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1083596 F20090414_AAAGQL 00068.jpg ae7e26248dc15dee12923d931bcff1b1cfa297cfa9f8dbc80709d0ac785bb61a08e3a10c
130452 F20090414_AAAGQM 00068.QC.jpg 2dc08a6e9125313db59488e06db6164c2fce9f6cac937f0d4ef95c014f0c7a029be16416
6605123 F20090414_AAAGQN 00068.tif ac7ed125cefee85aca4e486316eb61fe4fd606df31cb1d8e5bd60fd22be516cf6a019552
25455 F20090414_AAAGQO 00068.txt bc567d92a208e7ea2f22cc17e490fe601af9314253f4f575a4ff2d2d9c2f33e0b6e58968
31363 F20090414_AAAGQP 00068thm.jpg 403b4267257c44c69c3a0c2d5cfb28e66fb0023e705e92c2461bc3688f8e8ed9be01322a

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200753datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 17, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007530740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 17, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 17, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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of FlA. HISTORY ::;

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Jackie Presents Media Award _* '

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Y * *. ...!

s1Parent t+ (WARNS UL AUDIENCE: '

-Student Boycott. Looms


In Fight For Quality Education t

... ..

Bjr AN Eric EDITORIAL O. Simpson l Leaders Are |Roger Wilkins Tells Minister's Car:

Disputing, Aslocations In Wreck With
Florida's teachers (members of the Florida Education Association ,
) took a dramatic stepwhen some3S,000of them banded 'T kY 'To/ J JaxonsStruggle Has
la their resignations euUer this week.U Is a step that many Postal WorkerA
view as a drastic one; and because many people do not fully realize NEW YORK-The Second Civil
what is at stake or have forgotten what the teachers have Wu is under way, according to post office employee, Frederick
COOt through for much too many years the FEA Is coming for a 45,000 word article In the Just Begin In U.S. D. Tooley, 41, of 4152
some criticism from various Bourcs ...And to make matters ," :March issue of Esquire. Booker Street, was killed In a
worse a large segment of the press-and particularly DuvalCounty's r Selected black militant leadersare two-car collision at the 20th
railroad controlled Tlmes-V 1011 and Journal paper.em -- c In dispute u to whether "There Is no easy way out," was a terse, but effective, Street Expressway and Canal
.. to be Involved in conspiracy with the downtown business the base of revolution should f phrase used by Roger Wilkins, director of the Community Street at about 8:30 Thursday I f
,firms to discourage the teachers' fight for Quality education. located lathe North or the South, Relations Service of the Justice Department, when be spoke, morning,' and was dead on arrival I
When we consider that for years Florida has been deprived of but are in agreement that In- u guest of the Jacksonville Urban League, before a capacity at the Duval Medical Cen I
qaullty education, that Devil County lost Its accreditation be* sum' tloa Is an Immediate :annual League banquet audience in the spacious auditorium of ter.
cause lack of financial appropriations to provide/ good school Jackie Robinson former baseball and National pros Kt. theGeorn: Washington Hotel! Tuesday. According to Patrolmen WJ.
great Brotherhood
and acquire qualified teachers, compounded with the fact that In the Esquire article, author Director Wilkins,who can very I
Week Chairman U shown
presenting Philip"..BuckmlDilt.r Is University of Michigan said
well speak with authority, ,
Governor Claude Kirk hu to brow-beat teachers Garry Wills It terriers
attempted police
Chrysler relIdtDt of staffs "Our
tct-t> corporate lC014'meda1UOD President Johnson's choice for country Is In grave trouble
la this state and make of their with officials of eight cities
a mockery demands his major : <
award a of annual
presentation Importance by the the task of of discrimination In race relations and there
double talk the FEA left alternative call who their forces ,
was no than to their National Conference of Christians and Jews. The award Is are preparing ha
the interpreting Is no clear Indication that we
members out of the classrooms. tor the putting down of armed
for contributions
given "outstanding better human relation
practices and the assisting have a walto..eour.el'tlout" ,
and to the cause of brotherhood. Robinson the featured
was the alleviation of cancerous situation of the forest"However be cautioned '
Much of the has succeeded la Commissioner Glrardln ,
press making citizens believe speaker at an awards luncheon held In Detroit. Ray ,
that all the teachers are fighting is higher salaries. Netting .;.. one of the early veterans of over America. that we must find a way.
--- .
can be farther than the truth. Us a fight for enlargement of the that city's. racial confrontations WUklaa, dvlsf .I% Executive Director Clams
kindergarten Its for Instructional for last summer told Esquire. Brown spoke of the need of continuing I
I I. program, a fight material I
'. '',student*)-Its a D&ht to redeo rooms; Its a fight for construction of K-12 classrooms..... pie\ vt'not become aware ofthat. by t League wlttgo ,
lor. support of the Junior colleges, for free text books.w.Art t" 1 eminent and local support. The
,there anymore reasons why they shouldn't resign, r A detailed study tithe problem 1 Green Power program of lastrear
,0 ever there was an occasion support the teachers, the time While perhaps the first fully comprehensive feltthedlrectorshouldbe REV.
Is NOW. The children who attend the public schools of Florida report of Us kind, a continuing project. He felt

have all to gain U a result of the sacrifice the teachers have was prepared by Willis, who art larger efforts should be and B. F. Tayb f;.
made la passing In their rUlp&UODI.1Ddetd the teachers shouldbe spent two months survey Ing major secretarial In the field of training Tooley was killed when his cat;: i
commended for U Is an extreme sacrifice when a teacher Holding Victim trouble spots, concluding: atp help and clerical was bit on the driver's side after.:
with. 10 to 15 or to years resigns his or her position with a ) thai onlv police officials and under the League's pro- he had pulled onto the expressway *-;
chance of losing the benefits that have accrued over the long) black militants are fully aware' tram. Brown also solicited the and tried to cross It on Can*:

years of toll and deprivation. A 10-year term In the state prison has been imposed on a 15 of the likelihood of war. import and of paid the many tribute In the to thosewho audience al Street. The postal employee;
There are who feel that who know what Is Exploring the rolt defense situation ,
many parents It to year old Marvin WhltfieU,for the raped a young white housewife have helped was southbound on Canal Street.
have their children In over-crowded classrooms without text at last Wills foundb1mseUtlrlDe when a cu driven by Rev.Labs;
books and Instructional materials would do Just as well to keep gunpoint February experimental guns, snlffingnew ROGER WILKQVJ Lewis Carter, a former Executive don L. Williams, 32, president
their children out of the schools next week If the matter Is not Whltfleld of <422< W. Orange :similar circumstancss.: Kinson gasses, snearlng chemical re- Director, now an area of International Longshore**!
settled by then. It Is pointed out that while the schools are operating >> Street, who pleaded guilty was awaits sentencing by Circuit' 'pellants j on his face, and climbing mostly without notes, called attention supervisor In the Southern Region men's Association, who lives !
with .substitutes unqualified teachers, the ..tudeDtaIttD't sentenced by Circuit Court Court Judge Marion W.Gooding. over and Into new .'rlottaota" to the phenomenal economic of the Community Relation 125418th Street,struck his cat.-:
Judge John M. McNatt growth of America Council!, presented an Interest- ;
learning anything anyway. Furthermore has been reported Maximum, penalty for In; .I Rev. Williams, pastor d:
that a "scab teacher" was seen staggering Into a class Testimony brought out by Asslstant Florida i Is death in the electric rape In Philadelphia, Police Commissioner over the past decade. But, be log and cballenc1DcrlYlewortht. Greater Bethany Baptist:
warned there has
not activities.Dr.
State been such League's .
room emitting the odor of alcohol from his breath. Attorney, RichardC. chair Frank Rltio, with a Church, was reported In satis;'
Gordie showed that Whltfleld a phenomenal growth In relations J. C. ,Downing, dinner
U U regrettable that small group teachers allowed them large budget, a well stocked factory condition at St. Luke>
elves to be duped Into recalling their resignations to return to was one of two teen-age Negroes arsenal, and power at City Hall between races.Ha chairman, presented award to hospital. .:
their classrooms. U anything they are the ones who are morn who assaulted the 18-year-old is in the process of, among spoke of the ghetto pbllso- L.I. Alexander Mrs. Martha The Impact of the cars caused
Interested money than In the Issues at stake. houswlfe, about 8:15 p.m., February I Cat "Burglers"Really other things, training anti- ploy of many and felt that strong Horne and Mrs. I.E. Williams, Toilers car to veer more than
NOW B THE TIME FOR CITIZENS TOSUPPOhTTHE TEAC- 10,1907 u she was walking sniper squads to shoot from beIleopter. attempts should be made toward members of the directors 115 feet. The accident happened<<;'
HERS. along lathe 2800 block of .. helping all, black and white. He board. Mrs. Rutledge Pearson 1 at 8:30 am. Tooley was dead on;:
RosseUe Street In Chicago officials have mentioned the great disparity in received a posthumous award in 1 arrival at the hospital at 8:50'Ii
Evidence Burgled learning between the white and honor of her husband the late
showed that Wbitfield worked out a system of bus ,
Leader Accused Off and his alleged accomplice,18yearold transportation Into riot areas, the Negro student. Rutledge Pearson.
Edward cam) Kinson rushing police to the scene of The speaker pointed out thea- Otters honored were Alfred! Ii a.m.Dr. King
Violating N.Y.. OrderMEW I of 2764 Ferdale Drive were In a i And Get Caught violence and eliminating traffic reu of racial contact thinking Denson, Denver Broncos professional Skips
the few
station wagon pulled alongside congestion that would otherwise past years and warned football player and
YORK-. Rap Brown, militant black power advocate, the young woman and K1nsoa. The Duval police felt earlier hamper their efforts. that the concepts of some years Bob Hayes of the Dallas Cowboys
was arrested this week on a federal rant from New Orleans brandishing a pistol, forced her :In the week that they had caught t In Los Angeles, a crack troop ago, cannot be accepted now, the latter In. absentia.; Press Meeting: ,
charing that Brown violated a court order not to leave New What ne considered
u Denson
Into the vehicle i the extremely elusive "Cat t of police"mountain goats"used easy accepted they Hayes'
York City. Testimony was that they drove Burglars." for rescue work'on California social work of years ago In the Mayor
Brown was taked Into custo- the victim to a vacant field Three suspected teenagerswere 'mountains and in fire and earthquakes South is not practicable today, Hans Tantler spoke encouragingly At Miami Hotel

dy at his West Side Manhattan before him immediately. where, holding the pistol on her, taken into custody and,according has added a converted be said. of the progress>> !
apartment and brought to Federal authorities said Mitchell they took turns raping her.They < to police, were supplyIng World War Q M-8 battle car He mentioned the fact that allegiance made by the League and reminisced MIAMI-Dr. Martin Luther
the federal courthouse In Fol- asked that Brown's bail then let her out In the 1900 block youngsters with pistols andteugas to its fleet. Is not sufficient There about the minimum King, Jr., in Miami this week
e be canceled and that he be extradited of West Twenty-eighth Street, pens stolen In lootings., In Pittsburgh, a permanently must be a redoing In the field of tendance of whites at the 1964 I for a conference with Negro
IM.h been specifically to New Orleans immediately evidence showed. Only last week they were arrested activated riot center Is cording cooperation between all races. banquet.Dr. preachers, skipped press conference -
charged with appearing at a or that new ball of 1100, Whiffle and Kinson were both at a delicatessen at 515 5 .Into existence. Attorney Wilkins, a former Hunter. Satterwhlte was, according to the news.
rally 'In Los Angeles Sunday 000 be set of a later appearance Indicted for rape of the 18-year- Main Street. One boy bad a crow in Kansas city, Police are social worker, a p-aduaieortht toastmaster A cogent reason was given.
with another'black power extremist In New Orleans. old housewife, but Klnson's Indictment bar. The others werell1d1Dc.lDan training merchants to use. rifles An aide said, "Dr. King did I
Stokely Carmichael, although A U.S.District court in Richmond was dropped by Gor- alley. and pistols. Powerful' Group Semis not feel like answering questIons -
Brown was under a federal Vaa which has allowed die, since Kinson earlier plead Lee T.SU&ht,115EastChurcb, And in Detroit, Clrardln has on everything from Koreato
court order not leave the Brown to remain free on $15, ed guilty to rape of a 18-year- 17 years old, was lodged the asked for nine million dollar's Vietnam" to teachers at that I J
New York City area without 000 bail pending the outcome' old white housewife under city Jail earlier In theweekonabreakingandentering worth of anti -riot equipment, Decision To State Heads time. .
of extradition proceedings to In another area, It was said, I
permission.A .
court money buy armored vests ,
Justice. ', Departmentspokesman Maryland also ordered Brown The others were taken to the, machine guns, battle car a. TALLAHASSEE, FIl'lorlda Agricultural and Mechanical Dr. King was to be asked io
in Washington said to put up 1100,000 bail by Friday Jury Not Juvenile shelter.Investigators Willis states: "Tte Second University should be continued U a State University,one of the detour his massive civil disobedience -

Judge Lansing L. Mitchell of, or go to Jail. Jack Adams and Civil War is not a possibilityi huge chain of Colleges and Universities Florida,is the opinion'of demonstration for
the UJSDistrict Court id New Brown, 23 is fighting extradition Be Interoted E.L. Binson found a note which, the present reality anyone _the powerful Tallahassee. Chamber of Commerce. Washington In April. It was rumored
from Virginia that the would

toMarj.land suggestion
Orleans canceled Brown's $15, where read, "Thank' You, the Cat who denies that Is certainly not THIS encouraging decision was contact members of the state
to Is under indictment be made that they Into the
000 ball on a federal firearms Bunglers" Other notes! ere leftwith telling like it Is. reached at a recent meeting of legislature and other state 1 go
charge and ordered the leader on. charges of Inciting Says 'Go. Judge Veterans Army Navy Sur: "The presence of the guns the Chamber of Commerce, s.. officials as to their stand. districts of anti-civil rights
Negroes to riot in : .
of the Student Nonviolent Co- Lamorioge I, pluse store at 48 Baoy, makes It Imperative to develop which time the question alibi Florida MM has, In recent ,
;orOnatlng Committee to CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 ATLANTA limited and future of this of A Florida rights leader deplored -
appear Is not the right response weapons nationally-known years, been the target pro-
-of white liberian train men in their intricacies institution and-con Th seeing those "cruyNes -
men accused of crime Head was discussed. conversations. .r.,
NAACP Pickets Dvval: Center to' have Negroes on the grand so that police will not to panicked The organization voted unanimously cent report of" the BRED, too." lying around Washing-.

Jury, a federal Judge has ruled Will Visit Into t flexible to espouse the cause of Southern Regional Educational: I Several days ago the leader
lure DC weapons Ming o'anddoofthe the University, to promote Board, received with some consternation emphasized the impossibility

And Lists 17 Bios Complaints The decision was banded downy calation whatever plans are within its by beads of Negro of calling off the demonstra-
need for
.. U.s. District In heavy arms. authority for future :
Judge Frank Early March In, Baltimore where Will..* development higher Institutions, served I lion He said that, U something
Hooper who said a white man and to encourage Its expansion again to the in the
The Jacksonville Chapter of the National Association for theAdvancement lives, who spoke with General put University Is not done, we will have"der'.-
convicted in state court on WASHTINGTON, D. C.-The I along with that of others' spotlight of criticism. FAMU f "
er nights ,
of Colored People (NAACP) picketed Duval. armed robbery chargeswas not President of Liberia, William Gelston. of the Maryland Nationm of the great chain of higher educational was listed along with others u i Dr. King's plans Include the
Medical Center Wednesday afternoon.C. .
of the
harmed If Negroes were excluded V.S. Tubman, will visit Washington one mamypramount Institutions within the'state. deficient in certain categories i setting of -like
umwooa Lee, cnapur prey None of the 12 pickets Is an from the grana("Jury on March 27 and %*., officials wbo expressed of instruction. shanties on up the streets Wash1
sident. Issued sprepuedstatemeat of the center, although which views concerning the raising of To further emphasize its interest -
employee Indicted 14m. President Tubman's appearance The school, however, has
Ington with the of
that Included list of 17 hope disrupting -.
a riot defense to I
that be had The actual combat. In the
reported school t the Cham'
what the one petitioner Henry Cook In the United States stems malned strong la many areas, city work and upsetting lack*
grievances, protesting been suspended last January 4. Salisbury, contended that Negroes from an invitation extended by ,levels. ber of Commerce also voted to Thousands of graduates have i adislcal This daDonstratloa
'chapter saldwudlscrimioationapinst Most of the pickets were reluctant -. were excluded from the Vice-President Humphrey during Says Gelston speaking of lastJear' send written communications to left the school, particularly to congressmen.Is to be followed
Negroes hiring and to discuss grievancesand grand J Jury which Indicted him,. his presence at the Inaugural major roit. "Riots like the Florida Board of Regents reside ,In southern areas, as by 14 others elsewhere.
promotion of employees and In referred questions to Lee. and this that in Detorlt are not coovec and to the State
the treatment of patients. showed prejudice toward for the Liberian head on January CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 Board of Educa teachers, with masters de- The leader was aided by Rev.
him. lira The' also voted .
1. group to grees. Andrew Young.t ;.;


: :


J 1 lCI. :.: .

1 w n .' ...., v5 .' _I. ..u.IWJ ... .. ,.A. ',. .. .. 1. _, :.. .. '.Lu"U'; .:u.YA ::i'::, AiT. I

'd l'

YflAlWU2YflOT yxqf.PAU )

?IH An IQ* IHI"T FEBRUARY ,24.: 1811


THE FLORIDA. STAR: To Be ,Equal -,

This Is a presidential election year, and thai tDeaDa that
j Published by the Florida'Stdr Publishing Company WIV4 everybody and his brother will come n with platforms and
pJau got one too, but it's pretty '1mpe.1Dfad
Ittakespol7roa l1De.
j MEMBER 1s.1i My plan Is oVno more studies of Negroes this rear'
t \ Think about It. Stud11De Negroes threatens to become biggest industries In tile U.s. Gad knows bow may
iNBGRO P :0.; differed commis Ions and stu groups u.study-
TIg1lli lag last rears riots. Books and articles: f
l'If new studies of different aspects of Negro life an ,
.t 1 'I1 arriving f l i.: ). Every university has Its "Negro expert" usually
ERIC 0. SIMPSON' Miiuiit EiitirWOOTEN k $ THROUGH OI>*ANDREcessiOH. wIIItt. Every foundation Is swamped with requests
i SLACK UHEH- for funds to study this Negro ghetto or that one. W"> .
fy, ._J. t. PLOYMEHTHASKCvnrrCLfvn.FOO.THE- studies of the "souls" of black people, the "pathology"of the
IliLD -CircilitiH, Mnilir 4 x t,,,, IWNEDAT 7JIU THt! Negro family, and others. You name it, and its been studied.
.; )E .k- PAtT ECADE.THE ; Of course.: If you stu something, you don't hate to do anything
.'A. N NATlONAL tJOIJLlS1RAt. about It. Just wrap it neatly between fancy-looking covers
Miicrief lay Pkm Elfli 41702Niiliil 'POVEKTYINMOOOtHAMKJCATtttDtTOBlA 4 foRNCOeocsRars and put It on the shelf. ITS much easier to study unemployment
i 2323
: '' fH4t than it b to create new Jobs; much easier to write about bad
: PCKHAHCHTSVfft. i\ NOVCIfN1tIII fI WUIt housing than It Is to build decent homes. '
.. I coHcurnuenoAiioHSMSC06KOUPSANOIN .s Almost 50 years ago there..a terrible race riot In Chleagoi
=. ,. A.'rlss'' g5AA THE l fUJ.I A commission was appointed to study the situation and It came
; ( .\ SQUEEZI.1 op with a load of recommendations for changing conditions. Do
1!.$, ill 598 IlCks.ihll. Flifi.i 32211: 1 HAHYCASaCCHAFJOt J1RRNtl GEhEAA11AN. 'r.A;: .)!i, you know that those recommendations are almost identical with
[ \ \ eofMTUMfl ,f.! the ones coming out of the current studies?
MIAMI OFFICE 1 How many studies does it take for people to understand tbat'NeIf

r'" tl are suffering from pr.jud1e.lJIdtcooomJc hardships?
: N.W. 7TR AYE. PRONE 751-3179 Are all these Ptrrs so stupid that they need to do all over again
r 5011 .what has been done hundreds of times over the past 40 years?
Pm all for good scholarship.fact the
RATES Don't get me wrong.
: SUBSCRIPTIONS Negro-studying business has become: big that Pm afraid tt we
:. One Year $12.00 Half Year $7.00 ; d just It quickly,too many people win be thrown out of work.'

