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17801 F20090414_AAADWH 1966121701.xml 5a9524827d0fe5bb8270ef4e519f2b808c4060c8bc7ca2c73aa0641b98157fb3906e6cf5BROKEN_LINK 0483.jp20484.jp20485.jp20486.jp20487.jp20488.jp20489.jp20490.jp20491.jp20492.jp20493.jp20494.jp20483.txt0484.txt0485.txt0486.txt0487.txt0488.txt0489.txt0490.txt0491.txt0492.txt0493.txt0494.txt0483.tif0484.tif0485.tif0486.tif0487.tif0488.tif0489.tif0490.tif0491.tif0492.tif0493.tif0494.tif0483.jpg0484.jpg0485.jpg0486.jpg0487.jpg0488.jpg0489.jpg0490.jpg0491.jpg0492.jpg0493.jpg0494.jpg
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1083118 F20090414_AAADTO 00483.jpg 1bb82c8335166a36f76800b451991d73527053e972926bdef9a3c29bd887a9b5af3e49bb
22102 F20090414_AAADWK UF00028362_00745.mets 4a9dda7cbf187744363d73bbabdd96d48ca25b71c2491f13c1a5b5b8a9c2980dbd3a416b
120361 F20090414_AAADTP 00483.QC.jpg f421266cab56ace53fed4adb8ac2c4b0e780bc7074962070db702a9657349b0d4b865393
7520744 F20090414_AAADTQ 00483.tif 4aa058f372c1a2905422c71a9da0d8254a7853abc7121b525f1d84e9ebe2a2dd748e8e50

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200745datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 10, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007450740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 10, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 10, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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PKY .... ., ,. .
LIBRARY p-- -- b. f"I" HIMMMII0Mri ii1J irair\jinfl P IT /W* "
1- rt-.:.. ; l-: Zi ': :

ol MM. HlblUKY:) ( ;. :;0' ,.::' : ;/. I, : i 4 .:\ : Can t t Fmd l } "tl: oosli

*: ;

* *


..- -. .

OIDenUlo.? of J11m'Florid u. ) e $fo.mJ811I

I * * *



VOL 16 NO. 31 SATURDAY DECEMBER 17, 1966 % ]15 CENTS wwww
m .
* * Jaxon Sworn
Kennedy Clashes With Negro Leader

_ _I Civil Service

"'- --- -_._ ------_ .

... Board MemberThe
* * *

first Negro to sit on the
Jacksonville Civil Service was
e + sworn last Tuesday a quiet

3 WOMEN FREED yH swearing-in appointment.bitter controverssay ceremony following over his J II IIa

H Charles E. Simmons, Jr., and
Yr er executive of the Afro-American

_ Insurance Co., was sworn In by
IN KILLING MATES City Recorder William C. Almond -
with Mayor Louis H.
Ritter who nominated his for
the post looking on.
*, The City Council approved
Simmon's appointment last Fri
Named Husband Killers MarchDanceIn -; day after rejecting him five
Negro days earlier.
a I A Ja
The executive branch of Jack-
Customs Judge Jacksonville, senvllle's government struct-
Freed Jax JPsThree
By ure, the commission, had nom
: inated Simmons several weeks
For Florida SCLC To Stilt earlier The council which

of four Jacksonville women who killed their mates '' makes ordinances and confirms
tWt.t de.
WASHINGTON -Judge JamesL. vfj a 10-day period have been freed after corners' Inquests. A somewhat new to appointments, shelved It In
monstratlon Is expected to be committee until last
Watson Monday.
been named U.s. Mrs. Eula Mae Harold, 54, Buddy" had a long police record unveiled this week-end In Jacksonville --
Customs Court Then It was called out of corn.Charles't'Slmtpoa"'siJt *
judge in Texas charged with the Dec. 4, killing Including assault charges when the local chapterof
Georgia and Florida, by Pre- of her husband William Harold and gambling, moonshine, and the Southern Christian Leadership WASHINGTON Senator Robert F. Kennedy (left),' D-N.Y., chats with Floyd B. McKlsslck
sident Johnson. 53, better known as "Eastside numbers convictions. Conference stages Its head of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) during a break in the Senate Government
Watson, the first Negro to Buddy" was freed Tuesday when Justice of the Peace Gordon combination March and Dance Operation Subcommittee's December 8th hearings on urban development. Kennedy, a fre-
hold the position permanentlystarts Justice of the Peace Dorcas Poppell ruled last week that here Satureday. quent defender of civil rights causes, clashed with McKlsslck during the hearing over the
his term In February.U.S. Drake ruled the slaying "justi- the slaying Dec. 4, of Harvey Obviously designed to attract "black power" concept. Kennedy accused McKlsslck of hindering rather than helping Negroeswith
Customs Court Judge fiable homicide' Lee Richardson, 24, was Justifiable teenagers circulars were distributed is "black power" advocacy.
James L. Watson has been assigned Mrs. Harold testified her hus- homicide.His announcing a"Rally and!
to a tour of duty in the band frequently beat her. She common-law wife Wilma
5,000 people March Featuring
South .this winter that will include said he had shot her three R. Lattimore, 27, testified she the J-Notes and the Lemon U.S. CORE Official
Tampa. Justice Depart times during their marriage. stabbed Richardson during an Twisters and other groups Dept Reports
ment spokesmen said he wouldbe Mrs. Harold said her husband argument in the kitchen of their for Saturday. w. Criticizes
the first Negro to sit on a returned to their home at 813 home at, 638 W. .Duval St. She Letters sent to Mayor Louis'
,federal I.bench. in the South Ionia St. after a night of drink said the victim had spent large H. Ritter and City Council Pre.' J Rights Drive.
ing-and fell asleep, leaving a portion ot his paycheck drinking sldent Umbel Sharp in tani",Negro Teenagettes
'Kegee .Students pistol on the television jet. and that they bad little money for October outlined as following: W WASHINGTON ..{NPI}-'N 1npgf etj : :

: a, dew She said after he awoke ,be food, Paving I ot; sidewalks along cent' of Negroes live In mittee and quickly aoZrp.
started to beat her and chased Poppell also ruled last weekthat Davis Streetfrom Kings Roadto poverty,; national CORE Chair-' voted
Protest Business and
Stage her into the hallway where she the slaying of Frank J. the 20th Street Expressway; Unerriloyment man Floyd B. McKlssick said, in of the: other segments critIcized -
shot him with the gun she had Randolph, 28, was justifiable Observance of the seniority HighNEW taking issue with the civil rights I the community council action openly,
Over Verdict taken from the television set. homicide. Randolph was shot roster of the police department movement's efforts to "inte leaders called Negro
Officers said they found a dead at Kings Road and Cleve- without discrimination grate" the other 10 per cent. buying boycottsand
TUSKEGEE Ala. Young pint of moonshine on Harold's land St. Nov. 25. Consideration of a citizens' YORK -(NPI!)-Almost one so evident in homes, neighbor- McKlssic said black power celed mass them marches all when but can-
Negro college students smash body. They said "Eastside The victim's wife, DorothyE. petition for permits authorizing out of every two Negro teenage hoods and cities," NCCJ de- was the "logical successor"to cil reversed itself.The coun-
ed windows, looted a liquor Randolph, 28, told the court adequate taxi service to Negro girls can't find a job, a Labor clared. the civil rights movement, loudest note of
store an d painted a Confederate Suicide Rate she shot him after a family suburbs. Department official has However, amid the gloominess which he contended dealt primarily found by Council bigotry Cobb was
statue black last tuesdayin argument. She said Randolphhad Levy M. Wilcox, president of revealed. of the work picture, came with integration of the who ran 29 times Barney for office
protest over the acquittalof Rising AmongU.S. hit her during the day-long the local chapter, said the entertainment While the overall job picture several efforts to Improve job 10 per cent of the nation's before being elected Cobb took
a white man accused of argument.The will start at 11 a.m. brightened across the nation, opportunities for Negroes Negroes-the middle class-
fatally shooting one of their fourth woman charged with at the Jefferson Pool to Negro teenage girls showed a The Ford Foundation has announced and not with the 90 per cent who
fellow students. NegroesWASHINGTON killing her husband was bound Hemming Park and would startat 46 per cent unemployment rate, a series of grants to live In poverty.
AUut 700 Tuskegee Institute over to Criminal Court last 2 p.m. The dance will con- according to Herbert Bienstock, aid Negroes to play a larger The civil rights movement, as u
students rioted for three hours -The Negro'sentry 'week by Poppell. tinue at Jefferson Street Park regional director, U. S. Labor part In the nation's economy, originally conceived Is dead, I
before dawn and then marched into the mainstream of Mrs. Willie Lee Cummings, after the march. Department's Bureau of Labor both In small businesses and he charged. "It died with the
back to their campus. American life has brought abouta 25, of 732 W. Chuch St., Is The demonstration will be Statistics. large Industry. March on Washington In 1963,
Institute President Dr. L. Ii. side affect that has begun to charged with murder In the staged although SCLC was denied White teenage girls have an Among recipients of the grants because it dealt strictly with
Foster said the violence was show up in suicide statistics. Dec. 1, slaying of her husband, a permit for a march with unemployment rate of about 10 will be the Potomac Institute, Integration. A vacuum now has
"a very sad thing" and told Suicides among Negroes in Milton, 44. downtown as its destination, per cent,. whether they live in Washington, which I will be been filled with black power."
the students "mobs cannot be Washington have jumped 160 Police said Mrs. Cummingsshot Wilcox said' poverty areas or not, he said. funded $246,000 to demonstrate The Negro, he declared, "is
tolerated." per cent over the past si* her husband twice after Bienstock noted that joblessness professional counseling for no longer ashamed of his color, I
Students were unhappy over years, while their share of they argued about her not getting among white youths varies small business men In the Negro that his roots are in Africa. He
the acquittal of MarvlnSegrest, the population has increasedby up to fix him something to Urban League according to whether they live community-probably in the doesn't cut off all his hair :
68, accused of seconddegreemurder about 17 per cent. The same eat. She is being held without In poverty areas. In lower-In- Baltimore area. because it is kinky. BARNEY COBB
in the slaying of Samuel increase has been noted by bond. come sections, white teenagers In Hempstead, N. Y., the Hof- He noted that CORE sought to .... starts race-baiting
Younge Jr., last Jr police officials and sociologistsacross Gets $213,000 have a 20 per cent unemployment stra University Project NOAH provide Negroes with militant a segregationist stand and made
City Public Saletty Director the nation. lax YOC Needs rate; in other areas, the was finding jobs for potentially- leadership, but that it disap- it known that he would vote'
Alton Taylor said the students Morgue attendants, who do not tate drops to 12 per cent. talented and motivated youth proved of violence. He said against Simmons because he
gathered at a Confederate mon- keep statistics have com Young WomenTwenty MDTA Project Among Negro teenagers, how from among students with financial CORE had prevented racial is a Negro. Cobb said, "Negroeshad
ument in the downtown square mented on the recent Increasein ever, it doesn't matter whethera and academic handicaps.The violence in Baltimore last 1 t consistently 'bloc voted'
after 1 listened the number 6f Negro suicides. boy loves in a poverty area Initials
shortly a.m., to represent Negro summer. against him and that was his
speeches, sang and chanted. While the number of Negro young women betweenthe ATLANTA, Ga. -A regional or not. Bienstock noted that Opportunities At Hofstra, and Speaking at a Senate subcom way of getting back at them."
Then leaves in the square were suicides in Washington is Increasing ages of 17 and 21 are spokesman for the U.S.Department the unemployment rate for non- the program combines scholarships mittee hearing on urban decay, The Councilman's statementwas
set afire, bring out the city fire it Is still less than needed by the Jacksonville d Labor reports white teenagers was 31 percent with work experience. the CORE chieftain took issue immediately branded as a
department, and numerous the number of whites wo kill Youth Opportunity Center to Secretary of Labor Willard both in and out of low-income Both whites and Negroes are with an attack on black powerby lie by a turn-coat who had
false alarms were turned In. themselves--despite the fact take job training with pay as Wirtz has approved an experi- neighborhoods. in the program. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D- virtually crawled on his knees
Black pa.ll was poured on the that about 60 per cent of thecity's waitresses starting on Monday, mental and demonstration Another difference between Among the institutions providing N. Y.). begging for the Negro vote
monument"'to Confederate war population is Negro Dec. 19, 1966, said Gordon project under the Manpower Negro and white teenage em- jobs for NOAH "It would appear you are turning Cobb was elected to office In
dead and' the words "black Warren Breed a professor Punshon, manager of the Development and Training Act ployment, he noted, was that participants is the First Na- your back on Negroes and .962 after a group tat Negro
power" were smeared on it. of sociology at Tulane University Center. (MDTA) known as Project three-fourths of employed tlonaj City Bank, third largestin whites working together, and leaders with the support of the
After about three hours, Tay in New Orleans, is makinga Punshon said I the waitress Assist. It was developed and Negro teenagers had low-paying the nation.In if people can't meet your FLORIDA STAR supported his
lor said, the students started study of Negro suicides. training lasts ten weeks anda submitted for approval by the menial jobs, while only fourth Washington Eugene F. definition, you read them out," election. With the slogan "Let's
back to Tuskegee Institute. A- Breed said that as new op- trainee will receive a weekly National Urban League located of the white teenage workersdid. Rowan, personnel relations Kennedy charged adding that Give Barney A Chance", Cobb
long the way, many of them portuntles are opened to allowance of between $19 and at New York, New York. The manager, J. C. Penney the black power slogan "and won close to 65 percent of the
tossed bottles and rocks at Negroes, the presures of com- $28 according to their past project director is not yet ap- He was referring, in his dis- Company, was named adminis what Is associated with It" basset Negro votes cast.tne records
white-owned establishments ink petition increase and they become work experience. In addition, pointed. The project will be cussion of joblessness, to teenagers trative director for Plans for back the civil rights move- will show
thrge-block downtown area. more like white Americans trainees will receive a transportation headquartered at National I seeking jobs, not thoseIn Progress for 1967. He will ment.
allowance between Urban League Southern school or otherwise not in serve without renumeration. McKlsslck countered by saying NGNW To Honor
Black Power Called "As Negroes' aspirationsrise their home and the training Regional Office In Atlanta, Ga., need of employment. Plans for Progress, a volun- that "black power will be )
because of the civil rights facility telephone:404-688-: Painting a gloomy job pictureor tary equal opportunity program, accepted just like Irish power
movement, they begin to want The young women selected for The project is designed t to : Negroes on the basis of involves 349 major U. S. corporations has been accepted" an apparent Three For RightsContributions
Wise Use Of Vote more," Breed explained. this training must, In additionto recruit and Interview t I about these figures, he noted that the employing some nine allusion to J Kennedy's
"When you want more you real the age requirement, be unemployed 1,500 persons, primarily Negroes non-w bit.f labor force is million persons, as member Irish background.
ST.LOUIS, Mo. Represen ly have to get more. and be either a high aged 16-35, who are high growing considerably faster companies.In McKlsslck, however denied
tative-elect Julian Bond of But when you are blocked, school graduate or have beena school graduates, and enrollat than Its white counterpart. Chicago, American Oil i I that he was throwing anyone. NEW YORKNIPTbr.(
Georgia, defined black power as your feeling of frustration is school droput for a year or least 400 in the project. This report came as statistics Company, in cooperation with out of the civil riehts movement. persons- Mrs. Arthur J. Gold-
the intelligent use of the vote. heightened, and frustration can more, Punshon said. They will receive part-time showed that Negro unemployment the Chicago Board of Education berg, wife of the U.S. delegateto
"Black Power Is not riots lead to suicide" Punshon added that the training evening and week-end which used to be launched an on-the-job training Welder FinedLOS the United Nations;A.Phillip
rape or ruin," Bond said. "It A national study made last is being conducted at the MDTA instruction and other assistance twice that of whites, has risen program for students of Crane Randolph, president, Brother
is the intelligent use of the year by Ebony, a Negro magazine Education Center located at 125 for entrance into higher skilled !- to 2.4 times as great High School. The company will ANGELEs-NPI-A 41- hood of Sleeping Car Porters;
vote, it" is the acquisition of showed that twothirdsof East Duval St.which is operatedby sub-professional and A 3.3 per cent unemploymentrate provide 13 Crane seniors and year-old welder, convicted of and Walter P. Reuther presi-
power. the Negro suicides were in the Duval County Public professional J jabs commensurate among whites compares junior s with beginning office plotting to poison every Negroin dent, United Automobile Workers
Bond came here for a rally the middle and upper classes. School System. The training with their Interests and with a 7.8 per cent among positions at the company's local the country, has been fined are to be honored by the
sponsored by peace and civil Author John N. Woodford in Is 100%federally financed under potential. The project will be Negroes, and "the odds againsta general offices and central $500 and placed on probation for National Council of Negro
rights groups. He said that Ebony article, said the Manpower Development and conducted In six metropoLtanareas Negro's finding work are credit card offices.! five years provided he spendsone Women, Monday, Dec. 19, for
the Negro wanted to make the "As the Negro wins his way Training Act. In the South-Birmingham increasing," said the National Students will receive regular year in county jail. their contributions to the civil
same use of power that the Irish into the material plenty of the Young women interested in Ala.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Catholic Conference for Inter- high schoul credit for the on- Herman Lee Henry,white,was rights movement.
did In earlier generations. American middle and upper- this waitress job training with Macon, Ga.; Hattlesburr,Miss; racial Justice. the-job training, which consistsof ordered by Superior Judge Maurice The honorees will be feted at
Bond, twice denied his seat by middle class life, he Inherits pay should contact the Youth Columbia, S. C.; and Memphis, "There is a direct connection four-hour working days T. Leader toseekpsychia- a $100 membership campaign
state legislators in Georgia, economic, social and psychological Opportunity Center at 400 West Tenn.; and surrounding rural between these hundreds of during the school year. They trie help. dinner to enro115,000life members
said he anticipates no "real tensions possessed by Ashley St. Immediately to determine communities. thousands of Negro workers will be eligible to become full- He had been found guilty ofplot- in the next two years.Singer
trouble" on his U.s. Supreme his white counterparts. And If they are eligible MDTA funds allocated amountto who can't support their families time employees upon graduation tlng to mail poisoned foodstuffsto Lena Horne Is chairman of
Court-backed third try. suicide is part of this legacy" to take the training. $213,000. and the increasing instability Negroes all over the country the campaign committee.

1 ct

-- -
-- -
----- -
-- -

t i iI
'''''' ''-'iI'
"Re/ fiaMn ".,1"l! t. 'y'x;;.;t'L' % rrL,, .
i hrl
inl 1
; '
f 'fr 1/'d 9, NaK 10 Be Equal
NEWS / v'iC

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company


The economic boom which is now In Its sixth year is, accordingto -
NEGRO P manyftservers,overheating.This means that the economy'''
TIONALERIC Is operating at its outer limits of efficiency, and new goods
cannot be produced fast enough to keep up with the expanding

demand for them. <
The result is rising costs-inflation. r
0. SMPSON.....Maniiing Editor There are several ways to combat Inflation. .
Certainly the most logical is to use the untapped
RIGA WDOTEN.......Circulation Manager resources available to further increase productive .
r.uar +r.e< sa 1; r r capacity. No one can speak of a "labor
.ti41R rV shortage" with so many men out of work, especially
2323 Moocrief, Road Phone Elfii 4-6782 r members of minority groups whose
unemployment rate Is two-and-a-half times that for, white.
Mailinf AddressP.O. workers. '
ti Unfortunately, the main weapon in the battle against inflation
l .Is higher interest rates. Ey raising interest rates, the federal
WN ;
Boi 599 Florida 32201
Jacksonville I f ct c// government makes borrowing more costly, thereby slowing

t ( jn r up the demand for expensive items like cars and houses.;.This,
MIAMI OFFICE / {. A, reduces consumer spending to the point where demand can be
absorbed by available prediction' taking some of the "heat"off

138 W 3rd Ave. Phone 311.1025 the economy.
The trouble with this approach Is that most of the burden!
SUBSCRIPTION RATES { Kt -, WHITES n r f, falls on the people who can least afford It. It stands to reason!
Oqe Year, $6.00 Half Year $4.00 that it is the poorer person who needs to borrow money, and
now he has to pay higher interest rates on it. \
Mailed. to You Anywhere in the United states Rea'iecome
But the major impact has been on housing.
Subscription payable in advance f 1'v' ra' higher because the builder who borrows money to Construct!

