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894818 F20090413_AADADW 00300.jp2 90d3329b4c62ad2f1a64e75e9dacf646afe8af6f8b05ee2363b0917d33dae9fba9a3e8ba
1056276 F20090413_AADADX 00300.jpg 238aaac18694fc8d51040f0488678f80d5f0fb17b8586f9ad78ae2f9ffd4c3f871819536
118860 F20090413_AADADY 00300.QC.jpg bc5b0690fb1d312bd1c9c88840127dd2e7ac8812ebed73bb39c0c2dccdb048a5e601a6e8

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200727datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 6, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007270740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 6, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 6, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

JIDI.ltlfllm! t i a n l. :rioRNEGR ::

** t
. **** iIc .


I .
I ** *

... ..
r ,

tTJL1nrslt Libra17' or nC1"1cla: J Dival School ? -i I

f Ca1nesd11e norldaf ;f !II Desegregation Slo. g"

:;" l' .iMghHtt"1ttr. !., ., ( J;" ..i a..,.. "".M<. *.*!. -_,._- ?-:(:....,.. ,. >..:.:.._-/ t, *>.

** ** *** *** ***


i I

VOL 16 NO. 19 SATURDAY AUGUST 13, 1966 15 CENTSJiiWihi


withIc .. **** **, ** **
's Spat P. *
Phi Delta Kappa Citations

-V .* ... .. Knife Thrower
t_ ,,r.-r.M IT: --- -- ",? ; .

* *
Misses King

i CHICAGO -NPI)- Hatred

NEGROES SUE FORREAPPORTIONMENT against Negroes; is mounting
1 In Chicago's Illy-white areas
which have been the targets
i of civil rights marches In theM

f I past few &ys.
And a so-called "defense

drive" by Lincoln Rockwell,
head of the American Nazi

Party, is adding bombastic fuel
to the flames.

. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
*** ****** was hit by a rock during a

Negro policemanShoots 12 Sue ForReapportionment Aaron's Wife CITED--Hansel E. Tookes (left) associate professor of health The march missile In Cage struck Park Friday.with a

Negroes and physical education at 'Florida A. and M. university, awards sickening thud and Dr. King

Wants Cop Fired certificates of recognition to Benjamin Groomes, james Gant, and dropped to his knees
Fleeing awarded the Recovering quickly and saying
Dr. Thomas A. Jackson. The certificates were during
he was not injured seriously,
Former Jaxan annual initiation and awards banquet recently at the Duval Hotel. he continued In a must.through
Thief SuspectCredit Groomes is a counselor at FAMU, Gant is a specialist in secondary the neighbor hood which had been

education with the state Department of Education, and Dr. Jackson the scene of wild disorder by

is due to Jacksonville Court For Cursing is director of the FAMU Multi-occupational Demonstration project. white mobs. Marchers' cars

Florida Apportionment Pia.Cited' Photo by Ernest Fillyau were turned and they were
Negro policeman who captureda ATLANTA-A former Jason, ( ) pelted by bottles and rocks.
fleeing suspect whom be tie the wife of Atlanta Brave An emergency police order
shot In the leg without killing As "Discriminatory"Mayor slugger Hank Aaron Is out to 6 was issued to quell the mob

him as white officers frequently get the badge of a white policeman and get the civil rlghters out
Of Dr. A
Patrolman whom she said pointed Appointment RobinsonTo State Asked of the area. Rights leaders

Augustus Jones Rilter's Appointment Of Republican I a gun at her and shouted, "Pll claimed there was a lack of

shot Johnny Earl Fort Jr., of blow your damn brains out,. Housing Authority Under Study For $20,000 adequate police protection that

-- :-"f Regarded As Democratic"Boo-Boo" In Jax nigger." ) day.However

Mrs. Barbara Lucas Aaron who ,The Jacksonville City Council last Tuesday held up the For Homeless the' day that King

A.suit.which. ,describe the Florida Apportionment! Act as wants the city fathers to fire,'"..:nomination, ,Lof 'a..Negro, Dr.. Andrew A.. Robinson. to toe "was bit, the fcoUee were in ,
"1IIYkUoual, discriminatory" to Negroes has asked the.act to the o.t1caid.Dmc'I. L..W .JitekflaAvUJe- '.HoiMta* 7a1' be thrown out and the Legislature reapportioned through federal. Bedgood stood la front of her the committa "for--- study.." Episcopal Bishop James Duncan 'quickly to disperse tnreatenJnf
court action ,was filed In U. S. District Court last week. parked car on July 30., accept an appointment to the has made an appeal to the Stateto group at several points t
The complainants are Earl Carroll, of Miami,who ran unsuccessfully "crouched down like he was w Mayor Louts H. Ritter nominated !o .City Recreation Board. participate la a $200,000' Several white were arrestedand
last Spring for the House of Representatives and a rifle range" and aimed nil Robinson, principal t' Robinson's! term with the program to relocate Negro two Negroes were pickedup
service revolver at her. 1, Raines High School to fill oft families and avoid the possibility for alleged weapon viola-
The complainants are Earl beaten In a May runoff for a The Incident occurred during vacancy and two weeks ago. I of racial outbreaks. tions.
Carroll, of Miami who ran House seat i received **, oo a heavy traffic jam at the Atlanta nominated and got confirmed "' Bishop Duncan pointed out to At. the same Marquett Park,
H votes and that had there been where the marchers left their
unsuccessfully last'Spr10e for Stadium before a Braves- another Negro, I. H. Burney, "tremendous racial pressur.
the House of Representatives d1strlctine within Dade County San Francisco game when, according a Republican, to the City Recreation .." and .etb1neferment" cars, sparodic scuffles ensued
and Rutledge: Peutea, State be wow have woo a seat. He to Mrs. Aaron, the of. Board. among Negroes who are being between police and groups of

_.._..._ .:.I President of the NAACP. ficer insisted that she move her The Council's decision to forced from their homes to unryly whites who refused
The complainants charge that car while the road was blocked. refer Robinson's confirmationto make way for construction of police orders to move.
JOHNNY EARL FOP! JR. the apportionment act was a Police Superintendent Fred the committee of officersfor Miami expressways The disorders followed the

...shot fleeing law "deliberate and dastardly attempt Bedgood said Mrs. Aaron study Is regarded u a Appearing before a scheduled same pattern In both the South-

by the Dade cursed him and refused to answer precautionary move--to look cabinet meeting as a represen vest.fide where Cage Park Is
1311 Fairfax St. last Friday located and the Northwest side
when he questioned her Into the nominee's background ,
legislators and the existing tative of the Dade County
night at Wilcox and McConihe Florida state legislators to dilute Berman said a report by Rains politically and otherwise Community Relations Board, where the demonstrations have

Sts.The officer said Fort the Negro vote and insure stated that Bedgood, while directing since Hitter's appointment of the bishop asked that the State been geared.
was that the Negro population would traffic at the stadium, a Republican Is regarded as a put up $20,000 In order to Dr. King lauded police for
fleeing with another Negro man not have a legislative voice In beard cursing and told Mrs. "boo-boo" In local political qualify for federal matching their protection Friday.
from and refused to heed
his shouts a car, Florida politics." Aaron to pull Into a parking circles. DR. ANDREW ROBINSON funds of $180,1)00; ) which wouldbe There was over 500 blue-
to halt
or a warning
shot fired in the air. Carroll and Pearson are lot. With a Republican candidate ...nomination under study provided on a 9 to 1 basis helmeted officers on duty with
asking that a three-judge courtbe "My wife said the worst word ready to give the Democratic for the relocation project. the marchers that day.
Jones said he
to gave earlier assigned to weigh evidenceand she used was 'dam,"' Hank nominee for governor a hard housing agency would run until Bishop Duncan said hundreds Police estimated that the white
a car three
occupied by
then to declare the act EARL CARROLLsaid Aaron said. run on the November elections, June 6,1969.Ritter of Negro families in "poverty mob amounted to some 5,000
men answering descriptionsof
and The Atlanta Rltter's Domination of a Republican who gathered at the
the "unconstitutional, Illegal aldermanic councU' who comes for election pockets" In the paths of the persons
Involved in up
men a ciga-
void." since there were 50,068 committee which bears Is regarded as a high expressway do not have fundsto park to heckle Rev. King, and
as Mayor in 1967 started
rette He to ,
then. attempted
voters In the total registration -
stop the car at Fifth and Payne The suit asks that the court Negro policemen, Wednesday night deferred awkward move which could give making Negro appointments relocate. He said they were his followers. King was assisted -
Streets and heard apportion the Legislature Itself, of 424,035 Dade action In the case until Jaxoos the Impression that be following an NAACP march last forced to move into temporary by Al Raby and the Rev.
a the failure to
command the gjssenger'"Don't without taking Into account any voters, provide after Mrs Aaron's trial In Municipal is supporting the Republican month which ended in several buildings of all descriptions: Jesse Jackson.
with Dade a
of the existing plans for appor- districting was court. ticket. days of violence after continued "The expense to welfare and In a march led by Raby in
stop tionment. deliberate and dastardly at- The baseball's star's wife In any case it is generally pleas for involvement of to other agencies Is vast," he Northwest side Sunday, about
Jones said he the
pursued tempt... Insure that the Negro that the first 2500 white,ouths and residents
which Listed as defendants in the comes up for trial August 18 agreed Negro Negroes in the political and said.
,they Ignored suddenly his commands stoppedand suit were Secretary of State population would not have a In Municipal Court on charges appointee to the City Recreation economic fabric of the city. The bishop said the program, displayed their wrath against
and Fort fell Tom Adams, Duval County legislative voice In Florida po of cursing and disorderly con Board would be In a good position which would help the familiesto Negroes by hurling profane language
while warning shot. Supervisor of Registration litics." duct. to help the Republican party SUPPOSE GOD IS BLACK move to permanent homesto rocks and cherry bombs
said and
running, ,
Robert A. Mallard and Dade A coalition of 22 Negro civIc at election time.Confirmation avoid a series of relocationsIn along the parade route through
ment Jones
a weapon. Jones thought said was be to fired get County Supervisor of Registration Negro .OfficersIn clubs, led by the Atlanta of Robinson,who 426 Negroes temporary facilities, would the neighborhood Dr. King was
Grass Roots has been closely associated not present at this march.
his pistol and hit Fort in the Martin Braterman. Mallard Council supportedthe save the state a lot of moneyIn
and Braterman are named, the demand that Bedgood be with the Duval School Board's the long run. The Gage Park area Is inhabited

kg.badly The, was wounded rushed man to,bleeding Duval suit said, as representative of Viet NamReported fired. Dr. J. I. E. Scott will make "Integrated"In "I do not want to see Miami mostly by Poles; the
Medical Center In Jones'policecruiser. all Florida supervisors of "We refuse to sit by and him the first Negro on the have something like has been Northwest side, Poles,

registration "since It would be see our Negro women, or any Housing Authority. happening in Lansing, Mich., lanians and Irish.
Shortly after police found thesuspects' Impractical to bring all(super- Few women for that matter 'so Robinson is a nativeof Jax Schools or some other Northern cities," They unleashed their profanityand
visors) before the court" brazenly Insulted and tormented Jacksonville and holds a be said:; wrath upon the priests, r
car containing the The suit calls -on the courtto SAIGON (NPI)-Few Negroes by such flagrant abuse of thelaw'said doctor of education degree from Figures released this week Atty. Gen. Earl Falrcloth pre ministers and nuns who participated i
missing cigarettes. Officers advance the case on Its served as Army and Navy officers Columbia, University and a indicated that Duval's token sided over the unofficial Cabinet in the marches and
continued their search for the In Viet Nam Benny TJ5mlthpres- school desegregation Is continuing fared equally as bad.
driver of the and the other dockets and enter immediate Whitney M. Identof the council. bachelor of science degree from session to receive the reporton clpants
car ruling declaring the act unconstitutional Young Jr., National Urban League "M lOy incidents pistol-wav Florida AIM University He at snail's pace. behalf of the Cabinet. The The Rt. Rev. Mesgr. JamesC.
passenger.The executive director, has would succeed Daniel A.Naugh- Out of an expected 119,733 Roman
Incident began about 1MO and enjoining the lag by gun-happy poUceman proposed $20,000 grant is Hardlman, a leading
when Nov a, 19&6, election. charged ton on the Housing Authority. student enrollment for 196867only expected to be discussed at the Catholic pastor on the Southwest
an official of the
p.m.Union Terminal Warehouse Both Pearson and Carroll say Young said the Navy especially have gone unnoticed and unre- Naughton resigned recently to about 426 Negro pupils next Cabinet meeting. side, said that after the Gage
lacked Negro officers. : ported like this one." will be attending predominantlywhite
that because they had to vote Park incident, be would not got
told Patrolman D. H. Matthewstwo for an excessive number of The Urban League leader said Powell Foes Lose schools as a result of Civil Right LeadersOn near the mob again' unless he
men were on a loading candidates for at enlistment and reenlistmentrates List PompanoGoalsPOMPANO changes in the school boundarylines. armed.He .
-large berths was
platform when
one grabbed a In the House Representatives among Negroes are high Meet The PressNEW said, "You Just can't real-
case cigarettes and both BEACH Negro Posts In ChurchNEW
In Viet
Nam. This information was contained manifested. We
ran to a waiting car and raced (Pearson 11 Carroll. 22) the leaders have rallied together ize the
YORK NAACP Executive
This indicates lie said "That in the Duval -
large number of candidate: a report by there Sunday at the request
from the scene. Within several choices "diluted the right to these men would rather serve and will prime the city for Improvements YORK - Two top County Board of Public Instruction Director Roy Wilkins will were of the police department,
minutes Jones spotted the car under conditions according to State officers of Rep. Adam Clayton chief be one of six civil rights leaders
vote of this plaintiff and all on the firing to Bryan Simpson, which asked us to help calm
answering the description other residents" in Dade and lines of Viet Nam than to remain NAACP Field Director, Marvin Powell's Harlem church have Judge of the U.S.Middle District appearing on a special the people.
broadcast by headquarters and home that Davies been replaced. Both have been 90-mlnute edition of "Meet the
Duval counties, "...compared conditions are betterin Court of Florida.A The aldermen and clergy In
chase: He said leaders will "
gave Negro
the opponents of Rep. Powell Press.
military services. so-called
with the right to vote of individuals progress report both areas were asked to send
SUPPOSE COO IS BLACK residing in other "It also serves to point up the call for: The two. ousted officers are stated that one of four audio Appearing with him on the crash teams through their
(smaller) districts in Florida." unusual courage and patriotism Upgrading and Improving Ne Mrs Vashtl Flowers,chairman visual coordinators hired NBC television network show, neighborhoods, urging the
displayed by the gro slums board of trustees,and Nathaniel the Is Sunday August 21, at330pm., peo
Senate Approves The present plan, the suit our men- during past year a Negro to stay home. Apparentlythis
continues, does not provide forequal flower of our communities,"he Fair i employment practice Brown, church treasurer. Both woman who has been working EDT, will be the Rev. Dr. failed to impressthe
representation for equal said ordinance.. were voted out of office at theAbyls1n1a.n "at times" in predominantly Martin Luther King Jr, president program
Nabrif Nomination numbers of people "without Young estimated that 50,000 Housing and slum clearance Baptist Church, of white schools. of the Southern Christian residents for the American
to program financed by federal which Powell (D-N. Y.) is Leadership Conference Whitney A spokesman
60,000 Negroes Rep. also said that ;
WASHINGTON -(NPI!)- The regard to race, sex, economic are fighting The report a. Nazi Party, Erocka Himmler
Senate has approved President status or place of residence." in Viet Nam out of 300,000 funds. pastor 'rom1nent Negro educator" M. Young Jr., executive said "This organization (The
Johnson's nomination'' Dr. Therefore, says the suit, the military peraf.JllDeJ.NCI Public works program finan The two long-time officials spoke to a Joint meeting of* director of the National Urban White Guard) is Intended for '
thus. ced by federal funds. were thrown out ,in a disputeover League Stokely Carmalchael,
Samuel 1 M. Nbrit as a mem act "Is unconstitutional under comprise 16 to 20 white and Negro principals ; self defense. We are not out
bet of the Atomic Energy the equal protection clause of per cent of American forces Public accommodation ordi purchase by the churchof during the past year. chairman of the Student Non to attack anyone, but to defend t't'ourselves '
Commission. Dr. Nabrit, president the Constitution of the State there, while making up but 11 nance. property on which a second According to the report, a violent Coordinating Commit- our families andour
cent of He also added that the city discovered. According te Floyd MCKissick,national ,
of Texas Southern of Florida and the Constitution per the American popu mortgage was completely integrated kinder- ; "
University, will serve as AEC of the United SUte." lation.SUPPOSE. commissioners will be called to Rep. Powell, the garten program has been director of the Congress of neighborhoods ;
upon to give Negroes jobs in second was not reports Racial Equality and James
K undertaken. SUPPOSE GOD IS
member until June 30, 1710. was cited that Carroll, GOD IS BLACK BLACK ,
city lull. d to tie congregation H. Meredith.

