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828952 F20090414_AAAHIQ 00102.jp2 069f00b0c9d4ed0ecf5384f8160b863c61aa4a396c6b968f43962adcfeee1221f2cda151
1110157 F20090414_AAAHIR 00102.jpg 7315467b5c56da0f0c7a9915b29026945cf795f312a333185c9e4e4284d68c8f04d441dc
128874 F20090414_AAAHIS 00102.QC.jpg 615bdf4209d27cb1006f6cd3dadc00590d4b0423c2cb50106730b296d1a4a530d4df2568
6622305 F20090414_AAAHIT 00102.tif eec461e263fe1e552af9e443ebcad9beca7207f685d31a8bee94a3299d547a4aadd26186
44095 F20090414_AAAHIU 00102.txt e5f711ab2b5d6cd5cb1e1585ac449ebd8c1adf4fcd3db6825649aeabea63ed742a143954
30515 F20090414_AAAHIV 00102thm.jpg adf6da440e85d429de2b22a48533c8b8ab54491dd7aea4dc04593411ec534abb4f25aec4
842324 F20090414_AAAHIW 00103.jp2 bd7b4f845195b4024d7c76df53e6cc39330a10ec0d0abe4c47f0716f651b530fa92b8622
1148170 F20090414_AAAHIX 00103.jpg c1e2655808a49c4e4f5bd4f9ad3bc13739e25ce42147cbe7617b2cc213ad2be481a26cb2

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200756datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 9, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007560740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 9, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 9, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
v "'< "


,. ....- .. na M HIIfOIftID.u

l i s iiRii l OlliConv) ntioEDeiegate'.siSlatel t '

>* *

1 KILLED* ;* '1 /- HOTF MuP'ASS' .. NG *t. .

aW miW- 'e'',"lampa fOtlID1itilli| J j d) !I ? !



f 3 ..

t1.; .. :

HELD FOR 3 OFSTORES :...4 'r..

"*" *Honored''* rot, 11 N0.h I SATURDAY lAIC 23, 11&1 IS R ,r

Judge Sets Big Urban League ."'._ >c_._.,. tj
ii-- "
.R'lMtt .Sla r I.LiiI. +V to t
:: Y. f f

Bond To Assure x -. ........" & f __ .. .._____,_ ._..'*........ .. Jj \ 'I

Return To Court

GAINESVILLE-irvin "Jack".
Dawklns outspoken opponent of ZJAX MINISTERS

the police and the courts in the ,
Gainesville area, a man who has a
already spent several weeks In '

the local jail, was arrested '
Tuesday put under a $10.000 \
bond, and charged with second- JAILED FOR".FRAUB-
degree arson in the recent rash j jI
of flrebomblngs in the Alachua ,

and Gainesville area. ...u
He was charged along with four I I *.*** *, \ * -
others, who are out on personal L.. Say _Ministers "'t'f..
bonds of$7,500 each. The others Judge ImposesLife
are Gary Carlton, 17, Tyrone Used brother Arid, >Sister
Wilson, 20,Sheila Lorene Preston .. Trickery

18, and Jethro Ward 27the SentenceIn
last charged with the Thursday To Get FundsTwo
night (March 14) bombing of the Become Victims Of
borne of Mr. and Mrs. TJ.Pal- 65 Murder
Jacksonville ministers, ,1,1HATTIESBURG
mer, 319 NW Seventh TerraceA ; ,
Rev Charles Crosby, pastor of
search was being conductedfor t, a 'A white civil
lei Trinity Baptist Church, and
two other earlier this week. li Rev. W.C. Neal, pastor of St. Young PrankstersA rights murder Cecil: Victor

One is a teen-aged Negro, who, ,Trl S, ,. W Thomas Baptist Church, began Sessura, of Elllsville, Miss.,
it Is believed, was involved :' was sentenced here last week
serving terms In prison, Tuesday -
the fire bombing of Gene's Grocery as directed by a federal Brother: 1s dead, a sister wu treated for gun wounds Duval by an all-white Jury la the firebomb ,
last week.Captain R.T..AJ\- William Slmms, Director of the National Urban League Find, tod from left, accept a $1500 court Judge In Miami the same Medical Center, and an entire neighborhood remains shocked death of Vernon Dahmer.
gel refused to give the name. check from Atlantic Record Company vice president Henry Allen that placed them on the Civil day. I i r afl because, last Saturday evening, at about '1:15.a cruising car, .Slnce, Jhe Jury could not decide
Judge John Cannel, who set the Right orgnaltatlon's Corporate Honor Roll of top industries Interested In furthering the Lea The two leaders, convicted to according: to witnesses, loaded with young Negroes, armed, was on the definite penalty, Judge
,bonds, said the charge relatedto gue's work. Looking on are Atlantic vice president Nesuhl Ertegun, right president The December of In5,.have been/j. the arsenal from which the,flrtdat least eight shots into a group Stanton Hall imposed the life
Gene's Store and is second NAACP was also a recipient of a $1500 check for three We membership for die Ertegun charged with "devising a of persons conversing with each other near the corner of Avenue sentence, and automatic punish
degree murder. The maximum brothers and Wexler. shceme to defraud by use alibi B. and Forty-Second. ment. The death penalty was not''
prison>> sentence Is 10 years.The malls and conspiracy." sought
firing of the home of the Palmers U has been revealed that the Tommy G.'Janes.28,2m West the same moving arsenal, according This was the first time lathe
Involved first degree arson I Lewis J. Carter Demos To Protest two ministers de,1secubttm. Fourth, was shot once In the to witnesses.The blstroy of the staid that a state
since the building is occupied : by which they could defraud insurance bead according Detective Eugene staccato- like firings Jury convicted a white man la t
consternation Into the
That carries maximum Carton He was critically threw
a civil
companies by substituting rights<< slaying.
sentence of 20 years .Seeks Election the names of dead persons group of young people standing Trials will continue lor 12 The sixteen-year old youth will Convention SlateAnnouncement for live poUcyhol tr.. on the corner. Some who remember fatality All are believed t be tried later following hear- ,fo Florida House Completion of the information something of the of- been in volved In the 1966 night-
Juvenile that the occupants
log la court. No pleas say
of the slate of delegates named to Democratic prompted the federal court order riders' attack on the Dahmer

accepted, since according to. Lewis J. Carter, m, former Convention In August In Chicago has aroused a.storm of protestin ,-_ after *, two-year delay.B ._ .,the least slowly s-ftus.pI"oI-moving> .. car,Theyaleastated bad at ,. bome."artl1lt'Judp. .\
the t
Judge, sbearingwsspure.ly Director flflhe Jacksonville beeojsen-''
Executive ,
Crosby baa' Hill order a 150-
well other pair cabs stall becaaM oftiurtnaaner v. -i
Duval as as
that at least
.... "preliminary.Judge Urban League, will la which the slate was selected: and because of the selection: of taxed to 10 years la prison.,, were "beard Twostruckthe eight man special venire for the trial
Connell explained that seek election to the Florida ,Rev. Neal, receiving a lesser of Henry Edward de BortaLoff
football player Bob Hayes. __ tims.The. _
Decking was arrested early last House of Representatives from sentence, will serve six months. shore oilfield worker and suspected
A total of four were
Sunday morning u he drove the Group 26, Duval County. The named la what has Negroes been called Woman Jailed 'According' to witnesses, the cruising car of young persons member of the Jones
was unnoticed In the -
station wagon of Mrs. Carol sect is now held by Joseph' G. caucus". two preachers were using the moving County Win. A key state wit-
Thomu, white, wife of a University Kennedy Jr., who will not seek a "secret In Brawl Crosby's Funeral Home, owned parade of vehicles llell, Billy Roy Pitts, of LauJ
They are pledged to U.s. Senator Tampa No Information was secured
of Florida Professor ,
re-election. by Rev. Crosby, for the scheme ret, was to testify against De
George Smathers u a at time u to who the -
after had been found In decision press assailants
they based his
Carter has TAMPA Felix Collins 21 perpetrated. According to the BoxteU He 1s kept under constant -
"favorite son" and are listed might be. No Informs-
contempt of court. to run on a knowledge and ap among conservative and liberal and Ines Brister, 23,both Ta- prosecution, also, they were' LONNffi MAE GEORGE ton could likewise be secured guard
Damage to the Palmer home preciation of the Florida State of live The state In the
switching Up names prosecuting
candidates 61. pans, were charged Wednesday whether the were
totaling as shootings
was estimated at near $1,000. wounded, was taken to Duval,
as it relatesto those
legislative process night with inciting a riot. They p Uc-bolder. for of cue, claimed that Sam Bowers,
The damage at Gene's Grocery the new concepts of social, Athalie Negroes Range names Miami are: Mrs Mrs were Jailed In lieu of $IOOOC people about to be burled. where he died at about 10:30 p. Jr., of Lauren! ordered the
was estimated at about $5,000. economic and political growth ; bond each. March 26 wW be the The two ministers then collected m. I Jones County Klavern to do
Mrs Palmer burnt! and Its Mary Singleton, Jacksonville Lame Mae George, Jones"4lcter
was < trying of the bold New City Bob date of the bearing before a Justice : on the policies something about Dahmen's activities
Hayes Dallas Cowboy Professional
to flames curtains In of 2191 Fourthwu
salvage of the Collins and Mrs Harriet Bannister a West In the voter registrationprogram.
her home. f footballer and Attar peace. convlctd; shot once: in the shoulder from
In F WA .
third was
Last week circulars were distributed p ney Frank Peterman, St. Ines Brister did not appear In person, r *
De BoxteL
Petersburg, Fla. city court. IMS to five years probation. aa eightgrade
warning that if white I dropout bas been indicted.
groups did not stop"exploiting" While groups from Leon Both were originally arrestedon Tells About ;r't : I't Attorneys, for Sessum planned ,I
to Dade County unlawful assem Norman E. Jones I
Negroes and "get out of the Negro County are expressing charges of I to appeal the case.Birocial .
neighborhoods,"the"Afro- dissatisfaction that bly. Mary Elizabeth Jones
Americans would take things Into < ? Negroes were not Included a barmaid, was sentenced to 10 His Race For The U.S. Senate ,; \ I Della.Delegatloll .
their own hands" the selection session which Is days In the stockade and sentenced I
Police Chief R.T. Angels has regarded u excluding Negroes to $100 fine or 50 dayson I Jf! Is
of ... ,C1 i __.._J
expressed the opinion that from participation on every a charge of possession
"hoodlums" are responsible LI "1 1LEW15 level a formidable plan of action bolita tickets. Napoleon Han- (Second Installment) TOMMY GENE JONES Florida's PlanFlorida

He felt that the outbursts might Is underway la Jacksonville ston. 50, was given a choice Intentional or not No words
be "racial" but not represen Mrs. Battle DIx Green,a com of Jail or a fine. He went to the were exchanged between theseon Democrats agreed -
tithe The general opinion irf J. CARTER, Ifl mittee woman told the FLORIDA stockade 'Three others remained (Editor's Note: ) This is the second installment the corners and those in the to send a biracial delegation
Law circles is that.the initial new fongplktetlon growth pains. sTAR that she has written a let In Jail under $500 bond, of an interview with Norman E, car. the the party's National I
arresl and Incarceration of "My campaign," said Carter, ter to Duval Executive Committee each. City Judge James Calhoun Jones who has announced he is running for The car disappeared as casually I Convention, probably for the .I
Mrs. Thomas and Dawklns has "will be geared U a peoples Chairman Walter Smith promised a "quick trial" Into the night u It ljas appear first time since Reconstruction \
kept the fire hot. Following the campaign, coocerened with the registering a strong protest This week's disturbances resulted the 'U.S. Senate the seat being vacatedby ed. days
bombing of his home Judge Ad- broad new concepts dealing with against the action taken last from the arrest and Jailing Senator George Smathers Up to press The move was disclosed by
Aloe offered the theory that legislation that will enable full week and calling for an early of Christine Brown and with time ThursdayMr Jones had not yet Qualified State NAACP Field Director
""white beatniks" have helped participation in the processes meeting of the Duval committeeBOB her being charged with breach for the race. Other candidates who Marvin Davies.
the of government for all people, of peach by drunkenness. Her Tells
Negroes.At King Negro Davies called attention to the
have with'the
already qualified Secretaryof
another time the home of with no regard for Individual arrest was followed by a spreeof Democrats desecregatlon decision
Attorney Mark Futch was stations In life,or ounce,coloror bottle throwing, looting!a- State thus far for the race include: la a morning press conference
creed." Further, said Car dow- breaking abusive language Governor LeRoy Collinsof Memphis WorkersTo
Former Tampa
bombed. While the two workers ; called t o announce the
ter "I have tried to be In t threats and attacks
were la Jail earlier, 72-hour atrlendtoallsegments various Florida AttyGeneral Earl Faircloth; Richard NAACP's chief said be wanted
riot erupted. Mrs. Thomas was my past of the upon local police officers sentenced to Lafferty of Gainesville all Democratsand Help StrikersDr. the atate'.lZt-membereleteca'
Brown was '
accused lion to the to the Democratic
: of bIDe a ringleader, delegation
and was charged with undue current campaign posture will a 25-day sentence in the City Herman Goldner of St. Petersburg a National conventlon-
manifest Itself inthe same man Stockade. At the same time Ma-
tIon to Include 25 and
noisemaklng. officials attempted Martin Luthur King Jr., Negroes,
ner. Greco
The Candidate is a Community yor to sense the feeling of SIMPSON: What will be your campaign strategy, Mr. Jones? has told Memphis Negro workers be produced a letter from Howard -
Howard U. Relations Consultant with the the neighborhood by tours. JONES: Simply to tell'the people the truth and the facts-frank- to stop Friday today, In Walton, executive director
Justice Department It is his Intention On Monday night of this week ly and painly stated.to the best of my ability on the dominant issues order to "pressure" local authorities of the party:
and to earnestly seek the opinions of the intobowlngtodemands "No one need harbor any fears
to resign from that position someone bashed in the windows
Closed Due and give complete attention HAYES of a pawn shop and cleared them people on the perklexlng problems facing them. In contrast to of poorly paid sanitation workers concerning Negro representation .
this historical occasion
to the race of merchandise. A policeman the traditional'' "tn01J.1t all about everything' office seeking now on strike. oa
Carter is a graduate of Albany for an airing of the issue. was struck by a bottle cut In polittcan who tells the people what be will do-In my campaign "You let the day come when u it has been agreed upon and
To ProtestswASHINGTONJlmrard State College, from which he Among the points that will be his direction. Nine people were I shall lean heavily on the advice ot the people to tell me what not a Negro In this city will go accepted by all groups viola I'
holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. aired are: arrested for disorderly con- THEY want me to do. to any job d ntOWllo when no Negro the party organisation the. Negroes -
University lie holds a Master's degree FREEZING funds to be used to duct. SIMPSON In view of your statement that you will have only a In domestic service will go will be selected! for a il

closed Thursday after from Atlanta University, where defray the delegates' transportation Later, 80 policeman and deputies very .mall'', &JDpaign! budget, bow do you expect to get your messages to anybody's kitchen, when no meaningful role" ,',
several hundred students at the be majored In sociology and costs.EXPLANATION. came oa the scene in to tne public?. black students will attend any
predominantly Negro school minored in political science He from t b e the largely predominant Negro. JONES As a working newspaper man for some 40 years In many school" King told a rally of 12, Sports Integration '
Mixed control of the administration is.a., clerk of the St. Gabriel selection committee of the section, because, it Is said ,parts of the country ands a radio announcer for some 6 years, 1 000 persons
building to protest Episcopal Mission Board and Is method or reasons for naming some 150 Negroes, fuming and have a great respect for and faith la mass media, both print and "They will hear you then.. The Ordered By Court f
threatened disciplinary action ,broadcast to of interest to their readers it 'city Memphis will not be able
affiliated, u program chairman : the four U delegates .mad, barged from local bars, publicize news .
against participants In ao- earlier with the Board of the Jacksonville AN EXPLANATION of why no shouting vengence, after bear happens, regardless of their editorial opinion. As one of the mace to function that day." MONTGOMERY, ALA.The I
demonstration Urban League. Negro Committeeman or Com- ing of Mrs. Brown's Jailing. Jor candidates lathis widely heralded campaignfor the. seat in the More than 1,200 sanitation U.S. Justice Department has !
Although students who captured 'In addition to that,be lsa member mitteewoman was selected. According: to Police Chief J. United States Senate being vacated by U.s. Senator George Sma workers, mostly Negroes, have asked three-awa f8deralcovt
control or the administration of the board of the NAACP Mrs. Green said that although C. Uttleon, there was "quitea leers, I feel I will get equal time and space in all mass media been on strike sine Feb. 12. to direct A1AB. lAathlt tOll
building refused to let any- the Human Relations Council Bob Hayes Is a splendid athlete bit of bottle-throwing. There SIMPSON: Do you have an organization so vitally necessary in a dispute with the city over petition between predomianUy
one other than their fellow students and of the Citizen's CommitteeFor it Is "ridiculous" to name him was something like gunshots, for a successful statewide campaign? higher wages and union recognition. Negro and predominantly whit
-la or out of the building, Better Education. Carter u a dejegate to the convention he said Police Chief Littleton JONES No I do not nave an organ!tat Ion In the sense of a tightly The city na said It could teams, In compliance: with an
there were no reports ,of was the first Negro Division She said Hayes Is seldom In said their staff fired pistols.. knit, ollgarchlc-hlgh-pressured organization"the not afford hikes of 40 to 45 cents order Issued March u, 1967,
violence. Chairman of the Jacksonville Florida and, moreover, a Tampa Is the town of the famous orthrodox concept of conducting a political cmapalgn. It was the per hour on the present day requiring the 99Alabamascbool.at
Police said they would not United Fund,In 1967.He is vice- search of the official records White Hats, aa aggregation reaction of the Florida Electorate: against these "personal political scale of $1.55 to $2.10 and thatit bad adopted a policy
attempt to disperse the demonstrators chairman of the Volunteer fall to show that Hayes Is a registered of young Negroes who helped''' machines" that dominated a candidate which has preventedthe would not bargain with the scheduling InterscholastIcsystems
miles asked to do so Group For Consolidation. voter la Duval,or any, stem racial disturbances last building of a strong Democratic Party In Florida, dramatlcal- American Federation of State, contests with white teams play-
by .cbooIauthorWes. Mr. and Mrs. Carter live at where In the State of Florida, year. They have since disappeared County and Municipal Employ ing other white schools andNe-
The protest began Tuesday. 5737 Deming Court. for that matter. In disrepute. CONTINUED ON PAGE )J' ers. (AFL-C10)). groes playing Negro squads


'i S l. ,- '

._ ... JrIIf"... ,:o::..I.U.1IL\ 3u -S .I.i> ,.W.a ;, ; tt a.' ,





Published by! the, Florida Star Publishing Company THE EXPLOSIVE CONDITIONS THAT '
RESULTED iNR/OTINGINTHENEGRO l When the President's Commission Investigating racial problems -
'! I i.I', 4 J'\* ?0MEMBEk SLUMS LAST SUMMER:" t reported that the central problem Is white raclslm, they
: THE WJCSIDCNT3 NATIONAL said what all Negroes know.But It came as a shock to many white

rT The Commission recommended massive programs in employ.

NEGRO P RNAFIO M ment housing, and education to end poverty and assist
Woes to first-class citizenship. Of course
whites will benefit from these programs too.
of the poor people In America are white, and -I
movement toward economic and social Justice

laiC 0. SIMPSON -- Miiifiit Editor benefit them. Obviously, however, a lot of
will have to be on the Negro ghetto.
Just as Negroes need special help in overcoming centuries of
HILDA WOOTEN -- Circilitin Manger economic and social disadvantage, so too, do white people need
help In overcomlngcenturies of racist thought and unfounded feelings -
of superiority.
2323 Moncrief Road Pleas Elfii 4-6712 In their nearly four hundred years In America Negroes have
COMMISSIONS CIVIL been the objects of unfounded fears and absurd fantasies by many
/ orsweDeaRr w y'w' white people. Stereotypes have ranged from the shuffling lazy
handkerchief-head, to the potent, knffe-wielding, sexcrazed de-
Mailiit Address stroyer.
None of these stereotypes conforms to anything approaching

.0. BII 5SS Jicfcsmilli. Florida 32201 4/ c t.- reality, but many whites persist in transferring their fears an)
.4 anxieties onto what they think of as "The Negro."In this, they
have been assisted by the mass media, which has sold these
MIAMI OFFICE ., .,": .. stereotyped Images for profit.
: All of this amounts to a mass psychosis;an irrational set of attitudes -
5018 N.W. 7TH AVE. PHONE 751-3879 r ;:
/7 ;
6 ,( ,1t ". which has resulted, as the Commission pointed out, in a
SUBSCRIPTIONS RATES WRE ON OUR WAY ReACHING movement toward" "two societies, one white,one black,-separate

'i 1 THE MOMENT OF TRUTH.ITS THE: anx unequal
One Year $12.00 Half Year $7.00 i I,t FIRST TIME WHITES HAVE$AldWf'lE Because of this situation, we need remedial programs to help
Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States L / RACISTS.'NOW'J THE THE TOSEEK' white people overcome their prejudice and Insecurity.We .
Subscription payable In Advance COMMON TRUTH: need remedial programs to teach policemen that they have to
p l treat liens the they do whites.Welfare workers have
ti Send Check or Money Order to: \ jjt nova.IlcKlJSK'1t Negrocit way
to learn that poverty Is no crime,and people in need don't need to
tFLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 ,},\ t 'V\ "' have their dignity trampled by unfeeling bureaucracy.
Jacksonville 1. Florida Teachers need remedial work to ensure that they learn that Negro
children are as capable,and that they are as likely to achieve
The 'Confession' Could Be Our Finest Hour! as'well, as white children. Homeowners have to learn the facts
A Second Look At Foreign Aid ProgramNow about the way neighborhoods become more attractive and poverty
values rise when integration occurs
we are being faced with the know- = i- llil = Employers need remedial assistance toenable them to shed prejudices

ledge that there are more examples of 1 which keep them from hiring Negro workers. Union
waste, Inefficiency and Irregularities In YOUR Weekly I II workers need help to discover Negroes have as much right to
the United States foreign aid program. Already r work u they do, and that the best thing for all workers would be
massive, Job-creating programs to rebuild the slums.
we know that these facts have become Changing attitudes isn't easy, but It is far simpler than most
retold narratives. The analytical citizenwho I : people think When I was in Vietnam last year, I observed the'
has looked Into this problem Is dis- HOROSCOPE GUIDE change In attitudes of a young white solider from Mississippi.
couraged to observe that his efforts have I I IBy He had Just arrived In the war zone,and was assigned to a com-
become a sounding brass and a tinkling bat unit. He Just couldn't get close enough to his Negr sergeant
He kept calling him "sir" and the embarrassed sergeant had to
cymbal. Our officials have the facts, but t PABLO The ASTROLOGER t tell him, "just call me sergeant." But that white boy couldn't do
somehow never get around to doing some- enough to show his sergeant that be respected and admired him.
thing about 'them. You see, he knew that this Negro sergeant was a combat-:

A recent check on some 50-old cases has I t tI toughened veteran olfront-line fighting skilled lathe arts of sur
LUCKY DAYS vival. That young soldier was raised to despise and scorn Negroes. -
been made known to the Senate Foreign Re- : WHICH He had been taught over his short lifetime that Negroeswere

lations Committee by the Senate Department I I inferior.
s office of the Inspector General. It But when it came to the test,he made a very simple decision. He
FOR : knew that he could be a live, liberal whit boy from Mississippi,
has been found that there existsa costly
or a dead, bgoted! white boy from Mississippi. So b* made the
administrative slip-up, resulting In the I I II only sensible decision possible, and, giving up his feelings of
shipment by air, Instead of by ocean racial superiority, stuck to his black sergeant like glue. Under
freighterof 150 tons of bridge componentsfrom BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL A crisis conditions, those "ingrained attitudes" become pretty

Tokyo to Bangkok; the expenditure of I L shortlived.This .
__ nation has to make that choice too. We can be a living democracy -
service In -- --
$100.000 for water to with equality for all our citizens, or we can become a
vessels that never receive a drop; the ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN dying dictatorship using arms to enforce racism and halt.
The choice Is Amerlc.'..
sudded discovery that 18 large- crates of

tools 'marked for delivery Paraguay, ,BORN4MA,\ CH', t BORN JUNE BORN SEPT. BORN DEC.

had gathered dust for nine years ( imagine. 21TH ''APRIL 19TH 22ND JULY 22ND 23RD OCT. 23RD 22ND JAN. 19TH THE URBAN LEAGUE STORYBy

this) on a Buenos Aires Dock. U'. your turn. There may have There's a catch. While there Follow schedules. Friendly Something's lacking. On always -
We want to congratulate Hugh Scott of been food reason for shunning could be excellent reasons to persuasion should not be allowed looks forward to the
Pennsylvania for pressing for legislationto the limelight, but It Is not going believe that you are beaded to cause you to change your moment when conclusions may Clanzel Brown, Jr.
tighten up AID's operations to lesson valid after the advent of the New straight toward the main objective mind once It is made up. We be reached and happy results During the past two years the United States Civil Rights Commission -
Moon Tb Sun will also be a partial solar eclipse discloses usually all know what we ar* celebrated. There seems to belittle State Advisory Committees and the Presidents Commission -
the likelihood of future absurdities of partially eclipsed creating an the likelihood of a disappointment getting Into, and often ar* willing doubt that eveythlng has on Civil Disorders have been conducting hearings and
this kind. If the findings we have listed aura of depression that may Instead. Someone to take whatever the consequences been calculated and planned with open meetings to study and collect information concerning the extent -
have .any evidence we must check this encompass cherished ones besides higher up may back down on a may be. The New the usual care and ability. But, to which nonwhite citizens are denied equal opportunity in
waste while yet there Is time. yourself.But with super promise. Or-the authority you Moon places the emphasis on and this should be noghlng new Empolyment Housing Health and Welfare services and Education
lor powers of recovery,you ar* expected to be handed over to. existing as well as contem- to many of you, things soma as well u how nonwhites are denied equal protection of the
not likely to be kept under any you also may be restricted. plated marriage or business bow fall short of all expectations. laws.
Freeing The Nation Of Speed TrapsThe longer than you personally de- Don't expect too much In the partnerships. But a partial It could be because of the Both the reports of the Civil Rights Commission In 1967 and
.. The ability to overcome way of obedience or confidences' solar eclipse also reveals the of the partial solar eclipse of the recent report of the Presidents Commission on I
American Automobile Association said serious technical u well as from members of the younger posslbllty of certain buries the 28th. Instead of losing time Civil Disorders are forceful and frank documents, .
recently that for the moment, the United motional difficulties Is ever generation who could be cap-, still barring the way, In some in futile regrets try and analyze that clearly points out the great problems and dan "....
States is free of known speed or gambling present and It should not be lives of the Illogical and Instances It may not exactly bean the underlying reasons and gers our country faces.
traps along the highways permitted to remain dormant. negative modern values. easy Job surmounting them, adopt the new tactics that may be The testimony given in these reports are presented -
The Eastern Your own Impluses as well as 4 60 77 16 45 639 but It can be done by those who called for. The process of to show what people are thinking and feelIng -
conference of the AAA motor the fore of circumstances may LEOBORN are strong and determined evolution will again be In full and emerging from this testimony a picture I
clubs ended recently an annual meeting compl you to step up rash enough to make a genuine at- swing In April,or shortly there of ghetto life which affords possible answers to questions sometimes -
with praise for Georgia Governor's Les- spending. Brake them when you JULY tempt. Certain interesting after. Then, watch your dust, It asked by white people shout minority groups i.*., "What
ter Maddox for his clean-up of such traps can or you might have regrets economic developments may is difficult to keep down people do they want? Why don't they work? Why can't they, like early
and with the later on. 22nd AUG. 19thIt's arise next month. A lot can be of this sign for lone. immigrant groups simply better their condition and move out
complaint to Secretary of 1 -90 99 19 29 909 of slum
accomplished. 3 70 -55-43-219 areas through personal effort?"
incomplete Many people
of Transportation Alan Boyd about the TAURUS have wondered why the events 7 SO- 44 14 86 909 AQUARIUS The reports puts the essential blame for disorders where it
doubling of fees from 25 to 50 cents by that take place or changes that SCORPIO belongs-on white racism. The Civil Disorder Commission report
the Delaware River Port Authority Qn the BORN APRIL are made often leave so much BORN JAN. states, "What white Americans have never fully understood
Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges. to be desired. Instead of taking BORN OCT. 20TH FEB. I8TH bat, what the Negro can never forget, is that white society
MAY 20TH is
20TH deeply implicated in the ghetto. White Institutions created it
this as failing, accept it as a NOV. 22ND ,
Inasmuch as the AAA has long complainedof Boll away. Spring is here once challenge that will enable 24TH You cans nave sit Considerable white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it."
speed traps and roadside spots As the so do One needs a Jolt. Just when planning must have gone But, important as it is
gambling again. sap rises to draw on sharp wits and resourcefulness to point the finger at the vlllian, if s
aimed at fleecing tourists some progresshas bright hq>es. And with Mars to a much greater everything appears to be under Into the projects you have all Just u important to map out a way out of our dilemma. This,
the to enter control it can come as a surprise set for launching. Nothing the Civil Disorders
now been made. storming gates your extent than usual. A solar Commission's report has done,recommend
house the to discover that the opposite seems to have been left out lag massive
solar rising energy programs in
eclipse is quite significant in employment housing and education.
The conference was able to take note should
of required to swing Into action is the case. This with the exception that few, if The Commissions recommendations
similar Domes
this respect. While the outlook are to the
the fact that it had no reports at presentof will mount proportionately.The should be a rosy one, it is not be considered entirely adverse any can foresee the pull of con- tic Marshal plan proposed by the Urban League four years ago.
any traps operating in the nation. And New Moon emphasizes your private tempered by the realities of th* for everybody needs a tary circumstances. Should Had the Nation adopted it then, there would have been no riots,
since it is also Jolt now and then to remain some Aquarians find their way and we would be well dis
we want to congratulate Governor Lester life. But times and the pessimism that on our way to eliminating poverty and
causing a partial solar eclipse arises along with them. This alert and on one's toes. We blocked by delays, red tape or crimi ation.
Maddox for 'announcing the closing down ofa there Is the possibility of a set- should also make you all the might otherwise become care bad communications they may But it is not too late, there is still time to do something about
notorious speed trap at Ludowici back or family skeleton cropping keener to reach eventual goals. less and be responsible for place part of the blame on a partial the problems. There needs not to be any more studies and re-
Georgia. up. It appears as if you It Is by learning and striving that health or production break solar eclipse. Partners ports. We know that the basic question Is whether the whites and
will have enough ingenuity and you can condition yourself for downs. A partial solar eclipse should get their heads together the nonwhites can live together in equality and Justice or whether
Grand Jury Indicts' Ex -Miami PolicemenSome resourcefulness to look after the time wben you may be confirms the possibility clench making it easier to come up our country will be destroyed in the struggle to deny Justice to
events taking place In the days
with solutions
that will be
yourself and special material chosen. Try to be ready for that as all of its people.
weeks ago, we called our readers' Interests come what may. moment to reap full advantage that follow. effective as they are remunerative. There ought to be a definite timetable for progress and at any
3 40 66 1. M 47%
attention to the cruelty of two white 2 80 88 18 28 864 5 50 55 -14 67 24) The home and family affairs given time we should be able to say that we have reached a certain
SAGITTARUSBORN appear likely to lay claimto point and by the end of and
Miami a certain period schools, bousing
policemen perpetrated upon a Negro GEIIMIBOIM VIRGO
a great part of individual attention
Jobs will be improved by much. And stated
] finally after a
youth they had dangling by his heels froma NOV. after April 1st.You time
MAY BORN AUG. may sincerely and honestly stated, Negroes and other minorities
tree. The ex-policemen ,were recently indicted even now be aware of the fact.; will be on a competely equal basis. '
for civil rights law violation.The 21ST JUNE 21ST.bettle 23RD SEPT. 22ND 23RD DEC. 21ST.Something's Unl.tedlamU1es usually find When people have waited for over a hundred they havea
two men charged were Jerry Paul Ed down Life may< nave It's rougher We all would like missing. While it solutions to all problems. 'right to know exactly when their fellow-countr'men will
appears as U there is nothing 'I 60 18 66.65.465PISCES treat them like human
been somewhat the turbulent beings.
a road that is smooth and free of
wards, 27 and John A. Creekmore 23. wanting In happiness, loving -
ycr Without
such a
side. But then, what would any- all handicapping hurdles for our timetable frustrations and tension can only
The suspension ofthese two exofficerswas one do for excitement and entertainment passage through life. But many relationships and creative BORN mount. People are tired of bearing about their problems they
prompted when a third policeman found, U nothing really fail to realize that this would activities there Is a introduced dampening FEB. want to see something done. They wanttoSEE change. They.want
happened? ICs such a good feelIng all agent likely to be that Job, a rat-free home and to their educa-
the youth walking in his undershorts. remove Incentives toundef- by the partial solar eclipse. 19TH MAR. 20TH Uon see kids get a good
Testimony concerning the case revealedthe to have come through unscathed take the trip in the first place.; This may stump some for awhile Tis ever thus. It Is wben we NOW
that it Is worth all the All
living creatures develop
two ex-policemen accused the lad of trouble and worry to which you their hardiness and qualities for and put a crimp In long- Are discover sure about a thing that we;, This Week In Negro History
our There is
But this will not:
concealed knife drove him toa have been The range
carrying a may self-survival only when they are
partial solar eclipse announced confronted with of last forever. By the end of April i -no denying the fact that you no, March 20, 1993 Negro inventor J. E."Uetzllger patented hIJ
half-finished the Miami River challenges
span for the 28th dam- or a bit later, you will be back; doubt have planned as carefullyr famous shoe lasting machine mating modern
may place a the most dangerous kind.Vir- ,
and emoved his clothes. After they dan ingeniously it Is buman-
with bigger projects and a new r as footwear
on some of hopes, andit
him his heels the 125feet per your BOlDS usually are among fi* of perhaps i ly possible to synchronize March 21, 1512 Ponce LLeonnblanded
gled by over bridge may also be the harbinger of first to realize that it will be supply optimism personal de in Florida with a'godMarch
from the water, they released him. disturbing tidings related to much earner to go through the enough to drive you to the verygates needs and the sums made i 1856of Negroes seeking the Fountain of Youth.j \.
Now.that the men have been indicted, the friends or their affairs. This is twilight years when they have of scucess. There Is sufficient available to you. But what 21, 0. FUpper/ first Negro to graduate
energy within some Sagi- Plsceans may have not figured from West Point born
cheerful patiently striven sacrificed was
end Military Academy,
court must see that justice be done by wor dseouhyour apart could do enough to accumulate the essential tartans to whip up the flames of on is the partial solar eclipse 111 Thommme. Ga., in Thomas County.
meeting out a sentence that fits. the crime much to life their spirits. You means, perferablyin genius and creativity,long as due to occur on the 28th. This March ZI, IBM Anthony Overton founder Overton Bygienie
they committed. Who are these officers to have great gifts or talents and partnership. A solar eclipse the heart Is In it. Gainful endeavors will possibly further limit the company and president of Douglas National
seldom ar* hesitant about plac foreshadows a limited setback are also being actlvated extent of net gains Interferewith bank, both in died to
presume they have the right to dangle any- log them at the service of la this respect. legitimate collections. 1946. Chicago, was bom.

body by his heels? others. 68-17-23-507 6 40 33 15 95 742 2 80 88 18 87 888 I March 23. 1893 Slavery abolished Puerto Rico.'W011I"AOIItQJ .

\ I .

._.: .

,. s.a.-dWlect' "

_-.. ..... '- ',," -" ''''''' 111M..M d.e ;-> '.ha-'''' -.'..1IP5t V .PAI&iS.-.


J.C. Phillips Voters League Meets Exclusive Ladies Entertain Urban League Announces New

Heroines Court At Mayflower HotelThe Approaches In Local HousingThis

District .
Third Congressional
release is concerned with Low-Income Tenants and with
Voters' League will meet Sub-Standard Rousing This precis Is designed to acquaint many
Has 27 and 28 at the May
Sunday TeaJ.C. April -
with sew housing plans.A .
flower Hotel.OnSaturday,April recent survey, conducted by the Jacksonville Urban League
Phillips Court No. 104, 271 the education program win Housing staff, brought out several questions and problems in '
Heroines of Jericho, will have be'presented. Business will be this area. These problems occur especially with those persons .
Its Seventh Annual Shamrock transacted at 2 p.m. On Sunday r living U sub-standard dwelling units. !1
Tea at the hoifle of Mrs Oliver from 10 a.m. to 12 noon,
S Neal Roller, 543, West 19thSt., business will be transacted.The With J'l\ of the Negroes now per month The rent by itself', : ,
:: Sunday, March 24, from 2 until State Banquet wlilbeglnat j r living la sub-standard bounce, takes a big bite out of a welfare >
5pm. 1:30. Tickets can be secured we have Just begun to m some or social security check. ,
: Among participants will be. from members or at the hoteL headway the area of housing ranging anjrwbere from $55.00
: Rev. B. J. Franklin, Midway Phil Weightman and Congress. At t the present time there is a .to $75.00 per month.This,addedto
AME Church;Miss Gladys War. man Charles Bennett will be low-income development unitearing $' .00 or $5.00 per week the
ren, Mrs. Annie Wilson, Mr*. guest speakers. Mrs.Ruth Wise r completion la Washington cost of buying kerosene for their
Dorothy Burroughs, Mrs.Luela will sing. Cecil Fisher will furnish S'V f Heights; however, it has not smoky two-burner beaters,that .I'''
Williams, West Friendship; music. Sam Jones Is pre. InI appeared to be very attractiveto cannot sufficiently heat their

Mrs. Shirley Fowler and Mrs. low-income families. There houses with holes and cracks
are several reasons for this:
T. Williams sident.Walker
everywhere, and boosts the payIng -
A report will be made on the College The disadvantaged Negro has of an average of $8.00to
queen's contest and lived for so many years In the
crowning : $9.00 per month for electricity.
Heroine Rosa T. Johnson, Most Alumni Make --I sane neighborhood, in houses Porbably the most crucial pro'
for that
that were designed
Ancient Matron will
speak. i I blem with the disadvantaged
Rev.- Franklin will day, age and time; some of
give the family living In sub-standard
Plans For Affair
benediction. these people are not aware of '
houses Is the over crowding,
of their
the moving
Alumni where llvlngrooms and hallways
Walker College
Eastern Stars Ito a decnet house, or )ow.
steering committee met Monday Income development unit. Alter serve dual purposes,such as for
night and started on plans an additional bedroom.
filling out housing questionnaires
Plan Mammoth for Alumni Day. devised by the staff,they However are we going tosolve
Mrs. M.R. Peters, president, and determinethe this crucial housing problem In
really see
HomecomingThe has announced another meeting The Exclusive Ladles Social and Savings Club held a PineappleSip ton, Mrs. Annie Bell Madison, Mrs. Cora Brooke, president; can type of house in which they Jacksonville and Duval County?
for March 24 at 4 p.m.,at which In observance of their installation of new officers, in the home, Mrs. Catherine Green, Mrs. Virginia Crane, Mrs. Verna are living. Will Consolidated Governmenthelp
Order of Eastern Stars, time plans will be curled for. of Mrs Ruth Deal. Seen, from left are,seated: Mrs. Rught Deal,, Hopson, Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. Birdie Martin and Mrs. Hattie Another serious problem that solve this problem? Leroy .
Matrons' and Patrons' Council ward. Mrs. Ruby Young Mrs. Mary Cooper, Mrs. Dorothy Woods and Shanks. Members not shown are Mmes. Louise Gaffney, Minnie low-income tenants have Is the' Bass, the Housing Director
of Duval and adjacent Countieswill Mrs. Evelyn Hansberry. Standing, from left are: Mrs. Mary Bellamy, Mary Vann, Virginia Williams and Essie Jackson. over-charing of the "late of the Jacksonville Urban League

have Its homecoming at Alpha Phis Will Thomas, Mrs. Edith Foston, Mrs. Gwendolyn Washington, Mrs. (Photo By A. Paul .Crawford). charge", when they are late strongly believes that its
large on March 24 at 4 p.m., Maryland Cheevers, Mrs. Freda Foston Mrs.Kay Frances HousDUtrtcfNo. with their rents. This decision going to take a strong housing i
in the home of Mrs. J. C. U made by the rental agent code enforcement program,op- t t.
crated by the City,total involve- i
Mender, 725 West Monroe.This
landlord. He tells them thatdifficulty I
program was planned for Feb Bring Broad Way Mt. Ararat Unit I In Tea or they seem to have no ment minded of organisations all citizens,every churches civic, !(' I

U $2.00 so this time he
paying '*
the fullest cooperation from the
16.MEETINGS Musical To TownUpsilon Jp r.' ...:-; U Some going of the to charge tenants them continue$5.00.to Federal Housing Authority and "

:i sr i' U they they the Jacksonville Housing Authority.
ri .
Lambda Chapter ( ., ii cay a$5.00 agent or llo accepts Througlacomb1nedeflort .
SCHEDULEDSARAH Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will $2.00. Several tenants within three years we can I
present the Broadway theatrical look forward to seeing a "bold '!
have related to the Housing staff
extravaganza "Best of Broad- new city" that we are now bearIng :
DAWKBS that they pay their rent ahead of
way" In two performances at so much about. '.
time because the landlords or
The Sarah Dawklns Court No. the Civic Auditorium on Monday -c ,
agents use such "collecting"tactics
69 will meet Tuesday at the The 1
April 8. outstanding
as anlllng eviction Welcome new* for women
Masonic Temple, 410 BroadSt.
under the direction
touring group with v.ricoIU accompanied
notices their dooors.
on the fourth floor, Mrs. Hattie of Cylde Turner,will give on the advice from the aclrntUl: I
Some tenants pay J5.00 per
Jackson Is Most Ancient Ma.
matinee performance at 2.00; k "A dramatic break.through
tron. This Is the last meeting with the evening performance month to live in houses that hat been accomplished In the
before the Grand Lodge sessions. at 8:00 should be condemned. Thesehouses appearance of elMtle stockinet.
Dues and assessments p.m. have no hot water The Mnrtcetble but plain notlery .
should be paid. The Best of Broadway will heaters. They have bad plumb- which hM served well for
bring to Jacksonville the finest S and unsafe generation U still available -
of the 1968 New York stage. ; JJ t landlord In a but today' woman can walk
heating. U the puts
Some ,featured productions will Into any department or drugstore
PALLBEARERSPallbearers hot water beater, the rent will sheer
a and truly
be "Around the world in eotuDe. t,
Increase from $35.00 to $45.00 elastic hole
Society No. 18 will "
A tribute to Gilbert and
meet Monday night at 7:30 lathe Sullivan, "M, Fair Lady" and I
Mt Olive Primitive Baptist Highlights of Cole Porter and -,
Church, In the lower area, at Irvin Berlin, will be offered.: 4

Fourth and Myrtle. Important Hunter Sattlewhlte, president .
business will be transacted. of the fraternity, stated "that Al to.o .