;: Mailed to You Anywhere in the United states' "14':1 r I rVA. i-. So raE to propose adlfferent kind of s 1.1 think we should
:: Subscription payable in Advance ; : f.J' study white folks.'After aU, Negroes didn't create the ghetto
; Send Check or Money Order to: !'fr-pp Jtt. \ white folks did The sickness of racial hatred Is a problem white
I'N ..frifb i. '-', ,' people have bad to live with for years, without the benefit of
:: FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX l 1 w '-" "P t'fI$ anyone studying It. .
: _Jacksonville 1. 'Florida_ What kind of person panics because Negro family moves Into
VULTURES OF "HERE ITAIrt POVERTY"! his neighborhood What sort sickness is It that makes a nun
!fear Negro children going to his child's school?What form of
l? Let's Give The Trucking madness Is It that makes an employer or a union leader try to
--- --- -- -
keep Negroes from a decent Job ,
t Udistry A Break! : These people are seriously disturbed, and they need help. We
ought to have studies called the "souls of white people" which

i 'JL YOUR WeeklyHOROSCOPE \ would Investigate and analyse these poor souls.We ought to have
/,-. Not long ago we gave the trucking industry studies on the "anatomy of fear" In all-white subnrbstbe kind

: a "rubber hose" spanking for want* of place that lets any gangster buy a home.but won't allow a
'..: ing to be given permission to pull big Ralph Buncbe to live nearby. '
::"' trailers on four*lane highways in Ten- Instead of fancy stndlef about the pathology of the Negro family
I : GUIDE 1 lef have studies about the pathology oil Congress which writes
::-, nessee. '
I welfare laws which help break up Negro families. Or we could
:::< Now we want to give the other side ofC have studies of the pathology of the lawmakers who appropriate

-: the picture in behalf of the trucking f millions for riot control equipment and then cut budgets for

?:* firms. 1 : ly PAILO, tkt ASTROLOGER :1:1.J I II rent.statements, poverty programs and model cities legislation.

the trucking industry contri- :
C-;: First .... ..1I Compared to these people, the Negro community a model d
<,': butes $44 billion'annually to this na- LUCKY DAYS health I believe this society lsblg-bartdandgeoeron enough
tion' s economy. Second, it employs one- I ,, WHICH ARE YOUR :f to help everyone who needs help, and It Is unfair to leave so

-"* tenth, 7 million, of the nation's working t a many white people who are mentally disturbed by their racism':
folks. Third it them 22% higher FOR 'I' without aid. So tots' start studying them.
And since: unemployment Is such a problem for Negro cltltens,
wages than the national average for other let's hire Negroes to do the studies. After all,who knows the
Jobs. Then don't forget the Jobs createdby BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL 1 1IL' subject beetter than Negroes who havehad to live with racist

firms manufacturing'the big "trailer for 400 years?White "experts"have lived off studying: Negroes

rigs." _________,________, ______1 for long enough It's time to reverse the process,
J- --- -- ----""":"' -- ; --- -- -
Government; profits handsomely from the

tax on 25 billion gallons of gasoline used ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN
Do We Want Saloon WorkersIn
by the big trucks each year 'of the gaso- BORN BORN JUNE BORN SEPT. BUN BEC.jL .

line,the tmckltSg Industry pays four cents vktmimi Oar Cha"'S

a gallon >federal pxand an average of 6 12nl, ? .--22NI' IUIY. .22Nd'..J31...., I CT. 23RI--..2211 "'JAIJJTI."_"""Ralph Ic
a recent column 'called
cents! statejtax. ,In short the truckingindustry It stags to riasoo that health -. Star t new. Irs time to clearway ITS Utp Year.-Libras of ..;' Prepare for:action. The retarding attention to the issfte of saloon land' bre,
pays about one-third of the taxes problem should be taken up with old io>as, prejudices and either should make their Intentions factors, of which there '
by'hic&way'users professionals who are competent ,controverles' U to release known when they have ma* have been plenty of late, are very workers becoming members of the
Where the hitch comes in is that millionsof to deal with them and with; yourself for a new lap la te trlmony in, view. Romance soon due to vanish ODe by one. Christian church. He based his discussionon
no one else It Is Dot prudent race for personal development should bud and and burst Into This Is the thought to be borne the following Incident:
dollars intended for highway use Is diverted to accept: all nostrums recom B is Jut t s ..r.to clutter up ,futr bloom. But when it comes' iD mind when you are negotiating A South Georgia county has the
to other purposes annually. mended by Individuals, especially the mind u it Oil up our .to making a choice between two corresponding or trying to arrive to opportu
by those who are more well closets with outdated obtain a new industry large and
We cannot overlook the contribution made : things. sweethearts wisdom and com- at aa important decision
to the nation's by. trucking firms moaning than enlightened. You A certain amount of ruthlessness .' nonsense are more likely tabs There are excellent possibilities modern brewery. Some pastors feel, that
economy should be getting a new lease Is needed la both cases yours on the 28th. A union for to Inform yourself and some churches will not welcome the' workers'
but we still say that a train of trailers on life after advent of the New to make a clean sweep. You maUled on or after this date, others, regarding coming Intentions of this
being pulled by one, motor unit is out of acquaintances and associates. will also wish to take a new even if tt is theUay-Septem- and activities. The time new Industry into the church.
the question. You may also plan on assuming look U to how finances are bIDe ber variety,Is much more ukegr to act will be customary after We take it that these Christian, brethren
more direct and forceful attitudes managed with a view of effecting to His Martin L. King, "Petered Oul"Sev ? in order to achieve your needed reforms or balancing based purely OB physical attrat- Deals thathave beeapendlngespeciauy industry sinful. Perhaps the have not
ends But the same old admlattlon Income and outgo. All this .
UOO.YOU may also start looklnc : la connection with finances considered
ral weeks Dr. Martin Luther King, regarding prudence lathe would pave the way for the for the right job should JOH be and real estate in connection that breweries are legitimate.
announced that he to handling of or Investments fittflllment of life's mission businesses in the nation.
Jr. plans organize a money your search of one and keep iDtealltJ1Dr. with parties can agreeon
mammoth demonstration in the national remi s. On no account and the collecting of rewards .related efforts until terms and conditions.Don't- In times past, Christian groups have

capital in order to call attention to the' should youths chances or in- you have Justly earned. the middle of next month. Jut allow anyone to confuse the'issues taken it upon themselves to compile aj
duldge in any form of gambling Don't let the with .
refuse to be trapped Into making and don't be brow-beaten list of sins.
plight of the poor. now, out really trying to reach your any commitments and only Mo making a decision either. One minister in the area
'Furthermore King implied that he pro- objective.170WH814. be wasted': what is really In under discussion said that maybe the opposing -

posed to turn the capital grounds in a your own heart and mind when brethren should read the story of

camp of squatters; dwelling in shacks and LEO yon finally decide any issue.. AIDS Cana where Jesus turned water :into wine at

pup tents. Whether or not the event will tORN APRIL BORN NOV.23RB the wedding feast. The wine that Jesus
lead to forebodings of"violence remains to 20TI MAY 20TI BORN JULY22s1 made was so good that St. John said it was
BEC. 21ST. '
be the 'tovernot"of the meeting :
seen. AN. 1U
| _
U cruise
Follow others.
Ralph Matthews of the ,Washington Afro- or prolonged rest la a a secluded BORN OCT Just say so. If s not enough to We are afraid that South Georgia Chris

American newspaper feels that the propose spot is ordered for spiritual A door opens. This quarter 24TN NOV. 22NB ,be la love. The object of JOUl.attectioa tians are straining at a gnat and' swallow

demonstration will "fizzle out' if one U well as physical cures,you starts out traDqu1lJJ'.1Di. Pate the way. Retrograde Mir told bow must feel in since some there way be Is ing a.camel. If many of them did some, real
should not be the one to demur. when you compu.1t totheprevtous cnry has not eased the task any you
attendance King'srecent soul-searching
is to Judge from the The benefits would far outweigh ones. It may not be a bad when you wanted to get things possibility that genuine setinent they would discover that
"peace" ,trek to Washington "If' any material costs or losses Idea to patch up differences: 'c dote But since it is scheduledto may be reciprocated ttis they are comiting much worse sins than
Martin Luther King is not themover' with persons who really are essential at good to remember that taint working at
seems that ,that ae entailed. And the world go forward once again a brewery plant.If .
he once commercial: tempo Is in a personal U wen U the beginning of Uarchyoucan ,hearts seldom win any thing let "
prime, among' Negroes as or not material tt Is revealted alone. Tbe changes oI"getting brewing industries. are :legalthe
way. ?
accelerated to assemble the
remarked Matthews.Our likely any now necessary things done exacuy as you desire workers who labors wholeheartedly their
was, at be start of anew lunar phrase
degree until a bit after March elements of a fast start then.
recent criticism of "Mr. Civil 1st. You may then count more that accords understandings Mate your peacewuhthc"sewboate are much Improved after Jobs can be coworkers with the Almighty
You then start '
Rights" is that he is dabbling into, too on favorable trends and the Intervention will pay generous dividends to essential to retain happiness the out in 28th.a new direction may change Just as a secretary in an office could be.

many issues. Why not let the anti-Vietnam of loyal friends who all cacera: on or soon after the and start.co centrat1Dc the homestead take up a trans
can advise or act in your behalf Wth. Wise decisions will be on the more the more pressing
movement alongt' since he is not a foreign lag course or get engaged.Remember Dangers Which The Nation 'Faces
Social life, too, should then easier to come by because of domestic, health or employ.nent that will then be
diplomat? Why not confine his civil rights take on a brighter hue enabling lesson absorbed through ordeal < matters that are now comIng playing for keeps you and that there the purpose of'Communists for more than

activities to the southeast instead of again eau to see tb. world once and trail. But it will take a bit op. The beginning of a new. will be no margin far frivolity one ,half century has been' the)overthrowof
through rose colored lunar also provides
phase encouragement .
United to
over the more planning get everything
trying' to be everywhere oo the one or the other persons the
glasses. But continue to United States
cbtct'OQ who and the Christian
to enabled
unraveled so U .
States at the same time? Such goals will the current: competition: and In love talented who part. This thought should ligion. The
to obtain the results dts 14. A are or or keep preoccupied: : on the 2$ capture of the Pueblo could
drain the financial -"retiources. of-SCLC organization. -, refrain from sung tootrusting. thing Is better.appreciatedrhea wish to establish home or lastIn you easily be their trick of Russia and 'China
Loyalty cube misplaced some it is hard to get and some things: alliance. Take life as It 9604416700PISCES' to this "
to spread ones self too times.. are found useless after the comes without bulldog up Illusions end.
It is easy
and very this' maybe happening to Dr. 5 .40 99 15 'lIt.etillt struggle to acquire them has or obstacles.' :The: .government commitment in- Vletn JI.
thin, do everything and be ceased. -90-77-M-M4 unbelievably Communistic Influence." -is
,King. One man can't BORN FEB. '
ARBAIIIS now posing'a serious problem with' North;

everybody, BORN MAY 1STI -. MAR. 20TNIPs Korea. Matter of fact Americans ought to

Week ,"Ishryf' ) BORN IAN. wake up to the '
lit Negro
This impending
2 21ST IDNE 21ST.No .. BORN ABC.23RB cl snug. This last quarter should ,coun
, Feb. 18, 1959 'Cheater S. Jackson became thif1utNelfo pre- 20TN FEB., 1111 starts out onthe same cheerless try confronts each day. it arouse
" advent d tile Buffalo 1rIUD1clpallueblll! Aaso1cat deviation. Just because the SEPT. 22KOtt YOG're getting the Idea. A few note .that prevailed during the the patriotism in every citizen.

tic; which originated in 1913 in Buffalo, N.Y. rest of the world appears to means wort,As long U you knocks here and there should ohters. But there Is now big To be patriotic. 'does.not' mean that every
, Feb. 19,1918 Henry Lowry was lynched by being burned allvtby harbor one thought or to followa are in a remunerative occupation finally convince anyone that the 41 vuce. First make preparations citizen must condone '
a mob at Nodena Art. beaten track: does not requireyou that promises to last Ume to'take the realistic view to protect Joint financial deed the Vietnam War. in-
Jeb'20,1827 JUramR.Reelltl1ritNelfoltD&1or from Mlssissippi to do the same. But be can always make op sums,that you lien&lllSDOW. This appliesto and property Interest with the \far ,from, it. One can be patrioticand -

( ), wu born.Fab. cautious In pursuing unusual you are obliged to spend In order external u wen u Internal aid\ 0I1e advice If need be.: shoulder arms, but' he. does not; have
21,1922 Dirigible"Roan"explodeddescendtfgdHamp- comforts of home and th care to create more order and matters of concern to you and Also make sure that 1mpartut ;to feel that the war is .
too. Va., where Hampton Institute is located of loving-companion must pay happiness in life. The task closest ally. Get the financial moves and decision are kept And all a0"11right.'
Feb. 22, 1782 George Washington first US. president, was the price of the loss of part is rendered more your difficult whan; department in shape aad many te the dark to prevent potential and citizens should be,'o ,tne. .
born in Virginia.Feb. of personal liberty and privileges. -. you also have to appease others of the other problems Uercury tntoginlsf from beating you out let their senators and representatives
:' 23,1868 Dr.W. ..B.DuBoIa.'l&tborltatuman.NA.ACP,41recl But If ambition comes and meet their monetary demands resuming motion oo 15. The advent of the new' know_ that, in the future; our'leaders;must
r for mor a than 25. years, was born InBurtdgtoc first, you may have to forego that are far from modest by the the month. boar phrase promises that you think and also look before' into
Mass. harboring any such thoughts or Give much thought to what Indicates that you can start shold shortly be at the head s1tuattoft leapin
Feb ", 1811 .Bishop>>Dated'Payne,of the AME Church and intentions, now or later could be logical solution to related taking action on the plans that, of the line when the planetary which will commit nation'and'
founder of Wllberforce University, was born at 5-90-M-13-6M. problems. .have been Jointly drawn up. favors.. ar being dispensed,' its resources to along, "' drawn=; out il11h
Charleston B.C. ) V-10-W-B-ttO 1., 50- 68- tt- 94$ -.40.55.17: too;; hty copnict. II ,

s; ..

)f' :t .

I ..

.'Ji': ..... ___



---- -

Wedding.BeAs Laic* City Collegians Hold Annual Itad AWhll* Ball

, : : :

', William Slaughter Burnie.J Robert Smith 852 St 2nd Are.,'
Elkton, Ky., 22 andDarlaLoular111e Barbara' Jacksonrtlle Beach, Fla., and
Ky.,20. Florin Vassle Hodges 733 S.
4th Are., Jacksonville Beach,:
Robert James IIcCuUou&f1,'UI Fla., 31.Josepb.
Jtssle St. 27 and Barbara Ann ,

Jackson..1010 Oakley St, 28.Attonla Ragland 2054 Thomas

Court, 18 andRlttle Ann Wilson,
Dinnla Chapman 1118 2154 Maude Court, 17.
Evergreen Are.,It and Deborah
Ann Lore,'1030 W. 25th St., 17.

Herman George Greene, 2853
Edgewood Are. 50 and Maggie Year's
Core Hayes 2853 EdgewoodAre. 'P
.Y s1t
., 49.Johnny.
t First MeetThe
Benjamin Green, 2077 ,
Baldwin St., 27 and Elsie Lee Epicurean Club held the

Anthony 2077 Baldwin st., 25.. first meeting of the year with, r
Vr. and Mrs.'C.A.Tfllis.Locheon '
Warren Hall, 111 Darts St,17 was served. Mrs. Mildred-
and Mamie Dell Jackson 830 expressed thanks for
Newton ,
Houston St, 84.Chaoncey the fesUrlties.The next meeting __
win be February 26 In the home J+' S} r 1
Gary Mitchell, 1641McMillan of Mr. and Mrs Howard, 1217* A
st., 22 and Linda West Fifth Mrs.Alice McIntosh ,
Marie Williams, 1810 Wright Is president U." .i Ip p
Are., 23.Leine .
Henry Watson,1512 Rot- Edward WitersCkoirBam1 I pi, aS T I
ledge AYe., OIDdSaDdraLoaiat ,

,Daniels, 5721 Douboy st., 20.' At, wt SM

Eugene AdUns 2843 Venus
'Are..' 21 and MUUcent Barbara St. Stephen'sEdward : ,
Ann Henderson, 2512 Darts St.
19. Waters College choir
and Concert Band will be presented -
Percy Lee Grays, m, 2170 W. in a Joint concert Sun
fib st., Apt. 8, 28 and Patricia day February 25, in the main t
Ann Mallory,1663 Unlrer- auditorium dSt Stephen's AME
tlty st., 24. Church Fifth and Darts,at 130
p.m. Rer.JJ5.Johnson is pastor.
*.* These nationally known groups' '

are sponsored by the Edward
Sergeant While Water College Alumni Association. _
Funds raised will go
to the College for expansion. _
Many outstanding citizen are
Visits Relatives alumni of the institution.

Mrs. Louise G. Genwright is. 4 N
Army Sergeant Du White, president of the Association.
whose wife Haul resides at Mrs.' Jennie wee Crockett is )
6168 Starwflower Place, Is at chairman of publicity. Professor 1 ,
home visiting relatives and Alvin A. Greenly cI1rector'el I
friends following serrice of 19 the group.Golden. {

Booths with the 54th and 459 ...
--- ,
Jr -
.Signal Battlion in PleDn and Da Dream GALA TIME-Some of the Jaxons who trekked to Lake Ctty last Friday night for the Collegians ,
Mane Vietnam. Club Annual Red and White Ball held in the Lake City Armory and show pictorial evidence of
White, now in his twentyfirstyear having enjoyed a gala evening are seen in the photos above. In the top row, from left are: No.1
with the armed forces has Social Club Mr. and Mrs. Anders. No.2 M.L. Ferguson, Miss C. Y. Combs and Alrln Green. No.S Mr. and
aped In Korea Germany Mrs. Clearance Robinson and Mrs. Delores Robinsom. 3 6.4, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Runsil
Alaska Japan and France. HeIs with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Green. Open 9:30 am lo 9:30{ pm Thtirs.:, :Fri. and Sat.
awaiting his next assignment' Honors Annial Second row, from left: No.l, Mrs. and Mrs. Wilson Hart, Mr. and Mrs. John Hood, Mrs. .
Tfaelma Crawford and Miss Louise Dandy. Ho.2, James (Jimmy) Johnson and Miss Celestlne
The Golden Dream SocW Club'Ladles Combs. No.3, Mrs. Louise Dorsett, Mrs. Margaret Williams and Miss Mary a1sdtD. No,.,
I Ot. Leisure I *& eelebrate the filet inz Miss Linda R. Malprass and Bin Kelly .

rersary Sunday, February 25, Third row, from left: No.1, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wright No.2 Mrs. Rosa O. Scott and Mrs. Margaret
at the 2-0 Youth CenterTwentytain Carter. No.3, Dr. E.E. Lamb and Mrs. Eunice H. Bradley.
I Meel J 0 '" adTChase, at 4 p.m.Mrs, j S t '
li l ;ii r w n (Pboto By James (Jimmy) Johnson
,Steward wfU fcthe',speaker. .. I1k <
I L ? t .n t R : rang W rA. 0- Sears >
The Ladles of Leisure Social Other talent of the city"will app '
and Saving.Club will meet in psi?. College Library'Fu.: :Will Nermnn JonesAnnonnces i
.. the home of Mrs. Juanlta Fuller The next meeting of the club
Beasley. 332 West ltUI.1bt will be February 26 in the home
meeting will be Tuesday Mane Matthews 510 le, Recipient Of SpecialtyNEW For
February 27 at 8.30p.m.Leiloi .nigne.Odessa, Mrs. I.W'spurow is
president L.B. Hannon is YORK CITY No composer of sacred music of our times 'Rice
1' reporter.Plans has caused the sensation that Duke Ellington has achieved with ,Senate SALE a j
his btgnyorlgtoacontemporary( scores The Tougaloo College Norman E. Jones, public relations
t' Auxiliary Unit 197 Alumni Assoicatloo of New. York plans a benefit performance chairman for the Florida .
by the leceDdar1"Dukt" at Carnegie Hall, Thursday, April, 4, Voters League has announced
commencing! at 8.15 p.m. his candidacy for the United

r. Mikes Articles For VA NeedsAmerican Fresh from his spectacular Legislature to declare \IIrU 4thTougaloo a- States Senate Leroy Collins seat sought andState'by Attorney .. Comfort Stretch Bras A
triumph at the Cathedral Church In New
Legion Auxiliary Unit l 197 is, making ready Comfort of St John the Divine on January College Day" Attorney General Earl Fair- I
Articles for the three V A Hospitals in the state. The, 19, Ellington win preform ,York state. cloth u the initial step in the e
ladies remembered the veterans and their families at Christ .his most recent sacred compositions League's drive to aid and encourage a.
mu with gifts and carried gifts to each person at the EarthaM. in a concert"Good more Negroes to enter 107
White Nursing Home at CllrI lDUt1me. News for Modem Man," with major races.
A citation was presented to unit These girls are being supporting performances by the Careerist Another major announcement Regular $3
the juniors for their partieipatlon trained by the selnors. Tougaloo College Choir dstdyfireYaltatbpMashath concerns the maintenance of the Choice
in the activities of the The president Mrs.Elizabeth philosophy of American democracy Your
and past president, Mrs. Lee l.. Brass Choir, Robert Edwin, and the placing of emphasis i
la Cummings hare just returned baritone l and Eddie: Bam mere, on the inherent superiority i
Lily White Training ;I1aDIst. of the democratic system. c e'etr.teh.trop.Lleedlee.eper'
Lodge from a leadersblo\ -
School at Avon Park,Flori Proceeds from the Duke Ellington Jones suggested that priority of .. .'unlCu.In Adjustable; i t $
Carnegie Hall concert this unpledged delegate slate .UeidereupikiTOttouckofV ; ;
Plans Color Tea da.Dues ar being accepted for will go to the Touploo' CollegeLibrary be given to Negro elective officers cupt.nd."ri! '''.pinl for a joulklul
Fund' and unsuccessful candidates. l
this year. Twenty members are C uphtt.32.38BendC.
needed. The Hospital volunteers Founded in 1869 by the American St .
Lily White Lodge No.237 win 'are still serving at Lake City Missionary Association e b. fonlDur.Cup Bra Stno etWe
celebrate the annual Red and each fourth Tueday. -now part of the Board for U1IIFI ,1 tkoto "nk lender.III
White Tea Sunday, February Homeland Ministries of the Ui-' ; hoping in entire cup to odd
: 25, from 4 to 0 p.m., alibi lied Church of ChrldToup.loo ., v gentle dimenuon .. the In
NiflhtiifaleSnvini RCHMIG l": "t .... .36A
Btodgettt Recreation t h.' cup eau 12 |
Center College is 'located three ] i
U01 Daris Street. Woodrow miles north of Jackson Miss .KIN .BtndC.LUt. t
Cairn will be guest soloist All Club I ligg 1. Although the college is .a
assolcate lodges are invited seB-governlngti m .intain. relationships ,L.ti flCJaUNOKIN I
Mrs. Willie J. Stephens 1s pre with the United .
c sident. Church GuestThe Church of Christ and the I ;
Christian Churches (Disciples IRRITATED i
Mrs. Mary E. AmtcSet tau .M' FounJeiioiuSc :
Club of Christ). /
Nlntingale Savings been appointed Director Public KIN .n4 FlowLong'., '
In a time when the need for 1 1f'
Weddiag will worship Sunday morning Relations for The Lady
February 25, at 11 am. at t.Stepbeo' quality education for Negroes Bronze Career Academy,it was 'UB'S"'HIli SUCCESS"OINTMENT.. t s I I It
AME ChnrcXThe club 'vital Tougaloo College stands announced today by Mrs. Ethel Relieves Itching Scaling and b. ;'
AnnenncementMrs. will be'the guest of Mrs.Emma as a bastion of hope in a state Wlnsky director of the school. Irritation of Psoriasis. ,
Lee Dennis And Mrs. H ntl was CICMMHT
elver II MTWM finu Ij
Marie Black has announced ta Broome. The next meeting been "NEVER. The Ellington formerly with Pet Milk Company Mil MMTMWI6H t
will be March 5 at 8 p.m. In concert will knlck-off an entire (
: the engagement of her for tenyearsuthelrhomeconsultant HW.T TOE MOTECTIOHMM (1
niece' Panlette Richardson, the ,home of Mr.and Mrs. Julius series of Centennial obser and medical relations -. tM *MMCHM touw M
740 West ranees for Tougaloo College.To .' I "WUIIlStClll* MAP H wwwn 2 '"
Daniels Bets .
daughter of the late FrtdlS1tJUdIardIoo liaison In Louisiana and MkM VMM H (ftltt Lay tkM flM Leg Panties
rer. Mrs. Mattie Broome is emphasise. the Importance of t.erkelW eN1..4e11 ,
to Airman Second surrounding states. .
;. president. the event, a resolution is being'Introduced rJ.i I' ::J/ /
Class Bnde Robinson,son of Mr. data the New York 1
( and Mrs ".... Robinson. d. 297
The wedding wilTbeMarchlln Sinn Dnwkins : Regular $4 J

the Greater Payne AME Church. Gateway Auxiliary ..11EEAASSEE.r 1 .

