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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200724datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 16, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007240740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 16, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 16, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. .


.. ,

'{ ,

MF\) MStORV() {

::::; Freed After Serving 2 Years In Jail On Rape Charge ***********************

* *


** ** * *

Economic Forum University of Florida I 1"

Development OpensYOUNGj Gainesville: Florida I. .,,

** ** *



VOL. 16 NO. 16

Husband KillsWife's *** * * ** *** *

MateTAMPA TheJteiident Presents A Diplomas Long, Hot Summer Becomes History

sldent of-Jackson A 41-year-old Heights re-Is '

being beld without bond for
murder aftjer he burst Into an NEGRO

apartment occupied by his wife, .
and her boyfriend last Tuesday

July 12 and killed boyfriend.

Claude Branton of 3006 Ida

St was Jailed on first degree !

murder charges pending grand VIOlENCEERUPTS

jury action. I
Killed by a shot in the back

f". :-. .I.. T *. *, *' *- *

s Violence ReducedBut Cool It Baby Cool!

More Feared Yo' Hurtin Brothers


OTIH u.ss.\nu: r Highway Patrol And Police ReadyTo Young Woman Badly Burned !. i

as be attempted to escape a Seal Off Negro- DistrictRacial From Fire-Bomb Thrown In CarBy .1

hall of bullets was Otis (O.C.) l: violence which broke

Dennard, 23, of 618 1/2 Seventh out in Jacksonville Monday sonville police and the Florida ERIC O. SIMPSON
Ave., a widely-known Tampa 4i tight following an NAACP Highway Patrol, a number of

sportsman. march and brought on rock- automobiles driven by whites The senselessness of violent attacks on passersby is seen in

Police said Dennard's sister ........ throwing, fire-bombing, through the area were struck the incident which injured two young Negro Jacksonville women
, window-smashing and vandalism by thrown rocks, brickbats or -one seriously-Monday night when their car rammed into a

lasting for three nights, bottles. lamp post after a flaming Molotov.. nn_ cocktail had--- been thrown
appeared to be subsiding but Some looting was reported but into-It:
i there are fears that the weekend merchandise could still be seen Hospitalized at the Naval Air at State and Jefferson for the

would bring renewed out- on display In the show windows. Station Hospital is Mrs. Laverb traffic light when a group of

breaks. A white woman was reportedly e Sweeney who is in serious teenagers gathered around her I

L 'The disturbance started after attacked and Injured Negroesat condition with second degree car and shouted, "Let's get I

a 'protesting group 24th and Myrtle Avenue,outside burns. The attractive young: the white b----". '

marched downtown under*per- the area sealed off by woman suffered disfiguringfacial She .was saved from a shower

1tiA _elf, but decided, on ,,an.noauihorLsed I pours.MAYOtt'bf v ., I burns and also- about her I
,... : ..
Si 'iftUtn j march CAR STONED arms

MKS., A.XMB P. BUAKELXT ), I through downtown after dark.' Mayor Utter said wbJe be I- Mrs. Sweeney resides at
The first sign of Impending was driving through the trouble 12S7 West 25th Street.
Mrs] Annie Pearl Blateley,24, .. 1.... ,. !" unrest came when white segregationist The other t victim Is Mrs

2917 28th Ave., and Bran ton's Johnson presents a diploma io VJS. Foreign Service Officer Charles M. Hanson, Warren Folks walked Gloria Dumas of the same address -

wife, Mrs. Violet Branton, 30, Jr., one of 25 members of the Senior Seminar In Foreign Policy who were graduated at from In front of his barber shop w boll employed at

miraculously escaped from the ceremonies held In the White House Rose Garden on June 9. Shown with the President are Into the path of the marchers. 'Jerlco Pharmacy on Davis

apartment through a rear door Vice President Humphrey and Ambassador G. Lewis Jones, Jr., Coordinator of the Semi Folks grabbed Rutledge Pearson Street. She was treated for

when the shooting started. nar. Mr. Hanson and his 24 colleagues in the Seminar, the most advanced training program NAACP president and or- second degree burns about her
Police records gave the following In International affairs and foriegn policy offered by the U.s. Government, were selectedon ganlur of the march and n shoulder and neck and Is now Hf

account of the case which the basis of their excellence in past performance and their promise to achieve positionsof attempted to force a piece of an out-patient of NAS Hospital.Mrs. ;

led to the shooting. greater responsibility in the future. Mr. Hanson, a native of New York, joined the Foreign paper-supposedly a citizen's 4 Sweeney was riding in

Dennard had been going out Service in 1948, and has served overseas in Liberia, Switzerland, India, and Trinidad as well arrest warrant into Pearson's the back seat of the 1964 Buick

with Mrs. Branton for several as In the Department of State, where, prior to his selection for the Senior Seminar, he servedas while Mrs. Dumas
months. Branton was employedout ,an adviser to the Assistant Secretary of State for International Affairs in the tatter's hands.KLAN WARRANTThe sat beside the driver, her husband : 'A

of the city and came home capacity as Coordinator for the Alliance for Progress. Since graduation from the Seminar, paper stated, "A Klan Nathaniel. They were

only one night every two weeks. Mr. Hanson has been serving as an Examiner for the Board of Examiners for the Foreign warrant in the State of returning from a movie about -.r.i.""""" ... _
The Brantons had lived at an Service, one of three Senior Officers assigned to administer oral examinations to applicantsfor Florida. Rutledge Pearson, you -.......,, : 8:45 p.m. traveling west along
apartment at 212 Palm Ave. the U.S. Foreign Service. COOL IT BABY COOL ITI are charged with ((1)) Attempted State Street when a young man MRS. GLORIA DUMASof
but when Branton returned home, murder; (2))Disorderly conduct; RITTERarea tossed a fire cocktail into their
MAYOR LOUIS H. rocks and possible injury
, :of -__ !r ((3)) Disturbing the Peace; (4)) only when of the
Hot In the disturbancethat car.The one group
: Long, Pearson Tells Mayor RitterHe's Conduct to the prejudice" of rocks earlier were hurled at his pathetic.._aspect....._h. _of_ this._ spoke up quickly, "No, man,
: good order and discipline. she ain't white. That's Miss
f Summer car, but missed it.
Folks taken into custodyby
was Pearson said the NAACPwould Bessie; she's one of us."
:11 Slipping As Leader police Sgt. J. E. Barnhartand
, tie not sponsor any more marches The moral of these stories Is
PredictionFellfilling charged with "disturbing before a Friday afternoon that "the fellas" ar hurting
t t *****.**************** school religious" and other as- grievance meeting with Mayor and can hurt brothers and some I

NAACP Reported InvolvedIn semblies. Shortly afterwards Louis H. Ritter. white friends while they are
released under
Folks was $50
Earlier, Mayor Ritter called .trying to get even with"whitey"
bond, the third time he had
Ci<.lv. Haydon Burns and asked .
t NEW YORK --The long, Several Political Deals been arrested in demonstra- for a National Guard alert in COOL IT BABY, COOL ITI!
ly tions in the past few days.
It. I Dot summer changed from a the event of new racial flare ups
Pearson whose marches and demonstrations -
NAACP president Rutledge As Folks was being placed in
;'' .,.i' yarning and a prediction to have touched off violence in Jacksonville virtually two here. The governor said he
'. ___ a police car, police urged
the be available If his aid
all would
'CLAI'DH BRAT<;% J I story, over country, admitted that he does not have the support he once had, and, in white youths waving Con- Release NegroSentenced
I is residents of Negro areas is needed, but felt local law
so many words, said that he Is slipping as a leader whose voiceIs federate flags to move on.
last week, .he found the apart- not as strong as it used to be. On Monday night an elderly
meat empty though he had sent "i while charging police brutality. handle the situation. .
Speaking in a conference with Mayor Louis H.Ritter who urged white woman, walking down -- --- For
money home to pay the rent. Easily the hottest spot was Wednesday night saw a reduction -
bringing! the current violence to an end, Pearson said that he West Ashley Street after shopping MRS: LAVERNESWEENEY .
Branton learned that his wife C(Chicago, rioting returned In the acts of
had always conducted himself In a peaceful manner. He said he downtown, received a gash
had moved in with Dennard at {to: the Westslde. Only last summer vandalism and violence but
by '
had always spoken out against violence but added he was unableto on her leg when struck by a tragedy is that the young thrower Alleged Rape
the Seventh Ave. address i: an uprising broke out in that time more than 100 inci-
cope with the situation because "my voice Is not as strong thrown object.A evidently mistook the woman
got his .38 revolver and went that|: section of the city when afire dents of property damage, .
as It used to be. small sports car in the 300 in the back seat for a white
to the apartment. i: truck ran over a Negro Pearson was shown Channel assault and arson had been NEW YORK -After 27 monthsin
turned out he
block of West Ashley was person, but as it
Looking inside, Branton saw roman killing her. The chalked with cost the basisof
4 television newscasts Wednes- turned over on its side against up a damage almost took the lives of two prison, mostly on
his wife and Dennard seated ]National Guard had to be put of about $10,000.The "confessions" to crimes he
day night and Thursday morning a curb. soul sisters and two soul bro
on a,couch, Mrs.Blakeleywasalso )11 alert because of the incident. as he made the statement.In th One white youth, Jerked froma worst incident Wednesday the rs. did not commit, George Whit-
In the apartment. He burstin This a policeman's refusal .p night was the of has been releasedIn
year recent months there has pay telephone booth and struckby dynamiting a When the cocktail was thrown more Jr.,
and began shooting. i to allow a Negro youth been growing speculation as to I Negroes, received a cut grocery store owned by a white Into the car the driver became $5,000 bail as the result of
Mrs. Blakeley and Mrs.Branton 1 to:: use a fire hydrant to cool Pearson's stature leadership hand in the Incident. man and located at Third and startled and lost control of the persistent efforts oo the partof

ran through a rear door and off, reportedly sparked three- in the community. There are The demonstrating group, Harrison Streets. No one was vehicle which ran into a lamp his volunteer attorney, Stan-
escaped. Dennard followed but lay rioting which subsided when in the building which Reiben and the Brooklyn
belief was badly ley ,
many who have expressed staged a protest march at 6 post breaking it in half, leaving
was hit in the back ache reached (the:: National Guard was again damaged inside. Branch of the National Asso
that recent demands laid at the p.m. from St. Stephen's AME the upper portion of the post
the door. He crumpled and fell railed In. Mayor's door were inspired to I Church on Davis Street to No Injuries were reported although dangling from electric wires elation for the Advancementof

to the floor, dead from a bullet At least two Negroes were Improve the NAACP leader's_i W City Hall to dramatize an the blast shattered which could have short- Colored People, representedby

which penetrated his heart. cllled I In the outbreak,and some fading Image. RUTLEDGE PEARSON eight-point list of grievances. windows of nearby residences. circuited and caused untold Norman B.Johnson,a Brook-

After Branton fled the scene, i 500 arrested, on charges of There have been reports that a faction within the NAACP A permit had been granted for Mayor Ritter met Wednesdaywith damage and Injury. lyn Branch attorney.
'Mrs. Blakeley returned to the side of her brother, but dis- Brooklyn more than 200 Sheriff Dale Carson of the bond R. Peter
of various situations and Issues. There are also reports of Tuesday night roving bands Reynolds, the man pulled the two sisters posting by
covered him dead. Police were j Negroes battled police as ra- have and Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Straus, president of the Radio
dissatisfaction among the rank and/lie membership who smashed store windows, stoned out of the car and tried to assist -
called and Branton later ar- <:ial rioting broke out for the heard rumors that the NAACP has been involved on more than automobiles and set of f fire G. B. Stafford to lay plans for them several young Station WMCA, who had been

rested. (:bird time in a week at Coney cot occasion In political deals with candidates for office. alarms throughout more thana handling possible dsturbances. Negroes stood around watchingand interested in the case from the

