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985608 F20090414_AAAEBK 00502.jpg 2fec8484431a63bd6248890f5a89cd0a77b09d39cab9cf691993b8c9023c203644b74003
117392 F20090414_AAAEBL 00502.QC.jpg 3892b8d7fe4fcaa86e565eaa0758f3396191bc40503a45ef02368c22f9ada96ef992f051
7127630 F20090414_AAAEBM 00502.tif 6e2ef0d426b454b1409dfe1d1a67727778801f89958b29ac92f083a36d5407e7bfe88996
30133 F20090414_AAAEBN 00502.txt fdfba928fb8a71a1b6f179c32958869303465163c69705ae1aae6edba34591715e4595b3
28655 F20090414_AAAEBO 00502thm.jpg 4f5f4491118b2cf28ab60edfeb8a5a003e85fdd65514c6b8ba2b14fbe7318bfcdc07f815
873596 F20090414_AAAEBP 00503.jp2 d9f29a5205a13892ebab58d3c30360b1814a13ceb9ecd308d4c5b6f5c25e7c769572a276
1015270 F20090414_AAAEBQ 00503.jpg a9673ded2ae3dd396b43beda4345197313867adb2d713c039fd4e8bb8c44530804649a64

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200746datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 17, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007460740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 17, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 17, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.... ,- ..


f I 1\\ :

** ** *


** ** ** 1)1lV" ** nit * *TA HP ... ... ... ... ... 'nv

II Represutcd Paa Aii i P..t iP Nls .-.a LJJ:1e: ij\J.lU

t Low Income Negroes .

Heavily Hit By I

I j jU : ; t taosKlLre Flom School Board Firing

j t1 Of the 271 persons who will hardly enjoy a "Merry Chrlstmasf

LA l because they won't have Jobs after Jan. 13,, Negroes in the
k 24, 1 lUo' 15 CENTS lower income bracket will e in the majority

Duval I County school board did hot believe it necessary
t' t * members last Tuesday votedto "to cut all of them out of
dismiss 271 school a job." Re added that he thought
employees in order to operate some school programs could
Mother-in-law within a reduced: budget. be curtailed. I
Scheduled to get the axe come Board member Harry Kincald
Jan 13 are 131 custodial employees said of the action, "As hard
22 television clerks as it is to let people> go we I
1ivz ; and 98 library clerks. have no other choice" He said
F A survey shows that something he questions such items u
G} EGl ING like 80 per cent of the custodial $40,000 to provide goggles for
I employees are Negroes or about student use in shop and similar
: 120 In that category who will classes to avoid eye injuries,
lose their jobs. Since only a but he said the goggles are
i small number of Negroes are required under It&telaw.Goyernment .
S 1 hired as television clerks it is
.' estimated that about
: J" t .. SLOW In .that category will be without Takes
jobs. In the case of the library
The beuttt clerks' 1. rough survey shows I
shown here represented Pan ff about 21 Negro library clerks 700.000, Lien. I
Blossom Parade earlier will be among the traditional!),
Norma Lawrence Gloria Charge} GJ19 OBMSNef "last hired and first fired"
Crier. Seated Is Miss Supt. Ish Brant recommendedthe > Against 3 Negroes
,u "queen. dismissals, but placed the
I Center blamed m the Budget Commission
Rep. Powell Too Slow : He said he did not|' NEW ORLEANS- {NPI>What
believe it "humanly possibleto is considered the biggest legal
Greater Jacksonville Economic do any more with this budget action by the government for
Among Followers Opportunity Inc. openeda than we have... collection of taxes against
new Satellite Center on The school board originally Negroes was started last week
NEW YORK -NPI-( Rep. Wednesday in the Educational had requested budget of 154.4 when federal tax liens of over
becoming a symbol of Building of the Bethany Baptist million but this was cut back $700,000 were filed against
country u legal and personal Church, located on Lewis St. by the Budget Commission tf> .three Negroes charged with
t And the more he Is lambasted school officials are berating In Us efforts to reach all of $50.4. possession of over $1,000,000worth
in the press the more his constituents pushing too hard for school the people in the Jacksonvillearea Board member Ned P.Searcy of narcotics and not pay
ellnjto his leadership.The last week charged that the new center will offer in a dissenting vote, said be ing income tax on this amount.
New York Congressman *'\ I all /of I the services rendered No charges of income tax in*
In trouble with the law in New : guidelines! ( suggested cutting In die "War on Poverty" pro- Miami Man l Killed nsionbtve been filed M the
York and In danger of' being off funds Is too harsh a method gram. taxes "ire not due until April
unseated Congress,staying to bring about ,desegregation.. Duval County will have total In New York HotelNEW I IS. i
in Blmlnl, where It's warm- "It was Intended u an incentive of six cetera reaching those The government agent said
put not u hot u it could be for ," he said, "but in practiceit people who live in outlying YORK A Miami an this large amount represented
him back home. I has become punitive and, areas. Baldwin and the Beachesare was reported u the victimof what the trio owed on their
At Harlem's Abyssinian Bap- unfortunately those who bear the next centers to be two gun shots early last 1966 earnings on drugs.
list Church, of which Powell ,the brunt of the punishmentare opened Sometime in the early Sunday u he sat reading a The trio and the amount of
tbV absent pastor the the very children we want part of next year. newspaper In the lobby of a the liens were as follows:
Congressman has the over- to help" Services available under the Harlem hotel.Described Leroy Smith, $370,713.89;
whelming support of a congregation Mathais urged Howe to consider Greater Jacksonville Economic u a welldressedNegro Melvin Smith, $172,289.79;
which regards his legal an alternative to Opportunity program Include: from Florida the victim Margaret Smith $167,534.45.
troubles U "punishment" for the cut-off provision, but Howe Sewing Classes, Adult Education was Identified as Imo Newbold, They were arrested following
being champion of his people's said the principle that federal Classes, Home 32, of Miami. a raid on their residence located
cause. should not go to an activity Management and Homemaker Three shots were fired, two in what was once the most
The elders of his church areas Congress.'I !In which discriminations Services; Surplus Foods, of them going through the newspaper highly respected area in New
proud of him as he is of i practiced is Important and Employment Family Coun- and hitting him in the Orleans where the cream of
himself. They hare acceptedhis be retained. seling;and a program designed face. white society was wont to liveon
defiance of the court injunction s The three-day hearing con for the Senior Citizen residents; Police said Newbold was olden days. The raid was
without the smallest after Rep. William C. Day Care for the working sitting in the Wilthom Hotel made on a Sunday but since
resentment. R-Fla., chaUengedthe mother Tutorial program for when he was killed at 6:30: a.m. state law bars raids on Sab-
"This Mr. Brooke in Massachusetts activities of the child who needs help with Newbold had entered the hotel bath illegal charges of
," a woman of Education his school studies;a supervised a short time earlier police possession were dropped. Also
whispered in the church "You have gone beyond your recreation program as well asa said, and told the night clerk found in the house during the
hallway "be must be a very } and completely con for summer program Headstart that he was going to sit there raid was approximately $200,
fine man to become a sena- I rary to the Intent Congress" school the child about to enter' and wait for a friend. He purchased 000 in cash
tor. But I have never heard Cramer. for the first time the paper and sat down.
of his doing anything Important -
the way Rev. Powell did President Cheers Viet Nam Heroes Ex-Caretaker Fired
before be even got to office.
Now that Mr. Brooke is In
office, he's got to match up For Showing Flat
to the Rev. Powell's record." ---

Another congregant, noting rL__. JI __ .
To Negro Women
criticism of Powell's love life, __ _
lamented that Powell wasn't t s w w
being seen with the classiest MINNEAPOLIS Minn. -{NPIA >-
women. former apartment house
"Adam shouldn't be with a caretaker has told the State
girl who has skinny legs. I ) Commission Against Discrimination -
want Adam to be with the big; I that be was fired for
gest smartest looking girls showing an apartment tothree
to the world" she said. Negro women.;
The dapper congressman Is Robert C, Peterson said be
remembered much more by his had shown the apartmentto the
congregants for trying to cut women after which two of the
Negroes In on the policy racketIn women went to cash a checkto
Harlem than whatever sins make a deposit.He .
of the flesh be may have com called Mrs. Marion Knoll,
mitted. the owner, to tell her he had
"Adam says we don't go and shown the apartment "to three
make spaghetti for the Italians colored girls," be testified.
so why should they run ourDWDbera' Mrs. Knoll told him she didn't
?" one of his followers want colored people in her
said, referring to the fact that building, he salo,'-He further
18 of Harlem's 20 numbers testified that the owner told
bosses are white. Powell feels t him that if he wanted to rent
that they all should be Negroes. I I to
\ II Negroes, "you can't be my
His congregants expect: the I caretaker"
congressman to show up the A few minutes later, Peterson
white man's, hypocrisy when t told the commission Mrs.Knoll
the world begins caving in on j called back and told him tony
him. I she had rented the apart-
They are waiting for Congressto I ment.
try to have Powell removed One of the apartment seekers,
and for the congressman to I I Miss Daisy Stephens 22, be-
start talking about his white > I ame: suspicious upon bearing
colleagues' abuses of their offices. his. She testified she phoned
Urs. Knoll and was told the
"The Congressional Record apartment was. still available.
will be powerful reading when .'w r.. yJKnoll. denied, at the
Adam starts telling stories with hearing; t that she had fired
that immunity going for him," WASHINGTON -,President Johnson greets a group of wounoeo viet warn war veterans woowere I Peterson She said she had
s congregant said.: touring the White House last week. LBJ is seen shaking hands with a Negro GI who already rented the apartment
Another member of his flock ; has lost a leg. Beside the one-legged soldier is another Negro victim who has lost both nd testified that she told her
noted that one of the Congressional I legs. The President solemnly told the group it would be "some time" before there is peace. c aretaker to have the three
; He said the U. S. can expect: "difficult days ahead."
investigators expected romen make out an application


1 .

._ .< '. t"


Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company


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Mailing AddressP.O. : ( q

Boa 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 1 ', iI.jIGhl.) .' Iv
i )

,5018 NW 7th Ave. Phone 751-3879
:, I OW when Jesus was born in Bethlehem .
''{ One Year, $6.00 Half Year $4.00 of Judea in the days of Herod the king,
to You Anywhere in the United States Jj .
behold there came wise: men from the
Subscription payable in advance _- ,
Send check or Money Order to: east to Jerusalem,

FLORIDA Jacksonville StAR P.O.1..Florida BOX 599 Swing, Where is he that is born Kingof

I the Jews? for we have seen his: star in the east,

BORN ARIES MARCH BORN LIBRA SEPT. and are come to worship him.

2ht-t APRIL 19tb 23rd OCT. 23rd / When Herod the king had heard the% things,

INs good-will time! WhetherIt Show seu-control. The situation he troubled and all with hirfl.
Is still volatile and, there Jerusalem
Is the other party or Just
yourself quarrelsome who, Is it disposed should to be be fore fall, explosive.back on your Good usual Intentionsto policy __ And when he had gathered all the chief priests

stressed by all concerned that of must tactfulness not be overthrown and diplomacy by the : i' and scribes of the people together he demanded of
this is the season for love and
sudden outburst of emotional .
understanding to rule unchal them where Christ should be born.
ism. If you can manage to hold
lenged. This policy should be
adopted while there is still yourself In check, and not to And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judea:
offend your home companions.
time approved.to Turbulence get generally of the or public associates you can for thus it is written by the prophet,
sail serenely through Christ- .
partnerships can be easily mas In the very happiest of "
created and on the days to moods.
follow. 7-40-11-17-303

BORN APRIL 24th NOV. 22ndFun
of giving. The problemsthat
20th MAY 20 have persisted may still

Time files. Many of you will{ be with you in, but time should fer you lose and And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, are
:look at the calendar and find their sting
lout, to your dismay,that Christ other members of the accustomed householdto not the least among the princess of Juda: for out of
mas is almost here and that your
!you have done simply nothing style. The sense of accomplishment that- thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my peo : I ,
goes far to assure
about it. Instead of wasting
are in the right mood, pIe Israel.
time In vain regrets, you had you 1
enabling you to forget for a ,i.OI JDrive $11.'t:'
better put on seven-league .
your difficulties that area i Then Herod when he nad called the ; s
boots and get going while, the privily ,' .' o;! 3 : ; ;
of everyday concerns - part. your wise men' inquired of them diligently what time ( (l

GEMINI the star appeared. j \
BORN MAY SAGITTARIUSBORN And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go '

21st JUNE 21st NOV and search diligently for the young child; and when \

account its too of unsure.the troubles It may at home be on, 23ra DEC. 21stA ye have found him, bring me word again, that I j 4
or any other reason that you truce Is declared. The struggle \ %
deem valid, that may be driving between the opposing forces may come and worship him also. ,
you into reckless adventures. which favor and hinder you all ')
But what you may not realize, at the same time, is still in When they had heard the king, they departed; i r ,11 (t band
Is that you risk jumping from full swing. To complicate mat- d' '
the frying pan into the fire ters a little more, there is a lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went u _

when you encourage unconventional financial or emotional to fan the situation flames before them, till it came and stood over where the o j) -
I attachments or situ cropping up -
ations. of discord. young childvas.. ; ;

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with ex-
ceeding great joy.
22nd JULY 22nd 22nd JAN. 19th And when they were come into the house, they

Keep your grip. Chance may the child with his mother and fell
It's still with you. Whetheryou be working<< for you in some saw young Mary ,
have made any progressor obscure manner despite the down and him and when had
not during the preceding fact that things appear highly worshipped : they
quarter, the conditions you are disturbing on the surface. The opened their treasures, they presented unto him
trying to correct are persis- wise Caprlcornlans who have
tently clinging to you. This, foreseen present trends, and gifts; gold and frankincense, and myrrh. t
could underlie a set-to that who have amply provided the
creates sharp divisions in yeur necessary cushions to soften
domestic and public relations. their Impact, should be in a. '
It's wisest to clear the air and fine position to take whatever
to settle down to the more happens in their stride.
pressing urgency of preparing
for the customary rituals that t
lske place each year. AQUARIUS


t 1 20th FEB. 18th

Ifs still nip and tuck The
unreliability of others t unexpected -
23rd AUG. 22ndIt's rivalry, or an
additional burden on your purse
time to fly. No doubt, are all factors that remain to
many of you have been going be faced and overcome before
'along serenely oblivious to the you can really concentrate on
fact that the big holiday is only the more enjoyable holiday pursuits -
a few days off. This means Do not be tempted to
rushing with your greeting give too much, for this can r, 1t
cards, mailing and purchase break friendships almost as
and wrapping of presents. quickly as offering too little. ,i ii QeaioW
VIRGO '' -


23rd SEPT. 22ndWin BOBN FEB.
and lose. The financial 19th MAR. 20th c1\e\
side of the picture is not unfavorable You can't back down. Don't 5bnn
although same may think for a minute that the
not be true of your human danger has passed,for the signsttyt
relationships. Life Is funny that represent economic setbacks
way. It appears that everyone are still strongly acti \
has to pay a stiff price for vated. Where other methods tifl. ew
any favor received. It makes have failed, surprise tacticsto appu ear
We wish
88oI18r'S all l
things much more bearable to overcome your objectionsmay ) you
adopt more philosophical atti now be tried. A sort of -XK- 1418 16th St the gift of joy
.tudes. All of a sudden, :Jie resentment could be building
clouds could disappear and be up to a climax but you shoulddo Kings Rd hr-B Q Monci 1 this Christmas.
replaced by a beautiful blue. everything possible to keep Sahara Liquors
sky dotted with the rosiest of It strictly In check. Secrets : Rd : TIP TOP LIQUORS
tints. could be revealed at this time Parking U.S. 1 if"
5231 New Kings Rd. '
II -70. 22.15- 851I 919 Davis

I 4 I'' ..

