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15889 F20090414_AAACYH 1966111901.xml d940e24fbe67e60e7faecb5dc3d161e9e105dd63e7051912eb2fd47c4b373b28c5343faeBROKEN_LINK 0441.jp20442.jp20443.jp20444.jp20445.jp20446.jp20447.jp20448.jp20449.jp20450.jp20441.txt0442.txt0443.txt0444.txt0445.txt0446.txt0447.txt0448.txt0449.txt0450.txt0441.tif0442.tif0443.tif0444.tif0445.tif0446.tif0447.tif0448.tif0449.tif0450.tif0441.jpg0442.jpg0443.jpg0444.jpg0445.jpg0446.jpg0447.jpg0448.jpg0449.jpg0450.jpg
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200741datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 12, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007410740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 12, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 12, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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y11 },. w.w. """+wY +/ ""

.3f 14 -w i "Y" 4 f f M 1 en yla '::7.

.... ............. ........ .. .-. ...... .. ---_. .. .. ... .. ......._--* *.* *.* *".*_'*"*. *


* *. ___ __ _, _. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... '.L ._ _
-- -- w w w w w w w w w w w w w w * *
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oPWaHIS.TQR .' ftfa_ ors '
v : :< 'Numbers': Collectors

G.inestflrt. >rarida : : toi3 ttK.**,&fJ& ,* *.*>** ** erv*w uUxJt rt *w* ** *-* *** w JBW
I .



ril.16 N0.33 SATURDAY NOVEM8R 19, 1966 15 ... ..... ....w.w..w..w.. ... ... .- ._ .. ..- w ...

* * * Vacationing After Electionf. Court Ruling

f PAir -Problems 'In .-I Hiringgis: .., I 'l""', if". ",f.' ".."". .'- ... "'r- ---_ :r Puts Brakes On r

.. +"rzi:; :: / :,;s 30101
"* 4. *.'.-* *'* "''*'* *- \ ;;... .. .\,.,;" ;4" YidIM Demonstrators
\ "
;'I" < if ,, 11,1,

YOUNG MOTHER Court Monday applied brakes
'to certain types of demonstra.'
lions, reversing its trend,when
It upheld the conviction of 32
Negro students who demonstrated -'
in 1963 on the Jailhouse -
COMMITS grounds: lit Tallahassee.The .
case was one of several
that have come before t court

..... ... ... ... .- Involving sit-ins, marches and
w w w r w w * wRwRRwRNegroes various types of demon

Survey Shows AttackReapportionment < : strations.The vote was 5 to 4. Chiet .
: Justice Earl Warren and Jus-.
Negroes Lack tlces William 0. Douglas,
Fleece r t William J. Brennan Jr. and:

..... ,
Base Education -- Abe Fortes .
SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO: New York's Governor Nelson Rockefeller (center) en- The majority opinion) was
braces newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke and Mrs. Brooke here written by Justice Hugo
TAMPA A citizens group Out Of November llth. The Rockefeller and Brooke families are In San Juan for a 1.. Black, always a vigorous
in the summer of 1965 complied A Jacksonville woman who says she plans to run for Mayor in ** well-deserved poat election rest. defender of individual liberties.
test scored shoving which the city elections this spring has filed a joint petition with B. T, (UPI) TELEPHOTO) In recent cases, however
local high school graduates another Jason asking the U. S. Supreme Court for a hearing onr vation that EDUCAnON'w Black has expressed a concern
were qualified to enter t the the reapportionment plan adopted last February. born every that the court might be going
state's senior universities. Sam Jones and Mrs. Alice districting should have been to ring true Jax SuicideIs Say Powell's File OH Meridian too far In upholding the rights
Of two Negro high schools, Conway contend their rights provided for Duval County's with all the demonstrators
only 18 of 540 students taking have been violated under the 11 House and four Senate wits by newspaper, MysteryThe Could Lead To Criminal Charge, He said in Monday's rulings
the examinations met the !
quail U. S. Constitution since the Jones has made several vision reports "The United States Constitution -
flcatlon. victimised by cause of death of a Jack- does not forbid a state to
reapportionment for- attacks
plan was on reapportionmentplans
Adam Powell flushed with his
Most of them scored in the from week to woman last Thursday control the use of its own
in the past. He filed a
two lower brackets-so low that still being listed as suicide and the re-election by an overwhelming margin Indicated he Is readyto property for its own lawful
petition against a
most of them lacked th8{ basic every day. for ending her life still get revenge on Florida Representative Sam Gibbons who led nondiscriminatory purpose."
In the 1965 session
educational skills to hold a job. which was later declared invalid The latest a mystery a movement to strip Powell of his authority chairman of the Justice Douglas, one of the
What they needed was a t by the U. S. Supreme Court. known as t the ) The victim, Mrs Wattle Mae House Education and Labor Committee. dissenters, protested'from the
shoring up of their educational Mrs. Conway indicated In the game is Mrs. Perry, 33, of 1999 W. 20th St. Powell, In a: sermon marking he said. bench: "We now have set Into .
k deficiencies.The petition she plans to run for of 1217 W, of a gun shot wound in his 38th anniversary as pastorof He added, "1 's going to be record a great and wonderful
attempt at a solution was mayor of Jacksonville in theM taken In to the right side of her head the Abyssinia Baptist Church, turned over to the proper au police-state doctrine."
,a new program-the Learning j i last TuesdayMrs. /' Ralph Sherman told police he told ,his congregation he bad thorities... ,This doctrine, Douglas said,
'Center, sponsored by the Unirersity .'Agnew '-lived with the'woman and leaf t.i ft motion will be made to Tampa, where'he is" visiting" ,is that police Dave the power ,
of South Florida and ,ryw officers she children 'for lbout tour not' to 'seat him 10'tII. 90th between sessions of Congress, to regulate first amendments
financed with federal poverty I a downtown .. He said he and the victim Congress; The Negro congressman rights. .
funds.' '- young woman her three\ children had been '.was recently convicted of Until now, the court has consistently -
The director Is Donald Jae- a paper bag' hing'a television program. criminal: contempt of court and thrown out trespass
schke, a former instructor with which she said He said when the televised appears in New York only on and breach of peace
USF who says "jobs are avail MRS. ALICE CONWAY but would reached its halfway mark Sundays to avoid being arrested convictions of civil rights demonstrators
able and waiting but many high Agnew If she Perry got up and went under New York law. And it has often
school appllcatns cannot pass from mulated to exclude Negroes $900.00 to the bedroom and a few -:'A Florida Cracker says he's declared Invalid the laws on
the basic tests of mental Jones the Legislature. Another woman after they heard shot. going to strip a black man of which the convictions were
ran at large for a Senate '
ability"Jaeschke agreed that and the children ran his power in the Congress of based.
declares this Is seat, Mrs. Conway for a.House be doing the the bedroom and found the th*United States "Powell said. But In affirming the conviction
true of persons in the lower seat Both In the countywide vote. up some lying on the floor bleed- "Don't worry. love got some of Florida AtM students who
economic level but says It is petitioners claim that share in the things on him. Just look for M R refused to leave the premisesof
especially true of the Negro Hit 88 SAM JONES The victim Sherman told police he then my sense of timing the county Jail in Tallahassee
race Many petition she plans to run for $900.000 and next door and had Melvin After the sermon, he declined in September, 1963, the
He adds "they don't have the the office of mayor of Jacksonville them at another call police. An ambu to say whether he had referredto court said:
skills of reading, writing, good On. 'Hunch'From In the coming city share of the from Dallas Graham Gibbons.In "The state, no less than ft
English and figuring" elections. to say, Mrs. Home took the woman's Washington, political observers Rep. Gibbons private owner of property, has
So, Jaeschke says the jobs go PaperLast The petition stated that Mrs. the pair again. body to Duval Medical could think of no one Gibbons at first said there are power to preserve the property
begging with many Negroes Conway "fears that a Police said where she was dead on other than Gibbons that Powell he felt he should under its control for the use
blaming discrimination! for Saturday was a good day malapportioned ''Legislaturewill scribed one might have referred to. some things comment but to which it is lawfully dedicated
their lack of jobs. for several STAR readers from change the boundaries of skinned, 5 ft. 5 Investigating officers Sgt. Chuck Stone, an aide to Powell not dignify by ."
Jaeschke says most firms are Miami to Jacksonville who the City of Jacksonville to nullity years old, and' Sgt. L. A. Hamwey said,' "the congressmen's file added"This: Is of Powell's The Negro students were pro
now convinced It .Is financially played a 'bunch' they saw the her prospects of being coat and skirt. .. finding the death could lead to a criminal indict part testing segregated facilities at
desirable to have Negroes in Florida and Miami Star elected mayor" described as under the bureau in the ment." However, Stone also technique to smear all someone.He kinds of the Jail and the previous arrestof
has called me
high jobs because of the Negro feature, entitled "The Clown." The Supreme Court Is about the same declined to name Gibbons and he's to other anti-segregation demonstrators
trade According to reports dozens said he did not know the names, now trying .
scheduled to conduct bearings >23 years old, person Powell was referring U he thlns&he has'
favor of who gamble on the reason the woman took her smear me. claimed their
"They businesses in persons Nov. 21 on Florida's reapportionment coat and skirt. to. all whether bethinks They arrest
which members of their own lottery known as"Cuba"placed plan. Jones said he and but admitted that Mrs. Stone said Powell "has a very anything at valid not I hive under a state trespass law vlo-
race have an opportunity," he bets on the number "88" which Mrs. Conway were hopeful of had been brooding and Impressive file, a file which Is it or lated several of their constitutional
added. was declared the winning number presenting their arguments at TO GET A somewhat strangely full of dynamite." rights including the first
Thus, says Jaeschke,the firms last Saturday. that time. GET A GOOD to the tragedy. "He !has been working hard," r amendment guarantees of free
are willing and the .Negroes However,, there are also j speech and assembly.
want the jobs but there is the reliable reports that some Integrated Teaching Staff e r The Negroes were convictedby

drawback: players in Miami 'and Ft. e----'- -'...:- ,--,- .....- a Jury and sentenced to pay
Not enough Negroes have the Lauderdale are still t looking '""'"" a $50 fine each or go to Jail
skills ,In basic education, plus for their'salesmen who were ,":ro"" : qiLr for 30 days. In' addition, a
those of typing, bookkeepingand evidently doing some Independent mandatory 30-day Jail sentence
other more specific trades, "banking" and got = 9 was imposed, with a provisionthat
he observes. caught short. One Miami woman it could be suspended
Jaeschke sees these deficiencies who had over $200.00 riding on provided they not participate
grounded in environment "88" is reported to have been l.. r in further demonstrations la
'where attitudes of defeat paid half of her winnings and Leon County "tending to create
have been ingrained in each promised the balance this week REP. POWELL racial strife"
generation.He end...!bat is providing the challenged him and I do challenge Black, writing for the court
cites a study showing banker doesn't get swamped him-4 think It shouldbe majority, said
education has little Impact on again. made public and I will meet "Such an agreement has asUs
lower economic levels. Jacksonville players who had him anytime, anywhere. major unarticulated premise
Classes began in September the winning number fared better "I won't be blackmailed by the assumption that
and u of Oct. 26, a total of 68 and were paid off promptly as Powell or anyone else." people who want to propagandize
students had enrolled ".U1 12 there was no great drain on Last September, shortly after protests or views havea
drooping out. Jaesehke says the bankers.In Powell learned that Gibbons constitutional right t9 do so
the center has places for 200 addition to winning had launched a move to rewritethe whenever, and however and
students and Is now seeking on "Cuba" by playing a 'hunch' rules of the education and wherever they please...
more, preferably white males. from the STAR' "Clown," a : ,: hiR labor committee to curtail his "We reject It..."
The.-center gives a series of' number of 'hunch' players also, 'r'v authority, a committee Investigator Douglas took a directly opposite .
tests designed to show educational reportedly did well on the requested a list of all view.
deficiencies! personality "total" game last Thursday Hlllsborough County poverty He said the students were
conflicts, Intelllgnece estimates t Nov. 10, when they wagered programs from the Office of first,
and others.' on "21." Economic Opportunity. right to protest and,
With these, the center's Although numberous persons 1'j'j The Investigator denied that police officials were being given
instructors learn to cope with have reported winnings as a Powell had directed him to "the awesome power to decide.
the personality of the individual result of numbers appearing W :: : : look into the poverty programin whose Ideas may be expressed
and make him want to learn. in the "Clown" feature which : Clbbons's district He saidit and who shall be denied a place,
The center Is working with appears in the STAR papers, "il. was a routine matter. ,,to air their claims and petition
Tampa Industry in placing it Is pointed out that it is not But two days later, when i their government."
students when they have completed designed to encourage or r _, Powell accused Gibbons of conducting
their suggest gambling. a personal vendetta APARTHEID [LINKS
courses.BIAS against him, be told newsmen
( IN BERMUDA4nto higty ;t. t ,J. that Gibbons was making apolitical JOHANNESBURG Of P1) -
HAMILTON (NPIBer independence, got off on : ,:... "" w ,r' x :1 c aY. profit from poverty South Africa and Rhodesia are
muda's constitutional conference the wrong foot when charges ---- -- -,--- -- ____ ''V _. Hlllsborough County, be said, planning a Joint railroad tleup
called to determine were made that representatives PROGRESSThe progress Miami Is making In the staff are shown here standing fro left are had received twice u much between their two countries,,
whether the Caribbean Island of the constituency were deli schools is seen In the case of Liberty City Ruth Sacks, Elizabeth Polk James Johnson, poverty funds as Harlem. to speed oil and other essential
dependency on Great Britain There were also reports at supplies cut off because of Rho
berately chosen racial
on a
Elementary School, where Mrs. Mary Ford Williams, Shirley Katz, Robert R. Phebus Barbara Camire,
will follow other Caribbean basis. The charges came from the time that Powell had sent desia's unilateral declaration
neighbors-Jamaica. Guyana the Island's Progressive Labor a Negro, (seated at right) principal with a Peter J. Harden, George Maglnnls and Henry investigators to Tampa to look of Independence with the white
Trinidad-Tobago, and Barbados Party delegation mixed staff Members of the Liberty City school Poolock Seated at left is Carol Flldernan into Gibbon's background minority in full power.i .

.1 .

... ....... ... .. ....... -;. :' .... ,j.l..J ,


THE.. FLORIDA. NEWSubHshed STAR I -I. 4'S'1 1 To 'Be. Equal .

'r hn '
'1G I, 'r. d1X'rri'
by t .Florida Stat Pu.:tahlnf Company "I { By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.


This summer, like the two previous ones, American cities
torn by riots In ghetto areas. Few cities were spared,
NEGRO p TIONAt.i l i' SfY ,I IT WERE MAKING > |p and were those only through luck.

JM. WONPERFUl PROGRESS!! / wak.o :-'-"' Wbr Answers? have coma Jiot and heavy from all

obvious that the riots were
,. ERIC. 0. SIMPSON......Naming Editor "x''v" ::: caused sides, but by It long Is suppressed bitterness and

rX53H 3' ?v \ frustration fostered by overcrowded slums, iii
/ j w i **-*" tn, ; i
i. //SR Jf< ifr aKm f. SJv" v tfiik widespread unemployment, Ineffective
HILDA WOOTEN......,Circolatioi Manaier sun between the races, and the cOqltr-1
part rf ehetto-dwellers to see any real
.c- ..c- ....,. ate change In their bad living conditions.
Until Americans realize this and do something about these

2323 .Moicriet. Road Phon Elfii 4-6782 .' conditions, they can look for rioting to become a permanent
of the efforts of
fixture of summers, In spite responsible
Mailing Address chilerights leaders urging restraint and coodemlnrIolence.

