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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200742datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 19, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007420740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 19, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 19, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.... t ro Ma Congressional $ edal< or M 4ie *4**

_. .. __ _
* * _


'. lj""' ., _
* * '



. .
* *

:, \FubhsJiCFReporg!' 1 I Named Harvest Queen 16 NO. 34 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26, 1966 15 CENTS

I ':" j!,) ; :1'/ ;, 1.ti-.f .'j,1 .. ** * * * *

t .. .. ._
-w- --. .- -- -------------r----------
Bias : I )!
CQtHighLOS ; ,Another JaxonGommits-Suicidel
., ... ..
....... -k. .. r ..,_a__ .
ANGELES -<(NPI- Discriminatory for maximum training and N i; ; : III
hiring I i practices employment for the local,long- * II

cost the United States $30 billion term unemployed-m 0 st of
a rear It has been disclosedby whom are Negroes.In .
Jolla H. Johnson publisher another boon to Southern
of several Negro magazines Negroes the Fifth U. Circuit JAX CAB DRIVER

Addressing the Urban Court of Appeals ruled that a ,
League's Equal Opportunity Day union representing the Good- {; '
Luncheon Johnson cited Urban year Tire and Rubber _
League figures showing thatif Company's East Gadsden plantIn '
Negroes earned as much as Alabama had violated sections

whites they would spend $3. 6 of the National Labor HELD FOR MURDER
billion more yearly on food, Relations Act by refusing to
$1.7 billion more on clothing process grievances of eight
$1.5 billion more on housing Negro employees.

$1.3 billion more on household The complaints had chargedthat * *
operations, and $1.2 billion Local No. 12, United
more on cars and transportation. Rubber Cork, Linoleum and Civil ServiceAppointment Paralyzed Man
Plastic Workers of America Jaxon Murdered
An additional $1.2 billion a AFL-CIO !had refused to back ,
year would go to recreation them In their complaint that Takes Own LifeThe
$500 billion more to utilities they had been denied seniority

and $800 care million and miscellaneous more to personal seniority.rights going to whites with less Causes Hassle With 5 BulletsA suicide count for the

items. Taxes would be reduced" At the same time, a federal month of November rose to

and "social overhead" wouldbe official warned that California's RICHMOND, Va. Beatrice Wynn, 20, reigned Nov. 22 u Councilmen Balk Jacksonville cab driver Is being held in Duval County Jail two 1 last Thursday when a
his life
cut as relief rolls dropped, governor-elect Ronald Reagan, Harvest Queen of the predominantly white Richmond Professional on a charge of murder in connection with the slaying of anotherman Jacksonville man ended
Johnson said. may bring about the doom of Institute. The Negro coed from Crewe Va., a drama at a nightspot early Monday morning. with two gun shots.
"The American business com fair employment practices major at the college was selected over 13 other coeds all Making AppointmentsFrom The latest suicide victim is
in According to Detective Sgts. of the Peace Jesse Leigh last Jesse Williams 61, who lived
munity cannot afford the priceof agencies white balloting by the school's 8,800 students. The college I
unequal employment" he Ben D. Segal, liaison directorfor has a Negro enrollment of 120. Miss Wynn is shown Nov. 21. Afro RosterA H. D. Nelson and J. L. Suber, Tuesday, Abram was arraignedthe with his wife at 1352 W. 32nd
added. Fair hiring creates "a the Federal Employment victim James E. Bargeron. on a charge of murder. St.
larger economic pie which Opportunity Commission virtual storm in a teapot 37, of 1173 W. 10th St. was shot Mrs Lucille Williams wife

ultimately leads to larger called on civil rights groupsto Official Elected MayorOf broke out in Jacksonville this five times shortly after 4 a.m. of the deceased told investi-
U.S. in Weaver's Pine Inn at 5757 'gating officers her husband had
economic slices for each segment support fair employment week as members of the City
of the economy" he agencies In the wake of Rea- Council began hassling over Moncrief Rd. been ill for some time and was
explained. gan's election. He noted that Hits Liberals Flint City, Mich the appointment of a Negroto County police arrested Willie It ; paralyzed in the left side. She

Johnson publisher of Ebony Reagan a political and econo- the City Civil Service. Abram, 37, of 1910 Venus St. said he had been receiving,
Jet, the Negro Digest and mic conservative may not FLINT Mich. The indus- No sooner than Mayor LouisH. after witnesses gave them an treatments from' tt local
othet magazines said his Johnson believe Job discriminationexists ON Ghettoes trial city of Flint, Mich., has Ritter announced that the account of the fatal shooting.The physician for some time Of-
Publishing Company had and may not see the <'<**>mtvM'vfrjf, :' City Commission had endorsed witnesses told Investigators 'f l. titers were told that on the

begun to hire more whites to 'need, for.agencle. ,to combat, WASIIINO'rori-NPI-; !r vn/ ;: ..' dJ&1I [rbarles i, Simmons to fill the Bargerpn and Abram were 1 day of Williams', achedube&tgaee death:the
match the Integration efforts it. ) .I .'- '; :) Haddock- .involved in an argument before victim was _
of white-owned companies. liberals" who want to make the q'1 by E. C. the shooting Inside the Ms physician to make! arrangements -
: I Ii : : unrest and unreadiness started to enter the to
Negro employees of his firm, ghetto In their own image have nightspot. r hospital
been charged with "cultural i 1 brewing In the council. Describing the manner in Y have his left arm amputated.
he said, at first feared that King Urges \ 14JtI;; 1 Council members defeated the ;
J Williams told her
the 'increased number of white arrogance" by Eugene P.Foley I which Bargeron made his exit, t Mrs. police
staff members meant threatsto former assistant secretary of II II I appointment for different witnesses said the victim after Y ,H husband had been very

their own Jobs. BoycottCHICAGO commerce for economic Y I reasons leaving the matter in being shot five times, staggered ..... I ,,- .. n.?! despondent.
the hands of the Committee
on Giving an account t of the
development. out the joint and collapsed in
But, he said, they have come
Officers and Police Prison
Foley now a federal consultant the fronfbf the building. suicide the victim's wife said:
to realize that "we are in the -(NPIDr.. Martin I Farms. 1 WILLIE ABRAM
charged that these"liberals" Only one member After a hearing before JusticeNAACP Williams was sitting in his
majority there and it is to Luther King Jr., has urged that
up Richard Burroughs wanted to _. _..._ ,, auto parked in the driveway
seem to insist"that'I -- -- --- --
us to extend the hand of friend- local merchants supporting a have the
the ghetto must develop In. acceptedor about 11:45: last Thursday. She
controversial urban renewal
ship. rejected at the City Council in the house and heard
their image and likeness" and QffiC1aft1s
Johnson's example however plan be boycotted.The .
meeting but the move failed. : what sounded like two gun shots.
that their
wasn't being followed by other rights leader joining a From expressions made by !: < When she went outside to see
attitude" betrays a lack of confidence -
businessmen chorus of attacks on the plan
prominent various councilman it
appearedthat what had happened she found the
Judging by a Equal Opportunity charged that It was designedto in the and "Negroes'determination ability to the refusal to confirm Home Bombed! victim sitting in the auto and
Commission out of the
report. move Negroes
develop their own community.;. .. Simmons as the first Negrpjn: ?. he told her he had shot himself.
Despite the Civil Rights Act vicinity of a shopping centerin --- --
of 1964, most companies.con- the Englewood area create Addressing the Regional Plan FLOYD MCCREE CARTHAGE Miss. For the p.m. on Nov. 15. A .45 revolver was layingon
the front seat the vic-
tinue to discriminate against i "buffer zone" to protect area Association's 21st annual con- a Negro Mayor for the first second t time I within three Mrs. Winson Hudson presi near
tim's right hand. Williams was
Negroes the commission said.A businessmen. ference, Foley charged "the time in history. City Commissioner months unknown assailants dent of the Leake County NAACP -
rushed to Duval Medical Center
survey of 553 companiesin "We're going to change urban great policy makers of ourgovernment" Floyd McCree 43, a have bombed the property of Brnch, reports that another where he was given treatmentfor
nine states and the Districtof renewal," he told 500 persons and "academictans" soft spoken moderate was Mrs. Dovley Hudson chairmanof bomb was thrown into the Community
wounds in his left chest
Columbia showed that only. it the Normal Park Methodist and "white liberals"with elected Nov. 14 by the city the NAACP Leake County Center t in Carthage died gun shortly after-at about
40 per cent of the firms had :hurch. "From now on,they'renot "a" form of cultural arrogance commission by a vote of 5-to- Voter Registration drive. where the NAACP has its office, 12:20 .
made any effort to hire going to sit down in Wash 4 as mayor of the nation's This time, two bombs thrown but damage was slight. : p.m.Investigating officers I
Negroes even though those that ington or downtown and dictate Negroes want to improve their third 1 largest t autoproducingcity. Into the house blew out the A local resident believes he
Sgts. B. W. Kendall R. T. Matthews -
made an effort found qualified how we're going to be own communities, said Foley Flint has a population i windows which had just been can identify the pick-up truck
and Officer N.0.Demeus.
workers the commission sail 'renewed he said. a consultant to the Economic of 200,000 50,000 of whom replaced after the first bombIng that the assailants have usedon
"Only minimal gains have been Englewood Is a predominantly Development administration. are Negroes. August 10. A third bomb both occasions but Mrs.
made" the commission said, Negro area which was almost The United States, he said, missed the target went over Hudson says there has been Slated To ReceiveCongressional
as it reported that 91 per cent all-white until about 10 years is "in grave danger" of permitting --...... the house and did no damage.The little cooperation from either
of the companies surveyed said ago. The shopping area In its development of FBI CalledIn :HARLES SIMMONS. attack occurred about 11 the local police or the FBI Medal
they had no plans to change heart has continued to be largely a generation of young Negroes the City Civil Service Board in investigating the explosions.The .
their employment practices.Even white-owned. "bitter, prone to violence and seemed to hinge on two points: Dick Gregory Plans attack came shortly after WASHINGTON President
where Negroes have been The Department of Urban hateful of all things white" Case Of 1. The fear that Mayor Ritter Roy Wilkins, executive Johnson has approved the

hired they are confined to the Renewal planned to demolish because of understandable is attempting to corral Negro director and Gloster Current, awarding of the nation's highest
"lowest-paying and most some 300 Englewood area desperation" in pleas for Negro Death votes to assure his election by To Visit Viet NamCHICAGOEntertainer director of branches and field military medal-the Congress-
menial jobs," the commissionfound. structures containing 600 units. Justice. naming a Negro to the board. administration had left the state
Negro leaders have chargedthat Foley raged easing of 2. That too many people con- Dick after a five-day tour
Another gloomy Job picturefor this w 0 u I d amount to restrictions on Economic WETUMPKA, Ala. The FBI nected with the Afro-American said he Intends
Gregory yesterday
Negroes was painted by "Negro removal. The project Development Aid funds as a entered the case last Tuesday Insurance Co. are being to go to North Viet Nam Move To Outs
Andrew F. Brimmer the only would clear land for a $13 means of aiding ghetto areas. of a 23-year-old Negro boy appointed to posts. regardless of how U. S.
member of the Federal Reserve million shopping center. He was referring to denial who died in Jail after allegedly Mayor Ritter a few months
Board. Dr. King urged that Englewood of EDA funds to Harlem, with being beaten by police. ago named I I. H. Burney a officials trip. may feel about sucha Powell Fails

"Sadly but honestly I have residents be allowed to develop 20 per cent unemployment because The victim, James Early Republican and an official In who he wantsto
Gregory says
concluded that the outlook for their own urban renewal plan. of restrictions requiringan Motley reportedly was the Afro to the City Recreation entertain American service
further, substantial progressin Attacking the proposed plan aided community to be a "covered with blood" when his Board. Many councilmen felt men the NEW YORK -Federal Judge
captured by
the effort to broaden and h e declared that urban renewal labor market area, a county body was taken from the El- that Ritter had committed the told Dudley B. Bonsai Tuesday dis-
deepen Job opportunities for "must be by the people for or a city with more than 250, more County Jail Sunday. unpardonable sin by appointinga conference Communists he would not a news con- missed an action to unseat

minority groups is less pro- the people and with the people." 000 population.He Sheriff Lester Holleywhowasout Republican and gathered that sider asking the State recently re-elected Rep. Adam
mising than it was even as Rev. Richard Laurence also called for a federal of town at the time of Motley's the Mayor in his anxiety to Department for permission to Clayton Powell (D-N. Y.).
recently as a year ago" he newly-appointed minister of the set-aside program for contribution arrest said be did not curry favor Negroes neglectedto go to North Viet Nam. Powell's defeated GOP opponent -
and residents exclusively for died ota check out Burney. Lassen L. had
said. church said churches know whether Motley "I don't know if there will Walsh
In recommending the slowing in the area planned to companies located in ghetto beating but added: "He wasn't Simmons is listed as vice and I asked the court to stay the
e reprisals
down of the nation's economic withdraw their accounts from areas, and tax creditfor beaten in jail." president of the Afro-, ; said.Carmichael board of elections from certifying
growth rate Brimmer warned, the Chicago City Bank and Trust bringing jobs to ghettos. "When I have a report every- American. regory Powell's election to the
nevertheless that this would Company leader of efforts to Bayard Rustln, executive di- one will know It," Holley said. Councilman Lavern Reynolds New York secretary of stateon
Increase Negro unemployment. have the shopping center replace rector A. Philip Randolph Institute William Varner Motley's made no bones about announcingthat Fails grounds Powell had not main
The Negro Job picture housing In the Englewood also addressed the stepfather who raised him from he objected to both Burneyand i tained a New York residencefor

Improves be said,, only when commercial center. meeting. the age of four said flatly: Simmons being named since months. The action said
the nation's economy is growingat Speaking at the meeting witt "Fundamentally everything "My son was beaten to death." they were from the same company To Appear At Trial voters were entitled to LAWRENCE JOEL
well above4percentayearafter Dr. King Rev. Lawrence noted wrong with the Negro today will Varner charged an autopsy There are others whofeel be represented in Congress bya
adjusting for higher that many of the bank's accounts disappear when we have already had been performed on that there are places other than SELMA Ala. -' Militant New York resident. lonal Medal of Honor-to four
prices. were deposited by Negroes. planning to provide every family Motley when he arrived at the the Afro where talented persons "black power" advocate Stoke- Bonsai dismissed the action, Army heroes of Viet Nam. One
Meanwhile a federal programto Many area businessmen also head with economic security" Rose-Geeter Funeral Home and others highly dedicated to ly Carmichael failed to appear noting that both the House and of the heroes is Spec 5
try to provide jobs for: keep their money there. he said, in urging support of Sunday. "They had his body community service can be yesterday for his trial on the Senate were "the judge as Lawrence Joel, FayettesYille.N. i
Southern Negroes was "Now is the time for the a $185 billion federal freedom wide open when I got there," found. charges of inciting a riot and to qualifications of Its mem C., a medic who continued ;
announced by Eugene P. Foley people of Englewood to havea budget to end poverty In 10 Varner said. Councilman Barney Cobb who his case was postponed for bers." He said he doubted thata to aid the wounded for 24 hours

a consultant to the Economic voice in programs being set years. He said he filed a complaintwith has a propensity for swearingsaid one week. district court has a right to even though he was wounded
Development Administration. up In Englewood," be said. Short of this there.Is nothingleft the FBI in Mobile, and ,, "I'm damn sure againsthim City Judge Edgar Russell said challenge legislation or to passon in the leg and hip.

