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6634442 F20090414_AAAGAL 00056.tif 7d565363ce700f704da5337e70f0cc601d9ac391a1a02b43f5846b0bbd500fe7e05f1e27
132992 F20090414_AAAFZY 00054.QC.jpg 2a28fc256b1b99cd70079fa9b76628181fbbf5f1ba881205e0760a1c1ea1c2ba2ef7423d
21268 F20090414_AAAGAM 00056.txt f2e43e8117257b59e268caf94a4b3ba5d840215c5879446e9874127cc73860bbf4a45e57
6684704 F20090414_AAAFZZ 00054.tif 67edc308bca709bdff39967a5ea61f453b7151c31164069d25a90daec9d1d34ebe0fbcac
31136 F20090414_AAAGAN 00056thm.jpg 5c498ef1fd1bdb836f9d829faa8b9e80a5a1377f72853347b149b0c3aff6def17c036d38
844205 F20090414_AAAGAO 00057.jp2 3baa670bdb2f4679b4b90536f10a311a1feae1fcc5f006ad7832e385b2efce01d8922d21

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200752datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 10, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007520740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 10, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 10, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
... ." ., '
i: : \
:.: 1
--\ :



,South Carolina Kluxers Booted From Riot-Torn Negro College V., '

* * (Q


.. *. ...... ... ... .' ... ...... ...... ...... ....,. .
*. : : :! : : ---

I of Florida II I,

GalnesvnTe, Florida 1VOL. *



# *
Congressman And President Biased
* ..... b. Bonding

-.Im- e' -, G.e FE."t. .. '. ." --r. ". Alley Will BeTaken

r * *

T ,T r, i if ORANGEBURG To, S. Court fc.CSpecial ;. -

E MEDICAL CENTER .J ( }-* bowling alley operator -

f still a staunch segregationist ,
In the school town of
Orangeburg, because of his refusal
: to desegregate broughtthe
area into a chaotic state of
UNFAIR TO NEGROES activity resulting la the deaths
; of three Negro students, the
.....11" summoning of the National

Guard, the setting vp of plans
'!: by local citizens, aid the strong

Neighbor Tried Whites Given Jobs Judge Says .New the and Advancement National influential Association of Colored cooperation People for the of

:as well as the clubbing of Jim

But Was Unable Without RegardTo Trial EvidenceIs Hoagland. Washington Post reporter -

The white H(1'.pUon1lt,1Illur
To Get In Room Insufficient )' Floyd. He cobwas: the
dE bowling alley. His contention Is
Reggie Wilson, at tot of 15 SeniorityDuval GAINESVILLE-7-W I 111 t that the alley is private concern -
months, Tracy Johnson a four Rivers 19, convicted in January and that be does Mt have
year-older, and Larry Johnson for the murder of a young to admit Negroes.
five years old, lost their lives Medical Center has been practicing bias inemployment, woman graduate student, was Following Us refusal the notorious
Monday morning when over upgrading of employees and In the resolving of difficulties with- sentenced Tuesday to death In ., Ku Klux Kiss immediately -
in its tavUltles, according to revelations brought about u a result -
coming smoke and rapidly the electric chair. made plans for burning \
of the charges made by a suspended employee last week, Carol Persons
flames shut off all The nude body of crosses
spreading when be the Civil Service Board last week and United State Representative' Charles E. Bennett at Jacksonville, is shown with the United
paraded near
hope of rescue from their prison 25, a psychology student States Naval Academy Class President of 1970, Midshipman .J.Watson, of Chicago. Representative The State Law Enforcement
be contended bias.
fire the result of an protested was at the University Florldawas Division boweverbad other
of as Bennett, a senior member of the powerful House Armed Services Committee, visited ,
electric beater's setting their Tuesday night, Roger West a investigation called a meeting found in a shallow grave last the Academy as a member of theSpeclalSubcommlttee of Military Academies. US Navy Photo, plans. Grand Dragon Robert
bumble one-room apartment on commissioner who spurred the He took names and complaints September at Lincoln High US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. Scogglns of the United Klaus of
.. from spokesmen for Negroesas School, which Rivers attended. America, was tot last Saturday
All the children were In a single Says Political to the underhanded tactics Circuit Judge James Adklns to get out of Orangeburg aid today
crib. Too tiny and week to. used at the institution.West was Jr. who passed sentence,ruledthat Others Are out. This was by the executive .
call for help, and doubtless, Conventions Are a one-man prober. grounds for a new trial were Two Court Vindicates order of the governor, delivered -
overcome by the choking fumes- The Civil Service baord was insufficient. The defense said It by Chief J. P. Storm.
of smoke, the three little childdren lambasted by W.C. Crawford, will appeal to the Florida Still At Large Storm further potato out tut. no
wire burned beyond recognition Planned TargetsWASHINGTON vice president of the City Em- Supreme Court.At organization creating trouble
and were found only ployes Union Local lot S, for Rivers' trial,a written confession Bishop Nichols Of would be allowed to the area. A
when firemen bad put out the D.C, -fallowing "dragging" through the yearson was read to the Jury. After Skipping state of martial law fartheremphasized
Ore in their apartment at 30Lee soon after the revamping' of classifications. He also accused -, It said lUveraNegro,climbed t egoveraor's, in- ,
Street the SCLC Dr. Martin Luther the board of not affordingall into Mrs;, Person;car at** ., Three'itegro.'rIsOners took' -*. tention. .
I The heartrending fatality King, Jr., director, announced employees civil service pro- supermarket, pointed a .32- ,advantage of the open-door Misuse Of Funds Three Negro steseoti were
happened Just after the mother, several days ago that bis massive tection. 4 caliber pistol at her and told policy\ of one of the Jailers at killed last week wbem,according
Mrs ,Jessie Mac Hughes, had campaign for the spring West promised to meet with her to drive to a wooded a ... the Duvtl County Jail Sunday and LOUISVILLE, Kt.-Blshop D.W.,, Nichols, accused by the to state troopers, their group
,...left for work.The children were will not only be directed at Michael Wood executive direc Her body later was there. escaped, without being apprehended. African Methodist Episcopal Connection through its college of fired Into the officers across
'';Uleep. The electric beater was rights in general, but also at tor oi the hospital on February The confession, which Public bishops and lawyers eleven years agoof defalcation of$Z50OOO, the road. The Negroes were
':I.-about; one yard from her double rl&btat king politically.Dr. ZZ. Defender R.!. Green, Jr., contended One of the three returned to the unfrocked and reduced to the status preacher in the world- complaining, not only tt egre>
*.t:bed In the room, according to spoke of those who One complaint was that white was Involuntary and Jail and bad to knock wide connection, has been completely absolved of misuse of gallon, but of school problems
:::Fire Chief E.B.Matthews. want demonstrations both at the aides are promoted over qualified should not have been admitted before being admitted.A funds by the Common Please Court of New York. u well. The teMenens eon
,.*. The fire, starting at the Democratic Convention In Chic- Negroes. Another wu that, the trial, said Rivers ordered maximum security cell was The Court, banding down the tlnued, belligerence I,
..mother's bed,apparently Jumped ago and at the COP Confab'inMiamL you're branded as a tronW Mrs. Persons to disrobe and not locked Sunday during visiting decision, emphasized that the I feeds for the United States and tempers aredIoDttlreaAII;
*.: to the crib where the tots of 600 employees only 100 or shot her when she ran. Mrs. hours by "a man overworked" nationally-known prelate bad C:Government. Bishop Vernon log point. The tacotty,president
were, before It was dslcovered He has also dosed to call his fewer are Negroes. Strangely Persons was white. accord1nctoaeblefwardeD. created no defalcation. The 1 was accused of misuse of funds and others of tae school staff
Spring Mobilization plan an effort enough there were no whitesin Rivers was found guilty earlier at 4! Philander Smith College of could not do ail stood
:,by a neighbor, Mrs. Mercedes 1. Earl J. Nevels, ZI, Hi Clay, Judge ruled in the case that the. anyttaf
to prod Congress into passing the Tuesday night meeting. of federal charges of assault ]Little Rock Ark. He was given thumb In cheek
;tRichardson: at about 7:50'.m. sentenced to 10 years on an money "did in fact belongtothe by,
tothrush laws for improved Job and One complainant said, "If you with Intent to murder bead Local white newspaper' sided
::;: Mrs. Richardson attempted armed robbery charge,awaiting bishop, as the presiding
:: Into the apartment but each income: opportunities for Ne- ask for a better Job, you're and to rob a rural mall car- trial on an additional armed of Us district, the New York with the school authorities who
"jlme was thrown back by the engulfing t branded as trouble-makerand rier near Dooaldsonvllle, Ga., robbery and grand larceny area. striking students.
AAgd Idea
.:, flames and the unbeara- U you persist, you'll be fired." last August.He was sentenced to charge, remains at large. Another Bishop Nichols cleared the last of what happened
,tie beat, as well u the choking West said, "We want all positions 25 years in prison. prisoner, still free, is chasm of alleged guilt placed came from a stntat, vise
smoke. Mrs. Richardson tiredto filled by tests both entry Samuel Wright, 30.225 Dell- upon him by his colleagues when sident of the campu 11"I'I''
go through the door first and by newcomers and"by promotion wood awaiting trial t for armed the court dropped remainingtwo the NAACP, when he laSeS,
then through a window. within the rank. He felt that Black Voices robbery stemming from a hold- charges Involving 30000. they shot them, They Just
administrators can pick legally For ten Bishop Nichols and shot." This statement :
up In 1967 of the Florida Avenue years
More than $500
damage was if that procedure is followed. Barbecue Stand. has struggled through t Its followed on the murder of two
done to the building. Damage He promised no immediate solution Authors Given However, Jimmie Brown 22, courts, fighting what he knew students and of the teenage son
to the contents estimated
to the He said
1462 West SlxthSt thought bet was a Just battle. For two General of a college maid. He disagreedwith
'at more than $300. that pay matters must be band- Conferences of the church o Governor McNalr who
Mrs. Hughes, Informed of the led by the County Budget Board. Appeal Chance tern-6 Bishop Nichols was refused reinstatement blamed dissension on rabble
death of her three children He
emphasisedtatwthconeo- by the college of rousing elements. He said,
collapsed and was placed under EJ lidation in October, the Civil TALLAHASSEE- appeals .-"You can't fight bullets with
but to
lock the heavy steel door before bishops, was privileged
sedation. According to ber custom Service Board and the City
of court convictions "
of contempt be couldre-enteratabout3p.m. serve as pastor of a church. fists
Mrs. Hughes, an employee MtHTIN LITHER KING Council can rewrite andpresent of two militant civil rights No information could be This be did, continuing MI The FBI Is also on the case
of the Washland Laundry and .,. IM riot ace.roes. a law to eUm1Iiate'rac.'b1Uin workers from Gainesville were secured from friends and associates episcopal relationship with the and will try to determine and
Cleaners, 5513 Roosevelt usually nirings and in promotions violation
taken under advisement this church. reach a conclusion on
of the other
This prodding, Dr. King escapees.
left the children with Mrs. Commissioner West promised week by the District Court of allowed The accusations of dishonestyhave of rights. Then, oa that thesis, \
Beach .
violence. Thom a Jailer CH014.
said will be minus BISHOP D.WARD
Richardson who in turn took ,
that nobody's Job would be Jeopardized Bowl will be \
Carmichael and other! Appeal. the three to talk with visitors been Included in a 142- 'the Triangle
tare of them during the day. Stokely leaders met secretly with, because of complaints.\ The court took the cases after during visiting hours, after 2 count indictment. However, the a small church in Topeka Kansas sued by the Justice Depertm est.
firemen According to information the rights However, be felt the coolness oral argument before the court p.m., therefore, openedther courts finally reduced the near his home town of Quln- The department contends that
did not know anyone throughout the ensuing investigations were waived by Mrs.Carol Tho- cells.l According to information charges, in the last two years, duo, Kansas. Bishop Vernonwas the presence of aa eating place
was in the room. Later. the will be helpful mas and Irvin Dawkins. from the Jail, this lathe' to the two mentioned. a widely-travelled preacher in the alley places M Ia the
discovery: was made. Mrs. Thomas, 34, the wife of procedure. However, it seems This personal vindication of served in Africa,and was category of a segregating business.
smoke Mrs. rent Richardson to invest1gateaDd smelled Miami. NAACP a University of Florida professor that Beach did not lock the cell the widely esteemed Bishop nationally known as a minister. Forty-five suck suits l'
found the smoke ; and Dawldns,aleader of the black door. The trio left. Nichols comes within the years, Bishop Vernon was never reseated ,were filed in 1W on this-
I the billowing from local Student Non-Violent Coordinating Their masquerade of street the General Conference of the as a bishop, though be basis.
to get room.in, to She corner ran after firebox falling and Unit Scores Committee, were ordered -' clothes enabled them to get by AME Connection, to be held in carried the title. He was a Eight hundred Negroes. met
sound the alarm.McQuade. freed on bond earlier this other guards, ride down in the Philadelphia. There, doubtless, staunch Republican. However, last week and ovtUned a boycott
Book Omits week by the Fifth Circuit Court elevator to the first floor, and Bishop Nichols will present his Bishop Vernon died as president "without nonsense." Toe
| of Appeals in New Orleans after walk past the front desk.' Jail claim for a seat with the College of Western University, scheduled a fight for a broad
MIAMI- The NAACP told Negro state courts and a US.Dlstrlct authorities did not become of Bishops and for a return tSuindaro, Kansas, an A.M.E. civil rights UU.Rev.l.D'Quin-
Street students in Miami to turn Court Judge bad refused to order aware of the exodus until about to a district as a presiding School which had state aid at cey Newman South Carolina

in their textbooks for the week bond set.YWCA 4:40: p.m., when another guard prelate. This means also that time Bishop John A.Gregg fieUfdirector for the NAACP,
of February 9 to February 16. was returning prisoners to their that he is entitled to full consideration as chancellor said the boycott will begin Im
Man Found Guilty STOKELY CARMICHAEL as a matter of lack of integration maximum security cells. in placement, since mediately.
.. DO promise within the books. KickOffLvicheoH Another prisoner, Jimmy Lee only the youngest bishop was Biased Foreman Student bodies at Cbflln and
The Florida Youth Council of- Smith, stayed in his cell. He is sent to Africa. He has had that South Carolina State'supportedthe
Dr. to discuss the matter
Of Bedroom Act King the moves made. The trouble
Naaco called this halt on also being held under 110,000 experience.The .
of Jobs and income: a prime integer PITTSBURGH PA.Negro broke out strongest last Thursday I ,
boob in order to make the importance Will bond for armed robbery. eminent
Floyd Joe Perkins 23 of 1978McQuade in the prelate drew a foremen has been charged with
t April campaign. of Negro History According to Brooks, earlier on the State College cam, ;,
St. has capacity congregation recently'as discrimination: by white
been found Dr. King, answering a question a Janitor
Week 12 to 16 in the week no action bad been pus.
more guest speaker at Dayspring
'guilty of assaulting a young as to whether Carmichael will February working under him. A Ne- Black Power Rap Brown tried
taken against the Jailer, and all
Jacksonville housewife with Intent bow to non-violence, said no Stress MembersThe Baptist Church. He was the grom, S. Edgar Moon, assistant to contact Governor McNalr'
Miss ,Odessa Howard, 17 action would depend uponSherlff special guest of Rev. Cyrus
to her. has been grievance committeeman
rape answer given. Miami Carol City Hlghfcchoolsenior Dale Carson. Brooks said: by phone, to no avalL He was
Perkins waived a Jury trial and Carmichael, said the SCLC A.L. Lewis Branch of the Weaver. of the Steel Workers Union at the release of Cleveland
member of the Council is the of seeking
"ThJJ Just case a man The vindicated AUentie
kick-off never
was found YWCA will bold a the Meats Machine Company
guilty by criminal 1eader,1I1Dterestedinu.1Dith.means ,
,said "Our for overworked. He is a good Sonar of the SNCC wVJ
purpose doing being the battle?
at 1p.m. gave up His unfrocking -
Court Thursday February West Homestead
Judge Warren A. Nelson most effective,whateverit is pressing the
was during tracasj
Monday after the Judge beard might be. He also said thata anything. We made history just ., at the branch,:,$8Z West guard and Just made a mistake. made national headlines.He the charges. charged with assault win intent!
testimony. pattern will be set in the first like the white man. A textbook ,Eighth. Mrs. Brllla Stephens, Tuesday, the other two men was present at each conferenceand Gerald Roman, 26, filed theerlennce'
to kill and with riot
inciting: a
Sentence was deferred until two or three weeks,and this will of all white people council is fantasv.member director of Internes*t Edward were still in open air. No tips carried on his duties within and accused Morris and destruction of property.;

,February 23.Testimony determine whether nonviolence said The! that young the suggestion is not Waters College, will ,be the afforded any WormaUoa.I' his church, supporting both religious s. Fountain his Negro foreman James Forman of the SNCC,
submitted by the might terminate in outbreaks of a speaker.The and educational causes.Within of not permitting him to
will take the matter to the United -
prosecutor, Asst. State Atty. various kinds. mandate. Those students who do get-started meeting is designed the past 30 years only leave Us Job to smoke, havea
Nations be
Alfred R. Taylor, showed that Dr. King has not been dissuaded not feel up to keeping up wlflr to reach anultJmatep1 '. one other bishop of the church soft drink, or engage inconversatlon said.
the assault on the 20-year old from his orginlal plan their studies without the books of 1,050 members.Mrs.Estelle was accused and unfrocked because with coworkers.Roman -
victim occured in the bedroom that of mobilizing 3,000 or more should keep them. She said the :Jones is general chairman. .for ClHlrA y of alleged dishonesty. He is the only white man among BUY U.S.
'.of her apartment here about 130: In Washingtonforahuge mobilization state textbook committee has Mrs. George Jenkins is chalr- 'WI !a at.t, Po was Bishop William Tecumseh 21 officer Janitors. SAVING BOlDS
: 'p.m.Sept.2L a sort, of tent-in. CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 pan, of branch activity. ,; Vernon, at onetime,Register

: :;



..; \ ,' \,

::: .. '''.d.J; J. ... '. ,.....t..oi... .... .. \ ak.i b.4.I. .
-:' .... '_-0.. ., .> 1:'''' ...... tu.1 < $,,3 W : -.1.-' -'- .. .. .. ... .. .." .. _' .. .. .. .. .Rk." 1 .I "'M......'., # .;:r'ilf ".;/\O.1. oJ .

''-' '' '' .."wprw* if** ..* ""


....lD8aW, '" v1 !' __ #," I

'i:'U 1Jr) ,':U P, J ..

PAGE 2 -

THEo ORIDA 'STAR f o W tquai


.: Published by the Florida Star- Publishing Company MAN-UNTILITUSES You can often teD how weD a company follows fair hiring po-
The lower Doors are often -
Ucles by a quick tour ot Its buUdlng.
IT'S OliN TALENTS, like whites and Negro work1nc sl4e by side
MEMBER T Bat as upper Doors, when the meD who make the
TAKES PR/DE/IV ITS .r .,y ,. decisions have their offices, they get whiter and whiter.

OWNHiSTORYAND j' f' Jil if you reach the top floor where the executives offl-
P 'NATION L lORIESITCANNENER are you won't see a Negro bee until after hours, when the
NEGRO LOVES OWN MM ,7 .a ees cleaning. crew comes on.industry Is .*..-/ openlnc Its doors to

a z employment for Negro workers but the executives suites re-

FULFILL ITSELFCOMPLETELY. JoHNaRusrwak 'rafnnrKJ( main firmly locked.In .
most companlesthat Is. For a fen are beginning to see that
.. eaowtrMrNrrsrxi MamwnrnaRroR- can't continue to do business in cities with growing nonwhite -
ERIC 0. SIMPSON -- Miiuiic E.itir IMCwfpArilpfd they
*WH W.VAHOfffOOK, GMP1rPPRSTNEOm RNMDeMANDIVSLJfH1R populations while their top offices remain lily-white.
One such company, recenUy set a shining example(or Industry,

HILDA WOOTEN -- Cireilitiii Mmiir by naming a Negro to its board of directors.THe .
,Midwest Federal Savings 4 loan Assocalt1on, a Km*;
r polls-centered bank with assests of over$460 million,appointed

2323 ftfoncrief' Road Pkui Elfii 4-8712 Cecil E. Newman, editor and publisher of the Minneapolis
Spokeaman and the St. Paul Recorder,to its board of directors.
What makes this so extraordinary the fact that America has
40,200 banks andsavings and loan associations, and outside of
Miiliil Addrnj r 60 which are predominately Negro institutions, not one of them

has a Negro on its
P.O., in 599 lichsmlllt. Florida 32211 b t Pd0"N Harold W. Greenwood, Jr., president of Midwest Federal ,
i N1'ORMER MYIMMI/Ad/M said that Mr. Newman's appointment "shows |
MIAMI OFFICE tJ crtuur frrrrsnwL in deeds as well as in words, a recognition
that the Negr -Amerlcan community is apart

5018 N.W. 7TH AVE. PHONE 751-3879 of the whole community" better Ii
Mr. Greenwood couldn't have picked
SUBSCRIPTIONS RATES M'qroao' man. Mr. Newman Is note acommua successful

One Year, $12,00 Half; Year, $7.00 4T 1 publisherand er and an outspoken editor; advocate Is of equal flty oppor-lead-

Mailed to You Anywhere.in the United States tunity. He is part of a predominately Negro If"wUe! to

Subscription payable in Advance NEGRO H/STORY/ seeking to develop a slum area with decent low-cost: housing
Send Check or Money Order to: N7fa1d0 iWOIRR-! ;' and be is active In tralnlngprograms and community groups.
= u.RanlOR decided toappolntlNegroto Its board,
WEEK When Midwest Federal
silent figurehead.Kchooseone .
would be a
Plow it didn't go for a token Negrowho
Jacksonville Florida
1. of most capable men in the community-white or

There are two Important lessons In Mr. Newman's appoint.

