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50239 F20090414_AAANLH 00326.txt 56d72dd82cd5a0d4765bdd532805882331a2c2ea975e8db895424c7d60457092b829f8d6
31039 F20090414_AAANLI 00326thm.jpg 8b4aed17288d8964d96b3147b8e0bdd6b0ac2d8b2d603e024510a9d60307262f671f5eb8
875196 F20090414_AAANLJ 00327.jp2 6f9efa29c1438fe57479efc3841cb5fd7ab42485f0d64d17b5f2f0c5b8043a18ad29eca4
1056061 F20090414_AAANLK 00327.jpg e4df4deff60ba899732843ab71564bfd5ad44e19071c7d1be2c62132d5774d81492caef3

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200771datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 29, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007710740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 29, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 29, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.' ,' ... ,. or ", .. .. .. I .. I I I .. ., .. 1,1i -
,. . .

.. )


Dr., J George GqteJ FAMU PresiitResigns! After 18' Years r As Leaderfwin .

i -*&* a :*..----! .' Aj.. j|. _.T.w_ MM*** --.....*rft T..- T*** ..yww..*. ,v -w ...-* ..
fro *,* rS


** *.

iMfemLOredjt] Union Segregates];



J III. 18 NO. 12 SATURDAY IBIT 1. 20 Cents

Dr. Gore Urban League Receives [50,000 *t:t ,. .. *. :::;1h FlorI4 4 + &*_

Led Institution Yb a4LIIY.. fN1A.'a'cp Youth Balk: o.r..,." .. o.. :. J
... .
... _"; 'M_"____ ""'___ _.._L. '... F'-s '
T" Top Ranks *

.JNASSEE-Dr.George ;:' N

for IS years President S GJEO PUuPrj
u Florida AIM College at Tallahassee -, t-i.. '. WANTS l
was In Pensacob ;
Monday where,during the meet. N
log of the Board of Regents, he y,1
turned labia resignation as head
of the Institution.The .
resignation was accepted ON NEW COMMITTEE

by the Board Dr.Gore request.
ed that the resignation take effect

in September of 1961. .
The eminent educator came to * ** *

the campus of Florida AIM $5,000,000 Will
from Tennessee State Industrial Young People Miami Center Will

and Agricultural College.There
Be Held
be was dean and director of the Demand More Until

graduate dIIsIOlLFlorida Present Results Of

AJ.II, hOWD more Power As Unit Setup Is Right
familiarly: u FAMU, has grown
from 1,600 students to more ATLANTIC CITY The Of GJEO. with headquarter at 427
than 4000. Dr. Gore has been NAACP, through Us Executive Survey SchoolsThe Ocean Street, Tuesday was still

Instrumental in establishing a Secretary Roy Wllklns, advised trying to revamp its committee
College 'of Law, a College of potential young militants Duval County Board of Education will, within the next few In order to get the correct
Pharmacy and a Vocational attending the National Convention days, be obliged to make public Us philosophy on education u representation from the poor
here to "Cool It" last to whether segregation might be maintained under another guise that Its needs for securing funds

Whitney If. Young Jr., Executive Director of the national' Urban League receives a week. whether all-out integration must be sought or whether the boarwill for continued operation.
$50,000 Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) contribution from Nile M. Brisco a Vice On June 29 those advised"Cool hare to be forced Into complete compliance with directivesand Tuesday, $5,000,000 or more
President and director of the world's largest oil company. On Young's right is JamesE. tt" by walking out. rules by still other orders from the court. remained at stake in the
Queen, Community Relations Coordinator for Humble Oil Refining Company, principal The Youth delegates,from colleges The Florida School Desegregation Office of Economic Opportunity.
.'r= United States affiliate of Jersey Standard. Standard Oil of New Jersey has helped the and universities, from Consulting Center, with of theteH reachdecision." GJEO must complete the re*
League for more than two decades. Brisco Is active In the New York Urban Coalition many walks of life,had requested offices at the University of He said that the DuVal board organisation of Us staff before
I, t. put of a nationwide effort to mobilise broad private and public support for anti-poverty permission to form a mori Miami has almost completedwhat requested the survey.* July 15 in order to receive
autonomous and active unit is expected to be a these funds.
iI' ... programs in the cities.Vice The Duval County board Is not
: .They,walked out after the doe report, a report that Meeting have resulted In con
obliged to follow
/ the
of the last clafelbvslDtu.II05t, Is not a court order, but oat upon suggestions. fusion. Monday night fewer thaa
White The is definitely
Group of the 600 youngmenandwomeq which through Its suggestions, report 60 of the city's poor came* to
President advlsorf.lIor. than 25
|a attendance left the gathering might be effective In bringing per. the meeting. However, sine
sons have served u consul-
r : Contends It of Bore that 2,000 delegates. educators: Into a more coo )prat tants. Experts and authoritieshave little was accomplished the
After two hours, they had not!t; Uve ban of mind. GJEO Staff and Us directors
Says We Should decided u to whether to return.MtTttjt'move.wke' The board was stymied last been interviewed. .d'e"ctdedtoastforbelplnsettlog t
f' Follows l11w.lAW" -...... .I*...-GI the: .Aagust when United State District loud Judge from McCrar-straioed the additions and the.'-V. election'Lf spite of
"week of turbulence" mentioned Judge William A, lie C,.. attempted plans for elections
'DR. GEORGE CORK which the board wanted to ,
.. : The City by the Secretary.If ordered a.lt.q of desegregation no concrete pattern was discovered
"" Technical Institute. Just a few "Win Wars Here"WASHINGTON Is reported lobe practicing discrimination the move had succeeded at the request of the local: make at the Gilbert HlghScbool ., Only four districtswere
la the public works and said, then, be would make
days ago tlltJChooI'. first doc:* young people making up about board. The school board was represented. Arguments
tore of law received their degrees. division's credit union setup. eight per cent of the membership directed to request the study further suggestions following and debates featured the meet-
: Vke-President Hubert Humphrey, in a recent There are two unions for employees. his reading of the report. .
would have been able to of a suit by parentsand ing. Dr. W. W. Schell, Jr
letter to Dr. Ralph David Abernathy Dr. Martin Luther King's There are seventeen Centers
One Is for white and
Over the years new buildings conduct their own affairs u to lawyers opposing the con acting chairman of the GJEO
have been added, the faculty successor over SCLC, has said that "every American must is saldtobeallwhiteTbothers public relations operations stractlon of an anneal for the throughout the nation. They are board, assured those presentthat
strengthened, the curriculum be provided! enough to eat." for Negroes. Each makes .solicitations. hey would be Matthew Gilbert Junior-Senior .funded by the Department of a way out would be found.
advanced. Dormitories have Dr. Abernathy had requested Mr. Humphrey point-of-vtew loans to public employees, one able to delegate responsibilities High School her*.They contended Health,.Education and Welfare. ,GJEO has suffered la the-
an the Poor People's Campaign. to white workers, the other to that such weeks because of
been built.An develop leadership training a building would recent first
outstanding accomplishment Humphrey spared no words in the Vice President said, before Negroes, only. program and research tend to further perpetuate segregation. .' Miami Negro allegations from outsiders.. ,then
has been the establishment explaining his attitude u to the National Press Club, that City Commissioner Athalle projects la black social They felt that the from requests foreorll; late son
of a demonstration high school, suffering and made allusions to .'It', about time we won a war Range said earlier this week dynamics. 40 year-old school's addition History Unit thorough Investigations from ,
somewhat like the one at the his own early childhood The on our own shores." that she will request a checkup Even though the young people would not eliminate segrega officials from the Atlanta, \
Vice President said supports on the allegations by the city tion. GJEO and Us
University of Florida. The enrolment assured the parent organisation Is offices. program
there Is now about 500. "prompt administrative and St. Petersburg attorney. Commissioner Range they had no intention of According to Dr.MlchaelStol- Gunsprayed have come under strong critic
legislative action" for the felt that a full saris Investl lee director Ism because U was felt that
A $500,000 gymnasium will be rebelling, the older people said Center the MIAMI The offices of a bus
establishing of food stamps and gallon might be of the "freedom there not sufficient depth
ready for fall. Garbage Dispute necessary. "Nor According to Alfred Williams barring of firm which specialises In was
Dr. Gore was the first Negro for getting under way commodity According: to information re* from South Bend "We choice" technique by the United loess on Negro history in Us operations.A .
u encyclopedia
from the South to be chosen asa distribution programs in abed, the Miami Colored EmO are trying to give ourselves a States Supreme Court except In was sprayed with bullets few days aflj employees were
delegate to the NEA, and was every county where severe problems Still ,UnsolvedST. calved, the Miami Colored voice-tt impossible to wort the face of actual elimination of last week. The concern is known raced with payless paydays.
a Vice President in 1952 and of hunger exist." Employees Credit Union was within the framework' of this segregation delayed the presenting 'Boot Pub- However, employees were not
The leader favors school PETERSBURG -.The founded in 1952, when Negro of the u International denied their salaries. The
1953. Dr. Gores salary in the organisation. When the older report. The report Ushers Louis Leeds president.This .
beginning was $7,000. It is now, lunches on a year-round basis battle of St. Petersburg started workers were not accepted u members voted no, the youngpeople considered to be ex* publishes the meetings have been tempestuous
effective u of July 1, $*5.500.- and feels that the welfare system again Monday morafeg. News members of the still all-white spoke out again. haustlve, covers some 200 Negro HerltareUbru"company resulting in resignations -
The eminent educator is a graduate must be reviewed. was broadcast by'ral"o, that union. The Miami Colored Sft.ralfOWlC delegates added pages. Dr. Stoles says lt.wW Leeds felt that somebody denials replacementsandvinous
Rev. AJ>. brother of the opposed
of DePaow University.He "As PresldentIwoeldsuq port King Credit Union, It has ben re* to the color scheme by wearing suggest the development of a to the publication might other repercussions.
holds a master's from Harviud various ways for this participation slain martyr, would be back to veiled, pays 1.9 per cent less African garb. Wilkins said they plan which not disrupt the school have felt the to warn theN GJEO has tried to escape its
and a doctorate from Columbia. to be achieved'," said stand with the sanitation workers Interest on savings accounts would be back In the r nrpni. but which, at the same time., llbUsher.. urge earlier dilemma but, u news
.According to a state Journal Dr. llal hrh. Re spateofempby and to "go to Jail, if neces* than the white union Indicates, has found It almost

Gore. 66, has reached the age ofretirement. Bent for poor persons U consultants try, to see that Justice is done. Mrs, Range said. "If these are Plantation Owner Must than 10 one bullets was were Injured.fired.More Ac* mandatory that It seek the help -A.
St. known the
Petersburg, : u
Federal employeesand the facts, I'll move la to solve! tt needs for complete programming
as advisors of various retirement city has been the problem Immediately." tonttng to the night porter.I11lse1l1ell1l1aJt of Us work.
Dr. Gorewas once President of Repay Negroes $50,000
the ,American: Teachers Association sorts. plagued with boycott threats, At the same time the facts \ the shooting Constantly through the complaints ., i f
at about 10 Accord-,
President "of the "Food is essential for life," prayer meetings vocal blasts seem to be true. According to CLARKDALE Miss.- Plantation owner Joseph Roy Flowers, began p m. has run the thread of
Associaton of Colleges and said the Vice President, "but and attempts at reprisals by Mrs. Marie Loflus, manager of a BlUlon-dollor-a-year Mississippi Delta farmer, was ordered lag to Leeds, police protect. discontent with the role the
Secondary Schools and President life Is more than survival. We both black and white. The problem the all-white organisation. Negroes this week by a Federal Judge William C. Keady to pay, Intact ion for a meeting refused of and the he stockholders poor should play in Us operate I

of the Association: of Honor know that man only becomes which centers about 211 are asked to go to the wages $50,000 to 200 Negro employees, and \upheld the was was ON PAGE'!!
told to hire CONTINUED
College Honor Societies.He is a whole when he has the opport fired II.D1taUoD workers, requests M.C.E., Miami Colored Credit Labor Department's charges of duplicity on Flowers'.part. private policemen.Tils
he did.
Vice president of the FEA, a unity to earn his daily bread.It and refusals of pay Union. "As long u they hold This unusual decision and directive orlties checked at the request
member of the Southern Re- is, moreover, clear that most raises, and possible domago- their charter," said Mrs. Lof strike bard attheSouth's of the Labor officials,the housing In Silver
glonal Education Board, and a persons prefer toworkandearn guery of the city's leaders,' baa, "we'll honor their membership traditions. It revealed some of on the farm. Artisan 11
trustee of the Florida Memorial their way rather thaa be passive continues to be a sore spot field and won't Invade the faults of the plantation system. This Is the first effort on the
CoUege. He has also served as recipients of welfare and Rev. King who bears a striking tt." part of the government to regulate -
president of the Cornell of Presidents relief." resemblance to his brother.said" There are applicants who do Flowers has been accused of' the Old South tt has r-
of Florida Degree The Vice President devoted Monday, back straightenedout in St.Pete not want to Join the Negro set*' charging Negro tenants as much been said that Flower wUI quit. .
Granting Institutions. some time to the aged the sick, that, after having up. Then, according to 'Mrs.Loftus ,u $70 per month for lodging He may rent his farm.However,. r
when he said ''Vi, must also Ms affairs, he was ready there is trouble. Mrs. that Is worth scarcely more he boasted that he has "plenty
for action. Rev. King has resigned 1
recognise that many millions of Loflus said that the Negro win thaa $5.00 per month. to Uve on.' } .A4;
Canada Names Americans are unable to work from his Louisville not get la under the terms of Plantation owner Flowers has One hundred fifty-homes were
church and wW stand with his
for a variety of valid reasons, a verbal agreement made la about 16,000 acres InCoahoma, checked Only three bad any J
such u physical disability father instead of his late brother 1952 and recorded within the
age, Tallahatchle and Quitman coun plumbing. Flowers also received
First Negro or family responsibilities.Society In Ebeneser Baptist in At.laala. .* union's f*"irtyf. ties. This is in northern Miss $%10.131111 federal acreage __
] has long recognised WcWgaton Strangely enough, unions for issippi. He farms most of the allotments In 1967. This
To to assist these The situation here is not re* police, fire and finance-wel
Parliament wed to a strike. There Is no, 12,000 acres wed,planting cotton la the first farm wage recovery.;
persons through pre Tarns of fare departments are Ilea to and soybeans. la history.
AAMILTONOat.-The Par. public welfare bat the ystms strike. Sanitation workers have Negroes. AH these pay six percent Flowers has skipped the minimum
lJaIDeDt of the .Dominion of we have devised to provide this .asked for a raise of twenty Interest and charge only wage requirements also,. Attacker Of
Canada now has Its first Negro assistance have often been five cents per oar. Their requests three fourths per cent a month according to charges. The law,
ember, Lincoln UacAnley demeaning to the recipients, have been turned down.A on the balance of the loan. Both changed twice,raised the hourly
exander: son of a railroad destructive of perlOGlllDot.1n.t1OG smaller amount has been offered public corks unions charge the rate from $1 to a future rate Meredith Is
porter. However, he attributes and responsibility, and by City Manager Lynn maximum 1 per cent. The white of $1.20 la February of 1969.- '
his victory to the fine efforts than 500 workers. ion. clashes with the leaders the Negro DIN three and one from violating the law; over lack At Home SILVERSMITHxlrlaur k.d Kew York lght)shows'his

Although he is a first In the Vice President Humphrey among the Negroes.The half per cent.According time time, and the child labor forged silver necklace to Camel T:. Johnson, president of the
Dominion, Alexander said "I pressed strong sympathy for till walkofl started on May 6. to Mrs. Patricia provisions of the law. MEMPHIS Aibrey J. Johnson WU Company. Smith's uJque work was among pr
rope they wont can me the efforts of the poor. He said, They were offered retreaetlve Thomas, huger of the M.CJS. With the hands of the law. over NorvelL the former hardware first selected for inclusion in a collection of crafts by 100.of'
Negro member from Hamilton. that, u President, be would raises. They refused. Then, Union, the Negro unit does not bIIII, Farmer Flowers agreed to sales man convicted shooting .&.merlca'.lDUttr: eraftsment to be called "OBJECTS A, The
I nope my victory wW give supports means for alleviatingtheir according to the news,Andrews want to remain M...However, reduce rent to $5.00 per month. :.J&JDI.II'red1ti' June 5. I960, Johnson Collection ot Contemporary Crafts." Smith was bora inBrooklyn '
other people faith that in CanMa conditions. However )e offered a seven-cent increase. there Is no desire to have ItJ1qa1dated. He has agreed to'pay back the has returned home ot begin what and Is a graduate of The Cooper Union la New. York'i
anhone can win, no matter warned that nothing can be They refused. Andrews preceded $50,000 Involved to the Labor be says will be"a normal life." City. He has milntalmxl his own Jewelry shop in Greenwich
'what his race, creed, color ,or achieved over night or in a to hire other men and Department which, la turn,will After his arrest in 1966 Nor Village In New York and has lectured on the art of craftsman.
religion." Hngtf administration. He felt refused to consider Urine the BRING YOUR NEWSFWRIDA distribute the money. val was a humble but secretive ship at many lIDI"r't1eI.The collection which will include about:. .
Alexander is a Conservative* that we must give credit to fired men en ...... He used Minors have been hired also,. man. Hewasfriendlywlthaews. 200 objects It sponsored by the Johnson company It is ex* j'I
His W." kept the Lfberti those who have striven to bring I&Ahord1Dat1OG U an GQM. according to the Labor Depart men, but made tt quite clear' pected to be completely assembled by 1969 andwlfl tour museums 1',
Party from taking over HamU-1 order out of chaos. Andrews and his cohorts have STAR23.3MoncrlefRd. meat This was termedasChild be would make "no state and campuses In an effort to "stimulate wider Interest" la the 1

ton's four district. In another brief statement. CONTINUED, : PAGE 5 Labor, Federal Housing auth- ments." .crafts, Mr. Johnson said. CARL BTOIR.ASSOICATES,, .



.,. it i




> '' .lI' 'II'.i--------
: '




'Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company,* this November's election could be the most important one this

nation bit faced In many years. I can't recall an election yearIn
1 n t J I which the electorate has been so divided or concerned with so'

CMEMBlfR; TSrtN STARVING A !3 NCf r, N ; -.,,. ,, r hr many crisis.
of., + GHEyIO HAUSl ln3iS Racial tensions the war In Vietnam'the student rebellion and
VIOLENCI' "', political assassinations have
divided and embittered the nation. -
tsEGRQPi It Is vitally Important for
all candidates to realise that: ;
: r I Ii this year of crisis demands In-I.
=3Aw =t telllgent discussion of ttep r
MANAGING itt i Issues and a refusal to deepen
.our divisions,with appeals
the backlash vote. tel I 'l MJK' I
'DI-CR/M/NATION/ Recent elecUons have
CIRCULATION MANAGER I \'$ AGNNST AWORit'1NQlS ed In defeates for candidates: ;

VIOLENCE.' t who played upon anti-Negro!
2323 MONCRIEF ROAD PHONE ; prejudices there Is stilla

danger that race may becomea n
ELGIN 4-6782 MAILING ADDRESSP.O. factor in the campaign: through subtle appeals to bacUasbers.