Mrs. Ella Rush Is president. Alpha Is proud to bring excellent ; : ; ..<='""- ..... _. '
too 4 ..-- '
to Jacksonville
touring group 11WetR -..:::: =- ;.I.
LOCAL NO. 38Trichology and that solicits the full This isJthe
..- .
Local No. 31 will support of the community in as- ,
meet at the home of Mies Mary curing a capacity hone at each F nicest

Collins Monday, March 25, at curtain call". ,_
615 Court D. at I p.m.The local Tickets may be purchased at .. '. : ) .. smoothest
will give a party for the benefit the Civic Auditorium, the Convention 4 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church recently held a James, user Margaret Crawford, Mrs.Daisy Cox,Mrs R. Jack-1 .L
of the Queen's contest at the Bureau and from the Social Tea in the home of Mrs. Margaret Crawford, 1627 West son and Mrs. Annie R. Jenkins (A.PAUL CRAWFORD PHOTO). bourbon

home of Miss Mary Collins Saturday Alpha Men and Alpha Wives 86th. Shown, from left, are: Mrs. Minnie Brazil, Mrs. Jennie L. ,

March 23, at 8 p.m. The
public IK Invited Zoo Planned Goodwill r. ever to come

V [ }"sng :Bells:J iIT FAST IUSSID IWO I out oft

Fabric Sandals'Underscore By Eastern Stirs And Saving Unit ITCHING [Kentucky.Find

- -- -
A Zoo Trip has teen planned KIN
Henry Johnson.Hartford.Conn. Melvin Marshall. Jr.. 701 by the Junior Department of St Honors FoundingThe
New 23 and Dorothy Velma Ragland, Jackson St., 30 and Fannie Lee John Chapter of No. 154 of the SCALINGKIN IhO

Jacksonville, Florida, 24. Flair, 701 Jackson St., 29. Order of Elster Star for Saturday Godwlll Sewing and Saving

March 30. The bus will Circle will celebrate the
Harold Eugene Ransom, 1651W. Cleon Mills, Jr., 701J Wilson leave the A.L. Lewis school at twentieth anniversary Sunday, IRRITATEDKIN #
Look Union St. 22 and Enlyn'.EUubeth
Feminine Blvd. 22 and Martha Frailer
10 a.m. and retura at I March
p.m. 24, from 3.30; to 9:30
Curry, Tyler St., Luke ,
7024 St. ZOo
Round trip Is fifty cents per p.m. in Bowden Memorial M.E
The "pretty girl look" d- tn.. child and $1.00 per adult per Church, U th and Pullman. PAIMIIY"3HN s*OINTMINT.. out
.:! scribes fashion's refreshing Samuel Leroy Walker 4711 son. After arriving at the toot Participants are scheduled to Relieves Itching Scaling and

new direction for spring and Beauticians Present Sunbeam Rd., 32 and Maggie e group will have a picnic in be: Mrs. Essie ..... Roberts,' Irritation of Psoriasis yourself.
summer 1968. Irene Barge 936 E. Ashley the picnic area. Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Willie Mae Davis, Choir /Men. esuuleall j
And this look sometimes Affair SL, 21.Otis Green Is supervisor.Mrs.Cor No. 2 St. Matthew A.M. E. II gcRiles NIiNet
showing the influence of the Benefit Easter nulls C. Wallace Is Worthy.. Church, Mrs. Dorethea Watts Only 33.e Phat
'ZO'. and 'JO1*-U worked by S. Slaughter, 2547 Calvin trop All are Invited Bryant Mrs. Ernestine Watts CET HUD-TO-TOE PROTECTION
The City Wide Beauticians' t' KM *M.-
designers tociveeuualsports. SL, 20 and Betty JeanGlas- Cross 1 3; "t i''iMceiM1 IStP, It t
Mrs. Irene Harris .
will April Myin
Organization present fetkMMM s"
wear and accessories a more per 1646 While St.. 20. Lodge Meeting Mrs. Barbara Taft Mrs. Carne y,1.N1. ..IWN I
In Paris on Easter Monday.ThisIs r 11.:mjS'II 1111
In the
feminine feeling seasons Moore Moncrief l/urua a ts.e.
ahead.At an annual affair. Robert Lee Young, 631 CourtF. Moor o Hear CCMO SPRING' DUTIU.UV.touisvitn.'".
B.F. Goodrich the sandal Mrs Ethel Jones, queen, will .. 19 and Harriett Selena Fel- Planned ByTransportation Church Choir, Mrs. Bernice I
balance and be crowned. Miss Brenda Joyce der, 2525 Thames St., 19. White.Mrs. Luella' B. Carter
look Is designed to
Samuel I
Harris, scholarship winner, Unit
complement the new closer-to- will be honored. Han- Robert Nathaniel Peek 1669 Zachary, Redeem Baptist
the body line and softer fabricsin berry Jr., recording Johnny artist, Putledge Rd., 19 and Pamela On March 27, at 8 p.m., on the Church Choir and Mrs. Mollie Standard Grand Opening I

spring and summer ready-to- will sing. Miss E. J. Brooks is Veronica Watts, 5533 HuwoodDr. sixth floor of the Masonic Tem.pie Grant Mrs. Annie Edmonson .
wear fashions. The Country accepting applications from ., Apt Z, 16. 410 BroadStreet,Worship Is president Ii
Fair Casuals group>> comes la a
nil Masters Matrons
want enter Deputies
who to
variety of open-toe and sling- boys or girls Brookins Phillip Mills Jr.,BOil Twling of the Eastern Star, and
the state contest Mrs.
back cuts with flattering T- can be contacted at 602 West Ave, 22 and Gloria Lettla Hall, Heroines of Jericho will meetto Gardenia Social i II
strap, panel design and cross Ashley. Delegates will be 7855 Dekle Ave., 19. receive Information from Robert

over buckled treatments. For chosen at the first April Meet. Brown,chairman of Transportation
flattering toe exposure these Ing. Mrs. Callle Cone Is oreslYMCA Willie Lee Jackson, 1308 concerning the Club Plans Meet I
sandals are cut with a soft Cleveland St, 36 and Willie Ma parade. Representatives will
angle that follows the shape of dent Brown, 1700 Sycamore, St., 29. com from the Shriners, The Gardenia Social and
the foot. Daughters of Isis, Consistory, Savings Club will hold th regular I
These are the colorful footwear Charles Vamedoe. 1320 West Ladies of the Golden Circle. H. meeting In the home of t OPEN 7t,9 If.44'TJMpluwet -- ,
minimums to wear with Announces 11th St., 24 and Gall Love Luns- 'Simmons Is Deputy District Mrs. Annette Bacon, 14067 Van I Ij
the new maximum of wide flaring ford, $44 DeUwood Ave., 19. Grand Master. .Buren, at 8. j :
pants long or short cabana e r

: : skirts, pant shifts, knickers Plans For Aiding
the peasant look of full 1ant.r
dirndl skirts and those new skirt BOB SMITH COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ,

and skirt combinations that have Through WorkshopThe '

created a new world of fashion "WATCH, FOR NEW STUDIO OPENING SOON!
excitement. Adult Committee of the
Acessory sandals in the new A. L. Lewis Branch of the 15TH AND MYRTLE AYE.
bright solid colors underscore Y.W.C.A., will sponsor a workshop ; /
casual sportswear made of delightful and Officers' Training WEDDINGSPARTIESFAMILY t; a
prints in tiny to blown- Program on Saturday, March

up patterns, checks and stripes. 30, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., at PICTURES
The Country Fair Casuals group the branch, 582 WestethStreet -
includes bright and sharp- This program Is designed to
never neon-colors such as .help lathe udetstandlagofpar-
green, yellow, blue, orange liamentary procedures and in CLUB GROUPS.RECEPTIONS ----.
pink and red. And they come la the training of officers. All Y I
neutrals such as beige, white members and other persons Interested "RESULTS GUARANTEED"
and black to extend their accessory are Invited to attend.
role in vacation and at-, Mrs.- Norman Lockwood, past Turnkey ceremonies at the newest 60 Minute Cleaners in Jacksonville

.. home wardrobes. Because they president of the League of Women PHONE 765200TODAY took place ,at 11 a.m. on Monday Marcb 18, 1968. This new ,

.*" are worked in sailcloth and a Voters and of the Yi Board drycleancin plant, located at, 4924 West Moncrief Road, is the llth :
Fortrel and cotton blend, they of Directors, will be in charge.
Grand Opening"ere:
are in the band washable cat- Research persons will be Mrs. one in the Jacksonville area. Present for the

.* 'gory-* boon to the summer Mary Alice Smith Rodney Veron Alexander,. General Manager; Clifford Adams Plant Manager;

..'*. wardrobe. Burst, Nathaniel Davis, Miss PHOTOGRAPHER FOR: R. H. Watson, Area Supervisor; Mary Singleton, Councilwoman, Cityof
If s fun to be pretty again inn Jean Fuses and Mrs. Geneva Jacksonville; Janie Richersqn, Carchie Sapp, Ella Mae Davis.Jo .
and flattering fashions Wheeler Farther Informationcan FLORIDA STAR '
Photo Bob Smith)
{ By
Warthen. ,
fashion tool Ann .
and Iff good be secured from the Y.
i t..eiM.aeie9h t.



I \ t

Y.: t Y,. e.l.Ihr'll.....l.....c d.+l.w. _"" fc'i..rli: nnf,... ."} ......'... tjBJIim ..Minn:...., .: .. j :rticYa .._. w_Fmk,, aL.SAeY.:. 'r..$ t '{"" ... ... .... -.i.. ... ..-kJ".io". .. ...........

MARCH 23 ml

First Born Plans Educator Rev. And Mrs. Wynn Honored Dr. Sams Will Be I

For Youth ProgramThe Hams Principal, head of Thomas the widely P.known Wil r 11itW Banquet Honoree I: CHURCH NEWSThe J

Eulonle Elementary School of
First Horn of 825 '
Temple "
March 25'
West Monroe, Elder Hill pas- McIntosh County, Georgia, will Monday,

tor, will celebrate Youth Day accompany Bell Ringers his for group their Eulonle concert The Baptist Ministers' Bro- young people will be in charge of services all day. Sun
Elder Levi Smith will and at 9:30: a.m. The morning-worship will begin -
Sunday. Sunday afternoon, March 24, at therhood of Jacksonville, day school begins
for the Choir No. 3 and Usher Board No. 3 will serve
preside young people. St. Stephen's AME Church,Fifth of Duval and Adjacent counties at 11 a.m.
services will fit in with The evening worship begins at 6 p.m. District
Other Sams the day.
and Day Is Streets, Rev. J. S., will honor Dr. J. Carl throughout
the day. Sunday School beginsat President of the National Baptist No. 1 will have the monthly meeting Sunday, March 24, at
10 a.m., with Deacon M. Convention of America,and 3 D m, in the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Powell Deacon Caleb
McQueen as superintendent. pastor of the Second Baptist Crate Is leader. The Ever Ready Choirs' Union will hold its
The morning service, spon- church, in a special testimonial spiritual revival at the church Sunday evening, March 24, at
sored by the young people, will banquet on Monday, March 25, $: Mr. Mary Spence is president Rev.Remus Smith is pas
be held at 10 a.m. Y.P.C.W. t hi at the Atlantic Coast Line Ban- tor. .
opens at 5:30, with Mrs. Mar- i quet Hall, at 7:30: p.m. COLOSSIANS BAPTIST CHURCH
grett Johnson as president. The Dr. G. Emanuel Carlson,Executive Sunday School begins at 9:30: a.m., with the superintendent and
evening worship begins at 7 Director of the Baptist teachers in charge. Morning worship begins at 11 I.m., and even
O.m. Joint Committee on Public Affairs ing worship at 6 p.m. The pastor will deliver both sermons. Choir
will deliver the address. No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will serve throughout the day. Pray
JH MEMORIAM Joint Committee organizations er service is held every Tuesday night, beginning at 7:30. The
are.American Baptist Conven- anniversary of the Deacons and Deaconesses will be held throughAprU
W / tion, Baptist Federation of Canada 29. Rev. R.J. Crawford is pastor.
Baptist Genera 1 Conference -
i I of America, Rational Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at 930.: Tyrone
I': \ \ ..., --: Convention U.s.A., Inc., North Merchant and teachers will be in charge. Rev. J. C. Rogers will
.I \ American Baptist General Con- give the review.The morning worship begins at 10:45 with Deacon
\ .' Her and Mrs B.L. Wynn, pastor and wife of Abyssinia Baptist Church: were honored recently ference and Seventh Day Baptist James Melton and deacons in charge of devotions. Music will be
THOMAS P. WlLUAJdS at a banquet at tb* church Shown in the picture are Leofric W. Thomas, the honorees, and General Conference. furnished by Choirs No. 2 and No.4,with Mrs. Bessie in charge.
Rev. R.L. Jones, preisdent of the Ministers' Brotherhood (Photo By A, Paul Crawford.) Other Baptist officials of the Deaconesses Board No. 2, Mrs. Mary Small president,will meet
Johnson, pastor. Mrs. Jennie state will appear on program. after the morning worship. B.Y.P.U. will be at 5:50: with Mrs.
Vee Crockett with an enthusiastic Mrs. AWe Fay Maxwell will M.L. Polite presiding. The special feature will be by Desiree
(' L 1 committee, is spon- First Samuel Union Progressive Candidate be soloist. Campbell and Deacon Clarence Jamil. Mrs. Bessie Merchant
soring this affair. The concert win conduct the Bible drill The evening worship will be at 6:30:
will begin at 3:30: p.m.The group Baptist Plans Announces p.m. Both major sermons will be delivered by the pastor or his
) will be directed by Mrs Allen Chapel appointee. On Monday night at 7 p.m. The Christian Aid Society
Harryettee Cuthbert PIckens, a Annual Youth DayFirst Men's Day meets. At 8 p.m. Friendly Usher Board No. 1 will celebrate its

l ..e faculty member. silver offerIng Samuel Baptist Church, .. I'I, Will Feature sixty-second anniversary and the twenty-seventh of the president,
<) will be taken. 96 Ives Street, Rev. S.M. Cat- Mne's Day will be observed Deacon W. M. Wright. On the program win be Miss Gloria Jean

In loving memory of Mrs. son minister, has planned April 28 at Union Progressive b Choir SingerFred Garvln, Miss Angela Jones, Rev. J.C. Rogers, Choir No. I and
Harriet Evans Pauline, wife series of services for Sunday, Baptist Church, 613 Pippin No. 3 and others. Prayer meeting is Tuesday at 8 p.m., as wen
' and mother, who died March March 24, beginning with the Other services will be as us- choir soloistat as Bible Study. On Wednesday night Choir No. 1 and No. 3 re*
22, 1967. CARDS OF THANKSThe Sunday School at 930.: ual. Sunday School will be at Allen Washington,AME Church hearse at 8 p.m. On Thursday at noon the Missionary Society
We love to think of you whom Youth will be in charge all 9:30, with deacons in charge. I Chapel in recital 'will conduct a prayer meeting. On Friday night Choir No. 2 and
God has called to Himself as Family of the late Mrs. day. At the 11 a.m., wonshlp Rev. Glvlngs will preach Choir be presented March a 24 at No. 4 will meet for rehearsal. The church Is located at 3333
away at school..Ay yhe best Gertrude Jennings wishes to Deacon Moor will be charge No. 3 and Usher Board No. 3 the Sunday church.evening He will be assisted, Franklin Street. Mrs Bessie Merchant is reporter.
schools In the universe, under express their sincere thanksto of the devotions. Miss Betty will serve. The evening servlO II Choir No. 1. *
the best teachers,learn- the Neighbors, Friends, RandaU will be mistress of will begin 'at 6 p.m. Prayer by The at 8 EMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH
ing the best things In the best Rev. Rudolph McKlssickRev.W.E. ceremonies. The Junior Male Meeting Is held Tuesday night CLARENCE. DAVE program begins Is Prayer Meeting and Teachers' Meeting will be held Tuesdaywith
possible manners..Resting Newman, Mrs.A.N.Sessions Chorus of Mt. Bethel will furnish Rev Jake Ray Is pastor. Mrs** Clarence Davis will be ordained p.m. Rev. J.C. Bannerman the pastor and officers In charge. On Wednesday Choir No.
where no shadows falL..In and Holmes and West music. Rev Rufus Shanks Leomla Miller Is reporter. a deacon Sunday morn- pastor. 3 will rehearse Choir No. 2 will rehearse at 8 p.m. On Thursday -
Funeral Home for their Ing at 11 a.m.,in the Royal Tab Other church activities Include the service will beheld at the
perfect peace she awaits us many will speak. * the Morning service noonday prayer meeting church
ail..You are not forgotten acts of kindness during our Henry Samllwood will be the ernacle Baptist Church, 1320 Choir No. 1 will rehears at 8 p.m. On Saturday the Cub Scouts
loved one, nor will you ever recent breavement. Signed: speaker at 3 p.m. Mrs. Eva To keep latex paint surfaces 21st Street. Rev. Lee McQueen, Edward, with Waters Mrs. Mary Smith of will meet at 10:30 a.m. The Junior Choir will rehearse at 4
College as guest
be..As long as life and memory Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jennings Lois Curry will be mistress ol clean, use soap or detergent Iud pastor, will officiate.Rev.Samuel speaker and the FriendsPew p.m. The Male Chorus will meet at 7:30.: Sunday School begins
last we will remember and daughter, Mrs. of Second Baptist will speak at 9:30 with the superintendent Mrs. Mamie Fields In
ceremonies. At 6 p.m.,the youth to wipe up drips and ipatttr within Rally. : charge.The .
thee. Signed: H.M. Pauline, Jerushia Gray Mrs.Cather- will again be In charge. Choir 30 minute. Delay makes It more lesson topic will be reviewed by an appointee. Consecration
husband; and family. ine Istard and Sons. No. land No..3 will sing difficult to remove such spots .* will begin at 10:50.: The morning service begins at 11 a.m., with
the deacons charge. B.T.U.begins at 5p.m. with Deacon James
M. Luke BaptistPlans Phillips In charge. The evening worship begins at 6:30 p.m. The
awe Chorus I Is asked to serve at Mt.Ararat at 2:30 p.m. Usher
Family Meet Board No. 1 and the Junior Board, Choir No. I and the Junior
Choir will serve Loretta Rollins and C.B. Fisher will be in

Sears Family Day will be observedat charge of music.
207.: : :
Off! St. Luke Baptist ChurchSun- ST. PAUL BAPTIST CHURCH

day March 24, at 11 a.m. Rev. Sunday School begins at 9:30 with the s rlntenclent, Deacon
I II' Scott from McCllnny, Florida Edward Jefferson and teachers In charge. The lesson will be
will deliver the message Mrs. reviewed by the pastor, Rev. E. E. Taylor. The morning worship -
Thomasenla Ownes will be guest begins at 10:45: a.m. with Deacons Dorsey Parson and
dr I soloist. Choir No. 3 B of the George Brown In charge Th* Choral Group win serve and
Zion Hop Baptist Church will each member, along with the Usher Board No. 2, will assemble
serve Rev. M.J. Trowel Is In the consecration room at 10:43. Processional beclns at 11 a.1I.
t pastor. Mrs. Helen Newsom Is with Rev Taylor In charge At 4 p.m.District No. 2 will hold Us

4-Ply program chairman. regular meeting. BTU begins at S\ p.m., with Mrs. C.B. Parson
Silent'Guard In charg. The evening worship begins at 6 p.m. The pastor,
w will deliver both sermons. The Choral Group will serve through
Rev. And Mrs. out Ui* day, along with Usher Board No. 2. The weekly Prayer
Cord Tires Meeting will be held at 7:30.: Th pastor and deacons will be In
Nylon Wynn Are HonoredAt charge of Teachers' Meeting and Bible Study. The church U
t located at 716 Stonewall Street. Rev. Eddie E. Taylor Is pastor.


GUARANTEED 40 MONTHS Rev and Mrs. B.L. Wynn, Sunday School begins at 9:30: with Superintendent Jack Green la
I spiritual leaders of Abyssinia charge. The lesson topic will be reviewed by the pastor, Rev.W.O. .
Baptist Churda,.were honored Rogers. Choir No. 2 and Usher Board No. 1 will serve. Devotional -
recenUy with an appreciation services will be led by Deacons J.L. Sims and Jack
6.5M3TubeleMIlWk: program, at the church. Green. Evening devotions will be at 6 p.m., with Deacons
*.HKrfular; Participants on the program George Tucker and Act Wilbert in charge. The auxiliary rally
will terminal at this tlm*. On Monday night Choir No. will re-
255NO were: Mrs. W.L. Smith. Mrs.
; :>> Plus $1.81 ,
$26.95 M. Edna Brown Rev.E. .Taylor. hearse. On Tuesday night the Prayer Band meets.Bible Study is
l Federal E:sri!..c Tax Rev. S.L. Badger, Mrs. also the same night From March 27 through March 31 the Deacons'
Estella Freeman Union and Women's Missionary Society Auxiliary to the
1 Old' Tire Mrs. Helen
and'our Lawrence, E. Jones, Mrs. M. Emanuel .Baptist Association will meet. Rev. J.W. Johnson 1s
Wright Mrs. M. Holback and moderator Rev. W.o. Rogers Is host Mrs. Catherine Sampson
MONEY DOWN on Scars }:ati y Pa> mcnt Plan Mrs. Viola McTeer. Js reporter. The church Is located at 1281 West 22nd Street.

Planning committee memberswere GRANT MEMORIAL AME CHURCH

95* : Mmes. Viola McTeer Services will begin with .the Sunday Church School at 9.30:
8.55x11: Tubelos a l Nitre all", Keg. $39.9; 31 Margarett Wright, Mary Hol a.m., with Amos V. Rose, superintendent,.along with his staff

Win 52.:>6 FET and Your old Tire back, Alean Frasler and Julia of officers and teachers. In charge Dr. A. Joseph Reddish, the
/ all 31.95, Place' tt* M. Robinson. Hostesses were pastor announces that Rev F.D. Richardson, Sr., will bring the
BlacU Keg.
7,75.11 Tubclew y 25 Theresa Westley and Regina message at the 10:45 a.m. worship period. At the 6:45: p.m.
$2.19 FET and Your Old Tire .........,...........T.... Lewis, Ullle N. Batson,Beulah worship period Rev. FJ). Richardson, Jr., will bring the mes-
llTubeleMBUcU.lKKcg.$33.95Plu: Q 715* Shipp, Ruth Calloway, Berneas sage. The Youth Choir and Usher Board No.4 will serve throughout -

8.25: .......... Dixon, Barbara Jefferson the day, assisted by the Men's Chorus on Sunday night.
Old Tire .......... ......
/ $!35 FIT; and Your : Eloise Johnson,Sarah Dixon and TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH

Whitewalle ailable in most Mies, $3 more per tire.S1 Doris Neavins. Music was furnished Sunday School begins wlthSuperintendent: Bessie Solomon
by the Abyssinia Choirs
\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\W\\ \ 111\1151\1 111111U11111111111111 *AH lire ilsble in Fern.ndina Beach and Do.nlurn' and the Emanuel Choirs. The in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Deacon L. C. Watts'
s + cI'eTasndlour0ldTire.Y class. The morning service begins at 11a.m.,with the Rev. W.E.
SILENT GUARD AND SILENT GUARD l Each Tire Pius KcUcr.1 theme was "Laborers together
I Y SE4LAYT -\ :' GUARANTEE: with God" Rev. and Mrs.Wynn Young speaking. All youth choirs and Usher Board No. 4 will
! 1a serve. The W.E. Young and the
Willing Workers Clubs will meet
Trod Uf CuiulM Tr.UWtar-O.lc made closing remarks
a in
*.< AoiMt Al Ik 5. CMTMIM the home of Mrs. Pearl Denifield Sunday at 3:30: p.m., at 411
.. ,..
li'f. w..N.r.J'W..n..u.....,.. J .: Canaanr'- Jessie. The Easter practice is Tuesday afternoon at 4:30. The
!l f.r.rWrn.M.rM.. -ii youth choirs rehearse
MMw lwiNrlla Wednesday at 5:30. The teachers' meetIng -
f: .,:::- :-'lIIoof '' Baptist Units will be Wednesday at 6:45.: Prayer'Meeting Is Wednesday at
== = ::ztii : 1:30.
: = ......... _. GOODSHEPHERD
if .IV Q., pd,I 1l.. ., Wnlliwr oral c.-w M1W-N; "'A Sponsor Rev. Alex Garvin, pastor. Location, 1722 West 29th Street
Paw w1..1r W wwlr I .v- % { Services will begin with the Sunday School at 9:45: a.m. The
: ; .:.. ;?' FestivalThree morning worship begins at 11
: --10......_ a.m. Rev. H. Wilson will deliver
I : the sermon The Junior choir win serve.BT.U.begins at 6 p.m.
.;;\\ \\ 'I\\\MI\\\\\ \\ \ \ \\\\I\\\\\ \ \I\\\I\I\. local associations and The evening worship begins at 7:00 p.m.
I auxiliaries to the Baptist General -
State Convention will pre- *

, Sears Has the Steel sent "International Festival Religion And Race
Friday, March 22 in Raines
CORD Radial Tire High School. This is a benefit LEADER SOUGHT

program for Florida Memorial 1 ROANOKE, VA.- Fear of a possible "hot summer" of disorders -
1) 6.IM.1: : :.011,13 college. A donation will be taken 1 in the Roanoke Valley this'summer has led the Roanoke
at the Mrs. Sadie>> Fedd
1 Each: Tire flux $1.1,10 Ministers conference, under the leadership of Dr. Noel Taylorto
rrilrnilKuiTTat' : 39 I Mrs. Sarah Rice and Mrs.Claudine -
and lour Old Tire I. Williams presidents. seek out local leadership to war off any untoward happeningsThe
i conference ha empowered Dr. Taylor to spearhead the
formation of an interracial committee of business, professional
: MI,15.E..hTire churcbm civic and labor leaders to explore chances of Immediate

i' Plu 31.N91 ET ........................ 539 Friendly West SideMaleChorusRehearses help for "discontented elements" in the valley
6.IIhll..IICIII.; | |:.,'hTiro NEWARK-A 34
PlIO' '2.29 nT: $39 j pap report published by a special committee
"""""""' ''''' tor a group or local
association of th* cit/s
7.75: ,ll.K.hTirr, clergy, has been issued which contains
w PI... $2.49 FfcT: .... ................... $41 Male The Chorus Friendly will Westslde have special Union l( for the Catholic church's Involvement general in programs recommendations designed --

8.25 ll. F..t'"Tire, J rehearsal and business conference to alleviate problem study, treats with! the problem In
Plu. 92.i 1 FET ........?...?......... $4 3 Saturday, March 23, at 7 the recreation fields of housing, health education, antipoverty! programs,
' p.m., In the main unit of Royal city financial needs' and employment.
7.75 *
J5-8.23,13E.chTirr, j$4'3 FIVE PER CENT
PI... $2.53 FET ........................ 1320 Tabernacle West 21st Baptist Street.Rev.Church Lee, NEW YORL A plea to the 6,945 local churches of the United

McQueen Is pastor, Mrs. Catherine Church of Christ denomination has been made by the church's
1 DOWNTOWN ARLINGTON PLAZA FERNAN.oINABEACH* GREEN COVE SPRINGS: W. Sykes and Mrs. Mary executive council, to contribute up to five percent of their local -,
Is 200 West Bay Street 974 Arlington Rd. Atlantic and Fifth Shop By Phone HaleD Frost Bellamy will be In expenses for action the crisis ln.thfe;ghettos." The request
ears 355-4481 7252173Qt 261.5511 284-9300 charge as well as Thomas Dow. U followed could bring over a million dollars annually,

. O/e.1,3O, .'01e.30! ,. I.M..,"0.,,0.-. Op..ls.'iii 5:30p." a4.fwra.tysad with the funds In being used for "self- determined-self directed"projects
; StARI, '."""u.oen. Tsa..dvd.ue.1. u..M4WH.'iI.... dru.ylsw'Wl... >.............. *. :and Spanish rural and speaking city slums Americans., among'Negroes, American Indians -






.Pier 9'

I St. Stephen's A.M.E. And Bethlehem Baptist Church Plan Men's Day --- !

