Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200736datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 8, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007360740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 8, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 8, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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. s U R 1.riIl-2g .l D.odiiYTruck Driers '.
-...,_.. -._- !!. I .{

.. ... .. .-. .*.* .a. .a. .a. .a. .a. '


.** >* ** *

& sGets ew Pos t) university Library of 1 flj6GinesTille ply I eRARy .

>, Flo '
****** *** *** .'
11/\JTO'' ,



** ** .

Lucas Upped **** ********* *** HI. IB RO.ZB' SATURDAY OCTOBER 15, 1966 15 CENTS ::1:1lf
** ** '* *
*** *
Congressman :
Congratulates Jaxon \

To Farm Team r \ l lf _!,jli ir; -;: ::, /, : .: I

..+ .. .L".j Second Spot *** *** * * *

\ Braves Team Moving

Training Operation SNICK CHARGES

West Palm Beach

formerly Jacksonville-born la tbt Braves'Bill organization Lucas, '

was named Monday, the a 1 ANTI-SNCC! PLOT I
club's top assistant to Farm

Director, Jim Fanning, with
duties beginning Immediately.It .

was also learned that the ........ .... ........
Braves will move their entire

spring training operation Poor Education SNICK GROUP IS BLAMED
to West Palm Beach and close

their annual camp Waycross,
Ga.permanently. FOR ATLANTA RIOTS :

Lucas, who played In the Blamed For Negro
Braves' farm and had a brief ATLANTA- stint at AAA Denver was pre- 4 court on an accusation that the militant group started this city's
viously an assistant t In L -r: : Test FailuresWASHINGTON race riots, as the attorneys charged that Atlanta police used
the Braves public relations ( state anti-riot laws in a plot aealnst SNCC.A .

office .. ,, suit, filed by SNCC chair- as In Atlanta, riots were noticeably -
"Bill has a broad background -- man Stokely t Carmichael, absent But they

In all phases of the Braves' minor and major league system leading educators have blamedthe In South Carolina, which had officials used Georgia's lawson efforts were made to prevent
Congressman Charles E. Bennett gives a letter of congratulations to his Pago in the House of
," said Fanning of his new Representatives, George Stripling, 1538 Florida Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida, a student of low quality of education the highest failure rate of any insurrection, riots, and dis- further racial outbreaks.
lieutenant."He Matthew: W, Gilbert High School. Congressman Bennett congratulated Stripling upon the completion available to Negroes for the state, 85.6 per cent of Negroes orderly conduct against In Los Angeles,Negro middle-
was a real fine Infielder failure of 67.5 per cent of and 21.8 per cent of whites Carmichael specifically and class women from the welltodo -,
of In
Stripling's service as a Congressional Page In a letter which he said, "Your
as a player, and baseball his Negroes on the armed forces failed. against SNCC to hold down Its LelmertParkareaorgasised
service as a Page In the House of Representatives has been outstanding. Many members of
forte. As far as I'm concerned, mental test. activities.Carmichael's. The Femlnie Touch, Inc., to
Congress have commented( to me on the excellence of your performance and I take this "This Is
he's baseball Mrs. Caryl Conner editor basically an edjcatlonal the
a Watts
man moving help riot-torn area
opportunity to congratulate you upon it and to wish you every success in your future We.
into a baseball:, Job." American Education, and Prof. problem," Mrs. Conner William Kuntsler, argued that solve its problems.

Fanning, who replaced John Richard Neufllle.' Massachusetts said. the city and state took advantage They planned to aid Operation

Mullen as the Braves' farm Education Pope Appoints Institute of Tech- "'lbe'schools just are not doing of a law already declared unconstitutional Bootstrap, a vocational training
farm director' In September, Citizenship Workshop nology, prepared a survey of the job for the Negroes. What- to obtain arrests center In the Watts area, by ,

said Lucas will help set up United States education performance ever handicap the Negroes begin during Sept. 6 demonstrationsin staging a benefit cocktail dance

and Instruct ,,(jp mlnot, &JI1ta1ag.mS..W To. Rru ,Ji,Dival For. ,10 I Weeks Black' .Bishop for '. based on figures with tends to Increase as they the Summerhlll section of and show
possibly goon ** :released by the Defense De- go further along to school", Atlanta. The women also planned continuing .J
'some special scouting JACKSONVILLE SELECTED FOR PILOT PROJECT: Jamaica Diocese partment. "Furthermore, the schools In Three days after the outbreak projects aimed at,
assignments As a resultai; an increased need for minority' partioipatloa The surrey found a close correlation the South are,doing worse-. Carmichael was arrested( and helping and inspiring leM,peJJ. ;
*Aad when I'm out of town," In community?Affairs. brought,about by'the Civil Rights and between the quality of job than the schools! elsewhere.The jailed for a week. off Negroes in South Los "
said Fanning, who will travel Voting Rights Acts,'and the dearth of competent people to meet .The KINGSTON' ,' JamaicaNPI)>- education available Jp Negroes failure rate among Negroes Police used the state laws to Angeles to help themselves.
plenty while looking in on these new challenges, the National Urban League, In cooperation first native-born black -measured by the amount of Is greatest from the Southern chill SNCC activities and pre- According to 101 r.. Barbara
various Braves' farm clubs, with the Southern Regional Council Is sponsoring an bishop for the Diocese of Kingston money spent, the pupil-teacher states, with the exception of vent Negro citizens from Dyce, the organization's president -

"Bill will stay astride of all experiment in the development and training of actual and was consecrated early this ratio, and other factors-and West Virginia where Negroesand protesting, Kuntsler added. the Negro middle class
the operations of the farm direction potential leaders in two carefully selected communities the year after his appointment by the gap in performance between whites are about equal," During the hearing, which succeeded escaping
office" South one rural area, Hobson City-Oxford (Calhoun County), Pope Paul VI, Negro Press Negroes and whites Mrs. Conner said in an Interview Carmichael denied that he the ghetto, has become more

Lucas Is a graduate of Florida Alabama, and one urban area, Jacksonville (Duval County), International learned. The national failure rate wit sparked the disturbance, concerned about its origin
MM, where he made the NA1A r lonaa. relationships. In an interview, Is the Most Rev. SamuelE. 2S.3 per cent. For whites, It The figures showed that the! although he conceded that he "Don't forget,"she said,"that
All-America baseball team. He The project will take the form Clanzel T. Brown, executive Carter S. J. a Klngstonlan, Negro failure rate was highest was on the scene for a while. the majority of us came down
Is also a brother-in-law tostar of a Citizenship Education ,director of the Jacksonville who studied for the Roman'Catholic Negro Youths In the southern states, and Admitting that he had madea from field Negroes, too."

Braves' outfielder Hank Aaron. Workshop to run for ten ((10)) Urban League stated, "The priesthood In the lowest In the far and middle radio broadcast urging In San Francisco, 1,000
In moving all their clubs to weeks. The workshop will meet.purpose of these meetings will States. west. Negroes to "turn out and tear National Guardsmen were sent
West Palm Beach, the Bravesare twice weekly with sessions be to prepare representativesto Bishop Carter was consecrated Bring ChargesFor The lowest Negro failure rate up the city," Carmichael told home as tempers cooled In the

following a trend of other lasting from two ((2)) to three take an active part in various in a colorful ceremony, was in the state of Washington, the court that' what he meant wake of a racial outbreak.
major league clubs somewhat. ((3)) hours each. Each session ,city, county, and state activities rich with all the pomp and where the figure was 5.8 she was that Negroes should tear Mayor John F. Shelley urged
Last season all clubs of A will include a general lecture j both In elected and appointed tradition of the Catholic Church, Assault the up their fear of protesting Increased efforts to find jobs

and AA ranking did their preseason on a selected topic, group dis- ,positions. The experiences of by Richard Cardinal Cushing armed forces qualification Meanwhile, Mayor Ivan Allen for the city's Negro residents,
work at Waycross and cusslons with a skilled of Boston,who had also ordained TAMPA Two white men test, on which the figuresare Jr. denied that he had made whom he described as "the
not be
only AAA Richmond worked discussion leader, and opportunity :repeated.Reconstruction" him to the priesthood In 1954.talge's were Jailed last Saturday on ; based, Is said to be the any agreement or plan to per- victims of an almost unendur-

alongside the parent club In for evaluating activity warrants taken out by two ;most extensive survey of the secute SNCC as a result of the able frustration," and urged
Florida."It In wrap-up! sessions. Commissioner R Negro youths who accused them nation's i educational per- outbreak.In labor and management to end

Is a desirable situation," Additionally, various I Sleuthing of Milton assault and battery. i formance In existence. other areas of the country, job discrimination.
17 3020
Coley E.
said many Fanning.advantages"It to has everybody many, where will elected be Indicated.and Invited appointed to Panel participate officials Brings Relief T o City Residents 2214 Louisiana E. Cayuga, and Ronald, claimed Derr,that 16, Somebody Needs To Get Busy .11

three concerned. We are building audio-visual materials- Mrs. Athalle Range, Miami prompt results. Shortly after Fredrick Watson, 29, 3610 E. ___
new diamonds at West
Palm and other selected methods will ,City Commissioner is proving she set up watch here they Paris,,. and Irie Nichols, 29,
Beac h and
a new club- be utilized. The intent Is to that In addition to taking an came: first one, then another. 4000 1';. Hanna St., shot at them
house Is going to be one Interest in the welfare of citizens She after giving them chase.An .
of the nicest Involve the participants mail- took off behind a big fuel
around. mally at all times In her district she Is alsoa truck and followed It from 12th investigation revealed that Y '-
Best advantage, of course Is
pretty good sleuth. 40th the white men passed youths
Attendees will be recruited Ave. down and 41st St. to
the fact
Braves' officials won'thave The Negro commissioner got NW 12th car about midnight Friday nlgbt
to from the leadership of civic Ave., where the truck
depend on the telephoneor social, fraternal ,into her car and set up an early bounded back onto the express on Interstate 4. The white Ben r uw
a lengthy trip to check the groups,
1 churches, schools and morning watch for truck drivers way. yelled dirty names at the youths,
progress of farmhands. And neighborhood councils colleges, who dodge paying the toll on the By the time the sun was up who gave chase, and caught the j
if and the
they desire to take a look ,
,at a prospect against major like. The following topics will j ,. she had pursued three trucks whites on 7th Ave. and 40th St., I
be from one expressway toanother. where one of the occupants of !
covered In the sessions
league competition just to see : ,
their threw
car a bottle at the
how he sticks up all they'll Governmental Structures, SocioEconomic white
have to In Developmental Result: Residents will soon men.
do. effect, whistle..
"Counting the major league Programs-(public and I sleep with a safer feeling and, The white men, however,
maybe, sounder. A sign reading claimed that the youths struck
club, said Fanning, "we'll private), Community Surveys,
"No Trucks" In their car and fled. They
will be posted gave
have something lick 160 ball Community Development, and ,
players In our spring training'complex Community Leadership ,i I the area and police will patrol chase and forced them off the
the streets at 5020 39th St. They
at West Palm Beach." Development I i vicinity heavily, watchingfor
The first meeting In the Jacksonville truck or car speedsters. then pulled a ,38 caliber revol-
ver, and at gun point, ordered
project will be held
Governor Names In t the Afro-American Life Half Jim Crow the boys Into their car after
flattening one of their car tires.
Insurance Company auditoriumat SILVER SPRINGS Md.- Coley and Derr were taken
7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. When is Jim Crow not Jim
First back to
Negro St. and 7th Ave..
20, 1966 under the
Crow? When If s half Jim Crow.That's where
of Mrs. Barbara I. Whitaker the formula a Montgomery they were whipped by
the white
Press Chief and professional staff of community MRS.''ATHALIE RANGE County Judge came up Coley managed men. to break free

from development experts Airport Expressway by pulling with as he ordered Crlvella's and ran to his uncle's house
INDIANAPOLIS NPI the Southern Regional off at the NW 12th Ave exit Wayside restaurant to serve where be
( Jean summoned
)>- Office police
McAnulry. 23-year-old 1965 League of in the Atlanta National, Ga. These Urban The toll booth sits between 12th Negroes In its dinging room, Officers V. R. Brown and K. DEPLORABLE The street cave-In into which this car fell Is just one of dozens around the 1
and 22nd Avenues but allowed the eatery to discriminate H. Nelson city of Jacksonville There at least six cave-ins
journalism honor graduate,was' meetings will provide responded tothecalL are within a radius of 12 blocks In some
named opportunities Residents In the area are in In Its bar. The taking the areas.
press secretary to Indiana for Negro youths to Jail
Negroes to work
Gov. Roger D. Branlgln.: with persons who the danger of heavy tracks: rolling reason: Maryland's Public Accommodations ,where the warrants were signed These cavities In the streets are a result of poor sewer and highway workmanship done.

and became the first Negro I centers of community occupy influence through the residential area Act specifically ;I f to r the white men's arrest. during former Commission Louis Ritter's (now Mayor) term of office. Nevertheless, citizen
ever and the disturbance to their excludes from its provisionsany Judge Johnson are concerned It that the Commissioner
to hold that position 1 I In situations designed to help postponed the as seems appointed Broadstreet Is taking his time
the history of the state I both groups overcome centuriesof rest. place that Is "primarily 'trial of the white men until about making the necessary repairs. Meantime, citizens are having their cars ruined and
Mrs. Range's stake-out early devoted to the-sale of alcoholic Thursday and are to
mutal exclusiveness in giving them time to subjected possible bodily injuries.
..... .. peer one morning this week brought beverages 1 employ an attorney.
nnnUnn-U<1 <1 I>..- ... .. ................. -" ... ........

Join The Crowd For Edward Waters Homecoming Football Game

Wolfson stadium EWC Tigers VS West Liberty State Hilltoppers Kick-off at

Oct. 15 Surprise Band Feature At Half Time 7: 30 p.m.






iibtished by the Florida Star Publishing Company iG r ffI'+ rti By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.


It Is gratifying, even after a lapse of three years, to find an
Important proposal I made In 1963 again receive nationwidetaC1963ODand

again !In 1964, In speeches, raagaTDlB'articles,

Interviews, and In my book, To Be Equal,I called for a Domestic -

ERIC I SIM.PSON".Maulinl Editor Marshall Plan. This was a proposal for a massive
governmental and private attack on the causes of poverty and
discrimination through Immediate action to bring first-class

HILDA IOOTEN. Circylation Manner :'' education, housing and employment to Negro citizens. The
..,.. '
reasoning behind such a special effort Is that the Negro
\ received "preferential treatment" In his 300 years in

America-tost in bondage, then In second class citizenship
and that It was time to right past wrongs.
232) ...crill Rid Phone Elfin 4-6782 Now Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Jacob Javits have

both called for a Domestic Marshall Plan. I

Mailing Address SOU sincerely hope> that the addition of their voices

P. 0 In 5S9 Jacksonville Florida 32201 to mine will engender new Interest In the original ,
-- -
-' .
icr/t/o --- proposal> Racial tensions are too high, and the I,

MIAMI OFFICE problems of poverty too pressing, for anything I I
'less than a national effort, Domestic Marshall i
Are 377-1025 well-financed and with top priority.Now j
738 MV 3rd Phone r Plan, I
Nn-Ij { another major proposal> has evolved from
the National Urban League's annual conference.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES It Is called Operation Urban Survival,and 1:lope that It too, can

One tear, $6.00 Half Year, I4.0Q get wide support.

,Mailed to YOU Anywhere In the united States Mir ..,, t Briefly, it is a plan for coordinated action to keep our cities
Subscription payable In advance from becoming vast racial ghettos of Negro poor Increased
sw4lf'rei' demands for social services and a shrinking tax base causedby
send check or Money order to: the middle class immigration to segregated suburbs, place ;

FLORIDA STAR p 0 BOY 599 k'R 1 the very existence of cities as we know them In danger.
Jacksonville J.' Florida Operation Urban Survival calls for a massive program of

building in the ghetto. It suggests that every large city with a I
; : significant ghetto population needs to construct office buildings,

Theory Of Residual DiathesesRubin industrial sites, commercial buildings, cultural centers and
ls.. the like, in ghetto areas. Only in this way can meaningful
communication between whites and Negroes come about. The

Zufelt, a steelworker, fell four WON A BIG ROUND..GETTING READY READY FOR THE NEXTrrrrrrrrrrrrr.rrrrr.rr.rr.rrrrrrrrrrr..rr.rrrrrrrr ghetto, and this is fast coming to mean the central city suffers
stories last week while welding steel from a tragic lack of communication between the races. Unless

beams at the new Tucson City Hall in white people>> can come to the ghetto-to work, to concerts, fora

Arizona. He landed on a layer of cor- ? a variety of reasons-this gap will widen.
rugated I The ghetto's isolation from the rest of the metropolitan area
roofing on the third floor. I I
must be ended If urban civilization is to survive and grow. Such
before, the week was over he was back at 1 I a building program would put the ghetto back into the city; mal.n

workalthough a little stiff. Your Weekly I it a living part of the city, a symbol of urban vitality and

Many workmen would have had to layoff 1 1 strength, not a showcase of weakness and brutality.

work for an indefinite time but not 1 I Along with such building, there must be massive construction
I of Integrated low and middle Income housing, and supportive
Zufelt, since he had that
"something"that I schools recreational facilities
social services-training centers, ,
made him "pop back into action" Guide For the city itself, such a program would mean
against all odds I renewed vitality and life; for the ghetto, it would be a visible

Dr Robert West speech pathologist, :: 1 sign of acceptance and hope for a better future.
'calls this constitutional "X Factor" 1 *. no* I In New York, the major candidates for governor have

responded to community pressure by supporting construction
residual diathesis. I
In support of this By PABLO The ASTROLOGER of a state office building in Harlem. The enthusiastic response
theory, he cited facts to show that some I of the community shows how important this would be for

people with speech disorders could learnto 1 I I arlem: an area which has no major structures of this kind.