1' HMiV&swi I 11- s #\ and cliches and
BOX 599 IACKSONVIILE FLORIDA consists of taking seemingly Innocent phrases
giving them an an -Negro meaning.
32201 "''J Ij 'r 'SUPPRESSINCACULTUREI3VIOLENCE.eCONTEMPTFOgPOVERT ? Since: I first wrote about the way "crime to the streets" or
"neighborhood schools" have become misused for these purposes -

MIAMI OFFICE 5018 N.W. 7TH AYE USA I've received many letters of protest from people who
racial connotations.
Insist that the terms themselves no
PHONE 151'3819SUBSCRIPTIONS I know that everyone who uses the term"crime In the streets"
Isn't a bigot In fact, crime Is one of the biggest problems faced
.-. RATES by the ghetto. Every time a survey Is taken In the ghetto better

One Year $12.00 Half Year $7.00 police protection comes out at the top of the list of concerns.,
But my concern is with the way candidates use terms like
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States
that crime Is a
"crime in the streets. Instead of saying pro-
Subscription payable in Advance blem and thattheanswertolheproblemis more and better train
Send Check or Money Order to: Y' iCMmNGNEDC4LNEEDS ed policemen, u well as eradication of the poverty which breeds

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 IS VIOLENCE? 'VIOLENCE: VNVX% crime, they take off to wild-swinging attacks on the Supreme

'it1 p 1 F10rldaGood Court
Now how can people who supposedly revere "law and order"
hope to foster respect for the law when they strongly attack the

Cause Fight Never Easy j --- r r r'II .vrrrriir ......" highest The bulk court of lathe decent land citizens? take terms like "crime to the

streets" and "law and order"at face value But A large minority

Causes and professed principles are attracting r 1 associate these terms with racial tensions.
They hear "crime to the streets" and they think of Negro
a good deal of criticism these I YOUR
WeeklyHOROSCOPE hoodlums, ignoring the fact that most urban crimes are relatedto
days. This state of affairs reflect thatwe the narcotics problem. Addicts rob and mug people to get

are living in trying timesand citizens money for dope and they get the dope from the white-run

have had trying times over and over again. Syndicate.
Our nation seems to be enveloped in an I GUIDE Similarly, "law and order" is associated many people's
I minds with civil rights demonstrations and civil: disobedience.(
atmosphere of accusation and criticism. It
But they Ignore the fact that "law and orfer" Is Incomplete
calls to mind that people who live In without Justice. The demonstrations take place because Justice is

glass houses should never throw stones at I By PABLO The not real for the poor and the oppressed.
their neighbors. In times of stress people ASTROLOGER I II So candidates have to be conscious: of the way they use these

look around to find something or someoneto generally accepted terms, for they are welgnted with algal
fiance: to racially tense communities.
blame for the trouble that exists. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS I A candidate who says be wants improve neighborhood schools:
In a society or sometimes in a family Is saying nothing anyone would object to, but to a community

there appears to be a need for a whipping I which Is split by moves to Integrate the schools system by
FOR busing Negro kids Into previously all-white schools, use of the
boy a scapegoat. It is always easier to
the back-
term "neighborhood schools" becomes an appeal to
accuse someone else than to take the blame lash vote.

or even admit that one could be wrong.In I I think the American electorate Is too mature to respond to

the struggle between the poor and I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL such appeals to latent bigotry, but I propose that all the major
rich the middle class citizens have candidates fulfill their leadership roles by Jointing together tot
public pledge not to seek the votes of backlasbers and not to
been elected to be the
even in the struggle scapegoat.But good. cannot ,, ...'. .'. ., rl.I'. ... .1.. ... ... .... ,. ... .,. .... .,,, ... say tense or and do divided anything people.which will further divide an already overly

triumph without a terrible struggle of ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN

plrlt.I IBM MUCH BORN: JUNE BORN,SEPT.23Rfi .. 10IlIC, .
'alftuys The Scriptures teach us that mankind i 21ST APRIL 1 1STH 22ND JULY 22ND OCT. 23RDIrs 22NO JAN. 19IH We Need Self-Help, ProgramsAll ,

fighting evil spiritual forces Get together. It not only Is Life Is many thins. While it a dream. Many people look U'. a game. If s a paradox!
when he tries to bring "good" into the a matter of working together, Is true that ambition and Its upon "dreamers" with amusement but chars the way We Is.Sometimes that has been written about the
world. It Is never easy; it is always but also how to enjoy life Incomplete targets seem to be paramount While U may be true, In it Is necessary to asher less and the in Job-
costly. But it is worth every ounce of accord and harmony. In this day and age there are a few Instances, that some Individuals to one's views at alll costs,and poor the nation could fill
Personal differences should other things which be Im the shelves of a good-size
may down to on other occasions U Is more library. Those
sweat and blood than can be given to it. mate way for a food otd-fadu- portant. For Instance: what Is earth long never to gain a prudent not to. The real trick on the side of the rrpriviledeed con-

To-wit: the late Martin Luther King, Jr. caned Fourth of July celebration. more heartwarming than the solid foothold, many of our Is to know when to do,which: a tinue to present a defense to the
and Senator John F. Kennedy.is For those who have pursuit of culture,creatlveness most valuable Inventions and feat that many natives of this or this condition. cause
Imps nation, the lack of ire- and pleasure?Romance has Its literary works were the sign are quite capable of And, to a very great
works and other dangerous elements particular attractions u well products of visionaries upon achieving. Something should degree they are Ju t1f1ed.

A Sticker Tax Fair will pose no problems. and U should not be discouraged whom many looked askance.For come to a happy ending,the desk And yet turning to the other side of the

The necessity of observing the purely on material grounds. instance, it took some dreamers cleared or the house in tip-top Picture, we might ask: To what
We have noted that across the nation an rules of safety and sanity should White celebrations: are in order to establish the laws and shape In time to enjoy a long the complaints degree are

auto sticker tax has been proposed as a, be Impressed on youthful minds on the glorious Fourth,Impress .principles: of our ova nation holiday weekend. The one day Justified? Perhaps we will
Influenced more by enthusiasm upon the other members tithe whose founding is so zealously when a real dilemma u crested never know the hole truth until we gather
means of raising additional revenues. It ins the search: for thrills than family the necessity of being celebrated every Fourth of July. by health or vocational all of the facts

is felt that taxpayers will accept this by plain common sense. A fine prudent on highways and in the Couples who understand the matters may to the 7th. The Southern Christian
form of taxation in preference to let us day to make op for lost time handling of fireworks. There significance\ of constant and 3-50-55-14-36.477 ference Leadership Con
tax. and to ct domestic, family and may be a mental block that loyal collaboration will recog spent a fortune in Washington in
say property
One state proposed a sticker tax of local attalrs settled to every Impedes the carrying out of Dill the need of planning In AQUARIUS the Poor People Campaign. Now the report
one's satisfaction may be the Ideas or plans that seem u unison and well in advance, BORN JAN. comes to the nation that the federal
$15.00 a car. This. may sound equitable at .GtIa-'I 1. sound and brilliant as they can for the days and )'earuWUo government
first glance. but let us look again. 1.70-66-19-71-765 be. The biggest problem Is how come. But U there are secret 20TH FEB. 18IH may to spend more than a

i Should not the owners of the automobile to go about demolishing it. reservations on either or both It must be. Any elements Introduced Quarter of a million dollars to clean up
f the
TAURUS sides defeating elements start long ago in the lives of place and perhaps another $65,000 to
j be taxed according to value of their auto-
t Aquarians fM which dismantle
Mil Mill operating at once. many some of the tent-type
mobiles? The flat-fee idea fails to con 2 -' 40 -22 13 47 $41 were mentally and emotionally While this great dwellings.
,2QTI. MAY display of
201H concern for
sider each car's value. disturbing, should to ejectedas :
It could be you. Weddings appear BORN JULY rapidly as possible. The the poor .had some.effect we can also ask
The need to B0IMIPOCT
common people cars
to play a dominant role In 22ND AUG. 1JTH tranquility that reigns aroundthe ourselves whether this million dollars
'their work, and the $15.00 sticker tax this month's stellar pattern.It .
Fourth would furnish the
Why hurry? Unless there Is a 24TH NOV. 22ND could have aided the poor in a program of
be loved who is
let us say, would put the burdens of the may a one occasion to do some deep
community upon those persons less able to taking the final step a neighbor special reson because of external Find fulfillment There is not thinking and to arrive at sound self-help.
or relative, a close friend, pressures, do not much likely to be stirring before decisions. The mind should to To conserve the human resources of the
bear them. to have to
and last but not least, yourself seem this exert themselves the Fourth .which no doubt,will made up, cove and for all, as poor is there a better way than massive
So many state officials talk about federal This could Interfere with month. Make a fine .te celebrated according to early as the 5th. The test way help through
start in the of checks? What
way leisurelyand civil
interference and infringement upon travel or other plans drawn up custom. Many, who dislike to aid good intentions to prevail -
estates rights. BUt' failure to meet local In the past But such occasionsare restful close past times by crowed may find U desirableto rather than to to sub- rights organization is willing to take the
to home
extremely Important and remaining on the remain close to home and to merged by the emotions is to lead in this venture?
government needs and failure to finance Fourth of July.Entertaining
must have priority in all cases. catch: up on rest. The press keep busy at born or whereveryou We need more than Jobs to
them fairly by having the wealthy and The glorious Fourth of July other home actlvltes In which of duty as well as personal are on the 7th. tt is a people enslaved inspire a
powerful pay proportinonately larger could be the date for the be. loved ones can take part will. compulsions should r.suJ.1lD a roven fact that doors that have economically to rise up
shares of the cost of government is to ginning of a ramance that may provide to whatever a load of fun superior rather noteworthy achievement been tightly shut behind us and become conquerors in selfsufficiencyand
usually obtainable
can the ttleatbetigedremyun.L The single Scorpios who have sildoa U ever can be reopened. productivity.
invite shift of additional responsi- outside. Bead
a Bat Saturn the solar make come to the conclusion that
bility to the federal government. Let's 12th house seems to say that music, and do everything else there Is no future in perpetuating

think about this kind of taxation philosophy son obstacle, stemming from together and see tow this this state of affairs may PISCES This Week In History"}
the past, ,may first have to be strengthens 4.20.33-10-43-543 family bonds.( take apporprlate steps change BORN FEB. [ Negro
it Two -
overcome. logical ways maybe opento
4 60 55 10 92- 298 VIRGO acnieve tnese enos. one is 19TH MAL: 20IH
GEMINI BORN AUG. to take the trip that has long Clear a path.As soon u someone July 7, 1949 Willie (Bunk) Johnson musician who taught
LEON L. LEWIS Boll MAY been just. a dream, or to signup of something Is "for", Louis Armstrong to play the trumpet, died.
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL 23RD SEPT. 22ND for an educational or self there immediately arise people
21ST HIE 21ST development course. or circumstances that area
During the momentous Presidential election of 1932, when Never lost hope.Some people What's it worth? At least, 930111876143SAGITTARIUS "against." This Is more or less July 8. 1914 Billy Ecksttoe: popular singer, was bora mI'1ttsbur&h ..
President Herbert Hoover was trying to change Us Image live on Illusions, others exist there does not seem to be any the pattern that Is traced for .
u a "Depression" chief of state, and Gov. Franklin D. because hop remains as their reason for worrying too much natives of Pisces not only for

Roosevelt of New York bad wrested the Democratic nomlnatint constant fT IUI1oII. It is good during the month. Any prob- BORN NOV. this quarter but for practically July I, U5'1 Charles W. Jones first Negro judge ta Michigan: ,
tn a blitxkrelg fashion never before evidenced in this way, for the going couldbe lem that comes up could be the whole month.. In any case, died 1D Detroit u ace 55. '
this nation's political: history, one Issue existed as top all UN: tougher when there lost in the shuffle of holiday. 23RD DEC. 21ST settle a property or family deal
priority In the hectic campaign: : Hungry people in a 1aad Is absolutely nothing to cling to. Bating and the many social Soften up. With the customaryFourth white constructive forces are
of plenty" Be realistic u much u you events thay may have beenpro- of July celebrations being still operating In your favor. A July 10, 1875 Mary McLeod BethUDe,the late educator, women's
President Hoover, a graduate economist born and reared wish but remain firm in the crammed recently. Set the example slated for this week there pleasant Fourth of July 11I.1.... leader and founder or Bethune-Cootmaa College' at Daytona
In the shadows of Stanford University Palo Alto, Calif., belief that, after all Is said or take it torn others may be an opening for Sagitt- passed in the company of mate, Beach, Fla", wu born 1D IoIaJesY1l1e,S.C.
surmised that "if people loved their country and were willing and done, everything in the In really making this a safe arlans to accept a leading part. one who Is intended to be
to die on the battlefield for its preservation they should to world is going to come out and sane Fourth around the In view of the shape the world shortly. The day to establish a July 11, 1905 A meeting or Nero leaders resulted .
patriotic enough to starve to death until the nation's economy all right Do 'not*forget home as well u on the roads. Is in right now, special sound basis for family and IIIOvemeDt for Justic. Niagr.July
could balance 1tse1L"The to stress the, need! for After all, rules generally are emphasis may be placed on what economic stability should be
d'plPHHtte and suave FDR cam back with, "When. safety should there. be youngsters established for our own good this glorious day: stands for.You the 5th. Family members have '
people are hungry, they don't want economics or patriotism.Tn around whose enthusiasm and not to maW life miserable are one who can most effect- been known to interfere with 11, 1804 Alexander Hamilton Secretary of Treasury. :
want BREAD." could get out of bounds whencelebrating u so many people seen to believe. ively put this point across.: If the course of true love before.A and believed to- be a descendant of Negro ancestors: w ;
The millions of poor people Ik the nation today are binary. the Fourth of July. The doings and affairs of single, do DOt reject offlhand promising union may thus to fatally wounded a duel with Aaron Burr. :
:They don't give a hoot about the government that will take To accept or to reject maybe your time. As long u U Is In the possibility of teaming up nipped in the bud Oth).U Is up
j money that Is wrested from them In the from o(tun and the big problem that comfronts: many friends could be taking u up with a person who may to the to each one to stand up for July Richard B. *
fighting to save the rest of the world, while they Barre many on the 7th. much ,of your Ume.J personification of loyalty and individual rights State lJS College nM (now Savannah Wright State*)Sr.died, first to lfiljuteiSa7 Georgia

.to death. f,6O.1& It .,18$. - dependability.T8QrsalS24.29L. i-30-77/16-36.7.41{

.",. 1

i Si





"'Hostesses Al Meeting Letters To Vietnam

Wedding (I

Kenneth Cecil:: Thomas 623 -Herbert-

Court C, 20 and JoAnn loafer,
W pins St., 26
F 725 Court A., 19. 230 E. 27th St.,

t Rhett Delano Cooper, 1730 James W. "
I Academy St., 23 and Patricia crlef V1L, 20
Virginia Rountree 1496 W. 7th 'Bush, 4630 :
st., 26.

George Tatum Defray Beach, ra Robert Beach Van,F1a.
krr Fla., 22 and Sandra LaVerne Jones, .1264 :

Crosby 1887 W. 6th St., 21.

k > w: ,r. : : ....': ..: .. .. John EnrlnAmmons,3253 Jus- Raines
Una Rd., 21 and Joyce Ann Wall,
10460 Ebbltt Rd., 18. Holds

Paul Leroy Reed, Green Cove
Springs Fla., 47 and Mary Lay In
t ij burn Boerke, Green Cove Spgs
-4fr .Mrj. 'i" Fla., 45.Kenlleth. Adults are

rti,,.w ___ now for adult
Westfleld Je.353O at William
r 3i, Butler High School students are shown u Victoria Park Rd,45 and Settle These classes
In the above picture preparing letters for GIs in each Tuesday
Vietnam. Students taking put during the put school term from Civics Fay BarteeBowllng Green,K,., 1-
1'f"1" were the classes night 7 to 10
.......... 28.
.. Names of service submitted
men were
>:;nv1' ; ;; by members of the classes. Holiday cards were pre auspices of
." _.,_.............\ k\ .;.. 1Ii .... .'i.. pared Paul Crawford.and sent Looking on are the principal, S.B. Nairn, and C. Holmes, teacher. Photo by A.' Richard Boyd Slgler 5618 lege.
These beautiful ladles were hosteses to tile Regional Conference which was held at the AtlantaJ Orangewood Rd., 20 and Ellen Classes
Life Insurance Company Friday June 28. They are from left to right: O.B. Jackson, agent, Trabue Fisher 1472 Birming Row to \
V: Johnson, agent;;T.B. Lockwood, Staff Manager; R.L.; Baker, Cashier, V. Clark, clerk;; ham Rd., 20. typewriting and t u
J.M. Alexander clerk, and T.Y. Nelson, agent Photo By BOB SMITH ENGAGEMENTS Edwin Albert Love, 1431 music."How to

._- Prince St., 19 and t Verne features films
sari r---- Elizabeth Hardy, 1230 W. 3rd college and Job
Atlanta Life Has A

[THE COLLEGE STUDENT SPEAKS Big Regional. Meet : St., 21.Carl .Lee Thomas Jr., 8132 for ing intensive seeks to >>

I r 1A 1 Waiving Are, 18 and Gloria
About New Fanqled Racism Managers The Regional of Alabama Conference and for Jean Evans,5521 Red Pole Ave, coming)Jobs"
BY DORIS BROWN band music
Florida of The Atlanta Life Insurance

Until* the turn of the, century, anthropologists generally agreed Company was held at Its I i u Kenneth Merrill Peck:: 1798 Jot skill
that the world was divided Into the Negroid, Caucasian and district office JeffersonSt, Kings Rd., 32 and Johnnie Pearl richment.
Mongoloid races The notion of biological groupings was quite on Friday June 28. Graham, 918 EaversooSt.; 11. Register
f 14.00 and 35.
as World The assistant Agency Director ::
prevalent then, and its Influence was felt recently:: u j
War D, when millions of people were put to death because they A.E. Christopher presid- Shelley Joenathan Kohn, 7232
were regarded as "racially Inferior." ed. The keynote address w a I. \ '10. W. Wilson Blvd, 22,and Gladys TAKI
By contrast, most sociologists talking disparagingly about given by the Director:: of Agencies ,_ i Jones 7012 Thurston Rd., 18.
and anthropologists rejectthe thinking white"-as If thought L.J. Gain, CLU. Other. EMILY HARPER
bad color about "black Home Office Officials present [ s i Mr. and Mrs. William
view that mankind can:: besplit a -or T.Harper
Into alr-tlght categories. Anglo-Saxons" If "racial, were: E.M. Martin, First Vice announce the engagement of Champions Plan
There has been too much intermixing -, differences" were really meaningful President t Secretary:: ; George their daughter Miss Emily Ce-
between Negroes, W. Lee, Third Vice President, CHARLOTTE GILBERT i die:: Harper to Stephen Reset
Caucasians Mongolians for"race" Are these people .serious In E.L. Simon, F.L.M.l. General Elder and Mrs. James Shanks .Allison of Chicago,Illinois.Mr. Downtown fete
Auditor Jesse Hill Jr. Ac JlROGENtA! R. BALDWIN
' to be a biologically their racial definitions Or does ; announce the engagement of Allison Is the son of Mrs.Marie foe Savings Club
meaningful term, according to It suffice to explain away theft turary; N.L. Connally and ,CharlesW. Assistant their daughter Charlotte to Harold Mr. and Mrs: Reuben Baldwin Allison of Chicago and the late /Ol sponsor: a musical on July .,rn i U|
social scientists. cogitation u a predictable reaction Auditor Gilbert, son of Mrs Viola announce the engagement of Dr. Rutherford Henry Allison 31 it the FLORITAA TIMES- U Seauns
While "race*' liacknowjedged, to slavery and segrega-* Greene Director:: of Public Gilbert. The wedding will be, their daughter, Rhogenla Ruby The wedding 1s planned for August UNION Bu I Id lag.No.1 I Ml N.....
to be t culturally significant lion Relations. August 9 at the Fountain Chapel to Elijah Watts, son of Mr. and 3L .Riverside Avenue. Mrs. MattIe DwrU I In
concept to the extent that people One Is expected:: to promote A.M.E. Church at I p... The Mrs Luther C. Waits. The The bride-to-be valedictorian Martha Williams 1s president 41* Ilk
feel there art racial "black culture"-as U such a Holiday Social, reception:: will take place at tile wedding will take place on of the 1963 graduating class of
diftereocea. It 1s generally regarded thing as racial culture could home of the bride 1153 Login August I at 7 p..., la the ML New Suntan Senior HtrtSrtmnl I
u u antiquated\ notion exist (Hitler thought so) Even Savings Club Meets Street Olive AME Church of Jackson is a graduate of Fisk University I Ict0
of outdated biology.: more mandatory Is to work ville. Miss Baldwin was with a Bachelor of Arts degreela '
In view of this, It is disturbing toward a black-versus-whlte The Holiday Social andSavlngs Modernettes graduated from Stanton Vocational Modern Foreign Languages. O ( V .
to see a revival of racial coosclousaess showdown, the ultimate goal of Club will hold Us bi-weekly High I School and win While la college Miss Harper /'
among many todays racial politics.-as If meeting Tuesday night, July 9, attend Florida State University. was on the Dean's List and
otherwise Intelligent people who America did not have enough In the home of Miss Susan Meet July 6 Mr: Watts ls a graduate of attended Oberlu College
should know better. Interracial conflict already. Sharp 2259 WestThlrteenth, at Matthew W. Gilbert KighSchool Oberlln, Ohio u aa exchangestudent.
Both black and white people Intellectuals even more than I p.... Mrs. Minnie Wright 1s The Ultra Modenettes will and 1s now serving lathe Army She 1s a member of <
understandably, have old cultural boors, make uppresumed president Mrs Vivian Mote Is meet July 6 ta the home of He is stationed at fort Banning, Alpha Kappa Alpha SoroOty and c: tl./f
aotlOBS of racial characteristics for each"race" secretary. Miss Annie Mapp Mrs.' Lola Sailers, 1923 FaIr. e.- was presented ,with C..ItN'
Inferiority and superiority withwhich and declare that one U reporter. tax. The Bible Verse will begin coterie of debutantes. Presently mid
to grapple. And U should group'has a monopoly on virtue with I. Final reports for the lily White Lodge she teaches la Long ( l/ ( 'fJzf"t I
not be surprising to encounter and the other on vice. beach trip will be made. Helen Beach, California facilities
Interracial animosity is a One Is supposed to believe, Champion Club Baskla U reporter Elects Officers Mr. Allison is a graduate of Serviif
country which planted the seeds according to these Intellects, Uly White Lodge Wo.'lit met John Marshall Harlan High Audible ForAnniversaries 12 N
of racial bate long ago. that whites and Negroes are Sponsors MusicalThe Band Of Truth OB Wednesday, June U, and elected ': School la Chicago. He is BOW -
One ItasvertbelesedLa actually distinguishable by dlf- officers a senior at Flak University In un ",
mayed to see racial doctrines ferent kinds cI aisle Champion Savings Club Plans Paper TeaThe Rosa L. Ratios will be President where he is pursuing pre-lny Banquets Informal
becoming Increasingly 'mannerisms clothing studies. He was selected: by the
cuisine will sponsor a musical on July Tbeodis Bryant is Vice "Class
fashionable In this supposedly world outlook sexual temperament 31 at the Florida Times-Union Band of Truth TMmplevUl Presided EssleWddersiFln Council of Legal EducationalOpportunities Jacket and ]
modera age. and even religion. Building Mrs.Martha Williams sponsor a paper tea Sunday, ancial Secretary. Ida McClala to study this summer ..UeeUnc&7 : 30
The Afro-Amerlcan history But the Individual we are told, is president.: Mrs. Elisabeth July 7, f r o. 3 to 7 p.m. will be Recording Secretary. at Harvard University.
movement 1s sometimes associated does not live along. He has a West is sponsor. Princess Naomi is leader. Katie Mae Bryant 1s Teller. Cambridge Massachusetts' Parties 'Fast Drive
with this newfangled seed to '"b.I 01 "-*Ia tc II. Mettle Rountret 1s reporter. John Payne will be Chaplain.Thomas Cambridge Massachusetts. ..ReceptionsLarce
racism. Negro AmsrIcans' "racial Idutll," is said Williams is General Mr. Allison is active la campus
achievements' are rightfully to meet. And black people are Calendar EventsThe Manager Eula M. Johnson is We at Fisk where he serves u
stressed by the movement called:: upon to Identify with War ent. Lnclle Bagley Inner Assistant Director of Student 5516 Soufel Drive*
both to present models withwhich Activities and Polemarch of
their OWl "sub-culture. in .Guard and R. Refrre is Treasurer.
black people cu:: identify order to tlodtheirrlghttulplacea Semi Chic Social and Saving Club will meet July I in Alpha Delta Chapter, Kappa Alpha
and to give due credit to theaccomplllmutl > life. the home of Mrs. ala Bell Cox, 1139 Community Court at Pat Fraternity. He is also
of all Now sub-cultures are.Indeed, I p.m. The Bible verse begins with the Letter L. Mrs. Elnora Delia president of the Chlcago-Flsk
Americans Deeded la this country to help Small Is president. The Club will sponsor Us annual beach Sigma Club. !