Purpose of the program he Rev. Lawrence charged that but catastrophe, with fearon with J Justice department ," when Simmons' name if Carmichael head of the the intention of Congressof *
said, Is to hold own the numberof the proposed plan was "only the part of whites and frus- officials. came up.Cobb Student Non-Violent Coordina- what is meant by an inhabitant
Negroes migrating to the a way of getting rid of Negroes tration on the part of Negroes," Motley died following his arrest made it known that there ting Committee (SNCC) failedto .5 DON; lpS9T1tE, :
North. The plan will require In the area in order establlsb he added. on charges drunkenness, are two names he doesn't like, appear next Tuesday his "There has been no showingthat I'1 r1d.a Classic Football Came!
that federal grants or loansto a buffer cone. between the shopping 'SHOP EARLT MAIL a1ai. resisting arrest Interfering Simmons or Simpson. Which bond of $300 would be forfeitedand a voter has been discriminated 'Caton Bowt.sat: NoY:za
a Southern community to center and the Negro ,"Spend YOUR Money Where. with an officer making an ever it is he said, "I won't another arrest order on against or deprived \ .- ........-Lr
build industrial facilities calla neighborhood." H Does The. Most flood \ arrest. vote for him" the riot charge would be issued. of a vote," the judge concluded. * a
'----- --- -- -






;Published by the Florida Star Publishing '


U r kaY
/ JHX Next January when Congress convenes, the roll call of new
NEGRO PRE t ERNATIONAL Sentors will be made and they will step forward to take the
oath of office. When the name of the junior Senator from
Massachusetts is called, history will be made, for EdwardW.
Brooke will become the first Negro to sit in the upper '

ERIE 0. SIMPSON......Manafini Editor house since Reconstruction. _
This is an inspiring outcome of last

HILDA" WOOTEN..tlrcalatlaa. Manner place election.with Senator-elect other talented Negro Brooke

have attained high government positions weeklSI
past year. Robert Weaver became the
Negro cabinet officer and Andrew I
became the first Negro governor of the
2323 Moncrief Read Phone 4-6782
Elfin tant Federal Reserve System. At last America is tapping the i

Mailing AddressP. vast pool of capable Negroes for Important posts in our .'

government.The ,
0. Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 37201 election of Mr. Brooke is especially important because '
jt 1 'ctivtiY Massachusetts has a Negro population of barely 3 per cent_
MIAMI OFFICE ri a politically Insignificant number. It shows that the voters of
that state Judged men and issues and did not allow prejudiceor
738 NW 3rd Ave Phone 377-1025 racism to affect their Judgment. I hope too, it will put to

rest the well-publicized Issue of white backlash. .
SUBSCRIPTION RATES While it is true that racism is rampant in the nation, and it
reared its ugly head in some of the electoral contests around
00 Half Year, $4.00 '
$6 -
One Year.
as some
the country, it is not as important commentators
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United states made it out to be. Most Americans voted their intelligencein

Subscription payable In advance 1966, not their prejudices.
Send check or Money Order to: Certainly some of the new Governors and Congressmen owe
their elections to white resistance to further Negro progress,
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 but taken as a whole the pattern which emerges from the

". Jacksonville 1 Florida election is that backlash did not play the decisive role that so
many expected. In most instances where liberals with strong ';
civil rights records were defeated, they were beaten by ,
The Supreme Court Has SpokenIt s sr citizens.moderate men who will continue to support equality for Negro "

may come as a surprise to many citi- In some races in which candidates were noted for strong
zens, but last week the Supreme Court of NEEDED..ON THE COMMUNITY LEVEL! segregationist stands, they were beaten. In Maryland a Demo- f
the United States decided that a demon- crat whose chief claim to fame was his outspoken oppositionto :
stration can be such groupsas in lost. Arkansas Governor Faubus :
wrong---even - -- -- --- -- -- -- -- --- .. desegregation housing
students fighting for their civil 1 1I will be replaced by the progressive Winthrop Rockefeller who
rights. defeated James D. Johnson, a candidate who had strong support
How did this affect the Negro students from the Ku Klux Klan
fighting for their civil rights. Your Weekly I In some contests, won by candidates considered by many to !
from Florida A&m University who had been be anti-civil rights, it would be a mistake to Judge the results {
charged with trespass on county jail solely on that issue. California is a case in point. Ronald Rea
property in Tallahassee during a demon 1 gan's victory there is due to many local issues as well as the
stration in 1963. 1 desire of the electorate for new faces. In New York City the .

Well the High Court upheld the decision Horoscope Guide Civilian Review Board was beaten in a referendum. Here too,
it would be too glib to credit backlash with its defeat The
convicting 32 students who had been fined
I real issue of impartial civilian review of complaints againstthe
lower court. The decision 1 *
by was
$50 a
actions of some policemen was lost in the costly campaignof
reached by a vote of 5 to 4. fear which was launched against the Board. This is further
Those who recalled the facts of the w w. By PABLO The ASTROlOGER I proof that this type of legislation (California's referendum on
demonstration, remember that the FAMU housing discrimination in 1964 is another) should not be left
students had assembled on'the yard of the 1 1 to popular referendum. Basic rights of individuals should not

jail in order to protest the segregationof i ., 1 be left to popular appeals and emotional electioneering. '
its facilities, as well as the preced WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1i But the pattern which emerges from the election is hopeful. "'
ing arrest of other demonstrators. When 1 I Racism crawled out of the woodwork in 1964 and was soundly ''

Sheriff W. P. Joyce ordered the studentsto trounced. 1966 offered a repeat performance; a victory for
disperse, they refused. Then they were i BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL j good sense and responsible citizenship. I hope tha t the "
arrested for violation of a trespass law 1 "backlash" Issue has finally been laid to rest with this demonstration "
and fined. 1 1 that the majority of Americans are too Intelligent

Attorneys for the FAMU students used the ..ww.w.wwww.wwARIES '-----------1 ww.wwwwwww.w www.wwwwwl -w 6 to respond to racist appeals.One .
that had constitutionalright cause for concern however, Is the defeat of many candi-
argument Negroes a
to stay on the Jail property, regardless CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORNBORN dates pledged to support of "Great Society" measures. Someof
BORN SEPT. DEC. the new Congressmen will be less enthusiastic about
of the Sheriff's order to leave BORN MARCH BORN'JUNE
the premises, inasmuch as theJaiJL yard 23rd OCT. 23rd JAN. 19th domestic spending for improved bousing and education, and
I 2ht-1 APRIL I 19th. 22nd I. ,JULY 22nd 22nd legislation to help solve the problems besetting our cities. I
,particularly plaee :
waS a demonstration. appropriate.. _fqr"I- X "'Its,time for diplomacy,There Which Is which? What is it Try to understand. It often hope they will recognize that these grave problems,remain//(
their ot.' It's pretty rough. Seeing that are so many conflicting forces you 'really need to find com- goes against the grain to have scarring our national life, and only bold, massive,federal
We afrald'that a precedent has now we are running Into some pretty operating your planetary pat; plete happiness? Many claim it to put up with what termed the measures can solve them. This, like our foreign policy, :/'
been set---one which limits the kind and bad weather ahead, flguratvely tern, that it will take wile anda is utterly Impossible while march of grogress, but what should be non-partisan. The well-being of millions of Ameri- ",
amount of future demonstrations engaged in and perhaps climatically, it fine hand to work your way others have entirely different can you do to stop it? That is cans, and the survival of our cities, demand that Congress .,
by Negroes. It is now clear that demon- seems to be pure common senseto around them. If you give in theories on the subject. Most the question you must ask your- act decisively.
strations ( especially when they incite be prepared for it in whatever self before alowing your
individuals may smile at the
to feelings
entirely you
rioting) are subject to limitations way you deem necessary. This can consider your the battle lost suggestion that your vocation feelings to become too deeply Keep Sportsmanship In Lost Political Battles'';
imposed by the law. whole 3rd quarter contains the involved. It may ease your existence -
right from the very stirt.Thoseof could be what makes you con-
of turmoil and For some reason people like to consider -
times have written that somewhat to Join new
Many we Negro you who have mature and tent, especially when provides '
civil righters have overworked the which could affect the Jobs worldwlse counselors from stability and security. You may classes, clubs, or social groups candidacy for an office as a campaign *

technique of demonstrations. A great of some as well as the well- whom you can obtain advice, not believe it, either, and may where you may hear fresh pointsof much like a military campaign in many 's'

many leaders said that the only way being some of of others. Paradoxically make new, should take full advantage of have to go through an upsetting view and learn the value of respects. People supporting a certain .
you may
to get what the Negro wants is to demon connections that have more to the fact when you feel that you emotional experience to discover more You philosophical rest assured reactions.that what side, or political party often take defeat -
the can
crisis fact for yourself.
strate. offer in the way of remuneration have that lost has your been touch.threatening Any is Those of you who have mates (U the rage today will be as graciously: and they'lose .
We have never thought that demonstrationswere and future Re-
opportunities. bound to reach the breaking and families should think twice dead as the dodo bird tomorrow. all self-composure and decorum.
the only to solve racial prob- main Indoors in
way or an equally Therefore it is a waste of time
point by the 20th-22nd. This before getting Involved in ro- Columnist Joe Crankshaw in a recent ty
lems and advance safe should the situationso
civil refuge,
rights to
mantic attachments that have and precious energy worry or
Is not
certainly a good issue of the Florida Times Union suggestedhow
movement. The recent Supreme Court warrant on the 20th-22nd travel and, unless it is imperative plenty of fire but few lasting react violently to anthing, no
decisionin the This is the kind of a moment matter how outrageous politicians might become good losers.
Florida students'case to now put it off qualities.
go *
--has rendered racial demonstration sometimes called of reckoning. for a while. 2 10 n 13 43 213 5.20.22 :7. 21 521AQUARIUS He feels that citizens should be grateful

ineffective no matter who uses them 8-10-11-14-61-814 to losers because they had the nerve to ?,

It is our opinion that the Negro race SCORPIO make the race their efforts were not

should employ numerous techniques to win TAURUS LEO spent in vain, they still have a second -
their causes. It is a fact that our BORN JAil. and third chance at the particular office ,'.
leaders have not employed to any great BORN APRIL BORN JULY 24th NOV. 22nd 20th FEB. 18th and so on. ',*

extent the device of persuasion. We are 20th MAY 20 23rd AUG. 22nd Turbulence stimulate. .
afraid that Take one road. It Is neitherthe Whatever else a campaign loser may do ;,
this kind of circumttances attack upon the will civil now rights force Calm down. There no doubt Is don't give up. The fact that emotional Your hopes,Interests friendships and all high nor the low road that he should never permit his temper to make Ct
difficult doesnot are
some things are
must take to reach
something that Is keeping many you the top of '"'
problem.Now a 'donkey himself.
Taureans in a state of suspenseand Justify throwing up your mixed up like a crazy quilt. but the straight one. This
that the ruling has been handed down But for the more hands In surrender. There Is One day there is love and congeniality stresses the desirability of .4
by the High Court, let us abide by the discerning agitation among you, the gold below the dross for those and the nexg it's all dumping excess baggage by the White Business Owners And Halloween .5

decision and govern ourselves accordingly. events that are taking place are who are willing to work harder confusion and misunderstanding wayside and concentrating on During the '
also providing opportunltes to and to probe deeper. You have Jealousy, on your part, or on one goal, one purpose. Thereno Halloween period, some 75 to
Discovery Refutes Earlier BeliefsIf patch up a quarrel, to find an to be especially careful in your that of a loved one, could havea doubt will be many forks 100 Negroes rioted and damaged at a ''
Improved basis for mutual understanding handling of cash, valuables and great deal to do with this state In the path without any adequate Merritt Island grocery store of a white ''
someone had told us one hundred years and cooperation. precious property to prevent of affairs. But, In the long run, signs as to which you couple. rt(

ago that a man (whose left cerebral is Start out on an entirely different damage, loss or theft.You could the wise and experienced ones shoud follow to reach the chosen The mess they created was 'awful' and '1
now walking, talking, singing and doing voyage that has love and still remain under the Impression among you will know how to destination This is where you it provoked the store owner to fire a':'
arithemetic, we wouldn't have believed happiness as its destination. It that the world is col- cope with emotional individuals may have to rely on the wis- shotgun at the rioters. The shotgun _
no doubt is very difficult for lapsing over your head whereas, and situations. Friends can be dom of your closest partner or, wounded several teenagers.
it.These verified by Dr. Aaron you to tear out the roots that perhaps unseen by you, some- most helpful by offering advice for the lack of one, on your the police Consequently
facts were have grown deeply where you thing better Is pushing up under and their good offices. intuition. Should this also fall charged Neil h iphreys with
Smith of the University of Nebraska have passed many of your past the surface. Fin your faith on Should this turn out to be insufficient you, you will have only good aggravated assault.
College of Medicine. Dr. Smith showeda years. But if it is necessaryto your destlng to create a richer do not discount tt" hard practical sense to show The owners and the teenagers were both
group of scientists a film made five fulfill your destiny,say fare- future environment in which you power of genuine affection you the direction. Sooner or wrong in what they did. The young fojks
months after a 47-year-old patient was well to loved ones and friends may find greater happiness and turn the trick. later, you are bound to get to had no right to destroy another person's

deprived of his ,left half of the brain.On and leave the rest to fate to more monetary stability where you are headed. property : and, although aggravated d, the

the basis of ancient and preceding decide for you. 7-50-44-12-49-754 storekeeper was wrong in wounding the

findings, the man should not have demon- 5.30.22. 16.29.539GEMINI SAGITTARIUSBORN rioters with a shotgun. The matter wasa

s t rat e d the skill that he. did. VIRGO problem for the law enforcement agency

rreviously, doctors believed that the BORN AUG. NOV. PISCES

left hemisphere gives man the ability to BORN MAY 23rd SEPT. 221d 23rd DEC. 21st BOBN FEB. THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY

talk, write, think and perform abstract 21st JUNE 21st It takes sensitivity. What you Now you see, now you don't 13thMAR. 20th
mental tasks. are trying to put over and how Now you see, now you don't. Hold back Impulses. If every- Nov.22,1958 Rev N. H. Jernagin l, president National Baptist
The patient, a former clerk, can even Don't lose your way. There you go about it are two differ This could turn out to be one body only knew how valuable it Sunday School and BTU Congress, died.
now do more than he could when the film are so many conflicting viewsan ent things. Your Ideas and intentions of the most puzzling periods is to have a solitary refuge
was produced several months ago. d developments that even a appear valid enough through which you have to grope where they can rest, dream or Nov. 23, 1870 Robert Sengstacke Abbott, founder, Chicago
wizard may be at a loss as to and not In and meditate the housing shortage Defender was born in
Now the patient is physically fit and are lacking scope your way. Worry, anxiety Georgia.
which way to Jump. It may take and Inventiveness. But the wishfulness are poor allies on would become even more acute
shows of
no signs of the
recurrence cancer many forms of trial and error defficulty part may be how to which to depend for guidance than it presently is. Should you Nov. 23, 1880 National Baptist Convention organized its
which attributes the
patient's progress to make sense out of anythinglet present them without steppingon through the mate of contra have been in a position tocreate foreign missionary board in Montgomery, Ala.
mainly to his dogged determination and alone to render wise de- other people's toes. Should dictory events and circumstances such a place, where you and

will power. cisions. If you have developedany you have difficulty choosing the Those who still posses your partner can go into hiding, Nov. 24, 1950 Dr. Percy L. Julian, noted Negro scientist,
The knowledge of man is ever-expanding, intuitive faculties, it may right words or techniques, pick highly developed instincts will this would be about the best received the Decalogue Society of Lawyers' Merit Award.
and now we may have the answer to what be said that you shoed trust an experienced veteran who is emerge none the worse off for time of the month to take advantage -
can happen with the removal of the brain them more than the spoken or outstanding in such cases to the experience. Others who had of the welcome mat at Nov.L.2,5.1874! Joe Cans, one of the all-time great boxing
hemisphere: the remaining one can do the written words that emanate handle the matter for you. The to depend entirely on guess its door. Put off making any lightweight champions, was born In Baltimore, Md.
work of two. from dubious sources. Take days when a chase\ d wills or work.may find themselves quick or long-range decisions
precautions to keep your the trading of sharp words could thwarted at every turn. This Just yet since you may be right Nov. 25, 1912 John H. Sengstacke, present publisher,of the
w e ww w..aww.rswwwai domicile safe for all its occu- defeat the very purpose you bad is the sort ci condition that in certain things and wrong in Chicago Defender, who launched the Daily Defender in 1955
: pants. Also hold on to a Job that in mind are 201h-22nd. A rebellious calls for the utilization of: any others. Guesswork is simply too was born in Georgia. "

: 'GIVE TO THE UNITED FUND : seems stable rather than going spirit may not be understood Influential contacts that you risky when there are important -
over *to one that Is not. by your associates. or your friends possess. issues at stake. Nov. 26, 1883 Sojourner Truth, race leader, died in'Battle

t..w..w..1. 3- 80 88 -15.87.381 8 40 77 -15 84 647f'I Creek, Mich

$f.1 "
Ij j



Emeralds Club Emerald Social Club Anniversary Ball I

!Celebrates ThirdAnniversary Young Jaxons who were in attendance at the third anniversary ball of the Emeralds Social With nY.rd' Iinm I