COOL IT BABY, COOL IT! ]island.: COOL IT BABY, COOL ITI! 200-block area In Jackson The plan Includes placing 10 made no attempt to help beginning. The Brooklyn
Eight Nerroeshavefiledpolice state troopers on the Expressway NAACP provided the $180 pre
ville's Westslde last t until they realized the victims
AD BIAS i Drutallty complaints, after 16 Economic Development Forum SetThe before police blocked off the to prevent motorists from were Negroes. mium fee. Upon release, the
persons were arrested in a entering Negro neighborhoods 21-year-old prisoner expressed -
LUSAKA -- A charge of area and clamped an emergency Another regrettable Incidentis
his thanks to his
jottle-throwlng Incident. if trouble is brewing.
Jacksonville Urban tion Small Business Development of white who
bias in advertising for a "Eu- ; curfew on the section. that a woman
The fighting was said to have The also met with lawyers, the NAACP and Mr.
ropean" nurse, was Injected League and Florida Agricultural Centers; How to expand; The second night of almost mayor was attacked and robbed by
begun with a clash between downtown merchants to discuss Straus.
and Mechanical University etc of the Their victim
uncontrolled vandalism some tough.
Into the current probe on racial began
discrimination in mines Negro j and white groups at a Is sponsoring an Economic Development William T. Mclnanny, counselfor about 9 p.m. and did not begin measures to protect stores happened to be a worker on the "They went out of their way
practiced lance In the area. The resulting from damage In the event of to help me. And for this, I am
Institute 25 United States Select
> July and the to let until anti-poverty program assigned
the Rhodesia Selection up police began
by "
j outbreak however involved
Trust of According 26 In the auditorium of the Afro- Committee on Small Business, cruising through the area ordering I new outbreaks. to Wilder Park Neighborhood deeply grateful, he said.
Croup <( American Insurance ,
to Inquiry commission Company. will be the keynote speakerfor people off the streets. Center where whites and Negro
Philadelphia, 20 demonstraors 10 sentence for attemptedrape
the luncheon meeting to be Smashed store windows could workers are devoting their, year
chairman Roland Brown, the tad "black Some of the topics of discussion -
chanting powr"battled and assault on a Brooklyn
"Is Inconsistent with theirRST's detectives and patrol will Include:Franchise; held In the Heart of Jacksonville be seen on almost every street efforts to Improving the nurse in 19S3. His lawyers
The Motel Banquet Room. la the area. As the windows conditions that Negroes are
( ) general case that they Financial Assistance; need
men outside the main post appealed the court's verdict
The public Is Invited to attend knocked You won't set tomorrow'swith about.A .
were out protesting
have turned their backs on any ,afflce. The pickets identified for Economic Development In burglar Meanwhile they filed
these Interesting and Informa alarms were set off. yesterciip's dUll fair-skinned Negro papers
form of discrimination.. (themselves: as members of the Negro Community; Legal very for his release oo bond.
aspects of Business Organiza tive sessions. Before the area was bar- woman told the FLORIDA STAR
COOL IT BABY, COOL ITI Continued on Page 6 COOL IT BABY, COOL ITI! ricaded to traffic by Jack that she had stopped her car COOL IT BABY, COOL ITI!

r 1\ ..Itp

\ .

mi 2 .STAR PAPERS w.s tURDIY 1UIY 23. 188S

'- ..

THE FLORIDa STAR \ .PHY3/CAL' fVILS .'. ?ifg7RCPRE3SURE-' -. The Urban1League r I'
DESTROY>>Erf- 1 .

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company :, _6mlll REGISTERS ARE StoryBY




\ t Jacksonville Urban League and Florida -
gggf y ., The
and Mechanical

ERIC 0.\\ SIMPSON......Maiaiiif Editor <( university Agriculturial will host an conomic Development -

'1 { "k r t Institute July 25th and 26th in

HILDA "UN.Circalatial: Nauier the main auditoriu of the AfroAmericanLife

Insurance Company.
....,. -
The Urban League being totally dedicatedand

2323 Mcncriel RId Phil Elfii 4-6712 .. committed to increasing_ life
disadvantaged realize
\ [ : chances of the
Mailing AddressP. \ [ : economic development. is priority item

) on its* agenda. Mr. Whitney
0. Box 599 Jacks.iville, Fliri.a 32201 Director of
Young, Executive
MIAMI OFFICE 1' the national office, recently +

73S MK 3rd Ave. Fkoie 377-102S i' stated' the urban league deals

...... ... I less and less with profes-
sional jargon and more and
I. with the idiom of thesewe
One year. $6.00 Half Year. $4.00 r 'f!
tailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States A r ( 1n l ; serve. The situation for
l I Negroes. is desperate that
t subscription payable In advance
Send Check or Money order to; I the priority items on the agenda for the
FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 599 I future are in the areas' of economic

t Jacksonville 1', Florida growth. To put it more simply, the

Negro citizens need food, clothing, and
.'+m. adequate shelter. Meat, bread and' pota.

The "Black Power" Calylist : toes this is the big push for tomorrowfor

7 the Negro worker, family and com-

Last week we had something to say about MEREDITH MARCHED TO STAY THEIR FEARS! munity.

"black power, but a recent statementin The economic development institute
+ -- -- --------- -- -- --- -- --- -- iMi ---- sponsored by the Jacksonville
the July 16th issue of the St. Peters- Urban

burg times in an editorial said in part: 1 League and Florida agricultural and

"The 'Black Power' movement lately 1 Mechanical University, supported by the

sweeping the nation may have been the i Your Weekly Greater Jacksonville' Economic Opportun

catalyst which triggered the recent ity, Inc. is designed to strengthened the

Chicago outburst. leadership and potential of the Negro

The white news media has boown up the businessman in this community.

"black power. This is, Indeed, con- These are problems the Institute will

fusing. i Horoscope Guide address itself to: where to get capital

The term has set everybody guessing.Not needed to upgrade and expand, managerial

even SNCC's Carmichael and CORE'S techniques; How to keep records-including
I tax records; An approaches to
McKissick have agreed on what their organizations destroying
mean by this doctrine. : By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER streotyped ideas that keep Negroes from
supporting Negro owned businesses.
Whatever1 the definition, the process of
its character should make certain of the i WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR the The agenda for this program will call on
resources and talents of
some of the
methods of determing meaning
special a I most qualified

that is useful, explanation of the doctrine' I BUSINESS, LOVE TRAVELrrrrrrrrrrrr.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in this community.persons and organizations

s operational plan (how It Swill

work) description of its function (what [. 1 .
it does) through comparison and con- -

trast and clarify its meaning by ARIES CANCER sped when they are dis CAPRICORN I I To Be EqualBy

examples and in a few words. Both MARCH BORN JUNE criminating. BORN DEC. |
the originator and the listener or 8 20.- 33 18 -_75 -,823

reader should, remember' that, as ahomi-, 1"'. mit. .nth t .22H JULY 22K'Tighten 22. JAil: 19tk ''By. E M. YOUNG_JR. -;

letician once remarked, a single lamp is. < Since most Arians seem 10, thing up. Those LIBRA Bar aft rt1l & :Although It .
worth a thousand fireflies. have had more than their usual among you who have fully benefited SEPT. sounds paradoxical. It is fact In 1954 the Supreme Court delivered Its historic decision
We suggest that the executive boards of share of excitement during the from previous quarter'sopportunities BORN that many Caprlcornians are declaring segregated schools unconstitutional. The decision\
and developments 23ri OCT. not truly happy until they have was grounded on the realization that an Inferior education
SNCC and it 23rl
CORE should be convened for the preceding period, naturally
should slow down the for handicaps an Individual
pace something to worry about. and breeds _novena_ and fedora_ cI
purpose of discussing and phrasing a follows that a quiet spell may an essential period of consoli Remain poised. One of the don't allow yourreal or sup- inferiority. n-v -

definition of "black power. The urgency be doubt made will necessary.hare to organize You no dation. Catalogue your Ideas main dangers attending t i successes posed fears to reach the point Ten years later, the Congress ,,I'InC how to get along with children
is so great that it cannot be leftto and for the present U well as the of any description lathe where they cause you to go back passed the Civil Rights Act of who are brighter or less
your thoughts long-range future and them with possibility that it will go to 1964 which included Title IV
accompany on a promise. The party who bright than himself, who are
Carmichael, McKissick, Dr. King planning and work on an entirely -
or a program that will enable you the bead. While you are completely feels Injured is not likely to a provision banning racial discrimination richer or poorer than be, who
white newspaper reporters. Once the new program to adjustto to turn them to even greater Justified in giving into take things lying when there is in federally-aided come from a race or religionor
guidelines for a definition have been changed conditions. Benefit advantage. You may have to be your joy and elation It may be doublt whatsoever that you may programs and which authorizes national background different
established, then these two organizations from openings cultivate to enjoy hobbles a vacation a bit more careful to prevent in your interest to see to it be in the wrong.Should be the the government t o withhold from his own..,, A child wboI
new dissension in your key associations that it is not too widely broad of eventual funds to
should employ a linguist, a semanticist, and raise the tone of problem money or compel Integration. lives in a hothouse
your casted. Once
at home and in a new star Is
security that Is troubling Despite these
you, measures, ourDatloa'
and reputable dictionary editor to phrase cultural Interests in general. Those of who have been a host of may
you lay It Is wiser to make a clean schools are still flounder u
segregated. an
One of the best places to makea friendship
'black power in words that satisfy'agood farseeing should see the moment claim to breast of It and to leave It to North and South, integration adult when he
and logical definition. This will promising start in any of approaching when you can in the hope that some of the the other person to draw his is a dream rather finds around him

remove definitely the confusion in com- these right directions within appears own home to be make fuller and more rewarding luck will rub off on them. Others or her own conclusions. You than a reality U. S. Commissioner 'in his business, 1
munication. your use of your talents and may come right out with may discover that you will of Education Harold his church, his 1
S loving affiliations. Don't guess. claims on your pocketbook emerge' the gainer after all Howe II told a School Adminls--' street, persons
Both Stokely Carmichael of SNCC and which you could not possibly trators Conference co spon he never met asa
McKissick of CORE have. demonstrated by meet even with the best of sored by the National Urban child. U the Negro child needs

television and in print that they are Intentions League and Teachers College, an integrated school to put toe
unable to devise a good definition for 9-30-66-18-67-972 AQUARIUS Columbia University, that only lie to his self-image of inferi-

the term "black power. Critical and JORN APRIL JULY. BORN JAN. about S per cent of Negro stu ority and to>>win the same quality -
dents in
the South
attend classes
and intelligent newspaper readers con-' 20tk MAY 20tk 23rd AUG. 22ii ,SCORPIO 20th FEB 11t til with white students. In the- white of children education, then available the white

sider the lack of preciseness in definition In all the. excitement of the Whether you have elected to BORN OCT. North only 15 per cent of Negro child needs to avoid the elitist

of the new doctrine an affront to preceding quarter you may not remain quietly within the con-' 24i| NOV. 22i< know Nurse, or it should along, Just Now where that you classes.students are In Integrated Image of himself" u superior."

their mental thinking powers. have fully realized the extent fines of your four walls or In Anticipation prods you. Thereis stand and what you have to do you asa The twelve The Negro chad Is even more
The a everyone -
public knows that the tasteof
a possibility result
where the NAACP devote yourself to the slipped by since the
and Supreme is
Consequently 'by
decidedly In your favor. minds his own business, segregated schools
success not yet be entirely task
National may Important of Court
cultivating decision
Urban League stand, and so they. you should welcome a this is the kind of a period relished, but this should the promising elements In few have resulted handicapped b y rundown
also must know what the black power breathing spell top..'trait that you should thoroughly en- not deter the determined Scorpios which you now can work.Refuseto with a loss In gains in integration and ,schools, fewer facilities, out-
quality In
doctrine means.Dissenfion their real meaning or to savor Joy. Those among you who, who know that it will be be thrown off the track systems. I many school moded equipment, and a teach
the advantages and benefits that are celebrating your birthdays theirs. The delay If any, couldbe new but unrpoductlve activitiesand how quality education frankly can't see log staff which Isoften drawn
4 have been yours U a result. are more likely to start taking due to the retrograde move- concentrate can be :from younger, experienced
on separated from
Unless vacation or other family a more serious view of approaching ment of Mercury which will your key integration I teachers One study showed that
: and the fonnantlon In a
plans intervene, you may now events and circum- democracy: the schools I three-fourths of the,teachers in
last until early In August.Make of
long-range plans. The serve the
Among The Rank 01 SNCC tocito to go ahead with constructive stances. This Is especially this a quiet and restful period conditions that have monetary been- their students function for of preparing i a ghetto school had temporary
related to true of the Leos who their future I resultof
projects teaching The
are entering licenses.
and take a vacation, when you far from ideal are headed roles as
your Uvingquarters. With Mercury the ranks of the older responsible citizens, i this inferior education: Is t
have coming In order to
John Lewis, 26, has been ousted by the scheduled to turn direct generations. One of the key be fully one refreshed when the especially toward a distinct when Improvement' while cultural transmitting to them the i deterioration of the child's a-

governing board of the student nonviolent once more early In August, points of your new program time for action is sounded once their Ideas and efforts partners toward pool try' They heritage also of their coun- billties. A study of schoolchild
coordinating committee, because he jou will see the obstacles should be the tighter and more again the same goal. Many Aquarians the skills equip them with ren la a central Harlem school
vanishing, one by one efficient management of your protested the slogan of "black power" should take advantage of the tribute to thennyjtea'aeconomy
personal and/or joint median IQ lowered between
economy s were
adopted by the organization. This is long_awaited_respite. to travel, None of these functions of the the third grade and the

