845b20542dd6
6929375 F20090414_AAANYK 00353.tif 13220e54d91349bb4f0bc9858a3d8f5d2a70c73d14d779009837e9f10b65c18e21dd04b0
51971 F20090414_AAANYL 00353.txt 045e021cebb013bb9816fb779f552b1d780bc9bf548eac64f06f4c833ab8976dcfedc8cd
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848291 F20090414_AAANYN 00354.jp2 e423ddb00a1eba37547f14567338cde29b676faa2c893b96e32d13c56ace4d245ac43328
28703 F20090414_AAAOAV UF00028362_00773.xml 0644848fe22a257c3cf71302ba040fe5312f5ecfcc21648fb905cfc120c6fa7ae7925bf1
1188882 F20090414_AAANYO 00354.jpg 53c316926224cbaab7a8463c634bdb93d0d43663b75cc84b201f64dbbce802b7f9f19457
132921 F20090414_AAANYP 00354.QC.jpg 706219d7bc062af0a0e196355d3f572351d3a6885f4b51dd20650f794c3214cb70066775

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200773datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 13, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007730740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 13, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 13, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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No-Negro Plan Economist for Duel and Municipal Employes!
boards within the Selective ;Conference continued saying County County
Service System refused to that Vke.>Sraident Hubert H. J.Dd. Jacksonville member of Union Epps waa also part of the .
change his U clasllflcatloa.OB .' The Fraternal Order of Police: 'Uimphrev sad Republican .., the University of Florida attempted settling of the matter I

April< 28, 1967, he was With New City of Jacksonville, from Its -Governor Nelson Rockefeller, '. I The of collection Inst. Petersburg

ordered to report for Induction founding until Tuesday, July have "shown the most srm1 a are five chtldrea. He promisedabcsd200garbap.men .
16, 1968, Gall-w h lte tratera-, + attending Assomp- there, men fired,. that be
at Houston Tex lie refused pathf, to the problems of the .
Mayor Hans B. Tantler In a second precedent-breaking move Ott .J'
,tty,apparently thought twice BctooUWayM ,
that SenatorpaCattby in would help them organize
Inducted.Rockefeller's, e
to be
", this week,named another Negro to a high posttrcavUJUbtAew: 'tad.hes.decided that M-e 4kEbe : \ seems tided td be miking tea student at the Assumption. union, la;St. Pttersfetrf f

and consolidated Jacksonville, In accord with what seems to bea better to admit Negro members moves In the same direction.To 'Grammar School Susan EU. employs were collecting gar, '

liberal approach to appointments, based, not on race, but than to run the chanceof emphasize! his position. ) pabeth,' IS, U touring Europe bage.la "

'' rather on ability and experience. having Its land lease revoked Rev. Young said "I think he's this summer with the Foreign Tampa the situation U dif

Club Rebuffs At noon Wednesday the local: 'administration. by the city commissioners.The (Nixon< ) playing games and hu Language League. Susan U a ferent. The men art asking

radio stations announced: that He Is married to the former city attorney's office was not addressed himself to the student at the Bishop Kenny for aa Immediate Increase of

Bias CriticsNEW Harold Gibson, Jr., for two June. Brooks of New York and directed to look Into the legal problem 'at all. He is playing High School 'of South Jackson twenty-five cents per hour.According

years Executive: Director of the Is the father of a three and aspects involving revocation of, games with a backlash: that I ville. Benjamin Keith If a g to Mayor Greco the

YORK The exclusive Earths White Nursing Home, one-half 'year old ctrl Gall the lease to the organisation. hope will not exist when color at the University of raUe, would come October: i.Acordlng .

Knickerbocker: Cub, whose will enter upon his duties U Robin. The family holds membership However, the FOP, hastily, election time comes." Louisville, a mtdshlpmsg.and to Epps, the worker*
members Iodide Governor Administrative Assistant to the In the Woodlawa Presbyterian Tuesday night, voted to admit The annual convention of the how ad Ensign. He Is also will make their dielalOlll'U to
Mayor, one of the highest po- Church six officers thus breaking of the ROTC. Gale Is vote after meeting
Nelson.A. Rockefeller has noNegro Negro SCLC will be In Memphis on B.L. CANTY part a acceptance by a

members. However 1 the old Illy-white tradition. August 15-and will close August post of Motor Pool Officer student at VanderttU In Nash with the mayor. Epps said

there 1s no policy against admitting Sergeants Edward Hlckson, II. There decisions: will be u planned by the Jacksonville ., ville. he would recommend returning
Negroes according: to SREB Board Solomon Weston and Patrolmen reached as to whom to support Canty, now an assistant post to work U the mayor's proposals
Francis Goelet Robert George, Henry and why. program. The position office superintendent, 1s aa Include also, retroactive
Its secretary, ,
(aid. Harley, William Harris and Dr. Martin Luthe.r King according pays ''',500. He will enter Instructor at night at the Stanton raises to July 15.

Rockefeller declared: on a Gives Grant Samuel Washington were admitted to Rev. Young, was upon the new position after Vocation School, when he Epps' efforts have receivedstrong
campaign tour In Indiana that to full membership.The "debating at the time of his : 1. teaches English support. This week re.
lodge Is in other hot Canty wat chosen In presentatlves of the American:
assassination whether the
his member organization -
be would give up Radio
ScienceATLANTA to two He Station
For preference others
ship U "effective action" were water Deductions for dues have should go Into the Federation- Teachers were
been made on paychecks. The ls a retired major, serving In Tampa. The AFL-CIO has
DOt taken to end alleged racial: Grants totaling matter of partisan politics.
in the Unites States Xrmy from Hits Pressure
Community Relations Council Rev Young disclosed earlier joined hands also, u well as
d1Icr1m1natloD. will
nearly $600,000 1942 to 1962, with some time
has asked for a thorough investigation. the AFSCME.
Goelet said he was "sore we project In computer talks that the Poor People'sCampaign
pilot out for study between 1947 and From
Fighters. Mayor Greco: Tuesday madeavailable
have Jewish members."He said instruction directed by might hold mass
science 1949. It was In the Army that
which Incinerator
The FOP has adamantly aa for
the club 1s a "purely social: the Southern Regional Educa stood against accepting Negro meetings at both conventions retired Major Canty Included la ST. LOUIS: According to the 'seven-day service. He said

organisation" with a member The grants members, hid behind its bylaws his career the directorship of general manager of radio that trucks would be located
ship at between 550 and 600. announced by Dr. station KATZ. St. Louis
extensive pool facilities. This sponsors
weeks stations.
a few ago offering at each of the K fire
Rockefeller's member ship had Winfred L. Godwin, SREB director have been Influenced
new position Involves by
as an excuse that votes counted.: Non-strlkers were protected:
been protested by James Farmer : will come from the National Bar of employees and of Black n tnf>al< -Minded Neg
But, like a setup In the Sheriff s police. Greco following upon
a Negro civil rights lead National Science Foundation.The Usher said that
HAROLD GIBSON office, the by-laws were bypassed activities within the motor roes. George his positioning of trucks aDd
er. When the governor was three-year project will In the face of action pool setup. .supporters have been drives to workers felt that the workerswould
by ,
asked about U at the Gary,Ind., slUons within the city both In facilities Confab Meets
determine what computer the city. The City of Jacksonville Canty is a graduate of Edward canceling contracts because: the understand his determination !
airport be said be bad told his saury and Importance.The are best for ImaDeoU.r. will be separated from Waters College, where be received station would not fall In with the not to give in.
family lawyer to take up the FLORIDA STAR In a instruction la Black Nationalist
his Bachelor: of Science movement.
that of
relationship with the lodge In Epps alleged one
any Washington _
matter with the club. conversation with Gibson Wednesday computer science: It will enable
"If effective action 1s not learned that .he will about 11 colleges in the Southto In the future, according to a New Orleans Will Host .the volunteer drivers was i\I
statement by Police Chief D.K. A number of the nation's armed with a gun. It was also
the Republican enter his duties
forthcoming, upon on July develop courses: in computer
Brown to Mayor Tanxler. leaders 'will take in the alleged that a foreman, armed
hopeful said, "I'll 29 and will leave the White part
presidential science, obtain computer equipment National Urban leagueNEW
The Community Relations was protecting some
43rd Annual Convention of The ,
from club that enterprises. Gibson chosen
r e sign any was and operate computer instruction
Commission wrote "The FOP The workers began picketing
doesn't meet the problem." in preference to several others. programs for two : National Bar Association July ORLEANS -,The National Urban League will hold its' II IIat
Another similar complaint was The'DeW appointee Is has by persistent rejection: of 29 through August 3 at the 1. daybreak Tuesday AccordIng 11
a member years at about ball the normal the membership applications: Washington Hilton Hotel in 58th Annual Conference here from July 21 to August Whitney to Norman Donaty,assistant
lodged recently agafastRichard of the Big Brothers of cost to them. N. Young is Executive: Director.The.Conference collectloas
made by Negro personnel em superintendent, .
Nixon, Rockefeller's chief rival America, a member of the Godwin said the experiment Washington D.C., according to '
officers and will seek to districts of the Crescent City made at nursing
as police : James L, Cobb,. president were homesl
for the GOP nomination, after Board of the Urban League, the ls expected to provide guidelines other
in in the police develop new programs for Hotel hospitals and In some areas.1dowDtOWlL
Nixon entertained members of Florida Nursing Home Association for the hundreds (small positions : of the Washington Bar Association and at the Jung on July
department Jacksonville, hosting for this National coping with current raclaf 29. Emphasis will be placedon
the American
the New JerseydelegatlonattheRalostrol
Nursing colleges which feel the need to exercised discrimination Bar Association: Convention. crises aad will have as Its theme housing,edueatiayeconomic'development In contrast to the St. Petersburg -*
Golf Club.School Home Association: and of the
.. Alcoholic: p..h..hlll."Q provide Instruction in computerscience against such Negro personnel." The keynote address at the "Building Ghetto Power." This and employment, situation,Tampa employes.

Gibson was born in Jackson but require guidance\ The letter bore the signatureof official opening the evening of u well as on family [>1annncOn have not been fired. In St.
about which of the various alternatives
ville. Mrs. Sbeldonia Henry to Clantel Brown vice-chair July 29 will be delivered by Tuesday, July 30, a work? Petersburg the employes,fired,
Seeks mother, lives at 1419 W. llth. man of the Commission.On the Honorable Robert Weaver, shop will be held on the police are asking for full reinstatement
receive about $150,000 of the
ChangeIn Tuesday members of and aa hourly Increase of
a and
Secretary, Department of Housing the community.
His father, Harold Gibson, Sr., and the remainder will
grant fraternal lodge for Negro and Urban Development. Prominent and nationally- twenty-five cents. .
lives at 3911 Ernie. Road Jacksonville. .
New Books go to. the participating: institutions. policemen: elected. presidenta On Tuesday, July 30,greeting known leaders have been invtledas Epps reminded the adml I.

DETROIT Dr.Norman Dracn- The admWstratorattendedthe police sergeant who many will be extended to the Convention guest speakers. Among them station that they "could find
ler : schools former DavlsStreetSchoolnow The project will experimentwith times tried to get Negroes Intonembershlp guests by a number of are Mayor Carl B. Stokes of the money." He Is being assisted I
superintendent three to .
ways usecomputers } in the FOP. Sergeant distinguished Cleveland John W. Gardner, by T.O. Jones, Memphis
personagesincluding ;
in Detroit, has suggested a Isaiah Blocker, and the Stanton and will work with ,
C.J. Scriven was elected the Honorable Walter" former Secretary of the Depart- organiser. He has taken the
the Ashley Street.
speedup on Incorporation High three of
groupings colleges:
as president of the Policeman's: Washington, Mayor, 'ment of Health, Education end leadership over the Timpani,
the of the
of contributions of minor.tiles is a graduate Tampa A cluster of colleges sharing John .
Benevolent Association.: Other Columbia, the Honorable Welfare and now Chairman of over Rev Jacob Jordan chairman
to society. He has, therefore Business College. Gibson attended a small computer facility. This ;
officers are: Augustus Jones, Hechuger, chairman of the The, Urban Coalition; Stanley of the mayor's liaison com
recommended that the West Virginia State College will involve the five institutions !
vice-president; George Council, sad WllllanCalomlris 'Marcus, president of Nelman- mittee. This strike follows by !
Board of Education take
more and has studied at New of the Atlanta University Center
Bradley, business manager; E. president of theWIIbJ.n&ton Marcus of Dallas, Houston 10 weeks the one la st. Pete. I
time for the selection of future I
York University, where be is Corporation Atlanta University -
textbooks. R. Taylor financial: secretaryand Board of Trade. and Fort Worth; Dr. Vivian Greco has ordered all Tampa

"For white children the texts majoring in business Clark College, Morehouse L.C. Williams, treasurer. The Convention will be called Henderson, president of Clark agencies to cut back. The

do little to awareness Sorors College Spelman Morris Brown Collegeand Sergeant Scriven has been to order by the Honorable Billy College, Atlanta, and Dr.,Margaret shutdown of incinerators leads
encourage Sponser Trip College. Instrumental efforts to have Jones of St. Louis, president Walker Alexander, professor to health hazards. Normally .
and of., the
understanding Five colleges which: will acquire of the WHITNEY (. YOUNG I the city has 76 collection I''
some city police depart. of the National Bar Association.B : ? of English at Jackson
world said the
superintendent -
For StudentsA and use their own computers meat's '3'? routes. Wednesday there '
He suggested delaying Negro officers: admitted is anticipated a number of theme followed upon an emergency State College, Jackson, Miss. were
on their campuses.Centenary to FOP No. 6. Jr. National eight, with drivers aad workers
national political: figures will of League officials Whitney Young
purchases in the fields of vocations group of U Negro teenage College, Shreveport meeting .
make Executive Director of under mart. .. ,
composition, earth participants In a summer ,outbprOCl"lm Lt.; Eastern Mennonlte ,appearance during the In April In New York Aa
science, handwriting home tJ; \ course of the Convention, ac. City, There they discussed ways the League, will deliver theke'llOte aerou-the-boardpaJbooIit
began a five-city College Harrisburg Fair.
; of 25 cents hour for all
address Monday ctrjremployes
on ,
planning and child growth development. travel adventure la, Washington mont (VajState) College;Xavler ri'30-'J. cording to Convention Chair- for organizing the black massesin
will set forth police and
July 29. Young ,
>> Detroit was the first 24 tt -1: McCormack of America's ghettos.Featured .
D.C., on Sunday July University, New Orleans, La.; _; Washington D.C. League goals for the coming firemen, along with creation
city to used intergrated as members of the Delta Sigma and George Peabody Collegefor -. will be workshop

primers Thetas "Teen-Lift. Teachers, Nashville, Term. .11 --' which will be held, in the laud lear .CONTINUED ON.PAGE 14r

1 \ i

.. w i"'I- ""- ':.,, ;. i .,id..1 r4t.i. .. ..1.1 +lfit..- j.....:;err...::.".. ,. .- .;" .Widt.; iY q.J".." K'....1 .ida.ri.'a' # +h' '. .._ .. k' \.wi,I.. _iktaadSa'A. .... .to ...."tic.. ..+. '

.. ;- .J no -- .. .. .. "

r : s.rams';



I The Arti ts', Circle New Publishers' Academy Leaders I IIHE 'COLUGi l

Nearly a halt century ago It principles she leaned as t New YorkNEW II INTERNATIONAL ,
,., was George Gershwin who begaa child .I NEGRO
to develop )Jail and brine It It Is these)' traits-which led YORK (NPI) -. 13ti. Which shall it be:'"Law and order" or unrestricted libert?
into recognition with.other Miss Jackson to establish a Twenty-three dissident black doing one's thing" Being responsible
styles music.Now It's Qutney scholarship at Chicago Medal 'publishers belonging to the Doing one's duty or

Jones talented and creative College, Roosevelt National Newspaper Publishers swinging freely continuously? presents us a choice between authorltarlanism .
musical genius who has Laths University, give encouragement Association have organized Our society and license when what is needed Is OUD control over
all the to other musicians and
last decade explored young new advertising representative tendencies.
possibilities of JaIL It was most of all, In times of need, syndicate. both these human would tell task Is
In the film score "For Lou her wkole-Darted support In Called National Newspaper 1j Traditional religion umsadsdmanthe better. prl.|
Sidney PoWer fact, she was erne of Dr. Martin Inc. the manly to do his duty-tte Aon.
of Ivy" starring Representatives, organitation subservience and routine are exalted because
that all his qualities came to Luther King ,Jr.'. most.de. will have offices In f orlty obedience, transcends our
the voted friends..Be rilr their significance purportedly understands,
full fruition. To achieve could always ,Manhattan.No that
notion "anything
traditional Is goes"religlotC *,
exact mood, the composer depend cosher, for. so many papers that remain i Equally politics. The rule
or even ,
utilized the elements of Jus thing*. affiliated with Amalgamated sex, music dress
is to have
and symphonic styles. The film As a memorial to the late Publishers Inc., will be admitted j Ing to the canons of ant omlanlsm. no rules and to
which stars Fbltler and Abby non-violeat leader of the to NNRI. Papers belonging i be guided only by one's emotions or intuition.As
Lincoln is truly characteristicof Southern Christian Leadership to API which wish to Join a result of the culturally-produced tension between fa
and freedom, we pit the "estabU ;:
musical magic. Conference, ColumWAfifcords NNRI will have to sever their; extremes of obligation "
has released U albdNilUed. 'ment" against toe "anti-establishment, "authority" against
One of the most remarkable ties with API.
attributes of Mahalia Jackson "Mahalta Jackson SugJUftiBeatLoved The Idea for the group came "love," "discipline" against "setexpression"Reflecting
Is that she never ,became to Hyenas of T%""' from three publishers: Kenneth this schism Freudian psychology divides us into
great that she lost communication Martla Lather King." He?*fjfcvUer, Milwaukee Stmr; q twy and, the part of our personality containing our repressed de.
with people who knew hef opulent voice baoyaat Tet-bipn Mitchell, Columbus sires; a superego our conscience and inner censor; and an ego,
before the world recognised rhythm stirs the Imaglnatlao GaMws; and Charles Arm the mediator between the id and the superego u well as tile
her talent. It is a cherishing*l and soothes Out pangs of sorrow strong Wufh Suburban News intergratlve element in our personality.
thought that she has always la the heart, Harvey-CMcaJkv m. Different people will emphasize either the Id or the superego

.held firm to those religious *** lie ... in accordance with their temperaments. Seldom will the Integra-
\. live ego be the dominant personality factor. ,
If a person, for example leans to "law and order" (the super
ego), he will probably support toe local political tlestabUsb.menl"
I (toe superego) and not think civil rights and suuat
liberty (toe 14)) are Important values.
"If "freedom" (the Id) Is a person's tendency he will likely
favor birth control, racial advancement, a graduated income

For A Job? tax, and even flourldated water (toe Id), while scoffing
looking "flag-waving" and Bible reading (the id) and hate the."estab
r' lishment (toe superego).

If he dlsaproves of Rev Fry's work with Chicago gang youths
a person can be expected to have high regard for "law and
X11 order," old-fashioned patriotism, and traditional religion (!the

.. f \ superego).
!1 1 j- R a JS How a person standi on the Vietnam war Is equally predictable

3U1 A job : ,;iTbe "establishment" people (the superego) can be counted oa to
rm : proclaim the arguments for the war; and the "antl-cstablldi-
; '( ment" toe Id with
people ( ) can, equal fervor, tell you wtut'i
'' Bishop M.C.H. Cooper and Mrs. Cooper are shown above with a student at the Cooper "Immoral" about the Asian conflict.

Academy, 2032 Benedict Bishop Cooper ls founder of the Academy which, unlike other The need for restraints on pernurltil sex, the advisability
CAN YOU GET:i IN llET.SSEE..l. schools, has a continuous agenda of activity. Bishop and Mrs. Cooper and the large faculty ft students' taking over universities, and toe acceptability of
are new getting ready for fan activities. The fall term, for adults and youngsters, begins violence In achieving noble goals those and other current Issues
arc on August 8. Bishop Cooper will also preside over the Holy Ministerial Alliance Sunday carry with them a standard dichotomy between "authority" (tilt
What looi'ing for are workers --'able-' July 21, at Howard's Memorial Holiness Church,It 51 W. Union, at 2 '.m. Emerson Photo superego) and "freedom" (the Id). ,

bodied serious, sc-nsible young members of a Even race relations have this Freudian character with the
black man and the civil-rights movement
representing libera
minuiiiy groups, who can tackle a job and NAACP Delegates Poiller latest Film Adds ting Id, and the white man and his "establishment" standing for

stick with it. Another Star To List I toe One repressive Is tempted superego.to try to establish a compromose between the

A Inch school! diplonu will help to get you Urge FederalAid I Id and the superego, but this leaves ocean much at the mercy of
Sidney Peltier's latest movie "For Love of Ivy", la which be the destructive bipolar schism u If be simply capitulated to
into most of I ho trades .- interest and some To Poor co-stars with the actress-singer Abbey Lincoln, will be openingsoon either extreme.

skill with your hands! or some mechanical la theaters across the country Politer has become Am. Psychologists would tell us, however, that we need not allow
( erica's top box office attraction, since his recent successes either the Id
ATLANTIC CITT/-Aa emergency or the superego to be our ruler. Even trying to
knack arc good. rvu'y.'nnV Lout you,your resolution passed by the with "To Sir, With Love;. "10 Abe Heat of The Night," and mediate between them Is not necessary, U U Is our prerogativeto

willingness to work; 'yr"jr :trhcrgy; a little experience delegates to the 89th aaanal "Guess Who's Cocaine To Dinner control both the dictator and toe libe.tlne within us. .
NAACP convention here urged "IYT" 11 sophisticated by the well-meaning coercion By "strengthening our egos or Intra-personal organitatioB,
in this type of work; anything and the Federal Government to take romantic comedy la which of the two matchmakers Pol- we can become toe masters of our Ids and superegos, rather,
everything will IK going for prompt action /o aid the poor Peltier plays Jack Parks, a tier's moonlight operation of taw their slaves.
you. by; (1)) Using abandoned military debonair maa-About-towa. Two a floating gambling casino and That means we can take our stand oa social questions not
tt"HnMnt> to noose youthful matchmakers from aa his strong desire "not to get on the basis of a servile allegiance to either liberalism (the
APPRENTICESHIP needy tamllies(2)( Distributing Affluent white suburb trick him married." On the other band, Id) or conservatism (the superego), but according to our on
TRAINING MAYBE, THIS IS FOR YOU to the poor surplus food stockpiles Into. a love affair wltn maid there U Ivy's simple,,strong, Judgement of the Issues (the ego).
now ruing stored it tr -' Ivy, played by Abbey Uacoln. willed earthy philosophy-end We Med
'. MAYBE NOT not recite toe liberal arguments against the Vietnam
OFFERS mendous cost; (!) Realistic revision The love affair Is complicated It Is beautifully executed both war (toe Id) or the conservative defenses of toe conflict (the

YOU BUT YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS of the administration of + verbally and visually. superego), but we are free to see the war Issue through, our
existing programs Including The movie Is based on aa on eyes (the ego).
AN YOU FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF food stamps stale regardless of Inadequate As It looks original story written by Pettier And on the elvU-rlghts front, we can be selective about the
participation. and presents him In a role which people and programs we support rather than blindly ifsum't'
OPPORTUNITY If someone told you that you could get a job J.1ao. by (4) Expenditures of he has long wanted to play. that everything associated with freedom (toe Id) must be good.

TO 'I 'than't) pays $4 to $5 an hour or more, year unused Including current 4z27-miUlaa appropriations.of such from HereBy u Miss one of Lincoln the finest, 1s Jaisslngersla best known think No .tyrannical or believe.authority Nor need(the we superego be enslaved) can to tell our us aggressions what to do,,

after year, what would you say? funds allocated to the Department LEON L. un.n. the country. Her first film moods and lusts (the id). It Is".."(the ego) who will run thingsZambia's
--< of Justice; (5)) Leasing of role was la "The Girl Cut the "
faa and accelerated trend ny w. not tbem-tor .." ban taken overhand w.'re
thousands of acres now under Help B with Jayne Mansfield Soot
I ,| WELL, HERE'S THE BIG NEWS!!!!! j jTM | Federal ownership :or control of action-In this country to law forestall In 1956., She made many appearances relinquishing our control.
L any movement or
la small farm units to poor on television been Oil C.lslsStops
legislation designed to promote
families for 11.00 per year;. featured at the top nightclubs
Joe Urban League now has a now set. (6) Use of agricultural subsidies Justice freedom and equality regularly recorded for a variety
EARN to encourage the production has evidently won a new supporter of labels but had notappeared Alter Caucus
which aims to minority
up get young group of food la areas where the Congress of the In films "Nothing

members into the Building Trades Unions, rood Is badly needed; and ('r)) United SW.I.Orpl1Md But a Man"la 1961.The acclaim LUSAKA Zambia -{NPI>- This Central African country's
Making available to the poor labor has always for her performance was acute fuel shortage will Just be a bad memory for Tin"*"*
where they can travel the road to permanent, stockpiles mechanized equipment teen the most potent of hid universal and It was the talent In a matter of days thanks to an Italian-built pipeline linking

B high-paid jobs as carpenters electricians, and owned civilian by Federal agencies Military and trend den-face but advocators now Congress of Joins this she coupled displayed with her la beauty that film and,' mmbs Salaam on the Indian Ocean with Ndola In central.