The brWe.- lect and her -- c. Hcra'i eonpUt fre Jo.end eo.(*rt in I !lightS '
>fiance were graduated from Heroines Finn koUt without .w.w.1
The DeidKie For i Mir panty that yew
Matthew W. HlghSchooL
e Saootli bit obttlo.Flu 22 to JO-ln.".....
Airman Robinson is in the Air Will I Meet In

.JI. Temple Confnb News / .. Flm Control"r.al, Front,tide and Wck ptneUfim ;
% you when you need it a.1. Llhtvciktpowtrctt ?;
Midway AHE The Sarah Dawkins Court No. New Headquarters Is Tiesaby Keen =' % (In ilm mill to titri liifo, I'e
w1D bold
89, Heroines of Jericho
St. P II's Tea the monthly meeting Tuesday, Gateway Auxiliary No. 3131 of 339"
February 27. at 4 lUlL ia the Gateway Barracks will hold the Bring News To ; Regular $1.50
Masonic 410 Board meeting the new i
Temple regular
Sponsors SindayA Core "."CHAB !IT"on SUFI R \oUin|Ck.r|.
Rd. .
Street .home, 1509 Kings RoadSaturdayFebruary 2323 Honcrief' 13th St. ,' 0, ".
Most Ascied.Matrc Battle 24, at 2 p.m. New
Pre-Saint Patrick's Tea, Jackson is leader. Dues will memoers areurued.Tnfstttbe Notices Must Be Hilled 'By Mon. Noon
.rill be held Midway AME be paid and Grand Assessments first home owned by WWI veterans SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Bay Street at Hogan I
Church! Sunday, February 25. met Matron Jacksou' announces in the state. It is open YOUR COOPERATION IS NEEDED Batiilatiic Cuarenttidar I S ears I Jacksonville Florida
from 4 to 6 110m. Miss Sharon that the assessment money must to all ladles of the city. The Your Monty Bach Phone 3554181.tsmlDlY
BagoB is chairman, Mrs. Minnie be sent before the Grand Lodge dedication win be announced in 1lAU,aOIlU<.&ono t,0.
L. Martin is co-chalrmaa. Session In AFD.I the Florida.Star atafuture date. SO WE CAN SERVE YOU '



I .

r : '.

', '_ 1 : ':'t: :'.. I. ,'1":'.<." ..'.td'., ... .ai.a...... ..;..O. 'a: '" ,,- .. ..:. ._ "... ..J.A"t.{... Je ."

4 STAR' PAPERS SATURDAY minti 24. m>

Dr. 'Gardner G.Taylo'Progressive Baptist Head Wants Democracy I

fa Parent Aid Day Friendly Westside Chairs t
Vietnam War Is Matter Of 1

.t! Right Or Wrong Says Head Union Meets Fehrtary 25 I
The Friendly, Westslde Choirs Onion will hold the month
revival meeting Sunday February 25, at 2:30 p.m., In
COLUMBUS, Ohlo-Dr. Gardner C. Taylor president of the mass
'Progressive National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., delivered the Main Unit oi to Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Church, 1319

b-a, powerful address at the Forty-ninth Ohio Pastors Convoea1 -' North Myrtle.Participants .,
tlon held In_Columbus with Its theme as "Freedom Through will be the Male. Be laIDJ. Thomas Dow wilt be
I' cpmmunuy.:,' r Chorus of Mt. Sinai Baptist presented in a musical recital
11 Dr.; Taylor was the only Negro Taylor "in coming centuries is Friendly Westslde Union Male March 29,'at 7 p.m.1D the Mt.
'In the Impressive panel of 10.peakers called up to examine our decline Chorus, Cass WJShootes, Jr., Sinai main auditorium, 1551 Lee,
% One Miss and failure in human affairs, it Mrs. Catherine W.Sykes' Mrs He will be accompanied by theMl. ,
Margaret Shannon woman Executive will not be because of any delinquency c Mary Helen Frost Bellamy Sinai Make Chorus, Cass
'"Director of the Church Women in either of the areas 'Mrs. Gladys Dickey The com- WShootes, Jr., and Mrs: Catherine
'United. National Council of of affluence of military power, "Wned i Usher::Boards of MtOlive WSykes. and the Reraldalres. -
Churches. spoke because of a peculiar and apparently 'will serve.,Hosts will be Mrs.Aline .
congenital, moral inability f fI fu C.Vance Rev. N.DIxon The Union Chlort will meetIn
into his
!Dr. Taylor, launching and to is a t z ;
to the
see right Chorus Mrs. two pre-musical
address 'and the Gospel rehearsals
expressed concern as
seize the initiative in its ser; Stewart is president one on March 2, the other
to the true meaning of the term, Ruby ,Allen on
vice and defense and to "
per- I '
March 23, at 730. at MtSlanL,
a "more perfect union" of the
United States Constitution. He' severe doggedly in that com The Male Choras will rehearse with Mrs C. Sykes and Jose
?' jsked whether the French structlve mitment. and in the u Saturday, February 24, at 7 p. p, Long in charge The musical
mllosophs and English Deists anger war m. in the main unit of Mt. to be presented on March
streets of '
jH'ght not have been contused slnce-as our cities will confine Bethel, 5637 AndersoaThose 21 at 2:30 with the Union Male
'% the staggering,future con- has pointed out. 'the nation Myrdal is Parent-Aid Day was"an important affair recently lathe Jack- Hicks, Mary Rllson. Standing from left, are:'Mmes Bobble in charge will be William H/- chorus Robinson as host and Deacon, Perry -
as mater 6eremonies '
pepts of America. mortgaged to its po;:; sconvlUe Beach Elementary Junior High SchooL The charming Ramsey, Betty Marcus, Elaine Bernard, Johnnie Boglos, Dar Cherry, Jr. James M.Harvey will be called or -
The speaker said that the Am- people:.' group leaders seen above testifies to their Interest In what nell,Braddy, Ruth Penn, Thelma Gray, Lola Brooks, Beatrice Mrs. Catherine WjSykea, Tbojnas ,Colors ", "sing
leaD Attmept is beyond logic Finally, the leader said, "Our their agenda was. They are: From left, seated Mmes. Mattie Archield, Mattie B, Ruffin and Jessie C. Tussle, faculty sponsor Dow and Mrs Mary Helen Colors of ,Sing

I explanation. "Never..before.. moment of grand gamble is on Harris, Mary LPowe11r Delosis Kohm, ardra FluellenEthel, Mrs. Juanlta Jones is not shown. Photo By Dean's Jacksonville
jct 'wi ,whether J or not men can heave .Beach. New Bethel AME Events Mi
'!hip before Heaven a nation, a

society which though faulty the To Successful Agent Agendas
God of history can, employ." McLeod-Bethune School PTA Celebrates
Mary New Bethel AME Church, Third and Tyler, has completed
i three successful events according to the pastor,Rev.E Jones.A .
PhiladelphiaPastor new-piano was presented der, Olivia RancH, Pauline
Sunday. The Income for men's Daniels Queen Bruton, Janie
SpeaksAt day was large. Many attended Robinson E,need, Beatrice
the Sarah McGinnls Missionary Zelgler, Annie Laura Pinkney,
Society's program. The EUzabeth and Chrlsteen More-
St. John'sSt. b@J.contest to exceeded expect bead, and Mrs. Davis, sister dt.
taU DS. the pastor.
; John's Baptist Church will The men's day drive win close Choir No. 1 win serve tea
launch! into "Operation. Sahra- March 10.. with Mrs. Ohio Williams u
tlon" Sunday February 29,with Persons who playedpremlnent president at 4 p.m. In the low,
,a series of programs designed roles in Sundays activities er auditorium of the church.
1PIl. ,for spiritual uplift and with the were: P.1,W1WamI.OUie Jack Sunday school begins at 9:30
Rev Harold 0. Davis of Philadelphia son. George Bruton..Elle Brown Sunday. Other services will
__ GARDNER.C. TAYLOR, delivering a series of 'Arthur Mitchell; Mmes. Ma- be u usual, with the pastor
In history" he said "had a evangelistic sermons. f' hale Jones, Serena Tolbert, preaching. The Gospel Chorus
society been contracted ofteople Rev. Hughes, pastor has announced \;\ ;. Rosa Tolbert, Maggie Alexan- will sing.
of some many diverse, that a SO-volce choir
f 10ns and outlooks with the assertion -' ;win sing each night Mrs Alice
that self-evidently they Burroughs will sing also each
were all created equal The old night Other musicians and soloist
Roman Empire could claim the will appear Among them Howell, FuneralHome :
diversity but not the assumption will be: Mrs Agnes Bell Is- .
however 'academic, of real, Mrs. Mae Flager, Mrs
'o Duality to alL" Mary Nealy, Mrs Edith Jones The Mary McLeod-Bethune School PTA celebrated Founder's" Ben, Mrs. Cko G. Boston, Mrs. E.Mots, Mr.Hamilton, Cheat*
C4>'U history" continued Dr. Mrs. Essie Mae Thomas and Day recently. In the picture above are seen some of the leaders ham and Principal Henry W. Jenkins, Jr. A. Paul Crawford
Mrs Thomasina Wilson Owens. in planning. They are, from left, Mrs.Ruth, Rush, Mrs. FranPhoto,
JIESJII.S! BLESSINGS The Blvens Specials will also els Edwards, Mrs. Magdalen Perry, Algae Prier, Mrs. Lillian,

(''''I'b\, man bona with the gilt. appeal Faith with" Miss their UVerne"Instruments'of Jones 5879 Moiciril Road

Her T Roosevelt Franklin of Ma- Is secretary. 'SI, Stephen's Has League's"Youth 'Conference Mt. Olive Has
'icon, Georgia. It Is through God 24 Miry Aililuce Service
that I can remove all evil conditions Chairman
some questions you may First I AnniversaryThe Usual Order

wish to kq.v.PG Central CME Leaders
01 ServicesThe '
YOU NEED MONEY? first anniversary ol Sil '
Names Given
fe"MY SICKNESS NATURAL?, Youth PlaasSuday Stephen Baptist Church '4201 regular order of service Sinriig All faiths

CAN MY HUSBAND STOP Almeda,began Sunday Kosterich 'Robinson aa' )'Clarence will prevail at Mt Olive AME
--ttRINKDlG7- MeetThe On Sunday, February 25/ul- Pugh were named'leaders Church Sunday. Tbe I pastor, .Caviiliaf
CAN MY LOVE ONES BB RE- eral churches will be present of Youth Urban League by Rev. BJ. Williams, will deliver Uutta
TURNED? Rev W.L. Jones and the First Clantel Brown, Executive Director the message at 11.00a.m.
young people of Central Corinth will be present Rev W. of the Urban League. Music will be furnished by the
They call me the Rootman( ). CME Church will observe Youth C. Mitchell and the Little Rock :The Youth Urban League,a program t 'B. J. Williams Choir, MissGwendolyn
3ut I am only a servant of God. Day beginning with Sunday Baptist congregation will par consisting of hundred of Shelton, director.
because God Is the answer to school Sunday. Kenneth Francis ticipate. Rev B. H. Hartley of youths through out the County The Junior Usher Board will
all life's probelms. I am the will be guest superintendent Friendly Baptist Church will be ,was formed to permit youths serve throughout the day.
Kind of all Day Prophet. Send present with his church.Rev.B. '
Leslie Wyche will be guest re 'join and take an active part lathe
for my special selected Bible viewer. Guest teachers will be F. Addison Is pastor of the fight aganlst Juvenile Crime A.II Parking Facilities

verses. To be read on SPECIAL Rev Gary Edward, Rev John church. slum, areas, and to assist Com CME Church
DAYS. White, Joyce Demps, Clayton munity Development The two Holsey
Send a sett-addressed,stamped lodge Charles Hodge, Harold District Laymen students were selected by Mr. _BOP E. HATCHER 765-6664 '
envelope and $z,00 for Bible Dennis and Mrs Edwina Mlzon Brown on their academic status Bishop Eugene Clifford Hatc ,Sponsors Pew Rally 76S-2054

verses and spiritual Messages.You Forester. Have Revival and leadership abllity.Kos- her, presiding bishop of the A pew rally will be held by the
will receive Bible verses The morning worship will feature Urlch Robinson a senior at Eleventh Episcopal District of Holey CME Church Sunday at
by return mall. the presence of James Hour MeetingRevival Rlbault Senior High School, has the African Methodist Episcopal 4 p.m., sponsored by the Board Lewis J. Howell l.F.D.
SEND TO: High tower Church, Is chair man of the General
principal speaker. proven himself a leader by hisCLARENCE of Christian Education Mrs
Rev. Roosevelt Franklin Others appearing will be Wood- ; Conference Commission Fannie Seydell Is president,
MO Morrow Avenue Hour will be sponsored 'If' Understanding Service Witt
row 4imrHnii and the Aeolian ,, the Quadrennial Conference Mrs Eva Mae Gilbert, secre
Macon, Georgia 41301 Youth Choir of the Seventh Day: by the District Layman's 1.,1 which meets In Philadelphia! tary.CHURCH .
I specialise In all case work Adventtsh C u/ch', Reginald Brotherhood, auxiliary to the from May 1 to Mal 15. DIoBlfy' And
Phone ueacodeIU-'lU-6U5.: Baety! Is chairman. East Florida and Bethany Association _
will hold the revival
hour services Sunday afternoon .
e at 3 p.m., at SprlnghiU Baptist : NfWS'I

Rev B.H. Hartley,moderator 'GO D SHEPERD BAPTISTS
will be in charge. Rev Theodore / IkI&l school begins at 9:30. The morning worship begins Do You Know
Lee district pastor, and George 'At U a.m. with Deacon Joe Amous in charge of the prayer ser .
Walker, president, will k't vice. Choir No. 1 will serve throughout the day The sermon
participate.. Others appearingwill will be delivered by the pastor. At 3 p.m. Rev. George RJCennedy -
be S.M. Davis state pre- of Waycross will deliver the message. BTU begins at V WHAT TEACHERS WANT TO
Are LEAKY sident; Leroy Mallory, J.W.- PUGH p.m. The evening worship begins at 7 p.m.
FAUCETS Francis, LM. Jones, I. Fields active participation on various
Robbing You and Orb Merrltt public and private orgasm: ,COLUSSIANS BAPTIST IMPROVE; FLORIDA SCHOOLS?
tans He possesses member- Sunday school opens at 9:SO. The anniversary wUlbe cele-
ship In the Junior Achievement orated.-The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. and the evening Senate Bill 77X (Or Its Equivaleni
Past Exalted Rulers program, serves as assistant worship at 6 pun. Rev F.J.Crawford will deliver the sermons : :)
'j editor of the year book and his Choir No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will serve throughout the
01 Elks Plan ConfabThe school a member of the Ur J day. Prayer service begins at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday. Rev. RJ. ( same salary money is Included

....( ... February meeting or Past, ban League. and attends St;< Crawford, pastor. The church! Is located at 1154 West,31stAtteiMl in Senate Bill 77X and' the compromise
!: bill'which
.; ::. Exalted Rulers of the Elks will Phillips Episcopal Church. was passed. Senate
s w- UDONT 'be February 25 at 2 p.m., in, Clarence E, Pugh a Juniorof Bill 77X distributes overall
-- =jS 3
New Stanton Senior High T..CII.rell Choice
Gainesville Fla. WO Perry Your finances to all counties fairly,
School Clarence Is honor
state president,wilbepresent. Tbe compromise bill penalizes
George Warren Is CA, Leon E. student and bas disUnuglshed
764-6555 himself as a student leader in' '- counties making the greatest,,;
Gonzalez is E.J.
Norman Is Grand. District, ER. both public and private youth KIT such as Duval. )
serves '
as President of the Student 2. PROFESSIONAL NEGOTIATION:
of Dramatic ( Teachers
the Thespians want to take part in
PRIVATE SUING AT REASONABLE RATES Library Club,' Junior Club.Achievement Clarence by and appointment DRUG ,STORE NEEDStrade policies ing) concerning their teach-,,'

serves in the capacity
of Student assistant to the assistant with Your 1 elghborhood Drug Store, 3. PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS BOARD
Clarence Is a member of ShlloBaptist 'i .PAPERS. We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip (Teachers want to raise "the
Church has an interest i stand-
esn .
dons ards '
PICTURES 'la Library Science and of teaching to a true protessional -:
plans To attend Tennessee A. level ) -

& L;Institute upon graduation. [Dixie) Pharmacy, 4.' SCHOOL MAINTENANCE MONEY ,

CLUB GROUPS.RECEPTIONS (Teachers want schools where child

ren go to learn to be as fit :as

: "RESULTS GUARANTEED" RUing Fire LOMCS 1302 RINGS ROAD AT NYftllE Places where most adults go to work)


United States rote from $161 UNDER OLD LAWS WIERE'SOME RELIEF
TODAY million in 1900 to $1.5 billion'in is NmDm '
1966, the Insurance Informs PAY YOUR UGIT, WATER AND
lion Institute reports. The 1966' AND


N" .. .- :
,.: .. .\
", ,
," '
?: .:

\ ,
"f'1{, t

::: ,' .
..r "" _

'' FEBRUARY 24_ 1968 STAR PAPERS __ lACE',1f _

Daughters, Of Zion Celebrate. National I Leader Progressive Baptists, Inc.

f CHURCH. l :

NEWS Make Changes _In New Budget

D4YSPR1NQ BAPTIST CHURCH I ; In the two-day January Extra Session held by Progressive .

