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1122193 F20090414_AAAAJL 00356.jpg ce90070ca55747b47ea27fa0aa0e77ff25f30cd7f99682290d85022116adf8efd7d76877
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200733datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 17, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007330740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 17, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 17, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.x'.j], lrFnimnOr'H uS 'BP lic ---- .1

.. ._ __
******** ***** -- <..<.' __ SEP26
** *. ** ** -


Ts --- --
.unu-r -T-** *** i _rnrju nmaa ..** *. ,

Cd.Den11'UAS.erdtT.of, Florida Tlorida:y lIBRAR' t Congressman Leads AttackTb I

of fLA. HIS {

Negro Congressman's: Power



: ***** *** '

K. MH i lJiL im.2 ..,. .... .... .... ......:..r.. ..... ...... ............ ...,.. ...,..
Registration Drive Kick Off(( Charge Negro

** .- __ _,__. pKYIfBRARp Vn'.l _
*** *** "' t T e "-1

YOUTH14IS) ; KIiEDIN [ : F I' Denied To Counsel Right

1 '(J
4 Supreme Court last week was

:2 asked by the NAACP Legal
HOME GUNPLAYBoy ..: Defense and Educational Fund
: \e
1 (LDF) to reverse the Georgia

death penalty against an UtiIterate

** Negro charged with rape.
No life was taken in the crime.

14 Voters League Urges LDF attorneys argue that Issac
Killed Naming'
"i Sims Jr. was "denied the right
to counsel Escobedo
given by
Orlandan As Demo Candidate '. Illinois."

As Gun Goes OffTAMPA By NORMAN JONES :_ Greenberg LDF Director-Counsel and his associates Jack

ORLANDO -.In a caucus following a Florida Voters League c argue that Slms's 14th Amend
-- -
registration rally which set a goal of 350,000 Negro registered ITL I ment rights "were violated bya
U-year-oldstu- the bullets penetrated Alonzo's voters, statements were Issued on several political developments __ .__ conviction and sentence to
----- -
dent at Booker T, Washington skull. The boy fell on a sofa of major significance. death obtained on the basis of
Junior high School was wounded and Goodall ran out of the door I BLASTING In addition to pledging support for the drive to Increase Negro registration to a confession made under inherently -
totally Saturday afternoon when shouting, "I shot him, I shot They urged the Democratic meeting. 350,000 Dr, Von D. Mizell, a member of the board of directors of the Florida Voters League coercive circumstances
a .22 caliber revolver him" Executive Committee of the Davies, last December which sponsored Orlando rally,blasted NAACP Marvin Davies for attempting to "sabotage"the ..." and following the
discharged while it was being; Hlckman's mother told police Fifth Congressional District to engaged in an abortive attemptto event. Other speakers shown seated Included Atty.Ike Williams Ellis Rubin, candidate for physical brutalization of the
handled by a 22-year old man. that she had ordered Goodall appoint Mrs. Mable Richardson set up his own personal Attorney General, Bob Carroll, former Kellylte now campaigning for Robert King High and defendant.The .
Officers H. C. Henderson and to put Via' gun In her room and Orange County political leader, organization to challenge the Norman Jones, Voters League public relations official. Sims Met asserts that
D. F. Sentle reported that they leave it there until, she returned as a replacement for Eugene state political leadership of the the text of confession:>signed

arrested Morgan Goodall, 3S17 from a laundromat. She Sturchlo Democratic primary Florida Voters League, when -. by Sims, while in custody,"was
r said he had been displaying winner, who resigned his can- he sent out a call to Negroesall --.I I written by a deputy sheriff and
f ..- : \
the weapon after getting it out ,- over the state under the read to Sims.
s, of a pawn shop Mrs. Hickman 1 name of Florida Summit Con- "The first three sentences and
was away from the house when I ference on Negro Leadership the last three paragraphs of the
the shooting happened. Nothing more has been heardof statement were admittedly not

Goodall was arrested earlier this proposed organization, statements by Sims but,rather,
this year for shooting into an however, it did project Davieson assertions of voluntariness of
occupied dwelling of Mrs Mary the state scene, which contributed : the confession written by the
Lee Hampton, who lives lathe to his appointment u deputy and read to Sims.
2900 block of 15th Ave.' I .executive secretary-(,, .the.. ..-, alma Is unable to read or b
Hickman was a student of the Florida NAACP. write anything except ki.IWDI.._ ..
ninth grade at BTW andamem- Some two hundred league officials LDF attorneys /urther argue .
ber, .of the Ponce de Leon M and interested citizens that Slms's 14th AmeiK&neit:
Housing Project football team from Tallahassee to Miami rights were violated because

where he was the first string representing every major "Negroes were systematically
w quarterback. ---- county and several secondary excluded from grand and petit
fOKMN 13OOD.11.1.31st MARVIN DAVIES counties-In three chartered juries in Charlton "site
Funeral services will be announced f County,
_ St., and later charged him by Wilson's Funeral ...accused of sabotage buses and numerous privatecars of the trial and conviction.
with manslaughter in the case Home. didacy. sat through five hours of LD7 lawyers attacked a Georgia
which took the life of Alonzo In a discussion on the attemptof activity in this first statewide law which provides that
Hickman, son of Mrs. Johnnie Congressman Sam Gibbonsof rally sponsored by the Florida "names of colored and white

Hlckraan 1819 24th Ave. Real Estate HlUsborough County to strip Voters League, Inc. .. ._.-; -- '- taxpayers shall be made out
_,... >0:11I.:
Adam Clayton Powell chairmanof Candidates from Orange lilt
Two witnesses, David HaleyJr. separately on the tax digest
., 29, 2106 23rd Ave., andY Men Charge the House Labor and Educa addressed the audience with DUVAL DELEGATION portion of the members of the Duval delegation which took the trip from which Jurors are picked.
tion Committee of his powers Ellis Rubin, Republican candidate to Orlando for the memorable event are shown here. From left, Mrs Hattie Dix Green, Mrs. The brief specifically pointsout
they cited that Gibbons had for attorney general-the Thelma Holt, Mrs. Josephine Fields, holding little ='Janice, Coleman who paraded before the that under local Charlton

FHA Is Bias opened 'Pandora's Box which only statewide candidate audience, Mrs. Hattie I. James, Sam Jones, Edward Holt, John B. Pickens, Jesse Lane, County practlve "separate sections
.E might _backfire. on the Southernbloc present. George Courtney and Miss Lula M. Allen. of the tax digest are
DALLAS-(NPiAn allegation who holds many committee League members who had piiorog BY WELCH maintained for white and Negro
that the Federal Housing Authority chairmanships based on the worked tirelessly in all of names, the white listed on white
r Is biased in favor of seniority system, as his attackon Mayor High's previous campaigns Book Tampon paper, the Negroes on yellow
white Investors in its loan policy Powell is in reality an attack for Governor,expressed ,Alt ; ] paper."
t\ was voiced by a source on the organizational structureof surprise and chagrin to find The Jury commissioners, all
f j which charged the Federal Congress Bob Carroll, who had cam- For DopeTAMPA 1 lfon-Po.vrl A4 of whom are white, rely upon

agency with refusing "to extend Dr. Von D. Mlzell general paigned vigorously against High Seen. their personal knowledge of the
the same courtesy" to chairman of the rally, scored for Scott Kelly, making a pitch -A31-year-old Bel- persons listed In the tax digestin
Negro housing project .investors. Marvin Davies, Florida NAACP for Bob High and wondered mont Heights man was Jailed picking persons for the Jury
W" executive secretary for his'Dt= where the previous High Staff last Tuesday morning: for possession lists, the brief states.

.. Negro real estate men and tempt to sabotage the rally by was; and why they had been of marijuana.. OnJlBlackPowlrJ i Census figures show 27.4 percent
.L- d .W Investors are disgruntled and sending letters to all NAACP replaced by a Scott Kelly Negro Officers McGee and Larry ,,.. l I of the population of Charl-
AljOMD IIU'KM\\ "watching the latest development branches in the state forbidding campaigner The consensus: that .were called_to, Club! Harlem I ton County to be Negro.- 1'e2To'
in them to participate in the rally. they would not continue to give oar, mil central Ave., cy taxpayers total 20 cent.
Sandra Klckman, 1C;, sister of the loan policy of FhA, Powell said when he acts in ing." He said after the vote per
the victim, gave the following despite tie fact that the agencyis Dr. Mlzell, a two-time life Bob High their continued unqualified Ardell Charles Gunn, 411 E. the future, he will be acting that the action was motivatedby However, only 5 per cent of
account of the scooting. under the direction of Dr. membership contributor to the support In the Oak Gunn complained that with the full support of the political opportunism. the Jurors selected in the county
Goodall came out of a room Robert Weaver, secretary of NAACP, bitterly denounced the November election, unless: for- Joseph Benjamin James, 3602E. Demxrats. In the past Powell Powell himself voted "pre- during the term of the Sims
in the house with a gun. He,, the Federal Department of recently appointed Davies in mer statewide and local High Chelsea had attempted to had the exclusive power to act sent" at the showdown trial were Negro.
nd Urban his attempt to personally take campaigners were actively reinstated sell him a stick of marijuanafor Sims was previously indicted
loaded the weapon, and the gun Housing Development or not to act on legislation, but initiated last t week by ,
suddenly fired twice. One of,I the source pointed out. over the political leadershipof a dollar. with the new changes there will Rep. Sam Gibbons (D-Fla.). convicted and sentenced i)death
The same source claims several Negroes in Florida, contrary The League will meet in James was Jailed for possession be others responsible for the Two California Democrats at the October 1963 term of the
civil rights groups are to the constitution of the regular fall session in Perry of narcotics, but movement of bills and Negroand Superior Court of Charlton
Suit Filed Augustus Hawkins (a )
maintained that he had stolen
planning to take"specific action NAACP. Saturday and Sunday, Sept legislation County.No .
to bring this bias to the attention League officials further 24-25. the marijuana from Mrs. Linda The "Get Powell" move to Philip Burton, also voted appeal on the first convic-
For Killing of all citizens and scored Davies for his statementto White Mrs. White and Mrs. strip the Negro present. tion was taken by Sims' court-:
congressmanof Gibbons declared "This accomplished
Suit Seeks ReleaseOf Aquilla Nance were booked for
Congress the press calling the members his power was initiated by exactly what I appointed lawyer.
Policeman The source cited the cases of of the State Legislature to vagrancy, the officers said. Congressman Sam Gibbons of sought to do." The court reporter had destroyed
Dr. T. J. Talllferro and ErnestS. a meeting with him and Miami TruantMIAMI Tampa who Is reported eyeing Powell gained one major point his trial notes,
Sterling, both of Tyler, Texas threatening defeat legislatorswho the U, S. Senate seat being execution had been set for 1!ov.
LOS ANGELESA Florida Civil Liberties from the rebellious committee:
who operate FHA sponsored did not attend his call Recommend Policemar n'vacated' Senator 13, 1963, and a commutation
death suit for $3 million damages Union attorneys Tobias The right to hire and fire staff
was filed this week by' nursing homes in Northern Klansman To Appeal Simon and Alfred Feinberg have Smathers. members. However, he had to of sentence denied when LDF
the widow and four children of Texas. The two operate the filed a habeas corpus suit To Be DismissedA Many see some significancein agree first to act in consultationwith attorneys entered the case. '
Mel-Haven and Mel-Rose the fact that Gibbons made Sims was snatched thin the
a Negro slain by police gunfire Contempt Conviction seeking release of a high school the committeemen, rather
nursing homes la Corsica and electric
chair with scant 17
attack limit a
his to Powell'spolitical
after a high-speed chase. truant who has turned 16 yearsof 12-year Negro veteran of than acting on his own u in
Tyler Texas respectively hour to LDF law
s by
power soon after theNep'o spare
Named defendants the since his committment the past.
were with a total value of about a WASHINGTON -Robert age the police department was recommended who learned of his
identified yers
City of Los Angeles; police to Florida School for Boys at: for discharge last congressman The 'vote came after a weekof
Shelton wizard
million dollarsThese M. Imperial ,
himself with and supported the only two days before
officers Jerold M. Bova and Okeechobee. bitter Internal strugglingover
Tuesday, it was learned from
two projects, like other United Klan of America, has idea of "black The Supreme Court Georgia
power. the issue of .
John Does.Leonard The boy was ordered com- rellable.sources. disciplining
Negro-sponsored projects j announced he will appeal to the ordered trial in May: of
a new
A fora which
Deadwyler, 25, was have had difficulty in obtaining Supreme Court his convictionfor mitted last February but wona A spokesman for the department spokesman group Powell for what a majority of 1964.
fatally shot last May 7 2 by Bova, suspension of the order when said the recommendationfor went to Washington to support the 31 committee members regarded
extension of their loan interestand contempt Congress. He Joining Greenberg on the case
who later was exonerated aftera he showed that absences from Powell said: "It's plain enough. as abusive use of a
discharge has been sent
life term,while the contrarywas was found guilty on charges of Gibbons is afraid of "blackpower" are- Associate Counsel JamesM.
coronu.1nquest." true for white investorsthe refusing last Oct. 20 to turn Booker T. Washington High to the desk of Police ChiefJ. chairman's traditional powers. Nabrit HI and Conrad Harperof
Deadwyler was hurrying hiswife School were caused by an asth- so he starts by trying The committee adopted a new
source said. over Klan records to the House P. Mulling, and that the New York City Professor
25 to matic condition.Nabrif officer to strip Adam Powell of his set of rules which remove from ;
Barbara a hospital The source added that the Committee 0 Un-American Involved was Willl Bex- Anthony Amsterdam of the University
because be thought she was development> "came u a great Activities.He ley, 43, 3623 23rd St. The power in Congress. Powell the power to delay action of Pennsylvania; and
about to give birth to a child, shock to the Negro community blamed Us conviction, In Mrs. Harris spokesman said I the chief The Negro congressman will on bills approved by the com- Atlanta attorneys Howard
remain chairman because
u mittee to hire and fire

witnesses testified. committee
to realize that it is the Negro, part, on the three Negro members reason for the recommendationfor 'of seniority and will retain Moore Jr. and William H.Alex
Bova 23 said his revolver staff members at will
of the discharge was that Bexley
the that Jury which found
the ander.
very person
discharged accidentally when are designed to aid is him guilty "I dou't think Negroes Named UN Delegates continually .reported to work some of his powers. But the and to dispense committee
vote was a strong repudiationof
Deadwyler's car lurched for- late. funds.
the only one that the victims on the Jury gave an MOHAMMED COMINGTO
emerge his tactics in the
past Powell chairman of the
ward after it had been slowed of FhA bias." unbiased verdict," be said WASHINGTON .(NPI)- James Bexley Joined the force on ,
almost to a stop by pursuing The May I, 1954. Rep. William Ayres (R-Ohlo) committee for the last five of
leader of the
There nation's How-
was no immediate M. Nabrlt Jr., president,
senior minority member of the will MIAMI OCT. 2nd
his 22 in Congress,
officers. Mrs. Deadwyler said comment from FHA. largest Klan group was not ard University and regular ,' years ,
group, was the only committeeman share the to take legislation -
the officer shot her husband behind bars authority
however. He N,
was representative to the U.
( aster to vote the anti-
deliberately. against to the floor with the MIAMI National Muslim
on $500 ball pendinga Security Council has been
; Powell rules.At six senior Democrats who head leader Elijah f Muhammed
Last Aug. 29 the City Council probation '
Investigation. named one of the leaders of a
;r one point Ayres emerged labor subcom is scheduled to address Miami
rejected M r.. Deadwyler'sclaim The most punishment he could 10-member delegation to represent 'I VOTE education and
against the city for $3 ( 1fiJ get is one year In prison anda the United States at < assert from the that committee the Democratswereconducting room to mittees. Muslims Oct. 2 when the secfs
new a converted
million. mosque,
$1,000 fine the UN General *. .
Assembly. NOW
RfcCbTER; .i ,
a legislative"lynch Christian church\, is dedicated.1I .

p, t h


---- -




,- .

