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1111265 F20090413_AACZWZ 00285.jpg 12a9b131b475b3edcf21a65784259584202e784bcb9c2912e910b5f76dd8697a17b0a4a1
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200726datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 30, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007260740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 30, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 30, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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r r

., .. _... _.... ... Plc;' t8R

... led M For w, Sefneant Posts! Hl Tp s

i M WV KfcJ, .
VT-, ., ., .,


-__--_-____ ___ -- *.. .&. *
""" "
"T' L I

Ytt*y .OftoFw' ; I* See Trouble BrewingAt 'Cetooavillee IldnnltT; r4 r'lm nCll'1da Srh, : :) "

Cod" Sftp, Its' Fort Ii rHii :1

Tampa TB HospitalCall

,;by Eric J 0; Slapsony L

t ,tip t * ucit'asc In'"few" fares. ;gjfl Judge InTo .

city Council last'';Tn $4aiilyl' Name NegroTo '

passed, a bi'1"thinb; : would .rai'mlof Aid Crises YOL. 16 NO. IB SATURDAY AUGUST 6, 1966 15 CENTS ,. \

rtce transfers from ,five ;-te'***] Ft. Meyers'SC ** ** .....* .' ,. ,,., rn..nw*.*** : ; \

Aceutb' and increase tfce price ofyiw ekl.ypasses' At Hospital ;:

fro* $3,95 tojM.25 Haw4-vIr' TAMPA-Because of a tense ol Board (Bias rurafSJf jn Questioned

vor Louis H., Rltler' indicated thtW situation growing out of prejudice

would not ;sign the bill until. )hejh. i Ill-treatment and lack FORT MYERS -High school ,| ,| V* I I
Ffctftdied it 'Co pletely.5 iUp to pressttie>tiie of recreation facilities at Tam Principal Jeremiah Primus has I

Thursday, the Mayor told the PL9II* pa's Southwest TB Hospital, become the first Negro to be
County Judge Harry B. McDonald named to a city post in Fort POLICE
'Tthat'he? had not yet, signed it, the >+ has been called on to Myers. HUNTINGFIRE

was, 6 rai ldr( further ..reports of J& help solve the problem that The City Council last night

tuba poses a serious situation. .-..... ....... :
The >hyaiifKatftted t ;that he Iliad, receJ The trouble gegan fomentingwhen

sdrte'protests bt that interest ;did Ernest Kennedy a former

(PseeB" to ')be; widespread 'One such ipr4i Middleton teacher and a
patient, asked that one of the BOMB TOSSER
test?was, sent bj/the' FLORIDA, STAR urging nurses stop calling him boy.
ii m to > eto the bill]. because: an' ,iiacr.* 'The nurse is said to have resented ,

In fares would wrk a hardship Ia.1. his demands, and the 1
resulting discharge from the *

income worklnej claes "people. >

";hetFtORIDA;t t STAR pointed Out" '? thp.large hospital turmoil. of Kennedy created Miami' Police Fire Bomb Victim CongressmenProbe I i

per centre of the, people 'wJtoj r$ e Kennedy was returned to the ,

tbe bases,tare working ;people' atort9t hospital with an active case, Lose SuitMIAMI Bias'

their. Negroes' in the poverty brace, and when he tried to talk with On "Serious" ListJacksonville I'

['are, already Rvoi/ taxed by high1we'd it the ordered assistant out of director the office be, was and Eight Miami Negro In Draft PlanCongressman

be'FL4IDASTARi: ; mlni6te/rB,1, the door was slammed on his police officers lost another police are still running down leads In an effort
fraternal court fight to force Miami to
deacons, social, and 'orgaaitions ;?*-; toot. to apprehend the person who tossed a Molotov cocktail into a. John ConyersJr.
promote them to the rank of
and civil rights 'groups ,toisiftdietdgraas His mother Mrs Minnie Kennedy sergeant without having to take passing car and injured two young women, one seriously.The ( -Mlch.) recently com-
: and his wife, Mrs. Linda mented on the letter sent to
[ or ea11 the Mayor's; office the competitive Civil Service fire-bomb throwing occurred and later released as an outpatient -
Kennedy played: Important General Lewis Hershey director -
arging him to 'ye CO, the BUS'ahb I lt parts In having him returnedto JEREMIAH PRIMUS examination on the night of July 18 Mrs. Sweeney however of the Selective Service
crease ,BilU u d. the office and In seeking .first on School Board The officers contended they during an outbreak of violence Is still in serious System by himself and fourteen
appointed him to the Plan- were entitled to the promotions marked by windowsmashingand condition with first degree
% It is.ep to the pltIzeps.oiaao fair treatment for him. City other about the
because burns about her face and
Board.A they had served u"acting" bottle throwing which cameMRS.
fc Kennedy went back home and nine question of racial discrimination -
and white to r>gfc r\\ __ ...
? 1948 detectives or sergeants ).1 shoulder and has been placed
continued medical treatments graduate Florida
1 r P. in the operation of the
disapproval, ;of>}' an Increase, in bus* there, but a warrant sent him AiU College as It was then for anywhere from 4 to in isolation. draft system ,
uhich, Is ;pnly adjJing to the ai r to the detention cell of the hospital known, Primus has,served as 14 years. Police picked up a local youth "In recent months, Defense P
x.whigh.cost But the Third District Courtof who bad boasted he knew who
of living prison ward. principal of Dunbar Junior- Department statistics have
aa It was found that the hospital Senior High School for four Appeal by a 2-1 decision did the bomb throwing. He was
tfas given rise to charges of racial
Buty ou nust act now. fbefore ; upheld the ruling of Circuit later released after he denied
has 324 inmates of whom 119 :years
discrimination In the draft -
KNdtfae bill, mnd return (its to= are Negro men and 45'Negro Judge Grady Crawford that they knowing the Identity of the bomb said Congressmen Con system

t6wmciiVlrAdam ;;} ext40ttT 'Cbtllloit'' n women, and 136 white men and L.A. Rights Alliance were not entitled to the pro tosser and became ill under yers., "These statistics show
: .
42 white women. Many of these motions. v questioning.ExHUCP that 16.3% of the 1963 draftees
patients are children. About I The case of these eight officers were Negro Americans though \
-- To Break Upi ,
and two others hot in the court ; r Official' '
Powell Jax' 'SBA Office ,Tbe Jail section had lopriscners Negroes comprise only 11% atVM
; mod of then i' croa. .and. : .ANCEm'. m *I.Th 'light has, been before the City overall pooaJaUon For this I .
r that the prison section was Temporary Alliance of Local 4 Commission several am...We*' In M China reason f 11I4 many other Conrressmen {
,.Involved In. :Announces Loans operated by all-white employes, Organization s appeared to be fro community leaders have have asked /
and that the restrictions were about to'break up, as member: vigorously backed- their M(19COW.Ni'O- former. Selective Service System.tor..
Double Action During July the Jacksonville severe and reflected the same I cMl rights organizations spent Them NAACP official has gone to information on the draffs impact -
Regional Office of the Small treatment for TB patients as more time tlghttngamoogthemselves were assigned to the Red China after fleeing the on different ethnic groups
NEW YORK-(NPI) Coo. Business Administration approved are found In maximum security than pushing for equality.. higher rank by: Pollece Chief -VERNE- -SWEENEY--- United States, where he was and the racial composition of
pressman Adam Clayton Powell IS loans totalling sections of state and federal Black Nationalist Ron Walter Headley with the concurrence charged in the kidnapping of the draft boards."
of New York's Harlem wax lurched $447,900.00. SBA Regional Director prisons. 1 Karenga, who quit the alliance of the Civil Service ...In serious condition two whites during a North Carolina "However we have all been
in controversies last Douglas E. McAllister Another complaint was ,I said its only "real program" Board every 30 days. But they after a march downtown by the race riot in 1961. told the information was not I '
week centering on a libel Judgment announced today. the reported whipping of Hari J i Is the Community Alert Patrol, officially retained their lower NAACP led by Rutledge Pear- Robert R. Williams, of available," declared Conyers.
against the congressmanfor Most of the loans 11, totalling vey Brown, 31, of Ft. Walton ,which seeks to obtain evidence rank and pay. son. "As a result of our specific
libeling a Harlem widow in $406,200.00 were made by banks who was arrested for being ,yt police brutality. The commission,, despite Victims of the tossed firebomb request and the current hearings -
ment against him and a political in participation with SBA. AWOL overnight when be attempted The alliance has been wracked threats by white officers to go were Mrs. Uverne r .i by the House Armed Services -
The Jacksonville Regional Office to undress In the Into court, twice has asked the Committee on the overall
with a veteran Indiana i arguments over the meaning 'Sweeney and Mrs. Gloria Dumas
congressman. serves 43 counties In hospital. According towltnesMS In one action New York State Florida consisting o f all the he was struck on the head Watts should prepare for mill- to promote the Negro officers 25th Street the draft, we would hope that'
Supreme Court Justice Irving western and northern countiesand and thrown to the floor and t ant self-defense. without the examinations.The Mrs. Dumas was treated at the Selective Service System
H. Saypol ordered Powell and portions of central Florida handcuffed with hands behind board has had tbeproblem I the Naval Air Station hospital would quickly compile this In
through Hernando, Sumter, He with disturbing under study since the end! of formation. Since the draft
his wife Yvette to pay $600 a him was charged First Negro Police
week in Installments on a $160 Lake, and Orange Counties. the peace nsingprofane March, but has not yet gotten expires next year we all felt
000 libel Judgment against the Small concerns Interested or language and assault and bat- On a report from the committeeIt PURYEAR GETS that these questions should be
congressman for libeling a Harlem in need of long-term financing tery. His bond was set at$1500, Inspector Duty assigned to review the prob answered now while CongressIs i
should contact SBA's Regional but was released on his own lem. considering possible changes
widow in 1960. Of the I
WASHINGTON -- Grant Judge Tlllman Pearson and NEWLY GREATED in the Selective Service
amount Office at 47 West Forsyth St.. recognizance to the hospital.He .
$46,500 is to be paid
Wright, 49, has become the Thomas Barkdull, who upheldthe "
A Y System.
Jacksonville Florida 32202. denied guilt on any of thecharges.
to Mrs. Esther James, whom
libeledto representative of SBA Is also nation's capltol's first Negro Circuit Court decision,said U.L. POSTNEW "I want to congratulate Congressman
the court ruled Powell ; i
'I police Inspector duplicating there was nothing to show that Robert Kastenmeler
conferences at the
available for Judge Bob Johnson said part
her a woman,
terming "bag
In Orlando "first" three years ago in which the eight had performed a de- i (D-Wis.) for Initiating this Joint
or graft collector,for the police Chamber of Commerce of the trouble at the hospital YORK -NPJ- M. T.
area's first Ne- tective's
the duties.
be became
the In-
effort to obtain
on Wednesday of each Is no outlet for relaxation and
during a television appearance. Puryear has been named to the
week and once each month at recreation. He said the pent-up fro police captain. Instead, they said the record foramtlon," stated the Michigan
The remainder is for alleged 'newly-created post of deputy
veteran of 19 years on the showed that the men held the ROBERT F. WILLIAMS Democrat. "Congressman Kas-
misconduct in transferring a the Chambers of Commerce feelings bring on tension and executive director of the National -
United States Park Police position of "patrolman IIrstclass" ...In Red China tenmeler has well-known
Tallahassee, Panama City and result In trouble. a
home be owned in Puerto Ricoto may: the t: Urban League according
he commands and that their "locationof
his wife's relatives to avoid Pensacola. Prior appointmentsshould Kennedy is set to be tried by Force division of the reor bad been t to: Whitney M. Young Jr., executive Monroe. N. C., said be Intends record of working to eliminate
service employment"
having it attached to pay off be made for an Interview Judge McDonald Wednesday director of the inter- to return home when his case injustices from the draft system
the Chamber pulsed force changed: from"traffic uniform"to and all aspects of military ser
the other Judgment. by calling creating disturbance. "criminal\ 'racial agency.In Is cleared up. .
investigation. "
However all efforts so far nearest :you Judge Charles Carroll, in a this post Puryear will be Williams, a Negro said be .. I I 'I .
by Mrs. James and her attorney URGE YOUR MAYOR TO Negro Is Appointed Assistant lengthy dissent said the men second In command, assuming was erroneously charged In the URGE YOUR MAYOR TO
Raymond Rubin, to collect on VETO BUS FARE BILL were qualified for promotion f till responsibility authority kidnapping. He lived in Cuba VETO BUS FARE BILL
the libel Judgment from Powell to without examlna- sergeant r I I !. I
have been futile. But the congressman Seeks Louisiana 'Director Of Internal Revenue tbD under the existing Civil did make a rare appearance
in court before School Board Post WASHINGTON D. C.-The Internal Revenue Service recently Service rules.
announced the appointment of Elliot assistant district He said the contention that I
a court-appointed referee last H. Gray as not Participants In Seminar
their assignments did
week. In an attempt to squash NEW ORLEANSNPI)>- Gerald director in Albuquerque, N. U.
word "de-
contain the
a motion that be be Jailed for J. Shaw Sr., announced This is the first time that a the executive tralnlngprogram, directly: and ---- -
30 days for contempt in connection his candidacy for a seat on the Negro has been named to such Mr. Gray was appointed assistant tective "is without "merit
with the libel Judgment Jefferson Parish School Board. an executive position In an IRS to the director InSt Louis. amounts to quitting.
Powell had repeatedly failed The Parish (county)adjoins Orleans field office. A native of St.Louis Mr.Gray VETO BUS FARE BILL
to appear in court In connection Parish in which New Mrt Gray, a federal career graduated from Stunner HighELLIOT
with the case and the civil Orleans is located.A official was formerly assistant Funeral Directors
court is powerless to Jail him key plank In his platform to the IRS district director In
while congress Is In session. 1s the lowering of age limits st. Louis, Mo.
Last week's bearing, however for children entering kindergarten The Albuquerque IRS district Named To
was on a criminal contempt and first grade from covers the state of New Mexico
motion by Rubin. five and six years to four and and employs approximately 220 State BoardNEW
There was no Immediate five years old. persons. In the fiscal year ended d
reaction by Powell on hit being Shaw, 57, a potato chip manu June 30.1965. the district collected ORLEANS -(NPI)- The
ordered to make the weekly facturer's representative, Is a $252 million In taxes \ first two Negro funeral
installment payments.In native of New Orleans. He has from Individuals and corporate ';" directors have been named to
another development, Pow lived in Jefferson Parish for taxpayers the reorganized State Board of
ell Indirectly threatened seven years. Mr. Gray 45, was employed r ,Embalmers and Funeral Di-
political retaliation t against URGE YOUR MAYOR TO by the Air Force Accounting '" rectors.
Gary (Ind.) Congressman Ray VETO BUS FARE BILL and Finance Center Denver ., I*They are Clenon L. Dennis,
J. Madden, co-chairman of a Colo, as Chief of the Administration I director Dennis Mortuary,New
Joint House-Senate Committee Massachusetts JudgeIs Division until he was Orleans, and Robert Jules
tbat recommended that Powell's chosen for the Internal Revenue ,Fenllon, s funeral director from
powerful House Education and Dead At Age 68 Service's executive selectionand Opelousas.

Labor Committee be divided QUINCY. Mass. -NPI- ODe development 'program In H. GRAY Their appointments were presented w x
Into separate committees. of the first Negroes named to 1965. I by Jessie Stone, asso-
Madden said the proposal is the Massachusetts Superior The Revenue Service uses this School there. He attended' ciate director of the Louisiana
based on the Increasing volume Court Edward 0. Gourdin, 68, program to Identify and train DIllard University In New Orleans Commission on Human Re PARTICIPANTS---Florldians who participated In the Seventh Summer
and Importance of federal legislation has died. those employees who demonstrate La., and the University received lations Rights, and Responsibilities. Institute sponsored by the National Science Foundation at Albany
the greatest executive of Denver where be .
Involving education The Superior Court Judge Gourdin MPA State College are shown here. In the first row, from left are:
other co-chairman Is Sen. A. to the court In potential. Periodically a small an AB degree In 1953 and Gov. John McKelthea named
was appointed number of federal degree In 1958. C. K. Dunson Associate Director W. M. Harris, W. L. Robinson,
S. (Mike) Monroney. (D-Okla.). 1958. He had served on the employees them and five others to the ,
Powell lambasted both Madden Judicial council and as a special are competively selected from Mr. Gray Is married to the reorganised board. M. W. Anderson C. T. Price and Dr. W. E. Johnson, Director
and Monroney but directed the turtle of District CourtURGE hundreds of ellglbles for the former Vivian C. Banister of Second row: Solomon Berry, Paul Cianci Willie Wingfield, and
brunt of his fire against Mad- YOUR MAYOR TO training program. st. Louis and they have two I URGE YOUR MAYOR TO
den. VETO BUS FARE BILL After successfully completing children VETO BUS FARE BILL Edwin Green, Biology



r" r,
SATURDR )t. aS a un 'STAR PAPER :. r PA.E 2

THiIJi'i.ORIDA STAR :,, t' : roBe Equal


3>ub11 bed by the Florida Star Publishing Company By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.

