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7744886 F20090414_AAABKH 00404.tif ac5cb9549a205ef14180aee71c79402197dce6d36e54e65ef992645be1c27ba9b7d80bc1
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200737datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 15, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007370740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 15, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 15, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
'1l -


,Florida l Negroes Getting Political Frontlash And Backlash ; 7hY' LIBRARY x, a Rr"

* *


__ l _,_ _"- _, .
u&raxy * .

aoos..rsgr et l1N'1daOa1MnW.e >



Brooke GetsSenator's ,;1:


VOl. 16 NO 29 SATURDAY OCTOBER 22, 1966 15 CENTS .. Aid 1:1:

* ., Sen. Leverett Saltonstall ha*
endorsed the

iii candidacy of A tt y, General(

Edward Waters' Dean( Epperson Dies, Senate.Edward In W. the Brooke United as his States successor *'

* ** i Sen. Saltonstall came to Boston

r from Washington, D.C. recently

for the sole purpose of endorsing -

ON JOB TRAINING Brooke, campaigning for
him, and introducing the U. S,

Senate candidate at a huge rally ,
at Harvard University attendedby

1,300 students from 63 Mas

STARTS IN JAX'VLLE + t r? ( universities.At sachusetts a Joint. press colleges conference and

with Brooke and at Harvard!,

r 1 ,.a before the large and respon.
-- sire audience, Sen. Saltonstall
** * Issued the following statement:

Dean Ljai. "I am here to Introduce all
NAACP Pledge I On Job TrainingIs Epperson of you my successor in the

U. S. Senate and to commendhim

AII-Out Fight To Be Buried to you. He will be a fin
Senator Industrious forward
Now AvailableJaxons MaIda, Oct. 24 looking, alert to the best

On Race Bias Rev. Jesse B.,Epperson, who ENDORSED -- Attorney General Edward W. Brooke, candidate for U. S. Interests of our state and nation.

served as Dean of the Theo- Senate shares a happy moment with retiring U.S. Sen. Leverett It is not easy for me to leave

The Florida National Associ Urged To RegisterFor logical Seminary of Edward Saltonstall who has endorsed the Negro candidate for the seat the Senate where I have spent
22 years but I want to tell you
ation for the Advancement of Waters College, died last he is relinquishing.
that I feel a great deal better
Colored People pledged last Wednesday at 6:45: p.m. In his
On-The-Job about leaving, knowing that it
week that there will be "no TrainingThe home, 1401 Grunthal St., Jacksonville -
is likely that I will be
In this state" and after a long Illness.
tranqulllty Kirk Seen
High CongressmanFaces succeeded by a man like Edward
no relaxation In efforts by the Jacksonville Urban League has announced the beginning Rev. Epperson was born In Brooke.

NAACP branches until discrimination of its On-The-Job Training (OJT) Program, under the pro- Sumpter, S. C., June 25, 1888 "Ed has been a courageous

and segregation are vision of the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962. and served as Dean of the ArrestIn and diligent Attorney Generalfor
eliminated In Florida.In B. F. Lee Theological Seminary
The Jacksonville Urban Evading NegroesBy our commonwealth and I
a statement Issued by State League has signed a contract I of Edward Waters College since New YorkNEW am certain he win be a courage*

president, Rutledga Pearson with the U. S. Department of 1949. ous and diligent Senator. He
during its annual meeting heldIn Labor to place 400 persons He was a member of Mt. Zion YORK Rep Adam
Eric 0. SimpsonAs will be very helpful In the
Jacksonville last week, the within the next 52 weeks In AME Church since his conver- Clayton Powell, (D-N. Y,) was Senate because there are Important -
sion In 1911 and the Masonic ordered arrested last week
On-The-Job training situationswith the date for the November approaches, Negro leaders and by Issues facing our nation
Sons of Solomon No. the Hew York State
various industries.The Lodge, Supreme
political activists are beginning to find themselves in a some- and we Republicans need able,
tf1: ; I. League Is urging all persons 166-2. He received his what awkward position. Albeit, they are finding themselves Court articulate spokesman with
in the schools The court ordered the Harlem
wK Interested various position in the .of Sumpter and was an honor ,i 1r'' :plash" congressman be 'Jailed until he on the ground ,eUoonhftlto r

labor market to come to 625 graduate of Gammon Theological Thl situation'1* unlike the Gov. Raydon Burns-King High race pays a $164,000, judgment the needs of our society. I

West Union (upstairs) andplacean Seminary, Atlanta, Ga. whe Burns lashed out at the Negro in the hope of winning the against him in a Jibe l suit know of few men u well equip*

application so that they may He held the degree of LLL1 solid white vote.In that instance, Burns suffered the "whiplash"in The order, signed by Justice ped to get our story across to

J be Interviewed for' possible J from Edward Waters and Monrovia that he was severely whipped by the Negro vote and a con- Wilfred A. Waitemade, was sent the American people as ,Ed

selection to a training program. A College, Liberia, West siderable number of whites who did not fall victim to race to all sheriff offices in New Brooke/
Program Director, J.Gardner Africa and was a member of baiting. York State.In .

Sams Jr. said, "It Is hoped that J. GARDNER SAME JR. the General Conference of the With High and Kirk bidding for the general election votes, this
his order Justice Waite Wat
all segments of the Jacksonville AME Church since 1936. third heat finds Kirk sticking strictly to labeling Mayor High LBJ Opens
will take Kirby, clerk-typist and Survivors his wife .Mrs. made said:
community advantageof recep- are an "ultra-liberal" without making any attacks or direct
this opportunity;. tionist. Janie B. Epperson; god-child, reference to Negroes. But the Implication is there. He Is "The plaintiffs unsuccessfulbut On BacklashPresident
sustained efforts to collect
The League also urges employers FBI Miss Olivia C. Jones, Ocala, suggesting that High represents integrated schools, equal jobs
the Is matter of
First judgment a
both large and small Negro Fla; cousins, Mrs Lee Gulon and equal opportunities...which is not necessarily so.
record and the multiple judicial
who wish to participate In the of Miami, Miss Sarah Wilder Meantime, Mr. Kirk Is keeping as far away from The Brotheras Lyndon B. Johnson
Instituted t to
BUTLJCDGE PEARSON program to contact the Leaguefor Agent Retires and Oliver Wilder, Apopka, one would keep from a Leper's colony.On proceedings at a Columbus Day dinner In
enforce such collection be
NAACP declared that while detail i l Information. The Fla.; sister-in-law, Mrs. the other hand, Mr. High, finding that the ultraliberaltag may Brooklyn last week opened war
found In the record of this court
there Is some acceptance of League has been authorized to WASHINGTONNPI>- One of Funeral services will be held Is weighing him down and could cause him some white votes on the "white backlash" and

,the 1964 Civil Rights Act, "10 reimburse employers for the the first Negro FBI agents has Monday, October 24, 1966, at is also keeping a safe distance away from the Negro voters. "American justice Is dependent reminded his Italian American

loo many Instances we find cost of training: retired after 33 years' service. 1:00 p.m. in the auditorium of The inability of Negro leaders to extract any sort of promises on the equal application of audience that they not long ago
the law and its observance
schemes and tactics used by The On-The-Job training start Worthington Smith, 66, was B. F. Lee Seminary, Edward regarding highway jobs for Negroes and other improvementsIn "felt the raw pain of discrimination -
In echelon of
both public and private sourcesto consist of J. Gardner SamsJr. hired by the Federal Bureau of Waters College. Geter and the job area coupled with the fact that he Is not waging a persons" every in America."
Justice Waltemada
evade and by-pass require- director: JamesA. Investigation 1933 as a mes Baker Funeral Directorsin campaign to win Negroes through the Negro press or the use The Presient said: "As newer
., program ; said. 'Justice proceeds slowlybut
ments of the Act... field senger. A few years later, he charge of funeral arrange- of campaign workers Is giving a growing number of peoplethe members! majority,Italians,
represen- surely and will not
Pearson said, "the attacks tative Frederick Peterson, became the first Negro to serveas ments. The body will lie Instate Idea that the Miami mayor believes he has the Negro vote of all people, have a responsibility
be denied"If
upon the Federal government field representative; Mrs. Lucite an FBI clerk. Less than a In the chapel of In his pocket. to practice a cardinal

and federally-sponsored programs Eberhardt,trainee; advisor; decade ago, he was appointedas the funeral parlor from 3:00: Political strategist will readily admit that a candidate can sentenced on his jury conviction American virtue; fairness to

designed to. aid I the Mrs. FranceS'Kerr,secretary- an agent. p.m. until 10:00: p.m. Sunday, suffer from being too strongly identified as the heir to the Powell could be sen- all, regardless of race or: religion -
Negro and consequently lift him and Miss BrendaillllllllllT And now he has retired, to October 23, 1966 and In the Negro vote, but at the same time they will readily admit that tenced to a total of 150 daysin or place I of national
from the status of second-hand bookkeeper; spend his time taking care of chapel of B. F. Lee Auditorium the lack of the Negro vote when there is a sizeable split in the jail and fined $1,250. origin"

citizenship! are nothing less than his seven dogs, hunting, and from 10:00: a.m. until 1:00: white vote as there is now could cost either candidate the The President continued: "For
the voices of hate and Last Friday's arrest order can
disguised fishing. p.m. Monday, October 24, 1966. election. other Americans now are
prejudice against the Negro" A good case, in point, Is that of Scott Kelly, who stayed away be served only Monday through feeling the same way which you
The branches throughout the Black Muslim Is himself white Saturday in New York alter "
Shot completely from the Negro voters and got good and your families felt.
state were called upon to wag vote. Had Kelly made even a paltry effort to get Negro votes Congress has adjourned. ThIs. The President's speech In

an all-out effort to Inform the ., -.-.... he might easily have picked up about 10,000 Negro votes which would snake In him New liable York to arrest State Brooklyn climaxed a long d:+)
poor and Illiterate of the help '; .. would have put him In the second primary with Burns, insteadof anywhere of Intensive campaigning in the
which is afforded them throughthe /I any day but Sunday Immediatelyupon
,,' '. : High. New York area in which! he
many federal programs. ; i "";, .' With both High and Kirk playing a cagey game with the Negro tile: recess of Congress charged that the Republicans ,
,. .
f .. ,,. -' date for which is
In the matter of housing, the :! the target
in Florida, It will be interesting to see how It will turn out were campaigning on fear. He
organization will press for a when the final count is made on Nov. 9. Oct 22. said: "The Republicans: are

state minimum housing code. .. ; afraid of their own shadowsand

Pearson said: BiasIn afraid of the shadow of '
1 Race
"We can no longer abide the ..' I ad! / NAACP Elects Charge progress" '

building of housing projects 3 -m''; In the text of his Brooklyn
within Negro communities,thus ,,
President Johnson
furthering the Isolation of ; State OfficersThe Denying Seat reminded his audience that "It

Negroes into pockets of frustration wasn't too long ago when if
and despair. We must now
27th Annual Florida State someone spoke about crime in
commit ourselves to the Conference of Branches the streets, he was thinking of
"scattered site," rent supplement meeting in Jacksonville from To Julian BondNEW an Italian. It wasn't too long

rehabilitation, 1 lease- October 13-17, 1966 electedthe ago when, if people talked about

purchase programs of the following officers for 1967- YORK -(NPI)-Georgia's denial of a seat in the legislature slums, they were referring to
Fedaral and Urban
68: to Julian Bond amounts to racial cUscrlmlnation.: the Italians-and..to Irishmen and
Development Office. We must Rutledge Pearson, president, NAACP has charged. The NAAC brief noted that Jewa 1&11 well,-

now reject the "freedom ofchoice" Jacksonville; Rev. J. E.Atkins, Supporting Bond's appeal in Bond was duly elected in 1965 The President continued. "1bt

program of HUD and first vice president, Winter the U. S. Supreme Court of a and twice re-elected by his sad point Is made by an old

demand the assignment of public Haven; Rev. Isadore Edwards, District Court t decision Atlanta constituents to the joke of the day: 'When two Indians -

units on the basis" of "first second vice president, Ft. upholding the denial of his seat, Georgia legislature's lower saw the Nina, the Plata

come, first serve. Myers; Rev. T, A.Wright,third the NAACP said Bond's opposi house The House denied hima and the Santa Maria sailing
Expressing the vice 1 president, Gainesville; tion to U. S, policy in Viet seat because of his publicly toward their shore one

t to negotiate toward Rev. S, W, George, fourth vice Nam Is no reason to disqualifyhim. expressed opposition to U. S. groaned, 'Oh Lord. There goes
action to eliminate
positive president, Ft. Lauderdale;Rev, policy in Viet Nam the neighborhood! "
dual standards of and
Justice k Robert Lovett, fifth vice presi- The NAACP brief cited the At stake, the NAACP said, is Earlier/ in a speech in Baltimore
also to seek relief Pearson
however legal let it be, known- $ dent, St. Augustine; Mrs. L. E. failure of the Georgia Houseto Bond's right "as a public official President Johnson

that, the NAACP, "cannot and Bute, secretary, West Palm reject white members! who to express his views on pledged to fight for higver

shall not abandon the direct I Beach; Miss Laurie Lattimer, were publicly on record against a matter of public interest or Social Security benefits for t the
of assistant secretary, Jacksonville national policy, particularly the concern. In the absence of some 22 million Americans under the
action and
program" protest ; Miss Cora Jones, assistant 1936 vote to invoke the doctrine overriding circumstances warranting federal program The

demonstration. secretary, Winter Haven; of interposition in futile effort a contrary result, President's proposals calls fora
NO ONE ONLY --.. "- Mrs Althea Mills, treasurer, to void the Suprem e Court's appellant should be free to have 10 to 15 per cent increase

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - This city's volunteer firemen school minimum monthly benefit of
1954 misguided
The chairman cases.
LOUIS X. leader of the Black Muslims here and two other mAnbersot of nominating
decided they'd rather close ST Mo. Clyde committee was Rev. Isadore Many members! of the House A majority of the voters of $100 for each worker who bas
the sect were shot here October 17. Clyde X, whose full name Is Clyde Jones, being assistedby
their pool and roller seat-to 136 who repeatedly Social taxes for
skating Edwards, other members were who voted to deny a House District paid Security
Phillips In the face and The other
attendants at Homer G. Hospital, was shot right arm.
rink than Last voted to Bond "do 25
integrate. May, E. A. McCoy, St. Petersburg Bond had previously re-elected years.
two men Timothy Hoffman was shot In the left arm and chest and John Moore was shot in the ;
a federal jutffe In Baltimore Richard school Integration, the not consider his views a disqualification -
H. Powell, Miami and oppose
In connection with the ;
bead. Police arrested Andrew Hoffman, brother of Timothy shooting
'ordered the clty-subsldlxed facility (UPI PHOTO) Rev. J. S. Johnson. Jack brief noted. No action was taken ," the NAACP VOTES
to serve all races. sonville. against: these white legislators noted.

ft ..I

v ,
', .. .
, -

M "I


TH. .tr,NEWS cMIDA STAR I To Be Equal

**Uske4DytlMFlortoB8arP >Ustit>t company Y ,,7


One mine about which everyone In this nation agrees Is that I
draft is not working properly Some
men art
never draf
(NEGRO P tflONAL A because: their! oeci j>atlons are exempt or beacuse they bavi
hMrrt.yy.r remained In school. Others are drafted at time which cause
the greatest personal hardship. Still others are drafted be
$ cause their local board Interprets the rules differently fro
ERIC 0. SIMPSON... Miniiiz Editir the one In !me next county. Because of this, Increasing attentin,
has been ,given to changing the system of selective senlc.
One popular suggestion is for a nationwide
HILDA WOOTEN.......Circilatioi .Miller lottery which would call men up at an earlier

before they start college or start a family.
-e- "" When a fellow's number
comes up, he would go Ii'ace
Into the army. This would eliminate Inequities

'2323 fliicriif' Rut Phil Eliii 4E7IZMiiliif r caused by rules and exemptions and wouldplace I
everyone In the sam boat-cure chance would .