Indeed regrettably.Although 1.20 55 13 48 516 SAGITTARIUS private r>iu tan pastimes.loouigv in Surety by educational segregated system schools..can Educa be met i eighth grade.ltismlseducatlon.Snullwonder This is not education

the term "black power" origi GEMINI VIRGO BORN' Ml.23ri tors realize that students get that the dropout rates in

nat d In the recent Mississippi march, it BORN MAY BORN AUG. DEC. .2bt are only not a partial education if they these schools are so high. In
is unfortunate that the exposed to different effect these kids don't dropout
pilgrims let You earned It. Those among PISCES ideas and ,
their enthusiasm get the best of rational 2ht 'Jill 21st 23rJ SEPT. 22id you who were not close to the as essential people.to learning Diversity is they are pushed out by a
thinking. And one of the Seeing that there seems toM office or base of operations BORN FEB. ing primers. as read system which falls to prepare
participants in Prop up your status. victory because of vacation leaves or them for a life of opportunity,
this march, CORE I* little of Importance scheduled 1SII MAR. 20tl Francis Keppel 1 former _
emphasized a new mili- alone may not be quite enough the like will no doubt also have slstant but Instead prepares them fora
tant stand for total racial It Is necessary to consolidate for this last quarter, you had your share of good fortuneIn Congratulate yourself! fcvery-' d''acat1oo Seeretary and ci Health,_ life of failure.Fortunately .
through "black power" equality It and to Insure mat It will not t can: make good use of your other ways. It really does not one Is permitted, at least once boot "' Welfare, IA his new many people> see
during !be
the j tree time to out some NeeeslUJ
recent carry .
in while RIYolu
jeopardized by others who want a to show considerable this not matter of
annual convention matter where you are in order lion in American as a mere
of that organization. to share its fruits. This shouldbe I of t your pet projects. Neighborhood to receive the benefits that pride over an outstanding how Edueatloo"shows concern, but U national scan
Dr. Martin Luther Klrg, Jr. recognized made the first order of the 1 ties and events could have been earmarked for .achievement. this does not .It Important this 4.H. dal. Next week, I will discuss
you says:
the 'implications Rifts that exist In I turn out to be more Interesting signify that can rest may wen be that to
day. on
your and you suggested
of :ho slogan yours. But for many of you learning to some of the ways
"black I than Imagined. And there read II
personal and public associations you your laurels and overlook the no more
'who can only fora Important bring both education and qualityto
power" now get to
and away a child
remarked to fix Ulan
that this may be opportunities >> up learn-
term used : or that suddenly develop well deserved rest, there advisability of looking fort new our schools.
by young Negroes was unfortunate'.' be- should be Immediately pat- the home along the lines that should be no time lost in making fields to conquer. Those of you --
causo it gives tho impression that we ched up to prevent them from will render it a real refuge your departure. U you have who have not yet taken your
calling for are widening sometime in the future from: the annoyances that are vacations may find it rewarding
combine business with
power and to pleasure Buy
a kind of multiplying on the outside. Extract U.S.
black nationalism that widening sometime in the It will be all to the good to select this quarter and/or>> Savings Bonds
docs the utmost of
not Involve a future. The maintenance of a pleasure the first week in August u aiAR.
since: your pocketbook will SPANOUO
coalition with whites. from your loved ones u well receive SAVINGS FLAN
solid and united front within fraught with possibilities for
full share
of the
We must get back to the original path of the family is the best Insurance U from the people with whom that are Indicated- Curb gains any the cultural and pleasurable Foe All AMERICANSI ..'. IP
come in social contact.
'becoming free in this land "Pat you could possibly obtain you developing tendencies to developments that inspire you
simply as any Vlrgoans who are away on vacations try : ra. u.a.o.WftM.ft'; ....,..
against contingencies of any ink r ,. ,,, ...
citizen and leave off colorbe it should encounter few your luck la places where the re j.ow.... .. Mi.atwNi. 1.
.Ww ,
Seek vacations. ,
p glamorous : 1ft .1'10 ....
sdils are against r.F
black you. .
white yellow, green, or brown U any complications in the re8. o.ft' ..1 'no Mtwa"Jp c.1I.
3 60 ZZ 14 65 Z02 .
black, white yellow, green, or brown. .eeeeeeeeers .


... .. L U



t SOCIALLY SPEAKING I Planning For Summer Workshop I


Mrs. Norma White i was feted by members senior at Spelman, College Atlanta, rL -'- .; a ., ray y
Les.Amies Club recently.The Georgia arrived In Geneva, Switzerland
affair was held I at the Heart of recently to begin a ten day orientation
Jacksonville reataurant, In honor of the period in Yugoslavia, Venice and Milan,
club sponsor Mrs. White. Mrs. White received Italy before beginning work as an Instructor -
many beautiful gifts. for hhe YWCA Nursery In Athens, I Ird ?
Present for the occasion were: Martha Greece.

Mitchell I I I president ; Ava Belt,I L vice I The work is similar to hhe anti-poverty
president I ; Renee Lilly, Linda :Sutton: program in operation throughout the
Doris Cobb, Patricia Pearson Evelyn states.

Copeland Bernadette Pittman Janice Miss Baety graduated from New Stanton .
Mcintosh L'Merchie Frazier Alpha Senior High School in 1963 where she was
Geiger, Maxine Engram, Marcel White and crowned Miss Stanton for 1962-63.
Mrs. White. Ruth's appointment came through the

.M.MM..a4e. Central YWCA office in New York City.
Ruth I is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.'
Miss Margaret B. Harwick is participating Ulyses Baety and is expected to return

in a m u s i c Institute at Hampton, home in August.
Virginia this summer. Margaret is a
recent graduate of William M. Raines ............ t. r
Senior it i 1
High School.
Mrs. Olivia Smith, music instructor at Mrs. Ida B. Glover of 5802 ClevelandRoad
Raines recommend Miss Hardwick to attend has just returned from a ,wonderful ir/
Vocal Training. Margaret is quite talented vacation where she visited her sister in '
having won a superior rating at Detroit Michigan then she went up to Shown spore members .the faculty of Eugene J. Butler counselor; Robert L. Mitchell, counselor; William Scott Jr. '
the District and State Vocal Festival Windsor, Canada for a few days with Junlor-Senlor High School '68 who arc In a summer workshop assistant principal; Sybil P. ; ,
early this year. friends. planning sesvlon. These(teachers are maklngplans and prepara Murray, librarian Mr. George B.Nrstrnp cotpalofthelschool 'I
tins necessary for the opening of the school is shown
on August 29. Pic standing. Not
While ,at Raines she was a leader in many Then headed south again to Knoxville, tured from left to right t (seated), Alvin G. White, athletic girls shown Is Barbara R.Walker, dean of
organisations. Tennessee for a stay with her sister director; Josephine C. Cleveland, senior clerk;Thelma Geiger
Margaret Is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. then a few days in her home town Albany,
John L. Hardwick of 2566 Wisteria Road. Georgia. ----------WEDDING BELLS ------------ I

She brought back many Interesting reports Robert Lee Field, 4646 Moo-
Dean Brown 4650 Won- t
Willie Joseph 1150
Williams Franklin
************ Kenneth
about her trip. BernardStephena,3630Charles crlef Village, 32 and Mary crier Village W., 27 and Deborah St., 20 and Carolyn Louise Williams
St. 22 and Lavern
Louise Wallace 4605 Moncrief Ann Shipp, 7302 nine 1069
Langstoo Lane, 17.
Mrs. Beula L. McClellan, president of ************ Swain, 1420 W. 25th St., 21. Village, 37. Scott Dr., 21.

Chi Chapter of I Icta Phi Lambda Sorority Nathaniel Anthony Legree,1820
Robert Clinton Thomas, 4158 Eugene Percy Ganrln. Los Aa- W. 45th st., 19 and Thelma
held out the welcome mat for Mrs. Bessie Mrs. Bernice Barron of Atlanta, GeorgiaIs George Role Ware,1113 Logan Grant Rd., 19 and Rosalee Ma- geles, Calif., 24 and Shirley Louise Dunmyer, 1734 W. 43rd
Jackson of Columbus, Georgia, Southern vacationing here with her two sons St., 20 and Iola Miller 819 rie Brown, 2327 Southern Ave., Burnnettle Arnold, Melbourne St., 17.
Regional Director of Iota Phi Lambda Donald and James Barron U635 Friden Dr. Blanch St., 18. 17. Fla., 18.

Sorority recently.Mrs. Accompanying Mrs. Barron to Jacksonvillewas I
Jackson was in the city visitingand her grandaughter Venetia C. Barron,
counseling with members of the the daughter of James.
Sorority. The affair was held in the Donald is a 3rd Class Petty officer at 9

home of Soror Evelyn Hillman Jacksonville Naval Air Station with the ..- ---- : S A V ,
The National Convention of Iota Phi Hurrlcan Hunters outfit. ---------- : ___ 1
Lambda Sorority will be held in Nassau In -'---

August. Men's Day Officials 1e


Miss Ruth Baety of this city and a
'o0D Toi SM
Betrothal Announced' SOCIAL NOTES

The Central Social and Saving
Club will observe Its anniversary -
Sunday at 3:30 p.m., Inl'St.
>w r Paul AXE Church. The club'
with the largest attendance will 1
receive a prlxe.
M ?
r4w The participants are: Gospel SY In t S. ,
Choir of ,First Corinth, Rev. T
A. C. Chandler, Deacon L. D.
Mungln, Mr*. Mary Woods Wfh4s
Mrs. L. Futch Mrs.Mary Thomas
Genie Sabb, Rufus English,
Chine, Bell Singer, Mrs.Grace
Wenforce, Gospelettes, Jimmie
L. Freeman,Mrs LoWe Tukes,
Heraldalres, Miss I Eleanor Alfred D. Jones and Galvester Washington wui serve a* Beef at its Best s hisa a
-- Gates, Friendship Primitive chairman and co-chairman for the annual Men's Day at,
Elder and Mrs. Samuel J. Gospel Chorus, Joe Stafford Fountain Chapel AME Church Sunday July 24. :
Strong of 5430 Dakota Drive M r a. Johnnie Mae Johnson,' Dr. Willima B.Stewart, president of Edward Waters College,
announce the engagement and Mrs. Mary Hicks, Earl will be the speaker and Mayor Louis Ritter will speak at 3 p.m. I
approaching marriage of their Williams, Mrs. Martha The public is invited to attend. .
daughter, Miss Beverly Ann Thomas, Mrs. Mabel Breeden. ---- ----
Strong to Elder James Lincoln .
Miss is fim'irrmnn-l i r irmn-n-mnnrnimmr .ir.-.T..r.r.- *
Strong a 1965 graduate 'SAjJW
of William Raines High School The Century Social and Saving
and Caries Academy Medical Club will observe Its anniversary -
School. She is a medical assistant Sunday at 3:30 p.m., in M I
in New York City. St. Paul AXE Church, 13th and 9X12
Mr.. Pasley Is the son of Mr. Myrtle Ave. SOFA TABLE BEDROOM CHROME 3 4
and Mrs. Leroy Pasley of De- An invitation has been extended
land, and recently completedtwo to otter clubs in the city to
years of service with the attend. &
United States Army.
The wedding will be an event MN
of Aug. 14 at 4 p.m., In the
Church of God in Unity 2220 The Nightingale Saving Club $6. $89. $59. $24.
$$34. $69.
Dansoo St. Friends of the couple will observe its 28th anniversary -
are invited to attend. Sunday at 3 p.m., in Blod-
gett Homes Center, 1207 DavisSt. s l'u
Bay U.S. .
-- -
Hi ReY. uoya TOompson ww ueytl
Bonds p
Savings the speaker.I p4 4 ?