Send Check or Money Order to: apartments passes on his higher Interest payment to the

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 tenants. More seriously, the high cost of money stops puny

Jacksonville 1. Florida ,Mf ,. private and government housing developments' from being)
N ry
built, because of the added cost. Construction of new housing
is now at its lowest level in twenty years.
Electronic Library 'Snooper' On Job 1 r;FiS M.'u .l With the crying need for mare: low and middle income housing,
A rS; h ,,+ iY there Is no justification for this situation. The 1960 census
Keeping up with books often produces a I. I / L .. estimated that about 9.3 million housing units In the United
headache for many libraries that try to e./blwhHl..+( iMUhi1TaYRlih\ ; : : :I".r" ,JlW1't' \\sir.ir lw itGluti.r6i.: ; :'W'iwiAtiSllrlitl.i:7 I ; 4A W 'i .+ States were "seriously deficient." Over 21 per cent of rental
prevent damage and loss of books. when housing In metropolitan areas Is unsound. .
it does this efficiently, it saves the THE REAL CULPRIT, IN THE OPPOSITION TO 'OPEN HOUSING''' Faced with a growing population and the vast stretches of

public taypayer money. urban slums, we need to embark on a massive program.of
Michigan State University at East Lansing homebuilding for low and middle Income families. But we are
will equip its 1 i bra r i e s with -- -- __ __ _.. not. In 1965, only 40,000 such new housing starts were

an "electric sensing system" that will 1 recorded. But a rational program to house American familiesnow

check on honest.As borrowers. who may not be entirely i ti YoilRWeekF living In substandard dwellings would include about OOOOO

1 such housing starts per year.
long as checking out procedures are 1 To do less would be to condemn:! countless millions to rotting
on the level students need have no fear. I shacks and rat-infested tenements. 3ut because of the high
But, if a bobk is improperly checked out\ I n Interest rates now in force, there Is no likelihood of an
the "s" 4'n s library turn- 1 adequate homebuilding program.

stile locks unexpectedly, bells clang and Horoscope Guide 1 Even federal programs to assist private financing are affected.An .
the sheepish student is caught in the official In New York said: "The Federal Housing Adminis
act. *. 1 tration multi-family housing program is at a standstill." The

Presently the MSU library has guards to 1 reason for this Is that the government cannot Insure a housing-
help protect some 6,000 library trans- loan at more than 6 per cent Interest, but few banks are now
actions daily. However, the librarian By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER willing to make loans at such low rates. Municipal and other
t' states that the "electronic sensing eye" 1 public homebuilding agencies are also cutting back on their

: will make the monitoring procedure more 1I 1 construction. And private builders, of course, have stopped
economical. their work for some time.
Those who have checked out books in WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR So, in the face of a desperate need for new housing, we have

many of our institutions of higher 1 1 instead, fever units being built and pressures for higher
1 rents as well. All this In the name of fighting :lunation: -methrxls
learning by checkers who must
inspect a student briefcase. This is BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL 1 which would not hit the poor man so hard and which would
not task not cost so much in social terms.A .
a pleasant for the guards, but I
; it at least saves a few books from being committee composed of high government officials recently
1 to the President of inflation fond
on comlatting
: pilfered. --- - --- -- reported ways
-- -- -- ---- -- -- -- suggested that the government study the possibility of selectl.e
i Clifton ARIES .. CANCER IE, LIBRA CAPRICORN credit controls winch would'>maka *4distinction berwei.
Dyson: Earns A Reward BORN MARCH BORN JUNE t" "'' ORN'SEPT.' I BORN DEC. borrowers whose needs were Importanttotbespumr.y and those
whose needs were less urgent: Such a'systen-wMld assure
: Clifton G. Dyson the first Negro to 21st. APRIL 19th 22nd JULY 22nd 23rd OCT. 23rdIt 22nd JAN. 19th that socially necessary activities like homebuilding would not

:. become a member of the Florida Board of It's a tough It takes cash. It naturally is takes pluck. The problemsthat be peiui'Izvl with self-defeating high Interest rates' Inflation
problem.' There are for solving If
Regents for the University system, was Is more of the same with little everyone's desire to try to seemed to have come out there: were no problems in life Is bad, j. 'le government must take care not to light It :by> '
: honored by the body recently in a reso- extra added to make your Ute make everyone dear to you as of nowhere are taking on surprising there might be too much com encourt gi ::5; something far worse.
lution for 'his de votion, great that much happy as a lark during the aspects. Do not allow
more complicated. placency. It can be an unproductive -
dedication and keen perception" holidays. With those who them to throw
One appreciate you off balance
thing appears quite certain state of affairs for this.
while serving his ear period.Dyson's and it is moat the thought more than altogether. Secrets that may In THE URBANLEAGUE
read you must not give turn, leads to inertia, boredom
citation 'Today, we don'tknow too much credence to anything the deed, the task will not be have been considered forgotten and the end of the processof
: Dyson will be returned by appointment that cannot be proved or con- an onerous one. Out if you haveto forever could suddenly become giowth and development.:
:: of the governor-elect or not, but we hope firmed. Take all promises witha prove the point by handingout puolic property. Be just as Look at things from this pointof STORYBy
he will be among us again. expensive presents, you discreet as you can possibly
grain of salt; make none of view, when you are being
: When Dyson was appointed to the Board, your own; and shun getting involved could be In trouble. All the be in connection with your loved Confronted by dilemmas brought CLANZELL BROWN
a good many know-it-ails wanted to outline in any type of legal figuring In the world will not ones, emotional interests and aoout by the force of circumstances
o how he ought to act. They wanted action, Including thos that have make 2 and 2 add up to 5. It financial operations. Quick reactions be the strict disciplinarian The moral Fiber of this community is stronger than we some
: him to be vocal hard-fighting civil to do with divorces. Life demands may be your problem to face powerful friends, as for this is the only way times believe it is. The response of leading citizens in times of
rights proponent. But Mr. Dyson had his much serious attention the situation squarely and to well as the loyalty of an ally to cope with wayward crisis is becoming more vocal in a positive manner than ever
t own thoughts about what he ought to do, make your stand clear to all who stands by
from all of us. They are not so you though abusedare youngsters and professional before. When men speak out and support issues based on principles
: and did'it efficiently without so much painful when they are made concerned, no matter how it wonderful assets that you difficulties caused by eventsor it indicates personal growth and reflects community de-
: nonsense chatter. willingly. Whatever is done then' Is received. Some of you may cannot afford to underestimateor the aggressiveness of other velopment.
: The citizens of Florida are proud of the will undoubtedly change the pat be up to your necks In extensive ignore altogether. You may people. When leading men such as Mr. Lumpkin,
: firm and constructive record he made tern that governs your future. building projects that have to do some traveling to ident of the Committee of 100;Mr.Feagln,
:: during the two years he was a member of are intended to improve home restore the scales In your favor. ident of Florida Publishing Co.; Dr.
: the Board of Regents.,, conditions or to enable tie! 4-30-99-14-100 president of the Interdenominational presI t
family to move to more desirable PISCES Alliance and others
supported Mr. C.
I Is Medicare Hitting The Target? quarters SCORPIO BOBN FEB. appointment to the Civil Service Board,a i'
BORN APRIL BORN OCT. in human relations began. l
,1. Ever since the idea rof medicare started, LEO 24tb NOV. 22nd 19ln MAR. 20tb I say now we can begin to find ways to cope with the multi pro-
and even when it became legislation it 20th MAY 20 It takes patience. Whet::er you blems faced by disadvantaged citizens In our city and county.
Who tell? While life
was 'the talk of the town'Criticssaid BORN JULY can Is are in the commanding positionor Reorganizing the government of
It's a challenge. Just how to said to be full of surprises our city Is common goal we all
it wouldn't work and the position keep explosive situations under 23rd AUG. 22nd most of us are somewhat, have to take orders from share and a needed change that will benefit each citizen. A confrontation
taken by the American Medical Associationon control is a task to tax anyone's shocked when higher up, you seem to lave with blighted housing for the first time In a half cen-
the matter gave the organization and patience Fortunately, Taureans Much to lose. What has been confront they suddenly your Job cut out for you getting tury is being studied by an interracial board made up of con-
the medical profession a bad image. have a better share of pointed out during the preceding friends us. Your and affectionate hopes, desires things done according to speci cerned citizens who have a commitment to afford each child the

Some doctors complained about the serv- It than most other people. This quarter In connectionwith companions, become involved In fications. There is a sense o! opportunity to grow up in a decent community; ( housing, play-
ice most of the time. should enable to navigate your fiscal Interests may urgency in either instance because grounds and schools alike).
If you are not so sure about the affairs you to a safe be said to go double from now the course of the whatever tran- of an unusually heavy I n our despair black brothers, let us not forget that many of
dedication your on. It is natural to be ambitious spires during exciting days work load Even our white brothers
of doctors to humanity, just conclusion, in good time to free that precede the holidays. The' If you are suffer from the same Inequities housing,:
tI get Sick at home and telephone them to you for the pleasures that await for your cherished ones financial picture is doing your very best, It may employment, etc. An example of the plight of thousands of fam
t come to yiur house. More than likely, you during the holidays. This as well as for your own self. one when it is connected promising with not be considered enough at fifes In our community is vividly projected by a young intelligent -
they will say, 'Come to my office tomorrow also is a period for all loving This, however, should not dominate gainful and the top office. Or if you are white woman employed in a federal training program. Her
; companions to draw closer together you to the point where your endeavors. But it professional takes employing new help! the difficulty Job was terminated because her husbands income is#0.00 Perweek
I- in spite of the AMA's misgivings medi- instead of permitting you fllngall caution to the winds. darker tint when placed on next a of obtaining the quality gross and after taxes are deducted the net pay Is $60.00
care is s t r i kin g its target.It outside influences to Induce The new lunar phase pin-points to speculation and other activities of service you require may pose per week. His salary Is too high for her to continue in the program -
is providing needed treatment for them to grow farther apart. your affectionate ties and Involving lending and some almost insuperable prob although their expenses exceed his Income by $60.00 per
many old people who would not be other Benefit from potent planetary pastimes that are artistic, cultural -, borrowing. Those of who lems. You can win out, but it month.
t wise able to afford it. what our aspects to settle things In your and pleasurable. You are serving an organization ins will make your task simplerto M&} 1 have emphasized the need for effort, responsibility,
f physicians must in in is to own way and for the economic should 1 extract considerable ,meritorious manner may believe resort to diplomatic methods and planning as the only sensible way to accelerate -
work as they do inocriticizing happiness from the doings that than to fall back on more force soclo-economlc changes in the
it. benefit of all concerned. you are entitled to a sub-, | community. These
are programmed for the holiday) stantlal bonus as reward ful ways. The opportunity to needed chances will strengthen the> moral fiber of our city to season. your establish some excellent examples help mate ttta a more humane and viable environment that
J First Negro Crop SupervisorWe GEMINI should be yours. citizenship every citizen can share the responslbuitles< rewards of

have had so many firsts here of late BORN MAY VIRGO SAGITTARIUSBORN 3-90-77-13-889
that it is becoming a common occurrence.
r Now Arkansas has a Negro who is a full- 21st JUNE 21stIt BORN AUG. NOV. AQUARIUS ;THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORYDec.

time supervisor in charge of crop measurement takes suavity. Problems 23rd SEPT. 22nd- 23rd DEC. 21st BORN JAN.
service under the sponsorship ofsndiconservati created the It can't be i :
by demands or attitudes both. Happiness Look back for reasons. The
the u. S. the of higher-ups, com- often has to be purchased by events of the past often crop 20th FEB. 18th titles. U, 1912 Henry Armstrong, only man to hold three boxing

area ot petitors, associates and others making sacrifices. This is all up at the most Inopportune There's only one. It Is one of career at at the one time of, 17 was born in St. Louis, Mo He began his
c Benjamin McGhee, a. 1966 grad to the truer where age fighting In more than 400 engagements
agronomy dear you may tax your family life is moments to upset plans or forcea your charming traits to trust
uate of Arkansas A.M.&N. College, is patience and intelligence ICs the main consideration of all new viewpoint. U ther e is and believe everyone, at least Dec. 12, 1870 Joseph H.
Rainey of South seated
working in Crittenden County Arkansas. its Carolina was
generally a major enterpriseto participating members. anything In your family closet until you have had concrete first Negro
F supervision performancetreporterstwho cope with situations of this There is always one who gives, that Is supposed to remain proof to cause you to change lives8 member of the U.S' house of Representa-

f of nature, especially since they and there are many who take. locked In, take special precautions your mliid. It would be much
measure farm acreage planted in cotton are being constantly aggravated When all wish to be to
on the ; prevent anyone from better to try and sense things Dec. 12 1954
S voters
and rice for the purpose of discoveringwhat by a sequence of problem pla receiving side at once, or the finding the key Broken family before they happen for it can ment permitting abolition of approve constitutional amend
farmers are adherring to government netary aspects clear up personalities are of equal( ties, professional reverses and become a very costly experience public schools to avoid integration.

y requirements.McGee to Christmas and a little after. strength, one has the makings frustrations of many types could afterward. A real determined Dec 14 1829 John
will oversee about 12 employees :e particularly in control of of friction or discord. This Interfere annoyingly with the effort could be madeto In Louisa, M. Langston, NegrocongreSSmlD born
County Va
daily during the peak of his department's your emotions and decisions.A could be an upsetting element development of your yuletide get you to commit: yourselfto ,

operations. new lunar phase disclosesthat to many Vlrgoans this month, projects. You also have' many a losing proposition." Even' Dec.. 15, 1'184 Phyllis
Young McGee shows us how absurd others 'who are on your, although there are signs of fine forces going for you in if you do not believe this to be ,from Africa at 7 died WheaUey Peters, poetess, wU'brought'
it is as well as on the opposite some abatement to take the of seu the ace ; at ace 31. .' 1
to say that a man is too place way -assuranee, an case, make certainby oo- ,
young for certain side will be holding the advantages early In 1968. Try to calm faith In life's mission
Iit kinds of Jobs. what your abiding your taming the'counsels of your Dec. 15 1791 The
counts Bill
most is the ci
and that it will be easier own emotional Rights was passed Congress and
type of man whether old. or Evi- reactions. Ap. and the support of friends other half who may be better ratified by the states by
dently McGee is efficient young for you to cooperate than to pease the other partner In any who are not afraid to back you able to see through the ulterior
him and we urge dispute. way that appears effective. up energetically. motives of others than you are.
to keen it' Dec 16, 1934
up I' "" 9 JlO a1le Maggie Lena Walker bank .t
!B eeff -117 ) 1"1\\ 7-40-11-17-303 5-60-22-18-160 Nino president, weathihml"lU.
k, S .I'ma" In America. dial in Rich Va.

.., ... .. ......1


Making Plans For Xmas Activities, Convention I II II II

I SPEAKING rfith :
: SOCIALLY Louise Guinyard : I

1,1., -
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa NF
Alpha Sorority is beginning I a slow climb 55 '7.

to a peak of activity that will take Margaret Starkes Alvenia Scriven ,
Place in Jacksonville March 2U-25, 1967 Vanette Thayer Eva Rosier and Emma
when the South Atlantic Regional Meeting King were guest players when Galaxy
of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. will I I Ladies Bridge Club met recently at The

be held.I Rufus Westers 1021 ,Scriven Street.
The group has been meeting in regular 1arlon Flowers, Hazel Pink, and Vermeil .
sessions for several weeks now in con- Robinson qualified for club awards. The

nection with the forthcoming event, anda guest prize was won by Emma King. I
special workshop has been planned to Betty Graham and Bennetta Sherard were
assist local members In effective plan- also present. I

for the conference. Mrs. Odessa Nelson _I_ Y
* I
South Atlantic Regional Director will I I be

in the city Saturday, December 17, to ,
conduct a special workshop for AKA sororsat Martha Williams, Anne Lambert and Vivian
the Myrtle Avenue Branch Library. Jefferson were welcomed officially as !
members of Les Elite Bridge Club at
Workshop sessions will begin at 11:00: a.m.
with Mrs. Rudolph L. Daniels, Mrs. Nelson recent meeting held at the William Arthur

Spaulding Sr. Mrs. Charles E. Simmons, Jones' 58IU Begonia Road. Josephine.
Cleveland was also welcomed as an associate -
Mrs. Leonard Robinson Mrs. Alvin White,
Mrs. Jesse Word, and Mrs. Gilbert Solo- member, filling in for a member. on
mon a$ members of the Steering Committee.
The AKA Choral Ensemble directed by Lydia Bennett, Alvenia acriven, ElIza-
Mrs. June Davis, will I furnish music for beth B. Jones, and Martha Williams were
the occasion.I recipients of club prizes.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD AKA's' TO Margaret Starkes was guest player.At '.. ... ,....
COME TO THE AID I OF GAMMA RHO OMEGA: CHAPTER the previous meeting of the group The Y-Jewel Club of the YWCA met recently Hazel Plummer chaplain ; Miss Juanl'taHrt
Leona Bennett was also declared top In a regular business session to make Miss Chris Anderson artist ; Mrs.
player followed by Annie Bell I Jones plans for their Christmas activities. Bettye Ann Howard, Mrs. Sue Baety, treasurer J
M and Alvenia Sc lven. Demetral Wester, Plans were also made for their attendanceat ; and Mrs. Mary Felder. ( Standing )

Kevinette Club Vanette Thayer Margaret Starkes and the Yolng Adults Assembly to be heldin Miss Gayle Gillis I president ; Mrs. L.
Bridge met Saturday
evening in the West Twenty-first Street Josephine Cleveland were guest players, Boston Mass. April I 23, 1967 and the Chandler Evans, Mrs. G. McLendon and Mrs.
home of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Oliver with the latter qualifying for guest YWCA National Convention April 2U-29, Francis Waldon adult program director.

