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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200722datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 2, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007220740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 2, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 2, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. w........


of FLA. HISTORY j jlRegrdAlliTi

iiillt ft1 t iYJiDDliIi ,

******** **** ** *
** *** ** ** *** *



'** *. *'.*' *' ****-YO,j, *.T., .*.. .*.. -yo* .*.....*.... .*....**T ,N. ,
'' t !' "' 1J1J J

; :GroWing Ry'J: FOR'ULACK' P8, y '" CJd.DerrUt.of, Florida!Florida { r I r

., .
i. II ,


.. .:, .... : '
.i.- -- .x4n.M. .k -- .i. -

White Power AME Bishop's Council In Summer Meet dd I

VOL. 16 NO. 14 SATURDAY IDLY 9, 1966 15 CENTS

Driving NegroesTo ******* ** *** I
**** **

Eric Black O. SimpsonThe PowerBy $: r% t",' -. fluidGuilty: hi- ,PI .

cry of "black power"and 'n 1 ,.,,;, ,. .J'" ?.. '.* ,* &f*
a call to Negro civil rights f
!J '
fighters to abandon the nonviolence ; ,
stand met with opposition HMtoUDitMe i : I : R .

from at least two of the 9 9r 9w g. ale

nation's top> Negro leaders. .__.... ___.__
The shout for "black power"was ****** **
first sounded during the **** ** *

Meredith March but becamea
loud clamor when Stokely

Carmichael, chairman of the POVERTY PROGRAM )
Student Nonviolent Coordinating -
Committee (SNCC)was Introduced
to delegates last weekat
the national convention of I'
The Congress of Racial Equal

ity (CORE).

Carmichael who was substituting JAX ATTACK
for Floyd B. McKlsslck .

CORE'S national director told .. .. ,..." .

the crowd, "Black people In -" .- ---..:...-...-- --- _..... .....:.-
this country know what black *.** ** *.*.

power Roy Wilkins means."secretary of the PRINCIPAL guests attending the sesqulcentennlal banquet of the summer session of the AME. Welder PlannedTo Klansman Admits

Bishops' Council, beld recently In the Sherman House Hotel under the auspices of Coppln AME' Hiring Policies
------- Church, Chicago, pastored by the Rev. S. S. Morris Jr. From left, seated are Atty. Russell Driving Car
R. DeBow, administrative assistant to Mayor Richard Daley; Theodore A. Jones, regional Mass MurderThe
director, Office of Economic Opportunityprincipal; speaker,R.Sargent Shriver, OEO director{ One of three Ku Klux Klansmen -
I and Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, associate OEO director. Standing from left are the Revs. Robert Race confessed In Athens, Ga.
Alexander, Oklahoma City; sad. J. Solomon Bean Q, Indianapolis (NPl Photo) Negro, Under QuestionCharge to an FBI agent that be drove

Y -ill* 'LOS ANGELES -NPl)-'1 Sun .. ,'. .,the killed,,car"Negro from educator"Me" soatou Lemuel'' ,fl

Jackie Wilson Valley welder Herman Lee Peon la 1964.
Henry was found, guilty In a Hampton Uses ProgramFor James S., Lackey. told the
Jaxons Watching non-Jury trial In Super lor Court federal Jury during an interrogation -
Charged With last week -of plotting the session that be drove

destruction of the entire Negro Political ExpediencyWhen the car, but he didn't think the
population> In the nation,through other accomplices would kill

Starting RiotPORT Pearson And the sale of a poisonous gelatine the Greater Jacksonville Economic Penn. The testimony was given
Mayor to members of the race at a Its executive Opportunity holds by Special Agent Clarence Broom
ARTHUR, Tex. -Police discount. committee meeting Monday night, July 11 the In the trial of Denver Willis
question of
arrested rock 'n' roller two counts of hiring policies, political Influence and general
Convicted on Phillips, 26, Herbert Guest,29,
Jackie Wilson last Friday and Jacksonville Negro citizens are waiting with keen anticipation solicitation to commit I murder discussion strong-arming( .. of the program Is expected to come up for and James S. Lackey, 30, the
charged him with starting a to see what will happen on July 11,the day Jacksonville NAACP -on act described by Judge Ku Klux Klansmen charged with
free-for-all that ripped a night president Rutledge Pearson says mass demonstrations will Maurice T, Leader as "a The expected airing of these elementary education which conspiring to deprive Negroesand
club here Into a mass of mahogany begin unless Mayor Ritter and the city meet the demands made diabolical plan, well precon- questions goes back to last many assert looks "fishy". especially Penn-of their
by the organization.. April when members of the A delegation from the CCBE
splinters. ceived to eradicate the Negro civil rights. I
The singer was released on They are wondering whetherIt call attention to the .1tuatJo ulaUon"-Henry will be Wilder Park Advisory Committee and NAACP attended a recent B ro m also testified that

ROY WILKINS ball for Inciting a riot, and will turn out to be another He said some of the metbuas sentenced on July %'1. He could wrote to Sargent meeting of the executive com- Lackey Identified pictures of a
convicted and fined $30 for grandstand play by Pearson that being considered are rent receive up to 10 years prison. Shriver, Director of the Office mittee but never got aroundto sawed-off shotgun which he said
National Association for the drunkenness got him some television publicity strikes, picketing real estate Henry, who was arrested last of Economic Opportunity asking leveling charges againstthe Lackey told him was the death
Advancement of Colored People but will wash out after the offices, sit-ins at City Hall and March by three undercover for an Investigation the hiring politician who has been weapon. Jack Simpson, another
was quick to condemn the philosophy Mayor and some of the business tent cities agents was accused of conceiving policies In the Jacksonville program. accused of boasting that he runs special agent,told Lackey,when

) of black power. He said Interests huddle with the erst- an elaborate schemeto the poverty program in he was being questioned, "that
that "black power" Is as uri- while leader. send free food samples- Signed by Mrs Hattie DU Jacksonville the government sometlmespaid
desirable as "white power", Juan have an askance eye Airman laden with poison-to almost Green an ardent civic worker Aside from Hampton's alleged as high as $3,000 for conf1rmaHon" -
and that Negroes must work to on Mayor Ritter who has been every Negro in the country.He and John B. Picken the letter malpractices the committee is In cases of Importance as
become Integrated in the very slow to act on many of the proposed to establish four charged there are "indicationsthat expected to hear some loud this.
American society.Dr. needs of the Negro community central national distribution political and/or social squawks about the poverty James Howard Lewis, also a
Martin Luther King was and as a consequence Is gaining Killed points, manned by aides, to preferences are the basis used program's failure to help young government agent said that he I
equally quick to condemn the a reputation as a do-nothing obtain effective saturation. by Frank Hampton" a local delinquents and other needy had paid a visit to the garage
Idea of abandoning the coursed Mayor. The samples would have consisted politician on the board of di- youngsters find employment.The of one of the Klansmen,Herbert

<< non-violence which CORE Since Pearson accepted a position of easily alterable foods rectors. meeting Is scheduled for Guest and that Guest had quoted
delegates were ready to endorse as a union organizer at By WifeTAMPA powdered) gelatine desserts Frank Hampton's alleged 7:30 p.m. Monday night at the "This Is what we use to shoot

at Its Baltimore convention a salary of $8.000 a year, -each containing an unspecified domineering and "strong arm- GJEO office 427 Ocean Street Negores with". The weapon was
He said of chloral Ing" of the executive committee and Is open to the public. a sawed-off shotgun.
last week. many are hopeful that be won't poison and a dose
A 32-year-old of wide
"Violence will only create more hydrate (knockout drops). The has been the source -
man who bad Just returned from criticism In Jacksonville.There Daytona Lawyer AppointedTo
social problems than It solves. latter was Included so that the
Viet Nam was stabbedto
duty In were protests againsthim
CORE delegates were victims would not be conscious
death last Monday night during from the outset, when he I
confronted with a resolution JACKIE WILSON long enough to take an antidote. Office
an argument with his wife. was appointed to the ad hoc U.S. Attorney's
that would deal a death blow The manager of the Flamingo Sheriffs Deputies reported Originally, Henry allegedly committee.It .
to the technique of passive resistance the assistance of the
in No. 2 Club here said that Wilson that Sgt Richard F. Brickey, has been aired that Hampton The appointment of Joseph 1 Hatchett u Assistant United
and non-violence Alabama Ku Klux Klan to help
showed up for the first show, 4815 79th St., was dead on but be is using his non-paying poston States Attorney General NI ichoUs, deB. katzenbach was anton -
the civil the scheme
rights Implement ,
set for 8 p.m., at 11 p.m. He arrival at Tampa General Hospital he the executive board where Bounced by William J. Ham!] Jr., First Assistant United..
resolution abandoned the idea
McKlsslck said the later ,
started his act, but the fans after suffering a single he also functions In the hiring States Attorney for the MiddleMr. District of Florida. (
would state that Negroes have said for fear of someone informing
irked at his tardinessthat
were so
stab wound In the heart. Jailed of personnel to strengthen his
the right to self-defense and on him. tutchett has been assigned! Daytona Beach since 1959 and
they got "completely out for Investigation of murder was political position. The responsibility as an assistant in the Jacksonville the 18 months has
to 'retaliate against violence.He !: of hand" However, before he droppedthe during past
his wife, Mrs Nather Lee of hiring was at one Division of the District been financial advisor
added: "The black man's Idea, he reportedly telephoned employed as
Police said they asked Wilson
Brickley 26, dame address. time done Jointly by Postmaster
the urban renewal
is close to running over. the KKK on several on
cup "
to stop bis "act and when
The deputies said argument Workman and Hampton
He Isn't going to turn In his occasions over the period of James staff for the City of Daytona
he refused they arrested him.
started between the couple after In the post office building but Beach.
gun..and his dignity as a man. It was the second time In less to their two months.
Mrs Brickley there are reports that on occasion -
Mr. Hatchett received
The that said
question Negro Investigators Henry gave
than a year that Wilson has in Setfner
home from a party seeking employ-
leaders, philosphers and MUTLIDG1 PIARSOJf the following reasons for plotting persons degree from Florida AAM University -
been Involved In a riot In this Louise Dennard.
with Miss ment were told to see Hamptonat
editors are wrestling with Is: state. Last November, he was have to "straddle" on the civil Brickley reportedly bad demanded the mass annihilation his station. e and his L. L. B. degree
How long with the leaders like scheme are directly gas from Howard University,Washington
rushed to the with because of : "Negroes
hospital a rights struggle pressures that his wife stop associating Other reports have it that
Wilkins and King will be able responsible for the obvious lack D. C. He was admittedto
high fever minutes before he to
Just was subjected as with Miss Dennard, who there have been times when
to contain Negroes to bold the he was scheduled to go on at an employee of the Duval Board had stayed at the Brickley residence Job-seekers were interviewed
1959. He Is member of the
line of non-violence and aban- the United States. Also responsible a
the Palladium Club and of Public
Night Instruction while the airman was some of Hampton's Negro
by Florida Bar tile American Bar
don the stand of"black power. are Communists and ,
200 enraged fans smashed his The demands Pearson made
In Viet Nam. allies who have no
Those giving study to the problem whites living with Negroes" political i Association and the Volusla
Cadillac. call for cooperation by the city Mrs. Brlckley had insisted connection with t the poverty
point out that Negroes are He to kill County Bar Association.
reportedly planned
SHOT BY FAN to employ people trained by that Miss Dennard was her whatever.
faced with the fact that the white program Mr. Hatchett and his wife
the latter also. ,
Wilson has been In groups
> touch-and- the Neighborhood Youth Corps, cousin, and the argument grewmore Another source of dissatisfaction -
society controls all thepower- His arrest about after Betty, have two daughters
go health ever since he was adopt housing standards leadingto heated. The airman left came comes from teachers with
politically, and economicallyand shot by a female "fan" in his urban renewal, desegregate the house, and got Into the two Investigators posing as masters degrees who resent
which Is yielding very little,, New York apartment three the police force, hire Negroesas couple's new 1966 auto. Mrs. members of the White Citizens being Interviewed by Hampton KKK, HEY, HEY, HEY
leaves Negroes no other years ago. One of his kidneys, firemen and meter readers, Brlckley also Jumped Into the Council, contacted and spent for Head Start positions. Their
alternative than to seek "black two weeks with him
had to be removed as resultof remove racial restrictionsfrom dickering MEMPHISNPI.Lookwho's
a car and stabbed Brickley once claim is that he is not qualified
power. bis injuries Jobs at the city's public In the heart with a butcher on the mass murder plans. to evaluate their qualifications gone to the Civil Rights Com
There Is a growing feeling He Is said to have told them
facilities desegregate the recreation Two Klansmeo.,
the knife Brickey staggered from to teach in any kind of program. mission
among younger generation they could set discount clubsIn
department reopen the up arrested while preparing to
that the car and fell dead under The Citizens Committee for
they must retaliate especially SELFHELPNEW three city swimming pools and carport of their home. supermarkets, using forms Better Education and the local throw hate t publications D t 0
In face of the fact that
on which would statetheir
give Negroes chances for more applicants at The complaint
national. defense Witnesses at the scene said NAACP baveexpressed concern yards night.
against any YORK -(NPI>- David and better Jobs In the five the car was covered with blood race. Then the organization about the policies relating to JIM"," w. lUlrhrll filed by the pair, accuses. Shelby
type of attack Is a basic D. Jones, 46, has been named departments of city go- and that on the front seat of the would begin sending free hiring& for the Head Start program by United States Attorney Ed- County sheriffs deputies of
American policy. There Is Increasing executive director of Harlem vernment. vehicle: ladles undies were samples as well as the curriculum ward F. Boardman. He will harassing them because of theirrace.
evidence that young Teams for Self-Help, a city- "We will have a mass marchat found Initially, untainted samples offered the pre-school children.It handle both civil and criminal Each was fined $43.50 oo
Negroes who have fought*in federal providing self- 8 July 11 unless these would be sent, to divert suspi conduct
program p.m. Mrs. Brickley and Miss Den has been reported that persons matters In the United States disorderly charges,
Korea and Viet Nam are reluc- help projects Including pre- demands are met," Pearson nard were both arrested, with cion. Later, each distribution majoring In secondary Attorney's office after preparing to distribute
tant to remalnncn-vlolentwhlle employment training Job place said. "Then we plan a variety Miss Dennard listed as a material point would mail a barrage of education have been hired over Hatchett has been engaged. in copies. of "The Fiery Cross"
others are violent ment, and on-the-Job training of direct action methods to; witness. Continue On Page 8 teachers certified& in the prl' I't"< .' Ut- middle of the nlgftt.