-- -- -- -- --- -- -----

N + 1


Dolls Donated By Women's, ClubvantfV'SaBsaBBHHBlHHBBB I I

I SPEAKING louis/ th 11111'I I I I I I I I 'n."f-, BBB
Gulnyard I I '
t t I ,,

I a, ,
With the approach of.the Yuletide we Conference Workshop in Jacksonville l last 1 : I ,
see much of the commercial side of Christmas. Saturday. The M y r t ""e Avenue Branch I t

Fortunately, however, each of us Library provided the setting for the I I I r, ,'
is secretly hoping that the other person informative highly enjoyable affair. I,I ./ xe
will I I after his pace of gift-buying and The AKA Choral Ensemble directed by -tw
let up a bit on the greezing( cards; each June -Davis, furnished music for the a

longs for a serene Holiday with( ample meeting.Mrs. I I o '
time for reflections on the true meaning Gilbert Solomon basileus and
of the occasion. This( Is encouraging as the organization's' steering committeewere ,'

long as we yearn for "peace on earth responsible for planning the work- % .tN
we shall ever toil In that direction; and ship. Members of the steering committee ? yrtA'
eventually we will I see the fruit of our (included Mrs. Rudolph Daniels, Mrs. Nelson t + w i
I labor Spaulding Mrs. Charles Simmons, Mrs. '
Leonard Robinson Mrs. Alvin White, and 1
" Ward. -
Mrs. Jesse ,
Mrs. Nell I J. Coleman of QUO North Street, c
Arlington, is confined to Baptist Hospital ,
I tShe Mesdames Catherine Jackson and Emma = -
is making satisfactory progress on Morgan were guest players when Entre 1 ,
the road to recovery. Nous Bridge Club met last Saturday eveningin

the Go I fair Boulevard Howard Johnson w iM ,
* ,..
l + Ml
The 12th biennial Jabberwack to be Elizabeth B. Jones, Lydia Sweet and
sponsored by the Jacksonville Alumnae I Mozelle Bruton were recipients of prizes. l
Chapter of Delta Sigma( Theta Sorority has Entre Nous members present included Doris
been set for April IU at New Stanton High Bennett Ruth Broome R u 1 h Myers, ;' ,
Schoo I Charlotte Stewart, Helen Hart, and Aldonla ,
Miss Myrtle Turner chairman of the S. Hill. r
event states that proceeds from the Christmas gifts were exchanged. .a

Jabberwock will be used for scholarshipsfor .,.
local High school graduates. \- yNU," I

Father Vincent T. Harris presided at the iIt Jr: -:: _:'.::: rc :"C
" dedication of the Rotary Room of the for the Wilder Park Little Tots. The
Shown above is Mrs. Ann Ross director I
Alpha Kappa South Johnson Branch YMCA held at the
Alpha Sorority's recently of Wilder Park Neighborhood Center and dolls were dressed by the young ladles
Atlantic Regional Director, Mrs. Odessa Cleveland Road site. II
attending Edward Waters College under
three ladles who EWC
attend with
young ,
Nelson of Columbia, South Carolina, con- Other program participants I included I dolls that were donated by Riverside the sponsorship of the dean of women, Mrs
ducted an inspirational pre-regional Other program participants (included Ida Clark
Reverend F. D. Richardson, I I. M. Argrett Business and Professional Women's' Club

Judge Lamar Winegart Jr. I. M.
A. 1 L. Lewis
About People Sulzabacher president o f the YMCA WEDDING BELLS est '

Metropolitan Board of Directors; ThomasB. Branch ,
Mrs. Eura Lee Hill, board YWCA.
member and leader of Slade, president of the Jacksonville Warren Wade Schell Jr., 1510 Verdell Palmer, 1245 Hart St., '
i Ctrl Scout Council, !is Gateway Ill In Rotary Club, Alvin .W) Ison, and the Will I I I lam .. Annual MeetingA. Jefferson St., 50 and Annie 37 and Carolyn Victoria Wade,
I Raines School Mae Monroe, 2170 W. 12th St., 21.'t- "
the Naval Air Station Hospital. High Ensemble. L. Lewis Branch YWCA 1337 W. 24th St., .., I
The family may be contactedat After the dedication and a tour of the,, will conduct its annual 45.
6220 I' meeting Curtis Lee Ashberry, 1717 W. \. S
Pettiford I refreshments ,
Drive. facility, were served by the Jan. 10 at 325 E. Duval St., Eddie Roy Hudson, 427 W.IBth UndSt..ZOandPondeleiaMariaJ'

Y-Gradale Club beginning at 7:30: p.m. St., 20 and Alene Lucille Mon Diggs, 963 Acron St., 16.
Norman T. Urquehart Is executive directorof the theme Is, "The YWC4; \ roe, 1869 W. 12th St., 17, I
Johnson Branch YMCA, and Julius Jonesis in Action" A panel discussion Sammie Lee Williams, 531 W. FLORIDA STAR
a very program director. will be presented by representatives Daniel Mozell Anderson, 2186 19th St., 22 and Cecillia Melissa
from the Branch Comm Benedict Rd., 23 and Alberta
King, 1616 W.14thSt., 19. And
Staff f
Ma..s l t t tee on Administration Theresa Thomas, 1801 McMil .
Mrrry Tuesday Morning Club 1 Y- Ian St., 23.
Marie McClain and Myrtis Thomas Quali- Teens Jewels Y-Wlves andY
fied for prizes at a recent meeting of -Dlamands. The moderator 'Ronald Calhoun Brlkeley, 2464 NEW YEAR'S DANCE
Gems Bridge Club. will be Mrs. Alice L. Griffin Ellington Ave., 23 and Fannie
Catherine Jackson hostess Invited Music will be rendered by Lee Grant 1346 W. State St., 'Ii'
Mrs. Clara Y. Wllkerson Miss GIBBS NIGHT CLUB
a Rossie French and Jessie Fears as guest 20.
Carolyn and the Y-
,. '.
players. Teen Ensemble. -CALLAHAN FLA.
Robert James Williams, 5845 ,
.' i Joyce Lawson and Anne Lambert welcomed -
; were
.i' ;' Other participants Include Marigold Rd., 27 and Mary t
as additions to the club. Mrs Mary Alice C. Smith, Frances Johnson, 1972 W. 45th ''
p 'p. Sylvester Bo'ssard Z'!linarJohnson;'/ <&ev'a chairman; Mrs. Myrtle Jones, st., 18.Mack : Saturday Saturday Dec. 31 1966 '
Mrs. Jenkins
Wheeler, Lois Avery, and Marian Walker Marvyn Mrs.
were the other members present. Sula Wells, Mrs.Mary L.Bradford Gooch, 1323 Vine St., 23 .
.e Mrs. Marion Easterday, and Mary Atrice Williams, 727 $
At Door $2 Tables Free
Q M M t y M YWCA president; Miss Jean W. Union St., 26. Admission ,
Flless, executive director, and
s ms Mrs. Roy Sykes was Hostess at the recent Mrs. Florence J.Dlzon,Branch John Melvin McNair,5234 Buick From 10 P.M. to 3 A.M.
r meeting of Classic Lassies Bridge Club executive director. Ave., 19 and Rosetta Yvonne
UNIT DI Thelma Lewis( and Dorothy Pinkney were Mrs. Dorothy K. Owens la ''Mobley, 2015 Tuskegee Rd., ..
chairman for the annual .1.
guest players, with( the oatter qualifying meeting. 18. THE 1

I OOD lass for guest prize. NBC To Telecast Jimmie Lee Lockett, 1981 W.
Spaulding was top scorer among club 6th St., 52 and Floy JosephineDodd
STORE And joy of the members. 'The First Ladies'The 1468 Grothe St., 41. Explosion i;
Juanita Williams, Helen Toney, Hazel .
season to every Pink Lois Avery, Carolyn Washington social and family life of Freddie Brayboy Jr., 1191 W. .., r a
Dorothy Oliver Sara women in the White House is 24th St., 20 and Helen Dolores SHOW k ,
13th & family we know. Wright, and Henrietta ; I
Howard the other traced In "The First Ladies, Harmon, 931 Kings Rd., 20. '
were members in attendance a program in "The Smith y
Moncriel Rd .
CLUB EL DORADO rr.rt.r. sonian" series to be presented William Edward Harper, 1461 Known As ; ,
on the NBC Television Network Grothe St., 43 and Frances
5847 MONCRIEF RD. MERRY CHRISTMAS11easfon'st I I I Saturday, Dec. 24 ((12.30-1: p.m. Marie Scriven, 1465 Grothe., James Brown No. 2
NYT, in color). 36. s,, ,
"For all !its state occasions,"
out host Bill Robert Lee Wilson, 1944 W. ;
points program
4th St., 34 and Joann WashIngton
Q reetings i 'Ryan an NBC New correspon SPECIALIZESIN
III" dent, "the White House is still 4624 Moncrief Rd., Apt.
a home serving people as a 8,20. DOING THE ,
From All The Employees place to live and each First

Lady in turn tried to regulate ,James Anderson 605 W. Bea BROWN SHOW
life >In the house to suit the ver St., 56 and Mamie Urea JAMES
FLORIDA STAR best interests of her family" Walker, 605 W. Beaver St., 42.

DRINK DINE and DANCE p, f fwith
Christ Mew, 2541 W. 43rd St.,
21 and Brenda Joyce Sparks LAYELL HARDY
807 W. Monroe St., 17.


I. .
1, e' (:
4 I
.h ; '. Tick-tock..tick-tockr.
.1 .
,l ;

the Bourbon that

DRIVIEIiflINllC 4 didn't watch the clock] !

May Christmas OLD CHARTIER I

QUOASSPEEDY bring to each of

our many friends Kentucky's finest Bourbon

joy and happiness. 7 years oldSATURDAY



-Invites You To Listen, To-


Drive Thru The Building w.

5668 Ave. B Phone 764. 289''

IIII'U, 11:30: til 12:00: Saturday> >I 9 p.m.
James E. Bazell, Manager

1400 wine -1400



You Do n't Hire To Go To town To Get Final Riles For"Mamma" Twenty FourRegistered FLORIDA
For [,' jJ"" STAR '.-:/ '.1/:
DavisLOS ,1 ,

the people who was close to Twenty-four persons have
DRUG STORE NEEDS the Davis family she was registered for tennis classesat
'Mamma'." Wilder Park, according to
tirJtm Trad With Your 'Neighborhood Drug Store "Mamma's sense of humor Julius Gulnyard,playground- ;
i WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR JOCA1r' was razor-sharp. rector.
With these simple and warm TiM classes are sponsoredby
Papers. *> Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescript
tlons. words of respect Byron Kane, the Jacksonville Recreation
noted director and close friend Department and will continue
of the Davis family eulogized through March 31. 0S
Mrs Rosa B. Davis, grand- Guest Instructor Tuesday will
Dixie Pharmacy mother of entertainer Sammy be Julius Jones, program
Davis. Jr., In the Wee Kirk secretary at the Johnson Branch
O'Heather Chapel at the For- YMCA.
1 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Aveiot rest Lawn in Glendale. '
Johnnie Holton'sCleaRers Mrs. Davis was born August
81, 1880 in North Carolina.She
Phones 5559798
& Laundry Elgin was 86. She died from a heart
attack in the Westside
'Hospital In Beverly Hills IT MERRY CHRISTMAS

1661 Kings Rd. 2402 Kings Rd PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER Harrison-Ross Mortuary one *-+ ;
d the nation's largest Negro
May Yule
4045 Lenos Ave. AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE President firms was Leon In charge Harrison of the body.and a f foaco a"Yaffi"ess stocking your be fill

10 members of his staff handled ed with joy, love g
all of the arrangements ". and peace, To all r
The Rev. Jerry Ford, pastor be of our friends we
Bethel AME Church presided tour; send our greeting
over the simple and dignified for a Merry YuleHAVERTY i .
Kane also made these com- <8 err
ments about "Uamma," the fig QrisfmaganS .

:: mother cheerful of and Sammy gracious Davis grand-Jr.

