Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
executive officer of the department -, signers of the statement were BUck, collegians) invaded fraternity house when. It was charged I .'It11Pse JuI was SPECKLED[ TROUT < 69c I Mum[ Rot J' i ;:r. f
that shot!were fired from the house at a blick student. University used spray which did not -/
They were in order, according James Baldwin, John Gunther, President Dr. Vincent "'. Barnett, in closing tin house; said work. The husband, Janus Edward -- FLOUNDER 9c K>IHN I "A" lAVPSIUPDMPANQ
to the official.Gray filed Lerol Jones, Stanley Kauff- III. Of I
no reprisals would be takenagainst the association members who Weaver took the officer'sgun J -.
petitions for five delegates at mann, Norman Mailer, and Susan him I
entered the place. Black students had threatened to burn the and shot to death. Tenseness -
large and five delegates In the Sontag.Mr.Cleaver,the author ; CRAB MEATSHRIMP
house down If after the reported shooting followed the shooting. .
13th district.. He is not com- of the recently published necessary, k' tROY Mrs. Eustes said, "I don't .. ...... ....... .. 'I(' r..... ... /'IS I ,c..1..... .... e 0)
with book "Soul Ice" and a leader -
peting McCarthy and, on have
"COOL" STOW'NEW any hate for what happen
therefore, did not file for delegates of the Black Panter and Peace ed. Its UIGE l',. 31.40
YORIUPlU-Theyveeooled down tempers controver something happened. ;
and has been : MEDIUM lb. 51,15
In 14 other districts parties .
Intermediate SCDOO! 201 by uxtgthealr-coadittontngequtp- I know If that mm hid known-
charged with assault with Intent ment which parents have been complaining about-to DO avail- WILKINS my husband U wouldn't have w OYSTER!!! .

MAY 7 to murder a policeman and is for two years. Only when the New York Urban Coalition enteredthe day, April 19, for Tehran,Iran, happened." Mrs. Euites received ITIWINO IN SHELLS .Biwa:
VOTE being held without ball. Is where he 1s heading the United commendation from '
picture was the equipment repaired at the school, which to the 1.25, 5.501. 1.50 *
*. *.* be taken over soon by parents and school representatives. CONTINUED ON PAGE 11 city's Mayor Don Jones.

p i [ N I .. ; *1I .1 I L M [: J I t I [' ) I I1.m.

mil AnIN'1M Of toe u.nd a M ..nMa nth .M4N.. MRM waM1 I./MK "'nnN'N'1r ,
Offices "x101 K a.wM. .wMw awI /W.lw aa, wraw awl j Lr. ww o.w YIIDINNwf. /
Nrr.IMNMM N.NI r N. l w.r M.! M.N. 7 W.I N. / aNNrwoMl

J. .astatl7t O Lw al..

Eww... -'n 1 1 T TI


.. e.S:
lIr.mnr.ralir. ..
.. Mrw..M
= MNW w W.1' M Mh M NN W MN C t.N./ 1Ww 1 N 1 Ira N MM 1. O 0 1.
tA Mi/IM run yw.w nor I nth .aa _(a..NK o I ul JNM !w W!, i .pulo u/0.owwM K


;; ; ;; ... _
I a .Ma MwnM I .a I sIN w.M..w .nun
I..wrwwtl l a MNMtl a.a M.au Of MMIMNIMIMI NOwI flIP MMMINMIIU a aMIM T Al
I j--_.. --wtl .Ma wan 1

:: : : y L4::I M \,

.. .
PaM M MM 7 Iw.M 1. M A .M W ..Na.M r r F'N 1
.. } L1'O.r j !-4w.._ I4. ] r J/u _eh +r a4lA .L-lxa xura

4 ...L. a
I .mla Damao fir
.ua flIP ...."rs wr.a1K/IAa. wtlrIw.w \

.. ... -
e OM..a
o: = M
=. :.: = ( Y
CJ .
Cfcs* .... w. .LM M '.1i .arMMN

W CM/N.M I.CMaMW.d W .w P N ,wl aY '' '
| .a aa *sxasu- M r "a.a.tl M M r hrM1M 0 .r.. M.r M.MNw r. Mw NII M YI.L ;


!' S' lI I N'1 4 1 I


,rill (1opcrtll ""b all S0*,.,/"",'/ officials I gin-you my unqualified/ Z vftv{ : that tbe of- i '''+ ,.

to make our country a/Jt'IIITsafir and b.pp"rtee o'rSlalt'Attotneynillbe administered'tonAs E ...
.. ...2. .
'OurSlall', Attorney, I mil fight bat- pin,.LIJI'lIbid;" tlZI.1.Lan, / w"'y': .. :- :'
) your ( "i'nfurcermntJl), efficiently im/iarlialfy.! ;: :.!.. .. .7'"Z; ;. ..

tie against crime ullor Ian and order Ifnagemin; mil bai my full and firm snj>/>on, n Sincerely, :,.;,, :!:'4r',1i!r.. .../ ;.",? !.. ;: .

'!' .J. ,;, .;...s .' :.. "I ,
der my'adininiftratiaisnsrrbouurri'Ivsafe and my l-gal; advice to them niU be based on .

and nalk in in cities ami '. : : The A. C. SOUD family 'Y:
you can our streets mature., judgement. sound education and ex- .'. ; '
'- Ginger; Jeffery end A.C.'I. .
J' t in tbe'aI"lIillJIIl. fear, yxr/Vff; ':'k" : I0 A. C Solll/j. ::. .1jt" ..... ,
"*- r
% .

f fV

n.. ".

V "" 0' V V .. IItiIII.k.: ...,"' V V .V V V V ';'. ,,V V 'V V V .: ..r.... VV .44I

. .. . .. .... . . .. . .. . .. . . .



........110. .... 1>.,._.... I>..:t 110.'" 110.,1


., .-,,. .... ..K I>. "'

.__.-" '_.- -H' m,

Mini, Midi, Maxi, Just Above The Ankle Ossie Davis StarsIn a / n and Be flustme Ca mar

i New UAC Picture put on a pretty face
Skirts Are All ] Heallh LChronlc'dlsease fashion pattern

1I waA BY

Varied LengthsMini "Whiskey's Renegade s," Aubrey McDonald

starring Burt Reynolds, Angle la the nation's .....' ;'" "" ,
Dickinson, Clint Walker and number one health problem ,,. .'!4' .>>;","
midi, max.sounds! likea Ossle Davis, started shootinglast .- According to recent estimates, l.' ,. L.\ _" '- .'.
child's counting rhyme. And week on location In and around Rouge Is the most misused of all the cosmetic glamour more than 70 million Amerl :' :'" '
in a way 11 counting-out Stockton, California The products Consequently, many women are afraid to use this most cans are amlcted by one or : : :. .
\ "J .
< \
Important beauty aid more of these conditions which : 'p."J :
formula because the latitude on western action '" \
drama Is being But every woman should use rouge In her dally makeup place some limitations on their ) rr 4"1b
skirt lengths is wider this directed by Arnold Laven for routine Rouge! counteracts the dally lives and on their abilityto : .
spring than it has ever been. Levy-Gardner-Laven Produc- natural droop of the facial semEn active- members of r .ff.s .' ; :' & -1f

There's no one dictum on how tions. The picture will be released muscles by drawing attentionup the community. ; .I ....-.
long or how short skirts must by United Artists, a toward the cheekbones, Ranking especially high ..."l ; ,..'! :
be to be "in style". Fashion Transamerlca Corporation. brightens eyes and gives a. among these chronic ailments tl j : t
healthy glow" to dull complexions and arthritis Diabetes
simply says "you make the Reynolds plays Sam Whiskey, are diabetes ._-...... .
is now the seventh lead. .
choice" The best dressed with who is hired for the near-Im ...; (1
In keeping with today's natural ing cause of death in the United /
unlimited clothing allowances JlY possible task of returning, undetected unmade.up look Fashion rzJ States and the third leading .1Tr7 t.I'
are buying all three:mini,midi, 25 gold Ingots which Two Twenty has created the cause of blindness. Arthritis ,( .
at Ideal This delicate affects one out of t\try 12 of
mail lengths and popping up bad been stolen from the US. rouge "
peaches and cream cosmetic our citizens The effect of these t'
the IN places whatever length Mint in Denver. Hlsassolcates, .
goes on easily and blends diseases when measured in
their mood dictates at the mo- v the renegades of the title, are beautifully with all akin tonesor terms of personal suffering and

ment. Walker, Davis and Miss Dick lipstick shades. ; the cost to society of supportIng I .,
For the fashion-minded on, inson. Here's the to j disabled victims Is appalling .
proper way
limited clothes budget, who Following the location filming apply rouge: I5 c ;
would also like to splurge on all on ranches In the Stockton area 1. Place a tiny dot of rouge at K 'liJ However, the vast majorityof \ \a..:..;....
affected diabetes
three of the looks one solution and at Comanche Lake, there a point the width of two those by )
presents itself..she can sew will be seven weeks of filmingin fingers away from your nose denly appear larger. That tired and 1I'e'Irtually arthritis can normal be helped lives to if ( 4.

them hersell.Sklrts and blouses Hollywood Studios 2, Tenderly blend the rouge up. ,i look has disappeared. their conditions are diagnosedand "" )
colorful fashions
Singer sewing experts tell us, "Whiskey's Renegades" 1 s the ward hairline along until the cheekbone cheeks to call for makeup t at's treated at an early stage } )

are the fashions most people from an original screenplay by shyly flush with your color, Just as vivacious as a gal's And medical experts agree that.
make the most of. Since fashion William W. Norton. Robert wardrobe So, dont let a pale, the podiatrist omce and community 1'1 '
3 Lightly press translucent '
podiatry screening programs
lines knows, ergo skirts Moreno, ASC, is supervising powder over your face. wan complexion detract from are the places where

and tops to be Juggled with all photography in color. 4, After makeup Is completed, your Remember good looks a subtle blush of much of this important early
the aplomb professional entertainer gently pat a moist sponge rouge will give your "pretty detection can take place For "Y \
could be the answer to Protect }our e'.f! D. he- over your entire face. face" the bright, lively look of many of the symptoms of diabetes /i 1
a seemingly expansive ward- or no dishes. you can ,ieotir Notice how your eyes sud now and arthritis appear first /
robe going to all lengths for mankure for every da)' Mwelt In the foot.During .
a symposium sponsored
a\ parties if you wear
spring. Kaxl Just above the ankle
Han.g.irJi .'. by the New Jersey
Buttonholes, and there are length that's favored for at home lightweight" flMticpUrtf Podiatry Society at the Rutgers _
stropenmiefi M *
million on the new tops, are at daylight saving time dining re.u.d.are el rliahe! enoac'r so c r'JMMg ft f University Institute of Micro
) +R biology, It was pointed out that
for the out
no longer a problem by the gals who like to be won'I drop the plate! \\hen
jou In the diabetic there occurs "a
borne sewer, the Singer sewing out front in wearing the
very they do get dirty from wirtcbmg wide variety of changes of the
experts advise.New,almost uncanny latest. The blouse that foams pot and fans, the rb.'lc' r t skin and bones of the feet

abilities that make all with lace ruffling is part of fas- IoeS" into the w Vcfra,>ei eniMrri questions about s ranging from color changes to I
sorts of buttonhole including hlon's 'I.. Infections and In-
new mad passion for and jour r.nJ fnf ( ulcerations
'eyelets and shaped end one,taster being unabashedly feminine.The party looking enft an,I Intes! !)! Juniorlin etiquette, s: r'..C vehement of bone," These
end Intrrrm,
grooming Wy5r*-.. found even when s
changes are
almost than one could say the textured polyester double tier mare iN,uts li your ;:; .f the individual does not expert
words, art talents Inherent in knit used in the skirt and the tjurttiriHi Off tnulHinr/ ftnmif Q. Fashion Is fun for me this color or ventral :ripc* art. ence the excessive thirst frequent '
the newest Singer sewing mac- creamy smooth dacron polyester "W 1giNr.rile for' ll't )ear! I'm short and short skirls )our best but,became horizontal urination and weight No. R-258 ,
bines. She who sew can splurge crepe of the blouse can be free Ioo'It", "I'..,) fr,, away on all sorts of buttoned-up found at Singer Centers where "Nr,." ifJ soar theme *"A Is a natty tuned-In striped look shorter and rounJer with diabetes, Sixes 12.20
fashions and never turn a hair fabrics art sold, as can the JJrrii lo "!',,) Ftrinitfll) dress.The stripes are horizontal.Bright., simple detail arc he*!. When a podiatrist sees patients double box
when it comes to creating all double-tiered ruffled lac.bandIng "OMr" Dtp. ,,/.r. KW.ri/. )- Do I dare buy' It? and )ou can alto wear neat, with I an Infected foot CASl'AI. shirtwaist features ili-w pleats to five a
small Leave the degeneration to live skirt Added uttrui-tioii in the tucked back
those buttonholes. C/,," Cor ?"""''. MU9S6I r A You're right to doubt hori pattern ulcer evidence of muscle grllrllllIng
by-the-yard. Solid that go rounJ and round for or poor circulation yoke aboteJwiuted baiul. Exit-Unit for (cotton tliuntuug. .ilI..;.
stripe" on >ou tall_slender! gal, You'll I look In the foot he Immediately Price $100 R-258 Isuilable In sizes 12. 14. 10, 18, 20.

great in me upana-uown ser suspects diabetes and consults: Size 14 takes 5'i yards of 42 lush fabric. Standard body measurements -
with the family medical doctor:
"YOUR DOLLAR lion! It has been said that the for size 14 are: Bust 34, Waist 20, Hips 30.
Q. l'" been clobbered b>) apair podiatrist sees the earliest Send One Dollar for pattern pin 5 rent for portage, In ca,h or

of glatttt! I Just tot Ibrm signs of Joint changes, frequent check.. No Stamp. For Fi..Oo'' mailing tend 15 rent extra. Add
and rani figure out what to do Indicators of arthritis Other
cub sty balr. era long) I ran signs etldent to the podiatrist One Dollar i it you with NEW.\l"5TIF.LHR pnER000"
BUYS MORE see, but I donl Ilk. w ball we! as he conducts his comprehen, !tf4compile trlrrlinn of High Fashion diflgn Including AILlofC'lIl'N.
C.D you help stve ,examination also tell of Send lit AU'STINE 1.\ XIMl Fashion Pattern (name of

A. Out with the oU and C'I"llh possible arthritis 'OUr m>'''paprr). Box 1615. C.I',O" X"'lIrl..;. X.Y. 10001. I'rint
/ AT YOUR BANNER he new' the New" \'ou. When, hammer such conditions toes, heel as bunIons pain- Jour full nam....IMr...'. P.\TTf.R\ Nl MRFK AXD 5IZL

f .. hat Is: Glasses do alter >our and nodules In the achllles*
SPECIALS GOOD appearance" M why not go all tendon are presented to a
QUANTITY FOOD STORE" the way' Vim the hair dresser podiatrist for treatment, he
RESFRVED THROUGH SATURDAY with Sour glasses I on Perhaps Initiates a screening procedurefor
RIGHTS shod, short hair \er)' "in" right arthritis,
now, II juil for >ou, Then stud)' Similar, early detection of

-r* -> a- ,, ..-. ,,,,,,-" '- )our makeup technique. A little circulatory problems by the. to all citizens their fuU constitutional rights Main
podiatrist may enable the patient
FOLDERS '" n"in u.v.rar.ve. more emphasis on eyes i II called to avoid a cardiac condition lain the protection of each cltiten and their property. Strive
for behind thote Icntc Always later on. continually to prevent crime by meeting with youth groups,
leap a pocket pack of Io'r..nt.iUUti \ Regular foot examinations, ministers school principals and all other
parents responsible -
S R i in sour rUN lhc)'H important In maintaining day cltltens all
/SUGAR working harmony and with Cod's divine
COFFEE conic in imphihanJ> for Lee" to day foot health, are Indispensable solve
help we can .
In, the glasses clean nil to the control of such many
?:..-A. in close with Sheriff Dale
? $ muJe-frc the. boner t," ace chronic ailments as diabetes, cooperation Carson whose
he New >ou': arthritis and poor circulation goals are the came as mine, in furthering the tremendous
IIERSHEY'S 1 Q. AI school till the this especially among the elderly work with our youth, who will be the citizens of tomorrow.
LB. .keep makeup In their Imlrr whom they threaten with per TURN JUVENILE DELINQUENCY LNTO JUVENILE DECENCY -.
ALL GRINDS f manent disability I or even
49 for loucb-ups after lup.t.. MuIt !!
INCLUDING CQ C i PKG- SUGAR lake me .0 long lo do a neat death.According to a prominent Investigate my background and that of my opponents. YOU

ELECTRIC I 1 I l6 \A. lob that I'HI tmhaita.'fd la state health officer DESERVE THE BEST.
V /J-I'y. land then In the Ml and try, "The public health approachto
PERK CAN k -._ \\but can I da? chronic disease emphasisesthe
"V 13.00 MORE \ A Putting makeup" on ill mobilisation of all the com Make Your Vote
sdMIT: ONE PLEASE WITH J5.QO PR MOuE FOOD ORDER \w FOOD ORDER bus)' shawl l batten" ) ivnl \civ munity's existing personnel and
well the development
resources as as
smooth" even if >ou can d it
of new resources aa Count .
quickly! Do a* prof*'\*':> 0moJelsdo they are needed The podiatrist
: Keep sot mil cur can and must play an Important .
in .a small coimrtu k.l lt,>\e role In conjunction \\tt\

DEIERCENi SWIFi S PREMIUM FULLY COOKED ..II in >our, I Icxltr or cair>' il in with the other" member of this Herman! ,
; )our rural and take it to Itsladies health team.

room with yaw i fu'iun For additional in/ormation.
''*, er'1 .h. There you can put il on write Tilt American Podiatry GODWINYour
pris'ately) and probably with AIIOC'i tlOll, S301 Sixteenth St.,
PICNIC greater; care. Keep a few N W. Washington D C 20JIO,
Kleenex iiiiuet in sour malc-uf I II Constable
kit for blotting; lipstick iind I

!brushing easy loose powder 7''' DISTRICT 11
\'oull be picture pretty without t
6T.SIIE. fumbling around in >our UvlerH'tHl ': ARMYRESERVE
a 410 ( to turn mart alien,r Best Gillintt.., far

: B LB. 3'1 tbt frt froomiHt'el btbyiilliHttooJ Sad J1-seal its,: PeL PoLA.

LBo, lo "Sitting Bunt)," Ki",.'>ri/A
"" ,- -- 1 I
Clark Cory.. t\evuji'. W iuomnH9J6 N





I 1.V3 BEEf : ..

49BEANS .e .e.. 0 stows
SHORT RIBS LB "'.",... c.-



CORN CAN 303 4m '. "



3 DOl. ;.

CAN ..
U.S. #1





'I .; ,:,' "i'i_.. .. .. .. -- -__ .. ...... .. .: .. .. .. _'_ ::: A'A A'PATE -;;; ::;';--"'-;-.. .;. .' ;". : .. ;. _-.-. ::" .



here's the' '!"Iww"' toni al"" Claiming for creative cook y.- II

Wine Glazer ," p RECIPES! [ COOKING AFTER 5 PM@

Quirk Barber Hire with Ham Play It Cool With SaladsA
1 can (So*.) sliced\ 1 can (10% 01):) condensed
mushrooms onion aoup working woman with a family in smart to make suppertime
H pound cooked ham cut In 2 cvipi Minute Rice! salad time
on rrninRhcn an oven dinner U JUKI too much to
strips ((1% cups) U cup chill sauce face It fa well to keep the larder stocked with "th making.."
2 tablespoons butter 1 t.aapoon prepared mustard These could'
t % cup diced! celery Dash of Tabasco sauce! include fish,
frr ;: ) Drain mushrooms measuring liquid; add water to make 1J4 meat fruit,
K cups liquid. Lightly saute ham and mushrooms in butter. Stir in vegetables yJ4
measured liquid and remaining Ingredient Bring to a boll nnned anti.. .
stirring occasionally. Cover and simmer! 6 minutes.Fluff with a frozen ; { ."
CTFOR _- }r fork before serving. Makes .4 to 6 servings.Cheese several condiment kinds;

-- : hamburger of cheese; I r'w
At2N/ 2 tablespoon*Good Season Open Pit fruit flavorgelatin air
I ;
Barbecue Sauce,any flavor fresh
M teaspoon salt gl'l'C'naand .
max onnaise
f 1% pound ground beef and an
6 slice process. American cheese
assortment of
Additional barbecue sauce
6 hamburger buns split and warmed Ing salad mixes dress.
Mix barbecue sauce! and aalt Into beef.! Shape into ground A salad I.-
patties Broil on both aide Top each patty with a slice! of cheese supper menu
N I and additional barbecue sauce and continue broiling until cheese might fez*
r melts-about 1 minute. Serve on buns. Makes 6 servings.Vanrht turn a shrimp ,
and celery
( comb: (.m.l salad with a 1
'4 cupflnelycruhmiPoet 2 tableepoonasugar simplifiedversion '
Grape-Nuts Cereal 'i cup butter melted of 7I
1 cup fine graham Green Goddess
cracker crumb Salad i
Combine cereal crumbs and sugar. Stir In melted butter Dressing' thepride rTi : ?
Pi'ess firmly on bottom and( sides of 9-inch pie pan. Chill 1 hour of San
r before filling. Or bake crust at 375' about 6 to 8 minutes; cool Francisco'sPalace _
t .earrK { before filling Hotel. IB
,t J.wn CodrfcM!Salad| Deeming
Chicken Kiev The 1 envelope Good Seasons 2 tablespoons:: elder
1'j Easy Way Gallic Salad vinegar
Dressing Mix: 2 tablespoons anchovy
I'i cvps fIIurC'rl'8m paste
!i cup chopped parsley :2'4 cups mat'onnalse
Combine ingredients. except: mayonnaise In !Mender. Bli-ml
at high I speed for I minute or until parsley Is I)' rhopixM.
Stir I mixture I Into majonnaise. Makes about 4'luI
.Yoffj If blender I III not available, use<< minced parslet' and
blend all Ingredients In a "bow I. To hah recipe,use 2'4 teaspoons'
salad dressing mir

Cool And Peachy



tR __ r p yr


.....,.;:) .. q
+ Any oman who has ever ordered Chicken K lev In a restaurant
mud have longed to oerv that delirious, but difficult dish at
,, .r home. lien',at last I In a simplified\vernlon that a working woman
r .:: I ran partially; preftare the night before The final step I Ia made
easy with seasoned coating mix for chicken.rwMrv .

a -w.. Ulc-a.
4 chicken breasU,split I egg .
IVwk ( 1.
Orange Pudding
4 pound hard butter I tablespoon waterI
I Ubltspoon ., envelope Good heasuns Shake'n I package (12 ot> frown sliced 1U rupsbiling.atrr
I minced rhea Rake Seasoned Coating Mix
teaspoon or
acalllons forChkkenUrigInaiRecipeI i ..gjiKiUen.: ,' :* teaspoonslenunJules.; '
: :i Dash 0'nutmeg
I teaspoon lemon Juice or Mild Countr.btyl.FlavorSkin
and bone chicken luce between aheeU of wax paper U coup sugar I rnvclniehipi""I, | l
IJ itouitd until about 'a Inch thick taking care not to make holes U te.l"oon..1t topping mix
A raspberry and vim (1m fives this boneless turkey roll u omit Ross furors toe elite and complements the meal u the In meat Cut butter Into R fingers place on near end of each |)rsln (teaches, .....M.lnl[ H sup of the syrup" Dinnolve gelatin
J exotic look, but Its simple to make and delicious to, eat. Call'accompanrinc beverage. Other co-aloncs are young carrots wl ttmint.d Rlece! of meat. Sprinkle with 1.\l'y\ chives, and lemon J"Ire. sugar, and salt In boiling water Add lemon Juice and measured
: up, folding I ends In to completely enclose butler. Recur syrup. Combine 't cup gelatin mixture with the imrhi-s amt
butter and pan-browd. potatoes.,. .. ,with' wooden ,picks t trim off picks.:. (if prepared In advance, nutmeg:; set aside at room lemlersture. .Chill remaining gelaUnmixture
------ rover and refrigerate until ready to complete) Heat egg'withwater until very thick. '' ysrl| Utpplng mix a. dl-
all.-hU.nlp etch roll Into egg mixture coat with seasoned reeled on |!mrk blend In thirkeprf gililln I mixture. SIKMHIinto
Please Help Fight Cancer coating mix. a* directed on package. Place on ungreaaed shallow- a serving i dish. Chill until art .I but not ,:mi. hiHmn iearheswith ;
... aide up. Rake at 4&0 about 20 minutes or until well gelatin over top; chill until! firm Make 4'a .rut" or (taervings.
I 1 Llowned. Drain on absorbent |l"l..r.| Makes 4 servings. .

/ ,/ r 'CDGEWOOD




9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. PICNIC61o8LB



I 39'

? t The store that LB.

: cares about you!

....,, -




.1 < ; ;J? .. YOUR CHOICE
: 1

:,... l r<\ RIBS IB. 59 ( MED. GGS1IDA 3 ONE CTNS DOZEN OF $100 IB. v'

I" t1{\ GGSG1ADE "A1A16E 39t

DoI.511IS' .





;. ', .. l I MCKINSEY FROZEN .



CIRCUS e3c&39 \ 59cJ r



i.; 3000 ..45tk STREET PRICES IN TllSADl POLE lEANS.

3 ".,!s. 690 I p ', ARE GOOD THROUGH SATURDAY MAY 4 IBSATURDAY 1ge\ Produce' lIIullU. ,

FOOD rte

:) v+ \:

\.' .. .. .. < ', .. .. .. ... ... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. 0 .. .. .. .. 0 .. .. .. .. .. ..- .. t ,,"' .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .11. .. .. 11 t '. t'y ""'t-o( """" '-","' '''0 l"t' .. .' ... ......-.,..


r 1


: 1L :




Helping_ the Traveler



LINOLEUM CITY new regulations visitors -
to the Bahamas no longer
have to fill in the Customs declaration
GEORGE SILYERMAN 5658 NJ. 1TR AYE., MIAMI when arriving.