But the movement at the same civilize society and establish trip Wednesday, July 17. Thela Clinic I Does Coca-Cola
academics to racist propaganda identity. But I doubt whether
-........... PALMER'S
-using 'l 5tory" to put the they can:: be Instituted along Opens July 9
white man don collectively:: racial lines "Races" simply "SKIN SUCCESS" have the taste
tnich as whites bad used are too large to be meaningful Dual Day will be observed at the Holy Church of the Living The fifth Reading tunic: of the OINTMENT
history" to humiliate black groupings. God, Fourteenth and Grunthal,Sunday, July 14, throughoutthe Delta Sigma ,Theta Sorority.
day Missionary E. M. Mack is chairman C. B|.en ftir sums taw IMM nc you never get tired
people. "Racial idelity" Is being Illusory Missionary Inc., the Jacksonville Alumnae 'Tcs m. MUIITM. *tw tuiMt if moM -
That professors and educators how does the black man Fenn 1s reporter. Bishop M. Baker 1s pastor. Chapter, will be held at the Hay-; L' u a tM IM I slid ntl.TMWMI Ml. Mi NU geed U.IM.Mt
should passionately espouse a find his Identity in the UJS. don Burns Library oa July 9 ;
aeaewueiee Hum sue .
racially defined Interpretation It will be bard for him to from 7 to 9 p.m. MMM MM ea.DCW1"c IMl Is it always ;
of history is, at first blush Aa ft lUi kMMt. : ;
Identify with a country that Informative program has .... DM MUM *.. ft .. mh, ....
more laughable than tragic.But has oppressed him for hundreds been planned by Jeff! Drifters! ..+e. ft ntmim MMV
... ... eM.e1'wup
ultimately simply tragic The Lilla Prayer Band will observe its first anniversary on "'" 1 s Pa MeLIlHue
of years. And being the only head of the art and music deg QlCcur .
as was the racist "Jdeo1o people whose national origins Monday night July 13, la the Fountain Chapel A.M.E. Church. partmeot. He will present a 'III N.w:......eWTMUT... I.. ,_w"e."" er. Do things better
of the Hitler era were destroyed upon coming'to .Mrs. Viola Johnson is leader. Rev F. W. Jones pastor. group of art books, several recordings IM ably. mare w 4 KIIIoC ri IMTUH go
ODe does not know what to say this country, black Many Jessie prayer bands will participate. The church is located at experimental movies; Ofa.y44C I ITIWom durum with Coke
when be hears college students Americans cannot accurately 737 Street. and will. discuss: several artists .oc au..1C&I
who hive painted originals of ittMotn lilt m en OM Me51t

Plymouth! Celebrates Birthday prints that may be checked out lILAD-TO.10E PROTECTION after Coke: after : ; ,{
MM'Mt ;
of the library. High school seniors ., -e .itiaSSttSSt. n .
are invited. Gwendolyn J. .kMM...-MM.. ...II-tlM..-p.e-.em...-"w-
Chandler is Projects Chairman1\ 1. ".
lKwey J4ae
eeutu ::J" emyWh.0'W'1AfalUeMND...* In,fcmMfpw
of the
Sorority. .WIM Mr ttHDaon.ro ft. ao.eeCae SIM.n.lie,ream 100/9



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PAPERS. We deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.:

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Dixie Pharmac

You know it. It's yo ,

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..40, '. Pleat 35355J7PAY !
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:: '
-- --. + .-" .'''",.-...... 'Jd".'U\r_' .. 'ot"I_::' TOII LICIT, WATER AI.TELE'I.IE :
Plymouth celebrated Its fcrtfeth birthday recently. The !grit: ofjh* D1Y1I1 i. Left to right are tBX Brown divisional astistaat ,

.I:I oneorken.oretheogbntyc, PIJa 1tgge 134tt. 44taj general manager Mr. White and H H. King, plant.mangers. 'I IIUS AT III STilE <
leeIp muuxer .
.1cIIt1td r..-...tuIhoroly cITMC.C CNeeaenrby.Jactsaoarjn ::

.& ""-"i :""' ', A *



I Southern Baptists' Atlanta Meet Emphasized Greater UnderstandingProgressive -I


Plan Honor Baptists for KingProgressl1'e I I CHURCH NEWS") Celebrates We VoitrOur" 'Southern.. Baptists Will. j

I '
pastors united behind their President,Dr.GardnerC Confession. ,Seek More.Involvement, .
Taylor (pastor of.the 12,000 member Concord Baptist
.Church of Christ in Brooklyn), to establish In the Progressive NEW REDEEMSunday ATLANTA Recently the agency leadership of the Southern "
National Baptist Convention a permanent night each year to memorialize .When the Southern BaptIat'Coa1'eoUOD 'Baptist Church launched out, under the leadership of the Secretary -

their Immortal member. Dr. Ucrtln Luther King Jr, school begins at 9:30 with the superintendent in charge. met In Houston in of the Home Mission Board, Arthur B. Rutledge, mud

Beginning at the Seventh Annual Meeting convening In St touts The lesson will be renewed by aa appointee. The morning 6f June crises were faced rather ought to find ways toward, but not solutions for, the problems

Session September Sat -' during the Annual National Congress worship begins at U a.m. with the deacons charge of devotions. $ lengthy frankly and"Statement.resulted"in Parts anther of :facing the country, one of which Is the proper attitude toward

the Shoreham Hotel, 2500Calrert of Christian Education. Choir No. t and Usher Board: Ne. t will serve during the American Negro.
St., N.W., Washington, In addition to these, plans were the day with Mrs. Fannie Jackson In charge of music. District that We statement are printed here: New and startling Ideas were ;'to dealt with the crisis.
nation that declaresthe
D.C., each year thereafter Friday approved' to send President No. 2 will meet at 3 p.m. The Home Mission win meet at are a Drought forward. It was suggested The entire group will meet la

Night known u ClrilRlghts Taylor and two other pastorsto 3.30 p.m. Deaconess Board No. 1 will meet at 4 p.m. B.T.U. equality and rights of that Southern Baptists {'September previous to the Executive -
and Religion Night, will" the coming Executive Board meets at &:15 with Deacon C. H. Smith In charge. The evening persons Irrespective race. need to hear from leaders In Committee meeting
be named "Martin Lather King Meeting which will convene In worship begins at 6 p.m. Prayer meeting will be Tuesday as a nation,we have allowed poverty and civil rights groups :Nashville and a progress report

Jr., Memorial Night" On this Monrovia Liberia W. Africa, night at 7:30 and will be followedloby Bible study. *ev. E. g ,hare cultural deprived patterns minions to persist of that and that they need tohare grass- will be made to the Executive

night some speaker dedicated July 30 to August 3, 1963. Norman Is pastor. The at 1614 East 30th. Americans and other racialgrmps'as bjack root meetings for answers. Committee.
NonViolence win speak. Historical Other actions included consi ETHEL D.: With astonishing speed mem There were suggestions that .,
notes will be read about deration increased participation EMANUEL BAPTIST Mrs. Ethel Davenport Bannis well, of equality of bers who attended the five-hour 'each agency examine its programs -'

'Dr. King. 'lblt speaker selectedto in. the Voluntary Monthly ter win celebrate another recognition and opportunity In confab expressed hope and to determine if they

speak this year will be Dr."Ralph Support Plan, greater coopera On Tuesday teachers- meet and the Prayer meeting is held anniversary with a "Great BIt the areas of education, were encouraged. Action was were encouraging segregation.

D. Abernathy successor tion and support for the Baptist On Wednesday Choir No. 2 will rehearse at 8 p.m. Choir No. Singing Jubilee Sunday, July 14, employment, citizenship boning emphasised. Fred Moseley of Calpepper said that white no

to the late Dr. King. Foreign Mission Bureau and 3 will rehearse at 7 p.m. On Thursday there will be a noonday at St Thomas Baptist Church, and worship. Worse still, the Atlanta Mission Agency<< large funds were Immediately,
In another and dramatic at I Rer. W.C. Neal pastor. 'The u a nation, we bare condoned his division (which
significant tighter fiscal controls. prayer serrice. Choir No.l will rehearse p.m. Sunday ipolnted to the overwhelming available
more ibe Convention recommended All Progressives are turning school begins at 9.30 wjth Mrs. Mamie Fields in charge u program will be held Sunday, prejudices that hare damaged ;rote- ,687 to 2,119 for more'concerted spends near $' million year)

that pastors win their faces toward Washington, well u George Smith. Consecration takes place at 10:50. July 7, at 8.30p.m. the personhood of blacks and action. Henlee Bar- will make day-to-day decisions

.. bring memorial gifts to be presented D.C., the scene of the Seventh Worship services begin at U a.m. with the deacons In charge.Preaching ,whites climate alike. We hare seen a 'jnette, Southern Baptist TheoloIglcal on the side of the current
of racism
I, ,o the memorial efforts Annual Session of the Convention. begins at 12 noon. The B.T.U. begins at 5 p.m. with and reaction- Seminary professor said crisis.

at Morehouse College under the Baptist followers across 'deacon James Phillips charge. The evening worship begins Grand Lodge ism develop resulting la (the convention must overcomethe There also will be an attempt

direction of Dr. Hugh M. Gloc- the nation are urged to attend. at 11:30. Choir No. 3, Usher Board No. 3 and Usher Board: Will ,hostility, injustice suspicion, reputation of having been to communicate to all Southern

.... ter, President No. 4 will serve. Mrs. Marion Carter and Mrs. S.L. Badger faction, strife, and alarming '"conceived In sin and born la Baptists the fun statement

These actions were taken at will be in charge of music Honor State LeaderThe potential for bitterness, 'inquiry,partly over the adopted by the convention, and
and death.
the recent Executive' Board dTrUEoyoMJrucBon slavery question in IMS. Foy to establish some two-way procedures
Masonic Family of the In the face of national shortcomings suggestions'
GREATER MACEDONIA BAPTIST Valentine of the Christian We whereby
State of Florida will honor the we must nevertheless be made all members of
WHEN YOU ARE 111 Commission, Nashville' said, can by
Services Sunday will begin with the Sunday School at 9.30: a.m. Illustrious Attnss Fleming! express appreciation for men of "Too long Southern Baptists the denominations who want to

You Seek The Best Doc with Deacon John E. Singleton and teachers la charge. Consecration Thirty-third degree Deputy good will of all races and hare been identified in the mind maim them.

tor. When Tour Doctor and devotional services will begin at 10:45: with Grand Master with aa appreciation causes who have worked tirelessly of the world with such lost

the deacons and deaconesses in charge. Music win be furnished programfs/SO years and faithfully to create causes and the Civil War aDdSIa1'err.
Prescribes, Get Experienced by Choirs No.11.IId No. 3 with Professor Wallace Mimi Ii cantinas service. The proIrIID a Christian climate In our God has great things Bishop Gibbs

Pharmacists To I! at the organ Rey. LE. Norman, pastor of Redeem Baptist, will be held at the Masonic DatJOD. in store for us as.a denomination.
Fill Prescriptions According will speak. Holy Communion will begin at S p.m. Rer. Normanand Temple, 410 Broad St., From the beginning of the ."

To Tour Doctor's associates win be la charge. Weekly activities areas July z7. at 7 p.m. The Masonic Southern Baptist Coa1'entlOlllJld Suggestions also were made Listed For Mt.
orders. follows: Tuesday night, prayer meeting and Bible study; Wednesday Family works under the Need In organized Baptist life, that Baptist associations of
Choir No. 'and No. 3. protection of the Most Worshipful we hare affirmed GoerlOYtfCll'aD
night, I p.m., .rehearsals by churches schedule meetings
We Use Only Tree Best. C. E, BLACK Thursday at noon the Missionary Society will meet in prayer.On Grand Lodge PH A. Illustrious men of aU continents and immediately or as part of already Zion. Sermon

Quality Drugs. Proprietor Friday night Choir No. 2 and No. 4 will meet for rehearsal.On Rudolph Bradley Is colors, of all regions and races. planned meetings this fall

Monday, lu.l115. the church will sponsor its annual outingat Grand Muter. We hare continued to proclaim to discuss the statement, hear Bishop Carey A. Glbbs prey
that the death of Jesus on Calvery's -
3 Registered Pharmacists To Sere You American Beach. Mrs. Bessie Merchant is reporter. from leaders at work la poverty siding bishop>>of the AME Church
is the instrument
'church is located at 3333 Franklin Street. Grant Memorial of God's cross miraculous redemption and civil rights pinpoint problems In Tennessee and Kentucky,win

-------.A COMPLETE LINE OF---------- COLOSSIANS' BAPTIST for Individual. and search for actions deliver the morning sermon
Sunday School will begin at 9.30 with the superintendent and Juniors Will Meet Inadequately every but sincerely we for both local and national Sunday at 11 a.m. in Mt Zion

teachers la charge. The morning worship begins at U a.m. have la nation and groups to take. AME Church, Rev Charles
Cosstetlcs Rubber Goods Candies Communion will be administered at 3 p.m. Rer. R. J. Craw During the 10:45: a.m., worship sought our Yet another thread which wove Toston, pastor.
around the world both to
ford, will speak at both serrlces. The ehurtn will worship period the Pastor Dr. A. the gospel to the lost proclaim and its way through the.tlDgwu Bishop Glbbs, a native

Sundries. wlth'Beulah' Baptist, Rer. Damps pastor. Off Monday night,. J. Reddlck win exhaust the to minister to human need laChrist's ..expressed erangellsm leader Floridian formerly served u
July 29, the church and pastor will celebrate anniversaries. theme "Life From the Dead", Individually and "JC. E. Autrey of Atlanta, who president of Edward Water

-PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED- The church win also be In an Installation service at Bethlehem ssd"Weak... he will dis collectively name., we are trying to\ [tad! "It Is inconsistent to go College. He also served u a
Baptist, Rer. Williams pastor. Prayer service is every Tuesday e Links la The Out after the souls of men and presiding elder of the church
serve but we bare yet to use
1907 KINGS ROAD 3534219Lilly's at 7:30. The church is located at 1154 West 31 at. Chain of Life". 'not be concerned about the rest and was pastor of Mt Zion
our flail resources to proclaim
'1 JERUSALEM BAPTIST The United Choirs will serve 'of their lives." when selected to be a bishop.
1l l Store throughout the day along with the gospel whereby all things His associate,Harold Lindsay, Bishop; Gibbs also served four
Drug are made new la Christ
Services an u usual On Tuesday night the youth hare Usher Board No. I. All choirs "U people which are called recognising that some polarisa years la Africa.
witnesses midweek t and ushers are expected to my tins had come between The
prayer meeting. Wednesday night prayer by my name,shall bumble themselves erangellsm services Sunday begU
service. Bible study will be held on Tlltrsda,. District No. 4 partake of the Holy Communion and l.IId..t and social action, said with the Church School at ISO

will celebrate its anniversary Monday bight, July .. Rer. at the 6:4S: serrice. and, turn pray from, their wickedways myface there was a need to break down] with the siperlnteadentla

Jake Ray, pastor of Union Progressive Baptist Church will The Sunday Church SchodwUhbegla then will I bear fromheaves any animosity between the two charge. The combined choirs
a peak. The Jerusalem Trio will hare Its first recital Sunday at 9.50: a.m., with Amos'V. ; and will forgive their groups. "We must stress what will furnish music, with Miss

July 'IL at I p.m. Amos Easley will be la recital on July ROM superintendent, and sID, and will heal their land".CxChron. is the real goal of evangelism Johnnie... Lewis at the organ.
14. Rer. R.W. Jackson is pastor. Deacon W. M. Toombs is staff of officer and teacher 7:14). - .
reporter. The church is located at lass Old St. Augustine Holy Communion win be ob- The current crisis arouses 'whole man" err*. Holy communion will be

I Road. 1 ,-.4OUSE erred during' both services.The the Christian eoucJeIlCI.ladl- He suggested that u a start, 'administered at 11 aja. and at
I Junior church wfflcoureaeit the division of 6 .
tylJlCtlllmctthemlsalOD p.m.; The Sunday School convention
meat begins at the house of God.'
3.-00 with Maes.
and the Christian
agency win be held at Waymo
Christians are Inescapably Involved -
A.M. Mclntoch C.F. Cuytoo, Life Commission plan to Chapel July 17, U, and 19. The
in the lib of the nation.
ciJJffI7I M. Golden and B. Stebbtu.
.r Along with all other eftlrnswerecognise get together la a series Ml church Is located at Bearer
meetings to discuss this division and Newnaa Streets
.1 Pallbearers Plan our share of responsibility
.Ii between the two groups.
i for creating la our 1&D4)
Astray said his division would
A NATIONAl conditions la which Justice, '
Meet With President ,order and righteousness can seek to influence every pastorto Kansan Heads
enlist members tobecome Inrolred
O*VTMI IttWt prevail May God forgive w -
AU members of Lodge No. S
la these
problems. They BTU
FUHI.RALHDME .of the Pallbearers Association wherein Oar we have failed hummed would urge pastors to discussthe Congress
should meet at Ererson Street mss problems and the needed
As Southern CHATTANOOGA Teni Dr.
Do you have questions about the biggest Baptist Church, 815 Erersonoa of one Baptists of the, largest representative Christian response into the orientation E.A. Freeman, president-of the
Crisis July 10 at 7:30. The grand president of new converts. His
our nation has ever bodies of Christians fuser Missionary Kansas Baptist,
faced, the racial crisis? Individual Service has requested such a nation and chiming specialties division plans to prepare a tract Convention and pastor of First
j Do you have suggestions you'd like AVAILABLE TO EVKRYONEREGARDLESS of spiritual unity with the large presenting such actions.the necessity for Baptist Church, was elected

to make to the Black and 'the White conventions' of Negro Baptists "Southern president of the National BaptistSunday
Baptists must Inrolre
/dlti2 t16 OF SISTER in our land, we have come far School aad Training
leadership about how to solve it? short of our privilege themselves with other Union Congress session her*. .

Do you want to hear what other FINANCIAL CONDITION PALMISI.PASTPRESENTFUTURE Christian brotherhood. dt"o..H" including Roman He succeeds Dr. O. Clay '

I ordinary citizens ask people John Humbling ourselves before Catholics eliminate, to bring about Justice Maxwell who retired as

and LADY ATTENDANTS'. God, we implore Rim to create. poY'r1J.l.IIdea- presidentIYQUR.SOCIAI
Lindsay Stokely Carmichael and tablish human dignity" Autrey
in us right spirit of repentance
Helpful Advice On
what added.
sort of answers they come up md to make instruments of
with? Make CONDITIONED Affairs Miss Alma Runt, executive:
youtself heard and hear it ,his redemption, his righteousness

all on NIGHT CALL the new, nationwide '. I. BURIAL SHIPPING LIFE his peace and his love i. secretary Union,of said Woman's her organisation Missionary -' ,

telephone call-in show. CREMATION 'LOVE'MARRIAGE toward all men. and the Brotherhood Commlst .
The Christ we serve, the opportunity ;
CALL DAY OR NIGHT I'A sloe will produce a mission action SECURITY

: PJ-To "::30A.M. we face,and the crisis guide for churches OD mlD- :
BUSINESS\ we confront, compel u to, M
Urn I. Friday Ambufance action. We therefore declare lusting to Negroes. She said

HOURS 1. AM-11 PM'7 DAYS our commitment, believing this, they first considered making Clergymen who did ant electto :
Call Collect 212749.3311 it "'In 'the It aa across-the-board treat hare their income from d
"q .1 Privacy of to be right laths sight of God. *
Iment of all races but later decided
'/ HOB6" and our duty under the lordship!) ministry covered. by soda
Released In cooperation with the of Christ that Southern Baptists' security will now be covered

National Council of Churches 4815 AYE "B" 87 ,.2250. We will strive' to obtain and problem was mostly with Ne unless they sign a statement .'