-. Club. which was held. recently are seen in the pictures below. SOCIALLY SPEAKING Lou I se Gu i g s

-." _w_ ,.IS. ,' r, ''1''' --.,_, __ ..I ;

The Emeralds Social Club ) inimmnn mm ,mmnmtitim vimn 'tinm i I

which 20 girls has who a attend membership NewStantonlHip oi! Jacksonville citizens-and visitors for Monsolee T. Davis president :; 'ot"h"iL':'

School, celebrated their' the Thanksgiving Holidays should brace Wooden vice president ; Kay T. McKinnon 1
third anniversary with an anniversary themselves for a very busy and highly secretary: Walter H. White treasurer ;
bath exhilarating I ( holiday and week-end. As James E. Thompson repbrter ; and Ralph

The affair was held Thurs- l1t7ci we go to press, we are thinking of the Maultsby, chaplain.
day, Nov. 10 at Walkers many activities that will be crowded Into
Business College Approxi 'M '41 N' 'M
mately 90 such a brief period of time several of
During Intermission persons attended.the ore, which will I be history by the time you "Homecoming' .at Bethune-Cookman College

ficers, members, sponsors and view this column. However, in the midstof left nothing to be desired by visiting

mascot were introduced by our gaiety, we should be ever con- alumni ( except victory) and guests last
the secretary, Paula Matthews. .- ri scious of the serious side of the occasionand Saturday. Dr. Richard V. Moore presi-
The club officers President ; take ample t I m e to count our
are: dent of the col I I e g e stated that
Cecelia Mathis; 1st vice r blessings.Actually.
the football I
attendance game repre-
president, Carolyn Holms; 2nd At our social season has been
sented a "first" in t hat it was the
vice Juliana
president McIntosh boasted this fall seriesof
constantly by a
crowd to ever witness a homecominggame
; secretary, Paula Matthews largest
exciting football I events and this
Brenda; assistant secretary, week will I prove to be no exception. at Bethune. Bethune's marching band

tary, Linda Martin Dunn;financial treasurer secre- 11 Everything Is centered around the 1966 gave a spectacular performance during the
Vernlce Sans; parliamentarian; \ Jacksonville, classic to be played In the half. ,
Jacquelyn Belt on; chaplain, Gator Bowl Saturday, November 26, betweenthe At this point, B-CC fans were elated over
Patricia i Mathis business i _"L._ ij \ FAMU Rattlers and the Texas Southern the Wildcats'' 7-6 lead over the Rattlers.
manager, Beverly Jordan; ; reporter From left (seated) are: Brenda Martin, Carolyn Holmes Patricia Mathis, John Comers, Tigers The affair Is sponsored by the However the Rattlers went on to swamp
Janice Mathis, Vernlce Sams. Standing Beverly Jordan, Jackie Morgan and Ceceua Mathis.From .
with 37-13
Margo Tribune. -. Department of Inter-Collegiate Athleticsof the Wildcats a victory.
Members are Sylvia Grant f
: Florida ASM University.The .
Patricia Sampson,Debra Jones, -.t first entry on the program -will I I be Democratic Women's CHILD'S COMMENT upon
Lynn Beamon, Aundra Smith, the East-West classic scheduled for ing her first giraffes: They 'look
Joann Canady, Beverly Wilson, Thanksgiving night between New Stantonand League Presents like they Jell down and got
Lydia Norman, and Antoinette ''
Gilbert-( cracked all over.
Matthew W.
High School.
Lovette. ,4 ; .
Janice Mathis is the mascot, Friday afternoon from I to 5 o'clock, Annual I Musical I -

and Mrs. E. McKlssick and "Opera House" will. I be held at the Astor The Democratic Women's!! WIG GLAMOUR
Mrs. Marsha Dean are the Motel.: I League will present its annual High
sponsors. Friday night at 10 o.' clock, Omega Psi "Afternoon of Music" Sundayat
Alvin Downing Phi Fraternity will sponsor its formal 3 p.m., in St. Paul AME 1 FashionStyle
"0"" Ball Duval Church.
at the County Armory. The -
Melotones To Play affair is invitational. The program Smith.Is headed Among by Miss the ; Makes You
Saturday morning from 8 to 9 o'clock' participants are: Miss Doris Look Mora
At Policemen's BallThe x the J. R. E. Lee Chapter of the FAMU Mack, Vernon Smith, Miss Beautiful
annual ball of the Jack- I Alumni Association will sponsor a break- Junell Watkins Miss Alvares Than Ever
sonville Police Benevolent 1 A I r fast honoring the pre s I d e n t of Wright, Miss Belinda Jackson, r OMLV.' ..
Association scheduled Saturday University, Dr. George W. Gore, and other Mrs. Marva Wright Miss E. FULL" CAP f4 IS
will feature Alvin Downingand members of the FAMU family. Devon Jenkins,Harold T.Nairn, .I ATTRACTIvtTOMCN-0.1MI. <
his Melotones from St. Following breakfast a "Get AcquaintedHour" Mrs. Mary Nealey, Miss Roses..!l.+MU. a-;;;..IOV.IJT l.iM Com.M.-UI.HI gluiMi! I Lei::]
Petersburg. bud Dupree, Miss Sandra Polke, OIT HWk Hrown Agbirn Blond M nrf OwJ
from 10 II will beheld ;
a.m NO NO MONIT-Ju.1 Mud ouf nun Mrow
George Bradley president, in the Hospitality Room of Astor Motel. Amos Ealey.Mlss R.L.Prldgen, !" ..i,.I1."alww,,,nop. Uiu.VALM04 Urn.
and Freddie Mack, vice pre- Miss Barbara Smith, Joseph
A has been scheduled for
sident and public relations dazzling parade Johnson, Neal Bland,Mrs.Alice MAIM tTVlM

chairman, have announced the r- _..._-_.w.- ...... _______'_ _..- a-......, hlgn noon featuring FAMU's' famed marching F. Maxwell, Leroy White ant D-t. M C63
ball is a benefit for the associ- left, Joann Austin, Renee Davis, James Austin, Vernon Johnson Lydia Norman, band the marching band of Blake High Clarence Felder. Kit PrMto.... ClilMf MUfZAM .
ation's charitable contributions Deborah Wilson Edgaranna Jones, Geraud Moreland Hazel Jackson, Pamela Smith Patricia School In Tampa, Florida and the bands
and the Policemen's Athletic Sampson and David Ross. from five local High schools Douglas

League.The y Anderson, Matthew W. Gilbert New Stanton,
event is slated to begin at Stanton Vocational and William I Raines. I I'

10 p.m., or following the FAMU The parade will I begin on Atlantic CoastLine
AND Texas Southern footbal I Drive between and
Hogan Liberty ;
duled game.in The the dance convention has been hall sche-i of' move north on Hogan to Ashley ; west on JAMES

the Civic Auditorium. Ashley to Clay; north on Clay to Union ;
Tickets may be secured from and east on Union to Pearl where it will _

any member of organization disband. _
or the Hollywood Music Store.) I Beginning at 1:00: p.m. and lasting until
Table reservations are also game time, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity will BRO\'lMlc

available, it was announced..) hold "Open House" for visiting fraters and
friends at the Kappa Kastle on Teeler _

J.S. Irving Sr. rfwar Avenue, off Moncrlef: Road.
Alpha Phi! Alphaiffaternltynii'6i' I Orif'lQ'' is
To Be Honored a dinner dance at the :Mayf power, Hotel from ,

Command'JJ5.Irving Sr./ f alto! 1.p..m. The affair'ls"'rfiy,! !lta't'Jonal.' <
will be honored by the Ladles I The pre-game show at the Gator Bowl will
Auxiliary of Gateway Barracks begin at 7U5 p.m. and, will I I feature
3131, World War 1 Veterans,' FAMU's band. Following the show, FAMU's' * + * *

Sunday at 3:30: p.m., In Joe H. Rattlers and Texas Southern Tigers will \ I\IR: t.inw.niinidio\ : \ ]!
Community take over the field.
GruRthal: and Hurst Place.A Immediately following the game The VICKI I GO-GO I JAMES I BOBBY

program will be presentedand Policemen's Benevolence Association will UNPERSON I DANCING I CRAWFORD I BYRD

the be crowned"Queen of for Gateway"will 196667. ..fl. .. ,.....---. -. .... stage its annual Charity Ball at Civic "SoVIT I GIRLS I "WT I ",. WHAT
Mrs. Hazel Rose and Mrs. Inez From left (seated) are: Paula Matthewi, Claudette Austin, Barbara Smith, Linda Blount, Auditorium. Al Downing's' band will I I A HI'"T"
Wright are chairmen and Mrs. Cheryl Witsell, Cecelia Mathis, Joann Austin, Renee Davis, Vernon Johnson and Beverly furnish music for the event which beginsat JACKSONVILLE CIVIC AUDITORIUM
McIntosh Standing Larry Bell, Brenda Martin and Aundra Smith.
10:00 .
Elnora : p.m.Another
Hemby, president. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3
_.. 'i" R!. dance will be held at
14 RLR/4Rrr41 www **, : TWO PERFORMANCES 7:30: and 11:00: P.M.
# i !t ) 10:00: p.m. also at the Eldorado Club.
: IIf The local FAMU alumni association is PRICIS-4.50-3.50-2.50 ..
;, Ti is responsible for planning many classic TICKS" AClrHO-PHO..1, O"ICI-ALO.. AT AUDITORIUM COLIIIUM' /14.ID41'
. 44w.assawl..a f 1 act I v I s. Officers I are :

Henry Clarence Peterson,20& I 14 ii -

W. 19th St., 26 and Barbara r rh Provocative Poem
Jean Whittaker, 1427 Franklin
St., 19.LawreDce. Henry Pollen,3118 I rt Blamed For 5
Bridler St., 20 and Aldosla Teacher's DismissalEAST
1151 E. 30th St., 21.
Bailey Donald Geo. Dennis, 2121 Mars I I R ': ORANGE, N. J.-:\ ,...." : ..:"Jr''o1 F-
remind- : .' .' ,. ,
St., 21 and Ida Mae Martin, I "provocative" poem "j ... :, \
1802 W. 25th St., 17. I I log the Negro that he Isn't free I 'J ; > ; { ;'
Willie James Knight Mandarin i I In America has gotten teacher 'U I I'f'' ,. '. J
Fla. 46 and Marie Mos- I. into trouble for having It readat lv \ :' bf :
c i'
ley, State Rd., 13, MandarinFla. I a student assembly. James .. ,: ;" j" \\.1 t .r ....t
., 53.Billy Sherman was dismissed as advisor : :
Cobb 1530 W. 21st St., A to the student council for d:1; :
20 and Annie Me Spivey, 1417 1H allowing these verses, by an a esse
,\ W. 23rd St., unknown Negro poet, to be read l iEtH!i ;' : i _,; ,i

David Jerome Lucas 4404 In the 86-per cent Negro East for theEli4 ," ....:1 : ?"
Lee Orange High School: "You up ; > : .' > ,
Bessie Cir., 19 and Ruby i ,/i.t.,: :
Fla., 18. fought for freedom on many ; .. .. .'" ..Y.J I
Reed, Tampa, From left (seated) are: John Andrews Beverly Hicks: Brenda Faulk, Robert Robinson, shores. At home In America, joyous t1n.e'r.. : ; .- ;' :.: :
:; : y ..
M # Juliana Mcintosh, Walter Singletary. Standing, Leroy Hutchins and Ivory White. freedom ain't yours. fought ; 'ij; ,, ,. .., \ ":" ..'
\I'; ". 'I'. ', "f....j.jW
In the Revolutionary War for ofyear .i ':, .
this land, gave birth to a rich t1'\, \j:: At\ '!t, ',I'.' ''4',. ... .', '
nation-Uncle Tom and Uncle ;" '; .. 'J:. ...
:: Ar Sam-Black Man." F: : :-i.: ": ':' '. '
:;: _.._ \ : ': ,' : : .. .
/ : :
Jib :. ,. .. ... 1
t "
Help! Help! Help! : 1
J : :\t :t"4f" : ': :::J't

Rev.. Roosevelt Franklii Of ', 1L.)' .... .. ...".... z", .,..1
Macon. ba. ?; 1 f -' .., ", OJ"' ',' I I
\ 1)1) ", I ?, (.... \ ..., ra.. ..,
Divine Spiritual Healer ,, .
h.-' : t: ; : : :"'.;: "' ,
FOOD IT04ity7e -' ;', :, t.. t : ', '.. '
; Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of \
j" 1.'V"r- '" .'...
f : ;
Macon, Georgia. M ;J.\ .; 'ii ; -, .
t-' 1,1. \. ,r.:':'.: \ "A'1
JesusIs .
Divine Healer. ,
Spiritual "J .
\ .""' "' ? .
\ < :
truly giving blessings and l'I >\\ 1,, ,t.. ; ,', ;'; :.. ,. .... .',.:: ':....
.. \1" ll'f. '"
victory to many people's prob- '"
114. .:>,'il. ,:('.. Co' .,... ... )of1 .l..
EE .
l lems. SUCCESS CAN : ( ;7. fl't." ; : .", (.( .;:
YOURS. See or write me today. .& \.. ; : ,,, :.;:... I.:'.,. ......" "i-I'l-
.., r."A ". In
EITAMPeI I have a special message everyone's -" 8 ,. .40 '
,. In need for. ': : ..ftJ' ", ; t1 ... ,
; '
\ tyA" 5 ,, M. ? Last week people ; -
: many, many ./ # J
-1/ ,
were helped by my special 7'
-_ f--...!! _.._ '
selected Bible readin g to be
.w read each weekend. U you wantto
be delivered quickly, send

$1.00 envelope and to Rev.self-addressed Roosevelt Just look a t the slender lines, the tap ering neck, !

Franklin 630 Morrow Ave., the delicate fluted 1 cap.And the bright,eye,catching package!

"B R ANwDED'' Macon Georgia. Phone No wonder Sch nley is received with joy wherever it goes. f'.

Beef its Best fAVa A/IN aA 1S you will get these special I p
at e
I hf&selections D man.and Bible verses by ,- .

S l


t I I.




' ---- -
SADDENED with the embarrassing task of
W & PITTSBURGH --Billy returning a flock of wedding
.Strayhorn, noted compoMr and
'I gifts for his purported marriage
TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY looe-tlm.urengerendcosongwriter to linger Diana Ross of ...
with' Und' leader Dab "The Supremewhich be said
Gently ,never took place. Gordy, who .
: ...
manages The Supremes, said FvEAU .
\ mother Funeral MrrleM: ftn there Is "absolutely no truth" ioI" .i t
> held for.Bfliyi mother,'who to the rumors that be and the _t 1Yf4 tut tai I"NSaw. .oI 5u4.Oeorrk. r.v. "hctlolt..
I aundor as.
died in her home after a abort pretty singer were married In Comedy III"A.r..wrron." ,.
Illness.; eei," 1ItCOfft' ru -.Neoe w ,Ste, Wt/a/ Mink rr Y k..
Japan recently. r rH ''''
/004 rr
> A Substitute May Win a Football ,Gmzbut. \ \ PLAYS"LADY DAY" eyeaunr FLORIDA LOBSTERS L1. 89c
Swinging Joe and recording linger-Anew atar Damlta Abbey Samuel cut In the J.unique Brown role in,of will artistinresidence be- l BUtt RED lASS TAILS..Lb.. .S2.25. .KiNa. .CRABS.Lb.. LI. Sill 49c
. LI.
Lincoln !hare been tabbed to URGE SHRIMP $1.15
r ::: play the role of: BUlie HolidayIn when he Is presented SCALLOPS . . .LI. a9c
In recital at
: Where IA .No Substitute a piano TROUT . LI.
i .. an upcoming movie based on of Wiley College, Nov.20. He Is a CATFISH . LI. 59c
the fame-to-tragedy career : "
e lor Je insurance the late famous blues singer. member at the Wiley faculty. STEAK FISH .1B69e'
Damita and Abbey were selected URGE FLOUNDER .LI. 49c
A CANNIBAL rushed into the
from among"'lraleotlrta1n-
I village dragging a man on the PICKED CRAB MEAT
r s, Including singer-pianist FRESH
Dorothy Donegan, who were end of a rope. "I'vt captured a IUKI WHITI IB. SI.SO CLAW ,II. SI.JJC
recommended for, the role, politlclanf he cried. "Now at kt.ll rm,'", .LI. $I I.IS All t..mr .. ...LI.' $2.71'
which covers "Lady Da"." last I can have a bologna sandwich -
stardom and tragic death from Catholic Digest-Octob- :SNAPPER THROATS lu,49c"
drug addiction. er.
'. ,.. IOJt 0"&;" AO.'.us:
LONDON, England - Sonny Childe, nephew of the Welcome Jacksonville Classic Fans
late singer Sam Cooke,recently
announced his engagement to
The record producer Claire Francis Top Off Your Thanksgiving Classic Weekend
of New York, who Is the
INDEPENDENT LIFE only female recording manageron With A Visit Tow
the staff of a record company
& Accident Insurance Company < [ In Great Britain. Miss Francis
and Childe met at Claire's
studio when she recorded his
single, "Two Lovers"
I Gordy, owner of: Motown
Records, recently was facedFREE

.I JI Prices

Are The BestKING'S

C ,i'l 'Y 0 f' J'a' c k '$. _,0' n 'v i' I I ,e' 5'
I RD. DRIVE-IN Kings Rd. & Rushing

Enquire Bar & Lounge 8th St. & Davis

Tropicana Bar & Lounge-Myrtle Ave & 21st St.