You're Too Fat For Me GIVES A NEWFOUND SENSE OF IDENTITY ment The first: lessons Is that for:Negroes all business capable leaders of holding throughout Important the nation.positions

---------,-. Businessmen complain to me:
-- ----------r r----------- to Industry are available.
Remember the popular song, "You are too I Td like to hits Negroes for top-level Jobs,but I Just can't find

fat for me, etc. ? Well some people eat anyt'
too much and make themselves We'll that Is nonsense. They can't find them because they won't
overweight.At I YOUR WeeklyHOROSCOPE look for them. to every community lathe country there art successful -
a time when many people in the world I i Negro citizens who have proved their abilities many

are living in poverty and want, we are I times over. Harold Greenwood showed be could do It. Anyone

confronted with the fact that 39 millionsof who says he can't find capable Negroes either bllndctupld, .
I too worried about who has the key to the executive washroom,
the population are too fat. And normally GUIDE 1
or has no Intention of changing company policies.
excess fat is not a product of unem- The other lesson for business that companies can't really .

ployment and poverty. I expect to succeed In hiring Negroes for lower Job classlfi

Some of us are eating 'too much, while By PABLO T.. ASTROLOGER 1 cations while they remain lily-white at the top. Again bust-.
others must depend government I, I nessman have said to me; "Negroes Just don't want to work.
upon assis- We'll hire a fellow and he'll sUckaround until his first paycheck
tance to eat at all. Well / this mal be and then we won't see him again."

comforting that more of the people are I WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS Ij \ That's another excuse. Negroes, like everyone else U America -

over-eating than under-eating, However, i have ambitions. They don't want a Job that's dead-end, especially -
this feeling of comfort is no solution to j jI ] a low-paying one. They too, want to know that hard s
either of the problems. I FOR I II work will be paid off with promotions. When a Negro worker
tmveii a on a new Job and sees that all the other Negroes u
Too many people jnake a great cry today I I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL I co-workers on the line, while all the supervisors white, begets

about the hazards confronting us in over- 'IARIES : the message pretty quickly.
smoking end -drinking but How come Negroes In baseball for example get to work on
anyone yet __ __ tiny. never miss a plane, and so well on the filed? Because
has _-----_------- -- ---_-------
suggested seriously that Congress require they know that a Willie Mays can make more that $IOOOUU.

all fattening foods to be labeled : CANCER they know that the top Isn't reserved for whites.
with a health hazard warning. LIBRA ? CJPRICORN The Negro worker may realize that be wotft rise to the board
lORI'IIICH IUM directors, but when be sees a Nero on the board be knowshe ,
Jesus wtien BPI" Boil SEPT( BORN DEC.
on earth llecTfor
moderation ,
,*: 'V ;; 1s working for a decent outlft and that his kids may make'it ,
in eating and drinking.No artist ever 2111 APRIL 13th. ,U.' IULY21J., 23rd OCT.' 23rd 22H IAN. 'St.' even If be doesn't Incentive is the word for this. And U com-'
a plctureof the'Master as a fat man, No chance taking. You may no It hasn't.chanted. Whatever Have a care. There Is an inclination Let banks lend. When It comesto panics are really eerlous'aboutattracUngNegroworkarsthey'Uhave :
for Jesus was moderate in both eating and doubt feel that you art being Is going on M toe.present moment to speculate or to of- putting up solid case for what to provide some Incentives.THE .

drinking. unfairly singled out u the OM may be Just what Is required who may be worthy of it Misjudgement appear to be unsolld .ventures

Diet pills, programs of reducing, and soon that chant faofSleut. This to drive you into some of this type could you had better make yourself
are of little value. Control Is not necessarily true for all one's arm. Rather than getting you In a fine hx on the 16th. scarce There is something URIAN LEAGUE STORY
yourselfand Artist, or for all seasons, but too emotional over disappoint Inspltatlon may come to Ua rescue doesn't ring true even when intentions -
draw your chair away' from the fable this Is the way the stellar pattern ments disagreements or rather on the 17th, provided you on all sides seem tobe Clausal Brpvn J*
when you have had enough.' has been running for quite apsetttagchangeslrytouuthem give It warm reception. It also tor the best.Open the doors wideto By ,

some time. And you seen to be u a lever to pry the would beprofltable to deal In the Inspiring influences that .
especially vulnerable to the dis way to your true or fated ends. housing real estate or to seU emanate from club social circles The biases in the American system in many wayskeep the he.gro
trublng Influences that prevail Caution continues to be rule real creations. You again are for they may make all the and other minorities from solving problems that will help
Maybe Police Policy Too Tough this month. Simply accept the regarding the dangers or advisability cautions to shun the peril of difference In the world In the them in breaking the poverty cycle.The following are examples
sutuatlon with as good graceu : of travel. Pay close overindulgence on the 20th.I4 days to comt.Whether you win of prevailing conditions that allow for a little change In conditions -
There was a stir in Miami a month or so you can muster and watt attention to the forecasts covering brains who.have thoushts of over an Interesting friend or a of the poor: We have an education system that Is not
these matters and avoid truely working for the Negro; we have an employment system
patiently for a more propitious 'champing their occupations valuable contact, or meet a
ago, when Police Chief Walter E. Headley period. Those who have time off by deep feelings when they urge should not be hasty. Just wait prospective mate will of that doesn't work for him either; the income tax scale does not

(announced his. "get tough" policy in the on Washington's birthday could you one way or another. Quarrels to see what next month will bring course, depend on Individual work for the Negro either; the Social Security system program
city in order to curb crime by-the so-cal spend It partly resting and could grow In magnitude You may now start establishing circumstances. The task is not has not been effective(or the Negro either;efforts to strengthen
led "toughies. At the time, Negroes partlluUmulaUnt.ocla.lpuraults.U -' u well as would the financial .better domestic and public relations to overlook any opprotunlty that family life in the Negro community has not worked either.
you have to. work.It will cost when they are carriedto In the event that they comes your way. Be slow to decide Complying with the rules and regulations and the Oiling out
feared the policy would give some policemen of forms for the various
the courts. public
be profitable.S409915189. Nothing can replace were strained and slower to drive.
a chance to "to over-do" it. peaceful solutions. Donor\ programs is punitive, for it is
Well just recently, an abuse of that be unduly hasty in forming so- to the female in the lieu of the
SCORPIO are some of the problem
areas we
""get tough" policy has caused two Miami asslstaIIce'm
gin to face realistically if
4-60-55-14-789 we are
officers to face charges of dealing with a TAURUS BOn OCT.2.4WII1. BORN NOV. the urban crises.

suspect In an. inhuman manner. BORN APRIL LEO 22i< DEC. 21st The poor in our system in the
The charge: 23rd percent black, or above in the .
Two 21t. MAY 20th BORN JULY Where to? It sometimes where hap- Deal Shewedly. As soon U The gap between income ,housing education I
policemen allegedly we
stripped' 17- that after we get
pens and
make community development
you important objectives are widening dally. The only way
year-old Negro boy to his shorts on a 23rd-AUC. 22id want to be we then discover togo known, you set the stage for a to bring significant change to these areas is through massive
street in the Liberty City Negro area of elude Trace the cause.When results It'. always money iou often that we really would prefer rbuke problem or attacks on efforts on the part of a system that will do away with the built

Miami and later let him dangle from a must be one time and agalnthere are quite indifferent to the slgnldncnce somewhere else.Should you your reputation. The limelight in biases that has relegated 20 million people to things are
some underlyingcause. this dilemma
of other than find yourself undesirable
money attacts undesirable as well as such as second rate cititenshlp.
highway overpass by his heels.A Instead of beating your bead that It enables you to create,or o not be dismayed and choose admiring characters. This Is In 1965, the Negro throughout America was happy over the new
third policeman later found the boy, against a wall, start probingand to live on a footing that you another goal instead.It generally the price that everybody has to legislation that had been passed, that was designed to eliminate
still in his shorts. questioning until you come believe to be your due.Tbe main Is by the hit and miss method pay as a rule.But when you operate poverty from our community The program itself was specifically -
up with what appears to be a logical trouble is that fall to that one manages to get to the from the for
you may designed those at
It has been reported that formal charges background or. the bottom of the ladder, but hope
answer. There may be keep track o(what is going out proving that fate has a better through confidential sources, the program will not end up becominganother device that will
have been drawn up calling dismissal some secret rivarly should look in relation knowledge of what Is good for
to what Is coming you enhance the possibilities of only help prepare people to function Jobs in the anti-poverty
of the lawmen. One policeman; 27, has already for the unusual occasion that in. This could catch you witha us than have. The unexpectedmay not only reaching these goals program, because if this is the case within the next few years,
resigned and the other is expectedto may the 18th.unexpectedly arise on on sizeable deficit when the day have some thing to do with. but making a net gain to boot. the program can be killed by congressional action,and the doors,
be dismissed forthwith.) Ta1entedpersooscould pf accounting comes due, as it the newly createdfrlendshlps'or : If your spouse has grandlouseideas to the system will remain locked forthehlepless and the hope-
also make a sensation by creating well It 'will'whoa the time alloances on the 18th. Hold1yourself ,, find a tactful way to less.
The case was brought to light by the something out of the ordinary comes due, as well it will when to the prevailing bust- puncture them before they
boy's parents who reported the "mean in then. Fortunes are most often tax time come around. Tills Is ness tempo and retrench If need plunge both in financial hot water -

cident." And just what preceded the'heel- built block by block and with one additional reason why you "'. This is a taskthatrequlresa
50 66
the aid of chance Keep this in .I- 943
,' should look Into unusual opportunities master ha.ncland it should not
h nging' affair has not been determinedbut view
: on! the 20th. to obtain a better AQUARIUS be attempted when you lack the This Week In
no charges have been lodged againstthe Negro History
S 90 88.13. 680 Job, higher profits, or a back- touch.
boy. log of. well heeled associate. BORN IAN. 5'. 40 JJ 11 .'200
Even if the boy had committed a crime, 8 -10 99 M 220

the two white officers had no right to GEMINI, VIRGO < 20th FEB. 18th PISCES Feb. 12, 1859 Arkansas law Cov. Elias N. Conway signed into .
and act of the
General Assembly expelling
hang the suspect by his heels. This was an Retrace your steps. Should BORN FEB. all freed '
BORN MAY BORN AUfr. Negroes and Mulattoes from the.
inhuman act in anybody's book. Instead .of you find yourself on the horns state of Arkansas,
the .21st JUNE. 21st 22l4 of a deUmmx right at the'stAt 13th MAR. 20th Feb. 12, 1865 Rev
didn't N
the 'heel-hanging' _, why .: 23rd5EPT, Garnett, pastor, 15th Street
.of the period It be a good one
may '
policemen take the lad to headquarters? Figure it wout.Whatever gout move to over the Is some gosslplngTSome- Presbyterian church, Washington D.C. became -
When the truth is known the two policemenmust No deviation. Just because the decisions have been, they are covered go to ground determine previously thing is going on behind you back the first Negro minister to deliver a
rest of the world appears to harbor not likely to leave you unscar- It is not for your good, so you sermon in the U.S.House of Representatives.
be strictly disciplined and punished exactly why. It could be that had better look.into it. Either Feb. 12, 1909 Conference held
one thought or to follow a red. Those who believe that you lIINi1! York leading to the
to the fullest extent of the law.Then, and beaten track does not requireyou have have acted to their detriment you of ommlsslon are more than guilty of of a sin ,someone Is trying to run awaya formation of the National Association for the
only then, will justice be done. to do the same. But be cau- -mav resort to all sortsof one com partner, or a competitor Is AdvaDCement or '
mission. I f so,benefit from excellent Feb. 12 1926 SSSSSSK
t underhanded tricks to Negro
up 0 HlstOl'J
lous in pursuing unusual Ideas strategems to discredit yon'or planetary Indications to Dr. Car-
to grab the business or authority.The ter W. Wobdson.:
by remaining rather stfcretlve turn the tables' In their
make amends in full and to
Feb IS
when otherscould make things, 'own favor.Although you may believe ,regain the confidence and affection tact that Mercury is retrograding Richard Allen, founder of the Aflr can Metho-
hot for you. Give rise torso gossip that the future is yours to of those who mean until the end of the dist Episcopal Church, was born In Mary-
do as please do 'not very month may be another sign that land. '
and refuse to believe or you overlook ; .
much to There would be
you. Feb. 13
-: HELP CANCER spread of.dreaming about.It, or the act that'there remain nothing gained getting into legal somebody close is pulling your 1760 Frederick Douglas, Statesman author aboll-'
leaving the Job to chance: to many hurdles to surmount before controversies or quarrelswith leg. A friend may tell you, Feb. was borD a slave In Maryland,
and if she does it be wise 14,1879
create the can claim fulfillment may Blanche K. Bruce MisFA -
CHECKUP necessary elements you Inlays Al wield hard-won Negro Senator from
AND CHECK get busy develop i programand There is some sort of develop- authority with restraint Do not to. listen. Whatever come to slsslpp1 presided over U.S.Senate.
then stick with It.2r6066.19.380. ment that could upset the results tqyercome by a sense of pass will be ion a grand scaleoyI 15,1851 Shadrach, a fugitive slave was rescued troD
'something"akin to
that you figured had beenobtaloe7.70'99.15874 righteous a Boston coutroom by abolitionist alter edecislon -
(' warth, on the 20th. to return him to his master had been
6 80'88 .
IS vas 3.3D rain ...1154t banded down.

A. ... ., .c.-; lp'It' ) *

I ,

'"r a .iL t2 ,_, L' _.14] .ear. .dii. ,_, _.ytl { k ,.;:;: ._: '- Y ...,:.j. '. i.r. ; .r. "

,"., :",-,_ -,. '" 'H"0- .- .. .. ,

:: I

FEBRUARY 17 1968 STAR PAPERS _.- ,lCt. 3'

; Colored Women's Clubs PIn
Winner- Rufus Payne'sPTA And Now, 'Tis; Story Time

r rI r- Will HaveFounder's L,., -1 National Annual For ChicagoThe

thirty-sixth biennial convention of the National Assolcatlon
I TeaThe of Colored Women's Clubs, has been set for August 3 to 10 at

Parent Teacher Associa- 7'r the Palmer House In Chicago, Illinois, according to Mrs
Mamie B. Reese, national president of Albany. Georgia
tion of 1 Refus E. Payne Elementary -
I ; School Highlighting the convention will I
Is it's
observing .,. presentation In conjunction
: be the first National Debutante
initial Founder's Day Calendar ., t.J.\ the National Association of
Tea on February 18, 1968 at 't Grant Girls Clubs which will be meet- I
IWillie 4:00 p.m.1be Ing jointly with the adult group;
Mother of the Year wlU The approaching convention '
I be crowned at this time, all Unit Has Post will attract an estimated 2,000
n parents and friends are invited delegates and well wishers.
\ to come out and help us make Valentine Tea This ears theme is"NACWCAt
this a "
/ program success. The Crossroads. Featuring
: }; Stewardess Board No. 4 of speakers of national and inter''
>:... BeauticiansHold grant Memorial Church will national fame, the event win
(Ramp) Matthews Jr., have a Post-Valentine Tea Sunday avail several professional
a Darnell-Cookman Junior High February 25, from 4108 workshops.
School student, was one of four Regular p.m. in the lower unit of the Organized in 1896, NACWCis
students who attended the church. Leading talent of the the oldes organization found.
Chorus Festival held recently city will participate. ed by Negi women in the Un-
In Daytona Beach at Jal Alai Meeting SoonThe Mrs. Jannle Cannon will be ited States. The club boasts a
Fron. Each student was pre- the speaker. Mrs. E.Richardson membership of IZOOOOwomen
sented an award for participation. City Wide Beauticians will render music. Mrs. and girls from 40 states.
Others in attendance from League will hold the regular Esther Milton is president.Dr. Founded to raise the economic
Cookman were Beverly Brown, meeting Monday, February 19, A.J.Reddlck Is pastor. cultural and educational status
Erington Davis and Chester Ho in the home of Mrs. Thelma' of the Negro family, the club is
gans. Mrs.R.P.Askew Is choral Whaley, 1471 Morgan Mrs.Ber- 1 West B. Saving among the first organizations ta
nice Rhodes will be co-hostess
directress Mrs. Mildred Mat- sponsor scholarships programs
( Members will get their tickets t
thew is Chorus reporter. The League is sponsoring a Clubs Meets And for,needy families

Barbers' Association scholarship fund drive for Eas- Shown above are children of the community listening to the ten's recreation room at the Center The Center Is operated by Stanton VocationalBand
ter Sunday night. MlssBrenda dally story hour conducted at the Eartha M. White Community the Jacksonville Recreation Department Julius Gulnyard, re- Names OfficersThe
Joyce Harris is to be crowned Center. Mrs. Paulette Malpress, a senior psychology major, creation specialist, is the director
Meeeling IsFebruary queen. Is In charge. The hour is held dally from 4:30: to Sin the child- West B. Saving Club met Parents Meet
in the home of Mrs Isabell
21 Bailey, 1531 West Tenth, on The Stanton Vocation Band Parents
AU members of the Jacksonville Sphinx SwThe etheart Lily White Owens Ladles January 15. Club will meet Monday,
Barbers,Association art The election of officers was February 19, at 8 p.m. In the
called to meet Wednesday,February held by Rex.Toney Neal. school library.
21, at 8:30p.m.,at Coles' Lodge Gets Elect 1968 OfficersThe Officers are: President, Mrs Mrs. Florence Benton, Is pre-
Barber Shop, 1906 Kings Road, Isabell Bailey; Vice-president. sident. The 1968 program for
(corner Spires). There is Important Set For Tea Owens Illinois Ladles met birthday secretary, Mrs. Al- Mrs Amy Livingston,Financial the band will be beard.
business that must be recently with Mrs. M.L. Flan- bertha Pearson; Sinking Fund Secretary, Mrs. Joann Evans;
taken care of and each barberIs Lily White Lodge No. 225 will ders and Mrs. Ollle Lee Jordan Mrs. Odessa Bailey; Program Treasurer Palmer Edwards, Semi Civic Social
urgently requested to be have a Pgst-Yalentlne TeaSun- as co-hostess. Committee, Mrs. Emma Mel- Business Manager, Mrs.LocUs
sent. pre day, February 18, from 4 to 6 Officers elected were: President ton Mrs. Doretha Smith;BankIng Evans; Assistant Business Ma- Club Plans MeetThe
1 p.m. at 817 Spearing Street. Mrs Annie ShermanVice; Commlttee.Mrs. Sherman nager, Mrs. Ruth Hugg and Semi Civic Social and
Phyllis WheatleyOES Mrs. R.L.Thomas will be the presldnet, Mrs. Flowwle Smith Mrs. Peters, Mrs Melton. James Rawls, Sick CommitteeMrs. Ravine; Club wUl hold Its second
speaker. Mrs. M.Major is pre- Recording secretary, Mrs. I- The next meeting will be with Hattie Stewart; Floral monthly meeting with Mrs.Bessie ,
sident, Mrs. A.L.Wataonll.- rene Morgan; Financial: Secretary Mrs. Doretha Smith, 1155 East Fund Treasurer, Mrs. Arnetha Allen, 7219 Richland Road.
Plans MeetingThe cretary. Mrs.Emma Melton;Trea- 27th. Mrs Emma Melton Is reporter Wallace and Reporter Mrs Mrs. Elnora Small Is presidentMrs.
surer, Mrs. Ardetrlce Peters B.T.Emperat r.. Arabelle Baker reporter*
Phyllis Wheatley Chapter,
No. 52 of the Order of Eastern A

Star will hold Us regular meet- sronf Monday. ThurMlavQortFriday .... O A
Ing February 22 at Prince Hall, .lIul9 .
9-3 6
{ 0
913 Jefferson Street. Pictures I 1 lie H $ Sulunlat X O VJ iI.1II hi '""' \\ .,.lnr O V.-J.,n 111 pI
will be taken. Pearl Hudson Is
Worthy Matron. Sadie M. But

April ler is reporter.6 RegisteringFor Is DeadlineFor .; I I sears |I 3 Days Only !