J t. ..



., ",



1 I ,
Published\ by the Florida Star Publishing Company


-- .

=: i 1 :;:

ERIC 0. SIMPSON......Maaatiof Editor

,- RD .u:' 1 The National urban League's 1966 Con-

ference was held July 31-August 4 at the
....... Manner '
Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia, penn-

l sylvanla. The theme of the Conference

,1 was "Translating Equal Rights into, Equal

'2323 Hoicriel Rid Photo Elfii 4:67J2, Opportunities.."

The Conference was opened by the Execu'

Mailioi Address tive Director of the National urban

P. 0. Box 599 Jacismille, Florida 32201 League, Whitney Young, jr. Again Mr.

MIAMI OFFICE Young aptly stated the ways and means
must be found to close the gap between

738 MI 3rd Ire ,Phie 311.1025 white and non-white Americans. The National -

Executive madd a full commitment
----...... -.. -
SUBSCRIPTION RATES of League resources and staff to
help increase the life chances of the
One Year $8.00 Half Year $4.00 '
HONE ARE MORE disadvantaged white non-white
,. personin
Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States NODEIfSSIYENSLAVED -

Subscription payable in advance THANTHOSfWHOFALSELY this country.
Send Check or Money order to: BELIEVE ,# On Monday, August 1st, more than 1,400

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 5991? fREE'THEY ARE ,, .a", f;' persons spent .a day discussing the role

Jacksonville.Florida fOITHt r ; of the poor in affecting change. it was

the consensus of the body that most

problems of poor Negro families are related -

IS RIGHTS STRUGGLE FAR AWAY?I solely to Income. The body under

the able guidance of Miss je eldean Jones,
A St. 'petersburg Times reporter, John THE FIGHT HAS YET TO BE WONI! associate director of health and welfareof

Rothchild, called attention to a far-away the national office, found many new
rights struggle in "St. pete" area. ---- ----------- -------- --- ------- ------- ----
t.. 1 and exciting ways to Involve the poor to
The reporter summarized it very neatlyin bring about changes in health and wel-

these words: For St. Petersburg' fare services.The .

25,000 Negroes,. crammed by substandard i Your Weekly i conference speaker for Monday's
educationand I
housing, an average 8th-grade luncheon was the Honorable Robert c.
income the civil
a $3,000-a-year ,
Weaver of and
secretary Housing urban
rights ,struggle is pretty far away, and I i
Development. related the
He of
life is OK." 1 1 disadvantaged to poor housing and stressedthe

Like other places in Florida, Negroes 1 uu Horoscope Guide uu I need for the league to play an affirmative -

who have made gains with theatres, with 1 role to change the ghettos
restaurants, with schools, may well have
: into livable urban centers.
drifted into lethargyl While the strugglewas
The Tuesday session was one of the best
waging voters among Negroes increased. : By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER instituess on the agenda. Mr. Adolph
Membership in the NAACP went up 200 per
Holmes, NUL director of economic development -
cent. This area also had its share sit- i FOR 1
WHICH. ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS stated that issue clearly
ins, picketing and demonstrations.The '
I when he said that 'total economic development -
Times reporter noted that things i iI ; of the in
Negro employment,
have quieted down at present; the streets training programs, 'and getting Negroes

are becoming more peaceful NAACP mem- t'.fi and on on o
strengthen business
new is
to from the usual -- -- -- -- -- ----------- -.---- ------------------- -- ------------ u
bership dropped 320
must for Negroes to help close the socioeconomic -
400 to 500 persons. : between the and
Marvin Davis, NAACP regional director, LIBRA disadvantaged Americans.The .
commented: 'Slums have been accepted. .MARCH BORN IDlE BORN SEPT.
issue Tfquality integrated education -
('The Negroes.Times') have:"report accepted"cited too*conditlotos many things..Jn' J I 2Ut- J\PRIt\ 19th 22i JULY.' Ud 23r.OCT.. .. .2311.. ., 22IIUN" 19th was ..dejined"by Frank, Stanly ,jr. ,
> Keep etrtvln -7b err Is little 'ATM advice Is'good,' Perhaps associate director :education 'for
certain residential areas :predicted' Nothing but the truth. It is) tt tanlie'donerTher: e"ti-not NUL.
doubt that the inclination to you'have been going too far, the individual who Is not afraid' likely to be much d a change, He emphatically stated clearly that it Is'a
that someday Jegroes were' bound to voice submit to the desires of your too fast, carrying you out of .
to tell the truth who, most one way or another from the must for every child to get a quality
their dissatisfaction in a manner of loved ones, or to your own, touch with reality. As soon U times. Is the one who can be circumstances of the previous
violence. The story told of a Negro woman is u strong as ever. One of you realize that you may beheaded considered as being loyal and period. Conflicting emotions integrated education to live in this

who crystalized the Negroes' plight the surest ways to combat It the wrong way, obtain trustworthy. Those who beat are still tugging at your heart, ever shrinking multi-racial world of
to work all the harder at your the views and guidance from around the bush or who resortto strings making it difficult for ours. This premise was supported by Dr.
admirably well thusly: hobbies or regular occupation. the ally or counselor who is flattery should be eyed askance you to decide which course it Max/wolf/ Or. Lionel Newson, Mrs. Silvia
to work out if sit and Also find other and means capable of offering the soundest
"It's going you ways u possibly having would be best to follow. The Meeks and Wyatt T. Walker.
hold hands in lap. I' 11 stay to strengthen the bonds of affection advice The points in need of ulterior motives. this
your your Accept planetary answer seems to be The method that shows the most promiseof
that lead to in
right herd until this old shack falls greater clarification may be your philosophy and make up your quite clear In this respect.
understanding and a more cooperative finances emotional interestsand quality integrated education is the
mind to live by it, and you may Follow your customary prudent
down right on me. attitude among the affairs of misguided succeed in educational park system. under this
yet forestalling an .ways, be guided by mature
The woman put it humorously, but these couples and partners. Sign on loved ones. Neglect: at this
upset or material loss of con Judgment, or take past experiences system many schools are grouped together
words, are full of pathos. yes, Negroes the dotted line when full accords Juncture may hasten the sequence. Your efforts could u your beacon lights. with the necessary facilities, staff, and
must be dissatisfied, but they themselves have been reached worsening of any deterioration aid your life or business partner This may prevent you from special consultants to teach thousands of
regarding housing or the trans that has been taking place.
must'work hard at improving their living to succeed also enablingyou going wrong and aid you Inma.t1nc
fer d of children in modern educational .
property prodlded a
and demon- 7-50-44-15-43-277' to share In the ensuing the only wise and logical
and working conditions. Noise course, that you have made all honors or benefits. In fact, Judgment that Is open to you. ( 'hope to explore the idea in Duval
strations won* t get the Job done solidlyas the necessary checks tq Insure LEO the role of silent associate Capricornlan do not often make County,y \

it ought to be done. the full protection of yourself. is particularly fitting at this mistakes, but when they do, It The'Annual, Banquet was a real exciting
7-30-44-19-63-380 BORN JULY stage. can be on a grand scale. Go
affair. it was held in the grand ballroom

MASSACRES IN DIFFERENT FORMSyou TAURUS 23N AUG. 22II1 slowly 1-80-from 11-14-31 here on. 516 of the hotel with more than 1,400 per-

will recall the havoc wrought by the URN APRIL Regret nothing There Is sons in attendance. The principal speakerwas

who killed more than a half dozen 20th no other way to look only for- BORN OCT. AQUARIUS McGeorge Bundy, a former advisor to
man MAY 20thYou ward. The new rut may not be the late president Kennedy and present
Then last week a universityofTexas 24th NOV. 22U BORN JAN.
u comfortable u the old but
of feel It Whenever you ask president of the Ford Foundation. The
student was the cause it should be tar more remune- Sterness Is necessary You
Intuition conscience 20th FEB. 11th
your or Ford Foundation is one off the League'sbest
mass-murder.. to provide wanted answers,they rative. Once you get used to It, are quite well-disciplined, as
The Austin .incident appalled the peopleof will not let you down unless you may like it so well that you a rule, but you could appear Say the word. With the New supporters. The meat of his addresswas
the united States 't 0 the point of you have gotten Into the habit will settle in more comfortabl soft to the youngsters who are Moon falling In your solar 7th that the Negro has .been a great asset
to curb sales of guns. of not paying them any heed. than ever and revert to the old close to your affections. They house, you may have reachedthe to this country and to change his condi-
wanting legislation Now Is the time to settle affairs desire of never having to leaveit could take advantage of the fact point where you will have tion it will take special efforts by
Again the call is for some preventive for and ever again. The main contribution to have their own way without to say a'"yes" or a no" to '
of the heart yourself foundations such as his own and compara
action in the direction forestalling such for loved ones. You may that you will have to your approval Or, you couldbe the possibility of marriage. It
your from federal -
the make to realize this secret up in the clouds building will be the task of some Aquarians ble effort and money government
catastrophes. then proceed to put finishing
futur3 castles in and in essence, money and manpower like:
wish would be to create a steady Spain completely to decide whether they
the assassination of touches that are still necessary.
We remember also Should continue to come up flow of money into your savings forgetting your responsibilities are willing to give u up an ambition we are spending in Viet Nam should be
president Kennedy in Texas. Both Oswald without you the proper formula,you account through greater right here on earth.The momentto or occupation u the spent in our own country to make this a
and Charles whitman (on Texas campus) could have another opportunity frugality or a break with the call yourself to order,as well price exacted by the prospective true workable democracy.

were ex-marines and had undergone ex- to ask someone who Is In a person or circumstances that as' those dependent on you may partner. The urge devote Wednesday Dr. John Turner spoke to
from this in during the P.U. on the to serious On
prevent you doing appear yourself exclusively
marksmanship training in the better position to teU whatto
tensive want you to know the past You can almost be 22nd. Should you fail to do so. studies or other activities may the group about the three primary areas of
Marine Corps. Both men used' telescopic whether do. If you should get married certain that those who may be Iou I may be setting the stage prove to be the deciding factor conflict and concern at this time in

sights and shot from elevated positions. or not, you the answer seems to urging you to do other wise for misunderstandings and bat- on the 22nd. The many among history he outlined them as follows:

Some attention should be given to the be yes In cases where there are only serving their own fling complications during the you who already have associates 1. The Negro must develop his economic
ends. balance of the month. from far back may be called
best of making people more responsiblein are no. insurmountable bar
way 2. He must become politicallyastute
upon to play a bigger role In 5 70 66- 17.65.352
riers to
matter of handling guns and ammuni- overcome. attempting to achieve Joint and 3. Group solidarity must be

nition. We don't know the answer but YIRM ambitious or security goals. achieved.If .

somebody in this country probably has."INTEGRATION" GEMINI BORN AUG. SAGITTARIUS we are to increase the life chanceof

BORN NOY.23rl minorities in this country, organiza-
DEC. 21st PISCES tions such as the urban League must workon

grieves us very much to learn how 21st Jill 21st Seek reinforcements.of the Now that } Combine them There Is no BORN FEB. pressing problems intelligently until
are at this stage game,
some civil rights workers are "goofing Experience guides. The more you reason why you should not take they are solved.
can begin to look around for 19th MAR. 20th.
off" too much. This statement has been enlightened people are appre you m.re practical or constructive advantage of a pleasure trip to I feel that the following statement by

prompted by an incident involving Hardy dative of the fact that past ways to conduct your existence enhance your professionarprospects Duty calls. Unless you have Whitney young is timely; ". Beyond today's -
mistakes or failures can be Invaluable as well. And now Is the chosen this time of the month
Fry, 'a field secretary of the Student lessons toward or that of the your creation dear ones.of more High time to drive for a settlementof for your leave of absence yon struggle there lies a tranquilsea

Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, who the creation of a brilliant fu Ideals substantial values and a new long-pending matter relatedto can be fairly certain that you upon which we may one day embark our

led a march in Tennessee recently. ture. This Is the philosophyyou code of personal behavior are your economic interests, will have to keep your nose to vision must look forward to it the
Fry said, "I don't know the Lord's should now adopt in case all building stones toward the even If an additional delay 1stI the grindstone. The lunar phase promise of a society of equality and ex-

prayer anymore and added "I've got you are Just starting out on formation of character and stability. I necessary to fulfill official or now beginning emphasizes Jobs cellence, of justice and of unity Undivided -
a career. The more mature other requirements. Accept)' and health, and the endeavorsyou
me a new< prayer now. and it shoots six Gemlniau will be Quicker to in Keep mind mulling until this arrive over opening to sited your duties put forth In their behalf. by distinctions of race, unshackled -

shots." realixe the advantages that are at a your conclusion approximating you and to go oft somewhere fort When you have a loyal partnerby by issues of class, unbowed by
We know that there is a growing impatience theirs and quicker to use themto this theory especially on the t a rest or pleasure. This may your side and love exists fears of want. "

for equality now but the fore- boost their prestige, status 22nd. The Vlrgoans who are also enable you to be tar away In your Intimate circles, you
invited and valuable holdings. Once you out apartment of house-hunting from the scene of the difficulties are greatly encouraged In putting THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORYAug.
statement by deep pity
going Fry
achieved main objective that could during
have your would do will to Insure that crop up your best foot, and outstanding -
from rational human beings. start digging In to pro they select one that will be fairly the succeeding period. If you talent, forward. ThisIs 14. IU6 Famous composer Samuel Cokridn-Tavlor was

Np one wins any civil rights gains bya tect yourself from the quiet as well u comfortable. ) have the gin of being farseeing; the time to make decisions born In London, England '
."prayer''that shoots six shots." Re- machinations, of others who may Ire especially Important when use It In the formulation of related to your personal and Aug. 14, 1953 J. Ernest Wilkins, appointed vice chairman.

gardless of what Fry may believe., this .like to take your place. you work at home your spects.long-range plans or pro financial affairs hower's Government administration.Contracts Committee, under President Elsen
is not the way to :integrate. Z'-10- M 15.- 24 415 6-ZO-S9-1I-76-643 Aug. 15, Inl The Haitian rebellion began.

