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119105 F20090414_AAADJF 00468.QC.jpg 5071ab4fec9f72cc04f21223a93ef56a7bdb2c5cd9610952bef5a2125380dc3eee4ff2b0
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200743datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 26, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007430740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 26, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 26, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
:\ \\)
,.. \\\C':)


.\)\ ".

d d w AccusaaOf Sabotaging: Housing J Project*p w fi* lBURNS

* *


-w .: .u.._ :.._____ ...__ __ ;... .... ... .... ... ..&. ..&. .. .. .
--- 'I." *
"--- ; *

UdYWdQ'1 or norlaa P1cJr1o ... I !ileon( Ua). +.ww 2-Da M..W.ovW..4+ S..c.IiQ.Q.11Jfittjt rr : :; :

QYDL. 1 ** '



* * *
(1966 15 CENTS
To Classic Parade Civil ServiceAppointment
> .* 4c f* ; Models Spark

- t-T-O--'T.; { 'JIJI '.h" .- 4ird i.. : Of f

.,,... ... s, k..r,. ,,. _..,........,.... ..._.d. ..d..Y.r. W.Wo ....w. # ..... .....
** ** Negro StalledThe

JAX WOMAN HELD :: appointed chances to the of a Jacksonville Negro being

t City Civil i I Service appeared
doomed as the City Council

I failed to rectify the appoint
ment of Charles E. Simmons

: ; : Jr.The council sent the appoint.

FOR KILLING MATEJax 1i ment, made by Mayor Louis
Ritter, back to a committee bya
5-2 vote. The matter could

T die in the committee.
* * s; 7f Robert Blackburn, president

Woman Charges By NAACP Powell Faces'' of Alliance the Jacksonville, told the council Ministerial anda

!p jt packed audience that the action

Kills Mate Unseat Move:/ wA 1 problems.raised the possibility of racial

Called Distortions WASmNGTON'Rep.. Adam. Blackburn siad, "No one, either
With .22 Gun Clayton Powell is being faced in the council or In the

wit h a move to prevent tetra\ < audience, wants to see racial
A Jacksonville woman Is being Governor BurnsTALLAHASSEE from taking his House seat!.J N rioting, cries of black poweror
held on a charge of murder in January if he does not settle. marches, even peaceful
Duval County Jail following the "
his affairs with the law. *j ones.
shooting of her estranged hus- Accusations by the Florida NAACP that the Rep. Lionel Van Deerlin, D? \' The minister urged "moral
band last Thanksgiving Day State Office of Economic Opportunity practiced racial discri- Calif., set in motion a chairs( ; 't.! .; courage" by the councilmen
Mrs. Dorothy Randolph, 28, mination and is politically operated were labeled Tuesday by of events that could lead to: to take up the matter He said
of 1075 Kings Rd. is accused Cov. Haydon Burns as, "Complete distortions of fact." expulsion of the Harlem De*<< that, during racial problemslast

of shooting Frank Randolph, mocrat from Congress.. summer, one of the major
also 28, of 1324 Prince St. NAACP Florida Field Secretary tended by the Economic Powell, chairman of the UouaEducation obstacles to discussions had
three times with a .22 caliber Marvin Davies, St. Opportunity Act and support and Labor Com been the matter of a Negro
pistol as he tried to pull her Petersburg, and I President racial discrimination ]
serving on the civil service
mittee, was not available tog,
from a phone booth. Rutledge Pearson, Jacksonville Rental Agency comment Ills I whereabout Models In board.
The couple had separated for -
were unknown. f r
about a year but last Thursday J' Van Deerlin, said his decision 'OB ParadeSeen Negro ladySenator
the victim saw his wife at Kings Aide Denies to try to deny the \t2'yefr' '!

Rd. and Cleveland and started veteran Negro congressman his here are two of Miami'sup For
beating her during an argument Sabotage Role seat was prompted by a New and coming models who will
about some car keys. be in the Blossom
1 York state supreme court order seen Orange
According to investigating Bonded Rental Agency Public Classic "Brain Power"ALEXANDRIA
last week for Powell's arrekjt parade on Saturday.
'offlcars, tn. 'woman.s<* sway,< Relations man,.Charles Lock-, any day of the'week inel Jin> Photographed by House of
from her husband and went toa hart who also holds a $S00:a-"" Sunday' "*:*;*. v-' Photography U curvy\ SANDRA ,I La,... -CW>
phone booth and called the month job on the anti-poverty The court. ordered I PownllJailed DOZIER (above) who will be The first Negro lady senator
police. Officers Henry Harleyand .program was accused this week for 30 days. He also p-a seen with scintillating ANN in the Texas legislature has
Walter Solomon advised by an: anti-poverty leader of denied the existence of "black
(aces imprisonment for an ad WILSON (shown at left) a model
Mrs. Randolph to take out a sabotaging efforts to improve ditional ,year and 30 days' tot now a trainee for Eastern Air- power," while affirming the
warrant for his arrest and k p slum conditions in Goulds. existence of "brain "
left. defying court orders that he lines. Other models who will power,
A short time later Mrs. Phillip Johnson, executive settle a $164,000 judgment be seen in the parade, which she called the "only
Randolph is reported to have MARVIN DAVIES director of the Homestead- stemming from a harlem representing the House of measurement of man."
gone into another telephone sent telegrams to Washington Florida City Economic widow's successful defamationsuit Photography and the FLORIDA Those who have"brainpower"lose
booth to call police and tell asking for an audit and Investigation Opportunity Center t said, against him. STAR PAPERS are shown on their identifying qualities,
them that her husband was still of the Florida program. "Charlie Lockhart Is being paid Powell's attorney failed Wed pace 8.School. such as race, creed, or color,
hanging around, whereupon the Burns called the charges distortions a salary from antipovertyfunds nesday to have the latest arrest said Sen. Barbara C. Jordanof
husband reportedly began of fact and said "they but he's really workingfor order vacated. MotorcadeBOSTON Houston.
beating his estranged wife deserve no explanation from the people> who own slum Van Deerlin said Powell's Sen. Jordan was addressing
again. housing" a combined meeting of the
.f status with the law meant he
0f Lockhart does not deny that - Mrs. Randolph, according to could not serve in the armed -
he works for Bonded Rental pupils may go to school in a
police, got away again from her forces. and the Louisiana Congress
husband and ran to another Agency said there's no conflict motorcade of taxicabs, station of Parents and Teachers.
"It would be a monstrous
of interest In the two per wagons, small buses,and family
phone booth and was attemptingto positions version of patriotism and Also addressing the meetingwas
He said he built contacts cars, as a result of a bus
call police again to report up morality if a man who wouldbe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
that Randolph was beating her. over a period of ten years barred from serving his company threat to stop trans- who declared that one should
working for the rental porting the pupils unless some not to be the best
Police said the woman pulled agency try Negro
country in uniform because of
'which aided him in his anti- of the $12,000 owed it is paid teacher the best
a pistol from her bosom and unlawful acts should be alloweda .Mw or Negro car-
shot four times and then wentto poverty work. voice in policies which affectthe oft The motorcade was penter, but to be the best in
her room to await the arrival Johnson said Lockhart criti- organized to save the intergra- bis line, whatever that line
lives of who do
men serve, In which Negropuplls
of police. The wife showed investigating cized the anti-poverty programand he said. lion plan, might be.Black .
told the to are permitted to attend white and white dependent
officers bruises and people dependon men are -
Rules of the House do not offer
schools if Is available
him to room each other and
get improvementsin
lacerations of the head allegedly on ,
clear directions on how to deal
must for
their apartments. After a --- but they pay neither rise
inflicted by the victim.An can any higher
f with a case like Powell's. But
few minor improvements ova traIIaportatlOQ"I than the other he said.
inquest into the shootingwill weremade ,
according to the best opinions> !
be held before Justice of the rent was increased...- Say NAACP Leaders During the meeting, A. Maceo
The Peace Gordon Poppell on GOV: HAYDON BURNSthe and the residents just gave I Fay Negroes Smith, Dallas, Zone Intergroup
," Johnson said. Relations advisor Federal
Monday, Dec. 5. governor and they shall up ,
Lockhart denied Johnson's Housing Administration, col
receive none""The "I went down Hurt Own PeopleNEW He taken to local
Leon School running of the businessof charges. just IndemnitySays lapsed. was a
the State of Florida is the there and pointed out to those hospital, where his conditionwas
people> you can't expect $20 pronounced not too serious.
function of the office of YORK-NPI-1'wo Golden
governor prominent been directed to take this action
'Holiday' Ends not the NAACP," he said : leaders have accused from which there is no appeal," Alphonse elected Jackson Jr.,Shreveport of-
alter reading a copy, of the NAACP officials of giving their Meredith said.Meredith WASHINGTON Writer was president
the Education Association.Mrs.
TALLAHASSEE Attendancein telegram.The own people a hard time One said he phoned Rev. !Harry Golden, who had his fill Ethel J. New Orleans
Leon County's schools was two NAACP officials described of the leaders was himself an Parham and was told that the of Jewish ghetto life as youth, elected Young president, of the,

back to normal Wednesday following the office was "a NAACP official communication ordering the proposed> Wednesday a $100 I was Congress of Parents and Tea
political pawn of the governor's James Meredith angrily cancellation billion "indemnity" tocompensate -
a two-day N A A C P- was signed by Roy chers. Other speakers at the
sponsored, "holiday" for about office" which i served as a ... ...- charged that he was being Wilkins. Negroes for centuries of Mrs.
meeting FreddyeS.
"dumping ground" for political "blackballed" and "dis- James Meredith whose deprivation."This .
4,000 Negro children. REP ADAM POWELL Henderson, Atlanta, Ga.; Dr.
Leaders of the organization patronage. credited" by the NAACP. He appearance in Columbus setoff is an 'indemnity' paid
John C.Lewis Jr. master
denied it was'a boycott of the Davies said one employe,Identified '1'' '' of Informed House officials, said NAACP executive director a skirmish with NAACP not to a foreign power but to Prince Hall Masons,grand of Louisiana
schools but admitted it was as Anne Payne, had r something like the following Roy Wilkins caused the can- leaders, said at a news conference ourselves," he said in testimony and Dr. John W. Davis
effective in keeping children worked In the office longer than would take place.Immediately cellation of his scheduled that NAACP methods before a Senate NAACP; Defense Educational ,
home. anyone else but had never been before membersare speaking engagement before the "can no Longer produce anythingof subcommittee studying problems Legal Fund New York.and
Superintendent Freeman Ash- promoted and had no responsibilities. sworn_In the day Congress Columbus (Ohio) branch. significance" of America's cities "If ,

more estimated the absences convenes, Jan. 10, Van Deerlin "This is a blackball. In effect.It's In St. Louis, Cecil Moore, we got only 10 W. C. Handysout
cost the Leon County school "She feels that she is being would object to Powell taking a move to discredit me," Philadelphia NAACP president, of It, or one George Wash- Charles
systme about $20,000 in state discriminated against the CHARLES LOCKHART his oath of office. The House Meredith said. said the NAACP should reallybe ington Carver, !it will nave been Ray
funds. telegram said. speaker would ask Powell to He added that the Rev. WardS. called the NAACCP, the repaid us a thousandfold."
The School Board on Tuesday The officials said they objectedto worth of bousing if all you can step aside while the others Parham, Columbus NAACP National Association for the Golden proposed a 10-year
directed its attorney to Investigate federal funds being used for afford to pay is $10," he said.I take their oaths.It branch president, sent him a Advancement of Certain "Marshall Plan" for the Negro Fined InNarcotic
the possibility of filing other purposes than those in- He said Johnson and his anti-I then would be up to the letter regretting that"we must Colored People." would boost the underprivileged

suit against the NAACP for poverty workers stirred up the Democratic leadership-and cancel your appearance." The Moore, a militant leader, everywhere and"give the entire Case
conspiring to cause the loss LASHBACK residents to present an ultimatum this necessitates a policy decision letter went on to say, "We have called a recent NAACP state- world a spiritual lift."

of state funds.Meanwhile NEW YOUR -(NPItalianAmericans. to the landlords. "But," '-to offer a resolution ment denouncin g black powera In a similar vein,Roy Wilkins,
local NAACP Lockhart said, "they bad directing the speaker to swearin KLAN BACKLASH complete surrender to the executive director of the Blind Jazz singer Ray Charles
back at Slack
chapter President Rev. Dan Nationalist literature nothing to back up the Powell, without any qualification forces of bigotry, National Association Colored last Tuesday was fined$10,000,

Speed said actions of the School the Cosa Nostra of activity accusing in ultimatum." or pending an RICHMOND Va. -(NPI)-A Some Negro leaders, he said, People (NAACP), called for a and given a suspended sentence
Board would determine the or- Harlem as they formed t h e Lockhart said he tried to rea- investigation. brick was thrown through the are "leaders without national plan to eliminate Inequities of five years in Jail and was
ganization's next step. The American Italian Anti- son with the "riled up" If the resolution were defeatedor plate glass window of the real followers. Many current and charged that placed on probation for four
NAACP has complained about Defamation league. The residents and asked them where if none were offered, Powell estate office of B. A. Cephas, Negro leaders are not really current federal job training years on narcotics charges,
inadequate school facilities they would move to if the would remain a representativeelect. a Negro councilman after he leaders "because they are programs are marred by "out- in Boston.
group, designed "enhance the
Italian image landlord decided to close the He still would receivehis proposed> a resolution in the chosen by the white man. They right racial discrimination: The 35-year-old Charles
SPEAKER leaflet circulating, objected in Harlem to a buildings. $30,000 yearly salary and council declaring that a pro- are the errand boys of segregation Wilkins told the panel, which pleaded guilty a year ago to
Johnson said Lockhart told be permitted to use his office: posed Ku Klux Klan headquarters ," he added. includes "ghetto alumnus"Sen. charges of possession of
charging that "the Cosa
is Nostra the people to let him handle but be would not be allowed to was n o t wel- Singling out leaders of the Jacob K. Javlts, R-N. Y., that marijuana and heroin.
our communities
LJSAKANPlPresident with the matter. But when the vote. come. Cephas bad the last Urban League and the NAACP, Negro applicants in Jobtra.ining Charles was arrested in Oct.,
Kenneth D. Kaunda of Zambia children narcotics, destroying our residents called him to com- In this event, an investigation laugh, however, as the council Moore said there was a serious programs often are destined for 1965, when be stepped out of
and families
will be the principal speaker at rich at the and getting plain about drainage problems, presumably would follow, with adopted> his resolution. The doubt "that the Urban Leagueever blue color employment in dying his private plane at Logan International
the third national meetingofthe same time. The open> septic tanks, leaky roofs, the House voting either toclear attack prompted Governor MillsE. represented Negroes." industlres while white can- Airport In Boston
American Negro Leadership: league planned an appeal to the rats and roaches Lockhart told Powell, censure him or expel Godwin to deplore an apparent Unless Negro groups "get didates "are being trained for after a flight from Canada. He
Conference on Africa, which, elty Commission on Human them to stop> calling him John- him. Expulsion would requirea "quickening" of Klan down to the grass-roots level automated and computerized was sentenced by U.S. District

meets Jan.23-29in Washington. Rights. son said. two-thirds vote of approval. activities In Virginia. they will be doomed," he said. employment." Judge Charles E. Wyzanskl Jr.

v 1 ,

d \

--- -----------7. -T-;

; ((9si 1



'Published.by the Florida Star fubllsning Company By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.

I have recently returned from a two-week tour of five East

European nations-Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Poland

NEGRO PI TIONM:. and While Yugoslavia.the trip to these far-away nations was Interesting and J

1 Informative, my basic reason for interrupting my busy scheduleto
WJ= make It was the chance: for Informal talks with my fellow

ERIC 0. SIMPSON......Manatinf Editor Dr tour members. They were 26 of: the nation's most. Important.. I
> ". ,,.aUpGE business leaders; the chief executives d companies *
.i- employing a total of about 2

HILDA WOOTEN.......Circulation Maoater and contributing a large share
k nation's Industrial production. These
--.c- men who are in a position to materially mUUonl'workers
the economic situation of the nation, :
both through
.'. course. Negro citizens,
7323 Moncrief, Road Phone
Elfin 4-6782 p '..# .. .::1.. ;-,.. they have at their disposal, and
'''7 :!fo great influence they wield In the councils of Industry.
Mailing AddressP :! .t I am glad to report that this phase of the trip was very suc-
0 Box 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 .. .. cessful. I found these business leaders to be extremely well
:.:: :; :. :: :$ Informed and quite sympathetic to the great efforts needed to

MIAMI OFFICF : :,fd., bring equality of opportunity to Negro citizens.They recognizedthat
'. ( discrimination has kept Negro citizens In.erlouseconomic
]138 NW 3rd Ave .Phae. 317.1025 t, difficulties and they are sophisticated enough to understandthat
p 1." ; they can bring about some of the needed changes.
:\ It was heartening to find that these energetic and successfulmen
f SUBSCRIPTION RATES had no use for the racism behind the "white backlash"and *
One Year. $6.00 Half Year. $4.00 that they were truly concerned about Increasing the role

Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States America's great corporations must play in expanding oppor-
Subscription payable in advance tunities for Negroes and other minorities. I am confident that '
/ y, \ results soon.
Send Check or Money Order to: t ? f o our talks will yield Impressive very
I was glad that I went, too, because I feel very strongly that
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 Negroes must be part of any large group travelling abroad and

Jacksonville 1. Florida 3 tiZZ meeting government leaders and other persons. America Is a
multi-racial country whose great strength is Its diversity of
4. Nr peoples and this should be reflected in every such group we

Two Santas? -. No, No, No send abroad, even such an unofficial, private tour as ours was.
I was also anxious to gain a better understanding of east-west
Evidently the Bloomington Associationof relations which affect all Americans. In each of the countrieswe

Commerce believes in one Santa Claus Responsible Leadership Must Take Over! visited, I found the same themes running through our conversations -

while the Bloomington Chapter of the NAACP with government leaders.
They all share a sincere concern over the war In Viet Nam,
wants two of them. -- - ---- --- -- -- - --
that it escalate Into another world
and fear the
possibility may
In the past, two Santas were Included in I 1
war, a horror they have already lived through and never again
the annual Christmas parade. The want to see. The emotional scars of the last war are still
Booomington Association of Commerce contended i Your Weekly evident In their fear of a reunited Germany and in their fear
that this made for confusion. A 1 i. that Germany will gain access to nuclear arms. The Nazi
public announcement was made that this "master race" theories resulted in mass murder and the

year only one Santa Claus would parade. 1 destruction of their countries and they never again want to havea

NAACP officials feel that they should 1 powerful Germany on their borders.
have been the Guide They are all trying to Improve living standards for their
notified as to new policy 1 Horoscope ; .
directly rather than by public announce- 1 people and are willing to abandon doctrinaire Communism to
do it. I was most Impressed with the apartment building activities -
ment. *
I rents at a general standard of
saw. They are pegging
We are aware how Negroes have felt about 1 wwwwww 1
about 10 per cent of income, in contrast to our rule of-thumb
this sort of thing in the past, for usually 1 By PABLO The ASTROlOGER : 25 per cent. In each of the countries I was told that they considered -
the Santas were white. In 1 good housing a fundamental aim, recognizing that

integration, the NAACP should be willing good housing Is basic to a stable family life, education, and
to have just one Santa. I' the morale f people.