}4 Y 4 1 %* j \ ? '

v e
ri ', '
IDI '1 kiNCWSOMS n w





1124 BROAD ST. AND 2id .r H : 7th ; 1




SPECIAL WITH THIS ADMEN TI-JE 80ft11'l1\ : r t Dl\G k1t I 'IT.l'RE S7'ORE''
_5ftj-- k .- -. -.- -S-S i >_ __ II> V -tSAi01DA1 ---- V _

Pkoit Today for Pickup, 354-9694


1 . .. .s ,. ..r r-- .-r r r.- .. r. a. Y

i- I


Homecoming Day Charm Hour Afternoon Tea Held Day Spring Heavenly Fire

.... .. ..- Women's Day
Scheduled Sunday Slated At ., .-- Gospel Singers

Deacon Willie SneppardU Grant MemorialChoir Set For August 24 Anniversary Held

chairman for the Home Organization was held by the
coming Day activities SundayIn 3 of Grant Memorial women of Day Spring Baptist The Heavenly Fire Gospel
Greater Bethany Baptist AME Church will sponsor its Church for their annual celebration Singers will observe their u-
Church, according to Rev Lan- 16th Charm Hour Sunday during which Is scheduledfor adversary July 31 In the Elks
don L, Williams, pastor the evening service In Grant Aug. !t, Serving chair Auditorium 712 W. Duval ft;.
Servlcs Sunday begin with the Memorial AME Church. 4o't man will be Mrs. Annie Belle beginning at 8 p.m.
Sunday School at .8:30: a.m. Appearing will be: Mist t jl ti ch. Harttog and Mrs Madeline The participants include
Patricia Bryant, EWC Croup, :
Homecoming service will begin Sirmons, co-chairman. Southernalres Gospel Singers
with the worship at 11 a.m., Sharon Conley, Mt Canaan Other officers are: Miss Lillian of Klngsland, Ga.; Golden Ju.biilee .
with Deacons Otis Walker and choir, Male Chorus, Miss Loretta G. Johnson, secretary; Singers, Sunny Rose
Newton Smith In charge of the Williams, Mrs. Cornelia 1I Mrs. Lola Mae Maybue, Singers, Star light Singers,R.L.
Mrs. Lena Harris,
devotion. Choir 1 will serve. Strlngfleld, and Mrs. V. Collette
treasurer Rudolph, Mrs. B. S. Staten!
Mission offering Rev. W. B. Mrs. A. Reddick, Mrs. Pecola ; ,). Martin, public relations chair youth choir of Pentecostal
Hopkins Mrs. Daisy King Mrs. : _
Hookes Introduction of .
; jo. man. Prayer Band, Traveling Star
Marie M. Bunion. Charlie Wig. ,
speaker, the Rev Mr Williams; Committee chair men are:Mrs. Union Singers, Herald GospelSingers
gins and Rev A. J. Reddick. ,.. !
speaker Rev. Eddie Burgess Mallard Mrs. Alice
"' I 1 Carrie L. M r I. Alberta Lati-
The hosts and hostesses
M L Gibbon Baptist Church, Ancette Thomas, Grover Jean 4 Logan, Mrs. Ruby Askew, Mrs. more Singers, Mrs. Angeline
Bartow. Oliver Mrs. Geraldine
Ojetta McBride, Singers, Sensational
Thomas Ida Cohen Margaret
At 3 p.m., Choir 2 will rendera Lunsford Myrtle Shootes, Er- Howe, II r I. Mary Dismuke, Holy Travelers, TonetUi,
musical program. Opening Alice Johnson, Mrs. Cleo
Mrs. Holylight Singers, Samuel Hen
ntstine Stevenson Edna
prayer and hymn, Rev. Milton and Mrs. Feola Hart.
McKelsey. Audrey Jones; derson, Gospel Echoes, Biven
McSwaln; Introduction of spea- Crews Bertha M. ITIa The captains are Mrs.Bertha Specials, Echoettes, Mrs.Ethel
Phyllis ,
ker, pastor; speaker Rev. A. Foster Walker, Mrs. Ethel L. Jones, Davenport Bannister, Mrs.
Roberts, Geraldine ,
Washington of Union Baptist Gwendolyn O.t If, Franklin Mrs. F. Hart, Mrs. Earnle Mary Goodman, Mrs. Mary
Church. Gloria Seldon, Mrs. Aletrice Harris, Nealey, Mrs. Essie M.Thomas
Wakefleld, Annie Hunt, ,
The evening service begins Mrs.
Mrs. Gladys Crapps,
Robinette Singers and
at 6:30: o'clock. The Male Chorus Ashley, Ruby Grace, Sylvia Ethel Jenkins Mrs. A. Hart-
Jenkins,.Vivian Bradley, Betty
will serve. The devotion Mrs. Florence T. Johnson -
will be conducted by Deacon Foster, Vivian Sams, Alma j tog,, Mrs. Helen Bullock, Mrs.V. Mrs. Mary Goodman

Hastings Williams and DeaconA. Hopkins, Sherrle Rose Harris, Martin, Mrs. Eura Barnes,
Hookes. Rev. A. Gordon Gilllard McMlllian, Elwanda Mrs. N. W. Weaver, Mrs.Irene Anniversary Observes
will give the mission offering, McKlnnon, Patricia Reddick,
Mrs. Verma Eagleton,
Daisy Walker LUlle B. Miles, Mrs. Mary Goodman will
prayer and hymn; introduction k+ Mrs. M. Sirmons, Mrs. E. W. her
of speaker, pastor; speaker, Mary Ann Taylor, Shirley Ann Mainor, Mrs. R. Askew and serve anniversary as a
Rev. E, Burgess; closing remarks and Joyce Cherry Miss Claudia Jones. gospel singer Sunday at 8 p.m.,
._ in Mt. Ararat Baptist Church.
pastor, chairman. -'- ------ -- ---- The Rainbow Tea, sponsoredby Andrew McCall will

ATOMIC PROGRAMS Dist. I & 7 of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Grant president of'Dlst I. Back row the captains, will be held of Master of Ceremonies.serve u
Aug. 21 in the dining area
Russia I thermonuclear fusion held recently an afternoon tea. Frontrow left to right are : Deacon Dleneihes the church. The deadline for

ROYAL CROWN program costs $40 million a from left to right are : Deacon Watts, Mrs. Florine Benton treasurer sponsors and ads is Aug. 9. HELP KEEP FREEDOM

year that of the U. S., $:0 Charles Timmons charlman of Dist. 7 ; Dist I ; Mrs. Doris Jacobs, and Deacon

million the Catholic Digest reports Mrs. Josephine Tilley, Mrs. Essie Jones Moses Abrams, leader of Dist I and chairman -
COLA Russian fusion scientists YQU Don't Have TO GO To Town To Get
outnumber! those in the U. S. Williams, treasurer; and Mrs. Annie Bell of Trustee Board. r

by ten to one. STAR Photo by James Singleton




Choir 1 of Grant Memorial musical recital Sunday In St.
AME Church will sponsor a Peter Church, 30th and Lee FRIENDSHIP ---------

trip around the globe July 30. Sts.The Men's Day celebration will beobservedSunday In New Friend- Trade with your Neighborhood Drug storeWE
The bus will leave at 9 p.m., sponsor Is St. John Chap- ship Baptist Church, Atlantic Beach. WILL MeET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL
from 1445 Grothe St. At the ter 154, OES. Program Chairman Joe Brown has announced that Rev.Cleveland papers. we Deliver we also fill all Doctors

4 last stop, a seafood dinner will a... Clark, superintendent of the Sunday School will have as prescriptions
SACKAS be served guests the boys from the Parental Home and SuperintendentD.
Tickets be secured from Mrs Essie Mae Thomas will
Varner. Various Invited teachers will have charge of the
members of the choir be presented In a musical recital classes

JUDGE ..a. Community Sunday Baptist at 8:30:Church.p.m., In Mayor W. S. Howell of Atlantic Beach will be the speaker at Dixie Pharmacy
11 a.m., and music will be furnished by the Male Chorus of
FIRST Other are Sam-
participants : Grant Memorial AME Church. Guest soloist will be W. D,
The Male Chorus of uel Henderson, Mrs.Ruth Fedd.
DISTRICT Cannon of New Bethel AME Church and saxophonist Is Jerome
AME Church will observe Its Bibleway Chorus, Celestial 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue
Forest of Bethlehem Baptist Church. The members of Club
COURTOF first anniversary July 31 at 8 Gospel Chorus, Austin Twins, Baron will be guest

APPEALS p.m., In the church auditorium. McCall Gospel Singers and Rev. E. R. Simpson of Zion Hope Baptist Church, accompaniedby Phones Elgin 5559798
Outstanding talent in the city Andrew McCall. R. Allen Is
the Male Chorus and members, will have charge at 3 p.m.
and church will participate on sponsor. The Falcon Club of the beach will be guest. ----------
40 YEARS EXPERIENCEIN the program .a... Evening service 1s scheduled at 7,o'clock.R e v.H. T. Over-
ALL STATE FEDERAL brae street of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church will end the observance. He PAY YOUR_ LIGHT, WATER AND, TELEPHONE(
will be his
accompanied by
The Starlight Singers will be, The Imperial Gospel Singers congregation I ''I "
COURTSPLEASE presented In a muslalpro.: of Edwar.djWaters: College, under liT,SALEM BAPTIST _

VOTE, TO KEEP YOUR FRIENDIN gram Sunday at 8 p.m., in St. direction of H.Alvin Green, The church and pastor's anniversary will terminate Sunday
Mark Baptist Church with Rev will be featured in the second
THIS VITAL POSITION IN SPECIAL Paul Fountain. annual musical program pre- Mt. Salem Baptist Church, according to Rev W. Q. Rogers, MADAM BESSIEShe

ELECTION TUESDAY AUGUST 2nd The program Is being sented by Choir 1 of West Union pastor.
The services begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with will read
your entire life-i&st present and]
sponsored by Mrs.Leatha Scott. Baptist Church Sunday during ,
ASK ANY ATTORNEY the evening service. Miss Virginia Munford and James Ellis in charge. The lesson future. She asks no questions but will tell you;
aa. Choir 1 of St. Luke Baptist topic "Sincerity before God," will be reviewed by Rev..Orell what you want to know, giving date and facts of''

Rev. R, Wallace, pastor of St. Church will serve for the meditation Wilcox business, love, health and family affairs. WUlj
ABOUT MARTIN SACKPAID Peter AME Church and Wilbur period and Howard Deacon Acle Wllbert and Cornelius Calhoun will conduct the help you find lost art. TELL you whom you will
j Bellamy of Mt. Sinai Baptist Memorial Junior Choir, under devotion at 11 a.m., and Miss Delores Bright will give the marry and when. If the one you love is true, what' ,
POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT history of the church.The will -
anniversary sermon be delivered part of the country Is luckiest for .
will and
Church will be presented In a direction of Henry Wynn, you, what
render selections.The by Rev S. Davis, and dinner will be served at 1:30 p.m. to do to be successful.Will reunite the separated,j
young people of Usher The devotion Jp.m.,will be conducted by Deacon J. C. Green locate absent friends and relatives, and cause]
and Eugene Calhoun, and the sermon will be delivered Rev
i Board Sot the church will serve by happiness between man and wife. Make up I
as hosts and hostesses. Charlie Spann. lover's quarrelS Tells, Usictnessorbadluckis
Monday night, Choir 3 will meet for rehearsal and District 1
NOW! natural enemies, evil influence and bad luck. Does not tell to
will worship in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Tuesday night,
please you but will tell the truth. One visit will for
4 LOCATIONS Parched PilgrimsBeer trustee board meeting. Wednesday night, Choir 2 rehearsesand disappointments in all others. I not only read your repay life you like an
TO SERVE YOU3118W.EdgewoodAve. Thursday night, monthly conference will be held. Friday open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Come
Choir 1 meets for
lovers insist that a night rehearsal and see why you are so unhappy, why everything seems to go
dwindling supply of beer onboard wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried when you
3701 EMESON NEW MT. OLIVE can be helped and everything made clear by'consulting THIS
830 CASSAT AVE. the Mayflower was one Youth Day will be observed throughout the day Sunday In New GIFTED MEDIUM I Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.
of the main for the selection Church with the School at I make
reasons ,lit Olive Baptist beginning Sunday no house caUs' Don't mistake the address, MADAM
1824 WEST BEAVER of Plymouth as a land 9:30 a.m., with Miss Annette Miller presiding The lesson will BESSIE is located north of Callahan on Hwy,301, 1/2 mile from
place for the Pilgrims. As be reviewed by Deacon A. B, Ashwood. City of CALLAHAN, Florida Phone 879-2250
ing service at 11 o'clock with the deacons
SAVE proof, they quote a document: the devotion. Rev. C. L. Telfalr, pastor, will deliver the Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL
BLUE PLATE "For we could not now take sermon. P dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. including Sundays
24e time for further search or consideration District 4 will meet at the church at 4 p.m. Evening serviceat IBS CLIPPING ..GIVES YOU TO A $_Z READING for $1!
QT. 39 ; our victuals being 6:30: o'clock. Choir 3 and Usher Board Z will serve throughout -
MAYONNAISE the day with Robert Blaylock in charge of the music. An
much spent, especially our beer. after service program entitled, "Youth on Parade," will be
I Catholic Digest-July. sponsored by the department.