: P 0. BOX 599 Jachsoivilli, Florida 32201 *That they. don't realize It or are unwilling to face the effort

needed to change these conditions, Is obvious from the re-
actions to the riots.We aU know about the so-called "backlash"

'1 ',131 NW 3rd Ate phone 377-1025 in all which to see.long-hidden Another response racist Is thoughts to blame have the become riots on plain"outside for

agitators". People who talk this way sound very much like
SUBSCRIPTION RATES plantation bosses: "our Negroes are happy, IPs those outside

One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4. 00 agitators coming in here and making trouble."
T w/KTro-KaMras3" The of Cleveland went so far as to back a grand Jury
: to You Anywhere In the United State .. mayor
Mailed "trained and
S !? = there which blamed riots In Hough on agitators"
subscription payable in advance ,4 w7r Communists Cut police undercover agents said Communistshad

Send Check or Money Order to: no part la the riots and a study by sociologists concluded

: FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 that lack of effective leadership and the unresponsiveness to
the neeeds of the Negro community was the real cause.
: Jacksonville Florida
The then Attorney-General, Nicholas deB. Katzenbach told
t' the Senate that the real agitators were: "agitators named

A Florida Cemetery Clean-Up Drivi a 7 :. housing disease and and despair long-Impacted,joblessness cynicism and hopelessness" ,rat-Infested

The sentinel-Bulletin of Tampa recently Anyone put in those conditions would think of violence. A young
middle-class suburb now working and
Vista volunteer from a
reported that Negroes, led by a whealty living in the South Bronx (NY) told a reporter how be felt on

n white citizens were stimulated and took THE WORLD IS WATCHING! a sweltering day in l his slum apartment. "I feel Inside me how
: part in helping to clean their cemetery. riots start. I Just had to get out Into the street, walking six

!and get it in a respectful condition. flights down, and If a cop had said anything to me, it would have
1 ,- -- -- - -- ---- -- -- --- - -. been hard not to start something."
It learned that
was a cleanup projecthad
11 1 If the cycle of rioting Is to be broken, both government and
been attempted by the Seffner-Mango 1 Industry must move immediately to alleviate conditions the

Thonotassa Civic Club of Tampa, headed by Your ghetto. These moves must be made before riots,not after them.
Mrs Bessie Dix, but the club had been Weekly Riots in Chicago resulted In better recreational facilities and

i unable to maintain the project and sought 1 1 riots in San Francisco resulted in Job openings.Had enlightened
help. 1 1I self-interest prevailed these concessions could have forestalled

.. The cemetery is a sort of landmark, for costly Nobody bloodshed.wants a riot. The only ones who are hurt by them are

pioneer citizens rest there. Several Horoscope Guide people In the ghetto themselves. It makes no sense to allow
Indian Chiefs are also buried in the terrible conditions to exists, watch them explode and then offer
cemetery. Many families, we learn own I 1 .Z token concessions. Yet this Is what Is happening. No city is
but the I 1 making a real effort to change the face of Its ghettos by creating
plots area residents have been *
1 Jobs, building better housing, and doing all the other things
By The
unable to find graves because of the'.1 ASTROLOGER necessary to relieve tension and create a healthy atmosphere

undergrowth and litter. 1 I concuclve to progress.
The wealthy man, Mr. Joe Elbert, said I Instead, the riots are being used as an excuse to wlthold rights

he wanted to see the area cleaned up by I 1 WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR I and opportunities for Negro citizens. Life Magazine pointed out
that "...It Is worth noting that approximately 21,990,000 U.s.
1 1I
the county. He thinks it is the duty of JI
: Negroes 'out of 22 million' did not..rampage or riot" Yet the
the county to maintain it. BUSINESS LOVE rights of all 22 million are threatened by the acts of a few.
Regardless of whether the county will : TRAVEL 1 Such an attitude can only lead to more trouble.

assume the task of maintaining the ceme- This nation can take the high road to racial peace or it can take
I 1
tery, Negroes with pride should never for .- wwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwww, the low road. It can willingly eradicate the poverty and discrim-
w -
-- ,
ination that feeds violence or it can wait until the absolute last
one moment let this the
permit burying CANCER LIBRA moment and take action only wen the crisis gets out of hand.
ground to grow up .in weeds and thickets, ARIES CAPRICORNBORN Pious warnings about law and order or subtle threats by peoplein

The civic club found the task too big \ BORN MARCH BORN JUNE \ BORN SEPT. DEC. high and low places won't work. The Negro needs more than

and asked for help. Why,, not give yours? 2ht- APRIL 19th. 22nd'- JULY 22oilIt 23rd OCT. 23rd 22nd JAN. 19th advice and lectures on patience and restraint. He feels he hada
; '''Be not like the parable told by Master in Stand guard. The possibility copyright on these qualities. He needs meaningful action.

the New Testament: Ye entered not in Nothing Is certain. While had to happen. It wouldn't of growing careless with fundsas If s 'a sign. The inner voice,
everything around you appearsto be a bad idea to start review- well as other valuables could that may be telling you that
: yourselves, and they were enteringye point to stability In your ing the state of your emotional result in a serious loss. The the time for you to materialize THE URIAHLEAGUE
hindered. profession and financial status, Interests In so far as they affect warning signs are flashing for certain hopes Is not ripe,seemsto
there are some elements of your loved ones as well those who are geared to see be In proper contact with
Yes, Silence Is Golden doubt that may be evident te as yourself. If you have the them, and who respect them the Higher Forces.Consequent STORYBy
the more discerning among you slightest notion about something enought to take the proper pre- ,ly, listen to It as you may have
A number of upsets in the various polit-' the more discerning among you. going wrong, you should take cautions as a consequence. The learned to do through past ex CLANZELL BROWN
ical races took place in Florida There are background influences whatever steps you deem solar eclipse is the signiflca- perience. The solar eclipse
and elsewhere last week. The upset have that are operating feasible or proper prevent It. tor of the possibility that you does confirm the fact that The Jacksonville Urban League, like many organizations local
stacked generally to the detriment of The solar eclipse diclsoses that can lose or mislay something friendships, aspirations and government and concerned citizens, recognized the housing situation -
its roll of
up disapointed men the Individuals who are sitting your affectionate companionsmay that you prize very much. Theftis long-range projects threaten to in Jacksonville is far below standard. According to reliable -
who were sure they would ve victors. ducks to unscrupulous operators. be In for trout. and that another danger which be held up by factors that are statistical data 24.892 families live in inadequate comfort,

Burns, the incumbent in this year's The solar eclipse acts as you yourself could suffer keen It always Is wise to try and due more to circumstances than poor sanitation, rodent Infested homes, family disorganization
Governor campaign, suffered an onslaughtat a warning to Allans In general disappointment. As long as no ward off by taking all the safety to your own making. But what and disintegration of family life.The average family living In the
hhe hand of Mayor High last spring. to be wary, and to see to It one loses her or his head, the measures you feel assured you may not know, is that any ghetto is deprived socially and economically of health
that their most precious assets problem that Is then evoked will work best. As far as your delays or obstacles that now physical and emotional growth. Mobility is
What defeated Mr. Burns was that he talked including cash and Joint should not be too difficult of work Is concerned, and the face you could turn out to be almost Impossible unless its downward, there I
too much holdings, are fully safeguarded solution. bolstering of your physical beneficial in the days still to fore, the time has come when new approachesmust
Mayor High thought he had victory in the 8-50-60-12-72-222 636281084982LEO powers, you seem to be on come, be found to deter this waste of human

j.. bag, and we thought so too. It never solid ground and should makeit 2-90-15-20-82-952 resource's.The .
occurred to us that a republican candidate your business to stay there. federal government Department Housing I
and Urban Development under the direction of I
Guile may also be used. ,
could be more than "a sail in the TAURUS :: AQUARIUS Mr. Robert Weaver has designed a new program '
breeze. BORN APRIL BORN JULY BORN JAN. known as Demonstration cities This program wouldJwlp

In West Virginia, young and rich JohnD 23rd AUG. 22ndLet to restore and rebuild entire sections of our city; through coordinated -
Rockefeller IV, was so popular with 20th MAY 20A 20th. FEB. IBth use of all available local private, and governmental
voters that he didn't feel the shadow falls. It U the mod things happen. This defi- BORN OCT. Shadows come and go. The resources that will Improve the general welfare people living
impact of nitely is not the period to force
ern rage to make things happen problem that Is uppermost In in blighted areas.A .
strong opposition. What we like about rather than to wait until they do the pace. No matter how well 24th NOY. 22nd your chart and mind evidently city's demonstration program must accomplish following

the young man, Mr. Rockefeller, is that so of their own accord. While you may have planned your cam Yield a little. This second contains its own solution. But things: remove or arrest blight and decay In entire sections of
he plans to use caution 'I don't this often works In business, paign, the solar eclipse suggets quarter Is not starting out on the latter could be obscuredby the city; provide a substantial rease In the supply of standard
man-made that the results will either be most certain Illusions on housing of low or moderate cost Increase social services to
intend to mouth at alo for at politics or purely the hopeful note, but this your part ;
open my institutions, the same cannotbe nil or something entirely different should not be accepted as a that there is no problem at the poor and disadvantaged citizen; reduce educational disadvantages -
all for a t least a year, safd 29yearold said of life Itself. There is than you envisaged. positive indication that your all. This is what you have to disease, and enforced Idleness;and make substantial
Rockefeller.W a natural rhythm to which wean Strange to say, It may event- own personal cause Is lost. straighten out during this and Impact on the sound development of the entire city.
0 u I d that others would consider, must adjust ourselves. The ually be better this way, as you There are certain individual subsequent quarters so as to The Urban League from the National to the local office firmly
'Nothing is so effective as saying refusal to do this generally Is may recognize later on when Impediments that must be recognized be in a better position to get believe this Is one of the best programs developed to help
the cause of things going wrong you look back and start re- and overcome before your bark floating on'a more Increase the life chance of the dlsadvataged citizen. The resources -
nothing. beyond our understandings of miniscing. Unfortunate events, you can start moving In the even keel. One of the first of the league are committed to groups, government
the whys er wherefores. Tau- or so they may seem, are apt desired direction. A solar steps is to pinpoint positivelyyour and local citizens to help bring a Demonstration Cities Program -
,That Man Stokeley CarmichaelThe reans who are having difficulties to create new opportunities to eclipse Is not likely to simplify true ambition, if this is to Jacksonville
in their key relationships stabilize your life,economy and your task any. But this where feasible, and to throw out all

man, Stokeley Carmichael, the round- should make an effort to disceer family relationships. you are most able distinguish the rest that may simply be wwwwwwwwweawwww.awwwxa.www *
the then to 2-';8681092168VIRGO those who figments of your own imagination.
reasons, between are your THIS WEEK
house of SNCC, has come in for a lot of ; IN NEGRO HISTORY:
eliminate them as quickly as true friends and those who Just ;
praise, publicity, and criticism here of possible. claim to be. And If there are 1581Z1346711PISCES e'wwwwwswwwwwwwawwwew +vwwwwww .

late. 7-55-40-18-74-122 any differences between you Nov. 13, 1858 Dr. DanIel Williams, first surgeon to stitch
t Mr. C. Blythe Andrews in his column of and your other half, it Is time a human heart (at Provident Hospital, Chicago), was born In
for both parties to try and Pennsylvania
the Sentinel-Bulletin of Tampa, describedhim
GEMINI remove them once and for all. BOBN.FEB. Nov 13 1944 Harriet
admirably well last week He said:. 5-25-76-19-86-344 Pickens and Frances Wills became the
"Stokeley Carmichael is making a foot BORN MAY 23rd SEPT 22nd nth MAR. 20th first Negro members of the WAVES
Know when. It Is a smart Stall for time. The trends are
.*' of himself and disgracing the Negro with 21st JUNE 21st Virgoan who knows when to SAGITTARIUSBORN confused, along with the Individuals Nov 14. 1915 Booker T. Wash1n&ton, famed educator-founder,

his denunciation of the military draft and Don't be deceived. Promises play ball and when to pass,, It who assess them, or your Tuskeeee Institute Ala, died
treats that he would rather go to jail of a better Job else where, at on to someone else. This Is NOY. Intuition is still groping for
i I. than go to war. better pay, should be looked Just the kind of decision you 23rd DEC. 21st the answer which you are await Nov. 14, 1956 U. S. Supreme Court outlawed bus segregation.

We hope that no Negro youth will get Into, figuratively, with a magnifying will have to make during this Nature Is the law. Anyone ing. When such conditions prevail Nov. 18 1873
I carried away with the antics of Stokeley glass. They may be quarter so as not to Jeopardizeany who has not lived up to the It is more In your Interest William Christopher Handy, mus1ctan-muslc
for Individuals who of the gains or progress to refuse to provide replies or pUbUsber-composer of 'St Louis mues" and "Wemphls
Carmichael and "shoot off at the mouth covers rules, laid I down by nature, Blues," was born in Florence
have purposes of their own, you have made to date. Your which, after aU, Is the one and to make any promises or com Ala
The Negro has always rallied to the or who may be trying to capitalize plans will work out when you only true arbiter of our fortunes mJtmen The solar eclipse,
colors, and he must not deserf the flag on your talents, status allow someone who Is close and must now expect to although not considered evil, of No. 16, 1904 Dr Nnamdi (ZIk) Aztk1we, president' Republic
A trusted to do the active work out pay Nigeria, was born.
1 connections. la the general sense of the
now for any prison. He must follow a or important a penalty of sorts. In some
gives the same when you allow someone who Is word, discloses that there an
solar eclipse
better model than Stokeley.The warning making It desirablefor trusted to do the active work, Instances, it may be no more some dark points regarding the ClvSKk&rtl'ii 1863 War Department ordered enlistment of Negroes
than a conscience
Greeks and Romans had nothing but you to know exactly where according to the solar eclipse 'that can be quite as uncomfor, but future that must be clearedup for War senlce.

disdain for draft dodgers and army de- you stand and what you are expected You bad better not make deals table as physical ordeals It before anyone really knows
serters. To be branded as AWOL meant to do.Take the necessary sign contracts of have a change would be a sagacious move to where we are beading. The Roy CamP"eUa. former star catcher of the
disgrace precautions that are generally of mind on this day.Short trips, make amends, where they are one most closely associated Brooklyn Angeles) Dodgers, was born In Philadelphia,
recommended for this time of too, could turn out to be fruitless with you could be nearer to
Let us add that 'Stokeley, likes to hear the to protect yourself unless you have make deals, required. This could forestallthe the truth In this respect, than
year upsetting indications ,
himself talk and see his statements in against colds, tension and sign contracts or have change revealed by a solar being you or anyone else expectsto No 19, 1863 Date of Abraham ,Uncoln' famous Gettysburg'PICE '
eclipse Address.
the newspapers. But when you read them, other debilitating elements. of mind on this day. in your solar bouse.9883ZU7Z852'. be.
nothing. 4-44-17-81-52-654 day.380U1992418 -S638818J8ZISZI
he has said absolutely


b }, }I I



Hibiscus Garden Circle Meets Youth Activities

I E : SOCIALLY SPEAKING Louise I With Gu I nY.rd' r I iI Slated Of AME For Conference St. Paul

Youth activities for the annual
Miss Juanita Kight AYE Conference will be held
was guest player when
by Les' Elite Bridge Club. The affair was
Gems Bridge Club met last I Saturday at 7 1 p.m. In St. Paul
the T. V. Friday evening't held In the West Tenth Street home of Mr AME Church.
on Alaro Road. and Mrs. Will I I lam Scriven. Featured will be the Church
The election of t\ agenda of the business session with the .RR........ Fellowship Young

following persons being elected to office: Mrs. Edward Hickson of 2602 Bunche Drive People's Department, Richard
Allen Youth Council and the
Geneva Wheeler president ; Catherine has returned home after a pleasant and Scout Movement.

Jackson, vice president; Marian S. Walker, e x c I t i n g visit to Watertown Episcopal officers 1 include:

Lois Avery, assistant secretary ; and Massachusetts. Mrs. Hickson visited her t1 tL t-- Rev R. E. Lamb, Christian

Marie Streets, treasurer. daughter and son-in-law Mrs. David Education director; Alexander

Catherine Jackson and Marie McClain were Boatright who are the proud new parentsof Cottrell, Youth Activities, ACE
Fellowship director Mrs. W.
among top scorers in the bridge session. twin girls, Karen Joyce and Kathryn E. A. Harris, YPD; director;

..ttRR..... Joy. Her presence also added t 0 the joy '. 1 Rev Walter White, Sunday
David, Jr. and Faye, two older members of Schools director; Mrs. Marian
"The" best is yet to come, accordingto the Boatright clan in their excitementof Shannon RAYC director, and
Alumni and fans of Bethune-Cookman greeting their new sisters. W. D. Sweet, Scouts director
Others will be Mrs.
appearing :
College who are predicting one of the Mrs. Hicks spent several days in New Bernice Henry, Mrs. Delphlne

best Homecomings' ever this coming York City with her sister, Mrs. John V .t. Thomas, Helen Price 1 Rose
Saturday Dume, and in Atlanta, Georgia where she Akins, Mrs. Mary Hodges
The Bethune-Cookman Wildcats meet the visited Dr. Anna Grant, a former Jacksonville JHANKGIVING -- When the Hibiscus Garden Circle held Its recent Mitchell, Mrs. Oretha Hatcherand

FAMU Rattlers in what is expected to be resident. meeting In the home of Mrs. The Ima Smai i at x1131 McCohihe( Street, youth report officers.A from.the World's

an exciting gridiron spectacle. ...RRRRt.. Thanksgiving Arrangements was the topic of their study. Members Youth Congress of the World

Jacksonville fans are happy to note that Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was active o f the circle who were present for the meeting are shown here Methodist Meet recently heldin

advance tickets have been on sale since the with one of the members' arrangements. From left are Mrs. Rosa Bath, England, will be given
locally during past week, celebrating Wooten, Mrs. Otistine( by Mrs. Geraldla Glenn, who
I last Wednesday evening! at New Stanton ""National Omega Achievement Week'The" treasurer; Mrs. Mary Vails Mrs. S.
F. the district at the
Senior High School and that the sale will I observance here Lambert Mrs. Samuel Jones, Mrs. Corine Wilkens, Mrs. Ivory conclave.represented
was sponsored jointly by
continue through Saturday morning until I Theta Phixand Chi chapters, and ended withan and Joyner Mrs., Mrs.Rebecca Eugene Ciels, president; Mrs. Thelma Small I hostess,

10:30: o'clock.' Mrs. G C. Bowen may he address by Judge Marion W. Gooding Whitehead. photo By James Singleton Friendship Baptist

contacted for additional information. last Sunday afternoon in the Myrtle Avenue .