But, in order that Santa will not alwaysbe ,WHICH: ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS F'Ofl : You can imagine how I felt when I stepped off the plane on my
a Caucasian the racial identity of I return and read of a new U. S. government study of housing in
1 I urban areas which proves that poor people pay more rent for
could be varied. One it couldbe
year BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL less space and necessities than d,) persons who are better off.
white another and still
Negro others :
Many of these people are paying rents that equal Park Avenue
having Santa. Chinese, Mexican, and so on I rents when considered on acostpersquarefoot basis. In

Otherwise make Santa a symbol -- -- --- -- -- --- -- ------ -- - ... -n./ Houston It.was found that 80 per cent of low-Income housing
non-racial in identity. was "deteriorating or dilapidated" by federal standards. I
ARIES or just starting at a new one, count. Be careful aicut what you AQUARIUS' certainly hope that the housing officials I met In Eastern
Meanest Man Gets Sentence there are promising signs that say or believe to forestall mis BORN JAN. European nations still not recovered from the destruction of
lOaN MARCH ,rvr-vim you my be bitching on to the I understandings. The pace will the last war don't hear about how the world's richest nation

A UPI story from Miami cited an Incident', .21stAPRIL 19th: wagort 3f prosperity. DoaM pay' n I. soon pick up 20th. EEL ,Illh houses Its poor.
which rightly labeled the rfffdnder 'per ,r:: atteijtWh to inevitable;flelay* ;;-t1Q)! You are befriended 'fte few I have, In the past year or so, visited In Europe, In Africa,
haps the world's "leanest" man. Realign your sights. Whatever'the for the long-range prospectsare Aquarians who still be and in Viet Nam. I have seen people In different parts of the
have undergone the truly Important may world with different customs habits and colors. I
What did he do to experience you ones. can only
deserve floundering In the of
this label? during the proceeding Taking things for granted Is a SCORPIO grip uncertainty conclude that people are the same all over The difference
Cecil Taylor didn't take candy from period, it undoubtedly has mistake that Cancerlana as well may now fall backon are Infinitesimal compared to the similarities. Their hopes
BORN OCT. the truism
a b a b y. But the youth, 23 years old, brought you to the realizationthat as the rest of the population that divine assis- and desires for themselves and their loved ones are the same-
spent a Sunday afternoon taking penniesand you must alter your views surely should not Indulge In. '24th NOV. 22nd ante done Is all offered to one who has all men share the same dreams. I hope that this lesson is
dimes from shoeshine boys. Taylor regarding the future and your There are worrisome events possible to help a brough home to all who hate others on the superficial basis
Down to brass tacks.You must worthy cause. It be
backed the boys against walls and searched place in it. An entirely new coming. friend may a of skin color or other Idiotic reasons.
not allow private Interests or an ally or chance
them to the tune of 1040. perspective may be have to your For such hate breeds war and destruction,and I saw and heard take too far from alone that to
to appears protect
The boys went and found a policeman. The be accepted and acted upon financial you and professional away your status and fortunes. enough on this trip to Eastern Europe to give thanks that
thief while the moment Is ripe.Make your your America has been spared the worst horrors of war. I saw more
was later apprehended and brought interests There honors to Marriage could the
are serve same
the most of openings to cultivate clearly how the virus of racism can destroy nations whenit
before City Judge Richard Hickey of Miami your talents and education. Extensive LEO be won and gains to be chalked purpose for some of you The Is allowed to run amuck.
who sentenced the youth to 240 days in travel, too, may havean BORN JULY up; and the quicker you get lure of gambling and speculation
jail so that he might have sufficient to appeal for some of In down to business, the sooner somehow never quite disappears -
think it over--- for the meanness of his any event, do not decide In 23rd AUG. fled you will reap a rich harvest. and it may be cast THE URBAHLEAGUE

crime.It !haste As always, there Is muchto You could start out under the Ignore suggestions that wealth before you just when you are
is proper that the Judge sentenced be thankful for, Includingthe mistaken notion that you have may be acquired through taking In the throes of: a weak moment -
risks time and There is
this youth for who can be any worst fact that you and your del little or nothing to be thankful speculative any no doubting STORYBy
anywhere. It Is the person wltfc ,the fact that you should dis
ones still be together Be for. This Is not the case, as
character than an adult taking advantageof may
an overall plan, that has been regard it entirely no matter
shoeshine boys. This should be a prudent at work. many of the more discerningamong revised and perfected, who collects how brightly it Is painted. CLANZELL BROWN
lesson to other youths who might be 3-80-e8 .15.87.381 you may Lave already the chips
similarly inclined. discovered. Use of your mag- Poor boomS has been recognized by Jacksonville citizens
netic powers and personal attributes 5.20.22 ;7.21.521SAGITTARIUS as a deterrent to human renewal. It Is a part of: the vicious
should carry you as cycle that helps tc institutionalize Inhuman life conditions for
Negro Councilman Awaits Okay TAURUS far as you wish, Including the PISCES 28 million people In this country.In .
BORN APRIL more romantic realms. Con- Jacksonville! 25,000 families suffer from Inadequate

Why. and for what reasons, did the tinue to be quite discriminating BORN FEB. housing The Urban League, NAACP, GJEO, city government
Jacksonville city council fail to ratify zotb MAY 20 in your choice of friends and BORN NOY 19th MAR 20th and federal government are working to find ways to get decent
eliminate those who may be 23rd DEC. 21st housing for the disadvantaged citizen. However, there can be
influences in.
the appointment of C, E. Simmons Jr. to Settling move
can start working Stabilizing
starts out simply capitalizing on your no real change until the persons affected become concernedand
This last
the City Civil Service Board? I quarter with success and cener sly. Tone You win. It may be purely forces should now take find ways to help themselves. It Is evident from two
The council sent the appointment, made ;Interestingly enough rather per- down your tastes. coincidental or just because over enabling you to rely more meetings sponsored by the Urban League recently that the
fect[ ending to a stormy
by Mayor Louis Ritter, back to a commit- offered to the Jupiter forms fine trine aspects on your and your ally's good citizens want better housing in our city.A .
tee by a 5-2 vote. As a parliamentary I Taureans episode being who have adjusted 2.10'- with Venus and the Sun, judgment In matters that concern group of average mothers met In the Ulxontown area to

strategy, the matter could die on the I easily enough to change and its that reveals you to be lucky your domestic andprofesslonal discuss their present honing situation. One mother stated
shelves of the committee. Imponderables. Those of you after all.Some Saglttarians may interests. It will take 'that rats running around her house are large enough to play
' VIRGO soon see themsleves embarking considerable effort on both third base of her neighbors agreed that some of the rats
' Reverend Robert Blackburn, president of who may be heirs to an interesting one
the Jacksonville Ministerial Alliance, legacy would be wise BOIN AU(. for distant places or starting sides to live up to agreements in her home sound like human foot steps, and another woman
not to of it until it fled out on a new training or educational since temperamental differences said rats were not the only pest In her home, she had snakes
told the council that sending the matter spend any 23rd SEPT. course. The talents could be difficult to

back to a committee disturbed citizens to session.Is unquestionably Red tape in and your disap pos Now try subtlety. It does net that you possess could be Instrumental harmonize for any lasting too.Some of the other participants voiced concern about Increased

the point suspecting racial objection. around. necessarily ;Bellow:: that one or In aiding you to period of time. However, there rent cost after minor repairs. One mother was offered a run
We would like for the councio to allay. pointments are always more failures roust be followed achieve fame and success.They is a possibility that many of: you down home for a price twice the value placed on the home bya
our fears by a public statement of reason by more "f ie same. But It should not be allowed to dry Piscians wW soon surmount local bank. All of the mothers wanted to know bow the'
for their action. Like Robert Blackburnwe may show *. ft your approach up because of lack of faith. these and other personal problems Minimum Housing Code could help them to get decent housing

would like to see the council show or techniques may have been and restore harmony. now. Persons who attended the Citizenship Education Workshop.

moral courage and stand for or against GEMINI all wrong. Should you recognize had the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of the Minimum
the appointment of C, E. Simmons, Jr. this is a possibilit:', start developing Housing Code with supervisor of buildings, Mr. Herbert
Simmons is qualified else the BORN MAY new ways cf achieving; Whether astrology is a science Oatman, who is responsible for the enforcement of the housing
or mayor 21st JUNE 21stAll's your principal ends. Refuse to or hoax is an oft-debated ques code.
would not have appointed him. be upset by people or circumstances 22id IAN. 19th tion. Any discussion of this The two things they were concerned the most with were: rent
for Whether
the best. It
and be firm In your question however, presumes Increases and how long It would be before the Code would help
Powell Fails To Is sheer luck or the exertions belief l.ti the rewards youme There's a hidden reward. The faith in destiny. For those who them to get hot water, adequate toilet facilities, good roofs,
AppearHarlem of a loving companion that are earned will be forthcoming Capricoroians who have with- have no faith in "destiny," sealed doors and windows, and overall, how good Is our
entitled to the! credit, you may before long. Laugh at other stood tests or ordeals to which i.e. a preodained future, the anti-slum law?
Representative Adam Clayton be able to say that life looks people's faults. they may have been subjected question of astrology being a
Powell, D-N.Y? failed to appear in State' much rosier now than It did heretofore should now extracta science or otherwise does not
Supreme Court last Wednesday to begin during the previous quarter. big measure of satisfaction. arise. Such peq>l.st.ouldnatu- THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY

serving a 30-day Jail contempt sentencefor Teamwork will get more done, There are really fortunate developments ally drop out of the discussion '
criminal contempt of court. but it may rest mainly on you benefiting you, the because unless there Is a destiny Nov. 27, 1949 Atty. William R. Ming Jr., Chicago, became
Now Mr. Powell's 'failure tp report makes to see to it that It is not bam LIBRA family, and your financial interests there could be no methodof the first Negro to be elected vice chairman of the American

him liable to an additional sentence.But pered by conflicting views and BORN SEPT. There Is plenty of room predicting what it is. Sucha Veterans Committee.

where was the gentleman? Reports temperaments. It will soon whole be 23rd OCT. 23rd left at the top for those who weeding out of the people who No,. 28, 1908 Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Manhattan
time to review the
'harbor conservative principlesand not qualified to Democrat and minister Church New York
are basically Abyssinian Baptist ,
state that the congressman be in the of Frlenouilp saves There Is
may question marriage,past,pre who act In keeping with debate the bona fides of astrology was born.
Bahamas, and he was not represented by sent and future. Turn It to the little denial of the clear-cut their recommendation Do not as a science, helps
his lawyers. The clerk called his best advantage possible. Indication that many of you forget even
name' temporarily, the clear the air for a Judicious Nov. 29, 1905 The Chicago Defender newspaper began publication. -
three times to which there came no reply. 810U146l814CANCER Librans may have been born rules that apply to health discussion of the question. .
Redtape seems to be on Powell's side, for with silver spoons In your You can rest assured that what For those who concede that

if a warrant for his arrest is issued, months personal The chance and social to bolster ties Is the rage today will be as there Is a preordained future Nov. 30, 1944 The Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr., was electedto

there, will be the problem of serving it', your and to materialize fondest dead an the dodo bird tomorrow. for every man or woman or his first term In the U. S. Congress from New York.

it appears. that Powell doesn't intend to BORN JUNE hopes, may be your said to be and Therefore precious, It Is a waste to of time for that It should matter not for M'Ofncult every animal : . . . .
energy worry or ,
return to the State o't Ne 'York. Furthermore Start
22nd yours. building up your ,
react violently to anthlng, no to believe that there could be
Powell's lawyers contend that their energies and prepare for anew matter how outrageous. one or more methods to forecast : GIVE TO THE UNITED FUND *
Work and cash in. Whether
client has not been served legally. phase in your s pattern that
you are working at an old Job can be turned to profitable ac- 5.30.22. 16. 29 533 wl.at that future 1.1.Iii. . . . ;

.'4 .
i L 14 ''I (

I \ 1 1 1urangc

I Blossom Classic QueensThreelovely Judge L.WinegeartSpeaker

Game Room For At Mew YMCA rs6c1AeaY: SPEAKING Louise WI Gu th i ny.rd | I IAfter

Judge Lamar Wlnegeart Jr., such an exciting and week- '
Judge of the Juvenile Court Phi Alpha's planned program. Hunter H.
end It Is rather difficult to settle
will speak at the Dedication of Satterwhite was toastmaster.
/ # the New Activity-Meeting back Into the normal routine. However, During the program, the Citizens Commit-
of the Johnson Branch YMCAon just a little willpower and perseverenceseem tee for Better Education was presentedand

___ : '. Sunday, December 4, 1966, to be very effective.I awards were given to Mesdames SallyeB.
PV .. at <4< P.M. I Mathis and Annie Laura Latimer for
The 24' X 34' Building Is a outstanding civic performance. Another

: k gift of the Jacksonville Rotary| Fans were a little disappointed in the highlight of the program was the Installa-
Club 1 and completes Jacksonville Classic football Satur-
game tion of new officers by a visiting Alpha,
phase of the Branch'rl' com-
nlght. Attendance was at its peak for James W. White of T e x a s Southern
prehensive Members of building Rotary will program.be In this event and everyone was expecting a University, Houston Texas. Officially
attendance at the program and grand performance from both teams. A placed into office were: Jean Downing,
coeds from the gateway city will trek to Miami to be Rotary President, Thomas B. decidedly one-sided match found the spec- president; A. J. Reddick vice president;
with the Rattlers when they clash with the Alabama AoM 1 team Satur- Slade, Jr. will officially present tators losing interest In the game very Den n i s T. Stewart secretary ; A.
day, December 3, in the Orange Blossom Classic. t More than just the building. early In the evening, many of them finally St. George Richardson financial secre-
coeds now, each one has been selected by a FAMU organization to Other participants on the program making their exit before the game ended. tary ; Wendell P. Holmes treasurer ;
represent them as their queen. They are: ( left) Mrs. Aurora Dow, wiU include: Reverend F. The Rattlers were out front in all I areas. Ezekiel Bryant chaplain ; Hunter H.
an instrumental music maior who resides at 1210 W. 12th Street. n, richardson, Invocation; .L. Satterwhite, sergeant-at-arms; and Charles
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie I Dow, she is Miss university M. Arc r e 11, Introduction of D e D D L. Williams I reporter.
Band. (Center) Miss Jacquelyn P. Giles, home economics major who .speaker; Selections by the Social I I events r In connection with the
resides at 3617 Freeman Road, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. William Raines High Ensemble; Jacksonville Classic left little to be t
Giles. She is Miss Phi Beta Sigma. ([Right ) Miss Detra 0. Thomas ::3, Slade, Jr., Presentation desired. For it seemed that Jack-
Miss Vicki Levine
of and \. Scriven a sophomoreat
Belcher who resided Building Plaque;
sociology major at I 1592 W. 10th Street. The
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thornton E. Belcher, she Is Miss Sopho- Response on behalf of the Board was adequately prepared for the Fisk University, performed recently '
more. and General Membership, t insurge of visitors. in the university's' Stagecrafters pre-
Reverend F. D. Wilson; Youth J Guests at Omega Psi Phi FTaternlty's"QUts sentation of "Spoon River Anthology "
Response Alvin Wilson encircled ice-encased
; ; a oovely
Remarks; I. M.Sullbacher, decorated directed by Gladys Inez Forde.
In the beautifully
Yes insignia Miss Scriven is the daughter of Mr. and
We All
TalkQUESTION President YMCA-Metropolitan">'I Armory to serenade their wives and sweet-
Board of Directors; Mrs. William I33U
hearts, and to sing their hymn. Scriven. West Tenth
General George I Creswell, \, Officers of Omega Psi Phi's' I 0 c a I Street.
: A well-known minister in our Secretary-Metro- L. Daniels
graduate chapter are: Rudolph ,
politan YMCA; N, T. Urquhart,
community used the word "guidance" but Johnson Branch Executive: basileus; James D. Alford, vice basileus; cc'sLocal
pronounces it 'guid-i-ance, three Secretary; and Father VincentT. Roy ltche.l. keeper of record and seal ; Alpha wives an auxiliary of Alpha
syllables instead of the normal two. Is Harris Chairman of the William. H. Adams, 111/ keeper of finance; Phi Alpha fraternity met last Tuesday

this correct? ---Mrs. p.B. Dedication Committee will pre- William Scott, Jr. c hap I a I n ; evening. Mrs. Dennis T. Stewart Mrs.
side. and Corneluus Lockett, reporter to the Williams R. Toney, and Mrs. N e l Iso n
ANSWER: This word consists of two sylla- t oracle. Spaulding were hostesses.

bles and should be pro n 0 u n c e d It 1wwwwwwa<3wwwwayt.
"guid- 'Guid' to cc cc
ance. rime with
hide and "ance' to rime prance. It :WEDDING (ELLS'wswwasww144wee;: Other fraternities were equally as gracious Mrs. Nelson Spaulding was hostess to the
most recent meeting'of Classic Lassies
in their concern for visitors. Kappa
might embrassing if you attemptedto
Bridge Club. .
Akpha Psi held "Open House" at Kappa
correct the preacher in public, why Thomas Tablar Sloan, 621 W. Kastle on Teeler Avenue from 1:00: p.m. Mesdames Juanita Will I I lams, Helen Toney,
not send him a courteous note calling 21 and Georgia Dorothy Oliver Carolyn Washington Sara
Church St., Saturday until I game time, and some activi-
attention to the obvious error? Lane, 736 Cleveland St., 19. ties were resumed'after the game. Wright, Hazel Pink, and Henrietta Howard

Joseph T, ColllerSr.. Berry Lee Gilmore, 4827 Wal- Phi Beta Sigma fraters entertained were among participants.

