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27436 F20090414_AAADNS 00472thm.jpg 06cd30863ac328950fae524ec00df012c6be6d5c679a564c24af346beea2e9e70eeb43fc
898255 F20090414_AAADNT 00473.jp2 edb42d7612f8da5b205a27ce9c3e76cd6e1de97ab7a80d4485122efa29536f8dce0a067e
1035519 F20090414_AAADNU 00473.jpg 620d3686a2ef32318c54a1db2b1e65f79a180df66709ead102d9cd181882441357f7c1ea
118895 F20090414_AAADNV 00473.QC.jpg 18ed4857b13f6278653f24b88e01283c8ccf6cd2374d9f43672c6fae9f19f46c9205af9b
7179479 F20090414_AAADNW 00473.tif 9caa4568b769797e4170cf6cc19c2a45048fb97fefc18e17ad06e0fc809230f097ecada6
31975 F20090414_AAADNX 00473.txt fa83486011973c16845b716024c2e48d9ca1200430726fd75b7ecce0dc577440f4ca900b
7154289 F20090414_AAADPA 00478.tif 77620c7637b0a52840aac517123b241bbbbb441571b1366c5d62c14a4ca50844e69dc31f
28263 F20090414_AAADNY 00473thm.jpg fa995be0b71eb26f8e4ef7a56e2a5dce8d3c6bae1ae8abe53cc99d5cb1c13e37615768d4

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200744datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 3, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007440740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 3, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 3, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
[I Y Of Miami :Mly to Sign I- Negro e ) Playerfy ..t!

| __. Amag._" %y_*'." '_ _. _____.._.,. ..___,_. -__ ___ -. _.. .__ .J _

.* * *:* *' *.*,!* *. ** * *


-'---*** ** *... .. * *

Of Miami TeacheLHuiidi ( ] University library of Florida ,, ,,

,,.- ? .. GalnesTille. FloIdam ,,
*/i* * .



PKY lISRARY--* ** ** ** ****** 16 NO 36 SATURDAY DECEMBER 10, 1966 15 CENTS. ;

I Of FLA. HISTORY!: Purple Heart Award Bond Unseating,, * .*'. *Q *.} .

-)- -- .....--- Is Ruled Out l 1 Po' .toSt' ; : *#ttl Paying>> .

; !!
.w *iWWw> ...wi1w..w.r..J.t.v, ,,........._**.._,..>.*.*.*.mrut. **..!'nn *

IW 1:91LT!, : WASHINGTONTheSupreme'By U.S. Court ) * * *

Court rule d unanimously last

Monday that the Georgia House FEARS OF NEGROEXPLOSION

I INY of may his not bar statements Julian Bond criticizing because I

the draft and U. S. policy in

Viet Nam.

Chief Justice Earl Warren of

the high court said, "The disqualification
of Bond from AIRED

membership in the Georgia

House because of his state

free ments expression violated Bond's under the right First of *. *. *. *. *. .*.. .*.. .*.. .*.. .*.. .*.. .*... *....

M ,Amendment.The opinion" did not, in so Kennedy Joins Women Declare War- Powell StiiiUnder

rnirtywords, order the Georgia
house to seat Bond. But It Negro Leaders Attack

cleared the for the thrice-
elected Negro civil rights of. Airing Fears On Wife-beaters ton Powell is ready to comply
ficial. And state Rep. George with a court order directing
L. Smith, who is In line to WASHINGTON Sen>Hobert
him to pay $50.00 a week to a
become speaker of the Georgia Jacksonville wives obviously have declared war on wife-
F. Kennedy, (D-N. Y.) Joined Harlem widow who won
House, said "I sea MJULIAN two Negro leaders today In beaters as police records show that during a 10-day period no against
Medal a $164,000 Judgment
Mrs. Nancy Westpolnt, 723 W. Duval St., Jacksonville, Fla., receives the-Purple Heart mates off
warning of an explosion among less than three women felled their as they fought him for defamation of
and Citation awarded her late son, Army Sergeant Thomas Lee Westpolnt, .from their attacks .
Officer Jacksonville Subsector Command, Florida Negro youth if President Johnson when A'II.ft* w.".e fun se d w ltd character. /
John W. Reed Jr. Commanding ,
decided to finance the war The wife of a familiar figure his Powell's intention to comply
Sector IV U, S, Army Corps, NAS, Jacksonville.SergeantWestpolnt was awarded the medal Richardson for spending
east side
I In Viet Nam at the expenseof on Jacksonville's with court order directing
posthumously for wounds received on Sept. 30, 1966 In Viet Nam, which resulted In his death. y on beer instead of a
her nickname"Patience"
to live paycheck
the war on poverty. up the weekly payment was announced
Presentation of the award was made in ColonelReed'a NAS office before the assembled mem .
aw i iv At a Senate hearing on the when she went downstairs by his chief assistant,
28 1966. (OFFICIAL U. S. woman
bers of his command on Monday Nov. ,
E plight of cities, Kennedy said, struck down her husband, police reported and Richardson C. Sumner Stone, who said the

I. f "there is little public understanding "Eastslde Buddy" as William followed her and starting congressman was acting on
Miami TeacherIs t ) that the dissatisfaction Giles Harold of 813 lana was fighting with her again. This advice of counsel.

UM Coach Dick GregoryEn and alienation of Negro youthAt known to many. time, however, the wife had a Powell's willingness comply
a Senate hearing on the With a police record dating kitchen knife in her hand and with the order could mean tl'e

Ready To Sign Route ParalyzedThe plight of cities, Kennedy said back 30 years, the 51-year- stuck it Into Richardson'.cbest. end to a host of troubles that
there 1* little public understanding old "Eastslde Buddy" was He fell to the floor. Taken to have threatened .1m with Imprisonment
true circumstances surrounding that the dissatisfaction known to police as a moonshineand Medical Center the and possible loss
Duval ,
Negro Gridder To, Viet NornDUKdRLCORY the several-days-old 0 school- tad alienation, Negro youth I "numbers" seller. His last victim died shortly after. of<< hi* congressional seal <- ''
.shootingot: Miami 'J* "tha boost explosive situation arrest for possession of moonrshine The only witness to the killingwas The payments will go to Mrs. ,
_. __, remained well-
.AoJ teacher a. was on Oct. 28. Esther James the 04-year-old
: we ,Phoebe ,
identified U
of Miami is ,
Toe University .
guarded secret t although -: "We have raised their expectations Harold, who had been arrested in the Harlem widow, who in i960
who was
,, its first BOND Alexander
ready to sign Negro attempts, to keep ,the incident his
and unless we make several times for beating of the was described by Powell as a
football player next week and out of have failed. alternative other than seating kitchen at the
print major steps-in the Senate, the wife Eula Le.-l.Pat1enc.. "bag woman" or graft
the final decision is now left .t It was learned from reliable him." House and the executive branchwe During their 18-year engagement stabbing. collector

to Raymond Bellamy 6-5, 210- 'a sources that Johnny Ware, ex- Bond, a former SNCC official, will reap a whirlwindthat and 10-year marriage"Duddy" FUSS OVER SANDWICH At the rate of $60 per week
pound split-end for Palmetto's auto salesman, deputy and has been critical also of the to have LEADS) rO KILLING
will be completely uncontrollable is reported Mrs. James will be 105 year
Lincoln High School near r. and said he admired Death at the hands of his wife
former Sir John Hotel manager draft system ," Kennedy said. shot "Patience" three times old when she recovers the total
Bradenton. shot 29-year-old Earl Finley the courage of those who brought to an end the marriage
Kennedy praised 77-year-old According to police, Judgment and Powell will be 95.
Coach Charlie Tate has let a teacher at Dunbar Elemen- burned their draft cards although A. Philip Randolph, organizerof arrived home last Sunday after between Milton Cummings and In 1963, Powell was found.
it be known that he is anxious he would not burn his his wife, Willie Lee Cummingsof
tary School. the 1962 civil rights marchon being out all night, took his guilty of defaming Mrs. James.

..,.--.'''' The shooting reportedly occurred He was elected a third time Washington, and Bayard ,38-callber pistol out of his 732 W. Church St. witnesses He lost subsequent appeals from

at a west side lounge last month from an Atlanta Rustin, a leader of the march, pocket and put it on the tele Police reported that his wife ,the verdict and until'now has
r several nights ago and the district. who now is executive directorof vision set. He then took a nap."Patience" said the victim wife's resisted all legal attempts to

-- person firing the ,38 caliber Bond, in Indianapolis to makea the A. Philip Randolph Institute got the gun and put were arguing over out the of bed force him to pay.
revolver was Identified but speech, said of the court's reluctance to get
: for their assessment it inside her bosom because Powell's compliance presumably
police action in the case has ruling: "I'm happy, proud, to fix him a sandwich
of the restlessness of Negro she was afraid he would com investigating will clear him of civil
NEW YORK-Negro comedian been slow, reportedly because pleased, surprised and looking young people.Randolph after her with the gun. Mrs. Cummings told hit contempt U was not certain
Dick Gregory flew off to North Mrs. Finley has been evasiveto forward to taking my seat Jan. longtime presidentof Shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday officers the however, whether It would relieve
Viet Nam last Monday in the questioning by police Police 9-and also to receiving the the Railway Sleeping Car afternoon "Buddy" awoke, got her several times in her face him of a contempt verdict

hope of entertaining captured action Is stalled pending the $2,000 back pay Georgia owes Porters Union, said he was into an argument with and that she got several their times.pistol still pending.
American troops, but he said recovery of the victim her to and shot him
me.The alarmed at the attitude among "Patience" and threw out of their A California congressman
he would not entertain service After Finley was taken to court's action reversesa Cummings ran
f Negro youths. He said, they the floor. hall. however, bas announced he will
personnel in South Viet Nam Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2-1 ruling by a special three- see their future as quite bleak She got up and he pushed her bedroom and fell Duval In Medical seek to bar Powell from takinghis
t even if asked. Ware surrendered to City of Judge federal court in Atlanta. and their society appears out the front door onto the He was carried to seat In the coming sessionof

.. "That would be like enter- Miami Police and was released That court held "the Georgia destined for an explosion. porch and closed the door. Center where be was pronounced Congress unless he purges

taining a convention of bank bathe custody of his attorney. House had power under state Randolph told a Senate sub- "Patience" ceased to be dead. himself of contempt.
RAYMOND BELLAMY robbers" he said. The schoolteacher is reported law to disqualify Bond basedon committee that If the patient. She opened fire and HUSBAND While Powell 1 1. vacationing

...may sign wli'i! UM Gregory left Kennedy Inter paralyzed from a bullet in the its conclusion that be could antipoverty campaign is cutback one shot hit "Buddy" in the FREED BY Randolph COURT who in the Bahama Islands and

national Airport for London and spine and it is doubtful whether not sincerely take the oath of because of Viet Nam war chest. He fell dead. Mrs. Dorothy the cycle of husband- awaiting the outcome of his
the player. Tate Paris where final travel he'll be able to walk again. office. started
to sign young spending, the consequences When police searched his body on Thanksgiving Day lawyers' consultations, House
said, "He's a good football arrangements to Hanoi will.be could be disastrous. they found a half-pint of moonshine when she shot down her husband subcommittee that ha* been

player, and I hope he will sign made for him. He was Invitedto "I would be less than frank if whisky in his ,pocket. with a .22 pistol was freed last looking Into other aspects of
with us." North Viet Nam by two representatives NAACPHits Attackedk I did not admit that there is COMMON-LAW WIFE following an Inquest his activities announced Its
What makes Bellamy a good of the Communist J
considerable dangerous potential DOWN HER MATEIn before Justice of the Peace intention to call him back for
prospect for Miami is that the regime whom he met recentlyin today for black and white questioning.Rep. .

youth possesses what UM London through Bertram people to turn on one another," another action an argument Gordon Poppell. L. (D-Ohlo)
horn Wayne Hays
Power resulted in the death of Harvey A verdict of"Justifiable
officials consider the two Russell, philosopher and Blat; Randolph said. after witnesses said his house administration
Lee Richardson 24, of 638 cide" was ruled
requirements grid
prime pacifist "The tragedy Is that the workIngs victim had subcommittee want an expla
Duval St. who stabbed testified that the
W. was
ability and scholastic ability. "I've never been ask* to WASHINGTON (NPI) The dith was to be the NAVCPM of our economy so often In the left chest, by his common- been beating his wife during nation from Powell vl the huge
was president of his entertain the in South Viet
Bellamy men NAACP was on both the "ornament" after the group pit the white poor and the black law wife Wilma Lattimore 27 an argument over some car travel expenses run up by the
Student Council anda Nam he ,
school's "That's
commented. against each other at the Labor Committee
receiving and dispensing end supported him when he was poor Education and
of the address keys.
B-plus student. probably because of my" atti- of attacks during the past wee. the University of Mississippi'sonly bottom of society." The couple who recently moved Also freed on grounds which Powell heads.
Bellamy, who also played tude on social matters. James official Rustln and Randolph renewed A team of auditors from the
From one source, Negro student, and from Brunswick Ga. to Jacksonville of "Justifiable homicide"
defensive end this season as Gregory a veteran worker ,
Meredith, the NAACP was said. their calls foramassive"treertom JP Gordon Poppell was Government Accounting Office,
have been having before
Palmetto posted a 9.1 record, for civil rights said the Department labeled a "tool of the White The NAACP had wanted him budget" outlay for solvingthe several fights since coming Wilma Rudean Lattimore who which has been examining tile
visited the Miami campus last of State sent a hand that problems of city ghettos. travel voucher
House. On the other to "go around and show here according Investigating shot her mate Harvey Lee committee's
week.' telegram to his Chicago home NAACP Executive Director Roy the NAACP had touch with young This plan, as develped by the Richardson. for weeks, has reported that
'1 sat right here in my office advising him on "two pointsof brutal said Instead Randolph Institute, calls for officers. between Jan. 1 1985 and last
Wilkins had some com people, it was According to police the victim An inquest into the shootingof ,
him he would be offereda He said be
and told law. couldn'ttell
"black $185 billion in federal money 31 Powell and member
ments to make about Meredith went around attacking and his mate had an argument Milton Cummings was Aug. ,
to Miami when the whether the
scholarship Tate'sa1d. department power." NAACP leaders-especially for domestic spending pro- before the fatal shooting, at scheduled for Friday, Dec. 9, of his staff spent $19,17 oa
signing date arrives approved of his trip or not, In Columbus Ohio to addressan Wllkins. grams for the poor over a 10- while the case airplane travel.
which time Richardson alleged- before Poppell,
"He indicated be wantsto since he
was ignorant on legal
NAACP meeting, Meredith Meanwhile, the NAACPexecu- year period. ly beat Miss Lattimore in their Involving the death of "East- "The committee traveled
sign with us. matters, so he turned the charged that the methods of the live director was doing some Rustin said President Johnson room bruising her on the chin side Buddy" is set for Dec. more In the United States than

Rules prohibit a prep athleteto telegram over to his attorneys."I organization "can no longer attacking of his own. as he must not allow the Viet Nam and other, parts of her body. 13 before Justice of the Peace any other t committee," said

be signed before Dec. 10.: really don't know whether produce anything of significance charged that the "blackpower"slogan war costs to be put "on the Police say the couple argued Dorcas Drake. Hays. "There are Indications
The Palmetto youth came into they will lift my passport when is "mischievous." backs of the poor people,"Cut- we will have to ask the chairman

the spotlight last Wednesdaywhen I return," he said. "U I have "The people are tired of the He maintained that most Negroes ting back antipoverty spending Voters Make BreakATLANTA and his staff for an exhlanatfon.

the United Press International to go to Jail a few days or way every American Presidentuses don't like the slogan- is "not only stupid and Negro .. ."
said the Bradenton' lose my passport, it will be the NAACP national officeas "it's too teen-agish. You can't dangerous but criminal," said backed oy an uuiuenuai 1. inegrogroup u. It was reported the investigation

Herald "quoted Tate as con- worth It." the 20th Century house Negro handle the problems of 20 million Rustln. -(NPI) Negro in Richmond has disclosed 158 round

firming Miami I I will sign and the way the NAACP bows to citizens with a football-type "Negro leaders cannot beheld voters not only put a record In Arkansas, racial moderate trips between Washington and

Bellamy. Addresses Program play that role," Meredith said slogan. responsible for the reaction number of Negroes in office Wlnthrop>> Rockefeller relied m New York City for Powell and

Tat replied angrily, I Meredith has been in a running "Most Negroes have relations that occurs as a result of paring during the Nov. 8 elections, 90 per cent support from the Ills staff, 58 round trip to

haven't confirmed any such feud with NAACP leaders-especially with whites built up over many down the war on poverty," he but helped make or break manya state's 115,000 registered Negro Miami, 9 to Puerto Rico andS
thing. I said only that we would KNOXVILLE Southern white candidate, the voters to win over
Team -NPl- after Wilkins reportedly years which they don't want added. to Honolulu during the 69thCongress.
like to sign Bellamy. But I George E. Mears, grand basl- ordere.d\ his address to Jeopardize." Kennedy praised Rustin and Southern Regional Council has his segregationist Democratic : .

can't say we've signed him lens, Omega Pst Phi Fraternity, before the Columbus NAACP Another attack on black power aid that if alienated Negro reported. opponent in the cover nor's race. Hays said the subcommittee
until we do sign him. Inc., was speaker for the cancelled. came from Sen.-elect Edward young people believe that the In South Carolina,former Gov., In Selma, Ala., Wilson Baker, also wants an explanation for

The speedy Bellamy caught National Achievement Week However, the speech was W. Brooke, pl-Mus.), who put way to attain their goals Is Ernest F. Holllngs could thank a racial moderate, squeakedto ""the' great number of people"
the eyes of numerous college program of the fraternity's Beta rescheduled when Meredith part of the blame for the nation's "to light a match, they're going the 100,000 Negro voters victory in the sheriffs race. on the committee' payroll.

scouts by catching more than Epsilon Chapter, and Knoxville charged his freedom of speech race riots on the "black power"cry. to do it." for giving him the margin that Negro support for Baker was luring the session It totaled

40 passes and scoring five College's Iota Chapter last weekin was being abridged and legal The senator said "young men put him into the U. S. Senateby credited with defeating segregationist more than 150, be said, but not

touchdowns this fall He also McMillan Chapel. Meares Is' trouble for the NAACP was and women are not going to 15,000 votes. Incumbent James G. 01 at the same time.
is being sought by Nebraska,' probation officer fof the New threatened. "I think the 'black power* term accept this kind of life; they're Virginia's U. S. Sen.electWilliam Clark Jr., who failed in a write- Hay said his subcommittee I

Indiana, Florida, Florida State, York Supreme Court in Kings Currently a student at the was an unfortunate one," he going to change it one way or B. Spong won 58 per in bid after losing in the Democratic rill invite Powell to appear

Illinois and Florida A&M. County. Columbia Law School, Mere- feclared. another:' cent of the votes, after being primary. before it some time this month.Urilietsif ..

i .

.,... -




Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company By


last several years have witnessed an increasing nat-
r ional commitment to ending the poverty which haunts our

NEGRO PRE f RNATI0NM" fr'' r fr land. More than 30 million people must struggle to exists
'. on budgets below the poverty line set by the UJS. government -

" ,.. and almost as many millions more are not much
above that subsistence line. .
: b'? This is not a racial question-the overwhel
ERIC *MPSOJ.r..Jtaullal Editor
: ming majority of the nation's poor people> are )

@HI07\ NOOTEN....,'.Circulation MaUler white.Despite the growing awareness of the pro 1\\I

:v +eex +wrEwaF +s.Ke. blem, present prosposals to attack poverty
tend to be piecemeal and underfinanced. It J Jis
. 2323 Moncriof Road Phone Elfin 4-6782 as if the nation knows what must be done, N

M"mss. j but hesitates to make the necessary effort.
Mailing AddressP.O. Programs such as the War on Poverty are effective and
important, but to make a maximum impact they must be

Boa 599 lachsoniille, Florida 32201 part of a master plan to eliminate poverty within a given
period of time.
A few years ago I called for a Domestic Marshall Plan
MIAMI OFFICE which would do for the American poor what the original,
Marshall Plan did for war-torn Europe. Just as tha4
738 N 3rd Are Phone 311.1025 stricken continent was assisted to its present prosperityby
a well-planned massive effort so too should America's
SUBSCRIPTION RATES poor be assisted out of the dependency and poverty which
One Year, $$.00 Half Year $4.00 entraps them.

Mailed. to You Anywhere In the United States ? a u 1 Now the A. Philip Randolph Institute has released Its Free-

Subscription payable In advance dom Budget, based on a similar principle, and Including
specific cost estimates for the various programs which are
Send Check or Money Order to: needed. All of the major civil rights and labor groups, and

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 many others as well, are backing it. Many like the Urban

Jacksonville 1. Florida League, have given their assistance and cooperation to the
plan. This is important, because while we often hear of the
strife and disagreements between these groups we now havean
Do We Know Where We Are Going ? example of Joint action for the good of the nation.

