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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200723datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 9, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007230740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 9, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 9, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text



Sues To End Hospital Discrimination" fl-A HISTORY \

Ft. Lauderdale Physician \ ,

..... ..
******* *** .
** ** ** *
...* .. ** ***.
** ?****** II


_& .JH u _
* *', 'TW

tlwey IBalvwaltjr rf FloridaOalnrrm e I LBJ Renews Vows To Fight For Equality

Florida ** ** *

Negro Voting Power Will Be .Key

To November Elections Across Nation

IDLY 16 1966 15 CENTS
** Negro Votes
*** * *** *****

Stoned In Negro Area ., .. Annual ROTC Award Will Be Factor

Klan Chief 1 .
.. tt.r" I r '.} 'l. :' tI lllA': '
\ ,:, : Of Importance
: 'i' : 0 "
": .I'I3.
\\'t ,} .....! ,0' WASHINGTON -(NPI>-. Negro
r t1"; '(, voting power In primary elections -

POVERTY HIRING 'l1f.-.;, :t(;. 'I around the country showed
e ePI P ... ., "' the nation what it could expectIn
: the November elections, especially -

'. after the NAACP's
a" '
..' Mississippi voting drive has

t. 1i.I: L ;: cct .A had its effect.Throughout .

the nation, t the
SHAKE UP Negro was the key man in
GETS t :: elections, either being the swing

: vote or the focus of the election

... .. ... issue.In .
L4 ,
.. ** j New York, what might have

Dr. Von Mizell{ r 4 r, '' 6 \ C been just another vote for Manhattan -

Klan .Leader'sHead Jaxons Protest surrogate turned out tobe
Bias 4t > a bitter fight with racial
Charges 4
overtones.State .
Connects Supreme Court Justice

Hiring Policy In Federal Suit Samuel J. Sllverman upset the
With A RockWarren regular Democratic organiza

.eeeeeeeee tion. He also was supportedby
self-styled Ku MIAMI A Ft Lauderdale 18 Negro Democratic

Klux Klan Folks leader who counter Hampton's Influence, CurbedAs Negro physician filed a federal leaders-.:among- them U.:S.

picketed the NAACP pickets court suit last week charging Rep. Adam Clahton Powell (D- I'

the AbolishedThe that a Palm Beach county public N. Y.-who charged that the
and later decided to picket Are
Committees of its
offices of the organisation last hospital denied him use effort: to nominate Justice Sllverman -

Tuesday night was the!: victim facilities! because of his race. was "aimed solely at

of rock-throwing which connected of the Greater Jacksonville Equal Opportunity Named defendants in the suit! J. Raymond Jones because he
with his head. announced three major changes designed to quiet were Southwestern Palm Beach COMPANY AWARDcongratulates J. R. E. Lee Jr., right, vice president of Florida AIM University annualROTC is a Negro." I

The rock throwing was per Thursday that Improper Influence bad been exerted1 hiring of County Hospital Board, I the Thomas Miller u he is awarded the best company award during the Jones is the New York County
charges Glades General Hospital and Cadet Miller is from Panama City. whose -
hoodlums Awards Day ceremonies at Florida A4M. Sgt. Democratic leader organization
petrated by young antipoverty workers.GJEO i antipoverty agency, although Beach County .
the act is being decried by Negro president Arvin K. j GJEO has a local employment Palm MIr.e brought his suit FAMU staff photo by Ernest FlDysu.Mayor backed Klein.SUverman's .
Von D.
leaders who Join with FLORIDA Rothschild announced the abolishment policy here against Us employees Chad..". victory was
STAR In urging that teen-agers of the five existing engaging In politics.Mrs. before federal Judge also Johnson SeesA terpreted as a triumph for Sen.
The litigation
B. Fulton. in his battle
Mr. Jacksona Tells NAACP Robert F. Kennedy
retrain from molesting committees of the GJEO executive Green called constitutionality
Folks.It committee and the "liar" at this point, whereupon challenges the for control o! the New York
Hill Burton Act of 1964 Lot Done Kennedy
of the *
Democratic party.
Is pointed out that Mr.Folks, establishment of 12 new ones Parliamentarian Mills funds State

whether be Is a Klansman o* In a move that takes the control Intervened with this remark: which:lot segregated provides hospitals.federal I Can't' Get Demands In 24 Months forces,Joined in tacking liberal and,SUveiman.reform 4..

Nazi sympathizer has the right over hiring out of the bands of "This background Is all' very .The physician' said ... was : While some were charging racism
whomever I'' Let's torn to
to picket whatever or Negro politician Frank Uamp.I extraneous: get class
the suit u a Bayard
bringing ,
in the campaign
be pleases.-U urged that be --- -.,. ...., specific complaints." action on behalf of all Negro WASHINGTON (Special/ ) Rustin, noted civil rights
be completely ignored and that > !" I Ida I It marked a second time students 18Members President Lyndon B. Johnson
physicians, not.Confirming .
July leader was
Monday ,
that would been called By
no one does anything Jackson bad and patients who have been told newsmen I n Texas last that he supported

give rise to unnecessary outbreaks a "liar" In public. While ha denied equal access to week that "we're going to continue Justice Silverman, Rustler said

of violence. : was mayor Jacksonville..Is Gov. the Glades General Hospital local branch In jobs that can be dada" as long as I'm President he had examined the campaign

Folks, who was arrested for Burns told Jackson" he an because of their race. of the the Ritter assured them he would to do everything we can to see but found no racial issue.

disturbing the peace Tuesda "unmitigated liar. Dr. Mliell asked for an I Injunction NAACP began picketing discuss the use of NYC trainees that all citizens are treated In Georgia, three Negro
In after two
night near the NAACP head The meeting was managed to prevent Glades City this week and In all departments of the city equally and have equal oppor. Incumbents in the Georgia
at Broad and Church such a way that Mrs. Green sessions with MayorRltterbavgotten of trinities"
quarters General Hospital, operated by thatit government with the heads House of Representatives were
Streets was arrested again last was constantly interrupted by denying only his assurance he The President was responding
Palm Beach County from to meet the departments, and that to face Democratic party opposition
for picketing the head Rothschild or Mills and there Is Impossible for him to about racial unrestin
night him staff privileges, sub. was sure something could be a question in the September
quarters. seemed to be a c mcertedeftortto denying other Negro doctors by Monday their demands worked out "in a matter of a press conference at his primary. At least two more

Police Sgt. J. E. Earnhardt cut off comments or keep full use of the hospital and matted two weeks ago. Wed. hours," although be had no Texas ranch He said: "We are were to be against Republican
said Folks was taken Into custody persons from airing the evils segregation of patients in Cospltal. Rltter met in his jurisdiction in the matter of not Interested in "black opponents in t the November

when It looked as U he that might exist in the program. nesday afternoon with branch them.In power," and we're not election.

might be stoned again by angry When ,the!: bearing began to No date has been set for a president Rutledge Alexander Pearson, hiring the City Hall meeting, Rlt interested in "white power," general Incumbents, Mrs. Grace HamIlton *

Negroes In the neighborhood get warmer than the temperature hearing on the suit. vice president ter pointed out that two Negro but we are interested in American Rep.-elect Julian Bond,

He was charged with inciting ,..,..,-r vy'f'-TTT'"TTiIi'- the first! one to Buck out Dr. Mizell a highly trained Heard, Mrs. Sally Mathis and later and girls had been employed by the democratic power with a and ,Ben Brown, were to face

to riot and was released on FRANK HAMPTON" was Dr. Warren W. Scbell who and qualified surgeon applied Rev. J. S. Johnson city auditor's office and the small d." Democratic opposition> in the

his own recognizance, after claimed be bad' "an for courtesy privileges at the spoke at a NAACP executive meter department Citing achievements of the .
..slowed down parking primary.Rep.
promising not to return to the emergency" call. -Ho one observed Glades; General Hospital 1961 meeting. Rit- Tuesday, and that others were Administration, President William H. Alexander,
him getting a message. been rejected on two At the City Hall meeting, and Johnson declared
scene. and has employed In the recreation : unopposed in the Democratic
Folks was released from jail ton and Postmaster James I E. Rothschild was challenged by occasions, soley on the basis ter said the situation in the meter departments. "Now we can't do it all over will be opposed in
$250 bond and Workman. Soloman Echor who asked him cit y between the white and much too late. primary,
Tuesday on a of race. "This a tokenism, Pearson night. We are November by Lorenzo BenD,
Municipal Court Rothschild's revamping of the whether he did not pull one In Negro communities seemed to in the
will appear in Qualified Negro physicianshl told the chapter meeting, "and But we have done more a Republican.

July 22 to answer the first after committees came session three Monday days t Beach County are denied be deteriorating. when threats lilt Is worse than segregation. last 24 months than has been Ralph Moore, a Republican,
charge. a stormy several of the Palm Beach: "This happens be Christian done In similar 24-year the
which Mrs. Hattie DIx In of threatsare We have tried to any will oppose the winner of
semblance .
during hospitals that receive Federal or the we've gained in period to face up to these conditions Bond-Malcolm Dean
but everything Julian
Green and John B. Picket when those who are
Gets Busy r that ;
maintains health and
Mayor funds. Dr.Mizell Jacksonville has come either of Democratic primary.
members of the citizens advisory not In leadership start taking
that'. the Hill Burton Act allows segregation hands through the courts or through and poverty and discrimina J. C. Daugherty and the J. D.
After Negroes committee charged under the doctrine of things in their own civil rights legislation. tion...We are trying every way Crier, Negro incumbents in the
Influence was exertedby said.
political the
of separate but equal fadi itte.. mayor "U the demands are not met,, we can to find employment for House, appeared assured of reelection -
In the hiring Ritter referring to a sign
Dr. Mitell is president of the was Is alternative but dl- the unemployed In our cities have neither
there no as they
of the
Start RiotingOMAHA antipoverty employees. Broward County Medical Association carried by one pickets tact action through demonstrations We; are trying I n every way Republican nor Democratic op
Though brow-beaten at every in front of City Hall yesterday
a prominent Negro marches and sit-ins. we can to get people to quit
turn the chairman and WilliamB. read "Move over or position.
Neb. After three The sign :
consisting our
medical association "We aren't interested in a practicing Sen. Leroy Johnson and Sen.
nights of rioting, capped with Mills an executive committee .. dentist we'll move you.!' to meet
----- of I Negro physicians, few menial positions" Pearson cities.; We are trying Horace Ward the two Negroes
member who functioned assort a NAACP meeting one
rock At the ,
window-breaking looting, find
of Broward in the situation as we
and pharmacist Interested poverty Senate also have
aid "we are in the State ,
and bottle-throwing, Onpha of parliamentarian, Mrs. MRS. HATTIE DIX GREEN of the member expressed disgust thata limited
County, and a member 'VJpointment of Negroes to tarL1cymaking it with the resourcesat Democratic or Republican
no d
Mayor A. V. Sorensen prom Dix got over the point that ...led the attack National hospital association television station had Interpreted boards of the our command." and thus are sure
to move fast although t the. Wilder Park the placard u referring opponents
ised Wednesday of his
of desegregation The President explained
out of a line Jot program on re-elected.
woman government. to be
t''. find Jubs for young Negroes advisory committee was sup applicants to give her a job. patients and doctors !in tax to Warren H. Folks, a segregationist the city"We are interested in dignity,, point of view on the goals he In Virginia, Negrovoterswere
to recommend who picketing
and provide them with someplace posed poor 1s coordinating was when he said "We believe
Rothschild parried the question : supported hospitals not double talk." seeks : being wooed by both the Democratic
to go for recreation. people for employment, onlya asking Echor, "To give on study of the Negroes."We'll that the citizen ought to be organization and their
The mayor and Gov. Frank "very small percentage" of her?1 in theIn move them the same armed with the power to vote.
Interview pattern
to desegregation
a job or less conservative opponents,
after talking to presumed the persons it recommendedwere way we moved (Gov. Haydon;) Wife Of Howard U,
Echor said: "To hire her." n the state of Florida.Dr. We believe the citizen, regardless while in South Carolina, increased
leaders said those were actually hired. Rothschild said: "No. Wall will make his Burns, she said. "We'll move of race or his religion or Negro voting strength

the most fequently quoted She charged that Hampton had fora He discontinued the discussion i I report to the National Medical them in the" city elections next Histornian Dies his color, ought to be armed failed to put a Negro in the

causes for the frustration which Interviewed one applicant and called on another speaker., Association Committee on summer. with the right to have a job at legislature
erupted into violence. GJEO position in a Haydoo- Echor later commented thai: August 8-11. In their presentation to the WASHINGTON -CNPI! Mrs. decent wages. We believe that Negro voting
Mayor Sorensen designated the Burns-for Governor headquar: mayor an d at the meeting at Ruth Robinson Logan, wife of citizen ought to have the Virginia's
If Rothschild pulled the wows every strength has jumped 50 percent
Near North Side YMCA u an terse Viet Ham War Cost the church, NAACP leaders historian "
Howard University to have decent home.
out of the line for an Interview of right a or more over two yearsago.
that the
emergency employment office After some stalling on per before others It was with the complained closing not Dr. Rayford Logan, died at age The President added: "And The July 12 primary will

for jobless youth, andpromlsed matting the applicant to speak, ultimate to hire her. Echor Could End Poverty the Negro precinct bad 66 after suffering a stroke. we're doing everything we canas be a test of that Increase InstreDltb
would of the witness ; brought about the assignment
that within 48 hours be questioning bad been history under
can our
said that was the kind of fa* Dr. Logan quickly as we .
have something specific to report brought out that the man,James of Negro pollcement to white chairman at How.
voritlsm that goes on In antipoverty department voters lights bills, our were expected
Many Negroes
t on providing additional Richardson was invited by hiring, adding that the i, WASHINGTON' -- The neighborhoods or assignments ard from 1942 to 1964. Mrs. civil rights bills, under bousing to vote for senate challengers
recreation facilities. Hampton to discuss his employ Stated could wipe outi with whit officers. her husband In
Incident involving the woman i United Logan helped bills, under theproposalswe'veads William B. Spong and
Some 500 National Guardsmen ment. Richardson admitted that resulted in a clash between i I poverty in America five times Ritter replied that assignments research and writing books on !in cooperation with the Armlstead L.Boothe,along with