It is likely that the proposed building will attract
talk normally in spite of their handicapping -
physical defect. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR I other developments and upgrade the area, justassimilar large
I scale projects have improved other areas. Such building, accompanied -
The individual with excellent "residual by expanded housing construction and massive social

diathesis' will succeed where others i BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL 1 services, could transform Harlem and make It a national

fail in life.Maddox I showcase for Operation Urban Survival.
1a I I spoke with, a young lad in Philadelphia recently. He came to

Has A ;.._ - ,rrrrrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr./ see me at our convention there He pointed to the beautiful
SprynessBut- Museum of Art which stands like a Greek temple at the head

Did you see the photograph of Lester ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN of an impressive boulevard,and then he pointed to the handsome:

Maddox, who won the Democratic primaryfor BORN MARCH BORN JUNE BORN SEPT. _80RILDEC.. Fr.ee: Library towering over a charming fountain,"Md he said
to me"We dJn't .
have museum or t library iit mjtsieiidhtlor
governor in Georgia? The photogra- 21st- APRIL 19tb 22nd JULY 22nd 23rd It. OCT. 23rd 22nd JAN 1915 hood, we've got nothing-absolutely nothing." t .. :.J _

phers, as we say in slang'did him '.. snould shape The Obtain value.Lifeparticularly You feel justified This is a Nothing but shabby streets of despair and hopelessness, an
/ answersto
remedies. Things
proud He reminded us very much of be Apply some ways out of your jere dilem many of your up.previous questions in the big cities, is the best splendid period during which you environment which stifles the young and depresses the old.
teacher when it comes to learn whether of Operation Urban Survival would bring these buildings of hope
Governor Ross Barnett in his "photo- mas during this third quarter. are coming up and t they miy may verify your sense
genicness" right after his encounter This may entail a change of jobs, contain surprising: elements about money, how It is earned, values remains as keen as ever. Into the slums; it would penetrate the iron curtain of despair
how it should be spent. The which rings the ghetto. It Is
absolutely essential the
Judging from the favorable plane for survival -
and fhe of the evidence is in
with the Army when h } tried to keep James stricter economic policies weight
< harder the knocks have beenin tary aspects that dominate, the of a creative urban civilization. America cannot abandon
favor of whatever decision
Individual sacrifieces.
Meredith from registering at the Univer certain you the past,the deepe fie less.m answer should be a resounding its cities despair..needs Operation Urban Survival-now.
But If the person or objective have reached, provided you are
sity of have been driven home. But
Mississippi. may "yes". Those of you who can lay
means enough to you to go any not a victim of wishful thinking.
But--looks are not always what they seem, there isapossibilitythat every claim to comfort and ease in the
to win
length necessary one orbotlt. Your emotions can easily trick
Charles thing may have been forgotten at financial as well as In other departments THE URBANLEAGUE
clay columnist says that Mad- you will find enough strength you into seeing persons in a a rather confusing moment.Remain need further
dox has put Georgia on everybody's mind. of character in your light that Is far from being the no proofto
master ofyouremontionsand build case."lou
He fears that Georgia has gotten itself reserves. A great stimulatingforce real thing. The other days of of all outlays until you have be sUbjected up your to sneers or criti-may STORYBy
would be an ad"ancementin this quarter appear to be main-
into a frightful mess by giving arch stature along with status,and ly on the favorable side, and had a chance to figure every- cism In some of your social cir-
segregationist Lester Maddox the Demo- should aim for.Achievements thing out to your innner cles because they may consider
tills' is what you this should give you ample time who CLANZEL: BROWNThe
satisfaction. Those of
you to be old-fashioned
your ways or
cratic nomination for unusual to collect and to
governor. that! are your thoughts
are still looking for a job or passe'. The chances are that you Urban League has a real concern about the employment
What is Maddox noteworthy! seldom get them down to a practical
more has veil
no qualifica- as as should not the
career pass up will laugh last. That is,of course picture for Negroes nationally and locally: CommissionerA.
and this level. Be to receive messages -
cations .vhich indicates that he has fail to capture Include interest the one, who Is from ready high on the 19th- ads that may be offering just, if you are determined not to M. Ross of the Dept. of Labor Statistics said, "the prospectis
political leadership which will give could to heart. 22nd. what you are looking for. change real gold for worthless good the rest of this year for continued high employment anda
Georgia a creditable status. your glitter low jobless rate, except for Negroes and unskilled workers,"
7 90 55- 12 91318 In Jacksonville the Negro is a small part of
the skilled and managerial work force althoughwe
Dots The Church Have The Power ? TAURUS SCORPIO now have equal opportunity employers and

BORNEJULY23rd BORN OCT. AQUARIUS hundreds of employers that are complying with

President Lyndon B. Johnson has called BORN APRIL 24th NOV. 22nd the Civil Rights law of 1964. Yes, there are

upon the bishops of the African Methodist 20th. MAY 20 AUG. 22ndGo Move furtively. Seeing that it is BORN JAN. many reasons for the low job status of Negroes, .IJ j

Episcopal Church to help "drown out the to lit. Find out first where I not likely to pay to be too open in 20th FEB. 18tb role such models as low aspiration in better jobs due to 19th segregation few i t
You be Century
Press harder. voca
sounds of violence" which are hurtingthe making some headway may in at- the possibility of getting tripped :3 your thinking and actions, you Each move counts. This quarter tional education geared to the exceptional child, I J

Civil Rights movement. temping to obtain the under- up may lie and proceed aci'i may have no choice other than to promises to be a rather important little motivation from parents, teachers and other community

In response, the bishops pledged "full standing and cooperation you cordingly. A sure Instinct, :i act in secrecy You and with less absolute apt to one. The Aquarians who study, leaders, unfair employment practices and the lack of pride,
discretion. are
spiritual achieve complete command of your I travel, or who are devoted to dignity, and faith in the democratic that to rein-
moral and support" of the plea deem necessary to your blocked when system help
'cerebral faculties, and a little 1 be criticized or you idealistic causes will certainly force the status
main cleverness quo system or (business as usual).
of the President. This is as it shouldbe purpose individualsor
bit of luck would combine to i are operating through create the makings of an excitingand However, there Is evidence that the
and a little more liberality citizens of this country
in the
but the rank and file causing the in economic management couldgo make your endeavors pay off firms who have entry slowin progressive future way of realize the economic plight of minorities in this country 1

'disturbance have not been Christian a long way in turning the trick handsomely. Adhere to the us- I highest increasing of circles.overhaeds Le rather and expenses life. Should your interests be because now the Federal Government, social service agencies,
ual conservative in :
devotees in the larger sense of the word. in your favor. The one day when practices connected with social purely material or matrimonial, citizen groups and employers are taking affirmative action to
the monetary department, for ] you the to win ob-
opportunities>> your help take the Negro away from the
t Folks who need to hear what the bishopssay you ing suspicions must guard or against emotional arouse out- the s,>eculaUve tendencies will ;aspirations. The source of sup- jectives also come'vithing grasp The Urban League's OJT Project Is now operational roles. and will
most often take out of than into plyas far as funds are concerned,
from put
stay away church more : ing distance. Things can happento train some 400 or more
breaks may be the 21st. Exist Inexhaustible. persons to learn a skill In our com
said to be
church officials are afraid to discipline ence Is a game of patience that your pocketbook. With the 23rd cannot be that others among you who are on munity. If you have a skill or the aptitude to learn a skill,
members by the threat of turning them out all can play fairly well once the containing so many doubtful or This nations is are a fact learning these.e days. official missions or pursuing please contact your local Urban League Positions such as

of church for their derilection of duty, rules have been learned. There deceptive more prudent influences to let,it it pass may be by The weekend may bring certain professional will no doubt careers enhance, and status they the stenographers following will open for Hegroes:: clerks, clerk-typists,
termed your bookkeepers
for who if he numerous sources of outcomes that may be shipping clerks, welders, key
cares is-turned out of the are without taking any direct action. and financial standing.It would bea punch operators, tellers auto
be tappedby gratifying. mechanics, commercial rug
church these days? Informatloahat can Couples or partners should highly pity to be sidetracked by conflicting cleaners and many others.
each and everyone according share the benefits that are being ambitions
Lastly of leaders you
many our highly-touted
to the individual needs. promised! on the 22nd,23rd. from aiming straight. THIS
have ho control over the people they are 6.80.11-17.78.295 IN NEGRO HISTORYOct. 1-y0 U 16.42.545
supposed to leading .
GEMINI SAGITTARIUSBORN 9, 1942 Ethiopia>> the oldest Independent nation in Africa,
VIRGO became the 30th member of the United Nations under the leader-
Prijadlce Is And Universal BORN MAY NOV. ship of Emperor Haile Selassie/

The South is not the seed bed for 21st JUNE 21st 23ro DEC.
only Oct. 10 1955 The
23rd SEPT. 22nd 19th.! MAR. 20th U.S. Supreme Court ordered the University
need for fanfare. Quiet
prejudice and discrimination, for we have Finish up. It would be a pity to of Alabama to admit Misses
Ride After last look to achieve establishedends Two can do it. Pit wisdom Autherine Lucy and Polly Myers
leave anything half done because on. to see sures your your
it in all forms in of who had been denied
seen corner entrance
every ., in 1952 because of their race.
of boredom or any other that everything is In readiness, have a much better chanceof against restrictive and
the United States. unjustified reason. The you can gallop off toward the objective success than those that are find the common denominator that
It thrives all over the world wherever of achieving your possibility endsis you ha slighted as your broadcast far and wide. This is will make for cooperation to replace Oct.freed 11 by,the 1865 State Negro of slave veterans of the Civil War were

human being reside. For instance, in far too promising to allowit own. But before you make a trip because you than need not con- contention. It can be done Virginia.
to drop the Work or decislonyou had better checkto form to what others expect you to when the parties on both sides are
England recently a dart team of the Fox by wayside. Oct. 12, 1492 Pletro Alonro "
out a plan of action which you see that it will not be in vain. be, or to have to live up to a pub- willing to engage in frank discussion of the 11 Nigro" (the Negro), was one
and Hound Pub quit last week because It are most likely to stick. Then This Is the only day when you lic Image which may not suit you with a view of accepting pilots on Christopher> Clomubus' voyage to America.

sponsor was prejudiced against an American waste not time on subsequent would be deceived by others or In the least. The greatest emphasis compromises that may be deemed Oct
team which included a Negro. days In carrying it out to its by your own miscalculations. is on secrecy,an'Wayand necessary You may even have to for V..13J.63 Civil War? War Department ordered enlistment of Negroes
The group needs to be commended on successful outcome. As long as But those of you who select 'the more of It you can protect assume the major share, but it
do well the next two days to arrive at from the prying eyes of others, will not be as difficult as it may
the part and
taking viewpoint that it did not like you you con- Oct. 13, 1950 Ed Bolden
agreements in connection the surface. Refuse to one of the all-time greats of Negro
slentlously, chance may with the better It will be for you in the appear on
the idea of a cooor bar and step baseball, owner of the Philadelphia
dropped out Stars
In to enchance the benefits or engagements, marriage and long run. Strong forces are be confused by false reports died.
of the competition. results that you are after. But professional matters should operating In the background and, personal prejudices or any other Oct. 14 1964
George Jones, proprietor of the Fox and If you feel that your nerves are discover that you could not have whether you know it or not, they development>> that will not hold Christian, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., president, Southern

Hounds ,said he refused to sponsor the getting frayed, call a halt for picked any better. There shouldbe may be fashioning an excellent water. Private talks regarding Peace prize.Leadership Conference SCLC), awarded Nobel
match after the essential rest and relaxation a reawakening of Interest in opportunity for you to assume the future and how couples and
learning that the U.S, team jobs or pursuits that call in principal partners can shape it to their
The 23rd should find well upon greater importance your
you Oct. 15 1949
from Whethersfield Air Force base included upon tap>> your superior mental powers. milieus. Be ready. liking may be fruitfuL Hastle The then-Governor of Virgin Islands. William H.
named by President Harry S. Truman to the U. S.
3-40-66-17-52-468 .
i 2 30 66 13 4.125 Circuit Court of Appeals for the Third District,In Philadelphia.

1 "
J l

_... .....J.PACE


.. _
it. <>n 1 1. n t>, H l Sweet Sixteen Celebration
:(, --n nl t
t }
t :c:: r.1'c.::
With Louise I "" ,
Guinyard :J
------ -- -...-- -- -- -- ----- I ..
--------------- ------- ------ ----- ..
If making mistakes is an indication of and his band. i

the possession of human qualities ************

", :To, err I is human "" etc.--then Ebony Fashion Fair will I appear here !

'Hurrah', for mel I I made a dilly of an Friday October 21 I at 8:00: p.m. 1 In )
error in last "
concerning Exhibition Hall at the Civic Auditorium.
the results of the recent bridge tourna- Sponsored in Jacksonville by Alpha Kappa
Alpha Sorority, Inc. nine of the nations
Mrs James A. Brooks of 2816 Saturn most attractive female models and one male i

Avenue representing Feminae Gravitae model will I I display some of the latent iI
bridge club, won top bridge honors. Her I
national and internationally- Y
partner was Mrs. Frank A. Jones of 1766

West Sixteenth Street another Feminae known designers. .I I
this year's Ebony Fashion
member. Other bridge winners were Mrs. Although
Theodore L. Redding, Mrs. Esther Denson, Fair theme i is "COLORBALLOO" more than
color will featured.. The daring lengthof
and Mrs. Raymond Lambert. I offer sincere be
some of milady's' skirts as well as the
apologies ta
persons concerned.
uniquely-designed but comfortable conventionality ;

............ of everyday wear will also ,gyp .r r. P6 r j
share the spotlight. This season the 1 1t
Dr .
Richard V. Moore president o f
Bethune-Cookman tent shape is still supreme. The big !
College, presided over a .
dinner meeting of the Gator Bowl Classic question is, ""to belt or not to belt,11 i

Committee, held last Friday evening at and most designers chose not to belt this ii i
the Heart of Jacksonville Motor Hotel. season. The shocker in looks for this

committes were organized to make plans fall however, Is the long (mid-calf )

for the forthcoming classic to be playedin coat. The great coats with their long I

Jacksonville October 29. As it standsat country hemlines, for are winter intended sports for or wear, when in worn the .. : : 1 '

the present, time, both participatingteams T.-.1 1'1
are undefeated, which I means a record in the city, to keep a girl not only + '

crowd is expected to witness the tilt between warm, but also imperially avant-garde.; !1v
Now what about the hemlines'of dresses? er ,
the Bethune Cookman Wildcats and t r Y ", ,
r ,
"r' ..
ff tm Ti OI :
Well I this skirt lenghts f -- -
the S. C. State season anyway, '
Bulldogs. are. like a doctor's' prescription a, EVENT Some of the younger set who attended the birthday Redding and Mary Williams. Male guests Included: James
Among representatives from the College personal affair---and people prefer to party for Olivia Ann Hogans, held at the YWCA last Saturday Singleton, Clarence Scott, F. B. Anderson, Charles Anderson,
accompanying Dr. Moore were Mr. Hayes, night t are shown here. The guest of honor is seea at center Samuel Anderson Jr., Ronald Jones, John Rich, David Ross,
Mr. Camp and Mr.. Cook. Among local forget the doctor's advice. So ladies, with Leven Blue. The guests Included: Misses Gloria Wright, Hollis Felton, Terry Baber VI, Lucius Felton, Matt Thompson,
participants Catherine Thomas it's' still a must to keep your knees inshape. Ellen Marshall, Beverly Cohen, Barbara Smith, Becky Mennl- Edwin Fletcher, Harold Dennis, Jerome Haynes, James Darby,
were fee, Patricia White, Sheila Williams, Shirley Ball, Jacquelyn Vaughn Harris, Ronald Williams,Kenneth Atkins,Jerry Carter,
Jackson T. V. Thomas, Mary Mitchell Proceeds from the show will boast Alpha ShLpp, Beverly Cohen, Sharon Baker, Marilyn Alford, Vivian Leon Howell and Leonard Hogans. :
Mrs. Joe H. James Nathaniel Davis, Mrs. Shoe and Scholarship Dennis, Carolyn Shehee, E. Renee Davis, Deborah Lucas, Olivia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hogans of :
I. E. Williams I Dr. J. I.E. Scott Kappa' Alpha Sorority's Joyce! Taylor, Josephine Blakely, Margaret Redding. Ellen 1350 McConlhe St., Jacksonville, Fla. i

H. James Greene, and Emerson the photo- I Fund
grapher. The Florida State Conference of Branchesof National Alumni AKAs Sponsoring 2 Jax Artists MANDARINThe