;:1i "She loved Sammy Davis Sr.
S fle> adored "Pee Wee"rs.! t rou9 oJC1
: Rita Davis Sr.)and calledSammy -
, Davis Jr., her darling. FURNITURE CO.
t W "For the past 10 years she
i resided here and in New York. t eChew
Perfect I On opening night, there she
401 LAURA ST.CDerrt
tte I would. be beaming at ringsidepr .
front row center. I know
that she would want us to rem gearBubba's? f
oneretUrns ember that image at ringsideor
no front row center beaming."
Rev Ford added:
"God must have loved us because J
he gave us such a greatone. Coffee Shop
> ."
I.W. HARPER "CertalnlyGod gave her a rich
I and enduring gift. She lived with 617 W. Ashley
laughter and Joy." .- -
r' '
CASE BUYS STRAIGHT Members of the immediate -
family in attendance were Sammy -
t towel than wholesal price listed 'tn this BOURBON Davis Jr., his wife,Swedish'
actress Mia Britt, Mr.and Mrs.
It*quoted on full case'loll only
+ 16. Sammy Davis, Sr. Mrs. Davis

r ....__... I' CASE SthsrJ. daughter Is also survived and six by great one grand-grand e

; '. IMPORTED' children t ,
/ J&B 1 Celebrities spotted among the
edgcs ,I $5500
1,4 less than 60 attending semiprivate -
-13utlerROYALSCOTCH rites were comedian I 1))
RARE Jack Carterwho appeared with j
m Sammy in "Golden Boy"),George ; uo
'riquw 100[ % SCOTCH Blended Scotlind I Bottled ASSORTED CASES Rhodes (Sammy's musical 0 0Dr
A director) and other membersof
WHISKY 86 Proof
,, < 12 Bottles or MoreMIXED / bA
-gr his musical
spyi A' CASE 5ths group. r G
; CASE 5ths :t\\',: TO YOUR Sammy Davis Jr., his step- + 1

N .;...tj, ORDER AT his mother dad, rode Mrs.in Rita Davis and
$6 600 a private limousine
?6960CANADIAN : WHOLESALE. immediately behind the
hearse which tarried the body;
Other'members of the family
OLD $ and close friends rode in four ChristmasTo
$4650 Harrison-Ross Mortuary limousines. -
Mrs. Davis was laid to reston
a quiet hill overlooking the wish each of you all the
i,a ', city. On a clear day downtown
EARLY and of Christmas.
S4895TIMES Glendale can be seen joys blessings
CLUB Mrs. Sammy Davis Sr., overcome
with grief broke down and DALLAS GRAHAM
(screamed several times as her
.CASESthsi$63 ANCIENT $I1SO +pj' famous son and husband led her
to the limousine. Mrs ..H. Sitterwkite.;
Sammy Jr., held his
composure -
5h throughout the sevtce Rev Dallas J.J Graham
1 for Mrs. Rosa B. Davis, the

lady who reared him most from ...... ... ..... ..
J.4i.J-4. .J 4 ")"4j'--1. '' '''-: ...
birth because his parents were 13, _....._ _......_"' ---"' -
JAX LIQUORSONE in show business and on the :II
road most of the time. NOW! --.R
OLD "Mamma", as she was knownto
RARITY $ O NEAR YOU! her'immediate family and 4 LOCATIONS( 7 M?
$6990 close friends, was laid to rest f*
SCOTCH ,' at ringside or front row center TO SERVE YOU
CASEStht .1 Monday at Forrest Lawn In %
Glendale. 3118 Edgewood Ave W.

DEWAR'S$68$ 5 -8th & DAVIS STREETS And for she the must fine have manner been which beamIng 3701 EMERSON

P.6CKAGESTOREANOLOUNGE her family paid their final respects 830 CASSAT AVE. .
and laid her to

_. We wish

successful ky MAHAIIA JACKSON, CHANNIL Dte. 24th, ( Hi' 00 P.M. 4
year. 17 ;10 7: ..
AVE. Die 25th I:30 til' 4:00: P.M. Full ..e brie l hwr ihw.CoSponsored .
$4 895 AT CLEVELAND ROADWALKERS FLORIDA I STAR by Premier Meats and Danny Johnton'i Mitts ShopTURKEYS'



.':' f yg.. 39cM

\...t'. .:
f 12/1416.' ti


..' .,.V
-- .!..f-.r. r HALFOR 55 .1
t: -.. HAMS
, T. .' Le

Jax\\ FLA.

, aaavy ar GGSARGEDOZ.49c I:I

Peace be with

.i you all duringthis BUDGET SLICED

v z l D.W.Holy PERKINSAND FAMILY time. BACON 3 LBS. $ 1 00 1 1S 1WATCH







Plaidiig For Frndon Bitlgit Negro --
College RoundupFAMU Expatriate, -

HEATING F... .....". flRErlACE -IUTl.
a Operates Thriving caSE v:. v....
OIL S.,4..4, 0.. I COA"
C"4.' c.....
The theme for the 17th annual Florida A&M University Inter ',1, Business SchoolBELEM .\1,', .'so\s: try; & FIlf.14.t" .
scholastic Press Workshop will be "Career Opportunities in
NOIW"Oit "VI. I H. '1644511roet
the Media of Mass Communications." BRAZIU-HI
The FAMU pres workshop will be held March Z-4. 1967. DavidC. 3 3.4 Negro expatriate from the .
Colllngton, director of the workshop said a top group of United States Isrunnlng one of
professional consultants from the field of mass communications this port city's most thriving
has been lined up for the workshop. businesses.
+ Warren Johnson (Jack) Rhone
HAMPTON INSTITUTEThe is director of a language school
In a country where knowledge of Gwt) tma
election of Dr. Jerome H. Holland, president of Hampton l foreign languages particular,
Institute Hampton Virginia,to the board of the Eberstadt Fund, Y ly English-Is in big demands,
Inc. has been announced.The and business is growing fast.
new mutual fund was offered to the investing public In -it0 ii A former Bostonian, Rhone
September and is managed and distributed by a subsidiary came to Braille towrlteanovel
F. Eberstadt t Co., a 35-year old New York City Investment about the Negro people A year
banking firm which also has been active in the mutual fund later, he opened the Amazon Institute JL t has beena
business.Dr. of Foreign Language.
Holland the ninth president of one of the nations: foremost which has become the city'slargest pleasure servo
predominantly Negro colleges, has been a personnel executive language school. Also
ing ,
of the Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company president of He has not, however forgotten you.
Delaware State College consultant to the Pew Memorial Foundation his original Idea of writing a it is our pleas.
and has taught sociology at Lincoln University and 4 novel.
Tennessee Ail State University. He holds a doctorate In + "I've Just got the final drift &,, ure to send you
Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. back from the typist," he says. Yule -
WASHINGTON Two Negro leaders appeared before the Senate Gort..Operations subcommittee "The book is scheduled for the greetings.
VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE as that group continued Its bearings on the Federal role In rubes development. printers soon. Keep your fingers
A. Philip Randolph (left) President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, warnedof crossed until I get the
When the Music Department of Virginia State College Issueda "disastrous consequences" if the Vietnam War Is to be financed by the "black and white word." t It
clarion call for a reunion of former band members recently poor." Bayard Rustin, Executive Director o f the A. Philip Randolph Institute urged act- How did he get into language
sounds of the past were welcomed back to the Petersburg cam Ion on the "freedom budget" developed by the Institute which would guarantee an annual teaching? After teaching English
pus. wage for poor people (UPI) PHOTO in the U.s. consulate's
------- -- .
The reunion brought together former Virginia State College Cultural center in this city of
bandsmen and bandswomen for a regrouping of the outstanding Ga. Legislature Win!; one-half million people (about
forces of yesteryear and a concert of the music they played World toys Digest two-thirds. that of his native S
during their college days. More than 200 Invitations were sent city), Rhode became aware of
to former band members. About 20 were ableto respond to the One, Loses One rr the deamnd for language instru

call. SEAL BORDER once corporation (OFC) ction.
from far north as Washington ,a. He decided he would into
Former bandmembers as Before High Court NOQUI, Ango1a-NPI- bank affiliate to develop>> and go
D.C., as far south as South Carolina, as far west as Mar- freedom-war between Portu expand Its tourism .business for himself, despitehis
tlnsvllle, Virginia and as far east as the Norfolk area WASHlNGTON-NPI- gese nationals and black Port The money will be industry.used to lack of formal training In
returned to their alma mater to participate in the event. Georgia legislature split 50-50 ugese guerillas fighting out of estbllsh an International class the field.
Some of the alumni didn't have to travel at all-they are in Its two cases before the U.s. Congo (Kinshasa) has reached hotel In the capital and He now has 21 teachers giving
now on the Virginia State staff. Chronologically the alumni Supreme Court during tile past the state where the borders have to aid the went. as far a*the Class of '49. weeks. been closed. Portugal orderedthe facilities In the national guages, including Russian. His
Just Monday, the high tribunal closing of the borders following park reserves game 280 students range from" Peace
ALABAMA STATE COLLEGEDr. voted 5-4 to let the Georgia leg. the recent attack on Corps volunteers to state cabinet
islature decide which one of its Portugese troops by Angolan ministers.The .
Reva W. Allman chairman of the department of sec.ondary two-front-running candidatesfor freedom fighters. Diplomatic Ark. AM&N Grad student body also includesnuns
education at Alabama State College, is listed In the the gubernatorial post Is the relations between Congo and priests and ministers who
third volume of the Dictionary of International Biographywhich winner-Republican Howard H. Portugal were severed last Oct. Gets County Post feel a better knowledge of Portuguese
has Just been released from the press. Callaway of Democrat Lester G. because anti-Portugese mobs will help them in their
Compiled by Geoffrey Handley-Taylor in London, England Maddox.In sacken the country's embassyIn WASHINGTON PI)-Benjamin missionary work, as well as university
the dictionary contains the names of outstanding persons in so doing,the Supreme Court Kinshasa. Mc Gee, a 1966 agronomy students and wealthy
the United States, Great Britain, Australia Canada, East sided with the Georgia view, as graduate of Arkansas A.M.&N. citizens planning European hoi-
Africa France India, New Zealand Norway, Pakistan Phil- argued by HaroldNHiuJras- INTERMINGLINGPRINCE College was recently appointedas days. x
liplnes Poland South Africa, Switzerland, and Uganda.A sistant state attorney-general GEORGE, Canada a fulltlme county employeeIn Rhone, who saidhe was attract
member of the Alabama State College faculty since 1951, that Georgia law specifically .(NPIBritish Columbia's charge of crop measuring ed to Belem becuase he was intrigued
Dr. Allman has served in the institution as professor of provides that In deadlock elections Indian reservations are steadily service by the U. Conservation by the pattern of Brazil's
education dean of the graduate school, coordinator of grad the decision is to be becoming deserted as their Committee in Crlttenden Carr racial mixture, added be ha*
uate studies and chairman of the department of educationand thrown into the lap of the legis former residents have moved County. learned much from the Brazilians
psychology lature. out to Intermingle with the rest McGee, the first Negro worker while"contributing some
Dr. Allman is a graduate of Miles College and Fisk University. The state law Is patterned after of the Canadian population. The to be named to such a post has thing to Brazil."
She received the Ph. D. degree from Michigan University. the federal system of electing a move, a gradual one over the had two summers' experience "And Incidentally,*' bemused, INDEPENDENT LIFE t ACCIDENT
Formerly regional director of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sore President in the House of Representatives past 50 years has not been measuring crop acreages.His "I'm making a living."
ority, Dr. Allman Is active in 'numerous social and civic if no candidate without the attendant problemsof work will Involve supervising In his spare time, Rhone served -
organizations. receives a majority of the electoral prejudice and suspicion on a staff of performance as language technician for INSURANCE CO.
vote.Neither. the part of white Canadians. reporters In their measurementof the state of Para, preparing an ,
Callaway nor Maddoxwon farm acreages planted to illustrated manual basic English
WHEN YOU ARE ILL I a majority In the Nov.8 bal. DRUGS BY MAILWELLB4GTON cotton and rice, to determine grammar and conversa Jacksonville Florida
II' loting, although Callaway had a New, Zealand If farmers have planted no more tion.. ,
slight edge. .* '?i -(NPO-,Drugs by mail .Is ,'than the acreage alloted. t ,
I The Negro vote was credited the newest wrinkle which New
,You Seek The Best Doctor, I i with preventing either from Zealand officials have to cope
When Your Doctor PrescribesGet winning a decisive victory.This with-much like toe United
Experienced PharmacistsWhen j power bloc of decision account States' "gun-by-mail" traffic.
Your Doctor Prescribes ed for six per cent of the votes The police customs health and
Orders. We Use Only The Best going to Gov. Ellis C. Arnall, postal departments are presently -
Quality Drugs. .t on a write-in. engaged In an all-out
It is expected that the legislative drive to stamp out the pro- MAR
C. E. BLACK Proprietor decision will be rendered curement of large quantities of suPsR
when the new legislature con opium, heron, and other
3 Reg i s t ere d Pharmacists To Serve YouA venes on Jan. 9. It will be at dangerous narcutics which are
this session that Julian Bond, being smuggled into the countryand
............ COMPLETE LINE 0 F.......--... thrice elected representative of sold through the malls.
Atlanta's district 136-but twice THESE PRICES 600D THIDUKI SUNDAY AT EDGE WOOD AYE.
Cosmetics i Rubber Goods-Candles Sundries refused a seat-is expected to be NEW PATH
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's seated under U. S. Supreme ACCRANPI Ghana, which
court directive. deposed Its president Kwame ARMOUR STAR FRESH PORK
Drug Store Bond won Supreme court backIng Nkrumah, last February, ls <
of his right to a seat, despite moving away from the one-man
his statements opposing rule concept. The commission
1901 KINGS ROAD 1-3-8276 war in Viet Nam. named to draft a new constitution -
for the country,heard Chief TURKEYS ROASTL8.35
Justice Edward Akuffo-Addo, HEN
proclaim that "Ghanaians are
determined that never again
Prized Holiday Gift will the political soveregnty of
our country be allowed to reside '

in HO Countries AroundThe World! man."so precariously In one 12 pS. 39

been granted a $6.7 million
GOLD MEDAL KENTUCKY SOURSON4w(1 credit by the International Fsnh -


9 .

GIANT 1 LB. 69

r 59J.