who had been called up to help be did not file an application Hampton and Rothschild. over if Viet Nam war spending rests with Chief of Police Negro and diplomatic history. mayors under the able non-incumbents: in the fourthand
quell the disorders were released for the job. But the reason be diverted to the poverty Luther Reynolds, and that he ,
John B. .Plckens spoke,I were An accomplished soprano leadership of the Vice President I eighth congressional dis
Wednesday and police changed his mind about filingan up saying that poor people who,I war, it was reported here. has BO responsibility In the Mrs. Logan gave recitals .0' to improve these terrible con. tricts.But .
to return officers to nor application for the position officials estlma matter either as police com Industrial In
began need employment are being: Anti-poverty Virginia Norman dltlons that exist in the ghettos these men's opponents,
mal work schedules as a night after talking with Hampton Is passed up while others !In less I, ted that $3 billion to $4 billion mlssloner or as the city's chief stltute and Virginia State Col of this country" too, were seeking the Negro

and a day passed without trouble not known. dire circumstances are getting:: would have to be spent each executive.: lege. She also directed the choir
wouldn't Mrs. Green got Into a hassle toi He added the precinct was not BOMB TEST vote.
spokesmen next 10 University.
Negro jobs. He cited a ease where s s, year for the years at Virginia Union In South Carolina, Necroe.voted .
with Ernest D. Jackson former closed to facilitate integration
there wouldbenomorrdemcostrstlons It would +
promise with children was i I abolish poverty. before but
woman eight PARIS - the Jacksonville attorney, a Gov. of the force but was done on
but billion they; ,
left of 130-450 ,
denied a job which went to,I a total DECISION determinedly to become a nuclear did whites. The result was thedefeat
Burns to the the recommendation of the re*
would theirInfluence Haydon appointee IItile
impression they to
another who bad no young: said, wipe power, plans to set off its of four Negro candidates
state of the National Associa*
to that officials antipoverty office. 1976.Intlpoverty port
see States by
dependents. United NASSAUNPI)-When the Ba* first test explosion of a hydrogen in the Democratic primary run
deliver the Jackson pointed out that appointing alpresent t ton of Chiefs of Police.
get a chance to on spending
Other Included Rev.J. ., its Moruroa
speakers hamas decided to convert bomb In 1968, at off.
to the
On of
politicians matter employment
promises. antipoverty boards Isn't pro- B. F. Williams, Dr. ArnetlGlrardeau ; however, is not as hlgti i of NYC trainees hitter toldt currency from the British pound atoll, 800 miles southwest of No s Negro has served In thlegislature
school r ,
Omaha system The povertj;
The public and Charles i as i $3 billion a year. to the decimal system, it re. Tahiti. A preliminary to thetest since 1961.
$5 mllllot. hlbited by national antipoverty1ecIa1atlon. 0 ali t group "I'm not going tot
has provided started two ago
Parsons. war years 16 for the new will be four blasts- n Defeated were the Rev John
As matter of fact take the and jected
a !t taxpayers'
In the area will cos money
construction and
In new Williams head of the 39 i $1 billion a year, sea-level
Rev. I unit before deriding underwater shot, a
basic monetary
since 1943, along with about t said Jackson, political activity Methodist Churches stated thai; JUS billion In 1961, If Presl. load up city ball with youthorps dollar. Continued On Page 8
Isn't prohibited by national law trainees. We' them upon explosion.
$750,000 IDfederalan11-povert]r 8 dent Johnson has hi. way. put
funds. to salaried employees of an Continue On Page


. -


. .
L' _
'i1t.l' -fl E .vv.SPublished AS NECESSITYPITCH I '

I by the-Florida. Publishing Company; Is TOOTHERS'-/
.. .
MEMBER x'r' ByQLAHZ5LBfl0.wT; <.
: The Urban League story this week Is

i challenge to the Negro, businessman and
;GRO P } .N ( L w' 1 his Negro customer. The Jacksonville

ril'l commuiity has more than 120,000 Negroes,

:} yet there is only one major business that
o. SIMPSON..llnlll'.I ElitirillLDA SELF can be classified as a major enterprisewith

its home office in
Jacksonville I
WOOTEN.Circnlatiii Mapifir also believe this company is far from

'i' doing its share of representative business .
41 n_ IO"'O t. DETERMI 191/0 i i in the community.It .

2323 'Mincritf(' Rn Plops Eltfi 46782Miiliif is much palatable to blame the white

man for the pitiful economic

Address. situation of Negroes in Jack-
.. ; sonville than to face the >Y4

P.' 0. lox 599 licksiiiille, Florida 32201 \ problem as one that ,the
$ ---t j '
-i'L Negro himself helps to

MIAMI OFFICE perpetuate. Most Negroes

have been accustomed to the
738 NW 3rd Me. Phopt. 3)7-1025.). A1 L necessities of life at the

sosoessswn.- subsistance level, therefore,

SUBSCRIPTION RATES : : Negroes have been accustomed to'hardship,

One year $6.00 Half year, 14.00 Negroes can overcome some of their

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united State : economic woes by entering the field of

Subscription payable in advance : business small and lar Did
., e. you ever
:\ ,.
> ,f $end Check or Money order to: 'et T take a good look at the neighborhood

noRi DA STAR ,P. O. BOX 599: grocery store operated by white pro-
I Jacksonville 1, Florida prietors? His stocktis complete and

I r J 1 occasionally when the wife comes in.$,, she

WHAT IS ,BLACK POWER r is driving a beautiful car and his

Last month the Mississippi marchers children get college educations. How

developed an enthuisiasm that has leadersof many Negro small grocery stores operateon
the United States of America talking, the same level? A rough estimate

writing, and publishing what they think would be 10 for the whole city.

SNCC and CORE meant by the term "Black Negroes buy qu.ality clothes, ((status

Power" Not all of the marchers joinedin 9 symbols) but'there is not one Negro,

the chorus, "We want Black Power! : clothing store in Jacksonville. Yet, we

but the label "black have many Negroes who know the clothing
they carry pow-
erites nevertheless.An Your Weekly business. Why can't they operate and own
analogous scene took place while '
to Jeru In fhe thriving city of Jacksonville,
pilgrims journeyed
and the
Jesus we have Negro teachers, doctors, lawyers,
salem. When enthusiasm got the best of : postal workers, plant workers, long-

simple folks, they cried" with one fervor accord was Horoscope Guide shoremen, and hundreds of others earningmore
let's make him king! The than five thousand dollars per year.

so high that the Jewish officials con- they buy French Provincial furniture
cluded that Jesus must die, or their *
have music centers, wall to wall carpet-

power must go. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER ing yet there isn't one Negro owned
Under the leadership of Floyd McKissick,
furniture store. Negroes make furniture,
CORE's new national leader, preparationwas store deliver and fix service furni-
non-violence in its WHICH: ARE YOUR LUCK/ DAYS ,
made to abandon
ture but don't operate a furniture store
drive for civil rights for Negroes Immediately TRAVEL Do you think it takes an Albert Einstineor
Luther ,
Dr. Martin a John P. Kennedy to do this?

cancelled an address he was scheduled to" If we stop to think about the 15,000

make at the annual convention of CORE: Negro familes that drive some kind of

Whatever the term 'Black Power" means, car, and' believe it or not some have two
CANCER sped when they are dis
it must be officially drafted by CORE'S ARIES criminating. CAPRICORN cars, maybe an automobile dealership is

executive board. No one leader of this BURN MARCH BORN HIKE a. 20 33 18 -'75{ -,823 ,BORN DEC, something the Negro could consider

organization must be given 'license to Mst-" APRIL .19th 2211 IDLY 2 1I < 22ii ." JAN 19th, The examples cited 'of the.Negroes economic -
define it carelessly or emotionally.this I condition by taking'the following
Tighten Thing s up.t mow I, LIBRA. .
matter of semantics and when Since most Ariani seem to bade. Bar afterthoughts. Although it
is a among you who have fully J steps:
have had more than their usual BORN SEPT. sounds paradoxical, it Is fact
used listeners and filed from previous quarter'sopportunities
"Black Power'is share of excitement during the '' that many Capricornians are 1. By entering small business.
readers must get the exact meaning. and developments 23ri OCT. .23rdKemain
preceding period It naturally should slow down the pace foi not truly happy until they have
The process character of definition follows that a quiet spell may an essential period of consoli poised. One ot me something to worry about. Just 2. By actually facing the issue as to
should make clear to all: ((1)) how black be made necessary. You no dation. Catalogue your I !Ideas main dangers a 11 e n d 1 n g successes don't allow yourreal or supposed why Negroes don't patronize each
doubt will have to organise of any description is the fears to reach the point
b description of well the
power works, ( ) through for the present as as other.
your thoughts and long-r&nge future and them with possibility that It will go to where they cause you to go back
function what it does, (c) through accompany
answer planning, and work on an entirely that will enable the head. While you are com on a promise. The party who
a you
historical exposition answers how it was new program to adjustto to program turn them to even greater pletely justified in giving into feels Injured Is not likely to 3. By becoming socially inclined and
developed, and (d) make vivid through the changed conditions. Benefit advantage. You may have to be your joy and elation, It may be take things lying when there Is business oriented enough to form
technique of comparison and contrast. If from openings to enjoy a vacation a bit more careful to prevent In your Interest to see to it doublt whatsoever that you may small corporations.
cultivate new bobbles, associations that it Is not too widely broad be In the wrong Should Ube the
these dissension In key
the term is described by examples,
and raise the tone of casted
Once of eventual
your at home and in public. a new star Is problem money or
questions must be answered: Does the example cultural Interests in general. Those of you who have been born a host of strangers may security that Is troubling you, 4. By forming money pools (as the Jews
exemplify the form of experience One of the best places to mate farseejng should see the mo- lay claim to eternal friendship it Is wiser to make a clean do) to help each other go into business
intended? Does the example state suffi- ft promising start in any of ment approaching when you can In the hope>> that some of the breast of it and to leave U to or is this too abstract for
these directions to be luck will rub off other to draw his
appears on them. 0- the person
make fuller and rewardIng
few words for full more the
ciently the idea in a Negro?
right within :ters
your own home of talents and may come right out with or her own conclusions You
and easy understanding? And the definer 950661434593TAURUS loving use jffinaMimu.your Don't guess lalms on your pocketbook may discover that you will I believe the Negro can do these and
must remember that, as a homilecticianonce 3-10-99-13-65' '"' which you could not possibly emerge the gainer after all much more.

remarked, a single lamp is'worth a meet even with the best of 78 .,395 The Jacksonville Urban League and Flo-

thousand fireflies.: lED Intentions.1-80.4-4.17.94-18. rida A&M University will sponsor an

We note that numerous people are attempting IORN APRIL AQUARIUS Economic Development Institute, in the

to give definitions of the 20(1( MAY 20thIn PORN JULY SCORPIO BORN JAN. Auditorium of the Afro-American Life

phrase "Black Power" Remember that all the excitement of the 23rd, AUG. 22H BORN OCY. Insurance co. July 25-26, 1966. Come
with the authority to 20th FEb. lit. register add find out about the
the only persons preceding quarter you may not Whether you have elected to more
define this term are the official boardsof have fully realized the extent remain quietly within the confines 4th NOV. hid Nurse It along. Now that you
SNCC and CORE. of the developments> that are of your four walls or In Anticipation prods you. here know,or should just where you
Be that as it may, let's see how the' decidedly in your favor. Con- a restful resort where everyone Is a possibility that the taste stand and what you have to do asa Yes We All TalkQUESTION
should minds his own business, of success not be result devote
define' this term. A teacher sequently, you welcome a may yet entirely yourself to the
amateurs breathing spell topenetrate this Is the kind of a period relished, but this should Important task of cultivating all
writing to Editor Ralph McGilo said: their real meaning or to savor that you should thoroughly en- not deter the determined Scor- the promising elements with : Please explain in column
'mo'st' t'he the Joy. Those who pine who know that It will be which your
'Forme and Negroes, phrase advantages and benefits that among you you now can work.Refuseto the
'black power' is a matter of semantics have been yours u a result. are celebrating your birthdaysare theirs. The delay, If any, could be thrown off the track by meaning of voting by general consent.
Mess vacation or other family more likely to start taking be due to the retrograde movement new but unrpoductive activitiesand I am somewhat confused. --C.t.M.
The sign 'For whites only' 'No Negroes plans Intervene, you may now a more serious view of approaching of Mercury which will concentrate on your key
allowed', and 'Colored served in the decide to go ahead with constructive events and circum last until early In August.Kale associations and the formantlonof ANSWER: After hearing the reading of the
rear' were slogans of 'white ,/power.' projects related to stances. This It especially this a quiet and restful period long-range plans. The monetary minutes of the previous meeting, or hear-
your llvlngquarters. With Mercury true of the Leos who are entering and take a vacation,, when you conditions that !have been ing a committee r e pfo r t read, the f
For the Negro, 'black power' means' the scheduled to turn direct the ranks d the older have one coming, in order to tar from Ideal are headed presiding
determination to vote out ,undersir- once more early in August, generations. One of the key be fully refreshed when the toward a distinct Improvement officer can use the method of
able city, state, and .national figures you will see the obstaclei points of your new program time for action Is sounded once especially when partners pool by general consent.
who have been and still are responsible vanishing, one by one. ,should be the tighter and more again. their ideas and efforts toward Voting by general consent is a way of