Fans are reminded also of the Bus trip Branch Library.The Policemen s Ball Gateway VeteransTo Men's Day SlatedMen's

sponsored by the Jacksonville Chapter of Fraternity will sponsor a ball Friday TEA TIMEThe Day will be observed

Bethune-Cookman Alumni Association. evening, November 18, in the Duval Armory. Set For Nov.26 Ladles of Peace Social Sponsor Trip Sunday in Friendship Baptist
Nathaniel ls, president of the associa- The affair is invitational. and Savings Club will sponsora 3131 World Church, beginning with the
the Jack- Gateway Auxiliary ,
ball of
The Harvest Tea Sunday in the with
School at 9:30
tion will furnish further details. will Sunday : a.m.
Benevolent War I Veterans, sponsora
............ sonville Police educational building of Mt. trip to Magnolia Lake for the Deacon A. Brown in charge.
Association has been scheduledfor Vernon Baptist Church.I service will
.... .. The morning begin
ttRR Les Coquette Charity Club has announcedthe Nov. 26 in the ConventionHall I building fund drive Sunday. at 11 o'clock. The Male Chorus
Joshua Williams is recuperating at names of models for its Fashion Coffee of the Civic Auditorium. The bus will leave 31st St. will serve and Rev. Remus
St. Luke after undergoing af George Bradley, president and and Moncrief at 8:30 a.m.; Smith, pastor, will have charge.At .
Hospital surgery Sunday afternoon November 20 the A. Rd.
Ave. and Kings ,
Freddie Mack vice president, Myrtle will
Rohoma Chapter 20, OES, will 3 p.m., District 3
there recently. Our heartfelt wishes are L. Lewis Branch YMCA. announced that music for the sponsor its annual tea Nov. 9 a.m.; and at 525 W. FirstSt present its homecoming pro-

with our friend and former co-worker. Jeanett Solomon Allye Clark Helen event will be furnished by AI 27 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. at 9:15: o'clock. gram. Evening service beginsat

McRoy Martha Brisbon Lucille I Bell Downing and his Melotones of Henry Cato,2096 Woodside Ave. In A.nlel9 weary nl IMT ...-.n 6:30: o'clock. Tuesday at
St. Petersburg. Downing is Mrs. Maggie Sloan Is general 7:30 meeting will
Rutha M. D e a I Ruth Valdez Bettye U.S. Savings Bonds p.m., prayer
scheduled to bring a full band chairman. be held.
Holiday House on Haines Street providedthe Solomon Thelma I McGowan Susie Foster, for the engagement.The .

setting for a lavish 'Farewell11' Jessie Rush, and Jacque Parker will dis- ball is a benefit for the .... .
Dinner Party for several members of the play the latest In fashion trends. Association's Charitable contributions S

Astrogents Club. Honored were Mr. and and for the Police- Les Coquette Charity Club will

Mrs. Donald Baron Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie ......R..... men's Athletic League. present its annual Coffee Sip I
Tickets for the dance to be and fashion show Sunday from KRESSWEBBEIEi
Edwards, and James Jones. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is busy with held from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., 4 to 6 p.m. in the YWCA, 8th
Guests spent an enjoyable evening diningand plans for the regional Conference to be following the Florida AIM and Calhoun Sts.

dancing after extending best wishes held in Jacksonville this coming spring. University-Teias Southern The models are:Mrs.Jeanette
football game, may be secured Mrs. Martha Brisbon, WEBBEIEi EBEHEBEBEBEEIE EHEBRflEflBEflEIu
to the honorees. A meeting held
was Wednesday evening for from an y member of the organization Mrs. Helen McRoy, Mrs. Sisie W'iMm.f JVM"M"
...aMtR.. the purpose of hearing reports of regionaf and the Hollywood Foster, Mrs. Lucille Bell,Mrs.
committee chairmen. Hostesses were Music Store. Rutha M. Deal, Mrs. Ruth Valdez .

Bernice Griffin, Margaret otarkes, Mariao Mesdames Thelma Argrett June Davis, Mrs. Jessie Rush, Mrs.

,4. Hart Anne Lambert Demetral Wesson Erma Wiggins, Karen Buggs, Cora Bodison, Mateo Lodge 8 Bettye Solomon, Mrs. Thelma < KRESSChristmas ''I
and Martha Williams were honor guests ata Lorlce McGowan, Allye Clark and
Gwendolyn Sc ell
I WiTIiams. .,, and Partet.A .
coffee last Tuesday .evening SDonsored Annie R. Observes Annual Jacque'special feature will be the I', I
-- ------
Events displaying of wigs by Mrs.RuthM. ;
Calendar Memorial Services !
Deal and Mrs. Bettye Solo i

,... ..W'.... .... .Iq./1............Mug.,kn....n..N111m.......M In1 M.............. the Goodwill Fellowship Holiness Macao Lodge, Improved mon.
Mass Union will be held Benevolent Protective Order of \ Open HouseAND
Sunday at 3 p.m.in New Jerusa Elks of the World will celebrate Johnny Nash Makes \
lem Holiness Church on Ella its annual memorial services
St., Elder George Mason, host Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Elks Third g AND YOU

pastor. Home, because of the date AppearanceAt I P.M. .
/ 6
The devotion will be conducted'by
change of the Grand Lodge,
g'g the deacons and deaconesses, according to Leon Gonzalez, Apollo TheatreBy | MONDAY NOV. 21 10 P.M.
r and the sermon delivered by exalted ruler. DATE TIME i
Bishop W. F. Lebby. All members have been askedto popular demand, Johnny
register with the secretary. Nash made his third appearanceof leisurely shopping
iJ Members of Pride of Maceo the year at Harlem's Apollo
[ GLAMOURHigh j I Temple 186 are also expectedto Theatre. Along with a sixteen
be In attendance. Visiting pelece band and his personal AND AN EXTRA

have been pianist, Johnny brought in
1y Elks and the public
Style Fashion extended an invitation attend. Apollo.strings which was a first for the 10 % DISCOUNTon Je

In addition to a suberb show
w a a a a aa.aaaaa
It' ?
,.., Mikes You t audience were awed by aspect- L all purchases
Look Mora :WEDDING BEllS;,t acular fashion show sponsored
t by Schaffer Beer. New York's WII! )wMWM )VM
... 1wwwww ... 'I i most beautiful Sepia Models
showed the latest in high fashion
$ SS 703 Union and Mod design.Johnny's ward-
FULLCAP Frank Howell Jr., W.
ir ea ATTRACTIVE' TO MIN-O l ..} St., 24 and Cilia Mae Russ, robe patterened after the
: .
fmmMmm wl-.I.N..NN..IroY.<< Ilk. "English Look" was stylish
N.lr 101 W, 2nd St., 22.
?Nil n .Olf Hlu-li.Hrown. ." .Auburn blond" or Mli' d Urrr that the Schaeffer coordinator,
r your IMD.nur 14 n.m..nj vft plu.MMt.ty McClendon asked him to model In the show.
Vincent David 1
t '' fn dfllwy,Uurrf wnll.llM mppl' l Imta. The audience went wild and k WIN A
1595 W. 28th St., 19 and Gwen ,
VALMOtt pAIN.TTLC$ dolyn Debris Bryant, 1997 W, consequently, Johnny will
Dept. M Cb3MU 20th St., 18. return for a command perform
f4N ance within a few months.
Pralrl A**.,Chk|*Sills VALUABLEPRIZE
Next on Johnny's itinerary will
r be the posh new C'est Bon Clubin
Charlotte North Carolina. In I

conJucUon with his appearancein !
Charlotte Mr. Nash will also
f Consultation be promoting his latest recording -
"Amen" on the MGM
CONSULT DR. SMITH FREEExamination Record Label.Gateway.

you will Be Told in plain Words hat The Trouble
is, Jfhat IS Causing It And what May Be Done ToCorrect Makes PreparationFor CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE

It, It YOU Suffer With: InstallationGateway
ARTHRITIS 1EADACHES THRoAT DISORDERS Barracks 3131,World r----------- II I II



asked to attend to make
You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola. NEURITIS DISEASES INTESTINAL DISORDERS paration for the Installation :J ADDRESS I l

Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshing.That'swhy SCIATICA KIDNEy: 4BLADDER CHRONIC DISEASES service. The commander will

things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke. '.UMBAGO LIVER GALL BLADDER DISORDERS appoint officers in the meeting, CITY I I'I
and Dec. 31 Is the deadlinefor
Medical Reducing Treaments (Men & woftan) membership dues.
All members of the firing I
I treat conditions commonly coneidered.surgicai squad, color and flag bearers ,. .' PHONE
without the use 0 t.a ,kni fe, Modern methods of have been asked to be present.The J't I IJJjj

b thinK'go diagnosis and treatment. FREE-EXAMINATION By Initiation will also be held. -

WIth APPOINTMENT ONLY';6 years successful practice : :..J ----.1.1I

in Jacksonville. HOURS-9: 30 A.M. to 4:30: P.M. -
CokeottMd When Ironing Proctor Sllex
PHONE, EL. 4-1187 | suggests starting with fabrics

DR. REX SMITH needing low temperatures, and 1 DOWNTOWN
work up to heavy, damp linens
Coloiil 900 West State Street (upstairs) and such which require higher I- KRESS
temperatures. Build up heat OPENMON
in the iron as you work. Remember -
sisoeElrEtEEt. that the iron heats VARIETY FAIR THURS

Office Formerly Occupied by Dr. Lyncker quickly than it cools.
und.r tile. authority. of Tt>. coil cot. Company 'Jacksonville. 'Coca-Cola: Bottling- Company. Opposite Ritz. more FRI. MILES


.1. .. .

.. ... ...... ........ .. .. .. v. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. r. . r .



CHURCH NEWS Friends Tea Participants TWO MINUTES

The Holy Communion will be a administered Sunday at 12 : NI1N tHE BIBLEIY
o'clock In the Church of Cod In Chrlat 4,, Elder W. F. Faust COINIUIM' .. ITAM Mil.MIAN .
pastor. 4e m.csee..UMOI50535
Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will Mm with Elder 0.8.
Anderson, Mrs. Celesttne Faust and Miss Deris Faust in
chart of the music. GOD'S ETERNAL PURPOSEHave
The Sunday School begins at 10 a.m., with Ifrs. Emma

Levy in charge Elder Faust will review the lesson, "A ever considered care things" God would send JI..u.III ,
Letter to Exiles. word of the Bible earth and the lime of rifn,>.
Morning worship will be in charge of the pastor. At 6:30: La fully" theoP-l'ning. God created Hit would "tome from the prcnrthe ,
/ the btitnnint
p.m., Elder Edward SpUler will preside and Deacon B. F. Lord" (Act. 3:19-21): ).
Irving will discuss the lesson topic. Evening service has heaves and the
until the
find the Not raising nf
A. we go on reading we up I
been scheduled at 7:30 o'clock.
an.wer to this question, for the do we learn that now all belie j jin
WALTERS MEMORIAL Bible clearly teaches that Cod ha Christ are "bapti/ed mtc
body" (I Cor. IMJ: ), and Cot
one having to
Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME Zlon Church will a purpose
begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Miss Amy rr "r do with the earth and the other and many other Pauline pavspeak
Moreland charge. with heaven. ,. The former i. the of "the hope. which 1M i II
Rev. H. C. Archie, pastor, has announced that Rev. E. Scott subject of prophecy, while the latteris up for you til kea\eti." Indil.
will have charge of the services in his absence. He will be the subject of "the mystery, or.ecret Mart God believers are alriaj,
revealed to and through St. given a position j" tirarnlpJfl
attending conference In Miami Choir 2 and Usher- Boards .
1 and 2 will serve with Mrs. V.nJ. Rogers at the Instrument Paul. (See Act.3:21; and d. Rom. and are "blessed with all 'pirin,|
16:25): ). The former concern. I.rael blessings in heavenly pit?
a EMANUEL BAPTIST and the nations; the latter "the Christ" (Eph. 1:3: 24-7): ).
Choir 2 of Emanuel Baptist Church will observe Its 25th Body of Christ," the Church of The prophecies regarding th\\
anniversary Monday at 8:30 p.m., in the church auditorium.. the heavenly calling. kingdom, however, will MiIIl U lu f
1 The parUclpants are: Mrs. Sarah Gates, Tabernacle Baptist Some people are surprised to learn filled and Christ will reign on tan |
Church; Abyssinia Choir 2; Choir 2, Mt. Vernon; Matthew that there U not one promise in the and bring "the promised lime I,
McCoy; Choir 2, Mt. Calvary Baptist; Choirs 1 and 2, St. whole Old Testament about goingto refreshing.' Thank Cod this wurl
Thomas; Deacons Nathaniel Wright, George F.Smith,Tedworth heaven. There the whole outlookis will not forever be a place of ua|
Storey; and Mrs. Ethel Wingard, Mrs. Emma Smith and Rev, earthly, with Messiah reigning asKing and bloodshed, mckncmi and death
S. L. Badger. (Jet 2):5, et al). When our misery and woe. Indeed at thai,I
', .; Lord appeared in the flesh the angels time, heaven and earth ill lie opened
1 t
PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF GOD .vfi & :!t A !9 .. RJ.', cried: "Peace OH tarth"LuVe( 2:14): ). to each other, and thus will U|
Sunday School begins at 10:30 am. In the Pentecostal Church ,.' ;t..". Lhr. He Himself said that "the meek" fulfilled Cod's h ro fold purpinv"
--_ -..- -___--...;_ __ '" >- .". _. .. ..
of God, Christ In Jesus. Morning worship at 12 o'clock; evening -- should "inherit the earth" (Matt. I "That in the dispennatinn of ihi
service at 8 p.m. and YPU at 8:30.: Some of the participants in the FriendsTea Henry Thomas and Mrs. El I I z a bet h 5:5): ). He taught His disciples to I fulness of time He might gather
Bishop>> Oscar Lee Gates, pastor.Thanksgiving. sponsored recently in the home of Mr. Nesmith. pray: "Thy will be done m earth, :, together in one all thing In Chrm

and Mrs. Anderson M. Rush at 1651 W. 3Uth ( Second row) Miss Alma Adorns, Mrs. Ruth as it is in heaven" (Matt. 6:10): ). both which are in heaven and which
Even at Pentecost Peter declared are on earth; even in Him" (Eph
Lift Street. From left to right front row are: Rush Mrs. James Boyd Deacon Johnnie that after "the restitution of all 1:10): ).
Mrs. Mary Adams, Miss Jacqueline Adams, Hardwick, vice prrsident ; Rev. G. I. Boyd,
--- -- -' "
-' r.;' ot'i' $ Mrs. Athelia Coney, s 1 c k committee pastor; Deacon Jessie Brown Mrs. 'Hyms u That' Touch