., N'' E.W'S 1 1d To, Be Equal

&1 lCibed,by the' /.($ 'Publishing',Company. .
/ By WinTNEY M.
.. '
,.' MtMBER: (Fourth of Four Articles)

-; Ify tour of Viet Nam Is over.But the memories of the militarymen
NEGRO TlONAL, from our communities serving there and bow they received
ILl lingers on.
A Certainly, these veterans are not to be permitted to Journey
from New York or San Francisco, when they return for
ERIC 0. SIMPSON......Min.tinz Editor discharge, back to their hometowns of Pittsburgh or Phoenix,
or Chicago or Cleveland, or maybe Waycross of Little Hopeor
Strawberry Plains, wherever they live, with nothing more
HILDA WOOTEN.......CircelaliflD lIaaalirrr than a "hello" and a "good luck." -
At that point, as the veteran disembarks from
-: 4 his ship or his plane we will not ask (to
b the late President Kennedy's succinct:: )

'2323 Moncriel lad Pine Elfii 4.112hlliaz what that man can do for his country.
will be enroute home after having parCldt/i
Address that-placing his life at deaths door in
of the nation I
P. 0. SOl 599 JickSiiiillt, Fluid 32201. Therefore, it will then be our Job to I
MIAMI OFFICE HARDCOPESOUTHERN the GI, what we can do for him.It Is then that we must not cnV'
sing out our praises of him but also to begin to work diligently
STATttBEGINNING t to assure him that he knows that we are there to help him
138 NW 3rd Are'. P.one 377-1025$ journey home, even If necessary, to make sure that he is

....,.. --- --...,.. comfortably returned to his loved ones and friends. Above
SUBSCRIPTION RATES everything else, we must be sure that the returning CI Is
One year, $6.00 Half'ttM11Udo; \. '{ ,' ; (f I helped to readjust to his place In the community, borne-wse:
and opportunitywise.We .
Mailed to you Anywhere tip14'e'UaltedStitda, i U.I; 4i II must show him, by our helpful deeds, that we have fully
subscription pay0.6letnridvarue ; appreciated what be did for us and that we are ready to do our
send Check or Money order ,to: //L utmost to make sure that he and his family will want for
FLOKIOA STAR P. O.OOX599 ft 'I l' 1.- I nothing in our power to help him fulfill his aspirations.
Jacksonville j, tkurida fI' And so, for example, the National Urban League at its recent
Annual Conference, established a Veterans Affairs Department
designed to contact the CI shortly before be Is to be discharged
to see If we can help him In his readjustment ot civilian life.
Petty Crimes Must StopTake a J- oJtIII- t We are sure that there will be other organizations who will be
carrying through similar programs. The more the better.
Florida Basically, our plan will be to find oit' more specifically what
city in if please.
any you skills the CI has If he had which
OF THE END..SOUTHERN POWER STRUCTURE some military job through
and will be amazed at the amount of
retraining, can be adapted for civilian use. We want to know,
given to reporting petty crimesa and him If he desires to return to school
space ,---- ---- - -- ------- --- -- -- -- -- -- -,. to help for further
--- large per cent committed by Negroes 1 1 education for a better job. Or even to help him find better

whether we like it or not. In this housing.

editorial we are not going to discussthe 1 Your Weekly 1I responded Already government affirmatively agencies their, businesses desires to assist end industries In this newly-have

causes. I established program by making available jobs, giving helpful
Take the Sentinel-Bulletin,,, published in, 1 advice In the creation and in the carrying out of the program.
Tampa, and look at the column courthouse! 1 1a During my tour of VietNam,I was amazed at the large numberof
capers. Ramble through the Crime Beat 1 those who stowed deep interest In our proposed programand
Horoscope Guide who said that they would certainly want to be counted in
column of The Carolina North
(Raleigh for such assistance from us.Many others asked bow they could,
Carolina and you get a sordid picture of 1 uu 1 even then, get the address to contact us about the Idea
the race. These newspapers, the Florida 1 uu 1I Nobody gave a tinker's damn about how Negro GI's of former

Star is not excepted, call attention to ,* wars felt, what they hoped to do,or even how they were feeling,
one of the failings of the Negro race, I By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER. I when they returned home. Except his family and close friends
who couldn't do much to him
1 help get a job or to better his
To wit : Two deputies round up gang, condition.

woman shot down at garment factory in fair 1i i 1 And so, thousands of them returned to the same old communities -
condition, teacher threatened by student, WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1 to the same old discriminatory conditions to the

a grandmother slays her lover, cutting 1 1 same or worse nondescript, little-paying jobs, and to the same
1 old depressing dismal and hopeless second class
spree at party assaults galore burgla- 1
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL status they left.
ries and thefts of
every description. 1 We found
deep bitterness mounting In the veteran of former
No wonder' a former Mississippi congressman 1 1 wars, when he returned home to the same Inferior status he
said that Negroes were getting more -- --- - --- -- --- .-- -- -- - -- --- S,I had left.
criminal everyday. Is there some way our Often riots and other turmoil resulted when be could no longer
ARIES,_ CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN live with the Idea that he had
racial can 'learn,to' reflpect''the 'J gone abroad to defend a country
group BORN A@Ct :;, BORN IUNE BORN DEC. which treated him so cruelly ,
,.sanctityoflife, and propertyespe- ,, ,_ 23rdORNOCT..23rdBe Thus
our reason for the Viet him'Negro
launching plan to aid the
cially Uf ,they belong to ,someone else? 2lttAPRIL 19th. ,- 22nd: JULY 22nd .i 22nd JAN. .19th and other minority GI's. With all the troubles currently

Show you mean It. U you have You can get burned. An Ill- steady. Fluctuations are Start Investigating The most besetting the country, here at home these Viet Nam vets till
Capital' Punishment' (Is A Deadl..:. Letter steeled your heart against unwise advised love affair, particularly apt to be violent and ready to beautiful roses often have the be a force the nation can ill-afford to have embittered.
romantic attachments or one that Is unconventional, exact a big I toll from your sharpest thoru. This furnishes Besides, the Negro GPs of Viet Nam are among the best, of
philosopher aptly made this statement reckless speculations allow carries its own seeds of exposure pocketbook should you have been you with your cue for the last our communities. They deserve the best treatment.
: "In many states the death penaltyis nothing or no one to cause unhappiness or a loss rash enough to take wild risks. quarter which has both to otter.The .
the books but in practice its you to soften up.There Is ample of prestige. The same may be Certain people calling them- more positive people wax THE URBANLEAGUE
confirmation that conscientiouswork said of an Investment that has selves friendS could really be In their arguments! and the more
infliction has become a dead letter. performance and a steady not withstood the test of a enemies and awaiting the opportunity glittery Is the proposition they
If one were to keep of crime. sentencesfor savings program will lead you close Investigation before you to cash In when you advance, the sharper you must STORYBY
a period of three months, he would straight to the doors of security, took a risk on it. If you have least expect it. The best policyto look for the hidden barbs. You
been Imprudent the wonderful follow on this critical day certainly cannot and should not
discover that most heinous crimes usually and freedom from any sort of BROWN
Is to lend, borrow or buy strip your resources to the bone
than death want when the moment comes plans you have drawn up for the
less sen-
bring something for you to seek them. But the future may have to be nothing whatsoever no matter even If offers are good, which One of the real problems for the low income family is inade-
tence in the courts. Even when the death Arlans who are too emotionaland abandoned In order to handle how the deal is painted on the Is not likely to be the case. quate bousing.

sentence is imposed, it is finally upset not disposed to take dictation sudden exigencies. The results surface. Should you allow yourself Let others think or say what There are 25,892 low-income families and individuals in
- appellate.courtsby from for which have labored to be caught la any traps they will and refuse to be deflected Jacksonville
in the tedious course of someone who seems to you may Fla., whose Inadequate housing accommodations
executive clemency.Not hart the upper hand may long and arduously may be negated that were set for you, you risk from your decisions form and harbor a complex of other social problems. These
discover that they are In a trap by the fact that no one getting into the dumps from when you have good reason to conditions, over-crowding poor santiation,etc.,reinforce their
only have we observed a trend away else but IncludedIn which it is difficult to extricate deem them as sound as you
from which It may be exceed- yourself was poverty by causing complete family disintegration. 'The poor
from capital punishment for serious ,ingly difficult to escape. the benefits that were to be yourself. can make them. The wisdomof family Is trapped within its unsafe and unsanitary walls. The
crimes, but there has been a general reduction 620. extracted. One must think selflessly the ages often Is the gin high proportion of an Inadequate income spent '
in the amount of punishment In order to win that Caprlcornians are born on rent, the pulled shades that Isolate an
in general. 445BORNFJULY SCORPIO with. economically deprived family Interms of health
indicted for crimes TAURUS
BORN OCT. (physical and emotional from the desolate
is to-be found econo- g
the solution ,
Maybe BORN APRIL scene outside provide a place that halts
24th NOV. progress
mically by a s t ern e r stand by the 22nd AQUARIUS and growth. The dwellings are isolated from
judiciary, calculated to discourage crimesof 20tb MAY 20 IPs a puzzle. The momentof BORN JAN. other segments of society, overcrowded and

theft and robbery. In fact, this kind Nerves vibrate. Tension Is on 23rd AUG. 22nd crisis may be at hand. You 20th FEB. 18th unhealthy.
than the rise and this could cause are under pressure from within Low-Income families, especially those from minority groups,
of approach may be more you to lose sight of the procedures Don't fall for It. It may be as well u without and this Remain steady. This Is lue are In a particularly disadvantaged position when there Is a
capital punishment. that aid you in keeping during this final quarter that does not facilitate your task most unpredictable part of the shortage of low-income housing. There Is no fair: hoeing law,
your existence on an even keel. you run the greatest risks. in the least. Complete mystery month when you gain on the and only an embryonic minimum housing code In the city of
Let Jesus Come IH, Methodists Any sub rosa attachments could Things from the past that you surrounds you and creates so one side and lose as much or Jacksonville. The average low-income minority family needs
hold you up to condemnation mal wish to keep hidden may much confusion as to Impel more on the other. How to proceed specialized help, guidance education technical assistance,
of the problem
One catches the magnitude within your own family as well be brought out t o discredityou you to act contrary to your to control the situation and the support of experienced professionals and volunteers
of the hassle going on in the Tyer as without Nearly all your do- or to extract money. Do personal and professional in- may be more difficult than the In order to overcome the many barriers to equal access:: a.'
Temple Methodist Church of Tampa at their mesh c and worldly ties may not be free with your funds terests. Separations and attempt itself since you may housing opportunities on the open market.
recent quarterly conference. be affected by whatever now and confidences at any time, divorces are sometimes be confused by official regulations These housing problems for low-income families and individuals -
but particularly I so on i 24th- brought about by such upsetting false advice and your exist primarily In two
transpires. This makes it all sections of the city, magnifying in
The problem: Whether to sell the ediffce the more necessary for you ':6th. These could be the days Influences and this nay not be own vexations Do not fall for these areas all the problems of the ghetto. This fortifies the
to the Texas Oil Company and move, or to uphold exemplary behavior. vhen someone may be tryingto said to be what you want.Should any so-called big money- alienation of minority groups from the rent of society here
stay at the present location. No matter what you do to protect get In a sneak blow while the contrary be true, there will making enterprises that require the slumlord can victimize the ignorant and uninformed and
It'appears that the majority of the congregation secrets or confidential your attention is being divertedto be no lack of causes and pro- you to put up substantialsums make a profit, not only from the decay of human life, but from
remain where. activities, others may be a step other things. Keep your cashin vocations to arouse everyone without any guaranties the actual decay of the city.
voted to they are
a bank, your valuable assets to fever U as to when how A
ahead of you In ferreting them concerned a pitch. or you can comprehensive! rebou'lDe program can provide assistance'and :
over the objections' of the minister who out. A shattering blow to your in safekeeping and'ourselttree only you would heed the one get them back. The whole thing better homes for families and individuals: in need. It can
is leading the fight to relocate. The hopes) and friendships may be of debt. who has your welfare at heart, could be a gigantic swindle, also provide a setting In which the next generation will grow
pastor had the treasurer ejected after struck on the 29th. 7-80-22-l3-84.79 there would be no regrets. anyway. The surest way of less dependent on society. This program can also be the beginning -
the money keeper froze over $20,000 in 4-10-66-18-62-341 averting reverses Is to follow of more direct use of existing social services by families
the old-fashioned procedures and Individuals, for relocating the
minority! group popuUtUw.
Church funds at three Tampa Banks. VIRGO
of working steadily and saving thus assisting in public school desegregation, for accelerating
The quarterly meeting erupted into dis- GEMINI BORN AUG. SAGITTARIUSBORN as much as you can the realization of the latent of current public housing policy

order and law enforcement ,officers 'were BORN MAY 23rd SEPT. 22id NOV. and for eliminating the type of home ownership! that blights i
called to the scene to preserve the peace. 21st JUNE 21st city. To this end the program will educate: stimulate and serve
Silence means safety.The 23rd DEC. 21stDon't low-income families
Parliamentary law rules that the will of biggest PISCES and Individuals In securing mor*adequate
Should you// This quart., Insome mistake you could make contused. Not bousing.
the majority must be carried, out. Hence, respects may be the most during this last quarter is to that get Is said or printedcan every- BOBN FEB. The possibility of urban renewal and the normal
if the majority preferred to remain at trying and Insecure. You seem make statements without first hing be accepted as true in all 19th MAR 20th city has even further increased the need for a more Intensive
their present location, the church should to be willing enough to go along weighing their merits or respects. The more intuitive Where now? It cannot denied, housing program. Hundreds of families need adequate housing
not move. We also question the authorityof with the trends and circumstances 'trouble-making potentlalties. ones among you who have recognized that you are being subjectedto now, and this educational approach will help the reluctant
and to do your shared Supposed secrets could be non-oriented families to find available
that you will have to rather extraordinary pres.;, ; housing and pin point
the pastor to remove the treasurer. the work involved But the public property In no time at refer more to your subconscious : sures which, fortunately, you the need for additional housing units..
Our churches must set the example for question Is whether you will all, to your dismay and possible : so as to be able to sift now possess the stamina to STATISTICS:
sinners. be able to carry out your Intentions detriment Even the pay- the real from the false You resist. The nearness of the one Housing Situation of Jacksonville's Negroes
In the face of ment of hard cash will not cannot afford to allow yourselfto In whom you have faith,or from Within the city ci Jacksonville in 19uX there were r ,430
Congratulations To Voorkees unexpected and explosive de- remedy any situation that has be misled or Influenced contrary whom you can derive your own families. That Is, Negroes equaled: 99\ of the city's entire
velopments. Methods canbackfire been permitted to develop and to your judgment on the strength, would be an Invaluable non-white population Negroes were 43% of the city's pq>ula-
For along time Voorhess Junior Collegein plans may be chaotic nourish. The loss of affection, 26th. This Is the kind of a asset in aiding you to settle lion of 201,030.
Denmark, south Carolina served as a and your feelings can run riot.It Jealousy or sub rosa affairscan day when situations axe often your present difficulties.Reject There were eleven census tracts In Jacksonville which had
training institution for the Episcopal will take all your wits and lead to the divorce courts. termed explosive or, at the offers from near or far, especially concentration of lDur. than 2,000 Negroes In them. Taken
Church and it will some day become a full- elf-control to prevent things It seems doubtful that any happiness least misleading. Go right to I those related to your together they contained nearly 9*. of all the Negroes In the
from getting out of hand but will be city
extracted by any when want vocation when they are not
year college. This is surely a sign of headquarters you
the chances that have of
are the parties
you concerned ThisIs
backed solid
the lowdown on anything of concern up by guaranties'
progress, because progress is not main- enough of both. lie more than a time when Jhe Vlrgoans to you and those allied In writing. Too many deceptions THIS WEEK NEGRO HISTORYSept.
still. cautious at the month's end who have
tained by standing cultivated a great with you. This may enable you await you everywhere you go
More alumni and other groups should rallyto In domestic, professional pursuits understanding, will hold their to steer your ship through safe to take a chance on what mayor 24, 1957 PresuentDwightD.EsethowerorderedFederal
the color's of Voorhees and other own. rather than troubled waters not happen In the near future. troops Into Little Rock, Ark., to carry out Integration of
church- related leges. Z SO $ S92 ., 251 .. Central High School.

c1. *,1 \




Gems Bridge Talent Revue Daylight Workers Annual Social n I

Club Sponsor Presented At StantonThe 1I1"--o.: ... x- :

annual Talent Revue of
Benefit PartyThe 1966 will be presented at New
Stanton Senior High School Sept.
30 In the auditorium, beginningat
Gems Bridge Club will
8 .
sponsor a "Bridge and Whist"party p.m.Outstanding
talent In the city
In the Knights of Pythias
will be featured. Coordinatingthe
auditorium 1040 Broad St.,Fri
show will be the officers
day,Sept. 30 at 7.30
: p.m. and members of the DECA
The affair will' benefit the
Chapter of the school and -
Jacksonville Branch NAACP In
of the newspaper staff
its efforts to accommodate the
Clarence E. Evans, acting
annual state convention of
chairman, said dancing
Florida! Branches of NAACP,
Oct. 1316. singing, comedy routines and
other entertaining acts, will be
Invitations are being sent to
local groups In order to sUmu- presented.
Interested desiring to
late participation.Reservationsfor participate have been asked to
club representatives shouldbe contact the DE office at the
made in advance. Mrs. r
school member of the
or any
tis Thomas is president of theGems
program or newspaper staff.
Bridge Club.