5515 Ices
lr M

---- ----


i I '



LMCHARPER We take thisopportunity


'...th* alwayt
pltamrt \ ; $700I thank you all, BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE 01. JAR 43(

Give I.W. Harper BourbonBottledin DR. L. B. CHILDS
5 LB. BAG 55
Bond or mellow Gold Medal- PILLSBURY FLOUR *

prized among nations, prized among General Practice
friends. Handsome decanter and embossed BAKE RITE SHORTENING 3 LB. CAN 63*
carton,with our compliments. Of Medicine

NO PtOOf semis' BOW mono sru ash KMIKM mm (t1L) *eArs KIT CO.UOIWUt It

jg --- -- -- -

.. .. 4 _
vi I



B B H r
Q P'OR NAACP Membershi p ...And Away We Go Supreme Court Wilkins WarnsOf Campus NewsSHAW

... ____,
PACK Goal Believed 1It. : .1'+ "' -& "'"
eJANTA'S I J yI f To Decide Conservative

,Sight CongressROCHESTER
\ OH Rumford Ad t
NEW YORK-"Recent reports Charles G. Spellman director of Alumni Affairs at Shaw
Indicate that our NAACP foil 4 4L WASHINGTONNPI)-Tle U,. MInn.NPI>)- University announced plans by five alumni chapters to enter-
of 200,000 additional new or S. Supreme Court Is expectedto NAACP Executive Dlrecor Roy tain Shaw students and alumni living in their respective areas
renewed membership will be rule during Its current tern Wilkins has warned that the during the Christmas holiday season.
reached by the end of the year" on three cases Involving housing "maintenance of racial peace The first party was given by the Philadelphia, Pa., alumni
t 44+++C **W+4 says Miss Lucille Black, the discrimination tiled by petition!'> will present problems" in the chapter.
Association's secretary for from three sections of the na- face of a "conservative" Congress Durham's Harriett Tubman YWCA on Umstead Street, was
membership."As : tion. that turns its back on the site of entertainment on Tuesday, December 20, at 8 p.m.
a matter of fact, we Topping the list is the RumfordAct civil rights needs. The Rev S.P. Biggers, 1202 Chalmers Street, heads the
Springlelon's Cafe think out total membership by versus Propostion 14 in "The fate of racial peace is Durham alumni chapter.WinstonSalem's .
the end of 1966 may well exceed California. The other two concern -. In the hands of white Ameri, J.W. Paisley Shaw Club whose president is
Allen Bannister Jr. that of last year," she the eviction of a North cans those of Negroes Attorney J.L. Lassister, played host to university's studentsand
adds. "Everything depends upon I Carolina mother without alumni on Wednesday, December 21 at 8 p.m. The Patterson
what the branches do, how hard L a a hearing and that indigent "Contrary to the popular tale, Avenue Branch YMCA was the scene of the affair.
Proprietor' they work, during the next two Georgians who lacked moneyto the Negro is now so far down On the day after Christmas,the Newark,New Jersey chapter of
I weeks" fight back in court. in all categories that any slowdown Shaw alumni will be in charge of treatlngShaw connected person
The nation's high tribunal has imposed upon his forward of that area, according to Dr. Allan Crooms, president. This
A agreed to rule on the disputed movement will be, in effect, party will be held at 415 Springfield Avenue,from 4 until 7 p.m.
y'e California law -the RumfordAct a complete halt on Monday December 26,It will be highlighted by consultations,
named after Negro Democratic "In this space age, he cannot lectures, and introductions of city officials andShaw alumni who
Assemblyman William afford to halt or he will die. are prominent in the Newark area.
Byron Rum ord, Berkeley- And be does not propose to The final party will be staged in Love Lounge, 704 NostrandAve.
passed in 1963 by the permit suicide to be forced ., Brooklyn, N.Y., Friday December 30, at 8pm. LeroyMcCoy
California legislature and nullified upon him" president of the Shaw Alumni Association in Brooklyn
the next year by Proposition Wilkins, meanwhile, chargedthat invites all to attend this get together.
E 14. the persistence of two
t The Rumf ord forbade discrimination myths has been tbe principal COLLEGE
in the sale or"rental factor In slowing down, but not ALBANY STATE
of publicly-assisted housing,or halting the civil rights move- '.
HIGH POINT NORTH CAROL IN A to. Threeyearold in any housing with more than ment in 1966 Albany State College president, Thomas Miller Jenkins '
Melissa Ann Norwack tries out the four units. Enforcement of Its' The crippling myths, he said, announced here today that Dr. S. Walter Martin, who was recently -
-- that "the is Inaugurated as president of Valdosta State College, will
hydraulic lift for grown-ups under tute- provisions was given to the are Negro going
N ... ..! r' .. ,\,'1,1'I ,, 11", _. lage of Mrs. Richard Thomas, member of the state's Fair Employment too fast and that the Negro is deliver the College's annual Winter Convocation address on
Practices getting too much help from the Friday, January 6.
RED SNAPPERS; .69c pioneer refresher course given for Commission
Lt This program, wblch"officially commences the opening of the
registered r nurses in St. John s Queens, Proposition 14, however gave government.
Winter Quarter at Albany State, will be held In Sanford Hall,
He scuttled the
?,;; the property owner absolute "going-too-
one of the seven hospitals in the Catholic
beginning at 9.00 a.m. The public is cordially Invited to attend.A .
CONCH MEAT (Skin'less' ) 49c Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens discretion in the sale or rental fast myth" by citing the dis- :
Hell" ell'" C"m tor n/ntrr ..... "V' HUn' tl.ououne under development. Melissa Ann now of his property. In addition, advantaged position of the Negro Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Furman University Dr. Martin
tll. .Ult'U' .50 I" s lb, tans POX 11.II is the it contained a blocking in employment, housing, education holds his second presidency at one of Georc1a'.1nsUtutioos of
daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. future legislative passage action and the administration higher education. He was president of Emory University from
Nowack of Yonkers, New York. to chance or cancel out It.provisloo. of Justice.He 1957 through 1962 when he accepted the post of Vice-Chancellor
SNAPPER IHBOAT& La, ',49c.LI .. noted that the rate of of the University System of Georgia.
'-. ; 10It'OHLY.: 'lOX U'" Church Constructs 100 Unit DwellingBATON However, the California Supreme unemployment for Negroes is

ROUGE, La.-NPI-) Soverlgn Grand Commander of Court, In a 5-2 decision, twice the national rate;and that

Th. T'nir-S.lty.-Ruttitt ,.... AMl* M.*U, Fl.. The Mt.Zion Baptist Church has Prince Hall Masons. Construction turned back Proposition 14,and the working Negro, from
completed plans and signed contracts began Dec. 15. upheld the state's responsibility laborer to executive, averages CHRISTMAS!
IUJHIL$5JO for the construction of Officers of the company under the 14th Amendment, to only 55 per cent of the annual
SELECT FOR FRYING PINTSSI"| an apartment building for fam owners of the building Include insure all residents fair treatment income of white workers.Of .
Wes of moderate income. This Rev. Jamison, president; J.K. all new housing
STANDARD F0> STIWINC. SI ISPINTS they are doing in cooperationwith Haynes, vice-president; Ray- The state court noted that the constructed since the end 01 Jax AutoWrecking
the Federal Housing Administration mond P. Scott secretary; J.D. 14th Amendment ordinarily World War' D less than two
Young, asst. secretary;Dr.LeoS. would protect citizens only from per cent has gone to Negroes, ; CHEER
"t','lttlt, P ", 4: 11 ,,' The pastor of the church is Butler, treasurer; and mistreatment by state and local he noted.
'MAINE 1 LOBSTEff I E 1d'H S249 E Rev T.J. Jamison, secretary trustees Lewis, R.U. Clark, officials. However it found that "Police-minority relations, 5621 Moncrief Rd.
;MAr! National Baptist Convention. S.E. Williams, George E. Men- the discriminatory actions of as a part of the administration
One of the trustees is John G. cer, Dr. E.W. Bashful, Dr. landlords were also proscribedby of Justice, has not improvedat
Lewis, Jr., Grand Master and Louis James. the Amendment,inasmuch such a rate as to be brandedas
.['the electorate, in assuming to 'too fast. Indeed, the police VETERANSTHE
"exercise the law-making func remain high on the list of factors
tlon" passing Proposition 14, which make for racial unrest.
had become, in effect, a state The theory, advanced in some JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE INC.
agency. quarters, that Negro leadership ,
THANK YOU One of the other two cases and private organizations oughtto
R & R which the U. S. Supreme Court urban be able to "control"' Negro Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking
agreed to review concerned that concentrations, is extremely -
of a mother with three children unrealistic, be said.
who received a 15-day eviction "When murderers of Negroesgo Applications For Its
notice from a low-income free, when police mistreat-
housing project. ment is glossed over,when civil
LIQUORS The tenant,) It was charged, rights legislation is killed, and
received the. the enforcement of laws .' -Veteran "
., notice without a existing ** i :, Class. :<.- '., '
YOUR CONTINUED PATRONAGE hearing the day before she was is hamstrung; when housing,
elected president of the employment and school policies
Parents' Club, a tenant group. represent stubborn stand-
THROUGHOUTTHE This/ is the first time the high patlsm, honest Negro leadership The Size Of Our ClassesIs
court has agreed to review the can ignore the facts and
"rights of a tenant" in public seek to generate confidence in
HOLIDAY SEASON STORE and LOUNGE housing to be free from arbi- a zero."
trary eviction. Limited By Law.
Representatives of the NAACP
At Legal Defense and Educational
4' Fund, Inc., argued that Mrs. iflJ

Beaver and Davis Joyce a (Durham C. Thorpe, N., C.a)residentin housing Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
dYi'; M M project was denied rights
guaranteed by the due process FLORIDA Place.
clause of the 14th Amendmentand
the First and Fifth Amend- f1 STAR
: ments. CCL
In addition, the brief held, lJtwt9 And CAll 355-9874
"the broader question is involved -t
of the right of persons
r receiving any public welfare -
w'R benefits to at least a bare

minimum of procedural protection .... ,
before the very i!;'7.. .lraAIM Kurgan nouns MtiMt<< .j$wcor.< t tD te
t necessities of ,life are taken ,r':

from Local them.public housing authorl- | y can find abetter Bourbon: buiit!

ties follow a procedure of ij'you! .. i
drawing up tenant leases'on
a month-to-mohth basis, :

making it possible to evict ..- .1 '
without .f -" f .<, ,
tenants stating a reason, r '"
z <
LDF ; .
charged. < ;4't' \
At the same time,the Supreme g, ;, ..h-f ':
Court was asked to review the '
14CCJJe constitutionality of Georgia's .Lb,

statutes which prevent Indigent ;
tenants from making a defense
r against eviction orders because

inability to post bond in orderto ; .
obtain a hearing.The .
petition was filed on behalf
of two Indigent Atlanta Negroes, ,
FROM who were unable to defend ,
W' against -eviction solely on the I
E a" basis of their poverty.
Attorneys argued that Georgia __di I-
Code No. 61-303, which barred
petitions from a hearing because -
\ : cf: their poverty was in
Z .. conflict with the 14th Amend-
%: ( ( protection ment's duo clauses.process and equal

"Meanwhile two government
units and a Chicago foundation I
STATE & PEARL LIQUORS acted to improve housing con-
ditions. In Washington, the ,
State & Pearl Johnson Administration I"
R leased funds to finance home .
mortgates and thereby help a a
,j revive the depressed housing i .
': Broad & Adams adust ry. \ \ / \\ \
released .... ,.,, '
RftR The funds were by t ,'_ 1'f':
the home loan bank system to
help savings and loan groups Radiant! America's Large' Selling 6 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon.,

I j DRIVEINleaver expand their ability to make resplendent in a lustrous foil holiday wrap! A bright and shining gift! ,,,...!
new mortgage loans.
\ R & Davis Some $500 million will be
Available during the next few
months to finance mortgageson
about 29,000 houses at an J\ i
BALL LIQUORS FLORIDA AVE. LIQUORS average mortgage of $20,000.In tagt Sib 5.39

Chicago plan were announced -
Stores Buyer ,I Florida Ave. First & Florida Ave. for housing a $13 projectto millionNegroowned BOURBON Pt.

: be constructed on the far
Southslde. $3.40



i ; ;



I.(.,. ...,. p Posner _Distributes Christmas Joys To__ Youngsters Schenley Ads Irooke's Family

Madam Palmist & Margo AdvisorShe J.' Urge ModerationFor Stays At Hone

Advises on all Problems _, Drivers BOSTON-NPI)) Sen.-elect

of Love,Sic "...and Business ,r.: Schenley Industries, Inc., is Edward W. Brooke will leave
his in
'. ... urging moderation for New family Massachusettswhen
HOURS AM to 9 P.M. Year's Eve celebrants who he goes to Washingtonnext
DAILY ';: 4 ., drive. month to become the first

Located In l f _. 'i As a public service, the dis- Negro UJS. Senator in this

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA a. :: : I a tilling nation-wide company driver-safety Is conducting century.Brooke has explained that he

989 N. Orlando Ave. ; /r vertising campaign in which does not want to take his two

(Hi-Way 17-92 N.) :1"- '1 drivers are urged not to operate daughters, Remi and Edwina,
Fo Appt. Coll 644,4941 It 1 r their cars if they have been out of school. His two teenage -
1 R '' K, t drinking more than they should. schools.daughters attend all-white
h The ads will appear between
-\ Christmas and New Year in The senator-elect said he
4b national would commute between his
newspaper, magazines,
.r+ 4rL radio stations the Metropolitan Washington and his Massachusetts -
home until at least next
New York area and in trade
publications. Several outdoor
t, billboards in heavy traffic spots The Massachusetts attorney
i f y1 also will be used. general plans to live in the
,E : ,/r The large-space newspaperads residence of his mother, Mrs.
t u i read: "If your cup runneth Helen Brooke, who has a homein
over let else the northeast section of
someone runneththe
v 1i \ car Washington where Brooke was
1 "rhlsis the second time we born and raised. His father,
i wbo died two and!
have conducted this campaign," years ago, :
4 said Larry Rosenthal, advertising his mother remained here.
manager for Schenley Brooke plans to take French
Distillers Co. "Last year we lessons so be can work closely
with the French speaking
received so many wonderful
African nations In his new role
comments about our campaign '
that decided as senator.
we to repeat our
safety drive One language he won't need
( again this
"To make to learn is Italian, which his
sure that our message -
reaches as many drivers wife Remigia, of Italian ancestry -
as possible, we are also using has taught him.
the radio for these public ser The Brooke family lives In a
vice announcements." $300,000 house on Beacon Street
in the all-white Boston suburb
?i RELIGION of Newton. They own a summer
home on Martha's Vineyard,
.. off Cape Cod, and spend many
-- ---- AND RACE
For the fifth consecutive year, The Posner been sent to children; in various I Youth weekends As there.
Company, manufacturers of hair and beauty Rehabilitation Centers throughout the DETROIT-(NPI>-A rebuketo was not attorney often general able to be Brooke with

preparations, has brought joy to the girls country. Shown In the photo above are michael SNCC chairman Stokely b'two Car- his family. And now, as a U.S.
and boys i In hospitals a t Christmas time. two executives of The Posner Company ministers, planned In the form Negro of a Senator living hundreds of miles
__ ,,,a llssnsaBe Gifts of dolls and other toys have been Victoria Coney ( I ) and Belle Patterson ( r) visit to South Viet Nam. The from his family he would be
given to all I of the youngsters in the as they distributed gifts to the childrenat pair the Rev. Ray Shoulders, with them less than ever,
Harlem Hospital and the Sydenham Hospital New York's Harlem Hospital. co-ordinator, Michigan Human
in New York City and other gifts have Rights commission; and Daniel TIPSHOMEMADE
James, executive secretary,Institutional

