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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 2, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 2, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-... I

, ""



rfickie Rbbjnson'MSon: Casa.ht Carrying: Drugs- And A j, \Piitin J

.__, .. .. -_ _-* ji ...... .. :
.* : * ** *


.* ** ** $ ** ** *.* ,

Mississi jp.pr i lViFsrHomell.a.S.9f! $ ?'11, ... 1

* t ,


,I : ('1


VOL 17 N0.46 SATURDAY MARCH 1968 1. C

Humphrey Visits FAMU y ** ___ _____.... .*_* *j*c.* *___ .- ______ ::.-....""".. : ,.. rc:
Job SeekersTo -" --- --- -
: :

Woman Teac T'x.'G jgBMffl: ) '

Be Trained l A ... I

* '

In Job Seeking scn't

Dr. H.H. Satterwhlte, Board
Chairman of the Jacksonville
Urban League has announced
that a TralnlngSemlnar for Out.
reach' Workers will be span {
sored by the Jacksonville Urban -

League Service and the Florida as part Employment of- ; 50-YEAR TERM

national effort sponsored Jointly -:

by the U.S. Department of. .. .. r
labor and the National Urban * "

League.DR.H.H.SATERWHITE. Sylvia Hartley Baseball Star .i,

.... Bandit Who Robbed I

Says Anonymous Feels
Son Gel '
r.s Bank Of $2,000Is
Man Called Her On Dope Rick

Sylvia Armstrong Barley, a-
teacher in the New Stanton Sell- I Given 'The Book'Nathaniel In Vietnam k

TALLAHASSEE, FLA.-Students at Florida A and M.University are asking each other, guess ior High School, complainedto

who came to lunch at FAMU Friday?Students In the know are answering: Vice President Hubert Duval police last week that, Adams, who lives a t 1491 West 30th Street, was
means or other, an NEW YORK Jackie Robla-
by some
Humphrey. The vice president wasonafrou-day tour of Florida which Included Tallahassee
Fedei ral Prison for holding two
to 50
sentenced up
Cocoa, Sanford,Orlando Miami,and Pensacola.He spoke at Florida State University also unidentified man called her on Jacksonville Savings years and Loan Companies, The Security FedLoan son's son Jackie, Jr., was arrested
located In Tallahassee and wanted to visit the alma mater spring champion and AllPro nor unlisted phone andthreatened InStamford,Conn.,Wednesday
Duval and both protected by FDIC.
oral and the Savings ,
her for returning to her and charged with
Dallas Cowboys' flanker Bob Hayes. While visiting FAMU campus the vice-president chat ry-
ted with students and faculty members and did quite a bit of handshaking He was accompaniedon school room and for not remainIng Adams within the space of 11 They could not find any money, lug drugs and a us.
the tour by his wife Muriel. In his Introduction of platofrm guest at FSU, he called FAMU'sPresident << out with othcf s. days from January 4 to January but demand what he bad on Robinson the first Negro play
Dr.George W.Gore Jr.one of the finest educators In the country. Dr. John Champion Last Thursday afternoon, 1C- 17, had collected at gun's his person. They also took personal er In major league basebalL
president of FSUwas In the touring party In the visit to FAMU. .cording to the educator at a- point a total of $2,853. paper This was done at said, "We've had a lot of call
bout t:30 she was called to her Judge Charles R. Scott, of the pistol point from sympathetic parents offering
-- phone at her home.1920 Durkee The AA Coins and Stamp Com
United States District Court, their advice and help."
Dr. King's Poor Drive West ruled that three of the sentences puny 103 North Julla.at pistol Robinson related that his old
Latest In SeriesOf At lie other end of the line a should run concurrently. point lost money totaling fans, however, have not beenof
The Training Program will nun, after her answ.rlnc.p1d, Therefore, Adams was sentenced 511,500: The thieves tied the much help. Robinson said
occur from March U.through Folks-Mule TrainTo "You chickened out on us. You to 25 years consecu manager with a lamp curd and Jackie's plight can best be
March 15, at the Opportunities left us holding the bag.We know tively.In forced him to He down behind worked out by the family. "IT
Industrialisation Center 625 Firebombings who you are, and we Intend to February Adams entered the counter. This happened on Just one of many problems Inraisl.Dc. t

Julia street from ':00 a.m. JIJ\ eat'y oil." pleas of, guilty t to robbing theFederal'SavfogYand Monday at about 6:55: a.m .family," he said __ "
to 4XX) p.m daliy. -- tH; :'t maf"N< tEe Dwal1 c: VrUs BuAste .wu the ..... '"Msybe,"-contfaued ttt nation'-
The program Is designed to ATLANTA.-Dr. MartinlAt- tripled to get the name of the Savings and Loan, two other Urn of an attempt at assaultingto ally bawD former athlete,
teach outreach workers how to On White Business her King has planned for his caller. However, be gave only ,banks. rob. Bannister 2333 Kin- "this thing will bring us closer:
seek out unemployed and underemployed Poor Peoples March on Washington the name of Willie Smith. Several cases of robbery were, wood, was approaching 1469 together." \
person In order to acquaint to take place on April 22. The' name did not registerwith reported earlier this week. Lee ''Logan, at about 4:29 p.m. He Jackie Jr., Is a Vietnam ve. ,
these persons with available GAINESVILLE firebomb tossed through the window of a That final word has been recorded the teacher. She was ata Edward Johnson, S40J Trenton. had been vlslllng friends. His teran. He was picked up by

Job opportunities and supportive store the Negro section of town.early Saturday In newspapers and has loss as to bow the threttener In front of 701 Court H, had attacker ran up to him and demanded police in Stamford, where the
resource services. It grocery about $5'0000' damage. been announced over the radio. got her phone number. parked his car and was collecting mOD e y. Bannister Robinsons have 4125,000 es.
also helps strengthen the effectiveness "We didn't find the contain'er Smith-Deck-Storm." Dr. King, whose arch opponent Only last week In the wake from his customers. Two reached for his gun. The attacker tate. According to police the

ofoutreachwokerein ," said city police Sgt D. The store Is operated by a at the moment seems* to be pf the teacher dilemma Prin- men walked up demanded that : beat him on the draw. young man was carrying several
the area of employment and Ronald Celll. Bayard Rustln. former close cipal James H, Green of the Bannister was treated at a local
J. Stone, "but it was obvious white man, be open the trunk of his car. bags of heroin, a tobacco pouch
other services available for the that some container with This was the laciest ins series advisor, who seems to feel that James Weldon Johnson, was JI-oUal. of marijuana and a .22 calibre
disadvantage. flammable liquid in It had of flrebomblngs at white establishments the projected march might not threatened by a caller who said revolver He was released on
Outreach Workers attending been tossed In the store from In the predominately succeed. King remains convinced he would blow up the principaland 15,000 bond, posted by his
this Seminar will discuss such the nature of the fire." Negro northwest section that his plan will work and his car: at the same time, Shotgun Fired By While Man lather, and ordered to appear.
topics as:Outreach;What helps, Stone said that no arrests of town.Firemen that it may be a matter of life Many teachers remain away a court Monday

what gets In the way; Sensitivity had been made. The Investigation rushed to the scene or death. from the schools.Groups of Negro The elder Robinson, 49, said
to Target Areas: Use of Is continuing. about 12:30 a.m., but before However, the SCLC leader has Senior Matthew Defying Guard Around Evers that be believes his son can be
Community Resources; Improving "As far as we know there they could put the fire out, it emphasized that both Rap Brown Gilbert Junior High and straightened out. The younger
Outreach Skills and Interviewing had been no threats against the caused an estimated $4,000 and Stokely Carmichael have the R.L. Brown Elementary runoff spot on the strength of Robinson left school at 17 and
Referral and ReportIng. owners of the store" said damage to the merchandise and promised to lay off the Inflam- School this week. Mrs Eddie JACKSON Miss.-Police reported Negro voting Joined the army. It Is the ,

Stone. "The building Is owned by $1,000 in structural damages to matory. Mae Steward, a concerned: someone in a passing He outpolled six white candidates father's belief that the young
Participating agencies are According to plans the long rent said her has asked car fired a shotgun blast toward -
; a' local furniture company the building. group in Tuesday's lICial.l- veteran Indulged in the use of
The Greater Jacksonville Eco cross-country: Journey of the that all schools be closed. the home Charles Evert ection and took a 5,000 vote narcotics while In the army.H*
norms Opportunity, Opportunities poor will have its birth in Miss Richard H. Cook, principal of this week. A guard outside the margin over his closest rivalIn left home after his return to the
Industrialization Centers; Governor's Office Wants issippi. Everybody will be wel the R.L. Brown Elementary Evers' bouse fired back. the race Charlie Griffin; States.
Inc. the Duval County Welfare come. The march will be much j school, was accused of takinga The house has been under night E T e r s, after huddling with The young man was never
Department, the Health Depart- like earlier ones, with the dynamlc' sign away from one of the picketers guard by armed volunteers campalp staff workers Wednesday athletically Inclined, according
ment.V ocaUonal Rehabilitation To Pjace Negroes In State Job : leader at the helm.Thous5 of his school According since Evers entered the race said he believes he can: to Robinson, Sr.
United Fund, and_Jobs r.Jacksonvilte. : ands will be added to thousands to Cook,she was telling the children for a vacated congressional win the runoff. But political observers Robinson mused "ff Icoulddo:
," .' as they stop in towns and to to home. They don't seat. His brother, civil rights 1 would
Maude forecast that a white things over, perhaps
The Seminar Session TALLAHASSEE-Governor Kirk's office said Tuesday hamlets. The poverty of the Negro leader Medgar Evers, was killed
Training have any right to tell my children voting block would unite behind reduce my work schedule and
will have twelve weekly follow that low-pressure effort Is being made to move more NegroesInto will be the central point of' to star away from by a sniper in 1963. Griffin and swamp Evers.There try to be closer: to my child
*sessions of 3' Jobs. emohasis. H.B. Harrell, a police maJor -
up hours each\ and talk school. are about 125,000 white voters ren." Others are Sharon 18,
Brown Williams and into tile slums areas The Star Washington said a 16-year-old boy was .j
According to Clantel Macon a Negro their language Washington U opposed to about 75,000 Negro and David, 15.
in -
Executive Director of the Jack official of the governor's Division to the people own D. C., recorded that, arrested about an hour after the oters In the lZ-collOtydll- Robinson 1s chairman of the
their chances for Gets Federal Award
sonville Urban League ail out- of Economic: Opportunityand about earlier in the week, Tony 11 p.m., shooting and held for trict. Board of the Freedom National ,
reached workers are Invited to Federal Programs Coor- finding Jobs either private ser Henry, King's major doing lathe questioning. A shotgun was con Complete, unofficial tabulations Bank In Harlem and to special
attend these sessions. dination staffs is beading the industry or government capitol, urged hun; 'ts of fiscated. in the race gave Evers assistant on community affairs
still in the earlystages. vice. unemployed youths to Join In A volunteer guard, Milton
program hired the State 33,713 votes to ZI.lOIlorGrll- In the administration of Governor -
The man by the plans for the march. These Cooper, 27, told police the car:
Service in Miamiis fin. The other candidates in Nelson Rockefeller In Mew
wlU askedI Employment had In the circled the block several times.
He said no one be young people gathered
suspected of belonging to He ducked Into the houst to telephone the race polled Just over 50,000 York.
NegroPopulafion|I hire a person Just because militant Negro organizationsand Bethlehem Baptist Church to voles "We haven't given up," con
that person Is a Negro.The protest discontinuance of an for reinforcements.
cluded Robinson "It will take
effort hasn't shown any has a long prison record, employment program which had "I was going out the front door ,
Williams said but he is the Poisoned Tots'Fitkor time
when this carcameback around
startling results yet, he said, helped them.
In 13 Cities Is and it isn't aimed at producing type of person who can contactthe Henry said, "we'll be countIng the corner," SaId Cooper. "I
vast changes. slum-dwellers. The Hotel on you. We hope you bring beard the statement, 'shoot the Asks For Selma NegroesAre
The program bolls down to and Restaurant Commission's"ouireach" your friends to Join in this cam nigger. The car was on its fifth

Growing Rapidly there letting are agnecy qualified heads know Negroes that high school staffer education.doesn't havea paign. When and all the the cherry tourists blossoming are f..' time whites around In it.and I saw there arms were come four Bond C..... Victors In !

looking for work and letting Nt- Jam.es Brown May coming here we're going to be out with the object-U fired-
avail and I fired three times. What- ARCADlA-Jamell.RIcharcI-
goes know when Jobs are
WASHINGTON-By 19M 13 able. Purchase Radio 'here waiting for them to give" w ever they fired sounded like a son, father of the seven dead Runoff For
major cities in America will them something to look w ... aLwK ? I
To do this, several agency cannon. Arcadia children was scheduled
have Negro population of more heads have been contacted already Station In HomeNEW Dr. King has one goal: Bringing from- "Aren't but two people Involved to appear In court: before CouncilSELMA
than 50 cent to 3,000 or more people MRS. MARTIN City
per according
white male Circuit
In the young effort and YORK-James Brown, to Washington a 16-year-old Judge John Justice yesterday
the President'; Commission on others will be reached. Meet across the country Seven government career and the fellow Cooper out therein for a ruling on motions
and blues singer, long as necessary -
Civil rhythm to stay as
Disorders. make women named last week to the yard,"said Harrell."The of the accused man's attorney.The .
Washington and Newark ings have been held to sure aspires to being the first Negro to get the Job done. were Ala. Thr.e Negroes
are government employers are living receive the eighth annual Federal house was not hit. A fivegallonbucket attorney has asked that .
to a chain of radio broadcasting militant WashIngton have won places: In the Democratic
now more than half Negro.Others own\ Julius Hobson "
Award for out- was hit and that's all. DeSoto County Sheriff Frank E.
to the federal equal Woman's
up op.portunity spoke Salma
stations.He civil rights leader runoffs for City ,
should be: New Orleansand civil: rights law. for standing service to the nation. Officers said there were two Cline be held In contempt of Anderson I
has Just made plans of the young Council seats. Rev. L.L.
Richmond Va. 1971 at the meeting
by ; The possibility of setting up a Mrs. Ruby Grant Martin was one boles In the bucket apparently court: for making statements to '
Baltimore and purchasing WRDW In Augusta, people. He said, "If time for Negro candidate for
Per- of Grant director made by buckshot large pel- incite the public.Richardson .
separate unit in the State his home town. Purchase is to stop begging, them. Mrs. lostNegroes
Florida 1972 black people mayor
by Gary Indby,
; sonnel Department to look Into of the Office of Civil Rights Department lets used in deer hunting. has really been
subject to the approval of the for If YOQCan'tget who have won art Edwin
1973 Cleveland 1975 St Louis wbltey money.
; ; Negro Job opportunities Is also of Health, Education, Evers, members of his race charged with the death of an
.by 1978 Detroit 1979 Philadelphla Federal Communications Com this money get behind s.me- Hill Moss, 61 years old a
; ; being discussed. and Welfare Washington. U.s. for their response at the polls, eight year-old daughter He la
mission. This may take several Stokely Carmichael" clerical worker for the Catholic
1981 Oakland Calif. body like
; Several secretaries Government Photo. has praised and predicted victory said to be working now In a
Negro are
1983 and Chicago 1984. months. The march will be integrated, Fathers of St Edmund; Mar
in his March 12 runoff bat Jacksonville
Many more cities will have already employed In state Brown has agreed to buy the according to Dr. King. He said *'f *.* \ h"rfriHdlng plant J. Anderson, a radio and television -
offices and more may be will tle with a white segregationist sine his release on ball on
station for $377,000 and plansto militant leaders announcer and Rev. Lorenzo -
Negro school majorities the more ;
among Summer Riot In 1967 for the state's third district ,
hired, he said. November 21. Mrs. Richard
blues "has .
them operate a rhythm and hold off until his march Harrison. All had while
befog Dallas Pittsburgh
He said the Sl-te! Employment station with an Integrated staff, chance. NEW YORK-The riots hat congressional: seat. son Is working in a Jacksonville opponents.
Buffiao Cincinnati Harrisburg had a
Service and t Hotel and headed by Negroes. raged through the country inthe Evers, who has spearheaded kindergarten. White Mayor Joe Smithenaan
Kansas, Louisville City Mo., Indianapolis Hartford and, Restaurant Commission also Brown is at the moment head "11 nothing Is done,"said KIng summer of 1967 retailed in the civil rights movement In Judge Justice said that he saw, garnered 5,969 vote*. Rev. Anderson
New are experimenting in hiring of the J.B. Broadcasting, Ltd., "I think the riots this summer inured lauei of more than $100 I Mississippi since his brother, no reason for changing the bond recelved'2,950. John
given.! Haven. Dates were "outreach" workers. Negro and also owns a station In will be worse than Jast sum million according to the In' Medgar, was felled by i if Richardson enters a plea of Day, white, rece1eclIL
unprofessional who can go Knozvllle, Tenn. mer." lurance Information Inlchute..LL. sniper's bullet In 1963, won the Innocent.


.( 't, f'io. .. \\1 '

<. ....... IMJJ *I -'


fflJW.I i y 'j :-




M. ,

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company FUSION THEYSPRAYED BUILD

BY THE NEWARKPOLCIEDE- It's estimated that there are more than 200,000 teenage unwed -
PARTMENT SAID THAT mothers every year. What happens to these girls and their

NEGRO P.TNATT0 11 DEATHS FROM SHOOTING children? The answer to that question Is a matter of national

SOURCES THECOMMISSION This Is not solely a racial Issue, because only a minority of
CONCLUDED: RUTH R the families affected are Negro, but It has a

THE LOCATION OF DEATH, er Impact on poor Negro families in the
'ERIC 0. SIMPSON '-- Maiifiif E.itir THENUMBER OFWOUHOSJHE That's because middle class families have
MANNER IN WHICH THE WOUNDS (# of coping with such problems. In many .I
WEREAFFLICTEDALLRAISE girl is pulled out of school,.the neighbors
HILDA WOOTEN -CifCilitili Mniir GRAVE DOUBTS ABOUT THE: is spending the winter with her "aunt" in
CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER away city: and the child is placed for .!
WNICHMANYOFTHESEPEOPLE ,, '1R!+ u The girl returns home with no one the wiser, and she doesn't
:7323, ftfoncrief Road Phil Elfii 46712Miilin DIED." I ''tt :. feel the brunt of society's moral Judgments.
D But the poor can't take this way out. Not only can't they afford -

THE FINDINGS it, but since Negro children are not often adopted, place
ing the child in this way often means giving him a life sentence
Address BYSELECT COMMISSION in a foundling institution. There
ONCIVIL DISORDER keep the child, keeping him with his natural mother, rather

:;.1. Bn 5M jichiiTlllt. Fliflii 32201 NAMED BYIGOVCRNORPCHARDJ.HUGHES than coldheartedly abandoning him.
Unfortunately, this results in added problems due to poverty

MIAMI OFFICE and already overcrowded and Inadequate housing conditions,
OF NEW JERSEY ..iII I But worse still, the young mother is kicked out of school and

5018 N.W. 7TH AVE. PHONE 751-3879 ". L. left to cope on her own due to inadequate services
, If If anyone needs special services and help, it is these young
SUBSCRIPTIONS RATES I V.' p girls. But they don't get it. In Central Harlem for example,
there are special facilities: to help only about 100 of the more
One Year, $12.00 Half Year, $T.OO than 2,000 girls who need care and counseling. The Child

: Mailed to You Anywhere-in the United States ren's Bureau reports that only one of ten unwed mothers

1. Subscription payable in Advance J.c gets specialized services and only one of 50 gets maternity

!' Send Check or Money Order to: : shelter care.
The Pittsburgh Urban League bad a program which broughtthe
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 Board of Education, health, and welfare groups togetherto
Jacksonville 1, Florida provide the special: services these girls need. They were

LAW AND ORDER. ? allowed to continue their education, got pre-natal and post
natal care, and they were allowed to return to regualr classesat
school. They were assured of hot meals, free transportation -
to school, and specialized care by nurses and teachers.
Here are some minimal standards communities should follow

What Now---Governor Kirk? = -' l/---- = = to help solve this increasingly serious problem:
r :Instltute sex education: courses in the schools, to be given
I YOUR I by teachers with special training.
WeeklyHOROSCOPE Don't kick the girls out of school Keep them in their normal -
When Governor Kirk took personal commandof classes and instruct: teachers in how to act human toward

Florida's school crisis last week, he I them. If these girls suffer from anything it is from the way

may have waited too late to do anything I : rigid teachers and welfare workers look down on them and

constructive. GUIDE make them feel like pariahs. .
:Set up educational: and health faculties s so that girls who
Although the Governor has had
need special assistance can continue their education, while.
months now to, reslove the school crisis, insuring that they get proper diet and medical attention.