MANAGER 157-1021 sY'r All that is required is the nor
mal clearance by Customs Inspectors
at the terminal.


THE ..NE'Kill'S The second annual "Bahamas

500", the worlds richest and
BAR longest powerboat race, will be
held June 9-10 this year. The
t race starts and finishes at
Freeport, Grand Bahama Is*
1 land.

.r 5910 N.W. 7TH AVENUE .
PHONE 151.9311 MIAMI, FLORIDA 33121
International Air Bahamas will
begin operations July 20 with the
PHONE 693.4531 I efriIL launching of a threetimesaweek -
FLOWERS BY WIRE A scheduled service between

NITE 621-6056 Nassau and Luxembourg.An Inaugural -

'' ak''"i "SINCE 1949" : flight will Boeing be made 707-320C July 14.jet

flowers; ... ,t. t
THE THERESA FLORIST TRAVEL MATE-Tb 1968 Mobil Travel Guide with listings and .
i ratings of over 23,000 dining and lodging facilities throughout the
v tis AVENUE U.s., it now available at Mobil stations and bookstores. The guide The Bahamas will have a modern -
1 ',t 5841 N.W. printed In seven regional editions,is a handy edition to the travel- full-color television system -
YO er's kit bag In addition to listing and quality-rating restaurants, early next yearDr.George
HOMER HAWKINS JR. motels, hotels, resorts and cafeterias,the Mobil Travel Guide White, chairman of the Bahamas
S7t lists thousands of placestoseewtdletraveingand gives valuable Broadcasting Commission an-
PROPRIETOR MIAMI, FLORIDA travel advice. Each volume contains money saving guest certificates nounced.
1 good for discount admission tickets at a number of popular
.. tourist attractions S. .

High society and high fashion
J' t .-_._. PHONE 759-8907 mingled at a reception given by
,,"" rntat, Loews Paradise Island Hotel

:= AL'S UPHOLSTERY MOON OVER MIAMI I IwI. i Backgammon Villas for the Association.International It

Frank WilliamsAnd ". DECORATORS was Obolensky.hosted by Prince Alexis

Ir BEACH, F ,-Summer, which arrived with May in .
His Rocketeers Al TRESYANT, 4509 N.W. 7TH AVENUE Miami Beach; will be both long ai id festive.
The first of a throughSeptember :18-hole municipal golf coursesire The Bahamas Customs Department -
Featuring LITTLE BEAVER MANAGER MIAMI, FLORIDA 33127 series of free entertain- ;I $\with vacationers assured has designated George
meats bunching summer i iswingtliM t that one will be within a few Town, Exuma, U port of entry
have set the beat- \1 blocks of their lodgthgs.Courts for vesselsandatrcrafi.Georgs
-Soul Stuff TX Right Man'! 'I Feel My Love Coming DOMI' HARVEYSWIGS a party on Convention ball lawn I it the two city tennis centers Town is the 26th port of entry Into -
entertainment by Al flirt I rent for 25 cents an hour per the Bahamas.
Appearing NightlyCONTINENTAL and his band, and a dance with J person. The Miami Beach Garden -
: .. Sammy Spear tad his orchestra,i 4 Center' welcome visitors .
4 :- :.;.1.' .'. .''1 providing the musk Next week 'without charge and the city-op
CLUB \. '. the Brothers Four will have the
; I erated Bass Museum of Art is Temperatures in Freeport
.. .. stage for the party on the lawn. tree in mornings, has a 50-cent Grand Bahama Island in 1967
2 4419 NW 11 Ave ; Girls will begin arriving in a admission in the afternoons. ranged from a high of 91 degrees -
6000 N.W. 7th Ave. Miami Fla. few days for the Miss U.s.A. All hotels are on or within a to I low of SO degrees.
:. Beauty Contest, at which this short distance of oceanfront There were 239 days when the
Miami fie 33141Wholesale country's entry for the Miss parks for swimming,while surrounding maximum temperature reachedor
TriTiTirm-mTiTiTiTi vim i rrnnnm'ri' mrm'rmrrrTTi'n i Universe"Pageant In July will waters otter some of exceeded 80 degrees. Total
i be chosen. the finest fishing within the continental precipitation In Freeport for the
C May 13 has been set aside u United States. year was 52.68 Inches. Temperatures -
photography day with first the Bargain summer prices for averaged 70 degrees
NOW BURGER press, then amateur shutter- hotel and apartment accommodations In the winter and 82 degrees In
at MRS. HARVEY"Order bugs posing the beauties on the are 1 n effect now, the summer, with air average
beach. The shoot-for-fun picture providing lodging for a s little relative humidity of 70 per cent,
Plrul..Wlr As Shown takers can submit their efforts u $6 a day for two, and luxury and average temperature of 74.S
for prizes at a booth lobe for Just a bit more.Miami degrees.
ID Picioie.JII 100 % Hmnn Hair set up in municipal auditorium

i }' ::. ft 5780 NW 7th AVENUE A $19.95 Tahoe for Only 118.95 by the city.Preliminary. Judging of the .

girls, from 50 states and the
::: A new six-weeks course in
:3b'f'' .'..--'. .u Ed' Get Smut Order Now.. ..... District of Columbia, in formal ShortsMIAMI deep-sea diving lsoUere4attbtCrand
attire, state costumes and Explorers
Bahama Underwater
a d ...ORDER LIST. swimsuits, is scheduled in the Club In Freeport,world
r NiW D- ....
It4" auditorium May 15,with the fID-
} National
I ala and the crowning of the new BEACH Fla.-More headquarters Association of for Underwater the In
-. Miss U.S.A. the night of May than 3,000 travel agents from all
... ..
; I <<, AtunwuFRIED NAME 18. The closing night's cere- sections of the United States structors.certified divers Graduates under become NAUI
monies will be telecast via \1It recently were entertained by the
t 'SIR LUNCH 0 lOT'I ADD ESS CBS Network. Miami Beach Associated Hotels sanction.

The Miss Universe Pageant group. Food, lodging and entertainment
CHICKEN1..DINNER CITY: ZIP STATE- will be held here the week of tab for the guests was
July 8 with the finals July 13. estimated at $50,000.Servicemen .
I COLORS Blk Off Bit -Bra.-Auburn- Entertainment at future lawn wounded in Viet- Jerry Butler
cffffifSflUS 97 AU Other Colors Add410.00..Send money order only, we paypoatage..C.O parties will Include:May 22,the' nam again will be entertained
3"KOOF BI .D. You Pay Postage Check your color by-X Or Mitchell Trio; May Z9, Greater by the Shower of Stars hotel
send Hair Sample. Miami Marching String Band; group this summer in Miami On
i 2. BOX of 9 Pints of. Chicken 2"> : June 5, Shelley Berman; June Beach. Last summer more than Keeps Busy
12, Jay and the Americans;June 500 convalescents were guests

I 3. BUCKET *of 15 Pieces of. Chicken 3 H Your professional beautician be 19, selected Mummers; July Band 6;,June The 26 Kids,to of The hotels men for will five-day be flown vacations.in from Shows and TV

p knows the answer.. Next Door. A fireworks display Fort Gordon, Augusta, Ga.
: will conclude all the parties, at CHICAGO. Jerry Butlerritf-
4. BARREL of' 21 495
Pieces of. Ckicked which visitors may bring Inc the crest of three conse'cuttve
2 PIECES blankets or cushions for seating Mercury single record
5. SNACK-PACK FRENCH FRIES.ROLLS 69tv Should on the grass. Trx. hits, worked three important
everywomanbe Free dances are to be held May Tornadoes national TV shows in five days,
25, June 1 and June 8, with 1''ORKone' of the when he Jetted to New York for
.. \ a blonde? Spear and his orchestra. more dubious honors i la mini bTexai \. the-Jobn yarsoa TonI.ebtShow
\ ....... ,6 Visitors of course will have a -vInch it big! in many on NBC-TV.
C01" \ ..........." .r wide selection of night club entertainment raped*-u that it tops all oilierMate On Tuesday, Butler was in
,,,,,,, .., t' .... .-- all through the in the number of torn i, Loswberehetapedhls
beautiful whose natural coloring
Blonde hair is for those
"I ,.r'".. ......0.9C. summer, Sunday evening does says the Insurance lufor second "Woody Woodbury
., ,,..'" ,III.". ................. It flatters. But not everyone should be a blonde. "pops" concerts In the auditorium million I inn(me. Dunn); the Show" appearance within three
.. beauticians know and hair color must
that complexion
a.\ef Expert .
.. s"tie beginning June 16 and a years l2 l6.! Testis gas hit .weeks and that night appeared
-' C"; ... .. each other and out all the natural
." .. :.. ,. complement to glamorize bring live
,, ... range of daytime activities extending by 487 tornadoes. on the "Joey Bishql bow"
.... ... beauty that was meant to be: They also know that very .
'i .." .. .. .i.'J'tC from
.. .. .. golf o skin diving on ABC-TV.
.. .. *
... ,oc coarse and dark hair often is resistant to drastic color changes.
.. Summer Butler's
., ... greens fees at the two last two records,
there's hair adding excitement
ere .... However no doubt about slightly lighter "Lost" and
,0" "DreamMerchant"have
,-,1"' ..... ... to woman's And hairdressers know
.. ... a appearance.
Wr .,.. ... GAT INsM both hit the trade paper
... there is no better to add whole new appeal to everywoman's
..C; product a
.... look rich Creme '11 CMICID: IS littleas pop while his new release
than Miss Clairol halrcolOt'ins-extra
"Never Give "
,,, e11M OUT TAKI Formula or new extra easy Shampoo Formula. 0 SU Y 15% DOW"SHELL'S has sold more Uan50,0001wte You Up,
illNi Both Miss Clairol products lighten and color at once, combining CITY fa.... tI_) first week's salesperlormaDCe.GIVE .
vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair. So NW. 7..VE.i SI.A aT.rs.tsa .
e to I i I rn'i 5 > 11 mTmrnrmi wvnmrnmrFrnrn-nvnmi M m I I II IFOR'20 even those shades that look blonde on white hair (as shown on all ":..Illn."IIU: .
most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red-to-
THIS COUPON GOOD golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin
with.Beauty 1011A
salons are equipped to answer questions and help .
$ OFF ON PURCHASEOF with hair color selection. Depend on your hairdresser to have UVIN* .(vice, Pen t TNe UVIKW" I
the professional skills and the total family of fine Clairol prod- RANGE
with halrcotoring completely MSn
ucts to make every woman's experience I
CHICKEN DINNER I personal and glamorous. Should you be a blonde? If you 0787 N. !'. I7THAVENUB .
don't really know, ask your expert hairdresser. M. ATMAUB RAMOC N. PATKIC1C flANOC'
CI.lroIlnc.1967 CourtiM1 Ww.n inc.r1 Omar aY., ......_ MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
i tt m ti 91/111/9 .2l. >JUULHJUUUUUUIM eetteetettninttttttiti ......:.! ." e.. ,1N.MA, oI.ao o.


', .
::r.i ,.
: ?t'.1 : I .
: ( .

.',...,4..,.,..... -- : ;6 .". ,'. _.Sdrt+._..,.. '....._" '..... ...... .: ''>. :.:. .,...... ., ',..., .._...'L. ....b'If)':'


I Dr. Abernathy Makes Appeal To Students For March To DC I ILog

Hauler To Foreman NAACP Leader Receives Air MedalVALPARAISO Commends Students For

Chosen By LBJ Power As Shock Troops

WASHINGTON, D.C/-April 29- The Poor People's Campaignof
For Iran Meet
the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Is making a
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 4; ; national appeal to students across the country to Join thousands

States delegation to the United 1I o f _America's_poor in Washington, D.C. starting May 27.

It Nations International Conference Rev Dr. Ralph David Abernathy 'great physical, moral and intellectual
on Human Rights successor to Dr. Martin support for human
Announcement of Mr. Wilklns' Luther King Jr. as SCLC President rights movements in the Qast"
designation to head the delegation issued the call here :Dr. Abernathy continued. Ifs
was made Friday by President if today as he and 100 poor people was stueentswnoweretneshock
Johnson from his office 1 and national leaders began troops through the sit-ins,
In Austin, Texas The con- presenting demands for decent Freedom Rides, the Brlmlng-
:ference opened in the Iranian ;capital on Monday, April 22, II rights are now confident that they will
with Mr. Wilkins presenting "I urge all students who sup Join their poor brothers and sisters -
United States' position on vital -.,... port this Poor People's Cam of all races, faiths and nationalities -
human rights issues. .. paign of militant nonviolent action in this..Campaign.
Mr. Wilklns was named to replace to Join us In Washington Stoney Cooks, Coordinator for
Ambassador at Large W. as soon as studies and examinations Students and Campus Activities
Averell Harriman as chief of FLA- u.s. Air Force Major Calvin D. Hightower (left), con of Mrs. Ethel permit," Dr.Abernathysaid. for SCLC has been traveling
the U.S. delegation to this international Deaaney of 2811 E. Sixth Ave., Palmetto,Fla.,receives the Air Medal at Eglln AFB. Fla., from "We especially need students around the nation to recruit-
conference. Mr. Colonel William E. Bethea, commander of the 4410th Combat Crew Training Wing. starting May 27, when we and Involved students and the.
Harriman, former Governor of will be building up our demonstrations campus in the Poor People's
.s New York, was unable to attend r and preparing for Campaign. Mr. Cooks, a veteran -
because of the pending Bethune-Cookmon's Fair Costly tires a great March on WashingtonMay civil rights organizer who
peace talks with North Vietnam NEW YORK-There were 12 30. We are encouraging came to SCLC as a college stu.
4 ,representatives. It is anticipated fires in the United States in Wf I! students to come and stay as dent during the 1965 Selma
that Mr. Harriman will May Win In Education Bid which caused $2.5 million or long as possible if It becomes March, has developed a work-
be the chief U.S negotiator at more each in insured property study seminar and a Free University
t Bethune-Cookman College Daytona to the In necessary intensify the campaign Institute to be conducted
the forthcoming talks. Roger P. Fair, Chaplain damage according beyond May 30.
... J .1; The Tehran conference w .s Beach, Florida looks like a sure winner In his bid for a position turance Information Institute, "Students in America, both during the Campaign in Wash
Scooting down the aisles of the Gulf ODCarporsUc&s Arlington called by the United Nations on the Volusla County Board of Public Instruction,District Two,. black and white, have provided Ington. He Is also arranging
TBA Distribution Center warehouse on an electric forklift General Assembly as the highlight when the votes are tallied in the May 7th Democratic Primary. CONTINUED_ ON__. PACE i n
Chester Thomas occasionally thinks back to his boyhood when be of the Human Rights Yearof Reverend Fair'baI-been well Scholarships for special studies
hauled logs for his father and Jounced along behind a team of 1968 in observance of the \
received during his campaign Sarah Lawrence College, 1957; ''rewetiiwg-iMtge a rnICTD ensrxl sit run es se 1 Mohr wtcuv nsmitM eixmor, ire.
'Louisiana mules. He handles tires Instread of lumber now nand 20th anniversary of the adop speeches t o mostlY all White Penn State University. 1959.
and electric forklift being more dependable than a mule team, lion of the Universal Declaration audiences In Deland,News Smy Oxford Oxford,
the Jobbers' orders he fills get to wberethey're going on time. of Human Rights In calling rna, Lake Helen, Ormond,, Seville England, 1958 University, and Studies on' g
Often tile lumber didn't. Mr Thomas Is the plantman foreman the conference, the General -. Holly Hill and other Vo World Peace and General Wei-
In charge! of the tire section at Arlington which males him Assembly proposed a three lusla County towns.He has often face 1965. .--....
responsible for overseeing the unloading, storing and loading point agenda: (1) a review of received standing ovations.The He has served as Chairmanfor i. eZ'
procedures Involved In maintaining the largest Inventory at the progress since the adoption of first Negro to seek election a' the Board of Education for "' '
Center lOO.'OOO; tires of 181 types. At Arlington the accessoryand the Universal Declaration In the School Board. Rev. Fair the Florida Conference of the ,N biAN WIli5
specialty item sections, U wells the shipping and receiving 1948; (2) evaluation of the effectiveness said, "I don't think race has Mehodist Church and is a member 1' A ws.lah
department also have plant foremen, and it is the close of the methods used anything to do with the problems of the committee on Higher
cooperation of these men that insures the uninterrupted Dow to help the United Nations In the at hand the citizens of Colutla Education of the Methodist xrnpl'MI1' ,
of automotive products to the thousands of motorists In marketIng field of human rights; and (3) County are Interested In having church.He M Mfl.1'1
areas west of the Mississippi preparation of further measures a good solid school board, I am .is a member of the Daytona c' *%. 'tUMYMaOA /
?. to be taken aflerl968. sure they will elect the best Beach Area Chamber of Com fl "
The ten-person delegation man qualified." merce; Treasurer Project r
Chicago Radio Station beaded by Mr. Wilklns represents -. Fair, who was recently endorsed UPGRADE Interracial Advisory q44tha
one of 132 countries. by three local organisa Board, City of Daytona Beach; I ''tt
vited to attend the conference.In tions, heard a spokesman for President. Social Engineers
Honors Several
addition observers from Intergovernmental the Community Cordlnatlon Inc. Financial Secretary,Hall-
agencies and Council say,"Rev.Fair Is more fax Area Ministerial Association
CHICAGO -(LDA>-llarry Dale, president Lee Dale Associates non-governmental organisa than qualified for the position Secretary Florida Conference -
along with four other Chicago residents was awarded a gold lions were invited because he has livened,,- the Methodist Church;
clock by radio station WGRT for civic and social accomplishments * cation" for 22 years as an administrator Westside Business and Profes-
In the Midwest area. In his position u sional Organization; Chairman, Try VO. It's easy to like because
The "Great Guy"awards were vision show,broadcast live each Chaplain at BetbuM-Cookman Community Coordinating Council it's so light and smooth.Could be the
also presented to William Robinson Saturday over WC1U-TV,Channel HUD Hurries College, as an Instructor of Social ; The Order of the Elks of. start of a beautiful friendship.Seagram's .
who also received a 26, Dale and Ivory also work Science and Rellrious Pnl- the World; the Masonic Order.
commendation and aa award for u talent coordinators for six loshpy; and his two children He Is a native of South Carolina V0.-The Smooth Canadian
service In Vietnam; Deborah other dance party shows now To Implement were educated In the Colusla and In 1947 married the former
Blvens; who received the ChI. being produced across the coun County System.He Agnes M. Motley o f Reids-
cargo Park District 1968 Junior try. WCIT-TV, a one million has learned the grassroots( vile, North Carolina. MrsJalrIs MROlftJCE YOURSELF
Citizen Zward, and Willie Dally watt channel serves the Trl- of the parents' feelings of the an Instructor InEngUsh at
cited for his scholarship state area covering IUinolsIndlana Housing Lows local situation as a member of Campbell Junior High School.
award from the Ulnols Founda and Wisconsin. the Parents Teachers Association Their two children are MattleI
tion'for Distributive Education Ivory, who was awarded a gold The Department of Housing and and In 19S8 be organizedlocal I Julia and Roger Jr.
for his outstanding schoastle clock December for his appointment Urban Development moved citizens and diligently -
achievement. u director of the quickly today to Implement the supported the bond Issue for
Dale who along with his part Chicago CentralServlce Bureau fair housing provision of the Civil education .
ner Lee Ivory,was named talent a $100,000 self-help program Rights Act of 1968, signed Actively campaigning Rev.
coordinators for the Art Ro developed the aid hard-core Into law by President Johnsonon Fair, who Is seeking the nomination DICK BURROUGHS
berts' "Swinging Majority" television unemployed, is a nationally- April 11. Robert C. Weaver, for the secod time has speaks out onTAXES
dance party show, has syndicated entertainment columnist HUD Secretary, Is given, responsibility spoken stressing the wise use of
peen actlvi In community work and personal press secretary for administeringthe the tax dollar. "There are a
In Chicago for over ten years.In for such star u Johnny new law. thousand ways to kill our school
addition to scheduling and Nash, Jerry Butler and Dick Under Secretary Robert C. but only one way to save them
screening talent for the tele Gregory Wood, Walter B. Lewis, Director with trained and dedicated leadership
of the Office of Equal Opportunity ," Rev. Fair said
Humble Oil Conducts Jay Janis, Executive Rev. Fair has dedicated himself -
Assistant to Secretary Weaver, to give Increased attentionto
and other HUD officials met with the Vocational and Techinl-
Pilot Training EffortFORT representatives of other Federal cal Aspects of Public education
agencies to develop Initial to make available throughoutthe

KNOX-Pfc. Arthur Adams,right, was one of 19 sollders plans to effectuate the new law day certain school-facilities
at Fort Kqox selected for the first training program developed u soon U possible for extended, programs of recreation
by private industry in tbeDefense Department's Project Transition Among the other Federal agencies and guidance; to seek
represented at the meetingwere more text books, material and
an effort to provide greater opportunity for service men
equipment to aid the teachers in
the Department Justice,
nearly ready to return to civilian life.
teaching and the student In
Including the Civil Rights Division
Humble Oil t Refining Company i three months, the students' final and Community Relations learning; to seek schedule changes "Experience in government teaches that a businesslike approach to promoting
volunteered to conduct: the weeks In uniform Service; the U.S. Commission and Increased clerical helpto governmental efficiency and elimination of waste are the best methods of'
first pUotprocr.mwbentheDe- Adams, one of nine class members on Civil Rights; and the Equal give teachers more tme for
keeping taxes at reasonable levels which will business
tense Department turned to private who bad served In Viet Employment Opportunity Com- planning; to re-evaluate our discourage new
Industry for cooperationafter nam, said that because of the mission. supervisory program for more from coming to Florida."
launching Project Transition training "I think I'll get ahead Preliminary plans were discussed effective results; to provide Incentives
at Fort Knoz several aster now."Not yet 21.be didn't for meetings with officials to teachers and administrators
months ago. expect to be set up in his own of States having fair for travel and "I WILL PUT MY VALUABLE EXPERIENCE, IN GOVERNMENT AND IN
The company, largest oil refiner business right away. His home housing laws, to work out cooperation study in programs for professional
and marketer In the U.S. in Chicago before his army ser- agreements In Federal Improvement establish BUSINESS, TO WORK IN THE SENATE IN ORDER TO HOLD TAXES TO
rolled a trailer classroom onto vice was on West Warren Bou and State efforts to eliminate monthly sessions of an infor-
the Fort Knox reservation and levard. discrimination i in.hous mal nature where the citizenscan THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FOR ALL OF US."
gave the soldier-dudents the Humble signed up for an initial ing. talk with a board member.
same comprehensive course of 90-day hitch In Project Plans were also discussed: for His educatlonalbackgrouudin-
instruction that, new Humble Transition, but was so pleasedWith I' calling conferences representatives cludes a B.A.degree from Clark Dick Burroughs will// never vote fora
dealers and service-station the results of its first program of the housing Industry, College Atlanta: Georgia .:
managers receive at 55 similar that It won't be quitting: as required by the new law, to Theological Training; Gammon state Income tax !
Humble dealer training schools the service any time soon. The i work out programs of compile Theological Seminary,MA.de-
throughout the country. company Is starting programs> ante gree In SoclologyAUanta Unl-
Adams Vietnam veteran,and at seven other and vensity Danforth Foundation
army navy Dick Burroughs is
*# *
Sgt. Don Hendon studied a brake installations Immediately, and
'assembly at close range and to has a second class under way I
get tips from Instructor: Richard In Its Fort Knox trailer school
Langner of Humble. The new trainees will be studying WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou Your Voice in GOVERNMENTELECT
The oil company training textbooks and listening to
course and one conducted at lectures on such subjects u Seek The Best Doc .
Fort Knox by the Post Office merchanUlsIng and sales promotion tor. When Your Doctor
Department were the first two ; product quality; enginetrpkeep
programs in Project Transition and repair; accounting, Prescribes, Get Experienced .,
which will be operating at credit and maintenance of inventories Pharmacists'To '
dozens' of army, navy, marine : ; lubrication methods, Fill Prescriptions According 'j DICK
and air force bases before the and fundamentals of driveway To Your Doctor's .
end of 1968. service. Advance screening by Orders. .,
The project Is a blending of the military will indicate their "t ,
Industry needs with military ability to handle the required We Use Only Tbe Best\ t
concern for the future of the subjects. Quality Drugs. C. E, B'L'ACK'roprletof
750,000 soldiers, sailors, marines While still in uniform, many
and airmen who will end of them will be well on their BURROUGHS
their enlistments and be discharged way toward becoming Independent 3 Registered Pharmacists To Serve YouA
from military service dealers or service-station (
this year. According to the Defense managers a field where the .. .. ... COMPLETE LINE OF-----------
Department, u many u demand far exceeds the supplyof 1
.55 per cent dthe 750,000should trainedandcompetendpeeple Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries
i receive some.sort of training State Sena/or- D/f./ J 0He'll
'f re-training to aid their return -
( 'or to the civilian economy. Arcideht Toll -PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED-

!, trailer Due to space classroom problems, Humble's lathe the NEW United YORK-Accidenti States caused an in 1907 KINGS ROAD 353.8219Lilly's Stand Up and Be counted

'I half of each day estimated 115,000 death and
trainees spent
( !
pond Politico Ao1)I
in school and the other half al 13.350.000 injuries in 1966. says Drug Store
their regular military duties. the Insurance Information Imti
The course covered about tute.


. . . . . r 1\ff 1. rr. r ,



Who Is Backing The J.P. Louisiana South With Leads .; Ray 'Charles and Admirers .

Negroes InOHiceXTLANTAHNPflLoulsIana ." / _.

Now In Office? ,'"I t
leads the South In the number of : '

elected Negro officials, with ..-
Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi ,
trailing not far behind.

According to a study of Negro /.1
offke-holding In the South

48 black officials hold elective '
,,t ;
office In the states of the old :;;
Confederacy. }

The number Is a considerable r' .;j '
hI Increase over previously years, .r
especially In Deep South states. .
The rise is due largely to considerable

voter registration; .,
among Negroes those states,
combined with the fact that a
substantial portion of the
populatlonln Lower Dixie Is L

black.In .
Louisiana, 38 Negroes hold
1 C II.
elective office, followed by Arkansas
with 33, Mississippi f f

and Tennessee, with 28.
Alabama and Virginia have 24;' : qr ,

Georgia 21; Florida, 16;Tens ,
15, South Carolina 11; a nd' '
North Carolina, 10. r
r The moststgnUtcantriselathe ( '

$ i r r wsr' number of elected Negro offlclals -. t i '
is In Louisiana MIs.IsslppL .