Girl Scouts LkJ1

In 1778, more than 700 Negroes

served Washington.It under. General George Call Meeting

At St. PaulThe

Covers Gray HairWm.
--- --
Girl Scouts of St. Paul
J. Brandt's Liquid AME Church will begin their
Fall meeting Wednesday Sept. SURPRISES The lucky ones who walked off prize winner; and Theodore Carnes, first light president ( third from left ) with a

EAU DENNA 28 All, from scouts 4 to are 6 p.m.urged to be In with the door prizes at the annualDaylight prize winner. With them is Miss >Mary gift from the employees which was pre-

uniform. Troops 293, 231, 279 Grocery workers social held in the Small 1 who pulled the winner tickets sented by Isaac Carnes, chairman of the
and 234 are asked to report. It civic auditorium recently are seen here. PRESENTATION-- During the annual Daylight affair. At left are Robert Francis, co-
HAIR COLORER I Is Imperative that scouts be From left are: Mrs. Mary Brannon, third Grocery wworkers affair, time was taken chairman for the event and L. E.
on time. prize winner; Harold Jackson second Israel I. Edwards Christman, General manager.
Will cover gray hair In 10 I Mrs. Irene Baggs, scoutmaster out to present Day-
to 20 minutes. No pack. No --- -
mess. Anyone can put It on at
home. Reputing After Registration RallySOCIAL


REDDISHIt ......" -
11IEr _
Louise Guinyard W ;J'
will not rub off, It stays on
_. _
------ --------- ---- -- -
several months. Shampooing, -----------------
sea bathing, sun, permanent Invitations are in the mail to local fra- Mildred Hampton were recipients of awards ry. 1
waving, cur ling or straightening earned In the A 4' A 1
iron sororities, civic and social made on the basis of points
-nothing takes it off. You
clubs for a gigantic bridge-whist tourna- bridge session.
can cover any gray hair no
matter how stubborn or how ment on Friday September 30, in the Myrtis Thomas Irma Murray Marie
caused. BLACKSTAYS BLACK. Knights of Pythias Building, IQUO Broad Streets, Marie McClain, and Leona Bennettwere

WONDERFUL FOR Street. The benefit affair is being among other participants.
TOUCHING UP sponsored by Gems Bridge Club in con-
nection with the forthcoming Florida ************

DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH State Conference of Branches of NAACP. For the benefit of fashion conscious
Permanent Waving This the second tournament for this Individuals, the traveling fashion showIs
CAUTION: Use as directed on particular civic organization promisesto Fashion Fair
label. Colors: Black I Dark coming to town-- "Ebony
Brown, Medium Brown. have a far-reaching effect on securingthe Colorballoo, "" October 21 at Civic Audi-
Price per box $2.50 plus support of social and civic organi torium, sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha
Federal zations. Sorority.
TaxDIXIE fair will feature creationsof
....*...eeee This year's
such leading designers as Christian
Charlotte Bostick was hostess to the Dior Balenclaga Yves St. Laurent .
PHARMACY .first I .meeting ,of the season of"Sophisticates 1- Norman NorelI I Arthur Jablow, Tlffeau E.
Bridge' Club.held Saturday'eveningat Rudl Gernretch\ Donald Brooks, Chester 49 ,
Kla s'Rd. jail Fla.
1305. ''
: 6072 Rlbadlt Rbad.; \ Wiehburg, and'.Other top designers. ,
Johnnie M. Mitchell Vernal I McCone, and Proceeds from this year's presentationwill '

benefit Gamma Rho Omega Chapter's.Shoe HOUR-- Some of the guests who enjoyed the social, hour
and Scholarship funds, and to sup- which held In the
"................_................."'M....._..:................_.........._.-_...._.. newly Inaugurated Testing Ski I Is Hotel was Hospitality room In [
port the following the Florida Voters League Rally In Orlando last
Study Clinic. Saturday are shown here. From left is Eric 0. Simpson, Florida
Elizabeth Jasmin Is general chairman of Star editor, Mrs. Ike Williams, St. Petersburg, Mrs. R. Saddler,
the show, and Frances Johnson heads the Mrs. Mable Butler, Mrs. Wilhelmenla Burgess, Mrs. Marie Price,

ticket committee. all of Orlando and AI Floyd, WCKT television station, newsman of
Miami. Standing above the crowd Is Leon Oldham who played host
CCCCCSCSeeee to the scores of guests following the registration rally. OldhamIs
The closing of Brewster Methodist Hos- a representative of Famous Brands distributors for Dewars

pital during the past week brought more Scotch, I.W. Harper, Dickel Bourbon and other popular whiskies.
than a pang of remorse tQ< the hearts, of

Jacksonville citizens.One .
can only feel regret when he thinksof Register NOW-
i : the untiring efforts of those who

struggled to build the facility, and those

who labored so hard through their contri- > ."-- : .
butions, services, and other worthwhileacts
to keep it In existence. durnitur
Without a shadow'of doubt, the Hospitalis
, p- badly needed (more efficiently operatedof
course) to supplement the other Insti- 135 Broad St' 353-.7 1

tutions in the community devoted to the
care of the seriously ill.
R It Is my sincere hope that the facility '
will be reopened dedicated to render
more proficient service In a more ethical

manner to the patients entrusted to Its BICFamily

care. Size

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kappa

l. Alpha Psi Fraternity installed the
officers of the I local I chapter during I

fll their regular monthly meeting recently.The .
l'. If" e installation was conducted at the

/.i iW. : r"" Kappa Robert Castle L. Mitchell 3756 Teeler, a Avenue.member of the ry ,tlr ,

t Board of Directors of the Southern Pro-
: vince conducted the 'Installation.

;/.. i Officers are: George HIM polemarch ; 4- I

Lawrence V. Jones, vice I polemarch I ;: .t
Solomon Badger, III keeper of records:
1 L" __, :.1
; .William A. Johnson exchequer; Ehue
You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola. Timmons, stralegus; Robert Knight, Lt.

Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshing.That'swhy strategus ; George H. Starkes |III i | ,

things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke. George historian H. ;Williams,John D', journalist.Darby' chaplain' ; and

s i Mo .
1 thing go Welcome Witches!
better HIGHEST QUALITY Witches will be welcome to
HUMAN HAIR xwp-ttp windows in many towns
d116 this Halloween. Since theirNODARRY1NGCHARGES $5
$ a : ghostly scrawls can be swished 'DOWN o )
way with clear water, I leavingthe
3543436 or 7244180CALL windows cleaner than before, 2.45 WEEK
many shopkeepers and homemakers -
Ce are Actually looking forward
FOR HOME to Halloween. Come to Twin rinse tub on easy roll castors and
think of It, such "clean" trlck.or.DEMONSTRATION castors and large ,supply' of Tide included.
treaters complete the first half of
INC.the window-wuhing process with
BoMM under the authority of The Coce-Cole: Company byi Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling'Company DIXIE SUPPLY CO., every soapy scrawl they apply! DO OUR OWN' FINANCING I I

t I \



-.t !I".t >' .., + . ;.a. 'rrr+ wwt .rw. ,




Icy Scout Leaders TWO MINUTES

CHURCH NEWS ra ""7.., _. ..s.Yaallet-w. w 1A'Y ____


Women Day will be sponsored Sept. IS in Greater Payne HUNOM 4O4MDEAD
AME Church.
The officers are: Mrs. Anne Sinclair, dtalrnaa; Mrs Emma r
Walker co-chairman; Mrs Haul Mainor, secretary; lira.Eatelle ., k- WORKS
Collins, lira Martha Baker, lira. Marie Singleton'
lira Marie Black, lira. liable Dean, Mrs laura Powell, < Twice In ''aul'. tpiHltiH t he refer manship, matr/l) In (:hnnt j J"
finance committee; Ur*. Uyra King, lira. Martha Baker,Mrs l<> " Basel Mainor, Ura. Rebecca Holler, lira. Annie Collins, writ''IIa't! "rc'llCnlanc'e| from dead "IA.a.1, '>> worky are not ,,ny| n Ja
Mr.'Annie Griffin, program; lira. Helen Cleveland, Mrs work," while in 11.1 9:'14 he Hyserlene Steward, music; lira. Florence HalL lira liable clan! that (IhlllI.II (:heist availito substitute for the faith \III\ ,,?.ir, ,
Dean, lira. A, Eagleton lira. 8. Ealey. UrsTuinnle Clark, "purfie thu run* Icnre fn"m dud l "" without faith it I ii irnx|,'''Ml]
decoration; Mr.. Margaret Lettlmore publicity; lira. Johnnie work In Dtrvc the living (**l" in pliasn C..nl", fH -b. IIbn| | :i i'he Ii,,
II. Hodce, lire. Marie Black, Ura. Eagleton. ushers. i M Mark well. I hew rtfinnrtu arc "' that IM'Iovcth: The captains are: 'lira. Annie Sinclair, Ura. Emma Walker, nut to wtcltej work. hut In dent (>xl hath life"end thin life t iv ''''U"
Mrs. Helen Bruce Urs. Uattle Flagf lira. Norman L. Clark, I work. There"dca'| work*" are (heHocalfol to l*.r/r,,U.-thu growl l work wi,
Mrs Florence Hal!, Mrs. Helen Smith, Mrs Minnie Clark; Wi : t "II'''''' work*" (whether which: (....II"I truly pica-)
Mrs. Martha De Sue, lira. .Annie. Collins and Ura. Rosa L. moral,ceremonial) which men did The: difference: ( WWn ,th(: .M
Boyklns. '."ncllltill doto make thimstlve: work, "lit the un"1nl'rlll! inJ
Miss Laura R. Wltaker will serve aa youth chairman; Ulss acceptable: t'j God 'J'hey art "dt d" the "",,,,,! worW of a true U man tiro-r
Carolyn. Richardson, co-chairman and Urs. R. Mills, super I Ijccauite they are not the product) of then in that the former ire "'rluworks' | ,L
risor. / n ,qI regeneration or spiritual life, but theme while the lattir art thj
.5 :,.., attempt MI the part of unit- preciou: fruit of life possey*.'!.' I
UNION COMMUNITY fI generate airmen to justify them. No man can pica'!w U.I| w hiH" ,I
Union Community AME Church will observe Its annual ,.wive before Gt\\ denier; the truth of His \Vri 1
Women's Day celebration Oct. 1C, beginning with the Sunday u Paul himself, once zealously re- r reject fin Son. N, graciously ,'{,;",'
School. n lig otis. but wholly unsaved had to to die on the crow, a. our SIYxY?
The captains' are: Mrs Ollle Mae Worth, lira. Lucy Gardner repudiate hi* "diad work. and To try u win Hn favor ly
Urs. Louise Grimes, Urs. Estella Jones, lira. Lilly count them "10"." to find nalvation work. while rejecting. Christ Kxx)
Mae Bell, MI''. Beulah Uosley and Ulss Marie Hogan. ; In Christ, through| whom alone he ending a gift to a man whose is like ilea I
could produce gruel l work which l loved ton you aped and de'lli"i :
MT. ARARAT BAPTIST Cod could accept (I'hil. J:4-9)). "The Father loveth the Son, and'
Dual Day will be observed Sunday in Mt.Ararat Baptist Church Thin i i. why he later declared by lath given all thing into Hit hands l ,
with the youth in charge of the 3 p.m.., service. Rev. Benjamin divine Inspiration: "For by grace He that believeth on the: Son hath
Hoover will preside. are ye raved, through faith and everlasting life" (John JJS: 36)))
The devotion will be conducted by the young people of the Faltbi ? that not of yourselves: it it I the gift Believe on the Lord Je.u!$ Christ'
of Our God Prayer Band.The participants are:W. Lace, Walter v N, of Cod: Not of work, left any man and thou shalt be laved' (Vu 16:111: |,:
Robinson, Shirley Thomas, Sharon Smith, Jerome Thomas, should toast for we are HII work.
Thomas Singers, Larry Boston, Bostonettes, Sweet Chariot i
Gospel Singers Robertlettes, Miss C. Murray, Miss C. Williams
and Minister W. Griffith. Gospel Singers Annual
Others scheduled to appear during the day are:Parental Home ObservanceIn
Girls Chorus, Junior Pentecostal Choir, Abyssinia Baptist
Junior Gospel Voices of Faith, Young Adult Choir Mt. Ararat; --- Set Mt. Tabor
Crews Singers of Douglas Anderson High btcbod, Thel- SPEARHEADING-- Father T.- Vincent Harris, Carter and Allyson Wise. Father Harris Anniversary

marettes and the Mighty Southernalres of Klngsland, Ga. priest in charge of St. Gabriel Episcopal expends a special I invitation I to. families Sunday At 7 p.m.

MT. ZION AJIESe"lc. Moncrlef near Soutel is shown with the In Washington Heights, Richardson Heights, The Excel Ior Gospel Singerswill
Sunday In lit.ZlcoAUE Church begin with the Church men of the Church who will head the newly. Cleveland Heights and surrounding area to celebrate their 4th anniversary Districts 1 and 7 of Mt. Tabor
School at 9.30 a.m., with Superintendent Raymond Wade In established Boy Scout unit wing Initiatedat share in worship services each Sunday at Sunday at 8:30 p.m., in Baptist Church will observe
charge. Triumph Holiness Church, their annual observance Sunday
the church. From left are Ernest II
Consecration service begins at 10.30: a.m., with A\ Glass Sr., Wilson James K. Satterwhlte Louis a.m. Royal Art Photo Third aDd Franklin Sts. at 7 p.m., in the church audi-
The program is:Processional, torlnm.
presiding.: Morning service at 11 o'clock with Rev. C. E. .
Toston In charge, assisted by Rev E. McCoy. The Rev. Mr. all poopsSevoUoo; Rev Isaac' The program is: Opening selector -
Toston will deliver the sermon.from. the theme, "What Cod Greater St. Mittbw Gundy, Deacons A. Levine and Choir 3; devotion,
Forgot About. Baptists Mrs. M.L. Leavy, Mrs. LJHHrphy F r E. Williams; Introduction of Deacons U. Abrams and C.

The Gospel Choir will sing and the junior ushers and Stewardess Master of Ceremonies, Urs. Timmons; scripture, Rev, G.
Board 4 will serve. The pastor has asked all membersto Set For Dual Day Observance: Head Women's .Day.PrograM Thelma Edwards; Master of Cherry; prayer, Rev George
-- -. --- Ceremonies Rev. Paul
meet following the service. Delegates will be elected to the Fountain Tilley; selection, choir; Introduction
annual conference and reports will be made for the building Dual Day will be celebrated Urs. Nettie Carrot,Mrs Willie Annual Women's Day will be observed Sunday in Walters ; welcome, Urs. Matilda of Mistress of Ceremonies
fund drive.WAYMON. Sunday in Greater St. Matthew Forest, Mrs. Estella Simmons Memorial AME Zion Church with Mrs Mary L. Leavy as Allen; response, Urs. Plassle M r s. Lucy Grant,