he hasn'. Now he says that he has no intention t By PAIIO The ASTROLOGER t :Provlde counseling to guide the girls to make full use of their
education their abilities.
of meeting the money demands of
Establish day care centers so that young mothers can return
teachers. If not, what does he Intend to to school after they give birth. Such centers: can also insure

do? 4 proper care for their babies and relieve some of the strain at
Playing himself up in the news Kirk cal- home.
led the walkout a "pilot" project on the .Provide special vocational and training services for mothers
who want to work.
part of unionists. Apparently, he intendsto : :Welfare authorities should consider the young mother and

give himself much notoriety by "catch- FOR. child a new family,entitled to payments and treatments due a

ing the bull by the horns" in the massive I family unit.SoceltJ .
has to treat these young women with compassion and
teacher walkout or resignations.
BUSINESS IOVE TRAVEL 1 with full knowledge that they have much to contribute, and they
When' Governor Kirk said that the NEA already -
must be helped now. Their welfare and the future of their children -
had announced plans for' '350 teacher __ calls for a more .:.11II.... attitude than exists at present.
----- --- -- --
strikes this year" and that Florida 16

just being used as a testing ground, Kirk ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORNBORN Common Cold, A Medical

was labelling an escape. goat. BORN MARCH
No, Mr. Governor, an escape goat won'thelp BORN SEPT. Challenge

you this time. The teachers are tiredof 211H APRIL 19tH 22ND JULY 22ND 23RD OCT. 23RB 22ND IAN. 19TH
Over the long, long years, we have found
like It'. risk. This Just don't. It can come 'to
You not
being treated like stepchildren by Your's sun are your appears
Let it There Is little
ly to need anyone to tell you to be the least favorable of the pall so pass that what Is termed a negative that the "common cold" must be treated
who that could be termed even moderately
tight-fisted politicians. play both 'what to do and when or where to qua I ten this month. Naturallyit favorable that it wouldbe approach may turn out to Mith rest end respect. The cold is man' s
ends against the middle. You must come up do it. Not that people are not also is the one when temptation the height of imprudence to produce positive results. If s a most persistent affliction today.
than this. You have to for human be at its seductivebest. matter of evaluating the
with an answer better going try, it is in may and the Do pro
try disregard
signs. 'Seems there Is
Make of the bable trends and refusing to be simple, apparently no
and nature to proffer advice where sure pt,1OD
made our teachers angry they mean not give your heart to anyonewith
none is wante4Shoul4oumaU with whom you may fall in love whom pressed Into making commitments : cure at present.In .
be only a
business.For the mistake of accepting It, for thee are indications of passing acquaintance.you may Refuse to that are ova your bead. most areas across the nation, the rash
some reason, municipal, county, and nevertheless, you will not doubt baffling and costly complications be drawn into any games of All the planetary signs recommend of cold weather and waves have .paused the
state governments pay little attention to be the one who has to foot the should the wrong choice responding to each and : the
chance cold
no matter under what :common to increase tremendously
bill. Allans seldom be made. And if sold request, whether of
ensuing do you are every a '
their teachers a decent salary. Our) guise they are presented. Turndown
giving is the outnumbers'other
natural since
anything halfway; and this apples on the idea of turning a net cold personal or monetary nature, .
salesmen who
teachers have learned by experience that to play u well as work. profit through speculation, you be the may with a resounding "no."Gossip diseases 25 to one. .
promising highest -
if they don't ask for improvement of con- Just make it a main concern had better be spared to suffer from a cash investment returns that is repeated and rumors Trace the history of the.cold, It you

ditions and pay, nothing will be done. not to expose yourself unnec- a severe monetary setback small or large. See to it that that are bruited about are not please, and it can be Doted what role it
eessarlly to colds or instead. Trouble may also be worth listening to, let along
Stop making "alibi's" Mr. Governor, occupational youngste. in the family are has played in our economy, history and
hazards brewed in-laws being repeated.
simply to live up by or neighbors, !
what the teachers need is prompt, realistic to this reputation. There are adventures on the highways,and protected or influences.from This companions 9-80-66-15-76-876' literature. And Charles Dickens has described -

forthright action. certain problems related to alliances running a foul of authority, like a giant order,may and U seem is it most vividly in these words:

friendships and those i- But it should be carried out for SAGITTARUSBORN' "I am at the moment deaf in the gars,
who are closest to your affections. -' the task of pievention is still "I am at the moment deaf in the ears,

This may necessitate LEO tar Basle than'finding a cure NOV. hoarse in the throat, red in the nose,
breaking some friendly relations. -
6 80 66 174$ 568'
No Tipping In LusakaNo BORN JULY 23RD DEC. 21ST.' green in the gills damp in the eyes,

i5055nnmTAURUS SCORPIO Don't leap. This could be the twitchy in the joints and fractious in

72id IAN. 191.' most befuddlng and, consequently : temper from a most intolerant and oppressive

tipping! We didn' know that such, a Hold back. The risks ale BORN OCt. quarter,in the connection most: with upsetting pro- cold _. .

thing existed. BORN APRIL somewhat too pronounced during '24TH NOV. 22NDit's fessional and monetary inter While there is' no cue, at the, moment,'
'Yes, in Lusaka a ban against tipping this quarter for anyone to ti y a myth. Whatever anything ests. Wild schemes, whether ways have been
found to
treat the
may become law of the land soon followingthe ZOTN MAY 20TH and Ignore them. Financial looks like on the surface, they are concocted in the minds tons so as to .make symp-
convening of the United IndependenceParty Mingle more. Many people terests are bound to suffer with don't fall for it. Outside of the of strangers or in the bead of conditions bear-
reach a point in their lives when deteriorating domestic and public '9th, when intuition Is in top form someone much closer, are non' able and our biological defenses more ef-
through its National Council, they.are more inclined to shun relations, unless you recognize you may be hemmed in by con theless potential threats to per fective.
President Kenneth Kaunda disclosed recently people and withdraw into their the dangers ,early fusion contradictions, false sonal serenity and material All -of us at ome time or another have
that he viewed tipping as 'a "form1 shells. While this may have Its enough to block them. While information, and even downright status. And they would be the ,felt like Charles Dickens when burdened
of and he observed that in advantages for the purposes of feeling sure of one' s self is falsehoods. Promises of money principal mischief-makers
corruption, valuable trait to 11. with one these colds. And this changeable -
meditation, introspection and 'or special favors are not likelyto leading to a serious deterioration -
that country when tipping was not allowed recuperation, it can become a can lead one into adopting extreme be kept. Social engagementsmay of domestic and public re- weather in most parts of Florida is a

service was good. When service depended purely negative trait. Everyone views and attitudes that be brokenbecuaseolnter- lations. Do not allow yourself to breeding ground for the cold.

upon tipsit seemed to have dwindled down. needs love and human companionship are detrimental. It is putely ferences caused by other obligations get involved in law suits or

To what the President Kau da.' we say: a great deal of the time.Flaying self-delusion to assume that that may have prio friendly squabbles that could
Leos can do no and that
hermit certainly is the wrong rity. To sum things up, if s a conclevably turn nasty. Fight,
"AMEN!I" anything goes because they say heck of week with if must but only when there
wrong way of going about obtaining a nothing you This Week In
Once we attended a convention at a cer- them. Members ofthef&u so. Members of the family and coming off according to plan or are no doubts whatsoever that Negro History

tain Florida beach hotel. And you may be ly, youngsters, associates and other close: associates are more expectations. There may be a this is essential to protect vital
to be *
likely outspoken when
to the all to have they higher purpose behind all this, Interest.
sent acquaintances seem
that the employees us
think that March 3 1834
they are be ing pushed -78-934 Bishop Isaac LaneCNEleader-educatorwas
s. hand in jh ping up the present since such usually is the case, 7.50 71 -
cleaners, time and, time again,, For example. difficulties. This should around or* simply taken for It will make subsequent fulfillments born in Jackson, Tennessee.

in checking.out Of the hotel, we had to astir you up into taking the necessary granted. all the more delightful PISCES March 3, 1867 Howard University, Washington, D.C. was
tip the' man who put the luggage in the, measures that will restore Z .- 80 66 16 46 666 because of the sharp con chartered by Act of Congress.

car. Then someone had the ,nerve to .ask for peace and harmony everywheie 'asts. And they also are much BORN FEB. March 3, 1887 James M; Trotter was confirmed as Recorderof
more appreciated, too. Deeds, succeeding Frederick Douglas.
a tip for an employee who all dgadly VIRGO'AQUARIUS' 19TH MAR. 20THJust March 4, 1843 Peter Ogden was granted charter from England -
watched the automobile while it was in .t 60 44 19.96.876'GEMINI so far. This, having the to organize Negro Odd Fellows.
earmarks of the
being quarter Much 5 1770 Attucks
Crispus became first martyr for
'storage (a lie, of course) with .
the largest potential for.
23RD SEPT 22ND American independence. A sailor, he was
Yes, tipping is a racket and the prac- BORN MAY troublemaking should be the killed In the Boston Commons massacre, and,
the Back down. Partnet sand com BORN JAN. time to withdraw in shell
tice must make us sick because of a and was among first to shed blood.
corrupton. Hotel clientele pays handsomely 21ST JUNE 21ST. petitors and this are makes apt it to more have the udent edge -20TH FEB. 18TIT refuse to emerge at anyone's March 6, 1820 Slavery protected by Missouri Compromise
p bidding. You may receive some' :March 6, 1857 Dred Scott decision of the U.s. Court -
for "putting up" at a Florida' resort Where and why? Many people on your part not to hurl any H's false. There is much to sort of intuitional prompting which denied Supreme ,

hotel, and the proprietors should pay with whom we are acquainted chanltenges.: Figure out all the question the credibility: of to the advisability of doing exactly was rendered.Negroes the right of citizenship,I
manage to go through life Just advantages, or their lack, that whatever you hear,read or sur-
eliminate the bad this on the 9th. Heed it
help decent wages and by muddling through. While this' are stacked up on your side and mise. Intuition is about the only without asking why. Therein March 6, 1863 ,Bishop Daniel A. Payne, AME leader, pur-
: 'habit of tipping. may seem to work well enough which chased Wilbertorce University at Xenia, Ohio.
consequently Sri ire at the conclusion guide can be trusted, and 'threat against rood domestic
for :March 6,1957 The Gold Coast in West Africa was granted Independence -
some, it looks as if this
that there aren't enough even may be wishful thinking and public relations, which
t may be a period when it is not to back you up. oblems, controversies posing such. Any soft of should be taken seriously starting from Great Britain, and became
good enough foes you The treDda'art and other handicapping showdown in which in-laws or on the 11th and continuing.over known as Ghana The first and only African

decel'lneaDd'oumuslwork factors, are to be found I In, the law itself is Involved is not the weekend. Somebodymay premier and president of the country was
U.S. Bonds out some sort of system to be to about the Kwame Nkrumah who has since been deposed,
Ivy Saving J abundance all through this apt bring ,. desired not be telling the truth and
able to get in step with them at rather controversial results. to and Is in exile in Guinea.
a minute's notice. period trying whip. upsuspleloosandJealousies. March 7, 1520 Hernando Cortez, Splotch soldier of fortune,
3.,90-86-. , 3 40 99 19. 32 295 : had Negroes his party in conquering Mexico.!>>
4-70-88 -J3-98-4S5


: .; '.,:,

ti. i : '. V.
.\ .
--"-- _
L __ ..: ::"!s .....JPAGE

- 0 0 no 0 d 0 0 on u. '"

: : : : ; ]


Padrica Be Held Mendez In Jax Auditorium Concert Will Los Amigas Club Installs r Cvy!@}iMt f: :lls ] II I

,..- James Leroy Turner, 1028 Murphy Allison, 6912 Rhode
Padrica Mendez will return to Jacksonville to give a concert Eaverson St., 53 and Marie Island Dr.,W.,42 and Alma Nix
performance on Sunday, March 17, at 4 p.m., in Jackson- Hogan, 1028 Eaverson St., 55.
ville's Civic Auditorium. on, 6912 Rhode Island Dr., .31J.

Her preference for singing Cookman College at 14, she James Taylor, 5630 Astor Charlie Woodberry,1060 Kings
over playing the piano was predicted Joined the college choir under Place 50 and Christa Mae Rd., 55 and Lillie Bell Walker,
by her music teacher, the direction of Thomas Demps, Paul, 5630 Astor Place, 22. 1544 Johnson St., 44.
Mrs Cussle Tucker, long.be- and later sand with the group

fore Padrica was old enough at Carnegie Hall, as soloist. Isaac Wells, 1196 W. 27th St., Lawrence Jackson, 1812 West
to enter school. She pretend- She received her Masters in 20 and Mary Alberta Everson, 26th St., 20 and Joan S tesUn.
coclous in other matters, too. Music 741 Venus and Marrs Court
from Columbia in New ,20. Randolph, 803 W. 8th St., 18.
She liked to draw. She pretended York City.

at reading newspapers,magazines For three years, Padrica Jerry Moore, 317 Lee St., 21 Jimmie Dale Weson, Henry-
and books. She tried her at James and Rose Marie Rose
Weldon Johnson Junior 1075 W. etta, Okla., 21 and Karen Lynn
hand clothes.at making. her own doll James High Greene School under Dr. H. Monroe St., 28. Patton, 5307 Potomac Ave., 20.

These things happened before She left the school system to Johnny Felton, 364 Spruce St.,
her kindergarten days. study in Rome, where she has 36 and Johnnie Alma Sampson, Willie Charles Scott, 6805 Kin-
Now she deslgnes selects been for six years in concert 364 Spruce St., 26. lock Dr., 23 and Carol Lauretta
the fabrics, and makes mostof appearances, modeling, tele- Singleton, 1353 W. 33rd St., 18.'I
her gowns for concert appearances vision and moviemaking.To Vernon Leon Smith 4918 Wol- ''I
and film engage- supplement what her cott Ave.,23 and Juanita Venetta Willie Sim BellJr.,12180akd,d I
ments. Much of her interest in mother could send her while Smith, 2215 Onto Rd., 19. ley St., 20 and Pearleen Robin- I
clothing grew from her parents she studied abroad, she taught ty son, 1218 Oakley St., 27.
business Involvements. Mr.and private music lessons Italian a..Y John Westley Karkless,Lau I
Mrs. Pedro Mender owned and Children. Because of the difficulty rel, Miss., 26 and Mary Fedo- Michael Anthony Marrs, 2360 I
operated a Tailoring Shop on in securing adequate financial shia Harris, 722 Spearing St., Lantana Ave., 27 and Maggie
Broad Street, catering to a wide assistance,she thought of 19. Mae Reynolds, 527 LimeSt.,22.John .
clientele of Jacksonville natives returning to the states Where- ,
Garment construction and upon the Italian governmentpresented Alex Capehart, Jr., 1544 Ella Fred Sutton, 5552 DakotaDr.
weaving were their specialties. her with a substantial St., 28 and Sarah Angelyn ., 21 and Joyce Ann Wilkes,
Because of Padrlca's super- study grant. trt +o' :,, Grlggs, 1495 W. 8th St., :C6.: 3145 Brasque Dr., 17.
ior placement on I.Q. Tests at Until the death other father,!!

age 5, she entered grade schoolat years ago, there were five in Melvin Oliver Dallas, 916 W. Luke Smith, 437 Stockton St., "
St. Plus Catholic Church in the Mendes family.Her mother, 28th St., and Tansy Laura Tay- 34 and AliceStewart,439Stockton -
the third grade.Grant Memorial Mrs Mamie Mendel and her lor, 1593 W. 26th St., 22. St., 26. \
AME Church was the scene of two brothers, Pedro and I
tier first recital at age 11.Mrs. Mariano live in Jacksonville 1 Alfred Lee Ansley, 7163 MarkSt. Jimmy Lanham, Jr., 1474 W.
Sara Dalgo was her teacher. Pedro presently manages the "'" ., 31 and Lottie Mae Joyce, 8th St., 22 and Patricia Ann
The Las Amigas Social Club held the installation of onic !rat MWW nuuutMw, .
; voiora uioson
She from school ireatarer
graduated high 7248 Wilson Blvd. 25. Howard 2114
He St. 22.
business. to Flag
family plans ,
when she was 14. During high their last meeting in the home of Mrs.: Lollsa Coleman Mrs. Marion SlmpUn Secretary. Not shown are Mrs. Se- I
school days, she was soloist continue his studies at Howard Shown above are, from left, seated: Vice President, Mrs. terla Gore, Financial Secretary and Mrs. Catherine Lang. Robert Anderson Burney,2628 Lily White Club I
University in Washington, D.C. Lucille Washington Ebrpnj Qorresponslng<< Secretary Mrs.Caall were installed by Mrs. L. cott, Dean at Matthew W.Gil
with New Stanton's Chorus under Lantana Ave., 21 and Shirley
in the field of international law. frorr bert Junior-Senior SchooL The next will
rolyn Palmer.Members, Mrs. Norma Daughtry.SUnding meeting Plans Tea For
the direction of Mrs. Doris eeMauda- Ann Henry, 2296 Clavln St., 21.
She Mariano the younger brother, leif are: Mrs. tlveria Wl1 ; Mrs. Rose Lee the home of Mrs. N.Daughtry, 11587 Grenada
Avery Hampton. won top
is a driving education instructor Glass, member, Mrs. Lolita Coleman, reporter; Mrs. Janrln; on March 8 at 8.30 p.m.
dlsntlnction for individual appearances for Duval County. The senior Careen Fred Shine, 1129 E. Sunday Afternoon
>> with the 5th St. 45 and
Sodollty, a Mender native of OJ Dorothy King
club When at her she faith.entered Bethune- Santiago Santiago. was a Padrica Mendez Exclusive Ladies Get Ready For Business MeetThe 1129 E. 5th St., 32. have Lily the White annual Lodge St.No.Patrick's 131 will

Hude Robinson 1451 E. Day Tea Sunday, March 17, at
Exclusive Ladles Social 11 at the home of is Mrs.Do- 25th
March Mrs. Brooker president.
Mahalia Jackson
Sings St., 18 and Paulette Rodella 4 p.m., at St. Stephens' AME
and Club will have Cheevers 5653 is
Savings the Maryland rothy Woods reporter.
Peanut Richardson, 3608 Franklin St., Church. Mrs. E.R. McGowan is
Comes 10Jacksonville Pulling business meeting Monday Brooklyn Road. Mrs. Cora 19. _president.
March 17
Soon Party Will Be I

Mahalia Jackson, billed as Padrica Mendel,former Jack-
."The Queen of Gospel Singers," Saturday NightA sonville teacher, now inter
will bring the best in gospel nationally renowned soprano,
music to Jacksonville on March Peanut Pulling Party will be will appear in concert Sunday iTOHr. I Mimiliit. IhurMlat 6

24, Sunday, in a concert at (.30 held Saturday night at the home afternoon, March 17, at 4 p.m., Itsl!\ Siilurilat 9:309:30: tWILukfl: '''
HOI I' rnl.M X 1'.11I
p.m. at the Jacksonville Coliseum. of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coley, in the Civic Auditorium. Miss
1157 East Third for Holsey CME Mendes returns from Rome

Miss Jackson will be accompanied Church.
by the Mlghtly Clouds of The Missionary Society will

.pis.armour and the Singing- celebrate March ILSunday its anniversary on Sears | Hurry.4-Days Only

This is the first tour the artist school meets at 9.4S :
has made since being ill and with Mrs. Bertha Griffin and
returning from abroad. She was teachers in charge. The morning -
recently on the Illinois Centen- worship takes place at 11 a. .
nial program celebrating the m. and the evening service at w.r s PRICES
one hundred flfllety year of the 6 p.m. Mrs En Mae Gilbert AT THESE 1 J
stilt's found. On the same pro is secretary. Rev. Dave McEl-

gram were Governor Kerner, tio is a&tmQueen -, '' clip _rr t T
Everett Dlrksen, Adlal Stevenson t

HI, Beanie Goodman Ted- ,
die Wilson Steve Allen was I Of Sout h Zig Zag
master of ceremonies.

may Tickets be purchased for this from gala affair Bob's OES Will Meet 1--r are Sewing Machine .::... ....

Record Shop, the downtown tic- PADRICA MENDEZ
ket office, and from the Coliseum At
Box Office where she has been studying. i in Portable Base
The artist is versatile being
SpeakerAt of the South Chapter No. extremely well acquainted with
105 OES will meet Tuesday, modeling, television and movie
March 12, at S p.m., In the making. Miss Mendes a graduate : I GOOD I !
RainesMrs. Masonic Temple, 410 Broad of Bethune-Cookman 11/102 Better j
Street. This will be the last lege and of Columbia Univer-
B. 1. Canty was the meeting before the Grand Lodgein sity. J
speaker at the recent Raines April. All assessments
High School Girls Convocation should be paid. Mrs. Queen B. Kenmore ZIG-Z/\G/ *

sponsored by the Ladies of Williams is Worthy Matron. Ladies Railroad Regular 44Sew '.', e r dD

Console Sewing Machine $6 t95 .;
Bertha Comer Unit Meets

OES Plans Monday, March 8The Regular Days Only$119.93i 66* Now either law forward ail.III.itt'h.1 or reme er 1 0

Do Mending darning ww
of the ; ee
Coffee SipThe S.C.L. Railroad will meet Fri- .n button*and. make. bullonholra. ,da. embroidery. on applique covered; new ill I Hardwood over l pint.Fabric t ,7
day night March, in the homeof Mend darn,bunt, Ld applique{ work. r *y
Bertha Comer International Sew.if*artitrhneithrr/urr.rdwmrn.. bate till on any flat mrface & a # 12 236: I
Mr. and
Easter Stars will sponsor Mrs. Ira N. WaU ,,, ......
".Inul.'mi.h hardwood
e ru. oprm la tewing rrnlrr. _
a Coffee Sip from 11 a.m. ton, 3544 Calvin St., North Semitf MfckiHtt Strrrl H ,

to 1 p.m., in the home of Mrs. Riverside Mrs.Willie MaeSbtp I II
tli Vivian Wilson, 1262. Steele is president. ru
Court, S a a day, March 10. 'i
Chapters and friends are in-
Grand Master
vited. Mrs. Vivian Wilson is _

i Dahlia Garden Simmons Lists

-MRS. B.L. CANTY Circle Meets Temple EventsDistrict
Raines. Dr. Andrew A. Robin
son is principal of the school. Deputy Grand Mas- !
March 14 I
Mrs Canty is Assistant Home On ter H. Simmons makes the following -
Economist of Duval County.
announcements concerning -
The Dahlia Garden Circle will
Paul Crawford)
(Photo By A.
fraternal actlvites:
meet March 14 in the home of
On Saturday, March 9, at 9
Mrs. Maggie Hayes,2853 Edge-
Vacuum Cleaner, I'ollsher or
Matthew Gilbert wood Avenue, at 7 p.m. QueenB. a.m., final cleaning activities. Cleaner
Williams is president. Wednesday Much 13; Joint
session with deputies and matrons 1
Booster Club Meets
of the Eastern Stars and
Chit- Chat Civic Heroines of Jericho. Plans will Best
With JonesesThe be made for the family paradeof # 33/117.8.9 g i,
April 16 at 10 a.m., observing I

Matthew monthly W. Gilbert meeting Booster of.the Club Celebrates Bethlehem the diamond Grand Jubilee Chapter,of OES.the. Deluxe Kenmore ZIG I

