Florida star

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6697538 F20090414_AAAHSZ 00112.tif 3af4eaf40267fd413b910f6e62aeb97f3e0fed9b8391d8669bc56b8a5684bbaa7ea1f76e
1091707 F20090414_AAAHUB 00117.jpg 83b199073fe2ea449c99543f3838504dd495f40f3a24b099a0d70e4e095b524ff8c25181
130505 F20090414_AAAHUC 00117.QC.jpg f686b4fee8b3e7d9f9dbfd14958a7bd15485d7efbb2ca305ea8852d255370e6ef580bad6
6603993 F20090414_AAAHUD 00117.tif 294baba9e48546616bd6f58d45ed396bc647af9767b31aa933eca598a43438a66da46a46
23486 F20090414_AAAHUE 00117.txt 737130036d4a76841a450017c37dd79cf2c26839337f51842e521d790ab23a4dcaab3c94
31258 F20090414_AAAHUF 00117thm.jpg 41bc19bd82184d3676601c9bb43180a388f311649492e5b10e7f0591cafe0693d7ea6067
847669 F20090414_AAAHUG 00118.jp2 a97b420c62689965076a79a1add591f991e6c95b8428ac25d57437cbf57dd4bc8ceec515
1080800 F20090414_AAAHUH 00118.jpg 7078af7f3a77c9c28336e82fcc76eb2bf79d05b5465b37dfbf780e6e15bca796852cf0d2
127312 F20090414_AAAHUI 00118.QC.jpg 5873b37e05898832897a75340549786c1e5392f4e90badacf2b702b39180817841c6cc2f

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200757datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 23, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007570740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 23, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 23, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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\ I-J .
( -lfii.iiilliifiri- \\.I '
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__............................. .....,__#. ..._ ...__._... ......._....,,__., .._,..... .,. ,'" 'n'"


* II *. *... *. # .
-TTTT' _..
,.f.: ;7. ;,, ;;; '" -,- & ..... .T.T

: I

7 y ; .:,.. .,,. ,....-Y .,...+.. .. '. .
** >
1 f 4.' *

.r Dtkireraity tIBRARt Oil "odda- (KING SAYS. m ESARE. TIRED I

CdDen11'e. F1orlQgp, i OF SLUMS RATS AND 'ROACHES :

,I ... i

"(. 17 ,Ii. 41 SITIIMY ilci 31, t 19SI 15 CENTS, '

'* r* * * * 'I"City Of f Hope" ,):

.. ..... .. ,
-' "" !,jJ. -w -, .. ..W' "' '." -'-. Honored'PralaiDC
March Mimed j

,.... ....., ..,. .. I
ft' ...... .-iwt... "", _. _....... ... -,
** **jk,' To Get Resells '

i MACON-Dr\farUn; Lather' .

; King, leader of the SCLCand:
' NEWSPAPER: PLANT formest proponent of the Non I

violent Movement, told the
; Macon Telegraph last week

se that he Is taking his "Poor
People's Campaign" to Washington .
J ; "Not to beg but tode-
,HIT BY FIREBOMB man d action on the terrible
I !
: : ;: conditions"gross are forced under to which live We-,

... .1 t.- : Dr. King has estimated that
': :v> '* *.-* * -{ more than 1,000 will Join his
: exodus from their homes and:

MM ArrestediFor '! ".""L o 1 JournalMay Judge leiieve4 I .,'- trudge, by mile vehicles after mile, ,to.sometimes the- '

Mercer Of 4 V D.C. area they
.. t4ashiahose
PubKc Safety ;t for camping bat .
ban not revealed.
Fight VictimA Be VictimOf N The eminent leader and scholar
well known Jaxoo died last Is Mali said, "Negroes are tired
of being the last hlrLftrst
Wednesday u a result of Injuries Miami Jackson
I fired, living In shacks and
be suffered In a fracas High School girl, 17-year-old
slum conditions with wall to
,I with another man. Arsonists Blanche Patricia Ward, who wall rats and roaches, not
Eugene Harrison, 47, a railroad stabbed fatally a scbn.jearooold m earning enough to educate
i chair' car attendant wbo Jean Currlngton, )a'
their children, being on the
lived at 2734 Davis St. died dbeed GAINESVILLE fire, set at the Gainesville Sun's plant Sun on January 30, 1967, In the bottom of the economic levaU I
.' Injuries in Duval Medical day, hat been connected with the recent turnover of events In the cooridors of the school,following Dr; Richard ,: Moore for "unequalled' fidelity, iitogrlty, naIaD sad: sacrifice," and working full-time Jobs for
Center where be had been listed Florida town, followed by arrest, accusation harassments and a tense argumentwuboaM ( Methodist Bishop James Henley Lakeland. It shown presenting the Bethune-Cookmaa College.prtttdent ., part-ttme Incomes.
ia serious condition since court sentences.For over to the Circuit Court her, with the Mary MC1.eod Bethuae medallion, In honor of Dr. Moore's 20 years u president Ia Washington "-
March 12. the day of the fight some months Gainesville, with Us predominantly Negro Monday for possible charges of of the college. Aa appreciation ceremony for Dr. Moore, in the gymnasium which !bears Tony
A murder charge was filed area of Alachua, bas been In the news. manslaughter of murder hU name, kicked OS two days of dedications and observances which ended with the annual meet-

Wednesday against Sylvester This 1s the first firebombing (Jack) Dawklns and Wn,talo" Juvenile Court Judge Sidney Ing of the Bethune-Cookmaa College Board of Trustees last Wednesday. Dr. Moore, who was Inaugurated
Gil gird, 23, of 669 W, 17th of the local press AccordIng Thomas were put in Jail on contempt Weaver In charge of theoriginal .- In March, 1MB, was eulogltedby friends and co-workers for his service u an educator :
Street He wu held la City Jail to Police Captain R,T. Angel of court charges. Daw- handling of the case, a civic leader, a leader ia the Methodist Church, a family man, and president. of BethuneCookmaa -
without band.According NIt appeared that someone tins was arrested last week, emphasized that his decision +f; College. t"I
! to reports GUlyard was trying to put the press out again after the firebombing cia was based on the seriousness l-
I and: Harrison got into an argument of the event and for "the best
of operation. Captain Angel Intimated Gainesville grocery store. lied Problem' I
I, in a Davis St confectionery that further Investigation Dawklngs and Mrs. Thomas, interest of the public." Held'Teacher On
store. The two men went would be carried on, In authors of "Black Voices", a Judge Weaver further said,
I outside and: scuffled on the side- view of the earlier bomb- tow n-dlsturbtng publication. "The life of a human being kIJtell Aid Wait.d -

' ...... .l .1PI.. .. many .. .. ........ ., T. .
-- mate '- .".....+ '1' ..... ..,W r .Ic1-lIJ '::1'- t fil spllff..qut- aju """ .. .(
own"andstruck *
Us Battlefield <<
: butlnapu&ksbcoorthat \ -tot" DuringSpree; ,
W.G. Ebersole, general manager br'Justlc. Adkms. Both spent ,
bead oa the L.A.according of the paper, said that publication some time behind bars. They is supposed to be the citadel I.G.' II. Of It
to Detective Lt Hamwayand would not be affected, were later released. They have of good eltl Dshlp. Miss '
: Sgt R.T. Matthew. but, he said, damage has run even beea In the decisions of Ward's attorney, Thomas ARCADtA-Two former Jail Four Jacksonville teenagers, charged wIth raping Gainesville
Despite the version given to into several thousands of dol the Florida Supreme Court Teh Peterson from the Public De mates of James Richardson, I'schoolteacher, were indicted by the Duval County grand Jury this
police of the incident rumors lars. The fire, discovered publication strongly criticised fender's office, asked for treat father of the sevenchlldreo who week. .MARTIN LUTHtt lIMO
that the police department does Sunday at about 11 ment u a Juvenile for the young died la October' of 1967 from
morning ia the
not Jiave+ the complete picture grand Jury proceedings parathion poisoning, testified They are: Cleveland Myers, lie Lee Clark 42 who, on January District of Columbia coordinator l
a.m., in the newsprint webbing area and blasted conditions at Tube Jr. 16 640 West Union AlanV.
of what occured.Former. the Jurist said that, after that Richardson told them that 28, stabbed Willie Pearl for the movement sad
damaged presscylinder the local Jait Judge Adklns, IS.421 West
Bradley OrangeSt
he the for the Invasion, set for April
reading testimony from the killed children because Wright 3117 Haloes, because
blankets, a rubber when pronouncing an earlier Valentino F. James 19 330
JOXOBOi "He tad U. the date of the conveningof
roller and a beltEd bearing of Thursday, March 14 a problem and wantedto she told him she would bring 1
conveyor contended that
sentence, they North Street and George Powell ,
Congress: said that the l
Johnson editor said that be decided to waive the Jurisdiction get rid of it" his dinner tohlm later.According .
were influencing public opinion 18. Powell IIIN.w
was apprehended ,"City of Hope" wlllJ I built
of his court The revelation part of a to police reports Clark
an employee said that be did not through their vltrolic utterances. Jersey and is ,
awaiting extradition
$5,000 Bond hadcWmedthaIthe insight of the CapItol
remember seeing any paper in Recently when Daw- The defendant tease, lens-bourperlod of testimony to Florida. stabbed the dead woman many
fatality was an accident She lathe small town caused times, dragged her down the Another name given the
the pit before be left his shift ,
kins was again set to Jail,Judge The teacher testified .
IN Embezzlement. The has a reported circulation calmed luat she found the pistol Judge John Justice, Circuit young street and left her.;One of the mammoth plan is the 'Itar.1D.
paper Adklns expressed satisfaction. that, when she returned to her ." .
They will stay camped In.
of 17,000. The editors The Adklns home was firebombed two days before the slaying. Court Judge, to remand Rich car during the Christmas holidays wounds, fatal!, was a heart .
kt employee of the Jacksonville have attacked bomb throwersand along with others. Several Further, she contended that she ardson to JalL although the accostedon I' wound. Washington u long u mimes.eery.
OpportuD1t1es1DduatrIaU. has asked for their capture businesses, operated by hid it in her school locier,taking Jurist did grant a change of ember, SM 12, by two men, armed Following the stabbing, Clark, Mention has been made
ration Center Inc. was released and punishmentThe whites in the have It out only after the argument ; venue and set trial for May 17, a discovered of camping on the mallwhich
Negro area, and forced into her car. They dime
from the
.tader $500 bond federal with Miss Currtngtoa ing his quarters at 821 runs Wull.l.DctOD'lDOQumeDt
on ttrebomblngs started several beea victims of fires.Mrs.Thomas M. t 'j'
then took her to find two other
to the
charges of stealing funds from months ago after Irvin Is not in Jail. began. Aa unidentified student East Sib Street Judge Henry F. Capitol.A
the organisation which has been grabbed her arm, according to Martin received the indict pamphlet published by the
operated under a federal grant the accused, after Miss Cur According to the victim, the ments. organisation reads: "We will I
John Wesley Clark Jr.,26wu Miami Negro Leader rlngton Jumped toward her The rapists then took her to a pre stay la Washington until the
tire dump in the northern part
government responds, buildIng
13.000 last Friday, impact caused the pistol logo
rcon of the There her
klr a hearing off. city. they raped Adam Powell Hay up the pressure for action
before U.S.Commissioner P. The fatality resulted from. "repeatedly.!They beat her about by calling for thousands epos

Donald DeHoft Quits'Demo SlateJix argument, it was said, over a the face, the legs and about the ,{Quit) Puerto Rico thousands of people rich and I
Then testified the educator
P.K. Brown, special agent in ball arms. poor, to come to Washington I
charge of the Jacksonville FBI pointAttorney Richard Ger- they choked her. Following SAN JUAN, Puerto RkoN or stand up and be counted la
office said Clark was arrestedfor stein said "It will be the responsibility the criminal assault, all fled. ( PI)-.Add another location to demonstrations their home
theft and embezzlement of Democratic Committee of the grand Jury to .. The Grand Jury also indicted, the areas Adam Clayton Powell MnmnnuiM." picketing. will
I514.3L determine whether a true bill .r11 for first degree murder, Char had better not go. be limited to 1,000.

Soureea'close to the OIC said should be returned against the The latest place is Puerto Rer. Walter, E. Fauntroy,
a check was found missing from Culls Meet For Saturday A.M. girl and the degree of homicide Supreme Court Rico, where be has become a district council vice chair.
the back of the organisation's U a true bill Is returned" :JAMES: RICHARDSON fugitive from Justice after tail- man, said, "We have Dot'rlYlIlup
checkbook during a periodical The Democratic Party's t v- Mercedes Ferre,'wife of a School circles were quite dls- ,, in Fort Myers. This more was hope in the nation or In the
check of dlsbursmeats. orite, son" slate for Senator Miami City Commissioner. It curbed over the incident No: also taken in fate of the fact that MIII.IIS 5... democratic process" He was
Clark, native Jacksonville George Smatters lost another was found that she is not aeiti- concrete information could be Attorney John Robinson, who Is speaking at a three-day DnlTersallst -
bad lived out of the state for delegate when Mrs. Althalle Zen of the United States. secured by investigation. The serving u Richardson's lawyer Unitarian Seminar
several years and recently to Range Miami City Commissioner ''I was not enthusiastic about principal of the high school refused without charge, contended that Rape Attitude on urban problems.pointed
the city. He was listed u a asked that her name be this delegate slate from the be. to permit a school-wide .authorities illegally searchedthe out the "crisis of despair"
Beno Nevada policeman whom removed from the slate ginning." Mrs. Range said. questioning. The chief of fruit picker's apartment following WASHINGTON- a4-4.<< the of the Negro
Arty Leander Shaw, chairman Commissioner bowing "After who offered the Supreme Court let stand Monday Further Impetus has .beta
It police *
number giving deep thought, services the ,fatal October pals ,
of the board of directors, said out brings the of withALTHAUE -. I have decided because of the of his office, was not oiling of the tots. Robinson the rape conviction of a w I IY given the plan. The press was
came "well qualified" for the vast difference philosophy called in beyond necessity. Itas maintained that authorities did Tennessee Negro, who' given a list of building materials
post of comptroller. and Senator ,Smathersr to ask reported that weapons of' not have search warrants and claimed systematic exclusion needed. Sixty dollars win'
Joseph Gibson is Director of that my name be removed." -.il kinds, if they were la lockers that, further, they took possession of Negroes; from"grand and trial support! a shelter, $300 a
the local agency which was In another unexpected: development disappeared immediate. Illegally of the pots and Juries to the county: where he neighborhood Workshops will
founded in Philadelphia by Rev, it was announced that Du ly. pans allegedly laced with the was tried. be conducted op to the history
Leon Sullivan. sal Democratic Executive Committee deadly poison.Richardson Brooks Lee Anderson, 58, making eventSenator
is calling a special meeting has been tree on was sentenced to 49 years and Daniel B. Brewster
Zeta Betas a day in prison. Democrat, Maryland,net wtta
of all
members Saturday .17,500 bond. He was Jailed after .
; morning at 10 a.u., at the Atlanta (hoses De Soto County Sheriff Frank Monday's decision was unusual Mayor Washington of WashIngtoa
Honor ProfessorNASRYILtENPl3f George Washington Hotel to discuss Cline said that the Judge "of in tha the court !has seldom :'ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, Monday and discussed
granted review of the campaign. He offered as:
I.: ', : rl- the delegate and slate sit, feted the defense counsel an Jury to in court to an.
) r .. N ., ; uation. Coffee aDd auls w1JJ be Negro Captain opportunity to put him back ia."' discrimination clamlns, as it appear of transfer sistance.
Annie G. H. Sasser. director : did la the Anderson and swer charges Illegal
", .;: served case
bI !\ beginning at 9.4S: a.m. JSwnell Washington 23, wip
'" AT LAN TA-N PI-Former of property
placement I" then let the
career planning conviction stand.
; 6nrd
.I i< committeemen and commit. was in Jail with the accused Illinois,
Tennessee State University,has RANGE Lt Howard Baugh has become; mania Anderson claimed male Negro He'has long been kept out of
teewomen are being urged to attend 'the Octover, said "he(Richard; New York he is accusedof
been named "Woman ci theYeu" first Negro to be promoted over 21 comprised from where Will Get NegroCmCAGONPI
by Pi Zeta Chapter, drawals"from the slate to three to captain in the Atlanta Police son) said be bad a problem and 33.1 to 26.3 per cent of the population defaming Mrs. Ester James, .
Smatbers has betA under attack fee wanted to get rid of it" >- The DUso1s -
Harlem widow
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and the removals to two DepartmentA inManry County, but a evading
Mrs. Sasser serves on the Those who withdrew, la addition from the Florida bead of veteran of 15 years'service Washington, apparently testify that no Negro had ever court orders. National Guard Is to have aNegro
boards of directors of the Ten to Mrs. Range are: Jacksonville the National Association forte on the police force, Baugh has log under personal tension,said. served on a grand or petit Jury In Puerto Rico, Powell ia field grade officer la a
nessee Council on Human Relations City Councilwoman Advancement of Colored been a lieutenant for seven yrs. ,the accused told of putting parathion there. charged with transferring pro- command post after aU. u
the Nashville chapter for Mary Singletonandformer People. J. E. Atkins, for his Capt. Baugh, who foresees no poison In talcum powder, The district attorney claimed perty to a relative of his estranged Sanitary District Trustee lUrl
the Experiment in International ernor Fuller Warren. opposition in the pad toNAACP. "bot summer" la Atlanta,, says in grits, and in other foods in Negroes were not willing to' wife, Yvette, in an effort Strayhorn agreed to command
Living and YWCA. The name of Robert "Bob" legislation in Congress. the city is "prepared for the :his apartment. line to keep it out of Mrs.James guard battalion.
A mathematics teacher at -Hayes, Dallas Cowboys footballer The senator said be regret worst and expecting the best. Another witness, James Wearer In the cue,decided b) a Jef hands. Illinois Governor Otto Earner
'TSU. she is a graduate of Shaw from Jacksonville was ted Mrs'; Range's decision. During his last seven years of ,' also a Jailmat last October order, four members of the Should Powell return to New bad offered the post to Stray-
University. She earned her removed under, a storm of "She is- a splendid public police service, the captain said, "He Just ,saId 'I court wanted to reverse the York, he would face arrest and horn, after the sanitary district
master's degree at Prairie protest that despite his athletic servant '.we are going to handled some 350 homicide killed them." conviction. Four other wantedto would have to pay Mrs. James, trustee and ethers had charged
View AiM College near Houston prowess, he was not fit to serve miss' her very much," he cases-.leaving. none of them uniC. Richardson Jumped to his own dismiss the appeal on, a Judgment The ousted Congressman that reorganisation had left the
and has done further study at a capacity. Another name removed said. solved d tease, yelling "You're O'ova'that it should not have is currently vacationing guard without t single Negro
Cornell University was that of Mrs. CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 been granted In Up first place. in the Bahamas.tx commander.




I ,I ,. xiAn.. .. .;;$.f 11M ....,... .Io. 'l!&i. "
,,; ....... _fi t i"q .Ma". ".tL .. ,t'.l''JI..to.: _' !.s nte.. .t.aasusae. ik." '_"' '," .or. 1ww..' k ",


1" a412'''OJ' 10VPIMSIJ --,


THE FLORIDA STAR r *HE WHO LABORS i' IL' ''1 "_ To Be "Equal


Published by the Florida Star, Publishing Company AREACCOMPUSHEDDY !t'''v e r WHO GETS SUBSIDIZED andputtlng people to work
for ending poverty
/ t Many of the plans
Yxq D/UGENCEAND LABOR' ;J ii r ; ., > rebuilding our decaying cities call for government subsidies,
SUI3f1HJ MfNAHDU It 'These ld be either outright grants, or taxbreak.i to motivate

M* 1 kJU !to .companies and individuals to take on axially useful proJeda.I
kwBmi&& From t3Ia.howls that have gone up from ctttki y*would think ;
) has ever been subsidised before. 4
T nothing
S NEGRO P ilt.NATION L, even say that the tax structure has to be

tected" from rebates given for& -
grams.. Don't they know it U too late to Some'li
tt? It is already riddled with special

ERIC 0. SIMPSON -- Manatini Editor loopholes The fact. of the matter is that subsidies I

American u the flag. I don't know of anyone whole well-to-da
Manager who,doesn't benefit in some way from federal subsidies Only
HILDA WOOTEN -- Circulation ,the poor get a very small slice of the subsidy! pie; everyone.eaigets
r 'P r a food helping. '
i i B lMNTONANEN Just kjok/at the Mississippi Delta, where Negro sharecroppers
2323 Moncrief Road Phone Elgin 4.6182 L fit a4rIN 1F$3L Sow, and tenant farmers are literally starving. In one county only 27
farmer were paid more money in federal crop subsidies than
: 9 the whole poverty program in that county got for the year Because -
Mailing AddressP.O. of this subsidy, farmers cut back on acreage and laid off
> workers. These farm workers then bad to plead for anti-poverty
assistance and surplus food or leave for big city ghettos.
Bii 599 Jicfcton.ille. Florida 32201 In the last two years alone, cotton farmers got $1J billion in
price supports. But this money went to farm owners who, In effect -
MIAMI OFFICE 11 I got a guaranteed annual income for growing cotton. Pm not
i / against this welfare program for well-off landowners I Just
5018 N.W. 7TH AVE. PHONE 151.3819 want to see U extended to cover the poor u wen
The basic purpose of subsidies is to encourgae the development -
SUBSCRIPTIONS RATES of economically useful projects. For example, It is considered -
One Year $12.00 Half Yean, *7 00 \ t a good thing for the U.S. to have a large fleet of ships at
Mailed to You Anywhere the United States : Us disposal. So the government subsidizes more than halt the
ships built to carry foreign trade.Some people think a supersonic
Subscription payable in Advance plane would be a good thing. So the government subsidises the
Send Check or Money Order to: private companies building it to the tune of two or three billion

FLORIDA STAR P.O BOX 599 dollars.
Jacksonville 1, Florida The average middle-class: American 1s heavily subsidized.
terest on his mortgage and Us local property taxes are deductible -
"WE'RE ,ON OUR WAY"r on his federal tax. But when these sums are included
Little Knowledge Of WarM In the rent poor people pay in the slums, they can't deduct it.
-! = ll+e1 !! l m Mortgages themselves, are often backed by federal guarantees
Commuter railroads are often heavily subsidized,u are the high-
y Be DangerousOne I war suburbanites need
YOUR Weekly Many Americans climbed into the middle class by virtue of
of the early teachers made the following I M subsidies I1ke the GI BW,which enabled them to go to college.)

remark: "A little knowledge is a And whlte-mlddle-class: citizens are often favored poverty tax:
drink touch not : charges. A recent study in Boston showed that homes In affluent -
dangerous thing, deep or
HOROSCOPE GUIDE : areas are assessed only a third of their real value, while
the Pierian spring. It was an injunc- homes In the Roxbury ghetto are assessed at 75 percent of their
tion for the scholars pursuing the fine true value.

arts. Business is subsidized to purchase new machines Such Investments

Now, however, this statement may be applied I ly MHO The ASTROLOGER I are eligible for a seven percent tax credit.
Pm all for this. But it we subsidize middle-class homeowners,
to people in all walks of life. May-
expanding businesses, and farm corporations who are paid not to
be our harsh criticism of the Viet Nam I. grow crops, why can't we also subsidize the poor, who need it

War may stem from our lack of knowledge : WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS most?
concerning the Issues Involved. And, if We ought to subsidize Industry for building homes and plants
I in the ghetto, and we ought to subsidize training costs for companies -.
so, then the nation's public relations .
I who hire the unemployed u well u living costs for
experts have fallen down on their job. FOR trainees and students

The reason may well be:: "only little Subsidies work because they encourage money and effort to go
knowledge." I into the subsidized areas They are a form investment. Let's

Older and experienced men and women, Invest u much In people u we Invest U machines. Let's subsidize .
BUSINESS -, LOVE TRAVEL A Industry to tackle poverty and bad bousing the way we subsidize
seasoned by wisdom, have considered care-
them to build ships and planes. The nation can only benefit -
fully the war as they have former strikes, from it. '
!. .I
!! !! !.
depressions, political and economic, dif-

ficulties. For this reason, they look before ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORNBORN Speak; For Yoirself, Goveuorl

leaping ,andr.t''t py t td: ; oteveertrAdY BORN ,MARCH BORN
DEC. the. 'cat has been let out, of

problems O"qU"ck'" ,''polutirnstojan. i" ofjhe'current or
Proponents of the to put
war urge us our
New Moon. A partial eclipse New Moon. Half results of $101,000 through redirection by way of
shoulders to the wheel and sec :the war New Moon A partial solar eclipse Moon. While ambition Is maybedeemed
confirms the need of keeping throws a shadow between existing better than none.A partial the Governor's office, it is high ,time
running high a partial solar eclipse -
the end. Rather than ,
through to proclaim
or Intended partners.It also solar reveals that
your enviornment safe and warns against neglecting eclipse that Governor Kirk speak up and report to
themselves experts like do, they are Indicates>that from it not be
many free of difficulties.The Jobs that certain pitfalls. Just don't anta- something may possible to reach the people.The .
not trying to be experts on all subjects. call on your creative powers are 'gonlze anybody Approach the past remains. It is far bet' ful conclusions Try and find
your ter to come right out DOW than out Just where the main obstacles fact- finders stated that the revela-
to -
Before we yell our criticisms, let us be favored to those that art objective with cart and be most
deemed monotonous But one diplomatic when dealingfwlta to watt until circumstances lie and work out a planto tion is no surprise, and that they knew
drink deep of the knowledge about the cannot always choose Give your those above They could throw I compel you to do so later. This remove them Money has away that the Republican Party nor Governor
facts in the Vietnam War.Let's : should be favorable day for arriving of opening Important doors
loved ones Joy whenever possible Kirk for
profits your way. Very Important was paying his high-living, highflying
at happy conslusions. It Get all work done this morningon
soda great deal of It will
people can be met on the
Save America's FutureWe rub off on you. You may be cal- social level. You should become often is a matter clmutuaJpro- the domestic front This campaign for national attention
led upon to do some spending.As much more active than tection to get together Lfbrans would enable the whole family which some say he used to ''bring his name
long as you and your companions heretofore In finding your own who have come through with to get to gether on entertaining to the attention of those who might, throw
don't condone 'the Burn America- extract pleasure\ the niche This is another splendidday flying colors can now relax pursuits. Whether guests his name in the hopper for a vice-presi-
burn" philosophy of a number of Black extra'costs should not trouble for friendly chats which may completely. Security projectsmay arrive or not, there should belittle dential spot.