MEMBER rl &- :fit I ..... ,.. The last two columns have discussed the problems of getting
Integrated quality tducat10D for our public:schools,and some of
i the suggestive which have been 1DIde.But the kef to toe school
NEGRO P 4 ? TIONAL t lies In the pecple-the teachers,pupils,and the administrators.
The teacher: stands at the heart of the school
this Important profession Is grossly
hem and undervalued. Most cities do not
ERIC 0. SIMPSON.MiiafiBt Editor pay their teachers as much: as Industry or

'. suburban schools pay thereby losing the most Ii
talents. i
HILDA ,VOOIEN.Circ.litioi Maaer promising Teachers who bate stayed In the central cities

are faced with the problem of changing school I IDODuIations.
..-.c-.c-- ..,. As wl middle-class youngsters move out of the

city, they are replaced by Negro children from disadvantaged

2323 Moicriif, Iud Phil Elfii 46782Mailifil homes.Children who seem to be Incorrigible discipline problems

Address often test need special attention and care which 1s difficult to
give them when class shies run to 35 and 40. Cultural. barriers
P. 0. Box 599 lacksoirille, Florida 32201 i iIV create problems too. When a teacher asks a slum child how
many apples remain If you have 24 and give away 12, he Is
MIAMI, OFFICE t asking a child: who has never seen apples and has never beard
a. r.Y ; of giving anything away. Teaching to school like this
138 NV 3rd Ave. Phiie 3n. D25 'requires a real and a dedication which must be fostered. The
spirit of a Peace Corpsman or Vista volunteer must prevail.
..-- a Perhaps cur school systems should give consideraUoa to this
kind of spirit In preference to some college credits In education.
One year, $6.00 Half rear 4.00 T Unless teachers lean to deal with chlldrea on their own terms
!Mailed to YOU Anywhere In the united States r and not on a middle-class basis, they will consider them in
,-1 subscription payable In advance educable. There art few successful Nero professional people

Send Check or .uoney. ,2r\ler, to; today who have not been told at one time or another to preparefor
not to bother to to college. Their
FLORIDA STAR, = P.O. BOX 599 Y vocational training and go
f Jacksonville i. (Florida.$ teachers were mistaken because: they underestimate d the
I strength and determination which: could be use to motivate
them. These children often have a style and a Oflr which only
needs careful nurturing to bring to fruition.recently witnessed,

Black Buying Power -- -- ..- -. a parade la which some of these "1ID ducaIIIe" children participated.
They were from a central: Harlem neighborhood

The Negro' s buying power and purchasing THE ROOT CAUSE MUST BE REMOVED, TO END LONG HOT SUMMERS were Their decked leader out gave In uniforms them a and single batons.command number-and

habits are two of the least understood they proceeded to give a breathtaking display of Intricate steps
aspects of the American consumer market.As and drills which lasted for several minutes. These six and
a result, many opportunities to serve '. ..-- ---------- -- --- -- -- -- ---- ----------- -j seven-year-olds had mastered this demanding drill which: required -
l memory and expert coordinating because they were
being overlooked.
this ethnic group are 1 properly motivated. They got attention and applause and they
These are among the latest findings of 1 had developed a team spirit which made all things possible. They
the massive study "Consumer Dynamicsin i' Your Weekly weren't lazy either, they wanted to continue marching 'ter the
the Super Market. The study is parade ended. If the same motivation were offered,! know they
being conducted by Progressive Grocer could learn their lessons as well as any other children, but
someone has to reach them with extra cart and attention to
Magazine in ,cooperation with the Kroger 1 make up for the wounds segregated society Inflicts: upon them.

Company the nation's third largest ... Another key to.the schools the administrators. U. S. Com
grocery retailer, and the Reuben H. i ''uu Horoscope Guide *:* missioner of Education Harold Howe D told them at the School

Connelley Corporation, a leading research .Administrator's Conference co-sponsored by the Urban League
firm..Negroes. and Teacher's College that they must lead their communities,

are buying the food things in life, the study says. not follow.them He said they mast put their Jobs on the line and
Their average weekly Incomes hate more than doubled since i PABLO The ASTROLOGER 'Insist on meaningful Integration In their schools. I hope they
1950. Their education has vastly improved. Negro enrollmentIn By take his advice: for without their leadership Integration will be'hard

college climbed from 23,000 In 1940 to 220,000 In 1960. to achieve.
Yet It Is these same conditions which improving the social i WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1 Wore men Use Dr. Gregory C. Coffin, former superintendentof
and economic status of the Negro that make It difficult to characterize 1 schools la Darlen, Conn., an affluent suburb,art needed.
him as a consumer I He r..1pec1111s post June 21 after attempting to bring some

"The food store operator cannot apply the same common : BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL diversity into a system which had only a very few Jewish
denominators to all Negroes U consumers. Instead he must stodents and no Negroes at all. He realized that Integration
learn to recognize and understand the motivations that characterize i-- means at least u much for white children as Negro children
----- --- ---- -- -- -. --- ---- --- -- ---- -- -
- -- - -
the distinctly different groups that are emerging today," and that the future of our country depends to some extent on
the study reveals. this. He said: of these Illy-white schools, "because of their

Since the Negro suburban population Is less than one per cent ARIES 12th..Them are the days when urn CAPRICORN money and position these kids will probably be leaders,and
of the total suburban population study focused the central poor $Judgment may be displayed they're being prepared for that role with only a wildly unrealistic -
,city area and reported these facts: BUN MARCH In the management oj Jour pe '.1, BORN SEPT. view. of. We. T.....,j:..- f ,'" ., ,
Negroes are sensitive, quality-minded shoppers. It might list- mil :mi 'sonal, professional; or 23rl OCT. '23rl IStk ';"1'
truly be said that the restrictions that make Negroes feel they vocational affairs with possible 22il IAN Visit GhettOs?
are second-class: citizens have tended to make them first-class Watch for traps. You are still costly aftermaths. start questioning. While Shun the bait An attractive hull LIJ
customers the study says. They prefer super markets (71%) having everything pretty much 3-60-77-19-46-533 everything looks rosy on the proposition may have all the
and their above-average Insistence on brand names and quality your own way but this does not surface, intrigue may have gone glitter and dazzle anyone less Barry Goldwater recently urged President -
products reflects a need for higher status. Quality in food Is signify that you can: afford to CANCER underground the better to catch perceptive than you generally Johnson to spend the next two or
generally ahead of since relax watchfulness for a ', you napping. Instead of taking Even could be takenIn
put price they are determined to enjoy your are. you three weeks In the big city Negro ghet-
status symbols in an area where the alternatives are onlyminimally single moment. This Is one of IORN JUNE anyone's wordfor It,start probing by smooth and oUytongued toes "talking straight from the shoulderand
less costly. the periods when an Ill-advised 22il JULY 221* Into the possible motives of operators who may try to teach
They are also sensitive to the treatment they receive from gamble or Investment can wipe persons who may be you through promises of grand heart without the thought .of a vote
store personnel and generally rate a store on the following out previous gains and more. There's trickery.: When some approaching you with requestsor and easy profits. Should your in his mind. "
basis: convenience, 92%; friendliness, 85%; neatness, 54%; And the Arians who have children body Is buttering you up,there vague propositions that could circumstances be such u to We think that this idea is good, but
trading stamps, 54%; good selection, 46%; meat and produce, under their care would do must be a reason for It. An jeopardize your standing and make this not u farfetched not for the same reasons as Goldwater
43;; and low prices, 15%. well to be more attentive to Individual may be trying to monetary interests at some future ts it may appear under ordinary
They are becoming Increasingly affluent. The most recent the kind of company the young Interest you In a highly speculative date. A marriage of convenience : circumstances, offers d1 outlined, nor would we set any time
estimates show that the total annual Income for the country's sters keep and bow they spend venture or one that Is or for the sake of a marriage may be the lure used schedule for the President.
4.8 million Negro families Is around $24 billion-an Increaseof their j time when out of sight. purely fraudulent. The proper high title or name, could be to pull you in. Do not bind Goldwater, the President's opponent in
over 25* in just four years. Some 35% of the Negro working The forming of an unconventional amount of research, by yourself detrimental In the long run, yourself until yon have conducted 1964, said that if he were president he
force now earns over $150 a week and total food store expenditures tie, whether you are or by a qualified authority especially from the material : a thorough Investigation would "visit these large cities and use
are estimated to be over$4 billion with the average family wedded or not, may be like could reveal this fact before point of view. Good practical and are fully satisfied that yon
spending $25.08 a week. signing a warrant for future you put up any cash whatsoever. Judgment is more likely to be are wanted for yourself and his personal persuasion" to restore
They have certain product preferences andpurcba patterns. ., unhapplness and frustraUODI.I You tend to be excessively enthusiastic yours on the 14th. This 1s the not for what you have. calm and prevent violence. Persuasion
Sales in the Negro neighborhood super market Indicate these 1 I Take ,no action until the 14th over people who day you should reserve for 1-40-66-14-17-253 may help, but we are afraid that Mr.
markets do about 12% more In total meat sales than the average when you will nave had ample fascinate you and this would arriving at final decisions: Goldwater overlooked the point that ,we
market. Negroes appear to be particularly heavy buyers.of pork time to meditate and to come make It easier for unworthy 7-90-55-13-69-977, must
AQUARIUS combine persuasion with definite
up with Inspired characters to benefit at your
and poultry products with Negro markets selling 24%more pork answers.
and 33ft more poultry than the average market.' expense.4809914517M. BORN JAN. action to relieve the ghettos living: con

The Negro neighborhood market sells about 19% less producethan SCORPIO ditions.
markets catering to all groups although the Negro has a BORN OCT 20tk FEI. 11thContusaca In addition to a visitation by the
strong preference for bulk produce and spends more for cherries Relations
oeveiops. President and Vice President would
22d< ,
grapes, lemons, watermelons, beans, onions, parsley- IBRN APRIL BORNEJULY 24th NOV. with II1cber-. and associatesare : all of the
peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes and yams. It Is also noted 20tb MAY 20thAre Handle with care. Such a run going to bear closer urge senators and representatives -
that Negroes tend to switch from canned to fresh and frozen of luck as many of you may have watching this,quarter to forestall to visit some small Southern city
vegetable as their Income rises. yet tree? Desire obtain 23rd AUG. 22ii bad during the previous quarter the threatening shadowsof ghettos. '

In frozen food products, Negro purchases: amount to 21% less your bearf desire Is not likely Brush Illusions aside. Once contains the danger of buildingj discord and misunder' The experience would be a revelation!
than the average store. The study points out, however, that 'to opposed by anyone except, have adopted a stance It up overconfidence: to the t boiling> standing. While you may be
Negro markets sell 12% more frozen fish and meat. of course, the one to whom you can you be the hardest thing In the point. This Is the main reason under the Impression that your Black Power VSEmployment .
The study also shows that sales In dairy products are slightly may already be wedded. In this world to coat to abandon why you cannot allow your feelings Ideas have been accepted, a
above average in the Negro market and 3%. below average In matter bow much you or enthusiasm to run wild sudden switch on the put of PowerThis
case, no you It In favor of a new one that
grocery product sales u compared: to other markets. Yet In during what be critical make
a others
plan or argue, you are not apt could be far superior for your, may may you appear
the latter category: Negroes are exceptional: consumers of, to achieve the anticipated results. Just because vlsh stage In your existence. You u if you art the responsible
purposes. you newspaper feels that SNCO and CORE
soft 4r Inks. can be almost sure that subsequent errorsIn
anyone party
Liaisons of an unconventtonai to be does not
They respond to certain selling methods. Negro shoppers i nature pack a neap of yourself mean that secure really are, as who suspects that you have allowed whichfor you bad no part The ,!would have more worthwhile goals if they
prefer to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from bulk trouble and they should not_ discover you to chagrin success to go to your safest course for you to follow ,undertook programs to train Negroes for
displays and frequently buys from special displays. They are encouraged, for yourself nor you may on the 9th-12th.Fortunately your head will start figuring out Is to straddle the fence and to :skilled Jobs and to help them get placedin
generally: distrustful of multiple unit pricing. for anyone close to you The despite yourself, you wily ways and means of extracting: refuse to take action until after good paying jobs.
Tli study points out that the psychological: relationship of Taureans who setting some profit out of the fact for the 14th when all dangers should
are now admit liter
market owners and Negroes is an especially crucial area., out on a trip would do well to no on that doubt whatever readily Is happening their own ends be passed. The heart and core of the Negro problemis

"Today, perhaps more than ever before, Negroes are ultra- see that the house 1s securely now Is for your own ultimate 8.70 -15.94': r:.838 260441645772PISCES' good employment, for with it Negroes
sensltivK to the treatment they receive In all social and bolted and that nothing Inside good. There Is a possibilitythat [could provide themselves with good hous-
business contacts.: : has overlooked to Insure SAGITTARIUSBORN ing and help their
been you wlllflnd security where families to lift themselves -
church They have strong ties with their neighborhood social groups, Its protection.: Mature Judgment It was lacking before. That NOY. : ,ait of the well of poverty. It
organizations and athletic associations. Promotionsthat
can be yours through an surely should be checked on BORN FEB. ,
up 'will
appeal to their social or fuod-ralsing more than talking about "black
group programswill old friend put''Ip8rieDc. 23rd DEC. 21st
or your. own the credit side of the ledger ''
help considerably to create: a nleghborhood Image for a ... *, 5-30-22-16-62-615 Use perception The need of IStk, .'1.. 2.tk :power" to achieve this goal.

store. 2.40-66-17-23-492 trying to fathom out the motivations Pay one must While your Most good jobs these days require the
Retailers In Negro communities haw found that displayswhich
of people U very' material affairs are going ;passing of tests and to be able to pass
have pictures of Negroes get far more attention from
Negro stoppers than white customers would give to displays GEMINI YIR60 pronounced right now.Flattery, strong you physical well-being! tests one must have a certain amount of
buttering up and all the tricks: could leave something to be
white BORN AUG. general education and
showing shoppers.
some specific
lOll MAY21st that can: come out of anyor desired. This signifies the desirability .
23rd SEPT. 22ilIf bag may be used to ot of deciding what Iso knowledge. Yes, knowledge is power.
THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY Jill 21st your confidence and unearth greater Importance to you. Negroes need to be trained in how to
to bear. Desjiu
It's There is yours secrets. The feeling that take tests how
i simple logic. excellent Indications thai your and to accept the sacrifices and to pass them, and our
little difficulty: In allowing one's all the such may be the case may come that may be entailed as a con schools do lot
can in
Aug. I, 1110 Robert Punts, Negro abolitionist, was born. life ls good to you at present, a this direction.
'Imagination to roam wildly but the sensitive Sagtt- the work
over more
Aug. 5, U$4.JCII1D Lawson, Negro gunner on the flagship of In the sequence. Lessening Talk without action is
there something cheap and
may CORE s
Admiral David Farragut exhibited marked In the it Is not an easy matter to get tartans, and It should be re load may be a condition that
courage It back to earth background that Is a coutantlOIII'ee reliable alarm and this :NcKisslck and SNCCs Carmichael have been.
Medal of once again. cognised as a has to be accepted,
battle of Mobile Bay and won the Congressional It
Honor. Two and two make four and no : of worry to you. maybe signal. You seem most vulnerable could stand as an obstacle to doing too much of this lately with the
amount wlshfutMsa will make related to your mate or to the wiles of otters and .the development of plans exception of
Aug. 6, 1900 Pre:. William Thompson was killed In Korea other close associate and this your demonstrations (which are
a five of It. This Is the thought apt to be the subject of malicious both present and future. There becoming less
when be refused to retreat and though repeatedly wounded prevents you from fulfilling and less effective) they
that should when false accusations : -
gossip or to be a good opening
fought while his buddies withdrew to safety. Thompson was appears to
yourself to the extent that is seep spend their time at
9th 12th. press con
;Iou are calculating your from the through for the more taleat4 Plsdaas
Medal of Honor UN
awarded Congressional
posthumously<< ,
problems ferences
chances of of who have managedto television interviews.
achieving your vocational Those you to make better use of
since the
first Negro to receive the medal SpanishAmericanWar. could underlie any other dlfficulUes -,
or ambitious goals. navigate over these treacherous talents which, in time, may
6 1846 Wilmot proviso to limit slavery defeated. Positive conclusions are more that you encounter in waters thus far should even become perfected enough THINGS
Aug. this connection but there ARE
Aug. S, 1846 Frederick Douglass addressed the World's likely to be reached on the 10th solution somewhere should not lessen your watchfulness, to be utilized M a BMaaf .of ,
Convention la England than on any of the subsequent for renewed and more deter- livelihood., Have looked at the Help Wanted ?
Temperance London. days of the quarter. Keep your you take the pains to look for It.' 'mined attempts may be made 3-20-33-13-89 you lately

self well In check on the llth, 8 50 33 11 '15 348 ,9-10-99-17-3 -JQ9. Equal opportunity is in business. '



1 Royal Vagabonds Club Officers Installed I

I [L ., ,_ .. ., "j
LOUln. I ''Ii' ''. .'il/--.".." f".(./1 I ,.., .. ; '.. ,... .'I''S.!." if'v. ;J,. ':.)

t .'" .. 4., 1'.1.:' of,
Mrs. Barbara H. Walker, former senior lard A. Blake Sr. of Atlantic City, : : ': ': 'Y .
counselor at Matthew W. Gilbert High New Jersey. 'f". ; ; .
School was recently appointed Dean of Miss Collins Is also the daughter of .. ., '!' "

Girls at the new Eugene J. Butler Russell Collins and granddaughter of

Junior-Senior High School #168. Mrs. Marie Fogle, both of Jacksonville. ;
Mrs. Walker is a graduate of Boylan- Catherine received her B. S.degree from

Haven School and received her Bachelor'sand West Virginia State College also, wherehe ,! S"py A a ,:'f
Master's degrees from Florida A. was commissioned as second lieutenantIn ry 1j

and M. University. the U. S. Army. ; :

She holds membership I in the Duval ?