plumbers painters etc. presently standing idle. the ranks otWallace-lkebigots personality that made her the The 51-m1lt pipeline from The rest came through'neigh
to farther cloud
At the closing session of the our claim to a choice for the role of "Iry." Tanzania, became a vital neces-' boring Malawi and along the:
IU six-day convention here June democratic philosophy. roles In "FOR city when Zambia unable]
I This Is How It Works Practically all of Prea14entJobDaon'l Key supporting was Great East Road from Mozambique
29, more than 20 resolutionswere to obtain of "
LOVE OF IVY" are handled by supplies oil through or on the Bedguela railway -
adopted by voice vote, his efforts"Great to actually Leon Blobs, Lola Sattco, Hugh Rhodesia ruled by Ian Smith's from Angola u well u.
without the customary readingand promote Society"programs Hurd. Laurl Peters Nan Martin rebel white minority regime. by airlift from Dar es Sahum.
lifetime cardsas
The union members who hold have been thwarted
debate by the delegates. Work
and Carroll O'Connor. Beau began la Dares Salaam
I painters plumbers, etc., all became skilled The resolutions cover a wide by the to Congress. Every Bridges, son of screen-tele u the middle of last year and Tampa HospitalGets '
range subjects In such areas measure reassure the world
vision star Lloyd Bridges, Is more than S4 million.
by being admitted to the union as Appren u economic advancement national that "we" are actively a democratic The
cast u the "hippie" son of the pipeline will be able to
tices. As soon as they got their apprenticeshiprating priorities employment' welfare deleted or state bypassed have either brth.COD-been affluent white suburban family. bring 700,000 tons of fuel to ( CriticismFor
DT1ICEloaiEis education For Leon Bibbs, who is also Zambia, more than enough to
they started learning their craft by housing, Implementation of the peas which acts like a Fascist
a top singer the film offered cope with toe country's expanding Job Habits
working on an actual job-site for four-to-five nmiTyiy1fltVns of the report or Totalitarian body. him a key m-saging role as needs, An estimated* ,
of the National Advisory Commission Crime control equality of opportunity Pooler's nlght-iUe lovingpart- 360,000 tons was used during TAMPA The Florida Sell
days a week under an experienced craftsman, on Civil Disorders war on poverty her 1967. tinel Bulletin received complaints -
and of exlstlngclvll rights legislation Supreme' Court appointments, At from two persons
and attending classes in a particular trade at present, aU oil, gasoline
direct action, urban renewal Indiscriminate Ala, Stale College' and lubricants are still rationed recently criticizing the Hills-
night.As participation la the 1961 Olympics labor legislation promiscuous: la Zambia, but this should end boro County Hospital and the
foreign affairs, hospitals assassinations, Inadequate Gets Dormitory Loan u the pipeline goes Into regular Post House Cafe for bias and
an Apprentice you, a trainee, will get a and health,consumer protection! police protection, anti-rloUng operation. prejudice. The complaint was
and black and other civic Issues, have MONTGOMERY Alabama lodged employeeswere
Since u Negro
J9w.r.FAMU Smith regime declared
starting wage of about J0Per| Hf.'Then: as been a reason for overall public State College of Montgomery UDI u 1966, nearly two- allegedly replaced by

you learn more you get regular pay increases resentment against our governmental has received a federal loan of thirds of Zambia's oil has been whites.In .
Graduate policy and practice. 1.9 million dollars for construction Mrs. VldavisAnthony
hauled by truck over the Great case,
until you reach the full pay wage of a crafts. Students adults, children aDd of new men's high North Road-actually an, a cook, claimed that
man. Gets TopAccounting various ethnic groups have revolted rise dormitory.Dr. unpaved dirt track-torn Tan she was suspended after being
against the advocacy of Levi Watkins president zania. sick at home and under toe cued
Job, leaders for tolerance and sub ,of the college was notified by a doctor. When she returned
jugation, for acceptance and Alabama Senator Lister Hill FAMU Professor'sArticle ,to pick op her check the was
Contact : The Jacksonville Urban league Florida TALLAHASSEE Fhv. A patriotism, for love of country, 'tIleS, John SpartmaD. Hold that she was suspended.
University graduate for peace and tranqulllty la aa According to Leotls Peterman Off PressTALLAHASSEE Some time ago, Mrs. Anthony
829 Pearl t State In Person has received training In era of war and destruction.The Business and Financial Officer> 'was commended for outstanding
general-accounting at JacksonMemorial people want results and of the College, the dormitorywill Fla Dr., work trs there
Hospital, Miami, they want action. And the action have seven floors and abasement 'Anne Richardson Gayles chairman wax a changeaa on
through the Rockefeller Foundation they .want Is by. Congress with both air-conditioning of the department of secondary 'her part. Mrs. Anthony dented
program twoards equalopportunity and t la. top administrative and elevator service. education, has been this. She plans to appeal to the
for all, according facets of our government. tt will house SM men in 1$ Informed of the publication of"her ; County Civil Service Board
Other to the president's review and If Congress, if organised and 160 sixth article Another MTS.
Jobs Open For Males ft Females 18-45 annual single rooms doubles entitled "The complainant If
resort. labor. If our social, economic Director .of Student Teaching" Utah Clark, a worker la the
Earl ,Fisher a 1967 graduate and Christian aspects are working Dr. Spire Speaks la toe .Spring 196 issue of Post House Cafe. She claim
of FAMU with a major in accounting. .
la counter hope for the IMPROVING COLLEGE AND that a new manager employed
Is the son of Mrs. basic Ideals for which wer are At Education Meet. UNIVERSITY TEACHING bias and fired Negro employes.
Naomi Sharp who reside at supposed to be dedicated we The other articles which have She claims that shewasrefused
Register Now With PROJECT 1737 NW 47th Terrace Miami are headed for another totalitarian Dr. Robert HarryJSplro, president been published are: "The Responsibilities pay for 103 hours at the rate
? ASSIST-ACTION Fisher Is'studying at nights state la the world of of Jacksonville Univer of the Supervising of 90 cents per hour. The car;
and plans to stay on at Jack. nations and world political Ideology. 1Ity..w be the featured Teacher 1Ia'u, Internship owner was not available for
son Memorial. His department speaker at the open monthly Teaching Program" comment.
Registration Hours : 9:00 I .m. to 7 :00 has a staff of 15 people and We, aa a nation people,have: meeting of SEE, Society forFfrifitltnM Trends la Internship,
p.m. handles all the hospital's payments to take a new outlook o n our Excellence, Mon Teaching, "Supervision in In NOTICE
and expenses.TO .. day July 51. at 6 p.m..1A theand
approach to the attack on Implements ,ternship Teaching", "The Role
t Monday f trough Friday of anarchy. auditorium d Independent We. of toe College Supervisor in aa ,HIS DEADLINE
If violence Is the decided approach Accident Insurance Company Internship Teaching Program" 1.30 ,
GET A GOOD JOB-GET P.M.. Tuesdays brought'
His win be
blow the halls of Building. topic and
"Survey of the
up Expectations to the
"What Educational Excellence
Congress, not the ghetto areas of Prospective Student Teac
of Washington Can Mean For Duty County." hers". U noon.r .

,, I
j I .
I ,t., "iii Ii ,... .
:: .f -_-,::::.'" ::::":' .::. '.. '!";'I..'_... ..u.>'

._... MCF 1 .

',Links Hold Sixteenth General Assembly. in Berkeley and Plan New Agenda fl

:., Mary 1. Handy Society flilerlams> f'-

International Trends Will :

4T __ Be Part of Future Studies

:r .R BERKELEY The sixteenth general assembly of National \

r? $4j4 1g 'f.t. 'LInks, Inc., was held recently In Berkeley and made plans for
YIt ErIrr. ;t considering the International scheme. Among the many speakerswas
\, State Mrs.College Thelma Class-, -professor of Social Science at Alabama

'I ,
0. \ '
R k I National Links, Incorporated, relates to youth, cultural pos-. I
It is an organization of Negro slbllltles for talented youth, I
ItB women dedicated to a three- and more active citizenship: ;
fold program: (1) Services to participation for adults.
youth with special emphasis Several distinct features were
upon providing meaningful experiences observed during the week. A K j
b for young people who specific Freedom Luncheon : .
are educationally'disadvantagedand commemorated the effective ,
fit culturally deprived; (2))The culmination of one of Links' 1
delineation of art u an Instrument major projects. This project
for freedom, and (3) A was a gift of 175,000 to the I
thorough Interest in inter- Educational and Legal Defense I
stto national and national trends and Fund of the National Association -
.services with the responsibility for the Advancement of '
of rendering civic service to Colored People. This pledgewas j
he United States in its Inter. undertaken at the Nassau r
.national and domestic pro-: Bahamas, 'Assembly of 1984
and its culmination marks a
stride toward freedom for an
') -.iI>,,
: ;
--I'--- I Americans There was, in addition
'The Mary F. Handy Missionary Society sponsored a tea last Pleasant, Mrs. E. Woods, Mrs.: A. Stone, Rev. E. Toston, Mrs. .Mrs. Marie McKeever Mrs. Alice L. Griffin, Mrs. Golden recognition of the
Sunday and entertained many members and visitors. Some of. L.G. Gemrright, Mrs. C. Akin, Mrs. Agnes Reeves and Mrs. Cherry, Mrs. E.J. Sutton, Miss Delphlne Thomas and Mr. and I financial gift to the John F.
the smiling recipients of courtesy were: From the left, first Mary Vlning. In the other picture,are,right to left: Mrs. Florida: Mrs...Deas. Photos By.A. Paul Crawford! Kennedy Memorial Library, a |
picture: Miss W.p. Small, Miss Myra Camps, Mrs. Rosa .Peterson, Mrs. Artancla Andrews; Mrs. ,Josephine Gohagan. Friendship Luncheon highlight >s'
d I h lug the symbolism of the Links'

Betrothed Notional Beemly Graduation Emblem ceremonies.and closing banquet- I i

e r [: dLigBeIIsJ: National Links,. Inc, has bas .

t l Will Precede Other AgendaThe four P. Scott national, Margaret presidents Hawkins: Sarah, "-.

.- -- National Beauty Cultnrlst League, Inc., will convene la Pauline F. WeedeD and Vivian
Charles Warren Phillips,5840 Mack A. Ivey, 809 Van Buren Atlanta Georgia, July 28 through August .. J. eamOft. President BeameD
f Briley AYe.ZOu4T1sh1a lt- St., 22 and Betty J. Streeter The Institute starts July 28, graduation August 4, and the win guide the Berkeley As.
. cilia Ann Westbrook, 1842 W. 1020 Oakley St., !IS. Convention starts August 6. Regency: Hyatt House, Peachtree. sembly. |
.1st St., 17. Center is Convention headquarters Dr. Katie Whlckman. National Mrs. Class, a member of the
Clarence E. Evans, 1530 W. President Montgomery Chapter, stated i''

., Julius Demps, 5638 Minosa 13th St., 19 and Delores Crews, Mr. R. Louise Bassey of OrLando the O.B.c'Ibt State President that the Southern Area of Links, '
KV Circle W., 24 and Mersel De- usa W. ISthSt.tO. Is the Florida contestant has received official Inc., Is composed of 29 chapters Ain
lores Thurman, 505 W.1'lUlSt., la the "Miss Institute"contest, letters of "welcome" from the MRS. GLASS seven states, and that all |
28. Clarence C. Haywood 2036 Mrs Ellubeth Malnor of St Honorable Mayors of Cocoa and chapters: have dedicated and I*.
v= Moncrlef Rd 34 and Lorene Petersburg Is the delegate.Due Cocoa Beach, as well as a letter gram The underlying themeis Incorporated their yearly "
the task
t Gerald Otis Cue, 1704 CampusSt. Countryman, 2036 Moo er h f to the action of the Legislature from the Manager of the Convention for democracy.Mrs.gigantic. of educating. program to some phase of

., 28 and Wilma Katlna Creed, Rd., ZOoJohD Committee of the and Visitors Bureau Glass related that the ,services to youth.
Nashville, T.IUL. 21. O.B.C.A. The lettef "C" will Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Mrs. Class Is put president .
Cathleaa B. Ross Is State Pre National Links, Inc., was of the cfLinks.
W. Price, 3859 Grant be deleted from the 1968-1969 Montgomery Chapter
Lee Norris Jones. 6417 Gallo Rd 22 and CUodette A. Co Cosmetologists' license. The sident. Bertha H.Perry handles and founded Sarah by P.Margaret Scott 4a Hawkins 1MB in .

way a., Z4 and Lull Mae King ben, 410 Woodlawn Ave., 22. announcement was made by public relUlons. Philadelphia More than a
2178 W. 12th St., 20. .Mrs. Uuanlta W. Saunders Executive Primes Return hundred chapters located la )9 Illinois Ladies
Jolla T. Findlay, Trinidad, Secretary ., the State states servicing thousands of
Ronald Anthony Hover, 520 Port of Spain, 22 and JosephineScott Board of Cosmetology, at the From Vacation youth constitute: something of
Center Ave., S., 19 and --Mel 7247 Mark St., 19. opening session of'the 29th Its statistical history. Bach Will Hold Melting

i ache Ruth Hough, 4148 Edison annual Convention of the Mr. and Mrs Nathaniel Prime,, aa organisation, bon In the
Ave. 17.WUllard Donald L. Ft O.B.C.A. Winter Haven The Owens hinds Ladies win
Dean Myers, 711 Richardson Road, have returned Immediate aftermath of World
r Fla., 23 and Angela L. Guice, Mrs. Louise Dupree and members to Jacksonville: from War hold the meeting la the home
4 D. facing: : new concerns Mrs. v
+ yw : Edward Season, tttt Ft. Myers, Fla., 20. ot Unit 37 and Mrs. Mary their vacation. and mid-century Imperatives of Mary Mlddleton, 1451 I
; t E. Zlrd. A social hour will
Ernest St, 22 and Eva Maria George President of ChapterNo. Mr. and Mrs. Prime motored :
Eugene Cox, 214 State St. 47 human rights, social: and racial C
follow the meeting. Mrs. Annie
t Lorlned, 4105 Lexington Ave., and Louise Washington, 214 I of the Shop,Owners Guild, 'with their son, Captala Theodore Justice, was of necessity'com* Sherman Is president MrsEsunaits I
AAw 19. of Cocoa have started preparations C. Prime, who was visiting /
State St. 38. pulled to respond to Its national I
> reporter.
to bOlt the 111S1..loaofl'egionnaires Witt them for a week.'nielr'crUcfsoa environment and to Us high

vat Russell Owen Davis, 2.30 Swaocy Johnson, 5747 Katz Bobble and their sense of purpose.
I Jones Rd., 27 and Mary Gall Ave. 11 and Loretha Smith, Plan daughter Patricia were la the According to Mrs. Class, inspired T
Tison, 2332 Jones Rd., 19. 6526 Ribault Rd. 18. 'for July party. They visited with their by tilt 1MI theme:
Meeting relatives Milwauke and
were "Links' Innovation la aa Era !
Michael Curtis Albert 282)Lagny Thomas Simmons Williams of also la Saa Antonio, Their Son' of Dynsmlc'Dlmeutaas"theAssembly ,
,Dr 24 and Jane Alice Jacksonville. Post No. 197 is stationed at Fort Baa Houston ', ,
A 533 W. Orange St 11 and Sandra will
explore: newer
lo'i5 the.American Legion will meet ,
Joint, Odessa 'Dr., II: Joyce Washington, 421 Bloxham July, 19 at 8 p.m. at the Post Texas., Ideas and techniques for the' DITIIKC an 7nr.y ton.om'na.tlon.l ..
St., 19.Elijah. continued effectiveness of the / Church Unity Week din.i .
Home. Reports will be madeof Ladies Seaboard ,
Louella Williams Pledges Braxton Ehehee Slappey Jr., the preparations the animal organization as It mikes Itself er. two prominent/ political
10843 Beverly Nalle Dr.. 25 Charles Smith, 1038 Veteran's' Party and other Coast Unit MeetsThe more meaningful la Americanlife. opponent were sealed arroM I'
and Wanda Evelyn Amy 1361 Van Buren 88 and This exploration will the table-from
Troth To Graham E. Reid st. Dorothy activities now la procr....Dues Ladles deal each other. Their
Circle l6.
Hollyhock Irene Freeman, lOse Van Buren for list are now being accepted. Seaboard Auxiliary of the with Internal sturcture on local: heated debates were now re-
.Aa Impressive marriage ceremony was performed at the West .t., 62.James. The Past and the Auxiliary will will Coast Line Railroad and national levels In t.rmsj plead by tilled. fornuhtiee/ Ai
Friendship Baptist Church when Miss Louella Williams,daughter Bobby Ray Smith, 5355 worship at st. Paul AME Church meet Friday night, at 1p.m. of what may be done for the) ,one left, he muttered to hU
Williams Sr. was married to Graham E. Reid, D, Pickettville Rd., 19 and Thel- Franklin Smith 507 N. at the home of Mr. and problem of ghetto 'Wn wife "
of Mrs. Ring Sunday July 21, at lla.m.Rev.. Mrs Samuel -l 1 would have to get ecu
son of Mr. and Mrs Graham E. Held, I, of Buffalo, N.Y., at, ma Christine asp 3626 Tay St., 27 and Jane Boulton,Mta4 JJS. Johnson is pastor. 33rd Shipp, 1633 West employment among minority) menerlixl to Ab.lnlaro f" I
6 p.m. Sunday, June SO. .Rev. Richard L; Wilson officiated lor Liu, 17. Fla. 32.Bernard. Street groups crime preventionjttt ---

The church was decoratdwlttt Ushers were Thomas Fowler Otis Albert Sanders,Compton, Thomas, 1533W. 18th FAMU Business Professor ".DD A ROOM
.handsome arrangements of Robert Wilson, Earnest Whitley Calif, 19 and Lucille Myers.
St. 33 and Fannie Mae Williams Daytona Beach Trip I\< uu
white chrysanthemums and and Clarence Williams nephewof 1640 W. Dot St., 25.Gilll.es 1595 W. 28th St. 28. M t a UMUD 'ISS"
with brims Given Award For Prowess
gladiola Interspersed the bride. Gartrel Jr. rh.rr aaSroa
groupings of palms. Cathedral was the ringbearer. Announce Wed., July 24. Bus loads at
white Edward Harrison, 1961 W.llth TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Miss Ellen Forehand has been awarded
caadelabras holding On Friday, June II, tie bride 8:00 p.m. Myrtle Ave. Library.
candles were on both sides of honored St. 21 and Beverly Louella the National Business Education Association Award of Merit' Round
was with a shower at Daughter's PledgeMrs. N.haa trlp-4X.OO. Can JS8J674 I
the 1747 Ella. St., 16. for outstanding achievement la Business Education The award .
Marking of
the wedding party. the home Mr. and Mrs; or 158-7277 tor tickets. I IIi
family pews were white satin James Day. Mary T. Gifts and Mr. Adam.chalrmu ; Ii:
bows. After the final wedding rehearsal Kelly GUlls of Cocoa, Florida Gnu Brown, Jr., 3402 Lee St., department of business at Florida._.AIM._. Uni__n_. --..- h',I
Prior to the ceremony a pro- Saturday night the announce the engagement of 34 and MarJorie Annette Butts, sily.
gram nuptial music was bridal party was feted with a their daughter Miss Carle La 3934 Moncrlef Rd. 24. Miss Forehand daughter professional"membership lathe BIG o" .. I II
rendered by Cecil Fisher Mrs. cook: out by theprospectitemotherinlaw Verne, to M.r. Beamon Lewis of Mri.'Nora Boule who resides National Business Education BILLS I
Jacqueline Smith. was the Mrs. Graham Kendall(, son of Sergeant and Johnny Bernard Rowe, cu h- In the .St Johns Community: Association, 'a special .
Mrs. Beamon William Kendall bert, Ga., 22 and Alice Jeanette in Qu1De She is native of' simulated WORRL Y
soIoUt. E. Reid, L, at the"home of the a leather binder for .
Given in marriage by her bride. Miss GUlls Is a graduate of Daniels, 1106 Oakley St.,24. Quincy and majored business current Issues of Business Education i

brother Robert L.C. Williams The reception following the Tennessee Ail University Mr. James C. Merrlon, 1144 Mil education white attending Forum (a national
the bride waa radiant la her wedding was held at the homeof Kendall Is a graduate of Be* nor St. 19 and Catherine B. FAMU. professional l rcmitne for
exquisite full-length t gown of the bride, 803 Line Street. thUDt-<:ootmaa Institute. The J. Lloyd, 615 Vu Buren St., The award consists: of an at- business teachers: ), and the I.
white ChantiUy lace poised over The couple Is residing at 1112Meharry wedding will take place at 6 19. .tractive certificate, a year's National Business Education I LET US
shimmering satin. Tiny lace- Boulevard, Nuhme. p.m., on October 19 at Second Yearbook. I CONSOLIDATEYOUR II
covered buttons extended from Tem Baptist Church. The National Business Education I i
toe neck to below the waist Rosemarie I Tolbert I Pledges Association and 04 Teacher BILLS AND,
In 'the baCk Her finger tip Education Division National REDUCE YOURPAYMENTS

veil of sheerest Illusion was HicksonTolbertRcceaarte Troth To Anthony HicksonMiss Association for Business I
held In place by a cap of satin Teacher Education, sponsorthis
flowers with lace. She carried Rosemarie Nadine Tolbert, daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs. Award. ::1 I II
carnations with aa orchid. Harold K. Tolbert, became the bride of Mr. Anthony Wadell WhUVafFAMUMlsji Forehand
Miss Margaret Nixon, maid Hkkson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hickson, St;;at 5 P...,- held membership la'Phi Beta:! K I i
of honor, wore a full-length Saturday June Ig., In St. Pius Catholic Church. Lambda Delta Sigma Theta
gown of lilac Jaguard with a The bride wore aa empire! A- r Sorority, Alpha Kappa Ma Honor : ;
of Jacksonville
fitted empire bodice with lilac line gown of silk organza over and- Sergeant Society White and Gold Honor I '
and fitted skirt of .. Stephen Tolbert, brother of the Society (women) Delta
flowers a peal de sole, appliqued with designs Kappa) I
and silk She R of bride recently returned fromVletNam. PI Honor Society (Education) '
Jaguard organza. Alencon lace decorated 1,080 I UP TO
Angle cousin 'MOOEXAMPLE i iI
wore a cap of sheer Illusion with seed pearls. The skirt, Porter and Who's Who la American
held together with lilac flowers ; edged with scalloped Ale COD of the groom, was flower girt Colleges andUnlversltles,19 \ -- I
ir i- James Richardson I--
L. : was tiler1ll&bearer. I
satinslippers. lace I
and wore matching : gradually formed its own 'Pansy And Blossom
Her bouquet was of train, the latter extendlngatthe YOU NOW HAVI WHY NOT THIS '
The reception held la the .
yellow carnations. back from the emplred bodice. was
home of the bride's aunt and Club I Lists TravelThe IsIs.$1.111.$1421
TOe bridesmaids were: Mrs. Her veil of Illusion not was attached -
JoAnn Wilson, Mrs. Shirley to a tiara of seed pearls IllICit, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pansy and Blossom Savings ...... 411 ...... UNlul I
Fowler and Mrs Gwendolyn lined with Alencon lace. The1 Out-of-town Club Is having an outing ....... 121 ...i.. IJJI 55950
Chandler Their gowns of yellow bride carried a bouquet of stephanotis and Mrs. Philip guests Johns were Miami: Mr. 'Thursday, July 24. The bus kit ttin .. ltt ...... 4UIa. n 'I
were styled Identically with that fi and aa orchid on a white Mrs Louise Dr. leaves Moncrlef and 28th Sts. TI.
of the maid of honor.They wore missal prayer book. H. Grant: of Damn the Anna Regular services will be held 2.nro I
matching caps and sllppers.andcarried Miss Penelope Tolbert,Hemp- York and of Atlanta.Bronx New at Union Progressive Baptist i
lilac carnation stead, New York, sister of the The u usual. Rev Jake Ray Is pas UUMTS '
newlyweds will reside la
bouquets.The bride, wore a floor-length empire Jacksonville. tor. Mrs. Leomla Miller Is re-- SUN-STATE .
Junior bridesmaids were: A line gown of silk organza porter. The church: Is locatedat : 0
Sharon Smithniece of the bride In a soft shad of orange 611 Pippin St ::: ACCEPTANCE CO.
Wonza Day Selalne White, and over yellow taffeta. The gown Holsey'f Chapel Women's Day' 1
Velda Mc&lsh, niece of the was trimmed with 'green and will be July 28. Rev. Dave Me- OUT Of TOWN P. 0. lOX 501Jacksonville
groom. Their gowns were Ilk* yellow embroidered medallion\\\ BRIEFlY IbID Is pastor. Mrs. Eva Mae CALL cower Florida 32201OR ]
those of the bridesmaids and braid. '.Gilbert is secretary. -
they carried lilac bouquets of T The bridesmaids, Mrs. Be- PEA/IN/ <..., HAIL COUPON
Little gonia Collier and Miss CleasleHickson Club Sponsors ---------------------------
Tolka Smith, niece of sister of the groom, w ITAT1 ACCI"ANCI COM'ANY. PO sex 101
the bride, was flower girl Her wore gowns Identical to that of ,LIIERAL LICENSING( Sip 'IWo mMswrn 51011.5Pln..rd en .... M Maw .y w .5CQQ. AI .... ... .
dress was the same as those the maid of honor ink soft ten The Cleveland Com M nr aU... ..'tL .' I

white.of tile She Junior carried bridesmaids a basket in of bride Miss of Mr. Anthony Nadine Wadell Tolbert Hkkson, shows recently above, became In St. Pius the ol11.melfteA Mr. Carl Porter, uncle of the are In renewed:24 atatei by driven'mail, the licensed Catholic cocktail unity Club sip Saturday Is sponsoring, July 20.at a. NAMf ..,., ... .. .. ...i,, ... ..'....... ...\ j' ;w.'.'"+. :

lilac rose petals. Catholic Church. The Rev. Eugene McKenna officiated. Photo By groom was best man. Ushers Digest note 4209 Lockhart Drive. A ADDRESS . ... ......... .'.IJ J' .

Charles Collier was best man. Bob Smith. were Mr. Milton Threadcraft donation Is asked. Betty Wh11t.JapreaJdellL I .tELEPHONESATURDAY ......... :.. ,.. .. ....: .. .

.; ....u. .... ; iI
I! fI, I.
t ... 'L 1' ", d'Ir1f i \' ''i

.L tw I .1 l'


-- -- ._ -- "_ -- .. l. .<.1 s I ,d :"v '

t. 1., .


M, Il q .