"Rev Cyrus'A.Wearer,pastor,wlU deliver the messages of the 1 National .Baptists 14 St. Louis on January and 25 a quiet, i
day at 11 a.m.,and 7 p.m.Music will be furnished In the mornIng -' revolution was set farther in motion when the Convention adopted,

by Choir No. 2, In the evening by all senior choirs, with' I'-' a unified Budget. ,
Sammie L. Davis, Mrs R.Askew and Mrs Willie at the instru It was started when' the Contention

ments. Usher Board No. will serve. Sunday School will be at began in 1961 and ga- fo her leaders she has moved
9,50. Superintendent Benthone and his associates will be la :thered momentum in 1963,when steadily forward after;
", charge. The music will be in charge of the choir, with James, Dr. L.V.Booth of Cincinnati year. In her most recent actlon&the !'
Kinchen, Jr., at the piano. The pastor will review the lesson. presented the Voluntary Convention has cut out alt
theme. At.5:45 the BTU will meet, with Mrs Gladys Crapps ; monthly support plan at a RntmtMeeting honorariums for her officer,
presiding. Group No. 1 will discuss the theme. Districts Not convening in New York I
11, 31, and 12 will meet after the morning services. Superb at Metropolitan Baptist Church.It led unified her auxiliaries to adopt a J.
; Increased her,.
visors are: C. Cummings a deacon; H. Larke deacon, and was adopted then and has operated support- of Missions and Educa,
Mr. Beck and Mr. Molvin, deacons. District No. 4 meets at with growing success. It lion encouraged memlMtrchurches
4:40 p.m., with H. Larke in charge. District No. 26 will meetat iia. has gained added approval and to take out Life Membership *
4 p.m., with.C. Bryant deacon In charge. March It "Loy support each year. in the NAACP, and in
ally Month" at the Church. On March 31 Rev. H.H. Robinson The Convention has never experienced 'creased allotments to American .
will be the guest speaker. The annual Carrie B. Sloan hour a deficit in her operations Bible

_win be observed at 2:30 p.m. On March 10 the annual coffee since her origin. Society.'I
hour will be observed; and on March 17 Districts No. 15 and Through the dedicated concern
No. 30 will hold Joint anniversaries. Mrs E.W. Malnor is re- r .

porter. Rev. C. Weaver Is pastor. L F SISTER BESSIE

MT. OLIVE BAPTISTThe ,, r She will read your entire life-past, present and I I
Youth Department will be in charge throughout Sunday. future. She asks no questions but will tell you I A,
Sunday School will be at 9:30 a.m., with Miss Jennie Taylor, what you want to know, giving date and facts of I
youth superintendent, in charge.. The lesson will be reviewed by Ra e \ business, love, health and family affairs. Will I I
the pastor. The morning worship will begin at 11 a.m., with the help you find lost art: TELL you whom you will I
young deacons conducting devotions. Both sermons will be dellvered -, marry and when. U the one you love is true, what Ito
.by the pastor. The youth choir and Usher Board No. I do to be successful. Will reunite the separated, <
t. will serve throughout the day with Miss Wilma F. Corbin ser.. locate absent friendS and relatives and cause I
.'vlng as musician. Prayer meeting will be Tuesday at 7:30;' happiness between man and wife. Make uplover's>>
.Choir No.2 will meet Wednesday at 730. Choir No.1 will meet quarrels. Tells, if sickness or bad luck is natural ''
Thursday at 7:SO. The Gospel Chorus will meet Friday at 7:30. enemlnes, evil influence and bad luck. Does .
Choir No.3 will meet Saturday at 7 30.Rehearsal for the Easter; not teD to pleas yon,,but.will tell the truth. One visit will repay
.Passion Play will be Saturday at 7 p.m. you for disappointments In all others I not only read your lifelike
an open book,but I also help you out of your TROUBLES j
GREATER SWEETFIELD BAPTIST Come and see why you are to unhappy, when everything seems
Sunday School begins at 9:30 s.m. Ralford McKinnon, superintendent to go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted, sick ana worried
and teachers will be In charge. The morning service I when you can be helped and everything made clear by consulting -{,
The Daughters of Zion Court No. 110 will celebrate the fourth rice Thomas, Heroine ; Miss Louis Merrit, Senior Attendant.
begins at 11 am. The evening services will begin at 5:30. I I THIS GIFTED MEDIUM! Everybodywelcom.NOMAILANS--
Rev. D.B. Barnes pastor will preach at both services. The anniversary Sunday, February 25, at Second Baptist Church. Members not shown are: Mable Stokes Senior Matron; Prlcll- WERED. I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address/;
consecration of choirs and ushers will be in the prayer roomat Shown above, from left are: Mrs. Ernestine Baker, secretary Ia Grille, Treasurer; Louise Foster, Financial Secretary; I sister bessie is located north of Callahan on U.s. 11; '..'
10:45: and at 5:15. The D.B. Barnes Choir and Choir No. 4M : Miss Flora Burris. Most Ancient Matron; Mrs. Alberta Eloise; Wells, Jr. MATRON: Mary Lou Rivers.C'ourtDlrector 1/2 mile from City of CALLAHAN, Florida. Phone: 879-2250:
D. B. Barnes Usher Board and Usher Board No. 4 will serve Martin, Court Director} Rear from left:Mrs.Dorothy Whitley_ and Heroines Anna Martin, Alroedia Joyner. Emma: Thomas WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE
all day. Willie Young trill beat the Instruments. The deacons Court Director; Mrs. Bessie Thomas, Jr. attendant; Mr.C1a- and Herbert Stokes, St, Joshua. Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEIIOpen

will lead the devotions. Choir No. 2 rehearses Wednesday at dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Sundays,

a p.m. Choir No. I rehearses Thursday at I p.m. Bible ABOUT PEOPLE THIS CLIPPING ENTILES YOU TO A .,. READING for $Z"
Study is featured on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Rev. Barnes is Union Community AME Church

teacher. Prayer meeting Tuesdays at 7:30.Rev.DA Baronets First BomTemple Theodore Lewis and his daughter .:
pastor. Carolyn Lewis, have returned CALLWHi111MGTOMROGERS :
t, Launches Into' AnniversaryAME
to the city after attending
* ST. PAUL BAPTIST CHURCH Has the funeral of Mr. Lewis'sister, FUNERAL HOME
... Sunday School begins at 9:30 with the superintendent Deacon Union Community Us and his congregation and Mrs. Lucinda Land, 10 Detorlt, "
will celebrate fortyeightanniversry'
Edward Jefferson, and teachers In charge. The morning worship with officials win also be present.On Michigan.
begins at 10:45 with Deacons Dorsey Parson and Braxton beginning March 6 Rev. C.EJenkins For sympathetic. ,..
,' Love In charge of devotions.Rev.Eddie E.Taylor will be In the Youth Day1Sunday Monday and, March their 4.congregations Many minister Mt. Zion AME Southslde and I. IN MEMORIAMIn service fc

pulpit at 11 a.m, for the morning sermon.He will be In charge Choirs and official Rev. C.L.Tetfalr Revelation of distress u
. of the processional. The Choral Group win serve throuhout the will be Youth Day at will be present.wll 1 Baptist will be guests of Choir loving memory of our Courteous attendantson
f\ day along with Usher Board No.2. Mrs. P.R. Love will be orgaalst. -' First Born Temple. Elder A. groups accompany No. I and Choir No. 2. Mother Grandmother and duty 24 houxs
Mrs L.V. Crumady will be at the piano. BTU begins at Hill Is pastor. Sunday school them. St Matthew March 7 will witness the presence Great Grandmother Mrs.
' 5:45: p.m. with Mrs. Christobell Parson In charge. Evening :win be at 10 a.m. Deacon M. AME On Monday Rv R night Mnrthl., of Rev. R.L. Smith of Carrie Marie Ponder, who to serve yoa

*". Services begin at 6 p.m. Rev. Taylor or an appointee will McQueen will be In charp.'Ibt win take charge. Rev.castor E. R. First Timothy Baptist and his departed this life two years Mrs. Mary M. Rogers RNJames
preach. Prayer Meeting night Is every Tuesda,. Bible Studyf 'morning worship begins at U Simpson and Zion Hope Baptist entire cclestlcal organisation. ago, February 15 1966. Crawford
and the teacher's meeting take place on Friday nights. The a.m. The pastor or an appointee will be present March B. Rev. On March 8 Rev. H.H.Wright, The space that you once fll-. SAMUEL C. ROGERS Joseph Baldwin *
"/ church U located at 716 Stonewall..Rev. Eddie E. Taylor Is win preach.At G.W.SmUh.of Waymaa Chapel Evergreen Baptist, and Rev. A.,, led in our house is missed by
;(. pastor. 3;SO a program will be C. Chandler of St. Paul AME, each and every one of us. 800 West State And Madison -
presented by the young people, win be present Sleep n. Dear Mother. We
? GREATER MACEDONIA BAPTIST with Mrs Alfrida Klnjassoonsor. Rey. Remus Smith Sunday, March 10, will be the loved you, but God loved you Phone 354-1819 :
Rev. B.H. Hartley pastor of Friendly Baptist, and Moderator YPCW meets at 5:30, with closing day. Rev.Z.L.Tyrues of' test Signed: bale Laster,
of the East Florida and Bethany Assolcatlon,will be the speaker Mrs. Maragaret Johnson as New Hope AME and his congregation daughter Son, Granddaughters Establishment-No Branches
t' for the anniversary of Deaconess Board No.2. A program hat president The evening worship And Friendship will be sponsored by the and Great Grand Child Only !

..'train pinned with Mrs, Rlxie Cook and Mrs., : ,Florence Brows :will be at 7 p.m.i.Pancake ,", ,McCray.Cluto.! ren. ? )
leading tbe'devoOona&nirs.: Mary Small is president.,The lWlil'filt .. .' ,
l> service begins at 3 p.m. Sunday School begins at 9.30, with .a v nc. )
( the superintendent and teachers In charge. The morning devotional Supper Rev. Jtemns Smith and the Allen 'Chapel Will r
) begin at 10:45: with Deacon James Melton and deaconsv membership Friendship Baptist .

v charge. Music will be presented by Choirs No.2 and No.4, Church New King's Road Crown Queen Open 9:30: ( s.m.'iil 9:30 p.m. MOIL, 'J1JUn.! Fri. Sal. !
V Mrs. Hattie Bessie as musician. The BYPU will begin at 5:30: ; will go to St. Mattbw AME
i with M.L. Polite 1 n charge. The evening worship begins at Listed For St. Church t celebrate the anniversary .

4 6:SO. Both sermons will be delivered by the pastor, Rev. J.C. of the pastor of that Sunday AfternoonMiss "; t. ; I Ij Iv
at 7 the Church Society will i.
On Monday night ,
/ Rogers. p.m. church on Sunday afternoon
.' meet. Dues will be accepted and assessments made. Prayer Philips Church Febryar 25. Choir No. 9 add Allen Chapel win be Sears I t
. Meeting and Bible Study will be In charge of the deacons and Usher Board No. Sareexpectw crowned Sunday at 4 p.m. at
:' of the pastor. Wednesday 7 p.m. Choir No.l and No.3 will Church to serve. Alien Chapel AME Church under
St Episcopal
ft rehearse. On Friday at 8 p.m., Usher Board No.1 will meet, parish Philip's house will be the scene Other s evlces will be u usual the sponsor ship of the Youth t
A with Deacon W.M: Wright in charge of the business meeting. Sunday school, V:3OloIlA'nInc Department of the church.
of a Pancake Supper Tuesday ;
Bessie Merchant is reporter.MT. Miss Amanda Mathis studentat /
worship U a.m. Choir No.
27 from 6 to (
night February
;1 Senior School
Butler High
3, Rehearsal Saturday, 4 p.m. \ r'
SALEM Baptist 10 p.m. This is a Shrove Tuesday will give the main address. An
Evening worship, 6 m.Cholr;
The church located
*, Th trl-state rally will end at the evening hour of worship. event. I, rehearsal on February 28. appropriate program has been fl
Pearland Union streets.l4rs.1sabeUe .
> Sunday school begins at 9:30 with Superintendent Jack Green InV at t
Powell U ol The Conference will be February crowning % /
charge. The lesson topic will be reviewed by the pastor Rev. secretary 29. Rev. Remus Smith Is Tax will conclude 1s2i
the Church Women.
V O.W.Rnes. The morning devotions will be at 11 a.m. with Episcopal The Deaconess Board the program Contestants are b
" Deacons Jack Green and Cornelius Calbous in charge. Choir pastor. Cheryl Lynn Williams, Barbara j I
win meet February 27 In the
No. 2 and Usher Board No. I will serve Ulrougbtheda,.The Calvin, Rosemary Shlggs I
home of Deacon and Mrs. John '
evening service begins at 6 p.m. The pastor wiU.dellvet both Rose Of Sharon Club Wilson. 7901 News Kings Road. and Elmira Allen. Mrs. Willie \ f
sermons. A spiritual tea will be held in the home of Deafon Mae Shlggs Is director.Picture t
and Mrs. Eugene Calhoun in the interest of Florida In the state will be taken. J.C.Banner-

rally On Monday night Choir No.3 will rehearse. Prayer MeetIng Plans Bible StudyThe Joint Sunday maa is pastor. ;, 1 1d
Tuesday night, as well as the conference.Rev. W.O. Rogers Two important events are In
Is pastor. Mrs. C.Sampson is reporter. Rose of Sharon Bible Club the om c. They ar the Friends J r
TABERNACLE BAPTIST INSTITUTIONAL win meet Sunday 4 p.m. In the School Meet Pew Rally and $e revltal by; y

Sunday school begins at 9.30 with Supeintendent Solomon In home of Mrs Dora Brown,210Qt Fred Washington. i

charge. The lesson wUlberevlewedby ClassNo. 3 of the Young Dawson Mrs.Neoma Alexander At Mt. Zion j

WP.E Young The morning service Usher at 11 a.m. is president Mrs. Mary Trapp St. lake BaptistHas .
\ will speak. The youth choirs and Board No. is reporter. The fourth Joint Sunday School Tea J
.4 will serve.'lbeW.E.YOUDCand the Willing Workers Clubs will ,win be held Sunday, February Valentine
meet with Deacon and Mrs. Lee Jackson, 414 Pnelp Street, 25, at 9.30 a.m., ID the Mt. District No. I of St Luke Baptlst -.
at 3 30 p.m. The teachers meeting will be Wednesday night at Matrons' Society Ot Zion Baptist Church Soehalde.kits. will have a Post-Valentine. 'yt
6:45. Prayer meeting will be at 7 30.All youth choirs rehearse Bula Alston is the newly- Tea Sunday, February 25,from; 4 ,
Wednesdays at 5:30 The church is sponsoring a coronation elected superintendent and will 4 to 6pm. Rev. Wllkerson
for all the districts on Sunday March 10, at 3:30. Mrs. Queen First Corinth MeetsThe be In charge of the section. will be the speaker.ldra.Exie'
AileD is chairman. District No. 6 is sponsoring a special Officers and teachers for 1968 Freeman is chairman. Rev.M.

:acUvty1n the home of Deacon and Mrs. L.C. Watts, 645 Jessie Matrons' Society of the are: Superintendent Mrs. Bula J. Trowell U pastor. ,
Saturday. Alston Assistant Superintendent ,.
First Corinth Baptist Church ;
'NEW REDEEM BAPTIST 762 DuvaL, will celebrate its Wanda Baldwin;Secretary IN....MEMORIAM..() I
District No. 5 will have a Pew Rally Sunday March 17, at anniversary Sunday, February Trudy Freeman; Reporter, ;--::- { "Miss ; flats

the church. Sunday. school begins at 9:30 with Deacon Eunice 25, in the church auditorium, Gary Hall; Bible; Class Teacher }, $? new
Dunson In charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the pastor, beginning at 3 p.m. Mrs Alice Charlie Borders; SeniorClass r 2 C I
Rev. Norman. The morning worship begins at U a.m. with Johnson will be the speaker for Miss Bernadette Watts, and Iwvheels
the deacons in charge of devotions. Choir No. 1 and Usher the occasion. Rev. W.L.Jones )totermediate.:: Shell. Wag and ., :.. 1
Board No. Iw ill serve throughout the day with Mrs. Fannie 'is pastor. Mrs. M.L. Brown is .Primary Class, Mrs. Jenkins .
Jackson in charge of music. District No. 1 will meet at 3 p.m. president of the Society. and Hal Gannon.li .:1BTMeet. ;
at the church. BTU is held at 5.15 with Deacon CJLSmlth la
charge. The evening worship begins at 6 p.m. Both sermons Evinielist ""H;
will be delivered by the pastor Rev. Norman. Prayer meeting Parent And'Youth | ?R 797 .

is each Tuesday at 7:30 and is followed by Bible study. Regular J8.98

Program PlannedFor Service ListedFor 3DaiOnllBeautifully "
I T 0'
EMANUEL BAPTIST) Jl/wi; Barbara illtams .4 (
Tuesday the teachers meeting and prayer meeting will be u Former Pair .
held at the usual hour with the pastor and officers in charge. Mt. Zion AME SimpsonA
Mai; Rhode [,fand .
Choir No. 3 win rehearse at 7 p.m. Choir No. 2 will repearseat I '' 1
8 pjo.' On Thursday' the noonday prayer meeting takes Mt Zen .AME Churcn will combined evangelistic service Uui Williams u rurrendv mmtmker
place at the church. On Friday Choir No. 1 rehearses at'8 sponsor a Pa.reo&YouthOrpDI.zatIOD will be told at Simpson e/ Seer Young Dfugntr thaped lubtlely uppered i in loft leather

p.m.. The Cub Scouts will meet at 10:30 a.m. The Male Chorus Sunday evening February Methodist Church Kings Road ,EVA McCLELLAN DOOM Group. Mat B"i//i mi or shining patent, 'ivinjl potted on gaygomK .
meets at 7 p.m: Sunday school begins at 9.30 with the 25, at 6p.m. Participants and Cleveland Streets, from 'In of Mrs. Eva Me- tAll kt tt Setn FndfV Feb composition volet. Select slings posj.petalled Jniery 0
Smith and Mamie Fieldsin on the program will be: B.J. Memory 2Jrdp.m.untif8p.m, {
Deacon George Mrs.
superintendent ,
at 7:30 n.bow
March 4 to March 8, buckled- andotierstyles
.Clellan Dixon who departed pump .
Williams Choir Miss Rosemary ../ T and
eanducting" '''/ !
each night A combined choir this life February 16, 1965. PdJomroi available in popular color size. ,
Bladwin Miss Gwendolyn inn thaw the
charge. The lesson will be reviewed by an appointee. Consecration of participating/ churches will'sing. :' in '.
Ob for
in Jesus
is at 10:45 a.m. Morning worship begins at U a.m. Mann, Miss Winifred Mitchell Asleep blissful Shot Drparlmrnt on $ranbrcond Lodi ; S.Ioat{. Second Floor
ParentalHome such a refuge .\: tiJ.
Conecea Paul Girls you- May Ivor.
With the deacons In chage. Baptism will be administered in This mammoth affair win be' shall
the jnornlM service. The BTU win be bid at 5 D.m. with Chorus, Edward Waters sponsored by these churches: to- Securely your.
in charge. The evening Worship at 6 30 Choir. Rev. Calvin S. McFar- ashes lie- And wait the summons Sire
James Phillips begins : Alexander Memorial, Asbury, from high. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE t Bit '"t HeginJirktonvillt
Choir No. 1 the Junior Choir and the "Usher Board No. 1 and land/ Junior associate minister St. Paul, Cotton Chapel, Bowl on I Sears Florida
of the church will deliver the Rest In Jesus Mother. Your. Satisfaction Guaranteed or ,
the Junior Usher.Board will serve. Miss Loretta Rollins and ,' den, Eteneser. Mt Zion, MtMoriah Josephine E. j Phone 3554461HA
of A choir will also Mssage. L.L Alexander will Daughters, Mrs. Back "
in music. Your
C.B.Flster will be charge serve St. Joseph,' Money : '
present the speaker. Rev. B.J. Simpson, Williams and Mrs. Okel V. tOIlK.K:. AND a .
in the fellowship hour. Wrigbtsvine. ,
Williams is pastor. Welsh and family.

I It.

I. ,',
.. ......J1."' ._ '.' : .. b.u-: ,heels "'-1<..h..s; .1.0 .o!. "r J _' -.. ,.".d. '" ..-IJIiC:t ,s1_' ,'..., _'_'i! .,_'.. \..,..... ......, ". ,>I. ........HI ."","" illlL.......\, ..' \\iu ."...... ....w'SATUDAY

"'" ......




-flEMININ.Ee .