Power adherrents as a solution to the ed. you. You can take pride In your also turn up valuable informa be next on the comingmonth's difficulty drawing up a The
agenda program of pleasant pastimes. report shows that
possessions. lion extent of the
ucational and economic problems in the na-
TV can always till in. abuse by the Governor's
tion. But this statement"should not deterus ,S 60 99 l5-79-99 fc office included:
40 IS 66 r? 146 i 70 -77.34.097 I. Expenses of the
from taking a second or third look at* 2 80 11 .88.64.172 trip to governor's honeymoon -
Europe In the
tAe conditions existing among Negroes. $1,627. con-holy amount of

the ghettqs and elsewhere, TAURUS LEO SCORPIO AQUARIUS 2. Three and six airline tickets

18 Nine each out of ten of educationally all Negroes reaching BORN APRIL BORN JULY ,' t220d BORN 'OCT. BORN JAN be account for, according to an auditor's can not
year are unfit tt investigation.

compete in a modern societ '..which is technically > 20TH MAY 20THNew AUG. tStk 24TH NOV. 22ND 20TH FEB. 18TH JH?: More ban,. $29,000 worth of

orientated, according to Joseph Hew' Noon See what it 1s that other Jewelry
New Moon. While you have "give-away" trinkets have
Alsop Fact is, these youths are educa- Moon. A partial solar eclipse New Moon A partial eclipse plenty of energy for both work you have to cope with before you purchased improperly been
may induce you to take an, denotes the possibility of a undertake a trjpk make pro- by the commission
and will payment and play It should not be expended 4.
tionally segregated perhaps ever More than
even dimmer view of your not coming in, a depres A mises or get in anyway Involved $l01,000has been
to solar eclipse spent
be--even if they had another color of shortcomings than you alreadydo. sed investment, or an expense may weaken resistance. Consult inner feelings without authorization on entertainment.

skin. Take corrective measures. you had not figured on.It seems Enthusiasm, tempered with Frank talks between associates 5. Public relations firms
this be true then not change the Develop added sources of Income to be in the surest preventions received
If why your power toapply remedial caution, is a potent but nonetheless $181,433.02
situation? Well it will cost billions of to supplement your existing measures without u'iDe'to controlled force, tt can against mlnunderstandings., including $53,000 to the gov-
security porgrams. Invest too far out limb Sal. Facts at hand are worth hundreds ernor's political publicist
go on a be used effectively to achieve William Sa-
dollars to make these youths competitive.Yes in that are not. It's worth
only the safest issues age operations do work. The success. The selection of Just examining fire.
make them competitive regardless of obtainable You should be feel- outlook appears brighter making -, the right mate or par _could all the possibilities related ,6. Telegraph
charges in
the cost--and this doe not appeal to the log a new surge of energy starting for increased optimism tt stances In your favor Ambitionand to house repair of the the amount of
to take The building projects. Home and $7,531 in a single month for
legislative politicians either. hold. chance to tie a propitious moment to start dynamism blend welL This publicity
make greater personal progress on ,a new round of long-range should be fairly agreeable day family are close to your heart. wires boosting the governor's campaign.
The richest nation in the world cannot is coming up. A good day ,planning. Everyone wholiuup with the presence of persons you Enjoy the company of people who There is the Bible ,Injunction
afford to continue denying a certain ele-' Jo dream along with your other to the dally grind 1s deserving.1 brightening things up. art stimulating while living up states: -Be which
restful pursuits. Have confide of ,vie to your standards of personal your sins won't find you
ment of its youth the right to a type of a day of rest and diversion. out!I'
training that will make them competitive. )'jce in your ingenuity and resouicefulness Seek more spirituality behavior Credit for exposing this scandal
to get you somewhere goes to Pride and Bill
Otherwise, as Joseph kAlsop--columnist-- 6 "30 15 M .87.896 ,7 90 77 18 76 156 Miami Hearld Their investigative of the

says there is only one way out to save 2-60-55-19-12 .. lag of the alleged report-
this country from an, American: future violating I' PISCES the Initiation of caused
every noble, tradition, every high SAGITTARUS BORN FEB. and it revealed the well by known'audit.'th.e Legislature
Maybe -:
idea of our country's honored past VIRGO '
we know
GEMINI BORN NOV. 19TB, MAR. 20TH but be that Jibe end of what is yet to come,

This Week ,In Negro History BORN MAY BORN.AUG., 23RD .' DEC., .21$1... way., as it may-let It come any-

23RD SEPT. 22HH j
"ll 21ST JUNE 21ST. New Moon.shadow may dampen New Moon. While some gains While the Commission must
March 24; U9Z Alqnzo Pietro ( Negro"-the Negro) was no doubt.
one of Christopher Columbus' pilots Von ,the y New Moon: A partial solar eclipse romantic ardor to some extent maybe made, a partial eclipse .shoulder, the blame, it must be taken into
voyage discover anew route to the Indies, L New Moon A partial solar eclipse denoted that a little pear i but Dot'entirely People implies that t they may fall far consideration that it no doubt
f' which led to the discovery of America. Indicates that not everything slmlsm on.your part may eventually who are really serious can surmount short of expectations tt means the governor received
March 25, 1807 Slave trade abolished by British Parliament. will turn out as expected. be apropos.It induces you most nffifult1eg. Take a working a bit harder. Should approval
: March 25, 1931 Scottsboro boys (9)) sentenced to cUe Execution You may have to do more planning to be more careful. It may be stand, especially when it is' for :ow be compelled remain idl% The St. Petersburg Times summed the matter '
:; halted by nationwide protest. and leg wort. Go over your difficult to check that generous the benefit of your loved ones because of a discomfort, obtain up thusly: 'They Kirk and the Com-
, March 25, 1945 New York'state adopted FEPC. Georgia repealed list to rind someone who could Impulse eyen when you know that or major creations.Recognition the help of a collaborator to keep mission) have allowed public funds In
',. poll tax.Negro GIs blackjacked by police still intercede in your behalf 'you should. ITS a matter of awaits many Sagittarians. This 'up to assigned quotas. Brain- their ttust to
in Jackson, Wsilss1l>nl. With some people,U maybe that hinting before acting. Plan on may be w rather busy day even .work is notnecessuilyaffected be spent corruptly and ,il-:
March 26, 1831 Bishop Richard Allen, founder of the AILS only money can talk. A certain making the weekend pleasant for' U you art off the regulat Job ,by the limits of physical en- legally. This does not speak well for ,-a ,
Church died In Philadelphia. minture of guile and frankness everyone around besides your You still have to concentrate durance. Keep on working on ,Republican .administration.
be what is needed to self. It's a fine idea to cultiv on ambitious plans for the daysto ,ideas that mean increased
, ', March 28, 1924 Birthday of Sarah Vaughn one of the nation's may Just my To prevent a recurrence
1 most popular Jazz song stylists turn the trick. Continue to tap at. important contacts. come. Light entertainment is earnings. Interesting conversations we of this situation
; ,March 28, 1652 Samuel Sewall antislavery author, born your most Important social contacts Dreaming of success and all the necessary to offset the deadly; with 1ndIIdualawhoshare recommend that the present Florida legislature -,
March 28, 1799 New York legislature passed law abolishing This should be an ideal privileges that come with item serious business of living.Don't your views should aid In passing take due notice enact legislation
"f'; slavery in the state weekend for restful and relaxing be a most entertalnlngpastlme. be deterred from enjoying gay, an inspiring day. which will serve as a check on unauthorIzed -

" I March 28, 1870 The 15tn Amendment to the Constitution,giving pursuits tt can be pleasant Doing something about it is bet pastimey. spending in the future. This is
' > freed men the right to vote,was ratified In Con to review the past. ter. r recommendation cwr
gress. lv ,80-99-18-65' -JUS 4.6O.17-f5.24.15__ 8 70 -99, 15 -,58 684 ,9 70 66 lJ-9.6 :!67, have a better suggestion.e' but it, may be that you

p,, ...

\' I

'. '. '


: i I


New York School System Uses Computers For Teaching Children I

[Wed } i Bells:] Mass Computersim Seen Expertness As Boon Of For Computers Classroom Is ,

NEW YORK-The New York City school system last week ':
Elroy Green, 4145 Katanga Dr., Joseph Smith, Cinclnattl, Ohio the first full-scale operational computer system Initiated '.
21 and Mary, Jane Punches, 664:'23 and Georgia Ann Sims, 2178 Y to teach large numbers of pupils simultaneously and Individual .;
Franklin St., 18. W. 12th St., Apt. 10,17. ly. About 6,000 children In 15 schools are Involved. ::
7b e computer-based Inst ruc_- '
Robert Alexander, 1032 W. DoTal 1537 .sons attending remedial, adult t
Samuel Muller, Lee St., j tlonal system (CBI}-built and
St., 21 and Ivory Jean Cobb; 20 and Mary Gail Sampson, 758 f'o t 1'J Installed by RCA offers in key or other instructional functions :
1030 W. Duval St., 18. Court B, 17. subjects drill and practice expressly after school hours. The remote
tailored to each stu terminals are linked to small +

* Charles Lee Fisher ,5306 ,_ dent's Individual capabilities.Made communications control units :
Paris Are., 21 and dance Mae possblle by a $2.5 million in each school These In turn : i
Miller, 13028 Old St. AugustineRd. (over a three-year per are linked to a central RCA': ,'
JUNE BRIDE ., 16.Willie. Jv iod) grant from the U.S. Of-' Spectra 70 computer in the :
flee of Education under Title Charles Pfizer Building at 42 :
,. .... .
.L:: James Latsoo, 211j| m of the federal Elementaryand Street and Second Avenue. '
Each student goes to the terminal ;
Morehouse Rd., 35 and Thorn Secondary Education Act,
;, aseine Wescott, 2203 Ricer the CBI system teaches reading when his time comes,Identifies :

Forest Rd., 24. f to pupils In first through sixth himself by typing bla'i'
grade, and mathematics and name on the terminal keyboard, :
Jackson Charles Ross, Jr.,. spelling to children In second and receives anywhere from
2263 Calvin St. 61 and Hazel q through sixth grade.In five to 20 minutes Instruction.
J ,.. Is
rf addition the schools The key to the computer
Uarrion Williams, 2263 Calvin City
St., 54.Clarence. plan at a future time to use large data storage and data
1 the sytem to serve additional handling capacity, as well as its
rr.J. Carter, 1503E/28U> thousands in late afternoon and electronic speed. The computer ;
St., 21 and Sharon Elaine Wright evening remedial and evening processes its programmed ;
1554 E. 25th St., 18. commands In terms of micro-
evening remedial and adult programs seconds (millionth of a second -' ;

Wilbert Laroy Wingard, 2439 produce a variety of ed- ), while students work In. 1
LOUELLALiAILS Forest St., 23 an*. Ethel Jean catlonal services such u cur terms of seconds. Thus, although :
Brown, 2121 Thomas Court,11. riculum research, and performa a number of studentsare
Lonella Debris Williams, broad range of administrative simultaneously using the :
daughter of Mrs.Ring Williams, Roosevelt Johnnie Lee Brown, data processing functions computer, each feels he alone :
Sr., and of the late Mr. Ring 3508 Stuart St<, 28>nd Carolyn t Including attendance recording has the machine's attention. :
Williams, Sr., will pledge troth Yvonne Pbllpot, 2768 Eventide -' Inventory control and Th, student"converses"with :
,to Mr. Graham E. Reid, M, of Dr., 21.Willie. -- others. the computer and becomes an : .
Buffalo, New York, June 30, at The New York system consists active participant In the learning :
;i p.m., at the West Friendship Earl Sooner, 2524 HI- of 200 RCA student Instructional process. The computer acts
Baptist Church. Ret. R.L.Wil land St., 20 and Diane Yvonne ..edaa.wY terminals located In 15 el- like a private tutor, giving Immediate
son, pastor, will officiate. Hawk. 8105 Matins Ave., 19. .ementary schools Manhattan, reinforcement In the .
case of correct answers and appropriate )
Bronx and Brooklyn. In some
Miss Richardson Mr. Robinson ; f H schools, one or two of the tele feedback In the case
s terminals Installed of errors. Students are automatically w
printer are
r .._.
/e' .
0: directed tomorechelleglng -.
In several classrooms while In
Are March TEACHER'S HELPER-Student at P5.244 In Brooklyn receive* school, the computer Is used In various remedial and adult educes other schools they are clustered material or remedial
Newlyweds Individualized dally Instruction In elementary arithmetic from an m tJoG"programs, as well as for handling administrative data processing In a single classroom. Instruction, on the basis of ther.
RCA Spectra 70 computer located miles away In a Manhattan sky Jobs for the New York City School system. The RCA system Each terminal will be used In performance.
Miss Paulette Richardson, die Richardson, was maVriedto scraper. A total of 200 student terminals In 15 widely separatedNew Is the world's first operational computer-based Instructional rotation by some 30 pupils during -
nelce of Mrs. Marie Black and Airman Hude Robinson, son of York City schools are connected to the central computer, system lathe Fall,elementary reading and spelling will be available the normal school day and .HELP FIGHT CANCER WITH
daughter of the late Mr. Fred- Mr. and Mrs. John H. Robinson providing Individual Instruction to 6,000 pupils every day After from the computer. eventually by additional per A CHECKUP AND A CHECK
on Monday night March 4,

'at AME 7 p.m.Church, In the Greater Payne Fisk Choir

Louella D. Williams Rev. R.A. King officiated.
The bride wore a aoor-length
Includes Two

Plans June WeddingMrs. sheath bodice schlffle Imported featured embroidery.a high organza The neckline fitted with From Gate CityTwo Hurry to Sears for these 3IaSavings I

Ring Williams, Sr., an. and long sleeves that tapered at
nounced this week the June 30 the shoulders. The headpiece,a natives of Jacksonvillewere
wedding of herdaugbterLouel> Swiss crown of Imported lace, In the Flak University-

U. Debris, to Graham E. Reid pearls and crystals, was voice choir, directed by Dr. RBJBI
ti, son of Mr.'and Mrs. Graham secured to a bouffant veil of Robert Jones, which sang with Paint Prices

E. Reid, Sr., of Buffalo, Illusion. the Detroit Symphony Choir on -
New York. Miss Carolyn Richardson,sis March 24. Janice Harris, also,
The ceremonies will be performed -. ter of the bride,was maid of Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
at 6 p.m., by Rev. R.L. honor. Bridesmaids were:Mrs.' Abraham Harris. Alpha Smith, I
Wilson, pastor of West Friendship Mary Fowler, Miss Carolyn alto, Is the daughter of: Mrs.
Baptist Church when the Cooper Miss Laura ,Whittaker. Louise Denmark.. '
bride-to-be belongs. A reception Tara Flagg was flower girl. "f It ,,- Slashed I!
will follow the nuptials at Kenneth Robinson was best man.
the family home, 805 Line St. Charles lodge, Clayton Hodge Edward Waters Shares
Jacksonville.Miss and Ike Dempsey were ushers.

Williams Is a graduate Vernon Robinson was -ring- '?+rT t ti
bearer In Big U.S. Funding
of the Tennessee Agricultural '
Industrial State The reception was b.141n the \
and University ; '
of Nashville, a member oIDe1ta' Educational Building of the EducaUonaIOAIOftunU,grants : = Dripless Latex
Sigma Theta, and of.the Theta church. The newlyweds will .totaling 1173,320 have .been awarded -
Alpha Phi National Honorary continue to live in Jacksonville. to three Jacksonville CQ ,
Fraternity of the Theater Arts. >* colleges by the u.s. Office of Interior Flat
Education to
according u.s.
She Is DOW working as a speech
and bearing therapist In Duval Wilma Graddick Will Rep. Charles E. Bennett.
County. Miss Williams Is president Bennett said Wednesday the a.
wards of from $200 .to $800 T 1:1' '
of the Young Peoples' PaintSAVE
will to 353 students the Wall
Choir New Stanton and a High'61 School graduate of Marry Larry HodgeMrs. basis go of exceptional need.on interior :

The the amounts allocated ;
Reid is a graduate of .
Willie Mae Graddick has
of students
and the number

Tennessee A 1.1I41 also. Therebe announced the engagement of s SUPERB
to be aided follow
majored la building coo- her daughter, Wilma Rosalyn, Jacksonville University: $75, COLORFAST $-1.18!
struction. He Is a member of the to Larry lodge, son of Mrs. 600 for 95 students; Edward t ;
Emanuel Temple Seventh Day Mary Badge and the late Willie '
Water for 205
College 367,650
Adventist Church of Buffalo, it
Hodge. and Jones LATEXFIAT
students, College,
and International Mi ion. R
The wedding will be April 12. $30,070 for 53studentsBegonia I
The bride-elect, also they
Johnson's.Branch daughter of Nathan GraddlckSr. Ladies + $
West Haven, Conn., and her fiance Buy Now!
Y.M.C.A. Boys were graduated from New negul.2
Stanton Senior High School Ur. Announce Fete Mote1Owncrs.tabkieranealerp; .IntinC

Hodge has completed three naunt fr.grnce Gal. I.
Will TalentsOver Begonia Ladles Club will
Display ,years active duty In the Army. The Apartment
have their annual tea Sunday,
three bunred boys win' March 31 from 4 to 6 p.m., In Owners I
exhibit their spclal talent on Owens Illinois the Mt. Ararat, Baptist Churchin I I r f,"', UM Lru.h or roller, this late glide on raiiljr, Ant

Friday; April 12, at 7:30 p.m., the Educational Building Up-. .Contractors to a amanita nit finuh. You rrplace furnishings tr
In the William M. Ra1De. High stairs Room 3. Mrs. Elizabeth and ue frethlr decorated room quickly, it irks I
School auditorium. Ladies Celebrate chairman win present l In 1 hour or Ie... Cl In-Up.. a breeie too, soapr
The youngsters represent the Wilson, water clean hand end tool fanl. Colors are lead- I

following schools: Rufus E. celebrate The Owens the Illinois tenth anniversary Ladles will the program. ,. i bt : rgete5pNEg lON ire,, "Chaige It" on Scar RctoMng ChargelFactory t

Payne, Moncrief Elementary {
Sunday at 3:30 In the Grace
S. A. Hull, R. L. Brown,Forest Baptist Church, Twenty-first Daughter Elks Plan
Park, Eastslde Elementary, and Jones.Rev Closeout! Acrylic '" (
Islah Blocker Carter G.Wood- One-Coat SelC.CIt" ming or
I. E. Norman pastor of
Office( Tea Sunday
Bethune Elementary Long House
son, Redeem Baptist Church will Latex Paint f
Branch Non-Chalking House Paint
R. V. S. P.
Mrs. Janie Cation of "
preach Tbt'Daugbttr Elks will -
sponsor '
Livingston During this and gala Pine affair Forest.Miss Mt Ararat Baptist Church will an Office TeaSunday,March Formerly $6.99 2 S l f Regularfti,99 Ir"I1JJJ" 1'1'"Charel

Gn-Y will be crowned.As sing. 31, at the Elks Home, 712 West ," t.ul, .. ||UUW>
an extra added attraction Among others will be: Deacon Duval, from 4 p.m. Daughtersare 0. paint 1 3 Dajs Onll 1 ___ !
James Melton, Deacon Johnnie asked to bring their guests Tan ere pilot are' Jeep or *, Smooth .
the Johnson Branch Dance Crawford Deacon C. Garrell Ida ViM in jut 30 a.in u :1otr.; wear clew one',.. nUll any color complrlrly-ctm" bl'.ck|
Group will render several! Mrs. HattIe. James Is Daughter tip UoU sal It....... 1 kilo Quanliliri Lest Ltoilco1 flo..i.. fat sal _I',. FrevUrt a ,...11. .Ulha,.
Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance Mrs. Geraldine Mrs. Ruler. Mrs. Ease Mae Pryor color tclcction. Ju 4 San 'h.'SI I'" on Sean HeTolvlnf errl. ? miiUnt finkti rain *a.t>.* ray dirt, Ltrp wr fa.dl
numbers .along with a Live oWe Lee Jordan Deacon C.W. Is chairman. SANEe8'98! Chart Anrouni! rk.n.LnpKi 421
Combo. Patterson, and the Soul Trio. SAVr
Choir No. 4 of the Macedonia

Baptist Church will furnish the Buds Win Top az ...
Host Club
Friendly music. .Leaders are: Mrs. G. .
Roberts Mrs. Fannie Debose ",-: :
Plans and Mrs. Emma Melton, program Scores 'AflerStllewlde .Q .
Sunday MeetThe cbalrmu.Ullrl .
; [ .u"
Friendly Host and Hostess ,
dub will meet with Mrs. Eve- school bands .,.. 6.r..
Fourteen high
lyn Hansberry, 3922 Lee, Sunday ,Hodernettes from Northwest Florida are ...;..\. ':.& .
afternoon at & p.m. Mrs. .
Irene now looking forward to the S.
Williams president,

be In charge. Plans April PartyThe ,statewide reached tops contests in area,contests having, Epoxy. Enamel Gives Sean Acrylic Stucco Fast-Drying. Latex Sears Quick-Drying handy 6a9.Foot Sears Wall Interior PIt

12 Heels Ultra Modernettes will William Raines High'and New Extra Durable Finish. and Masonry Paint Antiquing Kill Colorfast Enamel Utility cloth "
Jolly ...... ;{ ...... .
meet March 30 at 7 p.m. in the Stanton were rated as superior. 1)1)' Ii I I. "":""

For Bible Study home of Mrs. Josephine White,. Excellent ratings were given w. ,. .,, owl d..1h r.4a r.. M..i"" rJU...l44 aim,, ..... .............es' 14 '..1.... ,n. .... ... rla"O,:,:. a.ih w t.4
1738 West 12th. The Bible verse Mathew Gilbert High and Eugene io..,.. ii..... -.r'...:...., a.a..r w.. a. awl Y ii-' .........-I.It. a lor. It hd11.p._.,"-paI.I. U.. .. .W..... n W.e.Mr,.ia .We
The Jolly 12 Social Saving with D. The eta will have apar- Butler high Dowlas Anderson li.h.C La e.l...J rbi.l.71.M.r.e I IN,. OeII Ioot-4.J do4- .L.i.a c.'jw s.i...... ............I.rM."\Mrp ."Ma 1.-.1. U.ir.1 C.h..