3 tb. can JEWEL "',E Wit, CreativityGo I

CAN 59cNo. TogetherWit ,a

SHORTENING and creativity go together
the Catholic Digest claims. 1, f
Studies sponsored by the Ai s
Force show that'witty
: 1 PINK are much more creative than
can Royal
SAVE ; those without a sense of humor -
63c A successful witticism itself
Is a creative act. A re-
SALMON CAN M searcher observed that "clown-

ing or humor is one of several
effective techniques which the
Y'+ creative person uses to remainin

10 Lb. groups, and to fend off group
pressures toward conformity"
POTATOESc A creative person can gain acceptance
without conforming

CALL OR SEE TODAY using wit and humor as a passport -
He is accepted because he
is funny; and his woul4-be de-

303 can GEORGIA RED Sft.S SERVICE'GENERATOR tractors of respect restrain for their his wit.impulsesout -....... -

Researchers"also found tha

1 AND people who have a well develo KEN KNIGHT

TOMATOES 8 CANS BILLS I S1ARIERSERVICE ed capacity for the appreclatio

of those, humor who are don't.far Persons happier than who -Invites You To Listen To-

lack a sense of humor also ar BIG
Reg. SizeFAB SAVE 5140 OLD KING ROAD 1 BLOCK short of emotional stability BAND

ile sense of well-being, self-conft

,I: WEST OF (EDGEWOOD PHONE 353-6363 dence, and the ability to endur "DANCE PARTY"
WITH $5.00 19c stress. Persons who have th

OR MORE "ALL WORK GARANTEED 90 DAYS" greatest appreciation. of humo Nil.UJ
FOOD ORDER also have the best contact wit 11:30: til 12:00: Sjtorria, 9 p.lI.
and the least likel
DAILY OPEN 110 6 p.m. SUNDAY 9-1 p.m. reality are
to pretend to be what they anthol. WRHC1400

r .



Urban League The "Kepi" Design Religion I Woman Lower I

Plans MeetNEW I. ..
YORK Whitney M. YORK-NPI-Presbyterians of the Equal Employment Opportunity
Young Jr., executive director church In the U. S. A. will be asked Commission; Mrs.
of the National Urban League vote on a constitutional amendment Frankie Freeman of the U. S.
said this week that the controversy to choose pastors without regard to Civil Rights Commission and'
over the term: "black proposal sent to the presbyteries Mrs. Marjorie Lawson the U.
power", was diverting attention would require the various committees S. Representative on the Social
from the real problems of poverty to "recommend and urge nominating Commission of the United
and discrimination candidates with regard to race or Nations Economic and Social
Mr. Young's complete state Council.
meat saleS EQUAL HOUSING STAND Miss Watson comes from a
"03 June 10, at a news conference \4' WASHINGTONNPI)- Methodist distinguished family of lawyersand
in New York, I strongly \ jLaLt ; through the Rev. Grover C.Bagby, her late father,Judge James
rejected all appeals to black / made known Its favorable stand on S. Watson served as Justice
nationalism or reverse racism. of Congress currently considering of the New York Municipal
Since that time, the nation has denomination's action was taken at Its Court for twenty years. Her
had its attention focused by the Re/. Bagby stressed that "we brother James L. Watson, was
media on the slogan "black racial, cultural and religious groups, appointed to the U. S. Customs
power" and the meaningful ples set forth In our Social Creed ; Court by President Johnson
debate about ways bring about i- rE J\h&\ earlier this year.
equfl opportunity and equal :
rights has been diverted Into EXCELLENT

debate over slogans.We deplore SEATTLE Wash. (NPI) Some I will have
this preoccupation with division II"\ services to the Archdiocese of Seattle
and the consequent shift away : t returned commitment forms, but always
from discussion of the real j : Project Equality program initiated touch:
problems of poverty and discrimination. Gibbons Jr., acting Merit ; .
that this was an "excellent" return
"The National Urban League Just six weeks ago and also the best
does not intend to Invent received to date by any of the five I London Dry.
slogans however appealing they I.1' ceses participating the program.
may be to the press. What we brisk
will continue to do through our HOME REBUILDING 1
unique structure is expand and 4., HATTIESBURG Miss.-NPI-Two To me I

develop positive programs of -: ; yf r Titus Bender.Meridian, Miss.; and 9814'I ."
action which bring Jobs to the Pa. Joined hands to supervise 4
unemployed housing to the dis w .. of Vernon Dahmer local NAACP j ..,"'....,I"."...
y ,
., .
.. M At.Y."" ......". ...Y..1. a My'A wems'
possessed education to the Ii. .. .', 7' was killed by nightriders early this
deprived, and necessary voter constructed for Dahmer's wife and
: ,
education to the disenfran- :: ,: ;
A dly' x.:,.
chised. In the final analysis : Lyt [
these are the things, in our -..: '. '-' .. ,, ..; ,.
:- .. ..%
American system which bring ;1 ." :
power to both black and white : ,-
citizens and dignity and prideto

"Rather than being concerned
with vague phrases the National
Urban League believes that the __ "_'Y._ .. __'__ ;.. -. ,-,___,_,_
nation should be Involved in Talented milliner Leon Bennett, who designed a modern version of the "Kepi" (hat worn Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is
massive efforts to eliminate by members of the famed French Foreign Legion) in conjunction with Universal' soon ,
the poverty and the discrimination to be released "Beau Geste" poses with Universal contract actresses Edy Williams and
which make slogans Melody Johnson as they model his creations.
appealing for so many who are Applications
imprisoned in the ghettos. We FINANCIAL FACTS Plan Conferences For Educators
do not intend to preoccupy our- l>'spile the nnturn's boom
selves with discrediting vague inn i economy more than one Working With Disadvantaged Kids
slogans or organizations who I third of American unities -- Veteran
Invent them. Until the terrible :I have no mwings; investments, The "drive-in"; sessions, lotte, DeSoto, cides.; Hardee
conditions of life which burden ,4 ur reserve funds! mt'circling! ton .dotted around the state so Hernando Highlands HilL borough -
the Negro poor are solved, j rwnt r '|xirt issued by the personnel from all 67 county Lee, Manatee Pasco, The Size lMw
there will be end to Of
no phrases University of Michigan! Survey school systems can participate, Pinellas and Sarasota.
appealing to the emotions. Hi'worth ('('nti'r. are tentatively scheduled between BARTOW Sept. 19; Indian

Sept. 13 and Oct. 21,, River Martin,Okeechobee,Os- (
----w-r Financed by the federal ceola. Polk and St. Lucie. Is Limited
I Elementary and Secondary DATYONA BEACH Sept. (1ORDOMY
a Education Act, the conferences 20-21; Flagler Putnam Semi-
.r,& SEAFOODCENTER 1 1o. will be conducted by the University nole and Volusia. 21-22 Enroll Now To
of South Florida undera ORLANDO Sept. laiioo.Deel
Brevard Citrus, Lake, Orangeand
contract with the State
MjirtiAvenfcYv Department of Education. Sumter. A Place. .C..c."d..
/ Nde. '
L fSM4ROE ) Christian said the conferenceswill JACKSONVILLE Sept. 26- / Inp/.e .pnA.'j". '
to the grusroots'level 127j Baker Bradford, Clay Columbia and Nie.rwW
carry '
1 .** the same learning prob- Duval "Nassau and St.. 1r'L: CAll '35 : ., Urns.ea.'j'
It -'?v ', -c. '>>>+, >. .--1""" lems of the disadvantaged which Johns.
"JacktoniilU' Largest and:Dttt'Known. GAINESVILLE Sept. 28
) were discussed by school officials ;
4 .;.. .. .. ,w.. ... at a statewide gathering Alacbua Dixie Gllchrlst Hamilton -

SUTED in Jacksonville in March. Lafayette Levy Madison -
MULLET ROE 2-11 HOLPINC tCdNOMY 6 PAIRS IOX I I.!.93PER Called "Education for All," lor and, Marlon Union. Suwannee Tay
LB. 99c that conference was designed
to strengthen leadership at the MIAMI-Oct. 20-21; Collier

KING FISH STEAKS . LB. 59c county level in the massive Dade and Monroe,
T-n P'nn wt Editor MTI thin' I I.on*fir the "b"*t. education forthe WEST PALM BEACHOct..
RED SNAPPER . LB. 69c effort to improve and 20-21; Broward, Hendry and HLARKETS
culturally S.UPE
& MANGOS LB. 59t ,
SNAPPER FLANKS & THROATS LB. 59c economically deprived.The
SPANISH MACKEREL . LB. 45c follow-up sessions this Still Waiting
SHAD ROE per ut 95c fall, Christian said,are planned THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE B.
in the
LOBSTER TAIL$.... Ik 1250 KING ORAbS..LI. 1111 as another step efforts For Illiteracy FundsNEW
MEDIUM MULLET LB. 29c department's continuing
LARGE SHRIMP $1.25 to assist the counties with their YORKNPI)- James U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST
MEDIUM SHRIMP LB. $1.00 ESEA projects.He Farmer still hasn't gotten any
SCALLOPS u LB. 89c said the fall conferences federal money to finance his
SPECKLED TROUT :. LB. 59c will deal more specifically with literacy campaign 10 months LB.49C
CATFISH . LB. 59c the day-to-day problems of after be asked for it.
STEAK FISH LB. 69c principals and teachers on-the- And he says .
POMPANO $1.10 Job in the 952 Florida schools he's getting ?

OYSTER . . PT. SI.25 which have programs under way tired of waitF,[.MiaJ fa.
for the disadvantaged.
ing while 11 to e'A4
FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT There are 165 separate 11 1/2 million "' ... S FRESH FLA. GRADE A
un WHITI .. II. SI.50 ClAW .IR. SI.Ifl projects. They Involve 23,182 Americansoneout I
c...I.d l F..... .U. SIPS AN Lw.e ..II S2TS teachers and more than 175,000 of every 17 t
children. continue: to be
CINUINI Each of the fall conferences functionally illiterate. HENS LB.23C
MAINE LOBSTER MEAT .. oz. CAN $2.49 will accomodate 150 or more "I am currently twiddling my
l,q< .. in rift ,.,..r* 4 In I oi...r. I'H' ?"*',,". *.V' 811.1 (RM.g teachers and principals bringIng thumbs waiting for the Office
'" .,,, ",, ,, total participation to more of Economic Opportunity tog
than 1500. Christian said it twiddling its thumbs," Farmer
is hoped that each project school said. PUREX
will be represented.These "You can't talk about training
ar e the locations and a man for a skilled job if the
tentative dates of, and the fellow can't read," he said; BLEACH

t / counties conferences to:be served by the program.stressing the urgency of his Y2 GAL. 1 1DIXIE 100

PENSACOLA Sept. 13-14; Farmer said he wondered
Escambla Okaloosa Santa Rosa whether he made the right decision LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
and Walton. In resigning as national
PANAMA CITYSept..14-15; director of CORE, "Inasmuch CRYSTAL
Bay Calhoun Franklin Cads- as the project has not yet gotten
den, Gulf, Holmes Jackson off the ground."
Jefferson, Leon Liberty Wa- According to Farmer a"controversy" 5 LB.
kulla and Washington. over his project in SUGAR

TAMPA-Sept. 16-17; Char 'Congress_has held up the funds. BAG 33C


"HOME OF SIDING SPECIALISTS" When Seek Your The Doctor Best Prescribes Doctor f WESTERN CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS LB. 79$

".Complete Additions Rtmrjdcl and Roof J ing RepaintSenen Get Experienced Your Doctor PharmacistsWhen Prescribes, &v;try U.S. # 1 POTATOES .12 lB. BAG 29$
Orders. We Use Only The Best '
.. Porch Enclosures Quality Drug .,

Carats Proprietor

Carports 3 Registered pharmacists To serve you ALL FLAVORS % GAL 35$
pcnci-H FOREMOST ICE MILK \ i :!t.