Club will be Tuesday March
Dr. D. B. Nelson Daniel Is' No Iov
12 at 7:30 in the home of Mr. ZAG Machine Money nNo
Sewing ,
Anniversary G.A.M. Robert Brown is chairman .h.U.W.inFr'na..inaBr.h A
and Mrs. Carlton Jones, 7046 .. Trade Needed! r
for transportation. Arlington PI. and Downturn .
Bishop Hatcher Drive West. March 16 Annual visit of Most r ._ctn..rr/r.rrur. r.wnw.r
Plans will be made for the Mu- The Chit Chat Civic Club will ; I
Excellent Fred Alexander. Sears$9 9
sical Caravan and the HairStyle celebrate the eight anniversary Kenmore Canister Kenmore Upright(
Thirty-third degree, L L. L., Floor Polisher I
lad Fashion Show. Herbert J. March 10 at the Y.W.C.A. from
Grand High Priest. There win Vacuum Cleaners Carpet Cleaner
4 to 6 .
Owens is ,
president. p.m.Among
be no instruction class this aummatirduninarele.rbuilt 5-Piee..et of .n.hala., for ea. and ShampOOCr KevoUmgbru.h tor carpel
participants on program month. *Make tonholnandurr.abuuorur ,embroidery. ier home cleaning Convenient din Scrub, war. buff, poli h floor. a Handy throw.away duo bag
Earl's are Mrs. Ada Brown *Sew Zig Zag either forward. ,...roe. *
Chapter : ditches potable paper" ban and. IS tool Vinyl bumper porlecu furniture Lightweight ea>y to handle
Mr. Alma H. Henry, Mrs. Flo- March 29, 1:30 p.m.:Quarterly Automatic blind Hitching.{ Two spool pin*. odd Buill.in top handle. Twin briuhe gi.. 12.In. walh Hurry Sale Price 4 Day Only!
district of Master
rence Luster Miss GlorldaCrumpton meeting
Plans March 13 Masons of Duval and
Mre. Florence adjacent
Cato, Miss Letha Mae Clayton counties on the fourth floor of ,It I ,,1/ r Sears
Temple and Mrs. AUamese Smith, the Masonic Temple,410 Broad.
Cahpter No. 36 of OES Woodrow Cairn Mrs. Battle Masters degrees will be con- J
will meet Wednesday, March Washington and Miss Alma ferred on a class candidates
IS, at 5 p.m., in the Masonic Parker, Mrs. Earths Harper. Worshipful Masters E. Pearce,
Temple. Mrs. Willie Mae Shippis The Young Adult Choir of Mt. J. Hamilton, F. D. Jordan and
Worthy Matron. Ararat will give the music. others will be in charge.

p. i '

-- ..........,.L._".d. .,-_._,....._.-.u, ,


I Progressive Baptist Convention Inc. Grows Through Sectionals-I


Young National Baptist Unit SpeakerRev. Mt. Moriah Scholarship Coordinator Calvary Missionary Baptist

Emphasizes Important RolesOf of the. Samuel First Samuel Gatson -pastor Baptist AME Schedules Church, Holds Double Anneals

church. will be the guest Men's Day SundayThe The seventy-sixth anniversary of the Calvary Missionary
Stewardships In Churches speaker at the Mt. Morlah AME Baptist Church and the twenty-sixth of pastor! Rev. William
Church Sunday March 17, at Annual Men's Day of Mt. a Hill, will begin Monday night, March 11,and continue.thrntinti .
Morlah AME Church be
11 a.m. ...,, _. w.111 Monday night, March 18.
Among key factors ip the significant growth of the Progressive r--- < -- Sunday according to an announcement at Ministers, their congregation vice win begin. All choirs win

National Baptist Inc., are its regional meetings in differ ,1 ..' from the office of ; choirs, and official 'sing. Usher Boards No. I. No
ent sections of the nation. This Convention which now reaches r I \ the pastor. Rev. J.W. Jones. ,, will be In charge. 2 and No. 3 will be hosts
, Into nearly 40 states and into three or more foreign countries The church Is located at 99 groups On Monday night Rev. A.F. On Monday night March 18,

continues to attrack followers. Oak St.Many. Cummings of West Union Baptist Rev. H.H.Wrlght Evergreen

Through its regional meetingsthe dent is determined to lead a 4 persons will participate.Rev. ... ;i Rev. George Price of St. Baptist win be guests, as wen
Convention program is carried Youth Group to BerneSwUzer-, S.M. Gatson, pastor of ,,Matthew Baptist and Rev. L.R. .Re,. H.TOverstreet of Mt.Ta
and Interpreted to the peo- land to the Baptist Youth Congress First Samuel Baptist Church,' Lee of SprlnhlU Baptist will be bor'Bpatlst. Revt Grant Lee of
,ple. Among National Baptist in June. It is expectedthat will speak at 11 a.m. guest of District No. 18 and 10. Mt. LUlla'Baptist"and Rev. W.
Conventions it brOASts having the Youth of Mid-West will The program follows: Consecration On Tuesday night Rev. B.L. W.C.Mltchel of Little Rock Baptist -
the first and only executive Secretary be well represented. prayer, Deacon J.W. Wynn of Abyssinia Baptist will be present. All will be

Dr. L.Venchael Booth Mrs. W.L.Lambert regional Westbrook; Call to Worship, IRe,. B.R.Hartley of Friendly guests of District No. 3 and No.:
of Cincinnati Ohio. His office womens president will presentthe e Rev J.W. Jones; Hymn, Rev Baptist and Rev. McKisslc of .7 and of the BTU.
serves as the heart-beat of the of the Wo < l /
new president Fredrick Morse Invocation; .
Bethel Institutional Baptist IN- Mrs Coasts Maey Gray ie'
'convention, directing and coordinating men's Auxiliary Mrs. Minnie Decaon J.H. Myner; Selection, :'stltntlonal will be guest of Dls'trlcts chairman of publicity. Rev.W.
Its activities in a Bruce, a mid-westerner and an Men's Day Chrous Scripture, : Is Mrs. Robert
M.HI1I pastor.
:'very' efficient manner.lt was outstanding leader in the state Rev. Earnest Williams. ,..II" No. 2, No. 13 No. 15, as
Is chairman.1Second
well Harlej
as of Sunday school
his vision which gavethrust (o of Illinois. She halls from the Missionary Offering Deacon ,
On March.
the area that there are many city of Chicago which has the 4 Leroy Ford Decalogue Thor- Wednesday night ,
nnaffllalted Baptist Churches largest number of Churches of'fcny ton Belcher;; Announcements, s. X B. Heroes, wife of Rev. D. B. Barnes, pastor ofSweetfleld .visitors.of the 'clergy win be
that needed the interest of a city of Chicago which has Bennie Osborne; 'Introduction Baptist Church, Is coordinator for the George O. Rev G.T.McCall. Mt. Vernon Baptist
Summer Fund of the State of Florida. The Fund's Baptist and Rev J.E.Rodgers
national organization to bring of any city in.the Progressive of Speaker Rev. GartrellSlms;
them into the main stream of Convention. It was in this city Solo, Nathaniel Jackson; Principal tea will be Sunday, March 17, at 3 p.m., at the Greater Sweet- .Macedonia Baptist. They willbe
I, dynamic church life. The progressive that the first Regional Convention REV. SAMUEL GATSON Address Rev. S.M. Gat Jleld Baptist Church, 1365 Harrison guests of Districts No. 4 and Group
National Convention under the auspices of the Solo Nathaniel Jackson.
son, ,
t seeks through its philosophy of PNBC was held The Mid-West The offering will be taken by On ,Thursday night March 14, Lists HistoryThe

stewardship and democracy in Region is set to break all records Young People's Jimmy Dlckerson, Jr., Dr. Leroy Mt. Olive Primitive BaptistWomen's Qap4 Rev. C.A.!.Rev.Weaver D.I.GrahamCltML of Day Spring!
office holding and conduct of the in its History when it C. Err In,George L.Adams, t Laymen's Brotherhood'Upln
affairs of corporate church life convenes In Akron. Union Will Hold Charlie Bradley and Henry Ararat, and Rev W.C.Neal of of Second Baptist Church
to encourage young laders as Barnes.. Eugene Alexander will Day Listed For Sunday :St. Thomas Baptist will be will observe the twenty-second
well u elder statesman Remarks 'guests of District No. 15 No. 6 anniversary Monday, March 11
the visitors.
In March at SundayThe present Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Church will hold its annual Wo and No. U. at 8 p.m., In the church auditorium.
Bethany Baptist Reeling will be made by Daniel Bryant,
Church, Brooklyn N.Y. the contention Baptist AuxiliariesPlan general chairman. Rev. J.W. men's Day Sunday, March 10, at Myrtle and Fourth Streets Friday night, March 15, will .
with Mrs. Erlene F. Alback.serving as chairman and with ,witness
In its Easter Region Young People Union will Jones Is pastor. the presence of Rev. S. Among those appeningwlllbe:
wil V enjoy the hospitality of Summer meet Sunday March 10, at 3 p. The Youth Hour will be ait Mrs. Thelma Harris as co-chairman. J. Dadger, Orange Park, andRe Rev. J.C. Sams, pastor; Rev.
M. at Ephesian Third Other officers of the day are: exander, Miss Marcedla Presley ,. E.RXlmpson of Zion Hope J.L. Hall Rev. Thomas
Rev W.A.Jones, Jr. and his Baptist, 4:30: with Rufus Shanks as sup DanieL
church congregation for a two- Scholarship Tea and Stafford. ervisor. Trellis Murrary, secretary; Miss Sharlene Page,Miss Baptist. All will be guests of Washington Williams, Sib

day session. Rev;Jones Is one The ElSie May Thomas Ever- The evening worship begins at Mrs Sylvia Dixon pastor of the Ruth Glbbs Miss Carolyn Dixon Districts No. 16, No. 9 and No. Chester Mrs. Ella JonesDeacon -
The George 0. Summer Scholarship day; Mrs. Ella McKeever assistant Mrs Franle H. Hawkins, .
of the most militant and readies will be host for the 6:30. A ? .. L. E. Bryant C. Raymond,
I progressive : mualcalwWbepre.ent.ed.
of young Baptist Fund's St. Patrick Benefit Union. This union has twelve pastor and Mrs A.... Miss Linda Johnson and Miss Ether services haebeen'ichidoled Amos Ealey,Deacon LM.Jones,
preachers. His church was'completely Tea will be Sunday March groups Mrs. Mary Porter Frailer, Sunday School Super Lottie M. Green. for the week. The mornIng Deacon Leroy Mallory and Deacon
I rebuilt in 1967 at a 17, at 3 p.m. at the SweetfledBpatlst ) Young. Mrs. Annie Kenned and intendent. Among participants at night service will take place at' D. R. Taylor, Rev. JamesA.
cost of $1,250,000.00 Is easilyone Church, 13651tan/bon. Johnnie Young will supervise Mrs. Ellis Rich Perry Wise will be: Mrs. Thelma Harris ;2:30.: At 1 p.m. Rev. J.CSamsof BIDe, Greater Union Baptist -
Auxiliaries the Sunday will be the speaker the theme co-chairman Mt. Olive Primitive .
namely on Second
of the most beautiful as the offering. Bernard Chuck Will Preside ; Baptist along with his Deland, will be the speaker. -
School Convention the B.T.U. "Continued Dedication To Ser Baptist Male Chorus
i will be present as the
well functional all churches
as of reporter. Deacon L Field U president -
Congress, and the Women's Auxiliary Mrs. Aldonla vice.. Mrs. Suwanne Wilson directIng {guest of the Deacons and Deaconesses
in the entire country.Chur Joyner be ; Deacon G. Walker U pro-
ches from many cities along the will sponsor the event. mistress of ceremonies at the .Mangy persons participate.! ; Mrs. Sylvia Dixon, Mrs i and of Boards No. L. chairman. Choir No.
Proceeds will for scholar Sunday School participants will Lorita Martin, Mrs. J. E. j No. 2 program
Eastern sea-board will be re- go Homecoming Services of Central and No. 3. The BTU 3 of Second Baptist will sing
presented. It is expected that ship. Bethel Baptist Baptist Church, Sunday be: Mrs Sylvia Dixon, Mrs Meuse Mrs. Rosa Lee Johni i meets at 8:30.: Mrs.LUlle Mss
the New York and Philadelphiaareas Participants will be: Mrs.Rosa March 11. Mrs. Joyner Isprlnclpal Clementine Brown,Mrs.ClaudIne son Mrs Ester McPherson ,Mlddlebrooks:] win be charge.
will report the largest B. Barrow.Chdlrs No. IIJ\d DistrictNo. 3 Plans of the R. V. Denials E1MRS. Williams Mrs. A.M. Frazier Mrs. Julia Longworth and Mrs At 7 jun. the evening ser- Usher Board Of Day
2 of Sweetfleld, Rev. D.B.Bar Mrs Alice: Johnson will Ruby Glvens. Mrs. Emma Dob-
attendance President ever.Gardner Taylor nes, Deacon Sam Williams, AnniversaryDistrict be guest superintendent,representing son will present visitors. Mrs Spring Will Hold
Mrs. Bertha M. Love Miss DaySpringlaptlst.Mrs. Trellis B. Murray will make
to return from
expected a
Woofer Vacation In Jamaica Loretta Greeb, Mrs. Francis No. 3 of Bethel Baptist Clementine Brown will be guest financial reports. Remarks will CORveRtloR'sFestival Annual Coffee Fete

this session. The Eastern Regional Patterson, Mrs. Callle DownIng Church, Southside will observethe prevlewer and will represent come from Mrs Sylvia Dixon ,
Rev. R.LJooes.Mrs. Cornelius twenty-second anniversary Central CME Church. Mrs Mrs. Erlene F. Alback and Rev. Usher Board No. 2 of Day
Conventional will be
sided over by Rev. J.J.Koger pre Prime J.F.Patterson, Monday night, March 11, at 8p.m. Claudine Williams will be guest J.M. Dixon, pastor.Presiding To Spring Baptist! Church will have
Claretha Hooks Willie Young, reviewer. Mrs. Rebecca Lacy its Annual Coffee Hour Sunday
of Washington D.C. president will be, r will Be At RainesThe March 10, at 4 la the
JI.tbt.Esstern Region. Mrs. Lab Grier, Mrs. Flowie The principal speaker preside over the ministers p.m.,
Morgan, Mrs. Mildred Thomas Rev. C. C. Brown. Others'ap' and deacons class representing Elder dining area of the church.
local church conventions
The MidWestern Regional Mrs. Mary Palmer Allis Clark pearing will be Mrs.Helen Walton Emanuel Baptist. Mrs. S. Among participants win bet
COa DlUoo'wU 1 hold Its ses- Mrs. Willie Mae Forrest Mrs. mistress of ceremonies, M. Gatson will teach the adult win present the 19(8 International Rev. Walter Jordan,Mra.Erma

salons in late April 18-20 in Akron Nevada Anderson, Mrs. Doris Mrs. J. Patterson welcome address Bible Class and representing Richardson Will Festival on Friday, ,Wiggins, Mrs. June Davis,Miss
March 22 In the William Raines
Ohio at the Antioch Baptist Gray and Deacon Sam Williams. ; Mrs. J.B. Simmons, response First Samuel Baptist. Other Judy Bullard, Librarian Haydn
Church with Dr. Wm.C.Up- Usher Board No. I of the ; Rev. David Johnson teachers will be, guest: Mrs. Hold Meeting High School at 8 p.m. They are Bums Library Willie Young

shaw as host pastor. The sessions church will serve. Mrs BarnesIs Scripture; Southside Malt Clementine Harris St. Paul auxiliaries. of parent conventions. State Temple, Church of God, ,

will have a very definite coordinator for the George Chorus Music. AYE, Mrs Geneva Cotton West Presiding Elder A.R. Robin. Miss. Valeria Mallory the Mt.
The affair
accent on Youth. The Reverend O. Sumner Scholarship Fund And: Mrs. Lula Rose, history; Friendship Baptist and Mrs son will hold his second quarterly -' wUlfwW'.persooa Ararat Male Chorus, Matthew
Louis Johnson Detroit,presi Tor the state of Florida. Mrs. E. Watts, solo; Rev. A. Janie Cannon, Grant Memorial. conference Sunday Morning modeling costumes from 14countries Mrs. sau,. Mathls
McCrary, Introduction of Morning service participants at Allen Chapel AME Church creations of Tickets International councilwoman Wendell P.

speaker; E. Arnold and Deacon will be: Mrs Olivia Smith, and will bring the major sermons coctumers. Holmes, principal JpII.ktr.Eb-
be from
Sparks, offering Miss Dessle speaker Mrs. Ella McKeever/ of the day. may purchased Mrs. Methodist
ALDONIA JOYNE& ; Sarah Rice Mrs. Sadie Fedd eneter Church and
: Howell Funeral Graham presentation; Deacon ementary SchooL Principal Mrs Ellen Jones Mrs. Fannie Fred Washington church choir or Mrs. CO., Williams. Mrs. Ruby P. Askew. Mrs. O.
William Graham and Mrs.Ethel Charles Brooks of New Stanton Garner Mrs. A.N. Sessions, soloist, will be featured in a recital Oliver Is chairman; Mrs.
Owens appreciation; Rev. will present Mrs. Joyner. Mrs. Sylvia Dun Mrs. Sarah In the near future. The Minnie L. Hawkins boo-chair-

David Johnson remarks.Friendship. The program begins at 330pm. Rice Mrs. Mary Harris Mrs.Juste Friends organisation will havea man. Rev. C.A. Weaver 1s pas-
Polka, Mrs Pauline Roberts Pew Rally soon.The Missionaries St. Stephen .tor.
Home Mrs. Helen McMillan of the church are planning
Mrs Lever Smith and Mrs for a special morning service
B aptist ChurchAnniversaries Carrie Fraser. Mrs Willie M. Rev. J.C. Bannerman Is pas. Baptist Ushers

5879 Moncrief Raid Jones will present the visitors. tor.
Holds Twin i Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Alback Have Anniversary Bethlehem Baptist
will make reports. Guests will

24 Hoir Aibilince Service Friendship Baptist Church, R the second annlvers of the and the
gin sixty congregation Rho and the Americas of Zet Usher Board No. 1 will observethe
eight of the pastor on March 11 L The anniversary will officially Phi Beta Sorority.
first anniversary of March No. 4 of the BetheU-
end on March 18. Participants In the training And Lively 10 at 3:30 hem Baptist Church .
p.m. All usher boards will sponsor
The schedule for preachersand David Johnson, Bethel Baptist
union will be: Mrs. Edna Tho- are Invited. Mrs Leola Burns the McCall Singers at 7
All Faiths their congregation Is u Southside Wednesday Rev. E.
Serving ; ;
4mas, chairman; ML Olive Primitive is p.m. along
president. other
Stone Travel Rev. B.F.Addisoo groups
follows; Monday, March 11,Rev. R" lmpson, Zion Hope Baptist; Baptist Junior Choir Is Mrs. Gilberts
pastor. The church Is located Johnson 1s sponsor.
J.J Jones, Antloch Baptist;Rev. Rev. R.J.CrawtordColossians
Mrs Pearl Hodges supervisor at 4 201 Mrs. Vivian
Greater New Bethel Rev. Perry. ; Almeda. Wilson Is re-
CJSjSmith Thusday The
Convenient locilioiAipk Baptist Miss Brenda Green Miss Joann Southern Gospel Express porter.
Baptist Tuesday Rev, D.J. Mt. Herman Baptist; Rev. H. Lang, Miss Mary Frances Al- and the Lively Stones of Dayton
Jaw New Bow Baptist! Rev. Walker. St. Matthew Baptist,I j Beach will appear Sunday, I
Friday Rev. D.V" lngleUry, March 10, at the old school in
First Baptist, Yulee; Rev. II.T.OverstrHt the K I n-L r a, Georgia com-1
Mt. Tabor Baptist New Bethel AME munlty at 3:30 p.m. Mother PLLEEAASSEE: tearerber

; Sunday 3 p.m. Rev. A. Daisy Bullard Is the sponsor.. The
Peidltie For
.Cummlngs, West Unln Baptist At 8 p.m., they will be at the
; Rev. SULThomas,of The List TeachersFor Church of God in Christ, 2300 News
Parking Facilities Mt. Bethel Baptist.On Gordon Street, In Brunswick, ,
Monday .March 18, Rev. B. 'Men's Day Go. Rev R.L. Lambert will be Is Tuesday Noon '
H.Hartly of Friendly Baptist the principal speaker. Mrs.

165-6664 76S-2054 Tev. E.Mobley of St. Matthew Me.'s Day will'be celebrated Johnny M. Frailer will be mistress Bring News To
AME and Rev Dallas Graham AME of ceremonies. Rev. A. _
at ice? Bethel Sunday,
'of Mt. Ararat Baptist will par. :Hunter Is pastor. '2323 Moncrief
March 10.'William. Rd. Cor.
; St.
L.F.D.. ticipate. AU ministers will be
lewis J. Howell David Cannon, Sri,
accompanied by their official wm be the principal speaker.He .' House Of God Notices Must Be Mailed By Hon. Noon

Understanding Service With families. 'ards'Is a Board member, sings of the in No.Stew 2 Will Host I DelegatesFrom YOUR COOPERATION? IS NEEDEDSO

St. Stephen'sAME Choir and In the Williams
Elsewhere WE CAII.-' SERVE YOU
And Distinction" Chorus. Cannon Is on'ther
Dionity Men's Day, faculty of the Rv. Daniels Elementary The House of God, 1725 West
*" > <>
Is March 24St. year he has been coordinator of Assembly of North Florida
the sixth grade coordinator of beginning with Monday March.

BOB SMITH COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Stephen's AME: Church, Spanish and of the glee club 11. The assembly will close at :
Fifth and Davis Streets. Rev. which made Its Initial appearance the end of the week. LOW PRICES

"WATCH FOR NEW STUDIO OPENING SOON! I JjS. Johnson pastor will have on the Ken Knight Show Elder I.... Tarver Is pastor.
two major events on the same last spring. Re was director Bishop>> PJ. Fletcher Is president .
15TH AND MYRTLE AYE. day Sunday March 24. of the teacher's chorus of the Mrs. Dorothy Nelson Is 'DRUG
The first will be the Men's school last year. Cannon Is aftlllateQ reporter. Delegates from South, .STORE HEEDStrade

WEDDINGSPARTIESFAMILY' Day, with Robert L. Lawrence with Phi Beta Sigma Georgia and North Florida are
u chairman.Officers have been \hluststclt, GJEO Center and :upected.AME'Stewardess.
v& cited by the YMCA for with Your Neighborhood
chosen as follows: Cochairman Drug S to r
PICTURES Joseph Moore; Chairmanof leadership. He Is a graduate of WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL;
Programs Joe Day; Cochairman -' Edward Waters andhaspursued .PAPERS. We deliver.' We also fill all Doctors: Prescrip
of Programs, ArthurC. further studies at JU. FAMIL Uc* 8.. -
Madry'Secretary; ,
Wilson Steering Committee i Board Pla.s'FrleRdshlp

GUARANTEED"PHONE 'Chairman, James Howard; Dixie Pharmacy
Chairman of Music,Neal Bland; TeaMt.