I: * Bethlehem Will Be ::Scene of Installation of Pastor I

Outing Given Baptist General Grant Youth Officers Philadelphia Services Begin July 22

I For Oldsters Convention MeetsThe Baptist Aids And Feature Ministers

Baptist General Convention -'
of Florida Inc. the'
Two ScholarsPhiladelphia
Rev. W.L. Williams of Jessup,Ga.,will be Installed u pastor of
Woman's will meetat
outing sponsored for the Church during a weeklong series of
the Bethjehem Baptist
Florida Memorial College, Baptist Church
Incapacitated by the Baptist' July 28.
I 22 and ending
with July
services, beginning
Ministers Wives Alliance was St. Augustine, beginning with through its Education Committee
highly successful. August 5. Mrs. Susie C. Holley honored two of its On Monday, July 22, guest, along with Rev Bryant
Patients were guests of the Is president. Mrs Gertrude i I members, young ladles, with Walker of St. Matthew St Mary and Rev, B.L.
Alliance from the following ((D.B.) Barnes is Director of ..4. t scholarships. Miss Beverly J. Church and Rev L. 'of Abyssinia.
of Royal Tabernacle Services during the week begin
homes East Side 1341 Van- .Public Relations McNair received a scholarshipfor
Buren :Citizens,1325, Harrison, The Junior. camp,for children ,. lY I $100.00 Miss Sandra Y. present. On Tuesday 8pm. Mrs. Vivian Wilson
Christian; Home, 1324 Brldier from eight to 12 years, will Dunmyer also received a Taylor of St. Paul reporter.
Merchant's Home illS East operate from August S to and scholarship for the same All ministers will be ac
Church, and the Marshall Home, Including August 10. The youth (-v -;; amount. by their choirs,
744 West Monroe. conference, for children from Miss McNair Is the daughter board, societies and u..lstants -
13 to 16, opens August 12 tad of Mrs. Freddie Mae McNair and officers
Many guests were present,
among them being: Mrs. Ethel closes August 16. and of the late Robert McNair.
E. Johnson Registrations for the camp Miss McNair is at present the
Cherry, Mrs. Mrs. Cooper Academy's
Ethel Baety, Mrs.Susie Mettitt, should be made before July District President of the Red
Rev. S.L. Mrs. C.I. 22, with the WMU Office, 1230 Circle Club of the Emanuel
Williams, president; Mrs. R.L. Hendricks, Jacksonville, Fla.,. r Progressive Baptist Church al Brunch Over.
Jones, Mrs. J.B. KInchen,Mrs 32207. Association. She is a 1968 honor
C.H. Hamilton, Mrs. S.L. Bad graduate of William Raines The annual luncheon, a unique
ger, Mrs. W.E. Young, Mrs. J. Women's Confab ; 'rf Senior High School. While there activity sponsored by Coop
L. Montgomery Dinner was Miss McNair was a member of er's Academy, Bishop M.C.R.

later served at the St. Job n Meets At FMCThe the Gold Key Chapter of the REV.. W.L. Cooper, founder and organlter,
River Pat ,on the Southslde.SI. National Honor Society, the Rev. Gatson of First an unusual success
seventh annual boast Bible Club, the dee Club, the Baptist will be guests. Several presented solos. The
party of the Women's Convention : ,Cheerleadlng Squad, Ladles of Wenesday night will lively discussion In which many
Peter's Will and Auxiliary to the Baptist Raines Club, Les Optima Club the appearance of engaged was Interesting -

General Convention of Florida, and of the Psychology Club. churches, pastors, and Tbe panel discussed: "The
Sponsor Dual Day Inc, will be held Tuesday, July Miss McNair plans to enter gregations. Rev Cr Christian Role ia.World
30; and August 1, at Florida Florida Memorial College in Colosslans : Affairs." Rev. R.L. Rodgers,
$t. Peter's Baptist, 1737 West Memorial College. Dr. R.W. September.Miss Barnes of Baptist Sweetfleld, chairman of the trustee board,
Puryear Is president. Ls I Dunmyer Is the daughter chairman.Others
3rd, will observe its annual and Rev. Smith of the acted u were
n ,of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dunmyer. S. Waimamaker Mrs.
Dual Day Services Sunday, July t ty Baptist Church will be Mrs. A.
Z1. Wives Plans Meet i She Is secretary: of the Sunday On Martin and Mrs. D. Cooper.
Thursday night
Sunday School begins at 9.30 School and President of Choir Crooms will be The Academy beglnsits
D. Jones. No. Z. Miss Dunmyer Is a 1968 for the fan
with Mrs. Clark u superintendent. With Mrs. Jerusalem Baptist. registration term
The morning services graduate of William Raines will from on Monday, August S, for
Wright come
begin at 11 a.m. Mrs. Lena M. The regular business meeting Senior High School. While there and Rev. students from the kindergarten
Mercer will be Pastor for the she was a member of the Student green the twelfth
of the Baptist Ministers Wives pastor of Sinai throagb grade.
Day. The Whosoever Will Prayer will be July 22 In the home of Council, the Senior Council, be present. Adults may register also.
Band will participate. Rev and Mrs. D.J. Jones 1531 the Mathematics Dramatics Club.Club and She of the On Friday night Rev. Church Academy Is located at

Mrs. Gertrude Smith will be West 10th Street, at 530. Reports to enter Florida% Junior College: plans of DeLands Baptist 2032 Benedict Road.
the guest speaker. Miss Joan will be made on the r r r In September. be present.On .
Hicks will be the guest speaker project Scholarships are given annually Sunday afternoon Re Mrs. Mangram Will
for the afternoon. Rev.Marcella -
Graham of Mt. Ararat
by the Education Committee.
Evans will speak at 7.30 West Side Ushers Grant Memorial AME Church will celebrate Tooth Day Sunday July 21. The three'rotas1 Robert Sprulll Is -
p.m. Mrs. D. Barsden is Chair persons shown above have teen chosen as officers. On the left is Terry Baker, chairman of Luvenla Newman presidentMrs. Appear In Concert'Mrs.
s chairman Rev. Davis
man. Deacon Hicks is Co-chair' Hold Special HourThe programs. Miss Beverly McIntosh, center, will be co-chairman, assisting Bernard Reed, of tilt Scholarship
man Rev. E. M. Tolbert is right, chairman Dr. A. Joseph Reddlck Is pastor of the church. Committee Rev. J.W. Johnson Debris Mangram Reid
pastor At First be featured In a vocal re.
Westslde Ushers pastor.
Friendly Sunday night, July 21, laSt
First .Corinth Union will have the revival hour Central CME Rev. J.W. Davis will Thomas Baptist Church

Has CommunionCommunion Sunday Primitive at 2:43 la the Church Mt. Olive Rev CHURCH NEWS"] CelebratesProfessor the sermon Sunday MoncrlefatlJth.

will be observedat J.M. Dixon Baptist is pastor. ,Mrs. Church Will Honor I| First Corinth Baptist Mrs. Reid will be accompanied

the First Corinth Baptist July Longworth will present G. N.Green organist Duval and Madison by Nathaniel Huff.
Church, Madison and D u a Ie the mistress of ceremonies, Women's Day of the Church Christ Written Comminlon will This program Is sponsored
Sunday, at 3 p.m. Rev. Jones Mrs. Henretta Brown. Phillip TABERNACLE BAPTIST INSTITUTIONAL In Heaven 1430 Kings Road, ministered at 3 p.m. by Deacon James Douglas The
Is pastor. Rev. J. Davis will Attack Is president Central MetropolltanCME Sunday School begins at ':SO, Mrs. Hessle Solomon la chirp. will celebrate his anniversary W.L. Jones proceeds will be wed for the
speak. Church will celebrate Women's The lesson will be reviewed by Deacon L.C. Witts. At 11 a... In the cBurck Monday sight sermon. Sunday School benefit of Men's Day August
Day on July 21. Mrs Sarah will deliver at 945. 21. Rev. W.C. Neal Is pastor.
will Rev. W.E.
- the morning service begin. Young
- Davis will be the
Washington the morning message. All adult choirs, the Senior Male Choirs
principal speaker during the and Usher Board No: I will serve. BTU Is Sunday at I p.m. The Grant A.M.E. Will
morning worship hour. Mrs. night service Is from 7 to I p.m. The teachers' meeting Is
n.7 Mary Dennis General Chair Wednesday at 6c45.. The ,youth choirs will rehearse at 530.
man Mrs. Evergle Coker Is Prayer meeting will be at 730. The W.E. Young dub: and the Celebrate h Day SundayThe
co-chairman. Mrs Etta L. Workers Club will bold their anniversary on July 21,
Brooks Is chairman of the Program Willing The service Vouth1 of Grant & &!#. Church will observe;
Mrs. Pearl Denffleld and Hdi King are presidents.
e Committee, Mrs.'. Julia Jones Is their annual day Sunday the day according to Ber;
will begin at 3:30/Mai Day will be August 21. L.V.
Burweil of the Contact Com' 'chairman. Charles Reed Ifco-chairman. )Edward Allen Is card Reed ud his ca them for .the day Is "The,
Effect: of Christianity of Today".
Other Committee chairmenare secretary. The day will begin with and Beverly Bradley.

: Devotions, Mrs Dorothy Baker acting u Bernard Reed Is Chairman of
Wallace; Courtesy, Mrs. Theresa MT. SALEM BAPTBT at 9.30 a.m., In the the day. Miss Beverly Joyce
( Johnson; Finance, Mrs Sunday School begins at 9.30 with the assistant superintendent, School. The lesson to McIntosh Is Co- h Ir a,L
AMATtOMAlMDIOTtUfMOMICAUIMtMOWCWVrMlJSSVfS Charlotte Simmons; Music, Mrs. Inei Scott, In charge Th lesson will be reviewed by asappointee cussed Is "Challenge Terry Baker Is the Program
Mrs. Banns Williams Youth, The morning service begins at 11 a.m. with DeaconsA. life" The reviewer Chairman
Mrs Peggye Norman; Secretary : Sllber and F. Neal In charge.. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board. lesson will be Robert
Mrs. Willie Washington; No. 1 will serve "The evening service begins at I p... with The morning worship

: Missionary Work, Was Lots Deacons J. Green and Eugene Calhoun In charge. Rev. W.Q. Gft GREEN at 10:45 a.m., with .M..iJ'a

Do you have Questiondllabbout! the Dll-; Folson and Ushers, Mrs Anna Rogers Is pastor, Mrs C. Sampson Is reporter Jury tt, at which'time many Reed presiding. The Community A.M.E.
Lewis. Re,.MC.Merriweather will express appreciation: for win be Rev F.D.
.lest crisis our nation has ever Is pastor C. Delores Brown Is the services he has rendered Jr. Ladies Plan Confab
faced, the racial crisis? chairman of publicity COLOSSIANS BAPTIST the community. The affair 1s Miss Beverly Joyce
Sunday School begins at 9.30 with the superintendent and
Do you have suggestions you'd like open to the public Elder Thomas will preside over the The women of Union Community
teachers In charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the super
to make to the Black and the White: -I intendent. The morning worship begins at 11 a.m., the evening Brown is pastor. Mrs. worship A panel at discussion 6:43 p.m.will &M.E.Chmrch' met after

leadership about how to solve it? PALMER'S worship at 6 p m. Rev. R.J. Crawford, pastor, will deliver both Roxena Reporter.P. Mlddleton Is Church with Miss Brenda J. service Sunday and made for

Do you want to hear what other I "SKIN SUCCESS" sermon Choir No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will serve Cynthia Kendricks,M1u their annual day.
> throughout the day. Rev. Crawford and the church will take part Officers were elected. Mrs.
ordinary citizens ask people John Copeland Oran
OINTMENT In the Installation service at Bethlehem Baptist Church for Rev Yale | Baptist Walter Thelma Richardson will be
Lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and / chairman Mrs. Aaron Frier-
ta *n rut tuaa sail' HM m Williams. On July 29, the church and the pastor will worship The panelist will
what sort of answers they come up. ITCIlM, 'mitlTMl. Ml KMM W MMM *- with Banish Baptist, Rev Demps, pastor. This will bean con will be Co-chairman. Mrs.
; > roe ems TNMMNf NU'". MlM Assembly MeetsThe following areas:
with? Make yourself heard and hear it are net IMI wu our me.Puras'wr anniversary service. Prayer meeting Is Tuesday at 730. The Brotherhood, Social Jeanette Irving will serve u
C church Is located at 1154 31st. Secretary. Mrs. Joanita Green
all on NIGHT CALL, the new, nationwide aacur IIITWIIT. W. Mission and Fellowship Opportunities, and Mrs. Willie Danlelswerelacharge
w r F1
= car cure\ = = : Conference of the Lake Yale Religion. will
telephone call-in show. s w car.caw. ALLONDALE MISSIONARY BAPTIST of programs Mrs. AA
ft r. *
wow, .=.. ft. IUL aril toIM *..= Sunday School begins at 10 a.... The morning service begins 'Baptist Assembly was sueCMSfuL -" around the mala theme Houston Is Ueporter. Other d-
: P M.TI 12:30A.M.. Youth's
; Uinjp11:30 : me ,M e.n.d toy MLHUt Dr. V.C. Ford pastor Day. will be
'ma Maar tmima at 11 a.m. At 3 p.m the Holy Communion will be observed with selected by the.
Iff KnU Monday Thumb Friday .... < ...* ,M ..... iwM br tnmft. Rev. Tiltoy in charge. On Wednesday at ( pjn the rehearsal of of the Piney Grove Baptist "Cover Girl General chairman
ear..IntUUM w tab*ri IMIKM. Church wu elected Minister terminate on this day.
the choir will be held. No.service will be held Sunday night\ the
1 tMWMO Musk. following
Call Celled 212-749-3311 young
I .
DI1.Y44C a"mme met Christ Written:
Four be named "Miss Grant
The United Methodist Church uL UMiniCtlteoNOMY PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF FIRST BORNA were in
Released In cooperation with the UH i* en m*,MCtn handerkerchlef tea will be held July 21 from <4< to p.m. charge namely: Mrs. Clyde orial": Celeste Duncan.
B. UrfrT lyn Shehee Patricia In Will
Mrs. Annie Heaven
National Council of Churches MUB-WOI rioncTKmMM Bishop Edward White Is pastor. Judges will be Mrs. Debris B. Bervenla
M* M4c iit turn t t/mu Brigham Mrs. Susie C. Hoiky Wright,
National Catholic Office for Radio and Television a.a."Mil_MCC1U a/ **.;erl.na N M rtepn.l. CONTINUED ON PAGE .< and Mrs Hannah B. Mil- Beverly Joyce McM Festival
Florida Council of Churcheswww U>MU *mw' liM MBI >.. ler. rkta Reddlck, Mildred Enjoy
? .it. i. k. UN.
rYa11 "Mil Mean" Utf Wu
Frulef! *".
The Church of Christ Written
-' (H.Ufc of A.C.E. leave .Durham,,Sharon Cynthia Baker, In Heaven, 1430 Kings Road,

i r Joint Bob S.tih Sunt.u-h ily flan Now Meets Brenda Floyd, Shirley will be the of scene the Pastor's of the anniversary Aid-

f Club at 3.30
fI I Family Group Pictures In Breadth Christian. End e groups of the city will partici
St. Paul, ChurchThe pate. Mrs. Mattie Leonard Is

I Color And Too. FimtRfM.HOME Has Meet president
: Taking Living Discount I ACE LStsePaul meet Pastoral Day win be observed

Sunday at Sunday also. The Sunday School
"' I Church at 3 p.m. The theme begins at 10
I Se I eel The Best I Jacksonville's. Leading" will be Oar Civic and Moral Christian Endeavor at McCkndoa is&.IL superintendent, Mrs. Emma

Individual Service Responsibility." A.C.Cartrlght A.M.E. Church will be Deacon L.C. Franklin Is addt

rJI'" AVAILABLE TO EVKRYONEREGAfcDLES and Harry Williams are directors. July 21, at 3 p.m. The teacher.. At noon the Attar Pray
Usher Board Pictures Sinner We Will / tor. Rev.A.C.Chandler Is pas will feature a panel '"'" Band will hold devotions.

$ OF co "Morals and Civic Elder Thomas Brown, pastor,,
sibility. Discussants. wUl speak.
Passport Pictures I Veddiii. Receptions FINANCIAL I CONDITION Rev. Barnes Will Kenneth Tettalr.: Jt 6.30 pjn., the Youth Hour
I llama and "Mighty will be held Mrs. L. Council
gj LADY ATTENDANTS'', Be Guest Preacher Belt Is president The evening worship
Private Clubs IL curb Aniiersaries "STAFF ORGANIST This activity Is a part begins at 730. ,'

I AIR CONDITIONED Tbe District Sunday School' Endeavor's project The Church's Prayer Bud
and Baptist Training UiloaCon- Jack," currently being .meets at Tuesday son Mrs.
Bowlini Teams lab Pictures a BURIAL.* SHIPPING tress of the Union St. James sorest by the A.MJ5. Ann West Is president. The

CREMATION I Association is now in session groups of the area Home Mission Prayer Bud
I' CALL DAY OR NIGHT with the St James Baptist be furnished. by the Beets on Tuesday nlght/Tbe
Church Mcdenuy, Florida. Trio. lesson will be taught Deacon

IF IT.IS IMPORTANT TRUST YOUR PICTURES ONLY I' Ambulance Rev. J.L Scott Is host pastor Rev. N. 'McCrary L.C. Franklin and Mrs. En
; t I II Tte session ends July U. Rev E. Motley of the Hicks will discuss the lessee
II I CJf. Witklns moderator.Rev. Committee are r8C Tarry services are Thursday.night
l J I WITH A' PROFESSIONAL 'PHOTOGRAPHER |I 7d9 isllI D.B. Banes! of Sweetfield Bap ministers to be present at I PJB. on Friday night

list Jacksonville, Is president to recommend Choir No. 1 will rehearse withProfessor

Rev. Harass Choir No. J, scholarships. A. N. Greet direc
11 BOB SMITH FASHION STUDIO 4a15' IU "B". Usher Board No. S will accompany the fund are being Ung. Mrs E. Brown Is presi

I ARNETT P. ROGERS l.F.D.: Rev Barnes to McOenny should be turned in by dent. The Youth of the Church
fl Sunday morning Be witt deliver July 2>. Alexander will rehears Monday tight,
the services there state director. Mr 21, at s p.m. Henry Wyim
<> Is organist.GE .

VOL. 4 .N0'43. .

.'" '
'L l I,,}'. .
( '
'JJ .
: .
t" : .
Jb .."' k.I' '.,.._ ,' ._ L ,f.- ...'_d.a., ,... ...... ... .. ,.j...:... ..... "
;1.''" .............. .......-. ...-...-...........-...... .........-...."..........oc ................-..L_< .""- &..;........-- .. _:.............. L_ It ..._._ __,c._.._ ___._ _.1 .+.+.tn.-. ,. ,,,...; << ,. .. .'. ...

___ _nnnnnn_ nn_ n_ _. -
o' .
o' on o. .




I Councilwoman Sal lye Mathis Will Address New Redeem Youth I I


Young People Will Take Grant over Girls Rev Barnes Will Deliver

of Services ', r'e e : ..- NS 1 Sermon At District Meet II I

Charge Day's .'. ?y
'-I MCCLENNY, FU. -Rev.D.B.Barnes,president of the District

Councilwoman Sallye Mathis will be the principal speaker 'I Sunday School and Baptist Training Union, an auxiliary the St. \

Sunday morning, July 21, at New Redeem Baptist, at which time James Association of Florida, will deliver a keynote message

I the young people will celebrate their day. Mrs. Mathis one before the hundreds of delegates there this week h
of two women lawmakers on the Council.. Rev. Barnes, pastor Sweet- .:Rev. J.W. Marshall, New Zion I
Services all day will empha- lu field Baptist Church of Jackson '.Baptist, Fernandina, Rev B.J. ji i

size the importance of youth r+ vllle will deliver the sermon Wallace{i Bethlehem, Rev. Levi

Sunday School will begin at In the Sunday morning service .Green, Central BaptistandRev I
930am. with Nathaniel y Rev. Barnes will be accompanied :R.L. Smith, First Timothy Baptist. I

Singleton in charge. Assisting / 'c by officials, music ,
him will be Miss Shirley Ball, ,' groups and members.The Appearing, among others

David Ross, Charlie convention, which draws r--' I

Cynthia Branch,Betty I. many from all parts of Florida,
Lena D. Melton and is the guest of the St. James

Jones, Jr. ReY. O.G. ; FSALLEY Baptist Church, Rev J.I. Scott : .'.
;win review the lesson. ... pastor, The theme this year is :t'Q. .

In the morning service ."Broadening Restoration:
welt and Jerry Of Christian Fellowship I
Through the Baptist Church "
lead devotions Miss i
MATHS ,. The thme Is "What A
Richardson w lead the i song
She is a member of the "
Notices will be read by 'M1 Fellowship.
of Women Voters and of
Ward L. Green will Jacksonville On Friday morning, July 19,

Scripture., Rev E.L Board of Directors Urban Miss ElouIse Keyes of Greater
Shiloh will Dean
pastor, will pray for the Scbool'J Mathis is a Baptist speak.
.Leander Jones will conduct an
Wilhemlna Smith will of the Citizens
the welcome For Better institute. Rev. Granny of New
will Mt. Olive will speak also, with
response come
and of the Executive Board
$baron ,Garmm Mrs. YMCA The speaker wu Rev. ILL Baker, of Baldwin,
u an alternate.
Baker will the
present In Jacksonville and at*
Mrs. Mathis. The Friday afternoon service 4 4 ,If
the local schools
The offering will be begins at 2 p.m. Rev LJ. Bft.REV.!.
her Bachelor '
W. : 1 Coleman will : :
Horace Dli and from Tuskegee and her vice-president : :
Mrs. Mathis is a '. from FAMU. Mrs preside..The election of officers were, Thursday Mrs. Rose

,the Central Baptist Is a former teacher always interesting, will Barrow music, Rev.J.W.Mar 01

,serves u a member Dean of Girls at Matthew take place. shaD alas barb'ara Badger,
.choir and of the Sunday Rev. Prince Smith will deliver Emanuel Baptist Rev A.F.
the Inspiration address Friday Cummings West Union Baptist

night Rev. A. Anderson will Rev SM SUrks.

Progressive Baptist Stale deliver the sermon. Rev. S.L. Officers are: Moderator\ Rev. J

,, -' ,-, _. Badger of Emanuel Baptist will C. Watkins; president, Rev. D.
preside over the educational Barnes first vice-president,
School Confab ,
Sunday -
MeetsThe -
rally. Ret LJ. Coleman; Second

Progressive Baptist State Sunday School andBaptist ,,..s. ; On Saturday Rev. Fred Williams vice-president. Deacon E.J.

{I'.Training Union Convention will be July 21 to28 at the Zion Hope of Sweetfleld will hold Vereen; recording secretary,'
memorial services with his
Baptist Church, 1191 West Church, Jacksonville. Rev. E. R. Mrs Bessie Sermon; assistant
\Simpson is pastor. The theme will be"Onward Christian Soldiers alternate as Rev R.H. recording secretary; Miss
In World Crisis. n Nr Whltaker. Patricia Hunt; corresponding

The Worship Registration from Canal Point Rev. J. B. The Sunday School will have secretary, Mrs Helen Law. "
will conduct the educational Its superintendent Deacon E.J. rente.
be from S to S p.m. The local Adams
church program begins at ':30 rally assisted by district Vereen ofMt Tabor Baptist; Statistical secretary, Miss. '

and will be assisted by State members. Palatka. The devotional services Emily Adams; treasurer,
will fea will be led by Deacons Deacon Leroy Ellington
Director of Music Mrs. Mary Friday's programs
Whltehurse and Mrs. E4. Bar tore sermons and messages by .- Leroy Ellington and Amos emeritus treasurer Deacon
grett, assistant. Mrs. Tbelma Rev. Tfaedtord Williams, Gulf Jd'C-' r''f; :t ... FI'.1\ Sermon. Rev L.J.Coleman will Porter Prince; historian, Mrs

Watson of Or Undo respond. Coast District Tampa; Deacon A Cover Girl Contest will to a feature of the Youth Day Program Cynthia Dawson, 'Beverly Mclntosh and Carlene Holmes: Not be The an alternate Convention to Is Fey outstanding Barnes Hessle Solomon; musician,

On Wednesday morning at 6:ISa G.W. Scott and Rev. L.T.Freeman at Grant Memorial AILS Church Sunday, July 21. This enthusiastic shown are: Gild Duncan, Carolyn Shehee, Patricia Weston In that approved courses of Miss. Carolyn Andrew; chairman -
President& of worship Miss LoqulraBrewer : \ I
.m., registration and classes Dr. J.C. Sams, contest will terminate Sunday. One of the young ladies Renee King Brenda Floyd Mildred Martin, M. Frances Wilson, Instruction are given thus enabling -
Convention dean of Religious Education -
begin Dean J.L. Stephens will of the National Baptist will be named "Miss Grant Memorial. Those seen In the Sharon Baker, Vanrtte Durham, Beverly Bradley and Shirley those completing the ;
Rev. R. Leander Jones
be in charge.conference The mWslers'breakfut will beat Lewis of, St.America Mary;,Miss Jacksonville Rcgenia; picture, from the left, are: Patricia, Reddick, Herve.nla Wright, Gelser.. Dr. A. Joseph Reddick Is pastor. courses to return to their home.. .chairman: of finance, Deacon;

I.1S. Reuben Triplett, Mt Carmel churches better equipped.- Leroy Ellington and Director'of I

At 9:SO Mrs Mary Whitehurst Clearwater; Rev. John Wile Soul Saving Club sUnctors were Rev. WJE. Mule, Mrs: Rose Barrow
Mt. Salem Holds Young Mrs. Ruth Solomon ,
and Mrs. Hargrett will lead the Tampa and Rev. Il w. Wilcox,
Rev. J.C. McCrary, MeetThe CHURCH NEWS Mrs. Hessle M. Solomon, Rev '
song service.Rl'f.l.F.Hargrett Tampa; Plans Sunrise
J.B. Klnchen Mrs.DB.Barnes
alter Rv. E. L. Two ,
of Orlando will develop the Sarasota Annual Forum
Closes J
Hamilton Arcadia. Soul Saving and Healing CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 and Mrs. Helen M. Lawrence
theme. Miss Brlnda Williams of .. \
Orlando will sing Rev F.G. On Saturday morning at 9:45 Band No. 2 will sponsor a Sun Duffee, Zloo'Hope Missionary baptist'Mrs. Luquestia Everett Celebrations The convention opened Monday

Hilton, St. John's Progressive a discussion on civil: ri&btlWill XM Service on the water at the ,at,J>aul AME and Mrs Collie -*,,*.st Emanuel Baptist Miss. with the welcome from St Preacher' Meet, .J
James Miss Carlett .
Baptist Church, 'Tampa; will be featured. Participants will toRev. beach, Sunday;July JI.Busu'will : \Vera Benjamin Is mistress of ceremonies. The Traveling Stars Baptist*
preach, with Rev. Jerry Hay' 1.1.Mt1DI,Winter Haven.Rev. leave 413 Copeland at 4-45 will also appear. Miss. Josephine Jones Is reporter. Bishop [ 8e1t0D of Mt Tabor of Jack.exvihe *. On "Concerns"CLEVELAND

man u alternate from Penny J.B. Adams, Belle Glade, a.m., 1219 Adams Street at Marlon White Is Junior bishop. responded.
Farms. Rev. W. j. Grover will Rev. A.B. Coleman Jackson 4:SS. 130 E. Union at 9.10, FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH I Appearing on Thursday's pro -The Committee I

develop the theme In the after vllle. Members of the Social 1111I and Moncrlef at 8:30 andSMI Sunday School begins at 9:30. The morning service begins at heat R.were Leander Rev James Jones Oliver Miss, of Concern, forum of the

moo Study courses will follow Justice committee will be Rev. Paris Avenue at S:45. All 11 a.m. Choir No. 1 and Choir No. X still serve all day, along Elouise Greater SMloh" Cleveland United Pastors Association

On Wednesday night young C.B. Dallry, Rev. L Edwards, are welcome. Mrs. Elizabeth. with Usher Boards No. 1 and No. X. Mrs M.L. Johnson will be Keyes, has filed a requestor

people will be featured. Miss Rev J.W. Toomer and Rev. W. Braswell Is leader. In charge: of music. District No. 3 will bold their monthly an appearance before the

Deborah Belle, Mt Calvary R. Lovelace.The meeting Sunday afternoon, July 21 at 3 p.m., In the home of New Hope AME's' I Republican Platform Committee -
Jacksonville, and Andrew Wilson State Children on Parade Mrs. Mangram Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Reddick 5j51 Dunmire. The Willing e during its deliberations In

III. Zion Hill Baptist S.- program will be Saturday at W,.bra and the Pastor's Aid Board are sponsoring a special Men's Day Will Miami.
bring, will participate. Rev T. S p.m. Mrs. W.... Warren of Reid Plans affair. Usher Board No. 1 will nave a Spiritual Tea on July Spokesmen will to chosen and

J. James of Tampa will deliver Bowling Green andRev. Loll 21, from 4 to 6 p.m., at the church. Rev.Remus Smith Is pas will go to both political or*
the sermon with Rev. J.C.Sims King Clewlston, will be con Voice Recital tor. Be June 28 ganl rations.

of laurel u alternate The Youth will parade at The Committee of Concern
tin: Debark Mangram Reid New
On Sunday July 28 HopeAME
.Mission Rally will be conducted night, with Mrs.H.L.Alexander will be featured In a recital FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE BAPTIST Church, will celebrate its Is sponsoring this meeting to*
L Edwards Rev. E. of Orlando and Rev.H.B.White School 9 Leaster Smith cause It wants to bring to the
by Rev. at St. Thomas Baptist church: Sunday begins at :30 Sunday with Mrs. Men's Day not on Sunday, July
'Armster and Rev. S. C. Cald burst of Sanf ord,as conductors. 15th and Moncrlef Road. Sunday s g erldendedchuge.: The morning service begins at 1130. 11. attention of both major partied

well. Presidents' night will be Sunday School begins at I:30 night, July 21. at I p.m. with the devotions la charge: of the Deacons Winston Ware and REV KOGER8Mt Willie Aaron, Jr., will be general the problems relating to the

observed. Rev. T.... Crawford a.ra. Present will be W.G. Patterson Mrs. Mangram will to accompanied Joseph McPberson. An evanegellst Rev. OJl. Smith will speak. Salem Baptist'Church: chair: man.SammleDrayton Negro
.Winter Have; President of the President of the East by Nathaniel Rut!. District "0. 4 will meet at the church: at 4 p.m. Deacon Wins will be co-chairman.
1281 W. 22nd will be the scene
.Union Foreign District SS Contention Florida and Bethany District The program Is for the benefit ton Wart Is leader. The evening worship begins at 5 p.. Rev. of the celebrating, of two an* Rev A.J.Hughes

.will,preach.: The alternate Rev. W.R. Lovelace, Lakeland, of Men's Sky' Smith will preach between 22 and
niversaries July
will be Rev. AX Dray- with choirs: and ushers. net
July 28, that of the church itself, Will Be In ContestDistrict
.ton. Moore Haven President of Union Cornmunih
the Klssimme Valley District and that of the pastor, Rev.
W.Q. Rogers, both 10 years No. X of St. John's '