Club meets with Mrs Annie ty In the home of Mrs. Helen High wurepr..nttcSbJaoloI DOWNTOWN ARLlNGTONPLAz.flR1l 1'lD/J'IABEACH CREENCOVESPRI.NCS GS
Henson, 1181 East 26th Street. Baskinson April,at 1310 West and ensembles. The state 200 Veil Bay Street 971 Arlington Rd. Atlantic and Fifth Shop Br Phone ;
The Bible Verse win begin with 30th, apartment 4 at 8 p.m.Mrs. contest will be at Florid State I Sears I 3SS4481IJ 725-2173 2615511OpMtu.UI.MMb 284- 300 '..

F. Mrs. Bessie Merchant is Juanlta Odum is president;Mrs University In May 0,. *i........30'... o.UOo.'III.II. ... aLll.rliady..d:
_... ... ... ... i..a .... .
president Helen Bastins Is reporter. .Waansaucsaso" CO. 1 a3 u/N faitjrfa'l .......1>>of4I1


........... ................. .. >< H. _... n..rr!."..JIL....,... ."...... n '......oJ..e.... ... .... Y :X 9L w.1dM .1.11E...., a., _. '',r .1.3.A'.. "" j as ."'L&.o.... .. l.:. ._. ,_ .. _..ee..r:+ .... ...,, ...... J&.lI.JiIWo.;; :..... '

;; -;:.'.;;;;;.;;;;;;;;: .r. ..- .
-r '" . .
.r. '

I : :' 1 PAPE.S. "


I Rev.. Sams Is Re-Elected To 19th Term As State Baptist Head' I

Inthasiastic Sessions At Ebenezer Choir .n

Tampa Draw Large Delegations, H NEWS :

,- -, .. -

TAMPA-fief. James Carl Sams,, pastor of Second Baptist FIRST PH TEMPLE: '
Church. Jacksonville, was returned to his nineteenth term as, First Born Temple' Choir No. 2 will celebrate Its IDnlwer-
General President of the Baptist State Convention of Florida, last jury Sunday, Marhc 31, at 8 p.m. at the cburch,825 West 110112'Ot. -

week. Dr. Sams was returned to the high office following his an-1 '
nual address to the large constituency.; I Many will appear on programamong them being Howard Me-'

Rev. E.L. Hamilton of Arcadia Jacksonville, re-elected to sec tnorlal Choir Mt. Morlah Choir. Beulah Baptist Choir, Church
was re-elected as Vicepresident ond term as President of the of, God in Christ Choir. 4 Mt Ararat Choirs No. 3 and No.:4,,
to his nineteenth term. Usher Convention, Mrs. Viola ..rr Vocle of Jerusalem, Church of God In Christ, Fifth and Woods,'
Rev. F.G. Hilton of Tampa was Johnson, Recording Secretary; Church of Christ Written I n Heaven; Mt. Ararat Male Chorus,

elected Second Vlce-presldent, .Mrs. Mable Dunbar,' Corre- Fifth Corlngth Baptist The Soutbernalres Gospel Singers,:
Rev Eddie Burroghs of Bares, spooling Secretary; Johnny Charlie McIntyre Choir No.1 of First Born and the Youth Choir'

ton as Third Vice-president Jones, Jacksonville, Religion; Mrs Evelyn Hansberry will be mistress of ceremonies. Mrs;
Rev. C.W. Dawson of Lakelandwas Mrs. GreenB. Williams,Cbols- tt Johnnie Shaw will be narrator. Mrs. Emma F. Wilson is prest-

chosen as Recording Sec 'dent.

retar)'. Rev. G.H. Peterson of ter.Dee Jones, Jacksonville, sue- L1rr TABERNACLE BAPTIST INSTITUTIONALSunday

Wauchula was named Assistant needed: S.M. Davis as president t < school begins at 9:30: with Superintendent H. Solomon

Recorder. of the Laymen's BrotherhoodState ,In charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Muss Lyda Jackson.,
Others chosen were: Rev. R. Union. He became President C4 The morning Service begins at 11 a.m. Rev. Willie Young Till
Hammond, Sarasota, Assistant' Emeritus.-Mr.. Battle L.i ; deliver, the message. All youth choirs and Usher Board No. 2'

Reccorder; Rev. D.Williams, Alexander, Orlando, will serve will serve The night sevlce will begin at 7 p.m. Easter practice
Coot: Secretary; Rev.: as the State Counselor of the is Tuesday at 4:30, The teachers' meeting win be Wednesday
Paul H. Jackson, Lakeland, ;,Youth Department Miss Brenda at 6:45. Prayer meeting wlllbe Tuesday at 7.30.

Financial Secretary; Rev. L.: LanIer becomes president 'TEMPLE OF REJECTED STONE CHURCH OF SUCCESS

S. McCree, St. Petersburg, Arthur Jones of Central 4 {, I Sunday school meets at 9:30 The morning service win be at

Secretary to the President,Revy Florida'was elected Vice president ns 1 i II a.m. A spltlrual tea will be held at 4 p.m. Rev. Wrote L.
J. W. Daughtry, Avon Park, Brooks will speak. Mrs. Lassie Brooks Is sponsor. Rev.
j Editorial Secretary, Rev J.W. Mrs. M.M. Warren of Bowline "I.li Wllle} L. Brooks is pastor.
I Glover, St. Petersburg, Treasurer Green was 're-elected to her -I I COLOSS1ANS BAPTIST CHURCHThe
term General
forty-third u of the Deacons and Deaconesses will be April
The State Board ef Missions Directress of the Children's MMMser....cnrea wui present UN Yonc Adult Choir Breed, A. Allen G Rogers. F. Rice,J. Jp rIck, G. Garrla, FnGamett anniversary School begins at 9:30 with the superintendent
29 at 8 Sunday
Election follows L. In free of music "The Musical C. Glrtrdeau and Miss M.Turner.From left rear they p.m.
I was as : Rev ,Convention. Rev. H. King a concert entitled Interpretation and teachers In charge. The morning worship begins at 11 arm
': E. Armster, Chairman, Rev. of Clewlston is Chief Shepherd.Mrs. of Spring" Sunday, March 31,at 7 p.m.,in the main auditorium of are: Mmes. P.P. Hargrove, J. Brown, P. Jones. M. J. Washington : worship begins at 6 p.m. The pastor will deliver the
J.D.. Dupree, Tampa, Superintendent -' Lena George of Jacksonville the church. The program will be dedicated to the memory of the W.L. Flemmlng, GaldDandA.Rocers. E.W. Hurley, Evening Choir No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will serve all day.
': ; Rev. S.C. Caldwell St. Is the leader of the "Tiny late Rev. Evan Harley, first organizer of the choir Persons In left, Is director. Mrs. M. P. Separinc Is organist Rev. E.W. sermons. Is Tuesday night at 730. Rev. RJ. Crawford is

Petersburg, Chairman of Home Tots" Department the picture, from the left, front,are:Mmes C.J Flamming,,':.B. Newman, pastor, stands in the pulpit. pastor.Prayer. The Meeting church Is located at 1154 West 31st Street,
Missions; Rev. Isadore Edwards The Convention successfully
Fort Myers, Representative reached Its goals for Evangelism New BethelChurch GRANT MEMORIAL ARE CHURCH ,
of Foreign Missions; and Christian Education Allen Chapel Baptist Women'sAuxiliary 'Soloist A.V. Rose, superintendent of the Sunday School along with his

Rev. J.B. Adams, Belle Glade, Considerable attention was paidto staff of Officers and Teachers at 9:30 a.m., win begin the worship
i Chairman of Education, Rev.' civic and benevolent causes. A.M.E. HonorsMissionaries Plans Meets services.During the 10:45 ajn.,Worship Period,all Barbers
J.L.StephensFortMyerifH1atorlan ; Many distinguished persons And Beauticians will be honored. The pastof win preach torn the I
; Mrs. May Ella White were present Dr. Es. Branch Mission Day r""aW theme: '"Who Is He/", and at 6:45 p.m., his theme wilfb : "He

burst, Stanford, Music Direc- of Houston, Secretary of the National Rev. Vivian Williams,missionary In Annual l ConfabWEST Hath Sent Me". All persons bon during the month of,Marco win.

tor; Mrs. Heel)' L. Floyd, Sarasota Baptist Foreign Mission Sunday at Allen Chapel AME worker of New Bethel AME Church PALM BEACH- The meet immediately after the close of the morning worship Choir
will the No. 1 and Usher's Board No. 1 will serve throughout the day.,
Musician. Board of America and Former Church will be ..lasSODUyDay. be guest speaker Sunday, Women's Missionary and Educational
ReV C. A. Weaver war in Governor Leroy" Collins, were ,Mrs. Mary Alice Smith, wife of March 31, at 11 a.m, at Mf.Moriah Convention, Inc, at '
charge of the parent body elections. : ,among the guests. AWE Church, ]t GOODSHEPHERD BAPTIST CHURCH
Rev. Golden Smith, pastor OUt, auxiliary of the General Baptist
A feature of the sessions was Others participating In the service Services begin with the Sunday School at 9:45.Morning worship
The Senior Women also had an the "Honoring Hour", directed Joseph Methodist Church, win will be: Mrs Martha [loaf Convention ot Florida, will begins at 11 a.m.,with Deacon Joe Amous in charge of the prayer
Smith Is Instructor
election. Mrs H. B. Miller, by Vice-president Hilton for speak.at Mrs Edward Waters an -, Miss Barbara Robinson Miss San meet In the seventy-ninth session service. The Junior Choir will serve. BTU begins at 6 p.m. Tie

Jacksonville, was reelected to Rev. Sams and relating to the other College will be dra Jones, Mrs. Pauline Bryant, In Frlenshlp aItIatChurch. ,evening worship begins at 7 p.m. Rev. Alex Garvln pastor will
Among guests : 1717 NW Third from meetsuoodayntglJ
her fifteenth term president The Junior Choir ,Ue
as minister's elevation to the national Re- Mrs. Odessa Lane Mrs. Oretha deliver sermons.
Almeta Moor
of the Missionary Workers Department presidency of the National becca Mrs. Thompson, Mrs, Mrs.Carolyn Bugger, Rev. J. tl Jones, Mrs. April 9 to an including April Senior Choir Thursday. The church is located at 1722 West 29U'

Others reseated Baptist Convention of Carswell Mrs. Alvesta ...Ben ,Hattie Jackson, Mrs. Westbrooks, 14. Street Rev. Alex Garvln Is pastor.
Dr. Susie C. Is
Holly president
were: Mrs. Janie Phillips; America. This program was'held and Mrs. George London. Miss Gwendolyn Fassett,' Mrs.
Wbernia, Vice-president, Mrs., at twilight Friday,with outstanding The Friends win hold a Madelene Barnes, Mrs. Mary tort with offices at 429 NTT16th BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHURCHOn
Amelia Houston Belle Glade,, citlsens Tampa par rally In the afternoon. Rev.pew Alexander Mealy, Mrs. Geneva Palmer, and Lauderdale.: ; Rev. April 15 District No. 4 will sponsor a trip to Magnolia Lake
Second Vice-president Mrs.M. N.W. Hail win be the host pas School at ISO with Deacon Eugene Sawyer, superintendent
ticipating. Mrs. J.C. Cornelia Garvln and his Mrs. L.G. Jones. sPew F. ELLIOTT Sunday begins .

L. Johnson, Jacksonville,Third shared the honors. congregation captatnswulbeMra.Geneva tor. The theme win be "Re Mrs..[lie w.bbtrt,and Mr..SacSII FeddIn charge. The
Vice-president, and Mrs.AgnesL. The 85th Annual Session will will be present from Palmer, ,Mrs. Llllie Cutllfl Mrs mewed Vision, Living Together W, F.'EWott,cS1str1ct manager morning worship begins at 11 a.m. Rev. ..:...;Lane of St.Step'hen's
Thankful Baptist Church The of the Afro-American Life Insurance
Dean Sebrlne Fourth Vice Church Ross Paul- With Concern For All AME Church The eveervice begins at I
be with the First Baptist church Is located at Swan and Mrs L.G.Jones,Mrs Company of Jackson- will
president Ins Dr. Rocky enlists the Inter- The Junior Ushers Choir will serve Mrs. Gladys: Canon
of Winter Haven,Rev. Bryant, Mrs. Mary Rtgglns. p.m.
Myrtle Streets. Rev. J.C. Ban- soloist Sunday
vlU win be
Mrs. Aleilna Johnson, Jack- Bridges minister. The Convention Choir No. 1 will sing.Westside eats of the women la bring a- guest win be In charge of music. Rev. Earnest Williams, acting pastor -
merman Is pastor.Ebenezer. March 31 at Ebene-
.00vUle,Treasurer; Mrs.Daisy ,I projected plans for two bout a spirit of cooperation, night. ; Mrs. Vivian Wilson Is reporter.
Methodist Church when
standards ,ser
Mnrreli West Palm Beach therefore the St John elevating and pro- ,
years, ChoirsUnions
Choir No. 2 the Young Molt-
'noting opportunities for wo- ,
Cooresponding Secretary; Mrs. Baptist Church ot Fort Myers Choirs' "Musical In-' ANUELBAPTBTCHURCH
*'IWeDe'Ha'mUtoG., : Arcadia, Assistant will tost.then, 56th annual in : Plans IDeG. ', presents S''.e-Cub Scouts will meet at 10:30 a.m. The children's choir
'I Will Have Dr,Joseph H Jackson of Chi* terpretatlons of Spring", at T It- School at 9JO with Superintendent
Corresponding Secretary 1970. Reporter, Mrs.Alberta J.: (I This is a benefit affair. will rehears at'4:30.: Sunday begins
cago. president of the National P.B.
; Mrs. Maudle J. Fowler, Williams. Mamie Fields and Deacon George Smith In charge. The
Tea Special Practice Baptist Convention of America Rev. E.W. Newman Is pests win reviewed uappolDt..CODstcratioaIs at 10:50
Tampa, Financial Secretary; Sunday lesson be by :
Mrs. Roe Thompson, Belle will be a special guest a.m. The morning worship begins at 11a.m.,with the deacons la
Glade, Assistant to the Official Pallbearers Will Choirs No. 1. No. 2 and No.3 Mrs. Catherine W. Sykes Is at the Women's Annual Fellowship -' School Musicians charge. The district mass meeting begins at 3 p.m. BTU will beat

Recording Secretary 'w r s. of Ebeneter lethodlat Church requesting all members of The trip Thursda,. On S p.m. with Deacon James Phillips charge. The evening
,It Wattle Smith Assistant to Mrs. Present Spring Tea will present the annual Palm Friendly Wutsld Choirs Union Saturday a will be mad to Appear In Concert worship is at 6:30. The Junior choirs and the children's choir
I'' Thompson; Mrs. Juanlta Reynolds Sunday program in the audit to meet with hr, Saturday, Florida Memorial College'snew will serve Mrs S.L. Badger and Miss Loretta Collins will be
'I Organist, Mrs. Jets F.I .- The Pallbearers Society No. I orium of the church oo April March 30, at 7.30 p.m., In the site in Miami.Participating St. John's Baptist Church DIstrict In charge of music.
Johnson, Orlando Music; Mrs.AngHigfr presents a Spring Tea Sunday, 7 at 7 30. Attorney Earl Johnson main auditorium ot Mt Slnal officers will be No. I will present Miss

.. Ross, Tampa, Assistant April II, lathe Friendly Baptist Comxuman-at-large, will Missionary Baptist Church Mrs. C.F. Dixon first vice- Vivian Dennis and Miss Cynthia GREATER MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH
t In Music. Mrs. Ruby L, Church on 19th Street,from to be speaker Rev E.W. New 1551 Lee Street, for a special president, M s. C.L Williams, Hutcberson In a piano and Services will begin at 9:30, with the Sunday School Deacon Jolla

Herndon Secretary to the PrejSidentiMrs. ., ,6pm. man is pastor. rehearsal and business confer second vice president and Mrs. organ recital Sunday,March 31, E. Singleton is superintendent Nathaniel Singleton Tyrone Merchant -
4, Annje 1.., HufLBibla Many persons participate, e .. Mrs Ruby B. AlknSttw LJL. Williams, third vice preside at t p.m., In the church audit. and teachers will be In charge. The general review will

Teachers' Council and among them being Mrs. Ruth New Hope A.M.E.: art Is president pl orium. come from Rev. J.C. Rogers. The morning worship win btgU at

; Workshop Helper; Mrs Mary Fedd, Nora Anderson, Mats Miss Dennis, pianist, Is a du- 10:45 with Deacon James Melton and deacons la charge of devotions. -

Lewter, Fort Myers, Dean of, 'Mae Smith Mary Smith, LlllieB. Will Hear Visitor Phillips Court Of Central Baptist dent at New Stanton Senior High Music will be furnished by Choirs No. 1, No. Sand "0..3
'i; Workshop; Mrs. S. Lee, Avon Johnson, Leila B. Rich The School Miss Hutcherson Is a and No. 4. Usher Boards No 1,2 and 3 will serve Mrs Haiti
''I Park, President of Junior.Women -',, Gospel Chorus of West Union Rev. Ruby McFadden: will be'tile HeroinesPlans Meet student at William Raines. Both Bees will furnish music. Rev. Rogers will preach Choir No. 1
'" fifth term. Baptist, Annie Mae Sims, and main speaker for the Missionary Church District 'are students of Mrs. Lillian T.Roblnaon. will present a program at 3 p.m., with Mrs. Delia NeaUy, president -
'I And: From the Northeast Area ,Beatrice Copeland. Socelty for New Hope The president of District in charge. The BUPU will meet at 5.30 with Mrs. ".L.
In the same department: Mrs Hostesses will be members of AME Church and its baby contest Th J.C.Ptdillps! Court 101 Heroines Has No. $ is James Hatcher- Polite, directress, In charge. The special feature win be given

Carolyn Burney, Vice-presi the Good Neighbor Social and on March 31. Mrs. Rosa of Jericho will tteet at HomecomingCentral son. Rev. A J. Hughes Is pas toy Miss Lena Mellon and others. The evening worship begins at,
dent; Mrs. Dorothy Burroughs, Savings Club Mrs. Annie Mae Johnson is president Rev.Z.L. Masonic Temple Wednesday, tor. The church Is located atOakley 630. A musical program will be presented by Choirs No. I, 3,
Assistant Recording Secretary, Sims Sarah Love, and Dean Tyrus Is pastor. April 23, at 6 pjn.! Baptist Church's District ,and Bridler Streets. 3 and 4. Pryaer Meeting Is Tuesday at 7.30. Bible Study Is also
Trailer. 1 ,will .observe it,Homecoming -
Mrs. Push Is pretljJent -
Mrs. Victoria Terre Musi- held with the pastor and deacons In charge. Wednesday tight
In the auditorium of the
clan. Chairmen are C. Sapp e at choir Board Ho.
;.ID..1I rehearsal. On Friday night Usher
Also Mrs L. C. Johnson, "[,JId B.F.Copeland. CALL ,1 church. Sunday, March 31, at 3p.m. Re,. Shanks 1 meets. Deacon W.... Wright, president, will conduct the butl-

'WHITTINGION ROGERS HOME Among participants will be MSS meeting Mrs Bessie Merchant Is reporter.
Speaks At Union
Mrs. Luclnder Jackson,Horace
WRITE WRHC TODAY Williams, Mrs. Mary Walker, Rev. Sams pastor, will return to the pulpltSunday. He will deliver -

For sympatheticservice I' Charles Brooks, Mrs Aldonla Community SundayUnion the sermons for the morning and evening services.. H* win
'Joyner, Deacon Angina Jackson also review the Sunday School lesson. Sunday School begins at
of distress. Mrs. Florence Kato Mrs. Al-* Comniunity AME:Church 9:30. L.C. Chester will be assisted by the superintendents and
Win $25.00 For Your Church win have
as guest speaker Sunday
nora Smalls,Mrs.Gnash Tucker departmental leaders Consecration rites will be held for the
Courteous attendants I and Mrs Annie Brown, The morning. March 31,Rev.R. deacons and deaconesses, ushers and choirs, at 10:45 a.S. The
Cut out the coupon below and on duty 24 hours: Marquise. singers, Mrs. Jean Shanks of Edward Waters College. morning worship begins at 11 a.m. At 5:45 the Baptist Training
He will deliver the sermon Union will meet Mrs. R.H. Morrlssette Is and fill
to serye you' Liptrot, and St, ,John Baptist, president
choir No. 2. the Missionary Society be assisted by Alexander Heard. The evening worship I begin
write your question' then mailto Mrs?Mary M. Rogers RN Rev. Charles,Scrlven will be and for the youth of the church at 7 j>.m. The Deacons' Board will have the monthly meeting

James Crawford the principal speaker. Joseph Rev. Shanks will be, accompanies Monday at 7 p.m. The Prayer of Faith Hour Is Tuesday night!
radio' station SAMUEL C. ROGERS Joseph! Baldwin Johnson win be the principal \ by the choir of the Baptism! will be adm1n1st recS. The-monthly meeting ot tile
WRHC P.O. Church of God Pillar and Ground
speaker. church will be at 8:30. The Sunday School officers and teacbers'cocmcU
'800 West State Madison of Truth. Miss Irene Hartley will be Friday at 7 thi
nd. Observation be made by p.m. Rev. Sams will conduct
j Box 2467 Jacksonville 24. JlQun. 11 Edward Allen and Mrs. Ida will sine. The McNeal Ushers 'BIble Study.; The church Is located at 954 Kings Rood.
Flue of St Paul win
AMBULANCE t avxcv Phone.3S4-1619' Klnf, Mrs. Pearl Walker will B. Houston Is president serve. Mrs. A.
PHONE: 3891111QSTIUCTIONS. Our Only Establishment-No Branches I ,crown the King of District Is chairman of programs ,'
; Freddie Osborne and the Queen Rev. eligion. And
N. Is
Mrs; JfuUa Yates. Deacon A.L. McCray pas Race
The WRHC "Mall tor.
Box" will attempt to get Alston will make remarks.Mrs.
an t-srer to any question you may have on any subject such MQttSTERNMUt:
SISTER BESSIE 'Theodore Ore is president ot : ,
u ,schools', rents, taxes. ,,city. and county government and so, ,the District Rev. Levy Green JEFFERSON CITY, MO.-Tbe Rev.Howard.Hlnson,a Methodist
on She will read your entire life--part, present and ,Is pastor and will give the be.nedlctlo ., minister for 13 years and an alumnus of CIa JD college,.
Write your questions below and mall at once. Your question future. She asks no questions but will ten you Georgia Minister Howard university and the Boston
>tad> the answer, Hone with your name and address will be 'what you want to know, giving date and facts of The ,social hour will follow, bu beeD named OIle or 12 field repreientaU"University schoolthe MUasoul theologye"gloS'SJ.alSOtreasurerrf
broadcast from time to time on WRHC, so please print your business, love, health and family affairs. Will and refreshments will be CommJasioo$ 00 Human Rights
tune and address. Write as often as you Ilk and llstenjor' help you find lost art TELL you whom you will I served. Visits Mt.. Zion former director or the Wesley working out or the local aItIce. a
rOIl; answer on WRHC,MOOon your radio your total community marry and when. If the one you love Is true, whatl Founpauon Llacola UDinrs1t1
ktattoa, on the air gech day.. to do to be successful. Will reunite the separated >t CD? the' Jefferson- City, Council
For the best week during this mailing. Radio locate absent friends' and relatives, and cause I IoU. Zion AJ4.E. Church will CRlCAGO- OM -
Station WRHC will award $5.00 to the church or your choice happiness between man and wife. Make up lover's Choirs Union Sings t.'bost to Rev. E.C.TUlman Ject Equality T. the of newest admlnistratorm hired by Pro-

1 +..wr QUESTION m: quarrels Tells, U sickness or bad luck Is natural andj *iBgregafion: of the l&iloh .power, or naswide C&IDpaIp to put the purchasing
,: I enemies, evil influence and bad luck. Does At Mt. Sinai BaptistThe Baptist Church of Brusnwick,' religious 1n.sUtuUol begins the drive ,orequa1 employment -
IJ !'not ten to p1eu0II0 but will tell the truth. One visit will repay Ga. Sunday at ISO p... ,Thisservice Virginia State opportunity, Ia Harold 4 Ritchie an aloe mes or West
: : Is sponsored by (be Colleee currently 111 a degree at Rorieyelt -
you for disappointments In all others 1 not only read your lifelike program
J 178 voices at The Friendly Pastor's club of Mt ZIo .Ilra. university, R11cb1e an alWl1DllS or West State eoJJeee. -
an book but I also out of I Virginia
.4 open help your TROUBLES .
Westslde Choirs Union will secretary for the
... ..,.. 'Come and see why are so unhappy when Henry Gobagea Is presidentRev. educational services department 01 till
you Nations
,. be beard In "Sine, Choir of E. Jones Ca101.Jc conference
: ,\ fit. to go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted, sick ana warp ,.pastorJDM con director Interracial Justice will be ua1stant -
Choirs, Sing", Sunday after, for them
PLEASE grtgation of New Bethel
PRINT when you can be helped and everything made clear by consult* A.M
fcfY B.MY = noon, March 31, at 2:30 p.m., E, Church, and Rev. NEGLIGENCEI
NAME s log THE GIFTED MEDIUM! Everybody wekom.NO MAIL ANS- B.A.Kln
in the main unit of Mt Slnal FAIRVIEWPARKOHIO:.
WERED. .make no house calls. Don't mistake the address and congregation of Payne AX* pastor Accordlnctothe Rev:Bertw1 i.'Yre,
ADDRESS B ... sister bessle is located north of Callahan on U.S. 11; r Missionary 1551 Baptist Church. E.; will also participate in'the trAct Lutheran' Messiah Lutheran church aDd president, English dJa-

|f my question Is Judged best, please send $5.00 to the churchmy 1/2 mile from City of CALLAHAN Florida. Phone 879-2250! Sykes LeeStreet Is Mrs Catherine, services. Rev. Johnson and Church MIssouri D'DOd, the recently PuWaJItd
U choice which directress. Cash W. St Stephen's AJLE. Church = .or Advisory Comm1ssioo
FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE Shootes mnegiigo 00 CIrlI Disorder bU
Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL: Helen Frost, Jr., Bellamy and Mrs.are Mary ac- !'win also be present He DotecI-that the white member fa1l1nc to GUt seism"1
commission nom
dally 8 a. to 10 including Sundays. 'baa contlrmed
Open! m. p.m., Ions, disabused or
companists. Rev. Ben J. LamySs _... '
(PRINT,NAMEjt NAME OF LOCAL CJ .ItCIO.. our minds or oth er. ... '
t rTHJS tL1PP 1GENTILwToil: TO A $5. READING for $2. minister prqlllets have been racortclwtlat ma J
: saying ID the uIoUs aDd latrorma.