Nan Fletcher Doris Bennett and Sara prize. 1967. From left to right sitting are Mrs. Photo By James SingletonWOOLWORTH'S
Bernice Irma and
Henderson Murray .
Lovette high scorers in the bridge Vernal I McCone make up the remainder of
session, were recipients of prizes. Daisy the Les Elite Club membership roster. Mrs. Odessa Nelson,
Gilliard qualified for the consolation
awa rd. .* .* Director AKA

Norma White, Celestine Nicks, Emma Lee
George Barbara Harper, Pauline Davis, Nan Fletcher was guest player when Makes Visit
Ann Monroe and Pearl Mackey were among Entre Nous Bridge Club met recently. Mrs.Odessa Nelson.directorof
participants.The Camilla Thompson was hostess. South Atlantic Region of Alpha

group took opportunity of the meet- Elizabeth B. Simmcns Aldonia Sea- make Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., will
ing to exchange gifts. brook and Frances Johnson headed the local her official visit to the
chapter Saturday at 11 a.m.
scoring list. A workshop meeting will be con- DOWNTOWN STORE 300 HOGAN STREET
Doris Bennett Ruth Myers Charlotte ducted at the Myrtle Avenue
StewartTheodoraLeggins, Mozelle Bruton, Branch Public Library.
Get personal. and Lydia Sweet were among persons in The workshop Is being held in
connection with the Regional
Have all your gifts attendance. Conference, which will be held
* at the Mayflower Hotel March
initialed VO. this 24-25. k
year. All sorors have been invtied
Mesdames Ethel Powell Margaret Wilson ,
attend. Music will be renderedby
Known by the company it keeps Eugenia Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel the AKA Choral Ensemble,
Seagram's V.O.Canadian Small I I were among persons receiving certificates under the direction of Mrs.June
at the Jacksonville Area Chamberof Davis.
Commerce's Graduation Banquet held last Steering committee membersare
Thursday evening' at the Mayflower Hotel. ; Mrs. Alma Daniels,chair-
I "' I Jams b.chell and Robert Peppersswere man; Mrs;;Joan D.Spaulding,
Mrs. Joule T.: Simmons, Mrs.
Lorlce Robinson
Mrs. Norma
The banquet climaxed the Sixth Annual White, Mrs. Erma Word and
Public Relations Short Course sponsored Mrs. Ruth Solomon, baslleus.

jointly by the Jacksonville Area Chamberof Delta Sigma ThetaTo
Commerce and Gator Chapter Florida

Public Relations Association conductedin Present 12th
the Independent Life Auditorium.
Biennial JabberwockThe
1 *
Jacksonville Alumnae
r 11 Chapter, Delta Sigma ThetaSo-
N Joshua W. Williams is convalescing at rority, will present Its 12th
home following his release from St. biennial Jabberwock April 24 at
Luke's Hospital. Happily, his progress 8 p.m., in New Stanton High Slmulitlfil p"rl
is satisfactory. School Auditorium
1 The theme selected by the Coordinated' bath ensemble: GIFT JEWELRY
Frederick Jordan committee is, "The Best of
The Jabberwock, given
Elected SeniorWorshipful two years has for its purposeto
Artiur: Robinson 986
Eugene raise funds for scholarshipsto 79
Baker Ave., 19 and Ruby Jean
Master be
given to graduates in the
Hunter, 201? Franke Ave., 16. local high schools. Culormatchcdsctinrluchapphlucl ]
Frederick Jordan was elected towel
All Greek organizations bath 2
Theodore R. 5352 Cord senior worshipful master of St. high ..
Mubley, schools and Y-Teens have been guesttots'e1s,2o'nshcloths.!< 2 \chat Jilin mill 1 (uwlhued!
Ave., 18 and Gwendolyn Holmes, John Lodge 14, F and A.M., asked to (:liiltlreii.. .t'h. Ino.I Gift box.chormi .
participate the
pro- in fluffy loopul cotton
ULIJI_ 5534 Cleveland Rd., 16. in the election meeting conduc- 1 S.e .w atnl.r. *urMt.nl d
6 gram. Prizes will be given to :
ted by H. Simmons. the organizatlonspresentingthe terry. Gift Iwxed tibrr, kiocdtt*.
Joseph Jackson, 5218 Devron Other officers elected were:
skits and dances,
Dr., 24 and Barbara J. George, Frederick Jordan Jr., Senior to Miss Myrtle Turner according Jabber-'
".( 5.5D.ra1l1 3300:; Grant Owens Rd., 22. Warder; Purcell Brantley,Junior wock chairman. I
Warden; Wilfred W. Red- .
Ralph Anderson, 427 Copeland dick, treasurer; Henry Singleton It Covers Hair +
Lane, 21 and Francina black, secretary; James Bailey, Gray
1738 W. 26th St., 21. senior deputy; David Fraser,
mauKinu tin.tantoITMUTMCOtr Junior deputy; Wilmer Durden, Wm. J. Brandt's Liquid
Doyce Simmons, lltS E. 24th tyler; Samuel Brown, senior
jCMI"III1111 dod, 155 E. 24th St., 18. lain.

y e aA

cover gray hair in 10
.+. to 20 minutes No pack. No
% mess. Anyone can put it on at
% home.


will not rub off, it stays on
several months. Shampooing,
ti \ RQOp fTOMtS sea bathing, sun, permanent
waving, curling or straightening
iron takes It off. You
: .
; .can cover any gray hair no I
x ; matter how stubborn or how
.",.,,'. and wf miiM' 1'laln 'n' iamb .Inlulafrd IrathrrI t



w CAUTION Permanent: Use Waving as directed on $
: label. Colors: Black, Dark II 129 loG
\z ; :'Brown, Medium brown. ,
Price per box $2.50 plus

Federal ll.imlpolM.fjltli.iim ik"'''IIuile '' <(< niloii )pin,ili-. nli'iii.. inul SMI... I Inor tt.dt tl I Nan'. I'li7xJ ".
TaxDIXIE looking triple, linkn andMiukr Duron" poKtctir" orn.nu.is'! pink.. I Its) : \" iI!,,'.
"BRA DED'Beef ,, b.mdi Fntcr.it' Hoxril'! Hili nod tirip-iirnnmN. I'nrl). I i e I/.olnc"rlw, 1."/
M.n'r tit<. "...r chain (a l I'rdt1)t Ie lull aprons! |12. l 1-Inch tiler ....
at its Best


\ t.


I TWO MINUT S McCall- Singers Slate Program r \[CHURCH NEWS J JHOLSEY

linN THE BIBLE (( ? "
KIMOII 4041S )Tcszj Services Sunday In Hosley Temple CME Church will begin
with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Mrs. Bertha Griffin

: In charge.
WHAT GRACE IS j Morning service begins at 11 o'clock and evening service at

:: 6 o'clock
:Near tit llio devil ,It ,,'i\'l' ym sins. hash ijini kiiud IIM 1 soother
into mi,| |Mn>inK I thai (;...1! pUmuil I with Christ (in dKACh: : M-: ARE t MOUNT MORIAH
Mil "AM u iirji'MfiH nit';in* In u !nlorIniHdiil S\\l El D), ii14 Services Sunday In Mt Morlah AME Church commence with
." for thin wilvntiiin front And path raided UK up (o/tllurandiniili the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Rev J. C. Bannerman, pastor,
.III Would U Hllllpll justice, IllllKraii MI .nit loKcilur in hinn: will deliver the messages for the major services.
., :\", )'ull inn'i cliirM: (;j..1| I l\' plan ill Clirixt, JIHIIH: The steward board and Stewardess Board 2 will have chargeof
wild your KID, Dial ill i the al"M i lo cone IKmiKhi j the service at 3:30: p.m. Rev. Walter Marshall will preach
II ixlollii. guile)'. the undiMrvhitf Hhim '1'111) rAOH:.: : in and the Friendship Baptist Church Choir will sing.
far and null. tint (nxl "0tr.. I UlCIIrS Or' HIS RACE;l : IN: Christmas rehearsals will be held Monday and Thursday after
ilu forKivtniiw nf sins aiionlniK HIS KINDM-SS: : ; : IO\\AKI ITSTIIIWT k jI noons. Other activities will prevail as usual
hi I In. riches of Ilu (grace" (I Eph, III \ (.ll CIIKISI JhSUStph I

1 Ir: ), ( : 247): ), jI MT TABOR BAPTIST
Him art nut m/nininm; plirnwHMI Soimlmw it lakes a load l nlToiu'M Candlelight service will be held Sunday at 6:30: p.m.. in Mt.
I EI.h. 2 \\liuh hint) clear light heart und mind loioim. In the end Tabor Baptist Church by the choir. Rev. HT. 0/erstreet,
"I"| MI ilu iluraitir. the nnliiri, of of hiM roM| ', a< it win. and ailinil pastor, will deliver the s'.!rmoi.: Christmas carols will be
KMM 'llu')' art found. in \irw" that In' i I. a sinner, iliHtmnu dod', I rendered by the choir. The services Sunday begin with the
2 mid .1 I, II hit h "|Haknf llu unsaved l lIIM wrath, llm\ M\IH|, to the turn of Sunday School at 9:30: a.ro., with Deacon Jason Barr in charge.
"'iliiMrin nf ,1j".I| |HIIIIII"| and I such, In the wonderful intimatd of The lesson topic Is, "Prophet of the Most High." Morning
",'hiMn'nrlllh.." ri.ill'mpl urn li)' grate. through the r' !' b f srvlce begins at U o'clock. The pastor will preach. At 3 p.m.,
:\ lillll11 for a iiioimnt mi .thiMphrtrtiH finished sunk of ChriKi al Calvary? r L Junior District 9 will meet. At 5:30 p.m., BTU and evening
: "('hildmn.4diaobidirutc" I IIt \\'e win all ,llu ilulilmi nf IIKnUiliimi | service at 6:30 o'clock. Mrs Ella M. Singleton will presideat
and hililrynof urA, ." and I Iht refurt 'II l y natun the console, and Usher Board 2, will serve throughout the
II in nuuiihi This dark, liluk, I the ilulilrin of \\raih HI 7' day.
INK'Ionium! of j'n'lf Wrath lint I CO/)/" \\lun hox| 1 Mimed gone
"i. nail, (furfurUlil ; III-: in1'r\l'IIl'II l and now nffinHal. PHILADELPHIA BAPTIST .
(.O//). Who is KICII I ISMl \ \iiinii to all l I.y grate,, through The combined choirs of Philadelphia Baptist Church will pre
: :KCfor llm .KKAI Lon I : fdiili, Hi'In'M, on the I Lord Ji..u. sent their annual Christmas Cantata, "Gospel Songs of Christ-
ulurtwrnh Ik loviil Us. I Christ l and I llu MI hliall! I IK' xauil mas"Sunday at 6:30: p.m., in the church auditorium.
..:"." When we win iliad I in (Aim 16.11): ), Among the participants are: Robert Spruill, narrator, Mrs.
Cornelia Graham, "Mary," Deacon Gus Hayes, "Joseph;"
. GRACE AND PEACE Deacons John Wallace, James Bailey, Ernest Quarterrnan Jr",
t The McCall Singers ( pictured above ) will I Traveling Stars, Mary Goodman Excelsiors, three wisemen, Rev. A. Blount, Rev. F. Maws, Rev. H.

For many >'cars this s river. along (i|>|Harul 1'itir ilii land: ".'Phis I i i. present a gigantic program Sunday, Decem- Rev. Dixon and the Dlxlettes Robert Simmons, shepherds.The .
will the mass of( church pvopliMiprxiMil .. thai Which nan upokin liy the I ber 18 at 8 p.m. in Mt. Moriah Baptist Prater Alice Boston and the Bostonettes soloists are Mrs. Roseanna Quarterman, Mrs. Egeaory
( I thai (the Hilili plira-H. prophet Ja'1"! (Acts 2:16): ) and ll Church 9th Sister Rosetta Cohen Deacon Thompkins Mathis, Miss Sandra Dunmyer, Deacon Harry Smith, Mis.
'(;rare and I'uiit In unto >ou" did l imliiil" 1 liNik. a.. i if the rejected and Pullman Streets Rev. Carrie Blount, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Johnsin, Mis. Flossie Rawls,
\\ai" wniplj' a Knutifiil, H|>imualMliitaiion I Lord l Man admit lo return "loude.\ Green pastor. Appearing will be the Gospel Choir of Wesconnett The Sunrise Larry Smith, Mrs. Florida Johnson, Mrs. Allie Caswell, Miss
Thank (..ltlII..' have unit unit, nor," ax Kiv 19:II put McCall Singers The Sunbeam Singers the Female Singers The Sunnyrose Singers and Beverly McNair, Mrs. Evelyn Grant and others. The organistsare
mini to 1 liurn that it IK ninth more U. Thomas Singers, The Vocies of Jerusalem, The Crews Singers. The public is invited : Mrs. Idella KirbY, Mrs. Jeanette Boggs. The presidentsare
thin a naliiiaiioii It i I" an njtiruilprutlailkltlllH Kill non'. instead of judfinunt to attend. Sister Rough is the sponsor. : Mrs. R, Quarterman, Miss S,Dunmyer, Miss Wanda Allen,
and tsar. Si Paul I prixljiniA truer ___ m___ Deacon Clarence Thomas and Mrs. W.D. Easton. Rev. J.W,

1-\Cry single: one i if tin tpMlmHI. and ft nrr, DIKH\ thin not indicate' EventsA Mrs Inez BivensTo "Hanging Of The Greens" Johnson, pastor, has Invited the public to attend.
'.HIM I li>' St I'anl oHim with the that in grace Gal; inurrupud lluproplutu Calendar -
dinl.irilinii: drmc tie until .\I>H/ andfHiin program" in bring in the NEW JERUSALEM
I joint session will be held
', afro (iIIII"Oi'n' and from prtMiiil tli.JII'n".t shoo dixl; '* 2 Be HonoredAn i I Services Sunday In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church
at for Gate-
I p.m., iH the School at 9 30 a.m. At 11 Rev
Ihr Lard Jitui Christ Him sea anilianoa lorn prorliun with Paul: way Barracks 3131, World WarI Appreciation program will will begin with Sunday ;
lilt llllllll. of the lllll'I'.IKl: WllllllIn. Kill shore sin nlHMinilul I. grace: Veterans, and the Ladles Auxiliary be presented Sunday night for W.A. Mack, pastor, will deliver the message. The evening
n* a dulyaIlxinelamh.IssuI0r| | 1 l lid iniiili inori alHiiind; that a. in the Joe H, JamesCenter Mrs Inez Bivens In Triumph service begins at 6:43: o'clock.
hid I Kin "Milt lo prod"tunIn sin hash r'ilolw,1: no might ICran' Holiness Church, 3rd and
ap|>ritiau this fully wi Waist rdllI" (Uom I 5:20. 21)\), The Installation service will be Franklin streets. w FIRST NEW ZION
I, 'lIIt'mllt'r that God. had ilnlarixl" 1 ill Inditil I. I'aul I the former pirw.iiitur ." held. The past national president The program Is being sponsored First New Zion Baptist Church services Sunday begin with
|iruilii'iihu| Ile \\oiiM! reply| lo nan luntilf the IIVIIIR dim and department quarter- by the Gospel Echoes,Deacon the Sunday School at 9:30: a,m., with Superintendent JosephD.
the wnrl,11" rijiition of Christ with on>i rat ion nf(;e"I'M grate lo a ChriMnjciiiiiK master will be present. James Byrd, Biven Specials, White In charge. Mrs. Ruth D. White will discuss the topic
.iudK"/I/'HI/ I'M, 110:1 pictures the / world I In I Inn I 1:15: Miss Louise Bivens, Gospel "Prophet of the Most High. Awards will also be presented
Father "MJIIIK 10 the Sm: "2>it 16 hi dst iares: eteeeeThe Echoettes and Miss JacquelynFort Morning service at 11 o'clock, and Holy Communion service
limn ul M\ riflil 1: hand. until I make "HUH in a futhful saying! aim Lafayette Ladles Civic who serves as chairman at 4 p.m. All choirs and ushers will serve. The sermon will
hint i ximici 7Av' fnlshrol." I l'isi. worthy of all acceptation. that' Club will conduct its meeting Mrs. Bivens is manager of the be delivered by Rev Charles Chester Brown, pastor, and
... Sunday in the home of Mrs Mrs. Lillian Saunders and Miss Esther James will serve at
2.S .lit'I,in : llifH "It'I" (tht Christ Jesus cants niu" the worldIOMIM groups, member of St. Stephename
"illh,.,) c'lIt111,. Illflll IH liltttrnA sinners. of whom I ant I hid,, Marlon G. Kelly, 1464 W. 6th Church, committeewomanof the Instrumnets.
mill rrllu m ills sure I 1'lIlhdt.: fur this rate...... I oltaiiuil >, St., beginning at 8 p.m. Precinct 5C, vice presidentof
disph'asrr. I mercy. that ill mi first J Jinn Mrs. Annie Burnett,president, the Democratic Women's Ed- MIDWAY AME
After the iriiufixion and atn- Christ iiiilu( show forth all lonti has asked all members bring ucational and Voters League and Midway AME Church services Sunday begin with the Sunday

.i.t.: ( .CbrH, i it_ iH.tuu.ij thai all suffcringyyp( llgrn_ .I1\h !m I'articles for the, Christmas Is affiliated with several other School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent S, Hart In charge.
basket for the needy persons, .The AfL. Branch of YWCA featured Morning srvlce commences at 11 o'clockAt,5 p.m.., Joe Sunday ,
"IK mad l)' for tin ;l.iiiiinl( to shish should fiiriafur (Tic 1 fall, .\* the signs/ of l'iiUri Him to life everlasting," and plans will be completed for member of the Vermel Jones "the Hanging of the Green. From left to School win present Its Christmas program. Evening ser*
the annual gifts to the Tuber- vice begins at 6 o'clock. The junior church will serve and
Prayer Band and a religious right Mrs.
are : Marvyn Jenkins member-
culosis patients Duval Med Rev. B.J. Franklin, pastor, will deliver the sermons for the
ical Center. Gifts will also be promoter. ship chairman ; Mrs. Maggie Slyonechairman major services.
ISABELLA of PARIS Wedding SlatedThe exchanged among the members. Matrons CouncilSet of adult committee; Mrs. Alverla Davis-

Tt:A1S MEI have the Amazing marriage of Miss Cheryl Special guest will be Alonzo Mrs. Clevel Isaac, chairman of "the Hang- CHURCH OF GOD
SUPERIOR TOMC TAJLEfS,' Nadine Sykes, daughter of Mr. Davis, chairman of the Duval Ing of the Green and Mrs. L.E. Bryant Services Sunday in the Church of God 4 will begin with the
Pep for all the things you want Mrs. Israel S. Boston, to Pfc. County Christmas Seal Cam. AnniversaryThe financial secretary of the membership I Sunday School at 10 a.m., with Mrs. Emma Levy in charge.
'to do). sox of 30 $1.00. Satis- Joe L. Wright, son of Mrs. paign. At 12 o'clock, the Holy Communion will be administered by
faction guaranteed ir McieyDack. Johnnie M. Wright,is scheduled The previous meeting was held Matrons Council of DaySpring committee. This scene was taken as the elder W.F. Faust, pastor, aslsted by Elders Edvard Splller
for December 22 at 7:30 p.m., In the home of Mrs. Margaret Baptist Church will observe memoers of the above committe were mak- Vincent Nugent, Ministers Phillip Bright and Charles Reed.
ISABELLA In the Church of God In Christ Johnson, Mrs. Maggie Sloan Its anniversary Sundayat ing decorat ions.photo By James SingletonA. Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve under direction of
P. 0.k>x 239, Dept. S Gary, Friends and relatives are Invited joined the club and refresh- 4 p.m., in the church aud- Elder 0.&. Anderson with Mrs. Celestine Faust and Miss
Indiana. I to the ments were served.NOW Itorlum. Doris Faust at the Instruments.
ceremony. Mrs. Delphenla M. Carter will Rogers Elected Northwestern PTA Saturday at 12 o'clock, the Sunshine Band will meet for

be the speaker. Other partici- Christmas practice At 3:30: p.m., the youth department w.'l'
pants include: Mrs. Sara J, Gives RecognitionTo meet
Seymojr, William D. Cannon, Sunday SchoolSuperintendent
Deacon W.F. Smith and
4 LOCATIONSTO councils in the city. Mrs. D.N. Honor Students' Holy Communion service In First Timothy BaptistChurch

SERVE YOU3118EdgewoodAve.W. Green Alice Johnson is chairman and Mrs. Arnett B. Rogers was elected The PTA Northwestern Sunday will be held at 8 p.m., with Rev. R. L. Smith, pastor,
president. superintendent of the Sunday Junior high School gave special and associates In charge.