Nathaniel Davis, president of the local NAACP is meeting here this week-end,
Bethune-Cookman Alumni I I Association, with headquarters at the MayflowerHotel. 01 B-CC Sponsors Fashion Show Event Presented At ClubMiss Mt. Zion AME Church of
Mandarin Fla. will sponsor a
revealed plans for alumni breakfast to be I Junell V. Watkins and ,
Friday's' events will feature musical Annual Breakfast Gamma Rho Omega Chapter, Miss Jacqueline Smith will be Fall Play Day for the childrenat
October 29
held Saturday morning, at The a Alpha Sorority, the Joe James Ball Park in
entertainment during the evening at civic The National Alumni Associa Alpha Kappa presented in concert, Sunday, 15 I
Oct. ,
Mandarin Saturday,
Heart of Jacksonville Motel. Mr. Davis Inc., will sponsor Fashion Oct. 16 at 9:00 p.m. at the ,
auditorium.The I tion of Bethune-Cookman 21 at 8 in beginning at I'OO p.m. I t
further revealed plans for a barbecue for Colorbaloo Oct. p.m., Eldorado Club. Vernon Smith '
Colle ge will sponsor Its first There will be free candy for
climax of
Saturday's activities will the Civic Auditorium. will
alumni accompany the artists.
visiting to begin immediately annual breakfast Oct.
regional The activity is in interest of the children and barbequed
be the "Freedom
Banquet" at the Duval Members of the clubare
29 at 10 In the Heart of urgedto
following the parade at 1 IUI6 Jefferson a.m., the scholarship and shoe funds. chicken and ribs for sale.
Street. A "Victory" Dance"" will I I be held County Armory at which The Adderly Jacksonville Motel. Some of the exotic fashions support the program. This affair is being directed
Immediately after the football Brothers ( ""Nat"" and ""Cannon Ball"" ) During the evening, the will be featured, and tickets by Mrs. Florida H. Cook, on
game. will receive the Favorite Sons Award Bethune Wildcats will play the membersand behalf of the renovating of the
be secured from
Music may DIET
will be furnished i by Junior Parker : sylph defense Catholic
South Carolina State team that Charles
which Rev
church of
A mass meeting Sunday will I I end the con- friends of the group. Digest-october,
defeated the Florida MM Rattlers Robinson Is pastor.
vention. ----
I Rutledge Pearson state president and The local alumni will serveas

.. Marvin Davies field director will pre- host for the breakfast. The
g. t. side business sessions. participants at the event are: Old Taylor' Presents : Ingenious Americans ,

h I President R. V. Moore, James .. ....An... H 1i
...- -.. Huge, Harry Burney,Nathaniel ,',
Y r
Davis, Mrs. Louise Foster, i: rr
James Keys, John Frink, Miss
Consultatlor Freddie Williams and Ronald

t CONSULT DR. SMITH FREEExaminatloln Taylor.FoLlowing the breakfast,
M4'I guest will go the reviewing
stand for the parade at 1:30:

-[ : .. you will Be Told in plain words hat The Troublis p.m., and following the game,
a dance will be presented at
What IS Causing It And what May Be Done To I
the :Duval County Armory,
Correct It,. If YOU suffer With: featuring Junior Parker Band

ASTHMA Wright, Melvin 1 Carter and .
others. I


Recital Oct. 23

Medical Reducing Treaments (Men & woUian) Evelyn Squires Foy will pre- 4
sent her piano pupils in their
I treat conditions commonly considered jsurglca.1] 23rd annual recital Oct. 23 at _
without the use of a .knife, Modern methods o f 4 p.m. at New Stanton Senior -
High School.Cla .
diagnosis and treatment.
FREE-EXAMINATION B7 at members are: Irene
APPOINTMENT ONLYJ6 years successful practice Bartl y, Patsy Ola Brinson,
-Invites You To Listen To- in Jacksonville. HOURS -9:30: A. M.to 4:30: P. Mt Anita Car,, Sybrena Carley,
PHONE EL 4-1187 Gail Cooper, Brenda Cooper, t, }
BIG BAND Gayle Curtis, Evington DavisJr.
Davis Willie Jean I II
DR. REX SMITH Cynthia ,
Dlsm-uke, Lunlta Gamble Ver-
"DANCE PARTY"I 900 West State Street (Upstairs) non Earner, Angela Green, {I
Cheryl Green, Rosalind Grant,
Ira Joe Harmon, Michael Hum- I
r ,.
I 11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9.p.m. Office Formerly Occupied p by Dr. Lyncker- prhey Kendrick, Brenda, Kim Jenkins Lucas,,Beverly Cynthia rlwaxna \

Opposite Ritz. McLondon, Marzene Pinkney,
1400 WRHC1400 Earl Solomon, Angela Surcey, r
CaroLyn Shehee, June Silas,: Granville Woods ( )
Linda. Sutton, Gary Simmons, (1856.1910)i
Richard Tlsdale, Roland Tis- I\i

,,, SAVE dale, Leacy Whitfield, Teri
/r Lynn Wilson, Allen Wilson Jr.,
James Way,Janice Way,Tiffany I
Bradley, Debra Crump, Shirley

( JLLJ1\\ Garner Hlne-s I ,, Carolyn Sonya Hogans Hines,,Sandra Velda His inventions helped chickens

L'f0oo Hogans Barbara, Barbara Ann Ann tlsdale Marie ands, to hatch and trains to stop.

Audrey Dale Smith.WEDDING I

sroess !
BELLSJohn It's hard to believe that man who never anccs in the development of air brakes.
completed an elementary education This was just the hginning.'oods
Benjamin Darby Jr., 1335 patented over thirty-five electrical and Invented fifteen appliances for electric
W. 9t Ji St., 23 and Betty Alveta mechanical inventions. Yet Granville railway The greatest of these as a tele-
Davis, 1425 W. 10th St., 24. Woods did just that. graph system that enabled moving trains
Woods went to work when he was 10 to communicate with each other.
F. P 1, GREEN *** years old and literally learned his skills Woods vv cnt on to organic! the Woodson
at Robert Lonnie Hammonds Jr., the job.In his early thirties J>c became Electrical Company And, in later years
350 Avcosla St., 25 and Eloulse interested in thermal power and srl.nmhe succeeded in selling a number of his
> t '-'I Roberts, Callahan, Fla. 21. driven engines. And,in 1889.he hied his inventions to several of our country's
first patent application on an improved !largest corporations.
*** steam-boiler furnace. He then invented Granville T. Woods will be remembered
N'r1 S' 4j"n ,John Brown, 434 Caroline St., an electric incubator in 1900.And in the as an ingenious American and a J
74 and Georgia Mae Cook, 434 next three years he patented a series of ad- prolific inventor.
/ Caroline St., 39.
\ Alexander Curtis Brooks 4547
RlbauElt St., Mayport, Fla., 23 STRAIGHT BOURDON

Beef its Best Rlbaalt St., Mayport, Fla., 19.
at ** Send for free booklet containing the portrait anj dory of each American in this tcrici.
Bernard Leroy Thomas,1817 W. Write lot Ingenious American Booklet Room 141,99 Park Avc., N.Y., N.Y. 10016

29ta St., 22 and Barbara Jean
Grant. 2578 Spirea St., 21.

: ...





East Florida Am id Bethany Baptist Assn. To Hold 73rd Annual Session

Celebrating Anniversary Jax Friendly Baptist ChurchTo

CHURCH NEWS'WEST Host Sessions Oct. 18-23

Friendly Baptist Church, locatoe at 1721 West 19th Street will
the setting for the 73rd ann ual session of the East Florida
AssociationThe i I' Oct. 18-23.
and Bethany
ST MARK ""i" : pastor,Rev.\B.H.Hartley, dent of the Senior Women's
Annual Women's Day will be observe& aoday1D West St. Mark ; : : completing
and members' are Missionary Convention
Baptist Church with Mrs. M. Jackson as chairman and Mrs.
extend a
L, Gadson co-chairman. arrangements to hazy to the Progressive Baptist

The services begin with the Sunday School at 9:43 urn., with cordial welcome to participants State Convention of Florida,

Mrs, A.F. Sharp as guest superintendent The teachers are: and friends. will speak to the workers
will presenta
Mrs M. Spence, Mrs. R. Neal and Miss Faye Jackson. Rev The host group on during the District President'sHour
Mrs. J, Newberry will review the lesson end remarks will be welcome program Thursday morning.
Tuesday, Oct 18, The choirs Rev J. C, Sams, the
made by Mrs. C. Rivers, acting pastor. Serving as secretary general
will be Miss L, Hooks. and other talent will be featured president of the Progressive

Mrs. E.M. Green and Mrs. A.Gamble will have charge of the r. in musical selections and Baptist State Convention will

devotion at 1J a.m. Mission offering, prayer, Mrs. A.F. Sharp; brief addresses of welcome be heard Friday, an*will pre.

hymn Rev. Mrs. D, Perkins; scripture, Mrs. C. Singleton; expressions. speakersand side during the parent body's
welcome, Miss Faye Jackson; Introduction of speaker, Mrs. Many outstanding election.
will be
A.B.Reed; speaker, Mrs. C. Scott of Trinity Baptist Church; Bible expositors The children and youths departments .
offering, Mrs. M. Hutson, Mrs. M. Roberts; benediction. Din presented during the five-day will hold their
ner will be served at 1:30 p.m. meeting. sessions Saturday morning.The
Mrs. A.B. Bunch and Mrs. J, Seward will have charge of the "Christ, The Way to young people under the guidance
devotion at 3 p.m. Introduction of mistress of ceremonies, Mrs. Freedom," is the theme for the of excellent adult supervisors

R. Neal; mistress of ceremonies, Mrs. S.P. Donald; welcome, annual session. In addition to will present programs of cha

Miss Faye Jackson; respons, Mrs. R.L. Neal; solo, Miss the theme speakers, several discuss racter, building, designedto
Jackie Jackson; solo, Mrs. M. Spence; benediction. well-versed ministers will instill Christian 'principles.
I' I L / ) J the doctrinal subjects, Parents are urged to give their
; j I Ii IsA "Regeneration," "Justi- children the opportunity to '

WALTERS MEMORIAL fication," and "Atonement. share in the meetings The-

Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME Church will begin ,, Rev W. M, Hill, the moderator convention also provides activities
with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Miss Amy Moreland assisted by Revs G, T, of interest in a light vein

presiding. Rev. H.C. Archie, pastor, will review the lesson McCall and B, H, Hartley, the for the children.The .
"In Whom Do We Trust?" i vice moderators will open the business session of the

At 11 a.m., morning service commences with the pastor In convention Wednesday morningat Association will be held at 1

charge, and at 3 p.m., Stewardess Board will meet with Mrs 9:30: a.m. p.m. Saturday.
Marie Lawrence in charge The Christian Endeavor Hour The District Mission Board, Moderator Hill will preach

; begins at 5 p.m., and evening service at 7 o'clock. Presiding Rev. A. J. Hughes, chairman, for the Sunday morning worship,
Elder W.J. Limbric will close the final quarterly conference, and the District I Education and the session will close with
and delegates to the annual confernce will be elected. Choir Board of which Rev. G, A. the annual Ushers Parade
2 and Usher Board 1 will serve with Mrs. Annie Mae Davis at Price is the chairman will give and Mission Hour services
the instrument k' : ... >: their reports Wednesday afternoon Sunday afternoon
t .4M'
> .
_..CA' >
MT ZION BAPTIST Rev Thomas Daniels the
Mrs. Beulah Alston was elected general chairman for the 'The Vocles of Faith" of the Church of Juanita Harper, directress; Miss Edith District Official Missionary, Local Singers

annual Women's Day celebration in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, God, Steele and Blue Street wrlr be cele- Wltherspoon musician and B I Ish 0 p will also give his report, Including -

southside. The observance has been scheduled for Oct. 23. brating their first anniversary Monday R. Hestle, pastor. the activities of the To Appear
Other officers are: Mrs. Helen Brown, co-chairman; Mrs. District Mission Station
Althela Tucker, acting pastor; Mrs. Margaret Bacon, program October 2U 1966 at 800; P.M. Mrs. The Women's Department will In MusicalThe

youth chairman; Mrs. Mildred Murrell, youth director; Mrs. be in charge Oct. 20 and the ,

Elizabeth Browman, BTU chairman; Miss Marilyn Jackson, Calendar EventsThe TWO MINUTfS7W / Ushers and Layman Brother- Heavenly Host Prayer
souvenir; Mrs. Catherine Reed,Mrs.Louts Coleman,cochairmen hood will be in charge Friday Sand and Evangelist Andrew

; Mrs. Cynthia King,Mrs.Joyce Tolliver,secretaries;Mrs.. morning.The ilcCall Gospel Singers will be
Betty Nealy, hospitality; Mrs. Mandlyn Knox,beatification;Mrs. Nathaniel Jackson Octo-! District 33 of Second Choir Baptist 2 win, BIBLE moderators hour will be on parade Oct. 16
Ruth Wright, tags Mrs. Dorothy Wright, finance Mrs. Ida vettes will render a Miracle Church will present .. f) presented
; ; of .Y COINIUUt SIAM PHIS.IIIAN held Friday afternoon at at 8:30 in the Triumph
Oct. 16 of the church In "Hymns p.m.
Bacon, treasurer; Mrs. Marion Jackson, publicity.The Recital Sunday night, mi IOCIITVCHKAOO 2 o'clock The Rev. Mr. Hill,
3rd and
at Brooks Sunday at 7 p.m., \ 4 Holiness Church,
the Yesteryear" IUINOIS 0 M
captains are: Mrs. Eloise Brazier, Mrs. Joyce Tolliver, at 7:30: p.m., will deliver the annual address ,
1 Franklin Streets
Mrs. Daisy Creighton, Mrs. Thelma Badger, Mrs. Mattie Prayer House, Tyler St. near In the church auditorium. Mrs. and the election will be held as Master of Cere
Roundtree Mrs. Moore and Miss Hazel Bacon. Kings Rd. Annie L. Huff will serve as Serving
at the close of the worship monies will be Rev. H. L.
Members of the steering committee include: Mrs Maggie Mrs. Mary Porter Young will narrator. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? service. Zion
Humphrey, Mrs. Hattie Bryant, Mrs. M.J Clark, Mrs. Lillian be Mistress of Ceremonies; Mrs. Clevel M. Issac, presi- Mr.s. H. B, Miller the presi- Herod, pastor southslde.at Mt.
Bembry and Mrs. Elizabeth Bryant. Miss Delphine Cherry, guest dent of the district, and Mrs. When Philip the Evangelist heard what God has said is not really Baptist ,
soloist; and Mrs. Latimore will Marie D. Jones, president of the Etheopian prince reading Isaiah interested in knowing what Gal R.Pridgen Other participants are: Excelsior

be the musician for the occasion the choir, have invited the public 53, he asked him: Understandest has said. Such a person will take Miss Gospel Singers,

MIDWAY AMEWomen's to attend. thou what thou readest?" (Acts any passage that ,suits his fancy, Traveling Stars, Singing
Day will be celebrated In Midway AME Church All groups of the city are 8,30): ). This is a question we should and ue it as he wishes, for his Sponsored ByXpiptlL Wonders, Young Peopli'i
Oct. 16 under leadership of Mrs,GerirudeWells,Mrs Theresa: ,asked. to participate on this The Tbelmarettes will rendera continually keep asking ourselvesas "faith"( is bated, not on an under. sv.u

Wingard and Mrs. Alma Blackshear. .,. -, ,, |\ program. program Monday night Oct. we read the holy Scriptures. standing of what God has said, but Crflstide.
Program chairman.Mrs."ParaleetDivK.ilJaB.ainoiucad! that } ,.,Chuck McClain, reporter. 11 at .First.. Born Temple, 825 On his own will. .
Mrs. Wilmer Dorrell Thompson, mmteJLoX: $ c&Wetr.opol"Tlan ) W. Monroe. Many religious people do not The Church would be stronger Mrs. Jennie Vee Crockett and
Baptist Church"winte; thespeak.etfbrtne>; aj4.;"service.,.,2f The Pentecostal Church of Cod All singers are Invited to appear much care whether or not they and more aggressive i if more of Mrs. Clotee Prldgen will pre-
: and the Grant Memorial Trio will be guest group. in Christ Jesus, 1663 W. 26th on program understand what they read i if onlyit God's people had a deep desire to sent Miss Rosa Lee Prldgeu
The youth will have charge at 3 p.m and a musical will be St. begins its Sunday School.at Sister Rosetta Cohen,sponsor; warms their hearts! To them know and understand what God In a recital Oct 17 at 8 p.m.,

presented for the evening servIce 10:30: a.m.;morning worship, Elder A. Hill, pastor. the Bible is little more than a fetish. has said to them and if those in In St. Stephen AME Church, ,'441 T
Rev. Joe Crooms, pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church and 12:00: ; evening worship at 3:00: Taking only those Scriptures which the pulpit had the single passion sponsored by the Youth Cru-
members, will render an after service program following the pm.; ; Sunday night service is will be appeal to them and leaving the to understand God's Word and help sade for Christ.
; morning service in Interest of Group 1,Mrs.Alma Blackshear, at 8:00 p.m. The Soul Revivers rest, they actually feel themselves others to understand it. Miss Pridgen is the daughterof 1t't
i captaJn.f presented on program Sundayat quite spiritual and often talk about !
Mrs Helen Jackson Is Rev. and
African United In Mark 6:34 we read that our Henry Mrs. Clotee
! 8:30: p.m., in believing the Bible whether or not
in charge of the music.NOW ,Philyaw P rId Charlotte
f Lord "moved with compa'sion"toward g e n.
_------------- Church, sponsored by Mrs. they understand it. was
Pridgen, sister of the artist
the multitudes because He ,
will be served. But such "spirituality" i is far saw them "as sheep not havinga will also appear. I
from honoring to God, and such shepherdAND: : HE BEGAN: Other participants are: Miss
"faith" is blind and superstitiousat TO TEACH THEM MANY: Adrienne Stewart, Amos Ealey,
Importanceof best. While it is true that the THINGS: miss Rose Marie Tolbert,