:Y iY i .ti4.. .

I. J .



!Mt. Sinai Is Host To District Primitive Baptist Convention I Palatka News 1lJI

Amal Meeting Will InclideDignitaries Choir
Simpson Singsiir !
I ; .. The BIbleway Church of God has completed successful two
[r s.-M.I, Talk : weeks revival R.v. J.L. Jones of Jacksonville, Florida wee the I jf I

; : minister. The pastor of the church. 14,Elder James Clarks.,
The'Fifth Sunday Union of the Jacksonville District Primitive r. C. A. HIGHLIGHTS ;"e.A. last week. She'spoke to the

"L Baptist Church is now In session at Mt. Sinai Primitive Baptist'' ( I The Annual CVA. Faculty lseti! yabout Job opportunities
Church Rev. B. Sheffield pastor \ :, : I c'v Talent Show wai t real success.itw with'the Florida Power *and ,
"On the Battlefield For My ,will be made. Mrs. Trellis B{ .. '. .\ featured artists were:Mrs: ,. Light Company.

.Lord" Is the aim. Murray will be in charge of. ., Voncnl Thomas, Thomas King Lawrence Bryant, Oliver Mul, .
The well attended sessions ,finances. 11'1' Mrs. Barge Fisher Mrs.Gwen- drow, and Willie J. Seaburyare
opened Wednesday and will extend The Sunday morning worship > dlya Harmon, Mrs. Rebecca all back at their teaching posts.
through March 31. services lists a sermon by Rev.Haywood Ray, Moses Pryant, Mrs. Amanda H.H. Wright, assistant princi-
C: On Friday night, March 29,the: Robinson, president' Williams and several pal Is expected to be back to 1
ladles will be in charge. All the Union. The deacons of others.A work on April 1. Presently be
:ladies win wear white. Ushers' Friendship and Mt Olive'will v full house attended. Is on trip to California. .
'.,will come from Mt. Olive Baptist i' participate The Friendship The Vocational Club of Central Adam Bostickfs Junior High ..
and Macedonia Baptist holr I wIlIs4lr. Rev. E.Rollins; Aa academy was in charge of the Science Class went on a field i
'. Church.: The Mt. Olive Femalet will 'read the ScriPtures' and weekly assembly program last trip to the University Florida J
; Chorus win sing. A panel dls- lead; the hymn singing Friday. The principal speakerwas last week. The students visited l
cusslon Victory on the Cross ") On Sunday afternoon, at ?:SO, FL Mr. Carl Hanna, director the Astronomy Department.They .
and Christ In My Life, will feature all junior choirs and ushers will ' Mmes. InezSheffield,Beatrice serve. Mt. Olive's Choir No. 2 Hudson1 Pulp and Paper Corporation. to talk about the constellationswith >
Davis, Glory F. Best, wffl hint Favorite t'eldingi'wI1{ L He urged the studentsto the professors. 'i
Syllva DIxon, Ester McPherson -: be liven by representativesfrom do well In their endeavors at The Senior Ring Ceremony, ,
Locile Johnson,Janie Pos-v Macedonia, Friendship ,school, and said that for those held at Bethel A.M.E. Church "*,
tell; and Phillip Attack and Deacon -' Mt. Olive, Mt. Simi and Pleasant L. ..t to ,t4- who desire, there Is a future. last Sunday was Impressive.Rev. ,
Joseph McPherson. Mrs. Grove. Ruetta G. Best will } a 'The,' Swingers, Jan Combo; F. R. Satcben gave the '
Rosa Lee Ashley win make the' sing. Mrs. Ester Robinson will. ( gave two selections. The group message. Miss CorneliaGrady,
summary. Mrs.InetHarrlswin>z; accept final reports from the 4s led by Lawrence Bryant, Mrs. Majorle McClam, aDd
sing. Rev. J.M. Dixon will deliver .. secretaries, assisted by Deacon trumpet, assisted by MichaelBossord Timothy Collier are class spon
the education sermon.The Namon Anderson. drums; Renard Hanson sors. *
service begins at 730. The next Union Meeting win be piano; and Nathaniel James .Marva Knowles, C.A. senior,
In the Sunday School which held at the Mt Olive Primitive organ. Principal Fred R. participated In the annual statewide
opens at 9:30, Deacon William Baptist Church June 26 to June Brooks made remarks Elks Oratorical Contest
Hunter superintendent, will be 30. i The Vocational Club Is co- held In Jacksonville last SUD aY.
in charge. Mrs. A.M. Frailer Officers are: Rev. H. Robin 'sPonsored by S.R. Williams, O. Mrs. R.K. Ragsdale and Mrs.
I d win review the lesson. Reports son, president; Rev. Rollins,,' .R. Muldrow, J. H. Harmon, and Shirley Smith were 111 and out
1 vice-president; Deacon Namon, ,Nathaniel Harris of school one day .last week.
'CET FAST ILESSED RELIEF I Ii Anderson, secretary; Deacon Edories Johnson and Richard Mrs. Mary Etta Gamble has'
Joseph McPherson, treasurer; :Johnson, were visitors last been at ber home In Monticell
i ITCHING Deacon William Hunter, Sunday 'week. Both are graduates of for the past two weeks. Her
superintendent,Deacon .Central Academy. They now reside tmgband, Damon, has been very or
SKIN Eugene Mathew, Bible Expositor in Newark. N.J. 'W. .
Mrs. A.M. Frazier, The C.A. tract team Is workIng -
; Central
.. The Academy High
SCALING -- -- .. &Q. '" to ike.
Program Chairman. Central out. They expect (
School Band and The
Women's Auxiliary officials Simpson Methodist Orarch's Choir No. S wail'be presented la Barbara Morgan, Mrs. Beatrice Dinghy, Mrs. Ruth Pierce Chorus part In area trick meets next
SKIN are: Mrs. Mary Robinsonpre recital Sunday, March SI, at 6:M p.m., In the sanctuary of the and Rayfleld Green. Rev. .Roblnson, Jr., Is pastor. The Academy High School Tabor week.
sident Fannte" church. The choir ls directed by Carter T. Lewis. Miss Betty church is located at Kings Raod and Cleveland Streets. Bob performed at the Mt. The Community Action Center
I vice-president "fl.EsterMc- Bullard and Miss Levels Irving will be accompanists. Miss Smith.fhoto. I First Baptist Church Sunday, of Palatka Is now able to help

', SKIN Pberson, secretary; ; Mrs. Bullard Is president. Advisors are: Mrs. O.A, Burns, Mrs. y- the The Annual Daytona Calendar Beach Rally.Revue was people who have legal pro
blems. If meet the Qualifications
,rumors Hannah Houston treasurer; the of the week. yon
"turn success omniotT. big program
,f'' Relieves Itching, Scaling end Mrs. Trellis B. Murray Sunday Rose Ot Sharon Mt. Sinai's New Mt.. Moriah Chbrc'hHas Mt. Ararat Usher Several professional groups Bar stipulated Association by the and Putnam the
Irritation of Ptorlaiis.tlTKUDTOTOEMOTICTIOH. School Secretary; Mrs. including LU Abe tad the House
,,, .n c_... Earlene F. Alback, pianist; Bible Club MeetsThe Rockers, The Mldnigbters, LU Community Action Program
.,. Head Announces "
able to
eat II C IeMY a.n Deacon David Harvey Chorus Missionary Day Agency we may be assist
t1 urn sr aa '"leiI Harvey, the Bethune Cookman of our
President and Rev. B. Sheffield Rose of Sharon Bible Club Mrs.. B.W.Williams will be UM Collegians, The Soul Messen yon with some ,
.. net- resldeDt.I will meet Sunday at 4 p.m., In the Special Meet Mrs. Queen Bruton will be the problems.
"' at New Bethel speaker for the annual tea of Usher gers.The There Is no charge for any of
: -C cciil :SJ. : speaker
MM* home of Mrs Elvera Corbett,Ins Church was sponsored
\ Nwn-wu.a. .. Board No. 2 of Mt Ararat I' program
You ,
the Center's services are
I. M MM winMpmtt
I _itiM rmt Mm...m+n West 12th Street. Mrs Naomi Alexander Rev. Benjamin J. Lane, new ThlrdandTylerStreetsIn Baptist Church Sunday Yard for the benefit of the C."" Band
I I In and talk with
,I ft t. MM the Interest of MissionaryDay. Invited to comd
.; rYM1.1 a": ::. Negro Heads Lisa is president. pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary 31!, at the YMCA 582 West 8th; Parents Association. 'our Director or Counselor.'lbeCent.r
Baptist church. 1551 Lee, has This Is month ,
from 4 to 6 p.m.Participants pledge ,sponsor Is located at 1121 Madison
ME Church DistrictRev. called a special conference for Mrs. M.A. Jones Is chairman. wm be Dee WhlU ad by the C.A. Band Parents. "
IUUIIC, : I Street.African.
,lUSllnt Georgia Singers Are Friday March 29, 7.30 p.m. Mrs. Olivia Harrell Is president bead. Dee Baker, Rev. J. Bryant All C.A. Canes, Clubs and
of the youth activities.Mrs.
4, ,'!bt man born with the gift. Sumpter M. Riley, Jr. "The regular monthly meeting Mrs F. Fudge Mrs Shirley groups parents patrons and '
listed For ConcertThe will also be held at the Beatrice Zelgler willuteadthewelcome United Will
same financial
t Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Ma'con has been appointed superintendent Faulk, "rs.Vests McNeal b, friends art making
The choir
through Lima district of the time, Instead of the meeting of. address. Pauline pledges for the new band uni
Georgia. It Is Gods of the Mrs. Wlni- Mrs. Brown ,Mrs EUi I At
win be directed by Have Tea Nlgbl.nm'er
1 that I can remove all evil con Methodist church, becoming the Celestial Singers of Aprils. Williams. Bryant, Mrs. Pansy Bowman, forms.
:tfltlons, some questions you may first Negro to bead a Methodist Brunswick, Ga. will be in reel- ford and Mrs.win Ollle be directed by. Mrs. Maragret Ruthe,"rs.Lucille The C.A. Science Club, H.O. tea-will be sponsored
'''.wish to toow< district In Phlo. ;'tal Sunday March 31, at 7:30p.s. Presides The ushers Jones, Miss Karen Winter.o Gill, sponsor, win particlapte by the African United Church

Dr. Riley said his appointment at .St..Stephen's A.M.E.. Mrs. L. B.W.HalL Bruton and Arthur Hostesses will be Miss Diana. In the annual High School Sunday night,March SI,at I p.n.
YOU NEED .MONEY laths church. Rey. J.W. Johnson George Science Fair, Saturday April
DO offers new opportunities Mitchell will be in charge of the Bailey, Miss Vennett Browi, Participants will be Genuine )
B MY SICKNESS NATURAL? migrated church." He said pastor. There 1s no admission. .reception. Rev. E.Jones Is pas* and Miss Theresa Williams, 6, at the University of Florida Trapp. Bertha Bell, Dan Thomas \
CAN MY HUSBAND STOP none of the Methodist churchesla Mrs. Lea Morris president, In Gainesville Florida. and The Bran Children.
will be In
DRINKING? Mrs. D.B. Barnes lot FF.: Donaldson 1 Miss Rosa Ue Mer itt Is Mrs. VWsrdaatdantdlrecaEa -
the Lima district U a Negro reporter The Traveling Stars will fur,
.* CAN MY LOVE ONES BB RETURNED church. He had been minister chart*; d the. 4QerCh School '_ and Rev.'DJ:Gr I tor"of \AI.U\ _a,visitor at: nish music. Mrs. Roseburr to '1
Delivers AddressMrs.
a:: ? of the Cory Methodist Church 4a.m. Is pastor. sponsor.
C2 In Cleveland for 10 years.
:; They call me the Rootman( ). D.B.Barnes, coordinator .
rt But I am only a servant of Col of the George O. Sumner
because:: God U the answer to Scholarship Commission, will I
wall life's probelms. I aa thet Ushers UNION giver her annual address Monday

Kind of all Day Prophet. Send ni&btprO S, at 7.30 p. name '
for my special selected: Bible Plans SvriiyRevival m.at eRoanokeBaptist school is your :
virus To be radon SPECIAL and Baptist Training Union congress. j
DAYS. The congress Is aa aoxlliary II
A5' Send a sel{-drtutd,stamp. Hour of the General Baptist ,

.i*ed envelope tad $2.00 for Bible State Convention of Florida. DR.SUSIE C. IffiLLEY.Dr. _
:.:versa and spiritual Messages. The Friendly West Side Ushers Rc. L.J. Alford will be boat Suit C. Bailey will preside in the book ? '
S'You will receive Bible verses Union will have the revival hour pastor Rev. CJB. Felderstate over the Woman's Missionary
."..by return mall. Sundary at 2:45 In the FIntCortDthBapttst president, has announced that and Educational Convention
f ,$END TO: Church. Rev. W.L. JonesIs Mrs. Barnes will make the response 1 n West Palm Beach -
v Rev. Roosevelt Franklin pastor. "U.ubertaF05terwm to the welcome of the April 9 to Inclusive.. This ;:'
( WO Morrow Avenue present the muter ceremonies, Parent Body on Tuesday night 1s an auxiliary of the General \
-v-ttacon, Georgia JU01. George W;-Bruton. Phillip Ala act. at 730. Baptist convention of Florida / . .. ,. .. "/ '

,J 1 speciallu In all case work. .president and a state unit of the National '
r+-'.Phone area code:912-745-6475. Miss Julia Brooks Baptist Convents U.S.A., Inc. Books Close Sat., April 6, Noon
2 s beaded by Dr. Joseph H. Jackson

WHEN YOU ARE ILL Dies After IllnessMiss of CMcaco. I'

'''a'Y u Seek The Best Doc- Julia Alice Brooks who' Pride Of" Macao You ,can't vote

.l:; tor. When Your Doctor taught lic schools In Duval for mar,County than pub-50 Meets April 4 't .'if 'you're notfregistkred

Get Elp.rleDced <
years prior to her retirement. Pride of Maceo Temple No.
Pharmacists To In 1963 died Sunday In a Jacksonville 1M will meet April 4 at I p, I
."b Pill Prescriptions Ac- P'Pr..crlb. hospital after a long m. at 712 Duval street. Mrs.

C'. cording To Your Doctor s UIn.... HJ. James Is Daughter Ruler. 1
Border.. A lifelong rsident of Jacksonville Mrs. Queen B. Williams Is re. When you gradual from high school they
; she was a member of porter. put your name it\ the school yearbook. .
eCl le ,Use Only The Best the Bethel Baptist Institutional : When you have'a telephone installed, they !
:Mfr Quality Drugs C. E. BLACKfir' church and th e Seekers of Lily White LodgeNo. put your name in the telephone book. I

Proprietor Truth Sunday school class. But only -can get your name ;
174 Will Meet
: :* .
During her career Miss most
acid Registered Pharmacists To Serve You in the important book of all-the roll
Brooks taught first second and The White
Lily Lodge No. 174 the '
;' of Registered Voters of precinct- I
1=2 third grade classes. She was a win have the first meeting for .
::2.O..A; COMPLETE LINE OP .. ..... member of the John E. F;-d April on April 4, with Mrs. Ethel "Election Book.
&& Elementary school faculty: Hopkins. 1317 West 7thln- And if you're'not. in the {book, you, ought ,
'fi Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sun- the time of her retlr4mo! ;. stead of at !the usual place.The to be., w
'X dries The vegeral educator was alsoa meeting will open at B p jn.Mrs. Because, if you're not registered,you can't
member of the Seminole Cul. 1 the Election Day.
Angelena Hogan is president get in polls come
-PRESCRIPTIONS FOR AND ture Club and the LJl.Lerls,, Mrs. MabelUne Wells lessorstat' You cant even vote for dog catcher-

KINGS ROAD 353-1279! YWCA. much .ices mayor, councilman, congressman,
Survivors Include a brother unless Ia'in J
eenator'ot president- your name
Lilly's Dm Store James. B. Brooks.of Jackson I iN. MEMORIAMMBS. the book.'l '
ville.. You don't even lave the right to complain

f -unless'you're: ,registered and vote. 4

So don't cut yourself out of this year's kayj f
Studio Now Open elections. Get your name in the book. A'lot

.4 of your friends and neighbors art already I "

15TH & MYRTLE IF. YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, OR baud there. If you know of one who ito't, ;
take him with you when you go to I II
,l 2422 N.. MYRTLE AYE COME OF AGE SINCE, THE LAST on this 'Roll of Honor" of Americans. Amend

I \ ''ELECTION r.ad thltMIOIf ,then-we'll see you: at the polls! _
768-3200 ( TEMP ) I

I Ev.n U you had prtvkHMly > fHIT VOTIISI If you have .\
wuid under celebrated 21et birth
r*< your your '
*den you day ainc*the laM election lorIf
; GRAND OPENINGs VrriLDfK HUGGQBIn rfi t.r pmts uodtr your you"nnr" will be 21 by Eleclloa. Be sure
memory of Mrs. VltallneHugglns ..... B: sun your Day, st your rtame.in-the, "
"..riM MAM" It la the book. .t '
: i who departed this lift ;book: MIMSIM OF..THI ARMIO you're registered! ,'
,March It, 1967. Grand- MOYWIII'OUhav.vocl FOaCIt-tee qouVotin! !J-;: .
Easter Sunday Color. Pictures daughter of Mrs. Beatrice from UM product w..... you Officer for "the word. on ,:,' ,"
how can vote. .'tt' :
Boss. won ,.."iouaIy.&oiocI. you .
Easter SOB. And Easter Mop. We love you but God love you you hive to refieter s tain. OOINO AWAY IIICTION.. .' Y
rr Make sure your new addreteti DAnVo'-6nt-b/AbM. AT _
best. heart still (8)
My hurts and
te the book! tie Ballot. "
E will for-ever. Hoping to meet "
April. 1 14th Aid 15th ,
Court House
joa some day. County ::t2 .
Signed: Mother and Family ""' .I
:; Bob Smith, Fashion, Photo R M,and Weeks. ; ,



\ I
1n: .

U. ,'"J J; .... .' .\r'b., ...... ...,. 'h' f... th";,, .. .. ..:. ... ..a' ;=...:.& _.... .1.-. _.ar, _JI'.t,. Tl9YMMebiUMt. t. lY. __' ..t.. .. a ;.' .. ..'. .. .". .. .. .. _. ,.ro. ... ..'_.. .,.' ... 1.. \...a;.......F.."aNi7" .. ...."....d3dnv...."'-.................. ... '

. . ,



etoooi *. *t* sssi.
<>. titHHOtlttttttl

.. .. .... .,, '4.ii..-

.jULLttmt.tmtttnloiaWerHoine EM.1.NI.NE .