The basic premise of the Freedom Budget Is that true
The columist and writer, Harry Golden, democracy should Include freedom from want, and that
who lived in a Jewish Ghetto as a youth, poverty has no place in a nation as" rich and abundant as
proposed recently a $100-billion "indemnity WILL BACKLASH BE ALLOWED TO DEFEAT OPEN HOUSING? ours. It offers a ten-year program to wipe out poverty
to compensate Negroes for centuries The program Includes measures which would bring about
deprivation. full employment; assure adequate incomes for all (about
Federal indemity is worth the price r. r. -- - --- t.- -- --- .f 20 percent of those in poverty work for substandard wages);

contends Golden---even if no more than 1 I guarantee an adequate income for those who cannot work;
10 W.C. Handys and one George Washington end slums with massive housing and urban renewal programs -
Carver are produced YOUR Weekly ; provide medical care and good education for all,
The writer goes further to say that this 1 1 conserve our national resources and develop adequate
money would provide an adquate living for 1 transportation for all; and sustain! a high rate of production -
those who become adults in the.segregated 1 1 and economic growth.
society and who may not be able to competein The Freedom Budget not only suggests what should be
the industrial world of today.We Guide done, but also how it can be done. The main problem with
know that Mr. Golden has good intentions Horoscope proposals for expanded domestic programs Is taht objec-
but we don't feel that Negroes tions are raised about their cost. While the cost of these

who cannot compete should receive an I * programs may come to about $185 billion over the 10-year
'indemnity or back pay even when they period there will be no need to raise taxes or cut back
cannot measure up to what is expected of By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I on other federal programs; indeed, it envisions more federal -
them 1 spending on defense and space.
Let opportunity be provided for all, and 1 I The Freedom B

let all be given the opportunity for Job DAYS FOR The Freedom Budget can be financed out of the continued
training. If this is done, it ought to growth of the economy. It envisions a growth in output of
be an inventive to persons who know where about 5 percent per year. Thus present tax rates will pro-
they want to go in life. I ,.. duce enough to finance these necessary programs. The figures -
Indemnity might stifle initiative on the BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL are staggerlng-truly incicative of the enoromus
part of the Negro. Let the Negro work I economic capacity of the nation. If the economy grows at
hard to merit his opportunity become more 1 I the projected rate of 5 percent a year for thenext ten years,
alert 1 not much more than the present growth rate, It will pro-
thrifty, and independent in the --- -- t. -- r -- - -- -- -- -.
individual sense. duce an average of about $230-240 billion more each year,
ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORNBORN No nation which has this capacity for wealth can tolerate
poverty and deprivation in its midst. The Freedom Budgetis
The Tallahassee FiascoFrom BORN MARCH 4 BORN JUNE l' i- BORN,'SEPT.23rd DEC. a demonstration of how:,a small portion of this growth

22nd JULY 22nd OCT. 23rd '22nd JAN. ISth. can be used to finance a comprehensive national effort to
2ht- APRIL 19thBe -
time to time, we have on wipe out poverty in ten years.
the' 'over-use' of demonstrations as Start early it too often hap- Plan together. Everything that
Slow but sure. This certainlyis Several this made commitment to
ahead If it has been the is related to years ago country a put
present or coming
a .means of redressing the grievances of month to rush into pens that one can seriously
not the
after man on the moon by 1970. A major technological effort was
same story, year year, associations should I be tho-
citizens. Another instance of this underestimate the time and
Negro regarding your ability to get anything no matter how impor- roughly aired and worked out planned, an estimate of costs made, and a inlfied program
it will take to '
when the
of accom
kind occurred recently
thing Christmas shopping and tant it may seem to you. You money put Into operation. This is what must be done to eliminate
your to the last detail. And if
the Leon County NAACP branch called upon other chores done in time, you must do a lot of thinking, plan- plish certain tasks. There Is can sense what Is likely you to poverty and the Freedom Budget is a blueprint for just
students to boycott the schools always uncertainty as to what
Negro consider trying to do bet- ning and, perhaps,considerable such a national effort.
and about 50 per cent of them did. may spade work to judge all the may transpire, compelling you happen as so many of you seem
Then the Branch sought to meet with the ter this year. Confusing trendsare possible odds that may rise up to take on a much bigger load capable of doing, there will belittle
school board in a public meeting that already building up,from agaLnst you.Arrangements may than you had figure upon. Con-' cause for you to be caught THE URBANLEAGUE
they may prevent you unprepared when the moment
would enable more parents to be present.We advanced also be made to hold family sequently, any chores that must
are not in favor of boycotting as a doing let alone any providing planning for the reunions in time for Christmas, be tackled to create the yuletide for creative action makes its
tc redress Leon atmosphere that you have In sudden appearance. You undoubtedly STORYBy
technique grievances. added costs that each Christ- especially when some of the
County is already near the bottom of the ;I: members involved h a veto mind should be Immediatelyattended have many friends
mas season brings. pre- who
may sticking to negative
to. This would Include
list in teacher's salaries and when travel considerable distancesto
pared to come to the rescue views and philosophies. Once CLANZELL BROWN
4,800 Negro puoils stay away from school, reach a given point. A difficulty catching up on your correspondence -
should mate For the last few weeks I have
your or someone the and of you are fully aware of the fact, watched i TV series program -
buying mailing
It costs the Board over $2.25 a day in ,
closely associated with you may already crop up cards and it gives you added reason to named "Mission Impossible". It t is one of the most
greeting presents,
State aid for each pupil. In this case headsor
for mature
runs Into a sea of trouble calling more to distant foreign adhere strictly to your own exciting programs I have ever seen on TV. In fact, it is a
especially or
the loss amounted to about $20,000 for and finding the going too hard a background of experienceto points judgment. short James Bond episode shown every Saturday evening at
one day. for one person alone. A loving cope with it. 9:00: p.m.
If any group of students need to'remain heart as well as a full pocket- I haven't seen all of the Super Bond thrillers
In school everyday, it is members of the book will often succeed when but of the three I have seen, no Negroes played

Negro group No student can afford to other factors fail. In any event, AQUARIUS meaningful parts. Believe it or not,
miss school one day if he hopes to com- you cannot relax when you have LEO SCORPIO JAN. an identifiable Negro plays the part of an
pete with othec students on an integrated something on your mind. BORN BORN OCT. technician who has knowledge and

basis in every respect particularly 2.30 ,* 88 14 756 JULY 22nd 20th FEB. 18thIt's that we expect only our C.I.A. super electI'ronics I
jobs. :23rd AUG. 22nd 24th NOV. your privilege Tnere to possess. Truthfully I pinch myself

TAURUSBORN to There is muchmore Promise flouring Even with seems to be someone perhapsan to my wife and daughterswe are j,
Nothing gain.
Self-Advanced-A Challenge serenity and financial the best of Intentions to keep In-law, who has secret Intentions our part as real participants in the saga of Araer-
APRIL to be found when promises, there are occasions to get you to part with ican experience
At a recent state meeting of the N. C. 20th MAY 20 security evade the spotlightand when it is impossible to do so. money or something of equal However, the real Importance of the Negroplaylnga significant
convention NAACP Chapters, State Presi- you of It Everything may appear so rosy value. The one who is most role In "Mission Impossible" is simple dreamtically clear
dent Kelly Alexander urged Negro churches Make it stick One of your first the glare to publicity. to you at the very start that you avid in flattering or'cajolingyou it tells the story of the Negro as he is and projects that he has
Fayetteveile to take the leadership ina moves, before anyone gets too also substantial helps cash possess and may be fooled into believingthat Is probable the person on contributed in most every major undertaking that has affected
campaign to provide better housing for involved or committed in other valuable reserves that will nothing in the world could whom you have to keep the America. The first American to die in defense of this countrywas
the low-income Negroes of the community. Christmas spending, may be to enable to holdings live where and change it. Before you become closest watch. Those of you Crispus Attucks, a Negro. Other outstanding Negroes Include
Kelly argued that such a program would make your own position clear. how you from the too deeply committed to a cause, aware of this possibility, or : Education, Booker Washington;International Politics,
be a defense against crime, delinquency, It should be decided betweenall hustle you and please bustle, away of modern person or purchase,wait a littleto who do not believe it, should, Ralph Bunche; Race Relations, Whitney Young, Jr.; and pre-
and disease. He added that anything that concerned Just how much urban life. But the Leos to see which way the bird will examine this viewpoint when sently defense of our country Lawrence Joel, CongressionalMetal
reduces crime and delinquency will increase money there is to spend and whom fame and acclaim are fly. A proof of loyalty may be your mates or other trusted of Honor winner In Viet Nam.
church membership.This who should be remembered.Once desires given by someone dear to you. advisers are giving you the There are many differences and many leaders who are com
theLr true
which will this has been done, it may But monetary and social obli mitted to Integration
is a challenge we hope be to the price of same warning. Self-interest or Increased life chance of minority men
be taken up by churches over the nation will be possible to enjoy loss willing of privacy pay and the other gations'may suddenly interveneto should be one dominant factor bars, but there is one point they all concur on, namely, more
This type of project represents helpfulness shopping, and making the pre- that dampen the spirits.However, controlling emotions, Negroes are needed as role models for both white and Negro
and brotherhood with or without parations required to make this disadvantages accompany let nothing interfere with the even, if this means refusing Americans to see, touch and work with to help them change
federal assistance. Certainly the holiday as gay and memorableas public coming i festivities outright to play the game that their attitude toward the stero type Negro image that has become
of any of the previous ones. feel has been fixed. as much a part of the and
practice brotherhood should not be 7 you already American scene as the hot dog .
premised on federal funds.'GEMINI the Hamburger.
One can well imagine how such a movement Seemingly, most literate Americans at this point and time in
could win assistance and support from the VIRGO SAGITTARIUSBORN history would have studied books, watched TV, listened to the
the white element of the population but BORN MAY BORN AUG. radio, attended race relations meetings and/or seminars to

we should not wait on white or federal 21st JUNE 21st 23rd SEPT 22nd NOV. BOBN FEB help health adjust and to.1on80VCrdue social changes in education, housing,
aid before launching the project. welfare, politics and employment
23rd DEC. 21st
The Bible said that God helps those who Seek the meaning. If you havea Ju ig8 probabilities Once you 19th MAR. 20th Why 15 I.city councilmen of Jacksonville out of step?Is it
help themselves! Try Him! good thing going, as far as take the pains todiscover within Shun seU-delusion.It'ssoeasy Donf stop now. The more ignorance, bigotry of business as usual? I wm not attempt to :
your occupation and earning yourself\ the basic causes for to give in to wishfulness. Often mistakes one has made in the answer, but I do say the Negro should be represented on the I
power are concerned, It would lack of mutual inderstandlng, this is a comparatively past, or an Impressive numberof Civil Service Board, and Mr- Charles Simmons Is not only I
Accreditation Loss Alarms Us not be the best of decisionsto yo come much closer to re- harmless! pastime in which to failures do not necessarilyadd qualified, but WHjuallfled to serve on that board. Negroes J
seek a change. The same medy. You must be aware of indulge. But when there are up to an existence that may should Join hands 'and' ask "t true white democratic believers to !
Twelve Florida schools were recently may be said about your residence certain of your ideas,behaviorism important stakes in the balance, be deemed completely wasted. stop those right wlnr councUmen trom making a complete mock- I I
dropped from membership in the Southern and family relationships, Critical ways could be It can become the means of a Look at things from the pointof cry of Democracy In Jacksonville
for there are possibilities of the principal wall standing between serious personal reverse. Be view of lessons learned and Negroes are being *included in state
meaningful roles TV
Association of' Colleges and Schools 'on difficulties In these con you and those who share very conscious of this dangerso the experience acquired. If you federal government private industry and all other on ptdses of
account of 'serious deficiencies.
nections. In any case, don't your habitation. These are the as not to miss some rather can muster up your courage American life, why not in Jacksonville Government?
The newspapers have, during the past talk yourself Into believing that things that should occupy your promising opportunities> to for additional tries you may City
two months cited numerous losses of you may be better off splitting mind to the exclusion of all strengthen your position both now possess all the ingredientsthat I' WEEK '
accretation. For instance, some schoolsin home ties let alone permitting else when harmony and friendship at home and in the world.From comprise success, in the 'THIS IN NEGRO HISTORY'

Alachua County were dropped from the anyone else to goad you on. are non-existent in your then on,you can be fairly certainto highest sense of the word, and Dec 8, 1837 Wendell Phillips joins 'anti-slavery movement.
SACS's'list. Membership also was with- White your professional obligations surroundings. Others may: be run across high odds or the will to reach the very pinnacle -

drawn from Crestvlew, Carver, Miami, Carver or other worldly Just as much responsible for Influential individuals who can Besides, life does not Dec 8, 1810 Tom loIol1neaux, boxer defeated Tom
(predominantly Negro schools) North Interests will undoubtedly keep any existing tensions, however, thwart you at every turn, especially necessarily start at twenty, Cribb, then British champion was by
Date, and Kissimmee High School which you busy, the versatile Gemini- it is the one who is really when you have behaved thirty or even forty.There have
did not apply for membership in the SACS. ana as a whole should not have willing to forgive and forget or said anything in a way they been many instances where Individuals Dec 10 Md'JiiS1 L> Garrison abolitionist born. An
Usually the rating agency place on pro ,too much trouble squeezing outa who is most likely to be ratedas consider as being harmful to past sixty hare editor ? opponent of slavery he, was died in 1879.
bation schools with slight deficiencies.We little time! to their loved ones being superior in stature their own particular interests suddenly gained wealth or renown 1

are alarmed at the.numberjof,JUorida 'and yuletide preparations and spiritual development. fi philosophies Dec, 10, 1950 Dr. Ralph J" Bunche deputy secretary-general
!schools which lost ttk4ttf'\'* ton. 4. 50 33 IS. %91 5 -70-; 44 15 100 1-60-11-14-HJ. 310.,ei'-.1'F'' 4iSMe''f'4.' of the United Nations. was awarded the Nobel Peace prize,
becoming. the first Negro 80 honored, S t
r i
1.J r

1. -
...... ---- -


Phi Beta Sigma Party Planned By Lucky 16 Club SARC Of AKA TEA TIME First Meeting Held s!

Elects Officers ; : i -- Slates MeetingIn Mrs. Wattle Brown, captain By J. W. Johnson I
1iL for Croup 3 of Lily White Lodge
Beta Sigma Chapter of Phi
Mayflower HotelThe
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., r.c = -: '! jr! 237,Sunday will sponsor from 4 to a 6 SpiritualTea in Band Parents Club
met at the home of Bro. Dr. ; South Atlantic Regional p.m.,
: '
J. Irving E. Scott. ; (j: Conference of Alpha Kappa Alpha Brooks Prayer House, Tyler The James Weldon Johnson I
During the business sessiona Sorority, Inc., will meet In Street and Kings Road( Band Parents Club held its first
report was made of a recent the Mayflower Hotel, March Mrs. Louise Nelson will be meeting in the school library :
state conference of Phi Beta 2425. the speaker. Other talent will with the Beginners Band part- {
Sigma Fraternity held in Mrs. Alma Daniels, general participate. The public has been Icipating.
"ampa' Florida. Delegates re- chairman, stated that all com- ,invited to attend. The officers for the 1964-"
?.esentlng Nu Beta Sigma Chap- mutes are working diligentlyin XXX XXX year are; Bishop Sadie Gibson
ter of Jacksonville were Dr. J. arranging necessary works president, Mrs. H. E. Baker,
Irving E. Scott and Prof. A. B. 1 for the extensive conference. A Pre-Christmas Tea will be vice president;Mrs.J.E.Moose,
Willlans, an instructor at WilLiam Programs of speakers, meetIngs sponsored Sunday by Mrs. Lu- second vice president; Mrs.
Raines Senior High School. F display of musical talent venia Marquez, president of Dorothy Williams, secretary;
The next order business was and social events are Lily White Lodge 225 and Mrs. Mrs. Doris Holloman,assistant
the election of officers.New officers expected to make the confer- Willie M. Hart, president of secretary; Mrs H. Anthony,
elected for the 1966-67' ence outstanding. the Golden Hart Council, in the financial secretary; Mrs A,
year were as follow: President, Mrs. Odessa Nelson, Region home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Griffin assistant t1na.nclalsec-
Principal Henry Jenkins.Jr.; I director, will visit the chapter Hart, 1611 W. 15th St. The event retary; Mrs. Clydie Butler,
has been .
Vice President, Atty. Ralph tr Dec. 1 17, and the workshop scheduled from 4 to treasurer; Mrs. Earline Law-
Maultsby; Financial Secretary, meeting will be held at 11 a.m., rence, chaplain; Roxwell Robinson
Dr. Andrew A. Robinson; Recording In the auditorium of the Myrtle program, in keeping with Clarence Jackson, business -
andCorrespondingSec-: Avenue Branch Public Library. holiday season will be pre managers;Mrs.Mary Ana

retary, Prof. Johnny Holden; Music will be rendered by the sented. Matthewsreporter; &K.Wyatt,
Treasurer, Atty. RelefordMCGriffPatltamentarhy AKA Choral Ensemble, under A. L Lewis Branch, band dlrectorRlcharoVcGreary;
Prof. direction of Mrs. June Davis, intern and Mrs. W. L. Burns,
Joseph White, Chaplain, Rev. chairman. YWCA Schedules P-TA president
Charles" Scrivens. The Regional Steering Com- Committee chairmen are:Mrs
The outgoing president was mittee members are: Mrs. Programs MeetingA.L. BonIta B. Sherard, concert.Mr, ,
voted president-emeritus. The Alma Daniels, chairman; Mrs. Mrs. Campbell Powell, co-
following committees were appointed Joan D. Spaulding, Mrs. Jolita Lewis Branch,Young Wo- chairmen; Mrs. Theresa Had-
by the new president T. Simmons, Mrs. Lorlce Robinson men's Christian Association, gers Mrs. Inca Best ads and
Prof. Henry W. Jenkins, Jr. Mrs. Norma White, has scheduled two programs for sponsors chairmen; Mrs. Bernice -
Following the business meetIng I' y lla r Mrs. Erma Word, and Mrs. December and January. They Kelly, Mrs. Irene Grant
there was a palatable repast Ruth Solomon, basUeus.Northwestern are: "hanging of the Greens," Mrs. R. M. DIxon, Mrs.Helen
served.Movies were shown and the annual meeting.The Felix, new parent committee;
of colorful scenes and events ii I 'T 'I PTA department of the branch Mr. Mrs. C. Powell, Mrs.-
over the state by Prof. John L : will be responsible for the decorated ,Thomasina Williams, James W.
Moore, Instructor at Edward ; Plans Meeting designated areas. The Cohen, Rev W. M. Merritt,
Waters College. event is Dec. 16 at 7 p.m., Richard McCreary, financial
Plans for a Christmas Party to be held ,....isnez, Johnson Mrs.-Edna Frazier,-- Northwestern's P. T. A. will and the subject for this yearis committee; Mrs. Irene Dixon,
JU To Present Jan. 12, 1967 at the Astor Motel "Were Mrs. Aline Vance Mrs. Clara Johnson meet Thursday night December "0 Holy Night," with Mrs. Mrs. Inex Best, welfare Com-
Clyde Mrs. Fannie 8, at 7:30: p.m. in the school Clevel Isaac and Mrs. Madge- mittee.
made by members of the Lucky 16 Sewing Ship Robinson Mrs.
Xmas Concert and Saving Club' In the home of Mrs. Frances Shlpp! Mrs. I. M. Buggs, William cafetorium. The agenda includes line Peters in charge. Principal H.James Green gave
Aline Vance, J23W Steele Ct. Shown presentat Bugs, and Mrs. T. Wh tel planning for attendanceto A workshop will be conductedto an outline to parents concernIng -

December 9 the;! meeting are: Mrs. J. L. Douse Star Photo By James Singleton report the State on the P.T.A.membership Congress drive, a which prepare will feature the decorations characters, call activities meeting will of the be students.held Monday A-

and attendance count for home- connected with the birth of at 7:30 In the school
Jacksonville will : p.m.,
present its annual University Christmas FAMU Greek Organizations Share With Needy ,room parents and visitors who Christ. library. All reports are to be

..,.. are on time. The annual meeting will beheld made.
Concert Friday evening, Dec. -- = '
w 14,1..11112. Other issues of Importance ( Jan. 10 at 7:30: p.m., at .
9. will be discussed. The principal Central Branch, 325 E. Duv-
The traditional yule
program and teachers will be in attend- al St., a dinner meeting will
will be given in Swisher Audi- Fight.
ance and are asking lull cooper- be held. .
torium at 8 p.m. The public .is ;aa atlon of the parents of this community Reservations may be made

admission invited, and charge.there will be no 1. J.H.Arerett principal. through Mrs. Dorthy K. Owens, Cancer f.c cY.

This year's program will feature Mrs. E. Finney, P.T.A., president Smith chairman branch and chairman.Mrs. Mary Alice

the combined talents of the Nat 6
University's A Capella Choir, L' I
Chorus, Dance Theater and + I

faculty members of the College r Prized Holiday Gift
of Music and Fine Arts. Instrumental '

be provided accompaniment by members of will the 1' k' i ___ \ p in HO Countries AroundThe World!