The Most Outstanding Zoological Exhibit Don 'I Miss The Show At The


..4 "';in ,the ,Southeast /:". '.: '.: EDGEWOOD LOUNGE., ',.*," .:j r""*" "

See Jacksonville's Modern, Growing Zoo .' Edgewood Ave off Cleveland ,.

800 Animals, Birds and Reptiles Featuring -THE BLAZERS-A Rocking Combo i

New Modern Exhibits and Habitats CLEM, TYTY & SID _

'Modern Refreshment Stand The funniest men in the South f

Amusement Rides PLUS Extra Added Attraction (

Picnic i GroundsBarbecue ,
;. ,
Facilities i i *

I'. .. NOW !

", Gift i f Shop. ;,: ,. 4 LOCATIONSTO
.' Tree Parking '
3118 W. Edgewood Ave
(Open Every Day 8:00 A. M. to Sunset) 3701 EMERSON

Are You Planning A Birthday Party? 1824 WEST BEAVER


See Our New Birthday House LARGE FRESH C

Parents All this i is yours for 75(J per child.I HENS37



...... FROZEN

Minimum 10 Children maximum 30 Children per partyBy LONG ISLAND GRADE A 9

Reservation Only Call P05-6900 DUCKS 5/1 49
i AVG.

"Class Room Days" are Mondays through Fridays during the school year on these days, LB.e
*e extend to school groups a special price of 15$ each for the amusement' ri'teR. florry ,
cannot extend these rates to any group on Saturdays, Sundays, official holidays, or during FLA. GRADE
summer school vacations.

I. HENS25 c

"*t."- NOTE: TO reach the Zoo, take Expressway north from, downtown .. .. a ten minute .ride., STEWING

Louis H. Ritter 1 C
H. George Garrison
MiyorconunlssionerSafety: Commissioner"FinanceparksZoo .
Departments J. Dillon Kennedy LB.
Utilities Commissioner FRYERS

Henry T. Broadstreet Claude smith
J Commissioner '
, CommissionerHealthsanitation
Highways 'nd\ streets


I 4


-- -- -

The College Student SpeaksBY Bobby "Blue" Bland Gives Pointers U.S. Official Says Job Tests Local Youth '

DORIS BROWN .'n : ,1; u
Spots Fire

WASHINGTON NPI under which the firm will offer At College
the Negro educators making up the Virginia Association ( ) A .
''ederal official has blamed the long-haul Jobs to three of 1U
held their last meeting before merging with the pre- JACKSONTennFire which 1
dominantly white Virginia Education Association, they chosi : jse of pre-employment tests Negro local drivers In order began in a Lane College dormitory

to hear the lucid observations of Roy Wilkins, executive tor helping contribute to of their seniority attic while 117 freshmanwere y
secretary of the NAACP. I ;'r t. a soaring Negro unemploymentrate. One of the drivers, Philip M. sleeping destroyed the l
had the
Johnson complained to
Wilkins exhorted the educators to work for "excellence"and building last week, Nov.IL.The
to Increase their teaching of Negro History and culture. John Wagley, assistant to Ben commission that the company blaze blocked one of two exists

He urged the educators to instill a sense of community responsibility Segal, chairman, Equal Employment denied Negro drivers consider- from the 52-year old structure.
Commis- ation for out-of-town driver
in the children they teach. Said he, "We Negroes Opportunity One student suffered a back
:,ave lived in this country for several hundred years. II we sion, said "Many such tests assignments. Injury when he Jumped from
how much the Meanwhile, the presidents of
don't own a of It measure Negro
piece now, we never will"Wilkins the window of his second-floor
has absorbed white middle- the American Telephone and
room and Lt. Nelson lodge:
class culture" than Telegraph Company(AT&T)and
more they
declared, "The task before educators now is to vM ----- -,
help the Negro child understand he's Important-that his measure Job capability. the Communications Workersof
also blamed "wide- America were cited in New
race has a history, that he's accomplished something.
York for their
spread tokenism, unneces- "outstanding
sary." Requirement of a contributions to equal q>por-
Executive and officials of
predominantly Negro Colleges r
will meet with business exectives in Washington, D.C. on high school diploma and unrealistic tunity" by the National. Urban I
Dec. 13-14. denial of employment League

A national conference announced by Vice-President Hubert because of arrest records for Frederick R. Kappel, of AT-
contributing to Negro joblessness ItT, and Joseph A. Beiroe, of
H. Humphrey, will be held to increase the understanding of
the Communications Workers,
the Importance of each to the other.
The movement of received plaques honoring their
The National College Relations Conference will be sponsoredby many
businesses from central fair employment policies
Plans for Progress, a national voluntary program by some away
cities to the also I
350 American Corporations to provide leadership in achieving suburbs was Millionaire'sWife f i
mentioned as a contributing
equal employment opportunity for minorities.
During the two-day session, the college officials will explain factor in unemployment among

to businessmen how they might develop the colleges, and Negroes. May IeNegro's
business will explain to the college officials what their grad- IL Citing "widespread tokenism"In
uates need to qualify for the increasing number of jobs avail Industry hiring practices and
In labor union apprenticeship Wife .
able in industry.
programs, Wagley noted that Stafford Thompson
I.c1IWHOUSTON some firms in 63-per-cent- COMPTON, Calif. -(NPIA 65, a veteran member of the
DOVER, DEL.-Oelware State College was recently host to
Negro Washington, with 400 to Negro car washer and a Calf Jackson Fire Department, died
a team of specialists form College Placement Service, Inc.,
500 employees, have only 10 to fornia millionaire may be of an apparent heart attack
who held a four-day study of the career counseling place-
sharing the same woman In a while the
ment program. The team's visit to the institution, at the 20 Negroes on their payrolls.The fighting blaze.
combination matrimonial mlxup that has put Fire officials In this north-
request of President Luna 1 I. Mishoe, is in line with that college's unemployment
and underemploymentcreates this state's officials In a tiny west Tennessee town said the
interest in upgrading the services it offers students,
an "endless cycle of Mrs Pearl Choate Birch, who blaze was spotted about 3:50:
alumni and the community,
drudgery 'rewarded' poverty was once sentenced to a 22- a.m. by Stafford Thompson of

In the ghetto," Wagley said. year prison term for murder, Jacksonville, Fla., the student
Alabama Conviction Of Forman, He noted that unemployment apparently didn't tell her new assistant basketball coach.

among non-whites is 7,8 per millionaire husband, A. Otis He and another student, lau-
Others To Be Appealed .cent higher than several Birch, 95, about a man in her rence Johnson, raced from

months ago-while the white past. room to room waking the students -
MONTOCOMER YALA.-NP1)) "hungry-Jorfreedomfreedora, ; rate Is 3,3 per cent That man was Houston Perry, ,
Lawyers for five civil rights freedom" failed to sway the Meanwhile, equal Job oppor- who evidently married the 205- Stafford Thompson lives at

workers announced they would judge. Forman pounded on the Blues' tunity programs were pound, six-foot-tall woman last 1211 W. 18th St., with his grandparents ';
appeal the conviction of the judge's desk for emphasis. Bobby Bland Peacock Kecoras leading announced by two companies- year in Tijuana, Mexico, according Mr. and Mrs. John
workersonchargesofdisorderly Other defendants are George singer espied in the hallway of Channel 13 studio one voluntarily and the other to a spokesman for the Jackson and the son of Mrs

conduct Just before the Selma- C. Bass, 20, William Hall, 20, lobby was stopped by two Beatle-type Fans and queriedfor after a bit of federal arm- attorney general's office. Lucille G. Jones of 2822 Eav-

to-Montomery marchlast year Atlantic, William S. House, 18, advice on the Art of Singing the Blues. Bland twisting.The There is no record of any cream St.Stafford.

among the workers was James of Detroit, and William Ware, courteous and extremely interested in youngsters National Cash Register divorce, state officials said. Is a Math major and

Forman of SNCC. 26, Atlanta. offered some points that he garnered from his fong Company disclosed an active Birch's relatives, In Brecken- graduates In January.He .

The five were fined $100 each, The trial was marked by a 90 years of experience. ( Photo by Syej program to make Negroes and ridge, Tex., have sought to is a member of New Hope>

but their jail sentences were suspended minute, speech by Forman, who other minority groups awareof separate the elderly man from AME Church, Rev Z.L. Tyrus,
by Judge D.Eugene Joe attacked segregation and racial: .
the many job opportunities Mrs Birch. pastor
of MontgomeryMunicipal Court violence in Alabama. L.A. Officials CIVIL RIGHTS ROUNDUP In its plants, laboratories, and She married Birch In Altus,

Forman's assertion that hewas 500 branch offices throughout Okla., following attempts byBirch' SECREt PRAYER(
Hassle Over the country. relatives to have kid-
has been askedto
ANNlSTONALA.-NPI- Johnson D.C. The company is active In the naping charges filed against FORMULA CHART I
strange death of Hubert Damon veto a controversial
She hiredto
nationwide voluntary Plans for her. was originally
Poverty WarLOS Strange, the first white Southern crime bill which would permit Progress established by the care for him and his now PSYCHO PHYSICAL TEMPLE

. ANGELES-NPI-Ahas- convicted of murdering a NegroIn police to detain suspects for federal government to promote deceased wife Estelle, 93. O F THE DIVINE MOTHER,
Unwind. sle over grass roots operationsin the 20th century, turned out up to four hours without placing equal Job opportunities. State officials, meanwhile, INC. SECRET PRAYER
the War on Poverty has developed to be a case of poetic Justice. charges The District Human At the same time, the Federal went to Tijuana to check for a FORMULA CHART.

between Rep AugustusF. Strange was killed In a sprayof Relation Council, urging thwt Paper Board Company, a record of a marriage between My prayers are being sent out,
killed for "the safety -
Hawkins (D-Calif.), Mayor bullets inahonky-tonkbrawl. the bill be l comfort of trucking .company based In Perry and Mrs. Birch. They and blessings are coming in.
Samuel W. Yorty, and local Charged with murder was Billy welfare, and Richmond, Va., agreed to offer were also seeking a record of Send for Free Daily Blessing.
anti-poverty officials Clayton, 30, who was said to our Washington community, long-haul trucking Jobs to a divorce How to get what you want through

Rep. Hawkin;, one of the nation' have pumped as many as seven said Improved police-com'' Negroes. this new way of Prayer. Mail

s six Negro Congressmen, bullets Into Strange's back. munity," relations .can lessen The, company reached any, ::1, In '..'IU', Meaty' M IMT M-*., self-addressed envelope to
has attacked I a poverty dlar I Strange was convicted in Cal- the number and-toD4.pt> +.URi1tdtt "1114.he tedsea:'!U.S: Bonds Rev. C, Forster, P. O. Box
houn County Circuit Court of incidents between poliojg ..,, Savings| I
designed to set up area economic ,.Itf7pn,,.r /; Equal apponeattyCommhssl n" 56, St. Alban. Y. 11412.)
councils in 24 districtsto the night-rider slaying Willie
Brewster, a Negro, who had
give poor people a bigger
hand in determining War on no involvement with civil rights

Poverty programs movement.

Daniel M. Leuvano, regional
director, Office of Economic TRIAL SETSELMA
Opportunity, issued a directive ALA. (NPI)>-SNCC

decentralizing local I anti- chairman Stokely Carmichael rx.SU .
poverty administration-which and two companions are to go' MARKETS
wl Rep Hawkins strongly disap- on trial Nov. 22 on charges Including E R
proved. Inciting a riot. The V

Hawkins said the $737,000 it trial was delayed, officials of

will take to set the councils Records Court said, because
should be channeled to "mean- they had not been notified officially

ingful programs that will reach that a federal court'
the had sent the cases back to their
court Carmichael and the .
Setting up the neighborhoodlevel -
councils will "result In others were jailed on charges of TENDER SLICED BEEF DIXIE CRYSTAL
then reward yourself duplication and building of "lunging at a police officer"

with America's most another structure at the expense alter driving through a Negro
of effective and needed area of Selma with a loud-

popular whiskey. community programs such as speaker-equipped truck and SUGAR
Seagram's 7 Crown- the Teen Post Center," the supposedly blocking traffic.The
congressman said. three were later released on

The Sure One.sfe6eeHDtslaLRSC64eCTetalaeeCI1V.iLIhDIDNIefe. The councils, Hawkins said, bond.
"will not achieve any tangible DOITYOURSELFNEW I LIMIT 1 WITH $55,001000 ORDER
86e60LM ea ,aeeaefulee.spuns benefits that have not already YORK-NPI) The NAACP
been realized through the has announced it will step in to

Neighborhood Adult Participation investigate police brutality LB. 35 5 LB. BAG
Project." complaints in the absence of a

Meanwhile, Mayor Samuel W, civilian-controlled police review 35
Yorty attacked that project as board. killed in a local referendum *';

a "precinct organization" for NAACP Executive
Hawkins The project seeks to Director Roy Wilkins said offices -
i Involve poor residents in the will be set up In four of

solution of their own problems the organization's New York

branches to handle citizens'I SLICED BREAKFAST DETERGENT
complaints about police.r I

s.jilCe.A\ .....I' r -'<17'!'
IUATlri .rU..M I fittCUCE[ HHTtR

Il re. :
C-.dt, (,,,4vi 6

: .i, M\SOYS:: 111;: *. [.'UII; ,
,glee ").*"e'> _&vi -' PH. 764-4511
...R Ia'tIIiAII'! .

You Do n't t Have To Go To Town To uet. PKG. 55' REG. PKG.



Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store t U.S. # 1 POTATOES 10.IB. BAG 39*

Papers. '* Deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescrlp


-Invites You To Listen To- Dixie Pharmacy BLUE PLATE MAYONHASE QUART 43*

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue FLOUR .5 55*

"DANCE PARTY" Phones Ein! 5559798 FOLGER i LB. c'-i: 75*

NilbtJJ 11:30: til 12:00: Saturd 9 p.m PAY YOUR IIGHT, WATER KITCHEN CHOICE GRAPE JELLY 24 oz. JAR 25*


I (

: -- .--. -.... '
,, ,
I -o

1.ICE : : ,




G ._ k
-- --- -- -- --- -
.a.4A< A1'A< M4Ar AtUA< Ai. .
White And Gold Inductees -l i
ME I w

: Moon Over Miami ; I By LONNIE PRUITT I ":

M* M4 rrMr* rA$4 .4 1tr. ** L_ -

MIAMI BEACH-What was in Miami Beach before the hotels? DEAR" LONNIE: Ifs awfully cold at our house already and I

The night clubs? The horse racing? The golf courses? The winter is Just beginning. Last night we got so cold we had to

coconut palms? (they were planted In 1884)). Ught We burners on toe stove. Our landlord cuts the heatCHILLY
Fishing, that's what. And so Can't something be done about that ?
of 134 pounds i off real early.
a record! 48-
this story will get down to one
of the earliest visitor attractions pound amberjack and a 25-

of this resort The vehicle ters pound king in mackerel. Splncas- YES ASK YOUR PARENTS to speak to him and explain how
came with ,
for this transport back an 18-pound He has to keep the place warm and he'll be in tro-
African cold you are.
to basics is the 32nd annual pompano, 12pound .: '
: At local officials it be doesn't.
Metropolitan Miami Fishing bonefish, 23-pound dolphin and. uble with the ...............
Tournament, beginning Dec. 18 a 28-pound snook. Pluggers :

and closing April 16. tuna conquered, 156-pound a 22-pound blackfin '" Vi rr 'W-fl' DEAR LONNIE: My brother takes my ballpoint pens every timeI
tarpon and a 26
Tourney-wise, there's some pound grouper.Vistors .' put one down.It makes me mad because I have to have them for
news this year: a new tackle iI. school. I told my mother but she didn't do anything but fuss.
can obtain ,
tourney .
entry ,
category that should prove PENLESSGET
blanks and rules from f. ..
very popuar and eliminate a pract .- : 'J
longstanding Inequity. ically all boat rentals docks in YOURSELF ANOTHER PEN AND PUT IT WHERE YOUR
the I
Now presented is the "light area. Fishermen also are r CAN'T SEE IT. You have to remember to do this
tackle, general division." This allowed in the hotels, night .: h. q. .. ......;:...-' (". ....j.'. ... when you live around people who takes things. Keep putting
category takes in all forms of clubs, concerts and at the race 'I : ... ....' ( ,, where they can't find it they won't take it.
/to .
stuff and
casting with 20-pound or'less tracks. v -' ... '. ..............
line strength and permits the ( .

use of bait.Previouly. BEACH : 'r' \. I. : J t".' ,', DEAR I/Otn.lE:: : For three years I haven't had a decent coat
any fish taken with VI' ,. ;' :. ," < "'i Every year I get a hand-me-down.My folks won't buy me a new
of bait had to be enter 'hs ;w f I
form I'm
any '" coat for anything. If I don't get one for Christmas, leaving
ed In the general division where .. .;..J. '
...- ,' home
there is no limit on line stren- SHORTSMIAMI "' '1.. SECONDHANDLET


the impure purist can \" : Ask for it right away, then ask for it for Thanksgiving, then
now sneak a bit of shrimp on BEACH- With com ask for It for Christmas. U you don't get it, keep asking. I
; J"
a bucktall or go whole hog pletion of the first phase of 'fr' don't see what else you can do unless you're old enough to work
with any kind of bait on a hook, Interama, a permanent cultural ..",
still use light tackle and be relived and commercial exchange it. and buy it yourself 5..5 WWMWMIf

of competing with the center, anticipated In 1968, this ,, '
heavy or rigs from used bridges in ocean and piers.trolling area expects Isis to present strengthen leading substantially These 16 young ladies were recently Inducted Narva Harris, 0 r-I I and o; Jamye you want to ask a question send it to "Since You Asked

flue old general division of position as the tourist and business Into the White and Gold Honor Whitherspoon Mobile Alabama ; and Erma _Me," 5708 South State Street, Chicago Illinois 60621.

unlimited line test remains, as gateway of the Americas. Society at Florida AiM University during Lincoln Quincy. Standing left to right ,

do the spinning, plug castingand Spectator sports available to Women's' week on. the FAMU campus. The are: Johnnie M. Brown Plymouth ; Jeanne D. tydab* Untie sam has a couple oft

fly divisions where art- the Miami Beach vacationer coeds, who are classified as juniors and Mannings Tallahassee ; Sandra Brown plans to make >our mIme> as
ificials only are permitted.
(imon pure spincasters are tween October and May include have maintained at least a 3.00 cumulative Miami ; Pamela K. Combs Tallahassee ; easy to save as it is to spend.

permitted a line strength of tournament and golf and races tennis football, power average are, from left to right seated: 'She I la Howard Sarasota ; Gladys Perry There' the Pa\roll Savings
10 pounds and plug casters of and basketball: thoroughbred, El len Forehand ; Quincy; Henrietta Miami ; and Harriette Rogers St. Peters y Plan here >ou work, And the

15, as in the past. harness and greyhound racing, Alexander Bartow ; Jacqueline Lockett burg. Bond.a. Month Plan where >ou

-Nearly in 250,000 last year's fish were Met and entered -, slat boxing and wrestling and Jai Dunne I Ion ; Patricia Horne Jacksonville; FAMJ staff photo by Ernest Fillyau.I bank.

believe it or not, nearly 90
per cent were releases. Spec Margaret Harris World Of Books .Dade County Interns

ial awards and trophies are City 'By LOUISE P. UUMETZ ____-..... ".or' .. ...v. ......",..r.w; >.,"" I
for the
given by the tourney At Radio CHILDREN'S LETTERS
release of sailflsb bonefish
GOD. Compiled by Eric
snook and other gamesters in Music Hall ro'l r kk
shall and Stuart Hample,
the interest of conservation.It F r4 rte
Pianist Margaret Harris" is illustrated 1 by.Yamni v
has become customary for featured at w'YorV ls Radio New York: Simon Schuster. JU

sportsmen to tree all catches City Music Hall as one of the The untarnished hope, the sin- I, "I; .. !.r I tOtd; l i I, stw U ,

trophy unless or they citation are desired entry for for soloists in a six piano arrangement cerity, doubts, desires, questions 'It ..pl f STN, p, ai iI rf -
of Tchaikovsky's "First and beliefs of children,
mounting or for eating. Piano Concerto". The novel are revealed In this low priced
Over last few there
years musical presentation is a special for the Christmas
has been a tremendous Increasein highlight of the famed showplace's season.

competition with light tackle, -current stage spectacle.Miss With instant appeal based on

particularly spinning. Thirteen Harrris, a Chicagoan by the innocent credulity of its
light tackle Met records were birth has studied at the Curtis
writers, this book should be a
broken in the last tournament.
Institute in Philadelphia and
favorite. Already in its third
Among the many outstanding the Julliard School of Music In printing, the current issue .i

angling accomplishments in the New York. She is on the faculty shoud add greatly to the 150, I r
last tourney were the releaseof of the School of Arts in 000 copies already in print. I
22 sailfish by one fisherman IM
the latter city. ****** Ili
291 another and 102 bonefish
by a third. Shirley Bassey, One Ralph Nader. New York: Poc-
Top fish weighed in included, ket Books. $1.
in the general division, a 36 Of Headliners On T
pound African pompano, 87- r
This is another edi-
bargain ,! pound Allison tuna, 102-pound Williams Show
: bonefish tion. Nader begins by cataloguing .
amberjack, 13-pound ,
the Inherent to
61-pound cobia, 58-pound dolphin Son stressSb1rley Bassey, Al dangers -- -- -
65-pound king mackerel, Hi.t, Roddy McDowaU, and the the winds Corvair by prior urging to 1965 his,own and Recent graduates of Florida Memorial College who are now (Bethune Elem.); Dunsky, center;;-Vera Jackson (Miami N. W. WMBMSpotlight

468-pound blue martin, 110- team of Carl Reiner and Mel safety up He interning in Dade County Schools are addressed by the college Senior High); Dorothy Prince (Miami N. W. Senior High); Rosa

pound white marlin, 40-pound Brooks vist NBC Television the measures.regulation of the suggeststhat automobile development fund director, Harold Dunsky. Internes and the Jackson (Earllngton Heights Elem.); Caroline Herring (J.R.E. ProductOf
permit and an 81-pound sail- Network's "The AndyWiliams must three schools in which they are doing their practice teaching are Lee Elem.); and Josephine McKnight (North County Elem.)?,
fish. Show" colorcast Sunday, Nov. the go through standing from left to right: Katherell Morrison (Earllngton Seated, left to right are, Mrs. Edward T. Graham, Mrs. RoyalW. The Week
stages of
Fly fishermen landed tarpon 27 QO-U p.m. NYT). awareness- and!stage demand for public act- Heights Elem.); Janett Wright (North City Elem.); Ronald Puryear, director for the interne program; D:. Royal W.

ion, the stage for legislation DeHart (Miami N. W. Senior High); Pearlle Dickens (Liberty Puryear, president of Florida Memorial CoUege; and Mrs. Miami Florida
and the stage of continuing ad-, City Elem.); Jereline Brown (Bethune Elem.); Loretta London .Maude Reddick, instructor in education. ,

ministration. GIVE TO FIGHT

WAME iencies Says Nader are ,more"Vehicle Important defic to THINGS ARE CHANGING MULTIPLESCLEROSIS

simply correct because ban human they inadequacies are easierto Have you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? I

analyze and to remedy. And Equal Opportunity is in business. The great cripplerof

whether motorists are momentarily young adults
careless or intoxicated, s

DIAL 1260 or are driving normally when
they are struck by another vet

hide is entirely Irrelevant to r
the responsibility of the auto- STRAIGHT IOU ION WHISKY.M MOOT SINS CIO CHARTU OUT CO, lOUISVIllf.CT.I .

mobile makers to build safe -

cars" ; tor 1.. t :
: ,
******** .. ,
By Jim Clark. New York. Poc- Tick-tock..tick-tock::. .

ket Books. 075. the SHORTY-$35.

The fastest sport in the world the Bourbon that w MEDALO STYLE #665for
ranks in
high popularity. High
eompl.,. Illuatrated Catalog o(
speed auto racing is the second didrit watch the clock! Medalo Hair e tyea, | ,Wigs..H.If cape
largest spectator sport in the and._.at.ehrn.otrns3a ... II'. *'0'.1 ftend tuinne:& .and porequeal. '
United States luat Ne !..'
toped only by '
I 'aturelly Healthy Normal A.r' Cold Medal Heir ..,.... Inc.Depl. .
# horse racing. This book bytodaY" CROWS from the HAIR ROOTS St 5. Bklvn 33, N.Y.
foremost In YOUR SCALP The condition of
genius : OLD) CHARTER your hair olten dependa heavilyon ,
Jim Clark, tells his story the. natural health of roufealp. COMB
Yean 510 DOCTOR CAR.
of world-champion racing. NOT Invented a AWAY
The autobiography traces his Kentucky's finest Bourbon formula celled tntdlraedOLl.e .
which I* mixed with many prov GRAY
rise to fame and fortune, tell-i on Ingredlcnta. CAR*
: "
log of his anions moments, his JONOEC U such a .tron(. power WITH ,
; 7 antlMpUe and dose inch tinework
fears and ambitions, his trlum-j, years old Pyn helping' an ITCHY THIS
phs and disasters. It tells of DOCTORS BANfiRUFF Kelp that COLOR } 'e Jo
RHYTHM & BLUES his family and the people who: calp sons. PRUcmac trouble' It tar: many COM
Mass annoying!
helped him as he raced and won] oitenully cauaed acalp sdl. RUSH
in rear-englned cars, front-: floor are freenv .I b"the
.tron.t tffl"r'1"r1J1."JJOiI
l ueo of thu Triple tar ,-
engined cars, sports cart, formula. Write for thla DOCTOR __
grand-touring cars,saloons and ;WUIW will SCALP bo MM FORMULA .. V-
lSow.It| .... u you oil "
RADIO STATION Formula Juniors; on asphalt in .od" to u IT Jua comb en.. bush
FOR T DAYS, and if 10 add .eta
South Africa, on dirt in Australia -I R'te'I aotlafled' your money yea back are P.riNOTA DYLL..itldulek.. .rub.. oil.
on concrete in England.He enly list on delivery.,Thu to odd r tradunllv way
elude l: AVOIDS
hl bo.l.;
I avows: "You need more pins? mote You j.ee || wIt hull THAT Bri..hana..hrdrorreinovlng DYED ......

than your fair share of luck I 41..10.1.CATEO SCALP, tho'OIlMUL4 ineit KEDrol..ln.your off. Cornea.. P"vnt..Ilia In PI..,,, C.,.... Coi
"WHAMMY to make successful money can buy Your ...
a career hair end conUd In pock.or .
.... .
flip dtMrve One .
out of motor racing You need four and addreoe to Just--GOLD wad he" 0' Black to
luck in finding the right car to lmo PRODUcrs INC.1u.t: writ**, .!.!> aihadtt. Pw .nl"
Dep'. -it I Shecpahead Bay '1.95n d.ll.ry pi... p..,....
drive at the right time,the right =IG SS. *'. NOTE Momy back .h..i
j MIAMI".V people to encourage and advise .1.* _1 ey** iff1"i; a..q.L. WilS: D.rjJSM.I oll'H-eln.ktyn.:" :SeN.w. .
you, and luck in your early races
to give you confidence"

r "i I L

/.V --q _._ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
t- ....... -1--

-- -


Heublein Sponsors Party Negro Demo Candidates Break Record
Religion And Race ._.. "" --.m--: ; ,........ -.- ,'
'_- [ :R.\\. In 21 States
by NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALNEW '0 .., .....'.. i>o' ,,- .. ._ .. ,,_ __- ".... Win 133 Legislative Seals
WASHINGTON D. D. Negro Democratic candidates: for
seats in State legislatures set a record last Tuesday, winning
DIRECTOR 133 posts In 21 states as the six Incumbent: Negro Democratic:
Congressmen were re-elected. Negro Democrats woo 60 new
HOLLYSPRINGSMlu.-NPI-1'be) Rev. truest Smith an State legislative seats.In .
alumnus-turned-presldent of Rust College, took over Tuesday races for State Senate seats was re-elected treasurer el
u director, department of religion and race, Methodist Boardof 24 Negroes woo while 109 won Connecticut, themo important
Christian Social Concerns, headquartered Wahlngton.D.C.: seats in the lower houses. For Tsfafe'-wlde: victory among Negro
A political science graduate of Rust, he holds a masters the first time in this century \Democrats. In local race
religious education from Oberlin College and a honorary Negroes will serve in the Texas 'Richard Austin of Detroit was
doctor of divinity from Gammon Thelogical seminary. He legislature as three Democratswere 'elected Wayne County Auditor
has beaded Rust since 1957. RV elected and five additional and Percy Sutton was elected
seats were won In Tennessee Borough President of UanbaM
whereas only one served last tan.
WASHINGTON-{(NPI-An Integrated group meeting last year Among the 133 winners tot
week In the 62-year-old Eckington Presbyterian Church, Representatives William legislatures there were Ifl
which is to be torn down soon after being vacant for 19 months Dawson of Illinois, Adam C. women. *
learned that the church died because of racial prejudice. The Powell of New York, Augustus
Rev. Burke Dorworth, director Presbyterian Commission on Hawkins of California Robert
Religion and Race, declared, "This church died. because of Nix of Philadelphia, John Con- Negro Police -
racial prejudice. white supremacist attitude; yers and Charles Dlggs

ISSUES AT CONFAB of easily Detroit won re-election Officers Charge !