78113.00I Co-chairman of music, J.W: St. Paul AME Usher

: ( Williams and Wilton Blake. Zion AME's Stewardess .
1302 ROAD
And: Altar Service, Rev. Is-; Board ,No. 2 Meets: Board No.4, 201 East Beaver' lUlU ITDIyjf

TODAY sac Halbeck; Chairman of Finance Is having a Friendship Tea Sunday PHONES ELGIN 5--559I-9&;
I F, Dixie Glbbs; Cochairman Usher Board NoJ of St Paul March 31, in the home of
of Finance, L.E. Session\I AME Church will meet Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Jones,
Y PHOTOGRAPHER FOR: and C.A. 'Glllls; Chairman ol 1,t March 10, at the 5912 Lurid Drive. Mrs Lottie YOUR LICIT, WATER AND;

r': ;JJlTVTltE RECORDING; CO-. ROBS'1, !j CORPr.'f .ORIDi1 STAR, wens.Public Relations William Bo- .4:30..aIde M.C. Chambers Is pre- ,.Davis Dear Is Is secretary.presided, Mrs. Vera ',, TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR SlOiEPAGE

iI i


y ..... _. .;:-- -

\ I .


-.. '


-. .

E[ CHURCH NEWSGREATER ] Discuss 'New Careers .; 1i' I L Palatka 'NewsThe I

senior class of Central will observe the Annual
Friendly Usher Board No. 1 Deacon W.M.Wright president, r'M II Academy i
will celebrate sixty-second anniversary later In the month. Student Government Day on March 14 and 15. The two-day 1
Sunday v I t: I program Includes one day of actual work with the classes. The
services begin with the Sunday school at 9:30: with Na
thaniel 1 students will work at the Central Academy High, Central Academy
Singleton and tethers '
Rev. pastor
charge. Rogers, ,
Elementary and the James A. Long Elementary School.
will review
the lesson. The morning devotions begin at 10:45.:
Music will be furnished by Choirs No. 2 and 4. Usherboard No. i Miss C. J. Grady, Mrs. Marjorie W.McClain,and T, L. Collierare J

class .
2 will serve Deaconess Board No. 1 Mrs Florence Brown sponsors.
The Marching Bulldogs participated crisis, seven of the C.A. acuity
president,*!!! meet after the morning service. The Missionary t I In the Florida Memorial chose to resign. They were: \\I

Society will meet at 3 p.m. with Mrs RUle Cook, president, Homecoming Parade last week. H.H. Wright, Lawrence Bryant,
in charge. The Missionary Chorus will BTU at
sing. begins The band will take part In the James Moore, Oliver Mul-
5:30 with Mrs. M.L.Polite presiding. The evening Woshlp begins Annual Azalea Festival Parade drow, Robert Clarke, Willie
at 8:30. Both sermons will be delivered by the pastorRev.J.C.Rogers Saturday March 9. Seabury and Charles Wanza. t

or his appointee. Weekly activities arMonday,7 The C.A. High School familywas C.A. High was represented on X

p.m., Church Society; Tuesday, 7:30 Prayer meeting and Bible rt saddened when the news of Channel 12, T.V. in the program
Study; Wednesday, 8 p.m. rehearsals of Choir No. 1 and Choir the death of Booker T. Vreen "Its Academic". RoderIck -
No. 3. Friday 8 p.m. rehearsals Choir No. 2 and Choir No. reached campus. He was on the James,Lawrence Bryantand
4 District No. 2 will meet In the home of Mrs. Emma Brown custodial staff when he con- Douglas Landy were the re-
on East Thirtieth District No. 4 will meet in the home of Miss presentatives. The public
tracted his fatal illness. Fun- may
Gloria Merchant, 3426 Franklin The church Is Uocated at 3333 eral services were conducted watch Monday March 11, at
Franklin. Mrs. Bessie Merchant is
reporter. A 7:00 .
from Mt. Tabor First Baptist p.m.PALATKANS

Church, Palatka.On FINISH
last Sunday the C.A.family LONG VACATION
Sunday school begins at 9:30 with Mrs. Lola M. Robinson and
: Mrs. Edythe Hills and her
was again shocked to learn of
teachers In charge. The lesson topic will be reviewed by the
Mrs.Susie Cannon have
the accidental death of Willie\ mother
pastor. The morning service begins at 11 a.m with Deacons
Keely, who was recently part Just returned home after a five
D.B.Pollard and Robert King in charge of devotions. Choir
weeks vacation with relativesand
of the custodial staff at C.A.
No. 2 and Usher Board No. 2 serve throughout the day. The Jftror a High School. At this time fun- friends In West Palm Beach

pastor will deliver the major sermons. The evening service eral arrangement were not and In Fort Pierce, Fla.
begins at 6 p.m. On Monday night the deacons will meet.Prayer complete.The This week, I have Just read
is night. The church is located at 613
meeting Tuesday girls basketball team, the article, A Shame on Africa.
Pippin. Rev. Jake Is pastor. Mrs. Leomla Miller is reporter. coach This tells of the treatment of
Mrs. Vonclel Thompklns,
Christians in Malawi. After
took part In the FIAA sponsored
BETHLEHEM BAPTIST Memorial College S.G.A., was the scene recently of a sident extends official greeting(o returning particlpants. everaf reading this story you will
basketball toruanment Feb
Sunday school begins at 9:30.: The morning worship begins at New Career Opportunities Conference Several alumni, shown are, from left; Rev Ivan George, Pittsburgh;John Lane.Clear- cry. I won't try to tell you about
1 in
28 29 and
11 a.m. The Home Missions department will be in charge of the above came back to excahnge experlneces. The alumni prewater; Lawrence V.Jones, Jacksonville, Chaplain Capt.Alfred ruary It because you wouldn't believe -
lost In the
Lake City. The girls .
The Home Missions will be at 3
dining room. p.m. Lee, Ft. Devens, Mass these things could happen
The Union meets at 5 The first round.Miss Lou Ann Dene-
Baptist Training p.m. evening service now. You can read this in the
begins at 6 p.m.. At 7 p.m.District No. 4 will sponsor the gal was selected for the 1968 February 8, 1968 issue of the

McCall Singers In the interest of Men's Day Sunday March New Bethel AME Church Central Baptist's HomecomingDay girls All-State Basketball Awake Magazine.The .
24. Rev Earnest Williams Is acting pastor. Mrs. Vivian Wilson Team. Christian Woman who
Is The cburc h is located at Sixth and Madison. Several of the C.A. Teacherswere
reporter. showed me the article also told
Holds Men's Day SundayMen's Will Feature Rev. Scriven ill during the weekUrs..
how I who believesIn
M. T. Maxwell, Mrs. L.N. Os+. or any one
Day will be held at New Bethel AME on March 10. A.. Dean, Mrs. L. religious freedom, can help .
good, George .
Sunday school begins: at 9:30. Rev. W.L.Glanton, pastor.will Arthur Mitchell Is chairman Other officers are Edmond Central Baptist Church's District No.1 will have its Home N. Seabury and Miss Targle these people. Simply address

review the lesson. Consecration begins the worship. The deacons Sneed, Robert Maxwell, secretaries and George Bruton, trea- coming Day on Sunday March 31, at 3 p.m., with Mrs. AldonlaC. Fisher. your appeal to His Excellency
will be In charge of devotions. Both sermons for the day Joyner as the mistress of ceremonies Dr. Hastings Kamuza Banda,
surer. Music will be in charge of P.J. Williams. .. The Future Homemakers of
will Choir No. 2 and Usher Board
be delivered the
by pastor. Rev. Elijah Jones is pastor on March_31. Leaders are Mrs Mrs. Joyner wiuointroducedby Mrs. Pearl Walker, Horace America presented their Annual President Of Malawi P.O. Box
No. 3 will the with Miss Wilma Corbin :
serve throughout day llarrell Charles Brooks principalof Williams Freddie Osborne. 53 Zomba Malawi Central
He is a graduate of Edward Melanie Jones Mrs Talent Show Monday, March 4.
at the
organ Waters College. Rev. Jones has and Mrs Beatrice Zeigler.The New Stanton Senior High District members are: Dea- In the present Education Africa.

served at Bethel, Panama City, Youth Adult Choir wU be spon- School. Mr. Brooks will bring con A.L. Alston, Rev. Benton
MT. SALEM BAPTIST sored by Mrs. E. Jones in its greetings. Griffith, Mmes. A.L. Alston,
St. James, Mariana, Bethel,
Sunday school begins at 9:30 with Superintendent Green In Pensacola and, in Jacksonville, initial recital at '6:30. Usher Rev Charles Scriven will ".L. Gipson,Almeta Elps,Janie
charge. Rev. W.O.Rogers pastor, will review the lesson. Deacons at Payne Midway and Allen Board No. 2 has its annual tea serve as principal speaker. Heis Griffith, Ruth Johnson, Mattie
Eugene Calhoun and J.TjSlms will be In charge of the Chapel. on March 17. Mrs. Olivia Har- a member of Central and Mons, Lelia Moore, Theodore Do You Know
Choir No. 3 and Usher Board No. 1 will
morning Professor William D. Cannon rell, president of the Missionary pastor of the African Baptist Orec, L1IU Osborne and Cath- .
serve. The pastor will deliver both messages. Rev. A.B.Reed Church of St. Mary's.
will be the speaker. Society will be hostess erine Stlnson.
and the congregation d the Jacksonville Beach Church will give Other services at the chuch at her home on March 17, at Others who will appear will And J.O. Moore,Anthony Ores,
services at 2:30. The Home Mission will meet at 4:30 in the include the Sarah McGlnniss 4 p.m be Mrs. Annie M. Brown, Mrs. and Freddie Osborne. WHAT TEACHERS WANT TO

S church. Easter rehearsal will be Monday, at 5 p.m. Choir No. New Bethel AME Church Is Gussle Tucker Mrs.Ruth John- Mrs. Theodore R. Oree Is

3 rehearses at 6 p.m. On Tuesday night Prayer meeting will Missionary Society's program located at Third and Tyler. sonMrs. Jean Ltptrot the president. A.L. Alston is dea- IMPROVE FLORIDA SCHOOLS?

be held. Choir No. I rehearses on Thursday night. Rev. W. Marqueze Singers, Abets con In charge. Rev Levy Green
O.Rogers Is pastor. Mrs. C. Sampson is reporter. The church
Small, Mrs Mary L. Walker, Is pastor.
>is located at 1281 West Twentv-Second. Senate Bill 77X (Or Us Equivalent )
TABERNACLE BAPTIST INSTITUTIONAL Sunday school begins Friendship Baptist

at 9:30: Superintendent Solomon will be charge. The lesson Bell RingersOf (The same salary Is includedin

will, be.reviewed by Miss Genevieve Jackson. Rev. W.E. Sponsors Tea Chairman .IN MEMORIAM! money
Senate Bill
Young win speak at the U a.m. service. AUyouth choirs and 77X 'and the com-

Usher Boards No. 2 will serve. The teachers' meeting will be Sunday March 10 Georgia ,: '.., promise bill which was passed. Sen-

Wednesday night at 6:45. The all-youth rehearsal will be at 9.30on : i I, r ate Bill 77X distributes overall

Wednesday District No. 9 is holding waistline party Saturday District No. 2 'of Friendship At St. Stephens .1j r w '''J -:: finances to all counties fairly.
night In the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Farlow, 814 Vancouver Baptist Church is sponsoringa The compromise bill penalizes
at 7 p.m. The district coronation will terminate on Sun- I '
day at 3:30. Mrs. O. Athens chairman. Spiritual Tea SundayMarch The Bell Ringers of Eulonla, .' ,a AeA 1 counties making the greatest effort
10. at 3.30: p.m. at the home of Georgia will be presented in a '. ,
such Duval.
c. as )
Mrs. Edna McRae, 1737 West rectlal Sunday, March 21,in the ) )
COLLOSSIANS BAP1'IST.I154 West 31st. Twenty-seventh. Mrs. M.V. main auditorium'of theStStephen's ; VIii 2. PROFESSIONAL NEGOTIATION 1
Sunday school begins at 9:30: with the superintendent and tea .
the devotions. .
Jones win lead AME Church Fifth'and ,Joo AGREEMENT LAW .
chers In The will
charge. superintendent review tb.les.on. The
moraine worship begins at U a.m. Choir No.1 and Usher Board Mrs mistress Vergle of ceremonies.Clements will Mrs be Davis son is Streets pastor., Rev. JJ5. John- ( Teachers want to take part in

Mo. 1 will serve throughout the day. Prayer meeting Is held V.L, Seawood will provide music This special event Is one of the policies concerning their teach-
every Tuesday night at 7:30.
EMANUEL BAPTIST Mrs. Jessie Motley will busy agenda of the church.This ing)

On Tuesday the Teachers' Meeting Is held, as well as the deliver the welcome address. well-known group of youngsters 3. PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS BOARD

Prayer Meeting The pastor and officers will be in charge.On The response will come from has travelled widely WITH NO LAY MEMBERS

Wednesday Choir Nat and Choir No. 2 will meet at 8 Mrs. Gertrude Davis. Mrs. Jewel and appeared In large townsand (Teachers want to raise the stand-
The Initial
p.m. for a Joint rehearsal. On Thursday the Monday prayer Seawood and Mrs. Rovenla appear- I
ance was on the Ken ards of teaching to a true professional
meeting service 1s held at the church. On Friday Choir No. Hughes will sing. The World
1 will meet at 8 p.m. The Male Chorus meets on Saturdayat Wide Organl ration of Coronets, Show. level )
7:30. The Cub Scouts will meet at 10:30: a.m. Saturday. a group of singers, will pre- The Singers will present folk DAN BRYANTDan MRS. ADA M. LEE 4. SOIOOL MAINTENANCE MONEY
classics semi-classics: Bryant is general chair-
School at 9:30 with the superintendentMrs. sent numbers. Miss Regtala songs, Teachers
Sunday begins a.m., In loving memory of Mrs. ( want schools where child-
and spiritual hymns. This is the man of Men's Day at Mortal
Motley and Miss Jean
Mamie Fields, and George Smith, in charge. Consecra Courtney Ada M. Lee Each day Is lived ren to learn to be fit
will give piano numbers first appearance in any city AME Church, 99 Oak Street, go as as
tins take a place at 10:50 a.m. The morning worship begins Rev.
Fogle will auditorium. Mrs. HarriettPlckensisdiiectress. Services will be held throughout with thoughts of you. RalphA places where most adults to work
the go )
at 11 a.m., with the deacons In charge. The hand of fellowship present speaker Lee, Husband, Gertrude
the day. Rev. J.W. Jones
will be given in the morning service. Communion will Rev. Earnest Campbell The L. Gwen 5. CORRECTIVE LEGISLATION TO TAKE
Styles Daughter
Wold Wide The children are from the fifth, is pastor. Rev. Samuel Gat-
be administered at 2:30 with Rev.S.L. Badger delivering the Prayer Organliation -
dolyn Deli. Daughter JosephA. CARE OF SOME RETIRED MEMBERS
is located at 509 Van sixth and seventh grades and son will speak In the morning ;
Choirs Nat and 2 and Usher Boards No.l and 2 Buren.
message. Styles Son. Deborah E.
An are twelve.
will cerve.eMrs. Marlon Carter and C.B. Fisher will be in offering will be taken. Lea ages
charge of music. Deacon R.Kendrlck Sr.,Is leader will be no admission. A silver Styles Greatgranddaughter. NEEDED:

ST. PAUL BAPTIST and Rev. RenusSmith Is pastor offering will be taken. Buy U.S.Savings AND

District No. 4 will hold the regular meeting In the home of the Refreshments will be BondWRIJEWRHC'TODAY REINSTATEMENT OF EVERY TEACHER WHO\

district leader. Deacon George Brown,Sunday,at 4 p.m. Sunday served. CANCER HAS RESIGNED WHO\ DESIRES REINSTATE-
school begins at 9:30 with Deacn Jefferson and teachers In FIGHT MENT.

charge. At 10:45: Deacons Brown and Shepard will be in charged

devotions.. At the same time choirs and ushers will assemble ""-

la the consevratlon roan for prayer at U a.m. Rev. Taylor, Queen
pastor will be in charge. The evening worship begins at 6 p.m. Union CommunityAME

with the pastor in charge. Prayer meeting and the teachers'
meeting ar..very Tuesday,begtnnlnCal'l:3O.Rev.Eddie Taylor Men Elect Win $25.00 For Your Church


Confab HeadsThe Cut ovt the coupon below ana
The. annual homecoming will be observed throughout the I'

day. Sunday school begins at 9:45 a.m. The morning worship write your question. then mail 01
begins at U a.m. The sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Union Community AME ,

The evening service begins at 3 p.m. Rev. R.Galnous, pastor church elected officers forMen' to radio station WRHC P. Concert Stage MoviesTelevision
of the Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, and Rey, Holmes Day on February%5.'lbey ,

Walker, pastor of Greater St Matthew Baptist Church, with cxeChairman, Cleveland John-

.their congregations, will have charged the services. Rev. con; Co-Chairman, Otis Myers; Box 2467 Jacksonville Fla. PARIS NEW YORK ITALY
Alex Garvln U pastor. The church is located at 1722 West Secretary Larry Ward; Treasurer ,, (

29th. ; Cleveland Crane;Chal- PHONE: 389-1111' .A t

FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST man d Programs, Marvin P. Presented In Concert
Sunday school begins at 9:30, with Superintendent Brown in Teal; Chairman of Beautification fTS'RUCTIONS: The WRHC "Mall Box" will attempt to get .

charge; The morning worship begins at U a.m. The deacons Johnny Gregg. Rev. Mc- an answer to any question you may have! on any subject, such
will be in charge of devotions. The chorus and Usher Board Cray is pastor. Larry Ward is as schools, rents, taxes, city and county government and soon PADRIC MENDEZ
- No. 3 will serve throughout the day. District No. 2 will ban secretary and reporter. Sunday, March 17, 1968 4 P. M. ,

a spiritual Tea Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m. in the borne d Write your questions below and mail at once. Your question

Mrs. Edga McCray, 1737 Twenty-seventh. Deacon Ro- and the answer, along with your name and address will be
bert Kendrick Is leafier The Missionary Societies will meet broadcast from time to time on WRHC, so please print your Civic Auditorium 1

Sunday morning March 10, following the morning service at GET FAST IUSSED RELIEF! crme: and address. Write as often! as you like and listener
5 p.m. 'in: the home of Mrs. Cora Albert!*. Deacon Brown is vour answer on WRHC,1400 on your radio, your total community
leader. Rev. Remus Smith is pastor. District No. 4 will be ITCHINGSILING station, on the air 24 hours a day. Sponsored By
in charge of the dining services on March 10. Deacon Issac For the best question each'week,during this mailing Radio

Robert is leader.MHHon.DoHarLoan. ''KIN.t Station WRHC will award $%5.00 to the church of your choice !

WY QUESTION B: Bethune -Cookman College Alumni, RABIA TEMPLE #8 AND

Baptist! t Minislers'Brotherhood SKIN RABIA, COURT, #25

NEW YORK-The Iniur
ance Information Institute report Benefit Scholarship Fund

that there were 15 cata. Ministers'
The Baptist Bro

trophei 1966 which in the caused United$1 million Stale or in therhood sod adjacent of Jacksonville counties win Duval hold Relieves Irritation Itching SUCCESS"of Psoriasis., Scaling OINTMENT.and MY PLEASE NAME PRINT IS Tickets Available At The Civic Auditorium Hollywood t

more each in insured property Us regular meeting Monday 1%all. COYPantae.v
Music Store Convention Bureau
Tourist &
losses. The greatest damage was the Day Spring Baptist Church. II C silt ICOMOM' AI MCIMOIMta All, r11C{ MY ADDRESS ISa j
done by tornadoes and wind Rev. Cyrus Weaver Is host pas-
which truck Kama in June. tor. GET HLAO-TO-TOE PROTECTION my question Is Judged best, please send $25.00 to the church Adults 2.50 Students M.OO Reserved s5.00
in **. Purlearrpruldentof.FTo- in..IM ten Ktlni fom MticitlM at my choke i,, which Is.muMT ...
causing one day $58 million :t .&* IUCCIK1' lOiP. II Mlulykitkn
in insured to see. rids Memorial College St Aagostlne MUM M l.inti i...,I/Iot .tun
... Gospels Spirituals Classics
uwita fwuiiiofl odcrs .Mh -
will speak. Rev. Lean- ,or,>- .'.. met, lo bi utir.miHil' i ia
.. der Joou II president.A N leUt"tsar. NAijEJi HAME OF LOCAL CW CH). "- I "t

I i

4 4.I' 4f f


.. .. ... ,
-- - --- -



-"' -.I." "" ,. .

I FEMININE : t -\.1>.