University's. Wind Ensembleand

wide Chamber selection Orchestra.A of Christmas. itlr t 1 r I.W. HARPER

music, from medieval to con- 1
temporary, will be performed.The THE GOLD MEDAL KENTUCKY: BOURBON "
progrm will open with the
introit from the "Midnight ;

Mass", a Greogorlan Chant, J,
sung by the Men's Chorus. Two 1 i {I LM : ,
songs from the Renaissance A KA
period, "0 Magnum Myster-, ir i
im" and "Hodle Chrlstus Na- r
tus Est" will be performed by
the A Cappella Choir. I.

the JU Dance Theater will I ., .
present two special works, 9, 1f '
"Dance of the Lighted Jars" j G

.and "Homage Bruegel".Both
dances were choeographed by I 4J t
Christa Long, lecturer in dance + f
at JU. I
Other works to be performed >7
include "Cantata No. 142 by Representatives of the variols Greek- Psi Phi Fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha ale

J$. Bach, "Caiol of The Bells" letter fraternities and sororities at Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,
"Unto Us A Child is Born"' Florida A&M University are shown here Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Delta Sigma
and three movement from with baskets that were presented to the Theta Beta Sigma Fraternity,
"The Meaning of Christmas needy during the Thanksgiving holidays. and AI SororltyOmPhl Fraternity.FAMU .
Now". Organizations which presented baskets --- staff photo by Ernest Fillyau.Artist' .
included : Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Omega 4 tI

BTU Sponsors About People Ladies Auxiliary, C,

Youth ConcertThe Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Ponder CircleMARIAN Gateway Barracks
and Mrs. Alfreda Hill of :e
Quitman, Ga., motored to Pan- ANDERSON, America's great singer will appearin Jiold InstallationJoint ..rr LYItH1iAPtR:
BTU of Mt.Calvary Baptist ama City for the weekend, and her television debut na rating Aaron Copland's "incoln installation service will Itw>H
Church will sponsor a youth con- were guests of Mrs. Beatrice Portrait," played by a symphony orchestra under the direction be held Saturday at 2 p.m., for .,,it'l atu/ayi
cert Dec. 16 at 5:30: p.m.,under Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Ben of Alfred Wallensteln in a star-studded 90-mlnute the Ladies Auxiliary and Gate a pltaiurt \
direction of Mrs. C. e title of the program is", more ancJ daughter. vision network Tuesday, Dec. 6, 9:30: -U p.m.. Veterans. Give I.W. Harper Bourbon-Bottled i
"Mt. Calvary of Tomorrow, They also visited relatives ***************
The service will be held at JoeH.
in Bond mellow Gold Medal-
and will include all youths who and friends. They were given After touring halfway around the workd, performing in James Community Center, t or
are students of Mrs. Boykins. a banquet at the residence of more than 500 cities with phenomenal successes In the Near Grunthal street and Hurst place. prized among nations, prized among

Mr. and Mrs. Blakley. East, Far East, and the great opera houses in Europe, the Mrs. Sammie McIntyre, past friends. Handsome decanter and em-
Cy: Center Jeffrey arrived on the Petersburg campus of .national auxiliary president and bossed carton,with our compliments.
.uginia State college and treated students, faculty and local .
Arch Mcintyre, Florldaquarter- .
KM noor nnuo M KMD luruwv ITMIOHT KXIRBON WHISH i I.*,soap MIT.eo, ,
* &uvima Br.y
it had
Attraction esldents to much of the dazzling performances pre- master of Tampa, will conductthe
sented on its world( tour. ceremonies. Dinners will be
The presentation was the second of four attractions to be served by the ladies. .
Coming Soon presented during the academic year by the Artists Recitals -
Series which opened with cao concert by Metropolitan Opera
Tenor George Shirley. Other attractions ewlll include the
F r -------1
national touring company of Porgy and Bess on Jan. U and ++ sV1:1
Ted t j the Richmond Symphony on March 2.
****************** :

GRACE BUMBRY, internationally acclaimed opera star,
arrived in Chicago from a trlumplhant debut with the San
Francisco opera to perform the role of Santuzza with the
TaylorAnd Chicago Lyric Oper in Cavallerla Rustlcana by Mascagnl.
Miss Bumbry's voive was filled with passionate emotionsand
was essentially splendid( as 11 blended with the orchestra.
I There were moments, when 11 passion she soared above \ S
the orchestra and chorus, while retaining the pure supple ,'. STOF
expressiveness voice.
i His Band Germany's celebrated Obernlklrchen Children's choir now
I on Its ninth coast-to-coast tour of 44 cities wllll appear
,J .. In New Orleans on Nov. 30. Their final concert will be
performed at Hunter College in NEw York, Dec. 11. +e
i; At Gibbs Night Club Since winning first prize in the Eisteddfod International
Competition in Wales In 1953, the "Angels in Pigtails"has
Callahan Florida torred the U$. in 1964, the Orient in 1965 and curren-
dly Its second U$. tour. Since the original choir's U$.
debut in Town Hall In 1954, Miss Moeller has brought over '
250 children on eight previous tours. /. *
; Dec. 17 1966 ******************** ,
w r
I Ruby Dee and Ossle Davis performed dramatic reading :% *
II -'rir
It t I at the Ware Centeer for the Arts which was formally dedicated ? :
last Thursday at the Lincoln university campus
11 P.M. To 3 A.M. near Oxford, PA.
The new building, which houses art and music studlos.a .. '
language laboratory, classrooms, art galleries and a theater, RA R
Admission $2.00 At Door is named in memory of the late CLARA W. and John H. Beef .
Ware, Jr., who established the Ware Foundation to make at its Bestt.

1 Tables Free possible full equipping and programing of the structure as
well as the development of programs for the arts on the

1 entire Lincoln campus! r


i I

'Miss' Voice Of Faith" Crowned Fountain Chapel President Of NCNW Accepts Award I

-- -- ------ .-
TWO MINUTES '\'f" ,,,, ;: ,
.. t' :"' T : .
k wrnv ThE BIBLE ..-.. .. TI! i : j jr Gospel Chorus I .1

MIiAN mil I fooirrCMICAOO c cr

appreciation program will

,.r be sponsored Sunday at 8 p.m.,
r:: COFFIN FOR THE LAW e's at Fountain Chapel AMEChurch, }
by the members of the Gospel ; VI
:t God had barely given the Law the l law in a coffin and met with Chorus.
jly Mown when Me ordered it to be His people from a "mercy eat" Bishop Julia Brown will be the r
J>.|it In a coffin. That' right-a none of them ever would have been speaker for the spiritual sess-
coffin. The reason for this it tha saved ion, and the prayer band will
the Monaic covcnat clearly tlipu This Old Testament type has a NM have charge of the devotion. The
jived! "Now; therefore,I 1F YE WILL lesson for us too, for if God dealt Gospel Chorus will serve.
tJfBEY MY VOICE INDEED I with us according to our works none Mrs. Mary Nealey and M r s. .v,.
and keep My Covenant THEN= ye of us would ever be saved, but Audrey Brown will be special
hall be a peculiar treasure unto Me "Christ died for our tins," meetingfor guest soloists. >N
'bove all people, for all the earth in us the demands of a broken Law The program is: Opening se-
i Mine" (Ex. 5:19): ), to that we might be saved by grace lectloncongregation; scripture,
Israel, of course, did not obey through faith in His redemptivework Frank Jones Jr; prayer,choir;
Cod'i voice indeed, but broke the selection, chorus; welcome ,
taw before MOM even got down Col. 2:14 says concerning this Miss Patricia Jones; response,
from Sinai. It was because of this "handwriting of decrees, that was Mrs Beadle Thomas; selection,
that God, in grace said:: "And against us," that our Lord in death : t : Joseph Johnson; master of
hey shall make :Me an ark "TOOK IT OUT OF THE WAY ; ceremonies. John Crlpperjsolo; HIGH POINT, N. C-Miss Dorothy I. Height, naUonal president -
C&. 23:10): ). Thi word "ark" ii =NAILING IT TO HIS CROSS," J .Mrs.Mrs. Leana Audrey Daniels brown solo; reading,Mrs., of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. accepts the
rendered "coffin" in the last verse and Rom 7:6: goes on to explain: ; Pharmaco Inc. community service award plaque on behalf of .
Mary Nealey spiritual hour
of Genesis and that is its ; ,
simple "But now e are DELIVERED NCNC for the organizations' outstanding service to the cotter
Julia Brown
Bishop ,
waning But why did God order FROM THE LAW. that being Mrs. A. Alexandria,;M. Knos, munity at large. The award was presented during the 31st annual
coffin as the very first article of DEAD wherein we were held; Mrs. Bess convention of NCNC held recently in Washington, D. C.
Betty closing remarks -
l furniture for the tabernacle The THAT WE MIGIIT SERVE IN ; the presentation is Thomas Bell of B & C Assmciuhes.
benediction Rev. Frank Making
answer is: To put the Law In, =NEWNESS= OF SPIRIT, and not
Jones, Sr., pastor.
I Read it for yourself: in the oldness of the letter Thus
'.".'And : ---::- Calendar Event:
thou shalt put into the believers in Christ are saved "by
COFFIN= the testimony (the Law) grace. .through faith not ofworks" a uFY
r All Faith The Thelmarettes Gospel
t been asked to bring gifts to be
Which I Khali
give thl'.nd thou but "unto good works.whichjod Singers will render a gospel exchange
iHalt put the M ERCY SEAT above hath l before ordained that we Sunday In the Bible-
Upon the coffin. ," (Ex. 25:16,21): ). .houtdwalkin them" (Eph. 28.10: ). Meet SundayThe program way Holiness Church,beginningat 'sass
If God had not put the covenant of has
6:30 public
: p.m.
The Gallant Ladies Club will
THE STARS OF MESSIAH'S REIGNJ ,, All Faith Union will meet been invited to attend meet at 8 in
. : 5 r r iy rttt Sunday at 3 p.m., In Holy Tab- Friday p.m., the
home of Mrs. Hazel
ernacle Church, 9th and Pearce 'cease Argrett,
'.1 nit they Ih,1h, / nose shall choir Who are these ""wine"ones Our 1727 Illinois St., with Mrs.
streets with R of
Bishop L.Jones The Alpha Gamma Chapter
ito the brightness of! the firmament; text answers: "Theylhal turn many presiding. the National Phi Delta Kappa Dorothy K. Owens, president,
.(nj they IhlIMII/ l many la riflil-: In rithleausneu." Not those who presiding.
The business meeting will be Sorority will meet Saturday in
n\Hftf, a.Hie .das'I'" and merely knew all the technicalitiesof Plans for the Christmas
pas:: :7
held Friday at 8 p.m., with the the home of Basileus Dollie
1rr" (Dan.. I2,1): ), the prophetic program, but re" in will be discussedandothe. ,-
pastor Ave
charge. Murray, 80 Evergreen ,
"' mailed unmoved, hut those who, S
'I he day i j- canting when redeem- r4 .. St. Augustine Members have jects discussed.
Vd I Israel l and all the .,.ini. of the understanding the prophetic plan r u..1T

Tilt,oyof11r"ctah'gj"riounreign.!.Tcxiainrnl: times: iIIla'll''But the judge and !recognizing sin, did something that God ahout must it Miss 1966-67.: Janet Williams was crowned "Miss Voice of Faith" by Mrs. Annie Mae Cain for Members At Last! Meeting Of Year '-fS. I IMemb

rant I the wise! will la- honored and lalmred to turn many to right. Miss Williams was selected from among 5 finalists competing In the contest. Miss Gracie
limn; than others, and will chine in I couine These will (lie the stars Harris and Miss Pearl Mitchell are second and third place winners respectively. The con-
\\hai lid> a> the stars nf the firmamrnt or> :Messiah' reign.
"The Voices of Faith" s
I I test was sponsored by of the Church of God Set


; Royal Art Studio Help! Help! Help!

Rev. Roosevelt Franklin Of k CHURCH NEWS

Macon, Ga

rji: STILL TAKINGINSTANT Divine, Spiritual, Healer, WALTERS MEMORIAL: --

Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AMS: Zion Church,
Macon, Georgia. will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Super
Moreland Rev. H.C. Archie, pastor
t .Divine Spiritual Healer JesusIs i Intendent Amy presiding.
will review the lesson, "Redemption Through Suffering."
truly giving blessings and
to Morning srvice begins at 11 o'clock with the pastor in charge.He .
victory many people's prob-
lems. SUCCESS CAN BEYOURS. will also deliver the sermon. At 4p.m., Stewardess Boards
See 1 and 2 will meet with Mrs Marie F. Lawrence in charge.
or write me today.
The evening srvice commences at 6:30 o' clock. Choir 2 and
I have a special *
message everyone's Usher Board 1 will serve with Mrs. Annie Mae Davis at the
.PICTURES; for. Instrument. The pastor has asked all members to reamin ,
Last week many, many people k
following the morning service to organize for the conference r
were helped by my special '
'" .. selected Bible readln g to be year.
read each weekend If you want MACEDONIA BAPTIST
New Location to be delivered quickly, send Macedonia Baptist Church Sunday School will celebrate home .
11.00 and self-addressed coming Sunday at 9:30: a.m., honoring all former students. Rev. '
envelope to Rev. Roosevelt J. C. Rogers, pastor, will review the lesson. s-of the Christian Unit Forum who met recently In the home
) 21st & MyrtleAve.SAME Franklin, 630 Morrow Ave., Among the participants on program will be: Miss Barbara of CIrJ.0MnrSon'AiL0ll. W, Monroe ? frT the? 'last meeting of
Macon, Georgia Phone Geddis, Arthur Lee, Miss Angie Williams, Mrs. DorethaSmith the yearuari&s'i.Albrt7'' JOhnson Mrs. P. Mathis, secretary;
''745-6475. Mrs. Annie Florence Owens,Mrs.M.L.Polite and Deacon John Mrs. hospitality chairman; Mrs. Minnie PauL Mrs,
You will get these special Singleton. A. Floyd, asst secretary: ; Mrs. Annie Rodgers, Mr. J. S. Erv nsecond I
PHONE 354-1894 selections and Bible verses by Morning worship! begins at 11 o'clock. Choirs 1, 2, and Usher vice- president ; Mr. D. Merritt Mrs. Rosa Preston Mr.
reti.n mail. ward 2 will serve with Billy Beal at the console The pastor J. L. Preston preslder't) ; Mr. O. ASQue treasurer; and Mrs.
will deliver the sermons for the major services. Deacon .
ooard 1 will meet following the morning service with Mrs.

NOW! Florence At 3:30: p.m.Brown, the In charge.Senior Missionary Scoiety will meet at the Receives_ _._.. Awards YP Union Bazaar, Cake Sale
church with Mrs. Rlxia Cooke presiding The BYPU will beginat .w.

4 LOCATIONSTO 5:30 p.m., with Mrs M. L, Polite presiding. Monday at 7 Held Dec. 10thThe
SERVE YOU p.m., the Christian Society will meet with Deacon James Melton Meet SundayThe

3118 W. Edgewood Ave. presiding. s MethodistCommunityCen-
ter, 2936 Lippia Road, is spon-
Young People's Union will
FIRST CORINTH soring a Bazaar and cake sale
3701 EMERSON Services Sunday in First Corinth Baptist Church will begin with meet Sunday at 3 p.m.,In Ephe- December 10 from 10 a.m., until
830 CASSAT AVE. the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent A. Cooper sian Baptist Church, 3rd and 3 p.m.The .
presiding. Rev. W. L. Jones, pastor, will review the lesson. Stafford streets. women of the neighbor-
1824 WEST BEAVERPORKLOIN Morning service begins at 11:13: o'clock. Choir 2, Children's Mistress of Ceremonies will hood will prepare the food, and
i Choir and Usher Board 3 will serve. Evening service beginsat be Mrs. Mollle M.GogdelLOth- The
clothing has been donated.
6:45: o'clock. Choir 2,Gospel Chorus and Usher! Board 3 will er participants are: Rev. I.
items will child
be sold by the
serve. The Rev. Mr. Jones will preach. Dixon, Dinonettes, Pentecostal ren of the
C The Young Matrons and senior mission will meet at 4 p.m., Choir, Bernice Staton, Mrs. David Whittleseyexecutivedir-center. !
at the church for reorganization.Trustee Pearline Tisby, who will intro-
ectur raised
said that the funds
meeting will be held Monday at 8 p.m, and teachers duce themistressofceremonies.
will be used to equipment -
30 purchase
meeting will be held Tuesday at 8:30: p.m. Prayer meeting will Gospel selections will be rendered for theneighborhood children -

ROAST beheld at 7:30p.m.CENTRAL : .,ryas. ,may by the Union C h u r c t .
Twelve groups will participate.
Mitchell, a sophomoreat Everyone Is Invited and thereis
LB. Central Baptist Church services Sunday begin with the Sunday Florida AIM: University,was no admission charge
School at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent M. E. Johnsonin
recently: presented a SCholar-
charge. ship award by the FAMU White
Morning service commences at 11 o'clock.Rev Benton Griffith ,
and Gold Honor
FLA. GRADE A C will have charge of the pulpit rites. r

I Bible Club I Holds Last Meet! I / 1 1.l ,

2 .. ___ .l

: "
FRYERS al'\_. Ti i (


f py
; "JacCBCnr7fe'a '

FRESH COUNTRY rhos t't seek the GeMi
C eor ,us tat to this, the PICK of the
Fontbatl reams
Serra zee prnsrd eh, rht1Aren the PICK
OF, the foe..thr, ,Jat HrCr, Teen 'ROCNJrs' Hnellp PICKED
p aes wns SEAFOOD
Crxrgg ALWAYS GIYrs you THE
rNl SA

', 1J WwxI( J r, il1t

IB. J ; '
.' ; 35<<:
,, r


hoe Lr a.ea, '


I.. LB. r ....II.ft. f., ....tift. u.

OR / -
oC The Rose of Sharon Bible Club held its l las meeting of
DOZ. the home of M Ora Lee Stafford I6fi Steele St. Members
TANGERINESWATCH 1 shown are: Mrs. Ethel Madison chaplain; Mrs. Elveria Corbett ,

financial secretary; Mrs. N. Alexander, president ; Mrs Ella BrLM CONCH, than MEAT ( Skinless) 49c

lIlT TV CHANNEL 4 Jackson sinking fund treasurer Mrs. Mary Trapp, reporter; and Vsotns the //7irr: : _s'ntrr dye .7 seas, Stun to
THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW ON Mrs. A. Lee Stafford, chairman of the Sick Committee. roc tb bntraOx ".J!


Xmas Cards From FAMU For Boys > o Viet MmI Wilkins Says National Plan
--ar -

[: :: Altar l : CallFISH 1 ,Needed For Urban Problems.