f treasurer; Mrs. W. M. Armstrong, mistresso Jacqueline Bryant ; Mr. Richard E, Adams Thanksgiving
1 '':: "W 1 f ceremony ; Mrs. Marie Patterson Jr. and Mrs. Delores Prince. The Heart I
j L 1 1I superintendent junior department ; Deacon Services ,
j ,' :ff! assistant leader Mrs. Cora Leonard Photo -
I ; {. Rush, ; By James Singleton In First New Zion
't." i Rev. Ellsha Jones, pastor of
.: I II Anniversary Slated Goodwill Sewing Circle Meets New Bethel AME Church, will The Courtesy Committee of
I '
.v deliver the sermon for the the East Florida and Bethany
: I II Thanksgiving service scheduled Baptist Association, will present
For Independent / by the Masonic Family Nov. a program entitled,
II I V : I 27 In Fountanln Chapel AME "Hymns That Touch Tot
Benevolent Assn.The j Church, beginning at 2:30: p.m. Heart," Sunday at 7:30: p.m.
J + II.t Deputy A. M. Frailer has In First New Zion Baptist
Independent BenevolentAssociation are called all Heroines of Jericho Church, Seventh and Davis Its
of America, Inc, matrons, officers and members Deacons Leroy Mallory and
I will observe its anniversary of District Council 5, Queen Willard P. Smith I will have
I\ Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Church of the Nile, to be In attendance. charge of the devotion. Other
of Christ Written in Heaven, participants Include:Mrs.EthelD.
1430 Kings Rd. uu Bannister, Mrs. Lillian
The program is: Selection, Jackson, Mrs Edith Jones,
choir; prayer, Rev. I. McPherson The third annual Thanksgiving Mrs Annie L. Patterson, Mrs.
$ ; scripture, Rev Toney festival of songs will be pre Eula M. Williams, Mrs. Lena
Neal; call to order, Miss I. M. sented at the Church of the George, Rev. C. J. Crosby and
Flemmlng; occasion,Mrs.Bernice Living God, Pillar Ground of Miss Esther James.Calendar .
HoUlday; welcome,Deacon the Truth, Nov. 24 at 8 p.m.
r* Lang C. Franklin; response, The Anderson Brothers of Event)
Via, Mrs. Katie Johnson solo Miss
a ; Gainesville will be special
Mary Francis Scriven; selection guests. They are the sons of The Bostonettes will render
Juvenile Six;greetings, Bishop Hugh Anderson Sr., of a program at the First Bam
Mrs. Nellie Smith; introduction the f Church of God In Christ, Temple, 629 W. Monroe St,
of speaker, Rev H. T. Over- ; 4s Gainesville. Elder A. Williamsand
MM Monday night, Nov. 21 at '.10
{ street; offering, W. B. Bradford guest singers will also be o'clock.
F. L. Kirkland; in attendance, and music will Appearing on program will!
I presentation of grand lodge be rendered by the choir with be the Excelsior Gospel Sinters
Eric Bowrn. 3'/i. trice to give Thanksgiving a.lift by heftinga officers, Mrs Alice Youghbo- Deacon Daniel Lee Brooks Sr., Mrs. Bertha Harris and
28-pound Butterball turkey weighing only slightly less than rough; presentations, Mr.. in charge. the Harris Singers, Mrs. Alice
he doe.. Eddie Mae Stewart closing
I ; Others appearing will Include
Stars Mr.
-, f Phillips, Traveling ,
Culver i
remarks Rev. C. L. ,
.eases. the choir of the Church of
the Robert Elder MOM
grand president. It.J : I lllIiIE4.--: -- ." ,
Living God Green
Davia, Mrs. Christine Williams -
DRAWING -- Members of the Goodwill Saving and Sewing Circle who ; Miss Lillian P. Key, Mrs. Thelma Edwards,
NOW met last week in the home of Mrs. Ida Parker, 1706 W. 9th Street and Rev. Mollie K. Hartley, Sunny Rose Singers and the
to draw names for Christmas sisters are shown here. Seated from sponsor. Travelettes.
4 LOCATIONSTO left Mrs. Other singers of the city are
are Maude Cambric vice
president; Mrs. Betty Allen
SERVE YOU Baffle Of Songs invited to attend.
Mrs. Marie Hill and Mrs. Annie Edmonson
are Elder A. Hill, pastor, Sister
Ave. Mrs. Lequitha Jordan, Miss Pearline Lovet, Miss Josephine Wyatt, On November 13th at 3 p.m. Rosetta Cohen is the sponsor.A .
3118 W. Edgewood
Miss Theresa Hall I secretary; Miss Ida Mae Parker rainy day in the National Guard Armory

3701 EMERSON treasurer; Miss Maybelle Cherry, business manager ; and Mrs. located at 709 Wilson Blvd. revival will be conductedat
830 CASSAT AVE. Carrie L. Moore. Photo By James Singleton The "Gospel Disciple" of New Bethel AME Church,
J 1824 WEST BEAVER Savannah, Ga., along with the GIfford, Fla, Sunday Nov. 20-
"Singing Kings" of Sanford
26 at 7:30: p.m.
Willie Motley, Tabernacle Slates Revival Fla.. will be in a battle of songs. Bishops M. H. Frazier, P. H.
SAVE ON YOUR MEAT BILLS Mr. Solomon Tlmmons will serve Zachary and Mary Hardamanof
k Speaker For Baptismal Rites HeldThe as master of ceremonies. the Love and Charity Spiritual
LET US FILL YOUR FREEZER! Other local talent of the city Churches will conduct the
will appear. The public Is
Youth, HourWhen revival meeting In Tabernacle Baptist Institutional Church revival.
ARMOUR STAR FROZEN HEN will terminate Sunday. Baptismal service will be held during to attend. Rev. Rufus Bishop, pastor.
St. Mark's Church of the morning service Sunday at U o'clock.
Our Lord, at 1470 W. 16th St. The youth choirs will celebrate their anniversary Sunday at
dedicates a wagon on Sunday 3 p.m. Edward Waters College Choir will be guest group.
12 u 39 afternoon the speaker for the A member from Miss Brenda Sistrunk'a class will review
TURKEY lB. Youth Hour will be Willie the Sunday School lesson at 9:30 a.m.
lB. AYG. Motley, well-knowu Jacksonville -

businessman.The program, .under the Annual Men's Day ObservedIn

'direction of Mrs. Rosetta Mob-

FROZEN SAVE 25c West Union BaptistAnnual

Men's Day will be observed Sunday In West Union
Baptist Church Sunday, beginning with the Sunday School at

POTATOES41 100I 9:30 The a.m.officers are i Deacon Mack Moore Jr., chairman) ; Cleveland ttb WMfc fin* ,red gin! that din polUletl hassles n. ever
: ., Bet HOPES Out the
: j Clinch, co-chairman; Deacon Daniel Cummings, program iff 'i." h.tnw.THE FISH FRY Imfsri MIl'., intrtdunlt
chairman; Deacon Clarence Jackson, finance chairman;
I Deacon J.H. Hood, Sunday School chairman; AJU Bannister, BIG 3
BTU; Albert Brlnkley, young men activities leader and Deacon u..chen.nt.' lead. ,...ri..
Arthur Ellis, tag chairman. Large WHITING

ECONOMY LEGS Rev. C.C. Rawls will be the speaker for the 11 a.m., service.A .....<04 0ffaII_ M"..... ... ... 39'DRUM 'C

00 too-small education can really cramp your SPOT0... VIew .... l!.

FRYER BREASTS style Box you in. Squeeze you Into a too-small BASSLO. -&.,, ... .. .
3 LB. $1 fob and keep you there permanently.

ley, is scheduled for 4 p.m. PnldUM.t ere feast tre.chNOCEAN
NO DEALER AT THIS PRICE It was announced that ElderA.
false will deliver the dedication ...DIU..
message and the guests Best Doctor,
BUDGET BRAND for the evening event will be When Your Doctor Prescribes :w SHRIMP
Mr. and Mrs. E. Bradshaw of Get Experienced PharmacistsWhen TIM. ..II I_ III..... .,.cl.. fl..n, t.nwr.d ors/ .........
Sliced SAVE C the National Cash Register Co. Your Doctor Prescribes, 1 by ire 1",1. .,.... ..... .
3 9 Elder G. L, Groober, pastor Orders. We Use Only The Best 1 ...seek ..k. leak II' ,... <:
9 9
I9c of the church has extended an Quality Drugs. Mao vs ".., aN lens MN. .." IU.
LB. Invitation
BACON to the public attend
services C. C.BLACK Proprietor

District 3 R eel It. r d Pharmacists To Serve You <<
Event' {Si. |lb. 79c

District 3 of Jerusalem Baptist ...........-A COMPLETE LINE OFCosmetics ............

i LIS. Church will observe its 15th CONCH MEAT (Sld"I.. )
SUGAR 5 39 anniversary Sunday at 3 p.m. Rubber Ciooda. Candies Sundries .n'quo'"..ecU Cia" m "'"' ,.,."tw a" Ihrr 49cGNST
in the church auditorium. PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED 'M /"Cla/ /1--.45. .. g II>. "evu LI
Rev J. L. Davis of First lOX IUS

I Baptist! Church, Mandarin, will Lilly's Drag Store

WITH ORDER . '.' be the speaker. He will be accompanied SNAPPER THROATS

WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW ON lilT TV CHANNEL 4 congregations.by his choir, and 1907 KINGS ROAD El-3-8276 e LI. lOll ONLY_ LI.49c lox Ufr

X ( h



LDF Suit ChargedBias Sigma Asks ShriverTo Ribbon Sewing Ceremony Mofher-Son Team

College Roundup

In Federally Reconsider Spurs Drive To

Aided Home LetterThe ... FLORIDA MEMORIALThe
Nursing In Protest 'r, .
i ,<
1'"t J '1"1iAns \,\ ... Defeat Housing Foe
BmMjNGHAlt-Lawyers for members of Phi Beta! Student Teachers of Florida Memorial College are
the Legal Defense Fund have Sigma Fraternity, Incorporatedan BALTIMORE A mother and located from Miami to Jacksonville. Mrs. B.H. Puryear Dir
filed a suit this morning In the organization of 40,000 MANUFACTUfiNGCOMPANY / ;: son team of civil rights leaders ector of Student Teaching announced that eleven students are
role la the working in the Miami area.The students named Jerelene
U. S. District Court for the college trained Negro men ban I played a pivotal were-
Northern District of Alabama Inaugurated a national letter ,, ,. successful campaign to defeat Brown, Ronald DeHart, Pearlie M. Dickens Carolyn Herring,
enjoining the Ketooa County writing campaign protesting I the "white backlash" candidatefor Rosa Jackson, Vera B. Jackson, Loretta E. London, Josephine
Nursing Home from continuing termination of funds from the AERf1JEiBENE Governor of Maryland,George McKnight, Katherell Morrison, Dorothy Prince, Janett Wright
their discriminatory practices Office of Economic Opportunities p, Mahoney.Mrs. The three students In Daytooa Beach are-Barbara Adams,
against Negro patients residing to the Child Development AI Juanita Jackson Mitchelland Prince Kelly and Edgar Washington Sadye Belle, Pearl Fuce
In the area. Group of Mississippi. her son, Clarence, in, and Mary Smith are in Hastings,Florida.Eddie Gibson, Gerald-
The nursing home,a non-profit In releasing the text of the spearheaded the drive to rally Ine Poole, Patricia Slmpkins and Norma Williams are teaching
charitable organiiatlon .Is letter being mailed to SargeaatShrlver votes for Spiro T. Agnew, the In Vera Beach and Valerie Carlton, Herman White, Vivian

owned and financed by Jefferson Exectuve Director,Office moderate Republican gubernatorial Kearns, Lula McGill, Elois Major, Josephine Morgan and
County for the of of Economic Opportunity, candidate, after Mr. Lillian Williams are in Jacksonville Chester Fennell,
a place for purpose"all citizensof providing from local Chapters of Phi Beta Mahoney had won the Demo Douglas Johnson, Adilene Joyner, Daisy Long, Carrie Walker
Jefferson County to receive Sigma, William E. Doar, Jr., v caratlc nomination basing his and Lorraine White are teaching at Webster School in St.

rest, recuperation rehabilitation National Executive Secretary campaign on oppostlon to open Augustine.
and medical services" said, fraternity a housing. These young people are doing their student teaching in the
Legal Defense Fund was shocked to' learn ofShriver' Young Mr. Mitchell Immediately areas of Elementary Education, English Social Science and
have filed this "class action" termination of fundsto called for repudiation of Biology. Several students will complete their college requirements -
suit In behalf of the Negro the Child Development Group his party's candidate and mass this semester and will be available for a teaching

residents of Jefferson County In Mississippi, and charged him switch to the Republican. appointments In January.

The attorneys for the plaintiffs with bowing to apparant local Others, Negro and white, took BISHOP COLLEGE
the battle and In
political pressures." I- up
pointed out In the suit ,
that, under the Fourteenth and 'lt was our feeling that the I the stemming principle the "white source backlash"of Ma- Winner of the title of Homecoming Queen at Bishop College
Office of Economic
Fifth Amendments, the Negro Opportunity VIT honey's backing. In Dallas, Texas Is Miss Sherllyn Scott of Los Angeles, who
residents In Jefferson County basic principle of 'maximum L candidates from
her class
A won the honor for sophomore over
candidate for the State Senate
participation of the
qualify to obtain medical
each of the other three classes.
should be supported by Mr. Mitchell topped all
and bospltaliation attention as poor' Miss Scott, who is 19 is tall and willowy and comes from a
Child Development other Baltimore candidates for
provided by the defendant all Americans. of Mississippiseems this office with a total vote of Bishop College family, her father, Uanufllko being not onlya
nursing home without discrimination Group Bishop graduate but also a current member of Bishop's Boardof
the abovementioned 21,881. Second In the twelve-
on the basis of race to epitomize ICI Trustees. He is pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Los
fill Mrs.Verda .
and color. teanants which Is so V person delegation was
,q V .1 i Welcome, an Incumbent.Mr. Angeles.
The Fund lawyers further Invoked crucial the tight against pov Mitchell, the son of NAACP The title of Queen will be conferred on Miss Scott at a
the Jurisdiction of the erty..o' coronation ceremony Thursday night, November 10,and she will
of Phi Beta Washington Bureau Director I
Court under Title VI of the We the members Clearence be formally presented to the homecoming visitors between the
Mitchell n
Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Sigma Fraternity, previously halves of the football game which Bishop College will playagainst
had served in the lower
record as
charged the defendant nursing rated, wish to go on action taken 'House of Maryland Legislature. Texas Lutheran College at 2 p.m.Saturday, November
home with In accord with the
receiving substantial Citizens Com His mother Is president of the 12, 1966. .
funds from the U.S. by the National a r.. Maryland State NAACP. Opposing Miss Scott for the title were Seretha Ann Thompson
Child Develop-
Government for welfare administration mittee for the of Dallas, Texas, representing the Senior class; Patricia Ann
in Mississippi,
public assistance, ment Program that v ., Jones a native of Indianapolis representing the Junior class,
and vocational administrationas as reported, and we reuree Wilkins CampaignsFor while the Freshman class was represented by Mary Helen i
channelled through
all funds be X
payment for services In N.Y Hanson from Karnack, Texas. I
rendered recipients. Child Development Group 9 r d Civilian ..-. .
rather any
Nursing homes that receive Mississippi
funds through federally aided other Board Agency." HEATING '

programs, such as Medicareor Review Board C i71 I COAL''
state welfare programs, are Carmichael Says NEW YORK-Taking his canvpalgn t OIL 9h.Od l lCNOC I
covered by Title VI of the into the streets, NAACP i c.
Civil Rights Act of 19M. He Prefers Jail Executive Director Roy Wilkins ALL SEASONS ICE A FUEL
Title VI bet NO.WooD AVI. pH. 7R4-45U
\ prohibits discrimination toured four New York City areas .
on the basis of race, Service LOS ANGELES.Callf.-Dedication of the Watts Manufacturing Co., a subsidiary of Aero on Election Day to urge citizens .
color, or national origin in' To jet-General Corporation, took lace last Thursday in South Central Los Angeles. Shown at to vote to keep the Civllaln
any program receiving federal ATLANTA -(NPIStokely the opening "ribbon sewing"cereraony: is Calif. Governor Edmund G. Brown (seated) while Police Complaint Review
financial assistance. Carmichael, chairman, Student Leon O.Kimball, general manager M the Watts comm .on Company at right.will train more, than i. Board. Madam MargoPalmist
Dan A. chairman of Aerojet's executive
defendant home Mr Wilkins addressed crowds
nursing Non-Violent Coordinating Com- 200 local personnel and put them to work producing tents for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. & Advisor
is charged in the suit for maintaining mittee has vowed to go to at four of the orgainzation's
"separate buildings," prison rather than enter branch offices In Queens, Harlem

administering for separate treatment military service U classified CIVIL RIGHTS Ford Foundation Announces Brooklyn and the Bronx. of She Love Adviii,Sickn.on..all and Problems Butmaii
Negro and white I-A. Accompanied by Gloster B.
"- patients suffering from the Currently classified I-Y by ROUNDUPCROW Current, director of branchesand
Grant To N.J. Education Dept. HOURS 8 A.M to 9 P,M.
same ailment, and employing his draft board because of past field administration,he also DAILY

r Negro nurses, clerks,and technical failure to meet induction stan- FLIES SOUTH and materaials of Industry-usually reservedIn campaigned In the streets.H .
Jf personnel only in buildings dards, he was asked on what NASSAU, BahamasNPI)- The education processes for vocational students-will be used to teach e was well received in the Located In

' reserved' for Negro patients grounds he would refuse In Jim Crow, who usually spreads New Jersey elementary school pupils concepts social studies, communities he toured. These WINTER PARK, FLORIDA
: Ills suit Is the first of Itst. duction."I his wings over the UnitedStates, science, language arts, and mathematics under a pilot program areas returned a strong vote 989 N. Orlando Ave.Hl.YVayl7.92N. .
kind filed against a public don't care what It is. I'll has flown down here for the for which the Ford. (outdationannouaceda$166,000 grant toda,. to retain the Board. However, ( .) '
nursing home the vote In other areas was {
to Leavenworth ans
The Legal Defense, Fund attorneys go was quickly The program,sponsored th the elementary school onward overwhelmingly againstBoard ,Fo Apt. Call 644 4941
wered. ,we| t
grounded by a* sit-In protestat '
New Jersey State Department a Integral part ot general tnf-i'f> .
; which
t. .
handling this case are Mounting'' public' protests the Red Lion Restaurant. ;' was reJect 4 :j
Demetrius Newton of Education, .w111. use problems! education
Birming prompted his draft board to More than 35 Bahamians sat.
ana projects drawn from industry ,
ham, and DirectorCounselJack re-examine his case. He recently In the restaurant for three hoursIn to approach abstract ,
Greenberg, Michael completed a series of a protestapJnstd1scrlm1na-
Meltsner, and Bobby Hill of examinations at St. A lb a a-s tion against blacks In the concepts and to demonstrate
how academic subjects are usedIn
New York. Naval Hospital, Queens, N. Y., restaurant. "Whenever white the adult "world of work".It
where .be underwent two daysof people come Into this restaurant -
also seek Introduce
will to
xaarls +ss
consultations. the cashier practically .
children In kindergarten
beginning -
breaks his neck to escort them
to such major themes of
to their seats, but he never
a technical society as design,
does this for a black man," instrumentation, uses of tools,. supER

Royal Art Studio leader.said Milo Butler Jr., sit-in and Thus properties practical of experimentswith materials.