Convention L n Ministers, congregations, and Baptist Church will present
.On Thursday morning Rev ,
associated units will to present Mrs Mae Flagler, along with
H. King of Clewlston wll speak.
Miss Uule Robinson will sing. js On Monday night, July 22, Rev. Rev A.J. Hughes, In a battleof
R.T. Wallace of St. Peter's songs Sunday night, July 21,
Leon '
At 11 a.a., Rev. Camp F
I AME Church and Rev. R.B. at I p m.. In the church: ,Oakley
bell of Belle Glade will speak
f Logan of Messiah Baptist and Brldier Streets. The Bell
with Rev. James Bryant of S1.KarJ' I '
x Church will be present Singers and other will appear.
alternate from South
Ministers Tuesday night will Miss Helen Bell Is president
.side. Rev. E. tentler will develop -
the theme Taersdayalter.noon. \ t be: Rev. L Gunday, Lewis..* : Rev. A.J. Hughes is pastor. !
morial AME Rev. J.W. John r
Thursday night youth will / M bII' ,
speak. Miss Jacklyn Laughter of T son, Philadelphia Baptist; R" 1 rBEYERLY Jerusalem Church
Bell Baptist
A.J. Epheslan ;
1 St. John's, Orlando, and Arthur' : Rev n. Scott, Moncrief Baptist r Announces Efforts
Jones, St. John's Progressive,
''t Church and Rey. A.J. Warren
, ,
Tampa, win speak. Rev. Columbus .M Varick Memorial AME Zion. Jerusalem Baptist Church
Bridges of Winter Haven 2935 Old St. Augustine Road,
I Wednesday night three
J. MCNAIiiMiss
is scheduled to preach with Southslde, has announced a
ministers are scheduled for
m Jean McNairwas
Rev W.C.Cnmity as bternate,. Beverly number of activities for Sun 1
participation. They are: Rev. one of the scholarship
I .,4..wtI Grant Lee, Mt. Lill. Baptist winners at day.
T In Memoriam a Church Rev F.W. Jones, tist Church Philadelphia last week. Bap-The At 2.30 p.m., the Cub Scouts 'II 1
Pack No. 68 of the Church will
i I. I Fountain Chapel AYE and Rev. EducaUooCommw e present 1

I.I I I.L ln .... "' J.W. Perry, Mt. Herman Baptist ed Miss McNair with a hold their first achievement McCul- l 4 I
lt The Missionary Society of the Union AWzQ.da. Otis Myles. Rev. N. McCray, Mrs. A.B. Houston, Mrs. Louise scholarship for 1100,00Wiuuer ceremonies.lough: Is Cub Master "

served tea recently and received many guests. This A. Paul Grimes, Miss. Willie B. Daniels, Mrs. Juanlta .Greene, and On Thursday night those A special activity win extend
t Crawford photo shows some of those whocame for the gala from johnny Grlggs. scheduled are: Rev. A.B. Reed,
throughout the day for the {
left Wallace Robinson Second Baptist Church, Jacksonville -
are: D. Harrington, Cleveland Johnon.
benefit of Men's Day Geroge
Sunrise Beach; Rev C.J. ,
Singers *
fverson Street Crosby, Trinity Baptist Church Massey will be captain ,

, Dr. A. Chester: Clark Dies; Ushers Celebrates Plan Big Musical and Bethel Rev.Baptist SA.Church Thomas and, Rev Mt .Sunday morning School service begins at at 9:30 11
Usher Board No. 1 of Eversotf( The Sunrise Singers wll behead J.W. Marshall New Zion a..., and the evening servicesat
I Was Prominint AME Figure Street Baptist Church: will celebrate Sunday July 21, at 9 p.m., Fernandlna, Beach. 2:30. Deacon Johnny Taylorof
in the Holy Church of the Living
II the 24th anniversary Sun* Group No. 2 is chairman of
On three ministers
Friday night
I NEW YORK-Thousands dmourners were present for the last day, July 28, In the main auditorium God, 1993 Yule I. Mrs.* T. Non are scheduled Namely a special event.Deacon Toombsis

rites U the late Dr. A. Chester Clark at Emanuel AWE Church of the church at 3 p.m.Rev. Smith Is sponsor Rev J.B. Milton L oho reporter. Rev R.W. Jackson
and by their presence, attested to their faith in the fallen: A.E. Cumming of West Church is pastor

n I Christian leader. Rev. Josept i, L. Joiner,.president presided. Union Baptist, along with his Masons Will Greet Rev.Missionary E.L Norman Baptist, Redeen,
Four bishops of the connection positions Bishop Wilkes choir: and utters and memberswill GrandHead and Mt. Moriah
Deputy Baptist Ref.I.W.HuJetoa.
n were present They were Right offered the Prayer. Bishop be present. Mrs. Battle Mt. Canaan Baptist Church. Oi A.M.E. Plans
1 Reverend John D. Bright Sr., Hatcher read the Twenty-third Waters is president. Rev. O. B. Simmons, Deputy District Sunday July 28. at 11
n First District Right Reverend Psalms Bishop Bryant spoke /ohnsoQ Is pastor.Helping Grand Master of the Masons, Tony, Neal will delve a.a'iRev. For Men's Day i

W.R. Wilkes, Third District; for the Episcopacy.The has announced that all those Dinner Mt. Moriah
the anniversary A.M.E. Church
r Right Reverend Harrison late leader's career was Hand ClubThe Grand Master
t J. frum-iiif Deputy will follow the mornlnj plans for the church anniversary ;
f. LEROY Bryant Fifth District and Right long and varied. He was graduated Helping Hand Club' will A. Fleming on his visit here worship Mrs. C. Sampson b August 11 through the '
Reverend B.C. Hatcher from Edward Waters will wear lodge regalia. This
In of my sponsor a silver tea Smithy reporter. la.
loving memory
- husband Leroy Williams .Eleventh District (Florida). College and from Northwest: July .I.!, from 4 to 9 p..., at Till to eiplalned at a special Other services are u usual.
Bishop Bright delivered the era University in Evanston Dl.. meeting of Instruction July 20 Miss Yvonne
.who July 19, 1991 West 23rd. Mrs Catherine Sandra Dunmyer Sunday School begins at 9 45.
a passed away :
1963. Your memories will eulogy and reminisced u to his Later be received a D J). from: Griffey via speak. The at 1.30 at the Masonic Temple. was one of'' two winners of The morning service begins at

a live in oar hearts always. meeting with the late officer Payne Seminary at WUberf orce. Rev. Dunn Temple Prayer Band Grand Waster Fleming will BUY U. S. scholarships presented by the II a." The evening worship at

Signed Wife,Mrs.Ruby Williams some 32 years ago. Be spoke He was admitted to the South .will be In charge: of devotions make Us visit on July 27 at 7 SAVING BONDS Education Committee of the 7 p.m. Class leaders will make

and Family of his serving capably In many CONTINUED ON PAGE.ft' Mrs Josie Adams president. p. Philadelphia Baptist Church. reports. 1f

I ,.J.

.t i
1 t1

Ii .. i'

.., : _-:- ::;::._ .:.... .-,-'. c....... .. ..... .'.. : < ........ i.-" .i ... .: "' ""L;;' :. .. rrrl 'r.\-r.:1\l"F..1' .;'dsT. 1! t''t: 'h", )- .+, ''''- .' ... -

'. .. '. '. '. '. .. ., '. . . . . ,


.. ..



\ roorr By
Published by the florida Star Publlshllll WE ARE ALL MILITANTS
MEMBER -There is a word game being played in the press and else
where about civil rights leaders and organisations. The game

consists ,of labelling some as "moderates" and others umilitants.
i NEGRO P 'RNATIONAL '" ." It's a game anyone can play-and nearly every.. I

one does.But ,
it's a meaningless game, and even a misleading.
Regardless of the use of these pJi
labels, I don't know of anyone .. !
-A t 1 Iq .1. r ;in the movement who Is "mod-1 Jr
t crate" in the sense of willing fcl:
ERIC 0. SIMPSON MANAGING EDITOR ? f to compromise the rights of. '_ '
Negroes or in not feeling intensely >> j
ir"' :. about the problems ofdiscrimination
.Look at the Urban League I
It often gets stuck
2323'MONCRIEF ROAD''HO.N ( for example.
G) with the "moderate" label ,
( : 'simply because it doesn't shoot t
ELGIN 4-6782 MAILING ADDRESS and scream or throw bricks and ,1'1. j
+ I j i' ii I Molotov cocktails. .

P.O. BOX 599 IACKSONVIIIE. E FLORIDA But it Is an action agency whose 90 affiliates see about 600,008
low Income black people every year, helping them to tohrt
32201 ih Ii iJ VIi problems and bring about change in their lives.
I u a The League's basic position is that It seeks to develop "ghetto
MIAMI OFFICE 5018 N.W. 71H AYE. power" by organising the black community to defend its Interests
'through better social services Jobs and community natty
PHONE 151.3819 That's what Us annual conference In New Orleans at the end of
this month, will be planning for.
SUBSCRIPTIONS RATES But because it doesn't try to scare white people with vloleni-
One Year. $12.00 Half Year, 7.00 .sounding slogans, it is not considered "militant."
Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States Black college students are considered militant. Their tlt-lnt
Subscription payable in Advance AMERICAN and other demonstrations at campuses all over the country
AMERICAN INDIAN MEIl 1W AMERICAN PUERTO RICAN have forced college administrations to change manydlscrlmla.
Send Check or Money Order Co: AFROAMCRICAN AMERICAN
tory rules.
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 LEADERSHIP COHPERNC[ 4s.. But the Urban League 1s the only major organisation working
or das with these students. It has a special summer program In whkk
about 50 black student leaders will be working In about i
BANED TO CHALLENGE THE AMERICAN DREAM! down Urban Leagues around tile country helping to organist
ghetto residents. By the end of tile summer these young people
will have developed tile skills and the bow-bow to become
., ..._ ._ -_....._ ._ ..........., ............... really effective community er.when they graduate.
A SALUTE TO DR. GORE ,r--- We bear a lot' about separatism these days too. There is
: 'a lot of wild talk about wanting a separate state. But Inert
I are already seven all-black cities in the United States.I
1 YOUR nave yet to )pear about one, of these fire-eating"militants"
The announcement that Dr. George W. Gore I.1 WeeklyHOROSCOPE moving to one of them.

Jr. president of Florida AIM Universityat Hobson City Alabama, for example, has a black mayor,black
Tallahassee has submitted his resignation 1 police black administration but during the day many of Its
f' residents are 30 mfles away working for white people la Annlstos.
to become effective September
on I GUIDE And the Urban League Is the only agency I know of which Is
16, came as a surprise. However, it was understandable : in there, helping the people of Hobson City. Action, not talk,
and most likely a decision s Is what makes us militants.The .

which was made following the turmoil on so-called militants have strange bedfellows. When they
. the campus following the death of the I By PABLO The ASTROLOGER talk what of BUbo self-imposed segregation, all they are doing (saying
other white bigots used to say. Racists still
late Martin Luther King Jr. : want to keep black people out of the general society.
( Shakespeare said upon one occasion that But this U old, old stuff. About 150 years ago white racists
"the good that men do ,Is oft interred WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS \ t wanted to ship Negroes back to Africa, and some black people)
\ with their bones biit .tJ)' "Ntvil lives after at that time were willing to abandon dreams for equality and go.
II But la 1331, a group of Negroes met la New York and Issued
their death. ild',1& M"bf high calling
a statement which
stands today as the essence of the black
Dr. Gore got more than W.I| share of criticism > man's rights to freedom and equality. "This Is our borne
from the publlcjiiiich sometimes they said, "and this 1s our country. Beneath Us sod lie tht
pointed the finger of "Uncle Tom" at J J bones of our fathers; for it they fought, bled, and died. Bert
him when he 'did not deserve it. ,I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL we were torn, and tore we will die."
Black people want to be Included IN this society, not shut out
What most laymen and the public fail to of It. America is for all of us,of whatever race or color and
keep in mind is the fact that the way of III ..I/t.lI.k/II l//I:;i g1 R R .I.I.III.I.II.I.I.I.II.. /:; ... we are all militant when It comes t o demanding our full rights

p')\ t.I I> :aicoll g*;pre8ident IB bard, and that of II..:. ,, ....II.. .. Ii' .... .... ..' '1..i..J>.:..ttl_' :.t_" ,. ri I t. ,.. (
I thepresident of a predominantly Negro yn w.{ ') Iftf\ ......., v'"" j ....., .: 1 :. SHOW

' institution is' "hell. He must try to be ARIES10RN CANCERBORN LIBRA CAPRICIRN CAN PEACE PREVAIL ?

/ all things to all people when it is known MARCH JUNE .IOUSEPT.: BORN BEC.22NB the opposition to the Vietnam War and

that he can't for whatever he accomplished 21ST :, APRIL 19TRtt'i 22ND JULY 22ND ..2nD OCT. 238P. JAN. 1STI racial strife in the nation seems to have
was in part restricted by state's straight thud There are thwarted all notions of peace in the land.
Is Act discreetly. The time is not It seldom 1s simple.The longer
There certainly
inn (I' a certain Imbedded Try harder.
politicians who cannot Always be dependedupon. far off when Librana can Ingrained or Inhibitions Perhaps we fail to realize that there are
.", eq.. reluctance that may shackle Individual much going for you, and this Is many prejudices
.7 Initiative should It be the moment to benefit from It bring off a coup that may be have been permitted to exist many different kinds of peace existing in.
One should not expect a college president allowed to remain unchallenged. in large measure. At the same termed extremely successful. the harder It 1s to uproot the world today.
tobe chiefly a civil rights promoter It may be due to a lack of time, the force holding you But. In the meanwhile, a tight them. The willingness to do so We know that the people of the United
for he ought to be felly llf-confident nurtured by past back Is also as Us peak (17th). clamp on personal trade or appears to to there, but States
an educator. want
war to end. The people in
failures or shortcomings. DM A little demonstration of willpower professional secrets must be whether the strength requiredcat
Whatever he does must be measured by the them only aa guidelines to amore and energetic action kept so as not to imperUfavor to found is quite another Vietnam want peace. There is peace that is
principles of standard education. forceful and construct could tip the scales enough to able outcomes (17th, 18th). The matter (1'ltll.1t) may to necessary artificially induced in men. Among persons .
Yet amidst all the impedances he confronted approach to present alma and carry the day and secure theprivileges fact that worldly Interests may to borrow It from someone it is the peace of the tranquilizer
that ahould to to making claims on most U close or from a professional ,
Creative talent
((17th) yours.
Or. Gore led the way in making and occupational skills Be vigilant so as not to miss a not all of the available time; counselor. Should this be the peace of withdrawal found in forgetting
FAMU an institution of high standing in art definitely la the saddle single opening to seU Ideas and must not be allowed to cause shown to be feasible, do not all the problems the peace of the
tends of the disabling factors. The Institution .and they ahould be allowed to to make the desired impression the omission of looking after hesitate to make the proper contacts brainwashed prisoner and the "dropout"
grew in enrollment from 1,600to range the full scope of their on the persons in whom you are the family welfare and security. and arrangements on the from school. There is the
potentials. Domestic aa well aa Interested (18th-zzad). Get closer to collaborators and leh-iznd. There certainly a peace of slavery
more than 4,000; bifurcated Into a I gainful endeavors will providethe 7 20 44 17 II 246 work out ways and means to grand qItD1ncfor mutual understanding and subjection.
school of law, a school of pharmacy, a bull for harmony understanding make the most constructive and the charting of a While we want to cease war, we must rem'
school of liberal arts school of education and the continuity of LEO plans for the future of all concerned joint course of action that will ember that there are more things worse

vocational and technical institute affection and togetheroeaa. BORN JULY and poise(find can). go Ltbraa a long charm way 9)beneficial.. SO 11 16.72.646AQUARIUS than war. Slavery is worse than war; dis-
and a graduate school which ceased 4. 30. .1 It U :938 honor
operation in winning friends. worse than war; a lifetime in
this year. TAURUS' 22ND AUG. 131H i 70 22 13 63 67324TI prison is worse than war; sin is worse than

New buildings sprang up like mushrooms 00RH APRIL It rolls along.The month wends BORN JAN. war; a man defeated in spirit is worse
old ones were improved by renovations.Most its merry way pretty much u I\CI\IP\ than war.History .
20IH MAY 20TH it started. Any time may be T. 20TNFEB{ 1ITI
recently a fine arts building an It la bard to budge.Despite the considered Ideal for taking lone NOV. 22NI Problems fieepen. The well- affords many examples of enlightened -
education building and laboratory school 'numerous favorable aspects as well aa short vacations being of someone' close may be peace as something we can attain..
gymnasium aa long aa somebody trust- Pave the way. Even U it Is a source of concern placing
were completed--the latter urging aU Taureana to go after Lincoln developed a sympathy for the
to wait until the next
worthy is carrying on in preferable greater strains on your own
estimated at 500000. ,their hearts' desires,there Is a your
condition that Insists place. Should there be any doubt quarter to start out anything nervous system. But there also South during the closing days of the' I
: The institution has been accredited by new there is nothing prevent Civil War in 1865
on barring the way to complete about the jnatter. It appears are so many protective ; and HcArthur' treat-
I several rating agencies. This permitted fulfillment (17th). It only goes wiser to sacrifice personal one from making extensive preparations influences that the possibility of ment of the Japanese :in 1965 showed that
its graduates to enter many graduate and to prove that mistakes made pleasures for the sake of now. Do not be put surmounting present difficulties much can be done when there is a desirefo
off by Individuals who are reluctant are Just as u
I security: and peace of mind
professional schools In the days by are bard
across the nation. gone
to their dutiesor heal old wounds. The desire for peace
r and often Impossible to live (18th-22nd). Do not reveal the. perform ,they were during previous
This newspaper considers it an honor to down In Instances where the trump cards In your hand a* who lmp1yIf.trying topass .ordeals (17th, 18th). A propltlous should overshadow the desire to exact 're
salute a gentleman a friend, fine educational remedy la available, It should yet for the right moment to the buck (17th). U necessary: .., day for making decisions tribution.The .
%. adviser and Christian. be applied at once and without play them is not apt to appear get someone who knows the "should be the 22nd. But it would present days seem impossible as a
uotil after the 25th. Let current ropes, or the right people to to wiser to wait until after the
hesitation. Happiness is an
gains trickle without making .Intercede in order to obtain the .first day of the following quarter climate for peace but if we set our
\1 .elusive thing, and It sometimescan
to captured only once in a special effort to step up the desired results ((22nd). Long- 'to carry them out Inspirational selves earnestly at work to find peace,
a lifetime ((22nd). > flow. nap planning is quite in order forces then will be called Into it can be achieved by thinking peace

THE BEST WAY IS AT THE POLLSToo 5 40 33 15 92.571 for where Scorpios to go who and have something some- play mutual protecting interests.alliances and talking peace and acting peace.

(I .VIRGO[ Important to accomplish((22nd.) I SO. 55 IS 54 894; The Almighty is closer than breathing

many times the Negro pities himself CUll BORN AUG.13RD.tEPJ. a. 50. 88 .13-35.34 and nearer than hands and feet. To find
as the scapegoat of discrimination and (MAY PISCES peace on earth we need to turn and listen

cries that the world is against him, no 21SLJW21ST. .22HU ..SAGJtURIUllOll lOll / B. closely to the clear-cut message. of Jesus

matter what he does. He charges that justice Let it come to pu,. There The course is set.When every: NOV. 19TN r MAE. 201HThe Christ, the Prince'of Peace.
is dead. are some days when person thing is going along smoothlyand pace qulckena. This '
It must be made clear that the Negro is has to do all the striving and satisfactorily it simply 23RD DEC. 21U quarter may to considered almost This Weekln! Negro History
running to try and make ends would be asking for trouble to It's still there. The situation a carbon copy of the previous -
often his
own worse enemy when he doesn'tgo meet or to obtain desired results. start veering off course and remains unchanged as whole one with the social pace
July 18'15 Alice Ruth Dunbar author and
to the polls and cast his vote for the And there are others when trying to navigate! In uncharted despite certain surface indications speeding up rather than decelerating widow of noted poet Pull Laurence Nelson Dunbar sociologist, la New
men who will work for all that is good and it Is better to lie still and watersnth). The rest of this that It has. The thing The day of a showdown Orleans was bora
right and just. to let fortune come to you. period should be ideal for reunions to do is to get rid of present that will determine the course
This is the period when the between relatives, problems, handicaps, or .inhibitions to be followed is quite likely July ZOo 1343 World's first Women's Rights Convention held.
The ppwer of the vote is almost as strongas I later policy may tura out to friends or old classmates.Good to open the way for to be the 17th. From then on; Women's' rlghs and anti-slavery causes were 1JDted.lulJ .
the force of greenback money in this be the most profitable on (17th days to make the neces more progressive polteites in the benefits of unexpected support hVrlSL1** first 'B1 Bull victory
country. You have' heard folks say that 18th, 22nd). An old friend map 1 nary contacts and arrangements the future (17th). The chances and happy developments for Confederacy during the Civil War Gun significant
'tooney talks. not exactly be pleased with or to pick a time and of receiving a needful boost are wholly favorable to all con July 22, 1847 Qulnn foa&hL
Chapel AME: the oldest
what is going on and, as a place should to the 18th and from headquarters, neighborsor cerned (18th-22ndX Go ahead churches: In one of
Well; why don't we, the taxpayers who consequence attempt to instill 22nd. One must take Into ac-4 Kinsfolk are especially brilliant according: to the heart's dictates Chicago was f0UDde4.
help to foot the bill for government and fears that would shackle count the fact that many in- on the l8th-tiod. In instances ,and worry about possible aftermaths July 23, 1991 Wile Selassie, .rorciEthJapIa and one of the
why don't we the voters 'sock it right1 Individual initiative. Resist to i divlduals are away travelingor where associations: when they come. There greatest personalities of contemporary Africa, nB torn

back at them", who fail us in representing the utmost for the opportunities disporting themselves In' were under strain, it would be are numerous Instances where July 31. lM4 Edward A. Johnson was elected to tile New York
the will of tbe that are coming la droves are i various vacation resorts. A. timely to make the gestures presenting n T: pllihfrj ttft 1e&1s1atur. .
people? This kind
not likely to snow up again forquite 'timely approach can save many theat win ease If not entirely is far more efficacious Incoplng '
action can be mighty powerful when election a long time. disappointments. remove them. with resistance that trying tQ July 23, 1866 Ulysses 8. Grant was elevated from combat
J time rolls around .C38 reason with It beforehand-' general to full general as a result of his victorious leadership
247 .
S 'CO. 55 19 27 3 20 99 1'1 92...992 2 10. ,6 1.2.31 690 44-11.24.236. of Union forces during the Civil: War. '



l" ), !.
l.. '" .....:...-..........-..... _. ---- ...- -A;;-...\.-. -- -.... .. : _,' -' __ '_,. __Jtf_ _..__-_ _,,- .

i 4{


I- .:::: Birmingham Housing Authority Must Answer Questions On. Housing :* ::: '

NAACP's Legal Defense Fund
Winner VlstsLovely
Coca-Cola USA NAACP Confab
," Receives To ChallengeBIRMINGHAM
I :J. Right

And ShrlnersHonor Hits Variety ,\/ A -A public housing tutlxrftty.for the first time,
mast stand trial for admission and
.. : r : occupancy, expulsion of
Scholar Of SubjectsATLANTIC ". f x .i tenants, thanks to the work of NAACP Legal Defense and Educational
'tJ'l'\ It t : 4/ Fond, Inc (IDT) attorneys

ATLANTA The establishment CITY PIP Is now < The case, arising oat of Tal-. laden housing project) because
of a college-aid scholarship the law of the land that black ladega, Alabama, has national of the pending Wrth of fflegltii I
for qualified high school Americans shall have the right Implications because some i mate children '
graduates was revealed recently to buy whatever a white man 2,300,000 persons live In 2,045 Mrs. En rUne Lewis and her
!In a )Joint statement made can buy and to live wherever a' k low-rent public housing children were ordered oat of the
be Imperial Potentate John white man can live "Wi111amR Ii { projects) across the country.The Knoxville Homes, because Mrs.
Henry Hester of the Prince Hall Morris told the 59th annual' < ,'. III U.S. Court of Appeals has Lewis' daughter who does not ,
Shrlners and Kelvin A. Wall, convention of the NAACP. | ordered the U.s. District Court reside with her, was expecting ':
Market the here to set down a trial this chad.
Development Manager Morris recently appointed an Illegitimate
for Coca-Cola ISA,sponsors of director of housing programs fall during which many housing The housing authority
the scholarship award to be for the NAACP declared that! authority procedures will be rescinded Its eviction orders
presented to a selected male the June 17 decision of the! 'challenged by LDF attorneys. to Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Truss
student by the Imperial Council,. Supreme Court "will take.Its' Ills Gabrlelle Anne Kirk of after the LDF cult was filed.
the covernlngbodyoltheShrlne; place alongside the historic'' the LDF's national office and However, the case Is ..belnCpre.sed
The winning high school senior school desegregation decision{' Peter Rail of Birmingham. will because other persons
will receive the 'scholar of 1954" by rendering Ineffective argue for the LDF. similarly situated still face t
ship grant on the basis of his the exceptions permitted by ; I The lawyers will deal with the same policies.The .
college board' examinations, the 1968 Civil Right Act. 7 the specific cases of two Negro attorneys will address
leadership qualities, and the lie salt that "racial discrimination women and their families who themselves to the followingIssues
desire to pursue a college education in housing in all of Its' were asked to leave the Tal- :

Student screening assistance forms, and applicable to everyone Etta Earned Named Proper and sufficient notice; 1.-1
for the selection of a is now literal. "The task adequate and reasonable
recipient will be provided by it the NAACP now is to grounds; a fair bearing oaths
the National Scholarship Ser Insure that white Americans By Hull HouseCHICAGONPiMrs. charges and clients threatenedwith
vice and Fund for Negro Students respect and obey that law... Etta eviction on Irrevelant
with headquarters In New The NAACP seeks "large- Moten Barnett, widow of the late gro '
York City. NSSFNS Is widely scale Improvement In the Claude Barnett, founder and LDF lawyers win argue that
recognized and acclaimed u a quality of life available to ghetto director of the Associated eviction of the families and
leading educational organisat area residents-combined with i Negro Press, has been elected others similarly I situated would
ion dedicated toprovidlng counsel the substantial movement of w1- to the board of directors of violate the "baste purpose of
and financial help to deserving Negroes out of racial ghettos S t Hull House a famous settlement all publicly supported low-In I
college hopefuls throughout Into the mainstream of American agency. come housing u set forth lathe .-
the nation Applications life". Mrs. Barnett a former policy provisions of the
the scholarship will be made The former urban renewal appraiser concert artist and actress, U.S. Housing Act of 1937."
through local Shrine Temples and consultant warned erred u a member of the That act, the attorneys will
Imperial Potentate Hester expressed that America "can no longer ------- --- U.S. delegation to the Independence assert, seeks to "remedy the
this statement:"In this afford the ever-Increasing Brenda Fountain, winner of the eighth annual Miss Quanda **nrhfl tqI.m&it model of Philadelphia and celebration of unsafe and unsanitary housing
rapidly changing world, there growth of racial isolation of Bahamas Contest In Nassau,made her first trip out of the country Bonnie Mastroperl>> International Airport Berts rental rep'resend Zambia. She Is Vice-chairman conditions and the acute short
will be fewer, and eventuallyno black Americans from the rest when she arrived Philadelphia for a round of festive events. tative. Miss Bahamas spent a full weekend In the Philadelphia. Women's Board, Field Museum age of decent, safe and sanitary
place for the unskilled and of society. The frustrations Shown atop a Herat courtesy carHMUiBthtnus. with! dmlrerr ara. of Natural History; a member dwellings for low-Income"
fewer even for semi-skilled despair bitterness resulting of the Women's Board of both families.
persons. More formal education from life In the ghetto poses Whites1 Skulls the Chicago Urban League and LDF attorneys argued that
and specialisation are wanted a constant threat of racial Dignitaries Get Together the University of Chicago; and .''DIt TaUadega policy does not
and needed. Prince Hall conflict." Seem Thickest a trustee of the Educational help eliminate the problems
Sbrlners must assist young people "White America mutt recog Television association and the attendant to slum dwellings:
to achieve these gale" Dill that black Americans have 'iF- African-American Institute of it creates them..
In commenting on Coca-Cola to be part of the decision- Says DC Medic New York and Washington *