; Bible teaches many truths whichwe The reason so many people can Marvin Holt, Mrs Louise.Gen-
4 LOCATIONSTO Religion believe though they are beyondour do no more than hope (for salvation, wrlght, Miss Ann Hermanson, Andrew McCall
SERVE YOU comprehension, to believe Nathaniel Breaker, Belton
yet i is because they have never even Union Gospel
Choir Sunbeam
3118 W. Edgewood Ave. Declines in what it says we must first understand been taught God's simple plan of Storms, Mrs. Lucille Frazier, Singers, Soul, Stirrers, Gospel
vital tt says. God would haveus salvation how "Christ died for Barbara Smith, Wyuesta Jack-
A Echoes and the Echoettes,
3701 EMERSON read His Word and believe it sinners" so that they might be son, Carl Simmons, Tracy King Boston-
AmericaA ,intelligently. I Indeed, true faith will faith" and Clarence'Scott. of Harmony,
justified "by through
830 CASSAT AVE. grace Buckmaa
ettes, Austin Twins,
want to understand more and more of the Ealey will Introduce the
CATHOLIC DIGEST We must begin our study
survey Singers Voices of Faith, Mary
1824 WEST BEAVER was designed to find out. George of God's Word. One who does not Bible by understanding and believ- Mistress of Ceremonies, and Goodman, Thomas Singers,
I Miss Rose .
care whether or not he understands Tolbert and Mrs
inter. ing this truth
Gallup's public-opinion great Maggie Simms will Latimore Singers, Sara Wilson,
SAVE AT PREMIER viewers asked American adults, Amos dean of hostesses. serve as Essie M. Thomas, Mary Nealy,
Ealey Appears West
"How Important would you MY Union BaptistIn Singing Wonders,Sister Rosetta
b In own life Cohens Silveraires
religion your ,
LARGE 5 LB. ROYAL very Important, fairly Important, St. Stephen AME_ __ Holds Laymen's. Day. Fight Cancer Choir, Dixie Jubilees, Friend
u '
TIDE 25 0 .or not very Important was asked This in Amos Ealey will be presentedIn Laymen's Day will be observed"Sunday ship Choir and the Octovettes.
same question
iiRE seeks to an "Evening of Songs" Oct. In West Union Baptist r
1952; the current poll
in attitudesover 21 In St. Stephen AME Church. Church. The services will begin
compare change The program is being sponsoredby with the Sunday School at 9:30: i.
NOT GOOD AT CASSAT STORE this 14-year period.In the budget board in Interest a.m. r e

a representative cross sec of the Women's Day celebration, The Male- Chorus and male ,

THRIFTY LIQUID tion of people from every re which has been scheduled for ushers will serve for the 11
SLbs. gion, religion and walk of life Oct. 23. a.m. services and the fellow- a.'Y' .
: 23 09 0 75% said religion was very (inv Mr. Ealey Is a member of ship dinner will follow the

DETERGENT QT. SUGAR ''portant to them in 1952. Today, Second Baptist Church, servingIn service Baptismal rites will
the percentage is down to 70%. the Bell Waters Chorus anda also be conducted during the
graduate of New Stanton High morning service. I X

NOT GOOD AT FOOD ORDERBEEF -----. School. The district fellowship mass f *Jadn I will be held at 3 kTh/r
p.m. Rev. A. / week fred .
'ioi'SALEvnTHss: Anderson HURRICANE (toepits o/ the twin hatardt o
will be the speakerand INl and the NECESSARY
HOURS oil tor wo.ld septet rad'antuH<
YOUR PICTURES all singing groups and crews produce the, tuat aslkn.m.tcatcHmg Ion eiamplt Hit see below n0
ushers will
PUBLISHED FREE Board and Usher .
Board 2 will RID HN

): DIRECT FROM THE BAR J-C RANCH COME service meet following and the morning Large WHITING in 39C
Call The FLORIDA STAR 3 will Small
Whole Trim FIRST i Monday at 7:30: p.m. in
the home of Mrs. Willie M,
II' 79 PhotographerTo Jackson, 1034 Tyler St eiNuiNi OCIAM VIIW
I 40/50 IBS. Lydia Rainey in an hour of
.1 music i enchantment Oct. 23
Cover Your during the evening service Annual PORTS rilHUMINI IIUIIVI CRALLINGIIBeach

T'BONE Men's Day wiD be observed
/ Church Events Teas Banquets Nov. 20 with Deacon Mack
Whiting or Red Bass Lb. 45cSHELL
79 89C Moore Jr., as chairman
STEAKS and 11- ......
LB. STEAKS Weddings, Fraternal Meetings Cleveland The Churchwide Clinch,co-chairman.Study Course IhA .IIe 'or .,1gs T.u eM tdNeei

will begin Dec. 4 during the i TM"'.1.Tes/y.S.N.ltt6y._,..... Ph'. ,_
Social Events Birthday Parties BTU Hour. Courses for study 0
U.S. GOVT. GRADED GOOD are: "Living An Abundant IUSHILs5'

et e FREE OF CHARGECall ....... Church Life," Membership.and "The Meaning" of SELECTS FOR FRYING PINT $1 I l"

2 Days In Advance Of Event ---- STANDARD FOR STjwiNC. PINT $ l"

Y2BEEF Phone 3546782 From 9am To 6pm. A SEWING BIRD FRESH FLOUNDER 49c
# 49: The tailorbird of Asia uses Ra.hed. iron C."p. Httttrtt 11 ,III.
its bill as a needle and bits of

NOTE. YOU MAY PURCHASE COPIES fiber or grass to sew leaf edges URCI FATMULLET
CUT AND WRAPPED FREE into a sack,which it fills with
FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK wool fibers and hair to makea Lb. 35cpm
soft .

t nest't
S IJ t


Powell Not Dead Media Women Rev E. Davis
Politically; Joins Foreign Service Corps 24-Year Police

Pushees Ahead Of NPI Editor Gets
On Poverty Bill Chicago
Housing Post Veteran Obtains
WASHINGTON -(NPI)- Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D-N. Y.) Host Meet
showed EVANSTON, Ill.- be
was more alive than ever politically as he sent a Command PostNEW
long-delayed War on Poverty Bill to the House and lent his CHICAGO -- Media Rev. Emory G, Davis has been
support to the measure, after sitting on It for four months. Women, Incorporated a appointed executive director of YORK-(NPIAssistant \
Powell's national organization of women the North Suburban Organization Inspector Lloyd G. Sealy, 49, .
powers as chalrmai support behind the anti-poverty active for Fair Housing, whose
professionally press, was put in command of all {
of the House ,
Committee on Education aim !is to change real estate
bill. United Democratic backing public relations, Advertising, uniformed forces in Brooklyn
and Labor bad been of the bill was needed In the radio, television, and related practices which have kept areas North embracing the Bedford
trimmed by a 27-1 vote of its of the northern Illinois
House when Republicans sought, communications fields, will Stuyvesant, Brownvllle and
Harlem members, but the fambouyanl to strip the Office of Economic hold Its first annual convention suburbs closed to minority Downtown Brooklyn districts,

be Democrats appeared to Opportunity of key parts of the at the Sheraton Blackstone he organization the highest post ever held bya
no worse for wear as be with offices
anti-poverty by placing Hotel October ,
led program 21-23. Negro in the New York City
a move to have the antipoverty In the North Suburban Center
educational programs in the Vice President and convention Police Department.
bill passed. Office of Education and Labor chairman Doris for Human Relations, 1425
Saunders predicted Meanwhile sources within the
One of the reasons for the committee's In the Labor Sherman, Evanston represents
programs depart- I a highly constructive Police Department speculatedthat
revolt was Rep. Powell's a citizens in Deerfield Evanston
ment. session for ,
the group. Chicago the appointment of Sealy,
failure to send the poverty Were Republicans to get their Is one of a chain of chaptersin Glencoe, Glenview, Highland a 24-year veteran on the force,
bill to the House floor despitethe way, Sargetn Shriver would remain major cities throughout the Park, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, by Police Commissioner Howard -
committee's June 1 approval as head of only the country with New York as the Llherryi'Je, Mundeleln, Morton R. Leary was pari of a bid
of the bill. His committee's! new Domestic Peace Volun- Grove Kenilworth, North-
Corps, national headquarters. for racial peace in,the area.
rules deprive Powell of bis teers In Service to America, The organization was founded brook Skokie, Wilmette and Brooklyn North was the scene

power to delay legislation. and some parts of the present last year by Rhea Calloway, ,' Winnetka. of racial strife during the summer
No longer able to throw his i Reve. Davis editorof
Commimlfy Action Program. advertising supervisor, New religious and an area the police j
weir It around by sitting on the Denounced by Republicans as a York Amsterdam News. She NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL consider one of the city's
bill. Powell intead used the occasion has been a )
"mult billion dollar boon- was elected national presidentat danger spots.
to marshal Democratic doggle" mired In politics the I minister in the African
a organizing meeting 1 Sealy's appointment makes
bill forces behind the beleagured antipoverty! bill would amountto of representatives o!the several WASHINGTON Ramon s. Scruggs (right), recently sworn In u a Public Member of the Methodist Episcopal Churchfor him the first Negro to be given
and nd recoup his influence $1.75 bflllon this year, U chapters.; Foreign Service Inspection Corps, shown at the Department of State being congratulated by 23 years. what is considered a borough
prestige In the meantime His awards Include the Man of
"As chairman President Johnson and Cong Friends will join Media Women William J. Crockett, Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration. Looking on are, command. He will also continue
4 will --stripped of my gressional Democrats get their for luncheon in the French Roomof left to right, Spencer M. King, Deputy Inspector General, and Ambassador Fraser Wilkins, the Ebeneter Year award AME.rviceGund, to serve as consultant to Commissioner -
powers convene a caucus way. the Sheraton Blackstone, a Inspector who Church Leary on community,
General. Mr. Scruggs Is Public Relations Manager of the American Telephone
and give them (his committee's In getting the bill through the "Get Acquainted Bash" In the Telegraph Company in Ne w York, len on September 10 to join Ambassador Thomas K. Evanstn, 1965; Brotherhood a- Delations problems. I
Democrats) the battle plan forgetting House, Rep. Powell said his Regency Room and cocktailsand Wright and Kenneth W. Calloway, Foreign Service Inspectors inspecting the U. S. Embassy ward, Evanston Human Relation During his 24 years on the
the bill Council 19C6 and Citizen of the
through committee was "In complete a formal dinner-dance in ,In Brussells and the U. S. Consulate General in Antwerp. He will also visit Foreign Service ; Jorece Sealy has served int.e
House, Rep, Powell said witha unanimity." the Art Hall. posts In Geneva, Copenhagen,Stockholm,and Luxembourg before returning about November 15. 196566.Year award, Chessman's Club, patrol forces, the youth
grin. The Harlem Congressman recouped The three-day first annual division, the office of the first
The committe chairman even his losses in Congress convention meeting will be climaxed He has served as board mem- deputy commissioner and as
appeared to be making peace while to be faced Wilkins ber of the Evanston NAACP
continuing bya with a brunch. Roy the commander of the West
with Rep. Sam M. Gibbons (D.- court battle that could resultin Host chapter officers of Media Religion And chapter, and Evanston North 123rd Street Station.
Fla.), who tried to have Powell his being Jailed. Women are: Theresa Fambro $hore Urban League committee;
stripped of all his committee Rep. Powell was ordered to Hooks, organizer-president; Wife Vacation NEGRO INTERNATIONAL and chair man, North Suburban
powers and only partly suc- stand trial on criminal contempt Josle Garth Barnes, secretary, Co-Ordlnatlng council; and FIGHT CANCER I
ceeded. charges In connection with a and Audrey Weaver, treasurer. In Jamaica SET DATE North Shore Summer project.
The New York Cong'e,I .:n'" libel suit he lost three years Other members are: FrancesT. CHICAGO-(NPI>-By 1972, racial segregation !in the organizational -

',>raised fie.. Gibbons for his ago. Mat lock, co-convention KINGSTON, Jamaica, West structure of the Methodist Church is expected to be You Don't Have To Go To Town To Get
"yeoman work" In manai! ig The appellate division of the ,chairman: Mattle Smith Colin, Indies Having participatedin totally non-existent. The Comm l.uion on Inter jurisdictional Re-
the bill on the House floor. New York Supreme Court upheld 'Louise P. Dumetz, Betty Ed- Jamaica's I Independence leations disclosed that a jajorlty vote had sat 1972 as the target
For Rep. Powell, it was an a- Supreme Court Justice wards Barbara Gardner, celebrations in August, 1962, date for the complete mixing of the Negro and white churches,
and mid-1968 the time for of the church's all LOW PRICESDRUG
brupt change in his position on NAACP Executive as disbanding
Irving H. Saypol, who cited the Phyllis Garland, Ruth McCoy, Roy Wilkins,
the War on Poverty. Director decided to take atenday Negro Centrl Jurisdiction.
Congressman contempt Aug. Charlotte Logan, Connie Seals, ,
Powell, who earlier had called 12 for there with Mrs. FORWARD MOVEDALLASNPIThe
evading court orders In Thelma Hunt Shirley, Florence holiday STORE NEEDS
for the dismissal of Sargent connection with a libel action. Somerville Bernadine Wash So far, he has been invited to Disciples of Christ, which closed out its
Shriver as head of the anti- Rep. Powell Is accused of libeling ington, Betty Washington, informal meetings with the 117th international cwoVin! r! :ently, went art record urging
poverty war, described the War a Harlem widow, Mrs. Hennie Mae Cisco, Florence Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. memoo0( work to eliminate legal barriers to interracial Trade WithYour Neighborhood Drug S tor aWE
nn Poverty as"the finest human: Esther James, In 1960, on a Dyson and Charlotte Hunt. Sir Alexander Bustamante;actIng marriages. The action was taken after Mrs. Rosa Page Welch, WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR ,LOCAL
renewal program America has"as television program, when he Deputy Prime Minister, the Chicago concert singer and leading church woman of the body, Papers We Deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescrip-

he went all-out to supportthe purportedly called her a "bag NAACP Hails Hon. Robert Llghtbourne; His make an impassioned plea for the passage of the resolution tions.

program.The woman," or graft collector, Excellency the GovernorGeneral HOUSING CENTERCmCAGONPIThe
anti-poverty war, be said, for policemen.But Sir Clifford Campbell, Chicago Congerence on Religion and
"is the foundation for the guaranteed the Congressman's trail Rep. Wellner'sPolitical and Sen. Hector Wynter, Par- Race has established the first of its housing centers, dlsigned Dixie Pharmacy
society.-a guarantee was delayed by a clogged trial liamentary Secretary, Ministry to Impart information and help minority families to find suitable -
that all Americans, whatever calendar In the Supreme Court. CourageNEW of External Affairs housing. Establishment of the housing centers, announcedlast
their color, their ability, their Justice Matthew M. Levy, a After five days in Kingston, Aug. 26, is part of CCR 's pledge to aid implementation of At Avenue
family background, their regionor trial justice, briefly heard the YORK-Representative he and Mrs. Wilkins will go a 10-jKiint housing agreement reached at the recent historic 1302 KillS Road Myrtle

their place olresiden.o: ,w111 case, and said another case, Charles Weltner's refusal to on to Montego Bay for the civil rights summit conference.
enjoy every comfort and share .would have to precede the for re-election to Congresson other half of their vacation.His MERGER Phones Elfin 5559798
every blessing this democracycan Powell trial. the same ticket as Lester hopes for joying a"pure NEWARK, N.J<- (NPI-Two of the oldes Episcopal congregations -

offer The justice said,however,that Maddox, the segregationist Democratic vacation" went awry as he con- In the city-Trinity with 250 parishioners, most of ]
Like any other powerful leader "The matter Is going to be tried candidate for tinued here much the same kind Negroes-voted last week to merge under the name of the PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER
Rep. Powell was using his set- period." Governor of Georgia was hailed of schedule which is his daily 156-year-old Triilty church and ase the sme church bllding. The ,

back In being trimmed by his..''Kepf Powell could be'Jailed up by the NAACP, as, "act of lot on the Job In New York C iry- merger this forms what is beli4/i1 t la: be the largest pre AND .TELEPHONE BILLS ,M OUR 'STORE''
von lIIittef'as an opportunity to to 30 days on comtempt charges.The political courage with few conferences with officials and' dominantly Negro Episcopalian congregation in the nation. ':: ,,'
win sympathy and Ju'4se more Harlem Congressman was parallels in our history." other Individuals, and being Interviewed -

effective battle tactics. In for more trouble as a House John A. Morsell, NAACP assistant by newspaper and
The Harlem laal. said thecommlttee's
subcommitte investigating Rep. executive director, said radio reporters.
curb on his powers Powell's accounts announcedthat that the Atlanta Congressman,
was a personal "victory" be- an audit was underway. one of the few Southern members Chicago's NAACP
cause he himself had "takenthe
The inquiry, however, is not to vote for civil rights
initiative in committee re- likely to be finished before Con
form." legislation "has given a shot Leader ReturnsTo
gress adjourns, and c't&nces of In the arm to believers in
He promised to lead a campaign a censure action Powell
against principle over expediency by
to "end the monolothic
control of chairmen" over appear renouncing his candidacy for
re-election rather than run on \
House committees when Congress ---- )- The Rev.
the same ticket with the axe-
reconvenes in January.The handle candidate for Governorof Carl Fuqua, executive director, THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE.
changes In the rules of Georgia local NAACP branch, has resigned -
his committee represanted FIGHT "We the post, effective Dec.
predict, Mr. Morsell
"the beginning of the end" for MULTIPLESCLEROSIS' added, "that he will return in 31, to return to the ministry as
the traditional dominance of I triumph! to political life and pastor of St. Peter's AME FRESH PORKROAST
House committees" next year. that he will soon resume his Church, Minneapolis, Minn.
The Congressman, ran,11',ille great crippler fine service to the nation" Rev. Fuqua explained that he
was s. ,,Ung to unite Democratic of young adults had long wanted to return to the
--- ministry and had only intendedto
remain NAACP -secretary"for 39o

a year or two" when he LB.
accepted the post in 1959. The
local NAACP branch is to meet
shortly to apoint his successor SMALL BAR-B-QUE SIZE


Take along the"takealong" RESERVE A PLACE SPARE RIBS 49cCLOROX


Reg. Tues. and Frl. 7 to 10 p.m.

of -Fall Classes Filled-

I A pint of Schenley Reserve goes CLASS
wherever Packs Pours
you go. easily.) CLASS V2 GAL.