Sphlnxs* Club, a pledge i 1 group, of the Alpha Phi Alphaookmaa
selected the lovely
Fraternity at Bethune-C : College
May PrimaryThe Joann Smith, a nineteen year-ok(d I Clearwater,Florida,business
education major u the group''s Sweetheart for 1968. Miss
deadline toregistertovote Smith will present them during the Alpha Phi Alpha Black and
before the May primlries Is Gold Ball scheduled for early spring.
April 6. according to supervisor

Ing.of elections:; Harry M.Near- Simpson Meth odist Women Record Sale! 1

Those who missed out on the
primaries may register June
3 and afterwards until Oct. 5, Announce h Anniversarythe _
when the books will close again
for the Nov. 9 general election The Women'sSoclet'oIChrll- principal speaker. Mrs. WES MONTGOMERY:
'They'll ''reopen again Nov. U Han Service of Simpson Methodist OUle Williams will be guest A DAY IN THE UFE '
Hearing's office, on the ground Church will celebrate Ita.twentelghth soloist, representing New I '
floor of the county court house anniversary Sunday Bethel AME. Other well-known .. .. ..;it;.
Is open from 8:30 to 5 p.m. February 18, at the mornIng personalities will appear. ; ,..
Monday through Friday, except service, 11 a.m. Theresa Aaron is president.
legal holidays. Dr. Florence S. Roane of Be- Rev S.S. Robinson Is the pas
For the convenience of citizens thune-Cookman College will be tor.
who find It difficult or
impossible to get to the courthouse -
during day hours, NearIng -
has l !'OUDCed. schedule Wsatling :Bells:J
of dates on which his office will
be open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
for new registrations.
The dates are TuesdayMarcb ., Samuel Leltner, 1459 W. 13th Edward Earl Hardy, 1730 W.
5; Thursday, March; Tuesday st., 64 and Hells Dean Mc- 17th St., 19 and Brabara Ann These Are Hits
March 1ZThursdaMarchlC Queen, 1459 W. 13th St., 47. Jones, 1750 Broadway SL, 19. ; Tuesday, March 19; Thursday i
March 21; Tuesday, March Ramsey GIbbons Jr., 2228 W.* Julius Cuthbert,C650 Moncrief :* jj5vj
26; Thursday, March 28; Tuesday 43rd St., 26 and Sheron Lynn Village, 23 and GUda Vivian
April 2, and Thursday, Stallworth, 1530 Madison St, Sims, 1595W.36thStAptl,20. StereoAlbums :
aprU C. 19.
For latecomers, Nearing will Clinton Lee Kelly,762 W.State u> j V'f
keep the office open from (:30am. Donald Eugene Davis, 1407 St., 19 and Gloria Ann Owens, _
to 5 p.m. on Saturday, W. 31st St., 23 and Cathie Lee 1iZ6 Lafayette St., 18. -jI
Aoril 6, the deadline day for Cain, 2590 McCoys Blvd., 18.
registration. John Henry Knight, 1209 W.
Samuel Marion Bennefield.605 Duval St., 21 and Patricia Ann fq
W. Beaver St., 38 and Estella Williams, 1408 Grothe st., Apt e I
Voters League Mclntel, 1637 W. 35th St., 18. C, 20. f'f I
4. *

Plans Meeting Ralph Ellis, Prather Apt.
B1dg.Apt.CJacuonvWeBeach, I, n l CHARGE
Fla., 20 and Willie Mae Jack- $

For April .27 son, Prather Apt. Bldg, Apt.4, ITon
Jacksonville Beach, Fla., 21. I JndmtJge ScareRevolving 266
The Third Congressloal District -
Voters' League will entertain Sidney Hardy, 1618 Campus Charge
the Florida Voters st., 20 and Ethel Mae Green, !.
27 and 3104 Breve Dr., 18. tom'
League, Inc on April Reg. $3.47Cream : i
28 at the Mayflower hotel.
Mrs. E.L Brookins and James Arthur Lee McBride, 312 Jefferson i at !'l'v
st., 27 and Ethel Mae
Boddie are In charge. Regular
Williams, 312 Jefferson St.,
ine in each 27. v t
on the first Thursday .
be Disraeli Gears The American Breed
Information can se-
calllnr 35632z9"or Ernest Thomas Bell, Jr., 711 The Beach Boys Jimi Hendrix and ;
:by ured writing bY 1727 GrunthaU>p -- Ct. H.,27 and Brenda Gean King, Soulful Strings Curtis Knight tie '
er for the occasion will be Phil 211$ Venus Ct., Apt A, ZOo The Who The Monkeee M
Weightman of the OEC and Representative -
Charles Bennett. International (

Sam Jones Is president. Festival r 01 t The Rolling Stone' Jefferson Airplane We Montgomery ,

Home Maker Districts Is ReadyThe i The Beatles a The Supremes Reg. $1.98. 3.99 t'f I

w Rtcord Dtpvtmtnt-Third Floor 4I
Club To Be International Festival r
given by the Union Progressive
District, the Emanuel Districtand yyj'( ir
Bragge Guest the Union St James Dis- eM
trict, will be March at 8 p.m.,'
The'Llncolnville Home Makers In Raines High School. Pre- If you can find l la
Club meets, Tuesday February sident for the districts are Mrs i
20, In the home of Mrs. Ave: Sadie 'Fedd, Mrs. Sarah Rice better Bourinn LLixl
Bragge, 7805 Siskin avenue, at and Mrs.Claudlne Williams. I
730. Young Jacksonville socialites
Mrs. Maude Huston is president wlll model costume.representing ...buy ill! $
of the Extension Home 14 different countries. This .
Maker Club Mrs. Rosa Neal> Is a benefit affair.Donations can I ,snu sin unvcn nuuoi Mwn.M HOOF L
Is secretary and Mrs.Gertrude' be purchased from the presidents ()*cuiTMtwTu. eo,fI.IIIfOIT.lT. I *'ijV* ****
Murray Is reporter. .



I S; ..-. 4 H. ..asr. Y.e -1'.J. ._ .O'A :.. a.ualt"; : Wflftrt .JliSATURDAY


, .


4 ,

I St. Stephen. Baptist's. First Anniversary- Features Outstanding Leaders I

Rev. B.A. Addison Will Secretary For 21 Years Relinquishes Office St. James Missionary Baptist}

Also Be Honored By Many Association Meet In St.Augustine I

A One-Day Session of the Union St James Missionary Baptist
Assolcatlon will be held at the ShIloh Baptist Church, St.
$t. Stephen Baptist Church, 4201 Almeda Street,will celebrate Augustine. Florida. the Rev. J.A. Wright, pastor on Wednesday
the first anniversary from February 18 through February 25,
as well as that of the pastor Rev. B.A. Addison. Services will Two, February themes will be considered state and national news will be
begin at 7:30 each night. Many ministers, churches,choirs and : Fellowship Through Christ presented.The .
official organizations have been scheduled and Involved In the Mission Laymen's Movement will
On February 18, the followingministers First Corinth will be present Task. meet at 6 p.m. The night message -
will be present: Rev.P.L. with his congregation. Rev. W. In the morning session Rev. will be delivered by Re.
Wilson, West Friendship C. Mitchell of Little Rock w C.J. Watkins moderator will R. Hezekiah. '
Baptist; Rev. H.H. Miller, New Church will speak as well Rev. preside. Rev. C. A. Weaver. Officers are : Rev. C. J. Watkins .

Brooklyn Baptist Church. B.H. Hartley, Friendly Baptist t Bible expositor, will lead the moderator; Rev. .L.Bad-
February 19 will bring Rev. Church. Bible period. Deacon H. M, get, flrst-vlce-moderatorRev; .
R.V. Webster AME Church of Pauline will speak on Fellow- J.A. Wright second-vice-pre
the Master and Rev. W. S. ship With Christ Through Baptism sident Rev. AB.Colemansee-

Peoples of the Magnolia Baptist The noon-day message retary; Rev. C. funnel treasurer
Church. ST. John's Soloist will come from Rev J. M. and Rev. C.A. Weaver,
On Tuesday February 20, Mrs. Alice Burroughs will sing Hazelton. Bible expositor.
three ministers will be present
Salvation "
during "Operation The WomerfsDlstrlctConven-
with congregation and musicians at St. John's Baptist church ,. tion, Mrs. C.I. Williams pre
and officials, namely from February 25 to March I. sident, will meet at 2:30. Their
Rev. J. W. Johnson, Philadelphia Rev. Harold O. Davis will be. theme song will be "We've A Rev.Rogers Am
Baptist, Rev. B. L. Wynn, Story To Tell The Nations.

Abyssinia Baptist Church Registration, the Introduction of Salem'
Mt. I
ana Rev. E.I. Norman New Visij,
new work, and the presentation
1 Redeem Baptist Church.
of visitors will follow Presi-
J Wednesday night,February 21, dent C.I. Williams will discuss I Church On Bead
will feature the appearance r Local
Things We Should Know.
with organizations and choirs, Miss Eai'anna Bordeaa ot the Westside Ushers Union is shown Miss Suzanne Bordeaa ot the Westside Ushers Union gives Mt. Salem Baptist Church,1281
of Reverends A. Anerson, receiving an award after retiring from 21 years ot service with Mrs Edythe Foster, newly chosen financial secretary, the West 22nd, Rev. W.OJRogers
I Bethlehem Baptist Church,Dallas the organization Photo By Emerson: books Photo By Emerson St. Joseph ME pastor will go to JacksonvilleBeach
Graham, Mt Ararat Baptist immediately site r ser
Church, and WC. Neal, St. vices Sunday to partlciapte In

Thomas On Thursday Baptist Clurcfc February' 22, St. John's Baptist Presents Served As Financial Secretary Is Ready ForWomen's the dedication Baptist Church.services Officersand of Second

Rev. E. R. Simpson, Zion musical groups will accompany -
"Baptist Church, will be present Operation Salvation Program And Was Commended For RecordMiss MeetSt. the ministerial stall
as well as Rev. C. J. t.'< I On Sunday at 6 p.m. Choir No. .
Crosby, Trinity Baptist Church.On ; St. John's Baptist Church, Oakley and Brldier streets Rev. Joseph Methodist Church 1 of Mt. Salem wiU be presented
February 23 three ministers A.J.Hueues pastor is launching out on a unique program Suzanna Bordeau, for 21 years Financial Secretary of the will hold Its women's day celebration In a program In the Interest of
will be heard. They will be Rev. /, known as "Operation Salvation," with'the chufctt nesting Rev., Friendly Westslde Ushers Union, retired krom that position re- Sunday February 18. Georgia In the Tn -State Rally
G.A. Price, St. Matthew Baptist Harold! _0. Davis of Philadelphia In a series of evangelistic deTnis cently. Mrs. William Biggins of St. which terminates on FebruaryS

Church, Rev S. M. Gadson, ....,.. 211 le The retiree established a record will be led by Deacon L. More- John's Junior College,Palatka, $ ,Rev W.O.Roge.rs Is pastor,
First Samuel Baptist Church : prdgram, according to Mary Nealy, Mrs. Edith Jones of regularity unfaiUngattendance land. M. B.Smith will be master will be the morning speaker. )dr..t. Sampson is reporter.
and Rev. S.L. Badger-Emanuel the pastor, will be especially Mrs Essie Mae Thomas and and accuracy in the ot ceremonies and will be Introduced 4 p.m. the youth hour will be
Baptist Church. geared to the "great need of today Mrs. Thomaslna Wilson Owens keeping of records for the large by Mrs. Anna Lewis. held. Gretal and Gertie Talent
I Finally, on Sunday February ALICE BURROUGHS the need for the Church to They will sing in that order organization. Alback is president. school will be featured along
25, four ministers, along with the evangelist. He is pastor be herself and to manifest the starting with the morning ser- Beacuse of this outstanding Phillip with many others.Councilwoman Rev. Sams And
the pastor will be pr-esent.Rev. of the Cornerstone Baptist spiritual power with which God vice of February 25, at 11 a.m. cord, Miss Bordeau was honored Sallye B.Mathiswill
J. J. Jones will come with his Church of Philadelphia,Pa has endowed. her." "Our people The Bivens Special will also. at a gala celebration.At the speak at 7 p.m. Rev. Gold-
;: congregation from Antioch Baptist Many other soloists will be featured said the prelate "have appear with their "Instruments meeting Miss Bordeau was pre- Speaker ed Smith Is pastor.Greater Second Baptist
{!i! Church. Rev. W.L. Jones,, during this particular 4 spiritual. hungerj, desirethe of Faith. Miss LaVerne Jone sented a plaque by the president
week. Bob Smith Photo bread of life', not secular Is secretary of the Union, Phillip Alback. At Make Visits
:. Mt. Moriah's pronouncements.. the same time Robert Simpson, Bethany
A fiftyvoice choir will sing
treasurer received aplaqudorH
Rev. J.C.Sams will deliver
each night Mrs Alice Bur-
Rev. Bannerman years In the same position Baptist HoldsAnniversaries ther sermon for the morning
Choir No. 3 roughs will ting each night during Miss Bordeau, at the retiring
"; the week. other musicians'and Grace Baptist worship at Second Baptist Sun
H Organizes Allen soloists will appear.Amongthe ceremonies presented records day. He will review the Sunday -
Gives ConcertOn and books to the Incoming
m wlU be Mrs Agnes Bell Guest Day Is school lesson. Sunday
Isreal, Mrs Mae Flaeler,Mu. secretary, Mrs. Edythe Foster. Greater Bethany Baptist school begins at 9:30.
Chapel AME laymen Mrs Foster Is a member o1tbwMt. rites for the dea-
Sunday night at 8 pm. church will hold two anniversaries Consecration
Olive AME Church and serves
the Mt. Morlab Choir No. 3 Special EventGrace Board Sunday, February 18, 'coos deaconesses, ushers and
of Usher
I, of Mt. Morlab AME Church, St. Paul AME No.2 as of president that church. Miss Bor tha of the church Itself that the choir win be held at 10:45
will be presented In concert Allen Chapel AMEs men have Baptist Church will beo deau Is a member of Mr. Sinai d the pastor Rev. Landon L. The morning woshlp beginsat
for the benefit of tnt annual been organized Into a club by Stewards, Trustees the scene February 18, of a Chruch. Williams. n a.m.
Men's Day celebrating Junior the pastor. Rev. J.C.Banner- celebration. called Guest Sun- Baptist Revival Hour for the Friendly The services will begin at The pastor and congregation
members will support the af man. The officers are: President Plan Dinner This Westside Ushers Union will be .3:30.: An oldf.asbionec1'OI\I.er-\ will worship with the First
fair. Raymond Roblnson.Vlce event Is designed to give riee'W1U be featured. Groupa Baptist Church of Oakland at
Stewards Boards No. 1 and 2 held Sunday at 2 45 at thtZimHope
services President.Fred Washington the a prayerful kick-off : : appearing The Heraldarles 'J p.m. The Baptist Training
Other are givenhere. ; women : t.1 : ire
Sunday school begins at 9:45 Secretary, Jesse Thompson; and the Trustee Board of, St. :toward their! annual Women's. Iteptis -Churehitey.Erlt: .' ; and the Mt.Bethel Chorui.Per- Union will be', held "at 545.:
Paul AME Churcb'wUI rdJ'
with Mrs. Pauline Bryant, superintendent Business Manager Harr'WUlIam. a fellowship kick-off sponsor din->: Day, March 17. Simpson Is;pastor, ,JteVOUOllllMrs.Rosella t r "':' ) 1' sons will be Mrs. McCleod, of Evening worship begins at 7 p.

,. and staff, la ., Treasurer Mervin ner In the church's Mrs Gladys Keys Is chairman .. St Peter's AME ,Mr. and Mrs m. At the close of the service
I charge At U a.m. Rev J.W. Brown; Assistant secretary, dining room for Guest Sunday. The .elrteil +l Anderson Rush and Mr. and Rev. Sams and members of
Jones, pastor administer Leroy Johnson and reporter Sunday lude to, Stewards February and 18, as Trustees a pre sermon will be delivered by I CohenMrs. Councilwoman SALLYE MATHS Sally MaIMS Mrs. William Cherry.Williams they cbuch will share anniversary -
and pr.ne John Major. Rev. P. Joseph at U a.m. AU J. William Is chairman. events with the WesJ:
9 long tegWtitO he The Youth members art selling Day, February. of Choir No.and Us J Rosetta Cohen, memberof will be guest speaker Sunday Union Baptist Church.
John A. Watson Is vke-pre- night, FebruarylB.atSt.Joseph
choir recital follows.:Men's day candy and planning a program No. 1 wiU serve.A First Born Temple Is shown ...
Methodist L
chairman of No. I Harrison Church Woman'sDay.
i Is Sunday, February 11, &Uda,. for Sunday, February 18. vice-chairman; of No. 2Andrew, special activity will take place as, recently she was crowned GET FAST IUSSEO REUEH
Saturday February 11, at the queen of the Jacksonville District
-- W. Boston vice-chairman of
oftheAssemblyof the First
i home of Rev. and Msr.B.F.
trustee Board and Rev. A.C. Born. Mrs. Cohen Is holding a ITCHINGBKIN
Brown for the benefit of Women's East Bethany
Chandler, Sr. Is pastor. Day.Prayer New Redeem Baptist

SEAFOOD CENTER meeting Is Tuesday at
'7:30. Bible study Is featured. Educators WillMeetFebruary25 Has Deacons'ConlestNew SCALING
144 N. AYE.
MYRTLE aUSSI.CSI IU.SSlIl On Wednesday Choir No. 1 re.hearses. 4. '

i I CATFISH t1. Ib. 6Sc The man born with the gift .' On Saturday at 5:30 ',. AlgI I SKIN
Rev.'Roosevelt Franklin of Macon Choir No. 2 rehearses. Rev. Redeem Baptist church IRRITATEDSKIN

TIt, OJrxOnXM,,I( F"wi' Georgia It is through God BF. Brown Is pastor. Mrs. \, : will be the scene of a contest
'c :
The Educational Board of the
Pearlie Mae Robinson Is reporter Sunday at J pm.
39' that I can remove all evil conditions sponsored
WHITING e l LB. some questions you may East Florida and Bethany Bap by the Deacon Board! Ce 'les- .pAuint turn succor OINTMENT.
tist Association will presentan tants are Deacon J.k Wasting-
wish to kipw. Relieves Itching Scaling and
TROUT lb. 59c educational hour Sunday ton and Deacon Unlce Dunson, Irritation of Psoriasis
New February 25, in the annex of the Deacon George Ward and Deacon
St. James.
tuiMit HIM*TAMS ruci' ale m cwr DO YOU NEED MONEY? I H IB CM UICMtwr
i' Mt. Ararat Baptist Church,Rev. C. Lambright.On Mal 19 C k.miMnna
} URGE ROE.MULLET . Ib. SSc B MY SICKNESS NATURAL? Dallas Graham pastor. February 20 the pastor elm U Ml MIUUT
DRINKING? A contest will be sponsored, and congregation will go to St. HEAD-TO.TOE PROTECTION
.rNUINI TANGY A'AUCMICOLA I involving all local presidents. Stephen's Baptist Church to MM IM tow-MUM town mtuttotnI
help *
H M*
.._ .....
February 25New Funds will be directed to the church's pastor oo his anni MUM M I|*lt tmt n.t
SHELL OYSTERS .bu $5.50 TURNED? I 'Cl'-. I
'0 ROSETTA COHEN Florida Memorial College versary. IflM MM.sMw.

;:I ROE SHAD . .Ib. 49c They call me the (Rootman). S.James AME Church will picture of Bishop W.D. b1nltles. Mrs.Mrs. M.L.Bezel Johnson Cook is is reporter.district I.:
have a Post Valentine TeanSun- Mrs Cohen has
But I servant of God won top laurels
I lUCK SHAD . .Ib. J9c because am God only is a the answer to day, February 25, from <4< to 6 for.the past seven years.-ruuw president. Rev. B.H. Hartley Is I
P.m., under the sponsorship of By Emerson moderator.
all life's probelms. 1 am the
Locally Produced Kind of all Day Prophet Send the Budget Committee. Rev. A. Howell Funeral

FLOUNDER 59c for my special selected Bible D.Harris pastor.
LB. verses. To be read on SPECIAL Bishop Julia Brown will be Rev. Cyrus A. Weaver Will

iXuIXCFLORIDA DAYS. guest speaker. Mmes. Robbie

I LOBSTERS . .lb. $1.10I Send a self-addressed,stamped Baker' and Lynette Braggs are Address Bethany Baptist Meet
envelope and $2.00 for Bible venlng for the coveted honor of Home
I KING MACKEREL STEAKS .LI. 59c verses and spiritual Messages.You "Queen of Hearts," Mrs. Geneva -
will receive Bible verses Guyton is chairman. Rev. Cyrus Weaver ot Day Spring Baptist will be the keynote
FANCY IIG 11M HIVING speaker for th Extra-Day session ot the East Florida and

BLUE CUtS ,_.. DOZ. .ie00 6END by return TO mall. JIELP FIGHT CANCER; WITH Bethany Baptist Association which will be held at the Evergreen 5819 Hoicrief Road
I Baptist Church 1100 Logan Wednesday February 21.
Rev. Roosevelt Franklin A CHECKUP AND CHECK
Fine for
'roilincSPANISH He will deliver
630 Morrow Avenue an Inspirational: sermon. II tot Jbhfiice
MACKEREL LB. 45c Macon Georgia31301I The offclal activities of the day J. Jones of Antioch Baptist will Service
e will begin at 9:30: a.m. with preach. Rev. Remus Smith of
in all
specialize case work.
Phone area code.912-745-6475.: 'IN MEMORIAM George Walker Leroy Malloryand Friendship Baptist of Pickett
John Larry In charge ot will serve alternate.
devotions.. Uooes will assist. Two churches will"serve for
BOB SMITH COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERPRIVATE Rev. H.Hartley, moderator the occasion. Rev. Sams will Serviig ,All faiths
j will preside during thebuslness speak after service. Rev. C.B.
session. At. 10 A.M. Rev. W. Bailey of First Baptist will be
SE1IHG AT REASONABLE RATES 'C; Upbkson> ot St. Mark Baptist the alternate. Choirs and Ushers Cemiieit' Location

tr of Mayport is scheduled it. of Second Baptist and First
preach at 10:30 a.m. Rev. W. Baptist will serve
WEDDI NGS.P ARTI ES r, C. Mitchell ot Little Rock Baptist -
is the alternate

The Mission and .Education
CHURCH.FAMILY PICTURES i Hour has been re-scbeuled

for the morning services. Rev. Rev Hamilton Comes
'' A.J.Hughes will speak on Mis-' A.II Jirkiig Ficilities

GROUPS-RECEPTIONS star Rev. G.A.Price on edu-
CLUB # cation. Rev. G.T.McCall will To FellowshipPulpil t
speak on evangelism.
"RESULTS GUARANTEED" Ditrlct presidents will bring 765-6664 -- 76J-2054
The Fellowhlp Baptist Church
greetings in the afternoon.State
PHO S"S200 President H.B. Miller G. W. has services planned for several Interesting ,
Scott andSta1eandNatIooalRev. 18. Sunday February Lewis J. Howell L.F.D.