\ 6, i Ir :(




Mission Accomplished: ACE League Solicits -

r--->.-.- -._,__._ ...__.._-_,_ 'd _
I Scholarship AidThe

tI +
(4' ;
ACE League's monthly
program .Is soliciting aid for
its scholoarshlp fund from all
AME Churches, Alexander Cot-
trell, coordinator announced.
According to Mr. Cottrell, the
i 4 program is designed to assist

worthy AME youths to further Wl DtCDUNT"PRICE'I "- NOT 1 QUALIU I
their education at EWC this
fall and Iii requires persons ,
interested to be active in the
ACE League program Sunday MATHER'S//
School and church. :
The next meeting, scheduled '{W1C
li v I Ic for Aug. 21, at a place to be

c *' / i C asked designated.Miss. Alma to make Hopkins Groups financial,hare presidentfor been reports R T DfiM I [I Jtht J

panel the quarter discussion, announced will be held thata ,[ Quality b High/Ike Vales art liglUYTpOAYr '

with R. 'Y.
...wr rI/IMw.M- .... .A -- --+"-..T'-_..,...r.esi .w...4IIIoia- 1 Ilrarai.N..l at Wards Chapel Webster and pastor chaplain of I WE SHIP TO MORROW
GRADUATES of the July 29th class of the Manpower Development Standing, from left: Willie Brantley, Mrs. Catherine the AME Church of the Muter

Training Act depict a spontaneous flow of Butler, Miss Betty jean Burr, reporter: Miss Betty In charge. CHILDREN'S COMPACT
good spirits after completing the prescribed course Simon, vice president; Mrs. Mary Collins, Mrs. Mary The topic to be discussed is: LOW BOY TWIN SIZE
of study for a general sales course. Seated from Davis, secretary; Mrs. Mary Ht, Wolf, instructor; Our Times.Prophetic" The Fulfillment public has la HOLLYWOOD BEDS .266S .

left are: Mrs Harriet Ford, Mrs. Eva Dixon, Mrs. Mrs. Lubenia Sutton, Mrs. Marl Adams, Miss Sandra been invited to attend -- .

Gwendolyn Brown business manager; Mrs. jo Ann Massen- Covington, Mrs. Rachel Giles, treasurer; Miss Addle ;

gill. Miss, Mary Bird, Mrs Viola Sidlack, president. Rivers and Joseph Sanders} chSDla FIGHT CANCER '' 2
n ri

WEDDING BELLS (f\f.1i\iin/\ ;

.. ......,-........INI'.MI..........N.N.-.,.+M M/M M1.M MNww M-.-..-. Socially Speaking ..,.. .1 .

,, '9 ",;;'; j\,1\ ..d Karry Lee Chappell, 2114 Cal- ::: '
Jon Rd. 19 and Perrie Lee'
; o\ ':(JN 'JJ Moots, 1S27 Callahan St., 11.' r. Get l.11
\....... ,J'B < ,t' ; .. Gamma Rhi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa 1 1..nM. .L .rw.dah.P.... "" ."- shgah
"" \.. -. ; ,; : < I 'If' Lloyd Sanford 435 II N.Ilnw' .. L.... "',....../
J'.' .no'" ;; !; E. 26th St., Sorority will present a Fashion Fair ..,,
: : i 21 and Joyce McGriff 1704 'Calorbaloo' in October at the Exhibi- '
Wright Ave, 20. :$.H 9.A.Mi 1 1 "' .FiuoA'y
tion Hall of the Civic Auditorium.The \ .. ,,,!. c .

Alphonso Merrltt,1072 Madison show will feature high fashions. 'r Boston
Soror Elizabeth jasmin is general chair I =
St., 21 and Marionette Olivia Rocker -'
Williams, 607 Court D., 19.. man, F iifi
Set of 3
Wesley Phillips Jr., 2020Pala 000000.0 .ee.sesa OOe00*0e TablesYour
fox St., 26 and Josle Lee Bryant, '
2020 Palafox St., 39. jI
The fourth session of the "Testing

Alfred L. Jenkins, 2338 West i) Study Skills" Clinic, sponsored by Alpha 25 w
moot, 24 and Robbie L. More- well attendedby I
Kappa Alpha sorority, was
land, 1082 W. 11th St., 20. I
c. : the county 12 graders. The Clinic was I Choice -

jpj Curtis Richardson, 1265 Hart held at Bethel Baptist institutionalChurch. I Bookca.eSwint
>qp St., 21 and Beatrice Young .
jam, SIZ4 Danese St., 19. The purpose of the Clinic is to teach
students how to study for test. Some of CHAIR
Roosevelt Manigault Jr., 1783 I
'? Ella. St., 41 and Georgia Lee the subjects receiving special attention, E SY' CREDIT TERMS
Wade, 1783 Ella St., 51. science and mathematics.Mrs. .
Camilla Thompson was director of
Cecil Perry Crier, 1105 Julia
the study clinic. II II
St., 26 and Margarita Juanita
Hutchlnson, 309 Caroline St., "Itjmir'
21. 00e0e0e 000 ee00 ee0e0eee

+. .1it George Floyd Young, 1255 W. Mrs. yivian Manigault,. former Duval
15th St., 19 and Daisy M.Bodie. public school instructor> 'was i iI
nn Dr0a4 St.' le. -' County
., N .err r honored, for. many ,years ,offaithful,, service
sti IU'I I 1 I."J'' $' 5 Rooms '
r Richard W. Bell", 1141 LauraSt. in the teaching profession recently. 5'
., 23 and Norma J. Pelts A banquet was given In her honor in the
4342 Pinewood Ave., 21. East Ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel.

Many expressions of appreciation were
Herbert Louie Watkins, 2612
said to
Henrietta St., 36 and Lola A. Mrs. Manigault. -
Ruckel, Mlddleburg Fla, 28. ,WE'.DISCOUNr:1pRl: [ ."OTIOUALITYDESK
000000 00100ee0 Oee0e0f0
I Willie Solomon Dunnell 1326
& CHAIR $39
W. 31st St., 32 and Bertha Mae Miss Delores Miller and Betty Dozier
Jenkins 6159 118th St., 3e.
recent graduates of Edward waters College, /
Kenneth Leon Manuel, 1086 W. were feted by a 'Farewell Breakfast"at .
26th St., 21 and Roberta L. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Parker, I'
You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola. Bacon, 1470 W. 11th St., 21 4025 Ribault River Lane recently.

Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshlng.That's Ervin Rackley 836 W. ChurchSt Miss Dozier will leave soon for her home

why things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke. 38 and Dorothy M. Evans, in South Carolina where she will be employed -
836 W. Church St., 2e. at jerkins High school in perryin
Alexander Lorenzo Smith, 2075

W. 14th St.. 19 and Jacqueline 0000000 0000000. 00.0.00. uNlud ,
thing go Lockett: 4005 Fairfax St., 18. 011" Ix .eJlNEED
T better.ivith
\ Bernard Stanley McLendon, Mrs. Cecilia L. Powell, instructor at EVERYTHING-SEE THIS DEAL
1153 Durkee Dr., 22 and Gloria Isaiah Blocker Elementary school received

c ,. Coke Odessa Dixon, 5551 Dakota Dr., her Masters Degree from Florida A. andM.
y s 't wv 20. university recently.Mrs. .

Powell left with her family for a .
Cottrell 4304 Trenton
Wesley ,
brief vacation in Newark, J. with
QK Coke. Dr., S., 22 and Sydney Lloyd '
Kellam, 724 W. Church St., 21. relatives and friends. h 'f LI

e000*00e '\/
000000 00e000e0
Donald Thomas Hollls, 114 E.
IottJed under UM authority of tile coca-cote company by. Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling Company Margaret St., Neptune Beach, /
Fla., 26 and Virginia A. Williams Mr. Esekial W. Bryant, instructor at
228 Myra St., Neptune William Raines High school was initiatedinto
Beach Fla., 21.
the Florida A. and M. university
II1MI5 .
--- Chapter of phi Delta Kappa Fraternity -
recently. ;WlUfltt: DOWNTOWIt.'DIAt' .

The ceremonies conducted at the Duval .JSS:6Ss': .

s.vs r Hotel in Tallahassee was held during the

Fraternities Annual Awards Banquet. Mr. /
Bryant is also a member of Alpha phi -PC. BEDROOM '
Alpha Fraternity. NOW wl.a

Dr. George W. Gore jr. president of WM 4 79

Florida A. and M. University, was named .
'Man of thr Year" by phi Delta Kappa.

X000 l10e tifns' .. *00000 .0 .0 .00 ........

L _vf!r fNn! w

The Astro-Gents Club of this city is 7-PC. LIVING ROOM yX138
truly one of the leading civic organiza-

tions in the South.
The club terminated their Astro Little

Ir eTAMP9 League baseball program with a banquetin 1 N,0 h1/N,
honor of the nine teams in the league.

The banquet was one of the best programsof

its kind ever sponsored, and was held :

at Rufus E. Payne School. 4'i, ,

00000000 0 ... 00 .0 ....***. MitMtt'MfrV r

? "dRA DED's Mr;, and Mrs. George Wilson and Family If

r ,from sarasota, Florida were the guests of
Beef at its Best a s Mr, and Mrs. Jerome parker, 7003 Ken FURNITURE CO.soi N Ni

Knight Drive recently. Mrs. Wilson is the I roaiYTH,, ST.
sister of Mrs. parker. They will visit JI'U 'Hm J IA1'1SiY'\ '.I1 CJWK. :J!.t''
the state of Georgia before returning home. _____ ""

L l L

J n n JJ. ---... l fm



I''' om Interdenominational Prayer Bandsn"America' To Hold Annual Meet -,1

I Anniversary Set Men's Day Official Senior Citizens Club! f Friendship T.a Participants Prayer lands

.. ,
--- -- ""'"- -
.....-.. '" To Convene
i Monday August 15 g 'mow Organized At Wild ,

', Sister Rosetta Cohen will observe I The Wilder Park Senior Citizens :rI', '. ,' ,( At Day
I her 10th anniversary asa ; ", Club was organised tit \ Spring
I singer on Monday, August 15 11';; Tuesday and Mrs. Wattle Bell tt ,
at 8.M p.m. at the First Born :I" Hicks was elected president The 27th annual convention ofI
Temple, 825 West Monroe St. ;'. 1 .' Other officers arc Mrs. Fle- I the Interdenominational Prayer
The program is u follows: ola Hart, vice president Mrs. Bands of America will convene
Selection, Chorus No. 2, First : Claudia Jones, secretary; and I I in Dar Spring Baptist Church
torn Temple; selection House ".:. .;;t. ," d tea Miss Bessie Gordon,treasurer.The I,Aug. 1519.
of God, Saints In Christ; selection. If. next meeting will be held The participant include, Rev.
Gospel Traveling Stars; .' I Thursday, Aug. 31, at the Hod- 'Inex' B.Johnson,national presl-
selection, Glvlns Sisters, selection. ." gait Homes auditorium, 1207 I dent; Rev Frank Carter of
No. 1 Chorus of FirstBorn Davis St., at 5 p.m. West Palm Beach Mrs. Josie
Temple; selection,Gospel This club Is beta sponsoredby ;.!' Bowen, district president,Mrs
Travette; solo, Bro. Robert the Greater Jacksonville i JUne Cook,state preslent,MM.
Pretters; solo, Sister Collins; Economic Program, represented Hattie L. Bryant, national presldent .
selection The Thelmarettes A r by Richard N.Prokrass, LaCrosse;Mrs.PhoebU
Singers; selection, The Voices ageing coordinator and the Jamison, Leesburg, Co., Mrs.
'> of Faith, selection The Church Edward AllenMr. Greater Jacksonville Federation --- Ida Disco, Rev. C. A. Weaver,

\ of God, Gospel Chorus; seleci Edward Allen will serve as secretaryand of Senior Clubs, represented host pastor; Deacon N. Daniel,
i t tic; Howard Memorial Junior treasurer by Mrs. ArllneNlnoul llrs. Ella Davis, Evangelist
Men's Day
Chorus selection Youth I
chairman. Nettie Harris,Gainesrllle.,
Chorus, First Born Temple; at Tabernacle Baptist church on August I iF E. L. Harper, Mrs. Ltanle

selection, Dixlette Singers; 2lst. L. V. jones is general chairmanand New St. James AME. ,Smith, Indlantown,Elder H.Wy.
solo, Bro. Presly Badgers. Charles Reed is co-chairman. the, Mrs. E v a Brooks, Ft.
Others on program will be the To Present RecitalThe Pierce; Mrs. Dorothy Johnson
r: famed Dixie Jubilee '
Mrs. Ella Jernal.
Young Women of Allen!
Voices of Jerusalem Singers, Union Meeting TEA TIMEThe of New St. James AME Church I Also, Rev. Ruth L. Brown,
Nathaniel Jacu a f
.Octauttt will present Mrs. Rovena j Evangelist Doshla Shade,
Singers Robert Temple, Herod Women's Auxiliary of ; 6'
; Is ScheduledThe Hughes In recital Aug. 28 at 3 4PARTICIPANTS '" Gainesville; Mrs. OuU Al.
Singers, Celestial Gospel Singers Greater New Mt. Olive Baptist p.m., In the church auditorium. In the Friendship Tea which was held recently at dridge Indlantown, Rev. E. E.
Male Gospel Chorus of Young People's Union will Church will sponsor a musicaltea Mrs Hughes! has appeared on the home of Mrs. Emma Watkins, 1362 W. 25th Street are shown Taylor, Female Chorus, Zion
First Corinth, The Heavenly meet Sunday at 3 at the Sunday at 3 p.m., In the
p.m. throughout the Hope Baptist Church, Miss Be.
programs city. here. Seated left to Miss Barbara Mrs. Donnie
Five Singers, Bro. Samuel,,Church of the Living God, 1443 church auditorium, sponsored She Is a member of New St. right : Clayton, verly Fedd, Mrs. Callle
Henderson, Rev Lambert and' Florida Ave. in Interest of the trustee board. James. This will be the Initial Bell Marshall Mrs. Audrey Levine, Miss Renay Robinson, Mrs.O. Williams, Miss Christine
Celestial Singers of Brunswick, Mrs. LUlle Jackson will be The participants are:Mt.Her- recital for Mrs. Hughes. Prince and Mrs. Catherine Carter. Standing same order : Miss Ones LaCtosse; Miss Marlon
Ga. and the Temple Sisters of Mistress of Ceremonies.The man Prayer Band of Faith,Mrs. Fbrestlne Sims Mrs Ella Davis
Invitations have been extended Miss Brenda Huey, Miss Yvonne Reed Mrs. Barbara Bryant, Mrs.
First Born Temple. twelve groups in the union Emma Phelps, Miss Nadine to organized and the Addle Hayes, Rev. J. W,
groups Johnson, Miss Beverly ClaytonMrs. Irene Johnson, Mrs. MaryS.
Rev. H. L. Herod\ will be the ire: Fossett, Miss Evelyn Miller, Johnson Rev. S. A.
,t public to attend. Thomas,
Master of Ceremonies. Ambituous Travelettes, Mrs. Bessie WW1ama1 Mt Her- Huey, Mrs. Bernell Sims and Mrs. Emma Watkins co-sponsor "of Mrs. Motel Swain, Evangelist

,Andrew McCall Singers, Ever- man Chorus, ATOMIC PROGRAMS the amicus affair. The 'speaker was Donald Carter. Sylvia Ross, Gainesville,Evangelist
ready Gospel Singers, Golden Levi Simmons, Choir 3,
Russia's V. Denson, Gainesville
thermonuclear fusion
) ;
(STAR Photo James Singleton
Anthony Singers, Harmonious R. Cambridge and A. program costs $40''million a bv Mrs. Viola Vickers, EvangelistL.

ROYAL CROWN Vanceliers, Harris Singers, Ashwood. .* year, that of the U. S., $20 B. Thompson, Tampa,Evangelist
Jackson Singers, Latlmore A Rainbow Tea will be sponsored million the Catholic Digest re Mary Louis Lee New M t. Olive District Day M. J. Jordan, High
Singers, Nathaniel Jackson Oc-
Springs Mrs. Ullie Dukes

I COLA tavettes Singers, Thelmarettes and the Traveling, Thomas home Aug.of Mrs.21 at C,4 I.p.m.Williams, in the, outnumber ports. Russian those fusion in the scientists U. S t I Set For Recital! Slates Musical Tea Slated At Rev.Rev. E.A.;I.Odom Norman., La Crosse and,

Stars. 917 W. 22nd St. 'by ten to one.