National Catholic Office for Radio and Telerlsion' 'LONGDBJANCE'lZ : secure for every person groes. ,that they cannot participate u

Florida Council of Churches ARNETT P. ROGERS, l.F.O. Mile North of Callahan equality of human and legal The Baptist Sunday School the program by reason of

UJS. yCaUahan. Fla. rights. We willtadertake to Board: reprlllD1aUl'I.RaJIDaod religious principle or con
secure opportunities matters JUgdon said his science
recently come to realise 1bIa. change in the Soda
of ctUuinshlp, public services,
loin! Bob Sntlth Summer Family Plan Now I education employ meat, and' 'did.act have a strategy fjj r Security Law becomes effective

I II : personal bab1tat1OD that everyman teaching Christian brotherhood for taxable years ending
MID-TOWN FURNITURE CO : achieve his highest They hare BOW worked out an after December 1M7. Clergymen -

I Family Group Pictures In Breadth potential as a person. E1el'll" approach of progres who elected coverage under'

1 121 1. EAST BAY STREET 353-6195 : We will accept and exercise $ the earlier law will not be af-
our civic responsibility u. there would be a :.tocted by the new precisions I' I
I Taking Living Color And Discount Too."Select 'stronger
Christians to defend people emphasis on the U they will continue to be ewe
No.Interest. No Carrying Charges against Injustice. We will strive. [p.rIstlaD's response to social' ered. As under the old law,

The Best Jacksonville's Leading" '" FREE DELIVERYHOUSE to Insure for all persons the uUoDS, .clergymen will continue to n-
full opportunity for achieve nent Clarence Duncan of the Tele- .port their Income from the '
1 1I
FULL: according to the endowment. vision Commission said the ministry and make tax contributions .

given by God. convention's! action would be as selfemployedpersons.

Usher Baud Pictures Sinner WeddiitsWeidliE We will refuse to be a partyto MmmT'1ntfii through their \
flF. .
I any movement that fostersraelam Burner ous statnenprocrama. Clergymen who cannot par

I ir I FURNITUREFULL or violence or mob\ Be said their mall BOW included tkipate by reason of religious

action.We a heavy response from tilt nr- principle or conscience wlMt
Passport Pictures r I Receptions PRICE S will personally accept bona ethnic groups of the nation. j t peed to file aa application tor;
49. 9 Bamette bad suggestions for
5 every Christian u a brother exemption with the Internal Re-

Prints Clues CM Aiaiiersiries W bt1oYe41AtlltLorcltDdw.1coID. the seminaries that included::' 'venue Service by April I&,It1O.
I I Includes, to the fellowship of faith and I' of faculties with .For those catering the ministry -
7 pc. Bed Room Suite: worship every competent Negro teachers, not la 1969 or later,' the appUcatoa -
: Bowlint Tnms' Bally Pictures I Double Bed Mattress and Spring, Cheat Dressers Irrespective of race or person class.,' Just "some pet Negro"; prorlsion for exemption will hare ..

7 pcrLMng Room Suite: We will strive by personal'| of sure scholarships;est- I to be filed by the due date of
Bed, Chair 1 tables, S Lamps initiative tbUshment of tutortngserrices the income
s plc. and every appropriate -'[ ; tax return for t lilt
> Dinette Sel the start of
,' I IIf' : means of ffffBB1yBVaft"11to loner-city projects second taxable year after tte.rear .
Gas or Electric Range bridge divisive barriers, towork ,using students, and a change in la which they become ,
IT IS IMPORTANT, TRUST YOUR PICTURES ONLY 'Refrigerator with Cross: Top FraSer for reconciliation and toppm .the. curriculum toward reality ;c1er mea. I

chamois of fellowship tad: There was some frustration More information about this ,I

WITH A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER I llfll.f' EXCEPT, APPlllHCESCHAR.6E I \Cooperation. __ __ ..JBINC [about procedure, but finally the ,knew law and how it aflects:
1 1r group decided to ask
I agency
W. have a coupled relectbn ct V1Dr1 I.IId Cushion Floor clergymen can beobtlmdfrom
Linoleum cat to lour measurements r \Beads or a representative to your local Social Security

BOB SMITH FASHION STUDIO ,. ( YOU NEWS ;form a steering committee for Office. The Social Security Office
ACCOUNTS correlation
wELCOt120.Olscou planning.Meanwhile
r : ., for Jacksonville is located
\ I IO'TBE FLOIIDA'SYA'X533 ) each agency and pro-: at 400 West Bay Street. By

Mr uu..L .lUI1J!. ________ l.InULill.l2.D...!. ..' : 'N' ON CASH SALES J \ Mk111J D. :gram will and search long-term for both steps laBttdlau -' ager.PUE R. a. Donaldson, District Man



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., t.;. ..L .. ", ..;,. .. "", ... ", ;. :" < .. .. \ ,, .....-i.'t.. .. '" .. w '
.L A""' --: -."'..:''.. .a. .-L. ;

. r r r r r . .. . '. ",; :1 .


College Park First Second Baptist Trichologists lion Hope Baptist Will -

Baptist Has Annual Vacation School Host Big State MeetingThe nrg.f. 'fE5t< )

Rev F.D. Davis and the
membership Ends On July 14 UIIAN mil lOam
of the First Baptist Progressive Baptist State Sunday School and Baptist CHICAOO, N.IMOW sousFACING 4
Church of College Park will Training Union will convene from July 23 to July 28 with Zion
celebrate the eighteenth anniversary The closing program for the Hope Baptist. This will be the fifty-third annual session. The UP TO FACTS
Vacation Bible School Second church Is located at 1198 West Church
I beginning with July7at Baptist Church will be Sunday Hundreds of ministers and lay* Fault Epistle to the Romans, very frankly about our Sinful condition .
p.m. a curriculum both the
The week's celebration will July 14, In the evening service. men will be present for the minister's and covering the Chapter I and t 2? present dark but only to lave ut from It.
Almost two hundred children layman's picture of the human net, but acknowledge Thlt It where most philomphiet
feature the c convention. The theme will be
appearance of place In the church. Among
have school the facts record and the Bible clash head
been studying the "Onward Christian Soldiers In they on. Mont
ai\d\ churches. The schedule speakers will be Dr.A.B.Coleman *
for the past several weeks. World Crises." and you have taken the lint itep phi1o >phiei time their eyes tomin'
is as follows: Monday, Rev Shlloh Baptist, vice
D.J. Catlln, Murchlson Temple Holy Communion will be held The registration for the Workshop president of the General Baptist to talvatlon. By nature we shrink sinful nature. They premmethat
at the church at 8 from facing to tint, but man it good
C.M.E. ; Rev Warren, Varlck Sunday p.m. Period will be Tuesday Convention of Florida The up our we by nature when
Memorial A.ME. Zion; Rev Rev. Sams, assisted by associates from 3 to 5 p.m. Mrs. Mary Social Service Hour will beSaturda'l are better off If we do. overwhelming evidence bean wit.
Waterford, Henry Gordon sandofflclals Whltehurst will be In chargeof at 9:45 a.m. The Pre- If a mall hat early Indication of nest that he' It sinful by nature
officiate. The combined choirs the local church cancer and hit physician kl't'pllhe Thus human philotophiet olfc.n;'
A.M.E.; Rev W. H, Llptrot, program sident's Hour will be Friday
Second Baptist.Tuesday will sing. ;,,' featuring the choirs. Mrs. morning. Rev G.W. Scott of truth from him the patient will salvation from tin and in Just
: Rev. W.L. Bell, Ep- Sunday School will begin at Whitehurst comes from Sanford Jacksonville and Rev. Leon T. die of cancer A !good! and wine phviclan penally Only "the gospel of the
Local 38 attended the Orange Blossom Cosmetology _
heslan Baptist. Wednesday: 9:30. Consecration will be heldat Trlchology No. and Is the State Director of Greenf man of Bartow will speakat will say: You have cancer and graft of God" dun that
convention in Winter Haven. Shown above are Mrs Minnie .
1045. The morning worship we should' do
Music. about it
Rev L. Williams, Greater Bethany 1030. Rev. James Carl Sams something
; Rev J.C. Sams Second, begins at 11 a.m. The Baptist Alexander and Miss Mary Collins,whoattended.Miss Collins The first study period will beheld will speak at 11:30. without delay"Thua TO GET A GOOD JOB-GET
Baptist; Thursday, Rev, Jake Training Union will be at 4:45. won second place In the queen's contest and received a trophy. at 6(15 Thursday at the A.L. The program embraces mental God in Hit Word Iclli ut A GOOD EDtxATJJN: .NOWI,
The Prayer of Faith Hour begins Lewis Junior High School of
Ray, Jr., Union Progressiveand and physical participation
Bishop>> M. Baker, Church at 7 p.m. The Council of the Tells Beaver and Everson. Rev J.L. small children and of youth. MCDtfcN T.V.' 5rr: of the Living God. Teachers and Officers will be Negro PublishersRace Stephens of Fort Myers, State The Mission Hour will close ALL MAKE AND MODELS CRVICCD HCPAIMCDDPCN :
Friday: Rev B.H. Hartley at 7 p.m. Dean, will be assisted by Rev out the convention. Study MON. .M.U fail. 9 OO TO 7,OO
M.J. Williams of Tampa. to all. BAT. *OO till *:OO I
Friendly Baptist; Rev Allen, Would Be In Danger courses are open
The School of Methods offers
Community Baptist Rev. A.
; Barristers PledgeAid 1 J
Garvin,, Goodshepherd Baptist; Rev McCray GoesIn NEW YORK- "If Richard Nixon Is nominated by the Republican Philadelphia Gets FREE PICK: UP XSy. AND DELIVERY ;'

Rev C.A. Weaver Dayspring; Party to be its candidate for the Presidency! am a Democrat ToAbernalhyWASHINGTON F..O..I 9aa.032 sjpUaWUy aaoa N MVMTLC AVCJOC ,
Sunday: Rev W.L. Jones, First To Everson Church Thus spoke Jackie Robinson,the former baseball star and special ROBINION. M... Xx" fyC*' JACKSONVILLE TLA.
Corinth Elder A.L. Aeorospace Program
; Cooper, assistant to Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, In I -The National '
Atlantic Beach Holiness Sunday _
: Rev Carter Greater;Gall- Rev N. McCray pastor of speaking to delegates to the National Newspaper Publishers PHILADELPHIA -fix years Bar Association, all-Negro itI
lee Baptist. Union Community A. M. E. Association, which closed their annual convention here. ago the Rev Leon Sullivan, pledged itself, with Judge Billy I
Church along with his choir, of the AfroAmericanNewspapers Jones of East St. Gabriel's Episcopal
Sunday School begins at 10 The occasion for the attack on er pastor of Zion Baptist Church St. Louis as pre-
The will give services Monday night, at the Robin- was re-elected founded a self-help program for sident, to support the Poor
a.m. morning services begin Nixon took place
8 at 8 at the Ever of the National Newspaper Annual July 14 1968
at 11:30. All pastors will July p.m. sons' ranch-style home in president his Negro parishioners.Under People's Campaign its Outing ,
Street Baptist Church. The Publishers Association .
be son Conn. where Jackie the program, called the "direction action within the
accompanied by choirs,congregations Stamford, ,
will be for the benefitof at Its convention which adjourned law
program 10-36 framework of to overcome
and The brunch for the ; parishioner
officers. hosted a visiting
church is located In the nineteen Usher Board No. l Mrs. publishers As Robinson spoke here.Reelected agreed to Invest $10 a month poverty and prejudice In
Gold Head Lake
Battle Watts Is president. Rev. with Mr. Murphy America." :
hundred block on West 4th St. Governor Nelson Rockefeller Vice President Garth for 38 months to help Initiate
O. Johnson Is pastor. were
The forty-third convention will
Rev R.D. Davis is pastor. was at his side, and many of Reeves of the the construction of apartment
his listeners wore "Kocky"buttons. publisher houses, shopping centers and be held here July 29 through vstrYV
Miami Times; Howard H. Mur other business enterprises August 3 at the Washington t

Atlantic Beach Alberta latimore Standing around Jackie and the phy, treasurer Afro-American With more than 600 Investors Hilton HoteL The planning committee Adults 51.50 Children $1.00 I It
and the
Governor were some 76 publishers Newspapers; gathered In the church, Mr. there last week, visited
Benefit Is SundayA who heard the Governor Board of Directors which Included Sullivan announced the Resurrection City, with
PreachesThe t
and candidate for the C.C. DeJole Jr., establishment of the program' Attorney James L. Cobb pf e-
benefU program wUl be given Republican nomination for publisher of the Louisiana newest project: plant for the sident of the Washington Bar Bus leaves Church!.) 10:00: am.
Rev H.H. Wright, of the Sunday night, July 7, at 8 p.m President tell them that "the Weekly; Balm L. LeaveD, Jr., manufacture of components for Association as host. At that .

Second Beach Baptist Church, of Atlantic at the Acorn Street Community problems in the great cities- publl.bu.l'ew St.; the aerospace Industry.The time Dr Abernathy, not then Ediewood & Ate B 10:15: a.m.
norldaalonlwlthb1a House for Mrs. Alberta Lati point in the slams, Frank Mitchell, publisher plant, known as Progress in Jail, welcomed them
congregation will render more, 2058 West 18th. Singing Injustice-*re Intolerable and Louis Argus; John Sengstacke Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.,Is I Moncriel 10:25: a.m.
services on Thursday bight Defender 45th
publisher Chicago
groups and organisations of the can be dealt with" ; kill black-initiated, owned and
July 18, in behalf of the Wo city will be present to make the They also heard Jackie Robin- Frank L. Stanley, publisher administered," Mr. S nil I van RAPIDTV
men's Day at the St. Peters affair a success spiritually and son tell them that "the same Louisville Defender; Carlton, said He called It the first of its 13lb & Myrtle ( library) 10:41): ) am.
A.M.E Church, located on 30th financially. people who supported BarryGoldwater Goodlltt, publisher the Sin kind In America and possibly the SERVICETV
and Lee Streets the Rev ri. Francisco: Sun-Reporter and
Bernard McClaln Is sponsorIng of Arizona the Republican world.
Wallace Services Pastor.will begin at 8 o'clockp the program candidate in 1964, the Mrs.Kansas C.A. Franklin City Call, publisher Vernon "When the first man lands Service calls $3.00 Kings Rd & Myrtle 11:00: a.m.

Rev. well known support Nixon today. U Nixonis on the moon, we want him to Financing Available Tickets on sale at Florida Star Office 2J2J Moncrlef
m. Wright
Mitchell ofth.Columbllll'f'Ws.
elected President we, as have something we have made, Phone: 35J-88M .. ,
as a Gospel Minister and Mrs. Bannister was elected secretary of the said. -
the clergyman
speaker recently conducted a Negroes are In serious trouble; .Association
successful Revival at St.Peters we would, in my opinion be On June 21 the annual
Church Will Celebrate going backward. coveted Kusswurm Awards !
Robinson's listeners had attended were made to Honorable WlliardWlrtt FLORIDA STAR Home Delivered Now j
a convention of the
Gospel Annual"Great National Newspaper Publishers Secretary of Labor;Wal I

New Redeem Will Association, representing the ler Washington, Mayor of
D.C. Carl Stokes
Washington, ; ,
<<: Singing Jubilee" nation's largest Negro
Big MaJor of Cleveland, Ohio
Have Usher Tea Is the title of the songfest which publications with a reported Richard Hatcher Mayor of t
combined of 13 million.
will utter la t the next gospel readership Gary, Indiana; Pearl Bailey,
New Itcdeem Baptist Church, song anniversary of Mrs Ethel star of,"Hello DoU,"; and Tom .
1714 East Thirtieth, will be the Davenport Bannister. T k II The convention,which was held Hawkins. Los.Angeles\ .taken \
scene of a Uc sponsored by event will take place at St. at the Summit Hotel In New football star.
Usher Board No. J Sunday at Thomas Baptist on Sunday,July york, beard Senator Eugene J.
3 p.m. 14, at 1:30'p.m.. Rev W.C. McCarthy and Vice President
Participants will be: Deacon I'ealls pastor.Participants Humphrey, the contenders for carr
George Ward and Deacon Eunice listed to appear the Democratic Presidential St. Petersburg.CONTINUED

Dunson, Choir No. 3 of are: Mighty Golden Jubilee nomination, on Thursday and' I

Redeemer Miss Patricia War. Quartet, Cllftones, Mrs. Essie Friday. FROM PAGE 1
Miss WllLentina Smith, Miss Mae Thomas, Art Goodman's Speaking to the publishers, .3 yAy f
Delorls Patterson, MISS Dianne Choir, Band of Truth Choir, Mr, Rockefeller expressed the ,
Mathis, Miss Evonne Hampton,' Verslteers. Davenport Singers hope that "the voice of the failed to agree to any kind of

Horace Dix, Edward Jones,Leroy of Philadelphia and Mrs. EU- people be beard in both conventions negotiation. 4
Hampton, Larry Norman ubeth Fair of Washington,sister -open conventions." Then, the downtown merchants \
of the singer John H. Murphy, m, publish- signed a letter supporting the

St. luke Unit Guy Graham, Philadelphia, administration. Then, the Negroes :
cousin of Mrs. Bannister will Mother Foxes Move broadened out to Include 1

Plans MeetingDistrict serve as emcee The Friendly racial conditions In general 1i
Host and Hostess Club will Mother fox squirrels commonly Rev King 1s in the midst of i
No. 2 of the St. Luke serve. Mrs. Irene Williams is move their young from this The NAACP asked for a
Baptist Church will meet Sunday president. one den tree to another. the boycott which did not get the

July 7, at the home of the Mrs Bannister will present"A mother grasps the belly skin best results The NAACP also
president at <4< p.m., at 5104 Tribute to Dr.Martin Luther in her teeth The little squirrel requested the downtown mer-
Grass Lloyd Drive Mrs. M. King, Jr." The Sunny Rose latches onto her bead and neck chants to withdraw their
Still Is president. M. Armstead Quartet will also appear. All with all four paws suggestion '
Is leader. Rev U.J. Trowell Is are Invited Rev. King's astonishing resemblance r You Don't Have To Miss A Single Issue Of The STAR,

pastor, to the late Dr. King 4

RELIGION AND RACEBy has brought many responses.
He is eloquent at sermonizing.He ,
Pallbearers Union moves like his brother with

Meets At Mt. Ararat NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALSLUM strong strong appreciation heavy Intonation for words.and The STAR Is Carrying More Of The News

AIDATLANTA Reports from St. Pete are, that
Pallbearers Grand Union (NPI) U took delegates to the fourth biennial response has been create
Lodge No. 228 will meet Tuesday convention of the Lutheran Church In America a little time- St. Petersburg's til fired gar- YOU Want To Read AbouL.Bul I

at 7.30 p.m. in the Ut. five and half hours-but they finally approved a resolution bagemen were scheduled t o
Ararat Educational Building. permitting the church to raise $8.5 million for'work In slums make an after-hour parade
Miss Marguerite Dennis is across the nation. Originally the figure had been $8 million, but Tuesday to the City Hall. No
president, during the heated debate which followed, the amount was paredby mention was made of Rev, AJ. You don't have to borrow your neighbor1 s paper ;\ ,

$1.5 million. King, brother of the assassinated :to read about the activities in your churches, j

Church Martin Luther JUng Jr., clubs and sewing circles etc. More than 10,000 .,.
Bethel PROTESTCHICAGO who came In from Tampa to help alone having their favorite 4'' I
-(N PI)-More than 200 ministers elders of the the protestors. homes in Jacksonville are
Holds Service Chicago Presbytery gathered in McCormick Theological Semi Tension remained In the air. Negro newspaper delivered Friday and Sat- ,rI' "

nary to register an angry protest at the "repeated and vicious The garbagemen were permitted urday. Why' not you? ':'
The regular summer session maligning" of the Rev John- Fry during the proceedings of the to plan for a march Tuesday
of the New Bethel Church will McClellan Senate Subcommittee, probing charges that govern beginning at 5 and ending
come to an end soon. ment funds are being used to pay off youth gangs. Rev. Fry, at about 5:45 p.m. Police Chief Start Home Delivery Of The STAR This Coming Week ;

The Sarah McGlnaish Missionary pastor, First Presbyterian Church, is under fire because has Harold Smith said that the work- "
Society was In charge Sunday allowed the Blackstone Rangers to use his church as a meeting ers asked about permit for the ;
Mrs. Olivia Harrell Is place week. These could be made each .
Just Fill in The Blank Below And 'j
Mrs. Melanie Jones Say. ..
president. day and not on a week's basis, '
Is coordinator. Rev David Matthews PUBLISHING REP according to Chief Smith. J

spoke. Mrs. Gertrude NASHVILLE (NPI)) The Rev William T. Handy, Jr., a Nobody under 18 can inarch. Florida Star < i'
Morse was at the organ former executive director of both the Baton Rouge Council on Mayor Don Jones addressed a .
Mrs. Willie M. Jones sup- Human Relations and NAACP branch, has been named publishing breakfast meeting Monday and P.O. Box 599Jacksonville. .4' .
ervlsed an appree1at1oosenice.tor representative for the Methodist Publishing House. Pastor since told his hearers that a way out Florida 32201 .i5,
community graduates. She 1959 of St. Mark United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge, his new must be found. He felt that the ; 1
was assisted by Mrs. Queen duties Initially will Involve field work and ,visitations promotethe City Council can be extremely Deliver The Florida Star every week to: :
Bruton and Mrs. B. Ualbory. periodical "Together," general church organ,among former effective In brlngingabout solutions ';:,
Three donors to the church are Central Jurisdiction (Negro) churches to problems.A ,.. ;
o .F.F. Donaldson, Church School, representative from the National ', '
: F.J. Williams New Piano Crusade O.K. GIVEN Council of Churches, NAME --- ----- .
and W. D. Cannon, roofing DEKALB, UL-(NPO-A request by the Rev Moses Dickinson Lenny freeman, was In town to
and repairs. pastor. Resurrection Lutheran Church, to be excused from offer help. Plans were made ;
On Sunday night July 14,there sessions of the annual LutheranChurch-UissourlSyood's also by the sanitation workersfor ADDRESS -APT. 1.t1'; ::

will be a big musical The Usher ern Qlinnois district conference, was approved unanimously by an all-day meetfcgWednes .l '
Boardwill be In charge.Arthur delegates. Rev. Dickinson had wanted to heed the call by the Rev day. Senator George Davis of CITY PHONE \i ,

t Mitchell and Mrs. Alberta Ralph David Abernathy for "concerned clergymen" to converge Louisville, first Negro to be '
I Morris are charge. Proceedswill upon the nation's capital "to demonstrate support of the Poor elected to the Kentucky senate, ", "': ':'.ilI\ :

church go office for the repair of the. solving People's>> this campaign nation's and social the non-violent ills, movement as a means of a also.director of the SCLC, spoke I. will pay the carrte&,20 cents per week for my paper J :A:'


: ,; ."