1 .- \ \

-- &

tjf 1' ". ; ..... .. ,v.".r w'v.w W i r' r. r'v.rwwpAg
f H i f .. -" .. ._ -. .. ... '

-I ;; :

. 'x 1 1'r, fsim OPUS SATURDAY l 9, IIK' |

ThE. ", LQf N E. Wi W mVsTAW ST (:'-" {[. ,,': V M E901IG44/ I f o Be: :Equal ,

Published bv the Florida.Star Publishing eOlllM"Y ;,.

NEGRO P 01ONAL:. Cltliens of a democracy have an obligation to contribute part
of their wealth toward their governmentf upkeep In the formof

; taxes and, for men portion their time and energies to help
.' defend It. Since we live in a time of International stress, we
ERIC o: SIMPSON...,..(fulfill (ditoin4ILOA must maintain an adequate military defense-one which cannotbe

,f- staffed by volunteers alone.
..'D)QT EN..,, .Circilatioa. Miiafir, r 1 i'S ? a7,, Because: of this need for a Urge standing army, we have a
'/ Y. $i. ,rpyf system of selective service-the draft. The concept behind the

I'' D ............... draft makes good sense. All men, upon reaching a certain age
and passing the necessary physical and mental tests are subject -
2323 'Hwriit, Reid Phone Ofli 4:6)82Miiliti ) to service in the armed forces.
.. U,_ ____--'.__ ,_ ,. __..... .....
u uus worked icconuug w plan, u wuiuu uv
Address o. V"> both fair and effective. But what has happened
sTV : S \qfp 'is that a system of preferment and exemptionhas
eaten into the supply and this
P. 0. Box 599 Jicksouille, Florida .32201 has resulted In inequalities. This has been re- III

cognised by many persons Including Secretaryof
MIAMI OFFICE)! :'. Defense McNamara himself. In a recent | i
: speech be said that "our present Selective !
System draws on only a minority of eligible I
738 NV. 3rd Aitf P 377-1025.. .. ... -
'JI' .
..:\ .,; men. That Is an Inequity.". -
Ktt_ Mtft..J, ., 'J.- : College students of draft age are currently taking tests _or
SUBSCRIPTION RATES '-" t...".... './ ';' Ii"" .. otherwise engaging in attempts to defer their draft calls Wtlmately -

l One year. $6.00 Halt Year $4.00 F. pI' 1) : .f, : ,':: ; ;\:' !J. ; many will go on to graduate schools A or exempt professions -
item tn
..' and avoid service altogether recent a
Mailed in the united States .. : : ('
to Anywhere .
YOU '" ,. :. ;. "r\ .'IJ
: : 'j' ;..... ''','' business Journal told how employers keep key personnel from
Subscription payable in advance f'''i;" '" the draft, claiming they are doing work which is essential to

Send check or Money .Order to: ; I ::2] ': the national security. One company admitted transferring

FLOfIDA STAR P.O.'BOX eel I : : r engineers from civilian to military work to obtain deferments.In .
Jacksonville 1. Florida '.J't. : .'.. snort, we are presented with a picture of many educatedand
: .
skilled young men taking advantage of opportunities denied
t' : :. ..t others and avoidl ng'mlutary service. This makes a farce of
: r ( the :concept universal service.
/ \ \
NEGRO IUSINESS _. 1l"BnT \....... There was a time when only a very few went to college There
was a time when the nation's supply skilled workers and farmers -

In matters of economic and business was so* small that their period of service In the armed
prosperity, most negroes in America havea THEY DON'T MAKE..."A LONG HOT 5UMMER"lrYour forces would work a hardship on the economy. And there was
the specter of what happened to France and England after World
well.-documented record of being last. War I, when the slaughters on the Western Front took the lives
But the estimated 300 Negro businesswho of so many of their young talents that they took a generation to

attended a historic three-day Econo- recover from the loss.
But times have changed. Mass education means two million',
mic Development Institute in Atlanta were
draft-age college men. It means millions of skilled technicians
optimistic about the prospects for a : Weekly and workers. There Is no longer any Justification for singling

brighter future. out a group for special treatment and creating an undemocratic
The Institutes, jointly sponsored by the elite which Is exempt from the duties and obligations others

National Urban League and the 'National ttifiiiirii? most It Is face.clear that t the" burden of the service has fallen upon the,

Business League, attracted government Guide.T" :: ::: shoulders of the poor. This works further Inequities on the
academic, small business and financial Horoscope Negro and other minorities. Because discrimination has kept
representatives from across the country. > > w the Negro from equal opportunities for so long he is poor far

They heard speakers urge them, on the out at proportion to his numbers. Therefore, be is more liable
to be drafted not because everyone else Is being drafted, but
one 'hand, to go after the 'total market' ..,!!!!. .!;I!.." ly PALO The ASTROLOGER """'. n'ff1I' because he is poor and because be is Negro.I .
and, on the other to acknowledgethat am proud of the Negro fighting man. In Viet Nam be com-
Negroes in ghettos would probablybe prises 14.8 per cent of the army and accounts for 18.3 per cent
their best market for some time to of battle deaths. Yet Negroes are only 11 per cent of the popu
come. ..WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR lation. Despite discrimination at home he willingly battles for
America's Ideals and hopes, In an army which affords him
Whitney M. Young Jr. executive director BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL opportunities and equality dented him in civilian life.
of the NUL, .challenged members of But he should not be forced to bear an unequal burden. I am

the Negro business community to competeon T sure all fair-minded people will agree that It.. time to look
an equal basis with white businessmen. at the operation of our draft system and make it a truly universal
lilt CANCER: CAPRICORN one in which all citizens will carry their full share of
"Negroes will not respond to racial appeals LIBRA the burden and not leave It to the most deprived and discriminated

by their businessmen any ,more" he BORN MARCH BORN JUNE BORN. SEPT. ''BORN PEC.22il against to shoulder an unequal part of the protection of

declared. ,;. :2hj.., APRIl ISth 2it IDLY lit*+ .23rd' :' OCT .231',._ _< JAN. 19tk all of us.