'Larynx'QUESTION cott Ave, 39 and Eddy Virginia visiting Zetas and Sigmas following the .
: A lady who is known for her Joseph CollierIs Williams, 4827 Walcott Ave, the game in the lovely home of Dr. and *

precise pronunciation says the word 36. Mrs. J. Irving E. Scott, 7236 RichardsonRoad.
'larynx" is not pronounced with the General Agent i
"X" Please discuss this point. Co. John Henry Thomas, 6221 Petl- Another outstanding greek letter event Uncle Sam has a couple of
---T.N.B. For Insurance ford Ave, 26 and Mary Alice was the Dinner I Dance sponsored by Alpha I plans to make jour money a*
Smith, 215 Cato Rd., 19, Phi Alpha Fraternity Saturday In the easy to save as it is to ..pend.There' ,
ANSWER: The singular form of this word The United Life and Accident
Regenoy Room of the Hotel. the Payroll Savings
is pronounced Insurance Company of Concord, 1112 GrantSt. Mayflower
as "lar-ingks" but the Rochester Hayes,
Guests the music of > Plan' where ou work. And the
enjoyed )
New is to enchanting s
plural is pronounced as 'laringes"with Hampshire pleased ., 22 and Annie M. Hopkins,
announce the appointment of 963 Clinton Lane, 19. Eugene White as they were treated to the Dond-a.Month: Plan where you
the last syllable rhyming with Mr. Joseph T. Collier, Sr. as buffet dinner and 'later enjoyed Alpha v----. bank.
hinges. General Agent for the Companyin
Jacksonville, Florida -
QUESTION: Somehow, I have recognizedmy and vicinity.Mr .

problem, so far, as communication is Collier is a graduate of

rn' cerned. I doodlq and ,J, speakwt<<; ; ?Florida MM.College.and has D A..VI.1 511 J"r"tt"r
viX. This, I realize must be eliminated,,, rt served;In" the Upyiance industry' :; ,

But how? ': .r i ....w HIi.B/ for In'tits'the1 vast assoicatlon'wlth twenty-five years United i R I r

ANSWER: In the matter of doodling, you Life and Accident Insurance
distract people. You don't say how you Mr. Collier bringsto
doodle---is it when you give a talk his many friends and clients WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING 135 BROAD ST. 353 5791CONTEMPORARY

before employees? if it is chalk, throwit the most modern coverages offered -
in the fields of Life Insurance -
away. .
Talking fast is often good, and you
should not apply the brakes abruptly. I Seminole Club

suggest that you employ longer pauses in

your vocal delivery, especially in making Holds Meeting
transition from one thought to 'mother.

Good pauses make lively the speech. The Seminole Culture Club will

Part of hour trouble may be semantics hold its December Meeting on t

and I suggest that you go to a library for Monday December 5th
recommendation of good books to read on at o'clock In the home of
Mrs. Vldillia Butler 724 West
semantics 8th Street. This is a very
important meetingandallmem- I \ F zB S I2
READERS bers are asked to be presentand
on time Plans for the
For my pamphlet "Public Speaking, "
Christmas holiday will be discussed SMART BUY r'' "
send two stamps and a >dong] self-ad- :

dressed envelope to Dr. M. H. Bouoware,
"My, that's beautiful DINING' ROOM BY BASSETT
a babyl"exclaimed =I
Florida A&M University, box 310-A, Tal-
lahassee, Florida32307.. an admiring friend. KEY II-priced so low you can afford it even on a ; *' )* "
"Oh, that's nothing, repliedthe beginning budget. A masterpiece in design and crafts. r
mother "You should tee his manship-In Woodstock Mjhogany or Tavern Walnut

The Peace Corps brings photograph." Catholic Digest table finish, top protected hy Du Pont Dulux"*. Matching Formica

idealists down to earth.You It Covers Gray Hair 95
36" China Table with $
could Join. For information, write 249 NEW PHILCO 25" RECTANGULAR _
The Peace Corps, Washington, D.C. 20525 IQ' Wm J. Brandt Liquid Formica. Top-4 Choirs Iii' : ," '?

,.,,'........I,.. I"....'.. ...Mi/1M..I. r..A.Nr1Ua c...., ::; COLOR TV .
Automatic color lock dofouiiiiii Syirtm. Juirptuf r I \ i
EAU DENNA .. ...... In ond ploy with "Of""t.l ..... Introllo- "r1';>"jLCO
fI A.Go- 3:::: C =3 F liot). SlmpJIfi! iiMtollatioit, .lott you move or '.::
turn Mr without 'iiturtlnf' color picture. Tr1n*
I I HAIR COLORERWill littoriitd SoJi4 $ to Slf: nil. Syittm. Automatic :CQOL.
RAN G E Color' Lock P....... .. Syitont tab( you plug in ,,., ;>r. ;,it""" r
GAS ploy with normI. ...t..... ."t..., 25" ......11 .:::. .
cover gray hair In 10 t..... 41........ All 12-chonnol. ..c.tl... $.. h/ "'Ioi .. ,
to 20 minutes. No pack. No color "mod.h In Donith, Walnut. French Provincial I
.. ----. -- .. .... .
JAMES mess. Anyone can put It on at -.------ -- '- l.ed modern <"Mnot .
--- ,
home. -- '


BROWiJIrv 1c REDDISHIt \_,_ __.._----- PORTABLE TV
will not rub off, It stays on c.; t71d
several months Shampooing, (ac' All rho Mtiifactlon of bif-icroon TV in acompact
---""' "
sea bathing, sun permanent ,__ I'" overall .../. diagonal. .e,.... CootCh..I.
.ssu,.s .lonotr xomponanr Ilia, er...or -
/ waving, curling straightening r.U.l ilitr, FrnM--.t.. channel 1 ....e..... -'
0oAkf4 Iron-nothing takes it oft You 7 Toleicoplc VHF Antenna and .loop UHF so,.....
can cover any gray hair no Tusk, Tan and Irown contemporary ityled
matter how stubborn or how c.bin.wkh I aluminum. trim. Free ..U.About
tli JEWELS caused. BLACK STAYS BLACK. ...,,4.
$OOO me.




"NMI GO" GIRLS' 'VWT 'OM'A NIC"T"WHAY label. Colors: Black, Dark
Brown, Medium brown. IT I PAYS TO DEAL L
JACKSONVILLE CIVIC AUDITORIUM, Price per box $2,50 plus .blo: Wheel door se I
Federal Tax window and linht 20 inch *d. o.c'intitior' tarn eta age compirtroent -
flM panel l hick-mid continuous type i TONIGHT SATURDAY, DEC.3 DIXIE end 1 hour timer, no drip too norceljin drip Iran loll Out
buxur 2 piece smokeless bioiicr ? 4 lea levelers

PRICES I -4.50- .50-2.50
ACCir-TIO ornei-_fHONI ALIO AT AUDITORIUM COIIIIWMIISIRVATIONl .31'..2041-, 1305 Nibs Rd. lu. Fla $1000 DOWN ,

t f t

r --J

11'r::; -


Gateway Barracks .- Bishops At Holy I
Slates Meeting I Ii CHURCH NEWSNEW

1NE9E Gateway Barracks 3131, World ConvocationIf.
War I Veterans, will meet
ILLINOIS *O U 4'. Saturday at 2 p.m. Specl.a1pr. John A. Payne, assistant minister at Second Baptist
paration will be made for the Rev
services Sunday throughout the
Church, will conduct the day.
J Installation December
Joint 10.
The services begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.,
GO, AND SIN NO MORE Is Tie deadline dues i with the superintendent In charge. The lesson will be reviewed -
December 31. Members of

The Hclf-rightcous pharisees had I condemn: thee. Go, and tin no the building committee are to 11 a.m.by the, the Rev morning Mr. Payne.service Is scheduled,and tAt 6:30 p.m.,
!brought a fallen woman to Jesu and more'MVer.( 11)). be present also. They are: evening service will be hold. The assistant minister will
'when they had net her in the midst Thus the Lord graciously forgave Oscar Cook, John W. Sparks, preach and the Gospel Chorus will sing. Usher Board 1
they began to accuse. her, laying: thesis ner-woman,yet without ignore Jessie Robinson, W. M. will serve throughout the day.
Now :Mosci the Law command. ing the demand of the Law. He Frazler, J e s s 1 I Summers,
ed us that ouch should be stoned, had not 'denied that the woman Eugene Bryson,Richard Brown MT. ZION APOSTOLIC
liui. what naycM thou?" (John 8:5): ). deserved punishment.. He had only Ernest Daniels, Sandy { Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday In Mt. Zion Apostolic
They were using this fatten 'worn pointed out that the Pharisees them. Freeman, Lemmon Green,Carl Faith church, 1329 Francis Street. The communion service
an to' cmliarrais the Lord into agree. selves were sinners; that they like B, Milton, Fred Heath, Andrew 1rl 4 will be held during the evening service.At .
'ing: that this woman should be stoned she, needed a SAVIOR, Reed, Clayton Collins, Kent 10 a.m., the Sunday School begins, and morning serviceat
,r ilsc leaving )Himself open to a Thank Cod I Since "Christ died Humphery, I r a Hemby, Ed 11:30 o'clock.: The evening service has been scheduled
< harm- of repudiating! Moses law for our sins," God can Justly'forgive Russell and W. B. Browsay. for 6:30: o'clock.
At firm. lie made "as though He us-and He will, IF we but actyow- Gussie Monday night, prayer service will be held. Tuesday night,
Mrs. Gray
heard them not," but when they ledge our sin and our teed of a the anointing service Is scheduled. Wednesday night, Bible
continued asking they got what Savior, and do not join the self. study with Mrs J.. Calhoun in charge and Friday night,
I ihiv asked'for! Simply answering: righteous who keep "going about to Sponsors ProgramIn tarry service Is scheduled.
'Id that is without sin arnonx' establish their own righteousness"Rom. ,
you. 1A him first cast a tone at ( 10:3): ), MI. Calvary t NEW HOPE AME
hl'r"Ie Lord! turned away again "This is a faithful saying, and Rev. 2, L. Tyrus pastor at New Hope AME Church wily
n. let( that sentence do its works. worthy of all acceptation, that Mrs. Gussie Paige Gray will admislster the Holy Communion during the major services
rhe I \ fad "sot her in the midst." Christ Jesus came Into the world to sponsor a youth amateur rotation Sunday. The pastor will also deliver the sermons.
Now lit had net them in the rnidnland save SiNNERS ." ((1 I Tim. 1:15): ). program Sunday at 8pm., The Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent .-
"iiinvicted by their eonienr : God Is very gracious to those who in Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Lewis Champion presiding. The morning service will beginat
." will acknowledge: their sin and The benefit program will fea 4r" 11 o'clock, and at 5 p.m., ACE League Hour Is scheduled.
"went by
they out one
< '
< turf Cornelius Saulter
their need: "For the same Lord Belinda A The evening service has been scheduled at 6:30: o'clock.
., (\ 9)). Jackson
n 'r. Wright Trio, Leonard
over all Is RICH UNTO ALL Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve.
And there marl the woman alone THAT CALL UPON HIM for Wright Erls Jenkins,Nathaniel Monday at 7:30 p.m., Choir 1 will rehearse, and at 5 p.m
txlun (Him: a great sinner and a WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL Huff and others Mrs. 1iF 1i-; Thursday, the rehearsal for the Christmas program will
urea: I Savior Since none of the UPON THE NAME OF THE Cassandra Jackson will be the be beld.
pharisee had dared to cant a Btone LORD SHALL BE SAVED"(Rom. guest artist The public has Tuesday at 7 p.m., teachers meeting has been scheduled.
at her the Lord said: "Neither: do! '10:12, 13)). been invited to attend. Official board meeting will be held at 8 p.m.
Saturday, the youth choir will rehearse. Officers for the
.."., A. McCall Singers new conference year will be elected December 11, duringthe
HEATING F.f ....t."t FIREPLACE HUTU F i 11 a.m., service.
Cr dlt "J.Y.urSt At First Born _
I .O'IIL n4.r4 Oil, I COAL _
Evangelist A. McCall a n dSingers '" "' CHURCH OF GOD
I C..4Ii I _'. Church of
cn .411,11 will render a Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday In the God
.\. ;SEASONS: ; IC'JE & FUEL. Monday at 8 p.m., program in First HisTENN.Pictured' here at the Beth Annual Holy Convocation 4, according to Elder W. F. Faust, pastor.
tslt lenwoeB AV' .jpH. 764-4511 Born Temple, 825 W. Monroe ot.the Church of God In ChrIst at Mason Temple' is Bishop A. B. Morning service begins at 12 o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher
Street. McEwen, iMe5Phisi Tennessee Chairman of the Executive Board and Board 1 will serve under direction of Elder O. S. Anderson
/ knaM t'r}? Bishop S. Ba, Michigan Co-Chairman of the with Mrs.. C. Faust and Miss D. Faust at the instruments.
'9ii Board. A Pleasantness The Sunday School begins at 10 a.m., with Mrs. Emma
denoting victory I expressed. Levy in charge. The pastor will review the lesson,

i f 111'i Calendar Events "Prophecies The YPWW of will Peace.begin" at 6:30 p.m., and evening serviceat
And Raceby
Religion 7:30: o'clock with Minister Charles Reed in charge of the
1 s 1 The king and queen contest wlU devotion. Minister Phillip Bright will deliver the sermons
terminate Sunday at 3
In Holy Tabernacle Church, 9th WALTER MEMORIAL
and Pearce Streets CHRISTMAS MESSAGE Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME Zion Church
The auxiliaries have been will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Miss
"JrrksOntIJJe'a, xelltreslt 0e EeItoudEns asked to make reports to Deacon "...The chasm In human relations needs to be spanned. Human Amy Moreland in charge. Rev. H. C. Archie, pastor, will
w _t M, 4'aw ,!M Rswt Benford Goldsmith at the miseries occasioned by poverty, ignorance and disease need to review the lesson, "God's Promise of Peace.
t -i firrf nfnfM" l< (h'nk/ul yon the F The All Faith Union This can and will be done only by the creation of a clean heart
f if errs tin arson la uptoit/ tlie turtrywnfl rose will meet deliver the sermon and administer the Holy Communion
fill/ miiffrlir Hr >tl o .i I riltf/ fro".eU": f lurkry90ri Sunday night, and December 11 and right spirit within mankind.., -The Rev. William R. Tol- during the major services.
,ft' 't boilfd ,> R. Jones bert, Jr., Monrovia, Liberia,president,World Baptist Alliance Evening service will begin 7:30 o'clock. Usher Board 1

r .[' Ullt fARE, presiding. STUDY BOOK and Choir 2 will serve with Mrs Vera J. Rogers at the In
XX XXX NEW YORK(NPI)- An 113 page study-guide to assist urban strument. The pastor has asked all members to meet December

HITI.NG u" '35 An appreciation program will and suburban churches of all denominations to develop ways of 6 to reorganize for the conference year 1966-67.

Andrew McCall be sponsored Sunday from 4 toe working together to deal with common community problems-
p.m., for Evangelist Annie housing, education, Jobs, economic growth, crime, etc.-is TEA TIME Revival
WEEK'SrFBIG 3 The participants will Include. the United Church of Christ. Entitled
TillS, .... being published by
v........,..,... ...I ....",.'. bra tTl'iUIt: !lD'l"u" tI m.RED' The Travel Gospel S1 Ie.ft,", hedvenly"Anger s, Prayer'founder'of the' "Discovering Our Mission,"the -book.was prepared by.the .. Lily .Wte Lodge 237:$ will M I I
.CHAt4EL BASS'' J "Voices '''of'' Fa' t h,< Jerome Th0 baiid(wilt also observe Band Us.Y Rev: Johm'DeBot+r, New .Yott'"Secretary' ; ? Urban Church dewpartment II sponsor Spiritual Tea .etiNg

,.... ,.. .,... 11' ..F) ..,.. a.I'..... "Thomas, Mrs.-'Alberta':;'' 16th anniversary. 'The program liI ," Division Church' 1 Extension'; ','",United Church-Board sm I December 11 in Brooks Prayer PebtecostaIChurcbotGod, '
39"t. 'Latlmore, Deacon,Thompson Homeland Ministries. '. WuseJtrprn 4dOBrpmr' The
will be held at Varlck for
SPOT ... .. Chapel' o"-j-7T|
ee.ee l' ,and singers, Voices of Jerusalem AME Zion e e s e In Christ Jesus, 1663 West 26th
SPANISH MACKEREL LL_ SID g 9 r s, Bostonettes, and Myrtle Avenue., 9th Street CLASH OVER BIASJOHANNESBURGNPIA Lily White Lodge 225 I. holding a revival which began
ts.nest tw .,eI...". ,Thelmarettes, and Mrs Thelma battle over where Christian unity and Golden Heart Council will November 28' continuing i
Edwards. XX XXX and ends in South Africa ** < *& December 9.
begins land apartheid, is currently sponsor a Pre-Christmas Tea
The going on between the Christian Institute December 11 from 4 to 6 Mother Harriet Jasper r is In
Amy Rotlnson's Young a religious organization m
DRUM. Y I. 33c GIVE TO FIGHT Women of Allen of Mt. Morlah and the nation's largest and most Influential religious in the home of Mr.,Mrs.GUbei; charge of the services. Bishop
trriL MULTIPLESCLEROSIS AME Church will meet in the body, the Dutch Reformed Church Hart, 1611 W. 15th Street.Gates, pastor.