Teachers Association and the National ******** ******** ******** ; I

Education Association Florida Educa-

tion Association Kappa Delta Phi an Mrs. Gwendolyn Chandler, staff memberof [

honor society in education Delta Sigma the Haydon Burns Library was electedto

Theta Sorority Inc. The Woodlawn United the office of Public Relations Director #

Presbyterian Church and Les Fleur Society during the annual meeting of i !

and Civic Club. Library Association in Clearwater ,
Florida recently. \
.*.s**** .**..*** ********
******** ******** ********
elected officers of ;
INSTALLED---Newly assistant secretary; Phillip Douglas, !
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Taylor celebrated the Royal Vagabonds Club who were installed treasurer; B. L. Canty, parliamentarian; '

their 25th Wedding Anniversary at their The final meeting of the "Summer Set" during a lawn partyInstallationaffair Samuel Williams Sgt.-at-arms. Shown :

home, 2102 Mt. Herman Street recently. bridge group diet at the home of Mrs. held last Friday night at the standing is L. I. Alexander, prominent '

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor received many beau- Irma Murray, 1 IM70 West 8th Street recently luxurious home of Atty. and Mrs. Releford in social civic and business affairs,

tiful gifts. Serving as matron of honor Mrs. Johnnie Mitchell was co- McGriff are seen here. Seated from left who Installed the officers. I

was Mrs. Catherine James of East Orange, hostess for the session. The grand prize are: Preston Peterson, president ;. Mon- .J

N. J. cousin of Mrs. Taylor. Rela- winners for highest cumulative scores salee Davis, secretary; Randolph Silas, (Photo by Royal Art Studios) I

tives and friends of the Taylors attended for six weeks play were:

the affair. First, Marie B. McClain; SecondVermal Robert Blaylock The Japanese alwu'/s wash teacups
t McCone; third, Maxine Jackson. Consola- Stanton Student Schedule apart from other dishes and
******** ******** ******** tion prize' went to Catherine Jackson. ,Featured In RecitalRobert utensils because only their absolute
cleanliness gives tea the best
Winners of last Tuesday bridge session Wins TopU. Of OutingsThe Blaylock will be Presented possible taste.
Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Hartley of 717 were : first Leona Bennett ; second In a musical recital Sun Here's a related practice for
Franklin Street announce the engagementof Johnnie Mitchell and third, Irma Murray. Of F AwardA Nathaniel Jackson Octo- day at 8 p.m., In Greater New you to copyt use plenty of clean .
Mt. Olive Baptist Church !In Interest hot suds and rinse for teapot J j
vettes will to
their daughter, Jannette Marie to Guests at the final sponsor a trip
meeting were: Mary of District 1. a* well as for the cup.. 1
Fred Robinson Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Harper, Leona Bennett and Mildred check chows 13 student the American and Beach Saturdaymorning 0\\
Fred Robinson Sr. of 5262 Polan Lane. from the New Stanton Senior Saturday night. i
Hampton. Busses will leave 20M W.18th WHEN YOU ARE ILL
High Band and ft from
Jannette is a graduate of Florida A. and St 12th and Palafox 19th
Regular players for the "Summer Set" ,the Darnell -Cookman Junior and ,
M. University and is studying at Teachers are : Lois Avery, Sylvester Bossard Bleb School Band participated Fairfax; Stockton and Lewis
College Columbia University. She is Evelyn Galvin, Catherine Jackson Maxine In the Seventh Annual Gator- Streets; Decott and Baker Avenue You Seek The Best Doctor. ,

employed by the Duval County School Jackson, Zelma Johnson, Marie B. McClain, by land the Music Clinic of sponsored Florida Streets; Kings; Kings Road Road and and Myrtle Davis Get When Experienced Your Doctor PharmacistsWhen Prescribrs x I

System as an Instructor. The couple Vermal McCone, Annie B. Jones, Johnnie July 2430.University Avenue; 45th and Cleveland your Doctor Prescribes, ''I
will be married in December.' Mitchell Irma Murray and Geneva Wheeler. The one week clinic consisted Road and 8th and Davis. Streets. Orders We Use Only The Best I
Her fiance served as a member of theU. of classes In music theory, The busses will leave at 8 a.m. Quality DrillS "

S. Coast Guard and is a member of ******** ******** ******** music appreciation, private and 8 p.m. **** C. E."BLACK

the Duval County Sheriff's Department. lessons, sectional rehearsals, The Citywide Beauticians Lea- Proprietor
small ensemble performance 3 Registered pharmacists TO serve you
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Urquhart ( YMCA stage land performance, and trip
******** ******** ******** Daytona Beach oSept. 5th at
Executive ) have just returned from a symphonic band. Upon trrtvaL ----A
1 a.m. COMPLETE: LINE 0 P---- i
lovely vacation In North Carolina where students were auditioned for 7
Mr. and Mrs. James Dallas Jr. of they were the guests of Mrs. Urquhart'sparents. placement the In one or more of members.Tickets may Mrs be Rose secured Lee Tould from CosmeticsRubberOoodsCandiesSundriea :Ij I
New York City, announce the engagement of performing orpnla.t1ona. and Mrs. Johnetta Wright are
their daughter Catherine Collins to Mil- chairmen.
on theory test results, sight-
******** ******** *****.** and Instrumental ****
reading per-
formance. The Shamrock Social ClubwUl Lilly's Drag Store
sponsor a trip to the American
Mrs. Thomas Barton 5761 Tusk Court is Four Stanton students were
Aug. 13.
appointed section leaders.They KINGS ROADEL38276
vacationing in New York and Boston with were: Leroy Hutcnlns, Clarinet The bus will stop at 1449 I9O7
i Illinois Street at 6 o'clock 4th \
relatives-Accompany Gloria is her ; Issae Sessions, Trombone; ;
1J and Davis Streets at 6:30 21st
s.t son, Tommy. / 4*. ,, Leroy LJadsej Glbbo Sergeant Percussion.Cornet;.Ce and- and Moocrle te r..Ejoaq, sit;p.m. i .n r r .t, ': .

'5o .*wyN 5 ; : ,**.***.it it 1", ***:*'**** drift CI'IIbe wax mnfntaf- Ammslstaat -- .,. .. ",.. ,. ._r_...... ,,- .... .... ." ... .. r'
Horn Section Lads.Renee' .. .......
'\\,Lilly and Ave Bell of
Mrs. Dorothy M. Williams, librarian at Darnell-Cookman were appointed

James Weldon Johnson is nearing completion assistant section ..-.......-.......-..... ............-...... ..................-.....-.t.,-.......-......-.-.. f
leaders. Renee placed second ,'-- -- -
of her Master's Degree at Syracuse In a section of 28 flutes. ... '4 "..
University In New York. Llndsey Sergeant of New Stanton 'i(;.'' .. "'1 '
She is the wife qf George H. Williams, won a four-year expense ':1" .
paid scholarship to the ..: t'
an employee of the U. S. Post Office \:'
University of Florida as the I
Department. clinic \ ::1, : 1:1.J.r !
outstanding performer.This .,....... \
award was based on a )
******** ******** ******** flawless audition performanceand ...... i.. l'

a perfect theory test score ". ;... .. \i
We continue to get many wonderful reports In competition with candidates jj,
nominated by clinic staff members. I
about the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Leroy Hutcnlns also of ,I
Open House and Silhouettes party that Stanton, placed third. Leroy
was held recently.The Cibbs was nominated for the
washeld Castle Gaback Award which Is presented 1
affair at the Kappa \\AI
to all-around
the student
5736 Teeler Avenue.
In the clinic. Glbbs has been t., I
George Hill Polemarch of the local recommended for membership ", ;; '
chapter welcomed friends and guests.At In the prestlgous Rudimental I

KEN KNIGHT the conclusion the Kappas sang Drummers of America Society. r / .- ...
their favorite fraternity songs, led by Students from both schools '
-Invites You To Listen To- participated In numerous small _
Maxie Wilson and Robert L. Mitchell. ensembles In addition to the t c, wT

stage and symphonic bands.
BIG BAND Students !In attendance were:

"DANCE PARTY"MUr [F :: STORK DELIVERYMr. : : J Bryant GadUaj Deborah,Charles Arena Harding Miles Davis, Antoinette,,Chester Robert

Robinson, Cedric Cruise, Kenneth -
and Ifrs. John W. Harmon Ur. and sirs. Alvin Jones,5709 Late, Leroy Hutcnlns,
11:30: til 12:00: Salirdir 9 p.m. 4113 Leonard Circle St., flrl. Douqueron Ct, firl. Linda Sergeant, Linda Merri- C

weathbr, Gerard Blakely, Loo-
1400 WRHC -1400 Mr. and Mrs.. Elijah R. Davis, Ur. and Ifrs. Roosevelt Bacon, glneaii Parson, Renee Lilly, ___ : -
7879 Pipit Ate., girl. 1338 E.30th St., girl. Ava I ell, Herman Griffin, and ,
-- -- Mlchstl
UrL Norma 8. White and
Kern D. IfcFarlln are the
r s.r baadf directors of DarnellCootaaan s
r r and New Stanton High
Schools. _

Thelmarelfe Singers

r To Render Recital 1r'

The Thelmarettes Gospel
1000 a1Sh'r Singers will be presented In
1 recital Sunday at 8 p.m., In \
Brooks Prayer House. _J
s .a lt.. The program .Is being sponsored -
by Mrs. Evelyn Maybew. You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola.

Special guests will be membersof Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshingThat'swhy
;I" Pallbearers Lodges 11 and
18. things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke.
,, OErM Otter participants are: loose
Davis and the Davis Singers,
Eve( .. Singers,
Toe Singers U r.. Ida
Coh u, Sunbeam Gospel Singe thlniCO
r Miss Frances Scrlven, 1 better
\ Mr Mary Morrison,Nathaniel h
Jackson Octavettes aDd Mrs.

;: Rest'Lee Ashley.IRONING. TIPS Coke

II lie ire some I Ironing tip from .
the lultlru Starch Company:
Beef Best
at Fi it, check the iron temperature
wtlirrow; I for the type| of fabric bc.nfi
I. Then allow time fur the
ton > adjust to the right tempera-
lure >r that falirir cttJtrf under. the autnortty ef The Coca-Cola: Company bjn Jacksonville Coca-Cok Bottling CompanySITURDAY

ii l ,I J \ .

------ ---- -

. .
.. .

".'. .. .TTAI_.. ."II"r" .,,,-,. ., .r', .


I Gospel Echoes Celebrates Anniversary TWO MINIlTE '" LBff Und.rwrlflng Oraduates

.-. .'
aunt nEE IBI.E .

: J n COC.MIUM MIAN. Sled I. TAM lOGIn.....

CMCAOO, H1MOIS a**** 1
rq I w

"The Spirit; hclH'lh| iHir Infirm- More.11,, ; (\Kom. 5:6.: 8, 10). _
a ItU"\ (\Ron. 8.26): ). lint Uirn-aKain Chrlnliarm find
A theist IK no Mronmr than tl" that I the aliove principle In ]just at F
weaken link. If one link in a chain true! of Ih"11I.. of the unUlicver. :;
will hold! one Imnilml (p.lm1.! an- MIMIC of IIH. I in any stronger than
other fifty mud another Ion. the hi. weaken point. Frightening y 'J"t.t.
chain an a whole will huM| Itnpoitndl IKII'I. it,ittpiTially when we consider M' _
no more. Thix ,in. why that Satan constantly attack ui at
Dr"A tl Fyst JaimH. 2.10: itayn \ our weakest point to wreck our
"For whomirvcr .hall kwp tho tcHlinmny' if he can. AP
whole law, ..n,1't offend in one Hut\ here, It where the believer
point ho It Many people supple that wo will elk, our infirmitus" (Rom. 8.26): ). '
be lived or lout ocordinn to haw He dwell within to help in time of r 1 1e 1r
'.1 good or bad we have liccn. Thin need to that we need not fail (Rom.
in not to. It IK not a <|uc.tion of 811.: 12)). This doct not mean
t how good or bad we have been however,that he take control with.
but ul whether or not we have tin out being called upon as He did
ned. A man need commit only one "when the day of Pentecont was Mta l
___un' robbery to I hc a robber burn only one fully com" Unlike the Pentecostal
house to be an arsonist kill only believer, we live under "the die
Mrs. Inez Bivens and the Gospel Echoes will celebrate their
one human being to be a murderer pensation of the grace of
9th Anniversary August 7 at 8:30 p.m. at Edward Waters College, -and commit only one tin to be a What God provides by grace we
Lee Auditorium Rev. H. L. Herod, will serve as master of cere- This It why the Word 'of; mutt appropriate by faith. Thus
monies. Bishop Julia Brown and Vermel Jones Holy Light Prayer God Nays that all are tinner in any given case u>. may kattvictory.
Band will have charge of the devotional services. Also partlcl- How wonderful to know that In Indeed it it concerning the
grace "Chriit died for our tint" weak brother In Christ that Paul
patlng will be The Angelic Spiritual Singers The Voices of
"Cod II able
and that by simple faith In Himwe I declare by Inspiration;
Jerusalem, Biven Specialsthe Drexel Singers of Patterson, N. J. may be saved and fully justitkdtCHURjNEWSJ to male him ilont" (Rom. .14:4): .
who will be special guest. The sermonette will be delivered by

Rev. W. Williams. Also appearing will be Bishop James B. Brown, J

Deacon Solomon Timmons, Evangelist Bernice Staton Andrew Mc- '
Call Mrs. ,lIll I lie Smith and Mrs. Marion Whitehead. \ J JGRANT Shown here are graduates in the Life Underwriter Training Council ,
.. J. Theodore Lawrence, District Manager of The Pilgrim Health and
Alice -Boston Group- Life Insurance Company (extreme left) and Mr. M. V. Young, Dis-
Hone Shampoos Started trict Manager of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company ( extreme