.. jj5
\ ,.",= .. I>. $j

ladies I Ironing -Is-- About The EasiestOf Country Fair CasualsFor Coiitlii Costs,

Ruffles. Puff SleevesIP All' ,Household TasksMany Spring And Summer Aid Calories?'

women feel that shirt Ironing is one of the most difficult .
I : ) of weekly chores. Consequently It is'owof the most postponed A new collection of Country'Fair Casuals for spring and summer With Just a bit Ingenuity,'
: household tasks hard to produce a wrin 1968 contains varied grouping In slip-on, strap, tie and, weight watchers eanbe
: kle-free shirt, fresh frm the horning board you use a little sandal itosfmn. successful yet enjoy InterestIng .
:J; know- and simple organization. And the new lasts are varied, unusual foods The Borden
i F,'" First 'begin with the parts of with toe shapes ranging from wedges are finished with"white Kitchen looked to Italian cnlslne
I' the shirt that hang over the Of course, the men In your softly squared-off silhouette to wafer line to emphasize thelf for this eminently low-cost,
tra board cuffs, collars and family may have switch to datable a boxy shape with thermoplastic graceful lines. low-calorie Stuffed Egg-Cot
sleeves. Ironing these'parts, press shirts to save you counter to keep Its firm out tags Cheese Bake sauced with

I .. l .:,' t3' '. first helps avoid dreary touch.fps Ironing time. However, you will line and provide plenty of toe 'tomato and more cottage
; on the body. still need to touch-up these a. space. A few of these new accessory cheese, and capped with strips
; .:;' For anon-droop collar, spraya little, and spary sizing can be shoes are designed with One Eyelet Tie of anchovy.:
: little siting on the backside used for this since It gives the half-Inch wooden heels. luic
J {.."-,. of the collar before Ironing.Ma-_ added life that can be lost In Eight fashion colors stress UM
.1 t Sic spary sizing adds Just the and fabric after repeated washInes wide accessory role these sum. 1 TIRaIststtaitSauce
: right amount of body to the collar mer shoes will play In vacation (fakes I cape)
Jj t! ,;", ,:"... without scartchy stiffness. These simple steps'will give and at-home wardrobes in 1968., w N 1,p4.a 1 (I.lb.loOL)can Italian
.I:)," You can spray sizing during the you the know-how needed to dea Solid colors In bright or soft peeled tomatoes,or
entire ironing process. Instead perfect Job with men's shirts neutrals are the BF. Good ,,.. fi-ji canned tomatoes
: ;' &. of dampening the shirt before and your husband's shirt wID'show rich designers; choice -bold' 14 ii iyl 7t d'dr 1 PLUS) can tomato paste,

I -', hand, simply spray sizing on It!"! yellow, bold green, bold blue,. ... 4 ffs'a1''',_'ii 1 teaspoon 8 cam Wyler'water instant
the part of the shirt being ironed bold orange, hot pink,red,white -- minced onion
..:) 1 then iron until dry. A-Line and oyster beige.These rubber- 1/2 teaspoon salt
Iron the back of the collar soled accessory shoes will underscore 11 teaspoon pepper
tmfll the sizing Is completely summer sportswearand 1
dry. Iron slowly from the casual fashions in soft to the 1 talle.poon sugar
points of the collar inward. new bright solid colors and a 1 teaspoon oregano
When working on the cuffs be profusion of gayerthaneverprints. 1 pound Borden'alarr.or
j mall curd sure to Iron well up Into the cottage cheese
gathers where sleeves meet And the new collection of casuals ID'a medium-size
( saucepan
cuffs so that both will be crisp 9j" Includes the classic espadrUle .' i ,blend wen tomatoes, tomato,
and dry.
monk-strap sfip-on and
paste water
On all parts of 1
A the shirt which cm -eyelet tie as well as the Place
saucepan over mediums
have double thicknesses of material i softer types of pumps and sandals low heat; cover and simmer
!, collar culls and also but- Sandals are detailed with 30 minutes, stirring occasion-'
tonhold bands and yoQclron the ,\: stitched extension edges,buckle The one-Kyeiet: IM with board any. Gradually blend In cottage: ,
6s wrong side of the fabric first. and braid trimmings. And a toe silhouette is designed by B. cheese; cook an additional 5
firm Then Iron the rl&bt.1de with a ,i number of these rubber soled F. Goodrich particularly smart minutes; remove from beat
pressure until these parts accessory shoes are finished with canvas fashions- little
lie flat and smooth. .I I with colored soles. suit, pants and textured hose.It STUFFED E G COTTAGE
s After ironing cuffs do the f For BAKE: Carefully sheD 6 bard
stepves. those who enjoy wearing come In such colors as bright
Fold the sleeves in half with wedge shoes the Country Fair green, yellow and blue It has a cooked eggs;cut In half length
the underarm seam on top and Casuals group includes twostyles. rubber outsole and washable ,wise. Remove yolks; set whites
\ 1 troy Then Iron the other side aide; In a. small mixing bowl
Classically tailored bonded or- These sling-back Country Fair Casuals by B.F.
., at mash yolks with a fork. Blend
; : the sleeve. Ion A-Llne dress wlthdeeppinkand Goodrich Company.
,, i,:. Iron the front and back of the light Gen horizontal In 1 cup cottage cheese: ; spoon.
r< shirt 1st. Hole the front shirt ;stripes In front and back..set mixture Jnto eel whites.
pleat taut while Ironing toavold 'ctt.with vertical stripes on the Garnish tops of eggs with
p. .t tiny wrinkles. side- dramltlzed by self-cov L I BUY U.S. SAYING BONDS I anchovy: 'fillets.Cover dish with

,. eyed green button By Nannette aluminum foil

.' -r-hVE I

Raffles Puff, Sleeves, the natural waistline, dainty polka dots and a daisy these tr some of AVERS 1. "YOUR DOLLAR,
the reasons girls will look nrrf.m1n1neDext summer From the Bobbie Brooks collection Bf Martha Brandt U
for summer 1968 Is the floral printed polished cotton on lift. It is fitted and has a short semi- linger Tip
dirndl skirt Lace outlines the high neckline and edges of ruffles on sleeves and bloomers. Laceat Elbow grease has now tone BUYS MORE
right Is a crisp greenandwhite polka dot cotton shift with little flower accent on its low out of style thanks to the In-
belt. White canvas sandals at left and 'creaM to the number of snot
green canvas slip-on pumps are from the Country Fair
Casuals oIacce..OIJ shoes for summer 1968 B.F.C oocIrlch.L eol old hotuecleanlng last :year. Latest product survey a AT YOUR IANNERI

how that more than 1BJ rolllion I
household product la
pray form found their way QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD STORE" I
s M Into cleaning cOMand SATURDAY.
L Now The Pantsuit PlusJust .ll.5.* using mine spray Her an from some the hints Aerosol on RIGHTS RESERVED I II I

SNOWBAL1 Division Chemical psetalUss'Manufacturers '
A FIGHT Association:
WITH MISTER RIGHT 1. Cleaning Your Cleaning I
: Closet container take
Empty Il
up Urn and apace So taking SUGAR
I The new go-co-tnow clothe .', Inventory 1* as good at lameUItUlnaston1twW : lB.48c l
i I NEW YORK (ED-rashion *
: for winter: sports used lo he all T how you what you have and
and chill TmmiskirU what need replacing 5
spill pracncnl: : Now,
Mill Hkalc, lobogpn 2. Mobilise: Sounds like a ONE PLEASE WITH 55.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
I and ski Tunic: knickers: troop movement but It's really
l t-"I"c jcnm (hold gold *, just baste organizing of cleaning
w product: from spraysto
one with a shimmcr-all arc I sponges Put the sprays and FOLGER'S "All GRINDS INCLUDING ELECTRIC PERK"
: up la go Popcorn I
ruc:1.inJt other product used every day
out in hip-slung., on the shelf! easiest V> reach,
tMciiiits thai slither: down lo 3. Do Your Homework: No, LIMIT ONE PLEASE"WlTH 4 8*
y 1 nu.il shortstop pant and 9', wet not joking about housework C 0 F F E E .$6QOOR MORE FOOD ORDER
(Ihigh-hi h skirts Big gorf We mean, leant about 1 LB. CAN
i peons sun-toilet, arc so fcmi- those product: you use. Including .
nine they nuke a parka look R I aerosol Read the label
like a pcgnoir, Buhhlc.knit on the sprays you are
baby caps hug the hairline and about to us and. If its a
make look like toddler *I product you don us often.
Mho knows you, her: way a around Its re-read to be th shaken label. Find tilted out, and U LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

I about how far It should be BOLD
The BII:. Bud Mind +! 'held away from the surface GIANT 48e
and watch Ill! .(I> dB to be cleaned.
Swirling flakes < 4. Make One Product Do the
two pictures-but would I and ice_Hue, in-" Work of More: For Instance,
you believe that they add up vigoraling: air. you can often clean metal with
to a complete day.and-night rlikcaenowmaid cleaner,
Makes: you feel:: a glass or a painted SUGAR CREEK
wardrobe? I wall with some of the new
all bathroom cleaner
Here's how it works: you en But every: purpose
,sleep in the nightshirt, which blustery: gust can 5 Make Llstai A "perma
has a teeny bikini below.Then, tI"Le shatter your sheltered : nent" list of which pray HAMS SHANK PORTION LB.4'8'*
cleaner you keep on hand Is
com morning, the I in Black indoor
pop on pant- smoking" : : I a handy reminder Tack It to
suit plus its dandy necktie: ,and Watch: plaid,quilted at the collar skin Creamy: lotion the Inside of the door where
you are wearing "le smoking," and cuffs: and Form ftl Roger is a must to these product: are kept. It
currently the favorite fashion make the entire "wardrobe" shield: your com all sounds quite executive -
of the prettiest girls'in Paris in easy-care: cotton plexion before: but then who ever said that
und after you hit a housewife lant an executiveat
the trail least In her own home)













"C. mo PAl ,u



i If

\ .

.,. ,. .
.J '" ... ..., .. ,
.1 & 1 "L' _..._ & ... _


I here's the "how" for creative cookery g V'-I I 'I "f V VV ;" "

--- __ _...


RECIPESRoast Easy-Do Rice 'n' Tuna Bake

That After School Snack TO MEAL PLANNING

Beef Nests In Noodle RingOld

fashioned good cooking and modern convenience foods 4'.4" "
strike harmony In this savory duet of succulent cubes of canned CIA. iAA I "
roast beef In gravy nested In a baked macaroni ring
The canned roast beef In Its own delicately''seasoned gravy Is
perfect foil to the macaroni ring enriched with shredded American :
cheese and studded with bits of parsley, onion and sliced >t, I
stuffed olives.
k Fresh tomato wedges added to the roast beef In gravy as It efCooterg
is heated to serving temperature provides eye appeal and color l
accent to the main course. 4
f g Though the meat and macaroni combination Is almost a meal In
1 Itself, a tossed salad and crisp crusted French bread will give
texture and flavor contrasts.

1% cups (t ounces) elbow 1 cup milk
Ethel Moore
macaroni t erin, beatenSalt
1 slice bread
t tablespoons chopped to taste! about lie- The coffee break has become a great American institution
staffed olives teaspoon) P and coffee a great favorite for any time, any gathering. Now
1 tablespoon minced onion S cans (12 ounces each) roast here's news for coffee lovers from the makers of Maxwell
1 tablespoon chopped beef with, gravy House! Coffee.Maxim Is herel! Maxim is newl I Maxim is Ameri
parsley 1 large tomato, cut Into small lit, sansei/ 'rare ca's first freeze-dried coffee-that makes like an instant, with
fuss! but has aU. the flavor of real brewed coffee.Here's .
1 cup shredded American wedges no muss no
cheese A casserole that finds favor with one cook is likely to make why. Maxim is made by a completely) new process..
i the rounds of all\ the women in the neighborhood. Rice 'n' TunaRake by freezing fine quality percolated coffee at the peak of aroma
i is Just such: tasty combination that will run the recipe. and flavor and then extracting the Ice by a vacuum method.
4 circuit i and make hit for busy-day suppers and bridge luncheons. What's left are tiny brown concentrated crystals and when you
w + h1rc a casserole with year 'round appeal. add freshly boiled water, these crystals explode into a full-
base for the flaked tuna can be any variety cooked bodied cup of coffee Since the crystals! are concentrated, you
according to package directions. Simply let the brown or white, use less per cup,too. We think you'll like Maxim for your next
rice steam as the label directs while you saute the celery, flake coffee break.
the tuna, chop the eggs, and ready the binding and topping in
6 gredients.I Cooked until fluffy and I light the separate rice I grains
I ingredients. Another plus for rice as a casserole and menu ingredient .
a,...._. ..+.r f. is its budget balancing ability. r.1ti
H.'wm" thaVfcfterscboolnack. You can tailor this rice casserole to suit the occasion,too. One
ann a ygwf nu can to It enjoy
wish to substitute flaked
day you may crab meat or chopped
Cbewy bar UI enhanced with A bright tasting orange shrimp for the tuna. Another time a mixture of seafood and a .
flavor provided by Tang Instant Breakfast Drink Courtesy blond of seasoned or mixed: rice might be appropriate. Howeveryou "
Tanf Distant Breakfast Drink.Chicken prefer it, prepare this meal-ln-a-dish often. Its so easy to ?
mix and easy to like.
Rise 'n' Tuna Bake
1 cup sliced celery 3 hard-cooked eggs,chopped
1 tablespoon butter or 3 tablespoons lemon juice y 4as
'n Dumplings margarine 1 cup mayonnaise
3 cups hot cooked rice 1 can (3 or.) f rench fried
2 cups flaked tuna onion rings
Let's take a cue from Gramma and Uk the chill out of wintry
Saute colonIn butter until tender. Add rice, tuna, eggs and
nights with a hearty and nomestyla dinner. Chicken and dumplings
lemon juice. Fold in majonnalse Reason" to taste. Turn into a
bubbly with color. and nutrition. Pineapple Blnj cherry Cook macaroni according to package directions and drain. buttered IH-quart cnsoerole. Top with onion lings. Bake at 350
aaIada at the tide. Old fashioned chocolate: chip cookies with Ice
for 20 minutes Makes
Tear bread Into small pieces. Combine macaroni bread olives degrees 8 son-Ings.
cream for dessert.To onion, parsley, cheese, milk, eggs and salt. Turn Into a well'
charm, the chicken and dumplings In an
nostalgia serve greased 9 Inch ring mold Set a pan of hot water and bake In
bowl. Fill china with artificial flowers. Or use
Ironstone a teapot
a 350 degree oven about 35 minutes or until knife Inserted In the
a red and white tablecloth with fringed white napkins. center,of the mixture comes out clean.
Now scan the recipes.They show you how to go homey In a hurry.Chicken' --Recipe "

Dumplings Heat fat In saucepan; blend In
Lie chicken, H cup Blsqulck.Cook over low LAMB KABOB SANDWICHES
t'/t-ponnd. stewing heat, stirring until mixture It e sandwiches .
cut p smooth and bubbly. Remove BANANA NUT BREAD
4 celery stalk tops stir In rewired 1 cup tarragon vinegar 1 pound boneless lamb stew *
from beat;; meal, cut Into 18 Inch 4 cup soft-type margarine _
1 medium carrot, cut Inte broth. Heat to boiling stirring 1 medium onion, sliced squaresIt 1 cup sugar ___
ft-btcb sllcea constantly. Boll and stir I 1 clove garlic, crashed! tomatoes 2 eggs
minute. Mix milk and 2 cherry 1's mashed ripe banana(3largebanana.
cups cups
1 small onion, sliced oil 1-
Blsqulck well with fork. Drop 1 tablespoon olive It canned whole" mushrooms! .)
sprigs parsley dough onto hot gravy. Cook I teaspoon salt !1,4 cup butler, softened 8 cups sifted allpurpollflour/
I teaspeens salt over low heat 10 minutes uncovered yt teaspoon pepper Vi teaspaned rosemary, 3 teaspoons! baking powder
and 10 minutes I 1 teaspoon! salt ii S'
Vs teaspoon
covered. Place chicken and yt teaspoon basil a enriched hot dog buns, ",4 teaspoon baking soda
> watery
cups dumplings In serving dish; pour 1 bay leaf split and to'IItf'dCombine '* cup milk
rap BUquIck milk gravy over top. 4 to S serving. vinegar,onion garlic, olive oil salt, pepper, basil and '.4 cup chopped nuts
I/I op Plnrspple.Bing Cherry Salad: bay leaf In saucepan; bring to boll. Remove from heat; cool to Blend together margarine and augar. Beat In eggs one at a TEA BREAD FOR THE COFFEE BREAK
5 cups BlsqafckIn Chill t can (14 ounces) pineapple lukewarm. SUr In lamb cubes Cover and refrigerate 1 to 4 hours, time. Stir In mashed banana. Sift together dry Ingredients At any hour, a piece of freshly baked tea bread always
large saucepan or Dutch chunks and 1 can ale stirring occasionally. Remove lamb from marinade, drain blond Into creamed mixture alternately with milk. Stir In nut. tastes great with coffee-and now they're easier than ever to
oran, place all Ingredient except ounces) Sing cherries. Drain. thoroughly on absorbent paper. For each kabob arrange lamb,. Turn Into greased 9xax3-inch loaf pan and bake in 850'K. make thanks to soft-type margarine, safflower oil.
Blsqutek and milk. Cover Add U cup chopped pecans. H tomatoes and mushrooms alternately on skewer. Broil In preheated oven 1 hour, until cake tester comes out clean.Variations For This brand new version of Banana.Nut Bread: Is the best ever
pan and heat to boiling. Cook cup whipping cream whipped broiler or grill 4 to 8 minutes or until lamb Is done. Meanwhile Banana-Fruit Bread-use. only ',4 cup chopped nuts and addi especially moist and flavorful and the basic recipe may be
over low heat about 2 hours or and I tablespoon mayonnaise.Serve blend together butter and rosemary Butter buna. Place cup chopped mixed candied fruit For Ranans-Raisin! Breaduse varied, too, In a number of splendid ways Add chopped mixed
until chicken Is tender.Remove on lettuce. t aerrtnn. kabob between bun halves; remove skewer and close. Serve hot. only '4 cup chopped nuts and add '4 cup seedless raisins.! candied fruits and you come up with a fine loaf caVe reminiscent '
l chicken and vegetables from And If vouTe really an old. Sandwiches suit a million purposes and any pocketbook. For Banana-Apricot Bread-use" only I >i cup chopped nuts and of the holiday fruitcake\ -delicious all year round. Put In
pan. Skim H cup fat from fashioned girt try egg coffee: They're a wise choice for a well balanced diet, too for enriched add 'I cup finely cut dried apricot seedless raisins or add the tang of dried apricots for an Inter
broth. Remove broth fromsaucepan U tablespoon beaten m to H bread products contain generous amounts of three vitamins, eating chang
reserving 4 cups. cup coffee before adding water. thiamine, niacin and riboflavin. and the mineral, Iron all at very ,
little cost "- .

: Jt,:4'" I(I /
: --"'--- ,






9 AM TO", P.M.




:1,1 J The store that U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST .
wswaaaaoai I I Ir

'cares about you! '

f\_. _. s Y .4 *





'*R 49c LiiJ..JI






.EIGHT O'CLOCK 1a6 49 .






rtDUfi {.JANE PWCER r Speicall Fresh* ,Crisp I eberc'I AlP WAREHOUSE STORE I It PILLSBURY FLOUR i LB. uV; *.' Ash' F 49*


j.BLA 1'""O"OlCE39 112 t HEADS 29C I "SATURDAY ARE GOOD j 'I' 25*


4 4 SATURDAY MARCH 9 }"T .t ,

=-. LARD : ? JAIH&oM"Vfl ; 29. .
PURE : *"*-jf;>, ?, : "


.....,1......: ....;; ._...: _. _J..J.__ .. .: .'. .:. '': ';'__'_ .'.''':';: __ 1.1 .''':' '' -. '.' .! t -',':f .'..i f''snURDU

. '. . . . . . . .. . T" .. .. .. .. . .. ........ ,-,," ",


--- -- ---........-. .. -. ---- -... .-. ." .- .