Tabernacle School In Walter Memorial AME recognition to the honor roll The service Christmas will begin at 5 a.m. All choirs and
k 3701 EMERSON Holy Zion Church In an election students for the first and sec- ushers will serve.Choirs 2 and 3 will rehearse Saturday at
830 CASSAT AVE. meeting held by Rev. H. C. ond six weeks school period at' 5:30: p.m.
Prayer CrusadeA Its regular meeting Dec. 8
Archie, pastor. Junior assist- on ,
the school
&. ant Is Eddie Brown, Mrs. Dora cafetorlum. NEW MT. OLIVE
Prayer Crusade will beheld
in The Holy Tabernacle, 9th Campbell, president, Choir 1, Mrs. Essie Finney, Northwestern's Rev. Robert Brooks, pastor of Greater Zion Grove Eaptist
and Pearce Sts. Dec. 19-25. and Mrs Lessee Murphy, vice conducted the president Church, Wesconnett, will have charge of the services Sunday
Services president. Other officers were session, In New Mt. Olive Baptist Church beginning with the Sun
C begin at 8 o'clock after which Mrs. Ray of the
with Bishop R.L.Jones pastor reelected. day School at 9:30: a.m.
Guidance department presentedthe
Services Sunday begin with the Morning service
27 presiding. honor commences at 11 o'clock. Covenant meetIng -
Miss Betty Davis, visiting Sunday School at 9:30 am.,with Observations students.were made by the has been scheduled. The deaconess board will meet at
soloist, The Tabernacle Choir Superintendent Rogers preside 5 p.m., and the Rev Mr Brooks will administer the Holy
; principal J.K. He
Argrett Sr.
The lesson
LB ing. "Preparing Communion
at 6:30
: assisted
The Jubilee Singers will p.m., by the officers.
complimneted the
render selections.The His Way, will be reviewed by -

GRADE A FROZEN all services.public Is invited to attend the Morning pastor.service begins at 11 see and more expressed names added a desireto to Give the Gift of Head Off Holiday Colds

S00 o'clock with the pastor In the honor list for the ensuing

LEGS charge. The Christian Endeavor periods.The Music This Year Cold weather and the rush ofholiday
Ministers Wives
3 Hour begins at 5 p,m., and the honor students for the preparation sometimes re
TURKEY OR LBa evening service at 6:30: o'clock. second six weeks of school Give! your family the gift of immr suit in unwanted sniffles: and
.nrel" If during
Slate BanquetThe tie Reginald this hrutmai a cold docs strike
: Sykes Janet
1 will ,
Choir 1 and Usher II' the the Christmas season, follow the
?] WINGS rolhSLBACON Baptist Ministers Wives serve with Mrs. Vera Rogers McWhite, Larry Sumhr, Faye ily tOKrihrrnrw I perfect way to build fame any-time-oE-the-'ear advice of rest
will conduct their annual banquet Instrument Humphries; Brenda Lewis, Asa Sparked by the cur. and a nell,balanced diet, and keep
Monday at 6 p.m. For fur- at the Williams, Asa Jera lugs, She '.; rent folk rate for, everything from pop packs of Kleenex tissues In pure
to limn music
as a family home or pocket
handy for anywhere. anv
$00 ther information, contact Mrs.D. TO FIGHT Manor, Robert Gioos, Card activity has soared in popularity and time use.
B. Barnes. Lewis, Elaine Webb, Constance n today rrond only to reading.
The L TIP L E Thomas, Loretta Love, Gloria Your
3LBSI group observed the 22nd home can b<- tiled with the
anniversary in Tabernacle Bap 1GIVE: Johnson, Keith Warren, Edward, rich s0undsnf mutiryrar.round witha
tist Church with Mrs. W. E. Smith, Deuorah: Burden, Janice new Himmond Organ, rrratrd
< Young as hostess Rev. W. E,' crippler Me Duffle, cleverly Drayton, to provide: fun and musical educa Help! Help! Help!
Young, pastor, was the speaker. adults Shikita Bennett, Jan Campbell, tion for everyone from did to little Rev.
LEGS, BREASTS, THIGHS Charles Williams, Don Green, inter. Roosevelt Franklin Of
Donald Gaffney, Reginald Lay-; Easy to learn and play, the new Macon Ga.
FLA. ECONOMY USD is there wood, 5ernadette Johnson, Hamond Organs provide exciting! ,
Vivian Eunice, Pauline Hamil- new features guaranteed to give Divine, Spiritual. Healer,
3 LB.SlOO ton, Synetta Darayton Sybil countless houn of pleasure and enjoyment .

fRYER PARTS if \ Scott, Cranston Burney,, Nat the One-the minute you're playing Macon Rev Roosevelt Franklin ft
only you care. GIVE{. haniel Hudson, Judith Williams Green, Drue, Deborah Dene anyone iichord organ-or from banjo beginner next, SPf'riallabl a guitar' harp allow Divine,Spiritual Georgia healer Jesusis

USD. helping hand voice from home, traveling shows *' Holmes, DIanne Denson, Cora ---to create to profeinonal truly giving blessings and
for 3 million displaced, lonely Americans in uniform '*, Oliver, Cyntha Adams, Martin wide range of Instrument automatically a victory to many people's prob-
sounds Ie
around the world USO depends on your contribution through ypur Zrock and Leslie Bodle. well at reverberation and vibrato ai m I. SUCCESS CAN EYOUlS.
SUGAR 5 United Fund or Community Chest Let your gill say you care Refreshments were served to effects/ See or write me today.
LBS. 3 gcFN I
Give more for our bigger job this the honor students, parents and Small in iize-but big in enter have a special message every
yurl)0 teachers Mrs. Essie Finney tamment-Hammond Organ range' one's in need for.
ORDER <, ] P.I.A. president, JH. Argrett, from 'ompart Spinet models to de.signinspired Last week many, many! people
WITH $5.00 FOOD \ ..... principal. console ,modeli avail were helped by m.lpecial
., \I It6. able in a variety of furniture wood selected Bible readln g to t be

T SIZE .....: .. and home cabinet styles lo complement read each weekend. If you want'
< t'" any decor to be delivered quickly send
111\ ,
lx59C \ ..... .. \\4If'_ :>! ., : 11.00 and self-addressed
The Peace
J A Corps brings envelope to Rev Roosevelt

lit" ... idealists franklin, 630 Morrow Ave,
'" \ \'" to earth. Macon, Georgia. Phone
\ \ You could 'join. For information, writes ?45-347
; t' ,'g \ The Peace Corps, Washington, D.C. 20325 You v/lil get these special
:&S "
I WATCH THE KIN KNIGHT SHOW ON WIXT TV CHANNEL 4 ; : : ': \ P bI.s" d..I *,M.. Mm".M (...".1.WI ."II. TH, M..rt.I,r,C.ww t.l\, etui selections mail.i .and Dible verses by

; t

.- -..,............ -- .. .. .. .. .. '.- .
......... ........




Religion And Raceby First Negro Warden Named School Desegregation Case From Creams I

NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL Ordered Reopened By CourtNEW .r MirN .

RELIGION'S JOB ;: ; ; YORK The decision of a u.s. Court of Appeals, Dec. li
RICHMOND: -(NPI)-Rellglon, rather than government should Ar J y 6. requiring a District Court in Cincinnati to reopen>> a NAACP
have the assignment of building an integrated society"In which } school desegregation case in that city is regarded by RobertL. ,I.
the dignity and work of the human person are affirmed," Carter general counsel of the NAACP, as "a hopeful>> omen
declared Dr. George D. Kelsey, professor of Christian Ethics, of future sussessful breakthroughs.

Drew University In an address before nearly 1,000 Virginians, Mr. Carter says "Althoughthe by District Court Judge John
representing vlrtual1y.all the Old Dominion's religious groups I Court of Appeals did not Peck on the basis of lack of
the meeting, called to consider the role of church and
synagogue c. ... find that racial imbalance by evidence of Intentional segre-
In a state faced by the Integration Issue, was told that"those
itself is violative of the Constitution gation.
who regard themselves as serious followers of the Judeo-Chrls-, the Court ruled that In June, 1966 Mr. Steel argued -
tlan tradition must accept as one of their goals the creation of
evidence of harm to Negro in the Court of Appealsthat
an integrated society. students resulting from imbalance the lower cart had not
may be relevant to the determined whether in fact
RETURN TO SCENE : : Issues. the. Negro students had been
Tupelo Miss.-(NPI)>-The Rev. H. Bufkin Oliver,.4 9-year- ij1T1Il "Therefore, while the decision harmer) and had improperly an-
old Methodist minister, who, with 28 others, signed a no-dis presents obstacles which must alysedthe evidence of Intentional
criminating statement in 1963 in Mississippi and then left the be overcome the focus of atten- segregation
state, is returning to be an associate minister of the local tion is on the issue of harm to The Court of Appeals decision a
white First Methodist church. His return to the state is based Negro children. Concentration remands the case back to the
on the feeling that the racial situation in Mississippi has im- on that issue is essential in District Court, allows both
proved markedly !in the past three years--because of federal order to determine whether or sides to present more evidenceon < t :
legislation and Its enforcement, compliance by the Mississippi not Negro children are being the relevant Issues and asks
Economic Council, and the progressive attitude taken by Metho denied equaladucatlonal opport- for new and detailed findings k
dist and other church-related Institutions unities." of fact. 'ch I

The NAACP represented by _
RECALL Mr. Carter Assistant Counsel Negro Gets
ATLANTA-NPI-With only two years of retirement after t; Lewis M. Steel and local coun-
stepping down as prelate over the Baltimore areafor 12 years, sel Morris Muldrow, originallyfiled Dixie Court Post
Methodist Bishop>> Edgar A. Love, has returned to active dutyto the case in November,1963.
administer the denomination's Atlantic Coast area for the ,, They charged the Cincinnati NEW YORK Judge JamesL.
next several months. The area Includes Mississippi Alabama, Board of Education with "run- Watson has been named U.S. FROM SPACE OILS TO FACE CREAMS-Old phrases like
Georgia and Florida. ning the school system In a Customs Judge in Texas Ca. "the butcher the baker, the candlestick maker" are also
old hat as samples of the range of manufacturing firms and
manner harmful to Negro child- and Fla. Watson the first Negroto
other businesses that rely on William G. Cammack, Jf., right
OPPOOJ110NJACKSON. ren, and la violation of the 14th hold the position permanently -
Miss.(-OpposiUoo to accepting federal Amendment." In June 1965 the starts his term In for expert technical advice quality products and service that
grants for their 28 church-related schools and 23 hospitals ..' case was dismissed after trial February Is both efficient and fast. Mr. Gammackearned a mechanical-
has been taken by seven southern Baptist state conventions.The Assignment of Witson,44who engineering degree at Howard University in Washington. C.,
MANSFIELD Ohio Bennett first Negro prison warden in his native city and took a master's degree in Industrial engineering -
talkers were Georgia Mississippi, Texas Arkansas was named to the special federal
J. Cooper associate warden the country. assumedhis War DeclaredOn of New York after
Civil at the City College postgraudatework
Florida Louisiana and Arizona. Last June Kentucky Baptists court after terms on the
of the Ohio State Reformatory new post on Dec. 4, when In management and finance at the University of Illinois
voted against grants and loans but amended the action in the Court bench here and as a
sits at his desk here Nov. 30 Koloski leaves to become headof He accepted a position with Humble Oil 1 Refining Company,
fall to permit receipt of loans at the discretion of officialsof state senator in Albany was
the varlojs Institutions within the state. after it was announced that he Ohio's newly-leased Chilli- Part TimeEmployment confirmed by) Chief Judge Paul largest U$. oil refiner and marketer three years ago wasassigned
would succeed superintendentM. cothe Correctional Institute. Rao of the Customs Court. to Humble's Northeastern Esso Region and now
iaealNalNailMaxtKllNaIlixla xral J. Koloski to become the (UPI TELEPHOTO) The court is headquarteredhere nandles the company's industrial sales for all of Long Island,
a leading East Coast center of the defense-related
Put Practical Products In Baskets For Needy but its nine Judges sit aircraftand
electronics industries, with a population of morethan two
In tariff and in
Charges NEW -
million Island is also
IaxKixdssatisNriartisesixesxNfete? Consumers League in New Or- federal courts throughout the Long the home of one of the world'slargest
cosmetics laboratories and plants established thirteen
it has country. Judge Watson was .
has disclosed that
ROUNDUP Landowners leans the named to the court by President yearsago by the late Helena Rubinstein, who is given much of
declared all-out war against
the credit for culture $3
Johnson last year. making beauty a billion-a-year business -
STRA..GLEIiOLDMONTGOMERY part-time i employment of in this country. On a visit to the $4,500,000 "place of
(NPI) The Evicting Negro Negroes throughout the city. Four Negro beauty," above, Mr. Gammack discusses petroleum-based Ingredients -
extent of Gov.George Walace'sstranglehold The league charges that many used in a number of Helena Rubinstein productswith
on the state's education ATLANTA lPIMass) firms employ a Negro partlme Dr. Julius Watterhahn, a chief research scientist for
was reveled at federal evictions of blac.farm workers and give him a very small Attorneys HonoredNEW the world-famed cosmetics house. Whether the business at
from their lands Is the in order to be able to
punish- salary
Alabama hand
order from Defense
court hearings on a priority a or Space Administration -
school segregation. It was disclosed ment being meted out by white say that a Negro has been em- ORLEANS (NPI) contractor--or a call for cosmetic-grade materials for a
that WrJlace has threat- landowners in Alabama for ployed. Honored at a banquet in Roose- firm like Helena Rubinstein provides variety as a dally
ened to hold mae s meetings voting In the Nov. 8 elections, This practice is not only costly velt Hotel recently were four menu, not as occasional "spice." Mr. Cammack is presidentof
around the state to expose local according to a report issued by to the firm because It receives local Negro attorneys who have Howard University's New York City alum organization. ,
the Student Nonviolent Coordi- no real service but also to been appointed in past monthsto
school officials who cooperatedwith although most of his work is as advanced as modern technologycan
\ the federal government on nating Committee. Negroes, who lose many Job i important t positions. make it, he does still have a candlestick maker among themany
desegregation. Two superintendents The Greene County Freedom opportunities as a result.As Sponsoring the banquet was the firms on his list of
testified that would takea Organization reported that 70 an example the league local NAACP branch. clients.
federal court order to make families have been evicted: from pointed out that one Negro helda Honored guests were ErnestN.
them desegregate--because. the land, which has ,een their partime Job with four companies Mortal 1 1, assistant U. S. -- .
"we find it wise to follow the only home for years.Surae have thus enabling the four attorney; James A. Smith deputy HEATING f.r I"" .MCrtdll FIRIPIKE Hurl.
state anti-desegregation law." been told to move by Jan. 1. firms to do away with four director Office of Equal UK Ytu I
Currently meetings are being full-time Jobs. Opportunity Employment Com- O I L Stft"Urd Oil. COALvi
ALIENATED held among the farm workersto The league has reportedly mission; A. Marcel Trudeau (....', CII'"
PRINCE .N.J. -(NPIThe decide how to handle the asked the companies involvedto assistant city attorney;and LoisL ,i, SI\SONS,; Ul. : .\. i''iu; ; .
student revolt at the Universityof problem., explain their reasons for this Elie, assistant district attorney II..1 OIWI'IOt. >vi. PH. 764-4511
California's Berkeley campus In Lowndes County, several part-time device. "'- ..
can offer "organization families have been evicted from
direction" to young Negro their homes and are now living
youths in poverty areas,declared in tents. Many more families
New York Mayor John Lind- expect eviction notices before
say last week. Both groups are the picking season Is over.
alienated by their "powerlessness In the meantime, the Lowndes
KEN KNIGHT in the face of huge,authoritarian -. County Christian Movement In ...
institutions" he said, conjunction with the Lowndes

County Freedom Party, is pur- MARKETS ::
-Invites You To Listen To- DIFFERENCE chafing land and building houses SUPER
CHICAGO- BIG BAND the nevi school super- The drive so far has netted
intendent, is seeking new waysof two houses, purchase of land
teaching children from poor for two families, and the start THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. .
"DANCE PARTY"Nightly families on the theory that of construction on two hc'use
"society can no longer bear SNCC also charged that lick
the burden of an uneducated people>> who participated In t' e)

11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. existence class." of He the school deplored system's the attacked.elections have been bru'ail':

"antiquated buildings and over One, Andrew Jones,was beate..
1400 WRHC1400 crowded high schools." and hospitalized with a skull

SNCC fracture reported.for two dayS in Selma.. ROASTFRESH ST

The LDFP said it sought to
"gain complete control over
Prized Holiday Gift t the county in the next two
years." It plans to raise moneyto
in HO Countries AroundThe World! "buy enough land for the dis LB.
possessed" and start a.co-op 49 35*
set to open soon.Predict.



North By 1970

SEATTLE Wash. -(NP1)-
Three Northern cities with
large Negro populations will LIMIT 1 WITH 5.00$ OR MORE FOOD ORDER
have Negro mayor by 1970 Rep.
John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), 43* 5 LB.
has predicted."By .
1970" he said, "we can QT. BAG 49
expect to double the number of
Negro congressmen and have
yi y mayors in Newark, Baltimore -
The 90th Congress will have ciiio 55*
i : ; IMiNlollJ six Negro representatives and .

one Some senator.150 Negro candidateswere U. S. # 1 POTATOES n IB. BAG 35*

elected last Nov. 8,almost -
doubling the number of Negro

i I ia c office"Pq>>holders.uJation trends and the FANCY CELERY (UK STALK) 10 1

Voting Rights BUI do heralda
time when American politicsand
representative of the American
electorate," he said.


...i<', aluvyi 'Lj r: LEO'SShe

Give I.W Harper Bourbon-Bottled

t in prized Bond among or mellow nations Gold, prized Medal-among *7.00 FIFTH Of Aiy Kill1 KOUNTY KIST GOLDF" CREAM STYlE CORN 2 303 CANS 33*

friends. Handsome decanter and em-

bossed carton with our compliments.: Is Our Oily Business MONOGRAM RICE 3 IB. BAG 35*

934 E. Uiiu St.




Price Dixie Justice .. Biggest Nurse Recruitment Seminar r--------------I Your Good Health ..II .I

.u. -
Graces Cover Double StandardOn --.. { By SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN, M.: D", M.P.H. |

.. III -- -*--1
Rape Documented ; 4. __ -- _-----


Gracing the cover of the team of 28 law students has
December issue of Ebony,Miss documented the double standardof mothers want to complete toilet training as quickly as
Leontyne Price, often called "Dixie justice" in rape w ATy ,.xa rF possible, but It is a great mistake to try to achieve this end
the ",olce of the century' cases too fast. Good results can often be obtained placing your Infant
stands out u the "prima donna The study, which embraced I on the stool at regular times, after toe has passed his first
assoluta" of the International 19 counties and 55 rape cases birthday, preferably 15 to 20 minutes after feeding. This, how-
music world. dating back two decades, was ever, is a matter of luck and Is not true toilet training.
The 1966 opening> of the Metropolitan undertaken by the law students, Normal control of the bowel and bladder Is not fully developed
Opera in New York City consulting criminal lawyers, in most children until about the time of their third
was historic In almost all re criminologists and statis birthday. At that time they will let you know when they needto
spects. The W.I million ticians. ,Iq II I go to the toilet and will take pride In their accomplishment.The .
The findings done by trying to force toilet training too
super-house In Lincoln Center : ., harm that Is
had been completed; Samuel -Of 19 Negroes convicted of soon is that a mother's emotional tension,obvious despleasureof
Barber's "Anthony and Cleo raping white women, nine were : v i punishment of a child for failure builds up an unhealthy emotional
patra" was being given Its world sentenced to death. Where both tension in the child.
premiere, and an American the man and the women were Among other things this may prolong rather than shorten ahe
Negro had been chosen prima either white or black, only five time it takes the child to achieve perfect controL In this as
donna of the spectacular cast. death sentences were Imposed.No r in other matters of child rearing a firm but relaxed attitude lathe
The choice of Miss Price was convictions were found one that succeeds.
unique In that It has only been for white men charged with Great harm may also be done by showing concern when a child
11 years since the first Negro, raping Negro women. + goes a day or two without having a bowel movement. It may be
Marian Anderson, set foot on The findings were cited In a that on the preceding day he had such a loose stool hhat the
the Metropolitan Opera stage NAACP Legal Defense and Educational vI. lower bowl is completely empty, or it may be taht he has not
According to Ebony, however, Fund brief before the o been getting enough vegetables or fruit towarranta movement.
"Anthony and Cleopatra" Is U. S. Supreme Court in defenseof Although one bowel movement a day is the average, there is

simply the latest of a seriesof William L. Maxwell, 26, who M1 .. ;' a wide range of normal variation and every deviation from the
firsts for Miss Price and was convicted of raping a white o-r average should not be considered a sign that there is something!