Address rule Another nroposal Is for universal military training. This
ry 4.kI c would mean that all men would be drafted sad undergo basic
O Bn 59S Jicksuiilli Fliridi 32201 1 n
military training at age 18. For those who are presently rejected -
MIAMI OFFICE because they can't meet the mental and health standards
set by the army, there would be remedial training to bring them

131 Nff 3rd Are phi 377-1025 4 .. up to par. Since the regular army could only use some ol these
I men, there would be a lottery to determine who goes into the
army and who goes In a National Service Corps.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES This Corps would then be available to perform useful serviceto
One Year. $8.00 Half Year $4.00 the nation In a variety of ways. They could work in areas of
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States foreign assistance like the Peace Corps, and on the domestic
Subscription payable in advance r I front as well, performing long neglected conservation work
and work on badly-needed projects to make over our deteriorating -
Order to
Send check or
slums and cities. The concept of service to the
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 nation could unleash the Idealism of our youth and their desire -
\ Jacksonville 1, ,Florid to be of service to their fellow-man. It would establish ,
the principle that we owe more to our nation than uniformed
1 PARr military service.
Still another plan calls for a standard test for all men of 18. |
:Is The Negro's Dress Dead ? B.Wa Those oho pass would be subject to military service, and wouldbe
chosen by lottery. Those who fall would be given the opportunity *

Recently the author of the best seller ONLY IF YOU REGISTERED AND VOTE to enter a special program of remedial training which
would bring them up to standard. They then would be returnedto
"Killers of the Dream passed on to --- ---- -- --- -- -- ----- ---- -- -- -- ----- the pool of draftable men to take their chances in the lottery.
her Maker but the dream she visualizedis 1 Part of the model for this proposal Is a new program announced -
much alive. by Secretary of Defense McNamara and scheduled tc
White newspapers claim that the dream of 1 : go Into effect shortly. Under this program, a number of men
the Negro for first-class citizenship is Your Weekly who can't measure up to present Army standards would be
drafted and given remedial training. Thus, the effects of poverty -
being shattered by Negro extremism and 1 -illiteracy and bad health-would be treated, though at
"black power" cry. The dream is not 1 the cost of two years of Army service.
being shattered because critics are con- i 1 These are Just a few of the plans currently spoken of in the
fusing the symptoms with the fundamental Horoscope Guide effort to make the draft work better. All of them provide for
remedial training for the victims of poverty. All of them recognize -
causes. that the vast resources and proven capabilities of the
An evaluation of the plight of the Negro armed forces should be used to counter the effects of bad
in the Unites States in'terms of his V I health and bad education.
treatment points to the efforts of white By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER That the Army Is proposed as vehicle of this rehabilitation
people to "dehumanize" him. 1 is an indictment of our civilian instltitions, especially the
1 1 schools. It Is no secret that Negro children are being short!
Laws are now written on the statute changed. Ninety percent of them attend segregated schools
books proclaiming freedom for all, even i WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR most with poor textbooks, indifferent teachers, and rundown
black men. But for the Negro the laws 1 buildings. The dropout is often a 'pllShout.PUshed out of
have not been effectively Implementedwith S a school system which does not educate him, does not attemptto
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL 1 motivate him, does not realistically prepare him for life intoday's
concrete action. It is no wpnder e
world.Recent .
that many people feel that dream of first- 1 1 1 government figures show the correlation between bad

class citizenship has faded like bubblesdo --- -- --- -- -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -,-- -- -- -- --- --- -./ education and failure In the draft test.The states which bad the

when they burst.In highest pupil-teacher ratios and spent the least money their
spite of frustration, most Negroesare ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN schools, were the states with the l highest number:: of draft rejects
BORN SEPT. BORN DEC white and Negro. In the nation as a whole, f\erroesr subject
not weeping by the Babylon. "
t D1 eorst'schools and educational'practices bad fat higher
thousands'still have not'' hung their' harps 1st. APRIL 19U 22nd IULY 2 d. 23rd '- OCT.' 23rd 22nd '., JAN; 19th, rejection rates, as could expected under those conditions

on the"willows.. And many still singthe Obtain Value.L1Ie.p Ucula.rlY You feel' -Justified.: This is a ,It Is.a sad commentary on our school systems that the Arms
pongs of freedom In the strange land of Apply remedies. There shouldbe Things shape up. The answers in the big cities, Is the best splendid period during which you is looked U; :s an agency that! can do a better Job of education.
out of your dilemmas to many of your previous questIons to learn
some ways teacher when It comes may verify whether your sense of
Jim Crow.Witness. this third quarter. are coming up and they may earned
it Is
during how ,
about money, values remains as keen as ever.
: 60,000 Negro soldiers in Viet This may entail change of Jobs, contain sarprlslng elements.The and how It should be spent. The Judging from the favorable plane- Riots Law Is Imperative
Nam proclaim that the dream is not yet stricter economic policies and weight of the evidence Is In harder the knocks have been tary aspects that dominate, the
dead. certain Individual sacrifices. favor of whatever decision you In the past the deeper the lesson answer should be a resounding The rapid increase of racial clashes in
But if the person or objective have reached, provided you are may have been driven home.But "yes". Those of you who can lay key cities in the Unites States has embarrassed -
means enough to you to go any not a victim of wishful thinking. there Is possibility that every claim to comfort and ease In the the American government to no
Get The Zip Code HabitHere length necessary to win one or Your emotions can easily trie' thing may have been forgotten financial as well as In other departments end.
both, you will find enough strength you Into seeing persons In i a rather confusing moment.Remain need no further proofto
lately we have been urged to use of character In youreserves. light that Is far from being the master of your emontlons build up your case. You may Some people prefer not to call them
numbers to help speed Uncle A great stimulating real thing. The other days ol and of all outlays until you have be subjected to sneers or criti- riots, and yet many of them have involved
our zip code force would be an advancement this quarter appear to be mainly bad a chance to figure every- cism in some of your social cir- violent confrontation between members of
Sam's mail. 'Certainly all of us want 'in stature along with status and on the favorable side, and thing out to your Innner cles because they may consider
quick delivery of our letters and packages this Is what you should aim for. this should give you ample timeto satisfaction. Those of you who your ways to be old-fashioned or whites and Negroes. They also include
Achievements that are unusual collect your thoughts and to are still looking for a Job or passe'. The chances are that you looting, burning and interference with
The Zip Code is intended to increase as well as noteworthy( seldom get them down to a practical career should not pass up the will laugh last. That Is,of course police and firemen in the carrying out of
Its use by fall to capture Interest,and this level. Be ready to receive messages ads that may be offering Just if you are determined not to their duties.
both speed and accuracy. Include the one who is from high on the 19th- what are looking for. worthless
mail speeds the item could you change real gold for Very often they are set off when a
pwesons sending closest to your heart. 22nd. Jtlitter.
unerringly to its proper post office 3-60-22-71-66-792 member pf one race gets killed, say at
and saves the time of the postal- em- 6-90 -44-11- 5 -482 2-50-33-19-88-788 5-30-88-15-56-947 the hands of police in trying to put down

ployees and the money of taxpayers.It SCORPIO disturbance or an attempted arrest
is very important to include your TAURUS BORN BORN OCT. AQUARIUS Often such incidents are seized upon by
JULY BORN IAN agitators as an excuse to call mobs into
code number letters .
zip on your BORN APRIL 24tl NOV. 22id
23rd AUG. 22nd FEB. 11th the streets so as to get revenge by
each post office in the United States has 20th MAY 20 Move furtively Seeing that it Is 20th -
its own Zip Code. Go to it. Find out first where :lot likely to pay to be too open in Each move counts. This quarter burning cars, looting stores hurling
The first digit in the code identifiesthe Press harder You may be the possibility of getting tripped your thinking and actions, you promises to be a rather Importantone. rocks, bricks and gasoline "cocktails"at
area. The first three digits identifythe making some headway in at- up may lie and proceed ac- may have no choice other than to The Aquarians who study police and firemen. Worst of all is
The temping to obtain the under- cordingly. A sure instinct, act in secrecy and with absolute travel, or who are devoted to sniping with firearms from roof-tops
city or major distribution point. standing and cooperation you complete command of your :ilscretlon. You are less apt to idealistic causes will certainly that become obnoxious and destructive.
the last two digits identify the branches deem necessary to achieve your cerebral faculties, and a little be criticized or blocked when you create the makings of an exciting
etc. of the post office within those main purpos. Affection cleverness bit of luck would combine to are operating through individualsor and progressive future way of The Negro cannot be binned entirely for
cities or major distribution points. and a little more liberality make your endeavors pay off firms who have entry In the life. Should your interests be these outbursts. They have occurred fn
is forward advancein in economic management could handsomely. Adhere to the usual highest of circles.Be rather slow purely material or matrimonial the past by other racial groups. They
Code system a
The Zip
go a long way in turning the trick conservative practices in In Increasing overhaeds and expenses the opportunities to win your objectives are occurring in various forms
the improvement of our postal system, in your favor. The one day when the monetary department, for connected with you social also come wlthlng grasping among
Sand the more all of us employ it, the you must guard against arousing the speculative tendencies will aspirations. The source of sup- distance. Things can happen whites in cities where school attendance

faster the mail will reach its destinationand suspicions or emotional out- take more out of than put into plyas far as funds are concerned, to others among you who are on rules and housing customs are being
the less our postal service will cost breaks may be the 21st. Existence your pocketbook. With the 23rd ,cannot: be said to be inexhaustible. official missions or pursuing changed racially.
Is a game of patience that containing so many doubtful or a fact: that tvetLxealthv professional careers, and they We have federal legislation for
our government.Next all can play fairly well once the deceptive influences, it may be JStfons are learning these days. will no doubt enhance your status perse-
persons who violate the civil
time you write a letter include rules have been learned. There more prudent to let it pass by The weekend may bring certain and financial standing.would be
your Zip Code number. are numerous sources of without taking any direct action. outcomes that may be termed a pity to be sidetracked by conflicting liberties of other persons. Now. thereis
Informational can be tappedby Couples or partners should highly gratifying. ambitions that keep you an urgent need for a federal law
each and everyone according share the benefits that are being from aiming straight against persons who deliberately incite

Crime And III Behavior Hurl Us to, the Individual needs. promised on the 22nd,23rd. 950331422377SAGITTARIUS 740221489427PISCES riot by advocating mob violence or mass

430331997472GEMINI 130443288679YIR60 disobedience on both sides of the racial
what hurts the Negro a great deal is his lines.

tendency to commit petty and serious BORN NOV. Fairlureto act PromPtly in this direction

crimes, as well as his bad conduct especially BORN MAY BORN AUG. 23rd DEC. 21stNo JOIN FEB. lll divide the United States into armed

in public places. 21st JUNE 21st 23rd SEPT. 22id Hlh MAR 20th and antagonistic racial camps
We noted in the newspaper reports last need for fanfare. Quiet measures -
finish up. It would be a pity to Ride on. After a last look to see to achieve your establishedends Two can do it. Pit your wisdom
week such crimes
as assault and battery leave anything half done, because that everything Is In readiness have a much better chance against restrictive influences and THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY
rape, shootings in bars, a pocketknifingdeath of boredom or any other
you can gallop off toward the objective of success than those that are find the common denominator that
vandalism in the Sentinel newspaper unjustified reuon. The possibility you have slighted as your broadcast far and wide. This 1s will make for cooperation to replace Oct. 18, 1898 North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Companyorganised
office, and thefts. of achieving your ends own. But before you make trip because you than need not con contention. It can be done In Durham, by Dr. A. U. Moore and John Merrick.
Is far too promising to allow or declslonyou had better check form to what others expect yon to when the parties on both sides are
The Florida-Sentinel called attention to It to drop by the wayside. Workout to see that it will not be In vain. be, or to have to live up to a public willing to engage in frank discussion Oct. 19, 1170 Joseph Ralney became the first Negro member
the bad public conduct of Negro childrenin a plan of action to which you This Is the only day wise y the Fire-Prevent parade in Tampa. And are most likely to stick Then would be deceived by others or In the least The greatest emphasis compromises that may be deemed
at football the good conduct of Negroesis waste not time on subsequentdays by your own miscalculations.But Is secrecy,anyway,and necessary You may even have to Oct Zl, .1I7J John ttttaj Con'tr was the first Negro to beadmitted
In carrying it out to its those of you who select the more of It you can protect assume the major share, but it to the U. S. Naval academy
much to be desired. successful outcome. As loaf asjrou the next two days to arrive at from the prying eyes of others, will not be as difficult as it may.
Our parents *and teachers should take a do you part well and consientiously agreements In connection with the better it will be for you In the appear> on the surface. Refuse to ,Oct. Zl, 1141 Presidents oIMecroLudCranleoUere..UIII
firm hand to check the spread of bad chance may step engagements, marriage and long run. Strong forces are be confused by false: reports In Washington, D. C. propose end to racially-separate niverslty -
public conduct among Negroes. But be- .In to enhance the benefits or professional matters should operating in the background and, personal prejudices or any other system.
results that you are after. But discover: that you could not have whether you know it or not, they development that will not hold
sides law enforcement agencies, we are U you feel that your nerves are picked any better. There shouldbe may be fashioning an excellent water. Private talks regarding Oct. 22, IISZ The R" T* J. Horast*. to Bder.pre&lded.
somewhat at a loss concerning how to getting frayed call a halt for a reawakening of interest in opportunity for you to assume I the future and bow eaelM and Pilgrim Life Insurance Company, was bon a Aagusta. Ga
reduce crime among black citizens. the essential rest and relaxation jobs or pursuits that all upon greater Importance in your prln- partners can shape U to their
The 23rd should find you well your superior mental powers. cfeMl alli.... Si.ready. liking may be fnltf&L ct1942 Dr. Algerian B. Jackson' fonder of Mercy
*** * ** toon top.9as124491137. 1-60-99-18-37-941 Douglas Hospital, Philadelphia, died Ia Washington, D. C.SATURDAY .
7-99-33-19-54-903 .-SO-" 11-13 9O



I OCTOBER 22, 1966 STAR p. S. PACE 3 -

.. .
:; ur. r.i. Koane Ewe Homecoming Principalss MiSS EWC( .

;speaker:$ For Women's

:t: Day CelebrationDr. NOW!

Florence Lovell Roane, a
SERVE YOU3118W.EdaewoodAre.
chairman of the Departmentof
English at Bethune-Cookmaa A .
College in Daytona Beach, will 3701 EMERSON
be the speaker for the Women's ;4 t
Day celebration in Mt. Mont + 830 CASSAT AVE.
AME Church, Oct. 23 at 11 a.m. \j 1824 WEST BEAVER
+ S
Dr. Roane recently returned
from London, England, where
.she attended London University,
Goldsmith College,teaching and BIG "D" DAY"
lecturing.from She has Northwestern received degrees "

University in English, Edu- -. -...- _.- ..
cation and Guidance, and the CROWNEDJeanette Wilson center,. who
Doctor Foundations of Philosophy of Education degree at in was crowned ""Miss Homecoming" for Edward A'J 4 BIG DAYS !

Boston University Massachu Waters College is seen with other princi- + j SAVE! .. THURSDAY
setts.D. pals who participated In the annual sports <:7' .
;. Roane Is also affiliated event. With her are Lynwood Simmons SAVE! FRIDAY i
with many religious, civic and ( hidden ) SATURDAY :
social organizations in Daytona. football team captian partly ''I
She is a member of Stewart Miss Carolyn Peterson first runner-up; SAVElSUNDAY
Memorial who "Miss Junior"" ) I
Methodist Church, Carolyn Demery, was ; ,
Human Relations Groups, League and Joseph Grooms, Junior class president.
% of Women Voters, Alpha- Our Annual {
Kappa Alpha Sorority and other
organizations.Mrs. I
Nathaniel Davis: general Lester Scott, 2046 Lewis bfc, Willie James Richard Burton, DOLLAR
chairman for the celebration, 29 and Francina McNeal, 7031 724 Madis St., 24 and Lillian
announced that Ten-Plus chair Ken Knight Dr., 20. Brenda McCray, 905 Hogan St.,
man reports may be made Ronald Kenneth Smalls, 2027W. 19. SALE I
before the celebration. 12th St., 21 and Joyce Charles Collins, 1739 W.17th '
Eddrener Eddy, 1742 Spires St., 50 and Luthla Mae Travis, -'- -- "- -
THE STRIPS which band birds A.ve., 17.They. 1476 Logan St. 45. QUEENJanice Way who was 'crowned ""Miss' IS NOW
used to be inscribed "Wash Biol EWC' during the activities of Edward
Robert Marion 1873
Sun for Washington Biological 1709 Murray : fY''a GOING ON
Parrish, '
; Bernard W. 10th St., 41 and Maudell Waters College is seen seated on her ;
sUrvey. They were changedafter W. 11th St., 28 and Atha Mae Mincey, 1243 W. 31st St, 42. queenly throne. The 1966 ""Miss' EWC is a 1# '
farmer shot and Union St., 21. 5
a a crow Dansey, 1416 W.
the "Dear 1305 Lee Joseph Williams, Jr., 4030 graduate of .Douglas Anderson High Schoolof kYeJ5
wrote government: Raymond Walthour,
Llnevllle Ct., 22 and Carolyn
Sirs: / shot one of your birds St., 21 and Valeria Klrtsey, Elaine Warren, 372 Nixon St., Jacksonville and a music major as wellas
the other day and followed the 448 Claude St., 17. 8. member of the college choir. She Is LOOK WHAT ONE DOLLAR Will

/Instruction,. I washed it, bioledit James Roy Carter Jr., 1528 Earl Williams, 3517 Stuart the daughter of Mrs. Elaine Way of 2211 NoDEALERS
and sun ed it. It was terrible St., 22 and Bettie Jean Jenetha Brido Rd. Jacksonville
Logan St, 34 and June Lang, BUY AT PREMIER STORES
Catholic Digest-October Watkins., 1528 Logan St.. 22. 2803 Everson St.. 30.

Kappa Alpha Psi Come In Shop The Old Fashioned Way AT THESEMAXWELL

I [:: : SOCIALLY SPEA-KING Louise i/ith/Gulnyard I IThe Officers Recent L.Mitchell InstalledIn MeetingRobert of the Boardof COFFEETURKEY HOUSE MB.CAN 69 PRICES!

Directors of the Southern
grand parade of fashion is here Edward Waters homecoming Queen was held Province, Kappa Alpha Psi PARTS
Ebony'S' COLORBALL001 Don't miss the Thursday evening In Civic Auditorium.Miss Fraternity, Installed the $
wonderful opportunity to see the Janette Wilson was honored with the newly-elected officers of the CRADEWINGSLEGS..3 IBS.
latest American and Eurpean fashions, title. Jacksonivlle Alumni' Chapter in )
created by world famous designers and coveted Following a parade Saturday morning, the" a The recent officers electioff are meeting.: George H. (FROZEN NECKS .. 5 lBS.

worn by Ebony's beautiful highfashionmodels. week-end's activities were climaxed by a Hill, polemarch; L. V. Jones, TAILS I . .. 6 LBS.
Attend the Alpha Kappa Alpha spectacular performance by the Edward vice polemarch; Solomon L.
on'the gridiron Satur- Badger, record keeper; Wil FLORIDA I
Sorority sponsored exposition Friday Waters "Tigers" stadium.In liam Johnson, echequer keeper; FRYER PARTSLEGSBREASTSTHIGHS.. .. ECONOMY
night October 21 at 8:00: P.M. at Civic day night in W o I f son' George H. Starkes, historian; 9
Auditorium. thrilling encounter with the West E. Tlratnuns JohnB.
a strategus; 3
Enjoy an evening of wonderful enter- Liberty State College "Hill' Toppers, Darby, chaplain and GeorgeH.

tainment and at the same time help a* the "Tigers" suffered a defeat that Williams, scribe. FRESH GROUND BEEF 3tBs.OUBLIQUE
emotions--sad because Activities for the year Include .
worthy cause. Proceeds from the show left fans with mixed post-game parties, high school

will increase the tills of Alpha Kappa of the loss, but Coach proud Ferman of the Martinwas team's "snack and chat,"Kappa l 'ist- SAUSAGE, ..SHORT L INKS 2 w. I
overall oerformance. mas Ball, Sweetheart Party -
Sororlty'.s.loca.Scl'1olarshLp and' Shoe f -
especially proud of 0 s b 0 r n e Dutch Open House, Guide RightWee %
funds both of which'serve' deserving Longworth.'s performance on the field. Black and White Ball, 1st CUT PORK CHOPS ....2 LBS. '
youth of our city. "Founders Day events and scho
Mrs. Ruth Soloman serves'Gamma Rho Omega Miss Martha Prantll is Homecoming Queenof larship presentation. VEAL NECK BONES..10 LBS j

chapter as basileus. Mrs. Elizabeth West Liberty State.

Jasmin is General chairman of the fashion Miss Janice Way, a senior, reigns as Miss Educational Class PORK SHORT RIBS . .. .4 Bs.
show. Edward Waters for 1 1966-67.