Baptist Church beginning with Mrs. Ruth Padgett, Mrs. OUle chairman_... ....._and 1.........Mrs.......J.Lessie.. with......Murphy*..ht. co-chairman. Rodgers; occasion, Urs. SarahCoI.y Mistress of Ceremonies, Mrs
CHAPEL Scott Mrs. IYO pG IY Y "" 6. ; selections; Voices of Marie Timmons welcome
the Sunday School with Deacon Evelyn Mercer and 7 o'clock with Choir 2 of Grant ; ,
Services for Wayman Chapel AME Church are being held in E. Tolliver as superintendent( ; Mrs. Geraldine Burton. Sunday School at 9.30: a.m., Memorial AME Church serving, Faith, Latimore Singers, Me- Miss Bertha Watts; response,
Lillian Sanders Community Center' Hartley Circle. and Mrs.. Eleanor Parker, Appearing at 3 p.m., will be: with Mrs Bessie H. Love as call to worship, Mrs. Rogers; Call Singers, Sunbeam Singers. Mrs Dorothy Childs; reading! ,
The. activities Sunday begin with the Church School at 9:30 secretary ,William Stephens, Ernest Thomas guest superintendent; Mrs hymn, Mrs. Hannah Holmes, Also solo, Urs. Essie,, Mat Miss Angela Burkhalter; solo,
a.m., with Superintendent Gary Hall presiding. Rev. G. W. The teachers art:Mr.Eartha, Miss Ernestine Thomas, Carolyn Yvonne Rogers,secretary scripture, Mrs. Mamie Thomas, selection, Austin Miss Melanie Marie Timmons;
Smith, pastor, will deliver the sermons for the 11 ajn., and Green, Mrs. AlvestaWUhams, Miss Mendell Stokes, Miss and Mrs.Dorsey B.Kelsey, Starling; prayer, Mrs Amy Twins; offering Rev. I. Gundy, reading, Mrs Florine Benton;
6 p.m. services, Albert Brinkley, Urs. Mary J., Joyce Williams, Mrs. Carrie reviewer. '+ Livingston mission offering Rev A. Hooks, Mrs. T. Edwards selection, choir; reading, Miss
Group 1 for the annual..'. Day celebrationwhich has been Henderson, Samuel Caswell A.J. .,: ,Jones, Mrs. Vera Sadler, Miss 'i The 14''Lttsie Mrs:Rosa Ruby'Clavsoa, announce I ID1Its"l 1 Deacon J. Byrd, Samuel Valarle Malbory; selection,
scheduled for Oct. 9, will sponsor a pie sale Saturday the Robinson Robert Wand llllam iPUnda I Baskln, Ulss'Patricli tirsvCarrie Ywing.; .IfoodV Mi's.' ;Sarah, "Uents;' Mr s.'Evan U. Gilbert,,) Henderson. elections. Starlight -.4 choir t sermon;P v.H.r.Overstreet"paitori -
none of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wright Jr. 2038 York St. Roosevelt Bacon. Charlie i Lavant- Rev. Matcns'Klag.a4 Best Tuesday evening, the group will hold a Joint service with Mt. Weaver win review the leas David Jones, Urs. G. Burton, ;; acknowledgment of L. Clark introduction of 1 I Boston and Bostonettes, solo, remarxs, district leaders; appreciation
visitors ;
Official Bethel and Jerusalem Baptist Churches In charge. Other participants are: Mr.. Urs. H. Forest. Mrs. Annie M. Davis. speaker, Elder N. L. Hodges Mrs Mary Goodman, Mrs. Annie Belle
I ,
board meeting will also be held Tuesday at 7:30: p.m. Eleanor Parker, Willie Nathan Appearing at 6 p.m., ire:Rev. Morning service begins at 11 speaker, Rev. lines B. Johnson selections Gospel Echoes Grant; closing remarks
o'clock with
the choirs of Evergreen
and Rev. H. Walker, pastor. H. Walker,James Thomas,John Baptist and Usher Board Invitation, the Rev. Mrs Johnson Speight Singers, CelestialStingers and benediction, pastor.
Participants at 11 a.m., are: Wallace, Male Chorus, ; solo, Jerome Thomas;
Holy Tabernacle Musical 2 offering, Mrs. Marion L.
.To Sponsor Urs. ,Grace Workers William Abyssinia Baptist serving. Bertha
Jenkins, Urs. R. Willing ; Stevens The devotion! will be conducted Glover, Mrs Catherine Flanker selections Harris,Karris Emanuel Btyists
District 1'of Holy Tabernacle Missionary Day will be J. Crawford, Urs. Geneva Perkins Joseph Alexander, Daniel by Mrs. Mary Moses and Mrs. Urs. Ann Lee,Mrs BerthaN. Singers; Soul Revivals,
Church will musical observed Mrs.RosaCampbellMr. Cumming, Charlie Bacon, Rev, Lowe Voices of Jerusalem; solo,
sponsor a Sunday throughout the Clara Brinkley of the 12th Hour ; observations, Mrs. Slate AnniversaryChoir
program Sunday nlghtwithlfrs. 'day with Mrs. Lillian Riley, Agnes Bishop,Urs.W.Peoples, Samuel Price, Eugene Alex. Prayer Band 2. Fannie Bradford; captains and Mary Nealey;selections,Blvens
Miss Arletha Urs. W. ander Horace McMillian W. Specials, Mt.'Ararat
Bastion MaleCho-
L. Meadows presiding. 'president, presiding. The Responsive reading Mrs finance reports, remarks,Mrs. 1 of Emanuel Baptist
M. Lavant Miss Drewnella Sam Reid and rill Choir 48
W. ,
J. SUveralres
r The ClUtone Gospel Singers speakers Urs. L. Leavy chairman closing 42nd
n are: Ruby Vera J. Rogers, acting pastor; mary ; Church will observe Its
will be presented on program Jackson, M r.. Irene Levy, Mosley! Urs. Fannie Marshall Nathan. scripture, Urs. Willie Thorpe; remarks, Rev H.C. Traveling Stars,Buckman Sing anniversary Oct. 3 at 815: p.
Oct. 2, sponsored by District Apostle R. L. Davis, pastor Urs. A. B. Reed Urs. Patsy mission offering, Mrs. Henri. Archie, pastor; benediction. ers, Gospel Echoettes, and m., In the church auditorium.
2. and Bishop R. L. Jones. Johnson Mrs :ThelmaStarNOW is etta White solo Heavenly Fire Singers.
Moncrief Baptist ; Mrs. JessieL. The hostesses Rev. R. W. Jackson, pastorof
Pope; announcements, Mrs. Contralto Gospel Thelma Edwards, Mary are,Anderson Mrs Jerusalem Baptist Church,
Bessie Hill; duet, Mrs. Pris- Rose southside, will deliver the
: District Event Set cllla Wilson, Mrs. Esther Singer Observe Taylor and Taylor members, Lorraine of the sermon. Choirs in the city vffl
Milton; consecration hymn, Christian Aid Club. be featured on program.
i' Urs. Annie U, Curry; intro
4 LOCATIONS District 2 of Uoncrlef Baptist duction of speaker, Mrs. Ella Anniversary Date -
TO SERVE YOU Church will observe its 35th McNeil; speaker,Urs.Cornelia
anniversary Sunday at 3 p.m. Scott; invitation, Urs. Rogers; Mrs Gussie Paige Gray, contralto Royal Art StudioSTILL
." 'I 3111 W. E.g..oell'.. According to Deacon Major solo, Urs. Dorothy Byrd; offering gospel singer, will
3701 EMERSON Hill, leader and Urs. Dora I Urs. Ovelia Edward, observe her 30th anniversaryas
j Bass, president, Rev C. Tel.j Mot Mary Ford, Mrs. Estella a singer Oct. 2, beginning
830 CASSAT AVE. fair will deliver the sermon., Henry, Mrs Jane Rntledge;observations at 8 p.m., in Mt. Calvary Bap. TAKING
i ; 1824 WEST BEAVER Others will participate on pro.' Mrs. Ann McNeal; tist Church.
gram. Urs. Lillian Byrd will acknowledgment of visitors, Mrs. Gray is a member of
i f LET US serve as Mistress of Cere I s Was Amy Moreland, benediction. the church, serving as church
STRETCH THAT DOLLAR FOR YOU I II! monies. clerk reporter of the Senior INSTANTPICTURES

District 19 of West UnionBaptist The youth program will beheld Mission, member of District
f Church wit 1 be guest' at 3 p.m., with the youth ,13 and a former president and
FRESH PORK SALE- board. Choir 4 of Zion Hope serving. soloist of Choir 2.
It'ss Irene Edward and Mist She is also 1 affiliated with
I FRESH Bernice King will serve as Lute E. Powell Chapter, OES,
ushers. Devotion, Rev June and is grand chorister of Bethlehem
TOOTHACHErn' Lundy; welcome, Miss Hazel Grand Chapter, OES.
I CI Phillips; response, Miss Ar- The participants will include:
===: iLSZOl, .II.a""k:'u11'1: ,oat.r. besto Collins, solo, Miss Irene Mrs. Essie M. Thomas, Mrs. NOW LOCATED AT
I W Mi* Mk** K MK.
VOMm to.im.ti MM KM Bartley; Introduction of Essie M. Scott, Choir 4B, Male
S I ; < to muf *MM*. Chorus Choir 3 Mt. Ararat
BACKBONE59 All .... -- speaker, Miss Vergil Seward, ;
j ; 1f1S speaker, Miss Brenda Albert; Mrs Jessie Polke, Matthew
i ore-jI. :Z' 710
solo, Miss Verge Seward; of McCoy, Mrs. Ruth Valdes Mrs. RUSHING ST.
feting Miss Emma'.Edwards, Geneve Perkins,Rev.A.Brown,
, L Miss Brenda Tutson, Miss Latlmore Singers, Leroy .
LEI Tnelmon Henry, Miss Gloria Mallory, E. Hall, Mrs. Marva SAME PHONE -
Jean Powell; words of appreciation Wright and others. 3541894a

LEAN CENTER CUTPORK Hilp! kip! Help! remarks, ,Miss Mrs Carolyn Vera Borers Rogers;; Sheriff Dale Carson You Do a't Ge't a -
benediction To Go To Town To
to. Rusivilt,Fni.lii Of t The evening service begins at
1 LB.79C To Sneak Sunday
CHOPS IbcH, $L, Ring, uueen ContestTerminates --- LOW PRICES

r Mil At Union Community
I. Sjiritul, lltiltrRe Sunday

: MEATY Roosevelt Franklin of Macon ., The king queen, prince aDdpri.Dceu Sheriff Dale Carson will be DRUG STORE NEEDS
i 00 Ge. contest will terminate the speaker Sunday at 11 a.m.,
1 1 Divine Spiritual Healer Sunday during the Sunday School in Union Community AME WErwiUEETtlAX0 &tborhoodDni S tor *
HAMMOCKS 4 n. Jesus 1s truly giving blessings! hour in Grant Memorial AME Church, and will be Introduced We rEL.? PRICES *"*. IN TOUR LOCAL
i and victory to many people's, Church!, beginning at 9.30 a.m. by Deputy Willie Lamar, papers We also flu all Doctors Prescrip-
problems. SUCCESS CAR' BE Crowned for the intermediate' according to Rev! N. McCray,
t YOURS. See or write me today Department pastor. .
, -:. have a special message every Wright king andShirleyGeltger, Mayor Louis Hitter and other
..f one's ta.. ...e4for. queen; Junior Department Do, city and county officials will Dixie Pharmacy
.Last week many, many people> nell Weston king; May FrancesWilson give greetings. The devotion
i FRESH FLA. .were helped by my special queen. will be conducted by Rev and
selected Bible reading to be Also' Primary Department: Mrs D. Tootle. 130
r GRADE ALARG.E treat each weekend. If you want Daryl UcKeuie,prince: ;Beginners Mistress of Ceremonies,Mrs Kiifs had At MirtliElfii Anus
$100 1 to be delivered quickly: ,.send Department, Frank Jeanette ifungen. Other participants
I '1.00 and sself-addressed envelope Morgan Jr., prince; Andrea are: Urs. Louise .PhllS 5-5517 -98TEIEPHOUE
1 EGGS to Ref.lJooh.lt Frank Richardson, princess; Cradle- Vamer, Choir 2, Urs. Willie
2DOZ.WTCI IKa; 630 Morrow AU., Macon, roll: contestants, prince and U. Tlsby, Miss Patricia Clark,
Georgia. Phone,745-M75 princes will be announced byUrs. Urs. Florence Clark, Johnny PAY
t' '. TOIl will get these special. E.. U.; Richardson. The Gregg Jack Glass, Choir 1, rOUq UClT, WATER
lections and Bible verses will be held at 10:30 Urs. W. C. Teamster Mrs
bj crowning AND
TIE KU HIHI SNOW III IIII I* C0 WL 4 return' mall. li.m. Tommle L. Wilder and others. Bills IT OUR


,. tl' r

------ _. ...

A -

I World News DigestOPEN National .Advertising Representatives Discuss Production NAACP Files Suit To Void I

_._- -. -.
y ----- -------- -
I School Bill
LONDON -NPI- The recent BIRMINGHAM Ala. The These actions virtually cause
LUSAKA - Alabama State Conference of a re-segregation of school systems
assassination of Prime
of Sept.I. new regulations went :
Minister Hendrlk F. Verwoerd the NAACP, together with G. in communities which have
seemed to have triggered into force to tighten existing I : Y. Rogers on his own behalf been following the. guidelines
laws visa The
another stabbing incident' on requirements. and on behalf of his daughter, established by the. Fffferal
new rules are that citizens of
recently, when South African Gina, has filed suit In U. S. Government.
all non-British Commonwealth
consular official Johannes van District Court in Montgomery The complaint filed In Montgomery -
der Roel, 55, was stabbed In countries t -Including Rhodesia to have Gov. George Wallace's alleges violation of the
need entry or reentry -
the cest at the South African rr school anUgulde lines legislation equal protection and due
to be admitted to
clauses of the 14th
Embassy. The attacker, who Zambia. declared unconstitutional process
made good his escape was and to prevent its Amendment.

said to have Inquired abouta DEVALUATION??? enforcement.Gov Attorneys representing
Wallace recently pushed plaintiffs are NAACP femralCouncil
passport. He
was describedas BUENOS AIRES
-- Yet
being "colored" or "olive another devaluation of the Argentine through a state law which rules Robert L. Carter
skinned," bearded and about is in invalid any compliance by Frank D. I.eeves, Washington.: ,
25 years old. peso rumor f school boards with the Federal D.C.; Orzell labor
stage among integration guidelines. This adams, Peter Hall and.
IMPEACHMENTJAKAKTA government circles, move can cost the state $30, '
although government officially 000,000 In Federal aid, and '
-(NPIA move Is denies any devaluation. The
L % impose an additional financial GIVE TO FIGHTMS
by a powerful group peso currently pegged at 215- .
Ir burden on the state's taxpayers.The .
of Indonesian intellectuals
to 218 $1 before last
1 per Aug. ? Governor has also ordered
have President Sukarno Impeached 8, was 202-205 to the dollar
Alabama schools to take Immediate -
on charges that he !
steps to reassign all
betrayed the'
nation. Simultaneously CAPITAL SHIFTBLANTYEE
Negro teachers to Negro .
militants students Malawi NPI!
-( >- -
schools and to re-examine
in. West Java have Issued a The Malawi government has : !
pupil assignments to desegregated SCLEROSIS
demand that Sukarno's second bunched upon a $30 million MULTIPLE
n schools.
wife, Martini be arrested and project to transfer the nation's

,r I tried for financing Communist capital from Zomba, In the II- "Jacksonville's! Most Recommended Dealer" .
activities. south, 130 miles to Lilongwe
in the northwest. Buildings for a
AMERICANS, NOTE two ministries-national resources R. S. EVANS
STOCKHOLMNPI Everyone and works-have already -
J talks about huge car repair undergone construction at ,
bills and spiraling auto fe new site.SHARETHECAP1TAL. g4 3rd & MAIN
\ insurance rates, but no one a
does anything about It-except' ; W BUICK SPECIAL . 12495
Insurance firms. For RA\iY
the past two years, Insurance JERUSALEM: -(NPI)- Israel, 65 CHRYSLER 4-DOOR . $2795
firms throughout Sweden havebeen which for 17 years had boasted !:T- JIR rONDITIONHO OR. Sri 000 MILCH.ONLY II ft atn' FATORT WARPAVTV

operating their own repair of having two national seatsof A. w 191 64 CADILLAC . . .1195
business and have cut government-Tel Aviv and Am' CONDITIONED, uxc KBW, ON. OWNER a BAN AI WE*
repair charges, by one-fifth. the divided city of Jerusalemthe HOLIDAY TALK Bernard Goldberg (heft), senior vie right), was widely acclaimed not only by the trade and press, 65 PN N r7 riAC bAl NII.EA CATALINA: . $2495
Rates latter to forestall UN plans president and a director of Schenlejr Industries, Inc., and but also by the public who saw it when it premiered at the TOP. UMDro LIKE New
are scheduled to
drop>> for its Inffirnatlnnallnatlon Arthur T. Ralph, Eastern sales manager for Amalgamated Americana Hotel in New York City in July. The Mart gives 65 MUSTANG R & HEATER :. .. $1795
ance even more.premiums Best of have all, insur-been may have to share Jerusalemwith Publishers Inc., national advertising representatives for the wholesalers and retailers an opportunity to' see Schenley's 65 PLY FURY III .. $2.395
Jordan the d the 1966 Schenley and to ahead for the AIR CONDITION tOW A1 I M Mllrl .TIIA"a"IIIUII.J! I VR
stabilized. if a proposal>> by Negro press, discuss itinerary packaging program plan coming holiday CTORT """ ""
the Palestine Liberation Organization Merchandise Mart which will take the$131/4-milllon production season. The production begins its nation-wide tour in Boston 66 MTAMN'GB $m5AUTOMATIC
NOT THAT OLD defeats opposition. to many of the biggest markets from coast to coast. The and continues on to Washington, D. C., Miami Jacksonville, rACr RADIO R : HrAIF.R. WHITE WALL TIRF.l" TKTF.DOLA ,

NAIROBI -(NPI)- There are The PLO wants to declare production which "stars' the new Schenley holiday decanters, New Orleans St. Louis Chicago Los Angeles, Milwaukee 64 PONTIAC CATALINA l $1795.
those who wouldn't hesitate to Jerusalem an Arab city and special: bottllngs, cartons and prewraps (shown in picture on Indianapolis. San Francisco and Minneapolis. 61 f.fiDHST!() Haw RPARE WAGON TIRE KFVTR U FD..MIPCII: |895\
make it Jordan's
However ------- ------- -
take capital. AUTOMATIC. REAL CLCAM.
the of 70-
up challenge a opposition want t the 65 VALIANT 2-DOOR . .:. .. .$1395

Just odd-year-old to see how man good to he a reallyIs fight,, present capital of Amman to Skilled Men Sought AfrkaR Student =: Yes, We All TalkBy :.caa 64 RADIO TEMPEST A HEATER CO\VERTlBLE .... .$1395
remain the seat
but in the case of President of Jordan'sgovernment. Marcus H. Boulward VAflOMATIC RADIO AND HXATKR.
Blasts 65 BARRACUDA V-8 : . $1995
Jomo Kenyatta recently he had For Job OpportunityCHICAGO Negroes QUESTION: We hear a good deal these days about correct "ATII'. """ ""',"
no takers. Kenyatta, recently NEXT MOVES language and/or pronunciation? What Is correct pronunciation? 52 SRflroM3Sdff S 795

returned from a monthlongstay JOHANNESBURG) -- A 12-week For Bleaching -B. L. 84 f JTO Cr AtffiftEIBo I AAKbTo-p01"\ ?' .. sun
the coast where he had
Flushed with its success before citywide "talent" search: designed r.DR. RADIO MOTOR.
been under the care of heart the World Court on the issue of to find the skilled: and LOUISVILLE -
specialists of appeared before a its mandate over Southwest professionally prepared who African student has ridiculed countries, we have regional dialects and even sectional dialects.But 62 c7lETRT6 1 LlfT. I IMPALA .. ....... $1093
rally 40,000 people looking Africa, the apartheid-minded are "ready now" to take over when standard oral speech
Americas black people who we say good pronunciation or '
'' vigorous and in a fighting mood. South African government is and bold countless numbers of "attempt to correct the blemishes we refer to the socially accepted pattern of speech spoken by 62 fENAULT' (CARRAVRLLE! .'. .. ... S 495:
No one present seemed to doubt reported to be preparing to available Jobs regardless of of the Negroes' race" the best educated people of a country, or community. The very 55 OLDSMOBILE "88" . .S 145
his "strength and fitness. pull out of the United Nations. race, creed, or coJor. was by bleaching their skins, breadth of the phrase standard American speech,when we come 55 CHEVY .S 125
launched last month in straightening their hair, and to define It, raises a number of questions which cannot hope to I DOOR. V.. RTICK KM in,
the Sherman House by the becoming "blondes." be treated in this column. Over 100 Cars To Choose From

VETERANS American Consumer Bureau. Arthur C. I. Mbanefoof Lagos These are some questions: Is there a preferred standard of
The search was kicked off Nigeria charged that many American English? How do we know what is preferred?? Does' R. S. EVANS
c Aug. 28, with a Golden Opportunity Negroes "do not want to be the standard ever change over the years? Etc.