Prominent Speakers Will BeAt It.r ,4 Purchase New Piano Florida Conference Sweetfied Baptist j j


All Services During Day '.:-: .1"f.1'-.j [!\ M. ..... Missionaries ConferThe AnnouncesCoronation ;i

Both Bethlehem Baptist Church and St.Stephen's A.M.E.Church lii '..; :. East Florida Conference ,1
f: ; .
have planned. Sunday ...,.JO.. '
IJJch 24. to. be Men's Day. '; Branch Missionary Society of
Rev. G.W.Warren will speakat .p.m. other appearing will be the A.M.E. Church will meet Sweetfleld Baptist Church, In
Bethlehem In the morning Charles Simmons, Willie Mat- Wednesday, March 27th in Midway 'he morning service, will be the j
service Her. W.M.Smlth will ney, Theodore Lawrence,Frank AJU.E. Church. jcene of the coronation of the
speak at 3 p.m. Rev W.L.WU- Courtney, Johnny Palmer and The Missionary Parlor ReadIng choirs and of the ushers, In the .
Uams will speak at night, 7 p. Robert Brinkley,Mrs Eula Mae Group will meet Saturday, prayer room. Rev D.B.Barnes 1 f
m.Deacon Willlamd, Mrs. Sally Baldwin, March 23, In the home of Rev or an associate will perform the j
Junious Sneed will be Gertrude Morse, Ruby Holmes and Mrs. W.F.Foster. Mrs O. ceremonies. ]I
cUalrman and will be assisted and Bose' Curtis, assisting T. Hatcher will be present. Other services have been at- I
by Deacon Eugene Sawyer. ,Mrs. Jennie Vee Crockett will Mrs. W.E. Harris, director of nounced. Sunday school will begin '
Other participants will bet be Mrs. Louis Genwrlght and the group, has announced that at 9:30 with R.M.McKlnnln j
Sunday school Guest Superintendent Mrs. Ruby Johnson. Mary mother of Jesus, and the in charge, along with his teach- ;
Arthur Brown;Edmond Mrs. 1.Williams will serve as other Marys of the Bible will ers. The morning worship begins '
Sneed Henry Simmons, Mr. dean hostesses. The club will be studied. Mrs. Ablab B. She- at 11 a.m the evenlngwor-
Hammond, Mose Brooks, Cla be the Friend Host and Hostess 14"i bee is president ship at 5:30.: Deacons will be *'
rence Jones, Charlie Cooper, Club. In charge of both services. The J'
James Smith, O.D.Phllllps At 7 p.m. with Robet Law. D.B.Barnes choir and Junior
Hayes Joseph White Charlie rence preside Ing,a musical wUl Summer ScholarshipTea Choirs, u well astheD.B.Ush-
Reed, CL Fountain, and Charles be given by the Male Chorus, er Board and Junior Usher
Hart. directed by Neal Bland. Was Big Success Board will serve throughout tbe
Participants In the morning The church is located at Fifth day.
service will be: and Davis. Rev .Johnson is According to Mrs. D. B. Plan are being completed for
Mt Slant Male Chorus, Rev pastor. Barnes, coordinator for the Women's Day T.V.Rendall is
Earnest Williams, Jerome Forest mammoth George W. Sumner. general chairman Mrs.Geneva
S.L.Reed Frank W. Smith Scholarship St Patrick Benefit Wright will co-chairman.Mr.: .
Deacons Porter and L. Lewis Mt. Herman 9 Tea held at Sweetfleld, Sunday. Willie L. Young will to organist
and Deacon E. Sayer,co-chair: i The Tea was a great success. Other services are : Prayer

man. Choir Plans ....... --- ........ --- -.;.;... -- Mrs. Barnes served as coordinator meeting, Tuesday, 7:30: p.m.
Hose playing prominent parts m tmarn KVI Sasa Bsta mx fa&ju 1.JfJUSeen tl I WWI t mass D&J.1I1DD ssxa HHB tIttt1t1I! for both the Sunday Bible Class, Wednesday, 7p.m.
in the afternoon will be Deacon above are enthusiastic members of the Frank Williams Jlrs. Olivia HarreU Bertram Bellamy, Ollle Jackson, Lone School and B.T.U. Congress of Rev. D.B.Barne teacherWed-
irwin Eddy. Rer. W.Hooks Annual Meet Chorus of New Bethel AM.E.; Church, Rev. E. Jones minister. tones, and James Carnard,TJ.Williams,WJ).Cannon,Frank- the Baptist General Convention nesday, 7:45: Choir No. 2 Rehearsal
Lawrence Pratt and Alfonso This group Is primarily responsible for the purchase of a new Donalson, Jr. andSheperd Johnson.Chairman P.J.Williams will of Florida. Mrs. Dorothy Green Is
Urllo. Choir No. 1 of Mt. Herman piano at the church. Members, left, are: Mrs. Erma Bryant, speak Sunday In the Interest of the Piano Fund Drive director; Thursday, 7.45 p. m. '
At. 7 p.m. participants will be Baptist church will celebrate organist, Paul J. Williams, director, Mrs. Roasts Alexander, Rev. Gibbs Seeks Choir No. Rehearsal, 7:45p.m. .. .
..' Deacon Ellis the Mt. Slant Male Its anniversary Tuesday at 8 Choral Union Setup Mrs. Mlmmle Mae HlnesmuslI
Chorus, Rer. Earnest Williams P.O. with Deacon Prime and clan; Saturday 5 p.m., Choir .
Deacons Hollis Brunson, Rev. Deacon Camel In charge of de Mt. Olive New HopeA.M.E, Mt. Sinai Male Dayspring Church ban Rev, Fla.Eugene, Is Interested Gibbs of in Calla-forming No. 4 rehearsal ;Saturday,6:30 ,' .
HOOKS,'ueacons D. Rhodes' Jr., votions. Mrs Mary Spence Is I p.m. D.B.Barnes Choir ReharA
and Mr. Jackson president Rev F. Brooks Ispastor. Announces Men's Church's Sponsors Chorus Plans has a combined choral union.He sal, 6:30: Willie Young musician. '
At St: Stephen's A.M.E. Elsie Murphy is repor Night, Offerings planned the first meeting for ..
Sunday, April 21, and would like

Church wW the be speaker ReY FredDJte-ot the morning -. ter. Day For Sunday S.S. Is SundayMen's Sunday MusicalAt For Early Spring to Rev.hear Gibbs from can 12 or be more reached choirs at -Buy U.S.Savings t,
) < .
fcf oMr..,at Ua.ra.
Others appearing in the morning Evangelists' Council New Hope AME Church, Rev Mt Sinai Baptist 1551 Lee Dr. Susie C. Holly, president The P.O. Box 428, Callahan, 32201. Bond
Day will be celebratedat Street on Sunday night March of the meeting has been planned 1
service will be : Rev. Isaac Z.L. Tyrus, pastor,will hold its Women's Geneal Bap for 5
New Mt Olive Batplst Church 24, at 7 p.m. the musical "Ob list Convention of Florida p.m.
Halfback, Amos Rose, Rev night Sunday School Sunday, will I
Frank Yokes, Edmond Sneed, Planned For Ml. Sinai Sunday, March 24, throughoutthe March 24, beginning at 6 p.m. Sing Brothers," will be pre be the guest speaker for the annual .
Willie Weston, A. Mitchell day.Sunday. Lewis Champion Is superintendent sented. Carrie B. Sloan Hour at
Louis Wilson James Howard The Interdenominational School begins at 930.: Rev. Ben J. Lane is pastor. Day Spring Sunday at 2 p.m. PLLEEAASSEE Remember .
"i" Howell J.W.Brown. Howard Evangelists' Council will bold The morning worship begins at Mrs. Eloise Edmonds of New Participants! will bet Mrs Rev. H.H.RobInson pastor of '
Cuyton, Donald Speight. the, quarterly meeting In Mt 11 a.m. and evening worship at SL James AME will be guest Mary Helen Frost Bellamy the First Baptist Church of Lake The Deadline For i .
John Gripper, James Genwrlght SUal Holiness Church Abbott 6 p.m. Afternoon service will be superintendent Miss Patricia Mrs. Lila Singleton Mrs Catherine Wales, will speak In the morn- (!jI'k
and Robert Lawrence. and 21st, Elder L.M. Sparks at 3 p.m. At 6:30 p.m., Attorney Anderson of Mt Ararat Baptist SykesandCans Welling- Ing service on March 31, the News li,I
At > p.m. the Bell Ringers of pastor, Monday, March 25, at Earl M.Johnson and Rev. will be guest secretary. Evlng- tn Shoots, Jr., Mrs. Flossie closing day of Loyalty! Month. ,
the Euloola Elementary school 5 p.m., G. Flagler will speak.The choir ton Bernard Davis will be guest M. Rhlm will serve u mistress Registration of loyal members Is Tuesday Noon /i
of Eulonla, Ga.directed by Mrs. The Institute will empahsln of the Mt. Vernon Baptist! organist of ceremonies. Also appearing wlU take place. The Senior
Herletta Pickens, will be presented the Twenty-third Psalms. Church will serve In the morn- Guest teachers will be: Maurice will be Senior No. 2 and Usher choirs and Usher Board No. 1 Bring News To
In concert. Mrs. Jennie Among participants will be: Ing. The Male Chorus of the Jenkins, St Thomas Baptist Board No. 2 Mrs Deanna L. will serve. ,
Vee Crockett, along with others Mrs. Gertrude Morse, Minister Royal Tabernacle Baptist Beginners; Mist Doris McClellan Shellle Jennings, Sunday\ will also to Association '2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. '13th St.
Is sponsoring the affair. Ken Larry Boston, Mrs. Alice Church will serve at 6.30 p.m. Faulk, Panama City AME, Primary Mrs. Wlnona Sumpter. Deacon Day with the Eastern District
I. Knight will be master! of ceremonies. Bo&ton. Mrs. Gertrude Smith Edward Jefferson of St Paul ; Mrs.Aria PetersonSec Samuel Grant and James W. in charge. Components are Districts Notices Must Be Mailed By Mon. Noon
He will be Introduced Rev. Alia Washington Elder& M. Baptist Church will serve u ODd Baptist, Junior No. 1; Mrs. Jackson, president No. 1. No. 13 No. 14
by Miss Marion Whltebead. L. Hodges. Elder L.M. Sparks, guest superintendent Tha les- Anita Garner St Paul AME, No. 16 and No. 16 and No. 2L YOUR COOPERATION IS NEEDEDSO
Principal Williams of the Georgia Elder Mule Johnson. Mr .. son will be reviewed by Deacon Junior No. 2; Eupnt Campbell Other participating groups will
school will present both Ken Lease Colado Elder H.M.W11- J. H. Williams of Emanuel Bap Mt Salem Baptist, Junior High; New Redeem Church be the Missionary Society WE CAN SERVE YOU
Knight and Miss Whltebead. hams, Miss Wanda Wilson tist. Deacons J. N. Doctor and Mrs. Lisle J. Willlsam, Mt Trustee Board Church School,
The Bell Ringers, nationally Mrs. Ellen Jones:; Rev. Vivian John Francis will conduct devotions. Tabor Baptist, Young Adults Choirs No.2 Usher BoardCholr
known, art appearing here in a Williams. Rev IDea B. Johnson Soloists wlUbe Levi Simmons Mrs. Emma L. Gulls, Mt Ararat -; Unit Plans March Tea, .No., 3 and the Gospel Chorus SISTER BESSIE .'
benefit concert Only a silver Is president The service opensat Daniel Cummings, Fred Baptist, Womne's Bible On March 24, Mrs J.B. Kln- She will
offering will be taken. 730. Rev. Amanda Andersonwill Washington Prof. W.D. Cannon Professor Klptas L. ; Fashion chen wUl address guests at the read your entire life-past, present and
Green A
Tea will be future She asks no questions but will tell
and A.C. sponsored
Johnson. Rev. W.L. you
The program will beglnat 3:30 preside. Men's Bible anniversary .tea for the Missionary
Glanton serves u muter of by the Education Board of what you want to know, giving date and facts of
Society. Other services
Rev John White of Edward New Redeem business love health
ceremonies. Baptist Church, will be and family affairs. Will
Waters College will be guest 1(14 as usual Rev Cyrus I help find lost art TELL whom
CAUWHIIIIHGlONliOGERS 30th, Sunday March 31.at Weaver Is you you you will
pastor. Mrs.
soloist The public Is invited. boardwlllafsomeet E.W. and when. U the
the church. This Mainor Is marry one you love Is true, what
FUNERAL HOME Sunday morning after services to do to be successful Will reunite the separated, .t I
Central Baptist In order to further Its locate absent trlendi and relatives, and cause |
St. James '.M.E plans. EbenezerMethodist happiness between man and wife. Make lover's
For sympathetic Plans Other services have been an- quarrels. Tells, if sickness or bad luck Is natural ,
serviceof Anniversary nounced. Sunday School begins enemines, evil influence and bad luck. Does I
distress Church Is ReadyFor District No. 7 of Central Baptist at 9.30: with Deacon Eunice Dun- Choir not tell to pleas you, but will tell tilt truth. One visit will repay
will celebrate its anniversary son and teachers Incbarce.The you for disappointments all others. I not only read your life
Courteous attendants Anniversary Sunday March U, at 4 p. lesson will be reviewed by the Plans ConcertChoir like an open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES.
oa duty 24 hoursto m. Young Adult Choir of Mt pastor Rev. Norman. Devotion Come and see why you are so unhappy, when everything seems
St James A.M.E. Church's No. n of Ebeneier Methodist to go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted
serve you Ararat will be featured in a mu Choir No. 1 and Usher Board sick IDS worried
Sunday school department will sical. No. 1 will serve all day, with Church, Clay and Ashley when you can be helped and everything made clear by consult
Mrs. Mary M. Rogers RN celebrate its anniversary Sunday Miss Althea Parker will be Mrs. Jackson in charge of will give a concert Sunday tag THIS GIFTED MEDIUM! EYlrJbod1w.leom.J'iOMAILANS-
James Crawford March 24, at 9.30 with P. guest soloist. Walter Jackson music. District No. 1 will meetat night, March 31, at 7 p.m. in WERED. make no house calls. Don't mistake the address,
SAMUEL C. ROGERS Joseph Baldwin J. Williams u guest ,UPtd>>- will also sing. Otheri will be 3:30. The evening worship the sanctuary of the church sister bessle is located north of Callahan on U.S. f 1;
tendent The invocation will Mrs. Alveoli Weston soloist, will be at 6 p.m. Rev E J.Nor- Members of the choir will be 1/2 mile from City of CALLAHAN, Floilda. Phone: 87 .Z250.
800 West State And Madison come from featured. A fellowship hour will WATCH
J.W.Westbroo and Central BaptIst's Choir man, pastor will speak. FOR HER SIGN IN FHONT OF HOIEE
24 HOUR Lawrence Crews will be rem follow. Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL a
No. 1
.f Mrs Adllne Smith will
AIIBULANCE: SERVICE Phone 3547819Our viewer. Mrs Sarah Best and serve u mistress of ceremon- Mrs Corlne Fleming is presl. Open daily 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Sundays
Miss Ruth Seawrlgbt will be se Friendly West Side dent. Mrs. MJ.SpearIng is organist THIS CUPPING ,ENTILES YOU TO A $5. READING $2.
ies. Mrs. Mercedes Burke for
Only Establishment-No Branches cretaries. Teachers will be her committee Mrs. E.W.Hurley Is directress .
Mrs. Bessie Love, Mr.. Lime serve re and Rev. E.W.New-
M. Millbrok Miss Ruth Haynes,. freshments. Choirs Hold MeetingThe man Is minister.
Mrs. Lillie Y. Arnold. Mrs.A-
WRITE WRHC TODAYWin manda Gay Mrs. llary Wtlllams Young Peoples' Friendly Westslde Choirs MAHALIAJACKSON
and Mrs, J.C.Ross. Rev. Union will bold a mass revival Friendly Charity Club I
A.D.Harris is pastor. Union Celebrates Sunday, March 24, at 1:30p.m.,
In the unit of the Royal Tabernacle
$25.00 For Your Church At EphesianThe Baptist Church, 1320 West Has Tentli Anniversary

'-r Cut out the below and Bishop Young I Is Young People's Union win list Participants Street. will be: Mt Olive The Friendly Sympathy Charity 1 t
coupon celebrate the third anniversary Primitive Baptist Chorus;Deacon Club will celebrate the tenth
:. Sunday, Mitch 31, at 6 p.m.; at Horace Robinson,Rev.Wil anniversary Monday night,
write your question, then mail Celebrant In An the Epbeslan Baptist Church, lie Lee Glanton, Rev. Jeremiah April 22, at 6 p.m., at Mt IN
Third and StaffordStreets,Rev Robinson Mrs. Louise B. Williams Olive Primitive Baptist Church,
radio Annual W. Bell pastor. Mrs. Thelma Rev Neuar C. Battle, Myrtle and Fourth Streets.Mrs. PERSON
.': to station WRHC, P.O. ProgramBishop Edwards will be mistress of Cass W. Shootes. Jr., Mrs. Alberta Sallle Johnson is president
ceremonies Little Tena Williams Latlmore and the Combined Mrs. Elnora Williams Is sec
::, three years old, will be Usher Boards of Royal Tab retary. Rev. J.M. Dixon Is pas
; Box 2467, Jacksonville, Fla. Jay Spring W.C.Holiness Young! pastor Church of guest soloist. Guest groups will erD cle.: Deacon Perry Robinson tor. The Female Gospel Choir 5... March 24th
be the Excelsior Gospel Singers will be muter of cere will sing. "THE QUEEN Of
PHONE: 3891111USRUCTIONS celebrate 1771 West his Fifth Street, will The Traveling Stars, The monies. The Union Choirs will GOSPEL SINGERS" 8 :30 P.M.
Camilla Golden Anthonys and give selections Rev Lee Mc. City Wide Choirs I
: The WRHC "Mall Box" will attempt to get niversary as pastor from the Tiny Boyd Singers. Mrs. Queen Is pastor. Mrs. Ruby
an s;wirer to any question you may have on any subject, such Monday night, March 25, IDea Harris Is president. Ber Allen Stewart is president Announce
as schools, rents, taxes, city and county government and so through April 7, Sunday. nard Church McClaln is re- RevivalRevival I Jacksonville
on. Ministers, churches and congregations porter. Hour for the City Wide Coll..urnIr
Write your questions below and mall at once. Your question will appear nightly.On Choirs Union will be held Sunday -
". and the answer, along with your name and address will be Monday night Elder R. L. Mt. Olive March 24, at 3 p.m., tithe
Broadcast from time to time on WRHC, so please print your Williams and the First Deliverance = Mt. Sinai Holiness Baptist Everson Street Baptist Church. .e l.fil .
., tune ,and address. Write u often as you like and listener. Church will be in charge Choir No. 3 of Mt. Olive Primitive r
[our answer uo WRHC,1400 on your radio your total community On Tuesday night Elder Flax |Holds Missionary Day List Men's Annual win sing. Choir No. 2 of
station, on the air 24 hours a day. Howard, pastor of Howard will Union Community AWE will also j Added Attractions |
For the best question each week during this mailing.< Memorial Church, will partici Mt Sinai Holiness Church sing. Other groups come from
pate. On Wednesday night the: have the monthly missionary New Mt Olive Baptist will be I I tf II
Station WRHC will award $5.00 to the church. of your choice. Midway AME and Everson
If Y QUESTION IS: pastor of the First Baptist service Sunday, March 24. the scene Sunday, March 24, of Street. Mt. Tabor and West MIGHTY CLOUDS OF HARMONY
r 1 Church will be 1n charge. On Regular Sunday School set1- an au-dayMen's Day Celebra Friendship will to represented. -
Thursday night Bishop M.C.H. vices begin at 10:30 a.m. The tion. { And The |
Cooper of the Apostolic Church morning service will be conducted Rev G. L. Sims of West t
," 2032 Benedict be in charge. by the missionaries. Friendship will speak In the
." Bishop M. Baker and congregation Mrs. Gertrude Morse of Mt morning. At 3 p.m., Attorney SINGING ANGELS
will be present on Fri- Moriah AME will be tile speaker. Earl M. Johnson will speak. Joint Sllday School |L ,11jTickets !
PLEASE PRINT day night On Sunday morning At 3 P.m.1 platform service Rev G. Flagler of St Thomas -
I It.. iY RAMS IS Sunday School begins at 10a.m.Elder will be sponsored. The Baptist will speak at night. Will Be Sunday
W. Clark will be In charge Y.P.H.A. will begin at 7 p.m. The Mate Chorus of Royal On Sale At
MY ADDRESS m' of the morning service 11 The night service begins at 6 Tabernacle will sing. Fred The Fourth Annual Joint Sun-
,Toy question Is Judged test, pleas send S25.00 to the churchjolt a.m. A special service will beheld p.m. and will likewise be conducted Washington and Donald Cum day School will be held at Way BOB RECORD SHOP COLISEUM BOX OFFICE
;, my choice, which Is. Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.It by the missionaries. The mlngs will participate. Deacon man Chapel AME: Church Sunday ;
Bishop Oscar Gates, pastor of evening message will be givenby O'Nell Robert Is general chair March 24, at 930.: Mrs.B. CONVENTIONAL BUR.
we Pentecostal: Church of God Rev. Alta Washington, pas- man. Deacon Grant taco-chair-- Alston will be In charge. HEMMING PARK
{pa T NAME: 4 NAME OF LOCAL CHURCHX In Jesus, will conduct lot of the Open Door Mission.lder man. Rev. W.L. Glanton Is pas The lesson will be reviewed
L.M., Sparks is pastor. tor. by Rev. G. W. Smith, pastor PRICES : s2.00. 52.50.s3.00 3.50 i

