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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200734datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 24, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007340740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 24, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 24, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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..-... ----...--...-...---...........---..'-- --

I : .

J Uc n 15- -J { ''IIIW.
J '
I ., -r If'.r.- ,. ,!'


*,. ... .* ** ,, .*. *, *. *- *..,.. ,. -.. -- *,-** .
;. '' ...;. Library
*' I 'r j i ;*?m --
I iii iiI. tftjtrewltjr of Florida
:. I.. ....i. I .' '"" ". tZ1lth Yof

.. .. ... ... ... ... ...
fR mSTTo



.. ** ]J6 NO 1,1986

Marshall Seen ** * *

I Negro Congressman Facing As A ty. General ( _lI f tJ 1 I

Survival Fight On Two FrontsWASHINGTON good WASHINGTON Marshall-(NPI, presently) Thur- * * ,f

serving as U. S. Solicitor General -

tep. Adam is reportedly being
Clayton Powell Is finding out considered for appointment as GRAND JURY CALLS'
that trouble doesn't come single r + Congressman Attorney General to succeed
handed. Nicholas Katzeouach: ,according
The controversial, brash, ar to reliable sources In Washing-
Will Be Tried
somewhat reckless congressman ton.Katzenbach's
from Hat lem who came surprise appointment -
out of an attack to strip him of For recently as Under-,
his power as chairman of the r ContemptNEW secretary at State east him In JAX MYSTERY MAN
Education and Labor Committeewith i an "heir-apparent" role for
only minor bruises Is discovering YORK Rep. Adam the top State Department post
that he is still a prime Clayton Powell,(D-N.V.),Mon and brought with it wide speculation -
target. day was ordered to stand trial about possible *, *, *, *, *
House investigators disclosed on criminal contempt chargesin successors In his old post.

Monday that Powell had a $1, -- -- connection with a libel suit Grand Jury Probing
150,000 congressional bankroll REP. ADAM C. POWELL he lost three years ago. RANDOLPH Motions Filed
to tap when he wanted travel. The appellate division of state

Powell's travels with a publicans kept an element of supreme court upheld Supreme White Blacklash
runner-up in a Miss Universe suspense In the vote in the House Court Justice Irving H. Saypol, Pardon Board DealsJacksonville's For SpeedupOf
contest and others on his staffto Education and Labor Committeeon who cited Powell for contemptlast
Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Miami the proposed rules changes.A Aug. 12 for evading court Could Lead To
and other playpens became so majority of the 31-member orders in connediOlwith the
libel action. mystery man, Joshua Hlllman, who has been at
publicized the Committee on committee favors doing something -
house. Administration decidedto to limit Powell's A jury ruled Powell libeleda A Race War one time or :another played the role of politician, civic leader, TAMPA A move was made
probe their relation to legis operations as chairman, but Harlem widow, Mrs. Esther Apostle of Mercy and undercover mentor the police departmenthas this week in federal court in
lation. there is wide disagreement as James, In 1960 on a television ATLANTIC CITY, N. JA. been called as a witness before the grand jury, probing Tampa to bring about a speedupin
Rep. Wayne Hays (D-Ohlo), to what should be dine program when he called her a Phillip Randolph, longtime corruption in the city government,giving the rise to speculationthat desegregation of schools In
chairman of the investigating Thirteen of the 21 committee "bag woman," or graft col- Negro fighter for civil rights Hlllman may have been essaying another role. three Central Florida counties

committee, told a press con- Democrats lined up Tuesday lector, for the warned Wednesday a white. Called in with Hillman last area of racial relations here It came from Earl M.Johnson,
ference after the committee'sfirst behind a plan that would put department. pOIlC.j black backlash' wahrawlno Tuesday was City Council At the time, Gov. Haydon Jacksonville Negro attorney and
meeting that special auditors the hiring and firing of staff Various adjustments -- -- could develop into a r c---;. President Lemuel Sharp, who Burns (former mayor-police the legal force of the NAACPIn
already are at work employes under control of the jury verdict finally fixed the THURGOOD MARSHALL He said the Negro struggle for serves on the pardon board New York. The counties are
dissecting Powell's vouchers. full Democratic membershipand sum owed to Mrs. James by equality should be moved from In view of the fact that the b. Manatee, Lee and Polk.
Not satisfied with last week's require committee approvalof Powell at $160,000. Powell Is Mirsiiall's consideration to the streets to the conference grand jury on Aug. 30 sub- w The motions were submitted
fill the Attorney General .
mild chastisement of .Powell, expenditures. But it will take under state supreme court table. peonaed aU records of the city along with copies of petitionsfor
House Republican leaders this 16 rotes to put the planInto order to pay $600 a week in vacancy Is being based on two "ClVil rights leaders shouldA.PHILLIP pardon board from Jan. I, 1960 similar speedups of countiesIn I
week installments on the judgment. different lines of thinking. _, \ through July 1966 there is Alabama and Loulsana. The
branded the effect. I
proposal to curb Adam Clayton At least 3 of the 10 GOP Meanwhile, Saypol held that One has that to President do with the Johnson probability ,. N. : "''!IIiI. widespread speculation that the petitions, Incorporated as arguments
Powell was contemptuous In grand jury wants to know what ,
by Johnson, were
Powell's powers a whitewashand members: were believed ready
made plans to draft tougherrules -to trote'for the proposal, but his. failure to answer five moved Katseolgchjatothoso'o part,'if any, Hillman played In. submitted earlier this year to
of their It was universally denouncedby subpeonas during the course nt derstcretaryship in preparation .Jt. 1 the processes of freeing prison. the U. S, Fifth Circuit Courtof
own. the the protracted libel litigation. to bis eventual era and If there was any Appeals In New Orleans.
Tne satisfaction of the Re- Republican leadership
succession to Dean
Rusk and
Last month, Saypol directed : .t. wrong-doing. The motions argued that local
that a trial be held determine to pave the way for adding Hillman, 48, president of the school systems had dragged
President Predicts Congress the extent of Powell's "wilful- another Negro to his Cabinet. I their feet In implementing the
. ness." The court acted under If Marshall Is chosen for the '" r Hlllman, 48, president at the 1954. school desegregation decision -
Will Act OH Housing Bill the Judiciary law wlilch provides position, he will become the time, of the Florida Voters by the U. S. Supreme
penalties of up to 30 days in second Negro to servo in the Association and a group called Court and that federal district

President Lyndon B. Johnson arm of persuasion and conciliation jail and a $260 fine for criminal President's Cabinet.J the Florida Charitable and Ed- courts should set out specific
said last week that despite a Chairman Shulmanknowshow contempt.The The first was Robert Weaver, ucational Benefit League, Inc., guidelines for compelling faster
trial criminal Secretary of Housing. and Urban into notoriety here last
temporary setback in Congress"I to them both on a chargewas Doooed desegregation
use and that
think we are going to get is what I Intend for him to do. recessed Indefinitely Wed- Development (HUD), who was year when it was learned he JOSHUA HILLMAN All three of the counties are
fair housing legislation in this "Thousands of enlightened nesday because the assigned appointed by President LyndonB. RANDOLPH: had been on the city police commissioner) said only that under court decrees todesegre- I
country-because simple business men in this countryand judge was too busy. Johnson and who also reportedly take great care in overheating payroll for five years. Hillman had "done undercover pate their schools on*a piece- I
justice demands it and I think union members have But Manhattan: Supreme Court had been tapped fora the black ghettos of explosive Hill m an resigned from work for the police departmentIn meal uiasls.
the: American people have always already proved that they really Justice Matthew Levy, who Is Cabinet post by the late tensions," Randolph said, in a his $385-a-month job, which a very sensitive area. That's i
when they know all the want to do what is right. But engaged in another trial, promised President John F. Kennedy. speech before the 13th biennial Mayor Louis H. Ritter said was just it." Voters League
facts and 'get the truth, done for every uncooperative employer that "the matter Is goingto This coincides with the second convention of the United Steel- as a research-helper in the With the indictment of ai least
.what Is fair, what is right, and -there have been three be tried-period." line of thought, that the addition workers Union (US N). six city officials and possibly
Justice Levy advired attorneysto of Marshall would-with the "This could shift into a race Judge Fines Endorses High
chat is just. who are willing to sit down more to come, Jaxons who have
The President's remarks were and reason and devisea be ready for trial upon notice. sidetracking of the 1966 Civil war which could become catastrophic long lamented the terrible stateof
made at the swearing-in ceremony reasonable and fair solution. But It was Indicated the trial Lights; Bill by the U.S.Senate to the Negro and Miami. MedicTAMPA affairs that has existed feel And Rubin
in the Cabinet Room for "So I plan to stay very closeto could not get under way until boost President Johnson's America," he said. that this might be the beginning
the new chairman of the Equal the Chairman of this Com the middle of next week stock higher among Negroesand Randolph, long considered the A 34-year-old of the end of the politically PERKY; The Florida Voters
Employment Opportunity Commission mission and very close to his liberals, who feel the need dean of Negro statesman, said Miami physician enroute home bossed machine that has run League, went on record last
Stephen Shulnun.PI.ES.DEYf work I think he Is going to bea 2 Arrested for to the nation's largest minor- he regards the term "blackpower" from Los Angeles was fined the city Saturday with what most politicos -
ity have a bigger voice in
good chairman. I promiseyou as simply a slogan, In city court Monday followinga considered an endorsementof
w that if he shows government. and "you cannot solve prob- row with an airline stewardess Robert King highfor
any signs In
whatever of slowing down I Integrated Other Washington observers lems with slogans." He said Friday night, Sept. 23 Youth RuledAs governor and Ellis Rubin
will give him t plenty of feel that with the appointmentof Negroes are frustrated and at Tampa International Airport.Dr. for attorney general.The .
encouragement to hurry Dope RacketNEW Marshall, Weaver will be "grabbing at every straw they William Campbell, 1301N. backing for the Republican
"He will have succeeded up. In shifted to a new post and a new think might help in bringing W. 68th Terrace, Miami, InsaneIn candidate for attorney
HUD Secretary named to carryon about emancipation" was arrested &t the airport incumbent Earl
his when he general against
.l successors job or one of his ORLEANS -- Thfc the country's drive to end He praised Sen. Everett Dirk- and shortly after he was booked Faircloth came as a surprise.The .
can come to the
White House and recommendto Negro has integrated the mil slums. sen, (R-I11.) for his role if at Tampa Police headquarters. Slaying league has not in the past
110n-do>l1at dope racket in the Some sources Indicate that civil legislation out
the President enacting rights Dr. Campbell swore a war- leaned toward Republicans.
that the
Employment Crescent City. The arrest of. Weaver may be appointed to a during the past two years, but rant for the National Airline FT. LAUDERDALE 16- Actually, the league says its
Opportunity Com three recently from a residence post In the State Department year-old Negro boy, chargedwith
mission be dlsnnded-because! professed puzzlement it Dirk- stewardess, Miss Adrienne bylaws prevent it from outright
there is nothing left for themto formerly used by whites and, which might give him the opportunity sen's failure to support the Morgan, 22, Los Angeles,Cali the knife slaying of an endorsement of candidates, and
-- discrimination has been In the famed "Garden District" t o spearhead social 1966 Civil Rights Act which fornia. Both were lodged In 11-year-old white boy has been attempts by some members to
L.BJO'INSON'; banished from disclosed the finding of over a development programs in Viet Included a modified "open jail under $100 bonds, which ruled Insane.Dr. get the group to flatly endorse
our land. And
million dollars worth of dope Nam and the underdevelopednations. > R. K. Bernston, court
clause. each later the
Speaking housing" posted during defeated.
of the failure of the that Is the day that we all look High were
Senate to get cloture and put forward to." and $150,000 In cash. Randolph called on labor to night. appointed psychologist told a The league did endorse the
I the 1966 Civil Rights Bill to Mrs Margaret: Smith and her On the other hand, elevationto fight an attempt to strip Rep. The fuss started when Dr. 12-man jury the results of tests Miami mayor in a previousrace
v vote t the President said: Miamian In TrainingAs husband, Leroy, were arrestedat the post of Attorney General Adam Clayton Powell,(D-N.Y.) Campbell attempted to leave administered to Holston showed for governor
"Congress has bowed, temporarily the time of the raid on the could be the next step enrouteto of his power as chairman of the the airplane at Tampa Inter- the youth "schizophrenic The Voters League report on
to the doubters. Al- Policewoman place and later Melvin Smith, the Supreme Court bench for House Education and Labor national to.make a phone call. paranoid type." Attorney General Faircloth
though a majority In the senate < .- supposedly the klngflsh of the Marshall Committee. He said Powell has Miss Morgan, who was represented The psychologist,who testified referred to Faircloth "illegali-
favor this bill, a majority Is I r 1 gang gave himself up alter a Marshall, who Is held in high an excellent record In civil in court by an airline for t the defense, traced zing bingo" and scored his
unable today to work its will few days. esteem in legal circles, step rights and labor legislation, attorney, claimed Dr.Campbell Holston's present mental state ruling that work papers on a
But Its will will be worked and This bouse was once located ped down from the U, S.Circuit although he was critical of the refused to wait his turn to leave back to a "traumatic World's Fair Authority audit
the bill will be passed in due in the swank New Orleans social Court of Appeals bench, at a congressman's absenteeism. the airplane, knocked her and experience" when defendant are not public business because
time, I believe." whirl section and only financial sacrifice, to take his Randolph said he also supports an elderly man as he tried to underwent a perverted sexual the authority was a private
President Johnson paid tribute I whites lived there. It Is thought present post as the Powell because he is a Negro get off the plane. She said the experience at the age of 9 with entity.
to the new chairman of EEOC that it was used for a dope government's lawyer in "There are growing tensions physician was in a "tourist an adult Negro.
and said: "I worked very closely center because the very location practice before the nation's ...we know that the public has section" of the plane and thus Under cross-examination the Father To Boycott
and very pleasantly with him i might deny Its existence. higest tribunal. lost some of its sympathy for would have been among the doctor admitted psychiatrists,
during my association as Chair- It has not been ascertained Political observers anticipate the civil rights movement." last persons to get off. not psychologists, make sanity Anti Negro Textbook
man of the Equal Employment i :; whether the work of a Negro Marshall's appointment as the Deploring violence, he told Dr. Campbell, who defended determinations.
Committee when Mr. Shulnun I :: lawman in an adjacent parish first Negro to sit as a Justice the 3,500 delegates in Convention himself In court, said Miss Holston has pleaded innocentand DETROIT A Negro father
was assistant to Secretary Arthur I and In New Orleans was the of the U. S. Supreme Court in Hall that "the throwingof Morgan threw up her arms Innocent by reason of in- said Wednesday' he would keep
Goldberg and I Vice cause of the arrest and the 1968, with timing to coincide Molotov cocktails is not the In a wild fashion trying to keep sanity Earlier today Judge his daughter out of her ninth
President." was ------ disclosure of the dope and cash.A with the crucial re-election bid answer" him from passing up the aisle. Jose Gonzalez Jr. ruled improper grade history class becauseof
Commenting on the work of MISS CAROLYN CLARKE safe deposit box In a heal I of President Johnson. "I oelieve the time has coma He said he fell backward to the the plea of Innocent by the usa of a "grossly inaccurate
the Commission the Presidentsaid bank, seized by police, was Marshall, 58, has had a distinguished 'when the street marches and 'floor of the plane, "and I must reason of insane delusion. anti-Negro, white
: Miami's first Negro policewoman found to contain considerablecash I legal career. As demonstrations have about run have been in a daze when I got Holston is charged with killing supremacist": textbook
"Despite these.occasional recruit is receiving and Is said to be the 'chief counsel for the NAACP, their course. There s'.iould: now up and tried to get off.. He Julian Foxworth, 11; William Richard Henry, president of
we have made setbacks training at the City of Miami property of the Smiths II I he steered the famous school be a shift from the streets to added that he does not remember White, 13; and Taylor McNeil, the Group on Advanced Leadership -
great Training Academy I II desegregation and other civil the conference room," said pushing to the floor 13, all of Pompano Beach. All (GOAL), said he removed
We have been anyone
making The new recruit is Carolyn Ms duugher, Marilyn, 14, from
I rights cases to success in the three were stabbed.
of the Brotherhood knocked
Randolph president alter he himself
progress In the employment Allera Clarke 20 of 2230 N.W < was
the class Monday
Supreme Court. He was named of Car Holston spent 14 months in a
field-because the Equal Em. 74th Street. A 1964 graduateo I Register ;Solicitor General by President Porters. Sleeping down. Bob M. Johnson found reformatory after another boy He said the action wad: taken
ployment Opportunity f Northwestern Senior High j Judge after two weeks of discussions.
Johnson on July 13, 196S and was fatally stabbed, but was
But he said demonstrations Miss not of
Commission Morgan guilty an
has two strong School, Miss Clarke is also : between GOAL and D:, Norman
,I :onflrmed released last December when
VOTE by Congress a month should not be abandoned assault but fined Dr.
arms and it has not been afraidto 1966 And charge,
a graduate of Miami-Dade later Drachler, acting Detroit
.i officials said his .conduct had
use both of them. We havean Junior College where she was 'I entirely, much as labor unions Campbell $50 or 25 days in schools superintendent
enforcement arm. But we also the first female Negro ** cannot surrender the right to jail. He paid the fine promptly, improved. duced no results
also have a second arm-the cadet strike. and continued Iris trip Miami, *

ii J 1\\t' ,

--- -




'jV\t>\" Ns =r=rrL, / <$ '* f I \
f \ 7 j* l!/ -- Ji i fT v > / '
Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company <* .x"" '*
i Tv T .