FRIDAY AND FREEDOMNow WASINGTON-Integrally Inoled'in! "the gigantic problem
of urbanization Is what we call the Negro problem" Roy
that millions of Catholics have been released from the Wilkins e AW -Hive director of the NAACP told the Senate
more than 1,000 year tradition of substituting fish for meaton Subcommittee Executive Reorganization at a hearing here
Fridays, they are now treed by the bishops of the churchto ,.on- urban problems. Nov 30.
voluntarily select another form of penitence. Inasmuch 1UM-Nelio U/ beta';
Reactions to meatier Friday Is varied. Some welcome the to remain and is Increasingly abiding, seeking what is right
change and Interpret it as an opportunity for a more personal moving Into the big cities the I for themselves and their child
confrontation with the significance of the act of penitence, urban problems can not be solved ren. Given the same opportunities -
while others feel compelled to hold on to tradition whether tb" without eliminating "the as those who have gone before -
act itself has meaning or not. glaring Inequities suffered by they" will respond accordingly -

Inmany,Instances.tradltionaUsm: becomes a cult with devotees the Negro solely because of .
who, upon questioning could not give any logical or meaningfulreason skin color" he said. He called FAMU Dean Honored
for their worship of It. These would cry "foul" if accused for a national plan to undertake -
of Idolatry.But this massive task. rf
this Is surely what It can become. Wherever people give W 's The NAACP leader cited areas s& 'wy
more devotion to the rite, the object the symbol than they do In which Immediate and large- f
to what the symbol is calling them tq they erect for themselvesan scale action Is needed: em- 1,
Idol coct.eU ploymnet, public education,
was heart-warming read the comment of Mrs. William : housing, police-community relations ,. S
Chidester of Elmwood Park, m.,president, 450,000-member welfare and health.
Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women,who.said welcoming "On no account" Mr. Wilkins
.the meatless Friday ruling "The (the bishops) have placed the warned, "must the anti-poverty
observance of Friday abstinence on a voluntary basis. In other''' funds be sharp/!: cut or sacri-
words, we ourselves must choose whether abstain from meaton ficed in deference to war costsof
Friday." the space race. The war on
After admitting that the tradition "was getting out of hand" poverty and other existing programs -

this mother of four children explained: "Catholics were eating I, must determines ', tp
fish on Friday but were not practical Christians as far as race J- carefully to how, by .. t
'relations are concerned." Increased appropriations) bet-
This type of reasoning removes the possibility of Idolatry e' ndmlnistratioa and new -
from the continuance of object-centered rituals and traditions ids, hey may become an In- DR.: H. M.EFFERSON .
directing the Individual toward realistic life involvement tea -nl part of a total commit-
A Florida AiMt !
Just think, If all the white Catholics who, Instead of even ment by the nation to solution of University
eating at all on Friday could get acquainted with all the I the Florida A&M University Student Govern- Shown here addressing the cards are, left the problems of the cities. InriHng dean and their a graduate native state were from honored

Negro Catholics with part of the day or evening involved in ment Association is continuing a project to right ; Carolyn Hunt Jacksonville ; juch suggestion, I November by 13-22. The five-day
inter-racial dialogue what would REALLY happen.It that started a year ago by s end I n g Irma Thomas, Tallahassee, Mary Hawthrone, ':d npethat this is the re- South Carolina Hornecomicg

may be drastic to suggest total food abstinence, but the Christmas cards to the U. S. States troops Marianna ; Ulysses Glee, Madison presi- veil spins as billty of the of executive the legtalaUve branchof as eluded a variety of activities,
critical nature of our racial situation suggests that a REAL stationed in Viet Nam. The SGA received dent of the FAMU SGA: and Mrs. M. Ann government." Dr. H. Manning EUerson,dean
workable abstinence and reminder of the church's founderthe -
Man of Nataretb-could be observed with LIVING symbols such an overwhelming response last year Foster secretary to the director of Mr. Wilkins endorsed the demonstration of AIM administration University and at Florida Althea
from the that It has decidedto student activities.FAMU cities plan expressing ,
Jiumans of varied races and religions. student body Gibson, a graduate of FAMU
Pardon my suggestion for another altar for Roman Catholicism make the project an annual affair. --- staff Photo by Ernest Fillyau. confidence that Sec- were among nearly 400 outstanding
retary Robert C. Weaver of
but the Altar of Abstinence from Racial Prejudice Is worth natives of South Car-
Housing and Urban

thinking about.LEO'S. LBJ Vows Budget Cuts Will Not"Shortchange" Leslie Uggams carry of these out Dew the program.to basic .objective .-- ollan to list be of honored.The honorees. Includes

"Green Power"For Guest-Stars In provide! more, imaginative college and university presidents -
Needs Of People and adequate housing." Judge,editors bishops,
From UNCLE' Also endorsed was the recent top government official*,physicians
Negroesa WASHINGTOND. .-President Lyndon B.Johnson triMs press proposal for $50 billion comprehensive foreign service people
conference In Austin Texas last week announced budget cutbacksand Leslie Uggams guest-stars u urban rebuilding and show business and entertain-
Shoe Repariif, ATLANTA Ga. -The Southern little-noticed development dramatic in said: "Let me make clear one point:We have not forgottenthat Natasha Brimstone a not-too- new' housing plan,Involving both ment people and members of
Christian Leadership Chicago "portends behind all of our dollars signs and behind all of the contracts heavy who forcibly replaces government and private capital. the Armed Forces all who were
Conference has won an unpre- new strides toward economic and all of the'project grants there are people. It wouldbe April Dancer (series star Ste- The $50 billion figure he said, born in the state of South
Of icy Kill cedented and historic victoryin freedom" for America's blackpeople. :! s otsigh! ed.to shortchangethe young or the needy the ill fanle Powers) on a vital mission "shows some realistic appraisal Carolina.A _
boosting Negro business or the'old.. We have not done that.-" to Africa In "The Jewels of of the huge task facing sampling of the list of Invitees -
1 Is Our Oily Buiiess income and providing more and i He referred to a pioneer Emphasizing i i. this point) "the' and the transfer of certain allocations Topango Affair" on the NBC the nation. It Is not unreasonable shows Harry Ashmore
better jobs for Negroes.Dr. agreement between the Chicago: President continued:"We would that are unspent In Television Network's"The Girl to spend the equivalent of Pulitzer prize winner and author -
Martin Luther King Jr., Freedom Movement and a large rather postpone the contraction: certain areas." When asked from U.N.C.L.E." colorcast the national defense budget upon and editor of the Arkansas
934 E. UiioB St. president of the Civil Rights, grocery chain. Chain store that executives of some office buildings and did this Involve a delay In Tuesday Dec. 20 ((7:30-8:30)) healthful, adequate shelter for Gazette; singer Josh White and
organization said today that accepted demands stretch out the completion of school construction the Pre- p.m. NYT) 70 percent urban population. Eartha Kitt; Morehouse College
they sell products manufacturedby some modern highways than to sident answered "No" Agents Dancer and Mark Slate Who knows.-It may save us president Dr.Benjamin E.May*
Negro companies and put bring to a stop the momentum of In explaining an esUm'ated $32 (series star Noel Harrlsonare some people to defend." General William C. Westmore-j:
You, Do n't Have To Go To Town To Get money spent by Negroes in our great programs for the million reduction in the Officeof ordered to Topango to thwart a Concluding his testimony Mr. land, commander of AmericaDForces
Negro banks. people that hold out a promise of Economic Opportunity the plot to rob the fabulously fich Wilkins expressed his "faith in in Vietnam; and jail
The food chain also agreed hope and opportunity, educationand President said that Instead of Topango Treasury. Using the capacity of the Negro residents musician Dizzy Gillesple. ::
to hire 183 Negroes at Its health to so many. making "an allocation on a forged papers Natasha Joins of our cities to succeed, Dr. Efferson Is a. native o>
LOW PRICES stores in Negro neighborhoodsof "Our economy at its root is 12-month basis" that "in this Slate to pave the way for the as their white predecessors In Statesburg S.C. and has serjj
Chicago and to guarantee people. When our people are tense period, we make themon plotters, but both she and Slate yean gone by have done, In Ted u acting president, dealt
prompt advancement of present *w a shorter basis-sometimes Introduced to of administration, dean of thfr.
DRUG STORE NEEDS at work and purposeful are a deadly machine achieving part of the American
Negro employees to bette r- economy Is healthy and stable.. six months so you don't have which trims pigs into sau- dream. The great majority of university and protessoir ,ot
paying jobs. When our dollar Is sound,our the funds stretched out." ,sages. them is hard-working and law mathematics FAMU. .f':
Trade With Your NeighborhoodDrugS tore Dr. King declared that a drive
nation is strong. We have strengthened -
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR .OCAI for similar gains at other companies We
our nation today.
Papers. u Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip will be Intensified, as appeal to every good Americanto .
tions. of SCLC's economic development -
part do all that be can to help us."
program.The The President Indicated some
Chicago agreement was of the areas where significant
the most stunning success yet
Dixie Pharmacy savings can be made and about
for "Operation Brdadbasket
programs reductions said: "In
the jobs-and-income branch of highway construction It will suPeR MA
Avenu be $1.1 billion In the Federal
1302 KillS Road At Hurtle, This program on many occasions program." Citing some reductions '
has won hundreds of
Inthe Department of
Phones 5559798 new jobs and promotions for
Ellin Negroes In Chicago and the the Health President, Welfare said and they Education will result THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. .

South.In .
In the "delayed start of
the latest agreement Rev.
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER Jesse Jackson Chicago a good deal of construction'

Director of Operation Breadbasket Sheriff
Continued On Page 10
Acquitted OR Two

I. O Brutality Counts ROASTLB.
lUWit UNitl M floor.V\Mill' '(UTMl<< tnilTS." SCKEDUY( BUT.CO.nc.
A liJW: ORLE 4P1-Wil-
ter Ventress Adams deputy
sheriff: of Bogalusa-die town

\1, which of civil has innocent rights often strife been of violation-the was center.declared of- LB. 49 LB. 35

the civil rights of two Negroes
one of whom had charged that
Schenley. '
.. he had been beaten by two prisoners HOUSE INSTANTCOFFEE PUREXBLEACH
in jail who had been paid
by Adams to beat them.
all dressed The other charged that he had
dchcnle been struck over the head with
the YM a revolver by the deputy who
up for had arrested him for parking
Illegally. He was not clearedof

'joyous time said a the charge deputy by had another struck who him LIMIT ONE WITH J5.00$ OR MOVE FOOD ORDER65c I IIMIT ONE WITH 5.00 CR MORF FOOD ORDER

of while arresting him on a minor !i
year charge. mistrial was declaredin
this instance. /2! GAL. 19
The not guilty verdict was not
unexpected. "It has been almost

.- impossible ," said one Negro
leader, "to convict a white man .

.. In the deep south for violatingthe CENTERCUT PORK CHOPS 75C
/ LB.
/. rights of a Negro. This was
a white Jury and a n innocent.
verdict was expected. .
: "There have been cases." he RED DELICIOUS APPLES 4 LB. SAG 49
contended "where minor charges -
.. 8 ttit jI
1 a : v. were concerned when a guilty -
verdict has been brought in,
( ( but In a major case, the white McKENZIE FROZEN CUT OKRA 2.10 01. PKG. 35C
e man Is Innocent based upon the
old and often-used reason that

eVI a man Negro has to has respect no rights a white BLUEBIRD ORANGE JUICE 45.01 25C

VI Attorney say they will still
: prosecute on the mistrial


__ ._ _, ...A
THAT'S ME!11 have tne Amazing

Just look at the slender lines,the tapering neck, SUPERIOR TONIC TABLETS CAMPBELL VEGETABLE 2 TALL CANS Z5c
Pep for all the things you want
the delicate fluted cap.And the brighteye-catching package! to do. Box of 30 11.00. Satisfaction ,

U received with joy wherever it J guaranteed or Money
" No Bonder Schenley goes ROYAL RICE 5.U. PKG. 59$

P. O. Box 239, Dept> S Gary
Jnc1Iant.. VAN CAMP PORK & BEANS h2% CANS 25


-5---- ---------------5-




World News DigestWIN Sepia Contest "Miss Sepia Model" And 'Miss Sepia" 'Personality Pael!I U* Religion And Race


LIVINGSTONE, Tam:>:w-4'PI: ) Trip To Paris OIRaceMallers MEANSTOENDPaul
The first two Zambian cUz&!

to complete pilot flyingtra'thg: CHICAGO-{(NPI}- Two Chi- Laurance Dunbar, the CHICAGO-(NPI)-The National Catholic Congerence for Interracial -
and to fully qualify as ser- cago lovelies who walked off noted Negro poet, was much Justice last week announced the creation of a new
vice pilots, were awarded their with top honors in the 1966"Miss +' more bitter and far more crit- department of urban services, which, through comprehensive
"wings" at ceremonies con- 4 In Into existing problems and programs of urban affairs
Sepia Model" and "Miss Sepia ical of the Negro's plight ;InQulr]
ducted at the Livingstone Air Personality" contests are i Rrz northern areas than his reput- would serve to Implement recent policy statements by Catholics
Force base recently by Vice awaiting trips to Paris,France, 1 ation suggests. bishops urging full freedom of the housing market to all minority -
President Reuben Kamanga.' and other awards. ra That Is the opinion of Dr.Darwin groups. The new program will Join the NCCTs current
The first flyers are Flying Winner of the Miss Sepia Model i T. Turner, professor of Project Equality which Is functioning nationally In over 42 denominational -
Officers D.C. Arenson 23, and ( e. Grad- with more than 12,000 participating
crown was Janet Floyd. The new -I ; english and dean of the Jurisdictions,
t..,. Kabwe, 25, who began their Miss Sepia Personality is Elea- uate School at AiTCollege.The business firms.SOMETIME .
training on government scho- nor Matthews. rg facts are pointed out In a research -
larships in September, 1964. The contest and trip abroad are w paper presented recently IN '67

sponsored by the Crest Models before the annual national
MUZZLED Agency, headed by Miss Bettye ai meeting of the Association for RICHMOND,V .--Transfer of the North Carolina-Vlr-
NAIROBI-{(NPI}- Opposition Lightsey of Chicago. the Study of Negro Life and His- ginla Conference from the Central(Negro)Jurisdictions into the
parties to the ruling Ken)'a African The finals of the contest were tory. Southeastern Jurisdiction, and Its merger with the North Carolina

National Union Party of staged at Playboy Club inter- Dunbar, a prolific writer during Western North Carolina and Virginia Conferences, is expected
President Jomo Kenyatta are national on Chicago's North- the late 19th century, pro- to take place sometime In,1967. The transfer was voted
finding It difficult to spread side. t'T duced more than 14 books, including last summer, but North Carolina did not attain the two-third
EeL: :.ppeals for support around A standing room only crowd I four full-length novels, majority vote thought needed. This holdback was solved when
1 Ke.ya. Under an edict issued witnessed the event, where the six collections of poems, four the Methodist Judicial Council ruled that two-thirds approval ,
by the government, public following persons acted as Jud- collections of short stories and was not necessary in each of the four conferences, only two-
meetings of opposition ges: Robert Johnson, Jet mag- several other collections of thirds of the total votes cast In the receiving groups, and
groups are banned, and about a tine; Jackie Moore, Tuesday poems, selceted from the two-thirds In the transferring unit (Central), which has Just

the only place they can make magazine; Adolph Slaughter, A other of his productions. to register its vote. <
a political speech is a t a funeral -
Washinton correspondent, Chi la Because many of his poems
cago Daily Defender; Al Wil depicted the Negro chiefly as STEPS BACKWARDS

Hams, of the "Step Brothers"; a simple, carefree and happy
AAOThER WAY Russell R. DeEow, administr- 1 individual, Dr. Turner says that INGTONNPITwo: steps backward were taken recently -
PANAMA CITY-{NPI)- In a ative assistant, Mayor RichardJ. Dunbar unintentionally createdan when the District Baptist Convention voted to withdraw

e norths,an engineering sur- Daley; and Balm LeavelL, nyk Image of a writer who may Its support from the District home rule drive, and adopted a
'e to find a new link between Crusader newspapers. not have been sympathetic to weakened statement on fair housing. The motion to delete a

die Altlantlc and Pacific Oceansis Runners up In the contest were t. the advancement of the American phrase supporting home rule was passed 94-46 at poorly
to begin the first step to replace Alma Alexander, East Chicago 6' 4 V Negro. attended session during the recent two-day annual meeting.
the 50 year old Panama "The fact Is said Turner
Heights, who won a Crest mod- ,
Canal. The survey, dictated by Bung course and trip to New "that while Dunbar did not use BOOK PR03E
the need to provide larger canal York; and Rhoynette Ellison, 4,1 poetry as a means of protestin
facilities, will attempt to dis- a trophy. Other honorees were ; other writings, he bitterly ATLANTA-NPI-A study of textbooks used In parochial
cover which of four routes Is Margaret Triplette and Laura complained of the treatment schools In the Atlanta archdiocese Is to be undertaken In an
the best; the present canal, a Harley "E given the Negro who lived in attempt to delege possible expressions of anti-Semitism. The
CO mile route between Caledonia A fashion show was featured at northern and, supposedly safer survey was ordered by the Most Rev.Jame L. Bernardln, who

and San Miguel bays the event, with wardrobe furnished areas, and some of his views said, "We Intend to doevertying our power... to resist .every
Eastern Panama; a 102 miles by fur and clothing often coincided with those of form of anti-Semitism, no matter where It Is found whether inside
route through the northern salons. civil rights leaders of today." the church or outside."
neck off Colombia; or a deterred Miss Lightsey urges Negro Dunbar was one of several
Nicaragua-Costa Rica ladies with talent and Negro writers whom Dr.Turner KIT AIDS
routing. good young looks to pursue modeling BEAUTY' AND TALENT --Ready for the challenge I I of tough competitionIn studied In depth while a part-

careers. "Modeling Is a high the fashion mOdeling Held are the new "Miss Sepia Model" and icipant in a post doctorial study NEWARK, N.J.-(-Program kits assist sessions,con
NEW LAND paying profession, and Negro "Miss Sepia Personality. The girls were crowned during the during the academic year,1965- gregations or presbyteries in religion and race activities have
SAN DIEGO- (N P I))-The young ladies must be preparedto finals at the Swank Playboy Club International, Chicago. The 66 under a Duke University- been compiled by the New Jersey synod's Commission on Religion -
dream of creating a new land' qualify for the many open- winners front row from left are Janet FlOYd "Miss Sepia Model" University of North Carolina and Race. The kits list specific aids that a synod unit is
110 miles west of San Diego in; Ings now available," she said. and Eleanor Matthews "Miss Se Personality, separated by Fellowship Program in the prepared to offer,along with suggested areas of Involvement anda
the Pacific Ocean, seems to Mrs Betty Lightsey, director, Crest Charm and i Modeling School Humanities.Dr. list of 25 books and papers for study.

becoming a reality after all. A Chicago. They were crowned by last year's winners back row, Turner's study also suggests -
group of developers, who have UnfairlyExcludedANN fron left Sonia Franks and Sonja Washington Miss Sepia and Miss : (0)) Dunbar, during his Shriver Overrides Veto
been working toward the end Personality respectively. The winners go to Paris as part o f period was one of the nation's
since 1959, have gone so far as to AT;':OR, Michigan their prize awards. three most popular poets, dou-
select a name for their home- (NPI)-Many students!particu (NPI Photo) bly so because he was a Negro Of Head Start Grant
built island,Taluga-which will larl:' those from lower income writer, among the first who
be built with rock and top soil Negro families rf are unfairly evidenced outstanding, natu- Sargent Shriver, Director of Start program designed to sent
I transported from Mexico, at a excluded from FAMU Organizes. Foundation ral talent. He was widely the Office of Economic Opport that target area population. If
cost of $8.8 million. college-bound courses of study r praised 1 probably "over unity, last week notified Governor they cooperate in a program administered
and given little chance to upgrade praised" by Negroes who Paul B. Johnson that he through i broadly
FARTHER AWAYJOHANNESBURGNPI their classifications, a wished to identify him with was overriding the Governor'sveto based community action agency,
: !)- The University of Michigan high race achievement. ((2)).His of a $713,300 Heart Start this would constitute significant
recent victory by an extreme research team has found. The popularity began to wane during grant to Southwest Uississppl progress for local community
right*Ing group In winning con- result is a high dropout rate the 1920's( because the Opportunity, Inc. This marks action."
trol of the politically powerful among these students, who--in Negro, In his battle for recog- the second time the OEO Dir- According to procedures established -
white\ mineworkers union has non-college-bound tracks--get noon, wished to forget the past ector has exercised his right to In the event of a vita
widened the gulf between white lower grades than students of and the image which some of over-turn a governor's veto. Governor Johnson could ton
and black mineworkers. The similar Intelligence who are n Dunbar's works had created for This past summer, Shriver requested an Informal heartuf.\
white mineworkers' had been preparing for college, even the Negro. overrode a veto by Governor No such request was forth
feuding for the past two years though the pre-college track Is ((3)) Dunbar's major in was that 'eorge Wallace of Alabama fora coming.The .
with former leaders over an difficult.In he at and with Mississippi
supposedly more laughed the Negro summer Head Start programin Southwest
experiment since abandoned,to 1778, more than 700 Negroes slave. That offended Negroeswho St. Clair County, Alabama. Child Development Council
African mineworkers
give more
served :under General George then believed that most Southwest Mississippi Opport- plans to operate 26 Head Start
In coal
I responsible jobs Washington 'whites saw Negroes in light of unity, Inc., a community action Centers when Its program Is
this image of mistrel shows and agency, had been funded in October fully developed.
plantation tales. ((4)) Some of to operate a full-year Head .
J 1 Dunbar's best works were bit- Start program with the South- Fire SafetyIn
, CHRISTMASpIAgl ter attacks on economic and west Mississippi Child Devel-
The Home
political descriminations opment Council acting as
against Negroes, particularly delegate In his
agency. veto Fire I.) still a major causa: of
those who lived in northern statement, the Governor objected death and injury in the home,
areas. "The Strength of Gid- to the fact that the membersof In addition to destroying mil
eon," and "The Sport of the the Council were formerly lions of dollars of property each<
Cods," are examples. ((5)) Dun- Involved In the controversial y.ar.
A of fires in
y bar believed that prose, not CDGM Head Start program horn can be prevented, accord
peotry should be used as the which has been denied refunding ing to Sentry Insurance. Hen
Rev. M. G. Miles ( left ) and Atty. Jo.seph E. Gibbs voice of protest, and used it by OEO. Shriver had stated that are several tips to protect your

( center ) explain the charter of the Florida A&M University so. the retention of former CDGM e family Heating and equipment your property,including:

Foundation Inc to Dr. George W. Gore Jr. School Broad Council members and the use of furnace, chimney and flue,
president of Florida A&M.Atty'. GLbbs.is of many CDGM Head Start centers should be cleaned and overhauled
For You And Your FamilySAVE5O the newly-formed foundatioh and an assocIate president professor> Is UnsatisfactoryALBANY would go far to preserve part by a professional
( icipation by grass-roots yearly Portable beaten
iH.hnef.FAMyAifiiolle8? ? of Law Rev Miles Is dean of in the counties poor should be maintained and
photo by Ernest Fillyau N. Y.-(NPIState served placed away from combustible
Education a telegram to Governor .
Commissioner materials when in tu*
% James E. Allen considered an Johnson announcing that be e Electrical appliance and wiring
10' CURE MORE GIVE MORE "Green Power"For NAACP demand that the Mai- planned to reinstate the grant must be kept In top con
10 verne, L. I., school board plan if be did not hear from the dition. Never run extension acroM
cord under rugs or
and that state administrators Governor by today, Shriver
nail. Use fusel of approved.
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Negroes run the school The NAACPhas said, "There Is no evidence adequate
iNTERIOtfXTERlORM found fault with the Malverne that CDGM Is exercising any e Matches ::rnlIImabl.. Vf.
continued from page 5' school board "freedom- control over this body. Since side must be stored out of the
of-cholce" plan under which CDGM had a large number of reach of children. Never ue
these liquids for cleaning
R. S. EVANS In bargaining with High-Low parents may request transfersin low-income people In the areas clothes, and be sure they are
PINT Foods, Inc., a food chain with kindergarten through fifth Involved in our program, it Is in marked container*. .
50 outlets in Chicago, Includin, grade to any of three elementary only reasonable to assume that C Rabblili should not be allowed
3rd & MAINEL many of them would become to accumulate"
14 in Negro districts schools In the Malverne associated taneous combustion or accidental
I Ill The High-Low covenant "isa district. with the new Head ignition can result
i ,
48381EL; 48382"JBcksom'iIle'sll"st
most significant victory," I
Dr. King explained, "because '
Recommended Dealer" It shows that a large white- ITMISMT aOUMON .
dominated company now under- 1
6-1 Cadillac, Air Conditioned $2795 stands that money spent by its 1Abe
Chevrolet: B,A? Air Conditioned M795 Negro customers should remainin a +

GALLONS 62 C"hImp.. 2-Dr HTop .. .. $1195 the Negro community." :.
W, CAR rA A KB4L prAl'TV' "O HVRRV Tick-tock..tick-tock
6rt Chevrolet rlTv. .. .. .. .. .$239 One traditional pattern of economic :..
I FOR$595 VII H1OP. P" wA injustice has been the
65 Volkswagen Sta. Wag .. .. .. .. .. $1695 draining of Negro expendituresfrom the Bourbon that
'ulon A NFW 0\r
63 Buick Wildcat 4-IJoor . . $2795 the Negro community into
ONB: OWNFH: "H/RP All A TIN AIR CONDITION. the pockets of white bankersand didritvateh
66 Pontiac Bonneulje . . $3395 white Job-holders. Another; the clock!
w TOP MR 01Tlo'lEn.. ONLY t iwt n. nntvtN: BY
PONTUr DrLFR! OILY t'.ActORWAIIIIA"TY.. pattern Is the exclusion of Negro
66 Pontiac rand: Prix . . $3593 products from the competitive

64 T"-Bird MNVL.tor MAO. WHCEU. ...FACTORY. .WARRANTY.. . $i>95 market by the giants of the OLD CHARTER
"" 'LLV toi'irren: uR cnNnmoNEn nation's tightly controlled white
63 Fold Country Sedan Wacon! . $2195 commerce and Industry.
61 Barracuda V-8 . . $1695 High-Low agreed with SCLCto Kentucky's finest Bourbon
AVAILABLE IN 20 COLORS 63 Pontiac Catalina . . $2393 1. Integrate all levels of t ecompany's
65 Mustang 24-2 $1993 operationsand years old
ILf AtMOMOrir Mrt ONI"Ti"N"" "p .1'unINo. 114M' start training programsto '
63 Plymouth Fury III 2-Dr Hardtop $2195 fill new openings for Negroes. t
R19.1.29 JH1O4 UTTll.: .irFL. Mt CONDITIONED. It Is for \11
PAN and ROLLER SETS ., Now 39 59 Fold'{station Wagon V-8 . . $ 293 large companies common practice operating In i
Over 100 Cars To Choose From
Negro neighborhoods to hire
\n.\ ['.".\"T 1lInmr-;. SOT/II' ''T If""". OFF' Negroes only for 'menial work,

)M. \1.1CP t'TnlFr.s US TRICKS. R. S. EVANS3rd or hire one or two Negroes as
a means of visual "token in-

PAINT FACTORY tegration." .
2. Transfer bank accounts of
& MAINEL its stores In Negro communities -
5304 Normandy Blvd. from powerful downtown
4. 8331 EL 4-8332:! financial institutions to local

Ph. 384-2663 Negro-owned banks.

v I .

..:'.. .


I Participants ir In Anniversary Wedding Party World OfBooks ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY Met Recently IWtK

i". I _" 1n1! f' n 'Jf-T:* MnmHfiHOMHW2'

n'ilJll 1M'" ; f I'1f( ', 'J r' t T. i it -:, -1'. : ; ,..<,. ."

: t I "I".",, '; "
)'Ii 'I ; : ,I : /!:'; 't ,.'
i i- '
By Earl Conrad. New \> \ ,.. ," ....,
York: Paul S. Erlkson, Inc.
Iii 254 pp. 595. !
"i"J" book by
2 I This ninth civil rights
the author of widely-known *
: \ ..--.
.t writings as SCOTTSBORO BOY, f 'i
THE PREMIER, had its orglnj ,

'\f J rp r', to by James an angry Baldwin.statement mad 1 ,y cTi

I. In tn appearance on television
t1fl. t" "ilduin angrily told listening
4 ,.' / i e : : I audience, "If I am a nigger,
"xi' 4r' BiJ you invented me." Conrad's I
1. .lr"'" & book shows how step-by-step, A x e
... tie "second-classcitizen"was
... ;, invented by the "white world." xuT J, vv ,
From the first church-sanc L\k\ I
.k ,'Tt' :. tioned European invasion and ,. \
: :: kidnappings in Africa to the, s
volcanic civil rights eruptions '
in places called Selma and Watts '
\ \- the author traces the philosophic

t t # I economic, and political
.... \.. aspects ot world history that
Shown above is the 25th Anniversary Wedding Party of Rev. & Mrs. Richard Givens of 5601 have led to the continual bitterness
Verbena Road. The were reunited in marriage with a beautiful and Impressive ceremony at and strife between whit

the House of God Saints In Christ holllness Church (Eastslde) of which Rev. Givens is pastor. and non-white....... ;f.M
After the ceremony a reception was held in the dining room of the church and a delicious menu '' -\
of Turkey and the trimming and coffee and cake were served. The group shown left to right are: BEYOND WELFARE. By Her- v .. w ,
Mrs. Juanita McKnight Mrs. Gertrude Bowman Bridesmaid bert Kronsney. New York: Holt :t-"I:
; ; Mrs. Carlena Bell, Matron of !
Honor; Mrs. Givens, Rev. Givens(center);Eunice Bell, Best Man; Eugene Bowman,and Napo- Rinehart, and Winston, Inc. 209 -. : ; \ :
ben McKnight, ushers; Little Rickey Givens was ring bearer; not shown is Joyce Givens who pp. $5.50. e 3 { : "
served as flower girl. Rev. & Mrs. Givens are the proud parents of 8 children and 8 grand "White middle class colonial .'; "it' ;; : ..

children.of Mrs. Givens is a local beautician. Friends and relatives wish them many more the ism"government's is being perpetuated poverty pro-by : ;<.' ; 'n<': r /.

years marriage. ... _.... .. ,
grams, according to this hard- -' -- -- '
--- - ZETA PHI BETA Mrs Alpha H. Moore president ; Mrs--:
r---------------, hitting analysis of social wel- BETA ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OF
Zeta Phi Beta's fare efforts. SORORITY INC. met recentTy in the home Mildred C. Bradaham international
Your Good Health I Indirectly he criticizes the of Mrs. Mamie L. Butler 1017 Scnven i president( ; and Mrs. Kate H. Graves parliamentarian -

.1 I Ly SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN, M. D.. M.P.II. I Annual Boule poverty-stricken by maintaining Street. Shown from left to right are : I members of the Program I
---------I "The, problems of ghetto Miss Fannie L. Blve financial secretary ; Planning Committee.
Slated Dec. 26 31 housing are not new. For the Mrs. Eleanor C. Davis member ; Mrs.
S 'UTTERING (Part 2)) tenant to bring his power to LI Milan/ P. Kingrecording secretary ; Photo By James Singleton
BATON I\OUGELA.-NPI- bear on slum lords he most Mrs. Geneva P. Wheeler vice president .
Last week's column told how it is possible to prevent a "Mobilizing Task Forces for needs what he apparently does
child from becoming a stutterer. This column is for those who Action in Community Develop- not yet have-organization and -
have already been stutterers for many years.Much can be done ment Programs" will be the the willingness to sacrifice. World-Famous B-CC ChoirIn -l
for them, but only with persistent effort. central theme of the 46th annual "That is, he must have the I SINCE YOU ASKED ME II I Ij
First, it is important to realize that the average stutterer boule for Zeta Phi Beta spirit to move out of a build-
stumbles over only about one word in 10. He should therefore Sorority, Inc., which will be ing and not pay rent if he is Annual Christmas ConcertThe j By LONNIE PRUITT II

:uid up confidence that he can improve his ability to speak held at the Jack Tar Capitol dissatisfied with given servicesor BethuneCookm1lCollege Choir will make another I NEGRO PRESS IN TERNATIONAL_ __ __-A II
Nell to 100 per cent instead of 90 per cent House Dec. 2631. conditions, and he must have cultural contribution to the city of Daytona Beach when the ___ __ ___
Start by talking out loud to yourself when you are alone. You Mrs. Rebecca F. Njottervllle, the organization to command group appears at the Peabody Audiotrolum Thursday, December DEAR LONNIE: When I get married I'm going to make sure
will find that when are in a relaxed atmosp'!:e:e, you can baslleus Mu Zeta Chapter, others to out ot the build- untilI
you stay 15th t _at 8:00 p.m., in its annual Christmas Concert. I don't act like my folks do. ga'! so tired of them battling
talk as wel. as anyone. With practice, you can come Just as Baton Rouge which will serveas ing..." me world famous choir, under just hate to go home. Why do people act like that?
relaxed as r/'.en you are talking to others. host, said that this year, the Apparently Kronsey is attackIng the direction of ThomasD. Group. The 377th Glee Clubso Peace Lover
Next, you should try repeating each word as soon as you Boule will be conducted under the docility of the slum Demps, has shown itself in pleased military officials
hear it while listening to radio or television. Tills will greatly the leadership of the international dweller who is unable to musterthe previous concerts to be "a they were attached to a special WELL, THEY HAVE PROBLEMS that they're trying to workout
improve the fluency of your speech. When you have done this grand baslleus, Mrs. Mil- courage to make demands on dedicated group with great and service unit and traveled throughout 1 guess they think that's the way to do it. I fyou can Jsut
for a couple of days, you should begin *j repeat the words, not dred Cater Bradham, Jackson- the power structures with which affecting talent", according to the Pacific Theater and live through it! before long you'll be out on your own and won't
by rote, but with feeling. ville, Fla. he deals. a recent news review. European a-eas entertaining: have to listen to !it. If you're used to talking things over with
If you stumble occasionally in this or any other speaking, you Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. eeew ewanw A spectator attending a fellow soldeii's. Another mem- your parents, you might tell them all that squabbling makes
must think nothing of it, but rather concentrate on how well you is an International service organization ? Bethune-Cookman College ber of the unit was Brock Petersnow
are doing. Get into the habit of thinking of talking as fun. composed of some :WEDDING Chior Command Performancesaid a veteran star of Broadway, you unhappy .....*...
One of the reasons you ever stutter Is that you feel self-con 20,000 women of every race BELLS: "The group sounds pro- Television and Movies.
scious about Jbe ,way you talk. When you change the way you and creed from all part of ., fessional". This could very well Mr. Domps re-entered Be DEAR LO NIE: One day I went to the doctor.The nurse \
feel --about speaking; you will be well on the way to normal the United .States and four ew.e be the Thomas D. Demps complex thune-CooKman after three weighed me and would you believe that a girl 10-yeanoldweighs
speech. None of us is a flawless speaker, but it never occursto countries in Arlca. Julius Lunchford, 1426 E. 28th protected through the student years of military service. He 105 pounds? I really don't look it, but people still laugh
St..66 and Debris Dale 1426E.
most of us to worry about on occasional slip.It Joining Mu Zeta Chapter as singers. taught for a year after he received and call me chubby. How can I lose weight so they won't call me
is very important to remember that stuttering not some- host to the boule will be Beta 28th St., 42. Event as a boy soprano in the B.S. degree from chubby anymore? Diet food? Coubd be.
thing that is happening to you-it Is something do yourself.You Alpha Chapter, Southern Uni- Jacksonville's Stanton High B-CC. Then went on to earna Not Really CubbyIF
are the one who It holding your breath, pursing your lips versity, and Omicron Beta Rodney Lawrence Hurst, 1751W. School Choir, Little Tommy master degree in Music from
and trying to make the words come out. So when you talk, you Sigma Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma'fraternity. 10th St., 22 and Annie D. always dreamed of being a professional Columbia University In New YOU REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, just stop eatingso
must learn to breathe In a relaxed manner-then relax your Albertie, 1630 W. 7th St., 21. concert singer. York. much. You put on weight because you eat too much. Stop all'

tongue, lips and larynx, and never stop practicing.When Exhaustive plans and prepara- Richard Alexander 1348 Upon graduation, he entered Still determined to fulfill a the op and potato chips, the candy and junk between meals-until
you try to console yourself that your unruly tongues tions are being made to afford W. Betbune-Cookman College and boyhood dream, he went backto you're the size you want to be.Get your parents to help you.
cleaves to the roof of your mouth, you are putting the blame on the many guests the best In 12th St., 73 and Emily Martha as a freshman became a soloist New York to audition' with Then you can start back with snacks every now and then alter
the tongue as if it were not really a part of you and subjectto experiences as they visit the Chapman, 521 W.Church St.,22. with the group. After a year the DePaul Chorus. lie became get to be the right size.
your control. Once you convince yourself that you can City of Baton Rouge and tour at B-CC he was drafted into the tenor soloist for the group. you ............
improve your speech, your problem will be practically solved. Louisiana's historical land- John Gabriel Staley, 2503 Mc- military service. He: said, "my most memor-
Pick up a newspaper and read it aloud as though you were marks in New Orleans. Millan St., 79 and Gladys Gibson Comleting basic training, he able year at B-CC was in 1360 DEAR LONNIE: Every time I try to act right I get into trouble -
speaking to a large audience that Is hanging on your every Staley, Opalocka, Fla., &4. tried out for the 377th Infantry when the Bethulle-Coolman I have no problems as long as I do what I want to do-but

word. THE NAME'S THE SAMEThe Jesse Damon 1216 Regiment Glee Club. He College Choir performed beforea when I try to be polite or cooperate,or try to put myself out to
There is no short cut to Improved speech, but many who have Henry W. was immediately selected as capacity house at Carnegie help somebody, it always backfires. I'm through being nice.
5th St. 18 and
followed the above suggestions have conquered their speech most common surnamein Jacquelyn one of three soloist for the hall" Don't you think it's a waste of time?
problem. Mny others may need the aid of a person trained In the English-speaking worldis Hansberry, 1454 Davis St., 18.

speech therapy. Smith. There are an estimated !. Warren Cooper, 1537 Mt. Her WilY DIDN'T YOU EXPLAIN WHAT you do when you act right?'
1,290,000 Smiths in man St., 13 and Laura Ann Pink- Campus News And what do you do when you dj what you want to do? I don't
the US alone! ney, 6708 Rhode Island Dr. E., really get what you're talking about. I haven't found that I get
GIVE TO THE UNITED FUND 18. in trouble being polite or cooperating, so I can't say it's a
MISSISSIPPI VALLEY STATE COLLEGEDr. a little more thoroughly.If .
1 waste of time. Next time, explain

James Herbert White, president of Mlsslssppi Valley
State College, delivered the Sunday Vespers message atMlbany you want to ask a question, send it to "Since You Asked
Don't let State College on November 20. The program began Me, Negro Press International, 5708 South State Street,
6:00: p.m. in the Caroline Hall Auditiorlum.A Chicago, Illinois, 60621.THINGS .
native of Gallatin, Tenn., Dr. White received his bache
lor's degree at Tennessee State AAI University and his master'sand
Ph.D. degrees from Fisk and Columbia Universities ARE CHANGINGHave

a too-small educationput respectively. you looked at the Help Wanted, lately?
At the time of his appointment the presidency at Mississippi
Valley State College late in 1949, the Tennessee educator was Equal opportunity is in business.
president of Lane College in Tennessee
The Sunday Vespers, Inaugurated this year by the College's
the squeeze on you president, Thomas Miller Jenkins, now in his second full year
as the top administrator at Albany State College, are designedto
bring to the college campus and the surrounding communitiesthe
leading persons in the field of education, religion and public
life This is an extend effort to expose the students and the
residents of the community current ideas and opinions peopleIn
the mainstreams of American life This is

the nicest
Virginia State College, Petersburg, has been designated as ,
a test center for administering the National Teachers Ex- j smoothest
aminations on January 7,1967, Dr. Harry S. Blanton, Director
of Testing announced today.
College seniors preparing to teach and teachers applying for \
positions In school systems which encourage or require applicants -
C'r to submit their scores on the National Teacher \ 5 ever to come
Examinations along with their other credentials are eligibleto
take the tests. The examinations are prepared and ad- out of
ministered by Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New t'
t e
Jersey. % entucky.
+ {4 The designation of Virginia State College as a test center
r for these examinations will give prospective teachers in this

-v ,. 6 area an opportunity to compare their performance on the examinations -
Y. with candidates throughout the country who take the
tests, Dr. Blanton said.FAYETTEVILLE.
.y F

Y r t ft.whr Need for strengthening the quality of predominantly Negro
Colleges was stressed here recently by Dr. John Potts, Find out
president of Voorhees College In Denmark, South Carolina
Dr. Potts was the speaker at the dedication of three new Fayetteville for yourself.SSPROOr .
State College buildings, a classroom sturcture and
x k men's and women's dormitories. 1

e Improvement of Negro Colleges can come from foundation ..
support, aid from federal agencies, alumni givings, help from .
business and industry and an interchange In joint planning with
prestige universities Dr. Potts said.
The speaker said that favorable changes taking place in the
south Include the integration of schools, attraction of more Industries :.:.C.1_9*5. ECHO SPRING OISTILURY. LOUISVILLE. KY.
education and providing more opportunities for Negro graduates
To get a good job, get a good I in their own region.
L t.

---- ---- .-- _.:.C.... L ... .
- -- -- -------

... ..... .... .
-.-. ... .. T T -
.. .
j-- -- . .. .-.',..., ... -


A. (II 'r--r 'T' -

.- --.-.J. -- ... .. ,,. --..;-........ _: aaf. kJW..r+....a-s,:'::.w.1iiiI. 'I', "''''.f "-......- ;% !B'E' -..-._"'

I Liberty City Neighborhood Federal Credit Union twwwww'wwwwwwwww Guests At Ceremonies I

....-_ __._ .
: v. .