J.CjSams: wUlspeak Rev. JC.:
"oi-ffODAY MARIE MITCHELL Rogers will present the visi Rev. and Mrs. G.H. Hamilton
Memory ot Marie Mitchell tors. spent several days In San Fernando Understinding Service With

who passed February 11,1965. In the evening service beginning California. They visited
PHOTOGRAPHER FOR Gone but not forgotten.We love in Los Angeles Hollywood and -
: .BOBSMITHJAyVILLE at ':30 Eddie Smith C. Din "
RECORDING CO.- ROBS1 11CORPFLORWATAB'IL you but God loved you best. \tBroan and Robert Sams will be: In Old Mexico. Rev. Hamilton And _Dislieclioe
We:The Family. In charge of devotions! Rev. J. has returned to the pulpit.

a. ..,.\



.4 ( I

.. ..
;6 I

FEBRUARY 17, 1968 STAR PAPERS pier 5

Friendship Baptist Gospel ,Mt.Canaan Will Day Spring

I Chorus Plans Grand Musical Celebrate DualAlliliversaries Baptist Will WOOLWORTH'SASSISTANT

The Gospel Chorus of Friendship Baptist Church New Kings Hear Leader

Road will present a Gospel Musical Sunday February 18, at Mt. Canaan Baptist Church will Councilwoman Sail)* Mathis jj
4 p.m., at the church Mrs. Lola Williams is speaker.' at SALE
celebrate the fortieth year outs will be the pies t speaker
No.3 will hold the Patterson, 6018 Dunmire. founding and the second year'of Day Spring Baptist Sunday In MANAGER'S
meeting Sunday even-'Usher Board No. 2 will meet the pastors service on Monday the morning service. -
ing, February 18, at 3 p.m., in Sunday evening at 4 p.m., in listed
night, February 19,to an Including Coming evetnts have been -
the home of Deacon and .- )
Mrs the home of Mrs. Delores Staf- Monday February 26. March 10 4 to 6annual
John Road.Wilson Deacon, 7903 John New Kings ford, 4333 Rath Drive. Churches representing, with coffee: hour of Usher, Board No. DOWN TOWN STORE ONLY 300 HOGAN STREET
Wilson is -
The will U
evening worship
leader pastors officers musical organizations 2 March 17, Joint anniversary
rat 6 p.m. Rev Remus Smith Is and congregations of Districts No. 15 and No. 30
Sunday School Is at with
superintendent Arthur 9:30. pastor will be:Monday Trinity Baptist, March 18, Douglas Anderson
in charge. The Brown *.* Sprlnghill Baptist, Royal Tabernacle Junrion -Senior High concert,

>begins at 11 morning a.m., with worship the- -I. Paul I Ushers Baptist; Tuesday sponsored by Choir No.I.March Sheer 24'24 INC.
Saint Mark -'
Rev. R.L. Jones Grace Baptist, Baptist 24, Anniversary Tea of Missionary -
Choir No. 1 as speaker. ; Wednesday Everson Street Society 4 to 6 p.m.; ;,
and Usher
No. 2 and No. 1 will Board Prepare for Meeting Baptist Bethel Baptist; Thursday March 31, Association Day,with NYLON SCARVES
Mt. Carmel Baptist, First annual Annie Bj51oanHour,2.)0.Other .
throughout theday.Mrs.Maggie Usher Board No.2 of St. Paul Corinth Baptist; Friday First services are as usual.
Black win be organist. AME Church will meet Wed- Baptist Mandlrene; Sunday, Sunday school, begins at 9:30. tfi
District No. 3 win have a nesday night, February 21, at, Tabernacle Baptist On Monday The Junior Trustees and Dea- .
special project on February 17, the church at 8p.m.M.C.Cham- *' S for
February 26, Rev. H.Walter cons "Will serve in pa morn w
,In the home of Mrs. Frances bers is president. will deliver the anniversary log service. BTU begins at 5:45 o.-

sermon Rev. J.M. Hazelton Is with the Junior department In
pastor. The church is located charge. The evening service Sparkling squares of sheer b
1055 Van Buren.GuestPreacher. begins at 7 p.m. The pastor's crimped nylon you'll use .a t

CHURCH NEWS ]i iI" Usher Board No. 2 will serve. In so many ways as a w@ .t
Rev. Cyrus H.Weaver pastor; Lead scarf or to brighten t lf
-* i a Mrs. E.W. Malnor, church reporter Choice of f
hd dress suit
i-J-i- ---'i-r> -*--*- a or Jt
? MT. SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH 1281 West 22nd St colors and designs.
The Sunday School begins at 9:30: with superintendent Jack r-
Green in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Rev Tony Holsey Church
Neal. Consecration takes place at 1045.: The morning devotions
begin at 11 a.m., with Deacons Freddie Neal and Eugene Cal- Plans \
houn In charge. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will serve HostingMerchionChurch r .
throughout the day.Rev.Tony Neal will deliver the sermon. Rev.' x.
W.O. Rogers is pastor; Mrs. C.Sampson Is reporter.


Services begins with the Sunday School at 930. At 11:45 devotions Rek.:S. D. Sullivan otBrufr host to the Merchlon Temple r
will follow, led by the deacccs.Tbe pastor or his appointee swick, Ga., will be preaching Sunday February 18 at 3:30.
will speak. Communion will be administered at 3:45. Good Shepard Baptist Church On February 25 the Board of 4
with the pastor in charge. Sunday February It, at 3 p.m. Christian Education will sponsor a
Rev A. Garvin Is pastor The a pew rally Mrs. Fannie
COLOSSIANS BAPTIST CHURCH church Is located at 1722 W. Seydell Is president. Mrs. Eva
Sunday School begins at 9.30: with the superintendent and teac- 29th. Rev Garvin and Mrs. M. Gilbert secretary.
hers In charge. The morning worship begins at 11 a.m., the Willie Bryant are sponsors. Sunday school begins at 9:45:
evening worship at 6 p.m. Rev. Crawford will speak at both with Mrs. Bertha Grlffen abd \.rl loco
services. Choir No.1 and Usher Board No.1 will serve throughout teachers In charge. The morning -. Tempting price
the day; District No. 1 will have its meeting In the churcbl St. Patritk service begins at 11 a.m., //j *
at 5 p.m. Prayer Meeting will be held Tuesday at 7:30. DistrictNo. the evening service at 6 p.m. r*% grcAlfcfren *

2 will have Its monthly meeting at the church. Talent Tea Rev. McElvln Is pastor. The CHOCOLATE CANDY
FIRST NEW ZION BAPTIST church is located at Third and SPORTY SNEAKERS

The following order of service will prevail at First New Is March 17 Franklin.
Zion Baptist Church: Sunday School will commence at 9.30 for all the girl Yum's the word for our "ftg. 79$ lb.

a.m., with the superintendent, Deacon Joseph D. White, In' A it. Patrick Talent Tea sponsored Host ToConference $ bridge mix peanut tins.
charge At 10:15: the Sunday School topic, "The Ugh of the for the George 0.Sum' Foam cushioned, machine: washable double
World." will be reviewed by Intermediate Class teacher met Scholarship Fund, will be Rev. Solomon C. Waterford, cotton sailcloth. Misses'inWhite 2 $1 ten, dip peanuti C \
Mrs. Ruth D. White. held Sunday March 17, at 3 pastor or the Henry Gordon malted milk Iwlli,panned 6 7"

Morning worship will start at 11:00 with the deacons p.m., atSweetfleld Baptist,138SHarrl.loa AME Church, 23rd and Wilson, bluc.10.. I raisins, chocolate ttan,

charge of the devotional service. Immediately alter'the mornIng Rev D.B. Barnes will host the Quarterly Conference Always fresh, del ldou.. ,.
service Mrs. Dorothy Wright, chairman of the Women Day pastor. on February IS. On the .
Is asking that all ladles stay and meet with her Choir No.3 and The program will be presented -
Usher Board No. 3 will serve during the morning hour of wor- under the auspices of the j
ship. Baptist General State Sunday

Holy Communion will be observed at 400.; At that time all School, the BTU Congress of Vs
choirs and usher boards are asked to serve Both morning and Florida Rev.C.S. Fetter president '
evening messages will be delivered by the Pastor, Rev C.C. Mrs. D.B. Barnes will f I It ( r
Brown. Address: 1700 Davis St. be coordinator. Deacon Sam 1 :'
NEW MT. OLIVE Williams will be co-chairman. M
Holy Communion will be administered at Mt Olive Baptist j

Church Sunday at 3 p.m. The pastor will deliver the sermon Colossians '0;.
Other ministers will assist Sunday School begins at 1:30 with i4udc'Lat"x .
Deacon R. Cambridge In charge. The lesson will be reviewed Pastor 'j *
by the pastor. The morning worship will begin at 11 a.m., with e I {BROCK}
devotions conducted by the deacons.The convenant meetingwtn Rev R J. Crawford Is pastor 1
follow The Deaconess Board will meet at I p.m. Mrs. O.C. of the Colossians Baptist ij
1154 West Chocolate cm'eredCHERRIES
Church Thirty-first
Corbin ls president The combined choirs will sing. Usher
Street He will be In the pulpit -
Board No.l will serve throughout the day. Mrs William Davisr :[ t
and will deliver two
.win serve as musician. Rev. W.L. Blanton 1s pastor. RZV. SOLOMON WATERFORD
sermons. The church has planned -
S UNION PROGRESSIVE>> BAPTIST came date there will be a Port-
I The church Is located at 613 Pippin. Sunday School begins at an Interesting series ofser- Valentine Tea at 4 p.m. The '1.Ib. Rer 1.00 JERGENS LOTION
ic. for
the and 7'
J 9.30: with Superintendent Lulu M. Robinson and teachers In ensuing spring West Jacksonville District Con- 8 601.
summer months.RE .
charge. The lesson topic will be reviewed by the pastor or his 4 ference held on February and box <
: appointee. At llam,the deacons will be In charge of devotions I was a success.Rev.A.R.RIch Tate Irral! Lutdoui J'IletTln.c.nam 67
t namely Deacons A.J. Robinson and Lonnle Brooks. The pastor ardson Is presiding elder. )' tiling milk cl1OI."Late
i t will deliver both major sermons.All choirs will serve along \ covering.
> with Usher Board No,1 Communion will administered Sunday i Master Masons Are
: February 25, at 3 p.m. The Deacons and Trusteed Boards wwi ""
i celebrate their anniversaries on night The pastor 1s Summoned
Monday For Meet =."
asking all to accompany him to Fountain Chapel'AME to give l___ a 1j r 'T. rL'
'< service Rev. Jake Ray, pastor; Mrs. Leomia Miller,reporter, H. Simmons District Deputy, :
I EMXNUEL BAPTIST \ is asking Master Masons to leaft.as acid drop 12 '...."".r. 9
On Tuesday the Teachers' meeting and the prayer meeting will meet at the Masonic Temple
1 be held at the usual hour with pastor and officers In chirp.On 410 Broad Street WorshipfulMasters PIERCED TYPES POCKET _KRIOS2t.rI "= i iG.
Wednesday Choir No. 2 rehearses at I p.m.. OnTfaursday are:W.L.Lowder,602;
noonday prayer is held at the church. Usher Board No.1 meets J. Hamilton, 379; J. Furman, ... mmlummtlrClOCKRADIO L
1 ate p.m. On Friday Choir No. 1 will rehearse.at 6 p.m. The 219; S.A. Bolden 251; Brother .
j' Cub Scouts will meet at 10:30 a.m. The Junior Choir will rehearse '- Day 377; W.J.Cooks,190;W.H. i! 1 5VJI"AM
> at 8 p.m. Sunday school begins at 9:30 with Superintendent Reed 1; C.A. Tillls 136; K. TOOTHPASTE
Mrs. Mamie Fields and Deacon Smith In charge. The Thomas and Brother Wilcox,
lesson topic will be reviewed by an appointee. Consecration 37; A. Edwards 65;E.Pearce Vmlmn t. 91

takes place at 10:45 a.m. The morning worship begins at U. 340; F.D. Jordan, Sr., 14; J.E. Tailored earring. IIoojx in... model with battery ear. 12.88 3.ri
a.m. with the deacons'In charge.Preaching begins at noon.The Rutledge 193; John Denson, sorted styles colon. Dainty plionevinyl carrying cue I.t.
City Wide Deaconess Union meets at 3 p.m. BTU meets at sJ, 166; E. Sawyer and Brother N. pub. button lillecharwlm.. Slim iwlnxen. AM/FM model with earphone. Feature Snnoz-Almii; and 6X oz. family size Fluoride
5 p.m. with Deacon James Phillips in charge.The evening worship Jones, 386. Grand Lodge and 14 kt gold battery carrying strip II." Slumber SwIUh. Printed cir or popular mint toothpaste for
begins at 6:30. Choir No.2 and the Male Chorus will sing Order Of Shriners other business will be discussed cult" 1'olystyrrne. 1U4S"". cleaner, brighter teeth.
Usher Board No. 2 will serve. Mrs.Mar ion Carter and Mathew .
McCoy will be in charge of music. .,
BETHLEHEM BAPTIST Meets February 22 Reddick For Bishop LISTED BELOW ARE
Sunday School begins at 930. The morning worship begins '
The Order of Shrlners will Club Plans ConfabThe
at 11 a.m. The Sunday School teachers will sponsor a special meet i iREG WOOLTORTIf S EVERYDAY
project In the dining room. BTU meets at 5 p.m. The evening at. > Thursday, February 29, Reddick For Bishop Clubof
service begins at 6 p.m. Usher Board No.3 and the Senior :Temple p.m.410,BroadS at the Masonic the Grant Memorial AME LOW PRICES
Choir serve throughout the day. Deacon and Mrs. Hollls Brun Church will be Friday night, "
son will be In charge of music. Rev. Earnest Williams 1s actIng Improtance will be discussed.. February 16 at 8 p.m., at the OUR'" ttt.\,. U UR
Potentate K. Thomas Is W at
pastor. District No.4 will have a special project Saturday, his home 948 Old Kings Road. church, 927 Clay Street. PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE
24. Mrs. Vivian Wilson is reporter. HEAD & SHOULDERS..1.10..73*
February Noble Thomas Williams, re RIGHT GUARD DBOD ., l.oo..57t
TABERNACLE School at BAPTISTSunday 9.30: a.m.Superintendent Bessie Solomon, porter; IN MEMORIAM: BAN ROLL ON DEOD II II II ., .1. 00. II II .67* HITE RAIN HAIR SPRAY..l.4Q..99t
'in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Mrs. H. M. Lawrence.At OLD SPICE AFTER SHAVE..I.5'.99*

11 a.m. Rev. W.E. Young will deliver the message. All adult Clellan Dixon who departedthis GILLETTE FOAMY . 98. .61* ADORN HAIR SPRAY ., .1.27
choirs.the Male Chorus and the Usher Board No. 3 will serve. New Bethel Lists life February 16, 1965. 1.45..99 HIDDEN MAGIC HAIR SPR/ ., .99
A sleep In Jesus Oh for GILLETTE SS RAZOR BLADE. *-
The Teachers' Meeting will be Wednesday night. at 645. The you MISS CLAIROL LOVING f .1.09
youth choirs rehearse Wednesday 530. May such a blissful refuge be TECXMATIC RAZOR. . .2.95. .1.97
J & J BABY POWDER. .8. .61* .
NEW REDEEM BAPTBT Events Holding Secvely- ,snail.your. -ache.be VITALIS . . .1,19..731 II "
Sunday school begins at 9.30 with the school charge of Deacon CONTACT TABLETS. .. 1.49..99t. TAMPAX. . .47..3/1.00

Fake DlIDiODandstaf.Re'.E.lNormanpastorwID review Interest Of Youth PHILLIPS MILK OF MAG. .79. 57* TAMPAX. . 1,99.! 1.47
the.lesson. The morning worship begins at 11a.m. with the dea JERGENS LOTION . 1.00..67*
GLEEId..95. )
,cons In chage of devotions. Choir No.2 and Usher Board No. 2 6\ oz CREST OR 67*
will serve all day with Mrs.Jacksonlncharged music New Bethel AME, Rev. Elijah R>i oz. COLGATE OR PEPSOnFKT. AI), "I", Q7t BAND AID PLASTIC STRIP 79..57t
has several
pastor out-
Districts No. 3, 5, 'I, and 6,will meet Sunday aft rD oa. Prayer standing features based
meeting will be Tuesday night, followed by Bible Study. "Children tithe Church Work on

Mrs. Jessie Ward is reporter.. For Christ" At 11 a.m., Rev

'Jones will deliver a special sermon .
KOZY KORNER ,to the American Legion, ASPIRIN II;( .
The baby contest will close r:24C8A II u. 37 [... i .
Sunday. The Sarah McGlnni : MMAT --4
State. & Broad 9th &. Myrtle Missionary Society will have a.
program at.4 p.m. Participants: 'N YI. LISTERINEANTISEPTIC ':r...
26th & Moncrief f 34th & Moncrief win bet Mrs. Malanie Jones, Aspirin-- Int :!:c '
Mrs. Beatrice Zelgler, Mrs ASPIRIN 4 .
Olivia Barrel, president Rev. '
BROMO OUINNINE )L' 11c I Jones will make observations.The AMC1&1.U1f ::= II'Clm MM w Jrw ,,_
men's day committee will And Wait the summons from Yaluo 1.18
Compo !f3
Cold Tablets sponsor an aifcir Saturday. on high ,.YallI fie

Men's day will be March 10.. Rest in Jesus .Mother. Your

4 WAY COLD TABLETS >9C: 66 Mrs. M.L. Cooper Is preparing; Daughters, Mrs. Josephine E. ._,
bulletin for the coming ;
a Williams and Mrs. Okel V. YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MORE
month. Welsh and family. ........ .......... WOOLWORTH'SSATURDAY

I .

.. .- .. . .. ... .. .'
: "- .-' .. .l .. .. J .. .. ..'J. ."" .'. .

on '

, + 1


Dahlia Garden Club Celebrates _


< : A2r
r. v

+ \ y'e

lt4 V.k .


:; : ; 4:;

', .
t' i !

I I'r

,, The twenty-eighth' anniversary of the Dahlia Garden Circle, club are shown In the above picture and are: Mmes. Cam Hayes, Gtusie Rocker, Mary Jane Jones, Helen L. Jackson, The Dahlia Garden Club's anniversary draws a larger nnmbei
Mrs. Queen B. Williams president, was celebrated recently at Singleton, Alexlna Johnson, Queen B. Williams, president;*. Willie Lee Tanner and Narcenia A. Mitchell. The other group each year. (Photo By A. Paul Crawford) I
the Garden Club Center, 344 West 17th Street. Members of the Georgia M. Bryant, Gertrude 1 Stafford, Gladys VaughtMaggle represents the.large number of guests who attended the affair. .
Dahlia Garden Circle Edward Waters Zion Daughters Jacksonville Leading Ladies Exchange Greetings Semi Civic Miss Stanton

Has CelebrationThe Plan Special Social Club

anniversary Choir BandIn Pa rent-Aiders Plans MeetThe High Chosen

of the Dahlia Garden Clrclle,
Mrs. Queen B. Williams, president Big MusicalThe Call MeetingThe Receive Semi Civic Social and For LuncheonBusy
was celebrated recently Daughters of Zion Court HelpThe Savings Club will meet February
, at the Center, 344 West 17th Edward Waters College No. 110 will have a call meetIng 19 at the home of Mrs. Bessie Miss Renee' King wu
, ,St. Choir and theConcert Band will Friday, February 16, In the Jacksonville Beach Ele Allen, 7219 Richardson Road. selected by the Home Economic
Participants were: Mrs.G.C. be presented In a recital Sunday home of Matron Flora Burrls, mentary -Junior High School c The Bible Verse begins with E. Department of New Stanton,d
, ,Vaught, Mrs.Emma Lou Adams, February 25, at St.Step. 750 West State St., at 7:30. celebrated"recently "Parent- This will be the last meeting for which Mrs. M.B. Mitchell Is
: Archie Pray, Mrs. Willie Tanner hen's AME Church. The Alumni Flora Burris Is Most Ancient Aid Day. Mr. T.W.Montgomery the old year, and for new mem- chairman, to attend a special
f Mrs. W11 beth Cbester Association tip school Is Matron. principal, and Faculty t bers to Join. The last meeting Fashion-Luncheon Saturday,
A.C. Jackson, Rev. Nathan1etRoberts the sponsor. sponsor Mrs. Jessie C.Tonie .' ,''' )lt' was In the home of Mrs.Minnie February 11, at the Robert
speaker, Mrs. Ally Proceeds from the effort will Golden Rod Club planned a program designed for \... t I Wright, 6319 Lobelllce. M r s. Myer Hotel under the sponsor
Faye Maxwell, Amos Ealey,' be presented to the College at enabling parents, housewives, : Elnora Small is president. ship of the local Purcell Stores.
i Mrs. Rosetta Washington, Mrs. the Founder's Day onservance Plans Meet mothers and guardians to come She along with other nigh scnou
Ivory Smith, Mrs. Lurley WU- o* March 20 and 21. The church Tuesday out and aid in grades one through \ ) Cornelia Ladies representatives from the Duval
llama Mrs. Fannie Williams, Is located at Fifth and Davis. The Golden Rod club will have six.Each 1 County Public Schools,attended
Mrs. Venus Brown, Mrs.Hattie Rev. JJS Johnson is pastor.Mrs. Its meetng Tuesday nightFeb- parent or guardian has t,4,
dames, Mrs. Beulah Coving Louise Genwright Is presidentof ruary 20, at 8 p.m. Mrs. La- been encouraged to spend one Will Be GuestsOf
the Jacksonville Alumni, venla Soulre will be the hostess day with her child's class Jle- Mrs. Robert H. Humphrey, wife of Vice President Hubert H.
, Mrs. G.C.Vaught was program Mrs. Jennie C.Crockett U at her home,. 1824 West ponses were encouraging. Humphrey of the United States,receives warm Invitation from
( Chairman. chairman of publicity,. 24th. Mrs. Kenneth David Kaunda, wife of the President of Zambia, Mrs. LeeThe
, for tea at her home In Zambia. Mrs. Humphrey accompanied
Ladles Club will
the vice president on his recent nine-nation tour of the African
I meet with Mrs. Estella Lee,
( t' "YOUR DOLLAR continent Department of State Photo.: 4857 Moncrlef, on February.