Awnings/ ----A COMPLETE LINE 0 p---- 'f ; .

Complete Financing Arranged Cosmetics-Rubber Gooda-candles-sundries BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISEa;i i or. 45$


Free Estimates No Dowppaymeiit PILLSBURY FLOUR "l '1.: 5 LB. BAG 49$

Drug Store
"Let Us Consolidate All Your Bills"la 25
1907 KINGS ROADEL38276 \ REG. PKG.
One Snail Payment


1 .
j -., .1


r -

... ..w .k

I ) Long Hot Summer Guest OF Prime Minister Since You Ask MeDEAR

Continued from Page 1

CORE- brother and I are fairly good 1 friends,
Brutality was also among the estimated 200 persons In a : but whenever we are with otter people,

complaints made by white and Negro area The day defore, LchaSesf Whatever alone: I do is wrong. He laughs and makes fun
150 persons threw bottles at LII
at Maryland
Negro prisoners like this?
is he
mistakes Why
be tried to of
where a policemen as my
Penitentiary, prisoners, Bothered
in an uprising against prison ticket an illegally parked car. '

authorities, caused a half mil Disorders broke out in Paterson I- -r -,__- __ ___ to the feeling that you are better
N. J.,after Edward Carter, Your brother is reacting
lion dollars recognition -
damages.More more
local than be is. He feels that you are
CORE leader to
than of the 1,400 he U
1,000 than he and to decrease the recognition, overly
20 "black ,
Inmates went on a rampage of persons on power. r mistakes. Try being more of a friend to
Rocks bottles conscious of your
and were again
destruction, charging guard used and several storewindowswere ir him Plan things together that be will enjoy doing, and praise
brutality, poor food, over ,broken. : : 'his acbievements. Show him that you think he Is tops. The
crowding and low pay. more his complex will
the bond between you,
In Grenada, Miss., two white Lawton, Okla., further stronger
with trouble was expected as the dJ.m1n1sb.
men were charged d lalaaaa
city council turned down a
attempted murder In a gun proposed

attack upon two civil rights public accommodation : DEAR LONNIE: A friend of mine has been causing me a lot

workers and a federal official ordinance. Rights leaders have F t O .:l trouble lately, and when I tell him about it, be says it
been to
trying integrate a pri _
outside church I'm not but I
a Negro won't happen again but U always does. sure,
The attack came after Negro vately-owned amusement park.In think' be does it intentionally. What can I do-.because
Sacramento, Calif., 16 BUS Wit'
demonstrators Integrated a M want to lose his friendship?
pects were in custody in th
nearby swimming pool. IVf I Wondering ,
Non-violent demonstrators slaying of two Negro transientsin

have been attempting to make the city's skid row section. This friend probably doesn't mean to disappoint you, but if,

Grenada "an open city."Result All the moved suspects are white, and you began not to plan as many activities with this person,
to avoid
of the shooting was a threat by police quickly you would not have to count so heavily on his coming through.!
racial retaliation.
militant SNCC workers to Try to be friends without relying on this person to make the
Also in Sacramento the legislature -
"move in" U the non-violent
day bright.
protests fail. adopted an anti-riot ............
Earlier, 175 Negroes had been measure, making it a misdemeanor v :

chased by Grenada police,after to act intentionally to Ia.. DEAR LONNIE: My mother never gives me any playtime.All .
incite to riot. Penalty will be
they were arrested. Police If I decide that I want to play
I do is work all the time. go
to six months in
Jail a
clubbed stragglers with clubs up fine k ball she finds something for me to do. I can't win What can
and shotgun butts. $500 or both.
I do?
In Athens Ga. a white man
In Franklinton, La., 242 : No Play
was killed durlnearock.tbrClfl-
completed a 22-mile
Negroes -- ..,. .. ...... .... ,
ing incident, when his truck -- -- on. .. ---- --------- -'- --- : --' ." --
two-day march from Bogalusa. First, find out all the things that your mother considers to
Violence bad been expected, as broke Willie down Junior in Self a Negro was area.shot Miriam Makeba Mercury recording art- Guyana. Miss r Makaba was flanked at be your responsibility. Then, find when she wants these things

the Ku Klux Klan trouble is active broke in through the head as Negroes ist was recently a personal guest of dinner by the duke and duchess of Kent. done. As you can see, if you do everything that you are sup-

the area-but no gathered around an old pickup Prime Minister Forbes Burnham during the Guyana Is ,the former British Guiana. posed to do It, unless something special comes up, you'll
out. be free to do what you want. I hope this helps
In Baltimore, two CORE officials truck that had stopped running. week-long celebration of Independence in ............

and five other Negroes Coo IT BABY, COOL III .

were arrested as they picketed On To Post Insurance FigureNamed' "Salchmb" If you want to ask a question, send it to "Since You Asked
I a discount department store. Hold IJIdmcnJ Me," Negro Press International, 5708 South State Street;

James Among Griffin those"arrested, Baltimore were CORE Despite Primary Loss To USIA In Character Role Chicago, Illinois 60621.

chairman; and Walter Brooks; WASHINGTON!>-Robert .

director o f CORE'S "target tion's NEW highest-ranking YORKCiPIThe Negro na- r. Freeman Jr., who has since i'1l' ... .. .. 1 After aU these years the great I Bonds I

city project." county official has decided to 1946, been prominent in Insurance Louis Armstrong finally gets Buy Savings
In Des Moines, la., 20 police circles, both in the United his first chance to portray on
stay on, despite the defeat of -
and 200 young Negroes battledit States and Ghana, a banker,and the screen an honest dramatic
candidate for in
out after police investigated the primary election.surrogate Peace Corps official, was last IL ,character in Joseph E.Levine's Grant For Family ,

a report that fireworks were Councilman week appointed u a consultant ."A ManCalledAdam/'Starrlng
J. Raymond Jones Health Centers
being shot off in a park. A made his decision to remain to the U. S.Information Agency.In ; Sammy Davis Jr., the Embassy
crowd greeted the officers witha as Democratic leader of New his new post, Freeman will Pictures release will be seen W WASHINGTON (NPI) The
barrage ,of cherry bombs, York County (Manhattan) after advise the USIA on recruiting at theatres this summer. federal Office of Economic Opportunity

then threw :rocks and bottlesat being urged to stay on by party personnel for Us International ,A : WOMEN'S l TALK BJf LOUISE P."DUMETZ Armstrong of course, has approved grants
the officers.. leaders information programs,; with ROCKS IS THE HEAD, < has been!Jin ptclureabeore, totaling $6,919.644 fercompreAbenstve

'Two policemen' were injured dues', candidate, Supreme emphasis on selection of out-' Stonet'tave been used as weaPons, for conductors of heat but it flee been almost entirely health services to thek i

in St. Louis when they soughtto Court Justice Arthur G. Klein, standing persons from minorityand and as aids in washing but those were stone age and 16th less as an actor than as "a poor in slum areas of Chicago,

break up a fight among an was soundly defeated by ethnic groups around the century methods. Are you aware of the current fad of using picturesque entertainer," involving New York, and Los Angeles.
and Announcement of the
Supreme Court Justice SamuelJ. nation. stone to alleviate tired odor? You could imagine this story his trumpet playing grants
The former vice president. comedy singing. was made by R.Sargent Shriver,
Silverman. as a fairy tale, with it's a once-upon-a-tlme complete witha
United Mutual LifeInsurance In "A Man Called Adam he OEO director.
acutaryt tall lean hero-Michael Knudsen, a design engineer for ,
Your Good HealthBy Company, New York, SheU Oil company. enacts a real character-that Grants of $1.2 million and

holds a B. A. degree from Lincoln Passing a gravel yard, the thought came to him, why not of a retired musician who has $719,644 went to the Chicago ..
(Pa.) University, and did seen better days and is now Research Foundation, for the
rocks In'a bottle with solution callit
M put some of those a and
postgraduate work at New York Gravel", a cologne solution that would appeal to truck almost at the end of the road. establishment of two health centers k't

What would you do in a medical emergency U no doctor were. and American Universities. drivers and baseball players as well as most Madison Avenue It's a challenging role, and the .
available? It was to answer this question that the United States Before going to Ghana in 1946, Dapper Dans. Armstrong tans will delight In A $2 million grant was approved :.

Public Health Service in 1963 started its Medical Self Help] he had been a banker and a Taking 25 pounds of gravel, he performed a flotation, seeing the old maestro giving to the University of ;lot

Program I am happy to say that the response to this program director of the Commission on putting It in his bathtub, and letting bits of leaves float to out with real histrionics. Southern California Medical I li tl

has been enthusiastic.The Education Exchange, betweenthe the top. Then the gravel, a few pounds at a time, was put in Sammy Davis, who has the School to establish a neighborhood u._ 4..,. _
materials are made available without charge through your U. S. and Ghana reputation of being able to do health center in the Watts

Board of Health. They are issued principally to schools, clubs, In Accra, he founded, the basket of a deep fryer, and alkaline and acid baths introduced almost everything on stage, is area of Los Angeles.

Industrial organizations, churches and other organizations. organized and directed three to partly eat up any organic matter and also to bleach noted as a mimic. His impersonations Two store-fronthealth centers
Those who pass an examination at the end of the course are insurance companies, and mer- them. The pebbles then were cooked in an electric frying of various greats in will be set up in the Bronx

given graduation certificates. ged them In 1962 into the State pan, possibly to remove the odorous effects of the acid bath. show business, ahighllght of section of New York with a

Although the lessons are numbered,they need not be presentedin Insurance Corporation,of which For the finale, gasoline, scotch whiskey, tobacco, turpentine, his act And Armstrong was $2.2 million grant from OEOto

any given order as each lesson is complete in itself. They he was managing director. saddle soap and polishes for automobiles, shoes and brass the first entertainer he ever New York's Montefiore Hospital WMBM

cover the following subjects: radioactive fallout and shelter; Upon his return to the United were incorporated with woodsy aromas and wild male animal impersonated in public. and Medical Center.

healthful living in emergencies;artificial respiration;bleeding, States, he served as special scents. The result was as wild as the raw animal scents, That was to be the first of Shriver said the centers will

bandaging; fractures and splinting;transportation of the Injured; associate director of manage. but more experimentation and Gravel had its debut. the many impersonations which "constitute a one-stop facility Spotlight Product

Infant and child care; and emergency childbirth. ment for the Peace Corps. The first batch, an eight-ounce bottle with 18 pebbles in the Sammy developed as be grew for a U the out-patient needs

bottom sold for $1 an ounce. It can only be purchased in But Armstrong was hisorlglna for the entire family. Of
More School Days eight-ounce quantities. try and to this day remainsone He said they are to be operated The Week

'that the formula U Knudsen has -of his favorite take-offs. on a 24-hour-a-day basis and
i MIAMI More and more and Now a success, dispensedwith
WAME.DIAL Davis portrays a trumpet player are expected to open within Miami Florida
school ahead for Us preparation, but still supervises-the dropping of the ,
more days are
r in "A Man Called Adam"with three to six months.
the current crop of babies, who 8bble..whcb have Increased from 18 to 25 or 30 per bottle.

will not only stay longer, but Is the scent weighed before or after the pebbles are added? problems.personal and professional
will learn more.
This was the prediction of Dr. Georgia Calhoun, national educational coordinator Epic Interracial Council
William G. Carr in his 13th Professional Products company, and Pauline Steger Burton,

1260FLORIDA'S year as executive secretary of Epic field educational technician, have been selected to teach lames Director

.. the 1,000,000 member National permanent hair relaxing during the 47th annual convention of NEWARK, N.J.-(NPI-George

Education Association. Carr the National Beauty Culturist's League in sessional Shera D. Kelsey U, Madison, N. J..

envisioned a drastic revamping ton-Oklahoma hotel July 31-6. has been appointed executive
of traditional 12-year school The National Beauty Culturisf League, headed by Dr. Katie director of the Interracial
1 Whickam, will hold a staff meeting of institute Instructors
careers to 16 years by 1971. Council for Business Opportunity -
July 30, at which time each Instructor will be assigned to freshmen of Greater Newark. '-w

Par & Birdie sophomores, seniors, masters 1 and 2 or post graduates The council provides free advice ....
attending the convention. and guidance for Negroes 1.w

Club To Host Both, executives of the Epic Professional Products division, and other minority groups seeking ..