...... = -
: StriaBtI Sperfcs. Praises Job Corps ENTERTAINMENTHUES '
College I World i Of looks

** *... a >.... ..aiaeia* *- .... ssJ "CLIMBING JACOB'S LAD-
Predicting the future Is often best left to mystics and seers, DER: THE ARRIVAL OF NEGROES -
but, even so, I foresee two national developments that will reverse IN SOUTHERN POLL LINGERSLOS
present trends: I3 TICS." Written by PAT Wat- ANGELESNPI1amed Mar ion Anderson
President Johnson will be elected with as great a popular TERS and REESE CLEGHORN; retired from the concert stage but the memory of her vocal
and electoral majority as before despite the clamor of right Published by HARCOURT eloquence and Influence I n musical circles linger on. Miss
and left-wing opposition to him. BRACE and WORLD:New York. Anderson was honored March 6 when the Young Audiences of
=This nation will, within a few years swing back to an emphasis Those Interested In the history Greater Los Angeles hosted a reveptionforher.Sbe Is a mem:
on civility strict morals and conservative politics in of the Negro's struggle ber of the group's board of directors.
reaction to the present rebllllousness. during the period of its great-
I make my first prediction out of no special pleading for est impetus and accomplish REQUIEM
President Johnson or opposition to him. My point is only that ment will find this book excite CHICAGO-(NPI).-Solemn Requiem Mass was offered fof
the present objections to his Vietnam and domestic policies ing. Walter (Little Walter) Jacobs a harmonica blues expert, at
are mostly emotional, and that voters will-After all the shouting It Is ..an analysis of the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Basilica, following his death
Is over-back him as before in November even though meaning of the new vote, the in his home. Known for amplifying the harmonica for unusual
he represents a disliked authority to some people.A religious cast of much of the sound effects Jacobs 38, played with the Muddy Waters blues
preview of LBJ's November victory was seen In Chicagolast movement, the role of the southern band in the 1950s before branching out and forming his own
year when Mayor Richard J. Daley overwhelmingly won \ courts the.'.ubsUtutlt middle group.
re-election, even though black militants and white liberals .\ / ; :: ?: 1. class' among Negroes, the
made angry statements about him. ;: i ie Continuing power of white supremacists -, STARS
The mayor turned out to be strongest in Negro areas, despite } 4cc the NAACP, SCLC,, CHICAGO-(NPI-Andre Watts 21-year-old pianist made his
the talk about "masslve rebellion". among some black SNCC, and CORE and their dif- Orchestra Hall debut a tremendous success, as be played several
people. t tr ferening senses of necessity outstanding scores with brilliance: and facility before a
:Likewise President Johnson will come out as politically the emergence of'Blact Power' warmly responsive capacity audience. One music critic credited -
strong as ever after being reelected.The and the problems It poses for him with pressing "huge array. of glorious details Into the
polls showing objection to his military policies will be the traditional alliance: between service of musical wholes" while treating such compositions u .
found to reflect a passing mood, when the voting-booth curtains \J' white liberals. and Negro activ Beethoven's Opus 10, No. 3 and Chopin's minor Ballade
are shut, Americans will probably back him, as much as 'i ists.
ever, In their desire to retain a stable political leader. The white writers living In
Coupled with the President's re-election will be reversal of Atlanta, Ga. Pat Walters, a JOINT TOUR
the country's present rebellious mood among both whites and former Journalist, and Reese HOLLYWOOIMNPI Count Basle orchestra and singer
blacks. Cleghorn, an English instructorat Jackie Wilson will launch a Joint tour of the nation In mid- '
\ Those who see this nation only as a bastion of dissent and ; Georgia State College-drew March as the result of a Joint recording effort recently. The
unlimited freedom will be Jolted to learn that the United States from the files of the Southern Idea was born In Basie's mind shortly after the two had recorded -
has another cultural theme: Puritan morality. Regional Council's field reports a soon-to-be-released LP for Bunswlck Records Basle is
The will discover that the American Revolution wasn't Just a on two Voter Education projects .Wilson's longtime Idol, and Count In turn considers Jackie his
rebellion against Great Britain, but an effort to establish "a and a variety of other favorite man with a tune.
new order of the ages." sources to put together this'
And the abolitionist and reform movements In U.S. history .study.
will be found to reflect emphasis on strict Justice and national With the deep South and elf
morality rather than "change for change's sake. Its racial, political, and socialopposition 100,000 Square Miles Of Fun
uSa this old Puritan element In our national tradition -dating ; U background,they
back to Plymouth Rock-4hat will again rear Us bead and replace r discuss the Negro's struggles
the current mood of cavalier rebelliousness. JI and victories In his attempt to Await Miami-Nassau Traveler
This will happen for two reasonsIt : r gain dignity and the ballot during
Is the nature of fads to come and go U one extreme produces the 1960s. NASSAU BAHAMAS summer garden all year round, the
another. Early In the book, the authors Bahama Islands base their definition of"travelleuoos"principally
-The moralistic side of our nation's culture Is too strong to NEW YORK -Twenty-three-year old Betty Patterson of Newark, a stewardess for point out the Negro's struggle upon the fact that between May 1 and December IS hotel
be ground under or Ignored. Air Lines, figures promlently in a multimedia Job Crops exhibition which opened recently Is no different from any other rates are reduced by U much as 40 per cent.
As a result of this resurgence of purltanlsm,skirts will again in New York City and which will travel for a year to nine cities across the country. Betty such occurances: 7,500 hotel rooms will be Visitors during the 1968
fall, and a straight-laced sense of national morality will prevail was graduated rom the Job Crops early in 1967. The exhibitions tell her story, nd their larger .. Long before the great American available to spring and sum- sprhng-summer-f a 1.1 season
Conservatives will r..tabUsbpoUUca1power.an4Uber. story of the Job Crops In action, with paintings photographs and film, but most effectively civil rights struggle In mer visitors In the Bahama. :nan. therefore. be assuredloot
ala will again be out. with words of the Job Crops trainees themselves. the dawn of mass democracyIn but they would be well advised only of blue skies and sunshineto
Both the civil rights movement and Its successor,black militancy England, John Stuart Mill had make reservations early for but bargain vacations high-
win go out of style. Not only stricter police controls known and spoken of these such popular periods as Mem- lighted by special events r*f*
but the whole emotional climate of the country will see to that. values and urgencies.The masses orlal Fourth of July. La- *"* from international fishing
The rising number of economically successful black people will Three May Have The Answer must share In the power.... bor Day aid other heavy travel sawnc and colt tournaments to
regain control of the Negro community which will emphasize Be was not so much concerned weekends. a gay, masked ball.
the development of its own economic and political Institutions, with politics and power as with At Dl&bt'Nassau swings to its Summertime In the Bahamas
rather than agitating for social change. the fiber of society itself, and own "goombay"' beat with na- means family funamongunclutUve : .
Black power will become the conservative slogan of a particular ..
the character of men. performers featured by tered Islands and cays scatter-
f I. ethnic and ideological establishment.x. f -- { "The worth of the state," be "over the hill" night clubs.The ed over 100,000 square inflect
wrote In concluding ON LIB Informality of the night spots irrldescent sea.
ERTY "In the long run Is the is In comfortable contrast with Few foreign countries are as
Mint worth of the individuals composing the dressier atmosphere the easy for North Amerlcantraveliururv -
.Au.'s It; and a state which hotels lens tq enter u Is this hosplt-
postpones the interest of their Nassau is Justifiably proud of **. watlonland. Visitors ar-
mental expansion and elevation Its gourmet restaurants which riving b1 aircraft or one of the
: 5.,1. Cuter a little more of adminstrative feature the best of Bahamian and luxury ocean liners from New
ak11L..a state which dwarf Its American fare as well as eclec- York or Florida need no pass-
\ men..will find that with small tic creations in the English port visa or vaccination certi-
men no great thing can be accomplished French and Oriental traditions.f,
; and that the perfection A record total of more than
of machinery to which it <

2994 N.W. 46th St. has sacrificed everything will In
the end avail It nothing....." f n- Z **fe ti.m hiCEnnnii wit it
1 The authors use factual ac-'
% DOWt.
counts of events statistics,and AUTO SERVICESnel.L'
Groceriesfdeats'Yegelablesitu ease studies from a variety of $ CITY Uwth 4. rj)
i N... 7110 AVE. S JlthlT.a .
sources to point up this con-
Ununlng theme.There are revelations ___ _:.JanJlllnt.

) of events circumstances .
and activities, some -
generally known others not so
well known, which puts the rt1q4r; ox ht/e PHONr; OXSlit.A ,
Illinois State Representative Lewis A.H.CaldweU, left la the animated conversation about the struggle In its proper perspective UVIN* *ii movie "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?', after a recent D. Park Gibson-sponsored press as necessary and Import-
rIll Delivery Pkiu 634-9156 preview. With Caldwell are Norma Terry account executive with Lee Dale Associatesand and to the Negro, to America, RANGE FUNERAL HOME
( Henry G. Fort who will write a real estate and Investment column for Negro publication In the and to American contributionsto
727 N.
United States. The trio thoroughly enjoyed the Columbia starring Spencer world democracy.: W. I7TM AVKNUBATHAUB
Tracy, Sidney Poltier and Katherine Hepburn. (Lee Dale Photo There Is a very Interesting M. RANOC N. WkTuiew *'AN OWNm ..... _.'
r1t; Introduction at the beginning of "H...... OIKICTKK* ruNMAb WHMTO

1t, 691-7661 Odd Shifting Of the Dunbar book,executive written by Lesue-w'l,

Your Good Heaith Gary's Fireman Informative Field Foundation.piece It which Is a good Includes -

Gets Publicity: a speech prepared by Your professional beautician
Although accidental deathsoccur Although boxing will never bea Jolm Lewis, former SNCC knows the answer. .
':i }jPr W In most sports boxing has safe sport, -certain rules to' GARY, Ind.-{NPI)-Blackand :'chairman, to be read at the 1963
Ai as It., chief purpose the afflicting protect the health of the boxer white firemen have been shifted March on Washlgton.
of bodily harm on one's are recommended and are essential ,around in a fire department integration The speech Is a masterpiece
opponent. For this reason, the for young athletes on shakeup reminiscent defining the moods, goals and
'I injuries incor.ed in this sport high school or college boxing of.racial quotas in the public awareness of the Negroes involved .
cannot be considered to be ac. teams./ schools. From now on, each of In the struggle. Is peroxide needed to
P1'r cldental. Each contestant should have a. :Gary's 12 fire stations will be Overall, what Is contained in
In the defense of the sport its medical check-up before enterIng "predominantly white, though In. ....Jacob's Ladder is not Just
proponents claim that it pro- the ring. terracial. Before,the mid-town a historical analysis; U.Js-tte color unwanted gray hair?
fmotes physical fitness. This A physician should be present station was predominantly Negro reporting on an aspect of Am-
may be true for part of the at all bouts and should stop the and outlying .stations, erican history which Is still
training in which boxers participate fight if he believes a boxer's 'mostly white. being made today. Hair care and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray
but the pummelingsome health Is in danger. hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical relaxing
of them take in the ring A boxer should be pronouncedthe luoinciig The Grad Opnfcg Of -can dull a woman's appearance and make her look older
often defeats this purpose. winner if he scueeds in than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging
Perhaps the best that can be knocking his opponent down effects hesitant about
many are using permanent peroxide
'J1l e ice nu take, iii t 'said of the sport Is that it helpsto more than once In any round Jun, .JIall s 'haircoloring which may change the natural hair color while
train young men how avoid regardless of how quickly the coloring gray. _
Injury while defending them- opponent gets to his feet again. WigvWigrtls WIG FASHION '. Professionally-trained hairdressers know the Importance of

::1, (eM koto bwtwwM ct call.'Whscq ,. ..- selves. Although blows below Shock absorbing padding their customers' preferences when unwanted gray becomes a
the belt have long been outlawed should be placed under the canvas problem. These experts also know that Clairol created semi-
because of the severe throughout the ring. Swtkkcs No MeierOWB permanent Loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide. .
pain they inflict: they are never Although not a perfect protect to color only the gray without changing the natural shade.They
I fatal. .tics, headgear and' mouth pieces also find Loving Care blends tack color faded by chemical
. Blows to the head, on the other should be worn by all boxers ) M.25 Per Week processing. Because of Its r-ildness. Loving Care maintains
hand, have not been outlawedbut when in the ring. .( healthy looking hair and lasts through a month of shampoos.
are much more serious from Referees should be alert to all Whatever a woman's reason for wanting Loving Care for her
the standpoint of their",lasting the health hazards associatedwith hair she Is always wise to consult a professional beautician.
service mid enrft" ,effects-concussion: of the boxing and do ill in their '. i Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol
begins productsand
; never brain, the punchdrunk state and power to prevent permanent t.aiI\\
'i : : the training to promise each patron the loveliest and most
,Three even death. A life in the ring injury to the boxers. s
to serve you: -1-; personalized haircoloring effects every time she visits her salon.
with its
accumulation of blowsto
Observance of these basic
I.. Halter If you dislike gray and want your.
S no peroxide, why not ask
the head leave a boxer .
may rules will not prevent all serious
beautician to glamorize it
MiMi Opo-Ucko' ",;1.. with chronic dizziness loss of injuries Incurred inboxlnebut VtW4J: ft**,_ Ftorili with Loving Care?
CUIrol Inc.liG7
blurred vision and O Coortow of Claltoi Inc.
r memory will reduce both their number I
prolonged headaches. and their seriousness. hill 37US5.:

\\1 .

.". "..... 1 i
..._ I
: f



I Alban y's Girl Ramettes Cinch League Title By Bouncing Touted OpponentsOnly I

College In ConferenceBeat

Lost To Four-State Champ Still Heavyweight Champ AftT Caps Tour With Four

Two Former Vanquishers ,

L. Point Victory Over Akron

MADBONVILLE, Tenn.--Albany State Cou ge" s Ramettes }

hart knocked off the two leading Southern Women's Athletic AKRON OHIO- AIT capped a tough Midwestern basketball

Conference competitors to win the league Utle in their first ton with an imprsslve (9-73 victory over Akron University

year of competition. here last Saturday night.

HM ASC fir is'quintet bounced two freshmen lasses from Atlanta r r Two nights earlier the Aggies Other Aggies semis r. In the
Hiwusee College In the SWAC Ga., combining for 55 -
trooped a 105-80 decision to dpuble figures were Carl Hub-
Onala 68-30 with Demerls JeN points to lead the Ramettes.
nationally ranked Kentucky bard and Vera Walker with 12
bison and Jackie Benjamin, The night before Edith DanIels' Wesleyan. The win over the Zip points each and Soapy Adams

girls crushed Berry College *>ped AIT'S record to 16-4<< with II points.

the SWAC regular season overall.It It was a different story against -
,.champion, 8050. The two At- : was a tremendous 33 point Kentucky Wesleyan. U

'lanta coeds again teammed for t effort by Aggie sharpshooter the Aggies bad any Intention
total of 60 in pacingthe r
a points Jimmy staggs that led to Ak- of upsetting the hot shooting
Ramettes to the SATAC
AFL Stars Laude ron's downfall. The 6-5 forward Panthers. thaLnotlon was dispelled -
the first in the lea
crown year from Philadelphia who earned after the first few minutes -

gue. : honorable mention ALL-CIAA' of the .
r game.Kentucky
YMCA Run For The only Negro college team in
for his play this seasonjmmpedb Wesleyan connectea
the six-team conference the'Ramettei' '
Life ProgramSeveral 'avenged earlier : ; points from all parts of the ca eight shots In a row. then
r ys court. 14 of the first 16 tries in racing -
losses. to both Berry and Hi- j. / Staggs' total was the highest to ft S3-36 halftime lead.
AFL stars have endorsed MKM *MM ** m mm p -
: the fitness program of wassee.Demerls Jefferson with two- A The BrlUsft Boatng Asaoclatloi made It plain some month cored by an ART player this The Panthers kept up their
the Johnson Branch YMCA. all- ago that it was not interested in the Wathis-Frailer battle. season. He hit on 15 of 23 shot torrid pace inthe second half
total of 70 points an
Among them are Alfred Den- Ume game SWAC tourney mark, was Cassias Clay is the undisputed, undefeated, Heavyweight from the floor and three of Us with aces Dallas Thornton art

son, flanker, Denver Broncos; named the most outstanding Champion of the World say the Britishers. Here he Is shown free throws. George Tlnsley doing most of

Mike Garrett, back, Beaus of the affair. She was after defeating Ernie Terrell in a 15-round decision for the Another AIT ace Teddy Camp- the damage.
player 6 1967 He unschatbed. Clay is not re- also from Philadelphia The aggies perked
Chiefs; Jim Nance, fullback, named to aU-tourney team along February title. was bell up some
Boston Patriots. with teammates Jackie Benjamin cognised in four states taken over by Frailer. pulled down 2t of the Aggies' in the final 10 minutes of the

During I recent visit to the and Ruth Williams. > 60 rebounds. Thisay well be game but couldn't make a seri
.another AT record. ous dent in the 25 point lead
Johnson Branch these players .
to the
In guiding theRamettes Grumbling Tigers Open.
expressed enthuslasm for the Jefferson Ahead 41.36 t halftlme.AliT Kentucky Wesleyan held.
and hailed the YMCA's conference diadem -" "- ./ began eludln Akron right after Staggs again came off the bench
program Run For Your Life and Health tossed in 35 points in the opening Buster Mathls lure of victory before his TKO on March 4 Intermission when Staggs to spark ALIT in scoring. He

Club Program.These programs against feat,Berry lathe,finals and supllca- in Madison Square Garden, appears here to be ready for 1968 Basketball Series quickly reeled off three straight fnlsbed. with 26 points and

for all men. ted that against anything. However be was not quite ready for the eleventh Jump shots. That put the game Bobby Brooker another freshman *
axe Hiwusee with 35 markers.
round, 2.33 settler. He was bleeding heavily from a cut over CRAIIBLIMG La/-PECIAL-Crambllng College opened oat ((. sight for the Zippers, added 22 points T1nsle,'.
his eye. His nose was bleeding. He simply couldn't make it. Its 1968 baseball campaign Monday with poignant remindersthat who had beaten the Andes on 36 points tapped all scorers.

The referee Arthur Mercantt, called stop.>> Frailer, the vic it can be a long time between Southwestern Athletic Conference three previous meetings. Thornton kicked in 29 points.

Kwwp freedom in your future with tor, will be champion of four states New York, Massachusetts championships.
Maine and Illinois. Cassius Clay is still recognized by Great Last season the Tigers enjoyed their best season ever, posted
U.S. SAVINGS BONDSWE Britain and several states. Almost 20,000 fans saw the almost unbelievable n-, record, and won the SWAC title. Dodgers And Pirates Plan
David and Goliath -like to Statistics The mo.n. tum I'Jlf'f'lad them
struggle come a betYJ'D4. -
all the '; j--t;third place in 'won both the NCAA and NAIA
Frailer lot Itz-.Math1I 143 1/2.
; Two Games For The BahamasNASSAU
the NAIA world series in St. 'national hitting championships.

TAKE DEALS OTHERS REFUSENO Fisk University Lists Joseph But ,things Mo. have changed, Jones President was -Coach also left R.without W. E.a BAHAMAS-U.8.Ma- meat, be said that''basel1a11baa

WAITING-CREDIT APPROVED ON SPOTI only the Informed dare UU11attpcU.ment hopeful, flicker in his eye when 1 Jor League baseball comes to a tremendous following the

Track Schedule and nobody envisions southpaw Jimmle Jackson hired Nassau for the first time with Bahamas so I hope that the precedent
M BUICK WILDCAT 2-DR'. HARDTOP ... ,$2795 Varsity a second straight title. off to the St. Louis Cardinals the appearances of twoNatloal'Lagve set by the Dodgers and
IN OOA OasD I AIR N ITION OU! 1EIi !uY teams.
I M cl EV.'MESALA 4-DOOR HARDTOP .. ,$2195I The inexorable law of averages putting more pressure on the j The Los Angeles Pirates will be followed by other
I J.lI/o'1 I !!rWl' I'ItCONDITIONID. HUUYllfUlIRYl NASHVILLE- flsk University, Nashville, announces the fol- have finally remnants of a young staff that Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates Major League teams in the fu"'
as BUICK. Lt; ..... ...... .... .... .11795 lowing varsity schedules: with the Tigers and caught the teams up bas dwindled to two pitchers ]will play two exhibition games hire"

!i 'U F Oa Nrtf AL SITE r b001IUTOMATIC..IOWER {TEAINO.p ..32695. January 19-20: NAG (Indoor 16: Florida AIM (Relays!Tal doesn't have the resiliency to with experience. for charity here March 23-23 at

""'N IRA 'l,W.IVRANTY. RADIO' a "IATI" POWIII ), Kansas City Missouri, lahassee, Florida; March 23: stretch to another league championship. Jackson, the team's most consistent the Oakes Field Sports Centre.

.7 CHEVROLET IMPALA ...... .... .. .$2695 February 10: OPEN, Away; Layne College Nashville hurler unfurled two Historically this vacation resort -
I AR=.vr'rt' NOT i'A' WAA'AARIEY.RADIO a HIAT' February I'h TIAC Indoor), Tennessee; March 26: Dayj41Jpacomb Grumbling is expected to display no-hitters cutouts to a sensa- with its British heritage let'A Go

I 6a U>S98: mCS'Er c >XN ..... .. ... .. ..s29ss'CSI KnorrlUe, Tennessee; February Nashville, Term.; its usual fervor and discipline tlonal 12-1 mart.Admittedly. ]bas cricket as Us national game
i rrl. -4a"T. Alt CDHDITIONlo LOADlo IVIN 24: ChattanoopCRelay.j( ) March 30: Tennessee Tech but early pressure fromSouthern Grambllag minus but la recent years American kixsv

.65 WHmcAR CHIEF .$2095. Chattanooga, Tennessee:;March Cookevllle, Tennessee; April University Arkansas the splrtual sparks that set 'sports have been building greater nos satwem

t 1t ro'r.b..o. 8i.w.T ot .iPMtNT AIR CONDITION 1: Alabama AIM. Nashville, AMiN. Alcorn AIM and Jackson the SWAC aflame last spring followlngs than either cricket ? ..rz er..r Arat

sa n. v I A' ... .. .. .... .... ..$3595 Tennessee: April 13: Alabama State will likely expose inherent still opponents will find the club 'or English football. While thertlIl1argefoUowfJlatller.llalso ew..d.linT .
II CONM.I, : {tMirr eucKiv SIATS, AIM CONDITIONS. ITS A r State Relays( ), Montgomery, flaws. capable, shrewd, resourceful STOVE LEAGUE

63 BUICK 225 ELECT. .,.$2395 Alabama; April 20: Alabama The' team lost Its best hitter; and totally lacking in generosity. 'bID participation. The Bahamas Those who think that the
: I A.a.W. Normal Alabama; April ma producer and clutch performer :- Baseball Association has "hot stove league vanished
66 fiLYMSI iHHt1'RV)1 STA. WAGON ... .$2195 Z'll! Lemoyne College,Nashville when Ralph Cur signed Stampeding Tiger base-run- 'spawned 13 professionals, among with the general store potbellied
es ftvfeRTT.1: *.AUTOMATIC..PIN:.T.T."H3&; !: Tennessee; May 3-4<< TIAC with the Atlanta Br"". Garr ners are making their first West them Pirates Infielder barrel More havenl and the wanderedInto cracker

AI'!\ 'QQNn IfIT IY'{. Keeps HalfNeofond ([Outdoor State Championship) batted .8(3 last season and Coast Junket to California this ;Andre Rogers who wu bora laNassat a local but fishing tackle emporium
8S ClItVtWLE't' IMPALA COUPE .$1995 Johnson City Tennessee; May spring and everything possible lately.

,M C IYRwbLN7t,aK.row .sni lwa' AIR. c::: '1595 i WeH-C roomed 10-11; SIAC (Championship), is being done to shore I vacated AH profits from the two-gam This lnsuaioa.w functions

All Day Atlanta, Georgia May 2S:Commanding William Relates spots for a convincing bat- {series will go to the Rotary Club thrwgbovt UM US.. e.y UMAshing
CAtDTLLAfi'.Ti95!:, =
S6 69 CHEVROLET .$295 Nn.l.pr..d MUaaAVS H.lr Generals (Track of flume charities. Promoter expert at Memry set.boards. .

OVER 100 pCARSyTO CHOOSE FROM k.Drmlni..,. ieH-eo..d..ort.o.dat.... "It, .es Meet), Fort Campbell. Kentucky tie.The 39-game schedule follows: Paul McCana Is a m.mbtrolthe After $r. UN avenge

WI iAK'aD1i>> ..rrE:1DoU&fall'u'l' .h. moraliis look, >k U.lr.b.r..fciWicUooKraiHM4 "'>Aptll.dM :'!!M.o.b.d" ; May 31-June 1: NAG Boxers RegisterFor March 4, Paul Quinn, Waco, Nassai Rotary Club. Re also is have red-btoeded a place" America to hang eat fur and I.

Oot (Championship), Alburquerque, Texas; March 9, Paul QuInn, sales manager of Gulf Oil'sNassau discuss topic or revisal In-
R. S. EVANS 4.7. Os MI' .atdrw .. New Mexico. Waco Texas; March I, Alcorn, -based company,aid the tenet with hU fellow man.A .