I. home of Mrs. Erdell Hill, 110
..,' CONCH MEAT ( ) 49c Stonewall Street, Wednesday at '
Rr .', hen CI..... for Skinless. e alms, LI, The great cripplerof 7:30: p.m.Christmas : h
qUDtlII "the /.III/u/-450/ / 1 III. ho2M "X salI t
young adults sisters w 111 be 1
drawn and plans for the Christ-
mas social will be discussed
NOW! Also projects for the new year
.:.I r : i will be completed.
.! TO SERVE YOU3H8W.EdiewoodAve. XX XXX

,.I The Gospel Chorus membersand
i\ friends of Fountain Chapel l 1
Church, and Bishop>> Julia
830 CASSAT AVE. Brown and Prayer Band will
present an appreciation _
j 1824 WEST BEAVER program December 11 '; ;' .
at 8 p.m., 1.'tl.jffh 1 <.," .',
yk- : >
for Wilbur -
O. Jones a t the ;
church. ;.t
FLA. GRADE A Serving as master of ceremonIes ""

C will be John Gripper, and t hh 1teI8IM1 ,

the Gospel Chorus will sing. '''Iti!' )>.?/
< .jf '
.other outstanding talent in {""' 'i-- .
"r ,
STEWING HENS LB. city will participate < i8tf ?!'
XX XXX "'-"-
'' -
The Traveling Stars Gospel .":\\ '
Singers will sponsor an appre-'
FLA. GRADE A elation program for Mrs.
Mildred Benjamin, alto singer rt a; _
C December 41n toe Brooks Pray.er .
House ''E'a, a5y
j 2 Various groups in the city have
jt FRYERS been Invited to participate s
t LB. Special guests will be members 4 '
of the Glendale Social and Saving
Club. The public has also been
'Invited to -

Help! Help! Help! "" 1R : I ra'

5Qcif Rev Roosevelt Franklii Of "Tiia

MicoB, Ga. ;:

BACKBONESUGAR Rev.Diiine Roosevelt, Spiritual Franklin, Healer of, -i// ,jr 7i + .

Macon, Georgia. .
CUREDPICNICS Divine Spiritual Healer. Jesus EF 'i
Is truly giving blessings and
C victory to many people's prob-
30 YOURS. See or write me today. _
I have a special message every Y '
one's In need for '

Last week many, many people j"i ..
were helped by my special __ _
selected Bible xeadln g to to
Le.C 1T
FRESH read each weekend If you want .
CAUGHT MED.MULLET. to be delivered quickly, send i
1.00( and eelf-addressed :
envelope to R.v. Roosevelt gs

lO 'Macon Franklin,, Georgia. Phone Ave.

IB. 74S' -./75. 1
You will get these special
(elections and Bible verse by
trn ma .

rnor ".a11a ".LM.

I t

___ _



College NAACP Pushes ProbeOf 1 _, -_ __ '_ FAMU Graduate. Recruits---.----- 10,000 Hear, WlUlMk I I
....-.... 1-r \, do!!>, .m.'
Alabama SlayingTtSKEGEEALA.The r e J OH Mississippi ftW
r't' -
STATE COLLEGE National -, NATCHEZ, Miss.-More than bin of the eoeM.*. Mv policy
Association for the Advancement 10,000 persons, includinga of recruiting, Mining and
Virginia State
College, Petersburg will be represented at the
at Colored
People number of white citizens, upfradlaf Negro MVIMML.
Forty-Second Annual Meeting of the National Association of bas called upon sate and Federal beard Roy Wilkins executive "It wU,"the NAACP leader
School .
of Music by Dr. F. Nathaniel Gatlln. bead of the music
law enforcement officersto director of National Association
department.The said it the coaclwM.., "a most
Investigate and bring to Justice for the Advancement satisfying experiesci, I r.ot the
general sessions will be held at the Stat1er Hlltoa Hotel
the killer or killers of of Colored
People, during a impression that tttMlsslppi
in Dallas Texas on November 21 and 22. In addition to being
James Earl Motley 28
the year triumphant five-day speakingtour ficials la many lowCtties and
official representative of the school. Dr. Gatlln 1s also old Negro construction worker, of Mississippi which was the *per. art .**.echelons
Secretary of the Seventh Region.VlrginiaState College has beena who was beaten to death while F' concluded here on the night of .beslaess. peotte'. MM were
The member of the NASM since 1958. In Jail In nearby Wetumpka, on H of Nov. IS. DOt .rtIttd Ms**are now
NASM has been designated by the National Commission on Nov. 20. Enthusiastic audiences /eeyky eoSeerMi' fltott race
Accrediting as the responsible agency for the accreditation of In identical telegrams to Alabama RA greeted the NAACP leader In relation." ro
all music degree curricula with specialisation: In the fields of General Richard
Attorney the 13 cities In which .be Accoapearing Mr. vVkins on
applied music, music theory.composition,music therapy,mus- Flowers; John Doer,chief of the appeared. In Canton, be was the tow were Mi. tiers maGloster
icology, and music as a major In liberal arts programs Its deliberations civil rights division of the VS. met by the Chief of Police and ,B. .,Cwrett NAACP
will play an Important part In music education trendsin Department of Justice Dlllard Matthews who '
; by Mayor Stanley director of branches.,end field
this country during the coming years Howell, F21: regional director; remained throughout the administration.Ztti .
and Elmore County Sheriff Lester meeting and Joined In singingthe
HOWARD UNIVERSITY Holley, the Rev Kenneth L. closing hymn "We ShallOvercome. Phi, .... s
Buford urged them to do everything ." More than 1,000 .
Dr Martin Luther King Jr. last week minimised the effect within their power "to persons attended the meeting
of the white backlash on the recent elections, declaring see to It that the person or ) In Greenville be was met by Anail l Bile
that the only real backlash has been that which the nation has '
persons who committed this Negro police officers and given '
applied to civil rights for centuries.Dr. dastardly crime be Immediately escort through the city. Following Slafri ,0'tc. j| 3))
King's remarks came during the seventh annual Gandhi brought to Justice." 'Robrt Seniors, 'second from left explains opportunities for the mass meeting he
Memorial Lecture before some 3300) persons at Howard. The Meanwhile, tLs Alabama State Florida A&M University graduates In the U. S. Department of was UM guest of honor at a BATON ROUGELASNPI)-
lecture was held In conjunction with Howard's 100th anniversary NAACP and the Eltucre County Labor to Willie Brown III left an agriculture major at the banquet held in the ball of the "Mobilising Task Piers tof
obervance. (Wetumpka) NAACP Branch, university who Is, from Mulberry; Dr'. William Howard, professorof Veterans of Foreign Wars. An Action la Community Beveloproent -
"The so-called backlash was really a surfacing: of the prejudices Programs" vii be the
headed by C.W. George, has overflow audience awaited him
existed and political science at FAMU; Jermaine Banal a political central theme of th 4th
hostility, hatred and fears already Initiated an Investigation Into annual
they came out Into the open when the civil rights movement began the crime. science major from Tallahassee; and Rev. C. C. Cunningham, FAMU In Philadelphia wheretwoyearn bogie for Zeta' Phi Beta
three civil
and Issues In placement officer. Seniors recruits hour investigators for ago young rights Sorority Inc. which will beheld
grappling with the basic economic political "This case Is aclear evidence wage workers were lynched. ,
the nation," Dr. King said. of police brutality at Its worst the U. S. Department of Labor in Florida Georgia North Carolina The largest and most enUwsiastic at the Jack Tar Capitol
and the NAACP Intends to Investigate I and South Carolina. He Is a 1959 graduate of FAMU. audiences heard Mr. House Dec.-28-31. ,
FAMUAn it to the best of our I;' rAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau I Wilkins in the Southwest Mississippl -. Mrs. Rebecca F. Nctterville, ,Ii-,
ability," Mr. Buford: said. --- cities of Fayette, Port baslleus, Mu. Zeta Chapter,
article entitled "What About Large Group Instruction' Mr. Motley was arrested Baton Rouge which will serve
accused Gibson and Hatches It Is in
by Dr. T.B. Cooper, professor of education and bead of the of drunkeness taken froman World News Digest"RED" First Regiional Life this area that Charles Evert, as host, said that this year, the
Audio-Visual Center at Florida MM University, has been automobile In whch he was NAACP state field director Boole will be contacts under
accepted for publication In the Journal for the Improvement riding with six companions,and Chairman has been most effective in the leadership of tile Mernat-
of College and University Teaching The date of publication beaten when he protested and RED BIBLE taking tides, tope to benefit membership; and In such programs ional grand basileua, ...Mildred -
will be announced. questioned the authority of the PEKING-{(NPI)- Millions of from a decision, by getting as voter registration, Cater Bradham,' -Jacksonville
deputy sheriff to arrest him, pocket-iied booklets, encased some of the iron ore deposit Appointed By NAACP employment and desegregation Fla '' .
HAMPTON INSTITUTE according to witnesses. He was in a red plastic cover are both 'In the Tindoug area. HEW :OhK-Mrs. Katherine of public facilities. Zeta Phi Beta Sorettty, Inc.
taken to Jail and the next morn- in Chinese and English being Watson Frederick of Los Angeles In his talks across the state. is an int.roaUooaJlftnc. organization
An inspection team representing the Hampton Institute administration ing his blood stained-body was printed and Issued in Red China TAX EXEMPT has been selected by Mr. Wilkins stressed the urgen. composed ef some
and board of trustees left the campus early last turned over to a Negro funeral In a mass effort to preach the SYRACUSEN.Y-CNPI-Ac-( Klvle Kaplar, NAACPpresident need tolncreasevoter registration 20,000 .women of every race
week to tour the college's Rural Training Institutes In Kenema home.In "gospel" of Communism a la' cording to a decision by State and the organization's National set forth the NAACP and creed front aft part of
and Batkanu, Sierra Leone, West Africa. the presence of witnesses, Mao Tae Tung 72-year-old, Supreme Court Justice Donald Life Memoershlp Committee to position on the anti-poverty the United States,,; Sod. lour
Robert A. Lazear, secretary of the college and assistant to before being taken to Jail, he Communist Party chairman P. Cor ham,Indians on the Onondaga serve as NAACP West Coast program in the state urged countries la Arica.
Dr. Jerome H. Holland president, said that the party will include was beaten by the white deputy The 330-page 33-chapter book- reservation are exemptedfrom Regional Life Mem'iership cooperation I with progressivewhite Joining Mu Z.ta. Cfapter as
Alan C. Bemis of Concord, Mass., a research associate as two state troopers held lets, entitled "Quotations) from collecting: or paying sales Chairman. This Is the first such citizens where possible, host to the boule wtt be Beta
at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of him. Mao Tae Tung" draws upon his tares on items sold in the appointment in the organiza, reviewed Negro history (par- Alpha Chapter, SoufMra University.
the HI board of trustees, Dr. Thomas Law, director of the articles, essays, speeches and trading post gift shops.The verdict tion's history. tlcularly In Mississippi), and Ontiera Beta
division of business, and Dr. Hugh M. Gloster, dean of the Arthur Prysock statements between 1928-64,but ended a one year fight Says Mr. Kaplan: worked with praised local NAACP branchesfor Sigma Chapter, Pal t.Be.- Sigma
faculty. Mr. Lazear is also listed as a member of the inspection bypasses the poetry for which be against the sale to by the six- Mrs. Frederick for 13 years doubling membership In the fratanlty.
group. is famous. nation Iroquois confederacy. while I served as national life state during the year,and urged Exhaustive plans ane>preparations -
During the tour Dr. Gloster will lecture to students and Signs, Contract The tax became: law in August membership chairman, and II| them to exceed their present are being made to afford
faculty members at Farah Bay College, Freetown, Sierra PAWNS OF TENON 1965. know she can do an outstanding 10,000 membership. the many guests tte ''best In
Leone. Verve Records: IFNHNPI This tiny Span Job." In Tchula, .a White Citizens experiences as' they visit the
lab-ruled enclave: In North ANNIVERSARY Mrs. Frederick Is a member stronghold, Mr. Wilkins City of Baton Rongv and tour
I NEW YORK-Mort L. Nasa Africa and its neighbor, Spanish SALJSBURY-)- It was of the National Life Membership addressed an open-air meeting Louisiana's historical land-
tir, President of MGM Records, Sahara marks la New or....
find themselves Veterans' Day In the U.S. Nov. Committee and a former on the main street without in
: has announced the signing of pawns In the rising tug-of-war 11, and in Rhodesia, It was the member of the executive committee cident. The tour began in
Royal Art Studio Arthur Prysock to a long term ;between Spain, Morocco, Mau- first anniversary of the of the Westside Los Angeles -,' Jackson, the state capital, on ,When ironing. Proctor Sll x
contract on Verve Records. All ,rltania, Algeria, Mall and Sen country's unilateral declaration NAACP ;Branch. Nov. 1L Other cities on the suggests starting wilt fabrics
of Prysock's recordings for egal. Though ostensibly the tug of Independence from Britain. She came to Los Angeles three tour Included Carthage needing low temperatures, and
Verve will be personally super of war is over Independencefrom The white-ruled government years ago after serving as Hattlesburg, Laurel home( of work IP to heavy, eMkp linens
STILL TAKING vised by Hy Weiss, veteran Spain for the two areas, made the switch rather than Social Work Secretary of the opera star' Leontyne Price and such which rtqvlt. higher
r- disc man and owner of Old the root cause is the enormous submit to proposals that black Robert! Gould Shaw"House' in, 'whom tie lauded), .Blloxl, andv1 temperatures. Build ftp heat
Town ,label on which Prysockappeared phosphate deposits in the Spanish Africans be given mot1. r cog t. Boston,.Mass,,!tor many yean, "I conferred, in the\ iron,af you W'GIk.l\.e.' \
before his second disc.,, Sahara,* said to,be these, D1t1ob''JD/JlIt: / :affairs.of"ttelfv t ;;; .I She now. I works,, for' the )Lose\.I with i : :Jber"lie Ing- number. that the 'Ireo. beats
on Verve, "Art I> Soul His coed richest In the world Mauritania country.'. Angeles City School bard. ,SI14>butI who told more quickly than. U cools.
'INSTANTPICTURE first with Count Basle was a : claims both areas -

solid seller. originally bwlonge to It,as does .
f In commenting on the signing, Morocco. The other nations,
Nasatlr noted the excellent
sales track record Prysock has ,
had on Old Town and also reflected Area ::Ii"
on his Importance to :
Verve "Arthur," Nasatlr said, Serviceman 4
"is a unique talent and we are AARK Y' ,,. ,'
most proud to have him with us. WITH UJS. COMBAT AIR R ( ::
He fills a particular need in our FORCES, VietnamAirman ..
COMING SOON II expansion plans for Verve Records First Clu Johnnie L. Almon
and we are concentrating son of Mr.and Mrs Lacy Almon '
our promotion and advertising THESE PRICES 6000 THROUGH SUNDAY AT EOfiEIOCD AYE. ;" ,.\1
NEW LOCATIONSAME plans on his"Art Soul"
album and two more upcoming
releases In January." '
PHONE 354.1894 In discussing the forthcoming U.S. GOOD CHUCK ROYAL '
Prysock albums, Nasatlr revealed .t
that Verve also was cur
rently negotiating Prysock's ,
past LPs on Old Town. The ROAST RICE ,

Get personal. Verve exec said that If negotiations \'.
were successful the label ..'"
would be Issuing all of the previously
Have all your gifts released material. LIMIT 1 '

initialed VO. this year Prysock"A special promotion"Meet Is Arthur In the JOHNNIE L. ALMON :: ;::

works and will break soon after of 2126 Run St., Jacksonville, "I,11III19

Known by the company it keepsSeagram's the motion first revolves of the year.around The concentrated pro- AB Fla.,,Vietnam.on duty at Airman Tan Son Almon Nhut, LB. 49*; 3 *

V.O. Canadian radio exposure, ad- a radio operator, has been In

.....,; ", verstising coverage In trades the fight against Communist
and high-circulation consumer aggression since October,1966.
books and feature publicity The airman, who attended
pieces. Howard W. Blake High School
Tampa, Fla.,attended Lake City
Junior College. His wife,
Sounds More Delores, Is the daughter of FAR
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fearo of
587 Warrlngton Ave., Redwood
Like DixiePHILADELPHIA City, Calif.LEO'S. :

(NPIIt 11 .
sounded more like something '
heard In Philadelphia, Miss.,
but It was In Pennsylvania'sCity
.. of Brotherly Love where 1-LB.
the Association president of Glrard of the College Alumni She Riiiriif, 55* GIANT PKG. 5*

threatened to have the school Of Kill CELLO PKG.
closed rather than admit,
Negro pupils Dr. H. Todd Williamson -

association president, Is Oir Oily! Bisinss

District Is appealing Judge a decision Joseph by Lord U.m 8. U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK U.S. # 1 POT A TtIS
934 E. Uiin St.
that the school must Integrate.
LB. 69t tl II. Ml "



Advises on oil Problem LB. 35t S r M-
of LoveSicknessandBusines.
: t.


Located In 2 #300 CANS 29t OAN

rresr asnrovressmo 919 N. Orlando Ave.Hl.Wayl7.92N. .
a so tans cat. .w ( .) ttlCIICKII.Ilimr.IKF
ciwftM*M*T-I HIM V micni WMI w not inlCeeooerreera For ""pt. Coll 644-4941 EATWELL TUNA BANQUET FROZEN MAT

IK. CAN 21tI MH .;t r&


..'.."r.ww+..wyPACE .



." .. .
jEw !