'They will buy where the price and Its uu.. The results for wuch' Chaoce of a lifetime.Ttare*I 'YDv-are'upward bound. The Wny put It 'ott? If you have ''tHE .URIAMLEAGUE V
and service are right. And Negro busi- you have prepared and striven, are 'a''fewvery' significant as New MOOD' In your solar 10th been building what may have .
nessmen must attempt to penetrate the or which are the natural sequences pacts during the course of house Is considered to be reliable been believed to be Illusions
whole market and not restrict themselvesto of a lifetime of experience this exciting period which may indicator of a rise in. but which turn to be very real STORY
very well make provide you with the necessary
status the achievement
or of Indeed there is no sense Infighting
a fast shrinking 'captive market' themselves known during this tools incentive information or'' a resounding success.This view them. The New Moon .
In many cases Mr. Young Indicated, highly exciting third quarter.The 'whatever else may be neededby is backed up by the fortuitous Indicates that t marriages and By QLANZEL BROWN,.
Negro companies have not developed the New Moon (17th) heralds you to swing into action presence of Jupiter In the same other partnerships are prominent The American Negro Is at the crossroad

managerial skills necessary for success- this possibility In no uncertain, Present and long-range plans, 'division. With Mars now moving' In the Capricornian planetary -' as he attempts to enter the main, stream

competition. when fashion. Tbe splendid days; ire highlighted, the but full you glue are': up to Join it, you should quickly pattern. The only obstacles, 'ofAmerican Life (sure the term is over
Job advances Improved the one receiving
respond to its invlgoraiingpre- lack of faith
'Unless we develop a strong business earnings and successes in general of the spotlight especially alter sence which also stimulates would or self-confidence be your own: and fears worked) bait the millions of years to

community, he said, "we will be frustrated are most likely to be the advent of the New Moon. your ambition. Make the fullestuse 'that have not a leg to stand come will need homes, food, shelter and

in our attempts to close the gap showered on you could be the Use your luck for whatever it of your important connections on ((19th, 20th). In the event and clothing in the years to come will
19th-22nd. A sober note that Is worth on the 2QUu Inner
in income and status for they seem to be the that cannot bring yourself
which now exist. has to do with finances and fears or reservations seem tot you ( remember the success of their
In Harlem the nation's largest Negro .personal associations may be. 'be the only things that could: ones closer that touch will wtthj place prosperity you In. 'to speak, there the is compromisingwords a chance that elders in. coping with the

ghetto, Mr. Young pointed out, that only struck on the 20th. .hold .JOIl.bark.OQ.thl4 and the. ... -50'--'2214 54883 the other party will take on the problems 'survival in this
18 percent of the businesses are Negro- 780S31834485TAURUS' :next day courage.for two and make the country

owned and operated. prOBOlD! ment.i'IO I do not have the ability to

Although Negro family income has risen SCORPIO 55 -15- U -100 .relate to you, the reader i

beyond the $4000 mark he maintained that the importance of economic

Jhe Negro business community Tias a long BORN 1PRIL, IORMEJULY BORN OCT. AQUARIUS involvement for Negroes at

way to go before we can reap the benefitsof 2011. MAY 20lkf 24tfc NOV. 22i. this point in our upward trek
this economic boom." See better. The advent of tht 23ri. AOG. 22II1 Anticipation prods'you.'Thereis toward the good American Life.

Eugene P. Foley assistant Secretary of New Moon is generally considered a possibility that the tasteof 20th FEB. UtV The constant echo of the Negro's progress -

'Commerce and Director of Economic Development favorable for the launching Remain in resolute. This third Is success relished may, but not this yet be should entirely Expectancy reigns. Should JOG' is always about us. The political
quarter some respects
in Washington, emphasized"thatNegro the adoption of planned of projects or apt to have many things In not deter the determined Scor- have had any notions that your appointments the business tycoons
new ideas and : work is finished, and that you
'small businessmen must take the .methods. This applies in the common with the previous one. plos who know that It will be can now get awajr for a spell, Increasing Negro Representation on social
position that total integration is fields, of romance There Is additional stress on theirs. The delay If any, couldbe registers the
still housing rotation the influences in': due to the retrograde move you may Just is well get them purchasing of luxury
a long way off and meanwhile the resi- and economics u well background life and the Inner motlva ment of Mercury which will last out of your head Tbe New Moon homes cars, and boats extensive vacatIons -

dents of Negro' ghettos'. need jobs jobs as Be in guided your by own personal allies life.and' your lions that make you act and until early in August. Make indicates that Just the oppositemay and other pseudo-cultural
your be the case(17tb). Firstof
that probably must be in or near the Joint financial Interests when' behave u you do. When you this a quiet and restful periodand all, the compensation may achievements is not a true yard stick of
cling to your highest' Ideals take a vacation, when yor
an excellent occasion to make surpass even your closest guess the Negro' progress.
find plenty to do in have one coming In order to
ghettos."Let substantial advances comes into you may and prove more than rewarding While have made
the name of charity and compass be fully refreshed when the we progress in many
me make this perfectly clear he mltments Tlew. But past could or take present com- |slon toward people who are in time for action Is sounded once considering the endeavors putforth(20th areas most of the progress is relativeto
some is risk
( ). There one
said. "I'm not saying we should Straightened circumstances.This again. Travel on the highwaymay the Negro o nly. An
pre the Joy out of life for some of ( that you must avoid at all costs example of what Iam
serve the ghetto. I am only saying that you Taureans. This should be may also be an opening hazardous be considered making it somewhat desirableto and it may be the temptationto reafly saying is this: The Negro's'

we have to recognize the fact that it.is only a phase that can be done' ''the for shortcomings you to correct that have some kept of; take all the precautions that take the plunge in gambles, gross inpome. is 50% of that earned 'by
'going to be here for some time so let's'make .away with through a combination are generally recommended that would ordinarily frightenyou that
from achieving by earned by white
of good sense and a bit ,you your goal off ((20th, 21st): persons today. In
it livable. And that includes pro- .of luck. Be alert and reap your ;or filling your pocketbook. the. authorities. Friends can 560441339513PISC.IS contrast to twenty years ago when his
imake.IUe pleasant.
viding Jobs for people who are, for the rewards. gross Income
,8 .0 'l'l U ca -,1'5. was 60% of that of whites.
time being trapped in it. 4-30-44-17-29-358 The most
: shocking truth will be the loss
or, millions of blue collar jobs by 1967.

Police Brutality GEMINI VIRGO IOU KBIStb Here is where the Negro will 'suffer like

BORN MAY BORN NOV MAR. 20tly 'he has never saffered unless he begins to
lOll A0l.33rd
Cannot Be Tolerated 21st Jill 21st' ( ,23rd DEC. _'. !t >. bold bacc.r ar u not uuen enter other phases of our economic world
SEPT. 22K TUS is it. The exciting i iL e tha such powerful and beneficial now
Income verm uutgo. No mat- ,
Hope lives on me New Moon follows the New Moon is planetary Influences are Opportunity is
; ; Mt
In reading the knocking at the
accounts of events in the ter how much you take In. it In door,
present pattern even
favors the universal belief ) your
that that looks promising indeed begging
? one the Negro to
Mississippi would be imprudent to allow take
March launched by James dies and thatlT most You if they are of the retarded- advantage of
.nope never for
it to be outstripped by the ventures that
Meredith the action type. The New Mono 1s will insure his
police used brutality when will some day enable you to should benefit physically and
outflow. Take this matter
it was absolutely unnecessary. after the advent up of the New ..fulfill yourself completely. One materially from tilt uplifting the authority announcing: the 2SiIB future, but he must enter the
birth of creative
Mississippi law of "tne first steps In self-bet: Influences that abound during world on a larger scale than
enforcement officers did Moon and come tip with a pro- these fortuitous or an additional member of the ever befor .
show its bad colors gram that will enable you\ to terment Is to take a more social days 17th-
during thid march. family ((17th). lAck lies behind
20th). But daft lose
view sight of. The local
balance: the budget or to buildup and attitude and to encourage a''I league, along
Perhaps, the law enforcement agency felt the formation of the one person who could negate the occurrence that gives with. Florida
additional reserves. Any attempt warm Agricultural and '
'tremendous lift to and
couples Mechanical University'
that Negro all the ,
progress rested upon violent friendships. The good results you
to go into business for pessimistic will
those who Incollec- sponsor
participate two
overthrow of the note is ire anticipating whether It ism a day workshop for businessmen
white dictatorship. yourself could turn out to be again ringing loud and 'tlve 20th -
(19th )
How can a civilized ""n t1on. like the* a grave loss. On the other band, clear, and you should plug up The ally turn of or chance rival will((20th, lIst). 'If finaiwtai enterprises considerations, become business.If .and mel1, who would like to gO into
your ears to certainly
buying or selling property prevent allowing
United States of America condone a be in favor with the cause of peraona1worl'J.
yourself to be your no detracting -
would be the chance of a life unduly Influenced give them short shrift woSVnNelr who is in
policeman kicking citizens black or :to eventual elements to subtract romper business
time. Allow yourself to be your detriment. Get and concentrate on the business I! or become
white How this a good hold glory on the, 22nd.yTbYBringing j a businessman,
? can Mississippi Justify guided by your feelings u well on yourself and of .of shaping up ambitious plans encourage them to .
behaviortaat is, giving vent to hatredon as by the flow of circumstances..This allow fate to lead you wherever a surprise coop for tbe future,- Another datewhen participate in an economic -
could btf ua+ day when all it pleases,..to when this mean.trt'1nc could catch others off guard developent institute to be held
part of law who be la a
the officers more yon may positionto
the breaks are on your side and HP. lour freedom.;YO.. and enable you to reach tilt July 25t'h and 26th.
write ticket and
bent upon satisfying their on emotions, have chosen as' your own '
woutTgalii pinnacle you_ .
your prospects of success considerably .trength from Write or call ,
a' obtain your heart's desires, Is your league
the law in peaceful for
.than an applying a higher 1Jerr.PIU'tDfIr. your own.. the 22nd. Lions reservaE -

,manner? 3.60 ; 68.15-$4 682 2-90-33-19-72-349 7-30-66-17-93-394 | 40 83 II .. HZ ..

I, .

--- ------ ----



SOCIALLY Author Of bit Seller Receives Reception T.H.B. Walker Group "Thousand Orbit"

With ... .__ -_......._.___ .____.. _. _. .. .. .u__ Plans Seasonal TeaThe Presented By

Louise Gulnnyard PEAKING "I"IAIJ the WjS.CjS.T.H.B. of Walker Simpson Crlcle Methodist of Eastern StarA.

Church met In the social 'f.. Fleming Chapter
has joined the hall of the church with the 45 of the Eastern Star wul
A very charming lady of 117 I Iul Chairman Mrs. Idella Kirby sponsor a Hair Style Show on
family of Mr. and Mrs. James Coan t ; f a. presiding July 25 at 8 p.m. In the Myrtle

W. 81st Street, New York, City Finale plans for the 9th, anniversary Avenue Public Library, Corner
were completed, which 13th and Myrtle Ave.
Tonya Maria tipped the scales at eight Is to be a seasonal tea In the The show will be directed by
pounds plus when she put In her' arrivalat Social Hall of the church July one of the city's leading cosmetologist -
10th. At 4:00 p.m. Mrs. Edna Calhoun
10A.M.: Sunday, July 3.
Fhe Chairmen are: Spring I Ii
Mrs. Coan Is the former Miss Banrara J. Mrs. Anna Hooker; Summer- 1
McClain daughter of Mrs. Marie B. Mrs. Equilla Brown; Fall- 1I
MCClain of this city, and the late Marlon : Mrs. Lula Limbrlc; Winter- I
Mrs. Barbara Walker Haynes.
Speaker for the event Is Rev.
Both Barbara and Tonya are doing fine. ; Mrs. T.A. Williams, guest soloist -
Is Mrs. Eloulse Mervin
............ ; McClellan and guest pianist
.: Mrs. Wilahelmenla Hill Other
a bag for Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert : ; ,
; persons who will appear are
.,:,..Ii[ lii"A\.h,:,:.',...1 ;, ."..,13'.. :. '. ',,'\ Mrs. O.M. Scott Mrs. Hazel
Mrs. Glass is the former Miss Olivene Carter, Mrs. Rebecca Samuel,
Griffin, a I96U graduate of New Stanton 't; r :<< Mrs. Marian P. Glover, Rev. i

HI I.ah School.I t f;:: : Mrs loss B. Johnson and Mrs. ,
Thereasa P. Aaron. Mrs.Mar-
Mrs. Glass and her new son are in excellent ) ( cella McNair Is Program

health. ) : : Chairman. Rev. Joshua Red-
1 ....:; ::' \ \ : .1Y.. hi\ii, i .. dick Is minister.
.. ',' '' .) !;\ )(. ::; I.'A: )
............ ....."-1. '1 : :v..j '" t' '
: r, 'I' ''''i>:' : .