............ ............ Being OrganizedAt BOILING BACON .. 51B!.
West FriendshipA
The Jacksonville I Alumnae Chapter of Delta The Florida State Conference of Branchesof FRANKS ARMOUR O 12.0Z.
.. .. O
Sigma Theta Sorority continues its series.of NAACP ended its convention Sunday witha free adult educational class, CAPITOL PROS.

lectures on "Mental Health. mass meeting Mrs. at Ebenzer Hurley Methodist Southeast ville sponsored Association by the West for Jackson a Better BEEF TRIPE.I .,. .. .5 185.
The program was launched locally Church. Ruby Community, Inc., is being organized -
October I II I with a lecture by Dr. WilliamH. Regional Director, delivered the address. at West t Friendship BACON SLICED OR 2
Geiger on 'The Nature of Mental Earlier events of the meeting Included Baptist Church, 945 Carrie St., ..... ..e WHITE L8S.

Health. '" business sessions at the Mayflower Hotel ; it was announced. NECK BONES..SMOKED 3
Courses offered
are Learning
Forthcoming I e c t u res will I be a dance Friday evening at Civic Auditoriumwith to Read and Write; Improvingyour IBS.
held October 25 and November I at the heavenly music by Eugene White and Reading<< and Writing;Self ROE MULLET .4
Myrtle Avenue Branch Library. his band; election of officers Saturday expression in Public Speaking; .. .. .... IBS.

............ afternoon; and the Freedoms Award Banquet Work Learning Mathematics to Spell; Learning Problems to TOMATOES .. .. .. .. ...SCANS
Saturday evening at the Atlantic. Coast Book Reading Programand
Jaxons were very active socially duringthe Line Building. General Education Im- FLA. GRADE A LGE. EGGS. 2
.. .. .
past week-end, beginning with ""home' Banquet guests had their spirits dampenedby provement. Doz.SHETLAND
coming"" festivities at Edward Waters the 'failgre of Robert Carter to deliver Educational enrichment tours
will be held and educationalclub
College* his address ( his plane was drasticallylate will be organized.an FREE PONY
A.dance celebrating the crowning of because of inclement weather at the

point of departure) However, the audi-
It Covers
Gray HairWm.
ence was elated over the appearance of COMPLETE WITHSADDLEand I

Mr. and Mrs. Adderly, parents of the J. Brandt's Liquid BRIDLEGIVEN
famed Adderly Brothers music aggregation,
who accepted "The Favorite Sons"" awards TO BE ,I
'Tor their I sons. EAU DENNA

The conference voted to maintain Rutledae

tr H. Pearson as state president. HAIR COLORER AWAY also

............ Will cover gray hair in 10 flI( iON!
to. 20 minutes. No pack. No IIIDiS f IOR THE ;
The Gator Bowl Classic Is less than two mess. Anyone can put it on at KIDDIES SiTURDUI
weeks away as we go to press. The eventis home. AT OUR NEW .s" SUNOH NOV.
r sponsored annually by Bethune-Cookman MEAT MARKET 5iuLie.

College featuring the Bethune-Cookman WILL REDDISHIt NOT TURN HAIR EDGEWOOD r PONWILL BE

Wildcats against a selected gridiron op- s '
? r.rt
ponent. This year's foe is the South will not rub off, it stays on
Carolina State Bulldog team, who earlierin several months. Shampooing, 1lnthinRtollny 1 U SUNDAY
the season defeated the Florida A&M sea bathing, sun, permanent +__ NOV. 6 at 1 1pm.
Rattlers. waving, curling straightening
iron-nothing takes it off. You
Planned Gator Bowl Classic activities can cover any gray hair no
include a Bethune-Cookman Alumni Break- matter how stubborn or how SAVE 10'
fast Saturday morning at the Heart of caused. BLACK STAYS BLACK. I=RyBERS LIMIT 3 23C

Jacksonville Motel ; a mammoth parade WONDERFUL FOR LB.SAVE.
Saturday at noon ; a BethuneCookman TOUCHING UP

Barbeque Saturday afternoon at the residence SUGAR CURED
KEN KNIGHT of Mr. and Mrs Nathaniel Davis, DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH
I>4I6 Jefferson Street the Permanent Waving
; football 39CUS
-Invites You To Listen To- Saturday night In the Gator Bowl followedby label.CAUTION Colors: Use: as Black directed, Dark on PICNICS I .10'LB

a victory ball in the Duval Armory. Brown, Medium brown.
BIG BAND"DANCE Junior Parker's band will furnish music Price per box $2.50 plus
for the dance. Federal

PARTY"Nil'U ............ TaxDIXIE
Joshua Williams Is'stili l l convalescing at PHARMACY
11:30: III 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. St. Luke's! Hospital. His rah of pro-

gress continues to be satisfactory. 1305 10 39C 2 23CSATURDAY
1400 WRHC1400 Kills M. In. Hi LOS LBS.


i jY1kO


arnr : MINUTE51h "Women's' Day" ,I I'I Bridal____.... Contest-'L.. ,, '...fI' ., ICHURCNEWj\ J JSTEPHEN

I, ILLINOIS' *0"4J ,
Mrs Sally. B. Mathis of Central Baptist Church will be the
t> :-1: 1 'I speaker at 11 a.m., Oct. 23 for the annual Women's Day celebration -
in St. Stephen AME Church
THREE TIMES WHEN THE LORD WOULDN'T ANSWER The theme is, "The Responsibility of Women la a Revulsion
,, ary Age" Breakfast and dinners will be served throughout
'In the >a ancniH account of our I But finally ** find how It wan the day.Sunday.
torcl' earthly ministry 'U' fin" that our !lord could' show grace: from 4 to 6 p.m., Mrs. Easter Price and Mrs. Carrie
t three orra-inn" when He declined l and du it ju>>tl>'-10 bah Jew amiGtnutv Adams will sponsor a Spiritual Tea In the home of Mrs. Adams
..',(. armvor those who appralixl to i for in the third instance we 5729 Sawyer Ave. Mrs. Gertrude Johnson will deliver the
% Him- or 'IU.t| inn"d l Him 'find the I ord Himself' ( in trouble. ) address. The tea Is In Interest of the Women's Day celebration
*. Firm there I I.* the Gentile ootiun On trial for His life before the Miss Rosalie Pridgen will be presented In recital Sunday
{, of; Man 1521-28: Her daughter representatives of Hebrew and e night, and Monday night, a gospel caravan will be presentedby
Wan poKHcvwO. ..f( a demon and in Roman taw, He it accused of all 5 t t. Mrs. Inez Blvens.Tuesday night, Youth Crusade for Christ
her trouble \a( help her "but lit tnsicrrfd ktrtint occasion too, he decline to answer> First runner-up In the contest was Darlen Robinson pictured above was the Wednesday night, Mrs. Annie Mae Paige will present Mrs.
a lord" Finally, in Hi grace : First Caiaphas, the High Priixt Elizabeth C., Washington. Mrs. Bettye J. winner of a bride contest given in be- Mattie Hayes In hat fashions. Friday night, Amos Ealey will
lie did help her but not until He said to (Hun: 'Ann'ereMI thou Glanton chairman of the' Women's half of Women's be presented In recital, sponsored oy Mrs. Jennie V. Crockett.
had taught her the Icwon that as a nothing What is it which these Day, October 2. The event On Oct. 22, a Go-Go Party will be sponsored by the Junior
'' department is shown
;, tiintili; Hhi had no dam on Him I witneu against thee Rut Jesus presenting gift to was held in Royal Tabernacle Baptist church on the patio of Miss Selma Johnson, 1255 Hart St.

-'An I Roman 1:28 I : till uit. the Gen i held His peace (Matt, 26:62: the contestant. Church. Leroy Taylor Jr was groom. Refreshments will be served and games played.ST. .
illiit had biin "lti'n up" because 63)).
1 'they did not wish to retain God Next Pilate the Gentile judge, MARY'S BAPTISTThe
Ftn[ their knotatac" In thin connection I said: "Ilea real thou not how many Voices Of Faith Anniversary Set Calendar Mrs. Norma BlandIs 11th anniversary of St. Mary's Baptist Church and the
we Gentiles should read I things they witness against Thee 8th of Rev. James L. Bryant, pastor, will begin and termite
'" Carefully Eph, 2:11: U and see how And He answered him to never a "The Voices of Faith" of the. Junior Choir; Miss Essie M. EventsThe Slated To Give Oct. 30.
i'ttcrly( without hope we art apart I word; insomuch! that the govcnormanilled Church of God, Steele and Blue Scott; The Austin Twins; Marvin The participants are: Rev. David Johnson of Bethel Baptist,
front the grate of GodJjpvext i greatly" (Matt, 27:12- Sts. will observe their first Green; Heavenly Fire Friendly Hostess and Host Dramatic ReadingsMrs. southside; Rev. Charles B. Dalley of First Baptist; Rev. G. T,
there was a Jewess, in 14)). anniversary Monday October Singers; Friendship Baptist Club will observe Its second Norma Hull Bland will McCall, Mt. Vernon; Rev A. Anderson, Bethlehem Baptist;
trouble of a different kind She Why did our Lord nqt answer 24, at 8:00 p.m. Rev. H. 'L. Choir 2j; The Harmony Vance- anniversary Oct. 30 at 8 p.m., give the dramatic readings Rev. Fred Williams, Bethel Baptist, Sveetwater; Rev. Joe
had been caught in adultery and and defend Himself Because He Herod of WOBS Radio Station letts; Howard Memorial Junior in the Elks Auditorium, 712 during the "Moments of Medi Calhoun, St. John, Orange Park; Rev. George Curry, New
bronchi to \Him for judgment (John had come into the world especiallyto will have charge of the occasion. Choir; The Celestial Gospel W, Duval St. A program will be tation" service at 10:45: a.m. Friendship, Atlantic Beach; Rev Steve Love, Union Progress
8:1.11): ), Unlike the G"ntileloman, die for man'i sins, Had the Singers; The Gospel Echoes; presented with outstanding ,Sunday In Grant Memorial AME sive; Rev. R. L. Smith, First Timothy; Rev. R. L. Gainous,
tihi belonged to the chomn race and sinners of all ages been there to Participants to appear on the The Tnelmarettes; Cedar Hurst talent participating Church for the annual Women's Macedonia; Rev. S. L. Badger, Emanuel. '
'PsllC.oed; ; God'i holy law, a distinct accuse Him of their tint, He would program are: The Biven Choir; Nathaniel Jackson Octo- Day celebration. Also, Elder J, E. Williams, Church of God In Christ; Rev.
t/1\'lIntagunlesl you are a lawbreaker still have remained speechless, for Specials; The Echoettes; Excelsior vettes; Church of God Gospel xxn The William Raines High J. C, Sams, Second Baptist; Rev. A. F. Cummings, West
Our Lord also helped herm He stood there as man'i representative ,; Miss Essie Thomas; Chorus; The Church of God School will be presented In a Union; Rev. George Price, St, Matthew Baptist; Rev Clydf
grace, but not until He hadtiesnonstrated so that we might be "justi Choir 4B, Mt. Ararat Baptist Senior Choir; Eastside Churchof The Gospel Echoettes and Miss recital during the 6:45: p.m., Jenkins, Mt. Olive Baptist; Rev. Samuel Price. Colossians;
that the law is the fied freely by God'a grace, throughthe Church; Mrs. Ethel Bannisterand God Junior Choir; Royal Jacquelyn Inei Fort will observe service. Other talent In the Rev. D. J. Graham, Mt. Ararat; Rev H. L. Herod, Mt. Zion
great Icxcler of mankind, bringing 'I redemption that in in Christ The Versiteers; Sister R. Tabernacle Baptist Male Cho their first anniversaryOct. city will participate. Baptist; Rev. W. L. Jones, First Corinth; Rev. R. L, Wilson}',
I all in guilty !before God (Rom, 3:19): ). Jesus" (Rom. 3:24): Cohen; Gospel Traveling! Stars; rus; M r s. Mary Goodman; 30 Special guests will be Mrs. Shirley Odom Williams, West Friendship and Rev. Eddie Taylor, St. Paul Baptist.
the Meditation Singers of daughter of Mrs. Evelyn Odom,
Sister Fedd; The Boston Singers Thompson Community Choir; I
; Queens of Harmony; Mt. The Buckman Singers; The Detroit, Mich., and Biven general chairman, will be the BETHLEHEM BAPTIST
I Fight Cancer Ararat Male Chorus; The> Church of God, Fernandina Specials of this city. speaker at 11 a.m. Mrs. Williams Youth Day will be observed Sunday throughout the day in
Speight Singers; Mt. Bethel; Beach, Fla., and others. Is an Instructor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, beginning with the Sunday School
---- zoz Gardendale Elementary School, at 9:30: a.m., with a guest superintendent in charge.
Merritt Island,and was former Morning service begins at 11 o'clock. The deaconess board
A Baby Contest and 'a brief ly principal at Palmetto Elementary will sell dinners in the dining room. The districts will observe
program will be held at the School. She is also a their joint anniversary at 3 p.m.,and the evening service beginsat
Is. home of Deacon and Sister member of Mt Olive AME 6 o'clock. The junior usher board and choirs will serve.
s Rosetta Cohen 835 Monroe St., Church there,serving as organ Mrs. Gladys Carroll will have charge of the music and Rev.
at 3.30: p.n. Sunday afternoon. ist. Programs will presented Ernest Williams will preach.
k The Traveling Stars will at each service. Miss The appreciation program for Deacon and Mrs. H.Brunsonand
render an A&B selection. Jacqueline Smith will be the Jerome Forrest has been changed from Oct. 31 to Nov
Refreshments will be served. guest soloist for the morning 7 at 8 p.m.

Prater BandObseries United Nations Day MT. SINAI HOLINESS
The Crusade Revival, now in progress at Mt. Sinai Holiness

R00O sroxt Its Observance Set At Church of America, Inc., will continue through Sunday in Mt.
Sinai Holiness Church, 1146 W. 21st St. The service begins

7th Anniversary Ebenezer Methodist each night at 7.30: o'clock.
Many elders and workers throughout the nation are in attendance
The United Holiness Prayer United Nations Day will be it was announced.
Band for All God's People will
observed Sunday at 6 p.m., by
celebrate Its 7th anniversary ""-
t\S the Women's Society of Christian ( Mt. Zion AME
Sunday at 8 p.m., In the HouseOf
: Service and the Wesleyan
God 1725 W. 28th St. Church Notes I
% Service Guild of Ebenezer I .
The participants are: Mrs. Methodist Church with a tea ... __ _____l Scene ni Musical,
Inez Bivens Biven Specials,
In the social room of the church. Services Sunday in New Hope flrt
Miss Angie McBride, Miss Program t 73
: Mrs. Sallye Mathis will be AME Church will begin with .
Alice Boston Bostonettes Dun-
st Don Singers, Mrs. Berthas, the speaker, and will be Introduced the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Rev.; Charles Waterford,'Mrs
by Mrs. Eloulse Lewey with Superintendent Lewis Estelle Hamilton and,Mrs
s Harris and Singers, Rev. S. .
will be Miss Edith \ '" "'
Presiding Champion cttarge.; n'Wltatt'kW be'teatured
Russ and Singers, the Old .
Gospel Singers, Dixie Jubilee Boyd, and Tyrone Williams, Rev. Z. L. Tyrus, pastor, will soloists in "Music to Live By,"
Singers, Choir 1, House of God soloist. A dramatic reading, deliver the sermon at 11 a.m., Sunday at 6 p.m.. In Mt. Zion
r Saints In Christ, BuckmanSing- "The Actor's Story," will be and at 5 p.m., the ACE League AME Church
rDEn ers, United Holiness Gospel given by Mrs. E. Muse. begins. At 6:30: p.m., the "Mr The participants will be ac-
In connection with the tea, and Mrs. AME" contest will companied Mrs. Maybelle
Beef at its Best Staten Singers, and Evangelist the Pentecostal Bernice' with Its decorations and information terminate. Oliphant, music by director at the

Choir, Rev. Curtis Paris Sr., concerning some of the The contestants are: Mrs. church, and Mrs.Solomon Jones
member countries of the United Susie
W. Strough-- will
speaker and Mrs. Bettie White, preside.
Nations a display of nags and ter Mrs. Mabel
Mistress of Ceremonies. HarrelL, and Ten-plus chairmen whose re-
T other information,will be given. Willie Aaron. Choirs 1, 2, and ports are completed w Iii
Usher Board 4 will serve. participate in the competitive

Monday night, Choir 1 will aspect of the Women's D..,
rehearse; Tuesday at 7 p.m., celebration, according to Mrs
fjJsrant'/7 WE DO OUR OWNFINANCING teachers meeting; 8 p.m., class Nathaniel Davis, general chair-
meeting begins.Saturday,Choir man
i tJjLedlt.7 I 2 will rehearse. Mr;. Eulene Jones will make

awards to three women in the
; ? report areas.

t 'TIL 9 P.M.TRADITIONAL Annual Men's Day will be observed -
i Sunday In
Mme." \j CHANNEL Baptist Church throughout Day Spring the Help! Help! Help!

day. Rev Roosevelt Franklin Of
BACK CHAIRS Rev. J. A, Wright, pastor of '
Shiloh Baptist, Palatka, will Macon, Ga.
be the speaker for the 11 a.ra.
service. He is the vice mode Divine, Spiritual, Healer,

rator of the Union St. James Rev. Roosevelt Franklin" 01

Continued On Page 10 Macon, Georgia.
Divine Spiritual Healer Jesusis

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I Miss B&PW Crowned At Boston Maddox Victory May Spark Demo,Leaders "Ghetto Backlash"Hits