11p$ Easter Coats and Suits in Bloom

New Uiiforns Mil

with a shirt a Puritan collsred J
BY UZ CCrtAK blare or V-n<
The new mod "wet look"now the ruffle for dste-balt
la available In wallcover Jackets come In several lengths.Newest
ings. If you hire admired this are "Th Bell Boy" and
shimmering glossy look In w long.swMtcr-type"Bonni*."Skirt
women a clothing and accessories an dirndl,flared or duster.pleated.
boots purses, shoes, irAir A*for lengths,the entire fashion Is
outerwear and dresses you the thlng-and here, too designers
might enjoy It on your wall as have given you a choice from mini
'well. to maiL
Imagine burst of bold
Costume see Easter n tor ls.
blooms In psychedelic colon
Onset with their own costs or lit-
shimmering on your kitcheq or r
laundry room wall. No need Utjackets-oftcn contrasting.Cspe
for meal time or washday blue airing ap t-elepnt in costumes.
and don worry about splatter Want to b* different? Choose a
and tains The "wet look" I* sleeveless coat or jacket over a
completely Bcrubbable and extremcly .. w lon<<-.1eewd fariilon-or a alp-front
durable. Jumper that doubles as a coat. Or
The new wallcoverings by a dress m suiting bbrie-csllcd a
Unlted/DeSoto are printed IDa aulld,..... Fabrics are lightweightand
variety of contemporary and r
gently teitnred Worsteds-
traditional designs all witha
coat of plain or surfaced.Cabsrduiea,wool
shining heavy vinyl
over their face to achieve the crepe bengsllne. Jacquards,
desired glossy effect 4A featlierwcight aneltona and ahetlands. jJj
The "wet look" ha been T .Checks and plaids.
gathering steam for many year Color are sidling, but not a*
as the new vinyl fabric were e? .wr
.perfected. For Instance. Bar-
bra Streisand tattled her fan wild.Navy Is very Easter%&Black
by h a v I n g her kitchen wall Is la again Then there are the
covered with red patent leather. brighta-redt, oranges, a one coral
A* the vinyl became more ,and parrot green Pastels Include
plentiful varied and cheaper. blurt,pink Mcbaa: yellows,alabaster .
the Carnaby Street designer Ts. and white.Promenad.1n .
picked up the fad and made i Easter promiM the molt one of the new romantic
vinyl the thing for the mod set.
romantic, nod feminine taMon* coat and suits and reesiv.aosegay.of .
But you need not be a Beatle
wve seen in years.Soft mitts
fan to enjoy the "wet look" on .
how off jackets with more(hopeand .
your walla This new way of ?
treating wallcovering will add skirt with flips of pleat or
sparkle to your home even : flirty flam. Coats will piuiiioi dola
i turn on the entire family The a delight of eUtned ..... big .h
fJ new, Fabricate and Femlnlque pockets and button.
collection by Unlted/DeSoto'I Costa and molts are Eaoter tra-
't 1 have a large election of "wet ., '.IJ diUons-snd becauea fabric are
look" patterns from which to F. lightweight and soft they'll bo
:i choose, Both wallcovering arcrubbable
wearable for month after The**
s and .
atrippabtajFemlnlque are theS.0I National Board oftkr
1 also I* prvpwted.
Gout and Suit wt.IdIfed.
collection1represent Industry
Pattern from these
.. .
a fashion Investment keeps *.-
for home offering .. Many of the nom coats are betted
beautiful your surroundings.JMfII And J::...:;; ..n T.-" ._ 't n -..' ;;-I'/! .t.. -' ..J or deml-belud-end contoured' Jib
I since! these wallcovering ar". The winter retteomt(left)and the swMner cottar put of the ilfaUblve. The snipe ft aa A"1lDt, donut wlta a tint glj er. dresses. lulls Include updated
ftrippeble. youll find redecorating United Air Line New stewardess ensemble aad will t von this 'Both bats are kept shaped tad matched the coats. Kiss Brown chain combining bather or .....
I quick and easy when summer. Illss Carolyn Brown, Springfield, Uass., on the left: was an Ebony tenth-annual model last ,ear. Miss Hopkins Is atria Also alottod a..uWta..
that time.come wears a winter garment of pure wool la Hawaiian Snout Miss based in Los Anteles. Sometime. the curve looks boat
I ,Frances Hopkins of Baltimore, wears a Miami SaMj trimmed la unbelted Shirt looks prevail !.
'" costa and auiU-whlch only results
ta a girl looking" man ao. a-

tls "YOUR DOLLAR ThB. Nehru hem dub Mend collars-up.. War convertible your out or.



III BY Ira MARTHA DO cotnctdeDoe BRANDT that the cg.eauty t Jg.:; Parisiennel.IM

leap year men are leaping Into
AT YOUR BANNER view in color a* never before' A SNOWBALL FGHT' *
If then* a man on your shopping
list bare are a '*w UpI on WITH MISTER RIGHT
QUANTITY SATURDAY color In men clothe court**? .
RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH H .... ".FOOD STOREVEGETOLE of the Textile Dye Inatttuu The MW go.oow clothes ftNtW > ""!' '' .k ,
L Shirt Turlleneck. button :: YORk (ED-F.*hion .F' r
down or no collar at ail. shirt for winter sports used to he aU --
aN more colorful than ever pill and chill practical Now. \' '
U the man on your list 1* aUra mini-tkim r''r4rI
will" skate toho,
and trim he can got away with
horiaontal I t r l p s* on turtlenecks Bun and ski tunic, knickers
(U he* not trim better )ho)" I)'PC leans (hold, gold
rule the style out anyway). with" a vhimmcr-all arc I
Moat any man of any ala ap packing up to go. Popcorn f
predates the change la pace of knits conic out in hip-slung 1
more colored shirts la bit sweeten' that slither down' to '
39 ,everyday wardrobe. Colon aN meet fchorlMop' pants and I t
now more subtle a* well a* Ihlfh.high' ,Lirt\, Big. 'cor> .0 n I I'vf Ir
1 more varied'thanks to the
LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH work of the drestuS Industry grout sun"goggle, arc to fcmi- .
>$<5.00 OH MORE FOOD ORDER J. Tame bleat That doesnt ,nine they make a parka look tw
like a jXRnoir. Buhhle-knit
mean that you ve lost a eet
hahy capchug the h..lrline.ad .
but that you can now play on
fr aome of the beat court la the make you look like a toddler t
"DIXIE CRTSTALSUGAR .; world la colored tennis gear Mho, Lno.he. way' around. a
.l Pastel blue and yellow with *
DETERGENT N. striped trim are being seen at Tb Big Bad Wind *.
,I some of the beat club (of andMakhli! .
eoura*. short and /shirt must ., y
Swirling flake
match). aJ
and ke blue, invigorating -
> Color I* pan One 01 the
moat colorful spot to sport I*. air. ? rr 'aI ,
s of all place the,golf court. Makes you feellikeasnowmuid
Championship golfers have -
t REG. made color golfing clothes famous 'cn. Nut every
290 FANCY RED RONEdH( ) and now even those who blustery(:U\I can t it
'" S ll, SIZE, think: "fore!" coma after three shutter your shcltered. -
ti APPLES JLB 49* can wear any color Bed*. indoor i
DAS SAG bright yellow and other bright skin Creamy lotion "4: "
..hade* are the moat popular.
is a mutt to \
r : They are also the moat visible
., which ha a protection factor your com '
LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH (51111' 29 e aa well a* aa aesthetic one: plexion before t -
IB.: 'and after hit
,10: no excuse for hitting a golfer you
$ 500 OR MORE FOOD ORDER dressed In bright red. BR the trail Lip -.IM tttXMt MIS trom nna H oat nu are bact-a voaotr-
=-- gloss keeps your fill piece& of news tor women who bavt always loved the good looks.
,smile from splitting The best lev- and comfort of this easy way of dressing. Davldow fashions aneasyfit '
VILISRURYFLOUR son this side of the beginners town suit of Irish linen and buttons It in brass. Flap pock.'
Remember Your Eon I I slope is a tender, loving lotion eta decorate the front of the Jacket. A boldly printed Irish linen

When you wash your tare, all,cal cd Sea Breeze. Kisses the handkerchief spills out of one pocket The balancer to this new
wash your ear with a soapy was!Ailing out of windburn. Cools it. fashion look Is the Tightness of kneehlgh socks far city wear on
t ti cloth wrapped around jour lit ICurbs! irritation and that flashy the elegant women this year

APICNICe39G; : fwger. [feverish blush! eo


BACON ll. 69 Rgx49C'

LAL. sroets'




. LB. 59c COFFEE' 'p. 4 ;'" *,



P RK id.W- ,
j .s

*** ** STAMPS { t :


f I IitJ.., n

.-. .., <, ,



< : ]] i. 'j 1


\: : :

.'; : ? : :

Why Is It that to often the very things that are good for people Souffle Made With Tune
TO MEAL are the very things they don't want or like? nil Is wpclaUy There's always room for another
tree Jo the case of children.Just about every nether alive good way to use tanned: ,
nows tow difficult It Is to of Americas favorite .,
... get youngsters to eat the foods tone
1-4&AAAAA 1-. that are good for them especially vegetables.The usual response
'to a serving of vegetables is either "ugh" or something Tuna SouffleS t
."they taste Ickly." Perhaps the young ones do hare t point tablespoons marrarlnet .
Sweet Sour Beets because If we arent; careful some vegetables win turn out tar-. tablespoon corn starch
ting rather "blah." yt teaspoon salt
For 'a great way to brighten 1/4 teaspoon saltS H teaspoon pepper
f op the taste everyday, vegetable dashes ground nutmeg 1 cop milk
s turn t to Tang Instant Chopped parsley 1 V'/t' to ,ounce) can tuna t
Breakfast Drink.Whether added chained and Baked 4 i
'added to a sauce as for Piquant Place carrots in saucepan wit 4 egg yolks, wen beaten
Carrots or Sweet-Sour Beetso Miougn water to cover; corer 4 en whites, stiffly beaten
.S r comnlne with butter for and simmer until tender Drain !
versatile Vegetable Butter,' reserving liquid. If necessary, Melt margarine In ..uoepanl!
Tang certainly does the trick. measured Uquled in sancepna. Blend In corn starch, salt and
The bright orange-flavored instant Add instant breakfast drink pepper t 0 m heat.*
-. / breakfast drink makes vegetables butter, salt and nutmeg. Bring O milk. Cook
eoataaU"Re- over medium heat,stirring constantly
abound with tasty good to boll stirring until thickened. sUr ml
DeS,. duce beat and thicket tuna and egg yolk Fold In.
The new Improves Tang is even and stir until mixture egg white Pour Into messed'
: better than ever, with a more Add carrots and heat throughlySprlnkly :3-quart casserole' or souffle
natural orange taste than be- with parsley, if de- dish. Set In pan of hot water.,
/. sired. Make 4 servings. Bake In ISO degree P. (moderate -
fore. ) oven 50 to M minutes until, i'4
When you try these dandy little puffed and golden brown.,
Ideas for everyday vegetables ea'to' servings-
don't be surprised If the :
children ask for seconds' Dad
will, too, to be sure.
Making Jelly

1 teaspoon orange flavored In. I
stant breakfast drink ,
1 tablespoon water j,., 't"1' I
chopped parsley .
2 tablespoon ,
or chopped chives (optional) ,

Dissolve instant breakfast I ." .
drink in water In a small sauce 9"f. ." "
w. ... .
Add butter, pasley andnalt.Beat .
Kvervtty gre \vegetables com alive tad atamd with good pan. 3'
.flavor vim served with Vegetable Butter New Improved Tanc, ennui butter X melted very. i is me time to make give an assortment of somemaoe canou* ana COOUM.
Instant Breakfast Drink also tends a bright orange flares to and mlsture Is blended. Pour Coffed.Brittle and Coffee Cashew Kisses both flavored wWI rich.'j full-bodied Instant Sa*
Sweet-Sour Beets making them sparkle with good taste- the over S or 4 servings of hot,' Coffee: ,would bat_ most welcome gift o n any occasion.
whole family will ask for seconds. cooked, green vegetable. '
Sweet Sour Beets RECIPELemon
RECIPEI! 1 Can stored beets
1 tablespoon orange-flavored ;e"ay Velvet and Froaen Tutu,FrutU.'both made with Pet
Easy Dessert To Make instant breakfast drink Evaporated Milk whipped ao It triple In volume. are temptingly .
roe esawstslto.huw cool and tangy. They quick and treasure for
This dessert may look fancy but It can be prepared easily for 1 tablespoon butter It .sec., livening the dessert scene at your firs bouse. easy
any occasion. The dessert U made with layers of homemade teaspoon garlic call .
pudding graham cracker and cream to give the ribbon effect. Drain beets, reserving J/4 KEEP MOVING LEMON VELVET
Owcolal Ribbon Dtsertt cup liquid Blend cornstarchwith Instead *f waiting for fish t* Loss pag. lemon gelatin
tablespoons com starch 1 ""'pootIrrutne beet liquid in a uucepsn.Add cans t* you pe leaking for them, iy cup boiling water
breakfast drink urges the fishing. department at H cap PET Evaporated Milk
tablespoon. cores Instant tl
1 teaspoon vanilla Mercury eutbearda. FUh. ere net (i srsai all)
auger butter, salt, and garlic salt.Cook ; I Tablesp. _
: =: II (114-11 tlqurt) evenly distributed throughout a npr
graham crackers and stir until mixture lake er river they nets, and timepent I Tablrsp. irises Jules
iti rape ester 1 haey ,1IIppe4 bolls. Reduce beat and continue w looking pay elf better Yt np graham cracker crumbs
ClIp cream
V4 cup Ugh com syrup to cook and stir until mixture IrGj than just a-olttln'. 1 Tablnp. wH4 Latter er margarine
Combine com starch cocoa,lUlU and salt In saucepan. Oradu- thickens. Add beets; beat Dissolve gelatin In boiling water In a IH-quart bo'wt Chill
ally Mlf In water and eon trrup. Stirring constantly brine to throughly. Make 4 servings. Cancer until thick but not Arm. Chill evaporated milk In M tray until
boll and boll 2 minute. Remote from heal. SUr In marfarln Fight almost frown at edge Put Ice-cold jUlk end auger into cold
and vanilla. CooL mall bowl of electric .
mixer for m-quart bowl) Using cold
Spread thin layer of pudding In Individual dishes or IHquutaervtnf S cups sliced curios Recapture, practice, or lean the art of jelly making U a almple beaten whip with electric mixer at high speed or with rotary
dish. Top with layer of graham crackers then whipped/ Water inexpensive way. Kool-Aid Instant Soft Drink adi provides good With ACheckip beater until Hurry. Add lemon juice and whip until aUfl. Stir t
cream. Repeat until all ingredient are used. endlni with layer 1 tablespoon orange-flavored trait flavor and a clear bright color to this homemade family favorite chilled. gelatin mixture alighUy. Beat Into whipped mixture at i
oC whipped cream. Whipped cream may be piped on for a decora- Instant breakfast drink .low peed scraping aide ol bowl often. Spoon Into desesrt
live effect Chill at least 1 hours. (nU desired.) Makes e toe f And A Check dishes alternate layers with a mixture ot cracker drubs.and
awrlnta. Recipe may be doubled k _1 tablespoon butter ...... _.,' ... J I ..... v 'UUEDGEWOOD' \) ', .buwtAe rearprtne. s.r,.f. to ,' .ip' e r "



,AVE. STORE' SHOP I 3000 V. 45JH S1r'.PIICES IN illS



9 A.M. TO 6 P.M.



Sugar Cured 6 TO' 8lB.AVERAGE .

SMOKEDPICNICS U.S. #1 The store that \

1. POTATOES Uares about you!) LB.j

11 t ittitntitiittttmti
j ... 1


LB.39! 10 LB.1SC jj. /J I FLOUR 5''B. 4ge BACON. % 49C

LBS. WITH'5.00
'AlP (LIMIT 1 Inl $5 II IDlE ..mi) ,

PIES ('5 ::: 790

ORATE "1" $licn IIEIIUSTIOml1T COFFEE 2tL.s:. 99C : s. ,


F AB i U.CLU .IC. BREAD 4 1yJlR. 9ge ROASI IINE_ INl1ArES ll. 484 \




,.t'lZ. CAN 10* SHORTENING 3 u. CAN # k l
prrriTTrnrrrroT iiiiiiiii ii i uMirriTrySPECIAL'


33 i1 IATIIIIM }

: TISSUE 4 IILLS 35t t

; ., .s. 'fill I'Ul. 1' "

6.00 .1-15!c -a.ac:' CHUCK ROAST a .,4,t :3 PINT l ; ::1!

FLA. HADE; A _. !

\ tIf SMALL EGGS 2 nz. IN CIT. ,S.e }.AAejLjui, AJ* *A* teeeeeeeeftttttttttllfll MAN1O .1 f III1CC, m .:n1a 11 { l


n l
; ', v.
'. ::.. < ; I. t
P' ". :"' 01" : }I. ... r

_ ..,:. '_ ';. "'Safi_ ,. ..!_, _rk L.>\ ,:........w''J'.I.'J._ : j..",

.. v >. >. .x i. -\ v ."i .* v t v.v-r vvirVvVV \ .. ..., ..._ --< ;;;i i '- :. T'-.. .. ..'......+T'>-'>y' r'r'J' yfor I'y"i'WVa Vi> rvaww"Vv Y4W'VW.+'Vww t o dwrc vVPF



as r ; i 1 .e,,



Nancy Wilson Visits Winter And Summer Combine

1 1 1 1 ITI yi'i' iTnrmTnrva i u u i u n i i rm* 1 1 1 i "i i'i-i i'i irrrrg >a .

Beach : When April Comes To Miami I

f MIAMI BEACH, FLA. **,*! strikes a happy average at Miami

: NOW tAt BURGER Shorts climate.Beach, combining most of winter's activities with a summery

1.- Another welcome sign of the time forspiing visitors to land

CASTLE changing season Is the April a cltatto Ishm or maybe even a
reduction In hotel rates wel- trophy. The best time of the
Ij South Florida's oldestbuildta come at least to the vacationer.
5I .rear. for tarpon Just begin&hg -
: ,5780 HW 7A AVENUE the Cape Florida lighthouse I Prices drop an average of 25 ; a. is that for ,large
five miles south of Miami
tome per cent at March Is closed out mouth bass. The latter Is one,
:: t. '.. Beach, will have a much-needed on the calendar thereby making of the only two fresh water
r old brick tower
ltd face-Wing. > rooms available In a range from species of the 3) recognizes
that has withstood storm and $10 to $30 and $40, double. the tournament.
) 1) Indian attack In Its more'than With May come the summer by Other out-of-door recreation
IJt4-NEW a century and a quartet W'
bargains that arexamong the
in addition to fishing Included
: 1. of a state park. Ea
part best travel buys In the world. skin diving, sailing golf tennis -

%./ X pia?: A GIANT mAT years beacon ago was wena darkended new structure many Rates the then ultra start luxurious around$6 hostels,with and sightseeing along with
hr even
swimming at beach or hotel
'SIR LUNCH '0 LOT1 'wa s built on- a nearby offshore quoting $15 to $20 double.On po 1.
reef. -
the Miami Beach enter Miami Beach's municipal golf
Latest estimate Is that Miami
FRIED CHICKEN Beach Is host to nearly 2,900. tainment scene In April are courses are open(flay> by all
000 vtsltorsannuallywboapenbmore horse racing, greyhound racing vacationers,with a holldayI41areas -*
than $600 million on vaVcations and ]Ja1 alai, converts and within the city. Greeds
FUHOt as all though the year, a selection -
fees at the two 18-hold llnknr.
71i here.World .
I 1. DINNER 3 PIECES OF OtIoctH COLE SLAW ROLLS : of night clubs. $5 1 I'April, drop>> to $3 In May
The thoroughbreds will race for the summer .The parthreeninebole

2. BOX el 9 Pints of Chickii 210 through April 2) at Gulfctream course Is $3, will be
It Park, the attractive track Just reduced to $1,50 May L Courts
: a few miles north of the city .at the city's two tennis centers

3. BUCKET of 15 Pisces of' Chicksa 375 Of leeld 111*' limits. The dogs will run rent for 25 cents, an hour per
through May > at the, Miami ,'
r . . Beach Kennel Clyb, then mo'eto person.'boats
9S Recording star Wilson resided at the Paradise Island with.guides for fishing
Nancy new ,
BARREL of' of ckkkii 4
4. 21 Pisces "Black Protest .the Biscayne oval on the
: Hlstory ocuments :- Hotel L Villas during her recent nine-day engagement at the are to be engaged at various
2 PIECES CHICKEN. and Analysis" Edited : nearby Paradise Island Casino.The vivacious singer was the first mainland of the summer. Jal docks: along the bay fr t.SaU-

5. SNACK-PAC K FRENCH FRIES, ROLLS 69t by Jonaane Grant; Publsldhed,'i"* artist to appear at the Casino,which opened recently. Alto In thegroup'were ala fronton will through be played May In L the Miami boats for bay cruising can be
by Fawcett Premier Boob her musical conductor road manager and personal rented u well as outboards.Scenic .
Greenwich, Cam 605 pp. 95y The Miami Beach Symphony tours range from a
business manager. A star of International renown,Kiss Wilson Is
Analyses of the Negro's struggle orchestra will ..feature'NadlaKajtten U-mhut train trip around
u u singer are generally very high, according to various Nassau record
'u ,MgMe violinist,in the municipal *
., are becoming Increasingly shops. The new $12,000,000 LoeWs resort complex will Lincoln Mall to an.) out-
,..::::... tt frequent and diverse,partly because house many of the entertainers scheduled to appear at the Casino. auditorium April T and inp .jy bus or boat. Points
.... ..... of the vtatatlons and Impetus Must Fujita, pianist, May 5, of Interest within Miami Beach
"" te movement has taken The Greater Miami Ilil! art. ,
.r' "__ ,, "" Include the municipal garden
."..- .............. In the l eo.. la order to reallysee "la The Heat Of The Niaht" monk will be heard on the same center Just west of Convention
.. stage April 9.
'" ... s'" where the struggle Is leadIng hall, and the Bass Art Museum
I : ,._ ... ::::.......:. !: or what has cause, or Is Although the Metropolitan at 22nd and Collins. All major
: :
; Is Most Movie
,- OpusAs Miami Fishing tournament closes
... ...... ...... causing the variations., It Is Important attractions on the mainland
:, ,.
... .. .... ..... .. to look at U In Us entirety. awards and citations continue to roll In, "In the Heat of Its 32nd annual meeting April on tour bus routes.MILLIAM .
fI/c" ,. 21 this leaves of
.,..... vr--."..... ,. the Night" Is now firmly estabUlhed u the most honored mo-' plenty
... .... .... Such an undertaking Is monumental. -
.. : .. Ham picture of the year In addition to accolades: from
......rw.r'a' e+ It can get bogged film and television sources, the film has made a clean
ti91lE TAKI down la Ideologies, personalities the religious field with significant awards from national pr..1 (BILL) PARKS JAMES ( PETER) GUNK
.c.-'! OUT and facts unless one ls tant, Catholic and Jewish organisations.

careful la the approach Presently nominated for seven rican Actor Rod Stelger and THE NEWKIKI'S
\ i IT 11 i I'l I I'l i iTITI i ITI I i I i 1111 i i i. la "Black Protest Joanna Academy Awards
P i i i I i 11 i i 11111 i'i'i'i i I i Grant not only dots a good Job including Sidney Potter) and for Its special -
Best Picture of the Year, the BAR
United Natlos Award.
THIS COUPON GOOD of putting the monumental work Norman JewlsonWalter Ml- Stelger additionally, has been
togethert but she sticks to the
risen productlo has alreadybeen honored u Best Actor for his BEER ON TAP
; subject.) ; Tie book is success named Best Picture of the role u the gum-chewing red- .. DRAFT, '
OFF ON PURCHASE ful attempt to establish the ea- Year V New York, Film Critics necked Southern sheriff by the -
FOR'20C tire history of the Negroes's' and the Cleveland Film New York Film Critics,the Cleveland 5910 N.W. ilK 'AVENUE
movement.Using .
protest Critics. In addition the United Film Critics, the National
a wide variety of documents Artists release was cited u Society of Film Critics MIAMI FLORIDA 33127
PHONE 151.9311
OF CHICKEN DINNERs Miss Grant Includes Best American Picutre of the the Hollywood Foreign Press ,
writings from some well known Year by the London Film Cri Association and the Film Dally
and two well known historians tics. In addition the United
t i i ijy i t tj e i j tj i ijyy i personalities and makers of Critics, the Hollywood Foreign
Artists releue was cited u Press Association and the Film
history Not only are the excerpts Best American Picture of the Dally Critics polL Director __ PRONE 7598907DECORATORS

well knitted together Year by London Film Fally natlonal Jewlson was cited u Best Director
to give a good historical account critics poll 904 major by the Cleveland Film 5 A1'S UPHOLSTERY
of black but the
protest newspaper radio televisionfilm Critics and the national theater .
book contains analyses and .'.
ter ewers who represented exhibitor orpnlr.aUoD.Show
commentaries which seek t a combine! reading and listening A-Rama. SQllpbanfa screen- 0
Interpret the modds. conditions.
audience of approximately playhouse was cited by the Cleveland -
aDd circumstances surroundingthe
seventv-tlve million. '
Critics and the
historic events of the pro- The religious organisations' Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Al TRESYANT, 5509 N.W. 7TH AVENUE

teat.. awards to "In the Heat of the Jewlson SUllphan t
Include are writings of W.E. Night" include Best Pictured and songwriters Quincy Jones MANAGER MIAMI FLORIDA 33127