.. Mary Louise Lee, outstanding The Women's Auxiliary of Second BaptistDistrict
musician, will appear In a musical Greater New Mt. Olive Baptist Dual ObservanceAt

Iff; nu l !r u' recital Aug. 14 at Second will sponsor a musical teaSun- Sunday In Day Second will be Baptist observed
r : PHILCO ALL CHANNEL TVFamous Baptist Church at 8 p.m. day In the church auditorium, St. MatthewDual
Church. The business meetings
F'l 1'r 11a,1'C Miss Lee will be appearing beginning at 3 p.m.
under the sponsorship of the The event Is In Interest of the will be held in various homes at Day will be observed
Name Sunbeam Senior Women Missionary Societies 4 p.m. Sunday In St. Matthew Baptist
trustee A
_" -- .. board. musical pro
.. The services begin with the
t Electric 1 and 2. Mrs. Alezlna gram will also be presented.The Church beginning with the Sun
Gas =
or -- ---- 1 Johnson and Mrs. Annie L. Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. The School at 9:30 with
day : a.m.,
.... participants are:Mrs.Em-
power mowers. Model Huff are presidents. ma Phelps, Miss Nadine pastor Rev. J. C. Mrs. Emma Watkins, general
JT950. ,P Miss Lee will be heard In Fossett, Miss Evelyn Miller, review the lesson tq>ie. The superintendent presiding. Mrs.
consecration service will be
the works of Brahams, Bach, Mrs. Bessie Williams, Herman Gusglo P. Gray will be guest
6995 held at 10:45: a.m., and morning
Sibelius, Chopin, JUDe and other Specials, Gospel Chorus, Choir superintendent.
service at 11 o'clock. The -
treat composers.She 3, Deacons R. Cambridge, A. pastor Mrs. Wlllye F. Dennis will
will for the
will be presented by Ashwood, Mrs. Edith Turner preach major review the lesson and MIss
Used '"' t *, Charles T. Maxwell, and accompanied and Mrs. Edith Jackson, spon services. Barbara Clayton will serve as
BTU at 5:45 and
in her vocal work begins pm'f
"t sore secretary. Guest teachers are:
tor full GuaraeeF .'y' by Miss Esther James :evening worship at J ,o'clock., .Mrs., Ann Barr, Mrs. EarlineTClmbrough
90 Day k ski* rv Mrs. Meta Bravo will serveas Essie. Mae- Thomas At 8 p.m.; Miss Mary Louise ;'Mrs. II;L.Parter,
attendant to Miss Lee,;and ,." Lee will be presented in a Mrs. E11a H.SmWl.lira.Fannie
569"51 ,: tf.., Mrs. ,Janle!,Dumas,i,Mrs. J. To Reads RetlTal( Tuesday at 7 p.m.'the prayerof
Wilson, Mrs. J. Ashley and Mrs. Essie Mae Thomas, the Mrs. Mattie Bailey,Mrs.Marie
faith hour will be held. The
Louis Terry, J. C. Hunts Patterson Gibbs
"Gospel Warhorse, will ob- < Mrs. Rosa L. ,
Teachers Council will
6x9 Braided multi sv '& and Cleveland Raymond will serve her 21st anniversary < Mrs. Alean Tarver,Mrs.Jessie
rugs, ; : ; I Friday at 7 p.m.
conduct the .
Sept. 11 at 8 p.m., lathe Educational Footman, Mrs. W. B. Murray,
color, reversible. Agnes Jackson will pre Building of Mt. Ararat J. W. Williams and Mrs.Vivian
side. Mrs. Rosa Lee Edwardsand Baptist Church. Science and Religion Copeland!
S199S Mrs. Lucy L. Tremble Serving as Master of Cere Mrs. Brllla T. Stephens will
chairmen of the program com monies will be Rev. H. L. "Science and religion are deliver the address at 11 a.m.,
mittee. Herod of Mt. Zion Baptist not antagonists but sisters and Rev. C. B. Dailey will conduct -
Bookcases in several l \ Mrs. Alberta Williams, the Church. The occasion will be While science tries to learn the groundbreaking
second vice president of the Mrs. Gussie about the ceremonies at 3
styles- and sliding given by Paige more creation religion p.m.

open \ Missionary Society 2 serving Gray. Singing groups in the tries to better under Rev. S. L. Badger will deliver
glass door, walnut \ as leader of the activities of city will participate on program Hand the Creator. the closing service sermon at

mahogany and Salem this group 'I p.m.

finish. 11. SPECIAL Price this WEEKEND on this Philco All Channel Second Baptist I

up to 73 off table model TV, equipped with private listening earphones $0095D

FREE 90 Day Service. Group Slates Now
a o
White Enamel wall cabinet hiitln\ and ,*Hlniilunnl/\ ,

several sizes. Baby ContestDistrict 4 Serve Locationsto You3118EdgewoodAve.W.

40" width, 4 door
32 of Second Baptist .
Church will present a baby
51695 I contest and program Aug. 21 3701 EMERSON

i at 4 p.m., in the home of Mrs.
I E. L. Luster, 2131 MeharryAve.

Gold framed mirror 1824 \WEST BEAVER
The participants on program
and commode .
shelf t are: Miss Loretta Faye, Miss
with candje sconces. r fl Cynthia Badger and Miss Fran-

i h cine contestants Forrest.are:Mothers Mrs. M.Dasey of the LOOK WHAT 29 WILL BUYMEATY

$29" Taylor, Mrs A. Sherby, Mrs.
Willie M. Smart, Mrs. E. Walker
and Mrs. Settle Hayward.
Miss Lucille Luster and Deacon
or mahogany NOTHING
E. D. BoldeD are sponsors.

I sliding record doors.cabinets with ( 0 : yI DOWN Auxiliary To Neck Bones 2m

L $995 I M 288. Sponsor RecitalThe I

Women' s Auxiliary of Boiling Bacon
Morse Solid State All I / I 'a f Greater New Mt. OllveBaptlst .

Transistor Stereophonic Church will sponsor a musical -
.Jaln recital Aug. 14 at 3 p.m.,
High Fidelity con I .fwrnaznMhtlfttri in the church auditorium.
sole, all speed chang-. I The program Is.:Devotion,Mr. Hog 2 *
i1tM .... Hermon Prayer Band of Faith
er. I .FIWMT Stunt Dwr Introduction of mistress of

been* ceremonies, Mrs. Emma
8995 Lf: Phelps; mistress of cere- Pigs Feet 2
aatlsilETlMl11TiQ monies, Miss Nadine Fossett, us.
welcome Miss Evelyn Miller;
Early American love :-DUbnrl DMr response, Mrs. Besslewil-
-su wr
teat rocker tweed "' .... Hams; selection, Mrs. Helen
t y1i- TelMr; selection, Mt. Herman Tripe 2
cover, foam cushions. r wean t ttMae::.: Specials, selection Gospel LOS.
Chorus, Mt. Olive; offering
$9995 :.:. ,:: Deacons A. Cambridge and B.
This to U e bett tiMe... to get tee)deal. ,tar yaw' r Ahtgsrslsr. s CrtIw Ashwood solo Levi Simmons
reed MW PkHce. frke fer yew bagel. rrufes wmr
selection, Choir 3. remarks,
Mrs. Edith Turner, president
and Rev. C. L. Telfalr, pastor. SELECT BEEFoR PORK
Anniversary eOPEN Fellowship BreakfastSet

August 21st. LIVER 00

f FRIDAY The Senior Women's Missionary 3 -M1itM $1

AVI S ?. Society of ilL Sinai Baptist,
Church will sponsor a Fellow
ship Breakfast Aug. Slat 7.30 .
r TIL 9 P.M. P.m., at the church,under lead
ership c1l1r.. Virginia Mack.: TIE KEN RNIGIT Sill 81 VJU TV CIIKHEL 4Ii

--- ----

.- '
.n. .... ..... .n. "' + -' r -- .TY +r1.Vwt' .WY.F'r'V' T'A"'T'r'r'Y'V'MTV+W.1 pA+,- .


New (Mean May Become Planning Activities For Convention -
Dr. Acts As
I .. ,, __"" .... _..w..... ..... ...... ... ,. ... "", King 'Middle Man'To I
Convention Center r\t '::1 '" ir.' ( :<
.. ,'" -J r
NEW ORLEANS4NPI)- New governor and the various civic t. Patch Up Group Differences
Orleans often
referred :
to u organizations, however, assure .
"America's Most Interesting all that all conventions may i t. '1 I NEW YORK-{NPl>-Dr.Martin Roy Wilkins,NAACPexecuUve licks when he patted the League
City" may soon become the come to the Crescent City with J Luther King Jr.,last week acted director, declared that it was on the back for programs designed i I
mecca for Negro conventions. knowledge of warm welcomeand I to patch up differences in the difficult "to have genuine cooperation to promote racial
This is said to hinge upon what fine treatment.One civil rights movement that could on an equal dignity while casting a
happens at the Biennial Movable member of another result in the various groups responsibility basis with scornful eye on those who are
Conference of the Grand United organization said that the eyes 1 expending precious energy attacking groups that do not have the preoccupied with"slogans"and
Order of Odd Fellows, of the Negro world will be upon i each other than battling same commitments and which "vague phrases," like "black
scheduled to be held in the New Orleans Aug. 6-12 and e { i discrimination. may very well be pursuing .power."
Crescent City Aug. 6-42. Elks, Prince Hall Shriners f. As racial moderates and mlllM certain goals that have nothing While he did not mention SNCC
This convention with about Baptist Conventions and other 1 tints blasted each.Other's to do with civil rights at all." and CORE, he was evidently
400 Odd Fellows and Householdof large organizations may soon policies and programs Dr. Wilkins was said to be referring referring to their Identificationwith
Ruth members in attendance be planning their conventionsin J JaP i!' King acted as the "man in the to SNCC and CORE, whose "black power."
will headquartered and. New Orleans where they may 1 : j middle" to get them back together espousal of "black power" he
housed in the Sheraton-Charles enjoy the city and spend some I .has condemned.
Hotel!, formerly the St. Charles of their money. gr-4 r | Dr. King endorsed the Idea The NAACP, Wilkins said,
Hotel, and located in the heartof of a summit conference of civil gave SCLC $5,000 to help the OOOotiANGOk
downtown New Orleans, one -..- | rights leaders. A. Philip Randolph Selma-to-Montgomery March,
block from famed Canal Street. | civil rights "elder but had to wait six months Garfl.ld's 'SR
_._ .
Practically all of the eventsof YMCA Sued nn "" '--1IiJ."'.'" statesman," had urged that a before a form letter from SCLC
the six-day meeting will be CONVENTION PLANNERS---Seen above planning activities for the leadership conference on civil acknowledged the receipt of $3
held in this quaint old southern 71st annual convention rights be called,, so that differences 000 of that gift.Meanwhile 1IUICIILT
For Race Bias of the National Medical Association meet-
hotel, once the rendezvous of could be aired. Whitney M. YoungJr.
southern white ing in Chicago, III. August 7-11 I are from left Dr. Andrew L. RtUIVIt TMt IFFICTIOf
aristocracy.These CHARLESTON, S. C. The While Dr. King minimized the ., National Urban League executive TOO MUCH: FOOO AND DRINK I
events will Include busl- local branch of the Young Men's Thomas, president Cook County Physicians Association Mrs. differences among civil rights director, got in his J IJ i
ness sessions committee Christian Association was sued Robert Schoop, co-chdlrman of Ch I I dren's Activities, James S. organization, he asserted that
meetings public meeting,grand last week for denying Negroesthe Brown Office The Coca-Cola "We're very very close to"a
ball, and formal banquet.In Regional Company, Chicago, and Dr. split over the "black power" "Jacksonville's Most Recommended\ Jf'llpr"
addition a Patton party has use of its facilitiesAttorneys NAACP E. Albert Dumas, NMA general convention chairman. The Coca-Cola. Issue.
of the
been arranged in Al Hirfs' Defense Fund filed suit under Company, Atlanta, Ga. a pioneer participant in NMA conventions, On the one hand, the rights R. S. EVANS
famous night club and many Title n of the Civil Rights Act is sponsor of the Association's golf and bQwling tournaments and leader declared that "We'renot

Quarter other Vleux clubs Cure and restaurantshave or French of 1934. in behalf of local Negroes trophy ball while it is also I. exhibiting In, the convention. an.d far methods apart", even and described In termsof

been' chartered for various Legal Defense Fund lawyers hosting events for the youth of the convention through the Wo- differences among rights organizations 3rd & MAIN
entertainments. cited the local Y's "well-es men's Auxiliary. Dr. Leonidas 'H. Berry, ,Chicago, current NMA as a "philosophical .
:New Orleans has always beenan tablished and maintained policy, president will be succeeded at the convention by Dr. John L. S. debate." 6.1 MUSTANG! R & HEATER . t795! !

interesting and intriguing practice custom and usage of Hoi loman.of New York City. Dr. John T. Givens, Norfolk Va. and On the other hand, he warnedof 64 CADILLAC . 11295AW :
spot for conventions due to to rONDtTtONFP' I ITU'' NFW ONK OWVm HFS A* NFW
excluding refusing serve a split among civil rights OMrr llW VI!IJA
Its l lake, fishing, ..swimming, and discriminating against Samuel Smith, secretary Washinnton D. C. are executive secretary and administrative organizations threw a few 65 PON'UAC CATALINA .. .. 2793
Mardi Gras, fine .and exotic Negroes in all its facilities, respectively, of the Howard University barbs of his own at the NAACP."I 4 noon HARD TOP, toAPFn Am 1 roNrrmiNFn, ,.IIKF MTW' '
foods etc., but racial discri- services and accommodations. headauarterAssociatfon. get the Impression that the 65 PF.\'. FURY 111 .f. "..3 B5 $95.
mination has made ,it impose ." NAACP wouldn't mind a split AIR' CONDITION' TACIOHV TOW f< IIM FHANTV' MUM TIt-IIUItIIr T : I I 1 > IIOR ,

sible for Negro conventions of Legal Defense Fund attorneys Another Negro Get s'!i Masons Plot FreedomHis because they think they are the 66 USTANGf .t. ." <2.W5ftEWMMjPS'Aifi.WrV" ; !
am size. asked that the Y be enjoined only civil rights organization," : WI"T: WAII, """, 1'M"'

Letters from the mayor, the from such activities. Rights SupportBIRMINGHAM he said. The NAACP, he added, 62 POiUlU1 GRAND PRIX _. Police CaptaincyCHICAGO Reason falls to understand the new RUP.coNnirioMFD LINE,: NI' :* osr IOCAI OW 1'/'"'''. IT i In A KFAUTY ASI>
I -
fROo'I' Art Studio ,I officer in the Chicago employed by the International Korean Dr. King, while differing phi- 6.1..CHKVROLET Am CONniTIONFD 4-DR, ONE: OWNKR: .. ,M095mnlO
Police - Department was recently Masons In a historic move by losophically with blackpower i MFATFf AUIOMMIC' ,
promoted from the rank of the organization to help obtain War turncoat Clarence Adams ," espoused by SNCC and 62 CHKVROLKT; IMPALA .. .$ 995
caused him to PO"T CODPF ":t.T'! MOTOB Are ,N+rT.
STILL TAKING lieutenant to that of captain. the rights for aU people which revelaed what and CORE, seemed to be making 59 FORD V-8. 4-IN-F1.00R ...... .R :395
return -
Capt.! William B. Griffin 42, are, theirs as citizens of s change his mind again Communist peace overtures in their di- 57 CHEVROLET'i-TON PICKUP' .... $ :\93
who has been on the District great home from rection.He LOOK
Commander of the 3rd District This was approved by the China where he has lived for Invited Floyd McKissick, /60 fBL'kfi.Nn'f; L"OOn( ON F.. .. ... $ :195fi2 :