what she(Chooses to call "my woman. wrong.
people;. Bias If your child is over three years of age and Is still not toilet
Ebony recalls that in 1955 Evers Charges trained have your doctor determine the cause. many event you
Miss Price became the first should avoid any punishment with teh possible exception of
Negro to appear in an Opera In Reapportionment withholding his favorite dessert.
television. In 1961 she reward-aside from restoring dessert soda
on performed NAACP S Furthermore, no
at the Met for the first Mississippi JACKSON.MISS.Field- Director ;i )' : few words of praise-should be given for what Is essentially

time and received the longest Charles Evers has charged that a normal behavior.
ovation ever witnessed at that .
the reapportionment of the /\
house. That same year she was ; '.' CIVIL RIGHTS ROUNDUP
named "Musician of the Year.Mississippi State Legislature .. ., "" *
was "used by legislatureas --
In 1962 she became the first I a means of discrimination More than 500 girls attended the nurse recruitment seminarand instructor, Northeastern University College of Nursing, shown NON-RACIALISM INTOLERABLE
Negro to open> the season at against Negro voting majoritiesin "Nurses Fashion Show" held recently at Girls High Schoolin here addressing the students of the predominantly Negro GEORGETO tf HGuiana-NPl-, MILWAUKEE (NPl) Exclusion
the Met. many counties." Boston, Mass to interest high school girls In nursing as a school. Nursing authorities pointed out that only 3 per cent President Kenneth KautnU rf: of Negroes from private
In 1964, she was awarded the In a message to Gov. Paul career. The seminar was sponsored by Boston University's of all professional nursing students in the country are Negro, Zambia came to (Ms South non-profit homes for the

American Freedom civil Medal honor, the and highest Johnson, Dec. 5, Mr. Evers ODWIN (Open Doors Wider in Nursing) program, and Ex-Lax, despite the fact that Negroes make up 10.5 per cent of the American country urge'L .> aged is widespread, declared
American was said: "It Is intolerable for the Inc. Presiding at the event was Miss Lorraine Mlddleton. total population. folhw ZanVa'i: ;> .': 1/ *! non- Robert M. Nash, chief, Officeof
the only accompany
Negro to be disfranchised by racialism. Sitting beside Gui Equal Health Opportunities,
the La Scala Opera on Its visit :
legislative gerrymandering Wilder Playground'I RC-Cola Sweepstakes ana's Premier Forbes Burn- U.s. Public Health Service. He
to Russia. And last year she L L. A. Girl Wins
after he has struggled so long orld News Digs1 ham the African chief of state reported that in 163\ fewer
was presented with the Italian and hard to obtain his right LCONSTITUTIONS __.._ ____ __.__ ._.__ _____d> ,
Award of Merit for "the contribution so Begins Intra.Mural declared, "If you allow your. than 20,000 Negroes of the na.tion's
she has made to to vote. selves to form Into racial 500,000 aged were In
"The NAACP hereby serves groups, you will be destroyingthe long-term care homes "For
Italian music. momentswere notice on you..We are pro Basketball League LAGOS-((NPI)-4ts "consti foundations, of this nation, Negroes who need this kind

"All eclipsed other great as she openedthe ceeding Immediately to take Wilder Park Playground will tution -time for at least three and enamy COll'1trlesVuj\ be of service and facilities, the
whatever legal steps are necessary countries around the globe, all "
this is Intolerable.
Met however said begin its Intra.mural basketball pleased to see situation
new ,. of which of have served as
to prevent the reapportionment are
league Monday with the first
Ebony. from being enforced. arenas of armed contests.Ni TOO FAR DIXIE
0 game scheduled at 4:30 p.m.J. .
Ginyard, director has geria's military regime has WASHINGTON-(NP1)) -"The TALLULAH, La.- (NPl) -
scheduled a meeting for called a representative assembly pendulum may have swung too Zelma Wyche, leader of the
WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou constitution for the
tomorrow at 5 p.m.,for all pro to adopt a far," toward protection of de local Civic and Voters league
spectlve players. Registered republic, which early this year fendants declared Charles T. faces the prospect of a 10-year

play at the park are: Mitchell was split asunderGhanawhichousted President Kwame p I Duncan, new D.C. coporatlon prison term for upholding a

Seek The Best Doctor, Tubbs, Jerald Tubbs James Nkrumah is busily drafting a counsel, but the Negro officialsaw fellow Negro's right to get ser
Tubbs John Martin Clarence need for constitutional In Sentencedto
When Your Doctor Prescribes "" constitution that would no a vice a restaurant.
Pharmacists Gallon, Bruce Glover, Eric new amendment to give police eight months In jail on a charge
Get Experienced national freedomand
When Your Doctor Prescribes, t s Turner, Jerome Reed, William safeguard fundamental rights a greater leeway la d"a'.l:1c: with of simple battery-after arguing -
Orders. We Use Only The Best Maxwell, Larry White, Henry and South Viet Nam'sconstltuent -; those us e<::ted of crimes. He with a white doctor who
Quality Drugs. !4 Williams Jr., Ralph Royal, Albert assembly Is presentlyworking believed "amending the Constitution objected to Negroes being served
Williams, PhllllpWllllams, In this area of the in the restaurantWychefaces
for 12
out detailed wording
C. E. BLACK Proprietor Rodney Glover, Howard Clark, basic human rights patternedafter +' rights of arrested persons Is a count of "aggravated
John Wesley, James Edward, r probably.. dangerous thing to'burglary".j+ for*J"uaauthorlzedentr
S R e g l i \ e r e d Pharmacists To Serve You Anthony l Rurphy, George Adams the first Constitution.10 amendmentsof do..." ;" Into a public restaurant.
the U. S.
Willie Dixon William G.
............ACOMPL'ETE LINE 0 F............ King, Enoch Hlckson, John W. TRIES AGAIN ATTACK
Washington, Michael Evans and PEKtNGNPIRobert F. KNOXYlLLETeni.NPU DOBbieObservalce
Cosmetics Rubber Goods-Candles Sundries Joseph Turner. Williams, 41-year-old U.S. Ku Kin Klansmen have joined
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Sheila Hlghtower defeated Regina Negro who shook the dust from other racist h reuavil a;.
E. Guinyard in the weekly Cuba recently because of Inability tempts to destroy the High
Lilly's Drug Store checker tournament for girls, among other things to Edythe McGowan, 10525 Avenue, Los Angeles, California, won lander Center, successor to CHICAGO -(NPl) Th
and defeated Marilyn Hart In get promised financllal supportfor the $500 grand prize clothing certificate in the recently the Highlander Folk school at American-West Indian associa
the semi-finals. Regina defeated his newspaper the Crusader concluded "Back-To-Schoolstakes" Sweepstakes promotion Monteagle, which was burnt to tion's dinner last Saturday at
1901 KINGS ROAD EL-3-8276 Catherine Marlow in a has begun publication of a 10- sponsored by Royal Crown Beverage Company, Los Angeles. the ground. Fire bombs have the Pick Congress Hotel was a
semi-final match. page edition here.Williams fled Shown making the presentation for the soft drink firm is Tom been thrown through the windows double observance of Independence
the U.S. in 1961 to avoid arreston Hawkins, director of station operations for Radio Station KGFJ. of the institution-dedicated coming to two nationsin

charges of holding a white to promoting democratic the Western Hemisphere-
couple as hostages In an attempt Area institutions-and Klansmenhave Guiana (formerly British Guiana -
to win freedom for TIPSHOMEMADE smeared Its gates with!: ) last Spring; and Barbados,
arrested Negro civil rights de ServicemanSAN "kKK Was Here" inscriptions. last week Guest speaker at
monstrations. STOVE None of the city's banks will the dinner was Sir JohnCarter,.
I Take a gallon can and dice accept deposits from the Integrated Q.C. Guiana's Ambassador to
i Spoil him. HAPPENS AGAINWASHINGTON three three-inch trips. Bend center the United States.
(NPI) Another strips outward. Remove screw 1r
race of people> the top to act as a draft. Fill bottom -
American Indians, Is fast becoming with several inches of saw. Add another coincidence to The Kennedy Irend..,
a "no culture people" dust and soak with Inexpensivewood
"THE !J. F. K. DEATH NOTE"Fascinating
according to charges made last alcohol. LIght. Can will
weak by a group of specialistson glow with even heat. astonlshlng..this book reveals a new bizarre
Indian affairs. At a two-day link to the already strange, almost supernatural chain of
conference of the education EGG FISH ON events surrounding the Kennedy assassination!
You can egg fish on by collecting
committee of the 44-year-old egg shells for several A collector's Item-not sold in Book Stores.
Association of American Indiana
weeks before you go fishing As
Affairs, Inc., the specialists you fish, sprinkle a handful of Order by mall.NOWI only $2.00, send cash, check or money
said that the 81 boarding shells in water from time to order to:
schools operated> by the Federal time. Tiny flashes attract fish.
Bureau of Indian Affairs Works especially on bluegills ANTONIATex.-Airman E. N. G, COMPANY
serve to divorce 33,000 child and crapples. Clem Cave, grandson of Mr.
ren from their Indian heritage. and Mrs. Scott Cunningham of 5525 WILSHIRE BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF.
1602 W. 33rd St.. Jacksonville,
Fla. has been selected for technical
r ., Attraction training at Ft. Lee, Va.,
as a U.S. Air Force food ser
vice specialist.
Coming Soon The airman 'ecentiycompleted

basic training at Lackland AFB, r
-- ---- -
a ,r331'A,1lCFIT Tex. His new school is part i
of the Air Training Command I
which conducts hundreds of
Ted j
specialized courses to provide Y
technically trained personnelfor
the nation's aerospace

force. '", : ; / +rouva e
Airman Cave is a 1966 grad ;

Taylor uate of Stanton Vocational High 'o. 1fM' "'MI. ,,fGMT Willi ..e. :r; 'I"DIND'srllrU" / :

I School ("'(' OY tAVO\lTt "I ".

And Negroes MovingTo -, HITINfeTHIS : ...,,3Sc:

His Band Live Outside WEEK'S WG ,.,


90 At Gibbs Night Club Dixie By 1970 SPOTSrn; 'C

. (N WASHINGTON (NPl) A vs.MM s., Lr.h 39'
majority of the nation's Negroesmay SPANISH MACKEREL .tr.I .
Callahan, Florida be living in the North and Ixdlmt' for IraWnt
West by 1970, government statistics -

I 't44t'iKENTUCKY Dec. 17, 1966 nation's In 1960 disclose.,18.85 60 per million cent Negroes of the :tG.ROlMULi.EIDRUM I 35c'-'

lived in the South. Five years
later, only 53.6 per cent of the
11 P.M. To 3 A.M. nation's 20.95 million Negroes
remained below the Mason- I Find oars why S/ill./. i. n".'. lat'ori' .hf'lIliJa.
DIxon line. Dirk up acm pnunda.l/rdirrnrs ,5 .00 Lb.
The largest percentage Increase
Admission At Door
$2.00 In Negro population was

STRAIGHT PROOF THt CIStUlERY 4 LOUISVIUE.KY.I to the West especially California
Tables Free according to census .. t. 't .., 11I, '0"' 'SlI.... 111I .33c
-- .'



l 'r't Mai.. .. .+aLtxsr I..L-_ ....4.A..4.. 1r "" "' A .. II//f# .L..L. 4. _. ._ .. 0. '' .. .: .' ,'.' ."'. .. ""jT ."Jl i.ic .

---- ----- --- -


College. ALBANY Roundup STATE Miss.Gives Minister WarningOn Dance Group Visits Universal.. [: ::. : : Altar) CallBY J

Albany/ State College has been awarded a $51,830 grant by the Racial IssueNEW .fj$ EMORY G. DAVIS, D. D,
National Science Foundation to conduct a Summer Institute in I

Science and Mathematics for secondary school teachers this YORK A Protestant MEMO TO A DEPARTED BISHOP

summer. minister from Grenada Miss., Sixty-one years ago on Dec. 11, in Boston's Faneull Hall,
Announcement of the NSF grant was made by the College's warned fellow Christians todayto the late Zlshop Reverdy Cassius Ransom delivered an address
president, Thomas Miller Jenkins, after being notified by JohnT. "stand up or get out" on the commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of
Wilson, deputy director of the National Science Foundation race issue in America.In William Llod Garrison.
This year's grant marked the seventh consecutive year that a signed article appearingin One section of his address was entitled, "What kind of Negroes
Albany State College has been awarded a summer institute the current Issue e4 Look Do the American People Want?" Interesting, isn't it, that
under the sponsorship of the NSF. Dr, William E, Johnson, magazine, The Rev. C.B. Burt, America's white have not really answered this question.
a Ph.D. graduate of the University of Oklahoma and chairmanof pastor of the First Methodist Negro America Is still victimized by their refusal to open
the College's division of sciences and mathematics, will Church in Grenada said that' wide the door that leads into themainstream of America that
again direct the Institute. far too many white Christians would give definition to an oppressed people.
According to Dr. Johnson, fifty-five, participants will be refuse to practice what they Rev. Ransom, who was not then an AME bishop, said, "The
selected for this summer's program without regard to race, say they believe. Negro is here 10 million strong and for weal or woe, he is
creed color or national origin "We are confronted all over here to stay-he Is here to remain forever."

Interested applicants who are science and/or mathematics this land with a great social ,. Yes, Bishop we are still here, but you would see little
teachers in the secondary schools may apply by writing: Dr. Issue. Hardly a city of hamletcan evidence of an answer to your question. We ire: here by
William E. Johnson Director, NSF Summer Institute, Albany escape some racial pain... the teeming thousands locked in all-black ghettoes and slums
State College, Albany, Georgia 31705 I think the Issue must be resolved -, We are here entertaining; welfare investigators in the midnight
ultimately inourhearts, hour. We are here hurrying to get our unemployment
AIT Rev. Burt wrote In his article. compensations on the right day We are here forced into seeingour
The A&T College Choir presented its annual Christmas Carol children receive an inferior elementary education. We

Concert on Sunday, Dec. 11, "We can no longer be com are here looking at the American white inamazement.yet
The group conducted by Howard T. Pearsall, chairman the fortable in the face of the tremendous asking "What kind of a Negro do you want us to be?"
AIT College Department of Music, featured as its major evil in the world" We're sorry, Bishop but we have disappointed your expectation
composition "Magnificat by Jonann Sebastian .lach. The added Rev. Burt. "Christiansare expressed in another question you asked that night
three-part program also Included a group of Christmas going to have to make a "Do white men believe that 10 million blacks after having
Anthems and a group of carols from home and abroad. choice, stand up for what you a \ imbibed the spirit of American institutions, and having exercised *

As is the usual custom, the audience Joined in the singingof profess or get out. There Is Universal publicist Dyke Williams ( right ) joins ballet direct'or the rights of free men for more than a generation,
a group of familiar carols no real choice. If you can't will ever accept a place of permanent inferiority in the re.
make: the teaching of Jesus relevant Carama Mohamed Lamlne (dark glasses) and other members o f the public/"

SHAW UNIVERSITY! you are already out" African dance group in scanning a \ust of movies currently in Too many of us HAVE accepted a place of Inferiority and
Two former student leaders atShaw University who graduatedIn Rev. Burt lashed out at those production at Universal. The grou was later greeted by Dean now we have an even worse plague-the slum mortality,
the class of 1968, recently arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, along who could be described as the Martin on the set of his current film, Rough. Night In Jericho. But all of us haven't given up completely, oh venerable
with some 76 others, to undergo orientation prior to assuming 'Christmas-faithful,' regarding -- ---- sage of old. We are saying with increasing volume and voices,

their positions with the Peace Corps as volunteers. the race issue. Sheriff Asks NAACP Charges 5 Companies "We shall Overcome;'
Collie Coleman, who received: the B.A. degree in English was "On Christmas" he said, Your admonition to America's whites that "taught by the
president of the student body at the Baptist institution lie was "everybody loves the baby Declaration of Independence, sustained by the Constitution of
also a member of the elite special privileged honor roll, and Jesus. It's no problem to love Clergy's Help 7 Union Locals With Bias the United States, enlightened by the education of our schools,
listed in "Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities." tie baby Jesus But the baby this nation can no more resist the advancing tread of the hostsof
The son of Mr and Mrs. C, Coleman Bailey, N. C., Coleman grew up, and we don't want to WASHINGTON.D.Cr companies and locals of sevenAFLCIO the oncoming blacks, than it can bind the stars or halt the
is a member of the PU Beta Sigma Fraternity. go with Him the rest of the On Highway SafetyIn trade unions are charged with racial discriminationin resistless motion of the tide.
The other volunteer, Charles C. Gray Jr., received the B.A. way, to the Upper Room, or a letter to the clergy of charges filed by the National Association for the Advancement To the Altar of Historic Refreshment, we come, and take
degree with a major in sociology. Gesthsemane, or a crucifixionon every church in Duval County, of Colored People with the Equal Employment Opportunity fresh courage to become even more than white America expects
President of the senior class at Shaw, Gray hails from Calvary. Sheriff Dale Carson today asked Commission here, Thursday, Dec. 9. of us.Gadget.

Rosemont, Pa., where his mother, Mrs Virginia Gray, resides "Yet Jesus Himself said it; for them to assist him "and Herbert Hill, NAACP directorfor and 384, United Papermakersand
Gifts Make Stuffers
Mr. Gray was a member of Shaw's Student Council and the 'If any will come after me, let Jacksonvllle-Duval county t labor program, filed 22 Paperworkers. Stocking

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity him deny himself and take up Safety Council in bringing to complaints on behalf of NAACP "These complaints" Mr. Hill It'i a simple talk to find toys and does justahnuteventhineunder the
..... his cross dally, and follow the attention of oar churchgoing members alleging violation: of said "document: patterns of sun'!
............ RoodiM to fill the stockings of the
me.' citizens the shocking real Title VII of the Civil Rights racial seniority lines
separate little folk on your Chrntmai list; Men seem toBrt a hit l k 1k n of
Scholarship time has arrived for many students who might ities of the needless highway Act of 19Q4? by the corporationsand and other discriminatory practices but what about the /grown-upP tip-cut openers for frun fowl
not otherwise be able to get a higher education. One such, the Drive To Boost slaughter In this community." trade unions What imall gift items would they iteel wheeled knife Ihup"'r, hat,
third National Achievement Scholarship Program for outstanding The Sheriff asked each clergy. Named in the complaints were In collective bargaining appreciatehat inexpensive, clever sharpen both iclr. lOr thi knit .r
Negro students, has culled some 1,100 finalists from a man to "consider reading a the Timken Roller Bearing Co. agreements negotiated by labor and useful stocking duffers can once: efficient tan and bnttlf ., |I'" .
field of more than 30,000 applicants. Youth MembershipIn memorial to his congregation Columbus, Ohio; Rayonier Co unions with major industrial you find to surprise and delight. themon ers and prenure domed I hnttl.. anp-i. ,
Those selected are now pitted in the race for 250 four-year and to reprint it in their church Jesup, Ga.; McGuire Construction corporations in the"North as Christmas morn* pen that really keep fi// in''
college scholarships ranging in value from $1,000 to $6,000, bulletin." Co., MemphisInternational well as in the South. The answer li really quite urn- Any housewife would be iil-id t<,
depending on need. The Ford Foundation underwrites 200 of I NAACPNEW The Safety Council and the Paper Co. (Southern Kraft He cited particularly the pie according to Mary Ann March, ha\e a I&ft..r-drainrr..i.nll'r& a i u t tniato ,..
business firms award the rest. Timken Roller Bearing Co. and Home Economist at the Ekco House- ilicer: a narlii prr. or .i vring \
this number, many YORK-As the NAACP'sCrash Jacksonville Ministerial Alliance division) Moss Point Miss
; .
available to male orphans and the United Steelworkers Unionin warn Company A galaxy of kitch. tongs to make! !km hen < here atfastrr
Another scholarship program Membership drive moves call the weekend before and Sears-Roebuck Co., Memphis -
Columbus Ohio."This Cowpony gadgetry"ire to pleas adult, and easier.
maximum en any
with ,
offering full college or vocational training a and Christmas the "Sabbath Safe
into its final month, .
All these hand tools nail
he said "is operatingwith is available nationally in hardware are
value of $1,500 per year for four years,comes from the estateof College Division membershipshows ty Weekend". General Chairman Also the United Steelworkersof ,vast Federal, contracts and hnuieware. !grocery and department able at Iris than one dollar ear h .and
John McKee. every slim of exceedinglast of the program is Rev. America; Locals 379 and stores all are Jmt the right ire i". dip
This stipulated that the recipient must be in need of financial year's totals. Milton L. Mikesell, pastor of 787, brotherhood of Pulp Sul the tlon NAACP has asked, in a the parallel Office act-of Among! the most popular Items neatly into an open hrittmai itix"king .
assistance and a native of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to Mark Rosenman, St. Nicholas Park Christian phite and Paper Mill Workers; Miss March says, are presto whips Because everyone knows that
Government Contract Compliance
If this describes you or someone you know, tell them to write assistant youth director, membership Church. Local 272, International Association that blend mix and cream: stamleis 'good thing* come in small park-
for an application form.ATLANTA figures from Region VI Clergymen from various de- of Machinists; Local 473 to cancel Timken's con peelers that shred scrape and scale: ages," why not IIi,e !gadget. gifts
UNIVERSITY already show 7,124 youth members nomhatlons: will be recording: Plumbers and PipefitfersUnion{ ; tract U.S.as Executive operating Orders.in violationof ladles for basting sening and cam this Christmas It'alonYou'll '
compared with a year-end radio and television safety Locals 508 and 1816; Inter pling; and a "Kitchamajig" that
Dry Ronald B. Bailey, a 1958 graduate of Florida AIM University total of 5,677 in 1965. message for use over the boll"; national Brotherhood of Electrical