.,; .i.. :i Moon Over Mlainii I i
!ti'V : -
<< ''. )f" "
; : : ; .I
eMww wwwwwwww .Wk:: I
r. ww ;f

fir: TI, MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -Winter's entertainment extravaganzasoon ':t',:', ":'J

c will be blooming! like the poLnsettias In this subtropical
retreat from ice and snow. : j jI
may require some search to
Added to horse and greyhound
racing and symphony concerts find them so a reservation r

will be top names in the night ..probably will save time in getting -
b rz club world as well as the old -. settled.
Basque sport of jai alaL Those seeking an apartment
Opening Just before Christmas for the season still will find
In the Deauvllle Hotel's a good selection through the

Casanova Room, for example, next: few weeks at prices in
will be the Supremes and Bernie con petition with hotel rates. 4I

Berns with dialect comedy. Miami Senior High
1 4 '1 Booked into the same club as }

the season progresses are such

headliners as Phyllis Dlller, Adult Ed. CenterIlegistration
Shirley Bassey, Charles Az- j

navour, Jimmy Durante,Sammy
Davis and Wayne Newton. Set

Hotel Simultaneously will bring In the.Ray Carillon Anthony The Miami Senior High Adult

r."d Us Bookend Revue for the Education' Center will hold ad-
se.at.l. Featured in this show vanc-e' registration from now
I\ will ;M; Diane Varga and Dave until Dec. ZZ, 1966, for classes
beginning on Jan. 3, 1967.
Leonard. .
f0 s In Eden Roc's The registration office is located -
the Cafe Pompeii -
in Room 171 and Is
C. starting Dec. 22 will be open
J. from 2:00 to 9;00 p.m Thereis
Connie Francis and Myron
2 ,: a registration fee of $2.00 Miami Florida -- Dr. Susie C.
Cohen, to be followed by names Holly
r. K for each course, and some left president of the Woman's'
o. ., ; like John Davidson Lee Tully, Auxiliary
r Mitzi Gaynor, Debbie Reynolds, courses carry a small shop General Baptist State Convention for

tan's 1I 4r Caterina Valente, Morty Gunty fee. There is no tuition Florida and Mrs Hannah B, Miller l presi-
? ,.wM1 Theere are 128 courses dent Woman's'
and Bobby Ramsetn. Auxiliary Progressive Baptist
Other night: spots report they scheduled. A free brochure, State Convention for Florida were the
are completing bookings for the listing the days and hours each women who sat on the dias for the Dedication -

t Y ti coming months of equally cele- class is scheduled to meet, ceremonies in Miami recently for

.......... brated entertainment favorites. the may school be obtained 440341 by telephoning after 2:00 the new site of the Florida Memorial
Newly-elected board members of the liberty Cherry and Clyde McNeil. Standing Rev. Adding variety In the city's dally, or they, :be College. The college will relocate in

City Neighborhood Credit Union are shown W. E. Sims, I Iva McCask111 Herman (hatersand auditorium will be "Tosca" on picked p.m. up ,at the school.may 2450 January 1967 and i is now engaged in a

from left ( seated) George Folson Gloria ..D. Wilson board director Jan. 25 with internationally- Southwest First Street. $2.7 million fund. raising drive.
MOwn stars In leading roles,

. Billy! Daniels) Listens To Building Plans Dade High Schools and singers Peter Jan., Paul 29.and Mary folk- Inflated Into Iota Phi Lambda p pj

__ _
Ringling circus moves into -rr 71 .u..n W' f I
I. Are AccreditedAll the Miami Beach ConventionHall
1 18 Dade with its 1967 edition Jan.
County member
!i senior high! schools have been 18 for a five-day stand.
I The Miami Beach Symphony
recommended for accreditation!
1 jL Orchestra will be heard in the
by the Florida Committee of the J
e I auditorium Dee 18, Jan. 8 and
Southern Association of
k Feb. 12 and the Greater Miami
ti t
r } Colleges and Schools. ti
___ w I Twelve high schools Philharmonic Jan. 9, Jan. 15 r W
and Feb. 5, Both of these orchestras b
I, greater number than in any extend their season
past year -have received the
association's coveted "all through late spring.
? clear" recommendation. Spectator sports include tho-

+ ,I Five schools-/ewer than in roughbred racing now at Tropical
Park and moving to Hialeah
p'' any past year-have been placedon .
a the "advised" status. Jan. 17; jai alai opening Dec.
26 and at
One school-Miami Centralwas dog racing Biscayne
placed on the Florida Com ,Kennel Club through Jan 2, i
then at West Flagler through
mlttee's "warned" list. rhis
means the schools were advisedor May ]*
warned of deficiencies. Oran Bowl events :TT

No Dade County high schools ,will satisfy seeker even the of spectacles most Indefatigable -

were dropped placed from on accreditation probation or in 'with the North-South All-Star

the committee's report which game Dec. 26, the Orange Bowl
Classic Jan 2 and the Pro-Bowl
has been submitted for actionto
the Southern Association's71st Runner-Up playoff Jan. 8 along

annual meeting, which with the Orange Bowl regatta

opened Fontainebleau Nov 28 at MiamiBeach's Hotel Jan.Bowl 1, 7 International and 8, the Orange Junior

.tl1 ..Jslltila_ l Last year 13 Dade schools Tennis Championships
28 and the King Orange
ENTERTAINER BILLY DAN I ELS second from left born in Jacksonville were "advised" of deficiencies Jamboree New Year's Eve. .- .. ?- ____J- -Tim-ifTTinfTi'......
..and two s Coral IWaTATION Gamma
year Alpha Chapter of Iota Phi Lambda
Florida and a graduate of Florida Memorial For the holidays the visitoris Sorority held its initiation of pledgees
College St. Augustine Gables high ,was "warned"but Saturday Nov. 28 which
a very unique affair packed with
listens to advised to make hotel and suspense for six lovely
building pledgees
plans for the I
college which relocates to now has been placed on the at the beautiful Hampton House. Sorors
Miami 1968 reservations as far as congratulated and welcomed new
in plane memoers into
as Dr. Edward T. Graham the
second from and "all clear, highest categoryof ci2.n of sisterhood.
right Following the Initiation I
Athalle Dr. Royal I W. Puryear college president outline plans. Mrs. ranking rooms possible will in be a d va available n c e. While nor- tennalnder of the evening in an enjoyable cocktail new sorors hour which were joined was enjoyed by their immensely.husbands for Shown the

Range Miami' city commissioner and member of the college School Superintendent Joe hall this here from left are: Mmes. Mamie Warren, Sophronla Allen Doris blount
period it June Tuw
Board of Trustees !listens to the discussion which resulted j i n said deficiencies are minor at mally during McCants, and Gloria Levarlty, Mertls
Daniels accepting an appointment to the national advisory board the advised schools:Miami Edi '
of the scnooi.Haturally son, Miami I Northwestern,
Miami Springs, Southwest MIami isotstelsrtlalgtr11dI1 altii tetsssl
e Tub STRIPS which band! birds! and South t Dade senior
/ used to' bi inscribed! Wash BioSun' highs Put Practical Products In Ihmshcts For Needy WAMEDIAL

for Washington Biological He said I building problems .stRixtRtllMtxNt>tiltSxl/AxIR1.xIRt1M
Survey. They were change! at Miami Central are consider
after a farmer shot a crow and ed major and comprise the

wroe: the government: Dear most serious of the committee's
vr! Sirs: I ilioi one of your bird warning on deficiencies. Plant
0 p!'.. ale oilier day ami.! followed theimirnciioni shortcomings listed were: A \VhenyouVe making out your gift list,

':. \\ushttl It. biolt>d need for noise control, inadequate donsfo Id frieDa. 1260
.i it. anlnineil it. \\aittrrible:' administration suite,

:a. library inadequate, guidancearea
:- inadequate, parking area
..' \44.. too small, Industrial arts and Sea am"s7Cmwn

art facilities needed. UM Sure One.
:: However, the superintendent
r the SHORTY-$35. stressed that this school will :

t; MEDALO STYLE #665 remain accredited.

r. < Illuatratad Calaloi
t Mda"H.'r? I 81,1.,WlVHalf "P'
Irnd none
and attachment. BEACH
". adrir....Jutt It'.wrv.yo.... TREE WoereQwa.
uUhy Norm.l flair Gel i/M.dol l Heir Fred Inc.
CHOWS from Via HAIR HOOTS Oept. St :I. Bklyn 33, .N.Y.
In YOUR SCALP The condition of
en your th.hair natural olttn depends hnlih el heavily your COMB fV: SHORTS )
eata; Y. n dfo DOCTOR CAR-
,NOT invented 0 mtdlot.d tar AWAY
formula rolled CARBONOEb MIAMI EACH, FLA.- Vast
which 1* / with many prov. GRAY
n bn.(:lclal"dl InfrcdltnU, CAR.BONOLL" areas of the erglades: west of
; la such a Iron,. power WITH w l. Miami Beach :
jful antlMptie and 6o.i such fine are beginning to
work BUMPY' In DANDRirr I.rlqIn. I : [ 'n tcalp ITCHY.that THIS tOLORCOMI ... provide excellentblackiassfish: *
many DOCTORS irf.rd II highly Ing. The areas were set aside
:;'.1. PRESCRIBE troublti Many II lot annoying many Plif BRI lip several years ago in a water conservation
aitarnally cauwd. icily fonddons /- RUSH project ma-rtalced: : jy RHYTHM & BLUES

UM el ate this e'TI'prh' ..tr.n v.d.by th tha ur "frJJlt the stafe of Florida.Prevlousljr
formula Wrlla for this waters
DOCTOR JOOr were too for in dry seasons
,new., It will\ IM xnl 1o you all to support fIsI:.
and ... .
ready 10 SB fl eemb ***
IIOR. ? DAYS, and II yen are not I:., ,..h.and i out brush, Will to not add rub eels til A
.111"14. few
"hermits" still
II lour money. bark, ff NOTA DYE,E.H..I,qulck.it w.y w- live on RADIO STATION"WHAMMY
.oly :m 7"1II'Don.ThU InluM ; t.THAT add color ir.du.lly AVOID Isolated spots in the 10,000 Islands
ilractlona pansy mera, You (it tt with lull Bru.h atta.h.d forf.movlng ...... WMBMSpotlight area of Florida's Ever r
tha finnt MXDI ,clan.,. P..v.nt. a.111. rubbin5oft.
glades coast. For their freedom
CATW SCALP FORMULA your Cum. In plastic C.>.. Can
mancan buy. Your hair b. .....I.d ..
and In pock.t or pur. ProductOf from civilization they depend w
yyour. daaarve line cir Com. .In .11 'hadep Bleak to
'! name end add'.. 1o-asstQOLD Platinum Blue. fish and ellflsh: and small plots
tcXOAb HAUI PRODUCTS INC. Just writ., .tat. .h... Pap anil of vcgeiao.es: : and fruit ttela te I
tVtpl 41 2 lha pih*>d Bay. 'I'91 on d.llv.ry plus po.t.g.Mon.y The Week I
roiBMULA Brooklyn SS.carlaa$.Y. a NOTE 100,-:, THlV*" tii. Mi bark M.dol II H.I ml d.llght.d.Product.. In. usjU: ; en Indian mounds\ wu;;> KUMM MIIUUI CCKP r,MA.KUDU HHIHU MIDOuf( ,Ol'.CUM afro tWITt
t.l alMJ"o, bas uaranUa. D.at. 51.1. 1.1,,, 35, New Yerl three or feu: feet above tide
Miami, Florida le<.'e.s.: MIAMI"I .




Swap Small Talk During Break Telephone Employe Wins !1966

College RoundupFLORIDA ..... -...:ie .n "";; ...-.u. _rI" ____ _,""" ___ .-'- -- -rF __.__- _

lane Bryant Annual Award

separate communications MEMORIALIn to Sen. Harry P. Cain, Miami, CHICAGO (NPI)-A decision that he would "rather wor:c'
Fla., accepting appointment to the national advisory board of with gang youths, than pull out of the neighborhood" has
the Florida Memorial College Senators Spessard L. Holland, r i won for Albert E. Johnson one of the Jane Bryant annual
(Fla.), Thomas J. Dodd, (Conn..), and Stephen M,Young, (Ohio), awards of $1.000.Johnson .
Indicated their support for the relocation of the school to an employee of lizing their plants, they calledon
Miami and the building program which will get under way in Illinois Dell Telephone Com- Johnson.He .
February, 1967. III r pany, was cited for spending would then refer the young-
The United States Senators were Joined in this new develop- ) s I } free time with gang youths in sters to one of the group
ment by Manuel F. L. Cuerrero, Governor of Guam, and Eh. :t u r 1 I the Lawndale area, during a workers in the area. The police
Congressman Claude Pepper and Dante B. Fascell of Florida. luncheon in New York Thursday. also referred youngsters to
Senator Holland Indicated that the college "would serve a $ J The citation read in part "For him. There has been follow-
more useful purpose in a n etropolitanarea such as Miami T exceptional voluntary efforts In through on the referrals
than in Its present location (Si, Augustine).The facilities wouldbe behalf of the American com- because of his influence.
readily available to a great many more students as day __ munity, could have moved out, Johnson also has aided In the
students and the market for their services upon graduation w as he advanced at Illinois Bell organization 1 of the Illinois Cell
would be more extensive." Telephone Company. But he Telephone Volunteer Corps,
Senator Dodd expressed his desire "to do anything I can to chose to stay and help the gang- which performed tutorial, Big
help you obtain your objective." ridden Westside com m u nity Brother, and other youth-aid
A $2.7 million development fund campaign is now under way solve its problems. services.He .
to meet building plans for the 48 acres of land on which the The Westslder became Is one of the main liaisons
college buildings will be constructed. sponsor of the Sears Roebuck between helpersand
s YMCA's Jobs for Youth pro- youngsters in need of help
JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY gram, a multlfacet effort to for all Chicago. When
Jacksonville University will be one of 100 test centers in the prepare and train youngstersfor Northwestern University
United States and Canda for the sixth annual "Certificate in / 4i fuil-tlme Jobs. wanted to start a student-
Data Processing" examination to be given Feb. 25, 1967. He also founded Teens With action project in 1962 Its '
The three-hour examination, given at accredited collegesand Talent, a program for young officials talked with Johnson.He .
universities, i. designed to test a wide area of data people with dramatic and vocal was able to get North-
processing knowledge which is considered mandatory for { k ability. These youths, drawn western's predominantly
professional competence in the field by the Data Processing i t9i from street gangs are gathered middle-class students togetherwith
Management Association. It it up-dated annually by the CDP together to receive training gang members. More than
Advisory Council comprised of acknowledged authorities In from a musician, with the viewof 400 tutors from Northwestern
data processing. becoming teams of started a remedial program
An y Individual meeting the application requirements is J- performers.They that year. Now 1,000 tutors
eligible to sit for the examination. Membership in DPMA Is meet in community cen- help serve several thousands.
not required. ters or In Johnson's home. Johnson Is also active with
Study guides and application forms for the 1967 examinationare I The youngsters run the organ- the Governor's Committee on
available free from DPMA International Headquarters, cation themselves, though Literacy and Learning the
505 3usse Highway, Park Ridge, Ill 60068. ;___ Johnson helps by managing en- Lawndale Civic Minister's Lea-,
+ gagements.When gue, ManleyCentertt.eGreater
HAMPTON INSTITUTE HIGH POINT, N. C. .During a break In Davis, NCNW Llason Woman's Auxiliary, a group becomes proficient Law n d ale Conservation
Hampton Institute has been selected one of several privately activities at the 31st annual conventionof enough, it puts on showsto Commission, and the Governor's
NMA and Thomas Bell I of
financed colleges receiving unrestricted educational assistance the National Council of Negro Women representative benefit local organizations Commission on Youth.
under the Aid-to-Education Program of Texaco, Inc. Inc. held recently in Washington D. C. Commercial Credit Corporation, swap small and agencies throughout the For all his community activities -
Dr. Jerome H. Holland, president of the college, announced ( I to r ) Mrs. Dorothy Shaed Proctor talk before attending the "Youth with a city. Johnson finds time to offer
recently that the college will receive a grant of $7,500, to be Consumer Future" luncheon co-sponsored by Commer- At least one group has become help to the individual troubled
paid in five equal annual installments representative, NCNW; Dr. cial Credit Corporation professional as a result of his youngster.He .
Hampton is one of more than 250 colleges and universities Geraldine Wood National; president Deta interest. About 100 youngstersare still works at night on the
Included In Texaco's program of educational support. The Sigma Theta Sorority ; Mrs. T. Wilkins In Teens With Talent at street with members of the
program Is designed to provide direct financial support to -- anyone time,including singers, gangs, reaching them In ways
150 privately-financed schools and scholarship and fellowship No Teacher Rush Area Henry. McGee Jr. To Practice dancers, and groups of supporting any social worker would envy.
assistance to educational Institutions, both private and tax fans His home is open to lost boys
supported.The Johnson has also halped start who need a feeling of a family
presentation was made to Dr. Holland by W. H. Chapmanand To Join WhiteOrganization Serviceman Before U.S. Supreme Court the Lawndale Art Show and the and of a father, as well as a
J. J. Morronl of Texaco, Inc.VIRGINIA Creative Teens program. He welcome meal. Though he has
WASIBNGTON-NPI-henry) of the Medill School of Journal- has recruited gang youths to five children of his own, he
STATE COLLEGE W. McGee Jr., regional legal ism at Northwestern Uni- help run youth centers and take always has time to listen and
services director for the Office. versity. He earned his law de- the responsibility for renovate respond to other youngsters'
NEW ORLEANsNPIThere > of Economic Opportunity,' has gree at t/.e: De Paul University ing them. problems.
Mrs. Marie Plummer Orsot, prominent socialite of Weldon, seems to be no big rush r:!. r !been admitted to practice beLaw School The Westsider succeeded in lie was nominated for the Jane
N.C., was married to Dr. Robert Prentiss I Daniel, presidentof upon the part of the members for the U.s. Supreme Court. I'e: was one of :0 lawyers em- interesting business concernsin Bryant award by W. J. Peak,
Virginia State College, Petersburg, Va., at St. John's of the Louisiana Education Association "t"' :.e is the son of Chicago's t ployed in the OEOlegal services' the area to finance dances assistant vice- president
I Catholic Church, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. t"If'f ./ Postmaster Henry W. to be and parties for youngsters. Instead -
to join the white counterpart .f Acting admitted to high court Illinois Bell Telephone Com-
The ceremony was performed by the Reverend Father ThomasJ. the Louisiana Teachers .-- \' >'Ii McGee. practice. of calling the police when
Colgan of St. John's, assisted by the Reverend Father W. Association, following their removal .- McGee Jr., 33 is a graduate __________ thy found youngsters vanda- pany. _
Rosser Muir, pastor, and the Reverend Father James McMurtr of the racial bars and the :
Irle, assistant pastor of St.Joseph's Catholic Church, Petersbug, permission for Negroes to Join. .,1; I
Va. Attorney John Plummer of Washington,D.C.,brother of the The white body removed the -- --- ,
(bride, gave the bride away. \ QUANTITY
bars at their convention Nov. RICHARD HATCHER
23, after the National Education / RIGHTS RESERVED
The Peace.Corps brings;.. ,, Association ruled that they must ORLANDO, FLAy U.S. Air :
Force Airman First Class RlcU..
ad'br' lose membership in the '
idealists down to earth.You national body. and Robinson hatcher of, 7214 son o lhode!:Mrs. Eloise Island 1! t. I / PRICES SATURDAY GOODTHROUGH

could join. For information, writes The Negro organization unan- Drive W., Jacksonville, Fla.,has r
The Peace Corps, Washington, D.C. 20525 '&' imously adopted a resolutionthat been decorated with the bronze
there must first be dis- !
hNnnN..WW1..nro..ew..nl".UTMM.I.pCnnl. .. I ::.: the cussions participation at the top of Negroes level as to If Star.'or Medal meritorious at Orlando service AFo,while Fla., I

the two were merged.A greed Li mili.try: operations
WHEN YOU ARE ILL reported poll of the general aga: .st Viet Cong forces. ''OM/YWAaI"" FRESH PORK SHOULDER FRESH PICNIC'S
A::'man: Hatcher,a pi otographeras HERSHEY S M.IPt1'4tlCi.M
membership of the Negro body '
revealed that the Negroes were '/ cited for his outstanding pro- ; to ". '" .
.You Seek The Best Doctor, "' not anxious to Join the white fessional skill: and initial!;e ROAST'GIANT 35C
which aided in identifying and SUGAR fA. ?.
When Your Doctor Prescribes -' organization merely for the
compaionshlp. wanted solving problems encountered In
Get Experienced Pharmacists j i They to i
of his duties.
the accomplishment
be assured that
When Your Doctor Prescribes, 1 they would have
The application of his knowledge
Orders. We Use Only The Best equal rights, privileges and .
contributed to the success u'ie
Quality Drugs. participation as any and all

C. E. BLACK Proprleto. other member members.One said. "We do not Air Asia.Force mission in Scut'easi It ii SUGAR, FAB
The ariman is a graduate of
Intend to Join and then take a
3 R i t d Pharmacists To Serve You Northwestern Junior-Senior High a7Lir .l.
e g s e r e seat in the buzzard's roost." 39 .
School. ..
I ) (
------------A COMPLETE LINE OFCosmetics ------------ 5IBS. '
R .

Rubber Goods- Candies Sundries L---7,

Lilly's Drug Store Have all your gifts _



Known by the company it keeps .