11.. 'F.of conference whose entire associated with Africans. They ,R: ..; u
:l M Tnlxnltl I1wit A ..
focus is. being aimed toward seek to identify themselves with ; :R ADiRi -.alt; ..., : .. rd & MAIN ',

THE l JACKSONVILLE., BARBER:.COLLEGE,-, INC. ,Metro communities.' The, Idea Egyptians, Moors, .Moroccan*, .u',Formy pamphlet tTelepwneSpeeeMlr! j wuAJJO cents to cover ?.l. n, ....H r... w. "- ?. .|Ie"., h .?fI" 4,.,
behind the program is thai by and Sudanese, who they think i cost and handling to Dr. M. H.Boulware,Florida,?A AM University EL, 4.011:181: EL 4.1t.'J82. 'M ma"Jacksonville's
w finding men and women who"were" are not Negroes." Box 310-A, Tallahassee Florida 32307. Most Recommended' Dealer"TS

Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is Now prepared for the Job Addressing the JTeffersonvllle
Taking opportunity between 1939-1859 Branch NAACP Mbanefo, a
when "as good as", wasn't student In Detroit, said the
good enough, hope>> motivation American Negro has attempted"to
Applications and inspiration may be extended convince himself that he is
For Its to both the young and old.These white He tries to shut himself
were the men and women that off from anything black. The
were turned away when they word Africa is synonymous with

Veteran Class. were young and never tired, black, bush, and many other
and who are now employed In dirty 8'.. MARICE
some lesser Job where their "But toe mirror has proven SUPER
skills are not being used. him wrong" the student added.
The Size Of Our ClassesIs "Helping the Negro to find "There is no doubt that the
his 'Golden] Opportunity, will Negro's concept of color as the THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT ED6EWOOD AVE. B

affect the economic standing of basis of his undoing Is the

Limited By Law. every consumer between the underlying La Cto influencing .
low and the mid-Income bracket '
his to alienate
attempts deny or
for many years tocome.Finding .anything that reminds him of U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST i WESSON
the proper>> use for their skills it coupled with the half-truth
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of .will lift them economically and stories o< his origin." I

begin to solve some of the many The result has been cooked-
Place. problems facing toe Necrocom- beaded Dun who are"raceless" 1 24 OZ.BOTTLE. 39c
munity. Seeing Dad or Mom but for the mercy of the OIL

'gain employment that will show .American cliche which labels _

CALL 355 9874 the advantages of education: ,them u Negroes, he said. 1yi
and may even encourage their Ubanefc* cited the "basic disillusion 'A
children to stay in school," aoi African faces I
among 1111111 1 WITH $$5.00OR
declared an ACB spokesman. associatesin LB. ( I
very many Negro 49C ,
These "potential consumers" this country-the American '' 1 MORE FOOD ORDER
will be introduced to the Merit Negro does not see an Africanu I
and Equal Opportunity Employers a Negro."
at the conferences being Many Negroes, denying their -
held on the last Friday of each African "
express "pride
month. All resumes filled out he said, In American Indian FRESH PORK
by the "consumers" who ancestry or "Illegitimate"white
.qualify for registration duringthe forebears. !
month will be posted, and Mbanef was equally hard on FAB GIANT 59c
will remain on display in their American whites who systematically ROAST SIZE
own classification, during the broke down African
entire series of "Golden Opportunity 'social Institutions "in the name 1
Conferences." ,, !iof Christianity" 1
Every '"stilled and professionally -' i "Our musical cultures and 1
prepared" man and dances were condemned as LIMIT 1
Y 1 ? woman that "registered", will :noisy and arousing sexual emotions I m. WITH $5.00 OR
yM nS be invited to attend the monthly Our art was condemned LB. 39 C

conferences and luncheon meet- '|U fiendish while being vastly '" MORE FOOD ORDER
1-I ings. Seminars workshops, '''copied by leading 20th century
speakers and award ''artists to enrich the artistic
ceremonies as well as "get wealth of the Western world."

to acquainted".lnte""' _sessions, are all, planned leading- j a He goodwill said Africans tour are Invited given on a SMALL BAR-B-Q SPARE RIBS BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISELB.

u part of the program for tile tightly-gaJded scheduled tour

evening. designed to prevent contact with 59t QT. 49*
All Merit and the
Equal Opportunity

Negroes; that those who come
employers are being to America tinder the auspicesof
Invited to register as a "re the African Scholarship Program -
cruiting company* During the of the American aniver.sitles GRADE MEDIUM EGGS SWEET POTATOES

conferences, their personnel am required to sign a.
people>> will be able to tell everyone form stating that they will not DOZ. IN CARTON 49$ [LB.10t

KEN KNIGHT -of their company Join civil rights movement.
welcome as well U be able MA
number of(African) scholars -

-Invites You To Listen To- out to meet Just how the well people that and they find are withdrawn bam when had they their have awards become McKENZIE FROZEN HUDSON TOWELS

qualified for the specific Jobs : closely associated with CUT CORN
BIG .available.The Consumer BifeaVe Negro banes he ....rted. BABY LIMA 10 02. PIG 194 CANT ROLL 251

"Welcome Mat" Award will auntIE PEAS
"DANCE PARTY"Nifbfyr be presented to some of foe

companies, during each con RegisterSNOV
ference luncheon u a special ROYAL LONG GRAIN RICE
11:30: Iii 12:00: Satiriay 9 ,.1. highlight of the conference: GOLD. MEDAL FLOUR


1400 WRHC1400 !. FII .! Cancer ]: I 5 LB. BAG 55t 3 IB. PKG 35CSATURDAY

I- --asdeMsaaYa'tbine9i

f ? >Ry;; ,. ,

A t e

--------- ------ -

< r v w. w_ww.v Vr.__

.'.y". ..,......;,.;....*.< ,......,.. .,.. /.'. .. .,.' ..............,. .........,.."., .,....,". .. ......,. ........,................. ..r..iwsv .. .. .r ".. ,_._ ,, ', ..,v. ..,...::i .. .. ". .41" 11"If'tT.,JJJJJi cs. : .v.. "rpjj .

1, .



. Men Celebration =
: Planning Day
__ ,___ _____ ___
Moon Over MiamiMIAMI :

... .
.. ] BEACH Fla, Football, bargain hotel rates,fishing, ,

vacationers.swimming and golf bold the October spotlight for Miami Beach .......a.. ..... ..

While the coming month U notable In the north for toe at
P 7c times spectacular but withal melancholy expiration of foliage
summer makes no concessions here except for the adoption
N of autumn's national sport QA..a;
The University of Miami entertains teams from the Southeastern
Big 10 and Pacific Coast conferences during the month
In u representative a schedule as will be found anrvhere.,
The University of Georgia plays here Oct 14, followed In a
: week by Indiana and on Oct. U.Southern California. Each of By LOUISE P. DUMETZThe
these games .Is. expected tobave a bearing on national championship hostess who likes provide the ultimate to ascertainment
hopes.Sandwiched. quickly, simply reasonably and correctly, will find ITS easy to'
between, on Oct. 16, Denver'will meet Miami in entertain with l California wine drinks or party dips made with
an American Football League contest AU games will be played wine, whether she's glvingasmalHuncbeoncardparty or wbeit
In the Orange Bowl Just across Blscayne. Bay on the mainland guests drop to unexpectedly.
Also she knows that the dessert (sw *t) wines abase alaoet
.rD Some .vi"' itas also will be lucky enouctt to have another- ,
i nn evening of fun In the Miami Beach auditorium during the Jackie every taste-wines like Appetizers or Cream Sherries,Mr rUh.
t e deacon telecasts: These are held weekly. To have a chance at sweet, fruity and full-bodied Forts. >
4 obtaining any of the limited supply of free tickets during A hostess prides herself on being "up-to-the-minute" on
'October or the later months requests should be mailed to pleasureable foods and drinks to serve her guests sal she .Is.
"Gleason Uckets.lfllamlBeacb,auditorium". u far In advance never caught without Sherry or Port always to her wins cellar
u possible. or Icebox. Also, she knows these California wines are the most
Other after-dark diversion Includes greyhound racing at the healthful of beverages and are beverages of moderation.A .
Biscayne Kennel Club and a choice of night clubs. For who Is favorite party dip with hors f oeuvres or snacks easy to
: E; v appearing where. Just check: the local newspapers. prepare and ready to serve on any occasion S&trrled Cheese
ana Hotel prices remain at low summer levels all through Dip, made with three parts Sherry (medium); i part Dry
Deacon Board of Greater Bethel Baptist Deacon Edgar Thomas, treasurer ; October. This means excellent accommodations along the Vermouth and 1 part Sweet Vermouth.'
!- Church of Opa Locka, Florida along with Deacon Oliver Gilbert Jr. secretary of oceanfront for u little as$$to$10,double'. The ultra-luxurious Ruby, Tawny (autumn-leaf colored); or White Port, served. at
all the men of Greater Bethel are now the Deacon Hoard. Standing from left to hostels of coarse are !higher! up .to $14 and $16 for a room, room temperature, or chilled are especially good with fruit,
;. working I toward their I annual I men's day right are : Deacon Aroy Davis, financial' far two. On the other hand, rates u low u $5 per couple can nuts, cheese cakes, and other de.iv rr'.s. or before 1 bedtime..
be obtained at many of the i pore economical" smaller hotels, Why not create your own cocktail spread or dip'by tomblalng:
program, to be held Sunday October 23. secretary; Deacon Sam Jackson, ; Just a block or two from the beach.. California wine, cream cheese and your favarlto. l satsootogs?
.. Shown from left to right sitting are : Deacon Willie Shine, critic; Deacon Emery October: Is an excellent month which select an apartment A spread that will earn you lavish praise set....guests
Deacon G. Butler, chairman of the Trustee Rogers, member; Deacon C. Chiods, member; for the winter. A large choice U available at anywhere from begging for the recipe: .to Sherried Cheese Op a two-et#
t $600 for the full ab months November '111 May. Numerous supply made as follows: ,
Board; Rev. W. K. Smith, pastor; Deacon and Deacon Dewitt Faison, member. up
N. Williams, chairman I of the Deacon Board; Photo By Billy Brown new buildings are being' completed, swelling the total number IQoi.( ) package cream cheese; J-4 1W. CaUtaralaDry
Star of apartment units within this city to more than 30,000. Sherry; 1 cup country-style or small curd .etta.e thetse;
The vacationer planning only a week or two here in October> 1 small can devilled ham; few drops Tabasco: safe; salt; and
Since You Ask Meby should pack mostly rammer clothing. While temperatures are chopped green onion or parsley. '
I down several degrees from'Iuly-August norms, It Is only at Blend Into bowl and sprinkle with green talon or paraley.
I.d LONN1E PRUi'l'T the end of the month that t evenings to the 60s can be expected Serve with crisp crackers: : potato chips or other Chips :tr 4lps.

DEAR LONNIE: What time do you think a young man of 11 Caution must be maintained to exposure to the sun, eves to.
should have to go to bed? Don't you think It Is really terrible mid-winter especially along the beach. or while boating because Jazz Loses Board Ckifgitf, With
for a young man of that age to have to go to bed with the the reflection from Up water adds substantially to the risk of
chickens? My mother won't let me stay up after 1 p. m. Daft a burn. Anglers, unless sporting a good tan, should wear long Great Clarinetist Jim Crop Hiring'
you know anybody I know goes to be that early? Tell her If snot sleeve shirts and long trousers.BEACH CHICAGO -(NW>- Jactdom ,.

.... fair i lost one Ultooldtlme Dixieland BETH lUWVrV; In Its
.. Unhappy Rooster SHORTS I favorites recently when DarnelI. first Mwstet**,,tfte3rytMavr
Howard, 64, died in San Francisco NAACP Bnuttk releases statistics
TRAPS NOT FAIH. He should go to bed right after dinner and was burled following akovllf "WttanUrdlscrlmtofttory
1" every night. Then, after he did that for a week or two, he MIAMI BEACH, Fla.-The largest collection palms In the 'funeral services at the First : ndiceI" to
) wouldn't get all up In the air about being able to stay up until Western hemisphere may be seen at Fairchild Garden on the Church of Deliverance: ,"Chi hiring policies of the Lower
d the SHORTY $35. 7, p.m. Personally I don't think much of going to bed so early, mainland Just a few miles south of Miami Beach. The garden 'cago.: Merlon fchoelifftttThere
t. a MEDALO'STYLE #665 but if'ttiaf s the way your mother thinks, she's not about to also displays many other.tropical plants .Including, trees" vines During his Jags career, to ow Xegro teacher
II 4, ter eemplea saty1.llu.uBS.. Llej .change lust because 1 don't agree with her, Is she? and shrubs< '" :"" '" '- '" Howard played with such famousgroups among 111, '...at Negro,bus
".d.lo Helr .WI.O ; I''UI; ** -*' .**
," 1'1'Y i'! K ? '- u C. Handy driver among It, and tea Jaai-
-... .''"':! r ,.dM..s.end..:...rteohm.nts It's .)ones. -nt""R ;" .nor DEAR LONNIE: There's a boy in my room who Is so cute that 1 Guesti'at i'jnunber'of) ( Miami BeicV bolels"ire: entertained '' Oliver, Jelly ytoll'ltorton, KM,. torsamonf'l. Citaferles to
".tvr.lI, HeeJthr. Normal Hur Go/M.dol, Holr P,.... I... every time he looks at me,Just start giggling and can't hardlysit each winter, on the house,''by many of the best-known starsin Ory, Muggjy 'Spanler' Earl which tkerle a*'Negro re- I
1 In CHOWS YOUR from SCALP.the T'h.HAIR condition MOOTS of still. I mean he really gets me going. But, do you know, he popular and serious music and In comedy.: They are brought Hues and Bob Scooey. preseatotto .to elude aurses,
your hair often depende heavilyon never says anything to me? Why doesn't he stop and say something In as added attractions to the normal features at the luxury His widow, Armanda, clerks, steMfrtoMrt, secretaries
tbo natural health o( your to Why doesn't he start conversation instead of maintenance
CAR. me? a hostels survives, prtoc jato-aad
I NOT lnvw.d/a xM.dIe.t.. .. al always looking at me? r------ -- -.. departaeat workers.
formuta rall4.. CARBONOXU Train Musical Ear Branch Pretttwt Robert L.
which I* ml d with many I
I BONOBC en twntflcUl U such ln a rdUnU.strong, powerful m* COMD'BP"6IS'"IlBkl Giggles Anyone who KM hearing, can Register : Wright KM OUM for meeting
": antlMptla and dot such rave, hear muiic .---- ----- with the Mho*! MIff
work In helplr: an ITCHY. MAYBE HE'S JUST ADMIRING THE MERCHANDISE.Fellows The key to overcoming what it
\ BUMPY. DANbROrr scalp lit. ,
1 : I ltJtlhlr ( like to look at girls, but they.don't always have anything mistakenly referred to at "tone Austlne is War
r .PRrceiRereo. .'. :Many for annoying snur personal mind. Sometimes they just like to look the way you deafness," U concentrated listening, a
xUmally aulcd snip condition like to look at pretty pictures or hear pretty music-you know advUei-'Mildred Alexander, organist
uo*of ore thii|m Triple y rtUovod.trcncth bir the tar rnroJi.J1 what I mean? If you think he has something in mind, you could'Just and educational consultant to Ham
_formula Writ for IhU DOCTORaOKNVINX sort of start a conversation yourself. However, it seemsto mond Organ Company."If
SCALP FORMULA ," ,Ir me that if that was what he wanted he would have done it you really! want to enrkh
ow. It will bo anl to you oil "" life with musk
more listento
.TOR mixed T and DAYS rtady and to If use.you USB iro su IT t luo'. comb W.ih.end. out.brush Will te not odd rub eelet eff. long ago. Good luck your it on the radio, hi-fi, television,
aattoflod. your money back. Pay NOT A DYE.E..l..,qui"k..1 ..., **** at concern, with your can, .SMon.Pt:
::.':s.'I everything.on dtllvtry.'.Tb..Ift. ; to HA1ca SUDDEN color r.du.lly DYED AVOID LOOK. If you want to ask a question, send it to "Since You Asked mind, and your heart. Belt of FOul allj)
International 5708 State St. 111.
.CJ' more.. You let It with full Brush att.ch.d/orr.mavlnr.sa.a./ Me", Negro Press Chicago, learn to play a simple musical. instrument -
Vw tne finest MEDI eolorint. proven!* lolllnf, rubblnjoff. 60621
CATED SCALP FORMULA your Com. In PI..IKT C.... Can like a home organ.
money can buy. Your hair and be cerrUd In pock.t or puree.
aealp deceive fine, care. Just eend Come* in ell ehedeei Block le
-{ pour '' addrn to Platinum Blue.I .
-COLD .'
:to It' HAIR PRODUCTS INC. era writ., xele hide. Ply only \ '.(
PePI. .r2 She.p. al.d 110,.. II." on delivery Blue po.toc. YOUR PICTURES
Brooklyn a3. N.Y. NOTLt THI* Mon.v beck K not dillfhud. PUBLISHED FREE
I rOBMULA eiirlee s 100% writ Cole1 Model Heir Product, ''ne.i .
i e. norey Me* .u.r"' .... Dipt. St-1. Brooklyn 35. New York nrlttl r