.. I : ) One of the favorite targets in the political shooting gallery !U
NEGRO P '- the War on Poverty. It t&g been a sitting duck for pot-shots
TlONAL from the extremists on the right extremists on the left and
i politicians looking for a headline or two.
As in any other war,the critics on the sidelines
ERIC 0. SIMPSON Mainlif have their own preconceived ideas of how It
...... Editor .
: should be run and.what is wrong with It. 3ut to li-I i iThe
those of us on the front lines of the battle against

HILDA WOOTEH....."circilatioB Maiifir < / poverty, it is clear that whatever their fallings,
ul't the current programs are an Important beginning]

W: % t./i. M_._. ._.nnl'mnUA_______ task-- nf- eliminating-------. -- w-t>OvertY.l. --- .1 .
k/u/r War on Poverty Is actually a number of tederal
\ \ most of them administered by the 0 I f Ice of Economic Oppor'
2323 Moicrief, Reed Pfcoie Ellis 4-5712 tunlty, headed by the energetic and dedicated Sargent Shrlvor
The War on Poverty has directly employed about 45,000
Mailinj Address & "il5r people in different programs; it has given almost a million '

P. 0. Bu 599 Jacksnvilli Florida 32201 children pre-school education in Operation Head Start; it has '
\ placed 700,000 young people in the work-study NeighborbOOd
MIAMI OFFICE / Youth Corps; it has put 200,000 youths in a college work-sfudy
LLtl( program; it has created a domestic Peace Corps-Vista- '
3rd Are which volunteers for an attack on slam
138 'NW Phut 377-1025 organize problems;
N It has placed thousands of unemployed youths (in the Job Corps
--- rhere they get the skills to compete for good jobs; and It has
SUBSCRIPTION RATES many other programs which have brought new hope where nope

.. One year, $6.00 Halt year, $4.00 existed before. .
'Called to you Anywhere in the united States Perhaps the most exciting of its programs is the Comm,inlty "
v. Subscription payable in advance Action Program. This provides federal assistance: for local
which develop to combat In
groups programs poverty their
or Money order to comma titles and enlist the poor in carrying out these progunu.By .
FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 599 involving the poor in doreloplng and adomUterlng programs -
Jacksonville I, Florida which they want, not programs which City flail or pro-
fessional bureaucrats think is good for them, CAP gives the
poor a stake in their own future. It goes a long way towards
Southern Governors' ThinkingWhile countering the apathy and the Indifference which are the typical

reactions to charity. By harnasshg the energies of poor
considerably better than "the people, and lively Ing them It this waf, the program is Qua I :,
good 'ole' days, these are turbulent A TEAM APPROACH IS NEEDED NOWI the mist important social Innovations in years. ,
for racial. relations. The Deep CAP programs are also a source of experimentation and new. '

times civil rights seeped ,- -- -- -- --- -- --- ------ --- -- -- --- -- Ideas, as groups on the local level develop unique ne* ap '
South's concern over I proaches. This Is one of the advantages to keeping the War on
recently into the Southern Governors' 1 Poverty out of the established government depa.rtments-tnno. '
conference which has dismissed this 1 I vation can thrive in a new, young and dependent department '

subject from their agenda.in Your Weekly free from the pressures and program rivalries of an older one.

the main, the delegates attending the CAP has borne the brunt of the attacks on the whole program, ,J
1 ; This Important program is threatened with the loss of funds In
1960 annual Conference of Southern Governors I favor of "safe" programs which don't step on quite so many

did not overlook the racial theme 1 1 toes, and so supporters of progress must be on guard against

which various governors expressed under Horoscope Guide weakening this Important phase of the War on P/verty,
these sub-classifications: Another slgniflcent accomplishment of the War on Poverty:: is l!
the unprecedented degree InwaichNegroesandothermlaoriUeshave
1. Denouncement of what has been termed 1 I nn been integrated Into good Jobs. No department has a '

federal intrusion into neighborhood higher percentage of Negroes on its payroll than OEO. Members :
schools. By PABLO The ASTROLOGER I II of minority groups hold one In four Jobs in OEO, 40) per '
cent of the Jobs in CAP, including 30 per cent of the top Jobs,
2. An appeal ought to be made to the II and 25 per cent of the memberships! on CAP boards.
President to soften federal guidelines I Rather than quibble about real or imagined shortcomings in

which all schools must follow to be I WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR I one or the other programs of the War on Poverty, critics would!
eligible for federal funds. 1i be more helpful if they spent their energies on trying to get
1 the program expanded. The War on :Poverty is budgeted at a
3, There should be strong denunciation i BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL I mere $1.7 billion, one of the smallest items in the federal

against demonstrators' "anarchy in the I I budget. Yet the goal of the program Is to eliminate the poverty

streets, or the need for a stronger I which afflicts one of everY six Americans.-Sur el.v this is-- a- .coal
--- --- -- -- -- ------ -- -- .- - I which needs far more funds.
stand against personal violence stemming -- - --- -- - -- .I
The $1.7 billion figure represents a mere 1/426th the gross
from the integration' 'burden placed on ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN national product; it is only l/64th of the federal budget. It Is a
back of the South, fraction of what we spend on the race it is far less than
IOIJl..IICH BORN lUIHEJUir'22ad BORN SEPT. .. space ;
There were the foregoVng'"ex&rj t e l I to' .
> ""rst's i i I what we spend onagricultureceneervatio+,normal govern
sions of sentiment ..the. r e c la-n''t : 2hMPtL1jJtfcIf | ,, ,,_ ,.J '( '' '', 23rd -.OCI., 23rd 22nd IAN. 19t.. 'mental expenses.,This nation must spend more or it will forever

governors' conference.. *T *?? s music ''When love reigns Pick your direction.'Many-cf;.' YOII'f8llot responsible.: trud'," ) in sight. The objective'ofyour I 1: '}have the curse of.poverty:i haunLaf.tIe-fond.!
the friend may be as hard to find, choice is out in
Governor of Louisiana .saldL have finished with standing
MCKeithan it may
and two hearts beat as one, you
If not ,difficult
more than a
something to this effect; "If the south Is sweet music to everyone preliminaries and are ready to faithful spouse. In Instances, \ full glare of the Sm.: The plans Take Opportunity In Audiology
that have drawn to scale
in life. With you up
within hearing I There is take the next step
would develop biracial committees with where circumstances to
: appear the heights that have first to
some enforcement powere, effective action a powerful urge to propose have and, there intuition should going not full bit blast any for excuse you, fit in with this belief, make be surmounted may be about If Negro youth wants unusual opportunities
where these formalities
could be designed to help foster good previously been dispensed with, for making serious errors that the most of the opportunities as perfect as you can make in employment, they must have

race relations in spite of the threat to to hasten the ringing of the you could never live down. In that the are case offered of single on Llbrans lst-3rd. them. And yet, that bugbear, training in some unusual field. We recommend
Those of who are well the unexpected, can almost be highly the fluid of
disharmony by "radical Negroes'Of wedding bells. In the event of you this may also be a chance to audiology, a
parental objections, or the priority established in your professions counted on to step In and mock study and practice in the non-medical
things to know matea
we are sure: (1)) Negro get a prospective cal-
rerdi tie peak of you by overthrowing your
of the of may your
duty, possibility little better. There are secret aspects of hearing and the education of
organizations have devised no effective culations. There is
a disappointment may also have earnirg! .,,/,er. Others who are something
plan to reach a goal of racial harmony; to be taken into account. The Just ti-cut sxrtlne: ou. must impediments that may be stand that so often darkens the pic- the hard of hearing and deaf.
rejection to the ing in the way of many of you, ture and puts you through the An audiologist to be
mucA type qualifiedin
and (2)) the Southern Governors have pro- more positive Arlans may give and it looks pretty doubtful as properly
simply walk off with their prize of Job or career that will pro- wringer of needless worry before the professional world, should have
no effective plans in this to whether there are any simple can achelve the desired
well fine you
Interest as
vide as
direction. Both sides apparently have regardless of anyone or remuneration. For many who ways to remove them. Be prepared results. Some of the trouble earned the M. A. degree, or preferably the
anything. But then this
even ,
for demands that
resolved to "stand be you may be caused by the fear of Ph.D. degree in audiology, plus an eligi-
pat" in front of the would be a form of gamble that have it made it could a
not be able to or willing
door Idea to a house and may criticism of your neighbors or bility for the Certificate of Clinical
of wholesome compromise. It may be best to avoid, at least good buy to meet by foreseeing them
for the time being. Where previous to devote yourselves to your pet and taking ycnr precautions. associates, or out of a wish not Competence in Audiology which is issued
unions have been blessed hobbies to dip too heavily into your by the American '
Speech and Association
If Alabama Can Do It with happiness, there may be 4 8088 -32-251 basic reserves. 9030 Old Georgetown Road,
a development that makes the
So Can Florida cup of Joy brim over. SCORPIO Washington, D. C.
LEO BORN OCT. The average salary earned working in a
of the County Fair have 2: AQUARIUS college
Officials Morgan or university, or rehabilitationcenter
BORN JULY 24tk NOV. 22nd
announced that three Negro students at BORN JAN. or with the Veterans Administration -

Lakeside High School in Decatur, Alabama, 23rd AUG. 22nd fry all routes. All the roads 20tb FEB. 18tb is about $10,000 to $12,000 a year.
have led to Rome once
will compete with eleven other contest- BORN APRIL Retain control. Yow are not a upon may a time but the same,cannotbe Be smooth. While you may However, a person, Who distinguishes himself -
ants for the title of Miss Tennessee Leo for,nothing. Fours is the about Nowadays in this field
20th MAY 20 said success. have all the Justification the can earn from $18,000
Valley Exposition. voice of authority that is not it could make all the world to trust your mate and to $25,000 annually in research and in
Naturally, this is probably the first You do it. There is something the often ignored time, and now Is Just difference as to whom you know other key associates, do not industry.
time that the beauty contest has been you may wish to be done accordto Take right tomaJcelt\ heard. and how well. The cor reel poll- think this gives you the privilege The audiologist
up causes that will benefit gives tests of
your pwu likes, and you had tical or organizational connection to dominate. Everything
integrated in Alabama.. better do it at once without consulting your neighborhood, comm here and and a few influential that is decided and planned, makes educational placement of the hard

Governor Wallace is fanning up a lot anyone or asking for ap- unity the, fatnilies dear and that the futureof backers there, and you can including financial management of hearing, teaches auditory traini.,

of dust on his camping frounds, and per- proval. Should you decide to your ones heart. On are the closest other- have it made in record time. (, must be fully satisfactory lipreading, and oral language to the hard
haps he didn't read the announcement of otherwise, you are inviting delays hand, it is no time to overthrowthe But if you are a lone wolf or to both sides alike before success of hearing and/or deaf.
and arguments with the too proud to ask, you may find can be achieved. Should There
, thid beauty contest because of the dust possibility that you may have strict economic policiesthat the doors closed to you no it be the partner who is too free are some 60 to 70 colleges and

he is raising in state circles. Be thatas to forget the whole thing as a may have been made necessary matter how hard you poundon or' reckless with Joint holdings, universities offering this training ip

it may, the first Integrated beauty result The days when you individual by changing trends In them. Tact, diplomacy and you would then have reason to the united states after one graduates
your or professional
' is underway, and may the most beautifulgirl are being favored and when you affairs. The danger cf an "in" in high places could speak up to protect your own from an undergraduate college or univer-
overextending -
should retain be the sole factors that will interests.
complete freedom Only, there are different sity in speech
win.Beauty. Is
yourself correction.
of decision and action are the presentand remove obstacles that are lying ways of tackling probe Florida AIM
may be only skin deep, but no lst-3rd. Keep your dear ones This should does not be guarded apply in against in your path. lems. Those that call for tact University the offers a foundation program on

one race has a monopoly on it. Every and other members of the family where you are hard at cases work and persuasion have a far better undergraduate level and upon graduation -
racial group under the sun can boast of group in the dirk so u tofore- perfecting your talents chance than others that are the student is eligible to enter

of its beautiful women. The American stall emotional scenes 68 60S more on the forceful side some graduate school providing his grades

Negro can produce them in all colors and 5.70 .* SAGITTARIUSBORN 6-30-77-17-51-378 are better than average B and more.

shades, sizes and proportions, and what- NOV. the Florida A&M University training program -
haveyou.If PISCES in speech and hearing is
GEMINI 23rd DEC. 21st under the
Alabama can put on a desegregated BORN AUG. BORN FEB., auspices of the department of speech and
beauty contest, 'God knows" the rest BORN MAY 23rd SEPT. 22od Nothing Is sure. WhIle the Drama.
19tk MAR 2011
,picture looks u rosy as It could
2ht JUNE 21st
of the Deep south and Florida can Do not disturb. Anything that You know
possibly be on the surface, you that's all. It no
Ifs knowledge that counts. is important or that has to do have to allow for unexpected doubt rolls you when people Dentist' Deserves CommendationA

THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY Geminlans, as a group, can with should your pecuniary interests developments or ,official keep asking you "bow do you
be discussed behind
become easily bored when they only regulations to upset the best- know this?' They simply can- Delray Beach Negro dentist
Sept. 28, 1935 The late James Weldou Johnson became a reguh are tied ;down to a single and closed doors Nosey neighbors laid of plans. Those of you who not understand that your In. L. James Dr. Thomas
: lecturer at New York t7n1ver.u,. sedentary occupation. Your and, perhaps, a few membersof recognize this danger ahead of tuition or occult powers are recently retired from the Navy
active mind constantly calls the family, cannot always be time, either by feeling or by the best and most reliable Department as of July 1, 1966 with the

Sept. 28, 1951 Dr. Ralph J. Bunch appointed undersecretary for change, and new and interesting trusted had better not to repeat things that deduction, may manage to cir sources Information. Adhere rank of LCDR, equivalent to 'a Major in
of the United Nations. Jobs that are as informative remain la the dark cumvent the possible obstaclesand to this belief and you possibly the Marine Corps.
as they are remnerative. revelations( as to achieve your. ends' in a will benefit vocationally and The dentist'a service
Sept. 28, 1783 Dhvld Walker, antl-slavery author, was born. tat at the s a m e t..L\O what your aims and purposes roundabout way. Good social financially on the lst-3rd. It the decorations Include
could Presidential
Sept. 29, 1919 Miles Putter aad Robert Croskey lunched la you cannot afford to s pre a d are to prevent their achievement and public relations may always will be another matter to try 1st unit Korean citation;
Montgomery, Ala.Sept. yourself tout so thin as to wIG your detriment and be considered u precious assets and convince an associate that Marine Division Korean Service Rib
.sight of :a definite goal and disappointment Gel tilings done that can do away with red your lead is the one to be bons with three battle stars, china serif -
30, 1C93: Booker T. Washington wedded for third time. the success that would go withit. quickly on the 1st- rd when tape and other difficulties that followed, but you must try for ? : Japanese Occupation
; National
you are being highly favored. De
Thosq w\ r.re studying and modern life Imposes. Be the common cause. Many :
His bride was Miss Maggie James Murray, risk (Nashville) But careful things American Service
during this time, let nothing that and a purple Heart.
UDlvers1t1I1'aduate. perfecting :trie :.s that they about revealing your hand come to your attention
really possess r".o more fortunate come between you and Inadvertently to the wrong peo- seem to be exaggerated beyond Dr.! jajnea: received the dentistry degree

Sept. 30, 1949 Hallle .,.. .,rows, former dean,',Tuskegee than uaJf': :. and the devoted one who is most faithful ple who can make your progress reason. You should do nothing from Meharry Medical College, Nashville,
Institute, died. 6-20499. 14.71.565 2-30-88-17-33-123 ally or should be., i much rougher than,it need be. under pressure* Tennessee, in 1951. He is. a native 'of 'pensacola. Florida.

,4 .11 ,I''l



:.SITiillY ; ;1,1966: ; ; mm pm J .

William Raines' Club Met Recently

\ Gray Party ?' ( e ; : SOCIALLY GJEAKING I Ii ,I

Defeats Reds i With Louise

u. _
---- -----------------
Final tabulations: from the
voting machines used at William ? .Elizabeth Redding was hostess' Gwendolyn Smith make up the other committee -

Raines High School ended witha as L'Allegro Bridge Club .
victory for the Cray Party launched activities for the
over the Red Party. ............
The purpose of the event was t
an all school election designedto Mrs. Redding had as guest Josephine Cleveland and Evelyn Hugheswere

expose students to democratic players Ida. Clark Dean of uuest players when Gems Bridge Club
election procedures elict! S Women at Edward Waters College met last Frldav evenlna. .. Sylvester

officers fjr the student council ; Rose Peppers ; and j Bossard washostess..
the senior class and ?: -
tzti/es from candidates repre who # Evelyn Barnes. Each guest Mrs. Hughes was the recipient of the

will represent the school during eiq received a token from the hostess. guest prizes, while Lois Avery, Geneva

festive events and other school Prizes for outstanding performance in Wheeler, and Marie McClain were recipientsof
activities daring\ the school i y the bridge session club I prizes.I
1 i were awarded to Vivian
year It was announced. the **
t. 0. Ingram; Margaret Mitchell and Geneva
The winners were: Senior ,, ..,.
t date
class president, Carl May;vice < Henderson. Friday evening, September 30 Is the

president, Leon Bland; record- The party was held on the patio at the of the Bridge-Whist Tournament for the

Ing secretary Mildred Reddings lovely ninth avenue residence. NAACP, to be held in the Knights of
Pearson; Essie Mobley, corresponding IfMEMBERS Pythias Building on Broad Street.
A delicious
secretary; Flossie __._. .. ., repast headed by barbecue,
Cooper treasurer; Vincent --a '''' _II,....... was served. The affair, which is soonsored by Gems

Dickerson, business manager; Julia Hazzard, ElIzabeth Jasmin Florence Bridge Club, Is expected to be attended

Joan Fowler, chaplain; Harold of the Loyal Friends social Saving Club Turner Jessie Fears, Sadie Tillis I and by representatives of social clubs I
Carmichael sgt.-at-.jms. recently met in sororities and fraternities.
the home of Rebecca Martin other partici-
Student Council officers are: Mrs. Essie Brooks, 1585 W. 35th Street. Mrs. Eula were among

Theodore Thomas, president; Tyler served as hostess. From left are: Mrs. Essie Brooks, chap- pants. S.A. Hull, WEDDING BELLS' i
Larry Thomas, vice president; lain ; Mrs. Jessie Morris financial
secretary; Mrs. Claretha ............
Sharon Cannon recording Norris Rochestar Vlck, 702 W. Monroe -
president ; Mrs. Viola Tyler and Miss Cassandra PTA Officers
secretary; Janice Cobb, financial secretary. Miss Silvia Masha Norris The 1966 Fall Mental Health series for St., 22 and Delores Brown, '
secretary; Cynthia Purdy, treasurer conducted a 'business 1118 Clay St., 24.
treasurer; John Harris, busi- meeting October II 18, and 25, and November I Elected Recently
ness manager and Gwendolyn and 18 is being sponsored by the Jackson- Harold Lavern Holmes 1036
The PTA of S. A. Hull Ele-
Baker, chaplain. ville Alumnae Chapter of Delta W. 23rd St., 26 and Dorothy
Richie Lynn Brown won the I T7ME I Fall Mental Health Series Theta Sorority. The Myrtle Avenue Branch Sigma meeting mentary School of the year at their, elected first Lee Ford, 5519 Vernon Rd.,23.
title of "Miss William Raines"with .
.-crAVERS"SEASONAL Library will provide the setting for the its corp of officers for the
Doris Cobb and Joanne Presented Delta Joe Lee Marshall,941 E.AshleySt.
Mclaughlin as 10th and 11th By SororityThe events, with the final program being held 1966-67 term. The officers ., 18 and MayomU Baler,

grade attendants. Jacksonville Alumna''Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta at the Haydon Burns Library. elected President art: Mrs. Dorothy 822 E. Ashley St., 19.

