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858753 F20090414_AAANSH 00342.jp2 cb45959fbb7ee6b8b5025d82e08a562f97488d9f78ad27f4d9a5ca4cb30b14028c120084
866091 F20090414_AAANSI 00342.jpg 4f702ddd9b615378f9cb03bb13f4d33c9a0cfe693024efdb23a0f5ddb4b092a9e3489125
109203 F20090414_AAANSJ 00342.QC.jpg cfbbe21965c451ade8e35ecce211e1805b0245c9b3cb6463f8208c6ab16aa9bd1116aeef
6864039 F20090414_AAANSK 00342.tif ec88451296cb2c17f2ade037bcba8fc5b34ec408d9a12fce0d8c5b9319df3e3beb5b545b
11345 F20090414_AAANSL 00342.txt 57fe90207149c52084d170f7f0135b31f496079544ed9245fcf9a5fa113a0e2e530822b0
28618 F20090414_AAANSM 00342thm.jpg eb5a4e16c0634d95b2bd2502af240d519a18b04586aafd32bc50981fd8447c59c999d68a
851562 F20090414_AAANSN 00343.jp2 7b273f8b04c81fa44ef507bcea31bbfd78225360da48a326fb26a3be291b9db06ea11f66
1073086 F20090414_AAANSO 00343.jpg 482d893435bee39eacf11a6c6abd51ae4062735bf3573b98514976025ec507cf58103eec
129478 F20090414_AAANSP 00343.QC.jpg 074fa80ef6db5426e1a4299bb0578678e09d1a90f7a4be443fba815eb106d1db22b3af02
6809815 F20090414_AAANSQ 00343.tif a3202ed401aecb8ca6afe47c72ef251a93ed503c5c9ef86b8ed98844a6fc4898cc2ae214
31507 F20090414_AAANSR 00343.txt 831d75ce560de292104abddc9c653347e167701354ada94ca8ea4e1e547995cfed06dac3
31020 F20090414_AAANSS 00343thm.jpg 20222b042dcc3fcb337f5126fb7fbd28be97a96534ca07075a07f6cc211ed7bb60fae21c
862418 F20090414_AAANST 00344.jp2 b4d9dade2901c5d2c1884a5b39c92e82d193b1b82d6f3afd5a8fe3d24754d6688d1302aa
1022689 F20090414_AAANSU 00344.jpg 582051a20b6b9981d2cf5e6cb8763dce9b9b185219da2c2333819fea83d6dad36b206e84
6881384 F20090414_AAANRA 00336.tif 7d555de7106dbdb6e780a0fbb833baa298646d7ae4edb5dba278b333ffd18f6f909d1784
122080 F20090414_AAANSV 00344.QC.jpg 5692873916eb3df185ab858c0befa230b70c3315615461856cc0d30c4dc78050b4e6e5a1
31975 F20090414_AAANRB 00336.txt 4dc6501a5ace037749d8956fbd0244afaddbffe8e36058694ae3fd815b62a8f1b78cb91e
6893267 F20090414_AAANSW 00344.tif 6cf8b1cd4db4f02688a6f38b825d009072eb8db09853a28998e15985281c6d2d8b37d043
29445 F20090414_AAANRC 00336thm.jpg e5275ea1d7793a42e565947da8ca7524aa0ceeba8b9c0d1666486584fd01441310f163c4
35673 F20090414_AAANSX 00344.txt b36f83b712f9e50d730c12f1d28f0b786e3a46549bef445170d45deaf1127a4ddeff34f3

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200772datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 6, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007720740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 6, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 6, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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._. .. .. .. ..a..a.- I
.a. .a. ... ... ... *
.. .
IB NO. 13 SATURDAY, IDLY 13 ISil 20 Cents

* *'* Vice President Salutes Supremes Fund's Release
'- ..... ; -.--," ._ :-
; Ii '< r. Gives New Hope ;f

I .. '" ..", '. y .- -- --'. .,. ---- ..-. -' .. -- ..... rr I.
'To Local Poor .

:;", This week 1I,125Uwe- \

leased by the United States Office ,
UL STARTS DRIVE of Economic Opportunity, lt4-t

+ for the use Economic of the Greater Opportunity Jacksonville -,

Inc, and will give the ailing
Jacksonville office a chance to

carry on its anti-poverty program -

TO EMPLOY YOUTHSLEAP through May 31, 1969. .
The announcement was made "I
r by United States Representative -

Charles E. Bennett .of
.... .. .. .. .... : Jacksonville.This .
'I. '
Program amount will be .added

to $466,429<< In local contributions -
George B. Nairn Mississipplafi : and will bring the grand

Will Open Way total to $2,191,592 for war-on-
poverty projects here.
Says He Plans Funds were withheld for several -

For Qualified Denies Accusation _. j weeks, pending t h *

To Fight lias reorganization of the unit' here,
Tb Labor Education Advancenent and following upon an Investigation -
Eugene Butler's High School's principal, George B. Nuns, was ..
Program or LEAP, U suspended by the Dural County School Board Tuesday for 30 days, JACKSON Miss. (NPI> ; which was linked to
It b more commonly known is iL' complaints of poor management
after aa audit report of the moor.lattrnal account showed a The specter of two K1a.laalppidel.pUOIII
a program timed at getting deficit of t15.972. within the local office.However,
'minority crOup )'OUt1l o the at the Democratic _'i:] the local office made haste to
Martinez Baker, a member of ate felt that win National convention black
Building tad Construction the school board confronted plied. he being- on In his capitol office, Viet President Hubert H. Humphrey commands Diana Ross (left), straighten out Its difficulties..
because he and DIe other white has been
Trades Apprenticeship prejudged was Cindy Birdsong and Mary Wilson tor their efforts for dlsadvantaged youngsters. "The Postmaster James Workman
pro Rains school board Eft '
during a called before the board withes-! L'raleed by Charles ,. reftttnation -
grams. afternoon and written ""]'; Supremes," famed vocal trio hare given strong support to the Viet Presidents program resigned as the aonpald head of
meeting Tuesday
a notice and was not r as a delegate to the
Apprenticeship U aa earnasyoileara as Chairman of the President's Council on Youth Opportunity They discussed the program's the Jacksonville operation Paid
according to the news, scored shown to Improve his convent ion.
system. Wl.appreeskes the physical condition cI the administration.ways The double delegstknfrom the 3 expanded goals, )Jobs, education and recreation for underprivileged la Inner cities. executives quit. committeemen

$ art accepted, they school, u well U the financial Hairs also pointed to the act Magnolia"state would repeat Ae were replaced. hug
the week CJEO
art hired by DIe employer for status Baker spoke of possible that Butler students attended situation of 1964, when lia t )Women Support During
hired the New York business
a Job m his factory ship plant
recriminations the
against classes Ia-four other schools Mississippi Freedom Democratic Negro Say management firm of UJB. Research I
0r for a union skilled Job.
Apprentices ears top dollars: school system,.against Nun before Butler became an active : party sought, but failed -' fited Workers and Development Corp.' ,
school being no plant to be seated.Erers .
for their work but the mental time (USRtD). The concern Immediately -
at the of its naming He quit DIe delegation be-' the use of the
and physical requirements art In Sanitation suggested
Is Out
also out that the blame
rt td. .Tb. potential apprentice Brutality old-time election system for
mill hart abort average should not be put on him for r 18T.l'lTERSBURQ-KuJoI completing membership on the
deterioration. He also alludedthe
aptitude and IDttUlpactaadbemat SACS accreditation report tit. Petersburg's women, Negro, A Monday night meeting In the Ward Temple controlling board. This, sc* f
also be cording to tht corporation, rtttlead
persevering, amp sad white, la the wake of till
,,. 'Mlloua,. ad.vUUg 10 lotakta K which said the scho 4 might seta Airjfiefl ouavvta'about ,church.here brought about a statement from Attorney Mania to lDYoIye.-"cthuDtlr,( f
t Inttiattrt vata the situation be ready for npcradtagtJtcaufce t and otter li uliMOD"wages, ''Da,..., ,suit field director cI the RAACP.no the effect that the ,toaua1ZDltJ. _

warrants It. cI its physical condition. He P 1 series "Pray-Ins" at Negroes In Manatee .County. must "take up for themselves and The organisation suggested
said that Butler Is the only day a la the faCt of alleged. brutality on the
stand to the
AH, union members vho bold .tilt City Compound on Twenty. up replacing salaries with aa taltlal -'
lifetime cards got them by*. Decal Coiaty high school ,Second Street. B was raining, part of maty cltluns. ..JItIId1ture'cI $%0,000.'' I
starting *ln aoioni U sppreatkei without a fence. but the spirit cI the women A large audience greeted tile at a ....meeting lathe church, Whatever Is left will go for
When they received their The suspended educator also I was not cooled. They continued speakers. No conclusion was the deputies were allowed to administrative costs as neMed.
apprenticeship ra till r. tbty said that his Job has been primarily 0 to prl,. They were praying for reached U to what should be speak for themselves. The Arrangements will be made fornow
to educate not to
lorned their craft by actual the "Scabs", the workers who done. Hoy.nrf there seemed sheriff has adamantly refusedto industrial tn.IaIDrpro-;
performance on the Job. supervise the pre. It. lie hart been fired and for the to be a spirit of agreement that. discharge them In the faced grams aad (or providing add*

. Historically, minorities hart said the school has been administration. two Negro deputies, chargedwith numerous complaints tloaal grants.
, beta unable to enter the skilled accredited by the State Board The praying ladles also sang abusive tactics, should be Tht allocation will allow GJEO:

trades, but, now that the harriers and that the faculty was lithe CHARLES EVERS and knelt on the wet street at fired. Ground1 to continue Ht&dStart.CODI1

tare begin to crumble, midst of a seu-study program cause "I cannot be. and will not the gate of the compound. How-, The local NAACP has 'Unholy er education financial assistance
leading to application for accreditation
and sack practices U the GEORGE B. NAIRN the Southern be peed.. as a tool by a party ever, after about 10 mInutes circulated a petition asking for free(ood distribution,tutoring -
fa I'.r-. tradition hart by that deprives my people the tilt women were warned thattbey the firing of two Negroes, Sylvester Cities Will Be remedial education,
weakened, member*of minority and against the school bard,' Association. baste right to participate" ,. were facing attest unless Bellamy and J.W. home health aides, central administration
groups can learn many trade for the, deterioration of the Charges made are: misconduct He was one of four black people they retreated to another area. Robinson They hart been accused and OpportunityIndustrialisation

previously denied them. school, which Is two years old. wilful U cake neglect Incompetenceand of duty. Suspensions named to the state's first interracial Their nearness to the compound of brutality on Iwo Targets 01 Poor Center
The local LEAP Program, Butch Gartslde and Tuerck, delegation to the party caused cars and vehicles of the occasions.Rer. projects. '
which U conducted tn conjunction preparing aa audit of the and dismissals aremade convention la this century. department to run over the C.D. Lacier of Manatee, WASHINGTON-The"Unholy Development Corporatloa
with the Northeast Florida school's finances, reported at the recommendation: of "We hart no alternative but' grassy portion of the street. president of the NAACP la tilt Ground" Cities, <40< of them, authorities have also suggestedthat

BuUdinc and Trades Council, the Internal account showed thesaptrladtadeatandthtschool to meet party leaders with another Tht prayers remained until county, spoke of further plans 'according to SCLC, will be another team of experts
b administered by tat counts payable of 117,797, on board. The board resolution delegation in Chicago," about 7.15 and left. for contacting tile police chief, scenes of mobilltatlon for the should be employed, in elecrtlons
Jacksonville Urban League. June U. Cash on hand was reported requires Brut to meet site of tilt Democratic convention The ladles were assisted and the mayor and the city council, next phase of the Operation/ to take cart of the final
with the ,suspended principaland
Although barely months/Od, as totaling $1.829. The make a recommendationon in August, he warned.Brers encouraged by Senator Georgia concerning tile firing twoclry Breadbasket of the Poor People, phase of the reorganization.

It has made significant progress company also reported that his status in 30 days. was named to the delegation Davis of Kentucky who said, policemen also.They were fired according to Re,. Jesse
lathe community. purchases la excess of $1.000 at a meeting of the "We want to reach the conscience according to Information, L. Jackson, National Director Negro AppliesFor

According to James Richard were made without the approval *' state Democratic organization, of the mea on the because they were securing of National Mobilisation of the

too director of the program, for bids or school board ap where a bl-racW group of trucks-the so-called scabs.. lures for the NAACP pe- Poor People's Campaign."No UnderConsolidaiion
"We art cirreatly holding proval.Nairn. Humphrey AsksInvesligeiion Mississippi liberal Democrats and let them know women art more hunger in Americais Post I
prepping sessions oar office, was accompanied to the charged "tokenism" and rail involved and concerned in this According to Rev Lazier, a worth going to Jail for in
and, U a result of these ses school by security officer Joe roading" matter" Senator Davis Department of Justice Investigator Washington. Dr. Ralph David

slag area young men hare Ellis, at Baker's Insistence The "tokenism" referred to promised to return to help the will be in the city to Abernatby went to Jail to dra

already been placed la the the return of the school keys, was the designation cI four protestors ,conduct and inquiry Into the matins American's unwillingness -. Bernard L. Canty, 46, acting

Carpenters Pr e-Apprenticeship after the principal had removed Negro delegates out of 44, or The women are fighting along matter. to close the gap between superintendent of tilt fake
Program under MDTA, his personal effects. Of Dell SchemeVice 9 per cent,whereas black people with the 211 former city sanitation For some weeks the matter of surplus food and starving Forest Post Office will appear
and I expect u eves greater The suspended principal who make up about 40 per cent of workers who were brutality in Bradenton has been stomachs," said the minister.Rev. before the City Council next
number to be accepted in the taught for 12 years In the elementary President Hubert H. tile state's population. discharged after ailing to in the news. Several days ago, Jackson said tile campaign week, since he has applied for

IIICIIItIIa ahead; part of the system, Humphrey has called for a fullInvestigation In addition to EYe,., two other report for work on May 9.Rer. ** will plague the conscience consideration for an administrative -
Also one young man has been said he did not know of the of the politics of black delegates art expectedto CJSteele of Tallahasseewas of the nation until America post la the Consolidated

placed la the Roofers' Apprenticeship regulations for high schools. Democrats in Mississippi, following resign One Negro alternate, expected Tuesday morning Dallas Begs decides to feed her hungry Government of Jacksonville

Program, and seventeen He said, however, that he upon charges by Charles elected at a caucus, was not Rer. AJ, King brother of the people. Therefore, 40 cities Cull is applying for constderation -*
others hart been placed became aware of regulations Evens, state leader andNAACP available for comment. late Dr. Martin Luther King will be struck according to of the $14.500-a-year

la temporary employment until in purchasing "after their officer, that TmnM" is Evers' abrupt' resignation Jr., was also expected to come. Pardon For plan "We are focusing a laser position of motor'pool officer.
they 'art accepted by various abridgement" and later com- being practiced and Negroes cam after Governor John Bell Representative Julian Bond cI beam," said Rer. Jackson, on Canty was Interviewed ( or' ,
apprenticeship programs, such art excluded from full representation Williams rowed that the Mississippi Georgia expected on July n, the dark recesses of oppressionthat about an hour Monday of this I
as. Carpentry, Rooting Electrician Divol .School on the delegation to delegation would 0 I' Still another executive,William NEA Trouble art now excluding the poor week by the council's confirmation -

Brick Mason Plumbers .Chicago August. stand for "special vilificationand Lamb of the National Council from America's benefits" committee. His applicationwas
and Sheet Metal workers." Board Evens has resigned U aa appointed persecution without cause"at of Churches, is now in St. DALLAS-Tht city of Dallas Re,. Jackson said that then forwarded for Council
i LEAP Is geared to high school Changes representative to the' the August convention, Pete to add assistance. has apologised to tilt National apparently the Department of action. !

graduates between the ages of Convention. As a result cI E",.'reilg Re,. King said from Loulsrllle Education Assolcatlon becausea Agriculture has set aside farm' The applicant is one cI roar..ww.r..electe4bJE.C.Scam.

II and 24. Applications arson Two Educators Viet President Humphrey sent lion and Governor Williams' that SCLC: staff members will nightclub refused to serve .land as "Holy Land -

being received from qualified The Dural County School .a telegram to the Chairman of TOW, the stage was set for' assist the garbagemen per several Negro NEA convention Rer.Jacksoacouiluded: mon, retiring motor pool officer r
:Jig men at the Jacksonrill the Equal Rights Committee .another bitter credentials 'mueDII,. He has resigned the .delegates, including. African- "While the 'Holy Ground' does for the State of California.Scammon ;
Board at its Tuesday meeting, fight
Urban League Office 129 North cI the Party, Governor Hughes. at tile convention There .pastorship of hlsLoulsrlllt diplomat. not yield fruit, we shall declare will wort here for
made several changes: In was a
;.Pearl Street personnel Humphrey said "I know that chance that the state's church and win go to hi*father'* The African said be accept tile 'Unholy Ground' off limits two months. Mayor Tanzler recommended -
in view of tlleplla'a regular
one u chairman of the special Equal party delegation would church in Atlanta. He will spend ed the apology. NEA officials for our dollars. Today, poor the name of Canty
of Anderson.Chester beChallenged
log out Douglas again
Committee hare followed Indicated they would take the
Rights you considerable time inSt Petersburg for the committee.
and that the people need, food more than
SLAYING PLOTS ? ? Cowart principal cI these events closely.The regulars headed by Williams party however matter further after the convention political representation thus, Canty has bad 23 years of experience

Douglas Anderson Elementary 1964 convention took an historic On Tuesday six pickets were put down an attempt we will concentrate the in transportation, II,
: upon
LOS : North- the
step to see that delegates wert o.walk arrested at Webb'sCltyDepart- by several delegates to march economic structures, the 'Un in tile army, and five
someone else besides SirhaaSlrhaa western Junior High School.
linked to the fftMtlnitlon Plans hart been made by the selected without discrimination Ereu worse,'for the i Datl oa1t.nI mat store before more than on City HaIL"IIIac.r.l holy Ground rather than tile jars with the post office. He
to race and that the Democratic believe that what
the too demonstrators began their political structurts. Our is retired major. He holds a
cI Senior Robert Board to discontinue Douglas ]
F. party was open to all racial battle among delegates fifteenth march on the City HaIL these gentlemen said was from economic structu.es determine degree la social studies and has
Kennedy? And Is James Earl' Anderson.
persons regardless of net." Tht the bottom of their hearts"said 12 hours toward master's la
from Mississippi This dispute pickets were fined and what good are listrlbuted. We a
Ray the only involved James A. Johnson teacher
person He further said "Our National Mould Vilus Molapo first '
and irtralnlstrationat
with need food supervision
charged disorderly conductor a redls rlbut in of
has counter to the party'spolicy
Vocational rmns
in the slaying of Dr. Harm at Stanton High,
director Party's position: has been of racially representative ( breaching the peace. Ahead secretary of the embassy of to hungry pe Lather been named athletic
King Jr.? There's
a. made very clear by the reports delegations and sullies the cI $100 was posted for each by Lesotho in Africa after City the same timeSCLC planned moment about $10.500 from his
chance that both died the at New Stanton Senior High
result of conspiracies against, School.a and statement of your Equal Democrats' civil rights image.Evers' Joseph Waller, Black-Power Councilman Jack McKlnney appeared an economic attack on "Down post and $4,000 from teaching
Rights Committee. A specialinvestigation advocate. The pickets were accused before tile convention to town America." He set no limit English and social studies at
them and that the Board resignation and warning ,
the mea arrested more ,
now of these of also "Let's read aa apology on behalf of e.4 .
la their killings had accomplices. decided to discontinue deducting of a black delegation put singing on. boycott activity, saving
events In Mississippi will go bum it down-we'll start with the city. program would need local
more than ever on tilt
According to writer William d u t for teacbersappolnted'.a
s ,
fix toward underlining the firm said the Incidentwas
Webb's They also picketed supervision.
Democratic to thesegregationist
F. Buckley, Jr., Rays director of personnel committment which our party spurn of tile 1
of its Sears Roebuck and Company "in no way typical This "Downtown America"
comment "Oh my Cod, I and restored two made to its members and to the ways the city'srecord 1
on Ninth Street. Extra squads people of Dallas" attack, said Rer. Jackson,must
In Southern members and to lire
feel so trapped, Indicates that demoted deans of girls high 1
1:( nation in 1964 1s "aource ,
of police needed for thelIIIJ'.heuloG for harmony be, more or less,supervised by
to tile "Democracy" in tb* were ;
he may Implicate others in the. schools to their orginlal positions. up to us" .. ,
cI tile nlrkets.t of pride lIIcallad1ldua'* -
,UlUSlaatlO11. *.* ,* .party's, name.


I 14
c ..
l .' '
1: ..'

1. t lit: .t ,( "-w J..l:. .4! '.,... ., ,. ., ,.j i'\l
; J. ,.' ;' ..L', z r .iiiR1C e.lu; .a ")f.-! _" \. '



.... .
I A&M Professors PromotedTALLAHASSEE I II"

)1_.. __ _.. ._ Florida __
it N hdtRO -r ,. ,;. .. \

v1 'WY


I .
Yaa s ,j. .. t'
r, 1At v
# I !



M'1 (

.IMl M lW W e B MHtHMMMMMItM iMMlMBIilllMEiiSJlMlfcaEjEMIE j E EJE EJ -.:.- -
;Fla.-The executive commllWC the Board ally of lUchfgu. The new dean at the college of arts and" Negroes the south Dr. ".1. Combs was promoted to chairman former Rosenwald l received his A.B. degree from W. Virginia
o< Regents recently approved fire faculty promotions at Florida .sciences is Dr. Leedell Neyland,former professor of history of elementary education la the school of education. Dr. State College, his MA degree from the University of Michigan
AIM University. Moving up to dean of academic affairs Is Dr. Dr. Neyland received the A.B. degrees from Virginia State Combs received Ms BJ. degree from Ctaflla College, the and his Ed.D. degree from Penn State University. Tneni
Mahlon C. Rhaney, former dean of the college of arts and College and the M.A. add PU.D. degree from New York'University. M.Ed. degree from Atlanta University and the Ed.D. degree director of the Vocation Technical Institute Is Dr. Thomas A
sciences. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Dillard University, Co-author of "The History of Florida AIM University", 'from Indiana University Dr. Iw&r. J. Shaw will be the new Jackson, former director of Research and Grants. Dr, Jack
Dr. Rhaney received his M.S. and Ph.D degrees at.the Univer Dr. Neyland Is the author of many articles on the education of associate dean of the FAUr ,tent of education Dr. Shaw, a' son received his BJ5. and M.S. degrees from Tennessee Stafc .
I University and the E IIIH I i 1II J II V II I ...LEDUCATIONAL 59555
Baby I Baby I Baby I 11
The Ghetto"
James Brown the Inimitable. !* $ "Strengthen
was In town last Saturday night, $ NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL

Looking For A Job? band and left all, and, we must aU THEY KNEW IT ALL ALONG Says Bishop Spottswood
agree an impression on citizens has
DETROIT-(Nfl)-A two year study by a group
the thousands there
no National Association for the Advance
found that the city's public high schools are "appallingly ATLANTIC CITY-The
body can forget. There can. Inadequate disgrace to the community. However, the report ment of Colored People Is "for the strengthening of the ghettobut
"\ never be another such experience Is nothing new to students at the all-Negro Northern High School, not for the development of the ghetto-state," Bishop
\\ until James Brown re- schools ( a of the Association's Board
who staged a walkout in 1966 In protest "Inferior" Stephen Spottswood, chairman
.. turns. We present her a short Directors siad In his keynote address opening the 59th annual
l $ They knew It then.BLACK of
:Ja<< .
!s 1.i .4 review of Brown and simply _NAACP_____ ecnventlon In_ Atlantic Citv. .
; aU1 rm A job r i take time to remind those who STUDIES "The black ghettos of the United
i iCANYOUGETIN are buying every Brown record said.
that the best way is a personal WELLESLEY, Mass NPI) A major In Afro-American with: States must be eliminated. "In taking this stance," be
studies Is to be offered by Wellesley College, beginning by our entrance Into and par convinced
appearance at one of his"cool"shows. asserted, "we are
196869. Three courses will be offered-Urban
the ticlpatloo In all the benefits
that speak for the vast,,
Social Systems, Poverty and the Law, and the Negro In Africa of he said In we
our country,
,t be little publicized, ma-
"My family, says, "wasso though
? LET'SSEE .I\.ITA poor you wouldn't even believe and America his rousing address on "build- only of Negro Americans.: They
/ it. My father greased and Ing and using power In t h e want their rightful share In

What we arc looking for are workers able washed cars In t filling sta. FOLLOWS OAKY _PRECEDENT(NPI) -Stephen Mortis, 45-year-old leader of last theme.ghetto"His-address the ,convention delivered American affluence. They have to
Sometimes I of confinement
tion. worked
with had enough
bodied, serious, sensible young members of him. Other times I month's school boycott, evidently had Mayor Richard G.HatcherIn on June 14 la Convention Hall, poverty-stricken
picked cotton a narrow,
Morris appointedto
mind, when be participated In the event. followed welcoming remarks by
who tackle worked on a farm, worked corner of this rich land. Inclusion
minority groups, can a job and a 110,500-a-year post u Senior coordinator of a federal New Jersey Governor Richard
la a coal yard. In the afternoon is thler goal, not ..1.elulIOQ. -
stick with it. after school I had to program aimed at training hard-core unemployed. In 1964, then J. Hughes, Atlantic City Mayor ."
Hatcher had also actively supported a school
City Richard S. Jackson, and Mrs
walk home along the railroad The NAACP Board Chairman
A itfiool.
high diploma will to
help get
you Irene Smith
tracks and pick up pieces of boycott. H. president of the reviewed the achievements of
into most of the trades interest and some coke left over from the trains. New Jersey State Conference the Association since Its convention
skill with your hands, or some mechanical I'd use It take to keep that home and we'd S.C.-(NPO)-Within the past two weeks, two NAACP"We remain Branches.firmly committed la Boston intensification last July and of
knack: ,.,are good Everything(; about you, your I always loved to dance. Even higher Negroes learning have been and elected both of presidents them are alumni of Negro of the Institutions Institutions of _to the 'creation of and a true union the NAACP program la
to work when I was eight years old, I will head. At South Carolina State College, It Is M. Maceo a single society a single eliminating discrimination and
willingness '
little they
; your energy; a expericncft could do It. The soldiers front. 'AmerlcanIdentlty, set forth lathe meeting the economic, social,
school At Xavier
Nance, 4), who Is the first alumnus to bead the
in this of work the National Guard would some-1\ report of the National Advisory political end other problems of
type ; anything and times be camped right outside University the appointee Is Norman C. Francis, 37, who has Commission on Civil
everything will |he going for you. our town and when I was Justa been a part of the school's administration since 19S7. .Disorders.:,' Bishop Spottswood CONTINUED ON PAGE 14.