B. DuBols, Marcus Gamy, the Year from both the Protestants poll's list of Best Five In their
Frederick Douglas,James Forman -
National Council of
categories for their contributions
James Farmer Lamgdom t William Church and the National Catho to "In the Heat of the FLOWERS BY WIRE PHONE 693-4531
Bradford Hole, Huges
lic office for Motion Pictures "
Macolm X, Dr. Martin Luther Night KITE 621-6056
and the
forthcoming Stanley
The film has been listed on
King Jr., Stokely Carmlchael, hues Human Relations Awardto
virtually top>> ten pictures 1949"TJlE
Charles Silbermaa, Lorraine' m."SINCE.
be presented by the New York of the Year list compiled by
Hansberry and many others.There ,, Chapter of the America Jewish
/ newspapers critics throughout
are also footnotes and"references Committee. THERESA FLORIST
the country.
to a host of otter'
s In addition to Its nomination
very good books making comments :u Best Picture in the current 5141 N.W. nTH AVENUE ,
of specific aspects of Academy awards "In the
race, : ::11111''
I Negro history and protest. Heat of the Night" hureceivedmominatlom 1 1 1 1 1 1 i r t t I

While the book gives a great for Best Actor (Rod WeloMne news for womea. HOMER HAWKINS, JR. ,
deal of the early history of the' Stelger), Best Director.(Norman with varicMlUes Mcompukkxl
the advice from the dentil: PROPRIETOR MIAMI FLORIDA ,
protest movement, most of the, Jewlson, Best Seteenplay '
"A dramatic break through
consideration and In-depth Adaptation (CStrlllng SUliphant) hM been ocomplkhed in the
analysis on the accomplishments : -' Best Editing (Hal Aabby), BedsSound appearance of elastic stocking;
of the 20th century especlally ( Gokiwyn Studio Depart- The aenrtceable but plain hoe-
what has hapDeClIn'the ment) and Best Sound Effects Serf which has served well for Your professional beautician

In 1960s.her Introduction Miss '(Jim rdcahrds). It has received but generations toda,'.U woman Oil available can walk- knows the answer...
.nominations from the British
Into any department or drugstore
'Grant points out that the Interesting Film Academy u Best Film and find truly sheer
thing about black protest From Any Source," Best Ame .elastic boa,.*
In the Intensity variety and,
yflfpUithnnHits' it hit amassed -

u y1i t 1 during the brief period of i ,1 'ICMmlI1I'i: Urst IS Is needed

Y the 1960s. It has brought a kind Ui0 _leVA'I'l'' II. peroxide to
of awakening and awareness of
. the Negro, and to the white man SHeLL'taTYftwrtlijMftN.W. color unwanted gray hair?
who have both been convincedfor 7* Ie VI.* ran ST.OX .

generation 'that to be black !"ems' der1N0ee I' PHQII[ :,,1 10'

nothln .
was One significant thing about Hair care and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray,
hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical '
relaxlng -
what black protest is doing also 5.454 NONE OX i I-OHI
j -can dull a woman's ,
appearance and make her took older'
lithe pointed great out concern by Miss of the Grant IO'IJernmnt. "A UVIM ...vie. roe TM. UVIN", than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging i

jFrank effects, many are hesitant about using permanent peroxide
Williams The development of the guy-'. RANGE halrcoloring which may change the natural hair color while;

ernment Interest can be traced'to 8737 N. W. 17TH AVENUE!' :\ coloring gray. ,

two factors: The Negro vote ,M.. ATMAUB RAH_ 'N.: PXTBIC* a1ANeiorMe Professionally-trained hairdressers know the Importance of
and the their customers' preferences when unwanted becomes a1'
Negro protest of the aua MAI. 4WN..A gray
} And Hjs Rocketeers 1960s. The Importance of the .. O)"'ICTKIM rUN./. ......0.- problem. These experts also know that Clairol created semi;;
Negro vote was clear by 1944 permanent Loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide. .
LITTLE and its role In the balance of to color only the gray without changing the natural shade. They
Featuring BEAVER power has Increased ever since. also find Loving Care blends tack color faded by chemical'

What.. demonstrated In the NEW AND USER CARPETS AND ROES processing. Because of its r-ildness, Loving Care maintains'
-Soul Stuff' Do RiKht Man" "I- Feel My Love .Coming Dowii<; recent election: of two Negro .healthy looking hair and lasts through a month of shampoos..
mayors In large cities and Whatever a woman's reason for wanting Loving Care for her
Appearing NightlyCONTINENTAL what has been revealed In the LINOLEUM II ALL SIZES hair she Is always wise to consult a professional beautician./
: recently published report of the Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol products
President's civil disorders and the training to promise each patron the loveliest and most

: CLUB committee on the cause of riots LINOLEUM' CITY personalized haircolorlng effects every time she visits her salon.

and protests win undoubtedly If you dislike gray, and want no peroxide, why not ask your
do much la paving the way for ,GEORGE( SILVERHAN 5651. N.W..7TI: AVE., MIAMI beautician/ to glamorize It with Loving Care?

6000 N.W. 7th Ave. Miami Fla. even greater accomplishments: MANAGER '151.0021 ..* !CUM inc.1967 CourtMy of CUM In&jun
:: In the next,10 years. ,
tlf f ,

1bt 1'f I

,f I t S1

,.' \ ,jI", ., ,
......... D. _L"4> .\L .-Aau'ic ..

_n n. .
fr ., -



I' Cleveland' Urban League Seeks Negro Teachers For Suburban 'Schools. i I


/:; White Easinesses Lose Riding, Walking HelpfFor The, Minorities Opportunities Are Offered. i:

/ Pilgrims Attend ;

If Guilty Of Race Bias For Professional Progress

Special 'SchoolsWASHINGroN CLEVELAND Cleveland Urban League 2060 Euclid Avenue
public accommodations who.w =- @ Cleveland, Ohio has set up a Teachers Recruitment Committee -
taken: to court lnTerr"e ---nr. Martin
by Negroes for 41scrlmJDaUOD ndilf to assist providing Qualified Negro teachers to flU available -
? to tile Negro complainant In court, must hereinafter Luther King's Poor Peopled.Campaign positions la suburban schools.
SKf2 SSrJ!*'atrone**>slonies8ed this week by the Dat1o '. scheduled to get under -.
An unofficial poll Currently the League is contacting -
& tribunal United Slate Supreme Court way in Washington on newspaper
The Court's rut was .-0.... has changed its motto from .I recently revealed that our of 61 college campuses for
In favor of the Negro awarded only to the extenLthat ."Civil Disobedience" t o :. suburban schools only eight possible applicants A follow
This bias-shaking .d1rec: ..' ,the operator's defenkes;bad "Moral Disobedlecen," be- I. have Negro teachers.This is the .up is planned for each app -
follows on the footsteps of, and :been advanced "for purposes of camel according to Deputy Coordinator -' 4.'" report Urban League gave. this cant. Urban League Intends tp
In Interpretation of, the 1964 delay and not la good faith." Anthony Henry, the"' week;; .J know what results qualified applicants
The Supreme Court reversedthat former motto does Dot get the Evanglelne Spanos, one of the receive when applying
Federal Civil Rights Act, and decision. point across. Henry said, committee members told the for teaching positions. ;r
emphasfra that discrimination "People kept thinking in terms r Call t Post "people In the' The Cleveland area offer):
should Imply court action.In Alabama of breaking law."Thousands suburbs are concerned about Suburban school administrators
some instances, opined the Negro of volunteers hare been told of the lack of Negro teachers."'' who are actively seeking
Jurists, the Negro might not be the change. Representatives of .. According to Miss Spanos"the' Integrate their professional
able to pay lees However,Congress :: staffs beginning salaries which
Sheriff Nibs all minority groups wllilurtici- .. League of Women Voters contacted ;
estimated lawyers' fees pate fJ. the Urban League about average about $5,900.00; modern
In the 1964 law toencourage' individuals This change of terminologycomes the problem." teaching facilities and Utroductlonal -
Injured by racial discrimination White Officer Just about a month before CQ Checking the League of Women aids; opportunities
to seek Judicial re- the caravan, which, it has Voters complaint, the Urban for professional growth and advancement -
lief. TTJSKEGEE, Ah/ (Special)- been estimated, win total more League learned from sub ; community support
This latest ruling grew out of a For the first time la American than 1,000 persons arrives lathe arbaa school admmstntors of forward-looking educational.
request for an lnjanctiontostop>> History a Negro sheriff, nation's capital Diver:; that not many Negro teachers programs; Urban League booting
racial discrimination! at five- likewise a first la the state oft tour-day trek from various apply. Starting salary for the specialists to assist yq i;
.drlve-ln restaurants owned" and Alabama, arrested a white areas of the country. Cleveland school system Is and cultural, educational, ai d
operated by Plggle Park Enterprises chief and a state trooper both New details have been revealed 1 higher. Beyond the starting sal entertainment facilities
In South Carolina. The said to be Involved the severe as to what the huge aggregation ary, the suburban school systems Cleveland
Virginia Circuit Court la Richmond beating of a Negro. through Its leaders, beaded excel Cleveland Id pay f
enjoined discrimination, Lucius Amerson, first Negro by Dr. King, hopes to ac- Increases ". \ .* \ Hemingway Book
bat said counsel fees could be 'sheriff in Alabama since Reconstruction complish.On .The Urban League's aim Is to
said Tuesday that April 22 King and his officlals be certain that Negro teachers' Are Biased
be made the arrests following' win begin visiting leaders have the opportunity) to work in
ResearcherTALLAHASSEE convincing Information utothe and beads of government suburban schools If they so desire ParentsNEW I
brutality. U well as departments and Miss Spence explained Say
Chief Bobby Singleton white, agencies, ."listing deounds of Of the Negro teachers blter- LONDON, CONN.-Tec
Notasalga County, was taken the campaign and asking them to '' t. viewed by the Urban League, Negro parents here have asktdme
Into custody, and was followedby take action." .. t 'none expressed.. having' experienced school board to remove the
James H. Bass, trooper,accompanied According to Henry, perhaps }fit yr' '2 ,r any qnpleasantne.ssla works' of Ernest Hemlngwfcy
by several' highway nothing will be accomplished at s their work because of their and Sherwood Anderson frdm
c 1cers. '**. A the outset. But, the leader continued racial Identity, Mlsa. Spans the New London mcbScboolr-
They were arrested on warrants "1be,will probably pick stated. J quired reding list. They eons
x signed by Oscle Lee De- the office Dot selected as yet, The League Is In the process tend referenced to "nigger "
nnce, 22-year-old Negro. According and stay there, refuse to setting up an interview. panel., place Negro students an untenable -
to Devance Singleton leave....." Continuing Henry So far they have had seven applicants. position and that the stories -
was charged with drawing and said, "They will be arrested, Any Individuals who tend to perpetuate the tl lace .
threatlng to use a dangerous and, at this point, people from are Interested may write Urban of Negroes u "shiftiest
weapon. Bass was accused of acoru the country will mobilize Olcott D. Smite, Aetna Life Casualty Chairman, right, explains to WUUaa J. Brown, League, 2060 Euclid Ave. and lasy." __-----.J.?._
assault and battery. Both were themselevs and begintocome executive director Urban League of Greater Hartford: operation of Aetna Drtvotralner system
freed on bonds of $300 each. caravans." that will be t part of company's two-pronged program to help. provide driver education 'TOO DON'T RAVE TO SO TO TOWN TO GET j
Sheriff Amerson mentioned that
The fruition of this part of the for Hartford's minority group residents.
Devance signed the complaint plan is based on the tact that.
Monday and said be bad been the SCLC has been recruiting
beaten Satuday night volunteers for I the "Poor Boroih Head LOW PRICESDRUG

Army." In 10 key'cities poor Students Stage Party
Florida-!*. Negro Schools people have been enlisted for Is Cari.Jata
Thomas A.Jackson has been appointed this huge undertaking. They STORE
acting director of resarch have been instructed and indoctrinated NEEDSTrade
and grants at Florida Are Struck ByTroible told what expect, la, For U.S. Senate
AIM University, according to. workshops.>> J.T.Johnson,aa organlser '
U announcement by Dr.George said, "They have bee NEW YORKPercy Sutton, with tour x't Ighborhood t Drag SiorY j
W. Gore Jr., president o f lacer told the truth." ytph.H borough president WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. Df YOUR LOCAl
Florida hM. Dr. Jackson has Johnson said, "We tell people and a Negro announced his candidate .PAPERS. We deliver. We also flU all Doctors PrescrtoJions. -
,been director of theFAMU Man Two predominantly Negro we have no idea when Congress for the Democratic nomination .
power Project) : for the past two schools, national Importance will act, no idea what the confrontation for u.s. senator from
years. The project Is funded br have been la the news because will be. We have a New York. .
the United Stales Department of: of disagreement la philosophy ,, good idea people maybe Jailed,: ..1aUqa.,41, said be was impelledjir -' Di.xie.d Pharmacy
C,He administrators be whipped W.are looking became be was oaTtrned t'I
Labor, Washington,D. replaces of operation>> between the may ?
Dr. a U Perry Jr.,who and the student body. lor people to come to Washington 1 about the crisis ia Vietnam -
was appointed Dean of Admlnlsjtratton wt week Howard UniversityWshlngtoa / to stay indefinitely." I and the crisis la the eli-
last November. D.C.,was forced to At the moment more than 200 .... 1302 KINGS ROADPHONES AT runE
close Its doors. Students .marchers are expected from' Reps. Joseph Y. Resnlck ofEUenvtlle
and Otis Pike ELGIN 5597-9fr&
camped la the administrative Boston, Milwaukee MissIsslppL -
Of building and refused to leave. They will ride mosrcr already have announced -
Integration Local police did not interefere. the way, but some will walk,o; their candidacy for the PAT TOUR LIGHT, WATER AND:
Students are asking for a new will pass through at least nomination to oppose the reelection
approach for the status of the major city each day. of Sen. Jocob K. Ja- nUP.lD"E'IILlS AT OUR SIORE'
Heads Of' Dr. King, who will return from Tits a two-term. Republican.
school.At 1'I UpI Institute President Nigeria for the march,. has ? __ u .__ __ __
L. H. Foster closed the passed the word around that be
Schools Is Urged school for a one-day cooling Intends to go to Jail,Uposst le, 'You Ought to &.
off period.,: He announced that In a dramatic effort spotlight
HOUSTONThe Los Angles five students: had been placed on the protest. r
of NEA's De-rt- disciplinary probation for violation Ttke.vanguard will erect tents- in Our Shoes
mint of Elementary school of regulations. The status for sleeping, cooking offices;
principals! Is going to ask the of the school boycott va- and entertainment facilities I \ \ n \'1'-. I
national group to stop>> holding undetermined They will move from the Sen- "I--U
national 1 conventions in cities, At Howard authorities word ateand House turf and''invade"the J
like Houston with segregated dickering with the thought of offices olCaal.slmtllac-
chapters. The DESP meets hre seeking aa Injumct .It was reported cording to plan 'I .
March SO. Raymond Roebuck, that leader trustees Ken If the lawmakers are not responsive Florida Lan university stadenU staged :iz.Oft playboy
bead of the Houton chapter, neth Clark Percy Julian and according to the dynamic party In the Student Union Building (SUB). The winners of the SPRING SHOES PREVIEW
said an Integration amendment others were suggesting a less leader, the mob of Poor!I best dressed contest were Lester Harris (second from left), \
would be ygtld In May. A similar harsh, aWtII ...Tbe likelihood Folks will stage "sit-downs, Pittsburgh, Pa., and petite Miss Prince Ethel CoUon.,St. Petersburg 1 .," a ." tike Stacy-Adams representative .
one was defeated last of aa injunction did Dot, seem :Ule-lns, and "takeovers/* to Bunnies with Artie Polk of Apalachlcola chairman of the ;. 1,9 win be la our store all
May. close. empahslte their cause. All the SUB Social Board are 0-0) Scants Wesley of Chattacnoochee- day Friday and Saturday
leaders are prepared to ignore Brenda Sermons of Perry, and Lenora Pettersc Port St. Joe. to show the season's
ordinances to go to Jail, They, shoe styles.
iViLIl HTS- 'willi: to some extent,hollow tactics -.
f used by local school tea-. illinois' High School Opens Following Riot
hers in their dellWld'lor higher .
I I pay. CHICAGO- Proviso East H1&h'PrOTlso East's SSOO students
f NEGRO 1I0UNDUPJ I I American Indians, Mexican-,, School reopened>> last week under are white but the school has been
By Americans Puerto Rlcans. and police guard after a two-day plagued by racial Incidents last :
Appalachian Whites are expected ,
1 "cooling -off' period following falL
DOUBLE STANDARD to participate' students disorders. Most of
WASBINCiroN-oe.ataa) appeared to be operating la the
North and another in the South,as the US. Supreme Court ordered -
Alabama to stop segregating its !Jails and prisons, while the ITOUCMT OUMON WMtlKV.N PtOCf CUM,010 CHARTII Wltl:CO.,lOWIVIlU,*'f ICTmmmi :
new black Jail warden In Chicago announced a continued segregation
policy. The high tribunal. In striking down the Alabama segregition mmmmmmmmmmmmmTicktockticktock.
rules, said they were not necessary to maintain order "rt 'L' .
ia peoa11aaUtut1oa1. But Winston Moore a new superintendent of ...
Cook County Jail(Chicago),said be would keep the place segregated
apparently to prevent racial disorder,even though be later the Bourbon that'
added that his Intention was eventually to Integrate the Jafl.: .. .

"CAWT Uf'ORIO'WjSBlNCi'l'OHIDertca didn't watch the clock! Eastertine And All Yearlongf "
cannot afford to let Its "first-class ,. /, #'' : !

Negro) soldiers return to second-class ctttsenship," according Adams Shoes Are The Finest I
to Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey. "And that is Just what isMrfB'ng Stacy
to far too many Vietnam veterans today," be added. OLD CHARTER.
"We can ask a young man to put on a uniform and send him to '
Both Cap
combat sone. But far too often we do not permit him to live andwork Bourbon You Can Boy- \Teat*.
on equal terms at home" Kentucky's finest
Toe Models Available In
CLUB 1 old .
Ohio-Tbe Columbus and the New York Athletic years (
clubs save been accused of having no Negro members. The Black Or Brown $ :Q750 1
voiced Edwards SaIl Jose State College
charge was by Harry -
sociology professor, la the Saturday Evening Post The Columbus ,. "IRMEWfi'stiOP ;
CUb reportedly allows Negroes attend meetings In ap- .. t <
stairs rooms, but otherwise does not let them use its facilities.A '
black boycott of the club, In retaliation, Is being considered.HANGUP .

.. .
a rJIJIJfl
WASHINGTON 168 Civil Rights Bill has met resistance
la the BOOM of Representatives after teingapprovedby the Sen'
ate.Source of the hangup was House RepubUcsa leader Gerald a.I '
I Ford, who wanted the bin sent to a House-Senate conference for .
negotiations, rather than simply bavin* the House approve... v .' '.'
Senate-passed NIL Ford's negative attitude made it doubtful that .. : i
enough Republicans would support rights bill to have It passed, 340 MAIN ST. COR. DUVAL- DOWNTOWN nNe :

Mthe House.



,/ \ >

"rj' .>.... ,.,.! .l ..t III.! .. .; i:Al.1.' ..; halikuielfft Mx < r ,. .,, ;.:.u!e. assn LL '_'t.l IIItII.r.-..._ ;idle .: "_ _'.n"_.1-: ::<...": :... .. !!. ": ci.v.-_ .:: ... .: :.ftjyflSi1''I' .

.efrrff .. V1MTfff .. .11fff ..ffff'1111 11V111. .. 111111. .. .. . .



Albany State's Jones Caps Dickey Wants As Language Is. Not A Barrier. --

Four Years With Big Wins WJI'

Pro QuarterbackNASHVILLE ,", ., tr"--:;}
ALBANY Ctu-rMehln Jones Albany State College's AD- ;-.'
," Eldrldge Dickey _, By DICK WOLFF
American basketball star, capped his'Tour-year cage career with 6-2 190 pound quarterback at I
anouler outstanding season as be paced the "running gunning" Tennessee, All University last SPRING THAW STIRS SMALLMOVTH BASS

Rams to banner 32 and ft season. and the first round draft, Traces of the season' last snowfall still clung to the street of
The 6-9 center from McGhee, season, New York but the air held a promise of wanner days ahead. It
Ark set Cookman, Jones had the best choice of the AFL champions 0ESSO was late March and I wa packing for my first outing of the
a new single season
game of his career In additionto Oakland Raiders would like to be* year a long weekend at Dale Hollow Reservoir nestled along
rebounding record with 920 tossing in 17 points, be come the first Negro quarterback the Kentucky.Tennessee border, where the smallmouth bass were
grabs for an average of 23.0 rebounds snatched 32 rebounds, blocked In pro football. However, said be stirring

per game. His career 18 attempted shots and held Be* would settle for playing any position dtt &Cast; 3Lgtl I've always considered bronzeback the top trophy of the bass
rebounding mark Is 2,068 rebounds thune-Cookman's 6-11 Curtis that would help the Raid L1 family. They're extremely active when hooked, and while not as
In 112 games for a E large as many freshwater fish, their capture require more skill
Fuller to mere 8 points.Mack ers repeat as champions. and patience than most specie of comparable size.
phenomenal of 18.4.four-year per game Daughtry, making the My fishing partner wa Jack Tamer,an art dealer by profession,
average All-Georgia mythical team for a bass angler by choice. Jack Is the first to admit that a creel u
Named to the Atlanta Journal's the second straight season A&T State i full of bass bring him as much satisfaction uncovering a
All-Georgia College teams this at masterpiece at an art auction. It wa Jack's idea to journey to .
closed out four-year career
year, along with teammate Mack tek ono 5 43 0 the large TVA impoundment where five and six.pound small. :
Albany State with a total of 1,876
mouth landed each .
are regularly season.
Jones described J
Daughtry, by points. His total of 821 markers Student Give The Bight from Kennedy airport took us Into weather that
Us coach, Bob Rainey, as the this season for a 20.5 averageper northern state wouldn't enjoy for another month. Temperature .
"Bill Russell of the South," contest Is believed to be a climbed into the 60* at mid-day warming the chilled waters and
blocked an average of 11.1 shots new single-season record at .revitalizing fish that spent a semi-dormant winter.It .
per game this season. His Bronze' Star was Jack's theory that spring appetites add fight to an already .
ASC. game fish. "II you think they battle In July" he said"wait
sparkling play was the main cog The 6-3 backcourt wizard, REENSBORO, NC.U the until one hit your line today." We wasted no time In putting. .his
In thefams'hurry offense.With referred to as the "man with actions of A&T State University theory to the t It..
Jones' rebounding, the ASC the golden moves," put the"gun" student Plummer Alston I favored a baltcastlng outfit choosing the Ambassadeur SOOOC
warriors ran relentlessly, in Rams' attack His reel with 15-pound Bonnyl monoftlament, and a Conolon 9529 rod
mean anything he is a young that has enough backbone to
averaging 101.1 points a
marks Include 931
other career man marked for success. throw lures 'ib to Vt ounces,
for the season.Against field goals and 238 free throws. Alston dropped out of college yet ha the sensitivity to feel
a tall,talented Bethune drafted the lures on the lake's bottom.,
seven ago, got
-- years
Jack Is an ultralight tackle
and then rose from private to PHILADELPHIA broking through and br1JUllDlalaJlClalt tamer, Kaipn w. Holmes, enthusiast and contends that a

captain during a six-year military above left, added more than 200 Spanish-speaking families to his customer list last year, which bronzeback hit on his rig I*

'.: want a better whiskey' bltcb.Although. helps to explain why be was named oil-heat "salesman of the month" In the metropolitan Phil like battling the Atlantic salmon .
a civilian again, he adelphia area for Humble Oil, the Enco company, three times during 1967. He doesn't speak He went for the Mitchell
t, go;right to the top.cis' was recently awarded a Bronze Spanish, but that did not deter Mr. Holmes a 1958 frfeodlmy churchman has of Temple 408 with fast six retrieve pound Bonny spinning and reel a