Merry Watts Residents Formula For Racial Practices NAACP Officer League propose Youth the trip Guidance to show STOVE'
With CherryCherry's Take a gallon can and alice
Negro on the fighting front that
Escaping To Rural Busy Full Life Of Nursing Homes Appointed To La. they are against Carmichael's atiips three outward.three-inch Remove strips. screw Bend
fighting stand". top to act as a diaft. Fill bot "
Bar & Lounge Studied By NAACP CommissionNEW APPROVE BUDGET tom with several Inches of saw ..
Farm Valley WASHINGTON -(NPI) Dr,. ORLEANS -Dr.LeonardL. EDWARDS, Miss.-(NPI>-The dust and soak with Inexpensive
1943 Kings Rd.Cherry's Rosselyn Eppes, a charmini g NEW YORK-The National Association Burns, a vice president Of Delta Ministry of the National wood alcohol. Light Can will
FERRIS Calif.- residents are escaping to the for combing her bus], of Colored People> Is conducting members appointed to the Lou- approval of $405,165 in
Tavern "wide open spaces" of this career with the Important rot t. a nationwide survey of racial isana Tourist Commission by expenses for 1966 and a pro- EGO FISH ON
small farm valley in an effortto of mother and homemaker.The practices of nursing homes sera Cov. John J. McKeithen. jected $300,000 budget for 1967. You can ear flOi on by cola
1139 W. Adams find a better environment former Rosselyn Payne,1, ving Medicare patients. Other new members are Har- An Important boost to the Delta letting egg shells for several
for their children. she is the wife of Dr. Charles I These homes will be subJectto nett Kane, New Orleans; Mayorj. Ministry's budget was $100,000 weeks before you go fishing As
More than 1,000 Negro families W, Eppes, chief, orthopedicsurgery : the provisions of Title VI of the j. alien Dalgre, New Iberia; contributed by the Methodest you shells fish In, sprinkle water from a handful time of to
have reportedly moved here department HowardUnivbrsity I Civil Rights Act of 1964 beginning Tony Sansone, Shreveport; Church, with an edition al$5,000 time. Tiny lathes attract fish
CHRIST1A5CHE since the Watts riot of August, Medical school and I Jan. I. Under this title Mayor William H. Scott, New coming from the Christian Works especially on bluegilU
4965.: the mother of four children, Federal funds may be withheld Roads, and Mrs. Effle ShrelberAlexandria. Missionary Society of the and crapplei
Negro communities in the ranging in age from three-tc I from facilities which exclude Christian Churches\(Disciples).
irea--Glen Valley,' Upton nine years[*" bo.- segregate or otherwise discriminate I
Acres, Woodcrest, and Good Both attended Howard Medical against persons because I

, Hope-are being increasingly School and commencement'were married between of their race,religion or national .......IMI"IN"..NY.NI"r111.INN .I.N PIM........NN WI M.W"N...INb............
visited on weekends by Watts exer- origin. -
-- -- -
residents looking for a quieter, cises and their internships. Gloster B. Current, NAACP ";'! ,;: .,1 '.
less dangerous place to live. Dr. Eppes, who is directorof director of branches and field \ '. t
Perris Valley is about 75 miles the D.C. Health department'sclinic administration has dispatched .'
southeast of Los Angeles. for retarded children, questionnaires to the as-,
"The main reason we come gravitated naturally toward me- sociation's more than 1,600 .
out (to Perris Valley) Is the dicine. She came from a family local units In :50 states seeking .<1
kids," said Melvin Wright, 39 in which there were a number information on practices of nur-
r who moved his wife and four of physicians. sing homes within their respec .
children to Good Hope. five araaa._
kr "In the old neighborhood, w .*

wild other,"parents he added.let their kids run M t !: f_ rk.

His 16-year-old son's behaviorhas
remarkably improved since .
the family moved out' into the \\k. .
( country, Wright said. 1--
f The former Watts resident ; .+.
said it wasn't safe to walk the "
May Christmas streets in the old neighborhood. I \ .4
Now, "my wile can go to the
bring to each of store, and I know nobody's go -zi'r

our many friends ing Robert to bother Markham her. who liveson GIFTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY .... '>

joy and happiness. Highway 74 west of Ferris
said: "We decided to get out
of L.A because kids where we FROM 5c UP
DIXIE PHARMACY lived were running dope.
"If we hadn't moved our
children would probably become
1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AYE. EL 3-5597-91 dropouts and may have even Babies Kindergarten .
been on dope by now because
of the bad element In our neighborhood i i
," said Markham, a School-Age Children
musician and school
\VhenypuVe making out your gift list, Land prices have janitor.risen with
the new influx of residents. College Studentst
don't foj&tBooId friend( Two-and-a-half-acre plots

have soared In cost from 11,
Seagram's7CrownTheSure 000 to $4,000 In just a few Mothers Fathers 1 /w19i + e!

.r.... years.
t; One.Tri' .
Divorce ComesTo Grand ParentsAuntsUncles W .

All Ages

Sylvester Magee says there U
no reason why a man should
live in Hattlsburg and his wife -1
in Poughkeepsle, N.Y Hencehe
Is seeking a divorce. You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola. I

Sylvester age, so Is be just says 125, :and yearsof so SHOP mu fiRST AriD lAST Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshlng.That's

does the government which why things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke.

backs he was his born claims.In 1M1 and They arithmetic say The Joy Of Christmas Is in GivingSeason's

if says that 1841 from 1966
y leaves a balance of 125.
Sylvester and his wife were 6reetinjs( .tUnf*
parted In 1953.: He says she b go
deserted him but no t untU
after his and be MW wts-born., To All Our Customers :wan
His proof of h age has beenso Coke
strong th the federal _
t& government ha admitted him
# to a federal h, ital. He ser CORNER DRUG STORE .
ved In the ( ril War wherehe
fought with _'8 Union forces JjCok
in the seige of Yicksburg. 23 40 W. Edgewood & Ave.
Sylvester says it Is not nice
for a man to run around with
abuse MIIOU COMPMT. US,KUIH1 UHlSltr. N ftOflf.M"i two MUTMl SPIITt
other women while he has a, 768-3487 BOOM. under the authority of The Coca-Cola company byi Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling Company
wife. Hence he filed for a div-


'" I

91T. / 101tRA11 i* jWE

., .

K .... JS ,
I w r

}.yr 3.. .. r '
..,..w. x i4r .K ?


Masons Hold Colorfal' St. John's Day Observance

.-.., .. ?_.--w:- .. --

k "a -' -
,,; '

{tl S -

I "&?



'' ,

e r
i r

r s' .1
,,' 1 r
,, ,, ; ,

f w, +.
.,..z ,

I t '


..' .
r,., X97 v+i a


i I ( Vad


4 t ttlk

j .

-' :w'T.:- --. .. --.._' ,

STATE LEADERS of the International Free and Accepted Woodrow WIlsoc Grand Matron Mary Linda Arllna and Noble, PARTICIPANTS 'Members of the Second Supreme Chapter HawklM, Mlsii Lena Milliard. Mrs Ella Barry Mrs/Bealan
I Masons who spearheaded the St. John's Day observance held S.T. Darts In the back row, in the same order are Nobles Order No. 4 of the Order of Eastern Star who participated in Watson, Mrs !Katie Parish who was crowned queen for 1966-67' I
recently Miami are seen here. In the front row, from left Calvin Shaw, Thomas Montgomery, Amos Fludd,.Paul Roberts the St. John's Day celebration are seen here. From left are and Mrs. Lillian Webb. In the driver's seat is Worthy Matron
are Nobles Robert Hill, Maggie Lumpkins, Grand Master and member George Walker. Miss Willie Mae Barry, Mrs. A. Bradshaw, Miss Suzzle Mrs. Lucille Miller Photos by Johnson of Miami
.. _.. .
-------- ---- ----

. Fralured In Orange Blossom Classic Parade I

.. .....
-- --
__ ,,... \ It( ... .., K .-"""' .:'""" ', .-= \JfJ.lr"-"-. "- --'-, _--'"-.> ...::... _, '.,.:

1 1 [ i t. 'its F1 '.h 'r,

"1 ,.

/' rfl'i t tt i ,
., .
n'k ,


.; '

w t, ;,

a .. '"' ... r Tn Q*
.., t
,, I ,
e eANe
(' '
u, t.

,. 1 I r +

,. r' ,
? r,

/ '" "r" i / jlrwyy a


r + .x ; w .
,,+ r I q

v "
N r
;;v i y ;

t j ,
a. f
,, w,
t +
'e 4 ,
I. "l.;' .r K* .:: ,,' _......._ ..:.. -' f r '
Wd' --- ___ .<-, ,* > -FI*<"' ;: -- -- .I ..--iJ"IIUl.: .I.IJ.UII.. f6 6r. !
.JUTZMLB< One of the floats that attracted the greatest accompanied by 'score of lovely Miami youngsters. The Cox 'I UNIQUE Another entry which was balled for Its unique Miss Pauline Watklns. Sebrtna Wilson, the Queen;Jeffry Spun. '=
i Interest in the Orange Blossom Classic parade this month was Kindergarten has been participating in the annual parade for motif representing the church was the St. John Baptist Church the King; Miss Stella White, Yrs Berdlne Smith and Miss : I
the Kindergarten entry titled "The Hurricane Island." The 13 years. float, representing faith and religlon.-6howo on the float are Rutha Mae Mitchell Photos by Johnson of Miami =
King and Queen are Maurice Caldwell and Edith Lawrence Mrs. Barbara Coleman, Lora Jean Hill Chandler Washington,

Bill CosbyTo Moon Over Miami e T I SINCE YOU s DME-l]t :

Ride Float MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Christmas >is different in Miami L I I NEGRO By PRESS LONNIE PRUITT j'
Beach. A white Christmas
here would be calamitous.
This isthe v -- t
Santa Claus must travel on wheels, not runners. Few houses
In Parade have chimneys, so St. Nick must get in and out some other way. Dear Lonnie; Why does my mother have a fit every time I
nicest, As the houses don't have chimneys, it follows they have no use her cologne? She has so much, It almost covers her
fireplaces and therefore no mantels. dresser. The bottles are very pretty and all of them smell
:0 smoothest Bill Cosby will ride a historical Even If mother wears rrkta both the blue waters offshore goad I like to put some on me from two or three different
float with a modern legs there's no place to rg and the, southward reaches of bottles, but she always knows and she always fusses
,.bourbon message during Pasadena's them except the shower cur- Biscayne Bav. Perfumed.
1967' Tournament of Roses tofu rod. hardly a seemly locale
to Parade, to be colorcast live for Santa. SHE COULDN'T) HELP KNOWING >if you go wound smelling, .
ever come by NBC Television Network on Still, Christmas isn't dull, REACHSHORT like a perfume factory Why don't you persuade her to get you :.:.
of Monday, Jan. 2 (11:30( : a.m.- even U there's no Ice skating some cologne of your own? Or maybe you could save and start JI? .,,
out 1:45 p.m.NYT). As a matter of fact, the hotels your own collection. If hers means so much to her, wouldn't '"'
costar of NBC-TVs keep bugging her by using hers, if 1 were you
Cosby, are full of people who prefer .... e
; [Kentucky.Find '9 Spy" series (colorcast Wednesdays water skis to snow skis, sunshine -
a, ), will be guest honor to slush and beach clogs HfJNI ,
'A 'N on a float sponsored by the to galoshes MIAMI BEACH One of the Dear Lonnie: I have a class that has only nine students. All 4 ?ia
tiJ ti Centennial Rose Parade Committee The Miami Beach Christmas euUest industries >in the area my other classes have 2S or more. In this small class, we -..._.
Inc., of Los Angeles party Is a sampling of what goes around .Miami Beach was the-= really have a good time The teacher takes time to work with
The Centennial Committee on amidst the: coconut palms all manufacture of starch from each one of us, and we get a lot of help. I think all classes
( Initiated the first Negro-spon winter. roots of the coontle"fern"Theeoantle should be that site, don't you?
sored float entry in the ROM While young tennis stars from actually is a cycad,, one Serious.
Parade in 1964. Purpose of the 38 nations are playing here now of the oldest forms of plant
out 'centennial float is to commemorate in tbeworld'.but.tand1neJunior life. Some still is found on YES. IT WOULD HELP everybody to learn more However WHBI' J
there is such a big teacher that I don't believe it is
the 100th anniversary tournament, It merely shows undeveloped lands to the west, shortage '
for of Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation the municipal courts are open and it is grown u an ornamen possible to do that In most places. In a small class, Imagine Spotlight Product
yourself, Proclamation. all year for play by ,..ttor..So tat the teacher works a lot harder and the students get a lot of
In both 1964 and 1985, the are the city's three golf One of the most popular palms help. However, in a large class, the students have to work .
centennial float captured the course In Miami Beach is a native of harder so they keep up with what is going on. They have to Of The Week F
Rose Parade's coveted theme If the Orange Bowl regatta the Phlllippines that is bright really pay attention. Did yon know that come college classes 'b:
price. In 19M, It took first presents two with cluster of red seeds at hare 100 and ZOO students In a class like that, the student Miami if FloridaI ,,g
ilea bmaa really has to work hard to learn He has to be
prize In its Division, com.munity uatic speed, Christmas, aM therefore something. a
organisations. stratlon that sailing and power sometimes called the Christmas serious person who really wants to learn