little kid I'd dance. They'd I
- -
APPRENTICESHIP throw nlckles, dimes, sometimes .-
MAYBE THIS IS FOR YOU quarters to me and I'd EARNING and
TRAINING. take that home sad' It* LEARNING
OFFERS ,.. MAYBE NOT : ny folks pay fee ""IIJ L 'i3,; ",. L. "", : ., "l41 ,

BUT YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS dollars-a-month rent.
YOU The kids In my school would

AN YOU FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF pay them.me I tea,was cents always to dance the best for Boys & Girls. Can Mak Money

OPPORTUNITY If someone told you that you could get a job ,

TO that pays $4 to $5 an hour, or more, year
Hundreds Of Florida Star NewsboyAre
after year, what would you say?

| WELL, HERE'S THE BIG NEWS!!!!! | EARNING From $1. to $10,00 Weekly .. ,: '4", .
L ; : "
And LEARNING to do business. '' :':

The Jilt Urban League now has a new setup "
EARN YOUNGSTERS! It you are smart and
which aims to get young minority groupI

members into the Building Trades Unions, want to earn your own money this is the "i. S

where they can travel the road to permanent,

high-paid jobs as carpenters, electricians, JAMES: BLOWN way to do it.. ,

plumbers, painters, etc.
dancer 'la the group. In fact, PARENTS! Your child may not need ,

ARM I This Is How It Works I any kind of sport I ever came
in contact with, I was the num
... ber-one cat. money, but the training gained as a newsboywill

The union members who hold lifetime cardsas It Is appropriate but not necessarily .
relevant. The sound is
I painters, plumbers, etc., all became skilled what makes James Brown and help him to be successful in later life.

by being admitted to the union as Appren the sound to Is description.not easily susceptible Soul

tices. As soon as they got their apprenticeship music Is a derivation of gospel
DVAMCE singing and of blues, a throb- Many of the most ,successful* men were .
rating, they started learning their craft by bing beat and a personal ex

an actual job site for four-to,five pression. With James Brown It
Is primitive and sometimes
under an experienced craftsman, savage and It screws, but one

LESSon classes in a particular trade at of his first and best-selling
PLEASE, has the flavor of A Route Anywhere You Live In '' '
supplication and prayer. Soul
you, a trainee, will get a music also, la James Brown's .

starting wage of about$1] .&0'e r H r:Then, as terms showmanship., has become an exerciseIn "James Florida S :;i '

you learn more, you get regular pay increases Brown," the original has said
of himself, "is 15% businessman Is'U,, Pit Yoi li Business \ k
until you reach the full pay wage of a crafts. and 25% talent. More .
simply, he Is very good at .
man. .. .,.
what he does and he has the "" ). a .;
show-business acumen to turn FILL OUT THIS COUPON' TODAY
his talent Into money.
Contact : The Jacksonville Urban League His 335 work-day year
consists principally of one- S 1
829 Pearl & State In Person night stands in such diverse FLORIDA
locations as, Harlem's Apollo STAB- *323 Moncrlet Road, Jacksonville, I Florida ,

Theater lAd.Evansville, In f

diana. Washington's Howard ----:....--...............-..........--. { '
Theater and Nashville. Tennessee.
The show Is run with
Other Jobs Open For Males & Females 18-45 military precision and Brown
Is his own logisUciaa. Thereis
a two-ton truck for Instruments

and gear an elegantly --..-..--.-.-.----.-....-.-.-...
mted-out bus for the cast and
a private Cadillac limousine for
Register Now With PROJECT ASSIST-ACTION Brown himself. 'I S

Send 'my child 20 copies of the Flolrda Star on
\ credit to start him in, business. I will pay the ,
Registration Hours 9:00 to 1 :00 DON'T BE A DROP-OUT Florida Star -Jl? for each copy he sells. Those ,
: a.m. pm that are not cold, I win return and will not be, ''
GO BACK TO,SCHOOL.TO ) required to pay for unsold Copies *
Monday through Friday

GET A GOOD; JOB. YOU -..-...-..-..--

0 i 4.{ S :1, "; J! ;v1UT'' L TED ,

t S SS .t: .. .... I ..,..,. I SSS 'M MC.b "

,, "
'' 1' "'\- \
1" 1' ''' '
:., .' '

,SATURDAY )HIY 13.1968 STAR PAPERS ,:PAir 3 .,:


Prominent Jacksonville Deltas Praise Regional Confab In Atlanta I

Deltas Hear President Urge Jolly Group Lists Patten -Hulcherson Fay Harris 000
Weddirig6es J !! J j jJames

Study of Negroes By Whites Social MeetingFor Studies Vocal

,, 'Q_ Q IQO.'Do'D..'QlQ"" 'Q 'Q --- I
: -
Frank M. Freeman, national president of the Delta Sigma July 13 Art In ItalySIENA H. Hooker Woodworth; Blllie E, Wells, 298' 0ce- r

Theta Sorority, called on delegates to the sanitation's Southern The Jolly ""'el".W observeIts La., 23 and Betty G. Waters, ola St., 20 and Barbara J. ;-

Regional Conference to hold Negro history seminars forpredoml.Datel1 first anniversary Sunday Italy One of the 1585 Francis Ave., AtlanticBeach Green, 1512 McConihe St, 18.
white organizations la their local communities, in St. James A.M.E. Church participants in this summer's Fla., 24.
>Mrs. Thomas J. Chandler of Jacksonville Alumane Chapter Ion East 27th Street, beginning 1 y' second Halo-American educational : Lorry M. Griffin, IllS W..
her return this week from the meet;
reported on organization's at 330.: and cultural program in Willie R. Greenway, 1658 24th St., 21 and Mary L. Edwards
lu Atlanta
lag ueorgia. Appearing on program will Siena, sponsored by the North Kings Rd., 24 and Brenda J. 1558 W, 26th St., 20.
She said that Mrs. Freeman special car of our children be: Choir No. 4 Macedonia 't Y lF3t Caroline School of the Arts at Johnson, 8151 Warwlng Ave,

pointed out that "the'majority they are our future"' Baptist, James ,Kitchens dir Wlnston-Salem N.C., and the 21. Gateway Auxiliary

of white Americans are culturally The them of the Southern ecting; Rev. W.F.Watklns,pas- Italian government,* Is'M l s s Joe Kearns 1593 W. 26th St.,
deprived to the extent gional Conference Is "Delta tor of St. James; Mrs. Maude Fay Har.ls, daughter of Rev. 31 and Aretha 1251W.
that they continue to be taught Women Confront the future .- Stewart,' Mrs. Doretha Smith, and Mrs T. Vincent: Harris of 25th St. 29. Williams Plans Meeting
that theirs is the only contribution Youth and it's Potential. The Harris Singers Mrs.Catherine 5225 Moncrlef Road, Jackson Gateway Barracks No. 3131's

to America's growth... .' Julian Bond, member of the Thompson, Mrs. InesDehodhbon ville. Richard I. Scott, 507 NorthSt. Ladles Auxiliary will hold the
We need to educate the white Georgia Miss Harris, a third year
: Legislature, a o d Mrs Eloise Whit-,
21 and Geneva Beasley regular meeting on Saturday
Vernon E. Jordan "vole major at St Augustine'
,director taker, Mrs Emma Mellon,Mrs. tr y 13 Veterans
1719 Tyler St., 21. July at the Home
of the Voter Education Project Evelyn Williams Mrs Helen ,College Raleigh, N.C., Is a 1509 Kings Road at 2 p.m.
of the Southern Regional Smith, J.C. Butler and Sam scholarship student of
Willie W.Kirkland,449Balfort Officers and members who will
Council, participated in a symposium Benam,. Many clubs have been Professor Norman Farrow,
St. 20 and Patricia L.Stephen- attend the Eighth District MeetIng -
baritone soloist of the Bach ,
of "Black Power at the Invited Mrs. Bessie Merchant
2733 Forrest St. 17. Saturday at 10 a.m., will
son ,
Ballot Box," at the social act1 Is president. Aria Group of New York.
make The
reports. meetingwill
luncheon. Farrow beads the summer
Walter L. Simmons 1720 W. be held at the Southslde
session vole Instruction ,
Mrs.Jfreemantheonlywomanmember at the
of the UJS. Commission Pride Ot MacaoAnnounces ) N.C. School of th*Arts summer 5th St., 25 and Carolyn C. Barracks Officers will be elected -

on Civil Rights, pointed session her and teaches during W.UI. 4239 Homer Rd, S., Ladles art expected to
MeetPride the 21. be present for the election.
out that one of our nation'speatest regular year in

left In tragedies educational the void of Maceo Tempi No. Wlnston-Salem.Both her teacher and Italian Levi Jordan, 1334 Barnett St., Champion Savings
the omission of Information system'by 186 ,will meet July 18 at 712 Hdr music critics here have praised 25 and Dahlsena Callahan 1308
West Dan Street at I p.m. Madison St., 21.
about Negro contributionsto the singing of Miss Huts In
our country's history. "W* Mrs. Hattie L James is daughter :her appearances in chamber James E. Brown, 5889 Gasper Club Has MusicalThe

do not say there should be a Ruler. Queen B. Williams Clr., N., 19 and Mary C. Elliott Champion Savings Club

separate Negro history. There Is reporter. ,* 1022 Eaverson St., 17, Is sponsoring a musical on

Is no separate Negro history, Civic Club Honors Miss Gwendolyn Elizabeth Hutcherson,daughter of Mr.and Mrs Wednesday, July 31, at 8 p.m.,
nor 1s there a separate white James Hutcherson, became the bride of Sergeant Hlllman John C. Lewis, 1170 E. Jennings In tilt Florida Times-Union

history. W* say the historians Patten, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Patten, Sunday, St., 11 and Charlie Mae Building. Mrs.Martha Williams
With ShowerThe Potts 1340 E. 24th St.
hare been inaccuat Baby 17.
In their U president.
MRS. TJ. CHANDLER June 30. in St. John's Baptist Church. The newlyweds will reside -
reporting and this inaccuracy: in talrfheld CalU.Gwelldol'yn.
tommualtj.Uwenouidworkto .
2E Civic Club had its
must be carected...Compensatory
combat white racism resulting annual affair at Golden Head
education on the contribution I
la part from misinformation of b1ackpe: American Lake. Many guests enjoyed the Hutcherson Does Coca-Cola

mlseducatlon, we must acceptthe culture 1s needed by the entire trip..
responsibility to share our The club also gave a baby
interest, leadership, knowledge nation.Several hundred delegates shower honing the baby of Mr. Marries Sgt. Patten : have the taste I

and skills in this regard." from chapters In Alabama and Mrs. Green. Mrs.,Ann McGee -

Introduced at (be conference .Florida Mississippi, was special guest Audry Miss Gwendolyn Elizabeth Hutcherson,daughter of Mr.and Mrs.
; Georgia;
tired of?
C. Mickens was chair Mrs. 1 you never get
and Tennessee were also urged man. James Hulcherson, grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mar-
by Mrs. Freeman to be more Maude W. Steward was co- tin and of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sams, was married to Sergeant FAT HARRIS
aggressive la working to chairman. Hlllman Patten, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Patten, ..

eliminate racial discrimination nephew of Mrs. Nancy Green, at 6;00 p.m., Sunday, June 30, In music concerts In the city her*. Is it always refreshing?
U employment and tons all the St John's Baptist Church. Hev. A.J. Hushes officiated. More than 120 young

resources at their command to Veterans Of Th bride wore sheath gown 'I crown of lace and seed pearls musicians, includlngslngers-
see that large numbers of unemployed ,Off whit crepe with a deep yoke attacbed to her multitlered veil and composers, and agroup of
Negroes la their and long sleeves of Venice lace of pure silk Illusion. Her bouquet 15 Duke University students Do things go better I
communities are Included la U.S.A. Invite caught at the tack with sorttows. consisted of a white orchid taking advanced courses in

local Job training and Job development feathered carnations and Italian art and music history* with Coke
programs. She wore a miniature Swiss stepbenotls cradelled on small art among the American .
Other members of the local New Joiners white Bible. college and senior high school -- ,

chapter attending the Southern The Jacksonville Chapter No. Delta Sigmas' Miss Joann Truett, maid of students now In Siena. for the after Coke after Coke?

Regional Conference were: 1, of the Federation of Veterans' honor, wore a floor length gown summer sessions. j
Mrs. James P. Small and Mrs. the of mint green crepe, with an A student symphony orchestra
of the u.s.A. held regular Final
bodice of 75; conducted by Italy's
Stubs.Gilberl empire ChantUlylace,
George ,
1 at the AIIswbr.sbtwM.r
meeting July scooped neckline a a d elbow well-known young Plero C- ....c.-. ......IMMMfatlaftMMlafwl/Inww,..o C*>"& _" Road.
1509 Kings Bellugi, will perform in a number J .
Club Many attended. Tb chapter Is Clinic listed sleeves and sheath skirt with a It
of Itallna cities durinLthe.IYID.k
of lace
tack-flowing panel
MIs CEO GE STARKES for members. For
BOW jopen Th Jacksonville Alumna study program.
by Regional Director Fanny Seeks Members"Durfiig information, call J. S, Irving, Chapter of the Delta Sigma caught bow at Dtct.UD..WI a flat A spclal appearance of the' i

Harris were Mrs. Marti Ut-': 354-3134 or Willie R. AUbrU- Theta Sorority will hold th eight bridesmaids wore orchestra July 10 at the famed
her icing Jr. and fifcJaer Poly I- DriVe* tae*Qurtermaster,356lM7.Th sixth and final session of Its';.Identical. Presses of maize Festival, of Two Worlds la t 4 i iAv

tier, academy award winner next meeting will be Reading Clinic on July 11. : crepe. They were Misses Jan- .Spoleto, Italy,will feature North I.ft
Mrs. King spoke of the cWDealI August S at 7:30 at the Home. Carolina Frances .
The final will be devoted
Gilbert Booster meeting .., Vivian Dennis and soprano
Th Matthew W. -
I ly to determine the truth of the Club's "Operation Membership to Black America. In, Gail Pap, cousins of the bride, Redding U soloist r
press, that yon must decide NAACP Will Meet In addition chamber music
Drive" Is DOW underway order for local high school& Beverly Amos, Brenda Morgan, ,
whether you can change things. Th drive will tontine students to become more familiar Betty Samuels, Cynthia Hutcherson concerts art pesentedalmost
At this point M one U secure". With St. Pius nightly by of talented
through July, August and Sep with Negro history, sister of the bride; and groups
She further told that It Is the American in the recital
books to to reviewed at this youth
tember., Those Interested Tb Wednesday night meetings Delia 'FSnDt). Flower girls
should writ the Matthew W, of the Jacksonville Branch of session will concern the were: Vernessa Ashley and De- hall of the magnificent. '

Gilbert Booster Club Office, the NAACP will be held at St. ,American Negro covering the lon Lyles. cousin of the bride.Th century Palaxto ChlgiSamlnl, ;1
Negro la America;., from the bait man was Audrey Pat a Slenes artistic showplace.
1009 Jessie Street, Jackson Plus Catholic Church 1430 [ '
arrival of the first African In this palace both the North t
ville. Fla.. or call 353-6855.- West 13th Street for the month ten, brother of the groom.Ushers ,
Members can also be contacted. of The meettopwWbegtnat slave ship to the present time, were: Lee Wilder Harold Carolina School of toe Arts and .. .
July. of Duke students attend classes: --- -- -----.---..........-.
Th of covering: every aspect NegroWe Dennis, Melvin and
monthly meetings 1.30 Father Eugene
t tile club are held the second McKlnnon p.m.will serve as boat social political, artistic Nathaniel Farley, cousins of the and recleve Individual You know it. It's your best
Tuesday la each month at the,, priest The summer program and tCooom caL Beginning with bride, Johnnie Hill, cousin of Instruction: Tbe palaito 1s theddsmlaMusicale
Eastlsid Center the origins of the Negro in the groom Hubert Watson; of the Acca-
Neighborhood of NAACP will be discussed refreshment
Africa, the discussion: trace Maurice Backmon and Frank Chlglana, an buy. ]
Ml East Duval Street Herbert
C. Lenwood Lee 1s branch president
J. Owens 1s president the story of th*Negro a Slav Armstrong Robert fay, cousin institution founded U Ml for I ICo
and as a freedman who to is, of the bride, was rlngbearer advanced study and performance -
where be comes from what be After the final wedding rehearsal by young musicians from,
tJ( a.J sL.w. has contributed, bow h* has Friday night a dinner was all over the world

SMALL affected and in turn has been served the bridal party by the Duke University's Giorgio COke
Fashions Clompi and Professor MarioFabbrl .
affected by American life and prospective bride's paternal ,
responsibility of each to bring finally where h* Is beaded.A grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. of the Wet Academy,

about change so that we can btbiogrephy prepared by the Robert Same, at their home on are co-director of the summer S4.idundarM. u.Wir|>olTlwCaC4ClCoinpnyb| JackSqpVlU Bottling Co.'
survive. Delta Sigma Theta sorority of Roland Avenue. sessions
GlanceBy I
FoUler stated that "It U not -'AtA I
books and materials of Interestto The reception following the
often that a nun has the opportunity -
children, students and teachers wedding was held at the tome
to walk into such a"bevy TTIE SMITH COLIN on the Role of Negroes la of the maternal grandparents !

of charming black women, and. NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALWith American History will be avail-; of Mrs. Patten. Mr. and Mrs.
reminded the to "Tak
group able. Willis Martin at their home on SPEED QUEEN

their mates-In Nehrus, the fair ones art also going the The reviewer and discussion West Seventeenth Street
Jolly Twelve Indian trial.....Larry Aldrich and his designer Marie McCarthy leader will be Mrs.Leo Dennis; The bride and groom will reside -
art offering a princely bit of mydicism opulont enough librarian of the Eastslde Branch in Fairfield, California. WRINGER WASHER

Club Has tp awe a rajah and high enough-In price-4o make him a past Library of the Jacksonville t
rajah I Public Library System. 'i
twin tubff and
Ever loci Mr% John F. Kennedy and her sister Mrs. Lee The Urn of the final session Dinner Tea Will

First Annual Radxwlll. Investigated the exotica: of India, thereby setting the is from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Be Held July 28.

CroupSocialSavings pace designers have been using banded collars and fitted tunic Myrtle Avenue Branch Library.All Heavy duty, family size wasn- .
The Jolly length Jackets. However It was Just this year when the males local high school students A Dinner Tea will be given at es even heavily soiled clothes
Club will meet with Mrs.CarrieB. 13'at ditched suits for the peaceable Indian styles that they really got art urged to attend. Mrs.: the home of R.L. Randolph,' sparkling off and

Fettle Saturday Street.July Mra. national attention. Thomas J. Chandler is Projects 2523 Stuart Street, on Sunday, on controls. Trouble-free op ji I '
4.30, at 1550 Dot The Aldrich-styl Nehru fits into Just about everybody's them Chairman. July 28, from <4< to 6 p.m. eration., I' :
Genevieve Mark is president song for r.stfull1mpUctJ. Tb princess lines of rajah coats and 1 F

Mrs. Rattle Is secretary. Nehru or Guru tunics go with the currently revived idea of repealing MCDERM TV-SERVICE '0 '
the torso the way it is and not U some designer would 500 r i \
MON. ....y mi. COO .. TlOO Down Delivers .
As establishment has secured status to Indian mysticism recently .AT. COO Tin ..oa ;
Meet MondayThe popularized by me hippies It has also glamourised and 2.50 per weekOPEN.EVERY ,' *

Violet Savings Club will glittered- vest The Aldrich version, b1a&1nr..1th glitter ,
meet July IS la the home of goes over simple white stain dress with a Guru neckline. FREE PICK UP liJ .: 4 t:

Mr. and Mrs. Small Monday And now...hahIau that tranqulllu: For '-U. according to the P.... 3ss oaas 9303 N. MYMTLC. AVC.JACKSONVILLE. I It

night, at 1595 West ZUt St. New York Couture Croup,which opened Us program for more than JOB R a.l aaN'I, : *.' TLA. 4 lilt
Mrs. S mall aDd Mr. L.M.Cbatmaa 200 styles reporters women's styles will be soothing. Some 4 I
will be hostesses. nonsarprlses, promised tot fall art female figures U nature,
Mrs. Thelma T. Sessions Is made them with waists In place; saner patterns and drab colors,
reporter. mull mini's for the young medium for the modest and for the dramatic I DOES AIR POLLUTION I t:

20th Century Hemlines promise to be generous, with skirts flaring gentlyor IRRITATE YOUR SKIN? ;,
occasionally pleated.. ,
Club Plans Clothe without Dirt graaa.. Srtm .nd other poP ton** tile chad** of your tkln for
Tea cover up peek-a-boo portholes and sledom with
on*In the sir can ralM havoc with fairer ._. natural looking love-
The Twentieth Century Club plunging decolletage. Jewelry and furs will be less showy.. skin and compls ion. Delicate akin a..*.. K fad. fr.ckl..mov.*
Shoes will have the appearance of sensibility-with floppy m., uffr th* went, *nd .v.. that weather beaten sun tanned
will have a summer tea Sunday -, ,
normally healthy skin can become look aid' In removing blackhead
frpm <4< to e p.m., at the straps at a minimum,. ..Wide heels and flat-boots high-rising Irritated. ............. .lotcII..nd moothlng Urge per**. Wouldnt
Sanders The for inclement: weather. blackhead my appear Color hut you Ilk' to try PALMER'S. ".KIN
Lilliaa Costumes: will mix and match spreading the budget for cloth end appeerence, of companion mayPALMER'S SUCCESS" BLEACH CREAMf .
club with the largest number ch.n. 'fI'ln c.mll whit. FRIDAY TIL 9 P.M.
ing. Designers predict the return of hate and
present will receive a prize.; gloves for woema "SKIN SUCCESS"BLSACH GET HEAD-TO-TOC
with the of CREAM .la m.di..t.dwarn. I
absence dizzying shriek
Mrs, Mozell Jones Is president.Mrs containing- the full official' PROTECTION
/ Pearl Kellam Is Chairman attention No psychedelic color. Strength of .mmonlatad mercury with the daep-actinf foemy medication ;
Colors of chic fall Jersey and melton cloth costumes for cognlid by th. Unltad Stata. of SKIN SUCCESS" SOAP. I
night and day will be the velvets and silks (on the quiet side). ."' .copei. II local Inhibitory. .It..buty.... that bathe often *ggrvt while It* .fight..ntisptic.lbm.dialpropsrbs..r. ....pt.* DAVIS 5urmtunga
milted golds and browns and toned down reds blues and .
greens. generally racognlnd by tile profeealon ration odor make !you euro
BUY U. S. Subdued colors and de.f&na..1th a quiet elegance are scheduled and dermatolocltte oftan proacrlba yon'! ,. nice to ... near PALMER'S
135 Broad

SAYINGS BOND *' * Insist on the Blue& Gold package/



., .1....&"; x _",.. _. .> ....



Elder A. Hill Will Celebrate Fourteenth Anniversary At First Born I

Soulhside Choir Celebrates Bishop Smith First Born.

| | .J 1 :.i F 4 ).t, 'a' Before Will Be Honored!
?!: "" : i
TABERNACLE BAPTIST tA i. t. -, 1" t NAACP Prelates By
Sunday School will begin tt 9:30. Mrs. Hessle Solomon, ': (. 1 *
i :
superintendent, will be In charge The lesson will be renewed ,, : A. Hill, pastor of the

by Miss Geneva Jackson. The morning service begins 11 a.m. ... ATLANTIC CITY-In a rousing First Bon Temple 825 West

Rev. W.E. Young, pastor, will speak. AU youth choirs meet address given before more Monroe, will be honored daring
Wednesday afternoon at 5:30. Choirs and usher boards will than 100 ministers attending the week of July 15 with visits

participate In the morning service. The teachers' meeting Is the traditional ministers breakfast from preachers churches, _i
at 6:45 Wednesday and prayer meeting at 7.30. All districts here, June 25, during the gospel singers and citlsens. y
will meet In the church auditorium Sunday at 3:30.: 59th annual convention of the ,Rev. Hill will celebrate the '(f
:fourteenth year of service at g
: National Association for the
GREATER SWEETFIELD BAPTIST Advancement of Colored the church. iOn

Sunday School opens at 9:30.: The morning service begins at People, Bishop William M. ..ODda"11&11 Echis 15. at Jp.ni., ,
11 a.m. Rev. D.B. Barnes will deliver both sermons. The Smith of Mobile, Ala., told his Bishop HJ. senior ,j
evening worship begins at 530.: Deacons will lead the devotions. audience that we art in the bishop of the First Bon 3
Rev. Dennis Easter will consecrate the choirs and usbers In middle of a social revolution. Churches of the Living God, 4

the prayer room. The men met and organized for Men's Day He said, "We have caned fora will come from Waycross. He. \
Sunday, August 25. Lorenta Williams Is chairman Walter Smith City tailed Freedom, and we will open the anniversary. On 4
is co-chairman. Deacon E.D. Grant Is treasurer. Deacon J.W. are determined to make it our Tuesday, July 16,Elder Thomas ;y
Anderson Is secretary, and Deacon Rufus Spencer Is assistant home." Brown and the Church of Christ'.o

secretary. The Junior Choir, and the D.B. Barnes Choir will Emphasizing importance of Written in Heaven will be prt- j

serve Sunday, along with the D.B. Barnes Usbers. The Sunday having representatives of all sent. On Wednesday July 17, .
School will celebrate Its fifty-sixth anniversary at 9:30 a.m. creeds: and colors work together Elder Flax Howard and the

and 3 p.m. In the main auditorium of the church. Rev. B.Barnes the Bishop, who Is president congregation of Howard'
Is pastor. The church Is located at 1363 Harrison. of the Alabama State Conference ,Memorial will be present S
of the NAACP, said, "I am not'', Elder C.D. Klnsey and the. e
BETHLEHEM BAPTIST an alarmist and I do not preach Holy Temple Church of God la, r
Church location, 1615 Madison. Sunday School begins at 9:30 separatism. We must preach Christ will be present on Tbnrs*I'll

with Deacon Eugene Sawyer, superintendent, In charge. Mrs. togetherness, and we must be day night, July II. Bishop M.- e
Llllie Webbert and Mrs. Sadie Fedd will also be In charge The together to make a great con Cooper and congregation will I'
Home Mission Society will be In charge of the dining room. tract." be la service on Friday July,

Meeting of groups will be as follows: No. 2 with Mrs. Ester Klvlt Kaplan, president of the 19. On Saturday S July ZOo at ti;
Randolph at 3:30; No. 8, 5 p.m., church; No. S, 5 p.m., church; Association greeted the delegates I p.m., Elder Hodges of 1
No. 5, 5 p.m., church. The Mission meeting will be at 3 p.m. at after which Bishop Step. the First Bran Church of the eLhingcodNo.3villbepresent

the church. B.T.U. meets at 5 p.m. The evening service beginsat ., hen Gill Spottswood, chairman w
6 p.m.The young adult choir and Usher Board No. 2 will serve. of the Associations Board of Sunday School begins at the .
Rev. W.L. Williams will be charge of the service Mrs.; Vivian Directors, reminded the group church at 930. The morning
.Wilson Is reporter. that we must preach social salvation service begins at 11 a.m.Elder :
as well as heavenly sal Herbert CoileD and the congregation 1
COLOSSIANS BAPTIST vation. of the First Bora Church J

+ Sunday School begins at 9:30 with the superintendent and teachers Executive Director Roy of Atlantic Beach will be
........ -- -- ----- .-
In charge. The morning worship begins at 111.m. The evening -- Wilkins cited the fact that ont present. On Sunday at 3;30 Elder .
Choir No. 2 of Jerusalem Baptist Church, Soutbside win Mat Landers. On the second from tut
row, left, are: MISS Insane
6 Rev. R.J. Crawford will of the Walter U Smith and his
worship begins at pastor speakat distinguishing of t
p.m. parts
celebrate: the seventeenth anniversary on Monday, July 15, at .McCollum, Miss Queen Ester RoombI,Miss June Williams,Mrs.
both services. Usher Board No 1 will serve an day. The the civil rights movement has congregation: from the First v
8 p.m. Some members of the choir art shown above. They are, Bobbie Brooks, and Mrs. C. Waters On the third row, from (be will
Bon In Palatka take
church will worship with the Blbleway Holiness Church on always been Its close alliance partTht
front row, from left: Miss Sheila Watts, Mrs. Viretta Robinson, left, art t Mrs. Doris Grant, Alvln Brown,president, and Miss 11
17. On July 24 the church will be In an with the anniversary will close on
Wednesday night, July Miss Barbara Williams, Mrs. Ethel Smith and Mrs. Easter Ella Ruth Adams.Baptist church. He said to the
Installation service at Bethlehem Baptist,Rev.Williams,pastor. delegates, "You art the back- Sunday at 730. Bishop M.Baker
Monday night, July 29, the church and the pastor will be win bone of the Association. and the congregatioa of The

the Beulah Baptist Church, Rev. Demps pastor, Rev.. Demps' Jerusalem Will Rev, Bannerman Wives Macedonia Will Holy Church of the Living God
anniversary will be honored. Prayer service begins on Tuesdayat will participate. Mrs. Irma R.