'i has been named acting chairman of the_De tmentof I "This 15 an increase of 25.4 day in conjunction with c the1 Workers; ..,. Local I, tai .
Political Science here at Atlanta University. ', 1 I per cent, with our best efforts Sabbath Safety Weekend. Bricklayers Plasterers and .. .-
A native of Fort Pierce, Fla., Dr. Bailey' still to be tallied" says Mr. The memorial that each Masons Union; and Locals 203
received both the M$. and Ph.D. degrees Rosenrtun. region VI includes clergyman is asked to read to
from the University of Illinois H e studiedat Arkansas, Louisiana,New Mexico his congregation is reprinted CARE OfficerIn !
Illinois under fellowships from the John Oklahoma and Texas. below: r ; r

Hay Whitney Foundation and the Woodrow Another Region showing every "Let us remember those 122 Yugoslavia _' .
Wilson Fellowship Foundation and scholarship ;\. indication of topping last year's friends and relatives who died
from the University of niionls and the YMCA. J ']'I totals is Region 1 comprising in Automobile accidents In
The AU associate professor is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alaska Arizona California, Duval County last year and the Always Makes Hit

Mu National Honor Society, Delta Pi National Honor Society, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, more than 8,000 who suffered Howard
an d the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc He Is the son of Utah and Wahlngton. serious injury. CARE
Harry Bailey Sr. who resides in Fort Pierce Florida. "With the big cities still to Pruntj, assistant: a hit chief whereverhe ,
send in their totals,we feel quite Let us also remember the CARE.
is assigned by
we'll families and relatives of these '
confident that this year located In Israel, klbV.b
o. have morethan lastyears'356,981youth victims who have had to bear Previously
Pakistan and Liberia,the Negro
THINGS ARE CHANGINGHave members. December is this unnecessary grief. official is often mistaken for a A
always our best month. As a leader because of his
you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? matter of fact many of the kids God grant that each one of us beard and black hat.
will truly be "our brother'skeeper" Y
get their memberships as
he said people
opportunity is in business. Christmas Mr. especially during this In Belgrade, y d
Equal presents, says find it hard to believe he is an
Rosenman. holiday season by driving with American because they usually
respect and reverence for the
associate Negroes with African'students.
I rights of others." .

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MOONOVER MIAMIMIAMI FAMU Professor Dies Pictures Make Ideal FAMU Queens Recive Awards Governor Burns

MIAMI BEACH SHORTS campus was saddened by the

death of one of Its associate Christmas Presents 1' i Breaks Ground

MIAMI BEACH- The Latin 3EACH, FLA.-Marine stadium will be the choice of professors of education, the .,'

American organization of travel boating enthusiasts here for the New Year holidays,and every- Rev Sylvester R. Bright St., Christmas gifts from faraway .
places are as near as a trip to town, For Interama Roads
COTAL will meet in one else whoenjoys_ the thrills of speed afloat. on December 2.
agents, when the sift is a. framed pictureor
Miami :Seach May 21-26, 1967. The Orange Bowl regattaaflx- The Rev. Mr. Bright was pastor mirror Reproductions of paint.
the In these races. MIAMI Go Burns
The convention will be the first ture of the subtropical winter of the Gethsemane Baptist ings from Old World Italy, France, *
The Orange Bowl regattawithother official for the
the group has ever held out- fiesta for many years is Church in Tallahassee and the or England, the Orient, even ancient gave the signal
side.Latin America. scheduled Jan. 1, 7 and 8. Some power and sailing events African 3aptist Church in Live Egypt, Inspire fantasy trips start of road construction Sat-

8,000 grandstand seats plus later In the season, serve to Oak. He was also chief recording into palaces and -villas and long- urday at the Inter-American

Canada will introduce its vantage points from parked automobiles stress boating and fishing act- secretary of the Bap- forgotten gardens of I legendary fig Cultural and Trade Center-

"Expo '67" in, of all places, will be available. ivities available throughout the tist General Convention of ures. Frames for pictures and mirrors Interama.

subtropical Miami Beach. A Many of the top hydroplanesand year in water around Miamideath. Florida.He reproduce craftsmanship from The signal, marking the start

model of the exposition site fastest runabouts in the u .. 1s survived by his widow, many lands. of construction of the first
While hundreds Of visitors According to the Picture million
and phase of a $5 to $6
bits from best
and feature many with the nation's
country, bring their boats here for vacation Frame Institute, the best guides to road program In and around
of the exhibits will be on dis- drivers at the throttles, have
thousands more rent craft choosing gift pictures are the interests the Interama site, was given
play slang this city's Lincoln been entered. and home \.
for cruising and fishing after decor of the recipi while Burns
presided as
Mall during the winter The New Year's day program arrival Prices start around $10 ents. Still fifes landscapes, and portraits Joe Black, former baseball star with the onetime Brooklyn ez-officio chairman of the InterAmeIcan *

will be devoted to single race, day for outboards used in Biscayne { are appropria for anyone on Dodgers and now a representative of the Greyhound Corporation -
a Author-
The Right ToyAt a 250-mile event ((100 times a- bay and advance accord- your gift list. Reproductions\ ranging presents silver bowls to Florida AIM University queens. : Center

Christmastime, do more round the two and a half mile The presentation was made during the players and coaches Iry.
toys ing to size. Both power and sailboats from Masters to contemporary During the Authority meeting,
than gladden the heart of pre. course) for inboard runabouts. are available. abstractions are available.In banquet at the 34th Orange Blossom Classic festivities The Holland
Senators and
schoolers. They can. if chosen wise Entries will be limited to 40 Fishing is by far the most pop- classic round or oblong shape, FAMU queens are: Ellen Beasley (left), Tallahassee Miss George Smathers and Repre-
ly, point the way toward new skills boats and each craft will be ular marine sport although a handsome framed mirror is a gift Sophomore Attendant; Eielle Allen, Tallahassee, Miss Junior
sentatives Dante Fascell and
new ditiox cries. new interests. According limited to no more than 25 feet numerouswatersklers that will be welcome in any home. Attendant; and Jacqueline Nlckson, Tampa, Miss FAMU These
there are
to Playikool l Research a length and an engin displace well skin divers The Met- Mirror frames, like picture frames, awards are presented annually by the Greyhound Corporation. Claude Pepper were honored
himself and the as as with scrolls by the Governor
child disown ment between 350 and 500 cubic are available in an infinite variety FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau
world around him through play. Be. inches A cup and $10,000 in ropolitan Miami Fishing tour- of styles, textures, and colon. They for their work in helping bring

cause the child depends on toys to cash prizes will be at stake. nament, now under way, adds may bf at elaborate as seventeenthand about passage of the AuthorI-

help him !grow. learn and experi The two days of the following much interest to angling. The eighteenth century European A GUIDE TO TOY SELECTIONDisguised zation and Appropriation Billsin

ment. one flf f the most important rev week-end schedule the International tourney runs until April 16,well carvings or as simple as stark contemporary Congress for U.S. partici
iponkihilities of the parent is to se into tarpon time. moulding. pation in Interama.
\lest the right toys at the right time Grand Prix for 266-hydro- Proof of the enthusiasm in Pictures are available in department most of the year as parent idly develops new skills he Later in the
Tallahassee meeting standing
Mrs Lucille Bright ,
planes and under the Orange .
grandparent. uncle
aunt or quickly totes interest in
In a recent and variety and a toy
was provided torei, gift
FAST FELINE Jowl Invitational for ski boats ; six sons, Sylvester R. framing shopes. book "Santa Claus" often finds that selecting which is "too young" or "too Authority chairman Dr. IrvingE.
tourists and
The cheetah is the swiftest and the\ Governor's Cup, for Inboard survey Nineteen of cent entering re- Bright: Jr., Stratford, Conn.; museums at prices to suit stores any budg Christmas toys for preschool old" for him. One is boring, Muskat presented a scrollto

mammal the Catholic Digest hydros. Straightaway Florida. per for Arthur R, Bright, Brideport, et. Mirrors are available at department youngsters can be a bewildering job. the other frustrating Gov Burns for hs contri-

claims. The cat can do the 440 speeds of more than 100 milesan ported they another came primarily 29 cent Conn.; the Rev. Alpheus L. variety and sift stores. Costly gimmicky toys, broken or B BE SURE that the toys selected butions to the success of the

hour may be expected from boating and per Bright, Philadelphia, Pa.; Dr, ignored the day after Christmas, area are safe lour.;!'Iv constructed project.
at 71 mph. said they came for the fishing; Cornelius E. 3right, Wash- disappointment to adults but sturdy and durable Interama, located pn 1,700

Thus veil over a third of the ington, D.C.; Major CharlesW. WineThe more important the rapidly grow enough to take the ringed acres In the ..Greater Miami

state's visitors come to enjoythe Bright, San Francisco, uniqueness o>f wine was ap ing preschooler hat lost the fun of punishment of preschool play. area, is scheduled: to open July

water. t al1I.; and Richard S. Bright, parent from the first-because man learning and discovery with wisely A broken toy doesn't mean 4, 1968. The world's first permanent -

Florida and Miami Beach hold Washington, D.C.; four daughters squeezed a handful of grapes into a chosen toys. that a child is destructive. Too international expositionopen
unique advantages for boating container, it fermented ... often it means that the 10Ydidn't
Mrs. Sarah R. Smith, naturally )' every day of the year,
because of the mild climate and into Mine. Throughout I live up to its promises
Austin, Tex.; Mrs. Lucille E, history. _. year after year, will draw an
extensive protected waterway Wilson, Savannah, Ga.; Mrs wine has remained unique in its C. CONSIDER THE PLAYVALUES average of IS million visitors
The Intracoastal use in religious Il'n'ice.- of a toy before buy.
for cruising. taste in
waterway provides an insidepass.ge Delores A. cass, Fort Laud- treatment under the law. and in en ing "World in miniature"toys annually through its gates

all the way south alongthe erdrJej; and Miss Marguretta lit position as the most praised and or battery and electrically .

East coast and a cross-state right, Washington, D.C.; honored of all foods and beverages. operated toys seldom challenge Senators Give
and Z3 gandchildren and numerous the pre-hooler'i imag
waterway via Lake Okeechobee :nieces and nephews 1f ination. Toys with which he
I ; > permits( an Inland cruise from can push pull build teardown Support To FMC'sMiami

east to west.In .
N take and
.. Miami Beach the angler Is -Among The Stars- As a guide for the many adults tether again apart have greater put play to locationIn

r right beside noted t fishing who will be playing Santa Claus for values,

f waters. Sailfish, white marlin enterbers mad! mad aftd preschoolers this year. Playskool Some of the types of toys recommended separate communicationsto
the They are steaming
the SHORTY$35.. Boy, are ,
king mackerel plus several Research recommends these ABC'sof by Playnkol l Research for Sen. Harry p, Cain, Miami,
if are correct you're going; to be leading quitea
predictions ,
MEDALO STYLE # other pecles feature offshore toy : pre-si hoolers are blocks of \arious Fla., accepting appointment to
ye. .o.pLeto 1I1I..olod Col.'o' of'. winter trolling. In protected bit about their reasons in the very near future A. ALWAYS CHOOSE toys shapes puzzle plaques drop boxes, the national advisory board of
M.dalo H.lr' "atYl.wlyl i/ ctI I can sum It up for you in. Just one word: BENEFITS! which are suited to the child's the Florida Memorial
J ;1 i end .Il.ehmmts e.nd n.m. waters are bonefish, channel push-pull toys small! wagons! peg College,
.drift. sits: Yeurr uu upac weakfish. particular state of develop.ment..As board sets pounding benches and Senators Spessard L; Holland,
: ,_ A. : bass and spotted
'urn wrlto. Snow' business different -
'M requeet.COMB Now don't get me people are a the
wrong. preschooler
Katurilly .alth,. Normal Hai. G.Itf",.dol Hair Prod. I Ina Piers, shorelines and bridges rap. truck Fla., Thomas J. Dodd, Conn.,
CHOWS from th. HAIR ROOTS o.pb 5' 5, Bklyn 33. .N.Y... breed of cat altogether. I strongly suggest that if the and Stephen M, Young Ohio
of fishermen ,
In YOUR SCALP. The condition *f have their quota
world were composed of nothing but show-business types this
'your hair ofttn dependu Something Different for indicated their support for the
hravonre day too, Holidays
every would be and livable to be.
Jttitp.tho natural cr a groove/ place relocation of the school to Miami
Vtws aid 9PRt. By and large, entertainers have more heart (pound for pound)
'NOT Invented a tar AWAY It Pays To Complain Fruitcake Cookies and the building program
formula talltd CARBONOKb than any other people on earth. Sure, they're misunderstood
which will get under In
which beneficial U mlxtd Infrtdltnti.with many crov.n AR. GRAY About UncleanlinessWhen frequently and they are very often sterotyp by the actions of Fruitcake ,. chock full of luscious postage and handling to Bordo February 1967. way

BONOCL; U such. aroma powtr WITH passengers complain some bad guys who never heard of a white bat. dates, nuts and variety of Dates Box 214, Deerfield, Illinois The United,
run tnUstpiie and dots such fin* States Senatorswere
work In htlplnf in ITCHY THIS nbout dirty rest rooms, lax service But, for my money: these singers, dancers, comedians, act other fruits has long been one Holiday Fruitcake Cookies % joined in this new development
BUMPY DANDRUFF scalp tho. SOLDI :'" or unsmiling hostesses, West ors and what have you, will goapretty far way to do something of the most traditional of all our
man/ DOCTORS retard II highly by Manuel F. L.
and PRESCRIBE Tl for many COMB ern Air Lines offers "flub stubs"worth for someone else Sammy Davis, for instance, will someday holiday foods.Although 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour Guerrero
scalp troubi.s. Man' annoylnslHttrnallj there are scores of different '/i baking soda Governor of Guam,
RUSH $1 teaspoon
) cauttd acalp condltiona > or more on redemption kill himself' on stage-and, chances are he'll be doing a non- and
of Congressmen Claude
for merchandise refreshment ways preparing fruitcake. '/i lilt Pep-
art get ttr .I the aJhWJA 01 ( or paying benefit. teaspoon
.UM o( thu Trlplt .tr.n'tt tar -lj A well-scrubbed "face" Is essential have you.t'r thought of baking V. shortening per and Dante B, Fascell of
There benefit show recently at the cup
formula Wrltt for this DOcTOR > was a ChicagoSheratonHotel fruitcake cookies' It's a festive and Florida.
CXNUINK SCALP FORMULA \ ''r even for an nirline-pertl- for St. Dorothy's or the Holy Name society or some other t cup brown sugar packed
different idea for
holiday Senator
cooking Holland
now. It will bt sans to you all nent proof that clean habits rare indicated that
blood and ready to UM. USB IT lu.1 comb and Mush to add color noticeable and lack of c1ennlincRcan such good and worthy cause Nancy Wilson, suposedly, was to one your family will certainly I egg beaten the college "would
serve a
FOR T DAYS. and If you art notattefltd. lane. lroo.h.. out. Will not rub off. l/t! buttermilk milk
back be the show business sacrifice on the benefit alter. Luckilyfor( enjoy. Some may like the cookies cup or sour
your monty ray NOTA DYE. Eul. (. :r.s..a1hj: ,. Tub"' In* HA1d color fr.du.lly AVOIDS her) weather conditions prevented her from landing at CXHare better for they are less rich than t package ((8 ounces) Bordo imported tropolitan
area such
snort You get It with raypenny full Brushatl.eh.dforr.movln..s.LOOK. Dental authorities advise brushing International airport, and a substitute had to be called In. most fruitcakes. pitted dates cut; or 1 than in its locationSt.
dlrtctloiu Uw tht flnttt MTDICATIO coloring. Prevent lolling, rubbing teeth the Benefit revelers are also a different breed of cat! Once Informed Holiday Fruitcake Cookies can be package ((8 ounces) Bordo diced
.. they :
way prow ( .
SCALP FORMULA your off. Corns In Plane Ce Can dates Augustine). The facilities
monty can buy. Your. hair and be carried In pocket or p..... down on the upper teeth, and up that "Miss Nancy" couldn't make it, the vast audience easy to prepare too for many of the would be
scalp dtMrva and fin* cart. Just. sand Com.Platinum. In Btu.oU. ihadeei Black to on the lower teeth. All surfaces of then proceeded to jump into their collective bottles to Imbibe ingredients! may be purchased already ''i cup chopped nuts readily available toa
U'lma:; PRODUCTS-GOLD INC.us1: wets.' state ehede. Pay only the teeth should bi brrshed witha the night away sans first-class entertainment diced or chopped. Perhaps the Vi cup chopped candied cherries great many more studentsas
Dept. .r 2 She shoal Bay '1.91 on "delivery plus poelage. dentifrice for at least 90 seconds newest is the packaged' Bordo imported -' '/i chopped candied fruit and day students and the market
net Father George Clemons more a human than cup
delighted. fighting
35 NY. hOTC being a
Brooklyn < : MOGrlM: all' diced dates in. for their services
: just recently upon graduation
rOHMULA curits a 100% writ Nan Product Inc. -longer, if possible. staid clergyman, dashed out into the terrible night to somehow peel
:tn monty baca uarinltt. Dept. St.I. Brooklyn 35, New. Yerk troduced. Sift together dry ingredients would be more extensive."
keep his paying customers soothed. Oscar Brown could
Jr. not
Remember to select Senator
imported Cream add Dodd
GIVE MUSIC FORCHRISTMAS shortening: sugar and expressed his
make it and of course has been the butt of cruel and
many dates when purchasing dates for egg beating until fluffy. Add milk desire "to do anything I can
silly remarks. Like it was his earth-shattering duty to catch cooked or baked dishes Under the alternately with sifted dry ingredients to help you obtain your objective -

Looking! for a special Christmas pneumonia for free-if he had been available heat of cooking, imported dates retain mix well Fold in dates, nuts ."

salt' Gi\c a musical instrument adises Anyway, singer Johnny Nash-who was appearing attheWVON their flavor and texture far better cherries and fruit and peel. Chill A $2.7 million development
the Hammond Christmas benefit at McCormick Place heard the than domestic dates. .
WAMEI \ Organ Com good padre's dough Drop by teaspoonfuls about fund campaign is
p.tnv. Music today it second only call and took his musical director, Arthur Jenkins, and bled, For an additional collection! of 2 inches apart. onto a lightly greased way to meet now
to readmit a< a favorite leisure ac- himself off to the Sheraton. favorite date recipes, send I lOc for baking sheet. Bake in a 37'"' oxen the building plans for
li\'iIY. One of the most popular Sitting at a table with the rabble-rousers, I was amazed to about 8 to 10 minutes or until light. acres of land on which
I and \enatile musical instrument hear so many comments to the effect: "Where in hell did ly browned. Yield: 4 dozen. college buildings will be

I is the ornan. Anyone can learn to Clemons dig hum up at?" "Who is Johnny Nash?" "Why don'the constructed.

and play! an Hammond's organ almost imml'dialt'ly.! sing some rock and roll?" "When is Nancy coming?"
special new feature
I 1260 i enable the creation of a wide After a full five-minutes of shouting at the top of his lungs

I r.inve of instrument sounds from Father Clemons finally succeeded in quieting down the assemblage I

I the banjo to the harpsichord, long enough for Johnny to do l his bit for charity then split
Arthur Jenkins, one of the finest and most knowledgeableyoung masses MOTION WHISKY M FKOOf" .Cuts, OLD CHARTER city CO.,LOUISVILLE, KT.