--s I Full-Scale Race War Pledge SupportOf I

In U.S. Says Dr. King # Housing Bill HousingWASHINGTON -p

Integration at a 10-year high.
ATLANTA-NPI- primary Expected to benefit from the W.uffiNGroNNPI)- Sen. -- A that a park he built. They called
election victory of "backlash" In the South was the Everett M. Dirksen's actionIn "ghetto backlash" slashed back on the city's commissioner/ of
I segregationist Lester Maddox Republican party. Richard M. virtually killing the 19G6 In several cities across the urban renewal, John G. Dubs,
may help start a "full-scale Nixon, who was defeated in efforts Civil Rights Bill left nation an answer practices to consult with them about
racial war In this country," to become President of the Republicans in an In-party which give Negroes second parks, schools, and housing
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., United States and givernor of squabble over the correctnessof class housing.A projects.
|IL L has asserted. California, was right in there his action-and gave Demo- three-day 14-mile trek Meanwhile, the "white gtuttcl
'r "This state's race relations trying to capitalize on the cratic leaders an 'opportunity through Northern Virginia was was "backlashlng" as usual In
I 5, have worsened recently," he Southern backlash. strengthen themselves as pro- staged In an effort dramatize Philadelphia, where a crowd of
J I said, "and Maddox's victory Nixon called on Republicansto ponents of fair housing. the contrast between white and some 150 persons mostly teen
could make them even worse." concentrate their energiesin In Washington the Council of Negro housing. agers, burned an effigy labeled
: Maddox Is remembered as the conservative areas of the Republican Organizations attacked The Action Co-ordinating "nigger" half a block from a
advocate of violence and disj .South like Tennessee, South DIrksen as "an Committee to End SegregationIn home occupied by the first
.,. j I respect for law and order, who Carolina, and North Carolina, unconscious tool of the Demo- the Suburbs (ACCESS)kicked Negro family to move Into the
r __ put the law into the hands of where wages are relatively low. cratic administration" for his off the trek in Gum Springs, city's Kensington section
,: 4r f the few. The election loser called on the failure to vote for ending debate a predominantly Negro area It was the fourth consecutive
Carrying a pistol In his hand GOP to unite in the South, insisting on the rights bill. In Fairfax County. The rally night of demonstrations againstthe
.J .: Maddox drove away Negro cus- that the party can win DIrksen, who Is Senate Re- ended two days later In Arlington move Into a rented iom. by :I
M ;,; tomers who sought service at If it sticks to fundamentals. publican leader, shot back that Va. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wright and
his Pickwick restaurant. The Nixon never spelled out those Republicans who backed the Demonstrations were held at their three children.
pistolpacking racist said God "fundamentals" or why Repub- open housing provision of the all-Negro public housing unitsIn Some members ''Jfh, rowd I
was his campaign manager. licans should concentrate on bill-which he contends is un- Alexandria Arlington's carried signs nailing "bUt I
Maddox's ictory came as a poor areas. But he was not unaware constitutional r e the ones Negro Green Valley neighborhood \ power" and promoting 'corgi
suprise to the segregationistand that the Southern white who are hurting the party. and Buckingham Wallace for President u. 1W:
others in the state who expected backlash saved the GOP from A leader of the progressive Apartments, an all-white development ,
Ellis G. Arnall, a racial almost total defeat in the 1964 Republicans, Sen. Jacob K. Ja- in North Arlington Civil Right RoundupCARRY
moderate, to win the Demo- Presidential election s and vits (R-N. Y.) charged that the The trek underscored the Inadequacy -
cratic nomination for governor. could do the same In 1968. Illinois senator was "bearingfar of Negro housing In ONWASHINGTON
Maddox's success left more of-the responsibility suburban areas, and exposed -Prssl-
Georgians with a choice between Negro History as a party than we should" for fire-trap shacks which Negroes dent Johnson has asserted that t
two Goldwater men in defeat of the rights bill. must call home. the federal government must
November. "I think it Is most regrettable In Chicago, a tenants' union continue to lead the 'attic
l' Maddox will face segre- Sessions To that a man should be the leaderof organized by the Chicago against racial inequalit, despite
gationst Republican Howard II. the party of Lincoln at a Freedom Movement signed a some gO'le.lmefat,
Callaway in the general Attract DignitariesEducators moment when his sincerity precedent-setting collective- harassment in enfor'tog civil
election. makes him feel he has got to bargaining agreement with a rights laws The President conceded
e oppose a civil rights measure Westslde landlord. tha mistakes had been
I J election. Callaway Is said to be and interested which the party of Lincoln Purpose of the agreement is made in the government's rlvll
only slightly less of a racist. persbnsfrom fifty leading should be in the forefront of to give renters more voice in rights program and "some
-- The Madeox triumph left a sick American colleges and universities proposing." the operation of their buildings. people have been enthusiastic
A Wellesley College student Miss Ivy Lorraine Thomas Flint felling in the stomach of many top government of- Democratic leaders, Union dues of $1 a month are and differences have
Michigan was crowned "Miss B&PW1'" by Mrs. Edward R. Brooke leading Georgians. fie torians i a.1 s administrators, renowned his-of meanwhile, took advantage of to be collected by the landlord, developed" But he was confl
wife of Massachusetts' attorney general and Republican nominee to Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. of Atlanta private, Institutions and the in-party Republican squab- and future tenants In the building dent that federal officials would

the U. S. Senate, during the 31st annual convention of the National qualified called Maddox individual""a totally and adde4 uiW foundations will converge on bling to promise their supportof days must after Join they the move union In.within 30 "always listen to any protest:. : ..
fair housing. and out the lay "on-:
: Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs "The seal of the great state of. Morgan State College, October Vice President Humphrey wentto Tenants will save up to $30 or carry intended it," is
In Boston Mass. At extreme left is 3rd place winner Miss Georgia has been tarnished." 21-23, for the 51st annual meet the riot-struck Hough area: $40 a month by the new arrangement gress
Marilyn Dr. King said the Maddox victory ing of the Association for the of Cleveland to that"We Tenants who pay by the TRY AGAIN
Wright, a student at Howard University Washington D.C. pledge
Study of Life and
Negro History.
made him "ashamed"to be shall redouble efforts In week will be allowed to pay by MERIDIAN, MissSPI)--The
Holding trophy at right is Miss Yvonne White jamica N. Y. who According to Dr. Charles H.
a Georgian Maddox's victoryhe Washington to make our cities the month and reap the savings U. S. Justice Department pre-
accepted award in behalf of Miss Mildred Saunders, 2nd place said, Is a "white backward Wesley, Executive Director of liveable. More than 100 or the 200 pared to seek new indictments
winner in the contest. Others seen in the photo are Mrs. Dorothy step" whicb turned back the the Association and President "I 1 salute you for your self- families In the buildings are against 17 white men in the

N. Payne, 2nd from left B&PW 3rd vice president New York City, clock of history." versity Emeritus, of"the Central new State and Uni- reliance," Humphrey declared. members of the union affiliated 1964 slaying three civil rights
"Unless the forces of reason with Dr. Martin Luther workers in
"You do King'sSouthern Philadelphia, Miss.,
Mrs. Marion E. Bryant 5th fro left the Association's' national your part, as you are
take accelerating awareness of the
over, the rights leader here and I Christian Leadership after Federal District Judge
president, and Mrs. Lydia McLean member of the convention's' host added "we're In for more trouble need for Americans to know so help, me give God my that pledge, Conference. Harold Cox dismissed charges
club, The Association of Business and Professional Women of Boston between the races." more about Negro history will President and Vice Presidentand your In another "ghetto backlash" against them, Judge Cox uphelda
and Vicinity. Mrs. Payne directs the junior activities of the Maddox's election victory was cause a recordbreaking attendance t the Cabinet and the action- representatives of motion to squash the
Interpreted as a triumph for the this session in the kenwood indictments
organization I Congress and the whole of Oakland on grounds that the
"white backlash," which is said Baltimore. There will be more government will do its Job." Community Organization pick- grand jury had not come from
to result from mounting racial universities and college In the nation's capitol, during eted Chicago's City Hall to lists representative of both
Your Good HealthAGING Job Picture disorder across th e nation. participating then ever before the swearing-in ceremonies In demand a comprehensive city sexes and all races The men
Elsewhere in the country that and the active interest of the Cabinet Room for the new plan for their predominantly were charged with conspiring
Looks BrighterWASHINGTON "backlash" was threatening to top level government officials chairman of the Equal Employ- Negro neighborhood to violate the civil rights of
Improvements In living conditions and advances in medical and split the Democratic party, will be also at an all time high." ment Opportunity Commission, The pickets urged that pro- James E. Chaney, a Negro resident -
surgical treatment are enabling ever larger proportion of the -The nation's bolster Republican strength in Stephen Shulman and President posed Chicago Housing of this city; and Andrew
population to live beyond the Biblical three score years and ten. job picture may still be bright the South, and possibly producea I FIGHT CANCER Johnson enlarged upon the"fair Authority projects I In their Goodman and Michael H, Sen-
The chelf concern of most of these persons is to avoid becoming -' but not for Negroesalthoughthe new segregationist party. ------ housing" theme. .Southslde area be stopped and werner, both of New York.
a burden to themselves and others. Important financial unemployment rate droppedto Even worse, it could result
security Is, it Is not enough to insure a eaceful old age In further political ambitionson -
3.8 per cent, according to
tc these senior citizens. the Labor Department. national level-lor COY. \
.'0 prevent deadly boredom, most :of us need bobby; but manya Commissioner Arthur M.Ross George C. Wallace.
worker who has looked forward to his According to Arkansas
busy pursuing hobby on a of the Bureau of Labor Statis Gov
full-time basis after retirement has found that his bobby is like Orval E. Faubus, Wallace would
tics said the.prospect is good
dessert, something to be taken in small doses if It is not to be elected President today if
the rest of this year for con-
lose it savor. he were running as a third-
tinued high employment and a
Clubs that foster a variety of activities for the aged are low Jobless rate, except for party candidate against mod- R
growing In popularity. They feature lectures, organized discussions Negroes and unskilled workers. erate Democratic and SUPER K "
movies, outings and study groups. One is never too Total nonfarm payroll employ- Republican nominees.
old to learn new things, and developing nn interests one of ment rose 400,000 to 64.9 Faubus said Wallace would
the best ways to keep the mind flexible and the spirit young. make a good president. The
million, a record for September. -
The only deficiency of these clubs for the aged is that unless And factory workers Arkansas governor added that THESE PRICES BOOb)) THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEVOOD AYE.
effort is made to it the oldsters are
a special prevent average wages went up 4 centsto the segregationist Alabama
cut off from other age groups. Because persons of all ages have an all-time high of $2.74 chieftain could win easily because -
something to gibe to members of other generations,it Is important per hour. of a "white backlash"to U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST
to keep: the lines of commnnlcataion open. The bureau reported "contin Negro rioting.
One of the most valuable activltes of some of the clubs uing demand for qual1t1ed'and Wallace has threatened to run
for the aged is their employment service which finds fulltimeand experienced workers," and for President In 1968 as a third-
part-time paid and volunteer work for those who are willingand "substantial Job gains" for party candidate if neither of the 49c
able to do the type of work: needed. women who were returning to two major parties nominates a LB.

the labor force in large num- conservative.
bers to fill the demand for Madrid's victory wasn't the -
skilled and experienced only triumph! for the "white SMALL BAR-B-QUE SIZE
workers.But backlasV Shortly before,
the noted George P. Mahoney had saved
report a con
Tick-tock..tick-tock... tinued poor Job situation for his campaign for governor of
Negroes, who it said are not Maryland by opposing open SPARE RIBS 47DETERGENT
getting a proportionate share housing.
the Bourbon thatdidrft
of expanding professional and In Arkansas, Jim Johnson, a LB.
white-collar Jobs. founder of the White Citizens
The rate for council, won nomination over .
watch] the clock! unemployment
non-whites-mostly Negroes- five opponents who softpedaledthe
dipped from 8.2 per cent to race issue In the Democratic
7.8 per cent but was still mono governorship rimary.
than double the white In Louisiana, John R. Rarickwon
rate of 3.3 per cent. Jobless the Democratic nominationfor SERF LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 FOOD ORDERGIANT 4 9/a

'.l OLD Ross said, however there was a slat in the UjS. Rouse of
no evidence that white workers Representatives by lablel1ng the SIZE
were taking existing jobs away Incumbent, James H.Morrison, .
) CHARTER from Negroes. an ally of"the "black power voting JEWEL

t Total V. S. employment drop- bloc.
l Ktntucky's Finest Bourbon ped from 76.3 million to 74.2 Result of the"white backlash"
million, about the usual decline upsurge, said poll taker Lou LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 FOOD ORDER 49cBOCA
for September. A nd the total Harris, will possibly be a split SHORTENING
civilian labor force decreased In the Democratic party 3 LB. CAN
from 79.2 million to 76.8 million Another poUster, George
also In line with seasonal .Gallup has found white dls.-.
expectations. pleasure with the pace of

7 You Do n't Have To Go To Town To Get
\ .



Trade With I Your Neighborhood Drug Store
Papers. 'v Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip HOLSUM WHITE BREAD 2 urn LOAVES 25*


Dixie Pharmacy

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue




PACE I mi rmis' UT0IIAY OCTOBER 22, 1968

: ,.,... -.,.... --- -:.:- ..,.,...-;. -
.. .. ;
.. r .. .' I

I i

iJ L y V144L

6ccnJ'i7 Moon Over Miami Artists' Circle I Miamian Since You Asked Me

II'Ur" ..".._.."....._.....t'I'
ahead-lar DEAlt LONN7E: Someone told me that in on of your column
MIAMI BEACH, FLA.-Looking ahe -t.t the
.. ... 14 coming winter in Miami BEACH. "OPENING NIGHTS"Opening I you said that kissing Is germy. Although that may be true,
.. to the ? I It
... Isn't that an unreal approach problem agree that
There will be a bit more accent on cultural events such as night: A spectacular
to catch diseases It seems to me that that Is
opera and ballet. To the standard three performances in the cultural event clothed in the 1 is possible
.. municipal auditorium by the local opera guild with leading roles splendor oT -clety and enobled ridiculous. Please Comment.
by t top names will be added an of the Metropol- tie! Germ SeekerI
sung appearnace with brilliance of Innres3. -
.tan "ails._ ,",' ______. HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT OF KISSING as an expression of
11 Opera '
-o.-formance has been
"UWjHW1. Cup race will be sailed off :, ., and anellcd' affection between two people, not Just something to do insteadof
ea I The youthful Met touring eI Miami Beach March 8. Four science: at the unforgettable Metropolitan homework. It seems to me that this sort of thing depends on
I semble probably will be days later the trim, seagoing Opera since Its beginning Last the Individual and their sense of values.Germs don't enter Intoit
craft will head eastward In the N
much I don't think.
scheduled in February. It has Sept. 18 the entire world
Miami-Nassau classic sharedIn *************
By LOUISE P. DRUETZ just launched it second season the glamorous and
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL and Includes In Its cast, Numerous other races for both opening in Its new home pomp at DEAR LONNIE: My sister and I are always fighting. I am always -
power and sail, large and small so she must be right. Whenever time comes to
OFFICE, AT HOME hometown mezzo-soprano Joy Lincoln Center for the Per- wrong,
Davidson one of the brighter will go on the calendar as the Arts in New York. clean up and I do It, she comes and messes it up again. Yet
How would you like to have an off!:* in your home or study The forming
without Increasing the floor space? new lights in serious music. weeks Bowl regatta progress of course Orange.U a Responding to requests from when she cleans up, I am not supposed to do anything. What

It can be done without magic if your house has a walk-in. closet The MetropoUtanMumiOpera fixture In festivities around New opera fans all over the world, do you think?
with Guild's presentations all fea- RCA Victor has into Fighter
contents that can be transferred elsewhere. compiled
Year featured by the football IN A QUIET TONE OF VOICE, ask her to not mess up.; If
One bus/ lewspaperwoman transformed- with just a few Ingredients turing established artists, will one splendid album, great
the ball closet In her apartnmt into a cheerful Include: "Tosca," Jan. 25;; game. voices out of the past who have she flares up, leave her alone. However when she cleans up,
office. The key items were two outstanding wallcovering pat- "MIgnon" Feb. 22 and"Cav- Adding to variety, Rlngllng participated In "OpeuLig don't be too careful to keep It straight. She'll get the messageand

terns by United Wallpapar company and furnishing scaled to allerla Rusticana" March 1'. Circus opens for in a the fiveday Miami Nights" performances from the --Fleetwood Price, a graduate this will solve the problem. As far as everthing else is
the area. Among other events already stand Jan. earliest years of this country. of Tennessee All State UniversIty concerned, treat her the way you want her to treat you. To get
Beach Convention Hall antique -
She selected the Houndstooth and Pistoleers pattern from scheduled In the auditorium are scheduled for the The RCArecording, "Opening and a native Miami,Fla., a friend, be a friend.
the new Femlnique Collection of pre-pasted, scrubbable and the International Guitar Fest- show ,Nights At The Met" LM-6171 has bwen appointed sales and ***********

strippable wallcloth.The ival, Dec. 4; Peter, Paul and hall Jan.winter 28-Feb.event 2. for the big consisting of historic recordingof marketing representative by If yourant to ask a question, send it to "Since You Asked Me,"

wallcloths are easy to hang (pre-pasted s.)they need onlyto Mary, folksingers, Jan.29; the hall Last will be the American BowlIng Metropolitan opera stars recreating the Coca-Cola Bottling Com- Negro Press International, 5708 S. State Chicago,Ill. G0621.
be dipped la water, then hung), easy to maintain (because Variety Club's "Show of This Is scheduled : their celebrated roles pany of Miami. Age 23, Mr.

they're completely scrubbable) and easy to remov should you Shows,*' Feb. 8 and the Police to Congress.on 32 especially constructed will be the prize possession of Price was graduated from Eastern AirlinesTo Leontyne Price
want to change decor (because they are scrubbable)). and Firemen's All Star show, open singers, musicians and music Miami's Carver High School.
She accessorized the office by picking up the mood of the Pis* another charity evenlngFeb.; lanes\ March 6. Before listeners alike He received the Bachelor of Stars In NBC'sTelephone
toleers design. Thirteen antique pistols from her husband"collection the Miami Beach Community its cloFe..May 3 or a few days Soprano Leant/no: Price, who Arts and Sciences Degree from Hire 275

of ancient firearm*.-..vhlo'i! Is valued In the thousands of Singers, March 13. later, thousands of bowlers, received her final curtain call AM,Nashville, In 1965. Married HourA
dollars and dates back to the American Revolution-were de- Additional affairs will be added amateur and professional,from in connection with the old Metropolitan to the former Miss Bonnie J. Miami BaseMiami
coratively arranged on the walL as winter approaches.It already all parts of the country will House when she was Rlgby, also of Miami,Mr. Price For combination of 'talent and

Her arrangements of furnishings Is worth noting;filing cab has been announced or more have rolled for cups and cash called by George R. Marek to is a member of Nebo Baptist Eastern Airlines temperament, the operatic
inet, a place for materials, a shelf Urge enough to hold an concerts will be given each in this premier tournament. cut the first swatch from the Church The Prices are the plans to employ 275 additional prima donna has dazzled and

electric portable trypewriter, and a chair scaled so as to be month from November through curtain Is not represented In parents of three sons. .persons for its Miami main- beguiled audiences for a couple

comfortable when in use, but small enough to close the door behind April, as Is customary, by World Of Books the album. However, a new tenance base, adding of hundred years. To demon-
afterward-4he whole effect being one compactness and both the Greater Miami Philharmonic album which bears her name approximately: $2,000,000 a strate the art of the prima
efficiency with records and writing tools at her fingertips. and the Miami Beach PEOPLE GAMES,By DR.OREO features the "Prima Donna"In PromotedMISS year to Florida payrolls, according donna, the new "Bell Telephone
Coral and flat black paint were used for accent In the study. Symphony orchestras. KITZENGER and DR. ALBERT "Great Soprano Arias from to S. L. Higglnbottom, Hour" will star four of the
The coral tone Is predominant In the Pxstoleers design. After a successful summer SCHWINE. 63 pp. New York: Purcell to Earber" with Francesco vice president, engineering and world's greatest divas Slrgit

season as well as years of winter Pocket Books. $1.00. Molbari-PradeW con- maintenance.The Nilsson, Leontyne Price, Joan
* *
successes, the Coconut If you take the theatre of the da4Srtg. the RCA Italian opera new personnel will boost Sutherland and Renata Teoaldi
Grove Playhouse soon will begin absurd and reduce It to the orchestra\ : : in Rome. LSC 2898. Eastern's Florida employmentto -In "The First Ladies of
. THE CASE OF THE SWINGING SUITSn Its most ambitious cries 01 commonplace level, you have IS Is certain,from her frequent L 9,500 and Its annual payroll Opera" Sunday, Dec. 18, on the
.:.. 1 I productions. this outrageous and completely international appearances in In the state to $81,000,000. The NBC Television Network.
E Events in the Southern Ocean nonsensical collection of games opera houses on all the seven airline Is already one of the The program willpresenteachof
; Racing Conference will Just for satisfying needs. This text continents, that Is consideredto largest employers in Florida. these extraordinary artistsin
3 about colnlda: wlU: .he open- maintains that all of us-who 'je, "one of the great operatic Mr. Hlgginbottom said the a separate sequence designed
t ing of major league spring are too old to be called young- talents of this century" The build up in employment is in to show what makes these

baseball training. The Upton needSkoogingj new recording affords an opportunity support of Eastern's expandingfleet singing stars unique in the
This is defined as being called to evaluate the singer of Jets. The airline bas operatic world.
a goof, a fathead or a no good- In the various operatic styles 129 jet powered aircraft In
BEACHSHORTS Just as we were when we were which she delivers with operation and 76 more on order, t
isi i YOUNG and dominated by marvelous .
All majoroverbaulOoEastuD'.
and other ....... :: ro
parents grownups is --
an eloquent display other fleet Is accomplished at the
I "who bated us." dramatic sensitivity in "Addlode ANN O'NEAL Miami Base.