7:30. The cjiurch Is located at 1154 West 31st. lists Important'' Sponsor OutingTo Penleastal'sWomen's Kelly Is anniversary chairman.
Hear Choir In Plan To Fete T f

Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. with superintendent ent, Mrs. 17th Observance Local Beach Union Community
Leaster Smith, In charge. The morning service begins at 11:30 Rev. J.C. Bannerman, pastor Manylndigents
a.m. with devotionals led by Deacons Winston Ware and Joseph Jerusalem Baptist Church, makes several announcements Greater Macedonia Baptist's Will\ Be Sunday j Plans Sunday Tea

McPherson Rev. H. Robinson will preach District No. 1 will Southslde will be the scent concerning. the church's calen The Baptist Wives' Alliance annual outing will be sponsored Pentecostal Church of the

meet at the church at 4 p.m. Deacon McPbtrsoa leader., Sunday night July 15, of the du. will sponsor an outing for the by the Sunday School and will beheld First Born, 1631 West 23rd, The Missionary Society of the
The Bolder School of Norseswill
CONTINUED ON PACE S celebration of the seventeenth incapacitated la the various at American Beach on will be the scent of the annual 1 Union Community AILS Church
of Choir No. 2 worship Sunday July 14 Saturday .Monday July IS. Tbt time of '
anniversary homes of Jacksonville on Women's
Tlboevpsao Day on Sunday, July will have a Spiritual Tim*
with Mrs. Rebecca
Alvln Brown president. The School July IS. All ministers departure is 9 a.m. 14. Bishop Edward White isThese Sunday July 14, at 6 p.m. Rev.
Director. Sanday
u The church bas listed a number
Members art Mrs Vtrnettt of the Alliance should meet
pastor. Leroy Miller Rev F.A.Ftaaster. -
BILLS convention will be at Sf.Step. of other activities for the week.
Mrs. WUllt with Gertrude .
Blackman Mrs. D.B. ) R.B:
services will begin with Rev Hicks, Rev and
hen's A.M.E. Church
Brooklns, Robert T. Davis, on Jily Barnes 1363 Harrison, at 9 Sunday School will begin at
the Sunday School at 10 ft.m. Mrs. Wilson. D
Mrs. Barbara Gilmore Mrs. .11 and 11. a.m. The tour will begin at 10 9 U with Tyrone Merchant and John
with guest teachers and a guest Freeman E. .. Jacobs,
The Usher Board will meet
Carol June Harris, Miss Helen a.m. teachers In charge. The lesson
superintendent in charge. Themo.'nIng Simmons, Mmes. Laura Mat
Jones, George Mosey Mrs. with Mr. &ad"rs.r..oreeJoim.SOD Dinner will be served by the will be reviewed by an appoint-
worship will begin at Cyler Lula MM Lee and
ll22L7II at <4< The YouthDepartment
Shirley Massey, Mrs. Linda Sunday p.m. wl"s.'Ib. regular meeting will ... The eonstcratlon and 11
a.m. Mrs. Maggie Anderson Martha Thomas will partici
will have
Mitchell Miss Much McCra- program devotion service will begin at
be In the home of Rtv.and Mrs.
Miss Vivian McCraray on Sunday, July la, at <4< p.,:; 10:49 with DeaeoD James Mellon speak. pate. The entire congregation.
ray, D. 3. Jones 1531 West lOthSt
At 8pm. Mother Mattlt 8 of the church will like a put
11 Luc McCuIloagb 1 see e.'McCraray, Miss, Beverly Robert with tor,,Mrs.la charge.Mary;SUggs Men's, Dt Day as.U The Monday last, July meeting lfi at was I.JO held p.m.In Choirs and other No.'Atacons t and No.in charge<4< will; Harrington and her congrega-?' also Rev. N. McCray 1s pastor.;
lion from the Spiritual
dID!!!! Miss Roselya Williams schedule for August 11. T sing James Kitchen will be Unity
Pope the home of Rev and Mrs. 8.L. Church will be in charge and I
Miss Joyce Grant. Badger, S3t CarL It was well la charge Rev. C.W. Whltten will lead the devotional str- 'Rev. BJ. Lane
Miss Sheila Watts, Mrs. New Bethel attendtcl. Mrs. C.!. Williams pastor of tht Mt. Pleasant Baptist vkes. Minister Barbara Smith
Vlrtttt Robinson,Miss Barbara 1s president Mrs Gertrude Church of Callahan and of will Will Be Pastor
A MXTIONM MONO TtUfHOMt CALL ev SNOW girt the message. Evangelist
Williams Mrs. Ethel Smith Sunday School Barnes 1s in charge of publi the St. Matthew Baptist of Hattie Wilson will
Miss Easter M. Landers, Miss Folkston, Ca., will speak. respond.:
OH VTMl pawns Dianne McCollum, Miss Queen city. The Deaconess Board No. 1 Tbt Elder Smith Singers will appear (01 Mount Sinai
of the
Ester Toombs, Miss JUDe Williams Will Celebrate will meet after the morning
Young Peoples In Unity and Bishop Oscar
service with Mrs Brown.
Mrs Bobble
Do you have questions about the big Mrs. ,C. Waters, Mrs Doris New Bethel AME-s Sunday B.Y.P.U. will begin at 550 Cates will take part and will be Mt Sinai Baptist Church will
be the scent of the installationof
lest crisis our nation has ever Grant Alvin Brown and Miss School department will present Union Will Meet with Mrs. ".L. Polite la accompanied by their con its

faced, the racial crisis? Rack Adams a patriotic tea July 14, from Tnt Young Peoples Union will charge The special feature will gregations.Mrs. Lane new pastor, Rev. B.J.
of Winter
Ross Lee Dlxonls Park Sunday
<4< I la chair
to the sanctuary
p.m. upper meet Sunday afternoon at 3p.m. be glna by Miss leant Melton
Do you have suggestions you'd like of the church. at the Community Baptist and Mrs.Sarah Strickland.Mrs man. Miss Josephine Jones Is July 21, at 3:SO p.m. Rtv. Laos

to make to the Black and 'the White Rev. Foster Each department will makea Church, Decott and Baker Sts. Bessie Merchant will give the co-chairman. Minister Flora will be installed by Rev. C.A.

leadership .about how to solve it? prtstntatloa. The Adult Rev Allen 1s pastor. The Jack. Bible drill The evening worship Bell Williams is acting pastor. Weaver pastor of Daysprlng
Holds Third Mother Baptist Church
Do you want to hear what other Department will give the tributeto ton Singers will be host to the begins at 6.30 with Rev.Whltten Leila Underwood will
Rev Lant
serve on the Finance com a native of
Rev. Martin Luther King,Jr. Union. speaking. Usher word No. I
ordinary citizens ask people John A.M.E. Meet Mrs. Helen T. Hawkins will There art twelve groups In win sent.On miU... Mrs. Peal Johnson Cam bellStreetl Ca is a graduate of

Lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and' sing Dr. King's favorite songs.Tbt this Union. Mrs IDes Harrisis Tuesday night the prayer will be in charge of beautlflcatlon. the HlghScbool
The Third Quarterly Conference Marlon of Datyona Beach. He attended
Lucilt G. Coleman Choir
what sort of answers they come up president Bernard C. meeting and Bible study will
presided over by Dr. W. secretary: and Florida Memorial in
; reporter. College
and Shiloh Baptist will particlpatt. McClaln at 7.4S. On
is begin Wednesdaynight
with? Make reporter.Boslonettes
yourself heard and hear it F. Foster, Presiding Elder of St Augustine and th.lnt.rdenot
Choir No. 1 and No. 3
all on NIGHT CALL the the South Jacksonville District mlnatlonil Center
new, nationwide Other departments will present ", will rehearse beginning at Ip Mrs. Hatcher Theological
will be an event of at Atlanta.
telephone call-in show Sunday will
selections. Tables
.m. On Thursday at noon the
both major services and the represent each department A Will Mission Society conducts a Has The minister was pastor tithe
WRHC 11:30: P.M.To: 12:30A.M: business session will be held special table will honor Dr.. prayer meeting. On Friday Planning Greater Mt Camel Missionary

Moi.iy'Tkrodih Friiiy Monday night July 15, at ':45 JUng. Quotations will be given Appear in Musical light Choir No. S aid No. 4 Baptist Church in Tangerine

p.m. by Sunday School students from will rehearse. District No. t ConfabOn WorkMrs. and of the New Hope Missionary ..
A.V. Rose, superintendent of Baptist Church of
Call Collect 212-749-3311 other churches. Mrs. Willlt meets at ':30 in the home of Winter Park
} The United Methodist Church the Sunday ChurchSchool,along Mat Thorpe is chairman."Mrs.Eloulst The Bostonettes will give a Miss Mae Wallace Butler, HM Oretha T. Hatcher before accepting the Jacksonville
with his officers and teachers Fletcher Is.cochairman. recital at Grabs Chapel A.M.E. East District Episcopal pastorate.
Released in cooperation with the 28th. No. <4< will Supervisor of the
i National Council of Churches will preside at 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Mary Robinson and Church Sunday, July 14, at 3 also mttt The church is Eleventh Episcopal District of Statewise Rev. Campbell was

National Catholic Office for Radio and Television Auxiliary Board No. 1 will Mrs. Tbelma Smith are assistants. p,m. Mrs. Mary Moraa is sponsoring located at 3333 Franklin Mrs. the AME Connection, held a moderator of the 62-church
j Florida Council of Churches observe its anntvetsarySumday.. F.F. Donalsoa is the program in the Inter. Bessie Merchant is reporter. statewide palming meeting of Second Bethlehem Baptist Association .
July 21, in the main auditorium superintendent. Rev. Ellsha est of Dual Day.Rtv.W.M.Ner- the Women's Society and held three offices
i of the church at 3:00 p.m. Jones is pastor. tilt Is pastor. recently in the episcopal in the General Baptist State

--==--=: -- --=----.--------- I [ ,, --- -- Evangelist Staten residence. Convention.. He is athtrtJtblrdd.cre.
r Join! ob-Smfih Summer Plan Now Plans were made for tat mader-In-Cblet Mason past Com
: Family. Missionary Workshop and the tithe Masons
MID-TOWN Plans Church Program a Past
High Priest
FURNITURE CO. I annual Missionary Day Assembly of the Holy

]I Family Group Pictures In Breadth I Evangelist Bernice Staten, during thtforthcomingStateTrlIastltutt Royal Master Arch of Boas Masons Lodn and' 212 Past of

121 EAST BAY Slim 353-8199 pastor of the Pentecostal to be held at Daytona.

: Taking Living Color And Discount Too j Church of Faith, will give service Edward 5 through Waters August College 9. August Also, in Winter Put, Rev.

I NQ Interest No Carrying Charges Sunday, July 14, at 3 p.m., The current theme Is Lane was active in the Ministerial

"Select The Best Jacksonville's Leading"Usher I FREE DELIVERYHOUSE at Logan the Evergreen and Cleveland Baptist Streets.Church New Forma of theme Missions." Thede"O"It1oaal Relations Alliance Council, the and Human the

District No. 10 of the church is Is "Mis Boy Scouts.
FULL sponsoring the program. sions Matching The Hour.
Three textbooks will be used Crescent City
Sinner WeddiniseddiDE Mrs. Brilla Thomas Stephens
Board Pictures I FURNITURE will sent as Dean along witha Church Visits At

PALMER'S"SKIN staff of teachers, and consultants

Passport Pictures Receptions I FULL PRICE $' SUCCESS"OINTMENT the various, and conference coordinators through from House of God

449.95 out the state. All missionary Rev. Robert Ache and congregation .
Clot AiiimsariesBaiy women of the local societies of Crescent dry will
Private Clubs Includes m r Farr tussn taw" IMM m
: It MITATIM AM SCA1M If KMtAta expected to register for the give service at the House of
7 pc. Bed Room Suite: 'M mu iMuai rvuau. AMAI sessions. God, 1725 West 28th
at 11:30
I Bowling leans T Pictures Double Bed, Mattress and Spring, Chest, Dresser t. *.VM uctar lunar. On Thursday August I, Mrs. a.m. Sunday July 14. Mrs.
7 Living Room Suite
.. : : 'N1.M> car MckKI Sofa Bed, Chair 3 tables, t Lamps will it- tr.M.l err,. tti tuM of the Women's Elder J.M. Tarver is
5 pc. Dinette SetGas = r.rttcnW kVM tklL K I.Wre, w Missionary Society will Mrs. pastor.
I M* MHVIM speak Dorothy Nelson Is reporter.
... ...h
or Electric Range m MM .W Man for the -
I IF IT IS IMPORTANT, TRUST YOUR PICTURES ONLY Refrigerator with Cross Top FreezerAll ,tool ales d.IN_cur.....sliesT M m... ...wpt.. ea.IM MMMdMt .. State Wives noonday Council assembly will present The. TIle Church of God In Christ
I InMM ..4 wl...if W...... a
program daring the Temple choir, and Missionary
WITH A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER NEW EXCEPT APPLIANCES Ol1.Y44C I I.arrmn reel afternoon with the President Jones will appear at the Boost

I Wt have a complete selection of Vinyl aDd Cushion Floor oL aver ran Mrs Lilllt U. pickett, In of God. July 14 at a p.... Also
Linoleum cut to.your measurements, ICONOMT SIll IM OS OMIT MeW charge. appearing will be Laarletta
I HUD-TOJK raOTECTMNM Special interest groups will and Stanley the
; BOB SMITH FASHION STUDIO I I CHARGE ACCOUNTS WEICOME N.a..UM .ifcCf. rti U*tti MAP..N.web. meet daily from 3 to S p.m. Excelsior Gospel Singers and
we N..w N kar e.ra tlrl.M.w At tile dost of this others. Mrs. Ella Williams Is
..., meeting
a.UU..L"UlIL..e.njjllL.LW.l2lP: SALES J f' It k* MNtMIV Mrs. Hatcher served a lunchton. sponsor. Elder J.M. Tarver
s I MM MCCIU* Utf Is
.' pastor

1 1r

'' '''''' '

I. : .'

JULY "13 'HO 'rI (
1968 ,STAR ,ams. _

I Mt. Moriah Baptist Will Celebrate Dual Day Sunday, July 14 .' ;r. ,

Goodwill. ,

Young People Will Present Gordon. A.M.E. Winder Mrs Blount Will. Penjecosfal) Prayer,

Program On Sunday Afternoon : Hold CelebrationMrs. Band Will ,Meet'

t t
+l i. rill Mattie Blount, gospel! / The Goodwill .
Ml. Marian Baptist 1953 Street Dual Prayer Band will bold the regular ;
"( 9th will celebrate singer, will observe her tort) .
Day Sunday, July 14. Mrs. Eva M. Johnson will be guest first anniversary Sunday, July meeting every Thursday
superintendent of the Sunday School. Guest teachers will be: 14, at the Acorn Street Community night at 8:30, at 2572 Summitt ..4,'
Mrs. Alma Hanna, primary class; Mrs. Ruth M. Barber, y'r Center, at 8 p.m. Street. The sick are welcome
Junior class; Mrs. O.C. Corbin, intermediate.. and Mrs. Ruby Among participants will be Gloria Blrt. advisor.
Jenkins, adult class. Mrs. Annie Reed will review the lesson. c Miss Geneva Taster, Deacon
Jefferson will give t reading. Mrs. Shay Wise will speak In Daniel Cummings, Mrs. Clara Notice
Miss Nancy West, speaker,will the morning service, at Ha.m. I i : Cannon, Mrs. Josie Bell Wll- Deputy Pearl Washington is
be presented by Miss Sharron' Guest ushers will come from : kerson, Mrs. Lydia Ralney, calling aU Lily Whites to attend
Sbeppard. Misses' Claudia, Mt. Ararat Baptist. combined Choir No. 1, The Gospel Chorus the funeral of Mrs. netter
Joetta and Vicky Williams will community chorus will sing and the Male Chorus of the West White, Saturday at 2:30, Mt.
sing u a trio. The offerlngwil] Mrs. Leona Daniels will give Union Baptist Church. Sinai Baptist Church corner of
be supervised by Misses the consecration. Mrs. Patsy Lee and Sixth Streets.

Cynthia and Cathy Jefferson, Johnson will lead the devotional L _- -
Malachl: Spencer and Julian reading Mrs. Barbara J
Pugh. Presentations will Jefferson will deliver the wel-' St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
be made by Miss Janice Green. come altress. Mrs. Arleen .
Guests will be the Usher Boardof Peacock will respond. A solo : Annual Outing July 14 1968Gold
Mt. Olive of ,
and Epoesian will be given by Mrs. Nettle'
Baptist Churches, as weD as Spates. The scripture reading ,
youth officers and members will be presented by Mrs. A.B.'
of the same groups. Reed. Mrs. Jean Stevens will Head lake
The' men will be in charge at give the announcements, and '
8 p.m. Deacon Dewitt Madden Mrs. Carrie People will offer I >
will be chairman. Devotions prayer. Mrs. Elisabeth wVV I
will be led by Deacon Nathaniel Crawford will pray for the sick
Wright of Emanuel Baptist Ernest and shut-Ins. Mrs Wise will be Adults $1.50', Children SI. 00
Stevens will bring the Introduced by Mrs. Albertha
welcome address. The Mt.Calvary Jackson, following the singing

present Baptist several Men's numbers.Choir will of Marshall.The a hymn. led by Mrs. Fannie Bas. Leaves Chord' 10:00: a.m.

Deacon J.L. Chapman of the ,
youth will be In chargeat
Mt. Ararat Baptist Church will 4 p.m. Devotional services Edjewcod I Ave B 10:15: a.m.
read the Scriptures. Deacon will be led by Richard Taylorand
Judson Brown of Zion Hope will Ricky Spencer. Miss Debra ',. 45tb t Moocriel 10:25: a.in : i
give the offertory. Deacon ton- Williams will present Miss '
ale Samuels of First Samuel Joyce Williams u mistress of 13th & Myrtle ( library) 10:40: a.m
Baptist will sing and Deacon ceremonies. Miss Gloria Maddox .
Harold Paterson of the same will give the welcome with
church will take the offering.Rev. the response coming from
ILL, Herod will present Andrew Jackson. The youth 'In the picture above Troy Renard Squires, winner of the Baby the members, admires the trophy which was presented by thi Kiots Rd. I Myrtle 11:00: a.m
the speaker Rev W.L choir of Epheslan Baptist will Contest at Gordon AME Church is shown In the arms of his pastor, Rev Solomon C. Waterford, right Mrs Eula Lee Tlllle Tickets 011 salt at Florida Star Office. 2323 Mon riet _
Williams. Remarks will be sing. Miss Valarle Herod will mother, Mrs. Delores Ann Squires. Mrs. Vivian Lane, one of was sponsor of the contest.
made by Deacon Maddoz. give an Instrumental solo Gary

St. Paul-A.M.E. Handy Missionary St. Stephen's Baptist 'HOUSE orFUNERAL

CHURCH NEWS Choir Presents Society Will Meet Church Plans Dual -Day

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 Gala SummerTea The Mary F.Handy Missionary Dual Day win be celebrated at St. Stephen's Baptist Church
MT. SALEM BAPTIST Society win sponsor a Powder Sunday. Rev B.F. Addlson castor.
Sunday School begins at 9:SO with Superintendent Jack Green Senior Choir No. 1 will pre Puff Hat Tea Sunday July 14, Throughout the day prominent Thomas baptist; Mrs. Lavenia
In charge. The morning devotions begin at 11 a.m with Deacons sent Its annual Summer Tea from S to 7 p.m., In the home laymen and church workers will Graham, Ant loch Baptist; I
Acle Wilbert and Freddie Neal in charge.Choir No. 2 will serve. Sunday afternoon on the first of Mr. and Mrs. Deas, 20S take part. James Douglass, St. Thomas HOME
The pastor, Rev. W. Rogers, will speak. At J p.m. the Home floor of the church from 3 to Davis. A first and a second: Mrs JollA E. Bradford of Baptist; Mrs. Juanita Priester
Missions will celebrate, anniversary. Evening devotions begin 9:30 p.m. prlte will be awarded. Mrs. Bethel Baptist Institutional Mt. Sinai Baptist and Miss
at S p.m On Monday night Choir No.3 rehearses. Prayer meeting Mrs Essie B. Walton 1s Akery, president, Rev. C.E. Baptist will be guest superintendent Deborah Styles, Ebtneter Methodist. Individual Service
Is held Tuesday night Choir No. 1 rehearses Thursday night Chairman. Mrs. Dorothy W. Toston, pastor. of the Sunday School, Glenn Foreman will be I
Mrs. C. Sampson ls reporter. Bacon is Program Chairman.The which begins at 930. Deacon secretary. AVAILABLE EVERYONE. :
follows Musical Jeacon Joseph Chatman of Mt.
program : Guests in the morning service REGARDLESS ) e I.
NEW BETHEL AWE Prelude; Scripture In Song, first Negro Ararat Baptist will be guest will be: Deacons Eugene Sawyer pF I II
The Boosters' Club will be la charge of a musical on July %I. Miss Mersel D. Tbnrman;Prayer reviewer and will have a visiting Bethlehem Baptist, and I' FINANCIAL I CONDITION
Rev.. E. Jones ls pastor. Mrs. C.V. Morebead 1s reporter. In Song Mrs. Katie Strick Heads DioceseNEW corps of teachers.Dr. Deacon Lucious Coney,
land; Introduction of Mistress Andrew Robinson,principal Summerville Baptist; Ralph K1 LADY ATTENDANTS
EMANUEL BAPTIST of Ceremonies, Mrs Olivia YORK-Rev. Harold A. of William Raines Senior .Smith, Elmer Tousle, Social
The teachers' meeting and prayer meeting will be at the usual Harrell New Bethel A.M.E.; Salmsoa 1s the first Negro to High School, will speak In the Studies Department of William y STAFF ORGANIST
hour, with the pastor and officers la charge. On Wednesday 'Mistress of Ceremonies, Mrs hold an archdiocese post In New 11 a.m. service. The Male Raines, Deacon Kenneth Wilson, 1i $: AIR CONDITIONED
Choirs No. 1 and No. 2 will rehearse Jointly at 8 p.m. On Oulda Gaskin, Mt. Ararat Baptist Yo.k. Chorus of Emanuel Baptist Shiloh Baptist and Marvin C. tQ BURIAL, SHIPPING
Tiursday at nooodty prayer service will be held at the church..'' ; Welcome, Mrs. Carrie Rev Salmson has been named* Church will sing. Mrs. S.L. Mithcell. Co-chairman will be CREMATION
The monthly conference win also take place. Choir Ho.:1 meets Davis;; Response, Mrs. Ida'B.; bead ottevea parishes Htr-r Bsdpro1 .Emaaael Baptist Lewis Cher/y and Harold O.
on Friday. On Saturday the Male Chorus rehearses at 730.: Scott; Lewis Memorial A.M.E. lem. Church wilf!speak at 7'' p.m. Hair, Jr.Guests. CALL DAY,OR NIGHT
Sunday: School begins at 9:30 with Mrs.Mamie Fields and Deacon Church; Solos, Harold Narla; Mrs. Sinona Sumpter of Mt at night will be: Mrs.
George Smith In charge. The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. Solo, Mrs. Katie Strickland Sinai Baptist Church will be Beatrice Hawkins, Antioch Ambufance
with the deacons charge. Fellowshipplng will take place In the Solo Miss Mersel Thurman; Mt. Ararat'sMission the guest soloist for the evening Baptist, Mrs. Irene Parker and
morning service. Holy communion will be celebrated at 2:30 with Solo Woodrow Carr; RemarksC. service. Mrs. Delores Harris Mrs Colleen Cunningham, St. 1b4.1S11
Rev. S.L. Badger, pastor In charge. Choirs No.1 and No. 2, Felder, president.Rev. Unit of St Mark's Baptist Church Stephen Baptist; Mrs. L.G.
Usher Boards No. I and No. X win serve. Mrs. Marlon Carter A.C. Chandler, pastor of win also sing Genwrlght St. Stephen's AME;
and C.B. Fisher will be la charge of music. the church will make remarks Plans EventThe Listed Sunday all guests.in .Mrs. Jane Shy, St.Stephen Baptist 4815 AYE "B"
the School will be'
; Mrs. Elaine Sharps Mt. '
NEW CETHEL AME Missionary Society of Mt J.C. Prime,Friendship Baptist;. Tabor Baptist; Mrs. Wlaoaa ARNEIT P. ROGERS, l.F.D
Ararat Baptist Church will have Mrs. Juanita Shields Mt. Sinai
Sunday School begins at 9 a.m. with F.F. Donalson and P.J. FriendshipChurch Sumpter, Mt. Sinai Baptist:
a pew rally at 2:30 SUDdaJul) Baptist; Henry Young, St
Williams la charge. The morning service begins t 11 a.m. associate -
14. Rev J.C. Burney,
A musical sponsored by Mrs. Willie M. Thorpe will be given Has minister of Mt. Calvary Baptist'Churcb
at 4 p.m. Mrs. Serena Tolbert will conduct a program all p.m. will speak.
Mrs. Williams sponsoring a special aCair July 27 and 28. Mrs.
Patterson of
Mrs. Annie L.
Ethel Bracy will be hostess to the Pulpit Aid Board Sunday at Many Plans Find Baptist Church will serve ATTENTION
her home, IMS Kings Road. Mrs. Alberta Morris win presenta as mistress of ceremonies.Mr. JAXONS
Church has
Friendship Baptist
program. B.F. Brown of Grace Baptist
listed several Important programs Church and Mrs Emma Milton