Negro music directors in the'business, was near tears

when the affair was ended and Nash had been rushed back to
McCormick Place.

f. All he want to know was this: "Why, when you are giving your Ticft-tock..tick-tock:.
all for charities' askes, are you expected to work under the

most adverse conditions? Did you hear that bandDid you hear
the Bourbon
that guitar player? Do you believe that this really happened that

tonight Actually?", to my way of thinking, the arrangement was par for didrit watch the clock!

the benefit course Nancy Wilson, if she bad not brought her

own group, would never have graced the pseudo-stage, as it
I # 1 1k were. Then, of course, the patrons would have called her

RAD everything but a Child of the King,aid cursed her for not work- OLD CHARTERKentuckys

Ing under such terrible conditions.

Need this be so?

.e Nol BenelitgiverJ1ose who work professionally that finest Bourbon

they can call upon anyone in the show business world and be

sure of getting their full cooperation when they do three basic T 7 oldr
r.I things: years

r RHYTHM & BLUES I ti IN dllf' -Make certain the sound system Is without flaw
-Make certain the the band can read music and

-Have some definite control over the audience behavioral

pattern. ,
Sounds like a big order, doesn't It? Well, it Isn't. Very good

sound systems can be rented In any major city In the United

RADIO STATION States. Sure, you'll have to spend some money! Strange as It

may seem, there are some bands in these United States that r

sound good, but can't read nary note, you dlgl Hire a good

band for benefits! Sure, this costs you some more money _-

And, of course, there are ways to control crowds--alcohol or
"WHAMMY Spotlight Product not. H C i

This formula leads to a much better benefit; the crowd Is

Of The Week wonderfully entertained, the entertainers are pleased, you

-the backbone of it all-realise a profit for your charity and

MIAMI" Miami Florida the goodwill that goes with word-of-mouth praise of "That

sure was a groovy set given by so-and-so last week:"

\ See you Among the Stars........
1\ Itl

.. .. ... ._ ,. ., '. .._ ..._ ... .
"',. ''' "" ..J....! ,.. .. 0_co..F4e.W. ..: ---_. .... .-. .:......,..':'r.. ._.,. "( --d '

-' .. ----_._--



. First Ladies Of Opera Dr. R. V. MooreReappointed Schools' FailureTo Says RightsBy Drive Slowed

rl- Educate Children Myths On Negro Progress

l .
r ." *1r.. To Planning Board Cited By Morsell! the menlillow-paldrategorles.
The quick excuse that they lack
NEW YORK cit- of two has
"Minority persistence myths"
DAYTONA 3EACH,-The city the required education, and
a izens are..dlslllusloned and been the principal factor In
I s Commission:; of Daytona Beachat training is too often just quick
result of the but not
desperate as a slowing down
N qy c i its bimonthly meeting on halting excuse. It is true,too,thatfe".r
r visible failure of the schoolsto the civil rights movement .in
Wednesday, December 7, announced Negroes receive in-plant train
educate their children," 19b6, Roy Wilkins, executive
the reappointment of ing than whites.Certain it Is that
NAACP Assistant Eeiecutive director of the National Association
Dr. Richard V. Moore, president In this field the cry'too fast'has
Director John Advancementof
A. Morsell says. for the
of Bethune-Cookman little
Speaking here, Dec 7, beforea Colored People,said in an address
to four termon "The basic fact is
:: 1 College, a new year housing:
the for
sponsored by prepared delivery at
the city's Planning Board. that of all new housing built In
joint committee of the National Oakland University here Dec.
This Board reviews and recommends the country since the end of
Education Association and the the Institution's
as first
J to the City Com- World War II, less than 2 per
Magazine Publishers Associa- Hillman
Sidney lecture.
+ x mmlsslon land use, zoning and cent has gone to Negroes. Not
tion on "Why Minority The late Mr. Hillman founder
Groups ,
planning for the City of Daytona only have they been shut out of
Want Say Dr. Morsell said and of
longtime president
\ IF each Dr. Moore has servedon new housing, but their attemptsto
& that minority citizens believe- Workers
Amalgamated Clothing \ -
., the Board for the past 9 purchase used housing has
: ..."'" and they must believe-In the AFL-CIO, and chairman of
There been hindered of
\,1j. ., years. are 12 members by a myriad
""' Jr'' educabllity of their children. CIO Political: Action Committee,
on the card. customs regulations, codes,
have at least died in 1945.
seen a precious -
Dr Moore stated mortgage restrictions and plain,
upon handful of demonstrationsthat ;1-e crippling Mr
..". t' '' learning of his new appointment, myth old-fasUoned mo!) violence"
.. the be Wilkins told the
.. job can done. Oakland students -
..,. ti'at he was gratified with the On education: "It Is not poss
: : "\ "There fore, they have con- and faculty, are that "the
j. action of the City Commissionand ible here to discuss this com
.. cluded that if the rs-that- is too
pow Negro going fast and the but
he would continue to serveto plex situation in detail, ..In
be are unable Negro is too much
or unwilling getting help
tt. the best of his ability in the the armed services tests the
to bring about educational excellence from government. Although
'j' interest of the citizens of the Negro failure rate nationally
: tT things cannot be made these beliefs were "undeniably
City of Daytona Beach. was 67.5 per cent to the white
ill. :. any worse if they, the parents, bolstered" by the racial disturbances rate of 18.8 The best Negro
< .t r somehow get into the act. Since of 1966 did not
:, ;"i : ": Judge To Hear "ttey score was 25.5 per cent failure -
: '. greater parent-involvement need the anderscoring of the in the State ..
of Washington.
.. '; : : ... .1. Cruelty Charges happens to be a reiterated goal riots. All the evidence Is that' .our
\ of school authorities, the only The failure of the Congresstoenact
:: country has not yet come togrlps
I :....tXa'\ : ATLANTA-NPI. District question should ")8 how it can the civil rights bill of 1966, with Far

Judge Frank A. Hooper was to be made meaningful and responsive he said, was an indication of the from segregated proceeding education too fast, we
: hear charges by Negro picketsthat ," Dr. Morsell concluded power of these myths. have been criminally slow."
they were treated cu eh Demolishing the "going-too-
\ On administration of justice:
t' being jailed last summer fast myth," the NAACP leader
I P NAACP In Toledo "Police-minority relations,asa
: : : at an Army induction cen:er. cited the disadvantaged position part of the administration of
1 The plaintiffs, connected sitar of the Negro in employment -
: Urges Negro justice, have not Imporved
1 the Student Nonvio ent: Cooid- housing,education and the such a rate as to be branded as
$ : rte'i
t f ; : inating Committee,protested U. For City Council administration of justice.On 'too fast. Indeed,the police remain -
i S. military policies, as they employment: "In the Important high on the list of factors
stormed<]tie center Jscufiled< TOLEDO -"We need repre- area of employment the which make for racial unrest.
with police. sentation," the Toledo, Ohio two salient facts to rememberare "In a very real sense" Mr.
o, y. City official denied there Lad Branch of the NAACP an- that his (the Negro's) rate Wilkins continued, "the fate of
oeen cruel punishment. But nouncesl! The Association Is of unemployment, even in these racial peace Is in the hands of
Falph Kulsey, city Jail administrator seeking to have a Negro namedto affluent times, is twice the natIonal white Americans, not those of

fI ,admitted one ofthecharges the City Council seat which rate and that the working *.egrou. The theory, advanced
that prisoners were segregated will be vacated January 1, 1967. Negro, from laborer to executive In some quarters that Negro
by race. This was; done Says J. Frank Troy, branch averages only 55 per cent leadership and Negro private
for security reasonshe said. president, "The city manager's of the annual income of white organizations ought to be able to

':-.... 41 ., .- -'i :: Eleven of the 12 plaintiffs are policy of appointments to administrative workers. .Almost uniformly 'control' Negro urban concen-
I I / ? .* -r<\'" fine on appeal bonds, and the positions has generally throughout the country, the Negro trations is extremely! unrealistic -
I I .f. l; f.'! other was not locked up. excluded 'Negroes. workers are concentrated in .

I / '" ,,' ';..
; .
1; FT- I ......P_
r > 4,"J \ J. i r:...... .. ..... &

I ', l..1. "- '
1 ::00;:' 1'f f / QUANTITY


I tl. t I I
j '
r ::1:1I t was C 1 PRICES GOOD

l.:. : j t I I ?V ..V.. ;. .I II j i T1nOUr.H! SATURDAY
; ,

I I _. I ....."..... 1I

FIRST LADIES} OF OPERA--Four great Prima ladl--ofOpera"- "Bel ) Telephone
'!ddanii"*- Joart'Sutherland'' ( top Ie ) Hour" colorcast'Sunday January Each' VEGETOLE La- 590LIMIT

I Leontyne e ( top right ) Birgit NlIsson will I I sing two arias, and also will discuss
( lower left) and Renata Tebardi ( lower her career. LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD
right)) -- will I be seen in thee First :S
--- -


Guest-Stars In
Pittsburgh Teachers
} Girl From UNCLE' FLOUR
5 IBS. 5 LBS.
r Gain Pay IncreasePITTSBURGH Leslie Uggams guest-stars as
Natasha Brimstone, a not-too-
-Due In partto heavy who forcibly replaces I 5 5 I

the efforts of the NAACP, April Dancer (series star Ste- I I LIMIT 5 LBS. PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD Breeze j
0 Pittsburgh's 4800 school employees fan Ie Powers) on vital missionto
may get as much as Africa in "The Jewels of PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE

$1,500,000 In 1967 pay raises. Topango Affair" on the NEC DETERGEN
Another $1,500,000 is slotted Television Network's Girl iCrMSE & SANB01NCOFFEE ftC,CLI''"
ww. tt Ii It
I to go towards regular increments from U.N.C.L.E." colorcast
for teachers and administrators Tuesday, Dec. 20 (730-8.30):
and the salaries of p.m. NYAgents ) 1 i- CAN 59o

43 new employees. Dancer and Mark Slate REG. PKG. 25C

However, at a hearing on the (series star Noel Harrison)are LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD
ff For me, the most challenging new budget Dr. Leroy Patrick, ordered to Topango to thwart a
spokesman for the Pittsburgh plot to rob the fabulously fich PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE
thing in skiing is meeting NAACP, charged that the Topango Treasury. Using !

tough obstacles at top schools are dragging their heelson forged papers, Natasha Joins j i
and them** racial integration. He asked Slate to pave the way for the $$ $ DOLLAR SALE$ $$
speed beating
how rnirh of the Increased 1967 plotters but both she and Slate

budget would be devoted to are introduced to deadly mac- IVAN CAMPPORK
**At the end of the run there's finding ways to integrate the hine which truns pigs into sausages I

schools. BLflP $>
one gin I enjoy Gordon's & BEANS CANS

London Dry It's always Personalize Holiday CardsA

crisp Dry Ajump complimentary way to txprrti they allow you to write yards and GREEN GIANT GOLDEN CREAM STYLE
your own personality and dispatch yards without hand and with a real
ahead of
any warm pedal wishes to a friend at fxprmion of your personality Write CORI303 F
gin I ever tried Christmas time is to pen your ugna-- thick or thin, with a bold line or a [ CANS
lure and perhapi a note on cards feminine flourish, rtiitically or gaily,
and Rift enclosure and even match or contract the NIBLETS WHOLE KERNEL
The personal signature remains printed reeling wth; a black red
the sign of graciouinci* and indi- or blue\ ink.
rates to .the recipient that you took And, just for fun you can keep CORN 12 oz cm 0
the time to think about her or him tabs on how many miles of writing
ai your wrote it. is nvoved| with your Christmas liil
:New' tapered nylon-tip pens. like Flair ink supply will give you about KOUNTY KISTSWEET
Paper Male Flair, are particularly 2.100 feet of writing per pen V
fine for this activity Soft-pointed, almost half a mile PEAS 303 cm R

Ken Samples, You Don't Have To Go To TjDwn To Get OSAGE
aY Intf,Inawctor fn l ontl C.NIi1d and FIELD
w nnti ot Gold Mtdilvvwd
*lot a.lam and
down NalUUpny h II roc.i tiiiplw LOW PRICESDRUG i CERTIFIED
M ounu n, NIW Yorx eAd
tIr'01.' FfMN


Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
Papers Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrlp.tioos. SWIFT'S CRESTTURKEYS1 WOODSMAN SLICEDBACON

;"' VI:.L,43C 59C

Dixie Pharmacy


? 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue

1 10 STEAK 1e. 890
_r r loatwNDn plS llrl Phones Ellin 5559798


Baton i 0Htfiit Cnar.d M Landon tnalnd.r lyd9 t' .. PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER U. S. NO 1 FANCY BABY YELLOWPOTATOES

n* a.aa, M uuoMio(aphnd GruN Amra..nd www cow to *warn.S Orr 0A co ire UNDaN,a/,
pM.+K tMt/Uo/ %MUM in $ L.15tI


.. .. .. ... __ _
A.........,..............................-..... ..-.... .

---- :n... .. .. .._.... .... .. __-1'. '

I :


Top Three In 67 Joie Chitwood, Peanut 'Buffer Ail-American, Eleven Sun Bowl GameTo


Enters. Camaro, se' r Be ColorcastBy
t '

In Two Races. I' + v NBC, Dec..\ 24

The 32nd Annual Sun Bowl
Daytona each-.The: day of from El Paso,.Texas, between
the daredevil'l. gone in auto.. ( w ,,tTY Florida State University s.ndthe
o mobile, facing, but one of the r
t1C IR r University Wyoming,West.
best daredevils In the country
ern Athletic Conference champIons -
will run' in two aces during
will be colorcast over the
Speed! 'Weeks at. 'ytona International NbC Television Network Sat-
Speedway in February
urday Dec. 24 beginning at
His name is Joie Chitwood Jr.,
outstanding performer of death. Tommy Mack Don Ilansen' George Rice Jerry Shay 4 p.m. NYT.
defying stunts in his father's IIllehllan (L) IlIInolll (L) LoulHllAna State (L) urdue (L) Jim Simpson and Charlie Jones
nationally known" Thrill (Loa Angela Rams) (IMlnnt'llota Vikings. ) (lioullton Oliem) Mlnneta( Viking) will report on the game The
Show' Sun Sowl, oldest post-season
attraction In Texas
Joie has jumped barrels, gridiron ,
is the newest bowl
game on
driven a car through a flaming
television. NfaC-TV was first
hoop, Leaped, yards over an
to telecast the :Bowl in 1964:
and ridden the
open ramp, on
defeated Texas Tech
hood of a racing car as rolled. '
710 O.
Now he wants to run a car GJ.
The Florida State Seminoles
four wheels-go legit, so to
will be making their fifth bowl
speak.He .
appearance and the second in
has entered a Chevrolet
the Sun Bowl. lost to
Camaro in boil the Daytona
i Trans-American 300 on Feb. Texas Western (47.20) in 1954at
El Paso. The Wyoming Cowboys
ruary 3, and tae Daytona 24
will be their third
hour Continental on Feb. 45.
He'll drive the Trans-Ameri Randy Belalrr Stan quintana Bobby Crockett appearance at the Sun Bowl, ,
can 300 miler by himself, but Indiana (E) New Mrxleo (Q) Arkansas (E) and their fourth In pos"-season
in the 24 hour Continental will (Phllad'lphla .EallI'' (Minnesota: Viking") (BulflAlo Bills) tI play. The Cowboys won their

have the help of Jack McClure, f ?,- -- "-w two previous Sun Bow* games
beating Hardln-Simmons (04651n )
another stunt driver as his
partner.In 1956, and Texas Tedf (Z!-14)'
F11' In 1956.
the Trans-American worth ( "
$iO,0001nprlze money, Chitwoodand t Florida State, coacaed by 3111
Peterson, ranks as one of the
his Camaro will meet the
top teams the nation in
Mustang, the Dart, the barracuda
and the new Mercury Cou. offense. Sophomore quarterback
gar. The race will be run over I Gary Pajclc completed
125 passes (a school record)
1 the demanding 3.81 mile road-
ybo -fISjL in 233 tries for
1,590 yards ud
track course, and there may be
times when Chitwood's dare- r eight touchdowns. His main tar.
get is end Ron Sellers who
; ,
deviltry will pay off '..
In the 24 Hour Continental caught 53 passes for 874 yards.
Pat Klllorln Alvin Randolph Jimmy HeldelMississippi Johnny Roland Fullback Jim Manklns Is the
; Cfcitwood: and his Camaro will Syracuse (C) Iowa (B) (B) :Missouri (B) team's leading ball carrier.
run straight against the world's I (PiUdburgh Stealers) (San Francisco 49en) (St. Louis Cardinal) (SI Louis Cardinals)
fastest sports cars. Wyoming with a record of
CHICAGO One of the nation's most wholesome 2'tln tall and weighs 219 Ibs, That's pretty well nine wins against one loss, is
TOP THREE IN '67 -- The New Year's' Holiday annually Is considered Chitwood is no novice at. 'Americas has been announced Namedto advanced beyond childhood." On the line for the noted for its balanced offense
of the driving he is well known on the the 1966 Peanut Butter American Eleven Eleven are: Belsler, who declared he best liked and
one best football days of the on thw NBC Television its rugged defensive backfield -
year Lag circuit, and on his last were these first year professional football players peanut butter sandwiches with jam; Mack, who
and Radio Networks Quarterback
This grid the events which will take Rick Egloff
year at drove from coast to coast, Their common bond Is makes a "sandwich" of peanut butter rolled up
place on Monday January 2, wilf l I feature Alabama versus Nebraska appearance Daytona a not only athletic prowess but also a fondness for in lettuce: Hansen, who eats peanut butter with has gained 1,440 yards-4,191.
in the S u g a r Bowl followed by Purdue versus University of Chevrolet half round the peanut butter Eligibility to the team Is limitedto pickles, Klllorln preference Is peanut butter on his passing and 249 rushing
Southern California in the Rose Bowl with the concluding game track on two wheels.A players on the College All.Star Squad this and bananas on rye bread; Rice likes peanut -and has thrown 13 touch..
man who can do that is a year Final selections were made by a panel of butter and bananas with honey; Shay prefers down Jim Kllck
that evening Between Georgia Tech and Florida in the Orange Bowl. passes. ,
fromidable opponent. Judges representing Peter Pan Co of Chi tuna with his peanut butter; Crockett Is another
All I bowl games will I I be NBC telecasts in color. cago Ralph H Maulln, Peter Pan president, peanut butter and honey fancier Among: the Coooy tailback and leadingrusher
listed the players' personal likes when it comes backs, Randolph downs a heroic combination of has been voted all-con
to peanut butter sandwich combinations He peanut butter, butter, jelly and sausage on ference the past two years. In
noted in releasing the list that "some people crackers; Heidel takes his peanut butter with Jerry DePoyster, Wyoming has
I may be surprised to learn you can be the sort marshmallows toasted on bread; Roland likes one of the nation's outstanding
of Individual who succeeds in football, and yet crunchy peanut butter on white bread or crack De-
enjoy food associated with childhood tastes But ers, while Quintana concentrates on plain un collegiate placeklckers.
the average player on this year', Eleven is fl-ft, complicated peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Poyster kicked 12 field goals
and 32 polnts-after-touchdowns

Shaw U Bears Rally To Defeat Southern U. Edges for goals 11 were points.51 yards Four of or his longer field,

IElOIIEr 8483Championship tow of them 54 yards.
Virginia State Trojans 81-75 The! Sun fowl l colorcast over
N C-TV will be produced by
RALEIGH, N. C. The Shaw 1807: left in the game. The ,! Joe Gallagher and directed\ iy

University Bears, leading for tears; finally tied the game up LA.SPECIAL-, Jim Holmes _
,, JUST AOD'YOUR: "'PROPERTY only two minutes of the game,., with 15:58: left In the game, on A vengeful Southern, University '
TO .until jtour jnlnutes. and twentynle ,a long shot from the corner underdog rosa ''o vent its wrathon 'Tuskegee1 Cagers

THE JIM WALTER BUILDING PLAN AND seconds were left in the by forward Bobby Moore,freshman !! ambling Saturday night to
game,' scored a come-from behind from Raleigh. Joyner edge the Tigers, 84-63, in the Defeated 102.72
YOU'LL HAVE TODAY'S BEST HOME BUY I. victory over the Trojans showed his captainship In the championship game of their own
.of Virginia State College, 81- decisive second half as he invitational tournament. GUAM'LING; ..- Master
75, Dec. 5, In Shaw University's brought his team down the Doing theirChristmas shopping ing all rudlmeits of the game
br Spaulding\ Gymnasium. stretch, connecting on a total early, the Jaguars ouf-hus'Jed'! the Gramhling Tigers ran and.
Die Shaw Bears were downas o!fourteen points in the second Grami-Mng, and cooled off the shot Tuskegee Institute into
much as eighteen points In half. Moore, who is the second streaking Tigers with clutch submission Dec. 8, In a 102-72

the first half, with 8:04: left in half of the Moore-Joyner combination outside s'looting and some old. runaway.
the half. Nevertheless, the connected for fifteen fashioned defense. With James Jones, a spectacular -
Bears played with'great talent points in the second half.Joynerand The victory shocked almost playmaker, directing
as they pulled to within four Moore accounted for total everybody in the crowd of 4,000 attack and harrasslng the defense

U S points of the Trojans of Virginia of forty-six points for the especially coach Richard Mack with his long outside
t Q State, 33-29, with about .Sears. who huffed a Welcomed sigh of shots, Grambling tipped to an
three and a halt minutes left Defensively for the Bears,Do.. relief at the final horn early lead and was never

in the halt. Shaw was sparkedin novan was again the Big Man, It marled the firs: victory for headed.
__ this first half drive by center as h e worked hard on both sjutheru: over the Tigers the Jones and 'Howie Davis led
Ivan Donovan, who connectedfor offensive and defensive boards. Grambling arena since 194i:. cnoach Fred Hobdy's bruised
----,..,,. v r1 twelve pointers in the first Eddie Lane also contributed Southern was the better team and battered crew with their
.a half and fourteen rebounds.Donovan greatly to the Bears' cause Saturday night,and the one-point overall speed. Hobdy was able
0 was destructive to the In Addition to Donovan's defensive victory margin shored up its to make only part time use of
Trojans as he ,battled their efforts, he also chippedin hopes for the Southwestern his walking wounded as 7-foot
IIN ', big men on the defensive boards. sixteen points. Little Bobby letic Conference race. Bobby Christians did not cult.