1 electricity, refrigeration, ,
of maps and models,
STILL TAKING crackdown on wage discrimination and the desienandfabrleatlonof
d7 based on race was orderedIn from FRESH
products ranging jump- PORKROAST
this African nation Condemning -
ropes to a full-site, sail-pow
employers who still ered "land JlCkt"-e.nd including
practiced "wage discrimination simple newspaper and
INSTANT'PICTURES ," Minister of Labor and books-are used u the pointof 37
Social Development M. Sipalo
I'' departure for a wide varietyof
warned that racialism was a lessons. LB.

"serious offense" Employersare A similar approach-using vocational -
not allowed to fire their' to demon-
workers without Informing SLICED BREAKFASTBACON
strate the relevance of academic
government officials, be said. subjectmattertoHfe-Jnaas

I Meanwhile, the government deported proven helpful recent Found
s 13 persons accused of ation-supported experiments in *

stirring up racial unrest. Improving the performance of 55

COMING SOON II!! HOME DIVIDED high-school students, and one
purpose of this grant is to demonstrate 1-LB.PKG.
the validity of the
NEW LOCATIONSAME The Ketona County Nursing approach In the earlier grades.
Home in Jefferson
County has
Robert Worthington, assistant 'BAKE-RITE
been accused of maintaining a
state commissioner of education
separate building for Negroes, said the program represented
PHONE 3541894VETERANS even though It Is owned and the first attempt by'a

financed by the county. The state department of education SHORTENING 3-LB. 59
Defense and
to initiate systematic introduction
In suit filed In CAN
a U. S. of vocational concepts from
District Court, has also accused -
the home of employing TO FIGHT LIMIT I WITH 5.00 FOOD ORDER

Negro nurses, clerks, and
technical personnel only In PILLSBURY
buildings reserved for
Negro .GIVE


Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking L. King Jr:, has-NPI charged Dr.that M. FOOl p5.00 .

the draft Is unfair to Negroes .ISABELLA of PARIS
and that a "disproportionatenumber

Applications For Its ving In of Viet Negroes"Nam. About were two-ser SUPERIOR THAT'S ME!11 TONIC I have the TABLETS Amazing, U.S. GOOD CUBE STEAK 18. 79*

fifths of all the ds In Viet Nam Pep for all the things you want
are Negroes, while only one to do. Box of 30 $1.00. Satisfaction -
Veteran Class. out of 10 Americans .Is a Negro, guaranteed or Money CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS LB. 79*

be said. Dr. King said It was Back.

drafted unfair that because Negroes they did were not P. O. Box ISA3ELLA 239, Dept. S Gary, U.S. # 1 POTATOES 10-18. BAG 39*

The Size Of Our ClassesIs have enough education to gala Indiana.

to an attend exemption college.or could not afford McKENZIE FROZEN CUT OKRA 21002., PKG. 35*


Negroes who militantly work She Refill

Enroll Now To Be Sure Of ,be for the civil most rights tolerant are of likely whites to AJAX CLEANSER Kt. SIZE'' 10

:a study by a University of California Of Aiy Kiid .

Place. sociologist has shown.

Dr.his Gary survey T. Marx shows, In that discounting Negro Is Oir Oily Bisiiess REYNOLDS WRAP 25 FOOT IOU 29(

civil rights activists are less
CAll 355-9874 likely than others to be hostile 934 E. Uiiu St. 25

I 1



U ,,. -I--
1h'Ifq., r
;''I( : .
\ a
.h 'j' to -



.. _. .
----- "--- ------ t. 1 .. ... ''"'IP'!'" '!II'W"! -

> tpaft< ISrt h 11xa.M.e
Surveying Plans For Miami College Ground breaking For r St. James AME Church Planse

i .Moon Over Miami : ..' '... 'Fla. Memorial Collegi Women's Day Observance

., > '. .. Takes Place Nov.25 *
+a.af.vlrtls+ r.ai.M.sarrFAtx..rM + : :: : .
prw.rlt Main
''Ii f'A partial list of Influential Mrs. Leenette Pennington Is Speakc
MIAMI BEACHFLA-The largest southbound airlift In historysoon personalities have been namedto

.will be winging here from winter-beslegedlandsthroughout the Advisory Board of the For Colorful 18th Annual CelebrationBy
florin America.
Florida Memorial College, St.
here. These Include thoroughbred -
Transportation officials con-
concerts and ,Augustine, Fla., It was announced Mrs. Marie Floyd
fidently expect a general five racing, by Dr. EdwardT Sunday, Nov. 20 promises to be the biggest day for the women
theater. Just aheadIs
to 15 percent Increase In sub-' legitimate Bowl Festival Graham, Chairman of the of St. James this year, under the able leadership of Mrs. AnnieJ.
tropic holidays, and an even the Orange Board of Trustees. Ivey and Mrs. Catherine Peterson, who have worked diligently
greater exodus from indivld- two weeks of football,, power-
'ual areas linked directly for boat racing, parades,fireworksand Mayor Robert King High tops preparing the program. be held at the church. Enter-
the first Ume with tills island extravagnea. the list of names which Include. Again this year, the program tainment for this affair will
Dade County Mayor Chuck Hall, has been able to
Afterward mid-season begins
vacation city. Most of the be presented by the children'sdepartment
winter's added equipment will with lavish shows and headline Miami representative to the secure the services of the of the church

be In service by Dec. 15, with names at the night clubs along '.Florida State legislature, same speaker of last year, During the evening servicean
extra flights over the week- with days that may be devotedto Robert Shevin, and industrialist Mrs. Leenette Pennington. array of musical talents
ends. swimming, sunning, fishing George S. Engle.Preparations Having graduated from Morgan will be presented.The .
golf or whatever may > for the openingof State College with a B.S.degreeIn
Eastern Air Lines, the biggest sailing, church is located at 1845N.
domestic carrier into the air- appeal as vacation activities Florida Memorial College psychology, she worked as W. 65th St.,Rev.J,Benjamin
Trri'i Include religious groundbreaking a social worker for five years
port 20 minutes from Miami An
Blacknell, pastor invitationis
!Beach, has made plans for and.Becomes Manager Of ceremonies scheduled for with the Florida State Welfare extended to the public to
Nov 25. The actual movement
will have the seats available In Department. She is a memberof attend all of the activities.
Dec. for 10 per cent more pas- Miami Credit Union t I of the entire plant will occur Hurst Chapel AME Churchin
....... towards the endot196'1.Formalcroundbreaking Perrlne and serves as a
sengers Into this city. This I -.., Liberty Heighborhooc
mesas, according to Eastern, :' Is scheduled for teacher In the Dade County

6,000 inbound seats a day, Including r4 February, 1967. School System.Mrs.Penningtonis Union ReadyTo
I Credit
direct service from ; The college which now has also a member of the National
d an enrollment of 450 students Council of Negro Women and
Montreal and Toronto. Some
: has facilities for 1,300 students Do BusinessThe
equipment will be added later In the mother of two daughters.The .
the winter. and a waiting list of several day will begin with Sunday Liberty City Neighborhood -

Air Canada will be flying here MODEL --A miniature model of the Florida Memorial College which Is relocatingin hundred more is expected. School at 9:30: a.m., with >a Federal Credit Union has

direct for the first season this ft Miami in Jan 1966 is being surveyed by college leaders responsible for the Advisory Other Board members include of Philip the superintendent, Mrs. Annie announced that It is now readyto
Adams of New Missionary
winter out of. Montreal and Que- Hope business operations.
bec. removal from st. Augustine. From left are Dr. Royal W. Puryear presidentof Wylie, Rev Theodore Gibson, Baptist Church workingwith An begin organizational meetlngwill

National Air Lines will have 24 \.I the college, Dr. Susie Hoiley Rev. Edward T. Graham, Joe Everett repre- Dade County Commissioner R. Mrs. Margaret Reynolds.The be held at the New Hope Missionary -

flights dally from its eastern sentative of the U S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare which is Hardy Matheson Senator Harry eleven o'clock service Baptist Church, 15th

terminals as well as 12 from the giving the institution a $1 million grant, and Rev. 'Robert Wilson, chairman Cain, Miami Athalle City Council Range and representative tional promises wit to h be ladies very inspira- Avenue at 66th St., on Wednes-
Pacific coast, with as as coming 23 7:30
many day night Nov. : p.m.
I of the board of trustee of the college bankers Leonard L. Abess and from various churches in the
18 This Is
more on peak days. The organization has receivedits
the most ambitious schedule In Milton Weiss. city to carry out the order of charter and all phases of

National's history. Liberty City Elementary Thespians service the proposed operation has been
At 4 Autumn Tea will
Northeast, reporting a sharp ; p.m., an okayed.
upturn In autumn business, has i One of the business mattersto
announced an optimistic plus- r Ebenezer Methodist be taken up at the coming
30 per cent increase capacity GEORGE M. BROWN meeting is the election of a

this winter over last,primarily Mr George M. Brown, has Plans Women's Day Board of Directors. Becauseof
out of New York, Boston Philadelphia been promoted to Credit Union :, the Importance of the meet-
and Montreal. Manager for the Culmer Fred 'Srg''-. Women's Day observance at Ing, all persons who have paid
Northwest-Orient, pleased Credit Union of Miami. Before Ebenezer Methodist Church on entrance fees are urgedto
with a reported per cent jumpIn his promotion Brown servedas Li Nov 20, promises to be the attend the meeting.
passengers out of Chicago In counselor for the Economic .biggest in the history of the
October, expects winter travelto Opportunity Program. .church, according to Rev. A.

this area to justify a more Brown, 22, Is a native of Philadelphia f w5 '+Ih e D. Hall, pastor of the institu-
than 30 per cent addltio'n In tion. .
Pa. but has made
of this year's
The theme
equipment for the coming t
Miami his home for,the past celebration is "Meeting the

months.Delta Air Ltnesi;nip .--20.9'percent 4 the years former, and Vanorlaa Is married freeman, .t I.. Needs of Women Through"

last month over October of Jacksonville Fla. Mrs. Prayer, Faith and Love. ,"''s S1
1965 and up 7.3 per cent In Brown Is a member of Speaker for the morning
service will be Mrs. Maeola
winter package sales during the Freeman Sisters singing
Nov. over last anticipatesat Monroe, well-known educatorof
year, trio now appearing on Miami
least a 10 per cent IncreaseIn Beach Ft. Lauderdale. A graduate
of both Edward Waters College
its winter business. The
Brown and his wife live In
added equipment to handle this North Miami. and Fla. A&M University, Mrs.
volume is on the line as well 'Monroe was formerly teacher

as a 30 per cent increase in Shirley Bassey, One # t' J ( 1A at Miami's Douglas Elementary
reservations personnel. School and is presently

United Air Lines reports au- Of Headliners On employed in Broward County _'%t ,_
tumn traffic figures substan- The evening speaker will be
tially better than a year ago Andy Williams Show Mrs. Leenette Pennington,

and will add more equipmentand SongstressShirley Bassey, 'AI prominent educator and social
flights in December in anticipation Hlrt, Roddy McDowall, and the worker. tIII111
of a record winter team of Carl Reiner and Mel The public is Invited to attend
A r com modations in MUml Brooks vist NBC Television and share in' the observance.

Beach ready for the season Include Network's "The AndyWlliams
a new EOO-room hotel Show" colorcast Sunday, Nov e THE STRIPS which band birds
and nearly 5,000 just completed 27 00-11 p.m. NYT). w used to be inscribed "Wash Blol'
apartment units.These give the Andy opens singing "Lucky I Surv" for Washington Biological
city some 32,000 hotel rooms Day," backed by the dancers.He # Survey. They were changedafter
and 35,000 apartments, the largest Introduces Carl Reiner and a farmer shot a crow and WMBMSpollight

concentration of holdiday Mel Brooks, who offer a new wrote the government: "Dear
lodgings anywhere in the worldof version of their celebrated SC w.hG Sirs: I shot one of your birds ProductOf

NovemberApril summers. "2,000-year-old man" comedy --i : .the other day and followed the
Most of winter's special activities ____ ..nos .
skit. .rma l..r n.rw..1. : Instructions. I washed It, bioled The Week
already are under way ACTORSLiberty City Elementary School students Thomas. In' the second row are Anthony Wilson, ,/Ir. and tuned It. It was terrible."

1 who portrayed the main characters in a musical Julian Jackson' ,, Wilmette Williams, Willie Mae Catholic Digest-October, Miami, Florida

play entitled "Dr Squash" in observance of Peterkin, Ivy Anderson, Collette Hart sherry

"American Education week" are shown here. Brinkley, Renee Leroy sheryl Rainey and Richard

IWAMEDIAL seated from left are: Larry O'Brien Jerrold Johnson. Other members of the class are seen I

Johnson, Remola Smith Robin Clarke and Elsada in the background. ..

Counseling Services At M-D JC Approved
Uncle Sam has a couple of

Another first was achieved it Is the first junior collegeby plans to make your': money as

Mlaml-Dade Junior College counseling agency to be ap- easy to save as it is to spend,
1260 when the Counseling Services proved by the Board. I There's the Payroll Savings
Department of the college was Marvin A. Hoss Is M-DJC Plan where work. And the
approved t this week by the North Campus department you
Bond a-Month Plan where .
American Board of you
Counseling chairman with a staff of 10 w 'v: .
Services. Washington, D. C. counselors. bank. .
... oe.
"* .
\1-1 '-3 Rcl

.. J the SHORTY-$35.

1t'n yor complete Illustrated Catalog olMedale
Heir Ulylee,Wl.H>lf saps

"Skin was dryingout..flaking..looked dull andgrayVaseline' ,,- '- and, attachment. Jul It'*write.your' Rend FREE name War andadrtre.e.

# 1 /f.tur.llr Healthy Norm.I B.ir .q..Gi M.dal Holr .Peed. Inc.Deal. .
CHOWS from the MAIM ROOTS St S. Bklyn 35. H.Y.COMBItJ.
( Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft / In your YOUR hair SCALP often The depend condition heavily of
: en the natural health e( your
Ii a.. and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days:' : I seal formula NOT p; Invnt.d Yew called Igo 0 DOCTOR'n.dleahd CAftVONOXI CAR.tar

which 1* mined with many oroe.an ,
Mrs. Donald P. Ryder, New York N.Y. beneficial Ingredient. CAM
BONOEC la such a tronf pow.rrut
atUaeptlo and dos such fin*
work In helping an ITCHY
BUMPY DANDRUFF scalp thai. :
& BLUES 4" }' 't many DOCTORS regard U highlyand
Applied as a continuous f film to hands PRESCRIBE It. for many
,e lp trouble.1" Many annoying
11 ankles face, arms-when your skin eternally caused acktp condition
arc granny relieved by thuaej .
.,4 needs more than cosmetic care'Vaseline' Of Shim Trlpl..trMp t. tar J 1(
t a Petroleum Jelly is the sooth formula GENVINE. Write SCALP for thus fOXMULAow. DOCTOR r
4'' skin It will be aenl to you allmixed If
RADIO STATION ing answer Helps dry ashy gray and ready to use. VII IT ,
w f r regain its normal look and tone No r'a FOR.aUafled t DAYS, your and money If you back arc pay not I"NOTADYEaa.i.-touckeaw.y':. .emb.. ..no'Out bro.h with to not Odd rub aoia, ''

othersoftenersnoskiricreamnoskn1lotion .ply tlJI on deUvery..ThU includea add ..Dar .
.d"'I1" AVOID"
verytMn ,
provides better moisture protec penny more You let It wit cay. full a..h THAT.".SUDDEN ch.dtorr.moin." DyaD LOOK... I
"WHAMMYMIAMI" tion. Try it. direction GATED SCALP Uee the FORMULA flneit afXDN your :TI\'n\ ; : Plutia soilin Cm,, .ac.rubbing, \I
money can buy. Your hair and bo c..l.d In p.ck.Co .\ ,..Can...
wb WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE acalp deeerve fine e.ro. Juit aend _. I.. ell ......, Black t.
your namo and addreea to-GOLD Plains BI.... ,
MIDAT. HAUI PRODUCTS INC. 1u-1 wrU., "..e 'ho.
THAN COSMETIC CARE. Dept pmoktrn at M 1. .HY.Sheepehead NOTE: THIS Beyl: .1.:::.Vi.r'Cofj.Medal: : : : paY Only...

t'O&MULA.I... a 100% writ* Hal. P,ocIue'.. I..
'en_ money bac* guaranta.. Dap.. St.1. B...kln. 3J, New ft'AGE .