W o..at. ''...- .rl Grumbling;; March 9, Alcorn, promotion is underwritten by a kid.be had a club haw
s.Vat.oowa".p. .rv.e.rr .. /t////s' Practice Lorman Miss. (DH(); March IS, company at $30.000 on a vacant lot or a little p1l&to:
Prairie View, Grumbling; Premier Lyndea 0 Pindllng form built In the old apple.tree

3rd & MAINEL um slit Ill pnR3NALLIlt2l ZZAa I A_.s : : Three students from the W11-. March 16. Prairie View,Crambllng will throw oat the first ball for In the the local backyard. A* a taenanr'
$ drug store soda fountain ,
lain Raines High School registered D4 the March 23
( ); March 20, University game la a state- or a particular street
44381 wain strain noticn ti.4M for amateur boxing at'the of California, Santa Barbara corner suffload for a hangout.
OPEN TILL ':30 P.M. EL 44382 .
OwM MM, UM*.*unsat. .. Eartha White Community, Center C alit; March 21, Basketball CoachesAre Multi require similar potato

.. BRAND NEW .. 743 West Ashley. (Tournament). Santa Barbara, satisfy their tofctbameaaInatlncU.
The' Florida State .AAU boxing Calif.; March 22, University of Women do their cab
championships will be held at California Santa tang; in the beauty parlor, or
1968 VWSEDAN Barbara Against
cw a card table at the weekly
the Snider Memorial Armory Calif.; March 23 University of
afternoon bridge aeulon. Flaberman. -.
tD Jacksonville on March 29 and>Iso. California, SID t a Barbara, however have another
Amateur boxers from Calif.; March 25, Loyola, New Higher Baskets: alternative.

II throughout the Southwest are Orleans; March 29, Southern There will be no 12-footbasket Almost any sporting goods

176850 expected to be present University Grumbling; March in college basketball not If the mancaa geld where, a group
around an4oompe.re
John Joca,Florida AAUChalr- .30, Southern University,Grambllng -
/ men who stage it-the nation'scoacheshive notes about nib and
man, emphasized that pianists (DH); April S, Arkansas, fishing, Here
anything to do a man can look,
l piuvaio IN 'IAX being made to make this Pine Bluff Ark. .
VA'A a big ; April 6, Arkansas with ft jiuun and learn.
.r..r.... .".tr or aU attraction. Fine Bluff, Art.; April Not even the presence of Lew As a member of the local hot

U Among boxers registered are 12, Jackson State, JacklO' Alclndor can inspire a rise. 'stave league be can finger a
I.I : Glen Klekley Eugene Butler new hire or fin a new rod
High School CONTINUED ON PACE 12 Dr. James Naismlth, the man without a cent In his pocket.
; LeonardSurrency
tt Darnell Cookman Junior who Invented the purely American Be can listen to the big boys,
I I Caflin- High; Look LooksAt game back in 1891,could compare notes with fellow
.I Gary Jackson James
"! : Rumph, never negotiate such a switch anglers learn to stretch'' the
Alvorado Ferguson, Mitchell if that be were still living. truth In telling about his own

Griffin : Simpson, Terry Williams Jimmy Alcindor The measure was soundly defeated fishing exploit, and find out
McFaddea and Robert Gelaey. where the beat fishing hole
in a national poll conducted are.

matfnec post 2tonight '_, < Volkswagen / All.boxers Interested in participating by Thad Johnson, sports Membership In this greatangling
/ editor of the Beaumont Tex., fraternity is not regulated
INC In the
: .' tournament Enterprise fot the Assolcated by Income, position or a
8 1250 EAST 8th ST. should register now. Training Press mans ancestors. All be needsto
post when out of lit ballots
.. .. ... __.. '" //J. areas are available attheCJEO become Initiated Into this
the head coaches
by college
A organisation Is to
/ 354.9093 Center at Florida and Church prove UIa&be'l
(59 voted against and only S3 U anxious to
get out on
.. rILUSIN6Sl street and the Eartha White
for the issue. Seventeen were the water as the others. If has
cmxa OTim-i mi or ttiimo mitmt in tun oil M i rtoar maun nsmun eMmwr,m. Center Winners will represent undecided.: a fisherman he's welcome to
Florida in the National .AAU pull up a chair and become a
IUSJH.I$ The poll was made to clear
Tournament in Ohio and in April ,member of the group.
lIP the growing belief among
The man born with the gift. So. meet. If 1M"" aol already
3 fans that a move to the 12-foot %member of local
you angler'shot
Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Macon bucket was a distinct pos store kagve, the Mercury
Georgia. It is through God Albany State sib ity. The basket is now 10 lads suggest ye> ge dow to the
i that I can remove all evil con feet high. tackle store and Join ...

i Vi'tlfswarxsr wish besomeQseslocsyonmayDO Wins Fifth
+ Look Migiiiiie Nines Eight

YOU" NEED MONEY Straight B'lallTournament

..1, ES MY SICKNESS NATURAL? Negro Players To li Team

:1i ? NEW YORK--Cight Negro college stars have been named to

'CAN MY LOVE ONES Bft RETURNED the Look Magazine ,10-Man All America tam picked by the
i ? Bob RaIne,'. tabled "run and. United States Basketball Writers Association.
.IfID"" Rams playing before a The Negro plsyere" chosen '
r'' gt They all me the (0lootman). capacity crowd here at Wiley- were: lAw Alclndor and Mike Murphy a S'10" guard, 1s a

But I am only a servant of God' Wilcox Gymnasium, unreeled a Warren, UCLA; Elvln Hayes, spectacular dribbler andshoot-
outside offense In Houston Merv Jackson Utah er, who is sometimes def ensed
because God Is the answer to 'devastating ; ;
all life's 'probelms. I aa the the closing 13:26 of the game +1t Bob Lanler, st. Booaventnre? by three opponents. Lanler is'
Kind of all Day Prophet. Send to rip to Ihrtdl SaftJlDAllStatt'. Calvin Murphy, Niagara; Jo Jo 641" and wears site 22 shoes.
for my special selected Bible sagging defense. White Kansas and Westley Un-, Known u the "Big Cat," to.
To be read SPECIAL seld, Louisville. prowled the backboards for St.Bonaventnre .
verses. on Working off Mel Jones, their
I Try VO.lfs easy to like because DAYS. 1 6-9 center the Albany State. The selections made by the in addition to being

:, G; } '' Ifs so light and smooth.Could be the Send a Misaddressed,stamp. Quintet went to a high post offense LEW ALCINDOR writers' amon.manawuds committee -' the team's top scorer.
ed envelopemnd $2.00 for Bible representing the eight Alclndor: Hayes, Unseld and
start of a beautiful friendship. and picked up easy baskets Lew .Alclndor: 1967-61 Center -
I NCAA districts Miller are repeaters from last
verses and spiritual Message are announced
/ Seagram's VO.-The Smooth Canadian.YOURSELF. You will receive Bible verses on Wilbert a. depleted Jones Savannah tossed team.is 23 '-I 1/2 230 pounds 20years in the new issue of Look. year's Alder The incomparable
rI old, one-year letter Junior ('rl'') was
by return mall. Others chosen: for All America
points to lad the Rams to '
la 68, New Yorker named honors Pete Maravkh cited other things, for
BEND TO: their second straight SEAC were of among
,Rev. Roosevelt Franklin Team, and named Player of the LSU and Larry Miller of North being partly responsible for the
grandsUm winning both the regular -
has now been given another -
630 Morrow Avenue I Caro ion. new college nit prohibiting
season and tournament
Mapon, Georgia-31301 titles followed honor that of a spot on Murphy Lanler aadMaravich, dunk shots. Lew's ability tode-
by Daughters
All American Team
I I .1 specialise in all case work. 22 and Reams'. a 10-Man all in their first varsity year velop new shots to compensatefor
of the United States Basket-
Phone ana code:912-745-6475. gave sophomores unusually the nit change wu another-j
ban Writers Association. representation. attribute the selectors noted.:

f I t

"' -e. "- L. ... .. .. .. ... ... .. L .. ... ... .... .. .

n.J.n.n.n. .n.n. n. J '. 'on .J. .

t v.'" .,Irw: 1


I A&T Aggies Ripped Nets To Clinch 69-Point Lead Over FayettevilleScore I

Of 246 Points For One Preparing For Games Morehouse Tigersharks

Tennis Star Ashe

Game Sets High For Heelers h oA K Take Swimming TitlesThe

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. AIT ripped the nets at almost fantastic Tigersharks from Morehouse College, AtlantaGeorgla, Defeats Top Dane

speed here recently by racing to what Is believed to be a captured the S.I.A.C. swlming title last weekend at the All- KIAUESHA LAKE-Uentenan

record-breaking 159-90 win over Fayetteville Conference Meel held at the Fort Valley State College swim- Arthur Ash of West Point successfully

The Aggies may have shattered score 26 points(or one night ming pool on Friday and Saturday defended his title In

all ALT single-game scoring basketball Is also probably With the exception of Tuske- dividual medly. the Concord International

marks, as well as those of the new high for a collegiate game gee who Inlshed second, Fort Five teams made a bid to offset doot Tennis Championship ,
State and CIAA. The combined .iD the Tar Heel State.. -4 Valley State and Florida, Le- the powerful team of More- defeating Jan Leschly of Den-
Associated Pre>;records. In-. Moyne: College, Were relative house College but fell short of mark, 1-3 15-13.
dlcate that Duke University newcomers to the aquaticlandwith the mark. South Carolina State, Ashe closed out the match with

Willie ,Mays Will scored 136 points against Vir- less than three years experience a strong contender, did not par a brilliant, backland placementthat
ginia a few years ago. The Ag- and in the case of Florida ticipate. It was felt that the ultimate wound up the second set In
gles bettered the NAIA mark of and LeMoyne it was their results would have been. the 28th game
Play Until Time 154 points made by Lakeland first year entering swimming 'difference and Morhouse would Rafael Osnna and Marty RI.leD ..-
(Wls) aganlst Judesn (m.) last \I Y j'' competition. have had a tight battle on Its teamed to defeat Ashe and

season. Juan Lleba of Morehouse was hands had South Carolina State Ron Holmberg 1-4. a. ., ...,
Requires Change AIL T's total did not surpassthe awarded ?most Outstanding been able to bring its fine leant. for the double title
NCAA mark of 169 points' Swimmer the.Year" for his
NEW YORKWillie Mays, 37 made by Stillman against Miles 53.1 record-setting accomplishments -
years old, has been In the major February 17 1966.
on In the 100 yd. free
leagues for 18 years. He has "1 don't know what "
happened, style, breaking the old mark set
been one of the greatest. His said ALT Coach Cal Irvin
F by Lambert Green of Morehouse flrN.'SEAfOOD.
,lifetime average Is .310, his hot and I let
"They got just ; by .3 seconds. Lleba also seta
slamlng record totals 564
them run. The Aggies, now new mark in the 200 yd. in-
making him second only to Babe 14-3 for the season and 10-3

.Ruth. in conference, filled the bucket rr < ** *
Last year Mays had one of his Ow,'hardy H.hrrwea en.tfil e.rNr1N the prrpt.alpereanlal
with 68 field goals,almost twiceas Y.nnrttre te.pfe e/ the t.CHamte we.thrr,
worst seasons. He battel .263, many as Fayetteville State Jim Brown Hits WHITING
hit 22 homers and drove in.70
put In.The BUCK SHAD ...v. . ft. 39c
runs. Aggies, off to a blazing
To the question as to when he I
start at the very beginning TROUT .'. .
. Ib. 69c
will quit May said, "I'm goingto soared to a commanding 87-36 Attitudes Shown Mini" h MIN kdtfhif. .... .,Jet .4..*... fMf .r...iictl.... wH.CINUINI ,
play until I feel Pm not doing
lead by halftime. Leading the
myself or the club any good.rm tANGY AFAIACMIC04.A
first half senior
was r rr
not going to embarrass myself. Soapy Adams a smooth striding SHELL OYSTERS bar $5.50
On Civil
I baven.t yet. I hope I never do.l Rights
guard from New York City.
But I'm'not going to play for Soapy had 22 points by Intermission CATFISH . . lb. 65
ever, like Satchel Paige." CLAREMONT, CALIF.Jim
and finished the game Brown for mer Cleveland ROE
When his career Is overpaid SHAD
Mays, he wants to be a television with 24 points Freshman 1 Browns football star, president CONCH MEAT genuine . ft. 49c
Jimmy Staggs,the Aggies'lead- : Industrial
announcer, like Kyle Rote, of the National Negro
.former football star. Ing scorer this seasonwas right and Economic Union, told a SHRIMP um.. 1.30
f behind with points, 16 of them group of Negro students at the '
scored In the second half. college here that violence will LIMITID QUANTITY MIS. LA.II A 1.15
Bob Beaman'sJitters The other who scoredin J
Aggies not work. KING FISH STEAKS . lb. 59c
the double figures were NASSAU, BAHAMAS-Joe O'Toole, Assistant to Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager, Joe L. "You want an emotional meal

freshman Bobby Brooker with Brown, was In Nassau recently to finalized plans with promoter Paul McCann for exhibition which Would leave you with nothing SPANISH MACKEREL . lb. 45e
; Didn't 19, Ted Campbell, 18, George .game between his club and the Los Angeles Dodgers March 23.-24. Mr. O'Toole, left, is seen afterward," said the lead'er
Mack, 17 and Carl Hubbard,!!. chatting with Bahamas Sports Commissioner Dr. Elwood Donaldson while promoter McCann "but I cannot do that. I rnr That Tory Cia. Chowder

ALT also smothered the Bron- looks on. -Bahamas News Bureau photo by Lorenzo Lockhart. won't urged you to Join my or- CLAMS . 12 ox.: con 98c
RecordBob cos in the rebounding depart- ganltatlon but you should get off 6INUINI CHUNLOBSTER
ment, making 62 grabs to Fayetteville those old methods."
Beaman won the long jump ALT with State's 21 rebounds.39. Campbellled Walt Forgets Handicaps Listen's Manager between Brown the suggested various a segments dlalougue of LIt.. 0-._ wE;:. Ib. S1.39

In Oakland with a meet record Anderson added eight. the Negro movement, U polari-

equaling leap of 26 feet U 1/%inches The Broncos were led In '-...., Dies From Heart zation develops, however, said SEAFOOD CENTER
This was done over a bit scoring by Roy McNeil with 28 .;-.pJ Brown, "Pll have to go out likea
of Jitters for, according to Bea points and Oscar Phillips with """J man. We're all fighting for 144 N. MYRTLE AVE PH. EL 4 MCI

man, he was threatended for 25. : ;; .., Attack At 66 manhood after all." ,- -
competing In the New York Ath- The Aggies concluded their ,
letes Club's games several regular season with road games 4I -' ALLENTOWN.' Pa.-.Joseph
weeks ago.According. at Kentucky Wesleyan and (Pep) Barone, one time manager

to the news, Beamanwas Akron, February 22 and 24 re- of record for Sonny Us- Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans
very much upset. spectively. .. ton and lontlme fight promoter
died at Scared Heart Hospital 7s
following a heart attack. He .

Parade was 66.Barone. native of NetcOllL NJ :

Sports who once fought as a middle- l-, ; i ; ,

AikJ wight, turned promoter and conducted ...... :,

By NECR0 PRESS INTERNATIONAL a gymnasium during the ....
1920s. He had a record of heart k'.....
a .
ailment and suffered an attack j :,' + r
BIG STAKS SIGNEDATLANTANPITbe last year while watching the Joe .
Atlanta Braves have signed all theirbig Frailer-Doug Jones bout. 1, .

stars for the 1968 baseball season. Such bread-and-butter He suffered a recurrence this '

players as outfielders hank Aaron RlcoCarty and Felipe Alou past Wednesday night and entered !
and Tonly Cloninger and Sonny Jackson are already in the fold, the hospital.He r

and th Braves brass can now plan ahead for the season. was manager of record for ,t
Uston from 19S8 to 1961 and a
STAGING COMEBACKNEW was subpoenated In '61 los U.s.
YROK-NPI-Former two-time heavyweight boxing Senate subcommittee Investigating tt'
champion Floyd Patterson is staging still another comeback.Defeated the alleged presence of 1

in an elimination match by California heavyweight Jerry racketeers In boxing
Quarry recently, Floyd now will take on little-known Bonne Barone was described by some k
Kirkman of Rentob, Washington in Madison Square Garden In The right hand Is needed. Miss Evalina Turner of New York u a "front" for underworld
late April in the hope of fighting the winner of the March 4 entered the third flight of the City of Miami Golf Course recently sources. He entered a hospital f.

Buster Mathis-Joe Frailer match her first tournament Miss Turner said that handicaps after the subpoena was issued ,
can be overcome. The picture is proof of that. and never appeared before the

number of "fight cities" have made Is Unanimous was announced In 1961 Lls- P
bids for the Jimmy Ellis-Jerry Quarry World Boxing Association Elvin Hayes ton bought out his contract with r ,

heavyweight championship fight, with Los Angeles Barone for $73,000. __
cutting up a $250,000 guarantee for the bout. According to Choice For Leading CoachNEW

Fred Holbelnz, vice president Sports Action-Oakland, Calif.,
are also bidding for the bout, tentatively set for April %'llor YORK-Elvin Hayes University of Houston's 6-foot,236- Watch i '
national telecast. pound star, is the sole unanimous choke of the 13 coaches who .
selcted the annual National Basketball Association -All-Ame- This Clown ad se s aria a
HOT ISSUE rican Basketball team lodav.
-- -
ST. LOUIS (NPI>-Coach Charley Winner and his assistant, Lew Alclndor Junior center I 68-16-912 Norbert Rillieux ((1806.1894)He )
Chuck Drugs, last week refused to comment on a news story for UCLA, was chosen on 11 past Larry Miller of North Carolina
by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Gleason centering on the first-team ballots and one second to earn spot on the top 71 18 21

volatile issue of dissatisfaction of Negro players on the St team. five.
Louis Cardinals football team. The story alluded to the play Wes Unseld, from Louisville Maravlch's scorecard read'live S
ers' grievances about the attitude of an unidentified coach is a repeater on the squad, firsts and three seconds. made all our livesa
toward them.PICKETING along with Hayes and Alcindor. Miller had four firsts and five
He pollad 10 first place votes and seconds. Others receiving more I
two seconds. than one first-place vote were little sweeter.
NEW YORK Black power and anti-war activists joinedforces Dayton's Don May.a 6-4 senior Jo Jo White of Kansas and Calvin 1 / .

1st week to picket the heavyweight fight between Joe forward, is the'shortest an on Murphy of Niagara (two).
Frailer and Buster Mathls In Madlslon Square Garden. It the honor squad's first team, NBA Coaches All-American 49 53 46 '
Norbert Rillieux life plan- that turned cane Juice Into a finer
began on a sugar
Dubois Club
that members of the W.E.B. picketedthe The on the
was reported only sophomore First Team
Massachusetts version of 22 19 26 tatlon near New Orleans.He was a bright grade of sugar at about half the coat.The.
bout the New York squad is Pete Maravich of Louisiana Le Alcindor, UCLA, 7-U/2, /
Blest Muham- child and to learn. So hit father Rillieux Process was quickly adopted by
the title in of the "snathcing" by Whitney' of State University.May received eager
Jr. Elvlns Hayes,HoustonLSU Sometimes He's Up Sometimes
; anxious that the boy receive a good education Cuban and Mexican sugar refineries
drafed In to the
mad All's crown because be refused to be army. five first place votes
Don Dayton
6-5, Soph.; May, : He's Down, He AddsSubtracls ,tent him to Paris. Norbert Rillieux was soon the most famous -
INTEGRATED PLAYMONTGOMERY and was ballots.named in six second 6-4, Sr. Westley Unseld, Louisville He works it all around. Rillieux quickly lived up to all expec engineer in the state Louisiana.