-a 1'e the smoothest whisky anywhere. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT $5.00 FOOD ORDER

Take along the "take-along" CLASS* GUITAR-KANO-BAND-4N.

size of Schenley Reserve-just for STRUMENT j i
the fun of it. m.llMOfO .fr Bolden's College of Music.

1816 W. 20th Street I
Registrar 356-6465 SHORTENING


wY Help! Help! Help!

4 Rev. Roosevelt Macon, 6a Franklin 01 u.s. GOOD SHOULDER ROAST u. 69t

Divine, Spiritual, Healer, U.S. #1 POTATOES 1o.["' BAG 45
ehenley + Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of

Macon, Georgia.

ar Divine is truly Spiritual giving blessings Healer Jesus and BANQUET FROZEN MEAT PIES CHICKEN, TURKEY, BEEF EACH 15Z

victory to many people's prob-

I YOURS.have a special See or write message me every today. BLUE BIRD FRESH ORANGE JUICE qT 29

one's in need for.

Last week many, many people
were helped by my special!
selected Bible readln g to be
read each weekend. If you want
to be delivered quickly send PILLSBURY FLOUR 5 us. SSt

i $1.00 and self-addressed

I envelope Franklin, to 630 Rev.Morrow Roosevelt Ave., GOLD CREST FREESTONE PEACHES awS i9G'

Macon, Georgia. Phone

You will get these special FLUE PLATE PEANUT BUTTER -2'
WNUHEt' ,M WOOF,s S%6U( !"MUTML(PMIT1OICHENUY OUTIILOJ CO,,N T c. selections and Bible verses by 1Z.01.UI

.reb.D mail

', I \ .

_ --T--- : : wJ



1 } : ., .' "'i 21y+ dt'" I ,nwoAy

ltL't'i.JIl.! ..:&:; __ ... 'a __ __ .u- ,- ...--=... ,, ::: FArtists' -" .-:=:"""""

Dr. Aaron Henry Is KeynoterFor Autumn Centerpiece

NAACP Conference Moon Over Miami Circle

LOUISVILLE, Ky.Dr.. According to State Conferenc:e MIAMI BEACH, FLA.-Night club, theatrical, musical and CON EST OPPORTUNITIES
Aaron E. Henry, state president President, Rev. W. J. Hodgt t, sporty tractions are the headline feature of a Miami Beach Contests have become stepping stones to a professional career

of the Mississippi Conference Kentucky's Senator John Sher- vacation, but Just as important to may visitors is the wealth in music For the young musician it means opportuntity,

of Branches, will be the keynote man Cooper Is expected t to: of interest provided by this unique geographical area. the open door to performances with orchestra or the chance to

speaker at tile Kentucky State; address delegates FairchlkT
Conference of Branches, Oct. 25 chapters on the subject (& west to the coral reefs on tiu 9 Garden, visited by the fifth biennial Rudolph Ganz Midwest Award for Pianists.

14-18,111 Lancaster, Ky. "The Importance of You r east, the vacationer with tlu* most sightseeing bus, contains the Application deadline is March 1, 1967, and finals will be

At the Freedom Fund Banquet, Vote." time to become acquainted will 1 extensive palm collection held next summer at Grant Park, Chicago. It carries a cash
In the Western
Darryl Owens first Assistant ------ Hemisphere, along and with the Grant Park Milwaukee
Negro this may-faceted world runs ttuk with prize of $1,000 appearances ,
Attorney General Marcus, Garvey, famous m: risk of contracting a virulenl I c| shrubs and fmany vines other frees, and Chatauqua Symphony orchestras. Pianists who have studied

of Kentucky and a member of NatIonalist of the 20s, and or'. hobby fever. throughout the tropical collected a, In foe midwest and are between the ages of 18 and 31 are eli
the Louisville NAACP executive A AA Ac
pnlzer of the Universal Negr'0 Many all-winter residents 1 Visitors view gible.
board and Tn State NAACP may elaborate The fifth Dimltrlfltropoulosi International Music competition -
% Improvement Association, wa is know this well, and are de' of
Field Director e display living fish, including of 20 and 33 will be held
1887Austlne lighted. It may be sldn- v1nM' of the for conductors between the ages ,
will be theprlnclpalspeakers.bornto bird watching,photography,Just: at many the Seaquarlum reef without dwellers, In New York Jan. 9-23. First prize includes $5,000 and the
plain fishing, sheUcoUectingorwhathaveyou. getting Mitropoulos gold medal. The four award winners will also con
on water. The
La mar Or perhaps it casual visitor usually is most duct a gala concert with the New York Philharmonic, Jan. 23,

is a combination of two or more. Impressed with the and are eligible for appointment as assistant conductors of that

I For the visitor with only a week show, and these porpoise marine orchestra and the National Symphony, Washington, D.C. Appli-

fashion patter 1 or two of hliday, it is suggestedthe mammals with the high I.Q. cation deadline is Dec. L
easiest way to obtain quick Indeed A competition for new chamber works by American composers
fascinating.For .
but all-inclusive view to the under 40 years of age is being sponsored the Carnegie Hall-

'glades back country and the a to more the underwater personal world introduction Jeunesses Muslcales. First prize $1,000. The winning composition

offshore "front country" is by will then be submitted to the international contestof
it is suggested one don facemask
sightseeing bus and boat or by the Federation Internationale des Juenesses Musicales,which.
snorkel and fills and
automobile.One carries a $5,750 first prize and a guarantee of 500 perfor-
might well start right in a bit of skit diving. Instruction mances. Entries are due by Dec. 29.

f r.t Miami Beach at the city's Gar. in scuba diving as well as rental An opportunity to sing with the New York City Opera for one

y den Cent r. Here is a display equipment make underwater or two season engagements is being offered by the Maria de

of tropical rain forest plants exploration easy. For some Varady award. Young professional singer between the ages of

that will thrill the apartment thing new and different, thl.lis 18 and 30 are eligible. Applications are due Oct. 5.
A lovely and smiling hostess checks her
gardener, for many species are recpmmened. Japan is offering vocal operatic opportunity for female
adaptabe to indoor culture. Of Most Florida sightseeing can table setting and admires the beautiful singers of experience for the first "Madame Butterfly"

primary Interest to the house be developed into an all-year Lava Lite ""Decorator"' model which is competition which will be held in Tokyo next March. There

horticulturist are the brome- source of pleasure. Camerascan being used as a centerpiece. Recently are no age limitations and Puccini's opera of the same name

liads, orchids and species record everthlng seen, including introduced by the Lava Corporation this is the contest materiaL Further information may be obtained
related to the Afrlcal violet the reef gardens. Manyof from the ministry of education and foreign affairs, Tokyo.
and the gesnarlads. the exotic plants can be grown exclusive new Lava Lite is easily trans- WGN-tllinois Opera guild auditions of the Air are now accepting

A more complete collection of in the living room. Even the formed Into a striking table accessory to applications to the ninth annual vocal opera contest.

Orchldaceae may be viewed at gaudily colored tropical marine suit occasion season or theme Vocalists between the ages of 20 and 35 are eligible to compete .
any party
/ the Orchid Jungle, one of several fish can be maintained in ahome in the nation-wide competition that carries first and second
commercial showplaces on aquarium. One doesn't learn reflecting the individuality and Imagi- prizes of $1,500 and $1,000. The deadline is Oct. 15.

the mainland. It maybe reached overnight, but stily and experience nation of the hostess. DOLLAR PACTRENONevNPIupercharged

In an hour's driving, and might : will produce the knowiiv' : (NPI Photo) entertainer Sammy Davis
well be a stop ; :t eves: be more
on an all-day might
Jr., reportedly has signed a $1 million contract with William
trip to the Eeverglades National than television!
Harrah, operator of casinos at Reno and Lake Tahoe (N.Y.).
Park, the entrance to whichis
-- NewsFAMU Although details were not immediately disclosed, Davis was
about 50 miles south and west Campus
of Miami Beach. YourMusical naturallY.elated about the contract, saying: "Harrah made the
otter..Amilllon dollars represents security"
The park, to which there now

is an admission charge, is a Ear
1,500,000-acre preserve of the TALLAHASSEE, FLA.- Anthony F. Foster, a senior biology

flora and fauna of this sub- major at Florida A&M University, served as a Peace Corps I
who hal ,
'* tropic area and a favorite vist- hear Anyone music. Intern in the Career Information Service Department, f11l1t 'il..OP 1YtWK1R!<

,\ 4F log place of bird watchers and The key to overcoming what u Washington, D.C:, from July 5 through September 3. He assumed df
t'y N l) fishermen. mistakenly: referred to ai "tone leadership in directing a study project consisting graph
Several commercial attractions deafrieii," i* concentrated liitening*' and data on Post-Peace CbrjSs interests for Returned Volunteers .

d '! notably the Parrot Jungle adviici'Mildred Alexander, organistand which was used at e Recruiter's Conference recently Foster <

/ and Tropical Paradise, feature educational consultant to Hammond was one of 34 interns from colleges and universities throughout
birds, primarily those of the Organ Company.. the nation.
MAd parrot family, in a natural set "If you really want to enrich His experience included attendance at programs and meetings

Both have regular showsof your life with more music, listen held at foreign embassies, the Pentagon and other government
ting. .
it the radio hi ft, television,
to on ,
offices as well ,
as Vice-President
trained birds and both display meeting Hubert Humphrey,
at concern, with your can, your ;
well lavish Robert Kennedy and other prominent
alligators as as mind, and your heart. Best of all ficials. government of

No. R.239 landscaping. learn to play a simple musical instrument
like a home organ. Anthony is the son of Dr. and Mrs. William P. Foster of Pr /lo
Sixes '12-20 Florida A&M University. d J
-- --
BIAS band !sheath the slim line casual for many occasions. BEACH i*?
Tle6: A''>
: .:::::
one especially designed for plaids Bodice with all in-one HeadTo
and skirt are cut on straight grain; bias cut for the side drape ,
collar and buttoned bands For woolens, cottons and blends. i mfJnJ Discuss
Price $1. -' K-239 i is available in sizes 12. 14, 16, 18, 21 0.

Size 14 taken 3 yards of it Inch fabric Standard body measuninents e.

for sue 14 arc: Must 34 Waist 26 Hips 38 BEACH, FLA.- Canals rJt --. m-"Jr 1lj DesegregationCIDCAGONPIWhitney J

dug by Indians still may be M.

Send One Dollar. tor puttiin plus 5: cents lor postage, in castor h traced in the Everglades west Young, Jr., national executive

cluck No Stamp", For lustlass I mailing send 15 cents extra and south of Miami Beach.They director of the Urban League,

. Add Ono Dollar. it ton wish i NEW Al SllNE! LA MAR PATTER J are believed to pre-date 1500 will discuss "Desegragation"

HOOK #,3 complete selection of High Fashion designs, includin] and were quite shallow, as they i\ and its Impact on urban affairson c u ,

our bcst-M-lleis honi! #1 and #2. Send to AUSTINE LA MAl S. were used by canoes, the only Sunday, Oct. 30, as one of a w
mode of transportation before C/CLl/L series of discussions the ,rq% I
Fashion I'atti-rn, (mime of our newspaper), Box 1615, G.P.O." on No

New fork, N. Y. ICKMll)()L Print \our lull name, address, Fatten i II the' arrival.of***the****Spaniards* problems of the nations cities
Number and Size By LOUISE P. DUMETZ over local radio stations WAIT '

building In the Miami Beach Other
"Paradise Lost" has been found south of the border. Billedas prominent speakers in
area, as might be expected, is the series of six programs will HARD KNOCKS'THINKS UP ANOTHER COURSE /
the largest resort of its kind in the world, it is a vacation
a Spanish monastery. However, be Daniel P. director
WAME it was built In Spain and brought Utopia, with a hotel, 160 bungalows, 3,000 dressing rooms, Joint Center Moynihan for Urban, Studies, CGi sv .vrf{ FEgrvC E---
cafeteria sherbert shops roads basketball and Volley-ball
stone onlya ,
to America stone by Harvard University; and Donald
courts as well as umpteen sports facilities.
few years ago. It is usai is a Zoll, /associate professor of
These facilities, all supplied by the Mexican Social Security
tourist attraction. political science Kansas State
institute, go by the name of "Happiness Haven." Built at a ,
College. Moynlhan will discuss
--- cost of $16 million, it is maintained by 300 employes. The "The Negro Family"
architecture is Mexican rancho style, and the furniture is

DIAL1260 .r Spanish colonial.
The Prowler.Howler Can you Imagine 300,000 square yards of gardens--a real

Shangri La? Fourteen swimming pools are available, supplied TO GET A GOOD JOB
Will scare burglarsaway by huge cool water radioactive mineral springs. Large GET A GOOD EDUCATION

plastic saucer-like domes cove the pools.

FLORIDA'SBC Oily $$4.00 Guess who is eligible for a weekend stay nor longer? Anyone

Sold exclusively by who is a Mexican citlren. Those holding social security '
cards receive a substantial discount
Exchange Clubs Let's protest. Why can't our own social security society 41p' :\.J 1If

crime prevention com- take a leaflet out of the Mexican book? With a decrease in ,

mittee as a community working hours and an increase in leisure time, this could -

service. prove invaluable. the SHORTY $35.
A worker could retire to a social security resort and go a STYLE *6&5

Contact Robert 0. Bell through a complete rejuvenation program. When the vacation MEDALO rompl.le III...".'." Csl.log.1
A #I period ended, be would return to his Job, filled with vigor anda per-d.IO H.I. i.a-'fond. eaMQ." :

t ; 1 1RHYTHM 6089 SW 38th Street go al toward which to work-.more fun in the sun, or snow add,:....ltit"' ,: .-R B'upo'
several months hence ""Ci... -" "*.. .1''. .
ftaalthy Normal Hair G.IIM.dal Nelr ""* *Ina
Miami 55, Fla. There are certainly ideal areas In the United States with CROWS Maturally from the HAIR MOOTS Deat. Si S. Bklrn :35, N.Y.
perfect climes, but why should we be content with only one? In YOUR SCALP. The cendltioa atYour

Phone 667-9917 Why not have two--one in the sun, the other in the snow in the hair natural olun dapenda health (heavily jrour COMB .

This assuredly should appeal to everyone's fancy ;Not Inventedmeditated Yeare ago DOCTOR CAR-tar AWAY

----- formula : rwlt..C N r ,
which la GRAY
... beneficial., Injrtdknta many, lAR.80NO& : .
&' la ouch a strong, power WITH l
& BLUES tot ntlacptlv and does such find .I
BUMPY. DANDRUFF ..,.Ip thai 'COLOR oj. J
IgllpWMRM many DOCTORS ,
ITtIM and: ,. .r.frd.b: many COM I
reaIp ....lIblc..* Man' annoying '..USH' !
Call The MIAMI STAR Photographer, .KUrnally caud scalp conduUona
see frntly relieved by the 'fM"rxxroJa I I
uaa O( this Trlpl atrcncth tar I
RADIO ::;:.a
STATION formula thus DOCTOR a
To Cover Your Church Events Teas Banquets. Weddings KwrttJt FORMULA ( iT l lpw.
!, It win be sent to you all '" I
t flU.... and ready to a... usa IT tu.t ...b end .bru.h le add .. .
!rOil 1 DAYS and If you arc Stet tan.. w..h.s out. Wilt net rub off.
.. Fraternal Meeting Social Events Birthday Parties ...Udl.0'" money back. Pay NOT A DYE.E..I.".quicken. war i
ludea Mig UJf...on, hl's: ; to HA1" iDDDEN rolw iradudlr DYED AVOIDS LOOK.
"WHAMMYIN pM/more. You ftt It with ......
FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Nights lrectlant. Vte the flnnt MXDI full Bru.h.Ita.h.dlotr.wo.le.coloring. ."".'' .. I'',. rubMnc
Spotlight ProductOf CATER' SCALP FORMULA your elf Cam. In PU.tle Ca.,. CM
"money can buy. Your hair and be ....1.4 In poek.t or ......
deeerve fine Com*. In all ah......, ...
care Suit send 81. le
Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event The Week elf name and add.... to-.COLD PiaU..... Blu. ,
HAW PRODUCTS INC. ju.t write, eiete ....., par only
>>-pt. at 2 ado od Bar. 11.91 en dllv.r* plus poelaae.Mon.y .