__ _-_ __ __ __ n___ -
#'. . . ." YWCA Life' Members Honored Mal Goode, SpeakerFor Outstanding t Fraternal 1 OrganizationsI I

I 1.' .... ,.",; 0 ilL. -" Ia'iI'U.' .- ..wMMto ...-itL. ,:'/., ., r ,{M q k
Moon Over Miami ; Annual Coaches,

. # ... Players Dinner

ULUn-Mal Coode.ABC News
MIAM I BEACH, FLA.-All the ribbons and bows are tied on staff correspondent at the UN,
vacationer who will bo here'for
Christmas for !
this area's package
will be the guest speaker for
a holiday in the sun. feature the jamboree, which will the fifth annual Coaches and f ?
As everyone knows now from parade for two hours under the Players Dinner to be held here
the sports pages, it wUl be the lights on Biscayne Boulevard. at the Seville Hotel as part of
University of Florida and Georgia Reserved seats are $3, bleacher the 34th annual Orange Blossom
Tech in the Orange Bowl the nightof seats $2 and standing room along Classic and Festival Committee
Jan 2 for the centerpiece of
the route Is free. activities. 1
two weeks of colorful festivities.The / 1
The annual dinner is sponsoredby n
Much of the parade, with the
best t chance of obtaining addition of fireworks, will be repeated the Royal Crown Cola Co. of J! r X s
tickets is from the two schools, In the Orange Bowl the Columbus, Ga., for the coaches,
for the local quota has long 1 and officials of the two
night of Jan.-6, admission from players,
since been sold out
in the
$1.50 to $2. institutions playing
However, plenty of football: as
While horse and dOC races can be Orange Blossom Classic. The
well as other. spectator activityis seen here daily except Sundays,' '' Alabama AIM College Bulldogsof
Included along with the swim
the big boat racing affair of the 4M Normal, Ala., are the opponents -
fishing, golf, horse racing,
for the FAMU Rattlers
is the Bowl
year Orange regatta,
Jai alai, greyhound racing and i
scheduled In the Marine StadiumJan. 4 this years.
night clubbing that Is part of the
The speakers have Included -
1,7 I and 8.Spectators will see guest
wlnter here.
all- scene
ChristmasNew some of the fastest hydroplanesand such famous athletes as
event of the -
Opening Eddie Bell, Duddy Young, Joe
Year spectacular is the ski boats In the world In these
exciting contests. Stadium admission Perry, and now the broadcast-
Bowl International Junior t L
Is $2.World personality of Mal Goode.
J v
Tennis tournament in Miami 'rn ed }
a : Goode Is a native of, White
Beach's, to which Flamingo admission park. This Is free affair -, Of BooksBy i Plains,, Va., and a graduate of
the University of Pennsylvania.
will bring together the finest LOUISE P. DUMETZTHE

junior ((18-and-under) tennis FIRST BOOK OF AMER- flTTI
player from at least 30 nations. ICAN NEGROES (AMERICAN) __ : 1i
Following the Orange Bowl 3y Margaret 3. Young. New : tew
Championship s will be a team I
championship for the Sunshine York: Franklin Watts Inc. 83pp UNITING -- The heads of two outstanding
$1.96. fraternal organizations came together
Cup. I f you didn't know that 43 per
Next special event on the cal- cent of all Negro families In the recently in Miami for the purpose of
endar !is the North-South College U.S. earn under $3,000 a year' working closer with each other when dea-

AllSta.ball" game for Shrine then you will find this book relativelY $ con Henry Jefferson Grand State Deputyof
charities Dec; 26. This tilt Is' informative. the International Masons and Sister

scheduled In :the Orange. Bowl. It pursues the characteristics Mary Arline, Grand Matron of the Eastern
in the Afternoon. which identify the Negro as being Stars and the Sunlight Pallbearers Societyof
will the
Basketball fans :
"Inferior," and explains how Florida
University of Miami Invitational 4S met. The two fraternal leaders

Convention tournament hall in1 the Dee.Miami 27-28 Beach, fea- these The six inequities simply written came about.chap- i -niffT....,.-,jaa1iHM K'jBLj"' ->, ..... ,' ..:. mipiiiin) '..Ni. .mm.:;.,1,: ;I Baptist joined 'hands Church fellowship during the sixth at Day anniver-Spring

turing the University of Pennsyl ters Negro explain and, "The His History American," HONORED -- Miamlans who were honored as "life members" of the s sary celebration of the second Supreme

vania, Holy Cross and Western "Where the Negro Lives," YMCA during a Membership Tea held recently at the Northwest MAL GOODS Chapter U of the Miami Order. of the

Kentucky.For "Eduatlon," "Employnmt," Center YWCA are shown here. From left are Mrs. Oscelola Hogan Eastern Stars. ?

is traditional those to on whom New! Year's a night Eve out "Cultural Contributions," and life member of the former Murrell Branch; Mrs. Toe Pasch, secretary papers He worked and for other several publications news Miami Beach Shorts
"The Civil Rights Movement. of the Area Committee Mrs. Dorothy Edwards chairman of the
there is the King.Orange Jamboree ; prior to his: joining A 1C.
Teen-age (Committee 'andMrs.Louise Morris Program Correlator for MIAMI BEACH- Wildlife Is & the> kind that does not injurenot
along with lavish night She tells of the Negro today ; The dinner Is one of the highlights -
club shows and reservations are and his fight for housing, education the Miami YWCA. Serving as Mistress of Ceremonies for the affairwas of the pregame activities I quite extinct. A resident In Its captives. The bag, after
suggested for the latter In all and employment...then Mrs. Lillian Hutchenson program chairman with Mrs. Vashti during the Orange Blossom an exclusive Biscayne bayfront hood twoweeksWas: three neighbor-
cardinal threeof
the bigger clqba.JJabpr\ poat $cussed the clvilr Jghts move-' ..,..Af.lIlb"'j as 'co=chab9 subdivision, suspicious because cats, one ,
Classic. '
o 5!:, two' raccoons 'land I
mint and NUCI"P. .... fish vanishing from his or-. possums
pretty girls and marching bands COi\E9f.w Photo by JOHNSON of Miami I I .
'1 _..J namental fishpond, set a.trap' .two red lat* .1 **)( 1i ..uwf '
Mrrot'. Hi si" ,

Gorgeous Miami Models Featured In Orange Blossom Classic "Parad "

--- ,'If .. '"' ..
t. :
: fUrlt' : 1 t. r--
( ,
... 1Imp1NTt :"J. '.

h 1 1L Y RI


.',t I i' 1 :: I I td

tMfl ( :-


rLeft 'v ,
) a. a ROX LYNDE; professionalmodel
r : \ who Is now a Miami
Playboy Club Bunny and will
y4Ji be a future Playboy magazine
q : 5, ."Playmate of the Month' -


y i ,r THE

'71 The most common surname
+ .. in the English-speaking world

\ is Smith. There area esti- I
Smiths 'in
"., .ff., the U.S. alone!
: i '
,.. i.,.. .;.!'.:
-- --

JANICE HAYCOCK, future airline stewardess House of .J
Photography model.

j ; I


models for House Photography. I and college students y .

: ,

r------------- Don't Miss "The Clown

I By: LUttWK; PRUITT ----
J__. ___-A and SANDRA DOZIER, House of Photography models and college

DEAR LONNIE; Is It wrong to hold hands in the hallway at students
school? My teacher caught me holding hands with a fellow .
and raised such a fuss that my mother had to come to \ -
school. I didn't see any harm In it, but my mother sided Page 9 fltl ql c
with the teacher She said.I was" ), fast and she made me : .' Models Photographed j ,' .
stay on a punishment for two weeks. I
Handy BY i 1 :

JUDGING FROM all the trouble you went through, it seems
like you had better do your hand-holding someplace other House Of Photography
than ,in school. SeeDS harmless to me, but everybody doesn'tsee
things the same way. You'll have to behave where you WMBMSpotlight ,
are 1n away'that doesn't make you have trouble. Where you Read Him Every Week
are, they don't think hand-holding is the thing to do, so I guess 4930 NW 7th Ave Product
you'll have to respect their wishes unless you like being on apunishment. .

., .' Miami, Fla.. Of The Week
.* *> sei 9 ;
If you ..anno ask'a guesUonsend it to "Since You Asked
, Phone PL 7.7741
,,I Me," Negro Press International, 57n3 South State Street, : Miami, Florida
Chicago, Illinois 6061.i .

LL i \ ,It,\ tl ,J ,

.. .-": .... -.. .- _e..... .... ... .. .. ...... .. ... ... Jt.t..J
-: :: a__-._... ... __ w


.... .

Shriver Statement On ReleaseOf Union OrderedTo 30 -Yard Scroll Signed NAACP Endorses Trainceship Grant'

Funds In Alabama Counties Process Negro freedom Budget Awarded I.strlctor

allegation The Office made of Economic by Opportunity tux Investigated the* Members Grievances NEW YORK The National ALBANY, GA.-Kiss Angela

to the Anti-Poverty Governor George C. Wallace In retards NEW YUUC-An order handed + Association for the Advance- G. Owens an Instructor In the
County Southern Christian Coordinating Committee of the Wilcox down by the U.S.SupremeCourt ; n ment of Colored People) has department of psychology at
Lowndes County Christian Leadership Conference and the of Appeals sitting in New Orleans endorsed the Freedom Budget Albany State College, has been
has found no basis for any longer wltholding for Human funds allocated and requiring a local union' i ,,, J e q, 'T ,proposed by A.Philip Randolph, awarded a tralneoship grant at
to theM- two- .rrant...-.-_-.. to process racial discrimination veteran civil rights and labor the University of Minnesota to
local political office under Ala- grievances of Negro leader. The following resolution attend an Institute on mental
I have directed that the processing bama election laws, In order members has been balled as supporting the retardation on Dec.;11-1S.
and funding of these to centlnue his work with the "an historic advance In the proposal, was adopted last week The grant was announced by the
two grants proceed In the LCCMHR grantee agency. Mr. struggle for economic by the executive committee of Department of Conferences and
normal coar... Strickland is a member of the equality," by Robert L.Carter the Association's Board of Institutes at the UrJ.e.s"y of .
The grants, $241.604 to the LCCMHR Board and chairman general counsel of the NationalAssociation I. 1 1 directors: Minnesota.A ..
Lowndes group and $302,081 of Its Poverty Committee, both for the Advance- ,1" .!'I". The abolition poverty,which member of the Albany State s
.to the Wllcox group, will enable unpaid positions. He Is not now ment of Colored People. ''I',. afflicts more whitepersoasttam Faculty since 1965, Miss Owen s
two of the three poorest or never has been staff director The Court's decision stems ? Negroes, is the goal of the ;received the 3.A. degree from s
counties in Alabama to launch of LCCMHR. Three other LCC- from a complaint filed in Oct., 21 : Freedom Budget proposed by Spelman College and the M.A. ft
their first major antipoverty MHR board members John 1962, with the National Labor ; TI A. Philip Randolph. The degree from Fist University.
programs. Lowndes 1 Ia Hulett, Robert Logan and Frank Relations Board byNAACP attorneys National Association for the The week-ling Institute will ,
Alabama's poorest county In Miles Jr., have resigned from on behalf of eight Negro Advancement of Colored People be an intensive program on )u
fact, and the twelfth poorest the grantee agency's Board in members of Local 12 of the endorses this proposal as the mental retardation with special
county In the United States. order not to embarrass the United Rubber Workers at the y most comprehensive and far- emphasis on recent research
Wilcox is the third poorest program through exercising Gadsden Alt, plant of the ____ reaching plan yet developed to findings in the field.
county In Alabama and the their political rights. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. spread prosperity throughout Along with two other collegues
twentieth poorest In the nation. In regards to Wilcox County The union, the Negro members the national community.A Miss Owen authored an article
The programs will bring adult SCLC Anti-Poverty Coordinating charged, refused to process tremendous increasein dealing with the social accept
basic education: pre-vocatlonal Committee, OEO has been their grievances alleging racial Gross National Product would ,ance of exceptional children k
training aad family development Informed that none of Its policymaking discrimination in hiring, pro- result in a reasonable 'which was published in the :JOlcurnal
services to low-Income farm officers are engaged motion and use of company projection over the next 10 Exceptional Children,
workers la this predominantly u members of the governing facilities.An years of future output based lie official organ of the Assoc-
agricultural area. body of a political organization. NLRB ruling sustained the on actual increases in output Woo for Exceptional Ch dr.D.t'

As a result of questions raised, The OEO Investigation disclosed NAACP complaint. The union in recent years. This gigantic
OEO received the following assurances that every member of subsequently appealed the ., a .. Increase in average annual out- 10- New Units .
from the grantee the governing bodies of the Board's ruling to the U. S. put, called the economic gross
agencies: two grantee organizations wasa Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals d .r ., dividend, would (a) make it Of NAACP ..:'
1. OEO must approve the staff long-term resident of Ala- which upheld the Board's ruling. possible Increase very great :
director selected by the Lown- bama. ly the Federal Government's Receive Chtrftrs
The Office of Economic contribution to all sorts of
des and Wilcox programs
County groups !
NEW YORK At the Nov. 14
? -
Opportunity has also Leaders Join designed to raise the Ie
to bead their overall programs, t of the executive .
meeting committee
determined that the two grantee unemployables above the .
Lt. Co!. McOawson Burton (CU. of the NAACP Board ,
agencies have made and are poverty level; (b) make it possible
S.A. F., ret.) of the staff of
New Group to of Directors, ten new units of t';
Tuskegee Institute has. been continuing to make every end unemploymept bya the received their
attempt to Involve the entire massive Federal
nominated staff program
as of NPI Two
the Lowndes community, both white and WASHINGTON-< ) of useful public works,including charters.
County group. national leaders Joined a neworganization NAACP branches were chartered '.
Negro, In their organizations.Both slum clearance, urban renewal
Willie R.
Stephens, a science
formed to fight in Livingston Parish, La.; "
boards have and public low-rent and
teacher at Macao County (Ala.) agency now extremists on both the left and moderate Aberdeen Shelby and TaUaIIatc "
been income
Integrated. housing so
Training School, has been nominated 1e Miss Maiden
County, ; ,
the right.
that slums could
One of Governor Wallace'scomplaints really be ended
to head
the Wilcox
The new group, called the Mo.Salisbury, N.C.; and
that Robert L. and not Just spread around
County staff. was Institute for American Demo- James Huger, business manager, Bethune-Cookman College and first and ( ) make ; Bowman, S. C.
convicted c possible greatly
Strickland was a
2. The firm of Jesse B. 81atoo ,- cracy, Inc., has a committee Negro City r Commissioner In Daytona Beach Florida Increased Youth Councils were chartered
OEO hospitalized expenditures on education
of Atlanta, Certified Public murderer. regulationsstate church business, education for two weeks In Sumter County, Ala Ann
Accountants has : "...all members of such of 48 with a slipped disc on his spine Is shown receiving to provide training and ;
been namedby
labor and communityleader.oI.bothpoUUcalparUes. scroll Arbor, Mich.: and Waxahachie,
type get-well I I from to
the two grantee agencies anti poverty program message Oscar Pendleton Washington rehabilitating programs
tQ supervise the setting up of governing bodies and committees Institute's leadersare D. C. ,- president' of the Student Government Association. The make It possible for everyone .Texas.
the r
.books and to conduct periodic shall be persons of good Among executive director 30-yard scroll was signed by the entire student body. Although capable of benefiting from
audits of their books. character; recent conviction of Roy NAACP Wilkins and Asa Spaulding hospitalized Huger handled mo'st'of the school's' work from his higher education to go GIVE TO 'fiGHT
3. No members of the governing a crime involving moral turpi- chairman North Carolina hospital bed and attended regular commissioner meeting in college.
body at either tude shall be considered strong wheel chair. a A majority of those below the
grantee Dur- was taken to the
rife Insurance Company, meeting held at the
to meet this poverty level are whites and
1 agency shall be an official, or evidence of failure Administration Building in
ham. an ambulance
I a candidate, of any partisan standard.'* more whites than Negroes would" MGI
I political organization. The OEO found that Strickland gain from ending poverty, a.* '
I These conditions assure that had been convicted in 1940, at GIVE TO THE UNITED FUND I though Negroes would gain more ,!
3 no federal funds that become age 16, of first degree murder I[: : : Altar CallFROM J proportionately. MULTIPLE
available to the grantees wilt after fatally wounding one of .'
CO> for the financing of any the four older white youths who
sham political activity.Fur- were assaulting him.I Mr. PAPER TO PRACTICE. ,, r .(jUANT\TY\ '
ermore, it Is OEO practice Strickland was sent to prison The slow processes essential to molding a society that Includes a, ,tiT'. RESItV D ;.
j monitor all grants to make in 1941, was paroled in 1946, all races Is, to the anxious, most distressing, to the .!
main there Is compliance with and in 1957 received a full indifferent, most frustrating.
i and all other OEO regula- pardon unde the laws of the This aspect of the racial struggle was vivified during some PRICES GOOD :
He is mar-
State of Alabama. rather "hot" sessions in the two general conferences-theMethodists SATURDAYBOLD 'j
regards to the Lowndes ried and the father of five THROUGH)
and the Evangelical. United Bretheren-meeting simultaneously 1
nty group. Robert L.Strlck- children.. ,,,'. ,- in Chicago.; -- -
has resigned u vice The OEO Is 'satisfied that Their meetings were held on the same "battleground" where
ent of the Lowndes County Strickland meets its qualifications 'an open housing agreement for Chicago bad been worked out grf'.
dom Organization, which for board membership. late in the summer; first to end the Martin Luther King-led
a ortlng candidates for marches into hostile white territory and secondly to set in motion I "
r those forces that would ultimately make Chicago an Open } ...;: ... HUSHEY'S ,. ,
; City, which it isn't. ,...:'),.":'":"::11" !:v. ': yoJ.,' ':, Xi. ; : ( o( ..:
WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou Both processes, like situations of racial negotiation through I C.- .:.\, 't. r
out the nation, Initiate the action by taking a paper position ..... "!' :. i1')' SUGAR .. :tk

which at the outset, is a long way from the hoped-for practice. ; ; ( @:.1.) ffl : ; [
Observers of Chicago's housing agreement have recently HERSIYS
Seek The Best Doctor, pointed out that there has been little if any movement beyond : ...., '.t.\/: \ ,

When Your Doctor PrescribesGet the paper. The religious leaders, even before voting the paper DETERGENT :: : : : I._.. r w... :\
Experienced Pharmacists''When ,i i
position wanted target dates of compliance ranging from the
Your Doctor Prescribes, e immediate to some unspecified netherland-future. .) 4t,.fSUGAR\: ,
Orders. We Use Only The Best: But what are the factors that lay between paper and practice? a,., a.174 .1.

Quality Drugs. For white America It will be a continuation of their struggle ,i. rB.39 'I'f .. ""< ... 't; .',
with their own guilt and the lack of commitment to the task of.Umlnat1.le f /I. < '
C. E. BLACK 'hroprt.t l I '
the of this the t .
symbolization guilt- stenotypes / \-t; ,
$ R e g t i t e r e d Pharmacists To Serve' 'YouACOMPL'ETE they are so reluctant to release from their minds. 61. 59 c '( i I t
For Negro America It will be an escalation of the processof PKG. .........--...;..:.:......;
ridding their own mind-set of the prejudice that has been so .
-- LINE OFCosmetics -----------
thoroughly projected upon them so that they will perform in such
Rubber CioodI- Candle. Sundries a manner u not to confirm this dehumanizing prejudice.The LIMIT ONE PLEASE W/OTHER LIMIT 5 IBS. PLEASE WITH ITREI 'MM
inexplicability of the whole matter Is that it is u difficult -
for the religious community to perform with any more PURCHASES OF $5.80 OR
commitment than the secular-political community. This ought
Drug Store not to be, since It is the church that boasts the possession of 'EM UP"
The Great Imperative. "MIX
ISO KINGS ROAD U3121&'nvltes The church should have long since moved its altars out Into
the streets-out into the arenas of human action, not only to
Justify its existence but to set the pace for the rest of society.
The Altar of Practice awaits the Church's people, the agnostics tsi4 l oz: ISLAND FARM MIXEftVEGETABLES,
nn and the atheists. You want to bet who'll get there first? MUSSELMJN'S


.. I




TUINIPS W 11008 ..