I iI 0

. N I I
.1221.a.a.l.l".I..IJ.2t. ,
.JI. l ____ __ ",'..A, is tN lB ehL

> '" ,.., ., "




Flower Fresh Shoes For Girls Your Safari Corner "Nani nui" Influence Will

Make Easter A Welcome Weekend x Sweep American Art Centers

This spring, little girls will*find flower-fresh shoes abloom and
ready to be picked- for their enjoyment at Easter and many Expect to see "wahines" looking very "nani nui" gracing the
months afterward.New streets of towns across the USA this Spring. That's Hawaiian
leatherfootwear Is color a fresh dry feeling Inside the ,f, ,{t f 1 f 1 for pretty ladles and the expected Invasion of Hawaiian mores
ful, gay and good to look at for shoe, porous leather linings are and modes is part of the great swing to the islands wer have been
youngsters who like thler legsas recommended.When I experiencing. Travel to the Islands has burgeoned, Hawaiian
well as their eggs looking Easter shopping, the books, art, food, music are zooming. So naturally girls must
pretty on Easter morning. wise parent makes certain first I ret into the act with a Hawaiian fashion slant.
the shoes are leather then let
Young silhouettes most in demand Deslgn c1-In-HawaU prints Don Ho, later this spring.
the chose her favorite
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While stalking the s 'elusive are today producing shoes children as "pow" as the African prints Worst 1966 Catastrophe ,
Easter egg, many junior hun- can wear with complete that pervaded last Spring's NEW'ORKTorn.do 1
tresses will be seen In charming confidence and comfort Hawaiian designs and Hindi which buffeted Topeka .
Great for school wear and socializing scene, these new
leather pumps adorned with flowers paradeperfect for are vibrant yet strongly Kansas, and vicinity in 1
buckles or flat bow .Ot- Easter Sunday, that describesthe feminine, colorful without harsh June, 16, resulted in the year'i
her pumps have decorative cut or strident explosions of color. costliest Insurance catastrophe
out areas at instep or side, dashing new leather shoe They appeal, charm the senses, according to the Insurance In.
sporting a sling-bacbor d0r- sytles for boys.Handsome lea-leathered. cast the lazy, langorous spell of formation Institute. The storm '
say side opening. More sandal- slip- the Islands. inflicted $58 million in inmred I
like are ulU-strap, wishboneand onewill lead the pre-teen So wide is interest in things property losses, damaging or de. '
this Easter
T-strap styles.Smooth lus promenade pre- to Importing 3,755 '
Hawaiian that in addition stroying dwelling killing
dicts Leather
of A-
tre, embossed and genuine patent merica. Such fashion-right r Mr Hawaiian designs,The 16 persons and injuring 406.
leathers primarily make up TV
Singer Company plans a
these dressy shoes. tures as monk straps, high-
Like ladles of all ages, little climbing tongues punchy perforations special on Hawaii, featuring
current favorite of the islands,
girls find tall-tongued leather and squared-off toes
slip-on as marvelous shoe give these shoes a special snap
look one which is sproty and that boys of all ages find Ir- Get Readyl Get Setl
drssy at the same time. The resistible. Their American lea-
full ranee of American leather ther finished are as durable as
finishes has been,used injnj; as a youngsters active day de-
attractive style, from smooth ,
manda from the most polished --- -
heavily antique leathers. Trimto smooth leather to rugged brushed To add personality to dull dens and living rooms, United Wall- can be ;iericS'w. the matchlng-color: stripes of KENYA..
set off Its smart silhouette includes and grained leathers. Trim paper's recently Introduced Trims group includes SAFARI, a The animals are approximately 12 inches tall and because of the
straps and buckles,per- pliable leather soles support colorful pattern of Jungle animals in dark shades of orange, large scale, provide a mural-like appearance to the wall attractively ,-
an d brass studs or buckles, they protect. brown, tan and yellow on a tan and brown background SAr ARI. frameAby the KENYA stripes.
and brass studs or chain. Full There's brightness the bro- r7t.f

off toes, and are soles most are often leather found squard for the designers: come picture up witn( too a coi-as Irish linens Make Snappy Muu Bifurcated-Beautiful;:

flexibility and support necessary lectln of spring tie-shop that -
for children's fee}. offer both classic: and noveltj Spring CoatsSome
With the added zing leather hiylloGl.iftng oxfords out of the of the snappiest clothesfor handsome group of pants and 'ii'iit
and color combination, spectator conventional mold will be vexverslot spring are being made of skirts In neutral Irish linen "4d
styling and rising topllnes, which sport combinations Irish linen. Top name designers haberdasher patterns. Gayle ", -..
the staid oxford has become the of leather textures,higher are turning to Irish linen to style KIrkpatrick creates a wonderful .. ... r
:c.t c-:.
tasteful tie-shoe and high topllnes, ghlllle ties,and stitch- elegant coat costumes, smart Indian raga pantsult of Irish
fashion for little mlsses.Uke Ing. Still very much in fashion cults and the prettiest dresses. linen. "
the high-cut: slip-on, the tie favor is the plain-toed oxford Most enthusiastic supportersof June Francis and Tom Nasarr ( u Y
accessories so well- with cur and the well perfed brogue, Irish linen are the youngerand the young designing team at t
rent young fashions such as which are found in smooth and avant grade designers who Jr. Sophisticates, have discovered -
shirts* .and skirts, coat dresses' cralDedleather.. to be the trend setters for and perfected the look )
and shirtwaists. Top lea- Other footwear sure to share the tashloo industry. Some of of Irish linen in combination 1 '" I I'ilt.
theh'! texture teams in the tie- the Easter spotlight are the Rudl Gemrelch's most fanciful with other exciting fabrics,suchas 'l"4 : 1' 'f." ,..
.. "
shoe Include 1 smooth leather 'dressier types of chukkas or clothes are made of Irish linen. stain back crepe. This ) ..
with t1ne-gralned ,-and boot-shoes, and wellpolishedleather Frank Smith of Evan-Picone, striking contrast of texture and ,
suede with patent leather. For moccasin. Sportswear has designed a color create dramatic looks for : ,

;set, go for spring In t beautiful designed coat and dress
ensemble by Jr. Sophisticates. Persian inspired embroidery obi
I EDGEWOOD AVE. \?' <<, pure Irish linen embellishes the controlled fuller silhouette of the
coat. The same Irish linen fabric is repeated the companion 1
.fly-fronted coatdress worn beneath the coat.

Men! Shoes For Spring Will Be I

SUPER OPEN SUNDAY 1 y Sof t-For Work And Recreation I

Men: put your fee in clover with new leather shoes cpeciatlaclly 3 I
9 A.M. TO 6 PM 1I designed for outdoor wear.
QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED The soft life is afoot this spring home maintenance and rpaii i
I : for the man who latches on to chores, and car and boat tinker- _
t A the newest thing in work-and ring.
;, recreation leather shos. A- Through designed primarily I.
vaUable as slip-on, ties.chukkas to cope with active work situations
Sugar CuredSMOKED or boots, this revolutionary new outdoor shoes in A- ,
footgear is patterend after the merlcan: leathers can also> tat
tough work showes worn by cone honors in smart styllng.Hlgh
VEGETOL structlon men and other outdoor rising topllnes ar the rule Also
workers The American leathers part of the look are plain or
PICNICS in these shoes-.waxy and moc-toe fronts on laced: topes, I
SHORTENING glove leathers, and brush split and plain toes on boots, chukkas -
;: cowhide leather are specially andgoredslip-onsAsboots
\., processed so that they are rough they may pull on,tip up or come
t:: r and ready in use, yet soft and lasted through eyelets, loom
mellow in appearance: or hooks. THe rgider:.&foes on new
'' SPA'39 This UjS.: made footwear is outdoor shoes fit in fashionably
perfect for surburbanUes and with current belles, and some ,
LB. .. ,, -_ _'... ..., '.., ,. -'..- country dwellers notes Leather have the very knooby bulbous t
j '''Ll' !r.rvJotv. .
ffcs .... J4- ,, .. Industries of Amerlca.lt toe.Fill !I
X provides unflagging support, leather linings are an essential
LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 MUU laW BIFURCATED. Happy mating calotte and Hawaiian natural porosity, scuff real element of the new footwear -
OK MORE FOOD ORDER, l mini muss in a smashing fashion for carefree Lan dining at home tance, and tanned in protection plus double assurance of I
lounging, even to wear on the street they do in Hawaii. A tapa- against dampness. Men will comfortable moisture-free feet
Inspired design in vibrant reds,blues,wlney purples looking very walk and stand easily through through the most strenous of
: : t __l;:' : ,,;; u>u a O : tj as gardening hiking leather-soled as well. {i

1 eAYee ,,
ir t


3 CJctl ,.
$5.00 OR MORE .
J WITH 5c "

> N'
-' 1 .
,w.rOlcurs mss: 1 Roo ItORtSI
.," .
"'N' .
10 LB. BIG 25C \ '., .\
POLE lEANS LB. 23C'UTiul r .




GRITS 5 18. BAG 35t "A"SMALL \: : :" r.SPECIALS


CORN 2 303 CANS- 37t 2 DOZ. IN CNT. S*



't.{ Jot., ,ail.PAGE .- ,

....-.....-. . . .
... . . . .


Make Kisses For And Delicious Brittle Change Of Pace, DrinkI -1, -.. here's the "how" for creative cookery r1 I

Gifts For Friends If'"V,, y Making Jelly Is An Easy Thing i' 'N 'vr4v-py.k' f j

Candies and cookies, the I If You Follow The Recipt Given YOUR BUDGET GUIDE

homemade variety, are an excellent -
way to give a little ofcoself t. Remember when canning time used to come around? When
when the occasion arises mother or Grandma got ready to put away jars of spicy fruits ort TO MEAL PLANNING
I Il' vegetables, andgelamingjewet-coloredglaasesafjelly.Fruit for I I'I
Tills Is a collection of extra 1r ,t,r' the Jelly had to be chosen Just the right time, when it was tree "
special recipes. They extend ripened best but not too ripe. Such care bad to be taken with the ,<1.tl\\ AAAh#.
the same warmth to the r-1 _, measuring and cooking,but with wonderful orders from the bubbling :
celver as invitation to pots, to say nothing of the delicious end results, it was all
"Come over for coffee." worthwhile. Although the process was a hot bothersome one,
Coffee-flavored treats, all the family knew that each Jar of Icily was ladened with love.

made with rich tasting Instant Jelly making Is one of the culinary sure sugar, water, soda, and Best Sandwiches Call For Ripe Olives
Sanka Coffee, stoat only easy delights that will never be soft drink mix into a large .
to make but attractive and down entirely forsaken by homemakers saucepan and mix well. Place :
right good tasting. The recipes even those of the working over high beat and bring to a ;
range from Coffee Brittle that's variety. Many working women boll, stirring constantly. At !
crisp and crunchy to Coffee never have had the time or inclination once stir in fruit pectin. Bringto ,..., .
Cashew Kisses that are light to learn how to make a full rolling boll and boll ..". \.Y' -
soft, and chewy. Jelly, and what a pity, for it hard 1 minute,stirring constan '..., ,
Is certainly a part of the good tly.Remove from heat and skim .., :;. ..'\ ,
.old home life. off foam with metal spoon.Pour 1 I
COFFEE BRITTLE Here is a very simple easy- quickly Into ,lasses. Cover at
2 tablspoons Instant defaffel- ji! r to-follow recipe for making once with 1/8 Inch hot paraf '
nated coffee [ homemade Jelly that will cert.a1n1y fin. Store in cool place and use ,.J
1-1/3 caps grandualted sugar please the family and within 2 months. Makes about
2/3 cup light com syrup prove to be an Inexpensive way 9 medium glasses. .;
2/3 cup water to practlve or learn the art
Dash of salt Kool-Ald Instant Soft Drink
1/2 cup butter MJx) provides all the fruit flavor -
1teaspoon vanilla 4. ,- you need. No waiting,for '
/ the proper fruit season to roll YourGood'Heaith
Combine Instant coffee,sugars around. The handy, fruit furor
corn syrup, water salt, and instant soft drink mix that's
butter In a 2 quart saucepan. so popular for all sorts of good I
Cook stir overmedlum heat until things to drink, makes clear, Olive Advisory Board Photo
The handiest I sandwich Ingredient to have around la canned '
mixture separates Into hard bright colored Jellies that will California ripe olives.: Their mellow meaty texture toes well with 1
but not brittle threads In cold certainly add a sparkle to your People used to think that belching all sorts of sandwich filling For a hearty supper Idea, try this
water. pantry shelf. and excessive gas in the hot ripe olive 1 sandwich with Italian l flair. Just assemble layersof
Remove from heat. Add vanilla ..: Select your favorite flavors, colon, especially in women who bread cheese, tomato sauce and bid chunks of ripe olives.
and blend quickly. Pour Into follow the directions carefully, were over 40, was a sure sign When baked. It tastes surprisingly like lasagne
three buttered 9 Inch pie pans t;then watch out, you'll start of gall bladeSe disease. We RIPE OLIVE SANDWICH LASAGNE
or on a large buttered platteror .. thinking you're a professional. know that this Is not"so. y pound bacon V teaspoon pepper
tray, making a layer about Many women with these gym- I cup chopped onion 12 alters white bread I
1/8 Inch thick. While candy FRUIWLAVORED JELLY toms have bad their gall bladder IJ/j\ cops water I pint collate cheese
cools, mark In squares, When For a great change of pace idea In the drink department, serve warm and spicy Mulled Cran removed and have continued flounce) can tomato paste 1 (No. 1) tall can California
hard break In pices. Keep In berry Puncy at your next at-home gathering Cranberry Juice and Kool-Ald Instant Soft Drink t cups ((2 lb. 10 ot.) sugar to have the symptoms This Is t tablespoon catnap ripe olives
tightly covered c ta1ner. Mix provide delicious fruit-flarored base of this very adult tasting punch. Aheaplng bowl of ::3 cups water because their complaints were 1 minced clove garlic X (t-ouncr>)> packages sliced
Makes 1-1/4 pounds. buttered popcorn will keep guests happy and the passing arm busy, tool 1/4 teaspoon baking soda caused by faculty diet, spastic I teaspoon salt Monterey Jack cheese
Note: For an Ice cream or 1 envelope Instant soft drink or mucous colitis or some teaspoon oregano
mix, flavor other disease. Cook bacon until crisp; drain and crumble. Cook onion In 1
crush brittle any
pudding with a mallet or put through Recipe RECIPEI 1 bottle liquid fruit pectin A chronically Inflamed goal tablespoon paste,bacon catsup drippings, garlic salt until, oregano tender-crisp.pepper Add and water bacon.tomato
food grinder.uslnncoarseblade< bladder may cause vague discomfort Heat to boiling and simmer uncovered 30 minutes Place 6
Serct with chocolate sauce. PETER PAN SANDWICH COOKIES 'Orange and lemon-lime flavors in the abdomen If gallstones slices bread In 13x9x3.Inch baking pan. Top with half of cottage
Make 3-l/2 crashed brittle. BISCUITS (Makes about down cookies) instant soft drink mix make are oresent, the victim cheese then halt of tomato mixture, ripe olives cut Into chunks
t cup BUquIck 14 cup Peter Pan Crunchy IVi cups tilted sU-purpose mildest flavored jellies may get sever colic when the and jack cheese Repeat, layers. Bake In moderate oven (350
F.) 40
degrees minutes until
Peanut Butler browned. Garnish with
milk stones
I/I flour
cup pass through common
ripe olives. Makes 6 servings.
Heat oven to 450'. Add milk to li cup butler 1 teaspoons baking powder TO MAKE THE JELLY, mea bile duct.
cup firmly-packed
Wood Salad flow!. teaspoon cinnamon
BUquIck all at once; stir with brown
sugar Vt teaspoon salt I
fork Into a soft dough. Beat av,
AreSafrelnSudgTraditional Peter Pan Marshmallow Fill.
bedding for crisp dough stiff vigorously and nightly 30 atrokeauntil sticky. 1 leatpoon vanilla tag 1, "YOUR DOLLAR
totted salads It the elegantly Roll dough around on cloth- Cream together peanut butter and butter; gradually add
rained bowl mad of such bard- covered board lightly dusted augar. Beat In egg until mixture is light and fluffy. :Stir In
wood a* teak, maple mahogany, with Hour. Knead gently I to vanilla tlrS together flour, baking powder, cinnamon and
solid elm, or cherry. 10 time Roll 4 Inch thick. salt. Into creamed mixture. Snap Into Vfc Inch balls BUYS MORE
Cut with floured I Inch cutter. place on ungreased cookie sheet Lightly: butter bottom of
Contrary to a myth that wiping j
Bake on ungreased baking flats; dip into granulated sugar. Press balls Into patties !
with a dry cloth la the beat car thick.
... In 375 moderate) 10 11.
oven to
IIIlDu. min
sheet I* U U Makes I IFOOD
for wood bowls, a major producer IS Mscalts. utes or until lightly' tp'Mar.Sandwich together each of AT YOUR BANNER
of bottled salad. dressing now 2 cookies with Peter Filling; ,
endorses'quick ,.hlr1I..r tress BlarulU Follow recipe To prepare Peter Pan Marshmallow Filling (Makes about,
soaking-In warm soap or deterrent for biscuits above) except ai cup): Blend together lay cup marshmallow cream, ""A cup SPECIALS GOOD+
audi,tollowed by riming and mix H cup shredded aharp Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter and Itt tablespoons RIQUANTITY THROUGH SATURDAY 'StORE"
chases chopped and
thorough drying. the process BUquIck American with : drained maraschino cherries.





1 LB

LB.... 49' $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER


S U GA R 4 9 c

i are! about you! lCHOPS 2 to 3 lI. 59 UP SiOpFNOtlSE OR MORE FOOD ORDER 5 U.

.. r An, PIC. L0. ...





JANUARY 13 BOLD 6?. 59 V 69C :



14 oz



PIES 2", : 790 SWEET PEAS 301 4 i,.





GIANT 49c CORN 12 oz. -



,." ,,,, 'a ..', ..>';;" "'.....:.o." ... ,.\} \(/.j. ,

. . . . . - . r.- r s .. .r ". .1. s ..Y. .


STAR urns liTHUf MARCI -23, 1961WY.



A Surprise Birthday Gift league Baseball ExhibitionsAnd

Tarpon Fishing Are Here I

MIAMI BEACH Fla. Miami Beach's version of spring-maj-I .
NOW .UR.GERtj or league baseball exhibitions and tarpon Um&- here.

While baseball carries through part of the'Mlami Beach scene,
s only to the first week in April, the city was an angling resort
C 5TtE tarpon will be around for the of renown. And the tarpon ml-
visiting and resident angler until gratlon was a special feature.

_, Irv July in great numbers. The Silver Kings stay in shoal
HW 7th AVENUEdS5P Fishing in these subtropical waters, so can be taken from
,5780 waters is among the best to be any type boat, from 16-foot ouf-
:: 5 found anywhere in the United boards to sports cruisers and,
: r Sates throughout the year.Long in spots, even from shore.They
J before the lavish array of hotels, win take live bait and artif leal
the night club shows and lures and feed primarily on an
thoroughbred racing became a
.. A 61ANT TREAT a
CrnIIlths:: : unit
'6tor iss PlY it

SHELL'S CITY iwrti <_)
l tL'J / | N.W. 7th AYE* Slrti 8T.M4OI4B .

ll fllING _:..JItIl.'t.U: 1 :


: 2. BOX of 9 Pieces of Chicken 210 +tI ,_ OK ,..... PHONC OX 1.0'.1

-A LIVIN .."vie* Pen TM. UVI_"

3. BUCKET of 15 Pieces of Chicken 375 RANGE FUNERAL HOME

4. BARREL of 21 Pieces of Chicken 4 95 'M. ATHALIf RAN9K N. FATBICH HANOB

.WNt4 ..... NANAanIM.t.AI. .

t t.t4\S ........ ,A.. pe rAacN r NEW AND USED CARPETS AND RUGS
4e' \ .... '
".. ..... ... Y "Itf'
,,,,, ,4\ ., .. __ N
,....\ ,., ,, e... .......... .. LINOLEUM ALL SIZES
"' .
It-' .. ..
., .. .
foi''' '' .. .
'I."i" .." "tII't' ... .....
...t"" ...... ....... ,.. LINOLEUM CITY
foi' ,.., :....... ....... ..
I" .
.. .
,II"' ... .. ,. ,OCe" ..
..I' .., .... ... Boblnson and The Miracles and Miracle ,
.. ..... .. Two fans of Smoley ,surprised Smokey Bobby Rogers,
,,.-'" .\... ........... by presenting them with a birthday cake when tht group opened on February 19th at the Latin MANAGER 757-1021
... ....:... ... Casino Bobby and Smokey were born on the amt day, February 19, 1940. Grouped around the ,
,-" '.....-..",,. .... N cake are pelt to right) Bobby Rogers, Lydia Cherry,Smokey and Marilyn Seagars. WILLIAM (BILL) PARKS JAMES (PETER) GUNN

iUNI OUT Wild Pig Barbecue Is Just THE NEWKIM'S

,.. ... .. ..... ...