for Injustices rendered on the basis of 'efficient management of your :the same goal. Many Aquarlans voting by not voting.
personal and/or Joint economy. mould take advantage of the Suppose the committee has just read its

race. 240771382847VIRGO SAGITTARIUS .cog awaited respite to travel, report, the chairman could say: "You
CORE'S McKissick, in defence .of "black elax and Indulge in strictly
power' identified it as "movementfor GEMINI I BORN NUN irlvate pastimes. have heard the reading of the report by

exercising American democracy in its BORN MAY ;,23nl. DEC. ZJjt 6-30-88-15-42-637 the committee on resolutions is there

highest tradition: it is a drive to mobilize 21st Jill 21st BORN AUG. You earned u. nose among any discussion? (Assuming there is no
the black communities in this you who were not close to the )
Yard SEPT. 22U
PISCES Silence gives consent.
office or base of operations
country to remove the basic causes of Prop victory
> up yountatua
lone not be quite enough. Seeing that there seems to because of vacation leaves or FEB. QUESTION: Can you suggest some sources of
alienation frustratioQ, despair, low may be little of Importance scheduled the like will no doubt also have BORN
It is to consolidate aid to assist parents in helping their
self-esteem and hopeless. necessary for this last quarter bad your share of good fortuneIn
you 1311 MAR. 20th
It and to Insure that It will not
Roy Wilkins of the NAACP said that the others who want can make good use of your other ways. It really does not Congratulate yourseu. avery children with language development? --H.L.
anti-white. the other Jeopardized by free time to carry out some matter where you art In orderto least ANSWER: Yes, there are many aids, but I
phrase means On to share Its fruits. This should joe Is permitted,at once
of your pet projects. Neighborhood receive the benefits that In while to show considerable suggest 'Building Blocks for Speech' a
hand, 25-year-old Stokeley Carmichael of IM made the first order of the 'have a '
day. Rifts that exist in your ties and events could been earmarked for you pride over an outstanding guide for parents, written by Patricia
SNCC said in part that it means "black
turn out to be more interesting IDeS yours. But for many of you
But this not
personal and public associations achievement. does Allodi and Illustrated
people coming together and getting peopleto than you Imagined. Ai";there who can only now get away fora that rest by Ann H. Bannard.
develop signify can on
or suddenly you This booklet
be opportunities to fix well deserved rest, there may be purchased for 50 cents
represent their needs and to stop that should be Immediately pat- may up your laurels and overlook the
the home along the lines that should be no time lost!In making from the Northwestern University Speech
of fort
oppression. ched up to prevent them front advisability looking new
It is responsibility_ of SNCC and widening sometime In the future will from render the It a real refuge to combine your departure.business U with you have. fields to conquer. Those of you Clinic, 1831 Hinman Avenue, Evanston,
widening sometime in the annoyances that are pleasure who have not yet taken your Illinois, 60201.
CORE to bring their national executive
it will
multiplying on the outside. Extract be all to the good
maintenance of vacations find rewarding
future. The : a may
boards into a semantic sessio n and agree solid and united front within the utmost of pleasure since your pocketbook will receive to select this quarter and/or I READERS: For a copy of my parliamentary
boards into a semantic session and agree far family If the best insurance from your loved ones u well Its fall share of. the gains the first week In August u law motions chart, send 30 cents to cover

upon an official definition of "black that. you could possibly obtain'against as from the In people with whom that developing are Indicated tendencies, Curb to any fraught with possibilities for handling costs to Dr. M. H. Boulw'are,
you come social contact. ) try
power. Otherwise, there will be con- contingencies of any the cultural and pleasurable Florida A4M University, box
Vlrgoans who are away on vacations your luck la places where the 310-A, Tal-
fusion in the communication of 'ideas and .$or, Seek(clamorous< vacations. should encounter few odds. art against you. developments most. that inspire you lahassee Florida ..32307.;

focusing of Images of movements dedicatedto .$ 86W If any complications In the re- 4-70-11-18-59-902 5 SO*. 22 16 28 446 *.*
Civil rights.

I'' t h Ie




bird SpiBsor Tea -----...:. TEA -TIME ------\ '. I

Socially SpeakingBY .. '\
.. .W' "OSflCt- ,I.9MMMMk _1Ar.I HI it \ mmmt''T, '':'III''-.JMIIIL.-: li 7;i ''' A Guest Tea will be sponsored .... ; I

In the lower auditorium
Sunday ,
",! d Fttr
of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church by Choir 2 of Grant Memorial
+ Y'i Deaconess Board 3. AME Church will sponsor a
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Toney of Perry 1 nJ 1 4 yw tb } Patriotic Tea July 24 from ,
point Maryland have returned to Jackson- 4 to 6 P.!!., in the lower unit
ville for an indefinite stay. of the church. The croup captains -
.t First John Holiness Church
Mrs. Mozelle Mea-
They are accompanied by their daughters + st!Y' N.. t'. ,., r'' 4 y JZ+V + r will sponsor a Spiritual Tea chain are Mrs.: toes Asque and
Sheila Diane and Sherry Denies, and theirson # r: M r tM Sunday at 3 p.m. at the church Mrs. Evelyn Odotn. A program

Raymond, Jr. will be presented with leading
The Toneys are guests of Mrs. Toney's ) eeA.Annie's talent in the city participating.
Chapter 175, OES.wlll
sister, Mrs. Woodrow Coleman of QUO North sponsor a Midsummer TeaJuly Mt. ZionTerminates

Street Y, ,. 24 In the home of Mrs. Annie
Mae Perkins, 703 Court "C" Contest
e..ee. Blodgett Homes Mrs. Fleola
Hart will be the speaker. MADISON-Little Paula Mc-.
The Astronettes Club, an affiliate of .**. Gee was the winner of the Mt. ,
the Astrogents Club, is a relatively new Auxiliary Board 1 of Grant Zion AME Cburch Baby Contest. I

but thriving social organization. k Lt Memorial AML tnurcn will 1 Paula, the daughter of Mr. and
H Its 54th Mrs. Sammie McGee, reported
sponsor anniversary
Currently the group has as its major
In the form of a tea Sunday 14024. Paula was sponsoredby
project the rendering of assistance to from 4 to 6 p.m., in the lower Mrs. Eliza T. McGee
the little league teams. Officers of the unit of the church Mrs Janie Little Evelyn Denis Butler and

Astronets are: Mrs. Barbara Jones, presid Cannon will be the speaker for Felicia Williams tied for
e n t ; Mrs. Gertrude Huffman vice __ + the occasion. second,place.

president ; Mrs. Hilda Myers, secretary ; ___ r
Mrs. Juanita I Bacon treasurer ; Mrs.

Charlotte Edwards, financial secretary; / /. I Ii Ir ?

Mrs. Mildred Ranker, chaplain; and Mrs.

Eufanla Barron, parlimentarlan.


Mrs. Arnetta R. Walker returned from a .

five week study at Western Reserve University -

in Cleveland Ohio recently.Her .

hubby Jimmy will I take leave this

fall to study at Arizona State Univer-
---"'--- ''-'- '--

sity. Usher Board Three of First Corinth Bap- Turner Victor Miss Bevely Sampson f
Church guest ; and Mrs. Flura Bell Williamsgues
.e..e..e tist sponsored a spiritual tea in

Edward Dawkins was elected president of the hOme of Mrs. Callie Mae Jester of \. Standing : Mrs. Queen Brown ,

the Civic Theatrical Guild recently. I7U2 W. 6th St. The speaker for the occasion sect. ; Mr. Nathan Hicks guest ; Miss

the is under the guidance of Mrs. was Mrs. Earlie Mae Alvaraz. From Bevely Brooks, guest ; Mrs. Mary Hicks,
Norma H. Bland. Summer activities plan- left to right are : Mrs. Judy M. McGriff, Mrs. Alzle Prier guest ; Mr. V. Cl: '

ned are : dramas social and cultural Mrs. Ora B. Brooks, Mrs. Earl ie Mae, Connidate guest Mrs. J. B. Rudolph,
Mr. Ernest Rudolph Mrs. Callie I Juster,
projects. Alvaraz, Mrs. Alma Conniodate Victor ,
Other officers are : Oscar Walker, vice Mrs. Lula Hamilton Mrs. Llllie Mae Mr. Albert Walker, president; Mrs. Maggieand

president ; Blanche R. Morrison secre- Mrs. Willie Mae Brown ..
tary; Hermya Ogburn, financial secretary; STAR PHOTO oj James a Sing It on \

Veronica Bland Nathan Nesbit business '

managers ; Leroy McLendonk chaplain and CALENDAR TEA KEN KNIGHT

Gail Howard, reporter. I 1
Persons interested in becoming members WeddingsBenjamin An anniversary and appreciation Community Baptist Church at -Invites You To Listen To-

should contact Mrs. Bland U7II Avenue B. program will be given ISO o'clock.
for Rev. Paul Fountain, minister Others on program are: Samuel BIG BAND I
.*......*... gospel singer and pro- Henderson, Mrs Ruth Fedd,
Griffin 1362 W. 45th Augustus Lorenzo Denson Jr., moter, July 24-25, In St.. Paul The Blbleway Chorus,Celestial
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. H. L. St., 21 and Fronlta Robinson, Mandarin, Fla., 18 and Mercedes Baptist Church, Stonewall and Gospel Singers, Austin Twins, ""DANCE PARTY"
Geiger who celebrated their 50th wedding 2965 San Pablo Rd., Jax Beach, Brooks, 11035 Ft Caro May Sin Andrew McCall and The McCall
anniversity recently. Fla., 21.William. line Rd., 19. The sermon on July 25 will Gospel Singers

The affair was held at r the Holiday House be delivered by Rev, .W. II.Lavant Rev. Allen U the sponsor of Nightly' 11:30: tit 12:00: Sittr Birmingham
Ralph Draper
Situ Dukes, 2270 Calvin St, of St Mark Baptist this affair, and Rev. Davis Is
where they were feted. Ala, 22 and Cheryl 22 and Mae Martha Read, 847 Church. The Dixie Jubilee pastor of the church. _
All of their nine children their wives Yvoane Cottrell 5906 MoherletRd419. l 1400 WRHC -' 1400 -
Waterman Rd. S., 20. Singeri, who were organised The public Is Imlte i.w ..
the Rev. Mr. Fountain Jfl L r "
and husbands were present. ., .Ai i '. by .
,. .. "
Branson' St. will genre M (cats. c j. IS r. J -
Children from out of town, attending the BarnettSt HolUs 83 Edgar years :.fOr t
George Williams.; 3510
Atlantic Beach,' Fla., 44 and
affair were: Master Sargent William R. 51 and Locale Mae Kelly, Delia Mae McKentle, 65 Edgar -e I
Geiger who flew in from Okinawa; EdwardP. 3510 Barnett St., 36. St., Atlantic Beach, Fla., 45. HYMN.
Geiger motored from Philadelphia, Pa. The Soul Stirrers Gospel Singers -
and Dr. David N. Geiger flew in from San Bernard Smith, 4843 Amos St., Negro TechnicianIs and Mrs. Jessie B. Powell
22 and Janice Earlene Edwards, will be presented In a musical
Diego, California.The 1483 W. 33rd St., 1?. Missile Tracker program Sunday at 6:30 p.m.,
occasion was also the 70th birthdayof r -- .. In African United Church,sponsored I'x
Mr. Geiger who is an active sportsman Aaron Rudolph Twiggs, 3120 by Mrs. Bertha Belle

in bowling, golf and is a member of the Florida Ave, 37 and Rosemary
Alexander, 521 Jessie St, 27. 5-
YMCA Tennis Club.

The Geigers reside at 1957 Venus St. Leroy Curtis Gamble, 1593 W, Deacon Henry Tbompklns and

25th St, 20 and Paulette Simpson I 1 Thompkins Singers will observe x, '
......**.... 1483 E. 23rd St, Clr., 18 t their 2nd anniversary Monday ; 8''f;
4 at I p.m., In Evergreen Baptist ? (--1 (< 54aF
Mr. & Mrs. H. Arnold James received a Otto Roscoe Jay, 1537 W. 3rd Church

wonderful present recently, a baby girl St., 22 and Jo-Anne Richardson The participants are Andrew _
Stephanie Olga James, born July 5th in 1304 Whltner St., 19. McCall and Singers, Starlight
St. Luke's' Hospital.Mrs. Ronald Hazeklah Gordon, 1422 Singers, Jerome Thomas and
James is a nurse for the city E. 31st St., 18 and Marietta Stagers, Celestial Singers,
Bernice Newman, 919 Hogan Heavenly Echoes, Austin"Twins
Health Department and Mr. James is an St., 18.Tooey. Gospel Singers, Elder Moa
instructor at Darnell Cookman Junior High Davis Sunbeam Singers, Tnreling

School. Johnson. 125 MagnolIa Stars, the Four Gates,
St., 40 and Mary Lee James., Allen Green, Harris Gospel
Don't Dive into Trouble' 125 Magnolia St., 36. Singers and others.Mrs. .