ALA.-The U.S.Justice Department last week placed Maravicb, however, squeaked SECOND, 6-8, Sr. TEAM 62 10 98 tations. He published several papers on Several years later Rillieux returned to
asked a three-man federal court to direct Alabama school Carolina the steam engine and its economy and France only to find Europeans completely
authorities to scbedule athletic competition between predominantly GlobetrotterStar Larry Miller, North Niagara -, COMING ATTRACTIONS was soon an instructor at one of the fin- disinterested in his new sugar
6-4 Sr. Calvin Murphy
and white teams in est Paris process. So he turned to archeojogyandHlseducatlonandtralningbchlndhlm
Negro prdomlnantly compliancewith Jo Jo White 44 academies.
5-il Soph 31 IB -
an order issued March 22, 1967, requiring the 99 Alabama Bob Lanier lpent ten ycaradecipherina pieroglyphtc
Plans To Kansas, 6-3 Jr.; Rillieux decided the U.S. to Eventually Europe realized the value
school systems to desegrate their athletic programs The to return to
St. Bonaventure. 6-U Soph.Don;
department pointed out that the schools systems I had adopted a Smith Iowa State, 6-8, Sr. MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED put his talents to use. of the Rillieux sugar process,and adoptedIn
policy of scheduling interscholastic contests with white teams MENTION the early 1840's sugar was manufac- it In its refineries.With renewed interest

play nig other white schools and Negroes! play ing Negro squads. Switch Sports HONORABLE Lucius Allen UCLA Mike tured by a slow,primitive method known Rillieux again turned engineering,this
A bearing of the request"integrate the playing field" Is Butch ;Beard as the"Jamaica Train".This made it an time applying hit process to the sugar
Duke ,
_; ser for March 8. .Bobby Joe Mason,Clever Harlem Louisville, Henry; Logan,Wes- expensive luxury that only .a few could beet. Results: Sugar production costs
Globtrotters basketball, ; "Man's Days are Numbered.. afford. were cut in half.
:Yo Slmmle Hill
a i COMPLETE PLAYER star may turn to other sports terp Carolina State; Mervin Jack, Health and Fortun Can Be One day, Rillieux ran'hit fingers Norbert Rillieux did for sugar what

,I NASHVILLEEldridge Dkkey, 6-2 *, 190 pound quarterback when his playing days ar over. West Texas Shaler,Hallmon.Utah' Yours When You Know Your through a small bowl of coarse, brown Eli Whitney did for cotton.We may take

y,, Tennessee ALT university last season and the first round "PU turn t coaching when 1 State son, Utah Rob; Boerwlnkle,Tennessee Lucky Days sugar,and felt sure that something could his invention for granted now, but each
J i draft choice of the AFL champions Oakland Raiders, announce feel Pm slowing down as a Glob- ; Denver. be done to make it better and cheaper. teaspoon of sugar that goes into our cup
,,t be would like become the first Negro quarterback In pro trotter and I'll be the first to Harry Hollines, Lucky Colors, etc. So he set to work. of coffee should remind us of this Ingen-
lootbalL know, said Masons; a former Send $2.00 for your By 1846 he had developed a process ious American.
REWARDED Bradley University star Wont 1966 CatastropheNEW Horoscope Guide for
Flood rewarded fort Mason dosetft know whether YORK-Tornadoei
;! ST. LOUB- Fleet outfielder Curt, was
.t. helping to broost the St.'Lotos Cardinals theNatlonal Leaguer he'll turn his coaching attention MARCH STRAIGHT BOURBON

,pennant and the World Series title in 1967,when the club agreed to basketball, football or track. peka. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEU6 .THE OLoTAnOi OISTILLERY CO.ftANKfOIT IOUISVILILKY
to him and estimated 175,000 in salary for the'1968 season;; He excelled at all three In high June 1966 retailed in the year'
,r, pay Fill In the blank below and Would like to own this handsome sculptured bust of Norbert Rillieux If* 8" tall, made of
#r, MIAMIWinter baseball bat proven to be costly for Baltlr school and college. coMlieU Insurance catastrophe mall to ZODIAC, Post Office antique you bronze east stone, and carries the complete Rillieux story! It costs $3,00 (which Is what It
the Trotter directly the insurance In.
Mason to to
more Orioles centerflelder Paul Blair. Blair, who will miss came according Box 1171 Jacksonville Fla. Grand Central Sta. N.Y No Y. 10017.
Old Box .
cost us).Send check or money order toi Taylor, 4863,
formation Inititute. The .
I i the Bird opening day lineup, chipped a bone in his right anklei from an outstanding career norm .
: while playing off-season ball in Puerto Rico and was forced at Bradley and has put in inflicted $58 million in iniured': NAME i>!";;4i" .aua

:!, to wear a cast for several weeks. He still walks with a limp, five years with the road-touring property losses damaging or destroymg -_ STREET = ov rate NAi
------ -
:, and the club doctors have ordered him not to do any. rmming'during basketball team despite military 3,755 dwellings, killing .DATE OF BIRTH-- ,
spring tnlnlgn until late March. hitch. .1' 16 persons and injuring 406, -

.a c


.' l ,

-. -- ':".": ....Ii. ."" .!II!....,,' ']:;' "J... ..... ... '. ... ......-VL' J&t :


t .



Want to lose weight fast? Get FOR SALE Ultra Modernities
the famous Super-Been Rd- Grant Memorial AME'' Church I Hiss Mary Helen

ducing Plan, free with Super- Beach Motel and Restaurant. Meets With
BUY a HOME ouiy69moniin 'Keen Time Capsules $3. Beer License. On Main Streetto Stresses
water. American Beach. Mrs. 0, WellsThe Dual Day Sunday Morris Bride In

MAKE, THE MOVE KOZY KORNER Price below evaluation. Must Ultra Modernettes Social'
TO FINER LIVING 4412 Moncrief Road.WINE. sell For Information Call Club will meet on March Ifr Grant Memorial AME: Church, Dr. A.J. Reddlck pastor, will
SOLD 854-9881. Easy Terms. at 7 p.m., at the home of Mrs. hare Dual Day Sunday,March 10. Church WeddingMiss
Ola Mae Wells 311 West 17th .,
ALL BRICK In the Sunday School Mrs and the offering will be taken
F de "' St. Officers will be Installedby Kathlyn McKentle, acting superintendent by Mrs. Roxle Wells and Mrs. Mary Helen Morris
Sejthink. TOOTHACHE Rev M. Girt The Bible ,
5r will be
MOO 3BEDROOMSALES verse begin with C. Mrs.. assisted by 'Willie Mae Stewart Observations daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee'
many Tlsltlng teachers.
NOW The call ( will come from Mrs.Wll-
erno Dm I .ut,,, limy, cat DM.It I, In .ec- Juanita Odum Is pres'.dent;Mrs. to worship will Morris, and Mr. Percell Hop-
2441 owelo > .sues you eel relief from throbwnf. ,DOt... Helen Baskins is rep .ter. Clara come from Mrs. '> ]lie Mae Hart chairman. tins, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. ,
ot OFFICE at J1r ache pun rut on-piln$ font. Until you j L. Reddlck, At 6:15 Rev. W.C. Neal and Percell Sr.
Hopkins, were mar-
Just can sea your otntlit do n million do- The
DIVISION & 2Oth ST. EXP 1d .mt OlA III. lit com- ..***.- morning worship beginsat mtndttf by mint d.fi* + *+ SERVICEReasonable 10:45. Mrs. Laura Campbell 1 Baptist win be guest The Male
: 3546746GRAND tlitt.Aid plumucltt lor.*QnMm"ii>li In the New MtOllve Baptist
| will lead the first hymn Mrs. I IRota Chorus of Grant Memorial AME Church.
PARK Dra.jel. = f" Lee Johnson. will give the will sing. Others participating Rev. W. Clanton officiated
\\ Invocation.: Mrs. Lfllle Mae will be: Rev. Robert Darden, The bride wor a satin and
STEREO/RADIO tj i Smith will read the Scripture.t I hymn; Otto McQueen,'Invocation Ice creation, with a veil at-
COMBINATION 398-3030 Miss Ruth Haynes will read I ; Rev FJ).Richardson,Jr., tached to lace petals. Her flowers
Solid State radlo-4 speed fully the Decalogue. The Missionary I Scripture; Rev F.D. Richardson were carnations. .
automatic iotermliitereo offering will be In charge 'Of Sr., Decalogue; William Miss Martha Morrlsslster of
WANT A GOVERNMENT .Mrs. Courtney Carley. The occasion Ellison '
changer with automatic cut off Missionary Offering- the bride was maid of honor.
and dual sapphire needles. 2 lOBI'?' will be stressed by Mrs. J. L. Preston, Occasion;' Brldematrons were Mrs. Bar
HOME OWNERS Brllla Stephens. Mrs. Luella McGhee Pearson Announce-
months old. Pay balance of$69. bara Bush, Mrs Jacqueline
Send $1.00.lor McBride will sing and announcements ments Dr. ,
or $8.50 per month. Also good only pampWlVS ; Reddlck presenta-i Hopkins and Mrs. LeatrlceHarris.
4 BORROW UP TO $5,000ON buy on Color Television, deliver Security Center 119 Richmond -' will be made by lion of speaker,Rev.W.C.NeaL; The best man was Mr.
S.E. Albuquerque, New Mrs. Lenora A.Smith.ACknow- James Holmes,Levi McIntosh,::
lOUR L 1OUI VINtNCIl, CIlONVnit, HO IOA without obligation A-l Music Earnest Ross. Ushers were Mr.
EQUITY Center. 1606 Main St Jaz. Mexico '87106. ledgements will be made. by Clifford: Murry, Albert Milton, Jimmie Rodgers, Mr. Moses
Consolidate All Your Billn and Milk" Only Fla. RENT Mrs. Altimese RouDiac. LV; Johnson and ;Jesse Nesmith Edwards and Mr. Ronald Stan
One Monthly) Payment ROOM FOR Mrs. Earnestlne Poole,speaker wlll.be In charge of the of-; seL Eunice Goshay was the
CALLWHITTIGIONROGERS Quiet nice person, cooking, will be presented by Mrs. ferlng. Remarks will come flower girL Edward Hopkins
HOMESTEADINVESTMENT 65-8832.. Rose Mary McAllister. The Invitation from J. Warner. Dr. J.W. Red- was the ring bearer.

FUNERAL HOME:, will be by Dr. Reddick dick Is pastor.Zeiss Following a wedding tr ip to MIamI -
CORPORATION PORTABLE TYPEWRITE! the newlyweds will lire in

I II6S WEST EDCIWOOD I Remington Lightweight good Bethel Chiirmin_ Include Jacksonville.
For sympathetic cb ditlon. Has balance of $34.
CALL 765.7044 TODAY .., ?.MC...... ,., serviceof I or pay $7. per month. Phone (Church Worship
'.0, lOX MII jACKsoNvnir n*, met distress '. 353-1946. Will deliver, without

r------------------------,( Courteous attendants obligation

|I NMK I II oa duty 24 hoursto HELP WANTED In AnniversaryMembers YOUR GOOD

I I I serve you of,the Beta Alpha

I Auom1: ..., .. .,.. ... I I Young lady, 21 or over,to wor Ifn Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta HEALTH
I I I Mrs., Mary M. Rogers RN Confectionery Store. For information Sorority, Inc. worshipped at .
I I James Crawford call 3549881. the Bethel Baptist Institutional
I I cm ... .. THONF" I SAMUEL C. ROGERS Joseph Baldwin Church OIISunda morn1ng.Feb-1 When your feet hurt you can
Il------------------J I ZIG lAG FOR ((40 nary 25, In observance d 1 feel sick all over.. There U a
800 West State And Madison .Finer Woman Week" an ani variety of foot troubles,most of
SEWING MACHINE Original maul observance held during the the m caused by, or aggravatedby
24 IIOUH Phone 354-7879 I Guarantee, Zig Zag make buttonholes last week In February poorly fitted.shoes and st>x?
SISTER BESSli AMBULANCE SERVICE sews oa buttons, decorative The speaker was Rev.Rudolph. 1 When you buy shoes, you should
Our Only Establishment-No Branches designs, monograms, M. McKlssick. fit your foot rather than try to
Sbe will read your entire life-past, preset nd etc. Just pay balance $40 at $8. Presentations s were made by make your foot fit a prevailing
future. She asks no questions but will tell i per month. Phone 153-1946u-- the BasUens, Alpha H. Moore, style.. It is especially importantto
what you want to know, giving date and facts u. lime. deliver, no obligation. to Rev. R.W.McKlwIck and a have plenty of room for your
business, love, health and family affairs. Will ; A-l Sewing MachWCo.: Bethel AME: Church,Rev. payment on t life membershipto toes.
help you find lost art TELL you whom you will BRAND NEW 1606 Main St.ISABELLA Elijah Jones, pastor, will celebrate the N.A.A.C.P....presented Walking shoes should have low
marry and when. U the one you love is true, what I HOMES Men's Day on Sunday,. to C. Lenwood Lee,president of 'or medium heels with a firm
to do to be successful Will reunite the separated, s RICK OF PARIS March 10, Arthur Mitchell, the local chapter. 'base. Stiletto heels are fine forwarding
locate absent friends and relatives, and cause roars Mel I I have the Amat- shown above Is general chair- Recognition was given to mem- off an attacker but not
happiness between man and wife. Make up lover'! rJ: ', h Inc.superior tonic tablets, pep man of the day. The church 1s bers of the undergraduate chap- so good for walking.Women who
quarrels. Tells, It sickness or bad luck Is natural for all the things you want to do. located at Third and Tyler Sis. ter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority wear them toworkand who must
enemlnes, evil Influence and bad luck. Does Box of 30$1.00.Satisfactionpuanteed Prominent speakers have been at Edward Waters College, be on their feet very much
'not tell to pleas you,'but will tell the truth. One visit will repay or Money Back.For chosen for the day. members of Phi Beta Sigma should keep a pall of comfortable
you for disappointments In all others. I not only read your lifelike Men and Women. Fraternity, and the Amlcae. low heel shoes at work to
an open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. MemorialAME change Into.
Come and see why you are so unhappy, when everything seemsto P.O. Box 230, Dept. 8., Grant After a day of strenlous walk-
go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted, sick ana worried 3 ft 4 bedroom plan with 1,1 Vi, Ing, It pays to bathe your feet In
when you can be helped and everything made clear by consulting 2 bath and garage. Gary, Indians i Usher Board Jax Post 191 warm water, dry them, and elevate -
THIS GIFTED MEDIUM! EverybodywelcomNOMAILANS- Modem choelt, church and a complete them on a stool or couch.
WERED. I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address, shopping center clot by. Ho.ZDinner Guest I Members Are The sox or stocking should be
sister besets Is located north of Callahan on U.S. 11; MOTELALL changed dall,.
1/2 mile from City of CALLAHAN, Floi"Ida. Phone' : 879-2250. LINCOLN ESTATES, ROOMS HEATED .Memorial Usb.r' Bard AME No.! of Grant I I Urged To CooperateMembers If, after a long walk, a blister
WATCH FOlio HER SIGN LN FI..ONT OF HOUSE 12 rooms, Private bath-S.OO Church was develops, don't open It.'The dead
Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL' 7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 7651685It's 18 rooms Seml-prlvate-M.OO gust at u appreciation dinner of Jan Post 197 are, skin of the outer layer of the
I, Open dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Including Sundays. DAY RATE $UO oa February 20 at 691 North requested to assemble at the blister provides protection
THE CUPPING ENTILES YOU TO A $5. READING for $Z.. I (1 or I Persons) Lincoln CourtA Post Home, 2179 Benedict Rd., against infection If the blisterIs
short program was given, on March 9, for cleaning the broken, however, the dead
with Miss Maggie Kiln serving building and the grounds. Hot skin should be removed theta
{D.EWOOD MOTOR CUlT as chairman. Mrs. Retha fish will be served free The antiseptic applied. The wound

smart to shop at Jax SALE PRICES GOOD INTEGRATED Pringle led the prayer. Mrs. American Legion Birthday will should then be covered with a
(911 U.s. 1,Cor.Edgewood Ave.. Alice Bellamy and Mr. Stephens be observed on March 15. On sterile bandage
r o D2acR W FOR UJa.'ljU ( Phone: 764-0003-Always Oon I' led the blessing. March 17 the Post and the Auxiliary Anptbecsource of pain Is the
I Among guests were: Mrs wiU worship with the bunion, a preventable de-
I1. RBpN 1 W THROUGH FOR MEN AND WOMEN Jackson Mrs. H. Lane, Mrs Friendly Baptist Church in the formity. This is caused by a puK
I Stephens Mrs. L. White, Mrs.H. morning service.Cleveland. ling of the great toe toward the
OF All AGES$ Londy. Mr. Jacobs and a center of the foot when the ligaments
EaE s //jci*; WED. MARCH 13th 'Take New IMPROVED NATURE !. former member Mrs. Battle that usually bold the
NT KY Luwanen. great toe in place are weak.This
TABLETS for that tired rundown : Members are Mrs Gardner Mayor weakness Is caused by Insufficient -
Reg. S.39 feeling that keeps you from Miss Italian Mrs. Bellany, exercise, especially; walking .
JIM BEAM 1 enjoying life. Mrs. Jacobs,Mrs.Golden,Mrs. Stokes ListensTo and It is much more prevalent
100 Tablets $3.00 ZOO Tablets
; Holmes, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. In women than In men.
ORReg. 45.00. $1.00 deposit on COD'S. Peny, Mrs. Robinson Mrs. Local F Gripes A bunion Is usually not painful
Q95 ANCIENT EMPIRE PRODUCTS SALES Pringle, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Williams In the earls stages,but after\
561tRa0F DePt. FS, S937 N. Broadway Mrs. Henry, Mrs. 'Thomas !a few years,'the bursalsac surrounding
AGE Chicago. Dllnois 60629 Mrs Selph, Mr. Hardy CLEVELANDNPIJMayor ( ) the affected Joint becomes -
&.n Mr. Stephens and Mr. Richard Carl B. Stokes succeds Inflamed. When to the
In keeping tempters cool this
y son. discomfort d the bunion a complicating -,
SEA-BO SMIRNOFF VODKA BOURBON w OWN YOUR HOME '; junior members and their summer, his program of arthritis or gout Is

100% CALIFORNIA OR 3FIFTHS Own your home, FHA 4 VA guests received gifts. Gifts sponslble."gripe-ins" may Jar&el1r.-- added, the pain can be unbearable

\ J.T.S. BROWN Financing. On your own lot, In were exchanged by the mem During the first of his j and will require expert
bers. A cub
WINE gift presented treatment
\ .city or county, easy monthly municipal by your doctor.
86 Proof Straight 1' payments, not down payment,all by members of the board for hundreds of complaint Clevelanders sessions, With the approach of warmer
BOURBON > Case 47,75 you need is a lot, good credit' leadership over the last twelve to City Hall to came weather, plan to take your children .
.1 : and years. Mrs. Gelestlne Jacobs is pipe about to the beach.Nothing Is bet-
a steady U
Job. ( don't
V FIFTHS : you everything In the book from air
tHtp /3 .. 't own a lot now, we may be able reporter. pollution to bad bus ter for their feet, and yours as
O .ART 10 95 MIX Tom to help you find one). The mayor gave each service.person 'WIU. as walking barefoot In dry

: CNON>Zr MUSCATEL, R -' RURAL HOME: BUILDERS, Senior Women'sGroups several minutes after studying sand.
rosrvvHUTEroer, Case42,95. MAiC I -: "' EISCHMANNlc INC.-208 Arora Blvd. Orange,' Florida card his visitor had filled out.'
Park Florida. PbOl1e'1716373'for 01 Sometimes he
e eSHEAArOATSHEAAY information. promised action. Afro Pension
eg, 5.20Reg.9.20&Np1G Other times he promised to look
R Association MeetThe Into the situation
'i Courtesy Committee of the Bureau Gives

) \ a p Cll : I STRAIGHT GIN CIRCULATION'Man Senior East Florida Women's Association department of the Sigma Rho

o1 BOURBON : to work part tune. Able to will
present a drama on Sun- Pension Awards
1 ENLI OR rA001BEEEEa1ER 'i work all day Friday. Driver's day night, March 10, at ':30 p. Sorority Make
k, SEMKOVVODKA 'license. Good references. m. at the Mt Sinai. Baptlt
Proof 61N\ "Vr Church, 1551 Lee. Anniversary Plans The Afro-American Pension
94 REPORTER Bureau at the annual meeting
sthf This play win be given for the
Jr Thi Phllos of Sigma Rita Sorority honored several retirees. They
r benefit of the courtesy committee
3 Trainee. Must be good inlOgiich
.. FIFTHS -- Apply of the State convention, of Inc., are making: plant were: Fred Dixon Home Office
193OR VmoKA which Mrs. Lucille Scott is for their fourth anniversary In Bookeeplng 46 years; At-
Cli Q25 FLORIDA STAR chairman and Mrs.Lucille Mot Hay 'These member shave been trus Fleming, Jacksonville
Case co-chairman. divided into two groups. Mrs Eastside District Debits, 43
MATCH Or 13JI I MONCRIEF ,'Among participants .wll) be Annie Mae Paige and Mrs.Ruby years; N.B. Williams,Jacksonville
Mrs. Edith Jones and Mrs.BesJsle Johnson are captains. Mrs. Eastside District, Debits
\ I KING SPJCIAL ..SAlE No Phone Calls! Carter. Choir No. 1 of Mt. Thelma Ray is general chairman 36 years; O.W. Weaver;Athens
Sinai will furnish the music. District Manager 34 years;
SIZE DOMESTIC WINES W.A. CoWer Cordele District,
BOTTLE OF IMPORTED AND ,Group No.l will have as Its Assistant Manager; 34 years;

.-.. KING SIZE 6 PAK BINGO BINGO captain Mrs. Annie Mae Paige Mrs. A. D. Devoe, Daytona
This group will sponsor a party Beach District, Debit Manager,
BEER L8 CASE OF 24 549 S/POR In the home of Mrs.?alP,1480 I' 32 years;L.G.:; BarnwelLSavan-
, ; \ West Eighth, on March 24. All: nah District, Debit Manager,25

a l!. '10 YEAR OLD Reg.. 5,25 f7 '3.50 CHAPOUTIER TRAVEL ROSE..M.Sth U9 .'7.35 ,Every Wednesday Night Starting 8 P .M, Phllos 10:30 a.m.are Sunday asked to morning meet at at t: years Regional; Mrs. B.L.Office Penn, Cashier Houston -
DANT'SCharcoal BULLOCH LADE'S ". M8 the Mt Olive Primitive Deight years,LJt.Raiford Jack-
I 100% IMPORTED: 2.95 NECTAROSE.................PAPE..5th..,.........5th 2.1 2.79 6.00 JACK POT $100 tist pests Church at tile where church's they will annual be i LWomen's 1 sonvllle Eastside District,Debit -
, Perfected t SCOTCH' WHISKEY 3.15 BERTOLU CHIANTI............QUART! I'M 5.'l5 Day. Manager, 35 years; and W.
Kentucky StrnthtBOURBON 4.35 LANCERS...,......,..,,........-......;..5th 3.19 8.25 On Miss Marc C. Corbette, Tampa Districtalit
Distilled and Blende 2.79 MATEUS ROSE......,...?..........:..M5th 2,19,3.59 Myrtle Ave. ft 9th St. Shannon Saturday fm] Miss Sandra Special Representative, 34
86 PROOF in Scotland' 3.45 CHERRY KIJAFA...................:...5th, 2.69 7.75 Bailey, debutantes of Stautoo yearn AU
.. _.. 2.05 GOLD SEAL CATAWBA.. .."... 5th 1.49 425. retirees received watches
449 t : Walker's Business High School of the classes of r and
College certificates
J f9 3 FOR 'FiFTH B.fl: 1.59. MOGEN DAVID,.."' ..... ....:.:..._... 1.08 3.00 1968 and 1969, will be honored I Bass, Gainesville, Including, Debits,W.J.25

Sponsored By with a barbecue from 7 to 10) years, and C.A. Moore, Home
5th 12.50 3 FOR S12.95V t.c:< p.m.iD the home of Mrs.. Office, District Office Auditor,

CASE'49;95 CASE 4995. ST. PUIS'CATHOLIC SCHOOL Audrey Jones, 309 West 16th 19 years, who were not pre-
Street Mrs. Jennie Vee Crock sent. All presentations wereLnW
No 'One Under 21'Tears Admitted ett Is president; Mrs. I made by Dr. J.& Lewis,chair
Mae Wright is reporter; man of the Board of Dlrectors.f .



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