Legend has it that the first man monlal oil and wood ashes, be Slates AnniversaryAlice MEMORIAL right) Graduates are required to successfully complete Part I
to enjoy a shampoo was a warstepped out in the rain. Presto Women's Day will be observed Oct Jin Grant Memorial AME and Part II over a two year period. More than five classes were
nor in ancient Caul. After -''instant" clean hair! Boston aM the Boston- Church with Mrs. Evelyn Odom u general chairman and Mrs. In session during the past year. Three first year and two second
anointing his head with cereI cafes win celebrate their anniversary Frankye 8. Gorton, co-chairman.
the Peninsular
Aug. 14 at 8:30 p.m., Other chairmen are: Program Mrs. Lenora A. Smith, chairman year classes. Lawrence and Young attended classes at -
'in the House of God, 1725 W. ; Mrs. Anna Byrd co-chairman; souvenir, Mrs. Willie M. Insurance' Building. Mr. Clark, C. Chetty Instructor.
,28th Street Hart, chairman; Mrs. Savannah Smith, co-chairman: ; publicity, Successfully completing Part I was Mrs. Leola Patterson super-
Elder Hose Davis win have Mrs. Vlvlenne E. School Hicks chairman; Mrs. Pecola Hopkins) cochairman visor of. the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, (second from left)
devotion and Rev. Sunday Mrs. Mildred HOI, chairman Mrs.
charge of the ; ; .
Paul Fountain will be Master Vera Floyd, co-chairman; ushers, Mrs Georgia Etta Rich, Mr. A. B. Ashwood, District Manager of the Central Life Insurance
: of Ceremonies. Occasion, Rev. rhflirm n. Frances Ford, co-chairman; finance, Mrs. Lucile ( second from right) and Mrs. Ovilla I Cummings agent of the Afro-
Mrs. Amanda Anderson Host Balnes chairman; Mrs Elizabeth Debos*, co-chairman. American Life Insurance Company. (not shown) WestsIde District.
esses will be members of the Decoration, Miss Gloria Lockett chairman; Mrs. Ethel Hopkins .
Shibboleth Ladles and Mrs.Do- co-chairman; music, Mrs. L. Kennedy, chairman; Mrs. Waymon Chapel
retha Davis. Meltonia Vaughan, co-chairman; steering, Mrs. Agnes W. MADAM BESSIEShe
The participants include: Soul Brown, chairman; Mrs. Annie M. McIntosh, co-chairman. Slates Activities
Stirrers, Urs. Jessie Powell, will read your entire life-past,present and
Traveling Stars, SoulRevivers, WALTERS MEMORIAL Services Sunday Waymon future. She asks no questions but will tell you!
"Jaekrla Pe' '.tom aI3 Sunny Rose, Blvens Specials, Rev. A. E. Odems, associate minister at Walters Memorial Chapel A11E Church begin with what you want to know, giving date and facts of!
jut Voices of Unity, RoberUettes, AME Zion Church,, wJU have charge of the services Sunday. the Church School at 9:10 a.m., Business, love, health and family affairs. Will,
I / N. MYRTLE Ava. Robert Prater, Dixie Jubilees, The services begin! with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with with Superintendent Gary Hall help you find lost art. TELL you whom you will]
Our Jirlnt Attron+utt art tatting RwtfiMl efoneci (TO PUT Robert Smith, Singing Trum Miss Amy Moreland presiding. The lesson topic, "God's Way In charge. Rer. G. Smith, marry and when. U the one you love Is true, what' ,
IT .VIIDl.V riT/f THEIR HEALTH eoiuWwInf ift. Ampri pets, Junior Choir, Church of In the Home," will be, ,reviewed by the associate pastor. pastor, will review the lesson part of the country Is luckiest for you, and what*.
,...,."..d hv MOM 'Irritatlnf fume. and ... /fuel lupplf.H God by Faith, Sweetwater, Rev.S. Morning service begins at 11 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Odoms Love feast service will be to do to be successful.Will reunite the Separated I
Forehand, Thelmareetes, will preach .and Choir I and Usher Board Z will serve with held at 11 and candlelight .
.r. .! 5nf, Walter J. Umtetc at Instrument
Mrs. Alice Phillips the .
Holy Communion at 5p.m.;;, between and upl
man wife. Makes
or OL'Jt FAJTHril TRJtDE. W..l&.va *wA Oil
Also IfcCloud Staffers, IflM Christian Endeavor League hw beta scheduled. at 5p.m.;. ,., with. via the la "Tbe
pastor! charge.
.n Her. Mr. Smith will also deliver natural
enemies evil
Ifosley, Speight Sinters Tuesday at 8 p..., Mrs. Lassie Murphy co-chairman for the the Influence and bad luck. Does not tell to
IN THE and sermon. please you, but will tell the truth. One visit will repay you for
McCall Women's celebration
Evangelist A. Day bas tstedall members to meet. Rev.H. Then ninth phase of the million
TEETH OF THC EMBRYO Singers, Voices of Jerusalem, C. Archie' pastor has announced that the Lord's Supper will pound and disappointments in all others. I not only read your life like an
C newspaper magazine book but I also
open help you out of your TROUBLES. Come 'i
HURRICANE "CELIA"' Starlight, Mrs Thelma Jordon be aitmlnlstereo Aug. 14 Instead of Sunday. drive will
continue. An appeal and \
33fODV Mrs. Amanda Collins, Mrs. see why you are so unhappy, why everything seems to go
LB. Sadie Mitchell, Singing Wonders Simpson Methodist Union Community for ZOOOOOproject1sbelDc wrong. WHY be sad downhearted,sick and worried when you
WHITING Miss Annie L. McNeaL conducted, and will terminateOct. can be helped and everything made clear by consulting THIS
Mrs. Sarah J. Wilson and Completes ScheduleThe Women's DayThe 4. GIFTED MEDIUMI! Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.:
CRfASN (" In a recent meeting the pastor I make no house calls.: Don't mistake the address, MADAM
DffrIc LJIEa curs nil rr ice
Stewardship and Finance officers and members of met with the men to organize BESSIE Is located north of Callahan on Hwy.301, 1/2 mile from
YILLOW.TAIL a MAW6OSNAPPER others.Mt.. Tabor Baptist Commission of Simpson Union Community AME Church for the annual Ken's Day celebration City of CALLAHAN, Florida Phone 879-2250.
Methodist Church hascompleted met with Rev. N. McCray,pastor which has been scheduled WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE
LB. 59c Women Set Event Its plans for the first effort to organln for the annual for Oct.9. Herbert Wright Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL
of the conference year. Women's Day celebration, was elected chairman and Otis Open dally 8 a.m. to 10
T_ al florid'a *""not( ptrf"r.i7u.'.114I torn ear ttHetou Mt. Tabor Baptist Churchwomen Daises p.m. Including Sundays
YarlrN.a.SNAPPER. The first of the three seriesof which has been scheduled for co-chairman. "THIS CLIPPING GIVES YOU TO A $2 READING for $1
will observe their annual .
"The Bible Speaks" will Oct. 16.
day Aug. 28 with Mrs. D. tie sponsored Aug. 14 during the
FUNKS & THROATS. LB. 59c Mrs. Beulah Mosley was
B. Barnes as pastor for the evening service. Bible Speaks"will elected general chairman;Miss rn ..mteesE's.gre
day. be sponsored Aug. 14 during Lillle Mae Bell
Cocbalrma.ni1Ir. Now
Other officers are: Miss I. M. the evening service1. Bible .. Essie Mae Sullivan Program :
SHRIMP .LBI age Fleming chairman; Mrs. Ber chart cters, beginning with chairman; Urs. A. B. 4 Locationsto
DIce Holiday, co-chairman and Abraham and 1 ending with Paul
Houston, Miss Annette Wilder
Serve You3118EdgewoodAve.W.
for t1I i red tr"'oH t tMtk Miss Angellne Holliday. -
will be discussed. public relations chairmen




t S.

), "o'" ," I r.


; HENS 1n. Ib.15CSUGAR

r THINK FOR A MOMENT. abou{ your children, LIMIT I

# or even your children's children in tomorrow's
overcrowded world where population will double and CURED

re-double in a very short period of time. SAVE

1 With all these people, plus the rising cost of.food, rent, PICNICS 1 10' 3911-

JACKSONVILLE clothes, and everything else depending on land. .

DAYTONA BEACH will your child have to pay tomorrow's high costs, or 5 Ibs. DIXIE CRYSTAL.SUGAR
'//r M will he profit by a decision you can make now? wlTH$5.bO
ORLANDO| ;i S..' '; You can afford to invest in homesite, farm and FOOD ORDER 39 .,

TAMP citrus land in Florida's Golden Triangle which could

c lEe aoePNr be worth thousands in years to come!

XV ti Clip and mail the coupon today. WHITE
t/' PALM IEACHn. <
LAUOERDAU' 'l 3 1 Reg.2

L \

... .............i.II1IBIB


M 5za Brad St Jacksonville,Fla. i|
S jj @J c: C 0 FULL M Dear Sirs SJ SAVE
39'! FRESH
PRICE Please tend me your free brochure, plus. map. fled guarantees B ;; GROUND
jM on Canaveral Acres, j i <



'; :: ;. : / J t / .:, .
i '
'Call E i. 6 e09.4.F Complete Informatton''Toda f ntci TNT lEI HUH ,sin ii win ? flANNEL 4

j b


WORLD OF BOOKS Attend Labor Seminar_ President Johnson Sees Job CampaignSeen

Violence As Threat ProgressingGordon

!! by INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS, 32J pp., $:\\.95. WASHINGTON President see quality and justice given Punshon manager of
James Meredith the first known man of color to bo admitted Lyndon Johnson in his press' their fellow citizens" the Jacksonville Youth Opportunity -
and graduated from 01'Miss(University of Mississippi), conference last week expressedthe Once again the President repeated Center reported that the
has not, since those years dropped Into anonlmlty. Following hope that the "lawfully constituted his earlier statement Center's campaign for summer
those eventful days which began In 1962 Meredith has continued M4DISCUSS authorities of t this regarding "black power" when jobs for college and high school
to be "front page" news-witness his brief stand In country, as well u every cltl- he told the newsmen: "I am students has been progressing
Nigeria where he had been Invited to continue his studies ten of this country not Interested in 'black power'or extremely well during the past
his return to the U. S, to l lead a 260-mile protest march will obey the law,will not resortto 'white power'. What I am two weeks with 47 employers I
from Memphis to Jackson and his candidacy for pubUc officeIn violence, will do everything concerned with is democratic providing 74 summer jobs for ,.
New York. they can to cooperate with constituted power, with a small 'd'." these young people.
U be was really the rallying point during the 01' Miss :
authority to see that When: asked about the presenceof Punshon said that the YOC
crisis he was even more so when he was cut down from the evil conditions are professionals agitators in still has thousands of well
ambush just outside Hernando, Miss., during the early hours remedied, that equality is given recent racial disturbances, the young men and women qualified
of his march on Jackson capitol of Mississippi. and that progress is made." President said: "Wherever available who would like to
But this book has nothing to do with his later battles, but The President was responding there is trouble, there are always work t this summer ;7
with his days or rather years at 01' Miss to a question about the Cleveland Individuals to whom
In it, he gives: for the first time, his own complete pictureof and Chicago disturbances and suspicion is attached But I i r.v;
l has years at 01' I&Iss4ow he felt, what he had to endure, the slogan "black power". would not want to say that the
and of the rebellious spirit which he had to constantly hold He said: "I am very concerned protests and the demonstratorsare oo."ANGOk
in check. about the conditions that existin inspired by foreign foes.
Having been placed in a position of being a "first," which many of the large cities of I do say that on occasions
brings with it expectations that he automatically becomes a this country during this where you find this trouble, 'fR
leader Meredith seemingly: has taken up the challenge to summer I nave talked to the you also find people who do
vie, along with others, against the forces that tend to keep LABOR lEGISlATION---Shown here are several labor leaderswho Governors on that subject this not approve of our system

his people subjugated.That recently attended a one-day seminar on protective labor legis- morning. I nave been in touch and who in tome Instances :_..._....._. 1
he feels this way Is expressed in one portion of the with a number of Mayors in contribute to the violence that UICKLV KILIfVII TNI I"ICTI
book: where he says "Because of my 'Dlvlne Responsibility' lation on the Florida A. and M. University campus. The seminarwas most recent days." occurs." 0*TOO MUCH FOOO AND DRINK

to advance human civilization, I could not die. U one places sponsored by FAMU and the U.S. Department of Labor. Dis- In expressing Ms concern, the .
society above self-and 1 do--life never ends. cussing problems of labor in Florida left to right are : Patrick President pointed out that "u

"Everything I"do, I do because 1 must; and everything that Hears Florida Industrial Commission Daytona Beach ; Maxwell I we are not to lose a great manyof R. S. EVANS
1 must do, I do.
the gains that we have madein
Vocational-Technical Institute
S. Thomas director of the FAMU ;
BOOK NOTES: The NAACP has Just published the first of recent years in treating
four listing of schools books presenting the multi-ethnic Harold Smith U. S. Department of Labor, Atlanta Ga. ; and Dr. people equally in this country,
Society in America. The initial listing contains 175 titles George T. Brown deputy director. Bureau of Labor Standards, U.S. giving them equality of opportunity 3rd & MAIN
for pre-scpool and elementary school children with concise of Labor D. C. equality in education
Department Washington ,
annotation indicating the extent of "integration achieved and equality in employment 66 CHEVROLET IMPALA .. S25"5l&Aft !)
----FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau ONLYvYa AUTOMATIC RADIO oil NEATER. PO\\*"
then we must recognize that
while there is a Negro minor- 65 CHRYSLER NEWPORT,, . $2895::
ity of 10 per cent in this 11ANTY'
= SNCC Becoming Segregated nN
I Area Servicemen = country there Is a majorityof 65 PLY. FURY III . 12395!) $205
90 per. cent rho are not AR CON: \ t TOC1 0RRrinnRNArsYTRANRPIRRARLr: : R TR .

Outfit Observers AttestATLANTA Negroes; 68 R11STANGFAUTfMAAIC ( . . $1305!)
Woodbine. Ga. will be trained j
The President Indicated his "V>AARIT\ R. WIIITS WALL TIllE. TINTED
on the job as an air policeman conviction, however that this 65 H Vcl: t rpW5pt.ICOUPE . .$2095 !
with the Air Defense Command. -NPI-The Student said, in the name of SNCC. 90 per cent white citizenry loll v.., TONATIC. 1'OMLRtERINe
Nonviolent Coordinating Com- Meanwhile John Lewis deposed were beginning to move forwardin 62 CHEV CONVEi7zfBL ; 31095R

SAIGON Vietnam-Staff Ser mittee Is rapidly becoming a SNCC head, said few the right direction. He said: 65 MUSTANG'x*ire MbOE R &tin HEATER w'toa. . 51795 !
leant Peter J. Evans Je. of segregated outfit sources both whites are left in SNCC and "But I believe most of those 65 PONTIAC CATALiNA .$2i95 ..
facksonvllle Fla. Is hostile and friendly to the militant they have practically no influence 90 per cent have come aroundto 0005 CARD P L01 ED Am coNDiinRTD Liar J NRW
luty with U.s., COMBAT, now AIR on i group nave attested the viewpoint of wanting toy 64 PONTiAC t A1PAI.INA . .31795
The Southern Patriot which At a recent meeting, SNCC-: FORD C NEW RP bW\1R rRO. R'rER: : CLEAN
duty with U. S. combat air 61 STATION \ 3 R93
Identifies itself u a SNCC supporter which in the paSS had more ADO [ A IC, aEA4 MEAN
forces In Southeast Asia. said SNCC has told its white than Negro members- 63 v I.tN'f"2 f) n.IA . .$13A5
Sergeant son of Peter
Evans of 1515 W. Union St., white staff members that voted to be lOb I at k-starred, 64 W CIEV.ADO lTflP4-DR. H'TOP .. SlfiOS
NSAS "they simply becauseof black-controlled and black-fi
4 cannot : 1'1'11 0"1'111I'
Jacksonville, Is assigned to a $ ALItl"JI LOCAL DRIVE
forward combat base. He is objective conditions, attempt nanced" Lewis said 64 v'81.fS(SVAG1r'N ,I::. . ,$1005
longer to organize InNeg-o Carmichael national
any Stokely ,
a supply Inventory specialist.The communities." SNCC chairman, bad nothing to Bfi 63 FORD H-TON PICKUP . .$ 993
is of
sergeant a graduate been assigned to George AFB The the SNCC's VROLET-'MlEiNBRIAR
New Stanton High School Patriot published by say about all-Negro 62 1 WAGON .3 795
Calif., after completing Air Southern Conference Educational .way. But he Indicated that he A REAL GOOD ONI:!
ANTONIO, Tex.Airman His wife, Audrey is the daughter Force basic training. ,Fond, Inc, denied, was seeking a meeting "in the <
Larry L. Weston son of Mrs of Benny Gordon of 428 The airman, a 1966 graduate however, that SNCC has asked very near future" with Elijah By Mary Whitman Over 100 Car To Choo,e From
N. Orrin St. Lake Charles
Ethel L. Mallory of 4125 Katanga of William James High School,. "all of Its white staff membersto Muhammad, leader of the Black scheduled tonight
Drive S. Jacksonville Fla., La. Statesboro Ga. leave" Muslims Baby-.lining. .
Teen. sitters art a national'
has been assigned to Klngsley SNCC feels that "the very "Muhammad," he said, "Is Institution. More than a millionof R. S. EVANS
Field Ore, after completingAir SAN ANTONIO Tex.Airman liaR Control Bill presence of white organizersIn the leader of a major organization them work from coast to
Force basic training.The Rondle L. Lundy son of Mrs. black communities nas an of black people, and I coait.So.
airman a 1966 graduateof Zedna L. Mills of 7220 Wilson Needs intimidating effort on Negroeswho want to talk to him directly." Important are their skills\ 3rd & MAINEL
Ralph J. Bunche m School, Blvd., Jacksonville FILL has RevisingWASHINGTON have (known people only Carmichael is seeking to organize that by the a handbook Department bal been of Hetlth Issued,