MI'tIOCW. o aces CCMO PHINO. DISTIUIUV.UMJISVIUC.KV. beating are aU-wtnterpuUn.e.. palm. ..........e




Y --
'EXTRA MILD! IT'S IMPORTED! 1 Ad Agency Adds PR Service Winter SemesterRegistration IM

TheGentle ___ _______ __ Pill Practical Productsn Basket For Needy):

Scotch HIGHLAND I Approximately 1,300 students
flu'E registered for the 1967 winter
'semester at Jacksonville University *
MISTBlended during early registration -
last month, JU Registrar
r ns. ,i Lei Barnett said last week.The
number Is about half of JU s VyMg 0w t
'Barnett anticipated said.Regular winter enrollment, HJ

duled for registration Jan. 2.3 in Is SwIsher sche- t1M4 e4t W h $ tL

SCOTCH WHISKY Gymnasium. Previous registration -
have been held in the
100% Scotch Whiskies & Wolfson Student Center. J
--- Barnett said that new applicants fJJJew wv
HIGBLAND -- and former students
49 Ml not presently enrolled at JU
MIST who plan to enroll for
$4 ly ..r. }" the win-
kx t k Y :ter semester must flip application -
M. FIFTH for admission or readmission DR. ARCHIE T. FRAZIER M.D.
at least ten days ,
prior to registration. Application '
.....-... TENTH $2.55 forms, class schedules' 1913 KINGS ROAD ;
.... and other Information are available -
!;:::,?= from the Registrar's of- PHONE.. EL 4-1406 '
V2 PINT $1.65 '' .l rrM'1 fice.
Late registration will be held
W ( Jan 5-ll.Studentsenrollingdur- 12 TO 4 P.M. 1 TO 9 P.M. DAILY
Ing this period will be assesseda
(JftttftlOUOR Howard Sanders, president of Howard Sanders Advertising Limited, late registration fee EXCEPT SUN. AND WED. I

Only At Stores and Miss Dorothy Edwards, secretary-treasurer, look on approvinglyas
$ Maurice F. White signs an agreement making his publicity and Ga. Hiring NegroesIn 1
public relations firm an affi'iate of the ad agency. Mr. White
will I provide publicity and public relations services for Mr. -.7 V"r I'JI'
Sanders clients who range from banks to retail outlets in the White Collar Jobs

Negro and Spanish markets. Mr. White, formerly on the public ATLANTA-- The state of I MERRY CHRISTMAS
relations staff of the National Association for the Advancementof Georgia has been quleltly hir
Colorec People (NAACP) has as clients antipoverty and social- ing Negroes for professional our many friends.
action groups and business seeking to cultivate the N e g r 0 supervisory and other white ;
community. Offices are .located -at 527 Madison Avenue, New York collar position from which they
City. ,, once were barred state officials I jO /

(LAYNE PHOTO) "Between disclosed 200 and yesterday 300 Negroes ,,I *[ ; ," /afl9

1ELS Negroes" have been hired for .N'
+BX1S Success Story SNCC In Trouble such position dying the admin-
istration of Gov. Carl Sander,
Of Negro ParoleeCAMBRIDGEMass.NP1) State Merit System DirectorEd
Both North And SouthCHICAGO Swain said.
)- A Sanders, whose four-year & LEON BROADNAX Mnier
Negro parolee who spent almost -NPI- Militant rights leaders have come to the term as governor expires Jan.
half Us life behind bars has become aid of the local Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 10, made a recruitment plea
a junior executive after chapter, whose headquarters was raided by police recentlyand for state employes Thursdayat GAS OIL ACCESSORIES WASHING
three years of freedom reportedly discovered to house some $5,000 in narcotics.The Morehouse College, a Negro
Alben Barrows,41,has become raid came only days after denied he lunged at Mayor Joe Institution. In an Interview GREASING STORAGE BATTERY SERVICE
purchasing expediter and buyer, national SNCC leader Stokely T. Smitherman and policemen later, he pointed out that earlyIn
for KLH, company which manufactures CarmIchael was convicted In during a brief demonstration by his administration regualtion 911 Rd.
King EL 5-2960
sophisticated sound Selma, Ala., on charges of Inciting several hundred Negroes.The providing for non-descrlmlnl-
systems. The firm Is known to rIot SNCC leader has been arrested nation In employment were ad-
tor hiring minority group mem- SNCC leaders said the drugs about 25 times, and once nation In employment were JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
bers and person seeking had been planted by police In service a 49-day jail sentence In adopted for the State Merit
CAVALIER another chance. order to discredit the organization Mississippi for civil rights act System. CLOSED 25th & 26th Sunday I Monday
Convicted and sentenced to We which is not exactly in ivities.
for armed robbery, kidnapping, favor with city officials.
LAUNDRY & CLEANERSFor and rape, Barrows is on parole Robert Lucas, local COR E ; QUANTITY
from a life sentence after leader, charged that the RIGHTS RESERVED
spending 20 years,in jail.
raid was really an a 11 a c k on
Your Finest Barrows got a new lease on "black power," which both his
Ute when Paul Revey, KLH
group and are backing.
manager of manufacturing met Mrs. Carol Redmond Chicago / PRICES GOOD
him in the old MassachusettsState SNCC secretary, was releasedon SATURDAY

t 016 Myrtle Ave. :' 820 4 Florida Are levey Prison bad gone, Boston with his where wife bond after her Southslde apartmentwhlchdoublesssSNCC-. THROUGH ,,. ;CI
':> ,
Cor. Church & tee Sis.. t to help a party.Impressed a CiaracU04. group"give headquarters, was raided.
According to Tlmuel Black,

Cor, Kings Rd. & Tyler St. and leadership by, Revey Barrow's referred poise presIdent bor council Negro, the police American felt that La- --
him to the company's person the recent rejection of a police
nel director, who put him to review board "has them MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE SNOWDRIFT 790CARNATION
14 W. 8th St. 1200 Cleveland St. work as an Inspector in the carte blanche to raid the homes .
speaker assembly room. of Negro leaders and white "
41 Davis St. *1302 Davis St. After several months, Barrows sympathizers.The 69C EVAPORATED
became group supervisor Rev. Lynward Stevenson,

. 1281 Kings Rd. 45th St. at Ave. B for assembly 40 persons and packing in the room.final past ganlzatlon present, a,militant TheWoodlawnOr-Southside 1 LB. CAN MILK 6 TALL CANS $1HUNT'S '

The ex-convict had the to
11 W. Ashley St. 1413 Davis St. a room containing thousands of group and, doubted charge Mrs.police Redmond'sCUm "intimi -
dollars worth of equipment. dation and harassment." FBIIIFCOCKTAIL

*'. 36th St. & Noncrief Rd. needed"That to faith know In that me I had was made all I of The marijuana raid, in which and a barbituates dozenvials LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD 5 300 CANS$1

the grade," Barrows said PURCHASES OF S5.00 OR MORE
k 09 Davis St. 610-12-20 W. Ashley were reportedlyfound-lnabedn. -
room was said to be
a pattern "

of Stokely harassment Carmlchael for Sncc'convicted leaders. "Mix 'Em Up4 for $1.00 **

J on charges of inciting to riot,
IlI.OID) !)VHlSKf' ,M MOOT K\atria, MUTMl IDUTISCHUUV( DIST CO.I.f.CSchenley was fined$100 and sentenced to
: 60 days in jail at hard labor.He le SUEUR WHOLE KERNEL
Is presently free on$300 appeal

1 \ i bond.During his trial, Carmichael RITE CORN 120. CAMS $

; Give the Gift of .

... Music This YearGive CORN PEPPERS 12
I your family the gift of music
'Ii all dressed this Chrntmai
i dchtnley It'i the perfect way to build (am.. I GREEN GIANT TENDER LARGE 4$1 I
ily logriherneti Sparked by the current
i for the rage for everything from pop
up to folk tunes,music ai a family home !SWEET PEAS 303
activity hat soared in popularity and CANS
JOYOUS timeor ; aJ it today second only to reading.
Your home can be filled with the 11
rich loundiof music year.round witha COLLINSWOOD SWEET
year / \ new Hammond Organ, created !
r! to provide fun and musical educa CANSTUIDAY
, inter tion for. everyone from dad lo little POTATOES

2 t4's '


::.\- I 1 lev. Roosevelt Franklii Of 39cFLA.
} ,1wo't Macon Ga. TURKEYS IlOI.II.J s. LB. 394 RICE 3 W.

Divine, Spiritual, Healer,

Macon, Georgia.
Divine Spiritual Healer. Jesus 5 11 1 S 299
HENS 39C HAM 3 l8. CAN
Is truly giving blessings and LB.lt.YG.
t w victory to many people's prob-


I:have a special message every
one' in need tor. PICNIC'S 49C
Jut week many, many people SAUSAGE 1 ll. Rill 39C LB.
wen helped by my special 4 TO 8 LB. AVERAGE
selected Bible readin t to be
.... read each weekend If you want
to be delivered quickly, send U. S. 10. 1 JUICY FLA.
Just look at the slender lines,the tapering neck, 1.00 and self-addressed

the delicate fluted cap.And the bright,eye-catching package! envelope Franklin, to 630 Rev.Morrow Roosevelt Ave.. POTATOES "Ls=. 39C ORANGES 5 s m.6 29C

,- No wonder Schenley .U received with joy wherever it goes. "P Macon Georgia RUM'

) ., .You will and get Bible these verses specialelections by PET IITZ PIE PIG. WHOLESUN FlESH FROZEN

tGIt mail SHELLS 2. 9 INCH SHELLS 39 t ORANGE JUICE 5 'caD.Zs a.e


r-" .. .


IUP'.UnD Schlitz Florida Tennessee State Back To Peaceful Pursuits Albany State Dove HuntingIn

h"" ... .., .. ...... ..... ... __ __ ..
MAIDS, N. Y, SLEEP-IN I Fishing Derby Swamps Muskingum'Comes '
JOBS, salaries to $65! lore Streaks Past Final Phase
advanced Rush references ftp>fal CFOIWfI To A Close For NCAA Title TALLAHASSEE-banters