5 A .t r Seagram's .V.O.,' Canadian I I "Del Monte Mi i i L rJ "Em Up Sale" I



I -s'iiueauvs's'iiu'ii'. 4 CANS 89c aea atxasrazaaruuRSearesl CANS 4> I

303 CANS


smactarrtarstaslaacssecteaasac sac resac ecrre---m .VKMIM MW KWWM->*imKIKl ----- rca trctrat






-Invites You To Listen To- TENDER SMALL I IN MEATY

BIG BAND ,. Oran i'# f STEAK or SIRLOIN i. 890 SPARE RIBS LB. 490


"DANCE PARTY"Nifhtfy Mrreuavuxrnr ,,. u. S. NO. 1 FANCY TENDER POLE

11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. c.se.wish-s AT re tUG cOST.orrnlrrto'sue wsameeveiiearune; )% ti .saw tfCtiscaweers POTATOES 10 IBS for 390 BEANS LB 190SAT

1400 WRHC1400


--- -- ---- -- -


\ I


:4 Middle Ga.. Basketball Tourney Shaw University Stuns Clay, Terrell Title Bout Feb. 6., "Gator Bait" Hayes Jenkins Chosen

To Be Held At fVSC Dec. 9 -10 Livingstone BearsAt Sparks Morgan State Albany State's

The Fort Valley State College "Wildcat" basketball team will Edward llayes,b e t tt e r known.

play host to the MGBT to be held Dec. 9 and 10 at the GeorgeN. Home, 87 65 to Morgan students as "Gator MVP By Teammate:

Woodward Gymnasium, Ft Valley State College, Ft.Valley, Bait" will be starting left halfback -
Ga. SALISBURY, N.C/-Not allow- In the Tangerine Bowl ALBANY, GA.-Oavid Jenkins
tourna- sion is adults$1.00 and students ing the home team to gain leadat Saturday when Morgan plays captain of Albany State Col.
The Middle Georgia Tickets are'now sale all,the Shaw University Bears West Chester State. football
and $.50 on t leg's squad,was select.
ment Is In Its second year the at the George N. Woodward scored an87-65wln over theBlue ; Hayes, who halls from Jacksonville ed as the team's Most Valuabli
gaining prominence among Bears of Livingstone College, graduated from Douglass In
tournaments Gymnasium. Player a poll among his team.
outstanding Saturday night, December 3, at Anderson High. He was mates.

throughout tournament the state.will stage This year four Mets Swap Ribant Livingstone College, Salisbury. all-city-honorary: captain, all- The poll was conducted among
the ,
The Shaw Bears off
jumped district 220-yard
the conference, the players following the conclusion -
t teams from
outstanding to an early lead against the dash champion, and most improved : of the 1966 season with
SEAC Asso- CardwellNEW
SIAC and the For BUGS'
Blue Bears and
player for two years. the Rams finishing up with a 4-
ciations. never fell behind, as they con- He Is currently a junior majoring 4-1 slate.
Las: year, when the tournament YORK the New York trolled both the offensive and ra
In mathematics. A
44 senior
the 6-2,210 pound tackle
had its Inception, Mets traded pitcher Dennis
defensive boards. With 15:05: Hayes said that, "Because of from Coca Fla. Jenkins
Invited play-
"Rattlers" were and outfielder
"Florida with Gary left in the first half, Shaw had __ the nature of the bowl and West ed in all nine games starring as
to attend along Albany Kolb to for
Pittsburgh Tuesday
taken a 9-0 lead with Bobby
State College Chester State,this is the biggest a tackle on the offensive unit.
State and Savannah pitcher Don Cardwell and out-
Moore and Ivan Donovan leading
took chance we'll ever get. Playingin The results of the balloting announced -
The fielder Don Bosch.
the scoring at this point.
the bowl will give senior by head football coach
honors In the tournament Bosch 24 who played with
Livingstone finally one
members of the team a chanceto Obie W. O'Neal also listed
over second place Ft. Columbus of the International
minute and seconds lateron "
be looked at ..
by Lawerence the
pro Charley Rams'leading
This ,
State College. year, last the
Valley League season, was a jump from the corner by Hayes that football in candidate for all-
and Savannah are to in the deal the Meta says
Albany key man Roy Berry. The Shaw Bears,
Instances has made
many american honors, as the outstanding
and the College
return said. led by Bobby Moore and team him more aware of some of the offensive
"Panthers" were selected as Bosch was the International ,
Norman Joyner
I the outside team. The Panthers League all-star center fielder rT S responsibilities that he may Frank drown, a 6-4,243 pound
took control of the game. Going
encounter after his
TWWThA junior lineman as the
have a veteran team and are last season, hitting .283 with down the stretch, to the point : from Morgan. defensive who,
felt to be one of the stronger 11 home runs and 49 runs batted that only 6:51: remained In the performer contributed -
"The Bowl said Hayes "will most the
I teams In the SIAC, although in. He stole 17 bases and tied half, Shaw had taken a commanding make the nation, more ,aware to squad'ssuccess
they are missing Ronald Jackson for the league lead in assists 30-12 lead. Shaw then .
stars In the .t ri of the dominance of Morgan'sfootball Lawrence, a junior from Tam
one of the top with 16.The went about five minutes before }
team and will show them pa, Fla., operates from a split
conference last year. The veteran Cardwell, 31, a Livingstone i !
scoring again as
= how well-rounded and well
r end in the Rams'
post offense.
Panthers finished second In the -hander has
right been in the closed the 30-12 margin to 32- "
coached the team
The 5-11, 175 pounder was on
SIAC Tournament last year. majors since 1957 and has
Moore and Joyner
21. Again
\ Morgan's head coach is Earl the receiving end of 35 aerialsfor
Albany, Is also felt to be a played with the Philadelphia
came to the aid of their team, ,
Banks. feels that Banksis
642 yards five of them for
strong and polished team, Phillies. Chicago Cubs and collecting eleven points In abouta "
of the best coaches he
', one
having the advantage of playinga Pirates. He was 6-6 in 32 minute and a half.Shaw closed has ever touchdowns.
number of pre-season games. games with a 4.59 earned run the first half with a 40-29 '\ seen.
The "Golden Rams" recently average last season. His life margin. ; "" Environment Heredity And Your Child

won the Kiwanis Tournamentin time record is 80103. The second half saw the Shaw ."w e awr++
Rome, Ga. and they were Ribant, also a right-hander, Bears make the game a no- 5' 1.a: I IkW
the SEAC Tournament champs was 11-9 for the Mets last sea- contest as they rallied to move } ,, ; T'NEW
last year. Savannah will bringa son with a 3.21 earned run to a twenty-nine point lead, at -','

strong veteran team to the average, the best of the staff. 72-43 at the 10:03: advantage i, f'.It'!. \,
tournament, as they lost very He is the only Met starter in point. Shaw received great ___ __n.I< __ _'
few key players from their history to finish the season help from little Sanders, who YORK-Cassius Clay and Ernie Terrell signed contracts last Tuesday to fight for the
fine team of last year. Savannah with a won lost record over the plays the back court opposite undisputed heavyweight championship of the world at the Houston Astrodome on Feb. 6.

won the SEAC Visitation .500 mark. Norman Joyner. Sanders "This is going to be real pleasure,"said Terrell, the World Boxing Association's champion."I .
Tournament last year and will Kolb, 26, hit .219 in 100 games dropped in thirteen points and never had a desire to beat someone like I want to beat him and I'm going to do it."

te looked upon as a strong for Jacksonville of the Inter- contributed numerous assis- "I 1 know I'm going to knock him'' and Terrellandseparateinter- tract, Clay will get 50 per cent of
repeater. The Wildcats 'were nation League last season and tance. out and I know he
knows It too. views with each,took place before the Hvegateandancillaryrights
successful last year in compiling will be assigned to the Pirates The big man for the Bears And the
beauty of it is that I'm during, and after televised Terrell will collect 20 per cent
a 20 and 5 record duringthe Columbus farm team in the was Bobby Moore, a freshman going to getpaldforlU'mgolng joint press conferences in a of the live gate and 17 1/2 percent wr a.

regular season play. They International League. from Raleigh, who contributed to prove once and for all he's nothing ballroom at the Hotel Americanin of the ancillaryrights,which
took third place in the SIAC The Mets also assigned left- twenty-six points for the Bears with a capital N." New York and Houston. include the closed circuit tele-

Tournament, fourth in the SIAC handed pitcher Bill Heckler out- and pulled bown twenty-two re- "Don't talk like that,"said the The fight promotion fa Houston vision,radio,movies,television
Visitation Tournament and right to Willlamstown of the bounds. Moore, who shoots a undefeated The will be tel-
Clay, or MuhamadAll will be run by a newly formedo tapes, etc. fight
second place in the NAIA Tour Eastern League. terrific jumper from the ,who Is recogni zed as champIon g a Dint t Ion ,Astrodome ecast to England by Early Bird ,,- -
nament held at Stlllman College, outside, put the Bears ahead in in most parts of the world Championship EnterprisesInc. Satellite Everyone has a pet theory world Is a place of big.eyed

lost Tuscaloosca the bulk, Ala.of their The Wildcats startingfive I Green Thumb Tips 1 I|I the jumpers opening from minutes the corner.on three Nor- WBA"Talking champion.is my line.That'syourline.YOu'rethe who headed runs by the Judge Astrodome.Roy Hofheinz,, 2 Men Fined $700 about agree Even the Are how experts we to creatures raise dont children.always of In observation a wonder squirrel, endless with and a curiosity Investigation nut betweenhis It's,

last year and Larry Wright, I] man Joyner also aided the Bears "I'm Tired of hearingeveryone Under The terms of the con- heritance or just product of teeth ants building tun
a 6'6" center, is the only returnee Tis sad but true that most as he dropped in twenty-two talking about you being the *** For Deer KillingLAKE environment? nets In the sand a ride on a
from that quintet. Much gardeners crowd their plants unmercifully points WBA champion. I'm the champIon Beginning with the Freudian live pony a building under
f of the Wildcats success will Whether they are vegetables Shaw's second week of conference of everything. I'm going to CITY-The Illegal kill philosophy of an adult's emotions construction. A child world Is
and Melvin or flowers, plants need, The and actions also! Imagination: he's a fear.
depend upon Wright Rose Bowl being determined
I action had the Bears whup you good. ing of two deer In the Lake But- less .
cowboy a builder
U to
Johnson terrific from room they are develop as by early events, and followed '
a scorer
they should and produce theirbest. hosting the Trojans of Virginia "I'm tired of hearing the one- ler Wildlife Management Area by John Watsons studies What a thrill, for instance, to
Macon, Ga. and as to bow quickly State College, Monday night, armed bandit calling himself And NBCThe on November 26, cost two men' In the thirties, most cnlld.1 pretend you are the real.lire
the freshman members can For Instance, tomato that Dec. 5 Elizabeth City operator of big and powerful
plants > visiting champion. I wanted to take a $700 in fines, accordingtoMaJor psychologists have believed .
jell into a working combination. are trained to stakes will produce State Thursday night,the 8th, good rest after making six titles Rose Bowl and NBC can RobertBrantlynortheastre- that environment was the most road building or earth moving,
The first game will take placeat more fruits and larger ones it Influential factor In determinIng equipment, So It Is understandable
of North defenses boast of a long and Illustrious the Game
r and hosting the Eagles within a year but I gotta gional manager for and that
spaced 2': feet Closer Babies a lIfeHIIWdQY t
1:30 Dec < apart spec.ing potential.
p.m. on Friday, were con
9 and the second will means that each plant shadesthe Carolina College, Saturdaynight get rid of him. After I beat him partnership.It Fresh Water Fish CommLssloo.UnJoo ildered a bundle of natural re such as this popular scale
game next one and competes with it Dec, 10. I'll give him 24 hours to get out began more than 40 years County Wildlife Officer flexes regardless of ancestry, to model "Michigan Shovel" by
start at 9:00: p.m. The admis for nourishment so down goes of town." ago on New Year's Day-1927. A.W.Whitehead madethe arrests be molded Into a predictable Nyllnt Tool tt Mfg, Co can pro
fruit The The National future vide endless hours of rewardIng .
production. exchanges between Clay Broadcasting and stated that the two violations depending upon tnelr
Company, which launched this happened separately and in two surroundings backyard lor Indoor) engfneerlng
doing its
country's first radio network, different locations of the management As any mother can tell you toward promoting a healthy part
EARNING and had been in operation about area. Bothchargeslavolved that nothing Is less predictable than Interest In the future An in.
LEARNING small bundle of boundless
two months when it was decided the killing of a doe deer. energy called a child. And: terestlng note to the theoretical .
to broadcast the Rose Upon arraignment before Union bearing this out recent studies evolution of child psy
I Bowl game as the first Inter- County Judge Al Driggers, the clearly Indicate differences/ of rhology has been the elevation
toys from the
simplest playthings
Boys & Girls Can Make Money Bowl game as the first trans- violators pled quilty, and fines among Innate Infants believed to be. to the most sophist!
continental radio program. were levied against them totalIng As a more commonsense cated and educational "workIng .

The game was carried over an $450 plus $250 for the replacement concepts approach of heredity develops and, the en, scale models of complicated .

Hundreds of Florida Star NewsboysAre NBC network of 15 radio of the deer. vlronment. of traits Inborn machinery
Although we have been aware
stations requiring about 4,000 Major Brantly concluded: and acquired are moving together of human differences for
miles of leased telephone wires, "While game violations as a to the point where they years, It Is of recent date many that
EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Weekly Standord merge Each child Is an Indi
played Alabama to a whole have decreased in the vldual we have begun to consider ap
7-7 tie. Teh announcer was the last few years, some people set of circumstances and reacts to a given proprlate responses to them
And LEARNING to do business. late, Immortal Graham McNa- still persist in violating the law different way rrom In an his entirely No single theory of personally
i mee. Public censorship of game violators siblings no matter how
truth It ,
contains do
Thus began a tradition that and support of conservation Or course, environment Is full Justice to a child and meet
YOUNGSTERS I If you are smart and Spq over the years has made sports laws no small part of childhood. The all of his very singular needs,
broadcasting history.
Since 1927, NBC Radio has
want to earn your own money carried the gridiron classic
aln'rsistucaraoutmcezxiSY'netcw, (teepUritl1st.cs1ueefloatter.IfyoucanfindabetterBourbonaeebuy .
every year-except for one )

this is the three-year period-lor a totalof
way to do it. 37 years or games.

Since New Year's Day, 1952, its!
NBC Television has telecast the
PARENTSI! Your child may not ..
game exclusively every year,
with the last five being pre-
sented in
need money, but the training gainedas From the color.15 radio stationsin

1927, NBC has grown to
such proportions that the 1967

a newsboy will help him to be Rose Bowl game on Monday,
Jan 2, will be broadcast simultaneously -

over the TV (in

successful in later life. Many of the color) and radio networks that
will number well over 400 stations -

covering every cornerof
the United States. The football
most successful men were Newsboys. attractions this year are Purdue

versus University of Southern

California. (Starting time of ..
Start A Route AnywhereYou NBC-TV and NBC Radiocoverage -

Is 4:45: p.m. NYT.)

In past years, many famous
Live In FloridaWe'll personalities have been asso-
ciated with the NBC Radio

broadcasts of the Rose Bowl. I
Graham McNamee who broad-
Put You IB Business cas t the games the, first few 'jp'

years, was followed by s'.h
Y well-known announcers as Don
FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY Wilson, Ken Carpenter, Bill

Stern and Harry Wlsmer.
r LORfDA STAR -2323 Moncrief Road Jacksonville, Florida Wilson Is perhaps bestknownfor

his long-time associationwith
i the Jack Benny Show Car .;

MmmsF RSTNAMELAST -- penter, for many years, was I Jla;
? NAME ,
the announcer on the Bing 1si t.,

Crosby program .L
On television such .'.', I' '
sports personalities .., ? ,
as Mel Allen Jack
ADDRESS, srmT-NUi1BFRw----- PHONE: NO. Brickhouse, Lindsey Nelson and Radiant! America's Largest Selling 6 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon .

Terry Brennan, have handledthe resplendent in a lustrous foil holiday wrap! A bright and shining gift'
mike chores.

Send my coil 20 copies of the Florida Star on !One advertiser-the GWetteCompany.lias

credit to start him in business. I will pay then with every NBC been telecast associated of the ncienrt e i

Florida Star lit for each copy he sells. Those' Rose Bowl since 1952, when :

' that are not sold, I will return and will not be NBC-TV! first beamed the classic BOURBON

'required to pay for unsold nationwide Gillette this I 11III
: year will share sponsorbslp
d' will share
year sponsorshipwith
.. __
Chrysler Corporation and


.--- .--..... ... ,

SATURDAY..t DECEMBER' 12.,' : ;'_ n -. STIR PAPERS J----:1:


Al1- 11lerican v Albany State Rams Win FAMU President''' Honored I In Jax I I

OP A BIO$ *R... Straight Game, 116-23

w 3AM AlUwy State College's Ram nuked up Paine College of

.Augusta"...._....... _116_-63_ _au here Wednesday nJeht In vinnlnt their third
giu (*U1V Vt sue seas u.
Paced by the the fact he rode the wood most I i 'y fJS
exploit of the 1, of the
tackcourt duo of Bob Pritchett: game.
lr and Mack Daughtry, the Rams Mel Jones, the Rams 8-81/2
junior center
All-American came through
candidate, Bob I
t another
sparking defen-
4" Raisers tall talented
.. fire 1
RUGGED 232 {POUND 51vegameblocklegsevensb
r rushed ahead
by an
ORAd\\eUNo score i hauling down 14
t r. CDUCCSe END.COACH after a slow start and were rebounds and
never beaded
after that. i
RUne '.
Utilising next foe will
three-quarter court be FAMU here at
press, with Pritchett and 1; Sanford Gym v.
on December 7.Tennis .
Daughtry out front, the Rantsopened
up a 54-23 halftime
margin. With 3.23: to play In Classes

: _._-._.-_:-u_-_:.h w_ ves.Rod the, first Ralney twenty sent In minute the reser-per Begin At Wilder.

Pritchett, a 5-9 flash from Park Dec. 12'Th.
Atlanta's Howard
i. High School
i --
: LI :: ,. _. pocketed 26 points for the Jacksonville Recreation

1 -' -A I I/ game's scoring honors, 16 of' Department will begin tennis
EDDie Po8INSbN: hem coming In the first half. clashes at Wilder Park Dec.U.,
.' *H49 TABBED HIS FT3 Daugttry finished the game clasps will be taught by Julius

-'- ASA HAiFBAd FUTURE fyWfN Ppo 'Guinyard, playground director
stanza also at Wilder Park.

Jimmy Reams, with 17 tallies, These classes will be held
Wilbert Jones, 13, and Jimmy 'Monday thru Friday, 4:30: to
: N ALL Dottier with 11, also scored In !5:30: p.m. for children eleven and
t / W iE EI qv SouTHwESTEQN p double figures. under, 7:00: to 8:00 p.m. teenagers -
J } CONFERENCE; D Top man for Paine was Bob and 8:00: to 9:00:: p.m.
SeLECTlOM// HAS Caldwell, their highly-touted adults.
Ken APPLAUDED 0V scorer, with 12 points, despite Tennis rackets and balls will .
PflES -Be>,)(
FOR THREE"TENANTS YEA ItS.. Q be furnished by the recreation Mayor Compilssloner[ / Lou H., Ritter of the
-1( ET A NOW AS A SENrt' >g '67 Ford Fairlane department.Two City of Jacksonville presents a plaque to
BIO EOUT NE'S iAlcING new cement courts were Dr. G. W. Gore Jr. president oT' Florida
OF LATCH(MOON SETTERS gk&HTSOP TD BALL CARRIERS CIJAI 'and are now available for play. faithful service
to the
BbHINDTHE LINE -AMERICA' first Official people of Florida.
SCRVvASE.THI9 | HONORS Entry Gulnyard said, since more recreation The award was presented at halftime during
p facilities are now at the Jacksonville Classic football
Wlld r he hopes to have more game
For ARCA 250 between FAMU and Texas, Southern tin iver
In the
,participation program. was donated the
DAYTONA BEACH- A 1967 Other activities scheduled for Alumni Chapter of FAMU by and the Jacksonville
Ford Fairlane owned and I the winter at 'WIlder citizens
1-c:: =_ S program of Duval County.
WHAT driven by Bill demons of New i are 3:15-4:30
: : p.m. pine-pong, ---FAMU staff photo by Ernest
THEVCALLA r s w+f les-- Albany. Ind., Is the first official SPLINT-OUT AEStSYHI3 entry for the fourth annaul 'court games basketball, bound
PLC fE ARCA 250, to be run at Daytona I ball, shuffleboard, jackstone,

."; PASS RUSHER International Speedway on Sun- hop-scotch, apparatus play and
IN THE PEEP SOUTH.! day, Feb. 19. mass games. Madam Margo
the ARCA 250 one of the 4:39-5:30: ( : p.m. free play, pad
Jajor events of the annual Day dle tennis, horseshoes, special Palmist & Advisor {
tona Speed Weeks, Is for late events, cootie, cards, short and
f : Grid Players Win I model stock cars and carries long jope Jumping events,hand- She Advises on oil/ Problem
tetwe more than $37,000 in posted 'craft. of'Love.Sickneu and Business

Sports Parade : awards. 5:301.7.00: ( : p.m. children's
l RookieOfYearAwards F lt dIT Interest In the ARCA 25o,first story hour, mass games, and HOURS 8 A.M, to 9 P.M.