While In the role of oppressors," a Labor Day civil rights Education and Welfare coveringdo's 4-8381{ EL 4-8382
Edwin the Patriot s 1d. conference in Washington and don'ti. U bat biqto oaafejty td
praising Congressman
WUlls ,) chairman Instead of giving their time among civil rights #Readers of ; feeding,. flrit aid another "Jacksonville's: Most Recommended Dealer"
E. CD-La ,
k'".. .. .ZIIIO'! : .,.. GILT. 'L. uu; ...'.. a !!I of the House_ Un-American and energy Irf end maybe'eomrauiflUes their:..Y,,'mr rauaslon. ?..,_: .toplca::,.. ... .. ASUPEa }
"for the live the Negro -
Activities Committee
earless manner In which be "It Is now time (and long' I
overdue) that they (white people r'
? to the grisly
has attempted place
Salty Dog record of the Ku Klux Klan in the movement) turned to the J
essential task of working In the
before the Congress, Clarence white community" the Patriot
Mitchell, director of the NAACP .
Washington Bureau said the

Committee's NAACP could Klan not control support bill the Cop Artist' MARKETS -;

In Its "present form" -- ---.- -
In testimony before the Com-

cited certain language in some
sections of the bill which might rY

be used against organizations f CHUCKROAST
like tbeNAACPandlaborunlons + .
"engaged in controversial but
not criminal or unconstitutional
Accordingly he said, and "in
view of the urgent need for laws LB.
to curb criminal activity of the I
a KKK, we suggest that
consideration be given
$ to strengthening Title V of the
1966 civil rights bill in a man i
ner that will permit the Federal
government to act swiftly and 45

/ P Forcefully against Klan violence The rare combination of a PICNICS
and Intimidation." photographic mind and unusual LB. ,
Should this be impracticable, talent enabled 44-year-old Otis
Mr. Mitchell urged a "revisionand Rate, of the Chicago Police
general tightening up of Department's Crime Investlga-
H. R. 15678 and companion bills that Bureau to come up with CLOROX
) to make certain that the highly an astonishing likeness of the
desirable effort to control criminal suspected killer of eight student
conspiracies of the KKK; nurses in training at South Chi
does not become a means of BLEACH
cago Community Hospital. Ra- 15
ensnaring those who may be thel made his sketch from the
Make it perfect. engaged in controversial but not description given by the lone GAL.
criminal or unconstitutional survivor of the massacre Miss
tivities." Corazon Pleza Amurao 23 of llMII 1 WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
Mr. Mitchell submitted with 1 the Philippines who escaped
xlndr his testimony supporting memoranda detection by rolling underneath
from Robert L. a bunk bed. The artist, a pro-
,Carter, NAACP general duct of DuSable High School,
1 counsel, and J. Francis Pohlhaus -, has been with the police depart GIANT
counsel for the NAACP ment nearly three years DETERGENT
Washington Bureau. (NPI Photo) SIZESATURDAY S9t

Royal Art StudioSTILL LIMIT 1 11TH $$5,00 OR MORE fOOD ORDER







.' Ai Ciin i 710 RUSHING 5T.I' ,

Seagram's Extra Dry/ the perfect martini gi i TOMATOES SOUP TALL CAN 1OOYAL i iI

tutu minim COIIMM. i U.n nwt iismui in in U"" 'IUIC"' I"' SAME PHONE 3541894I I :: LONG GRAIN RICE 5 LI. PIG 5geJ

t A I J I.

----- ---

'0 . . . .0. . . .


Social Club Met Recently TEA TIME Take It 'O Leave It'By

--;- -,- .' r :;;; ,fd. : irhe Ada Bracy Chorus of St.
Charles C. King
.. t Psiul AME Church will spooMor
1.'IJ .
": '
'. \ Its: annual Garden Tea AUK. Z8at
.., "", '
;ffJ-. : ; .; i. t the home of Mr.,Mrs.Andrew BLACK POWERPower and to subdue. The red horse's rider hada
.' : ".. '. : '" I' f.1!. 1 Boston, 1498 W. 9th Street. A weapon, "a great sword" and he dis-
/ .I\ program will be presented with Is neutral. It is tasteless, rupted the peace of the world. The riderof
\. e outstanding talent participating. colorless, odorless, invisible.
It is
j t the black horse had no weapon, but a
I : ; The Royal CourtU;Lily White -defined in the dictionary as "the a- balance in his hand, and his purpose was
u ,.I'I'I Benefit Association,will sponsor bility to do: capability to act; capacityto not to destroy but to establish justiceand
its annual tea Aug. 21 at perform or "producing." equality. THIS IS ,BLACK POWER and
: : 1207 Ibis Street from 4 to Nothing is accomplished without power. we are living In the day when the BLACK
( 6 p.m.A .Behind every achievement is a manifestation -
HORSE of the apocalypse is 'kicking
1 I program will be presentedby
I Mrs. E. R. McGowan, assisted of power. When power is exerted it his heels. Finally, a warning was givento
9' by Mrs. Addle M.Baker, usually Is associated in the mind with the rider of the black horse. "See
Mrs.,Willie J. Stephens, Mrs. the things most directly Involved in thou forget not the oil and the wine. "
if Florine Fletcher and Mrs its exercise. THAT is why people speak of The oil was in the old covenant used to
'! .1I':... : Pearl Washington. different KINDS of power. There really is anoint the prophets and priests of God.
;" ., but one source of power of all "kinds."
"'i(: About People The wine under the new testamentChrist'scovenant
-.. ,,.: The Bible refers to power in many varied was used at the Last Supper of
'1t' ';r.fI' '...:.."' ""'" Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson aspects: the "power to get wealth"Deut. our Lord to seal the sacred bond of unity
,. : 'f of 1618 W. 24th St.,and nepbew, ( 8:18): ), "the power of anger" among brothers in the spirit. It is alsoa
,< Bruce Johnson,a 1966 graduateof
#': '-. : ,,,,,:,- ;., Gilbert High, hare returned (Psalm 90:11): ) 'power to lead. a symbol of the blood shed by Christ for
"'1< if home from Chicago: IlL,where wife'I( Cor. 8:5): ) "the power of the man's redemption from sin and error. The
","ft' ":, t.:..: they were the guests of Mr.and tongue" (prov. 18:21): ) which is has life warning not to forget the oil and the
Mrs. James W. Johnson, son of and death and which 'sets on fire the wine in the cry, and struggle for justiceand
Mr. Johnson. They were feted course of nature (James 3: 5-8)) "powerto equality was a warning not to for-
THE LA-JAX SOCIAL and SAVING CLUB met recently In the home of with a lovely lawn party by Mr. forgive. Matt.
and Mrs Allen Miller of 1617 8:6): ) "power of get the religious foundation of lasting
Mrs. Barbara MungIn, 263U Wilkins Court. Seated, from left are: St.Charles Road,Mayvood,IlL, thee grave" (Ps. 49:15): ) Heb, 2:14): ) Justice and real equality.But .
Mrs. Deborah Randolph, business manager; Mrs. Ruth Smith, president and Mr.and Mrs.Luther Nuness the 'power of darkness" (Luke alas! the rider of the black horse
\ ; Mrs. EvangelIne Young, treasurer; Mrs. Connie Beaker, of 622 South 16th Avenue, of 22:53): ) (Heb. 6:11-12): ) "power to became drunk with power, once in the
i financial secretary. Standing, from left: Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs. Maywood. crucify..and power to release saddle "calling the tune, holdink the
I Mrs. Carqlyn Thompson, Mrs. Barbara Mungln, hostess. Not shown (John 19:10): ) ower to become the sons "balance of power," and HE FORGOT THE
I f are Maxine O'Neal Dorothy Lunday, reporter; Essie Mae Williams, Mrs. Mrytlce French of 548 of God" (John 12-13), ) (I John 3:1): ) OIL AND THE WINE. ;
Andrea Jones and Mary HIckman, secretary. W. 10th Street is spending her the Bible refers
i vacation at American Beach even to the "powerof His position crumbled and he tumbledand
(STAR Photo by James Singleton) She was accompanied by her letters: (His letters are weightyand went "the way of all FLESH. He
I godsons, Vasco and Resale and powerful, (II Cor. 10:10): The was succeeded by the last horse that was
Have you looked at the Help Wanted,lately? Mrs. Harris granddaughter, 'power of Satan' is referred to in "pale" or mixed up culturally, raciallyand
Priscilla. Acts 26:18: and the "power of an end- economically. The rider of this horse
I You won't tomorrow'twith
Prejudice is going out of business fet They will spend two weeks at
I yetterday't skills American Beach. less life, (Heb. 7:16): ), "the power of was named DEATH, and "Hell followedhim.
.. the resurection," (Phil. 3:19): ). ."
"But what has all this to do with Black power without the fear and guid-
23rd "black power, ? I hear you saying ance of God is short-lived and a preludeto
"where does.it come into the picture?" destruction. We are on the brink of
It has plenty to do with it and here it atomic war. The pale horse is ready to
ANNIVERSARY comes into the picture. Turn now (or ride, his rider is poised. Jesus Christ
135 Brood St. EL 3-5791
soon as ou can) to the sixth chapter of declared "all power and authority are
Revelation. You will find in the closing deliveredunto me, in heaven and on
FURNISH YOUR HOME ON ONEIASY.PAY ACCOUNT phases of St. John's vision of the clos- earth, (Matt. 28:18): ) He taught his
ing phases of human history where God disciples to pray "for THINE IS .THE
showed him four horses with their riders. POWER" (Matt. 6:15): ) St. Paul declared,
1 3 COMPLETE ROOMS $298 Each went forth as God sent him and gave "I am not ashamed of the gospel of

him power. The first horse was white, Christ, for it is the Power of God to
1-8 PC. %Q fourth clear color a"
was no just
r '
i "pale' horse.
The rider of the white horse had a
::1 .\ weapon, a bow; he went forth conquering

/ ii p 3 l

0 .- ... .. : %

f 0 ,I

I? i O T
: 1

i \ Jacksonville Newest And Most

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; t... ..



I- ';;;;." Lewis Rosenthal Gives $2,500,000 On 75th Birthday ** ** ** ** **.1

I C.M.III For Fair Celebrates Birthday And Gives Education

Housing Stepped UpNEW I- jrr'c Roundup

Implementing a vigorous pro- After a presentation by Judge
gram to eliminate all formsof Loren Miller a vie president
racial discrimination In of the NAACP a two-hour discussion LOS ANGELES-(NPI>-Racism which would shame even Dixie
housing In a recent policy period held the Interest was spewed forth at a board of education meeting as tU board S.
statement, the Association set of the 300 participants. Judge planned to send students from all-white but crowded MU Glea-
forth Its determination Miller then an NAACP son Junior High School to Integrated but less crowded Maclay
achieve goals of complete free attorney played leading role Junior High School "N...-lover," "The communists: have
dom of (choice adequate supplyof in the legal action culminatinga : taken over," "Forced race mixing" were among the taunts
units, and racial and U. S. Supreme Court ruling shouts d at school board members by 200 angry white parents.D. .
economic integration in the na of 1941 banning Judicial
tion's residential neighIborhoods. enforcement of racial restrictive C. DE FACTOWASHINGTON
covenants: In housing He -NPI The first case: fought against de facto
The statement says In part: Is also author of the recently school segregation in a major city,as the educational practicesof
I"No amount of progress In published book The the nation's capitol came: under attack in the U. S. Court of
[any single phase of the.civil Petitioners, a comprehensivestudy : ,it t .Apppeals. The plaintiffs seek to have de facto school segregation -
J rights movement can have of the Negro before the f ;' declared Just u discriminatory as deliberate segregation.If .
(lasting effect so long as racially Supreme Court. \1t-.i'fll'I ,1:1' the case 1* won, the effect will be felt across Am.r1cad
separate patterns of residency On the panel guiding the discussion \ city: and suburban school systems may be joined to bring about'
continue to be enforced.Nothing were Clarence Johnson I .: : : Integration.
(less than an ait-out national regional Public: Housing I) ,
ffort Is required" Administration representative --i-: ( PLAN ORDERED
The statement was abopteds o f the Department of Housing : WAUKEGAN 01. -(NPI)- This city's: school board has been
a resolution by delegates and Urban Development; Miss t .: ordered to offer a plan to end de facto segregation in Whittler
attending the 57th annual Yvonne Brathwaite, Los Angeles School, which 1* S3 per cent Negro, under the first applicationof
ft A AC P convention in Los An- Branch housing committee: :fJr the Armstrong Act In the state court.: The act requires
lest earlier this month. chairman; Curt Moody execu- t''t school officials to change: school districts with a view to promoting -
[The NAACP Is calling upon ties director. Community ( -." ,,* integration. Lake County Associate Circuit Judge
Congress to enact pending Relations Conference of ti Charles Parker, in Issuing the order, declared that the act
fair Housing legislation, es- Southern California, and Jack applied to "de facto" u well as deliberate school crept1oD.KI .
tally Title IV of the Civil E. Wood Jr., associate -
gbts Bill of 1966 which pro. executive director National APfBIRTHDAY % PLAN APPROVED
bits discrimination in the sale Committee Against Discrimination : PETERSBURG Va. NPIThe local school board's plan for
rental of all housing. As aitueot In Housing. desegregating teaching staffs at all the public schools by the
: 1967-68 school von last week in the Federal
unit of the Lead- --- year approval
ship Conference on Civil Harlem Youth Gets CELEBRANTS---Roy Wilkins, exe- at birthday party July 23 for Lewis' S. District Court of Judge John D. Butzner Jr. Under the plan,
hts, the NAACP joins other teachers will be aligned so no school is Identified as white
cutive director of the National Associa- Rosenstiel chairman and president of
izatlons In the Conference or Negro because: of the predominances of one race on the
J2. An Hour Job tion for the Industries Inc. ( second from
purging the establishment ofadministrative Advancement of Colored People Schenley faculty.
agency Francis Cardinal Spellman Arch right) Cardinal Spellman revealed last
gad with the responsibility After Saving L ife bishop of the Catholic Diocese of New week that Mr. Rosenstiel is making gifts SHIFT IN PATTERN

[enforcing both the letter and York and Congressman Emanuel Celler' totaling $2,500,000 to Catholic, Jewish, LOS ANGELES - i spirit of housing laws. NEW YORK -- A 16- general publishing houses have embarked upon an experiment*
(extreme ) 300 Protestant and civil I rights charities.award .
organization Is advising year-old Harlem youth was right were among guests that Is hoped will bring the Negro into his rightful place: on the.
(j\branches to work closely awarded a $2-an-hour city job American scene. The plan, designed to transform the concept:
"i other after CARDINAL SPELLMANNEW spouse was revealed here late has been given.Previous Wilklns were guests at toe Sat
private organizationslocal he saved a woman from of Negroes held both by themselves and white people is best
leadership to develop possible suicide. this afternoon by Francis Cardinal recipients are Chief Justice urday night party too. The illustrated by a group of 175 textbooks readers and supple-
I YORK-Amancelebra- Spellman, Archbishop of Earl Warren, Harry S. Truman'and Utter t Introduced Cardinal
carry on programs designed LeRoy Outerbrldge went to mentary materials which show Negroes and whites u normal
achieve NAACP housing work in the Real Estate Com tlng his 75th birthday over the the Catholic Diocese of New the late John F. Kennedy. Spellman, the principal parts of American life.
l} missioner' office at $62 fora weekend turned the tables on York, who said he had Congressman Celler and Mr. speaker.
NAACP housing com 30-hour week after he struggled 300 friends who had come announced the contribution
are advised to create successfully to keep a bearing gifts-by himself Saturday night in Greenwich: ,
Pair Housing Centers, woman from jumping possible making gifts totaling $2,500 Connetlcut, at a birthday party
I to aisVffegro families in getting death. 000 to Jewish, Catholic Pro- celebrating the diamond anniversary -
the ghetto at Outerbrldge's job will be to testant and civil rights charities of Lewis S.Rosenstlel, "BONUS
[.outside prices, to en- sort and deliver mall, file, and In New York, California and chairman: and president o
local leaders to form answer the telephone. elsewhere in the United States. Schenley Industries Inc:. Mr
4 nee corporations to defer This unusual birthday re- Rosenstlel's actual birthday 1 oGtlANiIT1
Y tag moderate This was on July 21.
Try Trick For j
es, and to educateoups Three. Point Cardinal Spellman said the BUY"
as to available Ever-Clean ClovesMemo major gifts made by Mr.