,j ,;, ,' "L ,,. :.J ,!/. "
'" "" ,,,, ,, I

-." !,-,, ., ,

S v'r''U ,


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a. L- &LL LL LLL A &L&.L .L.LL L L ._ L. & & - -



-- .. ,
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: : "-' -

I -- ""'-.... PEMININEAuslme ; ", '. ,.., _

I -
...rI --
.... ,
__ _
.. ,

; aJ fAOJ

La mar Wonder Under Sewing Aid Planning For A Queen

fashion Eliminates itching -

I answers questions about
Wonder Under Is a new magic home sewing aid that eliminates Junior Mui etiquette,
stitching by fusing one fabric to another or to itself. It is now grooming and intertill. ,I
being introduced locally in fabric departmentsandfabric centers.
This revolutionary new product I'ce d according to directions. i, Q. !My favorite before-tchool1
has been developed by the i Even a beginner in the art breakfast I Is bacon, eggs and
A Pellon Corporation to fill specific of sewing will find that garments foist, but Mother Insists that I
needs for the home sewer. take on a more professional wash the dishes before I leave
It was scientifically researchedfor look when Wonder Under the home. Any shortcuts for
many years before it was is used. Wonder Under Is band morning clean.ops?

pattern'A introduced to the wholesale and machine washable as well !! I A. Good for you! A high.protein
market where it bas been successfully 'as dry cleanable Wonder Under ( breakfast keeps mid.morning
used for some three comes in twenty Inch widths and hunger pangs at bay longer
years. Now for the first time, .sells for about 90 cents per than a sweetroll eaten on the
home sewers can buy It. 'yard. ,run! Morning clean-up isn't
Wonder Under is easy to use Free instruction booklets on 'really difficult. ,Use the same
and saves hours of sewing time. the use of Wonder Under are pan for eggs and bacon While
It gives a professional look to available in all fabric depart- 'a bacon is frying over a low low
rit1 heat can get dressed. When
I home sewn garments; it doesno ments. you
the bacon Is fried drain the
change the look or feel of
grease and wipe the pan with a
the fabric Itself; it does not Kleenex paper towel Now fry or
stiffen. This non-woven pro-.
the the
scramble eggs By time
duct "webs" the areas to be Leather 'TicketImportanl 'ou've eaten breakfast the pan
fused, eliminating such tedious. will be cool and ready to waih
sewing tasks are basting, tackIng When
.. It is Q. rte beard about an the
\ and pad stitching peerfeet
1i \
p lotions, and
creams pastes
for making hems and collars .
ladies Go Out washing preparations for problem .
for applying appliques,
skli. None of them
\ trims and Interfacing: Wonder In the fall footwear election, REALLY help! Have any new
; Under mends tears and boles it's the smashing leather shoe 4 Ideas?
It II not a third fabric like a -' '
for the ladies
styles that ;
are -
J : A. Cleanliness and diet are
tape, but becomes a part of the "the
sure toreglster people'schoice. ; still the real keys! General good
fabric itself.
." Women will discover:
Wonder Under has countless + health habits plenty of rest
that fashion has rallied
exercise and proper diet go
applications In the home decorating -' the foot, with shoes beautiful a long way in helping problem'
,' + \) \ field. It may be usedIn or bold highlighting news-mak- ; skin You know the foods to

} the hemming of bedspreads, ing leathers, trims, toes and .F" j ;!: avoid cola drinks, chocolate,

place mats, curtains and drap heels. -. ,. ,.,.-.._._.,-. nuts, shellfish but do yon
cries The lather larder Is chockfull } know the foods that feed
No. R.230 Directions, which come with of handsome footwear healthy skin They're the foods
Slitt 12.20 the purchase of the product, finishes, each equal to being the ValerlTuVerne --- high, In vitamin' A. vitamin' Band "
80 finalists the fourteenth
NEW YORK Dlckerson of
and to fold CaOUorala among
are simple easy total Niacin: liver, yellow vegetables
shoe interest
SLIM, chic basic dress I.ties on added gfimoiir with offside bodice low. Cut Wonder Under, whichIs to trim and or background A annual National College Queen Pageant, adds finishing touches on a cake during the Best eggs, fish, chicken and
draping a dress for ccrociation, Make it ns dress-up ai a web of polymerized fibers, partial list of these design.versatile Foods Cook-In, one of the major competitive events held In New York City at the Pierre lean meats, and green and leafy
you choose in brocade, matclaste, printed jersey at well as In on thk underside of a transfer leathers would Include Hotel Miss Dickerson is the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. William O. Dlckerson vegetables keep your skin
crepe or faille paper to de.lred.1It and shape. lustre and of Riverside and is the first Negro to appear u a finalist Miss Dickerson was announced u clean too,with oflcn-as-possibl

Price 91. R-230 i is axaiMile lit sizes 12.14.16, 18. 20, Size 14 Place web size down on fabricto ; suede genuine, brushed patent and split leathers winner on TY on June 17 from West Palm Beach: API Photo face, washings!

takes 2H yards of 44 hah fabrk. Standard body measurement Iron with a dry Iron. In cowhide leathers; toft and -- ---- -
for size 14 ares' Dust 34, Waist 28, Hint 38. hemming, if desired to have a sporty waxy and glove leathers
Send One Dollar for pattern, plus S emit for portage, in cash or more finished look, pink the grained leathers of all depths; "YO.UR DOLLAR
check No Stamp. For Find dam mailing,vend IS cents extra. Add edges after this first step. Allow a multitude of embossed leathers tt"
One Dollar if you wish I NEW AUSTIN E LA MAR PATTERN BOOK to cool and then peel paper ; and newest of all, the
f 4-complete selection of High Fashion designs, including ALL away. Place second piece offabric ;appealing antiqued or band- BUYS MORE
best-teller.Send lo AUSTINE LA MAR Fashion Pattern, (name of on fused area and press stained "",nd"bather each 1
your newspaper), Box 1615. C.P.()? New York, N.Y. 10001. Print 'With steam Iron. lies the natural gifts of porosity 1 11
your full name, address. PATTERN MILDER AND SIZE. In uliu Wonder Under for and moldablllty which offer AT YOUR BANNER
hemming, apply transfer paper the leather shoe swearer superior .1
'to fabric to be fused. Then,
comfort,and freshness of
Elegant & Glowing peeltransfer paper and pro- loot at all times. To these Innate WEDNESDAY FOOD SCORE"QUANITN

. qualities, the American SPECIALS GOOD THROUGH
,el --. ,, tanning Industry adds the resources RIGHTS RESERVED
FashionFlash : of their centuries of
,. { \ experience and research: t o

.' give the leathers added beauty i SWIFTS PREMIUMCHUCK
a individuality and durability.;
.NEW YORK ICi{' )-Thebig Don't get caught flat-footed
.0.." of fashion black, this fall. Heels are rising:? ROAST l6. 48
navy blue, and bilge are slowly, to be cure, but even
l iIIll around but they're going for daytime wear as well as
r to be hard to pot In this after dark you'll be seeing
'ear's of colorful styles. These newly .
.WI > kalcldoacopt: higher SWIM'S
it\lea. raised heels are' antis high- SWIMS PREMIUM I PREMIUM
Print, print and more prlnli and quite different In appearance -

and are hati bolder the In-umJ bvtkr the brlhkr types-
Mrlpe weber and dither In all and sport varying GRADE! )| tt mimm
gvomrtrk thaprthaxcbvtn shapes: straight,curved,round,
luonenvd hkh up.ndfiowerllkedvclgiu twirl Bahlevery : occasionally: pinched flatten MAXWELL HOUSE IKS! .

bear way little rwtublumt lo ed at back. Those chunky: low'
(not flat) and mid heels will
anything rivaled b>' Mother Na
fur* continue, as an esthetic balanceto CRISCO COFFEE
And the color! The)"'", |MM|, th.lUlltr rounded or squared
llvd)' ptyrhvdilk.. hot pinks, Inclines lUll prevalent. Heels
glowing grenu, brilliant blurt, now start at half-Inch heights,
and often In mixtures; that would _
and go to three inches: 1SC0llMll
have owe _hex k..oct even a rotor
Surest "shoe-In" on the ballot
I expert Is the high-fronted daytime ONE PLEASE
It sound like bit
may a too 10
pump, done In a broad spectrum 69 oz.9'9tL.IIUT
much but the
Jk- A4 fabric d..ltr.'r.ban .
to deftly blended the colors of leathers. If s interestIng ,1 MITI $5.CU OR
The new way to cagey llttlttwioctr and print that a woman look to note that the high-rise gianl
pot and flowing slip & -s Pattern 190U made up bright' and guy without gi\lng tongue Is undoubtedly a reflection MORE FOOD ORDER
made from sheet Nylon and Silk fabric Ihr appearance of an animated of two current trends, the ONE( PLEASE
19004. To make It, American Silk Mills and a Christmas tree. trend to "up front"ornamentation '
about I 1/2 yards of overdress."i) and Acetate crepe from One fabric house developed and the renewed popularity Nlfti J5.CO OR
colored rainbow Wear it this way.. group offirtworkt bright print* of boots. Covering up part ..
Lawrence A slip aloe or fora tall In Knltslure.knit that a hat new the' testure bodfeel!-se1nylon tel the instep gives a semi- MORE [1000 ORDEn
plete the ensemble, dress-up look the dress
and luster of silk matteJersey. boot look to this footwear, no
a includes: a coat and In a heavier fabric.: matter how low cut the sides.DISCOUNT .





: \ r .,. PIES (PK6. Of 12)) 3 F.O


: ? r .. PRICES LIGHT TUNA !!cS 3



w : ;*c'' I' SPECIALS PEAS 303 CAN 4FOR

"'" .


"., ., _..".:.u..'.-.Jat""H" .' .. .: .iaJ'p "..."...1. Io ; .. ,..... '.
.e .''.- ... ,. ::
: :I'W. '''''' r, ";C..; ,.-" -?


1 4 .


.... .... ..
I A ... "' .. A" .

. ; : :
. ,.t ;. ,. ..,
:: ; .



I here's the "how" to meal planning and creative cookerd I IOld

-- --

Fashioned Cooking Has Cooking Has Changed This Week's let Daughter Do It

Favorite Recipes

Lost Out-Try These RecipesIn When the entire family Is home, serve an Imaginative
hamburger luncheon, Cheddar-Chive Burgerwlchea. Make
the time an art that only highly skilled cooks would attempt. Just Cheddar cheese and chives between thin patties to pleaseall
getting the Ingredients ready required halt a day's work I ages
Sugar came In bard loaves that bad to be chipped and pounded,
then silted over and over, as much to remove unwelcome: visitors CHEDDAR.CHIVE BURGERWICHES
as to lighten it. The eggs bad to be weighed because they t
% cup (small can) undiluted velteilttd evaporated milk
varied so much In size that it was Impossible to give a definite 14 pound ground beef
number. % cup fine cracker crumbs
Egg whites were beaten with center comes out clean. Cool. I M teaspoon teatoned tall
twigs, and butter was laboriously Split layers crosswise to make i'h N: l M teaspoon celery tilt 1&
creamed by band with a 4 thin layers. Spread Lemon '/> cup grated process Cheddar cheese
wooden spoon. And the ovens! Cream Filling between layers. teitpooni chopped chive 5
Fires were built right In those Place a lace paper dolly on top V 6 hamburger bunt, split and touted
old brick ovens. When the wood of the cake and sprinkle gen 6 slices of tomato
bad burned down,the ashes were erously with confectioners' alt Combine evaporated milk, beef, cracker crumbsseasoned
raked out and the cake: batter sugar. Then carefully: lift off salt and celery salt; mix well.Divide! mixture Into 13 parts. Hq.
put in. doily, leaving a lacy: sugar de- Press' out 12 patties between pieces of waxed paper to r
cakes have about 4 to 44 Inches. Sprinkle 6 patties with cheese and
Truly, come long sign.
chives. Place other 6 patties on top of cheese-chive mix
In the past hundred
years ture. Press edges together. Place on broiling rack on
or so. Today's young borne LEMON CREAM FILLING a broiler Place moderate .
0. pan. pan In a oven (350) Bake
maker can turn out marvelous I\, 20 to 25 minutes. Do not turn paLtI /. Arrange burger., I
cakes In almost no time with 1 envelop whipped topping mix: wlches on bottoms of buns. Arrange tomatoes on tops of
all the good cake mixes and 1 package (3-J/4 ox.) lemon Is- 1 buns. L
marvelous kitchen equipment slant pudding
available to her. 1-1/2 cups COLD milk
Graham Cracker Torte with. 2 tablespoons lemon Juice For Worm Summer Days-A Special Salad
Lemon Cream Filling Is old 2 teaspoons grated lemon rind
t y Perfect for any season but most appreciated on a warm
fashioned in looks and taste, early summer dRY Is a fruit salad. And here Is a delicious
but it's plenty modern to make. Combine all Ingredients In a combination of fruits made a little more special with Peter ... .vII,
White cake mix Is blended with deep narrow-bottom mixing Pan-apple Dressing. The dressing, a smooth blending of
Graham Cracker crumbs: and bowL Beat slowly until well A hundred years ago cake baking was sock a ffiffleult art I peanut butter, pineapple and orange Juices and Just a dash During the simmer vacation period perhaps the daughter of the
chopped nuts, among other in* blended. Gradually Increase only highly skilled cooks would attempt to prepare anything. To- of maple sftup.thas a slightly nutty flavor to compliment Jamil?, If a teenager would enjoy preparing Tropical: Ice. Tug
gredlents. The cooled layersare beating speed and beat until 'day, a young homemaker can turn out 1I\ItY.1ousdeUclcles such the fruit. Pretty as It Is appetising, this salad has nutrition Instant Breakfast Drink and Swans Down Cake Mix are easy to
split and filled with meltIng mixture will form soft peaks .as Graham Cracker Torte with Lemon Cream Filling with very plus, sine the dressing contains high protein. 'use and effective as to taste. .
smooth Lemon Cream FU. 4 to 6 minutes. Blend In lemon little effort. Courtesy of Jell-O Lemon Instant Pudding. peanut butter.

ling( made quickly with Jell Juice and lemon rind. Makes PETER PAN-APPLE SALAD DRESSING Menus Ahead
o Lemon Instant Pudding and about I-l/I cups.Store frosted( (Makes 1 cups) Prepare
whipped topping mix. Then the cake In refrigerator. VACATION COOKING M cup! Peter Pan Peanut M cup orange juice
cake top Is given Its pretty lacy Butter 2 teaspoons maple syrup And Save Extra WorkWhen
Mealtime Makes M cup pineapple juice blended
placing a dolly
patten by
paper it's turn to entertain the ladles for lunch, you know
over It, and sifting confection Blend Ingredients together. Serve over apple, your
Majority Mellow and fruit salads. orange, right now that you're going to bare to keep one eye on the clock,
ers' sugar generously over the pineapple peach
and flowers
ClOt on tidying up th.llouse and arranging the ,
top. StlrnliM tlati in the Catholic .. A and one on the fool And unless you have three eyes and. are a
Diget that there It a beak;, Feast On This Cheese Cake real pro at entertaining this Is pretty tricky I
GRAHAM CRACKER TORTE time of dos7 for almot ,
Mealtime any. 11"1,,', a cheese pound C'IIh.t\ not only ilrllchU the eye but The best I way to be an tm- sliced: tomatoes, and salad
thing. teem to be, ,r.ln- Just nltu.I1)In11H the cordiality of harried hostess Is to
1 package white cake mix the1slate. plan a dressing-Hind that's It.
of the hml. .
one colfr The Kitchen created It with all the delightful
4 I cup finely crushed Graham of menu that can be preparedaheadone For your entree, plan Chicken
r gmwt tat nram rhenM (or Nrufrhat'l for the calorieconarious
Cracker crumbs: The bet time of day to corM 1Y ) blrnilnl with Panlih-flator margarine and rgg that will require t la King or Shrimp Creole to
11/2 cups water wince anyone of anything) I I. only reheating and/or last mID: make ahead and refrigerate
2 egg whites while he U enjoying a good: Cheese Pound Cake ute assembling from you.Gelatin overnight. When the aero hour
2 salsdsWperfectlyintotbese close reheat chicken
tablespoons granulated sugar meal.<< is getting ,
1/2 cup chopped walnuts Studies how that we caret) (Alnl.f".our 9t $ e t-txcli loaf rob) requirements because they are or shrimp while you prepare
Lemon Cream Filling 2 .f-ot.) pkga.\ Borden :3 eggs liked almost universally and because packaged enriched precookedrice
Confectioners' Sugar ,nosh more utceplible to pert ("'....m or NVufchatrl I l..a..- tanllla extract they can: be made the day to serve as an aceompanl
vuanion when, we are rating The best kind of vacation cooking no cooking at all! However. C"2" cup sifted cake flour before your luncheon. ment Brown-and-serve rolls
cooking if one of life' necetutie and since few people today 1 cup (tallrkt) 1 teaipoon baking powder
Combine cake mix cracker II"I Jellied Cabbage and Peas biscuits
omethlng, that we enjoy. ThlH have cook, the ben friend a summer chef can have are convenience flavor marftarln / teaspoon alt I or packaged refrigerate -
crumbs, water, en whites, and | >ak |>ertnd' of heightened' re< foods. such at ready-lo-u condcn<. d soups which can 1 cup sugar Salad, made with JeU-O Lemon go nicely with this menu.
granulated sugar. Beat 1 minutes ,, laM few be used in such a number of ways. The article include a group of Soften rhrra and manrarlne at room temperature. In a or Lime Gelatin, bas the added Most desserts bold well, so
'Mlnah""" only a .
or until smooth and "| recipe all easy and fait to prepare. Other hints for happier vacationt laif-lt' mixing beat cheese and margarine until I light advantage of making hot vegetable make a cake or pie or puddingthat
creamy. Mix In walnuts. Pour minutrt. It begins with the brat include ux of paperware to lake the wakh out of uiiwath- mini fluffy. bllr In :-r. *. one at a time, beating well unnecessary since it'" you do especially well, to
,;, batter into two 9-inch layer chunk of aleak and end when ing: tips on how to plan and shop to live time and effort: what after each . .: which have been greased amount of paper Jet vice to buy (bated on four people). Whether powder and salt. Fold\ Into hatter blend well. Gnaw a B x 9 x cooked peas. Before serving
pans to
'U ha all l-em eaten. At no .... Ming A lovely, leisurely
'coh loaf Turn batter Into Bake In a moderatet'A ?
: vacation II I be cabin on a camplnltrlf1. pan. pan time nnmold Individual salads
?! cooking to at a tuntmcr ,
and floured. Bake at 950 dig
; -
I time vf Ihe dcy I I. a man morel!,, (3W: F.) P\M about 1 hour ami 8ft\ minute*. Cool In pan for luncheon ? ,
hile booing orjut In the backyardi.ttym, ik' _Cooktng".wO'" onto pretty salad plates,jarnlsn
I'' .es lar.t10/i>> 45 minutes or "* : ) +Inutt'n ,: until rake teeter Inserted Into anthiaMe to suggestion.'i, help reader nuke; it a "Take-it-Fasy" summer.EDGEWOOD. with lettuce,cherry tomatoes or *. I


'.., ,

.' AYE. B

t '


;" :

i: t


EAB PK G. 35e r
; T1 All FLAVORS ;
1 '
\' J'

; REG. PK6. 25 : z SHORTENING 29 2 10 3

JEWEL The store that


a,>. "MORE FOOD ORDER 3 l B, cares about you!

-. CAN 4






U.SN0. 1 '3 DOZEN 50* PKG. 59< MAYONNAISE ... JAR 4q fl ANIiE1

: .




10, LB.: BAG DRINKS ''E44 h ,. )

,, j
1 MB.
CHIPS BOX 59c stiiJitJ


Watermelons Bananas WAREHOUSE. STORE

: .. REYNOLDS WRAP 3000 W, 45th si. .


r"y"e 25 FT. ROLL 296 EACH 59 1. C ARE GOOD THROUGH

UMNO 59 v "u".nw.mtt M''IIIPU'I ___ SATURDAY_ J JULY S,,

." .,'.1. LB. .,

I .