Of _. .
ed officials 35 were chosen
within the past year. Twenty- ?Four Florida AiM University coeds received a rare opportunity campus. The coeds Oar) Merlum Robinson, August, Ca.; Peggy
two of office to chat with the genius of soul music Recently after Ray Charles Jones, Miami; Bessie Pittman and Sheila Wright, Tallahassee.

bolder___n_elected_ l till. performed in concert In Caliber's Gymnasium on the FAMO

Planned American Tennis Association

'World News Digest]
Parenthood Names
Produced Ashe As Champion

Negro Woman The A.T.A. National Interscholastic USLTA Qualifying Tournaments -
: fc" = were sgarted at Union University In 1952 to qualify

Jrrr. .ET TU, MOBUTUKINSHASA04P1) A.T.A. players to play In the tEL T A National Interscholastic

( -Llke many of his other Independent African Championships Arthur Ashe, Jr., Is the only A.T.A. Playerto
Each the two finalist of the A.T.A.
win the championship. year
compatriot-leaders President Joseph Mobutu has reportedlybeen
under the shadow of assassination, but this time, the dastardly Interscholastic are sent to play In the USLTA ahamplonshlps.'
r Players have won many matches but only one crown. This year
deed seems to have misfired. At a recent meeting In r
tie tEL T A Tournament will be held at Chattanooga,Tenn., and
Luluabourg Mobutu waved piece of allegedly containing
/lJ fllIIf paper,
1/1 .I/' the names of four persons said to have been dispatched by for the first time will have Girls Singles and Doubles Events

}) ljlC'loECTION three former Kassal province deputies and senators, to assassinate The A.T.A. Tournament was lastlc: Championship will be held
lYl him. He did not divulge the names, however. started by "Whirlwind" John- on Hampto Courts May 10 and
1 son who has sponsored the tour 1. Entry Fees: $3.00 single;
c.n :
r STATE NAMES nament for 16 years. This year $2.00 doubles per player.Rooms
,JLr"fj; ; tiQURLnt KADUNA.-NPl-Aprll Fool's Day marked the change of the "Whirlwind" Is stepping down In Hampton Dormitories $1.50
feur' -region federation of Nigeria into It states, carved along and giving full power to Rufus per night and .cafeteria.
old provincial boundaries with some tribal modification. Namesof Cant, Coach Phoenix High, All entries should be sent to
A Uu. 'I'WCIU i sIRvL7ffrfrvfrrvuufep : the states are Kwara Benue Plateau, Northeast, Northwest, Hampton. Virginia who has Mr. Rufus Cant before May 7.
I I a North Central and Kano, formerly Northern region; East Central compiled one of the roost outstanding Draw will be made Thursday
stet (PUENt/J
n 8t
( Southeastern and Rivers, formerly Eastern region;Western records In th e Coaching night May 9.
1'1."rI EL 3.24 ET S KEEP and Lagos, both Western region; and Midwest. field. Producing such outstanding -
MRS L GOOSBY HUTCKEflSOII players as Henry LI- Dr. Mays Will
ASSOCIATE UPHEAVAL vas. BtU, Nellson. James

FREETOWN-{NP0-After seven years of Independence, the Stood, Thelma Vaun, Sos
t former British colony of Sierra Leone bas fallen victim to Its NEW VICE PRESIDENTMrs. anne Antoine and many others Address MeetAt
t second military coup In which a group of army mutineers, led Naomi T. Gray, Field DIrt(. who have received college Ten-
& by non-coms, wrested control of toe government from military tor of Planned Parenthood Federation scholarships.
leaders, and set up a council of 14 to rule the country. The mutiny been elected of America the lust who woman hat vlct just In 14 years of Phoenix com TuskegeeTUSKEGEE
flared up over poor pay and,working conditions. president of this, 62-ytar-old vol. petition Cant has won; 10 V, L .
unUry national'birth controlorfanltatlon. i A. State Team Championships INSTITUTE ALA, ,
Mri. direct 4 V.1*. State Team Rmner ,
NEVER TOO LATE Gray -up, '
Dr. Benjamin E. Mays President -
NASSAU--Flfly years Is not too long to wait for a pension the d.partm.nll'\lldlnlr of Planned Parenthood the acti.vltlti 12 District Championship co- Emeritus of Morehouse

for service In World War I. The Bahamian government 164 Affiliates In major rlllea In Championship with lluntlngton. College, Joins a list of prominent -
recently proposed pensions to all Bahamians who served In the 37 states and the District of Col. Team matches wooMS.Tearamatcnes'lost medical authorities addressing -
1914-18 war and to surviving widows-provided they have not umbla. The Federation, founded --6, team matches conferrees attending:

remarried. Ex-GIs will receive about $192 'a month; while the by headed Margaret by Alan Sanrer F, Guttmarher In. 1B16', U, cord.tled-3 a most impressive re- the 56th Annual John A.Andrew

widows will get $144. M.D., president.! ." The 1968 National faterscho- Clinical Society meeting Tuskegee
Institute May 9-7.

HERE IS THE PROOFI! "RED"WINSLOW POWER, Arlt--Talk about power, the Rapt Indians Housing and Urban Unit A.Dr.Kenny Mays Memorial will address Banquet the John on

have It. They are making a $1.9 million investment to provide Monday May 6, at 8:00 p.m.
Jobs for their children and "improve our stature with the white Of Banquet tickets ate $3.
Bail Bondsmen Collection Agencies Etc. man." And they are not restricting this power to their tribe Is ProudA The banquet is held annually

alone. The Navajos and other "red". brothers will be able to regional study released today by the U.S. Department of during the Clinic in honor of a

share In it. Housing and Urban Development disclosed that the Virginia Union founder! of the Clinical Society
Do You Want A Justice Of The Peace Who Is Indebted To University and the Medical College of Virginia have received Dr. John A. Kennry. Dr. Kenny
Bail Bondsmen NO SOLIDARITY $3,202,000 and $1,020,000 respectively from the federal also served president and secretary -
and, Consequently Will Fix Excessive government
LONDON-(NPIome days you have it; other days, no. Bus for of the National Medical
new dormitories and other facilities.
Bonds On Citizens To Repay Political Debts? drivers at the Holloway bus garage found they didn't have it Association and editor of the

when a proposal to call a one-day "colour bar" strike was rejected HUD funds these projects under facilities for teaching hospitals. Association's Journal. He was

Do You Want A Justice Of The Peace Who Will Use His by 8622. The proposal was offered after the London its College Housing Pro: Paul A. Howe, head of HUD'S the first medical director of
Office To harass Citizens To Collect Bills For Col- Transport board refused to promote a West Indian conductor gram. It also plays a similar college housing program in the Tuskegee Institute's John A.
to the post of inspector. Only 98 of the drivers, out of a total role In development of housing Philadelphia regional office Andrew Memorial Hospital, a
Agencies Representing Loan Sharks and Over-
of 55ft a quarter of whom are colored voted. Jeff Crawford,
says, "The investment has been position now held by his son,
charging Credit Clothing Companies? secretary West Indian Standing conference, noted, "During FAMU Elects a profitable one for the govern Dr. Howard Kenny.
the 1958 London;; bus strike, there was solidarity! between black ment. In-lI'ears the program Physicians attending the clinical -

The Function Of The Justice Of The Peace Office ShouldBe and white. Now they (white) will not support us." AlbertTo has been operating not one sessions will also hear

To Serve THE PEOPLE, STILL FIGHTING Spencer penny" has been lost on any Dr. S. Richardson Hill, Jr.,
loan. Dean of the Medical College,
PAR1S-NPl-One thing can be said about Josephine Baker, PresidencyFlorida The program enables collegesand of Alabama, and Dr, Michael
NOT Bail Bondsmen And Other Interests the 64-year-old, St. Louis-born singer who now makes France hospitals operating nursing E. DeBate, Professor of Surgery
her home; She is a fighter. She is presently fighting a May 3, schools .Internship and resi- and Chairman of the Department -
deadline to wipe out a total pf $400,000 in debts.Last Feb. 16, AIM University stu- dent programs to obtain of
ELECT A MAN OF : her chateau, which houses an International, multi-racial adopted dents went to the polls in record term loans at reasonable ratesof long- University College Surgery Medicine Baylor,
and elected -
family (12 in all) was sold for $200,000 to pay bills. Winning numbers recently Interest for construction ofhoU.s1Dg Houston Tens
Albertto the
Spencer -
a reprieve Miss Baker launchedacomebacktothe stage with engagements presidency
for their students.Colleges Dr. Hill will address: a C.V.
of the Student Govern-
in London, and at the local Olympia, which she hopes
Personal lituritj ment Association by the widest may also obtain loans for Roman Public Health Meeting
will funds to the
provide enough erase deficit
y +w margin in the history FAMU.. housing for faculty members. on Sunday, May 5, at 630 p.m.
Service facilities colleges In Logan Hall. The meeting,
A native of Fernandina Beach ;
Hifl Mini Character : t NO. 1 WAS THEREPORTAUPRINCENPiit such as dining balls, infirmaries kegee Institute Choir, Is a tribute -
is something unusual these days and college unions are to tale late pby 1aD.Ph1-
for the nation's leader to personally conduct an execution, WHaiU' also eligible. Loans to hospitals losopher and scholar,Dr.Charles
Hoiesty Aid listici President Francois Duvaller personally commanded the may be used for housing only. V. Roman.
firing squad which executed 19 army officers for plotting against In response to the accompany Noted for his work with the artificial
state security. The execution occured last June, but was not revealed log need of
t colleges universities heart Dr. Michael De-
until early this month. The plot said to have been
Ail Dedication and teaching
Ability hospitals Bakey will discuss: the development -
financed by former President Paul Maglolre, whose cousin for help in providing quarters of this scientific advancement

Pitiiici Ulhrst..III: trI Gabriel, was among those arrested. for their rapidly growing student at the Charles R.
bodies, the Drew
Congress enacted Memoria 1 Lecture on
LOAN BY AUTOMATION the College Housing Program Tuesday, May 7, at 10:30 am
TOKYO-'(N PI)-Money-lending has gone automation in Japan in 1950.Through at the Tuskegee Veterans Administration
tiding the familiar vending machine. Anyone wishing to get a loan the federal loans
I VOTE up to 20,000 yen ($55.56), hasonly to Insert coded plastic card: students have realized a savings -, Dr. DeBakey HospitaL will also serve
Into machine and the rolls out. The
a vending presto money because of the low Inter on a panel discussing ".HeartTransplants"
cards are issued,by a credit company which owns the machines. est rate and
long term
tAND maturity to be held at 12:00
The machines, in turn verify the authenticity of the card, which reflects
memorizes the transaction, and refuses to make another loan rental today Tuesday, May 7, in Do .
charge.Likewise the Hall. Other l
on that particular card until the original loan is repaid. SPENCER ALBERT added facilities participants
offer Institu on the panel Include Dr. Robert
Commends Students For Power Albert le/Ta field of four candidates tions of higher learning the op Simmons, Associate Professor
with 788 votes. His portunity to Increase enrollment of Surgery and Chief of the Division
I ; ELECT closest competitor bad only 206 as well as to look ahead of Thoracic Surgery,Howard -
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 votes. Overall he received 250 and plan for their future needs. University College of
a Summer Task Force of stu- iousconfr potation.of the Nation- more votes than the combined As a result of these loans the Medicine, Washington,D.C.jand
dent volunteers to follow tails ;
a1 Government to respond total of his three opponents. A .following facilities have been Dr. David B. Todd Jr., Headof
BOB through on the Campaign with adequately to poor people'swork history major,Albert is a mem- made available to the local Institutions. the Division of Thoracic and
on poverty and racial pro- needs ber of Alpha Kappa National Cardiovascular Surgery Hub-
blems this summer. Mr. Cooks can be reached at Honor the Methodist Virginia Union bard
YOUR FULL TIME Demonstrations in Society, University: Hospital, Meharry Medi-
Washington 475 Riveslde DrlveRoom 1237
Student Organization, and the Dormitories that house 299 cal College, Nashville.! Tennessee. -
are scheduled t o begin May 20 New York, N.Y. 10027 telephone Collegiate Council of the United female and 210 male students .
the after the arrival masses of (212) 870-2245; or at the SCLC Dining facilities :
Justice Of Peace Nations Last summer he attended to accommod ,
ROBERTS poor people from all parts of the Poor People's Campaign Wash- Columbia University! under ate approximately 1,100
nation. By the time of the large iCtoD Headqyarters, M01 "1 an Intensive Studies Program people. BUY U.S.
DISTRICT 11 intux of students beginning May st M-w Washington,D.C.20009 and will attend Yale University Medical College of Virginia:A
27, the Campaign is expected to telephone ((202)) 462-7000. this summer under the dormitory that houses 378 male
; Paid Political Adv. have escalated to a level of ser- same program. students. SAVING BONDS



'A. ;"

tf'Il t ,

':: ...' _'r ,. ., .. .. .. ... .... ...... .... .
A ""



I Equal Opportunity Director Points Out Needs Of Negro In CityNew I

York's West Shore HS Explaining The Tarbucket Tells Southern Hearers

Will Honor Dr. KingNEW Of Need Of Serious Study

\"OR&-The Board ot Education has conferred the name BATON ROt'GE, Li.-The Director ot the Office of Equal

of the ReV Martin Luther King, Jr. on the proposed new West Opportunity l Walter B. Lewis struck several hard blows for

Shore HS to be built In the Lincoln Center area at Amsterdam ; : _'tw proper housing, adequate, sufficiently available health service

Avenue and West 65 and 66 Streets.At and employment, when he addressed a large gathering of

its meeting last night, the mother and a white plantation personalities attending the Conference on Problems of the Negro -

Board by unanimous vote also owner. Because of this mixed -1!! In the Central City In the Seuth at Southern t'niveriitv., ..

named two sets of tandem parentage !be was sent away last week.Lewis .
schools In the Harlem
area launched out at the
from Louisiana tobe educated In gro population of central city
after four other Negro heroes In woeful conditions of health and
Paris. There he specialized areas will be high as 72
American History the science and mechanics of sanitation among the black urban percent, or approximately 20.8

The naming of the new high steam, published a series of poor and the ever-present million This will lead to citieswith
school for Dr. King was the threat of rampant disease
papers and became an Instructor more Negroes than whites.
latest in a series of steps by at L'Ecole Centrale. among families living in areasof Lewis said that ... .. segregation -

the City school system to hn* After his return to American toR high density, such as New affect all Negroes,

or his memory. Others have he experimented with the application York's' Harlem, which In 1960, not simply poor ones He also

included memorial assemblies of his multiple-effect .had a population density of more felt that the Housing $W wasa
in every one of the City's 900 than l22,000persons per square
evaporator, which became operative much needed piece of legislation -
public schools and closing of at the Paeh'oodplanta- mile." and that an enforceableopen

the schools on Tuesday of last ton in 1845. Because Rillieux' The director said that -the housing law is essentialfor

week, April 9, so that pupils system required only a single great success of this nation has the solution of urban problems .-
could watch the funeral ceremonies workman been the maintenance of a proper .
manipulating somevalves # t
on television as an educational in place of the huge labor iK > relationship between government Considerable time was givenModel
experience. and the private sector.lth -
demands of the eXisting process Cities and Housing. He
Naming of the proposed new he was in immediate demand + government providingthe spoke of the optimistic value
$i.6 million high school for to direct Installation of ,. t t opportunities, the private of allowing individuals to get

the slain civil rights leader his machinery all over Louisiana. w S Et sector implementing the Job. Into the move for Improvementand

and advocate of non-violence His device was describedas "Through laws designed topro- progress He pointed out the
was accomplished through the ::15c'aF vide opportunities for our of
a "complete overturn in { disadvantages poor housing,
adoption by unanimous vote of people, our government made
theory, practice and method"and the dancer or rats, the dancer
a resolution introduced by Vice its use spread throughout 1 possible.!h4 rapid evelopmentof of unsafe construction and the

President Rose Shapiro and the Caribbean area. : A -1 our great national resources increase of filth. But said

Member Aaron Brown Despite his status as "the most a ," he said. Lewis perhaps the greatest
The other distinguished Am sought-a tier engineer in Mr. Lewis mentioned the twin effect of poor housing might\ be

erlcan Negroes of the past Louisiana" RUlieux smarted exodus of whites to Suburbiaand the diminishing of self respect.

'whose names were conferred under the social rejection of the WESTPOCfTJay: Olner and Stephen Lewis (center right) tlon of the Academy's admission ofiice to view, on a first-hand of Negroestocentralclties.
upon New York City primary planters and governmental of Clearwater, explain the "Tarbucket" to a group of visiting basis, the education and training of a cadet at the 14. Military He said that, by 1983, the Ne- *

schools which were recently veillance of his movements. Clearwater guidance councelors.Thomas Russon of Clearwater Academy, The program is designed to aid counselors in their

built wed occupied by pupils in* When the southern sugar Indus- Central Catholic High! School, Cecil B. Keene of Plnellas Count guidance of students who are Interested in the Military Academy

elude Sojourner Truth, Norbert try went into decline about 1860 Senior High School and Paul A. Hatchett, also of Plnellas and a service career. I

Rillieux, John Mercer Langs he decided to return to France. County Senior High Schxil. The group visited here at the invita
ton and Alain L. Locke, each of There he turned his Intellectual Elect JUDGE LAMAR

whom advanced the cause of the talents to E cytology and the

Negro. deciphering of hieroglyphics Hurdle Cleveland Business Has

Their names wereasslgned totoo company with the Champolllons, FAMU ROTC Passes WINEGEARTJr.CIRCUIT

sets of tandem spools occupying At the age of 'i5. he went back Plans For Hough GhettoDr. .
sameslte and acv to his
sugar process securing
com Iodating' children of different a patent for still another 1mpro.d James C, Hodge, president of Cleveland-based Warner i COURT JUDGE

grade levels evaporator. His new Swasey Company today announced initial plans for an Inner-

Primary School' 149 and Primary equipment was widely adopted city manufacturing plant to be located at 6900 Wade Park Avenue, "The ManWellQualified" +
School 207, occupying a in France and Egypt, but his in the heart of the city's Hough ghetto .
cite at Lenox Avenue, West 118
patents were universally dis
Street Fifth Avenue and 117 regarded. After his death at To be called Hough Manufacturing lowing standards planning the
Inc. its
Company purposes
Street will be known, respec- 89 he : Hough project:
was hailed in the Industry -
tively, as the Sojourner Truth U "one of its according to Hodge are It should have several Candidate for 4th Judicial)
School and the Norbert RUlieux benefactors. greatest to "pro\ide employment on 'product lines, initially not Circuit Duvil. Nassau City

School. PS 149 houses child- Charles Browne Departmentot i 1W24 location for inner-city unemployed requiring a high!! degree of Counties Croup 4
; to encourage and tiperlentilntijritjPtld '
ren In kindergarten through Agriculture skill Tninlnf
grade t and PS 207' accommo- has called RlUleux sugar Invention chemist promote Industrial developmentin Products must be market- ( Polltltil Air b
dates grades 3-6. the inner-city; and to train able to more than one customer
as "the greatest in the history
workers for advancement to and have a high
Primary School US and Pri- of American chemical
mary School 208, located near better jobs labor requirement
engineering A bronze tablet in
"Our plans call for Hough *
West Lenox Employment priorityshould
by at 111 Street
Avenue 112 Street and Fifth erected the Louisiana by the State International Museum, Manufacturing Co. to be or- be given to the YOU DON'T HAVE TO 60 TO TOWN TO SET
ganlted as a 'for profit' corporation -
Avenue will be known, respec Society of Sugar Cane Technologists hard-core unemployed of
said "The
Hodge. the Hough!! neighborhood.:
lively as the John Mercer
with contributions
company will be built upon the Types of products which might
Langstoo School and the Alain from
sugar Interests all LOW PRICESDRUG
over nucleus of small Ne owned
a .:o-
be manufactured Include pallets
L, Locke School. PS 185 acv the world, bears witness to Rll* *" ;; .. .cd! manufacturing concern now
eommodaies kindergarten* lleur ;. and parts boxes; metal storage
stature In Industrial hUlory. x ,1 a
$ of the
located in another
part racks and hydraulic fittings as
grade and PS 208 enrolls ''' .t.'LrII'' ..-, 11. .
"city. \\ellli Job-shop and other light NEEDS fTrade
grades 3t.Sojourner. STORE
They life of John Mercer Langs- "Warner Swasey will put in manufacturing work
Truth .
was the adopted -
ton (1829-1897)' ), lawyer,educa* t 0 capital to buy the building andtin'
name of Isabella Baura- .- "We see the venture as a potentially -
free who born slave inNew tor, Congressman diplomat is equipment;and provide help rewarding, if high risk
was a ,'Uh'our Neighborhood Drug StoreWE ;
epltomoted in the title of his with and .
training management "
York State In 1797 and who project for private business WILL MEET ANY PRICES AD'Ol'H LOCAL
autobiography "From the sales added "but the
Hodge "and will be lookjng .
continued to be a slave until said Hodge -
National PAPERS. deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions
Virginia Plantation to the G.4ie will be
she was heed 30 years later company Negro-man for help from other Cleveland
Capital. Born a slave "
aged. businessmen in marketing -
by the New York State Act of
he was emancipated at six Wiper i Swasey completing
Emancipation. She moved to the plant's products as
years of age sent north for an negotiations for a 30,000 as in assisting with manage
New York
City where she lived
education admitted to the bar Dixie Pharmacy
with her five children until 1843 ; square foot building on men:."
chosen for various
governmental Park which will
approximately the
"Perhaps Jobs are not
when she felt a caU to pert!
and elected
posts ultimately $125,000. Target first- whole answer to the problems ot
In the
actively abolition-
1st movement. as the representative in Congress FAMU ROTC PASSIXSPECTlON-The Reserve otncers irain* year employment according to our nation's cities but in our 1302 KINGS ROAD AT MYRTLE
of the Virginia district !rag Corps at Florida MM University passed the recent annual Hodge is "approximately! SO view they're basic" be con-
Under her new descriptive
where he was born.Langston's formal inspection with a satisfactory rating. Only two ratings people We intend to expandas to show
cluded. part
name she set forth on foot on Phone 353-5597
father the and )
was are given (satisfactory unsatisfactory rapidly as possible," he
of the way to the rebuilding
a speaking tour through the nor
owner of a Virginia Plantation, (right) distinguished military student at FAMC chats with chief said, "aiming toward an even must be done with this project."
thern and western states, and his mother was a freed slave inspecting officer Colonel A.W. Mitchell after the inspection. fuel goal ot Independent self PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND

preaching emancipation wo ot African and Indian descentHe A mathematics major from Tallahassee, Rivers finished first supporting status for the com
men's rights temperance prison grew up as a ward of an In his platoon during summer camp training .." HELP FIGHT CAStER WITH
Ohio friend of his father,and attended Warner i: Swasey set the fol
conditions. Unschooled and 11* Oberlin College wherehe -
------ -
literate she nevertheless at* received degrees in liberal' -

tracted great crowds, ranking arts and in theology. Refused

with Frederick Douglas pop admission to a law school, he ilL

ularity. "read" In a law office passed PHI LCD -'
After the outbreak the Civil JA.. e '
of FR.DAY5
the bar exam and practised In 11 t, p ,11L E.
War, she went to Washington" to Ohio for thirteen years.In \ lfeul, '
help care for the wounded sold 1855 Langston was the successful t C
lers and to find employment : 4'hc/o.Vei ::\
candidate ot the Liberty egroes sL '
lodgings for recently emancipated .4 i ). << "
Party for the clerkship of the I $ 5 I .
slaves. At a meeting with town of Brownhelm Ohio, and I L 11 it" ,4 .. : ( ''cIinunllrnn: R.I ,,
President Lincoln, she urged is considered to be toe first Negro 00 t v f) 'I Sf\\t _

that he recruit free Negroes* elected public office lathe "o O1 \I '"o.f\a \,\ \\tI' I'//I.,... 'lid S'r 8.... .
to the Union and that 1 < : : So:' ,...
Army I'.i' hr"
United States. Later he was s J r 1'c"i: 4
v ,
freedmen be allotted public land elected to the Oberlin city f.t: f"' ." m. II S-\
In the West. council and to the Oberlin Board 1 ).c.\\ l' iCf \\ ::' "

Alter decades of crusading of Education. I '. C'\\ ,,,.pl \\1\',' ,
Sojourner Turth returned to a He was an activist in the anti- \ C"I"\) \Jo.:. f aI' XJ"'I"
home In Battle Creek Michigan, slavery movement: a widely- tI""I( : : ct.0 t :
where she died in 188. She is known speaker for theAmerlcan ..fCf"\' :ne 2-0 \J" CC"o' e,ptct"t

well memorialised by the words Anti-slavery Society; prime J"J'I f.lf"\

Inscribed on tht satin banner mover in series ot Negro Abolitionist \.:-" ,
which she customarily wore, conventions presidentof \)
; f"'C
"Proclaim liberty throughout \ C
the National Equal Rights
the land unto all the inhabitant League leader In the Negro National cl' I
; ..
*. M I .
Labor Union which
sought .\'$ '
Norbert RUUeux ((1806-1894) :'f.-
to solve economic problems \) ) a\\
was &engineer\ inventor the freedmen ot the Reconstruction 5. II rf- ) .\ :
'" ;
scientist and one of the principal period. In recognition of his o"\ .
I a ) '5Wawe .cc
innovators of the nineteenth President Andrew Johnson .. I
work .
r Ewer .
century Industrial revolution in 1868 appointed Langs .No DeIroSt'fl 11s,4y. ,e wway t. (" ;1'\\\ t'\\r
.Jf1f! .ab
In the United SUtes. He I 4 .
ton to the post of Inspector Gen +b n+nreuerI7te,1'nr'huo > ott
discovered the use of latent heat rebbinfa 1-\\ t"" ..,1P 1nrtM
d i'
eral of the Freedmen's Bureau. I j sPjGe watt+P r" 111t. '
and developed the first prac- whrre.Mon \ c. ..+ .
The be became .
following year ,
c t *
tical multiple-effect steam andvacuum Dean of the Law School of How 14.9eult.v hdtedn duPt e Ss't fVtVXVX Severer c'foy- .A''bttFrucer .. \\tlP
I ,J. ,
\\ ,,,8
for b arc
evaporator G
ard University; then vice-pre Korea+' 0.\ ,:ct.\ t" w
cane sugar Juice into sugar sident and acting president of edd+d cub a uav+ {uedn tfJ.'IifJ"'c' a row < 'r1.\,b'I'
Non.wUek lea 1 de under '..wRei, \\ +:\\\Il e+ -......
grain, tberebychanlngthe sugar the university. He was also appointed a aced for r+h N +tor 01" a b9 \wus h 'IS .....:.:

industry from dependence on a to the Board of Health i1 ""' Slmet+ Door. \Ii.r: ,le cf Mb e. btl3e 1C"t THE MAN WHO
Br : ,,\
+ ;
lengthy manual process to mechanised of theDlstrict of Columbia, and Fo n'y t)+ N 1\\C f/t OCP; V'
\ .
production of a lower- P '''
acted as its attorney. There
cost Improved product after he served eight years as > \o\\cJf ;\ \ w ; STOOD UP FOR
Rillieux' evaporation technique Minister to Haiti and charge .. 1'1 'i\t .... ,,' .
is still in basic use in the d'affaires in Santo Domingo. He '269'IIAVIS (\ ( \
processing of sugar and its returned borne in 1885 to the cN ,

principle has been generally applied presidency of the Virginia Nor "..:::......t.
in all industries where mal and Collegiate Institute.In n

liquid must be removed from the 1889 Langstoo was successful 5umiture-s ELECT
raw materials, as In the manufacture in his bid to represent his ..

of soap gelatin; ,glue and Virginia district in Congress. '

condensed milk. However his election was con 135 Brood St. 353-5791 ROGER.
RUlieux' achievements were tested presumably because of

all the more notable because of his race, and be was not seated
the social handicaps he bad to until the following year. Paid political Adv.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DIST 18
overcome as the son ot a stave


(I .J
;..< -':'.'". ._ _...: .:....... A.. .. .""' : w ,l 'o a'x., ; 1 ie l.Jt..' :, "V...Iii julw,) la". ., __ ...o!. ,J...,,!J.l':.". _'"-' ',,,. ,,."..",,''.,, "...J'i' ljhu..... .s't1"t tSk YVo! .h'o "r: .' h siS..W. .yt.. ...

vr rrr. . . .v. r .
et. .