MIAMI" NOTE : You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook Miami, Florida Brooklyn FOkMOLA.3S..HY.caw... a NOTE 100% THIS ml G" .b.ek M.4.1 If Heir not dellf Preducta ht.d., I....
.. ..
HI PMney ba .uaru. D., Jl, Brooklyn 73. New Y.rkSTAR

( -

.. .. .


"" "" U H

1- ComMission BUMS Job WORLD OF BOOKSBy Help For PediatricsA U.S. Should Lead A Shill. every parent Tips knowi.the Fir Teens teeD

LOUISE P. DUMETZ age period In a youngster life IB
atioI! Against Whites AMERICAN NEGRO SHORT i It Fair Hiring Plan 'extremely I Important in the development "
STORIES, Edtted by John of habits that very likely
will rule hU adult life.
FFERSON CITY Mo.-PI ition In banks located In the 30 Henrlk Clarke, 355 pp. Published I BIRMINGHAM, Ala. "The While tome of the habits par
dlscrlminatlon against per cent Jewish city, they noted by Hill and Wang, New I Federal government could pro- ents see developing during these
iltes in the form of "Negroes that "the situation as regards York. $5.95. w vide a working example to state years may cause them to despair,
ty" advertisements has been should be the authorities say that good study
Loud praises i and local employers methods
Negroes and Puerto Ricans Is r rs
and dur
habits practiced
tuck down bY the Missouri John Henrlck
lot of editor for eliminating discrimination,
even wors3. the school will Improvethe
I ing years
bmmlsslon on Human Rights Howard C. Lockwood, man- Clarke for this swinging collection and at the same time make information students efficiency throughout '
eter C. Robertson, commls- power and managmentde- of Negro lore. All of the : available for Implementing his life no matter what voca
director reported theIstactory velopment specialist, Lockheed favorites are included among I affirmative action lion he may pursue.
closing of themissslon's the 31 Negrp authors.There are I Experts at Tangley Oaks Educational
Aircraft programs.
said his
) Center In Lake Bluff 1111
first case in Baldwin Arn Bontemps
James Dr. John W. Nixon, president,
firm has begun developing tests note suggest !some simple rules
jtich an employer was direct- Frank London Brown, Chester NAACP State Confer-
"to make sure that we are not that will help develop good study
discriminating against screening out of Jobs workers HImes, Zora Neale. Hurston, ence, made this point at a habits:
iltes.he Richard Wright and Frank recent Equal Employment Opportunity I. The student should have a definite
who could do those Jobs but whodon't
case Involved a St. Louis Yerby-to mention a few. Conference attendedby place, a desk or a table to
ployer who sent a job request pass Irrelevant tests. An additional reason for buying Alabama executives and do the work. The chair should bea
"the tests now must relateto
1 the state employment service this excellent collection is the managers.He straight a lounging
the success of the worker chair
"Negroes only" for a part- on the Job and not to his a- conies ..istory of Negro writing I also said that the "econo- :2. All the necessary tools shouldbe
r position. After the law in America which Clarke uses mic insecurity" of the close at hand, because Its hard
bilitles in some other area of
the introduce the book.He traces to concentrate If have to get
i explained, employer a- Interest to to American Negro "has ceasedto you
a personnel 1
to drop the d1s- the gradual acceptance of the be a problem, and Is now a up and hunt for each tool as you
manager. need It One of the best "tools
imlnatory provision and hire Negro writer as a first-class crisis."
and the most Important singleresource
ut regard to race. creative talent.He also includes He warned the group that of home study Is the
bertson noted that "the big- Police Reject. biographical date on each "unless some measure of hope encyclopedia. It should be the
st battle which our writer. can be substituted for hopelessness core around which Is built work
mission faces in enforcinglaw There are warmth humor 1 Alabama, like the rest of able and enjoyable personal
and obtaining voluntary NAACP Bid tragedy and sadness in these this great nation, will continueto library.
npllance Is that many em- plums of American Negro lit- undergo racial tension. ------
yers tend to think of certain For Brutality Tall I erature-and they provide an "Employers need to go to the THE NAME'S THE SAMEThe
i as 'women Jobs' 'men's ( Insight Into the life, thinking Negro communities to let them
'Negro Jobs,' or 'white NEW YORK The leadersof and aspirations of Negro Amer know that thebarrlersof segregation most common surname
s.! two organiza- icans. grant to support the scientific programs of the Pediatric Section of the National Medical have been removed," he in the English-speaking worldis
"The employer who specified tions havedeclfhedto policemen's participate ....... Association is presented from the Wyeth Fund for Postgraduate Medical Education. WalterA. concluded. Smith. There are an estimated -
L rely Negroes for one position In a panel discussion on THE MUSLIM WORLDON THE Combs M. D., of Washington, D. C., Pediatric Section chairman for the NMA, receivesthe 1,290,000 Smiths In.
EVE OF EUROPE'S EXPAN check from Wllbert F. representative of Wyeth Laboratories, Philadelphia ----
|.aaJ well have been thinking of "Police Brutality" at the New the U.S. alone!
i that position as 'Negro post York State NAACP Conference SION. Editedby John.1.Sauders pharmaceutical manufacturer, during the NMA annual convention at the Pick-Congress Hotel,
ilion' and of other positions in Oct. 21-33. 160 pp. Published by Prentice- Chicago, Illinois Leo H. Schultenover, executive from Wyeth headquarters In Radnor Pa., [

ibis establishment as 'white' Dr. Eugene T. Reed' State Hall, New York, $4,95. assists in the presentation. Royal Art Studio
[po t1ons. conference president, said that When Renaissance Europe
1IOU we are to reach the goal Alphonse J. Sgaglione of Bald- captured the Intellectual leadership Former CORE LeaderAt
10f t i equal opportunity, It Is Just win, president of the New York of the world form the '
.as Important to end these State Police Conference, mighty Islamic culture, an era I Since You Asked MeDEAR Lincoln STILL TAKING
v."Negro Jobs as it Is to end the refused s, invitation in a lettei ended for some of the most UniversityNEW
5' white' Jobs. Similarly it Is which said, "We feel the term' splendid heroes Li all of his- YORK (NPIAlthough
j important that employers cease 'police brutality' is an exaggeration tory. LONNIE: How many pairs of pants do you have he is now a professor at Lincoln *
| thinking of certain Jobs as being and there is no point Saunders describes the feats to wear to school? The ones I had from last year are all (Pa.) University James INSTANTPICTURES
for men only. and for women in a discussion of the subject of these heroes with deft au- too small and my dad says he is going to buy me Just two Farmer, former national director -
Uly."We. between our group and the thenticity. Having collected the pairs because that't all I need. I think I should have a of the Congress of Racial
__ hope that all employers NAACP." written words of explore pair to change to for every day In the week, but he says Equality (CORE) is maintaining .
,;,will come to look upon the labor No reply at all was received travelers,.... that even he doesn't have that many. What should I do? his interest in civil rights affairs -
\Market as one large pool of indtlriduals from John C. Cassesse presi- Icholari'torm' the 16th to the it was learned. Farmeris
whom they can drawiea dent of the New York City 20th centuries, he asserts that IvyI the first professor of Social :
to fill their needs and that Patrolmen's Benevolent Asso- nothing could have stopped the Welfare at Lincoln.
wen-Irrelevant and illegal facI ciation.Dr. three great Muslim empires except HAVE THREE PAIRS. One pair goes with a Jacket Discussing his continuing
I tors as race and sex will not be Reed said the two police their own internal that I wear on occasions when I don't want to look tob interest in the rights fight, NOW LOATED AT
i considered." leaders had been Invited ia weakness.He casual. The other two I alternate with sport shirts and Farmer said he still expectsto
Meanwhile New YorkCitywas hopes of establishing a Joint reveals how the stagnant sweaters and stuff. It's a lot of trouble keeping them clean find "time for reflection
I urged by two councilmen to require pollce-NAACP study of brutality decay in Muslim culture resulted and pressed, but if you're going to be Ivy, you have to go on the civil rights movementin 710 RUSHING ST.
[ that city funds be dposited in thir downfall. He to a little trouble. the United States," and
[only in those banks and trust In a recent meeting, 16 branches pictures vividly the vast, intensely ********** added that he won't lead a
[companies that do not discriminate of the NAACP in New York. religious and mighty If you want to ask a question send it to "Since You Asked "cloistered existence." SAME PHONE 3541894
J in their hiring City voted to conduct a full- Islamic world Pinpointing Me," c/o Negro Press International, 5708 South State Street He is also continuing to live -
[policies. scale campaign in support of their religious schisms, the Chicago DL, 60621.In in New York City.
(Charging that few Jews were the civilian-controlled police bitter quarrels between Turkeyand -
[employed in managerall pos- review board. Persia the 40-year suspension --------- ,. '

.eeeeee. I offensive, and of Vienna's the Turkish repulseto 1778, more than 700 Negroes I 'f :, I
.: I"" ** NOTICE 1 the Turkish siege of that served under General George r II.. ".r .I 1
,.Tbis publication will not be responsible city In 1529. Washington "' :
1 of photos :sent ,or broufeht '"
7 ''t' the return '
to pur-offipes for publication Where V, ;
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HIGH SCHOOL ORIOOERS FACE SAFER SEASON 1967 NBC-Television Colorcast Sport. NotesWhat I

I"IO 1920-1950 TODAY ,
Speed Weeks -- _. -
does the talkative pass celebration. Everyone celebrates -
interception leader of the AFL differently after a game.
Opens Feb.3 say to one of the league's top>> 1 celebrate during the game by

l pass receivers after the latter throwing the ball away"
Daytona Beach Fla.-A 300- ********
has had a particularly frust-
mile race for touring cars, the r rating day? Speaking of defenders Butch
F first In a seirles to decide the Well Johnny Sample of the Byrd of the Buffalo Bills had

i6.J SCCA Manufacturers' championship New York Jets told the Houston a great comeback when he was
will open the 1967 j r Oilers Charley Hennlgan: told that be was likened to

Speedway on Friday, Feb. 3. r.f4 "They're afraid to throw the Willie Mays In the way he nOllchalanUy'

II I Named the Dayton Trans-A aI + t+ ball to you-because they know camps under a ball.

merican the 79-lap battle over I'll catch it." Sample leads the Butch pointed out one dif
SOFT LEATHER HELMET .HELMETS MORE KIG1D; PLASTIC HELMET, FULL I the 3.81 mile trackroad AFL with four interceptions. ference. "Willie doesn't get his
TEETH A MANDATORY USE ing curtain-raiser for the "
Broncos catch
Denver a
$0UIlC11 THe XlMMil COL. DIKE AY/S/PV MOST TOOTH MMAGE Eg .. guard John Gonzago began
at 3:00
which starts on
p.m. 'pro' football career... Keith Lincoln of the San Diego
Parents especially mothers who are concerned about the dangers Saturday, Feb 4. s In 1954, four years out of high Chargers is called "Abe" by
inherent In contact sports now that schools are re-opened can now The Daytona TransAmericanIs yls school and without benefit of his teammates. Sid Gilman,, at
I be sure that their child's teeth at least can be safe from all damage open to sedans of Croups 1 I collegiate grid experience, a recent lunchoen, said, "a
Two developments have made this possible: and 2. Those in Croup 1 are
school buddies told hundred years ago, thj country
1. A ruling adopted. few years ago by the National Alliance Football some high
two liters with a maximum -
over that they needed President Abe, and now
Rules Committee m king It man the 250-pound Conzaga
datory that all hlgW school football was shown since mouth protec of Ive liters, or 305 had an extra uniform for a siml- the San Diego Charger also
players wear/ a protective tors came Into common use New cubic Inches displacement. V pro game. Would he like to make need 'Abe," referring to fullback -
mouthpiece Jersey reports an 80 per cent decrease Those in Group 2 are under $25? Lincoln,
2. Creation of la lightweight I two liters. -' '
dental vinyl mou&guard by the : He would, he did,and he earnedit.
Bike Division of the Kendall Th'e American Dental Assocla The Trans-American series : In his first game in tour'years Grumbling Gets
Company, a guard which can be t Ion. commenting editorially was Inaugurated by the SCCA John played six positions
through Its journal, states that tnis and after seven races .
custom fitted by the athlete him. year, and scored a touchdown when he
self In minutes The cost Is very substantially more than one mil over tracks in various sections 19YearOldTrack
t. stole the ball from the quarter-
low one popular model at less lion mouthpieces are in regularuse of the country, Ford won the 4 _
than a dollar In high school and college back on a pass rush.
1 In the past parents fears were football and advocates their use over two liter with its Mustang Y- ****.*** ProspectGRAMBLING
Indeed justified More than half In all contact sports. and Italy's Alfa Romeo was Mike Garrett, the Kansas City
of all the Injuries on thte gridironwere The new mouthguard is amazingly winner in the smaller class. ,,. Chiefs sensational rookie and La.NPIKenneth -
in the area of the mouth simple for a boy to use He Cars expected to battle for I last year's Heisman Trophy Gibson, he new track
with teeth of course most fre. It In hot fora manufacturers' in the
simply places water points '
winner from USC, has a coach at Grambllng College,
quently knocked out or broken few '
moments places it In class
larger more powerful
Remarkable great deal about his size-or) Impulsively grabbed every handin
progress In the his mouth forming It around his
light by coaches dentists and teeth. The mouthguard quickly are Mustang, Dodge Dart, Ply- P" 1 possible lack of it. The chuncky shaking distance after sensational
school officials against mouth and mouth Barracuda, Mercury fit carries 200 Kirk
hardens Into an exact-fitting pro youngster, who sprinter Clayton
tooth damage Is reflected in figures tection for the athlete's teeth Cougar, and Chevrolet Camara. pounds on his 5-9 frame, admitted enrolled for the 1966-67 session -
of state high school athletic Lightweight and transparent it TIle Daytona TransAmericanwill he had some concern .
associations. In New York a M soon feels natural he It
so wears
percent reduction of such Injuries regularly without discomfort. carry a purse of $10,000, also. "1 neve r considered Clayton, 19-year old native of
and will have a 1:00: p.m. starton pn myself a small man.I wondered Baton Rouge, Is co-bolder of
Cleveland Wilk Williams Manager Friday, Feb. 3. ; if I could stand being hit by the the high school world's recordfor
I To clear the way *jr the Daylong : t '-:_ big man, take his punishment. the 100-yard dash. He has
Says He Will Beat ClayHugh Trans-American the ; ___ ___ Now I'm sure 1 can." been clocked officially in 9.4

Eenbow, Texas oil mil registration, medical and ******* and unofficially la 9.3 He is a

lionaire who is main.;;. of interviewed: colorful Benbow technical inspection and prac- Sherrlll Headrick, the Kansas graduate of Sctoland/lUe High
heavyweight' boxer Cleveland at his Texas ranch and training tice schedule for the Daytona : City Chiefs middle linbacker School.
camp for Williams not too far 24 Hour Continental has been best In the AFL with
Williams, says !his fighter will who is on of the Labeled a great prospect
knock out champion Cassius from the Houston Astrodome moved forward on full day. t is lighter this year than he was fantastic potential, Clayton
Clay when the two meet in Benbw tells Cunningham that'it Registration will begin at the in 1965. How come? "I played made his last-minute decisionto
Williams ("The Bin Cat") 29 LOST IN THE WOODS--Danlel Boone ( Fess Parker ) rescures lost
Houston on Nov. 14. Speediy on Sunday, Jan. a quite a bite of golf during the attend Grambllng after turn-
Benbow made this statement ever connects on Clay, instead of Monet'.)', Jin. 30. girl Onatha ( Lila Perry) the daughter of escaping slaves, from off-season. After I'dh.tt the ball, Ing down scholarship offers

in a filmed intervidw with liams champion will will win go down knockout.and WU- Cars running in the Daytona drowning, then seeks to reunite her with her parents while eludinga I'd run to It. That way, I could from prestigious track powers
Paul Cun- by a Trans-American will be eUg- in lot of running." like Arizona State Illinois
"Today" Reporter ( get a ;
ningham Monday, Oct lOdurl ig Manager Benbow also says that ible to compete in the Daytona paIr of slave hunters in the "Onatfia" colorcast of NBC ******* Southern Illinois University
the wound his fighter received 24 Hour Continental which is Television Network's' ""Daniel Boone"" series Thursday Nov. 3.
the 8:30: a.m. (NYT) segment of Kenny Graham is expensive Michigan State.
the "Today" show on the NBC from a ,38-caliber slug fired open to sports, sports proto- player for the San Diego Clayton was considered such a
Tejevsion Network. into him by a Texas law enforcement type, Grand Toning, and THE leave Chargers.-but Ifs an expense "hot prospect" in major track
Cunningham, who covers officer some time Touring cars. MAJOR OPTIONSFOR Richard Petty they don't mind. Graham is the circles that small-college rivals -
will not interfere with his 4 ocktail party can hardly. Cathylic ,
breaking news stories and features ago Chargers fine defensive back Gram!>l1ne and Southern
--- jj Digest-October.
for the "Today" show, predicted victory. ENLISTING Seen As WinnerOf who teams up with Speedy Dun- University were given only outside -
can to give Sid Gilman a pairof chances In the highly competitive
Someone You know thinking defenders.Graham theatrics.
top-flight recrutlng
j Area ot enlisting in the armed services National 500 .Ukes to intercept passes and run Olympic gold medal winner

? The Catholic Digest examines 'em back for touchdowns. He's Richard Stebbins, a member of

Servicemen the major options. Daytona Beach, Fla.-Always already done It once this year. the 1964 U. 400-meter relay

The Army accepts enlistments the man to beat, Richard Pettyof But when he toes,Kenny throws team, did an excellent job of

for three four five, or six yean. Randleman N.C., has'been' the, ball Into the stands.He exi>< 1<,,selling the youngster on Gram-
: HOMESTEAD, Fla. Airman Young men 17 to 34 are eli made favorite to win the Nat-", plains thuslyt "Ifs Just a little bing.