study Miss Sadie and an Bryant extended of this tour city of left Europe for ,: .;::':." lt(!; !;Bl. {.\\., j.t\t\'lfH''r Ii'',>;I.,f'I','! : : TRAINEESHIP Receives -Traineeship Miss Marvlne Orbit"TM theme.with The will High show be Fashions will"Thousand be highlighted and

recently.She -E Tolbert of 1651 West 15th St., wigs.
is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. JamesE. tf) Jacksonville has been awardedan Some of tjie models are:
Bryant of this city. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Miss Deborah M. Smothers,
Traineeship of $2,400 teen-age department; Miss t

............ -- -- plus tuition and fees to study Marva Newton Mrs. Helen My
I for 12 months toward the mas ers, Mrs. Johnnie M. Brown,
We notice that many of the ladles have MEET THE AUTHOR Leon Puryear (left), national representative ,reception benefit the Northslde Center for Child DevelopmentIn ter's degree in speech pathology Mrs. Johnnie M.Simmons,Mrs.
of tennis for Schenley Imports Co., hosted a cocktail receptionfor Manhattan. Mr. Puryear chats with officers of the group at Catholic University, Washington Emma Watkins. Mrs. Emma
taken an Interest In the game Dr. Kenneth Clark, author of the bes'-seWng book "Dark (left to right); Dr. Leona Turner, president; Vivian Nelson, It Washington, Worthy Matron.
recently. Ghetto" at a recent meeting of the Northslde Associates In financial secretary; Lorraine Tucker, treasurer; Gersulla \
The Astro Nets are playing a big part In Manhattan. Proceeds from the sale of the books sold at the Carter, ice president and Carmen Jones,recording secretary '. WEDDING BELLSJames

the YMCA Tennis program.

Mrs. Charlotte Edwards won the women'swon in Zeta Van Club Holds Social Meet Sponsor OutingThe ;. Paris Ave.Thurleen, 24 and McQueen LueUa Johnson 5850-

the women's singles championship Pallbearers Society No. 5714 Mahalla Dr., 21.
the city tournament recently. Other As- 14 will sponsor an outing to
: Mrs. New Smyrna Beach Anthony James Rock,521 Broad
tronets on the tennis team are on July 23.
St., 20 and Ida Mae
Huffman The bus will stop at 27th and
Gertrude ,
Mildred Parker, Mrs. W. 25th St., 17.
Chase Sts. at 7:30
: a.m. Mon-
Mrs. Carolyn ,
Mrs. Eufanla Barron crief and 13th Sts. at 7:45: a.m.;
Mrs. Barbara Jones, and Mrs. Hilda Myers. Mt. Ararat at 8:00 a.m. and r Earl Jones 1038 Pearl St., 21
Myrtle Ave. at 8th St. at 8:15: and Celestine McCorkle 1040
............ a.m. Pearl St., 21.
Tbe public is invited
Members of the Jacksonville Alumni Fr Benjamin Curry,7972 Longspur
chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are STORK DELIVERY llt Ave., 20 and Mary Calden Wil-
and Silhou- cos, 8116 Plpplt Ave., 17.
making plans Open D. C. A Florida AIM
ette party soon. 2723 Mr. and Floradale Mrs. William- Green, University graduate In speech Leroy Herman Miles 1019 W.
D ., S., girl
1'' correction, class of 1963, Miss 26th St., 24 and Annette Alex
************ Tolbert served during 1963-64 ander 5231 Avenue
Mr. and Mrs. Cornell Benson, correctlonist In B, 21.
as a speech
Congratulations to Mr. Oscar Hillman, 111 North St., girl. Miami. Since 1964, she has
local mortician of the city who was been employed in speech and Johnson 12104 Barnett
St. 30
Dorothy E. Sea-
Mr. and
Mrs. Cecil Ross
director of public relations hearing clinic at Spartanburg,
elected Ardlftla Rd., boy. brooks 617 Franklin St., 23.
U2nd annual convention of S. C. A native of Jacksonville
during she Is the daughter of Mr. and Arthur Lee Vance,308 Belforte
Florida Morticians in Tampa recently.Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Gratin Mrs. H. K. Tolbert of this city. 21 and Barbara Debris Wilson

Hillman I succeeds R. Stevens of West 6739 Gasper Ct., girl 619 Dewdrop, 18. .. .. ..
the executive '' '
Palm Beach. A-meeting of ''' 'UU''U' r

board has been see for September: in M .._._.........-1' ......................._.. I....."....hI-1111.11....1.1.11./..... I II
JacksonvI i I lie.I :
CLUB SOCIAL --Members of the Zeta Van Social Saving Club who
************ Bessie Love
held their social meeting in the home of Mrs. at

You won't get tomorrow' I70U Blue St. are shown here. From left Are: Mrs. Annie Ruth

OCEAN RHYTHMS lobs Miller, president; James Miller, business manager; Mrs. Horace
The tide cycle of the oceans Brannon, corresponding secretary; Mrs. B. 0. Jenkins, chaplain ;
varies by 50 minutes every day, with yesterday' ikilltRoyal Mrs. Harriett Johnson, recording secretary; Mrs. Evelyn Harmon,

the Catholic Digest states financial secretary, Mrs. Bessie Love, sick committee; and Mrs.

Bessie Warr?n Star Photo by James Singleton

Art StudioSTILL .11.1 II I f f TEA TIME .-'-' iI" I. ,' Visiting New York '

TAKING A Spiritual Tea will be sponsored Myers, Mrs. Lillie M. Harris, -. ,,,.... --, -
Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., Mrs.; Mary Holback, Ulysses
in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Julie If. Prater,
Leonard Bloodworth, 1412 W. Mrs. Erma J. Odom, Eugene
INSTANTPICTURES Flagg, and Samuel Session.
7th St.The
tea Is In Interest of the .t5. 'ttl'e
building fund of St. Anne Prayer
House. Evangelist Eula Williams .f
Usher Board 1 of Mt. Sinai
will be the speaker.
Baptist Church will sponsor
.- Its annual summer tea Sunday
from 4 to 8 p.m., In the basement -
Group 1 of Senior Choir 1 of of the church. A program 'ttl'A
NOW LOCATED AT Emanuel >Baptist Church will has been arranged for the oc-
sponsor a summer tea July 17 j
from 4 to 6 p.m., In the home .55
of Mr. and Mrs. James Lacy,
710 RUSHING ST. 1512 W. 16th St. _
A Spiritual Tea will be
The participants are: Mrs. Mrs. Odessa Wiggins! of: 2058W.
Sunday In the home of
Madlyn Slrman Mrs. Frances 13th St. and her sisterinlaw -
SAME PHONE 3541894 ,Edwards, Mrs. Willie M. Huff, Mrs Ida Ruth Pratt t 535 Mrs Hattie Branch ofGainesville
Odessa St. Rev. Sarah E. Jones
Miss Maude Williams, John will be the speaker Fla., left the city
July 3 for New York City to
spend their vacation with Mrs.,
Wlgglns's daughter and son-in-
law, Mr. and Mrs. Mar ion Car- r S jr
ter and their children. While

____ __*_ there Mrs. Wiggins will also
be the guest of her.sister Mrs.
Carrie Miller and niece, Miss :

1\E\ Carol Muter .S II ,

Community Publish. <,' S

First Negro Paper tYou'll 14(. .,.;......1"> '

Ooostoatst WINTER HAVEN, Fla.-(NPI)-
t refreshed with ice-cold Coca-Cola.
Thls community has gotten its go better
first Negro newspaper,the Polk Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshing.That's

County Register, a weekly. It things better with Coke after Coke after Coke.
why go
will be put out by the HJW Pub-
'% lishing Company Friday
+w Owners are William Fred

lb ( ORlCNw eranre Jackson, Sarasota; Ernest C.
Hargrett, Winter Haven; and
Otis P. Williams, Lakeland. IhlryN Rp

Sometimes-- ingenuity will AC. I bemthi

romplUh more than nafrfrinff.! On i
:; clever mother who could neve Coke
\ ;: !get her child to wash hands befor e) t '
: ? leaving the bathroom nucceedei,I(

by reminder.using an amusing cartoon I\e i I e CoJ yoke .

TAI mother mounted a cut ,
pixy picture, printed beneath I t 4to
this question: Su'rrfhrnrf-di1.f
Beef at its BestIr 1 l 1 you lor,,,,,. and fastened thl s
potter over the waahbasm. In aGttled under the authority of The coce: -cole Company: by..Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling Company
time, the youngster entered In
the spirit of the game and th.Udlrt.hantll.dealllock" <.e

t .


Prayer Band TO'< 80 Year Old Bell, Called Over 4 Generations To School Trinity Baptist Elder A. Hill TO
: MINUTES ,,._ '. ...._,
"- -" Observe
rwg. : Hold Anniversary < > '; ':r'y" Prayer Band Slates Anniversary
THl BIBLE ,{ ,I' :
The Sunday Morning Prayer Elder A. Rill will observe leis
MIAM" tllll* STAM tOCMTV pall. ''Bud will observe Its 3rd ..- Anniversary 12th anniversary U pastor of

CHICAGO, KUNOM OMS -4JI .f'nlrersary' Sunday at 2:30 p....., < >. the First Bon Temple
in Trinity Baptist Church The Sunday Morning Prayer beginning Monday July 11.
I The participants are: Mrs. Band will observe its third through Senday lily 17.