Lucius B. Amerson of Tuske-
MIAMI BEACH- be discussed at the seventh general assembly of National nomination for Sheriff of Macon NEW YORKAttorneys for
Council of Churches, Dec. 4-9, in the Hotel Fontalnbleau will County Alabama became the the NAACP have obtained a'
be urban renewal, sex, marriage and family life race relationsand .,7 __ first Negro to be elected. "show cause" order signed by'
poverty. Principal speaker for the public session will be Sheriff in the south since Reconstruction Judge Edward R. Dudley on"
Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey. Gerald A. Lamb behalf of two officials of Guardians
and organization of Negro1
DISAPPOINTED Negro Trio police officers in New York1
atZ. City, charging Illegal use of*
WASHINGTON-(NPI) The Rt.Rev.James S.Thomas Methodist { funds of the Police Benevolent*
Bishop Des Moines, Iowa, expressed disappointment last J IN Finals' forScholarships Association of which they are
week with the progress of integration.In a report to the Metho- also members. 3
dist General Board of Christian Social Concerns, be noted that NAACP General CounseP
residential segregation Is still the chelf barrier to creation of 41 Robert L. Carter and associate
.racially !integrated churches Judges of the National counsel Lewis M. Steel are representing -*
A -L Achievement Scholarship Pro-
Guardian president1
'__ >'-
DENUNCIATION Heublein Inc. has joined forces with were served, IncludlnQ Heublein--.I'.L.JM&Cocktails, gram students for have outstanding selected Ne three.g r o William Johnson and chairman

BERLIN-NPI)-Before the first World Congress Evangel Miss Rose Morgan owner of a national Bell's' Scotch and Milshire Gin. Enjoy Central Floridians for Inclusion of the board Anthony the court Jenkins to Inspect -*
ism closed Its 10-day meeting attended by 1,300 delegates from chain for of beauty parlors, to raise money ing the party left to right are Hiss in the group of 1,150 finalists They are the asking books and records oT
98 nations It approved a declaration denouncing racism any. the National Council cf Negro Women. Morgan ; Cliff Cooke Heublein Sales ; They are Jesse Wallace Jr., the Policeman's Benevolent Assoclation -*
where in the world. A portion Bits statement said, "We reject The "kick-off"' party was held in Miss Ken Sherwood department' store owner ; 220 DeSoto St., Daytona Beach, to see whether there
the notion that men are unequal because of distinction of Morgan's home in New York Jiih enter- Miss Horne and Dr. Furman Jackson who attends Mainland High has been a misappropriation off
race or color., tainer Miss Lena Home as guest of Harlem businessman. School; Clarence Smith, 413S. funds and also to order a new
honor. Only Heublein I liQuor products Indiana Ave., Leesburfc; who election of the organlcatlon'sr
attends Caner Heights High ,officers and delegates within
Campus NewsFAMU State Receives Grant School, and Arnold Jerome *
Dr. King In Trouble Again; Virginia Hampton, 1602 Crooms Street; The days.plaintiffs charge that that

Virginia State College has received a 135,000 grant from the Orlando, who attends Jones High corporate laws of the PBA aid
First With Daley Then NAACPCHICAGO UJS. Office of Education for training of teachers entrusted with School. drawn up to "provide materialand
ANESTHETIST ATTENDS AHA IIEETING-Urs. Daisy Fagan the developement of educational media at their respective i institutions Two Hundred and fifty recipients moral support for police
Williams of the Department of Anesthesia at the Florida AIM -(NPIDr.. Martin ecutive director, had predicted President R.P. Daniel has announced. of four-year college scholar men" but that the reported-)
University Hospital recently attended the 68th I Luther King Jr., has been accused that Dr. King's marches would The grant will finance a proposed institute at Virginia State ships will be selected from and-a-half million dollar cams:
meeting of the American Hospital Association | again of stirring up result in the poUtical defeat of College, scheduled June 12 through July 7, 1967. Institute participants -, the group of finalists. palgn conducted by the PHi
In Chicago, Ill. The total registration at the "white backlash" fears. This people like Sen. Douglas "Now will be drawn from small colleges throughtout the A Ford Foundation p-anttothe against the Civilian Complaint
meeting was 9,003. Convening with the AHA II time the charge came from there Is no question about it," U.S.A. South and border states. National MerltScholarshlpCorporatlon Review Board U contrary t4
were hospital consultants nurse anesthetists, the local NAACP director.. Fuqua said. Dr. Harry A. Johnson Professor of Education and Director of of Evanston, HI., sup the organisation's purposes. 1
hospital administrators, hospital planning as Only two weeks before Mayor Sen. Douglas, in his bid for the Audiovisual Center will direct the Institute ports the achievement program.
sociations directors: of public relations pur Richard J. Daley charged that re-election got a majority of -
chasing agents hospital auxiliaries Blue Cross Association, the civil rights leader the votes in Chicago but not h t
exhibitors and dealers. was playing on "white enough of a majority to offset \: QUANTify f
backlash" fears In an effortto : his expected losses downstate. "" .
ALT COLLEGE; defeat Democratic can Defection from the Democratic -, 8 RIGHT RESERVED

GREENSBORO, N.C.-Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, president of didates. camp in white areas-particularly .
ALT College was last week installed as president of the Mayor Daley contended that those in which open r
North Carolina Association of Colleges and Universities.The Dr. King's recent return to. housing marches were held- PRICES GOOD
Installation took place at the closing session of the two- Chicago's Westside from his has been held responsible for ; THROUGH SATURDAY; ;
day meet conducted at the Wlnston-Salem N.C., Robert E. Lee home town of Atlanta was an Sen. Douglas' defeat. '1n
HoteL -* i*t1 e attempt to hurt Democratic Rev. Fuqua also charged that .' 1 /lli e ,+ ,y,;nl hSPetu9Ln" u'fr udt lu on. _., Ill '. .U&, \ ,.. :.;spgde
The integrated organization, composed of the 58 public and .candidates in the election. Dr. King's aide Rev. Bevel!, n >'lIet
[private colleges and universities in the Slate, has for its purposes The mayor angrily charged spoke irresponsibly when he ,"sl's" "f
[ : To provide a forum for duscussion of trends and issues that civil rights workers linkedto reportedly said the marches r
fin higher education; to provide a medium for coordination in Dr. King had "leaked out"a would continue until everyone AJAX
[matters of common Interest to the institutions and to further report of foot-draggtng by voted Republican. ..... -. .
. the cause of higher education in North Carolina. civic: leaders on open occupancy "Appeals to emotionalism", KING .MAMI m UvttlMCNVM !
"f 0 r purely political pur rather than "relevant issues DETERGENT : 89 :
poses." and records of candidates" SUGARIt '
WHEN YOU ARE ILL Particularly did the Mayor influenced Illinois voters the /
have bitter wordsforDr. King's1 NAACP leader added. .
right-hand man, the Rev.James REG. $1.43 VALUE SAVE 54Q C HE)24J ;
Bevel, who has been quotedas President Is UrgedTo s':
You Seek The Best Doctor; saying, "We will demon CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE
strate in Gage Park an all- ftmt JWL* '
When Your Doctor Prescribes ( Branlon
'Get Experienced Pharmacists white area) until every white Appoint ,1 1 ; SUGAR j

Orders.JVhen Your We Doctor Use Only Prescribes The Bestl,!' "" person Republican out Party.there" joins the To Circuit Court SOUP 8N0! $100 39 ; I I 1l-I7-1".z. :; t

Quality Drugs. Dr. King later said he disagreed WASHINGTONNPI)- Wiley : t
with Rev. Bevel's Branton, special assistant to 5 (\ :. : t !
C. E. BLACK Proprietor remarks but defended his aide's the U. S. attorney general CAMPBELL'S vnivnniSOUP ,
right to make them. recommended to fill LBS. 1.-- ix"( !
has been f.
,V R. Cis i t ere eI Pharmacists To Serve YouA This clash was followed by a the vacancy on the Fifth Circuit 6 NO.1 1 $ $100 .-.. _...:. ;
similar confrontation betweenDr. Court of Appeals. CANS i

.... --... COMPLETE L I N fc; 0 F.--......-.. Freedom. King Movement and the which Chicago Dr. Orselle attorney Bllllngsley, and, Birmingham Alabama- UNIT 5 LBS PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD i

Cosmetics Rubber Goods. CancI1es Sundries King heads, were accused of chairman of Southern Demo SCOTT BATHROOM OR MORE
PRESCRIPTION CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED contributing to the defeat of cratic Conference, urged PURCHASES OF $5.00 :
Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-DL) President Johnson to name TISSUE 2 ROils 29

Lilly's Drug Store Douglas was undoubtedly Branton to the post to break KRAFT ALL PURPOSE
beaten by "w h it e backlash the all-white complexion of the
voting" said Fuqua who Is federal judiciary in the South.
1907 KINGS ROAD EL-3-8276 retiring Dec. 31 to bead a Minneapolis Other Negro attorneys in the OIL 49 *
church. South who are possibilities for "MIX 'EM UP"lEENS ,
And Dr. King's group becauseof the vacancy Include Donald
its political naivete has Hollowell, head of the Equal
caused certain candidates: to Employment Opportunity Com McKENZIE MONOGRAM LONG KMiN
exploit the race issue, Rev. mission's regional office
Fuqua added. Atlanta, and Fred Gray Mont BSbT RICE 29*
Local summer open housing gomery, Ala. 4 pot 3 lIS.
marches by "chronic demon- The Fifth Circuit Court covers

strators" produced. "nothing of Georgia Florida, Alabama LIMIT ONE PLEASE( WITH OTHER
This isthe any substance, the NAACP Mississippi Louisiana, Texas TURNIPS COLLARDS MUSTARD
executive charged. The demonstrations and the Canal Zone. The court FOOD PURCHASES OF $2.50 OR MORE
led by Dr. King and has recently been expanded
nicest, his aides, resulted an open from nine I to 13 Judgeships HANDY PAK FRENCH FRIEDPOTATOES
housing agreement with civic because of a heavy caseload FANCY WESTERN
a smoothest leaders. particularly in the rights field 2 I" $100
That agreement. Rev. Fuqua Three Negroes now serve in 4 CA
bourbon said, has "accomplished absolutely the U. S. Circuit Court system POLY BAGS CELLO
nothing" -ell out of the South. ROOT
to come Dr. King's summer marches, They are Judge William Henry PKG. 1 *
ever he added,, were "without reason Hastle Philadelphia Third
of and purpose, and were poorly Circuit; Judge Spottswood W.' FLA. GRADE A WHOLE
"I' out timed." The rights leader isn't .Robinson in, U. S. Court of
needed In Chicago the NAACP ''Appeals for the District of
'% : [ Kentucky.Find chief indicated: Columbia Circuit; and Judge FRYERS ." ...JB. 27 GC JEN RIPEBANANAS
: Rev. Fuqua recalled that Roy Wade H. McCree Jr., Detroit,
Wilkins, national NAACP ex Sixth Circuit. 1

.. \. ... .
Madam Margo ,. t; "...
.}, ,
/I .L ... ", ,- r 100 1
Palmist & AdvisorShe / /rS :,. LB.
/ ,
;;; a
, I
out Advil on all Problem I
of LoveSickness and Business S '
yourself HOURS 8 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Located In l 6 5 .
989 N. Orlando Ave.Hi.Wayl7.92N. .

ee pMOor e I"'. ECHO SPRING oitmunv.LOUISVIUC.' KY. For Appt. Call 644-4941 43*



r-----, -- -------1 -- -- -- J .


Five Negro Ballplayers Make Athletes Receive Awards Aggies All Set I ; ;;


I 66 Topps AII-Star Team' 1\f, '--r---'), .: l N For Gate City I[ITigTitsIi1

haVe keen elected '
Five major league baseball players
i ,
Basketball Classic
Major League All-Star Rookie Team and .4f By CHARLES J.I UVTNSTOMNEGRO
to the Topps
awards ceremonies In New York > Several PRESS INTERNATIONALQUICK
received their trophies at changes are noted In
Cltv. I the second annual Gate ,City
the closing weeks of the sea- Basketball Classic to be 'WORKMuhammad
The Negro players are George i 4i'i
(Cassius Clay) All made short work of Cleveland
son. here at the Greensboro Col-
Scott Boston Red Sox First -
Also honored was Bronx-born iseum on Thursday and Friday (Big Cat) Williams according to a pre-conceived plan
Base; Sonny Jackson, Houston nationwide television
before 33,460: Astrodome fans and audiences -
Astros, Shortstop; and Cleon Mike Epstein of the RochesterRed nights December 1 and t. last

Jones, New York Mets, Tom- Wings, who was named The four teams Involved Include week. off In the
According to All, whose theatricals have tapered
Minor League Player of the : : The A&TCoUereAal"
mie Agee, Chicago White Sox wake of a string of seven successful title defense, the plan
Year. and three teams members of
and Byron Browne, Chicago The awards are sponsored by the Carolinas Conference was to start quick and get it over with fast.
Cubs, all outfielders. "I didn't only plan to get a quick start, but get a quick start
Cum Inc. to
of the Topes Chewing -Elon. Guilford which also
The other members '
of the
is champion
said All who heavyweight
call attention to
help young competed In the first event
team are: Dave Johnson, Bal
world boxing except in the precincts of World Boxing As-
timore Orioles, Second Base; ballplayers who are making last year and a new participant
their mark in the major and Catawba College which soclatloo.
Helms Cincinnati ,
Tommy with the brutal
For reasons that square neither logic nor
minor leagues. Topps sponsors, replaces Western Carolina
Reds Third Base Randy Hund
WBA Ernie Terrell
mechanics of boxing the recognizes ,
a number of awards throughoutthe t College In the two-day dribble
Cubs Catcher
ley Chicago ;
baseball a Chicagoan fighting out of New York, as world champion.
season. derby
Woody Fryman, Pittsburgh Clay polished off Williams in Just three rounds after flattening -
Pirates, Left-Handed Pitcher; James Owens The Aggies last year walked him four times He had the Big Cat with wicked ten
and Jim Nab, Kansas City Athletics away from the event, the lone
hook on the deck three times In the second and once In the
Right-Handed Pitcher. team undefeated, winning over fourth rounds, before Referee Harry Kessler halted the one
The ball players were electedto Third Recipient 4i. Elon and WesternCarolina sided contest.

the team by the players, leges, but uncrowned champs. Afterwards, All had another explanation for his quickie win

managers, and coaches on all Of Galimore Award This year the two-day doubleheader over Williams. He said he also utilized an "All Shuf le", consisting -
the major league teams, who is to be operated on laid
of five steps to befuddle Williams, who "hardly
voted for their choices during TALLAHASSEE James tournament style and a champIon a glove" on the ever-moving All.

Owens, a 218-pound halfback is to emerge. Williams pleaded in his dressing room for another crack at
from Lake City, Fla., will be The games are to be the first
Florida Hunters All's title, but after his quick annihilation it was doubted that
the third recipient of the Willie ;;J.v'-c;..... Carolina and will officially Up he could become a serious contender again for some time.All's .

Firearms Lee Galimore Memorial Sch- off the season. next title opponent may be Terrell, the champ indicated -
Given olarship Award Cleon Jones ( leLUofcthe) New York Mets and Tommie Agee The first night pairing put But it won't be until early next year, because the

The announcement of the selection of the laQO WhuU ? Sox both of whom were elected to Guilford against Elon at 7.00: busy champion wants to catch up on some rest.
Safety Rules of Owens was made the 1966 Topps Major I league P...., and the Aggies against This has been a busy year for him; a period in which he pol-

Florida had Jointly by Jake Caliber, ath- receive their I awards from Joel JIIShorinRproesidentaof Catawba beginning at 9:00 P.M. ished off Sonny Listen (twice), Floyd Patterson Henry Cooper,
TALLAHASSEE lectic director and head Topps Chewing Gum Inc The consolation game is set Brian London Mildenberger and Williams.