I i I. .


"Florida A&M Pairs With Villanova And.. Sets Records 1

Champion Baseball Champs Open Season .
Trophy For ... :.. <

f .. J. ; f;


I" :"' i

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/ ,I
Li.L41 w p w I

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-. ;"!' ..... .;;: ..w.J..r .. ,
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4I ". .j- .. ..". :.;;::...t.l;' 'i'O! .1; '. .... ;. ..
;;' .- :" .
I .. I '. "'J.-J\: ; _
...... .. ,...:: ." -. ."M....:. .;" J : ')... "t' .'.. ". .
.. JC. "
;--: .:. ..... :: .
,I : .. r.\ -r. ,.; .... ._ _, .
: .
t 'P. ,' .. .
I Commander Emanuel Thomas Is shown- presenting trophy for 1966 but took the championship In 1967 with 10 wins and three
Manager of the Year to Manager Adrian Smith of the 1967 Little losses The Jacksonville Recreation Department is in general
I League Champions. Looking on and extending congratulations are, charge, and is affiliated with the National Recreation and Park I
from left: D. Stein, Carver Station; M f. Whittier, Assistant PostMaster Association. '-Ia :
; and R.E. Waldron. Coach Smith's team finished third in T :


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toke on the'exciting look of today in Schwobilt' selection of vivid pot- !
terns such at checks and plaids, plus sleek hopsock wejves. Included :
are worsted,iilkj, Docron-wools, and Docron-Avisco royons in a you- !
nome-it selection of color The voriety's astounding-come see for your.
no charg.2BB5
for :
429I C-
.i '' to expertoJrcrofoni

I \ \ \
t .I 1. I
J.! \ : !
\ I 1
l I 'f !
? !? A Great Name in ClothingSCHWORHT ,
fir '
1 J

: : Just SayCharge t .
;li. i !)

I\ : 1.

"; 5c/iwobiVf Suits Iht South

"" '

f I fI 1i


'I" : : ;t- ...., .. ,. .. ..,. ..r. .. ....-.. ,.. .. .,. .. .. .. .. . .. : .. _./ .' 0'. OJ" 0 ._'__ ._' '_'. .

,. ,


$SMJIIM lilY 4.. 1961 STAB PIPERS PACE 1 15

I American Football League Opens Stir* Season In September From Houston I Ih

Stanton Hlgr. Wins Laurels

(r. Jim Tatum says :

"Sir, here is good News"

Suit for $1 00


r '
i ,. Just purchased over 1200 suits from

? well known manufacturer of 55%

Dacron 45% wool-Dacron & Avril-

w And year round weights-These suits

I .F \ were made to sell $55 ea. up.

r'+I 'tFX fkl

!/ix37tt' ?7, jd, -

+ r'yi' 2 Fort $55

The annual Plymouth trouble shooting contest wai held recent* chine. Their winning time was 49 minutes and 39 seconds. Pictured r't
ly tt Florida AIM University with Stanton High of Jacksonville (1-r)- Harold Jenkins, Director,Office of Continuing Education -
and seven Tallahassee area- schools participating Each team Gale Murray; John J. Coleman instructor; Charles D.
I had a new 1968Plymouthtoworkonbut Jbe cars ha d been sabotaged Brookes, principal; Phillip Albert Hicks and Hendren.Re-- '
by Plymouth engineers. The StantonSenlor! Hlfhteam won glortal service .Chrysler-Plymouth Division, Jacksonville ; f.) Get 3rd Suit For
when they traced the sources of all ten engine problems, made
repairs, and presented the Judges with a smooth running ma-
region.A&T $ 1

U. Baseball Team Only
Kansas City Will Tackle Year Round Weights

Bengals In New AstrodomeThe Whips Three Opponents

GREENSBORO, NC-Pacedbytheblazingbateofcenterflelder ONE FULL WEEK APRIL 29 thru MAY 4
American Football League will open its ninth season the Carl Hubbard and shortstop Lloyd Ughtfoot,AiTState University No Layaways-
first weekend In September with a three-game nationally tele-
weekend to
whipped three CIAA baseball foes the past
med program that marks Houston's first game in the Astrodome remain In the thick of the race for the conference title. OPEN MON-thru FRI. 9:30: a.m.--9 p.m.
and the debut of the Cincinnati Bengali the AFL 10th Dealers
team League President Milt Woodard announced today. The Aggies beat Delaware eight hits In 12 times at bat In SATs 9:30: ail 6 P.M. No Sales to
The first week's. schedule begins acalnst Eastern Champion state, 1J-7., Fayettevllle State the three games, Including a
with Kansas City at Houston Houston. The others begin Sun 14-4 and Howard, 9-4 to up tour for four effort against. 'the
Friday night, Sept. 6for the 'day, with Denver at Cincinnati their season record to7-2.AT Broncos. -
has now won five games in a row. boostedHubbard'
first regular season professional for its homedebutNew Yorkat The fine performance
football game ever to be Kansas City and Oakland at At 5-10, 175 pounds, Airs Hubbard average to .500 topsIn Jim Tat urn's5318&ORMANDY
has to be a giant Is
played in the 53,000 seat As- Buffalo. proved attack. He pounded nut the Aggie camp. "Carl a
batting 16
trodome. Theo ooSundaySept. Denver, with Bears Stadium CONTINUED ON FACE
8, Iff Boston at Buffalo in a enlarged to seat 50,000,playsits .. ,
day came followed Monday first game at home Sept., OEN MON.FRI,
night by Cincinnati's debts at 19, New York begins its home DOWNTOWN ?j 9'M
Diego. against San Diego 'tll
SaIl program BLVD. PH. 384 3hM:
three games will be Saturday night Oct. 9,Oakland RAMBLER ;: SAT TIL ',M
nationally televised by the follows a day later against Boston .,106$ ARtlMSTON PLAZA PH 721 036ft
National Broadcasting Company and the Patriots close out 39 E. Ashley \ ,"II:"." 'e' .., u:; .
which again will te1eeuttht.nUreAFLICbedu1e. ',the series of borne openers by "_. i 0'a*''tbo of. ,.af.My7. t i
their first H
playing game at Fen .r.J; .
Denver, Miami New York and war Park in Boston Oct. 1) against ffi in ,rid ti { /' : .... ,'-
the AFL champion: Oakland Raiders Houston

the draw 70 tame byes schedule the first largest weekof Gambling Twins iiiuici thIn.llt..t ,y I't ICE SKATING p :. '

in AFL history with the additionof }, 4 ,1a .k
Cincinnati: but ret into action Help School if
the following weekend on a tour \\ *
game program. Miami opens at Eclipse Bishop Frank Baker .: amCOLISEUM 1144t
borne Saturdaj night, Sept 14. v 'w ; A,
GRAMBUNG, LA.-: The Gibson -
State twins Alfred and Anthony ti nr Silts Dipirtiiit.Fruk will t'h v !
Michigan powered GrambUng to great
relatively easy, 6-g and 14-0, tiiili tbi fill Ilea if Antrim Meter J r
Athletes victories over Bishop College
Negro test Anthony Saturday clubbed afternoon.a pair of. Cars iicliiiit the (inns ricird-brnklii

Stop Boycotting homers fourmaster.and Alfredwhacked a solo A.M.X. Hi ii.itis! yn ti call fir i

EAST LANSING, Mich.-? A Bishop never cot close in iimtritiii ii tfci car it year chits
star football player leading a either contest u the Tigers

group at of MichlganState dissident Negro Universitysaid athletes -' in registered 19 games their against 15th triumph college nw ir ased.Downtown. "The Coolest Spot In Tow"

"Evldence of progress"with competition. The visitors' only
university officials bupromoted bright spot in Innings of Intimidation Rambler
them to end a came baa pair of triple t'
tsat play that stifled scoring
opportunities e
posed the Big boycott Ten school. 'eta ass. in the third and sixth 39 E. Ashley E13-8647 May 42-2 PUBLIC hour SKATTNG-Adult sessions. Skating Classes vitlf instruction; f. t '.' .:

The decision to return tothelr ". '
teams came Friday after a ; June PUBLIC.SKATING-42 -1, hour sessionsCHILDREN'S ,.
meeting of the athletes with Dr. f SKATING CLINIC.-7-18 years sessions, 1t y! ;.e.;.'
s approximately 11/2 hours each-$15 Includes skates and qualified ',
representative, to the instructors.
ference.Thomas. CROUP AND PRIVATE LESSONS available throughout June : .
second: leading by qualified instructors. Figure skating lessons on request. '
ground gainer for the Sparatans '
last fall, said, "The group felt July PUBLIC SKATING-57.3 hour sessions
that there was evidence of progress PEEWEE HOCKEY SCHOOL W days -$20 Includes complete '
being made,and that led; eI equipment, sticks and skates.Instruction: by professional hockey "G.
them to go back to pr cUc: ." players .'
Daugberty also talked with the .. and group in both children and adult sessions. Price based on
players addition, they were type and length of Instruction: requested. '
to meet with MSU President Dr.
John A. Hannah next to discussa .
,m. Sundays v .
list of seven grievances. .J
Daugberty said the boycott I AlfHSt PUBLIC-SKATING 2 hour sessions' .,1 :;.. .A ,' :
PIt Thursday when 15 to 20 Ne- REFEREE AND LINESMAN SCHOOL- Sanctioned by Eastern >' '::,::"
gro athletes walked off the practice Hockey League c' ;;.
: field. to attend a grievance GROUP AND PRIVATE LESSONS available u'w.n as figure, : /:" '
meeting with Athletic Director skating instruction throughout August. 't; ,
Biggie Mono. I-
Included among the complaints
were a lack of Negro coaches,
academic counseling which the -
athletes say Is deslgned'for .'. r
blacks to place them in courses Sept 10 BE ANNIUCEI AT A LITER PATE ,'
where they will maintain eUCfbWtr"

employed' and in Jobs a lack at of MSU Negroes athletic -' This Program is Under Close Supervision 01 Rocket,

facilities. ,..
Civil Hannah Rights Is chairman Commission of the whichIs U.S. Coach Bob Sabourin And Is Sponsored By The City 01 Jacksonville

meeting through Thursday.
Earlier be had been given copy
of the athletes' demands and PDIIIC SKATING lIT NEW ATMISUEIE NEW MUSIC
said he "would be happy to meet ':,,,. .
with them upon my return." 1 1 1 NEW LlUTSjNEW MANAGEMENT
f A special committee faculty ii
f members appointed by Hannah

this week released on several improving recommendations r 'IfICE AVAILABLE FBB fllVATE II UUP PAITIES ..

racial relations at Michigan
-State, Including the establish- MATIW ATUI AY POST_2 CALL 353-4311 II 354-2141 tlJJlfA f''
-meats 'of a center for race and
urban affairs.

".'..*'kJt:..;.>.-w;.,'a.J',j "' ,, ." .. rr ,'. 'A j';.' < .. ...... ,' :" .k ...f: '. ........ .,.,<, .'. .. ... .:.t1.. ..4"

.. .. .. .. .. .','. ".. **"...." ... ,.. ... ... ............. ,'...'............. .. ............... ....'.....................'........................ ...................-.-......... .. '. ..."f............................ ...........................,.........................................-.. ',' ., : .. ....r.... ,




BOLDEN'S SUMMER APT. FOR RENT /.?r;:., SERVICElr !f IFANO SGA VP Councilwoman Singellon Tate T) Astrogents

Reasonfbler. Alga Hope, a Junior agricultural -
CLASSES 4 rms., part., turn 768.4760CIRCULATION 'Channel I education major at Florida
A&M University was recently
Starttng May 7, 8 p.m. Hegis- 39'8.3'03 elected vice president of the'
ter Tue, thursday Fri 8 to 10 ,I Student Government Associa
p.m. Man to work part time. Able to tion. A native of Ocala Hope is
work all day Friday. Drlver'i a regular member of the honor
Hospital Aid CourseCashierSales U<. ns4 Good references.REPORTER Zlfi LAG FOR $40 roll and is very active In the New A
SEWING MACHINE Original Farmers of America organization. ')
Clerk Course Guarantee Zig Zags makes Hope won the election by
Kindergarten Teacher's Aide Trainee Must be goodEngllsb. buttonholes sews on buttons the widest margin ever recorded -
decorative designs Mono during a student election at S
Adult Education Apply: grams, etc. Just pay balance FAMU.

-Bolden's College FLORIDA STAR $40 at $8 per month.Phone 353-
1946 Will deliver no r
1816 W. 20th Street anytime. RABBI SPEAKSON
I MONCRIFF obligation. A-l Sewing MachineCo.
Registrar 356.6465 13TH
1606 Main St.'TV .
EL.: Johnson, B.S. York, N.:Y.-Rabb) Bat-
1o Phone Calls! r
Acting President Director four Bricknw deliver the
benediction At ceremonies
TOR MEN IND WOMEN marking the start of a wag-
Hive housing project in liar
OF ALL AGES You Manicures lem. The project, which will r
rehabilitate 31 buildings a I
Better Homes I Take New IMPROVED NATURE nine-block area extendingfrom
TABLETS for that tired run Ilfith; to 125th Streets
For down feeling that keeps you from lid "din res ii Air between Park and Lexington
enjoying life. Avenues, is a joint undertaking
200 Tablets of the Upper Park Ave.
Better Liiini 100 Tablets $3.00; *' I If
45.00. $1.00 deposit on COD's. Community Association
I CuditiiiiiECinfort t f. aFM
I Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway
CARVER'PINES Chicago Illinois 60W( At


On SflBtel Dr.

how you can Earn Your -
South 01 U.S. #1'' Barber Course Free. 326 Broad St. Mrs. Mary Singleton, Jackso wllle'e Councilwoman, Is enjoying Park. The widely known senior organization sponsors more
HAIR CUTS 75? a visit with the Astro Gents Little League Players. They seem tote than 250 boys between the ages of 11 and 14 each year in base ,
CALL OR VISIT Lmeiia GibbsManicurist M enjoying the advice given, since they are readying themselves ball and football and plans entering the field of basketball for I
+ t for a strenuous season ahead. The Astro Gents Men's Club the youngsters. Photo By-BOB SMITH
VA.FHA -started the season for the -young men on_April_27 In Scott: .

The Jacksonville "RE NEED YOUR HEA
TO RUN OUR BUSINESS' Abernathy Says Mayor Proclaims Cookie Week

VULCAN INC. Inc. ... .k....
Barber College PAGE 1
(UPACA) and the New York CONTINUED
Will To Wall! Federation of Reform Synagogues fled (fearfully, that "Too many, ,
At 630 Davis Street (NYFHS). UPACA, of our people are out of jobs
768-3479 entirely of neighborhood
It is miracle
Just a we keep a- t t
and the
residents live. Our men break their health Lti
NYFRS, an affiliate\\ of the
Union of American Hebrew pitching hay for two cents a- e'' I
Congregations, formed the blade because they can't even
N later Front! UPACA Non-Profit Housing get dishwashing jobs We sharedour
Corporation, to expedite the country: with you but you took
project. Rabbi Urickner, Director all of it and we're starving.'.
of Interfaith Activitiesof very hard when your child asks
the Union Is a member of for something to eat and you've
MAKE THE MOVE HOMES its executive hoard. got nothing to give him when all
TO FINER UVING around you you see bow rich
so everybody else is In this coun
ALL BRICK! try. rI
2954 Thomas St., J nice rms. The red carpet treatment did
LrOM AY 3BHUBMSALES Beaitilol! Pvt. bath, elect. 1 water.Fnrn. not deter Dr. Abernathy in his
Con. to Bus. Couples or child. first Capitol visit u head of
$17.50 per week 3886472. SCLC. lie made It repeatedly I e0tis 4,
OFFICE FHA-VA clear that non-violence is still IiL'4 -
jet DIVISION A 2Oth ST. EXP the motto. However he remind i
PORTABLE TYPEWRITER ed newsmen and listeners that
VULCAN INC.... Remington Lightweight good h. told Congressional leaders
condition Has balance of$34 or that others, as w.llube.are In ,j F4A
7613479Carietiit pay 17 per month. 1606 Main this revolution.
St, or Phone 353-1964. Will Senator Majority reader Mike ;
deliver, without obligation. Mansfield.. Democrat of Montana
and Republican Leader t
Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, ..W'IiJNS6
spent more than in hour with the "'-
poor folks' ambassadors
It's smart to shop at PRICES One young white woman partolthe

.._ crusade,told Robert C.Wea
j GOOD veT secretary Housing and
\ Urban Development, that, in
ONE / iS| view of the fact that he can help I ,
'jane WEEK T? TOWER "U you can't do the Job then Mayor Hans Tantler proclaims Johnson Branch YMCA Cookie Week AprU 24 through May
ru get out." 1. However the sale will last for 30 days In order to help youngsters earn their way to Day
i MAY 3THRU GIN| .94 proof It was suggested that cabinet Camp and World Service Program. Shown with Mayor Tantler are: L. R. Frank Hughes Gra-Y
members under criticism Member at Carter G. Woodsoo Elementary School, and Harold M. Jackson Program Direc
LIQUORS a."s should be called into private for at.the Branch.
It PTS $ sessions.
'MAY 10 n $145 There seemedtobeaccotlnued: Outfielder Patterson
feeling of wariness among the ALT U. Baseball
marchers: Mrs. Lila Mae
Brooks of Sunflower County Downs Loyola With 3-0 CONTINUED FROM PACE 15
i w Famous Mississippi reminded them natural athlete," said a happy
dklJt that the campaign would not GRAMBUNG LA<- Forced into the status of a generally Ignored ALT Coach Mel Groomes.
end until all demands were met. extra because of a pull leg muscle outfielder Frank "That' a the story of his sue-
BONDHALL Attorney General Ramsey Patterson stroked a dramatic plnch-hlt homer in the ninth Inning cess. He has all of the confidence
J Clark, seemed to be the victimof Tuesday to shade Loyola of New Orleans. 3-0. in the world.

I RED LABEL BLEND much of the vehement and Patterson, boblled by one leg in the top of the ninth,but Jones "Basketball has always been
wan hot remarks made during the after another this first love said Hubbard.
nu injury season worked ot of it without undue my .
125 visit The Justice Department non serious but each enough strain after giving up a single "But those days are over now
-I yrPiS $125 came In for a good deal strong dealof
$49.95 to interfere with bis playing and a walk.Grambllng. and I have found a great
'S "S I criticism was the forgotten man of the ensemble Among caustic: remarks made
; until be whacked: the Jumping on Maserale in rapid
were t "The food stamp program ball out of the park at the 350 sequence as Mike Cumralngs
is Just a c1mmkk""We -
toot mark with two runners ahead with an authentic
eat boiled potatoes for or him.Preceding. upended ale'hod Robert Williams SOLID STATE radio 4 speed
BEG breakfest frledfor lunch baked fully automatic intermix stereo
Patterson's reemergence -
; Bittlerf ii Scotland was put on intentionally.
WOLFSCHMIDTGENUINE for dinner--"Tbere are too, : Mike Meserale of changer with automatic cut off
many treaties between the Indians Loyola and Charles Jones of Get your weight! downl) And and dual sapphire needles t
and the United States Gov Grambllug delighted fans with keep It down with famous months old. Pay balance of$69.
ld arty ernment and not enough Jus dazzling pitching performances. uper-Reen Reducing Plan,tree or $8.50 per month. Phone 353-
i VODKA 1946 ask for Credit
: a T ( ) "Spanish-speaking people with Super-ReenTime Capsules Manager
will deliver without
Colorado New
om Mexico
rf Both pitchers scattered three $3- MERVON-S PHARMACY A-l MUSIC CENTER 1606
: '1"rr Arizona and Texas are alma oj. hits and allowed nobody to reach Z802 W. EDGEWOOD AYE.
Jacksonville Fla.
S5 11 the law of their states." third base for eight Innings _
$199 $31.15 I Loyola staged a mile uprising
lOThs ..
PTS.rsj case EDPConsole


r'L TEACH AT A BLACK COLLEGE-.Apply your education and
skills where they are most needed. Black Instructors with Operator
i HUNTER L a Cillliiili Dessert lice M.A., are urgently needed for the 1968 academic year and later
The Southern Education Program, a non-profit organization
: serving 94 colleges can place you quickly and free of charge Chrysler Motors Corporation lis Ai I'II"
ONE OF THE GREATS LABOHEMEWINE For information and application, write: SEP, 8591/2 Hunterst.
N.W., Atlanta,, Georgia 30314 sale Oiuiit Fir Ai EBP'Cusilt IpintirTi

Operate Ai UN 1131 Computer Ii The

x 4 us. 145 ALL TYPES F BRAND NEW Diii Riiiinl Sales Office Located ThiBnlitari

.::": '158.45CASE '1- RICK HOMES Center
Y T /3 n. 790
49C !i! The lit Riiiiris A Responsible lidifiJialWH

! Ca Miiiliii A
! DiilyScke.ili If CII

,r; Melrose -=D BudW( BEER| peter ,ApplicitiiisEiircisiiiPripirCntrils.Applicait .

Gourmet Cocktails>< Should lm At Least On Yur's

CHOICE OF : KING SIZE 3 A 4 bedroom plans with 1,1'/a Eipiriiici Operating Computers, Preferably
2 bath and .
NER" MANHATTAN '* \\fHBKEYSOUR\ MARGARITA !%i| 16-OZ. Kei-Relirnble' Bottles school, churches and a complete With Disk Futiris. A Kill Knowledge Of
t. ..., shopping center clot by. EAM Is Also 11llnd.'IllS

$0 Z4RE36S 99 FIFTH MIX FULL OR PlOOF'NATCH 280 6 slls PAK LINCOLN ESTATES I Call Bitwiii 3:11;: AM Aid 5:80: PM

17130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE; 765-1685 Ink.MS TIAun.1 firtatinliw.' Pkm

\, I 3IM5I1.
I I f

II I \

i V rr t ti ..

I.I ,'';.it_ ::a.. .. ,..... ,_ -- .:. ._-- -- --- -.. -'_._" -.J._ ___ ..'.'