Seagram's 7.Crown Is Star during a ceremony at AlT. University Talking through an Interpreter, most often a be been able Conolon B501 light action rod.
The medal was presented for' to meet new families on friendly terms In their homes throughout the northern Philadelphia We brought a variety of yellow
TheSure One. Alston's action while serving business and residential areas which art his responsibility and black marlbou leadhead
4 A an advisor in the Military Assistance Jigs in 'I. to "A ounces and a
some pork rind u an extra
Command in Vietnam.
Knicks Cool .
Alston participated with the Miles Memorial College added attraction.
xa Jack rowed us along the shoreline until he reached a spot
South Vietnamese army in counterinsurgent where he seemed to know the bass would be waiting The water
operations a- was perhaps 30 feet deep and thick with weed and tree stumps
gainst hostile forces from Gets Big Library Lift, 76ers And Lew a likely place for bronzeback to congregate Unless you've
North Vietnam. remembered to bring along weedles lures, you'll go through
business administration A enough to bold a houseful of furniture plenty of lures on this kind of outing
The young hugh moving Tan-big '
We began casting toward shore waiting until the lure hit
major has always taken groaned to a halt outside the Miles College library. But then Squelches N.C. bottom an4 then retrieved very slowly. On his third cast Jack
the more practical approachto wasn't carrying furniture' Inside were books. "Operation got a hit.The fish took off along the shoreline hoping to snag the
things. Bookshelf" they called It. -- The Knicks last week won 128- line and break free Because of the large weedleas hook it had to
Philadelphia 76ers. be set extra hard. It wasn't A limp line told Jack that he would
117 Of.rthe
Team Three Wescbester, N.T.. institutions college was then strugglingto have to wait a little longer for that first catch. I was more fortunate
the Knicks a
Olympic a community service strengthen Its library.. Lack of The victory gave My first fish hit and raced straight for our boat In the
project, and a large corporation made It appear a near,; 1-1 deadlock with the 76ers In unpredictable way of the bass I overcame my surprise and
I Bids Fair To Keep have provided several funds their best-of-seven Eastern division managed to keep a tight line. After the Initial run he surfaced '
hopeless task semifinal playoffs. and went Into the acrobatic that characterize these fish. When
thousands books for the college ,But, Dickerson was Impressedwith Wilt Chamberlain suffering boated, my smallmouth weighed In at two pounds. Soon after,
Old Record PaceThe library. the dedication of the teach Jack brought In his first catch of the day and It was quite a
scored the 76-
More than a year of patient ing staff. from a toe Injury, battle on the ultra.light rig No doubt about it. a two-pounder on
ers first six points but went 20 his tackle wa a test of angler's technique .
United States 1968 Olympic gathering by Nat Dlkcersoo He returned home and began, any
mnnltes and 32 seconds before A the I to In few bas
day wore on managed bring a more
will be and exciting a personned of the friends and
team manager asking neighbors hitting his next score In the second than Jack but when we were all through be let me know that his i
as usual,according to tM Maxwell House divislon.Cen- loci organizations to collect half. He closed out with 24 string was"quality"And I must admit that Jack and the growing '
latest Information. There will era! Foods Corp. paid off when books for the library A year with hal Creer. legion of ultra.light tackle user hare discovered a new dimension

be a mixture of older men,young the moving can beaded South', ago, be shipped 8,000 books to points In another, tying tile UCLA awesome to the already exciting sport of fishing
newcomers and experienced destined for Miles College the college. ,
team has again
basketball won
careerists Dickerson visited Miles a few This collection strengthend the Mudeal Grant Cops
and seems beaded for third jm( Brown'sDoll
Bob Beamon will be among years ago oo a recruiting tripas library, but there was still! a national
them. He Is to years old Bea. a personnel specialist. The great need for volumnes. DIc- straight collegiate

mon won everything that couldbe kerson continued to collect. cbamp1oaah1p. T..re Award

won and whipped Ralph Boston Hayes Will He discovered "Operation Carolinians The Bruins and routed stopped the with North a NIEU| Receives I

king of long Jumpers. He Bookshelf," a Scarscale Wo "
of 78-55 In Los Angeles.
the best record 27 3/4 men's Club which gathersand score
set Not Go IK For group
Lew Aklndor, 7 feet 1 I/I
MHOOT ailteutaMnare'ta' sends books to libraries
Inches, scored M points against Grant
,throughout the world. 14It
The North Carolina. He will be a
Olympics He later the Maxwell
a I I Division got Interested. The House division UCLA senior next year. Only ..

OO TON-AlY1n (Big E) Hayes Invited the college's libra Mike WarrenaadMike Lynn win ,,4 From Ford's
be absent. UCLA woo Us second
of the University Houston Cougars rian, Mrs. HJl. Patterson, to.
national title in fouryeast
win not try out for the United come to Wescbester to select straight and simply added to the CLEVELAND--4 PI>=Tb etNegro '

States Olympic basketball team.. books.Mrs.. glorious scoring earlier against Industrial and Economic;;
The Is a matter of Patterson visited "Ope '
reason Houston 101-69. Union (NIEU), founded by former .
economics, not racism ration Bookshelf," picking out Alcltdor, seemed happy after Cleveland Browns fullback '

Hayes, according to Dews releases 1,000 volumes and 3,000 pieces the Houston cleanup. Even the Jim Brown, bas been funded

Is looking toward the National trod of sheet music'for the music 11- coach of North Carolina, Dean .' $ %0,000 by the Ford Foundation. :
Basketball Association, brary. '
spoke commendably of '
ear. has set a price of $300,000 on his> ManbattanvUU college entered Smith, I The grant will enable the NIEU,

unless the picture when Mrs.Donald t to open national offices In thin ,

Sealy, a member of "OperationBookshelf. Curl FloodRecehes \ city and In New York and thus
4 ." put the Miles librarian \ \ expand efforts to promote N..
I .BUY U.S. In touch with Mother 1\ o11).UJ gro business and investments
73,000For ;' \
I O'Connor the college librarian 1j ; \ Thanks to the grant NIEU will

SAVING BONDS at Mangattanvllle. j 'be able to give more business

New Year : '7 loans and hire at least a doleD .'
business and financial experts:
','- -- '- ''''' By Curt, Flood St. Louis Cardinal 1 AM\-nm hut, Dodger pitcher .
sol matinee post 2 1 s 4d44 d DUSs'e award The organisation Is also angling
Jack UmailaOIU will, receive an estimated Coif Tournament for a grant from the U.s. :

.J ...,..J $74,000 In salary for the 1068 here as the most Improved player Economic Development admin-<
J a e i
tonight post 8 _"" ,. _, ".JI.1 t o season Flood, It Is to be rev as lOa shooter In 1967m be ,1st ration, which would help
'3 14 membered help boost the National was down Into the 80s this time: NIEU expand to six or seven
League pennant Into the If there bas been an award for major U1. cities

lei Cardinal camp. He Is No. 2 among speed, Grant' would have won The union has operated a Job

the Cardinals, batted .333 that too. referral service, a youth cen-
i e u uro and set a record by having 226 After receiving special permission ter, and a lending service In
Men LookGreat in errorless games from Dodger General .the past. .

fu 2ase Manager fouls Banal to stay Brown will continue as NIEU

over for the tournament's final president and chairman, but
fashion AREA round Grant teed off with Tour-, will not
new sport ur' nament Director Frank Strafacl be on the payroll He :
Is now a movie actor
: xa eoax at 7 a.m. and they playei 18 holes ,

coordinates SERVICEMEN, in an hour and mints.

33 HiT SLUG-AREA SERVICEMEN Urban League's National

from National t 6- lre SAN ANTONIOi-Alrman
Joseph L. Rlchardon son of
= Program Is Helping 10,000
E Mrs. Gladys W. Trotman of 615
f' North Ave. Sorlno.
1 W About 1,000 people engaged employment services are receiving ..

VALUE PRICED TO FIT EVERY BUDGETI! special training a National Urban League program.

3 Among them are staff from the U.s. Employment Service, the

MEN'S SPORT COATS e 1 A' Department of Labor (which funds the program), and invited
Action and the New Careers
Here's a wonderful selection of new-for- agencies Community Program


spring popular .solid colors and plaid pat. 1 1 The five-day sessions In 16 The participating cities Include -
cities have curriculums geared
Baltimore Md. Engte-
, : ,
terns. Smarlty styled lathe" new favored yAIlUI1lf' to helping trainees better un. wood N.J., Norristown N.J.,
stand the problems of minority Providence, R.L.; Rochester,

look with natural shoulders and center: vent group workers. They are followed .N.Y.; Springfield Mass.; Col- *
ACROSS 27. "Be PrU.. SbeU. B1blIcaI1J by 12 weekly. training sessions. unbus.OhloFUiitMlch.War- :

2 and 3 button models. $1799 cord pared"boy: destroying yours ren, Ohio; Gary, Ind.; Indiana
F 1 Tough
Abbr. tracer: Efforts to reach the unemployed '
U. Redhea4
polls Ind. Jacksonville Fla. -
for a anew ;
jg signaled Abbr.
thin nave often failed because
COORDINATE SLACKS T. Squirm assort J. L. RKHARDSON Little Rock Ark; Oklahoma
when caught 32. Run like a DOWN 12. Sharp a* a agencies lacked the knowledge City, Okla; Winston-Salem. N.
1 NEVER NEED PRESSING: They're permanently 13..Get flash 1. "__ a Hot knife Fla, has completed basic training of techniques of people in the C.. andl lversideCal,Thirteen '
pressed to hold a sharp crease tor (more pay) :35. Keep it Tin Root" 10. Young colt at Lackland AFB. Tex He ghetto and because their staff of the semlnar.arecurrentlyLD'J

. 14 Asked for tuned up 2. Peak where 21. Become Is remaining at the Air Force was not knotledgeableaboutthe porer.... '
I life and shed wrinkles Expertly tailored In I Quiet 36. Load in a' 8.'Sourer Noah landed to serious Technical Training Center for necessity of Inter-agency cooperation The program has been a re- *
IS. Deepseaport gun 23. Bait rigged
specialised schooling saucer- and specific Job pro Baltimore '
37. taste to lie sounding success.
1 t the trim non-ptyltodivjstyle of fine tropical <2 wd a.) pick up 4. Two gut fish bottom on ity policeman. Airman Richardson blems.. for example, bad slots for 50 }
I. Troop enter Is a 1966 graduate ofPlnellas "Now," say William Toby,
1 11. Worthless by dogs 25. Habit or people, but 68 tUfned up. S
weight dacron blend favrics. /7 QQ leftover 38 Washes ta1nmen& cua&om High School, Clear. Jr., director of the training Mr. Toby and the program's

28 to 4%. ? 18. Mine excavation quickly a J:brad 28. Tbe preeen& Water, Fla Ills fetter, Robert 'seminars I program, "we aretraining coordinator, Wlllene A. Dix '

38 Suit fabric* tor canvas 1DI&&Dee Richardson resides at 103 people to go Into the mood, operate the program.'
NATIONALSHIRT 19 Northerly point 40. School sub. shelters 29: BoaU torreaching North Ave., Tarpon Springs :community aDd knock on doors, :
ject. Abbr. (2 wda) the to get people into Job openings. *
20. Scotch noes
41. Anger T. Flexibility big boats ,i HOur.tnIDteI will be mort' Insuring Automobile
; 22 Undermine 43. factor in of fishing 30. Came toSi. Insuring GlassNLWYORAmericans NEW YORK-To protect ?
sympathetic, more knowledgeable
SHOPSIn 23. J'1ab1n&.11ne coat: of rods .
weight license Final treat about how it feels Lobsrboa themselves against financial loss
r .
ti 32 spent tome $42 million to insure brought on automobile acel-
Freshwater 43. Always VIr'I f\umJ and by t
The (tall .Gateway Shop. Center fishing 1'oeUo.: .. stratagem suffix for &b1nI glass during 1966, the Insurance to place people in dents American car owners paid .

tackle 44.Manuscripts:: Ilk or 33. Any object Information Institute reports: 'meaningful Jobs. We're training about $9.25 billion in auto insurance ,
' DINERS CLUB CHARGE: (2 wds) Abbr. -bUDc 34. frnimt.iM This it more than double the; them to look for a man's pot. premiums in 1966, according

I $18.6 million in glass insurance 1 enUal, not his results on bias to the Insurance Inv
ANSWERS FOUND OK PAGE 12 premiums recorded in 1946. ed tests."- rorm..tion.lna. t.

\ ,


t. : ,I' \ ) .

"I . '. -' -.... ..: .'- -.__..b. .. .. _.. ..,..;0:..... ...::i----"!_. .. -. .-:..r.., -=:,'.:.-A._ .. ... ,

.i''T...ir,, """""", ,.,. ,LlelrlR'" nl+''I'. { 1;, ,'". pT. ;'i '";..ryIwgA"' .' ..,.' 9 m''" C'a.. ;. ;. ;:;.. .,...", .. ;..';.,;.,;,.:,:;. "! .; J';';( '; 'F' .....- .

I ,

SATBIDAY '1II1C_' 36, '1.111' STAK PAPERS :PACE 11 ,

I 1- Florida AAU Boxing Championship At Armory Saturday Night il

'AlIT State Head AiiomcesChimes Programming For Equality Many Teams Will Enter For

I. Foothill Staff Try For Ohio's Nationals ,

.,'' ; 14":. ';. The Florida AAU Boxing Championship will beherfat the National

GREENSBORO N.C.-Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy prudent of AliT t .... : Guard Armory Saturday at 8 pjn.
State University b announced two changes the University's _"
Teams from Boca Raton St. of fighters.

football staff.Hornsby I) ...... t ..1 :Petersburg and Eangallle use Those In the squad will be: 1
Howell, who has on Athletics. In making the announcement '.,1 '\ expected to participate. Open Division, James Rlmph,,
served as assistant football and Dr. Dowdy said :} /l The tournament till frailly'' 151; Glen Kleckley 151; Morris i
basketball coach sinn 1964 has that Plggot had made fine contribution '. ... 'y' Florida amateurs for the National Reeves 151, Terry Williams,
'been appointed bead football to the athletic pro :' ;: Tournament in Maunee 232. In the Notice Division

coach. Outgoing head football gram. .. :' ; : ,', i-/' Ohio April 4, 5, and 6. win be Jimmy Smith 136, Gary
coach Bert C. Plggott Is sex- Since be became head coach '. ..," (.;,yo t # t ; 1P Co-Director of the Tournament Jackson, 15. Jimmy Slaughter
pected to continue m a new role in 1957, Plggott's record was 'f. "\ '' la sponsored by the Snyder 136, Irria Cohen, 141, Freddie .
in plans for expanding the Uni 54-31-12. His Aggie teams won ;'f : .1: ; ., Memorial Armory with the Mack, 146, Gary CoIleD 128, i
versity's athletic program. three CIAA championships. J... cooperation of the Jacksonville Steve Bassett, 140, Jimmy Me- .
Both changes were approved "We expct to continue to use Recreation Department. Fadden, 168, John ''rom( 141,
Dr. Dowdy on recommendations Coach Plggotrs talent and leadership k l ii' Steve Inca, son of the state Lewis H.Williams 132,Alvora- ,
of the AftT Faculty Committee ," added Dr. Dowdy.Dr. \ chairman and recent winner In da Ferguson, 151. Mitchell .
Ares P. Crave, chairman the Miami Golden Glares, will Simpson, M9, Rochester Vick,
Owens Relives of the Committee said,I I participate in the lightweightclass. 155, Leroy James, 148, Anthony
"Howell possesses the leadership He is a student at the Griffin, 135 and William Floyd
qualities. preparation and University of Florida. 192.
Olympics II experience for this new and Morris Reeves 1967 Florida Local schools tote represent .

more responsible assignment AJl.U. Champion, will defend ed are Eugene Butler, William ;
I am confident that be will dowen 147-pounds title in the Open Raises, Orange Park Matthew'

Striklai FilmJesse Class. The Eartha White Community Gilbert and Northwestern. All ,
Dr.. Dowdy said that Howell Center will enter a squad
Owens received one of will be given a three-year con. ____u_ _________ ___
the thrills of his life last week tract effective March 25, and <65 PONT. BONNEVILIE COUPE. .$1995
when be stands on the scenes will be able to select all of _
of the Olympic victories during his assistants
,the time of Adolph Hitler,when The 41 year old Howell'was .$1795 .

the latter refused to acknowledge an outstanding athletic directorDr. M Bti Y !w'1U.r. 2-DR. HARDTOP ....$2795

t his prowess la the field .native William of M White. Bell.A .Plains Ga., M citW.3A I T:A "d> it f fmUf"ro lt.at's219s6S

h.I he was graduated from Athens : F R 1ati00opt u1rLgNOITaNto: :.Nuaan I. T1695 '

.t Industrial High School and attended .., OMr.T' :IIAT, f'OWIlt. ITIIftlMO. AIM CONOI
Clark College Atlanta 67 FNRAGf A'LAxn 'GOO ..$ *
: Members of the Leon .
County Florida equal opportunity advisory
prior to entering AT. He < .010 S NIATin rowtlt
rrt i IfIIl.It..5. OgIi
committee of the Agricultural Stabilisation and Conservation : nA.I! .
also holds a master science
IMPALA ......
degree from A&T and a certl-. Service UJS.Department of Agriculture are shown recently reside ill'"Tallahassee. This is one of such committees that 67 CHEVROLET rrWfeW "ADI *$2695",*T
Heats from th. College of at their ASCS county office in Tallahassee conferring I have been established In 9 Southern States to advise of waysof :,WAIRANIT. ;
....... ... 49S
Swedish Uassage ill Chicago. with the office manager. LentorlghtDr.Russell L.. Anderson, increasing the participation of minority group farmers in *
Howell was bead football coach physician and farmer; E. T.'Brooks superintendent of the ASCS farm programs. (USDA,Pboto) '65 P m :Qr/STARAdQI,Il : .?; S209S

at Jordan Sellers High In Burlington .1 It :;.wbl; .* m'MIIIT. Alit CONDITIONED.t .

N.C. from 1950-S3.He RM j ti ...............................$3395 .
came to ALT as head trainer Bahamas General Election, SNIP, ?. SUCKSV' MATS AIM CONOITIONID. ITt A

la 1953, but left Greensboro in Sports Parade :67 PXV'MOUTH FURY III V-S ............$2895
1961-ez to serve as assistant PLW{ 'tMi'Fi1RfU a Ma Wlt! .WAAAANT+
Is Scheduled For April 10 64. STA. ..'.F219s
football coach at Southern University .
AUTOIMTIC CSN Pow$ .Tlt rlNt'. ..
Baton Rouge La. By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL 65 Aik1.00fTIOIfIOo........... ....... .. .....
NASSAU BAHAMAS-Just 15 months after the Bahamian people
'per. As a trainer HoweU has worked voted them Into power in January 1967, Premier Lynden 0.Plndllng ..65 CH ROLLVlMVXLA: : COUPE ..mi
for the University of Georgia $115.000 PACTMIAMINPISlugging and his Progressive Liberal Party government will go OTiM 77b sw rowEa snEaNe.::' c0ND'lt11i
ALT the Cleveland Indians,and 67
outfielder Frank Robinson of the Baltimore
g; 1 Baseball to the country next month in a general election. '"" IN>waa 1 1I. 'A I.O.y ] AaaA'!!+
Greensboro Club. "
the : Orioles( recently became one of the highest paid plaJer.1abueblll In .55 awarr .....75 i CIIKVROLtT .
much the The first government the pLP held 18 of the 38 seats In the .
Still looking very partof when he to estimated contract for
JESSE OWENS agreed an $115,000 history of these tourslt- OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM
a football player himself, 196$. Only Willie Mays and Juan Marichal of San Francisco are Islands off House of Assembly the lowe!; WI 'Alll\tt ....nSloocr.PVlI
oriented Just
of sports and listed him as Howell 6-51/2 an4W1I&t1Z4He believed to be paid more.Mays and Marichal will receive an estimated chamber of the country's btu.Florida'
one of the"bluklegions."For is married to the former $125,000 each. East Coast to represent meral legislature. The UBP
it was Owens who bad toned a Anne Thomas Burlington;The the overwhelming majority held the same number and the R. S. EVANS
possible 1936 defeat Into a glorious Novella are the parents of 'To- WINNER of the population, the PLP PLP-s majority was provided by
victory. leeta 15, Ruby 13, and Homsby OAKLAND 1P1)-WeltenNelghtchampion Curtis Cokes forces are confident of lUbe'the. support of the only Labor ,;

Tor, triumphs of Owens buys Howell, Jr., 11. last week won an easy 10-round decision over Jimmy Lester of stantlally I Increasing their In present the member and Randot Fawkes, aa
tenuous majority
been recorded la a television San Francisco in a non-title fight. Cokes, utll wing his greater attorney Labor Party lead 3rd & MAINEL
documentary, directed by Bud ring experience to good advantage, floored Lester in the third Rouse After of Assembly.the er, and the only Independent,
taking over govern
Greenspan It Is called"Jesse round and shook him up several times enroute to the unanimous the A.R.Braynen, a businessman. 4-8381 OPEN TILL 9:50 P.M. EL 44381
Ellis Fight ment from long-ruling Braynen accepted the Speaker-
Owens Returns to Berlins and Quarry decision.
United Bahamian Party the
will be presented by.Sporta ship cI the House. ..
Network Incorporated. 21 DRAFTED .. .
Owens hse..chene.Aoteml- liuOiklH nlsce over past vtctories'aad. Basketball Association last week announced the draft of Elvis C t
to stud where be stood in earlier OAKLAKD CALIF. '- Jerry Hayes, 6-foot-9 star of the University of Houston, and the 1967-
days. There is even a pictorial Quarry and Jimmy Ellis will battle M College Basketball Player of the Year.Hayes also expected .
recording of the grin for the World Boxing Association's to be the first draft choice the National Basketball association,
miter heavyweight boxing crownIn Arena the senior pro league Tigcramawinners b
The athlete spoke of the friendship the Oakland Coliseum
of Lots Long who helped April 27, promoter Don Chargla OTHER VERSION ,.

him win with a Jump of 26 said Monday. OAKLAND Calif.-(NPI-Jlmmy Ellis of Louisville and Oak-, .
will be televised
feet, 81/2 inches, when be wasalmost The -round bout United States land's Jerry Quarry will battle in the Oakland Coliseum April
fl'fit11" Long was by ABC la the 27, for the World Boxing Association's version of .the disputed
killed durlag the war. His son and transmitted by satellte heavyweight title now held by Muhammad All (Clay) in absentia.
recently helped Owens make the Europe Japan and much of Asia Joe Frailer of Philadelphia stopped Bister Mathls la New York
film. Quarry, former resident of the recently to win the New York verslofof the title Ellis is also .
Oakland area, be now lives at recognised in his home state of Peas Ivanla.
.* Beilflower in Southern California.
Be won his way to the WBA WINS OPENER

Calvin Murphy MakesDualAmerican ; tournament final by defeating GRAMBUNG. La.-(NPT)-Wlth Robert) Williams and Ben
Thad Sjtencer on Feb. >. WJUamsl.ad1JIe the attack,GrambUng college last week unleashed .
Ellisl.fighting! out of Louisville a 14-hlt attack on Alcora College pitchers to overpower the
ListsNEW Ky.and a former sparring part- Braves, 15-4, as the Tigers opened their Southwestern Athletic home
DIf of the dethroned Csssius Clay Conference baseball competition. The winning pitcher was Roy lake
YORK Niagara's Colin defeated Oscar Bonavena In Maine, who boosted his record to 2 pins and no losses
Micrphy won a berth on the semifiml bout.

big man's Ail-American heads
the 20th annual."Small Ameri Jaguars Take Majority Of Watch 'I I
basketball team selected
ca" college 1

ut1ona1.by United Press Inters Honors r"I In Houston Tussle This Clown "

On unique honor team restricted toot : H:
to players DO taller than varsity's[ Harvey Hairs capped 49 53 4E the
5-10 little Curia Murphy of- a brilliant night In the Texas Southern: relays by setting a new .