HE SHALL PRAY FOR THEE Harriett Dalse, Mrs. VemaHoUomon w anniversary Sunday in Trinity TIM program Is M follows:
Baptist) Church, beginning at 11 at 1:00
Mrs. 'I'beoIa.. Monday, July p.m.
(Otn. 20:7)) Rev. Mrs. Marie Sellers; Mrs 's;" 1:30 p.m. Elder T. Brown aDd membersof
AronlaMcIntrreW.M.Selltrs. :\ The participants Include:Mrs. the Church of Christ Written
Abimclcch king of Gear, had Abraham not Abimelech, who ha I Mrs. Edward Powell Mrs pl' H. Dale Mrs. H. Ucll111a In Heaven.
takenAbraham' wife at his 0'11. access to God. Mrs. F. Morgan,Mrs.T.Heath
Gladys Barney, Mrs.Helen Me* I Tuesday, laI,12, 100 p.m.,
but had done 10 Innocently.Sarah This I.I important lesson Mrs V. Holloman. E. Powell,
an t<> .. Morgan l'L Elder Floe Howard and "11-
wa a beautiful woman and learnt for many unsaved peopl> P.J Will iams, Nathaniel *. W. McSellers. Mrs. A. Mcln- 4 r." 11. .
Abraham fearful for his life had point to the failures of believen i The hostesses are: Mrs.F t tyre, P. J. Williams, RaY Marie Wt vT

said to Abimelecht "She it 1 my and say "I wouldn't be guilty ol F ,Jessie Hester, dean; Mrs L*> Sellers, and N. Huff. !
Miter.." 'Indeed, Sarah also fearful, that. If kt goes to heaven I ttrtatnl t cQle Weldon, Mrs. Daisy Mae t a The hostesses are: Mrs

had vouched for Abraham'lie, tell. will get there." Nevertheless such i Walker, Mrs Sara Hood, Mrs.:' ,,. :. Jessie Hester Mrs. Margaret
ing the king: "lie I U my brother." "good" people are lost while pool r Lucille Latter, Mrs. MurdeU L nsford, Mrs. Sarah Hood,

' But to live the failing couple sinners who have trusted Christ fo. Bailey, Mrs. Thelma Edwards, Mrs Daisy M. Walker, Mrs.
'I from the consequence of their own salvation are saved and "made ac. Mrs M. Shootes Is program Lucille Weldon,Mrs.M.Bailey,

cowardice and lift, God had appear. cepted In the Beloved One"(Eph., director; Mrs Ida M. Cohen, 1 M r.. Lucille Laster, Mrs
ed to Abimclcch warning him that, 1-6): ). j president; Mrs. Mary Taylor, Thelma Edwards, Mrs Ida M.

j if he valued hit life he would immediately There i is only one way to find I I secretary and Rev. Mrs. W. M. Cohen Mrs. Mary Taylor and
j return Sarah to her bur Drummond leader. Mrs. M.Shootes.
acceptance with God this Is b :
; y
band-"and he flail pray Jor tkft,
faith In Hi Son. Our Lord said '
;: To
cad thou shelf lire Greater Payne
t Can this be a correct account of "I am tin way, the truth, and the Mandarin Church HISTORIC SCHOOL BELL-The bell displayed by Miss BJaDcbllI.lU.cIIudIoa, leg end her
that actually took place Will Cod life; no man cometh unto the Father niece, Dr. Anne Richardson Gayles, Is approximately 80 years old and has served four generations Day
'Mar the payers of guilty Abraham but by Me" (John U.6): ), and i in Begin Anniversary of school children In the South. Now erected on the rear lawn of Dr. Gayles' home at Observe Men's ELDER A. HILL r
for Innocent Abimelech Yes.for John 3:35,36 we read: 608 Howard Avenue, Tallahassee, Fla., it was made in New England end was used to call
Annual Men's will be observed
Abimclcch: was a who nerved "The Father loveth the Son and I First Baptist Church, Mandarin some four generations of children to classes and school functions at the L tnaoat-Rlehlydscn Day hers of Howard1 Memorial.
17 In Greater
other gods, while Abraham pagan with all hath given all things Into Hit hand. will begin Its 81stl.llll1"r- School in MarshaHvllle, Co., where Dr. Gayles' grandmother, the late Mrs. Anne Wade AME July to Payne Rev.R. Wednesday, July 1J.8.00p.m.,
Church according
hi* failure and tin, wa God' own He that believeth on the Son hath vary c.lebnt1ooaDdtheMftetI1 Richardson was the first principal. Talledega and University-trained I Richardson A. Elder Calvin Klnsey and melD
child. everlasting life: he that believethnot of Rev J. L. Davis, pastor, was principal for 15 years at the Lamson-Rlcbardsom High School, founded by her mother.She The King, pastor Hall bers of The Holy Temple Church
Abraham' would of the Son han not see life, bu t Tuesday night, with Rev A. became head of the school at the death of her father who assumed the prlncipalshlp after the chairman officers are: C. L. of Cod In Christ
be confession prayer of his tin the wrath of God abideth on Him." Gundy of Allen Chapel AME death of her mother. Before becoming principal of the family school Miss Richardson has ; J. Myers, cochairman Thursday, July 14, 8.00; p.m.
and Charles
course a Church, Bayed In charge been employed as an English and music teacher In the American Missionary Association: ; Hodges,youth Elder John L. Hill of Herbert'vllle
and a plea that it might not be "Believe the Lord Christand ,
on Jesus Thursday night. Rev. R. W. High schools. Her mother, founder of the school where the historic bell first tolled was captain. Ga.Friday .
laid to the of innocent Ab thou shall be saved" Act Other Bene-
charge ( Jackson of Jerusalem Baptist educated In Boston by private tutors and later at the Boston Latin Grammar School and at captains ar.J.I. July 15, 8:00 p.m.,
imelech but nevertheless it kin
was 16:31): ) Church, southslde,Mt.Pleasant Atlanta University Her niece, Dr. Gayle, Is professor of education and coordinator of L. E. Norman Elder Bolls and members of
AME Church, Fruit Cove, and ,secondary education at Florida AtM University. Estee Spencer, David the Penecostal Church of Cod.

Rev. Charles Robinson, Mt. ---. Frailer, Vernon King, 0. D. Saturday, July 16, .:00 p.m.,
Zlon AME Church, Mandarin, Phillips, George Branson, Willie 'Elder Robert Hodges of The
l WUl have charge. Sweettield PastorTo DeSue, Ernest Garvin and First Born Temple No. 3 aDd

July IS, Rev. C. E. Jenkins CHURCH NEWSSWEETFIELD Charlie Mungln. Elder Levi Smith of Palatfca.
Preside Over Clarence Hazelton will have
:. of Mt. Zion AME Church,south,' Fla.
of the music and
side will conduct the service charge L.L. Sunday, July 17, 11:00 a.m.,
Church Congresss Williams will be the
July 18, Rev. E. M. Tolbertof speakerfor Elder Herbert Cohen of The
St. Peter Baptist and Rev.E. BAPTIST the morning service First Born Church of Atlantic
i Rev D. B. Barnes, ministerof Services Sunday In Sweetfleld Baptist Church will begin with
Tollver of Mt. Olive Baptist, Boulevard; Sunday at 8.30p.m.; ,
Orangedale, will terminate the will Sweetfleld Baptist the session Church the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with R. McKlnnon in charge.' Sunbeam Singers On Elder M. C. Cooper and members -
preside during
celebration. The Sunday School will observe its 53rd anniversary at 3 p.m. of the Apostolic Church
of School and BTUCoop'
The ministers will be accompanied the Sunday Rev S. II. Gatsoa of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church will deliver of God In Christ; Sunday at
''. which will convene Program SundayThe
by their choirs and con, at Tabernacle Church the sermon and will be accompanied by his congregation. The 7:30: p.m. Bishop Baker of The
gregations. Baptist "Mr. and Miss Sweetfleld" contest will also terminate. Mora- Holy Church of the Urine God
with Rev W. E. Young serving log service begins at 11 o'clock. All choirs and ushers will Sunbeam Gospel Singers 'will be Incharge.

tj U host pastor. The Congress sure with Mrs. Prlscllla Smith at the console. Rev. D. B. will appear on program Scanty The public Is Invited to attend
Apostolic Church To Barnes will deliver the and at > p.m., in Brooks Prayer :
pastor, sermon conduct the baptism and enjoy all of the services..
The Rev Mr. Barnes will preach from the theme, "In House.
Bestow HonorsMrs. Those Days, Came John toe Baptist, Preaching In the Wilder-. The participants Include:Thomas Rev. Schedule
, nest" The final service will begin at 5:30: p.m. The pastor Singers, Excelsior Demps

will preach from the subject, "Jesus Reads and Quotes the Singers, Celestial Singers, .
Dorothy Cooper of The
Book" Tbelmarettes, Mrs. Sarah J.
Apostolic Church of God In Wilson, Mrs. Essie M.Thomas, Church AnniversaryRev.

I II Christ will receive special Mt. Ararat Male Chorus, Andrew -
honors for her outstanding McCall pastor
service rendered the church fiat Services Sunday in Walter. Memorial AME Zion Church will Nathaniel Jackson and Octavettes Stagers, of Beulah Baptist Church has

3 Saturday at 10:30: a.m. Mrs., d begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Miss Amy Mrs. Alberta Latlmore, Choirs,, scheduled his 24th anniversary

Lula McMilUan,Mrs.Alter- oreland in charge Rev. H. C. Archie, pastor, will review 3 and 4B Mt. Ararat, Robert celebration, beginning Sunday
ta Trotter, Henry Hammon and the lesson, "Make Up Your Mind." Morning service begins at Prater Mrs., Gussle MissFrances night with Rev J. J. Jones of
-- Mrs. Mary L. Slmpklns win 11 a.m., with the Rev.Mr.Archie charge. The Lord's Supper Scrtven and Gray, Antioch Baptist and Rev C.J.
also share this hour of appreciation will be administered by to pastor,assisted by Rev. E. A. Odom. Crosby of Trinity Baptist

,..i, KEN ''KNIGHT oJI with Mrs. Cooper. The Stewardess Boards will meet at$:30p.m ,kith Mrs. M, F. !Blalock. --Church,, In chare.
-. The public Invited: to come 'I :}eweacejpreldlng. Eyeolafservice; 46139 o'clock. wi h.theypastor Other ministers toappearart.:
Invites You To Listen To Sunday 10:30 for In charge. The Florida Fruit and Vegetable .Rev. H.-T, Orerstreet of lit
prayer meeting Association Tabor, Rev. W. C.
says early Mitchell
BIG RAND Ganes and Mr. .IDIDapJrJDc'j' P ; Thomas Singers 'Artists Night" Held Romans are reported to have,'. Little Rock Baptist; Rev. M.
I : 11:45: an !Inspiring Maras'" "'.JI.''''' fed parsley to their chariot Cooper Rev.A..Brooks,Churchof
be given by the pastor entitled REV. D.B. BAKN5U_ Tit IY YY RA. Maarrl ciinerstr At Grant Memorial"Artists horses In the belief |u would God In Christ and Rev E.
"The Unfailing God". "has named July 13 through. 17 IIYYIYYIIYYp make them speedy. E. Taylor of St Paul Baptist
"DANCE PARTY" Come out and enjoy a wonderful as dates for the meeting.Rev. The Thomas Singers will be Night" will be observed Church.

, Barnes is a graduate of presented on program Sunday Sunday at 7:45: p.",
i Florida Memorial College with night in Mt. Zion True Church in Grant Memorial AME
Nightly 11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: I emphasis on Religious Education of God in Unity. The program Church. TOU Don"t Have T.O do To Town To Get,

.1, first vice president of the is in Interest of the pew rally, The participants are: Mrs.
,i 1400 WRHC -1400 tntercWomiDaUODal Ministerial which has been scheduled for Esther Milton, Mrs. Virginia
Alliance, and an active July 17, and sponsored by Miss Williams, Mrs. lost Waters, PRICESDRUG

worker In civic and religious R. L*Grace Choir X, Male Chorus, Mrs.

groups. Georgianna Ford, Mrs. Alve-
The Sunday morning message Rev. H.H. Wright nice McQueen, Mrs. Rosa Wal- STORE NEEDS

NOW!. will be delivered by Rev.Barnesto ker, Mrs. oWe M. Williams,
, the Congress in Tabernacle Holds Revival Mrs. Jaole F. Cannon, Mrs., ---------

4 LOCATIONSTO Baptist Church on July 17. Rev.( H. H. Wright, pastor ofEvergreen Emma Harrison, novelettes, Trade with Your Neighborhood c Drug store

SERVE YOUauew.Edgewoodeve Baptist Church, will Mrs. Theresa Wlngard, Mrs. WE WILL MEET ANT PRICES ADV. IN ,TOUR LOCAL*
Noted M.D.
Say$ SoapIs Thelma McKesson LoWe
conduct revival services July Mrs papers, we Deliver we also till all DOCtors '
Bert M. Rose, Mrs. Agnes Brown, -
Beautifier 11-15 at Epheslan Baptist Prescriptions .
Mrs. A. J. Roddick Mrs. Brlllla
3701 EMERSON Church according to Rev. B.
i "The best all-arotmd conditioner Bell, pastor. L. Stephens, and Rev A. J.Reddick .