I' BUYS MORE Helping Hand Raines High co-hostess.Mrs. Pearl The Jefferson meeting wlU opensat be

Jlfler 8 p.m. Members are expected
, Foods AT YOUR BANKER Club Meets In PTA Presents to be present and to pay
tax. Arrangements will be made
\\ FOOD : Leader's Home for the annual affair at the El- Y
STORE Musical Tea dorado Club on February 24. th. to 1.scui"'wlth
affair In order
The Helping Hand Social and, Mrs. A.M. Harttog is president -
QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD Saving Club will meet Saturday, The Parent-Teacher Association fashion authorities currentand
RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH SATURDAY February 17, at I p.m. in the of William Raines High future trends In female
home of the president, M>s.- School will present a Musical Sacred HeartCourt's fashions.
Prior to the discussion, Mrs.
I Viola Washington, 1932 McLeon Tea on Sunday afternoon February
Road. at 3:30 T. Altsheler made Informal
the eighteenth,
HERSHEY'S'I Mrs. Lois Butler's birthdayand o'clock at the school. Some of Tea talks to the eager high school
I Miss Floretta Thomas's lasses and brought them up-to-
the city's most outstanding
5 LB. .<: birthday will be celebrated musicians will appear 'on the To Be At YW date as to fashions all over tile
SUGAR UNIT ONE PEASE WITH Mrs. Viola Washington president program.All world and especiaU in the United
Mrs. Lucretla Brunsoo PTA groups Interested Scared Heart Court No. 52 States. Each of the student
$5.00 MORE FOOD ORDER Is recording secretary. persons of the city are invited to will hold the annual tea Sun representatives! 'had: an opportunity
attend and share fellowship. day, February 18, at the Lewis to express their vein
Baptist Ministers Branch of the YWCA on Sun- and ask pertinent questions concerning
i Long BranchersWill day, February 18. Mrs. Julia general and specific
CHASE & SANBORN Wives Plan Gilmore is Most Ancient Ma- areas relating to different
Meet iron phases of women's apparel Including
Be Guests the current bouge among

f COFFEE 1 For February 19 Rosebud Garden teen Each age student groups.present receiveda

::001: OC.AoNn48C The Baptist Ministers Wives Of Mrs.Callahan 1 Circle Will Be lovely sample of Estee
i Alliance held their first meeting The Long Branch Home Makers Lauder products.After returnIng -
LIMIT ONE .PLEASE WITH $5.00 OR MORE of the year in the home of Club will hold the monthly February Brooks' GuestTHE to the New Stanton Campus,
Rev. and Mrs R.'". Jones,1982 21 at 12 noon, In the home yours truly began answering
College Circle South. Mrs. of Mrs. Luberta Callahan 1438 Rosbud Garden Circle quesUons for Principal Brooks,
Jones served a luncheon.The 'West 12th, with Mrs. Hazel will meet with Mrs. Ora Mae other members of the staff and
JI Wives meet again on February Waters as co-hostess. Mrs. D. Brooks., 3503 West 25th,Wednesda faculty and many of her class
19 at 5:30 p.m., in the B.Barnes Is president.Pe- February 21, at 730. and school mates. She .Is,
home of Rev. and Mrs. W.B. cola Foster is chair man of pub This is: the first meeting of scheduled to share her experiences
CHEER LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH "IIir 5 9< Murray, 416 East 27th Street. licity. they year.The meetingwas ear by way of an Informal
$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER liar planned for the home
fi i Mrs. B. W. Williams is pre of lecture during future scheduled -
sident. Good Hope Charity f Mrs. Aurey Mlcklns. assembly program in order
for !
01 tow otpe young
Sepia Ladies Faith Temple Tea ladles attending her 100 year
Club Meets SundayThe old Alma Mater In the school
Will Be MusicalFaith auditorium
according to Miss
Have Meeting Good Hope Charity Club Temple, 1635 East 21st, 4E Solomon, dean of girls
SHORTENING 49 will meet Sunday, February 18 will be the scene of a Musical and Principal Charles D.
ir c The Sepia Ladles Social Club in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tea Sunday, February 18, at Brooks, both of whom are always -
3 LQ. will meet Saturday at 7:30 with 'Willie Tucker 2711 Wilcox 4 p.m. Mrs. Mary Christopherwill on the alert to assist the
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arnold St., at 5:30. H, Franklin is pre be the speaker.Elder Amos student at the school In the area'
-1366-West--30th.- sident. Darting Is pastor. of self and group Improvement.



: .. .
, CHUCK ROAST L'. 49* + ...-..
LEAF 25 Ole : %


I PORK ..... .

} '"

:. SWIFTS PREMIUM 5 TO 1 IBS J a. : ,;' *
FIELD PEAS 303 : ?r Ai-..., /r' ;-
.'W _




1 r .4'

1'j'j 1

r"1'J-... '''/: ;: _-- ". -...... .... ... .. .. ,. -.. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... ..- -.. .._''''... .. ,.'-"''', -.--- .;_.. "" \,.... ,'. ..... -- .'-_.. _... :: ::.::_:: -"':" ':' '_ '- .J.,



liere's the "how" for creative' cookery 1 'f\t 'l vt4vvv.r'' ,

"""* F
Food for the Soul/
-- Hold ThatHalrdol Ready For The Big Prize'i

-- ----- -
r-- ; e' i 1I TO MEAL PLANNING

Droopy, hard to manage hair :: : I 4..dA AA.AA A" a "
can be one of the most frus- I Ui
trating beauty problems. You ;
shampoo It, set It,brush It Into
'your favorite style, then It fm-'
mediately collapses. What a 1
dispirited hairdo needs Adorn ,
the self styling hair spray with wrewer ru "tfW

extra holding power specially ; d' cooking NOSALItA
f b formulated for hard to control
4tq. There are all sorts of tricks rants '" ASSISTANT IS
you can rescue a droopy hair 1 4' A
do Transform lank locks into a
happy flip by first spraying lavishly -
then with a comp.whlp
up the ends with short, choppy Serve vegetables with pizznz.Green.beans and carrots
1 1F strokes. Or, glamorize longish make a tasty treat in Vegetables with Bacon Sauce,
hair from adown-do Into and up' a new Idea from the Carnation Company You can
do by spraying first, then back be sure the bacon sauce will be lump-free because it
combing gently to make a puffy is made with evaporated milk.Evaporated milk makes
pillow.Smooth over this cushion smooth sauces every time. Try it soon
11 wr w with top hair and scoop up the J
hair In back Into soft loopy curls
; Hole the tall atomizer can
: :;:; _
about seven Inches} from yourbead
Good old eoul food Is getting to be aa popular nowadaysas as you spray..The fine mist
pizza pie. Originating In the South, many of the tasty leaves your hair soft, mildly
soul food dishes are made with evaporated milk. The, gragrant and completely free
recipe featured here for Hominy Grits Souffle calls for from dullness and flakiness
eggs, seasonings I and a large can of Carnation evaporatedmilk.
The same evaporatmilk can be used in moat of
your cooklng--maln dishes, soup, salads, desserts. It D
makes moat loaves juicier and soups and sauces creamier
And It whips )Just like cream for use In whipped salads or Betty Washington spends a lot of time reading boots- textbooks and cookbooks and in pan
chiffon desserts. off for the Akron, Ohio, housewife.
HOMINY GRITS SOUFFLE Highway Slaughter Mrs. Washington mother of four and a sophomore at the University of Akron, Is one of the
(Makes 6 to 8 servings) NEW YORK-Traffic arrl- 100 finalists The Plllsbury Company's annual Bake-Off.She'll compete In DaUu/Texu
K cup hominy grits M cup softened butter dents in the United State killed Feb. 19 for almost $50.00 worth of cash prizes.
I cup leaspoon water nil 4 5111 room,temperature aeparated ()ttIVi 53.000 pcnnn and injured 4- Although she's excited about the trip to Texas, travel Is no novelty to Mrs. Washington
1% cups (large can) 400,000 in 1966 the Insurance Two years after she married her 36-year old husband, Wesley, the Washington and their infant -
undiluted vclvetitedevaporated Information Institute report. daughter traveled through England, France and Italy on their way to India. Photo Courtesy
milk PUlsboro company.

Mix together grits and salt In top of double boiler. Gradually -- --- ---
stir In water, then evaporated milk. Cook coveredover VEGETABLES WITH BACON SAUCE
boiling'Water, stirring occasionally30 minutes. Remove
from heat; blend In butter until melted. Slightly .beat Recipes!' (Makes 4 to servings)
t'M yolks; gradually stir grit mixture Into egg yolks. Cool 2 cup(1-pound can) 2 tablespoon flour
crd"m :::''r.g'l\' \ turn until Into stiff ungrcaaed but not dry.1% quart Fold cut green been Vi teaspoon tilt
I souffle dish. Bake In 350 (moderate) oven 45 minutes or BACHELOR* BAKE CORNY ISLANDSFor 2 cup(l.poumdcan) V4 teaspoon pepper
I until knife Inserted In center comes out clean. Serve hot 1 cup Pillsbury" Brat All Purpose Flour a tasty variation of this frosting mix cookie substitute sliced carrot 2 teaspoon parsley flake*
with melted butter, If desired. 1 cap Pillsbury Hungry Jack Manned Potato Stakes semi'sweet chocolate piece for the butterscotch piece' called 1 sliced onion V4 cup reserved vegetable
cashews for the Spanish peanut 8 alias llleon
)yt teaspoon Mill liquid
yt cup butter 1 package Pillsbury Fluffy White Frosting MIl 1 tablespoon reserved 1 cup undiluted Carnation
RECIPEI! 1(12-.rise) can luncheon meet thinly sliced y teaspoon maple extract bacon fit Evaporated Milk
diced yt cup PUUbury1 Best All Purpose Flour
yt cup finely celery
Drain Combine and
vegetable %
save cup vegetable
IRtlTItSTIYALCAKE: : : Btsqulck and sugar; add 1 cup (S-euncc tin) pasteurised Nrufchatel cheese 1 teanpoon baking powder .
liquid.Parboil onion slices to 3 minutes.Drain.Cut bacon
I caramel
shortening eRg and 14 cup of spread with onion cups corn
I cup nioqukk butterscotch into small pieces. Fry until crisp. Remove bacon. Pour off
the milk. Beat vigorously lit 1 (IS J4-ounce)can barbecue sauce with beef cup piece
1 cup plan I tablespoons minute Gradually add the resugar 1 nckc* PUUbury Chicken Gravy Mir yt cup salted Spanish peanuts an but 1 tablespoon fat Stir In flour, salt, pepper and
mining milk and the vanilla. Oven S2g Yield MGrease parsley.Gradually stir In H cup reserved vegetable liquid
54 cop shortening pan Beat 30 seconds. Pour Into prepared Oven ISO 6 servings : and undiluted Carnation Evaporated Milk. Cook over
butter) pan. Bsk 40 to 4) minutes. Combine Hour potato flake and aalt In mixing\ bowL Cut in and flour cookie sheet.Prepare frosting mix a*directedon medium heat
I m Cut Into square Top butter until mixture resembles coarse crumb Sprinkle half of package adding maple extract along with water. Fold In flour until thickened stirring constantly Stir In
< milk with Fruit Topping\ ; garnish crumb mixture In bottom of Inch square baking dish.Top with 'and baking\ powder.Combine remaining\ \Ingredlanta In large mixIng half of the bacon pieces. Combine beans, carrots and
I. cap with whipped cream. 9 meat slices. then celery, cheese a pre a d and barbecue aauce. \ bowl. Add frosting mixture mixing\ well. Drop by tablespoon onions.Place half In buttered 1K quart casserole Pour half
teaspoons vanilla. Nerving Sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture. Bake at ISO for 90 to full onto cookie sheet Bake at S3S for 20 to 25 minute Cool 'of the sauce over vegetables. Top with remaining vegetables
Fruit Tapping below) 25 minute unUl golden brown. Serve Immediately with gravy, slight; remove from cookie sheets ,
Fruit Topping: Mix 1 can <84; directed e For uce.with PUlsbury.Best Self Rising Flour, omit baking and remaining sauce. Sprinkle with bacon pieces. i
Whipped prepared a* package.
uunces) crushed pineapple, t s For use with PiIlabn on,'. Best Self Rising\ Flour,omit salt? _. .I,, v. Bake in moderate oven (350 P.)20 to 25,minutes. .
) Heat oven to SSO". Grease and cup finely cranberry chopped sauce unpared and I cup red VarlaUont % cup finely Chopped jgreep\.,pepper rn*f,be,/dd d>;tUJ| Winning recipe by Mn Dart/I Emit. Santa Barbara. calif' craM 'C-1T1A.. Printed In UJUL (28)) : _':
flour a square pan 9MT. Mix of Adopt kg Ann Pillsbury I IED'GEWO'OD





9 A40 TO 7 P.M.


I i tflADafW


: M FOOD <

\ The store thatcares'aboutyou L. 45C DIXIE CRYSTALS




C >... ST





: 49d :- .. "




APPLE PIES '3 "us"P : $1 1 : u 6c PKG.3s ,



'I MILK v' : : 39CL ,
: 3 LB. CAN 49t 10 LB. BAG 25. ,

RussEt BAliNG .




\ l

'- --. '. .. .'_ .._ .. .. .. ..._ .- ..' '" .,. .JW''U. "'.-.JSATURDAY -.' ". --- --, .

: ; :. .. '. '.. ;. :. .'".... ::.-. '.. .. :... .. ;. ;,. .. .. .. .. :.. .. .. 10 .. .. .. :. .. \ .. .. .. .. \ .... .. .. .. .. :. '. . .
. .


-- .....- T ......... .. -. ......,.,. -. r- = --' .... V ..I"7

Displays, Shows, Varied Commissioner r Publishers Meet Nassau Premiers The Collie Surfeit Speiks

I Amusements Feature t MiamiMIAMI I
BEACH, FLA.- Sorry, but that misused adjective ; r ,
"colossal" Is the only one that fits the coming weeks In this :1'
subtropical: coat's wondrous season. B'Nai Birth the summer only months away, ominous warnings are"
et more "race riots.
:already being sounded on Impossibility
Loot at the calendar for proofth brlty round. A national audience
Athall'e the firstl Mounting friction between whites and Negroes is said to be
orchid show, the Flamingo can watch the final two Mrs Range, '
and to be elected 'paving the way for more interracial conflict this summer.
television.The only Negro
the Doral Open blue water days of play via J
But in view the term "race riots" does not accurately
Grapefruit Lea- Baltimore Orioles open city commissioner In Miami, s my ,
sailing races, eihiblta- received another honor recently -' a ,describe the outbreaks, for the central ingredient of fighting
their training
baseball top spring
gue concerts is absent. Nor Is interracial
between whites and
when she cited the Negroes
was by
Miami sta-
stars In the night clubs, Holiday lion scheduled in
on Ice and basketbalL Add dium March 10 against the New Anti-Defamation L e a g u e of 'hostility a key element in the disturbances.
and York Yankees Other "home" B'nalB'rlth for improving the Throughout American history, race riots have typically Involved
ballet greyhound racing attacks residents whites and white residents!
by Negro on
climate of Inter-group rela-
Jal alai and all the fishing games are; March 12, Oakland
Almost the latter situation has prevailed.Such .
'tlons., on Negroes. always,
March 15-
and sightseeing vacation days March 13, Atlanta;
16, Los Angeles Dodgers;March The award carries a $1,000 riots were frequent in the early years of this century. A
permit. riot In DL In which white residents ..claus1y.-1
First of the big special eventsis 17Clnclnnati; March 22, Yankees grant for research human relations Springfield, ,
the South Florida Orchid ; March 23,Detroit March and was presented by saulted black citizens,triggered indignant reaction which spark
Leonard L. Abes chairman ed the establishment of the NAACP in 1909.A .
International March 2f
show a display drawing 24, New York Mets;
of the National1Bank race riot in Chicago a decade later was characterized by
entries u well as the Chicago White Sox; March 28, the board City
finest plants produced by grow- Washington; March 29 Boston; of Miaml, t a luncheon Negro and white Incursions into each other's "territory."
ers in this country. The dates March 30-21, Pittsburgh; April held at the DuPont Plaza Hotel' WhItes' refusal to let Negroes use "their" public beach start-,
are Feb. 2J-26 the place Bay- 2, Washington. Mrs. Range thanking the group ed the fracas, which was not so much Negroes vs. the police
front auditorium. Southern Ocean Racing Conference for the honor bestowed upm her; u black vs. white residents.
Hlaleab will run the Flamingo sailing events includethe said, "1 hope that one day there Today* "race riots" are different in that the battle Is notlietpeen

March 2, posting a $100,000 Lipton Cop off Miami Beach would be no need for the races but against the police or National Guard.
It was the same story last summer in riot-torn city after
three Miaml-Bas- League.
purse for eligible year March 2 and the cI
I olds. Prior to the Kenturck sau race March 4. She was cited for her "stead. city: Fighting between white and Negro residents was a negligible

I Derby pointer the track will On the Miami Beach aultorium fast efforts for furthering human ICASS : BAHAMAS. National Newspaper Publishers Association met recently the, aspect of the outbreasks. This is "racial rioting"?
It is to the extent that"racial"Is a euphemism for "
i stage its 175,000 Turf Cub Feb. concert stage. The Greater relations. Mr. Abets Bahamas and had headquarters at the Nassau Beach Hotel They were honored by the pretence "Negro.
2 and its $50,000 Black Helen Miami Philharmonic will be said, "The award to for some of the Honorable Lyndeo O. Plndllng, Premeler of the Bahama They were also entertained But the fighting does not reflect the Interracial conflict: that

Feb. Culfstream will launch beard Feb. 25 with Tossy Spl- person or. persons who would not at dinner by the Gulf Oil Company In the above picture are, from left; Daniel Kean of we suppose It does.
Its meeting when Hialeah dos vakovsky vloUnlest u guest otherwise know of the brother PlttsUrgh, Gulf representative Premier Plndllng Paul,McCann, Gulf manager for the Bahamas The typical Incident that sets off a riot these days is a conflict
ses Flamingo day. star, and March 13 with Eileen hood of man or the generosity'of and John Murphy ffl of Baltimore, Association President. -Bahamas New Photo by with police. A citizen objects to being arrested, and area residents -
in his defense.
The Doral Open l.Iarch10, Farrell soprano, in the guest God Frederic Maura. gather
with $100,000 in prlzes.moves role. The Miami Beach Symphony The luncheon was attended by, The outbreak which is set Into motion by the dispute with
coif traveling capital here' will perform March 10 a large number of civic leaders police is promptly labeled a "race riot."

for the week. The regular 72- and feature Emanuel Axplanlst and other citizens, which Vice President Humphrey Asks Shades of Springfield (m.) and Chicago, and even the "draft

hole tourney will be preceded' Ballet Is scheduled March 9 Included Metro. Mayor ChucksntUnlHenryaKfng riots" during the Civil War, when whites mol; !d Negro New
the Jackie Qeisonpro-cele Pre Miami Yorkers, killing scores of them.
by and 16.
.. Stanford, Negro History Week Seriousness; But, again, are today's outbreaks "racial rioting'I consider:
Rabbi Irvin Lehrman the different from interracial friction and I
+ Temple phenomenon what
I[ ifAUTO- _e; P-crnmmas;; : i tlt Iris' Emanu-El, who gave the invocation Following is the text of a statement by VIce-Presldent! Hubert say la no way lets the white man off the hook.
and CongressmanDante H. Humphrey for Negro History Week February 11 to 17. MewsMIAMI The problem Is one of social disorganization family weakness
INSURANCE SERVICE 15% DO W"5HELL" The heritage of the past makes possible a marching song for
I FasceU who wu the and a sense of being powerless and worthless.
the future. The heritage of the American Negro to mixed of
CITY (...AAar1, guest speaker Black people are especially troubled by these afflictions-resulting
tragedy! and triumph. It to of slavery and liberation, of "back-
NW. 711I AVE. S s.lIIn. from what the white man's slavery and segregation have
In-tbe-bus" and of tokenism painful Incb-by-lnch struggleand BEACH
FLAT Offshore
il raas > _:JlIU..UI'Your'professlonal : James Brown 'done to them.
achievements of cruel
suffering rejection races for small
courageous powerboats -
There UI of without
wronged being
prevadlng feeling being
and cub-ctiAdard condition et Uvlnr.._ and yet of moving. name here have for years been
---- -- ---
overcoming .inin L building used u trials for able to pinpoint one's exploiters.
new and
Buys $75,000 There U a sense of being poor and unable, in a world where
beautician The history of the American only now are beginning to emerge engine designs. Inside waters ability and wealth are the necessary tokens of virility.

knows the answer... Radio Station Negro. to of leaders hurdled to proper recognition. provide! vast areas for pleasure Even wom.tbere Is a sense of being deprived of the institutional
/ every obstacle to champion the Let us acknowledge all those cruising under either call *, emotional, and Intellectual controls needed for social

Singer-muslcIan James Brown' downtrodden and a followerswho gallant souls, known or unknown or power. and economic advancement a time when the Negro beginning

Can hair be damaged to probably the first Negro.entertainer often suffered for their who made possible Negro advances 'MIAMI BEACH. FLA.- At. his "stride toward freedom."
your It
to purchase a radio to a history of In public affairs In though an occasional flamingo The result to a lashing out-not so much against whites-4xit>>
station. memorable words and of deeds medicine and the other sciences to sighted In the Everglade against the "system," which has somehow conspired to keep
from brushing alone? of muscle and of mind and heart* to the arts In education .
The dynamic performer reported west of Miami Beach, they are the Negro In his place.
to have purchased radio Negro History week ,19&8, In sports, In business In labor -' believed to be escappes from But what, or where, U this "system"? U it a white man one