"Miss Junior School" will be :' SHORT CUTS"In Sorority Inc, will present Its 19C6 Fall Mental Health series, Dr. William H. Geiger Mrs. L. B. Wright. Ward; trice,president,Mrs Joan ,Herman Harris Griffin, Ponte
represented by Diane Coroners most parts of the country, Oct. 11-19 and 23. swl !Hv and H. Cecil Sewall and Dr. William I I I C. Youngare Davis; recording secretary, Vedra Beach Fla., 24 and
The attendants will be Belinda winter l Isn't the longest neaaoii' The purpose of the series Is scene of U3 program with the among individuals who will Mrs Elizabeth Powell Sarah Lee Byrd, 502 Shadows
on ;
Bryant and Susan Wright. Ete- of the 'E'HI.--It' JUlt leE'ml that Ave., Jar Beach Fla. 28.
to help citizens in the community last prgram at Hayden Burns the financial Mrs. Mat- ,
The secretary,
kiel Bryant intern principal; WI)', lint miles you live on an become rare and program. Forest High Thespianswill
Mrs. A. M. Redding and Mrs. Iceberg thqjcr ran tie do a to good itreamllnx manythhll1'l develop>> a deeper understanding Library.With the cooperation of the present a play, ""What' Did I Do? ""' tie Clarence Wallace McNair; treasurer reporter Dr. Donald King 331 Carolina It.,
Juanita Davis, coordinated the your housekeeping for an easier of the problems of Mental Mental Health Association of the November 18. The group Is directed by E. Mrs. Celestine Jenkins; ; chaplain -, 31 and Lynia Louise Harrington,
election. (If not hoitei') winter Health, It was announced. The county, the sorority will pre- Jane Poster. Rev. H. Edwards; and 2528 Summit St., 27.
i-- -.* -- -- 1 Recolor and repair at the public may attend all sessions saat outstanding speakers and The Mental Health Is one of the five parliamentarian, Mrs. Naomi
time'on make
tame : can n
Charles Chlsolm 1159 Community
with -
emphasis on parents and the subject
authorities on
! Fight Canceri..j: fading color to another on slipcover season or wltb upholstery teenagers. The topic> for the opening session point programs of Delta, being sponsored Griffin.The Executive Board.is making Ct., 24 and Joyce Ann I

the aid of one of the new aerosol Myrtle AvaaJe 3ranch Library13th will be ,"The Nature of throughout the nation. plans for Installation ceremonies Huff, 724 Court A. 18.
fabric Hpiaya and Myrtle, will be theDon't Mental Health"wlth William H. Miss Louvenia Soloman is president of and appointment of Richard Allen Austin. 1519 Madison -

Geiger, M.n., u .peaker. the plannng committee; Lillian I G. Small functioning: committees for the St., 18 and Delta LM
Parents are People> Too with, Is project chairman; Gwendolyn Chandler; term. The executive body also Brown, 1519 Madison St., II.
will be the subject Oct. 18 Geraldine voted to meet the third Tuesday
M. Walker ; Mrs. Winona C.
Mrs. L. B. Wright, A.CJ5.W., night before the regular monthly William Nathaniel Lucas 3320
Psychiatric Social worker as Alexander : Mrs. Emma Brown ; and Miss meeting which convenes on the Japonica Rd., 33 and Dorothy

speaker. third Thursday evening of each Durham Logan, 2730 Begonia
will speak from
Cecil Sewell month. Rd., 39.
the topic>> "Understanding the
Teenager and Alcohol,"Oct.2S. Dr. Moore Becomes TEA TIME 1
Dr. William C. Young of the YOUR PICTURES ''
State Board of Health,will speak
"The Teen First Negro A Parish Tea will be held
from the theme! '
Years," Nov. 1. Oct. 9 from 4 to 6 p.m., In the PUBLISHED FREE
"What Did I Do'l" will be the Of AssociationDr. Myrtle Avenue Branch Library,

.. ,.. title of a play to be presentedNov climaxing the financial drive Call The
Richard V. presI- for the Sh.ptual'arlthl
the, Forest HiebThespana Moore II
18by ,,
t.." \"'. under" dlrecuin of dent t'ot ,Betbune-Cookman Mr s.r' Chandler, li L : Slat; "

: :: runsut Mrs. E.will Jane begin Porter.at 7:30:All p.m.programs -' .presidentof College, became Associated the first Negro Mid- and brarian'Music it H4yairf Department Dams. ,will Art PhotographerTo ;

Committee members are: Florida Colleges, Inc. He succeeds review the book "Everythingthat
Miss Louvenla E. Solomaa, Dr. William Kadel, Rises Must Converge,"
president Mrs. Lillian G. president of Florida PresbyDR. by Flannery Conner. Cover Your
The New Stanton Glee Club,
chairman Mrs. ..
Small, project ;
Gwendolyn Chandler,Mrs.Geraldine under direction of Mrs. Alphah. Church Events' Teas Banquets
Moore will render the music ,
M. Walker, Mrs. Winona
Bernadette Guild mem II
and St.
C.Brown Alexander and ,Miss Mrs.Gwendolyn Emma B. # e( 'sM bers will be hostesses. Miss Weddings, Fraternal Meetings,
Serena Joyner Is general chair

Smith man. Social Events Birthday Parties
.a '- -' Pledges and contributions art
.. ti
i Solomon Jones to be paid to the committee.
z Church of Crucifixion, Mrs e FREE OF CHARGE .... ... .
P Elected County Louise Mateke, M r.. Julia

PTA PresidentThe St.Holly Plus, Mrs.Church Minnie Mrs.Tolllver Maude; Call 2 Days In Advance Of bent

Avellhe, Mrs Mable White,
Duval County Council PTA Mrs. Dorothy Turner, Mrs. Phone 3546782 From 9am To 6pm.
1 Execut've Board held its election Lavenia Mathls t Mrs. Mary

t for the propose of electing Breaker, Mrs Janie R. NOTE. YOUHAY PURCHASE COPIES
w4Irtt1r Miss Janet Price and ;
a president and second vice Reynolds, .

president, with W. K. Harper, RICHARD MOORE Mrs. Lorraine Pbelts. FOR ,YOUR SCRAPBOOK
past state president presiding. "s
'- Solomon Jones, treasurer of terian College. St. Petersburg.
the group, was elected presi- Other officers elected Included
dent and Mrs. Mary Washington, Dr. Charles T. Thrift Jr.,
t 4i'aitl' second 'vice president. Mrs.E. president of Funds Southernat RAY CHARLESIn j

Burns was elected treasurer. Lakeland, named vice president -
Officers present were: W. K. : ; Dr. Hugh F. McKean,
of the Harper, M. H. Threadcraft Sr., president of Rollins College! ,
.. George Harris, Solomon Jones, Winter Park named secretaryand .1: Person
tw.. Smooth Canadian, Mrs. Susie Shelton, district treasurer and Paul C.
: president Mrs. Mary Washington of Stetson
;.Mwwr Seagram's V.O. ; Parker, president
Mrs. D. Grant, Mrs. University, Deland was elected His 17 PC Bond
Thelma Ray, Mrs. E, Burns executive klrector. The association I L-
and Mrs. H. Holman. meeting was held on the ::
to o.rwrMOv Rollins campus. Its head -
quarters is. located at Stetson I ( --
University Deland. Florida.
The corporation organized
R four years ago and includes TheIi'
five private, independent colleges f \\
bordering on Interstate
1 4 In Central Florida. The
schools work together on: Area
studies program coordinationand Ray
( 'AJW development; business coordination
; curriculum coordination -
; development of
w machinery making Joint requests -
for government and J Singers
l tti private foundation funds; and
p ar0
exchange offering
overseas study programs.
Currently there are 41 women -
and five men from the five Jacksonville Coliseum

schools studying for one yearIn Plus
France Germany Italy and
oneeN Friday October 7
are from Bethune-Cookman ,
'.'. e p -
Events -
nw Orchid Ladles Social Club
K he. will present a Fall Tea Oct. 16
in the home of Mrs.Daisy Johnson
1443 w. 6th Street A program $2.50
DOOR $3.00
'de( will be presented.

"DR DED' Usher Board 2 of First New
Zion Baptist Church will sponsor TICKETS ON SALE AT: Hollywood Music Store, 605 W. Ashley Bob' 3

Beef at its Best A 1 a Spiritual Tea Oct. gin the homeof Record Shop, 728 W. Ashley Buster Ford's Birdland, 904 E.

W. Mrs.45m llary L. Adams, 2710 Union Johnny Springleton's, Phillips Highway Bubber's
from 4 to 6 p.m.i
Mrs; Annie Bell Williams will be Berrier s Ice Cream 45th Street& Moncrief.I .
the speaker M

I tI 4 ,\ 1

- ; ,w. . . _" ._. iiJIZIi .

T::: i ; ;; SATURDAY OCTOBER. 1 1:1:

Love Night To .Be>-It"Presented f .. Speaking For Negro College Fund Musical' Event I I '

... L
--- ------- ---- -
Sunbeam Spiritual Singers will i present "Love NlgM" Presented In
Baptist Church, hooorlnfMrJLTlianis !.
Sunday at 8 p.m., la Evergreen
: '-........ Mt.SiHii:' CHURCH OF GOD
TT>, participants arc: Sunbeams, McCall Gospel Singers, lijtM"Joieph Pastoral Day will be celebrated Sunday In the Church i
Starlights SUveralres, Gospel Echoettes, BifiD Specials: 1 ;v a YfrM. 1". liogT'Mrs. God In Christ 4 with Elder W.F. Faust, pastor In char ji..
Excelsolrs, Celestials, Mrs. Essie MM Thomas, Mrs. Sarah Catherine W. Skyes and Cass The services begin with the Sunday School at 10 a.m., witi,
Wilson, Mrs. Bertha Harris and trio, Traveling Stars,Thomas W. Shoots will be presented .. Emma Levy presiding The lesson, "Isaiah the Will
Singers, Voices of Jerusalem, Dixie Jnbiless, Robert Prater, In t musical program entitled fag Prophet," will be reviewed by toe pastor.
Mrs. Rosetta CobD, Choir 2, Latimore Singers, Tbelmarettes, "songs of Yesteryear," Oct. 9 Morning service commences at 12 o'clock with Choir Ian
Octovettes and Deacon Charlie CIsero. at 6:45 p.m.iD..t.S1Da1B8pt1at Usher Board 1 leading the processional. Elder 0.$. Anders
Church. will direct toe music and Mrs. C. Faust and Miss D. Faust]

Other participants will will preside at the Instruments. YPWW begins at 7 p.m,
Include: Heraldalres, Choirs 1, Elder Edward Spiller presiding, and evening service at 8

[ "RegTslefNOW"! ]; Samule 2, and 3,Grant James Deacon Harvey,Edward Deacon o'clock. ..............

tm ,J. Blackman Mrs. Emma Hair, WALTERS MEMORIAL
'Mrs Anne Smith, youth choir Rev. H.C. Archie, pastor of Walters Memorial AME Zion
Rev.7., L.".Sanders, Mrs. Lily Church, announced that the services Sunday begin with the
D. Hair, Mrs. Ruby B. Allen Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Miss Amy Moreland In Charge
? A i Ralph Smith and Mrs. Mary The topic! "The Weeping Prophet," will be reviewed by the
DAVIS B. Brown. Rev. Mr. Arcnie.
C Mrs. Classic B. Long win The Holy Communion will be administered during the major
serve u dean of hostesses and services, the pastor announced. Rev. W J. Llmbrlc, presiding
Mrs. Flossie M. Rhom, Mis elder of the Jacksonville District, will deliver the sermons foi
tress of the services.M .
Ceremonies. Mrs.
service begins at 11 o'clock and the Christian En-
MOREFLOOR Josephine B. Jones is
Guests will Include sponsor.the deavor Hour will be held at 5 p.m., with Mrs. Mary Leavy
service commences at 7 o'clock.
In charge. The evening
Friendly Westside Choirs
Choir 2 will serve with Mrs. Vera J.
Usher Board 1 and
Union Miss Rose Marie Jones
LEVEL .. __. gyn._ -f.: .:- .oJ -?__.._,,.r',_ ......r ._ ___..-JI Westside Rogers at the Instrument. '
and the Friendly
James S. Avery, principal speaker at the annual report dinner of the United Negro College Ushers Union. Oct. 9, an appreciation program will be given for Rev.

Fund la Buffalo, New York, Is shown with J. Milton Zeckhauser, left, UNCF board chairmanfor ..... ... ..._ AJ. Odum, assistant pastor, beginning at 8 p.m. Men's
: Western New York State, and Robert Lang. Miller, right, 1966 campaign: chairman for T Day will be observed Nov. 13 with Arnett P. Rogers u
ATuaa the area Mr. Avery spoke u a representative of the UNCF national headquarters. With J Fight CiHcer chairman and Andrew Jackson, co-chairman.
a Humble Oil t Refining Company New York City, be Is a national rice chairman of this year's ; *************
Fund campaign for more than five million dollars.
I.--- SIMPSON METHODIST ,.. .......,
'..'.''.'.'.. I
Methodist Church women won observe ---

F' $5000TRADE St. Avgistiiia's Baptist Church TWO MINUTES: day Cowse Simpson Oct.UI\UIr.9\with Mrs.Mary Marcl'Gibson Jackson co-chairmen.u chairman; Mrs.at U Mary

Mr..V.lma j 1(. BaDDermaD will be the speaker a.m,

i Hosts Amtnal SessionThe JrVTH THE BIBLE and Miss Jacquelyn Smith Smith, guest, soloist. Mrs Mrs. name i.

63rd annual session of the Union St. James Baptist IT COINIUU MIAN WU i. mm tOCNTVCMCAOJO Para SLTvffl35IM guest superintendent for the Sunday

Association will convene Oct. 5-9 In St. Marys Baptist lUMOM M U School
? ;t3. Church, St. Augustus, according to Rev. C J. Watkins moderator 'lbe 50 captains will represent the United States The
evening service will feature "States on Parade. The per-
The pr.-q>eDlne program will be presented by members of son reporting the largest financial report will be given a
f the church Rev H.L Patterson, pastor said. MORE THAN CONQUERORS trip to Nassau.Irookly.
The participants Include: Mrs. Clara Jones, Mrs Ethel Carter -
Mrs. Ethel Jenkins, Mrs Hazel McKinney, H.M.Paullne, Two boys fight In a back alley. Battle stronger than when he went Zetas To Work
Rev J.W. Walker, Rev. C.A. Weaver, Rev. R.L. Wilson, Rev Fists Ay. Shout go up from the In. Only the Christian can say
E. Gardner, Mrs. R.L. Allen, Mrs W.L. Smith, Mrs. S.L. other kids standing by. "Give it with regard to the heartache and tJn Wed MothersDelta
Badger, Mrs H.L. Patterson, Miss Lillian G. Johnson Mrs ;to iml Iet'iii have it I" disappointment, the sickness, the With

Emily Adams, Rev. D.B. Barnes, Rev. W.E. Young, Rev D.E. Finally one of the two walk away difficulties and obstacles, that cross Alpha Zeta Chapter of1', Amicu group will continue to
Slngletary, Rev H.L. Baker, Rev. S.L. Badger, Rev. J.M. with a cocky bearing head and his path: "Nay, in alt these things Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. sponsor Its 'Charm Workshop'
Kacelton, Rev R. Hetekalh. Rev JX Wrigbt, Rev H.L, shoulders wagging. He has wont we are more than onqiurori;throughlim has u Its 1966-67 program for teenage girls between IS
Herod, Rev. C.W. Whltten.! Rev. S.M. Stilts, Rev E. Durr, But ha he Look at him. He that loved us" (Rom. 8.37). "Helping Un-Wed Mothers" to and 17 years The group hu

.--Rev. EJ>. Brown and Mrs. C.J. Watkins. "has a bloody note, a black eye and During Paul's busy ministry for help themselves and to better found this project most gratifying !
welts on his face and arm And Christ he suffered a painful adjust educationally, economically since eac h year for over
SOLARA CALENDAR Sister R. Cohen looks could kill he wouldn't even In the flesh," and "besought the and socially. Membersof five years 20 or more teenage
COUNTERFLOW HEATER -The most be alive, for while his friends shout
have been
takeA girls presented to
Lord thrice" that it might be the chapter will work with
effective home heat available today. Puts volumes of EVENTSMiss his praises, the boy he hi beaten
their friends at
Voices away. The Lord did not see 6t to' the goup of un-wed mothers in an Invitational
traveling floor level heat into the home. Warmer Essie Mae Scott will be Sponsors give him a look that says: "Juit remove the thorn but answered remedial reading, remedial 'Formal' Party and Dance culminating

floors guaranteed I presented in "Songs of Zion" Of JerusalemThe wait. He hat not won anything Paul: "My grace is sufficient for math, and various career areas I the Charm Course
Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. In St. Stephen except, perhaps, a bitter and tailing thee, for My strength is made per' "How to enjoy healthier and sessions.
AME Church In interest of the First Born Temple, 825 enemy.So fect in weakness" (11 Cor. 12,9): ). 'better living" will be the major Delta Alpha Zeta Sorors who
Ql1Iokep 1mS"995 i iPRICES Women's Day celebration, which Monroe St., Rev. Hill, pastor, It Ii with the war that nation topic discussed and presented ,will pilot the Brooklyn Zetas
has.been. scheduled for Oct 23. will be the scene of a program wage against each other. Necessary Paul's response: "Most gladly by those in authority to the during 1966-67 are Naomi
The program Is being sponsored featuring the Voice of Jerusalem -. a* It sometimes become to defend therefore will I rather glory in mine group so that there will be a Chandler, bas lie us; Dorothy
the Club our liberties, our home, our way trinities( that the pdwer of Chri.tmay Bass first anlt baslleus
by Budget Mrs L. Singers, Monday- night better knowledge and understanding ;Elgiva
Genwright, president. Also ap- October 3, at 8:3O: p.m. of life, by force of arm, seldom rest upon me ,I take pleasure of how to adjust Ball, second anti baslleus; Rebecca
AS LOW AS' V) fresTtag rwillK;?bei> 6&"'Female "All r singers' and J the public doe any nation actuaUy win In war. i I"infirmities! ; for when/ I am weak l ; socially.as.well.as,economically. Cave, grammateus; Julia
tbOf"- 'd Zlon' Hope,' Choir 3,. are Invited to attend.. J Rather alt toseeven; the ''victor*," theniant I,singVers( 9lp, ). .; Workshop sessions will StUh, tamlas: Wllhelmlna CU-
f i Zlon i Hope,'* Choirs '2.and'3 c4. .8teterltoseitaCohenepoosoA a* in their "vlctorW they *owthebHtemetTkriVl Let'. UjgO ,';'tl1'I,landwearqprwet6 ; : ibfr held "weekly);for'at least Christ,:,f ami!as grammateus;
Trinity Baptist Church Mrs fa\e which. ,are '
J (\8. Marian Whltehead will serve as District 9 Of'first seeds of future war ives. Adversity,on the other hand, already expressed desire for tarlan and Louise Batson, director .
mistress of ceremonies It i II different, however,with "the makes Christians pray the' harder help. f publicity.
& ********** Corinth food fight of the faith;" for the and lean the more-and therein lies While the sorority chapter-
-:: The Young Women of Allen of Christian nfty come out of eyery lbei !rengthn..Pc I lr ktory: works with unwed mothers the
..ar St. Stephen AME Church will
Observes Anniversary -
present a Hair Style and Fashion AnniversariesSet
Show Oct. 9 at 8 In the First .
AIl p.m., District 9 of Corinth
11'r educational building of the church Baptist Church will observeIts For NOW!
featuring permanent wigs, and anniversary Sunday at 3:30:
bale pieces. The 'theme Is, p.m., in the church auditorium. Mark LOCATIONS
"Youth.On the Go." Rev. A. Hlllard will deliver St. Baptist TO SERVE YOU3118W.EdyewoodAve.
the sermon and the youth choir Greater St. Mark Baptist'
Mrs. Kartha!: R. McGowan and .
will serve. Church, Mayport, will observe
B&s Ten Johnson will be pre
sented In an "Evening of Sacred Districts 2 of Day Spring, 2 the 80th" anniversary of the. 3701 EMERSON
Songs," Sunday at 8 p.m., In St. of Central Baptist and 1 of .church and the fourth of Rev. 830 CASSA AVE.
1 Stephen AME Church. Mrs. First Corinth Baptist Churches W. C. Robinson, pastor, begin 1824 WEST BEAVER
} Audrey Fisher will serve as mistress will be guests. The Chiming ning Monday and continuing
SMART BUY: t'CONTEMPORARY of ceremonies. The Bells and Queues will participate through Oct. 9. '

program Is being sponsored by on program. Ministers to participate are
DINING ROOM BY BASSETT Mrs. Marine Ledbetter, in interest Elders R. Howard, H. Cohen, SMOKED C
of the annual Women's Day Neal Bland' Reverends E. Peterson, A. Arnold
KEY II-priced so low you can afford it. even on .a celebration. C. Cutty, H. H. Wright,
beginning budget. A masterpiece'ln design and crafts. ......... Set For RecitalNeal J. James, R. Robinson, EldersC. 39
manship-In Woodstock Mahogany or Tavern Walnut On October Z, 1966 Matthew- Cooper, S. Smith, Starts.. PICNICS I
finish protected by Du Pont Dulux Matching Formica* Scipplo Academy will be Bland, organist for the The ministers will be accompanied LB.
tops. presenting its Chorus In a United Choirs and Male Chorusof by their congregations.
St. Stephen AME Church will
Musical Recital at the Church of ,
36" China Table with < be presented In a. musical recital
God Faith 1964 McQuade
Formica Top-4 Chairs .. S249 Street, beginning at 3:00 O'clock. Oct. 9 in the church auditorium. World News Digest C
He will be hard
singing hymns,
The public has been Invited to at-
splrtuals, classics, semi-
tend classics and gospel selections. FREEDOM VOTEDJIBOUTHNPOFrance's 1 25