I the laws and replug to forgetful females: Itou Agreement To Rosenstlel included $600,000 to
to housing, jce frequently find yourself all Drandels University for continuing : RIGHTS RESERVED
f of Its concern'd rested up with no clean white research in the field or GOOD THRU
\\ the rep, ;loves to .go.. try.. this grooming. Take Steam Out l lJI biochemistry, ,$400,000, to the -
on highlighted a s mnrteJt. >. '' ,,, ... Catholic .Archdiocese of Km 1 ,HERSHEY'S,
tied "Agresstve ,. As soon *.you return from a *, York and 1600,000 to Catholic. : \
in Housing"California Irett-up" event go straight to a CHICAGO -NPI- A three- Protestant and Jewish charities
ashbasln of soap or detergent point agreement reached In California.The .
t State .
ids. between the mayor and civil remaining $900,000 will *
rights leaders plus the pre- be given to various charities SUGAR 29
sence of National Guardsmenin Including the American Jewish 5 IBS
REGISTER FOR FALL CLASSES the affected: area, has apparently Committee the J. Edgar Hoover -

IN taken the steam out Foundation, Bennlngton LIMIT 5 IBS. PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE(
.. 1 Starting Sept. 1, 8 p.m. of the rioting which held sway College and the Federation of
In the West Side area for three Jewish Philanthropies.
L AJUt! COURSE "SPECIAL CLASS FOR SINGERS Cardinal Spellman said be is

Ir+ SCHOOL WORKERS days.According to lates reports a longtime associate of Mr. '/2 GAL. 0$
GUITAR; PIANO BAND no untoward incidents have occurred Rosenstlel in the field of cha- CLOROX Z
+' eg SALES CLERK INSTRUMENTS : throughout the district ritable giving and that this Is PLASTIC,
and the guard force called in one of the few times the ScllenI. M
to assist police: has been cut .y executive has permitted
BONN'S College Of Music to 2,900 men-with 1,456 of publicity in connection with contributions WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF 5.00 OR NODE
them on the streets. totaling more than
W. 20th Street Registrar El 6.6465 The three-point pact providedfor $10 million including the
the use of sprinkler heads present gifts. JEWEL
attached to the fire hydrants "These gifts," the Cardinal
co that children: can frolic in said, "come: from a self-made 1
the waters during the hot spells; man-e. man who went to work SHORTENING 59
the opening of all public swimming at the age of 18 and has worked 3 La= .
pools to Negroes; and the tirelessly ever since. These

a ray building !' design will have appointment of a citizens: committee contributions: I regard as expressions LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH.OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF 55.00 OR MORE _ _
and'function but alwaysith to devise ways by which by Mr. Rosenstlel
>eauty the police department can Improve of his appreciation of the op>> CHASE i SANBORN VAN CAMP SEEDLESS WHITE

/ the human touch. its community relations. portunities America affords all GEORGIA; RED ;
An added measure to Insure men by our economic freedoms.;! 1 e GRAPES
hat's a must. against further outbreaks was So far as I am aware few if any COFFEE SCAN 69 BEANS TOMATOES
the announcement from Sen. of Mr. Rosenstlels' contributions -
The gin I buy is London Dry. Paul H. Douglas (D-IU.) that have received publicity -
federal funds may be used to with the exception of a gift 1 WITH 23cIURCNASEStEOFE
/ brisk iHMOpE00D 7 303.$1 LB
[ always construct: swimming pools, not of $1 million he gave to Brandeis $5.00 5 NO. Z $1
dry and smooth..To me.Gord.on's only in the affected West Side University in 1956 ,for the ,
area, but also other predominantly establishment of its departmentof
is a must. Negro areas as well biochemistry. I know and I MORTON FRUITPIES '
Meanwhile charges against feel I can say now that many
IN"w.I,."'.....'.._4/n f.,,,10'._IeMr.""sl" wr-Lr-wr.n r"" 1oIfc".t nl Mu 10..1 __.. 200 persons arrested in the Catholic, Jewish and Protestant APPLE, CHERRY PEACH '
W. Yi l' "NR rioting, were continued until charities have been beneficiaries 2 9.
July 27-28 by judges In Criminal on many previous occasions I COCONUT CUSTARD 20 OZ.
Court last week Of this of Mr. Rosenstlel's generosity -
sx ,eet number 21-18 men and three and goodwill toward mankind -
women, all said to be members ."
of ACT-ue being charged with Mr. Rosenstlel's birthday was SPARERIBS
disorderly conduct. Originally also celebrated: on the actual LEAN WESTERN
they were charged with conspiracy date, July 21, at two functions FLA. GRADE A WHOLEFRYERS
to commit treason, but in New York. At a birthday
the charge was dropped because luncheon at the Hotel Americana -
of insufficient evidence. Schenley distributors from
;' N 4;44gs '..XID ACT, which 1s headed locallyby all parts of the country gathered
Lawrence Landry, Is said to toast his health and continued: .
by Capt. George Sims, Negro longevity.
commander: of Flllmore police: That evening 1,500 business
district, to be a"para-military associates and friends attendeda
organization designed to carry 75th birthday dinner and dance IB.
out guerilla warfare." at the Hilton Hotel In his honor. 29 JJ
Sims said that Landry Among the speakers who paid '
and other ACT members were tribute to Mr. Rosenstlel were IB..
Involved in the agitation last Congressman Emauel Celler
July at a fire station, after a who described himself as a
woman was struck and killed "close and good friend" of Mr. PREMIUMHUCK PEACH PERSERVES is oz.
by a book and ladder truck. Rosenstlel for more than 50 '
Another version of how the years and Roy Wilkins, APPLE,
rioting began was also aired executive director of the ROAST 49 BLACKBERRY
by police, who said the arrestof National Association for the JELLY3 ritl$1GRAPE
an ex-convict: wanted for Advancement of Colored fOR I
armed robbery touched off the People. .
rioting. A third speaker Dr. AbramL.
William Young 26, wnoseplc- Sachar president of Bran- IRM RIPEOMATOESCARTON
k te.eassr lure appeared last March 23 deli University presented Mr.
';..'.-. bulletin Rosenstlel with the university's
r' in a daily police was
(;(JIdon'ItIonian. ....ae.red n in front of a liquor Medal of Merit for "fathering"the
1/6' picked up
fnoHnd in i ,
*',It.*bl qefl'-rn I nojtnrtAmtrict store by two plainclothes po university's biochemistry :: 1 1OC
tr*II*wall. linemen He broke away from program stating that this was
ftniCTItlSltmMiTiM"tisi6i uiri' pia M rasa u iasi$7 PI pin.oee.ln the officers and ran, scream- only the fourth time In the un1eraity' -
Ing ","Ip." history this special.'

\ ... }

. .



:kl 't

FAMU Grad Moon Over Miami Gets Acting' Internship SINCE YOU ASKED MEBy Launch AidPfOgf.M


Awarded Fellowship MIAMI BEACH, FLA.-.Tbe he starred with Gleason, will To
"Great One" goes back to work know.It DEAR LONNIE: My grandmother Is kind of young and fussesall

i here this week after a summer is reasonably certain several the time. She fusses so loudly thai you can near her for six: Up Culture

of tolling between golf course other top tv shows will blocks. Even when she talks she's loud: and when she' mad
and swimming pool. emanate from Miami Beach in r t n she sounds like a sonic boom. Should I tell her to not yell all CHICAGO -)- A massive

Jackie Gleason, Miami singles or short series later the time? assault oo problems affecting

l3e ch's best known business. this winter, now that the audi '. Almost Deaf culturally disadvantage elementary

nun, begins taping his new television torium lighting system has been WHAT BOTHERS YOU, HER YELLING OR HER FUSSING?. and secondary student
series in color within brought up to meet the switch It seem. like she ought to know by now that she'i loud. If she Is underway In the local public

a few days .. another suresign to color. If so, this will follow got to be a grandmother without toning her voice down more schools.

along with football practice a pattern established several than likely she isn't going to change. Maybe you could turn the With the aid of the Elementary

that autumn is Just around years ago with the black television up when she's around and concentrate on It. Or, you and Secondary Education Act,
the corner. and white broadc .t... could Just sort of always be in another room or on your way two major projects'''After

As during the last two winter With fall in the air, there out when she starts shouting. I hope this helps. School Programs" and "Satu
at this ***** have been
seasons Gleason broadcast still a lot of summer ration of Services"
from the Miami' Beach auditorium seaside holiday center. This DEAR LONNIE: For graduation I got a watch that was Just a adjusted and listed in four

where considerable holds true, of course, the year little old cheap thing. I wanted a watch I could brag about. You categories: activities to continue

candlepower has been added for around, so in Miami I Beach know one that cost reasonable amount of money. I'm ashamedto and wxpand, activities to

benefit of the color cameras. summer is more of an economy show it to my friends because if s so cheap. become operational activitiesto

And as in the past, several season than anything else. Embarrassed be absorbed in others and
EUGENE OLIVER hundred tickets will be available Bargain prices in hotel rooms rr'a! THAT'S TOO BAD. You don't say whether the watch runs or building activities. .

i I i FELLOWSmP-Eu- free to the public for the and apartments *111 hold unchanged not. That should be Important although I know how you feel. The first of the Our categories

RECEIVES performances on first-come until Nov 1. Even on Since there's nothing you can do, you've got to get over being includes' 21 separate areas.
a'I962 of
gene Cluer, graduate first-served basis. that date the price goes up c embarrassed and be glad you always know what time It is. Some of these are:after school
Florida MM University, While the Gleason show will only some 25 per cent and stays T s ___ Sometimes worrying about Impressing your friends can give activities smaller class sizes,

I been awarded a fellowship Office of Education by not hit the air until September substantially below the winter you one miserable time after another. You have to forget about health services, reading experimental

the United Washington States D. C. A the idea of the early startis levels for another six weeks. what they think sometime, or else you might be miserable all and demonstration

for,the Baltimore to put a couple of programs"in Any one planning to stay here the time. groups, family living centers
speech therapist *****
the the full winter can occupy an special summer schools, innovation
cUr schools, Oliver plansto should schedules can" as be a precaution apartment from September until If you want to ask a question send It to "Since You Asked and experimentation,
do graduate work towardthe : interruptedlater. Me Press International 5708 South State Street
next May for about the same fee Negro music instruction and appreciation
master's degree in speech as for January-February Chicago Illinois 60621. and education
The Gleason hour will have ,
at Catholic University a
patholog ...
March. .
Washington D. C. He Is a new format this fall, and some ,

native of Federal, Point, Fla., will new be faces.Art Carney One of the who latter isn't are Plenty in swing of summer now. Greyhound activities Your Good Health! -r frown sff1TH DEFECT'J D

and majored in speech correction racing continues at the Miami L{ _
at FAMU. really new as those who recall Beach Kennel club through Sept. By SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN. M. D., M.P.h.
"The Honeymooners" In which
2. The summer "pops" concert DIABETESThe
series on Sunday eveningsin Oelores Wilson a 1966 graduate of underlying cause of diabetes is an Inherited inability of

the auditorium does not close Florida A. and M., University, has been the pancreas to produce enough insulin to transform\the glucoseIn

until Aug. 28. Legitimate theater given a contract by The Arena Stage your blood Into energy. If Insulin is lacking the blood sugar
continues through the month.A level rises and when it reaches certain level sugar will appearin
Players of Washington for
variety of night clubs pro an acting the urine.
vides a further choice of after- internship for Ml I weeks during 1966-67. When this source of energy Is wasted, the victim loses weight

dark entertainment, as at any The theatre which is associated with and becomes weak, the volume of urine Is increased and the

season. Georgetown University is one of the victim must drink more water to replace the loss.

Outdoors of course, is the mist prominent repertory theatres of Acidosis often develops in diabetics A high degree of acidosis -
vacation relaxation of beach and may lead to diabetic coma. Persons who are obese are
swimming pool and for those its kind in the United States. Miss Wilson prone to develp diabetes.

r v...... who Just must keep busy thereis daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey Strict dietary control Important tithe treatment of diabetes
, golf big-game fishing skin Wilson because an Increase in the intake of calories from proteinsand
YVPrsturally diving, tennis and sightseeing. of Tallahassee Fla. is shown fat as well as from carbohydrates will Increase the blood

Both professional and collegiate here with Dr. S. Randolph Edmonds, head sugar.

football opens September. of the Department of Speech and Dramaat When diet alone will not control the disease the victim must

the SHORTY-$35. The Miami Dolphins brand new FAMU.FAMU photo by Ernest Flllyau I take injections of insulin or I one of the newer drugs such as
MEDALO STYLE #685 member of the American Foot tolbutamlde that is given by mouth. Unfortunately these newer ItIII VII'tll

rat torn, .Vflff&ttffifc:r ; / ?: ball League will be unwrappedSept. drugs are pot effective in all diabetics

M.dal end ..._......*lI aend name. on..drtr. 2 in the Orange Bowl, The numbet of calories inthedtetotadiabeticprustbe'.taiiored
.... FREE Won
1yo. with the Oakland Raiders in op 9mmJ \ .. to one's individual needs, and thf drug dosage mustainea'bd S
Hoallhy Normal 'Par "'"Ge'le:; ieo'oi'HoIr:: / i ",./. In*. I ,position. The University of : 1 V I :' carefully."adusted'..to' beep the urine sugar-free. -.1.LV zul
GROWSrom Iho HAIR ROOTS Deaf. Si S. Bklyn' 35, N.Y. Miami will make its 1966 bow 1' ,... k I Because many persons in the early stages of this disease do th

In your YOUR hair bCALP.often depends The condition haavllyon of against Florida State. not know they have It, a large scale diabetes detection survey
: Iy..natural health DOCTOR el CAR-your rwr .a..... 'to provide early recognition and prompt treatment are the best '
seal ago
NOT Invanttd a mdlca1od ur MIAMI BEACH, FLA. "While : ways to prevent the serious complications of this disease.
formula allod CARBONOCb I The diabetes testing procedure requires that a person refrain
which It mixed with many prov- Miami Beach has little to boast WMBMSpotlight
.n btntficlil& InfrtdlcnU: CAR.* COMBe about in the way of history from eating three hous before be Is given a solution containing
BONOCL It ueh a strong, powertful
anuxptle and does inch. flea being only 51 years old, it R"uMiN'S one and two-thirds ounces of glucose* type of sugar that
'work yI&R ''r an scalp ITCHY thai goes far back in the relativelynew normally exists in the body; Product

many DOCTORS regard II ttlfhlr industry of aviation. What An hour after a person drinks the solution,, a blood samplewill
and PRESCRIBE il for many be drawn to check the amount of glucose. A high glucose
clip troubltf I .' Many annoying probably is the oldest charterair Of The Week
,xttrnally quad scalp conditions line service In the world count indicates the possibility that diabetes may be present.
UM, of art this natty Tr pi relieved. strength by the Ur fJT has been operating from hereto TALK BY LOUISE P. DUMETZ Blood tests, after glucose loading are used'because they are

CCXVINE formula: Write SCALP for this FORMULATOR DOCTOR'S nearby islands for 48 years. Certain combinations of circumstances almost Inevitably regarded by the medical likelihood authorities of diabetes.as being most reliable in Miami, FloridaPACING

now, It will ho not ::. You Ufa, allmired LT lull comb and bfu.h la add color And the founder still can and result in a kind of chaos that affords reactions ranging from determining
and nady to
T DAY,. and 1C you art no'laUIfed ion.. ..h. out. Will nol rub.11. does fly an airplane. dismay to stultifying horror. ---
back. Payonly NOTA DYE.Lael.at,9ulck.et way ............
jour mony to odd color fraduolly AVOIDS The combination of an employment office for maritime : AMERICAN SCENE
II SI en dUvry,This Includet THE
everything, Don I (ay : THAT Bruin attached SUDDEN orromovlnf DYED .LOOK...... MIAMI BEACH, FLA.-State workers a quiet middle-class neighborhood, and a dormitory I
penny mora, You fl It with full .eilorlnc Pr.v nl aolllni, rubblncon funds have been made avail for is
direction. !, Lie the Innl MZDICATEO Coma In Pl..llo Calo. Can nurses, now giving second-guessers broad room for I
SCALP FORMULA your bo ".."I.d In pocket or pur... able and work will start soon tnngue-clucking and "they should have know better" nods of
money can bi y. Your hair and Comet In all (".d.. Black lo
scalp detarve Imo car. Jut and Platinum Blu. ) in restoring the oldest structure supposedly prescient criticism.It .
your name and address to-COLO Just writ, tale ahado. pay only' in this area. It is the appears that some maritime workers are drifters fringe The Importance of Being Elegant
MEDAL HAIR PRODUCTS INC. II.98 on delivery plus| -
Dept, ti i Shecpihead B.,. Mon.y back il not .I ( .l.O"'I' light house at Cape Florida, members of a stable society. I
Brooklyn FORMULA 3J N.Y. MOTE: THIS. GolJ Model Hair Preducte, Inc. about five miles south of this It appears that an employment agency for such workers shouldbe
.. .camel... a 100*' WWn O.pl. St-I Brooklyn 31, Now Yard As viewed PAUL HONIG hell I..? ef fabrics
mor *y guaranta.. resort city. It is most famousfor located In a business or factory district-rot one approximating by Afie

an attack on it by Indiansin skid row, where the accused murderer in the recent

1838 in which both the keeper nurse massacre sought refuge when tracking detectives made Who la to ay that the taper- A world traveler, he finds that

and his assistant were wounded, him panic-but not in a family] area either. And certainly not lance of being elegant ts not on our heritage of freedom hat

but rescued by a federal gun near a school for girls. a par with the Importance of made our toll most fertile for

WAMEDIAL boat. You might consider the areas adjacent to your home neighborhood. being earnest? Not Paul Honig new vIewpoints.

wrr Long have we deplored multiplying taverns and liquor who Is extremely earnest about What are his Fall viewpoints?