Whit could be more inviting Aid Industry tuggeitioni Conference to often avoid the I James Arthur McCloud 2076 Mr. Phillips, a native of Jamaica I
than a call I blue lake In the midst troubles following which could impair hearing McQuay St., 51 and Annie Massey British West Indies,"is
"f. hot humid Summer day Very : Williams, 2080 Baldwin, the 1966 recipient of City Col- Essie Mae Thomas will

little,..indeed f the ereate, l<.t water lummer sports picas.urea are. a.) Uie correct diving form to 46. .ege of New York's Engineering be In a recital, Sunday night at
tome !
prevent damage to the ear drum Alumni Award in mechanical r-.
known to man There I some 1a
the surfer, the which could lead to a hearing lou Clyde Wlnson Shipp Jr.'f. 7302 engineering. He recently Joined
thing; for everyone: b,) Do not let ocean breakers Irving Scott Dr., 24 and Delois Humble Oil &RefiningCompany F >
wader, the diver, the casual swim-
mer, the batsman and even the hit the the ear ear,drum, this, could also damage Wynn, 7302 Irving Scott Dr.,20. at the oil firm's Bayway refinery

pervn who, just plain likes to hall c.) Do not swim in polluted Linden N. J. y
about'Water! l 964 W. Ashley St., a f.
waters Polluted asters' can cause Jim Taylor,
offeri fun galore but it an infection that could bring on atemporary 80 and Johnnie Lee Wesley, KELP THE FIGHT
alto holds certain, dancers it which or permanent hearing 1020 Madison St., 54. 'FM FREEDOM.
few people arc aware The Hearing Ion

;i 3 3a 3isi
+r lAY( r

-'-' -
71 M I /lrrr k
i Gardener* wh;' have grown "
lowers JOT years admit that the !
moat fragrant la the old.fash .
toned mignonette The mower ..m JJ ",.It, ,?
'ooo stoefsY are not what anyone would call
snowy.." They are small. reddish You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola.

or gre yellowish n leavea brown But,, against oh, that light dellghtfut Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshlng.That'swhy

I"'. refreshing sweet scent! things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke.
V e And mignonette la ao easy JO
It la not generally known that'

w ) $,AMrwtM E mignonette li a good pot plajitWHO1 ;

,Who says fishing. finished iSB"th
t eft the year? There hardly a
MIJ&t l In the country where a Coke
4:: an' <'ant find a place to wet ;
i line-if he boasts a strong<
ors for the outdoors and a ,S F
oat tardy onstltutlon .
With a. little Ingenuity' and a
fair measure of fortitude any,
on. can eijend!\ his fishing _
pfeaauree through the coming
its''yBest winter months, say the Mercury
Beef utb t p ettM tIMer the authority ef The CocCoia Company byi Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling Company


I V \

---' .

.v V. . r

4 _

Memorial Christian Endeavor Biildinfl u Fund Drive Tea 51st Annual Session To Open At

i' __ _
AME Planning Hour Set For SundayAt ''St. John In Sandford, July 1 19The

Observance Mt. Zion AME 51st annual session of the Progressive Baptist State

Sunday School and BTU Convention will be held In St;, John
The Christian Endeavor Hour Missionary Baptist Church, Sanford, Re* H. B. Whltehurst
Walters Memorial AME Zion
Church women met and organlsed will be held Sunday at 3 p.m., pastor, July 19-24.
In Mt. Zion AME Church, New- "God; Living
for their annual The theme Is: a
nan and Beaver Sts. The e
observance, which scheduled Reality and Personality. #
Mrs. Alma Hopkins, newly-
for Sept. 25. The theme U, local program will be held
elected president for the third
"Christian Women of Today. Tuesday at 7.30 p.m., with Rev.
quarter has called all
Officers elected are: Mrs. M. youth A. J. Hughes in,charge of the
groups to attend the program.
L. Leavy,chairman; IIr.Lea program
The program theme Is, "The
tie Murphy, co-chairman;Mrs. Bible Is Up To Date." Music tr
Betty White, secretary Mrs. will be rendered by the youth :

V. J. Rogers, treasurer; Mrs. choir of the host church. Other t : .. .
D. Jackson Mrs. P. U. Drew, ,
selections will be rendered by .
Mrs. H. Phillip, Mrs M. L. the youth choir of Grant Memorial : 4il

Leavy leaders., Mrs. L. Murphy, croup AME Church. r ;.' ;. p Lrt; +,br ;#. ." '"

Director Alexander Cottrell Rev. Leon T. Freeman
Program committee: Mrs. : of Bar-
Emma Harrison Miss Amy has asked all participating \<. .. tow, president of the Baptist> I
churches to send rpresenta- ; ,,: :11.. '
; : Training Union
Moreland, Mrs. V. J. Rogers, tives. The attendance banner ., }': Department.Rev. .
Mrs. M. E. Brown, Mrs. E. will be presented at 3:20 ".'.." ."...
p.m. "
Wesley, Mrs. A. M. Davis, ". .
The adult directors and youth : J"
Mrs. M. L. Leavy; program, officers have been called to '
Moreland Mrs.M. ,
Miss M. A. ,
meet July 23 at 1 p.m.,in Union
E. Brown, Miss Bernice Community AME Church.Members '" ..
Daniels, Miss Carolyn Rogers, ... ,9
of the scholarship committee ... .
Miss J. Brown; Sunday School, have also been askedto ". ..' '. .' .
': .' .. >
Mrs. Pearlle Drew, Mrs. A. meet. : '"
M. Davis, Mrs. V. J. Rogers, ,...c" : S .
... : ". ,. .,.. ,.
Mrs. D. Campbell, Mrs. B. Pew Rally Planned : .. .
Holts; music, Mrs. U.Thomas, c. '
Mrs. S. McCants, Mrs. C. Rogers -
At .
Mrs. H. Jackson, Mrs. Simpson :

R. Chambers, Mrs.A.Lessons, Woman's Society of
decoration, Mrs. M. Hill, Mrs.
M. Lovett, Mrs. M. Major, Christian Methodist Service Church will of Simpson present _P, ..'...............__.... '_11 ...... ...._.......... -- ..- -- Rev. James Carl Sams of Jacksonville ,

Mrs. A. Jackson, Mrs.M.Lawrence Mrs.M. -. a pew rally during the evening On July 10th a spiritual tea was held In Lennard Bloodworth Missionary Libby General President of
Mrs. R. Heldth,
service Sunday. Mrs. Lula Mae Williams I Mrs. Essie Bess the Progressive Baptist State,
Odom; contest, Mrs. H. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Blood-

Phillips, Mrs. M. Dingle, Mrs. president Mrs. T.,Aaron has asked, newly-elected all members w 0 r t h of 1 IUI2 W. 7th St. for the Johnson Bishop W. F. Lebby, Miss Jean Convention.

C.and Limbric Mrs. B.,Holts.Mrs. M. Thomas to support the program benefit of the Building Fund Drive of Bailey guest Prophet Porter. Mother Myers. J., Dean L. Stephens of the School of Fort of

In order to send delegates to Anne Prayer House. Bailey, Mrs. Bobby W. Bloodworth, Suprem r Methods.

Mt. Sinai Ushers will the WSCS convene Mission Lakeland School,,beginning which- Evangelist Eula Williams was guest Jean Newber ry, Miss Chari Inc Bloodworth, The participants include: Rev.T. .

July 25. A program will speaker. From left to right, are : Mrs. vice president.STAR. L. Jenkins, Mrs.Hedy Floyd! ,

be presented.The Photo by James Singleton Rev. J. B. Adams, Mrs Nettie
Observe Anniversary captains are Mrs. Lode: E. Pelham, Rev. W. W. Woods,

Mitchell Mrs. Willie L. Burns Rev Columbus Bridges, Rev.
Usher Board 2 of Ml. Sinai Mrs. Beulah Califf. Mrs. A. P. t H. L. Dericho Miss Pear lie

Baptist Church will observeits Cook, Mrs. Rosa Walker, Mrs. .f Smith, Joey Hart, Rev. H. H.
32nd anniversary Wednes Sadye Gadson, Mrs Nazarene Robinson, Rev. T.M.Crawford! ,
day at 7:30 p.m., in the church Simmon, Mrs. Wilma Irving, I: CHURCH t NEWS f Rev E. Armster, Rev. S. C.
auditorium.The ..r.. Theresa Aaron, Mrs. G. W. Scott of Jacksonville, Caldwell, Rev. C. B. Dalley,
participants Include:Mrs. Johnnie Preston and membersof president of the Sunday School Rev. George Price, Miss Sonja

Florine Wilcox, Mrs. Lee Artis the T. H. B. Walker Circle. ------ Department. Cherry, Rev B. T. Williams,
Savage, Deacon Samuel Grant, Rev H. D. Avery, Deacon Robert -
Mrs. Frances Adams, Mrs. Union AME Lee, Miss Sandra Hollo-
Ruth Rush, Mrs. Louise Community WALTERS MEMORIAL NEW BETHEL AWE way, Frederick Fields, Rev.
Richardson, Mrs. Lillian Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME ZIon Church begin Services Sunday In New Bethel AME Church begin with the A. Drayton Rev. R. Brooks

Jackson, 101:.. Fannie L.Coley, To Sponsor ContestChoir with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with superintendent Amy Sunday School at 9:15 a.m., wlth Superintendent F. Donaldson Rev J. B. Adams, Rev. I.
Deacons Anderson Rush,James Moreland In charge. Rev. A. E. Odem, associate minister will In charge Rev. E. Jones, pastor, will review the lesson. Edwards, Rev E. Bentley,
Harris, Mrs. Bertha Harris, reviews the lesson, "What Is True Worship?'MorNogservice Morning service at 11 o'clock and evening service at 6.30 Deacon G. W. Scott, Rev. L.
Deacon James Savage and 1 of Union CommunityAME at 11 o'clock with the Rev.Odem charge. At 5 p.m., Christian o'clock. The senior choir will sing with Miss Winifred Williamsat a, T. Freeman Grace Mary.
Church will sponsor a Endeavor Hour, and evening service at 7:30: o'clock. Choir 1 ,
others. the console. Usher Board will serve and the Rev Mr. Jones Also Rev. L. H. Hendrix Rev
popularity contest Sunday at and Usher Board 1 will serve with Walter J. Llmbrlc Jr., at will deliver the sermons for the major services Eddie Taylor, Mrs. MMWar-,
3:30: p.m., at 715 Everson St. the Instrument.
Louise Jones public relations chairman has been asked to
The contestants and ren, Rev. G. W. Glover, Mrs.H. .
sponsorsare meet with the pastor Tuesday night during the official board
Mt. Ararat District : Miss Mary A. White, Mr. FOUNTAIN CHAPELThe L. Alexander, the Rev Mr.
and Mrs. Fred White, Mrs. men of Fountain Chapel AME Church will observe their' meeting. Whltehurst, Rev J. C. Sams,
Slates Daisy Johnson; Miss Maxine annual day July 24, beginning with the Sunday School at 9:30 The Sarah McGtanls Missionary Society will meet.July 22 In' Rev. F.,G..Hilton, Rey. H..V.
Anniversary of with Willie Mae as
the basement the church Mrs. Thorpe
Sullivan Mrs. Essie M. Sullivan a.m., with Paul Owen. of Ut Olive AME Church u guest superintendent : Palmer, and Rev. J.M. Brooks,
't : MAt hostess Plans rtll be made for the "Remember Day. ,
District 16 of Mt. Ararat! Baptist Mrs. Tommle Wilder at 3 Raiford Prayer services will be,held each Tuesday.from 7.to 8 p.m.,, "
Church will celebrate its Mrs. Llllle M. Bell, Mr. and 11 a.m; J. S. Genwrlfhtwillpresldeand p.m., FINANCIAL FACTS

22nd anniversary Sunday in the Mrs. Cleveland Crane; Larry Brown Sr., will have charge. The officers are: Algred David JERUSALEM BAPTISTThe Rev. A. J. Hughes of Jacksonville Despite} the nition'n houm-

Educational Building, from 3 Walton, Leila Lemmon, Young Jones, chairman; Galveston Washington, co-chairman; Alfred Southslde Ushers Union will be held Sunday at 2:45: p.m., State Director of music. ing/( economy, mort than ono y
Cbambliss secretary and Johnny Knox treasurer.
to 5 p.m. People's Department Mrs In Jerusalem Baptist Church. third of Ameriean families )

Participants to appear onpro- Mary Smith, Mrs. Lula B. Gay, NEW FRIENDSHIP The participants Include: Choir 3, Jerusalem Baptist; Rev. fiRST AMERICAN E hive no wiving: !*, uwi'stim'nU,
Mrs. Laura Henderson
gram are: Mt. Bethel Male Mrs.E. R. W. Jackson, Miss Barbara Williams, Miss Bernadette John Eliot's J 1646 translationof or r<<<'M; 'rvo funds, :according/(
Hicks and Annual Men's Day willbe c.lebratedlulJ 31 in New Friendship
Mrs. Robinson.A .
Chorus, Trinity Baptist Choir will E. Baptist Church, Atlantic Beach. Watts, Mrs. Betty Kellum, Mrs. Leila Brown,Richard Williams the Bible into Algonquian waS a rl''f'nt r('|x>rt l\sll! (>(1! hv the
1 Mrs. William Choirs program be presented and Dannie the University of Michigan Survey ,
Cherry Splvey. first
with the following participants: According to Rev. C. C. Curry, pastor, the officers are: An- printed in Amari-
3 4B and Male Chorus of host HcfMimh (C'nlc'r.
church Mrs. Harffleld Mrs. Mildred Hill, Allen Jackson tools M. Lewis, chairman; Jessie Wilson, Albert Campbell, ZION HOPE BAPTIST .ca Catholic Digest tat .
Mary ,
Mrs Fannie co-cbalrman, Joe Brown, program chairman and A. J. Ruffln,
Mrs. Mary Barney, Mrs. Shir- The Senior Missionary Society of Zion Hope Baptist Church
Bessie Frazier ads, sponsors chairman.
Hlnson M Marlnda Mrs. TommleL. will observe Its at 3 In the church MADAM BESSIE
ley r a. anniversary Sunday p.m.,
Tennant and others. Wilder, Mrs. Alvester Bell Partial reports will bo expected, and all men have been askedto auditorium.