'& Mr. Bland will also render Instrumental last)
3VdC.Zk.G-XO CBEP': The Singing Wonders will fe selections.The colonial territory on the Arlcan LB.
featured in a gospel program recital is being sponsoredby continent Is scheduled to hold a'
Sunday In Palmer Grove Baptist the Women's Day Committeefor plebiscite on Independence between -,
GAS RANGE Church, and sponsored by the celebration, which has now and next July 1. The
Mrs. M. Under. Other singing been scheduled for Oct. 23. move, which followed swiftly theantiFrench DUBUQUE SMOKEDSAUSAGE
groups have been Invited to Mr. Bland Is also a faculty riots that greeted
attend. member at Stanton Vocational President Charles de Gaulle last a
,,. High School.FAMU. Aug. 26, may mean the colony's! bt. .
[ <. .' 83,000 residents will become an. $

: ::iC'- Instructor Independent.. entity or align Itselfwith
Somalia-the Independent"trin'tanation
RegisterHelp Assigned 6f former British

I Q@ and Italian Somalilands. i i
.. 2.
To Kenema CHOPS
Help! Help! PRODUCER .,,
SIERRA LEONE, West Africa years
In. A Florida AIM Zambia expects to become entirely .
Riesmlt Ubiverttty
Instructor has been assignedhere self-supplying in sugar via. .
the NakambaU sugar estate, according -'
Ga. in Kenema u a machinist
specialist for the next two to the Zambia Sugar BACON 2lbs.
Dili" Company. The firm made this
Sjiritnl. NialirRe years.
Fletcher Battle Jr., who is disclosure after a general meet-
: 2050,34W Roosevelt Franklin of Ma- employed at Florida A4U llniverslty log at which the share capital was
u an Instructor Increased: by $S.C million,part of TERRIFIC FOR THOSE GREENS-
; t .' Divine Spiritual Healer In automotive 'technology Is which will be used to build a sugar MEATY
\ Jesus Is truly giving blessingsand on a leave of absence from refinery at Ndols> .
_____ victory to muyMqple( >l It: his position at FAMU to work SMOKED NECK BONES 3ib,
problems under the U. S. Area d International -
!YOURS.See or write me today. W ASHINGTONNPI.rle.. "
l Development
Red Wheal Lt-Ttmp Control chrome plated non tilt licks remov
able door lull dtliixt chrome handles option! rotiutnt' kit, I have a special message every sponsored by till Hampton Institute of nice regional meetings with WESTERN
window, and light 20 inch wide oven 'Inferior lugs' itw'n com. Doe's .in need for. Rural Training Institute Indian tribal leaders will be held
ptrtmtnt, inks panel bckfurd continued type frittt clock Lest during October and
people by
ilk many, many here Battle Is a 19S7
and 1 hour timtr, 110 dnp top puKtUIn, drip' treys loll outlIforl.r graduate the Office of Indian Affairs to
Vere neTpeiTiylmr special SPARE
2 pic smokeless broiltr pin 4 ""IIv.ltrl. of Hampton with a bachelor of RIBS 3.bs
.selected Bible reading to bereU science degree In auto diesel discuss proposals for new lettslatlon .
INSTALLED WITH TANK GAS FREE each weekend. If you want mechanics He fcas attended the and other'matten.afInterest
j to be delivered ulckly,.send General Motors Institute to the red men. The|
$1000 DOWN LOWTK5SrHlY f 1.00 and aeelf] -addresaed( envelope special training program in 'meetings which will begin Oct.S BOILING
to Rev Qoosevelt Frank- Jacksonville each summer ,, and end Nov. 30, will beheld
Us 630 Morrow AU., Macon,* since 1961. In Minneapolis, Billings, Mont.;
Georgia. Phone:745-M75, / Battle Is A native of East Spokane, Wash.; Juneaa, Alaska; BACON Sib
Ton will get these special se* Chicago Ind. and UM Oklahoma City, Window Rock
IIJ1Ti of
1Sr ,wrmui> son ArU-rAlfewpMrstOtT-N. Mez. and
lections and Bible verses by) ;
Mrs. Nona Battle of W IS
lSfr Wft. Eli.!?** Corey
return aWL ,St, EastChlcagx., ,Las Vejas, Nen UM m (H juutu sun u lixr IT CHANNEL 4


}, 1.i I.T .

-- ----



I Federal Court Hears Rights Leader Major- "Dormoes'RESIDENCE '" Former Rights Chief Attorney Replaces' : I

6 Ala. Job Bias Cases Facing Jill Named News Editor Dr. Dent On BoardNEW


BIRMINGHAM Job bias charges In 260 cases It was CHICAGO -(NPI)> Another NEW YORKNPI- Earl Revlus Ortique, was last week:
cases against five Southern Industrial successful in seeking a Just militant rights leader faced the Drown, former New York City :appointed to the 12-mem'3r
giants were beard in settlement in 19 cases, and is prospect of going to Jail u commissioner on human rights, Federal Hospital Council replacing -
Federal District Court here still working to bring abouta Albert A. Raby, convenor, Coordinating has been named editor of the Dr. Albert W. Dent
this week, part of a massive settlement in 215 other cases. Council of Com- New York Amsterdam News, president Dlllard University.
drive by Legal Defense and The Legal Defense Fund has munity Organizations, went on of the nation's leading Negro His term will be four years
Educational Fund (LDF) at- so far filed 31 suits with the trial on charges of conducting newspapers. and starts Oct. 1.
torneys. U. S. District Courts In seven a sitdown in front of city tall. Brown, who has worked for Atty. Ortique is a past president -
It marked the first time a Southern states. Of these cases, If Jailed, Raby would be In Life magazine and the New of the Louis A. Marti
Federal Court heard that many only six suits were settled out- the same boat as Stokely Car- York Herald Tribune, replaces net Legs 1 Society; past president -
labor discrimination cases at side of the courtroom. michael, Student Nonviolent James Hicks, who has been Southwest Bar A$ o-
one sitting.All These are the only cases which Coordinating Committee chair- with the paper since 1935.Hicks elation, president National Bar
were filed under Title have been Initiated to Implement man; Frank Ditto, Oakland was to have resumed his editor-; Association and a member of
VII of the Civil Rights Act of Title VU-the fair employment Committee for Community Improvement ship of the newspaper after a the LoulslanaState Association: ;
1964 against the U. S. Steel section, of the 1964 Civil Rights and Robert Lucas, r A i ir. iv long vacation but instead re- the American Bar Association
Corporation, St. Louis-San Act. Chicago Congress of Racial signed. and the American Judicature
Francisco Railway Co.; H. K. There are currently 25 Title Equality. Brown, one-time oditor of The Society; past president New
Porter; Alabama By-Products VII cases pending in the U. S. Raby is accused of conducting; Amsterdam News in the late Orleans Urban League and vice
Corp.; and American Cast Iron District Courts. a sitdown in 1965, protesting ISM'S, has promised that he presidents t-large, Louisiana
Pipe Co.LDF The defending companies for arrest, and faces a fine U will seek to make the newspaper State Labor Council
lawyers named the United the six pending cases before found guilty on the disorderly J a "progressive, sound,
States Steel Corporation as defendants the Birmingham court have conduct charge. and objective voice" in the Fight Cancer
In two separate cases. answered the complaints with Meanwhile, CORE threatened city. He is 63.
The general! complaints counter-motions requesting the further civil rights marches :
against these companies are: court to dismiss the cases. In Chicago unless Lucas Is ADVISORS Shown here are I II t young men who will serveas "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"
a) Maintenance of segregatedJobcategories They assert that the Negro released. He was Jailed for residence advisors during the academic year 1966-67 at Florida

b) Maintenanceof plaintiffs have no legal gkounds. failing to pay fines resulting MM University. A one-week training program for male residence R. S. EVANS3rd

Negro differential and white hiring employees rates for from conviction traffic on six chargesof and six counselors was held at the university prior to the opening of t
performing the uame duties. Congressman Powell for disorderly conduct. school. The program is designed to aid in establishing "espritde
Segregated) facilities for The loci'CORE chapter conducted corps" among houses In the dormitories I Left to right.seated) & MAIN

Negr o employees d) Maintaining Announces Conference a campaign to raise are: Octavio Miro, Tampa; James Spencer, West Palm Beach; Artie ,' 64 CADILLAC . $2995Am.SOI'lDITION1:0. 1
separate lines of progres $2,400 to pay his fines. Unless L. Polk, APalachicola; and Charles E. Davis, Fernandina Beach : tale HCW ONC OWNER: CUAN A* MtW.

sion.In four of these the local WASHINGTON -(NPQ -Congressman they are paid of Lucas faces the 'Standing, left to right, are: Johnnie Horton Jr. ; Fort Pierce; 55 Fonll'XClk>t 60b . . ,$2395
cases than
prospect more a .
workers unions are also namedas Adam Clayton Powellof in Jail, during which he works Clinton Zelgler, Savannah Ga. ; Arthur Mathis, Miami ; Walter C. 'lIII13 I11if.LA11 A:IR.fOlIDmON1o.:
84 l $2695
co-defendants. The de- New York last week announced off the fine at the rate of $5a Thomas, Riviera Beach; Leonard Inge, Mobile, Ala; Baxter K. Williams I. rmLr iQUirrEn. "Ala CONDRLONZO. MUIi' trie: ': TO Armc

fendant-unions are charged with rights that, nationalists 169 delegates and of other civil day. Jr. Albemarle, N. C. ; and Melvin Alston Jacksonville.FAMU 65 BARRACUDA 1' V-8 $1993
failure to properly representthe will Ditto was arrested on charges staff photo by Ernest FII I I you AUTOMATIC' KADIQ AND fl ATVt! POW1S3 /
Negro employees. Negro organizations con- of contempt of court for staging PONT1AC GRANO IiIjC Ttr.RINU$1895OAS
The unions involved in the verge on Washington, D.C. Oct. a civil rights march OWNKR, AIR CONMT11NCD
15-16, for a National Conference despite 65 PONTIAC: CATALINA! ........ .$2-195
suits are: :Brotherhood of Rail an Injunction limiting marches. .
way Carmen of American; International on Black Power to map plans Us term Is six months. Negro Enters Case 55 MUSTANG f TOE.:24.2 1.OADsn. .LIRR. ,NRN.. :. ... ..... .$2095
Molders and AWed for the political, economic and Twenty civil rights marchers ReligionRace ILAVTY
Pi. Mji ;AI'IA' : ..
Workers Union; United SteelWorkers cultural strengthening of the Including t three children paraded Of Reapportionment 65 ., $2.195*
IA COKDmON low A* tint aits' THANirtRIURlI' I'It
"Black Masses.
of America and the past the home of Mayor NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL t. *ACTOR AIARRANiT.
United Mine Workers of; Ameri Powell who represents the Richard J. Daley in protest to BRUSH VERSUS By HATE Bo HfftS'AK-rJ'[ .. . . .5il95
NEW: ORLEANS-NPI-.u lathe '
predominantly Negro the Jailing. Calif. (NPI) A novel method of fighting hate
ca.Seven Harlem district and is chairman Is case in most every Issue In OAKLAND, walls- has been undertaken by Brother 64 p NftAbot\CATALINA . .$1795
"Mayor Daley's Injunction
cases were originally America scrawled on
and In Louisiana as .
u1zn IvFZR
filed In the ulrmlngham area of the House Labor and Education Strangling Black People to well there always happens tobe Anthony Bellesert, a priesthood student at St.Albert's College. 61 f3RD S't AlOW C.UIYs ..s95
However the the Committee, was listed as Death said sign. Another band Bro. Belleserta has painted a 30-foot CLRAR,
case against one found a colored gentleman In the Taking a brush !in mWP'lJxSoir1* .E.
U. S. Pipe & Foundry Co. was the "convenor" of the confer-, read "Denying Frank Ditto'sIn1unction wo 4le. They say It in other abstract mural: in walls of a tunnel, In a "beauty overrides 85 .... .$1395

settled out of court, by officials ence.The ;ond Is Unfair." language, but It means the same. hate" campaign. 64 1M E V1'f'bNVFRTIBLE: ) : .$1 H95MVS&Mite
of the NAACP, a separate organization groundwork for the con- The marchers met little resistance **IiAT5R,
from the Legal Defense ference was laid by the first in the all-white The gentlemen in the In Question has RACE RELATIONS REPORT 82 > .. . ... .$ 795
popped reapportionment -
Fund. planning session, Sept.3. The neighborhood.In problem up In Louisiana.The NEW YORKNPI)- A 288-page book combining reports and 64 fR"\Tla!() l EWmmf**. $1595
exact site for the main Oct. 15
Mutual Atlanta Carmichael still of such Issues as race relations, church
Cooperation stat e must reapportion its illustrated examples TICK SHIFT Wf MOTOR.
-16 conference has not yet been debate and the 63 RAMBLER:. CLASSIC 2-DOOR .$ 935
LDF Director-Counsel Jack in Jail after being indicted on House and Senate in line with union, Viet Nam, "God Is Dead" theological ,
Greenberg placed field workersin announced. riot charges in the racial disturbances federal court orders and this California migrant workers" strike, is being published by the 62 M' lVit l'f'T': IMPALA $109i
10 Southern states last sum- Discussing the conference which plagued the reapportionment must be In United Presbyterian Church this month. The book, entitled ) '* ..*"" MOTOR TK" """'
mer. They gathered Job bias which Is to bring black people Southern city last week. proportion to the state's population >>-. "How in the World," Is edited by Earl K. Larsen, coordinator 58 cTftW'i $ 125
from NAACP from 37 cities, 18 states and Carmichael said he considered of the ministry ATlC .s
chap- extension
complaints --one man, one vote. for renewal and 55 CI llrv : 125
District of Columbiainto
ters and other organizations.The iiimself "political prisoner," Legislative districts must be i.DOOR. v-i, Inn iMirr \
field workers were under session, Powell declared. and denied that he had contri- WHITES GUILTY
changed and in the changing Over 100 Cars To Choose From
supervision of Herbert Kill, "This will be a working con- buted tithe rioting. districts WASHINGTONNP1)- More widespread than the publicized
It has developed that some
labor director of the NAACP.Mr. ference. There will be sever- The Jailing set off angry exchange will have a majority of act of rioters protesting denial of civil: rights is the "massive
Hill subsequently filed al panels to be announced later of charges and counter Negroes therein and the scarecrow disobedience" of white people In their disregard tor laws R. S. EVANS
and these panels will evolve S N C C and declared the Most \
1,439 compalnts with the Equal charges between of "Negro domination" passed to bring about equality of Negroes,
Employment Opportunity Com- plans o f action to mobolize Mayor Ivan Allen, each of whom raises Its ugly head. Rev. Peter I. Gerety, Bishop Coadjuter,Portland,Me.Speaking,
mission. the Black masses In several blamed the other for the rioting. The representative from East .at a special Labor Day mass, in the Shrine of the Sacred Heart ,3rd, & MAINI
The Commission has so far areas under the broad groupings Leaders of the American Nail Carool Parish has Church, be noted that "The Negro knows that these laws are
,_ admitted
found'reasonabre'cause .to* believe of politics.economics: and Party, meanwhile, were also' disregarded and disobeyed at every turo-&nd he U the victim 1 EL 4.8381EL 4-8382 *
having fears lest Negroes be '
cultural -nJac on\'W, :Most Recommended Dealer"
in' the validity of the activity. having a bad time In court.In elected to the House andproba-' of this quiet lawlessness."

I Chicago, Ralph P. Forbes, bly to the seat now held by him. .
a Nazi party member,was fined Already a Negro has been
You Do n't Have To Go To Town To Get
$300 on charges of disorderly elected to the school board in
conduct and resisting a police that parish and another may be
man. Unable to pay the fine, he elected to office. There exists
LOW PRICESDRUG was sent to Cook County Jail a Negro majority in the parish.
to work it out at $5 a day. Negroes comprise 65 per cent
Forbes was arrested on of the registered voters. Ar
STORE NEEDS charges of shouting protests There are other parishes MARKS S
when police arrested d Nazi where Negroes are registering SUPER

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug S tor el, leader George Lincoln Rock- in great numbers, where they
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL well before a march into a have never been permitted to
Papers. We Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip- Negro area.Rock"nU register and whites seem to THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SiXDAY) AT ED6EVOOD '.AYE. \
was Jailed, but later sense a threat to Negro part
released pending a Sept. 20 icipation In politics, even a
tions.Dixie continuance of his case. threat to being elected to office.
The Nazi group suffered another The governor has been calledon
Pharmacy setback when U. S. Dis- to call for a special: session
trict Court Judge Joseph Sam of the legislature, not LB. 37us. *
Perry Issued an eight-day restraining merely to give birth to a new -. .
1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue order forbidding Nazi reapportionment but to one ,
marches in Jewish areas during which will confine the Negro In
Phones Elfin 5559798 the Jewish high holy days. his accustomed place of none-
Rockwell had threatened such ntity in government and pol- ; GOOD CHUCKROAST
marches In retaliation against
Jewish opposition to hit. group
PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER and Jewish influence In the civil
rights movement. itics.Register LB. 49

AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE three Meanwhile guns,and police 30 confiscated rounds of I I

ammunition in a raid on the
Chicago headquarters of the -.
Nazi( party.