The Baby Doll Look Belting Season Seen For The Persian Artistry And Tamil _

Fashionable Lady And FriendsThe ',

message Is coming throgh loud and clear from the haute .
couture as well u U.S.Designers, the waist is back, and the
u belts are making the spot where fashion Is focusing the attention -
Everyone's playing variations on the waistline from Norman -
Norell and Ives St. Laurent right down to budget fashions..
Dlgnam Associates 260 Parlna were signed In November
lermo Avenue, Cora! Gables, 1967. The $8 million marina
have been selected as the con- complex will Include berthing
suiting engineers on the pro- space for 300 yachts, a 200-
ject. room luxury yachtel for yacths-
Lundy now maintains office men, a seaplane ramp, marine'
la New York and Connecticut Ie"lclngand repair customsand Jt
1 and formerly practiced architecture Immigration facilities,re-
P in Florida. Re has designed tall shops and headquarters
buildings in all parts of Interama's water transportation -
the state. In 1960 he was given fleet.
the American Institute of Architects
Award of Merit for his
I design of the Fellowship Rail
for Saint Paul's Luteran
Church In Sarasota.. Melrose Paper
One of Lundy's newest designs
is the United States Tax Court
Building in Washington, D.C. Emphasized A
about to go under constaructlon.
He also has been prominent in Bold-Wet LookMelrose
the development of air-support
ed and cable tension structures.
His air-supported structure from the new Fabrl-
signed for the Uj5.Atomic! Energy cale Collection by United/De-
Commission was travelled Soto pit rsoniflel the new bold
through South America, Europe; and "wet" look In wallcov
and the Far East by the state erings.Shedding Its mod ancestry '
Department. and becoming high fashion,
Dlgnum Associates have the "wet look" offers a refreshing -
served as consulting engineers change lotabrlc-bsck-
on many structures in the state, ed vinyls usually designed In
including the Miami MatlneSradlum -. conventional motifs.Colonrays .
Mlamarlna, the underwater are pink, orange
theater at Week Wachee and blue; blue green and black
f : O Springs, and the First National and orange, gold and green,
Bank Building of Miami. They dlrpplng wet with a shiny coat
: : have also been associated with. of vinyl. These patterns are
i the construction of dormitories,' scrubbable, strlppable and fully
classroom buildings, the Science trimmed at the factory. United

,1' Medical Center School at Jackson the University Me- Wallpaper company Release

Baby Doll Look, news lor Sprlngl I Tweeny-wiIated, betted, morial Hospital
., bauncyaktried,1Pa the way to look if you want to be ,.1Jt.Iu- Contracts by Merrill-Stevens t l
.hion in '68. Smoothly fitted, short sleeved dress and cropped for building the Interama Ma-
Jacket, seen here In a knitted rib, called appropriately enough''
In view of Its great feminity "Adam's Rib".If* at Singer Centers '
where fabrics are sold'In vhld new shades. Shown hereIn CHINESE SIIRIMP 'N tW.DDAR
Kelly Green. The dress and Jacket fashion can be made for
about Z6.00.. Look for the Simplicity pattern 1411 at Singer 2 cans (So*,each) chow 3 cups milkmelnnoodle
.crushed 2 tablespoons sauce
Centers, too. Photo Courtesy Singer- per Anne Counes Public 1/2 cup melted butter 1 cup cooked shrimp or 1 ane
Relations. eggs (7 os.) tuna, flaked
1 can (lIb.) Chun King 1/4 pound chirp Cheddar
Meatleu Chow Meln cheeee,shredded
4 Combine the chow mrln noodles with melted butter; line a
CANCER WITH ahallow 2-1/2 quart baking dish with the mixture. In a large I\
HELP FIGHT bowl, beat eggs} blend In chow men milk, and aoya sauce. Pour
Into noodle-lined dUh. Sprinkle the shrimp or tuna over event I II
A CHECKUP AND CHECK thru sprinkle with the thru Bake In a hot,oven.(tOO.) for U I
___ minutes or'untll flUlng li set Make 6 Ifrvtr....,. ,J M I!
.., .. ...
.n. -
"; --- --- --
Tamil Is wfcjue with a touch of Peratsnattlatry from the new fabric-backed vinyls offer additional adrantageMlnce' they are
/ 1 I Fabricate Collection by Unlied/DeSoto. Paisleys provide a Jewel scrubbable and strlppable. Colorways are orange and yellow; I
EDGEWOODAVE. -Uke setting for almost any any room in the bouse. These avacado and gold and blue and green, all on white backgrounds
o Photo United Wallpaper Company Chicago.luiuor .

Big, Bold, Wet-Describes .
SUPER MARK OPENSUNDAY .New Fabulous Wallcoverings QJeIJMIR C t1atJ- .

: ... _. Ifs big, bold and wet-theal. lop represents a dramatic departure ..ssae queries above
are the looks designers ar from previous fabric Mb .uc,....... with these powder., and cleanup
QUANTITY RIGHTS, RESERVED 9 A'.M. TO 7.KM. heeding In 1968. ..backed vinyl lines governed by f rwimuic .*4 il".*.. consist of carefully foldingthe
tissue and
throwing them
The Fabricate collection .
new the old sterotypes dull designs
of fabric backed vinyl wallcov drab colors, and a one-dimen G- away. Neat, huh .
U.S. GOOD CHUCKtOAST cringe currently being intro- sional appearance. ---j Q.Wilts .....( Hockkg*ar*
duced by United/DeSoto offers Now it is possible to hav these looks in abundance.In ease of maintenance and extreme much with mj brew loafer
Whet khW at sloes dotal I
49o the Fabricate group,the mod durability of these longwearing wear with 0m ad whet CM
"wet look" has arrived in wall wallcoverings In exotic they be wonT
covering as well as boots, flocks, bold designs and imQ. A. You're right! Whiles in
stockings and raincoats. The the "wet look" as well as In but an are all the pastel
glossy, shimmering surface of the new shock colors. textured hose. Wear them anywhere
these patterns results from a Not to say that nostalgia has you would wear (tackings. .
heavy coat of shiny vlnyLJhese been eliminated. Ole fashioned But a* you discovered.
RESH FLA. GRADE MEDIUM My panel have said
designs almost drip with bright designs are still very much in they duel go well with loafer
to a Utfte snake for malaf.but .
colors and bold oulines. evidence in Faty-lcale but in p .. They look best with low, fat-
I snake a Beer Ibr
The brilliant large-scale design more stylized.version! than heeled shoe with definitely
bathroom putting It How *>
GGS 35 of Banyan with its heavy ever before roe kp all these powdered rounded or squared Iocs. Ifyour
r blocking of a leaf-like motif In If you have ever desired a Victorian product under control wearing your skirt Just
DpZ. CARTON bright-.orange cobalt blue offers kitchen replacing the A. Powdered eye shadow, picture above the perfect knee! the outfit to
Werestingdecoratingpos- charm rather than the convenience blukh-took powder, and face
sibllitles In the new feeling., of the period. Fabricate powder can make a bathroom (For mon ..stHJ'I"M -yew
According to the latest home Is the answer. Fresh red and ,lint look like a rainbow! Whenever wslioN /nwai.s 'pnw.i .
furnishing trends, big scale white flocked designs, completely you apply your makeupat .g .s1 It-.. -v. for she
HOOD prints are definitely "In" and washable and fabric- :.- a dresser or lavatory .IrH kookUt. *Ytr, ftnontUfYomt.
psychedelic colors from'pas tacked for long life, in the damask spread two or three Kleenex Stmi yow MUM owl
LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 OR MORE sionate purple to turned on pink swirls and curely-cues tissue* before you open the tMJnu N "V.iy P.rs..uy
FOOD ORDER 15 compacts. The losues will catch Yonn,"De "'- ',Ki.hwiyClal

I L 33LEACH HALF GALLON top are This decorators.being new used group increasingly of wall cover-by reminiscent able.century gingerbread of such turn are avail-of the bandy floating for powder wiping They're brushes used also .)C. ,.. NmttkiJ19K. "Ii

s. nay

QUART 29 *

JAR .. ..

# -



,.S. #} POTATOES, 10 LB. BAG ..'. 25( ." ';. 'I DISCOUNT

', : t 1"'. X

< .t. A *
,", '

[ALO DOG FOOD 2 TALL CANS 'j 25C ..... /. -.A1'r.'f 1, SPECIALS

'i ; '. ... """" .

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.('\ ,,;"V;\J\\)" here's the "how" for creative cookery :rrr: : == == A1


\, 'iJ,: \ It's Cherry Time Again ; Fish And Wine Not The Hatchet-.It's The Cake j

Try This Luscious Recipe Herald New Menus .
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,, 1J\ t- Just about anytime Is party time as tu as the teen-ager Is For Coming Of Spring g 11 .
,0. "Ju.A" to concerned celebrate., but it is always nicer when there is a real reason : ":' ,>

Brighten late winter
up your
.A school is emalnlng whipped topping. 'lliol'it.
holiday always menus with a pre-sprlng meal ..
a good reason, and for most of Note; This cake Is best made that will make everyone feel
the youngsters, Washington'sBirthday md served the same day. Store
spring is "Just around the cor
is a school,holiday, my leftover cake Jn the refrs !'- ner."
ROSALIE Through the years there's been I Ia terafor. "General Pods''ro} > Baked fish streaks are the perfect -
scoT>: lot said about George Wash duct! Used: Birds Eye Cool entree when served in twos
e STAFF Ington, the first president of our >Vhlp Non-Dairy Whipped TopRecipes with an herb stuffing and dren-
hintsCARNATION ASSISTANT land, but one thing we somehow -, I line .ched in a sauce made with California
associate with him
always Vermouth. For a
l IV : HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR is the famed hatchet and the delightful beverage accompaniment
little tree. Whether be
serve chilled white din.tier
cut the tree down not does
or wine such as a California
Treat family members to Casserole Beef Stew,a tasty not really matter. What does: Rhine wine, Tramlner or
recipe idea developed by the Carnation Company. For matter, however is the popularity Riesling.
added pizza z, the stew is spooned into a coin bread the story brought to the MUSTARf BUNS Arrange half of fish steaks
stuffing mix crust just before sel'Ving.: Your family ripe red cherry. 1 package active dry yeast In a shallow baking pan Top !'
will enjoy dishes made with evaporated milk..Use it Teenagers are bound to remember 94 cap warm water with Herb Stuffing, then cover
lusciouSIs (105 to 115-)
how this .
often for your cooking: and baking needs. with second Qshcteaks:Sprinkle
and want to make a part of t/t cap BlsqukkS with salt and pepper.Brlngremaining
-, ;. their Washington's Birthday tablespoon preparedmustard ingredients to aboil.
;d, "' ,.' weekend party menu. Batter Spoon a little of the hot sauceon
One of the very best reel-
c fish Bake lnahotovenabout ,
Dissolve yeast In warm water '"
;;.' pies to come along lately is Mix in Btsquick and muatard. 25 to 30 minutes or until,fish
chocolate cake layers, filled Beat vigorously (U dough I* is done. Baste often with half
with canned cherry pie fining soft, add :3 to 4 tablespoons of Vermouth sauce. Serve the
and thawed Birds Eye Cool Bisquick) Turn out onto _n- remaining sauce, hot with the
floured surface Knead until
Whip-Non Dairy Whipped Top-. smooth, about 30 times' Roll fish. If athlcker sauce is preferred
.rl x1eM
+ ping.The top of the cake is co- dough Into Oblong. 12x8 Inches thicken slightly with a t- k; -
; covered with cherries and the Cut Into 1H Inch strips Placeon little cornstarch mixed with cold J ;
.il+ r remaining CDOI wmp arranged lightly (retted baking water a
as 'a border and around the sheet. Shape ends to make hotdog
sides. Not only is it an attract.. buns Cover Let rise In sWf
lYe dessert, but if s ever so delicious. hour warm Heat place even(M to<>400) about. Bake 1 *.*,*,* *

It will be so easy for JO to 15 ralnates, until t.* *..* *, s ,
the teen-ager to prepare this browned. Brush with butter.
delicetable cake because on* Serve with hot dogs Makes Note: If fish steaks :are large,, iI
I bans.Special prepare as directed above but r
Franks: Here's a combination t
make it a cinch. Packaged cake the teens will like: cut number of streaks used. f
mix, canned cherry pie Oiling Split franks lengthwise. Cut large steaks in half,wben
and smooth textured and fluffy Spread cut surfaces with pea serving. Vermouth sauce and
CASSEROLE BEEF STEW Birds Eye Cool Whip Non-Dairy nut butter Wrap In a strip of stuffing amounts are'udclenj
iMnkos 6 to nerving) Whipped Topping make it, oh, bacon secured with a wooden to serve J or 4.
so easy to turn out this perfect pick. Barbecue on grill until 9 or 8 small, thin salmon or
2 pounds %Inch thick 2 carrots bacon Is done u desired turnIng .
cake other fish steaks
but I
round tteak 2 once. Serve on
tablespoon flour tered bun. Herb; stuffing .. : .
VS cup chopped onion
1 cup undiluted Carnation .
1 crushed clove girlie aiEESEBOATS Salt and pepper -4. ",
1 tablespoon. melted butter 1 Evaporated cup (8>/ ounce Milk can) Chocolate Cherry Cake Ideal for outdoor grilling 1/2 cup California dry Vermouth ] Bo Washington1. complete 'without a cherry-mmettiaf.uw'of .
1 teaspoon silt green pest le slices bacon 1/2 cup vegetable broth" the best candidate for yadellclouspartytreat U Chocolate Cherry Cake, moist chocolate
/4 tesipoon pepper 9 cupt seasoned com 1 canned cherry pie 01 1 posed frankfurters I tablespoons buter or margarine cake layerg filled with cherry pie filling and fluffy good tasting Birds Eye Whip Non-Dairy
1 cup beef broth bread stuffing; mix .1/1 teaspoon almond extract Liquid smoke Whipped Topplnc.'Ibe new frozen whipped topping makes. not only good eating but makes the
2 baked 9 lace chocolate cake lemon rind. -
1/2 teaspoon grated cake
l /t cups water I/I rap shredded Oieddar so very pretty..
Trim and pound round Klrnk. Cut In 'i.Imli cube Saute 4 cups 0- onion garlic and moat In huller In largo kllkt. Stir In frozen whipped topping. Pantry bacon' :I mlrjrte on '
salt |KMT. broth ami4 cup water. Mliv "iirrul In thin each side Split frankfurterslengthwla "YOUR DOUAR
IcngthwlHo Klrljm. A eIllo nuut. Simrmr uluwly uncovered combine cherry pie f1l11n< 30 minutes or unlll meat 1I".I"lIrru", lire linikr. Sprinkle almond extractSpreak help of through Brush cut
surface lightly with liquid- BUYS MOREl
flour over lop of mont Silr until Hour U comblnwl.Add un. cherry mixture over top of one amok Ills cheese and chill e
diluted Carnntlon LvaiNirutitl Milk snit IK'us. Cook over cake layer. Toy with 1 cup of sauce: fill each frankfurter
medium heat until ihUkrnvd stirring fntucntly. Pour the whipped topping. Then add with 1 teaspoons of the.mix AT YOUR RANKER
remaining 1 cup water over Muffinx mix. TOM tightly second cake layer. Top with 1cup tur*. Wrap each with a slice
Press Into bullotn and sides of buttered 2 quart tustirrole. of remaining cherry mixture of bacon, secure with a '
wooden Ortll 4 inches
and and sides with pick. FOOD STORE'SQUANTITY
Bake In moderate ovi-n t330 F.) 11 inlnulcx. Spuon meat cover top from medium coals 12 to, IS
mixture Into mutt. Serve al once minute or until bacon I*
eon.1'1111'.... III t'AA. (:M crisp turning DocaIIanaU1"J' SPECIALS GOOD

.. ..... ', .,": .. ", i" ,., .. .: 4-7 .N4' I servings... ,, "' ,.w 'I I RIGHTS RESERVED .,, THROUGH SATURDAY ...

__ n ____ ___ ._ --





5 SAN $369 ,Fs, ,

The'store that '; ",j

cares about you!




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i sill PAWS smmY riiiiin 14. mf




Henry Davis Inks NAACP Wants Florida's Gold Coast

Hampton Dancers In Terpsichore

.< With New York Negroes NamedFor Becomes Trade CenterMIAMI

Floridfr-A noo-acre site has been created from
Demo Meet
\ : Fx Football Giants former swampland along Florida's Gold Coast for the world'a

first per manent International cultural and trade center scheduled -
WINTER HAVEN-The Florida -
..,; ,: .. GRAMBLING L.-HelU7 Davis to open in mid-1970. .
State NMCP wants Ne&foeslo.
Z. J all purpose lineman who mtERAMA, a creation of the ductions theater dramatic
'icluded offlcal delegates the
1 used excel on defensebut mo\ed as State of Florida with U.s. Government arts! a museum and art gallery.
Florida Democratic contingent
to offense where Grambling support, will be a center A $7-milllon marina complex,
College needed his blocking for the National Democratic display,the board accomplishments bum and operated by the)

skill and stalwartness has Convention in Chicago. of all nations of the Company will feature a 180-

'If signed a bonus contract with the Rev Joe 1..tk1n8. president of Western Hemisphere. Each room Yachtel and will be one oft
the State Conference has sent
New York Football Giants. year, 8 million visitors are expected the largest marinas Florida-
Coach Eddie Robinson caltafthe 'telegrams to State Democratic to enter INTERAMA'S The public will be able to en-'
Chairman Pat Thomas
pact one of the best negotiated Party gates Into a sub-tropical city Jo1.ucbsportsaeamp1ncboat1or. ;
and to United States Senator
for a Grambling player of lagoons and canals where water skiing Eking diving
Slit, Smathers to that effect.
n since the AFL-JJFL armistice George they will see everything from and bowling.A .
ended payment of outlandisn The telegram read "The Florida the latest achievements In sports stadium to seat 20,000is

bonuses to college stars State NAACP requests that science to artisans practicing expected to attract International
Immediate action be taken Insure -
Davis an uninhibited 6-3 their handicrafts. Research sports events such Lathe:

seemingly indestructible 237- that Negroes are delegatesto projections Indicate that the 6 Pan American Games Also, a
1968 convention.
pound guard, worked diligently It the party's further stated that million visitors will average 2.1 special Children's World will

and endlessly to become the Your was,failure to properly act :'visits'annually; for a total of, depict exhibits of storybookhe
most devastating downfleld ,12.5 million visits a year. roes and legend In a world of.
on this request will leave the '
blocker in college football. Floridians alternative Apart from educating and entertaining make-believe. Initially,
While his forte was clearing Negro the public, a major INTERAMA will open with a 680
but to their own un
path for Tiger ball carriers, propose slate of purpose of INTERAMA Is to acre complex The remainder,
pledged delegates.
r be was, to take the pro's word meet serve as an international communications "af the UOOO acre that provides
The state delegation was to
for It, the fastest guard in foot According to Atkins center for exchanging ample room for growth and ex
Thursday. ,
balL .
The Slaughter, l4. ., native ls there are about commissions 1SNegroesserwing civil- opportunities ideas andcreatingnewtrade among: Plans are now being made for
on city or
f built for rough work. Most of service commissions In Florida patlaii and companies. the establishment of a University

his weight is concentrated in Unlike a world's fair, INTER of the Americas on the IN-
' who should be considered
\, his upper torso he has a spring : AMA will operate from year to TERAMA site, when Latin American

like charge and 1s widely respected year with continually changing students could take

by teammates and opponents School Board activities and exhibits developed credit courses not generally

throughout the tough by governments businessand fered ID their own countries.

i lerpncDoreaas pracuc* uwir steps la-iMTb* neat," a number Norrell of Atlantic City, N.J. Judith Moore of Tallahassee; Southwestern Athletic Conference Must Rehire industry and other private

from the musical AWed Side Story," as the group prepares Karen Miles of St. Petersburgh; and Paulette Wood of Norfolk sponsors. Under the theme Nassau Premier
for concert. From left, the group consists of Rosyln Va. Davis was an unanimous All. "The Way of Life In the Americas
American choice during the Negro Teachers Progress with freedom
1967 season. He served as team ," INTERAMA will contain Outlines New

captain: and played on three lour major areas of exposition:
RICHMOND Va.-M e era
t r/101 e 011 I.4M. PMONI OK I.OIII Jim Brown, Ex-Pro Pigshinner, CWAC championship squads school teachers who were not International, Industrial, Cul Plans Forlsland

.... Almost Introverted, doesn't rehired la the state of Virginiawere tural-Festival and Sports and
"A UVIN* via* ro" TH u UVIM*"
Will Be Honored In Kansas City,> say much on or off the field, denied their rlghtsby local Leisure. And Gambling
Instead to let his
RANGE: FUNERAL HOME perferlng. school boards which transferred Rising high above Greater

KANSAS CITYJim Brown will be honored as "NEW Male blocking and tuning do the pupils to white schools Miami Bay, INTERAMA'S MIAMI-Prime Minister Pind-
,. .787 N. W. I7TM AVKNUI Star of Today" u the InternationalShowARamaconvenBrown's talking for hint while be busy mark will be spectacular 1000
handed down the
was a ruling by
of the Bahamas
M. ATHAUB RAe N PATRICK ftAMMOyrMIH and trade &bow. F.br ZII throvdtZl.at the Hotel Mue.: tolling the opposition downfleld. United States Fourth Circuit foot tower with a revolving ling Just a step
bach CoII"DUoD Center away from Miami,has announced
1A.lCansu (;lb.
mvcMitermM MA1.AaIY" Davis Is the latest of a distinguished restaurant near the top
Brown's award 1s based on his Court of Appeals last week a tightening of controls on
AK /Y/.AAA. MAS VO cobs, "Producer of the Year" list of Tiger lineman Designs for this "lower isFreedom"
The National Association for
performance In M-G-Ws "The and "Star of Tomorrow" will gambling ft tlno
superlative at their Job. He'llJoin operate
were developed
Dirty Doten." Jim the Advancement of Colored by rights to This will also
portrays a be announced this week 30 odd
> -Gramb11nc cr14- architect Minors Yamasakl.
--CiIICIDi condemned G.I. In People and the Legal Defense Involve a check up by the ,
Eurpoe dur Jim Brown'sactlngcareerhasIncluded AFL government
ders In the -NFLpIay-for. Designs for the International
J IIIIII l Unit it InC WWU, who cheats the army six movies 11\,the last pay ranks next fall. Fund of the organization pointed complex of pavilions have been at Intervals Into that'
to this
u a signal victory.
cUIOKSUMKE hangman and completed a two said Dick Income of these revenue making
; Cooler
years The Giants to convert
SERVICE 1S DOWtl mission plans The court, reversing a lower advanced by six world-reowed .
behind a German trod enterprises.
general show chairman,, His ;
"Mm into Unetcker.ia.
a .
architects Marcel Breuer
'"ELL" an c,__ ._" lines before D-Day. movie credits Include: pRloConchos ., court thi had been asked to : Joe new plan will enable the
N.W. Id AYe. a lad ai. Brown will receive his award t decide rights of nine Negro L Kahn, Paul Rudolph. government to put represents-
; Dark of The Sun .
r Dean Jose Luis Sin Edward
t 6e.. air _:.IlIJI: : '.I'l'- at a keynote luncheon& Tuesday, *Ice Station Zwbra Kennery,. teachers bad been violated Utlves In those ares where monies .
under the Civil Rights Act when Stone and Harry M.Weese. .
February 27. Sharing the spot. Riot", and "The Split," be Pavilion faculties will move rapidly.Several .
they were not rehired by the
rather startling changes -
light for honors
at the same continued "As former AllAmerican be provided to Latin American
Urn* will be Norman Jewlson and All-Pro Cleveland Asbeboro, N.C. school systemIn will go Into enact with the

who will receive: "Director of football great., .be 1s rapidly Sailors Will 'and the 1M7.academic year of 1965 nations Responding free of to charge.an Invitation by new Future plans
Johnnie Ann's gaining an enviable and respected .President Lyndon B. promotion
Four teachers were ruled Ineligible Johnson schemes win not place

er...place.." be continued.among the movie Get Chances In for relief, said t h ejurists announced 17 Latin American Intentions nations to participate have emphasis on pmhiing. In strong other