Elected Vice PrexyOf stores-but are there other possible sources of scum level elegance Through the go-go Simple silhouettes-spectacular

verDUn? If there are,be aware of them and take steps to protect phase he persisted In creating fabric I Flash that lant brash,

Relations Council! your neighborhood from the drifting loner who may stay Just luxurious woolens and worsteds Everything ensembled for complete .

long enough to wreak terror and heartache for women who love luxury. luxury the complete look.
<""'7 toe Mod. mad kooky. kicky. These Military and naval Influence

1280FLORIDA'S A lady who speaks sense from the gut level will be among the 1 fashions trussed In and finally Tent coat. StrIpes 'round and

artists who Join Chicago's Margaret Burroughs for a tour of I out, revealing Mr. Honig foresight 'round. A coat of giant| check
r' I Russia. The lady is Ruth paddy, and she is the Los Angeles The recently appointed with dress of midget check
' f t.I delegate for the exhibit of Negro American artists which Mrs.I I president of Anglo Fabrics had Check larger than life Tatter

'I Burroughs organized under the Joint sponsorship of the State faith In the good taste of American sallswindowpaneshoundstoot' .

Department's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs along women-young women since

with ,the Russians' Institute of Soviet-American Relations. all women In America are young

i Unlike many diplomats who travel abroad as visiting dignitaries The wild looks made conversation .
I Mrs. Waddy is neither moneyed nor titled. Her income but Anglo'. exquisitely

I Is $103 a month, dispensed by the Los Angeles Bureau of Public woven fabrics made friends

Assistance. Christian Dior-New York Ben

She bus been known to do washing and cooking chores to raise Zuckerman; Originate, Seymour Mr. Honig penchant for elegance
money to finance the mounting and framing a one-man show Fox Bill Blass of Maurice Rent-
began In Europe. After
## Hi although a heart condition prevents her regular employment. ner and Trlgere are only a few. graduating from one of Vlenna'egreat
t However her work as a patron saint of the arts makes her an These were the beautiful fashIons technology schools, he
ftAD10HJ important member of the touring delegation. She has traveled that women wanted to see
served a lengthy apprenticeship:
I extensively compiled a published book of prints by Negro forever-on a clear day-or otherwise
No hit and run drive his, but
MRS. THELMA GORHAU artists, and has earned deep respect and wide influence among .
long hours of delving Into the
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -Mrs. American art lovers. 4o.t..
mysteries of a sleeve aa well asa .
Thelma Houston Gorham associate ......

professor of Journalism Speaking of England, it does seem to have its problems. A weave.Fabric he decided was like Quieter dreamed shepherds of by clan Plaids Clastic never

and former acting director of London widow with no visiting friends, and hardly any ac- Pygmalion. In the hands of a with cla-camel, gabardine,
public relations at Florida AIM quaintances has gone to the movie theatre sat in the
same skilled designer It could come melton A new frosted look for
RHYTHM & University was recently same seat, and watched the film
Jive times
BLUES twice- for a week
elected vice president of the for the last 10 years! alive. It could dazzle delight, klelg light picas .
: Relations stimulate or be restful. Color I II twitched on. The ml-
Tallahassee Human Recently the staff of the
movie house gifted Mrs. Violet
Under Mr. Honig 1 tutelage, Uque of purple and the heady
Council., Forno with a new luminous clock
(to replaces worn one which
Prior to her election she had she used to remind herself to ) and two-month fabrics even perform magic.
get a
i They look bulky while weighing The gamut of green and the
been named by the steering
Said the
pass. manager "k's least could She's
the we do.
STATION committee of the Interracial spent a lot of money with us over the There's no question nothing, reverse to reveal a hid. beautiful blue The aaaty orange .
organization to complete the about it, she's our best customer," den side: drape like chiffon and curries. Continental
while giving, the able perform. tpretM. AU the colon think
unexpired term of Haynes Rice, Explanation for the unusual othavlor came from author Around
ance of double.woven wool. we know like the back of
administrator of hospital our

former a Georges In
a report called "Modern Loneliness."
In Norfolk Va. Mrs. Cor- forecast that Britain will lure George Paul Honig who Is vice president hand until we see their new,

"WHAMMYIN ham, who once served as asls- from loneliness In the next 20 28,000,000 persons suffering of Woolen and Worsteds totally different cut.
last director of pubic relationsat "Thousands of lonely people of'America says he would never Fashion has never been s*
said Lady Phillips secretary
Hampton Institute is(native National Association of Woman's produce fabric In any other wearable nor so dart-able.Fashion
of Kansas City Mo. where she Clubs "are tragically and country The phrase"real Amer. U a dynamic elegant\ lady-
wrongly ashamed l of being Tne'y it mark of
f lonciy. get u a
MIAMI Wall a reporter on THE CALLnewspaper failure" She said the clubs spend many hours trying to help ican" has one meaning to him and Paul Honig ha put much oi
and that's truly International.- that pep In her step.
taught English the lonely. Maybe> England CI.4 alleviate that surplus of men
and Journalism at Central by breaking the age barrier That is Introduce each widow to
Senior High School. two lonely went Wowl I \

1 i .

-- -

n' : : : : .

1- _. .. _" ._ ._ __ ,,, .,.._.... .. f :1

"SyR iLDII'G,I IASEIAU Theron L ewis Tells EGA Golf Tourney Officials Brock's SpeedIs Entries Begin

I .
.... -
LEAGUE NEEDS DIAMONDCHICAGO How To Succeed In w Hew look For 500-Lap'

-(NP1)- A youths :ment.Spiaks. Sports Despite All S q'k In BaseballBy Auto Event
baseball league ontheSouthslde t was drafted by the
of the city is literally "busting Houston Astros and has been By BENNIE THOMAS + BENNIE THOMAS WEAVERYILLE, N.C.-Darel
Us athletic ..It" and needs sent to the Astros' farm team Dlerlnger and his fast moving
more room for its expanding 'at Bismarck, N. D. BATON ROUGE La. - program Overstreet, who served aspresident Thercn Lewis, tile Southern Of late, the name of the tame first official entries for the
The activity started by Anthony of the West Park University o1fD11)u.1Io didn't a r era of baseball Is speed ninth running of the Western
Omstreet of 6730 S.PrIllCftlXa outfit for six years, now Is its run in the 1964 Tokoyo games, Lou Brock, former Southern North Carolina 500 at
Ave., has blossomed into a ''d1r.ctor. said the league hasdeveloped in the two years since has more University baseballer In the AshevUle-Weavervllle Speedway
talented baseball aggregation several youngsters than made up for the slight St. Louis Cardinal outfield on Sunday Aug. 12.
with six t teams-tiw Jets, Hor :WIth big league potential, who Recently, in the Los Angeles / and not Los Angeles' Usury In the 500-lap battle round ,
nets Angels, Sox, Tigers and are being watched by major International Track and Field Wills-4s leading the National the half-mile Speedway Dierln- ;:
Atomic sox .team scouts. games the New' Orleans quar League In stolen bases ger will drive the same Bud :
The league was ..tArtecS"ID He says, "While the league ter-mile marvel anchored the =-.L Speed is reportedly changing Moore-prepared Comet in
1958 and chartered in 1960 baS grown and more boys have American 1,600 meter relay the face of baseball and the which he made such\ a deter-
as the West Park Manor Babe shown Interest to play, our team which set a new world swift ex-Jaguar comes In for mined fight for victory In the
Ruth League. There are only facilities: haven't, Our gamesare record of 239.6 for the event. his share of the new look of Firecracker 400 at Daytona International
two Negro< Babe Ruth Leauges still played public parks. Sharing the winners' podium the national pad fime. Speedway on July
In the nation. The other one is Overstreet says his aggregation with the Southern University a Currently Brock leads the 4. only to finish second to Sam
in Los Angeles.Members has dreams of hosting the senior were Bob Fry UCLA:: ; YOUTH GOLF TOURNEY---Tim Thomas, center tournament director, National League with 39 bases McQuagg. Dlerifiger was less
of the West Park Babe Ruth state tournamentsome Lee Evans, San Jose City Col- Eastern Golf Association Washington D.C. is flanked by officials stolen while Wills Is in second than a .lap behind McQuagg,
Manor outfit are all smiles day but says the league leg and Tommie Smith, San EGA championships playedat place with 30 thefts. even though Sam set a new
these days and for a good needs its own park and facilities Jose State College who assisted | n recent junior It was only recently that Jackie record in winning and Dlerln
reason. One of their aggregation to handle the event. But the record-setting victoryhad the Oxon Run Golf Course In nearby Maryland. The Coca-Cola Robinson, first Negro major ger, out of gas, had to coast
has been drafted by. a The director who has worked to be sweeter to Lewis Company, Atlanta, Georgia, annually donates trophies for the league and a member of the most of the final lap.
major leans team. ''as a Pullman porter on t epock than to any other member of the golfing event, which enters boys and girls from Virginia Dis- baseball's ball famesaid that Dlerlnger and his Comet will
He is 17-year-old Ronald Island railroad's "Golden trict of Columbia Maryland Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jerseyand Brock has "electrifying need all their speed at Weaver
State" Limited for 28 Hack vllle in the Western North
Spinks ((6136 Champlain Ave) years in the 1964 Olympics, Otis speed.
a right-handed pitcher with a was prompted to participate In Lewis was to have run a leg New York. Viewing the trophies, from left are Troupe Of course running the bases Carolina 500 for the track Is
splendid record of achieve- the baseball activity by his on the USA 1,600 meter relay president Oxon Blades Golf Club, Louis Campbell Arlington DIvots and stealing on* her and one the fastest half-mtle layout on
concern over the numerous team, but the Jaguar swlfUe Golf Club, Miss Bess Harrison, youth dfrector, Oxon Run. there as the situation allowedwas the NASCAR circuit. The qualifying -
problems faced by youth In became a last minute victimof Golf Course Mr. Thomas, Stoney Mason Oxon Run pro, Costello nothing new to Brock, vim record for the race Is a
Douglas Porter the big city. a coach's whim and Henry Divots and Alan L. KendrlxThe when he reported for his first sizzling 86.459 miles per hour,
He say, "After working for Carr was handed the assignment Harris, Arlington president organized baseball stand at St. set by last year's winner,
4.. 28 years with all kinds of people which had originally been' Moss H. Kendrix Organization who presented the trophies in behalf Cloud, of the Northern League Richard Petty.
Joins Grabbling I know bow important it Lewis'. of the Coca Cola Company. and later to the Chicago Cugs. Petty turned the banked, asphalt -
Is for anyone to grow up witha The American team of OllanCassill As a member of the Southern circuit In 20.82 seconds
sense of pride in himself and Mike Larabee Ulis University team coached by in his Plymouth he mi-head.-The
Staff a feeling of respect for his Williams and Carr sped to a Pabst To 66' Football MllesCollege coaches Robert Lee and Emery high banks make far spectacular
Coaching neighbor. 3.00.7: Olympic victory which Hines, Brock terrified SWAC racing, and the cars come
: "Thats why we are trying to was also good for a new world's Card At Shaw teams not only with his speed, off the final turn to hammer
GRAMBLftG La. -Douglas teach our kids through tMsbaseball record. This is the mark Lewis .sponsor NBA Schedule but with his power at the plate. down the straight at well over
T. Porter has ended a ttve- program. and his mates shattered July RALEIGH N. C.-Shaw University's His .324 batting average of 1959 100 miles per hour
year tenure as head, coach: : Referring again to young Basketball Games annual Founder's still stands u a conference The qualifying speed has Increased
and athletic director at Mississippi pinks be pointed out that the 24.Whatever effect on Lewis the Day-Homecoming weekend Announced record. each year since the
Valley State College embraces youngsters Olympic switch has bad falls Milwaukee Wis.July 25, dates were announced here recently Last year for the Cardinals race was first run Inl958. Jim
Itta Bena, to become an assistant from 13 to 17 years of age and to show up In the two-year 1966-Pabst, Brewing Company by President James E. Brock stole 63 bases to break Massey qualified that year in
coach at Grambling. that Spanks at 14 ptkbed a no- performance chart of the will all of Cheek. Miles College Golden Bears an all-time team record of a Pontiac at 76.603 m.P.h.,
Porter's appointment becomes blt..no-run game and has a Southern senior. National co-sppnsor Basketball Association games The dates of November 18 and Football schedule Is follows: 59, set by Tom Dowd in 1883. Rex White lifted it to 77.80 In
effective: Immediately Coach record of six straight wins. He has roamed the TJ.S. from for the 1967 basketball season It have been designated Sept 24, Albany State Albany Brock Just turned 28 this year, 1959, Jack Smith to 77.901
Eddie Robinson said in makingthe Spinks Is a graduate of Harlan coast to coast winning with rare over the full American Broadcasting Founder's DayHomecoming Ga.; Oct. 1, Paul Quinn, (zoo and Ifs the general contentionthat 1960, Jim Paschal 80.60 in
announcement.While High School and was attending consistency Indoor and out, in network weekend. p.m.) Home; Oct. 8, Knoxville he hasn't reached his peak 1961, Paschal and Smith to 82.
at UYSC Porter's teams Wilson Junior College when be the 440, and, his travels have James: C.Company Windham presidentof Founder's Day, in memory Knoxvllle, Tenn.; Oct. 15, Fort not only with the base speed 70 in 1962, Junior Johnson' to
acquitted themselves admirablyand received his draft notice from carried him to corners outsidethe the ,announced. of the Institution's founding Valley State, Fort Valley, Ga.; and stealing but red the plate 84.80 In 1964 (the: 1963 time
the school's prestige soared the Houston Astros. He left for continental limits of the The telecasts brewing firm all in color wI11prOYide !In 1865 by the late Henry M.Tepper Oct. 22, Benedict (HOMECOMING with the awat-stick either. trials were rained out), and
accordingly. Bismarck last week. country without his tape-break- viewers, with 12 regular will be observed on ) (1:30: p.m.) Home; Oct. The former Jaguar who spent Petty to 86.455 in 1965. ,
David "Deacon" Jones, "Another Important phase of lug antics suffering to a great and mailman of five Friday November 16. The 29, Edward Waters, Jacksonville his early boyhood in CoUington The race carries posted
all-pro defensive end with the bur program" comments degree. games a s.aier for this annual day Fla.: Nov. 5, Tuskegee, near Monroe in North awards of 317,720 and has a
Los Angeles Rams, was one of Overstreet, "is the teaching of His recent performance for championship a total of or 11 playoff broad-games will be announced at a later ((1:30: p.m.) Home; Nov.19,Alabama Louisiana has a lot of good 2 p.m. start on Sunday, Aug.
the outstanding gridders developed thrift and the professional side serve d to lodge the name of cuts daring the season.game date. AUf ((1:30 p.m.) Home. rear s remaining In baseball. 21.
under his tutelage. of sports" Theron Lewis into the world The schedule of live telecasts The following day Saturday, The qualifying trials l are
Robinson described the new "Many of our successful athletes record book In two different of the games will generally be ,November 19, will climax the The Peace Grambling assistant as"acres- have made great sums e.entJdlatinctJoD which a special weekend festivities with 20, with practice starting on
slve and enthusiastic with a of money, only to be duped by quick check revealed belongs every Sunday at 2:00 p.m.,ead the annual homecoming,featur- Friday Aug. 19. .
fighting spirit I constantly fast talking confidence men, only to a handful of performers. era standard time starting nJanuary. lag a gigantic parade, annual idealists dc wn to earth. The Ashevil e.Weavervtlle
reflected by his players" into ventures that ended in huge However, the alumni meeting and a football Sppedway has long been a favorite -
Prior to taking the MVSC post, losses. We try to Impress our Bob Hayes for Instance did two games will be telecast on clash between Shaw's Bears You could Join. For In!onnation, write t of the top NASCAR
Porter was one of the driving youngsters that their talent Is It In the 100 yard dash and the Sunday at 4:30: p.m., eastern and the St. Paul's College Ti- The Peace Corps, Waihl ngton, D.C. 20525 ';1\ drivers and a full complement
forces behind the Xavier University valuable and will not last for- 100 meters and Frank Budd lathe standard time. |ers. I.MI.hN".WN.!....I..I._...."....It red AMrU.In'c.... is expected to take a shot at
handle the
football program In New f ver, so they must operate by 200 meters and the 220yard Chris Scbenkel will chores. _the first rite money ot$1.Ib0.
Orleans. : sound business procedures, dash. play by play announcing
He spent live season wih} the while playln g,.for::the.I love of When Lewis' name came tp' Bob color Cousy man will ff assist CcbenkelSJ ',_:-_-.- 'df
Gold Rush before the Catholics- s. sport. for another entry in Los Angeles Mr. Win am pointed out that
dropped football. :The league has brought Its it marked tile second Pabst last co-sponssred
The new Tiger mentor had a need of a recreation facility to listing for the Jaguar runnerof year limited ,
NBA on a more
varied career In athletics and the attention of Mayor Daley's the world list basis.games This is the first time TIC l a
earned letters in basketball, Youth Foundation and is eyeing The Southern University one the company has signed for a 4ucKY y
football and track at Xavier 4 field on the Soutbslde: of the mile relay team snares the full network and schedule for ,
where be received a degree in city. The group is seeking funds world's record of 3.04.3 withArizona the NBA contests. Windham
physical education. to realize their dream& fen State University.Lewis said
He holds the M.S.degree from ced-In playing field with modern along with Robert "We: nave f elt that sports competitions
the University of Indiana. facilities. Johnson, Anthony Gates, and constitute most '17 f'
Everette Mason set the world satisfactory programming for .