1 You try very hard to get somebody passato" of Verdi, her vocal Miss Ann L.O'Neal,a graduate The new employees will

to Skoog you. One exam- agility in Mozart's "Dove of Florida A&M University,recently Include aircraft and power plant
MIAMI BEACH.FLA.Whatls ple Is the 40-year-old fathead Sono," the penetrating spirit- was promoted in the mechanics and mechanics with
believed to be the ciiy Columbus who insists on dating Very uaiaty of Purcell's aria "WhenI Business Office at her alma various skills such as aircraft

Day sailing regatta In the New Young Girls. The girls alwaysmaintain Am Laid In Earth," the .emotional mater to the position of overhaul, machinists with experience -
World Is held, fittingly, In BIscayne -for the first dozen effectiveness of Mey auxiliary accountant. A native In industrial machine
I Bay here Although dates or so-that they don'tknow erbeer's "Sur Ines genoux, file of Thomasvllle, Ga., Miss shop equipment, h e 11 arc
Colum'jus\ didn't exactly discover the gentleman wellenoughto du sole1U," the redinded sensation O'Neal Is the daughter of Mrs. welders, general welders,
the bay, he came closer spend the night with him.in of "deplus le jour Rosa L. O'Neal, 1044 WoodwardAve. electro platers and sheet
than any other European before This answers a great need Charpentler's opera "Louise"and ., Tallahassee. She holdsB. metal mechanics

him, probably wlthing 200 miles the fathead and he immediatelylooks the finally the excitement of S. and M. Ed. degrees from H. S. Clark, regional employ-
1 or so. for fresh game Barber's aria "Do Not Utter A FAMU, where she did her undergraduate ment manager, said that
******. Very Young Girl unwisely capitulates Word". Her command of oper- work in business Eatern, In addition to having
c Suits have switched to the"switchedon" w small, IIiII Big game anglers nave noted to his anguished atic style is significant test of education Miss O'Neal .Is one excellent t wage rates, offers its
The investment is
demands. her artistic
for that Atlantic marlin ability which she
employees free
years of the founders of the Florida hospitalization
look. They'restill and the fashion big, if you Really this stuff is wild. And Illtr'
usually must be "raised" from accomplishes with undaunted AIM Faculty Women's Club. and major medical insurance ItIIM
sensible investments swing with a sewing machine. deep waters to strike a lure, the wildest part about it is that skill. FAMU staff photo by Ernest paid sick leave, paid vacations ..
don't show it. I
only they
now not eyer-&ncS
Then you can have an English while you may
while their Pacific cousins FUlyau. of up to four weeks a year,
: Pantsuits with English or suit that mean ever-recognize your- .
cutaway your
found close to liberal
consistently are retirement
THE plan and
military airs help you look friends will be "Mod" about; the surface. Scientists invest- self, yoliU be quite certain that LAST ONE to leave a low cost life Insurance. "Em .
while dashing know well is 'cocktail party can hardly. CathWte ->
smashing you're quite
McCall's makes the pattern, igating such matters report a someone you <) Dlgerr-October. Fight Cancer ployees also have unlimited
hither and yon. When in teen and junior sizes with simple probable explanation: being described. pass privileges for themselves,
they also go to town with cuffed pants and A-line skirt. food is closer to the surface their wife or busband,dependent
: matching skirts, you have two Make it in corduroy, or in a in the Pacific than In the I children and parents," Clark WMBMSpollight
: for the money and the show. snappy wool tweed or check.WAME Atlantic. YOUR said.
I I FREE ProductOf
Applications for the jobs are
now being accepted Eastern's
Tomorrow's jobs will be employment office located at The Week
Call The MIAMI
different. They' require STAR PhotographerTo 4600 N. W. 36th Street, Miami. Miami, Florida

different skills.

And you can get those Cover four Church Events Teas, Banquets, Weddings

skills by re-training

so don't wait for your Fraternal Meetings Social Events Birthday Parties

present job to be re-

: DIAL 1260I placed. Get the facts on FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6351069 Niqhts

re-training now. visit;

the local office of your Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event

vjce.State "Employment ser- NOTE : You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook 49


.. \. '.


: .z .
i the SHORTY.$35.

far c.mpl.t. |!lu.t...... Catalog,of

"Skin Jooked dull andgray.'Vaseline' .end Mrdola.. at.chm.nu...Hair my1.apl.H.lf. .-..Horn. name esp.an4
# 1 was drying out. flaking.. aril-war's;, "'urn.or
tf.tur.ay Norms
.aitM I 1101.
Gal/MaJal. ....
CROWS froM 'h. AAta Hair Pr )Inc.
Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft t 1ft YOUR SCALP. no CGftdIUoa ROOTS Da,.t. St 1. lid'" IS, N.Y.
aout hair. .11.n d......... ..Y r

J; .- : Y and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days:' : I formula.:jalp.n! tha Invanttd Year natural tffO. health''medical OIl:tar;-.

Mrs. Donald P. New York N.Y. which I. "' .... with many rrori
Ryder, .
"' 'aclal l".rdl"nu: CAB.
BONOCC'U such a *tron .- COMBIl-i
flit lUaapU* and di 7uA; p .:;
RHYTHM & BLUES work BUMPY*,"_."?''Baum' Kait u'i
\ maie .
Applied as a continuous f film to hands, and P s1;gMIs.: j I
leolp .
trouble. M.,
ankles, face, arms-when your skin ....rILe"' eased scalp.n.oy/ne.......
"' needs more than cosmetic care'Vaseline' ', -" "' ; =- "'th"'jl'prII:,. b t f'MyrID1 I
:::) < .f t if
RADIO STATION 4 t Petroleum Jelly is the sooth i .. rxNINS rnSCALP 4P Rwi5 .- ..

1 ; ', ing answer. Helps dry ashy-gray skin '; : '1 Mind w II and wilt b Mn| t* 'oar W -" r .J.

regain its normal look and tone. No eon 1 DAY rtady and to it aw.you Usa., wol l..' coati and. ......h U odd ..1..
9 other softeners, no skin cream, no skin t.: 1 S :aUel't.l-; mee.y b.eb. Pap NOVA) M'sh.DYE, Ee.l.a.uleb..t w4 alll ..t rub ell.
S aiad.le.v.rythlnj:: ppprlhM t. add eels .p
"WHAMMYIN ,E 1 lotion provides better moisture protection. i. I= rir* "? tot Ina,u &.,. .,,hN I.ndwll'DYED AVOIDS LOOK.
M 5 4'f7 Try it. a "'" CATER:..:. : ..... M. Pr...'........_. .1..., ......
c A ; wIon y tan gaaas: e/f Cum.n Pl..tle I..c! eubbly, ,
/ WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE ,' :: ade.n.f ..,. ,.... ...... lie C._e'nl.dn In .U .insist........, ar ...Can...
y fj! odd,...t OLD P'.tI,,_ .1.... Bl..b.
MIAMI" '" '' THAN COSMETIC CARE. m ,asHa m D 1F1C, gel .'11., .,.,. .h..... pop
....., /h1 .y. .1.-.1 en .' onlp
,n ;3.v.. r'OTII: : TM_ : : .rya
ULA ..._ I"% 'rr" wo.1/bM.1.ItNN i'radlMd
4* --r ... r DSP, st.,. Ina
ar..hl',.. 35, New Y...



[ OCTOBER 22, 1966 t
... .
r."I, '.
Campus NewsFAYETTEVILLE Sanford '
'> 0 !

STATE COLLEGE Covers TheHollywood .' -, :..,,'. ROUNDUP Religion And Race.

On Monday, October 24 at 8:00: p.m. in the J. W. Seabrook kt.:. %
Auditorium, The American Clascal Theater will present Set p', JUNGLE DRIVE by NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL
Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST, It was annouced today by Mrs. A. CHICAGONPI)- This city'snew ANTI-EXTREMIST STAND
Mary T. Eldrldge Chairman of the Fayetteville State College HOLLYWOOD-"What do y ou : : superintendent of schools, ATLANTIC CITY.N.JMNPO-A resolution was approved
Lyceum Committee. want to be when you grow up?" James Redmond, has urged the New Jersey Baptist! Convention urging its 57,000 members to
Handsomely costumed and played by a professional companythe is a question not uncommon to swift action to halt extortion "become informed as to the names,methods and tactics of CUM
production has been directed to recanture the magic and most doting parents and thoseof activities run by gangs at South (extremist groups to combat them with love, truth and under
beauty of one of Shakespeare's most mature works. An enchanted Sanford Lewis were cot a : and West side schools School standing" Noting the rise in number extremist group in the
Island, a book of magic, strange, unnatural creatures, little surprised to get officials I welfare group state, the convention added "These groups built on hatred
kings and clowns, fools and wise men all live again In one the answer, "an actor, writer leaders, and police met in an prejudice fear and smear philosophies stand against all the
delightful evening. musician singer and author" 1 effort to stop a wave of extor- teachings of Christian love."
************* from their precocious child. tion and terrorism plaguing this APPROVAL

The Fayetteville State College Women's Club have made Today, 28-year-old "Sandy" city's schools.BIGGER CAPETONSouth Africa-(NPI[)-Prais4 for the South Africangovernment's .
future plans for the beautification of the college campus and Lewis Is all of those thingsbut HAND role in Improving living conditions of on-whlte'::
new faculty lounge and for a faculty show to raise funds for after having tried and tested NEW YORK..{(NPI-Tq Negro races in the country was given by Bishop Harrison J. bryant::
student programs.The all his goals he is more writer uAw. leaders have circulated a petition new head of the 15th EplscopaldlstrlctAME Church, Baltimore*
actions took place at the first meeting of the Club for the than anything else. accusing city school said "houses and hospitals for non-whites are the best have
academic year. How Lewis managed to accomplish officials providing"criminally seen anywhere."
************** and achieve inferior education" to WORD-DEED GAP

ALBANY STATE recognition can best told in his children In Harlem and other NEW YORK-(NPIKharges that a wide pp exists between the
"Yours is the task of devising new methods of doing best own words: ghetto communities. Among the word and deed in the'univer.salpreaching about brother-
that which is demanded In order to obtain a quality education," "When I was eleven years old, I petition's supporters are Ken- hood" was made last week by Rabbi JudaJi Nadich, in a sermon
were the words resounded in an address by Thomas Miller Paul WhIteman held auditions neth B. Clark, professor of at Park Avenue Synagogue.He noted that a "widespread bedrock
Jenkins, President at Albany State College, in his annual for his "TV Teen Club." I got i psychology City College; Percy of hate" among racial and religious groups throughout the nation
Fall Convocation before the faculty and student body. In under the wire by saying I Sutton, Manhattan Borough stlol remains..." a hatred that erupts so many white people ;; ,
Speaking at the official opening of the 63rd academic school was thirteen got an audition I president; and J. Raymond of all religious faiths when they are oersonallv- confronted 'nth :
year at Albany State President Jenkins said, "The new gen and landed with the great White- I Jones, New York County Democratic the need for showing what brotherhood means to them." 'J
eration brings with it new problems which call for new rules, to man. I was sure then that the ,.. leader. Civil rights nmber seven '
be patterned, indeed, after the rules of the past and yet stage was for me." ___-'- .i.__ rm. _r organizations from SNCC to the los angeles--9npI0-the interrellglous Project Equality J
adapted to the needs and understanding of a newer day anda Years of study followed during SYNDICATED COLUMNIST Sanford Lewis (left) of the World Wide Urban League are said to back program annexed its seventh area when the Protestant andJewlsli
newer hour." which he learned how to play the Newt Syndicate, one of the most popular newsmen covering the petition, which urges that communities of this city committed thlr multi-million dollar'
"You should gain however, that which is more than mere bass fiddle develop his voice Hollywood, it shown Interviewing David Weiibart, producer of the ghetto residents have a bigger purchasing power to the national movement for racial Justice! land
knowledge of rules methods and techiques. The thing even and graduate from the controversial motion picture about the "pill lcick"-"Valley Of The hand in running their schools. equal Job opportunity. Participating are the Methodist
more important that you must have learned" he said, "is University of Southern Califor- OolU. The forthcoming 20th Century.Fox high-budget, wide. SCHOOL BILL Church United Church of Christ,Church of the Brethren United
the ability to think in terms of your chosen profession." nia. Then he returned to New screen color film It based on the runaway belt-telling novel by WASHINGTONNPISpeedy Presbyterian Church in"U.S.A.,Lutheran Church in America and
************* York for a crack at Broadway.He Jacqueline Sutonn. The welcome/ mat it always out for "Sandy" House approval of the Admini Jo drab denominations .
FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGEOne tried out for a part in "The Lewis at the studios resulting In hit many exclusive stories on up. stration's multibilliondollarschool SPEAK OUTRICHMOND
of the oldest colleges in the State of Florida, Florida Desk Set" with Shirley Booth coming productioni. Mark Robson will direct this picture. aid bill was expected Va.-(NPI-Gov. Mills E. Godwlc has been asked
Memorial College now located in St. Augustine, will relocatein and landed it. Next came a part after the Senate okayed the bill to officially gtvecondemnationtothe KKKlollow1ng the myster-
Dade it in "Member Of The Wedding"with by a 54-16 vote. The ous bombing of Second Bethel Baptist Church
County, was announced by Dr. Edward T. Graham, Senate's near Byrd field.
chairman of the college Board of Trustees. Ethel Waters to be Powell Found D.C. HOME RULE bill authorized $6.4 billion In In Henrico county recently Making the plea was group of state
Ground breaking ceremonies are scheduled for November of followed with part In Finlan's federal aid to elementary and civil rights leaders, which included the Rev.Robert Lee Combs,
this year and a Development Fund office is now open in the Rainbow" with David Wayne. Guilty OfContempt DEAD secondary schools in the next director Virginia Council of Human Relations
Congress Bldg.Supported The lure of HoUwood beckonedand THIS YEAR two years. Representativesfrom DEPLORE BURNINGCLEVELANDNPIClergymen