71 hunting casualties, twelveof football coach of the Florida for 7:00 P.M., on Friday with As consolation, for his fast battering Williams collected
which were fatal during A&M University Rattlers, and the winners on the previous $92,256 from the live gate and 14 per cent of the radio and
last season. The Game and Charles W. Dryden, manager Clifford Paul Seen Most Dove Fields Closed night battling for the title beginning television incomes

Fresh Water t Commission special projects, the Pepsi- 4 at 9:00: P.M. All's take 50 percent, amounted to $230,445. He also col-
Dec. ,
all Florida huntersto Nov. 19
called on Cola Company, New York City. Responsible For TSU's Wins Included among the established lected 50 per cent from the radio-television pot.
reduce this figure duringthe
help The award is a four-year LAKE CITY-Two northeast stars to appear in the Classicare

1966-67 season.W. football scholarship to Florida The new team to watch In the tough Southwest Athlectlc rglon public dove fields, the J. : AiT's Sylvester "Soapy" CHEERS, CONCERNBALTIMORENPIThe
B. Copeland, Commission AIM In memory of the late Conference is the Texas Southern Tigers in Houston, Texas. M. Mulkey Field located in Adams, Dwight Durante of Cat plaudits were still coming in for

I Chairman, said,"Carelessness Willie L. Galimore of the The SWAC through the years has been dominated by the likes Suwannee County andthe White- awba, Eton's Henry Goedock and Baltimore's Frank Robinson, the American League Most

', and the lack of training in Rattlers and the Chicago Bears. of Prairie View College Southern University, Grumbling, house Field In Duval County Bob Kauffman of Guilford College Valuable Player in 1966, when It was announced last week

t' firearms safety Is a major Galimore was a great halfback and ..I"-' Stat e, will be closed to dove hunting 'that be plans to undergo surgery soon to repair a torn cartilage -
.j{ cause of accidents: every year. for FAMU and a star running The man most' responsible for nation among predominantlyNegro Pittsburgh during the second phase Nov.19 There are rumors of great in his right knee. Robinson is riding a crest of popularity -
of the the -
It is the responsibility back for the Bears of the NFL. Texas Southern's rise to pro- Colleges by through Dec. 4, according to new performers. following his World Series heroics and his unanimous
hunter to know what they are The Pepsi-Cola Company of mincence In the football world Courier. Only Tennessee Major Robert Brantly regional Garland Davis, Catawba's selection for the MVP award which makes him the first base-
shooting, and they would do wellto New York City makes the award Is Clfford Paul who Is only State, Morgan State, and manager for the Game and freshman 6'5" forward from ball player to win In both leagues. He had formerly won the

assume that"other huntersare annually to the high school In his second year as head Grumbling rank higher.S Fresh Water Fish Commission.The North Stanly, was most valu- MVP In the National League
in the area. football player who Is believed coach of the Tigers. A for- o far this season TSU has two fields were closed due able in the East-West All Star

He added "We would to be living in the tradition of mer head coach of Edward .knocked over two giants of the to the scarcity of feed which is game In Greensboro last year. REHURT KNEE

encourage all parents to require Galimore. It Is presented each Waters College, Paul left S-VAC and Just missed with necessary in attrcting and con- AliT can field a good quint In LOS ANGELES-}- hortstop Maury Wills of the Los

their children to have year during the pre-game show Waters College Paul left another. They opened the sea- gregating the birds. freshmen alone, Including West Angeles Dodgers said he decided to quit the team's recent

proper training before" giving of the annual Orange Blossom EWC in the midst of a 21-game son with a 20-14 win over Santa Juana Dove Field located Charlotte's Clarence Montgomery tour of Japan after he twisted his Injured knee In the third

them access to guns Classic In the Orange Bowl in wnning streak.In Southern. The only other teamto 8 miles north of Keystone and Daryl Cherry game." Wills who had quit the tour and was AWOL until recently -

Miami. The presentation will his first season as head beat Southern this year was Heights, off State Road 21 In Eton's Richard Hare is another said It was a question of either taking care of his leg

TRACTION TIP be made by Mr. Dryden. man at TSU, his team posteda Tennessee State the numberone Clay County will be open to Candidate, as Is Guilford's Pat or ruining his.baseball career
I IhiH winter. when our car Owens Is a 6-1 freshman who 5-4-1 record. But two of those team in the nation. TSU dove hunting during the second Morlarty.: ,

spm .it the curb. lr\ thucmcrcencv earned three varsiy letters wins were over Prairie View romped over Wiley 64-0 Mississippi phase. The field consisting of INTERGRATION
me.iMire from Ihe. and Florida AiM and both Valley 32-8, and Al- OKLAHOMA CITY (NPI The barnstorming fun-making
football at Richardson High came fell to 300 acres and planted In corn, 3 TSU )- ,
C ,uholic Digest: Ii\e the fender School In Lake City. He also at the end of the season. The corn A&M 176.. They of Tenne- carried a fair concentration of Harlem Magicians team was Integrated for the first time recently -

hehmd each wheel 1 a solid kick earned two letters In basketball. strong finish by the Tigers the mighty Tigers and lost a doves during the first phase. with the signing of seven-foot, plus George Grams, a

1 he dm loooeneJ from the blow He Is the son of Mrs. Lottie last season was an indication ssee State to 52-0 Grumbling 19-17. Good flights of dove have been Seen As ThreatTo white Purdue University basketball star. The signing was announced -

might ,be enough to Five traetion Powers who resides at 907 of things to come. This year squeaker bounced back after the observed In and around the field by owner-manager Marques Haynes, who said"Grams
on the ice, Otis Street, Lake City. TSU Is ranked fourth In the They Jackson recently. will earn in the neighborhood of $20,000. representing one
State Grumbling 26-14.loss to clip Hunters will be allowed to Rattlers' Win of Qe largest contracts ever given by the Magicians.

A number four rank,along with; shoot Santa Juana Field each
watch the second The first time the Texas BELL POETDAYTONA
Florida Saturday
STUIIGHT KWUCI1lOUItON etitr'1.M MOW INCIN7lot tUTUM CO.njUKFOIT.UttUttVAmerica's a 5-2 record, means the Nov. 19. Southern University Tigers beat BEACH, FLA.-(NPI-An unidentified student at

J T )*s ClOY/. AiM Rattlers will themon have ov.Z8 their phase Shooting, hours beginning are 12:00 noon the Florida AiM University Bethune-Cookman College has penned a poem from a popular)

I '18 21-12 wortt'tHit out for meet to sunset. Daily bag limit is 12 Rattlers was in 1963 by a score pep song about a bell that bas served the school for 50 years
when the two grid powers and additional of 20-14. The Tigers were led The lines of the poem about the nameless belL which tolled
Bowl for their ninth doves per day. Maps
In the Gator
that byfreshmanquarterback when Bethune-Cookman founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune
41 94 28 The have information may be obtained year
-y meeting.FAMU Tigers times in by contacting the Game John Douglas. Douglas died on May 18. 1955, and peals each B-C football victory,
3 e,t 9 played Jacksonville Classic and have and Fresh Water Fish Com- accounted for all of TSU's points read:
1 mission Regional Office Lake by passing for three touchdowns "Ring them bells--on B-C's campus
7 won on two occasions. and two extra points. Extremely Let them peal loud and strong
about the City.
2' 5 A significant point well poised for a freshman Line down Wildcats-now all togetherBC's
two TSU victories over FAMUIs the best home.."
I Bowl Douglas threw the winning brought men
3 12 76 they have come In 1963'PAMUfell In the last Orange touchdown pass with less than

: three games. 10 seconds remaining, a 34
37 91 20-14. TSU was down 15-13 Classic Tickets yarder to end Herman Drivers.
at the end of the half but scored
A senior this year, Douglasis
15 points In the third quarterto better than ever he has led
Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes win 3421In 1965. Head Now On Sale ,
TSU to a 6-2 record Including
He's Down He adds's ", tracts coach Clifford Paul Is out to
) Tickets fbr the 34th
MIAMI wins over Southern University -
Ke works It all around make a name for himself and annual Orange Blossom Classic Jackson State, and Alcorn AIM :., (r''By ; ;}

he'. gotten" off to)a good between the nation's top With Douglas throwing and DICK WOLFF
; 72 53 30 start. Negro collegiate football teams Willie Ellison and Roy Hopkins BOYS WILL BE BOYS

I A BEETTER 6 are now on sale at 33 outletsin running, TSU can boast one of Boys naturally love to fish) But don't you believe it1!
I a COMING ArrRAQTIONS South Florida. the most feared threesome in Making a boy into an angler can be the greatest challenge ina
BOURBON LSU To Recruit The December 3rd game will college football. All three are father and son relationship. My own boy still Isn't completely
13 8 23 once again feature the high- -American calibre. The sold on fishing and he's been exposed to all types. While few

eeeBUY If CagersBATON stepping, fast-moving Florida boys have speed to match their experiences give dads more pleasure than wetting a line with
I Negro their offspring I the blame for my son's Indecision rests heavily
MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED AiM University Marching size and the pro teams are on my door step

,\f ROUGE-NPI- Band. The host team for the licking their chops waiting for Three years ago, I planned' Jim's first real fishing trip a 300-
basketball coach of Louisiana Classic will be the Rattlers of graduation day. mile weekend jaunt to a world.famous trout stream Until then
State University disclosed last FAMU. The opponent will be Hopkins stands 6'Z", weighs Jima angling experiences had been limited to pulling small carp

"Man's Days are Numtxred." week that he plans to recruit undefeated Alabama A&M Col- 228 pounds and runs the 100- guess and sun at the fish wondrous from the local exciting duck Images pond. It would be hard to
n seven
ka1r.r Health and Fortune Can 2e. Negro players for the university lege of Normal Alabama. As yard dash in 9.8. Ellison is jured In Ms mind. As it worked out. the first my day was-year disastrous.-old con.

Yours W-en You Know Your. S team next year and said an extra added attraction Em- also 6'2" and wiechs 210pounds. The stream was high and un-wadeable A nasty arctic wind
Lucky Days he has his eyes upon three mett Ashford the first Negro He has been clocked at 9.9. made It impossible to cast a nymph or wet fly and chilled us
Lucky Colors etc Negro players In the state who, Major League (Baseball) Umpire Against Jackson State the duo to the marrow. If trout were there, they never let us know It.
will be a referee (unofficial 357 The second day was worse We moved to a nearby reservoir
played last year in high schools. picked up an
Send $Z.OO for yourHoroscrnGuidafor known for its big rainbow After cutting through the necklace
Among them he mentioned, of course) at the game. yards rushing. Ellison rushedfor of morning ice that ringed the lake, we pushed off. The fish
Harold Sylvester St. Augustine It will mark the 20th year tha t 200 yards Including a 48- till wouldn't cooperate and probably lay huddled together on
I NOVEMBERFill Catholic High School New Orleans the game has been played in yard touchdown run Hopkins the bottom to keep from freezing
Largest Selling YearOld Kentucky Bourbon in the blank below and mallto Miami. who was the RC Cola's playerof Jim faced his disappointment

ZODIAC, Post Office Box Louslsiana State has been Integrated Proceeds from the game go towards the week for his play against with solace boyish In a silence highball While or two I found that 4 P

1171 Jacksonville 1, Fla. for some time by court t scholarships for Florida Jackson rushed for 157 yards evening, Jim tacitly vowed trout rr
order. There are at ptesenl t AiM needy students. and set up each score with a fishing wasnt for him It wet
NAME some Negroes in the universityband long run. The FAMU Rattlers my fault for not picking a better A I
VETERANSTHE STREET and some are in otherschool THE GOOD OLD DAYS: when c will definitely have to stop these time of the year.
DATE OF BIRTH -- activities high school took up more spat, three in order to win. The next goof In transforming '
Jim Into
an angler occurred in
Mo. Day than In parking lot -
Florida during the same summer. ,
Hearing the fishing was good we
JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE INC. set out on the heels of a tropical y''
storm to test the deepwater
beauties of the Gulf Stream I '
.offered Jim a pill for motion
Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is Now Taking RuEfNIi sickness It was refused. Without thinking I didn't press him. and
nere I failed again Fish alter fish was hooked and boated, but
Jim lay In the cabin praying for merciful removal from a
spinning world.
A full week pissed before I dared mention the word But
Applications For Its assured the water was no deeper than three feet and rippledno
higher than one inch, Jim reluctantly agreed to pole the
flats with me for boneflsh
Je This time he loved fishing He scanned the shallow water for
Veteran Class. telltale shadows. Seeing one he was able to cast a jig right
at the target His lessons In spin casting a practice plug oft our
lawn paid off He tied Into two bones, a big needlefish, a toothy
barracuda and sundry tropical I lovelies
The I had always given Jim good tackle. Nothing will frustrate a
Size Of Our ClassesIs boy faster than hand me-down rods and reels that will not cast
properly, lines that will not hold fish, and lures that don't
produce. He takes pride In caring for his Garcia Mitchell 308
and 410 spinning reels, his Abu-Malic 170 spin caster, and.
Limited Conolon fiberglass rods. He knows they work.
By Law Jim's best angling experience by far came as a surprise to
me. In the company of a neighboring father and son, we took
a small boat out into Block Island Sound for flounder, Practi
rally every time the bait hit the bottom, it was taken by a
I Enroll Now To Be Sure Of ravenous flounder or other bottom fish By sport fishing stand
ands this sort of tinker bounding Is well down the scale. But boys
being boys then joy was unbounded as fish after fish came
over the aide. This kind of
Place. fishing was winning him over I
felt I was winning something too. I was gaining a steady anatin
partner. and also opening up tor Jim a lifetime of fishing pleasure
gs e e e' e e

) t ,


I ..M First_, --Siring Center_ FAMU Rattlers, Ala. Balidogsy Incomparable Marching. 100" Stanton Blue Devils i*

Y Vie IN Orange Bowl ClassicMIAMI In Annual ClassicThe

1966 Ugh school football
Florida AJ.M University President Dr. George W. [ season will end Thanksgiving
Gore Jr. and Athletic Director Jake Gaither of Florida AIM [.Then the Matthew W. Gilbert
University announced that the Orange Blossom Classic selection A l G"AA 1 1A and New Stanton High School
committee has chosen Alabama AIM University of I Blue Devls meet in the annual
as Normal, Ala. to be the Rattlers' opponent In the 34th annual I Cast-West Classic in the Gator
Orange Blossom Classic in Miami. I BowL .
The Dec. 3 game climaxes with a 45.2 puntlnc average.In .... '
the FAMU season each year total offense, the Bulldogs Dolphins Deflated :
The Rattlers lead in the Clas- rank sixth among the nation's
sic series, l'J-J.5-1. volleges with an average of H'lid
Florida AIM has one game 402.5 yards per game, while By Glass I :;

remaining in the regular they're fourth In passing yards,
season, while the Bulldogs have with 2SO per game. And Grass

one game remaining. AlauamaMM ':
is undefeated through FAMU Rattlers NEW YORK-A one eyed re-
tlver and a turf built for off- .
thus far this
seven games year, .
while At M Is 5-3 for the season. Trounce I-C" track horses helped gaff the
The game Is played Miami's Dolphins Sunday."I '
Orange Bowl annually with never felt better about payIng -*;
proceeds going towards scho- Wildcats 37-13 a bill." said Weeb Ewbank',
larships for needy Florida M t! as the Jets' rolypoly coach held:
AtM students forth in the dressing room.
This will mark the first DAYTONA BEACH-fieserre I d iAM A af "There is absolutely nothing(

Classic appearance of quarterback Elroy Morand wrong with Sauer's eye now."
Alabama. FAMU met them in came off the bench Saturdayand Last week the Jets had paid for .
regular season last year defeating led the Rattlers of Florida A A M f A ., A M a contract lens in the right eye'of .
AIM University to a 37-13 come M '
them 28-14, enroute to George Sauer, their split end"whose

:.tiJ..Li.. r !: 'lu.1 ''mtI a 7-3 season. from-benlnd Bethune-Cookman victory College.over clutch catching made Ew1'bank's
This year the Bulldogs are outfit go. Sauer,like the,-,
Rattler center: Jimmy Mccaskill sophomore A Homecoming crowd 10,000at
ranked 15th In the nation among [ Hathaway Shirt model, wear 1
from Tallahassee has been on the injured small colleges. Welch Stadium saw the WUd the protection only over one eye.....
for the first half of the season Alabama has a list of impressive cats of Bethune-Cookman takea "The other one Isf ne'Sauery
7-6 lead Into the second half
but has fully recovered and Is now first credentials
but looked on with awe as the y,
string center.
The quarterbackOnree
Bulldog *
lead quickly disappeared. .. v&TA
Jackson Is 7th in the ..
Morand came off the bench In } ,.
Drafted By Redskins nation In total Individual offense .
the third period, after starting
with 1,480 yards for a quarterback Ken Riley had tro- '.". .sy of. :'
"""- -- 211.4 game average. f :"oa., :'\
I uble moving the Rattlers since 1" "'!-
Jackson Is also ranked 10th .
their Initial touchdown drive In .
II in Individual passing '.
I the first quarter. It was the rt...
I with 82 completions in 182 first appearance of Morand in 'f/Wv/ ,,:'_ f'I' to"'qj
for and .
.attempts 1,363 yards 1
lour weeks.
a ball game for
14 touchdowns.
The senior quarterback for i1
Erskln Valerie, Alabama'spunter
ranks fourth among the AtM connected of 15 and on 31 touchdown yards to When the Marching 164 piece band of F I lor I d a A&M Unlverslty- /

nation's punters with a 46-yard passes end John Eason. Both tosses arrives In the Gateway city for the Jacksonville Classic Saturday

average in 32 kicks. The Rat- came in the third period. night in the Gator Bowl it will be homecoming for 30 members ot IDul

tlers' John Eason is seventh Eason was also responsible band. The Jacksonville band members from left to right are: \\ h-Inlnre.laafl ;?