Buy A Home For Christmas Norman Joyner, guard for the Sanders again came through The pesky Jaguars displayed, out.
t Bears, also helped bring the for the Bears! on his assists, real class In the clutch, maintained Grambling displayed excellent
Get A Gift That Will Last A lifetime Bears closer In the first half, that enabled the Bears to break their poise and choked balance with Jones and Davis

(and more) Call Your Nearest Jim Walter as he shot seven points in the the game open in the final Grambling off the boards witha popping in 18 points apiece,
last part of the halt, allowing minutes. pincher-like half-court press. and Emanuel Cannon and Ritchie
Office Today. Shaw to cut the Trojans' lead The victory gave the Shaw Jasper Wilson( was Southern'sbig Johnson leading a late,
to 43.34 a half time. Sears a 2-0 Conference (CIAA) gun with 24 points. Robert charge with 16 and 14 points

I IMMEDIATE FINANCING FOR QUALIFIED PROPERTY OWNERSInstant Shaw blazed back In the second Stand, compared to a 1-2 for Allen added toGrambling'sdls- respectively.
half to move within one point the Trojans of Virginia State. comfort with 22 mo-e: ,
mortgage money Is yours when you build the Jim Walter way. IMMEDIATE o! the State Five, at 45-44,with J

100% financing is available to all qualified property owners. There's no shortageof * * * *

mortgage money at Jim Walter and you need no cashl/ <<


Biitd the itn ttJatfet wag itS' tuUlSuat! <:< Callahan, Florida :

When you build the Jim Walter way, you can be sure of getting the home you need at a price that will fit your : * * *

budget. You may purchase your new home built to virtually any stage of completion allowing you to spend ; Coming Attraction :

only as much as you feel, you can afford at this time and you can make even bigger savings by doing some << ;
J of the interior finishing yourself. If II take some work, but it's work that brings big returns-In dollars.,You may << * * .

purchase packages of interior finish materials from Jim Walter and Install them yourself purchase them : January 21 1967 :

installed by Jim Walter or make your own arrangements for interior completion. Whether you choose the ,
basic shell home or one more complete, 100% financing is available you need no cash. F- l :

For an unusual kind of homeowners' plan that really lets you decide how much you'll spend, check the Jim : i :

Walter way If you own property you won't find easier financing. .J. I.

: ... << .

Sae td 1i 8u&1qoeUoge + tho IEISUaE r"; '. '. '<< \ ..

} l : : King :

s -/ d <.< <<


for Weekends -Vocations-Retirement/ <.< i Organ <.< ,

I Call, Write or Come by Today. .: 1t: -1 And :

k P. 0. Box 6248, Jacksonville, Fla.I << .
I would tike to know more eboul your building and r.r << <<
financing plan. Pitoi rend m. a Ire. catalog I am Y
lnt.rt t.d In a.Q Cfl RM. to 3 A.M. :

WE ARI OPEN fUNDAyf .- Horn. Q Cottag. <<
I a complete list
I NAME : Admission

Jacksonville, Fla. 1'aJ1I.'assee.: :' Fla. Ocala, Fla. 32670 I I ADDRESS of all the people << ___ j.

3281 32203 West leaver: St. 32302 18,10 West'feanes3e4 St. 1613. Jacksonville rrrvRd. STATE -,__ who might find Seagram's 7 Crowna : Advance 2.50 At Door 3.00 *

I I P. O. Jox 6248 'P. 0. .ox 415 P. O. Box 954 I I fitting gift. : Tables Free Free Bus Service *
, 'Phone: 3S3-lf8f ;Phone:224-0194: Phone: 6J&4U8 I My property U located In County.Telephone. .

we * * *, *

t I

__ i" .....,:. -- -.- ..._.....":::1.- :;. ':. .....:..;.;::..._. :. '--'" -i.:. ,''-''' '''''''''''''-.,'''' r "L-4-- :,' '- "" > ... .

, .



Southern Squads 'Busier Robinson Coach Oble O'Neal Of ASC

Win\ Two Tests D Featured SpeakerAt Named "Coach Of The Year"

SAVANNAH, GA.-Albany State College's Oble O'Neal has been
On Same FIGU OM1NEtJTLY IN >. Awards Dinner

Day r named Coach of the Year by his Southeastern Athletic Confer

Striking with the fury of a tidal- ".$oster" Robinson, director, dent, Leo Richardson of Savannah State College tailoring the
wave, Southern University's department of public relations, group's annual winter meeting. district. According to O'Neal
swimmers .D.' : Alabama All M college,Normal, O'Neal, who just completed
submerged Grama- .: the teams will be the championsof
bbg. .
..O. will deliver the featured speech 16th season as head grid mentor
ling College 75-29 In theJaguars' ., .. the SEAC, SIAC and the third
natatorium last week. ;. .. :.. : : "r, at the 16th annual Cavalcade of at Albany State, guided the team being the club with the best
At the came time, In Sports of the Birmingham Grid Rams, to their sixth SEAC Foot record percentage-wiseagainst

Grambllng, Ua., Southern Uni Forecasters, Thursday, Jan. 12 ball title in their last eleven N.AJ.A.competitlonfromamung!

versity's capers captured the at the Immaculate High School years, their first championship the SEAC,SIAC and three Independent

three-day Grambllng Invitation p auditorium. being in 1955. The Rams closedthe teams-Stlllman Talla-
j .. ,
al Tourney '. .. f. ... '... In making the announcement, '66 campaign with a 3 and
by taking three I '. ... ... ... .. James dega and Miles College.Site of
straight victories :. .' \ '\ W. Bailey Sr., said thata 0 conference slate and a 4-4-1
( the N.AJ.A.
-includlngan .::: .; ', '.':,.' ; ". number of awards will oe madeto record overalL playoffs in District
83-82 victory: over Grambllng 8 has not been determined yet.
In the finals. coaches, players, school For O'Neal, a Blue field State

In the first time out for Coach GRAMBL\N6'\ H/ principals andsportsboostersat College graduate and a native of Sports WriterTo
Valllant Taylor's AquaJaguarsthe LF--K1 the annual all-sports awards War, W.Va., the SEAC Coach of
dinner. the Year honors marked the
squad turned what had been
expected to bE an athletic battle Louis Crews,coach of the SIAC third time his coaching colleagues Be Honored

into a near rout football champion AlabamaAtM have voted Jim the honor -
despited the >.. C College Bulldogs will be honoredas At Xavier U
Inactivity of veteran John Stelly ..." The recipient of the M.A. decree -
:: the"Alabama FootballCoachof from
: the University of
who had been mugged the night NEW ORLEANS PI-J"me1"Jim"
V : the Year." The Bulldogs West Virginia was named to the
before by rufllans.' : : Hall a native of CKic.-
: ,
; posted an 8-0 record during the honor also in '60 and 62.
tankers intend to M0" 1966 go who came to New Orleans
do the same thing to Texas ..i grid season Voorhees College of Denmark, Just to play on Xavier UnlverIltY'S -
.J- Roscoe C
Sheehy principal
Souther _I.---- S. C. has been admitted to full
University, when It : : basketball team-said to
\, / ..... Ullman High School and forme membership status In the SEAC.
meets in Homstoa for be the best had
a dual : ,-.; A.m standout center at Alabama according to Klchardson. Theywill one they ever
confrontation. ._ .. but remained to work as sports
State college,will be cited as theForecaster's enter
Southern's medley relay team -- -0 ::-- -- -.. .... championshipstatus writer for the Louisiana Weeklyfor
J of the
"Principal '
kept ,its record unblemishedas THE WIGGLY "t competition in the 67-68 22 year sand'o act as coach-

the unite t Adrian Patter year. season.In sports official during that time,
Many other trophies will be
son, backstroke; Tommy JACKRABB\T\ presented at the banquet other conference business, was honored with a testimonial
Brooks the league awarded the annual
breaststroke Henry banquet last week.
Picken, butterfly; and; Arthur F<:UtJNE WA$ / ,I. 1 Ala.Robinson boldsthe born bachelor's in Tuscaloosa, basketball tourname to Alary Over 200 ardent fans and admirers -
i ,
Pennywell, freestyle,used 5:23.: DRAFTED BEY ; from Alabama State and degree the State College. For the first time gathered in the dining

S to turn back the Grambllng master of education this year the tourney will bo hall of the university student

relayers. BUFFALO ANDCLEVELAND from Atlanta degree played onthree days-Thursday, center to pay tribute to the
Seven new pool records were his Friday and Saturday-February tall, dark, handsome and soft-
hoisted by the INO&9'( During teaching career, 23, 24 and 25.
Jaguars Alvin he worked at Miles College, Hale spoken sports writer and civic
Hagan's 14.16: timing in the 196aLAr O'Neal, who is also chairmanof leader.
County Training School and held
100 yards free stile, a new District 6 of National Association The governor sent him a citation : -
prlnclpalshlps at ralladega and
event this year; Patterson 23.9 of Intercollegiate Ath- and honored him with the
for the Cwington County Training letics (N.A.U.disclosedatthe)
50-yard freestyle; Kg schools. title of "Honorary Colonel of
Grambllng's Ronald Allen, 200 j -- ANDiE'} JU TWAITING the meetings that the N.A.I.A. nat- the Governor's Staff'" throughhis
On college level he served
yards freestyle: in 07.2; and ,r ._ ional office has requested a emissary. State Sen.:; Eddie
ToBE INTOTNE A as director of extension
Willie Jones of S)uthern, a .,- IURED: vices and director of public ser relations three-team playoff in the Sapir of New Orleans.

double winner taking both the and alumni affairs at The city's mayor,through to:

200-yard freestyle and breast- Jackson State College Albany State uncllman jkn"Landrleusent

stroke, with the latter in a Also at Jackson State, he served tall a citation for outstanding
new time of 2:247. service and a key to the cityas -
as Athletic
,Pennyrwell won the 500 yard j +'. C4RTR LED 'MEI oard of secretary Control, ,and 'was a Edward Waters If Jim did not already have

freestyle in 6:51.4; Tommy ; member of the Midwest Athletic the means of unlocking every

Brooks was timed in 22:56 for 1 'f I association, of which he door and every heart in town.
the 200 yard breaststroke, and / : hr : ';t : ATLE1iC CONFER- served as director public relations. Dominate ALL SEAC Many others made presentations -

the 400-yard relay squad of h ,;; ENE IN RUSI INb i f Savannah Ga.-Albany State and presented gifts. Foot-
James Jones oall's famous ":.ruddy" bong
Patterson,Donald College's footballers, champIons ,
Johnson and Allison set a new F.V. Wildcats of the Southeastern Athle- busy in Florida, sent messageand
record of 3:44.5.In -L- j-Z IN e a SEAC dominated gift from the National Foot-.
o IA. tic Conference( ), -
the ca.ge tilt, Southern the AL{,.SEAC football team ball League, through Norman::

reached the finals by downing I ,, : Beat Paine College announced here during the con- Francis, assistant., to the president .:;
of Xavier.
Mississippi Industrial College i ference's annual winter meeting
and Texas Southern while Archolshop harold R. Perry, f
_\ ALXCTEAN In Opening TiltThe on the campus ofSavannahState :'
Grambllng was pitted against : College. Catholic dloceseof New Orleans,
Paul brought! greetings from the
Quinn College and Dil-
Fort Valley State "Wildcat" In a poll conducted among theleague's church while minister
lard University Baptist :
In the finals, Grambling actu- 'iL basketball team won over grid coaches, Albany leader, the Fev. A. L. Davis, .
State placed nine men on the
: Paine College rather easily in :
ally outscored Southern in the did the honors for the Protes-
twenty-two man offensive and
its opening game of the season tants. -:
second half but
was unable to
selected. Edward
defensive teams -
The "Wildcats" did not look I
Scores of organizations' -
't persons,
ovk1iP19R1 f
I\.f a.dafCitu
r.. g-:Jigood as they did over the past Waters College followed ,
elubs schools
Southern's! first half lead. ; etc.,pre-
with six the mythicalclub
men on
weekend when they played in the .

Southern la the consolation slashed to game a ,104-79 Texas( I Fight Cancer Grumbling President, Coach ; stee6I looTkfd showed OJ.T. in that Atlanta they ha\e, Ga.the, but potential they- and ,Savannah five on the State offensive College unit, watch rented, flowers Jim with for and cash Mrs., wrist hail, :f

victory over Dillard Unlve ralty. plagues, trophies, a tepe recorder -::
five the
of having a fine team this placed on squad. .
Cited In Separate CitiesBY 'flie Rims the league's top
year with hard work and game ? Hie principal address vasgiven ::
Lovely Floats Featured In'Rose Parade IT aoa aaawsTsArran defensive team, placed six men
COLLIE J, NICHOLSON experience.Paine by CUes Wright, former ::
CRAM3UNG, LA. (SPECIAL)-President< R. W, E. Jones, oa"we did :not pose too much of on the defensive unit, led by coach of Xavier wnen Jim was a':
6-4 250 Junior tackle Frank
the symbol and Image of Grambllng 30 years, and Coach Tackle TroubleShootingA a threat to the "Wildcats" of player. Wright currently sib-::
.:.Town.: The Columbus Ga.
Eddie Robinson, nonpareil small-college football strategists, flshlhg plug la much Ilk a Fort alley,as the "Cats"were native was a near unanimous, letlc director of Texas colleges::
were honored In widely separated cities Saturday naughty child when It misbehave. in command all the way. Coach 'Frier.! "
.. Both should be corrected Lomax feels that, overall his choice. :::
i;e paid tribute not only to the;
President Jones of the
was one ball coach since mt:>>. Charlie Lawrence,who was theconference's
boys played a fairly good game honoree, but to all Negro ne' s-::
honorees at the 29th annual He is the only coaching college
Few fkhermcn recognise the best pass receiver
a' but did not show the poise that Is :
a awards dinner of the Pigskin president in the country. errant ways or certain lures, with 36 catches for 674 yards papers and NegrosportswrltersJ
when the team meets
Club of Washington, D. C., that Whether cloaked in the flowing claim !the flanlng authorities. at necessary and six tds, and David Jenkins, and white sports writers,whom::
stiff S.I.A.C. competition.
Mercury outboards, and as a he said had made enormous con-;:
Included Coach Bob robe of academic
Devaney, an procession and regular offensive
result, they fail to semie the Larry Wright, center, WILl the captain trloutlons to race relations inti::
of Nebraska Clinton he is indeeda
University or hitting fungoes, tackle of the Rams, were the
delicate balance between effective high point man for both teams tile United States.Master ; :
dr Jones, Michigan State; Kevin man unique.Jonescoached. lure action and that with 26 points and pulled down 20 top vote-getters on the offensive of ceremonies was-.
Hardy Notre Dame, and Willke teams have won which seems to flash. "beware!" is his platoon along with Savannah
rebounds. Wright playing
Morris F. X. Jeff. Chairman:,
Lanier, Morgan State College. 426 games, while losing only 76 Plugs go astray for numerous fourth season for the "Wild- State's Terry Leggett and Ed- wad';:!
Eight hundred attend the swank since. World War U. reasons They take a beating ward Water's Robert Taylor. the banquet committee '
cats. :
.when cast against rocky shoresor Julius Carriere. .
Club Intercollegiate
Pigskin affair at the Statler The National Association -
snagged on underwater obstacles
Hilton Hotel.Robinson Athletics Indicted:
also suffer
M1Mnal and they !
I was Indjcted into the him Into the NAIA college base damage when carelessly banged r'!

1 National Association of Inter- ball Hall of Fame Ji 1963. .around In tackle boxes
collegiate Athletics Football Earlier, the American Association Unfortunately the differenceIn *t 4. lllKOIO'NilK,M MOOT .5" CM. MUWtt inilT'' SCHttllM OUT.CO.u.C. o :

Hall of Fame In Tulsa, Okla. of CollageBajeballCoachei action between a healthy ? ,
The Pigskin Club cited President presented him tbeorganization's plug or a crippled one may go 4
Thin unnoticed by the average angler '
lovrly float entered In the 1964 Paaadena Calif. Tournament
of Bourn Parade by Rotary International Is typical of the Jones for his contributions 25-year award "for a quarter even when It dozen
(0 flower..decked float to be seen In this years Parade. Thla to education and athletics while century of leadership and devo- catch fiih/
oldrxt of all. mobile floral spectacles: being held on Monday. Jan insisting on higher standards in tion to college baseball"
2. for the 78th lime, will be wen by more than 100 million viewer the classroom Coach RoUnson has had a remarkable Watch

when the Parade II telrvlned by all three major TV networks This is a dimension equally relevant career in his 26 years
Nearly a score of band. and dosens of equestrian units will also t o Grambllng and the with the Tigers. The methodical This Clown Schenley
participate In the "Krand daddy" of all parades ( I
prestige and national respect! coach changed CramUlng froma 86-92-36 .. .

the Tigers enjoy in baseball, patsy lntoafootballpowerand T_ _

basketball, football and track.A gained national prominence with 66-31-58
; R.S.EVANS3rd man of many talents whose his steady production of out- all dressed

: accomplishments reflect the standing professional talent. 5 3 ,TchcnlcyMb

range of his interests and dedication Only Notre Dame surpasses for the ,?
: President Jones hasser- Grambllng this category. 1 up
: & MAIN ved in the dual capacity ts base-
; 8 4 joyous time J

: EL 4b EL 4.RW 25.
;;jtll 43 52 _

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