L BEACH, Flfc Leaving the beaches, blue water and
20* OFF ON PURCHASEOF dattling hotels of Miami Beach for th.ott-beatbow about a wild
plb barbecue? 5910 N.W. 7TH AVENUE

MIAMI BEACH, Fla--Of The Everglades Conservation servation viewpoint, It Is too PHONE 151.9311 MIAMI. FLORIDA 33121
CHICKEN DINNER Florida's 58,400 square miles, and Sportsman Club has Just
Drainage and roads have
4, 298 are water surface staged its 18th annual jamboree easy.
taken an enormous toll of the
Miami Beach's limits include deep in the sawgrass and cypress
wild life.
17.1 square miles, of which 10 country 60 miles west of Many once-plentiful
are water, the larger portion the night clue, race tracks and species are threatened with ex- __ PHONE 7598907Al'S
bright lights of this Unction Including the Everglades -
being part of Blscayne Bay. sophisticated
Permanent population of resort. It was a real face kite and the bald eagle,
the crocodile and the UPHOLSTERY
Miami Beach, estimated January down. panther.
1, 1968, Is (3,000. This Is Real, genuine wild pig 30,000 The Sportsman Club Is one of

f growth of more than 20,000 pounds of it, was the piece de several organizations some of this seekingto life.The O;: DECORATORS
since the 1960 federal census. resistance of the feast, plus preserve
Although Florida's Indian war chicken and normal domesticated club, Incidentally, stockedthe

of 125 years ago largely wasa pork for the uninformed.An quired'glades for the with barbecue.theporkersre- Al. TRESVANT, 5509 N.W. 71N AVENUE
series of guerrilla aside here. The Florida
skirmishes, many officers served wild hog actually a domestic But It still is possible to see the MANAGER MIAMI. flORIDA 33121
'' In the state and later porker that lives and makes his egret, spoonbill great white
gained renown on both sides In living in the woods. lie feeds on heron, many lesser birds, the PHONE 693-4531
the Civil war. Sherman at onetime mast, roots, palmetto berries alligator and bobcat.
was stationed In Fort Dallas and similar woods products. A NITE 621-6056

now Miami. Lee Stonewall CO-pound gilt (femaleproducedin ) DavisPortrays
'Jackson, Bragg and a..ongstreetwere this manner is,flately and unequivocally Ossie i "SINCE 1949"
\ among others who wenton the finest meat extant T
to tame. not excepting venslon and SlaveIn | THE THERESA FLORIST
j Boat races have been a partot the more exotic antelope or expertly -

H the Miami Beach scene for more fed and cured lite!. New Movie 5841 N.W. 11TH AVENUE
years than the city has existed. Now, back to the barbecue, a
Major events for both power and two-day affair attended by thou-.
I sailing craft, In the bay and In sands, including quite a few HOMER HAWKINS, JR.
ocean waters,still are held several vacationers from many sections'of
times a year and local the country. It wasn't top restaurant PROPRIETOR MIAMI, FLORIDA
races almost every week service with two
waiters at your elbow. You just
got in line with a plate and ate
off a pine board. Then you discarded -
White Fraters the paper plate in a trash Your professional beautician

receptacle and returned the knows the answer...
knives and forks to the galley.

Want Negro As The grounds opened at 9 a.m.,.
1 and entertainment began an hour
later. Visitors could join la
Part Of SetupGENEVA turkey shoots, skeet shooting
or try their hands with BB guns. Is needed
peroxide to
N.Y.-The Hobart They could watch Seminole
College chapter of Sigma Chi, Indians wrestle alligators and
Y'M traditionally an all-white fraternity exuberant youngsters try to color unwanted gray hair?
Is conducting a quiet, climb greased poles.There also
nationwide campaign to win approval were free swamp buggy rides DAYS

Negro member.for its first prospective through wooods.At the part-pine. part-cy: Ossie Davis OSSIE., well-known and Hair care and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray

Myron Ransom, 18, o f press the end of the day It was nice articulate Negro actor-play hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical re
.J Syracuse N. Y., has been to get back to a hot shower and, wright, plays a runaway Am- laxing-can: dull a woman's appearance and make her look older
pledged by the fraternity's Alpha no doubt retfeshlng for many erican slice of the 1850's for than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging
Alpha Chapter at Hobart. visitors to have been able to for- .hIs starring role with Bur| effects, many are hesitant about using permanent peroxide
Frank WilliamsAnd The chapter's 40 members will get for a few hours at least the Lancaster In United Artists new' haircoloring which may change the natural hair color while
decide next month whether to 'ups and downs of Dow-Jones,the Western feature, "The Scalp- coloring gray.
admit him hunters scheduled for Professionally-trained hairdressers know the Importance
and it appears likely shooting wars and the latest release of
their customers' preferences *
decide next month whether to march. this spring. when unwanted gray becomes a
His Rocketeers admit him and It likely protest problem. These experts also know that Clairol/ created semi-
appears Of coutse the vacationer must
permanent Loving Care hair
that be will be accepted-although be here around mid-March: for color lotion without peroxide .
to color only the gray without changing the natural
Costly shade.>They
a single negative vote
J the barbecue. But
Featuring LITTLE BEAVER could exclude him. a drive once-a-year into the Everglades, also find Loving. Care blends tack color faded by chemical'processing. :
Approval of the fraternity's either westward or southwestinto CommotionNEW Because of Its redness, Loving Care maintains
\ healthy looking hair and lasts
'Soul stuff "Do Right Kan" 'I Feel My Lore'. Coming Down'.' national headquarters also the national park, can be Whatever a woman's reason through for a month of shampoos.
wanting Loving Care for
would be necessary before Ran- counted upon at any time as a YORK The stormy hair .she is her
always wise to consult
Appearing som could become the nation's. uniquely Interesting one-day civil upheaval in Detroit during Hairdressers a professional beautician.
NightlyCONTINENTAL are equipped
only Negro Sigma Chi. sightseeing trip from Miami July. 1967.resulted in about and the training to promise a family of fine Clairol products
Sigma Chi, along with other Beach. $85 million in insured losses patron the loveliest and most
CLUB national fraternities over the It Is easy now, with goodhlgh- according to the Insurance In. personalized haircoloring effects every time she visits her salon
If dislike
: you gray, and want
country was forcedtodrop ways, to travel through what formation Institute. This was beautician to glamorize it with no peroxide why not ask your
Loving Care?
criminatory clauses from its; was just 50 years ago a wilderness more than twice the cost of the
"' 6000 N.W. 7th Ave. Miami Fla. charter five years ago with almost impenetrable riots in the Watts area of Los CI.IroIInc.1967 Courtly: CWreUne.
: .
barrlors. From the con,
"' Angeles in August, 1965.


.Y, \i

.J ,
.. >si



-- --

: $200,000 Grant To NAACP By Carnegie Will Be Used For School LitigationNegros I

Would Be Disarmed Learning ,Lithography uJ Plans Include Establishment

By ,Gun Registration Laws + $* NMa Areas And Staff Quartets

1 WASl NpTON-8egroes In general would be disarmed by NEW YORK-Carnegle Corporation of New York announced
nz .j a grant of $220,000 to the National Association for the Advance-.
S gun registration laws, for they would have"little or no chance"of
obtaining permits to possess firearms In most states, a mentrof Colored People (NAACP) to enable the latter to establish
Negro author warns I n the March issue of "The American k an education field staff to provide services tolts membership la
Rifleman", magazine of the National Rifle Association of America the field of education on a scale not possible) before.

While the NAACP has been will be earmarked for a staff

William J. White, of Hempstead bills" the charge that Negroes better known to the public for conference on education In
Long Island, a Negro used firearms extensively in Its conduct of litigation on behalf which NAACP officials, together -
and a major in the U.s. Army riot sniping. "That simply does of school Integration,It has with outside consultants,
Reserve now employed by an not hold true", he said. "Guns Tk sought at the same time to work will review findings of recent
electronics corporation, com- played a very minor role, actually with communities in their research on educational opportunity -
pared firearms registrationlaws and those who assert handling of local school pro- and their relevancefor
to the poll tax. He said: otherwise should know better." blems. However, budget limitations NAACPpollctesandactlons.
e "Although the Negro bad the The author pointed out that \ I have decreed that these In acknowledging receipt of and.
same right to vote as any other bills now before Congress would education activities be handled expressing thanks for the Carnegie
American citizen, the power not Impose a gun permit sys- almost solely by one person who, Corporation grant, Roy
structure knew that few Negroes tem. But, he added, "some of Ie works out of the national office Wilkins, NAACP executive dir
would pay the poll tax to vote their sponsors make no bones \ of the organization In New York. ector said, "The decision of
and that those few who tried about wanting Just that and the The Corporation grant will be the CsrnegieCorporatlcntofin-
could be prohibited from actual President's. Crime Commission used by the NAACP to augment ance this expansion of outwork
voting In a number of ways. If* has advocated registrationwhich these efforts by employing with the public schools doubly
there were reason to believe means permits-in every j4 j'frk over a period of time and as gratifying. First, it testifies to
n that the issuance of permits to state." "Any and all such per- yf r qualified persons become available confidence In the wort we have
.' purchase or keep firearms. mit systems, I firmly believe, ._ -- n assoclate llrector of accomplished to date with our
would be on a nondiscriminatory can be used against the right to education a dthreeregionaled- severely limited resources and,
basis, like automobile bear arms and to discriminate ,1 ucational officers. secondly, It will enable us to
the In accordance with the NAACP effectiveness and
driving permits, proposed against Negroes. multiple our
anti-gun laws could be con- White said that, because he is effort to achieve both integration to be active in communitiesuntil
sidered as Just another nuis a Negro, he feels he would have and quality education In now beyond our reach
ance. But experiences In the "little or no chance" of obtainIng schools which have predominantly "We pledge ourselves to em-

American past do not support a firearms permit In mostof ... Negro enrollment the new ploy the Carnegie Corporationgrant
this." the 50 states. education "team" will review so that it will yield a
"Anti-gun measures would He said: (' present policies and plan new significant dividend elevated
have the effect of disarming thi "Anti-gun bills could in fact approaches where a g rurtate. quality and reduced segregation
American citizen In arid disenfranchise the Negro of his Working with the more than 1500 In the education of Negro child-
general Florida A and M University students strip negatives In preparation meal institute Program Working with the negatives arxnw are
the Negro In particular,". Major right to bear arms and to pro- for offset printing In a class of lithographic techno ((1-r) Lamar Furlow, Sophomore from Jacksonville; Kurlan NAACP chapters, the regional ton
White said. tect himself and his property.To logy in th e Department of Printing Technology. This Is one of Chandrathil, Junior from India j and Joseph C. White, Junior train local school leaders problems to deal with In thel r grant of $15.000
White characterized as"one of me as an Amerlcantheyare the new couses being offered In the FAMU Vocatlonal-Tecb- from Durham, North Carolina. cues this doubtless will take was made In April of 19M by
the thinnest arguments advanced anti-American. To me u a Negro Carnegie Corporation to the
the form of setting nj>and working NAACP to assist its education
in support of anti-gun they are anti-Negro.
i = = = Dr. King Goes with local parent or community staff. This money was used

_ Viet Nam Pickup Gi i irl iI r CIVIL RIGHTS full groups dimensions In understandingthe of their' primarily assistant to employ who prepared an education a-

I I ROUNDUPBy To Nigeria As school problems and the most publication entitled "Integrated

I, J effective means of seeking their School Books" which Is a descriptive
Aside from this
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL War MediatorNEW solutions gen- bibliography of JW
!L-., = = eral guidance, the regional staff pre-school and elementary
Martin be available for the
YORK-Dr. will need to school textbooks and story
WON'T QUIT Luther King will leave for Nigeria various "crisis" situations Is used
books. This pamphlet
NGTON-NP1)--Several Congressmen have asked the on April 15 to try to mediate which appear and which need
Rev. Walter Fauntory to resign u city council vice-chairman In the civil war there between quick attention by parents, school citizens la their,
view of his association with Stokely Carmlchael's Black United the federal government The Corporation and the and for curriculum materials *
front. But the minister, who Is also WashlugtonSCLC representative and the breakaway Blatra regime. NAACP agree that a regional search reflectthe
has denied any conflict of Interest and has said be will not staff is particularly necessary which adequately
resign his city position. The minister also disclosed that Car- He hoped to do the Job In four to an organization which, for reality of our

mlcanel has agreed not to Interfere with Dr. King's spring demonstrations day and be back In time for amass the most part, has no local paid society.The Carnegie Corporationgrant
even though the black power leader doesn't share which
poverty protest demonstration personnel, depends will be paid to the NAACP
Dr.lUntsllOO-lolellCe stance In Washington April upon Its members for carrying Special Contribution Fond la

BLOW TO CROWRICHMOND CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 out Its program activities. three annual Installments
Va.-NPl-Jatls'crepUonIn the Old Dominion A small portion of the fruit .through 1970.

state appears to be on Its way out,In the wake of the state House
of Delegates' approval of a bill ending Virginia's long-standing I
Jim Crow Policy In prisons and Jails The bill now goes to the
Senate where approval expected..Delegate W.Ferguson Reid, of Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans

Richmond, the state assembly's only Negro member, sponsored 1

I ST the desegregation measure ."

.... .>< TOO MUCH' S its si ) ri ., '" It '
WASHINGTONNPIEven Senator Everett M.Dirksen'.wat :; .. :
ered-down open-housing measure In the 1968 Civil Rights bill Is t.
too much for the National Association of Real Estate Boards.
Dirksen who Is Senate GOP leader, has propsed a compromisewhich
would exempt owner-occupledone-ftmilyhouseslf sold by
the owner himself without the aid of a broker. NAREB, declaring
war on the Dirksen provision, said It wanted no restrictions at
all on the American home owner's right to sell his bouse to

whomever be pleases
_.. rv
-rb uu' .. u'r .a
The man born with the gift
Rev;Roosevelt Franklin of Ma-
Model Gloria Ziko is "most photogenic composite of Woman,*' according to me results of a con, Georgia It Is through God
recent vote by men In the Third Batalllon, Eleventh Marines The men, stationed In VietNam that I can remove all evil conditions -
made their selection after seeing Miss ZOuti picture in a recent ad for Summit Laboratores. -
some questions you may
I' Inc., manufacturers of hair care products. Marines in the Fourth Raider Batalllon, tiBRAND wish lo know. .
I' also on duty in Viet Nam, wrote Summit after seeing Miss Zlko In the same ad. They would NEW \

s like an authographed photo, they explained, to bang in their company tent. Reason: to boost 1968 VWSEDAN DO YOU NEED MONEY?
company morale IS MY SICKNESS NATURAL?

Florida Soldier Receives DRINKING?

Top Honors For War ServiceA Negro 176850 I,. ?

They call me the (Rootman). \ "" '
Florida solider,First Lieutenant Charley J.Ford,was awarded DELIVERED IN lAX But I am only a servant of God. '.[t
the Silver Star Bronze Star and 1st and 2nd Leaf Clustersto ,Solon Is "TAIY11A1 gtttitt el U" because God Is the answer to J ;.

the Air Medal in ceremonies at Headquarters/United States ill life's probelms. I am the "..""J..iI... ..., \:;.. .
Training Center, Infantry. : Kind of all Day Prophet Send '8 I.} .IIri

These were tor my special selected Bible
Ole Miss
an armed hostile force In the To be read SPECIAL Norbert Rillieux
made .by Colonel Herbert E. Republic of Vietnam. verses on 0806.1894)He ( )
Wolff to Lieutenant Ford, a Catlin- : DAYS.
Lieutenant Ford
Vietnam veteran, assigned to Send a self-addressed,stamped
the 5th Special Forces Group, Bronze Star Medal while for merle Guest ; Griffin : envelope sod $2.00 for Bible
torious achievement serving -
Nha Trang, South Vietnam. verses and spiritual Messages.You .
as Senior Ranger Advisor made all livesa
will receive Bible verses
The Silver Star is the nation's in I Volkswagen our
and Liaison Officer to the
third highest award and was OXFORD MISS.-For theflrst by return maD
presented for gallantry action Marine Amphibious Force 5th time in the history of the University INC : SEND TO: little' sweeter.

while engaged in military operations >>- Special lstSpectalForcesdotlog of Mississippi, at Oxford 1250 CAST 8th ST Rev Roosevelt Franklin
borne) -
involving conflict with a Negro State Represen. 630 Morrow Avenue
the period of July 26 to tatlve Robert Clark,became the 354-9093 aI Macon, Georgia 41301

Alabama Dems August 26, 1961. first of his race to address a r r .T" itsr A t I specialize in all case work. Norbert Rillieux began life on a plan that turned sugar cane Juice into a finer
The Clusters were earned for group at the school. Phnnfl area code:912-745-6475. tation near New Orleans.He was a bright grade of sugar at about half the cost The
participation in sustained serial Clark, breaking all precen- child and eager to learn. So his father, Rillieux Process was quickly adopted by
Nine NegroesFor flight in support of combat dents, spoke to an integrated anxious that the boy receive a good ed- Cuban and Mexican sugar refineries and
ground forces in the Republicof group of more than 60 persons ucation him Paris. Norbert Rillieux the fa
in YOU DON'T HAVE TO 60 TO TOWN TO GET ,sent to was soon most
Vietnam. He participated
members of the Young
Rillieux quickly lived up to all expec in the state of Louisiana.
more than 50 serial Elusions Democrats Club in the university Several
Chi Meet tations. He published several papers on years later Rillieux returned to
over hostile territory from law building. the steam engine and its economy and France, only to find Europeans com
MONTOGOMERY, ALA.-Two March 21 to December. 4, 1967. Clark expressed the feeling LOW PRICESDRUG was soon an instructor at one of the fin pletely disinterested in his new sugar

Negroes, one a lawyer the other Lieutenant Twenty-three Ford years entered of age the, that we are "changing from est Paris academies. process.So, he turned to archeology and
to an attorney, will be the official within" education and training behind him, 'pent ten yearsdeclpherlna hieroglyphics.
'* delegation of the Alabama De- army In February of 1963 and The solon Is the grandson of a Rillieux decided to return to the U.S. to Eventually, Europe realized the valueof
'* mocrats at the Chicago conveni was commissioned cpon completion slave and is Mississippi's first STORE NEEDSTrade put his talents to use. the Rillieux sugar process,and adoptedit
of Fort Office
i ion In August. Benning's Negro lawmaker. His grandson In the early 1840's sugar was manufac in its refineries.With renewed interest,
School March
.* Attorney Arthur D$bores, 29, Candidate was sold as a slave in Ala- tured by a slow,primitive method knownas Rillieux again turned to engineering;this
*' is from firming ham and was 1965. bama and was brought to Mis- with Your N elghborbood Drug Store' the"Jamaica Train".This made it an time applying his process to the sugar
Alice Ford mother of the
unopposed as the qualifying Mrs. lives,in Live Oak, sissippi. Clark said his grandfather WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL expensive luxury that only a few.could beet. Results! : Sugar production costs
1: deadline passed. Joe L. Reed, Lieutenant predicted that "Missis- PAPERS. We deliver. We .also fill all Doctors Prescriptions. afford. were cut in half.
28, executive secretary of ther Fla. Mrs Mercy Ford,his wife, islppl was going to rise again." V One day, Rillieux ran his fingers Norbert Rillieux did for sugar what
All- Negro Alabama State 4s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs J I am proud to say I am here through a small bowl l of,coarse, brown Eli Whitney did for cotton.We may take
Teachers Association, will beit Fredric Jones of Live Oak: The and have stayed here to see sugar,and felt sure that something couldbe his invention for granted now. but each
elected in the May 8 primary Fords have one child, San- Mississippi rise again," said Dixie done to make it better and cheaper.So teaspoon of sugar that goes into our cup
!:6 He was not questioned as ther janette, 2 years old. the lawmaker in his concluding Pharmacy he set to work of coffee should remind us of this ingenious

; deadline for qualifying passed. -- remarks.ANOTHER By 1846 he had developed a process American.
.* This is a history making pre-
'I.. cent, according to Alabamans. FAST 1302 KINGS ROAD AT MYRTLE OLD TAYLORkENTUCIC

-' For many years, the state oft VlTR."ICHT BOURBON

) Alabama has had an all-white NEW, YORK-( )--Dick Gregory has begun another fast in, PHONES ELGIN 5-5597-9B- KENTUCKY STIAIGHT SOUISON WHISKEY'Ioof.THE OIDIAYIOI DISIUltlYCO.FIANKFOITt lOUWIUI,KY.

U ft organization.this will The be predomlantlyv delegation protest against the Vietnam War. This time, his wife, Mrs; PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND Would you like to own this handsome sculptured bust of Norbert RillieuxT It's ." loll, mode of
white year.According to Robert S. Lillian' Gregory, and their two oldest children-Michael, 8, and antique bronze cast stone, and carries the complete Rillicux story It costs $5.00 (which is what It
; Vance, chairman for Florida. Lynn, 6.--will Join him for the last three days of his 40-day TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE costs us). Send check or money order tot Old Taylor, Box 4865,Grand Central $ta.,N.Y., N.Y.10017.I .
Lent fast-from Good Friday to Easter. The Gregorys will bold
j, more than U other Negroes a vigil in front of the White House that weekend..be said'
ruuing with white opposition.






I Hampton's Rifle Team Takes Second Championship Over Howard I

Pinwheel Pirates lick Bisons Major General Visits FAMU ROTC Sonny Liston Takes TKO

By Two Points In Final In DC Over Fighter McMurrayRENOFormer

Hampton Institute Hampton- Va.- The Hampton Institute world heavewelght champion Sonny Llston, lght-
United States for the first time since 1965, scored TKO
Rifle Team captured Its second CIA) championship Inthree Ing In the
years. The Pinwheel Pirates squeezed by the Bisons of knockout over Bill McMurray, Sacramento in two minutes of the

Howard University by two points In the final match of the fourth round Saturday night

season held In Washington, D.C. The squad was paced by Ray Liston, who weighing 223 ; the Californian sprawling on
Anglin and Frank Newett. Both shot scores of 278. pinned McMurphy against the the apron.At .