i i Call The MIAMI STAR Photographer

LW AME To Cover Your Church Events Teas, Banquets, Weddings

Fraternal Meelings.Social Events Birthday Parties

FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Nights WMIM

.. Spotlight ProductOf
DIAL 1260FLORIDA'S Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event The Week

I NOTE : You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook Miami, Florid

;H '.

;, ..

1iI .

y 1

ABC # R" "Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull and 1 I'

I 1 !

t I i: RtADIOI gray. 'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft 1S, '.

.1 a and smooth. .looked 100% better in a few days: :

Mrs.' Donald P. Ryder, New York, N.Y. No. R-243

RHYTHM & BLUES Applied as a continuous film to"'hands Sliet fli\V.| .IJ-U lowniit waiMliiii' on a pKikl wool U Mtirvrd:: ."bv the} bias
4.. arms-when skin ml. hits I \iiko \\ills Iniitoii l.tsttiutt !ti|,, Uiiilk-iit'tfvatmrnl
ankles face your _
ill tr'ifMMtitl at Ilir I" 1.lilll' of this
I | snutt ruMiul, YU1hdriiated.
""" c p"
needs more than cosmetic care- Cur plaUls unit luiin. '.

s M" 'Vaseline'Petroleumlellylsthesooth- ? I'rkv $LI11H-: 1\: U availaWo! i i" rim 13. H, 18. 18.'$ire 14u
RADIO STATION Y fwr, ing answer. Helps dry,ashy,gray skin 1.11.11 ;3'r' ,. &oC I II itxh fahr// Ixxh' IIk'lLI\Irt'lIWIlb fur
regain its normal look Mndlale. ,-Na, .11,' I III" '; a Wuillt :alt! I..iS'slr1 '
y other softeners no skin cream,no skin '

: lotion provides better moisture_protection. ,,i.f.p. ,." fn cast

"WHAMMYIN ,, Try'it. f err Add' S'TCSSSj) ; :. thin) 15.taut. ox'r.a.
: '
: $t'.A lIAH rA..EHS.
;/ WHEN,SKIN NEEDS MODE '" .htUK p3,: tretyliett', M.itrtitxl IIf IliAt" re' .a;tI'hading .
THAN ,COSMETIC CARE. our bgt w'Ik'ra fries .1 1 ItII.I.2o, Stud Mj.jIJt'I'I1..JU' ; alAR '
....llIon; l'IIIt'TtI: (pwttr or u"r ) '
sw.whttw I.S. ( .P.O.
MIAMI"i. .. New York N.1'", 101111. reittt' )'uurful, IWInC'.IIddr a
; l'uttcnt
H' ... .;. :' .. Number ail Sim,
'; i ,. .. tn.. .., J', .... ,. ,
....- '\ 1.-: 1'... 1 ,..)' .. ,
" r,9 ..c ".'" ,. + \
I, i.. ,h J..A..A. J. .w.r

It .i .
------- ---- -

.. ..----....-




Negro Officer Johnny Mithis Accepts An Amavil Limit Current Deplores Trenton NAACP Job Equality. Hits The Spot
To I
Public Officials Project Expand

Of Engagements, Copacflfeane, And ,IIINstrrb's MILWAUKEE, Wit _"The TRENTON! N. J. .!The Trenton Soft Drink' Firms Agree
poses Dopester youth of the NAACP have made NAACP Branch reports the -
Although be could probably fill up night club audiences for fifty-two weeks a year Mercury the issue quite simple. You can success of Its first Summer CHICAGO-CNPI)- Twoleadlng ting wltb Operation
(NEW ORLEANS -lsPI>-Thert Recording Artist Johnny Mathis accepts an annual limit of three nlUry .npeement.TbtNe" either belong to an exclusionist NAACP Youth Council: Cadet soft-drink manufacturers better decided Breadbasket, as It involves onlyan
that "Things go extension of oar
|re not many Negro law officers York Copacabana, BUnstrut/s In Boston and The Latin Casino In Camden, New Jersey. haven, or you ought not to be Project. The Idea behind the with Operation Breadbasket" long-standing aon-dlscrimlna-
to employment
Jefferson Parish, the parish Johnny's of this not a singer to flU In during on the bench dispensing;usUce.I project was that fair employment -
explanation bouse bands might always young The Bible put it this for youngsters age 14 and IS as they agreed tory hiring practices. We have
Idjolnlng New Orleans. For atypical showbuslness policy Is consist of top musicians, light the summer. Johnny auditioned long ago thinketh In his who are too young to qualify practices "II It tile always recognized and will con-
fears It Has against the policy explained by his overriding Interest -, cues are blown and sound systems and was hired on the spot. At way: 'As a man' for the Neighborhood Youth spot" tinue to live op to our community
: the parish to permit a Negro In youth and his great sometimes sabotage a the end of summer vacation heart, so Is be. NAACP Corps program. Negro purchasers of Pepsi- obligations," said a Coca-Cola
pack a pistol and u for sense perfection.Going hand performer. "The awful thing," he was beaded back for college Gloster B. Current.and field According to Mrs Catherine Cola and Coca-Cola<< could once official who found that business
vine him arrest a white crl- In-hand the two factors combine be emphasizes, "Is that! the when "Chance" again Intervened. director administration ot branches In an address Graham, branch president, again "Think young" about goes better with Job equality.
iDal-that was Impossible. to direct his career more exclusively trumpet player who hits a bad than 150 applications were Pepsi as the soft-drink firm Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company
|But time and conditions dobanp toward concerts. 'note never gets blamed. If s He attended, just by chance, here, Sept. 10, was referring received more after the branch pub- announced flat It will create officials said their firm has
i somewhat and now theree Johnny says that concert audiences the guy at the microphone who an Informal Sunday afternoon directly to the protest demonstrations the- licised Its project through 32 more Jobs for Negroes in "a long history of nondiscriminatory
a few Negro law officers are usually oriented takes the fall!" Jam session, staged by a crOUP> carried on by newspaper ads, spot radio advertising Chicago area plants, bringing employment prac
the parish they do pack toward the performer;they have Being both a perfectionist and of his friends. They persuaded Milwaukee NAACP YouthCoun- and volunteer $200.OOO more each year into tices. Wages and benefits for
jistols and they do arrest white come to see and bear him, an utute businessman, Johnny him to get up and sing. Amem- cil. Members have been recruiting. the Negro neighborhoods. Negro managers and other employees -
rlminals. rather than the typical nightclub follows through on his career ber of the audience was talent picketing the homes of public Under the direction of Project Not to be outdone Coca-Cola exceeded $3 million
e of these law officers is audience who may be thereto projects from conception to scout for a New York record off! clals demanding that they Director Rolland A. Hence, a offered 39 new Jobs for Negroes, last year"
the all-
man who has been dubbed celebrate an occasion: ,drink, completion. He oversees the company and happened to be either resign Fraternal'from Order of local school teacher,tilt branch bringing $250,000 more to Negro Meanwhile, two civil rights
ISruke"-a square built man, have a night on the town or auditions for the groups workingwith vacationing In California.. He white processed the applications and workers yearly I organizations took to the streets
let. assuming. wearing something other than specifi- him; he completely blocks was so Impressed by what be Eagles, or from their public found the Jobs for 16 youths, Getting "Twice as much for and stayed! out of certain air
goatee, topped with a white cally to bear the entertainer out arrangements before they beard that be telegrammed his offices.Mr. that 14-16 years old. your nickel, too" was out of lanes as they took action against
i and able to do the "Projecte" Mew York office: "Have found Current. declared Says Mrs Graham "If we'd the question, but both firms air lines accused of Job discrimination. -
,. a Jumpy walk used phenomenal 19-year-old boy "Prl ite clubs may have noble had Idea of the response, were offering the Negro com- .
many of the underworld as who could go all the wayl! Send purpc is, but too often serveas we could any have planned better. munity 'a greater return on Its The Congress of Racial
(mark of distinction.e back contracts." fortresses behind which to Next we'll start to lineup millions of dollars of soft-drink Equality sad in Los Angeles
Is a family man, father 'i Within a year, the young, on- practice forms of racial dis both year employers and youths purchases yearly.PepsiCoin that a day during the week of
four daughters and he says 5 rfJ; known singer was famous. IlLs crimination. Color as a basisof further In advance of tbe pro- Bottling Company Sept. 11 has been selected
let himself be used as an ,t first record, "Wonderful Won judgment of a man's worth ject." agreed to Operation Breadbas the !target date for a "civil
ercover: agent In the dope derful" became a national hit must be removed from American ket demands after being rights strike" against North

arid because be surely would and be Immediately followed society. Last Rites For picketed for 10 days bypers-jns American Aviation, Inc.
t want any of his children it with two additional one-mil "Furthermore, Mr. Current who evidently did not "think CORE charged that North
become victims of the dope lion sellers, "If Not for lit. said, "we must point out that Ex Dillard U. DeanNEW young" Breadbasket officials American practices racial discrimination -
ers.nake r J'' to Say" and "Chances Are; the Negro in America Is not ORLEANS :-Funeral charged that Pepsi employed In hiring and
worked undercover for IlLs debuts on the big-time trying to gain freedom by rioting services were held last Negroes primarily In low- promotion.

months. He wu'IUble to 7 3 nightclub circuit and major TV or by confusion or by' such week from St. Peter Claver paying Jobs.CocaCola. Meanwhile, the Jamaica (N'.
'black Such
killed any moment of this 4 variety shows were equally Impressive. slogans as power. Catholic Church for Prof. didn't wait to be Y.) NAACP branch picketed ,ePan
me. He was threatened He now numbers 28 slogans only serve to confuse Lawrence D. C roc k e r, long boycotted. The firm agreed to -American World Airways
I veral times and told about 4 albums that have sold over a the Issue. We are try ing to cure time leader In the field of edu. upgrade Its Negro employees passenger terminal at the Ken-
the ills of'American
But he continued his work, A million! society cation In the Crescent City. shortly after negotiations nedy International Airport New
democratic means"At
chasing in Kenner, Gretha, His modestly bumble childhood through A former principal Hoffman started with Operation Bread- York.
irrero, Shrewsbury and even fostered an Intense desire for present, the Milwaukee Junior High School, Booker T. basket, which Is affiliated with W. Eugene Sharpe, branda-
Youth Council has
|New Orleans. financial security and with the NAACP Washington Senior High School, Dr. Martin Luther King's president, said the company;
not to
showering proceeds of his career agreed resume upon his retirement from the Southern Christian Leadership had refused to employ qualified-:
demonstrations until at least
pres.they Johnny Invested and public school system, he was Conference. Negro beliarc aircraft welderseven
Oct. 16. During this truce Interval -
en jailed him and openly secured future fiscal resources a teacher in Dillard University Coca-Cola officials said nine after the New York State
him with harsh words beyond the fickle fortunes of a series of mediation and dean of men in that Institu- Jobs bad been filled by Negro Commission on Human Rights
x .'...... ... the entertainment world.Today, meetings will be held between
t to make believe they thoughta -- -- tion. employees since Operation found "probable cause" in two
criminal and a pusher 00 staP. are turned over to an arranger be owns a palatial Hollywood those of the representatives Eagles Club. At one time he taught In the Breadbasket ministers I contacted of the complaints, following an
work brought about the He also feels more in controlof for scoring; be confers with hillside borne with spectacular high school of Louisville! Ky.. them.Officials 'investigation into the: charges.
test of 17 peddlers, white his show from the concert lighting and sound technicians Indoor swimming pool and a and later atMcDonoughSS of both Pepsi-Cola The commission has ordereda
Negro and the commenda- stage rather than the nltery and supervises the business panoramic view of Los Angeles.He School, New Orleans. and Coca-Cola said they bad public charges.
o f the sheriff. He neverto floor. Lights, sound, musical details of all the negotiations drives a sports car and has A SEWING BIRD He Is survived by his wife, long ago "come alive" with In announcing the demonstration -
use a pistol. In fact, accompaniment and all other that are a part of his multifaceted an extensive wardrobe. He always "- The tailorbird of Asia uses Mrs Maude Dedeaux Crocker, fair employment practices. Sharpe said that "As long
ever carried one on the factors have been rehearsed, career. goes "first class its bill as a needle and bits of who is principal of Craig Elementary Long before the "Operation as Pan American persists In
Kis real name was not planned and perfected, whereasIn Johnny was Introduced to Belying bank balances though, fiber or grass to sew leaf edges School; two sons Dr. Breadbasket generation," they this vicious practice, we call
llged but they know him a club there are scurrying music when be was just a tod- he Is most often and most into a sack, which it fills with Cyril L. Crocker, and Lawrence said, they were luring Negroes upon the general public to find
"SNAKE." waiters, rattling dishes, late dler In his parents borne in comfortably dressed'offstage wool, fibers and hair to makea D. Crocker Jr.; a daughter on a non-discriminatory basis. other facilities for the,.trans
comers being seated and San' Francisco. He was born in sneakers and faded khakis soft nest Mrs Lillian M. Jones and "The Coca-Cola Bottling acting of their business
numerous distractions The there, the middle of seven child- or Jeans, topped by a varietyof other relatives. Company of Chicago coopera Involving air transportation."
ren of Clem and Mildred sweaters collected from allover ,
Mathis. Clem had one been a the world.
song and dance man in nude- His Interest In athletics still
REMODELING & REPAIRS ville. Although be wasn't prevails Often, when on a college
AFFORD altogether successful at it, his campus for an evening
YOU CAN enthusiasm for show business concert, he'll steal time from

'..-,,- never died and he made a special ,rehearsal to wander onto a SPECIALS GOOD
( point of teaching his children tennis court or into the gym

.,. all be bad learned from his for a workout with the kids. THROUGH SATURDAY
f stage career. Of them all,John With this and as much swimming .
t ny' proved to be the'most apt u be can find time for I'f'< *: *> "r :4.ft
u t 4 \1 litr:2 i : ..' ,q .\. :l1i ., pupil. be keeps trim. He's also an 'I RESERVED '." fc.lff
Clem took Johnny atH to a ,avid Dreader and a movie fan ,RiGHTS s r."
!QUALITY-WORK'.AT REASONABLE' PIl CU'8' local voice teacher who had a particularly 1I of vintage Hollywood
ROOM ADDITIONS reputation for recognizing raw films. A Garbo, Gable,
.. KITCHEN REMODELING talent and a facility for developing Jean Harlow or John Barry-. CHASE ft SAMBORNCOFFEE
BATH REMODELING it. After listening to Johnny, more film on the late show
PLASTERING Cr STUCCO she Immediately agreed to take win always find him sitting
BLOCK & BRICK WORK him on u a pupil, although the vj> attentively.
CONCRETE WORK Mathls' finances afforded little Musically, be appreciates a : VEGETOLE
ROOFING extra money for music lessons variety running from classicsto ,
NO DOWN PAYMENT He studied with a rare dedication tasteful pop and has a huge
_ for the next five years and record collection His favoritesare
YEARS TO PAY concentrated on the classics- Lena Horne, the late Nat 59G
Cell 3884524Ticktock..tick basic fundamentals, vocal exercises Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and especially SCAN 3-LB. 69c
and opera. To this Sarah Vaughan He :- CANMONOGRAM
solid foundation, he added his regards Barbra Streisand as.