BEETS 303 CAN 313 CAN.





3I 'c .
t tb 37t :



-' You To Listen To- I 4t U. S. NO. 1 SWIfT PIIIUI CHUCK


NilU : til 12:00: .Sitiriiy S ... ,iyha JUICY fLA.
11:30 ,' +

1400 WRHC1400. UM u QRTILLW Coarurr.iLCY0la) CITY,lUHfltD iHiaur.N rtOsf,16 .su a eweaavuna ORANGES 5:: 294 SHORTENING W.N 69


..: '" ... ",:, . . . . .. . .

. "' ... "'.r. .v !
'I i..v"


i 77th Annual Coaches' All-American Team Albany State Wins FAMU Co-ed: Views OBC Trophies I

t' f* T -c <*v% 1t" ;*:l ,s' ;Lt""

Dominated By 10 Players From Midwest Tip Oft Title ., .' .a((SM "; ';'0"1; ,;',) ',f "t ,'"

!I-"' "" ,< l, .,v. \
From Shorter CagersRome ,(. 1
The always powerful Midwest. led by Notre Dame and Mlchl. Teams from the Southeast placed aeven plajrrra on the 77th i '
pn !!State placed 10 player on the IBM All.American football annual team which la the lucceanor to the ant All-America aqoad Ga. Albany: State fk

team aetected by the American Football Coaches Association. chosen by Coach Walter Camp of Yale In 188*. College, the first Negro liege,
Including 13 on oa.nle and on defense. i
Twenty nv players l
wen chosen for places on the classic team 1111 recognition 01 their Sponsored by the Eailman Kodak Company the team Include: basketball team to ever appearin

.........Inr play during the 1168! collegiate football<< arllllOn. Four lour players from Far Went teama three from the Soulh..ea&Neve the Rome Kiwanis Club Tip- '
Dame standouts were picked along with three from and one from the Ea tMtchhtan Off Tournament, knocked off the ( ,,a
Slate. The 1966 lineup la: top-seeded favorite, Shorter '

College, In the finals, 5C-M: 1,

to win the Tip-Off title here

November 19.

Staging a scintillating comeback
e 7
k r M / la
Offensive effort with 6:14: to playIn
Bob Ralneyi
the contest
.. ..... "
1 rj cagers, paced by defensive
1 4 Team demon Mel Jones and lithe Mack

1 a Daughtry, ran off a string of I

i)1' eleven points while defensing

Shorter to Just one basket. .

With Jones a ,,6= l72 giant

tii; K .Jack Clancy E .O.Washington T. Ron Vary T Wayne Mass G Tom Reiner CI i Cecil Dowdy from M c G h e e7"A Kansas. ,

I fc (..I. .5)) (.... 220) ($4. Wt ((8-.. 240)) (II. Z4St) (M.. 200) patrolling the defensive boards,


opened up and Jumped out to

u a 31-24 halftime lead. The ..Aa r

i as Rams' fast break, the "run and ee rl

01h ,. gun offense," and the long loop
g. ing J u m per. by Daughtry,
T considered by Rainey"one of J
ti ,,' <'=-'" th e best collegiate players in

s( the countey" proved too much

for Shorter winners of the

last four Tip-Off Tourneyshere.


i D1 C .Jim Breland QB.Steve Spurrier QB Boh Grl... LIB Floyd Little' liB Mel Farr FB Nick Eddy 'FLB. Ray Perklnii The night before,in the opening
round of the tourney the Rams
I J, ((1 2. 225) ((62. 20S) ((8-1.190)) (SoU, 18S) ((62,210)) ((1-0. ZOOt) ((64.185)) ,
considered as one of the best
in small-college ranks by preseason

a __ r---- __ ., ._ pickers, trounced ferry
College 99-76 as Daughtry

b poured 29 points through the'

C e hoop. Shorter advanced to the

I Defensive 4.v main round with a first round

If t I'7T 67-54 win over Mllllgan College

? Team (Tenn.).
With Jones who blocked a total
JI J r qMrlr of 20 shots on defense in the

JI I two games, on the sidelines In

the finals straddled with four Dianne Spratling, Miss Scabbard and Blade at Florida A&M University -
't) E-: Btibba Smith E. Tom Greenlee T Loyd Phillip T Pete Duranko T Wayne Meylan MO John UGrone personals fouls, Shorter caughtup Tallahassee views the coveted Orange Blossom Classic

i !( ("'. 2M) ((6-1. 200)) ((6-3 230) ((6-2, 235)) ((64 240)) (5-10. 225)) with the Rams and moved championship and runner-up trophies which Rcwal Crown Cola Co.
with U23 left will I award at the forthcoming gridiron classic in Miami. The
: in the game.
____ _____ __
I popular co-ed is
Rainey beginning his cam- expected to be among the thousands who will

rI" i paign as mentor of the Rams attend the gridiron spectacular. Royal Cro-vn- Cola Co. will I playan

I"\. c-cI inserted his defensive ,hawk, integral role in this famed event.

Jones, back in the lineup with '

I ; 8:46: to play. From .atpoint ,------ -- -- ---,

; on, the Rams' offense pickedup Tennessee Upsets I Your Good Health I II
!: '. k t ?] and with 5:26: to play Joe j

t ., Poltier "the best sixth man" Kentucky Stale I Ey SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN, M. D., M.P.H. |

I In small-college circles, tied _______ _____---t.
t the score at 46all. Deadlockedat NASVULE John Robinsontied

._ : J 4 ... l ; 49-all for the last time, a 10-year-old record STUTTERING (PART i)
LB Paul NaumoR LB Jim Lynch DB :Tom Brier DB George Webster DB Nate Shaw DB Martine Bercher following a basket by Shorter's catching three touchdown The cause of stuttering has been thoroughly investigated.
is the parent who usually thinks his child is starling to stut
I (/-1, 210)) 81.( 225) (S-U, 200)) ((6-4. 210)) ((6-1. 205)) ((6-1 180) _, Jimmy Chastlon, Albany State passes to lead a scoringparadeas to the of normal child who is learn-
ter. If you listen speech a
Eleven Inundated
tSl went out front on Daughtry's30foot -
talk will notice that he sometimes hesitates
Jumper. 51-49 and Kentucky State 83-0 ing to you or
won easily at that point. in W. J. Hale Stadium before repeats a word or a syllable. This is most apt to happen when

Grumbling Cagers Start Utilizing the halfcourt press, 11,000 homecoming fans he is talking about something he finds intensely Interesting.

R. S. EVANS the Rams, with the Jones Thanksgiving Day. Most parent recognize this as normal and ignore It, but as
soon as a parent shows alarm about a child's speech and calls
brothers, Mel and Wll, and Robinson's 13, 23, and 2-yarc
I 25 Game Schedule Meet Reams dominated catches equalleda attention to it or tries to correct it, he makes the child self-
Jimmy the scoring, pass ,
3rd & MAINEL backboards andshut Shorter 'mark set by Leon Jamison conscious about his speech. From then on, the tb114' ,efforts.

GRABBLING, La.NPIThe Grambling Invitational Tourna to Just one basket in the last against Lincoln University 10 to talk will be fraught with anxiety.

4.8381EL 4-8382 Grambling College Tigers ment, Dec. 1-3; Tuskegee Institute 2:43 of the game. Meanwhile, years ago. During halftime, the Doctors who have made special study speech defects made

opened an agonizing 25-game Dec 8; Mississippi with Daugbtry and Bob Pritchett university's student council this discovery by examining speech of children diagnosedas

"Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer" schedule Thursday night with Valley State, Dec. 13;Oklahoma on the fast break, Ralney'scharges honored the school's three stutterers within a day or two Of the time the stuttering was
noisy acclaim whipping them Baptist, Dec. 17 Paul Quinn first noticed.
; ,
AW-LOADBD *ACTOMV *** l : moved convincingly national championship teams of
65 BUICK )LECTRA 225 ,.. '_, t. .MTt9OQ. .= Into proper frenzy. Dec. 19; Bishop College, Dec. ahead to win the Tip-Off 1956. Coaches Edward Temple They compared the speech of these children 'withi l that of

64" Cadillac, Air'Conditioned :. .. ::$2995 Coach Fred Hobdy's 'flossy 23 20; Mississippi Valley, Dec. Tourney. Women's track; Howard Gentry, other children of the same age whose speech was consideredby
crew unveiled its fluid "shoot Dillard University Tourna their to be normal. In difference in
; no
65 Chevrolet B.A., Air Conditioned .. .$1795 Tossing in 20 points in the football; and John McLendon, parents every case
'em-up" attack In the three- ment, Dec. 27.28 Texas the speech habits of the two could be detected.
66 Chevrolet Impala ... .. .. ..,. .... .$2395 ; final game, Daughtry a unani- basketball were presented groups
** BTOP, PS WARRANTY: day Grambling invitational College, Dec. 31; Alcorn AIM, mous all-tourney choice i student council proclamations The longer a child's anixety over his parents' reaction to his

rJ4 Ford 390 Motor ..... ..... .. .. .. .$1595 tournament. Jan. 2; Southern University, finished the two games with a, during the intermission cere- speech persists, the harder it is to overcome. Here we have
i STICK SHIFT. CIBAN. Despite a receptive audienceand Jan. 7; Jackson State Jan. 9 another example of how much better it is to prevent a condition -
<65 Buick Wildcat 4-Door . .... $1799 ; total of 49 points, a new tourneyrecord. mony byObie McKenzie, student
the matchless dribbling and Wiley College, Jan. 12; Arkansas council than to try to cure it after it occurs.A .
ONE OWNER SHARP AS A PIN AIR CONDITION Jones (Mel) chippedIn president.
66 Pontiac Bonneville . . $3595 unerring shooting of AMiN, Jan. 14; Alcorn with 17 tallies and grabbed Coach John A. Merritt's baby whose mother talks to him.much of the time when she

I TOP AIR BEALEK.ONLY CONDITIONED. iNoJTfWIIIW'( : .. DRIVEN. ITIa& All-American candidate James AtM, Jan. 21; Prairie View, off 21 rebounds, also a new Grantland Rice Bowl-bound BigT is with him learns to speak very easily. At first, he is merely

Pontiac Grand Prix . . $3595 Jones, s eve n-foot Bobby Jan. 28; Texas Southern, Jan. single-game tourney mark in now 9.0 on the season, set trying to imitate sounds that please him. He quickly learns to
,i. AC VINYL TOP. MAO WILEUIACTORY W* KAHTY. Christian and speedy back court 30; Prairie View, Feb. 4; Texas attach different meanings to different things and sounds,and his
T-Bird . $2995 the Kiwanis Club Tip-Off. the second longest win streakat
W ace Howie Uavls the astute Southern Feb. 6 Arkansas is off to start.A .
\ FCltY EQUIPPED *m'coNn !oriD.' : 'lionEE TO ; Pritchett, a 5-8 senior from 23 games without a loss. speech a good
: APPRFCIAtE, ON*!'IADY OWNER coach will need all of his wilesto AMiN. Feb. 11; Wiley College, baby whose mother talks little, sings less, and scolds often
Atlanta Georgia also Under a sun-bright sky that
65 Ford Country Sedan $2195 ward off Feb. 13. Southern In imitating
Wagon tournament jitters, ; University, will not learn nearly so fast, because he sees no point -
1 Y4. AUTOMATIC. RH. Ala A REAL GOOD ONE named to the all-tourney team rained touchdowns, the Met-
r, 65 Barracuda V-6 . .. .. .. .. .$1795 a common early-season basket- Feb. 18; Jackson State, Feb. along with MlUlgan's Gary rittmen three for eight, ran unpleasant sounds. Your baby's speech habits are up to
AUTOMATIC RADIO AND HEATER, PS ball malady. 20; and S.VAC Tournament, Feb. you.
63 Pontiac Grand Prix .. .... ........ $1595, Grambling is expected to make 23-2S Honeycutt and Shorter's Jimmy for three and covered a fum-
D: Chastion and ble in the Thorobred end ,
ONB OWNER N f Dwight Rainey. zone
65 Pontiac Catalina . . ... .. .$2395 another strong bid for South. for a 12-touchdown afternoon. USD is there
HARDTOt LOrVDCD LIZ NEW AIR CONDfTIOIf western Athletic Conferenceand GRENASTOPPED New Slow Motion _
65 Mustang 2+2 : . :. .,. .$1995 National Small-College - federal judge's which the Eldrldge Dickeydirectedmachine
NVACTY pressure
65 Plymouth Fury III 2.Dr. Hardtop ...,. $2195 honors.' The Tigers shared the slowed a school boycott has Replay Provides scored 21 points in

59 Ford; Station Wagon AIR V-8 COHDITIONCB. : . .$ 395 S.VAC last spring title, with and have Alcorn ranked A&M finally halted it. Boycotters the first quarter, 28 In the only if you care. GIVE !
From numbering as many as 2,200at Better Coverage second, 14 in the third and 20
Over 100 Cars To Choose high in AP and UPI weekly
one time-have protested in the final frame while holding USO, helping hand voice from home traveling shows
basketball polls for the past NDC Sports will use the new
harassment by white teachers Kentucky's deepest penetratior for( 3 million displaced, lonely Americans ,in uniform,
EVANS seven years. and students at newly. slow-motion replay to provide to State's 39-yard line.
around the world.
R. depends on your contribution' through
Hodby not expect the more exciting coverage of the
Integrated schools U. S. District Whedbee's charges got to the United Fund
1966-67 season to be any exception American Football League or Community Chest Let your gilt say you care, .
Judge Claude Clayton Big T 39 for two plays to account Give more for our bigger job this r.ar'! .(
The Tigers are speedy between the New York i.
game '
warned that was prepared for the only Kentucky
3rd & MAIN skillful and intense,with enough Jets and the Oakland Raiders
,1 to Issue an Injunction againstthe threat in the 17th Little Brown
height to provide the Dec. 3 to be colorcast
necessarylift Saturday, X j
boycott He didn't need to, Jug and it was the
the boards. the NLC Television'
)&L 4-8381 V EL 4-8582 on as the students returned to on worst beating the Tigers have
The complete schedule is: school.. Network beginning at 4:30: p.m. .

NYT.Slowmotion. brads. JA. "jt
replay- n Innovation .
Merritt's ninth should 4(" .
straight "' ..
in live TV sports) T, ,
give him undisputed claim on
coverage-was first used successfully '
+" SAVr the Mid-Western AthleticAssociation'
; \
r by NBC-TV during \
Pigskin Trophy \
Its telecasts of the baseball
World Series last October and' with the Big Blues' clobberingof \ '\ '
., .
both Lincoln and .
Kentucky .
again this past Thanksgiving m\: > ..
State. The Merritt-coached \
Day for the Buffalo Bills-Oak' I ITigers' : ,'
point production -
Raiders football
land During one exciting game.slow-i, was the second highest in the r''You. Don' t Hare To Go To Town To Get
school's history. The- 19S5
4IA00o motion replay of the
Tigers beat Paul Quinn 85-0
contest NBC-
to set the stadium high.
TV viewers were treated to
sroItw LOW
Facing Ohio's Musklngum Col- PRICESDRUG
all the details of Buffalo i
Jack Kemp's lege December 10 in the Rice
quarterback Bowl, the Big T sharpened Its
brilliant run for a first down '
scoring fangs when Dickey engineered ,
behind the
after being trapped
; a 47-yard scoring
line of scrimmage. The slowed-
drive midway t the opening Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store*
down replay provided better quarter. Memphis-born sopho- 'WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAU'

view of Kemp's artful dodging more Leroy Molten skipped into Papers. .10 Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescript
missed tackles.A
and the .
I lions
paydirt from the nine to opena
of MVR
product the Corporation
scoring floodgate.
of Palo Alto Calif.
Dickey countered his ground
this new device Is called the
attack with two 61 and 43-yard
Videodisc Slow Motion Replay Pharmacy
scoring passes to the senior
Machine. The she of a small
flankerback Nolan Smith who
record player, it features a.
JM disk roughly the size of an was one of 11 four-year men 1302 Kings Rod At
Y playing their final game for Myrtle Aieine
\ LP record, and records magnetically j'
'the hometown crowd. The remaining -
up to better than 20 I I seniors are Alvin Phones Elgin .5559798
EIrJ'J seconds of action. |
Coleman Eddie Bolden Craig
1".'.s action can be replayed ['
Beef at its Best r vtll I 6 immediately for broadcast and Gllliam, Elijah Bossle Mack
Lamb Bill Tucker Gene Bowen
shown speeds In of any slow of three motion.different The Howard Flnley Joe C PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER

speeds to very vary slow.from moderatelyslow Smith, and Leon Moore. AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE'I

,- .. -I It'

_. i
........... .