Three will receivemoney words, the place of the
Shopping Center browns decision to quit pro Water Areas damages; The Asheboro at INTERAMA. Thirteen will Bot'take" procedure casino over

ii ; I football great, and devote his school board was told to rehire have sent delegations to the site art and beauty.
: career to motion pictures followed two others and 11 nations have appointed
oL- completion of The Dirty March will be a busy month committees to plan exhibits. 'Premier Pladling.has a tea-

Dozen. He turned In an out.standing here for sailors too. Oceanfront -. The U.. Government has aut year goal for the country. He

performance "Dark hotel rooms and pool view cabana World Of Boob horised $U million for its will place confidence la stability

'of the Sun," which tells the Incredible decks will give a "BLACK SKIN.WHITE MASK" participation. Edward Durrell prosperity, homogeneityand
2994 NW46th! St. March I of many of the worlds Independence but will
of mission Stone ,
story a by "Black Skin White Mask," has designed the U.S.
1 craft as skippers ,
sleekest sailing
maintain ties with Great
a band of soldiers Pavilion and
mercenary exhibit
coasts last fraction of Written by Franti Fanon Published plans are
In the Congo led by Ruffo (Jim by Grove Press New being carried out by HerbRosennthal Britain. .
know out of the SO-milereach The practical skills of Individuals
Born) and Captain Curry (Rod and
2S2 $5. Associates, Lot An-
pp, ,
GroceriesMeals'VegetablesIEE Taylor). They save terrorised beat and run of the Lipton Cup The publishers Indicate In the gales In the Island will get
of f Miami Beach. Two days strong attention, according to
}Y civilian group In a small Congolese later the fleet takes oft for the book Jacket that this Is Fanotfsfirst At an International Buaar, the leader.
town attached by rebel"Slmba" boot. Further, on the publication -' restaurants will serve native
IM-mlle race to Nassau.In The leader has the
troops foods artisans srtll
we learn that the practice
-- Jim Is national chairman for Biscayne bay the Snipe mld-j their arts hope that education will ant be
book was first printed FranceIn and.crafts, and shops
# i VINE TO (o" winters will be sailed,March.. to
JIM BROWN the Negro Industrial and Eco- 1952, and later In the UjS will sell the products of each any degree upon
3 the Jet 14s March 8-10 and *
; : from The
pmMin only
the Year" for his work In "In nomic Union an organization the lightning mid-winters In 1967, by Grove Press. nations. money
The Heat of the Night founded which Is dedicate to Fanon was born In 1925 in Fort A year-round program of Interest the government will
Fni lelimr -, Phut 134.115& .March 20-21. take In gambling will be In the
the American Negro
assisting events from music
festivals to
The four day extravobgfc, Visitors can take full advantage de-France, Martinique. He studied ar eaoicomplete '
Into the mainstream of the American a Rio-type Conestyand
which ranks u the world's largest of holidays on water by medicine In France and carnival will take
Integrity Two
film exhibitor show will economy. Brown's chartering either or sailIng later specialized in psychiatry pie In the Cultunl-Festival major casinos
power now
honor otherpersomltles.heseInclude most successful season was in Out of his experience In a hospital section of INTERAMA. Their operate, longtermplans
craft, with or without crew, but
:' Charlton Keston and 1964, when he won the Hickok for cruising and fi =M"g. la Algeria, during the visitors will flog symphony there,is ,according Pindllng
Miss Stelly Stevens as "Star, Belt as Professional, Athlete of The latter sport Includes blue- Franco-Algerian war, his sympathy ball with.a seating capacity of; No casinos will be

6917661M of the Year'; Arthur P. Ja the Year. water trolling for blue and white turned towards the rebels. 2000,: a 3000-seat theater for on oher, 1s1a.Dd4. permitted

'marling, sailfish dolphin and He )Joined the revolution and be opera, ballet and musical pro

king mackerel, to list a few of cam.1ta most articulate spokem -

March In Miami Will Feature the deep-sea gamesters Drift nThese. Your professional beautician
facts arc Important in
fishing offshore Is good for
Horse mackerel snapper groupertoo aa approach torevlewingandap knows the answer...
Big Races And Betting
occasionally a sail In bay predating what Fanon experience
and near-shore areas the light felt, and what he was.
tackle writing about They are also Can your hair be damagedfrom
cobs angler goes bonefish,
BEACH Fla.-There's no doubt will in helpful la appraising the courses
like a lion at Miami Beach and go out the same way so far as spotted weakfish mackerel, of action and
!horse fans as March advances,an Increasing progress brushing alone?
racing are cOllc.rDe4.Both .
number of tarpon. hopes for the future in race relations. ,
Florida precursors for pcs nts starting March 10 and
Features In March in the
7 the Triple CroWD come 10 March concluding April S. Miami Beach auditorium include .' In essence. the book b devoted"" All hair becomes damaged from exposure to sun and natural
-the Flamingo at Hialeah March Golf week with an 18.
opens elements.
,to "a'psychopathoSogtcal and Certain
concerts greasy compounds and
symphony the chemicals
on many Improperly
'L'f, 2 and the Florida Derby at Gulf-: hole qualifying round. for play y 10th, Utn, and 24th and operaon psychopathologlcal andphOofcCHptiictl used, also take their toll..,not to mention simple attempts .
stream March 30. Both these the PGA
I ers on non-exempt the 10th. Ballet 1s scheduled exphn Hon of the state at beautifying the hair with any brush not made of,

classics for three-year-olds list, with Tuesday reserved for the ninth, 16th and 30th. let be16e'i NBgtd'a; natural bristles. The result are brittleness, breakage, dry and
carry purses of $100,000 and practice rounds Wednesday is dull looking hair.

are two of the richest stakes in set aside for the Jackie Gleason Your professional
the lour-month thoroughbred pro-celebrity best-ball, with Anounciig Tke Grand Opening Of actually brush away a great deal of knows the "lubricants"how artificial the bristles hair
season here.Hialeah Thursday marking the start of
that give It
body, lustre and protection. And
trained beauticians
'itattfA/ mtitah, ( f, winters of closes Flamingo one outs day better and .the regular tourney. snw, JJall; Claim that nothing beats Clairol' condition Beauty Pack Treat.
Gulfstream opens March with Wigs WiflMs & WIG FASHIONS leaving hair overcoming lively and brittleness to dryness and breakage .
easy manage, condition Is an easyVo
$470,000 In stakes events that -,
; Me rim 01 6tU efttMt ulL. will continue through April 23. Mayor Stokes ', work-with straightening creme retouch which to can even be applied during a chemical

March also brings, like the prevent drying of hair that has been
No Money
bride, something old andsome- Switches previously relaxed. condition Is the ultimate In repairing deep.
down damage. And, when time is a factor for their
thing new for the vacationer Time To Office customers
vrvt + The old Iii continuation of lavish Dowi 1.25 Per hairdressers turn to new Clairol Hair Dew'-the lotion bondi.

nightclub entertainment CLEVELANDMayor Carl B. tloner that penetrates so fast many think of it as 'an Instant

; concerts theater, sunshine, Stokes has let it be known that Hair Xd'ner' When applied regularly by your beautician Clairol

f fishing and fwlmmlng he'll be a working mayor. WHt'I Dew adds body, softens and gives a glowing new look to

;. The new includes Grapefruit His news secretary Richard '.r your hair that many friends will notice and admire,

"Mere service begins and never ends" .League baseball, the $100,000 J. Murway, said the public has t r Tit '.T. ..raitItfirtint But Damage damage can to come from using brushes',with artificial bristles..

Doral Open March 7-10 and a right to a "working mayor;" Stare every woman's hair come's from so many reailrol

Three locations to serve you: Holiday on Ice March 11-17.: Stokes can't give all his time causes that all human hair (Including wigs) needs to be revitalized !-

' : Baseball spring training will to newsmen" / / I I. WirKM. periodically. VisIt your professional beautician/ and ask

! __ find the Baltimore Orioles in i The Mayor has charge that the this expert to check the condition of your hair. ,

Mial Opo-locka RtxUt" 15-game schedule in Miami stadium city's news media U sniping ., ferUi Only your professional beautician/ knows the answer for sure'

' against major league op at..wm. ,hill 37MIK Inc.1967'un ofCIIllQlinc.TM

f ;


." :,{'

$ \4.: I 1 ,

o A .. _I .. .. ....'.JII'.



I *-* Georgia- Klansmen Work Under Negro Bosses On City Project; ** I

'. .

..... ]I Mayor Stokes ,Job Corps Director Helps. Again j Grind' Drifei>Enjoys Trveit

Nw Digest
And Recommends
: I &PI)>..The local: model cities program has been
Intergratad by top Kn lad Klan officials,whohave decided thatblack
: Strong Support. and white together isn't such a bad Idea, after all-even
DIPLOMATIC Dd3t1lNITTb. U Negroes ate running the show.
CAPE CLEVELAND-NPJo-UaJot Calvin F.Craig Georgia grand "They like me and they know
TOWN-South Africa's apartheid (race separation) Carl B. Stokes has chided dragon, United Klaus, Knights I never did any'harm to any-
regulations ban been wafted for Joseph Kachlngwe tin first critics who expect"miracles." of the Ka ram Klan, IDC, has boyd," Newberry added.
black African to Join the resident diplomat corps In the fee But he has nevertheless per- been elected to the neighborhood Averring that the Klan has been
public. Kachlngwe who is first secretary of the new Malawlan formed a few minor wonders, board of the federal program misrepresented, Newberry described -
delegation, stepped off the plane with his wife and two child like replacing Cleveland test- while J.D. Newberry reputed it as "Just another fra*,
ren earlier in the past week, In time to attend the new session dents' frustration with optimism Klan official, will sit oa ternal order like the Masons,
of parliament,which opened last Friday. He is regarded. the and the "expectancy,: of the executive board administering the Elks, and the Moose.
forerunner of black African deplomats whose assignments will better.days" Atlanta's model cities pro
r SP
be in South Africa. could
Those improvements gram.
Fire Deaths In the U.S.
make the difference between a Craig Is serving on a com-
TEACHING HOSPITAL cool summer and a repetition mittee UDder I Necrochalrman. NEW YORK-Approximately
lost their live
of previous violence,particularly Newberry a member of a 14- 12.100 penoni
LUSAKA Preliminary construction on a $30 million Lusaka to the Hough area, observers member city-wide board which In firei In the United Slate during .
Teaching hospital complex was begun last month which Is being noted. has all Negroes and a black executive 1966 the insurance Inform
t Tiewed as a major step In the development of medical services "Our progress Is likely to be 'hDr. director. lion Institute report More
I ic to Zambia The Initial phase of the construction planned for too slow to suit some of those Few local observers think the than one.hill of these deaths
completion by next January, win raise two three-story wardS who hover over us, gumming Klan has really changed,but to occurred in home and about
blocks at a cost of$3.85 .InaddlUon to training medical the surface reacting to mores bear the Kluxers tell It,working one-third of these vktimi were
.' students and nurses, the JM-bed hospital will specialiteelln without awaiting the longer- under-and with-Negroes to children.
surgical orthopedics, ears eye nose and throat treatment. term,' more meaningful conse RKI Just great.
the said. "Pm a devoted segregationist .
qjnences, mayor .IC .rr..
I COMMUNICATIONS STARi Anyone who expects overnight Bennett Washington, director of the women's training centers for the Job Crops""s ," said Craig "My principle -: ,
solutions "already has been shown above adding to her already busy schedule activities by attending a series of meetings haven't wavered a bit.
NEW DELHI-It the recommendations of a fire-man UNESCO disappointed be said, adding to New York City where a fine exibltion, "A Chance to Be Somebody" was on display..Ottersto But Pee always said the best .
mission are accepted, India will become the first developing that it win take years to solve the picture are, from left; Joseph Martinez, Job Corps graduate now an installer of equip way for a white man to understand .-'" '..
nation to orbit its own communications satellite to relay television the city's long-standing pro ment for Wester Union; Betty Patterson Neward, graduate, now stewardess with the United the problems of the Negro .
/ signals to ground stations to receive toe satellite (syn- blems. Air Lines; Dr. Washington; Renee Nowell, Philadelphia, business course student at the Jersey to for the two to sit together BRAND NEW
1 chronlted to orbit over the entire subcontinent signals and in The mayor described his City Job Corps Center for women, who plans to be secretary after her graduation to three at the conference table; .
turn relay them to some 30,000 home receivers, within the working relationship with City. months, and Carmelo Mercado, Brooklyn, to training for a Job of cooking at the Kilmer Corps "They may offer me some good 1968 VW
J next two years. Some 39,000 receivers would be located to six Hall as "every good,"criticise Center to Edison, New Jersey. Photo Courtesy Job Corps. advice. Maybe I can otter them .
central cities, with the remainder scattered out to more remote tog press speculations of dissension some"
t areu. between Stokes and the Newberry, who.was Identified; ; SEDANX176650
NAACP To Crown
i council. Arcadia 'Father Of at bearings of the House Un-' if
ROAD CONSTRUCTION Asserting that there was t American Activities committee .
"gap to housing between public First Queen U Georgia grand klabee or .
DOUALA-A $550,000 loan from the International Development housing and housing available treasurer, of the Klan, was '
.. association, Is to be used by the Republic of Cameroon to for moderate- n com. Poisoned Children History sounding the same tune. DIUVHIDI 1'i1AX
complete preparation of two road projects which would help families" Mayor Stokes calleda In Long "fve got more colored business N "n r.IM tMvtf II w. M
significantly' the country's economic and administrative Integratlon. parley of non-profit housing NEW YORK There will be a ," he said, with reference 11
The roads Involved are a 175-mile stretch from Ngaoundre groups to define the city's Wants Case. Closed. "Miss NAACP' crowned this to his Newberry Heat Company, :
e to Corona lt last l1Dt to tilt malDnorth-aouth connecting. future housing goals. summer at the annual convene which used to be advertised u ., .
northern Cameroon with Atlantic ocean ports; and a But he was set back to his tion of the usoclaUo lmeet1DC "K K 1t-ICleU.1CoI1.lComtort- '
.' plans to reorganise the po1lctdepI.rtmeDt ARCADIA, FUv The father of the seven allegedly parathion to Atlantic City. She will be the able," but no longer to. : Catlin- :
northern Cameroon with Atlantic ocean ports; and a l-mile to the face of poisoned children of Arcadia, James Richardson througb his attorney first "Miss NAACP' to the or-
stretch between Tlco and Victoria part of the route currently Police Chief Michael J. Black- John Spencer Robinson of Daytona Beach, last week ganisation's history.The FAMU Has Gradulcd '. Griffin -
I under construction to link the main)post land' business centers weir reported threat tort'leD. asked for a contempt of court citation against DeSoto County NAACP youth and college .
of the eastern and western sectors. over the praposed.reshuffle. Sheriff Frank Clime to a motion filed with the Circuit Court division to currently conducting
Considerable discontent: to Attorney Robinson also asked for dismissal of charges against a nationwide "Miss NAACP' 10,000; Students Volkswagen' .

FIRST LOAN police ranks over the proposed Breadbasket Is Richardson", now free on $7,500 contest. to each: state, contes TALLAHASSEE FU.--since: .. INC
P' changes was said to have bond. The Richardson children bits securing: the greatest 1909 Florida AAM has graduated 1250 EAST Ilk ST.:
RIZAL, Philippines The honor of being the first to receive prompted Mayor Stokes to refer died after eating a meal last number of youth and college I ,10US students. Of this
a loan from the 13-month-old Asia Development bank went to the matter toaltftnman'commlttet. Gaining Force October: tS which, according to memberships win be eligible, number, 7,000 are still active l 154-909) .
the Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand last week.IFCT reports, was laced with parathion to compete for the "MIllNAACP' I to the FAMU General Alumni I. I...!
., received $5 million to augment its foreign exbange resources a deadly Insecticide. laurels. Association.
'and contribute to the Industrial development of ,Thailand Across 'AmericaATLANTA.4PD Richardson was charged with
q Hobart I Taylor the deaths, but was freed on
UNION. OF RATIONS -<)per*, bond: by Robinson's efforts.
ru 0 From lion Breadbasket to moving into 'Robinson has charged no fee Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans
: Resigns
I HNSHASA-lnitial steps toward the creation of a UnltedStates
.'.. several .cities across the and said, at the outset, that he
of Central Africa were taken last week when Congo-Kinshasa country to an effort to ,.felt She accused man's constitutional
(formerly CongoXChadandliMCeiitralAtricaaRepubUe Directors BoardAs establish economic security and rights had been violated.He .
<*: put their slngatures to an agreement to the union. Others
.' control within the Negro com said be would oppose closed
Burundi Rwanda and Congo-Bruta announced by the Whitt'doue
scheduled to Join are munity. meeting. He a 1 s o accused
on January Rev. Jesse Jackson, national Sheriff Cue of releasing incorrec -

.r; ,NO DEVALUATION'- "'J. .u.o.".. La1LAuw -I. 1 the Taylor Board, If.,Dttectocsdt has resigned: sz'portImport from- director of the SCLC-amilatad tofermatioa tone!.media, I

.' 'CUSAKA While Brl&ln' is going Into another phase to Us Bank. He was appointed ,meat effort,cttwo announced..lb key assistants OIDt-to Clayton Powell

monetary deaUop-assuing new coins based on the decimal to the Board on August help to the expansion drive.
system of currency: -Zambia has served notice that the kwacha 29 1965. Upon his return toprivate They are Rev Ed Riddlck
*> will aot be devaluated to line with the British pond Finance life, Mr. Taylor will appointed national research Will Speak. At ___
Minister Elijah Mudenda told parliament to presentation become I partner to the Washington director of the Breadbasket

o the 1961 budget proposal that Zambia will not be adversely law firm DawsonQulnn program, and the Rev.:Calvin Dike U. In NC
3 affected- by the devaluation. of the sterling, andRiddeU.FAMUUL Morris, named associate- director
of the Chicago Operation DURHAM-Duke University
Fellow -'-------- Breadbasket program. will not Interfere with a student t
Operation Breadbasket uses invitation for Adam Clay-
} the selective-buying technique ion Powell to speak on heam-.
to win Jobs for black: people to pus this aprlDC.Wrl&bt .
Negro-area businesses. Tisdale, chairman of !
the cities the the trustee executive committee ._____
Among operation
CU 1 1L Is moving into are Atlanta,' said that the committee ;;;;

4 Brooklyn Cincinnati: ,Cleveland, has reaffirmed the longstanding -
7 t ,r Chicago Houston Lot plea, ing practice of permitting bona' ,
4 and communities to North student organIzatIons to / 9.
Carolina Invite speakers to the campus. ..
"We have heard from leaders PoweU has been Invited toDuke ,
n :vi in about 50 cities who want to by the Student Union,which also t,
become part of our nationwide sponsored a campus speech last
program" said Rev Jackson week by House Minority Leader ....
v/ "No major industry to this Gerald Ford.
a country: can withstand the pressure Duke University President
( of pickets: effectively Douglas Knight emphasised .Hie'' .
marching simultaneously when an invitation to any speaker does
1 1t
.t: Breadbasket is organised nationwide not constitute endorsement of : i
4i ) to as many U 50 the man or his views Matthew Alexander Henson (1866.1955)
ft i, 'cities. Anyone whose margin of Powell, elected: to Congress.
a profit to located to the ghetto from New York's Harlem, was
to subject to our national deprived of Us seat to the House

a + drive** after an investigation.sukMin The first man to 'set. foot

.' ; on the top of the World.

a ell ,
Guy U'DaneD Gift) asstotasi professor of business at Florida AAM kwmw/, aa.m18-=
I model auto while with the market training department of the American OH Company Chicago The\ sign of a true adventurer showed to the Pole,and fast, since a number of
general office last summer. Assisting the FAMU professor to his instructor Joe Buford. Dar up early in the life of Matthew Hertson. nations were vying for the claim.
nell was one of seven college and university professors from the Southeast working with Industry roc Iw awe ...a::. :;: se.. srd M pi c/ At the ripe old age of thirteen, Henaon Matt Henson was the man. Trudging
under the National Urban League summer fellowship program. 3 9 shipped out as cabin boy on schooner the last painful miles, recording observation
WHITING -e e LB. bound for China. and calculating a true course
$4,629,731 Raised For United Find When he returned to Washington Matthew Alexander Henson became the

Kidney TROUT . t .11... 69e D.C Vie met the man who helped make brit man to locate: and stand on the
SUMelo NICI 111u cwr him famoua.The then Lc Robert E.Peary North Pole.Peary arrived forty-five minutes
h< Negro' College Find Services discovered Matt Henson working in a later,and,together,the men planted
EstablishedFir LARGE ROI MUUIT .. . .le. '5. Washington hat ihop. Peary was Immediately the American flag.
? NEW YORK The United Negro College Fundlastweekanoouoced impressed by Henson, and he No longer was Matt Henson an obscure -.
tdald$4,829,131." ........ ,....,AMUcmcetA
ed It reached the startling record-brakln invited the man to Join a canal.surveying adventurer. He was given a Congressional
b Dr. Stephen J. Wright president of the Fund,expressed greatffiftla Under SHELL OYSTERS it. bu. $5.50 expedition young to Nicaragua.Hen- Medal,life membership in the .
for the phenomenal enthusiasm evinced over the Explorer Club:commendation from,
country bY donors and supporters as well as workers. RATYILLE, LA- A kidney for -THI "*>t lUTURfT accepted.Under Peary's tutelage Matt Henson the President,a Master of Science degree

nil. newt**! ,income fund has been established assistant RED BASS became an able navigator adept at calculating by Morgan State College,and numerous
a $600.000 over test year's It 64.4, and Norther support New Jersey took Jasper W. Williams, National WHITE PERCH LE 49C distances and plotting charts.A medals and plaque from civic organization -
is the largest to the history of 13.4. Corporate sergeant-at-arms. I
short time later, Peary began his renowned V
and Morticians WHITINGROE
the drive tt win go largely to caseof44percentofthetotalIncome Funeral Directors BEACH arctic expeditions to locate the April o.1959;the 50th anniversary of
help sky-rocketing educational of the Fund. Gifts came' association, who to being SHAD North.Pole, and Henson accompanied, the ,discovery of the North Pole, was
'j costs and to help educate the. from more than 60,000 todtvidn- treated U an outpatient at the the admiral all trips. proclaimed by the'governor of Mary..
r larger number of Negro youths- .ala and organisations.predomloiatlyNegro Ochener Foundation hospital li lUCK SHAD . .. .. .11. 39e On the final on trip seven, Peary lay drained land as Matthew Alexander Henson
... enrolled to thi Fund's member Thirty-three ,Mew Orleans. from exhaustion and crippled by frost Day.Fitting tribute to the fine man ever
'" institutions will profit. Williams, manager of the SILVER DRUM, beatable)
39C Someone had make the last dash to stand on the top of the world.
bite. to
Dr.Wright called" attenHo" to More than ZO.OOO students will Slmms snd rmAr Funeral company LACK SIA IASS .r H ..lb.aau.u. ,
the fact that riot-torn areas receive assistance. Only two toe, Rayville needs r raeoucse LOCALLy OLD TAYLOR .