830 CASSAT AVE. and beautifier for young Choir 2 of Evergreen will : -

1824 WEST BEAVER skin...!; plain toilet soap" asserts serve Monday night, and Choir Districts Observe Dixie Pharmacy
medical writer Dr. William 1 of First Baptist Church win

Brady. serve Thursday night. Joint AnniversaryDistricts

_.. .. .. '13U2
GRADE ---- -- KillS
FLA. Road. At Myrtle &vewet
"A"C 2, 3, 4,1, and 6 of
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church win
observe a Joint anniversary Phones Elfia 5.n9191

'I ,Sunday at 3 p.m., in the church
auditorium. ---------

FRYERS 1 Outstanding and church will talent participate In the city on PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE( !

u.I :91t program. An invitation has been '
: extended to the public to attend. 'BilLS AT OUR STORE"Jacksonville's

: FLA. GD A LARGE (C; .B I Young People's Union Most Recommended Dealer"

To Meet

I 43 R. S.
Young People's Unionwill EVANS3RD

EGGS meet Sunday in Community Baptist -
Church on Decotte and

DDL 1 Baker Avenue at 3 p.m. The & MAIN
group will sing popular and

spiritual selections. 84 VOLKSWAGEN.. .. .. $l09S
Hostess for the meeting will to. to. to.
c be Camilla Jackson Mrs. Alberta -' 62 FORD Galaxle. "500" . .$ 795
Latlmore and Charles "UTOIUT1 RADIO a nusa. A 'SA1.CIOOD ON"

'FOR MORAL COURAGE-In behalf of her crusading hua-- Kemp are pianists, and Mrs.Vivian 8. FORD r DR, RADIO aalule, WIATIL 500 AUTOt1ATIQ Hardtop Pt. ., to. .$1795

BREAD SJlIC.OIIIJllm band Sanger Mrs.Award Martin in Luther Human King Right, Jr.from, accepts Cuss the Canfteld first Margaret, leaderof Cherry, president. 63 RAMBLER+ r'Oebrn0ir Classic 2-Door .Ac, .......$ 99.rrA :;

Planned Parenthood. The award, thu work of American 62 CHEVrConv't.; sharp
cams .... .$1195
with check for
( sculptor Stanley Bleifleld, wait presented a 63 RAMBLER Wagon "770". ... ..$1295
Slurs LOAF $1,000 before an audiemj of more than a thousand at -the BLESSINGS! BLESSINGS! canto
recent Nutional Conference on Family Planning in Washington ?aAfi"c? ATCM: **! Atm cownmow AWTO.

D.C. An accompanying citation likened Dr. Kimc'a dedicanon BLESSINGS! 61 PONTIAC Star Chief . i $ 995
to the advancement of -mclal J justice and human dignity nnA ADI rrfr'uir' SULLY'Pactrp.n. ens LOCAL ow.....
FRESH to Mrs./Singer's valor In of persecution when she
: c pioneered for the emancipation the of face women through birth control. REV. ROOJEWT FRANKLINOF 81 RENAULT Real good one. ... .. ..$ 395
64 CHEVROLET, 4-Dr. One owner ...... ,$1295

: Negro Policeman To "ac.S !lrllaI 81 ro "AIR IIATSA Real ATANDAAD Oood amrT.. .. :... ........ $ 50s

PEACHES Now that nun drive cart andTen I I Divine Spiritual'Healer will be 59 FORD'5V--8:4ln'loot i .. .. .. ". .. .$ .M

Head Association .it I I. no participate urpriM! In that fashion member show of,: ,in the City of Jacksonville, 56 FORD Runs good ... .. .. ... ... .. .$-125

LB. ORANGE orders also Florida on July 15 and It Friday Over 100
N. J.-(NPI)-Tte tome wear atretch I, Cars To Choose From
first Negro head of a patrol 'nylon clocking, habit mad ofdrlpdrjr and Saturday. Come and
GOLDEN man's benevolent association synthetic fibers,and suds-. get your special m....,.. It
has been elected In Essex coun *pong.able plastic collars. you want to be helped quickly R. S. EVANS
C ty. He is William T. Andrews, Such modern Improvement I, See Me at the Astor Motel,
'laundering that much easier
make 1111 Cleveland Street. '.
43 A member of
the local
police -
BANANAS 5 force who promised to 'famous for these for women their knack who are of turning world Be sure to be present All who at this 3RD & MAIN
Great Deliverance. see
fight for "increased salary and sparklingly clean wash.
I I me will be helped all day from
fringe benefits rather than ae EL: 4.83811aL: 44381VarlwMvUIel

lAIC I TIE m nun' siit ii iitr' n CUIML 4LB. the ment.office" for personal advance >!it4M ,Saturday 7 am. to 11 P.H. Friday and MM a- tT.SATURDAY.Dtater"

f. } r IS ,4,

L \ .?



JULY .9.
,oicr ft.. .c.

Welfare. Delete Noted Writer To Vic ProxyPraises Children Enjoying Treat Firecracker 400

Gives Appear On TV
Grant. The _______ .;x. f"IJ'
WASHINGTONThe Florida The vole of the Negro la Hero Press
Department of Public Welfare Watts, California-venting his Experts Guesses
baa been awarded a $',"" frustration In poems, essays .M,
Federal grant to finance the and abort stories written since PHILADELPHIA, Pa. The DAYTONA BEACH, Fla-The
first year of a projectto last Summer's revolt-will be Nero press must continue to backers of longshotsmthePure
strengthen services to needy hoard OR an NBC News special provide "creative agitation"and Pll Racing Panel of Experts
people.Called. television program, "The Angry vital leadership America triumphed over the form
'"Operation Bootstrap Voices of! Watts: An NBC straggles to move beyond equality players in the eighth running
," the project will help! News Inquiry," featuring noted In law to equality In tact, of the Firecracker 400 at Daytona -
prevent and reduce such major writer Budd Shulberg and telecast according to Vice President Q International Speedway on
social ill* u poverty, child this August In prime time. Hubert H. Humphrey. -, July 4.
Deflect and delinquency. The special was announced Speaking at the John B. Russ Of the 69 nationally known i
"Strengthening public welfare today by William licAndrew, warm Banquet of the National experts who made pre-race ;
unless," U. 8. Welfare Commissioner president of! NBC News. Newspaper Publishers Asso guesses on the winner of the
Ellen Winston said SchulberlorPD1&ecllcr.u" ciation's 26th annual meeting Firecracker, not a single one
uannounp ing the grant,"brings writing workshop for young Negroes In Philadelphia, the Vice President selected any of first tour finishers
us closer to the coal of seeing In Watts late last year said for 140 years the -Sam IfcQuagg. Darel
that no American suffers the U a way of! helping them express voice of the Negro press ".... Dlerlnger, Jim Paschal, and
hardships of dire poverty and their pent-up. feelings often been America's conscience Curtis Turner. Most of them
that every American, to the "The Angry Yokes of! Watts on the questions of! had chosen the heavy favorites
full extent of Ms capabilities, An NBC News Inquiry" will racial Justice." :JRfchafd Petty, Paul Goldsmith
becomes t self-supporting and show typical meetings of the "From the days of JohnRuss- and David Pearson.
contributing member of our so- workshop where students read wnrm's Freedom Journal In The two Panelists who picked
their works aloud. The program 1827 until now," the Vice President fifth place finisher, Jim Hurtublse .
c'peratia51! Bootstrap" will will illustrate each work said, "the Negro press took the two top spots
employ. three social work specialists by focusing on conditions in has been a vital factor In defining in the polL The longshot players .
who will seek to Watts described by the young the Issues and goals of ( were Bernard Kahn, DaJ
strengthen the administrative writers. the civil rights movement. loan Beach News Journal, and
and supervisory staff of the NBC News' Stuart Schulberg In renewing courage and faith Andy Wells, Ashevllle (N. C0
Florida Department of Public brother of Budd Schulberg will among those who had known Citizen-Times. Kahn's guess
produce and direct the only defeat and.despair... and at the winning
Welfare. They will program. average speed
_,I.t.. ,./.eels ..1.prepare t. ...... Budd Schulbert benD his writing -1/1 w..wlws-. -,- .,._....-..... tha-- ,Inh.,.. -w. I+,Q 4 wP1 was 153.279 mpjj., and that
develcpment; end advise local class at the Westminster creative agitation': ." was almost dead on target for
welfare offices on ways of expanding Neighborhood Association in the Mr. Humphrey pointed out that McQuagg: won the race at the
their programslaeoni center of! Watts after visiting the Negro publishers through record Firecracker speed of
munity organisation, working the Los Angeles suburb and their collective efforts and 153.813 m.p.h..
with recipients: In groups, and* Tlndlng what be describes as "creative agitation" nave pro Third spot in the poll went to
volunteer services. "a ghetto within a ghetto within duced many significant YlctlJl'la"lII'h Ray Melton, Navy Guide, Norfolk
a ghetto." Soon be moved his .. .tw\11etifn. *H* Va. who had
The grant was made under tabbed the
Federal demonstration class to a nearby coffee house color ban In major' leek seventh place finisher Marvin
project Gardner "Nip" Rains Sr. and Gardner Sams Jr. IhowDcUlpen.slne
are by the Kennedy Democrats of wbich."NIp" Sams Is chairman
which bad been set by ball. Panch. To get the fourth
funds administered by the Welfare young ice place
cream to neighborhood kids Otis and
as Speights Otis Is
Speights co-chairman.
Negroes seeking to establishan However, he said the major winner it
Administration, U. S. Department (wearing dark glasses) looks on. The project was sponsored was necessary to go
outlet for their battles of the next phase of to ,
of Healthy Education, talents. _. .Buddy_Baker who came: .in
and Welfare. Schulberg Is encouraged by the civil rights struggle will tiiu. n. ww pucea DJ inanes
Demonstration projects test the quality of! his students'work place greater burdens and responsibilities First Negro CIVIL RIGHTS ROUNDUPREMINDER Mail Handler AccusedOf I Smith, Knoxville (Tenn.)JournaL
new ways of providing servicesto and feels that several of! them, on the Negro
including a novelist and two or press McQuagg's winning speed
needy people on public wel was
tare. The projects may Involve three poets, deserve to have A basic responsibility and Increasingly Superintendent resorts motels CITY, Mo. - innovations In pjbllc welfare their work published difficult task, he restaurants, and other places public accom- Firecracker 400. An all-time
administration services to Budd Schulberg Is author of said, Is informing millions of NEW YORK -(NPI>- After odatlon have been reminded that this will be their first summer CHICAGONPIA 36-year- high crowd for the event (6,
families, or training of staff. the best-idling novels "What Negroes of the benefits and 38 years service in the city went operating into effect under the state Public Accommocatlons Act, which old post office employee, accused 000-.watched: McQuagg dominate
Makes Sammy Run,""The Da.eDCbaAtecl" opportunities of new Federal public school system, John B. racial last October. The act requires religious and of operating a "juice"loan the 160-lapper for most
Snubbed StudentIs and "The Harder programs In the areas of em.plOJll1.nt King, executive deputy superintendent POVERTY discrimination.:FIGHT racket among his fellow of the waJ.Richard .
They Fall He and Stuart education au of acbo01 ,'win be employees, was Indicted by a Petty, top favorite,
Honor Student Schulberg adapted"What Makes and health and retiring on Feb l. WASHINGTONNPI) Smithsonian Institute has launched federal grand Jury last week. went out of the race on the
RIDGEFIELD Ccon.:.(NPIA )- Sammy Run" for NBC-TVs vices. King, the first Negro In the an anti-poverty the program outs ownby hiring 40 youths-not to John W. Tuck, a $6$51-a- 86th lap when he spun In the
Negro youth, whose presence "Sunday Showcase" In 1960, In this regard, the Vice PreI1deDt city school system's history operation sweep Some floors, but to learn skills useful to the institution** year mall handler at the Main West turn, hit the wall, and
In this well-to-do community and later wrote the musical suggested that the to become assistant superIntendent and are making silk screen prints for exhibits, Post office since 19S6, Is said was smacked by Earl Balmer
was resented by many, hasgradated version for Broadway. Besides publishers consider establishing came up through the dentine others study., carving up a penguin with scalpels to prepare It for to have made about $150 aweekby on the ricochet. Both cars were
with honors from its collaborating with his brother, a special standing committee ranks from a teacher, tr principal "BRER CROW"ATLANTANPI lending sums of $1-490 to badly damaged, but the drivers
high school. Stuart also produced the movie on governmental affairs. and finally sevens ranks 87 borrowers, at Interest of escaped unhurt. Goldsmith, second -
"This committee would of )>-A group of Negro children have been barred 30 cent a month favorite
Prince Chambllss, 17, has "Wind Across the Everglades, represent superintendences. from the "Wren's per went behind the
been accepted by all the four for which Bud wrote the screen- all geographic areas," the A New Yorker by birth, he of a white author Nest, home of "Uncle Remus," pen name Records Indicated Tuck had pit wall on the lllth lap with
colleges to which he applied. play. Budd wrote the screenplay Vice President said. "Ifs became a teacher In UZI,when Negro slave. who took his name from that of a legendary about $3,000 out on loan. The"Juice'tmslness a broken windshield. Pearson
He was offered scholorshipsto for "A Face In the Crowd" and members could visit Washington he was 19. From there, he was wrote and "Uncle Remus" was Joel Chandler Harris who started as "a was running at the finish, but
all four of them. for "On the Waterfront." The periodically tobe briefed upgraded to rrlncipal. Fox and made famous the stories of "Brer Rabbit," "Brer friendly thing"and spread since was miles out of contention with
Chambllss plans to enter latter won an Oscar for best on the use of Federal programs.As In 1951, hgan establishing meant/tor, / all other children fanciful characters. While his stories were 1964. Tuck was charged with an ailing engine.McQuagg'e .
Wesleyan university and ultimately movie of 1953 and earned Budd your Vice President,I volunteer a series of! 'firsts," when he BUTCHER: SHOP?? his home evidently was not. violating a federal law making victory! his firston
return to his native Oscars for best story and to work closely with this was named the first Negro assistant RIVERHEAD, L. I. -(NP1)>- The Suffolk County Human Relations It Illegal to practice usury on the NASCAR Grand National