. .( e .A 1 w .. _

L-a_._____ ,

: j
.t --- ---y


Late FAMU Dean Of Women Honored Carmichael Beset OH Two Sides

[ ::FRONTLASH: Altar Call- 1 1NEGRO .. ? c Anti-Draft Stand; Riot Charges

A Negro business organization, sponsors of an annual formal I SELMA - tone, dclded one year to Invite white couples. Few came that I Nonviolent Co-ordinating Committee, has found himself: the
year, but the next,white couples Inquired about the formal weeks object of attention from two different sources during tht-
before it took place and came in larger numbers, making up 50 past week. "us:
per cent of the attendance. may have resulted from
A white factory worker had a death In his family and a Negro On one hand, the Justice Department consultation In New York with
fellow-worker dismissed the idea of star ting a floral fund, saying t is considering draft officials for two days
"Let some white person start It." possible action against the Some Idea of what punishment
Here are two of the ways Negroes relate to whites and sadly :SNCC leader for his pronouncements Carmichael could expect
enough the latter is the most practiced.Yet,here we sit, agreeIng that he will not allow If convicted of falling to report
and crying that we are the victims of the "white backlash'! .himself to be drafted.On for draft Induction, was pro
What is wrong with the Idea of Negroes initiating a Negro l the other, he has been vided by a four-year conviction
'Frontlash?/ Not one designed to either glorify or overplay incarcerated in Jail on chargesof of Jeffery B. Segal, leader of
black power, but a frontal attack that is committed to extending I "Inciting a riot" In Selma" the Chicago-based Students for
Negro womanhood and manhood-humanity-toward other humanity The 23-year-old militant Democratic Society.
alblet that It Is white. SNCC spokesman was clappedIn Judge James B. Parsons, who
Examples: Why couldn't advanced Negro high school students, jail last week, then police sentenced Segal on charges of
In some of our cities, conduct tutoring classes for Appalachian i broke up a small demonstration draft evasion, said be gives
sentences when a defendant -
whites and Puerto Ricans? :at the city hall. two-year
Why couln't Negro adults work in literacy programs for the The incident occurred when pleads guilty. The ma-
parents of these "hill people and Islanders"? j the driver of one of two sound jority of those sentenced,baring
,trucks refused to obey a police no prior record, will serve onlya '
Negro employes need to be the Initiators of dialog between
third of their term, he noted.
order to move the vehicle. The
themselves and their white co-workers. Negro people need to
Invite to their homes,their churches,their social events, whiter .driver and another man were
with whom they come Into normal contact at school, work or In iTThL promptly arrested.At While Tampan Leads
[ political activity : this juncture, Carmichael

With some apology for the personal reference, we frequently, Is said to have grabbed the Cemetery Clean .Up
invite some white person to our residence.Those that come, wt truck microphone and urged
believe, are never the same when they leave. H some 50 demonstrators to "go An 85-year-old pioneer white
Why? They bad the startling experience of discovering that 1 to jail and see about your bro citizen is leading a group of
Negroes are Indeed human like themselves.Too ther (the arrested driver)." Seffner Negroes in attempting
long, we've sat supinely by awaiting overtures of goodwill The police quickly moved in to get their area and an old
from the white man.Good will Is not racial or ethnic. Lets and arrested Carmichael and landmark cementery cleaned
start being initiators of good will towards whites. They're five other demonstrators, and up.Joe
human too, you know. Impounded both sound trucks. Ebert, who lives on the
Freedom for Negroes without the assumption responsibility A Portrait of the late Mrs. Nannie S.< 'house manager, Cropper Hall ; Mrs. A. P. Carmichael was held under road named after him,Joe Ebert
for humanity, is an anachronism. With all that we do not have, McGuinn who served as dean of women at Stewart assistant professor of health.and $500 bond, which he refused to. Road at Tlmmons Road, said ,

we cannot afford this illicit luxury Florida A&M College from 1922 to I9U2, physical education Mrs. S. K. Russell post. he is concerned primarily In
Let's build an Altar. Call it the Negro Frontlash, if you will, ; Earlier, the Justice Depart- getting county labor crews to
but let it be Negro humanity at Its best, srvlng what many call was unveiled during Women's' Week on the payroll supervisor, who was guest speakerat ment had announced It would clean up the old Mayberry cem-
; jrftite humanity at its ." FAMU campus recently. The portrait now the ,ceremony; Mrs. Hilda Foote of consider what appropriate action etery and also devote a little
worse.Campus hangs in the Main Lounge of McGuinn Hall Tallahassee, who unveiled the portrait ; should be taken regardingCarmlchael's more time to helping clean up

one of the five dormitories for women orb. Miss Sharon Moore freshman from Winter anti-draft statements the The general cleanup area.project bad been

NewsHOWARD campus, which is named after the honoree. Park; Miss Clayola Oliver, freshman from "When and if the facts warrantit attempted by the Seftner-Mango -
Shown here are some of the persons who Charleston S. C. : and Dr. George W. Gore under the law as determinedby Thonotosassa Civic Club

attended the unveiling ceremony. Theyare president of the university. the courts, the department beaded by Mrs Bessie Dix

UNIVERSITY from left to right: Mrs. E. R. Jones, FAMU staff photo by Ernest FII I I Iyau. will department take prompt spokesman.action," saida to But maintain the club the has been project unable and

official of the United Church of Christ told an audi Carmichael recently urged sought help.
jAraklng Ward
Supremes Powell Faces Negro Americans not to servein
lace of clergymen at Howard University's 50th annual con Arrest Again, A spokeman for the club said
the armed forces and has
of the area's pioneer citl-
vocation of the School of Religion that the new student left Singers On GIVE TO i FIGHT attacked U. S. mUltarypollcles many tens are burled In the cemetery,
'.,.. ,' movements on university campuses today do not have an ideology ex.n But Where Is He ? in Viet Nam.Carmlchael. so are several Indian chiefs,and
lest can sustain their organizations. "They are bmSUP.on" Viet Nam Tour Ineligible to hold office. is classified by area residents have been unable
pressing their own Identity, leaving no room. forchange./ The suit, filed In the state the draft as I-Y, which means
I' to find because undergrowth -
the speaker was Dr. Wesley A. Hotchkiss, general secretary, Adam Clayton Powell faced the graves
TUY HOAVletnam-)-The supreme court by Lassen L. he falls short of some physical and litter.
Division of Higher Education, United Church of Christ, New 'prospect of being Jailed regardless MGIMULTIPLE
Clara Ward Singers Tuesday Walsh, was clearly an attemptto or mental requirement under Ebert, owner of 60 acres in the
crowd In of where he have
York City On hand for the occasion was a capacity may
began a 17-day USO-sponsored force Powell to come to present standards but is subjectto area and several orange groves,
Room of the School Religion The lecture was gone, as the New York Sup
the Fellowship tour of U.S. military installat court *nd face arrest. "CanI SCLEROSIS call in case of war or national said he wanted to see the area
the fbwt in a three-day program being held in conjunction with ions in Vietnam. reme Court ordered that he help It U he's arrested?! emergency cleaned up by the county. ..It's
30 In
:tfc* Adversity's 100th anniversary observance. The rhythmic Gospel group Isled serve The only days trouble jail was that no .Rubin shrugged. A change in his classification their duty to do It," he said.
by Clara Ward, and for the
one knew where Powell
past two decades the group has was.
J Pif The court order was one of
been one of America's top Gospel -
I many Judgements directed against -
Miss Ward and her group recently the Harlem Congressman -' QUANTITY
I as a result of a libel .
appeared on television
Judgment against him. The State ,
programsthat include "The Tonight -
I Show," "Hootenanny," Supreme Court found him guilty
N 1It of 'two* counts of criminal
T and the Steve,ADen,- Show" .. PRICES GOOD
contempt. i
Also the Far East
I f touring Unlike the civil contempt citations THROUGH, SA TUROA YFOLGER'S
The Supremes who have already
It tu- rN+ rlv + Issued against Powell, E
Y YA completed successful' t
the lastest order can be ser
engagements in Japan, Hong
r ved outside New York State
Kong, Taiwan and Okinawa.The
A While Powell's whereaboutswere
three girls, rated as one of the
not known he
was expected -
hottest acts in show business
to appeal the sentencesSupreme
recently played a three-day
Court Justice Mat
stint at Manila's mammoth Ar
thew M. Levy had said the court
aneta Coliseum. One of the trio COFFEE HERSHEY'S
would wait until the nation elections -
aneta Coliseum. One of the
before Issuing the order.
I trio's latest hit numbers, "You
The order out of Powell's
Can't Hurry Love," is rated on grew SUGAR
'characterization of Mrs.Esther
the national list of the top 20
1 LB.
James, a Harlem widow, as a 9C
records (single) for last week GIANT
graft collector for corrupt c
by Billboard
policemen on a 1961 television CAN 59

Margaret HarrisAt program PKG,
I The justice ordered Powell to 5 39C
Radio City pay a $250 fine and serve a 30- LB. m.
day Jail sentence on each of the
Music Hall} two counts. The Jail sentences I

would run concurrently. WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE
Pianist Margaret Harris Is Powell LIMIT 5 LBS PLEASE ,
KEN KNIGHT was not In court,
York's Radio
featured at New five
was represented by attorn-
City Music Hall as one of the

-Invites You To Listen To- soloists in a six piano arrange- eys.Meanwhile, the Harlem Cancressman' .
ment of Tchaikovsky's "First .
Republican -
Concerto". The novel CRISCO
Piano In the Nov.8 election charged
BIG BAND musical presentation is a that Powell was not a resident'of
highlight of the famed show- the state and therefore was

r "DANCE PARTY"Nightly place's Miss Harrrls current,stage a Chicagoan spectacle.by FOUR STRIKES

birth, has studied at the Curtis 3 69CMAHATMA
Institute in Philadelphia and TUCSON, Aria <(NPI>-Negro lBS
11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. the Julllard School of Music in students may have three strikes
New York. She is on the fac- against them in school But, LONG GRAIN CARNATION EVAPORATED

1400 WRHC1400 ulty of the School of Arts in according to Monroe Sweetland, LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER
the latter city. legislative consultant, National
Education Association, Mexi RICE 29C MILK
can-American students have 1KGl8 FOOD PURCHASES OF

four. "The..factor (In addition

? STMICHT KH/MON/ WHISKY.M MOOT.Tiles,OLD CHARTER OUT CO.,IOUIIVILU. to poverty) which pulls down 15.00$ OR

y the speaking achievement child Is of Spanish-unquestionably PET RITZ MINCE OR PUMPKIN MORE 6 TALL $1 1

the language barrier," he PIE 20 OZ. 39c CANS
said Sweetland noted that Mexi
Ttck-tock..tick-tock. can-Americans make up the

a largest minority in five South- "Green Giant MIX Or MATCH Sale"LESUEUR
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R-CC Homecoming Contest AgainstFla. Teaming Up On Brother They Lead Ralllcr Roofers

,, _.
--" '"'' -"--- -

AIM Seen As Family .BattleThe ..,''. ". ,..,,. .' '
Bethune-Cookman College Homecoming contest against :;

Florida AAM at 2 p.m. Saturday, November 19 in Memorial ", '\
Stadium could turn out to be a real family battle. The Wildcats '
first and second Individual pass receiving leader are Samuel ,'. : II I

and Daniel Cooper! identical twins and the Rattlers top defensive I
halfback their older brother Eddie Cooper. r
Samuel has 4t
grabbed eight still It was said to be one of the
for 150 net and
passes yards
best outings for B-CC In many
four touchdowns while Brother
Daniel has pulled in nine for years Understandably Head- W e
coach Jack "Cy" McClalren is /
10S: Samuel has
yards pickedup I
very anxious: to prove his Wildcats *
t another 70 yards on a
are great as they prepareto
end around '
tricky play. take on the Florida AIM Irt i
Samuel is said by HeadcoachJack
Rattlers for Homecoming at 2
"Cy" McClalren to be
p.m. Saturday, November 19,
of the finest "clutch"
in Dayton Beach, Fla. I
in the conference. In
Recalling the South Carolina
the Morris Brown he
game State game he said, "they played
two touchdown
passes, almost flawless ball. The only
the first between two defenders
; flaw to be found In his statementis
the second three de

the 'almost'." Jack was noticeably -
fenders. In fact Jack "I
says ,
happy as he ran his
didn't know he had the ball
Wildcats through secret drills.
until the official signal went
He will hold close practice sessions
up". His most celebrated
.. t
until the FAMU contest w A'7eYT
touchdown catch came with a Captain Larry Little, 26S: Indispensable cogs in the Rattlers' wheel are the FAMU cheerleaders -

minute against and South three Carolina.seconds to It pound defensive tackle, said a group of coeds whose spirit and enthusiasm js a main

was go a fourth down fake punt "the guys realize this Is no w t factor in the FAMU football success story. The cheerleaders are

and pass that bounced off the ordinary game. B-CC hasn'twon made up of 10 coeds-- five varsity cheerleaders who usually accompany -
over FAMU in 14
hands of one of three South This is our year, I can Just years.feel I the Rattlers on road trips,and five reserves who fill in

Carolina defenders in the end It. They can too." ( r on road trips when a varsity member Is ailing. The reserves and
the wildcats to + k I tJyk
cone, allowing
upset the Bulldogs 29-26. Star senior halfback Johnny varsity cheer at all home games. The Rattler rooters ( from leftto
The Plant City, Florida twins Knight said "I had to sit out right) are: Jennifer Engram, sociology major from Tallahassee;

who are each 6*, 190 pounds the because: South of Carolina a slight State Injury.game 1: Diana Poole, physical education major from Morristown ; JacquelineBoone

alternate at right end.McCalren felUlrieht but the coach said i 4p psychology major from Miami ; Cora White, physical education
says "one end catch over his np. But he fold me to '(0 for r a r l s+ It'i major from Miami ; and Jeannette Mannings, library science major
shoulder the other
right over broke' against FAMU. I can
from Tallahassee. FAMU staff Ernest
his left. With them playing the hardly wait photo by Fillyau

same position, I can use a varIety Two hundred seventy pound

of pass patterns. tackle Henry Still, a recent r---------------, fee eO
It will be Brother Eddie's Job "Conference player of the t Your Good Health {II t tt
to defend against the twins. He
Week" said, "I am having trouble { 1 1
Is an outstanding defender, sleeping all night. 1 keep : r I By SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN, M. D., M.P.H. f

rated very high by FAMU telling myself it Is just another 4.------- -- ------ 111fZkid.y Roe RaOWSTERoae
coaches. In 1965, he led the game, but I can't fool my ner- .. Earw,

team with five Interceptions.He ves, they know. I tm very' _____ __ .___ _____________ n__ ___ ___ __ SKATEBOARDS M.rerry o.rM.rb
has already intercepted five and..xous to get my hands on tie! TWINS Brothers Samuel and Daniel, Bethune-Cookman Wildcats' top pass receivers seem HANDLE WITH CARE
this season including four Rattlers." to be teaming up on their brother Eddie Cooper who Is the top defensive halfback on the Skateboards, or sidewalk surfing, like any new sport, has No matter how you view them,
against Tennessee State.A versatile It Is no secret the Wildcats' Florida A&M Rattlers team. The Wildcats will play the Rattlers on Sat. Nov. 19 in Bethune's caused many accidents, especially among beginners. sharks are exciting!
gridder, Eddie played 4-1, are having one of its finest Homecoming Game at Memorial Stadium, at 2 p.m. It will be interesting to watch the brotherson These accidents range from minor bruises to broken arms While various member of thin
halfback, end and quarterback seasons. They are aware how opposing teams. and legs, and have Involved users, pedestrians and the pro- tribe are considered nuisances,
in high school. He scholarship verbial innocent they are certainly not known M
won a ever, that good or bad each year bystanders.The note Bllhln
to FAMU as a quarterback FAMU is the big test and for cause of Injury may be falling off, running Into people, "loafer authorities on at a Mercury outboards.!

the past 14 years the've ARCA 250 Race buildings or trees, or even riding Into the path of automobiles. Concurring In this opinion la the
Speaking for the twins Daniel flunked One bright spot which Because the skateboard has no brakes, the rider may lose International Game Fish Association

said "we're looking forward to remains a comfort for Coach Sports ParadeBY Scheduled For has balance when undue speed is attained on an Incline, or which recofnixe MX. different -
this game. Our oldest brother McClairen Is his defense. The may even Injure himself when he jumps off a runaway board. species as game fluh.Be