and others meet following< the morning service. Sunday. Speaker for the occasion will be Rev. S. L. Badger of Eman- She will read your entire life-past,present and

uel Baptist! Church. He will be accompanied by his choirs, future. She asks no questions but will tell you
ushers and members. 'what you want to know, giving date and facts of
NOW! Pastoral Day Set business, love, health and family affairs. Will;
e SECOND BAPTIST help you find lost art. TELL you whom you will

4 LOCATIONSTO At Church Of God The Junior Women's Missionary Society of Second Baptist marry and when. U the one you love Is true, what',
;; Church will observe Its 22nd observance Sunday at 3 p.m., In part of the country is luckiest for you, and what r
SERVE YOU the church auditorium. to do to be successful. Will reunite the separated,
Pastoral Day will be observed The participants Include AUle Maxwell locate absent friends and relatives, and cause
j 3118 W.Edgiwood AVI. Sunday In the Church of God la Burrough. : Mrs Faye and Mrs.Alice happiness between man and wife. Make up

3701 EMERSON Christ 4. Morning service lover's quarrels. Tells, If s1ctnessor bad luck ls

130 CASSAT AVE. begins at 12 o'clock: and music' natural enemies, evil influence and bad luck. Does not tell to
will be rendered Choir 1
by please you, but will tell the truth. One visit will repay you for
1124 WEST with Elder O. S. Anderson and
BEAVER REGISTER FOR FALL CLASSES disappointments In all others I not only read your life like an
In .
Miss Doris Faust charp.Ush.r
open boot, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Come
Board 1 will ithe
Communion serve will a be Starting Sept. 1, 8 i>.m. and see why you are so unhappy, why everything seems to go
Holy wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted, sick and worried when you
CIRCUS CANDRINKS administered by Elder W. F. 'HOSPITAL AIDE COURSE SPECIAL CLASS FOR SINOO can be helped and everything made clear by consulting THIS
Faust, pastor, assisted by O* ERS GIFTED MEDIUM
Elders Edward Splller, Rodney CLASS make no house calls. Don't mistake the address, MADAM
46 Christopher and Vlnson Nugent CASHIER SALES CLERK GWTAR PUNO BAND BESSIE Is located north Callahan on Hwy.301,1/2 mile from
Ministers Charles Reed and msTRUMENTS
5 A$1:: Phillip Bright. CLASS City of CALLAHAN, Florida Phone 879-2250.
Sunday School begins at 10 a.
m., with Mrs. Emma Levy In Bolden's, College Of Misic Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL
Open dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Including Sundays
charge. The pastor will review
the lesson, "The Worship of 1816 W. 2Qtb Street Registrar El 6.6465

God." YPWW will begin at 7

.vtr'J day 16 dollar day p.m., with Charles Sullivan In
charge, and evening service
at 8 o'clock.Choir .

STRETCH THAT DOLLARVERY 3 will sponsor Musical
Tea from 4 to 6 p.m.. Sunday.
The youth department contest
.. .
MEATY will terminate Monday night
and District 7 will sponsor aa

outing 23. The to youth Silver department Springs July will r "My .son's)( skin was rough, chapped..a

NECK BONES sponsor an outing to Marlne-

land July 30. neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline'


Betty Washington Chicago, III.

8 BLESSINGS! From a child's dry, chapped skin to
Lit the dry, ashy-gray condition that '

JIEV. ROOSEVELT FRANKLINOF ,, plagues grown.tips, 'Vaseline' Petroleum
MEATY PORKSHORT Jelly, applied as a continuous : .

Micu.Georfi film, Is the soothing answer. No other

e softener, no other skin cream no skin
RIBS Divine Spiritual Healer will be lotion provides better moisture pro.

us. In the City of Jacksonville, tection. TryWHEN it.
Florida on July IS and 16 Friday -
and Saturday. Come and SKIN NEEDS MORE

FANCY get your special message. U THAN COSMETIC CARE.PAct .
,: you want to be helped quickly
See Me at the Astor MoteL
1111 Cleveland Street. $

BEEF LIVER Be sure to be present at this

3 Great Deliverance. All who see
ill me will be helped all day from

7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and


f ( lj '

.1'Oc" .. .. .. --- -- --- -- -
_,.. f't .. ... --

-_ ._--- -- CAME

I I 50 OfficialMarks Years I Civil Rights Roundup p I Urban League Named Teacher Of The Year I Choosing Movie Titles

Planning For .... Takes Great Ingenuity \ :I
In MinistryCHICAGO
IlriRime' H movie' title him much to do with the fllm'i IIlIcee..a.HDIIIIIooII' .
-(NPI) The Rev IN HARLEM? minister has adopted the .I&bt- Annual Meet creative RenliiNen debate and text many proponed titles' j
Russell S. Brown general see WASHINGTON - retary of the AME Church, was the best ways to stop the Klan year-old Negro youth given up MUMeuMfnl, ,,"per.ll'lIltth one' mil be Minlleui. .elnnlnn I too
honored for his 50 years In the come Aug. 1, when the by a Fullerton Calif., white Titled muh HM "'>r. StrHnne-
minister and his wife becauseof )> different from any other to pio-
Ion IIlnI learned to
ministry on Thursday June 23. hooded organization plansa threatening phone calls.: The than 1100 delegates and friends x I or mill Love the test the public axulnHt mtsrepresentatlon -
Dr. Brown, who also serves march through Harlem. The minister, who asked that Us are expected to attend the National Ilomb"Stop and "Thone Maxnlflrent Year ego, tile motion
u secretary of the General Klan has asked for police pro- Urban picture Industry entubllihed *
name be withheld, has sent League's 56th Men In Their Flying Machine -
Board of the AME Church was tection, but so tar has received the youth to a private school. annual conference which will or How 1 Flew from London to Title KettlBtiMtlon unrest, to ait-
elected to the secretaryship at none. Two outcomes of the No problems have been take place July 31-Ang. 4, In Paris In 25 Hour and 11 Minute prove all movie title
year were
the 1965 General Conference Either the are example of title
are possible; the Sheraton Hotel.
encountered, although some mibmltted to the liiirean. A
which generated box office
in Miami. Prior to Us election, nation is going to have a lot neighbors have found it curiousto Keynote speaker will be Whitney peal. Other title are determinedby ait- handful were rejected &* already!
he had served for 20 years as fewer live Klansmen after the see a Negro child with a M. Young Jr., executive the book or plays upon which leistered; 781 were rejected! on
chief secretary of the General march, or so many policemen white family director, who will address the they are based like "Doc'torZhlvago grounds of harmful similarity to
Conference.He are going to !have to be brought opening session of July 31. ," or "TbunJerball." a JlI'I'VI01I1.ly registered title.

pastored in Butt. Mont.; into Harlem to guard the Klan Lindsley F. Kimball, league Every title short or long iejurUlmi The Index of title totals approximately
Memphis Atlanta, Cleveland, that there'll be more policemen Warning Given president will deliver the of Its source mint be SO.ono
Denver, St. Louis, and Chicago. there than Harlemltes. presidential 'address.I .

The anniversary celebration, AIR CROW? To Outdoorsmen Major addresses by national
planned by a committee of WASHINGTON-. friends from throughout the Communications sessions will be the main features Even with the simplest water color
country, beaded by the Rev Dr. Commission has been accusedof About Hazards of the conference.
Harvey E. Walden, Grant Memorial applying racial standards The main luncheon speaker I I strive for perfection. It's only

AME Church, will be in a contest for a local radio on Aug. 1 will be Dr. RobertC. I through dedication that anything
held la Walden Community station: Rep. Frank J. Horton TALLAHASSEE The Boy Weaver, secretary of .
House of Grant Church. (R-N. Y.) Quoted FCC officials Scout motto of "Be Prepared" Housing and Urban Development v1 w great is ever achieved."
Dr. Brown has three children, as saying the program service should apply to all outdoors- Other speakers include TEACHER OF THE YEAR---Andrew J. Polk, retired -
Mrs Elaine Jenkins of Wash- applicant"does men and a word of proposed by one A&M University associate When I buy gin. I insist
Into, D. C.; Russell Brown Jr., not appear to r..speciallxed" about avoiding some outdoor Ford Foundation; and JamesA.
and Charles Shelton Brown,De- to "serve the Negro population hazards was Issued today as Linen, president Time, Inc professor of secondary education was on the very best London Dry.
troit. Following the death'of of Washington, D. C., and its an aid to cportment and outdoor An overall workshop theme recently named teacher of the year for
his first wife, he married Miss environs," as does that of the enthusiast by Brantley Goodson, will be "The Bread and Butter 1965-66 by the Sydes-Parks Chapter of the Gordon It is ideally dry and crisp.

Sallie Dee Holderness, Tulsa, present licensee, Negro- Law Enforcement Chief of the Issues in Closing the Gap." Student National Education Association on makes a perfect martini.To me.Gordon's ,
Okla. oriented station WUST. Condemning Florida Game and Fresh Water The "gap" refers to the Important the FAMU campus. Shown on left presenting "
Gin is gin.
He Lea graduate of Wilberforce Fish Commislon. great
the FCC for "segre economic and cultural
Mr. Polk plaQue Is Dr. W. E. Combs
and Western Reserve Universities gationist standards" Horton t Goodson said I "precaution differences between Negro ,
in Ohio. His fraternities asse ted that it is "patently against hazards In the out of Americans and other citizens professor the FAMU graduate school.Mr. Elmel C.Stoner noted artist author and editor.

are Sigma Pi Phi and Alpha Phi patrOl z1nt' to suggest "that doors should start well beforethe as a result of the effects of Polk, ho.has held principalships at
Alpha. He is Past Grand Patron the radio listening likes of trip begins. A complete discrimination and prejudice .high schools In Palatka, St. Petersburg, I

OES, Missouri Jurisdiction.He Negroes are any different from physical may provide warning which have resulted in poverty and Orlando, resides in St. Petersburgwith I I
will accompany other AME those of other Americans." against excessive activity and and alIenat1oD. I
officials to the World Methodist a tetanus snot Is the best insurance According to Whitney M.Young his wife, Mary, daughter, Mrs. Annie I
,Conference in London in WASHINGTONNPI.Hospl against Infection from Jr., "A national conference Walker, son-in-law, Mordecai and grandson -
August tats providing 91.9 per cent of assorted causes." a time in which we can discuss Andy.
the nation's hospital beds have He said, "fishermen are exposed new ways of fighting old problems ---FAMU staff photo by Ernest .F111.ya.u.
to wounds such
many .
been certified under the Civil
u being pricked by fish fins, .F
Rights Act for participation in
Medicare. But in the Deep South, or snagged nicked on by a n a artificial knife while ball Nation's Beauticians To Hold Listen PlotsComeback
it was a different
story. Only "
cleaning fish. Fisher
men were
u er 28 of Mississippi's! 133 hospitals also advised to Include a small 21st Annual I
have been cleared, 41 out Sessions July 24-28 For I
''J0tI pair of snippers In their tackle
of 93 In -
South Carolina, and
box for use on .location should CHICAGO - 67 out of 144 ID Louisiana College, Day- Shot At Title
6Br someone become hooked In a delegates from 44 states tona Beach, Fla., will be the I
fleshy area where the barb can will converge on Chicago July STOCKHOLM Sweden l !
Mary Whitman "FIRST IN DIXIE principal speaker. -Son-
I', FRANKFORT, Ky.-. Everyone U born with a bird The Law Enforcement Chief
In hit heart. first KentuckyState Civil Rights of the United Beauty V. Moore, Bethune-Cookman fight In more than a year, will
said "Folks
That wa a favorite quote of a Act has gone Into effect. And in movingabout School Owners and Teachers president, will be the Rev. Rudolph resume training shortly for I i
famed ornithologist. Many would some respects, the law Is ing camps,especially when barefooted Association and Alpha Chi Pi Matthews, Harrison F. more bouts on the comeback ': fAORDORS I
tree, Boy and man have dreamed.of stronger than the federal Civil might occasionally stepon Omega Beauticians sorority- DeShields Jr., and William trail he hopes will lead to
being birds. Early man drew fish bones which are highly fraternity. another
Rights Act of 1964. Kentucky Hayes shot at the world heavy
bright bird pictures on cave walla Infectious." Headquarters for the "Fabu-
bans discrimination Rev Matthews participate weight title.The .
Biblical references to birds by employ A standard first aid kit should
of of lous 21" meeting of the organ!- in the banquet on former champion knockedout
abound. Religions and art have ers eight more persons. program July p
be Included
woven the bird motif Into myths The U. S. Civil Rights Act now definitely amODlsport.meDl' rations will be the Palmer 25 and DeShlelds will teach a Gerhard Zach of Germany
and tapestries. applies to firms with 75 or more equipment to bulwark House Hotel class of business. in 1:11: of the seventh round of
So we learn from a book called employees. By 1964,the number antl-fectloa precautions Mrs. Marjorie Stewart Joyner,: Also featured during the convention their scheduled 10-rounder a. .
Birds trryuArrr. part of the through a tetanus shot DI u
founder-national supervisor of
will to will be the Friday night Ustoo weighed
drop 25. "Incompa lalsotlanGordon'
World series of Whitman'Publishtng
Library Goodson
said,Wildlife officers both participating organisa 221 and Zach \.
Company of rails 75", top teachers and 226. It was the
Isconsln. Racine ADOPTIONNEW patrolling fishing and wilderness tions said that the convention demonstrators who have studied American's first match since .Gm,_".d m __ _
, areas, are frequently, would,celebrate the "Coming his controversial London' England .: .
hair first-round
YORK -/NPI} A white called_ styling make-up.mo- e-Ka ,'".brae.rt.Nrr nl : "'t;
on to provide first aid of,Age"of _the groups i which i deling and. charm In Parts,'. knockout by, Cassias Clay in (fNfIC.and the_d.
and are.trainedtQ, assist the ,J. founded EL.ar.AIO. Ur., 'London j, Rome, the Holy Land Lewiston, Maine, in Maya 1069. PRODUCT'">UiMMuii itNiiiiaiiiaifnicuMKmoininviimiinct\ '' ,.iiii>:,1I11111:"_II.1.
summer,;, outdoor,trade ,,under ,
Joyner/ Celebrating her 50th and Africa.. ne u < was not tired when the fight ITHESE '
....,t. i ; proper circumstances." year In beauty culture. ended" Llston said.
hf .] Highlights of the convention
';!'. Negro Seeking' will Include a banquet on Monday -