J '. .. .

:f.Y.._.._..,"__, ,,...'..: _. __a. ..- .' .AA. _.L_ LLL L __ LLL L. __ .. nO h.... u... .. ". .. ..... ., """""."c.\." L. ". .



Mcr 8. Jill LAPELS MTHIiT. JULY I, I8M.tfe



: * *Miami Gets Set For Red Carpet Treatment Of Republican Confab*.* *

PNONt NI: e.etteBAILEY'S Nassau Bahamas Is Center Success SmilesFlorence Miami Officials PrepareFor

Of Funmaking For New Year 1 100,000 On August 5

a NASSAU, Bahamas- (Special) Every day Naspjan and
the Bahamas are becoming greater tourists attractions, to the
DRY CLEANERS extent, that the Ministry of Tourism, Bahamas News Bureau, MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Although the Republican National
has released a pretentious brochure of activities which, begin Convention's opening date here Is not until Aug. 5, the meeting
nlng with May 1 past, will continue into late all. A variety of la occupying most tithe thoughts of Miami Beach's officialdom.
activities has been scheduled. Some are listed here: Actually, preparations for the 300 teletypewriters. There is
\ July: 3-12, Boat Squadron (New Providence) and the COP gathering have been the hardly a spot in Miami Beach,
Cruise, Freeport, Grand HOI District will celebrate city's major single concern Including the golf courses, not
NIW "NO usaD CARPtTI AND IIUOSLlNOLIUN Bahama, etc.; 8-2, Bimini Big abolition of slavery In the nineteenth J since last Sept 20, when the subject to "live" television
I f ALL elate Game Fishing Club Blue Mar century. The village 1 contract was signed for the coverage on a half-hour's
r SPECIALs lln Tournament; August 2,3,4, takes on a holiday atmospherewith i M convention. Miami Beach has notice.
5.95 12X12 12.95 Gateway Marathon International religious services,dances : been host to numerous meetings The city has provided parking
6X9 3.50 I'*" 1J.95 and 300 Powerboat Race, West games, basaars and concerts. u large or larger, but never, space for some 5,000 vehicles,
Palm Beach to Freeport, etc. Olympics will be the feature I one entailing the outlay of u around Convention HalL Buses
LINOLEUM CITY Emancipation Day will be celebrated on September 29. The name much time, money and effort taxis, rental automobiles and

Cut To Your Room Size on August 5, Monday, will be carried overland by Two major problems were even charter fishing boats have
SPECIAL with a program based on the runners from Mount Olympus k faced. The first required enlarging been placed In "pools" so demands -
ARMSTRONG Cushioned Floor Now $2.00 A Yard; abolition of slavery la Greece. The popular doC Convention Hall to more can be met quickly and
itt'tt/NQ9 On August U, Fox Hill Dar show will be held In October. ___ than twice Its original seating smoothly.
jtot91 .si eete N.W.7S'.0.7 SN AYI.. MIAMI residents of Sandllands Village, "Burn Guy Fawkes" Day win capacity. The second Involved Hotels In and near Miami
MANAOIII be November 8. Wahoo competition wiring practically the whole Beach have met Republican
_-- -- -- -- will begin on December town for television transmission. Committee requirements 18,
1 and end on December U. 000 first-class rooms.As there
TcordSale"Now I Christmas week will featurethe I The older portion of Convention are 32,000 hotel rooms la Miami
history of the Bahamas. .... I Hall, an area of slightly Beach alone, this leaves plenty
December 26 Is a holiday,Box : : I more than two and a half acres, of accommodations for regular
I I log Day. On the same day the today Is bulging with television vacationers
Junkanoo, renowned celebration ..rr vans, broadcasting booths,, Miami Beach believes it .is.
You Can Order Hit Tune You Hear
Any Top will take place, beginning photographic darkrooms and ready for the biggest show ever
at 4 a.m. Bahamtana march and teletypewriters for the working to be staged here, and it hopes
I Any Place From dance down Nassau's Bay Street I j press. Of the 30,000 to 40,000 this .Is. Just the first of manyto
I in colorful hand-made costumes. \ : delegates, alternates and come.

Carter's Record Center visitors expected: for the convention -
I nearly 7 000 will be
r writers, photocrJrs, broadcasters Black People

I At These low Prices $1 1 Plus .10 For I Miami ShortsMIAMI ,; 'I I their words and technicians and pictures to aroundthe speed Are Made ScapegoatsCHICAGO

world. The demand for accommodations
Mailing and Handling. I from the communications (NPQ Black
media has beenIqrece4entedlDRtpablic
BEACH, Fla.-It "Is, 4 41r people have become the scapegoats ,
I This week's special I II estimated the 19(1 Florida convention aD for t the nation's violence
lime >> will total 1,200.000 history. problem according to Edward
I Dr. Martin Luther King's Latest L.P. I bushels. Of this total, most. art Ballard, above, was with, the early Supreme*. now.J Convention Ground was Hall broken addition for last the McClelland, NAACP urban program -
within a few miles of Florence Ballard Is climbing within her own right. The young structure director. PresidentJohnson's
This L.P. (I HAVE A DREAM and I HAVE THE MOUNTAIN Miami Octpber. Tnt was
Beach la the agricultural lady, having completed entertainment tours, Is embarking this completed In May. seats more Darning of a commission -
area on the mainland summer upon another tour. In private life shell Mrs. Chapman, than 18,000 and covers more to study the asses of
and many more, at this low price $ 3 99 plus 25 t across Biscayne Bay. and her husband a former Motowner Is her business manager. than three acres. RepubUcaa violence U the country has
Fisheries experts believe The artist has signed a contract with ABC Records. sessions will be held fit thli 'contributed to a b1anbt.1Dclktment -
large beds of Calico scallops, : of Negroes, be said.
handling and mailing. Full lint of Gospel tunes: Send check or money order to I discovered eight years ago off new structure. No black people were Involvedin
Made Professional Into the addition have
Florida's northeast coast, soon Supreme the asau inatlaos of President -
MO tons of steel 4,600 cubic
Carter's Record Center can be worked commercial of concrete 100 Kennedy, his brother,
yards poured ,
success. Development of new Singing Debut At 15 YearsFor 000 cement blocks and 20,000 Robert or Dr. Martin Luther

machinery for processing the professional observers of the show business feet of steel piping. The new King, Jr., McdeUaa AoUd.
9401 N.W. 17jh Ave. Miami Fla. and decline supply years, many
scallops a
I I I scene have been predicting that one of the members el the building contains a mile of three
from areas further norm with Supremes would someday become a star In her own right and to 16-Inch water pipe, covered Coca-Cola Adds
a resultant Increase In prkesare It U happenlot- todavl with 15,000 square feet of 1D.u1at1011.
the factors It Is thought will Remember original performer, and from all There are 176 electrical Two CommercialsATLANTA
put the beds la production.
Supreme America's Number Indications, she win be every outlets In the floor alone.
One female vocal group? Then bit as successful u when she General lighting Is accomplished Ge.. Two top
of coarse you remember appeared on the nation's top by MO 1,000-watt singing groups have been added
NEW ASSISTANTPRINCETONIU.NI'I Florence Ballard..tbe tall television shows and la all of electric: lamps, with additional to the long list of young talent
statuesque beauty that Diana. tile best supper clubs with lighting on the podium u required performing commtrlcais for
)- and Mary called "the quiet America's sweethearts of song. for color television Coc -co1&, New radio tapes for
A MV assistant dean has been one") .. and the member of the Florence has signed aa exclusive cameras. There is enough summer release la elude the
added to the faculty of Prince trio whose fresh talent was recording contract with electric power in the addition's versatile quintet "The Fifth
ton University lds and be 1s Dr. Immediately recognized: by the ABC Records, and her first vault to serve a city of 60,000. Dimension" and recording
Carl A. Fie 19-year-old nation's major J critics who single for the label, "Doesn't Forty three hundred feet of stars "Gladys Knight and The
guidance counselor and social unanalmously hailed Florence Matter How I Say It" Is frequently catwalks are suspended from P1P .
worker who U credited with as "a young Pearl Bailey" heard on the nation's the roof, probably the most The quintet has created a"."
aiding the school to Increase Florence Ballard has now embarked airwaves. ABC Records plans elaborate system many building dimension" In sound. Their
Its Negro undergraduate enrollment upon a new career as to release Florence's debut la the world. They will serve recording of"Up,Up and Away"
l lI from 15 to 85. a solo recording artist and album within the month.. cameramen seekinr high has won five "Grammy
Some of America's hwestounr elevation views of conventionactivities. Awards. They are 1D demand
PMONI 7872)ISCOOPER'S with-it designers were for personal appearances in
I REUPHOLSTERY commissioned to create a Eighteen hundred tons of air- clubs and as guest star on
( stunning new wardrobe cutditiuulug nu4Muitl wet*in television
especially for Florence,featuring stalled. This 1s capable of Gladys Knight and the Pipe
And what U certain to becomethe moving a half million cubic feet have earned important niche
Pick Up Delivery Service
most talked about fashion of air per minute. There are in the annals of popular music
look" since the Ws Influence 140,000 pounds of steel in the with their million seller recording -
j WILLIAMS. HO*. MIAMI FLOirtO lilt the contemporary scene. if- nlKHMnnln. duct work. of "Every Beat of My
But "erJth1ncthat'U81fabout Miami Beach's Convention Heart" Their success 1s not
Florence Isn't restricted tober complex is part of a 50-acre limited to records however
municipally owned tract that
career. for have
they appeared major
Your beautician
professional On February 29, In Honolulu, .1Dc1u e. parking areas, park theaters across the United
knows the answer... Hawaii Florence married her lands and the city's Garden States.
longtime beau, Thomas Center. AU this has been enclosed -
Chapman a former member of within' a six-toot chain
the Motown Record Corporation link fence for security pur-
staff. Chapman now also advises poses. No one will pass through Virginia Cities
Florence in a management gates in the fence without proper
Is peroxide needed to capacity. The couple make their credentials issued by the Republican Get Nine
home in Detroit, but commute National Committee.
regularly between the Motor Daring the convention the Council Negroes

color unwanted gray hair? City and New York, where they Miami Beach police force will RICHMOND, Va. (NPQ -
1 have sublet a luxury apartment. go on 12-hour shifts. Officers Nine Negroes have been elected
Florence Ballard was bora li of the Florida Highway patrol to the city councils of eight Virginia -
Hair care and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray Detroit In 1943. One of twelve' will be at every major inter municipalities. Two were
hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical re children she Inherited her section to direct traffic..U will elected in Portsmouth, when
J' laxing-can dull a woman's appearance and make her look older musical talent from her father, be police policy: to permit Dr. James W. Holley, led the
than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging who played the guitar.She made limited puce ul demonstrations. .&14 Raymond Turner, the
effects, many are hesitant about using permanent peroxide her professional singing debutat Police have received other successful black candidate
Frank WilliamsAnd haircoloring which may change the natural hair color while the age of fifteen and shortly special training crowd controL ran fourth. Charles
coloring gray. afterward Joined with Diana Police from neighboring Harris, a banker, ran third
Professionally-trained hairdressers know the importance of Ross and Mary Wilson to form cities and frost the county will among 14 candidates for five
their customers' preferences when unwanted gray becomes a the Supremes. Beginning In; be on call U needed. Preparations Council seats la Danville. William -
His Rocketeers problem. These experts also know that Clairol created semi. August IBM and continuing In police say are adequate, Dyson Hobson, a garage
u I permanent loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide. quick succession thereafter but they hope they will not be owner, led the ticket, defeating
to color only the without the natural seven of their consecutive recordings needed. .
gray changing shade. They Mayor F.E. Stone for a seat on
Featuring LITTLE BEAVER \. reached the Number While the city was enlarging
also find Loving Care blends back color faded by chemical the MartinsvUle City Council.
processing. Because of its One position oaths United States Convention Hall at a cost of
mildness Loving Care maintains Kenneth L. Jones, a funeral
"Soul: Stuff "Do Right Man" "I Feel My Love .Coming' Qw'" healthy looking hair and lasts through a month'of shampoos. record matched charts, a feat other still vocal an- laregely$4,000,000 to outside the Southern work Bell fell director, was elected Stam-
Whatever a woman's reason for wanting Loving'Care for her by any ton, and Henry Marsh.., m,
hair, she is always wise to consult a professional beautician. group. Florence has appeared Telephone Co.Telephone people NAACP attorney, came out a
Appearing Nightly burled miles of wire and
the United States and
Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol products throughout winner In Richmond.
and the training to promise each patron the loveliest and most Canada, as well as in the Caribbean coaxial cable.Every major convention The successful black candidates
NIGHT BEAT CLUB personalized haircoloring effects every time she visits her salon. England, Europe and the hotel is hooked into la Buena Vista,Norfolk,
cable. Mon than
the 6.000
Far East. Her name has become
If dislike
you gray, and want no peroxide, why not ask your and Petersburg were Richard
beautician to glamorize It with Care a household word to popular additional telephones were installed -
Loving ? T. Spinner, Joseph A. Jordan
music fans the along with 70 special
throughout ,
Corner. 55st. & 3 rd. Ave. Miami, f Fla.I C CI.ItoIInc.1K7 Courty of petrol Inc.' world. switchboards and more than and respectively Berman, E. Faantleroy.,


I .. 1 .
: .' w,
.." .. ,. .. ,,:, ,. m t : : ,' .
J. Ii> .<'-"" -"''''- ."ct IM:.._ t :iu ;. \ 11. a... ... .

JR.*' -. ...,..-....




y r .' .

;-" \ .. ... ... .. .. .. .a .. :.. L...., ... # .I .I .I J/LL.4... 1 I ":'.J. .... .. .l 'or ".. L.J. .LL... -

- . . . . .
. . .- . . .. .

: :

-- -

Afro-American, Educators Plan St. Louis Meeting, For New OrganizationNegro I

Teaches Stek Control, Helping The Poor Louisville Remains

Of Black Schodls, In AmericaNEW TI City of Tension I World News Digest

YORK CITY The Dew National Association of Afro- LOUISVILLE-(NPI)-TnU
American Educators (NAAE) has set black control of black city's May 28 riot has come and
schools U its goal. A first priority will be to attract Negro gone-but the tension remains.
members away from national teacher groups like the National A feeling of indignation continues GET HELPWASHINGTON
Edncaton Association and the American Federation of Teac In the black community, (NPI) Four independent African nations
hers. % which recalls the slaying of two were on the receiving end recently of a total of $$7.1 minion
Details of planning by the ence, an NAAE spokesman Informed Negro youths during the out In loans. Ghana received $10 million for Improvement of its
NAAE, formed in closed sessions EDUCATION NEWS of break. And charges that a police electrical distribution system; Sudan, $8.3 million; for Its educational -
in June in Chicago by some major developments at the show of power sparked the disorder system; Kenya, $2.1 minion to expand tea production;
800 Negro teachers and pro- meetings. tars keep relations between and $10.7 million for reconstruction of roads; and the Ivory .
fessors from 37 states, are re.-, Delegates to the founding session policement and black people at Ccettr$5.6 million for.construction of reM .w
veiled exclusively in the new came both from public the boiling point. Problems u INFORMATION PLEASE
issue of EDUCATION NEWS, schools and from higher educa- Jobs slums, and education LUSAKA (NPI) An Attractive pocket-sized 35-page
the bi-weekly magazine a b out tion. One of the speakers at fester, as before The resultant booklet which answers questions pertaining to the independent
what's happening in, and to, the general sessions was Muhammad ;1l at feeling, of hopelessness African nation of Zambia, has Just been published by the Zambia
I America's schools. Although All. Conference work 1i ly threatens to produce even more Information Services under the title of "This Zambia." Intended -
newsmen were barred from all shops treated such topics as: } violence-breeding despair. primarily for foreign distribution, it is divided into IS
sessions of thefourdayconferMahalia '"blackening" the curriculum, r47kjc y sections, and may be obtained from the ZS, P.O. Box RW 20,
schools In a black community, Powell Wins Rldgeway, Lusaka.
materials of instruction, the e fu1 .'
And black student, the black educator -> Primary ElectionNEW 1800 FEET
and higher education. YORK (NPI) -Rep. TOKYO (NPI) The Nippon Television network is really
Minnie Join According to the magazine, Adam Clayton Powell has received ,reaching for the sky with announcement plans to construct
the NAAE operations are now two-thirds of the vote an 1,800-foot television tower in the city. Cost of the tower, set _.
divided Among five regional In a Democratic primary for completion in two years..Is estimated at $41-million and
For Chicken centers: Chicago general co- i 4 #b 1 election for the seat he has the tower will be the world's tallest.SEAFOOD .
ordination of activities; New been denied by Congress. His
Ma'halla Jackson, world York, communications; student opponent, John H. Young got
renowned gospel singer, and relations, Flak University, 4,387, votes compared to
Minnie Pearl, country music Nashville; Philadelphia, curriculum Vice President Robert R. Bampbrey entertained children of the Poor People's leaders with Powell's 6,665. Powell's
star, and comedienne, have studies; and a fifth city election victory was small CENTER
aa Ice cream party la the Senate Dining Room. Among special guests were the children of ,
teamed and will construct not known to the spokesman.
up compared to his past triumphs.
Rev. Ralph Abernathy and the late Dr. Martin Lather King, Jr.
500 fried chicken outlets in the Predicted in the EDUCATION It was the first time in 10 144 N. MYRTLE AVE PH. EL 4 1468
near future. MahalIa Jackson's NEWS report: The NAAE will HELP FIGHT CANCER WITHA years that he had been opposed .
'Fried Chicken System, Inc., .seek to win full community con Hall Of Man In CHECKUP AND A CHECK in a primary election. "M.1 yon e.f*N tftt.dalMN 1.1 ClMM" b | M fw On' :> N...
headquartered in Memphis, and trol over staff and curriculum ink >TIAM. crMdun a1.n.* *mn Mt...,Mu. =wt-otaf'J tHM ktt iVIIIt ua: .Alt lCi
Minnie Pearl's ChickenSystem, for residents of the Ocean Kills r 4mt ttlMt, H, trj Ie Mick f t...*f4 M....., Mil .... Mt.
.Brownsville district in New fetowlwiHNtHa _
Inc., Nashville will combine.
The reason Is that food franchising York City, where an experiment( Africa Giant Two Color Picture rovniOMt _. 4 mi iriciu .
Is one of the nation's in decentralized, local control OpensAt nLLOW fAIL OcIANYIIw :
most popular enterprises. A has recently run into trouble. SrOsT'
Of The late SNAPPER .. Au..
survey by Nation's Restaurant This In line with A strong resolution poster
News shows that food is at the adopted by the delegates NY MuseumGreat I"ClCLI I lb eeAr I lb ;
top in financial returns. A in favor of community SENATOR TROUT WHITINC f
report shows that nine major control of all-black schools
food concerns are in the 20 per ,,aU-black neighborhoods ROBERT FRANCIS KENNEDY CATFISH 6ge se.NlMl MACKEREL 3ge f
cent class. Six concerns are The NAAE has scheduled A Hall Features Big s
in the high franchise Interest meeting of A 40-maa planning MANOCOYI LAete
class. Nine firms reported committee for August In St. INSCRIBED SNAPPER MULLET t tt
Louis to develop the formal Village In African AreaThe
gross margins of more than >>
five per cent. structure of the organization 'HONORARY SOUL BROTHER" -.
Snow business personalities and design! a blueprint for act- Hall of Mu In Africa- major contribution to an under PERCH 49c I STEAK FISH .. .89 t
are Joining the others in the Ion. Temporary chairman of standing of that continent's present and future in light of its past,
buslneu. At the very top Is the NAAE is Preston R. Wfl- opened ,recently at The American Museum of Nattral History. A FRIEND OE All fO CAVE ....M /..OMAX SIACN J