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31379 F20090414_AAAJVG 00189thm.jpg fc60f2e01cae6eef19a888a7ea807adcc3a42ddffbc5d1f92aedac55e181f3a02fec698c
128341 F20090414_AAAJYD 00202.QC.jpg 4a4df89ad4817069f4cb785928981cbbdb45cdb1c4ebbb8aba1fd46c3f0620407a8c8586
837574 F20090414_AAAJVH 00190.jp2 da888fccb0dcba492d126c253bb1e33cf415da212908540b52711091cff8ccf32d6bc365
1041067 F20090414_AAAJVI 00190.jpg 32846f0db39e3403c30143f99f14eabd812cc9b2999b381cdba515af3ffa2fe49247452e
6782262 F20090414_AAAJYE 00202.tif c906fefc781e767feb368f4f3301e62180871cc7ba5eb83697cffda1ef0e5e6f0c6676b9
124747 F20090414_AAAJVJ 00190.QC.jpg 02fba546372af8769c5d74f5fe0528443bfd51f8094ff64565890ae172af13244604ab76
30554 F20090414_AAAJYF 00202.txt b51ec05289286c6041f0a5d6abacc1d8de499256e8d22d2a054105ccb31247e16ca3f341
6694079 F20090414_AAAJVK 00190.tif b0a2103cb4a6541c9c595260b8bf23a96af472322a571e5f0647cd935ffb98703f8b1035
30676 F20090414_AAAJYG 00202thm.jpg 94df0d5d63358a246e4a37c0e91431b1d981cdc1ab26b4588163c0fe2d98adba33654f1d
35889 F20090414_AAAJVL 00190.txt 3324e02af5079ee66c8857c51cdac2aef8c6433979b0233d39955a215f25983b8f44d726
21622 F20090414_AAAJYH 1968050401.xml FULL 7c1f871d32b317bb165fc152a8cab32f25a5abdb1079f296b2fac5f576ba1f93aa98a69aBROKEN_LINK 0187.jp20188.jp20189.jp20190.jp20191.jp20192.jp20193.jp20194.jp20195.jp20196.jp20197.jp20198.jp20199.jp20200.jp20201.jp20202.jp20187.txt0188.txt0189.txt0190.txt0191.txt0192.txt0193.txt0194.txt0195.txt0196.txt0197.txt0198.txt0199.txt0200.txt0201.txt0202.txt0187.tif0188.tif0189.tif0190.tif0191.tif0192.tif0193.tif0194.tif0195.tif0196.tif0197.tif0198.tif0199.tif0200.tif0201.tif0202.tif0187.jpg0188.jpg0189.jpg0190.jpg0191.jpg0192.jpg0193.jpg0194.jpg0195.jpg0196.jpg0197.jpg0198.jpg0199.jpg0200.jpg0201.jpg0202.jpg
30323 F20090414_AAAJVM 00190thm.jpg b497051a18e973c87b8d910276d5232754cc656018de256e1913edff8aebb0aca600e16c
831286 F20090414_AAAJVN 00191.jp2 0772c73230816b5686e4b894d728dc9954a3d93ac90d828f3e0402501d5122232d66f859
1148382 F20090414_AAAJVO 00191.jpg 98098e4c020e124c0242966e296deed3ccd08d4c9095acc990f54832d4a67fc8141998e5
26752 F20090414_AAAJYK UF00028362_00762.mets 7783d0455473fa59687864d1bf9e5c259ae8ca38a525df8c3c19c047bf33335d0abf9b16
132452 F20090414_AAAJVP 00191.QC.jpg 078457b8edf88b49959f2dbc0684ad4ac15c6c80af2ed9593b7292f478a004cc2467d933
6647204 F20090414_AAAJVQ 00191.tif f9033e87ad4010bd0e9b5cf88744dacd0c7a4cf4160e245de039b2dfd71fde9b133128a9
36731 F20090414_AAAJVR 00191.txt 2ed8aefc0fdeaf910720e2acd81026a8520f46f65d8dfb95f8eacd100651e05e41c40b56
31942 F20090414_AAAJYN UF00028362_00762.xml 01a897496525adeaf1bfb73d25ae3829b30f2bdddd1371f1118223a0e6f9e45bfb099102
30731 F20090414_AAAJVS 00191thm.jpg 975c39ee271f696862543111e2a93b7f5acf044974e247e773e1d26bb4723dcf61aed7fa
834131 F20090414_AAAJVT 00192.jp2 5f4e941f0f06600032b71a0915ef603cfc3f86ab0a168dc37d553a9783ace0bf3856b31d
1162253 F20090414_AAAJVU 00192.jpg aff456e64b020d02993fea416d45bf1ab04ea3295878bcb23069134184fe4f2ba0695b04
130731 F20090414_AAAJVV 00192.QC.jpg e49d52178e4e219f1ea96a85d29f1e60b1a68fe20127657d2956a7bcf48b0624c18274a6
6663821 F20090414_AAAJVW 00192.tif 8c4620c10220c5e28037a1bb1ba86f1012c92eadc2403a1f85648812b5c5598b326c3eea
38334 F20090414_AAAJVX 00192.txt 7c11e94290ebb6af61cf201c73ac930327545e26291902d1a7ef273e00b9cbcf33d8e7f4
6923012 F20090414_AAAJXA 00197.tif d95c907c0af0511bd75ae38977910420e80d5684082c5c8db53b6066eeef858e69f71300
30164 F20090414_AAAJVY 00192thm.jpg ca3f73f6861010eeefe59ae6e55cb64ff4443a7fbfe5d3d0339b9291463bca550eee8698
28453 F20090414_AAAJXB 00197.txt 2021e423033a85b7a48c4cf3c580bc6c2c9aab8ccce8f66d6336b5502b2ed4d72984e809
839942 F20090414_AAAJVZ 00193.jp2 46bfb55d8a1d5df25a2135198a564537da0def45a15a6cd50dd5be55e33731633257c2d2
29759 F20090414_AAAJXC 00197thm.jpg ceba54413e72ca9f77532f04620a027f0b465a74cfbb3a97a7bc4fe82d856994c84a2773
879280 F20090414_AAAJXD 00198.jp2 426f7388ce6cf3cf49883e4f3e44d15f5e8484e8a78f3b51bd4382e93d933b97157ec61f
992975 F20090414_AAAJXE 00198.jpg 54a9bcb43bec612142ff317e97bb94054d10d36bb171329a0a1ed45b8326dc6e6cdb1156
116978 F20090414_AAAJXF 00198.QC.jpg 4d94dd7b148e3aefedbfa1cb2d7aa1c6da3ebc0edd1494fd38d8330f0497317f36cea0ca
7027811 F20090414_AAAJXG 00198.tif 2b6b56c2fc4a13817ad9ce826e663b1904c6f74387f0ed0db604778ef9fed944e2501155
43200 F20090414_AAAJXH 00198.txt fb27a26ffbc6028a04831e15e2684a18c092b41aa8239d5ba9042cac54194f509519e629
28612 F20090414_AAAJXI 00198thm.jpg d8a9776be0965c1a00a46496950bce62606adde7cc1b91b7903b92818d9ca8720e31aa62
843938 F20090414_AAAJXJ 00199.jp2 c9fcf8c5efbb3120d781575e1ed113b68aaec108b27b705a2a3a27db2a87fa69da6ae54c
1096723 F20090414_AAAJXK 00199.jpg 528aca382f2a9aa1bcefb62b1e72d761bc9de5de86d947be02888d7aa0b4f66cee04edba
842595 F20090414_AAAJUP 00187.jp2 3705ddb22cd12fd673b2ba40eefba5bbe20f765a6622ba9b010a3e07ae6f552299e95556
125378 F20090414_AAAJXL 00199.QC.jpg 986358aca79536ef40bd2b846ae48c95f2dfa21d47a94d6fb774d75be1863a64187c5375
1156112 F20090414_AAAJUQ 00187.jpg df23a37d90e38ca029cf8d265b42f94669cd54cecdb48753ae7ebb2d5f5d3299bb561daf
6748367 F20090414_AAAJXM 00199.tif 7b9f9dcf91f1bfd35bbf8fddd5b53840f93e4ab3b2bced2c1fb58c4f333b7c148a6240bc
133754 F20090414_AAAJUR 00187.QC.jpg d8423409fdcf6e79f6a5da84d7d163b4dabfebf736b64dae4cb712ae16fcd1a425181d76
52198 F20090414_AAAJXN 00199.txt 8382dcbccdfde8ec75fd1307fa234a64e2f05189f4ceba06014f224d2bef60d8d812d7a3
6734959 F20090414_AAAJUS 00187.tif 80073281d9d810c297e137c1b83bbb39bb9b65d56508001f494425d9d884cda464240fff
29117 F20090414_AAAJXO 00199thm.jpg 304636235226f36ca170154644ddd72fc83bf5bc03e9e4800bc88cb6e158edc7326d6b8d
41844 F20090414_AAAJUT 00187.txt e212a9a6913f38af8cb2f5e07f1e5861db89ece6f2b9e927c7b8d742b8413aa375f9d06a
847446 F20090414_AAAJXP 00200.jp2 4a53b9ecd3ef148782cb3b2726b0a04208291acf201e1f857dc4454abf013aab87d00bac
30574 F20090414_AAAJUU 00187thm.jpg 4668399314b48968492b23044bc162879c26e0e911cecc0398165cece2bed9c79ab8bcb7
1026356 F20090414_AAAJXQ 00200.jpg 54cd5fcb24863a147d6ec634b81bbe960e5ae9ee528c20767c86843dbe35cc3c60368272
830553 F20090414_AAAJUV 00188.jp2 b367cfc34dbfd9a3b440439bebbf3113543d14c4393189f3398562528e79b8f63f40dfcc
121121 F20090414_AAAJXR 00200.QC.jpg 73079ce07f5dd972182f88e33e284de591dfce26d9eb53ea0b8e3c046eb7c4cb49c79c7a
1010289 F20090414_AAAJUW 00188.jpg a2709a404071e12bd1e2d47e61cf93060d9b7fa00a09a3bf6bd09f72bb80409e436102b8
6771947 F20090414_AAAJXS 00200.tif 1f2e66153893cc4b3507711c6333883e16a2087cae35fb841a286a7de8335786d9b98bdf
125234 F20090414_AAAJUX 00188.QC.jpg 47e1bf1d4f56ff6f31bf1865f4f1f01f51e7143a02aa2c580e5477626e6385c9519a25e4
17739 F20090414_AAAJXT 00200.txt 062ba688a1abd88cf4e594ed94c468b8cd7961aa484bda7a8ad68f0411e9e4ba636be08f
1069048 F20090414_AAAJWA 00193.jpg 7b13cb9e3c87160faa3c66d42b7f18812a13feae5d38801b174cc3e53e05626911fa4813
6641603 F20090414_AAAJUY 00188.tif d57559b5d912307ffbfd77a55ab0935b855471072d27de5fce806205d856a90d670914bf
29138 F20090414_AAAJXU 00200thm.jpg 94581d3c6b619d4ff75bdee984328b234266f8b59b51fd5b92694714955972691b1f25d7
124756 F20090414_AAAJWB 00193.QC.jpg 3ec196e9d3fdf010ebb7bc3572c6f894a77112e260547b7922cb996035e0d40254b296a3
32045 F20090414_AAAJUZ 00188.txt f27d51999e7b1ced8229637849e9fa8efb378a0ffe057ae32e7572b3f39ab62b6930dc92
824929 F20090414_AAAJXV 00201.jp2 68fbea4009939ba8528bb3406cb17cf00f29f2f6ff24740c4e3f647db37cd26bc5492713
1039468 F20090414_AAAJXW 00201.jpg e3445c3b1a62485805161d1a7a5f249b6fd0a360c41d0b27f8240606afec6e319acbb6c8
6709889 F20090414_AAAJWC 00193.tif d9e4a776b0f195b38b55deb49d72d2e2b77c2d6725c7e4323b216b407bb315ae0861c8c9
126823 F20090414_AAAJXX 00201.QC.jpg 4c74e084cd7e2caa16ba7d5730d4f60826ff643c2080c20d730648aa1d1862e3ccc39748

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200762datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 27, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007620740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 27, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 27, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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:: !

Oniversity Library olort (Poor M'ohersr/Want : 2O O Oo.Q.QJ; : QijJJ:

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11 H.3 SATOIDAT MAT 4, 19SI 20 Cents }
Sign Job Training Contract Business And
... "t.I'It:' *.* *.* *
.. ,.. .
-- -- .
1'1 --
,; j;
i 1 Unions Join

tI.. ::..__ .. ._...._ -._ ......... pI";'.. "Io.- :.r
4 * In New Plans

,According to James A. I
: Richardson of the Urban

FLORIDA PLANS JOBSFOR uA Building League, the and Northeast Construction Florida ,

14 Trades Council will work in .
rfrI19 cooperation with the Urban I i

League here In a federally-
funded program to recruit
CAREER WORKERS minority youth into building I

r k- programs.The trades afcprentlceshlp I'

project got underway Wednesday
* # with the official signing I'I
J ot the contract between th4.U.S I
Director Says Calls Original Department! ot Labor and the
Repeated ChargesOf ) Jacksonville Urban League.
Archie Moore, National BAT ,
Job Prejudice Bonds Excessive Representative, U.s. Department -

ci Labor:, E. T. Kehrer,
Is OutlawedTALLAHASSE Job Favoritism Southern Area Director, Civil
And Sets Trial Rights Department, AFL- lO; I
John Bowden, President of the '
"More Northeast Florida Building and
State ot Florida Jobs for more GAINESVILLE- Circuit Judge Construction Trades Council;
qualified Florida Negroes' Cause Fund CutFrank John A.H.Murphree reduced the Benjamin Lewis, Field Representative -
with Florida AIM University bonds ci two Black: Militants S for LEAP, National
u the headquarters for recruitment here earlier this week, both Urban League; Clantel T,
and with July 1 u Hampton's And Bunch's Role ci whom have been charged with Brown, Executive Director,
the date of launching a "com inciting or encouraging a riot,. Jacksonville Urban League,and
prehenslve program," might and set a firebombing trial for Dr. H. H. Satterwhite, Jacksonville -
well be said to the motto of On Poverty Program Under ProbeIt three others for May 13, after Urban Board
the New Deal Philosophy ot a ot Innovent for The above picture Dhows officials of the Jacksonville Urban League and of the United States League
entering pleas Department ot Labor signing a contract: for a new Job training under of Chairman, were among the ,
state which. program a grant 37000.
seems to be coming was revealed last week that $1,930.374 ci federal for
money Aa habeas: : hearing last The contract was signed at the Afro-American Life Insurance Company The League will conduct many Influential persons pre-
of doldrums
oat the of corpus
anti-poverty projects Is being withheld fronUbe Greater Jacksonville
sent at the official signing.
segregation.This week led to the reducing ot the a Labor Education Advancement 'rrograjn (Project LEAP). The Northeast Florida II I
Equal Opportunity (GJEO) pending a report on an Investigation The signing took place at the
and Construction Trade
bonds of Joe Walker of St. Petersburg Building CouncIL.wUl cooperate: with the League In the recruiting of
that has .
been for several
bu been announced going on months. Afro-American Life Insurance
new plan and of Levy wucoxJacksonville. 01 youths for building apprenticeship programs Seen in the picture are, standing from left: E.T.
by Jay McGlon, Director :- Although the most recent cantor : cousins: to curry: favor a They were arrested Kehrer, area director, civil rights\ department AFL-C10; Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhlte, Chair- Company auditorium.
of Personnel for the state. an investigation of the tactics shapley young woman or put a because of attack power man of the Urban League board; Jerry Barry, representing the office of Mayor Hans antler; The Jacksonville Urban League
o "Because of the governor's Interest and methods employed lathe girlfriend to work demonstration on April e which and Ben Lewis of the National Urban League. Those seated are, from left: Leon G. Motley ci will be recruiting youth
la this deist," AId Mc operation of the local Stetson Kennedy, a white for- was highlighted\ by a sympathynurchtothelocalJaUlntheln. the Building and Construction Trades Council; Archie Moore, Labor Department, and Clantel from the minority sectors of
Clan, "we are making U a top poverty unit came from a white mer assistant director of the T. Brown, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Urban league.Abernathy this community It Is expectedto
priority project In the field of worker who, was fired, there EasUkte Neighborhood Center, terest of Jailed' ,2rvlmttp* recruit about 300 youth and
public welfare. We are trying to have been a series ot complaints dr\:ge* that his civil rights ,I'JKt" BawUtti. Waller-snood -- lace 90 in accredileoVlpprrntlshlp -' w
build a career-type system and over hiring poIlc1fl1Ddthe were violated when be was dismissed was originally J25.000.WU- Says Killer training programs.
to do this we must tire full efforts possibility of politics play from his Job. Gordon cox's $7 900. Murphree contended Husband The U.s. Department of Labor I
to recruit In all directions log a strong hand in the operation >> lint the bonds were excessive. has granted the Jacksonville
and race must have no place Inibis of the program. County Judge Council Something. M'ustIe Urban League a $37,900 Man-

effort." Shortly after the program got set the higher bonds "for assurance Is Waiting ForJudge's power Development and TrainIng -
McGloo paid tribute to Macao underway in 1966 Mrs. Battle : of appearance in Act contract to carry out
:-Williams, a member of ,the Dix Green, a local civic worker court. Done...Now! this program called: LEAP
:tBax staff now serving U an wrote' letters to the thenchef Miss Sheila Preston,the single (Labor Education Advancement
rurban specialist, with a salary ci the poverty program, woman involved in the bomb- WASHINGTON>r. Martin Program).
:or S14,000. Williams Is a Negro Sargent Shrlver, Congressman mlngs, pleaded innocent In the Luther King's successor, Dr.'' RulingA LEAP Is a real attempt to deal
a graduate; of FAMU."He's Charles Bennett, Senators Circuit Court last Thursday. Ralph Abernathy, accompanied with the Job problem ot Negroes
the type person who will be able George Smathers and Spessard Dawkins, 94, and Joe Frank by his vanguard of forerunners and other minorities by making

to help us with our recruiting Holland, asking them to look Into Whitaker. 17, refused to enter for the Poor. Peoples' March Negro woman, convicted of manslaughter 15 months ago in certain that they are able and
.because: be 1s very well respect the matter of hiring policies pleas anb asked for the defer to Washington! was In the Na- the slaying of her husband and, therefore, awaiting trial for allowed to function within the
ed around the state,"concluded employed by the GJEO. ring ci arraignment until writs tional Capitol Tuesday, and demanded sentence, was arrested last Saturday by Lake County She rift whole of the Trades Union
:McGlon. According: to the director In her statement she indicated that Congress make immediate Movement.
of habeas corpus could be filed. Willis V. McCall and charged with the murder ot Mrs Vivian
Dick Mowell is the Recruit and definite plans for LEAP promotes the entrance
it appeared that Frank Hampton, them 10 ,
Judge Murphree gave June Bitter Leesburg legal secretary:
ing Supervisor for the personnel a politically active Jaxonwbols \ days for action and set the trial 2,000 Jobs for the bard-core .*..*.* of minority group members Into -
board and Is setting up plans for a member ci the Board of FRANK HAMPTON, tentatively for May 13. The unemployed.Dr. Marie Dean Arrlngton, ;34,was skilled trades and other high
Abernathy in spite of the apprehended by officers shortly information, was convicted of a paying unionized occupations.
the activity. Directors, and who at the time trials of Wallker and Wilcox, ,
Optimistic responses have functioned in hiring, was employing Bunch, executive director, is the latter anSCLCoftlclalwere warm and exuberant welcomehe after they discovered bodyof manslaughter charge more than The cooperation of all unions
been received from several political and favoritism quoted u saying Kennedy was to date to be received from various officials Mrs.Ritter in a heavily wood a year ago. She was. fonvjct- Industrial as well u craft, Is
state department officials, according tactics in hiring. It was also not .. nounced.postponed a an- did not appear to be too ed area between Leesburg and ed of the January It, 1967 slaying essential to the goal
According to a feature article Lisbon in Lake County.The secretary of her husband, Lester a
toMcGlon.State Sever- recalled that Hampton was one Goldln for the touched. He made it plain that LEAP'S obligation to this end
u a Jacksonville paper Postmaster Sellg attorney for creating had been shot in the head. fight trainer. Lester was s'ot is
ago Department Director Don of the prime figures against accused, said that the formal "Existing programs to educate both the worker and
Melklejohn has already stated, whom Jazons protested when James Workman pre- Informations required prior tot Jobs simply are not working The secretary had been reported during a 1964 Fourth of July the general community to the interrelationships -
"W.w6u1dUtetob1ruomeNe- be was named to the "ad hocJ sident of the directors, denied not filed ." "We need these Jobs missing on April ZZ aftera family outing. A courtappointed of organisedlabor
ourt by attorneysfor
evidence of discrimination.: were woman and she left the officeof attorney Wed for a new trial.
gro IgeI1tIID our department committee of the anti-poverty the state until Tuesday of and the minority com
On the other hand, complaints program. However, in the face ci criticism last week a day after the filing .rr1,, .tl-1 1aI Robert E. Pierce, Public Defender This was turned down by Circuit munity. I'
continue to come in that the Frank Hampton is currently GJEOs president ci pleas for writs by the defendants ,I\\' 4" where she was employed. Court Judge James T.Nelson It is hoped that all minority
State Highway Patrol remains running for the House of Re- Workman Jr., announced this "The state's attorney's v: on March 27. youth In the area will take the ,
rather adamant on the presentatives. week a roster of standing committee office, said thing and According: to witnesses, the No information was given as to fullest possible advantage of ;
one thep I
members for 1968. secretary's companion was a whether might be Involved -
Negroes. teams of persons this program.
,hiring of qualified During recent months did something else,',' said Se- -'
UcQen expressed hope that investigators have made several Among those named are: Councilwoman llg. The defendant's attorney : Negro woman. The victim's.* In the slaying. The only The project will be under the
Mary L. .Singleton, was found about 20 miles from confirmation was that the accused direction
of James A. Richardson
race is not an issue there. trips into Jacksonvillechecking said that the petitions for writs i -
personnel; Frank Hampton, the place where the body was was held without bond. Project Director JoanneA.
Final emphasis was placed da on a number of individual involved the.dismissal of ,
McGlon when: community relations; Charles found State Attorney Gordon Mrs. Arrlngton was convicted Taylor will be Secretary.
this new plan by ; connected with the charges and the reduction ci
he said,"U is the desire ct the program. Persoqs who have ,Brooks, Dr. Cyrus Anderson, bonds. Oldham, Jr., would give no Information of slaying her husband Daytona Tho associate director,to be announced -

,State Personnel Board that been appointed to positions on Oscar Taylor, manpower, and Mrs. Carole Thomas, white, .. ry information. Sheriff also.McCall refused Beach, Fla. later. ,I'
there be DO eigns of discrimination the bead-start program, the others. wife of a university professor
Instate employment,and neighborhood centers and public It was learned that the Investigation and co-author with DawUhs.wlU Mrs. Arrlngton, according to iI I

that goes for all the agencies." relations posts, have been ender of the GJEO has not come to court later.Three teen-

scrutiny. been completed. In the meantime age Negroes are charged in the RALPH ABERNATHY 29 Duval Teachers Are Fired
Negro Girl There had been persistent a widespread feeling is that arson case, namely, Jethro DR. ; I
claims that Gordon Bunch has the funds should be withheld until Ward, 17, Joe Preston, 16 and badly.: "We need them now.We
been dancing to the tune of the the malpractices and inequities Carlton Gary, 17,the last named need to have money in our poc 13 Participated In Walkout 'f I
in the Office are corrected.
Rates In political bigwigs and that escaped
not in custody, having kets, to be able to bold up our
Hampton was using his position Many persons have expressed from the Gaines policemen on beads. We must not, we cannot, The Duval School Board announced He added there are 2,200 to Houston and Bette E. Rosenz- ,
on the board to favor the feeling that there is little !March 22. They are charged are will not continue: this wayt' this week that 29 2,300 teachers having tenure vieg of Forrest Hills Elementary '
Memphis Contest friends and close: associates. point in having the program if with flrebomblnjc Gene's Grocery SCLC's new Moses asked for teachers are being fired and of who require no board action ; Sherman Drawdy, Peon
While poor people who were in it is not meeting the needs ot Store on Mardl13.TyrO 1,000,000 Jobs Immediately the group there are 13 who to be rehired for the next school Junior High; Mary N. Farha,
MEMPHIS, Teon.-M1s. Pat need of employment denied the poor people. Wilson was granted immunity with 1,000,000 la the participated in the recent year. Pinedale Elementary; FrancesD.
ricia Mayweather, president ci Jobs. Charges of wheeling and dealIng after promising to testify for the for the next four years.Dr. planning. teacher walk-out. Brant has indicated that be Foggily Rlbault Senior High,
the Memphis Youth Council ci There is every indication that with GJEO funds were aired, prosecution. Abernathy painted a dismal These 29 teachers were will recommend tenure for James H. Burrough, Everline,'
the National Association for the the Investigators are looking recently when protests of conflict Waller and Wllcox are charged plcutre of the plight ot the' included in 768 whg were not some of the 228 who lost it Henry, Doris H. Mack and
Advancment of Colored People into the possibility that some Job of interest were lodged with leading a march from a In America "Despite reappointed for the next school because of the walkout. Priscilla W. Simmons of North'
went in the matter of against Hampton who it was alleged church to the where considerable poor for various 29 teachers
here, has been selected from selling on Jail, America's widely publicized affluence. year reasons. The names ot the western Junior High.; RichardV.
'among more than ZOO competitors poverty Jobs. There seems lobe supplied kerosene oil to contusion involved ." He said that hundreds Included in the 768 at 77 who whose services were terminated Stebbins, Rams High;Agnes
to be off of the ten little doubt either that the pro- anti-poverty centers while serving Dawklns, still In Jail.Mrs.Tho- of thousands are dragging out asked that their resignations are: Hughes,. Hyde Grove Elementary
finalists competing for the hers are checking on certain as a member of the GJEO mas, at whose home they were their lives in an economic depression accepted, nine whoare retiring Tonya Nobbs, Scott Elementary ; Rives C. Guenette,
"Miss Memphis of 1968" title. persons who were employed on board. arrested, was also arrested u bad u any ever 10 being granted leave, the 29 ; Hollis Copeland, Charles Mayport Elementary Nancy A.
According to Miss Carolyn the poverty program but were Alabama U interfering with arrests. Rock bowL listed as "do not reappoint," H. Deem, Wayne Lanier and .Williams, Fort Caroline Elementary
QuUloln youth field director, required to do some chores atone throwing followed. Riot pro- Before entering the bearing 18 not reappointed because they John D. Lavender of Kirby- ; George H. Iles n,
this is the first time that Negro ci a board member's en- Names Negro tection was sought,a curfew set. rooms in Washington, Rev are teaching out-of-field and Smith Junior High Harold C. Forrest Senior High; and

contestants have made it to terprises.The TUSCALOOSA, Ala, -A Negro Abernathy said, "We certainly 623 who have expiring certifi Brown, Landon Junior High\ ; special teachers Jerohe
the finals. The other Negro con- Investigators no doubt girl was named the FAMU Officials hope this Congress will realizethe cates. Lewis E. Blackburn, Ocean- Jackson and Gerald Williamson.FLORIDA .
testant is Miss Doris F. Price. learned that the poverty program -, beauty of the week Wednesdayat campus Negro --the black man--bas The board Tuesday reappointed way Elementary-Junior High\ ; *
"Miss Memphis" will eventually is a sham..that it U 2,176 teachersto Sue T. Laclde, Atlantic Beach
compete for state-wide doing very little to help the the University of Alabama,, .LAHASSEE-1bt administration been waiting 350 years, and Idon't annual contracts Includingsome Elementary Pamela A. Gardner A
,distinction as "Miss poor for whom It was designed which was integrated only five at Florida AIM University think we can be expectedto 228 whose tenure was and David T. Whlddon of
to ald..that years ago following then-Gov. scene of student disorders wait forever for something eliminated after the walkout. \ Rlrhafd
Tennessee" and then go on to the Jobs are political duPont Junior High
out CtorceWa1Jace' "stand In the following the death of Martin that was guaranteed to us by the board still Estates STAR
"Miss America" finals, traditionally gift boxes passed on asocial schoolhouse door." the constitution." Akrldge said E. Carpenter,Southside ,
basis to off Luther King-has agreed to has to take action more Pearl R. Harris
: held in Atlantic City. or pay political The new '"Buna Ben," Is Mrs. Martha Grass an Indian on no Elementary, ,
'The Memphis contest was sponsored favors to a Jack-In-The- a list of proposals providing oki than 18 persons, unless some Woodland Acres Elementary;
: by the Junior Chamber dCommerce Box here and a Jack-In-The- Diane Klrksey, an arts and for more ItudentlDvolvementlD ,from Para City, testl- changes are made or: some David H. Carter Englewood IN EVERY
Box tbere..to help distant from .an1Y.rlur,affairs, ;CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 .persons have been overlooked. Senior High; kathleen A,

;. '" .. '" :: ..-'" I

1- /i.;(. \ ( ;, \ ) f

: c._. ,. "" ,, "rf ;--= !J ,.. ... rJ'j'I. '. ...... ... .. .... ..
_ n j1 1i.1M.I&t ,, ;i..iIt\ ; .:i- i t., '" rli J1 L ."" ::: "IIt.o; ,. -. ...
A ___ _:: A..AL I ............. -- -- .w.-1"..........,- .Aa .J, '" .. .. ..... Il ... A .t. ... .. to .. .t. .. .. .. .. i .. to A "

y,, fL JI

PAGE 2 .
{ ( eU T Automobiles-- Tea ,
Injuring J I Mother's Day I
., n ,. Qn Due, NEW YORK-To protect NW Hilts Bind Plus Concert II

'WASHINGTON- (NPI)-Howard University is due for an expansion themselves against financial I Listed By District
in enrollment and acreage, according to the National Capital brought on by automobile aceltdenu
Planning commission.! Enrollment will Increase from 8,200 to ,American car owners paid A Mother's Day Tea will be
16,00 students by 1985,when the caml,.:s would be expanded from about $9.25 billion in auto in, sponsored by District No. 3 of
11 to 144 acres. According to the university's president, JamesM lurance premiums in 1966 according Mt. Ararat Baptist Church on
:Nabrlt, the recent sit-in that closed the place a few weeks ago to the Insurance In- '. May 12 in the home of Mr. and
disclosed defects In the tmlversttytwhich are.to be remedied. formation Institute. :,: .";.. Mrs. Miller, 1559 West 22nd,
". ." from 4 to 6 p.m.Deacon' George
Henry is the leader.of the dis

HELP Plans
ELECT Sorority

HERMAN Childern's 'Aid

GODWIN A Hobo Dance for the benefit

of retarded children, will be
presented by Nu Chapter of Eta

GODWIN I AS YOUR CONSTABLE WILL t Phi Beta Sotorlty at the Duval
County Armory on May SI from
; Serve you faithfully and efficiently. 10 p.m. to 2 am.Jacksonville.