_Birmingham,_Ala. screenplay. ._standing-1 __committee I... IIltI..h.. on. govern-_ superintendent in the Commission was looking Into charges by a Negro policeman government property by charging circuit was worth $15,500.
-- ,- ---- school system. This was followed more than -20 per cent The next action scheduled for
,.,t, '..,............ that a white barber discriminated against his son by -
\ ed In the same manner as I Interest
; la 1959 by his elevation "" &year. Dayton International Speedway
'I f'i 'butc rlDl' his hair Nelson Collins Jr., told the commission
serve u tb.Pre.Ident'.l1a1IOD to associate superintendent In Is Sept., 31or
toe national
his 11-year-old son, David, received a choppy haircut from .
with and 1963 *
." mayors city managers. to deputy superintendent LeRoy Graft and was told to "go to your own barber." championship rac.:
111I I believe such a committee and last year,. executive.deputy r
would strengthen communication wnicn: Drought an annual salary
;- 1t> between Negro editors and of! $32,000.
[publishers and the principal Though be has no doctorate,
t:: officers of your Federal Go- he was awarded an honorary

'2,. vernment. And this, In turn, degree of Doctor of Pedagogy
I .T ." ,-: would help mobilize the full by St. John's University, and
,I *. .... ;" .r. y {' .. support of all Americans In Is customarily greeted by his
j t .JtJtltf !J ..J, i ...,: our efforts toward a society associates u "Dr. King." SUPER MARKETS
-r --"" de w4w of Justice and equality.
ANGEL FISH :: : 29e Vice President Humphrey
Sheriff 17 Others
SNAPPERS YELLOW TAIL . LB. S9e spoke after being presented ,
. SHAD ROE per Nt 95c awards for distinguished Trial Set Sept. 26
IOBJTH ins .......a., use unit mil .;.....u. SI.1.t achievements In the fields of!
MEDIUM MULLET > .Lk 29e human and civil rights. Other MERIDAIN, Miss. -NPI-
LARGE .LI. 1.10 recipients w.re' Andrew .
Eighteen men, including Nesbo-
MEDIUM SHRIMP .LI. $1.10 Bummer, member Federal ba County Sheriff Lawrence SUGAR 29LIMIT
SCALLOPS .Ll '9c Reserve Board, Asa T.
Ralney will trial
go on Sept.
SPECKLED TROUT 59c SpauldJng, president North 26 In connection with the brutal 5 LBS.
CATFISH 59c Carolina Mutual Life Insurance
STEAK FISH .LB. 69c Company; Kentucky Governor 'workers slaying of in.three 1964.civil They rights are ONE WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
POMPANO . ., LI. $1.10 Edward-T.Breathitt,Congressman
OYSTER .- .PT. $1.25 Adam Clayton Powell;John -charged..-'-- ,..-with-...conspiring.-- ...-.-to.destitutia51al ---
| *fV IWV f MUUI WIDell" V4M'
H. Johnson, president, Johnson
rights, under an 1870
FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT Publishing Company U.S. Attorney statute. WESSON 29
UAKI WMITI .. ,.11. ".'0 CLAW .. ?LI. $'IS General Nichol.. The bodies of the victims-
Ocktail 'III".rt ...La. ".IS All Lame ...LI. 12.TS deB. Katcenbacb; aDd SaD Francisco Michael Schwerner and Andrew 24 OZ. BOTTLE
Giants baseball star WU-
HUT Of 'a wwPOier IIAtON Goodman/New; York,and James I
SMALL WHITE SHRIMP. LD. 79c lit Mays. E. Chancy, of Meridian-were OIL I
found burled under a farm dam

MAINE LOBSTER MEAT. 2.49 Among those arrested along
.. ,< o:. CAN with Sheriff Ralney were Deputy
I'.,,,* lit *'t rrtvrn 4 In t ntr I'M .,011"", MM f/I'M' 111. Sheriff
,*,4 fY.tn ", .,,,..,,,.,,11I.., Cecil Price and a former
WASHINGTON -(NPI-John policeman, Richard Willis.
CINUINI KIT WEST R. Pinkett Jr., 52, one of the If convicted, the 18 could draw
CONCH MEAT a LB. 880 first Negro pilots In the Air prison terms up to 10 years and PUREX 10TC 1
Force, Is dead. fines of 15,000.Federal V2 GAL.
Pinkett a real estate broker, District Judge Harold
formed syndicates of Negro investors Cox, who will preside at the
SKINltSSVETERANS who bought apartment September trial earlier liMn ONE WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER ,
houses and properties Wash dismissed the charge on
ington. grounds that murder was nota
Pinkett was one of the organi Federal offense unless committed t
sirs of the Cloud Club, a groupof on Federal property,but
THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE INC. Negro enthusiasts. wu overruled by. the Supreme IIr -. _
: Court.

Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taklnar WHEN YOU ARE ILL A IS GIANT :, 'I"

'. liMIT ONE WITH $5.00 01 IDlE fOOD OlDER
r Too Seek The Best Doctor.
When Your Doctor Prescribes,
Applications For Its
/ Get Experienced Pharmacists
...According to your Doctor's CENTER CUT PORK CHOP LB. .79
Orders. We Use Only The Best

'.u Veteran Class. Quality Drugs U.S. GOOD CHUCK ROAST L8. 45
<, C. B. BLACK ,

'3 Registered Phsr.aclste'To Proprietor CENTER CUT WHITE BACON : 23
., serve YOU \Yt18.
.The Size Of Our Classes .


|Is Limited By Law.' ,
Cosaetics-Rubber 0oods- Caodtes-8undrles FRESH FLA. HENS ;\ LB. 59


Enroll Now To Be Sure Of YIGnOlE SHORTENING 3 LB. CAN 25

Dreg Stern





Mfttt rtttlVgVtlitttlett' Y r\\ f\i + ffffttVfrrftVt fiTfY rfTttif ...ftaf.r.r.r..r.. >+v. .ff.a. ..




_____ u T

Colleae Aides Cite Gulf For Contribution To Education

Theatre Construction Booming I ', ....._ ..".,L" _. ,,'>ft>. r L ;

More new movie theatres were. than 450 new theatres were. 'ltgfru., tY A r 'IJ
built last year than M any time opened started or announced In .J
In the taut 15 yearn In shopping 1965. .. 14lj
ienter and suburbs of title (; tl1 ... .....
particularly; I modern moviehoiiKes ; New downtown theatre .
though not no tommoi: are being I "
are going up to meet pub
lo built catering to the need ofilty -
lie demand for (omenleiuly
dweller and mibiirbanlte'
lilted mote entet'talnment. Mme

* *'* i1t

flus tine La mar c i4

t9 I 1 ..

',, fashion pattern NOW IT'S PAPER BEDDING! ','

Of course you've heard about and probably seen, the newest
wrinkly in ladles' attire..the paper dress. Recent photos

showed a lithesome lass whose disposable paper thin apparel
M1No. had caught on a car door with a resultant slash that made the

A i lower part completely expendable
And, U you saw the photo you know what the clever model
dId--she came out with her trusty shears and soon had one
of the even newer, short short femme fashion.