Kentucky Fried Chicken, reporting cox, assistant! professor at Seven years In the making like effect The hall appeals to FLOUNDER . .Ib. 59c I
a 101 per cent return. Columbia University's School this great hall suggests an more than the eye. Africa HIS All THAT THIS MIGHT ft.
Negro Judge J. Hooks, only Social WorkEDUCATION African village and features music Is used In some sections,* FRESH SHRIMP M* MI Kx: Sloe::::: t
Negro one court of record In NEWS Is pub- three lifelike dioramas And 100 and carpeting throughout the BE A MUCH BETTER WORLD..
will head the new licatlon of Magazines For Industry s $180 i
Tennessee other exhibits that contain ball creates a feeling of softness CRABMEAT
business. He Is expected to Inc., in cooperation with thousands of artifacts, most tlDderloot.tln OUNT K1CE ON Cfcv.CMfctol ra..... a ,.... WIllIe S ( t
resign u Judge to lead the Cowles Education Corporation. of them never before displayed that one often experiences la, LIMITED SUPPLY ORDER TODAY
way In fired chicken tactics. Both corporations are wholly from the Museum's priceless Africa. LEE PHOTOS. DEPT, 382, 5708 S. STATE ST S 1.15 Pint emits 11.50 Pint
A.W. Willis, Jr., a Memphis owned subsidiaries of Cowles collections. Many of the objects Although the hall emphasizesthe .. ....... .. ......
Negro lawyer and a state Communications Inc., pbolls- such as those IB A real traditions of Africa's CHICAGO, ,ILLINOIS 80621
legislator, will be chairman: hers of LOOK, FAMILY.: section on slavery and the past, It also extends to the
of the board of directors. Income CIRCLE VENTURE and NEU- African tradition In Urn Americas present. Near one of the hairstwo
will be divided between' ROLOGY Magazines, among were collecfd| specifically entrances A series
the two concerns. others for the new haU. photographs points out, In Dr. eeaasrt ,
Willis said" "Recent urban ... Dr. Colin M. Turkbtll, .Turnbuirs words, "that Africa ,, ,y f. 4
unrest has resulted in a deslr'"'* Black l People Associate Curator of African .Isn't I.tribal Jungle.!'. This j t C, .A
for economic development Ethnology at .the Museum and section stresses the problems 1 i 1
Independence within the black the scientist who supervised of social change and the effectof ( b10 pit '
community. Most of the profits Form NewQuestion construction of the bill, says change on tradition w
from the .Mahalla Jackson's there is A great deal of misunderstanding Dr. TurnbuU has spent six
Chicken System, Inc., will be in this country years doing field work la Africa 1 f
....e4lor new economic develop Unit about the nature of. traditional and Is the author of five books
ment." life la Africa. about the continent. The Lonely
Miss Jackson Is also a director WASIIDIGTON-NP1)- "In this Dew hall," Dr. Turn- African; The Forest People;
of the new firm. The Minnie community leaders have formedthe bull says, "we hope to correct Wayward Servants;The Peoplesof t r
Pearl Company at the moment National Committee of this misunderstanding by showIng Africa; and Tradition and
beaded by a group of Nashville Inquiry in an effort determine bow under different Change In Tribal Africa. 1
businessmen. which Presidential candidate clresmstaaees, different "7be overall effect of the hall 11'iif"
Both Miss Jackson and Miss Negro Americans should sup peoples Adapted themselves to on the casual visitor" Dr. .
Pearl have, for years, been port. Rep. John Conyers Jr. their environment In ways that TurnbuU says, "may well be a w
at the top>> of their particular (p-Mlch.) is temporary chair- made It possible for them to picture of the immense diversity
areas In music. Miss Jackson man of the new group, which survive; bow their society grew of the continent of Africa-
Is A former beautician and has Is supported by Mrs Martii in strength and complexity OB A diversity peoples and social
traveled widely, appearing before Luther King, Jr. The committee this basis; and how, in fact, systems that is matched by A
royalty. This is perhaps will investigate candidates' tribal society achieved stability. diversity of geography. But for +
the first major lategrated attitudes toward the black mas and developed moral and social the visitor who gives more time I.NN/ti
combining of interest s; but and his problems. The panel's characteristics often thought of to the exhibition, there will be
represents a step forward in findings will be made known U being A monopoly of the ample material from which to
the area business.Integration before Democratic and westers world." learn In greater detail bow the" f'
seems, to be part of future republican national contentions. To Achieve this end.Dr.Turn- various types of traditional !
programs within the country bull divided the ball into the society functioned, and why.
four physical environments How each found, la its own
In Movie make up Africa:Desert,Forest, way, the best possible solutionto
Featured Grasslands and River Valley.In the problem of survival"'
the Desert Diorama, The RaQ of Man in Africa',
stressing the necessity of no is one of several Centennial
madism, A Berber group is Halls opening before or duringthe
shows at daybreak la the Museum's 1969 Centennial
northern Sahara, preparing to .
break camp. One man faces NegroNewspaper
.East, PR, c to Mecca.Another I II
keeps watch while others pack Must Have Value
The terrain Is rocky, emphasizing II
; that the Sahara Is more NEW YORK (NPQ -"We
than sand. The configuration dont want to use a Negro news lar
of stars la the early moraine paper because it Is A Negro
,. 'sky. Is Dot haphazard. They newspaper, but because it baa I
..4 represent toe sky at 4 I.... IB a value." That was the view of 1
that spot OB July 18, 1932, u Bill Tanenbruso, an associate
calculated by astronomers at media director from Batten,,
.The American Miseum-Haydea Barton, Durstine l Osborne. M.
Planetarium. ad agency, U expressed at the
Over la the Forest section, A 28th annual convention of the
4: family of Ubutl pygmies in the National Newspaper Publishers _% $ .',
tart Forest of northeast Congo .Association. "Show. we have
Is also about to leave In the to ase that newspaper because
.early morning. But pygmies the people buy it, and read...
are leaving A bone to which and we have to be la It to reach MI.
they will return, and they Are the Negro mind," be told the .
off to bunt And gather food In publishers. Arnold R. Del cll.
i.t A lush setting.Mesnbtle president, D n tiC Ia Shea,
) lathe Grasslands .specialist In business recruiting
a group of ,Pokots from northwest advertising suggested that Dollar Oil Man .
I I.I.Million Dixon JI
Kenya are shown drawing the black publishers not only : .
.... blood from aa ox. Here, land develop>> "better and more
and climate permit cattle herd- attractive 1ItJp-wante4ItCUou

tag and Agrkattare. And the but also Improve the editorial George Dixon is a successful American Oil As George says, "They're long but happy
drawing of blood, which Is an eoverageof the.Job market.
Important part of the Pokots' Dealer. His success comes because of the hours because I like to meet my customers...

diet, la la BO way harmful to Columbia Plans News way he uses the million dollars in equipment, they're my neighbors and friends."

the animal.la facilities and products American Oil has
j Uacota stars In the tltlaole of"For Love Of Ivy,**with the tDIb1ts around the dioramas Program For CareersNEW : In his'hands. put One good dealer doesn't
Sidney Polder, which Is being released by Cinerama Releasing; different aspects of make an oil great
: YORK NPI Aa company
( ) -
Corporation 300 potential la"Ivys"principal wert cities considered tfiroaghoat before the nation producers lion than sad the dealt Afrfcaa with people's Ia much lives greater are Intensive eight-week program He makes them work for his customersandtheir ...but, 29,000 good ones do. .

directors selected Miss Lincoln to star opposite Poltier. Wen detail. Tbas, exhibits have such to train 20 minority group cars are better for it. AMERICAN
known as one of the eomtry best pas singers and Bight ebbentertainers tttlss AS "Water and Polities" members for test car.trlln
Yadlo'and television will
thebad Bade only two films previously, but one ,-The Spirit World," aad begin;
biz month the Columbia
of them' ns acclaimed dramatic performance U "Science and Faith."
"Nothing" But A Man." Miss Lincoln was present, with herhusband. Several cases: were built to University graduate school nth You expecf more from American and you oej if.* i
Max Roach, famous" drammer-composer, as the worldpremiere resemble East African round 'joI 'IIaI1am. The Ford Foundation < :' h '"c'1i: \. .
in" Saranac, N.Y. recently Nisi Photc 'louse gMngthehaUavinage- Is providing a $WOOO ,. ,".,_ ... ? -..-01 c'I'I' 1
grant for the pilot protect. '.
1J J



\ t.J



\\l! American Football League -Schedule Begins August 1 Ends In September

Dog Racing Holiday Program Greyhounds Running At Daytona, Thirty-one of 36 Games

i! Attracting Many, To DaytonaDAYTONA J Will Be Played At Night

BEACH With 'thousands of greyhound racing r American Football League teams have completed a record 36fame -
i fans from all over the South expected for the gala Fourth of pre-season schedule that runs from August 1 to September
July Week plans are being made to handle record breaking 1 and includes 23 games. with National Football League clubs,
fr. crowd at the Daytona Beach Kennel Club. ,AFL President Mitt Woodard announced recently.

t' la addition to the tightly programs For the evening races It's 8.15. The record schedule-29 ver. Denver; Aug. 10 Minnesota
o.I, aid the regular On Monday night, July 1, games were on last 'ar'spro- .(NFL) vs. Kansas City Minneapolis .
Wednesday and Saturday matinees contestants In the Miss Daytona gram begins Thursday night, ; Aug. 10 New Orleans
special daylight cards Beach Beauty Pageant were August 1 at Houston with the (NFL) vs. Boston, New Orleans -
hare been set for Thursday, guests at the tract. The beauty first professional football game ; Aug. 10, San Diego vs.
My Fourth, and Friday July queens were Introduced to the ever to be played in the Astro- Oakland, Oakland; A u g. 11'
S. Matinee post time Is 2 p.m. crowd In a colorful Judges stand .14 dome as the AFL's Eastern Miami vs. Buffalo, Rochester,
m Division champion OIlers meet
ceremony Immediately following N.Y.; Aug. 12 New York vs.
Redskins of the
the ninth race. Washington Houston.
-aE:: NFL.A Houston,
1.: With tlme-ssrtngl- open between
Jacksonville and Daytona three-game program on THIRD WEEKEND
i. Beach, more Jacksonville fans September 7, highlighted by the
1I 1- than ever before are on hand New York Jets appearance at Aug. 17 Boston vs. New York
Cleveland in the first of
and mntnel 'handle Is now far game
Richmond, Va.; Aug. 17 Buffalo
BRAND NEW ahead of the record breaking ; r4 -: a doubleheader against theNFL's ... Cincinnati, Cincinnati;
Detroit Lions closes
I 1967 season despite many nights Aug. 17 Minnesota (NFL) vs.:
of Inclement weather, Via M ; .out pre-seasdn action one day
Denver: Aug. 17 Philadelphia
: : :.1968 VWSEDAN the DBKC Is only 45 minutes 3 I after the regular season opens Denver (NFL) vs. Miami,

: ,. Ij drive from Orlando and only a .& Friday night, September 6,with Miami; Aug. 17 PittsburghNFL
y '. short drive from Tampa and the Cincinnati, at San Diego_ ( ) vs. San Diego San Diego -
Florida West Coast. Besides the HoustonWashington NFL)
Aut. 17 St. Louis (
$17'150 :: CONTINUED ON PAGE 11 game the shows opening Baltimore weekend .... Kansas City, Kansas City;'
program Aug. 16 New Orleans (NFL) vs.
.(NFL) at AFL champion Oakland
Houston Not Schedule
r. Houston
j i BlUVtttO IN |AX NI\ RADIATORACTING Kansas City at Cincinnati ed. Oakland., ;
U "TUn eM ,...,. et. and San Francisco (NFL) at San
'. .' UP? Diego In Saturday night games, FOURTH WEEKEND
and Detroit (NFL) at Buffaloin
t' .. .
M w. eitu1ppe4 .H.4t.
:1 II. ... .11'type depoin e a Monday night game The Aug. 23 Bostoua.Miami,Jacksonville

'.. CatlinGriffin ..Ide,,"_ M... marks Kansas the City-Cincinnati Bengals' AFL debut.game Fla.; Aug. 23 Buffalo
RADIATORS.ndC AFL teams vs. Houston Tulsa, Okla; Aug.
The other four ,
23 San Francisco (NFL) vs.
Boston Denver Miami and New
I ,
Denver Denver; Aug 24 Atlanta
I IAa.l i... Ra/l.t.n York move Into action the fol- ((NFL) vs. New York Birmingham -

.. Volkswagen, -I Oil Fit ateRNiatrt ACTION AT DAYTONA BEACH* Every night except Sunday tan was*shot OB a recent maUne* program by ace photographer .New towing Orleans weekend.(NFL Boston) and Den.Is at Ala.; Aug.24 Loa Angeles
U Martin GrOSS la addition to the nightly cards,matinee races are (NFL) vs. San Diego San
IHC. MAIN STREET you can see the world's fastest greyhounds la action at the war Is home to Cincinnati on
scheduled at the DBKC this week on Wednesday, Thursday, Diego; Aug. 24 Oakland vs.Kansas -
popular, completely air conditioned Daytona Beach Kennel Club. Saturday night, August 10 Miami
: 1250 EAST till ,ST RADIATOR This great action photo of the greyhounds charging into the first Friday and Saturday, July 3, 4, S, 6. meets Buffalo Rochester; City Kansas City; Aug. 2S
3 Pittsburgh (NFL) vs. Cincinnati

I Lea.. 354-9091. ., i tens P..Mal..nl.tlii 4f.itw I Ten Year-Old Tennis Star Humble Oil's Third Award N.Y., Sunday 1s at afternoon Houston,mdlivYork Monday Morgantown, W. Vs;


Takes On Three More Crowns Goes To Atlanta ScholarThe and Houston San ,Diego Kansas each City will, Miami meet
Aug. 30 Cincinnati vs. New
66 CADIILAC CAllAS $3295 Juan Farrow, 10-yearOold protege of "Whirlwind". has added third annual award naming a Humble Oil I Refining Company three NFL opponents.New York Boston and, York, Memphis Aug. 30 Cleveland
MCINO M LltVINO. IT1 eAt .....,. three more crowns to his long list of Impressive wins. Achievement Scholar has been received by Plemon L. Whatley Oakland Buffalo Denver will meet two NFL (NFL) vs. Buffalo. Bjtf-
Playing la the USLTA Junior III, 18, of Atlanta,"in recognition of superior academic performance tab; Aag. 30 Denver vs. Sad
67 FORD V8 GALAXIE 500 $2195 16 when be lost to Andy Cassady clubs The new Cincinnati teams .
and for future San
outstanding promise scholarly achievement. Diego AntooloTenAeg:
Invitational Tournament at .
i ,;
Shelby N.C. will
VNII CAP MAI ONIV IMW MH.ti roviitiP I-a. I-I. meet one.
Winstcn-Salem, Juan won both The winner Is a 1961 graduateof most likely to succeed" eves 31 Baltimore (NFL) vs. MIamI
6-1. The third week la a row Eight of the Interleaguegames
the 10 year and 12 year old that Mike has been eliminated Atlanta's Booker T.Washing before he received the four- will continue series that ,Miami; Aug. 31 Dallas (NFL)
eta AUTOMATIC, singles and teamed with Bill after posting first set victories. ton High School a four-year year scholarship from Humble; started last the first for TS. Houston, Houston; Aug. 31
65 CHEVY SUPER SPORT $1995 member of scholastic Honor Los Angeles (NFL) 'Kansas
Stephanie, Burlington, N.C. to Doyle defeated Tom Lowry,Columbus Humble's scholarship winners Inter-league pre-season play.
I r/'t1yt1Au=r.c- IOWlR syinNo. WIN 1"1t1TI win the 12-year-old doubles Ca, 1-4. 6-0 before Society, a !letter. man In basketball have all been selected under the San Diego will be la rematches City, Los Angeles; Sept 1 Su
and member of the '. Francisco (NFL) vs. Oakland
by defeatingJohnCohnGreens a J. four-year-old National Achievement ,
67 PONTIAC! CATALINA .$2995 boro N.C. and John Far four, Dana Hogenburger out Wellesley ... football squad. He also won Scholarship Program, against two'Pittsburgh and 1967 Los Angeles.opponents U, San Francisco; Sept. 2 Philadelphia

I .0.. NT. sew. *!.CONDITION IIIC.WINDOW I Salisbury, Md., 1.1. 61. Juan Mass., (ATA) lost to Randy election Student Governmentvice conducted by the same nonprofit other nmatcbea.lurfa1omtttl! (NFL) vs. Boston,

66 OLDSMOBILE $2795 polished. off JohnCoha,Greens Merrltt, Lexington, N.C.. I-G. president In his senior corporation administers Detroit, Denver meets Minnesota Cambridge Mass.
IUVUIT .'04'IC. VlKTV BOO, AND stir.o. LOADtO bore 6-2, 6-0 la the semis of year. the weil-nown National Merit Houston meets Dallas
66 FORD V8 LTD / $2195 the 12 then whipped BlUStepha- 1.1.aw Connor defeated Wayne He will major In applied math- ScholarallJps. Kansas City meets Los Angeles, ,, sam WEEKEND
nit, Burlington, N.C., 1-4. I-I N.C. emaUces la college and hopes Over the four-year life of the
1" ib"a tI.'r v O sae New. ONLY TL/N MILIL to win the it-y-e-n-rold 63.Kaiser Kings, 0-8. I.S. to use his four-year scholarship awards, the scholarships art Miami meets San Atlanta and Oakland Sept. 7 Atlanta(NFL)vs.Miami,

} 67 CHEVROLET IMPALA -u" ,$2595 championship. The tireless!. 10 Paul Farrow lost to Bruce to enter Harvard University worth up to $6,000 Depending Of the meets 36 games Francisco on the program Miami Sept. 7 Denver vs.Oakland
old A.Futour in the Fall. financial circumstances Portland, Ore Sept. 7
then trounced John on
year Cannon, Asbboro. I-I I-I. all
*"* A but five will be played
:tttiK&t :&fMVKSttlb. Goldsboro, NC., 1.1. Juan also beat Jim Neal, Humble, largest U. S. refiner need. Winners may attend the at night. Detroit (NFL) vs. New York

I 65 PLYMOUTH FURY III .$1595 6-0 to retain Us 10-year Greensboro, 6-1, 6-4 la the It and marketer of petroleum products college of their choice. In last year's pre-season play, Cleveland Not Scheduled -
.... clla.m gave Its third Achievement Humble's 1966 recipient Is the Boston, Buffalo CIsclsaiJ,
Xir oitp. p"uTOMATw POWU n.. .. PACTOSY Souhlp. and easily beat Bob Light, Kansas City compiled the best
David Williams.of Huntington BOOM, N.C., 6-0. Scholar along with his son of Mr. and Mrs. Plemon AFL Houston. ; Kansas City San
I-oL 4-1. Denver followed
66 PONTIAC VENTURA .$2195 High of Newport N.WlIJId Paul defeated BUI Stephanlt, faculty advisor Miss Doris I.. Whalley Jr. of 992 Beck- at 31. Attendance for the Diego.
*OOM NW. IAAMO WITH lOUt'.,...,. All C0*>0. Nottingham of Phoenix Ugh, Burlington, 1-0, 1-4. Bill Connor Andrews the d-carpet treat with Street, Southwest, la Atlanta. 29-game was
program 195,501
I 66 CHEVROLET IMPALA V8 .$1995 Hampton, Virginia, qualified to lost to Art Bingham, Lea.ington sponsored meat daring trip to the a Charlotte company- The youth was one of with 606.036 seeing 16 Inter- .MAJOR MILITARY
play la the USLTA NationalInterscholastks'at N.C. 6-0 In the ; more than 8,000 students endorsed .
.U M ."cAarnaNIAn1. AIR CONDITION1a MIVI 6-3. North Carolina, regional headquarters nominated their leagu games and 267,470 seeing The headquarter of tbworld'
Chattanooga or by
Under 16 Dana lost to top seeded 13 AFL
OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM contests. .
T. Cruttea-
by reaching the finals la the Bob LassUer. Wlnston-Salem George high schools as candidates for mightiest military machine
den, regional employee relations
Scholarships Americans know
CREDIT APPROVED ON SPOTS ATA National Interscholastlcs, 1-4, 7.5.The who served the Here Is the complete 1961 a.
lost first round matches. Williams Junior Team of Williams cooordlnator this year schedule U the PrnUgon.: The five men
lost to David Dick, Newport News Nottingham, as a co-host and parttime"guide" pre-season who male decisions that might

R: s. EVANS Sweatwater T.DIL. 6-1, 66. Hampton, Mike Doyle, Juan and Satchel PaigeIs FIRST WEEKEND cat billion. of dollar and affect .
Major attractions: for the two
Nottingham lost to T. Slang Paul Farrow, Lynchburg Dana billion of lives are the
Chattanooga, Tenn. 1.1. 61. Hugenburger Wellesly Mass., visitors Processing were the Department company'sData at Out After Aug. 1 Washington (NFL) vs. Joint Chief of Staff.
Williams has another year of will play la the Orlando Tennis Charlotte aid Houston Houston; Aug. 3 Baltimore It would be a rare man In
3rd & MAIN eligibility while Nottingham Center USLTA Junior Invitational ltsbuslness-syss* Pneumonia Bout
terns operations la general. (NFL) vs.Oakland.Oakland the street however, who could
two more years. Tournament In Orlando, Both are fields closely related ; Aug. 3 Kansas City vs. name one of them the Catholic1.
t EL 1-I3I1..OPEN TILL 9:30 P.M. EL 4.8362 Mike Doyle, Lynchburg had Fla, u guests of Dr. JamesE. to the scholarship winner's future Leroy "Satchel" Paige base Cincinnati Cincinnati; Aug. 3 Digest observe .
another tough day la the Under ball's most enduring pitcher
s friends Orlando, San Francisco (NFL) vs. Sin
college and career plans. released from a Kansas are: Cen. Earle Wheel;
August Whatley also won the Superior was recently after winning Diego; Saa Diego; Aug. S Detroit ertThey ; Cen. Harold
t hospital
WWh> *** **w**4 W 4t4< 4s41 11 through August 16, Cadet awards la high-school City a bout with pneumonia Heentered (NFL) vs.R1",Buffalo; Johiuon. Army Chief of Staff;
1966 Park
I Battery Tennis R.O.T.C., and received Not Scheduled Boston, Denver
:Courts and At the hospital on May 31. Admiral David McDonald
Virginia Union
that put him la the ton 1 Miami, New York.
University Richmond.Championship percent Now a county Jail deputy Paige Chief of Naval' Operation;
NATIONAL events of a graduating class of was a star for many years of On. John McConnell Air
lf Singles and Doubles, Boys are and: over 450 students. lie wu voted the Negro baseball andAmerku SECOND WEEKEND Forte Chief of.Staff; and Gen.
| by his classmates "the senior
Girls II and under 16, under leagues. Aug. 10 Cincinnati vs. Den Wallace Greene, Marine Corp
SHIRT SHOPS 14 and under IS. Commandant

All players losing their first Quarterback
I matches la singles only may
enter a consolation tournament .
and finalist will receive

.trophies and ft tiM aj rating..
Package d4al of$36.00 for each Tilts

I I\ \ : MEN SAVE BIG 'player.16 meals Package beginning deal Sunday Includes. ,

afternoon at 3.00 p.m. and 3 a

at BIG SUMMER August 16, and day six through nights Friday lodg
our .
,1' ing. This also includes entry I y agyxT .t.
fees for S events,entertainment
and'' in Consolation
play aU
tor 1600.

si A&t Offers New

Journalism Unit

IOIIII/IpIIIIII/II/VIIIII have been completed here fora
three-week Journalism workshop '

'1 NO IRON POLYESTER TRICOT for high school teachers
to be held at oUT State University }

Shirts Advertised at 6,00 July 22 through August '> .