Man Convicted Top. Defensive Halfback Aggies Cal Irvin Champion Sportsman Bama State WinsThanksgiving Size Not Color

------ -

Of Illegal "", "h\".("_" .:tr'!?'f1,.": ":.joor" ..;'.,7":0.y.'r": :.,,." ;'\"" .'. '... :,,: Has Big Problems iy r xlr Tilt Seen As HindranceFor
.r.: R' L';
I.'fo : .\"" .. il. :I, : "'-10' GEEENSOLONCrWith Ji'v14'r MONTGOMERY, Ala. -Gene
Deer KillingLAKE }-tf ., four of last year's starters : Blanchard, a mercury-footed Jimmy Raye

::' : gone via graduation, Cal Irvin, 180-pound senior tailback from
head basketball coach for theM Michigan State's Jimmy Kay
CITY-Quick action by Grosse Tete La. led the Ala-
a group of aportmen hunting In :' T College Aggies, has problems bama State Couep Hornets to probably won't make it as apro

the Stelnhatchee Wildlife Management \ H'E of almost overwhelming a convincing 35-14 victory over quarterback the stumbling
Area In Lafeyette :.. : .jr proportions. the Tuskegee Institute Golden block will be site, not color,
County on November 14, resulted f14 ( Gone are Bob Saunders, team Tigers in the 43rd renewal of say the December issue of
in the apprehension and captain, star playmaker and their annual Thanksglvlngclas- Ebony.
subsequent conviction of a man ,.. \ 19C5-S6 high scorer with 375- sic here in Cramton BowL One-time barriers against
for the illegal killing of a doe 4;)) points for his senior year; Anthony Bama State drew first blood Negro signal-callers are com

deer, according W.B. Copeland Skinner\ star rebounderand in the contest when Blanchard ing down, but there's no way
Chairman of the Game and number three in scoring, danced into the end zone for for Raye to get around the fact
Fresh Water Fish Commission. iQ and consistent performes like { + nuWr the TO after Hornet tackle that he weighs only 170 poundsand

Copeland stated that toe Dewey Williams and Jim James Williams blocked 1 stands just 5 ft. 10, Ebony

sportsmen observed the killing Webber. ts Palmer Sulllns' attempt to boot points out.Anyhow .
of the deer, contacted Wildlife Cut: Ir.ln hasn't tossed in the out of trouble on the Tiger the Michigan State
Officer Cordon Hurst, and towel. "We will Just have tq five-yard stripe. .SA. las another year to play
agreed to testify as witnessesin build on what is left,* he explains rr.w Williams, whose home is in d >s "not thinking of pro ball

the case. When confronted Tuskegee, proved to be a constant '.t the moment," Ebony points
with the evidence against him, Ke will build his team around scourge to the visitors out.And

the violator pled guilty is fl/e-good, solid baUplayersJhelist as he repeatedly dumped Tiger if Raye's pro prospectsare
charged. includes: Captain Ted backs for big losses. Promi- nearly as slim as he is,two

Lafayette County Judge FoyCXStttn Campbell, a Junior, G-5, 235 nent also in the surging charge other Negro quarterbacks now
levied a fine of $300 pounds, who starred in Us 1h i rr ,of the Hornet forward wall were playing big-time college bdQ

plus $125 for replacement of freshman year, but who had end John Pugh, who recovered could make theproslnthevieiAiof .

the deer, six months sentence troubles In finding the basket Tiger Art Brown's fumble on some professional scouts,

In the ,county Jail suspended last season; Co-Capta1DGeorge the ASC 49, and linebacker Ebony reports. They are Hank.
upon the condition the defen. Mack, last year's number two Johnnie Flen. Washington of West Texas
dent is not found in the woods In scoring; William Gllmer, a v ,... ............ Other Hornet TVs came on State and Roy Stephens. of
Rattler defensive halfback : Major 0-6, 200 pound sophomore, who Johnson Minnesota.
in possession of a gun within Daryl a two-yard plunge by halfback
2 and revoked his hunting Hazelton junior from Bartow (Is the led the squad in rebounding and j Johnny Pleasant and a 25-yard Washington, a senior, stands
liscense. top defensive back on team. He leads the excellent back court men like 20, 5-10, 170, QB, Jr. majoring In .Business pass from quarterback Harry 6 ft. 3, wleghs 205, and going

Copeland concluded, "With cooperation Rattlers in interceptions with six. A Sylvester "Soapy"Adams,Carl Administration. Won two letters in Scott to substitute end Ralph into the fifth game of the season -
between the Com- track star Hazelton has been clocked at Lubbard.; Essroy Watts and Nat- football: won two in track at Morgan. At Miller, filling In for injured had clicked on 61 of 119

mission, the courts, and the 9.U in the 100 yard dash. ban Pettus. Maggie Walker High Richmond Va. won Jerry Allen. Charles Mitchell, passes for 889 yards Ebony
sportsmen as was demonstrated Reminded that the Aggies were letters in football track basketball. recent RC Cola SIAC Playerof notes. There are reports that

in this case, the lUegal able to sign up three of the most "Football at Morgan has been an inspiring the Week, cashed in on threeof he can "toss a football 95

killing of deer can almost be Five Negro Stars Named sought after basketball playersIn experience for me and I am sure it will his four kicks for the extra yards on the fly." And his

eliminated. If all sportsmenwould North Carolina, Irvin pooh- help me tremendously/ in my future endeavors point while Scott tossed Grant coach, Joe Kerbel, tells Ebcnyk
take such action, game poohs this. In lite school Clark for a two-pointer. "I would choose Hank over
after finishing
To LOOK All America Team The reference wastoClarence ; any other quarterback' in the
violators would be too fearfulof I will attempt to enter the field of The Hornets scored in every
Montgomery the 3-C forward- nation
to break the period as they limited the
apprehension football stars were named "
New York, Five Negro college marketing.
center from Charlotte Curtis Steph ns8andy'Stephens' kid
law. Penalties such as levied by to the 22-man Look Magazine All Amerlcateam selectedby ; vaunted Tuskegee running
Lambert, a 6-0 rebounding ace brother-Is rated a good
Judge O'Steen are also strong of America. attack to only 84 yards while pro
Writers Association
deterrents to violators." the from Durllngton, N.C., and who the ASC backs rolled up 277 prospect because of his size
Those chosen were: Charles was acclaimed for his versatility last season broke all scoring left Gofiekfx William Wilson yards on the ground. However, (6 ft. 4, and 212 pounds). : the

REFINISHING TIP "Su baot Smith and George records at the Jordan Sellars the Tigers chalked up 271 yardsin is only a sophomore, and
When refinishing! ultia-delux Webster, Michigan State, Alan Loyd (cq) Phillips, Arkansas' High school, and another Char- Named CoachOf the air as they hit for 12 before he makes the pros he'll
items like I .Run stock 01 trod Page, Notre! Dame; Mel Farr, 241-pound defensive tackle,was lotte star, Daryl Cherry who at out of 32 pass attempts while have to make Mlnnesta'a first
rack run I magnet over the iur UCLA and Ray Pryor, Ohio named by the FWAA to receivethe this writing is still in football IY so.,,. saswesaa.d the Hornets gained 87 yardsin team. Right now he's backupman
face before varnishing. It will State. Outland Trophy as the best togs. All three were last year OMMrIr aar"rM. The Week completing six of 15 aerials behind another Negro

pick up every last trace of steel 1 The All America squad is announced interior lineman in the country. named All-State and All Tourn- THE WINTER MENU' Tuskege got on the score- quarterback, Junior Curt
wool used to smooth surface. In the current issue of Florida quarterback Steve ament and Cherry was labeled GIFFORD, FLA.- William board In the first quarter after Wilson.
._ ,
- Look. -For tne first ume in Spurrier is the only holdover All-American honorable men- What Ash can you expect to "Chicken Shack" Wilson, former Blanchard's Initial TO, when "I've been asked how I feel
catch winter?
The offensiveand from the 1965 Look All America tion. during Florida AIM University about
BestGroomedMenUseMURRAY'S two decades, separate To those who actually get James Reynolds sneaked over twoNegroquarterbacks -
defensive units were team. To win the honor Irvin explains that It takes a out and try. the answer Is. halfback, was recently named from the one to can a sustained on the team," says Min
; chosen. Spurrier had to beat out marks- little time for a freshman to the same species you caught coach of the week by TODAY, Tiger 55-yard drive. The kick nesota coach Murray: War math.

. Smith, a 6-foot, 7-inch, 285- men like Gary Beban of UCLA develop into a team performer. last summer." dally newspaper serving the after the touchdown, which "Well, I've never had any pre-
Superior Hair Pomade pound defensive end, is one of and Bob Crlese of Purdue. "I believe that they will help a While certain fare fish are the cold considered Cap Kennedy area. would have knotted the count judice against boys because of

the biggest and fastest linemanin lot before the season has weather prime menu hero on are hardly The Cocoa newspaper named' failed, and the score stood 7-0 their color, but I'm prejudicedas
Spartan history Webster is Morgan State ended." any game fish that fall to ahow Wilson, who Is head football School in favor of the Hornets. hell against boys who can't
the rover back or "Okie Mon- up in the catches of devoted coach at Gifford High Trailing 28-6 In the final block or tackle."
ster" in the MSU secondary. White ClearedIn winter fishermen claim the coach of the week because of As to Stephens' prospects his
1 I West Chester In Cop at ..,..-, quarter, 'Skegee earned its last ,
tailing experts Mercuryoutboards
Page, who was named to the TO on a 55-yard fling from coach says, "He's good. He's

other defensive end post on the Bowl Ex-Boxer Death You can run down the list Reynolds to Ralph Jenkins and quick and fast and has a real.
i honor team, anchored the Tangerine of summertime favorites the two-point conversion play strong arm. The only thing he
powerful Fighting Irish line. CHICAGO-(NPI}- A coron pike lake trout muskles walleye made it 2814. needs is game experience."
r Running back Farr was cited BALTIMORE, Md.Morgan er's Jury found a white policeman perch bass pickerel and Making it three in a row over Michigan. State has another
1J'a for his breakawayability State College, Baltimore, and was Justified in slaying whatever else Is legal and Tuskegee, Alabama State both Negro quarterback, too-re-.
blocking and West Chester State College Richard F. Haggan 40 Joe suddenly realize that fishing serve Eric Marshall
savage list really knows no season. retired the Coca Cola trophy
game-nuking pass recep- (Pa.) who will meet In the In Orlando ,Louis'. former sparring part- Tho big,difference Is ins the i tl? ? for this series in the/,Turkayf,,. Jn fact Ebony, 19(3 has
a tion talanU.v Pryor, a pre-med .annual,Tangerine Bow\\ ner, during :an arrest_ for a method used and In' the fish .Day affair and clinched their seen a'Idefinite breaktfrough"
student who centered for the Fla., Dec. 10, are no traffic violation. themselves ; second straight Section "Z" for Negro quarterbacks, with 4
Buckeyes on offense and filled strangers to each other. But witnesses for the Haggan Techniques and equipmentused SIAC crown least 10 Negroes (six of them

In as middle guard on defense, For the past three years, the family disputed policemen's kinship In with ice fishing those bear employed little As a reward for his afternoon's : first-string) calling signals for
have vied in Intercollegiate -
colleges West testimony, on which the.finding during fairer weather exceptfor efforts, Blanchard received eight big-time college teams.
wrestling. of Justifiable homicide was the hook. Artificial lures the Coca-Cola trophy They arc Raye and Marshall
TIPSHOMEMADE Chester has won twice, Morgan based. take a back seat to natural as the most valuable playerfor of Michigan State, Wilson and
Kinky, Stubborn Hair once. These witnesses said Patrol- baits, and elaborate decoy setups the Hornets. This made Stephens of Minnesota; Wash
Responds "At If By Magic" STOVE The Tangerine Bowl Classic man Burleigh Glnkel, who fat- lure the quarry Into range. Blanchard a two-time winneras ington of West Texas State;
Take a gallon can and slice is a 100 per cent charity game, shot Haggan failed to warn Even the controversial spear Gene Washington of Stanford
ally ,
Now. you tin h. .n-dar mnfMtncf comes Into play at this periodof earned the coaches' nod
your: hair: iwnlv yroomiJ if roar .p: three thiee-inch stllps. Bend which means there are no paid him and pointed his pistol at year -WILLIAM WILSON last year for the award. James Ron Rurton, Colgate; Carroll
d> or MI'HKAVS < >m outwaid' Remove
ui strips screw It is sponsored by
HAIR promoters Haggan immediately after However, the big difference Williams, Xavier, Tony Jack
DKESSINU POMADE In lhmcvninn diaft Fill bottom his ability to turn a losing team Lowe copped a similar cup
No matter If vou rear II loneand top to act ai a the Tangerine Bowl Commission drawing It.Lathtats. Is noticed in the response of, the son, Cincinnati; and Garnett
link or short for tool. comfort with several inches of sawdust of the Into a winning one. as Tigers' MVP.
MURRAY'S don II r*,t. Coniumi no and members Grady, a Southslder, flsh Spectacular fighters un of AMU t this: World Heavyweight Champion Phelps, Missouri.
A 1959
....11.. or hanh Irrllamt. and-il't and soak with inexpensive Orlando Elks Lodge 1019. It oar summer conditions often graduate ,
seven. pruneRAY'S wood alcohol. Light. Can will "The who said witnessed the shoot- become quite sluggish in frigid is Wilson's first year at Gif- Cassius Clay, or MuhammedAll
known as
You II find tuprrlor MUR glow with even heat. is nationally Heart." lag testified that Glnkel pointed waters Bass, in particular ford. He had been assistant at as he calls himself, was e CHILD'S COMMENT upon feeIng -
HAIR PRESS- .enw Bowl With the Big his pistol at Haggan after exist in such a state of semi Quincy where he tutored North. special guest at the game and her first giraffes: "T Il ey 'look
INU POMADE! EGG FISH ON Beneficiaries of the game are it and shot the ex- hibernation that they are re
nn elf al your Y drawing western's star halfback Woody sat in the Tuskegee stands 'like they fell/ down and got
/YrMltf camtlkcounter. You can egg flah on by collecting the Harry-Anna Crippled boxer after a delay of 45 sec- luctant to seize the bait Pike, was reponslblefor cracked all \'lr.H
Campbell as p
If your NU RR AY8daltt shells for several Children's Hospital and the on the other hand manage to
don not egg onds, "for no apparent reason. him scholar ship to the
Z-a getting
retain a lively appetite.
Mare Mu".,' ,. weeks befoie you go flatting. As Eccleston-C alia ban Hospitalboth Glnkel testified that a fight
In winter Ten School.
enKqukklyaa:: UKU Me HIM 2M you fish, sprinkle a handful of In Florida.In broke out as Cinkel and his fishing many holds regions special charms lg The Gifford coach as been
you or and only SI and ..t will mall shells in water from time to 1964 the National Collegiate -
you 2 punt' un Hair Pomade puii-paid, time. Tiny flashes attract fish. Association partner, Joseph Pavlov, triedto that are unavailable at any faced with a rough: situation as
MM tit'i turf iiei riooucri COMPNV Athletic put Haggon into the policecar other time. West Coast anglers of the 10 teams on his 1966
4N CUrtoni. Aft, ',t"" Mick, Null Works especially on bluegills contracted to have th TangerineBowl after the traffic violation eagerly await the biting cold eight
and apples. as a play-off site for the and driving rains that herald schedule are Class A schools.
Division arrest. the arrival of ateelhead. East Gifford is Class B.To add to his
Atlantic Coast College Haggan put his right hand into ern fishermen get ready to woes, Coach Wilson was not able
Football Championship. his pocket, and told Cinkel, load up on tasty smelt. Where to work with is squad during the
"Now you're going to get whitefish prevail home smokehouses spring or summer and eIght of ,
Kickoff at 1:15tf yours," Glnkel said. start smoking the -
his starters including quarterback
Winter Is hardly I time to
Watch The ex-boxer then moved had never worn a
slop fishing claim the Mercury roansIT'S
a "menanclngly" toward Ginkel, lads In fact there are a lot of football: uniform. Gifford lost Its
rH This Clown the policeman testified. folks throughout the land who first t'.ree games but came back
\ 34. 26 93 Glnkel said he then drew his start.sincerely feel II'" the time to to win four In a row before tying

% service revolver, pointed it at Monroe high School.

41'11.44 the ground, and told Haggan to GIVE TO FIGHT Wilson is the son of Mrs.
Naomi Wilson 1042 tllchmand
1 stand still, warning Haggan that hMULTIPLESCLEROSIS ,
3 a I Street. Tallahassee.
[I he would shoot him if he took ,

ORANGE BLOSSOM 8 2 I one more step toward him. far .."Iet'I MC.KJ Ml T.* awt- .f
The great cripplerof 94 PROOF
Kaggan kept coming toward
CLASSICSAT. 5 4 I I him, and Glnkel was forced to Young adults U.S. Savings Bonds

shoot him point blank In the//
20 13 84
I stomach, the policeman testified. JACQUIN'S

18. 24 111sometimes I VETERANSHE

e Virgin Islands

NIGHT He's Up,Sometimes

DEC. 3 He He's works Down it, He all adds around, subtracts, Plan Second |j JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. LONDON

ORANGE BOWL 56 51.32 Golf Coarseu.s.

VIRGIN ISLANDS Con Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking

COMING ATTRACTIONS tracts between golf course TOWER
[ Florida AlM/Ratllers vs Alabama AIM architect Robert Trent Jones

and the College of the Virgin
34 .83 42MAN'S
Islands for the construction of Applications For Its Double Distilled

an 18 bole championship community -

Thomas bland have been endorsed Class. London GIN
BAND 1 I I I I by Gov. Ralph M. Pale- Tower

i "Man's Numbered." wacky AL
Days are
m 2 EXCITING SHOWS The course will be laid out on
Health and Fortune Can Ba
the site of the existing seven- The Size Of Our ClassesIs 99 PINT$2M
Lucky Yours Days.Wien: You' Know Your bole, sand-green course at the s $ )

College of the Virgin Islands In tUNOt 5th
Lucky Colors, etc Charlotte Amalie. DRY GIN j
*.*...**.,tare.$Law TM lest Send $2.00 for your The public Law. 3 .0. 1-ji 45
facility expected Limited By at
TICKETS ON SALE NOW HorOSGWde for to cost upwards of 1500,000. Y.s PINT $|

MIMH-UM tomtom offici J2I It rent t::5IlJrtlll, 1300 UKM' NOVEKBEft Private contributions of $125,
lists town( iMMf* t IMA Area, Are Seth Trwalluraai
1104 NW IhKd Awe, Conwiunirf, One Store ((7SO NW 15ft A..., Fill In the blank below and mall 000 have been raised and $100, W
Stan 1101 NW. Jc< Awn MIAMI UACN-Mercanfli N.. zobIAC Post Office Box 000 Is pledged by the Territorial Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
=. 20 Uncota load to ,
-.New. '"",bar Travel. Aianqr, 1175 flawnid. W ri, CMUi 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. government //Jat\At \,
tAlUS-',sh warm Sport Skaa, 241 AftMri ClrcltiAll Spoils, Inc. Golf architect Jones Is the
SMI foact t_ UMI, CKON" UM-Gmtf Drug S640 Grand Avanuti Place.
UIIM' -Pint 4cn farm, 1571J t Dill Hwy, CWTUI HMI-lti. .WnSkot NAME designer of the It-hole championship StoreSATURDAY
Mlr. 2024) S. Ouw Nwy. ICytltf Ales Shappinf CoiKtrh HtMMOM Fountain Valley course Only Your
NISAls-IscIaaaM Webb 0n 4i. 14M Lncow She IAUUM-DMO
sports Cnttr 7495 OaoaKiHj. Mill', UKOU-Dn. a.llo .Ian. 12173 S. DATE OF BIRTH---- recently opened for play on St.
Dime! Hq.t SOfTR MUMI-2ipa Sparliiw Coodt. 7230 Rrt.Roads CUK. ... MOo Day Croix Island by the Rockefeller CALL 355-9874
tm-AtliHtn "MUM: 46(1 II W lUr $I4 Interests.