Amos Ealey SingsAt Mt Moriah A.M.E. 14 for at the 3 future.the OnSunday of Macedonia Baptist Church "
July p.m., -
church will be guests of will be In charge of devotions. *.*.*.** *.. iii. .
Mrs. Nora Anderson of Mt.
Jerusalem Church lists Anniversary Mt. Bethel Baptist for the anniversaries Sinai Baptist Church will be
of the and
Amos Ealey will be presented Mt. Moriah AM.E. Church 'Of the choir. Choir No. 1. the soloist. Mrs. Annie Huff information of.
la a musical recital at Jer. will be the scene August 11 Chorus and Usher Board No.2 Second: Baptist on missions.will bring Mrs. The Florida Star Will Publish
usalem Baptist Church South. to August 18 of Its anniversary niversarles of the pastor and
Debris Batten of Shiloh Baptist -
side Sunday, July 14, at 7.-00 celebration. of the church. Choir No. 1, the will lift the offering. Mrs.
p.m. The regular service will Sunday the order of service Chorus and Usher Board No. 2 Tennant is
Merlnda president.
be at the usual time. Deacon Is as usual. Sunday School begins will serve. Rev. S.A. Thomasis
Rev D.J. Graham is pastor.
William Toombs Is reporter.Rev. at 9:30. The pastor will pastor. I
R.W. Jackson Is pastor. speak. The evening service will District No. 5 will have a Church News
be at 3 p.m. An after service spiritual tea Sunday at S In Revival OpensAt I U.EE OF CHARGE I I
will follow with the Mt. Zion the home of Mrs. Mervln, 5245
New Hope A.M.E. A.M.E. Church as guest. Dostle Drive South. Deacon. Is- St. Luke
sac Roberts will speak. Civil News
Revival opens Sunday at St.
Plans Men's Day Mt. Sinai Ushers District No. 2 will hold their Luke Baptist Church. Prayer

monthly meeting Sunday, July meeting is being held at the
Willie Aaron, General Chair- 14, at 5 p.m. Deacon Robert
church this Scott
week. Rev.
man and Sammy Drayton, Cochairman Plan Celebration Kendrick is leader. The deacons of McClenny, Florida wUl begin Social Notes
will preside a t the
and trustees win celebrate:
annual Men's Day program of Usher Board No. 2 of Mt. their anniversaries July 15 at preaching on July 15. The
church is located at Franklin
flew Hope A.M.E. The program Slnal Baptist Church will celebrate a p.m. Usher Board No. 3 will Wedding Announcements *
and Oakley Streets. Rev M J. .
will be July 21. Rev. Jeremiah the thirty-fourth anniversary serve in the dining hall Sunday.! Trowel is ,
Robinson will speak in the Wednesday night July 17, pastor.
morning. Rev. Z.L. Tyus is in the main auditorium of the
pastor. church. Various boards of the WHEN YOU ARE 111
city are listed for participation. .
St., Paul Usher A program has been arranged You Seek The Best Doc }. ,
The program begins at tor iben Your Doctor Do You Wilt A Photographer To Cover I

Board No. 2 8 p.m. A.C. Davis is president. Prescribes, Get Experienced .<'k'i'"
leer .B.J. Lane is Pastor.. Pharmacists To I] : '

Meets July 14 Rev. Singletary Ac-cording 1 Tees. liMpets. WeUius Soctal Events? F

Usher Board No. 2 of st. Paul .
AME Church meets July 14 at Celebrates AnnualThe Orders. ; !
4:30. M.C. Chambers is Cell 354-6782 .
thirty-eighth anniversary We Use Only Tive Best C. E. BLACK .
sident. Rev.:A.C. Chandler is
of First Church at ; '
pastor. Baptist Quality Drugs Proprietor .
Yulee, Florida and the thirty-
third of Rev. D.V. Singletary, 3 Registered Pharmacists To Serve Your

pastor are now being cele DEADLINE FOR NEWS: TUESDAY 4. P. M. ,d

tasted nightly at the church. .... ... A COMPLETE LINE OF..........
The will continue
Funeral For Mrs. through July IS.. Visiting-
churches will be Daysprinff; Cosnetics Rubber Goods Candles
While Is PlannedThe Baptist, Rev.C.A.Weaver,pas 'lying News Te: Mill News To:
tor, Jacksonville; New Zion Sundries. '
funeral of Mrs. Fletter Baptist, Rev. J.W. MarcheD,. ''; 1 FlorW. Sl"
White will be Saturday at 2:30 pastor, Fernandina Beach. rierUi Stir :

and Washington Sixth Streets.of the Deputy Lily Whitesis Pearl ''I.. BUY U. S. 1901 KINGS ROAD 353-8279' 2323 Meicrtof M. ,.. lw 5MCer. '

present asking all members -to be. I SAVING BONDS, Lilly's Drug. 'Store, : .13ft..Street.. Jickseiville 1, Fk.. 32201


''' --rJ.t.-'l .' .6" i. ; ., I. ''". 'i_ c.SATURDAY ]

J L . .
., < ," n' < T. .

"L .n'J; ;



I l-i,1"'''''''''''''''''' '''


Published: by the Florida Star Publishing Company: \ HOUSING LAW THE REPORT THAT DIED

the Kerner Commission report?
MEMBER a What ever happened to
I ML/ CITIZENS or THE UNITED STATES f After last summer's riots the President appointed a blue-

/ SHALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHT: IN EVERY commission headed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner to
NEGRO.ERIC P TlONAI,. f STATE AND TERRITOR!15'/5 ENJOYEDBY Report on the causes CommissiondeUveredlU of the riots and to suggest report.remed1ea.When
March the
This past .
it was published In paperback
I I'I INHERITPURCHASELEASESEiLNOL1AND ; ,form it became national]bestseller -
PROP RTY.". c1r The Commission put the blame ti :
for civil disorders on oar I
0. SIMPSON MANAGING EDITOR "racist" society pointed o a t r !

the way prejudice keeps the
ghetto walls growing higher ,
HILDA WOOLEN CIRCUIA1ION MANAGE I every day, and advised some
1 good, common sense solutions

2323 MONCRIEF ROAD PHONE to our racial problems.
for all who
It called for Jobs
could work, better housing, a I \'
ELGIN 4-6782 MAILING ADDRESS 1 guaranteed annual income I
/ police educational, and other reforms it was bailed by people

P.O. BOX 599 JACKSONVIHE FLORIDA from all walks of life as being a thorough, comprehensive report -
on our racial crisis and many peopleboped its recommendations
32201 would be put Into effect as soon as possible.

' 7i But nothing happened.The .
I' MIAMI OFFICE 5018 N.N. 711 ,AYE 0 ,r report Is still there it still reads well, but practically
nothing Is being done to follow its recommendations.
PHONE( 151.3119SUBSCRIPTIONS Part of the reason could be that a lot of people were hostile to
the way the report said we were racist society. Sure, the word
RATES c, w ".r J is a nasty one, but It is true, and the truth always hurts ft little.
One Year, $12.00 Half Year $7.00 But calling America a racist society doesn't mean that every
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States one In It Is racist. The term has to be seen In the context of
Subscription our social!, economic and political history.
payable Advance
J'x Black people came here In chains, were exploited and deprivedof
Send Check or Money Order Co: ; their rights after emancipation, and still suffer disproportionate -
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 unempolyment poverty sickness, and other social ills. And

o prejudice Is widespread, even if open bigotry Is considered not
L PLAIN TALK! respectable.
In that sense, no one' could deny that this Is a racist society.
"" "''''''- 'IA'I'I' '''' : The real question is: do we want to remain one?
The the Kerner Commission Report has not teen
very fact that
Gun Supporters Are Winning AgainIt r Implemented shows that the nation doesn't have the will to act

to end the effects of racism.
appears from the fumblings across the YOUR Weekly ; Racial equality urban progress, and ending the poverty which
Imprisons millions of our fellow-Americans bitterness ought
nation that we are novices in preparing a .
toteattbetopofthellstof national priorities. Instead, Its
practical tax structure for the purpose of closer to the bottom.

increasing local, county state and fed I IBy Even though ft tax hike Just passed, the cities and the poor are
eral revenue sources of government In-' HOROSCOPE GUIDE being shortchanged In fact, the poor will have to pay double

comes. Or maybe we want to appear as taxes the 10% surcharge and again In higher rents and bills
because companies will be passing their new taxes on to the
novices.Our .

politicians can often recommend some PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I consumer.Urge farm owners still get fantastic amounts not to grow

Impractical if not absurdnew tax laws. crops, billions are bin( spent in the space program; the Vietnam
They tend to utilize the most regressive war costs $30 billion a year:an antl-mUtlle defense system

types of tax revenue sources available.For J WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS 1 which some scientists have said Is already obsolete Is being
I planned at an eventual cost of over $40 billion, and the world's
instance recently Metro Council Bud1 1 richest nation tells the poor that it cant afford to build the hornet,

get Committee of Nashville and Davidson I FOR schools, and provide the Jobs to end poverty and rebuild rotting.
County Tennessee made further use of ;I .:, cities.
auto sticker fee and the sales tax ( I It's a scandal; a national shame. People around the world are
looking on us with disbelief. A small country like Sweden has
"What was wrong with these?" you may, J managed to bring decent living standard to all. England, bard-
ask. I BUSINESS T LOVE TRAVEL pressed u It is, provides free health services and a family

Well, these taxes place an unfair burden allowance to all Most European nations have little or DO un

poOr people but they calculatednot employment.But .
upon ; are "''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''I''r'''''' ''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''', here u America, which can easily U afford to rearrange us
to stir much opposition from the affluent -
priorities hunger and poverty and bitterness still stalk the land,
middle class. In a sense this is fIE CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN and toe blueprint for change offered by the Kerner Commission

an outrage. If there must be an auto sticker URN. MARC! BORN JUNE ] BORN'SEPT. BORN DEC. Report.. gathers dust on the shelves

approximated tax then value let it of be the graduated vehicle. on the t 21ST' 71, .APRIL. IfTN. *2UD, =J l L22.d M. 23RD.OCT&23RD ,' ": 1t D., !, J.AI'St.\1\!} ,a .

Thin kind of discrimination taxation Be si boa*. There U DO place ft taUi'esewr bik\. Tack ft Is fair. One'good turn deserves on the.wij.' U only'enough 'r"1
like tome,particularly vtwB U person has a particular cross another. Favors received time and trouble can to takento
cannot be continued if governments are to lives lIP to the concept of what to bear (9th). But' those who from one source can to take advantage of favorable .
I meet the needed appropriations. A new ft bone should to. With Vtnus bare resigned themselves to .repaid by being htlpful!, In turn, planetary 1 Indications what a As II Looks From HereBy
: and more equitable tax basis must be found BOW U this Important sector, It the fact also hare ft bitter' when someone entirely different wonderful period for a meeting

: and one that can be produced significant Is time to do something about chance of nuking the oroeal less happens to require a friendly ot the minds (10th, llth). But LEON L. LEWIS
the conditions there In w* painful than U otherwise might uand. Since this follows the old ties may bm to be severed
: new income. which jroo art dissatisfied.' be (lOth). It often 1s the case Datura laws of compensationand la order to establish the new.
Beautify, renovate refurbish,' that official regulations stand in retribution: there should Marriages, to endure must 'ot Recent approaches to analyze and solve the race problem la
: More Home Legal Education NeededHave or do whatever else nay to the way of true love,This being no hesitancy about giving and kept strictly apart from the this country are amusing. And there will be Just u much concrete -
deemed Decessary to brine ft man-made problem, it tccepUng, as the case may be. associations ,of one's youth results from these tar-fetched attempts, u there have
pleasure to the whole family requires Individual enterpriseto An unusual opportunity to oen- (11th). Future plus have to be been over the last 100 years.
you noticed how difficult it is for The lady of the tousi really get around It (llth). Can- ant, personally as well u In reviewed and rerlsedtakeeping Black Americans can and will solve their own problems lib
the average citizen to make bis political is the one who should talc anon should be enjoying ft pocket, should not be passed up. with changed circumstances.To any other American. But u long u they remain Negroes, they
wishes known? It Is no wonder that many of chare to mate certain that ,period of extraordinary Intellectual The element of secrecy is do this effectively the partiesto will never solve any group problems in America.
our legislators cannot make their steward- nothing U overlooked (9th- activity. This should stressed U not to give others an agreement have to abandon Mexicans, Turks, Italians, East Indians, Puerto Ricans Por-
12th). make It easier to attract Inspired any Ideas that they, too, can iclf-lmpoced stands and find tuguese Greets, btnese. Filipinos do not solve any problems
ship responsive to the will of the people. answers and solutions. cash la (lOth-lztb). The biggest a way to reconcile them with u specific groups and they are recognized in this country not
On- the-spot interviewing public opinion 7 40 II is 11743TAMOS The possibility of engaging difficulty could stem from the those of the existing or Intended very long after they get here. They are reconglzed right along
polls have attempted to make the wishes of pursuits that enhance individual lack ot cooperation between partner. with all other Americans when they become naturalized, or

the constituents known. This is indeed re charm and appearance should' associates or the obstacles set 8 70 M 13 74 879 are born here.
: grettable. MR* _PRIL21j1 .not be overlooked at this time. up by others who are vying AQUARIUSBOIN The so-called Negro U I creation of this country. He pro-
8 50 68 13.75.638SCORPIO duced its food tilled its soil, built its industries elected its
1 What is the result of this state of affairs MAt 20TH 9-20-88-11-63-629 JAN. officials, served its communities and when be died,he fertilized

? Far too often we get an embarrasing Decide quickly. Uncertainty it soil.
revelation of 'bias and prejudice springing over what is to happen in the LEO BORN OCT. 20THJEB, 1ITH He is propagated into a psychosis of needing someone to give
days .nd years to come can be BORN Rise and sine One is apt to him that with which be was born-Us rights and his freedom
from Ignorance concerning the main campaign the greatest deterrent to making JOLT 24TH NOV. 22ND become despondent once In a Many have been fools enough to die for this country and many

issues. Especially if this is true 19 one's mind. Although one 22ND AUG. 19TH Try tact. Sometimes It seems while with the world being In other countries-If his country calls upon him.
hen the subject under discussion has to cannot be blamed entirely due more' difficult to convince the shape It >Is. But since this Asking someone to give you rights and freedom la your' own
do with constitutional precepts that underlie to tie present troubled world Remain bkS eA. The accent remains other than it is to roll up does nothing toward bettering country Is Just the same u asking your neighbor if you can use
on privacy, secretiveness the situation, it is wiser tofor- the
conditions iife must go on u it onrs sleeves and bathroom in your own house
our democratic system of government always has la previous times and background influences.By get a Job get it u much as possible and to
It is. In our opinion the responsibilityof stress and uncertainty Wake acting and maneuvering done. Any rather pressure may the be resisted concentrate on one's own life

the schools to provide this type of information the desisloo that seems to be cotdl ugly, the propects of gain But by adopting hotly diplomatic on techniques 9th. and affairs Instead. Be rather
for some, are considerably enhanced on the cautious side u regards
and understanding of constitu- called for regardless of in- the chances of getting
(9th. 10th). Do not allow health and vocational matters.
II1bWou or other "flapping
tional principles. In addition the aver- a point across improve considerably This.Week'in
factor The next step would be thoughts to be obsessed by depressing the through Joint economic: and Negro History
on 10th. The main .
age citizen must read more than the to apprise the object) of your events or influences barrier could be the tendency security maneuvers can be- expected -
comics, sports page and the financialpages attention of the conclusions which by now have become way to uphold a fixed point of view when all parties concerned
of the daily newspapers. draft and to press your cause of life for a great part of the in the fee of contrary trends exert test efforts toward' July 13, 1863 Antislavery riots In New York City.
with renewed seat and enthusiasm world and Us peoples (I1tb); and opinions. Friends and allies achieving these ends.
(lOth-lzth). Secrets u well u possessions appear to be of one mind. It Moments of truth that are July 13, 1870 Richard T. Greener was the first Negro man to
"' should be shared with loved faced together offer one way of graduate from Harvard College.
The Pollution Plague Challenge 1.30-99-11-a3.989 would be personally advantageous
ones in order to Inspire the creating better relationships,

There are some conditions in the U.S. affection and confidence essential despite to notions go along to do with Just them the understanding.. July 14, 1793 Richard Allen founder of the AWE Church,

which are'standing in the need of drastic MNI) ( ).. to preserve alliancesittb opposite (11th, 12th). Expand 1-90-44-16-89-193 organized city-wide nursing service during yellow fever epidemic -
changing One of these is the apparentand "JIII&J cultural Interests u far u it PISCES Philadelphia.
14 M 6J8
I ,SO. u humanly possible.
effective disregard beyond words for 2lJT. JINE 21ST' 8 80- 88 .18-86-888: BORN FEB. July 14, 1881 Tuskegee Institute (Alabama) enrolls first
the pollution problem in this country. 19TH NAIL WHIt students.
Its seasonal. With people going YIRCOBORN .
Examples exist far and wide that we have
here, there,and everywhere AUG. BORN warms up. Persons who are Jyly 15, 1873 Qulnn Chapel AWE Church, one of the oldest
little trouble in producing concrete evidence lor the summer, social and NOV. gay and lighthearted often .churches In Chicago, was destroyed by fire for the second
of the flagrant waste of pollution, club W. ii most communities '23RD SEPT. 21P 23RD DEC. 21STQul..U breeze. through life with the, time.
a kind that threatens human health and generally comes to standstill. least difficulty.Others who take
well-being. But we seem to lack energetic This wou d permit the creat- What will it cost? Brilliant been decided, does it. Whatever has it, and themselves too July 16, 1862 Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Initiator of antl-lynci
ireness of Geminlans to find ideas and spectacular accomplishments Jointly or singly, seriously are more apt to encounter campaign of 1890's was born in Holly Springs Miss. Before
government action to pass and enforce within the should be pressed froward with and dis
an outlet right where they are range little heartbreaks coming to Chicago where she was an opponent of segregationand
anti-pollution laws. reside. Seek a promotion or find of Virgoan capabilities: these u ado or publicity U appointments. The Plsceans a political worker she edited her own paper The Memphis
That we as a people are willing to endure ft new Job should this be the-1. days; And there should be no possible.who This have should business prevent who have set their minds and Free Speech, in Memphis Tenn.
intention the moment. lack of friends to see the light people no hearts on someone or some-
pollution and filth seems to point to the ;
bass to do so to put in their two
Once this been denmlteljsettled and go along with whatever is thing will have to assert them- July 16, 1868 Freedman's Bureau organized to assist recently
fact that at human cents worth (9th). Wade
best beings well be constructive -
may But there forcefully -
1a your mind It may be being done. isaposs- selves somewhat more emancipated Negro slaves, continued over the veto of President
contented to wallow in filth. time to locate a new residence bility that a serious shortage.of : planetary aspects than usual In order to Johnson.
Industries dump waste into our streams or to fix up the old quartersto funds may become a predominate all through this achieve personal aims (9th-

and air with impunity. Weak government meet personal tastes and stumbling block (10th, 16th). quarter month there and the is rest emotional of the llth). Should temptation come July 11. 186 Congress aria Necroel to take part In the
requirements. When circumstance For the many to whom these into view, especially In the way Civil War
action appears; to condone these condi- block that can seriously hamper
are such Jut a net 'CODIl er& oos mean little or of speculation or romantic ad
tions.' Streams are bogging down with waste gain ma game chalked up, there nothing there appears to to progress (llth). It may be fur ventures give It a wide berth. July 17, 1864 General Sherman bunched the famous march to
materials that precipitate "a slim mart should holding tack for plenty happening to use up time of flouting established customs, But when declarations of affection the sea, breaking the back of the Confederacy during the
gin of oxygen" for fish survival. any longer tbd Is deemed and mental energy, and to get of offending lack a friend:!", or simplythe are accompanied: by offers Civil War.
club and social well of personal enthusiasm and the path ls
necessary to take the appropriate projects marriage
condition should not be permittedto for the
This steps and precautions,, under way. ways and means that .clear they may be taken up and July 18, 1868 Negroes were legally declared America citizens'in
to be
nave employed. .
'exist. 5 60. U .19.93 "I 60 .22.13.93.a. JO.11r.19.76.777.. accepted. a numbed southern states *-
.4 60 33.59.47488r.t.


y __ ,-.u. _.._ '.t........ ."' .. ......... '. :...- ..... L -"'"





I New York Puerto Ricans' and Negroes Fight Democrats' Half-Man Plans

____ _

EGts1 Democrats. Get ScirchhiiKesponsfs I'
JJIHE t Pharmacy Students, HonoredI

ttrnEAKs1 Fir lypissiftf
I I I '
By DORB BROWN 'i iWaf NEW YORK-New York Puerto Ricans and New York Negroes

8 NEGRO PRESS Joined hands here Jut week and,with..support of two minority

Il ,, 5' leader, strongly criticised the Democratic Party for aiding
In a previous column I pointed out the damaging effects of'a ,
stance of recklessness of reckless people themselves. I par-' hands throwing rocks.!o.muddy the stream of fair representauun -
tlcularly applied this to Poor People's marchers;whose leaders to uw cUllTemlOl\ III AI\I1III.

seemed to be Inappropriately using loose talk and cheap tactics At a recently highly emotional gate status by the party leadership
in aa effort to achieve social righteousness.But Il press conference last week, was Negro or Puerto
there is another side of "recklessness" oppressed. with Borough President Percy Ricans make up a fourth of the)
person's otIIerwJ ..thwarted attempt to let others know of his E. Button of Manhattan and state party. Button highest elected
pain. Bronx Borough President Her Nero official lathe state

People>> who can only condemn their fellows for being disorderly man Badlllo In.chart,the minority was given half a vote and said
and obstreperous forget that the unruly person may wall be poops) claimed that the he had DO Intention of going to
ti ring to communicate his grief to another human being wbo Is Party Is playing traitor to equal the state la a half-man role.

too callous to lend a sympathetic ear. repreael Uon, Button said: "We are shocked
As a billboard advertisement put It: "Troublemakers are often Among others supporting the and stunned that this State Committee
people>> In trouble." But how many of us stop to consider the complainants were Assembly would have such audacity
relationship between troublemaking and trouble? man Hnlaa Jack, Esther Washington at this point of time. Indeed,

By pointing our fingers at "gang-banging" and racial strife, Virginia Den and George. the system Itself, Isbeingchalfenged. -
we can conveniently Ignore the human aspects: of the turbulence D. CoYlngton, the latter representing .

which we so self-rigliteously condemn Adam Powell. Continuing Button Aid: "Can
On a more personal kvel. It's the same story. Who among M The leaders expressed dissatisfaction we In New York claim to change
likes to bear with aa associate-or especially a stranger- ho with the action of a Dew direction for freedom,
Is suffering from personal or marital anguish? the state committee. The ..1 equal' opportunities, the rebuilding .
Sometimes we may listen to him la order to enjoy) his pain. charges are spelled out In t of our cities and t world
or to call him downfor making mistakes,but seldom do we simply four-page booklet. K further peace when Democrats of Hew
comfort him at time when the world seems to be falling la on aye, "Not one of the tl persons York map a retreat from the.
him. given full at-large-dele reality of the ptq>ItI' asplra-'

"Let him stew In his own Juice." "Re made his bed;.let him UOIII.?" .
lie in It." "He's getting his Just deserts." "He's a hopeless St. LoiisiH Is The Statement of Black AId I

ease"-These are the excuses we make for not offering tinman Puerto Rican Democrats pointed
sympathy to a per.onID Deed or In trouble. Arrested Alter to the fair stand the ate