; INSTANTPICTURES (Grand Crossing) since June hundreds of delegates from 15 years: American freedomof national CORE to RENAULT CARRAVF.LLR ,$ 505
15, received a new shield and some 30 states who met list expression. speak at a freedom director rally at OLDSMOBILK\ : "88'. .s; 195
was given the oath of office, month for the 16th annual convention The Negro ex-GI told of his Chicago's Soldier Field, where 62 (CHEVROLET GREENBRIAR: IVAG..1( 795
,. administered by Col. John Bu- disillusionment with the Com- A *FAL OOOD ONF:!
International MaIOO.l.and
Dr. King declared that "Our
'... cher, director of Personnel for munist regime and way of life.
Order of Eastern Star. is in our unity." 100
the Police has more to power Over Cars To Choose From
Chicago Department. Atty. William V. Banks, supreme "Democracy McKlsslck declared that he
Griffin was appointed to the offer..." he said, "more spaceto
grand master led the would come, if Dr. King called
department on Dec. 11, 1947. maneuver, more freedom."I
group which conducted its convention most for him, because thev were R. S. EVANS3rd
He was promoted to sergeant in three Exalted want the same things
phases- "brothers, despite their
Jan. 1 1961 to lieutenant want out of life
on Shrine Americans
Degree, ideological differences
f NOW LOCATED AT June 16, 1962, and in the ser- Supreme.The he said. "Everyone likes to The NAACP and the Urban
vices last week, became the city was most hospitableto (Tim Vi. freedom of expression. League however, appeared to & MAIN
third Negro captain in the city. the delegates and the mayor, *e..o.o.oN be less Interested in working

1 710 RUSHING ST.SAINE"'PNbNE ': ,,. GIVE TO FIGHTMULTIPLE'' Albert Boutwell, presented the together with other civil rights KL; 44:161-: : 4-X.T32
key to the city to Atty. Banks. You won't get tomorrow'swith organization ; '
He is the second Negro to enjoy !i, .yetttrday't. ikill, "JIIC"\I<'nvUte.Mns, Recornmendjd! ha\.r"1.IoJ.'
SC.LE ; OSIS I this honor.' '* 'z',' ;*a.! I[ 11 -- Ir"
3541894 The cripplerof / The'time and place eommltee ,
selected Nassau, Bahamas for j r"
t young; adults < the next convention site in 1967. r"I"; .I





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3 C \ .


Heroines Of Jerico Conduct Move To Ease "I Spy" Hero Confers ENTERTAIMENT HUES AND CRIES

Annual Midsummer InstituteThe Ian Against NEW YORKNPI)- "A Man Called Adam."newest release by
L 9J Embassy Pictures Corporation, turns out to be the nearest
thing to integration both of the cast and the production end. The
11th annual mid-summer Institute and outing of the Negro BrokersTRENTON picture stars Sammy Davis Jr., with a supporting east of Lola
Most Worshipful Union Grand Court of Heroines of Jericho, Mt fW Falana, Cicely Tyson, Ossie Davis and Louis Armstrong In
working under the Most Worshloful Untin: Grand Lodge, N, J. Faced addition, Ike Jones shares co-producer honors with James
Florida Jurisdiction, was recently held in Dade County with a law suit filed by NAACP Waters. Jones is the first Negro to produce a feature motion

baked beans, tossed salad, hot lawyers on behalf of two licensed picture In the U. S,
Sessions opened with registration rolls, ice cream and cake Negro real estate '
of delegates by the deputy Ancient Matron brokers, the Mercer County COMEBACK TRAIL
council, Mrs.A.M.Frailer Jannie Cannon expressed thanks Board of Realtors has agreedto 'L blt LOS AtiGELESNPI! Diddley, one of the first of tie rock
I a plaque as Honorary Deputy ta J. King. amend its bylaws to eliminate 'n' roll artists, who In recent months has been unsuccessfully
Deputy with new sounds is essaying a comeback to
Grand Most Ancient Matron. to the announcement discrimi1.atory provisions. experimenting ,
The educational board meet According MaybeU Taylor, the On behalf of C. Melvin Rose rock 'n' roiL Appearing recently at the Troubadour Club, he
ing was presided over by Raso by next Deputy summer institute will be and W. H, Dinkins, licensed demonstrated that his singing, and guitar work-on an electric
L. Jenkins. held in Melbourne Florida. brokers whose applications 12-string and his boxy self-designed six-string guitars-still
The annual youth program was were rejected by the board, .j keep him as a top man in the field.
conducted in the St. John Missionary the NAACP suit alleged that
Baptist Church. A discrimination was evidencedin 4 f. REUNION
scholarship for $550.00 was Name Miami the majority negative vote. NEW YORK - presented to Janice Abraham of Moreover, the NAACP charged recently for Lionel Hampton and more than two dozen of the 1
St. Petersburg. that the Mercer County Board, l I jazz musicians with whpm he has performed over the past 35
The banquet was held In the Officer To as a professional association, t' years. The occasion was a concert presented by the NewportJazz
church basement and a turkey has the legal responsibility to ; Festival, which drew such jazz greats as pianist Teddy
dinner with all the trimmingswas make membership require- :; Wilson; drummer Gene Krupa, sax 1st t Illinois Jacquet,
served. ments based only on qualifica- and others. '
The workshop was opened by Motorcycle Unit tions. ; : AIR COMMUTER *
the Grand Most Ancient Matron, Thus the suit developed a new 70 CHICAGO -NPI-James Brown, singer,Instrumentalist,com-
assisted b>' the GrandVenerable basis of justifiable complaintof poser, arranger-and businessman-has found It necessary to
Patron and Francis Morris, MIAMI I, Fla.-<(N PI--Robert discrimination.As Ifr sprout his own wings in order to make his various dates indifferent
the District Grand Most Ancient Ingram, has become the first explained by NAACP Gen cities on time. Brown recently leased a$650,000 six-
Matron. Negro policeman to be assignedto eral Counsel Robert L, Carter, passenger, Model 24 Lear jet plane, to airlift key. personnelof
The Heroines and Heroes,along this city's motorcycle squad. a broker passes state examinations his show from one stopover to another.
with the entertaining court J Prior to his appointment, In- a realtor Is a broker I ;
King: 101 sponsored a motor- gram had been working in the admitted: to the local Board of f EXPECT SELL-OUT
cade to Mickens Park where police department's traffic Realtors. Although these terms MONTEREY, Calif. - they enjoyed barbecued chicken, section have been subject to some misunderstanding his band at the ninth annaul Monterey Jazz Festival, Sept
indicating that 18, is expected to be another sellout, according to festival
the realtor has superior qualifications 4, officials. Ellington and associates played to a sellout audienceat
I the fact Is that the last year's fete. This year, the festival (Sept. 16-18)), will
difference is membership on yqtr rj star a number of jazz groups and artists beside the Ellington

a Board of Realtors. aggregation.FREE .
i After the filing of the case,
but before it came to court, LANCEHOLLYWOOD
the Mercer County Board of -NPI- Ella Fitzgerald, the "FL tt Lady of
Realtors changed their bylawsfor Song," has refused to sign a new recording contract with Verve
membership, dropping( the Records and will be free-lancing, making only two albumsa
majority vote provision, and year. A five-year veteran with Verve who recorded previouslyfor
instead setting the standard of Decca Records for 19 years, Ella's new plans are designedto
the candidate's passing examinations pJ > I give her "less work and more pay."
established by the Board
itself. 'rf ': SCORES AGAIN
The NAACP argued that this : LOS ANGELES -(NPI)-Every year, balladeer Johnny Mathis,
SHORTY-$35. provision was so vague that It STREET SCENE --Series' co-star Bill Cosby front left and execu- returns to the Greek Theatre to captivate his large following
the could be used as an Instrumentof tive producer Sheldon Leonard, front right confer on a scene to In this area. Last week was no exception,as he drew his happy
; MEDALO STYLE # exclusion and that it usurped, be filmed>on a street In Rome Italy for an episode of "I Spy'' fans into the amphitheater for the first of a series of concerts.
tret.d C+
Yes. :: 'lIt :"c"i the perogatlves the state's' He had with him his new of 14 vocalists
M .p' I + Wl. .Hell tcTbe colorcast the group .. appropriately.
on "
NBCrjei'ii il'iotl .
*Yt' + Fend NetwoPkneat"season'" Cosby called "
b ': licensing teats. Therefore "Our Young Generation.
dit/'tiTflt: 'h *
Ur*, fHEEreaurit .
v i'I[ lays American agent KeIf/ Robinson In they ) *r .
__ Ju.twnt.. was not a satlsactory'adjust- adventure-cpfpedy series 'CHECKING SCREEN); MOVIE BIASA :y -/
Naturally H..IthY- Normaf 'stair Got1 Merle Heir Pro.* Irw. anent since thesb'uevv bylaws that starts" Its econd year on the tetwork Wednesday 'September tort
CROWS from th. HMR ROOTS D.pl St 3. Ski," 33, ...Y., ;; HOLLYWOOD - In YOUR SCALP' The condition el were just as illegal as the old IU watchdog bureau to check on, and pressure film and television
your hair eltn depend! heavilyon COMB Ones.
-- --
Ili. natural health el yourelp companies into utilizing Negroes more fully in acting and other
NOT: Invented Yetxe fro DOCTOR mtdlrtted CAR-tar i AWAY t- -. TWA Promotes NAACP Seeks authentic roles, Negro Press International learned. I

which formula U mixed called with CARBONOKU many prov GRAY 'Market SpecialistNEW
.n beneficial Infredlentt. CAR Job OpeningsCHARLOTTE .Baseball Great
BOVOCL It such a strong. powerful WITH 1J'ljk"i" :: YORK-NPI-James 0.
antlteptie and dots turn fin* THIS
work In help' :n an ITCHY. I i. Plinton, an aviation specialist N. C. The Joe Black Named
many BUMPY DOCTORS DANDRUFF retard scalp II highly thai COLOR COM f with wide and varied: Charlotte-Micklenburg, N. C.,
and PRESCRIBE II for many background, has been promotedto NAACP Branch is initiating a
Scalp troublei' Many annoyingsUrnally RUSH a newly-created position of job market information bureauto MDA PresidentCHICAGO
caused scalp condition
are treatly relieved by the ';JJJ1IDJD:; f director, special marketing affairs provide better employment
UM formula Utit write Tropl.for thlt tlrenfth DOCTOR'S tar \' with Trans-World Airlines for Negroes. -(NPI)- Joe Black,
GENUINE now It will: SCALP be tent to FORMULA all + -''r 1a Kelly Alexander, state NAACP who pitched the Brooklyn Dod
mixed and ready] lo UM. ti'1 IT Ju.t comb and. bru.h 10 add col... In announcing the appointment president, says the service is gers to victory over the New
.FOR 1 DAYS. )o"uio and money If you back an Pay not i'ooT.NOTMeets.'lv, ou4 I' ::lUll J.: not Ik ub' way oil..atlall" of Photon, who joined TWA In being organized to fill "one of York Yankees in 1952, has been ,
:1'I..U:: 9> on delivery.' Thl In. THAT SUDDEN DYED AVOIDS LOOK. .t t 1957, Thomas B, McFadden, the most Important gaps" In elected president of the National
penny more everything You got Don It with I |ty full B'uahNteph..n;, r.tnovln{ LOUISE P. DUMETZ vice president for marketing, Negro efforts to make econo- Association of Market Develop C
direction: !, It* th* flneit MEDICATED :;I.o'' :;.,!:r.wnt.t r : : j"l, ::. b Cue defined his new duties as mic progress. He says the ers, effective next year.
SCALP .FORMULA yourmoney b. r.nrlsdnrlsdd' I.. pocks 0' p..... IN "Plinton will be Black is M ..
can bi y Your hair and Com. in, III .h.d"St Stuck 10 FREEDOM FASHIONS responsible bureau's major function will a member of Vice .eswoe.
alp deserv.and fine address care to lust cord PIMtinum Diu.. Born free seems to be the new cry In women's fashions. Inhibitions for the appraisal and selectiorof be to "reach the Negro community President Humphrey's Task .
your COLD
-- .
Lmr' PRODUCTS INC 3I..f: .writ.on d.llvery it..h.d.plus P.y Vonl.only{., and moods have been transformed into exhibitions.The emerging nations as potential wit h job Information, Force on Youth Motivation and
Brooklyn Dept. 3J 2 N.Y.Sh.e NOTE:S: TIII Bay. Ooid. bock Model 11 Hal nit deli.hlt..,eduCII, In" new designs are for minds that can perceive eventuality.The new markets for TWA. Ii and to try to match the job with 'a director of Chicago's First yliN
FORMULA en mot'* basil canr .. 100'&. writ D.pl. 51,1, 8r..hIyn U. ..... fort radical about face begins with Milady's feet. The Italian- addition, he will plan programsto the Individual. District Business and Profesr rr"
y guarantee pointed toe-cramping mode has been exchanged for a thick, generate U. S, and Interna- "We must also try to direct slonal Men's Club and (Ill lllq'
stubby, club-effect toe and a heavy clumpy heel-a style tional passenger business young people:. particularly, to Woodlawn Community Services.I
popular In the 30's. Shoe designers abroad and here are con among national and ethnic move into the labor market In addition, he Is director of I
spiring to push this revived trend. groups and will exercise staff through proper channels. Negroes special markets for Greyhound I
Lingerie has become a new topic of conversation.Styles were supervision over special grouj have too long been Lines. I
WAME tailored with basic colors but now colors seem borrowed from sales activities I throughout influenced by apathy and igno- NAMD was organized In 1953 I
the rainbow. Flowers, ruffles and small bows accentuates many TWA's field sales organization. rance of their opportunities to to raise standards of ethics
of the designs and Madame may become as feminine as she ." penetrate new job possibili and performance among Negro I, WMBM
pleases. Plinton has a rich backgrouncIn ties." marketing, advertising, and
Women will be asking the question are designers punishingthe aviation, in general. native The new bureau will collect public relations executives.
weaker sex? Nothing is left to the imagination In some of the of Westfield, N. J., he servedas job Information from many of Spotlight ProductOf
DIAL 1260 reckless plunging necklines and window cutouts In the bodices- an Army Air Force ferry I Charlotte's major white-collar
yet everything Is Imaginable In the new bustless,walsUess and pilot and was a flight instructoi employers and distribute it You uon't net tomorrow't The Week
hipless patterns. of the famed 99th "Pursuit" through churches, clubs, and jobs
Simple graceful columns of the asymmetrical (not matching) Fighter squadron during World 'other meeting places in the with I
slightly abstract necklines accompany street or full length war II. Negro community. elterdaY'Ikil" I Miami, Florida

FLORIDA'SI gowns. .
l It's very probable sections of the body could be overemphasized.
The burnoose shape has returned with its loose over-
blouse, wide-legged pants and broad stripes.
Fleecy wools, subdued tweeds, decisive plaids and tricolor
checks appear in dresses and the longer jackets that cover p ,
them. The jackets look like cropped tent coats that occasionallylose
their opened or rolled collars to reveal the ring neckline

I ABC # uf Chapeaus a dress. this season all seem to have the same effect- |: "My son's' skin was rough chapped..a R
I ] 1 1RHYTHM secrecy. Ninety per cent of the hats cover most of the head. ,
RADIO This will be a big season; for the casual hat with brims of all neighbor told me how good 'Vaseline'
sizes Some will pure
--up, down, and profile, but not large. have chin ,

straps Fur hats giving of youthful Russian appearances.lynx, American badger, Persian lamb, I ; Petroleum Jelly was. It didn't fail"

mink and sable will be popular, and guess what elseavailablein f
Mrs Betty Washington,
Chicago III.
stripes( or checker board patterns.Let's .
glance ahead fashions to uw year 2000. Many problemswill
be erased. Accessories may be sprayed from cans, colors From a child's dry, chapped skin to
& BLUES of dresses changed by blowing a supersonic whistle,even ward- J the dry, ashy gray condition that '
roles may; Iw prepared In cans. r plagues grown-ups, 'Vaseline' Petro
A female presumably; waft need a fur coat;clothing will have
leum Jelly, applied as a continuous
Its own climate supplied by waist and hip thermostatic devices Mt
1 for bating. or cooling. t film, is the soothing answer No other

RADIO STATION Drift lack; Into the 1900's and see how fashions go to a y softener, no other skin cream, no skin
wKMinc. There are two new looks for the adventurous fall lotion provides better moisture protection .
I lirld. A straight chemise that stops above the knees and Is i*'; Vasetoe( Try it,
I iMiidod with (pearl embroidery-what ever happened to the y{ WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE
virgin phenomenon uf mystery
"WHAMMYIN I Tim sw:on d surprise( Is the long lace; cage veil with a simple 'I'. THAN COSMETIC CARE.I'AG .
,silk dress and empire waistline.
What Is the best solution-wait for the year; 2000 or conform
to tIN new trelld"lIuvuyou ?
i. r

MIAMI" I looked at the I lelp Wanted, lately. ?