'l. raised their doDa OIII. Be al1 on- Negro now privately remala'accri41tedachQoII out of the $10,000, The artificial fund's purpose kidney machine to to WHITE CRAB MEAT ... . .Ib. $1.60 KENTUCKY STaAKmr souaaoM' *,
t I the laced part to the of,citisens re-examining to those foil help blffl buy tt and opeate it CRAY COCKTAIL FINGERS' .Ib. $1.45 KOTUCKYSTUIGHTIOUttONWHIKtY.W PIOOI''.IHlOtOTAVlWDISTIlUITCO-HANWOtr I HOUUVIllt

areas, sciences to the extent that the two-million dollars from contributor order-are being sent ot the Kid antique bronze cart (tone,and carries the. complete Hanson itory.It cott $5.00 (which I Is what H
to special KING FISH STEAKS .. . .lb. 5ge'SPANISH
basic answer would be support payments 'IWFIIJId., Box 436, Rayville, cod v.Send check or money order to.Old Taylor,Box 4865Grand Central Sto.N.Y..N.Y.10017..
buW1DI fond conducted x.133.A La. 71269. > I.' e 1,0'" :
Large.gains were reported MACKEREL ;. ,lit. 45e
is be ,
students to
I several metropolitan 1rtII.Ch1ca&o total <40,000< toj The mortician to said I '' 01 67. MAe. ...,De.I .
reported a gain of the schools which will be help: much Improved after receiving t..l I uqU .

.I6t. ..'. Detroit, 14, Milwaukee, ed. 'mAdical attention..
... ..M, 4

t t. "

__ eau .:i.&.. ..: ., J..r.. .- .,_,'..,..r..4.&Ju :.A." i..Jw .,.. .j.," ..... :..JL a+'.......I' 'C ..,,_ .-.. '. ....""Jtl- 4.' .tea .'.. : ..

: : -
'q ." .:,
.. .\ ,7) 1"1"1'' ''; -- .

,: .

.. .,
; .
.l '
jACE 10 SU', PAPER 'SATURDAY ftiiiut 14.': mi

___ _
J ; ; ., ,. ..... .ff n' n .

A&T. & State College Hosts 23rd Annual Basketball Tournament N4: ..,. .

',' ,

Edward. Waters J College! Slaps Four Of. _. FAMU's Fastest.. Trackers Twelve 'Teams, Will Fifkt, .: x", ;
0' .
Late Half Knockows ,OH St. AI,., For Fight. Big' Positions. .

ST AUGUSTNE-F.dratdWafers tollege of Jacksonville slow
ed pods homecoming festivities for Florida Memorial College ./ GREENSBORO N.C. The CELL citation championship.
de-teat beautiful War Memorial coliseum This ALT State University Aggies -
which seats 9,000 people the only team to beat WlnstonSalem -
"_ The rltory was the ninth in Fla Memorial FG FT T Is awaiting eight teams for last year,Is the teamto
,J4 title for Waters In the South .SJ.ng1etar1 8 Z 14 the 23rd annual CIAA Basketball beat this season ALT is in
east Athletic Conference and Parramore 226 tournament, scheduled for first placeand once beaten Norfolk
.evened Florida Memorial's re* Lyons 8 IS 19Dunlap Thursday February 29, and State' Is Its only serious
cord at 8-8 loop competition 613 15 Frldau and Saturday. March 1 challenger.: '
''Florida Memorial on the Stephenson 022 and 2.Twelve. These teams do not meet during
;strength of Willie Westley ,Wesley I 4 23Pendergrass teams are fighting for the regular season butboth;
shooting and Sam Singletary's 11 3 eight places In the' tourna are certain to be in the tour-
rebounding ability owned a 38- 4a ment. The Central Intercollegiate ney.
"38 lead at Intermission Westley Waters FG FT T I'I. -w' Atheltic association teaterei Only three other quintets arl.
,'was the game's high scorer with Johnson 7 3 17Loogworth 18 teams.SU of ;these sure to make the trip to Greens:
LZZ, 1 I 15 teams are' out of the race boro. They art the North Carolina .
f Water bounded back) In the stood ,Thomas 8 012Montogomery Last season's No. 1 team, College Eagles, the Elizabeth
,,/ half to score the host 5 l' U the Wlnstoo-Salem Rams, Is in City Vfldns and the John
team, 49-43 paced by George ',User,. 5 I 11 danger of missing the tourna' 'son C. Smith Golden Raid
.Johnson;. and Gregory Wills and Willis 7216Bardiled meat With Earl Monroe u the The above teams take care of.
rthe play-making efforts of Os-. 101r star, Wlnstorn-Salem lost only five berths in the toumam&t
,borne Longworth. one game last season won the Three others remain. Winston-
National Collegiate Salem lost Salem. St. Angusting Maryland
r only one game last season, won State Hampton Virginia State.
the National Collegiate Athletic Virginia Union and Howard are
.Association college divlslonna.: metbemkally eligible for these
{ tional championship and the sports.

1 /, Manor| League Baseball

e .
Teams Set For PracticeAt

I __ this time of the year the South becomes alive with those
readying for the favorite sport, baseball Just new teams of
both leagues have decided where theYlUpt'acUcebelore going
Into stadiums across the country.

A few changes have been made Boston, Winter Raven, Feb 23California
at the moment. Luis Aparlcto .
Holtvffle, Calif.,
is with the White Sox againVereales
February 22
, and Mu cat Grant are Palm Springs, Call!, March 1
with the .
Dodgers.Reporting Chicago Sarasota, 23ClevelandTocsonrArlfcFeb.Z6
SrQDh 4SrrG11 dates for the first

i Y ( -" ,--.- ..... -...- .._ ........ .. ... __ .J baseball squads of teams the follow major league' Detroit Lakeland, February 24
I' Four of the fastest track men to ever na for Florida AAV.University session' are; from left: James Ashcroft, Eugene Milton, Major Minnesota Orlando, Feb. 24
have set goal of dramatic nature.They are members Ratelton and Nathaniel James. The four seniors played on the AMERICAN LEAGUE Minnesota Orlando, Feb. 21
a I of the 400 and MO Relay Team. Posing during a practice 'Rattler football team for four years (FAMU Photo) New York Ft Lauderdale,Feb.
Baltimore, Miami. February'. 11-, 11
i Oakland Bradenton, Feb. 23
Courier-Cola Football Spectacular Washington Pompano Beach.February .
FAMU SprintersGet ., .. 18
--- --------- -- --
.,; ,


I In Stride 4 Atlanta West Palm Beach,Feb.'II

Chicago Scottsdala,Arla,Feb.
TALLAHASSEE, Flav-Four of the fastest track men to ever 20
run for Florida AIM University (FAMU) have set goals that Cincinnati Tampa,February tl
will make! .this track season the most dramatic.. 'I Houston Cocoa, February 20
A touch of suspense andplenty the tattler track squad beto the ;A 0IA Los Aflgeles.VeroBeachjretuM
: of drama surrounds the upcoming center of athletic interest on the d New York,St. Petersburg,Feb.
__ .....
I track season for the Florida FAMU campus. 20
._ sunruiannum CIOIIIVI,,"roll CI".IUIIIU WNnaa.wwwaeurran&. "
AIM University Rattlers Not* The blame or credit points to Philadelphia, Clearwater, Feb.
since.. the days of Bob Hayes has four determined young mumbo II
are out to capute the"James C. Pittsburgh Fort ",.rs.Feb.11
1 Patterson Challenge Cup"at the St. Louis,St Petersburg Feb
University of Pennsylvania durIng -. II
1//i...,. the Penn Relays on April! 26 $an''.Francisco, Cast Grande
1 "and 27. The Rattlers won the AriL, Feb. 29, Phoenix March
Penn 440 and 880 relays 1966 .. -
and the 440 in 1967.Another 440
victory this season and they can Jewish Congress
retire the Patterson Cup In the ,
74 FAMU Trophy case.
.' The suspense was created by Sapporls.NIgrols
the members of the 440 and 680.
relay teams. They Include Jim '

1 Ashcroft of N.Y., N.Y., Eugene In NY Boycotting
Milton of Ocala Major Haul- d 0 c !,
ton and Nathaniel James of Bar-
tow. Four seniors whowillhave NEW YORK-The American
one more chance to make history Jewish Congress said today it
fot the Rattler track team. I supported the boycott of tI New
( L\st they set a Penn relay York Athletic Club track meet
:t\ : ; year
safe, maf/nee 2tonight ,:
post record in the 440wltha40.; and would have Joined tonight's
mark. picket line in front of Madison

posts ..q' d .. .. .. The drama entered the picture 1 1k' Square Garden were it Dot the
when Kazelton turned down a : beginning of the Jewish Sabbath.
.- possible $1000 to play in the Win Maslow executive: dim
senior bowl because It would I t tor of the Congress. described
ruin\ his amateur standing and the club's "anlt-Jewlsh and an
prevent him from running track ti-Negro membership policies"
During the annual draft by the : ? \,4 I. Tigerantawinners National and American Football The Royal Crown Cola Company and the Mew Pittsburgh Courier combined efforts recently the American ideals airplay
V Leagues, Haietton ana for the forth consecutive year to honor outstanding football players from the nation's pre. and good sportsmanship.**-
l James were draXtedby. the ChicBrowns dominantly Negro colleges and universities.These are scenes from several of the presentation. "We salute the courageous. Negro -
ago 8--- -. Cie relaoQ and white athletes who art
respectively. Both have boycotting the meet. Had It not
" refused to sign until after track Albany Stile's Ruiiiif RaMs been for the fact that the demonstration -
1, season. is to take place on
Then the Miami Dolphins Are 18th In Collifjite R. .ksALBANY SportShorts' the beginning d the Jtw1 8u.
attempted to sign Milton as a bath we In the American Jewish
free agent and he also said na, Ga.-Albany State College's "running gunning" Congress would have taken our
dice until after track season.So Rams rank 18th In the country In recent National Association proud place on the picket line
home while u the contracts_ are left at of Intercollegiate Athletics ((NAIA) poll d small colleges. "Every New Yorker who
take the ready, the Rattler relay ALBANY, GAy-AIbany State* values human dignity and racial
team have goals on their minds. College's "running gunning" Intercollegiate Athletics(NAIA) and religious equality owes a
:: I and miles to run before they Rams rank 18th in the country In, polloi "Bring CnNo.1-Or Is That Us? debt of gratttude to the athletes
sign a recent National Association .Bob Ralney's' high scoring' Coach Dee Andros,whose Oregon who-at great persona loss to
basketballers are averaging State football team had two themselves-tave arched: the
loot : Still Frailer Simpson And 100.7 points a game, ranking straight losses on its schedule boycott d the HUG meet.
tis I the ninth among NAIA temas in of- coming into games with Pur heroic thisomg they Join the
isb fense. In compiling a 25 and 6 due. UCLA and Southern Cal people of all races
Hardawey Get .Sports Laurels slate to datethe Rams have an this past season, led OEU tog. and religions who broke the pattern '
Impressive 20.1 winning margin .win over the Boilermakers an of racial segregation at
. '} or Henry Still 270 lbs Betbune -Cookman College over all opponents. ,a tie against the UCLANs, both lunch counter and other public
V .; received two pay honors thalawweek.He was drafted by the Miami Running off a 16 and 2 record ranked number two in the country accommodat1. s tJlrOQltlout the
Dolphin of: the American Football League and earlier in the since the Christmas break, including coming into the games. South. '
K'! week, be received Conference"Defensive Player of the Year an eight-game win When reporters asked how be "With them we bellers the
LO" ;0." Award from the One-Hundred Percent Wrong club, a sports streak, Ralney's Racers have' felt about playing top-ranked time is long. past overdue to
organization in Atlanta Georgia.We ripped off an average of: 118.7 Southern Cal next, SPORT msgatlne break the pattern of segregation ..
shared top honors with 0. per centers,Re received warm points a game in this string. reports that he answered In private clubs throughoat
J. of the ofSouthern Included in the streak was the '' the North"
1u Simpson University congratulation s from his former Bring on No. r-Pragettlngtired
II California California, high schoolcoachandsome' 120-70 revenge victory over' of fooling around with the No. Founded in 191ttte American
i: Win a !!amino Firebird who received the "Collegiate former teammates, vhoattend- Betfaune-Cookman. The Rams 2 teams." Jewish Congress lifeworks to
Player of the Year Award" at ed the affair in his honor. had lost earlier to the SIAC And of couse, Oregan State strengthen Jewish advance
the same program. As a.college football player leader from Daytona Beach won, 3-0. remalnds the SPORT- human rights
: Win Up ....1000 Cash! The One-hundred per centers Henry Still was named to four Fla., by a 91-80 score article.BRAGANALMOSHOME. :> *
also honroed Walter Frailer a All-Conference Teams. He is Led by the rebounding and defensive .
Win .other great ....Iz..W 230 Ibs. All-Conference per a native of Columbus, Georgia exploits of 69" Melvin
Gateway Conference'
.} center also where be attended Spencer High Jones, the Albany State Five,
., The One-hundred per centers school. Still said, "I wouldn't winners of the SEAC and NAIL Bobby Bragan. fqrmer manager
Play TIGERAMA at participating Enco ix I also honored Walter Frailer a have wanted my college career District 6 (South = of the Pirates, Indians and Taps Butler
x stations. It's Just the ticket.to win cashor 230 lbs. All-Conference Cen to end any other *ay and I extend .Georgia Florida and Braves, Is putting in his bid for
ter. Frailer was the second .wholehearted congratulations title last year, seek their see- a fourth managersJob.. Ac-'
big prizes- Bile number of: his family to be so to my Head CoachJack ODd successive return to the coding to an article in the current And Stanton
many worth well over $3000 eachl) honored. In 1962, his brother award McClalren and Line Coach ,' NAIA Finals at Kansas City Issue of SPORT Maculae, HighsThe
oPUI'Chasenecessary: S Bobby! received the same Lloyd Johnson their Instructions ones .Bragan has announced that he- Gateway C IIIerU e of
u a quarterback and guidance on the grid wno has pulled down a would. like to manage in his hometown :Sports has made
swab Oil C b&aUf Camtxuj Anwrkxft Uadlnq Energy Com linebacker from Atlanta Georgia for an average of 11.$ city get a major fanchlse." In basketball
mr became the first freshman grabs a game rants sixth "That "
tiELP way, explained Bobby' Willie Wflson
FIGHT fttf'tr
in the history of the college too ) among NAIL rebound leaders Til ]just be about 15 minutes been chosen has'
k4 be honroed by the One-hundred ACHECKUP AND A CHECK. the country. from home when I get fired."* Wlmberly of: YocaBuster.

.'. '

d ;


t !'. _
r "
4 4J. t .
""" ...... .. ', j
,, '
.I .i
..':. j .: .tJlfe 5

. .J ,

I mS" ; :

mum mum 24.1 liil S1A1P iE .11

r Clay: Forecaster, Rollie Schwartz Boxing Authority Sees. Mathis ..A Winner IJ

Semen's lisketbiller Greatest Slice Cissfis '
Honored By 100% Club :

I led To_ .Right Lead Over Texts I CM Stud -Herd l Peaches 1

PRAIRIE VIEW: TEX-The missing'lIDkthroa&h a arecula I i Out of thelft&tut.l not tht greatest,authorities in organised J
tloo game and OM overtime wu Reid. or professional boxing,Rollie Schwarts,says Buster Mathis will }
Link Reid via a IS-round decision over Jot Frailer la their New TorkIfassachusetta -
saved all of his field .
gals for the second found the hoapwhth uncanny regularity heavyweight fight March: 4 la Madison Sooart
overtime the past games Garden.Schawarts. were yesterday. Alt wu la
period propel Southern
university ed In 22 big points and
Is qualified because -
Singer Bowl la New York and
to t D4-U2 SWAC triumph the time to haul$ I He the referee of
over Tau Southern : was what few people know Is that the
recently. University the boards. the 1964 Olympic Trials heavyweight bout almost didn't come off,"
Early In the game final in whlh Mathis be recalled '
Reid A fiery Southern freshman trailed Texas Southern licked Frazier "mathls SOD then bada
pounds ,
nard dido'tsdcbnstri margin, but the pooled Be referee for the
from-Ibe floor a --Judge blood pressured 193 third
of during 40 minutes of Charles Johnson 1968 boxing eventeforthesmm- hours before the fight. Be was
play and Ore
period the first minute extra Goree led to a 14-14 mer Olympics la Mexico City, told to stay In bed. I wu positive
of two In with 15:07: remaining In the only American so chosen. we bad a default, but three
dulged by the Jaguars and the halt Midway the first He Is of the officials
one top hours later the pressure wu
Tigers bat be
found the ranee them'had build up a of tilt Amateur Athletic Union aormaL"
three straight times la then It"- vantage on the host ta the world and noted chaochof Schwartz, who has lived (tq'
rood overtime mark six of at the half Southern amateur boxers.Be Cincinnati 11)'e1f" recalled
Southern 12'taning'margltpoints what seemed at the picked Casslus Clay to that hID the first round of the
la IntenraL Jaspter Wilson fortable 5-411ea4. beat Sonny Llston. asserting, Mathls-Fratler bout, Frailer
Southern's aspiring All- But Southern went "Listen won't hit Clay.if they feinted and drove a left boo to
American candidate and tilt1eUt. cooling off period earl box 100 rounds." the body. Mathis dropped his
leading shooter, stayedin second Jai! and with : Schwartz sires up the Mathls- right had and Frazier hit him
character with 37 markers maining In toe game : FraIler bout this way "Fra with a terrific left hook to the
.1 through the Det' to go with 18 thern Bad pulled to : list Is the greatest pmchersince chin.
rebounds. points of the Jaquars Marclano. Mathisla ."m round two Frailer lost a
The gangling Leonard Gore, a and with 7441eft In the best boxer and fastestman point because of a left nook to
sophomore forward who has latter game Southern's : In the ring since Clay.Mt, tilt groin. 1 pointed to the three
dwindled to 80-79 over this can take a punch. A heavyweight Judges and gave Jot a public
AlciNdor Tikes closing Tigers.. shouldn't fight It be cant warning. Mathis won tht round
Texas Southern took take a punch." by a slight margin. ;
M-82 with 6:13 left, The M-yar-old Schwarts' "la tht third and last round
Brills To Top used his soft touch says be recalls toe W4 Mthisayi Mathis started very rut

of the key to give the ; t ; be recalls the 1964 sticking Joe with left )abI. Be
to the Jaguars 84-83. Mathls-Frailar fight u If, It CONTINUED ON PACK 14 ;
Against Oregon gets only other lead
but they played U
Len Alclndofs UCLA's sec- to tie the count 89-19 WHEN YOU ARE ILL

ond-ranked Brats led the team left and 91-91 before
Yon Seek Tbt'Be.t Doc
to a crushing defeat war the University second ticked away
of Oregon, wlnolngby a tar time game ending tor. then Tour Doctor :
with 93 points for Prescribes, Get Eiperltnetd :
The first overtime Pharmacists To :
td with each team I
points and whenflve Fill Prescriptions According

passed, the score was To Your Doctor's
deadlock. Orders. : j

In the final extra per It Use Only The Best
Southern led 104-102
Quality Drugs. C. B. BLACKProprietor :
Jerked the Jaguars
r. 104-104 with a 24

Stanley McCain 3 Registered Pharmacists To Serve You
again upped Bc /

.r age With to 3:00 108-105 left over In the ......... .. A COMPLETE LINE OFCosmetics ... .......