Niagara. looms M) feet tall on a record of 13.6uuel20-yardhlgti IhllJ'cI1e.1ut Saturday. He end- 36 48 65 1
38.2 scoring average and credentials ed with being named outstanding|performer of the meet. The,Ja- .j
authentic UPI guars won most of the honors. ,
u aa Texas Southern's Jack Carter : 7
Natty ran lead-off legs on
AU-Amerfcaa selection among and Prairie View's T.C.Minor. '
Southern's 440 and SSO-
the nation's five best Utile in addition A flip of coin gave SouthemVs ,1
yard relay teams
nation's five best at any Arthur Robinson the nod in
pulling off the UmberatiRllntCcql
heightMurphy which shattered the for pole vault when be and Sa \' .j.
is the first since Ptttsibosh's Houston State's Joe Juries eacji

Don Hernaon In 1959 to,1 mer 12-yard 13.1 record.blitzed the soared to 14.0 in the evei LOOaa J
mate both the regularideas All-Am-, Jaguar performers Otis Martin, Southern's fled 40-41-15
to five first
field place
America. I
sod the"Small finlshes-ln addition victories ling young distance runner ri- 1

In the quarter bald and mile malned undefeated for the sea UUUJomettmea .
Liston 5 Exhibition relays. Southern was also son as be coasted to a 420.0 He'. UpSometimes J. .J
named outstanding college team time to win the one mile run He's Down He Adds.Subtracts i

in the meet.Southern's. ahead Jessie Smith of Prairie He works it all around. .. Pontiac Firebird Wlum i i011I.
View and Southern's Anthony
Will Be Tonight 440-yard relay -
squad led by Nairn, cruised to Crux SI 98 34 Robert Lee McLaughlin, Tampa, Flo. 1
OAKLAND, CALIF.tat Wednesday .' a 40.7.clocking ahead of Texas The Texas Southern Relayswas COMING ATTRACTIONS
twialO-roundbox- Southera (409), and Prairie the first outing for the Ja I.
night's .
ing show plus and trht><
Sonny Listen postpone until college taking fourth lathe
March 29 because of Injury to event DAYSNU.IEIED Claude E. Morris Jacksonville, Fla. ;1'

one of the principals. Then in short order Malm returned Clete Boyer Gets Marie Griffls Baldwin. Fla. j
Promoter, Henry 'W1DatOD'u for the 120-yard high
Harley ,Johnson, Orlando, Flat '!
mooed he was forced to pot ofl hurdles and his big triumph:
the program antU later..la the which made him fastest Urnbertopper Contract With ) Shirlle L J
month, becasee Mexico ,middleweight in the scant Ice sea ..lIaJtaDaJ" are Numbered'*' J. R. Mayo, Od"nd"j
Jesse Armenia, who was son.His. -
Health and Fortune Can Be Carolyn Carter :
cheduled to fight Ralph McCoy display wasn't over sotl) Atlanta Braves '
offered a cot over his eye train the Florida senior Jaguar Join. ..Yaws When You Know Your' Charles T. Reed, Lake City Fla

ing.la. ed with Anthony Gates, Killer WEST ,PALM bEACH FLA/' ,Lucky Days.*. C.B. Smith Clearwater., Fla, ..
the other 10 round boot it and Ford to duals the stadium Third baseman Clete Boyer ended
was supposed to be Terry Lee throng with a winning 125.4 a nine-day holdout.Saturday Lucky Colors etc.' ..
against. Andy Kendall and in between performance la the MO relay and signed his 1968 contract with Send$ .OO for your .. .
the two features Listen ahead of Prairie View, .the Atlanta Braves for about$47, Boro.cope.CuSde: for :

the former heavyweight champion ., Grambling and Texas South.era. 500. And there are stffl thousands of prisesdee Biie' y
was scheduled to boi Wayne Boyer bad been shooting for a APRIL ":these and morel)to be won plus .
exhibition. Southern's B11 McCUUoo salary after his best season "
Heath la u won $50,000 xaetant cash at your Enco
Listen's appearance was to be the high Jump with a leap of at the plate driving in 94 Fill in the blank below and chase n.oieeaxt.E.eq fie n E
his first U u A-fiAin ring 4r$", and earned the medal on runs and summing; 24 homers in nail to ZODIAC, Post Office1 nuoon ploy.lpotldpadDq P00o
since aMH**"*"!aHfciMffc ecIbIa fewer misses, but teammate 1967. The Braves offered him'about Box 1171, Jacksonville Tla.yittg NCO .
out at Ltwiston, Maine on May Willie Boone soared to the same $45.000 and they reportedly aiauwmtsiIwucti.e. :,' .
has been for second split the aiaerence. ,
.25,19 5. Sonny though bight place. -
I loatched (to mist BUllldbrraJReao. Elgy Sam,, the record holder in "It only takes me three weeksto STREET America's Leading Energy CompanyI
Ht Nevada In a 10-round the 440-yard intermediate bar. get ready for the. season,". PATE OF mnl.. _--- .

boat on Marsh. ,. dies, won handily, in 53.7 over ha said "po.be ready." .

0.t '
( t' ."
.. I yl V .t ,
I" .... J..M.1' ; _:.:.; L ......L..- .< ;" .,I,. .....

.. "

1 "l

MCE \12
Get In the fun I Get rid of over- IAR8E-NE EDED I Ii Many Teams Blind Pianist At First BornProfessor '
weight with the famous Super : Rite-Way Tax ServiceNO Chips Off The
Reen Reducing Plan, free with i Learn how yon can Earn Your I CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 .
Super-Been Time Capsules $3. Barber Course Free. LEARNERS HERE
KOZY KORNER HAIR CUTS 75? participants will weigh In'at the
1833 N. Myrtle Avenue CALL OR VJSITCIRCULATION' I $A Sim. Diy Service $" 'Armory from 3 to 5 p.nvThe Old Block'

U wras aroar Oil drawing of bouts will be made _
wspArrzNAL rra. nwrttrlr24e
Immediate after the weigh In.
DENTURESHURT M... 1 .. 1 rM. 1IMIMWHIM Team Managers and coaches I POLITICS Is In the air; Many of us may not be'quite twit that
Man to work part time. Able to THI EXPERTS ARE should be present. r 1 the political season Is upon: us,Just as many of 111 are DOt always
work all day Friday. Driver'sJitdaaq. A feature Is expected to be 'In the knowledge of the advent of spring. the same manner that
? Good references. the bout between Jacksonville's h minions throughout this nation believe that the appearance of the

Inn...till. Mlt ettdmtur.I c.n III pI'II- PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Terry Williams and )his oppo- ground hog(when be doesn't return to his hole) Is a sure sign of
I.r fill ...n"dleatN.tI.t. flU_cmr.come tMtr Ion.nd.d,.pot..r, REPORTERTrainee. Remington Lightweightgood net from Boca Raton.Tbt A.A. spring, we know that ,when Rev Mabry appears at the Elcee
WhM <>nt.rtt '""". .*"ntIN apply, Must be itEnglish. condition. Has balance of $34. U. program is available to antMetcs Lucas Printing Shop it's a sure sign that the political season Is'
::t'M.f: :: bt lel w h.Ipeomk.t1' ,llii: | : *pt-lI Apply: good or pay $7. per month. ,Phone interested on.THE
"::h..nt.;. Antluptle too lootll" 1m! 353-1946. Will'deliver, without 1CI K-OFF of the political season was made by printer-.

nnaria .nE. IMn.McflonDn.Y..ti, FLORIDA STAR obligation. HOUSE FOR SHE politico Lucas who tossed what might have been the first poli
hrl apply, OMKllw r./lri.py._ tical party of the new and frequently occurring season at MsI
.|:m, pall afld (r.lltv.n Saw ._. 13TH MONCRIEF FOR MEN AND WOMEN 1087 W. '24th Bt Reasonable I I\floe, welj-dppolnted home last Saturday night The !'maIn at-

MSc, ore-jell) l1IIIClat for
PO Phone Calls! Large Lot.Large h i J. Carter, who's running for the Muse of Representatives, a*
..tt due ,"added attraction". Neetfless to say there was plenty of good
eatings prepared by Ekeewholsalsoquiteproficient in the cull-,
rundown t t.
NN TABLETS for that tired rurnisned room for quiet nary art -

feeling that keeps you from working man. Convenlna c... i MEANTIME, while Lucas was rolling out the golden carpet for

BUyaHOMEMiy69Mih enjoying life. $10.001744 Illinois Street., U; ... political hopefuls, Solomon (Tony) Echor was tossing a political
100 Tablets $3.00; 200 Tablets Harold Bogs, Mtmi!tMp >"' f1',lad pIsIdat&M the ,shindig at the home of Ms "ace boon' for Judge Tom Larkin and

MAKE.THE MOVE 45,00. $1.00 PRODUCTS deposit on COD'S.EMPIRE URN. APT. FOR RENT Boggs Specials, of Port-CIlaIdn. Ohio will girt a fun concert at ,Edward T. Austin, candidate for the State Attorney office Seeing
First Born Temple,825 West Monroe,Tuesday,April 2, at 8 p.m. as how candidate Austin was expected to make the scene Ms op
SOLD TO FINER LIVING Dept. FS, 5937 t4. Broadway 2954 Thomas Street .3 nice Admission Is free. This program will be sponsored by the ponent A.CjBood, was given the "candidate's brush" by the
Chicago, Illinois 60626 rms., priv. bath, elec. water, Pastor's Aid Club. Mrs. Irma Kelly, president. Warner Bitten chief of protocoL "
ALL BRICKI tarn., conv. to bus. Adult o;; Is minister, also shown in the picture Elder A. Hill is pastor; TALK around town for some time had it that John (B.B.) PIckens
ZIG lAG FOR $40 Child $17,50 Wk.Call 388-6472 of Monteray Club fame would run for Constable's Job held by
MOOEI'p sPt't 3BEDROOM Doug Rntchlns. The word Is out now that Hutch won't ran on account ,
SEWING MACHINE Original: CoRHosiiers SERVICEMAN RETURNS of how be expects that Mayor Hans
244: : : Guarantee, Zig Zag'make buttonholes TV SERVICE him to the Highways Department head Job Tanelmee rlyhheld byyui

SALES OFFICE at sews on buttons, decorative Reasonable Honor History commissioner....so the next bulletin we got is that Bill Shell\
DIVISION & 2Oth ST. EXP.ONE:3646746. designs, monograms, ,; Channel I man, a deputy under Rutchlns is being put up by Frank.(tht
etc. Just pay babe $40 at $8. Convertors 1S.9S : With Myrtle Avenue czar) Hampton to run for the constable post..
per month.! Phone351.1946any ii ProgramThe Well, Moncrief Road czar: Elcee Lucas won't stand for that.....
GRAND PARK time will deliver, no obliga W 398-3030 j The word Is out that Joe Elrod Is being urged to get In the race
Hon A-l Sewing Machine Co. Connosulers of Cosmetology -' I and possibly win It from the soul brothers as a result of the other
1606 Main St.ISABELLA. will celebrate the ninth I soul brother leaders fighting each otbe;.

FOR SALE anniversary Sunday, March lit SPEAKING OF factional fights Lewis'J. Carter's run for the
OF PARISThat' Call at 7 p.m. In the auditorium of senate Is sure to have Its undercurrent of undercutting because
354-8703,12101/2 Davis InstltOUonsl
Mel I have the Arnac Street. Bethel Church GJEO Director Gordon Bunche and Lewis Carter aren't exactly

Ing,superior tonic tablets, pep IRVIN CONSTRUCTION CO. 1058 Hogan Street. Rev. R.W. da.DClnepartDer.. Carter worked under Buncbe before going Into.
McKlssIck Is pastor. the Community Relations division of the
for all the Things Department ADd
you want to do. An Important Co. )i
Box of 30 $1.00. Satisfaction Rev Golden Smith will read there Isn't much love lost between Carter and Hampton either,
guaranteed,or Money Back. For HURRfl HURRYI. HURRY'Hous'es the scripture and lead In the seeing. now their rivalry goes back to soon after Carter got
k fish Men and Women. by owners $100 Down prayer. The Grant Memorial I here a few years ago. .
City home for you: 1368 WJSth Male Chorus will sing Mrs. INVESTIGATIONS on top Investigations have been going on la
P.O. Box 230 Dept. S. St., 1366 W. 25th St., 1218 W. Rosa Lee Johnson win present this town for several weeks The activities of several GJEO executives
26th St., 7708 Federal St., 1157 I the mistress of ceremonies. : and directors are under close scrutiny and they tell us
Gary Indiana East Florida A'.., 1742 East Mrii Bessie Carter will bring some of the information the Washington office has on some folk Is
Jie&oiefWi L4ij tnani Rest, 3s%i I brook St;, 427 GoodwlnSt., 1774 the Occasion. anbel1eeable-ud come to think of It- ot so nnbelleveabU,
: Grothe St., 1767 GrotheSt,1726 A reading will be given by because a lot of as know strange things have been going down.
STEREO/RADIO :Florida Avenue. ,Call 3548703. Mrs. Carmen Kelley. Mrs. SCUTTLEBUT has It that the OIC Jacksonville Opportunities

,SPECKLED TROUTS ti. 69t COMBINATION! : Celestine Ways will sing. Rev Industrial Center, Inc.) loss of$514.31 which a former worker
Solid State rrfdTo-4 speed fully RANCHISE FOR GAtiBAG McKlssIck will speak. The offering allegedly,embe sued might be much mare The hint Is that the
automatic\ Intermlxttereo will be taken by Herbert OIC does not want It known that other losses may have occurred!
changer with automatic cut off I COLLECTION SERVICE J. Owens, Mrs. Goalie Jenkins S.F.C. NOAH ANDERSON ...And Is Public Defender Leander Shaw's fact purple; First

lEACH WHITING LO, 49t and dual sapphire needles. 2 To the home owners of Magnolia and Hilton B. Carter.Miss S.F.C. Noah Anderson the son there Is this alleged embeulement over at ac of which be is

months old. Pay balance of$69. Garden,Floradale,Cleveland Pauline Owens will make the of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson of the major domino. Folk want to know bow screening: Is given

or $8.50 per month. Also good Heights, Rlbualt Heights, club count Mrs. Fannie Brad 3633 Moncrief Road W., has appollcants before they art appointed over th.r.....'nIen, It
S.I. WHITING u 39RED' buy on Color Television, deliver Royal Terrace, I Willie Cars- ford will bring the Observa returned home. He has served* seems like Shaw's having a hard time doing Ms boss Ed Austin -

.. .. without obligation,A-t Mil? well Is trying to otbain a Franchise lions Mrs. Salome Summers 21 years In the United States much good in his bid for State Attorney on account of because
sic Center. 1606 Main St Jax. to serve as your garbage president. Mrs. Thomasena Army. bt forgot a lot of people who helped Mm with Mayor Tauter
fla. collector. Your co-operation Owens Is program chairman election and when It came to naming Negroes( to appointments
lASS li. 49* this matter is solicit There it was none more or less on a club and fraternity basis. Quite a

MOW will be a bearing April 1, IK8at. BelhoneCookmanHead Arcadia few aren't happy about the way Otis Speights was ov,r OObd.
COMMERCIAL I a.m., in the County Courthouse Father RESEGREGATiON Is the term tht sisters have for the way the
\ .
third floor, board of CONTINUED Tlmes-Uniqa lumped all the Negro brides-to-be together on
WHITE PERCH 49* 12 rooms, Private bath -$4.13 Is HonoredBishop FROM PAGE I1rInr. oat.
11. 18 Semiprivate$3.88 county commission.I ." page last Sunday, March PERRET'Ira the Times-UNION, you
DAY TIME -43.49 am asking all that will and James Henley o( the Judge Justice had denied ,bow.,..lItr.'ss one for you: $ Diary Is going out strictly -

( Weekly Rate (plus tax,) ,can to be present and give me Methodist Church recdlypreseated lion for suppressing .evidence a mo for the Arlington trade, like US don't drink milk anymore. .,.,
SELECTED OYSTERS pie $1. your support If Fra given the Dr. Rlchai Moore,president inured by defense aoblnsoa. Speaking of gwondeawhcthr several families out of Cleveland Heights way
ED6EWOOD MOTOR COURT opportunity to serve you, yoiqj of Bethune-Cookman college Justice are / ft was the neat they bought last shop-
INTEGRATED fees will remain $2.00 pen that the said however, plug day that made It necessary far,them to visit the toilet so
STANDARD OYSTERS G9U U.$. L Cor. Edgewood Are. month. And I Guarantee Excellent -- the MaryMcLeod Bcthuntmedalllottfor lay any new fears sentence of future would al frequently last Sunday
11. $1.25 Phone '7640003Always Open service unqualified fidellty The children deaths. REMEMBER TO REGISTER. Books close Saturday April 8Jack''s
Integrity, wisdom, and sa- deathly at noon.
Ill on October
25 and
critics as president of the were

.i..... school for 20 years Bishop dead Among on October first to 26. SOLUTION TO rUZZLE'
Henley Is appear for the Bar-B.Que
AEC. $ lEe. $5.15 l of trustees of the schooL the board Mrs. ,state were County Judge Gordon CONTINUED FROM PCII0,
.Hayes State's Loses In
FIND Iw Moore was present at the awarding Attorney Holdup
/ Bottled in Scotland WOLFSCHHIDTODKA 'Frank Schaub, and Aracadla
Police Chief Approximately $200
Richard Barnard. were
RED HACKLESCOTCH I Judge Hayes stated that his taken by robbery: over the past
: Edward Waters Search party stayed la the weekend Three business and

I /ja*; \ 1'- -- : ;apartment only about thirty one Individual were the vic
Teacher SpeaksAt minutes. Chief Barnard said
$099MIIIII that a complete search took 'Bar-B-Que; USODa-
vis, lost monty totaling$112.00
place over a period of 30 minutes
j 11FiN Allen Chapel i to an.hour. Monday at about 10:45 p.m.
[.1I.L.III11 The question posed by Attorney when two menu one wieldinga
I I R i0R sli.l5 3 FOR J1U5 Mrs..'Mary Alice Smith will be Robinson to Barnard went un pistol entered and staged .

;CASE168a8: CASE H4J3 the guest speaker for the missionaries answered upon orders of Presiding the holdup. The second: man M 117: .....r'R'. .
of Allen Chapel ARE Judge lushc.. The question took the money from the register. : :
!! Church Sunday, March 31, at 11 related to a remark allegedly One wore acuyulaat.
Prices a.m. Mrs. Smith Isam.mberof made by Barnard in a
Coed :
: ; DISCOUNT CASE SALE 'r the Division of Ec1uuUonofEd- local r..taRJclIardaoD' Cool Drink Robber C .. .
ward Waters College and Is supposed to ..
S rteriay ,, April i ; SS' .12 yr. old Old Charter..1, :??. ... .95wproof i the pastor of St. Joseph Metho wife of come to trial on June 10.:He Gels( ;.Small Money BRAND NEw :
dist Church, Re,.Golden Smith. pleaded Innocent to the first degree The Humble Oil Company c

!!! i!! murder charge at his office: If 325 Ernest at 4 VW
leis 56.955 March 7 arraignment. Toe *.m. 1968 -,
crand-Dfl Hillsborough County grand Jury ..
RED.. $5.75 r1F N of cash to unknown ,
,but only in the cased SEDANM78850 !
&f J lAf9O DAN1r Dnclent'Age............. .. ..... QUART Guards Have lea the death,of elgbt-yeu-old with holdup a man small He caliber wu pistol armed .
Betty Jean Bryant,a stepdaugh-
tIIARcoAL' Members of the School Guard I According to CJE. McCut-
REGJ "P"** j Crossing Unit of the Susie E. Tol: ter. chaos the ;
8 e95 attendant suspects
3ourbon..I'd The Richardson
eV Jim Beam ease assumed
bert School will sponsor a tea Sunday walked up to the 'station and .
WHISKEY I : QUART at the schooL Participants will national Importance following appeared to be using the cold a IN |AXGrifffo .. .
-. rod Bow>ann be Mrs. the shocking revelations of the 9"AIt'p 'A' lamp en U ,
: George Mrs E.B.Lov drink Later
Si 1D machine.
j .J.T.S.3rown.. .. ....... 9S. oot I '
[jS a] pECAlTERBOTTLE,66llOOJ. 6.15 ..... good Mrs Mary Cole man,Mr s.L. deaths. Earlier Information was the men walked Into the office Ih .
that might have planned for
'Qir Steward Carl Simmon, Joseph. and said "put a quarter In the -
49 .tartalrs V.hlskey.JJ pt 95 Johnson, Varonlca Singleton, Mrs.collecting deaths but insurance did not have on the the machine and didn't get a soda :. vtJI -.
Marva Wright The Bostonettes, or my quarter back. Whereupon : II!
money make the initial Call
The Magnificent Four, Mrs Susie when McCutcbeon opened ". .
: payments .
Shelton, Mrs. Edith Taylor,speaker the cash drawer the robber
flTTN ? ..Corby Reserve.... .'....i.iui' Mowln Young. Mrs. WilliamGadsen terate Richardson itinerant, Uli- announced Til take, it all" 'i> :
worker denied > in
3 FOR 12.50 JJ S will be program chairman. the and produced small caliber

, ;$46.95 CASEflftw'J REG .Ambassador Scotch.................. FWTU 6.95S] Mrs.Mrs. L.Lovlngood Steward, is principal co-chairman., will! charged Mrs.case.with Richardson murder. Richardson was not, pistol from Us was back waned POCket.KcCutcheoa that. ''!/1- Volkswagen J'

make remarks.
be would be killed if be came
.FIREG Fhfi has been working In a
S 11250
out in five minutes. The EAST 8th ST.
S? J&3are, / Scotch.................. p bi1,90 Jacksonville..Judge Justice their into the :. ,,
ran early morning
Crieiafar '
t rp EveitsSt in his decision,made plain 354-9093 *.
SI 44 DtI50t1net.M 8. : FIFTH that there Is probable fS1' 90 prod Paul AWE:Choir No. 1 presents the overpass. .. -.. ,.art'
AU oQL..Lou. 'i 3 .Stlllbrook Gin....................... ,3T,4$,! V pantomime March 31, 7, Richardson's incraceration.
.s5..5 called
sia.Gold Experts, one the poisoning
dIypet; GALLON FIB1r p.m. said that parathlon was

s .LaBoheme..4.44. 12.85 i<,tis, .Smlrnoff Vodka...................... 41.9 St. Matthews Chapter 143 present It was found' in hog 1 N

FU.1 l 3 O.EJS., celebrates their 16th head scraps, flee, grits, peace
Blackberr7 BEG, 9SART anniversary April I, at 8 p.m.,' and In baea,-the latter apartof RICK HOMES
hi i 'Mo een ....FIFTHBros.U69..u i a Fi TIS I s.7s .Kessler..............................a+147.'vian 913 Jefferson St. the tots lunches. [
Strong emphasis was placed on
4.85'1 !! !!!! !!! !! Goodwill Sewing Circle has i the testimony of Mrs Ruby Fal1 -
tea April 7, 3 to S 2033 1
FIFTY $ FJFTBS son, of some of t h e
I iING( West 14th StNegro
SIZE children.
According to Information
s1.ts pSea3to, ,.,.,,., 9JS 2.45 J '1 received, Mrs. Falsonsaid
.g FIFT8 FTPTHS NO C H L I TZ 1 Named that Richardson spoke of poison

lRlcr .Taylor,...........1.38 .35 :I I.E Of Member In traced a stove it there.pot before officials

1 FIFTHS < 34 bedroow plans with 1,1 Vt,
SEC Jter. FIFTH ( 1 Recreation Unit 2 bade and garage.

. .Manlschewltz..1.19. 3,354 I IIR2G :- Jacksonville's new recreation Modem schools, churches and a contpleto -
Mishaps Home
board will have five at
9 ''FffTR 3 FIFTHS l VWI IHS ,rv'r cams namely, C.L. Wellington, NEW YORK-Deathi in hopping confer doe> by.

., ,11.8o..Suppernong..1.29 3.65 O J. Glrardeau home accident in the United
JJ UjI 4 PAK $L49 tt$13$5i9 a Negro, Dr. LINCOLN ESTATES
Hoard Acres and Russell Godwin 54
chairman.. in l6 I II I ,



t : r. ..;.'. .. ,. .. .. ..... .... ..:, f
M. .. "..........:.....-----." -- H.. .:._... ...I.g -: ...,'JI. .:} :