All hair becomes damaged from exposure to sun and natural station WJBE In KnoxvUle, should be a re-dedication.time of special To Interracial the and In counfiessi other flocks bred In captivity. Great might happen to bump into. on the street or the president of the

elements. Certain greasy compounds and many chemicals Im Tenn., for 75000. The LOOO Frederick elevating numbers of the framatlc pink local chamber oc commerce: ?
properly used also take their toll..not to mention simple attempts watt station has a rhythm and magnificent gratitude to owed Douglass In their brother and birds once roamed South Florida Not likely, for these people do not smack of the "authority"

at beautifying the hair with any brush not made of blues format.Insurance both the now American andforevermoreby sister Negro equality, the but disappeared many and "power," whose lack is keenly felt by would-be rioters.So .
helped elevate this nation, u the police-not surprisingly -becomes the targets of the
natural bristles. The results are brittleness breakage dry and and the ago.MIAMI
Negro American
Company Taxes whole.In "
dull looking hair. crowd's fury. And this U called a "race riot.
NEW YORK-Iniurince White. striving to make real the BEACH FUL-One of These institutional and psychological dynamcto of rioting are
Your professional beautician knows how artificial bristles .
actually brush away a great deal of the "lubricants" of the hair companies In the United Sum those But we are Indebted, too, to unfulfUed promises of the De: the rarer fruit trees In Miami overlooked by people who see the outbreaks either u so much
obscure Individuals
that give It body, lustre and protection. And trained beauticians paid nearly $812 million In relatively whose honored placeIn claratloo of: Independence and Beach gardens to the Eugenia "lawlessness" or u so much expression of Interracial ani
premium taxes to 50 states in the U.s.C oosUUon.both white dombeyl, and Introduction from mosity.As .
claim that nothing beats Clairol condition Beauty Pack Treatment
I 1966 according the Insurance history wu so long forgotten and Negro leaders helped make Brazil. The tree to a small evil u the white nun's exploitation oIth. Necro"1aborIIu
-for brittleness and .
overcoming breakage.
dryness and
Information or suppressed and who America keep faith with Its own his assault
Intlliulf clusters the black
evergreen bearing been on man's family life, community
leaving hair lively and easy to manage condition Is an easy-to-,
conscience. small, delicately flavored fruit Institutions, and self-regard have been even more heinous.
work-with which be chemical
creme can even applied during a
(In Negro History Week our from March to August And the Negro's resultant sense of powerlessness, producing
straightening retouch to prevent drying of hair that has been yNOiee ox ,..... rNONe OX I-OI I .
Negro fellow citizens stand
especially conflict with
badge-wearing authority figures, stands u living
previously relaxed. condition Is the ultimate In repairing deep. "A LlVIM. ....VI.. Po.. TH' Llvl_" tall-with nighttulprlde! testimony to. the white man's shame.
down damage. And, when time Is a factor for their customers, with honor, with dignity. But

hairdressers turn to new Clairol Hair Dew*-the lotion conditioner RANGE: FUNERAL HOME that to the way it should be,
that penetrates so fast many think of It as an Instant It must be52 weeks a vear. Alpha! Sweetheart Displays i I Valentine I
717 N. W. 17TM AVBNUBH. _. .
conditioner. When applied regularly by your beautician, Clairol Let there be no second-class I I .
Hair Dew adds body, softens and gives a glowing new look to ATMAUB RANOI N. P T"IC"- place to censored hlstory.Let-
hair that friends will notice and admire. '-'" ew. MANASu
your many the truth be known. Let therebe
""'....... OlHtCTHIMAnnouncing pu..s.Ai .....0.-
Damage can come from using brushes with artificial bristles. Justice In respect of the past

But damage to every woman's hair comes from so many other Just u we seek Justice for the ,
causes that all human hair (including wigs) needs to be revitalized present and future.

periodically. Visit your professional beautician and ask The 6md Opening Of Let every child of evey race
this expert to check the condition of your hair. and every ancestry learn the

Only your professional beautician knows the answer for sure. fiatl; facts about what the Negro has

C CUIrol Inc.1961 Courtesy Clairol Inc TM Jus, given out land and suffered for

4 this land. Let us draw deeply
Wigs Wrgkls WIG IfAHION
from the pass, so that we may
enrich the future and builds

Switches .. Mont better day of for Frederick all. Let Douglass the inspiration

691-7661 and of Abraham \,tncoln spurus .
Down M.25 Pit W..k on to bring into reality the .r t
worthiest Ideals of freedoms.
4.4 M

lilki I.T. Cut "Skinny Leg" C
Stirs 1i
} lipirtiut _
A 9 E. Rutty'

x ; BMi.ni.KiPint Walks Joe Tex

+ ftiihiakc

I To 1,000,000 4


be'. had several top selling
'sSIMpIa disc In the past three years, Brenday Ktocey. Sweetheart ottnenetiaie I fuii College Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha/Ine.

rhythm and blues singer Joe display what to perhaps the largest Valentine received on campus. The fraternity sweetheart

Tex finally reached the mU- to s sociology major from Ocala (Florida). An honor student, Brenday work as a D assistant
Center 'lion sales mark a month ago In the Office of Scholarships and Loans. .

o ni4ta( Cr arc It was disclosed here last week. The heart:shaped flowers Is a gift from members of the fraternity. Martin Gross Photo.
Gifted with a gold record to
recognition of his Dall recordhit

ti bow of f 6utwtMird call. a "passing, "Skinny the 999,999 Legs and sales All, Negro Motif In Music ,Is On Downgrade- I

2994 N.W. 46th St. mark, Tex was allsmlles at CHICAGO-. The Negro motif gitimate music u'a. Negro Lady," "Cantata," and Over
Atlantic record executive vice \h music has run Its course, composer" ture.

president Jerry Wexler did the says Ulyssess Kay, who denies By "Negro COIII OAr" Kay
honors at his firm's annual distributor being a "Negro" composer.' said he meant an artist whose Julia Perry, Howard Swanson
GrQceriesttiifsVegefiblesKH sales convention. If* not a matter of quality. material usually deals with the and he are considered the tel

A national rock and roll favorite It's just a fact that there to so Negro his past, and potent three Negro composers

with teenagers who've much you can do with the folk Not until five year ago or so
'tf' made his name box office magnet motlff If s Just a fact that did I ever think of myself asa Surety Bond
I "Wh.,. service begins and never, encl*" Texas-born Joe Tex has .there to so much you can do with Negro, said Kay, who adds; NEW YORK-Backstopping

I VINE TO .CO been hailed as the successorto the folk motif There are harmonic "Being Negro bad nothing to the building of almoit all public
/; rt. locations. to. serve, you, : the late Otis Redding u the limitations," said Kay, do with my music." works and commercial conitruc.

t Mr. Big among the T6B crooners a year-old native of Tuscan The composer' work Include'. lion are surety bond In J966

}j:" Ij Mioai Ope-Ucko fcVrrint. His current fastrisingDial ,Ariz. "Stephen Crane Set,*'for chamter jay* the Insurance Information
> \ Free Oilimy Pliu 134-9156 i hit to "Men Are Getting "I tfaingk It Is less and let choir and email instrumeivtal Institute, written premiums for

._ Scarce.: likely that there will be such ensemble, along with a onerapt -- surely bond reached a record
a thing to this country In le. opera, "The Juggler of Our: high of {310 million.


', ,, j

-- -



*.* * '.\*

I * South Carolina State College Campus Torn By Rioting : :; ; ; :; : ;:;:: JI j

Army CWO Wife Receive Papal Awards National Guards Called In


By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL : And Form Rifle-Armed Front ;

: ORANGEBURG, S.C/.-The 'campus of South Caolina State '

College at Orange burg was riot-torn, tempers were tense ;
STRUCK DOWN ;and explosions were expected momentarily as a result of the !
iIII1III. killing of one Negro and the wounding of some fifty others la a a

LANSING, Mich. -A state court has struck down a board of ..... major outbreak of gunfire last Thursday. j
education plan to-bus black students to achieve school Integra The violence stemmed from
Hon. A panel of three state circuit court Judges said the'board's grievances presented student "students set fire to the school :

order specifying that Negroes be bused from one school to two'others 4 : leaders to the City Council, campus grass. The fully came
would be "discrimination after 'at the close of the fourth day
In reverse. The decision The shooting happened
w y
could be appealed to the state supreme court and ultimately, to 6 a "_ of demonstrating In this city of
federal courts,where the Chief Warrant 15,000,40 miles oath of Col
be decided. constitutionality of school busing might : :; umbia.

\ Y According to a reporter, Negroes

MIXED REACTION AL Officer Given began firing at about 50
officers on United States Route

BROOKLYN-An attack on a white Junior high school prlg- Ecciesia Medal 601, which asses the campus.
clpal and two teachers by three men wearing Black Muslim The officers' returned the fire

symbols has drawn a mixed reaction In the Negro community. WASHINGTON, D. C<--Chief and charged. Two Negroes fell.
The Brooklyn NAACP branch fL At least one officer was bit
said It could not Justify "violence Warrant Officer Oscar Gram-
that causes teachers to be assaulted." The African-American 'mer and his wife,Mabel,awards This happened along with the
Teachers association, however, blamed the beatings on the from Pope Paul VI for their service rolling In of the National Guard
school system for permitting "chaotic school conditions In Negro to others In an Impressive soldiers armed with and
neighborhoods. The principal,JohnR.O'Connor of JK5117 ceremony In Arlington Hall Station machine guns. Two Negroeswere
was attacked after veins accused of keeping students waiting Va.Surrounded. taken Into custody.
Student leaders and their followers
outside In -freezlng'weathef.t by press and tele-

Chief Warrant (?DermSCaitrf2.merri? shown receiving Chaplains, at an" Impressive ceremony at Arlington: I Hall Stascrammer vision cameras, flanked by gen- later staged a ''Pnyermeeting"
in ball
IMPROVEMENTS DUE the Pro Ecciesla ChaplalnMajor:: Gen- ton: Virginia, looks *, U.S. Amy raoto- erals, and accompanied by a, a .park on thecampus
eral Frank I., Sampson of the United States Army Cbief d large number of posterity

MAYWOOD, Di-Proviso East High School, where student Grammer and Mrs. Grammer
disorders broke out last year, is due for some racial Improvements : were "very happy." Delta Regional
Schools Supt Norman Green Is said to be "seriously New Morehouse King Staff Member Plans Toy Roy Wilkins Chaplain Francis L. Sampson,

considering" proposlas made by 60 Proviso teachers that a Major General in.the United Conferences To
housing be found for Negro teachers and that some black President To States Army and Chief of

pupils be transferred to an affiliate school, all-white Proviso Refuse Induction Into Army Likened To 'Chaplains, presided,, andplnned
Consider Youth
West in Hillside. the Pro Ecciesia et Pontlfica
Be Inaugurated ATLANTA'C, : medal on Crammer and the Ben,
STUDENT DEMANDS -A staff number u' toe Southern Chrli'Un WASHINGTONNPQt'Yo"etb(
NE YORKHundreds of eight grade pupils picketed a Bed- Leadership Conference ((SCLC),a conscientious objector to war, Abraham Lincoln emerentl medal on Mrs.Cram and Its Potential" will be the.
ford-Stuyvesant Junior school In demands for more freedom, Dr. Hugh M. Gloster, assumed plans to refuse Induction Into the Army In Atlanta on February mer. theme of seven regional confer
duties as the seventh SPRINGFIELD, ILL. Roy The Pro Ecciesia Medal Is a
12. ences to be convened by Delta
better lunches and more dances. The students, who stormed violent philosophy and conductof
of Morehouse College NAACP ezdcutlve director -
president catholic award for laymen
through the building, objected to a white woman.Mlss MaryA. on July L 1967 will be Inaugurated At 7:00: Monday morning, UncoIn' SCLC. Because of his experience has been honored as"A who have aided and promotedways Sigma Theta Sorority between
McCassey who Is principal of the 95 per cent Negro and in Arch- Hall at birthday, Thomas .E. and moral commitment, distinguished American whose and means to a better April and June
Rican school Fighting broke out during the dlstur- Houck will as ordered to Jr. The southern region will meet
Puterto 3 p.m. on February 17, accord- report Dr. Martin Luther King, life, principals, and dedicationbest society. The Grammers have
'banced.) a false alarm was turned In, and classes were disrupted Ing to an announcement by Dr. the U.S. Army Induction Center, SCLC President, and others embody th character and been diligent In their activities April IMS la Memphis;
for a-day until police could resore order. Wendell P. Wnalum.Cbairmanof '699 Ponce de Leon Ave., NJE..Atlanta. proposed to the Selective Service personalityThe of Abraham Lincoln. since about 1951, helplngchlld* eastern, April' 11-21, Pittsburgh -
and He Intends to refuse induction System that Mr. Houck ; midwest, April 18-21,
the Department .
ren from orphanages and young
KB SECOND "FU ST" of the Inaugural Committee.Dr. because be opposes all could best serve the nation as award came from the adults. Grammer is a veteran of Detroit New ; southwest, June 2-5,
Orleans South AtlantIc
NASHVILLE-. John M. Mallette, research scientist at Dean war. Military officials have a conscientious objector In ; ,
who Lincoln Academy
Gloster; was board of regents, 28 of service. Fire child*
years June 8-' Columbia ;
Tennessee State university has become the first Negro electedto of Faculty at Hampton Institute turned down his request for alternative peaceful alternative service for of Illinois, which votedto ren are In the army.One da ugh- S.C. cen
tral June IA f3
the Tennessee State university, has become the first Negro 30 1967 is the peaceful service as a' people, Instead of violent military Denver) and
until June bestow Its annual Regents ter Is In the Air Force. The..
fcr west June 21-JO Seattle
elected to the Tennessee Academy of Science. But being first Morehouse alumnus to conscientious objector.The service for the Army. medal on Wilkins. others are too young ;;
named a fellow of the 1,000 member scientific organisation heard the Atlanta Institutionand clvU rights worker will Washington.. __ r
wasn't Dr. MaUette's only "first." He was also the first Negro the twenty-fifth Morehouseman be accompanied to the induction
to earn a PbJ In zoology at Pennsylvania State university to become a college president center by fellow staff membersof
His current title is chairman, graduate division, Tennessee SCLC, an attorney, and

State's department of biological sciences friends sympathizing groups representing, Including dim Walferfav* Announces Another BIG

Advisory Committee Members the Committee.Southern: Student Organizing

'.-",.. Tom Houck, 20 years old, was .
:-- {
born In Boston and graduatedfrom
high school In Jacksonville -
9 Fla. For more than two
years be has worked for SCLC-
as a volunteer and later u a,
I staff member. His assignments..
have Included field organizing

In Birmingham, Selma, southwest -
"Georgia' Atlanta, Miss -

issippl and Chicago. At present
he Is assigned to the national
SCLC headquarters In Atlanta. -T; .
Houck has always adhered : :
r strictly to the peaceful non-

Buy U.S.Savings .


Member of the Leon County, lie, Equal Opportunity Advisory committee of the Agricultural ii.". .. si ...
Stabilization and Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture, are .
shown at their ASCS county office in Tallahassee conferring with the office manager. From
left, they are: Dr. Russell L. Anderson physician and farmer; Robert E. Turner office .
manager; Rev Ralph L. Wilson, minister and farmer; and E. T. Brooks, .uperlotendent of the .4iIr .
FAMU farm. All reside In Tallahassee Thlsis one of 15 such committees In nine southern .

states helping minority gnu p farmers. Photo By USDA. BRAND NEW


Negro Leaders Are Agreeing On Gary Mayor Is 1969 VWSEDAN ;. the 3.81. WINDSOR

I Aggressive Convention BattlesJoseph Preparing For : ..

L. Turner, NPI Analyst feels that developments are '1768 .
underway In cities across the country which could involve the Summer EmployGARY .
Negro and the National Guard in all-out war during the summer .
lot _'(NPI>.-Mayor, DIUVIIID IN |lAXr..c'
of 1968.Unofficial .
reports and statements Significantly, more Negroes Richard G. Hatcher has detaileda C.. ..."(, ./ tr .
should be encouraged to Join
from Negro leaders indicate Guard Job plan that would prepare the'
the was one Important :
militants will use recommendation of the Presi- city for the "long hot summer, @ ... HUMPHERT
national political conventions dent's commission. during the long, cold winter"! MRS t ENNETH EaI"tr: ,, A' D n' I
The 81 ;
(in August), and a host of other Committee investigators alms at three-pronged program Catlin- MR WILLIAM, GREf ERTO I ; OO'lJr' M.MR'o e.

events to tie up normal activity learned that In trouble areas the "pride giving beingproducers minority groups" : & '(si' 'NEvIIJ:80TR a; REGISTER FOR FRE.E''DRAW" G'I I
of major cities with riots, demonstrations where large contingents of Negroes while making more mOlley.New.imall "A SAND HOUSE II I KODAK MNSTAMAT' 104"ATT.ENO

and other harassing are in the Guard there businesses would be Griffin : THE AT Op TH.rnE EN. NEW .CAMERA'WITH. FILM FLASHCUBE.
actions. Is a better communications between H E I. D & BATTERIES -
the created, and established ones 8EING : FREE REFRESHMENTS!
The National Guard on Guard units and troubled VolkswagenINC. SUNDAY
'could be expanded These Job! TODAY ,ft :FREE BALLOONS
other Is being reoganiz- of EVERYONEIIDSiFEBRUAGpANT
band The
presence opportunities would replace the. : 7 Ro'AO Gl FTS fjS*. !
ed, strengthened, and given a black man in a military uni- and US''
special training and equipment form In a riot area seems to operations" Into which"new-Illegal of. ; 12SO EAST 8th ST ; JAKE ;D i I "FULL COLOR CATALOG OF HOMES &COTTAGES
to deal with civil disorders on suggest to the community a the city's black people are many fore- 354.9093 DIRECTIONSt MgRSON( \ROA SEE EH'osJiYT YOU CAN OWN A BEZUTfi )
"iu-out" combat basis. In white T ILE N E
an black man can make It a i F UL
Following the series of riots world. ed In order survive,the may-' u. C:* .." TURN GRANT TURN LEL100K FOR! ,FUL NEW HOME. THE JIM WALTER .A WAY"
In 1967, President Johnson FENLHOUSE k
formed the National Advisory New YorkPromotion O '..... .- NO CASH. NUDE.-100% FINANCING I .;
Civil Dis-
Commission orders. Headed on by Illinois Governor ,TOO DON'T HAVE. TO 60 TO TOWN 'TO- GET ,

Otto Kerner, a former
National Guard general, the LOW PRICESDRUG F
commission had SUD-COm-
mittees conduct inquiries and

inveytigations in the guard,and, STORE NEEDS
Jn trouble areas', to determinewhat
could best be done to prevent J.
another summer of.civil Trade with Your N elghborbood Drug StoreWE III'I

The discoveries, answers b PAPERS We deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescrip
from high ranking Guard commanders -
and recommendations When you thtnk of a new '
from top civilian authorities tions.Dixie JIM WALTER CORPORATION
revealed by the commission In Pharmacy '
its report to the President, / I would like to know more about your bUldlng and

cover a wide range of attitudes financing Inlet.tleclln plan. Pleat.1. tend mo a 'ree catalog.I OM to
and probable solutions. \\ 'IIlERIETfAB. 1302 ,KINGS ROAD.JIMYRTIE FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION Home' O Cottage
Many officials, and some private CALL. WRITE OR COME BY
best : ih t
citizens feel the way I.,
'Henrietta B. Percell PHONES' ELGIN 5-5597-98 NAA'
to prevent riots is to"contain" 1Ir. 32205
the.Negro in the ghetto with, acting superintendent schools J ? FLORIDA ADDRESS '
stepped-up policies of reduced of District 13, New York City, 6248 CITY STATE.j .
federal support, and more selfhelp. has been elected to a position PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND Telephone -
full assistant superintendent
A kind of separatism Is as L :-i.rr-
developing in which Negroes are and given charge of the district My property U located In fount/ Mrs. Percell Is a graduate of
service in certain
openly public places, 'or made to Hunter and the holder of a law TELEPHONE BILLS AT .OUR STORE,

feel turwelcomed.. degree from Fordham.

t r ,

,iZ ,___ <. iI.<...u. '" .u....r1 H",+c ,faudtttulY' ir .a+ Ubvswat ".per" ,ASytflASt.wD: :1Ja.i"' 8 u,!'...." .,..,,.,,.M.'., r _: t. .. ,J.

.. .. ... ,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ., . .
. .
,. !


I Frazier, Mathis Griffith Benevenuti Sign For March 4-$505,000 I

SwimmingDiving. Competition Potential Atlases Big Money Boxers Will Add

flailed For Fort Valley SchoolThe .... Need Sparkle To Sick SportNEW

!{, YORKThe new Madison Square Garden was used as
SJ.A.C. Swimming and Diving Championship will be held
back-drop for a promotional buildup Monday when Joe Frailer
In the Natorlum of the Fort Valley State College Fort
Valley -
Buster Mathis Emile Grifflty and Nino Benvenui the four fighters
t t
Georgia, on Friday and Saturday February 16 and 17 for the
.: to appear In a unique opening championship doubleheader
of the Fort ,
first time in the three history Valley swimming
year March 4 signed officer contracts for the bouts,a $505,000<> pack
program. age.

Team t from Alabama State records and tied on during the 6 Frazier unbeaten in 19 fights, last summer in another 15-
semi-final and final contests-
College, South Carolina State The and Mathis, undefeated in 23 rounder. Griffith will ger $175,
held in their home pooL
College Taskene Florida Institute AAM LeMoyne Univer- champion 'sharks finished with starts will meet in a 15 round 000 and Benvenuti $80,000 for
bout for recognition by New .their thrid meeting.
city, Fort Valley State College 152points, followed by South
York and Massachusetts
and the champion Worehouse Carolina State with 78, Tus-, as
College Tlgeraharks who com- kegee Institute 45, and Fort world heavyweight champion. San Diego ChargersInk
Frazier will and
piled a 24-meet winning streak Valley State's wildcats finished ., ger $175,000
u of last season. with 16-polnts. The Alabama Mathis $75,000.Griffith I Albany I
current world
storehouse's team broke five State Hornets failed to score.. ,
champion, will defend
against Benvenuti, the Italian State Pass Ace
who held the title for five months
67 MERC. STA. WAG. 9PASS. $2295 ALBANY GA-.SplltendChar-

oeo. AI* CONDITIONED. FACTORY WARRANTY lie Lawrence of Albany State
tWV.J. i Alcorn
67 CIt VY IIII.I.. . . . .$1795 College College signed a professional
football contract as free agent
M BuKcTwiL'DCAT Y 2-DR HARDTOP .. .$2795 6 Braves for a substantial bonus with the
M CHE YI 1rALA:'4-DOOR WITN AIR HARDTOP) ( .[.EST. .$ r95S5 Scalp American Football League'sSan

PONTI AC NANO GRAND NEW. AIR PTRL;{ONED.. : HURRY/. $$2295frl : PY's Panthers announced Diego here Chargers Tuesday.It was

\.IN h ey i n.IUTs. AIM CONDITIONED. ELK- 1IL Lawrence, an All-American
S7 FO RI> G t fl I4t i 500 .. . .. .$2695Wffj LORMAN MISS:The mighty candidate at the beginning of the
Alcorn College Braves much of
**CTOY *ASANTV. 67 season was injured
67 CHEVROLET mejiNS IMPALA .. . .$2695 tremendous offensive and defensive last season, missing the final
HARDTOP, 'Jtf WA IAANTV.AADIO 1 HEAT play added another the However
R "r two games of season.
67 PONTIAC CATALiNA . : $2795 scalp to their list,as they downed the 6.1,190-poundTam-

PONTIAC HAKBTOP AIR CONDITIONED. :FACTORY.WARRANTY'. $2095 the Prairie View college pa, Fla., still grabbed 40 passes

4-tXJOH N. b LOADED WITH f OUIPMENT. AIR CONDITIONED 01 tnese men, who gather All Interested to for the class Panthers 105-85 In a SWAC for 643 yards and 1 touchdown.As .
VINYL INTERIOR. POWER WINDOWS. Weight lining is me specialty young boys art urged register u soon .
66 RIVIERA p .. . 1595 at the Eartha M. White Community Center from 6:30 to 7 daily as possible. The Center Is operated the Jacksonville Recreafor contest last week. a Junior the elusive Lawrence
[ SHIFT. SUCKS SEATS AIR CONDITIONED ITS A Captain Willie Norwood scored rated as one of the best
This shows what
Instruction from Willie J. Settler picture tins Department Julius Gulnyard Is director
64 BUCk SKYLARK . . $1495 Is called a bench press.Settler is assisted by Johnny Thomas. 27 points and snared 19 re- wide receivers In collegiate
bounds 14 points and 16 re ranks In '67, caught 47 passesfor
66 PLYM UHY'iFUItV'1{ STA. WAGON .$2195 bounds to break all hearts and 879 yards and seven TDs.A .