own special qualities dramatic the most talented performer to '--, LIMIT 1 PLEASE W/OTHER FOOD
Intensity and the exceptional emerge in years He Is a close
sensitivity to lyrics and friend of both Henry Manctnl PURCHASES OF 5.00 OR MORE
phrasing t that are his and Johnny Mercer and has LONG GRAIN

trademarks today recorded many of their songs HERSHEY'S
Despite his obvious talent and His regard for arrangers Glenn RICE Special
the constant encouragement of Osser, Percy Faith and Robert
his parents and his vocal coach, Farnon Is almost worshipful
Johnny was reluctant to base Lyrically, he leans toward SUGAR 5 LBS. 39C 3 LB. OC Savings!
his future career on singing. Johnny Burke Cole Porter, (
Basically, be wanted financial Alan Jay Lerner, and Stephen PKG.fcW .
security for himself and his Sondlwlm.
family, and the profession of a Johnny feels his voice has
-tock... physical education teacher offered undergone changes since his LIMIT 5 IBS. W/OTHER/ FOOD LIMIT 1 PLEASE W/OTHER FOOD
that. It .was a logical early record si. casses.
thatdidn't choice. He bad made athletic He says, "If gotten richer, PURCHASES OF J5.00$ OR MORE: PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE
the Bourbon history at George Washington but lost the early sweetness.
High School and by the time I f..llt has taken authority." FARM FRENCH FRIEDPOTATOES
the clock! he completed his freshman year Singing the "old numbers" he KRAFT
watch at San Francisco: State College, feels be can't recapture the
sports experts wert bailing him earlier performances, but audiences MAYONNAISE aUlll 49*
as a future Olympic star-and are nonetheless enraptured -
Johnny had all but discarded because, be says "they,
the Idea of trying to scale the dig tile nostaigl ..they remember
OLD show business heights.The where they were, or the 2 LB. / Mix Or Match
rlj? future was decided for girl they were with or the 4 POLY BAG $100
# him after a fellow athlete at occasion when they first heard GEORGIA RED

1 t CHARTER State College, shot-putter these songs" TOMATOES 303 6
Johnny Bologna, Introduced .
Kentucky's Finest Bourbon to a local club owner who needed t4 i MORTON CREAMPIES

R Carr
ay '


7 LIFE READER a-n-n-zz ', 14 01. EACH '30SIIFT'S .


ATTENTION PLEASE..Thls message could be of great
Importance to you .'KAY STARR Nationally-known Palmist and GRADE 'A' FRESH BAKING
Life Advisor has now located In the Jacksonville area. PICNICS
If yon are overcome with troubles and conditions that are not 49 *
natural, I can remove them. Help you overcome spells, bad HENS !t.
Visit KAY STARR..Jet her explain
luck and evil Influences. 4 TO 7
your dreams and advise yea to make the hit you nave long
awaited. She will give you the true message that. allotted 39c IB AVERAGE I SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK

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1 1 } \ \


.. f... .. ....,............. ... .. ... -.... .. .
... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. .


In Preparation For Football Season Daytona 24 Hour POP WARNERFOOTBAll LEAGUE I

Parade __.___ .___.._,______,___..__ ,....-- -ouo_ Continental RaceFebruary BEING SPONSORED BY ASTRO GENTS
Members of the Astro Gents J I Men Club are still MI the) move
t ,r roc for youth in the Duval County caIn mmunity.Jiirdi .
1 the club's latest move, it and the club numbers
DAYTONA BEACH In the has recruited 32 boys from are asking for donations from
By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL interest of safety, the Daytona the ages of 8 to 14 for what Is any pri: ft, organisation., clubs
.. RECRUIT WHITES 24-IIour Continental will again, believed to be the first all- or companies to help defray
RICHMOND, ,Va. - .4 a total of seven white athletes for their football teams for the back straight when the race Is national "Pop Warner Football Nair, the league's treasurer
|t upcoming season. The players and the schools that recruited ran at Daytooa International League." The club was invited announced that dllflaUon- lfld-
.I them are Bert Barrillo, flanker; Anthony Fay,tight.end; Jamei Speedway on Feb. 4-5, 1967. by the county recreation de- ges can be phoned In to 7C8-
Sullivan, guard, and Michael Demers, halfback, all to Virginia The start will be a rolling partment.The 2811 or mailed to 2800 Edge-
', Union and Fred Nickles, tackle; Phil Guerrleri, guard, and 1 1 l'' one, with the racing cars Astro Gents successfully wood Ave., Jacksonville! Fla.
Jim Pemberton,center,VirglniaState College's Nor folk branch. l li following two abreast behind completed Its first season's Each person In the communitycan
2000TH HIT i air 6 a pace car. Little League ball club under help stare the cost of the
PITTSBURGHNPI)- The Pittsburgh Pirates' Roberto Cle- k19 ...... .. The back straight getaway pro-, the supervision of the county outfits and other needed equipment
mente, the,National League's frequent batting champion, Tides the cars with a mile and, recreation department' and by attend. ig all l g."> splayed
collected a key base hit to help defeat the Chicago Cubs, 7.3, /, one-quarter of running room ended the seat with a fine by the el A
and put the Bucs In first place la the hotlY contested NL race. on the Speedway proper before banquet at the Iiufus E. Payne The Astro president J, facer
His 23rd homer of the brake for School. The Little also announced that I .nut Sr.
season (matching his previous high) in Mw they the sharp left- Elementary
the fifth inning, oti"loser Ferguson Jenkins,made him the ninth I2' !hand turn Into the Infield road League program had 125 boys High School's playing field wi;):
active player to collect 2,000 or more hits. The hit also gave t"t t section of the 3.81-mile track- in it.For. be the home field for the. f\\>fi.
him his 100th run-batted-in, another Clemente high. road circuit. its new project, football However, practice play will te
.. ASHE "Rt15TY"-LASES The 1966 24-Hour Continentallast outfits, equipment and Insurance held at Northwestern Jr. high
FOREST KILLS, N. Y.-NPI- "I Just don't have my rhythm dfThIi February was run withouta will cost the club School on 4Uh St.
and confidence back," moaned erstwhile tennis kingpin Arthur : major mishap, either to 120000. A scrimmage game will to
'f I Ashe after being upset by Australia's John Newcombe last week. drivers or cars. The start was Newly-elected president of the held In the. meter fr"! this
I t Ashe, game "rusty" from months of service in the Army Reserve clean and free and the first turn, Astro Cents Men Club Julius Saturday, S'!pt. 24 at 9:30 a.m.
't| camp, was ousted from the National Tennis Champion- always a worry because of the I
> ships, as Newcombe beat him 6-2, 6-3., 6-4, In straight sets. i .. :. close quarters of the big field, "
'f I PREFERS PASS CATCHING n was negotiated without Incident.
.I DALLAS -NP1)- Robert Hayes the world's fastest human The 24-Hour Continental, far
prefers to remain a split end with the Dallas Cowboys than to and away the longest and sternest -
'f j become a running back. The former Florida A&M track star test of speed and stamina,
now entering his sophomore pro year In the National FootballLeague will carry a purse of 161,000
> was quoted as saying: "No running back for me..I'll next February, an Increase of
let my roomie (fullback J. D. Smith) take care of that." $10,000 over this year's posted
RIDES IN U.s. awards.
4 CINCINNATINPICharlie(Diamond Kid)Gibson,the leading .y I The Continental, along with
Jockey in the Bahamas, arrived from Nassau last week to ride Y+ the 24 Hours of Le Mans, is
in Cincinnati's River Downs racing season. His trip was master. the only 24-hour race sanctioned "Jackvnwi1Ie'e' liut and Het Known
minded by Dr. Archie Donaldson a Bahamian physician, and by the FIA, and is open
4 TICKET TEAM R. N. Nlles, business manager of athletics at Florida AIM University,
his brother, architect G. Dennis. They felt that some Bahamian and his secretary, Ellen Beasley, a sophomore from Tallahassee, busily prepare for the to sports t sports prototype, SPOT LB. 39c
i t Jockeys were potentially good enough to compete In the U. S., 1966 football season. Season tickets are now on sale at the athletic ticket office located la' Grand Touring, and Touringcars. G...... ore.. vu.WHITING.
i 1 h and decided to start with the best. The touring cars will be
t I the Jake Gaither Athletic Center on the FAMU campus The cost of a season ticket for the
I INTEGRATION CHIEF four, Tallahassee games Is $11.50. tax Included. FAMU Staff Photo by Ernest Flllyau. running for an added bonus of ...... ........
{t ? LOS ANGELESNPI)-Daniel D. Nelson, 58, a retired Negro ,$10,000, which the first ten 0.
4 lieutenant commander who designed the Navy's postwar In- Crowds Job Open finishers In this class win SPlit. LB. 33c
4 tegratlon policy, has been named director of the city's new Expected Opportunities The 1966 Continental, the first
human-relations bureau. For the last three years, Nelson has run at 24 hours, was won by the
? been western regional representative for the National Urban For FAMU Games For DroDouts Aaes., 16 to 21 late Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby. D..ole I lMry ...111.. ....,'M
League. Nelson hopes to "work my way out of a Job" as humant TALLAHASSEE A record They drove their Mark II Ford BLUE FISH
relations chief Just as he worked his way out of his IntegrationJob crowd is expected here for the The Job .,Corps needs young of work before leafing prototype 2570.63 miles duringthe MACKEREL lb. 45C
in the Navy.. Florida AIM University Rat men between the ages of 16 and the Corps. twice-round-the-cluck\ his .." ".1....... M..5 u..."...... '0.....
'QUIT ELKS' tlers' football games againstthe 21, who are unemployed and Punshon said the Youth! Op battle at an average speed of
NEW YORK NPIThe New York NAACP has who have been a school dropoutfor portunity Center Is a part of 108.02 miles hour.
I urged City Tennessee State Tigers, per
Council President Frank D. O'Connor, contender for the Democratic October 22, and homecoming at least three months or the Florida State Employment Closo to 13 hours of the Continental ,A.to...,.........,.-s.... /I."_...,,./ ,n-
i gubernatorial nomination, to quit the New York state against the ALT College Aggiesof more said Gordon Punshon, Service that specialises assisting are run In darkness, SHELL OYSTERS 5550
Elks on grounds that Negroes are barred from the group. An North Carolina, November 5. manager of the Jacksonville young people affj 16 and racing offers few sights to IUSHEL
aide to O'Connor said the official was remaining in the group Persons desiring lodging for Youth Opportunity Center. through 21 with their employ equal that of the swift cars SELECTS FOR FRYING PINT sin
In hoped of changing it from the inside. O'Connor has long these two weekends are urgedto Punshon said that his office ment problems and has the taking the high-banked turns S 125
called on the Elks to change their white-only requirement, make their reservations now has an unlimited numberof responsibility for recruiting, and whipping through the Infield STANDARD FOR STEWING. PINT
the aide said. early at the hotel or motel of openings to be filled In the screening, selection and referring road, their headlights crlss
"STAYOFFA MAH PRESERVE" their choice Edward DuBose, ,Corps and that interested of young men for the Job crossing the gloom. FRESH FLOUNDER M.,. 49RAihed I",
SPORT magazine takes a swipe at college football recruiting; director of housing at Florida young men should contact the Corps in the Jacksonville area. "om Cope N.tterrt
with the story about Michigan State coach Duffy Daugherty's A&M University, said that the I Center at 400 West Ashley St.
warning to UCLA coach Tommy Prothro about recruiting in his accommodations on the campusare :immediately since enrollmentInto """ NOTICE "" ""
territory. "Why I haven't got a Michigan boy on my squad," not adequate enough to house the Corps will be on a URGE AT'MULLET
protested Prothro. "I'm not talking about Michigan" smiled the expected crowd for these '''first come, first to go basis. This publication will not be responsiblefor LB. 35c
Daugherty. "I'm talking about Texas." two football games. Enrollees In tie Job Corps the return of photos sent or broughtin
WONDc;:.i-ING Both games will be playedin will receive room and board, Where-
for publication.
Every time Ernie Banks of the Cubs sees the.Houston Astrodome Bragg Stadium and will beginat ,work,clothing, medical and to our offices .
he wonders if it Is still being billed) as "Th Eighth : 2:00: p.m. dental care free and will be ever possible we will endeavor to return 0..1.. .., Wed SNAPPER
Wonder of the World." According to an artlcUUkthe current '- paid $30 a month for spending photos: when. requested but we will not be : CONCHMEAi'69C ,FLANKS lb.
issue of SPORT magazine, after Banks had been assured that SECRET PRAYER riooey Punshon said. In responsible in. the_ event they are' lost. .\ & THROATStJY :
.;, tie Astrodome still had the same !billing, Ernie quipped, "I addition; an enrollee will receive THE EDITORS
thought It might have moved up." $50 for every month spent
-- -- -- -

:I1Register NOW : O INC.PSYCHO F THE SECRET PHYSICAL DIVINE MOTHER TEMPLE PRAYER, Job work Punshon well-rounded Corps pointed offers learning a out young that mana and the EARNING and LEARNING :r-

Corps members
_____ __ __ -___ FORMULA CHART. will experience.live at a Job Corps
My prayers are being.sent out Center with young men their
YOUR PICTURES and blessings are coming In. own age, they will work,receive
Send for Free Daily Blessing.How Job skill training improve their toys & Girls Can Make Money
PUBLISHED FREE, to get what you want through educational skills, participate
this new way of Prayer. Mall,, In sports and social activities
self-addressed< envelope to;'. all designed to equip them with
Call The FLORIDA STAR Rev. C. Forster, P. O. Box.
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.. ""
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-- -
Golf TournamentSet Rattler's 1966 Football Team Hampton Coach

For Opens Season

OctoberFRENCH September 24TH

LICK, Ind. The .Is the word of the
first annual French Lick Ama season for the 1964-67 Hampton
teur Invitational Golf Tourna Institute Fighting Pirates football
ment, co-sponsored: by Triangle team. "W. are working
Associates, Indianapolis, and bard to better last year's
Royal Crown Cola Co., Columbus I 'q w PI.OII record," .is all Coach Mel.
Ca., will be held here Label now In his second season
October 1-2. IIOXpN! 10Xw! : eOXN+ 'eeXNIS $i / with the Pirates, has to a,.
A field of 200 golfers-160 He and his staff have been
men and 40 women-Is expected M' working silently and diligently
to participate in this early"Fall M4 to mold a new Pirate attack
Family Golf Classic" which ? 8 y for the '66 Mal...
691 6
will French be played Lick on Sheraton the fabulous Hotel ,,, 9, 3 ,,3q 44h19 36 551: 'C 12 A springrecrultsand20fresh.group of some 27 veterans,