" t. evening July 25, honoring
Congressman William L. Dawson -
\ Vice President'sOld (Democrat of Illinois), a
veteran of a quarter century
:h#:=' Senate SeatST. Washington 'I JBJISUP'

't ,, nt'. Rep. Dawson is being cited for
; ''' ":
1.1' his work In
the89thCongr'euothe t S
; ";"" United MAR
PAUL, Minn. SALTID city's Negro city attorney has a contribution to the civil rights .. '
MULLET ROE 2HOLDCNGCPAIRxx 'I l,93 good chance of being nominated and voter registration crusade'

fIR IB. 99c u the Republican candidate for among Negroes through the PRICES GOOD 'THROUGH SUNDAY AT. EDGEWOOD AYE. B.
U. S. Senator years.
KING FISH STEAKS LB. S9e Stephen MaxwelL if nominatedand Claude A. Barnett retired CUTPORK
T-u Pond Editor sara tw to ODe of tilt bMt. elected, would be taking the founder-director, for more than CENTER
RED SNAPPER .LB. 69c seat once held by Vice President 40 years, of the Associated
SNAPPERS, YELLOW TAIL .LB. 59c Hubert H. Humphrey. Negro Press will be among
SNAPPER FLANKS & THROATS LB. 59e His expected nomination, like members of the Fourth Estateto
SPANISH MACKEREL 45e the selection of Atty.-Gen. Ed- be cited during the conven CHOPS 79
SHAD ROE set 95cIOKTH ward W. Brooke as Republican tics
: TAILS........Ik. $25) KINS' CIUS.IL 11.11 candidate for U.S.Senatorfrom A special memorial service LB.
MEDIUM MULLET 29c Massachusetts, did not result opening the convention will be
LARGE .LB. $1.30 from a play for bloc vote sup held on Sunday afternoon July
MEDIUM SHRIMP .. $1.10 port. 24, at the Cosmopolitan Community
SCALLOPS .LB. 89e While bom Maxwell and Brooke Church, of which Mrs. U.S. # 1POTATOES
SPECKLED TROUT .LB. 59e I are Negroes, neither have Joyner is chairman of the trustee -
CATFISH S9e I stressed a racial appeal In board.
STEAK FISH '. 69e public life. Only recently has Among those to be honored at
POMPANO . . .L.. $1.10 Brooke made strong statements the service will tw the late Dr. 10 LB. BAG 29

OYSTER S.25 on civil rights questions. :Mary G, Evans, pastor of Cosmopolitan
Both candidates come from i for over II years.
FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT states wlthfew Negro residents 1 Founders In the field of beauty
'LAK' WHITI ... .II. $1.50! CLAW LB. $1.1$ Of Minnesota's 3.9 million cli I i culture will also be honored DIXIE CRYSTALSUGAR
CMlchlil .ill.... ,,..lt. $1.15 AH U.,. .LI.UH; '
ttzens only 25,000 are Negroes. The Rev Rogers P. Fair. Be-
Maxwell's prospective Domination -
CINUINI thus would be more of LBS.
MAINE LOBSTER M&T .14 OZ. CAN 2.49 an appeal to "do-gooderc:," or Classic Dale Sef 5 990
v.rw see veers to 1 owe t/o. fnduet. My turn (!.+ a tribute to Maxwell himself,
:: j ,, than an MIAMI---The Mth annual Orange LIMIT ONE WITH $S.DDDR MORE FOOD ORDER
attempt tocapture "the
Blossom classic: and festivities
Negro vote," according to Republican -
will be held here December
leaders Z-3, 116S. Thegrjdclasli MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANT
sic will be played ID the Orange -
VETERANSTHE Bowl Stadium,, Saturday
Night, Decembers at 8:00.: The

lr..lJJI1o", FAMU Rattlers will meet yet- COFFEE 59C


Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking ,',

Seek The Best Doctor. ''
When Your Doctor Prescribes, LB. *
Applications For Its Get Experienced Pharmacists v "

..According to Doctor's
Orders. We Use Only your The Best GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5 LB. PX6. 49*

Veteran Class. Quality Drags __

3 Registered pharmacists TO Proprietor serve youA MONOGRAM RICE 3 [e. BAG 35*

The Size Of Our ClassesIs .

;; 40 OZ. CAN ; *

Limited By Law. Cosaetlcs-Rubber Qoods-candles-sundrlei


Enroll Now To Boo ure Of ,14 .
Drag Store)>>


CALL 355 9874 EL-3-8276 U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK LB. 69*/





I .; _


:. 1f __

Special EducationST. Workshop Slated Good Reading Exhibit Silex Makes Gifts..But No Ads Texas Senator Noted M.D. Says Soap

AUGUSTINE Fla. A Life (Language Improvement to Set For Suwannee lS i .r" aq. '. "'bn4. ;;, .ii 5kafa ., Chances Good It Best Beautifier"The
J .
workshop In Special Educationwill Facilitate Education). .. I j. ..
be held at Florida Memorial Registration is now open for ,' 'best all-around condi-
College from July 11 through the following course: River Junior CollegeMADISON For ElectionDALLAS tioner and beautifier for young

August 4.Classes. Education for Exceptional skln..is plain toilet soap," asserts -

will be conducted this Children, Reading Difficultiesand -The Jaycee Good medical writer Dr. William
year by Pearl F. Tilt. Mrs. Contemporary Mathematicsfor Reading Exhibit is scheduledfor Tea -(NPIThe Brady.

Tail Joins the Florida Memorial Elementary Schools and Suwannee River Junior Col- two-party system proponents
in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan -
from Ohio State University -
faculty Teachers. This
17-22 1966.
lege July ,
Columbus, Ohio, where A student may earn up to six exhibit includes 400 attractive ; areas may have defeat the Cassias Clay
she was engaged In research hours credit In the four week plastic-covered children's answer to victory or
for Sea John Tower In the
and development on Project
books selected by a committeeof
November Uon.
Gets 50 Percent
the Children's Services Hundreds of Democrats and
Division of the American Library Republicans interviewed by

La mar Association. is Negro Press Internatlon over Of Fight Take
The community project the past few weeks, give indication -
sponsored by the U. S.Jayceesand SI that they definitely favor
has been shown at county LqNDON World heavyweight
'S a two-party system for Texas
fashion ,
pattern fairs, conventions shopping ) and in this Instance are inclinedto champion Cassius Clay will get
centers In 50 cent of everything for his
museums, colleges, cast their votes InNovemberfor per
schools and libraries. This Sept. 10 title fight with
I the incumbent senator.A .
C* showcase has been viewed by majority of the Democrats Germany's Karl Ulldenberger

over 100,000 Florldlans. both Negro and white, favor in Frankfurt,Germany,co-pro-
This collection may be seen moter Joachim Goettert said
Tower because of his seniorityand
rrl4' in the Library atSuwanee River experience in the Senate Wednesday.

Junior College In },Madison i since his election six years Ulldenberger will get 15 per
n Florida from 9 a.m.p.m.. I 4rMx. rt ago. And they feel there Is not cnet of the net gate and the

v : Monday, July 18, 1966 through too much difference, if any European> ancillary rights.
Friday, July 22, 1968. between Tower cooversatlsm The fight will be the first

In addition, the library will be and Waggoner Carr conserva heavyweight championship ever
opened> Sunday July 17, 1966 tism. staged In Germany.

from 3:30-
Thursday evening from '19 Connally's choice, is making at London Aug. 6 before taking

X o'clock so that more people his first bid for national office; on the European champion, buta
may have an opportunity to and while the governor Is a clause in London's contract
view the exhibit. \ favorite In the state among says that he has to fight Mll-

don't feel denberger In case he should
most voters they
Science and Religion 'r.' his influence over Carr-41 he beat Clay.

s r'ff., 1 should win would be for the Harry Levene, who promotedClay's
__ ,
"" J. last title fight against
,, "Science and religion ar; best interest of the state as
r t tf + not antagonists but sisters FOR THE PRESIDENT'S WIFE-Mrs.Frank Stanley Sr.,wife of the president of the National a whole. Henry Cooper In London, Wednesday

While science tries to learn Newspaper Publishers Assoclatlongetsa: surprisegmfromthe Proctor Silex Corp. during the The governor Is on the"outs" stepped In as a co-pro
more about the creation religion association's national convention in Philadelphia. Joyce Smith, right, of Mark Hyman Associates with senior Sen. Ralph Yarborough moter, while Londoner Jarvis
makes the presentation which is an automatic electric coffemaker. The presentation was and voters believe Astaire director of "View-
tries to better many
made before the wives and friends of the association during a gala dessert luncheon at Phila that either in a victory sports" will handle the
the Creator
delphia's historic Ben Franklin Hotel. for Tower or Carr, he would television rights.

't l4 \,.,;' throw his influence behind the There will be no television

f"% ON Television Junior senator post. and no", The closed fight will circuit be televised in Germany -

; J\r Among The StarsIt Appearing Some of dled-ln-the-wool the area were surprisedto Democrats live"Early to Bird"the United satellite.States via

learn that a sizable majorityof

has always pained me, both as a writer and a musician to Negro political leaders were
Inclined to along
1 hear some of the songs that have been Jammed down our throatsby go
l..C"" (7 unknowledgable disc Jockeys around the nation who feel that Tower.
The biggest block of Negro
they, alone are conscionable: Judges of what we-the lIstener *-.
should hear and love. votes that may go along with,

tit Many tunes which have literally "strung me our upon fiat 4\ Tower Is In Houston; these

hearings, have been frilled into my brain by record spinners are the ones that'supported

w until I, like other human beings, have come to accept the tune Bush against Ralph Yarborough -

w as a hit rather than use the fingers the Almighty gave me to in 1964. This trendIs
d. turn off the darned radio. said by political strategiststo

Because of our apathy, we have become musical robots and be spreading throughout the
No. R-227 :.
respond to the strings pulled by radio personalities to the state.
Sized 1O.1t1MODIFIED tune of over $330 million per year in record sales.It : They say Tower will carry
is pathetic though that at the time rotten H west and north Texas, so far
cutaway in a slim line suit with contoured Jacket came excuses
coming to below the waistline. Skirt Is detailed with smart pleat for music is being drummed into our ears, certain lyrical as the Negro vote goes; East and
Texas will be evenly
held down by button trim. Excellent style for glen plaids allover melodies with meaningful messages, are being completely i! split 4-rWINN
Sotth Texas is still in an undecided -
ignored by sage Judges of the public taste.
fabrics in suit-weight woolens or cottons.
bid for;votes from that
Price $I. R-227 is available in sizes 10. 12. 14, 16, 18. Size 14 One such record in question Is "Sunny," a song written and area. -
takes 3H yards of 44 inch fabric. Standard body measurements for performed by Philips recording artist Bobby Hebb. i 0nuuru.
This Indicate a slip-away
Contrary to the norm, Bobby Hebb is no fresh upstart who may .
size 14 Bust Waist 28 36
are: Hips
for Tower but the most
is blessed with a top 10 record, who has no stage presence, victory ,
Send One Dollar for pattern plus 5 cents for postage in cash important indication is that a
no tact, no finesse. He Is not the type of singer who can only
or check No Stamps. For first class mailing send 15 cents extra. general desire for a Texas
sing one song toe one he recorded-then, must rely on the
Add One Dollar If you wish NEW AUSTINE LA MAR Fashion works of many other entertainers to present a wellroundedshow. two-party system may ooze the
Pattern Book #2-compete) selection of High Fashion designs. senator without much trouble.
including: best sellers of Book #1. Send to AUSTINE LA MAR
.. Hebb, who has been in the business for only 20 years, was
f" Fashion Pattern (name of your newspaper). Box 1315 CPO, the only Negro to perform in the large "Grand Ole Opry" Summer Refresher

New York, 1, N. Y, Print your full name address pattern number cast on WSM, out of Nashville. He played spoons-.something Cranberry Shrub makes a de. WMBMSpotlight

and size be still does as a form of musical relaxation. Bobby also sang 'hciouily cooling summer drink. For

with the Smoky Mountain Boys. M about six servings, mix I pint bottle
He llsty as his personal friends such country and western ---- cranberry juice cocktail I can ProductOf
Gloria SWanson Is
greats as Chet Atkins (who Is one of the most fantastic ((6 ounces) frozen pineapple Juiceconcentr.te
seen in her great film hit "Sunset Boulevard" which will be and 2 cups California
in the country), Hank Garland, and Roy Acuff. shown on "Saturday Night at the Movies" on the NBC Tele- Rae wine. Serve over Ice cube.. The Week
But the thing that makes Bobby such a likeable guy and his vision Network Aug. 6. It is the story of an aging actress Cranberry Shrub and other wine

WAMEDIAL recording of "Sunny" such a saleable item is the fact that this seeking to make a comeback. Repeat.) But It'. the fur piece punches are silo great for carrying Miami Floridathe
young singer (he's 25)has been through the proverbial grease most women will admlre..envy? on a picnic in a thermos jug, ,
and still retains his warm, pleasant personality and his ability

to write light, airy and happy-type songs without letting his r

travel over the rocky road to success Inhibit him In any way. ,CHOOSE 'RIGHT' Voter League Plans
To see him perform at record hops((1 I caught him In Cleveland

1260FLORIDA'S at a Ken Hawkins-sponsored gig) or television dance parties I PICTURE FRAME Drive
(he was featured on both Club 1270 and Swlnglne Time in Detroit Registration

recently) is to know that here is a real trouper. He plays guitar

and has composed over 100 sonp during his long show business Choosing the "right" frame for The Florida Voters League,
career. a favorite picture can transform Inc. Is voter
i initiating a registration -
: To give you an idea of the humor that runs rampant in Bobby's "juit another print" into the perfect drive

five-foot six-Inch frame dig this tune he wrote and recorded decorating accent for that wall 18,1966 through September,
when he was working with Sylvia, the other half of the Mickey pace over mantel sofa, or buffet 1966.
There no mystery about .I< and Sylvia team: "You Broke My Heart and I Broke Your Jaw." ing the proper frame to enhance A victory celebration rally '

In 1964, Bobby Hebb went to work at Brandy's on Manhattan's both picture and room decor According will be held at the Tinker Sta- '
eastside where he also plays banjo and leads group singing He to the Picture and Frame dium in Orlando on Saturday tf "' .

feels that his two-year stay at Brandy's has really polished the Institute the "right" frame links September 17, I960 at 10:30 1the
# rough spots in his entire show business personality. the picture to the surrounding a.m.

t ABC;J For a hobby, Hebb collects Lincoln head pennies and his mass room telling, and any number of SHORTY-$35.