by leading citizens in Dade County,Including banker young Lewis packed his WASHINGTON - Leonard L. Abess, writer Phillip Wylle Sentor Harry Cain, bags and headed west, and rule for Washington, D. C., give the bill a hard time as Westlake took to the pulpits to voice their disgust at the burning
Mayors Chuck Hall and Robert King High Luther L. Brooks, promptly won a role In"Carmen they attacked: federal desegre- of
died in Congress recently, but a $23,250 home in the suburb purchases by the Rev John/
Milton Weiss and Mrs. Athalle Range, the Baptist related Jones," produced by Otto Pre- NEW YORK Rep. Adam gation guidelines. R.
efforts Compton Negro associate
are expected to be made secretary,Ohio Society of Christian -
college will be located on 47 acres of ground at NW 44th Ct mlnger. Clayton Powell (D-N. Y.) got for its AGAIN IN PHILLYPHILADELPHIA Churches. Rev.
revival in the next Con- Compton, who hails from Cincinnati, has
d LeJeune Rd. and will add to the education milieu of exiling "Sandy" Lewis then tried his another Jolt his week when a gressional session. -NPI- Demonstrations disclosed that he still plans to occupy the bouse.
university system in Dade County. hand making one word follow" Jury took less than an hour An attempt by Sen. Wayne at lily-white 1 CLIMATE ON HATE
************ another on paper. The resultof Monday to find him guilty of Girard College resumedas
Morse (D-Ore.) to save the
AU COLLEGE the articles he sent to editors having violated five court Judge Charles A.
measure by tacking it onto (NPl)-The Roman Catholic Church's first
The annual homecoming celebration to be held at ALT College resulted in a shower of checks. orders to appear for financial refused In Common Pleas black cardinal
another bill, failed Death was was once refused a haircut in New York because -
ginning on Thursday, October 27th and extending through World Wide News Syndicate examination as a debtor. blamed on a high dosage of Court to enjoin the NAACP of his color, the Vatican weekly L'Osservatore dells
unday, October 30th will include a wide variety of activities made him an offer to cover the, The verdict subjects Powellto Dixie filibuster, combined with from picketing the college The Domenica reported. The newspaper said it felt the incident
jirranged for the entertainment of returning alumni. Hollywood "beat" followed by a mlxlmum jail sentence of Administration and Congress- Judge however laid down should be revealed because of "the climate of hat that still
I ,The another offer from TV-Radio 150 days and a fine of $1,250. ground rules
main theme of the obervance will center around the 75th slonal Indifference for the demonstrations poisons several states In America." The Incident occurred
I versary of the college being conducted during the current Movie Guide. He took them both. After dismissing the Jury, and warned that violations when Laurean Cardinal Rugambwa who was elevated to the
tatademic year. Today, Lewis is one of the however State Supreme Court THE OOOD OLD DAYS: when a of these rules would open the College of Cardinals In I960, was still a bishop A Tanzanian
The annual coronation ceremony and ball, to be held at the most popular newsmen in Hollywood Justice Matthew M. Levy said high school took up more space way for the college trustees Cardinal Rugambwa is prince of his Bulls tribe. ,
Charles Moore Gymnasium on Thursday evening October 27, with entre to the biggest that he would hold off passingany than In parking lot to reapply for court relief
at 8:00: p.m. sets in motion the gay round of activities. stars-and what is more Important sentence until he had first 1
The attractive Miss Nannie Kearney, Warrenton, N.C., an he has the respect and decided whether the trial was
or senior in business administration is to be crowned ear of the town's most important valid. A ruling Is expected after
i'Miss A&T. amid the pomp and ceremony usually associated executives, where he often gets next Monday.If .
111Mb coronation programs. The same program will feature the news before it happens. Powell is sentenced to Jail HERSHEY'SSUGAR
tfct Introduction of fifty-odd other "quees" sponsors of various When he heard that 20th for criminal contempt he will
dent organizations. Century-Fox had bought the lose his congressional immunity -
*********** controversial runaway best- against arrest which has
" MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE selling novel, "Valley Of The protected him in the case thus
medical students were cited with-four awards recently> DoUViand. thai David Weisbart far, and he could be arrested ,
e ann a) opening convocation'ot Meharry Medical College wu point to produce it, Lewis anytime and any place.
h feature*.wards and pttzi91fore t&dingtu! cine and dentistry and recognition of(tear's list students. office and 'got an Interview.Not one missing ?element to' f QUANTITY PRICES GOOD' t 5 IBS.. / 39c:
,ice Green Douglas, a junior of Shaker Heights Ohio, and satisfied with that alone, an earlier court decision that RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH SATURDAY ,
ael Warren Feuer, a sophomore from Brooklyn, each reed he tied up with ABC-TV, told Powell was guilty of criminal
four awards. them what he was up to and they contempt of court for refusing
s Douglas received the $500 Alma Wells Givens Scholar- sent a full camera crew to the to disclose all his assets In AJAX LIMIT 5 LBS ,PLEASE
award given to the student with the highest average at the studio to get another interviewon the wake of a $164,000 'Judgment -
of the sophomore year; the $100 W.S. Qulnland Prize in film for network airing. he owes a 68yearoldwidow. WITH OTHER FOODPURCHASES

ology, given annually to the most outstanding student in ---- DETERGENT 49C I
ology; the Guerney D. Holloway award for excellence in On Aug. 12, Justice Irving H. GT. P.KG.

cal pathology and the Lange Medical Publications award Recording Artist Saypol "quallfiedly" found OF $5.00 OR MORE
given to the two ranking students in each class. Powell guilty of criminal Con-
feuer received the $1,000 Pfizer award for having the highest ... '"' '/' tempt for violating the orders LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE
overage in the 1965-66 freshman class;biochemistry Department 'f : but stipulated that Jury should
, Achievement award for the thghest average in bio- ; I make the decision on whetherhis """
rtiemistry; the Lange Medical Publications award; and the $50 & ( contempt was "willful." "W ;;
I f-w fifsAVIfS
Pre-Alumnl Association award for the highest average In the The Jury decided Monday that E SAID (
. t
the violations ClOR309XRED
p caw..a.- h -". AI..aa.--A !. were deliberate,.
Other prize winners in the school of Medicine were Ray Olva DART CUT GREEN'BEANS I
Lundy, a senior from Rosharon Texas, who received the L.T 't rhWEirAVERS
Miller Scholarship award of$685.16 tor bavingthehighest aver- -", '. I
ge at the end of his Junior year and the Lange Medical Public- I I 303 $ I
Ions award; Norman Michael Panitch, a Junior from Brooklyn, r LIMIT 1 PLEASE
ho received the Gustava B. Maclln Prize of $25 for showing << '--'
he most proficiency In pharmacological research; andAndrew L, ROTEL SLICED CANS
ames Rhodes,a senior from Nashville,who received the G.P.P. .
moat parts of the ,
*orde award of $100 for exhibiting the highest potential as agnostictan. winter lim't the longest country M>ano'i' BEETS I
POBBY HEBB of the yearIt most seem* thut ,303
OF $5.00 OR MORE
CHICAGOOn the heels of way. lint imlemi you live on an I
Iceberg theje are a Rood many
his recent number one disc, thing: yon can do to streamline
"Sunny," and his well- your hoiuekeeplnn for ,n rimlri, j ISLAND FARM MIXEDVEGETABLES j DEL MONTE CALIF.
received performances on the (If not shorter) winter: ,
recent United States Beatles' Recolor and repair at the
tour, Bobby Hebb Is on the Urn. time: Yon tan make a | I
fading color on ullprover or up 303J03. $
move for the next several holnteiy to another neaion with A1::
months In a whirlwind the aid of one of the nt>w aerosol J
I schedule both here and abroad. fabric spray, I! ARGO TENDER SWEET CANS OR K 303 $1

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M i t "JacJttonviuei lary'tf'arull tt ia" ; I I PET EVAPORATED


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j 300 I
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f 19 i Better Arai ran n tea WHoU Lobittr 64 FORD STATION WAGON .$1695
RADIO A AUTOMATIC Ant cogorniowso. I f' I' FRYERS I I I
66 OLDS F 5Z: 4 DR : . : .. .$2395 I STEAK I BACON
SHAD ROE 0 per let 95c 64 FORD ffiOMcffi-soo k HARDTOP.$1295 1
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I It

,._ ,
----"- ---- ------------- -- -

VitBIDIV APTnirB 44 face I .
.uu, ,DlPn __h _
,.n n' .n.
rent I'

Dazzling Dickey Sports In Photos Jaguar Grldders Crush I

l= Parade Shows Gridioron AuthorityOn '.1\11IO 1&- ... -- __ ___ __ Jackson State College

make the score 20-14.
'feTABTED By Collie Nicholson! I f Quarterback Joe Williams,with Southern came back to snatch
another marker In short order
GRAMBLDJG, La. -(NPI)>- two scoring passes to end
BALTIMORENPO. Frank Robinson
slugging right fielder when
w l Rhome Nixon and fullback a costly Jackson pass interference
Unbeaten Tennessee All "
for Ik* newly-crowned: world Baltimore
champions Orioles, call left the ball atthe'Tlcera'
Robert Holmes took the leadIn
bold the seemed Intent on suicide for ,
dUsttactlon of starting aDd sealing the doom of the 10-yarclllne.
Los Angeles Dodgers la the 1966 World Serle.baseball classic three quarters recently before Southern University's greatest Nixon was on the end of his
show of offensive
The American League's first triple crown winner In 10 years, All-Amerlan Eldrldge Dickey AI'w i might second touchdown catch of the
Robinson blasted the first homer of the series to help the choked off Grambllng with pin- this season a* the Jaguars night when Williams hit him
Orioles to victory No. 1 over the Dodgers, and then came backto point passing for a 31-23 crushed Jackson State College with a flve-yarder. Samples
45-28 In Stadium
Ut the classic's Last home run, U the Birds edged L. A., comeback victory. last University added the PAT to up Southern's
1-0, to sweep the series, 4-0. Dickey struck back from a t { Saturday. lead to 27-44 with only 24
discouraging start to gain control } P yr Williams was on target to
seconds left in the .
SERIES FACTS, STATISTICS of the action after the Nixon with scoring passes of
23 and five the fourth quarter, Sam-
yards respectively
favored Tennessee ,
BALT1LORE-NP-Frank Robinson to hate highly
seems right ples' 30-yard field goal made
and Holmes crashed
in his pre-game prediction that the Los Dodgers would be a Eleven found itself trailing 13- through it 30-44, then Jackson State
softer World Series touch for the Baltimore Orioles than either 7 at Intermission.For with scoring thrusts of two and scored to cut the lead to 3020on
the Sat Fnaclsco three quarters Grambllng seven yards
Giants or the Pittsburgh Pirates. Greatestcosso1s.t1 Turner's two-yard touch
to the was so near perfect In execution The Jaguars start was tame
badly beaten Dodgers, meanwhile, is In the down.
record loser share of $8,000 of the "pot" which each will Doth offensively and enough. The two teams were Holmes came through with his
tied at 7-7 after the first
collect. Each happy Orioles will get $12,794. And Paul Blair defensively, that the Tennessee up
second tally in the 1:56: remaining -
quarter. But Southern took a
who bit. the solo homer that won for the Orioles In the third cause seemed hopeless. wP in t the game. And
14-7 halftime lead added 13
The were far more ,
game, 1-0, U a Frank:: Robinson protege. Tigers Jackson State scored on a 10-
points In the third
assertive and quarterback quarter;
James Harris a sensational then finished In a flurry with yard pass from John Outlawto
LOS ANGELES sophomore, pitched with such Matthew Gilbert High School star Jimmy Jackson Is shown taking the ball from center Walter 18 more points In the fourth Harold Jackson, alone witha
- Black Power White
and Power com- Frailer the
u two-point
Bethune-Cookman College Wildcats plunge ty Eugene
breath-taking fervor and skill go through light drills. The Wildcats will stanza
bined on the baseball (diamond: the first game of the 63rd annual Matthew Gilbert Wren, to leave the at
World Series. Tan Frank Robinson that he stole the ftrst-halfplau- High School star Jimmy Jackson is shown taking the ball from center Walter Jackson State scored seven score
and Brooks Robinson hit
back-to-back dits from the more celebrated u the Bethune-Cookman College Wildcats go through light drills. Headcoach MeClalren points in the third period and 37-28.
5-2 home runs to lead the Baltimore Orioles to a Dickey.A says, "eve DiD early drills, Gilbert looks like a fine quarterback prospect. The added 14 In a wild fourth quar- With only four seconds
victory over the stunned Los Angeles Dodgers. B-CC Wildcats will meet South Carolina State remaining Southern's Johnny
competitor of Icy demeanor, College at the Gator Bowl In Jacksonville Oct. 29. ter.
Harris performed R Southern University's kicker Hardge galloped 61 yards with
JUST SPEEDBALL despite a leg O

SEATTLE, Wash. -(:NPIA veteran manager. suggested that so Injury unbearable that stiffened that be was with forced pain L1t I Virginia State [rNDer-S; -I Mark 30-yard Samples field coal contributed toSouthern's a quarterback an off-tackle Harold handoff McLlntoo from

heavyweight boxing cbamplon Muhammad (Clay) All is Just a addition and Williams passed for two
scoring to four
to set out most of the second conversions
_ball and may lose to Ernie Terrell, the World Boxing half. *e asa Meets Hampton j For Bethune f. kicked from place, points to end Alfred Finn to
Association tltllst, wXen the two eventually meet. Said Jack ment. up Southern's lead to 45-28
Hurley who seems to hare Joined the ranks of those With Harris on the sideline, r O l I the
criticizing the message was unmistakable. In { Homecoming GameThe The first time Southern got over Tigers.
All-for not being a ha-rd-nose, free-swinging fighter: "Event- Dickey got hot and connected 4By t HomecomingThe scheduled the ball following the opening; The Jaguars' winning streak .
ually Clay must fight Ernie Terrell and the people will realize effectively when It counted Virginia State College | between homecom1ncgame kickoff It took 10 plays to; moved to four games, and the
this gay Clay can't Eight a llck..Clay Is a wonderfully con- Bethune- I overall record Is now at 4-4-0
most, pitching for four touchdowns Mary Trojans take to the field against Cookman march 80 yards with Williams'
ditioned athlete and fee's fast with his hands and feet but he I College and Clark at the mid-point of the
Our web footed Hampton Institute at 1:30 I first to Nixon season.
can't fight at all." on throws of 16, 9, 69 friends and : p.m. College Nov. 5 has been I I pass accounting
and 22 yards.Grambllng. others are given their due in a Saturday, October 22, in cele- I cancelled. | for the final 23 yards of the '

BEARS' STABS fulfilled most big He book can a learn child about would the enjoy bration of Homecoming 1966, The B-CC Wildcats have* drive. Samples kicked the first Shrine Football
expectations before a crowd of cor an event to be highlighted by | announced the 1 of his four PATs to give
CHICAGO (- Gale Sayers churned 106 yards rushing morant an obedient bird trainedto new homecoming -
up 14,207 despite the disheartening catch fish for the return of many alumni and date I j Southern an early 7-0 lead.
and scored two touchdowns and fleet, elusive Bennie II .Rae a master There ( as Nov. 19 against Game ScheduledFor
is the stalwart former statesmen to the f But Jackson State struck back
starred on defense aa the Chicago Bears! bested the visiting defensive letdown late In stormy petrel only the Florla A&M Rattlers. I
the fourth stanza. six inches long, never touching Petersburg campus. I The B-CC-FAMU with a 47-yard scoring pass
Baltimore Colts, 27-41 before a capacity crowd 0I4'7,45za< land from October to June. contest I December 3
The Tigers moved 71 and 66 In The TrbJans with three gamesto will begin at 2 from quarterback Jerry Jones
Wrigley Field Sunday. The fact that the baseball Baltimore these pages he meets the p.m. In the
yards in the first-half their credit, will be seeking I to Harold Jackson, with 2:02. According to W.P. Holmes,
Orioles were "doing it to the Dodgers" In the World Series big rally a bird able to float like a cork. Memorial Stadium In Daytona I| :
finale !had on time-consuming advances And there are many more. to continue their winning streak I Beach. remaining the quarter.James chairman of the Shrine Youth
no emotional
the |
Impact on rejuvenated Bears.Orioles with Leroy Carter and Henry As he pores over pictures and against Hampton, which they The annual downtown parade.1 Hartfleld tied the count with Bowl Committee, for the
Jones smashing over from one. chapters a child will\ learn about defeated 48-6 in last year's | will be held earUer Saturday I his conversion from placement. Shrines of the Desert of North

i Aparicio National AAU Harold Jones added a 30-yard the many, birds subdivisions, fishes of mammals game at Hampton. morning led by the Bethune- Only one minute remained in Carolina, the 1966 game, which
reptiles )
field goal, but the standing ova- invertebrates of all sorts. and Under the outstanding leader Cookman College 83-plece j!f the first half when Southern will be played in Bowman-Gray
Wins Decorationfrom Basketball LeagueTo tions were accorded the The World Animals, part of ship of the three Trojan Co- I I marching; band. Ten visiting j grounded out another 80-yard Stadium, Winston Salem,Dec.3,
defensive unit with Richard Lee, the World Library series of Whitman Captains, All-CIAA Tackle Bob bandsand about 25 floats will 'I yard touchdown. Samples' conversion will attract at least 15,000 per
Be RevivedNEW Clifford Gasper, and Publishing Company of Racine White, Guard Alexander I provide color for this gala t t gave Southern the 14-7 sons.
Venezuela-Luis All-Amerlcan candidates Wls. acquaints a young Hughes, and Center Dewey event, halftime lead. The chairman stated that the
reader with t
Baltimore YORK the wild life of the Helms, the Trojans have --.J t The Jaguars Increased Shriners the Desert
Aparicio shortstop -The revival of James Todd and Norman world and with the wild and domestic begunto their throughout
and the only Veoetueland playerIn the National AAU Basketball Davis stealing the spotlight.The animals he can find In his gain respect for their young lead In the third quarter whena have responded to a letter sent
the .World Series, was decorated League as a four-team amateur mischievous Tigers per- own country. and experienced team. Mets Obtain Tribe poor Jackson State punt a May 1 and he expects to hear
by the Venezuelan circuit was announced formed with all the fury of a If you are building a library for Several of the outstanding mile-high kick which traveled from many of the reported
government with the Order of last week. .-pack of wild animals. can a child be valuable a set of in reference his books players who will team up with Hurler For Bowman 20 yards-landed on the 10,000 membership before the

Francisco de Miranda. The clubs will represent the This battle of Impregnablelines play. Relatives may want work to Join and the co-captains in quest of victory visitor's 42-yard line. October 31 deadline. The names
The government decided to Alrmatic Volves of Cleveland, continued until Charlie on the add.a.book plan, giving a will be All-American and And Lou KlimechodNE'N ( Williams, fullback Marcus of all persons who respond
decorate Aparicio to rewardnot Goodyear Wongfoots of Akron, Joiner raced 45-yards with a book each birthday. A colorful All-Conference Harry Sharper, YORK -The New York Allen, and Nixon teamed to now being prepared: and will
only his performances In Jamaco Saints of Chicago and fumble recovery to put Gramb- array of volumes is to be foundat who holds down the split end Mets farm club at Jacksonville, grind out the needed yardage carry pictures of players now

the field, but also his parsonal the Phillips 66 of Bartlesvllle. lip ahead, 23-21, with 5:25: department local variety stores stores and, bookstores position, and All-Conference Fla., announced last week It[ with the sophomore quarterback playing pro football who have
conduct as an athlete. Okla. remaining in the final quarter. store racks. even drug. candidate Tight End Frank has acquired pitcher Floyd I scoring on a 14-yard played in past Shrine games.
Aparicio arrived Mara- Each team will play 12-game Victory seemed obvious toCrambllDg. The world of change and chal Butts. Fullback Bobby Wlngo Weaver from the Cleveland I gallop. A try for two points via Announcement of coaches will
caibo* his hometown In the schedule four games against but, Dickey made lenge will engross a child as he and Halfbacks Angelo Cuffee Indians farm club at Portland, a.pass .from Williams to end ,be,nude.< soon and even thoughthe
vector state of .I Zullla, last the other three clubs In a home- certain that the Tennessee condolences studies.mal The many changes of ani and Carwin DeBarry will team Ore., in exchange for infielders ,.Elmo, Maples failed and high.school season Is still
f unda,. and-home competition. were premature. since are before man arrived and up to form'the nucleus of the i,lx>U ntmchock and Ernie Bow- < \\ItIero! -'2 rwi'l1 11 5 irot A***are many Soys being
colorfully illustrated,, Trojan offense attack., Both man and aa undisclosed amountof 'remaining in\ the third! quarter. (1 l.closjly( the selection
Wingo and Coffee gained a total cash. Jackson State' put together' committee..Those selected will

of 300 yards against Shaw University Weaver, a 25-year-old right sustained 80-yard drive of Its come together one week before
EARNING and LEARNINGBoys In the Trojans 33-20 hander, had an 8-11 record and one-yard line and James Hart- the game and begin to train for
victory at Raleigh October 8. a 4.38 earned run average In field kicking the extra point to the game.
Tackle Terry Sims and Guard 24 games at Portland last sea-
Hamilton Perkins will bolster son. t
& Girls Can Make the interior line. Frank Haw-

Money thorne and Lawrence Sugg will Miles Golden Bear USO is there
alternate at quarterback. Sugg, ,
Hundreds of Florida Star Newsboys a freshman, threw two touch
down passes In his Initiation Roll Over KnoxvilleThe

Are EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Weekly against Shaw and is expected Miles College Golden only if you care. GIVE !
to Improve as the
season progresses Bears continued their winning
And LEARNING ways recently, downing the USO helping hand, voice, from home traveling, shows I
to do business. Hampton, with a young team, Knoxville College Bulldogs (for 3 million displaced, lonely Americans in uniform ,
has been successful this year 28-13 at Knoxville.: around the world USO depends on your contribution, through yot..
YOUNGSTERSI If In scoring three straight vic- The Bulldogs got off to an 8-0 United Fund or Community Chest Let your gilt, say you :are
you ore smart and Sr tories In Its first three outings lead when halfback James Give more (for our bigger job than yt.r'! -
and will be seeking revenge Waller ran 15 yards to score : 'i
want to earn 1 for last year's drubbing by early In the first quarter. The :
your own money State. conversion was good for two .