phone somber ABLE MAIDfi brA The $Chuta. Florida Fishing MURFREFSBORO; :! Tens. Claflin,120.89 picked up their pins on Dee.17,
AGENCY 163 N. MAIN,FREE.PORT Derby, a uniqueconservatlonre- On a cold, wet, gray December a as the third and final phase of
N.,Y.Royal. search study which enable state Saturday, 6,500 shivering fans Albany State College's Rams the dove hunting season opened
anglers to hook more than$300 kept their eyes riveted on a streaked to their sixth win of the at 12 noon The third phase ot
000 In cash awards will come to single clean-Jerseyed figure, young cage season In blasting dove hunting will continue through -
a close at the end of this year. framed by a sea of mud-splat Claflin College of Orangeburg January 8. .
Art StudioSTILL The Jos.Schlltz BrewingCom- tered one, who directed Tennessee S. C. 120-89 here Dec. 12. According to W.B. Copeland,
pany has sponsored the popular: State University to a Opening'up' a sixteen point lead, chairman Came and FreshWater
event lot six consecutive yearsIn convincing 34-7 win over 36-20, with 603: to play In the Fish Commission, the
cooperation with the Florida Muskingum College for the a first stanza, Bob RaIney subbed I 1966-67 hunting season will be'
Game and Fresh Water Fish NCAA Mideast Region College his regulars with reserve In full swing with the opening
TAKING Commission and the State Board Football crown here In the third strength, and they were Just as of the third phase dove huntingand
of Conservation. With all costs annual Grantland Rice Bowl. prolific. sportsmen may take ill
borne by Schlitz, the two state Rain-wet but untouched behind Shooting a phenomenal 63% In naUYeandmfgratorygame! except
agencies tagged released more the perfect pass protection the first half, the Rams, led by marsh hens; which closed
than 50,000 fresh and saltwater of Charlie Williams, Harvey high scoring Mack Daughtry and !'November 25.!
INSTANTPICTURES fish throughout Florida duringthe Dixon and Harry Carpenter Jimmy Reams, canned 25! of 40 Other closing dates are as
derbies. ,Eldridge Dickey who hit 14 shots from the floor At the end follows: Woodcock and snipe:
f ( fishermen received awards of of 29 for 316 yards passed of the 40mlnutesof play,RaineY's December 31.
from$3.00to$IOoootromSchIltz for three and ran for two TDs Rams, wlththe subs chiming in, Deer, bear, wild hog turkey
for cooperating by returning any as he paced the Big T while potted 53 of 103 field goal and dove: January' 2, except In
: tagged catchesfortheconserva- shattering six and tlelng two --.-- attempts for 53%. the Third Conservation District
tion studies. Over the six years NCAA regional playoff records After Vietnam where he was an Army officer /crushing defense with Daugh where deer, bear, wild hog
more than 8,000 anglers landed extending the school's win Ewell E. Echols Is more than happy try and Bob Pritchettputtlngpre- and turkey hunting will con-
I tagged species to the tune ofover string; to 24 and snapping the to return to scientific research In the ssure on a small Claflin five, tinue through January 15 and
300000. Huskies' string at 17. oil In ustry. He works at the Houston led to repeated turn overs as the In the FourthCoo.servaUmDfs-
New Location SchUtz President Robert A. Dickey despite the rain, pas- Research Center of E Production Rams moved toa54-34half-ttme tract where wild turkey hunting
s s o
Uihleln, Jr.said the fishing derby sed for the game's first TD advantage.. will continue through January '
Research Company Humble Oil affiliate.
and rammed two more on one- a Reams
program was being retired ? 6-7 l/2Junlor finally
i1st & Myrtle Ave. after achieving its primary objective yard sneaks to build a 20-0 uncorked with his best pre- 22.Ducks, geese and coots: Jan
of "contributing to the halftime margin for the Associated (6 Tigers Selected To Eyes Will Be .formance of the season, dropp-
scientific studies which advance Press' number two ing In 10 of 16 shots from the and squirrel: February
Florida fishing as both an in- college team.Driving 1966 SWAC Squad floor, with 21 points.. Daughtry, 26, except In the Third'Con
SAME PHONE 354-1894 ''dusrty and a recreation which 80 soggy yards in On Heisman considered a prime All-American servatlon District where the
has Important tourist appeal." seven plays Dickey tossed backto CRAMBLING La. Having candidate led all Ram season will continue through
In addition to the research back long-yardage aerials already battened the batches I scorers with 26 markers. March 5.
nefits said Uihleln, "we aslo to keep the drive alive. Midway Mon. a share of the Southwestern Trophy| Winner 39All
hope we were able to add some the first frame, he hit John Athletic Conference football' ,
){ f 1 ffie O f L ti fleb'fOIl excitement to the great t. sport Robinson with a 22-yarder and championship, the Crambllng eyes will be on Helsman (W ( "W
fishing in Florida through our then fired a 46-yard scoring Tigers continued their monoply'by Trophy-winner Steve jSpurrler
'cash awards to anglers." The bomb to fleet Nolan Smith who dominating the league's all- when the NBC Television Network -
1 n Schlitz president said the company outsprlnted the field for the star team. colorcasts the Orange MERRYCarter's HRISTMAS I
would continue maintain game's first tally.Capitalizing Conference coaches, not given Bowl Game between Florida and )
nf an active interest in Florida on 36 yards in- 'to over-optimism paid high 'Georgia Tech on the night of
1WJ( ij/O'iIOU)/ l @rlMTh conservation matttrs. terception return t by senior tribute to Cramblings all- Monday Jan. 2 starting at 7:45:
J Bounties ranging from $25! to Howard Finley that moved the round potential by selecting six 1 p.m. EST. (the Orange Bowl
$300 will continue to be paid un- ball to Muskingum's four Tiger phee-noms to the 1966 'colorcasts will follow exclusive
er present derby rules for tag- Dickey bolted over from the one SWAC squad and gave ample :NBC color coverage of the SugarBowl
4 d ged fish caught and delivered to after a three-yard pickup by justification for high appraisal ) at 1:45: p.m and the Rose Funeral Home
Schlitz Wholesalers for the Gene Bowen. Roy Meneese, <"of their handicraft. .Bowl at 4.45: p.m., EST).
state agencies before January 1 I. added the extra point with 5:34 The team's basic strength Is But it won't be the Florida
.. 1967, said Ulhlein. left in the half. Scarcely three in a massive line where James quarterback's first Bowl expos- 925-29 W. BEAVER ST.
.M From derby records of where minutes later, Tackle Claude Todd, 232-lb. defensive end and ure on color television. Last'
and wheneach fish was releasedand Humphrey covered a Muskle Norman Davis, the loop's most year Spurrier paced Florida to
11Hi. caught, the state was able to fumble on the 18, and Bowen ballyhooed tackle, are the key the greatestfourthquartercome- Sammie L. Davis
I establish that some species picked up a first down at the men. Both are All-American back in Sugar Bowl history but
have a homing Instinct and can two. Getting a yard at a time, candidates. an unsuccessful gamble enabled
return many miles to their or- Dickey carried for the tally Charlie Joiner, a 172 lb.flanker Missouri to pullout a 20-18 LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTOR t EMBALMER
iginalhabitat if they are moved on his second try. with burning desire to excel, victory in the 32nd annual class-'
,.toother locations. The research The OhIoans turned their Clarence Powell, a 220 lb. ic.At ,
also revealed that some fresh record-breaking five pass Interceptions guard seldom fooled by decep- the start of the fourth quart NOTARY PUBLIC
s water fish are more easily into their only tally. tive plays; Larry Metevia, an er Missouri led by hard running I
caught when taken form their Rick Monbold scored on a two- eager 232 lb.center;and Robert Charlie Brown, had built
native enviornment and placedin yard pitch out, capping a 44- Atkins, 218 lb. Junior safety up a 20-0 lead. Then Spurrier
strange waters.Another con- yard, nine-play, drive with 10 whose speed and reflexes make showing why he was one of the |Phone Elgin 4.05454.054
firmed fact was the great value minutes left in the third period. him an effective pass defender nation's greatest passers,piloted -
of man made reefs, or "hiding The Merrittmen countered earned berths on the team. Florida to three touchdowns
3 .S o w F places" for salt water fish with a 79-yard scoping pass Southern University provided within nine minutes. But after
which will congregate and remain and run by Robinson to take considerable pluses with four each of its fourth quarter touchdowns 1 1To
for long periods at piles the wind out of Muskingum'ssails. players on the all-star eleven' Florida tried passing for l JACKSONVILLE 4, FLA.
'. .of Irregular concrete chunks. while Texas Southern, Jackson two-point conversions and all .
a "The Schlitz program offered Robinson made his sixth catch State, Arkansas AM&lN'and three attempts failed.!Had they C! A(" .
r1' t .our fishery biologists the opportunity of the afternoon, a 12-yard Prairie View tied with three gone for the conventional one
to tag measure and scoring aerial from Dickey In each. point after touchdown they might
) release 18,615 salt water fishes, the final frame gaining 193 Two Alcorn AIM Braves assumed have won 2120. '
primarily species of com- yards for the day. AU-SWAC status, and Spurrier piloted the Florida'
mercial and sports Import- "This is a perfect 10-0 season son-touch Wiley had only one Gators 86 yards at beginning
1 ance." said Robert M. Ingle with no strings attached," player named for exceptional of the fourth quarter,passlng22
State Board of Conservation Coach John Merritt beamed ability. yards to Jack Harper for
Director of Research. "A total after the game. "We don't haveto Florida's first score. Still 14 '
Kings Liquor of 3,804 of these fish have been share this championship with Joyner Leads Shaw points behind, CoachRayGraves \ chpCHISTMRS
returned. anyone." gambled and lost on a try for
cumulative analysis of returns Of the 11 seniors playing their two points. '
2703 Phillip Hy. 3593913Elsie of key species has sup- final collegiate football game, On The HardwoodRALEIGH "I felt it would be a shot In
plied valuable Information on Glanker Smith offered "I'm the arm for our boys to have MdA
growth and movement. The use sorry to see my college football N. C. -The Shaw eight points on the Scoreboard," Hann9 New Year
Vial Eunice Harrell Charaty Taylor of various fish tags also pro- career come to an end, University cagers are on their he said. "With so llttlettme left
vided excellent published data especially If I don't get a chanceto Christmas recess but Norman I thought we might get another
leroy Anderson on comparative efficiency of play pro ball." But senior Joyner has the Bear fans bussing touchdown and a pair of field .
lerow Baker r tags for different species offish Cornerback Alvin Coleman and eagerly anticipating goals, but didn't think we could \ III ,
tersely offered, "I'm through." the "67" called score three touchdowns."
.-.... games. Joyner : all our friend,
His team
him and
"Smoky" because of the way surprised
r he burns nets, is a six feet everyone else. fk 1 both old and new.
senior guard from La Grange After two plays Missouri fumbled ,
c +
For the
me, most challenging N.C. on their own 11-yard line. 11111 4arse
As the team's captain, he has Spurrier on third down, sneak- ll '
thing in skiing is meeting led Shaw to its split of four ed over themlddle for two yards .
'I games with his 25.0 scoring and Florida's second touch-, t r
obstacles at IIII
tough average ((53% from the field) down. But the two-point pass
and rebounds failed and Missouri still led 20-
per game.
top speed and His expert guidance is 12.Seven
expected to lead Shaw, to a plays later Spurrier.
beating them. )::'A winning season and a berth In started another drive, this time
F the CIAA tournament. His 1 from his own 19. He! tried U consecutive ... -
greatest assets are his shooting passes completingslx. "
At the end of the runthere's j I and ball handling. On the final 21-yard pass, end ; '
i 'I The Jumper from 20-30 feet Charley Casey made one of the n, / -, ,
one gin I enjoyGordon's out Is his speciality. Driving greatesfcatches' in Sugar Bowl ),. ";. rI
for lay ups with a lot of twistingand history, diving in the end zone ''I' !..,. s =
Dry turning maneuvers Is for Florida's third touchdown.
another of his characteristics.Big With the score 20-18,Spurrier I
It's always crisp. Dry.A things are expected from tried passing for two points but tIt Davis Furniture Co.

I jump ahead of any Joyner In the next two months. And fell time incomplete.ran out.. |I 1 135| Broad St. Pho'ne 353-579)).

gin I ever tried."

Kert Samples International, Certified _
I Ski Instructor and winner of Gold Medal ___ 1
awards for slalom and down hill races 1
I Samples has taught skiing at Hunter 1f00p
Mountain. New York and Savoie France



{ t w erMnws


..i". laseosanGIs

.... :J.r .;;''
.... .
1. .... ,
... ....,. :
; ::: :
.....,......',.... ;
.. Gordon', Jan G..rad In London.EngInd In nes.Is .
(/>,Ixgatst,.".r- in ngl.nd.#fi0nc* and/II. world, "BR D

... fHDUCTOI u.SA.1OOI'IIMML IPWTI DIST U p 1e0,1 GIlAllt.IO PIIOOf''.CIOfIDOIf1 DIIY GIll 00.TO.UNDal.aa. Beef at its Best 'ot I a

J ,

.. "


'Shaw Cagers Drop Presentation Of Woolworth Athletic Achievement Award Term A&I Stars Lead NPI's I

__ <, 7>'. .'" _
Two Tilts In Dec. <:i>J<: '''AA-- .All... AMarifflii Cnllaaa Taam m
: I'
) '''',
RALEIGH N C. The preYloosly KANSAS CITY, Mo. - unbeaten Shaw University .\ States last spring and the past fall, we have seen Just about'
Bears dropped two : very Negro college team and most of the major gamesand -

successive games recently Thus, we feel that our annual William Tucker,Tennessee

The Bears' first defeat was at E Negro college All-American All, 8-3, 225, both ,seniors
the bands of Ell bethdltyN.C. team for 1966 is the best ever. Flankerback: John GlUlam,.
The Bears offense was led by You'll notice that we are going South Carolina, 6-0, 198, sen
Norman Joyner, who chipped In with a two-platoon team, witha ior. -
thirty points. kicker on the offensive squad. Kicker: Ray Scott Prairie

Joyner, team captain for the l lT Claude Humphry, ferocious View, 6-6, 228, senior.
Bears, carried the Bears to a tackle from Memphis, and Tennessee Defensive team members are
47-11 half time lead, but his i1 Ail's 6 ft. five, 255- Ends: James Todd,enabling
efforts alone were not enough to Ib. defensive demon, earned 6-3, 230; and Larry Wright,
keep ECSC's big Bob Smith and the distinction: of being NEGRO Ft. Valley, e.7, 228, both sea,
guard Freddie Lewis from PRESS; INTERNATIONAL'S. iors.
moving their team to a 77-72 "Player of Uw Year." tackles: Claude Humphry

lead with 4:45: left In the game. The big Blues have been pacedby Tennessee All, 6-5, 255; andLee
Lewis, who has a great twenty- his great play over their Grande Anderson, Bishop
footer, spear-headed the driveas : past two undefeated seasons. College, 11-1,284. both seniors.
he blasted four consecutive Against Texas Southern this Linebackers: Willie LanIer,
baskets with less than flveraln- fall, it was the unrealistic play Morgan State, 6-0, 231; Pet,
utes left In the tilt. by Humphry that kept Texas' Barnets, Southern University,

In addition to Joyners offensive tiY r ( Ii. ; :'fie g vaunted offensive from ever 6-3, 230; and Kenneth Houston.'
efforts for the Bears, getting started. Prairie View, 6-5, 222, all
Bobby ifoore,Shaw freshman, Humphry was the fifth man seniors.
contributed eighteen points and Ii in the visitors' backfield and Sport MagazineTo
rebounds. Ivan Donovan : : Coach Jack Paul of Texas
numerous '-
I / i Southern said team he has
"board demon" for the .... Present
Bears, again led the way in the 1 ever coached was so helpless
,' It
'rebound department with twenty before a single player.It Corvette Award/

'lour. I l ,- was the greatest individual NEW YORK- A 1967 Corvette '
im ,::4 4 effort this writer has ever seen
Shaw's second defeat come at ; convertlbe sportscar will
In all of
the hands of the of North my years college be
Eagles ," presented to the Most Valuable -
.,....: ball. Humphry is a Junior Red
Carolina on the Bears'ownhome Player In the Superbovl
Shirt and will doubt high
court Saturday night,December .; no go playoff game between the Cham*
10. The Bear led for most of the in the pro draft this May. pions of the National Football

game and possessed a ten point a yi Eldridge Dickey, All blue rib League and the American
,lead with less than five bon quarterback; William Football League, announces an
minutes remaining, but fell be-. / Illti Tucker, gifted Tennessee fullback article In the current Issue of
and James Todd
bind in the final minute as Lee ; SPORT Magazine. The Corvette
Ommle Davis, center for the' Grambling's exciting end are will be presented at a luncheon
Eagles who halls from Raleigh, the only repeaters. Dickey has at the New York Hilton Hotel
made the team three times in
brought his team down the during the week following the
stretch. as many years. He gets the championship contest. '

Norman Joyner again led the .nod as the top offensive per The award winner, to be selected

Bears with twenty-six points. ,former. by the editors of SPORT
This is the offensive team
Shaw's next game will be Magazine immediately upon
Thursday night, January 5,1967at line-up: completion of the game, will
Ends Leo Daniel Johnson
the C. C. Spaulding Gym- : be "the player who did the most
nasium on the university cam- Tennessee All, 6-2, 198, Junior for his team in Superbowl,"

pus, as the Bears host the Golden HIGH POINT. N. C. At the I. ) a senior at FAMU from Plant City, Florida and end University; Elmo, 6-2 Maples, 205, ,Southern Junior. according to the article.
Bulls of Johnson C. Smith The coveted Pro Football Corvette
sored by the F. W. Woolworth Kindricks ((2nd from r. ) a junior at Alabama Tackles: Norman Davis,

University, Charlotte. Orange Blossom Classics, in & from Opelika Alabama. LTookes'(1. ooking on are Hansel Grambllng 6-5, 265, and Jonathan awardpreviouslywaspresented to the outstandingplayerlr -