YOU Don t H %Ve To 60 To Town To Get mark in the California relays television viewers. This applies '
at Modesto last year. particularly basketball, II r
So, Theron Lewis, the young which. today the nation's biggest LLi t"IMM I Is
man who was robbed of nil spectator sport." PRIZ.ES' -
LOW PRICES chance of competing: In
the Olympic games:-and be was 6ETON THE 1., iW ,
never give a a reason for the R yrl'' r w
DRUG STOkE NEEDS scratch-oas set about the business TNRIn:6O-KOIJND t':)
of making I his own way. BUY AND HOLD U.S. 2M11; tiltl 196a1y' oi n # "'
-----_--- Getting the world record book SAVM6SBW0S 9! fi" ,018791"I' ul! w
Trade vlth your Neighborhood Drug stureE suggests that he's doing a pretty '" TI 2E 93

HILL. M3 tT ANY PRICED ADV. IN YOUR LOCAU! fair job in the endeavor. Watch fl: : t MJ 10\"taot2f1I '5

Papers. we Deliver. we also fill all DOC- ..tfk".. ().eOOS

fir prescriptions. Second Grambling This Clown --'..r040t07 Jf-J? ('' ,,'! s
k H' '''' ": ,
Gets Major League

Dixie Pharmacy I CRAMBL1NG La. -PI- 31-12-311

I I Arthur May realised the worth
of long hours of diligence' last 5&1824 'hern

1302 Kings Road At t Myrtle AveiBi week signed when him the to Bostaa a professional Red Sox 4 .... I .') ; .

baseball contract. j .
Plans [Ellin.5-5597 -98' The former Grambling College 2 ;I ,; 3 I rr. II!
signed to Waterloo -
catcher 'f'
__________ low IM Class "A"! 7 .... ., 1 L : i.

PAY YOUR LIGHT WAFER AND TEIEPHOKE[ Mid-West A hustler League.with unbridled enthusiasm 29 92 "14 ;z./ !
May was one of the 4
BILLS At OUR STORE[ prized exhibits on the talented 114468gmetlmes i, 4' : '
I Grambling nine before graduating
in June.
He is the second Grambling He's Up Sometime*
player signed this summer. .'. Down He adds subtracts.
VETERANSTHE Earlier teammate Jophrey He works It all around 1
Brown, a rlgbthanded pitcher
became a Chicago challis after 827-67-52
Inking a bonus contract with
INC. the Cubs. como ATTRACTIONS
: The signing of May was sing. 3-19-61
ularly significant to Red Sox
Scout Ed Scott u It markedthe

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one to deliver unmeasured DAYS
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The Size Of Our Classes who rookie started Red Sox the first AU-star baseman game Lucky Colors Etc. You may J- e winner In the fabulous drive In end get e copy of the list)
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, Methodist Youth Plans CelebrationGreater First Peace Corps Music Clinic Participants BOOTH FOR RENT ROOM FOR RENT

Nicely furnished Cooking Pri
Install Officers Bethany Baptist Volunteers To Serve DANIELS BEAUTY SHOP. 706 Irate Single woman or couple
Church women met and organi MN! Davis Street. Call 354-9669 Modern conveniences.Call 356-
led for their anmila celebration,
The Methodist Youth Fellowship JC04.
of Ebeneter Methodist which has been scheduled Oct. With Guyana Nation

Church conducted: Its installa- C3. WASHINGTON, D. CThe 1 1' 61Y HELP WANTED MALE WANTED
tion service with Rev. E. W.
Observes first Peace CorpsomentosenaIn
In charge Partine Tine
< Newman pastor
the newly Independent South MAIDS, N. Y. -INJOBS.
"'' Officers Installed were: Miss 1,2,9, and 11 of DaySpring American nation of Guyana will Men. with cars, work a few; Salaries to $65, fare advanced.
;; Mary WwlamspresldenhMtsab ; Baptist Church will observe leave next month after completing hours on your days off and 'Rush, references, .phone num-
'. Myra Maxwell, rice president; their anniversary Jointly an Intensive eight-week earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply: ber. ABLE MAIDS AGENCY,
: Barbara Hall,secretary;Jackie Aug. 14 at 4 p.m., In the church 2323
assistant secretary training program at Howard FLORIDA STAR, Moo163 N. MAIN,FREEPORT,N.Y.crief .
; auditorium. University The volunteers will Rd. cor 13th.
Sharon Flemralng, treasurer; Speaker for the occasion will
be assigned to teaching or community
Barbara Jones, fund treasurer; be Mrs Rosa Bell Barnes Bar- development positions S. .ISSSSSSSSCS1SSISSSSCSS ISISSS )
Sheila Flemmlig.reporter;Roderick -
Hargrove, chaplain. Tows. In the former British colony,

Slates Annual TeaThe To Hold Revival known British before Guiana Independence as WIGS FROM $1995

Pentecostal Church of Cod In The 56 corpsmen all recent 100% Human Hair
Lily White Junior Lodge college students with outstanding
Christ Jesus, 6057 Flicker Ave Start your own business full or part Um.Here' .
167 will sponsor a Spiritualtea will have two weeks of Re- academic records, range :
August 28 in the home of vival meeting starting August4th IB age from 21 to 26. Training all you need
Mr. and Mrs Elvin Warren behalf of began July 6 and will continue
on Missionary
12:5 W. 22nd Street. through September 2. Project An investment in one "Wig Wueen" wig at our WHOLE-
Turner. Speaker will be Evangelist
Willie Drummer will SALE price plus DEALER'S LITERATURE which
Rev. M. Norman. The is coordinator Is Dr. Winston K. we
be the speaker. invited. public McAllister, associate professor will supply at no charge. Our Quality and Prices can't
philospby at Howard.. be beat. Ask for Free Illustrated Color Folder with
The volunteers will work In AT MUSIC NfCSome of the Stanton students who attended the prices and information.

Guyana for a period of 25' MusicCII 'Ink at the University of Florida recently are seen here.

months, the standard term of In the front row from left are: Deborah Harding Antlonette "WIG QUEEN" by COSMOSDePt.

[ RESS ) duty majority for will Peace serve Corpsmen teachers The Catling, Renee Lilly, Ana Bell L'lndaMerrlweather, Arena Miles W 114 110 E. 125thSt, New York 35

In government schools in and Llndsey Sargeant. In the second row, In the 'same order, are

Georgetown, the nation's Chester Bryant, Herman Griffin, Michael Mitchell Gerand Blakely,:
capital. While in Guyana they Isaac Sessions, Kenneth Lafe Leroy Gibbs and Charles Davis.'

will be supervised by bead- j Not shown are: Cedric Crews, Longinne Parsons, Leroy Hutchins 93 PROOF
teachers and principals and will and Robert Robinson.Dr. .
CK.TO.SCHOOW&Ib@f \. receive technical guidance from
the Ministry of Educaton and
the Peace Corps staff.; C.B.Mclntpsh'sMother FIGHTCANCER

The major objective of eztend- Is Buried To Hold Meeting JACQUIN'SLONDON
lag the Peace Corps programto
0 Guyana is to raise the rate Funeral services wore I held Gateway Barracks #3131 Vet- HELP WANTED N M10 .
of growth of the national income last Thursday for Mrs. AWe erans of WWI will hold their I
so that living standards may Anderson McIntosh of 1015 Jessie regular meeting Saturday Aug. Sales PeopleMen
increase, according to Dr. Mc- St. who died July 31 at her 6 at 2 p.m. In the Joe H. James and women, to sell adver
Llllster. The program In residence. The rites were per- Center tising. Liberal draw, liberal JACOngi
Guyana Will concentrate on formed at Mt. ZlonAME Church' All officers, committees, and I commission, easy work, quick London
training new personnel for positions with the Rev. Charles E.Toston members are urged to attend. sales.. You earn $7S to $150 TOWERDISTILLED
In transportation, communication officiating. Attention is being called tc I If you're keen. Fringe benefits. Tower
education, and the Mrs. Mcintosh was a native of the BulldiogFunddrivepledges. Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323 A
McAb technical fields, be said. this city, the eldest child: of Books are now open. Moncrief Rd. cor 13th St.
/A the late John and Carrie Anderson I tJfti i
Y. / /
Pepsi Cola Features pioneer Duval County
1 7 C :tr residents. She was a memberof 216 lAG SEWING TnLa DRYGIN teID LONDON
New Plastic BottlesThere's Mt. Zion AME Church where ROYAL CROWN GIN
she served as a member of the MACHINESUNCLAIMED DRY.
Young Women of Allen and the
something new COLA LAY-A-WAYS
in town-plastic soft drink
J We have 2 1965 Dial-O-Matlc
packages. ,
Sparkling 16-ounce returnable LEO' Zig-Zag sewing machines that PINT $285PINT$145
have never been used. They
bottles of Pepsi-Cola are avail-
A Traditional Favorite! able now In lightweight plastic .sGolden were lay-aways that were
.}" Sloe never picked up. Customersleft
cartons, according to FrankC. v $399
Scholastic Blue Canvas Holden, vice president and .' area-we are unable to %
of Pepsi- J; local e them. You may have
general manager Of Aiy Kind
these for the balance of $47.00
Cola <
Filled Binder Bottling Companyof
Ring Jacksonville. Is Our Only Business each. Cash or terms. Call
The clean, bright yellow, ,. credit manager, 353-1946 anytime -
Makes school work more I --V OU.R I mm* in uuuois I
Will deliver. No obliga
Kress Low Priceorderly lightweight containers are :'y-v
efficient. Homework more 934 E. Union St. ion
I waterproof, rot-resistant and
I SO thtttt filet, n, rQriinkttr impervious to wide extremesof ," I
Index thittt with tibt temperature. They represent ... .
CliilicliidiiliihiitNIJVY 88'FREETextbook according I to Mr. Cia... Rule Sunday. School. "+:,+;.:!;fiiFtr;; :;;:::.::.:,. .' .4. ... "M.f.;: 'earn.: : :i., :;;"': i ":' .:::dwwii.iai. ; .C: .',"
Duty clip Inside not ctvir Holden, the first.use of modern )!' :. "
} ::
: Survivors include her husband ..:. ...
2 if 1 rug bmdtrt. plastic soft drink cartons In ::< .::::;::.. .. "
'Kreit' Own Brand Your Assurance of Better Quality this area. Charles B.McIntoshSr.daugb-; ;
Made from Manes high den- ter, Mrs. Lon McIntosh Floyd, : --to SHP;_,if--" "
Ft. Pierce; sons, Dr. CharlesB. w' :t' .
sity polyethylene resins by the. p I
[ Covers .:: :1 industrial products division of McIntosh Jr.; and Wlndle 'j
McIntosh, R.Ph., both of this ,' .. .
Phillips Petroleum Company, I
I Come In, gtt one for tech .f your text- the Paksters represent still city; five grands; sisters, Mrs. T: )

book No purchase ntctuory. another Innovation from the Hattie Bacon,West Palm Beach, : .,: The, store that' s..aboutyoul!
Mrs Carrie Trescott, New I ,
local Pepsi bottlers, a leaderin
its field.Compared. York and Mrs. Charlotte Floyd, \.... ,4 .. .i.;
/ ;> 1r'! ''''''
High School Students' Favoritel! with traditional paper city Annie; McIntosh daughters-in-law and Mrs.,Althea Mrs. i ... ::
cartons, the colorful McIntosh; son-in-law, Vernon 'SUPERSHORT SHANK SMOKED. WHOLE (Special)
Paksters offer homemakersthefollowing '
Floyd, Ft. Pierce and other (AssU III III)
...they are cleaner than relatives.
Active pallbearers John
soft drink package In the indus were
II try. Grlssett, Dr. Hunter Satter- ,39''SUPERRIGHT"

BriefCase ..since they are waterproof, white, Sylvester Hawkins, Dr. '
there is no danger of losing J. C. Downing, Marlon Johnson ,.
and Dr. L. B.ChiMs.
bottles of Pepsi-Cola throughthe
Honorary pallbearers were
bottom ref a wet carton.
...their bright yellow color members of of the Mt.Board Zion of,Stewards the- I HEAVY WESTERN BEEF (Special)
and clean design makes them
a welcome and attractive addition Jacksonville Medical, Dental

l$299 According account soft to any to table drink for Mr.Holden 45 setting.cartonswill per,plastic cent- .and Fraternity Longshoremen's,Pharmaceutical Kappa and the Association Alpha International Association : Psi- r ROASTi: 45

of all cartons in use within
the next 10 years.Committee t'OOoo.tfANGOfLGarfield's
(Prelate Miianr)

Looks just! like Dad's brief case. Water repellent Meets
Texan, metal corners, 6" vinyl cloth gusset ER SPECIAL ANN PAgE 100 %
Leajher closure flap and 3 extension lock. Unbreakable Saturday To Plan

handle. 3 roomy pockets. Brown, tan, -. .. 1 KRAFTMAYONNAISE
black CORN OIL

Better Quality for Better Grade! Planning Committee of the
statewide rally to be held Sept. HELP WANTED MARGARINE'
/ Scholastic 17th in Orlando will meet Saturday -
_- morning, Aug. 6 at Saddler Secretarial
J1Wht Bargain PackTheme Motel in Orlando to finalize the QUART
oJ' detailed plans for,the mammoth TYPIST who can do 50 wpm. ( *
Ii 500 roots rally in September.All Accurate; must be good In Eng 11 59
;$ e SMaa' a\\t \ grass civil rights, fraternal, religious lish and spelling. Apply: JAR t HI" 49 *
. FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-
and other organizations
1 '\ crief 13th (Hut Miiiir) CTNS
J are expected to send represent- Cor. St. No phone
t.: \ t40pPaper atives to the meeting of the calls please. LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 ORDER

\ planning committee to determine -

i h ',.1' \ ftEEERt : pfpEa Special the part their respective.., DO YOU KNOW?
,', :, organisations will play In the JANE PARKERBLACKBERRY
You can have 'i colored TV for
.1 ': giant protest rally. I
C'I All facets of the situation of $2.98.
t \ \:: S3 the Negro in Florida will be You can get a light bulb that ALL FLAVORS MIT (Special)
discussed as relates to their lasts for life.
I educational, political and eco- You don't have to clean your PIES HI-C DRINKS 3 890
: "' ;-r 500 Skuti S tiles nomical conditions. There will toilet bowls anymore. 1 HI tr:
; be discussion on the effect of You don't have to Iron your B 01

One of our biggest values ever! An entire year'i parts major of disturbances the country In and other I n clothes You: can anymore.get a IV antenna-for EACH 49C ALL FLAVORS MARVEL..BRAND (Special)

paper supply Use it for school assignments, in your Florida have had on the thinking $3.90. Call 353-5254, 539' W. "
ring binders for notes. Standard size Waterproof of Floridans and to explore the Beaver Street. AT YOUR AlP ICE CREAM 2 99C
t ruling. effect of the controversial interpretations ,, CTNS
of "Black Power HELP! HELP! HELPI!
-Kr.'"' Own Brand Your Assurance of Better Qualify ." WAREHOUSE STORE

, This will be the first attemptto If you need it, lANE PARKER REGULAR OR SANDWICH SLICED WHITE (Special, )
3000 W. 45th ST.
School 29th bold a coordinated meeting COD has itI .
i Opens August of all Civil Rights and other
can help through devlne 1 4 LB
I you BREAD ,
In the state to the end
Skip Knt Hrt11., fie lest Vales /I. 3d,..? SuppliesDOWNTOWN that groups In the future there will powers or financially.of prayer,life problems PRICES IN THIS 2 LOAVES 430

be a more concerted and unified -
action In I the attempt to WRITE: AD ARE GOOD

| KRESS | solve tbe many problems besett Madam SOFT PLY BATHROOMTISSUE (Special)
Main At Adams solve the many problems besetting P.O.1Z155JacUoovUle Daisy THROUGH SUNDAY
Negroes in tbe state
10m: 790SITU
VARIETY FAIR Open Mon & Fri NHes Donation 32.00, Fla. AUGUST 7

I f