YOUR Discharge the duties of the 'officeConstableDistrict

; II promptly favoritism.! without partiality. or Legion

Safeguard the peace and dignity of Holds ElectionBfeel
... District II.Guarantee.
Jacksonville Post, No. 197 of
,) : y all citizens rights under the American Legion will meet
: +' the Constitution will be protected to Friday at 8 p.m. in the Post
the fullest. Home, 1339 West 28th. Fore
,ti) r most on the agenda will be the
''l : r Strive to prevent juvenile delinquency election of officers to the departmental -
t! lk in the llth District by working convention at Clearfwater. .
yr t : with youth groups, ministers. school l YL 7r ,This is the last oppor
i s officials end others whose Interest ts The Northwestern Junior High School Band will presented In The band made a superior rating at me festival held at Terry tunity for paying dues before becoming .
to save youth from a career of crime. concert Wednesday, April 8,at 7:30 p.m.,in the etorium of the Parker Senior High School Jordan E.Baker,stand.Ing.IS director. delinquent after May 3.
t school, by the Band Parents' Club.The club meets every Monday Mrs. Betty Wb1tellpresldenlJ.H.ArlfettSr.,1I principal. The Willard Morris CommanderPost
t "his office available 24 hrs. concert Is free. **** Photo By-BOB SMITH
Keep night at 7.30 In the land hall to complete plans for this gala event. 197.
seven days e week to all citizens .

t Work in close harmony with Sheriff Pilgrim Charity James Weldon At Honor Guard Luncheon
Dale Carson whose goals e r. the
Best QualifiedBy I same as "his In protecting you end Has BiaFashion IS ,
your property. Club Meets SoonThe u I

Far 1 Extend equal justice to ad In a courteous Pilgrim Charity Savings ShowThe
Club will meet with Mrs. MIale
Check candidates closely manner. post -Easter Parade of the
your Perry, 1265 West 18th, on
tames Weldon Johnson Junior
A Man's Record Speaks For Itself I urge you to help me help YOU May 6.Mr.James Brundage will Ugh' School featured a models
Brown will
by vote and fort be host. Mrs. Edith in fashions
casting your support rearing the latest :
Make Your Vote Count be hostess. Mrs. Bessie Mae ; .. '
for students of the "nthef&bt
j HERMAN Allen is president. Mrs. Beatrice f
I and ninth grade.
rWoch In DitMe Bva
Thomas is reporter.
/ Miss Renee Jackson led In
f 11 1CA M 1C I-D GODWIN fashions i and was given the first
M lW.ef.f,..!<) ft-l IKM.
award. Others. In order, ,
I-M t-N A 61C prize -
6-D *-* UC; t-H M "Best Qualified. By Far" BRING YOUR NEWS ..re. Miss Paula Counts, second
u: 1* M ....0 Miss Delores Sanford,
ToTbeFLORIDA third, and Miss Marie Hogan

Paid Political Adv., I STAR fourth. iefelHss
2323 Moncrlef Rd.

I .-. ,.....

I r

Continue Experienced Leader- r may; I

s j' r rTne
Honor Guard Luncheon of the Jacksonville NAACPwas a capacity arair, anraeung citizens
ship in our Florida Senate ) and leaders In the above picture,surrounded by many others, Is Rev. J.S. Johnson, pastor of St.

;. Stephen's A.M.E. Church. t Photo 8yoOOBSt.um
-- -
t I-










.... '

EDUCATION"Pope TAXES- alas Renee Jackson was the

was one of the leaders in the "He has been up front In every fight first prize winner in the Post-
long struggle to Improve higher for e fairer distribution of tax Easter. Parade held on Charm
education In Florida. He pushed for t 1 .." (Miami Herald) Day at the James Weldon Johnson -
the expansion of the Junior college "Verte Pope has been a voice Junior High School. Latest
system and new universities at often virtually a lone voice for
Boca Raton. Tampa Pensacola and fashions were displayed by students -
12 .. the public es opposed to the special
Orlando. Pope worked for the establishment Interests. (Tampa Tribune) of the seventh, eight and
of new universities at .t ninth grades
He Introduced end helped pauPope'
Miami and Jacksonville. (Miami "
News) I : Lew guaranteeing reduction
He helped obtain a four.year col J.1 of As unfair Senate property President assessments., he appointed Bob Smith
lege for Duval County. ''j limit ed valorem
... e committee to
He campaigned the state for a }) .
,,, mulags.Duval
; ':' Attends PhotogConvention
strong Junior college for
program ',, I County may expect e property
ell Florida.He
rollback of
miliage approximately
led the fight for fair provisions $11.000.000 next )OIr.
for the public schools! which were .
Passed In the Senate a $10,000
vetoed by the governor.GOVERNMENT. homestead exemption for senior cltl Bob Smith of the Fashion Photo -
lens which did not pass In the house. t ek Studio is attending the pro'lesslooal
1'J convention at Coco
... Senator Pope over the years MENTAL HEALTH"The -
has been a veritable giant In the Senator made mental health
battle for fair legislative reappor- another of his major projects. When
ttonment His selection as Senate. j he went to the Senate there was one
President In Florida first
fairly apportioned mental Institution. Today there are
legislature In the 20th five and additional facilities ere
century Is a tnbute to this record."
under construction for the handi
(.Tampa Tribune) ... capped. (Miami News) Professional FUR SERVICES
For years he urged Legislative reapportionment He sponsored programs locating
to prevent federalIntervention. mental health facilities In the four
corners of the State In partial- AVAILABLE-CLEANING GLAZING
For years he urged constitutional I tar Northeast,Florida's facility etMacOenny. ,
revision for the ltate.JOBOPPORTUNITIE5. .

He worked and Is working for "His work In the Senate helped upgrade .
greater facilities for vocational train physical hearth programs .
ing. and alcoholic rehabilitation." (Daytona
: Beach Evening News)
The press has recorded his service He voted for locating a medical
and the results ere praise to that center In Jacksonville. newporkRR
service. To keep this man and his He worked to locate a Veteran's
excellent record working for us Administration Hospital here. BOB SMITH

Sn ill liar Beach. The convention program
W10IIC will deal with techniques of co-
I Sualer' 'UI IIIfCA lor, wedding 'photos, bridal
CLEANERS shots, baby: photos and photo-
-T.Y-CI. 12 stats. Smith is a member of the
"SIRUNGJAC'KSONYll.I.E.JJR. ; ad" Jf..4It.4i'. Professional Photographers d
IlIja ; .Mir 6 400 fet Fenyth Street-Teltphene Elgin S.7StsflEE the State of Florida.
1.1: :r .. u

DEMOCRATS E N A T O R have taken
:, TMCASUNfR Of VCftLK: POPS more than
f 1 11 1 Conveniently located Suburban Branches lives in the United Sum in the
DISTRICT I I 1 Representing Duval. Nassau, Baker, St. Johns & Union Counties jail 50 yean Institute the Insurance reports The Information

i, highest single-year death total
was I.836 in 1928.t1"a1ff .

t'i .

i k .


T TArdrsr



Hi ,Queer Douglas And arson High East Jacksonville PTA Tea

[! @}ing :Bells J II

School Crowns 1968 Queen Funds. Make New Piano Red I

Douglas Anderson High school I held the annual CoronationCe- Henry L. Hill, 1205 Grant St., The P.TA. of East Jacksonville Elementary School, Mrs. Mae ,
remony Monday Apt 11 29, in the schoolaud1torlum.Miss Annie 26 and Cathleen Smith 1205 Carey Holloman.1812 Pullman Belle Jones principal, recently presented the AnnualSpringTea.The .
JeRel was crowned queen for the ensuing year Grant St., 20. Si., 22 and Joyce Williams,1480N. Program Chairman, Mrs Vera Davis, arranged, a musical I
tatlons and announcements.This Myrtle Ave., 22. program presenting the Raines Chrous from William Raines
Miss Jones' attendants'were: Senior High School, Mrs. Olivia Smith, director and the East
Miss affair was sponsored by Herman Manning, Jr., 1147
Miss Gwendolyn Bradley, Eugene M. Wilson,5054 Dostle Jacksonville Ensemble
String Mrs. A.V. Cromartle director.
Gloria McCrary, Gary Merritt, the Student .council, Gary Windle St., 22 and Mollie Mae Dr., S., 19 and Cynthia E.Floyd The title of "Homeroom
Brace Smith and Kary Brown. Merritt president. Mrs I. L. Rogers, 6281 Pettiford Dr., E., .956 Florida Ave., 19. Mother For 1968" was won reeds from the tea completelypaid
Miss Homecoming of 1968 was Shelman is sponsor. Mr. by Mrs Dorothy Simmons for the piano.
Miss Joycelya Gooch, whose Chester R.Cowart is principal Moses L. Edwards, Jr., 1157 No.: 6, Mrs Eva Rosier Mrs. James A. Weaver Is pre
attendants were Miss Melba of the school. Amos Weeks, m, 21 and Janie E. 9th St., 19 and Leatrice Harris room The second runner- sident. Mrs. Nellie Morraywas
arris, Miss Melllner Waters, Several persons assisted. M. Toller, 4229 Moncrief RoadW. 422 W. Orange St., 24. was Mrs. June Lawsonroom tea chalrman.Mra.HaselPern
Vincent Taylor, Donnie Spivey Mrs L. A. Phelts was in L.Smlth charge ., Apt., 16, 18. No. 10, Ernest Irvin, Jr., teawas cochairman.cher. .
aM Michael White of decorations. Lonnie B. Brooks, Jr., 919 Consolation prizes went
Miss Gertrude Jones, Miss and Kenneth Tolbert were In Emery Bastin, 1611 E. 20th Spearing St., 19 and Sandra A. to Mrs. Rose Harvey Mrs.
Douglas Anderson of 1967, was charge of music. Mrs. Bernice St., 27 and Gwendolyn C. Elps, Jenkins, 4119 Lockhart Rd.,16. Dorothy Lemmon and Mrs., Cat- Dahlia Garden
A resent with her court,and with Jackson supervised the dance. 4025 Stuart St., 25. 1
it. escorts, namely AlvlnO'Berry Fanfare was handled by WUbert Grady Cull, Jr., 1248 OakleySt. herbs King. Mrs. Iralene Mays.
Gregory McCrary and Roland Andrews, Robert Bryant, Charles A. Hobbs 4018 Katanga ., 25 and Juliette C. White, presented the awards. Mrs. Circle Will Meet I
TUdale. Anthony Hodges and James Dr., 20 and Harvetta B. 1139 Mill Creek Rd., 19. dent James Weaver, P.T.A. presi The Dahlia Garden Circle WUlThe
Hostesses were: Angelia Perry. Courtesies were extended Washington, 4018 Katanga Dr., ,presided.tables meet Thursday May 9, In the t
were beautifully
it Brown, Deborah Jones by Mrs. D. T. Wright 20. Robert Getzen, 1523 E. 30th home of Mr. Cressle Williams
r tephanle Robinson, Story sad Miss B. J. Robinson. Mrs. St., 74 and Helen R. Bentley, corated In three colors,yellow, 1334 West 12th Street.Queen B. I.
Wright, Faye Kellam, Johnny G. M. Lesesne was typist. James William Dodson, 1425 1702 E. 30th St., 39. pink The, and PT.A.green.project for this ?mtamf' President, will open
Banes, Brenda Howard and Flowers were handled by Rufus Evergreen Ave.,26 and Patricia the Ie meeting at P.m.Importantnew \
Faye Simpo. Cur U Butler, 1502 E. 20th St., 26. year Baldwin was purchasln The g of a business win be transacted.
piano. }
Miss Lynette Paulin, vice pro-
resident-elect of the Student
Jy Council, read the processionals
Miss Gertrude
Jems, departing queen, performed
-A Bob Smith, om.the... pate. shows Miss Ante Jam MM the coronation
Douglas Anderson Senior. Hla* tckool Queen for 196. Tto coronation Mremonies. Ronald Wanton
took place la the school gymnasium on April 29.Cteater R. sang in tribute to the queen. ,
Cowart Is prlllc_ Photo By-BOB SMITH Miss Jones, new queen, made
her acceptance speech. Thedance II' / / /
class of the YMCA, Mrs.
Be r a ice Jackson, directess,

Councilwoiii And Astro Onus performed.crowned Miss by Angelia Homecomingwas Brown. SALES LADIES SALE- FRI. AND SAT. ONLY -Find Red Balloons for Values

Miss Mary Thomas sang. A
tiled ensemble presented a

resident-elect Bomber. Miss Deborah of the Hills 19d. \Q-11Q Family Size
student council, made presen- ,, \\\

William Raines Class 'asn\onw c'l\tro\t:

Pity Will Be May 19 Primstyle \\\ s\\\we TOOTHPASTES

The senior class of William
M. Raines will present its an-
-1 Mal class play Sunday, May BOXED TISSUE oWT1VJjeS

t- It, at 6;00 p.m., and Monday,
May 20th at 8 p.m.lnthr 110.2/9' :
It' school auditorium. The playa Vftf5 :
comedy, is entitled "A Bit
.f Honey". The public Is In- 1. GLEEM
vtted to witness the hilarious $1
hjcidents to be portrayed by for i?
-, tatse energetic and hardwork- COLGATE
.: lie seniors. The play is being ,or>
dt directed by Mrs. C. B. Johnson
t mt C.L. Ue.taleway. 4 rdC\ CREST
r I
Barracks ta Regular 95'

,c is
;; Will Meet SaturdayGateway no\\ ha 1
n ca Matt
Barracks 3131 of the +p cons\ "c:. \0 1)cattlii

Veterans of World War I will AQUA h if ;oW \0'", rttccsl 494'cxctlUtb
hold the regular meeUneSat\&r- 90\ .
.day at the barracks: 1905 Ki gs NET all .
road, at 2 p.m. omPr'ssid ar..ate ,
Final preparations will beude ( '''p t
CouDcUwonu lUryttasM*took ttM out from a buI1 scheMe for the dedication services It r J
to volt with tae Astro Geats sad to personally present plaque of the home, to take place :
from the senior group to the three young misses shown above. oa May 19 at 3 p.m. Open house .IOUcola
They art the MW Astre Cents Queens, namely Cberil Walker will follow the dedlcatloo.0ffl- HAIR I a
daughter of Mr. and has N. Walker and Belinda Faye SaUft cJatlng will be officials of the
and Tina 'R. soapy daughters of Mr.. and Mrs. Bob '". Florida Veterans of World WarI .Aon'p"
; Photo By-BOB SMITH the Ladles Auxiliary, and
uP'11nKout ;
sate and national ,

Darnell-Ceellrearii Nines High NightingaleSavings SPRAYRegular ..114uidtn0ti. u\\ng: r\w:e RIGHT A GUARD/

!i Chorus Sills ..a.e ,
School Will Plans .tolatn4
'\O,,,?'h Deodorant /

To Many Hive MusicalA For May MeetThe 88 "+:(,'-.-*, ; oo110\"\\' S

;1 The Daroell-CookBua tutor Nightingale Saving Club ? Regular $1.00
.; High School Choral Pareats glorlus panorama of musk r will hold the regular business \\,,\\& '
'; Club presented the Chores in "A Night on Broadway"William will meeting Tuesday night, May 7, ..- I et1\\C\e
concert recently at Ike Uttk be presented by the at 8 p.m., la the tome of Mrs. $ 0
theater Civic Aatttori a. A M. Raises High School Chores I.arietta Broome, iMl Venus. 2 tor
capacity audience was la atteadanct. oa Friday, May 3, la the school d ,
auditorium, at I p.m.,featuring 299 ..
Soloists musicals from "My Fair Fidelity Sociai
were: Beverly Browa
Randolph Fllmore, Lee Harris.. Udy", "Kiss Me Kate","West
and Bess" !LVNWHITE
and Anthony Cbester Brown Hapa., Myra c..r Matthews.- Side and many Stor,others.mis "Porgy. Club Plans Tea
musical the ;
gao and Willie Mathews k., represents The FidelltySoclalandSavings
were student directors. En.ctoa gMtgtrtt ol the chores musical CW>>>Is planning the annual Mo
Davis was crowa4 Mr: achievements' this year. 1 ther's Day Tea for May 12 in vKOTEX RAIN
Chorus for 1968-U. and Vivtaa Includes a variety of talents the Educational Building of St. i
Young was crowned Mss such:: u dancing singing sod .pheifs A.MJE. Church. The
Chorus .for'the same aerie.*. acting combined. cM> will meet oa May 6 in the
Presentations were aa4e to: Other numbers perforate by he e of Mrs. Beulah Cooper HAIRSPRAY
Mrs. Ruby P. Askew, choral the chorus incline: "Annie Get 809 West 16th St. at 8 p.m.
director; Mrs. Mamto Taylor, Your Gun", featuring Cuelda Mrs. Annie M. Paige Is president
president; Mrs C.J. Miller, Pierce sod Augustus Byrd;
with BillieBoyd
dean of girls Dr. A, C. Me4ry, "Mary Popplns" -
and scenes from the {
principal, and M.T. assistant 4
llusic Wa.D: Also other musicals
Matthews prprlnclgl.is reporter.Mrs. are "Carousel", featuriatRichardeaa Pride Of Mateo
Jackson a solo by Sanitary Napkin .
Author McMillan, entiled "The :
Semi-Chic SteW Impossible Dream" front the T,..I, Will Meet
"Maa UMancbe" and SUM Regular $1.49
sod musfcal selection from Pride of Maceo Temple No.
Club Holds Htrfbf "West Side Story" The program Ufl 1BPOE of W will meet May
will close with "Give hhj 2. This is the first meeting after
The SemI CIvk Sects Bavtafs Regards to Broadway" ws* a he state association. Daughter
Club will meet Moatay ta the atace routine by Breads ....,. trier Mrs, Hattie I. James win
home of Mrs.RataaYastt.7M "A Night Broadway" hf he te charge of the meeting, athe
Irving Scott Drive. The meeting directed by Denis Huger aatf Elks'Rome 712 West DuvaL
opens at I p.m.The tie Verse produced by Keaaeta Harvey. Oawn B. Williams reporter.
begins with the letter H. The The Chorus is under the *r- instance Carroll; *
last meeting" with Mrs.. action of Mrs. O.R. SaUtfc. * .
Marlon Bellamy. Mrs. EteoraSmall cosmetics for all your beauty ntoc/s
is president.

Nightingale rivet Head n' Shoulders, Ree. 1.10 ............................. 73' Gillette Foamy, Reg 98' .............................,...... 57'

Clairol Loving Cart, Reg. 1,75 .........................1.09 Tampex, Reg. 47' ......................................... 3/1.00

Savings Club Tie p"plt' eitIAI f Gillette ehmatlc Razor, Ret. 2.95 ................1.39 Bayer 100's, Reg 98' .........................,..............51'

Johnson & Johnson Powder, Rig. 98' .............,.... 63 Rit Dye, Reg 35' ................................................ 27'

Meets Tuesday Jirgtns Lotion, R.t. 1.09 ......................,............ 72' Anacin, Reg 1.33 .....,......................................,. 88

The Nightingale Saviac Club LEWIS CARTER listerine, Reg. 1.15 ........................................... 57' Alka Seltzer, Reg. 69' ......,..................,.............. 47

-. will bold the regular meeting Gillette S.S. Blades, Reg. 79' .............................. 38 Bufferin, Ret. 1.49 ,.................,.......................... 88
May 7 at 8 p.m., ia fte home of
Breosw Wl House" of RrprC\Cnrarh'c-CnKJp 28
. Mrs. Henrietta ,
., Venus. Mrs. Cora Ue Wall .',,.,c.. .W.V... DOWNTOWN STORE 300 HOGAN
will be co-hostess. The presided
will lead a discus rioa oa piano Paid J'oUtkalU/l. -
foe a trip to Daytoal.



." ," .' # .' .. M _, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..




Like Father, Like Son I| CHURCH NEWS |

FACTS yr r

Sunday School begins at 9:45.: The morning worship begins at
11 a.m. The pastor, Rev. Willie Lee Brooks will speak. Prayerservice
The Temple is located at 5841
Is Tuesday night at 730.;

'1 Paris Avenue.TABERNACLE.


Communion will be administered Sunday afternoon at 5 p.m..

The pastor,Rev.W.E.Young,and deacons,will be In charge.Sunday
.Gr School begins at 9:30. Mrs Hessle Solomon,superintendent,
will be In charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Deacon Mose
Brown. At 11 a.m., the pastor, Rev. W.E. Young, will speak. All
y adult choirs will sing. The Senior Male Chorus and Usher Board
LOOK AT THE RECORD No. 1 will serve throughout: the day. AU youth choirs will rehearse -
Wednesday afternoon at 5:30. The teachers' meeting will
be at 6:45.: Prayer meeting will be at 7:30. The morning service
begins at 11:30. Mrs. Alma Glover and Mrs.G. Wilson will be in
charge. Women's Day will be Sunday,May 19.Mrs. Queen Aftens
is general chairman.


Sunday School begins at 9:45.: T.L. Hackley and teachers will be
in charge The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. Services will
be held at 5 p.m. Holy Communion will be administered at the
close of the service. Rev. W$, Peoples, pastor, will deliver the
I FOR STATE ATTOR sermon. Tuesday at 7 p.m., will be prayer service.

:- :
" J.C. Rogers, pastor. Services begin with the Sunday Schoolat
1 1I 1 9:30.: Deacon John E. Singleton and teachers will be in charge.
I The Bible verse will begin with the letter M. The lesson will be
. reviewed by the pastor. The morning consecration and devotion
Release/ will begin at 10:45 with Deacon James Melton and deacons in
Push charge of devotions. Music will be furnished by the combined
houtBondOf : choirs of the church, with Mrs. Hattie Bess at the instruments.
fTT.:1 Usher Board No. 1 will serve. The Eucharist rites will be observed -
Poor at 5 p.m., with the pastor and officers In charge. Both
Cl..tiM.IH,.. _. Monday.. Dte 28. 1964XnOWf major sermons will be delivered by the pastor.Weekly activities

"' t Include: Tuesday, regular Prayer Meeting and Bible Study, with
., the pastor and deacons in charge; Wednesday night and Friday
t:...M.I.MNg 01..1 I/="_--=Y.r.N +0 N0.w,101.000101 0. 01.: ____ ", .,., night, choir rehearsal; Thursday noon, prayer meeting; Thursday -
.:t'1III": 0.0 p01001 n*.,N tt 0100.r 1,1N MCMM 01111'01 ron .-.. "-"JJ-*01.1..1* *. *10o0000 f.j? AHANNOCK-Ernest A. Games,right,is the second: mem .
..a...a 11.mIr...11111100M 11101 OM h1 014 01100I ber of the local Negro Community to win elective office InTappahannock Tappahannock's Negro community last year to build a recreation reporter.
N--e M M.11 10011110 I011I 01.111 Virginia, county seat
the late A$. GaInes, was the first, winning election to the Tap with Mr. Gaines, inspecting blueprints at the project site, is BETHJ.EHEM BAPTIST
pahannock Town Council about 40 years ago and serving until James H. Carey, a fellow member 1.101.'i his death In 1934 as a Councilman, the same post that the son poration board of directors and principal now holds. Mr. Gaines, a successful service-station dealer for School in Tappahannock. The pool and its associated facilities Communion service will be held at 3 p.m. All choirs and ushers

Humble Oil & Refining Company, Is also chairman of the boO.rdMt. will open in June.Starts will serve throughout: the day. The pastor! Rev. L.W. Williams! ,
will deliver the message. Rev L.w. Williams is pastor Mrs
1 : I. Moriah Stewards A WinnerShown Church Union Community Vivian Wilson is reporter.
1i'JIIJt:: (lUII.