Larry Little Athletic Achievement Award was '( ) assistant footbal 11 I I coach at FAMU ando Hardln, South Carolina, the National Football League

ball player who has Louis Crews head football I c ach at Alabama A&M. 6-5, 262, both seniors. championship game
Robert J. Brown president of B&C Associates madeI' Guards: Walter Rodgers, Ala Former winners: 1965, Jim
on each team. This ,
Of B-CC Earns average bama MM, 6-0, 200 and
presented to defensive back ( presentations. Thomas Walker, Texas South Taylor, Green Bay Packers;
1964 Gary Collins, Cleveland
ern, 6-2, 270, both seniors.
Another Title Grambling's Attack 11 Happy GIVE TO FIGHT Center: John D. Brown, South Chicago Browns; Bears 1963 ,; Larry 1962, Ray Morris Nit,
Carolina 6-3 255
Little of BethuneCookman MULTIPLESCLEROSIS .cblte, Green Bay Packers;
Larry Sport Quarterback
College, the rugged 265 Slowed Down To Alle n, Tennessee All: Eldridge, 6-2, 198 Dickey, jun, 1961, Paul Hornug, Green Bay
Packers 1960 Norm Van
tackle who made a name ; ,
for pound himself in the SIAC Con By Mississippi In .-( Ken-)) The great cripplerof ior.Running backs: William Ellison Brocklin, Philadelphia >Eagles. ;,
ference while leading the adults 1959-58, Johnny Uhltas, Daltl,
and Rlley, .young Texas Southern 6-2, 210,
5.2 added Grambllng fought off a severe more Colts.
Wildcats to a season, NEW ( has Bobby
to his collection challenge by Mississippi
another award
when he was named Little All- Valley State, 89.69, Dec. 1. not be ALIT fans According to an article in the '

American by the Ebony College with late speed personified by the all the Sugar and. They couldn't have current Issue of SPORT Mag Old Taylor Presents : Ingenious

Scoreboard In Pine Bluff, Ark.''r Howie Davis and the sklllluU"IDanlpulatton" ,. q azine, Baltimore Bullets' gen. Americans
Negroes on r
The senior caplaln'recently; and" shooting of : era! manager Buddy Jeanette, r
voted Outstanding Lineman of guard James Jones.A '-the most up their when asked what he thought
the Year and Most Valuable defense-conscious squad, Bowl, which with two of trading Bailey Howell for
Mississippi Valley playeda 2, because Dominated by Mel Counts commented: "Bea :
Player by his teammates, wasa ,
falls tP4rr ;
unanimous, choice for the hard-driving game, cut down on a sophomores, helluva deal. Think Red
honor. Termed "one of the on the wide open action Gramb- Leading from a 102- Auerbach would go for it?? j.
likes and forced the Tigers will be and still un
best players Pre ever Hag
a coached: by Lloyd "Tank" into a new precept with a slower playing his College to Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and
. Cornhuskers. College 85* .
Johnson. "Little also In line more-patterned attack. Norm Cash were the only ma-
for All-Conference honors." Coach Fred Hobdy added a Ing as one of Brown jor-leaguers to homer in every

The 21-year-old Miami, Fla. second half shuffle offense to Nebraska league park last season, according
native is expected to sign with go along with his fast break from guard from to an article In the cur 1
the Los Angeles Rams after after encountering serious 5.11 and than lived up rent issue of SPORT Magazine. std
In the first half. His nickname Sought
are com
post season games
pleted. The Tigers Just couldn't get Others on 20 colleges Donn Clendenon of the Pittsburgh
started and found themselves are Bob ; Wright hit
other persons named are: Pirates led the major ,
Andre White, a 6'5", 232-lb. urgently In need of more fire Charles Wynn, end; loss leagues with 25 homers on the >
had nine as
tackle from Tuskegee Institute; power. road last season, according to .,
halfbacks.On the switch
Harry Dixon, a 6'2", 214 lb. With the attack bolstered by an article In the current issue
Tennessee State exceptional team work and a ball, of SPORT Magazine, but hit
from ;
guard ,
Ben Gregory ; nets for 28 ;
Larry Little a 6'2", 265-lb. superb "second effort" on the just three at home
and Rat.
tackle from Bethune-Cookman boards, Grambllng closed Jerry The Pirates, showing the same
6'4" strong to rack up Its fifth victory and Bob ; that what 'tendencies were baseball'sleading
College; Willie Parker, a ,
Langston ; was not only ''i
285 Ib. guard from Arkansas in six starts. homerun hitting club on
Laurie G Rattlers I"
AMN Alonza Wallace a 6'2", The Tigers had five players r the the road In 1966 with 110, but ter
220 Ib. center from Prairie In double figures with Jones Mind, La., holidays, slammed Just 48 at Forbes I

View College; Eldridge Dickey, pacing the attack with 26.Emanuel Nebraska Wright Field, one of the toughest parks
bowl first half and
Cannon added 18 more in games. for homer-hitting In the majors.
a 6'1", 193 Ib. quarterbackfrom to Stanford his season !
Tennessee State; Lamest the disciplined 2113. In Ave.MB"I. points In '
6'(0" 205 Ib.halfback shuffle.
Barney, a her In her three games
from Jackson College; and Levi! Oakman, a solid forecourt Watch
appearance, .
tossed in 25
George Nock, a 6'0"( 180 Ib. performer, Miami in who is con
halfback from Morgan State. points for the visitors. Bowl, New Clarence This Clown

In her ,Ind.who 8& 92 3&
appearance, eyes
Auburn 137.We to only 14 66-31-58 I t I

games,he r" >.:>\. ,, / .;;.. .
Morris 5 3 *} in a kites

26 points. 9
; for FAMU 1

,,67"6'3",cen and 8 4 Granville T. Woods (1856.1910) r

forwards Cad- 43-52 25 .

and some Tony 15-81-511

in a long //Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes

He's Down, He adds,',subtracts,
specialize shooting Hi works it all around. His inventions helped chickensto

(I' the their. them entire added to 14-11-94 hatch and trains to stop.It's .


\ the best believe that who in the development of air bra Ices.
: he has had 57 52 42MAN'S to : a man ne vances
If the Rat. ver completed an elementary education This was just the beginning.Woods
patented over thirty-five electrical and invented fifteen appliances for electric
mechanical Inventions. Yet Granville railways.The greatest of these was a telegraph -
may a Woods did just that. system that enabled moving trains
ree"jNqsFlorida years Woods went to work when he was 10 to communicate with each other.
and learned his skills WoodswentontoorganietheWoodson
"Man's. Days are Numbered.. years old literally
Health and Fortune Can Be the job. In his early thirties he became Electrical Company.And, in later years,
Yours When You' Know Your interested in thermal power and steam- he succeeded in selling a number of his
Lucky Days. driven engines. And, in 1889,he filed his inventions to several of our country's
first patent application on an improved largest corporations.
Star And Staff S Bend Lucky Colors, etc. steam-boiler furnace. He then invented Granville T Woods will be remembered -
chance $2.00 for your an electric incubator in 1900.And in the as an ingenious American and a
Horoscotw Guide for next three years he patented scries of ad prolific inventor.
of a
Mrs. The ca Clark Miss Brenda Collins
i>lU In.the blank below and mall OLD TAYLORKENTUCKY
to ZODIAC, Post Office Box
Mr. Lawrence Marshall A STRAIGHT! BOURBON
Miss Virginia Congo 1171, Jacksonville 1, na.NAM' .


Miss GladneN! Richardson Mrs. Carlene Simmons Super STREET! --------- for fret booklet containing the portrait and itory of each American in this atrlet.

St. DATE OF BIRTH---- Writ lot ingenious American Booklet, Room 134), 99 Park Av., N.V., N.Y. 10016SATURDAY

Mr. Eric 0. Simpson Miss Hilda Wooten. 5673 Mo. Day

., h


... .. till. ,- :-. .- si. .y. i < -; .w--/r. .t w. . . .. .


II Media Women Meet I
HELP WANTED Young Men M0fr. StsatorSurvives


and women, to sell adver-
Using. Liberal draw, liberal Vacancies At YOC )>- The
,commission, euy work, quick t "Zippy"t
Young men Between the ages first Negro ever elected to ePennsylvania
sales. You earn .75 to $150 Ityou're ."-- -''''' ,..."""..,,\, of 10 and 21, who are unem Senate has described -
keen. FrLigt benefits.i ployed and have been a school himself as "lucky to
Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323 dropout for at least three be alive" after narrowly escaping -
Moncrief Rd. cor. 13th. I months or more are needed to death in an auto accident.
I fill vacancies In the Job Corps Herbet Arlene, 49, suffered
'''said Gordon Punshon, manager a broken Jawanda broken t
of the Jacksonville Youth Opportunity hip when his car collided with x
TOOTHACHEtt l\\\\\\\' Center. one driven by a man Identified -
ww iwe.r ,"err M. M.I"'II. .! nlM IMformuH II ''''V''''''''y N N N,-" Punshon said that the Center as Joseph P. Venetian,
...., .,.... ,.... ,
I. m" ORA JU I pat uff& who critically Injured in
M l ,atllr M .."... is now allowed to enroll SO was
.M.llur....."" ...to.te.d.lor nun".''I...,fI...11 ROOSEVELT GRILL young men -at month into the I the accident.
All dr.a.tet. Mme aore.tel Job Corps. Both auto were
'Z' aoa nut Asiiir sum 'I Young men recruited this in the crash.
month will not leave for a Several of Arlene's teem were
,....,,''''''''''' ,, ''' Job Corps camp until after knocked out In the crash, and
the first of the year so that ,1 his face was swollen to nearly x
they may spend the holidays twice its normal site. .
. with their families, .Punshoo He was returning home from y
said. Harrisburg the state capital:
: Enrollees the Job Corps, when UM accident happened.The .
Punshon pointed out will receive impact of the collision
vaUofaJI .room 'and board, work, forced the motor 'backwards
clothing, medical and dental and rammed. the steering
care at no cast to the enrol- wheel into Arlene's chest. At
I lee and will be paid $20.00a the same time, he was thrown
month for spending money, forward into the windshield
; In addition, a n enrollee will which shattered but did not fall A "Zippy" balloon, modeled after the famed Royal Crown Cola Co. TV cartoon character,
K. receive $50.00 for every month apart. holds the spotlight during break in the formal banquet sponsored by the Columbus, Ga.
Arlene knocked
spent In the Job Corps. was unconscious based International soft drink firm at the first annual convention of Media Women Inc.,
in the crash which
Punshon said that Corpsmen held in Chicago. Left to right. Chuck Smith director
special market activities, Royal rown
u U leave him
0 will be provided a tetal learning may permanently Cola Co. Mrs. John S.
a scarred. Doctors at Graduate ; Sengstacke, wife of the editor and publisher of The Chicago Dally
experience. Corps members Defender and head of Sengstacke Publications Mrs. Theresa
; F. Hooks, women's editor,
Centerwith Hospital used 12 sttches to close
will live at a Job Corps The Dally Defender, and president of the Chicago Chapter, Media Women, Inc., and Mrs.
a' deep two-Inch gash in his
young men their own ageQ Rhea Calloway, advertising supervisor, The New York Amsterdam News, and founder-national
they will work, receive Job forehead. president, Media Women, Inc.
( skill training, participate in
community activities recreation Edward It. Dudley Noted
and physical actlvitielfto Dr. King Takes LeaveTo
provide them with a well-.. Diwn Elected To Boston
rounded experience before
May Christmas Joy, Met a long bring happiness ell day long leaving the Center to enter Write New Book NAACP Board

May its sparkle and cheer remain with you throughout the year the world of wotk. To Lower CourtNew BOSTON Kenneth Guscott,
Punshon added that the Jack-
president of the Boston NAACP
sonville YOC has sent a totalof York Supreme Court ATLANTA, Ga.-Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., .is on a Branch, reports the election of
275 young men to Job Corps Justice Edward R. Dudley, a two-month sabbatical to write a new book. four leading churchmen, by
Centers throughout the nation, former NAACP lawyer, was The president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conferencewill overwhelming majorities,to the
during the past year. named administrative Judge of be out of the country*during his private retreat so that he branch's board of directors.
Punshon said the Jacksonville New York city's Criminal may write without interruption.Dr. "
: YOC Is a part of the Florida Court.
State Employment Service that While be will be stepping down King said he decided to have lost our sense of direct-
( specializes in assisting young to a lower court, be will take write the new book because he ion, and that the forces of good r WANTED
_ &wO3tPlenty people 16 through 21 with their charge of the city's criminal found in recent travels through- will are in disarray. I feel a 'Beauty operators, and barbers.
employment problems and has court system. He will retain out the nation that "there is need to re-examine the coursean New Hollywood Beauty and
the responsibility for recruit- I his former title and salary. uneasy feeling in the civil of our movement and suggest st Barber Lounge, 622 Ashley St.
ing, screening, selecting and rights movement that we may new ideas and programs." Call 354-9774.
enrolling young men for the
Job Corps in the Jacksonville

FOR RENT '.::4t J
Parking Open Sundays At Noon
Respectable, completely &
furnished apt. All electric MAk ; it:; t74Ls
kitchen. Married, working
CALLAHAN, FLA. U. S. 1 Just Across The County Line couple anytime.only. Phone 353-0942

..:::!::':..:. ; ,\; .",.. SHOP AT YOUR Atr* i. 'i

; ffl'iA&W\ l '" WAREHOUSE STORE an _

_ v. .5 H B iw 3000 W. 45th ST.

The t that ab f: 1 !,::!:
\ store cares... () ;you t: ARE GOOD THROUGHSATURDAYDEC.


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TURKEYS 35rraraetta "aI
and upPndici ;R' .

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CANSPECIAL Asst. !!1"lil! [ CH'
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'-, l llnRx+Rtl ts> : > ast We Y celebrate the birth of the
--1 t/4 PORK LOIN SLICEDFLOUR Prince of Peace with the hope your :
PLAIN or SELF RISING .1 PORK days are filled with wonderful joy., : r .' ;

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esaraeatxa x+
waescsassut Drive In Liquors Enquire 8 Package Store

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..... KMCMCWfc _. -JII4M teppaaple aepwRyt