Prejudice is going out of business.

< .. I.II: T tl"a

_.._ .. .. .--- .


.. .

I You Should Go To College Jack An.d Jill Award Winners mm- News DigestBy

c' jl tic l\ '

High school graduates, and school Is selected, there will I
others, are going to college be expenses. While they may HOME
In ever ,lnrreaslag numbers. vary I bit from campus to IIrll 41 THE HAGUE-(NPI>)-The World Court-fresh from Its ruling
This is. very good not only campus, there will be chargesfor favoring, by Implication South Africa's apartheid supervision
for them but for the future room and board, books, over adjoining South-West Africa-disclosed last week that Its:
and welfare of our treat nation clothing! recreation travel, and ; present offices in Peace Palace is unsuitable for settling differences -
In these days ol htfh! ipecUll- other things. between nations. The palace, built 60 yearn ago, also
ration, education beyond the Before making any decisions AItANG, houses the Academy International Law and its ;library The
high school Is becoming mon on a college or university students j.q.NaJ court complains that faculties set aside for it are Insufficient
and more Important. From the and their parents should to house the 15 Judges, Its archives and the staff needed to
standpoint ci dollars and cent explore carefully the possibilities carry on the administrative work.
alone, we now know that UK of self help and financial UNIVERSITY GRANTST.
average college graduate will aids. Almost all schools have AUGUSTINE, Trinidad-(NPI)>-Two elements of the University
have lifetime earnings of about extensive programs of scholarships of the West Indies have received Ford Foundation
$300,000 more than those woo and grant-In-at& Some w grants, totaling $792,000 for improvement facilities and to
stop with high. school. But perhaps have loan funds and others do research.
even more Important they "plans" to help worthy
will lead fuller more satisfying students.
and creative lives. In addition there are usually YOU Doa t Hve TO Your decision to enter collegewill possibilities of partime work
hinge upon several con and many schools maintain
slderations. First you choose "placement firms of the com- F' LOW PRICESDRUG i
a (\'IU'f'b1rb you would prefer munity that need such help.
to attend. Then there art These opportunities are especially
other factors to be considered,, good In the large STORE NEEDS l
some personal, some financial,, metropolitan areas. "CITIZENS OF THE YEAR---A veteran, Street YMCA. 2nd from left received the
some important and some reallj These assistance programsare YMCA youth worker and an outstanding' 'organization's adult award, while its ---------

trivial. But your decision administered on an Individual college student both natives of Atlanta teen award went to Michael Victor Yancey Trade wlth*your Neighborhood Drug store I
should be made with great care,. basis, according to the
and based on facts that you can particular circumstances of Georgia, were recipients of "Citizen of son of Dr. and Mrs. p. Q. Yancey. The WE WELL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL ,
certainly avail yourself. each applicant, it applies to the year" awards given by jack and jill- Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Ga. spon- papers, we Deliver *e also fill all Doctors 'I'
There are more than 2,000 students of all classifications of America, inc. during its 17th annual sored the beautiful awards. Seen duringthe prescriptions.
institutions of higher learning from entering freshmen to convention held in Atlanta. Joseph D." presentation ceremony at the Americana I
in the United States.They range for graduate
from huge universities wIth candidates degrees. Winston, boys work secretary The'Butler Motor Hotel, are* from left, CharlesH. Dixie

thousands of students and vast Aid is awarded on consideration Boone The Coca-Cola Company Mr. Pharmacy
> campuses to small colleges with of merit and financial need. A. Winston Dr. Miriam Shropshire, Atlanta
few buildings. They are divided As a general rule academic Negro Candidates Moving chapter president-elect Mrs. Evarie
I into two categories: Tax-sup merit determines whether assistance convention chairman and 1302 Kings Road ,At Myrtle Avenue
[ported (by a city region or is given, and needs Stuart Thompson
state), andvoluntullysupport- determines the amount of as Into Top Political Positions Atlanta chapter president, Gerald Yancey 5559798 I
led independent.and/or church- sistance. Tailored to tit the who accepted award for his brother and Phones Elgin i
[related). requirements of each student, LOS ANGELES--Negro from District 4. Paul E. X. Brown, The Atlanta Coca-Cola
-------- --
You have the choice of any such aid may vary from the candidates across the nation As Negro candidates made The Coca-Cola Company I
stitution of higher learning freshman year through graduate stood a good chance of taking advances, the "white backlash" Bottling maintained Company.Refreshment Center for the PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE :
|4n the state whether private school. major political positions, U produced setbacks the formation a
for tax-supported. The size ol Generally, it Is felt that fresh party leaders sought more of two reactionary partiesnot convention and participated as a sponsorof BILLS AT
ape school you want to attend men require a larger portion Negro candidates to Improve friendly to civil rights. certain youth activities. OUR STORE
,1tiU have to be decided on a of direct aid than the more their public image. In Birmingham, Ala., a Dew
ely personal basis. advanced students who may be Two Negro councilmen In the political party, seeking to back
i a rule most college-bound able to meet a larger share of City of the Angels battled for Gov. George C. Wallace's possible -
dents have some Idea whaty their expenses through loans the chairmanship of the Democratic Presidential aspirationsIn
want "to take" or a field and personal earnings. County Central 1968, sprang up. Called the
:which they hope to major. Scholarships are awarded on Committee. "Conservative Party," the
[Actually all students spend the basis of academic achieve- Billy G. Mills and Thomas group was to decide its ply
ch of their first two years ment. They are Intended to Bradley each sought to head at a convention on July 26
lithe! same basic courses-,, recognize, encourage, and assist the party's county committee, In Kansas City, Mo., the 1f07GHTS I
History, Science- young men and women who largest in the nation, and give MInutemen entered political RESERVED
give them the broad, give promise of becoming lead- the committee Negro leadership arena founding the Patriotic
lonal background they ers in their chosen fields. Financial for the first time in history. Party. SPECIALS GOOD
Most of the specializationIn need Is not a factor In J. Raymond Jones,Democratic The group has organized in THROUGH SATURDAY I
the last two under- making these awards, although county leader In Manhattan, Is uerrlla bands in preparation
: te years (or in graduate the amount of the stipend at present the nation's most lor an expected: Communist !
Hater). assigned to each winner will powerful Negro leader on the .takeover. HERSHEY'S
t..M Important for a student vary with the financial circumstances county level.In '
nts to study accounting of the recipient.The Minnesota, Republican Leaders
et a campus with a strong minimum i honorary leaders were considering a Negro Negro
01 business. Or those stipend for any scholar ship will attorney as their 1966 SUGAR 5 39C
edlirst I in physics Lobe be $100.00 per year, appliedat candidate for the U. S. Senate. Straightening.
ire Is a good department the rate of $50.00 each of Stephen Maxwell, 45, city attorney
4 eld. Students with am-, the Fall and Spring semesters. of St. Paul, stood a good .
x 4 to become reporters ,However,.according to the. financial chance being chosen to oppose Mississippi LIMIT 5 LBS, PLEASE WITH ;.OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF 55.00 OR IOU :
rs should hesitate to: |circumstances.of the Sen. Walter F.:Mondala,M,who .111. 1'11' .: .111. .1111. 1' .1. 1.1. III" .
f' hool with nocurricunalLsm. -: winner, ,the stipend ,will vary was appointed two years ago to .
up to an amount covering full complete the unexpired term gro leaders took the "MIss"
P ents; select college tuition, fees and required textbooks of Vice President Hubert Hum- out of Mississippi bigotry u
ence-Its nearness, to a maximum $1,200. phrey. they stripped the state of Its VEGETOLE SURF Ct PK:T 49C I
b i fact, if the campus 00 for the calendar years,which An active Republican,Maxwell Illy-white politics and attackedIts
cough, many elect to Includes the summer session. said some would vote for him discriminatory apportionment I
to classes. Others Scholarships are awarded with "because I am t Negro," and scheme designed to restrict -
eet away-be on their. the stipulation all recipients others would vote against him Negro voting power. LIMIT 1 PLEASE MITI OTHER fOOD 3 LB 59C LIMIT OlE PLEASE IITI OTHER
i this is purely a per.tter. will enroll for and complete for the same reason. In Jackson, the Mississippi
a full academic land during each "There would be a lot in between Freedom party brought a suit PURCHASES Of $5.00 OR MORE CAN fOOD PURCHASES Of $5.00 OR MORE
.r, it may be tied to the, period for which the scholarship who would just look at against the state, charging that .1. .1..1..1..1. .11.11..1.1. .1.11. .1.11' 11.111. .11111.1 I
I Important considerationces. Is awarded. the candidate," he said. the "present apportionment
." No matter what 'irrationallnvldiousdlscrimlnatory. .---"MIX OR MATCH" I' I II" II" I. I' 11.11 tMUSSELMAN'
o$, In Baltimore, Atty. Archie D. scheme... establishes III" I 1111111.
Williams, 48, entered the Democratic .
primary as a and unequal districts which ban $
REGISTER FOR FALL CLASSESStarting candidate for comptroller. He in the put and presently deprive -
was believed to be the first\ (them.cf rights guaranteed IS 01.
1 8 statewide office them" the U. S. and
Sept. p.m. Negro to run for by APPLESAUCE
in Maryland. Mississippi constitutions.A CANS
TA:' AIDE COursE SPECIAL CLASS FOR SING. In New York, Howard J. Sam three/judge federal panel began
P SCHOOL WORKERS ERS uels, who Is seeking the hearings in the reappor-
Democratic party nomination. tlonment suit.Defendants are TRELLIS SWEET
ER SALES CLERK for governor, urged his party Gov. Paul B. Johnson, State
h LASS INSTRUMENTS In-put-a Negro on its statewide Atty. Gen. Joe Patterson, ec- PEASGEORGIA 303 CANS
ticket this year. retary of State Heber Ladner, ,
Bolden's College Of Music He said he would see to It House Speaker Walter Sillers,
that this was done, If he becamethe and Senate President Pro Tempore RED t
116 W. 20th Street Registrar El 6-6465 party's candidate: for gover George Yarborough. I
nor. MFDP spokesman have charged f
....\... According to Samuels,a Negro that out of a population of 2,163- TOMATOESSUNSHINE 303 CANS
would add "morally, economically 422, little more than 849,400or I.
and politically" to the approximately 39 per cent
'e Democratic slate" are able to elect state repre-
In Washington, Republican seiuaUves and senators because
county leaders were urged to of the state's newredistrlctlng. TURNIPS 11TH ROOTS 303 CANS
give Negroes jobs on policymaking While Negroes make up 42
: levels in local GOP per cent of the state's population
organizations and to promote few are allowed to vote,
Negroes as Republican candl- it was charged.
dated for public office. Meanwhile, Charles Evers, CENTER CUT WESTERNPORK
Two Negro Republicans, J. state NAACP leader,was workIng -
Earl Dearing prosecuting: attorney closely with the state's
for Louisville, and Young Democrats to build a ,79
William Johnson, special assistant biracial state Democratic CHOPS
to Go,. William W. party. ,
Scranton of Pennsylvania, said The state's regular Democratshave .
these would be the best ways been rigidly segregated,
"to recruit Negroes" into the but this was changing as Negro HUNT CALIFORNIATURKEY'S
party. voting registration drives gave SWIFT'S GOLD CREST BROILER
k Last year's municipal Negroes the majority in some
elections: Louisville showed Mississippi counties. PEACHESHALVES
that with the right candidates, An NAACP registration driveIn
he; Negro vote "Is not frozen" Wilkinson County, for example -
to; the Democrats Dear ing said. put some 1,600 Negroeson OR SLICED I
The Republicans were advised the voting rolls-about half
to concentrate on younger Ne- the voters in the county. 2 I
gross, as older ones have gotten In Southwest Mississippi, Negro 4 $1 00
L Into the habit of voting Demo- voters led by Evers now LB. CANS i
5 TO 9
cratic since the depression.In told a clear majority In Jefferson
Richmond, Va., Insurance: and Claiborne counties. AVERAGEPORK 39
executive Winfred Ifundle, 57, The recent Meredith march, LI. SHIFTS PREMIUM CHUCK
was chosen vice mayor. Hewn with its emphasis on voter t

KEN KNIGHT the first the Negro former to bold capital thatpostIn of registration more Negroes, has to also dare spurred to vote . . . 570 :
the Confederacy.In In the state. ; ; 'D' LB.
-Invites 'You To Listen To- Washington, Sen. RobertF. As the biracial Young Demo- LOIN RIB
Kennedy (D-N. Y.) made rat-wlth' ties to the White
BIG BAND another effort to support an House-sought more Negro( 2 TO 4 ". 49' FANCY GOLDEN RIPE
Integrated loyalist Democratic voters in the state, It was becoming ROAST
organization In ;1 I slightly less danger- Alum, ..
PARTY" Mississippi as he and three oars for Negroes to vote in BANANASPOTATOES
"DANCE Congressmen acted as hosts Mississippi ..
for a $15-a-pWs affair on behalf Evers, who has no use for
of the Young Democrats "Mack power," seeks to electi 1
Nightly 11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9'.n.. Clubs of Mississippi. majority of white officials

In Las Vegas, Nev., Leo A. Counties next year, though an 10 LB<. 49C lI.l0c
1400 WRHC1400 'ohnson' civil rights leader, ill-Negro slate could be voted
lied for the state assembly ...
6 ,

3V ttiti.vs tatetttt tasretttaxae. sttt r r v a. .