\ IN OUR 9.J.. Nlel Arstrong, director of

N///4lrAr V 1III/III/II/IIIIIIj the ALT summer session said

SPORT SHIRTS Rof. to 3.99 2 tor $S School the course Journalism will be called Today""High and

will stress styles of writing,

STACKS let. B.99 6.89 management, layout, adver
using and financial pfpMftms 18
related to thelilgh school news
JACKETS Rif. to 7.99 4.89 paper and yearbook.
In addition to the regularclass i'' ;
SPORT COATS 14.89 wort and laboratory periods ,. !
to 19.99
Ret. :
the course will be supplemented : .
DRASTIC REDUCTIONS Ifl EVERY DEPT by guest lecturers and field l ,
trips to area newspapers radio

In The Mall-Gateway Shop. Cent. and television stations. Both

| graduate and undergraduate' ATLANTA, Gs. New York Gtanfs star quarterback, Fran r..pq'WaW .... UItorJ .......
Regeaer, Oew tsu1 SiBthgite credit will be available for the. Tarkenton (center), a marketing representative for Coca-Con Mr. Stewart A. Brooks, assistant to the president Morgan
course. USA, on a recent speaking visit to State ,
College 'State Tarkenton; John Mackey end for the Baltimore Cob
Jc*************** ***************** **** Additional information may be Baltimore, Md. found himself very math at home. Shown with and George; W.Ellis,uiksmuaagerCoa.CdaBdt CoaIpaaJ;
secured from the Simmer' Tarkenton are {left; to right): Dr. Benjamine. Quarles, professor of Baltimore. Mackey also with the Public Relations Depart-'
School office at the university. of history at Morgan State andchlef consultant for The Golden IIIeIIt of the Coca-Cola Battling! Comoanv of Baltimore.

i t

.-. ; -.< -. :;;.. '. .. T
--J _....., ., ., .'_.. .. ,. ... ... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. ., .., .
-.u. L.. L.... L ....... ....... .... .. .. .. .... ....... ..._.. --.....

-- - - J . . . . .. .. . . ..

::::RDAY-- :JULY :, 1968 STAR rAPUS' 11 .1

I Denver Rockets Get Mel Jones Albany State's Big Frontliner =zzi I

... ... ... ,.. l. .

Sports Illustrated Kenny Washington A Guest ,Aggie Football Star Jones Has Led., College

Reveals Ted Williams Is Scholarly Student To Two-Season Records

NEW YORK GREENSBORO, N. \-Tb.faet ALBANY Ca. "He could be 'the Bin Russell of the ABA.".
bat -After his spectacular home run In his bet Urns that versatile Merl Code played.''That's' the way the Denver Rockets' coach, Bob Bus, de-
at with
the Fens) Park tans cheering u new before about 60 minutes of football,,
"; Just scribed the Rockets' latest slgnee Mel Jones a 8-1 frontllner
.Theodore Samuel Williams almost tipped his cap- out he Justcouldn't .. : for Alt State University : State to 57-14 record the
do per game who led Albany (Ga.) College a over
It he
in the .
says fourth installment of ids We story last season didn't hurt last two seasons.

the youngster In the classroom.In Jones hauled town 920 rebounds log In this vital department."
the report of grades Issued In 40 games during the Witness to .Bus' words Is the
recently Code u engineering past season for a 21.0 reboundaTlrtl' fact that u a Junior Jones
: : mathematics major had earned to rank seventh In the blocked 59 shots In II games.
a 3.44 average out of possible nation among collegiate per This past )year againstBethaneCookmaa's
four points. formers. The McGehee Ark. giant
Code a native of Seneca,S.C., native was the Rockets' 14th tandem 'A (-10 Carl Fuller and
I will be a Junior in the fall and ,draft selection.: He was also 6-8 Johnnie Allen,be dominated
Is already being counted on by the 8th draft choice of the NBA the game u the Rams avenged
new AtT& coach Kornsby Howell Philadelphia 76ers an earlier defeat by trouncingBethuneCookmaa
to guide the Aggies' offense. Jones 12070.
In four varsity seasons,
Code Is also outstanding as a gathered In 1,061 errant shots Jones scored 17 points,grabbed
: defensive halfback, but was rebounds and blocked: 10
for a fine pre-game average of ,,32
switched to quarterback during 17.7 bearing out RobertRalDer" shots, while holding the
1 the season last year when AliT his college mentor heralded Fuller .(who signed
was having its problems. He words that "be goes to the with the ABA Los Angeles
played both positions most of boards like he owns them." Stars) to 11 points and 9 re-
the season. Jones, while lacking bounds.
Code Is 6-1 and weights 195.
Impressive scoring credentials
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
(10.7 point career average), Dog Racing
Allen L. Code, Sr. of Seneca.
baa the Rockets' eyes popping
.4/1. defensive statistics- CONTINUED FROM PACE 10
Chicago and India 9'el.his 11.1 bfocked shots per game.Bass'the The track Is again featuring
Rockets' coach, the "BIG Q" on the first two
-Kenny Washington (center), vice president of Will Honor Dr. King spotted Jones two years ago races. The record payoff her
: Ban given. by Schenley Industries, Inc.: during: CHICAGO (NPI) Two In Kansas City when the then- Is S8.505.80. Perfectas: are also
Spirits Wholesalers: of America. Hotel Sboreham, roads at the opposite sides of Junior led his Albany State producing some huge payoffs,
Sundstrom Qeft), vice president of Schenley, and the globe are to be named for "running, gunning" Rams into with two last week topping the
:: of Maryland. Sundstrom, a former congressman: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the famed small college $1300 mark.Greyhounds.
with Cornell In: (he mid-twenties. Vfashington In Chicago South Parkwaythe tourney Rockets' General owned by Mrs.
Is considered one of the "all-time greats" of Southside's "main dreg"will Manager Dick Elcher scouted Mary Prevatt Rode Bros.,
Byolr and Associates .. be renamed la honor of Jones In the same tourney this Mrs. Dorothy Orville
Dr. King If the City Council past March and was equally Moses and George Fulton ladle
Savvy A Snide approves Mayor Richard J. impressed. the win totals la early season
Daley's recommendation. And "Our club was ninth In the competition. The first four-
boy et the track horse leaden used the word (o In Dnrgapur, India, the road- League (ABA) In rebounding. time winner of the Summer was
your out-of4he- refer to a hone with a hidden to a town under construction last year," Bass said, "but Mrs. RobIA'JCa1hJ Ross,whose
your trust. defect, either phyln1 l or men- will be named for the slain a strong youngster like Mel ,career victory total Is nearing
." Old.time 11 civn rights leader.. Jones could reverse our stand- the 60 mark.

1 < _
.- .

; You get

3 chances to wineveryh.me

) :

; .. ".' .:. :, '

play ; ':>:." '\


a'o.' Ticket. 3 3II

I II CO C Q70R7 4CC m4I1I'Ii'

n ;, [ D .,j

: 1 1 1"WIN


c .. """ '

tins you ploy Winning Ticket More than 3000.000 In the Tiger,or the Ad Manager who
Enco stations, you get prizes including to fire him. Cast your ballot at the c
separate chances to win cash Oldsmobile Vista Cruisers ) ,and you're automatically entered
or both. Win as much as$50 $500 vacation checks, TiCkeL'r Election Sweepstakes...and .
just by spelling "Tiger" in and phonographs for prizes like Olds Vista Cruisers '
Or collect one of thousands cameras,and hundreds of in the glove compartment, t
cash" awards (up to No purchase necessary, RCA color TV's, other great prizes.
))paid right on the spot. driver can play Winning often as you like at the Enco sign.

\ the Tiger and: win Oldsmobile__ Vista Cruisers! !",; ,:; .:::1 f.:. '; .1:

; .
.. .
; .j- ;

I; )
'. "' \
(,:, wi : : f-J. 1"
I :' .. ;
: ; r r."J. t .
"I v' ( I. ... \ .
.;':. '. /' 1

,,1 t
'1, :
: -", >,,?'\, .- ,:v' fV- i| i'
; I' \ Humble Oil & Refining Company ... .r
r..l.4 dY e .1-, ..- ';..;.'a".. .,.' r ', ..' ',HUMBLE- .'-. -'00.,(",*"MrmmO,.., ... *OOMTAMT.": I96-.,.,.I' .
: .tsar., u;. w' 'II

\ .:l
:: : ,'. f.:!.;. .\.,:... 'ofiI_ -,... J

rr r



CIRCULATION United .Insurance- Smiles For A Publisher
Man to work part-time. Ableto Gives 25,000
QADIO, COMBINATION, Mul- work all day Friday.Driver's
!WATERFRONT HOMES'- Uhanpr<) dial speakers License. Good references. To College Fund .
auto., turn off.,, almost REPORTER !'The United Insurance Company ff i
new. Pay balance of $63; or America
,of. represented by
WALL TO WALLCARPETING '(I. per'month. Phone 353-1946, I Walter N. Lenhard, Jr.,president 1\,
ask for Credit Manager WUl ,Trainee. Must be good In I alone with O.T" Rogan,
deliver without obligation A-l English. )Apply: chairman of the board and i .

I Music Center' 1606 Main St. cinder, and AJ>. Johnson, ....,
FLORIDA STAR secretary and eo-fonoder of ...
the forty-nine-year-old com-
t $85.00 MONTH 13TH I MONCRIEFNO pony, became ooe of the major
OR MENAND WOMEN contributors to the nation-wide

t F\ FHA-VA OF ALL AGES PHONE CALLS PLEASE. hrough United UNCF.a Negro recent gift College of $25,000 Fund j"f

Tate New IMPROVED NATURE' The United Ne&oCoUere FundIs
.. ..75(
TABLETS for that tired rundown a federation of J* independent -
VULCAN, feellngthat keeps you from accredited senlbr
enjoying We. The hcksonville colleges and universities' organized -
Tablets 200 Tablets .
INC. 100 $3.00; ) to seek financial
$5.00. $1.00( deposit on COD'S support through an annual,
768.3479 Chicago FS, 5937 N. Broadway Barber CollegeInc. .nationwide The presentation appeal. of the gift

Dlinols 60626 was made In the offices of
United Insurance Company of d
630 Dam Street America, One East Wacker Dr., \
Chicago. Dr. James R.Lawson,
j m BRAND NEW president of Fisk University, jr'J
355-9874 Nashville! Tennessee, went to 'I '"
;RICK HOMES Chicago to accept the gift on J
behalf of the national com

r III rJ Learn Barbering mlttee.. ..... ,
'J" Ii .
Enroll Now Nftlil: f' ... i


12 rooms, Private bath .$U5 ..
u IS rooms, SemiprivateM.M .'
DAY TIME4M9 Frank L. Stanley, publisher of the Louisville Defender and at the Summit Hotel In New York City for the National Newspaper -
34 bedroom plant with 1,1'/r
Weekly Rate (plus tax,) chairman which met from June
2 both and : of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, is Publishers Association convention
1% schools garage.Modem HOUSE FOR THEM? EDGEWOODMOTORCOURT flanked by stewardesses Cell) Kaaren Gardner and Joyce A. 19 through June %). Looking on approvingly are officials of I
churches end
a complete -
INTEGRATED Kelley after having been pinned with a Northeast Airlines Northeast Airlines. By
r shopping center clote by. NOW BUY YOUR OWN SIU UA L Cor. Edgewood Ave. "Yellowblrd" at the hospitality suite of Northeast Airlines

Phone: 764000)Always Open
I IN THE EXCLUSIVE Youngslers-Sltfdyl The Barber College Scenes

7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 765-1685 SE"IIS IIjr..urS43ZIG ,.' .
BEAUTIFUL ': ,; '': 'tt.o.,: .
: '
ZAG.Makes design,sews World Needs You I ,:: :: .t f.
on buttons, makes button holes,
CARVER PINES I etc. Pay balance 143. at 38. "\

per month.Phone 3S3-1946 any DEAR KID, fellow's side of things.couldn't
JACKSONVILLE SHIPYARDS time. Will show at your home, Today you( came to me for a have cared less that you're
$13,000TO no obligation. A-1 Sewing Mac- Job. From the look of your behind In your car payments.
nine! Co. 1606 Main Street shoulders as you walked out, That's your problem and Pre- >
1 suspect 100'" been tuned abut Johnson's. What needed I
II I Immediately Requires ISABELLA OF PARISThat's down before, and maybe you was someone who'd go out la the
$18,000 Met believe by now that kids out of plant, keep his eyes open, and
bive the Amu- nigh school can't find work work for me like he'd work for
f! Ing superior tonic tablets, pep But, I hired a teen-ager to himself. If you have even the
ARO WELDERS SHIPFITTERS FHA VAVULCAN for all the things you want to day. Ton saw him He was theo vaguest idea of what I'm trying i. .
do. Box of SO $1.00. Satlsfac
1 e with polished shoes and aacktie. to say, lei It show the next
lion guaranteed or Money Back time ask for You'llbe
INC. What was so special you a Job.
For Men tad! Women. bead and shoulders the
t,1. OUTSIDE INSIDEMACHINISTS about him? Not experience: over
P.O. Box 1)0 S. neither of had It was rest
Dept any.
TEL. 768-3479 you
r rCrttilafa! ( :; \ I Gary, Indiana his attitude that put him on the You know. Kid, men have always -
payroll instead of you. Attitudeion had to get a Job like you
,1 SPRAY SHU METAL ATTITUDE. He wanted that get a girl: Case the situation,
| dly enough to shuck the wear a clean shirt and try to
; PAINTERS MECHANICSPIPEFITTERS leather Jacket get t haircut, reasonable willing.
\ BUY a HOME wl la1 and loot In the phone boot to Maya Jobs aren't as plentiful I I,
find out what this company right now, but a lot of us can:
CARPENTERS MAKE makes. He did his best to im.press remember when master craftsmen I
me. Tars where be walked the streets. By
i' so o TO HNER LIVING edged you out. comparison you don't know the
RIGGERS BOILERMAKERS You ass. Kid,' people who hire meaning of "scares"You I
t' ALL VICKI people aren't with' a lot of may not believe It, but
things. We know more about all around you employers are
I APPLY OS t31Y 3IEIIHM Bug than about Bingo, and we looking for young men and
;i NO f'f have Stone-Age Ideas about wbo women smart enough to go after
ran YARD 6141 BAY ST. owes whom t living. Maybe a Job la the old-fashioned way.
et Ott 8ALE8 OFFICE at that makes us prehistoric, but When they find one they can't: rt
DR DIVISION A 20th ST. CXP. there's nothing wrong with the watt to unload some of their
I HONE : 354-6746 checks we sign. worries on him. a e
GRAND PARK the trick of seeing the other EAGER, WILL YOU?
j j THE BOSS";
Equ.l Oppettunlty Employer l Al
Barber College
James Brown'sDrummer

Announces New Is J lion IM anon sees is from the Jacksonville Barber College 1)0
Davis at Beaver, and shows the school Instructor Professor
I Study ScheduleThe When the renowned James Wanton, with James Williams student graduate, and a customer.
The ,College enters a new semester for students on July >.
ATTENTION JAXONS Bran brings his show to Jacksonville -
Jacksonville Barber : on July 5, lathe group.
College, CM Davis at Beaver, of 18 musicians will be a Jaxon.
/ Nathaniel Jones, Jr. whose Friends
begins a new semester of Service Worker
and Instructing In the mother, Mrs. Evelyn. Johnson,
* *.* tonsorlal teaching arts on July 9. All lives at l)2t East 26th, wUl Jailed For Demonstrating

persons interested enrolling be here for the show.
Brown, 12, Is a graduate of
In classess should get la touch Stephen G. Cary, associate executive secretary of the American
The Florida Star Will Publish with Rey. Saint Charles Beau Matthew Longbraach Gilbert High.Oakland He attended Friends Service Committee, has been sentenced to fourteen days
ford, 353-9174, or come to the Elementary School Before !in a District of Columbia Jail for demonstrating with Ralph

college. Joining with Brown be was with Abernathy and his followers in the Poor People's Campaign at
The College now has 40 chairs. Little the edge of the Capital grounds last week.
Anthony at the Apollo.
Charles Wanton is
after '
Instructor. Henry Diem is Theater In New( York. He is Only spending more than laid before the nation; in particular '
one of ftvechlldren.Jonesplaysdrums twenty-four hours in Jail, was the Issue of hunger"
: owner and Rev. Beanford ismanager. piano and guitar Cary able to reach the AFSC Several AFSC staff members
Church News .
by Wef are reported on their way to.
I During the month of June
FREE OF CHARGE I league a support our col Washington! In a bus organised
graduates. were:
Fort Valley in the courageous action by SCLC to take the places of
Williams; Roy Smith, W. be has taken," commented
the hut
CI* News. campaigners Jailed
Alvin Lewis J.E.
Bronson P. Clark, new executive
Holds Social week.
logs Mrs. B. Rhodes, Miss T. secretary of the AFSC
.. A. Hooks and A. when Informed of Gary's Im
Social Notes SA Service MeetFort prisonment. "His presence in GJEO WANTSCONTINUED
r' The College now has a club, Valley'Ge'The: Washington Is a sign of our
the JBC Club Officers are: Division of Social Science at commitment ot the goals of FROM PAGE 1
President ,
Freddie Smith Mr*.
; the We in this
WeMii AMOMceMOits Anna Hooks, Vice President(? The Dr. Earl Fort IPlerro Valley chairman State College held action campaign with the Join poor In Ion.. The poor have complained
Miss TeraasaSalth.Secretary of being Ignored.
; the first annual workshop onUDderlf&duate demanding that Congress now
Mrs. Berthenla Rhodes, Treasurer Therefore Greater Jacksonville
Education In address Itself to a realignmentof
I EseUal Thomas, Business '. "Economic:
; national priorities." Opporu
Social W.11 ar. ( -Prda-
Manager and Mrs. M. atonal Social Work) June 26-27. Gilbert W. White, ehalrma unity must, according to the
Thomas, Assistant Treasurer; of the board of the AFSC also rulings, get its house in better
The theme of the two-day
.i Do You Wilt A Photofnpher To Cover workshop was "More and Informed of Gary's sentence," order. The importance of the
Better BaccanuTeale ""observed that the AFSC had long poor man, the recipient of the
TO GET A GOOD JOBGETA Prepared monies to be
Degree Social Wor .InPractice supported the goals of this expended Menu
GOOD EDUCATION NOW! campaign. "Although there'hasnot to be the Important mterger in

r IHS IflHMts WoWus Sockl., Evjftts revising,the present with emphasisOB cur rVculum been time for us to consultIn pop dispute at the moment

and to expand the occupational order to endorse Steve Gary's Have A Safe Fourth
FOR RENT .outlook. action as an pn1JaUoai.: U July Holiday
Cell 354-6782 165S Logan rot I3S.SO Mo. Students In the field attended Issues'which, -- the. : FLORIDA STAR Staff
POLAND H1GBEE the sessions afflgalneda wealth
Realtors of knowledge from the questionand

SS4-MH 817JT. ForsythSt answer phase of the Spotlight On Sportssort
program u wen as the variousAmong

Hv f Bedraoi&; 169.00 Mo. U1I, Dr. Wlnfred Thoivet. assistant somehow, the application didn't work for me. ,
Blvd., small apt, I rooms, professor Department of For weeks thereafter I '
apprehensive that I might have
Florida State
hug News To: Mill News To: bath and kitchen eqafcped. Welfare Tallahassee Mrs contracted malaria from the mosquito bites. "
940.00 Mo. Apply at 435 W., 'Victoria tVarner Meanwhile oar catch consisted of three mderslxe basses. My
Florida Stir fieri.* Stir Urd St., or call'.158-4J14. a Sociology: Florid, Department AAM University frleuLln what I retarded as one of the nderstatements of tile
year, ruefully admitted we bad had a bad day.

2323 Moicrief U. ..0. Lox 599JicksmHIe FOR RENT Francis, Logan Talllashassee School Social Dr. frustrstth However,. a repeat visit to the same site proved Just as

ill W. lOa St. Apartments Work, Atlanta University and Inland fishing: as I have already noted,is strictly for the birds.
1 Cr. 13A .Strut. 1 Hi. 32201 Furnished or Unfurnished. 1 Miss chairman Hilda Macau Bledsoe, ACSA, I am tare, however, that many a frMBhtfr fisherman will
Bedroom $15.00 ft $17.50 wk. want to take Issue with me. Others may even despise me for
Phone U7-U01. JUSW Macao, Ga writing this spieL

I i

\ ..t: 1 c i t

\... '$ '..n;:. '&rt. "" ;";:-,., ". -i, .. .,'. ..... .' ... .. '. rl' __. .. 11..:'". .. ."',10 .... .." .L ... ..' ... k ,--.J._ ... ""' ."t: ._".ua.4.r. ....;\'""'--. .. J