Now, take the cue of a person who has overwhelming problems Robert Kennedy toot u to the
but does not voice them. He, of course, .Is DO ."trouble poor and the dlsadvaataged.
maker," nor do we have any obvious way of knowing that be Is Fraud Is Skewi Among questions asked was
suffering. r 1 -- "Can we live la New York and
Awardees who the June commencement pose CmCAGO-Npl-P 011 c e
The Florida Mil University School of Pharmacy honored Its graduated during
We feel quite Justified under the circumstances la Ignoring ask Mlsslstlppt to do what Democrats -
students the ninth annual awards held In for Battle Walker Tallahassee Charles Davis, hare arrested Candls Wheeler,
recently during banquet photo: Joyce ;
"Let .. have felled to do la New
him. Mm speak U he has a grievance, we And.
the Room Yulee Ethel Evans Leonard Harvey Mariaona. 40 JJ-mllllon credit scheme
Orange of the University Commons. Four of the ; Tallahassee; ,
then when li does, we condemn him for being uncouth and fa- uncovered detectives. York?
temperate. _. u The memorandum closes with
"How do you do?" "I1 aw are yon feeling today". and "How Mississippi Negroes Third Humble Scholar ringleader Wheeler was of Identified the fraed as plan the these remarks:"We,etch of as,
are you?" are among the stock greetings of our language. Yet, call for a reconvening of the
iirT TTTHMfiaTi>ii mini Police were planning to arrest
the person who Is Dot doing or feeling well knows Dot to answer May 'Invade Confab 1l M other persons linked to the State Democratic Committee
honestly, whatever his complaint. for a reconsideration of Its
JACKSON Kiss. Two delegations south A former St. Louts resident
He, like others, must give such stereotyped replies as: "r....." of, Democrats from : Wheeler reportedly wed action and position on Its fellow'aIaorltJ'
"I'm feeling great." "AU right, and how are your'onksshe group members.
Mississippi may Invade the National l the alias Sam Reese.ft ,
wants to considered such action we
be antisocial aDd onmaanerly. Failing to get ,
Democratic Convention In was charged that the phony
The vacuous formality meaningless greetings thus prevents shall then decide spa our next
Chicago la August Governor t credit ting bribed eredlttureu -
the very human concern It would seem to promote. Bet that ..t tactic.!'
John B. Williams woo control employees, provided
Deed Dot from time out to be with who Is
keep us taking a person
.of the party at a state's right t" fictitious names and addressesfor 01
Dot wen U want to. II
feeling or doing we really ,
meeting here.However .' person with DO credit, tad
So often. however we are content to about our' "respectable
go '
Negroes were not In used Chicago police traffic
routines" such u attending: church services-wtoere we gather
eluded the proceedings. tickets to fleece. Chicago area
la our .contained cliques-and forget the stranger who maybe Therefore, it baa been announced 0 $ banks and finance companies. of
In midst. ,
that the Negro leaders thousands of dollars. telr
Some Sunday when have ... to do to church "
you nothing go a .
and "loyalists" will send a According to Patrick J.Ruddy,
where DO one knows you-and try to introduce yourself or tell / Illinois At-
rival state delegation to the test Investigator
fellow of setbacks and
your churchgoers your sorrows. V the
Chicago confab.Xavier tomey General's office,
Doing that may give you some Idea of the obstacles which must A rI ring, for fees of up to $500
be overcomeby our society's troubled people even la a.ROOM U. Gets I 2 provided assumed names,phony tof I zII fur heat

of God. t occupations, and fictitious good II Sums lei I Frt Ci.IMI .
But what U a churchgoer Is simply lonely not troubled Dot .
1. credit ratings to parsons who tit"mt **.. t 44ft|
a troublemaker, but merely lonely? Should he toll his fellow As Head Atr were bandrnpt or had criminal tenl lei & FH) Ci
worshippers or his pastor that lit'. lonely and wants someone Negro + records so could buy MW Bad tie L M It. IN-NlfGinontherocks
to talk to? He would likely Just be laughed at. .
used cars.
So what does he do? He could make trouble. People will talk ljta _
First Time
to him and about him they But his trout) aaking would act for. J I

be socially acceptable Soy often he Just become lonelier and NEW ORLEANS Xavter Unlverslry -' f !
loralhr.a Ms on Juice and ..u .rs.c1a)1J ever-
increasing sorrow.A here, the nation's only

central theiae of U old Frank Sinatra movie, "Some Came predominantly Negro Catholic*
Institution .has established a
Running" wu the Ironic willingness of a woman of questionable ,
reputation to standby a maa la trouble,whea the rest of the world first Dr. Norman C. Francis and L. WhaUey, DL 1$, graduate of Atlanta's hooker. T. Washington HighSchool ?
Is the first Negro president
had deserted 111mJames is shown receiving the third Achievement Award of the Humble Oil Company, On
the first male will presidentDr. succeed Sister his left Is Miss Doris Andrews, his faculty advisor. Mr. George T, Cruttenden.' regional::
Marta Stella Ross. Sister employment relations coordinator, is making the presentation as co-host and parttlme,

Baldwin SaysPoitier's Ross will remain u director of guide: during their visit to the company's office.

the division of education, nationally
renowned In areas of Humphrey Blames TV]

PictureIs higher education. Giant Two Color Picture
la addition to the precedent And Radio For RiotsNEW
breaking appointment, it is tube

noted that the three former YORK -(NPI>-VicePresident Poster Of The Late
Not Popular presidents were from religious Hubert H. Humphreyhas
orders. Dr. Francis Is a lawyer blamed television for promoting SENATOR
a member of the firm of rioting and looting. Asserting '

Holed Auther Says Blacks' Colilns-Douglas-Ell stockholder la the Saints and ,Is New a the that carrying video has.'d1Iplleel out )of- ROBERT FRANCIS KENNEDY

Orleaat' NFL team. televisions, home appliances,
In America Are Victimized Dr. Francis, n, Is the son groceries, etc.," Humphreysaid INSCRIBED
of Mr. and Urs.Joseph Francisof the medium "has. literally ., ..
NEW YORK-GOES WHO'S COMING DINNER,the ..muIar Lafayette and Is married to served u a catalyst topromoteeven "HONORARY SOUL BROTHER"A t.f. -C. 7 wt

alt.movie dealing with Interracial courtship, was "particularly' the former Blanche UcDonald. more trouble. j
dlsttk'.d" by hit fellow black people, James Baldwin,the author, The school was established by Television la particular and
the Sisters of the Blessed radio and the press secondarily*
beclared. GAVE
Sacrament la 1929 because of must in
accept responsibility
Writing in the current Issued co any further la that particular

Look Uagailne, Baldwin said direction.nut discrimination In the against South. llothei Negro riot going situations.broadcast If the the media emotional are: I HIS All THAT THIS MIGHT

that Uw film night nevertheless "The time, the kissing Mary David Young chairman of
"prove, la some blazers will have to start," Baldwin Involvement appeals of the Stokely Car- A MUCH BETTER WORLD.. .
the Board, stressed nichaels and the other acttaI I BE
to be a milestone,because .$
tt way Is really quite Impossible to Baldwin also said that THE logs of of the laymenwWnlntework church. on Lora the, it flames.Is like"throwing gasoline SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE UNL 1. t


lions Club, Gels novel about Interracial comradeship PHOTOS DEPT. 382 5708 S. STATE ST
: -tad failed to Impress World News Digest LEE ,
Negroes. Both Alms CHICAGO .ILLINOIS 60621

Criticisms ForSkippiugHegraes starred Sidney Pettier pioneer BY NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL
la non-white hero roles.

"Black people have been MEMORIAL ISSUEYOMROVIA Make it
robbed of everything. la this perfect.
CNPQ Liberia, the oldest black republic on
,DALLAS NPI) To build. "
country, wrote Baldwin la
the continent of Africa, is coming: out with a memorial issueof
a world of the future on the Look, "and they dont want to SEAFOOD CENTER
stamps la honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,
premise of Caucasian be robbed of their artists.Black Released on or about July 11, the set will Include three two-
dominance and rselalsuprenacy -, 144 U MYRTLE AVE PH EL 4 1461 r.
people particularly disliked color stamp la the 15, {S, aDd IS cent tllptfmT! and a 55 .
Is the perspective GUESS WHO'S C01CNG TO cent airmail souvenir sheet, also la two colors. In the United .ID 'W'NDI uJ. .
of the Lions' International 0. 141.11 C .... '_il.. Hti.rl'N.
advocacy DINNER which I made a point of ,
States, sale of the stamps are being handled by the Liberlan W'". o. T. 41h ii Jul,. Witl p.r'H.
which held Us national seeing; because they felt that Philatelic Z61 Broadway New York 10007 .,, K..1 SNte.d C..l., MIIIl all M ti ..." ,.... tha
Agency, :;;... ::.
convention la this city. A spectacular Sidney was, la effect,being used flaw Nw MN w..ld Se. .f w..wn bls.1OOUle ,

program feataiiag a against then.. IAIAlI IH .. lulv'ennAL
youth eoagress Ignored la "ft seemed a good- .. ...... i
which PRETORIA (NPI)-The NatlonaUstist-ruled\ South African ,.
presentation lid perspective, natured comedy a lot government .has its thumbs down on Stokely Carmlchael-and CATfiSH 6ge' I SPOTS 39C <
the black youth of the world of able people were being It Is not surprising. Not only Is tt becauseof his color-Uack w..,.... Ib. eo.r Ib.
and was particularly void of wasted. But;, I told myself this' and the fact that he recently wedded aa Xhosa tribal woman now SNAPPER WHITING

American Negro youngsters.The movie wasnt made. for YOU. an international figure Ia the entertainment world, Miriam I
Lions-a traditionally "And I really dart know," .IISNIOM JAX etA=N
Makeba but because of his book "Black Power." Naturally the
lily-white organlxatlonaeldtoUs continued Baldwin,, ''1M people: government would be upset and It has, through the South African FLOUNDER . lb. 59c
theme of anti-American for whom It WAS nude. I Publication Board, banned the book from the country. I
Negro Inclusion in membership moved out of their world Insofar CRABMEAT '

and participation, by proposing u this Is ever possible, INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE ', Char.'....'.11 ........ a tr"h Willi. lb.I 5180 y' L
a world tt tomorrow-- u without a long time ago. COLUMBIA, lid.-(NPQ-One of the features of the privately I
tiae- e rO-: O'iTlIl
"I remember the c.beerfallD-
developed "new town" of Columbia situated
midway between $1.15 Pint $1.50 Pint .
Parades and demonstrative gush lady la a wineshop Lon- Washington and Baltimore...will be a four-year "International" ,.. It...... ... ''''' I
found Negroes conspicuously doa who had seen this movie and
programs liberal arts college: scheduled to open Its doors sometime
absent. adored It and adored the star.. 1970. B will bear the of OINOINI HNUINr
name Dag Hamnurskjold, the late and : .
,.Thewas welcome given the Would the Image projected by former Secretary-General of the UN. A poI'cultaralllllWat1OG LOBSTER MEAT 1300 I SHAD ROE ... 15c
not only u endorsement Sidney cause that English lady with an International faculty: and student body, under current I e"MI hew ........."

of their racist policy, to be friendly to the next West plans, 60 per cent of tts student. body will be drawn from .Ael".IAg .he .,."I..t the Marl Ihriwe LuseSMRIMInP
but aa approved coordination Indian who walked into her foreign countries. .,., 1.10 a.oNi IfSeagram'

with Its policy of assassination shop?" I I ......"., 1.00 1.10 .lit..
and Goldwaterlsm. FIRST IN NORTH
This Is not only because of O' TNl 'U"',iAU ,.u 00. ulros
Ir YOU it's HAMILTON, Ontario (NPI) la his second try for public
the. Lions' policy, but because fun. If you WATCH play It A, it's CAME recre, -: duce, Lincoln Alexander, 44-year-old lawyer and native of KING MACKEREl STEAKS ... .. :....__. .. LL 5k

of the continuing of local antiNegroprogramming civic lion. And if you work at it, it's Toronto; won the distinction of being the first Negro to be elected Do't forget to pick up your hot tick Sandwiches at I : Extratie pM't/Ct msrwt''
a member of parliament the Hamilton West
political, educational and economic !o1L Bob Hop in Cttkolie representing Miss Del Mor.I' Green' Pantry. fllllt door.

Interests. Digett, 1110II. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 luau IIIfILLUI eel""?. LILM fltN l.nltUI. NT III ..t.'IUIt<Wl.


,> tJ)I tI

..... J .J ;' :'JJ. J', J .J ... -


I == PEMININ"E-e =. = .

Mad! Justine La WZar Off Again On Again

4 :: fashion pattern
4 4i '. .
) i .

\ "
\ ,

.... '."
'4;; # -
*J r I .
? .. ( :
ir \ "
; }
\; 0 1

r -/ .. .... :: I

\ t
s. t.'"-_.....

". ,..!
y6 Y7aa
.' _
.. ..

: & w1_ ;c- "

; :; ,


i '
,"! ft-220 -
Slid 12.20 _

'THE shirtwaist casual ii lovely In strip* when you add the deep
J-/_ back vole above a pleated bodice. Notched collar -softly r 74e r a I "
I pleated sit are additional element that add to free swinging
comfort. Male it in striped silk or cotton. ti+r r
Price 9 1. R-220 .is available In sires 12. 14, IS. 18, 20. Six
U tale 4W vrdi'of' : 42 Inch fabric. Standard body measurements
for size 14 are: Hurt 34,Waist 2ft, Hips M.
-. ,
Send One Dollar for pattern plus cent for postage,In cash or .,q
check.No Stamps For Fint-fa.r mailing lead IS orntiextra.Add "
f 4 complete selection of High Fashion designs, Including ALL OFF-AGAD, ON-JtGAIN HAIRDO U modelled bt Sherry Wll- fashion and U a great admirer of styles with an African origin.
n pays to bt mall This young: lady 1* Mad about V iMs.'tbtoutfit hest-M-llen.- Send to AUSTINE LA MAR FaahUm Pattern(name of lam, who likes the look of tight natural curia but who likes At a recent intenrlev,aba wore a boldly patterned tunic with the
U from Cinderella tad comer la a lewficolored0rlmbonded : ,Box 1615. York N.Y. 1000L Printyour toe smooth hair,too.The singing,dancing stare frequent guest colorful pattern repeated In ber skln-Ubt pants. For this typeof
) :
plaid with a stsn --aO whlta collar and piped cuffs rounded your newspaper G.P.o'trew SIZE.EPGEWOOD oa tilt Sammy Darts,Jr.Sbowaaystlntwbea she WIllie to weartbepopularAfrotoit outfit Miss Williams says that bar Miss Natural wig U essential
with black elvet ribbon i name.ddren ': she sllpc on a alias Natural wig by Posoer., to the ortrall effect.But she added that she often wearsa
alias Williams Is wldeIy noted for her sophisticated sense of Ulss Natural wig with her more conservative clothes,U she
I did for this photograph.




: 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

U.S. GOOD iiT1




r ,. 790

I :
II 24 Ole BOliIF' 29C
\J M m



LIMIT .1 i KITH, $ 'JII"IIE fHI" NIER SUGAR! 5 a 1:, 39C


RICE 5 Ls. PKG. 69< PEACHES 11. 15( P 590 ; -




SHORTENING JEVEL'. .3 ."' -....:.CAN,, "49( ELITE OlEO SOLID 2 liS. 25t 10 .:: 49C- W AENOOEEstSiOYE\

( < 70.eTOWEl
} "'
} '" / '" : lit fAOIItE Y1NAi


.f i


'.- .t...i .... .. '.-.. ..-.- . .,... ._ .... .... --. -.. ....... -.. -- ... -.. .. .... .;... .. .._.. -'!.-...-. ...-. _. -.... ..:'!........-. ".. '!."" '- .-":". .- .-....

w ,

I SATURDAY IIIIT 13, 1961 H SIM.t emus: PANS D'

:,:: .Ihere'sthe "how" to meal planning and creative. cooker .I ,. l

-----.- 'I .... ...f_
Summer Treat

Parade .Of Kitchen Ideas ..w

By Eleanor Lynch Root Beer TorteIt

oo.k a Director, Home Economics Reynolds Metals Co. looks like you spent an
: Someone you know will probably like a box 01 homemade day In the kitchen: but Is .
cookie whether at camp school or In the armed Mi-rice really quick and easy to make. ,
"- I 2& These "goodies" are always appreciated. It's a root beer.flavored torte, 1-
Packing the cookies for mailing so they arrive fresh and still developed to help you and your c
whole Is no problem when you use Reynolds Wrap aluminum family enjoy root beer ,In a <
$7 t'h1.atg household foil. Simply bake the cookies on foil covered cookie new and exciting ..,'aU sum <.
sheets, or in disposable foil pans, and use the same foil and pans mer long *.
for packing cookie In the mailing box. Three mixes for cake va* vnllla :
Summer days call pudding and whipped topping ;
economists at Two DetJeloal'Cookie Recipes*- cut preparation time to' .:
Tuna Salad.;Make it iP HONEY-GINGER DROPS a'"bare minimum. You'll find i.Ce:
serving time. It will I cops silted an.purpose 1 cap shortening this root beer torte so tasty :'i-
,you'll want to make It often. <
evaporated milk is Hour 1 cap sugar
family soon. J4 teaspoon saltSteMpoomi 1 en ROOT BEER .t
..L ..., : cap bonry SUMMER TORTE ';.
t ''' ,' enp Caney chopped ,4 eggs
tt ,.( ,.;. teaspoons ginger walnuts or pecans 1 package yellow cake mix
: (k 1. Preheat oven to J75 F. Cover cookie sheets with foil. ( (S layer)
.' ; 2. Sift flour with salt,baking powder and ginger; set aside. 1 package Instant vanilla
'1I I. In large bowl,with portable electric mixer at medium speed; pudding mix
beat shortening sugar, and egg until smooth and fluffy. Add H cup Root Beer
I honey; beat until combined. l/j cap salad oD
4. With wooden spoon stir In flour mixture blending well. .
Stir In nuu. 1 cop confectioners' sugar
5.; Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls Inches apart onto prepared /i cab Root Beer
a f cookie sheets. Decorate each If desired with walnut half. *
6. Bake 10 to U minutes, or until lightly browned. a envelopes hipped toppingmix
,..Remove to wire rack; cool completely.
,, Beat eggs until thick and
PICNIC BARS lemon-colored, add cake mix)'
I cap sifted an purpose 1 cup sugar pudding mix *4 cup root beer
floor leggs and oil. Beat 10 minutes at \
1 teaspoon baking soda yt cup chopped walnuts : 'medium''speed. Pour.,Into 3 ..
u outdoor It.pPOOIIlII' i pkg (a ot) aemlsweet.t greased and floured tal-H Inch
the rear* and teaspoon cinnamon chocolate pieces\ cake pan Bake at 350 for SS
h.w and H cap batter, margarine 1 pkg (I os) battenootch to0 minute or until done.
NPl PHOTO .? shortening pieces Cool 10 minutes: remove. from
( 1. Preheat, oven to ISO F. Lightly grease an 11H by 7H by 3- pansBoil.
confectioners' sugar and
3 tablnpoons'Me.r' Inch disposable loll pan. H cup root beer together for
% undiluted 3. SIR flour with baking soda, salt, and cinnamon;; set aside. a minutes Spoon over cakes,
Evaporated Milk I| I| I. In large bowl of electric mixer, at medium speed, cream puncturing top with long fork,
butter with sugar until light and fluffy. Beat In eggs. tines so that liquid will pens.tilts
M cup salad' dressing 4. At .low speed, beat In flour mixture until combined. Stir cake. Cool I and chill.
> 1A teatpoon witH SOUFFLE In nut*. Divide dough In half. SUr chocolate Into one half and At serving time, cut each
teatpoon pepper 12 servings) butterscotch mixture Into other. layer In half horisontally to I
% teaspoon onion lilt 8. Spread chocolate mixture In half of prepared pan and butterscotch make 4 layers. Whip toppingmix
-ounce tin) mixture In other half; bake :30 minute as directed on package,
substituting cold root beer for
6. Let cool In pen on wire rack. Cut Into bars milk. Set aside about one cup
Stir vinegar into .. MAKES: M of whipped topping for decorating '
til milk thicken Add chopped dried the top. Spread remaining
Pack Cookie In Ton -
salt, mustard topping between layers. Finish
and To pack, wrap each cookie separately In toll Or put In pair, top with spooned dollops.
celery. Mix lightly but(88)'I(3 ounce and wrap each pair. Line a heavy cardboard box with Reynold of topping or make rosettesusing
ing add lettuce. TOIl ; flavored Wrap. Pack cookie In box. Stuff the corners with foil, and fill a pastry tube.
.C-J9on printed In UAA. ( up the empty space with foil-covered marshmallows or pop
corn. These keep the cookie secure. Place more foil on top of
Carnation the cookie, covering completely. Secure the package with tape '
Milk Wrap in heavy brown paper (a large grocery bag I* perfect) and }TO GET A COCO JOB-GET'
tie securely.: A GOOD EDUCATION NOW!
Frosty lemon Juice Important: Attach a TRAarLE: sticker to outside of box.

your family
Salad. Make It the : "YOUR DOLLAR I.
It is.calorie light

evaporated milk.'Try R BUYS MORE i


I ;


P 'IIIIIIIII .g/III_...,.-r11'11..111'1"1',11111'1

'$ .


4 .

I' h ECl/ I'


( 3 IB, CAN I

cups (1 pound -
can) fruit cocktail .
J J.p Fruit syrup plus ;
I to make 1 cup J
t I II
):1 package (3 ounces) / "S; :
flavored gelatin OR MORE FOOD ORDER.
V4' cup sugar I tin .
Drain fruit cocktail II
water to syrup to

gelatin and mayonnaise and sugar. ed ; I!' SUDS -

gelatin. Mix well. I
egg: whites. Chill rN T LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH $5.00 1h
refrigerator tray until : OR,MORE FOOD.ORDER
of tray (10-15( minutes ;
Whip unW very stiff ( I :
mixture along with Dr.I'
cup ring mold. Freeze
C-190A Printed la U.s.A. l
Heat. Serve over rice. Makes I servings-

,-' 3 18 ,.



!< w ;1 PICNIC: % .1


o sroat CORN 3o3CAN A


A ys. 39 2.Fed

PlllSlUIYfJI. .
oo I
I"f $'1

1 fa'. :MED. EGGS 'DOIEH l


i GO
GRf EN ??,, PEN


: II'IIII ..,..,i II I. .... ..... ..,




I "

'_11' :, ,.h .".' ,' ;: .. r a,.. ,:JiJI' .t'lol.L! %'WIoiI, ,- W ;..., alit '" ;v a +

"" ,. "" ", . ", ." '" "",. .... '' .,

r::: STAB 1APUS: SATURDAY _JUIY_ 1 13: 1968:, n... 1




-- -- -
!; And 1'Adderleys Adderleys

Your GoodHealth. ',' .

L .

VACATION Taking a TRIP vacation trip with. r"d

Jour family in an automobile i lcan 'i
be a lot of fun. However?I
with thousands of other families'on ';
the road, attention to the:
PIkc ales of safe driving are more
necessary than ever before.The

cars that clutter up the roadsin r ,fit
summer hold an estimated
17,500 persons who will be iU
killed In traffic accidents.You .

can avoid being a stalls- ,
tic by observing a few simple.rules. .
First, make sure goer f'.
car is in good running order' "t '1
Mechanical problems can spoil i
your vacation at best and at

worst accident.can lead to a serious

If you have an Impatient nature -
or feel that you have to (
beat your own record for speed,
you should take the bus or train 6"

and rent a car when you get
to your destination.
If you are traveling with child-
ren, It is especially important
.to drive at a leisurely pace with

/ rr ..erra frequent stops. Provide the .....',"' J
children with quietly amusing "- .....___ :'" !JI'II.! ...
things to do enroute. Mrs i.C. Adderley, Sr., second from left, receives kisses on the reception for her la the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union '
is Above all,insist that they avoid the cheek from her famous sons, Cannonball and Nat Adderley Building at Florida AIM University Looking ono the hubby and .
jumping around the car while It is moving since this may not recently after over 30 years in the public school system only result In injury to the. Tallahassee. She received numerous gifts and messages duringGloria I
child but also may distract the -
driver and cause him moment- Masters Music :
/1. 'i arily to lose control Momentary loss of control Is

all you need for an accident. Kind Of All Classes of SongsIt

Frank WilliamsAnd Never travel In a convertible r
is impossible to pigeon-bole the singing talent of Gloria
with the top down If there are
P Lynne into a specific category of style. Critics have tried time
children in
your car. and again,. without .ucc.... .
If start early In the morning
His Kocktleers you What has stymied them Is Miss studied with Professor Loren
can often get a couple
you Lynne's remarkable faculty of Philips and then with Professor
of hours driving behind
yon' being comfortably at home with Robett Malone at the Little
Featuring LITYiE BEAVER before usually the breakfast.most carefree These hours are.* almost any kind of song Carnegie studios. Despite this

of the day because traffic In the ... popular rock gospel, Jau, or training, she began to developa
'Soul Stuff 'Do Right Man" "I Feel My Love Comlng'pora"' early hours is light.If even classical. She knows bow stronger Interest in popular
to retain the perfect marriage music, largely because another driver can take the
""'" of lyrics and melody created 'activities with school
wheel alternating hour
Appearing every
Nightly or two, you can reduce the by the composer, while adding glee clubs.
a few measures of her own By the time she graduated from
that is the
fatigue underlying
NIGHT BEAT CLUB cause effect. she was somewhat hopeful that
Even with regular stops for She has the vocal tools and singing might bold a future for
rest and a snack It is unwise the skill to use them properly, her. The convincer was her
Corner 55I. & 3rd. Ave.
Miami; Fla. to drive more than nine hours and she does. But, equally participation In an amatenr
I day. In any case, yon should Important, she has the talent contest at the famed
stop when you feel the slightest emotional range to match these Apollo Theatre In Harlem. Muchto

HfiVWVVi p M 11 iTiYi i i Ve i VsTiVVVeYMYeTITb I drowsiness. tools, and this is what makes the dismay of her mother, '
Falling uleep at the wheel can her what she is, what critics Gloria sang the popular "Don't
sneak up on you and put you lathe and the public have come to Take Your Love From Me," .
ditch or worse. Singing accept her as-''an artist." and quickly dispelled mom'
NOW BURGER songs in unison while driving These are the factors that horror by walking off with the
at U an excellent way to stay have combined to make her a top prlr.e.
awake and incidentally to stay most welcome guest records She next Joined up with three
alive. and major television shows and friends to form the Detones
ft; CflSTLES Gloria Lynne, above, can very well be listed with the smaller in top supper clubs and concert Quartette later called the
number, of artists who" are equally good in the five, larger halls. Such hits u "I Wish Dorsey Sisters They worked
categories of music, namely.rock, gospel, Jatt, popular or You Love." "June Night," local clubs and subsequently
/ : jg ,5780 HW 7lh AVENUE BRING' YOUR NEWS classical Then, too Miss Lynne Is capable of injecting thatcertain "Soul Serenade""Watermelon were given a week's engagement
something Into her singing, eliminating the stereopying Man" and her most recent hit singing with Lucky MUllnder
v \ TO THE FLORIDA nAR that sometimes associates Itself where there Is little creativity, for Fontana Records, "Down and his band at the Apollo.
Miss Lynne is also Interested in, athletics (Read the success Here On The Ground" are MUlinder liked the group so
INEWJ 2U3 MONCBIEF RD. story on this page). Miss Lynne records with Fontana record collectors' favorites. much that he bad them sing with