I Church Group (jives 46,500Rights

To Help CivilNEW I Fightthe 1/2 GAL. 10'LIMIT

'4rt Committee YORK for-Racial The national Justice rights population to broadcast deprived service of Its 1 WITH $$5.00.OR MORE FOOD ORDER:

Now of the United Church of under the Fedaral Communications -

Christ voted today to contributea Act. DIXIE CRYSTAL .
: ,Mr rst total of 146,500 to six separ- The committee also voted to
ate civil rights projects contribute $5,000 to the Delta
in various parts of the United Ministry project of the National
States. Council of Churches. The Delta SUGAR 5LB.PKG.35

The largest grant, $25,000, Ministry provides food and
will go to the Commission on housing for Negroes forced off
Religion and Race of the Massachusetts farms In the Mississippi Delta
Council of Churchesfor area and attempts to find ways LIMIT 1 WITH S5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
community organization in to build up the economic
Boston's Roxbury area. strdngth of the Negro In the IB. 55*
Another $10,000 will go to Delta.
the Office of Communication Another grant voted by the
of the United Church to help committee was $2,000 to the U.S. NO. 1 POTATOES 10 LB. BAG 45*
finance: its legal efforts to keep Potomac Association of the denomination -
the license of television station to help finance the SIZE 25*
WLBT, Jackson Miss, from court case brought by Julius
being renewed and to assure Hobson et al against Carl F.
-- a voice for the public license Hansen, superintendent of 25
.renewal procedures of the schools In the District of Columbia HOLSUM WHITE BREAD 2 um lOAVES *

KEN KNIGHT Federal Communications Com and others. .
mission. Lawyers describe the suit as
The Office of Communication being the first major attack on 6'
-Invites You To Listen To- charges that WLBT has failed de facto pupil discrimination doa SALMONS ... .'" TALL CAN *
In Its public service responsibilities large American city. The
BIG BAND and has been prejudiced courts are being asked to deClare ; '
against Negroes, who make up that de facto segregationIs BALLARD FLOUR n' "', :xr; 5 tl. MX SSA
an estimated 40 per cent of the as unconstitutional as legal .

"DANCE PARTY"Nifbtfy viewing audience of the station. segregation.. 0,
The action was the first ever
Instituted before the Federal j Register ,4 ARGO GREEN PEAS #303 CMm 15*

11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 ,... Communications Commission

WRHC1400 by group a church acting as or disinterested other public Aid VOTE.' I HUNT'S PEACHES } en 25*

1400 champion of a large segment of .

A t v \,



I Republicans Grab For Negro Vote In Michigan, Designates Official Proclamation Howard University Four-Year Rape

IgNore It On Chicago's Southside -' ". -,.,. .- Celebrates Charges Still

DETROIT --- The Republican provide It. Its eye on the state's Negro uj_ Centennial YearWASHINGTONNPOHoward Being PushedLYNCHBURG
Party took a giant In Massachusetts, Atty. Gen vote as he went to Benton Harbor '
step forward as it nominated Edward W. Brooke had a slmi- Mich., scene of racial iI Va.NPI)-
George Washington the son cia lar complaint against the disorders, to call Jor "im-I I University inaugurated the yearlong The four-year effort to execute
Texas foundry worker, for Republican Party when he proved communication" with observance of its 100th anniversary 21-year-old Thomas Wansley
secretary of state in Michigan. charged that Republicans have the Negro community." \ last week with formal on rape charges, still is being
Washington is the first Michigan been losing elections "becausewe Lt. Gov. Mllllken made that'I' I opening exercises at Cramton pushed by Proscecutor Royston
Negro ever nominated bya have been rejecting Demo- statement at a Republican rally' auditorium Jester IH, who obtained a new
major political party for so cratic solutions without giving aimed at unseating freshman The program was the first of indictment on charges that
high a place on the partisan alternative solutions." Brooke state Rep. Floyd Mattheussenl' more than 100 planned for 1968- Wansley raped a Japanese
state ballot. Is a Republican candidate for The Democrats now control both 67 in conjunction with the woman nearly four years ago.
In Chicago, however, it was the U.S. Senate.In houses of the state legislature. centennial. Each succeedlngpro- The case began in 1962 when
another story, U the Republicans Chicago, Mayor RichardJ. Meanwhile, In New York gram will be devoted to the Wansley was accused of raping
all but ignored the Daley didn't appear worried James Farmer was boosted as centennial theme, "The University the Japanese woman and raping
candidacy of David Reed for about any white backlash vote candidate for lieutenant In a Changing Society. ,I and robbing a white woman
First District Congressman, U he declared that record governor on the Liberal Party Highlight of the year Is expected He was convicted on all three
the post now held by prosperity will carry his ticket. But the former CORE to be the annual Charter Day counts, although he testified
Rep. William L. Dawson (DIlL Democratic Party to victoryat director bowed out of the race, f exercises, set for March 2,1967, that be had< previously had sexual
the 100th anniversary date.It was relations with the
). the polls Nov. 8. suggesting that the party Instead Japanese
Reed whose "New Breed It was a different story in put up another Negro,BenjaminF. on March' 2, 1867 that President woman and the white woman
Committee" is seeking to oust Detroit, where the Republican McLaurin, for the lieutenant Andrew Johnson signed into law. could not positively identify< him
80-year-old Dawson and tackle Party was seeking to get i. governor's post. McLaurin Is --ri- the charter establishing the University at the first trial.
the Southslde district's poverty bigger share of the Negro vote, a member of the city's Boardof which had been enacted. He was sentenced to death
problems, has gone broke in now held largely by the Demo- Higher Education and vice earlier by the 39th Congress. twice and given a 20-year Jail
his Four other events will be presented sentence on the robbery charge.
political campaign. Republican crats. president of the New York division
leaders downtown seem Washington's opponent in the of the Brotherhood of' under university-wide The Virginia Supreme Court
uninterested In developing a secretary of state's race is Sleeping Car Porters. Walter N. Tobrlner ((2nd from right) president of the F.C. Boardof sponsorship during the Com-year. of Appeals overturned the convictions -
Negro political base. And thusa James Hare, a Democrat, who Farmer said "The Democrats They include Charter Day; and ordered new trials
rare chance to seek GOP has held< the Job a record< six would be smart" to name a Commissioners, presents the official proclamation designating mencement, next June 9; and two In 1964. The state was unableto
power among Negroes has been consecutive terms. WashingtonIs Negro for lieutenant September 1966 thru August 1967 as "Howard University Centennial major conferences. retry him on the flrstcUarge
discarded. given some chance to upset U Assemblyman Percy $.Sut- Year" in the District to Dr. Stanton L. Wormley, acting presi- On Nov. 8 and 9 the Gandhi because the Japanese woman,
For 24 years, Rep. Dawson Hare. ton should be chosen by the dent of Howard. Looking on are D.C. Commissioner John B. Duncan committee will present a conference "- who had moved to Hawaii, refused -
has been congressman in the Negroes traditionally have ,Democrats, be said, the ( left) and Dr. Wm. Stuart Nelson vice president for special' on "Pathways to Peace. to come back to Lynch-
Southslde district thanks to in Detroit as Among the featured speakers burg to testify.
been Democratic Liberals should endorse him.A .
his association with the Democratic they have been for many yearsIn committee of Negro Demo- projects at Howard and director of the year-long ICOth anniver- the two-day program will be Dr. When she returned recently,
Organization and Chicago cratic leaders had< the same sary program. Martin Luther King Jr. andsev- the court placed her under a
patronage. Even Republican "A Negro Republican candidate Idea< as they urged the nomina- eral other Nobel Peace laureates. bench warrant to assure that
committeemen in his districtare can personally help overcome tion of a Negro for lieutenant I she would< testify and< set the
said to support him. the feeling that the governor, rather than for ATOMIC PROGRAMSRussia' GovernorAccused retrial.
Most members of the "New the The white woman reversed
Republicans are taking attorney .
Uncle Sam ha
a couple
Breed" element are disenchanted Negro for granted,"said< Wash- Sutton, a thermonuclear fusion her previous. testimony and
Democrats from the ington. But It will take a matterof committee leader, spoke for program costs $40 million a. plant to make your money as Of Jdentiffcd Wansley as the man
Southslde ghetto They frankly time "to cut that 90 or 95' the group In calling for greater year, that of the U. S.. $20 I. easy to save as it is to spend, who attacked her during a retrial
talk of starting a political re- per cent the Democrats get recognition for Negroes by the million the Catholic Digest re There's the Payroll Savings Double TalkNE of the robbery charge
volution. down to 60 or 50 per cent.". Democratic Party. ports. Russian fusion scientists Plan where you work. And the last November. The charge Involved -
But $75,000 Is needed to start At the same time, Michigan'sLt. outnumber those in the.U. S Bond-a-Month Plan where you W ORLEANSNPI; )- Led 12 cents and two bus
that revolution, Reed says. And Gov. William G. Milliken by ten to one. bank.YOU'RE by the HeAvery Alexander, tokens. However, the Jury deadlocked -
the GOP, so far, has failed to also showed that the GOP has FIGHT CANCER noted for Us work in demon- and< a mistrial was
stratlons and who was dragged declared.On .
UPS rAmS by his heels in the Sept. 13, Wansley was convicted -
City Hall when be and others in U. S. District Court.
tried to integrate the cafeteria He plans to appeal the decisionto
there, Negroes have organized the Fourth Circuit Court of
LOCKED OUT to defeat either the Governor's Appeals.
Bl-Racial Committee, which Is WansJjy only 17 when the
said to try and avert segregation case began, has spent the last
and the Sovereignty Com-, four years in prison, Including
mission which Is trying to keep 18 months on death row. He
segregation alive. still faces two capital charges
Suits will be filed, according During the same period, a
to the militant minister to kill white man convicted oT raping
one or the other and preventthe an 11-year-old Negro girl was
of governor from being what sentenced to five years in prison -
the election Rev. Alexander calls a "Dr. He has already been
Jekyl and Ur Hyde." released.

) .
'I f "

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u-s-u-- .PL -



ProtectionIs Cadets Receive Certificates USIA Officer In Clergyman Charges Auto Mechanic Effects Way ..- ,

Problem African Country Recruiting LetdownFor To Halt KKK Hate Spreading 'I

By Police ;: uj1111FAMU LOS ANGELES ..- The "white backlash" is giving the Ku
Thompson, who has served as MfcW; YORK-A United Churchof Klux Klan fertile territory in which to expand its hooded hate
WASHINGTON PI)-Getting U. S. Information Agency officer Christ leader charged the activities all over the country leading civil rights organlxa-
police protection from criminal in Nigeria, has been church today with failure to tlon has reported.
ADL called It the first Klan
elements Is a bigger problem In named to direct USIA work in use "aggressive recruiting
methods" to find attempt at public recruitmentIn
the Negro community than police Chad. qualified While nation's leaders con
brutality,a survey releasedby Thompson who Is on his way Negro candidates for top>> staff sidered means of counteracting California in more than 20

the Senate suocommittee on to the African country: was positions.The the kooky Kluxers, an auto me- years. Another scheduled meeting for the is San apparently -
record of the United
executive reorganization has appointed USIA country affairs
chanic: in Panorama City
Bernadino next month.
Church in fair i area
reported. officer in Chad after completing
Calif, came up with an effective Klan the
According to the survey,crime a year of African studies at the practices "continues to be that way to stop them: Cut the wiresto Old strength throughout is estimatedat
and housing are rated as the University of California at Los of tokenism," said the Rev. W. their loudspeaker. Confederacy
two major problems In the Angeles Sterling Cary, New York City, The Anti-Defamation League approximately 29,500,mark
retiring executive of the de- ing an Increase nearly 10,000
ghetto. He Joined USIA as a foreign
of B'nal B'rith reported that since the of the
"The apparent meaning of putting service officer In 1955 and was nomination's national the Klan is on the upsurge again beginning which has never year.been
crime at the head of the sent to Ibadan, Nigeria, where Committee for Racial Justice holding rallies and recruitment Virginia, hospitable to Klan
list..ls that more police pro- fie opened> and operated> a USIA Now. drives throughout the South- particularly
influence has been the scene
tection wanted" said the report branch post until 1957.He spent Speaking at the committee's its traditional home grounds- ,
of at least 100 rallies this
John F.Kraft the next five for meeting, Mr. Cary said the year.
prepared by years working while making new Inroads In In Illinois, the Land of Lincoln,
denomination relies
Socony Mobil in Ghana then onlyon
other parts of the country.:
Inc.The Klansmen were appearing at
survey noted that even In returned to USIA, which personal contacts to fill "Within the past year there
public rallies in all-white areas
riot-scarred Watts, a pluralityof : assigned him to Nigeria as information staff positions rather than has been a marked increase in of Chicago-and getting favorable -
those interviewed, 47 per dcer.DiYided mounting a campaign to recruit Klan organizational efforts in from residents
cent looked favorably upon the top>> Negro administrators the South-end in Maryland
police. .. _. ._ Civil Rights then complains: that qualified Delaware New Jersey, New worried about the possible in-
-- -- -- --- --- ; tegration of their neigh-
"The Negro like anyone else, ROTC CADETS RECEIVE DISTINGUISH CERTIFICATES---Four Florida Negro candidates are not avail York Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana borhoods.In .
wants to preserve his family Camp Blamed able to fill staff vacancies. Michigan, and Wisconsin -
A&M University ROTC cadets are awarded distinguished military "In the fair of employ- most states legal action
from must harm be adequate, and for police this there protection student certificates which Here signed by Lt. Gen. Lewis W. MONTCLAIR, N. J. -(NP1)- ment practices we are not general," said counsel.Arnold Forster,ADL against the Klan has been takes

...What exists in the Trumen Third Army commander. Students receiving certificatesfrom Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,has judged on the basis of Intentionsbut This summer, ADL said, significant the with"law's limited success" due Jo

ghettos at present is apparently FAMU president George W. Gore Jr. second from right, are: blamed division for in the civil to said.on performance," Mr.Cary attempts were made to However, delay.in Panorama City
a situation. whereby a small Everett Osborne, Tallahassee; Henry Wall Eustis; John Hawkins, the rights failure camp of the 1966 Civil Mr. Cary, who is minister of move into Northern states which Calif., William V. Fowler of
minority -the criminals tyrannize Columbus, Ga. ; and John Pope, Tallahassee Dr,. Gore is flankedby Rights Bill. Grace Congregational Church have not seen Klan movementin La Crescenta, "honorary state