ISA's participation In the scholarship making proceu In all matters #,r WAIHWCTOM -- It'. ...
with the Shrine affecting where shall live
program they
who have the
whites not blacks
and its member Temples, Wall and how they shall live." : according to 3
thickest skulls
stated that the purpose of the a. 't t : Oswald Warner assistant nerosurglcal SEAFOOD CENTER
activity was "to provide Deeded Emory JacksonIs I resident at Freedsoaa's .
144 N MYRTLE AVE PH. EL 4 14(1Mri
funds for deserving yangpeople A .
\ hospital.Warner
who could not otherwise Chairman Of : \ thus refuted the t t v.rwereuNI.. .. ..
afford to bgla a college stated -eve A.1. "R $ %fj lave h & Sifts'
education." ,. "widely held frequently that Negroes' **.-:=' .*""' -Howtvi- *. V. .,... ;T'AILr n'i .:;*>:<=! ::
racial myth" ........... "..uY =
Announcement of the 1961 OKBmumGHAN wtoaciiiowtSTEAKFI
Birmingham Co skulls are thicker than whites".: \
scholarship winner will be a ... '., Itnd
Measuring the skull thickness rt lb. 89c
Coun. -(NP 0-Emory: ) f
highlight of the Imperial : I and whites at ,,"
L. Jackson has been elevated of 100 Negroes ;
waukee. chairman of the Board of Directors different points on the skull WrllTINC
of the Birmingham Opportunities be found very little difference DRUM ,* 3ge\U'\ tUT Ib. 35C

*.* Industrialisation In the two groups. u,,.,, A..l FISH
Center, Inc., succeeding V. L.. While .black people's skulls
*.re *.lime thicker at two vMw 1M < no1's' j
Harris who Is '
Father Groppl the board, In another remaining capacity.on If points, whites' skulls averaged CHAFFER' lb 6ge I C I
Harris president of Protective slightly thicker at five points

Cited By 'NAACPFor pany.Industrial Insurance com. .- mrra- : '. SrA7irCR

Jackson, who Is managing .. . Ib. 59e
Activities editor of the Birmingham ...eaorMCKeithleofl.aaase,and Ernest W.Mortal,far toft, Louisiana State Legislature, .. .
World, was servlngas B.0.1;C., were among the many guests, of the National Newspaper Publishers Association conventionheld .. CRABM E
than vice president at the time of In New York City recently The governor Is shown, In the center. Other dignitaries la: the: T jonnl$
CITYH-More .
ATLANTIC 'his election. : : : CItw,c..M.i ,.....11v... 1ft..... lb. 101'ITtAI
NX enthusiastic del.pte.'rom Include'Charlie picture are: John Murphy: NNPA, President, Harvey C.Russell, Vies President, Pepsi-Cols, '. BRAND NEWW8VW K .
the BOO youth and college unit Other elected officers H N. Fitshugh and C.C. DeJole Editor: Louisiana Weekly, and Conference Chairman" for theMidWinter [ $1.25 Pint' U J33QXIlV : 91.50 Pint
labor leader bald I
of the National Association for Vice-presldent Pierce; C.... Scott,District -, Workshop to be la New Orleans la 1969. ': r.. ........ '> B .N rare
Advancement of ColoredPeople

the across the country sty and Ufe Manager Insurance Pilgrim Company Health, WJCT Chosen For Chain Jackson Miss. :: SEDAN I LOBSTER MEAT '301 SHAD ROE lit 758

tended the Youth Freedom Secretary Wilbur H. HoUlns. ..-. N.. ..........

during Awards the Dinner 89th Annual and meeting Dance Vu -praldent;; Acamar Realty Of Race Tension I TV's Will Host 1969 : 1761" :| A..OIe"" .... ....&_p et the .11 JINIa li_
Insurance Company, Treasurer Ltr.- 1.40 ..
of The the cherished Association.Isabel Strick and Harris Assistant TALLAHASSEE "Negro cttlsens will be able to use the aU NAACP Meet SHRIMP I I ..... tto..

land: award was presented to the Secretary. waves, not the streets to express their frustrations and draw NEW YOLK The: National .. DUrvl ID IN |IoU _
Milwaukee, Youth Council for As attention to their problems" said State Superintendent of Association of Colored People -run vu ....tf .i w m
the dynamics of its program' Chosen Schools Floyd Christian after announcing the use of $6,400 la will bold the meeting of 1971 ,
state grants to educational television and radio stations. recently.
Its outstanding achievement In in Minneapolis.
pressing for the passage of the College President WJCT, Jacksonville, win be Florida State and the University The: meeting of 1969 will beheld "tJJ Does Coca-Cola
city's fair housing bill was a pivotal station within the Immediate of South Florida. The: Palm In Jackson, Miss for .. Catlin-
recognized not only by the / area. In Miami the Beach County School System the first time U the history have the taste
NAACP but by the nation u IY station will be VTIS.ln Gainesville will be In the programming of the Civil Rights organisation
a whole u showing the strength WUFT In Tallahassee tlso. In 1970 the NAACP will : Griffin .;: 'you tired of?
of organized youth WFSU la Tampa WIEF nod Is According to Dr. Christian, hold its annual la Cincinnati. never get
Three youth councils which Pensacola, WSRE. Each will authorities In education have More than 2,00 persons registered ..' Vilkswagen
won awards for their respective: receive 11,000. Radio stations been told that "Nero leaders from 45 states for INC. '
program' activities throughoutthe will be used on campuses at need a way to talk out their the meeting from June Z4 to .' Is it always refreshing?
year were Oklahoma City, problems and to feel that some 29jLn Atlantic City. There were 1250 EAST ltd. ;:ST.
New Orleans and Sacramento. Columbia U. one Is listening." The educator' more than 600 youth delegates.Roy 354.909 2
The "Okla"memberehipachl- expressed hope that such u' Wilkins 1s Executive .
evement set a new high for Excels WithFellowships opportunity will lead toward Secretary. ii.. I l'N .... Do things go better

youth recruitment. The Louisiana lessening of tension and the
group made its mark In broadening of understanding He MODERN T.V.-SERVICE with Coke
a voter registration and education asked stations to plan programs'
drive. The California Colombia University was the that won tend to make narrowerthe ALL MAKES OPEN AND MODCL... .,(...VICED *. MEPAIMEO
MON > u r. iOO ?. 7iOOAT. after Coke
Council was honored for the most frequent preference In the gap existing' in the community ViOO '1M. .lOO after Coke?
Institution of a Summer Work nation for graduate study SaIH. racially. .--. ..... .-. I

Opportunity Program which DR. JAMES: F. TUCKER .... among winners of These grants are being paid JSy AND DELIVERY t!
effectively kept youth active funds made available PICK UP
Southern Fellowships Fond Old of state -
AtiKfeoNMC* .
*Star* MM .
during the hot summer month Virginia State College, scholarships. This Is shown la by Christian on the ...... ass.oaas jfWtfi 'aiDI N. MYHTLEAVEJoe .. If,... '*LSIw'D fod867s./CM in 1966 and 1967. Petersburg has a new president figures released bj the Tuff recommendation of the Florida ROBINSON 104... T tV JACKSONVILLE. FLA I
College chapters meriting Dr. James F. Tucker. recently.. Educational Television and
special awards were those in Dr. Tucker succeeds Dr.RobertP. On a national bull, Columbia Radio Advisory Baord.b '
Louisiana State University at Daniel,who served from 1950 first as the choice of eonslusloo. Superintendent WHEN YOU ARE ,III,
New Orleans, Bluefleld State to 196$. Dr. Tucker graduated hen warren Indiana c
scholarship Christian said, "Perhaps some. The Doc-
You Seek Best
la West and Howard also holds a doctorate
College Virginia, University followed with lasting solutions can be found
Westchester State InPennsylvania. from the University of then Your' Doctor
College nine recipients.: The University to the problems which create
LSlTs Negro Pennsylvania. ,of Virginia with elghwas tension between our citizens.I Prescribes, Get Experienced .
History Week set a new tradition third. Phsrvaclsts To II.tor
Says Anti-Poverty believe these proposed programs
In Its vicinity. The Blue- The Fund Is an agency created are vital, especially because ',UI Prescriptions According
field chapter was honored for by the Council of Southern Universities Involve
Program Is FaultyNEW all of them To Your Doctor's i
the multiple reforms It effect
for improving t h e bringing before the cameras and ;
ed at the college. The Penn YORK {(NPI)- An Investigation faculties f4 the administrative the nUkes the people, of both Orders. '
sylvania unit established and of the Haryou staffs of predominately Negro rates, who are intimatelyaware I. Use Only Tb/e! Best C. E. BLACK
funded scholarship awards..to anti-poverty agency has been colleges and universities In the of these problems In the ,Quality OII..: ProprietorS
encourage Negro students. asked by Marshall England South. eosmtmttiesserved. by theseFlorida
The first prize among advisors chairman of Its board. The Fund awards scholarships ata11OIII.". Registered Pharmacists To Serve You Lt'
was awarded Jointly to "It is not a case of saying on a competitive basis to applicants i *:* > "' .. .
Mrs Clara Luper of Oklahoma ----"---------- ---
anybody took moae.IJutdoD't who are engaged in ..... .........
A COMPLETE LINE OPCosstetics ....-. ..... .
and to
City Father James
are useful, doctoral who A&M
think the programs programs or expect Alumni You know it. It's best
Groppl of Milwaukee..Both were be explained. "The big ones get to seek doctoral degrees. your
cited for their energy, resourcefulness funded, and the small com. Faculty members of Southern Hike European Tout.TALLAHASSEE Rubber Good Candies -
and dedication munity programs don't" Negro colleges are eligible, u : refreshment buy.
the fields of housing and England, who said be had received well as graudate students who Fla.-T h"i Sundries.PRESCRIPTIONS. 'i \
membership respectively.Mrs. threatening telephone expect to teach In these col- executive secretary and five
Helen P. Howard. Petersburg calls, asked for police protection. leges.A members of the Florida AIM a.
and Mrs. R.V. Mcdln- total of 1U grants were .University General Alumni Association CALLED FOR AND DEL VERF9i -
jock of the Mainland Youth The board president aked both made for the 196-69 ItS.... are on a thra-week i 1JO?' "RINKS- III JU -12i1Lilly's r.' \
Council In Texas City Texas city and federal officials to look Stipends on U-month basis ..tn.o.t"-llou of Europe.>> The
received, the second and third Into Haryou's personnel, fiscal range from $2,500 for first- group Id New York on Monday,
youth advisor awards relpeCtIvell. w programs' and departments as rear students to $!.100 for July: U, and will return Monday Drag Store fcXIM. undr|ht tgtfwnly of Th''Coc .*.m toro+ rar I Jacksonville Bottling'Coy I
well as Its executive office. dissertation-year students. A.& .?., r .-- ...... ....l"Lt., .',' t.y. .*q <, .. ,



,..I .' .ulait''''* r 11Ift I ....,.J\ttft1lir\ .11!llltJ1' __1.w! ..W1"! W -. A'.nu..ltrf I # 1.1. N ire

.drn.a.r. ; .. .. L'L' .A" '........L r L .. .. ,ft....0< ..t.. .'-1 I t.to .! I (, u \ .Ir,11, a ..'i'a1'


1I I 'PAGE 8 : 1. 'STAR- PAPERS SATURDAY JULY 20, 1961cktiit Ia

l* a i p w
a a

p .E T EMININE ; = \

I 'Like If Don't You ?

Fall Brings Change WhenIt Austlne La mar

Comes To New OutfitsLong
fashion pattern
i J
:before the first leaf has, turned from green to golden, ,!oung. x
ladles' fashion thoughts swing from swimsuit to sweater suit;
bikini to warm, wooly winter coats) By mid-July plans are
already the make forwhat-to-wearto winter luncheons, "bow.
to" switch from a new Fall daytime look to a splendid evening

look by merely interchangeable! accessories ..
John Meyer of Norwich Fall '68 John Meyer
the accessories.. as well as the ''of Norwich embraces the early

fashions...for every fashion, ."Forties Look" with a crochet- r, ,
collection A "Bonnie" beretIn cable seater with "longer" F

gay wool, and a newer-than- short slteves..The. new"waistin" 5 .
new hlp-slWlgleather pouch bag effect 'Is seen in,a' /
are Just two of Fall's fun accessories 'smartly belted plaid "Sabbath" :iiii k

I ..dress.."Your Father's Coat"
John Meyer of Norwich has is man-tailored for the young _
the right fashion answers to ,lady...A baby button sweater 1e
every fashion problem for Fall, .comes to a tender shoulder
and every season. John Meyer closing. Mao short Jacket
fashions, through key styling 'is wedded to the newest In t
and Just the right fashion flair, 'skirt looks, the dirndl, for a
take every girl from college {smashing suit story. i
campus. to suburban living. NEW...fantastic fall fashions ;
tastefully and fashionably. from John Meyer of Norwich.

: Fall's Fringes I

I l
This cot little girl,with a creation reminiscent me nunles, Nannette Manufacturing Co. has created this dress for the little
proudly wears this grey bonded orlon dress.with a white turtle- one In woven plaid with lace and smocking, setting oft the high
neck front. The low-waisted dress with the pleated skirt has an yoke and puffy sleeves. It Is In permanent press Fortrell and
f orange banding at the waist and a V neck Natmette created the cotton. Hosiery Is by Trim Fit. Available In Jacksonville.
dress Trim Fit made the hosiery
; : I..
Leaving A Delicate Problem Behind I This Is Mine

t. \
M \

f\ \ I 1" ,4. R f

\ \ ;
., f

t.f f:

I I l
I No. R-221 -,) 1.
Sties 1211 rw.w re,
: i.1
,. ? -. ,
f '\ "
FOR daytime and afternoon, a smartly shaped sheath I<<'OIn- ..
pushed by clever draping in skirt' and wrap bodice. Draping .-'
end at aide seams to mold the bodice into an alnone smooth '_ .

... neckline and sleeves. Excellent for sheer wool, faille or crepe. What really oauae painful diaper rash How can a mother prevent
y $ Price $1. R.221 li available In sires 12, 14, 16, 18. size 14 lit And how gin aha cure It when It already eriiUT
takes 2Ti yards of 44 Inch fabric. Standard body measurement. Helpful answeR to theae question were (iven' recently by
1 $ for size 14 arei Dust 34, Waist 26, Hips 36. the William Kaodall O heat Company director- one of of reeearcn. of the curtly dlvlalon of

the worlds largest manutaoturera tog the diaper themaelve*. U
Send One Dollar for pattern,plus S cents for portage,la taM or, of repdar and dupoeebl diaper are laundered at home
: check. No Stamp. For Fine.dam miilmp, send 15 rents extra Add diapers. a mild soap, soap powder.. or
d. In
p *' One Dollar If you wish! \ .\\'AUSTIN LA MAR PATTERN BOOK The real ammonia usual of, aceordlni moat diaper to plenty deterrent of la very reoomrmn hot water. U
#4-eomplrte selection of Nigh F*.Hlon designs, Including! ALLhemtellers. rub EUan.la Not the ammonia which the water U hard at least four !
This cut little outfit features what is called Fairs rttnces.. ." Send to At'STI NE LA MAR Fashion Pattern (sane of niaht be uead In waahlnf die.pera. rlnatnt are necessary to remove 4
G.P.O. New York N.Y. 10001. Print la formedby ell trace of asp or detergent
), llox 1615. but that which
The ruing lady seems perfectly content to let us know that she your I u which may Irritate a
bacteria In wet diaper
enjoys the beauteous qualities of her mini dress. your full name,address, PATTERN NUMBER AND SIZE. diapers are not properly laundered ,baby delicate akin.
this bacteria tends to "If you can manate to cbanIefOUl' The U
young lady quite serious about this cute outfit. The eyelet
I build up In them, further at baby's diaper promptly"E
trimmed dr.SlIs bound toturo toddler who wearsIt
travatlnf the baby rub and l son continued "you will pinafore every
CDGEVtfODAVE. the pain and dlaoomfort which avoid moat chance of raah. Into a little beauty The fashionable lone sleeves with eyelet
I It brine. Soap or detertent ten having a wet diaper on a baby trim match the pinafore material. It'. permanent press by
la diapers, becauae of Inadequate too long will cancel out all Na&netta. The hosiery by Trim Fit.
B STORE rinilnf, also will eauae other precautions."You .
a reah. doctor or pediatrician
II the to consult U a
There are aeveral ways to rub to person particularly painful or Three looksFor
0PCN :SUNDAY; prevent doper rah Elaon said ToddlersFor
II It persist In spits of all
MARK EnsS "?tr-.t of all. mothers cangarrsllr theee preventative measure"
U PrE R avoid both bacteria Clean said This Fall
9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. and soap bullcl.up by using The research director pointedout
either dltpoeable diaper or that mothers might begin
diaper linen. The diaper liner to treat lea serious sue of Fall nUb a beautiful season mai-tauQre4 sktrts'wors under
are made either of paper or of diaper rub by following the for Naaaettt fashions In nubby tweed Jumpers. There
fabric such aa the new, soft UJL
SHORTENING direction liven by Toddlers and Babe Frocks.
vests and skirts
are pleated
non-wove cloth In Curtty'aSuper Educe
Department of Health.
LIMIT ONE WITH fi.OO OR MORE* Drl liner There are three different looks, Ud cardigan sweaters. These
lion and Welfare throuth lu
FOOD ORDER 3'9'cT For mothers who ua J'eI\I' Children* Bureau. A booklet the Vlctorlanatbe Thirties,and groups are tailored In narrow
Jar cloth diaper,there are two I Issued by the bureau point out the Haberdashery and wide-wale corduroy wool,.
B A -' alt.emat1TbeM women that exposing the baby rub The Victorians Is a throwback looking blends poplin bonded
3 IB. CAN should either caw e diaper aerTtoe to light and air. by leaving oB to the Victorian era with woven acrylic and permanent
or they must exercUe the diaper will usually cure leg omutton, and shirred press. These are seen In grey,
treat care In washing and rtaa- mild caaea.
: sleeves, with barrel cuffs,tuckIng navy, stained glass hues as well
HEALTH HINTS laces and ribbons. There as and navy.
.. are high chin-scraper collars, '!royal the Thirties has
I D E. LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 OR'MORE FOOD ORDER e National Association Of Blue Shield Flans and even a Gilbert Sullivan been beautifully adapted for

AJ7U SWIMMING SAFETTNever !_e e .e. English\ sailor look all done In Naanette Toddlers. Loag
tine to beyoid your limitations feminine fabrics There are bodices, low pleats, fluttery
J : ; when swtmmint Each w sashes and cummerbunds. bias skirts, dresses la crepe
year there drownlnts are hundred caused of accidental by _- .. Tbere are pleated skirts and and chiffon and crochet knits.

: CRTSTAl the failure to observe a few ._ softly gathered skirts in Victoriaa All smack of the Thirties.
basic aalety rules. Avoid awlm- ....... \ :._-.:..:.:: lines in colors of ecru, There are many knit fabrics
LIMIT W/SZ.00 OR IfORE FOOD ORDER mini in unsupervised or unknown '. lilac, pink and mauve. A dellghtful In cotton Jersey and ottomanrib.
water Doot swim In look worthy of a There are wide fisherman
39C cold water or Immediately at __
toddler's life In
an "English knits and leno weaves.The three
MUnI.By donIao.you Nft..
Y 1
manor great loots for Fall for Toddlers
the risk fatigue or cramp -
5 [B. BAG -
: -...:!.
Never In horseplay In -= -- The Haberdashery look Is and Babes has been
false the water crtos,for curb aetaaunkngs. HTw ::: :: .,smartly tailored. There are captured by Nannette.


I IC NICS I HICKORY SMOKED IB. 39c. \\41 :; save er


BLUE svorl
PLATE ,QT. 45.*





FLOUR 5 LB. BAG 39( RICE .. 3... LB. 35* : :#r 1-c'; ,. SPECIALS

\ rI ....

U.S. NO.. 1 CARNATION d.'W."



j '.. .
\ t ::11. "

(.J................***"*-l"*.***.***.*LWJj-..A*.** > > .> .. ... ;&*:**.** v t* /.> *-_.* *1 .. .....*.*e**<*.t.......''\\'''_..... .._.. .. .."" ",&:.....'. ..... .. ... ...... ..... ..... .. .. ... -.............. ... ... -. .oe.-. -' eoe ._'&".'.. ....! ...... _.. .. 'f.....". ... .. ... .. _

J 0 0 no 0
"' '' 0 . 0

J : ::: :: : 20::$: STAR PAPERS PUEl,1

: 'here's. the' 'how" to mea I'.pl aiming and creative cookerd

. '
Planning Ahead

['1' Wine's Health Values -

Dale Back In HistoryWine :_
L cm of tilt oldest and most healthful dietetic substances '
known to man, has sunned as a useful therapeutic agent "while t
countless other remedies were heralded and eclipsed over the
centuries," according to..a_Sao Francisco professor medicine..
writing In the current (June), consumed one-half pint of
} 'issue of Medical Digest, Dr. sherry dally, they showed no
Salvatore P. Lucia, professor signs of intoxication. 'i'iF
and former chairman of pre- Wine Is also helpful In the 4'i
featlfe medicine at the'! emergency treatment of
University of California School increased pressure within the
of Medicine, aye that in this\ eye a condition known as glass
'country, many wine's legend 1{ coma. It is so effective an
ary powers hare nelintcellyt} agent, that doctors who test for
eaU, identified intraocular pressure should
eraloated. first determine whether a prospective -
Wine II medically important I
patient has recestlyhad
'in many ways, writes the California some wine or other alcoholic T' '' y. K1 i'Jy.f .
doctor who Is also author kof beverage. Even a small amount
two books, Wine As Food ,of wine could depress to unusually
and Medicine and A History ell I low readings.
Wine As Therapy j. Wine may also act u an
The oldest use of wine is as'!' effective supplement of dietary
Flavor Qilcken With Herbs a traaqoUleer. B has stood the test of time In this usage and. restore the ability of the body
/Three herb that have an affinity for chicken are thyme roee- It is often preferable to many 1 to absorb fats after gastrointestinal -
nary and marjoram. Sprinkle them over chicken when roattlnt
modern drugs used u tnnC -!
or mix them with flour used for coating chicken to be surgery.
It. pan '
tried In the recipe here, the herb fried chicken U dressed with I11ur..Wine,..,.Dr.Lucia, Thus wine-Its health values { t ,
4 pineapple sauce and served sprinkled with almonds. "Is of far more nine u a known since antiquity sad documented -
Three Her OUcken therapeutic adjuvant in by contemporary
promoting relaxation than is abut11lft11owed medical r..rcll-llin.
I )are .t. slightly beaten I (l-poancIUJ'ft'.eahp ,
capsule. with
creasing in popularity
S tablespoons milky yt cap cam en older wine is1 I
For patients, physicians u it increases la
cup filled hoar 1 (S-eunce) can crashed "balm for the autumnal years,'popularity with their patients.
1 teaspoon salt plnrappte and enD medical authorities, .;
yt teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon lemon juice who otherwise would prohibit .
14 teaspoon thyme travel 1 tablespoon corn starch the use of alcoholic beverages'I( I Recipe
J4 teaspoon rosemary leave Yt cap water are forced to admit this fact: "j j
J4 teaspoon marjoram leaves % cap toasted silvered states the Medical Digest ar-1 Cool Hammer Ueseert
% teaspoon onion salt almonds Ucle. Hot summer days call for
Combine m and milk. Mix flour salt pepper thyme rosemary Dr. Lucia notes that more and,, dessert that are cool and take
marjoram and onion saiL Dip chicken pieces Into en mixture more American hospitals and: little time In the kitchen. This :
seasoned flour,coating completely. dessert has a cool and
then into>> nursing homes are following' the lit
Heat corn oil In skillet over medium heat or In electric frypan sure to pleas family y
following manufacturers directions. Add chicken and brown on age-old example of European and cook.
all aIdeS. turning as needed Reduce heat, cover and cook slowly hospitals, to serve the!* rineapple Padding Dessert
until chicken Is tender 40 to 45 minutes Remove chicken and patients wine with meals. Recent '
keep warm. Stir crushed pineapple and lemon Juice Into mixtureIn American studies, he I op npr
tklllet Increasing heal to medium. Cook S minutes. Mix corn notes, have shown bow single,I yt tap corn starch
starch and water.Stir Into pineapple mixture Stirring constantly ty caps milk
servings of wine with mealsmake I'
bring to boll and boll I minute. Serve pineapple sauce with ;[
chicken. Sprinkle with almonds. Make 4 serf rel. patients far more eo- / eggs ,
operative and contented human I teaspoon vanilla
Candy Dot Oatmeal Drops beings. Dash salt
At the other end of the age I (I K-ewnce) can crashed
Make. I dam scale, wine has been shown tc pineapple, drainedI ,When ITS your turn to entertain at.luncheon, the best way to bean can be made'the day ahead and makes a hot vegetable onneces-
K... MMk hK. sal I ....... ash be an effective medicine la a cop heavy cream, wMpptl unburied hostess is to plan a menu that can be prepared
I....K. VI asapp .woad. cow lei strange and rare disorder ofchildren. '' CombIne sugar and cornstarch ahead. A gelatin salad, such u Jellied Cabbage and Peas Salad, sarytUaffi >_
I .a ........ arI4f The so-called liver In medium saucepan.
I taaap.s. Naha i= Mir In milk. mixing
.... ......... glycogea disease II ametabollc Gradually
shied 1.coq awhk .... wry until smooth Brine to boll over
disorder in which the liver
masr .nhd Ih111e samlaN medium teal stirring constantly 1inYOUR
I -..... saM '...... cannot effectvely convert Its boll i minute. Reduce DOLLAR
H.*t DM*to awdrrM SMr I 0 BM IIoar nInC..a ........on s4 stores of one kind of sugar heat to low.Beat together ten.
moms*..<*..-. trmmf Sift lax.ih.f Hour. soda and .... (gtycogen) into the readily* vanilla and saiL Blend s UtUe
Add to c.-.d mirtur alUfmMj with milk taftimlnc adMdml hot mixture Into .,...then stir
wtui milk. Mir ta OMI and candy. tie kf taMpoontuu uabto form (glucose). But all Into remaining hot mixture I I I BUYS MORE AT
.... .
WHO m. cooky shMU. nary in pn-bwud seas IMOrII children who were fed a calculated Cook I mantas
lo II mmiua.luirta.N..t Dr pst ear candy la abova .....SIB I WMOMO dosed cream sherry over low heat. aUrrtni coo{)
_..i> aid U *>..... linn -i.Unr wan AIT ln..--. before and after meals and stantly.Coot BUr In pineapple, YOUR BANNER.,
hue Is irem nta>M swt Vi :Qi|II ii MtiiM" wMk OMs.lhas.hd at bedtime,, were ,xaarkedli1helped. ; row ia whipped.teream. PInto :; ,
ftm+i HW K blade la anew MP9a.IulUl t. dessert dishes. Makes I
U niMia...iii. .iud tor vatuua. tat III H ...ttakad.t And even though they 10 .. Lr ou STORE"
aas4d srss50 wa& SRESERYED

r SHOP JEWEL : ee' 1i laECIAL5"tp ;LAR .







cares about you! CAlifORNIA DELICIOUS MILK TALLCAla' 6 roo

LIMIT i mi $5 OIOEI tuioDiNt cicmim PlUMS LB a 2ge


; u. 3'
r .:. t'T FIRM ICEBERG 1ge o.: FOR'



BACON 2 (I. ?KC. 99c TOMATOES LB. 25* CAN ,







CIBMTRV HAMS v", 1I..55t

HOG 5-890 10 12. OZ. CANS 6ge .




s.IOCr lust CUTPORK '



STORE 3000 ff.- 45(1( STREET

J TIEOIGH ._ .._.