The other members who fired ton hoped to brloghomeanotherchampionship the ropes and let go a flurry the count of nine McMur
In the Pirate top five were as they Invaded of left and rights that sent phy staggered to his feet referee

Charles Thornton, 277; Tom In ru Dave Pearl stopped the
Fort Lee Va. to participate
Dacls with 274 and Malinda the Southeaster Invitational Rifle u tight
House 269.The final score of the McMurray attempted to keep
Championships on March 23.
match found the Blue and White The four-mansquadwill include ON YOUR FEETBy away from the former champ

winners by a score, of 1376 to Frank Newett and Tom Davis In the opening round but was

1374. The Bisons of Howard pro- in addltin to Coaches Ray Ang- Dr. Ronald Weber warned by Pearl to start fight-

Tided the hard push with their Un and Charts Thornton. NEGRO PRESS ing more. McMurray continued
top scorer William Sherlo fir log INTERNATIONALHAMMERTOES his Jabbing and dodging tactics

an Impressive 288. r in the second.

The Buc's under the student Texas Beaman yYe d { McMurray tried to exchange
leadership of Charles Thronton This is a deformity In which punches In the third but Lis

an d Ray Anglin fired well all the first bone of one of the smaller ton, now living. In Las Vegas

season, losing only three postal Is Record toes In bent upward and the cornered his own 210 pot n4

matches. They were undereat remaining two bones are bent foe and hammered away with
In conferencejnatches and finished downward. both hands until the knockdown

10Are relatively This distortion can be causedby .
Winner For
, young squad, the only member wearing short shoes or

who wont; return next season stoking over a Prolonged AREA

will be Ray Anglin. Anglln.long Long Jumping period of time. It can also be

time the spark plug for the squad caused by numeroud diseases SERVICEMENAIRMAN

hold the record at 11.1. for the DETROITBob Beamon of which affect the muscles and

must consecutive matches shot Texas-El Paso soared 27 feet, tendons which control the bend

by one individual, at 44. Char- 2 3/4 Inches: of for a world Indoor ing of the toes. Notable among
les Thronton. who assumed the record In the long )Jump these Is polio.In .
responsibilities as coach this and VUanova's Larry James the case of severs bunions
session, wiU be the top veteran 47 second flat the second toe is the one which
streaked to a
when the Dues take to the firing In the 440 yard run in Major GENERAL H.A.TwitcbeD (second from left),deputy commanding to the FAMU campus. He Is accompanied by Lt Cot Samuel Is involved due to the crowding

line next season. The only varsity victory the 4th NCAA Indoor Track general, 3rd U.S.Aarmy Fort McPherson, Ga.,review ti Sampson, professor of military scelnce: at FAMU. caused by the deformed first.

squad on campus with female and Field Meet last week. the Florida AIM University ROTC unit during a courtesy visit Joint

participants the Pinwheel Only a few minutes after the This condition particularly
PLates deserve the troublesome because of,the
lanky Beamon shattered his own Man
pra.'se of aU H.L supporters. Indoor mark of 27 to 1 the power- Brooks Robinson Gets Rest corns bursitis and bone deformity -
'teG'e: ; ; a team much of the striding James led all the way that can form over the

lime alone and unheard of and in his final 440 beat to eclipse bent Joint.
yet they supplied the Pirates the existing worlk Indoor mark Periods For Great Playing with their first championshipthis ?' and result In recurrent
for all board track. ingrowntow "
of 47.8 U-lap A
cademic year. MIAMI-The Baltimore Orioles finally have decided they can get nails which are very resistant
The charges of coach Thorn alone "Without Brooks Robinson at least one day a month. to treatment due to the AIRMAN COY JACKSONSAN

Robinson, Baltimore's. fact that treatment of the nail .
apparently at third base, where Brooks has ANTONIO-Alrmin Coy
It, tireless third base marvel nailed eight consecutive Golden alone'does nothing towards con Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs
nectingthe basis
t will retanoccaslooalbrea- Glove awards while compiling deformity and Henry C. Jackson of Rt. 1,
ther-4f bt wants on-this sea u solid .280 lifetime batting likely I 1s Starke, Fla., has completed
son after eight straight years of
mark. Lackland
basic training at AFB
Conservative treatment Isdihflcult
service with the Orioles. Brooks who celebrated his Tex. He U now assigned u a
except In mild casa
"Brooks has played anaverage 30th birthday in May by stroking medical services specialist
and then the treatment
of 157 games a season for eight his 1,500th major league hit, / Is lone and even tedious and very often with a unit of the Air Training
yearssaid Manager Hank sat out the last four pmes of the w Command at Sheppard AFB,
resented by the patient and
Bauer. 1967 season after playing In Tex. Airman Jackson, who graduated
Bauer expects little Don Bu- the first 158. He was In 157 Justly so. from high school ir
The best treatment is surgical:
ford the all-around handyman tames In 1966, 144 In 1965, f and has Starke in 1966, attended Santa
over a period
acquired In a winter trade with than 169 the previous four proven
more Fe Junior College, Gainesville
of to afford the greatest
I the Chicago White Sox, to flU In years, and 152 la 1960. percentage of relief in these Fla.
'1 wouldn't mind taking a day conditions.
Watch off now and then," Robinson
There are operations
admitted. "A couple of times .
designed to accomplish this
This Clown last year I was pretty tired.
Reserved For correction and the best pro-
He batted .269, the same as be
cedure 1s left to the discretion
had the previous season,and hit ,
68-90-34 o f podiatrist as each doctor
22 home runs one less than his
will favor the method with which
SEAFOOD CENTERTicMock.ticktocL 1966 total. But his RBIs fell off
91-15-65 he has had the most success.
from 100 to 77 as the Orioles ,
Becuase of the unrelenting
tumbled from World Series
pressflre upon the corns of the
1 dr champs to sixth place: lathe American
hammer trettefdtn is best
League. started at an early an thereby

I TRAVELING: !' MAN Bob Hift, All.Pro spill end for the assuring many years of comfort

Specialist Dallas Cow bo)t, slays busy In the off-wason making personal / ,
S 3 appearances for Ro, l Crown Cola ('0. He has Just renewed hit

Ro).l Crown contract for another )car. Quarry Is Chosen .
Bob Hayes; famed Olmptc runner end All.Pro split-end for the

53 46 Dallas Cowho" )'*. ili slaying, as busy off the ficlJ these days a* on SAN ANTONlO-Airman John
Hayes. "the world fastest human". has just renewed for another Over SpencerAs Ragln Jr., son of Mr. and

Sometimes He'. Up,Some times )car his contract to nuke personal appearances in behalf of Mrs. John Ragln of 170 S.W.

He's Down He M'ul Crown Cola ("0.. makers of Royal Crown Cola -one of Third Ave., Deerfield, Fla.,
He works it all around. the industr)"'* fasted growing colas anJ Diet Rite Cola -the Month's Pro has completed basic trainingat
nations leading non-tugar cola Lackland AFB, Tee He is
13-30-18 NEW YORK- Jerry Quarry's now assigned as a construction:
The pace Hays sets for Royal Crown Cola Co anJ its bottlers
COMING ATTRACTIONS urounJ the country it enough to help keep any major athlete in victory over Thad Spencer in specialist with a unit of the
the semifinals of the heavyweight Air Training Command at Sheppard -
prime shape for his sport Traveling an estimated ".000 miles to
35 27 879 p elimination tournament AFB, Tex. Airman Ragln
50 cities RC .
some helping as many haulers in the current offreason.
J earned the California boxer the 1966 of Blanche
a graduate
MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED Hayes will prohahlv he seen by itt least half a million peoplein
/ February award In the School Pompano
S. Rae Ely High ,
his role for the soft 'Unnk nearly half
company many as
HIckok Pro Athlete of the Year Beach Fla., attended Broward
\ / see him on the foolllIlIlIcld during the reason
poll. Junior Dant Fia.Kllickobocker's .
/- SaM Hayes of the experience, "The pace we set for Royal Crown College ,,

4...}, 4- Cola ("0. during the off-season helps me stay in shape during the
the Bourbon that off-season month* and he ready to get with it when training Bellamy Is

"Man's Days are Numbered." starts"

; Health and Fortune Can Be GEORGE ADAMS While the football and track star u as big a hit with adults as Leads In

didrit watch die clock! Yours When You Know Your v, .ith youngsters. it's the kids who line up for blocks? to have pictures Francisco's FlopSAN

Lucky Days. Specialist '4 George Adams and footballs autographed, And Hayes seems to have a special
son of Mr. and Mrs. George affinity for the youngsters, especially those from underprivileged FRANCECO-flew: York Knickerbockers: Jumped to an 8-0
Lucky Colors, etc. Warner 5530 Poitler Drive has background; lead and were never headed yesterday riding to a 130-104 National

icy"? Send $2.00 for your ,, been chosed as "Sollder of theMonth" In his appearances for Royal Crown Hayes takes three special i l Basketball Association victory over the San Francisco: : Warriors
last week.
OLD Horoscope Guide for Vietnam..Adams,who messages to youth; he toys to gel them to stay in school, stay out of Willis Walt
Reed Bellamy and led all
has been in Vietnam for about ; uprising, scorers with
trouble and to use! to the extent whatever
greatest possible poten'lalthcy
MARCH nine months was selected as the have individuals. Dick Barnett combined for 31 28 points.Warlock,with 10 in the
"j outstanding solider in his squad as points as New York surged to a, second period, scored: a pro
CHARTER These message arc relayed at a wide variety of events in the
i battalion during duty. He is a lead at the end of the first careerhigh of 21 points.
Fill In the blank below and of New Stanton High cities Hayes visits He may work with pass receivers at a high period. Reed totalled 11 in the

1entuckFinest( Bourbon mall to ZODIAC, Post Office School.graduate school during spring, training, speak at a high school or college quarter while Bellamy,who topped
Box 1171, Jacksonville Fla. athletic banquet talk with them at supermarket promotions, deliver the Knocks with 26 points Calvin Murphy

these messages to high school assemblies, or In radio and TV and Barnett each bad 10.

NAME HELP FIGHT CANCER WITHA interviews across the land. The crippled Warriors, rallying -
Plans To
STREET .----- CHFCKUP AND A CHECK behind Rudy LaRusso and

DATE OF BIRTH Bob Warlock, pulled to wlthJ.DU58

Two Cincinnotti Lawyers at the half It was 54-50 Niagara SchoolNEW

midway through the second

7 WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou quarter when Wallck and YORK-College basketball -
Hit Athletic Club Bios LaRusso scored 14 of the War All-America Calvin Murphy

years Seek The Best Doctor riors' last 16 points in the half who compiled a better than

When Your Doctor COLUMBIA OHIO-Two Negro statele&islators.from Clncin-: Barnett, who added 23 for New 38 point per game scoring average
old York: and Dick
the 1967-68
during season
Prescribes, Get Experienced nattlans have launched: an attack on alleged racial discrimination
',) by the powerful Athletic Club of Columbus paced a 35-polnt third quarter is condierlng leaving the University -
Pharmacists To outburst u the Knocks
pulled of Niagara for some
Fill Prescriptions According ,r. Rep. Willi. F. Bowen and were not available for Immediate away for good Barnett scored other school, according to an

To Your Doctor's Wilma L. MaUory, both Democrats comment. the last six points of the period article in the current issue of

Orders. "" said they circulated a, The letter signed by legislators to place New York ahead,93-78. SPORT magazine
:. letter of protest and gathered of both parties requestsa LaRusso, who made 11 points Murphy whose closet ties with
le Use Only The Best < 39 signatures of both representatives meeting with club ordeals in in the Warriors' second period the school are with former varsity

Quality Drugs C. E. BLACKProprietor and senators. an effort to bring about change \ coach Jim Maloney, who
The letter does specifically in the unjust rules and regulations 1 Sorenson Hayes resigned at the season's end,
ask the downtown club to open of the Athletic Club of Co- and with former freshman coach

3 Registered Pharmacists To Serve YouA its membrshlp to Negroes,but luznbus Ed Donohue who was fired,
r it complains in the name of its'' The letter also criticized al- Are Named ayes:

a .. .. ... .. COMPLETE LINE OF ... .. signers that: ledged discrimination In the "They're like my own family.
"We have club's practice of ath The NCAA regional all-tour
suffered.extreme honoring To them I'm'CalY1D
nament team selected
: by sportswriters
humiliation andembarrassment letes.
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies
Sundries ,the person. But if Mr. Maloneygoes
when your rules have excluded "Your policy of honoring ad and broadcasters
and Mr. Donohue Isn'teTe
Negro non-members from the athlete and then If he happens Mideast- Dave Sorenson and

r. a -PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED- came activities so accessible also to be a Negro limiting Bill 1sae1 H andMJU lt Cue"NUIlUCky Q1Io 'i Dan v weeds of Calvin else Murphy's is left?!"

1901 KINGS ROAD 3538279Lilly's to Caucasian nonmembers"Officers .his use of your facilities while .Brad Luohlni Marquette.' discontent at Niagara University -
of the club, which: giving ready access to Caucasian .L stem from
west- Elvln Hayes Dan an unfortunate
tSTMIOMT MtmtON WHISKY M MOOT Cttti,OLD CHAII'T: (.Bill CO.: ,lOUISVILU.KT, occupies a six-story building non-members, Is Indeed Chaney and Theodls racial .situation described at
Store Lee.Hous-
Drug oa Broad Street less than a deplorable and despicable."
ton; Westley Unseld and Butch length In the SPORT article by
block: from.the State House
i Beard. Louisville. his teammate Mann] Leaks.




, ," .. . '. .' .. .. . .
--- .
.t ;, ': ....;, : -.:: -,

mn m_ n .
: ,



I Julius Guinvard Slates Saturday Night AAU Boxing! Clinic I


Physical Ed Head At A&T Has White Athlete Joins Rattlers Eartha White Center Will Be

Class For Reducing "Fat Cats'] I If'

I I Scene 01 Seven-Point Program

GREENSBORO. N.C.The emerrlng: middle class Negro LLkI.
Is becoming! a "tat cat", in more way than one. says a college ..... An*AU Boxing Clinic will be held at the Eartha White community -
professor here. Center Saturday at 7:30. Tar program will be sponsored
"The h. 30 I i by the Jacksonville Recreation Department, along with the Florida -
emerging Negro is earn- in from 25 to Amateur Athletic Union.
group ranges age
log more, said Dr.Roy Moore i
"but this general health not 51. Co-directors are John Joca. Foreard and Backward Move
being Improved as well."is "W, don't have any answers j J State AAU boxing: chairman, an ment. 3. Offense; Left Jab,
But- Dr. "Ier." said Moore, "But we do Julius Gulnard, district chair Straight Rglth, Left Hook Infighting -
Moore chairman
of know have the man.
the .we problems. Counter punching.
ment physical at AIT education State depart- The Negro's life span is still The purpose of the clinic''' is tc 5. Training procedures; Warm

isn't University. seven years less than that of develop more interest in the up, Callstenlcs, Physical Calisthenics
Just theorizing He is trying white counterpart. We believe ; 4it' sport locally and to find young Physical contacts,
Three do something about it. |thai regular.sclentlfic physical ta potential amateur champions Diet, 6. Fould. 7. Wrapping of
nights a week, 30 teachers ; fitness routine will help and offlcals for the state cham- Hands, Julius Gulnard is director -
secretaries and other close this gap" pionship here March 30. The .
staff members from A&T and It's a pretty sound theory," March 30 event will qualify local -
nearby Bennett College meet lathe adds Moore "that amateurs for the National
as the Negro Auburn U. Gets
Aggie gym for Dr. Moore's. Improves tends neglect :AAU in Ohio on April 4,5 andft.
physical fitness sessions The some of the known health prac- \ s During the clinic there will be
tices that contributes to good four exhibition bouts by local a- First Negro On
Hayes Wallops health.Dr. mateurs. Gary Jackson will face

Moore has come up with ; Jimmy Smith of Northwestern Basketball TeamAt1BURNAlaJIenry
a basic program designed to last Junior high, in the 135 pounds
Mo-Valley Men about six weeks "After that," N1 class. Jimmy McFadden will Harris
he said, "we are hoping that the face Irvin Cohen of William- six foot two Inch guard of the
individual will be able to continue Raines in the 155-pound class* Green Country Training School/
And Tops UnseldThe his daily routine, right Glen Klecley Eugene Butler, has been assigned, as the first
in his own office or home." will meet Morris Reevesfor- Negro, to a grant-ln-aid at Au-
inimitable All American Is this Just another "exercise: mer Florida AAU champ inthe burn University here. -AccordIng -
Elvin Hayes and Don Chaney class)" Dr. Moore quickly. 155 pound class. to basketball Coach BID

went to an all high in the NCAA blurts out a positive "No." ___ __ r The main event will feature Lynn, he Is the "best high school
Midwest regional semi-finals "This is a scientific program Terry Williams, 232 and William guard in the South"
Friday in Wichita, Kansas that will get results," be said. f' Floyd 190. The slgnee quarterbacked:
Only In the first few minutes During the intermission local football team and batted .380
was It the tight battle which the All particioants are reoulrM professional fighters will be u third baseman on the baseball
Houston coach, Guy Lewis,pre to get permission from their introduced from the rig side. team last year.
dicted. Louisville was in front physician. Dr, Moore then uses The prgram<< will be In seven Harris has been selected to
12-8 with 4 1/2 minutes gone .a Cameron Heartometff check i..j parts: L General information play March 28 at Detroit in the.
after Jerry King hit three each participants' blood pres- : -- about program Eligibility,Fees, Dapper Dane All-Star game,
straight corner shots against surem heart, heartbeat rate and Tournatment, Rules, and Regulations which pits 20 of the tap high

the Houston tone defense. stroke volume A wet spirome- WELCOME ABOARD.Florida AAM UniYer.it,'.bead football became the first white-athlete to receive athletic scholarship 2. Guard Position, school players the country on
Less than nine minutes later ter Is used to check each per coach AJS.Galther abates hands with Rufus Brown. after Brown for the Rattler football team. stance and position of bands, two 10-man teams.
.Houston led, 33-15. son's lung capacity. .
It was Houston's 31st straight "We want to be sure to check 65 PONT. BONNEVILLE COUPE $1995
FAMU's Gaither White
victory 30 this season Louis each person slung capacity. Signs Hampton Swimming Team Tails e'JJ,JONDITIONI iltCT.WINDOW VINYL INT.AND VINYL

ville's It-game winning streak "We want. level to be of sure of eachperson' 67 CHEVYU ...............................'l7VSS8

was Louisville ended.Cardinals The ninth-ranked now stand Dr. Moore. stress/'sald Athlete To Grant-ln-Aid Move Howard's Bisons By 134-179 B A Y Yvlt EAAT 2-DR. HARDTOP ... .$2795

207. In the 2ft to 30 minute sessions' VIN poor 1 ovose WITH III N' / ION, OUR /I/T IVY
Once the unbeaten Houston ..,.... AJS. "Jake" Gaither bead coach and athletic director Flo- HAMPTON INSTITUTE- Hampton Va. The CIAA Swimmingand S8 CI1EV IMPALA 4-DOOR HARDTOP .12195

Cougars started, they made it clues in are the based gym on the individual exer- rida AIM University has announced the singing of the first Dvllng Championships were held in Washington D.C.. 65 F lb.5 Dcr Y1xl QNOITgND:.MURRTI. S169$
look easy The long-armed need. One of the evenings is white athlete to a grant-tn-aid on the Rattler football team. this past Saturday.For the third consecutive year the present I' '. : *" ITlnINO. Alit CO"D
Rufus Brown, C'10", 205 tbs, rates came in a close second to the Bisons of Howard University. 67 FORD GALAXlh.N5F00y. ... .
Chaney stole passes on the out- ""nt In such as whie athlete to participate in p7 . .. .. .12695
side while Hayes and 6-7 Tbeodls bowling swimming, ping! pong allconference guard from athletics at FAMU.Bodan Logan The final count found the Hues wun some IH points rw'lI; : I h/hWA/rQANTY.RAD10/ L HIATIIt, POWER

Lee took the ball away from badminton and dances. Martin County High School in of Chester Pa. was on the track while the Howardites has amused 179. 67 Ch1EVROLET IMPALA .. .... .. .$2695'AR
Louisville's A 1 American" "I try to make it elear.".aJd Stuart, Fla. will be the third team In 1966 and Herb Hoyt The contest is now under pro- Ther are several Juniors retest C,. nwE TO'' '; f'lTnMU'Stt'It/ONnlTl".n.' RADIO" HIAT.