St. AvgvstiNd College Student They Made. The Team

.:. ... rR r ,., ", __ _. __ __ ._ Sports Parade
,, '
Trains With Commerial CreditFrank '

E. Godfrey, a senior majoring; In Pusiness Administration f.. \ ST. LOUIS -(NPI)- Willie Mays Improved upon two of his
at St. Augustine'* College In Raleigh, North Carolina, has ." ', ,< '. career All-Star game records last week In the 37th annual
been> selected as ofCommercUlCredltCorporatlon's mid-summer classic between the stars of the National and
new training program for college students :;! '. '. American Leagues. He extended his hits record to 20, and
1 Commercial Credit Corpora ton, South Carolina, Is spending "i; 1j 1 scored his 19th run in All-Star play another mark. Mays'
.tion's new training programwas ten weeks with Commercial hit was also the first in the game for the NL, as was the run
Inaugurated this year to Credit's office In Jacksonville, v p.1 he scored. The NL 'woo the classic 21.
FCt, rn
give college students an Insight Florida, as a trainee in whole ,
into the types of careers avail sale-retail financing and '..... QUITTING ON TOP
able to college-trained persons personal loans. This training LONDON -NPI)- Jim Brown, pro football's greatest ground
within the financial Industry. will provide Mr. Godfrey witha gainer with a career total of 12,312 yards (comparable to
The program till also provide national finance company's r t s seven miles) on 2,359 carries, will not play the 1966-67 season
future J Job opportunities to the theory and practice servicing + .i i ii ix with the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.
participants upon graduation. its wide range of customer's Brown, now making a motion picture announced his derisionto
Godfreson of Mr. and Mrs needs. quit while he Is on top, even though his $60,000-plus, two-,
William H. Godfrey: of CharlesLEO'S Commercial Credit Corporation year grid pact still has a year to go.

Is one of the country'slargest _
independent finance
firms. NEW YORK-NPI-Two-t1sted'Emile Griffith prevented Joey

Godfrey Is a graduate of Burke L4' Archer of the Bronx from running away with his title when he
Shoe Reparinf High School In Charleston,South rushed Joey and kept the pressure on him for 15 rounds to
retain his title decision in Madison
Carolina middleweight on a majority
where he was electedto
Of Air Kind the National Senior Honor Square Garden last week. Griffith afterwards got a good pay
and check for beating Archer, who loves to hit and run. Emile
Society the Student Council.
I Is Our Only" Business He also was a member of the received 45 per cent of the live gate of $102,242, and about
Baseball and Football teams. $50,000 from the network television till. Archer received

934 E. Union St. $17,000.


-:. r. --n D. C. ,-(NPI)- Bobby Mitchell Washington
.j, l Redskins flanker, signed $35,000 contract for the coming
'I .
.: season and Immediately pledged to improve upon his football
performance of last year "I've got to have a good year,"
said Mitchell, who said the team needed to develop new, per-
ie sonalized running and passing patterns.He came to the Redskins
several seasons ago from the Cleveland Browns.
WELCOMED TO THE GULF ALL-STAR BASKETBALL TEAM are two great players, Stan MCKenzie"ot LONDONNPI)- With Its $700,000 super v star Pele in the

New York university, second from left, and William Allen of New Mexico State u. lineup, the world champion Brazilian soccer team arrived

1 They are asking hands with two Gulf public Relations officials James Walker, last week, favored to win its third straight tltl,.In World Soccer

left, the Philadelphia, representative and Roy Kohler, Manager-Special projects. The Cup competition. Pele, a black Brazilian is the world's
made the team greatest soccer star and scoring champion. In their first test,
players during July practice sessions at. St. Joseph's College Field
the Brazilians defeated Bulgaria 2-0.
House In Philadelphia and will accompany it on a w world-wide tour which will include

Europe and South America. BACK AT 3RDCHICAGONPIRichie

ARGUS BUILDERS 2205 HAINES ST. Jax SBA Office returned to 1 his regular third Allen base, Philadelphia position for Phjllies the first slugger time in,

1 Desegregation Of Faculty Shaw Basketeers almost three months in a game against the Chicago Cubs
"HOME OF SIDING SPECIALISTS"Complete Announces Loans recently. It was against the same Cubs on April 29 that Allen-
who is hitting .321 with 20 home runs -dislocated his right
Schedule 18 Games
Remodeling Urged By NAACP shoulder sliding Into second base on a steal.Since then Manager
Additions and Roof Repairs During July the Jacksonville Gene Mauch had played him on left field to ease his arm and.
Regional Office of the Small C. retain his hit
Screen & Porch Enclosures Business Administration approved game basketball schedule for power.
Florida Rooms 15 loans totalling HUNTSVILLE, Tex.-Faculty some white teachers, but not the 1966-67 school year has
$447,900.00. SBA Regional Director -' desegregation Is the major con one Negro teacher has been been released at Shaw Univer FACES KNIFE! AGAIN
Garages NEW YORK - assigned to a previously til-
of the
Douglas E. McAllister cern WalkerTrinityNAACP sit). Athletic Director JamesE.
Twins has acknowledged that he have to undergo
white school. may surgery
announced today. chapter Localpre- Lytle announced the Bears'cage
again at season's end for a cartilage problem in his right knee.
Fences Most of the loans 11, totalling sident Willie Jerry Jones Sr., "The way things are working slate which Included nine
Awnings $406,200.00 were made by banksin reports tha the Huntsville Independent 'now, they could push out all opponents, all Central Inter- He also acknowledged that the operation could end his baseball
participation with SBA. School District is the Negro teachers." collegiate Athletic Association career, declaring: "If the operation is successful, may be I'll
be able to play five or six If not I'll have to down
for two Mr. Jones' letter of complaintto
The Jacksonville Regional Of- now clearing ground (CIAA) foes.
Complete Financing Arranged and not play He underwent for the
J. Francis Pohlhaus NAACP anymore. surgery same
fice serves 43 counties in new elementary schools, one The Bears, coached by Bill
Florida consisting 0 f all the in a predominantly Negro area counsel la Washington, D. C., Spann, open the '66 cage season trouble In 1963.
Free Estimates No Downpayment western and northern countiesand and another lnaprimarilywbiteneighborhood. has been forwarded to the on December 3 at Livingstone '

portions of central Florida Secretary of Health, Educationand College. Two nights later, De-
"Let Us Consolidate All Your Bills" through Hernando Sumter, "That's solely designed to Welfare and corrective cember 5, they make their home
Lake and Orange Counties. perpetuate segregation," Mr. action has been promised relative debut at Spaulding Gymnasium
In One Small Payment ,Small concerns interested or Jones 'says. "They have put to the "slowness" of against Virginia State College
I .. In need of long-term financing two white principals In formerly faculty desegregation in the Coach Bill'Spann'i starts his
? should contact SBA' Regional all-Negro schools, elementary t HimtsvUte-Independent School fifth season with three starters
PHONE NOW TODAY! 355-8494 and senior high and District :' '>-,*** a ,1Gu
Office at 47 West Forsyth St.. from last year's"squad in NtitI.man
Jacksonville, Florida 32202. Joyner, Ivan Donovan and
I Robert Williams. Sophomores
expected to contribute to the
II, Bears efforts are Rufus Williams -
and Raymond Whitaker.

< A bumper freshman crop,with r.
*' "" < .
it''t ;, .'1>,> 1 '$'f lf. three former Llgon High (Raleigh -
f'I; ; > .' ) products and all All-
,,' : Stater from Harleyvllle, S. C. ... ', '
also be available. Fresh- 4 "
Viceroy's ,, will / :
4 got .
man Include Larry Spence, Bob
time ,1 r' "'. Drakeford Bobby ,
the taste right any Jacob Newton.


that's right. of the day
... ,'::t, Kicks Off 1124 BROAD ST. AND 2nd

< r,: I ,'v,
.t i Summer Project
Summer Project for Louisiana
"""- -
was kicked off here, Sunday, WORK EXPERTLY DONE

July 31, by Executive Director
Roy Wilkins who addressed a FREE PICK UP And DELIVERY

< mass meeting of 1,000 NAACP
;..,>.r.,,<' members and friends. He urgedthe -SPECIAL WITH THIS ADMEN ...
"I<}1 use of "brain power" to '
"'. ... t tt win the civil rights struggle. J RUBBER HEELS $1 hOMaN: H EL TIPS. 551

ii" "There was a time when we
needed hard words and tough Phone Today For Pickup 35M694
/t f /'" action," he said. He chargedthat

,< civil rights leaders who '
ra. have advocated crusading for
# I
I : ",, ethnic power have gained a
systematical error. There Is

nothing wrong with trying to
I EuOY -. .- i amass pwer, because all groupsdo
it but they do not label it
by race or color. I
"We are mad but let us take
4 out our anger on things we can .
r accomplish through Summer
Prpject," Mr. Wilkins said. 4j
ayA yr The chief goals of the Summer
Project are voter education and
\ ry1i voter registration, he pointedout.
Further he stated, nobody
: .
:: : wins In a riot. Throwing rocks
..1fA, I ", .J, .. ,' "":1-: / and bottles have no place inner
:, ', :.. :' struggle for equal rights.
'i ,
.,.x. : Moreover, the NAACP leader
,'. j.." said that If the term "black HAYING STARTING TROUBLE
power" is used In referenceto
race pride, dignity and political -
,,' power there Is nothing CALL OR SEE TODAY

.}. 'A"A wrong with the term. He Indicated -
tI.f' that Italians, Poles and -
i '(,. Jews have gained much
: Influence but it has not been
t ...A. labeled by race. He stated that
education of both whites and AND

j ", "S'1''fJ", Negroes Is the basic problemto
:.. : jr > ;\, : ..,', be solved. He stated that IJILLJ STARTERSERVICE
/ "" "j>: 'F',,t., education of both whites and
rf. "i ) .
.1.1' o''q i
.. ;;
Y' 'F.I -I. .- .. .' ( Negroes Is the basic problemwith
". .s" *,(,.l.fJ";. ,:' ,':' ..\ .: 1'f. ,( Hert's why: Viceroy Is the filter 1, cigarette blended with natural flavor South 10,000,000 the white people Negroes will In have the 5140 OLD KING ROAD 1 BLOCK

I :.j; r '. to ::1I > fresheners to enrich and improve the true tobacco taste. That'i why f o work with them and the Ne-

I I F. ,,, ;. ,(,," Y 'f""l'f;> .'',j; :'''':\'' 'JI .<, Viceroy, tastes rich, .good.,.rewarding,,yany time you light up. groes must work with the whites WEST OF EOGEWOOD PHONE 353.6368
1 '. 0 sg'I\p.' p awnwwwwrarrow.N..w.w.e, lAbwrr LtwhrrlfA..hne'a. ., x groes must work with the
; "
,tt., ., ; ) w ; whites. People have found out in "All WORK GARANTEED 90 DAYs"
': ; :: ), Csf the last 10 years that of educationand you can't

deprive then Negroes in 1966 ask where DAILY OPEN 8 TO 6 p.m. SUNDAY 9.1

are the smart Negroes to fill

i, j r.Zi

------ ------------
----- -

T '....-._..._'''' ., f. ". ""f. I


11-Ruce Winner To Drive Stir Gives Some Pointers Ice "Wildcats" Begin

r ,' 1- _.Y... .p .' :7 0 J I
For Ashville Prize 4 Drills September 1st.

WEAVERVILLE, N.C.-,, In the augural 1958, and successive : (1 r Y 'I
DAYTONA BEACH has the Cats Florida
Fin hosting
David Wei- -Y -
Pearson winner of 11 winners were
races In this season and leader: born, Rex Whit e,Junior Johson, ''F bs 3 .WvA 1 Bethune- Cookman College AIM University on November
; Head coach Jack "Cy"McCjal- 19. The B-CC closes out Us
National' Lorencen
Grand Jim Paschal, Fred ,
point standings, will be In the Ned Jarrett, and Petty. #{r. ren announced his "Wildcats" season I in Columbia, South I
will begin rugged drW sessions Carolina, by taking on Allen::
starting when the ninth Chevrolet has finished first j
annual Western North Carolina three times, Plymouth and Ford JTBI i September 1 on the practice University on November 26
[ field at Bethune-Cookman Col-
500 U run at AsheviHe-Weafer. twice each, and Pontiac once. wSli!$ lags'

vtlle Speedway on Sunday, Aug. Pearson will attempt to put I I Sixteen!: lettermen arere- Watch
21. Dodge In the winner's circle I
to the Wildcats this
Pearson was the second top for the first time and pull I
and about 25 This
,year experienced Clown
name NASCAR driver to enter down the $3,150 that goes to the \
I I BCC veterans Out of more than
the $17,720 race, his entry first man home. t
70 men who will report for
following close on the heels' Practice for the Western North r r ', AftJ 41-10-538
practice, 15 are said by Mc-
of that of Darel Dlerlnger and. Carolina opens on Friday, Aug. Clalren to be top-notch high )
his swift Mercury Comet. 19, with time trials set for
'school stars from u far
Pearson will drive a Cotton Saturday, Aug. 20. r as Pittsburgh and Chicago.away 64 32 15 '-
Owens Dodge, the same car' The race has a t p.m. start 7
Among his standouts from his 9
in which has been so successful Bear Hunt Permits last winning Wildcats
sine the I year's
racing year opened. team, Johnny Knight Sanford, I 8

Speedway The Ashevlllt-Weaver 1s weU suited to Peu.00' Ready For HuntersLAKE I a halfback currently being
I by Pittsburgh of the 6 2
driving technique CITY Hunters NFL, Oakland Raiders of the
and the powerful Dodge he wishing to participate In the AFL, and Toronto Rifles of the
handles. The half-mile paved special bear hunts in Osceola Canadian League Henry Harris 141-44-315 ,
track with Its high-banks, is) send their of
National Forest must Delray Beach, a 217-pound
the fastest half-mller on the I applications to the Lake City r guard; Henry Still Columbus, 54 68 11
NASCAR circuit and is one of the Game and Fresh Ga.
office r= a 260-pound tackle; Larry
where horsepower pays oft Water Fish Commission priorto Little of Miami, a 258-pound

The qualifying recordatAshevtlleWeavervUle 11 a.m.,August,according tackle who was recently elected Sqmetlmes He's Up Sometime.
proves this. to W. B. Cope land,Commission S : r captain of the team and Clewis He's Down He adds subtracts
The mark Is a sizzling 86.4SS Chairman. Wright of Hastings, a punting He works it all around
miles per hour, set by winner 14 __
There will be three-day specialist who finished sixthin
Richard Petty In a Plymouthin e 19 52 67
hunts beginning September 19 # the nation last year with a
1969. The qualifying speed and continuing through November 45.1 average. Wright's longest
has risen ten miles per hour 5. Each hunt will be limited punt was 77 yards. COMING ATTRACTIONS

since: the first running of the to not more than 17 people, Also returning is Allan Wilson 5-33- 56MAN'S
race in 1958, and is expectedto : and each group must obtain a of Miami, an elusive halfback
take another boost next month hunt All hunters who .
$50 permit. was an outstanding per- f.
when a full NASCAR Held takes must valid hunting former
possess a last year. James Greenof
r .
the green flag. license. Game Commission Palmetto will be returning
The Western North Carolina personnel will supervise and at end position. Last season

500 Is one of thV few major accompany hunting parties.A PROFESSIONAL HELP---Almost 400 boys from the downtown area of Kansas City, Missouri, he grabbed 13 passes for 220 'DAYS

NASCAR races that has never drawing will be held at the 'are getting.professional baseball help this year by playing 'in the Ed Charles yards and scored four touch-.
bad a repeat winner.Eight races
Lake City office at 11 a.m. on downs. NUMBERED'Man's
have been won and eight dif- 29 to determine hunt League, partly sponsored by Gulf oil Corporation. Charles, third baseman for the .
August of Beach
George King Pompano
ferent drivers have taken the parties and dates. Each applicant ) Kansas City Athletics, here advises Rocky Grogan on batting, watched by teammates will take over the Wildcats Days art um..

checkered flag. who Is drawn for a hunt Michael Hernandez and Billy Green, Gulf Marketing District Manager Eugene Simon and quarterbacking duties. oered. Health and

Fireball Roberts and Banjo must'Id' rm his own hunting Gulf Chemicals Department representative Larry Witherspoon. Charles has enlisted The Wildcats will open their Fortune Can Be Yours Wlien