making over decent a Urge living majority all but Miss Carolyn Sessoms ( left) "Miss ROTC, Daytona Beach, and "I am pessimistic, said Dr. (United Church of Christ), New Klan many leaders years., operating on the Cyclops": of the KKK, was
impossible." Lt. Col. Samuel F. Sampson professor ofmlIitary science at King. York City, said the United basis that Northerners are sounding off against "Jews,
feel are split Church the of Negroes, and policemen"
"They we UP.Wt "projects Image
The FAMU. the civil
survey described the more disturbed by
a truck of which a loudspeakerwas
can't to Congress an all-white denomination.
'Iavera Negro" as living in FAMU staff photo by Ernest Flllyau 'You've say to anymore this rights movement in the placed when auto mechanic
"nearanarchy;' .. bill.':" go pass Bayard Rustin big cities than they were by Rudy Clcatelll cut the wiresto
AL of this need for incidents In the South, pointto
example Tempers Cooled In In the past, he added, a united Urges Justice In the speaker
found Freeing GOT. George Wallace's
police protection was on front among civil rights groups Fowler and two other
Chicago's Southslde, where AREA has had enough influence in Ghetto AreasNEW relative success with a "back Klansmen Jumped down off the
parents in the neighborhood of Of Rights Leaders Congress to gain passage of lash" campaign during the 1964 truck they had been using u a
YORK .(NPI Civil Prestdentall primaries ADL
Betsy Elementary School were SERVICEMENSAN such measures.Dr. platform and began to chase
pleading: for police protection of A1'LANTJ.NPI-Th. releaseof convenor of the Coordinating King reaffirmed his stand Rights leader Bayard Rustin added. Clcatelli.
their children as they go to and two top>> civil rights leaders Council of Community Organi- in favor of non-violence declaring has urged Justice as a meansof A well-supplied Klan movement Police Sgt. Gene Lyons
from school. did Its part in cooling racial sations faced the possibility of ANTONIO, Tex Air- that "We ha/a mada restoring law and order in now operates out of a grabbed Cicatelll as Fowlerran
Teenage gangs make the tempers last week. However, being jailed after being found man Leroy Wilson son of Mr. too much b ghetto areas. post office box in New Haven, up, shouting, "Arrest that
streets unsafe in that area.- there were soml er warnings guilty on charges of disorderly and Mrs Zebedee Wilson of progress y non If Negroes see justice, Rustin Conn., ADL said maul I Arrest that manl"
arest violent means that we have to said, "they know that law and While reports of some 10,000at
for teenagers. conduct and resisting
especially from civil: rights leaders that 2367 W. First St. Jacksonville Fowler and the policemanthen
turn to violence
Rival gangs have declared war the slaying of the 1966 Clvlal during a demonstration InJune, Fla., has been selected for now. order can follow. They also a "reactivation"rally staged engaged In a brief shoving
on each others' "turfs," andgunfire Rights Bill could result in along 1965. technical training at Amarillo 4 know from experience that by the Klan near Saugus,Calit, match. Five i police cars:
Oct. 26 has beensetfor Baby's Register where there is Injustice, you were "probably exaggerated," at the
Is frequently beard. hot autumn and winter. AFB, Tex., as a U. S. Air speedily arrived scene,
Even the school principal hat Stokely Carmichael, 'freed motion for a new trial and possible Force aircraft maintenance must Inevitably get disorder." according to ADL information, and order was restored.
put In an urgent call for police from jail on $1,999 bond after sentencing. He was arrested specialist. It will be easier to maintain the crowd did Include some 500 About ISOpersonswerelisten
protection at his school, where being held on a riot charge, during a demonstration And VOTE. order la the ghetto when there Klan activists with many signs ing to Fowler advertise a Klan
beatings, extortion,trespassingby threatened more civil rights in the downtown*area againstthe 't is justice there, he added. reading "white power." rally when Cicatelll appeared.
non-students, and break-ins marches in Atlanta. da facto segregation policies --------- -
are an everyday occurrence."I "Atlanta might as well get of Dr. Benjamin C. Willis, who
can't Imagine any school used to (the demonstrations)," has subsequently retired as the
having any more of a problemthan said the SNCC chairman. city's superintendent of e
we've had here," said Carmichael said he preferredto schools. t
|William McNerney Betsy Ross be on the outside of Jail because Raby is co-leader: with Dr. Y
[principal, as he pleaded for at there was work for him Martin Luther King, Jr., of the GOOD
[least one policeman to be statIoned to do there. Chicago Freedom Movement. B e
I, full time at the elementary The possibility of his arrest THROUGH SATURDAY
hoot. In quick. succession, he appeared could hardly cool: racial temp-
Meanwhile, parents at a nearby in New York, to lead a ers in the Windy City where
lie housing building threatto throng of pickets at a Harlem rights marches into all-white !
keep their chlldrep out school in an effort to keep a areas this summer have unleashed QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
,school! unless police beef vyttecUoa hurricanes of white
conduct-lagclgsses --. ,.
hate. :
them..Police of-
for ; ---- --- -- "
e red,, this, but plftnts: rnr\ ll.\r1V' The death of AJ!ft&Sdtii\, LER W 1SONl'ne "HIISIE 'S
to escort students to and j were arested. Right Bill was not. helping matters airy Tecently completed '
m i school. Carmichael threatened either. basic training at Lack-
eL me parents talked of arm- "mount a jajor direct action Several civil rights leaders land AFB, Tex. His new school DEI MONK-MIX EM UP"HfiSM1i SUGAR
: themselves during their against the New York school had warned of more racial is part of the Air Training
( dfagerous walks to and from system and :tuthorltles." unrest resulting from the failure Command which conducts hundreds .... '
w schaul. In Chicago, Robert I. Lucas, of the Senate to pass the of specialized coursesto CUT GREEN _gUa
"'1,1' chairman: of the local Congressof rights bill provide' technically trained 29
Racial Equality,was released Floyd B. McKissick, national personnel for the nation's aerospace 1.:1 5 IK. (CLlMJT
SECRET PRAYER from Jail, after being freed and CORE director, charged that force. 1 BEANS 4 303$1
rearrested. He was Jailed after black Americans had been sold Airman Wilson was graduated
; FORMULA CHART I being accused of not paying "down the river of political expediency from New Stanton Senior High 5 IBS. PLEASE W/OTHER FOOD
fines stemming from arrests School in 1957 and attended
{PSYCHO PHYSICAL TEMPLE during rights demonstrations. Roy Wilkins NAACP leader, Edward Waters College PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT PURCHASES OF $10.00 OR MORE
O F THE DIVINE MOTHER, After his supporters paid a blamed Sen. Everett M.Dirksen His wife is the former Ruby
INC. SECRET PRAYER $1,950 fine for him,he was freed (R.-Q1.) for leading "the umen Lee Bamett.uuux DRINK 3" 890 =-:, MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE
FORMULA CHART then arrested again on charge who killed" the bill :
i My prayers are being sent out of disorderly conduct: and bond Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., SAN ANTONIO, Tex. Air- ..HOUtf l J.18
and blessings are coming: in. forfeiture in connection with another warned that his plans for nonviolence man Roston Jackson, son of ( 680
Send for Free Dally Blessing. arrest.He are bound to "fall on Mrs Viola Jackson of 2098 TOMATO 20 01.. 4 CAN
How to get what you want through was released again after more deaf ears" as a result of McQuade St., Jacksonville, FAMILY .
| this new way of Prayer. Mail another $120 was raised for his the bill's execution Fla., has been selected for CATSUP 3 8ge LIMIT. .1 PLEASE WI OTHER FOOD
self-addressed envelope to bond. 'It surely heralds darker days technical training at Lowry sin PURCHASES OF $S5.00 OR MORE
Rev C. Forster, P. O. Box Meanwhile, another Chicago for this social era of discontent AF3, Colo., as a U. S. Air
56, St. Albans; N. Y. 11412. rights leader Albert: A. Raby, ," he said. Valuable assistance Force munitions specialist

WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou added.forces counsel In the Negro violence communitywho ," he r r- PEACHES 4 3 $1' '

The week's major violence appealed MILK

Seek The Best Doctor, to be directed against
When Your Doctor PrescribesGet Negro Americans, however.
Experienced PharmacistsWhen t In Louisville, two Negro men STEWED TALL $1
Your Doctor Prescribes were gunned down by a carload: 6

Quality Orders.Drugs.We Use Only the Best, i of screamed white men"White who Power.reportedly" TOMATOES 4 303$1 \ ,M K CANS |

Steve Rob Brooks, 28, was In
C. E. BLACK ProprietorR >> satisfactory condition with a JEWELSHORTENING

3 e g I a t e r e .4 Pharmacists To Serve You shotgun wound in the side, and .
Dennie Daniels, 19, was treated WO:

-....-----.-A COUPLETS LINE 0 FCosmetlcs -.--..-.--.. and released after being shot --- '
In Louisville's predominantlyNegro ROSTON JACKSON GOLD MEDAL
Rubber Goods. Candle. Sundries East End The

PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND.DELIVERED youngsters In Los Angeles threw,some rocks 25 Negro and airman basic recently training completed at PLAIN OR FLOUR 'SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAM SALE"

bottles at three white policemen Lackland AFB, Tex. His new SELF RISING I
school part of the Air TrainIng
Lilly's Drug Store after three teenagers were arrested -
Command which conducts
Post. at a War on Poverty Teen hundreds ofspeC:1al1zedcourses 5 IBS. 59c SHANK PORTION ,,49C

1901 KINGS ROAD EI-3-I2T6 During the arest, Sgt Joe to provide tecUiically trained
for the nations'
and Farrell his was tooth slugged was broken.by a youth The space force. HANDY PAK FRENCH FRIEDPOTATOES
Airman Jackson was graduated WHOLE OR HALF LB 59C
disturbnce started when polic-
from New Stanton School
Art StudioSTILL High
Royal man tried to stop a fight by In 1988.
juveniles near the recreation *>& 0*&+000O*& _

center. .... ..
TAKING ,... 2 IB.
SAN ANTONIO,Tex. Airman 29c
Jesse King Jr.. son of Jesse BAG SAUSAGEi.49o PORK STEAKS
RESERVE A PLACE King Sr., of 1691 Moncrlef Vil-
lNSTANTPICTURES lage, Jacksonville, Gla., has
been selected for technical GOLDEN RIPE 59c
.N Reg. Tues and Fri 7 to 10p.m. training at SbeppardAFB,TeL, 18.

-Fall Classes Fllled- as a U. S Air Force aircraft
*HOSPITAL AIDE COURSE maintenance specialist. BANANAS

CLASS basic training at Lack-
*CASHIER-SALES CLERK land AFB, Tex. His new school
CLASS Is part of the Air Training 10C ROAST 49CFLAME
NOW LOCATED AT BUSINESS MANAGEMENTCLASS Command hundreds of specialised which i conducts coursesto u. ,

*GUITAR-PIANO-8AND-JN- provide technically trained

710 RUSHING ST. STRUMENT personnel fora.Airman :for. the nation's aerospace RED TOKAYGRAPES FRESH GREEN

toldti's I Collets of" Misic King was graduatedfrom

1816 W. 20th Street Vienna (Ga.) High and 2 Ls'. 290 CABBAGE [a. 100SUUIDA

SAME PHONE 3541894 Registrar 356-6463' Industrial School in 1966.-49


t t

U __ _


I [ 8 STAR



t }


Y .,.,
', 11'

I' oM'1/ "FAMU Interns" LarkiRS Scott Famous Fashion Originatorr ARTIST CIRCLEBy

.. : ..
'-- -- --- ----

Vows Said in' ; Earl Galloway

I iI i 1 Mt. Olive AMETALLAIIA.SSEEMiss ,.' :' ... ., .I. f Lyric Opera of Chicago announces that Felicia Weathers,

I r IIMr r fatgl t 'if. ': ) A: soprano, will sing the lead role of Renata In "Angel of Fire"

/ t r* RStISSM fM Thelma ; by Prokofleff during Its forthcoming 1966 season. This will

V. Larklns, formerly a secretary it. mark the first time the opera has been performed In Chicago.

I In the College of Arts and ; ; .
Sciences at Florida A&M University I : "
k -r' ,"recently became brideof Miss Weathers, a new Negro artist, has become a Central,*

Roosevelt Scott of Eatonv le. I '.. 1R,. European favorite, appearing regularly, and with great
Urs. Scott is the daughter of : distinction, in recent seasons on the opera stages of Vienna,

i y wL Mr. and Mrs. George Larkins Munich and Cologne.In .

i Sr., 1124 Bennett Street, Tall ,
ahassee, and Mr. Scott Is the i Y building a major continental career, she has been singIng ,"
1 son of Rev and Mrs.Allen Scott '#;f. the title roles of "Alda," "Madama Butterfly,"

_ :./' : Sr. of Fort Myers. "Salome," and "Donna" Anna in Don Giovanni, the Countess
The ceremony was performed >In the "Marriage of Figaro" and Tatlana in "Eugene Onegin" .I
e with which she made her Metropolitan debut last
by the groom's father, who .Is
Yv } 5 pastor of the Mount Olive A.M.E J Ivj, rr4 season with great success.

. R 1 1dt Church lA' Fort Myers. The
bride was given in marriageby The Lake Erie Opera Theatre In Cleveland, Ohio presentstwo
.., I her father, and Mrs.Bernice opera productions at Severance Hall with the Cleveland

i,; I L. Simmons,aformer cowork1< Orchestra assisting. "Dialogues of the Carmelites" by
I er, was the only attendant. 1 Francis Poulenc will be given Friday and Saturday evening.

t.f ..,. Y ,, j Alfred Watts of Winter Park was Sept. 9-10 with a matinee performance scheduled for Sunday -
-- &64.
Ci'; the best man. Sept. 11. The following week Benjamin Britten's "Albert

FLORIDA AHM UNIVERSITY I EDUCATION INTERNS IN TALLAHASSEE-- Left to Mr. and Mrs. Scott are making I Herring, will be performed Sept. 16-17, and 18.

Doris Lambert Panama City Rosa their home In Eatonvllle,where ,;
right : Hicks Quincy Gwendolyn ;
I he Is employed with the Winter I The New York City Opera company, the first group to provide -
Thomas Jacksonville Ur. W. A. Mercer director Internship
Park Police Department. opportunity for Negro singers, will lead off a seven-
Reaching; Annie Ferrell I Tallahassee ; and Pearl Bass, Tampa.MIAM.T week fall season at the New York 'StafeJlheater, Lincoln

Pw ao losar Mr. John P. John, International socletiesworld.famoosf : Center Sept. 27, with the first full stage product'on on the East
J' Coast of Handel's "Julius Ceasar" which will be sung In
"Mr. John creates these
originator, trend-setting popular
. priced Mr. John Jr. Hats fj r American' career girls who Italian. Julius Rudel, general director of the company
DEATHSMrs. Moon. Over Miami recognize the importance of a t top designer label. Designedwith will be on the podium to conduct the work.

tie a fresh approach by America's foremost creator, the
of 1314
Saline Carter
chlllrea. Funeral services
MIAMI BEACH-Tboroughbred Is scheduled ultimate in The advanced and Edward Pierson, Chicago baritone, has moved to New York
racing to start an appeal.
exciting young styling
W Miami
lf. 66th St. Saturday
#111 be held at Antioch Baptist
City where he ,reduce traveling while on the
Sept. 24 1936: at Jackson Memorial for Miami Beach visitors Nov. 19 at Tropical> Park. popular price of these Mr. John Jr. hats shatter current may
Church, at 10
a.m. Saturday
roster of the New York City Opera company This will ,
From this date 24 of fashion and that distinctive
Hospital, a nati'e of Oct. 1,1966.Mary pre-Thanksgivlng through April one news prove once again designs,
Monticello, Fla., is survived\ the three tracks crying this area will be in operation, along may be found in this price range. Pictured is "Connoisseur," be his second season with the company.He .

tiy! six daughters: ME II, Mary xxxx with one of the greyhound ovals for evening dlverion. from Mr '"Magnificent Mattisse Collection"for Autumnand
Carter of Miami, Mrs. Lola Still a possibility this winter is harness racing as an added Winter 1936, Mr. John designs with the masterful touch of was heard singing with Carolyn Smith-Meyer in "TheTelephone"

!9-rilley, :Sradenton: Fla., Mrs. Sherlll of 3020 N. W. attraction. If this develops> the sulkies will be wheeling under sleek sophistication.> What could be more exciting than a new by Menottl with the Grant Park Symphony and
Rosa Kicharson New haven the lights at Tropical> alter the flat-racLg meet Is con- chapeau? Bisque Beige with Domino Black coin dots make this the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. At Grant Park he sanga
02 nd St., September 21, 1966
concert version of Porgy and Bess.
cluded Jan. brushed felt brim romantic
16. a
Miss Della Carter, New Haven, at Variety Chlldrens Hospital. truly hat..the brim rippling
two sisters, Mrs. Rosa Lee She was an active student at Tropical> has announced it will run 13 stakes during its softly over the eyes. Modelling this Mr. John Jr. Is beautiful .
fcjyson, Miami, and Mrs. Flo- Bethune Elementary School Is 48-day meeting for a total of $200,000, concluding with a Mozella Roberts, captivating fashion model..one of New York's Noted contralto Maureen Forrester will make her U. S.
debut with the as Cornelia. The title role will
favorite opera company
photographic models. the fashion
rence Christopher; three survived by her mother Mrs. $50,000 handicap on closing day. The west-side track Is an Completing picture
by baritone Norman Sills
Trelgle. Soprano> Beverly
of the John sung ,
Mr. Look" is
"Top-to-toe this Mr. John Custom
brothers Mr. Jack Wleller sisters
Mary Etta Sherlll, two approximate 30-minute drive from Miami Beach via the
has the role of and
Suit a fine wool that is Cleopatra mezzo-s rano Beverly
Mr. Major W.eller; and Mr. and seven brothers. Tuttle Causeway and Palmetto Expressway.Under very perfect with a Mr. John Fur.
will be beard the Sextus.
Jewelry from the Mr. John Couture Jewel Collection Gloves as young
Charlie W; eller, of Miami. dates allotted by the Florida Racing commission, ;
tw. xxxx Hialeah Park will open Jan. 17 and /continue: through March and Couture Furs from the Mr. John Accessory Collection I I'
xxxx 3. Hialeah Is.the home of such major winter thoroughbredevents available in fine stores everywhere. The model Is wearing
Belinda M.Mlltoa of 3303 lr. as the Flamingo and Widener, both for $100,000.The ingeniously created custom make-up from the new "Mr. John ran !Etbpics5.r
John A:!en As't'ey of 2431 N. W. 46th St., September 24, 19S6is present schedule calls for, Culfstream Park to operate.fromMarch,4 Royal Touch in Custom Cosmetics" Beauty line-featured Is
W. SGth: St., died;on S :3, 1916,' is' survived b/ his and Mis.; SImon MilMT-Wrd \ ? > the Flotyla Derby and Gulfstream color Royal Honey Beige and highlighted by Mr. John,,Royal .. c..a tar, it. .
mother, Mrs Mile M, Ashley! brothers and others. Funeral Handicap, also $100,000 purses. I t, .-.J.u!'. .- Eye-shadow stick shimmering' Royal Sapphire Blue and by q yf t fir tJ hrbswc( etwV : r
sister, Georgia L. Lane and services 'vere held on Friday Greyhound racing currently is seen at the Biscayne l his alluring Royal"Glngel' Lipstick The "Mr. John Royal' "
Touch in Custom Cosmetics" line will be in
others. Serember; 30, at 3;00 p.m., Kennel club, will move to the West Flagler oval Jan. 3, found finest
stores from t coast wherever
Day Spring Baptist Church. Although post time for the thoroughbreds still is some coas ) superior beauty prepa-
rations sold.
are ___
uu weeks in the future vacationers along this shore have a
choice selection of'things to do and 'see, from fishing to Arts Exhibit. :
Anthony Freeny of 2965 N. W. M ham MajtebaSellOut football. Culinary

60th St., September 24, 19G6, Anglers are celebrating the first appearance of what they f At Miami BeauConreetien
a pupil of Glades View Elemen- Crowd hope will be Just the beginning of Invading armies of king- I
tary School, is survived by his fish, mackerel and blueflsa. These arrivals in advance of a Hall

mother and father, Mr. and In Virgin Islands( ; winter provide a renewal of rod and reel action as the speciesthat MIAMI BEACh,-Pan American -

M-s. 'Vllle Freeny, five u.s. '' RG1NIS .A.\tat-MfIam are more prevalent in summer, such as dolphin, weak- Hotel and Restaurant

sisters and others. Makeba, noted singer, in her fish and snook, go into their seasonal decline. REpEARCH Exposition executive director
concert tour to the U.s. Virgin AU year residents such as sailfish, amberjack and bone- CONSUI.rANT Herbert H. Meyer predicted 1I
: xxxx Islands, drew sell-out crowdsIn fish, still patrol offshore, reef and Inshore waters, Aloe Was La.nwa the finest show In the 21 yea

both St. Thomas and St. respectively. Love that face? Whether w. like history of the culinary arts
Mis. Mamie Lee Young of Croix The South African-born October football includes University of Miami at-home It or not, the face nature gave exhibit.
32, .>5 h. W. 46th St., on Friday perfoimer's games with such perennial powerhouses as Georgia of the us U the one we have to live with. Scheduled for Oct. 30-Nov. 2
concert was
September 23, 19 SC at Jackson sored spon- Southeastern conference the 14th; Indiana of the Big 10 the That' why it make tense to at the Miami Beach ConventionHall
Memorial hospital is survived Women's by the Virgin Islands 21st, and Southern California of the Pacific Coast the 28th. give nature a little help In putting chefs from many parts of
League best face forward.
by her mother: and father, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Chestnut,three The gridiron stays hot right through December and Into should give you a beautiful complexion play their skills Thema of the I
sisters, Mattle McKInney, Catherine !, Register the New Year, with the Orange Bowl at the pinnacle of traditional ', : exposition this year will be
I Chestnut and Ethel Bell carnival marking the transition from one to the next (1) Deep cleamilng Apply generous "International Master Chefs on
Allen, five brothers, Willie 'year amounts of cleansing creamon Stage."
l And VOTE face and throat and allow
and Augustus Chestnut, Ira, Al- Swimming, golf and other summer sports of course await to remain for three minutes. If As visitors tour the conventionhall
ura and Alton! Alien and also Ilneo.nae.n. lte wr.nf. the Miami Beach visitor at all times. During October both you use a cleanser containing the !I and they are expecting
hotel rooms and apartments still can be obtained with these gel of the aloe vera plant, you'll 25,000 viewers this year, they "A DAY OFF FOR YOUR SILVER WEDDING!? DO I: HAVE

recreations at the door at bargain summer prices. notice tiny grains of dead skinas ,will see the latest In food, fur- :TO PUT UP WITH THIS EVERY TWENTY'FIVE YEARS?*
After Nov. 1 there still Is a six or seven-week period when you tissue off the cleanser ,nlshlng, equipment, supplies
WAMEDIAL rates are but slightly above summer levels and substantially is As e this, layer of skin dead becomes cuticle i land services displayed in over CoMlr"6"re.. dirvliCNatunny

below the mid-winter norms.Beach finer and edbetrr to absorb I 1300 I booths .
moisture, A vast array of organizations
(2) Toning Close the pores and ,;are supporting the exposition.
freshen the skin with a toning ,These Include the Florida Development -
ShortsMIAMI lotion that contains no drying
alcohol Commission,Florida
(3) Moisturizing To keep your Beef Council, Florida Dept. of
1260FLORIDA'S skin young, you must restore the Agriculture, Florida Citrus
BEACH-Corlna Tsopei, who was crowned Miss moisture continuously lost through Commission, Florida Hotel and
Universe in 1964 at Miami Beach, has won a seven-year- evaporation and exposure to wind, Restaurant Commission
contract after sun, and beat or cold. Do ,
option a try-out with Twentieth Century Fox. this Florida Restaurant Associationand
The tall, lovely brunette came here as Miss Greece moisturizing around the lotion clock under by using makeup a the cities of Miami Beach

by day and a and Miami
************ moisturizing v
cream by night Massage it into I ...... ..
the skin with an upward and out .
MIAMI BEACH,-This resort city has just voted to pay ward motion. .
$895,000: for 300 feet of oceanfront that will be convertedinto (4) Nourishing The skin is fed .

another public park. At a price of nearly $3,000 a capillaries by blood supplied As through tiny
we older
front foot this has to be one of the most expensive bathing these tiny blood vessels grow tend to the SHORTY$35..

beaches anywhere thicken and shrink, lowing the MEDALO STYLE #665
!low of blood to the skin This Yee sempI.t. lilurn.ld Joc"ofM.dao
........ Nar etyl..Wi. .ca: .
# a where the gel of the aloe vera and,
''' 'end na me
;j plant comes in Its enzymatic iiedtr.re. 1Na ,.... FREE upo'
action helps dilate the capillaries, :.0.:11_ ........-'. r, MILL.
bringing a fresh flow of blood to huh. ? Norm.l Be,. .GiIM: Nalr ,..... In.
GROWS from the HAW ROOTS Dept. St S. Bklyn 35, M.Y.
nourish the 'skin. The
blood encourages la YOUR SCALP The eendlUoB ol
: new akin to grow and Year hair often depend heavily
Register NOW lead cells to slough oil, leaving '""SalnT. natural. health DOCTOR ef CAR-your '
a younger, healthier complexion. NOT tainted medicated t*.