Westly Unseld on the inside. Dr. Moore, "that the recrea- of North Redding, Mass 1s a with the voice of coach Sid maimng who should carry the CIR }: wPorrr :... .. .. .$2495
tion is Olynmpic Boxing Moore, Pirate Mentor booming bulk of next season's load. EON ITI WARRANTY CLiAN, CLIAN
Hayes Lee and 6-0 Ken Spain Just a supplement. You freshman pole vaulter on the .65 sTAlf .
t .louclest.1b.uecuUveeom- Ci IIEF .... ......... .$209
murdered! the Missouri Valleychamps don't'get fitness through the 1968 team. "Brown is an exceptional It .
recreation. You must continue Will End In OhioNEW tattles of the CIAA holds the :; : '8 i.Wot't'MI"T. AIA CONOITIONID
athelte Gaither
on the offensive boards.It the says final decision its hand is deciding t 6a JUVlf.RA lE : ..... ... ............ .... .... ..$3395
was 45-24 with a minute left routine. YORK- The be has been recommend highly ,Sw'l8u IHIFT. SUCKIT IIAtL AIM COMOITIONIP. in A
In the first half which ended Dr. Moore's Interest in physical lies u.s. by former Rattler Louis Rice upon the eligibility of
fitness In Olumplc boxing: trials will beheld Howard swimmer David Blean. 67 PLYMOUTH FURY III Vol .. ... .... .. $2891
4532. Louisville was an outgrowth who coached Brown in high
closer than 11 points after that. of his Ph. D. degree studiesat in Maumee OhloJSeptem school. He Is a fine young man Clean alone accounted for 24 HAIR POMADE 66 PBS8MesgWife FURY 11 STA. \VArON ...$219
For the outscored the University of Illinois her 5 to 'I.Part1e1panil. and I know be will be an asset points for the Howard Bisons pa c; Keeps Hair oaoltwNEa AYTOMATK. aN. Powu meRlNd!
game,Hayes under Dr. T.K. in the final and a decision Judging him ineligible and ... ..............:..........125,9
Unseld 35 to 23 and led 24 tots Cureton. .often to or team. Neat
in rebounds. Hayes hit 18of31 called the "father of physical trials will Include winners of Brown concentrated football might provide victory tt w.rr-Groom.d 65 cfl VROLfftYMpXlA t COUPE....... .$1995
and Uaceld 9-of-16. fitness. .. the Amateur Athletic Union at Martin High School for the Pirates. Regardless of tat All ii' \MAT \RANt Paw POWER IreEAINa AIR cOND
field shots County L
Cureton chief M "Championship at Miumee.Ap-' and the outcome the contest was Day 67 77b ........ ... .11Ml5
consultant to named lottelAws'Trlbune
ril 4-6 the golden gloves chanv N w. lnHO tDrawlns < rA TOP NTV
FAMU Students President Johnson's Council on Trl-County and all conference trule exciting: and high competi rwiud* xk wantfm on 55BUlCKT..tr.f.$75: 59 CHEVROLET .129$
In Salt Lake .....
pionship CItJW. ,. ..... _
live The only major upset suffered klek ApplMk :!
Fitness, was somewhat of a tern regional tournaments. teams. He excelled: defensively Ux matmlnt, lest. k"... ...M tony. OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM
by the Pirates was in the __" ....../. Wl tA Cf H WHf
t cU
look ill f
pioneer In the of human and and has Ce'b t
Work With US study Western regional tournaments, offensively 200 yd, backstroke. Sterling "' ........... CM & >. novio ON ClOTiulE.
stress been characterized by his coaches MURRAY'S la. 7 <-...
went into the Ca On Ml' A
Stuary qualifying ? JNw1
as a "gutty ball player who .
Coast GuardTALLAHASSEE. Dr. Moore said his only 1m- |Hayes Noses Out will get the hob done." He 1s expected round holding the record for the rtruf=u4 an COUIMI-p.. -. R. EVANS
mediate results have been comments to try out for the offensive event, but was beaten out in a "
F from the participants position with the Rattlers new record time by David Hen- Lieu Ill "t MUARAY'8SULL
FU.- our
Florida AIM University students on how much better they feel Alcindor And Offensively the 1968 Rattlers Overall ankle of the Howard.Rues put on an.excellent :- SIZE lit r. :;; 3rd & MAINEL
are working with the United "One woman who had been will need a lot of help at the nrniDi PRODUCTS ti.4M .
States Coast Guard Headquarters taking two pills a day for ner (Gets Top Rating guard positions. Sharon Stall- .showing in a highly ta- UMMtt pines, MIlL MM
.lented field 4-8381 OPEN TILL
competitors 9SO: P.M. EL 48382saf.
Washington. D.C., on vers, told me she bad been able worth who made conference Rounding out the remaining
the cooperative workstudy pro to get along without any now. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN-Hous will not come back and only one teams were Morgan State with
She is simply learning to adaptto ton's Elvin Hayes edged out starter, Walter Splcer will return 72 points, J.CJSmlth with
the stress" UCLA's Lew Alcindor u the from last
year. Leading
Student 58 points and in their first
assigned to the United top vote getter on the 1967-68 candidates for the other guard year
States Coast Guard Headquarters All American basketball squad position will be Arthur Pla Robert swimming, Norfolk this year;
are Robert Walker, a Tennessee U. according to the National Association Kills, Walter Spencerand distance man. Gregory Stuart Whiting; "
mathematics major from Tallahassee of Basketball coaches. a few freshmen including Rufus Serllng Iteam.
; Spencer Phillips Jr., Will Have Nine Hayes received 2147 points Brown captain, French Jackson;
and breast-stroker John COfer !
a physics major from Birming in the balloting conducted for

mmathematics Ala. major rommMarl the coaches association by the $ tawa34t! 'ujlc By --I
Game Schedule Wbeatles sports federatlon.Al- lack Uusatto
anna; and Clarence Mitchell, a clndor got 2143 points in the balloting =
5 b 1 8 to I
mathematics major from Bar- NASHVILLE-Tennessee State by the Nation college
tow. has announced a nine-game coages. 1r--t
Phillips is the In oceano- football schedule for the fall of Other members of the coaches 1
graphic while other three 1968 with Parsons College and first string All-Amerlcan were I.-- IG ITI I I
coops are in computer sciencein San Diego State in the lineup. Westley Unseld of Louisville
the engineering department The Tennessee Tigers, will Larry Miller of North Carolina I 1
.of the Coast Guard. Coop students open In Nashville against Kentucky and Petr Maravlcb of LouU-

attend Florida MM State on September 21. !lana State, the Nation's college Iu
University for two quarters and Senior Bob Shannon is expected coaches. matlncc 2
report for work with the CoastGuard to be a big signal caller Othermembers of the coaches a7t post
during alternate quar this fait Seniors, Joe Cooper, first string All-American were
ten flanker and Elbert Drunco,wW Westley Unsaid of Louisville tonight post 8amm
be prime targets.Cooper caught Larry Miller of North Carolina
Mays Answers 26 aerials that totaled 372 yards and Pete Maravicb of Louisiana
and five TDs last season while State, the Nation's topscorer.
Drungo converted to offense atmidseason Second team selections were u 33 34 33 35 k0
Remarks Made snagged three in Lucius Allen of UCLA Don May miiaof-i aim cf tutcru HMUMI tn rutt an m Non laciuiiitmuncotiMiff.e cc.jj .
paydlrt territory totalling 30 of Dayton Calvin Murphy of

By Rovinson yards. Niagara, Bob Looter of St.Bo- /
On ground senior and leading -
PHOENB- We're all God's ground gainer Wayner Reese Dayton, Calvin Murphy of at
children's and we/re all fighting and Sophomore Albert Davis Niagara, Bob Lenten of StBooaventure ADI
for the same Caue.Enry- will open the Merrittmen and Jo Jo White of
one must do his Job in his own -campaign. The Parsons college Kansas. 41
way" Willie Mays, San Fran- game is the first of four-year
cisco Giants great outfielder home-and-home contract. Robinson Hits
said last week. Tiger games follow: September Sep

He was answering charges by 21, Kentucky State, Nashville At
Jackie Robinson, the first Negro ; September 28, Parsons Miy's Ways
ever to play in the major College Fairfield Iowa; Oct- ACROSS new. season 46. Have an 11. Force or tip .
leagues that Mays "is not suf- ober 5, Texas Southern, Nashville On Race Bias 1. No. Atlanticopens (2 obligation compulsion tti& wSeagram's
"tklengy involved In the civil ; October 12, Grambllng flab .) 47. Born f t6. Join a race
rights struggle" Grambllng; La.; October 26, SAN JRANC15CO--1'A 1 1 : Hunt warty 28. Tiny groove 48. talon Hallucina-acid 17. Rich German
Robinson is a television showin Florida AIM, Tallahassee Negroes should speak our for : Porgy color 29. Fencing swords .rot valley
San Francisco said Mays Fla.; November 2, Southern, Civil Rights," said Jackie Rob,. 12. Manlike 30. Empire DOWN 21. Kept a fish
"should do more" for civil Nashville November 9, Morris mace recently when be tackled- 13. Made beset of State: Ab r. 1. Not 10 on the lint' r'
rights Brown, Nashville; November the attitude of Willie Mays toward cram a 31. Nothing row u 22. Mile: Abbr.ANSWERS V.O.turns up at a lot
MaYS told sports writers at 23, San Diego State San Diego segregation. 14. AuaaIe blid :po It can win a 2. the Painkillers.a 23. Fragrances of parties.That's because it's so popular.That's
the plants training camp "1 California; November 28, Robinson attacked the failureof 15. Safety Item prize on 3. Res1at1n& bird In night a because it's so smooth.

think a great deal of Jackie Homecoming:, to be announced the Giants star for failing to (2 on w4I.a boat) fa nhing was)twat .authority 27. Heroic tale Seagram's V.O.-The Smooth Canadian. ,5 .
Robinson Jackie has been make a commitment of any kind 11. Cockfights 40. Actress /. SoUl up 32. Once more
through a lot and all Negro Frazier Is Champion during the current civil rights Fishermen Lolobrl&ida liquid 33. wide bot.III. -
to I. Calking goo tom 01 a
athletes should be grateful ( battle. !mow -- /1. Things to
I. Gobbled boat
him. He said that Mays "was de- to JO accomplish 1. Bandleader up M.&mIe1eu
'however Mays declare, Also 01 Pennsylvania pled housing inSan Francisco: ," :>0. Coup cS'-- u. ElYPt'l Brown 35. Fuel
"that doseift give bin the rlgtu I referring to the troubles be had 21. Afternoons river 1. Wu fa 38. In this war
to speak for us. I can't go out The Pennsylvania Athletic baying a home in 1957, for short U. Too bad! m11tar with 37. Austrian ,Ai.2t. .
can't stand on a struggle Part of the 44. TIe JUlIe 9. Back up pine region
and picket. I Commission recognized Joe. aloof from the Negro .
soap box. like Mr.Martin Frailer of Philadelphia u "All Negro athletes.-an every 25. eye What aberIatem en Electrical 01 motor with the 31. Lobster features

Luther along and Mr. Roy havywelght champion Wednesday Negro who has made it should men do engine: 10. Sandpaper 311. Chopped
Wilkins are better equipped than 10 days after he knocked out speak out for civil rights"Rob.insonsaid. when the Abbr. cloths trees

I." Buster Mathis and won the title. FOUND ON PAGE 12

e 1'

I __ "



PORTABLE; TYPEWRITER Christian ROOM homecooking.West'FOR RENT Dr. King Goes Baseball League Tops In Business

Remington Lightweight good side. 764-6865. CONTINUED FROM PAGE M .
condition. Has balance of $34.
or pay $7. per month. Phone ROOM FOR RENT To Nigeria outgoing tide, whether It be sunlight -
3531946. WIU deliver, without or moonlight. They rangein
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Prefer nice couple. Call: 22. pounds to 150.

764-2903, I Leaders of both sides hate Being such an accomodatlng
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MOTEL efforts," King said. "We hope .one of the top favorites of this .
Reasonable COMMERCIAL simply to bring the two bellg- area. He can be exasperating, LI )
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Weekly Rate ( plus tax,) tlefleld." boat, yet refus1ngtotakeafree-
Blafra, the former Eastern swimming bait fish or a favorite
MEN AND WOMEN EOGEWOOD MOTOR COURT Region, declared its independence 'lure presented with Just the 6 4

OF All AGES INTEGRATED last May SO. Federal right action. At such times the _
5911 U.S. 1, Cor. EdgewoodAve. forces then Invaded in an attempt tarpon Just is not hungry, he's

Take New IMPROVED NATURE. Phone: 7640003AlwaysOpen to bring the section back having a playtime. 1 rt
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Good references. ISABELLA OF PARIS Owl *.,(" itemCat OM.IIL. M tea the There have been Instances of .t4 .. .
..0l eel rtiltt Iron ttirotMni loot* angler being by then S. Bundles of Summit Laboratories, Inc., has Bridge Association Inc. Walter
fM Henry Leapbart, district
That's Mel I have the Amating KM ,..... M 110I-,,!0'' tout. Ufltll .... flying lure, and occasionally, manager for.
REPORTERTrainee. tonic tablets : CM in row tenet, tt M million* testa been named "Manufacturer of the Year" by the New York State Ctalrol is at kfL Summit Laboratories,headquartered In Indian*
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FLORIDA STAR Men and Women. From boat docks the Miami T. Edward Austin Announces
Beach visitor can reach tarpon A. C. SoundIn
13TH t MONCRIEFNo P.O. Box 230, Dept. S., waters in as little as five min Pal atka NewsC.
Rite-Way Tax ServiceNO utes. Government Cut at the For State Attorney Post

Phone Calls! Gary, IndianaBUyaHOMEonly69monlli south boundary of the city Is a A. HIGHTLIGHTS Race For
LEARNERS HERE prime tarpon area. Cruisers of Public Defender, T. Edward Austin In announcing that be bad
Sam Diy Service $C approximately 35 feet with a Dr. W.L. Johnson, Dean, Flo- Qualified last Tuesday for the post of State Attorney in the Fourth State Atty.
rldau A and M University wasa
$3 ,
** crew of two and fishing four Judicial District Issued the following statement.As .
visitor at C.A. last Wednes-
writ stow OsWSArrtaarr
It rartuzrsee lines simultaneously can be ad official candidate for one behalf; of the State all civil suits A.C. Sound, assistant state attorney
villa While here be talked with
a ..... t ** C P.... MKM chartered for $50-$55 a half- several students who are planning .of the most Important offices to In which the State is a party.The for the past three years,
WHUI THI txrtm AM day. Guides with outboards accommodating to enroll the fall which a eltlr.en CIA aspire.feel State Attorney Is the advisor to qualified today to secceed William
MAKE THE MOVE two anglers usually Oliver I have the duty to make my views the Grand Jury and must attend Hallowes, retiring state
charge around $40 a tide, "Billy" jon the office of prosecuting attorney them for the purposes of examining attorney, and announced plans to
solo TO FINER LIVING about four hours Tackle provided Bulldog Coach, was a Y1I11or'1Pa1a1ka known in DO uncertain witnesses and giving streamline the office to fight the
FOR SALECall on the bigger boats and over the week end terms. legal advice.He 'rlslnf crime rate and better
ALL BRICK! 354-8703,12101/2 Davis usually by the guide with the Several students, personnel Since I announced my candidacy also prepares bills of Indictment verve the citizens of the 4th
Street outboard. and teachers of C.A, were In a few weeks ago it has for consideration bv Judicial Circuit which Includes

NOD 5PSt 3BEDHOOMDIVISION IRVIN CONSTRUCTION CO. Either way Is fun,and certainly the graduating class that took become Increasingly clear t o members of the Jury. Duval Nassau and Clay
An Important Co. a pleasant way to vary the the'Statndard First Aid Course jne that the public understandslittle Cot of the single most Impor- counties.
Z4/1 Varp leton HURRY! "HURRYI! HURRYI! ,vacation routine of golf, swim.. given by the Putnam County of the function of the State tant duties of the State Attorney Song, referring to a recent
Jet SALES OFFICE at Houses by owners $100 Down. ming, the night clubs, sightseeing Chapter of the American Red Attorneys office. This Is both Is to provide legal assistance Federal Bureau of Invtstlfa-
& 2Oth ST. EXP City home for you: 1368 W.25th and other usual holiday Cross, .with Mrs. Marguerite unfortunate and unnecessary, and advice to all law enforcement lion report showing an Increase
ONE.3546746 St., 1366 W. 25th St., 1218 W. pursuits Woods, R.N.u Instructor. although there Is, of course, agencies and their In Jacksonville's crime
26th St., 7708 Federal St., 1157 The persons from C.A. were good reason for this. officers. He is largely responsible rate said the rise Is directly
GRAND PARK East Florida Are., 1742 East Miss Jeffie Lee Asia Mrs. Although I win be expanding on --through this process of related{ to declining police morale
brook St., 427 Good win St., 1774 Bison Barnes, Miss Vanneater these points during the campaign continuing education and counsel caused by recent UJS,
Grothe St., 1767 Grothe St., 1726 HELP FIGHT CANCER WITH, Brown Mrs. Ida ClarkMlss and Indeed throughout my to officers-for establishing Supreme Court decisions. He
Florida Avenue. Call 354-8703. A,CHECKUP AND A CHECK Shirley Dumas Elate Miss Camlllla service as State Attorney if the the proper climate for the emphasised the need for sound
Johnson, Miss Keys,Mrs people confer this trust upon effective and efficient uttlatlonof legal advice to enable officersto
Aldora Keys, Miss Annie L. tine. I would like to touch briefly the police power of our goy prosecute cases where Justified
Lane, Miss Sylvia Mann, Miss now on the duties of this Com ernment. and still operate within the
Gwendolyn Scott, and Miss ty and Circuit's prosecuting I believe that an effective pro law. "Law enforcement officials
jf's smart fo at Jo
ItEG: $5095 snap JJy3 Ethalena Wright. ,torney.It gram to bring a more meaningful must have the advice of
$5095Olfstn \\" \\ Miss CJ.Grady received a letter is, first and foremost, the awareness of the office close a strong and able state attorney
r ; -------4\ 1 a DA d from Johnny Young 1967 duty of the State Attorney to Investigate to the people will serve as one to effectively combat criminals,
Nr graduate. He is at present in and prosecute crime, important tool\ of good law enforcement and they will have my firm sup*
K A oal Perfect Navy boot camp, Great Lakes, vice and corruption which his Such a program in port," Soud said
\J () I //J"\\ I F t ao Illinois. While attending C.A. Jurisdiction. He also has the today-s atmosphere of rising "The state attorney Is eon

_-_ Young was an outstanding mem- duty to prosecute or defend on crime: rates, feeL,Is essential cerned with the welfare of
.ber of the 1967 Marching Bull citizens In the Beaches communities -

$ ) Je gods Norman E. Jones Tells About Baldwin, Nassau and
Thai teams
\\U CU C.A.boy basketball
LIQUORS / Clay counties, as well as In the
? ., went to Jacksonville to see the His Race For The U.S. Senate consolidated government of
Harlem Globetrotters
famed Jacksonville, and he should
f8H Tie FHA annual Talent Show CONTINUED PROM PAGE 1 operate outside of individual,

t Si...$ 44.95 PRICES GOOD THRU C 6g3J was a huge success. A large ly exemplified In the pact gubernatorial campaign,resulting the governments within his Jurisdiction
Sfe $ crowd turned out. election of a republican for governor for the first time In 84 rather than as a part of.
"- SATURDAY MARCH 30TH The C.A. Marching Bulldogswere years. I am an advocate of the true concept of a democratic system them," be added.
! In the annual Azalea Festival in "I pledge cooperation with'
that "Political Power" flows upward from the people-
-, Parade Saturday rather than downward from office holders ,and candidates, the consolidated government of
REG. $3.25 12 os BTLS. Marvin Fowler is a new student I have an abiding faith In the Electorate of Florida to conduct Jacksonville and with officials
REG. $5.50 at C.A. High.He has transferred their own campaign in their own manner. It Is my hope that the of all other governments to fight
. HUNTER'SWHISKEY 1 Ballanllno"f from Pain Duro High "Political Power" in Florida will be returned to the people- crime and corruption," but, ha
f ( STULBROOKDRY School, Amarillo, Texas. He is where it belongs and taken out of the grasp of the Individuals anda added "the state attorney must
in the 10th grade and assigned tightly knit oligarchic group poUUcans and special interests. remain aloof and Impartial In
GIN BEER' to Mr. Nathaniel Harris'home (Editors Note:"Oligarchic"comes from"oligarchy"which designates his relations with other govern
room. government run by a small group.) ment officials If he Is to carryout '
M" ; THE C.A. basketball Intramurals -. SIMPSON: How do you expect to obtain campaign contributions his duties faithfully," Soud
,\ $099 A e $109 ,, sponsored by the Varsity even in the comparatively small amount you will need said. .
I l FIFTH de, uYK. "C" Club got under way on JONES: I shall expect campaign contributions in smallamountsfrom Soud Is currently serving a ;,
... U QUART AU I PAl Wednesday night. The six teams individuals! -even; pennies Dickies dimes and coins solicited chief assistant state attorney:
3 FOR $11.75 returoj entered, sponsor, and coach are from Individuals who will give according to their own de- Division A of the Criminal Court.'
1J 90 PROOF Case of 24...$4.29-\ u follows: sires. A series of teas is being planned throughout the state to aid of Record and ajalegaladvlsoi;
Sociology Club, Miss Shirley this purpose. to the Duval County Grand Jury::
\math, coach to be announced: SIMPSON: WLii;; such limited funds, how do you expect to travel A native of Jacksonville, be re4'
FAMOUS SCOTCH SALE SPECIAL BUY -1NE-CASE' SAFA; E.R. Williams, Ronald over the state calved his education at local:
REG Banks and E. Session coaches JONES: With the limited tliae and campaign funds I will not be schools and Stetson University.

$9.zi Ambassador..........3 5th ..$14.85 EARLY TIMES...............5ths.$47.88Old Adult Education"C" Paul Lee coach able to personally touch every town and village in the state: However ,He Is a Baptist layman, Sunday
REG 'Varsity W.E.Cooper, Le- I do expect to make all of the major and secondary pupula. School teacher and Is marriedto

$9.56 Catto 12 yr. old.... 3 5ths $10.50 Forester.................5ths....$57.45 roy Jackson, coach; Spanish lion areas at least once. I shall of necessity: travel by personalcar the former Ginger. Gllda of
BEG club, Miss D. Garris, Earnest and on overnight trips on the bus-as I can sleep on the bus Jacksonville The> have one
$9.56 Chlvas 1egallzyroim35thaS21.95 Jim Beam 01 -58.951 Lee, coach; Education\ and save the cost of hotel rooms. I also plan to get temporaryJobs .son, Jeffrey.
..................... .. Club David McPherson Lawrence
as a waiter, bellhop bartender etc., to make money for expenses

:Sss 5 Black & White........35ths $15.951 Old Fitzgerald Bond.......5th>....$60.95J This Bryant Is a ,single coach.elimination while In a city several days. Buy U.S.
REG. I shall be a "working" candidate, earning my own way rather
. $r5 Hedges t Sutler-...35ths $16.95| J.V:. Dant Eond.............5Of....$47."15 touney.Booker. Auditorium.All games will Finals be will In than a "political" candidate with huge campaign funds to spread .OI '
REG. around in an attempt to Influence voters; SLINCOLN
'RH 100 Pipers............3 5ths $17.95.Four Roses......v. .v.......5t s.$4675Beefeater be Jackson played is Friday tournament night.director.Leroy .

REG$8.46 Thornes.lo )'r. old..... 3 sths 520.20 Gin,5ths.$59.88. Louise Mrs. R.J.N. Ragsdale Weld, Drus-Mrs. RANI NEW
REG. gsgood,

.$7.50 Halg 5 Star........., 3 5ths $14.95 Cordon's 0In..5 -38.95| cilia,Garris were,out C.A.of faculty school members last Solution To Puzzle RICK HOMES

..*k because of llllness. ,CONTINUED FROM PAGE Ii
Willie Washington: fonder t:. !
REG. $5.49 REG. $7.50 Reg. $4.39ANCIENT A. student has been elected to
AGE J the Town" Council in yeasts

OB '_ yr Label StraigM> Ever Ready Choir

Union PlansThe
H I i lTEACHEffi HARVEY'SImported
: Ever Ready Choirs..Union 3 ai 4 bedroom plans with 1, 1 Vt,
aid ; GIN 't '
( SCOTCH will butt its monthly revival 2 baths and garage.

+' 9S llGltnmoR G hour Sunday, March 24, at the nP Modern schools, churches and a complete

H 3 13 $Q95I Friendship Baptist church at r hopping center clot by.
I 1 FIFTHS FOR A 2:45 Rev. Remus Smith is pas
Hev. F. Brown Is spiritual
advisor Ellzle Murphy re 7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 765-1685

porter .*: *:,*

i,i :

<'} 1

. . . ..----. . -_. .-. -- -- A A . . ...._4> 4.__.... ....._, _