First Class Clement. D. Jaf-, gible. ? 'tjKi-UuS: lanai,50Q' ,at .,Charlotte Motor'SpeedWiy .;. _,, .-
"" qq'
MAYTAGTHE fers Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. The Navy takes men ,11 to 'pn Suhday''bct.16' "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"
Clement D. Jeffers Sr. of 645., 30 for three four, or six yean. by the Pure Oil Racing Panelof

Odessa St., Jacksonville, Fla., Air Force: 17.28 for four Experts.
and his 43 R. S. EVANS
has been named Outstanding years Petty No. Plymouth
Airman in his unit at Home- Marine Corps: 17.28 for three, were given 23 of the 63 ballots
stead AFB, Fla. four or six .cast, and estimates of his win-
DEPENDABLE WRINGER-WASHER Airman Jeffers, an air policeman Coast Guard: 17-26 for four ning speed ranged from 14 .250 3rd & MAIN

was selected for his years m.p.h.only( five miles slower 64 T BIRD . . "$2695ra.tr
I exemplary conduct and con- than the qualifying mark EQUIPPED AJH CONDITIONED' : MI IT ICE TO APPNC.

duct performance. He is a Richard set in 1964)) to a slow 65 BARRACUDA V-8 .$1995
member of the Strategic Air RUSES OF ADVERSITYA l1 .OOO m.p.h. POwIRTIItUNO
P 't ( 5fA lOANANB 1If
Second place in the ballotingwas 63 c $1893
Command which keeps the free BEARDNIK raced to the
famous Maytag quality- world's mightiest missile and psychiatrist at his army physicaland taken by Fred Lorenzen and 65 Wmjfflmr:; $2395
Jet bomber force ready to counter his Ford with 11 first place HARDTOP IO\DED, LIES NEW' *m65 -
1 pleaded "Take me right votes. MUSTANG 2+2 .$2095
the enemy threat. row! Forget about basic train. V*. A HEAL BtAOTY
costs less to own. The airman is a graduate of ing. Just give me a rifle. Send TwelfL'1er driver were 65 PLY. FURV III 2-DR. H'TOP$2395
given a chance by the Nationwide AM common
New Stanton Senior High School
me to the front. I am power Panel to win the rich PONTIAC CATALINA. . $1695
worth when His wife, Bettye, is the daughter and strength. I am the conqueror xE owx H New PAa TIeE vra oro sceza
more of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac !" race. 61 FORD STATION WAGON : ,;793651J1C1LCT
of 2228 Westmont St. Paul Goldsmith, winner of a
m. Spivey Jacksonville.SAN Said the doctor: "You're Rockingham 500, was third Inline 22SA1cTOPLS AAN ,$2995
you trade crazy!" with 8 ballots, followed by CLtXrorf Al mr' 1T1ovro' ALL MUU: >MMTi AND OH: or *** TOUT

A ANTONIO, Tex. Air- "Write that down dad," the Cale Yaraborough with 3. 66 OLDS F85. 4 DR . . .$2395

man Freddie L. MiddlebrooksJr beatnik urged "Write that Two driver, Dick Hutchersonand 64 ""MD HALAxllB"500! HARDTOP .$1395
., son of Mrs. Juanita 0. down Catholic Digest-Octob- David Pearson, current ADIO, HBATM.: :, AUTOMATIC TRAltl POW. I Til:' WHO

Ycm'I' MPil1lLl1\. Looks of 1424 W. 7th St., er leader In the Grand National 58 CHEVY ? . . ,$ 125

Jacksonville, Fla., has been point standings race-were 55 OLDS., '2-DOOR' . .. ., ,.,. .. .$ 125

selected for technical training A STUDENT was taking his given 3 votes each. 59 RAMBLER WAGON . .. . .$ 130
$ 00 at Lackland AFB, Tefe., as a physical. Said the doctor They were followed by Buddy-
2 fWtwuk U. S. Air Force air policeman "I'll army whisper a number; if you Baker, Jim Paschal, and Mar- Over 100 Cars To Choose From
vin Panch with two votes
The airman recently completed "
hear it, repeat it. The physicianthen
basic training at bellowed "47." The cof- ipiece.> R. S. EVANS
(In NM< W I, Ml w yew .N... e.S. N tnM M Lackland. His new school is Five men were hornored with
lege boy thought a minute, then
vote eacl.-Lee Roy Yar-
part of the Air Training Command one
No Down Payment which conducts hundredsof said 36. brough, AJ.Foyt, Jmes Hylton, 3rd & MAINEL
specialized courses to "Close enough said the doc. Bobby Allison, and Darel
With TradeWRINGERTYPE provide technically trained per -1-A. Dieringer. 4.8381EL 4-8382 k
sonnel fqr the natlons's aero- .1111' "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"

space force. THE GOOD OLD DAYS: when a
Airman Middlebrooks was high school look up more space<
graduated from William M. than its parking lot.
MAYTA wAsiii nus..itiir Mi,tt Raines High School in 1966.
Medals for every
I ...ivirf hush Urban League --- ..
Fw Imlci'i! Mtvttf mt IMT ....-.., 1
The COlt per washday of owning a Maytag is lower than Sponsors Eight '

other washers because a May tag lasts years longer. ,retainsits U.S. Savings Bonds tock..tick-tock...

high trade-in value through many years of regular .. Week Program ... ttu ul _
Tkt V-l < ',1- _
a e5".d..rhn.e. r'r:: ,...', ::
service. Segregation and subjugation of -.., u..... ra. ..".- L the Bourbon thatdidIit
@, Ivnu C*..ntU! ..t U.. fl
EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE FEATURES Negroes in the United States, ,..bu/_ ,... /r taftr.

particularly in the South, has 4 .1"fH'rl.,__ watch the clock!
LARGER CAPACITY. Big move more moisture than "At-.nIL. .... resulted in a lack of community-

porcetain-on-steel tub has many automatic washers! N.:-::.i:w:.o= wide leadership among Negro I t

bottom holds Self-equatiling tension. Firm "::, citizens. In most communities, t.OlD
cone more MN.we1' opportunities-.opportunity for ''I ISABELLA of PARIS CHARTER
clothes. lower roll flexible upper -
education and experience in THAT'S ME! I nave the Amazing
roll. Wringer swings and community participation has _
Exlusive GYRATATOR .. Kentucky's
loc s.ln any of 80 differentpositions. consistently been refused. Pep for all the things you want
washes faster and cleaner, With the passage of the Civil to do. Box of 30 $1.00. Satisfaction -

without wear on clothes. Rights Act of 1964, and the guaranteed or Money 7 years old
RUBBER MOUNTED LID Voting Rights Bill of 1965, opportunity Back.
SEDIMENT TRAP keeps will now be open for ISABELLA

dirt out of washed clothes. seals! in t the water heat. Tub NAVIeS'CeNNANea. participation by minority members P. 0. Box 239, Dept. S Gary,
drains quickly, completely. iN.1.1H.INN11NMAYTAG in community planning Indiana

WRINGERS re Leakproof, non-clog hose. :'IItcr: ,rI'::: : activities. As a result of this
L.... ........ long-awaited opportunity, it
h.. ........".... became essential that there be

corresponding opportunity for LEO' S

potential participants to have ,
.. CIDCADCDDAC: JURNUURE the training, orientation and

: F J r D 3 COUP m experience to prepare them to She Reiariif/
be effective members of the

32-5 t ,MR PAD StBESt 3"5.5. -- 46 4'1' community. If this is not done, Of Air Kill/
participation, as such, will become -
mere sham.There would Is Our Only Business
appear to be a need for general

\ education Including. and specific training 934 E. Uiioi St.

f. -.4 I II


I FAMU Rattlers Bounce Back With Zip To Clip Benedict Tigers 56-12 :

Ira McKnightCatcherCoach Virginia Stale Outs In EWC Homecoming Rattlers Make Impressive Show

Sports Parade Shaw U. Grid Team r. -'--w ,.:_------,------ In Their Long Suit -RunningREADY

TALLAHASSEE Quarterback Elroy Morand threw for two
RALEIGH, N. C. -In a matchof
two touchdowns and ran for a third as he led the Rattlers of Florida I
For Millionaires offensive-minded and
winless teams, Virginia State A&M University to a 56-12 trouncing of the Benedict College
Tigers last weekend,
by NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALSET An American-born Negro College overshadowed Shaw .. The &-l senior i -t tossed touch- back Preston Johnson going the

BOXING baseball player, Imported by University, winning 33-30. ; down passes of 75 yards and final five yards 'for the touch-
RECORD Marred by a total of 258 '
Canada to play with the Melville yardson t'
eight yards, to ends John Eason down.
NEW YORK-< )When hard-fighting two-fisted Emlle Millionaires In 1963. has penalties, 123 against the I. and Andre White Defensive specialist Joe
Griffith tangles with boxing cutie Joey Archer la folr rematchIn sparked the Southern Saskat- Bears and 135 on the Trojans, I ..... .... .." .. ''It Morand later scored from the Williams was again Impressive
Madison Square Garden, Oct. 21, he will have st record the contest wts Shaw's first ,
a by chewan Leqgue Team to a top one-yard line on a quarterback in the AIM secondary as he
becoming the first fighter to engage In three middleweight title spot as best hitting baseball home appearnace before an estimated '" ." 'p, sneak Intercepted a Benedict pass on
bouts within a six-month span. Griffith, the first fighter to group In the League. 3,000 spectators. The Rattlers were impressive the MM 32 and returned it to
win the welterweight UUe three times, won the middleweight Ira McKnight, 29, of South The Trojans drew first blood, ., t in the thing the y like to do the Tiger 12. Riley then found
crown from Dick Tiger on April 25 and outpointed Archer In his taking advantage of a bad punt
Bend, In., serving as most-run. It was the first Eason in the end tone for the
first defense at the Garden, July 13. coach for the team has earnedfor which slid off the side of RalphPope's '
>: time FAMU had looked as Impressive tally,
himself a reputation as the foot. With the oval in fc \ : ., all season. The final Rattler score came
TARDINESS COSTSALLENTOWN their possession the Bears .
Millionaires' most valuable Preston Johnson minutes remaining in
the Rattlers' with only
Pa.-{(NPI-Because be 10 slate 15 yard stripe W. W. Lawsotfs .. I ,
was day report player. Between season he leading ground last the ball Williams again
gainer game
Ing for training with the Philadelphia 76ers, high-salaried Wilt makes I his home with his wife Trojans advanced to the 4 on an : ,' I year, this
ran for 91 yards In 17 carriesfor intercepted a Tiger pass,
Chamberlain, the National Basketball association's scoring Ann, In the Southmoor Hotel, 11 yard run by Bobby Wingo. f. ," .. A&M. time at the MM 2 and returned
champion, was fined a total of On the second down ") .t, ,
$1,500, or $150 for each day's Chicago. Larry FAMU amassed 200 yards on the ball to the Benedict 18..
absence, the club announced. It was reported Chamberlain he has been Suggs, a reserved quarterback '
In the four seasons the ground, while gaining 185 Miamian Alonzo Gilbert, the
whose salary is estimated between $70,000 to $85,000, failed with the Melville diamond aces who played the starring role usedin
,'., :' in the air. It was the highest third Rattler quarterback
to report when the 76ers opened training In Margate, N.J. McKnight has chalded up a spec- for the Invading Trojan eleven, 1 ''' .. : "" : .,: number of yards the Rattlers'had the game, then tossed a 12-
GETS "BAD NEWS" hit Randy in the end for MM .
tacular record In Canadian .as to fellow-
I ., amassed on the ground yard touchdown pass
LOS AN'32LES-(NK:)-The Los Angoles Lakers of the National baseball sports annuals. HE the game's first tally. On the "s :'. ,' ? I'. this year.Morand. Miamian halfback Sam Anderson -
Basketball association got the "Bad News"last week For them went to the Millionaires from conversion, the pigskin hit the ,<' .
for 137 of the .
however, It was believed to be good news, for they obtained Jim the Kansas City Monarchs and goalposts and bounced back on ::::, "' .',;ro 185 yards gained via the air
(Bad News) Barnes from the Baltimore Bullet*for Leroy Ellis made his catcher-coach debutat the field. / .,.; : ., ,. route.

in a straight-player trade between the two teams Barnes is a the beginning of the 1966 Stopping the Bears dea d in .. : FAMU scored in quarterbut Watch
center forward; Ellis, a forward. season. the ""n quarter, the Peters- ''''.' w.. u"c"b ': < "" the second tallying every 14 15 This Clown
In May, he led his team to a burg, .0, : ,_ .,. ". and 27 points in the other three
)- Justice Reives, 20, an honor 13-4 victory over the highly- second six-pointer as Suggs :.A: .., quarters.
student at Fayetteville State College whose hobbies are far removed touted Swift Current Indians, slotted the ball down the middleto ;Z' ..'rREADY .' .. ; A&M got on the Scoreboard 36-28-55
i:>m boxing, has become the first recipient of the JamesJ. Can- the Trojans' All-American '. '.
defending chaplons of the Iff, .. .c.:. -" _I' .t ..' ..' .'.' first with the Morand to Eason
Corbett Scholarship award,established at the college In mem- adian League. Mcknight'sbatting end, Harry Sharper. Sharper, ---- ----- -- touchdown pass covering 75 51-11- 84
ory of the former heavyweight champion of yesteryears. The averages before his promotion a 6-3, 215-pound junior,caughtthe Walter Simmons, offensive end for the Edward yards. The play came on the
scholarship rovides the payment of tuition and $200 In cash to were a powerful 387; ball at the five and spun Waters Tigers is expected to put plenty action In the Home- ,second play from scrimmagefor
Reives, a Junior, whose hobbles are music and bowling .316 and .359 successively Into the end zone. Again, on coming Game, Saturday night in the Wolfson Stadium. EWC's the Rattlers after taking ;
TUNNELL ORIGINAL. SALARY: $500 The Melville Advance, a the conversion, the Trojans'kick Homecoming opponent will be the West Liberty State Hill- the Benedict punt Horace ( J 1

CHICAGO-NPI-Emlen'Tunnell( ) former defensive "Iron local Canadian newspaper, has was wide, giving them a toppers, an Integrated team from West Virginia Lovettt then added his first of
Man" of the New York Giants football team and now back- been to/In in Its praise of the 12-0 lead. four successful PAT kicks.

field coach with the Giants, was originally signed for a mere stocky star who is modestly With the first quarter nearingan Tennessee State It didn't take FAMU long to
pittance of $300. In fact, Tunnel the first regular Negro coachin proud of playing catcher while end, Lee Royster's Bears Gok get on the Scoreboard though 35 33 67
lead ,
National Football League history, was almost passed up by the veteran Satchel Paige was marched 88 yards, from their as AiM, showing the potent 83
by the pro league, until he resourcefully walked Into the Giants pitcher for the Millionaires. own 12-yard marker to score ,Downs Grambling offense of Rattler teams of 46 19 -

office after graduation from Iowa University and asked for an "All our team needed to turnIt their initial tally Art Bridges, old, took a 14-0 lead. The Mo- Sometimes He's Up Sometime,
I Before Record CrowdNAS.IVlLLE
opportunity to prove himself into a hard-hitting club wasa who is being boomed for AllI I ax Boa BREWSt5R rand to White touchdown pass /He's Down He adds subtracts

LEADING PASS RECEIVER little bit of encouragement," American laurels this season, -Undefeated and was set up by a pass interception tie works it all around
OAKLAND, CaliMNPIMrt Powell of the Oakland Raiderswas he said with a quiet smile. And hauled in a 21 yard toss from the nation's number two team, N..ewry ewb..rd. by Major Hazelton at the
among the American Football League's "Individual that is Just what McKnight pro- Bob McLeod. The big play in the Tennessee State University HANDLE WITH CARE MM 19. The eight-yard touch- 934214COMING

Leaders" last week, according to stat';;;ics released ty the ceeded to do. the march toward pay dirt was Tigers ventured to Bayou Country No matter how you view them down pass climaxed the 81-yard ATTRACTIONS
league. Powell led the league in pass receiving, snaring 25 for Last season he pumped new McLeod's aerial to Roy lassi- Saturday to face Grambling sharks are exciting! touchdown drive.
332 yards and a 14.5 average. His efforts included a touchdown blood in to the team with his ter, a bosh speedster, for 36 College In an effort to extend While various members of thla The Rattlers were held score- 53 96
high batting average. yards, moving the Bears from their present 17-game winning tribe are considered nuisances less in the second period but 88 -
MILES-KNOXVILLE CLASH The Millionaires, under their own 40 to the Trojans' 24. skein. they are certainly not" known all Joe Williams returned a punt

BIRMINGHAM-NPI( >The Miles College Bears will engage the McKnighf playing and coachIng Gong for the two-point conver- Averagln more than 50 pointsIn "loafera authorities on at a Mercury line, note outboard fishing. for a 52-yard touchdown. The MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED

Knoxvllle College gridders In the third game of Miles' 1966-67 prowess, earned further sion, the Bears were short of the first two games, the JohnA. Concurring In this opinion Is the,, second A&M quarterback Ken
football schedule, Saturday, Oct 8, at Knoxville. The Bears will accolades when*! they won split the mark. Merrite-coached team offense International Game Finn Asuoclatlon. Riley then tossed to Andre White
tangle with Benedict College In their homecoming game on Oct. victory in a two-game series With 2:14: In the first half on Is l led by sotJick: Gene which recofnliea six differ in the end zone for the PAT.
22. They close the season against Alabama A&M, at home, against the Canadian Swift Cur- the Scoreboard clock 1 Shaw Bowen, who has picked up 229 ant specie as game flMh. waters After receiving the A&Mkick- Man's Days are Unmoored. -
fish I
Whether briny
Nov 19. rent Indians, winning the marched down to the one yard yards in 32 carries. you or only occasionally off, Benedict was unable to .' Health and
SAMPLE CLAIMS NFL DLACKBALLINGNEW opener 145.McKnight line, an CO yard drive, where Quarterback Eldridge Dickley 'requently sharks are part4f-the scene AndIf I move the ball against the tough Fortune Can Be Yours When
YORK-( )}Johnny Sample, New York Jets defensivehalf.back was responsible for McLeod sneaked over to tie i; vying for total of fensa honors you really look for -AIM I line A short punt gave You Know Your Lucky Days,
and former Maryland State star, thinks he wasn't 37 hits during the regular the game 12- 11. The big playin collecting 210 yards passing and thrills, go looking for sharks! Florida the ball on the Benedict Lucky Colors Etc

picked up at the $100 waiver price the Washington Redskins league games, collecting four this drive was McLeod's48yarder 12 yards rushing for a total of Shark in chasing respects resembles, .bill bit 30. Halfback James; Long then Send$2.00 for your' .