Gillette company, are nationally recognized technical authorities to expand or open their own
67' Golf Meets on chemical curl relaxing. Each has taught chemical curl businesses SHORTY-$35.
relaxing and has spent years in the fields of practical demonstrations the

MIAMI, Fla. -The Ar tVlrdiie lecturing and public relations from coast to coast. MEDALO STYLE #665
Help Help Help .,
ABC # Club of Miami will host Their curriculum at the National Beauty Culturisf league .Kor....1.camel M.*lr!*slyl.ewuo.Haf Illustrated Catalog cape
1 1RHYTHM the United Golfers Asso meeting in Oklahoma will include slide presentations, student 01Macoi and attach .nla tend none andadrireaa.
Rer. Roosevelt Fraillii .
\ II' youra rREC: uponree.u
ciation's mid-winter meeting chemical
RADIO participation, and summary discussions of curl c. t. Juat write.GelModal .
in February and the UGA national relaxing. They will furnish class work kits to each student Ga. Naturally Healthy Normal Hair, Half" Pree Inc.
golf tournament in August without charge. CHOWS from the HAIR ROOTS D.et. 54 i. Bklyn 7$. ".Y.COMBftJ.
.. YO,'. SCALP The condition of
of 1967. DiTite your hair often dependa heavily
Miami Vice Mayor Stephen P. NAACP Salutes YouthNEW Spiritual, Healer jealn.on the Yean natural die health DOCTOR of CAH-your

Clark sponsored a resolution Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Mason NOT Invented medlrald tar
YORK Special tributes adult council went formula called CARBONOKU
requesting the use of the city'stwo Young prizes
Ga. which I* mixed with
championship courses for were paid to NAACP youth to the Georgia State College Divine, Spiritual Healer beneficial ,.. many'. proven CAM
& BLUES councils and their advisors during Chapter at Savannah the Muskegon BONOEC la such a strong power
the annual event and the Miami ; Jesus Is truly giving blessingsand ful amiaopUe and does aurh fine
City Commission granted the NAACPM 57th annual Mich., Young Adult victory to many,peoi1e's' work BUMPYDAN&Rurpecelp la hatpin' an fly thai.
convention held In Loa Council and the St Ambrose 4
unanimous approval. Angeles, problems. SUCCESS CAN BE many DOCTORS Highly
Tentative 1967 tournament July 59.Awards. College Chapter, Davenport ; and rRUCRIBI I: die: manyaealp
YOURS. See or write me today. 'roUIlIn. Nut annoying;
dates were set for Aug. 21-25. for distinguished service These citations were pre- I have a special message every externally cauaed scalp eendl-

RADIO STATION Ernest Hayes, Miami club were presented to the New sented at the Youth Freedom one's In need for. I float uao al are thia flreatly. relieved..,...,ay'" IB tar* lktJiJiJ? :l -_

president, presented the club's Orleans, Milwaukee, and Fund banquet and dance where Last week many, many people formvla. Write for'Iflit.. DOCTOR
the Bridgeport Conn., youth Roger W. Wilkins Director, _" .
proposal before city govern were helped by my special It .n.n'u: to all
mental body. councils; and to the following Community Relations Service, mixed .. ., boa IT Juat reaib anil taru.h to add eoler'
selected Bible reading to be Ion.. .
JO* t DAYS and If you are not .hro out. Will not rb.IL
Hayes, who will participate Inth1.l adult youth advisors: Llewelyn Department of Justice, Washington read each weekend If you want aaUafled. your money bach. Pay NOT DYE.E..I.
"WHAMMYIN year's UGA Chicago J. Sonlat of New Orleans, Mrs; D. C., was the principal. to be delivered quickly, send .anly....IJ averythln on delivery.Don Thle' cay aa..a. a- I.THAT add SUDDEN cola .r lullr DYED AVOIDS LOOK.
tournament Aug. 22-26 also Clara Luper of Oklahoma City speaker. penny mare II BrwhaN.rh.Jforp oIa0
$1.00 and a self-addressed envelope .the : rkoaCAT& eolorlne. Preo.nta ellln rubbing
will confer with PresidentMaxwell Mr. and Mrs James Tlsdato Almost 450 youth delegates to Rev.Roosevelt Frank- SCALP Uae FORMULA I pone elf. C .:... In PI..11. F.*.. Con'be ;

Stanford, Frank Lett, of Stratford, Conn., and Father registered for the five-day tin, 630 Morrow Ave., Macon,,. sap money....can,YO b firs y.' Tote tare. "hair., Ned and c.Platlnun'Blue._rooted. In all In .petk......., or Stark pew ia':
tournament chairman and other James Groppl of Milwaukee meeting which was attended bya and addreaa .
Georgia Phone 743-5689. your name te OOLU sea write, .'0'. "' -. Pay only'l.va
: UGA officials relative to pre- The newsletter award went to total of 1,800 delegates from You will get these special selections fflwAI.-$. 5|HAW j .h.PRODUCTS. INC. on delivery dell p Ir. pooteee
Yon> back II Ml Iced
MIAMI"I iparatlons for next year's late the Omaha Youth Council, and 42 states,the District of Columbia and Bible verses by TOIM'tULAa 3.....too MOTKTHlV.... nand MHo Hair ,.......... I....
I I summer Miami event. the Isabel Strickland award to and two observers from. return malt i j\\f a money bee* par.a ...... .n Dope at.|. traeklrn 3l.. New VerbSUURDA .
the Oklahoma City Council. Q Salvadore. Central America.


) .


Bethune-Cookman College Kicks Off Extensive Season Ticket Campaign. I IC

Wildcats' Schedule Call Joseph Lee Day Events Set -

For _&_---- -_...._-- Grambling Athletes Move Into

Games OH Home Ground
RIgN Prominent Roles In Sports

M extensive football season ticket Mmi ittn will be kicked r Y
I Monday July U at Bethune-Cookman College in an effort / GRAMBLING, LA.SPECIAL Tbe selection of
[gain support for a flred-up BCC "Wildcat" football team Tommle A one as a reserve outfielder on the American
will: be playing fire games here, the best home schedule League A1) IT team completed a fantastic cycle for Gramb
&nv Years, ling Cwhich e:-Tigera reached a lofty pedestal inbasketl
season tickets can be among them are Johnny Knight y uAsebalL football and track
from the public rei of Sanford, a halfback currently To attain this level of blatorlc have been named to All-
i office at Bethune-Cook- being scouted by tbe Pittsburgh :al significance Grambling American football teams, 12
I throve August 30. Stealers of the National League, stars performed In the College to mythical basketball squads,
season the accent U on the Oakland Raiders of the All-Star football game, the Na- 11 to All-American baseball
i when"Wildcats"play American League and the Toronto tional Basketball Association: units, and 10 to all-star track
The main reason being Rifles of the Canadian r h M IIm All-Star game, American Football teams, including an Olympic
player realises pro-i League, Larry Little of Miami, League All-Star game, gold medal winner.
scouts have found a tackle recently elected captain Pro Bowl, NBA championships, And even more amazing, 28
e ground on small college by his teammates He ic American, Canadian and former Tigers have signed pro
cons for tapping talent being scouted by tbe Los National Football League football contracts in the AFL
e-Cookman U no eicep- Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh championships: World's Basketball and NFL for the 1966 season
last year Elijah Gipson,' Stealers, Detroit Lions of the Tournament, and in two Documented below, with pro
t 6'2" 220 pound fullback National League and the Toronto Olympics, despite insuperable per notations, is a list
the fourth round draft Rifles of the Canadian League. odds. of Grambling stalwarts who accented -
ce of the Kansas City Chiefs The pros are also Interested ** It is a distinction that few National plaudits and
American League Bee In Henry Harris of Delay rki colleges: can clalm..one sup reached full promise in top>
the highest draftedfoot- Beach, a 217 pound guard and v posedly untouchable for all flight competition:
ayer from a predominant- Henry Still of Columbus, Ga., ---- small schools College All-Star football
ro Institution in Florida, 260 tackle.Also returning Tbe selection of Agee by Minnesota ErnieLadd
a pound
The annual Joseph Lee Day range skill for the playground- Indian club, balance beam, held at Forest Park Manager Sam Mele game, Chicago- ,
ate, Rudolph Barber, 1s Clewls Wright of Element for Buck Buchanan, and Al Dotson.
activities of the Jacksonville er. standing broad jump, cootie, School at this
the baseball All-Star
kin also signed with the Hastings, a punting specialist game All-America
Recreation Department will be Activities include: horseshoe sack race, diamond ball throw, talent show will be held on the further enhanced! this ,
who finished number six: in the image N. Y-A1 Dotson.
s.Isst;reek three national nation last with a .43.1 held at Forest Park at Forest pitching standing broad Jump mill, fist ball, paddle tennis, basketball court. The staff of It left the Grambling coachingstaff : National Basketball Association
magatines were passed His year longes punt was and Lime Street on July 28, over and under relay,stoop bdlrela1 volley ball, dodge ball, boppjr theWackscovUle Recreation Department groping> for a proper re- All-Star Willis
average. at 9:00: a.m. baseball throw for distance taw, and all star soft ball game. Invites all schoolsto Joiner. game
hand to hand In the boys'tltory. T? yards. Reed, New York Knickerbockers
There will be 13 activities potato race, corkscrew come out and participate with
Agee fully rated the honor and
The guys were very More than eleven freshmen for boys that will show a wide relay, checkers, dack race Toe band craft exhibit will.be them In these activities. things couldn't: have turned 1963 and 1966. Reed was
1 over the fact the sports will open drills If they equal out also NPA rookle-of-the-year
irs named "Gipson" a the achievements of last sea better U they had been prepared In 1965.
to Curtis McClinton who son's first year class: eight of Jax Suns Announce Dove Hunting SPORT SHORT by a computer.: American Football League
ad I the late Mack Lee Hill them will be wearing"Wildcat" The Grambling alumni roll All-Star game, Houston-Ernie
back. Gipson was even Maroon and Gold when the season Family Night Plan Dates Slated of MAYS CONSISTENT HOMER HITTEROne reads like a Hall of Fame Ladd, San Diego; Back
baseball's greatest all-time sluggers, Willie Mays has roster.
over Heisman Trophy October 1 against Buchanan, Kansas City Chiefs
r Mile Garrett Southern opens State in Georgia. Looking for a new way to solve been a remarkably consistent home run hitter during Us career, Fred Foye of the Boston Trav- /and Willie Brown,Denver Bron;
Albany College
the family entertainment problem TALLAHASSEEFlorida according to an article In the current issue of SPORT magazine. ler calls it
rnla, also a rookie with The "Wildcats"will play Morris "something akin to cos. Brown was named "Most
Brown without crimping the hunters will have three-phase The SPORT researchers found that Willie has smashed 252- a combination of Notre Dame, [Outstanding Defensive Back"in
Jack McClalren Collegeo'AtlantaGa. pocketbook? season for migratory dove hunting homers before the All-Star break and 249 afterwards during his the New York Yankees and the the 1965
"Cy" October 8 in their first game.
Suns have during the 1966-67 season, 13 full
If The Jacksonville major-league seasons. Hla best first half was 31 homers Boston Celtics."
( a former I have All-pro a new says and home contest. The following come up with the solution that according to W. B. Copeland in 1954, and his best second half was 29 last season. No fewer than 32 ex-Tigers ********.
year week, they'll meet Benedict:
and Fresh
will give the entire family a Chairman, Game .
five package of football College of Columbus, South out America's Water Commission.
night watching
aent first of its kind Carolina and on October 22, favorite pastime without taxingthe The first phase will be open
history, simply be- It'll be Alabama A and M. The family budget. for dove bunters October !1
we've had more pro annual Cator Bowl Calssle will Here's how It works: through November 8. The
around here since Glp- take them to Jacksonville Octo-
at Wolf- second phase opens November
July 24, Sunday night,
[lied Barber than ever ber 29 South
against powerful son Stadium when the Suns playBuffalo 19 to run through December 4.
The fellows are really Carolina State College of will be
will be FAMILY NIGHT The third phase open
up. However, Pve been Then its back home
Orangeburg. 2..
adult December 17 through January
and for every
too long to be one of November 5 for Homecoming sin, two children will be admitted Shooting will be allowed from r I 0
>i bubbly guys who spouts against Clark College of Atlanta without charge.Mom will 12:00 noon until sunset of each. ;
c words. It is a fact Ga, The final home tilt U '
be admitted at the usual ladles' open day. Daily bag limit for
r rk the pants off of themDt the Florida AIM. The
big one,
night price of..50.Thus dove will be 12 with a possession -
they are college or prowe'll final game of the the season
of two
days bag.
Mom, Dad and four I
know by cut-off Is held In Columbus, South
early September" Carolina against Allen Univer- children can see the game for Waterfowl hunting for ducks, QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
each in fact has the best sity. $1.73 In the unreserved grandstand geese and coot will be
he's ever had to go all or $1.25 in the bleachers.You announced later when U % PRICES GOOD THRU SATURDAYERSHEY'S
Ike var this season. There are can't beat that for real established by the U.S. Bureau
vliteXa lettermen returning T entertainment at abridgetprlce. of Sport Fisheries andWlkUife.OCO .