Country Club course. Joining men have been busy going
the golfers will be many non- 7 ? .?1 ,! 43 s X511 I 1 6 through drills at the Hampton
J +
participants who are also 53 ,45 583f514 proving grounds. They have
expected to take advantage of been guided by assistant
this opportunity for a family coaches Sid Moore,Dave Grant,
week-end of fun. Bob Martin and the returning

awarded So'me the 50 winners prices of will the 38-be 83 3 48 a 47 grip, ? Q 68 + 8C638066 I Jim team Griffin is coming who along.all "ay "tU

hoU tournament,all contributedby Last season the Pirates
Royal Crown Cola Co. Play finished la the bottom of the
Is scheduled to begin at eight second division, winning only
o'clock a.m. Saturday, October 139 ( 6 1 ? 8y 7651 81 one of thelrnlaeoutings.Anew'coach !
1, and continue through Sunday .I1 l' in a ne t atmosphere,
afternoon. working with new men might
Royal Crown Cola's co-spon- well be the reasons for the poor
sorship of the tournament is in showing. Now with a year of
keeping with its policy of participation seasoning under their belts they
In a selected numberof have shown signs of building
a new and well disciplined unit.
topflight athletic events which .
include the Texas Southern Relays !-",_ -lt-z.iJt..j'j, : : ; W....w- ';. .--. The Pirates' first test will be
the Orange Blossom FAMU FOOTBALL SQUAD Left to right: front row-Hathanlel James, Bartow; Rudolph Major Hacelton, Bartow; Clarence Smith Columbus, Ohio; Preston Johnson, Boston, Mass; against Shaw University onS p-
Classic and Festival, and co- Sims, Tampa; Joe Williams, Lawnslde, N. J.; Andre White, Tampa; Herman Jackson, Miami; Henry Scott, Melbourne; Arthur PIe, Miami; Willie KeUy, Fort Lauderdale; Hubert Gina, tember 24. Last season Shaw
sponsorship of the Pittsburgh Arthur Collins, Miami Freddie Woodson, Savannah, Ga., Elroy Morand, Ocala; Rudolph Savannah, Ga.; Jim Ashcroft, New York, N. Y.; Melvin Jones, Jacksonville Walter Spicer, stopped the Pirates, 20-14.
Courier AU-American Football Jamison, Jacksonville John Eason, Ocala John Rolle, Miami; Sharon Stallworth Plant Savannah Ga.; Lattimore Chute, Tallahassee. Fourth row Isaac Stringer, Miami Arthur THE NAME'S ,THE SAME
Team and Banquet. City. Second row-Robert Lampkins, St. Albans, N. Y.; Willie Thomas, Ttomasville, Ga.; Boyd, Durham, N. C.: Earl Hudnell, West Palm Beach, Hildrad Greene, Palmetto; benny The
Three of the natlons's best- Bake Sims, Ocala; Roger Finnic, Miami; Eddie Cooper>> Plant City; Sam Anderson, Miami; Johnson Hallandale; Michael Stevens Roosevelt, N. Y.; Robert Hill, West Palm Beach; most common surname
known golf personalities Andrew Greene, Miami; James Long, Tallahassee; Donald Smith, Bartow; George Bowen, Johnny McIntyre, Fort Lauderdale; Walter Lewis, St. Augustine; Alonzo Gilbert, Miami; in the Engiish-speaking world
veteran players I --comprise Hollywood; Charles Bell, Melbourne Richard Ford, Boca Raton;. Eugene Milton, Ocala; Charles Henderson, Ft. Pierce. FAMU Staff Photo by Ernest Flllyau. I is Smith. There are an esti.
Triangle Associates. They are Alvin Logan, Thomson, Ga. Third row-Colmon Jones, Tallahassee; Gerald White, Tampa; I mated 1,290,000 Smiths in
the U.S. alone!
Cliff Wilson Sr., president and I
treasurer; Bill Carr, secretary Coach Gaither
; and Jacque Ferguson -4-
tournament director. Persons Radio Show On Air

desiring Information about the TALLAHASSEE -Coach Jake
tournament should write to Carrat Gaither of the Florida AIM
this address: Triangle Associates University Rattlers has his own
P. O. Box 88384, radio show. The show features YOU'RE LOCKED OUT
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46208. Coach Gaither and coaches and
players will be Interviewed
from time to time during the
13-week run of the show.
WatchThis The show originates in Tallahassee
Clown on Tuesday nights over
Station WTNT and is also car-

74 18 56 ried Marian by radio, Fla.stations and WDSR WTOTin In ,

49-11-11 I Lake City Fla. .' of the election

3' 1 '. I .. .'
.' ,: ; ', ". .

1 : ,, \ \ I. ,
J. >11 -.ft.\\
? + ', "
[) .dl I II. I 9tl .. ; ,
I I c/MAJi t HJN IaIlr 't' fliP' lilnll.gl'/ hl .ri A "hi1YH a r. W
86''I5x'39' p + AI + N7tA 4N+1! ?b v h r 'l r I t( I ? "JOa ..vtryllel"It''" .two.<<-II"."I. esr /

11-13-10 '1 "
I. ". \
Sometimes He's Up Sometime
..ie'. Down He adds subtracts I :f.:" ) ?:'\ : ,
He works it all around -
42-6-55 -i-- -! '! r,

COMING 18-19-36 ATTRACTIONS ."' T1fl I7I[ tPTiTi1i : Vt


'.. "
Win Business Advancement

Enjoy Social Popularity 'I., ." .
'Man's Days are Numbered. ... -
.' Health and You'II feel confident thus your hair hi .
well roomed ill day and t.en.n. when
Fortune Can Be Yours When vou' use MLKRAVS tnix-rtor HAIRDKFSSINO .
You I POMADE, II keep hair '; {,
Know Your Lucky Days firmly In pint without lhal ilkky. )
"rea'v Irelmt Conlaim nu alkaliet or
Lucky Colors Etc. other hint. irrilamt.
Send 2.00 for your Look for the. oiania .
Guide for curt .lih the mm and /'
latlv on lopIMC : 'O F FI

October! SIZE set w....M. e '
TRIAL Slit :
Fill in the blank oelow and MURRAYl
nail to ZODIAC, Post Office On sale al l drug sLUr super, z-:: :. .. : )1"f .
haO'J"h/ : /
Sox 117T Jacksonville 1, Fla. ahor. II your dealer. does not bavMurray 1 r
's Pomude he tin l qukklrlor %
:.JI .
NAME you or send only fl I we will '
mail you :2 runt ai/e Hair Pomadepnslaie % '
STREET paid.MuiphT'l :
-- I I I
DATE OF BIRTH--- lunnoi naoucTi COMPANY
Mo., Day 4U Ckirlim *ri", letralt, Mid 41211 .

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to come. : : 1:

out of : ; unless ToJ

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for Find yourself.out a REGISTERED, VOTER J-



U moor. 01153. THE FLORIDA

l 1'

-_ -



,: 10 _________________________ --- STAR PIPERS _SATURDAY_ _SEPTEMBER 24 1966

"Movie Spectacular" Negro Farmers Banquet Held Recently III
Calendar Events '
--- Success Story Told -.----'-- .t_ ___ ____ ___ ____

Usher Board 1 of St. Matthew WASHINGTON .-The U.
'I ,Baptist Church will observe its ,- I. Department of Agriculture,
4 38th anniversary of the baud ; In a recent release lavished
't sad the 22nd of Mrs. Emm praise on Clarence Raise, ftCassapoUs
:'WatUns,llonday at 8 pjn., lathe I Mich., farmer, for
.. : church auditorium. : successful full-time farming u
.. Tht parUclpant include:Itr*. --41T an .where "part-time
't; 'Johnnie Bell Marshall, Urs. farming is the rule rather than
't| Bertha Rodgers, Mrs. Louisa tb the exception..."
I i liar(rove, Urs. Nettle Durham.Urs. According to the USDA,
,T. Aaron, Urs. Burneui ', iiiI .I HaInes, who last January was
i Sims. and Louis Carter. : ; elected director of the Cu.
XXXX : rIl.LI County Michigan Soil Conservation w. p ... _
The Elevator Ladles Social District, started out u .. ,.-. '
.. and Saving Club will celebrate ,,, a dairy farmer in the area 30 t -I l
Its anniversary Sunday at the years ago with Just three milk _
9 Acorn Community Center on cows, three brood sows, and Lk'
"i Acorn St. 7T1- less than 100 chickens.
:The participants Include:Mrs. Today through careful study,
t LUlle Roberts, U rat Leola i--- planning, and the proper use'of _
4 Nelson, Urs. Lucille Lowery, U- funds and technical
Charlie Sledge, Charlie Brown assistance from USDA
krA .'
4 l Oscar Carter, Urs. Sarah agencies, Bathes baa progressed
.Thomas, Urs. Lue Bethel Lewis _-_ to the eitent that he BOW
and others. owns one of the leading dairy
'f i Members of the Fries" *? faI'm.m the community.Back .
t Hostess Club will serve as In 1949, Haines owned
-; Ifcstesses and the Lilac Ladies Just 95 acres of land. Today

will be guests. Other clubs lat&e ......:" ...,,' ''- ....... ... "'.. <-"- :: :;;b'r'''''' "r.... 6' be owns 1'15 acres. He lives
i city have been invited to with his wife, Golda, on the .....
attend. THE LAST SUNSET __ Carol Lyntey and Kirk Douglas are seen In farm located 12 miles southeast -
:: XXXII "The Last Sunset, which will be shown in color on the NBC of Cwc olIs. His son,Gregg GENERAL! GOODWILL PREVAILED at the banquet session of the Southern -

I Revival meeting will begin Television Network's "Saturday Night. at the Movies" Sept. 24. and daughter, Pamela,'help him Beauty Congress held recently In Birmingham, Ala. when

4, Sunday at 8 p.m., in the Eastside The story concerns a grueling cattle drive through Mexico to farm the land. historical Mayor Albert Boutwell presented the "Key to the City" to Atty.
| Church of God in Christ, Near the farm is a
24th and Phoenix Lv,. and con- the Texas border.WEDDING landmark, tbs site of one of the Russell R. DeBow, Chicago, In absentia. Accepting for DeBow,
t Unue throughout the week. early underground railroad ata- who ..Is administrative assistant to Chicago's' Mayor Richard J.

Bishop I.. C, Williams, JEUS tlons used by fugitive slaves Daley, Is Mrs. Ruth J. Jackson, publicity director National
T overseer of the Northern NAACP Protests Tea TimeDistrict enroute to Canada. Poro
Association, and founder-president-emeritus, Birmingham
HaInes .
Florida District of the Church Back in 1949 also
4 of God In Christ, will have Clarence 27 and Smith Gall, Patricia 1737 MosleySt. Jenkins Javits PositionNEW obtained a $5,500 loan from the Beauticians Association. (NPI Photo)
charge. 1 of New Friendship Negro-owned Supreme Liberty -
1706 Uosley St., 20. Baptist Church, Atlantic Beach,: of RESERVE A PLACE
:The public has been invited Life Insurance Company Baptists ReelectDr.
'f YORK In a letter to will a Spiritual Tea St. James AME
t to attend. sponsor America to build a five-room
Fred Lee Williams, 2073 Lewis Senator Jacob Javlts, Dr. Eugene Sunday at the church,sponsored their farm. To IN NOV. CLASSReg.
1 xxxx 44 and Isabell Logan, 2073 T. Reed,New York NAACP bungalow on Petteway Prexy
1 St., Ardella Jackson. Rev.
:District 5 of Uoncrief Baptist by Urs. date, he hu installed 30,000 To CelebrateAnn Tues. and Fri. 7 to 10p.m.
Lewis St., 45. State Conference president,
E. Dunn will be the speaker: feet of tile and the Job nearly -Fall Classes
i Church, Rev. Scott pastor will writes: "I have been shockedto **. KANSAS CITY Mo. -(NPI)- Fllled-
4 'sponsor a Crab Boll-Fish Fry David Lee Hill, 2141 Lewis read that you are seeking Senior Choir 2 of St. Thomas completed. Overall the farm Delegates and visitors[ attending Hagan's DayNew HOSPITAL AIDE COURSES
Saturday evening, September 24 Is equipped with a completeline the National Dpatist Convention HOOLWORKER
St, 51 and Willie Mae limits to the Federal Govern Church will presentIts
'< 'at the home of Miss Retha Buchanan 2135 Lewis: St., 26. ment's' commitments for healthcare Baptist annual from 3 to S of farm equipment. of America last week St. James AME Church CLASS
1412 W. 22nd St. Sunday received welcoming remarks will present Its third annual CASHIER-SALES CLERK
programs. There Is no in the home of Urs. 'Students End _
'Church and district members John Johnson Jr., 5787 Sawyer doubt that your position puts p.m.Ella, 315 W. 18th African from many local, religious, celebration of Ann Hagan's Day CLASS
If. Singleton,
and friends are lnvltedtoattend. Ave., 30 and Dorothy Gordon, New York State's Medicaid St. Electronics CourseNEW business and political dignitaries Sunday during the 11 a.m. service BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
xxxx at a public meeting in CLASS
1976 Tuskegee Rd.;, 17. program in Jeopardy. ****
,The Soul Stirrers Gospel Dr. Reed then draws Senator 189 will YORK.NPISixteen Millie HalL Included among the Programs will be presentedat GUITAR-HANO-SAND-1N.
Singers of Bayard will observe Pallbearers Lodge were Bus W. Davys, each service. Proceeds will STRUMENT '
Nathan Graddlck,281 ClaudeSt. Javits' attention to a resolution Tea Sunday African engineering students greeters
i their 37th anniversary First 24 and Mary A. Williams, adopted) by the National DentalAssociation sponsor a Loyalty mayor; and Gov. Warren E.Hearne. benefit the stewards and trus-
from 4 to 6 p.m., in the home have completed a pilot project to Urs. Boldep's Collate of Music
; Church Oct. .
;* Baptist tees, according
2253 Forest St., 23. this year which of the president, Urs. Pearl designed to help them relate
23 beginning at 8 o'clock.: More than 8,000 delegates attending Hagans sponsor. 1816 W. 20th Street
states that "it has long been their fields of study with electronics
The participants will include: Laman Carter, Rt. 1, Sox 19, recognised that while the very Calhoun, 1049-S Scrlven St. and telecommunications. the 86th annual session Registrar 356465J'RCQWN'S *
Heavenly Fire Gospel Singers, Dlnsmore, Fla., 28 and Vivian heard Dr. Pettaway. in his
rich and the very poor have The 10-week summer
Gospel Trotters, and R. L. Hutchinson, 1073 W. Union St., been able to secure high quality Church Choir will 3 of sponsor Emanuel a Friend-Baptist communications workshop was stirring annual address, speak 1--

Rudolph. 21. medical and dental care, many ship Tea from 3 to 5 p.m., In conducted at RC A Institutes of "WorldCondltlons"pclntlng
xxxx middle-Income families have of the out that they are worse now than PROOF
under sponsorship
Willie Pearl
1631 Mc- the home of Mrs.
The Gate City Quartette, Deacon James Carl Buxton, found the cost to be a serious White, 1334 W. 12th St. African-American Institute.The any time or period during the
Thompkins and The Conihe St., 28 and Elvenla problem." workshop included laboratory history of the world.
,Thompkins Singers will be Yvonn Taylor, 4134 PearceSt. Dr. Reed concludes: "It is experiments, demonstrations On the race revolution, President
featured in a musical recital, 24.William. natural that the Conservative The Cattlaya Mosana Ladles and other activities designed Pettaway said of black
25 it 8 in behalf woulft Club will sponsor a Fall Tea "That power in the hands
Sept. p.m. 632 party oppose Medicaid to familiarize participants power
( Henry Morris Ct. Sunday at 4 at the
p.m. of rae e whether be be
iof, District 7 of Evergreen What is Important Is that for with technical devices any
D, Blodgett Homes, 26 and Annette
Church Rev. H: H. program is being sponsored,I white or black wrongfully used
Baptist ,
and methods that
Republicans and
:Wright, pastor. Anetha Lee, 5760 Iris- by, Mrs. Mary Young, ,chair man,. may |1a a dangerous thins. What we
Blvd., 14. Democrats support\ it. **** 'value upon their. return to LONDON
Africa !need most is right power ;;

----------- ---- --_-- -_- ---_----_----_--- -_-- --_-- --_-- -,I, FIGHT CANCERAPT. P5

s7 II London

I 'RegisterNOW FOR RENT Touw TOWER _

Fully equipped. Married, respectable .
couple. No children. i DISTILLED
Call m..... after 6 p.m. '!
Brain i

I r Tb. store that carosabout you! XZ2 MAIDS, GUARANTEEDNEW I DRY GIN

: < '... ,i "Sipir-Rifit" leader jiicy Western Beef I WANTED Rush references. HAROLD
l' .dl I; MIDDLE SLEEP-IN JOBS. PINT' $2855th

( nt. la.q.1. RIB ROAST CUT 'LI. 890 Salaries 1IAIM.N.Y.Rush reference to $65, fare, phone advanced.num NY. $,,099

I "Sipir-Right". Country Style Pore Pork 163 UAW.FREEPORT.N.Y. I V /2
Beauty operators, and barbers. i
New Hollywood Beauty and :
SAUSAGE 55C HELP WANTED MALE Barber Lounge, 622 Ashley St. '

Mi. Roll Partim Tine call 354-9774. Mrs. U. L'I i f A.T. *flui NEWS* ax news
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earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply:
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I.... Secretarial ,

l LONGHORN CHEESE 750 TYPlbT who can do 50 wpm. His 17 PC BondS
Accurate; must be good In English : j.'t : .
and spelling. Apply .
FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Iton- '. ii _
UI crlef Cor. 13th St. No phone 't --
I fj Iou Yellow CliuI '

I I j1 I PEACHES. 4 Hr99C C I calls please. :\ The .

: ir Eifit O'clock Mild and Mellow Ray Charles ..

I.. COFFEE 1"LB BAS 59C 3.LB BAS 1 3 [Royal Cola CrowrT -_-

(Pridici luau) -

I AND PRIZES BEEFARONI 15f! oz CANS 790 i files Pteple Jacksonville CoHseim --

lien and women, to sell advertising. ,
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: ,IRE GOOD THROUGH Now Crop ,Virli.ia lid Delicious I 8 >.". THE RAYLETSADVANCE


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,,,1_ --_- ------- ---- -- --- --- ----.. ------ -------_-_I.,U- 934 E. hue St. Berrier s Ice Cream, 45th street' & Moncrief.

I'' .i\ I t. jPUE j --

t. ,__._..__.. .. .,, ..- -.... "' -- 4"-. -. -.-- -- --- "--- ". -- .- -- ---- -