Overall, the Virginia State- points. .
this is the way to do it. Hampton game should have the The Bears Charles Hawkins ........ ,. A.' 1

flavor of traditional rivalry. returned the ensuing kickoff 80 t'* ',...o .> t.'i'
PARENTSI Partisanship will be Increasedby yards for a touchdown and p\n!". ',* '''','-*V '* d
Y our child may not the presence of alumni of opened the way for a three w
both schools, as well as members touchdown Bear explosion all in '. \
of the communities, the the first quarter. '- "

need money, but the training gained sutdent body, staff, and other Miles led at halftime 19-16. ,. \ \ \ \
CIAA fans. After a scoreless third quarter .. .... ,
Miles' fleet footed Joe (the Jet) h '!t"' ,, .,,\

R as a newsboy will help him to be DIET: sylph defense. Catholic Jester swept right end for 55..
Digest October yeards bringing the score to

s 2846.,

successful in later life. Many of the :'-

I ran 1tbpics / ,

molt. success ful men were Newsboys. ,,

This isthe

Start A Route AnywhereYou

\\CANi7 nicest,

Live In ; smoothest
t gz;
? RENT i .

,,'II Fat You II Bisims G 4 .

a S [ to come


LORIDA STAR-2323: Uoncrlef Road, Jacksonville, Florida v u [Kentucky.Find



a f 1'V'


,:fittd 17 child 20. copies of the Florida Star oneHJt for yourself.

to start his in business. I will pay the

Florida Star 11* for, each copy he sells. ThoseUat

are not sold. I nil return and will not be -r

required to par tor unsold copies.

"No sqU"es f OS& scjfrE VS Ite-'UST
M r"00 Q m 5.
11) KEEP ourrJft Pf.YIN P1514/ ECHO SMINQ QISTtlUHY. LOUHv.11*. KY.




Rattlers Considering Opponent For Orange Blossom Classic December D 1f

Guither Considering ConferenceFoe Bethune Star In The Making North Carolina Eagles Deftftat+

For Orange Blossom Classic ; teti Oo "r'_;, 'f.v"t" .x'_n.. ."": ,'f'p; ..:. .. Va. State In First Home Gjawe I

'j '. After a sluggish first half North Carolina College broke.towe
MIAMI, Fla A ,
member football team from one of four 1 .' '
major athletic conferences will meet the Florida At M Rattlers BY' BOB- BREWSTE :. ,!jh. 1 with three second-half touchdowns and a field goal to overpower
f OuMMP tdltft, a plucky,Virginia State College squad 31-15. ,
in the 34th renewal of the Orange Blossom Classic in the tlrnnn DYrA .d/ H ? ) jji 1 tIn
Orange Bowl Dec. 3.. f" the
pected to be the Rattlers's big TROPHY CARE moving to their first win of Fullback: Bobby WlngoJan

The Southwestern Conference gun this year has played less The fish that makes It to an : the season, the Eagles were ball over for two extra:,points VSC,
midwestern Confere nee' than one quarter because of honored spot in a sportsman'sden sparked by End Julian Martin'stwo giving VSC a 15-14'fe! jd.
Is the object ot both affection was not to score again t duringthe
Central Intercollegiate Athletic I injuries. Other woes are knee ''I six-pointers, RoselleRoblnson's
and pride but also reflects a L anda remainder cf thee, ganw.
| to fullback Robert pass-catching
Association and the Southen injuries
] degree of loving care as well. a series.If downs
[ Lampkin tackle Charles Hen- strong defensive effort.
Intercollegiate Conference :
wil I
The trip between net and the after the kick-off, .NGCran
Mc- State unable to well
be considered In the selection derson and center Jimmy taxidermist's mounting board Is a 1n move trg1OlaState's
The team with the most impressive : Caskill. Starting guard Ben hazardous one for trophy fish, either on the ground or in the and passed its way to
conference record will l[ Davis will be out Indefinitely warn the finning experts at Mer air, disappointed a crowd of 9-yard line. &uarter-
be Invited by AIM football coacbJale having sustained a broken foot. cury outboard As a result they more than 5,000 in its first back Herman Mktthefs",
Gaiter The OBC is a special kind of add. a great many prlws end up n home game. On hand to watch being trapped by sevVral
to oppose the, In the garbage can brcauM: of ; twisted free to:,,throw a
that occursI were more than 3,000 high
Rattlers. sports extravaganza Ef
Improper handling To reduce Liffi to
Gaither said the bid would no!I in Miami the first part of December such possibilities they offer this school Juniors and seniors par- 9-yard touchdown .pass tone. The
be extended until sometime In I each year.Unofficially advice: Ate I .j) I. tlcipatlng in the annual High Robinson in the end .... .:
November and a public, it is the kickoff fo the area's A Ash that qualifies for the den School Day program. tick was good.
announcement of the team'sacceptance season of gaiety excitement usually earns this honor by the The action began late in the Early in the fourt4, quarter
that lasts throughout the winter. time he's brought close to the first quarter when Virginia VSC failed to move into\ scoring
would come later In boat. At that point before being With thebaironState's25yard
State's Earl position.
The Rattlers suffered their safety man: Rainey
the same month at Miami. boated special care must NCC quarterback
OBC Intercepted North Carolina line ..
second worst defeat In a
"It's too
early, Gaither said commence.
Matthews threw a Iook- pass
"to hare any idea which team history last year when they were Landing a trophy calls for pam, pass on the North Carolina 33 to Robinson for a 25-yard: touchdown -
State yard line and returned it to .
will receive the Orange Bowl trounced by the Morgan perlng Prevent overzealous UMot
bid."We're. Bears 36-7. In 33 Classic con the gaff which can cause Irreparable the 4. After two unsuccessful ,
tests to date the Rattlers' gashes. Bass netted Improperly attempts to crack NCC's In desperation, Sta}e",,tQCik to(
only four games deep can sustain serious fin powerful defensive line Fullback the air in an attempt t. to add
record is 17151.Fishermen ,
In a nine-game SIAC schedule when bashed the
damage against But NCC intercepted: a
that already has produced our Receive ? -,Ir-.s iK.. A i .1PitsYA t -". ... t .."" .!.4i)'....,... 4.AA.!. ., ."."" ........ "t.- ..... Bobby Wingo drove over points.from Lawrence\Sugg; on '
hull.Once from the four yard line and pass
first conference defeat in 14 In the boat the fish must It is not difficult to understand why Bethune-Cookman College Headcoach Jack "Cy" Mc- Frank Hawthorne kicked the the NCC 45-yard line and, after

years," be said, referring to Over 10,000 In be loss coddled of scales further It must, To not prevent be allowed Clairen Is all smiles when he praises Alvin Wyatt, a first year defensive back from MatthewW. extra point. driving to State's 1 J-ySjd;; line,

the 8-3 loss to South Carolina to thrash around or be Gilbert High School, Jacksonville, Fla. His talents are great and proved, but appreciative Both teams failed to penetrateeach sent In Richard Howard; to kick.
State. Derby Cash AwardsCash dragged. Never permit It to be people in Daytona Beach are saying there doesn't seem to be anything Wyatt cannot do. On other's defense during the a 15-yard field goal l.;rime ran
Nineteen lettermen are on the exposed to direct sunlight, even kickoffs and punt returns he displays speed and ball carrying ability; he has one Interception, early part of the second quar out as State attempted passesin
AIM squad but Gaither's starting awards in the Schlits for a short photo session Wrapit has completed two extra points out of three attempts and handles all kickoffs and field goals ter. North Carolina got its first vain. Final score1.;::'NCC 31,

offensive team has been Fishing Derby are making in moist cloth or newspaper for the Wildcats. Wyatt, shown kicking, is a serious player who realties he has a lot to learn.A break after a personal foul VSC 15. \
Florida's Fall fishing In both Immediately and keep it wet to l Iitte's
plaqued with injuries. prevent skin hardening and loss BCC assistant coach said "He could play offense or defense and his skills makes him an penalty against State with three
and salt water alluring
Halfback Sam Anderson, ex- fresh before.more of color, almost sure bet to be a star. Wyatt will be seen in action when the Bethune-Cookman College minutes 1 left in the second { Phyjique,

than ever The next step Is to freeze the Wild cats meet South Carolina State Bulldogs In the Gator Bowl Classic, October 29. George period. State's punter Seym fa! *
For the first time the Derby
Frank Robinson I has been extended this, year to fish...for Dry shipment ice L the to best the medium taxiderml. King is seen holding the ball. Hundley got off a bad kick from Is Tailor's 'HorrorNEW

Jan. 1 to provide Schlitx tagged th; h'S Ice replaced al,t State's end tone to the 26 yard YORK JUide.from a

Named MagalillCorvetle ) fish to the State Game and Fresh Intervals will be satisfactory. Florida Rockets Aggies1 Offense BroughtTo line, giving NCC an excellent matching set of bullets, Syr-
Water Fish Commission and the The,other method of handling t opportunity to s core. After acuse star Floyd Little looks
State Board of Conservation trophies Is to skin them and ship driving seven yards in three like All America candidate
Winnei. r r research studies.Five previous the salt. skin This and procedure fins preserved Is best left In Opening. Game Life-- By- Craig.... Sills downs back ,Herman North Carolina Matthews Quarter-on a on the football field, -tut the
Derbies have closed at the end body that makes him a highly
NEW YORK-Frank Robinsonof of August prove up to he a has professional experience who In can the: Here Nov. 3 GREENSBORO, N. C. The Willie Vaughn skirted end on a pass attempt was shaken away efficient halfback'j b alos a

the Baltimore Orioles has As in the past, fishermen may working ways of taxidermy. ALT College Aggies recentlygot six-yard blast from the ball by Tyrone tailor's nightmare.In .
been named SPORT Magatine's collect bounties of $25 to $300 Otherwise obtain the tnatructlonsheets I The 1966-67 Hockey Campaign their offense rolling to blast The Aggies scored on the first Quarles, who recovered the an article in the.: tufrent
I Corvette Award winner as the simply by taking their tagged of a taxidermist to, learn lis now'underway The brand the Norfolk State College Spar- play In the second period as fumble. But State lost the ball Issue of Look MagadW tittle's
outstanding player in the 1966 catches to the nearest Schlltz the Intricacies of skinning and new edition of the Florida tans 40-6 in a CIAA football Sills bulled over on a three yard when Ben Bullock Intercepteda dispreporUonate m."?ure-
I World Series. practice on a few flsh beforehand here at Memorial rollout, The set on from the NCC
, wholesaler for delivery to the Rockets opened training campIn game played play was up pass Sugg on ments are listed this W"The
Robinson, who was the Series state agency concerned. ---- Trenton, Ontario on October Stadium.A an 80-yard pass play from Sills 38 yard line and returned the shirt collar is a 17 1/2 the salt

leader in home runs and runs- Over 300 fishermen already 10. With new General Manager crowd of nearly 7,000 fans to Johnson. ball to State's 45. With only Jacket a 46, the walsdl.andbeneeds
, batted in, will receive the award have received more than$10,000 Dove Hunting Area Ray Miron and Coach Bob Sa- saw the contest which featured Norfolk scored at 10.37: In the seconds remaining in the first a 34 pair of pints: to get

a 1967 Corvette, at a luncheon in in Derby awards this year and bourin on hand to direct fireworks on the field gene second period by a weird set half, NCC scored on a 29-yard over his hips" "

I the New York Hilton Hotel on catches are still being reported Schedule ChangedLAKE operations, the future of the rated by A & T's sophomore of circumstances. On third pass from Matthews to Robin- His mass.ve, but Relatively

October 12th. throughout the State. The returns Florida Club Is on the upswing. quarterback; Craig Sills, anda down Bill Murphy dropped back son. The kick by Johnson was shor 5'10" body, prtsbhts I its
The hard-hitting Baltimore indicate a definite CITY.--Dove bunting in Returning from last year's Jim Wommack's display at on his 15-yard line in punt good, tieing the score 7-7 at 'sartorial problems. :According

outfielder got the Orioles off advantage of slightly cooler the northeast region's three squad will be All Treen, Jim halftime. formation. He picked up a low the end of the half. to Floyd "TbV'Iast salt I
I winging in the first game of weather. public dove fields has been Lorette, Art Chuipka, Bill Sills scored two touchdowns pass from the center, broke Midway into the third quarter, bought, they had to" lter the

the Series by belting a two run Salt water catches have been changed from two days per week Glashan and Ron Willy. Willy set up another with an 80-yard through the Initial charge and North Carolina, after receivinga pants three times *;to get it
first-Inning homer against Don made recently offshore from to one day per week due to Incidentally returns to the pass play, but his big achievement raced the distance an 85yardrun. punt on their own 15yardline right." .".

Drysdale to lead the Birds to a Pensacola, Panama City. the scarcity of birds in each Rockets after Ron Hergott refused was to bring order to drove for three straight .10' .
*-5-2 rout of the Dodgers game 'Destta -Jacksonville; Fort hunt area, according to Major to report in a trade with All's offense which lacked Before the surprised specta- first downs and then scored ona'50yard ,
u>four, Robinson's gamewinningoff J1tW'..tIIt'.AUC'JtIn' .Robert Brantly, regionalmanavgar New Haven. Among the newcomers lustre In the early season.Sills tors had seated themselves, run by,Ollls Carson. :h.. .."cQ uirly} uttwr -to'
J','IU1met'i Pfefohfhlretttg;o.tl1rI J'each;''' ': ap1eS;' r o ort pa 'for1: the.L Game ,and Fresh are Cummy Burton, left, the ball game midway ,UM All T" 11"d \II seorec!' a II i. 'TIte'lUtk'wb'' 100416 !Wake"the. u.S"savintg'o' Bonds

Drysdale, provided the only Myers ,cocoa Sarasota and '.St. >IT Water Fish Commission. ex-Detroit Red Wing, and Cliff third period, with a 2W lead, Receiving the kickoff on theft score 14-1$ North Carotin' : dl/1i19I'air:i!?.
4*run in the Orioles' 1-0 victory, Petersburg The number of doves migratinginto Pennlngton, ex-Boston Bruin and Willie Gray, the senior own 26, the Aggies scored in-"But stale lost noTImeTS"going IA"Ao"'t'rl1 I. adriN/nn5.orFr'w'71t tA.
enabling the Birds to completea Lake s in Central Northeastand the northeast region this player. Several rookies will quarterback, did the balanceof Just two plays. Willie Vaughn ahead when Safety Man Michael r. ) wrentAanne Coanrd 1'e end dIb': ;
the damage.The ripped off 31 yards to the Nor- Jacobs returned the NCC kick- IINI. bong IAllr ::/:
a sweep West Florida have been season is above average com- make up the squad.Among these .: ,yAllnhon rot
=: pro Aggie defense, led by folk 43, and Willie Pearson on off 98 yards for a touchdown. ,pa/riYln'rsW' >
ductive of early Fall fresh water pared to the 64 and 65 seasons, will be Lloyd.Gallant, a tough
I linebacker Elvln Bethea and the next play scored on a 43-
catches. but due to heavy hunting pres. 200 Ib. bruiser, a defensemanfrom
sere the birds are widely Prince Edward Island. end Willie Homesley, plus a: yard off ,tackle play,
scattered. By shooting the One of the brightest spots In strong secondary which Sills scored the fourth Aggie ANOTHER NEW

fields one day a week, hunters camp has been the showing of featured new names like Willie TD on a rollout of seven yards,
have the opportunity of finding Roger Wilson, 6' 3",230 Tucker and Merle Code held crapping a 30-yard drive.
VETERANSTHE a larger congregation of birdsIn pounder who wlU make the E. the Spartans to 97 yards on the Gray, the Aggie junior Mary Carter Paint Slot*
ground and 58 by air. Except quarterback: pitched to Al
each public dove hunt areas H. L. fans forget all about LongIsland' ,
Santa Juana field located In Don Perry. for an 85-yard touchdown sprintby Wlnecoff for a 15-yard scoring YW
In Your Area To Serve '
Clay County will be open each The Rockets have a working Bill Murphy, easily the gut- play at 2:10 In the third period .\,

Saturday. The field, consistingof agreement with the Toronto! standing offensive threat for ending a 30-yard effort.
JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC, 300 acres, should provide Maple Leafs of the National Norfolk, the visitors would have Gray hit the scoring column MERKS IM; POT VAIUIMARYCARIJR
good bunting for great numberof Hockey League. Several exhibition been nearly blanked in yards with a 10-yard run early in

sportsmen witnout presenting games have been gained by rushing.The the fourth period.Traffic .

Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking crowded conditions. The J. U.Mulkey' scheduled with Senior "A" victory gave the Aggiesa Crashes
Held located in Clubs in Ontario. If training 2-1 mark for the season,

Suwannee County consisting of camp is any indication of the 2-0 in CIAA play. The loss

200 acres, will also be open calibre of play, then the other dropped Norfolk to 1-2, all in Claim 165Children's

Applications For Its each Saturday. WhItehouse E. H. L. Clubs will have plentyof conference.The .
dove field In Duval County consists anxious moments In store Aggies scored first at Lives er PAINTS

of 110 acres and will be when the Rockets get off the 4.03: In the initial quarter as TALLAHASSEE Col. H. NKlrkman

Veteran Class. open to hunting each Friday. launching pad on October 21, Director of the Depart
This field's main food attraction when New Jersey will be the ment of Public Safety, reporte "
is browntop millet and corn, host. Watch today that 165 children haul GALt\

planted by the Commission. Season tickets are going over Clown been killed on Florida's street
The Size Of Our ClassesIs Open days on the three fields last season's figure and fan This and highways so far this year
"The of these tragl
were planned to regulate the big Interest in general at a peak deaths were majority children who die 2 FOR! :J
turnout of Saturday hunters to considering the Rockets will 55' 81.63 *
when they were struck by automobiles
acreage, and also to give not open at home until Novem ," said Kirkman. "an $
Limited By Law. sportsmen having to work weekends ber 3, when the League 53 30 16 efforts to reduce child traffic j98
the chance to get In some Champion Nashville Flyers with deaths and Injuries must bt

Friday dove shooting. Shooting John Me Lellan & Co. hit I 7 .4 1 Increased' ONLY
hours are 12:00: noon to sunset. Florida. Parents educators motorists

Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Dally bag limit Is 12. 5 9 traffic officers and the t
children themselves all sharp
When doves begin to concentrate GIVE TO FIGHTMULTIPLE
in the public field areas, 3 the responsibility of keeping
Place. days per week will the youngsters out of traffic- INTERIOR LATEX WALL PAINT 1h4'
again beg concludedMajor .SCLEROSIS 64. .9738 trouble. e FIAT FINISH' FOR WALLS AND e NO PAINTY ODOR
possible, The role of parents in tin CHUNG OF PIAITIR, WOOD a SOAP AND WATIR CLiANS. UP
great cripplerof effort Is very Important the TO TOUCH 'IN 10 MIN' CAN SI TINTIO IN.OVIROICORATOR
CALL 355 9874 --- young adults 15 7148 Colonel pointed out, for parent : IXCUUNT HIDING COIORS]/
can regulate to a large extent,
Sometimes He's Up SometimesHe's the activities of their children GALS.
Down, He adds, subtracts, Youngsters of pre-srhool age ar/ inluvusa
He works It all around. depend wholly on their parent
for safety lessons and don' FOR ,
forget, he said that children e aw 12J01 d
26 35 19 earn by Imitation Parents who $ NMI.
disregard traffic safety rule
COMING ATTRACTIONS must expect their children tc '
reflect this Indifference
ONLY 11In 4111 tl.le
17-63-6 "Schools are doing! a fine
oh of teaching! nafftv," Klrkni.n
said "and each year sees ai ONE COAT
laIo DAYSNUMBERED Increase in their effort to promote NO-DRIP LATEX WALL PAINT .
safety mindedness I In MCTACULA MO-OHIP PAINT
He pointed out that children, D lll TO TOUCH IN ID MINUTItIAIT f
"Man's Days are Numbered." do not have adult judgment, e CUAN-Ur WITH SOAP AND WATIR
Health and Fortune Can Be however, and that even tin CAN II TINTIO IN 1.000 DICORATO COLORS

Yours When You Know Your beat-trained youngster may 16 oz. SPRAY PAN & ROUE ET
Lucky Days. sometimes be unpredictable
In traffic situations "Thin
Lucky Colors, etc. 18 where the motorist mav dlhis ,
'Send $2,00 for your part" Col. Klrkman said t1/29S.
Jloroscofv o Guide for "by being especially alert nem
OctoberFill schools and playgrounds In
esldcntlal areas, and anyplace
In the blank below and mail children might be expected
to ZODIAC, Post t Office Box tit gather"
2737 W Edftwood
1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. The Patrol Chief concludedby 8668 L

saying, "Traffic Is the Nut To Mack's
NAME number one killer of children
between the ages of one and Turner .
I DATE OF BIRTH I 14, killing more children In Half Dollar How

Mo. Day Ills age group than anyone ofhe sf
highly publU-t/ed ihlld
boom dUoam'H I
,.-.,-.. .

3 ,, iti j juioeon

. . .


Nina Simone Honors For Career Women School Named.. Church Notes

TEA TIMEA _._..__.HY M'' II --"< .. ...., ._.. ..-
Honored As Jazz For 61 MedalOf Continued From Page 4
Spiritual Tea will be sponsored Association.

Musician Of YearNEW Nov. 13 from 4 to 6 p.m. Honor Winner Rev C. C. Rawls secretary
In the home of Mr and Mrs. of First Central Baptist Association

YORK -Philips recordIng Roscoe Nelson, 1914 W. 10th 14t x ar WYANDANCH, L. I I. NPI- and pastor of New
artist, Nina Simone, was St. The speaker will be Mrs.M. This predominantly Negro com- Bethel Baptist Church, Lake
honored as "Jan musician of Wright. The t tea'Is In Interest munity has named its new City, will be the speaker for
the year" at the annual awards of the annual CalendarTea elementary school after an 18- the 7 p.m. service.
dinner of the Jazz At Home Clubat which has been scheduledfor year-old paratrooper from Among the captains are: Deacons -
the Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia Nov. 20.Pallbearers. Chicago who received the Congressional W, R. Buckner, James

October 16, .... Medal 1 of Honor Smith, Leon Taylor, J, W.
rru In addition to her consistently posthumously for his valor In demons Sammie L, Davis and
fine vocal and piano Jazz inter- Viet Nam. 0, Orick. Willard P. Smith Is
pretations, Mis a Simone is Society 14 will The 870-pupil school, which general chairman and J. H.
jf i represented as the writer on sponsor a Fall Tea Oct. 30 cost $1.3 million, will be named Martin, co-chairman.
her latest Philips single,"Four from 4 to 6 p.m In the home after the late Pfc. Milton Olive.
Women." The contemporaryballad of Mr, and Mrs. R. Green, 14t I Sk III, who threw himself on a live "IU
profiling four Negro 1650 W. 20th St. grenade to save his fellow GIs,
women has sparked controversy .. w "without worrying about their Baptismal service will be held.
among deejays because of its 5 race, creed, or color." Sunday at 11 a.m. In New Mt
no-holds-barred lyric. Releaseof Mr. and Mrs Milton Olive II, Olive Baptist Church with tU
the single recently was Mrs. Annie L. Wilson and of Chicago who received the young people in charge.
brought about by concentrated Mrs. Marjorie Major will be Medal of Honor from President Services will begin with the
air-play of the song in her latest chairmen for the Fall Tea Oct. Johnson on behalf of their late Sunday School with Miss Annett
album, "Wild Is the Wind." 30 In Marshall Prayer Mission son, attended opening ceremonies Miller In charge. The lesson
"Four Women" will be per- 1348 Whltner St. The event has v; at the 29-room school will be reviewed by Miss Wilma
formed by Miss Simone when been scheduled for 4 to 6 p.m. t Corbin
she appears Oct 26 on the NAACP Director At 11 o'clock the morning
Merv Griffin Show and on other sets service will begin with Rev
pending TV assignments C. L. Telfair, pastor in charge
The Pansy Blossom Sewing Resigns Post The pastor will preach the sermon
Be A MURRAY Man Circle will observe Its 45th y The church and pastor's
anniversary with a tea Oct dY (, 1 1r WASHINGTONNPI!>- The anniversary will close at 3 p.m.,
30 in the Christian Aid Hall, second NAACP branch with Rev W. A, Mack of New
817 Spearing St, from 4 to executive director quit his post Jerusalem Baptist Church and
6 p.m. "i.JLt within a week as the Rev. E, A. members In charge
Hailes left this city's NAACP Youth District 4 will meet at
sets leadership to take an anti- 4 p.m at 1064 Powhattan St.,
poverty post. and evening service will beginat

.i, The Lily of the Valley Svcial .._.._ w u .____ Rev Hailes will become coordinator 6 o'clock The SiMaSchool
and Savings Club will sponsora B&PW "FRIENDSHIP IN BUSINESS" HONOREES -Gulf Oil Carnation Company, Los Angeles Calif., and Moss H.KendriX; of pre-vocational will sponsor an after service
tea Oct. 30 at 4924 Campa- The Moss H, Kendrlz Organization, Washington D. C. All of training for the Washington Institute affair. The Youth Choir and
Corporation Pittsburgh, Pa., and Mrs. Marion E. Bryant alsoof
nella Dr. Mrs. George Stokes the companies represented In the photo are ,members of the for Employment Usher Board c! 2 will serve
Pittsburgh, president of the National Association of
will speak. Business and Professional Women's Clubs, were the Negro 1966 B&PWs' Friendship In.Business_ Club. In the lower panel, Mrs., Training a self-help program. throughout the day with Robert: !
recipients of the organization'sFriendship In Business Ethel Moore, Neward, N, J., who heads the Association's Life Hales who will be paid $12 Blaylock at the Instrument.
sear Membership Committee, Installs the clubs' two newest male 000 a year, will organize
Awards The
awards were given at the NAN3PWC 31st: annual
life members-Kelvin A. Wall immediate market development Second
In right BaptistTo
convention Boston, Mass. Seen in top panel receiving the
Win Business Advancement The Brooklyn CarnatlonSoclal coveted plaques, which are donated by the Coca-Cola manager, The Coca-Cola Company and Mr. Atkinson 000 a year, will organize
I and Savings Club will sponsora Company far right Mr. Kendrlx whose PRfirm represents classes In basic English,
center Observe
Enjoy Social Atlanta Ga., are R. B. James, third from left, Gulf district
I Fall Tea Oct. 30 In the borne Coca-Cola and Carnation, was the Association's first life mathematics, and social
manager Jamaica Plain, Mass., and Mrs. Bryant Jhlrd from
of Mr and Mrs. Jesse Griffin, member Joseph Clarke, Republican Congressional Campaign studies to prepare trainees for
right. Witnessing from left are Walker Williams
You'll) feel confident Ihul sour hair II 321 Belfort St., beginning at Trans World Airlines ceremony New York ,Mrs. Sadye Williams, Committee, Washington D. C., was Installed as a male life courses in auto t mechanics Anniversaries
well groomed all da. and r.rnnp, when 4pm. member at the Association's 1965 convention in Los Angeles computer keypunch and other
you use MIMKAYS S. ,'' B&PW awards chairman New York, Herbert H.Wright, Phillip The 116th anniversary observance
'fRES'IM firmly In I plate, I'ONUDF ilhoul,' it thai,keepTh'lr.: milky.I, .... Morris, Inc., New York (Mrs. Bryant), J. Edward Atkinson, Calif. computer Earlier operations the Rev. Carl Fuqua of Second Baptist
ftfa.y ftel"nn Conlamt' no alkaliet
orother Church and the 8th of the minister
hash Irnlanlalook resigned as executive director
Royal Court 173 will sponsora Appeal For Racial Calm Chicago NAACP branch to become Rev James Carl Sams,
COOKMAN BAND PERFORMS SATURDAYThe has been scheduled for Nov..
tea Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. in the pastor of a church in
for the oranptcm .., Memorial LOS; ANGELES NPI Several 6-14.
lower unit of Grant -( >- Minneapolis
with the man and l
e DarneH-CeoOman Junior Plans for the celebration call
lad on lopLARGE AME Church. The youth choir, routines to the tune of "Marchof Yvette Hlghtower, Roxanne, members of the Sons of Rev Fuqua explained that he
School Band will
High performat for
SIZE SO* M0 under direction of Mrs. E. M. ( Freedom," by Karl King. zard, Shirley Mason, Henrietta Watts-a group of former gang was returning to the field for participation of various
the Avenue Ball Park
TRIAL SIZE 23* MURRaY Richardson, will have chargeof Myrtle After forming the letters"EB" Trumpler Fellse Gibson Har members who have gone which he had been trained and ministers and their congregations -
k r.u the program. the Saturday at 8 J.p.m.Butler, as guest FalconsIn of and playing the Butler Alma riett Worth Altamease Duncan, straight-went on the radio in to which he had long hoped to business, civic and
Eugene educational officials in the city.
Mater the band and majorettes Mattie Klmbr"ugh and Beverlj an appeal for racial calm. return
On Mir at drug""' .1, the game between Butler and The highlight of the observance
chain aloft, .... will dance to the Tijuana Brass Engram. The teenagers, who conceded
aupcrmam Tompkins High of Savannah, will be the annual sermon by a
and barberthopt arrangement of "A Taste of The majorettes are coached their participation In the Watts
'If your dealer don not have convention officer and thepastor's
Murray; Pomade he can it Ga.The Honey" by Miss Grace chairman riots have changed their tune
gel qukklv The Sunday School of Beulah band will at Brown
for you or and only II I. and .. will perform pre- night program Nov 14,
e The head majorette Is Regina Instead of tearing the area, Royel
mail yoU 2 plant bill Ha r Pomade Baptist Church till sponsorIts game and at halftime Duringthe of the Art Department, up Crown Heading,the observance are:
xwlajt paid Lewis. Other they have and
( majorettes are: Darnell-Cookman Junior High painted placed
anniversary teaSundayfrom halftime, the band will be COLA Archibald
Pray general chair-
Bliss Gall trash containers the
Thompson, Cooper throughout
3 to 6 p.m., at the church. featured In precision-drill School. .
,,', man Mrs. Blanche Raymnad.ssitwNlo
MUn lUPimOR MOullCTS COMPANY Julia Long, Sharon McQueen, The 112-piece marching bandIs Watts area and have set up a ;
4M ClirUttt A.I.. Ditrilt Mick 41211
under direction of Mrs. security patrol to guard
I Norma S, White Joseph Ben business property: for some
77. SHOP AT YOUR I Is serving as Intern from local merchants. HEATING h, Inslaal fiREPlACE- HUTE.
A&P Florida MM University They also are setting up traffic :,. j"U.etell',.1,
WAREHOUSE STORE signs in Watts housing 011.c Stlft4.,4 0,1: COAL
18 S 9 IO1ll I
i projects and are planning a Creb/ ClOd .
s 5 H p' 4000 W. 45TH ST. self-help training course in upholstering ,1LTe"I E\SO\S: J'E k
s s tsaty HELP WANTED MALE and furniture repair. NO.WtOI av+. FPH7 -
The made of 130
Partime Time group up
x iiai PRICES IN THIS ADThe youths Is organized as the Sons

GOOD T THROUGH Men with cars,work few hours of Watts Improvement Association -
that cares..about.you ARE
store ), on your days off and earn$10 to with headquarters in an
SATURDAY ocT 22 $15 or more. Apply: FLORIDA abandoned gasoline station
STAR, 2323 Moncrlef Rd. cor. Royal Art Studior

Orange Pickers Living
I __ HELP WAITED quarters furnished free

BONELESS 980 logoff! SecretarialTYPIST Contact P, O. Box Crandall 213, Mlms J, Warren Florida., STILL TAKING

STEAK AJ AX who can do 50 wpm Phone 267-32W.

l6: A Accurate; must be good in Eng:
and spelling. Apply MAIDS GUARANTEEDNEW
"SUPER-RIGHT" SLICED :::::=w Grief Cor 13th St. No phone YORK LIVE-IN JOBS) ;,$40., INSTANTPICTURES

BEEF LIVER LB, o9C (:, LAUNDRY: 3 LB. 1 OZ. calls, please. Rush AGENCY,references.Dept. R,LYNBROOK HAROLD, t T

6 9 N, Y,

,1 THAT'S ME!11 have the Amazing 1
Pep for all the things want
PORK 2 TO 3 LB. to do. Box of 30 $1.00. Satisfaction MAIDS, N, Y. SLEEP-IN[ I .; _
75c'I EXTRA SPECIAL VALUE! A&P FRESH guaranteed or Money JOBS, salaries to $65 fare NOW LOCATED
CHOPS AYG. PKG Back advanced. Rush references;
ISABELLAp phone number. ABLE MAIDS


9 F

1 TOZ 00 l SAPS... 10-OZ. 99 PSYCHO* PHYSICAL TEMPLE and women, to sell advertising
3 LP.A2 $1] .. ,.-nf#, JAR '0 F THE DIVINE MOTHER Liberal draw, liberal
INC. SECRET PRAYER commission, easy work, quick
FORMULA CHART. sales. You earn $75 to $150 if 9J PROOF
ROSEY RED OR SUNSHINE YELLOW I: My prayers are being sent out you're keen. Fringe: benefits.
and blessings are coming in. Apply: FLORIDA STAR 2323
Send for Free Dally Blessing Moncrief Rd. cor. 13th.
this new way of Prayer. Mall
1 OT self-addressed envelope> to LEO'SShoe
314 of CANS 89$ Rev C. Forster, p, 0, Box ;...wooci

lANE PARKER FRESHLY. BAKED I O CLOROX 56, St. Albans, N, Y, 11412. I Reparini ci LONDON

PUMPKIN 18.8 CH", 39t i i GAL. JacksonvilleShipyards Of Any Kind London fACOUI8 I

Is Our Only, Business



.. ------- -- >UWBDEYC1N
-. -- LONDON
mfj S V GIN

p LB. 1 100 4 I, IfSf WeldersBoilermakers LAY'A-WAYS

We have 2 un Dial-O-Ma
.. .. { Zlg-Zag sewing machines that PINT $285PINT$145
SPECIAL! RED DELICIOUS have never been used. They

'. h--.. MARINE were lay-aways (that were $99
LA : Wrw ,. ElectriciansAPPLY never picked up. Customers
APPLES N left area--we are unable to V !
: <5 5 locate them.You may have these
(ttI'i 1 1( SOUTHSIIIF') TI1VIMON:; machines for the balance of

'3 LB. 390 !147.00 each. Cash or terms.
f m Call credit manager, 153-1946
'_. anytime Will deliver. No obli
&;"',..,W'. 'PRODUCE MANAGER MEAT[ MANAGE ISST. MANAGER An Equal Opportunity Emnloyer gallon. ,

1 i



.. ,, : .' .