On television, she has distinguished him on other dates and also ,
herself with on his early morning variety :
Haw AM* ueto CARPETS use Rues NAACP Raises
LINOLEUM AU. enie performances on the Ed Sullivan radio program. Finally, be
--2.l .\<<< A GlUT TREAT '6P C1ALS Youth Quota Mike Douglas and Today prevailed on Ella Fltigerald. .
shows, u well u on HarryBelafonte' to take them along on one of
: 'SIR LUNCH axis 1.85. 12XII. 11.85U9 "The her tours.
3.60 12X15 13.93 For DelegatesNEW special,
Strollln' Twenties." Gloria stayed with the group
FRIED CHICKEN LINOLEUM CITY YORK Youth representation Her personal appearance tours for two years before deciding
on the Board of have taken her to Us Vegas to branch out on her own U I
SPECIAL Cut To Your Room Size Directors of the National Association Washington, D.C., New York, single. She appeared on Arthur

I 1. DINNER OICHlClCEH cOLEw. 972io< ARMSTRONG Cushioned Floor Now $2.00 A Yard for the Advancementof Baltimore Chicago, Detroit, Godfrey's "Talent Scout Sbow."
3I'IECEs ROILS /Vft Colored People has been Philadelphia and Newport,R.L, and while she did not win,
Zio\9t .s[
2. BOX. of 9 Pieces of Ckickei MAMAOCM rsr-eoj from three to seven.To accommodate supper clubs, major insure work In theatre revues
the need for greater theatre presentations and In and clubs.
Your professional beautician youth representation, the $0- leading jazz festivals. She also picked up extra money
3. BUCKET 'of 15 Pieces of Chicken 375 knows the member Board was enlarged toe If Gloria Lynne's mother bad by making demonstrationrecords
answer. ..
+. bad her way,her daughter would of new songs for music
Under an amendment to the rather have wound up U a publishers. One of these was
4. BARREL of 21 Pieces of Ckickea 495 NAACP Constitution adopted by classical concert singer. Born "Cat On A Hot Tin hoof"which

2 PIECES CHICKEN. the Board and approved by the and raised In New York City, came to the attention of
5. SNACK-PACK FRENCH FRIES. ROLLS 69c delegates to the 59th annual Gloria began singing In earnestat Raymond Scott. He was more '
n NAACP convention in Atlantic a very early age when she Impressed with the vocalist than
& Is peroxide needed to City, June 2/-29,one youth from joined her mother as a member the song and signed Gloria to *
u the youth and college unites in of their church's gospel choir. a recording contract with )

MEN ...... 4 a color unwanted gray hair? each of the Association's seven At the age of nine, and at bermother' Everest Records, for which
_.aiWa ... ...... I' atieM2 regions was elected to the Board' Insistence: she began company be was artists and *
,...,,,\a; ..,...' ..... annually beginning this year. formal vocal coaching She repertoire director
-'II ,,-- ::" ...0\1 ..... Her first album to
\ be released i
:; .." .... Hair care and beauty
'.. ... .... experts know that the first traces of gray by the
.,i." ''' ... company was entitled '
!' ...\eI'i'i'-,a.at' ............. SAC hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical re PHONC 7 7.2HSCOOPER'S simply, "Miss Gloria Lynne." TOne
'I-=: ,,_..c ................ ,.. laxing-can dull a woman's appearance and make her look older of Its songs was "JuneNight' *
..., : ......... ..i. than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging REUPHOLSTERY It became a favorite I
; effects
.. many are hesitant about using
permanent peroxide
.....,. ....-: .... t with disc Jockeys throughout i
halrcoloring which
.. "" ,. may change the natural hair. color while the and In
,;... \ .,:," coloring gray. Pick Up An Delivery Service country short order, 1
.. .. hit with
'" .... ..... a the public.Thereafter I
P-\ : .
.. Professionally-trained hairdressers know the importance of other hit
singles and albums d
".",-, \" ........c.oIIo their customers' preferences when unwanted gray becomes a 1290' N..W. 54TH STHItT Mowed at a regular ellr
problem. experts also know that Clalrol
'ate created semi- mated by "I Wish You Love"In
OUT permanent Loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide. 1963. Although this song had
to color only the without the natural .
gray changing shade. They been
I.I. . . .. also find Loving Care blends back color faded by chemical PHONE M e MS5 before recorded it never numerous had been times a >i

processing. Because of its mildness. Loving Care maintains success until then.
THIS COUPON GOOD healthy looking hair and lasts through a month of shampoos. M Gloria Lynne makes her home q
Whatever a woman's reason for wanting Loving'Care for her In Englewood New Jersey i
hair she is always wise to consult a professional beautician. When she is not working at her .
FOR 20* OFF ON PURCHASE Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol productsand singing profession she is busy q
the training to promise each patron the loveliest and most DRY CLEANERS with numerous other projects .>
personalized naircoloring effects time she visits her salon. Most jwtahle of
every ;'i: these Is her *
If you dislike gray, and want no peroxide why not ask your :,.;' :. ,. ,, ,. activity*** a physical therapy 4
OF CHICKEN DINNER : beautician to glamorize it with Loving Care ,...... ,.;,\ '" volunteer In local hospitals.: 1

.CUkellne.M7 ,Cowtaya cisva Ise.' *... W 1 4 .T. MIAMI. I'LOIt'OA She loves to bowl and swim 'a
fttt tt etiiitieeee e it i i ite_ ietjeejje e tottttt tttttttttl itttttl.,t. .N
.. J "; :



I ; t'

.. r .. I .. '. I ..... "" .r. . .r.... .... ? .

m .mmn n . . .m. . .mm. .mn. . .

SATURDAY, : :: 13:, 1968 : STAR ::(:: a PALE _II

Officials At Regional Meet,t tI Texas Negro Win Solons Says

CIVIL RIGHTS f As Representative Nine Cities

t DALLAS Rev Zan Wesley Will le Black
ROUNDUPBy ; Holmes, Jr., Is now the second '
t '1 Negro In the Texas House of ATLANTIC Cm Revolution
NEGRO P3ESJINTERNATIONAI: i +. H. 'Representatives.. He won a to Improve the plight of
'' special election because of the the nation's poor"is. not imminent
EQUAL TIME |I death of another Negro. ," Julian Bond, youthful
PIKE VILLI, Ky. (NPI) Four employes of the Southern \ Rev Holmes Is 33. He had the Georgia State legislator, told
Conference Educational Fund ($CEF) won an"equal time"ruling I I' official support of the Demo- the delegates attending the Stth
from the Federal Communications Commission against Radio 'I t cratlc Party and polled 52 per annual convention of the National
Station WLB, PlkevUle, and WSAZ-TV. Huntington W. Va., to t)i cent of 21,622 votes His predecessor Association for the Advancement -
counter charges made by Kentucky State's Attorney Thomas 1t s was Rev Joseph of Colored People.
Ratllff last fall that they were trying to overthrow the Pike Lockridge, who was killed in Lacking the possibility of such
County government At the time, Ratlia was running for lieutenant -' .3", the crash on May 3 of an air- upheaval, the poor,particularly
governor on the GOP ticket, but he lost. Joining him la liner. the black poor, must organlM
the sedition broadcast was James L. Balser, WISI general politically and economically to
""To'1? sedition charges were later held unconstitutional Columbia S.C. change present conditions he
by a u.s. District_Court. said in an address delivered at
the convention's youth Bight
ON THE'BLOCKWASHINGTON r,i Gets Negro As session.
Automobile Predicting that Negroes will.
(NPI) insurance companies r'
have come under the glare of the hot light of the antitrust and i In 10 years, be In political con
monopoly sub-committee of the Senate Judiciary Committee- 1 Rural Carrier trol of Atlanta, Detroit, Richmond ,
which is looking Into practices bearing on the regulatory and Baltimore, St. Louis,
competitive aspects of the business. Specifically, the committee COLUMBIA, $.C. Eddie Newark, Gary, Jacksonville (
dealt with charges that Negroes and Puerto Ricans In New York u Guess has become the first Trenton, Representative Bond
are being discriminated against under the so-called "assigned | Negro rural route mall carrier said "That control will be
risk" plan. J I in Columbia. .beneficial for us only If two
His new position became eli Important factors are control
SHAKE UPTRENTON i fectlve last week. when that point in time for our

N.J. (NPI) A reorganization of the State ..f I A 13-year veteran with the take-over appears...Black
n'.t"eVITMBVM", '_ _M Civil *0'VAglia...... war or de r"CU" Green il/. I.UJ. Gov Cruel "" tJ, '* .;t. Columbia Post Office, Guess people must begin to care about,
Richard J. Hughes, to correct deficiencies I charged by Negro -- ---' ----- will enjoy a 11,000 salary increase each other, and-IA caring,begin-
Complainant The agency was charged with being racist; Above are seen many of,the Important Atlanta Life officials Beach; Dennis Chambers, Atlanta; Leonira 'oba, Atlanta; plus a 12 cents per mile to get ourselves together, to
politically oriented, and slow to enforce state laws banning who attended the regional meeting in Jacksonville They are; <:.J. Green, Birmingham. Third Row: L.W. Meeks,Montgomery; delivery compensation for his get the rich and the poor and
discrimination Placed in charge of the reorganization is Attorney from the left, front: A.E. Christopher, Atlanta; Jesse Rill, UjS. Frink, Daytona Beach; E.B. Bennett, Orlando; H.L. Stills, 80-mile route. the old and the young together
I MacDonald Hunter, 33-year-old Negro with the Department of Atlanta; George W. Lee, Atlanta; Charles 'W. Greene, Atlanta; Pensacola; E. Zelgler Dothan, C.J. Jones, Tampa; J.E. Harris, Guess, a former city carrier, so that we may begin to enjoy
Law and Public Safety. LJ. Gum, Atlanta, E.L. Simmon, Atlanta; N.L. ConaHy. Second Huntsville; O.B. Purifoy Mobile, M.V. Young, Jacksonville, was appointed according to some of the fruits of the American =
Row J.L. Brown, Miami; B. Payne, Opelika; S.L. Howell Edward DawUns. Jacksonville Photo By ,BOB! SMITH standard procedure by the U.S. dream.
* Tallahassee; A. Lovett, Lakeland; H.M. Flowers, West Palm Post Office Department in The Negro's demand, be said,
Washington. "can only be made la aa organized
FAMU Honors Retiring Dietician OIC, Centers Break Guess new route .Is the same organic d only be

one held J.W.Douglasbefor made by people.
Through With Jobs Senator Ernest F. Rollings Black people will never be u

iJL PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -Over Opportunities Industrialization appointed Douglas Colombia organized group of people until

Centers across t the nation are experiencing breakthroughs in Job Postmaster. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14
"- training and Job placement. The latest major advance has been
1 ks made by Philadelphia OIC in the field of banking. I

Philadelphia banks will soon Duffan, OIC Training Director, DOES AIR POLLUTION I
be hiring 20 women as operators supervised the first course
s cI check processing machines, Equipment was provided by the IRRITATE YOUR SKIN?
+ two weeks earlier than the required participating banks .lghf .

F six-week course given at check processing machines and tMrt sr ... ( .n"i.' :
the West Philadelphia Opportunities ten new adding machines loaned too In:.elf een rel.e hevoe wWi fetnr. gsr.r, leskry : :
h skin .M -.>>InI_ Dellcete *Wnmy "_.. It fides ,frwdIIea. nnrovee
Industrialization by Burroughs Corporation nd ...rr., the went end even that weetner-beeten see .."....
Center, 52nd A Chestnut Sis. the Instructors. _.r.., ........, Mn ea" became took, Nee In remoytnt olettihoede.emeethlKS .
According to Percy H. Clark, Frederick E.. Miller, OiC'a krtuted, .1.........*. Wo cK** end lerje ooree Wouldn't
I '
Meckheee' mey eppeer Color hue you lite to try FALMire SHINSUCCESS"
Jr., vice president of Provident Deputy Director: of Operations, end eeeeerence el completion myetiepte eUACM CMAfett
National Bank, the 20 trainees predicted that"in a year's lime, Frefrent enemy while
".. .."
PAIMIM'B 'N .uce.
kt hive made such progress that we are hopeful that we will be LtACH CHUM U medlceledereem. GET HCAD-TO-TOt
most of them will complete able to refer at least ZOO qualified oonuinlnf the full effielelIrenilh PROTECTIONeetlon
their course soon and will be operators to the banks. of .","'on'.'.. mercury wNh tM d peNlne' t..my .......
receinlied ky the United Slete of "SKIN SUCCESS* SOAP
hired by participating banks. Miller also announced that a ............,... .. e loeel Inhibitory It beeuty "...... while H flfhuerme
They are also being trained course to train Meter Readers, .""................Iea'proeertie.ere the often ......... P.npiration
nerelly reeocnlted by the profeee'en odor meke
la adding machine work that yw sure
sponsored by Philadelphia .
end dermetolorUU often ore- you re Moe to be MOTMUM PMMUI'a
could lead to other bank Jobs. Electric Company, has startedat scuba It." AIN SUCCItt CltlAM success-SOAP. r
The course .U being sponsoredbyPhlladelphlaClearlpg OlC's South Philadelphia
;' Branch 1603 Catherine Street 'Insist on the Slue/ & Cord package!
House Banks and OIC. Kenneth
If. ir .

J; : ., FLORIDA STAR Home Delivered

,, j 3* S 1 ,t


ithI _

The N.B. Young Nursery School at Florida AIM Ittverslty SchooL looking on are left to right fis. Barbara Boardley
recently honored dietician Cleo B. Hayllng la a retirement Mrs Eloyce Combs, lira. Hayllng, MlssXavla. Mrs Beatrice, ; .
ceremony for her tS years of service. Presenting a sliver bowl Bryant, and Mrs. Della Neyland. j-
to Mrs Hayllng .is Miss Willie B.Gavin,director of the Nursery ,

Columbia University AFL.CIO Head Says NAACP AwardsGo i

Negro Must Fight To locals

Helps Young NewsmenColumbia ATLANTIC CITY George
Meany, president of the AFL- For Programs
University's Graduate School Journalism announced CIO, told thousands of delegates
the establishment of fellowships aimed at improving understanding and weiwishersattbeNa. ATLANTIC CITY For the
between the black and white communities of the tional) Association for theA4vIIIc.ment tenth successive year,the Elvis w .
United State*.. Kaplan Membership Awards
----- of Colored
Financed by a $SOOooo three. antic about this program,"Dean Peoples convention that "thisis luncheon was held at the annual
year grant from the Rockefeller Edward W. Barrett said, "be not a time to give up, it is convention of the National Association
Foundation, the Columbia program cause it will give Journaliststime a time to fight barrier for the Advancement
will focus on improving to study the background Representing IJ.5 million of Colored People, and servedto
race relations reporting and of the urban problem workers in America, Meany indicate the increased support fi1iLri
exploring ways that the mass la America. The media do a said that high unemploymentor for the $500 membership
media can help to overcome good Job of reporting events deadend Jobs for Negroes program of the Association.
racism in American society but more sensitive interpretation are a major cause of the na- As Bishop>> Stephen Gill Spots-
Fellowships will be awardedto of major social Issuer tion's social disorder wood, chairman of the Board
Negro and white mid-career is necessary if we are going Racial discrimination remains of Directors said in his opening ,
Journalists who wish to devotea to succeed la breaking down a major banter to Negroes remarks, "The NAACP You Don't Hove To MIss A Single Issue Of The STAR'

year to experimentation and racial commialcatlonbarriers. hunting Jobs, and "labor unions would have perished without
study In race-relations reporting ." haven't done all they can do," its Life Membership am.'NAACP
starting in September. Dean Barrett noted that the said the leader.Negro's paign."
Grants will also be available program had international u President Elvis Kap
for less-experienced minority well u domestic group college graduates who "We're going to emphasize the Association has almost 30,000
wish to study Journalism on a domestic situation beaUy1I1 such members now, donates the

graduate level, and a talent said, "but without losing sight" Malaria Told awards annually to branches ,,''; YOU Want To Read AbOl''.....'
fact that the UnltedStates .
search will be conducted to of the across the nation which have '
locate younger members of bas no monopoly on race- FORT BRAGG, N.C.-Partial scored highest in Life Membership
Negro and other minority relations problems. If we're' immunity on the part of the solicitations various .
groups who look forward to careers going to have a peaceful world, Negro places him in a distinct categories. You don't have to borrow your neighbor s paper
will have to learn to and separate category from the
in newspapers and. races This year honors went to
'to read about the activities in churches, ,
television. The program will be cooperate constructively on an white where malaria is con branches in Detroit, Mich, St. your
coordinated with Columbia' International level u well aswithla cerned. A military doctor has Louis, Mo, Baltimore, Md., clubs and sewing circles etc. More than 10,000 itT
new Cuter on .Urban individual nations"Illinolsans expressed, after a study of 577 Boston Mass homes in Jacksonville alone are having their favorite -} : ? ". ,
Vietnam returnees that the dtampolis.: t' Community Affairs. Ijegross Negro newspaper delivered Friday and Sat- ,
The la relations Are susceptibility to malaria Mlddlessex Mass. "
program ; .
: ; .urday. Why not ?
is only about two-thirds that of :
Honorable .
and the mass media is a result mentions were ". .
several months of discussion Urging Passage the white man awarded to Cleveland, Ohio, .
between Columbia and the Lieutenant Colonel Raphael Memphis, Tenn, Toledo, Ohio, Sled 'Home Delivery Of The STAR This Coiiig Week
Rockefeller Foundation "We Of Housing Law Dinopoli based his conclusion Los Angeles-Westclde. Calif, .
wanted to find a way of ameliorating on a lengthy study of membersof Jacksonville, FIa.Sacramento, -
one of the situations CHICAGO Passage of a the 82ad Airborne Division, Calif, and Bay City, Mich
later described in the Kerner state-wide fair-housing law has 161 Negroes and 416 white. The third annual Kelly M. Just Fill in The Blank Below; And Say. ,;'
Report," Dr., George Harm, been urged by Governor Samuel Possibly high selectivity in Alexander Life Membership .
president of the Rockefeller Shapiro, Mayor Richard Daley, Africa might be an explanation Awards were presented to the -. .
Foundation explained "namely and Senator Charles Percy according to the physician four branches in North Carolina Florida StarP. .. i
how to encourage more adequate R-IU.X la backing the law, Colonel Dinopoli made his which reported the,highest 0, Box 599Jacksonville ., .- .* 1
balanced and perceptive -- Senator Percy reversed his report to the American Medical.uciation number of Life Members and Florida 32201 't'
reporting of news about stand of four years ago. Admitting I in San Francisco. .subscribers their respective ws.; ; ''ft'.J. tt; J
the crisis in the cities and the that be bad been wrong categories. They were Greens to : ', .
Georgia Negro Deliver The Florida Star every week : .: .
movement of Negroes toward the Senator said that in the boro, Rocky Point, Edgecombe: '
equality.'* meantime be bad "gotten religion Will Head County and Dunn-Harnett '
Fellows will be given the opportunity ." Governor Shapiro noted County. f 1'"
to take courses In that half of the state's residentsare Young DemocratsATLANTA Winners of the first annual NAME" wt( '(Y' .
such fields U urban sociology, already covered by local state Life Membership e-iulst t
tntergroup>> relations, and city fair-housing laws. In view of A Negro, Way. for New Jersey were named u ,. rJ .I ..'
planning, U well ubavingthpe! "this expression public opinion moo Wright, was sworn in by the Trenton, PlalDlleld,andAs- ADDRESS, ... -APT. t ">>"
for their own research and and the recent decision of Joe Sports, director of the bury Park-Neptune branches. I. 1". <' .
writing. They will also be able the U S. Supreme Court (cap.holding Georgia Democratic party, u More than 500 branch representatives CITY f '1 v

to familiarise themselves with open occupancy), there president of the Young Democrats attended the gathering ... s.. :' ). "'-..' __*. -PHONE-. ::" ,. = .;<0
research being done by social can no longer be'any reason of Georgia last week. that was presided over by ., -.,. y, <- '!'1. f ,". : ". }"J."' '' "' : -t f
scientists on current social for denial by the legislatureof 1b1I..is an unprecedented Mrs Irene Smith, president of '. :
problems passage of a state fairhousing move. Heretofore, the party has the New Jersey State Conference ,, L will pay. ;,the'cafrie&#' ,.... .. ,20 cents"per_ week,. trorpaper. \ t; 1':
< A : 7i :
"t''O" ; 'r' >-:, : ; (
"We are especially enthusi law. followed strong segregation of Branches : : : I .: ..



I' t. t t

- ..- -

. . . . . . . .


I 1-- Middle American Sports Kicks Off 1968 of Sports Clinics -

Central Slate U. Will little leaguers Two-Week Central l America

p a r, 'w ? r'b r
Host Tennis National
Tour Will Stress Prowess

XENIX, Ohio Central State University will be host to AAl jf 4 CHICAGO The Middle-American Sports Foundation, Inc.,

the National Tennis Association from August 6 to August 9. rka (MAS), started Its 1968 series of 64 Intensive International

Expected to return to the Central State University swimming sports clinics in Central America and Panama, Monday, July

nationals are all defending pool will be held nightly. 1, when two Brazilian soccer greats took to the field in San

champions In all events.. Tournament players will stage Salvador, El Salvador.
Wllbert Davis of New York Advil Committee
o ,
I their annual fashion show Vicente Feola former coach a Sport '
City will return to seek 'another modeling fashionable sport and of the great "Pele", and now capacity are Bill Russell,

Men's singles' title. evening wear as well. tennis of the player-coach of the Celtics;
general superintendent
Miss Bonnie Logan of Durham, attire. Arnold "Red" Auerbach,
Paulo Soccer Club and Jose
North Carolina and Morgan of the Celtics
Tennis general
The American manager ;
"Zlto" Miranda of the
State College will seek another Association is composed of "Tic Santos, Soccer and Dick Williams, manager of
Women's singles' title. tennis clubs and association world-champion the Boston Red Sox. Owens and
Club two-week tour
1 Other champions expected to across the United States,Cana- are on a Feola are also members of the
of Central America and Panama
, return, namely: da, Nassau and Bermuda. Many 9r I coaches and advisory committee.
Louis Graves Detroit Men's teaching players The MAS has received
'l of the champions will qualify to program
: Senior Singles; John Mudd and play In the USLTA National .some of the reflnemenUof, soccer the endorsement of the US
In BruU.i .
, Arthur carrington, Elizabeth, Championships. ; play u practiced Government and has been hailedby
N.J.; Miss Sylvia Hooks and t i ; The Middle-American Sports Latin American governmentsand

: Edgar Lee of Washington.C., Odom I. I Foundation, Inc., Is a non-profit' sports leaders who believe
Expresses '.
.sports organization
and outstanding player of the that the MAS activities can havean
to help farther develop the level
1967 Linwood effect In
championships r important advancing
w w L (lei athletic performance InMiddle
Simpson of Wilmington, N.C. sports In the Middle American
Confidence And : America, Including El
In addition to the tennis tour- \ region.
nament many affairs and events r Initial reactions to the teaching

are planned for the non-tennis Enjoys HonorsATLANTA 4It. r program In the Middle American
player. e countries have exceeded

There will be golf, ping pong, Macon Odom, ,.. ,.', .- expectations and clinics have

billiard, bowling, bridge, and of the Athletics,expressed little -" been scheduled in the largest

pinocle tournaments with trophies surprise over his being namedto facilities available In each city

going to winners. the American League aU.stat --. ; ;. i to accomodate the general public,

Swimming ,in the beautiful pitching staff. ...... 'I; I which Latin officials have Indicated -

"Naw, I wa,n't surprised at would turn out in record
Set "
Rockefellers ;
all," he told a Boston-to- \ .. numbers to see some of the
Atlanta telephone caller late i. .r,. ". world's sports greats in action.El .
Special Help fundNEW Sunday "I figured I'd make it- .... .-.'. J.... ,', ,; i'i:. :{ ..... Salvador's soccer stadium
--- = Ysd t
YORK The Rockefeller I'm having"a good year, a real The Fourth Annual- Emmett "Chip" Reed Little League Baseball are Sprite, Carver: Moncrief, Koty'i.Earner, Lavilla;Oakland, seats 25.000.Nicaragua'Honduras'seats seats IS

Family Fund, a new and"modest" good year. All-Star Game will be played July 15 at 9 30 p.m. at Slmond Joe James and Coca-Cola. Recreation director Carlton BryantIs lb 18,000; ,
Congratulations were offered, 000 Costa Rica's seats 18,000
philanthropic enterprise Atlanta-to-Boston his Johnson Park. The eight-team uniform League will be divided in charge of the League. Recreation Is supervised by the ; ;
on and Panama's seats 12,000.
by the Rockefeller family, been to the Into two divisions, the American and the National. The teams Jacksonville Recreation Department. Photo by Stocks *+r %
having named ,
will of Us
help, U one projects,

Negro University teachers of Ghana.studying The at name the pitching American staff.League all-star 500 Will Be Hank Aaron'sNext Alabama Gets United States .., Iowa State )

is Sealantic.RADIATOR. "My record's good-seven Council Hears
wins and four losses-and my JESSE OWENS
.There Is No HurryThe Alhelic HeadTUSCALOOSA Marines Seek
earned run average's 1.13," be Salvador, Honduras Nicaragua, Negro AthletesIowa

continued, establishing earlyhis Braves' outfielder, All-Star Hank Aaron, has said 499 Ala.James Costa Rica, Guatemala, and State Athletic
ACTING UP? convictions. "I don't know", won't do. He's out to make that 500)( -Out five hundredth homer. Han, Negro basketball coach of Negro Students Panama. It is being guided by Council University's last week cleared
I Just figured they'd pick me.
Dothan has Joined the staff of prominent Americans and Latin
said after 498 ,
"Sure I want 500th homer be hitting
... Ned Odom who prefers Kansas my The United States Merchant ,coaches of charges of racial
ti '
w. quippel, i the Alabama High School Americans and staffed by leadIng -
.. 4. ."v type .I ..,-1"tie City to the Athletics new Oak. and 499 Sunday. "But, continued the star, "I'm going to wait Athletic Association u Marine Academy desires to Inform UJB. and Latin sports figures.! discrimination and, at the same

..\ "". ..... land borne, said be first learned for It to come, not change my whole batting approach In a associate executive secretary. qualified young black men MAS established primarily time, conceded to two demands.The .