Southern's lead was
lubber Oooda Candles Sun
108-106. And "-
Wilson fouled out,thID dries.
Texas Southern's '
tied tht score at ISO KINKS ROAD 351'1119Lilly's

LEW ALCINDOR driving Lapp with
Reid hit a ringer to One StoreWE
scored 119-71. 110-UO tit with 48
This was. the thirty-seventh In tile game, he sent t
straight for the Bruins at home Into a two-point lead
la a row In the Pacific-Confer Tigers. HIt final '
.Baca. D was the Bta1Da' IIztIa doom for tat Tigers
straight since losing to Houston-!> tnars pulled out Oat ll WAITING-CREDIT APPROVED ON SPOT!
.' and nao? Btr'Ae74n arQ'"iioat'fi1N1'tbtCkl : : ;.f : .1$ jl7d -_ ....; ,
i9-i. ,- -, 0. rICC "wu oa tile bench: but : !>:vY II 1.... ..e...". .,.... .-,..flnsB

during tht slight 66 Y "E At 2-DR' HARDTOP $2795 '
Forwerd Is taM coach John Brown Cl1 ftp.trt.OO' iff iiWdi Iur"
.. the Southern quintet ; ea .
venth SWAC victory la as Pik m-f GC CIAIVDI .,.a.uK+a.I.I.MuRRri ms

Seceid li NCAA Southern's overall m\1L\ '1'k' lff 1J 11AYa. .uR co"oitKweaFu u
stood at 15-5 67 FORD GALAXIE '600'.13695
triumph over Texas racr" .a. Cfi'' aAOlO a MRATss POn'

College IsllDAYTONABEACHFLAJohn 81 CHEVROLET IMPAirA. .. ..... $2845
1'I 1 rl rnt'iI-f.t..fi:1i'lmv.:: : 'i'' Mio s ....f.
Sprinter 81 PON"f C' tmSas
aAiioiui wuiiiuin:
ay Allen a 6...')Junior forward romito' coNOrtNtNaa_. io.oir$2093:
at Bethune-Cookmu College, tma :;W1b"OA.gI.w:. 'Mlllf. '"

ranks second nationally la the Hides ea n.V1. IiA' ... .__ ... 0.... ..... "." ..11595pye
NCAA College division basketball : IN''''. SUCMT HAT. Am" COMOITWMIO. A.

statistics, with u average M BU CIt'225 ELECT. ...... .. ."... .. .$ 395
of 32.1 points game, according '
per For tVM IHfi11> YRViI
I to records released last ea ST A. WAGON .. $2195
week. HOUSTON Tex>- as RlVIE ... .. ... .. ,. ...im5IS
The Wildcats are among the the 9.1 sprinter, Is CHEVROLET' IMPALA'
I top 10 catagortes. b team of-' COUPE., .. 'I99SF
track training eT .IH
: tense, ..BethuneCookmu college member of the VS. .64 nAHI1 .too P., AIR CON&.b295e
ranks third In the nation. uoNe. ire N56
UO team. : cl-: 55 BUICK $75
'ID" games they Bines bad fitted OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM
points for a 109.3 per game of giving up track wt f.U.'Mt wrM/ooJ-"m I'U"

.. average. drafted by the Miami
b field goal percentage, they the American
t art listed sixth with a .541 Bobby Morrowa' : R. S. EVANS3rd
I percentage average., la leaders Gold Medals in ,
la scored margins they
t average Olympics, helped him .
wert acmdvih34iputxms to postpone football
Undefeated la conference play, Hints wu working '
I the Wildcats lead the S1AC Conference Rice University track ,
I with a 5-0 won-lost record row and observer. : EL 4-8381 OPEN TILL 9::30 P.M. EL 3Mrnuiwr
. : and overall rtcordof lt-8. Morrow bad talked ,

t at the request of!) ;
former Louisiana *

Sevei MoriiiStitt who organized the wmos wnltev M rtow!It'".ou cmms nit.eo,&OUIIWIUI: .
ders, aa amateur ; ;
G Morrow says he win
Mines and plan bis
gram but that ID05
watch. : Tick-tUCk...tick-took..,

.;;, Get $210,000BALTIMOREMD.Seven at need"'011 yon someone need," Morrow someone to the Bourbon that

1/ liarII your hips art too & !
didritvatch clock
pre State, College Player shave when you're in the
now signed professional toots Rickey said be did '
s ban contracts: totaling nearly lecture Bines when
$280000. him to try to get OLD CHARTER
picked In the recent to the track. He
dna toe :
A' two signed with tht that to compete in
New York Giants u tret agents. is a minion-to-ooe Kentucky Finest BourbonI
; 'Ibt two GJutlartCitrald opportunity that will.
c'.+ boyd ... IM pound end from to him again.FAMU :
Douglass high School, SaW 7yesrsold ..
mort and Thomu,Dean, 5-n
134 pound guard from r.D. .
Roosevelt High School: Dallasathe

Start .
e : five signed after tile,
recent draft,two are from Richmond '

ington.,-D.C.aandam from Wuta-Philadelphia li Four ,

t There art Carlton Dabney, annual Florida
Armstrong High School: Rfch1 Spring Sports
mood Vs. to Atlanta Falcons; held 0It March 15 ', j
1 Daryl Johnson, Maggta Walker according to u
I. BI&Ia School, EMi"1 Va, to by AJS. Calmer ,
Boston Patriots Alvin Mitchell rector at FAMU.
J Simon Carts Hf&S1Scboo1.I'Ia11fr' will beheld in at .
Include bu
delphla, Pa. to Cleveland. sports

.Browns.' tennis and &oILI ; 7

'., ::: ,
',,, <
; :
1' : ',I : j" !\ ;
\:.. j.' '

",,),, !'Y'

,.j' "*/.


I Ken Knight's "Soul Show" Raises $2,500 For Bethune-Cookman CollegeBC I

President, Dr. Moore Ken Knight Helps Bethune-Cookman "

: I Palatka News 1.

Receives For Institution 4.. M

The development fund of Bethune-Cookmah College received "
$2,500.00 recently as the result of a donation by Squl Vintners ; The men of Bethel AME Church have begun organizing for the :;
of Jacksonville, bottlers of Soul Wine. The donation representedthe a annual Men's Day observance with a goal set at $2500.00. The :
proceeds of a show staged by the firm to Introduce the wine observance has been planned for Sunday, March 17, according ;-X
last fall. to' P.D.L. ; Williams chairman.. '!'

Presentation was made by Irv the Duval organization, The morning sermon will be dellveredby Rev Robert B. Car-
Zamsky, Sales Manager of American said "Very few peopleare 1 y ter, college minister Florida Memorial College,St.Augustine, 'r
Distributors, Inc., Soul award of, the true problem In i 5f Florida. The evening service will feature Harry L.Burney Jr., ';.
Wine representatives for the field of Negro education. t l principal of Middleton High School, Cresent City; Eddie J. ;a
Jacksonville area, durlngan Informal Tests administered by the State '' Vreen who will serve as master of cermonles. .:I'
ceremony at the offices Department of Education and Heading various committeesare where his mother is ill :;
of William Morrison Advertising .other training organizationshave : Albert Davis, finance; The CA Basketball squads had
Inc., marketing and adver- found the average of the Jessee Florence Music; A.L. two games last Friday and on y
Using firm for the new product. students apploying at Bethune- Osgood, Jr., and Joseph D. Monday. The teams met the:

Receiving the scholarshipfunds Cookman College to be as muchas Greene programs and OliverR. Bunnell :Tigers and the Harris .".
were Dr. Richard V. three years behind their Muldrow public relations: High Panthers on the home court{
Moore state director of the white counterparts. Each man in the church has in Booker auditorium. v,
fund and president of Bethune- This donation from a member, been named as captain of a The seventh grade science'?
Cookman Colle ge Daytona of the alchollc beverage indus- group which is composed of classes, taught by Adam Doe }
Beach which Is a member oft try Is greatly appreciated. Even the women of the church. The tick, HI, wrote essays concerning ..'*.'
the United Negro College Fund though this Is probably one of the two captains raising the highest their visits to the Power and I
campaign and J.E. Davis dir- most heavily taxed and most regulated -' amount will be crowned Joshua Light Budding First priw went ;
ector of the Winn-Dixie Foundation Industries in the country -' and Caleb respectively The to Arles Walker second price ti;
( and national fund drive they continue at local, pastor is Rev. F.R. Sacthelwhowas to Francena Bennett. ;>
chairman for Duval County. state regional and national recently assigned to BetheL The CA Marching Bulldogs S
} Ken Knight, local radio and levels to provide funds and Band participated in the Florida .
television personaltiy was also manpower for civic betterment.We CENTRAL ACADEMY NEWS Memorial College Homecoming;:
on hand u producer of the are sincerely grateful to In St. Augustine. ;!
Soul Vintners of Jacksonville Mrs V. Side, Director of the Superintendent of Schools .;
for making this donation." local blood bank was guest Carey E. Ferrell and Assistant {
Dr. Moore said the contribution speaker at Central Academy Superintendent F.Owen Chasten:;
was a welcom addition High School during the past were CA visitors this weeks;
toward the one-million dollar week. She spoke to the Biology The elementary school spon-::
I t goal, much of which would go classes, which were at the time cored the third annual talent :;
directly to aid residents of Dun exploring the unit on blood typing show on Tuesday. *<
County. and related materials. .
Mrs. Stile's knowledge and es-
I al perlence in this area enabled
James E. Davis chairman of Winn-Dixie Foundation and represents proceeds from the "Sod Show" produced by Ken' her to present a very Interesting -1
Ararat Preacher National chairman of the United Negro College Fund Drive Knight, vice president of KMK Productions, who introuducedSoul and stimulating talk. The FOR MEN AND WOMEN >'
( receives check for donated to the Bethune-Cook
a $2,5000.00 Wine to Jacksonville Dr. Richard V.Moorepresldent of '
biology classes are taught by
I Speaks At man College Development funds campaign by American Distributors Bethune-Cookman College and Mr. Irv Zamsky sales managerfor Larence Bryant and Huey T. OF All AGES :;
the local representatives for Soul Wine. The donation American Distributors.were alsopresent for the ceremony. Taylor.
Beth hem Baptist .. Take New IMPROVED NATURE
\ Lawerence .Bryant was on TABLETS
for that tired rust'down
Admiring Thier Trophies leave last Friday observing Biology feeling that keeps you from

Rev Robei Williams of Mt. LOST $25.00 ... "'f classes at Monroe High enjoying lIfe
Ararat Baptist Church, will .. To; : School in Cocoa, Florida 100 Tablets $3.00; ZOO Tablets
DR. RICHARD MOORE speak in the mo'tin. at the The Westslde Community Club 45.00. $1.00 deposit on CODs
Behtlebem BaptIst Church, is asking if any one picked up k .J ,NxY.jkl NEGRO HISTORY WEEK EMPIRE PRODUCTS A SALES

."Soul Show" for the wine com- Sixth and Madison. $25.00 through a mistake, return -, '\/.V.I': / ,Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway
.pt..D1. Other services are as usuaL pleas to Secretary. The senior high history Chicago minols 60626
Thhe Bethune-CookmanCoiege Sunday School begins at 9.30. classes of Central Academy
is currently conducting a fund The Junior Boys will be in celebrated Negro History Week.
A drive to provide educational opportunities charge of the devotionals before y, Mrs. E.K. Plnkney,chair: man of CIRCULATION'
for de.enlnlt'oulbl FOR SALE Social Studies, was in charge.
District ;
the morning service. .,
la JJ Independent, accredited No. ) will host the Detract ".. ", : Mrs Lillian ... Hardy's ninth Man to work put time. Able to
A, perdomlnantly Negro colleges Mass. Beach Motel and Restaurant. II dW grade English classes present' work all day Friday. Driver's.
t In accepting the donation for BTU begins at 6 p.m. The Beer License. On Main Streetto : ed the annual Lincoln's birthday Ucease. Good references

Junior Choir and the Junior water. American Beach. program.
4 Usher Board will serve duringthe Price below evaluation. Must ( Sick this week were: Mrs' REPORTER
sear For information Call y Mary Lawrence Bryant and '
day. Mrs. CladysCarrolsisin Trainee. Must be good In
i3LE S.1>rink charge of music.Rev.Ernest 354-9681. Easy Terms 4J Miss Targee Lee Fisher Larry English. Applyt
Mrs Owens Hunter and Jake Rowe, ;
\ Williams is acting pastor. a
s Academy graduates were visitors -
Vivian Wilson reporter. q FLORIDA STAR
at the school last week
i SERVICE Larry Is In the military service
(l? 'TV. stationed presently Kansas. 13TI I MONCRIEF

r % Jake is visiting Putnam county
rReasonablei1 No Phone Calls!

iI $7 50
t your borne, FHA t VA \ Fixes Set

Financing. On your own lot, in it BINGO BINGO !'
city or county easy monthly ... .. Parts & LaborIn
payments not down payment all :_ Home. Only .

I you c eaddya JoD good credit Call _;--::. ...... ::cma- I '
and a Of you don't TV Caritoo B. Bryant, Recreatloa Director of the almond Johnson Park Recreation Center, and Every Wednesday Night Starting 8 P.M..
lot Tropicana
own a now, we may be able Bonnie
Cole widely known instructor in athletics,are shown admiring some of the Jrqphles that
I to help you find one). the Slmond Johnson Park Center won in the recent Jacksonville runoffs Miss Cole was captain
I INC.-208 RURAL HOME BUILDERS 398-3030 of the Women's Championship Volley Ball team of 1987. Director Bryant stated that Miss.Cola JACK POT $100
I WINE10uIvwu.ui.ISCfWvkIL Orange is the most outstanding woman participant in the history of the park. Miss Cole was awardedher
ioSea Park Florida. Phone 771-6373 personal trophy for the Slmond Johnson Recreation Center Ballot. Fame.
for information.BRAND ISABELLA 'OF PARIS Myrtle Ave. & 9th St. .

..That'! Mel I have the Anus:.. FashionettesTea

'Ing.superior tonic tablets, pep Leader AreDisputing Greatest Since Walker's Business College
rJ for all tile thug you want to do. The Fashionette Host and ,
NEW Box of 30, 100. Satisfaction Hostess Club will have a tea 'CasslusCONTINUED Sponsored By

RICK HOMES guaranteed or Money Back. For Sunday February 28, In the FROM PAGE 11 .

rIi Men and Women. home of Mrs. Ruth M. Deal, piled up points, but Frailer ST. PUIS CATHOLIC 'SCHOOL
III CONTINUED FROM PACE 1 633 West 17th Street. nailed him with a left hook under
P.O. Box 230, Dept. S.,. final police actions.'ibis fs NEW'ORKA fire breaks the heart and a right Nq One Under 21 Years Admitted
guerrilla\ warfare; these people to the chin. They were slugging-
out American home
Gary Indiana !pave been learning the lesson 49 an every. toe-to-toe at the ball. Frailer
according to the Inturance
d Vietnam. won the round with his late
'HOTEL "The tactics against this kind Information institute.Fire rally."

u ALL ROOMS HEATED of rioting are more like than city-the ican homes strikes every nearly day 2.000 and claimsa Amer. Schwartz says the Judges voted BOO a HOME Mly69Milhi_
12 rooms Private bath-$5.00 clearing operations 59-55,60-58 and 59-58 for Ma-
life 43 minutes.
34 bedroom
plans with 1,1 Yt, "crowd control" except every
old style this (the referee doesn't vote in
18 rooms Seml-prtvate-$4.0O
I 2 baths and garage. DAY RATE, ; $3.50 that when clearing ant Rap Brown amateur boxing). "The low blow MAKE THE MOVE
Ii Modern school, 'church and a complete ( (1 or 2 Persons) enemy city you don't care who wasn't the difference much as TO FINER LIVING
shopping center close by. gets; killed on the other side.We CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 people claim' Schwarts said. SOLD
have to use all the weapons of: last July.Brown "Even with that point, Frailer ALL NICK !
III LINCOLN ESTATES IOGEWOOD MOTOR COURT combat yet protect the rights also visited Washing loses on two cards and is even
INTEGRATED et innocent! cltlcens.: ton. A Justice Department on the third." 5P 5Y
I 7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 765-1685 5911 U.s. I.Cor.Edge..ood Ave. The Rev. Albert Cleage of the spokesman expalined Brown Scbwarts says Mathls has N 3IEIIIIM 3 I

Phone: 764-OOU3-Always Open. Central United. Church of Crhlst was "given permission to travel taken Fraiier best punches in X441 Vp yeloo r rtolt
in Detroit to Wills ,' to Los the
'- spoke sum Angeles two bouts and survived to win. SALES OFFICE st
; going up the black militants at,: spokesman said. "He (MathIs) also has gone 20 Jue DIVISION & 20th ST. EXP.
Rude towards the police buildup Brown and Carmichael both or more rounds in training with ONE : 354-6746
of weapons addressed about 4,000 persons Joe and believes in his heart be
attending a rally at the Los can whip Frailer" Schwartz
Says Cleage:"The police herein GRAND PARK
\ Detroit, asked the mayor Angeles Sports Arena for'the said. "Also Joe in his heartknows
Huey P. Newton defense and
Buster is
ANADIA tor nine million dollars' worthof fund. no piece of
to use against
weapons us.sI
think every black man in America -. Newton Is an OaUandCalU., "These are the two best active -
feels that the white man Negro'facing trial on chargesd heavyweights in the world.
kidnaping a motorist and Either ens could eat up Jerry
is just at the beginning of using
.... genocide here. But, you know. killing a policeman last year Quarry of Jimmy Ellis.Everybody's .
'f.+.. "' .r' "t'''''''' HOME OWNERS
? i I think genocide will come much
'H ....... ,,' ''' .' ;, .., lIttl! : ;: Quicker U we Just get real APT;
JZ'fJ ,..
; ,." -> _. passive. FOR RENT talking about BORROW UP TO $5,000ON
.. .
"I' The spectacular Super-Been
I I.1. tJ r 'We've economic pretty much outlived iW4 Hiram St.Phone:3540815TOOTHACHE. Reducing Plan; freewlthSuper- YOUR EQUITY!
L-4J 1 j ou r usefulness; but Reen Time Capsules $3.
; even so, if the white man thinks Consolidate All Your Bill and Make Only
'k tcaflLaiti'I : 'we're going to kill twenty-five KOn KORNER One Monthly Payment
$ million black but
people it Is
; 541<< W. State Street.
: going to take fifty million white HOMESTEADINVESTMENT
why more people drinkSeagrams'VO.Canadthanany ,
,j '<, peopte to do it?" Don't wff.r ,....,.',., UJtl. hi we-.
i .. ,
anal you | .II. ho*. throbbing toollt.KK. '
( The Reverend Cleage thlnbthe ) ...... ful e*-.pam I lout Until" rocs -. ADAM STRIKES BACK CORPORATION
other brand of i whisky. ; black roc, row ...\1... 4.M niilllMii dov _
community must arm >. OIAJIL R.COIH- .. Down but not out
sported -i imtixl
: .; ex-congress IMS IDCIWOOO
itself in order to prevent whole ky nun> /w X \
._ ..., man Powell '
sale tilt.At plunMCltt lof.'aiill. oupi5roraajel comes back with, a
killing much as we stock- ... =.'J new twist: He's hitting 'whiter : CALL 765-7044 TODAY.II. o- .?
pile atomic bombs that ,
we may e. where it hurts '.0 lOX MIS MCKMNvau.nA.iuoeI
: .I most Jn
: Ir DI AN ,WHISKY 'avoid using jjtem pocketbook., r------------------------,
According to the article
.: has BARNES DINING ROOMShort VAMPIRE I NAME' .. ,. .. .. I II '
.. Cleage moyoral aspirations STILL LIVES! I .
:, } L Me st EerED ., but Wills says being oroers,Sandwichesopeni

r ,, aktaalEM04p ANpIQ1TtOUNete.Lt mayor 01 Detroit for Mm would 4 p.m. to 4 *.nu Available for' his Man blood kills to a little cure boy leprosy and drinks! I ADDRESS .... .., .... ., ..,. ....
.. be like ruling cinder. small less.Meet-
'' ADOp The groups-30 or J'J'I
GAryADIAtt '
..' tspvagnsltai threats of.police blitzkrieg on ings Banquets Bridge Parties. Read about both of these I
.-; wNHSKY IS 5fX1'f O1D stories and more In the March PHONE ...
: lt ; the one side D I"or guerilla! Hours 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. 5775 CITY
:: terrorism on the other, are Moncrlef Rd. Phone: 'I65- U3. SEPIANow :::::::: ::
..'' a Y-*UM tr satciu MUSUU.su ims on.w l nwf,tuuu.usiuuii COMMM.u.c. reaching the unthlnltable Mr. t Mrs. J.L. Barnes, Pro- ----
state. prietors., Closed on Suqdays on Sale* .t

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\. ":: ,. v. .. .- .. .. < L '.. ".L' ... J ..'". bJ'. ., -.-.:...... ., t.-1', ,, : :: : .... ,.,r. -.; ..:c: ".. .Jt..Jd; J. ;'. >,.... :..,.:..... ".. : .:.j