'..' '
\ + ::

[ l e'GASOLINE } r" .... :SUGAR "","" ."., :' ": """'s' 'IIS. 19 J '






;OSTS. nr L"oJoM.......II.,..",.,..ryooomok..,Md. SHORTENING JEWEL 3CAN 59; '

'; "I"" .. 'u,,,<<,,' / Kif.''j<.' ',.J' ,
""f f
I' .
vj "
{J"'t ;#J.Ji/j Y "
: / l' v 'tt
,' / '
i '" .
: -. ...'.'''\h :;' ,;t .'en' ; .
;< .. : .
.. ,
A .s iz SAVE 20t 49C

'<,,",."J'1J\', ,.,1"y''y'??ffif' MAYONNAISE QT. 6 ms 89C




: ': .. .. SAVE IOC 69"LEAN ErBS$ I

"''''' -, ,-,., ...._".". ....". ...."." .. jjaAp! 10 OZ. PKG/ 1.39 GIANT PKG. 69C.


.. I '

,, EN' 1864

.... "I .

;i .. I ii fit\. I, ft .: 49CLB.LB.45C
: f, IB.
'I! i : Ae (

{_ (len in my profession still do a lot of
Humbler has rackedup
'country driving: My :

more than 58,000()()() tough .miles and I I've mlt..tA., .*.... OJ, ININNI./IM./NI/, .INN 11NN1 '

never changed a spark plug or-a muffler. 41.* 10'LBS.29t

Why? I use Lead-lree AM()( O.. AMERICAN...EiWll

Gasoline cxcluslvely.7You I .?.


you get it!* ;;
IMA, IHI AMI..AN IMt UJWfANV.............. HI .!....._. lB. -.

Ij '
\ t

I .

i I


I Have you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? Dr PIli Lawrence To Address' To Attend Sponsors BanquetL.

r l i Prejudice is going out of business. Phi. Beta SIGMA COB vent ion Annual Astro.t.Gents Myers,Men president Club of announced the for

, '
Doctor Paul F. Lawrence,associate superintendent of Public : that the Astro Little
Information and Chief of the Division of Higher Education, State Convention League closing season game
Department of Education of California will address the Public will be played on August 23,
InstantPhotos ileetlng planned for delegates and friends attending the 32nd Atlanta Life Insurance Company at Singleton Park
Annual National Convention PhlBetaSglnu Fraternity.Incorporated. home office executives, Mr. Myers also states that a
supervisors, district and debit Parent-Player Banquet will beheld
The Public Meeting opens the Court of Los Angeles, Wesley managers, wives and children on August 6, 6.00: p.m. at
6 four-day convention of B. Brazier, and sponsored by or/and husbands of the Atlanta the Rufus E. Payne Elementary
the nationally chaptered: and Alpha Upsilon, Delta Gamma Life Trip Winners will attend School on Hema Road.
j membered Negro greek lettered and Phi Beta Sigma Chapters the 46th Annual Convention of Tickets for the banquet are now
504 Each society and Is scheduled for of Los Angeles, the meeting. the National Insurance Association available from any Little
Sunday afternoon, August 14, In presenting Dr. Lawrence, meeting In Durham,N.C./ League player or team
1S66 at 3 p.m. at the University symbolizing the national pro- July 18-21,1966. manager; phone 768-4571 for 1930 KINGS ROAD AT SPIRES ST.
of Southern California. gram of Education of Phi Beta Some of the company's delegation Information or tickets.The ban
Art Studio Chaired by the Honorable EarlC. Sigma Fraternity. will Include personnel quet will be catered by The Jacksonville Newest And Most
Royal Broady, judge of the SuperiorLEO' The business sessions of the from the eleven states In which Holiday House and speakersfor Acceptable Seafood Center
convention wW be held in theSutlerHi Atlanta Life operates>> the program will be announced -
ton Hotel, Los Angeles Expected to represent the later. Team awards
Commerlcal Studio Service August 14 through 18, home office are: E. M. Martin will be given..
Social S 1966 and the Honorable Gilbert 1st Vice President-Secretary;
W. Lindsay, City Councilman, Second Vice President, W. H. '--"-''YELLOWTAIL SNAPPERS IB. 590 e..-. .-.
9th District is general chairman Smith; Medical Director Dr. Watch
515 DAVIS ST. She Repariif of the Convention. The co- H. L. Lang and Mrs. Lang; SPECKLE TROUT LB. 59C MANGO SNAPPERS IB. 59C
chairman of the Convention and Past National President and This Clown
Of Any Kind co-ordlnator of activities are Director, Public Relations, '
i ELGIN 4-1894 Dr. Wesley A. King of Good Charles W. Greene and Mrs MEDIUM MULLET LB. 29C WHITING LB. Jge
Is Our Only Business Samaritan Hospital and H. A. Greene; Past National President 8 &1 94

Closed All Day Tuesdays"Jacksonville's Howard, president of Phi Beta and Director, General LARGE CROAKERS LB. 490 CAT FISH LB. 590
934 E. Union St. sigma Chapter of Sigma. Auditor, E. L. Simon, FLMI; 5-36-18

Most Recommended Dealer" "Hill Actuary Jr.,of and Atlanta Mrs Hill Life;,Direc-Jesse 3 .... CRAB CLAW MEAT .LB, $1.30'' SPOTS LB. 390
tor of Agencies of Atlanta Life 5
1' I 'I II I Insurance Company, Put Vice 9838 OYSTER PT. 51.10 LARGE SHRIMPS LB. $1.25LIVE
President and member of the 2 ,
board, NIA. P. W. ProthrowJr. .. 4

j 3RD & MAIN EXTRA MILD Also, assistant agency director 1 9 OPEN DAILY AND SUNDAYS 10-5.pm
in charge of Midwesternarea
1& 37 42

I 66 MUSTANG . . ,$2393 HIGHLANDMIST McMillan, N.K.Assistant McMillan and Mrs..
CLAITO M:A'It'; 'R..rIt\1RYYLL wmn WALL T!E'TlNTJD: James C.;Harrison Reeves 2& 5&

I 66 CHEV IMP. H-Top i . .. $2595 Proting-Advertistng; Department -, Consultation
"' I iTnll&< IK)R vs. IWM" HEAfEU AUTOMATIC POWER ; Mrs. Marie M. Sims, Sqmetlmes He's Up Sometime: CONSULT DR. SMITH FREEExamination

CHOICE OF COLORS supervisor, Bookkeeping Department He's Down He adds subtracts
tie .
works It all around
I 62 CHEV. CONVERTIBLE .. .... .$1095 --,-,. secretary; oMrs.eneral auditor King,
F4KIATEN HIOH LIFT CAM IT MOTOR BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY ; 188857 You will Be Told in plain words what The TroubleIS
63-MUSTANQ R & HEATER .. .... .$1795 HlGHLANEMIST. and Field Auditor, G. T. Hall- what is Causing And
it what
, 63 PONTIAC CATALINA .. $2795 100 SCOTCH ,WHISKIES10th.$2.55: mon, and Mrs. Hallmon, all COMING ATTRACTION way Be Done To
Correct It, If YOU suffer with
64 PONTIAC CATALINA .. . .$1795 346-92-85
Am cpvonioN.' 01'1I' : OWNIR.: tow nat: FACTORY WAR

63 VALIANT' . . .$1795 f-'" Friendship Tea will be sponsored : INFLUENZA STOMACH DISORDER PELVIS DISEASES
t 1rtT'i'JI. PILL ilT
64 CADILLAC T . .$3295 Days are Num,
I 4.DII. MIOP, ONLY limn MUM ONE: HVIVT MJLtJf WAgrO' i 0000 bored! Health and Medical Reducing Treaments (Men & Woman)

63 PLY. Furv III .. . .$2395 $293 f Fortune Can Be Yours When. i I treat conditions '
LOW NM MitIP. TItAJInlllto\BLJI R YR. Rocked in the District 1 of Abyssinia Baptist commonly ldued.aur&lcal'
i: r,IWflI't:IACTOP; t.ARRANTY.; 'THE GENTLED SCOTCH' ] You Know Your Lucky Days without the use
Church will sponsor a Friend- oC.a.knife, MQaern methods, of
( I :radle of the deep Mellowed in the
64 VOLKSWAGEN .... .. .. .. $1095 [ ship Tea Sunday In the home Lucky Colors Etc. : 'diagnosis and treatment. FREE-EXAMINATION BY
cask to full perfection-TRY ITI! ENJOY ITI | of Mr. and Mrs J. Reese 1633 Send$2.00 for your
\ 62 lORD'Galaxie 500" . .$ 795 W. 13th St., beginning at 4 p.m. Horoscope Guide for APPOINTMENT ONLY TR years' successful practice
m I kn a* *M I mnv m I Ik In Jacksonville. HOURS 10 A. M. to 4 30
: p. M.-
61 PoftTIAcltar Chief ... .. ., ,.. ,. .a.993 0040 JULYFill PHONE: EL 4-1187

in the blank below and
Del Rio Ladies Club will sponsor mall to ZODIAC, Post Office, DR. REX SMITH

a Pretty Hat Tea July 31 /Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. 900 west State street (Upstairs).
In the Acorn Street
' Center from 4 to 0 p.m. NAME-.--_, -...-i,!
)fflce formerly occupied by Dr. truckeroppositedtz.
i [ 1 0040 DATE STREET-OF BIRTH.-Mo._Day tz. I IYou'll

sponsor Annie Chapter a Midsummer 175, OES Tea,from will

.... .. ..... ..,..
The store that 4 to 6 p.m., In the home of, YN.NY' "- -NNM,11 tuN -- -M.M M.M M M NNMU-
... Mrs. Annie Mae Perkins; 703
I Court "C", Blodgett Homes.
1 Mrs Fleola Hart will
be the

(PrilKi Masls
Nicely furnished. Cooking Pri- 1
vate. Single woman or couple.
Modern conveniences.Call 356-

:, ;: BORE IN 3 9 c 3604.BOOTH FOR RENT 9a

'- LB. Experienced operator.>> Aircon-
: J dllioned.:: HATTIE'S BEAUTY
; t
SHOP. 1223 W. 22nd St. Phone

j[ ', "SUPER-RIGHT" 8 TO 355-0942.

I (Meat Manager). 'Salaries, to $65, Are advanced
Rush references phone num-

I x
: wa

J LB. c \\3f:4: Partine TimKen a M

S 9 with cars, work a few
\ Sn ;N 3 CAN hours on your days off and j
I cr1! .earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply; rt d
I __ :
PEACH PIESSPECIAL Grief Re!. cor 13th. _

.,.<;:-Jt- L! HELP WANTED t : .

l -- 1 MB. 8.OZ. 9 Secretarial

TIDE EACH TYPIST who can do 50 wpm. ,
. LIMIT 1 1I Accurate; must be good SD Ene. I
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. /v WITH FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon- : -
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SPECIAL! U.S. I 1 Men and women, to sell advertising. -
Liberal draw, liberal why things go better with Coke after,toke after Coke.

POTATOES tonmlssion, easy wort, quick
Al... You earn $75 to $150
if you're keen. Fringe benefits.
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511 W. 17th St. Unfurnished
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t 0 IrLI C $173 for $90 a month. Including new _
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1 PRICES IN THIS, AD ARE heater. Water furn. Apply 1643
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saGO THROUGH JULY 24 believe. .d under at* authority of TIM Coc: .coi Compw ..,. Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottllnc Company

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