65 RI\1iERXND.I .o. r. <.AUTOMATIC.. .". .".. .MW". .".". .$$25 S Deacon Jones National Boxing Association Promoter hopes of the Panthers senior mathematics major
Prairie View fresh from a Lawrence was sought after by
65 CttStiflmWIttuPE: .. .. .$1961 four-game winning streak, including several other pro clubs but
Visits Schlitz Co. Choses First Official
64 Ttmtimmmzfflmnim" 1103-100 victory over elected to cast his lot with the

61 C0111 ZM'l95 I !:! 54 CADILLAC .$125 "Deacon"Milwaukee Jones Wisconsin-standout Dave defensive NEW YORK-The National Basketball Assoication Joined professional these same for a Braves belated foughtdespertely second half- Chargers."We're pleased that Lawrence
Its first
baseball ant football hiring
OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROMwi end of the Los Ange major league rally but the Braves, with plenty decided toslgn with us, "Red

-lIl'b t A SlDor.lPuSl c las Rams, had an opportunityto Negro He Is official.Jackie White, a former probation officer who playedfor of bench strenght halted Phillips a scout with the
visit.the headquarters of his the Harlem Globetroters."The every attack by the Cats Chargers said "He's one of
off-season employer recently are now 9-1 In the 'real finds' coming Into the
R. EVANS when the Rams came to Milwaukee Negro baa played the role supervisor of officials. conference playwlih an over pro ranks this year."
Jos. Sculls Brewing of player DOW we're officiating "We picked Jackie because of all record! nl192.'lb.'ladIng Bobby Lee, Albany State's
Company out of Los Angeles White said "11'. a milestone' his fine background. Because scorer for Prairie backfield and offensive coach
3rd & MAINEL when be isn't playing football, In sports and we all know we of expansion we needed more View was David Mitchell, considers Lawrence as potentially
have to do the job." referee. We scouted 10 men
toured the company's main plant r f with 18 points. as fine a receiver as the.
"I know that Fm going to do from the West Coast Two made Dallas
44381 OPEN TILL 9:30 P.M. EL 4-8382 In Milwaukee with James Pana- Cowboys' Bob Hayes.
: gas Schlits manager of military the best Job I'm capable of doing. it. One of them was Jackle.And Vietnam Vet Lee, who, like Hayes, was a
sales and a friend!of Jones. Even better than that." he was out top prospect." standout performer at Florida
"A referee In the N.B.A. has White lives on West Coast AIM, says, "Charlie has great
to be phjrsclally strong u well White, a 35-year-old, 6 foot-1 HENRY 1\J AARON Not Pleased moves and real 'sure hands.
as mentally and Jackie fills Inch, 180 pound resident of Los He's the kind of football play
Old Presents I the bill," said Dolph Scha,..,. {Angeles said: "I'm thankful to Atlanta Braves' Superstar er that comes once In a life
Taylor : Ingenious Americans a former M.B.A. star and now 'Mr. Walter Kennedy the president Henry (Hank) Aaron has Joinedthe With time.

of the N.B.A. and to Dolph Falstaff Brewing Corpora. Listing Lawrence Is the third ASC
Witch Schayes for giving men this op. lion lineup of outstanding sports JACKSONVILLE N.C.The gridder to sign In the play-far-'
portunity. Pm going to doa good personalities. He'll be making ranks in the last two
bullets in Vietnam now no color pay weeks.
'>>; YYWW'y .This Clown Job and don't plan on goofing it." personal appearances throughout but the folks back home do. Or Earlier Charles Henry a flanker .
11III.i" I II. 3945 649n.2563 1 There shouldn't be much to Falstaff marketing area at least, they did, until Staff signed with the Ottowa
when be begins
fear on that account. While for
I ? Serreant W.C.WUl1amI, Just Rough Riders of the Canaldan
ry1at 1968
: the last three yars was one bueballsprlngtraID.IDe back from the war-torn country Football League. Frank Brown,
of th top referees on the West perparations and his 15th. complained about the designation the Rams' 6-5.zeo-pound offensive -
Coast, working in the Pacific season with the Braves "colored" on his local and defensive tackleslgned
Conference In all, be has bad property Us record. His three-year pact with the NFL
110 years of officiating '!perl. Lem Barney protest worked. Onslow County Dallas Cowboys. The Rams

J ence. commissioners explained that standout, who runs the 40-yard
: .1 While refereeing in the Los Comes Up they bad recently decided to remove dash In an amazlng4.9 seconds
Angeles area White became acoualnted all racial identificationfrom was the Cowboys' eighth-round
.I with Emmett Ashford, tax records anyway. d/aft choice.
B1-66-L2 the American League umpire, A Winner ... ..,
.' who was baseball first Negro i' *

39 99 26 major league offlcaL Lem Barney all rookie defensive
Other Negro officials are Burl back for the Detroit Lions, American DistributorsGive
Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes Tolar in the National Footbalf was named the National Football
,' He's Down. He Adds,Subtracts, League and Aaron Wade In the League's first-year winner
) He works U all around.. American Football League of the coveted Willie Calimore BCC $2,500 Grant
: 11 21 30 Did Ashford give White any John Farrington Memorial Award -
advice made to the
'or guidance? annually top
i. ATTRACTIONS "As a matter of fact first year and veteran players Bethune-Cookman College of Daytona Beach has received a
$2,500 check Thursday from Soul Violets of Jacksonville for I
1 said, "It'.Just the O )OI1te.I've In the two professional football the fund.
[ 15 90 719MAN'S riven Emmett some advice." leagues. The presentation was college's development
J made by Bob Hayes All NFL Icy Zamsky sales manager of In the field of Negro education.
split end with the Dallas Cowboys American Distributors, Inc, Tests have found that the average '
'1 DAYSHUM.IRED Rev. Bennett and a member of the Royal presented the check Dr.Richard of the students applying at
Crown Cola Co.marketlngteam V. Moore president of the Bethune-Cookman College to be
t The occasion was thr fourth college and state director of the as much as three years behind
t A ..."J. Asks For New annual Royal .crown Cola Co. fund, and J.E. Davis, director their white counterparts." Dr.
fit*tuna "Kan's Days are Numbered." ( Pittsburgh Courier An-Ameri of the Winn-Dixie Foundation, Moore said the contribution was
Health and Fortune Can Be can Football Dinner held recently and United Negro College Fund. a welcome addition toward the
Matthew Alexander Henson (1866.1955) Yours When You Know Your in Pittsburgh. Barneywas chairman for Duval County. Jl-mlllion coaL The funds will
Lucky Days Veteran Bills a 1966 Courier.A11-American Davis said, "Very few people be used for scholarships
selection at Jackson State. V* aware of the true problem

Lucky Colors etc. WASHINGTON, D. C.-U. S:

The first man to 'set footon Send Horoscope$2.00 for Guide your for Rep.Florida Charles today called E. Bennett for the.of YMCA Executive. Director Speaks To Group.

passage of three veterans sad'public

the top of the world.The FEBRUARY* before protection the House bills Veterans-in testimony

Affairs Committee.
Fill in the blank below and One of the bills sponsored by

signs of a true adventurer showedup to the Pole, and fast since a number of mail to ZODIAC Post Office Bennett would relieve from liability .
early in the life of Matthew Henson.At nations were vying for) the claim. Box 1171, Jacksonville,. Fla. after five years a veteran
the ripe old age of thirteen, Henson Matt Henson was the man. Trudging who sells his home
shipped out as cabin boy on a schooner the last painful miles, recording observations ;NAME secured by the Veterans Administration .
bound for China. and calculating a true course, STREET -. when a subsequent
When he returned to Washington, Matthew Alexander Henson became the DATE OF BIRTH.- .-- default occurs '4
D.c.,he met the man who helped make first man to locate and nand'On the *.on
him famous.The then Robert Peary North Pole. Peary arrived forty-five min +tcF'
discovered Matt Henson working in a utes later,and,together,the men plantedthe WHEN YOU 'ARE ILL
hat Immediately American
Washington shop. Peary was flag.
impressed by Henson, and he No longer was Matt Henson an obscure You Seek The Best Doctor
invited the young man to join a canal. adventurer. He was given a Congressional When Your Doctor
surveying expedition to Nicaragua. Hen- Medal, life membership in the
son accepted.Under Explorers' Club, a commendation from Prescribes, Get Experi ,
Pears tutelage, Matt Henson the President,a Master of Science degreeby enced Pharmacists To .4
became navigator, adept at calculating Morgan State College, and numerous Fill Prescriptions According '.
distances and plotting charts. A medals and plaques from civic organizations To Your Doctor's .
short time later, Peary began his renowned I.April .... '
arctic expeditions to locate the 6, 1959,the 50th anniversary of Orders.
..L _......_ wY
We Use Only The Beat Nr
North. Pole, and Henson accompanied the discovery of the North Pole, was
the admiral on all seven trips. proclaimed by the governor of Mary Quality Drugs 'C E. BLACK
On the final trip, Peary lay drained land as Matthew Alexander Henson Proprietor t
from exhaustion and crippled! by frost- Day.Fitting tribute to the first man ever
k?, bite. Someone had to make the last dash to stand on the top of the world. 3 Registered Pharmacists To Serve YouA
> .. -.

.. .OLD TAYLOR ... .


I .'Would you like to own this handsome sculptured butt of Matthew Henson? It's 8"tall,mode of driesPRESCRIPTIONS. ..
antique.bronze cast stone,and carries the complete Henson story It costs $5.00 (which Is what It CALLED FOR AND DELlVEftED-: ,
cats ul.Senci) check or money order toiOld Taylor,4865Grand Central Sta.,N.Y.N.Y.I 0017. .
1901 KINGS
ROAD 353-8279$ -
the James W.ldoo'3obnsO YMCA held its
i annual reception and Installation of officers recently
91" HAD Jit- Lilly's Store In the picture above Lawrence V.,Jones, Executive Director is shown as be speaks to
Drug :
the large gathering. Executive Vice-President George CresveU ls-,...i alone with Mrs. Bob
Smith. -Bob Smith Photo.f .

J.t ,

4'I'I T I

'. ,


.. .
.u ,


I A&T Whips NCC Cagers Twice To Keep Alive Bid For Title-85-65 JI

Yoga Class Is Demonstrating Yogi Exercises Miller Brewers Guinyard Wants Aggies1 Strong Bench Make, ?? ,

Eartha White Release Movie More Boxers To Trouble For, All Opposition" 11

Center EffortYoga On 1967 Sports Spar At I Center GREENSBORO N.C.- A&T beat arch rival North Carolina ." '

is a dally activity at the College twice in the space of three days last week to keep alive
Eartha M. White Community Variety is the spice of sports. The Eartha White Community the Aggies' title hopes In the rugged CIAA race.

Center, 743 West Ashley St., Thafs why baskegball, bronc- Center, and the Eastslde Recreation Aggies downed the Eagles 85- '
Yoga Is a system of health, a busting and bobsledding featured Center are busy these 65 Monday night before a capacity In Saturday night's game in
culture that has been practiced in the 1967 "Sports Un- days, getting boxers in fine crowd in Moore Gym Durham Staggs who has become *:
by the Yogis in India for thous- limited" film released today by fettle and ready for the Florida A&T had previously taken the A&Ps fireman, pumped:
ands of years. the Miller Brewing Company's .State AAU Boxing Champion measure of North Carolina Col. in 23 points 10 of them in the
Yoga lays stress on bodily and unique. Sports Film Library. ship scheduled for the lattef lege, 78-62 In Durham. first half, when the Aggies were
mental poise and trains the stu The full-color film recaps part of March. In the game the Aggies' first having trouble getting started.
dent In the basic principles of Philadelphia's drive to its first Julius Gulnyeard chairman of break and strong inside game Once the Aggies got rolling-
health. The class is one of the National Basketball Association District No. 1 of the Florida, overwhelmed the Eagles fro, their balanced attack and strong
most popular activities at the championship Then there's a said local boxers are truing rebounding game led by lanky
center, with a total enrollment spectacular rodeo from daily. Guinyard asks that all Interested overwhelmed the Eaglesfromthe Walt Anderson and Staggs was.
of twelve students. The class Is Cheyenne Wyoming, and a in competing In amateur start. With 5-10 Carl Hub- too much for the Eagles.
taught by Julius Culnyard daily frightening flip from a speeding boxing register at the Cen- bard engineering the attack Andersbn, ophomore, contributed ,
from 4 to 4:30 p.m., and from 6 bobsled. ter today. A&T steaked to an 8-0 lead 15 points and 16 of A&Vs
to 6:30 p.m. It is open to teen- Also highlighted are.skilln- Amatuers DOW representingthe with fewer than three minutes 63 rebounds. Two other Aggies
agers and adults.Bethea Also highlighted areskiing.the center are; Willie L. Burts played. completed the scoring in dou-
Indianapolis 500 mile auto race Jimmy McFadded J. Monroe, Hubbard fed A&Ts big men ble figures.
and the National Collegiate Athletic Tdrry Williams, William Jones Teddy Campbell and Lonnie Loose ball handling hurt the
Is Glad Association (NCAA) and Leonard Surrency. The Klutzrand the Aggies appeared Aggies in the first three minutes
swimming and diving champion team trains dally from 6to7:30 headed for a.rout The Eagles of play and North Carolinac

Voting For ships. p.m. Boxers from 16 to 35 years closed the gap to 13-11 with
"Sports Unlimited" is one of old are eligible to try out for the 14:48: left In the game. College jumped off to a 9-3 lead
more than 200 titles now avail team. Kluttz, former AU-Armyper. Staggs and Adams began finding
able without charge for show- Other tournaments are scheduled former, played his finest game the range and Ala T Ued the count
Draft Is Over Ings to all groups. as follows, according to of the season as he scored 22 at 16-16 with 9.10 left In the
The films are about 30 minutesin John Joca, chairman of the Florida points and added 12 rebounds. period. The Aggies then rolled
GREENSBORO, N.C. -Atfs length and can be ordered AAU Boxing committee; He was foUowed by Jimmy to a 41-26 halftime lead. Staggs
big tackle Elvin Bethea awoke from local Miller High Life distributors Miami Golden Gloves Champio- Staggs with 18 points and Camp. opened the second period by
last Wednesday morning wWi a or by writing Film ship February 28 and the National bell with 12 points. Campbellalso scoring four quick goals and
smile on his face for the first Section MUler Brewing Com AAU Championship, In contributed 16 to A&Ts 59 the Aggies kept a 15-point lead
time in about 48 hours pany, Milwaukee Wis. 53201. Ohio in August. rebounds. the rest of the game
"I am certainly glad It's over
he said. "I couldn't have stood
one more phone call I was Justa
bundle of nerves."
"I think that belne picked by,
Houston is really a dream come Pontiac

true, because I always said thatI
wanted to play in either Texasor :
California mainly because
of the weather. .
Also happy with Beathea's selection
by Houston was Aggie fjbjJesi
t...., "' "
Coach Bert Piggott. 't, 1 -
"I think that this is a fine .A. niTfflS !

tribute," said Plggot I know Shown above demonstrating some Yap exercises Is Miss Carolyn Peterson a'seaiorHiyucar
that he was sweating it out.This Education Major at Edward Waters College The Yoga class is a dally activity at the Earths M.
is a tribute to our program because White Community Center, 743 West Ashley St. The first pose Is the Twisting Pose. The second
Elvln is the highest draft pose Is the Plough Pose.
choice we have ever had.With

his success attitude pro and ba.U.desire he hauvery to be a CIAA Ball Boul Dallas Cowboys Sign Frank y

thing going for him."

Betbea, 8-5 259, was drafted Will Draw Many Brown Of Albany For Team
as an offensive tackle, althoughbe
said Houston spokesman indicated GREENSBORO N.C/-Tbe
ALBANY Ga. Frank Brown Albany State College's.massive
that be might play either nasal CIAA Basketball tournament ,
defensive end or linebacker.The here Is expected to be a 6-5, 155-pound lineman, ended rumored speculation here late 'I
bailey lineman Trenton,, sell-out affair. it will be held Wednesday by Inking a reported three-year contract with the I
N.J. had been appraocbed by February 29 to March 2. Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League
At press Ume more than one Rumor around the football
nine AFLClubs.I was surprised drafted by a pro football team,
that it turned out lobe Houston third of the tickets had been front and South Georgia had the Brown Is the third Ram gridder
'said Bethea, because I really sold. According to officials Albany State tackle beaded north to sign to play pro football lathe
had not been approached by them about 30,000 spectators ehetdbcome of the border for the Canadian last two weeks. 1
However, I am glad they wanted to the affair.The coliseum League Ottowo Rough Riders tot'' Earlier;: Cbarfes' 'Henry) 1
m... at Greensboro seats 9,000. a lucrative contract and bonus flanker, signed with the Ottowa.
Considered one of the best Use
Riders. the
Twodays ago
Albany State Heads For prospects tocome out of the collegiate Rams' little All-AmerlclD.p11t

ranks this year,although end, Charley Lawrence, Inked
be played for a relatively small, one-year pact with the San Diego
Second SEAC Title 1
Cage college with unknown football Chargers of tie American Football ft
quality Brown signed a con
ALBANY, Ga.-Melrln Jones turned offensive, took over the tract for a very good salary. League.
I controls and led Albany State College to Us 23rd win of the estimated a near $50,000 and a Insurance for the Home
season U the Tunning gunning" Rams coasted to a solid sizable bonus and benefits.Dick NEW YORK-The growing
106-78 victory Coorbees College CS.C.; here recently.
over Mansperger scout In the Cow popularity of "package" iniurnce -
Jones, who ranks seventh tack alive with 16 points in the boys' organization who handledthe policies for the home it IStIUt
among small-college: rebound- first half.Voorbees. signing, said, "We're proudto reflected by the fact that in the
era, dumped in 26 points and went into the whole have Frank JolntheCowboys.lie's UK decade premiums writtenfor
pulled down 25 rebounds in court press and closed: to within a fince prospect because of "homeowner policies have
leading the Rams' attack. 4 points of Albany State 56-52, his size, speed quickness." skyrocketed from $240.7 million
Jones' 12 points in the opening Asked where the
before the 6-9 Rams star from Cowboys
estimated $1.7 billion,
half were key baskets In McGbee planned to play the Columbus to an !
Arks., went on the offensive according to the Insurance In
propelling the Rams to a again scoring three Ga., native, Masperger said formation Institute. wiuue
60-39 halftlme advantage. Ted straight buckets in successionand "Well because of bis great site .
Chaplin kept the Voorhees at- getting the famed "run and and speed there are two or three .
gun" game going once again with possibilities. We'll probably try "Drink
bid domination of the boards. him at defensive tackle and end fode Stj_ cash awards j jI
4eef His younger brother Wilbert and give him a real good shot at small I
chipped in with 17 points and offensive guard"
12 rebounds. Mack Daughtry, Brown had an outstanding- the spot!
aoa_ IUWTUo.w the Rams' top scorer jmt in only son this year despite the Rams' on
r as..a awe 16 points, but came up with 13 subpar 3 and 6 record. Starting
assists. out the year as the team's defense
PLAY 'EM RIGHT The win, the Rams 23rd In 29 tackle. Brown moved to much action as neVI
The hardest thing about flab- starts.wu their tenth in SEAC offense also In the second game
log letting strike But prob- play" against one lone setback. of the season and played an
ably the most disheartening is
of 56 minutes
to hook a possible.trophy then average a game
lose the fish before it's netted. He made a total of 114 tackela
Landing ash aay the experts Jerry Quarry in 9 games and had 61 assists
at Mercury outboard. alwaysimolves to his credit. His best game was TigerU"0Youcould
tome luck but. by Boat the South Carolina State contest
using the right technique, the Spencer in wjilch be was in on 24 stops
odd can be shifted la your and assisted on 16 other tackels. ?
favor. An eighth round draft selection -
First, the hook must be set Brought UpsetThad WINE l
Brown played prep football -, ..
firmly the exact force required could shavers; ucmslstor foe Enco 51.siopping .
depends on the fish. For Spencer: lost to Jerry at Mary Mission High sou VININIM MCHVONVHOflOIIO* $UJ)richer-Year .,m--mP\Y by
instance soft.mouthed specie Quarry last week when be was Scbwl in Phenlx City, Ala. The wen win$I.aoo clpating
such a* bass and pan varieties first ASC grinder to ever be !n at a p"""'
stopped la the 12th round In the and plck1n9 uP your
call for comparatively little I dealer
slmifinal match of the World Enco
power to sink a book home card-
but for fish such M musklesyoull Dozing Assolcatloo: evaluation free T1Qerama miQnt win one of the
need a stiff rod and a tournament. Or yOU big ptltee
hard solid strike Spencer: a72-5 favorite was thous nds 01 other boatS ,
Playing a fish requires a floored in the fourth and tenth includlnQ: ChrYsI.r nod 0 Iler1)>;
good deal of discretion. You rounds, near the very emd.or ji (complete. with motor '
should never baby it. but. on I
the other hand dont try to the round. Eleven thousand fans 1 IIl iJLB0fl. &l\EF1N1NG 1
"horse" it in. Too much pressure bend Referee Downey count iI'
1s the sure way to snap the mandatory eight for the
leaden or jerk hooks free. benefit of the California law.
Finding a happy medium calls Now, Quarry will meet Jimmy 1 1't
for patience when a fish is
strong and heads off across Ellis, Loulsvillian, at a later
open water on a linestrlpplng date.
run. The further he goes Quarry eliminated two-time
against the line. the more tired champion Floyd Patterson la asplit
he becomes thus the more decision: last October: in

against pressure him you works can safely for you.bring Los Angeles. Then be whipped

The most Important pointto Spencer in August
remember Is te never give The winner said, "I fought a ssssSS81'v
the fUh a chance to pall smart fight. I told everybody I'd
against anything solid. Should prove I was faster than be was. < wMni
he JumP. give him plenty of by law.L .
alack by dropping the rod Auto Theft Frequency c
then recovering
momentarily 1
cautiously with the rod high. NEW YORK-The chances a --f
Work the rod in a pumping of your car being stolen rose I
motion a* yon reel In line from I in 203 In 1948 to I in I Ia
lift.-regular then pattern.All lower. and reel In a 140 in 1966 according to' the:
Information Institute.
the.fun In fishing U play.
Ing the quarry to the net There were 597.000 cars stolen
Whether you'relesu a battler In 1966 many of them by
pr put him on the table the thieves who found the can un
fight U the one thing that locked and ke'lln the ignition
make a certain trip memorable

U '
A ., V .:::1.