.askgdjor! him last season because he way Q b1ack... bailed. hits and two homers in one"Dame. to Bridges. The 6-4, 222 yards In 27,_plays.TRACTION ._ fishing boats, J heavy.many tckle;, .Hut sins 1 1 took it over from the six torJUHe" ,Horoscope Guide to* *V,
'' 200-pound Mt. Vernon N. Y. i '
Gamble." that t is paying,cJT"I ; The YOU baseball star's r bolts trod ortWrmryf gear do ai fourth Hattler touchdown; ;;, OctoberTH:
: senior came back to the 37, TIP t r.u-ne'
potentials were discovered well, and even pier and sun r fourth quarter saw ''
when be played on South Bend's leaped and took the ball away This winter, when your car. casters get In on the fun Foi r a "barrage by the Rattlers of Fill In the blank below and
I Central High School team. from Bob Mebane, spun and 'spins at the curb try this Instance, a 360! .pound.plus maka) points on the Scoreboard. The, mall to ZODIAC, Post Offle<
I Fight Cancer I down to the 13 before he was ,emergency measure from the was subdued. on JI.pound.testmonolliament. : t 27 points scored in the fourth Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fin,'

.sSSSIUM.r.+ stopped Fred Long, the work- Catholic Digest: give the fender Proper techniques hold the key. period was the highest single
horse In the drive with 22 wheel solid kick. NAME.'--
behind each a to shark success Chumming with I quarter effort by MM thus
rushing yards, put the Bears The dirt loosened from the blow cut bait is a favorite tactic for far this year. !lTREET'- -
ahead 14-12 as he punched ovep might be enough to give trac many of the species FjAMU marched 61 yards for DATE OF BIRTH--

the conversion. tion on the ice. --- their next touchdown, with full MO. Dar
Four minutes in the second.

half, Virginia State went back
in front as Angelo Coffee ran
surprise r one 63 yards around the Bears'

right side for the Trojans'third

touchdown. Bob Wingo rammedover
the conversion, makingthe

Not score too 2014.outdone, the Bears Rflaury Wiili was a (nation: baby

rammed a score right back,
hOSIOSF capping a 74-yard drive as

McLeod connected again with f
,Lassiter for a 59-yard scoring
tally. Lassiter took the ball

at his 22 and scampered into and baby look It him now!
.the end cone untouched; ( tying ,
l 4 ,the score at 20-all. Going for
-. ( iftI the lead on the conversion attempt -

McLeod was tackled shy
of the goalline.
With 8:18: to play In the last
: o gfefe, quarter, Cuffee again put the I

Trojans ahead, this time on a
:16-yard scamper around the I

left side of the field. The.drive
,/ started back on the Shaw's 33

'4 $4 with a gift yard The line.clinching touchdown came I r .

., r l of the Smooth Canadian, with a 1:42: to go in the fracas r e

V.O. with Shaw back on their own
Seagram's '
{ five. McLeod, hit hard from ,
the blind side, fumbled. The
r* d 6taalpewth'-tlllsaOratUCiEOeMialiH.aYWaelaMaM00Ftt1WhYMail/ tarC4"ar.a ball rolled to the three as

Perry fell on the pigskin and
rolled over on his side Into
the end zone.

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The Dodgiri' smiting captain slides hit wiy into the Hall of Fume, breaking Ty Cobb record with hn 104th stolen bsst of the year t

Maury Wills, born on October 1,1932Washmgton 0.C.


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S s e e a e' e et .

Carnation has been growing sports heroes (and other unusually healthy people! ) for mot. than sixty years.ISAJURDAY .

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NORTH AMERICANS First HegreMedical 'FLAKE OFF, SLOB!" TEENS SAYWhat ,Civilian Worker

Of every 1,000 people in the College RoundupHOWARD WEEK'S LAUGHSTHE Wins Promotion
world today, only 65 live on Grad. do teenagers expect ona make you feel ridiculously uncomfortable -

the North American continent, UNIVERSITY date According? to the Catholic Digest but your date as LEADER OP A BOYS' CLUB,,, At Great Lakes

,the Catholic Digest points out Dr. Rebecca Cole, a physician, WASHINGTON, D. C. Howard University official today they first require physical well.The making an educational survey,,' GREAT LA1U4, QL (NPI-)
COMPUTATIONSIn was the first Negro woman tol1'adua.te announced the appointment of WendeU J. Roye former acting cleanliness, proper apparel anda way you dress is not .passed out questionnaires. He' Herbert W. Laffoon' a civilian
20 seconds from the Woman's executive director of the Urban League of Greater New York, to neat appearance. Blessed are only a good indication of how was puzzled to find that one fellow ; employe for 25 years at the
pencil can: add a man with a Medical College In Philadelphia the position of director of alumni affair. Mr.r '' the clean of shirt for they shall much respect you have for others had checked "dropout" but I t Great Lakes Naval Training
numbers the two 12-digit Pa. She died In 1922. Roy. will assume his new duties Immediately.) \ get the dates. Physical cleanliness but a pretty accurate gauge had also filled in "name oj)l bas, has beenupgradedtromh4
Catholic Digest .
In other new appointments In the University's: of how much school now attending. His puzzlement
notes. A seems so obvious that k respect you have position u a Ljadlngman Lab-
man with an adding 'SPIRIT' TO SUPERSONICIn Office of Alumni affairs, Lawrence A. Hill. seems worth a mention.Yet for yourself. Proper apparel ceased, however when i orer In the Navy Electronics
machine can do 10 such sums ,,assistant director o of> alumni affairs for the! hardly he took
a second look. It said,, office to
In 20 seconds. An early type of 1927 Lindbergh took 33 past two years, baa been promoted to associate I ,... why does it get mentionedso need not be expensive to be 'Disco Tech." Catholic Digest-. Supply Laborer In the, Public Qnarterman Works
hours to cross the Atlantic. Today often when young people are neat. Extravagance can even become
computer that
pushed up to director, and Brenda Lawson Brown has been ,. October. center.
100000. Latest computers will the Catholic Digest states, been named assistant director. Ifrs. Brown formerly served 'disoussidg dating ? offensive. It does not costa
do 160 a supersonic bomber Parents that adolescents fortune to keep clean, pressed "A SMASH HIT!" a conceited In his new position, he will
million such computa can cover ,u assistant to the director of media relations for tl1 w U. S. say
tions in 20.seconds. the same distance in 54 minutes.IVULZ Department of Justice's Community Relations Service. don't have to be told to bathe brushed, and polished. actor boasted at a dinner. "Yes- er-cleaners supervise more than 100() labor..
AIT COLLEGE wash hands and faces brush terday, during the last act, I had engaged in maintenance
t their teeth, clean their nails, or the audience glued to their of Navy and Marine
GREENSBORO N.C Senior students at AIT TEA TIMEThe
<- College were shoes. But from what seats corps barracks, office and utility
last wek told that college graduates are now being employed shine their buildings. For the past 17
through the services of the computer.The the adolescents tell us, some "Wonderful! exclaimed a col. years, be overseeod personnel
new computerized technique, sponsored by the College parents need their eyes exam- annual Fall Tea of the league. "Clever of you to thinkof responsible for grounds and
Placement Council, a national organization comprised of ined. Today, perfume can no Semi-Civic Club will be held itt"! Catholic Digest-october. building maintenanceraswellas'
college placement officers personnel officials from govern longer be construed as a substi Sunday at 4 p.m., In 1st. Sinai OBSERVED BY A TOURIST IN transportation in the supply
ment and American's business and Industry, alms at making tute for a bath, nor powder, for ,Baptist Church. JAPAN: "Nikko Botanical Gar section.
quickly available to employers a listing of talented college soap and water. den.
fI7) sees Open 8 AM. to 5 P.M. SUPERIORITYDogs
all seekers. and neatness
graduates, Job Proper apparel
April to November. Admissionby the Air
The system was described by Robert B. Lincks, personnel: mean that you dress for the oc Force claims in
Lily White Lodge 217 will ticket only. No botanizing, the Catholic Digest can hear 20
officer for Burlington Industries at Its national headquartersoffices casion. There is a right time anda
in Greensboro. He was delivering the main address right place for everything. No sponsor its Spiritual Tea Nov. drinking or uproaring, etc., in times better than man, see ten
FLOOR LEVEL before a dinner meeting of the AliT senior class, an occasion ,13 In the home of Mr. and Mrs. 'the Garden." Catholic Digest- times as far and smell 40 times
for the Introduction of placement services available at the one is likely to make the mistakeof Roscoe Nelson, 1914 W. 10th October, Ik well.JRCQUINS,
wearing a formal to a picnicor St. Mrs Melvlna Wright will
-'''' college.
L ,1';' eirl ; a BETHUNE-COOKUAN shorts to a formal. It is the be the speaker. The tea Is In
E !;J Bethune-Cookman College has a record breaking 1,073 students routine occasions in between Interest of the annual Calendar[
s1all m aN registered during the fall semester. This number that cause the trouble. Incorrector Tea, which will be held Nov.20.
representing 21 states, the District of Columbia and eighf improper dress will not only
foreign countries, Is the largest fulltime enrollment In the I
r history d the college, according to Harrison F. DeShlelds,
$5000 director of admissions and registrar HEATING nee III.hllI' | flIEPUC- IATEI(
it was also announced that the Board of Trusteees and the Credit UM Your
administration of Bethune-Cookman College limited the enrollment OIL Se iU to 1,140 students by 1971. The enrollment Is approximately Cn/N c.t4
200 students beyond the 'administration's. ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL
a? ? J TRADE expectation for the 1966-67 term. fill NORWOOD AVS. PH. 764-4511
The enrollment is as follows:Freshman,386;sophomores,254;
juniors, 195; seniors, 238; which gives total of 1,073,462 male oglfZ


appontment of Hermanze E. Fauntleroy, Jr., as Virginia You Seek The Best Doctor
State College Alumni-Development Executive Officer was announced When Your Doctor PrescribesGet DISTILLED
to day by President Robert P. Daniel ad National Experienced PharmacistsWhen
Alumni Association President James C. Wynder.The Your Doctor Prescribes, LONDON
appointment effective October 1, was made to fill a Vacancy Orders. We Use Only The Best. '. DRYly N GIN
In the position whlcj has existed since September 1. In Quality Drugs.
his new capacity, Fauntleroy will serve as alumni secretaryand ,,.....'\1 DRY
wWberesponsibleforcoordinatingfederallyspoosoredand C:.S. BLACK Proprietor
privately-sponsored projects relating to the college's program 3 R. e I a t e r e d Pharmacists To Serve foe
of growth and developement.
Fauntleroy 34, was born in Petersburg and was educated In ...........-A COli P LET E LINE OFCosmetics ............ PINT 285s
SOLARA OIL COUNTERFLOW HEATER -The most Petersburg Public Schools. He received a BJS. degree In Industrial $99
effective home heat available today. Puts volumes of Education from Virginia State College and has done Robber Goods-Candies Sundries
traveling floor level heat into the home. Warmer further study at Virginia State.Entertainment PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR ANDDELIYEREDLilly's PINT 45t
floors guaranteed IPRICES I
More nonwhites say religion Drug Store

Qua ep IQ] Hues And Cries Is 80%very versus important 69% for to whites.them t I I I'
Catholic__m____ Digest _Poll.-October._m -1216


LOW AS bert, outstanding Jazz, Furnished. Prefer nice coupleor .
Innovator-founder of the single man. Call a54. 510., >

-...... famed Lambert,. Hendrlcks, ; /1frn- ,
and Ross vocal' trio was accidentally FOR RENT( OBD859 5. fI' A. p t
killed recently when Clean room lor rent. Singleman '; J 9 6 6 Anniversary I
a trailer truck struck him on the or 2 school girls. Call : I
Connecticut Turnpike In the 354-0815.
heyday of the trio, which disbanded > f f

1it *"irSi y Lambert In teamed 1954, the with bearded lyric FOR RENT ,The store that cares..aboutyou. I

I writer and "riff singer Jon Newly decorated house cou- "
IS Hendricks, and female vocalistAnnie venlently located on edgewood l
I 3 .Ross.SiSSVSWT. near busline. Call 3563604. -
singer "Little Richard" Pen- .
nlman has filed a $1 million YORK LIVE-IN JOBS $40
lye slander suit against a bonds; Rush .references. HAROLD, PICNICS WHOLE ... 390 '
man for referring to him as AGENCY, Dept R YNBRoa, r
I a sissy" before some of his NY U
teenage fans. According to the
SMART BUY suit, filed In U.s.District court,' GRADE "A" FLA\ OR GA FRESH LEG OR BREAST ,
the bondsman, Harry Goldfarb, HELP WANTED MALE

f CONTEMPORARY DINING ROOM BY had referred to the entertaineras ,Partine. Tint '
a man lover, a sissy anda FRYER QTRS. 35e.
I KEY II-priced so low you can afford it. even on a freak" as he argued with, )fan with cars, work a, few, LB. : .
beginning budget. A masterpiece in design and crafts Richard about an alleged finan hours. on your days off and
j manship-In Woodstock Mahogany or Tavern Walnut cial debt. earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply:
finish protected by Du Pont Dulux1) e.> Matching Formica FLORIDA STAR, 2323 *oncrlefRoV FIRM GOLDEN RIPEBANANAS
table tops. cor 13th.

36" China-Table with $249,,95 HELP WANTED LB., IOC '

Formica Top-4 Chairs Royal Crown"

phone advanced.number.Rush ABLE reference, U.S. #1 EASTERN ROUND WHITE
i'JM.A..G :x: c": sf ::J TT "F! E'
Jacksonville .AGENCY 163 N, MAIN, FREE- "


10 IBS. .. .
Immediately Required HELPSain WONTED

Men and women, to seu, drertising. -
MechanicsPipefitters Liberal draw, Ubera.
commission, easy work, quid COFFEE (MEAT MANNED)
sales. You earn $75 to $150if .J.II ... 590 3.n.IAC $$1.73
you're keen. Fringe benefits.Apply .
Boilermakers :' FLORIDA STAR, 2323 SHOP AT YOUR Alt
"- lloncrief Rd.jcor 13th St. I

HELP WANTED PK6.59t 3000 W. 45TH ST.
Secretarial 3-lB. 2K OZ GIANT
TYPIST who can do 50 wpm,
I Burners Accurate; must be good In Eng PRICES IN THIS AD
lists and spelling Apply
<== 2050-34W OUTSIDE
i MachinistsINSIDE Cor. 13th St. No phone
I I iI ca1lI.: peAa, ,. BISCUITS CAN OF 15 100 1 e SATURDAY OCT. 15

Red Whitl, Lo-T.mp Control chrome plated non tilt racks remove JANE PARKER
able door toll deluxe chrome handles optional rotisserie kit MACHINESUNCLAIMED
window end light 20 Inch wide, oven interior liri storage com. QUALITY TOMATO
pertinent flats panel' bickguird continuous type grates clock ElectriciansSQUTHSIDE' LAY-A-WAY$ BLACKBERRY OR
and 1,hour timer no drip top porcelain drip trays roll out JUICE '
Ve hare 8ge
14 broiler 2 piece smoktltss l brOIler pin 4 leg 'levelerj Zig-Zag sewing 2 1955 machines Dial-O-Matlc that 31-QT.:J 14. OZ. DUTCH APPLEPIES

were layaways that were
$1000 DOWN LOW MONTHLY perer picked apt> Customers BUY 5, GET 1 FREE! VALLEY GOLD FROZEN
R lea"area--we are unable to
machines locate them for Ton the nay balance have tnese of "1 LB, a ot.

1ThV1tW. MAIN VARD. $47.00 each. Cash or terms. DRINKS 6.0.OZ. .m 500 39c'liE

644E.BAYAn Call credit manager, 353-1940 SIZE,
anytime. Will deliver No obli
Equal Opportunltt Employer gation.

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