RADIATORS and of his selection "about three desperate. effort_.to_ hit__ the u _next one_ out._ .. .. At the same time, the association of the opportunities availableto Negro will be referred to
CAs TANKS days ago. Aaron Hopes that No. 600 brillbe "One thing mango; I sure hope will formally with them at the Academy and in as an Afro-American.
"Naw, I didn't know a thing forthcoming this weekend It comes In a winning game" merge Ala- the United States MerchantMarine. -' A Negro win be hired to work
the Negro
I ... &&i.e'& A./Ulna' 'bout It 'til we got to New York," after he returns from the All- His 4-for-S Sunday,right after bama predominantly Inlerscbolastlc Athletic with black students.

leA Fe,nut II.".,." be explained. "As we were Star game to play here against going t-for-l Saturday night, Association. The Academy, operated by the Athletes have threatened rto

coming Into the hotel, a couple, the Dodgers. raised Aaron's average to Maritime Administration of the quit unless other demands are
MAIN STREET of kids came up and asked for "Hitting it at home will makeIt .47-4 far cry from his .316 Baseball FansAttendance United States Department of met by August 1.

my autograph. even better," Aaron said lifetime mark but a move In Commerce, Is located on Long
"1'11en. they congratulated me the right direction Island Sound at Kings Point Chamberlian'sTrade
tan, ...ht I Ud"tr. on being picked on the All-Star Washington U. "I've been meeting the tall Is New York about twenty miles
ial.1111 I
team.". weU of late," Aaron said. "I from New York City The i

Hires full lime feel like I've shaken off what OH From 1967 Academy educates and trains To L.A.

ever was wrong with my hitting. young mOn for careers as licensed -

J Negro Coach Now I need a couple of real Baseball attendance at major deck or engineering officers .

hot- ltting weeks to get my league games dropped from last In the Merchant Marine Is Verified

\ SEATTLE, Wash. The average up where It belongs. July 4. A total of 186,014 went through a four-year college
snot University of Washington named Aaron said be doesn't think to parks this year,as compared curriculum leading to the PHILADELPHIA The

Its first fulltlme Negro coach the three-day All-Star .break with ,254,92 last year. The Bachelor of Science degree. Philadelphia 76ers confirmed
filling one of the demands made wlU harm his hitting.:"Ill get American League suffered addition to receivtgdegrees 1 reports circulated for several

this .prlncbyl4 Negro athletes. some practice at Houston: and most.* Only 76,154 turned out and licenses u third officers ,,1 weeks that Wilt 'Cbamberlaln

Carver Gayton, 29, a halfback then there's the game If I this year. Last year there we re or third assistant engineers, has teen traded to the Los
on Washington's Rose Bowl wasn't In that game and Just 1)5,577. graduates are commissioned BILL 1.t>SSSEi.Lby Angeles Lakers for three

team, will become assistant took the three days off, that Tb National League attendance Ensigns, United States Naval the United Fruit Company, players because of difficulty

football and track coach, and might make a difference." dropped from 119,148 to Reserve, by the Department but Is also being supported by coming to contract terms with

also will be an assistant to Dr. Sunday's game vas the 2ZOOthol 109,860. The game between the of the Navy.Candidates. other companies in the United the star center.

HUNCH ,Robert G. Waldo,vice president Aaron's major league career. Melt and Pittsburgh drew the for admission must States and Latin America. The club admitted that the
SUPPORT DIVISION for university relations. largest attendance. Attendance be nominated by a Congressman Departing from Sao Paulo star 7-foot, two-Inch center

Jim Owens, Washington records follow or Senator, but appointmentsare Bruit, Feola said: had been dealt to the Lakers
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER FLORIDA athletic director, announced American League-Chicago at made on the basis of candi "It's our desire, not only to for Darrail Imboff, Archie

appointment and said Gayton's Baltimore, 19,256; California dates' competitive standing demonstrate and teach athletic .Clark and Jerry Chambers.

Immediate openlngsl) Enjoy the privIlege "outstanding capabilities and Say Careers at Detroit 18,186; Oakland at within the state from which he \ There said.was no cash Involvedbe
of sharing in the APOLLO manned divers background should Boston 14,4)2; New York at Is nominated Competitive .,,1lt
Irv Koslotf the 76ers
invaluable to ,owner of ,
prove us. Is
Washington 12,4)3; Minnesotaat standing determined by Col-
Flight Program by joining the BendixI Are Not All said "inasmuch as we were
Cleveland 11,847; Total, 76, lege Board Examination Scores .\0. "''Ii"
Launch Support Division Kennedy Space 154. high school rank la class ant having difficulty coming
I ..t II I aa. Professional athletes are terms with Will it seemed advisable -
Center Florida. National League-Pittsburgh subjective evaluation of candi .
looking to the future, with cal- V 1
to effect a trade ar a.
at New York 29,587Clnclnnatl dates' leadership potential and
cualtlng minds and with plans
time when would be able
I. 'MACHINISTS They have expressed the feeling at Houston 22,827St. Louis motivation. Men desiring to obtain commensurate we value

that success is rather fleeting, at Los Angeles, 21,661; Philadelphia admission to the Academy with for his services
'wEEOERS'ELECiRICIANS'Cable but that financial success can at Chicago, 21,516. Atlanta the class entering In July 1969
BRAND NEW help In old age. at San Francisco: 14,249; should request a nomination Kosloff added that "althoughI
Total 109,860 Grand Total from t Congressman Senator am sorry to lose Wilt I feel
Many former athletes have fallen ; or -
fabrication eipirieice : 1968 VW k Into poy.rtYlOm.Jlav.d1ed 186014. u soon as possible, and we have added two fine young
not later than December players and a veteran center
penniless Todays athlete *
Information and they should help us maintain -
hopes to live the concerningtheAcademy
same he
: : way
SEDANM76850 strength future
HEAVY EQUIPMENT-CRANE OPERATOR lived when he was a star.Therefore Louis Rates program, requirements -* "
for admission and years. .
the pension will help.
: procedure for requesting a OBLA100CEPEDA Earlier Jack Kent Cooke,own-
RIGGERS Baseball has the best, fc*
Liston As er of the fakers had confirmed
hockey Is second. The footballer's nomination can be obtained by
writing to: Admissions Office principles, but also to conveythe reports of the trade.
'PNEUMATICS MECHANIC i DELIVERED IN. |lAX benefits. pension Is third In Third In FightsLAS United States Merchant Marine sense of commitment involved Imhoff Is a Jau"neymancenter,
.. TMfl flu ....c, ./ if Football players want an Increase VEGAS Sonny Liston Academy, Kings Point, New In the life or. Clark a guard and Chambers

MAINTENANCE MECHANIC a In pension double what should now be listed u third York, 11024. successful athlete, u well as a forward
1. to Illustrate what rewards are Chamberlain's salary has teed
they have now They art now among the heavyweights according .
possible We have studied, the estimated at $%50,000 but It was
Send resume in confidence to: asking for a minimum wag to former champion
J Supervisor, Professional Placement > I.,salary of $15,000. They want Joe Louis. Louis, In Las Vegas, U. sports situation in Central not disclosed, either by the
Catlin- Indiana
222) South $500 In America and Panama, and we 76ers or the Lakers,.what he
i, Washington per game salary, for said that he Is till trying to
confident of the would
are be .
competence paid.Chamberlain
j Titusvllle, Florida 32780 exhibition games. Now they get make plans for a match between
; Griffin : $10 per day during the exhibition Liston and Buster Mathis this Names First which the well-trained and began his professional -
I fall. conditioned athletes of Middle career with the
season. They want a balancing
Volkswagen of pensions and want Louis said he believed Liston America can display in world Philadelphia Warriors in 1960
L unchSupport more attention paid to extra should be above Quarry and Negro competition." after starring at the University
INC Income. Mathis Fads and "Zito" will conduct of Kansas He played with the
Division .
1250 EAST 8th ST. Former halfback two-hour clinic sessions with Warriors for five seasons the
TrentWalter.OR four sessions scheduled for most last two in San Francisco when
354.9093 t Indiana University'sfootball titles the club moved there.

AN IQUAl OWOITUNITV EMPlOyCI (UIF) .. U ta, Smooth Getaway team the,first has been ap "The MAS staff has developed Wilt was traded to the 76ers
pointed u Negro
ever lesson plans and programs which: in 1965 and helped lead the
named to the Boosters' coaching take into account fundamentals team to the national Basket-

r-r.. staff. strategy and ball Association championship
MORE FUN! MORE ACTION Walters 24 offensive .
BIGGER PAYOFFS! : t an Feola said. In 196667.
starter In 1963 and 1964,-and Chamberlain
MAS has published these materials holds the
defensive halfback in 1965 will
In manual form from league's all-time scoring
coach freshman backs In both which its traveling staff will record with over 25,000 points

/!)@@ l'Q l1llff offense Walters and played defense.two seasons teach, and will distribute the and once scored 100 points ina

of pro football In Canada and and bound player editions attendance.to every.Coaches coach single game, also a record.

had signed to play with the will receive sufficient quantities *
Denver Broncos of the
-' for distribution to their own local
in AIR-CONDITIONED American Football. League this teams and players.In St. Pete Listed

season. to Feola and"Zito"
f. s4rt Walters, of Concord, Tenn., ,
COMFORT the MAS "team" which will con-
r 8'15 is on duty In the Army at Ft. duct other clinics this year For BoycottingST.
r Banning. Ga. and will the
: Join
MONDAY 1> Includes
THRU SATURDAY Orlando Cepeda of the
: : f' .:: staff next November upon his St. Louis Cardinals, and Danny PETERSBURG Leaders

'MANit' DAILY DOIWU lit a i.J BACK QUM1HAS ,." ., release. Litwhiler former major leaguer of the Poor People's Campaign
maY RAO ADMISSION sex ,": t Also announced as a new member contacted: in Washington, ,reported
2 P.M. a fill fAJUONOUIXUUOUS Y' i. .>,: _. .:..: of the Indiana and now !head baseball coach
'wtD. & SAT. All CONOmONID C1USHOUJI coaching staff, at Michigan State University thatSt. Petersburg would
i' \ NOW 11 r r SEPT. 3 r A safe, even start awaits these Thoroughbred horses was Alan Voorhls, Greentown, baseball Bailey Howell of the be one of the 40 cities con
t tJ ON FIRST TWO RACES standing on Triple Crown racing material in the startIng Ind., who will be a defensive champion; Boston Celtics, and sidered targets for a boycott.

t! gate at Atlantic City. Several well.known tracks' coach with the Hoosier fresh- Frank McGuire head basketball The leaders said St. Peters-

have the material made of Du Font's "Nordel" hydro- men. Voorbis' appointmentwas coach at the University of South burg would be taken off the

1J / KENNEL CLUB i .carbon rubber, in adjacent areas such as paddocks, effective immediately. He Carolina,, In basketball;and Jesse list and the boycott lifted If the

stalls and walkways. Another version Is designed for also Is former Indiana football .Owens la track and field. present garbage crisis was

J use as a base in a new track construction concept. }player Guiding the MAS program la resolved

r9LL, .

I f' f I

\ "


I Sonny Liston Starts Comeback with Knockout. Henry Clark 1

Negro Athletes Suffer looking Like A Queen Clark Was Warned Of

Sports Parade From Big School Bias Low Blows in Battle

NEW YORK "Stay away from white women" Is the first
'BY NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALIT message of rigid social check the black athlete gets as soon ube SiN FRANCISCO Sonny Liston may be on the comeback trail
He knockout In seventh round in San
again. woo a technical the
arrives on the typical American college campus, says Jack
Francisco last This..the seventh
Olsen Saturday, over Henry Clark.
in the second Installment of "The Black Athlete-A
Shameful straight battle won by a knockout. Liston lost to Clay in 1965.
this week in
; FIGURES Story" Sports Illustrated

HOLLYWOOD (NPI) A fading pugilistic career has sent General belief to the contraryand the campus Negro, says Olsen, p.. i itI Liston was at will with his than seven rounds. However
punches. for 10
did not to be able to
:two-times former heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson la contrast with developing but the small incidents which seem
'another before him, particularly the sports world, Patterson eral, be says our universitiesare shocking brutality when viewed gressively.
round. Clark had forecast that
Clark is rated No. 5 by the
turned actor. a bastion of the old "
''has prejudices in terms of the human spirit.
the fight would not last more World DOling Association and
and considerableshare
a And even good team relationships -
"WATCH THOSE STRIKES of the responsibility for: often fade away from the No. 9 by Ring Magatlne.
WASHINGTON (NPI) Orlando Cepeda, the National holding to them lies with the field. University of Kansas Cepeda AppealsTo Listen's record grew by another'
'League's most valuable player of 1967, will have to watch out coaches and athletic directors. Flanker Don Shanklln told knockout. He already has 30'

I lot another big leaguer who Is out to clip bis wings. Recently, The cruel expressions of this Olsen"....If you run Into one High Court. to his credit. Clark also, has
f-"the 30-year-old first baseman of the world champion St. Louis racial prejudice, Olsen reports of the white players downtown had 18 fights but was stopped

'. Cardinals, contested with the Internal Revenue Service on a reach Into every social situation with his date be doesn't know In this one.According.
'/'claim that he owes $9,072.96 in back income taxes for 1965. '- and onto the playing yin On Look Matter to the record,
Cepeda is challenging the charge fields u well-regardless of Uston and Jimmy Ellis will
And Olsen reports the truth
,.. WASHINGTON Orlando Ce- fight if three conditions can-
geography and, with rare exceptions Is that there Is nearly u much first baseman for the
peda be Ellis
II met Is the World
MAYBE regardless of
SQUEEZE IN. person,
racial prejudice after the opening National Leagoe'sfrontrunning '
DAR ES SALAAM-(NPI)Failure on the part of Tanzania to making of the .Negro's college whistle blows u before. St. Louis Cardinals, Boxing Association's Heavyweight -
provide the International Olympic Commute with a copy of Its experience a drowning well of Not only does the Negro athlete champion. ,
has appealed to the Supreme
arc Listen, 36 years of age, went
Committee's lttntlaathreateasTanzania'sa loneliness "time of
amended Olympic a social
have to be much better than his Court in his l-mllllon libel
'. for participating in the Mexico City meet this year. The Isolation from an but a handful white counterpart to get the post suit against Look Magaiine.The Into the decline when be was
'' invitation to participate was sent to the former Tanganyika of other black athletes" The he has to be almost Impervious U.S. Circuit Court in San vanquished in the seventhroond

Olympics Committee, which ceased to exist when the mainland article cites examples from the to Injury J (the black athlete Francisco last April upheld a by Clay in 1965.'
territory merged with Zanzibar In 1964. The amended copy Is University of Texas at El Paso, frequently Is sent out to play Ellis and Floyd Patterson will
Jury verdict that Cepeda was
tangle In a heavyweight bout
before Tanzania can compete in the games. Seattle University, U.C.L.A.,
necessary the of Uni- with serious Injuries), to Insult Pretty Miss Sylvia Lanceda Howard was one of the 18 contestants not libeled by an article written on September 14 in Stockholm
:' venally University of Oregon Kansas, and to Injustice. He must accept In the Miss Daytona Beach Beauty Pageant that was one of the big In 1963 by Timothy Conine,then This will be beamed by satelliteto
DEATH OF COACH Washington, his role as a"hired performer" features of the Fourth of Week at Beach. sports editor of Look.
gala July Daytona the United States for home
heart attack and Southwestern Teachers
MONTGOMERY Ala.-(NPI)-An apparent recently
being permitted to help out in a
was with the San Fran
Howard Is
..' Sponsored by Bethune-CookmanCollege pictured Cepeda television. Ellis will be defending -
baseball coach for 42 la Oklahoma and of
cut short the life of G.H. Lockhart, College ,
white man's pursuit and to know
at Club the cisco Giants at the time.
the Beach Kennel the
'.' Daytona on evening beauty his heavyweight title against
at Alabama State College. A 26 graduate of Talladega who such athletes as Elgin Baylor,
and to his
years keep place.
honored at the Track that The appeal challenged the Jury
queens were guests popular Greyhound Patterson twice a world
f ,
also studied at Morebouse and the University of IIkbIALockhart Walt Hatzard, Harold Busby,
: Last year at the University of is Instructions of federal Judge
attracting thousands of Jacksonville racing fans to Its nightly champion,
Is survived by a wife two daughters and two sons. Junior Coffey, Maurice Stokes, SI
A Harris Lew Alclndor Kansas, according to the programs and Wednesday and Saturday matinees. Jai fans can Stanley A. Weigel of San Fran
article, &4amulDcr.laUoosbJpdenloped ) now take time-saving 1-95 direct to the track where racing cisco. It said Weigel had told
Lucius Allen, and Mike Warr a. between a black Line continues through September 28. Martin Gross Photo the Jurors they could not rule Welterweight
San Diego Chargers The pressures are put on in man and a white assistant coach for Cepeda unless they found

many different ways, some la the words of Linebacker Willie the magazine had hatred for Champ Wins Boot ,
direct and some Indirect, according McDaniel: Track And Field Hopes the ballplayer
to Olsen. Seattle Husky ."It started when the player LOURENCO MARQUES Mo-
"The Jury are only laymen, ,
sophomore Fullback Claude made a mistake in practice and the appeal said "and when you iambic Worldwelter-
Start AFL Schedule Roberts says he was fired from the coach kicked him kind of Are Bright For OlympicsThe tell them that,they must find weight boxing champion Curtis
the squad for being seen out with
half .
serlouslyandhaltplayfully Dallas scoreda
hatred and they are unable to Cokes of Tex.,
a white girl University of When this happened again, the final Top Twenty report this season Issued by the U.S. do so, they have no alternativebut third-round technical
i Washington Basketball Star Bob Negro Just laugbed-be's that Track t Field Federation suggests that the U.B will again be to bring In a verdict for knockout over South African
: FOR 1968 IN Sept Flowers says be was reprimanded kind of kid, be takes and takes. strong In Olympic track and field, providing boycott threats donot the defendant Look. Willie Ludlck ins non-title bout.,
for chatting with a So now the kid would be down In pan out and that some sidelined athletes regain their form
white girl while waiting for the a crouch ready to do a forward by October.Partkularly. I
team bur to depart. Percy roll In practice and the coach standard. 66 CADILLAC CAllAS .. .. .. ... .... .. .$3295
Impressive are ,
Fifteen Weeks of Football Harris enrolled In a physical would come up behind him aqd the sprints and hurdles.Char lie Distance and middle-distance

education course (at Southwestern kick him. And then laugh. And Greene and Jim Nines became runners are also eminently capable 61 FORD V3 CAUXIE 500 . .$2195 !
Teachers College) which then all white cats on the team the first dashmen to dip under With new American record THIS CA* HAS ONLY 11.000 MII.IS'Mr. ton VOUKM.U: '

Will End In December of 68 Included social dancing. At the would laugh, too. It got to be 10.01n the 100 meters with 9.9s holders George Young (Z mile 67 FALCON DOOR FUTURA .. ...... .. .S18 5
first class be was told not to the big Joke on the team, and In separate beats at the AAUln and steeplechase) and Gerry ."',.. AUTOMATIC
The,. an Diego Chargers, Sid GUlman coach<< have planned a come back-that he would get this kid w'lgbll30 pounds, and Sacramento Hines andTommle Llndgren (5000)), plus Tracy
pretentious! schedule for the year and look forward to winning not a passing grade. he's getting kicked every time Smith have 20.3s this year Into Smith. Wade Belt Dave Patrick 66 CHEVY SPORT COUPE .. of ,$1335
Stndent-to-student relations UlllmR'WIwbosboWdre- ROM V R AUTOMATIC OWIR lift(INT., AIR, CONOITtONVINVl '
-WI. 220 and are considered the and ROOT. Irs A MONlr. I
A Negro, Walter Hoye Is as- running back, 26, 5-11, 220 are usually somewhat easier on CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 world's best for the furlong. A turn to the cinders lOaD), medal
Blatant director of public relations. pounds, an Arlsonaa. Foster platoon of fleet quart rmll.rs hopes are high. 61 PONTIAC CATAUNA ...... .. .$2995
He served with t h e out because of Injury, bldsw.1ito Top Ten --- make the UJS. seemingly untouchable -

Michigan Chronicle u sports power la leg driving. He In the ca-lap race. Watch 66 OLDSMOBILE 38 .... ...... .. .... ..S2J35
editor and covered activities of was the second leading ground AMERICAN LEAGUE High hurdlers Earl McCul- lUXIMV' MOAN. VINYL. POM. ANn JIUIO, tOAIMO

the Detroit State Uons.; He attended and hu winner for the Chargers 1965 Player and Club G AB R H Pet. louch and Injured Richmond This Clown C6 FORD Y8 ITD .. .... .. ... .. .$2195
,Wayne University Re InSalem
and 1966. was bona Flowers both have world-lesd- 4 011 t4T01'. Tt4'\ CAR I.IU NfW'1 ONLY IeIVn.i'us.'
.......:--. ".. New Jersey. Harrelson, Boston ... 61 241 SI74 ..307Jrastriemskl bit' 13.3s this rear, with Err $2-11-51 Allt CONOIIION, t0AO1O Ji.... "

..k"'" WUU.FIUIH.-U a tight end.. Oakland', Boston. .< .': 60'263: 45 10 .SOI ,Hall Just atenm back.Ron Whit 57 CHEVROLET EAU .. .. :. ..:. .$2NAROTOP
,e Re is 26, weighs 225, and Is 6 Monday, 69 211'27 I' .nl nejrs latest feat was a brilliant 56 49 34 v.. AUm&arC. JUI rnNOrwWa1A, RAon 0-
feet 4 Inches tall He hails from Grew, Minnesota 55 211 24 61.266 '49.3 In the Intermediates IeATIK. POW(1t ,1UIIING. ''''fOIl'WAItAAN'Y..

Arkansas M&N. According to W. Morton. Detroit 74 256 40 n .115 (converted to 49.8 for yards). 65 PLYMOUTH FURY III
F. Howard 7. . :. .
; 77 291 27 U
Gfflmaa, Frailer can be "as Washington .IU Geoff Vanderstock of INC 1s 5 MTO ROW AUTOMAIUPOWK MIlHIMTs fAtlOUT
great as be wants to be." Olin, Minnesota II 206 25 II .ZII only a tenth behind Ron. ,: CONOlYlONiO.

Kenny Graham U la Safety. Uhlacnder California, Minnesota 60 307 28 II .ZIO Jay Silvester's 218'4" world 1 3 66 PONTIAC VENTURA .. ... ... ..... ... ..$J2195ooo
Be is six feet tall. He weighs Fregosl" 79 301 42 la .171 discus record beads American 4- Hfof. lOAoco WITH igui""MiNr. AIR town
195 pounds and majored la field event performances. 2
police science at Washington HOME RUNS-F. Howard, Washington national triple Jump record wu 9 66 CHEVROLET IMPALA V8 ..... ,.. ... .....$1995

State U yera1tJ. Be was hampered recently set by Art Walker 15 11 83 JUST AUTOMATIC.UKI. A NIW RADIO ONt., HtATtR, AIR CONOITIONIO O IVtl
by a shoulder Injury In HOME RUNS F. Howard, Washington 25; W. Horton, (55'l-3/4"X) making hi m the OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM!
1967. Last year h e returned Detroit 21; Harrelson Boston, 17; Freshen, Detroit, 14; fourth man In history over 53 19 15 57
aa Interception for 61 yards for all tied with 13. feet Bob Seagren and Jon IIV Take Dealt Whert Other Kef it"Cicdil

touchdown against Boston. He Vaughn have the top marks in Sometimes He's Sometimes Approved On Spoil
WALTER BOn played baseball and basketball RUNS BATTED IN-F. Howard, Washington 61; Harrea... the vault and are world record He's Down He Addi,Subtracts, \

at Santa Monica High School. Boston 60; Northrup, Detroit, 54; PowelL Baltimore, 50; W. threats every time out Randy .u, works It all around. S. EVANS3rd
been associated with sports and Horton, Detroit, 47. Matson, probably the best bet .
public relations for 11 )'tar.. Stetson U. Has for gold in Mexico, has abed 11-49-31 ,.
Joe Beacham on the playing PITCHING (6 decisions) John, Chicago ('T-0)) 1,000 Me- put this year of 69'101/2". Bob COMING; ATTRACTIONS : &. MAIN
field, U a defenseive back. He Lain-- Detroit ((16-2)) .889; Usher, Detroit (5-1) .833; Wright Beamon's AAU leap of 27'4"Is I
is 6-1 and Iowa Second NegroBasketball California EL4 .15331 OPEN TILL 9:30 P.M. EL'.8112 I
O cones rOIl (6-2)) .750; Tiant, Cleveland (14-5) .,n. only a fraction off the world 9o-231-21 I

Unit NATIONAL LEAGUE Indiana's Jerry
'., Player and Club'G AB R H Pet. MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED
DELANO Ron Beal. one of M. Aloe, Pittsburgh 70 244 23 64 .344 Newsom
Mew Jersey's most outstandinghigh RoM, Cincinnati 81 331 36 109 .329 Signs Up Getting music to sound right in a

school basketball players, Staub,, Houston 82 306 31 97 .317 The
tos become the sixth player to Flood, St. Louis 83 348 U UO .SII Indiana INDIANAPOLIS Pacers of, American Ind. "Man's Days are }Numbered." studio is a matter of getting a

accept abasketball grani-tn-ald Pane. Philadelphia 58 175 22 M .309 Basketball Association announced Health and .Fortune Can Be perfect balance of elements."9f
at Stetson University. Charles, New York 59 193 22 60 .308 the signing of Jerry Yours When You Know Your

The 6-4 forward from Columbia F. Ably Atlanta 82 348 33 107 .307 Newsom, Indiana State's e-' Lucky Days. The same thing I expect, appliesto
High In Maplewood N.J., A. Johnson Cincinnati 79 328 46 100 .305
led his high school team with Mlllan, Atlanta 71 270 22 82 .304 Newsom, scored 2,029 points Lucky Colors, etc. getting a great gin..a perfect

a 19.7 scoring average and a Haller, Los Angeles 77257 12 77 .300 in his three-year collegiatecareer. Send $2.00 for your balance of elements..dryness. flavor

15.6 rebounding nark. He connected He holds major Horoscope: Guide for
every find
JOE BEAUCHAMP oa 49 per cent of his HOME RUNS McCovey San Francisco, 20; H. Aaron, scoring record at Indiana State. the works.That's what I in

..;State. He shifts fo strong safety field goals. Atlanta, 18; Hart, Baa Francisco, 16; R. Allen, Philadelphia, He was a sixth-round draft JULY Gordon's Gin."
Beal becomes the secoad 15 Stargell, Pittsburgh 14.
; ,
...'positions after a season u choice of the Boston Celtics
Negro player to alp with the Fill In the blank below and
is of National Basketball
left He the
starting cornerback. Hoy f.ton. Composer, Pitniit:Musk Olnelor Btnton 4 Sovte. IN:.caw oflft
Hatters. Ernest Killum a 6-4 RUNS BATTED IN McCovey, Baa Francisco, 53. Peres. mall to ZODIAC Post Office .
; ,
.aa excellent tackier. He led the .Association.; ntlnn't lw tt *jvtrtinnt j *ncw<; minn t Kotciuiito Foundann
Chargers to Interceptions guard from Coaboma lun10rcou.ee Cincinnati, 52; H., Aaron, Atlanta, 49; Santo, Chicago, 47; An A11-American selection, Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fla. tint Chopin Award, Inttrnttiontltcitiliui ncomint fttitt tar Mc RRcods.J ....-.