< ", <0 < .. .' '. .
"-- ..;. '

. . . . . .




? 10 STAR PAPERS saTURDAY JUlY -7D. 14&Rr .

.._ .. .
..d. "" ..: -

.. ", : "

;:,. .7 .. 7.JJIf.I,7\ \"' ( ".

II '" I "i'V1J 1 !( ; .. '...rn. .'. :;!JJ .. \ ..

[ 4
\ : : : il. ..
L n. : .. ',.........fI
-. ... : .'
11'" ... .
.) .
JIll' ....... "' : I '
> .. ... ... .
,. .. '
." .' '
", 4!!"" .. -, -- .. ... r. .
1 r .

FAMU Professors Attend Atlantan Gets Scholarship Stars Over Miami Show

Special Miami Seminar Gives Youth A Big PushMIAMI

MIAMI, Fla. Miss Edna iackson, Instructor of biology at -This ocean-front city is solng something many other
Florida AIM University is one of the twelve students from cities are not doing, producing a fine community youth enter-
colleges and universities in seven states attending the Advanced tainers' program "Stars Over Miami," which goes a long way
Seminar in Tropical Botany here at the University of Miami toward keeping young people Interested and progressive and
from June 17 to July 26. serves as a "cool it" medium for the city in the face of what
The talented dozen Include retum at Harvard University, many call "lone., hot summers." Above all, young talent Is
three members of faculties, whose area of instruction is getting a chance at performance"'
seven graduate students, including taxonomy (principles of "Stars Over Miami" is Just' wick had been chosen as national
one student instructor, classification); Dr. Howard J. what it implies. However, the 'youth chaL'man for Democratic
} and two undergraduates.The Teas, UM biology professor will stars this Ume will probably .Presidential Candidate Hubert
greater portion of the cover physiology (functions and be the adult stars of tomorrow.Their H. Humphrey.
1 seminar time will be spent at vital processes of living organisms names may be on marquees The Grand Finals will be
Fairchild Tropical Garden, ); and Dr. P.B.Tomlln-; throughout the world. August 24 In Miami Stadium
which has the outstanding son, research scientist at 7ti Miamlans of all races .have Winners from all parts will
collection of tropical plants in Fairchild! Tropical Garden and .become aware of that. compete for the'right to go to
North America. adjunct assistant professor of This wonderful show plays New York for appearances on
The program is conducted with botany at UM, anatomy-mor three times a week, Indifferent the Ted Mack Amateur
the support of a grant from phology (form and structure of places. When each show beginsit program. Mack is expected In
the NatlonalScienceFovnds- the whole plant and of Its parts). I' gets off to a good start witha Miami for the show.
ua%. Participant support in- Other specialists In related boost from professional acts, The first three programs entertaIned -
eludes travel allowance' from fields on the UM faculty and presented through the courtesy about 3,500 listeners.
point of origin, waiver of off-campus institutions will be of the Actors Guild of Variety Toe numbers Ire growing.Word
tuition, a $240 stipend and six invited from time to time to .Artists, Max Turk, branchmanager is spreading that the shows are
semester hours of graduate present evening lectures to the and the MusiciansLocal well high tops-and free. Win-
credit. seminar participants 6SS of the American ners of past shows are Willie
"Yost-Mba of all known "The tropics are the last great Federation of Musicians,Frank Thomas, Sir Winston Scott and
species of organisms live in frontier for human occupancy Casciola, president, and James Company, Including the Sensa-
'the tropics, yet relatively few left on this planet," Dr. W. J. Hayes, executive director, tins and the Little Sensations.
biologists are trained in the Henry ddeepartmenthesaid."Knowledgeable Some of the top artists arc Newspaperman Garth Reeves,
species composition and ecology UM biology Stave Gibson, the Red Caps editor of the Miami Times, Is
of most tropical areas," observers see T The Blue Notes and Margie co-chairman along with Botwlck. -
said Dr. Raylor Alexander, UM happenings in the tropics a Heodrix end the fritters They The local Miami State
botany professor and seminar repeat performance of what man enjoy Itl I They're doing Employes Local 545 of the
coordinator. has done to the temperate tones something for the youngpeople. International Theatrical Stage
la addition to Dr. Alexander, in drastically altering environments How did this happen M.L. Employes and Moving Picture
'the seminar faculty is comprised under the pressure of Reese, City Manager,and Harry Operators Union has helped
of Dr. R. Howard, population increases and the Botwlck, district manager of tremendously. They provide the
Arnold professor of botany and .,exploitation of natural )Florida State Theaters, Inc 11&btlDland technical help. Angelo -
director of the Arnold Arbo- resources".AM sought a program which would Sands is president. Miami
? help neighborhood youths DotWORLD is due congratulation!

/,. Nt 5.5450H"

Wi '" g'; ., S L.z X I OF BOOKS I I

I .5 .
BAILEY'S DRY CLEANERS4' "WRITE ME IN''" Written by all about:
; DICK GREGORY; Published by "I offer myself u the independent -
.,: y :iale. BANTAM BOOKS; New York, candidate of all

15' R>>., 15? Americans who want to make
Black comedian and civil their declaration of independence -
NW eA 'T. ""MUMS TI.OMOA rights activist Dick Gregory this election year. 1 am
is a "wrlte-la" candidate for issuing a call for a writeintots
'NEW MM U.R> CAitprre *.. CUSS the presidency of the Unjted to au my fellow citizens
LINOLEUM AU. even T' States. However, be is in Jail who share my dream for
SPECIALS ,In the State of Washington America; whose concern for the
nit S.BJ 11111 IMS serving a 90-day sentence on country 11.greater than party
6X9 J.50 1115, 1J.9S an old charge when be supportedthe loyalty; whose desire to solve
LINOLEUM CITY ATLANTA, Ga. Miss Jean E. Anthony, a mi graduate of this i Fall. Pictured making the presentation to Miss Anthony state's Indians la their fight the tremendous world and
Washington High Scbool In Atlanta, has received a Journalism (center), at the recent NNPA Convention held in New York City for fishing rights. social problems confronting
SPECIAL Cut To Your Room Size scholarship sponsored by Coca-Cola USA In cooperation with the is Frank Stanley (right), publisher of THE LOUISVILLE DEFENDER Dick is also on another of his soul of this nations supereedes
National Newspaper Publishers Association. Miss Anthony the and chairman of thescbolarshlpcommlttee. famous food "fast" for peace an allegiance to a party
ARMSTRONG Cushioned Floor Now $2.00 A Yard daughter of Mr. and Mrs Roy Anthony of Atlanta. She will enter' onlookers are John Murphy (left) publisher, Baltimore AFRO- and freedom. At last report, platform.

./''"$' <&A.,MM.. aeae N.W. TTM AVC. MIAMI. the School of Journalism at the University of Georgia In Athens AMERICAN and NNPA president; Kelvin Wall, manager, Market be had lost M.of his 158 pounds,
MANAOI' ,.,..*, Development Department, Coca-Cola mA.I and was taken to the hospital
because of falling health. Still
be refuses to eat. Still be plansto
FAMU's Director Of campaign. Because, he says, Horne's'Deslre
I Your Good "American has to wake up to

l Relations HonoredTALLAHASSEE what it r'a1l1I1." Will
That's the kind of man Dick

Health \Gregory is, and that's the kind Be FulfilledFrom
Fla.-David Beaudoin, director of Information of book he has written. It is
C. ColUngton director of unlverlsty services, Florida State |full of his brand of dry, sardonic -
relations at FloridaAIM University; Vernon Bradford, SUMMER CAMP humor.\ It is mixed with Hollywood comes the
University! has been. admitted director of Information and research THYROID DISEASES the, struggles, travels, and experiences stimulating Information that
to the Florida Public State Comptroller's Office Your thyroid gland, one of be has had u a Lena Home will get the opportunity -
Relations Association Colling- ; and Heodrix Chandler corporate the glands of internal secretion ,civil rights activist and fighterfor to do what top actorsor
f too loins the Hush Puppy Chap secretary, Florida controls certain bodily ; world peace and freedom. actresses are allowed to
ter located here in Tallahassee Board cI Regents. functions. The book contains too, a great do, act
and is the first member of his Colllngton Is also a member When It is working properly, deal of the "if 1 am elected Lena Horne has received,perhaps -
I race to be admitted to the F PRA. of the American College Public you are not aware of Us exist president..." promises of the the answer to a wish of
He was sponsored! by Michel Relations Association. ence. Its specific: secretion: professional politician (Dick her life. She will play her first
thyroxine, regulates the rate was also"write-In"candidate dramatic role, u Richard Wid-
at which you body uses energy.In for mayor of the! city of Chicago, mark's mistress ta tJD1yersal' -
PNONI 797-tJI9 some persons, the output an experience-which be talks picture "Patch." This is
10 of this thyroid hormone is de- about In the book). a solid, standard, acting rote
COOPER'S REUPHOLSTERY ficient. In children, the result Most of the ideas and philosophies She will play the part of a
is cretinism, and la adults, Gregory advances in bawdy house mistress, at the
myzedema. this kind of"campaignbooklet" turn of the century, with little
These conditions are characterized may seem to be "camp", or violence thrown in.
Pick. Up And12DoeliwebyTService by a slowing up of both a put-on by the eomedlan.Some Miss Horne, In the past, has
LOetOASTSSIT mental and physical activity,' may seem like unrealistic ideologies been permitted features of a
n MIAMI / but these effects can be con- uttered by someone who sort in musical numbers,
trolled by taking carefully has no appreciation of the numbers which might be "cut"in
adjusted doses of thyroid extract mechanics needed to elect a southern areas There is
Your professional beautician dally.A president, or run a countrylike no possibility of cutting in
knows the more common condition Is \ ours. "Patch.
I the overproduction of thyro- Many people after reading the Miss Borne,from Wz to 1958,
sine This Is seen in persons book will say Dick- Gregory made quite a name for herself
with a toxic or exophthalmic basnt a chance in the worldof through her sultry, deep-
goiter, a disease that Is characterized becoming: president. They throated singing. According to
by a high basal metabolic will say Dick Gregory tool, theatrical I history, she was the
Is peroxide needed to rate, rapid pulse tremorof that some day he'll tut himself sole Negro performer in pictures
the hands, profusion of the ,
to death, then "we'll be rid for many years. Only In
eyeballs and extreme of him. "Cabin In the Sky" and
.color unwanted gray hair? restlessness. If that day ever comes, we'll "Stormy Weather", both all-
I Certain drugs can be given be rid of Dick Gregory the Negro pictures, was Miss
to curb the excessive output .same. way we can be rid of a Borne an actress.
t I Hair and of thyroxlne, a part of the thy ''nagging conscious. The irony The actress who has also
F ? rh care beauty experts know that the first traces of gray told gland can be removed ,
I.J hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical re radioactive of American life is that a person played an Important part in tbfactlY1Ue.oIwomeDOIIanaUooaJ
surgically or
I laxing-can dull a woman's appearance and make her look older like Dr. King, or Dick Gregorycan
iodine can be given. All three
than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging only be accepted after they scale, and who has found time
of treatment have their
effects many are hesitant about using permanent peroxide drawbacks. have been silenced by an usaulii to write, said she has always

Frank Williams halrcolorlng which may change the natural hair color while Regardless of the treatment But N7Y-- Tim" laacceeptted wanted to act However, there
coloring gray. u wholesome family were possible barriers.In .
chosen skillful supervision is
entertainment, or George "Patch"
Professionally-trained bawdy house
hairdressers know the Importance of
required for the best results.
their customers' preferences when unwanted becomes Wallace and Ronald Reagan can has girls of all colors. There
gray a
Trying to maintain the correct
And His Kockeleers problem. These experts also know that Clairol created semi. balance between too much and be regarded as the kind of .is no mention of race or color.
permanent Loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide. too little thyroid is much leadership the U.S. needs. "I'm playing it naturally"said
to color only the gray without changing the natural shade. very Sure Dick Gregory is a comedian the attractive actress when
They like walking a tight rope. '
Featuring LIT) E BEAVER and his actions
., also find Loving Care blends back color faded by chemical There Is still another kind of sure questioned u to her reactionto
at times have gotten a lot
on her being chosen.
processing. Because of Its mildness. Loving Care maintains ,
the colloid This
goiter-- goiter.
'Soul; healthy looking hair and lasts of people's nerves But didn't Miss Horne will not sing in
Stuff month of
Right Man "I Feel My Love Coming'Dowri'JAppearing shampoos. was formerly prevalent in the George Murphy, a Hollywood the picture
Whatever a woman's reason for
wanting Lovlng'Care for her Great Lakes region and was
and dance
Nightly hair she Is always wise to consult a professional beautician. caused by a deficiency: of Iodine a song senator ADd man Reagan, become the
Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol productsand in the water supply.
lefthanded didnt be
the training to promise each patron the loveliest) and most These goiters are often cowboy,
very become of the Stateof If WATCH
:NIGHT BEAT CLUB personalized haircoloring effects every time she visits her salon.. large and may exert an uncomfortable California governor. fun. |YOU f A CAME it'l.
you play it's
If you dislike gray and want peroxide not recreaUon.
no why ask the
your pressure on Below is
an excerpt from the And if
beautician to glamorize It with you work at it. it's
Loving Care
t windpipe. .The widespread use book, see for yourself what golf. Bob
Corner. 55$1. & 3rd., Ave. Miami, Fla. CCUIrol Inc.1947 Courttiy of Clalrol Inc of iodlned aslt has made these the "write-In" campaign for Di<6 goiters a rarity. ,presidency of Dick Gregory

k\ ? 1 V,
,, \. :.... '. .' ..
-:--: -
:: : .:.... : :JARI



I ** ** ** ** ***** National Conference Meets In Philadelphia On August 29 :::::: ':I

Urban Leaaue Fellows Theme Will Be Determination,

Unity Through Black ActionThe

t third National Conference on Clack Power will be held In
Philadelphia from August 29 to September 1 at the Church the Advocate (18th and Diamond Streets) in the heart of Phila
delphia's black community.:

Dr. Nathan Wright, chairman': 'convened by the Continuations
of the Continuations Committee 'Committee was held Newark,
of the National Conference on] N.J: from July 20 to July 23,
t t E Black Power, said Philadelphia{ 1967. .
+ was chosen because of a warm "This third Conference will
invitation from that city's deal with methods, techniquesand
Council of Black Clergy which strategy", said Dr.Wright
had been strongly urged by large "to forge a black nation In
segments of the black com thought experience and com-
munlty to host the conference. mitment by doing three things:
Also attending the press conference 1. Unifying all black brothersand
y1I were the four other sisters at all levels, particularly -
a, t IN members of the Continuations in the ghetto;
( f Committee who will be Vice- 2. Programming a series of
Chairman for specific areas methods and strategy for black
of administrative responsibility people to use in their communities -
and program planning for the ; and
a Conference: Omar Ahmed and 3. Mobilising black people to
Isaiah Robinson of New York resist the Increasing genocidal
.. '--- City Ron Karenga -1be Rational Urbu League in cooperation with private Industry FAMU dean of administration. Dr. Perry has a Pb.D.IJI agrl., Dr. Flnley is spending the summer with Morgan Guaranty and Angeles; and Chuck Stone of society.
has selected four faculty members and the dean of administration cultural economics and is a former professor of marketing Trust Company of New York in the area of monetary and fiscal Washington, D.C. The Conference will consider '\;
.at Florida AIM University u Urbu fellows in the. Urban League at FAMU. Re has been selected u fellow by the Continental policies. Assistant professor of psychology Aubrey M. Perrywas The Philadelphia Host Committee a wide range of different programs -
Summer Fellowship program Illinois National Bank and trust Company of Chicago. selected by the Western Electric Company of Winston- which will be responsible a ad divergent approaches -
The summer program will provide experiences in areas of Faculty fellows include Dr. Sybil Motley, professor of business Salem/ N.C., and assistant professor of Industrial arts Wil for arrangements Include: I... to "Black SelfDetermination -
particular interest to the faculty members and will enable them; administration. Dr. Mobley will work with the Union liam H. Cotton will spend the summer wth Pittsburgh Plate and Lorenso Shepard, chairman to add a practical touch to the theory taugbt in the classroom. Carbide Corporation in New York City Also Dr. Henry Flnley, Glass Corporation in Crestline.Ohio. the Council of Black Clergy Direct Action.
Heading the list of the Urban fellows Is Dr. B.L. Perry, Jr., professor of economics head of the department of economics. Rev James Woodruff of the; Among these will be: A Black

Council of Black Clergy;Walter Nation: A Staff or State of Mind?
Farmer Closes King Cole I MEHARRY SCHOOL Oklahoma Wins Palmer of the Black Peoples Black Economic Control of
Unity Movement; David Black Communities; Black
Park Opens On World News Digest: GRADUATES FIRSt Member Drive Richardson of the Young Afro- Labor Unions; A Third Black
Preacher Meet Americans; Rev. Paul Washington Party or a Third Black inde-
By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AIDES pastor of the Church pendent Political Force; Black
Soulhside A1 NAACP Meet
Chicago of the Advocate; Andrew Free- Cultural Unity in the Arts;

CHICAGO-(N PI)-Dedicatory PRIVILEGED CLASS Graduation exercises for the ATLANTIC CITYContestants man, executive director of the Developing a Black Press and
On "Concerns"James services were conducted LONDON ((NPI) Opponents of the Labor government'srace first class of Neighborhood from the Oklahoma City Philadelphia Urban League;Lee Black Communications Media;
Farmer by the Chicago Park District relations bill, passed recently by a vote of 182-44, have Health aides at Mebarry Youth Council swept the first Montgomery of the Center for Black Education la Black
former National, founder and recently formally re-deslgna-. charged that the measure could turn minorities into a '"privi. Medical College was held at annual "Miss NAACP" contest Community Studies of Temple Schools and Black Curriculum
the Congress of Racial Director of ting Park 270 u the Nathaniel leged class," capable of charging racial discrimination if the American Red Cross Building -, held during the 59th annual University; and Plathel Benja In White Schools;Black Students
and Equal- Cole (Nat "King" Cole) Park, "they failed to get what they wanted.." The measure provides July 14. convention of the NAACP in min, a black consultantThe in Black Schools and White
for ity, currently a candidate on the Southslde of the city in penalties for those found guilty of race bias in housing and The Mebarry Community Atlantic City, taking all of the theme of this conference Schools; Formation of a Black
Congress, will deliver the the heart of the black community employment.SAME Health aides, under the top four prlte. on Black Power will be:"Black Militia; A Black Foreign Policy;
keynote address that will direction of Dr. Lesue Fair, The Council did outstanding Self-Determlnation and Black and the Fostering of Black Unity
climax a two-day conference The park, named In memory ROUTE professor and chairman Job, signing up 10lOOmember- Unity through Direct Action." at International LeveL
and Family
Cleveland workshop sponsored by the of the late ballad-pop singing -hNPQ-Francs( is following the same path which the Meharry Department of ships between the announcementof : There have been two previous The keynote speakers, the
in Committee of Concern star who died of cancer on United States took following the outbreak of rioting throughout and Community Health have the contest In January until National Conferences on Black chairmen of the various seminars -
Sheraton Hotel Cleveland February IS, 196S, is one of the nation The U.s., alter a considerable time got a six percent completed their 12-week the May IS deadline, to win Power. The first, convened by and the co-ordlnators for
Friday evening and several memorials in his surtax, coupled with a government economy cut, which specialised training period. the awards. Scholarship monies Rep. Adam Clayton Powell was the Conference will bo announced -
Saturday, July 19 and 20. memory throughout the world. affects chiefly the low-income under-employed or unemployed, The Neighborhood Health amounting to $1,000 were given held September J, 1966, in in the next few weeks.
invitation Responses arriving to an Highlight of the dedication and poor. France however, 1* being faced with a 25 per cent Center Program is financed to the winners. They were Washington, D.C. The second
issued leaders to the nation'soutstanding ceremony was the playing of surcharge be levied upon higher bracket income tax payers by the Office of Economic Opportunity "Miss NA/CP" ElltenDarreil '
without (OEO). This is one Comb $500 and
regard to political affiliation.Indicate many of Cole's Immortal hits runners-up
that that 100, by the "Red" Saunders Or- RECONSIDERS of the first such projects in Jacqueline Spencer $250,
of the most influential more black chestra. Some such tunes Included KINGSTON (NPI)-Both Jamaica and Bahamas are said to the South. Freddie Mae Garrison, $150 iS ,AIR, POLLUTION
laded in "Mona Llse." "Dance, be reconsidering the possibility of becoming founding members The permanent health center and Linda Pogue $100. ;
la the th country conference.The will. Ballerina, Dance," "Don't of the proposed Caribbean Regional Development Bank, which is will open in 1969. tt will provide Dr. Fredda Wltherspoon, advisor MARRING YOUR COMPLEXION
participate Forget' and"Tbose Laty Hazy scheduled to become operational in October with an Initial health care and home and to the St. Louis Youth
conference call Issuedby Crazy Days Summer." capital of $65 million Jamaica had pulled out originally community services to the Council, presided over the art **.. grim* .no' otfcor pot- ton* th* NoN of your tUtt for
Rev. Sterling Glover, chairman disagreement over the selection of the bank's site Barbadoes needy from a defined area. festivities which ton In U..tr con rel.voe. with flrr. clrr. notural l..ldne lovo>
and William Group of black singers, dancers during approximately ...." on* _IIIOft. Od4Nt..ah. lino**. N INN frock) *, r.m..e
ftSeawrlght, baton twirlers and but changed mind with a proposal for two banks one consistIng The health aide graduates are 25 "Miss NAACP' ", ., uflr th* went ."* even th.t ..""*,...*,." tun ton***,
secretary of the host musicians were also featured onto of the original territories without Jamaica and British residents of the service area contestants from across the Mormlty,. h.,."ttt>)f ...." cf Lean.o.e.. side In r.nevlne.l.c ee.de.
._ ..
committee makes It knut4 .
that ktotoho lr
plain sod moothlnl |* pore Woulontyov
Honduras and the other encompassing the holdouts. who have been trained to assist nation paraded before the large
the conference and program, u were leading Sl.ckh..den.y.pp..CMataw NI. to 'Id'* "$KIN
workshop black business and civic lead- la a variety of duties in the crowd assembled for NAACP .no1 opooorcne of complwdwi nuy UCCI ," .'JAl C Ml MO1
is to .,..... .
designed "stop Tricky lioni* frrM ..
OWN VIEW ,.center and community.The Youth festivities.Sevenweekold .
Dick Nixon'' from getting tileDOII'lIIatIon ,era., ,.... .,.tI" *- rALMIfre SKIN SUCCISS"
Also attending the services LUSAKA -(NPQ-When President Kenneth Kaunda deputed aide training program is LaTrelloSepher If ACH CHI AM li mttlcttttoroom GETHWTtCTION()
Republican to the were hundreds of children, who on his state visit to Scandinavian countries earlier in the month, intented particularly to help of Hamtramck Mich., oontinln Wi* fuN official
coming convention Miami, Fla. Republican are participating in the city's be was prepared to engage la discussion outlining"the danger people with the lowest income served u marshall for the tlrtflfth ol ky mmonUU tin Unit**mercury St.t.. with MUon tfu of PftOTtCTIOH:1*rn.dl.r..enINd OAr>:
summer recreational program of racial conflict that face the world at present. In his visitsto who nave had the least opportunity occasion. He officiated from """" 1OOpII. .. toe*) InhiMtory It ..ut. Labs whll. It fi,Ill,
only The Cleveland group has not called "Reach Out" Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Dr. Kaunda said "I am going to get an education.The his crib-carriage which was ...",......pll...11'.racotnliod IK modlcal fey propoftto.... prof-*.r. ..rm. ht otfor oftn. ,..........* .wnpkration
gone on record u sip- to the of world racial conflict I aide benefits ,. mk* you suns
explain danger u see them. program appropriately decorated. Ion. sad nnatotailtU ofion prokorto you r* nlc* to L nr. PALL*'e
porting New York's GovernorNelson NAACP National households with the most dependents Tbe contest climaxed a week It niUN BUCCCSS CfttAM HUN SUCCESS- SOAP
A. kockefelUr u the GULLIBLE VIEWER SO .f '
persons over of activities for the youth
only whose lepubllcan candidate Featured LONE Togo-(NPp-Hollywood's Western movies can cause years of age and persons under membership, including parade InsTst on the BIue6/. Gold p.cklsel
record of performance Books the unwary to think that bank hold-ups are a snap but one wouldbe 25 years of age who do not have through the streets of tbe resort
makes him acceptable to bla.k western-type operator found out different. Firing wildly, be. high school diplomas. town during which the contestants -
voters across the nation Sal: For All Races scooped up bale of bill from a counter at the Lome branch of first met the public.
nave warned Republican party the Part National Bank, and ran to his rusty steed taxlcab, The parade was purposely SISTER IESSIE
leaders that "It's Rockefelleror Chicagoan'sHorse
ATLANTIC CITY Hundreds .some 200 yards down the street The cabbie fled, but a crowd routed through the so-called and
She will r.uoar entire llfe-fiast present
voters nobody"concerned.The so far .u Negro of delegates from across the which. gathered beset the bandit, and was beating him up, when ghetto sections of the town, future. She ask no question but will tell you! I
conference are and nation were attracted to a ball the 'poI..." (cops)arrived the nick of time to protect (arrest) and was led by a uniformed what want to know, giving date and facts of F
workshop long display for integrated text him. Seems, in all the firing he did. be forgot his pistol held BringIn marching band from the business you love health and family affair Will
to and ,
are expected develop ,
articulate a "Manifesto of Concern and leisure books displayed by only so many bullets, and he bad expended all of them before Oklahoma Youth Council help yon find lost art. TELL you whom you will I
17 out of the
national got bank.
", addressed especially to the 59th publishers during $120,000CHICAGO marry and when. U the one you love is true what ,I
delegates to the Republican the NAACP annual convention of MADAME GOVERNOR Capital Head to do to be successful Will reunite tbe separated '
convention not A locate absent friends' and relatives, and cause I Ihappiness
only demanding The GRENADA NPI-A -(N PI)- winning
display included multiracial five-year-term u governor
the nomination of Rockefeller horse in the Irish between man and wile Make uplover'squarrels. !
textbook of the British Commonwealth Island of Grenada Seeks
all subject officially began Start ,
Tells if sickness ano\bad luck are I
but also spelling out the kind given Ralph Wise the luck ,
last June 29 for Hilda
areas, new American history/ Dr. Bynoe, 46-year-old native-born lIIf1ue.a.ci TUdlock.Doei'tot
natural enemies evil an<
of platform, both parties musttram.lladdreutnrtlemsel"l of the Irlsb-4120,000 worth ,
textbooks that break down thestertot'pel. housewife and practicing physician. 'Ibe first woman to rule over of It.Well. tell to please you,but will tell the t>uth. One visit will reps>
the 133-square-mlle island in the Windwards Two Directors
distortions Island chain she
to of like half for disappointment in all other*. hot only read your'lifelike
the problems poverty, omissions of is the wife of a former RAF flying officer-architect, named something u you
discrimination and injustice u books, and new older school history books Peter Bynoe, whom she married la 1947. much by the time Uncle Sam i The Board of Directors of an open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES.
they affect the nation's 22 takes his share. Capital Head Start, Inc., an*, Come and see why you are so unhappy when everything seemsto
million black Americans two on Negro history.Included were CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT But even so, Wise is some i souses the following two open- go wrong. WHY: be sad and downhearted, tick and worried
The conference will be climaxed encyclopaedias and a display COTONOU (NPQ Dahomey's newly-appointed president $60,000 wealthier than .be was i logs on Its staff: when you can be betoed and everything made clear by consulting
by a Summit Conferencebanquet of resource materials on Dr. Emlle Derlla Zinsou has announced that the country will before-wealthy enough to takeoff i Executive Director, $15,400; "TfflS GIFTED MEDIUM I Everybody welcome. NO MAIL
in the grand ballroom, Negro history for teachers. have its first civilian government in more than two years, at for a month. He hasn't vacationed Education Director $12.240. ANSWERED make no house calls. Don't mistake the address,
where preparation has been Miss June ShagalcCf NAACP least by Aug. 1. Tads the date when his government 1* expectedto In years. .Application are invited Immediately SISTER BESSIE is located north o(.Callahan on UJS. il,
made to accommodate 2,000 education director who assembled take over from military authorities. The 50-year-old An usembler at the Ford I and should be mailed 1/2 mile from, City of CALLAHAN, Florida. Phone; 879-2250.
dinner and dais guests. It is the materials stated that physician-businessman twice served u foreign minister of his Motor Company Plant he paid I to: WATCH; FOR HER SIGN IN FOMiT OF HOUSE-
on this occasion that the"Mani- "one purpose of the exhibit was country. $3 for his winning Sweepstakes t Mrs. Elanor Wood, Chairman Across the Street from SPOKESMAN MOTEL
tutor of Concern" developed to enable NAACP brad representatives ticket. His wife, Lorraine,runsa i ; Personnel Committee; Open dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Sundays
by the conferes,will be revealed throughout the NAACP Head Lauds beauty parlor on the. South- Capital Head Start Inc. 1719 THIS CLIPPING ,ENTILES "YOU TO A $5, READING for $2..
to the.public. country to become familiar with Receives Grant side 14th Street, N.W., Washington,
the books which the Associationis They bad planned to bank the> D.C., 20009.
*,* insisting be used inallclass Union Activities money if they won, but prospect: Interview for both position

room for all children white of all that cash on hand evidently : will begin July 1'l. 1968. No MID-TOWN
Dr. W.E. COlitiS'Of
and bl ck." SAN DIEGO Calif. The I influenced them to make> application will be accpeted FURNITURE CO.
Miss Shagaloff said "The "positive contributions to the vacation plans. after July 1y0O li68
white racism cited by the civil right cause," made by tit mi in sum 3S3-SU5 '
NamedTo f
FAMU the
,Kerner Commission in reflect Amalgamated Meat Cutter I
ed at its worst in the classrooms and Butcher Workmen wen ap- DON'T RAVE TO GO TO TO** TO.GET Nq Interest No Carrying Charges I
plavded by Roy Wilklns
of America's public ,
Commission' schools, ". U'tf SIIaploa announced executive director of the FREE DELIVERY : .