----- '* .* 'tonnul. celled CARBONOM
ee 'which ill mined with many prove
,.n beneficial Ingredients CAR.BONOKG' .
I is such a strong.pow.r-
fill ntlatpUe and does such tine
RHYTHM & BLUES YOUR work. In helpln' an ITCHY.
IIf IM t1UM and PRESCRIBE Itlot' man?
j alp WUll..!. Man?armoring 'I
... eternally cauaed scalp condition
Call The MIAMI STAR PhotographerTo ) gar 4. *) are ready relieved bIfennnula. 7 the .rrrmmJ i
( thla Triple itrenftti. tar
RADIO STATION Write for this 'MOKNVINB -=-

Cover Your Church Events Teas, Banquets. Weddings mixed. II n..n'u SCALP: to rORMVLAM USB you all IT t lull comb. and I bruih r te add color

VO* T DAYS. and If you. an not ana. a.ho* out. Will not rub e((.
/'laatlafled. money. back Far'only IOTA DYI.aa.ts.t..uick.tt ...r
Fraternal Meetings Social Events Birthday Parties .Mde..v.rything.|IJ IOU' Dl".7". ';5. lo THAT odd iUDDIN color iradiMII DYED AVOIDS LOOK.

"WHAMMYIN penny rti'I- : h with fulldiro.ll.n. B.u.II.tt. .hodforrmovln. ..c...
WMBM I MEDICATED coloring. Prevent rubbing
FREE OF CHARGE' Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Nights SCALP FORMULA yourmoney ,aft .Coma.. In PU.ua lnl.*.. Can
fan buy Your hair and be .1.4 In peckot. or p.....
Spotlight Product acalp deterve Cam** In all ........., Black. I.
adds stow-GOLD .
Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event = name- HAIR and PRODUCTS INC. Platinum write Blue.Iuol laic Hade. pay rely
Of The Week Dep4; 4t 3 Sheopthoad' Bay. $ an delivery plus Beilaa*.
MIAMI"J v .Brooklyn 1 Vt NY. NOTE: "HI>jlruMUI.A I Moncv back If not d.11.M.d.
NOTE You eeortee. o 100* wlltliec Gala1 Medel .Heir Predutta. (Inc.
: May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook I Miami Florida money back ....r.. .. Deefc 5'.), Breektyn. IS: New YorkAS .

J, .l- 1 .,



I "F FAMU Rattlers Take A Beating From South Carolina State Bulldogs I

EWC. Tiger's First Home Game Fullback JIM Nance Of AL Line Of DefensePOWERHOUSE Rattlers Go Down To DefeatIN

Brings Savannah State In Getting :Smaller Bit Better Second Game Of Season

The EWC Tigers are eagerly awaiting their first home of Take a well-fed 258-pound fullback, give him motivation, la ,
the season against Savannah State College of Savanna. Ga. let him carry the football often, and what do you have? Jim TALLAHASSEE-"It had to end some time, but now that If s
This will be the Tiger's second game of the season and it Nance of the Boston Patriots the American Football League's over, we can start on a new one," said the head coach of
Is being looked upon with much enthusislam. most productive runner of the young 1966 season. the Florida AIM University Rattlers Coach Jake Calther
EWC Tigers opened the season two weeks ago In Waco A 'comer' late last year the was referring to Saturday night's game between the Rattlers
Texas against Paul Quinn College. powerful former Syracuse star all he wants to do is get even and the South Carolina Bulldogs. The Bulldogs became ta*

By downing Paul Quinn 18-13 EWC showed that they still was a standout in Boston pre better. "I weigh 235 pounds" first conference team to beat FAMU in 14 years, ending
maintain the powerhouse they had last year to make them season games. He's been even he said, "but I'm going to get string of 56 straight SIAC victories.
SEAC Champions. better since the shlstle soundedfor down to 225 because I want to h "we were outplayed offensively and defensively South
Head Coach Ferman E. Martin announced earlier this week gegular-season play. be quicker getting through the Carolina State has a good ball club--one you can't afford

that his team is In prime condition and many players have In two games (Boston drew a line. I Just love to carry the to make any mistakes with, and we made too many ml**
recovered from minor Injuries received In the first game. bye the first week of play), ball.J'd like to carry on every y takes. We had two good scoring opportunities but we had
Coach Martin also announced that Earvlngton Jackson a big the sllmmed-down 235-pound down. And, I'm getting great to settle for a field goal" said the FAMU coach. -
247 lb. freshman from Jacksonville is likely to see action Nance has 194 yards rushing and cooperation from the offensive Florida AIM University went down to its first defeat of

against Savannah State Saturday night. Martin commented, a fine 5.4 average. By comparison line." the season. they dropped a 8-3 football game to the Soot
that Jackson is a dedicated athlete and has shown that be has "Big Bo" totaled Just 321 The 225-pound target will be Carolina State Bulldogs. -
the will to play collegiate football. yards during the entire 1965 easier to attain, according to The devastating running attack of the Bulldogs was the deielding
The game between Edward Waters and Savannah State comes. campaign. Nance now that the Patriots factor in the game along with the stout South Carolina

.off Saturday night Oct. 1, In the Sam Wolfson Ball Park. Kick- e "Jim is off to a great have stopped a month of Junket- line. The Bulldogs amassed 212 yards on the ground, compared
off time is 8:15 p.m. start," said Boston coach Mike Ing (three games on the west Taking a Rattler kick-off Bulldog R.C. Gamble a fleet

Edward Waters will play their next home which will be Holovak, the man who solved a coast and another at Denver). r r footed, 157 -pound halfback took the ball on the twoyardline
Homecoming Oct 15 against WeSt Liberty State game or West Nance problem last season. "When I'm at home," offers and raced 98 yards for the South Carolina touchdown,
West Virc1n1a. Liberty "He's one of the best right Nance,. "my wife won't let me and a 6-3 lead with 10:57: remaining in the second quarter

now..and he's going to get even eat That makes it easy." ,, Although the PAT kick failed the Bulldogs got back on 0.

EWC Head I Coach World Series better." As far as Nance Is concerned, Scoreboard again with only 1:45: left in the game as quarter
Babe Parini. the veteran Pat- the keys to success as a pro back Alonzo Gilbert a Miamian, was trapped in the end zone

Martin a veteran of 15 yearsIn Televised 20thConsecutive riots quarterback, is a bit more footballer are conditioning and for a safety.
the coaching profession outspoken. Says the Babe: timing.! The Rattlers of Coach Jake Gaither bad gone ahead beforeGamble's
assumed the duties of Athletic "He's the best fullback in the "You have to be In top shape touchdown run, 3-0. on a 22-yard field goal by
Director and Head Football Year American League." every week" the Patriots back John Lovett. FAMU had marched 35 yards to the South Car

Coach at Edward Waters If Nance isn't the AFL's best declared. "If anybody knows olinal2.
College In June of this The Baseball WorldSerleswlll right now, Jim is determinedthat that, I do. Every game tough... It was a game of defenses though as the Rattlers were heat
He attended Sethune-Cookman year. be telecast t for the 20th consecutive he is going to be tne best. whether you're playing a San to 11 downs while the Bulldogs had but 12. Neither team could

College the next year where he year on the NBC Tele- However the climb to the top' Diego or a Denver." -- really muster a real scoring threat due to the strength of
played as Co-captain in the vision Network and broadcast hasn't been easy for the current "Timing is equally important, Charles Holmes, Edward Waters defensive both defensive lines and a spotty offense. FAMU led South
first Tilt of the Maroon for the 10th straight year 00 the AFL rushing pacesetter.In he continued. "You can't affordto tackle is one of the reasons the Tigers were able to subdue Carolina In passing yardage 69-32. but the Bulldogs got the

and the Gold at Phillips Field, NBC Radio Network beginning 1962, as a sophomore at make a mistake whether you Paul Quinn 18-13 In its first game of the season. Sandlij: yards when they needed them.
Tampa, Florida. Wednesday Oct. 5, It was announced Syracuse Nance was considered are blocking or carrying the 8 ft. 2 Inches tall and scaling In at 249 pounds of human steak Miamian Arthur Collins was again outstanding in the
---.-.- by Carl Undeman Jr., to be next In a series of football." and bone, Holmes will be seen In action Saturday night against Rattler secondary Intercepting two Bulldog passes and twins.
':r Vice President NBC Sports. great "big backs" who played Jim Dance: 19S6 version, Savannah State and, barring any mishaps will be tackling among the defensive stars of the game.
< All games of baseball's annual for Ben Schwartcwalder. Jim doesn't make too many mis- West Liberty State's Integrated team 1.1 EWC's Homecoming The crowd of 7,000 saw South Carolina avenge a loss last
'''1'.'' fJ'.i' '' autumn spectacle will be Brown, Ernie Davis...and now takes. Take it from Mike Holo game October 15. year by South Carolina Coach Oree Banks at the hands of
.i' '' televised in color for the eighth Jim Nance. vak, a fellow ho had patience. thd Rattlers. Last year FAMU squeezed out a 19-13 win lathe

(J. .... straight year. NBC has car It didn't quite work out that And Big Bo will make the 225- final minutes of the ball game in Orangeburg. It was the
.. ried the series on television way. Nance was less than a pound mark, too. Take it from FAMU e'I'Sell..le A&T Aggies.Will only loss by Banks on an otherwise unblemished 9-1 record.
;, every year since 1947, and on world-beater as either a sophomore Jim Nance: "I lost 14 poundsin A*M is 1-1 for the season, while State is 10.

radio every year since 1957. or junior, and he had one week last,ear..'the week Set Challenge Norfolk; Flrst Downs, FAMU 11; South Carolina 12. Rushing Yards,
Unless a playoff develops lathe weight problems. As a senior that Mike was kidding around Mil 85; South Carolina 212. Passing Yards, FAMU 69;
National League where the however, the big fellow blossomed (1)) about how I blocked well TALLAHASSEE, Fla The State SpartansGREENSBORaT6ere$ South Carolina 32. Puses.F AMt! 10-20; South Carolina 2-15.,
Los Angeles Dodgers Pittsburgh with Dance leading the enough to play guard." basketball schedule for the academic will be Total Offense FAMU 154; South Carolina 244. Passes Inter-

1 Pirates and San Francisco way Syracuse stormed to a If Nance makes 225, the odds- year 1966-67 at Florida fireworks on the field and above cepted By FAMU 2; South Carolina 3. Punts, FAMU 742.4
Giants are Involved in a Sugar Bowl berth.?and Big Bo makers may stop taking bets AIM University was recently It when the A&T College South Carolina 5370. Fumbles Lost, FAMU 1; South Carolina
close race for the pennant, the who will win the American released by the director of ,
had substantial pro offers from on Aggies and the Norfolk State 3. Yards Penalized, FAMU 65; South Carolina 50.
62nd annual World Series will both the Boston Patriots over Football League rushing crown. athletics. Coach Ed OglesbyIs College Spartans collide herein Attendance: 7,000 (est.). \
i open In the home park of the the Chicago Bears of the NFL. the bead basketball coach their annual football FAMU: Lovett 22 Field Goal. South Carolina State Gamble
FERMAN E. MARTIN National League champions on The Indiana Pa. native woundup 2 s CC Products'1 at the wUvers1t)'. on Saturday October 8. 98 kick-off return (Kick failed) and Gilbert tackled in end
Oct. 5.After. Home games scheduled for
Coach Martin transferred to his college football career asa Kickoff time has been set for zone for safety ..t
two games, Oct 5 and 3, the year include: December 12, -
232-pounder complete with Memorial
Butler University Indianapolis the series Pittsburgh Morris beginning at
will shift to tile homa Made Brown College January
speed and quickness. That 8:00
Indiana for his last two P.M.
yearsof sUliura of;the American 4 State Jan-
: League Albany College
winter before selecting the ; 1 The usual NOW
schooling. He served in World explosive scoring Register
winner where three 16
are Tuskegee
games uary ,
War II in the Anit-aircraft, Patriots over the Bear.,Nance Steelers Team ; which lias typified the meetingof
scheduled for Saturday Sunday: back January 17, Lane College; January .
serving 11/2 years IntheETO. made it. He wanted to win the two teams Is expected
and Mondiy Oct. 8,9 and 10. 19, South Carolina State
the NCAA heavywight wrest- has
During his military service Bethune-Cookman College .
The sixth
and seveath College January 23 Fort
games ; ,
Coach Martin played football ling title he copped; as a produced( two National Football
if necessary, will be played Valley State College February
.sophomorethen lost as Junior. Pittsburgh ;
and track and the
with service
ran' League players .
back in the National League 3, Allen University February
teams in Wyoming and Europe.He Jim sliced his weight to 226 Steelers got them both. Americans
city on Wednesday and Thursday '' 4, Clark College ( jfjrejen.tfs Ingenious> ;
was awarded Coach of the. Oct 12 and 13.All pounds and turned.\the..trlclc:Jle, First was Jack"Cy" McClai-..' Benedict ;' Februsry,40e, 1 1 .
Year plaques In South Carolina had an unbeaten season.sNance's ;ren, now headcoach and athletic College; ,(WG ei urt; ,r..ry .,yc a e" In hrIQv
games will start at 1 p.m. future Bethune.c 0 0 t m an College;
his pro football at bis Alma Mater,
during stayaiVoorhees local time except for two pos- director February 13,Knoxville College; ? ..rtm
looked rosy. But, problems set McClalren made all-Pro 'a 'a.
and he 5-
College was given a BCC.
sible and 15 Ala mastat.
situations. A Sun k y, Oct. February ,
year service award by the In. The pros like them big but with the Steelers. One of his
9, in Baltimore (the College.
258 pounds for a 6-1 fullback? Flanker Simmons
Florida Memorial CollegeAlumni proteges, Jerry -
Orioles cum itly hold a commanding Games away Include: December
Association in And, there were the constant Is his becoming
Feb.: on way
lead 7
In the American comparison with Jimmy Brown. Albany State Albany
1966. League ,race) would begin at Shortly after mid-seas of a star. Ga.; January 7, Lane Jackson,
Simmons outstanding during
2 p.m. Mike Ten-.; January 9, Morris
Nance's rookie season,
exhibitions games was a key
Brown, Atlanta Ga. January
Holovak either did or didn'ttbreaten
figure in a 34-34 tie between
12, Allen, Columbia S. C.
to make Jim lineman.
the Stealers and New York
VETERANSTHE One way or another the astute Giants. He got loose on several January 13, South Carolina.
State, Orangeburg S. C.; January
Patriot skipper let his prize returned punts and he also tooka 14 Columbia
rookie know that time was fora Benedict ,
BUI Nelson pass yards
running out. S. C;; January 20, Alabama : I
touchdown.The .
Nance began to shed pundage State, Montgomery Ala.; Jan-
Bartow Florida youth was
forgot about Jimmy Brown, and farmed :out to the Pennsylvania t
Ala.; January 28, Clark, Atlanta -
began to produce. His rushing Mustangs in his rookie year
Ga.; January 30, Knoxville -
total for the first 10 games of and gained a big reputation
Knoxville Tenn. February
DAVIS ST. Is Now Taking the 1965 season stood at 87 catching, passes from Glynn 8 Fort State;
Of 630 yards. He gained 234 yards lathe Griffin, now with the Orlando Valley Fort '.f' .
final four games of the rea Panthers. Valley, Ga.; February 18, Be- /

soo..and he's been running ever thuneCookman, Daytona
Hugh "Bones" Taylor in
Beach and February 23-25
Applications For Its since. 'Charge of Steelar catchers tooka Southern; ,
Intercollegiate Athletic
Against rugged San Diego' In liking to Simmons and t I'ored Conference
the 1966 opener the former him throughout the pre-season Tuskegee. Tournament EN
Syracuse standout churned for period. rL se '
Veteran Class. 38 yards from scrimmage, and Jerry's speed won him the ,:. .

added 67 more yards on four dangerous Job of running back J 1 ;
pass receptions. A week later, punts. Before the exhibitions Watch.
he established a new AFL sea season was over he had some
This Clown
The Size Of Our ClassesIs for 126 I;
sonal high by rushing added responsibility as a flanker c.LJ1

yards. 13.16 1 59 \
The new Nance draws the Simmons came to BCC without fJtnattrta.
Limited By Law. plaudits: a scholarship but earned one
35 23
Sid Oilman: "He's really quickly when Coach McClalren 12
something as a runner." saw him on the basketball court. 2 Elijah J. McCoy ((1843-1929))

Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Lance Alworth: "You Just can't The coach was against trying 3 .
bring him down." his hardwood stir on the grid-
Patriot center Jon Morris; Iron but changed his mind ..when 4
Place. "He runs like a horse." Jerry tried out for the team. 2
I- Babe Parilli: "He's so de- At 3CC Simmons made all- 9

Jermlned, be even knocks down conference and was given! honorable :
CALL 355 9874 safetymen in light drills." I mention on the littleallAmerlcan 86-15 -39 His name is part of our language,
As far as Nance Is concerned team twice.