,.' J. He majored in English at ( laClarksdale, M.s.., Staub, Houston 46. Newsom was also tabbed u
Iowa State won letters inbase- Inked a Stetson pact earner the "most valuable player" of NAME r
PITCHING (6 decisions) Abernathy, Cincinnati (6-1)) .657; STREET --------- A ;
ball, track and wrestling. HisathfatherroofHi the Indiana Collegiate conference w
is married and American League Kin, Pittsburgh ($-1) .833 Marichal,, San Francisco (15-4 DATE OF BIRTH -
daughter. He .789; Regan, Chicago (6-2) .750; Blass, Pittsburgh (6-2)) .750. r

was born in Chicago in 1944. Honors Jesse Owens : .

A cornerback Is Leslie Duncan BOSTON-Jesse Owens,winner Urban League's Summer YOI DON'T IAYE TO 60 TO TOWN TO GET

,, : Z6, $-10 of Jackson State of four gold medals track r :

..College. He Las the name of at the 19)6 Olympics, has been Swim Program Is Ready
"Speed. Be set the AFL n-
*.: added to the American League's LOW PRICES ., vI
cord with a punt return of 100 public reJa11oDlstatt league C. Ronald :ae (IIIlon of Mr. and Mrs.Clarence A. Belton, Jr.,
yards. Be ranked No. 3 in punt &IIDOIIDC CI. has been appointed u the Project Director of the Summer Swim

returns with 464 yards. He was League President Joseph E. Program by Clanxel T. Brown,executive director tithe Jacksonville -
a star of the All-Star AFL Cronin said Owens will do public Urban League..and administrator of the program. DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
.. game of 1964 with a record relations and promotion work.
''kick of 90 yards and two interceptions. Button Is a Junior at Hampton Hendricks Avenue Pool will be L
MJ.sse is a man of wide experience l
Institute. He hu served as a staffed with City Recreation
in many fields and be volunteer worker with the Jacksonville Department Employes until the with Your Neighborhood Drug StoreWE
Another is Gene Foster a
win be of great value to us, WILL
Urban Leagueandasan Summer Swim workers have MEET ANY PRICES ADV., IN YOUR LOCAL
Philly Infielder Cronin said. administrative assistant in completed the course. PAPERS>> We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.
The 85-year-old Owens BOW
Operation Green Power. He is As was the cue 'last year, IJ1.ir'
operate own public
a 1966 graduate of New Stanton free transportation will be provided
Owes Back Taxes relations firm la Chicago. The-
Senior High School, ranking in for the swimming classes,
said be will continue to
WASHINGTON-Richie Allen, reside league there. the top twenty per cent of his with the children being picked Dixie Pharmacy

-the Phillies' controversial class. up at pre-set bus stops, transported -
tSflelder lost an $8,500 decision Coach Quits According to Button, classes to the pool, and !
Tuesday in the VS. tax court will be started at the Hendricks transported back to the bus 1302 KIKES, ROAD AT MYRTLE alro
tinrhich ruled he owed that much Howard StaffWASHINGTON Avenue Pool, but will not be .atop,. Transportation will not

-.in back Income taxes.t -Sydney Hall, started at the Jefferson Street be provided for the free swim Phil i
Allen appealed msuccessfull a leader of a coaches'rebellion Pool until Friday 11 ZZ, because at the Jefferson Street Pool 353-5597 Gordon R Girt u nd al T rhF1i
-.&4 Internal Revenue Service against the administration of "at this time, trained until July 22. London,England N VU. ? .
Ruling which, said be could Bat athletics at Howard University personnel are not available. Strict safety precautions will PAY YOU LIGHT WATER AND tt'e the OAmi"i wait.PilesCT .
nd lh
-deduct: portions of his 170,000 test spring, has resigned to The Summer Swim workers be used throughout the program
Loans which the Phillies paid become chairman of the division complete a training course at and aQ rules and regulations
to his mother between 1961 of physical education at the the Naval Air .Station, which pertaining to water safety will TELEPHONE BILLS AT Oil STOlE 5IILL 1M rn nnm KunaLMnw. emartlllaa.t1.iao.ii.

and 1963. new Federal City College here. Is of a ten-day duration. The be observed at all times.


t'1:' t fI"1h

_" .t\.. .', 'I .,: ; J...... '_ ..":": 'E4a" ...... .I'." ." .., '._. ':o\\,";'_ 1t, !'. .' .'" _l'ffl..-.010.. .!' .;;". -,.. ". -.-:', ._. ," J UK" 'd ,u M:i_, ''>,\. J./j..i' .j. .

'0 .. \ v\ V\\\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ S\\ \ \ It t S S '. \ t \ S', ". S'V ', ., '. .. '. ".l ", t \ S'.t S ". ". t S ", t \ \ \V\ ills ". \\S\ '. '. '. t ". ".t tt t ', t SS tl t \ ..



I I -- Solons Say Green Power 'Your GoodHealth Most. Oetstudiag'a Entertainment Hues and Cries


we orgnalze ourselves until
we get oft the campus and Into :
(the streets; out of our middle 'Cool It

class, middle brow lives Into the SUMMER CAMP DISTAFF SIDE

'lives of the masses of t h e The "hot" summer will be NASSAU, Bahamas (NPI) A change has come over the

people for whome we claim to "cool" in Jacksonville Why? MOSQUITOES staff at Radio Station ZNS within the past weeks, with the coming
speak. Because a small handful of local d two female announcers-4he first the station has ever had. ;

teenagers have taken it upon If mosquitoes are attracted to $' Picked from 77 possibles were Miss Nadeen Campbell, a ;
ROOM FOR RENT themselves to mate It so. These' you, you belong to an overwhelming -: 4' former secretary at a garage; and Mrs. Cynthia William, a

Furn tens make up the staff, majority o f the oatUme.Xra. technician at Princess Margaret Hospital.
apt. HAG Water.Electricity
of Operation GREEN POWER. human race. Researchers at
turn 384-7354. During last year's "hot" summer the University of California SOLOISTS

GREEN POWER proved Its have been making an extensive NEW YORK (NPI) -When the Symphony of the New World:
ROOM FOR RENT worth by keeping the summer study to determine what factors gives Its three concerts at Philharmonic Han in the tall,

Perfer a couple "cool" In Jac kaonville. This distinguish you from the small appearing on the first of the series, will be John Lewi and
man. Call 354-7510.or single 11'0- year, however, there Is a posy group that the mosquitoes unfailingly ; t Modern Jazz Quartet. Principal guest conductor of the concerts,
t slbWt that Jacksonville's worst' Ignore. to be held October 6, November 16, and February 2, will be

SHOE SHINE STAND fears may yet become a reality. The first.surprising fact that S 1f it. James DePriest. <
I Thus far, the response tq they uncovered was that the t r
Complete bead cleaning and by mosquitoes, far from Ignoring
blocking equipment. Pressing and Industry has not even begunto these people, sting them early WASHINGTON (NPQ) In line with a $250 000 Ford

f machine, safe and 2 sewing approach the level that was and often, but the victims Foundation-grant expansion' program, the Arena Stage has
attained last i# ; announced that it will add number' of actors-neit'
machines, 5 fi. Industrial fan. year. neither feel the sting nor have a Negro '
Can be seen at 537 West Bar St. Frustration at Hot being able])i, any urge to scratch it. season to the company. Initially, the theatre company hopes to
to find some means of gainful Another conclusion reachedby" k 'I' employ permanently about 10 Negro actors FrankSilvera,noted

employment has proven to be a the observers was that mosquitoes Negro actor-director, will be joining the company for the first
RAPIDTV major cause of the recent riots are attracted by your 'I'r half of next season to play the lead in "King Lear."

that have swept our country's body beat, dull non-reflecting

SERVICETV cities. GREEN POWER kept surfaces, and by mositure. Thus 'ASSASSINATED? ,
acksonvllle's summer "cool" presplratlon increases your SAN FRANCISCO (NPI) A report that Otis Redding,

last year, and, with the help of chance of being bitten. Internationally famous rhythm and blues linger, may have been
Service calls $3.00 The Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Somlty at Florida AIM University presented
Financing Available local business and Industry, it In one experiment, water was Its annual Enrichment Hour-Black'' Symphony In Poetry and Song Mona Better assassinated for daring to attempt to organize an Independent,
can do It again-if ,It has a skin of all-black corporation bas been aired by poet-writer AsUa
sprayed on the a person
Phone: 353-8834 left), a Junior biology major from Miami, and latrlcla Rosier, a graduate guidance major
chance. who was not sweating and the Muhammad Toure Roland SneUlngs), In an article, "The Crisis
from Perry, presented a trophy and a plaque to Soror JoAnn Mitchell (center), foreign
Operation GREEN POWER Is in Black Culture which In the issue
of the
mosquitoes which had previous Yulee appears spring
language major from who was voted the. most outstanding soror and most outstanding
MOTEL. and with local Journal of Black Toure that Don Warden local
asking pleading Poetry.
ly shown no Interest flocked on senior soror by the other members of the chapter.. say a
COMMERCIAL' businessmen to let us know off, to the moistened skin. Persons radio-television personality, believes that the Mafia is responsible

12 rooms, Private bath -M.85 any Jobs they have open that with various skin diseases that for Redding1 death In a private plane crash early

18 rooms, Semiprivate33.88 cu be filled by a teenager, are associated with abnormallydry REliGION AND RACEBy World Of Books; this year.
DAYTIME$3,19 or will create jobs for these skin are rarely bitten by .

Weekly Rate ( plus tax,); underprivileged teens. mosquitoes. NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALNEW By JOSEPH L. TURNER FREEBIES'NEW
Our summer can be "hot", In another study, It was shown LAW IN A CHANGING AMERICA YORK (NPQ) Recently United Artists Corporation

EDGEWOODMOIORCOURT or our summer can be "cool". that when a mosquito stings you VICAR Edited by GEOFF,EY' bunched a program of special screening of movies for

INTEGRATED The choice Is up to the businessmen it Injects into your skin an Irritating C. HA7ARD, Ji., Published teenage group from Harlem, Bedford-Stnyvesant Brownsville,
59U U.s. 1 Cor. Edgewood Ave. by SPECTRUM BOOK SERIES, .East Harlem and other
The series
and citizens of our "Bold chemical that dilates NEW YORK-(NPIMlarlem Catholics found themselves elevated "underprivileged" areas.
Phone:7640003Always Open New City of the South." Contact your capillaries. It js this to a new status last week, when they received their first TRENTICE-flALL, New Jersey began -with the screening of "The Thomas Crown Affair" for

the Urban Leap Kenneth L. chemical, not the skin puncture Negro pastor, and also their first vicar (Archbishop's delegate) 209 pp, $25 paperback. member of the Tony Major Teen Theatre, named for Tony*
Johnson Is Project Director for Hundreds of black people were Major coordinator for Radio Station WWRL
FOR MENAND WOMENOF that causes pain and Itch- at one and the same time The new appointee 1* tot Rev HaroldA. community
the GREEN POWER project. arrested la various cities for
Ing.But Salmon, 38-year-old pastor, St. Charles Borromt's. who was
rioting and looting after Dr.
All AGES let's look the.
now, on Terence J. Cooke a Vicariate
also designated by Archbishop *
Take NewWPROVEDNATURE' Negro Athletes bright side, It you do not disturb Delegate for Harlem Martin Luther King, Jr., was
assassinated.The .
the that Is
TABLETS for that tired run mosquito destruction and loss of Mrs. Annie Roberts' Black Power
down feeling that keeps you from Suffer From stinging you, it will get I Its YOUTH SERVICE
fill of your blood then withdraw property the ridingcausedcannot -

enjoying lite. Big School Bias the Irritant chemical to use on PWLADELPH1A.-NPI-Yo volunteer of the American be excused by the grief at Means Death ,.
100 Tablets $3.00; ZOO Tablet
Dr. King death. Many other Funeral Rites
the next I
victim. As a result Sej
Friends Service committee out all the this
$5.00. $1.00 deposit on COD'S.EMPIRE art fanning over globe
but dOD'tdestrOJ
felt too
sorrtw they
CONTINUED FROM PAGE It this bite wOlltcb.PeriODS .
PRODUCTS SALES summer to tackle the commond problems of poverty and lack of loot
Dept. FS, S937 N. Broadway he gets Into a crouch.....'" who are made miserable communication. The various teams, Interracial and draw businesses.property or 01 Capitalism

Chicago, Illinois 60626CIRCULATION Buy Hill, the Negro who Integrated every summer because of from different economic backgrounds, will be stationed la 19 If any kind explanation can Mrs. Annie Kemp Robert a
resident of Jackson-
the U.S. Naval Academy mosquito bites can protect states In the United Slates, u well a* In Korea, Japan, Austria, long-time
themselves by using an Insect be offered In defense of what totpeople vlllt will be fonerallzed NEWAhK N. J. -(NPI)-
and the University of Tunisia, Guatemala, Mexico, Israel I, and many parts of Africa. two nave "Black Power mean tearing
repellent. The oil of citronella, did might some Saturday In the New Bethel'
Maryland football teams, suffered "
Man to work part-time. Able widely wed In the past, Is not BIAS ACCUSATION 'significance. AME Church at S.30 p.m. with capitalism, according to
not only from the jeers'of SNCC
First the people were sayingla new chairman, Philip
effective. the Rev. Ellsha Jones
.to work all Driver'sLicense. very pastor
day Friday.
the crowds but cries of "Get. ,
their sick Hutching who called for a
own they were
Newer way of the church Mrs.
usually contain officiating.
Good references. up nigger I"from the other.players : GREENCASTLE, InL-tfPQ-Aa accusation that "less thai and tired of the confinement and national black political party
REPORTER u welL He says be receivedthe dletoyltoluamlde.They also three per cent or the I million people wining to chart the anguish limitations Imposed upon them Robert died suddenly Mondayafternoon Ming the black panther symbol..
cruelest treatment from repel ticks, fleas and other (of the cities) and be a part of the lift of New York City art by society. la her home at 1J28 "We can't take over Newark
students at Virginia sucking pests when ap- white Anglo-Saxon Protestants," was made last week by Dr. Tyler Street.
Trainee. Must be good In to They were sick and tired of until wt take over the whole
plied the skin and to the Mr*. Robert was born In
Dick Harp, retired basketball George W. Webbor expert o a urban church and staff member.
merchants and landlords taking country, and that means breakIng -
English. Even and bad lived
AppljtFLORIDA clothing a must Syhraala
mosquito Georgia
coach at the University of Kansas draw Metropolitan Urban Service Training, New York. He said,. advantage of them. capitalism"be told a United
the line somewhere.Visits In Florida for the
past forty-
was a rare txceptloo ont "W* have built our oxholes In subm'bin and escaped but wt have They were sick and tired of Iou She lived la Brother convention. U there i*'
STAR whose struggles with the problems paid a heavy price for our misunderstanding. The cities have the city government turning a year* a black takeover anywhere the
contrast sharply wWl the become Increasingly the place for the rich, poor and queer" Jacksonville thepastth1rtDt it will
13TH I MONCRIEFNO sear tar to their needs year*. She graduated from. country, have to be In
attitudes of coaches
general Secondly, they felt the law Bennett College In Greensboro. Newark, Hvtchlng said Tbt
(who are often sincere, well RACISM ENCLYCLCALM, of the cities did not serve them North Carolina In 1901 and city Is about halt black.
and would be horrified
PHONE CALLS PLEASE. meaning, .'In the came It served
to recognise themselves as they -J VATICAN CTTY- (NPi-Pope Paul VI bat beta beselged with way taught school for several year
told Olsen mall from the world to Issue condemning before retiring to help rear a
really are. Harp : throughout encyclical The second factor
Haircuts .75( "the concept of sports as an racism The mall has beta particularly heavy sine the the treatment these was provedby people family of, seven children, one MOTEL FOR SALE
of which preceded her In death.
Integrating forces a myth In assassination of Dr. Martin Luther Kin*, Jr. .received In the jails and In the
Her church membership was
the first place a legend nurtured Buyers opportunity .
I The 1 Jacksonville by those wboshould know bet. .courts. They were jailed without at New Bethel AME Church 1-ualt motel, I Bdr. home;
records of their
accurate where she served a* a member C '
ter." HONOR acre 500 ft. on u.s. I;
Identities being recorded. of the Stewardess Board and Ph. 765-1414
Many were refused the right to other church organlntlana.Sbtwa
Barber CollegeInc. AMSTERDAM-(NPT)-A new Baptist church will be formally post bond. Lawyers were denied '
Edward Waters given a plaque as one of ROOM.. FOR RENT
SPEC. JAMES ARNOLD dedicated this Netherlands city sometime during this summer tilt right to visit their client. tat lurcla' olt.tudlDI
Special James Arnold Is visiting which will be a monument to the late Dr, Martin Luther King, Mother looking for their
mothers few
Gets Allocation Jr., who was assassinated last April /. The church will be year ago. 111 W. 6 St. Apt Fern or Un-
630 Davis Street Ills family and friends In children at the Jails, were kept Survivor Include a brother,
urn, 1 bedroom $15.00 and
named the Dr. Martin Luther
Jacksonville. He his been In King ChapeL waiting several day without
Willie J. Kemp of Mt. Vernon, H7.50 week. Phone 317-ltOl.
' The VS Office of Education Vietnam for two years. After word of their whereabout N.Y. a daughter, Mr*. Rosa
'I 355-9874 will lend $161,000 to Edward' returning to the States be will BIG ONE Large group were "tried at V. Henderson of this city;sons, ROOM fOR

'I Waters College here reside in San Francisco. He once, simply by having them ,Bocwell A, Roberts, Sr. of Miami RENT
The loan to be made under' Is a 1961 graduate of New NEW YORK-(NPI>_Fourteen religious bodies combined last stand before a judge while Fla.; Howard D. Roberts, 309 Laftyettt S room duplex

I Lean the Higher Education FacilitiesAct Stanton High School'Strengthen week to launch toe nation's largest Interfaith fair employment charge were read aloud and Sr. of Chicago. 11L; Leonard J. $6500 mo. Phone 359-1301.()
BirberiBt program under the Project Equality of the National
will be for construction.of program then mass sentencing given In Robert, Jr., Rodell F.Robert
a new science and mathf hello Catholic Conference For Interracial Justice The group, known Chicago principally, a group of and James R. Robert of this NOW ON SALE
, droll Now tics building according to an CONfUED rr-OM PAGE I u Metropolitan New York Project Equality, Inc., committed black lawyers attempted to protest city. Daughters-lB-law Mrs.
announcement by the office the ghetto. it* multi-million dollar purchasing power to equal opporunlty the treatment, but was denied Lola Robert of Miami; Mr*. Dr. King Picture Now On Sale

of U.s. Senators GeorgeSmath- "Our Association Is unique," in all aspect of employment bearing. Margie P. Robert of Chicago, Limited stock of 8X10 DOW

WHY BUY ers and Spessard Holland U.S. be told the delegates "It has Perhaps the reason such treatJ DL; Mrs Cleo Roberts and on hand 11.98 with frame.
Representative Charles E.Bennett -, battled continously against' ment can take place Is because Mr*. Mary F. Roberta of this
ELSE'S racial proscription not In this I the people dont know or don't city. Seventeen grandchildren

season or that season,not in this World News Digest care that such thing art hap la Miami, and two In Chicago. NOW 2 'I
HOUSE FOR THEM? city or that town,not against this J- pening. They feel that u long Abraa T.Henderson Lamont

NOW BUY YOUR OWN NAACP Freedom or that target, but in all seasons By.NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL i u It's not happening to them, K. Roberts, grandchildren of
in all cities, In all seg. why be concerned! this cit).Ten great-grandchild- ((WATERFRONT HOM1S'wAL -

IN THE EXCLUSIVE meets of our national lire and Everyone should be concern rea In Miami and one In this
Fund Driver against all opponents, small CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 ed. Any breakdown In law and city. Niece; Miss Aletla Kemp TO 'ILLClRPnl.G

BEAUTIFUL Nets medium and Urge. He noted District on the Conservative ticket. In 1965, Alexander failed by order on the legal processes of this city Mrs.Inez W. Lanier

93.571 that "sinceour 19SS annual convention 2,000 vote. :This time, Ills winning margin was 268 vote. which guarantee and protect our' and Mrs. Oulda K. Oliver of
here in Atlantic City, rights and freedoms Is a gradual New York City; Mr*. Annie K.
CARVER PINES! ATLANTIC CITY -Seven our total membership has Increased UNITY FETE breakdown of the society a* Johnson and Mrs. Minnie ,K.

NAACP regional representa. by 40 percent. In that a whole. Brooks of Philadelphia, Pa.; I
,lives reported e.' total of time our youth membership LUWCANPl}-Zambia'* 1968 Halides Arts festival which What happened a* the aftermath Mr*. Ella K. Mays of Los "
$13,000 193,571.13 In Freedom Fund trebled to nearly 60,000, the formally opens October 19, will have Its toeme"National Unity," of the rioting 1* just one Angeles, Calif and Mr*. ClaraR. $85.00 MONTH
contributions for 1968 at the largest youth group of any civil to unite all section of the country to promote the art*. Instead example of the breakdown or Stitch of Charlotte. N.C.

TO Association's 59th annual contention rights organization...TODIght of centering activities In the capital, this year' festival will be of changes and new demandsthat) Nephew;: Alvin J. Kemp of thin, FHA'VAVULCAN
here June 24 through there must be special mention on a regional basis, with each region coordinating its activities 'demand a reevaluatlno of what city George W. Kemp of New
$18,000FHA the 29. The Freedom Fund consists of the record breaking fact that with other regions and the national festival observance law In a changing nation is supposed York*City Peter Oliver of New

of money raised for the this year the Oklahoma City to really be. York City; Henry Johnson Philadelphia -
NAACPc general operations Youth Council whose adviser OUT TO GET HIM Huard has compiled com 13 Pa;Alvin Roberts,

VAVULCAN other than that received from Is Mrs. Clara Luper, has enrolled articles on subjects ranging .Charlotte, N.C. and Dr. Horace ,
memberships. 10,000 members!" CAIRO -(NPI!)- President Carnal Abdel Nasser of the United from the effect of social K. May of Lo Angeles, CaUl' '

INC. The regional totals ranged Bishop Spottswood cited the Arab Republic Is reportedly running a virtual guantltt of assassinations. sciences on law and law making, Other.relative* and close INC.
from $Z8, SlU9 from seven success of the NAACP In open Twice within two months, attempt to assassinate to the pros and cons of"special friends all over the state and,
TEL. 768-3419 Southeastern states to$%,591.41from ': ing"up and'tiaprovlapopportunities him and take over the country have been thwarted. The last ization" in the legal profession,, nation. 768-3479
10 Middle West and Plains In.educaUO't! em- plot was uncovered In June, netting the arrest 35 persons, including to the emotion-packed Issue of Carter's Funeral Home is in

states.BRAND. .. ployment, business, housing, army and police officers and civilians. Individual right and social responsibility. charge of arrangement

,and In expanding Negro vote, '
APARTHEID FOE DIES The authors of these individual
an effort in which the Association I
Invested more than pieces, all noted authorities,
NEW 4160,000 In 1967resultlnglnthe SPRING VALLEY, NY- (NPI -A bitter opponent before the advance far-reaching suggestions

RICK HOMES registration of nearly 1,000,000 United National of apartheid and Its practitioner, LouIsl\\ kOto- for reform. They provide BUY a HOME IIli6U-t- ,

Negro voters in the South alone malala, Malagaslan Ambassador, to the. U.S., and permanent guidelines to meet the demands ,
and the election of more Negro representative to the UN, died last week in I,amapo General facing the legal profession and MAKE THE MOVE :
officeholders In that region than hospital, apparently of a blood clot In a lung Born September identify its growing repsonslbiOltles .

in any time since the Reconstruction 11, 1901 in Tananarive, Madagascar, he formerly managed export towards the society It i* SOLD TO FINER LIVING

era. concerns, was director of the Basque de Madaptor, sworn to protect. ,
I It He called the roll of civil rights honorable manager of the Commerlcal and Industrial bank, Huard point out tht legal ALL NICK!

martyrs paying special tribute and member of toe Malagasy academy, before entering government profession must rt-dlrect Its

t /o the Rev Dr. Martin Zuther I' &ernce.STILL energies to meet society' new NO 011 05PtitY HEliUM

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3 t 4 bedroom plan with 1,1 %, Prize winner gifted oratorio,. UNDER WRAPS reading the book, we wert X441 Varp lslon, .

1 I L 2 bath and garage. nonviolence, peace'and human, surprised at suggestions advanced asst DIVISION OFFICE at
Modem schools, churches and a co...- rights" ALGIERSNPI)>-Despite all effortstogethim our of Algiers and felt optimistic On & 20th ST. EXP.
I't i I. plet. shopping center dOle by He pledged "to follow upon where he 1* being held in confinement, Moist Tshombe, former the other hand, wt reacted In a ONE : 354-6746

our endorsement of the recommendations Katanga and Congo-Kinshasa premier, still languishes In prison. practical fashion,wondered:
H LINCOLN ESTATES in the report of Already under a death sentence la absentia In the Congo the "CU the United States remain RAND PARK

: the NAACP and to take the lead 50-year-old self-exiled Congolese has beta la jail la Algiers jtdefinUely in a 19th century
7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE; 765-1685 in pushing for their Implementation since last June 30. Hi* future 1* expected to be debated before mold, when all around is chang
I ." DAD summit meeting In Algiers this September. ing?"

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