for the first FAMU touchdownas Row # 1 Howard Wright Victor Solomon Warren Duncan Romia rir:1tt flier,. I"tt ::1
Miami Grabs he took a 70 yard touch Johnson, James Ellison; i Row #2, Michael White, Alonzo King. Albert ,

down from sophomore quarter- Jones, Konald Sarjeant Ronald Maddox, Ernest White; Row #3, James reported. "But without the lens I"
Liberty Bid back Riley early in the first Lewis, Christopher Morse Edward Walthour Charles Sykes Robert I can hardly see a thing In the'""'

period Thompson Bruce Francis; Row #U, Freddie McClain Frederick Smith, right eye"
The Wildcats got on the scoreboard He saw enough Sunday to put
i MIAMl-Unlverslty of Miami's early in the second Patrick Brown Cyrus Jones, Justus Frazier, Arthur May; Row #5, Dick Westmoreland, the Dol-"

gusty Hurricanes supped up a quarter as quarterback George Kenneth Tolbert Edward Moore HarrelJ] Buggs, Johnny Dorsey, and phins' capable cornerback, ins ';*
bid today to play In the Dec. 10 King plunged over from tie two. Charlie Kennebrew. Not shown are Joseph McRoy and Charles Martin. puzzled mood after the gxne. ,5

Liberty Bowl football game at Paul Wyatt added the extra pointto I'd feel worse If my position -*

r Memphis Term. give Bethune-Cookman a 7-0 Miss ROTC Toy Fire Engines Get Doggy Look had been bad." said West-"
There was no Immediate naming
halftime lead. moreland. "But the funny thing
There a doggy new look to toy fire engines for Christmas19AA .
of an opponent for the 6-2-1 FAMU struck for 24 quick Attends OBC A long-time favorite with American youngsters these fire is I was on him most of the time
Hurricanes. Arkansas Miss the r trucks, built to scale of automobile.gauge steel and finished with and he still caught the balL Once'j''
+wy ourl was viewed as the most wlthtthe pair oretouchdowAlong real truck paint have been given ultramodern styling that hints I reached over his shoulder behind -
likely choice. passes by Morand to Eason, Mss Carolyn Seasons will be at'what tomorrow real fire equipment will look like RealisticIn him and was sure I'd slam- .
Miami's list of victories tackle Sharon Stallworth inter- in the Florida A&M University operation as In appearance, the pumper left) shoots real med the ball to the ground But,tl'
water from Its miniature hose when its tiny hydrant Is attachedto
cludes wins over highly rated cepted a King pass at the four of entourage when the Rattlers a garden hose; the hook,and ladder extends Its rotating aerial there It was In Sauer's hands" I
----- ---- Southern California and Geor- in vade Jacksonville for the
Bethune-Cookman and went ladder 36 Inches Into the sky, I
over for the touchdown. The Jacksonville Classic on Nov. .-
Rattler end : Andre White senior from gia.Hurricanes Coach Charlie Rattlers later scored a safety 26, and Miami for the 34th ...
Tampa, White is co-captain of the Rattlersand Tate said the Liberty Bowl bid in the quarter to round out the annual Orange Blossom Classic I GREAT GATEWAY CLASSIC

has already been drafted by the was "something the boys cer- third period scoring effort.BethuneCookman's in MiajU on Dec. 3rd. The Rat-
Washln.gtdn'Redskins. The 6'5" end has tainly deserve. They have donea King hit tlers will be pit against the

cabght I lU, 'passed. for 183paras'atod'twcrfl: veal outstanding Job this'sea;!, Sam_ Cooper:.for a 39-yard Texas Southern ,t Uptvyrty, f ; FLORIDA, A.. &' M''' .,''ArfeJ
'" _
touchdowns. son. touchdown toss for the other ,
Miami played once before In a Wildcat score. t4 jYS

Urges Library SupportSpotlights Liberty Bowl game, bowing 15- The last FAMU touchdowncame i "_ 1
14 to Syracuse in the 1961 event, in the fourth quarter as
which was held in Philadelphia.Miniaturization halfback Joe Williams returnedthe
Educational Need 1
B-CC kickoff 93 yards for TEXAS SOUTHERNTHE
the touchdown.It .
Ways must be found for as warned that "Even as mans
mil-Inn regular\ dependable and knowledge accelerates at an Cuts Hearing Aid was the second time this sea :
adequate support for American almost Inconceivable rate, 11brarles : son that Williams had returned GAME OF THE YEAR FOR EVERYONE/
unhemlj libraries which are grow by the minute, Size Adds PowerNew kickoff or punt all the way for the /II
fining unprecedented demands by the hour. The rapidly
touchdown.The .
Hum S Pule resources)'. chairman urged of the poses problems that taunt advances In mlnlaturlza loss left the Wildcats 6-2 ==GATOR BOWL- 1
tlon have made possible the first
board of the Columbia Broad man wildest notions. completely in.the-ear hearing; aid for the season, while FAMU is
iiKiinit System "We must recognize the full 53.The.
to combine outstanding performance
Pnlt\ spoke ut dedtcntlontrremonies dimensions of the problems of Rattlers last opponent before -
and reliability with long battery i
for Temple Unl the library today, added life Called the Beltone Bravo going to Miami for the ,
verslty'1. new' Samuel Pulev Paley "and work courageously
the new Instrument was designed December 3rd Blossom 6
J.lbrllrIIl1ml'd for his late toward finding the solutions
fiilhtr: Philadelphia munufaclunr for all mild hearing losses and Is Classic at Miami's Orange Bowl FABULOUS i
und philanthropist He adaptable to many serious losses will be Texas Southern University -
> in Jacksonville,Fla.for the PRE-GAME AND HALFTIME SHOWS
Tigers In the Jacksonville
Jacksonville Classic.
FAMU announced that the Ala- Classic. FEATURINGTHE '
bama AiM College Bulldogs of Carolyn, the daughter of Mr.
Prized Holiday Gift Normal Ala., would be the and Mrs. Van Brown, 928 S. INCOMPARABLE FAMU MARCHING 100-CAUED :
Campbell St., Daytona Beach,

in 110 Countries AroundThe World! Tkt, U.a. Ontrnmiitl ittt set FAMU. She's a senior ma- ii
M" Irnhnsr. Tin !> joring In English in the College i
M 'Ml f\\ /' li'fubliftluiHtr
I.W. HARPER in"..rl, '
Form, Including Jacksonville Boys On Both Squads


R. S. EVANS HONOR Coach Jake Gaither, The Winnings! Football Coach

In The Entire United States Big College and Small
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PACE 10 STAR PAPERS NOVFURFR_ __..__n _H_/IKS. ___ S1TUIBAV_n __.. .

Demos Hail Negro's Election No One Is Fooled Visits Birthplace :Officers, Directors Religion And RaceBY

As Mayor Of Flint, Michigan By' Gov. Wallace's r 71";,'!.,: q\ Foundation.. IMC. NEGRO PRESS INTERNATION

W SH NGTON.D.C.-I> officials In Washington Pro-Negro' Kick k Named To FAMUTALLAHASSEEiwicers COLOR IT WHITE
MicWean hailed the election of Floyd J. McCree 43, as Mayorof B CHICAGO-(NPI>-"We're getting around to the realisationthat
Flint Michigan the first Negro In history to become chief MONTGOMERY, ALA-NPI) and we don't have a Negro problem but that we do have a

. exective of a city of over 200,000. Gov.George' WallaceAmerlca'ichampion wn 23 board of directors have been very real white problem" declared the Rev.George Clements,
Mayor McCree is the only member elected commusion. segregationist has named for the Florida>AM Un- assistant pastor St. Dorothy RC Church during address. before -
Negro member of the city commission He is the father of four child- taken a new "pro-Negro" tact verity Foundation, Inc. Atty. Kilmer School's International and Human Relations Committee -
in his 1968 bid for President of
"White fear, not black Is the real problem"
which elected him by a ren. J.E. Gibbs of the Florida AIM power
5 to .4 vote Tuesday. He has In the November 8th election the United States College of Law was named president he noted, adding "the cry of black power finds a warm response -
served on the commission for which returned Mayor McCreeto No one was fooled by his" apparent of the foundation. A&M's in many Negroes who remain in the ghetto"
eight years and was re-elected the Flint City Commissionall "change of heart but president Dr. George W. Gore POSITIVE TREND
November 8. twelve of the Negro Demo- it was evident that the governor Jr., was named chairman of NEW YORK- Mayor McCree was nominatedas vratic candidates for the State had decided he had better not time board of directors. democracy and "greater positive trends" were seen as far
a candidate for Lieutenant Legislature were victorious. alienate the Negro vote too much The: vice president of the or- overshadowing evidences of white backlash in the recent e-
Governor of Michigan by his Democrats in Michigan also unless he wanted to be clobbered ganiiation Is Dr. Leedell Ney- lectlon. This view was taken by the National Committee of
district at the DemocraticSate elected Richard Austin Audi altogether. land, professor of history at Negro Chruchmen, which pointed out that "more moderatesof
Convention last August tor of Wayne CountyDetroit( ) Insisting. thatheisnot t a FJIMU. T.M. Rose, director of both parties were elected than was previously anticipated"
but he withdrew in favor of and two Detroit Judges George "racist, Wallace beamed with financial aid at F FAMU was
John Bruff. He is presidentof Crockett and Mrs. Geraldine pride as he reported that one- 4w named secretary-treasurer. NEW POSTNASHVILLE
the local Urban League Bledsoe Ford.Nationwide third of the Negro votes In Alabama The executive director Is Dr. -(NPI-Effective as of Nov. 1 1. the Rev GrantS.
Negro Democrats went to his wife In the Shockley professor of Christian education Garrett Theo-
which serves the 40,000 Negro B. L. Perry director of research
sesidents of Flint. made history in a number of gubernatorial election. and grants at A&M. logical Seminary Evanston, m., became functional secretary
Active in local 599 of the races winning 133 seats in 21 Wallace denied that he had ever The purpose of the foundationis for Christian Education, Methodist Interboard Committee on
made a segregationist speech.He Christian Education and the World Division of Methodist
United Auto Workers Union in state legislatures picking up to encourage solicit receive -
Flint he has served on the executive 60 new seats never held before. was apparently Ignoring remarks and administer !gifts and Board of Mission. The new appointee is presently in Mexico
board of his union and The six Negro incumbent Congressmen he made while standing bequests of property and funds City as counselor on Christian Education to the faculty and
has been a supervisor in the were re-elected and, in the door to prevent the dese- for scientific educational and administrators of Union Theological Seminary.
Buick plant of General Motors. for the first time, a Negro was gration of the University of Ala charitable purpose. It will take
Mayor McCree will be paid on elected Sheriff in Alabama as' bama. and hold either absolutely or state DRIVE
a per diem basis as Flint has Democrat Lucius B. Amerson Coming out for "equal opport- TH In trust for any said objectives HARTFORDConn.) Twelve major religious denominations
a salaried city manager form of Tuskegee won in Ma'on unity for all cltlzens'Wallacesaid and purposes funds and property operating In Connecticut have launched a statewide In-
of government with a nine- County. one reason he had promoted of all kinds, subject only terreligious Project Equality program which aims to "study'
.- .' _- --- liberal spending for schools and to any limitations or conditions inquire. Investigate plan and act to end employment discrimination -
free textbooks was that It would
MILD! IT'S IMPORTED.. help Negro students. He spoke 'FAMILY-LANDMARK--President I Johnson shows ment Imposed under by which law or received.the instru- persons."and The establish first equal such progrm employment to be opportunites..forall operated statewide -
EXTRA repeatedly of all he had done for
it swells to a total of 13 such which have
Negroes. NBC News'' White House correspondent Ray It will promote and support programs
During his Presidential pri- Scherer the old pump at the place where education and provide funds undertaken to rid their areas of Job bias.
Gentle Scotch HIGHLAND he was born In this from which are not proveded from
mary bid Wisconsin,he noted, scene "The Hill
II he was apparently Ignoring re- Country : Lyndon Johnson's' Texas an public sources for use in the Royal Art Studio
furtherance of the education and
he did not advocate segregationin NBC News special 1 program In color which welfare of Florida its
that state's schools.He would will I be A&.M.
MIST presented Sunday December II on faculty and students. It will
not try to tell the people of
the NBC Television Network.
( Repeat. )
Wisconsin how to run their provide funds to be used in attracting F-
el.I .fllM experienced and out
schools he said. STILL
I Negroes from all over the Measles Outbreak AnnouncedBy standing Instructors educators
and scientists to
Blended country have written to him to FAMU.
Persons elected
support his stand for local as membersof
State Board Of Health
government and state's rights the board of directors Include -
I : Beamon Kendall, Jacksonville
working peopleare
WHISKY JACKSONVILLE The State ceptible ages are In the Calvin
SCOTCH tired of '"lawlessness" he range ; Bexley Tamp;
-: "and Board of Health said today there of one to nine years with the Edwin Demerltte Miami; Clifton i
continued that for
100% Scotch Whiskies working people of both goes races." has been an outbreak of disease peaking at six years. Dyson West Palm Beach;
-1/INIi.WrAiM, measles in Lake County and This is the time of year when Dr. L. R. Hampton, Ocala;
)HIGHLAND that the number of cases is measles start increasing but Judge James Matthews Miami;
49 Increasing at this time compared medical science has not dis- Dr.Warren SchellJacksonville;
MIST $4 & with the last five years. covered the reason. One partial Dr. David Smith Tampa; Mrsy
AltA1r FIFTH Royal Crow "It's possible that there may explanation Is that this Is when laRosa R. Smith Daytona I
be other outbreaks" said Dr. children begin to associate Beach; Raymond Simmons,Pen-
1iI.1kJ.. Wilson T. Sowder state health more closely at school. sacola; Andrew J. Polk, St.
-Z": TENTH $2.55 officer "and probable that the tersburgMrs.Malme; Strong SOON II
_-- ......- Lake situation will spread within Tallahassee; Frank Buchanan
;; ;;; the county and to other Fight Miami; Atty.Chester Ferguson
=- PINT $1.65 HELP WANTED counties unless immediate Tampa; Dr. Gore; Atty. Gibbs; NEW LOCATIONSAME
; steps are taken to vaccinate CancerFOR and Dr. Neyland. Ex-officlo
MAIDS N. Y. SLEEP-IN susceptible children. There is members are: J.R.E. Lee Jr.,
J JO.8. salaries to $63 fare plenty of vaccine in Florida Rev M.G. Miles H.R. Partridge PHONE 354-1894
idvanced. Rush references, and it is 99.8 per cent effectiveso RENT and G.W. Conoly. all of -
ex. hone number. A&LE MAIDS parents should waste no FAvMU.
Only At Stores AGENCY: 163 N. MAIN,FREEPORT time In taking their childrento Furnished rooms and apt for
---- ------------ ----
N. Y. the family physician. Sus- rent on bus lines. 479 W. 19th
St. Ph. 351-0420.
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"the real became
phrase McCoy" part McCoy's Invention was used so extensively
Indiana. of our language? that no piece of heavy machin

CHICKEN NOODLE SPECIAL! COLD STREAM PINK Let's go back to Ypsilanti, Michigan ery was considered complete unless it
HELP WANTED In the year 1870. There a young mechanic had the "McCoy" system. In time
named Elijah McCoy began; ex people inspecting a new machine would
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SOUP SALMON"SUPERRIGHT" SALES PEOPLEMen engines. Up until that time, giant engines ally the meaning of the phrase spread
had to be stopped frequently for until it attained its present meaning as
and sell
to adve.-
women, oiling. This wasted a lot of time and the genuine article.
Liberal draw liberal
tislng. ,,
money. McCoy's goal was to come up Elijah McCoy went on to patent over
commission easy work quick with a device that would oil machines as fifty other lubricating devices. He also
sales. You earn $75 to $150 ifyou're .
they worked. established his own company the Elijah
'MB. CAN 63CARISTOCRAT keen. Fringe benefits In his crude machine shop McCoy McCoy Manufacturing Company, In
: ,
IQ% developed automatic lubricator Detroit. Since that his
49 Moncrlef Rd. 13th. an : : a time, inventions
NOSl. cor.
3. container with a tiny stopcock that have \' the way for many technological -'
i regulated the continuous flow of oil on advancements. But the most
SALTINES heavy machinery. Gone was the need to famous legacy McCoy left his country
Meat Manager MB. BOX 190EEK LEO'SShoe interrupt work for time-consuming lu was his name.

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