Carlton, a FAMU graduate who way Jack puts it "we haven't The riderless skateboard may also be a dangerous missile.
played halfback with the had this kind of defensive material February, 1967 Often the beginner must concentrate so hard on maintaining his
Rattlers wlU be here watching.He since B-CC defeated balance that be is unaware of the hazards surrounding him. A MURRAY ManWin
taught all three of us how FAMU in 1952". NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. Some safety rules that will help prevent skateboard accidentsare

to play football. With speed, prize money, and :
The twins are business TRACTION TIP BOUT POSTPONED AGAIN interest of racing fans on the Do not use public streets for skateboarding, unless they have

majors, Eddie Is majoring in Phis winter when your carspins Increase ever since its incep- been blocked off for this purpose.Do .
Mathematics.When .it. the curb try this KAIMESKA LAKE, N.Y.-{NPI)-The on-agaln-off-agaln middleweight tion in 1964, the ARCA 250 is not use driveways that slope Into the street.

the Bethune-Cookman emergency measure from the title rematch between champion Emile Griffith and expected to be the best in its Restrict the use to designated areas, such as playgrounds,
College Wildcats upset South Catholic Digest!: give! the fender Joey Archer Is off again. For the second time the bout, originally short history when it is run on non-congested sidewalks, and vacant areas of parking lots.
Carolina State College recently behind each wheel: a solid kick. scheduled for Oct. 21, was postponed from Nov. 3 to Jan. Sunday, Feb. 19, at Daytona Beginners should strive for control rather than speed, and
they were without the services The dirt loosened from lilt blow 23 when Griffith turned his ankle. and- suffered a torn ligament International Speedway. should be watchful of their surroundings at all times. I

of star halfback John Knight and might he enough to;give 'traction during a sparring session. The 1966 race 'was won by The board should be inspected from time to time to make

; on the ice. Jack Bowsher In a Ford, at an sure It Is machanlcally sound.
TITLE MATCH DEC.;16 average speed 164.053 miles When not In use, it should be stored In a safe place, away from

per hour, after be had led the walks, driveways and stairs.
IT'S 94 PROOF NEW YORK -(NPI) Plagued with difficulty with ma ng the qualifiers with a two-lap aver- Children should be encouraged to keep the fun In sidewalk

160 pound middleweight requirement, former middleweight age of 173,678m.p.h. Bowsber's surfing by keeping accidents from happening. A
champion Dick Tiger of Nigeria has decided to go after the speeds proved to skeptical fans

light heavyweight title held by Jose Torres. They will meet that the ARCA drivers could All American Named Florida Hunters
JflCQUIN'S Dec. 16 for the championship In Madison Square Garden. wheel a late model stock car

round the Daytona trloval as Captain Of St. John's Given Firearms
Gl.ID ROOKIE OF YEAR well as the NASCAR boys. eo. .0 .. I
"The ARCA 250 will be one Basketball learn
LONDON KANSAS CITY, Mo.-NPI)-Former Trojan Mike Garrett of the fastest and most exciting NEW YORK -(NPILloyd Safety RulesTALLAHASSEE Business Advancement
of the Kansas City Chiefs last week was rated top candidate late model stock car
CSonny) Dove, selected last yearas Social
for American Football League Rookie of the Year honors races of 1967," says John an Ail-American has been -norldahad Popularity
after he had scored six touchdown ,four of them on runs Marcum, president of the big named the 1966-67 captain of 71 bunting casualties, twelveof
of 79, 77,61 and 42 yards in games played this season. 0 ne and flourishing mid-western which were fatal during the
John's basketball You'li
St. feel
TOWER of Mike's biggest boosters Is his coach, !Blank Stram, who racing organization. "Our 1967 team. University last season The Game and veil room.d Confident III due end Ihu1 esemnp lour heir when II

eR said of him: "Without doubt, he is most deserving of Rookie equipment will stand comparison Termed "one of the most versatile Fresh Water Commission ynu IANESSI\l. uw, A/LNNAY'S, I'OAIAnE."r.relor keeps HAIR hale:
of the Year honors (because) he has made a tremendous with the best, and our basketball called GO all Florida hunters firmly In.. plse. .,'houl, that sdskyl
college ,
areaey "n
no alkahn
to reduce this or
contribution. help figure duringthe ,
drivers are as skilled andheaYlooted players in the country," Dove. other harsh rnhnu.
1966-67 .
Double as you'll find has "held his own" against'
cotllps RECORDS HOLD anywhere. The ARCA 250 offers such basketball greatestas B. Copeland, Commission
them a chance to show Chairman, said, "Carelessnessand I note (or the onnp ,.. .ti
Londoner Cattle Russell Michigan tin llh the and
man ,
NEW YORK (NPI)The 10 records established the lack of training in /t
by retired everybody that they know how Dave Scbellhase of Purdue, litlv on lopIARGI
GIN Cleveland Browns fullback Jim Brown still stands In the- to get maximum speed on the Mike Slllman of Army,and Walt firearms safety Is a major SUC 600 Mur.M,
National Football Jim cause of accidents every year. TRIAL SIZE J10
League. gained the most yards, life world's fastest Speedway. And Wesley of Kansas. NURRAT
time, 12, 312; the most yards per season, 1,863; the most they don't pass by the chance." Dove's 14.5-a-game rebound It is the responsibility of the

$ 85 seasons leading the NFL in rushing, eight; the most con- The prize money for the ARCA average-14th best In the nation hunter to know what they are .
umioR C 2 secutive seasons leading the league, five; the most attempts, 250 has been boosted for 1967.Total -combined with his averageof shooting, and they would do well chain On ulc.il drug store,

DRYGIN 99 PINT lifetime, 2,359; and the most attempts, per season 305. cash awards exceed $37, 21.2 points a game for the to assume in the area.that" other huntersare hop.warn 'If> your rJ..b barber dealer: doe not hive
000 and the winner Murray
go Redmen last season earned him i Pomiidt he tin yet l II ainUlv
MUST PAY home with a sizeable chunk He added, "We would for yon or send only tl. and .e .ill
berth Helms Association 40511 .
a on the you 2 pun "n Hair Pomade
of It.The. encourage all parents to re- posope pa'd.
5th well
yx PiNrl45 NEW YORK-NPI-The U. S. Tax court last week ruled ARCA 250 Is run over as on all-America almost every team,all-East as quire their children to have

that Floyd Patterson and not a corporation he heads Is liable the Spevdway's, 2.5-mlle team selected.A proper training before giving MUMAM tUIEIIOJ fHOOUCTl COMPANY
for taxes on an additional 55085.06: of income received during trioval, with its 31 degree six-foot, eight-inch them access to guns" 4M Chariest ....I titrtit, Mict, 4IMI

w 1957 and 1958. Floyd bad claimed thatthe taxable Income' banked turns, and its long,flat- forward, Dove Is a 21-year
should be charged to the Floyd Patterson Enterprises, ltd; out straights. It Is amazing how old senior majoring in English. "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"
Only At Your JjCtX- Store which was formed for the purpose of handling Patterson's well the ARCA drivers have He worked last summer for

( radio and television!. rights. learned their lessons on this "Operation Champ," a govern- R. S. EVANS
circuit In three years. They ment-sponsored program

now drive it with confidence designed to teach athletic skillsto
and unusual skill. this dry's
The ARCA 250 Is one of the youngsters. 3rd & MAIN

sAVS r highlights of the annual Daytona
rM rrrrrr-
\\ Speed Weeks. It is the third 65 Cadillac Sedan DeVille . $4395

Ai1J\a \ program ------ 64 Cadillac. Air Conditioned . .$2903! :

65 Chevrolet B.A., Air Conditioned .$1795

66 Chevrolet Impala I . . .$239":

64 Ford 390 Motor . . .$1595:
65 Buick Wildcat 4-Door . . .$2595
PRICESDRUG ONE owev' .s. 11 foe MI. KHARPH \ PIN.
ROoo trot' 65 JcT Special: ..V-8 RAN Skylark . .$2195

66 Pontiac Bonneville . . .$3695
68 Pontiac Grand Prix . . .$3695
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store AC \INYL TOP. MAO' WHEELS' rACTORT WARRANTY.
65 T-Bird ,
Deliver. We also fill all Doctors PrescrlP- APPRJCCIA1I ONE LADY OWNFR:
OgEEN4e' tions. 65 Barracuda V-fl . . .. .$1795
63 Pontiac Grand Prix . ., .$1795
65 Pontiac Catalina . . .$2395
65 Mustang 2+2 . . . .$1993
65 Plymouth Fury III 2-Dr. Hardtop ? ? .$;193

I ; _:: # .(/. .: 1302 KillS Road At Myrtle Aveue 61 THII Ford II VAir A LITTLE: J Conditioned..S WEL. AIR COWniTlONED 495

!. \ r" 59 Ford Station Wagon V-8 . ,$ 395
Phones Elfii 5559799


Beef at its Best

3rd & MAIN

EI 4-ni1: EL 4SV52I

I 1 t ; ,


Jones,, RaI lers' 1966 Football Team RC Cola-Pittsburgh Courier

Former Track Star To Honor Top 11 Athletes

Joins NCR Staff PITTSBURGH, Pa. Royal Crown Cola and the Pittsburgh
Courier have announced: that the RC Cola-Pittsburgh Courier
DAYTON, Ohio C&arles D. All-Amerlcaa Football Banquet will be held Friday evening
Jones, former track star and January 8, 1987 at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel.
.t acber la the Chicago school
system, has been named u a In addition to honoring the Grambllng and Houston; Hewitt
regional manpower recruiterfor top 11 players from the nation's Dixon, Florida AIM and Oakland -
the National Cash Register t8ldtIt1I predominantly Negro collegesand ; Clem Daniels, Prairie
Company. universities, RC Cola andrl View and Oakland; Otis Taylor,
In 1957 In Dayton atanatiaaal, il i ia.oalviaa rl. f __ -aural--arrrlr I The Courier will cite the 196ft Prairie View and Kansas City;
meet of the Amateur Athletic nf.e4 ? National Championship Team, Charlie Frazier, Texas Southern -
Union, be set the world's record N t in ; 90XM1 SON N'1k4353 the back-of-the-year, the line- and Houston Homer Jones,
In the two-mile man-of-tbe-year, and coacbI Texas Southern and New York
'steeplechase. of-the-year from the intercollegiate Giants; Israel Lang Tennessee
VNCR, a leading manufacturer |I ranks. State and Philadelphia Eagles;
of business machines, has to t Coveted John (Bo) Farrlngton Roosevelt Davis, Tennessee
date bind four such regional j and Willie Gallmore Memorial State and New York Giants;
Representatives. Their major ..w. I Awards will go to top veteran John Baker, North Carolina
responsibility will be to assist I and first year players in the College and Pittsburgh
the managers of NCR branch National and American Football Stealers; Alvin Barman, Southern
offices throughout different b Sl Leagues. The awards were and Baltimore; and Chuck
sections: of the country In finding SC346 / Inaugurated In 1964 u memorials ,HiltOn, North Carolina;
qualified Job applicants: with to the two gridiron stars College and the Steelers.
emphasis given to minority who played Integral roles In
group recruiting.The 4 23 t4B3 gi 6 70n 8 8l. b. X66 the Chicago Bears1963 march New Orleans Gets
Iq ?p
move is In accord with to the NFL Crown.
NCR's "Plan for Progress," ; Farrlngton played undergraduate Big Time FootballNEW
which encompasses offices ,f! football at Prairie View CKIEAKMNPQ-The
throughout eight upper I and Gallmore at Florida MM. Crescent City, which has had
Midwestern sates. Both paced their teams to much experience and trouble in
NCR branch offices employ 1 ; National crowns and Gallmore sports, seems about to come
sales, service and clerical I was a three-time Courier All- into Its own through big time
personnel, and the company's aFAMU American. football. The National Football
Research Center at the Dayton Previous memorial award League has selected New
Ohio headquarters employs a I winners Include: 1964, Rosey Orleans u the 16th major city
large numbers of graduate en- Brown, Morgan State and the where big time football will be
gineers the electronic: electrical New York Giants; Tom Day, played. will temporarily
mechanical and t i ALT College and the Buffalo use the Sugar Bowl stadium
chemical areas. i .,f tr Bljlls; the late Mack Hill, while a new covered dome
Mr. Jones, a native of St.Paul, I ( Southern University anf is being prepared.New .
Mina, entered Father Flana ,the Kansas City Chiefs; Be* Orleans has been plagued
gan's Boys' Town at the agent McGee, Jackson State and the by disasters In sports and mostof
12. He later went to the University ;Pittsburgh Stealers; 1969, it has come as a result of its
of Iowa on a scholar- Willie Davis, Grambllng and racial prejudice. Tbe city lost
ohln And was mtfiiatarf In 19R9 tbe Green Bay Packers Junius
with a degree-In physical i education. FOOTBALL SQUAD Lett to right: front row-Nathaniel James, Colrnoo Jones, Tallahassee; Gerald White, Tampa; Major Hatelton, Bartow; Buchanan, Grambllng and; the Orleans its minor Pelicans league team-the-due to New the
Bartow; Rudolph Sims, Tampa; Joe Williams, Lawnslde, N. J.; Andre White, Clarence Smith, Columbus Ohio; Preston Johnson, Boston, Mass.; Henry Kansas City Chiefs Bob Hayes,
; unwillingness of the team to accept
Miami Arthur Collins Freddie Woodson Scott, Melbourne Arthur Pia, Miami Willie Kelly, Ft. Lauderdale Hubert
His prowess u a runner won Tampa; Herman Jackson, ; Miami ; ; ; Florida A&M and the Dallas and to
him berths on the 1956 and 1960U. Savannah, Ga.; Elroy Morand, Ocala; Rudolph Jamison, Jacksonville; John Ginn, Savannah, Ga.; Jim Ashcroft, New York, N. Y.; Melvin Jones, Jacksonville Cowboys; and Verlon Biggs, seat Negroes Negroes u In players the park on an
S. Olympic teams. In addition Eason, Ocala; John Rolle, Miami; Sharon Stallworth, Plant City. Second row- ; Walter Spicer, Savannah, Ga.; Lattimore Chavls, Tallahassee Fourth Jackson State and the New York unsegregated basis.
to these trips to Robert Lampklns, St. Albans, N. Y.; Willie Thomas, Thomasvllle, Ga.; Zeke row-Issac Stringer, Miami; Arthur Boyd, Durham N. C.j, Earl Hudnell, Jets.
New Orleans then got Its big
Australia and Rome, be has Sims, Ocala; Roger Flnnle, Miami; Eddie Cooper, Plant City; Sam Anderson, West Palm Beach; Hilrad Greene, Palmetto; Benny Johnson, hallandale; In 1965, special citations were black when discriminated
traveled throughout Russia, Miami: ; Andrew Greene, Miami James Long, 'Tallahassee; Donald Smith, Michael Stevens Roosevelt, N. Y.; Robert Hill, West. Palm Beach; Johnny awarded to B. T. Harvey, longtime against eye the Negro players man
Poland and Hungary as amember Bartow; George Bowen, Hollywood; Charles Bell, Melbourne; Richard Ford, Mcintyre, Ft. Lauderdale; Walter Lewis, St. Augustine; Alonzo Gilbert, Commissioner of the exhibition and the players
of U.S.athletic teams. Boca Raton; Eugene Milton, Ocala; Alvin Logan, Thomson, Ga. Third row- Miami; and Charles Henderson, Ft. Pierce.FAMUstaff photo by Ernest Flllyau Southern Intercollegiate Athletic left u a consequence.Now game : .
Since In 1962, Mr. Jones has Worst Traffic Accident Stanton Blue Devils Flo. A&M Rattlers' Basket baiF Henry Johnson, former veteran about ended in hotels, athletic
worked In Industry In both sales Steeler great. contests, restaurants, etc., and
and public relations capacities.The 'Meet Gilbert PanthersIn Season Gets Underway Dec. 10 Leading candidates for tbe '66 New Orleans seems on Its way
new NCR recruiter will Being Set Says FHP memorial awards include: agalns to big time In sports.
make his headquarters at the TALLAHASSEE, FIa.-FAIU-The Florida A&M University Frank Cornish, first year player New Orleans once led the entire
NCR divisional office In Chi TALLAHASSEE Col. H. N. Kirkman. Director of the Depart. Annual Classic! Rattlers' basketball season gets underway on December with tile Chicago Bears; country In sports.The biggest -
cago. ment of Public Safety, stated today that 1966 li tonne to be a record The 1966 high school football 10 when they meet St. Leo College of St. Leo, Florida, here Emerson Hooter, New York fights of yesteryear were
breaking year for death and destruction on Florida's highways If the season will end Thanksgiving In the Jake GaIther Gymnasium. The Rattlers will be without Jet rookie; veterans Bob Hayes, fought bere. It now has everything
TOmorroW's jobs will be trend continues, and there U no sign of a let up now. when the Matthew W. Gilbert the services of Jesse Daniels, their leading scorer last year, Dallas; LeRoy Kelly, Morgan a sports town wants,
different. They' 11rpv Florida enters the last and most dangerous months of the year and New Stanton High School ,but head coach Edward Oglesby is expecting a well balanced State and Cleveland Browns; weather, lots of people, tine
quire different skills. with 25 more traffic deaths than the 1,315 of the same period of 1965. Blue Davis meet in the annual 'team. ''Conference Tournament, Tusk- Roosevelt Taylor, Grambllng stadia and at least a restrained
For the first eight months of '66 only three counties are withouta The for the 1966.6'1''egee' Ala.
schedule and Chicago Bears Ernie Ladd,
And East-West Classic in the Gator segregation attitude.
you get those
traffic fatality out of the state's
67. They were Oulf, Lafayette and Bowl. coacrai frdlnwc..*. Hntna Camo j .
skills by retraining.So Liberty ----- ---- ----- ----
don't wait for Other counties with the number of death. for the first eight The state's oldest prep classic Dec. 10, St. Leo College; Dec.
your months of this year: which began in 1948 in Durkee 12, Morris Brown College; Jan.: GREAT GATEWAY CLASSIC
present y a, Job to be re- Alachua 18. Baker 3, Bay 30, Bradford 7. Brevard 37. Broward Ball Park, was originated by 4, Albany State College;Jan.16, ... "'"
plae d.Get.the facts.on, 50. Calhoun 3. Charlotte.13. Citrus'. Clay.7.': Collier'lS,'Columbia, James Thompson Jr., now assistant Tuskegee Institute January 17, W .:
re-training now. vlsH' 17. Dade 190, Desoto 4, Dixie 2. Duval 90. Eacambla 37. Flagler 7, principal at Gilbert, Lane College; Jan. 19, South FLORIDA A&M
'Franklin 2. Oadsden 11, Ollchrlst 1, Glades 3. Hamilton 5, Hardee 2. who conferredwlthhlsprlnclpal, Carolina State College Jan.26,
the local office of your Hendry 6. Hernando 11, Highlands 9, Hlllsborough 76, Holmes 3, the late William Raines. The Fort Valley State College; Feb.
State Employment serjrice. ::Indian River 13, Jackson 18, Jefferson 3, Lake 20 Lee 18, Leon 18, classic was agreed upon after 3, Allen University; Feb. 4, vs
:Levy 16._Madison 16, Manatee 20. Marlon 22 and Martin 12.
; they met with Coach Small and lark College; Feb. 10, Bene-
his principal, the late J.L. dict College; Feb. 11, Bethune-,
Terry. Cookman College; Feb. 13, TEXAS SOUTHERNTHE
Following the 1949 tilt, the Knozvllle College and Feb. 15,
classic was moved to the Gator Alabama State College.
Bowl, and was played the first Games away-Dec. 7, Albany, GAME OF THE YEAR FOR EVERYONE
Friday in December until 1952. State, Albany, Ga.; January 7,'
surprise rhOSles Among the coaches who played Lane Jackson Tenn.; Jan. 9,
on the 1949 team Is William Morris Brown, Atlanta, Ga.; 1 GATOR BOWL -
Hugglns of Gilbert.Edward Tol- Jin. 12, Allen, Columbia, S.C.r
liver ofStantca played in the Jan. 13, South Carolina State,
iff / first Gator Bowl game In 1950 Orangeburg.. S.C.; January! : 14,
,.1' when the Blue Devils won 90. Benedict, Columbia, S.C.. ; Jan. SATURDAY, NOV. 26 KICKOFF 8 P.M.
In the 17 years of play, the 20Alabama State,Montgomery,
Panthers have been under the Ala.; Jan. 27, Tuskegee Ala.; FABULOUS ,
direction of three coaches and January 28, Clark,Atlanta;Jan.
: three principals, while the Blue SO, Knozvllle, Knoxville,Tenn.; PRE-GAME AND HALFTIME SHOWS
Devils have bad only one mentor February 8, Fort Valley State,
and two principals. ,Fort Valley, Ga.; February, 'FEATURING***
Coach Thompson won three Bethune-Cookman, Daytona
games, also Coach Kitchings. Beach; and February 23, Southern THE INCOMPARABLE FAMU MARCHING 100 1 :CALLED