.1 1 $ 5731 his inventions are part of our livesHave

Sometimes He's Up Sometime

He's Down He adds subtracts: .

He works it all around you ever wondered how the brications.

17-76-43 phrase "the real McCoy" became part McCoy's Invention was used so extensively
of our language? that no piece of heavy machinery

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Let's go back to Ypsilanti, Michigan, was considered complete unless it
In the year 1870. There a young mechanic had the "McCoy" system. In time, '
13MAN'S. 82 41 named Elijah McCoy began ex- people inspecting a new machine would
r perimenting with lubricators for steam ask, "Is it the real McCoy?" And gradu-

engines. Up until that time giant en- ally the meaning of the phrase spread '
gines had to be stopped frequently for until it attained its present meaning as

oiling. This wasted a lot of time and the genuine article.
money. McCoy's goal was to come up Elijah McCoy went on to patent over
dl *Man's Days aretfumoered. with device that would oil machines as fifty other lubricating devices. He 'also

.' Health'and they worked.In established his own company the Elijah

Fortune Can Be Your When. his crude machine shop McCoy McCoy Manufacturing Company, in
You Know Your Lucky Days developed an automatic lubricator: a Detroit. Since that time, his Inventions
container with a tiny stopcock that have raved the way for many technological -
Laccy Colors Etc. regulated the continuous flow of oil on ndvanccments. But the most

;Send $2.00 for your heavy machinery. Gone was the need to famous legacy McCoy left his countrywas

LflLW Ie horoscope October Guide for interrupt work for time-consuming lu- his name.

Fill in the' blank below and! OLD TAYLORKENTUCKY

;Box 1171 Jacksonville 1, Fla
.I....,.. SI-O..1 P............... ...,." I. 010 UUM Ml"1...II. r0. ......... 4I.MI..U.It. at

HAlO, the portrait and tory of each' American 'In this aeN..
e 1 e e Send for free booklet coni.lnlng
,8TREET--- Write Ingenious Americans Booklet Room 13.41.99 P.rk Av.. N.Y.. N.Y. 10016I
Mo. Dai)

J L 4 \

-- --


_._ _
-- ---- ----- --- -- ---v --
r- ; -- -- -- ---- "


-1//150 YEARS OF SCHOOLS I II Receives FAMU Post 1 1S fennessee Stale Maul [ Rattlers Down Florida Hunters "Black Power" Idea

North Carolina Allen '433TALLAHASSEE Given HuHtiHg
I, TODAY SCHOOLS ara masterpieces of modern King Aide Supports
architecture. Youngster thrive In classrooms,
and recreation GREENSBORO, N. C. -On a Junior
workshops gyms areas designed
Season Schedule CHICAGO -NP1> An aide to
to deal with the constantly changing world of bright, sunny, perfect: afternoon halfback Eugene Milton of -
science and the arts. This Is our most Important for football. Coach John Merrltt Ocala, Fla., caught two touch Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,has
L Investment-the future of our children. Yet many downs passes, one of 89 yards TALLAHASSEE-Florida Hunt dissented from Dr. King's opposition
unleashed the awesome
of us tike modern schools for granted Tennessee power and the other 62 yards to lead ers will have an opportunity to to "black power."
and balance of his 1966 -
his the Rattlers ,of Florida MM hunt dove on twenty-six public The Rev. Jesse Jackson, affirming -
State Football Team as
dove fields during the 1906-67
mauled North Carolina University to a 43-3 trouncing a "philosophical belief -
charges of the Allen University Yellow hunting seasJO.: The fields are in black power, said
ALT 55-0 last Saturday.
A crowd of Jackets here Saturday,Sept.17. located In 18 counties and will Negroes want to get a "pie of
seasoning-opening The touchdown passes of 89 require a $2.00 daily hunting their own" and not Just a shareof
sat stunned In MemorialS
I 6,200 and C2 yards to Milton came permit with the exception of the "white man's pie."
t t ell I u m as quarterback from quarterbacks Alonzo Gilbert fields in Jackson, Franklin, Rev. Jackson spoke at a discussion

Eldridge Dickey engineered a and senior Elroy Morand. Bay, Leon, Wakulla, and Lib- of black power
20-0 halftime with a triple
Both touchdowns came in the' erty counties, and the Eglin sponsored by the Negro History
t THE TRUE FOUNDATION of United threat performance. Military Reservation, according Roundtable
second quarter after the Yel-
\ States education began when Rev "I din't expect the score to low Jackets of Allen had takena to W.3.Copeland chairman, Monroe Sharp,local chairman
William McGuffey was paid $1000 for be that much," Merritt confessed -
> Com-
Game 4 Fresh Wit Fish
r Student Nonviolent Coordinating
3-0 lead late in the first
three years work ((1834.1837) to compile after the' game "But
his 'Electric' readers that sold over period, as George Kelly booteda mission. Committee said people should
Hbi.; 100 million copies during the next 50 this was a typical first game. 33-yard field goal. Public dove fields are locate knock down "the table of demo-
I'' years. McGuffey readers taught r ghteousness Our timing was off and this The two Milton touchdownscame In Jackson, Bar,Franklin Oak- cracy" if they can't eat there.
as well as reading, writing caused us to make mistakes.We .
: loosa Santa Rosa Walton
Richard H. Newhousa
and 'Rithmetic' In one room schoolhouses ; looked for this than within two minutes of each candidate
throughout the country. opening other in the second period. Liberty, Wakulla, Leon, Duval, for the Illinois Senate,
Ih game. Gilbert, a Miami NorthwesternHigh Suwannee, Orange, Seminole said black power is not basedon
"The defensive team did a
Merritt product, also helped the Sarasota, Charlotte,Indian River being nice but on saying
real fine
_ Ao.1ERICA'S 19TH CENTURY ( TALLAHASSEE, Fla. .Major Claude Ligon, analyzed. "The Job ends, and backs FAMU cause running for one Palm Beach and Dade 'Give ma my share pal becauseit's

schools have been given a 1.1 recently assigned ROTC Instructor at were very alert," continued. touchdown and passing for a- counties. mineI"Dove !
_ "living" monument It famed I nother. The 15-yard touchdown Public dove fields in Bay
Florida A&M University has been Taking up where they left off
Pioneer Village at Minden, iii r.In r. promoted jaunt came early in the fourth County on the Point Washington
South Central Nebraska E' to major. The new major was pre- last season, the Merrlttmen quarter, as defensive back Wildlife! Management Area and Hunting Season
drive with
Harold Warp has faithfully capped a 51-yard
_ preserved the one roomschool sented the gold leaf on his first day of Dickey sneaking over from the Major liazelton intercepted an in Jackson County on the Apa- .

his father,John Warp, duty at FAMU by Lt. Col. Samuel, F. Sampson Dickey sneaking over for the Allen University pass and lat- lachee Wildlife ManagementArea Opens SoonTALLARASEEThousands'
helped to found In 1877 (and tered off to Nathaniel James and the Apalachee Cor-
I professor military science. His game's first score. Roy
incidentally helped t to build will
rectional Institute farms
who raced 69 yards to the Allen of
at $1 day for his labors). Meneese toed the extra point
_ per primary duty assignment is assistant Instructor -
Complete wIth books, desks making it 7-0 with 4:20 remaining 15-yard! line Gilbert then require the regular. $i.OOpublic Florida hunters will be at their
of Military I Science I. He is a went in for his touchdown.The Fields locatedin
mementoes, potbellied' stove In the first period and hunting stamp. favorite fields for the opening
and mottoes, :this school is >'1 graduate of several arm servlce schools, enough of a margin to extendthe Rattlers completed just Franklin and Wakulla of the first phase dove hunting
an unforgettable reminder Airborne six passes, but they were good Counties and fields located in season on October 1.The season
of how the American Dream including the Army and Army Big olues' winning streakto
_ became a realityEasing Schools at Fort Benning Ga. His 15 games without a defeat for 189 passing yards for FAMU. the Apalachicola National will open statewide, except for
At",M recovered an Allen fum- Forest do not require a permitand Alligator Point in Franklin
_1 service Includes tours of duty in Europe over Senior a three-year Gene Bowen period., whose 44- ble on) the Jacket U-yarelline ,are open without charge. County, and will continue thro-

and the Far East. yard sprint set up the game's early in the third quarter.Three Fields on the Eglin Military ugh November 6.
Your Child's First School Daj first TD, piled up 151 yardsin plays later halfback Robert Reservation will require a$1.00 Dully shooting hours are from

-Sports ParadeBY 18 carries that included a Lampkin sprinted around left dully permit. 12 noon until sunset. Daily bag
3ii-y If d TD for the end from the nine-yard line for Permits may be obtained :at limit is twelve perdu/: '.ndhunt-
NEW YORK (CFN)-Since 1920 when the last few states NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL game's second tally.scurry the third Rattler touchdown with the fields or at any of the ers are required to have their
jn the Union adopted compulsory education, beginmng-of-the- 10:20 left In the period. Commission regional offices.
BUSY ILQfPCIUtACiON : guns plugged to a three s'lell
"We to a lot and
planned run
school-year chaos has been a national, event. :: -"I..want to be a busy world champion Bowen did a yeoman's Job," With 2:11: left in the game, Permits far the Eglin dove capacity including the chamber.
phenomenon of frantic help in these matters Lam kin went in for the fields be obtained at the
mothers struggling!: to acquire A valuable for his said heavyweight boxing champion Cassius (Muhammad All) Merritt beamed. "I figured again may The second phase dove hunting
proper school wardrobes school; new relationships preparalion other children Clay prior t tr 1 going Into the ring to tame Karl MildenbergerIn : Bowen had over a 100 yards touchdown, this time on a one- Jackson Guard Station at Nice- season is from November; 19

supplies, school; records and a .Is to have him play with Frankfurt, Germany, recently. And All will continue to but I didn't realize he gained yard plunge. The touchdown vllle. through DeemLer 4. The third
growing list of new school needs. small groups of children before carry out his plan by defending his crown against ClevelandBig more than half of our 277 yardson set by another Allen fumble at Special dove field filiations phase season opens December
for children.ihe final Vacation is a: way of weeks life! .during he goes to t JJ.has ( Cat) Williams in Houston, Texas, In Novemljer. He may the ground." the 35.Henry. and information regarding location 17 and continues through Jan-
If your not "been also fight the winner of the Sept. 20 Floyd Pitterson-Henry Dickey needed only four playsto Scott scored the of fields may be obtainedby uary 2.
Norm,illy calm mother give away from you very much: ur in London. Rattlers last touchdown of the contacting Commission's
,indie ilions of going: in too many range to give him this experience: Cooper fight cover 25 yards for the game'sthird
third quarter. FAMUintercept- regional offices located at Panama -
directions lit once Often. they Let him stay with .1 relative or ra 11 Y. Co-captain Bill
:livcrlook the special! preparations, Iidult friend while out. Tucker capped the march witha ed an Allen pass at the 31 and City, Lake City, Ocala,
:for child School for you go went in for the touch down three Lakeland and West Palm Beach.'
getting II to This will accustom him to the WANTS PAY KIKECINCiNNATJCNPOOscar one-yard plunge and Meneese TOOTHACHE
the first. time, und cerium otherprcparalions idea of separation from you for (Big 0)) Roberston, Cincinnati kicked the extra point, his plays liter. Information on the fields locatedin Wi, _, .,.." '" ....mtn |.t ,..... till,
that are part of the periods of several hours at u time. Royals' star wants the National Basketball Association teamto Florida AIM with 85 yards the Apalachlcola National .....eu' GIIA.IU ....d.. III.... fWHHTtfcr.MHf pisit
second six ..
are: und health of all school; Hue Before the o f during a busy w ...si .. r.iw,
Children. opening of school. raise the ante on his salary from the estim3.'ed $70,000 he afternoon. rushing and 189 passing Forest may be obtained by con- taetkKlM M" DMMiin.iitf -E
The Council on Family Health says Health.the go over Council the route on Family to und received last season to $100,000 for 19G5- 7, A. press t1m Opening the second stanza doubled the total offense of the tacting the ranger station at AII4.itwn 4. kt llwiif tftnlitft;t ((s Petssora.jel tr
points" out that going to school from school until the child is Robertson used two to Yellow Jackets ((274 yards to Wilma. I" ':"
for the first lime is probably one familiar with it. Even i was still dickering with the Royals brass about Dickey plays score. 133 yards). Allen was contin- 'zT:
though he
of the most Important nml in will not be going t tct school by salary to make him a holdout for the second cOhSe'.Jt1ve From the Aggies' 38, Dazzling hurt interceptions
ually by
'many respects upnetting experiences himself in the beginning familiarity year. Dickey, who completed 6 of 11 One way to liven up furnitureIs
of u child life In the ((5)) and fumbles ((2)) throughoutthe
with the route will instill passes for 80 yards, hit Tuckerfor by installing color-splashed
weeks! before this eventful dOlY. confidence und lessen! the fear of STILL NOT CONVINCED a first down then sent an game. Scoring In all quar- knobs on bureau, desks, and
:mother should teach child
the hisfull
being l separated from home und 1 LOHDONNPOiheavywelght champion Floyd Patterson aerial strike 25 yards to Leo ters except the first, FAMU'soffensive doors. These decorative devices
name and address and home mother and defensive units .
come in plastic and ceramic whichcan .
Johnson In the end
evidentally I. still not convinced that Listen who standing
Sonny --
telephone number Head: Coach Jake Gai- .
Take! the child for u thoroughphysical be kept ever-clean by wiping .".
Icich. him to be independent flattened him twice in title fights--Is his fistic master zone. c."
checkup Check on the ther his 173rd victoryat with a suds-wrung cloth. ..
in such everyday routines eat. is that if The helpless Aggies were only .(( ;
ns shots he has had und whether he Floyd speculating he defeats Henry Cooper in their Florida A&M since becoming .,- .
Ing, wl\hinil. dressing and going needs boosters Also take him to bout this week, he'd like to meet champion Cassius Clay or able to get inside the Big Slues' .H\.
head coach in 1945.
to the toilet He will rmvi mother the dentist for u checkup! former ifiainpIonSnny: Liston--preferably Listen.jj 20 yard stripe twice during the ,;; t,
USH if he of her I 0'
inikpcndi.nl__ _. The 43-3 win gave the Rattlers
.. = afternoon. Pert Plggotfs APT. FOR RENT
Royal Crown
18-0-0 in tho series
a advantage
- charges moved to State's }1 in [
." : ,' : SHOP AT YOUR AiP the first quarter and moved to against Allen.Register, Fully 'equipPed. Married children., respectable .Cola
: : the 17 in the second halt .
> .i.; wg gagsiC : Now Call 353-9942 alter 6 p.m.
WAREHOUSE STORE Using all 11 plays to march

fe:| MaB A +N_ 3000 W. 45th ST. 73 signal yards caller, Elijah, hit Bossle John Bynum senior MAIDS, GUARANTEEDNEW WIGS

I I'k with a 28-yardoffering,opening HELP WANTED

I j the final stanza.Sophomore Bob MAIDS N. Y. SLEEP IN YORK LIVE-IN JOBS, $40
PRICES IN THIS AD Shannon directed traffic on a JOBS SALARIES TO $65, fire Rush references. HAROLD HIGHEST QUALITY
L The store that cares..about you!! ARE GOOD THROUGH Ing 69-yard off drive to Wayne in six plays Reese hand-who phone advanced.number.Rush ABLE reference MAIDS, I ,NY AGENCY, Dept.RLYNBROOK, !

.. + ... picked his through the CHARGES
t : :.:: .:: SATURDAY OCT. 1 way AGENCY. 163 N. MAIN, FitEEPORT I _
entire Aggie defense for a 45- WANTED. 354-3433 or 725-4180
N. Y.
"SUPER.RIGHT" SHORT SHANK Fully Cooked SMOKED yard pay dirt sprint. CALL _
Not to be outdone, speedster Beauty operators, and barbers.
SHANK Nolan Smith scored on a 49- New Hollywood Beauty and FOR
yard punt return and defensive HELP WANTED MALE .'Barber _
Lounge, 622 Ashley St.
WESSON HAMS PORTIOM 49C Tin: : 59C takcle Fred Sumrall smothereda {call 354-9774. Mrs. M. L. DEMONSTRATION

LB. A&Ts Merle Code and recovered Partimo Time Kirkland manager. DIXIE SUPPLY CO., INC.
his fumble in the end Men with work
cars, :afe'I{
OIL zone for the game's final score. hours off
"SUPER RICHT" CUBED, SIRLOIN TIP OR FULL CUT Next Saturday the I4g Blues ':earn $10 on to your$15 or days more Apply and: Protect Your Life _

1. PINT ROUND BONELESS open before the homefollcs FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-

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LIMIT 1 WITH SWEET POTATO 39C Bargains Galore ..TYPIST who can do 50 wpm. ProtectionAgainst

$5.00 ORDER PIES 1-LB 8-OZ EACH Shop I Accurate; must be good in Eng- Burglars And Prowlers
Red Shield I I llsh and spelling. Apply!/

Family Thrift Store FLORIDA STAR 2323 Mon- _
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A&P FROZEN FOODS! CAKES 3.Oj. Furniture Stoves, tcalls. please. Free Demonstration No Obligation _
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3'i1,1.! : Ref r igerators, .

GREEN PEAS 2 LB. BAG ., T. V. ''s., Radio HELP WANTED Phone 359- 5922

Clothing Shoes
etc. Salet! PeopleMen

'PEAS I CARROTS 2 LB. BAG A&P LIGHT MEAT CHUNK We have just about and women, to sell adver
Using. Liberal draw, liberal:
everything for your' [commission, easy work, quick
GOLDEN CORN 2 LB. BAG 3 lift790
:'CUT TUNA home. sales. You earn $75 to $150

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We have 2 1965 Dlal-O-Matic

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-. : \ SUPERIOR TONIC TABLETS, never picked up. Customers I $3992
PEPPERS4ro250 Pep for all the things you want left area-we are unable to'' PINT$145

to do. Box of 30 $1.00. Satisfaction guaranteed or Money I machines for the balance of

Back.ISABELLA ,,1347.00 each. Cash or terms.
: ,Call credit manager, 3S3-194S

(MEAT MANAGER) (PRODUCE MANAGER ) '( ASST. MANAGER) Indiana.P. 0. Box 239, Dept. S Gary, ,anytime.. Will deliver No obligallon. ,


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