110. ..alWlTUo.u run here in 1964, has steadily basketball practice. DAILY
.. ,
In AFLMike Jf _84Uor..... mounted. So has the speeds of 7:00:< -8.00: p.m. group meeting, Located In l
LOSER RESPECTS COKES the drivers of the big mid- quiet games, reading, Indoor
DALLAS-NPI} The axiom "If you can't beat 'em, Join Carrett of Kansas City western racing organization. game, mass games shuffleboard FLORIDA
'em," was never more apt than In the case of welterweight Chiefs and Bobby Burnett of What fish can you expect to In February of 1966 the race and physical fitness. 989 N. Orlando Ave.

champion Curtis Cokes in his successful defense of his title 1 Buffalo Bills were chosen co- catch To those during who winter actually getout won by Jack Bowsher at an For further Information con (Hi-Way 17-92 N.)

last week against French challenger Jean Josselin. After, j winners of the offensive rook- and try, the answer U, average speed of 164.053 miles tact the playground director at For Appt. Call 644.4941
Cotes: Jabbed fiisi opponent silly to gain an unanimous 15- i ie-of-the-year award In the "the same ipeclei you caughtlast per hour, and Bowsher qualified Wilder between 3:00 and 6.00:
round decision here, 'Frenchman paid the champ this American Football League, and summer" at 173.678 m.p.h. p.m. AU age groups are included -
tribute: "He is a worthy champion (WhQ is skilled at)punching Rodger Bird of the Oakland While certain Bah are co iJohn Marcum. president of In the program.
from a distance." 'Raiders was named defensive ildrrrd prime fare on the cold ARCA predicts iM both thrace e
weather menu there are hardly I
.WILLS MUST BRING BARGAIN 'rookie-of-the-y, in a poll any game nah that fall to show record and the qualipdarecord ".
COLUMBCS- stung by the action of Maury Wills in quitting the 1 Report" program.The winter fishermen, claim the "The ARCA boys now know Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans 't''r'
team during Its recent Tokyo tour, Indicated last week that results were announced fishing experts at Mercury. the track," h said, "and we'll

they are not willing to trade the scrappy little shortstop for Saturday, Dec. 3, during the outboard You can run down the list have the newest and latest e- ,
peanuts. Dodger General Manager Buzzie Bavasi admitted NBC colorcast of the AFL Re- of summertime favorites quipment. And with the kind of
that .the Yankees have made overtures for Wills, but added: |port (4-4:30 p.m. NYT). Two pike, lake trout muskles. wall money the men will be shooting
"If the Yankees can come up with a shortstop to give us, try
maybe we can do something, but Won't see who they could t and Bobby Burnett, appearedon whatever else Is legal and be little or no stroking.
offer us." the program to receive suddenly realize that fishing The ARCA 2 50 field Is limitedto
really knows
OTHER BARGAINING SIGHTS 'their trophies. The big difference no season.Is In the the 40 fastest cars and these
BALTIMORE-(NPI)-Frank Robinson, slugging outfield star Mike Garrett, last year's He- method used and in the fish will be determined in time trials
of the Baltimore Orioles, declared at a news conference in I Isman Trophy winner as an themselves on Feb. 11, and In two 25 mile
I his John Hopkins Hospital room last week that he didn't all-American halfback for Winter ls hardly a time to races on Feb. 12, The winnersof
think his knee operation would in any way adversely affect his UJS.C., ranks fifth In rushing stop fishing claim the Mercury the two races will gain the a
bargaining power. Robinson, who was operated on last week in the AFL and has recorded folks lad In throughout fact, there the are land a lot who of Inside and outside pole spots.

for removal of a torn ligament from his right knee, receivedan 1 1965's longest run from scrimmage sincerely feel It'. the time to Speed Weeks opens with the
estimated $68,000 In last season and Is said to be dickeri i and exciting 77yarder. stsrt. Daytona Trans-American 300

Ing for $100,000 next year. \A small man, a-s professional road-track race on Feb. 3, and
WINS BOWL BID footballers go, Carrett is five New Sailfish Is followed Immediately by the
BAL TlMORE-NPI-Morgan State college will play for the i feet-nine, weighs around 200 start of the Daytona 24 Hour

first time In the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Fla., Dec. 10, j and Is noted for his shifty running Hotspot FoundOn Continental road race on Saturday -
when It tangles with West Chester college (Pa.) In the 21st and great lateral movesas Feb. 4. This Is f git
annual football classic. Morgan, a predominantly Negro collJ he twists and turns down-' Virgin Island America's longest and most
ege posted Its last bowl victory in 1965 when It defeated i field. Important est of speed and en- '
Florida A & M University, 36-7 In the Orange 'Blossom Bobby Burnett from Arkansas u.s. VIRGIN ISLANDS 'flie druance tor sports, sports pro 1'zs.
classic to avenge a 1962 bowl loss to FAMU. Is a six-foot-two, 200 pound, most exciting fis.ii.ng: news in totype, Grand Touring, and
NAMES CO-CAPTAINS slashing, driving type of ball tie US. Virgin Islands is a Touring cars. The speed festival -

DURHAM, N. C.-NPI-North Carolina college has named carrier, who so far In his recently discovered sailfls.Uig ends on Feb. 26 with the _
senior Byron Klrkley and junior. Willie Sinclair as co- rookie year has emerged as hotspot !just north of St. Thomas Daytona 500, world classic for I
captains of the school's 1966 basketball team. Klrkley, from the number two rusher In the Island in the Caribbean. late model stock

Washington, D.C., and Sinclair, Clayton, N.C., are among league. He has given Buffaloat Prior to the 1965-66 season.,..
seven lettermen returning to the Eagles squad. halfback: the running attack the sails caught were raised in
needed to put the Bills in first deep-water, while anglers fished whamThis
place In the Eastern Division. primarily for blue and white Clown

Rodger Bird from Kentucky marlin. However, in December,
HEATING .fe'I."t i rlREPUCEIIUUIVETERANS was the number one draft choice 1965, boats began checking out 30 63 74
C' ftlh.y.u'> fj in a icrfM
OIL l I COAtMl of the Oakland Raiders.: In college persistent sightings of sailfish 66
ssar Bird was an outstanding Just north of the marlin deeps. 41 22

SF,ASO:YS ICE A FIJII] running back. The Raiders converted yound Sill-fishermen their fondest found sa1lt1sh be- 1 4 Elijah J. McCoy ((1B43-1929))
him expectations.
MM Motwoea *vi. 'PH. 764-4511 to a defensive back,
a move that proved so out Captains now expect the best 3 8 .4
standing. to win for --Ida:: fishing runs In Midflshlng runs
rookie-of-the-year award.Llrd and continuing four to five 5 6

also has set an AFL record for months. These sailfish average
most punt returns In one season around 40-45 pounds; the largest 24 3& 13/

with a couple of games still to boated thus far, a 75-pounder. His is
be played. Top-night winter fishing in the 16 34 212 name part of our language .
The"AFL '100-fathom drop-offs of St. ,

THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. conducted among ReponpoU the NBC was Thomas and St.Croix:for blue and ,Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes his inventions are part of our lives

sportscasters and announcers write marlin, dolphin, yeilowfln He's Down. He adds, subtracts,
covering the AFL games. Dick and blackfln: tuna, kingfish, and; He works it all Around. ',
Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking Auerbach produces the pro- wahoo, Is predicted by the Territory's rtave you ever wondered how the brications.

Fishing and Water Sports 44COMING- 73 32 phrase "the real McCoy" became McCoy's invention
Division of the Department or of part was used so extensively
oar languages
Applications For Its Commerce. Let's go back to Ypsilanti, Michigan that no piece of heavy machinery
ATTRACTIONS was considered
complete it
CIVS Fishermen who like off-shore In the
70 1870. There
FIGHT year a young mechanic had the "McCoy" In
angling can cast on lighter tackle system.
I MULTIPLE for such speedsters as bonefishup 31 15 33MAN'S named Elijah McCoy began experimenting people inspecting! a new machine wouldasic

Veteran Class. SCLEROSIS..' ( to 11 lbs record class), per- engines. Up with until lubricators that time for steam "Is it the real McCoy?" And gradu-
giant engines ally the of the
meaning phrase spread
The tarpon ((20-80 lbs.), had to be stopped
great for
crippler, and barracuda Inside the reefsof until it attained its present meaning as
oiling This
..!!1 ounL adults-I St. Thomas, St. John, or St. money. McCoy's wasted goal a lot of time and the genuine article.
was to come up Elijah McCoy went on to
Crolx. patent over
The Size Of Our Classes with device that
"Man's Days are Numbered." a would oil machines as fifty other lubricating devices. He also
1 Health and Fortune they worked.In established his the
Can Be own company, Elijah
,...,. his crude machine shop McCoy McCoy
fours When You.Know V Manufacturing Company, in
Is Limited By Law. OPA Lucky Days. developed an automatic lubricator: a Detroit. Since that time, his inventions
container with a tiny stopcock that have the for
__ .Lucky Colors, etc. regulated the paved way many techno
continuous flow
oil on logical advancements. But the most
Send $2.00 for your
Horoscope Guide far heavy machinery. Gone was the need to famous legacy McCoy left his country
: interrupt work for time
-consuming lu- was his name.
Enroll Now To Be Sure" Of DECEMBER

i>lll In.the blank below and mail OLD TAYLORKENTUCKY
I to ZODIAC, Post Office Box
1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla.
.'.'ycn n....Mt'ou..o.i.-...... M..ot' lut HO line*S unuum.KWKKIOHI*WIIt..L..,..

STREET NAME Send for free booklet containing portrait and story of each American In this tcrto.
CALL 355-9874 DATE OF BIRTH --- tot Ingenious American Booklet Room 134>, 99 Park Ave., N.Y.. ,N.Y. 10016

I, Mo. Day


'-r- -

liu'i .. ". ..". ". .
H y .

'ICE 12 ..a. *.V.v*
J .. .... 'n' .nv .UTIIDnIY". .r.arrr Hrpruiro.......w 19..< nee....

Nix YORMIVE-INJOBS$40\ Nicely furnished Cooking Pri o 565,000 Raised
ate Single woman or couple.

N.Rut AGENCY Y. ,references.Dept. R L LYNBROOK HAROLI, 3604.Modern conveniences.336- I' Towards Funds

MJMWM I U.tf< r Junior Mitt _i,..."., ,
WANTED f r..", ;"* nj inttrtttt, I. Jir MIAMI, Fla. Ten weeks of
HELP WANTED Beauty operators, IOKI tlarber i., campaigning for funds haveI
New Hollywood Beauty and I raised a .total of $565,000.00
....... I
ft. y. SLEEP-IN Q. My birthday concerned about hit budget ask
in the
Barber Lounge, 622 Ashley St. capital funds drive for
JOBS salaries to $63. fare coming. up WMM. H.'i a frothMM him to suggest something. This rr
Call Florida Memorial
advanced. Rush references! 3549774. at c U.|., M M lure to should give you a good hint College, St.
"phone number. ABLE Mad hint tomtthlof. M CM MMtbtr about his financial state-of-ths. Augustine, Fla. which will relocate
MAIDS j UM .. in Miami, in .Jan., 1968.
AGENCY 163 N. MAIN FREE.ORT AII1 for a llm moment. Once you have the
N.,Y. XMAS SPECIALSSee budget price range, be prompt and deA- The announcement was jointly
Mrs., S. A. A potpourri package of nile in telling him your election made by Sen. Harry P. Cain
P. Thomas 1704
good thing from home will be Don't waste precious date and Dr. Edward T. Graham,
SECRET PRAY R Kings Rd. for your Xmas hair' sure to make a hit! Start with a lime debating the menu with president of the college
dos at a Xmas price. Call batch of his favorite cookie yourself Food for conversationis 1c Board of Trustees.The .
FORMULA CHART I 353-6388. Add a box of Kleenex man'tat much more important and largest gifts have been
tissues a pallet: of razor blades. fun! pledged oy the Missionary and
PSYCHO PHYSICAL TEMPLE, and nail clipper or pocket comb. Educational
Q.1 just got a new short haircut Baptist State Convention
O F THE DIVINE ),MOTHER 216 lAG SEWING If bee watching his budget too, and now my can show. for Florida, Rev. A. H.
INC. SECRET PRAYER he'll like the current issue of
Gothey're big! How CM I Parker, president, for
FORMULA, CHART. MACHINES his favorite magazine More? A
make them look smaller? 150000.000, the ft., Icaap.
My prayers are being sent out Slightly scratched,has original few ballpoint candy pen bars or for two late- night or a A. A little deception should do tint Church of Miami for $25,
blessings are coming In.' guarantees. Makes buttonholes, snacks. The final touch along the trick! Luckily, your ear will 000.00 and personal gifts for
for Free
Dally Blessing. sews on button, fancy Zig Zag newsy letter from you! look smaller when they're partially $5,000 by Dr. Graham with
How to get what you want through No hidden. And it doesn't additional
designs. attchments needed. gifts of
$5,000 each
Q. Every time I la a restaurant
go -
this new of Mail take much hair
Prayer. to
way 949.00 cash cover ears so from
or terms. Free the Peoples National
with H dute. I gel all
u addressed envelope to, they appear smaller Brush a
home Inspection. Will 3anks of Miami and the
deliver, nervous and confused when It's First
sideburn in front of ,
Rev. C. Forster, P. 0. Box your ears
'no obligation. CALL WARE lime lo order Sometime I bide Federal Savings and Loa
then back
58 it them
St. Albaos. N. Y. 11412.; weep over
HOUSE. 353-1946, anytime. behind the menu hoping he will Or. brush hair back lo cover the Assn., Miami.A .
order for me. V hut should I do? the upper lips of your ear. Fla.-Rev. A.h.Parker center,president of the Missionary and Educational Baptist "Lamplighters" for Learn-
EXTRA MILD! IT'S IMPORTED! A. By all means let your dale A bru h.and-mirror experiment State Convention for Florida, presents his pledge for the $2.7 million campaign for the Florida ing Committee has been organized
order for you after you tell should produce the style that's Memorial College to Dr. Royal W. Puryear right, president of the school. Rev. Edward T. by its chairman Mrs.
TheGentle him what you want If you're best for you. Graham, chairman of the school, oard of Trustees observes the presentation. The college Louis Glasser prominent
building program commences In Miami in Feb., 19C7 and the college will move to Miami In Miami Beach civic leader.Contributors -
Scotch HIGHLAND Mark Of Beauty XXXXXXXXXX Jan, 1968 of. $1,000 or mort
_ft. _______ ._AU. .
KHARTOUM -(NPIIt' a "w.u w wew LS' 01 UWl5peCW

centra mark of 1 beauty Sudan for to have Nubans their of FJC Brings Ramsey Lewis Trio Check For Scholarship Fund gUts Efforts group.to read the. $1,000,000
t.( ; MISTBlended bodies covered with decorative mark will be stepped up with
welts. For women the scarring To Civic Auditorium special office parties during
Dec. 10 t the Christmas
starts at age 7-8, and continues season commencing
throughout most of their adult with an initial such
We. Men too go In for the The Florida Junior College at Jacksonville will bring to this event sponsored by Leonard
decorations in much more area next month the nationally-famous Ramsey Lewis Trio as ;A.. : ..: ,- I ,.1 National Uslna, president of the Peoples
: Bank
elaborate style-with the principal part of its 1966 student activities ': ..1oil.y"1" ",\,;">, group.
_. .program. .. iIr'' ":' S r
areas being their chests, L .h u :>
SCOTCH WHISKY ate jazx group wui appear at scnooi ne teams senior division .;,' 7.1> : :. '
: ARII.PMbiicEducation
backs and limbs. the Civic: Auditorium on Saturday of the American Society of ""',". ,{' -- ;.. .,
100% Scotch WhiskiesibGuL ROOM FOR RENT Dec. 10 at 8.00: p.m. Their .Musicians in Chicago got a : .
.r performance will mark the last .superior rating from the Illinois &&I Moves
D Room for rent. Single manpre- event of a week-long festival of Federation of Music Clubs and ii'm'; /" .
49 ferred. 356-2094. cultural offerings art, music won scholarships to Chicago .. : : ,- ',..i Ii
MIST, $4 and drama sponsored by the Musical College and Roosevelt J; ; >; :,: : '. ,'. ."j Hit By ParentsNEW
Florida Junior University. He and his wife <'; : \ '
College at #ttI.
.1U bW! J71! FIFTH FOR RENT Jacksonville have five children "j : :)::1t; :i;!, ; t ....",1,) ORLEANS --

1li..J.l 7 Furnished, 2 Bedroom Apt. The Ramsey Lewis presenta Cleveland Eaton is a former .- .;t ', \ A group of parents in Plaque-
's TENTH $2.55 Phone: 768-4324. tion is open to the public teacher of music in the Chicago : mines Parish, just below the

............ Ticket Information may be ob- Public School System. Duringhis city toward the mouth of the
;.. tained by phoning Mr. Regis tenure as a teacher, Mr. river, have written the local
"" ;:;: ,
Schlffbauer, coordinator of Eaton was also very much in school board protesting what
,?; .,_,. % PINT $1.65 Furmsned. Prefer nice coupleor student activities at the Florida demand as bassist for recording they term actions to hinder
single man. Call 354-7510 Junior College sessions and club dates.Cleve- public education in the parish.
The trio consists of Ramsey land has appeared nationallywith In this parish dominated by
r I Lewis, piano, Cleveland Eaton,. the Donald Byrd-Pepper segregationist Leander Perez,
e ROOM FOR RENT bass and Maurice White.drum- Adams group and on the tour r many parents have taken their
OnlY At Stores mer. circuit with the Julie London children out of public schools
Rooms For Rent On Bus Lines' Lewis began his piano studiesat troupe. He has also performedwith and have erected private schools
Phone:353-0420. the age of six. While in high such jazz greats as Nancy which they use to seek public
Wilson, Gloria Lynn, Henry 'ty funds from the Louisiana grant-
'. : .: ,. Mancini and Jack Jones. I In-aid program which permits
Maurice White is a youngper- the state to give each child
cusslonlst with extensive .- $300 a year to attend privately-
WAREHOUSE STORE experience in all related fields The William P. Foster Scholarship l Fund owned and segregated schools.
--" a SH A P" :' of music. He has performedas for music students at Florida A&M Univer- The parents claim that the
3000 W. 45th ST. a staff musician for one of sity, Tallahassee, was established here American flag is not permittedto
America's most successful recording baturd ay December 3, at the Second Annual be raised at the public, nor
firms and in jazz clubs Marchina Band held in the Flager the private schools. They also
PRICES IN THIS AD with top-flight jazz artists. Room of the McAllister Hotel and spon- claim that the private schools
The store that cares..about: t'yo'lj".;' White is a native of Memphis, sored by the Seven-Up Company of St. have confiscated: most of. the
ARE GOOD THROUGH Tennessee, and studied percussion Louis Missouri. Mrs. Inex Kaiser public schools' books and that
at Chicago Con- Special Markets Consultant for the J. all extra-curricular activities
SATURDAY. DEC, 3, servatory of Music. Walter Thompson Company ana {he Seven-Up have been discontinued.CHILDI .
-lartlaLtglChrla Attalfllg} -! Future plans of the Ramsey made the presentation of a check for ,
fdKMASimtantfdaodatatsl.tlsac? .._ Lewis Trio include a concert $1,000 to Dr. Foster from The Seven-Up COMMENT upon teeing
EXTRA SPECIAL VALUE tour of the country's colleges Company to set up) the fund. Students i her first giraffes: They 10011
j like
TV shows and a special Christmas enrolled in the Department of Music at they fell down and got
1 25C* OFF LABEL -I Concert In Chicago's Orchestra FAMU will I benefit from the scholarship. !fracked: .all over."
FLOCANESllfiAR Hall with a forty piece Dr. Foster, for whom the scholarship fund
i orchestra and a choir. will I stand as a living memorial is head
of the FAMU Music Department and director
_: I AJAX I FIGHT CANCER j of the famous Florida MM Marching 100" Royal Crown""

i'g ------ ColaTOOTHACHE

'.' i ..Vista Volunteers Explains. _-wtt Program-n When suggests Ironing starting, Proctor with fabrics SUex

r I.t needing low temperatures, and
I I : a-9 work up to heavy, damp linens was IIIIfot 'nar I. __ rei Mwr. tN

li49::G ( 1 SIZPXG. j' t r and temperatures.such which Build require up higher heat _::--:'sIS0M II'! a KMkKlw":a.IeSI.lrl.,,re.ra.w...me..w1..wM.da.a ar.,
l e .. .
-- I !*,-.4Asst. in the iron as you work Remember A"-I dry--MCM -'" MMM. e

MnifirW that the iron heats' r'e-tel ;
/ !_ l.gYauwataatcmacdacraswadtrlslttiaaltKl G? it more quickly than it cools.
? y

laatilla hlt9aln11 lr atllatalKlrllh.

SULTANA : Gibbs Night Club :

[ FRUIT I : Callahan- Florida :
GRAPE' * : .
ORANGE Cocktail <<<< ; Coming Attraction ItIt .


S A,1 I : Jaraiirr 21, 1967
Ml. $ (00 <<
1.01. 5

4 14.01. 99t; Predict Miiifir CANS 1 I i .:

CANS B. B ..
---.w.> : ,__ .
9salMCtsatalacaatlMdaacfsKfa+cYlallNtldlt .

"""" > I .. .
SPECIAL! JANE PARKERBLACKBERRY R --l Pat Crutchfield a VISTA volunteer from .. KingOrgan .

r------ Springfield Mass. explains the cultural .
J enrichment for the .
program elderly to .
i Russell R. Debow, administrative assist- ..
I ant to Mayor Daley a's the group pauses In ..
PIES LETTUCELARGE front of the HII 11 I lard Homes for Senior : -
I And :
I Citizens Chicago. Shown are standing .
-I' dl( to RI) ( Carl Dupres! Hilliard Homes .
manager; Charles H. Henderson, regional Band
39 Mill MIIIIII LARGE VISTA representative ; Miss Crutchfield ..
: 2 J and Russell R. DeBow. Center ( L to R) :
HEADS Florence J. Webb, Detroit ; Warren King .- 11 P.M. to 3 P.M.- :
London Ohio ; Catherine Washington and .
,1 / Lorna Asai I both of New York ; and Frank a Admission :
McMutt Ford City' Pa. Bottom ( L to R) .
k ALLGOOO SUURSLICED Connie Turner, VISTA field representative,
1'lBPKG.I Washington, D. C. Hartense Greene, savan- : Advance 2.50 At Door '3.00Tables :;

: 590 nah, Ga. ; and Muriel Hamilton Madison a
BACON Wis. Free--- :

--(NPI Photo) * * * *

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