\C the Three beginning.ties were The played Panthers since Intercollegiate Athletic THE GREATEST FOOTBALL HALFTIME ATTRACTION IN AMERICA

first victory was in 1953.A .
record crowd Is expectedto
witness this game Tbanksglving Watch SEE Top-Notch Grid Stars In Action In Late-Season Top

"slight favorite with the with Panthers a 7.% record a This Clown Form, Including Jacksonville Boys On Both Sq"ds

The Blue Devils have a 9-42-85
6-1-1 record for the
Both teams will be idle season.this 21 HONOR Coach Jake Gaitber, The Winningest football CoachIn
with a gift 95 18
\ The Entire United States Bit ,College and Small
of the Smooth Canadian,

dt a Seagram'sV.O. civrro FIGHT
I MULTIPLESCLEROSIS 1.6 8 ENJOY A Fitting Climax To Your Long Holiday Weekend

CAIIAOIAllIIMI.n-AlUll KIICTEI mmt,i YUM oil ee i iooctumrsPsTiwlcoas.a<< 3 By Seeing These Two Fine Elevens ClaslTICKETS

The great cripplerof 65 35 91

young adults 4'64'16sometimes
/ He's Sometimes
He's Down, He adds'subtracts
He works it all around.I'92.33 CONVENTION d VISITOR'S BUREAU, I

1 Hemming Park Ticket Office .

18 38 13
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2802 dllwood Au. W 2&19 Kills Avenue

,"Man's Days are Numbered."
Health and Fortune Can Be.'
Lucky Days.
,Lucky colors: etc. 1181 Davis Sf. 530 lest Voice

itLLLL I Send Horoscope$2.00 Guide for your for'


Fill la the wain ueloW and mall'
to ZODIAC, Post Office Box 1149 W. 131. Street 128 I. Ashley Street "

1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla.

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\ I r WANTED King1 Encouraged And Discouraged: I ,Chit Chat Club Meets Utopia

It Covers Gray Hail ..,: .. .
____ j'".,
beauty operators, and barbers i,I' fA : :;; "",_ !!..''WI.",
I and Over Outcome Of ElectloRs Social ClubThanksgiving
Win. J. Brandt's Liquid New Hollywood Beauty :
Barber Lounge, 622 Ashley St.
Call 354-9774. ATLANTA, Go. Dr. Martin racism figured as one of the Party
EAU DENNA Luther King Jr. declared after dominant Issues In cities and t ,
surveying the 1969 campaign states of the North and South" rI"A 'The Eutopla) Club will have a
results: "Scarcely disguised apppealsto Thanksgiving' party at the home
HAIR COUORER MAIDS, GUARANTEED. "The outcome of this election prejudice were accepted !of Mrs ala King 1038 Pippin
NEW YORK LIVE-IN JOBS,$40 j is a mixture of encouragementand practice in many campaigns." St. Nov. 24, 1966 at 8:00: p.m.All .
Will cover gray hair In 10 Rush references HAROLD discouragement." Candidates in the North and clubs of the city are Invited
to 20 minutes. No pack. No AGENCY, Dept. LYNBROOK, "On the discouraging side,"' South exploited feelings of and friends are welcome.
m.... Anyone can put It on at N. Y. he said, "this is the first election hatred in contests Congress, ''
home. in modern times in which governshlps and local office. re ; bt
It was the old "backlash" HOUSE FOR SALE
HAIR' LUCKY DAYSJiay Politicians try to get
Owner must sell cute, 2 bdr.
elected by campaigning againstCivil
REDDISH gftarrPALMIST borne, fenced yd. Good terms
AND Rights, and then use anti-
2152 W. 17th St. 356-3512
It wW not rub off, It stays on ', Negro myths as an excuse tor
several months Shampooing, r' l"cl"" MBras intimidating and blocking pro- 'ROOM FOR RENT
sea lathing' sun, permanent gress In Civil Rights
waving, curling or straightening 8-33-67-22 The victory of Mrs. Lurleen $8.00 per week. Private ht&>aie.
\ Iron-nothing takes it off. You LIFE READER 60-84-90 Wallace in Alabama, conservative Phone 768-3928.
Claude Kirk Jr. In
tcan cover hair not
\ any gray
matter bow stubborn or how 15737 NEW KINGS RD. Florida and Ronald Reagan In
caused. BLACKSTAYSBLACK. California, and the defeat of BOOTBLACK WANTED
If yod are overcome with trouble and conditions that are not the Police Review Board In Experience wanted apply' 537
1. WONDERFUL FOR natural, I can remove, help and advise with Platters such as: New York City, indicate that W. Bay
TOUCHING UP gain the one you love.KAY "large segments of America ." ."*"" -- "
Love, Marriage, Courtship. Help you t" "T-T--i-- ;Tmm srrssniaB'imBTnB'irirrr'j
STARR help s to overcome Spells, Bad Luck or Evil ,still suffer from a repulsive Members of the Chit Chat Civic Club who met recently are shown APT. FOR RENT
!moral disease that must be
DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH Restores lost Nature without fall.Visit
Influences here. From left
dreams and advise cured before our moral health are : Mrs Josephine White, corresponding secre- ,Married
Permanent Waving KAY STARR..let her explain your Fully equipped re-
CAUTION: Use as directed on you to make the hit you have long awaited. She will give you can be restored," Dr. King tary; Mrs. Alma I Henry, financial secretary; Mrs. Hattie spectacle couple: 'No children
label. Colors: Black, Dark the true message that is allotted to you-*rlnglng luck, hap- said."On. Washington reporter; Mrs. Bobble L. Singleton sick committee .Call 353-9942.
!Brown, Medium brown. piness, and success-advising you how to follow them. Kay .. the other hand,some most chairman; Mrs. Dorothy Gillmore I ( president; Mrs. Luclle Wright ,
Price per box 12.50 pIll >Jtarr> guarantees her work to be superior to any Reader you encouraging developments took chairman entertainment committee; Mrs. Mattie Flyod hostess
what trouble may be she place to more than offset the ; ROOM
Federal Tax No matter FOR
have ever visited. your Mrs. Juanita Odum RENT
can and will help you with Love, Marriage, and Business negative side." recording secretary and Mrs. Thelma J. Toney,
DIXIE Tomorrow may be too late. Remember the address: In many areas, voters "threw business manager. I Furntsbeo prefer iuu* couple
back a reactionary assault that ,or single man. Call SM-fSlO:
U.S. al 1 North of! Jacksonville, FIR would have polluted our political Pay More Attention To The Negro
PHARMACY life and cheapened and Church .Of! God PJ

5737 NEW KINGS ROAD ,disfigured our Image"
Many results. suggest that the Woman. Businessmen Told
1305 Hills R6. Ju. Fla'. Slates Assembly
Cro fn
"so-called backlash" was not Qoya '
PHONE 765-4380. as great a factor. some pre CHICAGONPI>- Businessmen than the number of Negroes the annual assembly of the Cbls '
I dicted.Negroes catering to the Negro would suggest. The younger Church of God, Power in Jesus
across the nation market have been advised to median age among Negroes and will be held in Mt. Zion Holiness I
refused to be frightened at the pay more attention to the higher birth rate help contribute Church, Mayport, Nov.
the "backlash" to this Impact, be added. 22-27.
it polls by Theyconsidered Negro woman "
urea ur It another name for Negro women's "key role"as "The structure of Negro society Missionary Hattle M.Robinson
the system of human oppression wage earners and heads of is changing more rapidly vlll deliver the sermon Tuesday HELP IA11ItD
135 Broad St. 353-5791 called segregation, which they households was cited by H. A. than that of the whole society," at 12 o'clock. Wednesday MAIDS; N. Y. SLEEP-

have resisted in the United GUllam, Memphis president of gape ben and night, Elder Sidney Gates wiL JOBS, salaries to $65, fare
States for three hundred years.Dr. the 45-member National Insurance The Negroes and Thursday night. advanced. Rush references,
""" "' = French Provincial King found encouragement Association, which was In whites m average 11 years of Bishop Ella R. Williams will phone number. ABLE MAIDS
In the election Edward Brookeof session here recently. ghe rapidly beingclosed be the speaker AGENCY, 163 N. MAIN,FREE-
I I. Massachusetts as the first, r.nnam said the association / said. Youth Night will be observed PORT, N. Y.
/ -
the insurance
L1 I Negro Senato since Recon: : will concentrate "on the eco- GUllam urged Friday with Missionary Martha
structlon. Also significant were nomic power of the Negrc: industry to use cooperating In- Roberts and Mrs. Johnnie II.
the defeats of the notorious woman." ter-company: teams to solve Young in charge Nov. 27, Missionary -
"backlash candidates", George A greater percentage Negro operating problems.He H. M. Robinson will JEEP VjMTEl MALEJiitiii '
I Mahoney in Maryland, and homes are headed by women also called on the Negro have charge of the Sunday School
James Johnson In Arkansas. than are white homes, he said, business community to form atlOajn. : Time
"Despite' appeals to' bigotry1 Indicating that ''th1I1a one of holding companies to expend; The sermon at 11:30: a.m. will Men with cars,work few hours,'
of the most economic power among be delivered by Elder J.J.
an Intensity and vulgarity Important aspects of off and earn|loco
Investment on days
through heavy your
never before witnessed In the the market. Smith; alternate, Bishop FLORIDA.'
'North," Dr. The Negro's the across a broad spectrum L. Lewis. Dinner will be served $15 or more. Apply:
I y j King concluded, Impact on STAR, 2323 Moncrief Rd. cor..
I a i t I aq "millions of white voters re- economy, he said, is greater of enterprises. at 1p.m. 13th.
malned unshaken in their
commitment to decency." t r .


f y s ; j surriT I;; 'i. ; ;, WAREHOUSE STORE

., '99" t I. omer Mud' .......... ......... .. '....,.". &'H' "I' .':,'.' .. .w.>....... 3000 '. 45TI ST
eludes 8-Piece large dining Breakfront suite In ,, \t A MkwIMOnCjIl to Mrii MMhr. IPM4-M.to nltaKnMjM 'Pd/.rule = ;j''[iII: II I jf!:! }: :::';' :?: : : .. ; :: :

china, table and set of : iMUudra W meet MM.Ie.INnAll R* .. '.'.: <.}'. :.; .. 1 ,, :!:;;; : .J j;;.:,, .:s:: : ( '::;::!I:1f! PRICES IN THIS AD
six cHair. Save $ this dive .gees ydr r. :: ;::> :" : : :
on 9 rT ;: ;
orajelHELP \,. -' : :bujl ARE GOOD THROUGH
famous name "Bossett"suite The.:store that cares..about l !.
"Holiday"now sole during our 8 Piece $00(195( .. :, .. .. .. ....:... :. f ... SATURDAY NOV. 19

Group O&U
: 7
Men and women, to seU advertising. -
.i EVERGREEN AND Liberal draw, liberal COFFEE Iw f
FLOWERING; PLANTS commission, easy work; quick PIES39t
sales. You earn $75 to $150 If
you're keen. Fringe benefits
Y 46" lo 56" high Apply: FLORIDA. STAR, 232 -1 '
SPECIAL PURCHASE t Moncrief Rd. cor. 13th.

regular $19.95NOW! '1 SINGER CONSOLE AUTOMATIC MODEL 1.-5 1 :: 9 3.L f.16 1 Il 1 ,IZ.E ut

S Sewing machine Zlg Zag blind 1.lsl. Maeesers
stitches, buttonholes,decorated
etc Original price $300. Has

Solid, foam choice rubber of fO cushion($ j can balance assume$69, or$8,reliable monthly party pay. SPECIAL! 'iC r SPECIAL! FRESH FLORIDAORANGES

Largo CSlort: Walnut or Cherry 59 9 WHILE' THEY LAST'! ments.MACHINE WILL AS TAKE PART OLDER PAY- 1

Wood Trim.
Jacksonville 3531946.
I Will deliver, No obligation

-t C CHE: : : p'


i '"
i RANGE prayers are being,ent out .
and t blessings are coming in.
Special) temp control holds Send for Free Daily Blessing. d
oven .! worm lo hold How to get what want through
i"x\ dow end light. Lego oven this new way of Prayer. Mail) CRANBERRYHAMS
d. without furtfcotteodking.
i (yo d Chrome plated self-addressed envelope to
: ;d?'; MOD tilt evan rocki. Window Rev; C. Forster, P. O. Box
and light, eel out de- 56 N 11412.,
v.1 St. Allans. Y. +'
lute broiler. loge tar gocomportment. w. ;
1ds GI... pond AUCE'
dew Large even with wi
backboard with clock Old Houses

t 7 '. $ I U" DOWN $$35 DOWN 4 LB. $ $59 I
1 l6.
e 2050 34W AND MOVE IN CAN 2 3 9




Red Wheel. le temp Control chrome plated non lilt red removM -
door gab delui chrome handle optional rotisserie MraS'Btbodf


J 1 FREFPORT 10 TO 16 16 lBS S ,
3 9 IP AVG.
SALVAGE cnEL30951 3
$ Et 3-5791 ? IB. AYe LB C l6 I C

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I 1 I