Matthews co-drove to victory party.i!''Applications nay be other Athletics players and coaches to help in the YMCA-sponsored league which home season against Morris You Know Your Lucky Days

made '1.\.\letter and muState'and operates in an underprivileged area of the city. This is the second year Gulf. has Brown at Atlanta on October Lucky Colors Etc.
Shaw Announce I the applicant's name '8. The following week, they'll
Address and be accompaniedby helped underwrite the three year old project. meet Benedict College of Columbus Send$2.00 for your

Homecoming a check to cover the cost of South Carolina, and Horoscope Guide for
permit. Applications should be /I on October 22. the Cats host
Offer Reward High School Coach Is Named I AUGUST
Raleigh, N. C. An eight-, sent to the Game and Fresh e / Alabama AIM bert at Memorial -

game schedule for the 1966 Water Fish Commission, P. 0. Stadium. The annual tilt rill In the blank below and
football season at Shaw University Box 908, Lake City. Applicants For KillingOf Howard Basketball MentoiWASHINGTON r II II at the Gator Bowl will take mall to ZODIAC, Post Office
-- -- --- -- -
has been ,released here not drawn will have checks re- I them to Jacksonville October 3ox 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla.

by Athletic Director JamesLy- turned. "Old Joe" D. C. -Howard University athletic director 29 against South Carolina State
Ue. The special bear hunt season Samuel E. Barnes announced the appointment) of Marshall T. Have you checked your boat College. Then if s back home NAME ----
The Bears under the him of will be open only In the Osceola Emery of Winston-Salem, N. C. to the position of varsity trailer lately Be sure the November 5 for homecoming STREET -
Lee his National Forest, and hunts win TALLAHASSEE-The death of are tight, especially Clark of At- DATE OF BIRTH
Royster, entering second basketball coach at Howard, education from New York Uni- the smaller which experiences against College I ---
be confined within the boundaries Old Joe will not go unavenged one home
year as head mentor at the mOlt vibration. lanta. The final game i Mo. Day
Emery also will serve-as Instructor versify.
Sbaw, will open the '66 campaign of this area.Regular bear according Carl Buchhelster,
against traditional rival hunting season in the northeast president of the National Audubon in physical education,
The Society today beginning next September. ,?
region begins November Society.
Hampton Institute on September -
The new basketball mentor
24 at Chavis Park. 12, conclude Copeland. of $5,000 for
Information to Howard from Winston-
leading to the arrest comes
and convictionofthe person SalenVs Paisley High School, AMOCO GASOLINEPROTECTS .
J .., .
or persona responsible for kill- where be served as physical :
t4 J
education teacher,and. basket ,
+:Itr. ; lag Old Joe. r ,. .
; '
Old Joe was an alligator and ball coach since 1961.'Durinf I : p.J8.ur" .1fH9'

although his age was not known his five years at Paisley Emery
be was a legendary figure at compiled a won-lost record of
his established homestead at 68 and 29. His 1962-63 and ; ij-;

the headwaters of Wakulla 1963-64 teams won the state ,

Springs in Wakulla County.Old MI.r.r. 7 'JI""' ; ,; ,!. -
Joe died sometimes during I .

the night of July Jl 4he results VITAL ENGINE ;

of a gunshot, and his murderer

harpest at l1est Xnobrn" has not been found. The body .
r ...,.> ., ,t. s' y 71,'
was discovered at the bottomof t t \; ,; 'J': ( >
tl": .
THI UNCHAUINCID LOCAL MVOMTI the world's largest springs .*, ..'.' .. '
on August 1 and recovered by PARTS <
WHITING S e Lb. 35c the Game and Fresh Water .r .: '
i ,
Fish Commission. '1 :.. 0
SEASON raiD ANNOUNCES THI OPINING OF '''V 61 LOISTIR Buchheister said, "Tbe person rf f : 'L'

FLA. LOBSTERS Lb. 89c killing or persons old Joe responsible did more than for

HIM OMItl A TIPll MIAOU 'IN TNI PAN III* DIPT. kill an alligator, they destroyed h4Ce M.Jtnninit,Inturanc A..i|,Baltimore, Md
a living historical l symbol and
SPOTS It would be Impossible to place "INwII8EE11AIgNfENBMldtlt' 11iMbl't1? 111A1 : ; .
_rd ItI11.IMhll t i t
the --- -
a price on
INUIMf 0CEAN.vllw YACHT, C of Old Joe as be was viewed by Western District AAA championship Nth t tlrilMlkNB MwM M ht/lM/
CROAKERSTMIMAlMcCOVUOMPOftTIMOUTH thousands of people who might while his teams of lMbx a. 1li li liPJ!ate
fl !IDltl l pi1 N tt81e t1lt+
LB. otherwise never nave the opportunity the past two years finished as mldKvlI
to study an alligator In runner-up for the District title. l
Earlier this It+ t ltwll//dl/!
SILVER DRUM the wilderness. year Emery was
0. E. Frye, Commission Director named Western District AAA
'lIfUIl"IAT TO Ito" INAPPII SIMILAR' OROUl said, "While Wakulla basketball "Coach of the Year." F' fe itl9 8i111 $
'- Springs Is a popular tourist At Howardhe'succeeds JamesM. e4L4I

SNAPPER FLANKS & THROATS. LB. 59c and recreation area It Is also (Jim) Thompson, who resigned ..
wildlife refuge established from the faculty last
fANCY .ASM.JMHOZIN by the Commission and the January to accept a teaching: ,
MULLET ROE INDIVIDUAL' Ib. 89; National Audubon Society and position in the D. C. public I

p.,'", vflmtiif'/ '-L" bar". ,*.t''' .0 _o' 14 / possession of any firearm or school system. Thompson continued
molesting any wildlife within as coach of the Howard
sunD MI ICONOMY ox $$103 the area is strictly prohibited." team for the remainder of the
MULLET ROE HOLDING FAIRS Information relating to the past season, however, and led
_PER LB. 99c killing of Old Joe should be the Bisons to a third-place
turned over to the Game and finish In the Central Intercollegiate -
RED BASS LB. 45cVETERANS Fresh Water Fish Commission Athletic Association

"Not"'ot" IM"'",." 'V' Slim. for Investigation. championship tournament. c sIt2d5-(
A native of New Haven, Conn.,
Emery is a graduate of Winston- _
Salem State College, where he IJ
was outstanding In both basketball -
Royal Crown and track and served u a<; ,"y _
: : _
f Cola captain of both varsity,teams

during his senior year.He holds b w xa


Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking theI

You Seek The Best Doctor. 4

Wbea Your Doctor Prescribrs-

Applications For Its Get Experienced Pharmacists J, ; .
When Your Doctor,Prescribes, x
Orders. We Use Only The Best r
Quality Drags J

Veteran Class. C. E. BLACK
Proprietor I race cars and I know engines.!
3 Registered Pharmacists TO serve youA 1 can get! all the gasoline! I need for freeat

The Size Of Our ClassesIs ,.
---- COUPLET LINED PosaetiesRubber ---. most tracks. Instead I use AMOCO M"r. '""

and for it
| Limited By Law. floods-candles-sundries. pay myself.


Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Drag Store in my personal car since I got! my driver's .."

license. It's the I hest.99 .. .., ,",
A Place. KINGS ROADEL38276 1 0" If ',., '".*
1907 You expect more from American ww

and it!*
you get! -.S
CALL 9.74.

/ .
), .: ." t ... r, l ;

ZI6 TAG SEWING APT. FOR RENT I Mt. Ararat Delta Teenage Reading Club Receive Certificates i
MACHINESUNCLAIMED Fully equipped Married No cbUdr'LCall respectable -4 .n i .- '.-' 'l. ..... .. .....d..... .., ......
LAY-A-wAYS It"you ni'od it. couple. District Meets
333-9942. :
GOD has it. Are ;, kIADIN(1( CLU$
have 2 1965 Dlal-O-Uatlc
Zig-Zag sewing machines that I can help you through devlne ROOM FOR RENT District: 10 of ML Ararat Bap-!
tist Church will hold Its !
of life meeting
have been used. They powers prayer problems
never Furnished. Prefer nice coupleor
Sunday, August 14 at 3 P.m.1D''
or financially
were lay-aways that were. single man. Call 354.7510ROOM the home of Mr.and Mrs W.A.
never picked up. Customers I WRITE: Allen, 1261 W.28tn St.
left area-we are unable to;
Deacon M. Boone LIthe leader
boat them. You may have Madam Daisy FOR RENT
e I Mrs. A. Wilson is the preldeJand ;
for the balance $47.00 P.O. 12153Jacksonville
these Cash terms. Call Nicely furnished. Cooking.'Prlrate. Rev.D.J.Graham is pastor.All .
each. or Fla.
Single woman or couple. members art urged to
credit manager, 3531946 any Donation$2.00 be present.
conveniences.Call 356
time. Will deliver. No obligation. ,
3604. --- Atr-; _____

Pix left, depicts members of the Delta books to the members at the final meetingof
Teenage Reading Club who received certifi- the Delta Reading Club. Reading from
cates awarded by the Jacksonville Alumnae left to right are; Otis j. Gamble, John

Chapter at the Myrtle Avenue Branch Library Levy, Dorothy Lemmon, patricia white,
SHP on August 4. The awards were given Roberta Johnson, Gwendolyn Jones, Ernes-
[ for outstanding participation in the nine tine Randall, Renee Lewis, Marvin Holt
weeks reading program. A continuation of and clarence Evans. Next, members of the
the reading club will be resumed, in the club enjoy social hour after their last

+. ; The store that cares about you! : fall. Center pix, Mrs. Bradham checks out summer meeting. (TAR PHOTO By James S. singleton)

I I j.N' ,:' ? ; GRADE "A" QUICK FROZEN BAKING SPECIAL! I -Femme Tips And Pips Mrs. McKissick Vocational Rambling

rv Engineers Hold
(Asst. MIIIIII) 5 TO BLB.AVERAGE r '" '.... Speaker For

HENS 390t "; Women's Day Grid PracticeThe

Laymen's Day observance Is Rambling Engineers of
a. scheduled In St. Paul AME, Stanton Vocational High School
held their first football practice
; Sunday beginning with
"A" FRESH ICE PACKED ti\ YlA the Sunday School at 9:30 session Wednesday at 530pm.: ,
{ } GRADE FLA. OR GA. SPECIAL! with Superintendent W.D.SWeetIn : a.m., at 13th and Blue Streets.

.i. ; charge. Approximately 50 players ,
Mrs. Estelle McKissick will were present to prepare for a
FRYER BREASTQUARTERS 390 be the speaker at 11 am., and tough 10p.IDe"schedule.. The
Andrew Boston will preside. first game is scheduled Sept.
I 10 ,William Raises Vikings
Also appearing will be:William against -
: 1', Cannon,,C.A. Willis McKinley,... lasts from/rear's last champions.
Chambers, Virgil Hawkins, A. Players year expected -
MUD ft MELLOW EIGHT O'CLOCKCOFFEE .:"'''../ Bodlson, Mrs.Thelma Mitchell, to be outstanding
and James performers are: Bobby and
L. Williams
'. I ,presi
(Produce Manager] II dent of the laymen organization. James Sapp, Ronald Sellers,
I The theme for the service is, Albert Sanders, Ozell Rivers,
: I II "Laymen and Pastor,Cod's Waverly Lang Dwell Black-
RAG 590 '" I Co-workers." mon, Frank Butler, Rudolph
The ACE League will begin Ferguson, Jimmie Wimberly!
at 5 p.m., with Miss Roberta Roosevelt Wright, Willie Jason -
Johnson presiding and Miss James Reese, Robert
Dabney, Royce Brown, Glen
4 FLO-CANE LIMIT 1 WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER Gwendolyn the program.Johnson In chargeof Kleckly and Johnnie Chance.

Stanton Vocational Begins RegistrationDivision

SUGAR 5 ::& 49C Registration will be held Mon- last year and desire
day and Tuesday, August 15-16, an academic and vocational
I in the auditorium of Stanton program will register at this
Vocational High School from time.
10.00a.m. to 2.00: p.m. Coach Johnson will Interviewall
(Meat Manager) AURORA BATHROOM SPECIAL! I SAFEGUARD YOUR SKIN AGAINST SUMMER DRY- AU the '10th, llth, and 12th athletes at this time, for
NESS---With reasonable exposure to sun, grade students who did not attend other Information call
wind and water, nine out of ten women Stanton Vocational, Day 356-5581.
c have the beginnings of the dry skin by the

PEACHPIES TISSUE peak of the summer season. To keep especially -
dry areas moist and comfortable, 94 PRO OF

apply a dab of 'vaseline1' petroleum
jelly as often as, necessary. And, like
ASP FROZEN FRENCH FRIED the complexion, eyebrows and eyelashesalso
1 1-18. '. SPECIAL II! tend to dry out from too much sun JflCOWSLONDON

8-07. 39C POTATOES 3 s '00 and water. To restore normal lustre to
SIZE sun-dried eyebrows and lashes, touch a Y ,
e tiny bit of petroleum jelly to them each IffD
day. The handy tube shown above packs
SPECIAL! easily for travel. J* ut8s

; EARS y
3000 W. 45th ST. CORN 4 29 S!
; businesses.Money to loan Good for opening character>> of Royal Crown DISTILLED

references. can 7685664. Cola {A
THROUGH SUNDAY Mature couple to manage and 1953 PONTIAC CONVERTIBLE DRY
NECTARINES LB. 290 maintain apt. Attractive salary In perfect mechanicaleendition.
AUGUST 13 1966 and apartment. Call 353-4485' HydramaUc, radio,beater,pun
t or 359-1757. cture-proof tires, other extras. PINT
$350. John McLeod, 5806 Hyde $285
\ Grove Ave. $ ** 99

rT 5th
Salaries to$65,fare advanced.
Rush references, phone num- '
I M I I I'

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TIIINK FOR A MOMENT..,about your children, hours on your days off and
& 'r'\\ or even your children's children in tomorrow's earn$10 to$15 or more.Apply; PHONE- 355-7189
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1rd ;" overcrowded world where population will double and
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,. re-double in a very short period,of time. FRESH FISH AND POULTRY DAILY*

<&iJjACKSONVlUC \ \ With all these people, plus the rising cost of food, rent, HELP WANTED BEACH WHITING LB. 43*

) s. 1 clothes, and everything else depending on land. Sales PeopleMen
\ f} .'V" -. vl will your child have to pay tomorrow's high costs, orwill and women, to sell adver.I BOAT WHITING LB. 32C
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if you're keen. Fringe benefits.
I TAMPA \. ,!1 ,' citrus land in Florida's Golden Triangle which could Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323; CROCKERS LB. 35C
%f.r'-; MflBOU"Nt1' X be wortt"thousands in years to come! Moncrlef Rd. cor 1 Jth St.

I .,.....\.,.."\ ,It.'.. i.j'J ; Clip and mail the coupon today. ,. HELP WANTED SPECKLED TROUT LB. 59C
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MIAMI : U. S. HIGHWAYS Wl I & 192. who can do 50 wpm.
Accurate; must be good in Eng MEDIUM MULLET 25C
lish and spelling. Apply: LB.

$ : 1 OILS; FULL 5. Dear Sirs 520 Broad St.JICk.aOIIymeF1a. .' DO YOU KNOW
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PRICE i B on Please Canaveral tend'me Acres.your free brochure. ,plus maps and guarantees' N Q*; $2.98. LARGE SHRIMP LB. $110
.... You can get a light bulb that
II NAMF' 0 : lasts for life.
TERMS TO SUIT YOUR BUDGET a ADDRESS., I You don't have to clean your LB. 69C

a CITY PHONE..- STATE toilet clothes You don't bowls anymore.have anymore.to Iron your CRAB CRAW MEAT LB. $115

You can get a TV antenna for
Call. EL 6-8094 For Complete Information Today $3.90. Call 353-5254, 539 W. SERVING JACKSONVILLE FOR 22 YEARS
t Beaver Street.

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