TALLAHASSEE Fla. Dr. units.of accelerated the NAACPinslstlng grogramsby National Advancement Association of Colored for the LOW PRICES HOUSE FULL ;

'V. 'E. Combs, chairman, department that local school officials use People at their convention. .i
of elementary educa-* multiracial books new American Wilkins addressed the union' .
lion at Florida A*M University history and Negro history Twenty.Second general convention DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade FURNITURE .* *
has been appointed to a specialcommittee. book*. State department of here. July 9. In his message .
The committee has Education she said, would be be noted that the union
a assignment of a revision urgedto encourage local had supported the NAACP DR. THEODORE COOPER FULL, PRICE $
project of the Junior feign' changes. "campaign to secure full TALLAHASSEE. Fla. Dr. with 'Your Neighborhood Drug StoreWE .95
school evaluative criteria by the citizenship r/gbts" and.aaJ4' Theodore B. Cooper, director' WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV., IN YOUR LOCAL
National Study of,Secondary .* that the Association is ,"ear of audio viiial services at PAPERS We deliver We also ,fill all Doctors Prescriptions. Include: .

Schools Evaluation Committee.Dr. couraged to know we can count Florida AIM University recently 7 pc. Bed Room Suite: I,
Combs' Interest Energy Commission Double Bed Mattress and Chest Dresser
tralnlngand on. your continuing support received a matching Spring ,
is la Junior alga work. HeatttTi The United Packinghouse grant of $14,962 for a closed 7 pc. Living Room Suite: l
consultative services to Honors Graduate Workers of America was circuit television project The Dixie Pharmacy Sofa Bed. Chair > tables, I Lamps I
Junior personnel and directs holding its convention at the project will be designed to imp 5 pc. Dinette Sal I ICu
school evaluations. He has Just TALLAHASSEE, F I ..-A same time in Los Angeles. In I.m e't instruction through or Electric Range l
completed directing a two-year Florida AIM University graduate a telegram of felicitations to large groups and to make more 13(2 IINfiS lOA AT MYRTLE Refrigerator< with Cross Top Freezer
self-study project foe: FAMU. has been a warded an Atonic Ralph Helsteln, president of the intelligent use in achieving in-
The criteria revision Is under Energy Commission Fellowshipto union Wilkins praised the union Instructional objectives in All NEW EXCEPT APPLIANCES
the spoaaorsblp olDIe American study nuclear science at the for the suubstantlal economic course taught byclc>>circuit Pint 353-5597 '
Council in Education and Is dir We nave a complete selection of Vinyl and Cushion Floor
Callfwf Institute of Techno gains made for its membership television. When the project
ected by Dr. Donald CManloveof logy. and .recalled that "the union get underway, actual'course* PAY YOU LIGHT, lATE AND linoleum cut to your measurements. .

the University of Indiana Charle* O. Slater, an honor baa worked successfully to will be taught by FAMV CHARGE ACCOUNTS WElCOME
School of Education graduate of the class of 1968, combat discrimination the instructor to large group '
The committee met recently' plans to enroll at CalTechthlxtafl. employment of Its member classes. Dr. Cooper 1*enthused TELEPIINE DILLS AT pit STilE 20 % DISCOUNT'ON CASH SALES ,

in Atlanta. regardless of color or creed. about the project. ,


.. 4tJt. .,.. .. _.. .. ..
--- "- -- .
f 1 f.w : : : I ..
--r: : :./
", '
_" .:Mr. !a,. ... -!:.,... t, :,..,: { '4..tI.,,, ..a". .i,ilif..,_" :;.. '.\..,.. : <'

V &


r -- Pele Is World's Highest Paid Professional Athlete-Is A Soccer Champ .

Breadbasket Leader Wants Checking For Tourist" Comfort Pele Earns $341,000 Tax
-- -- "
( ;"I'I "': -

Boycott of Olympic Games ;. <> 't ; 1 ',d )it: \ -It Free--Grosses $1,000,000

WASHINGTON (NPI>Black 'boycotts of the Olumpic games \. -;': '( '" ." Edson Arantes Nascimento, better known as Pele, f.om

and the Chicago transit system have been urged by the Rev i }\; Brazil, touring now In America, is the world's highest paid
Jesse L. Jackson, national director Operation Breadbasket. ri ; professional athlete, and Is said to make 'more per rear than
.Mickey Mantle Wilt Chamberlain, Bart Starr and Oscar Robertson -
In calling for the boycotts, cisions over their lives In the
Rev. Jackson lashed out at the Alabamas, Georgian, and other combined.He .
grievances which prompted Southlands compacted Into the + Is the world's leading soc- goals, 129 of which he made in

them.In urban ghettos of the North.." ',- cer player. 1959 alone Five other members

asking black athletes not to Instead of In the What is soccer? Webster of the club come from. Brazil

participate in the Olympic games, the black athletes ought says: A game in which all use one from Argentina. .

games, he admonished them not to carry Olympic torches of the arms or hands is pro
to enter Mexico City (site of the. throughout the South and Into hibited except to the goalkeeper ATA Juniors

games) "until MexicanAmericans city slums to protest povertyin and the ball is propelled
can earn a decent wage in America, he declared. by kicking or striking it with
America's Southwest" and until At the same time,he threatened the head, shoulder or other Win Orlando'tennis

"black people can eat decently a Negro boycott against the parts of the body except the
la M Issls slppl." Chicago Transit authority In. arms. The ball is spherical, Meet
The athletes, he said, should order to secure the demands while that used in American
stay their Journeys "until black made by the drivers, whose !t, ;; } tF soccer, a variation of Rugby,is Playing in the tsLTA Mid

people can participate In de- strike ended after a five-day > t A?. spheroidal Season Junior Invitational
protest against bad working Pele was In Kansas City, Mo., Tournament, Orlando Center
DON'T' BE DROP-OUT. conditions. on July 4 with the talented Tennis Club, Orlando, Florida,
Charging that a "blatnat cast r Santos soccer club of Brazil. the Juniors made history. Invited -

of racism" sparked the strike The team played the Spurs. as a team by Dr. JamesE.
I GO BACK TO SCHOOL. and his threatenedbo'cottRey. This wealthy player earns a Smith and friends, the Juniors

Jackson urged a black boycott definite salary! of $341,000, tax showed their appreciationfor
JJ TO GET A (GOOD JOB YOU of city buses' subways,. and free. Endorsements and other the Florida hospitality by-
elevated trains "In the spirit Income bring him well over sensational victories.
MUST GET EDUCATED of "Montgomery." 11,250,000 per year. Juan Farrow passed up the

At.17 years of age be led the under 10 event, his age bracket,

65 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE $2795 At country of Brazil, In 1958, to to play In the under 12, to defeat
Peter Cohen Lake Land
the World Cup Championship ,
.w.r/' OTA'\.HTltO\. All CONDITIONED IliC. WINDOWS He repeated this feat In 1962. Florida 6-1; 6-1 and Howard

66' CADILLAC CALIAS $3295 Suffering a broken leg In 1966, Wlniskl Miami, Florida, 6-2;
be was unable to lead his teamto 6-2 to reach the semi-finals

67 FORD V8EGALAXIE 500 $2195 another possible victory with where he lost to Robert Broom
4. England and Germany. Orlando, Florida, No. seeded,,
'Mil tap MM OW.V DOJt ar M roe VOUmlP Pele is known u the King of 'JI.5. ;6-3 had 3 match points.

66 CHEVY SPORT COUPE .. $2095 Soccer players. Juan won the third place play-

M VI. AUTOMATIC. OWM mtftlNft. Ale CONDITION From 1957 to 1962, as a member off defeating No. 2 seeded
VlnVt., .OOf. Tr A HONtV.
of the FeYxlllan'Natlotui Howard Peterson,Orlando,'-S;

67 PONTIAC CATALINA .$2895 Gulf Oil's Kenneth Hawthorne (right) and William Meehsa In his new'capaeity u Turnpike Supervisor Mr. Hawthorne and World Cip squads, Pile did 6-S.
not leave the field In 456 contests opened
Turnpike Commission will be responsible for all retail sales at Gulfs 11
(left), vie chairman of the Pennsylvania product
66 OLDSMOBILE 98 . $2695I go over the map location of Gulfs eleven service stations turnpike stations and the 150 Gulf employees who man them.In a loser. His Club, the hostilities by almost upsettingNo.
ItDAN,VINYL ROD. A NO "'-10. t OAO'II on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Hawthorne was recently appointed addition Mr. Hawthorne will work with those agencies, Santos Soccer Club, capturedthe 1 seeded Bryon Thomas. ,

66 FORD V8 LTD . $2195i Gulf's Pennsylvania Turnpike Supervisor and placed in particularly the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission chargedwith San Paulo League champion West Palm Beach,Florida match,4 .;
Williams blew two
nt ONDitgN:; 'lOiDE: >4 .Lie! NIW ewer u*. Milt, charge of Gulfs turnpike system of service stations and the maintaining the super highway. ship each year.
Al > In 1964 he made bis top effort points by trying two drop shots
them.UNC's .
than 150 employees man
67 CHEVROLET BELAIR $2295 more a brilliant one. He scored that fell on his side of the net.
-- ------
M AUTOMATIC AIR CONOITIONtP, UOII HEATtR ,ow. Will eight goals in one game and Although Williams blew this
/f Negro BasketballStar Grambling College made his lifetime total of lit chance, he woo the under 18

65 PLYMOUTH FURY III. $1595 consolations, without losing a

.,. tOMOITlONIO"'0". 'I" uto/AAtK. rows s'rpe/NA. ,A'OIYAI' Explains PositionCHARLOTTE Be TV Feature July 30 Sports WantsCommissioner set, also award won the, In the best under sportsmanship 18-

66 PONTIAC VENTURA $2195 N.C. A Nero athlete Is constantly on the NEW YORK, N.Y. The Intriguing story of Grambling College In Florida.
'' "' O'fO. spot, especially when It's a matter of top athletics, accordingto and Its extraordinary football team and coach, Eddie Robin Paul Farrow in the under 14
I n RA eLrli'Ci OSS COUNTRY WAr., ,S59\ a junior at the_University of North Carolina, Charlie Scott. son, will be told In a one-hour ABC-TV color special "Gramb To Be RemovedNEW lost to Banner Smith, Saratoga,

62 PONT GRAND PRIX MAG WHEELS ,1295M Scott Is the Tar Heels' first school In the South. This ling College: 100 Yards to Glor," Tuesday, July SO ((8:SO Florida 6-2. 6-2. first round,
CHEW II ST A. WAGON .. .tR5! Negro basketball player. decision was further strengthened to 9:JO p.m", EDT). YORK "Baseball but fecovered: to win the under
Kl nUICK A HONEY ,$595 Commissioner
about' William
The athlete reminisced threats of D. 14 consolations; Defeat!:,
M FORD RUNS "d' .. .. .I 75 playing against the University Negro by athletes In boycotts the North by "GTvAMBLING COLLEGE" : 100 sports writers. Eckert should be paid off and David Short, Miami. 6-1; 6-1;
OVER: 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM! YARDS TO GLORY, which was If you've beard of CramMing "
of Maryland, when be scored and the West. retired, asserts an In Crelg Crowder 'Tampa. 6-3;
WK: TAKK: DEALS \\IIERE OTHERS REFUSE: six points. "People came up and. Scott's borne Is New York aired on WABC-TV In New the College It's probably because' of the current Issue of SPORT 6-4; Tom Washington Tobopee
York last sensational athletic
City narrated teams
CREDIT APPROVED. ON SPOT! asked me what was wrong.' JIDUII'J.II Magazine. Florida I-S t.. 6-2 and Steve
City, As to his choice of a by ABC newsman Bill and the football squads la ; ;
be said. "They seemed to be par- "Commissioner Eckert Is Dot Wilson Miami In Finals 6-0
school be sa.1d. "When you go ;
Beutel and Is being presented Uciular produced by this
comparatively -
questioning my ability concluded a leader but In fact Is being
to a school down South
RSEVANS3rd you
on the full ABC-TV networkfor small schooL 60.Michael
Scott. led by a group of unbelievably Doyle Lyxhburgde*
know ,
what Into.
you're getting the first time ABC's How- In the heart of the hilly red-
On the other hand Scott f.U. callous and .
You know who Ubi-you and Louisiana arrogant tented Bobby Ktnetert, Gainesville -
ard Cosell 1s the Executive clay the
the white athlete gets a breakIn countryside clubowners who seem bent on Florida 6-4 6-1.He also
who doesn't. You're not fighting ;
Producer, The 60-mlnute CramMing 380
campus cover
: the thinking of the fans. destroying what
& MAIN a faceless was once our defeated Rocky Mortimer
enemy. special was written and acres and has a student body In
( Scott 1s II, He was a seniorat He pointed to UCLA, which, by Jerry Itenberg produced oneof excess 014.000. approximately nationa; pastime. ," says" the editorial. Tampa, ,-0.. 6-0 and lost to
Laurlnbnrg Institute and .
hi.; 4-8381 OPEN TILL ':30 P.M. LL; 44382 decided he wanted to ro tit CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 the nation's outstanding one-third of them male stu la calling for Commissioner Nathan Florida,Smith second, Winter seeded Park 6-3,;

__ ---- dents. An Inordinately high percentage Eckert's ouster the art Id 6-1
"--.or.a. r. .I+axasarnc 12 Million Saw NL of these student- *
cites his impotence In dealing Dana Nottingham. Hampton,
And AL 1968 Games athletes Into professional have found football.their way Or with the crises facing baseball Va., defeated Bobby Loooey,'
following the assassination ofSenator
has Orlando, Fla., 3-6. 6-2; 6-3.
Attendance: records for 1961 professional football found Robert and In
them Kennedy He also defeated David Smiley,
Jim TatumsTALK by the National League and by More? than (0 CramMing the disagreement between the Ormood Beach, Fla., 6-0, (-1;
the American League are as alumni have two leagues on the shape of but lost to No. 1 seeded HerbU
signed with
follows: pro expansion In 1969. Cooper Winter Park, Fla.,6-3;
clubs In the UjS. and Canada
After the Kennedy assassination .
NATIONAL 6-1 in under 16.
LEAGUE during the 20 In
years. some teams called off Richard Mail Newton Mass.
Los Angeles-1968-1,007.087 1968 28 CramMing graduates
Friday games, others called lost first round to Peter Smith,
19671,047,548 New York willreport
; veterans and rookies alike
.* off Saturday games and some Vero Beach, Fla.. 6-3; 6-1.
1968 1",1501 to NFL and AFL training
OF THE TOWN 758,965; st. Louis 1"1- campus. postponed Sunday contests,with but rallied to dilate Dale

831.214 1967 831,760; The story of Grumbling and many of the cubowners dec1lioD's Chavis, Tampa, Fla.,' 6-1; 6-3
seemingly dictated to reach finals where he defeated
Houston 1968 1ZOIZI-
Its fiery, dedicated and
more by box-office considerations
1967-781,560; Atlanta-1968 thoroughly competent coach Gerry Miami
than by any sense of respect Fla.. 6-3.6-1.
60S, 746 1967 843,968; Eddie Robinson, Is a saga of and national
mourning. Dand
SALE San Francisco 1968 S91, Hugenburger, Wellesley,
success through preseveranceand "And through It "
e all. says Mass defeated Charles Dig-
>6) 1967 829,149;
hard work. Together
the article, "the commissioner -
-193,141-1167 gins, Delroy Beach, Fla., 6-2;
and Coach Robinson
1968 CramMing was sitting back taking orders 7-9. 6-0 but lost to George
-488,002. Philadelphia- broke through the amber light not giving them, callingup
889,923 1967 837,721; that pro football used to bold owners and asking what he 6.1E HollingwoodFla.,7-5;

Pittsburgh-1968 -362,327 up for all Negroes-&nd the red should do rather than telling the '
DINNER JACKETS D. Williams and P. Farrow
1967 Cincinnati
464,426. one it displayed to all kids fromallNegro owners what to do."
defeated Short and Short in
1968- 340,6951967 -535, pro
colleges. "In the expansion disagreement set 1-0. They also defeated
318 Totals-1968-6,213,578 Today, every professional according to the SPORT
$ 99 Lighter and Houlon 8-0 but
-1967-6,2938,413. football roster Is studded with
"the National
editorial league lost In finals to Hodgeskia and
O IA.: AMERICAN LEAGUE players from an-Necruchoo1s motivated by greed on the part i icI Whitacre 8-3.

-me Florida AIM, Jackson Its owners refused to go la the under 16 doubles Hugen
about : '" + Detroit 1968 In.ZZ9- State, Prairie View, Morgan along with the American League
(only 30)) 1967 -'53,110. Boston-1968 State. Maryland State, burger and Martin defeated Bullock
on its six-team two-division
1<< '01 1861 "5,111. and Nahama 8-2 lost to
Tennessee State Southern U.
California 1968 932,692 setup for 1969, while the commissioner Peterson and Carltoo 8-3.

1967 .657,594; New York -&Del others. takes In the anarchy Nottingham'and Doyle lost to
Green Bay Packer defensive all around him and does Peterson and .
Caton 8-5.
WALK SHORTS l 1 1994PR. '- 1968 540,8191967 end Willie Davis and Kansas nothing."
Under 12 J. Farrow and H.
621, 519; Cleveland 1968 -
City Chief defensive tackles
"Baseball needs Independent
a Winiski
defeated Dlckerson and
922,939 1967 418 708,
Ernie Ladd and Buck BlICbaIIan"lead
Minnesota 1968 482,470 soul to run the game Dates a.., but lost in finals to
] the list of Grumbling free of owner interference "
S5F .OFrr COATS '-I"1-U5UIxOaItlaDd- Rompell and Kuman 86.
; alumni the professional ranks
concludes the SPORT article.
1968 453,471-1967 -390, today. Four of the Virginia played'will

3 FOR 000; &lUmore1161 -415,' The Grumbling College story "We suggest the owners get desegregate ,the MALTA
I (\.luntu7"Pr' .) together at once and find a man Tournament In Norfolk
467 1967 978,493; Washington ,
in 1936 when
began Dr. Ralph
who can them and
govern who Virginia for
: 1968 362,449 Virginia ratings
Waldo Emerson Jones took over
can control their lusts
$1795 and .while three others will
$4500 1967 433,821; yChlcago a school of six frame buildings drives toward aelf-destruc- play In
the Baltimore
1968 SI0'l93 -1967 -417. 120 students and a mountain tion" Open ATA

DRESSSLACKS 972. Totals 1968 5,913. of debts. This outstanding educator ToarDament.Commissioned.
W4-1961-5.515.165. U still president of
VaItiesto$19'. Values to $55 Ea. Grand Totals
( Jar.) 1968 11, Grambling.

-t 726,6061967 12,471.978. Now he presides over a handsome -
3 FOR (Sizes 36 thru 50)) i-In Kansas City In 1967.y4968 collection of colonial

$ total 'includes. 95, brick buildings spread across
69..? $1800No 701 for tour home games In the 380 sues He is rightfully

Lavaii'dYs- No Dealer Sales Milwaukee. proud of a 90,000-volume
library; the world-famous
Atlanta' Falcons CramMing Tiger MarchingBand

ONE FULL WEEK-JULY 15th thru 20th Gel EWC Athlete' form,over which the Is country invited; to and pre-the

highly successful teams which
ATLANTA-The Atlanta Falcons have represented the school

added two tree agents to through the ,earl.

the club Tuesday, running back The whole story of Grumbling
Jim Tatum'sMEN'S Felton Roundtree from Edward and bow It grew to become the

Waters CoUtriDJactsoDyWe, splendid educational Institution
Florida, and offensive guard it ls principally through the

EarVDIvers from Maryland qnon ing and often painful efforts -
State., of Dr. Jones and Coach
SHOPUK Roundtree, from the same Robinson -will be told duringthe
9 school that produced Pittsburgh special "GRAMBUNG The gold ban .f a second ileatenaat Im the U. 8. Army are planed
'til P.M en David A Culpepper of New York by kit
HI I) PH. XHl-tt&l
E Steeler running back Cannonball COLLEGE: 100 YARDS TO Irving aid Colonel Walter Killlae. Professor of :ntDdk
SAT TIL ( .M.l
144 iNivKRsm m vi> Butler. Is a I-I. UI-pouDI3er. GLORY." at City College of New York By completing Ke Army ROTC
Divers, a 1-3. 250-pounder Nick Webster directed one- prof ran, U. Culpepper received both sic college decree and his
I was Atlanta' No. 2 draft choice hour special and Eddie Deitch officer's eommUaum at CCNY. Tab sane U 'being duplicated es,
147 campuses throughout the United States at tome U.ooe Army
this year. was the film editor. KOTC graduate receive officer commissions '.' .




..' ... .a
j ry'
t. j

i .. .... .- 4;'A_ ,I" -- >-..- -. ,-.,,-'-' ,' .... ,!.. .JI ,. ..-, -. -. L..JI..L. : .,

< ...< .. .
; :: ; "l. ', 'ff. ;j''t. ,,1I. ..



1 : : : : : U. Of Texas At El Paso Said To Abuse And Scorn Negro Athletes :': :;; ::: .1

Sports Illustrated Release ROTC Granites Studying Leaf Structure A&T Coaching Clinic Will

Reviews Sit-In '67 ProtestNEW Record NumbersFor U"t. :: : ,..,.., : .,' Draw Record Crowds Soon

}, f"
WorkA ,
YORK Black athletes at the University of Tens at GREENSBORO N.C.-With five of the biggest names In sports
El Paso are unhappy about many things, but all share a simple of the set to take part in the eighth annual Coaching Clinic at ALT
record number men
wish: That the members of the university athletic department from 247 colleges ,1' State University July 24-26, director, Dr. William "BUI"
would stop>> referring to them as "niggers.." now graduating throughout the United : Bell announced that a record number of high school and college

Part IB of Jack Olsen's copy and believe that these athletes States will receive officer commissions coaches may attend the clinic.
righted series In Sports think the world of them.In real; through the Army 4t "Applications are already far ditloned Memorial Union. Applications
Illustrated "The Black ity Olsen says the Negro athi ROTC program and will enter' I ahead of last year," said Bell. for the clinic may be
athlete..* Shameful Story"Is fetes at UTEP suffer acutely military service as second lien- "We are expecting a real fine secured from the Athletic Office
an ln- athlete at UTEP. Revealed for of racism on the campus The almost 18,000oewoftlccera Attractions at the clinic this
the first time Is an account of and in the athletic department.In Is the largest number ever produced year will be Johnny Wooden,.
the Negro football team mem' the words of Willie Cager, in a single year by the coach of the NCAA basketball Watch
bers' "Sit-in" protest, early one of UTEP's basketball trl- Army's on-campns training\ champion UCLA; Don Dononer,
In the '67 season, which was captains: "Prejudice 1s program. t coach of the NiTchamptoDay'tcia This Clown
withheld from the press In a prejudice. Either you've got It,. Army ROTC enables the college Flyers; and football
deal with Coach Bobby Dobbs or yon ain't. They got It. man to earn both a degree coaches Joe Paterno of Penn '21 J 11 1 96
and which brought no results. The article cites many com- 'in the field of his choice soda' .State, Bill Dooley of the University
Olsen also Includes a full plaints otprejndicialtreament, second lieuteanfs commission c/ of North Carolina, and 74 416 76
account of the recent boycott Including the violation of educational at the same time.Cepeda Tom Papa, assistant at Notre
of the Brigham Young track standards, double Dame.
meet by UTEP's Negro track :standards of monetary help,1 Said Also serving u Instructors at x ft: S
squad members which resulted) lack of aid in getting decent the clinic will be two of North ,
In the wholesale cancellation summer Jobs even substandard Carolina's most successful high 1\
of their athletic scholarships. -dormitory cleanliness. In To Owe U.S. school coaches. They are Banter .-=: 9J
U.S. Olympic gold hopeful addition, there are direct r D. Holman, Jr., coach of
Bob Beams Is among them pressures against socializing $17,000 Taxes .. Anderson Junior-Senior High
He told Olsen that the day with white students, especially k ,, \.. School In Winston-Salem; and 36 69 71
after be lost his scholarship ,white. girls. The black athletes WASHINGTON a Internal 'i I .. George Force basketball coach
his bank called him on an outstanding say they come home from the Revenue Service says the National at William Penn High in HighPoint 47Sometimes 63 31
loan and his wife was playing fields u conquering League's most valuable Holman's team at Anderson -
fired from her Job. heroes, and then are expected player last year, Orlando A has won six district titles He's Down.He's He Adds Up,Sometimes
UTEP, Olsen explains, hat to disappear Into their dorms Cepeda, owes more than $9,000In rI and three state championships .He works all ,Subtracts,
fewer than 200 Negro studentsIn and stay out of sight.En masse, back federal income taxes in the AAA division. around.
10,111, but it has been the they feel, there is not one for 1985, papers filed In the tax Force guided William Penn to 241 92 351
great Negro athletes thjre who !coach or athletic department court showed recently. the 4A state basketball championship -
have brought the school from member who will countenance Cepeda SO, a first baseman last season.A COMING ATTRACTIONS
obscurity to renown and helped white dating and several tell for the world champion St. special section on the care
Us expansion program. But, of being threatened with loss Louis Cardinals, challenged the I of athletic Injuries will be conducted 45 315 81
he emphasizes that his purposein of scholarships because of Internal Revenue Service ruling : by Dr Frank H. Bastett
this installment Is to tell the Innocent social ct nbcls.Says .In a tax court case. m of the Duke University Medical MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED
story of those athletes who were Willie Cager "1 used The papers Ms St. Louis lawyer Center.Dr. .
used and how they were used- to talk to a white girl but filed to not say how much Bell said that all sessions
Dot why.UrEP. one day she said she couldn't tax Cepeda already has paid -:" .. will be II.ld1l Airs aIr.: OG-
often fields an entirely talk to me anymore because for INS, nor do they show his ,. ?Rt.1!( ""' "Man's Days are Numbered."
basketball team a roughly some of the professor shad been
Negro Income for that year The claim Health and Fortune Can Be
half-and-half Integrated cornering her and telling her Is for 19,071.98. Ashe Loses Yours When You Know Your
football team, and a predominantly that she would get abed name." The Internal Revenue Service Da ,.
Negro track team Olsen Says Bob Wallace: "If we show has refused to allow these deductions Tennis Match Lucky ,
points out, and be explains that' up at a party, the white girls !
UTEP President Dr. Joepeh have to lea U..oat time we 1. $JHuor.mpioJlbuslDta. BAASTAD, Sweden Arthur Lucky Colors; etc.
Ray, Athletic Director George showed up at a party, and there .Ashe, American Davis Cup Star, Send $2.00 for your
Mc art;, Assistant Athletic was a white girl there, and was eliminated from the Championship Horoscope Guide for
Director Jim Bowden and all she stayed. One of the white' Znble Meteaif (right) assistant professor of biology, and director of the biology Institute tennis matches here
the coaches are enthusiastic football players went back to of Florida AIM, discusses the structure' of a leaf with Sirster May Denatllla Polier of WUmlngton last week u four payers moved JULY
about the school's Negroathletes campus and called her all kinds Delaware, and Chiton Chen of Tawan, two of. 42 biologists selected to attend the Into the semi-finals.
Olsen stresses that of dirty names" summer (attune. FAMU Pootq'Atlanta However, Asbe and Clark Fill In the blank below and
the school administrators are The athletically legendary Phil Graebner of the United States mall to ZODIAC, Post Office
not evil men and that they Harris, 21-year-old son of u I Hawks 1968 BC Wildcats Start Drive won the double title Htb'a Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fla.
sincerely feel they have done upper middle class Renssalacr, '-5, I-I decision over Manuarl .
wen by their Negro athlete New York family, became engaged Season Is Expansive Santana and Manuel Orioles of ,NAME
to a beautiful blonde coed I With Bargain Ticket SaleA Spain. STREET
Harris And on the UTEP campis. ATLANTA The Atlanta
Wildcats football home
ticket for the 1968
records are very vague, says Harks look forward to one of season campaign
Griffith Will Fight Olsen but Harris was kicked the National Basketball As games 1s underway at Bethune-Cookman College and will continue I
out of school. The girl u I sociation's most expansive: through August 15.