4 h. .. V


i ;Yh


what: KSY rude: of LACES rnwhidv boot Mr. SkitHJiskip Dick Grefery Helping The Hard Of .Hearing FJC Brings Ramsey Lewis Trio

'tint'* told thoy'11 bo rnnlrr to
.. .. ,
.111 thVolnrh eyrlele. h ,
Luring Fir r To Civic Auditorium Dec. 10The I

Viet NIM Florida Junior College at Jacksonville will bring to this
MAIDS N. Y. SLEEPINJO area next month the nationally-famous Ramsey Lewis Trio as

:: salaries to $G5, fare ,;! CHICAGO -<(NPI)- Uncle Sam part of its 19C6 student activities program.

advanced. Rush references', j wasn't laughing about the The jaw group will appear at school he led the senior divisionof
phone number. ABLE MAIDS I prospect of Dick Gregory visiting the Civic Auditorium on Satur- the American Society of

ACENCr: 163 N. MAIN, FREE. North Viet Nam. day, Dec. 10 at 8:00: p.m. Their Musicians in Chicago, got a
PORT, N. Y. And the famed comedian performance will mark the last superior rating from the Illinois

wasn't worrying. "I don't know event of a week-long festival of Federation of Music Clubs and

HELP WANTED MALE if there will be reprisals, andI cultural offerings in art, music won scholarships to Chicago
Real Estate Grokers or Salesmen don't care," he said, as be and drama sponsored by the Musical College and Roosevelt
a to sell l 1 undeveloped, announced his Intention to entertain Florida Junior College at University. He and his wife

t speculative South Florida acre- Brown "Mr.Showmanship' American servicemenheld Jacksonville have five children
James ,
I age Extremely liberal I lI *. himself brings his torrid captive by the North The Ramsey Lewis presentation Cleveland Eaton is a former
commissions:' Reply P.O. ;ox of showmanshipInto Vietnamese. is open to the public teacher of music in the Chicago
t 2851 I, Miami Florida.TOOTHACHE. style Florida singing this,weekend when Gregory said he would not go Ticket information may be obtained Public School System. Duringhis
: I Itt to South Viet Nam if North. by phoning Mr. Regis tenure as a teacher, Mr.
10 the C1v1c Auditorium -
i ifc he appears in Jacksonville onSaturday, Viet Nam officials turn down Schiffbauer, coordinator of Eaton was also very much in
his request to perform. "I hate student activities at the Florida demand as bassist for recording
Dec. 3. killings on all sides," he said. Junior College sessions and club dates.Cleveland -
The man who made "Please,
and "I will not entertain soldiers The trio consists of Ramsey has appeared nationally
U Why tufltf ...,">r In minim lot itlnl HHtlMH ., Please, Please" popular to In South Viet Nam." Lewis, piano, Cleveland Eaton, with the Donald Byrd-Pepper
Is also due play
(I.III nth OKA)Hi StH. tonmHtit Mn' unforgettable
U Sources In Washington said bass Adams and on the tour
I* aY ..ICk" to I hM l '- Miami Convention HalL Maurice White.drum- group
t iMWip' toS' the the State Department likely mer. circuit with the Julie London
.......dd. b. /Meat'.
a. "rii| ,.ttm J. MI1ANTS l to forbid the trip-and Gregory Lewis began his piano studiesat troupe. He has also perforated
b prajelSECRET I. ; could get Into trouble with tile the age of six. While in high with such Jail greats as Nancy
1 law after returning to the United Wilson, Gloria Lynn, HOary
uf. RoYa1 CrgwnCO States. Tennis Classes Mancini and Jack Jones.
=- -
a Gregory said he will fly to Maurice White is a young percussionist -
fts London Monday and then to HEARING AIDE Mrs. J. McNair, teacher at Isaiah Blocker Elementary School where Af Wilder Park with extensive

Paris where he plans to depart classes for the deaf and bard of hearing are conducted under a federally financed program, experience In all related fields
PRAYER for Hanoi. Is seen with two students who seem engrossed In study Using special methods and techniques To Begin Dec.12The of music. He has performedas

0L In Washington, State Depart- students with Impaired hearing are taught reading, writing, arithmetic, physical educationand a staff musician for one of
FORMULA CHART! MAIDS, GUARANTEED ment officials said that Gregoryhad art.Other. Jacksonville Recreation America's most successful recording -
NEW YORK LIVE-IN JOSS,$43. not applied for passport teachers In the program Include Mrs.G.McLendon who specializes in speech develop- Department will begin a seriesof firms, and in Jail clubs
PSYCHO PHYSICAL TEMPLE Rush references. HAROLD validation to Hanoi. They said ment and therapy and Mrs. W., Toombs who functions as teacher's aide. tennis classes at Wilder with top-flight j jazz artists.

a 0 F THE DIVINE MOTHER, AGENCY, Dept. RLYNiRCOK, if he went without validationto Park, beginning December 12.The'classes White is a native of Memphis
INC. SECRET PRAYER N. Y. North Viet liam to whichU. AloNze Davis will be conductedby
A Bill Cosby PROJECT HEARD Tennessee, and studied percussion
I' FORMULA CHART S. travel Is limited by the Julius Gulnyard, playground at Chicago Con
e My prayers are being sent out director, recently assigned at
could face
State Department, he servatory of Music.
1 and blessings are coming in. WANTED Hinds Christmas; HELPS HARD OF Wilder.
loss of passport and criminal TV Special Future plans of the Ramsey
I Send for Free Dally Blessing. Ceauty operators, and barbel penalties of up to five years Two tennis courts were Lewis Trio Include a concert
f How to get what you want through New Hollywood Beauty and recently Installed at the parka
imprisonment and $5,000 fine. Seal Campaifi Emm '-i,md .firmer 111Cosby 'HEARING KIDS tour of the country's colleges,
this new way of Prayer. Mail Barber Lounge, 622 Ashley St. The entertainer Is ) n d are available for play.
Negro cur- TV shows, and a special Christ-
will be starred la
a Isaiah Blocker
self-addressed envelope to Elementary Classes will be held Monday
J Call
Rev; C. Forster, P. O. Box> I rently on trial with his wife, Alonzo Davis has been selectedas STfrul, variety hour to be School '135 is one of three through Friday. mas Concert in Chlcqo'lOrchestra -
I 56, St. Albans. N. Y. 11412 Lillian, In Tharston County the Christmas Seal Campaign ,:clorul on the NLC Television schools in Duval County to offera Instruction for children under Hall with a forty piece
RIG lAG SEWING superior court. The couple 1s chairman for the Tuberculosis da': :'!;\rk djrlij' toe 1907-68 class for the educationally eleven will be held from 4:30: orchestra and a choir.

charged with Illegal fishing for Volunteer Council, according to soas:i't.> it was announced todayby deaf and hard Qt hearing to 5:30: p.m.; teenagers, 7 to
JacksonvilleSHIPYARDS MACHINES their part In demonstrations an announcement I rom the Mcrt Werner,Vice Pres'dcat! students according to Mrs. 8 p.m., and adult classes from B.CC Students Listed
Slightly scratched,,,"original supporting claims of a groupof Tuberculosis and Respiratory in Charge of Programs a.ul'Tal- Eunice T. Carter, Coordinator 8 to 9 p.m. Tennis rackets

E guarantees. Makes buttonholes, If Indians he Is convicted earlier this, Gregory year. Disease Association of North- ant Date for the specul will of the projects. The projectsare and balls will be furnished by In Who's Who
i Requites sews on buttons, fancy Zlg Zag east Florida \\t :umOtllJ.! : federally financed. the department.
Immediately said he would bond
designs. No attchments needed. appeal, post Davis and Mrs.Maggie Sloan, Costa esl.\Illshlt'llllmsolt: as Mrs J. McNair, teacher, Guest Instructors from the Twenty-two Dethune-Cookman
: SHhEFMBTVLMechanics: 149.00 cash or terms. Free and proceed to Viet Nam. chairman of street sales, will one of America's moot amu&t ig states: "These students have public school system and College students are candidates
He said his wife and two
J home Inspection. Will deliver, help raise funds for the campaign and inventive s'and-up\ come- hearing losses to varying degrees Johnson Branch YMCA for "Who's Who AmongStudents
would with
I no obligation CALL WAREHOUSE eldest daughters o which officially opened dians before te took a big step and are presently unable will participate in the program. in American Universities and
him to North Viet Nam
I 01'TSIPK 1( ; 353-1046, anytime. with his personal secretary, November 15. Funds will be Into straight' .. acting when he way:;i to succeed in a regular The boxing program will begin Colleges" according to Martha
used to tuberculosis and
fight classroom because of their
following the Christmas Berhel chairman of
!Machinists Arthur nominee -
: Stoyer. respiratory disease In this area '\ hearing loss and their lack of holidays. All interested per-
Gregory said he makingthe
t through free chest t X ny I" ability to communicate. The sons have been invited to
ISABELLA if PARIS trip "not as an Americanbut Names of the candidates for
CarpentersI human survey, which concluded last ryc' goal is to prepare them, by register at the center. "Who's Who" are submitted
as a being.
I THAT'S MEI! have the Amazing month. 1 giving a well-rounded course Youth directors assisting at annually by four-year degree-
SUPERIOR TONIC TAJLEfS, More than 103,000 letters have of study, for the hearing world. Wilder are: Mack Clark I granting institutions. Each
Southside Division Pep for all the things you want FOR RENT been mailed in Duval County Many of them have to be taughtthe Nathaniel Hayes and Mrs. SueA. student will receive a certificate -
FT. OF HENDRICKS AVE. to do. Box of 30 $1.00. Satisfaction containing about 30 million basic! vocabulary for every- Anderson. of recognition awarded
OR guaranteed or Mcuey Completely famished apart Christmas Seals. The seals day things with which a hearing the organisation. by
MMN YUiO ;Sack.;; ment. All electric kitchen.Mar- will decorate Christmas mall child is familiar Emphasis Is The
Idea of
Y Gradale Club
11141: i iY ISA3ELLA ried working couple only;PLone and packages throughout the placed on speech,speedreading, national basis of
P. O. Sox 239, Dept. SCary, Sb3-9942, before 9:30: A.M.aad holiday season, it was language and auditory training for college students recognition that would
An Equal Opportunity Employer Indiana. after 6:00: P.M. announced with the use of a group auditory Of Johnson Branch be
I ..., democratic and devoid of
training unit. Reading, arith- Slates MeetThe dues, Initiation fees or other
I metic, spelling I writing, cost to the student
;" : physical education and art with was conceived
; Y-Gradale Club of the
: about twenty-nine
: .. special methods and techniques Johnson Branch YMCA will hold years
; ago.
"' signed to star with Robert Culp are also included in the courseof
; 7'ItJIl!' its Satur- The
monthly meeting on Bethune-Cookman
on rVCMV's "I 8> series.
-SH4P-: r:: ,.It.. [ study. day, December 3, I960at 10:30 College honorees are: Rosa
In titeltow's: first do-
:: M season, Progress Is slow but a
: ::: ;! :]; spite his early of very A.M. at the 'f' Building. Plansto Walker from Tampa, Fla.;
:: : ::! J trepidation deaf or hard of hearing child serve as hostesses at the Louis Batch from McKeesport
., moving to a new career, Cosby can reach his potential and become -
Dedication Sunday Penn.
: : Program on ; Rosemary Jenkins from
: : : l'l'r 1 became established as an actorof an asset to society when of the new activity room and Ft. Lauderdale
Fla. Theodore
; !::: solid ability acclaimed by his handicap Is better known ;
The store that cares.aboutyou! ...1.1I audience and critics alike and understood to all and heM the annual Christmas Dinner for Miller from Philadelphia,
children will be the
Penn. Elllstine
indigent Hart from
\ '... His affirmed ; Danville
.. acting succeti was: given a chance to show his
I : major business concerns. Ga. Marlon Walker from
; ;
I 5y his contemporarieswhen > "
ability Mrs. McNalr
'\ The service club of women is Goulds
Fla. Clarence
he was awarded an Emmy ; Camp
a part of the national Y'Gradale bell from Argyle,Fla.;Reginald
award for
"outstanding E. Benthone states
I principal, Club and into its Moore
program goes from Daytona Beach
: performance by an actorin that in addition to Mrs.McNair ,
1. second year of activity on the Fla.; Elisha Flowers from
a leading role In a dramatic
the staff consists of
'WELI. 39 Mrs. G.
PICNICS -- series" for the 196S-66 season. McLendon, who teaches speech local level. Officers of the club Haines City, Fla.; Korona In
Miss Deborah Jenkins
are: gram from Jacksonville Fla.
He started his career as an.entertaLtet' development>> and therapy, and
HALF president Miss i Jacqueline Eartha Watson from
; Daytona
at New Yoik'sGasllght Mrs. W. Toombs who
Asst Maugirt Club, where his small t teacher's aide. servesas Urquhart, vice president; Miss Beach, Fla.; Anita Seabron

starting nay wn quickly raised. Shirley McCoy,secretary;Miss from Moss Point, Miss.; Lem

"SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY WESTERN REEF CHUCK{ Within one Summer, Cos':, received Marsha Dean, assistant secre- uel Clark from Ocala, Fla.;
bookings at other .Ijht-. Civil Rights RoundupLOST tary; Mrs. Vann'e Warner, Alfred McGhee from Jacksonville
clubs and TV variety shows todisplay treasurer; Mrs. Alveria Davis, Fla.; Oscar Pendleton,
48t his !bome-grownhumcr. program chair mar. Other Washington, D. C.; Patricia
: ROAST I : LI. He made male than 20 appear- members are: Mrs. E. R. Sadler from Matches, Miss.,
TRIMMED ances on the "Tonight Show, IS FOUND Atwater, Mrs. Bitye: Avery, James Kendrick from Ocala:
r Starring Johnny Carson,"seven GEORGETOWNNPIM Mrs. Eufaula Barron, Fla.; Johnnie N ea l Is from
deposit Mrs. Claudia E. Daniels, Mrs. Miami, Fla.; Rodney Miller,
appearances on "The Jack Paar ore which has been
Show" and other variety hours, missing since its original dis- Rosalind, Jones, Mrs.Mary Grewe, Va.; Marjorie Gugman,
nightclub, appearances, and re- covery 40 years ago, has been Kirby, Miss Kay F. McKinnon, Tampa, Fla.; Yvonne Boston
2402.DOTTLE. cord3d our best-selling: albums rediscovered. The ore, mer- Mrs. Gladys Bryant and Miss from Miami, Fla.i: Merlyn Gay,

49 before erabirkiiig on the high- umite, an unique type chrom-- Francis Scrlven. Jacksonville, Fla.
CRISCO OIL a I rated "I Spy" series turn deposit, is said to be an I

jj jjrrtfeci NEWS BRIEFS entirely new kine of ore, the
riches yet known in chromium

Miuftr 1 I EVENTUALLY content. I .


QUART i.entually Independence will come
to Spanish Guinea,In West Africa YES, VIRGINIA...
J JUICE "THE( REAL THING" MTUE 25 according to the Spanish Yes, Virginia, there Is aSanta / 1 / / /
government Spanish Guinea Is Claus--white one. And that
composed of Equatorial Guinea colored fellow who says he's

i (also known as Rio Muni), and Saint Nick-well, he's note ,
Its small offshore islands,Fer- but an imposter. You see, A
CAMPBELLS CHICKEN NOODLE nando Po and three other volcanic Virginia, the white Santa Is
islands lying almost directly real because he tells people to
,1I .t. opposite the Nigeria- buy lots of presents for Christ- ll
3 ,
SOUP CANS 494 Cameroun border in the Gulf mas. But Merlin Kennedy, r j

of Guinea president Aloomingtoo-Normal I

1 I (ILL.) NAACP Branch,who
I STATE HOUSE HOTEL dressed up as Santa and triedto
ACCRA{(NPI> -The 11-story ride in the annual Christmas I

ARISTOCRAT to-suit $Z8 million building parade-_you know he's fake because -
Mist Mniir which Khame Nkrumah and con- he had a sign reading
structed as a state house for "Give love." Get oft seome- 3GALLONFOR

rxc.: 19* PLAY visiting heads of states.-principally body's back." Even worse,
BILLFOLD of the African Unity he urged people not, to buy
organization will be used asa gifts this Christmas A person

DINGO AT AlP hotel during the Internationaltrade like that,Virginia,had it coming
fair which begin Feb." when he was thrown out of the $595

WIN UP TO $$1,000 For the sum of $83.52, fair parade. Why, he's bad for busi
FRESH, CRISP, RED DELICIOUS visitors can sleep over nightIn neat

one of the 60 suites and also


DOUBLE CELEBRATION (CNPI) Negro servicemenwho I 0
WAREHOUSE STORE MNSHASA-)>-The Congo help defend freedom are

held a dual celebration week among those most frequently
3000 W. 45tli. ST. when It observed the first anniversary denied their freedomln AVAILABLE IN 20 COLORS

of the military regime Missouri, the state Commission
JANE PARKER ,FRESHLY RAKED DUTCH APPLE ,of President Joseph D. on Human Rights has reported. DE1CO PAINT FACTORY
PRICES IN THIS AD Mobutu and also Inaugurated Some 31 per cent of the cases

the country's first television of discrimination in places of
Ml.IOZ.. 39* ARE GOOD THROUGH station. The station rushed to public accommodation filed with 5304 NorMMtfy llvrf.

PIE : EACH completion In time for regime's the commission Involved Negro

SATURDAY, DEC. 3. anniversary celebration, .was military personnel H, the Ph. 384-2663
erected at a cost of 961000. commission said.

,t 4 I.PAGE I.

P .