1 1RHYTHM of numerous coins Is now estimated to be valued at $5,000. He frame styles may be suitable for MEDALO STYLE #665
w digs water sports and is a scuba and skin diver, enjoys deep- one picture A traditional frame of
seand fresh water fishing and loves to sing. can be as effective for a contemporary Help! Help! Help! Medelo For complete Hoer 'tlo.Illuoootod.Wlr'Cotoloc Holt..ps
sea and fresh water fishing and loves to picture ai it U for a reproduction end attachments Bond .nd.ddr.
sing. .... li'o your FREE upon
Reaction to his record of an old mailer On the Rev. Roosevelt Fraiklii 01 t wrlto.
"Sunny" is now climbing thanks to >>:..o.* """'G'i'M> .
his other hand a simple modern Normal Heir Net .... Inc.Doet. .
personal appearances on promotion tours. Disc Jockeys Nasur.ny HeeJihy St a. 35. N.Y.
frame may be perfect for either Maw (Gi CROWS from the HAIR MOOTS Bklyn
who rejected the tune on Its initial release are The condition el
now SCALP.
it off and playing it because of the little dusting realistic or nonobjective picture jet YOUR twill. ...." d......... ....rlI. COMB
guy who sings it. The institute suggests that these
Although it took a stint with the Smoky Mountain Boys, the general' ruin be kept in mind when Divine, Spiritual HealerRev. seat' ;" YesrideM.Ob70St: 1l .! AWAY

intricate workings of the "spoons," and guitar lessons with frame Roosevelt Franklin of Macon Not formula hI.en"called a medie.ted CARBONO tar
& BLUES Roy Acuff, for Bobby Hebb to cut into the open> many of the electing a which I* wised with many proven GRAY
focus Ga.Divine
-The frame should atten benetlcUl litfredlenta CAM < teenagers in America are glad he finally did and they look lion on the picture and draw Spiritual Healer eoNnG' II such a ..trongpowerIlls WITH

forward to more things from Bobby cay main man! the eye to hi center of Interest Jesus is truly giving blessings week snus.pUa In and don sects fine' THIS
See Among the Stars.Handwashing. DANORSryscalp: ., COLOR
you -It should harmonize in color : and victory to many people's SUMP\, t
DOCTORS! It bl hlr
many KOMI
and weight with the subject I problems. SUCCESS CAN BE and PRESCRIBE It lot nwnr

Requires matter YOURS. See or write me today. ...... tnublM. Mane. canoeing RUSH
should .mal., caused ocalp condition
frame .
-The strengthen
I have a special message every are fre.tly relieved br the ;r f
RADIO STATION the composition it frame without uoo .( this Triple trenetfi toe' / __
Thorough Cleansing dominating it. one's in need for. formulo Write for thU DOCTOR l"r
Last many many "
-It should surround the picture MW. It will be sent U TOU all
According to Expert without halting the movement were helped by my special mixed and ready I. use. USa ITIX ]lull, comb and bruih to odd color

itf color and line In the picture selected Bible reading to be > T DAYS your.and mono U you bark ere f MleoUoMed .tonly NOT feme A Weeheo DYE, &out...1..VIII...,..not.....rob.tt.., .."

? ?" rime, 1 o lie really effective against read each weekend If you want II at ." deliver.. This In- !;'HAT"d SUDDEN color. roduelly DYED AVOIDS
"WHAMMYIN "Uid' ynu wash "mrundrr invisible" dill.prndurin. bacteria -If necessary, the frame should to be delivered quickly, send elude. everything You Dent ts .....It."..It.d forr.lI\Ovl... .LOOK......
I" more
A hc k and 1 penny ftt Mann-
a ,
pn r' folorlng. Prevenlo (oiling rubbing
h' illuimn of depth, self-addressed iirocilOM. Vie tho (I
.Id water l.uc"l .rl.n answer that 0111 a. stsphyk, cotri handwalhingamiiiar create an $1.00 and a envelope pa. Cemeo In Ple.lle Cos.. Ceko >
should III IhoroUlllh and size, or added perspective for to Rev.Roosevelt Franki CATCD SCALP FORMULA yourm.m tarried, tn pocket or ".....
m..dlrr-I".la"ily gnrstion IrequcnqI'he / eon buy Your hole and cows In oil ohodeei. Blocklotlnum <.
I. Inr.rr..rdInC to I>r, Nrnre F. Ellick the picture.In i lID 630 Morrow Are., Macon, eealp "..r_ line ear. Suet sand 81_.
handwaloi"lI ,
I'rlll'rl& am.n, "I Dial Reseanh the end result the "right" = name unit addroio to-QOLD 1J.K'"*, ...'. ."... p." only
l..nN hands 'hu.k'. Labllralorin. Georgia. 1'b0l1.745.5685. HAIR INC. .' .>
.lIrn, r. a.
on delivery
Use iif .. will be the that reflect .i .:MW .1.: .t".I'
MIAMI"c swap with hea hli.rophrne frame one these Dept 1 Boy. bock II not d.u.at.G.CI M
will special selections
I Iran such a D''.'. 'I. mild> personal choke at it complement You get Brooklyn 3S, NY. KoTSl THUFORMULA Model Holt. Pad.,... I.... f
i b the
But Ihere'i more | handwaih.n ; > skin and Bible verses by cameo a 10% writ* .... Sfl, Brooklyn. New Yo_ _
han renewing. vU.l.le. dirt. and >yet "move bacteria I .. well! a. dirt both picture and room telling return l : mall. let money be*. .......'. .

$c\ 4 tJ / I IPACE




-H,FRANK,.d'-'It-!1 It's Summit TALK lime again I ttTHE: FAMU Appointments A..OIICr Spotlight On Sports

Time 'I.* 1',*>" ". .nd' ''i..th \ DAVIS For Sports And PR Dept.
ire and wirnir norm I To add
pmr Director Consume S mct
11,1 vour Summer Inn r:k>i 11> IIH<
|..ant his inlriHltMnl a handy nrwrlmur Sentry lnurnctSummer FIJI U Names New Collingfon' Named by CHARLES. LIVINGSTON
'.. nvl l called a Frank. !Sprar ,
| The rank SpeAr.ar dniitiird SafelyThe IlybICK WOLFF \
ihiallt I.r pnrtrnl iirnrd hitftrrstoinni.ll !'I'C"| "Rootl old aumnu rtlmp" Sports' DirectorTALLAHASSEEEddie Acting PR Director There's an old saying that "they don't make them as food as
. 'In.pnrlunl- they used to," and if it is true, four "grand old men" of the With the approach of the fall hunting *ea>on. nome of im tendto
; ; tn'I':
" rnw lrai 'f,'" Inin roi.nn, ink, ties for play toehildren Jackson TALLAHASSEE,*Fla.-David sports world are proof that there Is some validity to the state- retire our netting; tackle for the winter This la a mistake, 1
.but In tlrlx','m numnirr of Orlando Fla. Is the ment. found out one day ninny year ago.
h Iniii ttilh the new lrl! \"unpN C. Colllngton has been named
nunn a . pitth the .| MHIIIV the .rank. tiiil pull it l hat kLt mnkra three retommondn.tlon at FAMU. Jackson radiated at Florida AIM University as Is usual, cropped up into the news. They are basketballer Canadian old front. We were it day early. The front Willi Htlll In
nl.-4Mihrni ""filone 1 lit Itimeo. : from Florida AAM UniversityIi effective July 1. The announcement Goose Tatum baseballer Loroy the Canada no were the ,1I1I'kII.tfJRck1onvtl1.s .
.'a.e S \\ atth nut for children playtntr was made by Dr. George "Sugar Kan" Rare Robinson, and National League catching
on drives and In atreetsI.ast
I more than :.lOOchlldnn W. Cote: Jr., president of great Roy Campenella.
Watch wire struck and killedIn FAMU. AU except Campanella, are still active In the sport with which ( Most! Recommended Dealer"
their own driveway In Colllngton Joined the FAMU ,they have been linked throughout the years. Campy, sidelinedby
split mwnd a child running: public relations staff as asls- an auto accident in January, 1958, is In another business,
This Clown after a ttltlo.bell may become n tant director of public relations liquor store operation, but be still manages to keep a line opento R. S. EVANS3RD .
e Drive show In areas wherechildren and sports Information the sport In which he vas a big name.
.4 52 36 arc lit pla>. They're director In 1956. Priorto His baseball match, Satchel Paige who has earned the sou
concentrating games, not coming to FAMU be had briquet of "ageless" after over 42 years In baseball, recently & MAIN

6-61-18 street traflie.Don't served u director of public pitched at an annual "celebrity" game against sportswritersand
lot children play In the
broadcasters in what was described as a demonstration of
mr. IrfHk dtNir. If mMcacary. relations and teacher of Journalism his "comeback" to professional baseball. He clobbered for a 64 VOLKSWAGEN . . $1095
When the car (la parked, net at Bethune-Cookman
7 2 hum brakes and put the gear College and chairman of the 4-2 victory, much to the enjoyment of 8,414 fans who turned 62 F 6W-D5' Oalaxle 500" . .$ 795
In"park" (or reverie, If your Social Studies Department atI out to see him. AwromTir. mmo a ''''''111:11 A RRAt: ooonosn.
5 9 car hat a standard shift). Another !Dd1'idualwbo declines to pinpoint his exact age, and 64 FORD Oalaxie 500 Hardtop. .$1795
Never leave keys in the Ignition nr 'irn. r.
8 4 when the car U not inC I who has been sidelined with Illness,.busily mapping plans fora 63 RAM"RL Classic 2-Door :. : .$ 99! :>
summer tour of South America and Mexico with his squad. MnroNnmoNrn'
Before irtttlnir Into the car Goose Tatum, the perennial clown prince of exhibition basket- 62 CHEV Conv't, sharp, rams .$1195

18-63-35 check In front and back to June 11, 11166, and was appointed I J',' ball, and for many years, the star attraction of the Harlem 63 RAMBLER Wagon ."770 . .$1295.
It of AIM rnNnmrm AUTO
see that the path clear n-Awr RAmo UFATHI: : CLEAN
director of sports Information Globetrotters, has been recuperating from an "abdominal TAANR
children and to>", afAr Chief . .$ VHAW
42 21 431 C W'Ir sunglasses while driving effective July 1, 1966. by disorder" at the William Beaumont General Hospital In El 61 PONTIAC Star rot.t.v rouiprrn on* UKM OWNFHOIRKFUrBUYI
during the day,but never Dr. George W. Gore, presidentof .{ Paso, Tex., weasel another EI CONDITION
t after sundown the university. Though he Paso hospital from April 29- fit RENAULT Real good one .$39*

Sometimes He's Up Sometime I Don't roads be milled Into thinking winter Jackson will also assist the r May 3 with the same ailment Goose Is confident, despite 64 CHEVROLET 4.Dr,.,Onr, owner. '$t 29$
slick only
are a mrr
He's Down he adds subtracts; ., problem. Oily streets during director of public relations in doctors' pessimism, that he will be on the road again. 61 CORVAIR mmo a HFATrn.Real: TANn Good*ij *, .'. $ ,9j!
fie works it all around and after a rain can be very the administration of news concerning Lastly, the Sugerman demonstrated recently what all the wtron a HH TIH. TICK mrr
slipper'; the activities of the praise given him was about,in a demonstration boxing exhibition 59 FORD V-8. 4-ln-Floor .t 411!)