..J_$010 10 nv.Md_.lor... RII Plan Honoring PastorThe officially Rev. J.K.Jackson open the, above Kennedy'sMemorial win Plans Big ProgramUnion EMANUEL BAPTISTOn

001001.-11I-..... Stewards' Board and the House of Prayer, Tuesday night prayer meeting will be held at the usual boor
members 4 AME Church 99 Oak Street, Sunday, May 5, with services Church's officers and members win rehearse at 7 p.m. The regular monthly business meetingwill
throughout the day.Sw have planned an appreciation be held after rehearsaL On Thursday the noonday service
will sponsor a program,
1.. N..01 111M1 'Musical Interludes and school will open at 930.: Rev service for the pastor Rev. will be held at the church. Usher Board No. 1 will meet at 8
dqm.10.00001110101100000 0111100010010111 Quotes," Sunday, Maya, at Jackson will officiate at the eleven N. McCray, following the p.m. On Friday Senior Choir No. I and Senior Choir No. t will
1_ p..01 0001104 0,011110MoI11 0101 8 p.m.ln appreciation of the o'clock service, as pastor services Sunday night All are rehearse jointly On Saturday all Junior groups of the church will
_, 011110 10000.ui Rev J. W. Jones. and founder. At 3:30: p.m. Rev. invited Auxiliaries will make meet at the church at 10 a.m. This will include the Cub Scouts,
104 00110 11 10. pastor Among, participants will be: John A. Gibson
Choirs No. 1, No. 2 and No. House of Prayer,and his congregation *."* ior Usher Board and the Junior Church. Sunday School begins at
i ) Adult Choir of New Bethel AME,' 8.30 p.m. Evangelist Telfair The lesson topic will be reviewed by an appointee. The morning
Mrs. Cohen
\ '''1:1: (1iI:+ 0_1..1W.w, M 1.w..1l AM u. a... the Usher Board of Mt.Moriah, and the Angels of Mercy Choir service begins at 11 a.m., with the deacons in charge. B.T.U.
will be guests. A weekly Bible begins at 5 p.m., with Deacon James Phillips In charge Tbe
Elnora McBride Mrs.
\I N.w|..t.i Frontier.*A l.. 4 I"M Legal hm*) mftMm Aid .. ..... _... .......__ -- ..... Frankye Mrs B. Adams,, T. A. \ class Prayer will meeting be held on at Wednesday 7:30 and Will Give A evening worship begins at 6.30.Choir No.3.the Children's Choir
t M.-4. v.* r trpmif AooI Ga..1. Ql01mlm Mr. Williams Mrs. A. D. Wells "
b" ..*.w-w. 00 ,**>, -v.*.r.i10 hral.TrrV 1/11.1? above 1s Miss Clover: night This church is dedicated J CONTINUED ON PAGE 5.
l i. i
:r''e..=.fcMfc mill- It. Mrs.: Francu S. Harper, Mra"Claudia h i } \ ;1lPtogrant'Mrs .
Ji Joreoe tf i
<< ttfliteKef
te Jackson daughterofMr.and | memory :
TM.111rSIw 1.......n101 d.11w1M 01.,.....o.fMo' ,..... _. Daniels, Mrs. CarolynCarswelL MT. once'a of
Mrs. Joe
Jackson 5117 C pastor
...... 01 1101 1014.1+.01 .o- Pr ,
0110 do,11r bP0101.00 Per Frederick G.
'I I...AM..il m* .... .....pd 1l M,111 w.10 .110 P00w.01 h.1 aid 11... .. street who was chosen the winner the New St James A.M.E. Rosetta Cohen will reader -
I ..MMl MMM ll..- Morse, key A. Jones, Mrs. 1
Church Rev Jackson has been at the Church of
I d fir .c.n= :t' :'N',,01,0M..1aw.. ,#r l::=:: Beverly Portia, Mrs. Delores of the for"Miss 1968.Miss Faith Jackson's Temple"contest In the ministry for 18 years God a In program Unity, 12th and Danson

Jackson, Mrs Eva Motley,Mrs. attendant for the year will be streets, Sunday, May S at 3.30
;;;.::. Clara Calvin Jackson Reddlck Mrs.Hollls Essie Felton M. Miss CelesterHarrelldaughter p.m. Robert Williams will serve

u M011 a 0000401. It Irr. 0N .. -. .011 ... .1w ..11w1011010P00. Dye Mrs Odessa, Lane Mrs.Gladys of Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Harrell.'litioch as accompanist. There Is no
I ... .. Ml 01NI.11wW Mother M.C. Sutton Is
M won MM* AMM M Ins *4 fcMMl 0011 / M* M charge.
Warren Miss Helen
1 al.t .. j sponsor Elder R. Grace Is pas-
Belllns and Mae Gibson. Mrs.
t ,, v |or.ji.0lli.i-; ,
Gertrude F. Morse Is program
{ chairman. Will Hold *
t Stewardess Board No. I of
J Nd f ':"e nl+own the church will sponsor a trip DoubleAnnuals ChristopherEight

to Magnolia Lake Saturday,May
.......,.... -.- ./ 1iVIIIIaj' 4. The bus leaves at 9:30 a.m. Club
0s \he ..mN .L.t \he I.U'" ..cM Mrs Clara Jackson Is presi The fifty-eighth anniversaryof CI VOE SIMPSON (JR.) I'll
{ 01nM01 N ..... .... << Antloch Baptist Church and
; par a'u M .11 uu a1IIrMt. f11VI ....... dent.the Rev. J. W. Jones pastorof the 27th of the pastor, Rev.J. Sponsors MusicThe suns FORWARD
\he church.
.. 0101 .....,- 01q J. Jones will begin Monday
t ..... u \Mt \ !
01110' IN WI.ll1II.. 1\ 11p $11"00011 M. night, Maya, and continue Christopher Eight Chorus S10C WASH 01 TAX DOILAI

t .aT11, hhe M1IIr p.1II01.01. .. .... 0"grdU Young Peoples' through May 13. ..r... u 11111101. efU'" 111aIK'rM Services each night will begin sor a musical program Sunday, CxmifNCED IN GOVERNMENT
ti /r1011M u .VIII.r II Wrtld i.. tali Union Holds Confa6'The at 8 p.m. and open to the REV. J.K. JACKSON May 5, In the church auditoriumat '| CITY COUNTY STATE
J .., '. Lae.TM01r. public 7 p.m. The church Is locatedat
.: T010t "" On Monday night, May 6, Rev Fifth and Mt. Herman. Many ClYDF SIMPSON
i' L Young Peoples' Union Dallas J. Graham and Rev Dayspring Unit choirs and musical groups g GusT1N meets May 12 at 3 p.m. in the M. J. Trowel will be guest the city will appear. Raymond SI AH SrNATOR Disl. 12
.. Acorn Street Community House ministers. On Tuesday May Haywood Is president Rev H.
&d'M on Acorn street, next door to 7, Rev B. L. Wynn and Rev Plans Sunday T. Overstreet.Is pastor. (DIM. Paid Political Adv 411! "0
Butler High school The host W. C. Mitchell will speak On .***
for the day will be the Harris Wednesday night. Maya, Rev.S. Pineapple Sip

vwtfidl ) :, 4"jf 1 Singers. L. Badger Rev.G.T.McCall
Mrs Ines Harris Is president
and Rev Remus Smith will COMMUNITY CABS INC.
.M ken tl1r of the union. Many groups have participate. ,
District No. U of Dayspring
been invited to serve Mrs.The- On Thursday Rev.H.T.Over-
Baptist Church will hold pineapple -
n1 ma Edwards will be mistress of street and Rev. G. H. Price
l jo/ sip Sunday, May 12, at 4 OFFERS
ceremonies for the Unla.MrsAlberta .
will speak. On Friday night
p.m., In the dining room area
Latlmore is supervisor May 10 Rev. H. H. Wright and
\ of the church. Mrs. Pearl Collins -
\ and pianist Bernard Me- Rev. H. J. Hughes will speak, Is president. Deacon Char
Clamor is reporter. On Sunday night, May 12, Rev. lie Cummings is leader Rev. $10,000. REWARD
) C. B. Dailey and Rev. J. C. C.AWeaver is pastor.
Sams will be present and will
Evergreen speak. On the closing night,
Monday, May 13, Rev. E. R. BIESSINGSIBLESSINGS) !
I "A. SUM All....., I PU It rou "at I wiU carelull. 10110.nranantd Baptist Plans Simpson and Rev. A. F. Cummings The man born with the gift. TO ANY PERSON PRESENTING PROOF OF THE WILD,
indnidwll.llnM"i"ll 01dharI. will be present All
,urd 0111lIgM101 .11 Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Macon -
...rod wIIII.'l'III that juetlc'II fond" Talent Show ministers will be accompaniedby Georgia It is through God
their choirs, congregations that I can remove all evil conditions -
Evergreen Baptist Church will and official groups UNFOUNDED RUMOR THAT COMMUNITY CABS ARE
some questions
be the you may
scene of a Talent and
wish to know
Fashion Show May 5,sponsoredby
Mrs.Dorothy Clsero,with all Sl.LukeBoptistUnit
proceeds going for the Dual Day 'DO YOU NEED MONEY? OWNED OR CONTROLLED BY NEW DEAL.
Observance. IS MY SICKNESS NATURAL'> '. .
VOTEr Among the models will be: Has CAN MY HUSBAND STOP

I Donna Marie, RobinCarr,Way- DRINKING?
mon Watson, Detra Watson Home MeetDistrict CAN MY LOVE ONES BE RETURNED PATRONIZE YOUR

Vearsell Miller, Sammie C ?
Jackson Shrbon Banks No. 2 Bertha
fDAUSTINi Harvey, Mary Anderson, Bar list Church will meet Sunday, They call me the (Rootman).
bara Lowe,Lorena Taylor,Gloria May 5, at 4 p.m., in the homed But I am only a servant of God. Only Negro Owned
Sheppard, Beverly Larklns << Mrs. Mary Jones, 557 West Beacuse God is the answer to au11fe'
17th Street Mrs. tor. Stills ispresident.
Mlllerd Denmark, Juanita Till- problems. lam the Kind of
i STATE ATTORNEY man, Sherely Williams, Char .M. Armstead leader. all Day Prophet. Send for myspecial
lottee Crawford,Andre McCall.; Rev. M.J. Trowel is pas selected.BIble verses.
EXPERIENCED-QUALIFIED'EKEHGET1C D. Watson Is assisting. tor To be read on SPECIAL DAYS.
Send a self-addressedstampd
Funeral ServicesFor Deaconess Union envelope and $2.00 for Bible Operated

Meets verses and spiritual Messages.You .
Paid Political Adv.. Mrs. Timothy will receive Bible verses
Merit) Deaconess Board No. 1 of the by return mall.

Funeral services for Mrs.An- Greater Macedonia Baptist SEND TO:
nie B. Merltt will be Saturdayat Church will sponsor a special Rev. Roosevelt Franklin CALL
1.30: p.m. at Abyssinia Bap affair Saturday at the home of 630 Morrow Avenue Cab Service 764-2472
tint Church, Union at Dewitt. the president, 1502 East 26th, Macon Georgia 31301
Deputy Pearl Washington will for the benefit of the Board's I specialize in all case work.
head all Lily White Lodges anniversary Phone' area code: 912-745-6475.



I-, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 ._ .. .. .. .... ::... .. 1.-- '" ... .. ... .... I .... .... .... .... L _. .' /: -

n n.. n. . . .
- ... T. .n. -n. .. .., "J.
H. .. . T. . . .rr r.r r. ,. .r r. n. ". .

.f" ,


United Methodist Church Leaders Seek $20,000,000 For Racial Plan I

Prelates Suggest Fighting President lee Talks NAACP Soul Saving


Difficulties Through Aids & AGREEMENT Band Will Meet

DALLAS-Key planners or the United Methodist Church have' ST. LOUIS- Protestant andCathollc churches are In The Soul Saving and Healing
called for a $20-mnuon emergent operation to allay the na- agreement on the need to end"white ra lsm",seen as the "basic Band will hold the regular meet-
Uon' racial crisis,st1ng It threatens"t be future of America, problem tearing away at the fabric of American society." Three ing in the home of Mrs. Syria-
perhaps the workS." der Williams 030 West 28th
Catholic Catholic Committee ,
j)4- I groups on Ministry, National -
The multlphascd program, In public schools on a non- Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the "Black Catholic St., at 8.30 p.m. AU bands
with the sermon on the Mount sectarian basis, but adding this Clergy caucus-had the same Idea proffered by the Methodists, and visitors are welcome.Mrs.
as its guiding credo, would should not Include devotional Disciples of Christ, Church of the Brethern, United Presbyterians S. Williams is president.

back Negro-led community exercises. : United Church of Christ, Episcopalians the Southern
groups, foster loans to ghetto Drawn up by a commission of .California contingent of the American Baptist convention
enterprises, set up taskforce ministers, lawyers, pro- Attend
of volunteers living on. a sub- lessors, government of- ON LOANATLANTA
Btantial basis. flceholders, and others, It -{NPI -The Rev. J. Oscar McCloud, associate executive -
"God Is speaking through the upholds the "right and duty" of United Presbyterian Council on Church and Race, has I 1.1<
disillusioned, the angry ones, churches to speak out on public i ',.. .1- been loaned to theSoutbern Christian Leadership Conference as a
the poor, the hungry, the warissues with moral Implications. f 't, '(J j.'",, liaison person for a three-month period, ending July 17. He will Your .
ridden, the rejected, the It also defends the right of ;., 'f!! be working with churches, on behalf of the forthcoming! Poor
'depersonalized, the searching conscientious objection "to all .: .I I People's campaign, and with other responsibilities associated
ones in the seething world," war, or to a particular war.", ; iI'f' i fund raslsing. C.rr .. U -..
declared the plan outlined. It DIGNITY FIRST
approves use of governmentThe : "
conference also received funds for churchrelateda t CLEVELANDNPI'Concern for dignity, dlentity and individual .
wide-rangtngreportonchurch schools only for limited special \ :t l'- ; wor li are the most Important aspects of the Negro's .. .
relations with government, courses, and asks the church II; fight," declared the Rev Cordy T. Vivian, director of fellowships .
urging the teaching of religion to give up certain tax exemp- .. tl Urban Training Center, Chicago, before 65 clergymen .

tions.CHURCH ...\,, : ....., .. attending the interdenominational intergroup Project Bridge BRAND NEW I.
., .
session In Hotel Sheraton Cleveland last week. "We may have

The NAACP, Jacksonville Branch,held the second Honor Guard Luncheon Saturday, April 27, at to deal with economics,but that is secondary to man's humanity," : 1968 VW M
NEWS -- the Hotel Robert! Meyer, with President C. Lynwood Lee at the helm. In the above picture, Pre- he stressed.
sident Lee is making the address which seems to be setting the tone for the meeting. Rev. Joel OFFICIAL SLATE .
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 E. Atkins, prominent Florida NAACP official, and Dr. C.B. Mcintosh, are also in the picture. NEW YORK-NPI-The new chairman of the United Presbyterian : SEDANM768" ,
Usher Board No. 3 and Usher Hoard No. 4 will serve Mrs. S.L. Photo By-BOB SMITHNAACP Council on Church and Race-successor to the former
Badger and Mrs. Marlon Carter will be In charge of music.FIRST Commission on Religion and Race-is the Rev. Edler G. Hawkins :
,forme? moderator of the general assembly,andp a s tor,
BORN TEMPLE Supporters Joel E. Atkins .Augustine Presbyterian Church, Bronx. Others on the staff .

Sunday school begins at 10 a.m.The morning worship begins at are the Revs Gayraud S. Wllmore, Jr., council executive and a DELIVERED IN |tAXrh.rerheeu"gM" .
11 a.m.The YPCWmeetsat 530.: The evening worship beginsat Main Speaker chairman, Division of Church and Race; J. Mett Rollins, andJ. II
7 p.m. A special sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Oscar McCloud, associates. N

Sunday School begins at 8.45. The morning service begins at 11 fl At luncheon CHICAGO((NPI) MarllUc settelement house, operated by the t9 :,
a.m. Communion will be administered by the pastor. At 6.30: the Sisters of Charity of the Chicago Roman Catholic archdloces, discovered
evening service begins The Communion againbe administer Rev Joel E, Atkins, president that they had excellent blocking help during the recent CollinGriffin-
of the Florida State Conference
ed. An appreciation program will be give at 8 p.m. rioting which swept the city's westside. During the height of the .
COLOSSIANS BAPTIST of NAACP branches, was the disturbances, 23 Negro teenagers descended upon the settlement
principal speaker at the second house and informed the nuns they were remaining there through : :
Sunday School begins at 9.30 with the superintendent and teachersin Honor Guard Luncheon held at out the rest otthe rioting- defenders of the premises and those
charge The morning service begins at II a.m. The Communion the Hotel Robert Meyer on in it. VolkswagenINC.

Service begins at 3 p.m.Rev R.J.Crawford, pastor, will Saturday Dr. C. B.April Mclntosh.27. Life CONCERN .
deliver both sermons. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will Membership! Chairman, CLEVELAND-(NPI)-Twelve local ministers, leaders of the 1250 CAST 8th ST. :
serve throughout the day On May 26 at 3 p.m., Mrs. Carolyn The William M. United Pastors association, flew to Atlanta last week to confer
LImbert will be presented In a recital for Father's Day Prayer presided.Raines High School Ensemble 'WIth representatives of the SCLC hierarchy,on the future of programs 354.9093 .

service will be held Tuesday night at 730. sang Father Austin Cooper begun in Cleveland by the late Dr.Martin Luther'King, )r. 9m r r r .I

NEW REDEEM BAPTIST ./ rector of St. Philip's EpiscopalChurch I
led the devotions.
Sunday School begins at 9.30 with Deacon Eunice Dunson in President C. Lenwood Lee -1968GRADUATES -
charge The lesson will be reviewed)'the pastor, Rev E.I, Nor- made remarks of appeal. Rev

man. The morning worship begins at 11 a.m., with the deacons Rudolph McKIssick pastor of & JUNE RIDES
in charge of devotions Choir No. 3 and Usher Board No. S will ,. Bethel Baptist Institutional
serve throughout the day Mrs Fannie Jackson win be in chargeof -
Church presented the speaker. .
music. The Education Board will meet after the morning wor- .! ,. Once li A lifetime
ship District No. 2 will meet at J p.m. The Home Mission Board ...,..i.. '
rill meet at 1:30. Deaconesses} Board No. 1 will meet at 4.:30 al 110qn ... .... .. _' /,,;, Zanzibar Gets p -.(' J Special
the church. The evening worship will begin at 6 p.m. Both sermons -
'Ti :
Three others distinguished visitors at the Honor Guar
will be delivered by the pastor Rev E J. Norman. Prayer Luncheon of the Jacksonville NAACP Rev R. Wilson and OB Color '
were Pichu :
Meeting wm be Tuesday night, followed by Bible Study at 8 p.m. Dr. and Mrs A.Gross. Photo By-BOB SMITH African BishopDAR | PKG .
Mrs. Jessie Ward is reporter.
church is In the midst of preparations for ft revival meet- Presbyterian Educators Plan The first African bishop of : ...Slidio Pictures.. b f
Ing. Prayer meetings are being held this week, beginning at Zanzibar and Tanta, the Rt.
730. Holy Communion will be administered Sunday at 5.80.: Rev .Ycbanna Juma,. 63, has -
New Irides'or Brides To Be
Both major sermons will be delivered by the pastor R v.Barnes. Stidy EducatioNal !Ideals l been nnroned at Christ Qmrch t. :
.\.*unday>Sctwol begins at 9:30 with Ralford McKlnnon, cathedral Zantlbar. Hi to me
and teachers in charge The morning service begins at 11a.nu NEW YORK--The United Presbyterian Council on Church and seventh bishop of the diocese, One Full Black& White Gown 8x)0) Picture
the evening service at 5:30. Choir's No. 1 and No. land Race has commended Plttsbcrgh Public Safety Director David one of the largest of the Anglican -
Usher Boards No. 1 and No. 2 will serve throughout the day, Craig for his work In connection with the recent civil. .- unrest Church In East Africa.

with Mrs. Nlmmle Mae Hines at Mrs. Dorothy Greenat there. formulated by Us executivetheRev. Only (3.95 Special Rates
choirs in la a statement released today,
the piano. Consecration of all ushers will be the
Wumore .
Gayraud the Council
prayer room at 11..m.and 515pm. Preaching begins on Monday : The Council is the primary Jesse Q. Hall Service
night at 7 p.m. Rev. W.E. Sims, pastor of the New Hope "The United Presbyterian On Complete Wedding
for the United Presbyterian
Council agency
: on Church md. Raceei-
Missionary Baptist Church, Miami will be the revivalist AMother's Presses Us appreciation Mr. Church's planning andproC1'&m
Day program will be given May 12 at 3 p.m. Women's David Craig, Public execution In matters Rites SlatedJesse Color Cap & Gown Pictures
Safety Director
June 23. Mrs. T.V. Randall chairman.
Day will be Sunday
Is of the City of Pittsburgh regarding race. ISM Kith School Giiduiles : foil( liiiBn Color)
Mrs Geneva Wrice co-chairman.
for the goals he baa set for the In the same meeting,the Council Q. Hall, son of Mr. and
police force of that city with respect expressed its support of the Mrs. Bob Hall, died on April 24
GOCCSHEPHERD BAPTIST to the maintenance of forthcoming poor people's campaign in a local hospital.Funeral services BOB SMITH FASHION STUDIO
Sunday School opens at 9:45. The covenant meetingbegini at 11 order. During the by the Southern Leadership will be announced later by
period early
I with Deacon Joe Amous in charge of the prayer'service this month when civil disorder Conference u "a necessary Holmes and West Funeral 2422 N. 'Myrtle Are At 15th 351.1113CARLTON
B.T.U begins at 6 p.m. The Holy Communion service will take. broke out In Pittsburgh, his instructions dramatization of their understanding Home.
place at oir0m: The sermon bard be delivered by the pastor. The to avoid shooting and of the crisis in the The late W. Hall 'ldatUOS
the usher will serve throughout the day.
senior "
his recognition of indigenous nation 'Myrtle and was a life long resident -
Rev Alex Garvln: Upastor. The church is located at 1722 West leadership in maintaining order The goals of the SCLC In the of Jacksonville. He is sur-

29tn Street. merit commendation campaign 68 are consistent with Iced by his immediate family

"We also express gratitude to our understandingofthls, and relatives WELCH
GRANT MEMORIAL A.M.E. the churchmen who are supporting the Council said.It recommended
Sunday School begins at 9.30 with Amos V.Rose, superintendent that unrestricted financial
him in Ms concern for the
and staff in charge.At 10:45: Rev F.D.Richardson, Sr., will speakon preservation of human life and support be extended to the poor Masons To Hear
"'11Ie Vitamin of Eternal Life."6.45p.m.. Rev Richardson,
people to enable
dignity In the midst of civil un campaign participants for
Jr., will speak. Holy Communion WUlbeadm1nlst throughout rest.' to get to Washington
the day The consolidated choirs and the Usher Board No. 1 will "The Council calls to the attention C. that a consultation be held R. BradleyThe
serve. Dr. A.J.Reddlck,pastor,Is attending the A J4.E. Quadrennial of chiefs: of police and with the denomination's Pres-

In Philadelphia law across byterlna o f Washington City in coordinating committee STATE ATTORNEY
SECOND; BAPTIST the nation the policies and procedures Older to urn that presbyteryabout of the Masons will meet May 8
Holy Communion services will be held Sunday at 6 p.m. Rev. churches "to lend wha
adopted by Mr. Craig, at 8 pjn. to select a place and
James Carl Sams, assisted by other officers: and ministers, will and commends others autno- ever assistance may be appro time for the St."John's Day celebration -
officiate. The combined choirs will sing. A Senior Usher Board priate" to the campaign and
city who acted similarly" June 23. The speakerwill "The condition which God has
will also serve. Activities will begin with the Sunday School, at Tpe Council voted last Monday to IndIvidtpl/partlcipatinginlt: be Illustrious R.Bradley.. upon
9.30. Consecration rites for the deacons, deaconesses, ushers, to make public recognition and the units of the United Plans will also be' consideredfor given liberty is eternal vigilance. "
and for the choir will be held at 1045. Services will begin at 11Mn. of the work of Mr. Craig and Presbyterian Board of National the appreciation program Irish Patriot 1790
The pastor will speak The Baptist Training Union will meetat others with the statement Missions "be urged use wflat- honoring Illustrious Deputy t
to be
4:45. The Prayer of Faith Hour is held on Tuesday at 7 p.m. ever resources may be found"to Grand Master A. Fleming on

The Sunday School officers and teachers' council will be Friday Evangelist' help local Poor People'Cam- July 27 in Masonic Temple. CARLTON WELCH--a fighting man.I 'I
alibi at 7 p.m. Alberta J. Williams, reporter.. -. galgn units get to Washington Master Masons will assist t
fought for our country in World War II.
FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE BAPTIST 't. ,.: North lax Lodge No, 387 in laying -
Sunday School begins at 930. The morning worship begins at 11 I. Rev. Bannerman the cornerstone- for the I am fighting now against two rival machines who seek to use

a.m., with the devotional service led by Deacon J.R. McPherson ... ... '- the First Baptist Church of College the office of State Attorney for political power or personal
and f Deacon Ware. The Holy Communion service will be at 5 p.m. Lists Men's (payAnniversary Park, Fourth and Lengle. ambition.In .
Rev. H. Robinson is pastor The church is located at First and Rev. F. Davis is r.Hnlo"
18 years as a trial lawyer of Jacksonville, I fought justas
Pearce Street. mas Worshipful Master.W.L.
NEW MT. OLIVE BAPTIST. 1 r Lowden is chairman H. Simmons hard in the courtroom for the life of Roosevelt Hall in

Rev W.L. Glanton, pastor. SuodaySchoolbeglnsat9:30. Deacon Rev. J.C. Bannerman, pastor is D J).. 1962 as I did for the life of Joe Peel in the Chilllngwoith

I Cambridge: superintendent, in charge. The morning er v I c e of Allen Chapel A.IlE.Church, murder trial, and saved them both.

begins at 11 a.m., with tile deacons in charge of devotions. Rev announced this week that plans I ask you only as responsible citizens to search your heartson
W.L. Glanton will deliver the sermon. The Gospel Chorus will will be formulated for the annual -
for the man
and if
sl*. The evening worship begins at 630. Tbedeacons will be men's day celebration. Buy U.S. May 7 see you are pulling the lever
in charge of devotions. The pastor win preach. Communion will be administered most qualified by hard won experience and no interest but

UNION PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST at both services.Communion civic concern, and not for self-interest, racism or the
Sunday school begins at ':30 with Superintendent Lulu Robin win be offered the sick Saving Bonds dictates of politlcial power lords. ,
.son and teachers in charge. The pastor or his appolntee. econ '- during the afternoon I believe I'em better qualified than the other candidatesfor
Tommy 1.. Brooks and Oats oil be in charge of the morning are
this office to serve all the people of our communities. ,
devotions. The pastor will deliver both major sermons. Choir nev. w.Ej5ims, above, will be
No. 1 along with Usher Board No.1 will serve throughout the day the guest evangelist during' a revival They have both held positions of responsibility to do some
Rev. Jake Ray Is pastor. Mrs. Leomla Miller is reporter. The at the Sveetfteld Baptist thing about the crime rate but have failed us all.

church Is located at 613 Pippin. Church, use Harrison Street Grrrl 1 I hope I can fight on for our communities' growth and good

East, according to the pastor government as your New State Attorney.
Rev Trowell! Of SouthIs Rev. D.B.Barnet! The revival; JOHN
Queen will begin on Monday, May 6. .
Services will be preceded by
Home From chapter Meets prayer meetings from 7 to 7:30

p.m. The visiting minister Is Elect CARLTON WELCH
Hospital Stay QueenortheSouth t er No. pastor of the New Hope Baptist! District IICturcb'

Rev. M. J. TtoweU pastor of 105 will meet Tuesday, May 14, of Miami, 6600 North-
St. Luke BaptIst Church, has at 5 p.m., in Masonic Temple, west 15th. He is recognised as Democrat .
beW II op410 Broad Street. The electionerattonTanSetnodlS one of the State Baptist Convention's Your New Slate
HospltoL will b. held Member are tc outstanding preachers. .
RevTrowellUnowat home, be uniformed. Worthy Matron Special emphasis will be placed THE PEOPLE'S.CHOICE. f"
743 Catherine Street. Queen B. Williams Is In charge. sinners and drcpouts. Paid Political Adv Political Adv.