.. '
... Cua : 'V.W. 1; "t

. .
. . .


r Johnson Branch YMCA High Producers Thirteen Years Callahan Fla.

I. Palatka News I Meet Held By CHURCH Sunday will have with, holy the communion Rev.- ..

I 'C.W.Whltten in charge.Deacons .
hell th. .
Women Baptists IIftI flttlnt mturM CM k* MMfiH.
Willie Williams and T.Mitchell Htw nwdluM crtmi nctmmqndM. bymmy
.... ,
",111' rallfvn ttMtr pots.
will be In of
r1 The thirteenth charge Wilt dtfllnrll 'Irrllltt' |.mt. tp/lODftJtl l'
American History Class anniversary o; Other services are: Sunday t for ftil. lent Intlnf: ralUf: ,to*.
the Courtesy Committee of the cltl tnll ,IrrltlM bit btlpl I caforbbIeedMtm.nt.
4 school 9:30 with Deacon WU- .
AMIttptlc too, Motftn RIM
Senior Women's Department of htlpt prtYtnl e.e.
Hams In -
charge morning wor-
the East Florida ; tw ales tot levfiction.
Visits St. AugustineOn Bethany aMp at 11 a.m. with Deacons Den't tut- .e./
Mrs. M.L. T.Wrlgbt and R.Jones in chargeof ttriipptyMftMLinew;, mt reline -1J
Johnson as president, will ce- devotions. Music will be given tun Mle. I M Me-
Wednesday, January 31, th e American History Class made 'lebrate the anniversary Sunday
the A.i::jherrnrd/tfaore
by combined choirs -jehdBARNES
field trip to St Augustine a ccompanied by their Instructor
a night, February 18, at.St Thomas throughout the day.
(IMrs. Edna K. Pinkney. Lake Elementary School. Baptist Church at 7:30 twlsa.hnt

The class left the school at 10 The ninth grade English class ).v1. The combined choirs of Mt DINING ROOM
a.m., on a school bus driven by 'under the direction of Mrs. Lillian Rev. W.C.Nealwillbespeaker. Plesant will hold a business Short orders,Sandwlchesopefi
Mrs. Aldora Keys,a country bus L. Hardy will sponsor a 'Choirs of St. Thomas will give meeting, according to Deaconess 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Available for'!
driver. chapel program on Friday at music Mrs. Lenora George Thelma Wright New robes small groups-30 or less.MeetIngs -
The class arrived inSt Augus-. 10 a.m. In commemoration of will be mistress of ceremonies will feature the discussion Banquets, Bridge Parties..,
tine at 10.40a.m.: We imme- Abraham Lincoln's birthday. A and will be Introduced by Hours 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. 5775,
diately went to Potter's International play "Living Up to Lincoln," Mrs. Vlrnlnla Mack. Mrs.Arlo ............ Moncrief Rd. Phone: 765.41435?
Hall of Fame, where we will be presented with the following Reeves will give the welcome 'Second Baptistchurch will observe Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Barnes, Proprletors. -

toured and saw life-like sCulptures -, characters: address. Prayer will be given its annual Youth Day Sun Closed on Suqdaysj'mm
of many famous men and Father, Thedford Clarke; by Deacon Leroy Mallery.Mrs day. The guest speaker will be ;
women who played an Important Mother Patricia Lewis; Bobbie Ethel D. Bannister will sing Sherman L.Roberts, Junior at > [ 'OF JARIJ .

roll In our history. We had very Carter, Richard Norris, High Producers, or membership getters, numbered four at the Membership Klck-Off Dinner Mrs, Lucille Mote chairman. Pine Forrest Community High 'That's Mel ( have the Amai--'
efficient guides who gave us a Lucille Carter,Carol Lockhart 'and a member of the Churchof Ing.superior tonic tablets pep
recently. They are, from left, L.M.Agrett, Board Chairman with 40 memberships and Wil
brief history of each d the 242 Jack Carter Reginald Trump- for aU the
liam Scott, highest in the school division, with 73 memberships. Lawrence V. Jones branch God By Faith of Callahan, you want to do.
figures of ancient and modern ;car Man Isaac Bostlck Box ,
; Young ; director, and Harold M. Jackson, program director, are shown congratulating thest top work-: Honored Elder Townsend pastor The of 30, $1.00. Satisfaction
history, religious leaders, Wife Sandra Foster. guaranteed or Money Back For
ers for the YMCA. A. Paul.Crawford Photo. guest soloist will be Miss Glorlastlne -
poets, composers, artists, Other participants will include Edwards of Mt. Plea- Menand Women.

writers, explorers, philosophers : Janette Williams and sant, Rev. WhItten pastor Mrs.
kings,queens,presidents, Dianne McGee, devotions; Ka- Emily Sheffield will be chair. P.O. Box 230, Dept S.,
premiers and generals of the trlna Walker, the occasion; OrganizerRev. Greater Macedonia Baptist man.

Civil War. The figure of the late Mary Johnson "Lincoln's Eugene Glbb, acting pastor f Gary. Indiana
President, John F. Kennedy Is Gettysburg; Address" Carolyn **.***.******
of Bethel AME Church of Lists Events
Many Important
the newest sculpture added to Bodlson, Prlscilla Jones, Pat- Callahan, Is Interested In organizing -' Brother and Sister L.Roberts TOR
the Hall of Fame. rjoilla Jones, Patricia Jones, an AME Choirs Union and Mr. Earnestlne Taylor OMENOF
We left the Museum at 12 noon and Conlous/ Hutcherson, tributes _Greater t Macedonia. Baptist_ has listed.a number of Important were honored at a birthday
and went to the "Burger Chef to Lincoln; a group from events ion ine coerce Cs1e Wer, party recently.Mrs.Taylor was
Mrs. education "Head the list will be the anniversary Hattie Bess at the Take New IMPROVED NATURE!
for lunch. At 1:00: p.m.,we went Thompkins' physical Mrs. organ born February 11 and Roberts
to the Old Jail where we had fun class doing a pan- of Deaconess Board No Choir No. 3 will meet alter February 10. TABLETS for that tired rundown
exploring. We went In and saw tomlnne to "'lbe Battle Hymnof 2 on Sunday February 25, at the morning worship with the The were entertained at a sur- feeling that keeps you from

the old weapons men used during the Republic; Johnny Evans, 3 p.m. District No. 21 will president, Mrs. Bernice Camp prised party at Walker Com- enjoying life.
the early periods in American "The Exodus Song" work on these plans when the bell, presiding over the busi Rev. Landon L.Williams, pastor mercial College by friends and 100 Tablets $3.00; 200 Tablets
History and the treacherousways In keeping with the annual observance members meet with Mrs. Grant ness. of the Greater Bethany Bap-' family members Mae Edna E, 45.00. $1.00 deposit on COD'S.
by which the prisonerswere of Negro History Gay, 6818 Homer Road. East. Districts and their meeting list Church, will be honored by. Taylor Is cafetarla EMPIRE PRODUCTS SALES
punished for their crimes.We celebration the faculty and student Transportation will be available places are: No. lMr and Mrs. the presence of Rev.H.L.HerodSunday at Pine Forest Roberts managers is a DePt. FS, 5937 M. Broadway
left the Old Jail at 2.05: body are engaged In many District No. 4 will meet Fir- Jake Williams 1120 East 24th; during the anniversaries mathematics teacher at Mw. Chicago minols 60626
% m. to return to Palatka. Our classroom projects and acts day night in the home of Mr.and ,No 3 Mrs Motell Duckett, of both the church and the pas Gilbert.
history class enjoyed the trip ties In ho: it of the celebrat' Mrs. Freddie Willie, 3436' 1553 East 21st. tor. ciRCvumor
It was Interesting educational The them. 'or this observ t Franklin, at 8 p.m. The BYPU will begin at 5:30:
and Informative. Class reporters Is "Negrt History and ".ie Services Sunday will be as usual -. with Mrs. M.L.PoUte1ncharp. 'Man( to work part time. Able to
were: Robert Greene, Fourteenth A 'endment"-18G8- with Sunday School at 9:30 The specail feature will be given Woodroow work all day Friday. Driver
Dane Edwards, Margaret Hopkins 1968. Tyrone Merchant and teachersIn by Miss Dlanlce Mathis : Beach Motel and Restaurant Uf<:Inse. Good re rellC".
Harriett Carey. In February, 'R, Dr. Carter charge The Bible verse begins and Mr. Weston. The Bible Cams Sings Beer License. On Main Streetto
Godwin Woodsoii, :arec' r of: with M. The mornliur de>. drill will be conducted by Mrs Water. American Beach. REPORTER
assesCENTRAL the association for I r jdjr of: far:. at"( least '12 AME choirs votlons will be conducted by Bessie Merchant. The evening Woodrow Carns, singer will Price below evaluation. Must
Negro History Week, utlated' Choir president are asked to Deacon James Melton and his worship will begin at 6:30.Both be presented in concert at Payne Sell. For Information Call Trainee. Must be good In1English.

ACADEMY the celebration. write Rev. Glbb at Post Office staff of deacons 10:45..Choirs sermons will be delivered by Chapel AME Church Sunday 354-9881.. Easy Terms. Apply:

HIGHLIGHTS The elimination of tl a observance Box 498, Callahan, Zone 32201. ,No. 1 and No. 3 will sing with the pastor, Rev. J.C.Rogers. night, February 18, at 7:30, FLORIDA STAR
at Central Aca ;amy was The first union meeting will be' or Jiis appointee. and will be sponsored by Stewardess -

The Central Academy High an assembly program !fhursday Sunday, February 18, at,5 p.m. Tuesday night will be prayer Board No. 2. Mrs I3JH I MONCRIEF
School Band was a guest per- morning, February '15, at 10 Urban League meeting night. The church Is Ophelia Stlmson Is president MOTELALL .
former at the Open House held a.m., In the cafetorlum. This located at 3333 Franklin. Mrs. Rev. King Is pastor. The church ROOMS HEATED
Is being sponsored Wins Sponsor A Ison East 23rd St. at Platue.FuneralServicesSel. 12 Private No Phone Calls!IAPU.
at the .Palatka Civic Center. program by Bessie Merchant is reporter. rooms, bath-SS.OO
Saturday February 9. Along the social studies department. BanquetThe 18 rooms, Seml-prlvate-$4.00

with the band the C A Chorus Special features: assembly Kick.Off RallyAt DAY RATE $3.50 FOR RENT
will be "Profiles of Progress"in Jacksonville Urban League (1 2 Persons
several selections. The Miami NAACP or )
gave which will host Its Fourth Annual 1517 Illinois 3 rm. $52 MOo
performance was taped and special emphlsls by TabernacleThe 3508 Stuart 4 rm. $60 MOo
shown to the visitors on closed capsule biographies will be Meeting on Tuesday :IDGEWQOD MOTOR
COURT 1409 Jefferson Plaza 3 $55
For Lee Street rm.
circuit television last Sunday.The given of 17 weU-knonNeeroel February 20, In the main auditorium "Integrated textbooks but won't Tots .
Marching Bulldogs will who have made a mark In Am- WINs (Women In NAACP of: the George Washington -, issue them. Miss Howard says Funeral services for the three INTEGRATED RENTM 0.
take part In the Homecoming erican life and the featured In Service) d the Jacksonville Hotel. Mr. Roger Wilkins she has a list of some 400 such Lee Sites children, Sunday fire 5911 U.S.lCor.EdgewoodAve. HOUSE FOR
festivities at the Florida Mem Senior Scholastic Magatinelhls Branch of the National Association director of Community Relations books. victims, will be held Saturday Phone: 764-OOOJ-JUwtys Open' 4439 Moncrlef 6 rm. $85 Mo.

orial College, St. Augustine on month (as the Negro In VS. for the Advancement of Service of the Justice James McDonald supervisor morning at 10 a.m., at the First 7805 Pipplt B rm. $55 Mo.
Saturday February 17. History). Colored People, will sponsor a Department will be the main of: textbooks for be county..ars Corinth Baptist Church, Madison 787 E. (7th S rm. $40 MOo
Jerome Glrtman, former student The Glee Club under the direction : "Kick-Off Rally" for the speaker.Dr. he does not know of any books and Jefferson. The SoweU f.TY: SERVICE 726-28 Broad St. Three story
of CA High School, class of Abram Alexander,willrender branch's annual membershipdrive J.C. Dwonlng, chairman: that are not available lie fur- Funeral Home will be In Brick Building Corner Broad
of: '65 was a recent visitor at Negro spirituals during at Tabernacle Baptist the Annual Dinner Meeting has ther sited '(We don't nave many charge. *-* Reasonable'' West Union St, $300 Mo.
Central Academy last week. the program Visitors are kind- Church, 903 East Union, Sun- announced that the following Integrated books that for sure." \ FOR SALE.

Clrtman Is In the Marine Corps, ly invited to share the observance day evening, February 18, at persons will become members rn? TV Broke.SERYICE'C 787 E. nth St.3 rmTl'bathbungalow : -
and has just served I hitch InVietnam. at the school Miss Margaret 8 p.m. The branch's program of the board at this meeting: Suicide Attempt ;; with hot water.NOTHING.
Hopkins, president of the will also be outlined. Mr. Don Tullis of Don Tullls Urban LeagueAnnouncements LIS
He Is to return to the > H DOWN $40 Mo Building on Corner -
theater of warfare the latter Social Studies Club, will pre- The reactivated WINs Intend and Associates; Mrs Mary L. Broad West Union St
part of February. While overseas side over the assembly program for this to be a meeting that Betsch, vice president of Afro- Follows Family "rS4..9S fixes Price: $30,000 wtth$5,000dowo
Cirtman saw formerC.A. will bring all members of the American Insurance Company; The Urban Is continuing to seek P and monthly payment of $250
students Willie Mitchell and Members of the Social Studies branch together to start pushIng Mr. EU Edwards president Un- applications for the leastlng Mo.
Richard Plummer. Department are: Mrs.E.K.Pin- Civil Rights programs In ion Truck Terminal Mr.EdwinB. housing program. If you are Spats Tropicana TV

Other visitors on the campus kney, chairman Mrs. M.W the Gateway City. Nelson, regional Ice president low-income and needing andwanting FOLAND t H1GBEE
Included: Mrs. S. M. Brown, McClain, T. Collier, S. Alex Those leading the 1968 mem- State Farm Insurance Co.; a better home, contact A husband and his wife had a 398.3030 Realtors
guidance counselor for the Am- ender R. Clarke, and Miss S bership campaign are:Miss Vivian and the Rev Peter J. Lee'of: the Urban League. quarrel. For some weeks they 354-8433 317 W, Forsyth St

erican Business College Jacksonville Smith.' Ingram chairman; W.P. St. John's CathedraL. The Jacksonville Urban League had been disputing and were not .
Williams Mrs. C.L.Maxwell. In addition to the presentation
Mrs.Brown was on a alonw with the National Urnan getting aloog.p
tour of recruitment for the college. Seaborn Wright .John Washington of new board members, awards League and the United The wife became despondnet 11
States BRAND
Rev. RichardsonWill and will be to several Fi NEW
Joseph L. Argrett presented and
Mrs. Cussie Adams, Put- Department of Labor will Ini- attempted suicide, accordIng -
Bam school lunch supervisor James Washington Other co- outstanding members of: the time a thirteen week program, to the docket by taking RICK HOMES
captains will be named later. communlt,. Including Robert
and Mrs Frances: Thomas PreachAt that Is penicillin tablets
,supervisor designed to help the
representing the State Outstanding civil rights work- Hayes, Alfred Denson.Mrs.Ann "Out Reach" Mrs. Kattle May Brackln.1304
workers ; !i!
Yisitor Department s. of Education were Grant, AME ers will be on program. Pearson Pearson, for Mrs.the IE.late Williams Rutledge his Into techniques the: community for reaching and: out from Fairfax an overdose was treated of the as already DMC 'h

Mrs. Martha Home and
Plans are being completed for Rev. F.D.Rlcharc1sonSr. L.L Alexander. Mr. the unemployed and underemployed strong penclllln tablets. Her
determining the 1968 basketball be the guest speaker at Grant population. Jacksonville condition was described as
champions District IV, FIAA, Memorial AME Church Sundayat Honored Minister are still being was chosen u one of twenty fOod
Class A. The Murray High Bulldogs 10:45: a.m. Dr. Reddick will made at the Urban League office cities In the nation to participate A witness to the almost fatal !'
of: St. Augustine and the speak at night. Rev. H.L.Herod of the Mt. The Urban League Is a .in this program Incident was the daughter Carolyn -
Central Academy Bulldogs will The ACE Fellowship will convene Morian: BaptlsLChurcbwlllpre- United Fund Agency George ,. 34 bedroom plans with 1, 1 Vi,

be qJPODel The Central at 5 p.m., with Mrs. Al- sIde at the closing of the anniversary 4 2 baths and garage.
Academy Bulldogs are defending kanla Argrett as coordinator. of Rev. Landon L.Williams CALLWHITTINGTON'ROGFR1 Calling all Weight Watchers! Modem i schools, churches and a complete
champions. Sunday School begins at 9:30 and of his church,Greater Take off excess weight fast with shopping center close by.

Word has been received that with A.V. Rose,superintendent, Bethany Baptist Sunday February FUNERAL HOME, Super-Keen Reducing Plan,free
Miss Lanceda: Sylvia Howard In charge assisted by officers 18, at 340. with Super-ReenTime Capsules LINCOLN ESTATES

,C.A. '66 was recently inducted and teachers Choir No.3 and $S.
Into Delta Sigma Theta,National Usher Board No.3 will serve For sympatheticservice KOZY KORNER 17130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 765-1685 '

Sorority of Negro Women.Miss all day. The church is located at 183J North Myrtle Ave. .
Howard is presently a sopho- 927 Clay Street.Allendale. of distress

more at Bethune-Cookman n Courteous attendants \ STRAIGHT IOUMON W& .M ftOOT ells OLD CHMTU WIT.:cti..lOUIWIUCKY,
Abram Alexander C.A. BandMaster Church oa duty 24 Hours

was awarded a certificate to serve you
Visits Chase
for outstanding service to Church
the reUgious, civic and educational Mrs: Mary M. Rogers RN Tick-tock..tick-tock...
of Rev. W.G.Tilly of the Allen- James Crawford
aspects our com
munity. The presentation was dale Missionary Baptist Church SAMUEL C, ROGERS Joseph Baldwin the Bourbon thatdidrit

made by Mrs. R.K. Ragsdale In will visit with the Chase Bap
behalf of the Zeta Phi Beta tist Church at 3 p.m. Sunday. 800 West State, And Madison

Sorority and of: the Phi Beta The congregation choirs and Phone 3$41819Our $ : watch the dock!
Sigma Fraternity. other ottielal units, as well u
The annual Field Trip to the officials will accompaay the
Florida State Fair, Tamap,was minister The Chase street Only Establishment-No Branches OLD CHARTERKentucky's
a real success. The trip, made church Is located at 26th and A

by some 65 students, was sponsored Chase. '
by the C.A. Chapter of Finest Bourbon
the Future Homemakers of Am Brotherhood ,Of :
BUU HOME 1I1i69mo
a y l
erica. Mrs. L.E Asia and Miss ACE Fellowship
Charlene Williams were chap Ministers Will I years old
erons. Meets With MAKE THE MOVE
Coach James S. Moore, C.A. ay
Safety Coordinator, conducted Meet On Monday Church Of Master Sol. /

a timed bus evacuation for all ALL NICK!
busses serving C.A.Bus No.65, The Baptist Ministers Brotherhood The ACE Fellowship will meet
.Mr,, s of Jacksonville, Duval Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Church
,I time. Ti tysveen students In and adjacent counties will hold 'of the Master on Vernon Roadat NOW O SP : 3BEDRIIMSALES

16.2 seconds. The others were the regular meeting Monday 3 p.m. Rev. R.V.Webster Is Ye
J Ma close February 19, at 10:30 a.m. in pastor. pt elon .

& Ming Targie Fisher,Miss C,J.. the Day Spring Baptist Church. The guest speaker will be Rev. ,yet sett DIYI510N & 2Oth OFFICE ST. at EXP.
t. Gradjr&.,and John Harmon war* Dr, R.Leander Jones,president Ernest V. Newman, pastor of
J out of school this week.. has announced the presence of. Ebnezer Methodist. He will be HONE : 354-6746

The faculty Qf the C.& High: Dr. WA.Jones, Jr, pastor of accompanied by the Youth Fel MN
School took part In the FEA- Greater Bethany of Brooklyn, lowship of his church. A (- GRAND PARK
New York u trell is state Harr
workshop on February 15. The guest speaker. : president : }
w.rkshop was held at the Silver Plans for the testimonial to Willilms Is conferee branch.
Dr. J.Sams will be
... completed president.!


it,n t.i' t
,/, "
& & & .. ,. -'.. 1 .,