15'- 77 53 e Drive defeniUel During university and will serve as an with both Emile Griffith, and Joey Archer-the two faced each 58 FORD Rum! good: .$ 121.
the summer there are morecan '
assistant advisor to the university other at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. 'From
and many mote pedeitrlans Over 100 Cars To !
fOKDNG ATTRACTIONS. on the streets than another \' yearbook, THE RAT Though It was all In fun.-one of the three minute events was
853-58-21 ",..on. Your being In TLER. held at the Concord Hotel, Klamesha Late,N.Y., and the otherat
the right wont keep you While a student at FAMU, the Grosslnger (N. Y.) Country Club-spectators got an S. EVANS3RD
from the having worst an of accident other mo.Expect Jackson was editor of THE>; eyeful of why the Sugar's name has gone down in history as R.

anticipate trouble RATTLER, and also served u being the "best boxer pound for pound."
MAN'S and )ou11 prevent It. news editor of the FAMUAN, Currently Sugar Ray is working on a new variety act, and & MAIN
the university newspaper.Jack- waiting to pick up $514,000 plus interest owed him from his

DAYS Back}aril Safely son served as editor-in-chief first fight with Carmen Baslllo nine years ago FL4R381 FL4R1R2JarkMuntll
of the Gibbsonlan while attending -
NUMBERED Xow are' that enjoying school's. "Those out,Lazy children Clbbs Jr. College In St. Dunbar Myers, Fla.High School In Fort HELP KEEP FREEDOM .' *'. Mont JJrpommemUtl' 111'1111'1'l

," Fla.Policy .
Han Crazy Days of Summer Petersburg
A native of
The joof running through the Fort Myers the
Man's Days areifuni'bened. yard sprinkler on a hot day is newly appointed PR director
.' Health and one that may' be remembered Waning Is a graduate of Dunbar High
Fortune Can Be Yours When through adulthood School Fort Myers and Clark
You Know Your Lucky Days But the same backyard, innocent .
College, Atlanta, Ga.,His graduate -
as It may look, presents MovingCHICAGO
Lottery workwu pursued In public
Lucky Colors Etc. possible dangers, particularlyto
children Sentry Insurance relations and newspaper
Send $2.00 for
your recommends safeguarding our at
Horoscope Guide lor children and ourselves (NPI) Police practice University. Syracuse

JULY against these threats* crackdowns on policy opera
Lawn tools should always be tions have resulted in another While in college Collingtotiserved
stored when not In use A racket as sports Information
Fill in the blank below and<4 power mower is especially gambling taking policy'splace. director for the Clark College

mail to ZODIAC, Post Office inviting for children, also Panthers and editor of the college Cf.
especially dangerous Rakes, The DeW racket Is a lottery
Sox 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. He receiveda
hoes, spades and other similar l operation, and It Is already newspaper.
tools can also be harmful said to be taking In hundreds special citation during awards } '
SAME when (left lying outside. of thousands of dollars day at Clark for superior work QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVEDPRICES
STREET- Garden plants, bulbs and on the college newspaper
DATE OF EIRTI3 seeds should be strictly "for .
--- WheColllngton Joined the GOOD THRU SATURDAYU.S.
bidden fruit" to children. Policy, long controlled by syndicate .
Mo. Day t FAMU staff be serjred as director
hoodlums, has become
of the university's Division
Increasingly profitable, as
of Information Services.He held
police officials confiscated policy -
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equipment and fined or. ,. ; .also served as an'instructor NO.1"
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Jailed policy
: 'of 1oilxbtlJClti'Cdv1ser .

Salty Dog 1 ? needed The in equipment policy have and always slips and to on the the university advisory newspaper committee, I ,

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given away.
of the yearbook. POTATOES

on now going the, with out racket of police business.But It cracking was. rapidly down relations win In his be new in, the charge position university of, university Colllngton yearbook J 10 lIs.39c

gambling Is not dead-
special activities of the
as witnessed by the rise of a
Orange Blossom Classic,assist
lottery system that uses no
in alumni affairs and direct
?,y x' wheels, slips, or other gambling ,

Wfr< rrALw paraphrenalla.The selects tha shop.Interscholastic presswork- FRESH GEORGIA FANCY MOUNTAIN GROWN GREENPEACHES
bettor simply

three numbers, and the "run- I
ner" gives him a receipt for BASICS FORBARBECUING 3 LIS. 29' CABBAGE 6CSWIFT'S

his bet and selection. The bet- ,,.

tor can tell whether he won

by adding up the winnings at
Summertime It as great as all
designated race tracks, as reported -
outdoors when the whole family
in the daily newspapers moves to porch and patio, beach PREMIUM FULL CUT ROUND

and backyard, to enjoy every possible "lUSH'S MIX OR
Summer Camp moment of sun and fun .
Even mother has a chance to

Planned For leave the kitchen to join the family STEAK 8 9c MATCH SALE"
A antics and, for a change she'11 find
the family willing and eager/ tn LB.
Fla. MemorialSummer partake in the meal time "chores" SHowaOATSWIfT'S

.. ,c when they center around a grill or
w' 1
Camp will be con- brazier PREMIUM SIRLOIN PORK 8
As essential to outdoor barbecuesas
ducted Aug. 8-13 for boys and food and fire, are the small pieces .u% Ole CANS
girls ages a-12 at Florida Memorial of equipment that facilitate the STEAK 98C
College and Aug. 15- preparation and serving of the [lB.
20 for boys and girls ages \:camp style" meal. SPECKLED BUTTER
13-16. According to Mary Ann March, TENDER
A fee of $10.000 will be home economiit: for the EkcoHousewarrs 99C BEANS 300 CANS
Company, the following .
charged for each camper.Cam- STEAK LB.
Items are the "euential' ac
pers have been asked to bring among

or mail health certificates.For ceuoriei"Skewers for in casual a variety cookery of: sizes, 10 SELECT WESTERN BEEF STEER GlUT NORTHERN
further information for this
I Ideal I for shish lihobi. hors
Make it contact Mrs. Alice 49c BEANS Sao CAMS
perfect. area, doeuvres, indoor or hibachi style LIVER 1e
Johnson at Day Spring Baptist barbecuing, family picnics, etc
Churcn Mrs Susie Keith, Shiloh -
; Tongs are needed for turning and
Baptist Mrs. Claudine I. CALIfORNIA BUCKEYE

Extra Williams, president; of Union a lifting strung grilled one with foods a natural Be sure angle to get to LIMIT 1 PLEASE

St. James Association or Mrs.M. keep hands away from heal and TIDE I C PEAS 300 CANS
fOOD 5 3
I sa L. Johnson. spatter WITH OTHER PURCHASES

Don't HTe To
Ypu GO TO Town To Get



with Your Neighborhood
Traae Drug store


papers we Deliver we also fill all DOCtors -

Sea pre. tlptlon. COFFEE OI.69VMEAL\

Extra Seagram'sExtra Dixie Pharmacy 6


1 PegSeagram's 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue .

Phones Elgin 5559798 .DlO&U LONG GRAIN

---------- RICELIMIT ,

Extra Dry/ the perfect martini gin fAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE 3

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, WANTED HELP WANTED MALE JQXOH Protest Hirtog Policy Negro Votes .. .EQUALIZATION "- """- .

Continued From 1 UNITED NATIONS -NPI- Amove further successful steamrollertactics
. UAIDS N. V. SI,EEP-IN JOBS'Salaries Pirtini Tim Pan Continued From Page 1 is underway in the United by the 36-man African
! to $65, Are advanced. Men with cars, work af.w the majority of the people In established Each of the 12 Hunter, Virgil Dimery; Jesse Negro and anti-Semitic tactics Nations to counteract the challenge bloc to get their pet resolutions
a Rush references, phone num' hours on your days off and the community do not like Frank new groups will concern itself Lawrence, and Purvis Easley. by city employees In the Bar- of the flood of new African adopted, many of the 51 founding
:' ber. ABLE MAIDS AGENCY, ,earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply: Hampton because of his politics with over-all supervision In Richmond, Va., Henry L. ratt O'Hara-Abner Mikva members to the existing lead- states are thinking about formIng I
N.Y: and his unfltness to serve. of a specific GJEO antlpoverty March in was elected to the election a bloc of their own.
163 N. tiA1N,FREEPORT, : FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon primary campaign for ership provided by the original
crief Rd. cor 13th. Dr. Girardeau rose to decry project Including the hiring of Richmond City Council Shortly U. S. Congressmen. white nation membership.
the attempts to make a "goat" employees for the project with 1 afterwards, he successfully O'Hara, the Incumbent, was Fighting defensively to block %** *
FOR RENT of Mrs. Green and at the same which the committee is con- argued a case before the U.S. supported by the regular De-
HELP WANTED tine insult the Intelligence of cerned. Fourth Circuit Court of Appealsto 'mocratlc organlztlon. Mikva,
. 511 W. 11th St. Unfurnishedapt. a person displaying an interestin Formerly, the personnel committee have Prince Edward County: who is Jewish, had widespread
Now you can live In Jack- Secretarial the smooth and democratic screened applicants: for Board of Supervisors restore Negroes support, especially In CLAIRE
sonville's new conveniently located operation of the poverty pro- all GJEO projects. $180,000 to the county
TYPIST who can do 50 wpm, a predominantly Negro area.,
o-bedroom apartmentfor Accurate must be food In English gram. An administration assistant treasurer. The money had been, Aid. Despres, an independentlike ANDERSON
$90 a m -clth. Including new and; spelling. Apply Charles Parsons who recently will be hired to work under spent to finance whites -ally Mikva, charged that ,
with hot water for the position of GJEO executive director N
kitchen, equipped FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon per- Got private schools.But captains circulated copies
heater. Water turn. Apply 164J crief Cor. 13th St. No phone sonnel! director on the poverty don Bunch, and the per son hired in Petersburg, Va., Her of a community newspaper editorial I'
Main Street. Tot have to see tot calls, please. program said Hampton was on will also be personnel coordinator mans E. Fauntleroy Jr., the containing reference to WIGS -
the from the cutset for the entire GJEO
Ue"e. program pro- second Negro member of the "Martin Luther Mikva."
trying to make it work and gram. city council, faced a challengeof Despres also contended that PONY TAILS WIGLETS
HELP'WANTED LEO' he should not be forgotten because "Expert panels"of community his seat, because of bis dual photographs of P r o-MJkva
It Is the Johnny-come- leaders outside GJEO will be role as teacher and council SERVICE IN YOUR HOME
who always criticise. Negro leaders were displayed
Sales PeopleMen latelys requested to help the project member.
Shoe Reprint The following changes were committee members, and the Fauntleroy said he did not .by precinct captialns to white
tising.and Liberal omen, to draw sell, adver liberal announced by Rothschild. administrative assistant, to select see "any conflict between a voters as they approached the 100% Human Hair The Finest You Can Get
The five existing: committeesof the best applicants for school teacher's position and polls.
commission, easy: work, quick Of Air Kind CJEO's executive committee GJEO Jobs.In *he city government" Meanwhile, Clifton W. Henry, 1621 East 24th Street Phone 356-3484&
sales.ou earn $75 to $150
have been abolished and addition to the personnel In Chicago, the primary elec- a Negro civil rights leader,
Is Oar
if keen. benefits Only
you're Fringe
2323 12 new committees have been committee, the committee on tion was almost a month past, was named associate executive
Apply: FLORIDA STAR, finance, health, education and but it was still resounding with director of the Carlton R. Sickles -
Moncrief Rd. cor 13th St. 934 E. Olin St. 1 1I recreation were also abolished. charges of anti-Negro andanti- (D-Md.) for Governor
I Before restructuring the committee Semitic discrimination. Committees
+ setup, said Rothschild, Aid. Leon M. Despres (Fifth Buy U.S.Savings .
he conferred with GJEO vice ward) called for an investigation Seagram's The Sure One
presidents Claude J. Yates,retired of what he termed anti- Bonds 7 Crown Is Seagram's I .

southern vice Bell, and president Dr. W. W.of The Sure One 7 Crown

I ; \Ldgesntler BOOTH FOR SALE Schell. Rothschild said both ? I'r
were "highly enthusiastic"
Experienced operator. Air con- over the ,tuNosaSEAFoap CUTE
I ditioned. BATHE'S BEAUTY
SHOP. 1223 W. 22nd St. Phone Under the new organization
3550942. Workman Is chairman and .
William B. Hills is cochairman .
ROYAL SCOTCH of the Neighborhood
FOR SALE Service Center committee of ;

425-427 W. 21st Street. Upper Hampton /is chairman and
llullc'rM. and lower apartment, com Phillip Gibson Is cochairmanof
.. $ 99. pletely furnished, all electric. the Project Head Start committee -
5 Cheap. Call 3593807. ;

Rothschild said that, under
5th. LOTS FOR SALE the "expert panel" system of. '
tot personnel advisors, "we'd pick 1930 KINGS ROAD AT SPIRES ST.Jacksoaville .
Own Your ? A

10tb......3.69' school Be in starts.your new A dollar home and when a maybe advise five GJEO people in in hiring education"to tea- Newest AId Most ,.'WCagra> ..

y Y2 PINT..$$2.29 deed Are all you need. chers, "and for a project in Acceptable Seafood Center } I 1l,,
Modern Homes the field: of health, we'd ask ,f.....t ..

716 N. Edgewood 384-8334.Avenue doctors about and whom nurses"to hire.for advice SNAPPER YELLOW TAIL' LB. 590 ::= ) ( 'ua
Phone .
JOIN t -rYI"Ip v
OF lONG CHARLES VD-1667 2048 W. Edgewood Ave. 3 BR. old adage of "when the cat's : .. .
PRODUCED: BLENDED AND House, newly decorated in and away, the mice will play"as BEACH WHITING LB. 45C 'SPECIAl TROUT LB.59C
BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND! out. $300.00 down $55.00 mo. has happened in Ethiopia
{ 7640271. and Ghana, occurred In Congo-
LIQUORS! 2050 W. Edgewood Ave. 2 BR. President Alphonse Massam
House, newly decorated la and ba-Del>>.t. The army revolted, MEDIUM MULLET 21C Now you know the story of better
out. $250.00 down, $55.00 mo. and ousted Prime Minister Am- I. BOAT WHITINGS whiskey backwards and forwards.
7640271. brolse Noumazalay from office. 29C
silo,,.. STKU( SCOMMM .*YOU OV.lUNGDNNISN(1.66PI001.6S'.GINNUftSPnlla? [l> ( .
.. '
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4:' I -e... 5 .H j 'P f .. : ::5l: .:;::

>4 ,:.,...:"" .
K The store that cares.e.aboutyou:,; !


(Produce Manager) GRADE "A" QUICK FROZEN i. -


IV 5 TO 8lB.AV6. .

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(Hut Miiuitl( LB.


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