II" t.

.. -- ,

r '. .. r ., .. .. .. ? ? "' ..."" _. .. .... _......._......-........ .-.T .- .....
1'V1f ffflfflftlFY1 IfFh.. .FFf FF Ff fftf / Pflff Ff/FF F1111Ff FFF Ff ff ft Ff V1.'W ff Ff fFF. c aFflFFff 1 Fff + f O' .y..y.V.I. + f Ff1f. ", ,

r I I


---"-.. -------. -
THE FLORIDA mttlttttTTlTT-fTT-TT-t-TtfT STAN yr, To.Be-Eftual r : 1 1By



t The wave of disorders which followed the assassination of Dr.
Published by the Florida Star Publishing ConuSany sir;: IN CONGRESS YOU CAN'T Martin Luther King, Jr., put newspapers and radio and television
e BLAME HI,,- ,THE CHOPPING BACK stations to a test, and, by and large, they passed It better than

C OF THe HE OKM PEARSON they did last summer.
of fiction rumor,
,D. M r pur Last year's riot coverage was a
MEMBER O + P."J .1,tf a bare smattering of tact. But last month
c4 RR I papers and stations made a sincere
27 indicate that only a small number of peq
ode p.rte. C Ar ArC 8 any given city were Involved and that.
: E J rumors bad no basis in feet. I
V4' The Negro-oriented press and radio
yqq especially deserve credit for a fine Job.
ERIC 0. SIMPSON -- MANAGING EBITBR ; O stations suspended regular programming and broadcasted up-to-
the-minute news reports, killing dangerous rumors about as
t eyirPa .they started up.Other stations turned over their broad
HILDA WOOTEN -- CIRCULATION MANAGER cast day to answering telephone calls on the air, which helped
k 'many people blow off steam on the phone Instead of In the streets.
I They set a fine example for the major radio and television stations
2323 MONCRIEF ROAD PHONE ELGIN 4-1782 ( O4pA that tried tokeep In touch with the communly, but obviously
ti ey 4'0 y didn't know how to. They couldn't carry through on their good intentions
because the communications Incustffls one of the most
MAILING ADDRESS rigidly segregated in the country.A .
recent survey of 300 newspapers,for example,found that they
'. P.O. Bll 599 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32211 employed only 147 Negro reporters or editors, and two out of
standards that they
three said theywouldn'tchange their hiring
.: MIAMI OFFICE UN o yN could train Negroes for these Jobs. Radio and television stations
0oN RAM aren't any better, and perhaps worst of all is the advertising in

: 5018 N.W. 7TH AYE. PHONE 751-3879 pa vN dustry.I recently counted the ads in one of the most popular magazines

I Cl t SERVICES in America. There were 80 ads with people in them-A total of
SUBSCRIPTIONS RATES 3 0 EGAD about 160 models. Not a single one was Negro. That's all too
One Year .$12.00 Half Year. $7.00 ,, $ 9 MILLION"NOT typical of the way the mass media try to make nonpersons
.. Mailed to You Anywhr 9 in the United States 6 BY out of Negro citizens. And that's the way they cover the ghetto,'

Subscription payable In Advance too.
The communications Industry ignores the day-to-day events of
Check Money Order to:
Send or the ghetto, and they go out of their way to thrust cameras and microphones
A FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 in front of anyone who has something extreme to say.
Jacksonville 1. Florida I suppose this frightens or excites some people, but its a strange

II THE WAY TO PREVENT THE LONG "HOT SUMMER" way citizens.ot get kicks, and it does lot of harm to the majority of Negro -

The white press just\ isn't informing the public about what Negro
: Some Politicians Off The Hoi Seat citizens think and feeL The Report of the President's National
; 1 r Advisory Commission on Civil Disroders said of the press: "They
t have not communicated to the majority of their audience-which
The housing bill that was recently passedwas YOUR Weekly is white. sense the degredation, misery, and hopelessness
a hot potato for a number of southern of life in the ghetto"
politicians and northern ones, too. It was I I Than why, when a poll asked the question: "Do you think Negroes -
<-kept in the Committee where they could I are moving too fast?" 70 percent of white said "yes."
cool ice. '! HOROSCOPE GUIDE I But when they asked Negroes that question 96 percent said:
keep it on 'I I "No, we aren't moving fast enough."
The new housing bill, for example, was of Those results indicate bow wide the communications gap between -
vital concern everywhere but nothing was the races is. The sweeping reforms and the total national

done about it. t By MHO ,.. ASTROLOGER t effort needed to do away with poverty and racism won't come so
For example, note what happened in Ken- long as white Americans cling to the strange notion that Negroes

tucky, especially in light of the demon- 4 The communications are making fast progress.industry has to get the bets of poverty

strations and threatened violence to across: to people better than they have. More than that,tern
Louisville and the traditional Kentucky : WHICH ARE have to come right out in the open and conduct a major educational -
I campaign to wipe out racism. That means more than Just
Derby race.Because
future t tL improving their hiring policies means convincing Americans
issue the political -
of this FOR that the nation's top priority has to be the racism and urban rot
of the Fifth District Congressman in which is threatening our very existence as a free society
Tennessee has been questioned. Richard t I The Commission's Report singled out white racism as the
Fulton voted for this bill, but the facts cause of our troubles. I've been saying for some time now that
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL J Negroes have been studied too often and that it was white prejudice
show that he was the only one of the
and racism that now needed to be studied and cured
nine Tennessee Congressmen to cast his __ __ Our communications media-newspapers, advertising, radio,
vote in favor of the bill. Why should this and television-Are the ones to conduct the massive effort to
change the thinking of white Americans who indifferent to
single vote discredit Fulton, a man who
has worked conscientiously for the people AlllS CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORNBORN equality for Negro citizens But first, they'll have to rid themselves -
of their Inability to close that communications between -
URN gap
of,..the Fifth District in Congress? MARCI BORN JUNE BORN SEPT. DEC. the races..

We don't think this man will be penalized 2ITI .. APRIL 1STI HMD JULY 22ND 23RD OCT. 23RB 22ND JAN. 1ST
for doing a noble deed for the bettermentof
ban it the truth? The goad Have your fling Seeing that the Heed heavenly voices.Llbrans Seek outlets It I'Deral1YlCta Be Remembered By Doing SomethingA
humanity. things to life have a way of time Is fast approaching when who are sensitive and fine- like a shot In the um to go around -
Those who may be planning to cut Con- making an unexpected appear- social and heart Interest may strong know what It 1s to be torn strange localities or
gressman Fulton down will only show their ance. And what we strive for the have to give way to more pressIng -' apart between the love of mortal countries and to observe bow Unitarian minister once said that
meanness and littleness so characteristicof hardest,by contrast,often turns demands of your profession pleasures and the desire to other people are acting and living. "immortalityis now." She meant by this:
"little men" who stifle their own our. This la the tID ala month you may Just as well enjoy each climb spiritually. This Is the Even If the time to start If we would be remembered by those who
it U going to be, teeing that moment as It comes. Go to battle that Is apt to rage during out on' such 1 Journey 1s not
lives with bias. favorable awl contrary aspects parties, accept or send Invitations this and the two succeeding ripe It Is none too early to get come pfter us, then do something while
for select-
We salute Congressman Fulton follow closely and cancel out and cater to personal desires quarters. For those who are busy with the necessary ar. you live.There .
ing not to get off the hot seat for a tea other. An exceptionally to so far as this does not contemplating forming an alliance rangements. Should one be hampered is a move currently underway to

principle. floe day to buy Mil, hire help create situations or complications a choice may have to be by financial restrictions,: name a town in honor of Dr. Martin Luther
and obtain employment Is the that could break the heart made between a person who is do not try and remedy the alt-
1st But .everything touch on U well as the bank account. purely material-minded and stations by taking unaccustome Gain Federal JobsOne the day following ls likely to cost Loved ones continue t 0 pose pieasure-seeking, and one who risks of any description. Business .. Alabama's soil-rich black belt. Gee's
Minority Groups plenty. Similar situations arise problems that may last long Into aspires only tote higher things obligations, too, can be a t Bend, about eight miles north of Camden.
during the weekend Indicating the future, miles finally decided to life. The former may make formidable deterrent against Alabama, will probably be incorporated
profits from personal exertions that you are the only one eslstence far more exciting at which there is defense.Whet I
of the most urgent problems for Negroes and losses from riskfakIng. qualified to conduct your exIstence the start, but the price that may to doubt, be swayed by the opinions if the petition is in order and approved
and other minority groups in this Grab at the one straw that ICs a matter of being eventually nave to be paid could of mate or other capable I by a probate judge.
nation is finding jobs and gainful em- should aid you In choosing the logical and realistic and be exceptionally high. As to the counselor. There are many outlets ., Thus some 1,000 Negroes who live on approximately
ployment. wise course, and that Is past suppressing feelings that latter, a more tranquil sojourn for the use of Imagination : 320 acres of land, want to
experience. Those who have threaten to gain the upper hand. through life maybe followed later and the satisfaction of creative pay
Continued gains for American minority been burnt before become more Preparations now made should by a period of comparative impulses. If s a matter o f Dr. King Jr. an honor. If this dream
groups holding federal positions were prudent. save much time and energy.later security. You decide. sound deduction. 'comes ture King in his one instance will

shown in a recent study released by Chair 3-70-66-17-54-101 4. 60 77 -15 3-14 be remembered. King will have .verlast-
man John W, Macy Jr. of the Civil Service 1.90 $< 17.76.947TAURUS t 80 99 18.65.345 ing spiritual life" in United States

Commission.The LEO SCORPIO AQUARIUSBORN History and in journalistic chronicles ad-

study indicated that of the 2.6 BORN OCT JAN. infinitum
million full-time employes surveyed last URN APRIL BORN JULY 20TH FEB. IITI Abraham Lincoln emancipated the slaves.

November 30, some 496,672 or 18.9 per cent 2ITI MAY 20TIIPs 22ii AUG. ISti 24TR NOV. 22ND What means more? Many Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved the nation

were Negroes. Spanish-Americans American Think of others. It has often Aquarians are possibly beset by from economic calamity and Dr. Martin
Indians and Orientals. In June, 1966 the bewildering Personal motivations Don't fall for It One meets so been pointed out, with considerable conflicting alms or purposes.U Luther King Jr. broke down the southern
are on the highest many people these days who evidence to back it up, home and
percentage was 18 per cent. it better to insure practice of bus segregation with a great
scale talents are being exceptionally -, have surefire propositions
that those who think unselfishyart financial security"with: the r.-
As the survey date. Negro employment well stimulated,and the "that simply cannot miss."The the ones who are the most sponsibllitles they entail? Or boycott.
reached a high of 390,842 or 14 per cent heart speaks the language of only catch Is that they need favored children of fortune. should the pursuit of an ambitious These men gave to the world more than
of the work force up one percentage point love. And yet, there are indications someone else's money to get What Is given to others,without goal be Intensified perhaps they took from it. They unselfishly served
of broken ties or homes, them started. Refuse to becomel.Dvolved1D fanfare or motivation whatsoever strained
from June 1966. at the cost of themselves into eternal life.
and theattendantdUflcultlesand: anything of that sort, Is returned twofold..
The 1967 study also indicates an increase heartbreaks that emerge as a and stick to your own businessor This, can often apply to the way of domestic These are and questions public relations that most? ,Let us go and do likewise!

in the number of Negroes holding result. The fortunate and delrl-' vocation, especially when it friendship and loyalty toward individuals have tonrur'ouUor
positions in the middle and upper salary mental aspects Just about cancel has provided for the up keep of those with whom you form a themselves In keeping with Individual The Sonorous
ranges. For instance, Negroes in the top out each other providing the old the family and self. U the first team, Whatever truth there may circumstances." Breathing
proverb that ICs an ill wind that assault on the purse has been be In this should be amply demonstrated .
seven grades. 12 through 18, amounted to blows nobody good. What you repulsed don't assume that another on the Ist-Sth. 9 .- 80 77 .18 63 666 Research Project
4,655, or 1.8 per cent of the work force, lose on the one hand will probably attempt will not be made. There Is an element of chance
compared with 2,815 or 1.3 per cent in be regained on the other' Seek success or advancement and unpredictability which certainly PISCES
but make a bid for It I n the should make events that NASHVILLE, Tennessee-An article, an-
1965. The extremes of the salary for
those range 5-60-68-16-71-520 most diplomatic or tactful way transpire during this period BORN FEB. tisnoring inventions has been publishedin
grades and
are $25,890.
possible. exciting as well enlightening. the May, 1968 issue of SEPIA magazineby
This last figure of $25,890 should be an GEMINI 55 .15 21 387 19TN MAR 20TN
s 6 40 7 30 44 14 75.407 Professor Marcus H. Boulware at Ten
incentive for Negro youths who really want URN MAY VIRGO SAGITTARUS Settle them. Pisceans: who find nessee State University.The .
to go places.Prepare, then yourself; then themselves lute middle of con summarized version of treating
push yourself forward into these good 2IST JUNE 21ST. BORN AUG. BORN NOV. troversies, with in-laws or of a ing by wearing snore prevention devicesis snor-
legal nature, should move
Win them over. Persons with SEPT. 22ND discussed by Dr. Boulware
23RD DEC. 21ST. heaven and earth to get them an Inveterate -
This Week In Negro History become whom you a reside constant and source work can-of be Make very sure.much While on the travel minds may of settled rapidly and peacefully. snorer, who experimented in

Mrs. Maudelle BBousteldflrstNegroelementary friction when ideas and Individual Virgoans In particular It is not It's a balancing act. It seems' Otherwise, they could rage on procedures of control in connection with
May 1.1885 and high school principal Chicago,was traits clash. There are few everyone who is going to find the to be indisputable that Sagit- and on at considerable cost to The Sonorous Breathing Research Project
best of tability all parties concerned. If mateor
born In St. LOUIS, Mo. risks Involved wbenprivacyand way or means of satisfying this hero lute are other close adviser pressesfor which was begun at Florida MM Universityat
Clement of Louisville! solitude are preserved. Since craving. The advantages adthe skillsare
1 1946 Mrs. Tallahassee in 1964.
May This should qualify a bearing, listen and carryout
Ky., was the first Negro to be named "Mother this Is not possible for each and difficulties are about equal indlcating
\ everyone, the application of will that they wIUhavelobe them for top positions and unusual the suggestions offered. The antisnoring devices are discussed in
of the Year
i May 2.1889 Nannie Rice Burroughs,founder of the National power to prevent hasty decisions weighed on the most delicate balance honors from the highest This extraordinary would bring benefits either far or both beyond three categories:. ((1)) mouth restrainers

& Training School for Women and Girls,Washington and actions Is the next obtainable. Ask yourself authorities. But-the exceptionally price high.exacted what may have been originally ((2) chin restrainers, and ((3)) body re-
best step to take. Gemlnlaos some very pertinent questions may
D.C., was born In Vriglnla. of strainers.
other expected. Changes Job ,
Macon B. Allen first Negro to practice law to who prefer to reside by themselves before arriving at a final de The health may suffer or
flay 3.1M5 the United States, was admitted to the Massachusetts must face possibility cision. Are there sufficient personal sacrifices such as may may be not demanded be- or unless residence there Is are no not other advisable choice ?* .* >* *
: bar. of having loneliness as steady means to face unexpected contingencies
while In acceptable to everyone. that can be made. Help Fight Canccjr
May 4, 1921 Oldest Negro lawyer to Washington, D.C.. companion. location a foreign

slave-born John A. Moss, died at age 92. 2. 90. 77. 16 89 917 6-70-59-19-64-653? 1 60 55 16-75-467 8 20 '- 33 14 62 892 * * *


tl-_ I .

Y .E,;;:w.: "-,,,,- --,.- '"
-- .. -



I $433,000 College Placement Fund Will Benefit 28 Negro SchoolsAmerican f 'I

Writers Score Wonder Braid-Urban League Varied Information Will

Police Slaying ot BoyOn Help Aspiring Students I

the night of April 8. 1968, a 17-year-old black youth'named1 t BETHLEHEM. Pa. -The U.S. Office of Education authorise!

Bobby James Hutton was murdered In cold blood by Oakland grants totaling over$433,000 to a twenty-eight college consortium

police and his colleague Eldridge Cleaver, was wounded. sponsored by College Placement Services. Inc.. of Bethlehem

Oakland police claim thatata- 7r( 1 F r { PI..
house unarmed (as police later .
; The consortium consists of
bout 9 acute all activities.
p.m., officers in patrol regional
confirmed) and with his handsIn
traditionally Negro colleges Included in the to the
car "spotted a Negro crouching grant
the air. He stepped into the
down behind a parked automobile participating in the College colleges are funds for train-
police searchlight and was shot
," and that when they stopped Placement Services advisoryand ing seminar to be firected by
by a volley of bullets. El-
service These
to Investigate other blacks program. CPS for the program coordinators -
fridge Cleaver came out also
opened fire grants have been made possibleby of the
on them. The police seven regional
unarmed, holding his hands in the provisions of Title in .
then launched an attack on a the air and naked(to avoid being groups.
of the Higher Education Act of
nearby house into which some Each regional program'wm
shot on the pretext that he car-
of the blacks had fled.The Black'. I96S. Include: Regualr meetings of
ried concealed weapons);he was
The Atlanta Center
Panther University the officers of the
Party, of which Button placement
fired on and wounded In the leg.
Corporation and Atlanta Uni-
and Cleaver located in
colleges a particular
were members
The attack on these men was
versity are acting as cooperating
states that the region Seminars market
original incident of ; on Job
only the most recent example
in the consortium -
was a police set-up, as .confirmed contlnous harassment and intimidation information involving place-
Spelman College of Atlanta
ment officials counselors and
by the fact that floodlights ,
on the part of the Oakland -
is the coordinator of the
faculty advisors from the colleges
machine-guns and a
police against the Black
and will assist CPS
large number of police as representatives
appeared Panther Party whose leadership -
on the scene almost immediately In administering the cons rt- from leading employers In t he
that force seems
ium AU of the funds
after the patrol car program. region; Career information
determined to exterminate.The '
entered the L- received will be used to upgrade for students and faculty
neighborhood. The programs -
Panthers formed In 1966, are the career counseling aM
Panthers did not attack the police an influential political group placement programs at the 28 members to be carried out
; they did defend themselves working in the black ghettos r colleges. on the campus by representatives -
as in their of area employers Joint
policy. of the Bay area and one of the I Andre G. Beaumont, managing ;
Police fired on the house and meetings of employers, place-
fastest growing, militant black rljr director of College Place-
tear-gassed It for.90 minutes, organizations in the country. ment Services, has indicated ment officers college faculty
then set It members and high schoolcoun-
on fire. The men
Their that of the most important
po f one
Inside announced .selors to acquaint themselveswith
they were full
Their program includes objectives of the consortium
coming out. Bobby James Hutton employment, an end to economicexploitation arrangement is to the promoting the needs and problems of

emerged from the burning decent housing and of Inter-institutional cooperation each group.

other forms of self-determina among several colleges in In addition, the grant provides

First Negro In tion. They affirm the right and close proximity to one another. funds for CPS to conduct a

need of self-defense ; theyhaveopposed Through the ezhcnage of ideas conference on vocational Information -

spontaneous and aim and information, the colleges for placement officersof
History Seeks less violence emphasizing Instead can more effectively seek solutions all of the colleges in the

the need for people to 1; -- -4 4the to common) problems.The consortium. The conferencewill
be organized and disciplined consortium therefore, stress the sources utilization -
Dem. PresidencyTRENTON their fight for their demands. HSBaBinBBBVBBHHBnnE wv. .* has been divided Into seven regional and communication of
Operational unity has.been established -; of the largest on-The-Job training contracts ever signed bya waneT:\'tni"projecl: representative of the League's: On1be'Job Each vocational information.

N. J.:--A Negro between the Panthers baking company was concluded recently by the Chicago plants ofot Training Project, and James B. McCabe,personnel manager: ected by groups.a program coordinator -

rent-strike leader Jesse Gray, and SNCC In order strengthen the Wonder Bread-Hostess Cake division of Continental Baking of the Wonder Bread division Standing are Perry A, chneider, who will organize and ex- *

resident of Trenton, N.J., filed the unity of the black community Company. The contract, signed with The Chicago Urban personnel director of the Bread division and Victor Lehman,

nominating petitions here in figftUng oppression. League calls for 54 persons to be trained. Above'seateo are _personnel manager of the Hostess Cake division. j

Wednesday and will run in the Seven males art now imprl-

New Jersey Democratic presidential sloned, charged with assault NAACP Leader Officer'sWidow SEAFOOtfCENTER

primary. to murder a police officer, on White 144 rf MYRTLE AVE $M <*<*
Gary a precedent 140,000 aouecem except for

since he is the first Negro in Cleaver. He.'utaawrlter for Chosen By LBJ Ml. NO tit- .
the United States file Helps .*.. ft Wvl..r-OM MITI IUM* "4 IN A COW.- Ikr CUM IM
to within Ramps and author of Soul on Ice NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALUP I ., IN A (aw _Hnt M MNaN Cmti .eNK.1 ,_ tew fmI
the ranks of the Democratic He Is a parolee whose parole IM A HOW I
P rty. was revoked without legal For Iran Meet Negroes Make ParksST. '.1.,1.M1 .17l ." I I.......

Following the filing of his nominating grounds after the events April SUCH PAN TROUT
NEW Wilkins
TO THEM YORK-ttoy executive -
petitions, Gray and 6. Cleaver's status u to bail ,
LOS ANGELES-NPI-The Board of Education has agreed to director of the National PETERSBURG-Mrs. SHtlrSHtAD' lb. 39
his party left for a tour cI the was uncertain at this wrWnc.He DRUM
Westslde. But the Association for the Advance Eustes widow of St. Pete
riot-torn areas cI Trenton and Is also S Black Panther Minis integrate two junior high schools on the city's a SPANISH MACKtm
Newark. ter of Information.The board left It up to black students to do the Integrating. Negro ment of Colored People, em- policeman who was murdered

Gray wants at least 10 percent following statement was pupils will be allowed goby bus to predominantly white schools planed from J.F. Kennedy In- several months ago, 1s giving WHITING I IMIIMF I spar 35c ltftAK FISH "'. t8:

of the seats in Congress, state released today by a number of if they so choose. It was t plan strangley reminiscent of the ,jernatlonal Airport here Frl- much of her time toward helping ...

legislatures and local government prominent American writers usually communities Ineffective In token"freedom compliance of choice"with desegregation plans used by Southern require- Negro build sections small here.parks U the ROE MULLET 35c I SMI! MULLET III. 2Tc I

to be filled by Negros. and editors protesting the police :
Gray's petitions, with a totalof attack on April 6tb In Oakland ments. She is working Just six blocksor fig/1ILLOWTA1L
more from where her lat.lltiband. Ib 69c
1,600 names, were filed with California In which a young .
the Secretary of State, RobertJ. black man, Bobby James Hutton CLOSED DOWN.HAMILTON Charles Suites, 26, ti a:>lH4 kf last MUCK... ICe r W.*
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