On August 6 excellent student, was tailed home schedules next sewn The local grldders, tinder the Florida AIM University of Talflahassee. -. !
In an exam. When she showed f.. according to* 'Hawks General direction d. Headcoaek Jack November 23. Any building I design will have
'PHILADELPHIA -:The twice- that one of her "wrong"' Manager Marty Blake announc, MCy"' McClalren ,will face Thtrty.three[ returning veterans beauty and function, but always .'
postponed middleweight bout answers was practically verbatim eeL three of their toughest opponents are some of tJa'l'IUOGIlor
between Gypsy Joe Harris, from the text, she was expenses.S. Blake said thecSel'adDcW.at1tra -, In Daytona Beach The McClalren's optimistic at' with the human touch. ;
Philadelphia? aDdlor..er champion told by the professor "I A loss of z,289.0I for Division champions will season opener Is against Morris tirade. Among these veteransare that's a must." I
EmU Griffith has been rescheduled disagree with the text; you got rental property. play 40 home contests daring Brown College of Atlanta, on six all conference performers
Tuesday for August what you deserved." a, Itemised deductions of the 1988-69 campaign making, September 28, In Welch Stad, and 18 offensive and defensive J
6 at The Spectrum here' The problem does not Just $1,000 for contributions,$IM8 the Hawks one of the., most ium.: The Wildcats will then darters If this Is not eeThe gin (tbuvgs London Dry.Gordon'sJJt'siafways .
The bout: was set for July t come down to sex, U many .!6 in taxes, n.'ISO.II In Interest '%ome-mind.d' clubs In the, play four consecutive road': enough Indication ell winning } brisk.
but was set back to July 15 claim, says OUen. "What It expense and $4S1S for NBA. games before returning November season Jack also reported thatabout
because of a groin injury Griffith does come down to Is loneliness -. other reductions. The Hawks will play the Lak- 2, to take on the strong 10 newcomers have the dry and ,smooth.. ./To: me,
apparently suffered in a' exclusion, and the The government also refuses ers and Warriors four times South Carolina State College', necessary talent to make the. Gordon'S "
recent fight consequent destruction of the to allow Cepeda to claim u each while the new Phoenix club\ Eleven of Orangeburg the squad. He expects more than a must.I .

The July IS bout: was canceled Nero's pride." dependents his, mother, an will visit Atlanta twice. 1968 hontecomlng game. The 100 prospects when training I .,........._c-- W w er..tN.
after Griffith re-injured his Wallace, who U from Phoenix, uncle, a brother and a cousin. "Playing the two tap teamsIn final local contest will be ,begins In early September.RADIATOR". ..,....CM.+..tlCtl Nw i1M Mw-r/C..M.eelw d..n"r
groin In training last week Arizona, told Gaels "Let me Meanwhile, the UJS. Tax Court the Wed (Los Angeles and against nationally famous
try to get one thing straight.We ruled that Rlchey"Allen of thertadetpha fian Francisco) four times will colleges, Its players are thrown
doG, want to date white names must pay give fans in Atlanta the opportunity Into one big 'melting pot' with
sports girls. What the hell Is so great more than $8.800 U back federal to see three of the NBA Ivy League and big tea players !
about a white girl But we do income taxes. bonafide superstars In action when they reach the pro ranks. 4 4Y
want to date. Anybody. Black The additional taxes result ACTING UP?
plus the clue that will be U Bobby Hayes of the Dallas Cowboys
girls, perple girls, striped from his 1960 contract with the the thick of the battle for the VIA of Florida AIM, Is w,.,. Muipp, ** a ,.i.H.I. ,/
ShortsMAYS girls. And If there's nobody Phil ies which called for a Western. Division tit...." Just one example. Bethune- 4, ewy type .( repair* .* {
else available, then white girls: $70.000 bonus $40,000 paidto The Lakers feature the one- Cookman College Is well represented ..U ring tot ,
AARON But they make It seem like a Lie mother and $30,000 to two puocbdlongtime star Elgin in the professional leaguts. RADIATORS'
cardinal: sin on this campus, him. Baylor and Jerry West while ."
after they've got yin here. Allen was 18 when the contract the Warriors win be bringing Rudolph Barber, captain of the t .
Willie Mays of the San Francisco The men of the ejjt hiiftim irf. was signed and his mother,Era, Atlanta one of the league's top 1985 Wildcats, formerly with I 'iw I Cud Hi Giants and Hank Aaron says Olsen attempt la many Allen of Wampum, Pa., handled big men U 8-11 Nate Thurmond. the Kansas City Chiefs, has ink Fw.MI'Riflatef, t
situations to speak with ,a the negotiations for film
of the Atlanta Braves are the signed with the Miami Dolphins
only active major-league players certain reasonableness and for 1968. Larry Little, captain MAIN STREET
balance but the black athletes of the nee Wildcats won a startS -
to have three hitting streaks Says AFL Will Play NFL RADIATOR
of 20 consecutive told him that they "throw out position u a rookie with
or more all reason and balance where San Diego Chargers last c"..,Mal. a u.31x.,
games, according to an articleIn Teams OK Basis ... n..11lei'
the current Issue SPORT Interracial dating Is concernedand Equal season. Jerry Simmons, an all-
begin lashing about with a conference end in 1964 signed
Ma&u1De. meat Cleaver. And, when NEW YORK Former NFL But I havent seen the depth on with the Pittsburgh Steelers.I 1
.... questioned Olsen writes, the star Frank Gifford,, currently AFL teams that I nave season He was traded later to the Atlanta
establishment backs f*"* fills sports director of C>1s-TV In NFL teams. Falcons where last season
,and puts the blame on the New York,, expects the Amerl- "But I've seen some outstanding he became the team's top
BATTING LEADERS FADE can Football League teams to In the AlL" be
downtown businessmen who, ID receiver. John Knight, an all-
AFTER ALL-STAR GAME ram, put the blame on the be on a par with National Football adds. "Lance Ahrorth Is one of conference Wildcat in 1966 was
.university.UTEP's '. League clubs by 1970, according the finest receivers have ever the "player of the year" withJoliet
The last four American League black football to an article In the watched, and Nick Buonicontlof of the Professional
and the last three National players' sit-in ..'1'1.which wascompletely current .Issue SPORT Magazine. Boston Is a great linebacker.You League of America last season.HeadcoachSldGUliamoftheSan.
League Game blreakrfailed the .-lashed gv! .had can pick outstanding individuals
'All-Star to fmoBf Its leaders AH-' "The AFL will be ready to but u for depth and' Diego Chargers signed him for I Sup i U,11 boar Inua t IoaO.IRGodonY
win their league batting titles, Americans Fred Carr and play the NFL op and down the quality below the superstar 1968 and predicted a good sea G4 aw..d wlondai
according to an article in the Charlie West Their demands line in 1970, when Inter-lea- level, I cloG, think-the AFL U SUSMS Ico'i fuel Co. r.p..Q.",..
current issue of SPORT Magazine. which Is IUI N n .*4 AM 1M4JIIDunl "', .,..be..a.".'a c.pwaAm
Dobbs gin play Is supposed to begin, matches the NFL yet
to Coach : were: Earlier this year Thomas Let Ui I fuel Co. a and h.a-'d.'IOIIClI'
1. To be able to date whomever ways Glflord. understandable. But it will even a tackle, signed with the Pitts- fit L ell. M. Ill.Mil 1.11'IIDIOIUL SPllIllISllIO,.CUll..._i tit CII CUIL matL
In the American League.Yonne.Bob they wished because there "The AFL gets better'every'year out," concludes Rote In the JMrgh Stealers and Henry Still,
Allison (I Nt), Carl continues t h NFL .
were almost no Negro girl I e SPORT article u aU-cO f.rellCt tackle and
meal (196. nider (1966f]
).HBtf students sportscaster. "Oakland played Richard
Washington a punter,
and Frank Robinson (1966)' 2. Dobbs to use his Influence better against the Packers than EWC Head Coach signed with the Miami Dolphins. MORE FUNI MORE ACTION! BIGGER PAYOFFS'
were'caught by Tony Olin in to try to get some Negro girl Kansas City did the year before.It Still was a top draft choice.
1964 and 1969, Robinson 1966 students into the miversity' goes back to maturity. The Martin Is Dead The pro scouts are looking at'

and Yastrsemskl League half-way 1967.leaders-National perhaps 2. To on help scholarships correct the poor played Packers together have men from who the start.have Edward Waters College's bead who Cowls led the Wright conference, a quarterback twice u fP @ iI9ftI'.c

Willie Mays (1965)),Manny Mot Job treatment of the Negro No AFL team can match that football coach for the last two a punter Willie Brown a fearsome
(IHa) and Orlando Cepeda wives yet When they can, why years died Friday afternoon. 6' I", 250-pounds tackle
(1967) were overtaken by shouldn't win?" Coach: Martin was scheduled to '
4. To correct racist treatment they who played a big role In leadIng -
Roberto Clemente, Matty Aim on the athletic field Kyle Rote, a former teammate enter a hospital for a second: the Wildcats defense to the
and Clemente, respectively 5. To improve the food of Qtford's who Is currently cancer operation. He number one spot in the nation in AIR-CONDITIONED

.... t. To improve dormitory sports director of NBC-TV la experienced difficulty in three times last year and 8'
cleanliness (they charged thatwthitsstedesls' New York, sees tt slightly differently breathing and was rushed to 2", 24} pound& Johnny Allen, a' COMFORT
Duval Medical Center. He was
rooms we're according tot" e 5
guard who has the speed of a
LEMON: AND HONEYDEW cleaned three or four times SPORT article. pronounced dead on arrlva). running Dark PAINanIAI MONDAY THItJ SATURDAY
per week, theirs .only once a "Project the leagues ahead Maths was a graduated The away games rounding out
When Washington Senator month) seven years, from the date of Butler University', Indiana, an sight game schedule are; ,1 I'rIN'I e DAILY BOUHI I.,"AST 2 RACES QVIH.M
manager Jim Lemon wan clf- They agreed not to ten the the first common draft, and I where he played basketball. He October 5, Albany State College p ;t IVIIY IACI ADMISSION 101 .. ..-
day at home. daring the season papers of their sit-in and de>* think you'll find the AFL and entered the coaching field in Albany; October 12, Kentucky rWED. iUT.' } UIXUIIOUI All, OONDtraOlflp ilelalptlll
day." when Dobbs promised NFL on a par," Rote. Arcadia la 1944. He uderwent .
he calls it a "honeydew minds says State College, Frankfort. NOw the SEPT.:48:
Explaining what he means laan to try to deal with the problems. "The male difference Is la cancer surgery about a year October 19, Allen University; TjUtfSl iHI?}WU&Ji'OaijtmiaBwick
article In the current Use Nothing the Negroes claim: overall maturity, particularly ago. Survivors are the widow Comunbia. S.C.r October 26;
of SPORT Magazine. Lemon was done-except that they detected depth on a roster," continues Mabel, and his mother, Mrs. Alabama AiM College, Jacksonville KENNEL CLUB
says: "That's a day when your a shift In policy toward AFL sportscaster Rote. "I Rosa Lee Martla of Daytona Florida; November 16 !
wife says, 'Honey, do this/ ncartting whites Instead of found much better performers Beach The Holmes and West Mississippi, Valley State Itt
la the AFL than I Rlmiral. wax, .la charge ,, "
u4 00557, do that! ti.ecrQtl. had expected.! : fU ..Bena.liKtiifx. (\

: ,
.. o', J.

... Q : ;' :1 d .

- : E- .. -'!. :::..::.....<', ,,,,* ....-...'!T.>,.......-.... .-... 1IIiIIII'i.' ,.!.-/ .4_M' -t -,.4/11/ "... .J. ..._ _....A.;(* ....' 'ir. kW_,1"'M ... '\, .f.i.! ;! ,if' :

J ,


,rm 14 J, I STAR PAPERS ,summit, JULY 20, 1968

I Grand Ope nine Bob Smith Seeks New Coca-Cola St. Paul Choir Presents,
NOW .2 ID -- -
Saturday. July 20h GJEO NominationBob
She Repair Bottling Plant

WATERFRONT HOMES 1850 45th Street li. Smith owner of the Bob Now In Service
Prince Brother,Prop. Smith Studios, Is running
WALL TO WAILCARPETING election on the GJEO Board of
JACI Directors from District No. S.
Mam The election will be held July Ion of the new bottling plant
COMMERCIAL 27. Smith is a native of Jacksonville 'and office of the Jacksonville
12 rooms, Private bath .$4.85 Is 37, and is a graduate Coca-Cola BdtUng Company is
18 rooms, SemiprivateS.88 of Stanton High School. He Bearing completion at Fifth
$$85.00 MONTH 1 DAY TIME 43.49 Is the father of three children. and Huron Streets and began
Weekly Rate (plus tu,) Smith has chosen to run, be cases of product: vehicle: and
I D6EWOODM"PTORCOURTINTEGRATED says, "because my living my vending machine aerykgiitdJ
-FHAVAVULCAN: first fifteen years in the slums manager. ..
Jacksonville. should qualify Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling
I 5911 U.s.-I. Cor. Edgew odA... me" Company Is a subsidiaryof .
Phone 764-0003- Always Open Associated Coca-Cola Bottling .

Company, Inc.: the largest
,FOR MEN AND WOMEN EARN EXTRA MONEYhiring independent bottler of Coca.
Your Spare Time Cola in the United States. ::
'' .
INC. OF ALL AGES nOUSEWIVESCLUBS The ultra-modern facility,representing ) \

Take IMPROVED NATURE an Investment of flt-
168.3119HalrcutsJ5i TABLETS for that tired run nearly $1.6 million, will be one ( -," ; .
down that TEENAGERSSell ,of the largest Coca-Cola plantsIn :
feeling keeps from
yon he said. <; : : -J
the Southeast, : ;
enjoyinelUe. our lifetime metal Social ; J. -.o\ ;
Included the 145,000 square
100 Tablets $3.00,200, Tablets
$5.00. $1.00 deposit on COD's. Security and novelty Identification feet of interior floor space II,
Ij EMPIRE PRODUCTS SALES plates. will be two bottling lines capable
-cu ranteed-Nationally advertised of producing more than a
I ( Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway
half-million bottles of Coca-
j -
Chicago, Illinois 60626
NO INVESTMENT Cola per 8-hour shift, pro-i 1 :
''I The Jacksonville ceasing facilities for antic-1 ,. '
pated water usage of 100,000 S
to work part-ume. Ableto WRITE OR CALL gallons per day warehouse
work all day Friday.Driver's apace for storge of 125,000 e' 4 '
Inc (IN '
'College ,
t License. Good reference cases of product, vehicle: and '- '
Room vending machine service facilities
I REPORTERTrainee. 616 Florida Avenue
, \ and auditorium seating r
32202 y ,
630 Davis Street Jacksonville. 125, and officers for sales and 3j ;,
F I Must be food in Phone: 15 ()U8, ezt 15 clerical personneL .

I English. Apply: i Also on the twelve and one- ( .
355-9874 quarter acres of land will be .
FLORIDA STAR an employee parking lot for 17S
cars and a 19-apece visitor

;. 1 lean Bar"rll' 13TH & MONCRIEFNO puking lot. L' .
\ ..
NO MONEY DOWN From humble quarters la the :
rear of a saloon at Broad and --j -'" -i\t- ,
FOR A 3 OR 4 villa Bay Streets Coca-Cola In 1002 has, Jackson outgrown'

Its facilities five times, counting
BEDROOM, the present buildings on Hundreds attended the gala tea presented by St Paul AME Walton; and Messrs. P.T. Bennett, H.L flash, A.L. Johnson,
m r1 Church's Senior Choir No. 1 This held and Clarence Felder president. In the other
BRAND NEW Market Street, where "things Sunday. was on the first Joseph Clinton ,
ALL BRICK NOME have been going better" since floor from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Seen In the two pictures are: from picture are: Mrs. Alice Mclntosh'organist; Mrs. Cotton B/
RICK HOMES 1925, Howard said. left, top: Mmes. Ear Lean M. Taylor, Beatrice Pope, HaUle Lowder, Mrs. Mary L. Richardson, Mrs. Mary A. Jackson,
rIi L. Wilson, Rosa Ellis, Agnes Robinson, L. Qnestra Everett, Mrs. Haul M. Monroe and Mrs. Ruth Cohen.
ON LARGE LOT IN BROOKS.NOUSINGfROJECI f Lucille 1Weldon, Annie B. Pugh Annie R. Brown Essie B. .. Photos by A. Paul Crawford

BEAUTIFUL I room, 4 room, A room apartments ROOM FOR RENT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12
for rent on Copeland st. though a western school, tnppoedlywltbadprejsdlce- Celebrates Birthday
I for Information Can 768-8024. Perfer a couple or single wo ,

... Y CARVER PINES! man. Call 354-7510. seems to manage to get Into the.
NEW HOMES FOR SALE-' field of bias""The South may
MIN. 1 NOW ON SALE not be better,*' continued Scott,
34 bedroom {
plan* with 1, 1 Vi,
2 baths end 3 Bdrms, hardwood or title Dr; King's Pictures Now OnSale "but ITS more bo est." His
garage. DOWlf ON FRA floors garage or carport. E. :Limited stock of 8X10s now choice remains North Carolina.
Modern school, church** and a complete 26m St. 10000. Pit 724-4686 on hand. $1.98 with frame. The former New Yorker concluded
thopplng ,center close by. TERMS.VULCAN '
711-4726.. PREMIER MEAT STORE: by saying, "I haven't
LINCOLN EDCEWOOD AVE. been misled there. Accepted
ESTATES INC. ROOMS FOR RENT What Is acceptance Being

7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 765-1685 TEL. 768-3479 At 1050 Madison st. Couples MOTEL FOR SALE Invited to parties Being Invited I
to Join a fraternity?
J or single person. .Buyers opportunity 0'41 i r D didn't because I didn't think

i 1-unlt motel, 3 Bar. home, Pd enjoy being the only Negroin
t acres 500 ft on U.S. 1; It. It hurts.me that other
EARNING and LEARNING Ph.765.3414RAPID blacks who made better grades

,. than I do, who have better
personalities; aren't Invited to
Join fraternities because they
aren't athletes. I didn't.wantto
.oy. Jt Girls. Can Ma'ke Money TV SERVICETV take advantage of some things Sf
open to me only because I
Service calls: $3.00. play basketball. .4 wt
(J r.:,..,. Financing Available

Hundreds 01 Florldi, ,'Star NewsboysAre Phone: 358834ISABELLA fAMU Manager. ;

EARNING Fron '$1. ''I to' $10.00
Weekly ', ;' Thafs Mel, have the Amazing Receives Certification
And LEARNING to do business superior tonic tablets, pep .
for all the things you want to ., TALLAHASSEE, Fin. ..11.
'ido. Box of 30, $1.00. Satisfaction lard .B.' Barnhart university\
YOUNGSTERS! II you are smart and guaranteed or Money, Back, laundry manager at Florida
,r'or Men and Women. AIM
University, recently became m
want to earn your own money this is t the P.O. Box 230, DepCS., cued the first 100 lauaI I t. h x
Gary Indiana dry managers in the country to cFaQi s".
: receive certification u Institutional sir

way to do it.. SEWING MACHINE Laundry Managers _
A member of the American
Wayne Kendrick has won the reputation u the top
ZIG ZAG.Makes designs,sews Institute newspaper
PARENTS! Your child nay not need ,on etc buttons Pay ,balance makes button$43. at holes$8., hart had of to Laundering pass a written, Barn-examination celebrated seller: for the his FLORIDA 27th birthday STAR.and his Beyond 17th that year, last u a week news Wayne agent
to receive certification.
for the FLORIDA STAR. Wayne does not let a handicap bother

money, hot the training gained as a newsboy per time.month.Will Phone show at ISS-1MSany.your home, I, and.has He is been a graduate manager of FAMU clubs. him: He has established a reputation courtesy and person:
I no ob11 Uon. Ace Sewing Mac- FAMU laundry since January allty. The FLORIDA STAR and Staff Join with hundreds Jaxons
hint Co. 1600 Main Street 1967. .In wishing "Many Happy Birthdays.

will him to In later life
help be.successful, SOLID STATE STERE i
ROOM FOR RENT Honored St. Stephen's

r h RADIO. COMBINATION, Multicpeefl 309 LaFayette 9 rm ouplex.
Many of the most successful: mea were changer dual speakers $65.00 Mo. Phone 359-3301.. Young Women
auto., turn off, almost

I '- ':!:::1 $8.new.per Pay month.balance Phone of 3S3-1M6$63. or, ROOM FOR RENT :Plan Summer TeaThe

Newsboys ,ask for Credit Manger WU 311 W. 6th St Apartments turn
.- ,deliver without obligation. A-l ished or unfurnished.bedroom
,Music Center 1606 Main St 465.00 Mo.. Phone 8J7-1201. Young Women of Allen of
1 st. Stephen's AJIE. Church:
Start A Route Anywhere You Live In XMmasaafmmtmmmHHOWARD are sponsoring a Musical Tea,

.' GROFF Sunday, July 21, from 4 to 6
pjn., In the Education Banding
Florida ". .,t Invites you to accept a July Special. Mrs. Zenobla Genwright is pre

..,. FREE CAR WASH WITH ANY sident; Mrs. Mary Blake Is
chairman: Miss Carmen Atkins
,.'11 Pit Yti, II Buiim; n Si s :4 -ti'it'l- FILLUP OF GAS Is Co-chairman.: Rev.JJS.Johnson -
";" ((1 or More Gallons) Is pastor
,.., Offer good at Times'Square Car Wash. 2056
Atlantic 1M.,ecPhilipa Hiwiy Car Wash
Dr. A. Chester
,FILL:. OUT THIS, COUPON TODAY. 33ft Philips Hrway.I

I ''' :: a Offer tipires'july:: 20 IllY.ow.Q. BOCZRS: CONTINUED_FROM PAGE 5.

:j. Rev. W.Q. Rogers pastor of Florida Conference: 1916 and.
>:) 111.saint Baptist phurch, and
; 1 ,: the church congregation will was ordained a deacon later/
\ by Bishop John Hurst. #ie then
I FLORIDA STAR-2323 Moncrlef: Road, JacuonWe,Florida.1; \< celebrate Jointly 10 year of became an elder. From 1954'to
: 1 ;:.; service to thj community from 1964 '
\ BU aN MEMIy69 1r he. was Secretary-
'}3 July 22 through July 28, at the Treasurer
" \ -.-........ ...--.....--..... ... ......---.-.... ... K. a .cburcb. 1281 West fled Street Foreign Missionary of the Home Departvttenf. and
: FIRST NAME LAST NAME MAKE.THE MOVE Rev. Tony Neal will deliver the. In 1958 he beaded'pinsmember a
I TO FINER LIVING special: sermon Sunday morning delegation
P SOLD :, July 2t, at 11 am. tQthej
Diamond Jubilee In South
ADDRESS, STREET, & NUMBER PHONE NO. NOME Y Union Jails Mrs. Aaalee Richie Clark of

ptgptA 3IEHNM Jacksonville, the widow, survives '
N CONTINUED FROM PAGE.1. U well u a daughter,
Send my child 20 copies of the FLORIDA STAR on T Verrp n'O" of a yearly bonus program was :Mrs. Asale Baker of Salem,
.e credit to start him In business. I will pay the .; OW SALES OFFICE at announced .recently by Mayor ,N, J.. u others.
FLORIDA STAR 15? for each copy: be sells Those DIVISION & 20th ST. EXP Dick Greco In a move to halt ONUMnIOf
thai are not sold. I will return and will not ,be. ONE 354-6746 a tareV-day ctrfte'by sail-. .dult. '
required to'..?tor unsold copies. tatlon department workers. If were to duplicate a,
The raises will be effective baby's food intake In proportion
GRAND PARK October 1 and the bonus program to bodr) weight they,would
; lOJ" with five* have to drink nearly four gal-
;# ,r.} SIGNATURE PF PARENT OR GUARDIAN .&IId 10 Jars service will begin Ions of milk a day the Catholic,
tin December. Digest state,


..1>, .1 i ( k f

L .. .. c.'. .:. ," '1.o;.41 ........". >ii., "5 ""M' '''' :.A...'. \.; ...I'Ic ../. .. : ,;...; I.'