___ Well, to keep you abreast of what's happening, we beg to
Inform you that ironing sheets may become a ancient a pastimeas
baking bread. Your bed linen will be made of paper 1
Avr Technological advances leading to development of paper
clothes and paper sheets on a large scale basis were pre-
dicted by Michael Kasse research director of the Technopulp
Organization In Upper Montclair, N.J.
One habit that Is sure to get a zero minus ration when that
r happens -- is smoking in bed!


k / wr GROWING DEMAND FOR CORDIALS-Sucb items as cordials,

: r t aperitifs brandies and wines--both Imported and domestic--are
beginning to show a steady growth in demand
Distillers are paying more attention to the specialties end
of their business since the growing Interest in gracious living -
t the high ratio of young adults and the higher disposable
Income across a wider segment of people all contribute to
....t .H. a. "'M >1 ; .... the purchase of specialty products.It .

HONOR GULF Daniel G. Kean (second from left), Public Looking oa are Robert Hicks, Gulfs Miami Marketing is estimated that about 70 per cent of the liquor con-
Relations Representative of the Gulf Oil Corporation, receivesa manager, and T. M. Muhleman, Director,Retail Jobber sumed in this country is drunk in the home and that women
plaque from Thomas D. Dooley of the National Associationof Representation, Southern Marketing Region, Gulf. The are doing more of the buying of liquor products.
College Deans 1 Registrars honoring Gulf "for its many was made during the recent NACDR convention in This could account for the fact that cordial consumption has
contributions to the administration of higher education". Dooley is Dean at Prairie View AIM College In risen from 2.S million cases in 1956 to about 4.5 million

cases in 1965.Negro.

SINCE YOU ASKED ME SideMan Sue Cong. Bennett LifeIhsaraace '

......... Lewis Orange Juice,
Ramsey Co
On School
DEAR LONNIE: There are too many people at my house. .Troyl .continued to mount FORT WORTH,Texas- We don't have. but six rooms and,we have my father my last week for Ramsey Lewis WASHINGTON D. C. Texas Capitol LUe Insur
I D 4f.l'1STREAMLINED mother and there are. seven".of us: kids. Then, two of my the pianist who fired his partners Rep Charles E. company,I brainchild of ,
R.219' father's brothers) stay: here too.*,>*Wejust get all to each of If ,'years' after' their Florida today urged the Dapper Joe Terrell, local fi-
other's way. I told my father and mother that we neededa Committee on
recording of the pop-rock tune, and ball bondsman, as
Sizes late larger place but they say they can't afford it. "The In Crowd," Boomed tothe require the Department as hotel and motel pro-

top>> of the record popularity culture to Include was given a go-ahead
casual sheath dress with easy slip-into back Crowded charts last and citrus products
the Texas
year. by Insurance
zipper closing. Diagonally shaped skirt pleats give a touch Lewis, according toEldee posed school Its fold
of ease yet maintain a smooth hiplme. Smart bodice buttons to DON'T BLOW YOUR TOPI Just kind of find out when it Young, bassist and Isaac program. Texas Capitol will be the first
one side and shapes the lovely neckline..For linen, shantung, crepe Is that the crowd Is worse and try to stop making trafficat "Red" Holt, the group's former Bennett, an 18-year company operating in
lightweight faille. that time. Maybe you can go to the library or sit out- drummer, was "nothing more lawmaker, submitted state with such charter.
Price $1. R-219 is available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 14 side, or visit some of your friends. Your parents know what than a figurehead; the spokesman to the committee A'r Terrell is one of Texas' most 4. ... .-.
takes 2Vi yards of 42 inch fabric. Standard body measurements for they can afford, and if you discussed the matter with them, for the group" They maintained Department's Child young Ynen,and has .c.0
size.14 are: Bust 34, Waist 26, Hips 36. you have done all that you can do. It seems like forever, that the Ramsey Lewis Act of 1966, which broad knowledge of business yIli
but It won't really be too terribly long before some of you Trio was a partnership formed section dealing with investment operations.
are grown up and moved out--expecially your father's brothers. under the statutes of the Stateof breakfast program in ( If14'
Semi One Dull.ir for pattern, plug 5 tents for postage in cashor Illinois and stock was divided serving children from // Wt+ Are To Han Peace
theca. No Stamps, For Fnst-(:IISH mailing send 15 cents extra ...... into equal thirds. come areas and in "Moreover has
Add One Dollar if wee wish NEW At'STINE LA MAR PATTERN Young and Holt, whoflleda22- drawing attendance from man a na
HOOK #;J complete) selection of High Fashion designs including DEAR LONNIE: The boy down the street made me mad point petition, clamed that because ren who have to right to be respected
our bestsellers from #1 and #2. Send to AUSTINE LA MAR and I hit him in the mouth.' He went home and told his mother of their special talents, ,distances. has a right to his good
Pushiou I'utteru. (name of our newspaper), Box 1615, GPO,. and she came over here and raised sand. She acted like I the name Ramsey Lewis Trio "All American children He has a right to
Now York, N \'. 1XK)1) Print your full name, address, Pattern had started another world war. I told her that her son a- had been built up and had become have the opportunity in investigating the
Numlxr\ mid Size aggravated me and U he would stop aggravation me I would synonymous with enter- the advantage of and, within the limits WMKMSpotlight

stop' hitting him... The..thing. is, my mother: made me stay tainment of the highest quality. citrus products in their the moral order and theommon
vi for n whoW wee*, uo you think that wu fair? The deposed pair also accused Bennett said in his good, to freedom of
Lewis of having "entered intoa "Orange Juice and other speech and publication and ProductOf
Aggravated conspiracy and scheme ma- products are high in freedom to pursue what.
liciously to defraud and deceive vital to the growth of profession he may choose. The Week
W AME MAYBE Atleast you learned that every time you get them and to procure for his own children, including
aggravated can't around in the and C."As. "He has the right, also to
you go hitting people mouth. use the right title, and interestof Miami
Haven't you ever heard of the nonviolent philosophy? the plaintiffs in the Ramsey a member of the accurately informed about Florida
Lewis Trio." 'Armed Services public
sea Working through the law see that about half of
offices of Ellis and Ellis in people who take -
DIAL 1260FLORIDA'S U you want to ask a question, send it to "Since You Asked Chicago Young and Holt declared exams for military
Me," Negro Press International 5708 South State Street* that "Ramsey is tryingto turned down because
Chicago, Illinois 60621.YOUR. prevent us from working as deficiencies which is
members of the trio and we detriment to our
are asking the court to preventhim fense.
HEALTHLeukemia from using the name that ye "Many of these young
have aided in developing. We lack the basic nutrition -.
want a true accounting of all which hampers their
to maturity. Citrus
Is a form of cancer that affects the blood and the partnership transactions and contain those vitamins v
received and "
monies paid.
blood forming organs--the marrow spleen lymph modes and has tritional values so vital
,liver. Although the cause is unknown, there is mounting Speculation arisen concerning human body in retarding 1 a 4'e
of certain
,evidence that it may be a virus.
tion and disease.
.u it can be proved that a virus is, in truth( the cause, a advances alleged to have been

t j 1 1RHYTHM great step forward will have been taken, because this will open the made knowledge to Ramsey and Lewis consent without of the SHORTY-$35.
RADIO the way to control it through a vaccine or other measures.
and Holt who at that 665
Young ,
Meanwhile the treatment is limited to relieving symptoms. Help! !
time, comprised two-thirds of Help Help for romplrt 1111"0'." ('.I.'a' ofMnlolo
Blood transfusions are often needed because, although the Holt atrl.a1t.H.U rapaani
disease Is characterized by a superaboundance of certain the popular recording group .Itttfhmvitla toiut ....... and
Me Roosevelt ..
Lewis is now working with ,. adY.N. II' r. TREK: upoarcaurii.
types) of white blood cells, there is usually a destruction of -'-),< -" .. lutl writ*.
Cleveland Eaton and
red blood cells: Transfusions however, can give only temporary bassist MICH QI.Diviie F Healthy Normal Hair Gol/HUaol. Hair .Prod. Inc.
drummer Maurice White. owe from the HAIR MOOTS 0." St S. Bklyn 3$. N.Y.
relief. YOUR SCALP Th. rendition
K the liver or spleen is enlarged, it may be treated with .... hair. .lien dependa heavily
X-rays. This may halt the progress of the disease but will Steps LaunchedBy [ : th.. Yew natural*,. liealch DOCTOR el CAR your

& BLUES not produce a permanent cure. Drugs may also help to con- Urban LeagueNEW Rev. Roosevelt Franklin nu4 Invented called a medlrated CARBONOKI tar
trol this disease. 'con, Ga.Divine. la mixed with many pro,,
Nitrogen mustard and its derivatives effectively attack the YORK -(NPITh Spiritual bneflclal. Ingredlenta.": CAlt' COMBe'AWAY
abnormal tumor cells but there drugs must be given with National Urban League proposes Jesus is truly giving ..:uu.s.doea .ueiI fin;
extreme caution because the effective treatment dose Is only to establish an affiliate and victory to many ''Y In D helping'& rr..f: thai i ;

very little less than the dose required to kill normal cells. in Jackson, Miss., to carry out; problems. SUCCESS ::'I\F PRESCRIBE DOCTORS regard I*, for II.fclghly many
In other words, the so-called: factor of safety is very narrow. the steps launched by the recen YOURS See or write me '" 'rou".. Man* annoymtf
RADIO STATION One of the difficulties in trying to study the cause and treat march on the state capitol, declared I have a special message ..nlaly are really e.......relieved scalp fcy condl-the jmxaxsiJvit
ment of leukemia is that we now know that this is not a Whitney II. Young Jr., one's In need for. .f Inu, Trlplo etronttn tar _
single disease but a group of half a dozen or more disease executive director last week. Last week many, many .Write SCALP for thla FORMULA DOCTOR V
that have some but not all features in common.A Noting that the march drew were helped by my : : .I| will be sent to row all I
great deal of research is being done and we have every attention to the "tragic plight selected Bible reading *.T and DAYS.ready and to If UM you. JIB are not IT .11.. vomb b.. .and. out teu.h. Will to nol add rub eeloe off,
"WHAMMYIN reason to believe that of all the forms of cancer at least one of Mississippi's Negroes," he read each weekend. U *,'.."...1.an... deUvery.money bark.Thla Pay ta- 1.NOT add DYE.ENI.atulck.-.ol.r AVOIDS, ...

of the types of leukemia will be the first to yield to specific said "The basic problem facing to be delivered quickly, ......,.. everything. You Dent .r. THAT Bru.h.<<.ch.a ,*IA'4 for"_DYID.,...; a.LOOK.....
mere II wll"II
citizens remain after $1.00 and a .. gtt ,
control measures. .. Negro ...IOiM. UM trio "..... IfXDI- rclorlnf. P..v..t..111. {. ruoMna
marchers leave. We are velope to Rev.Roosevelt SCALP rORMULA off.. Cum_ |n PU.tlo CaM.Coo
your B 1.4 In pock. or ,.....
this lin 630 Morrow Ave. can "",. Yeur hair and ..".*.. .
therefore creating permanent deMrve fine eo_ Jual sand &SSJUK Blab I.
MIAMI" Buy U.S. Savings agency to provide the services Georgia. Phone 7455685. :, name HAISt and. odds to-.GOLD ...,. 0,11.l.t..hod.. Pay ..nlII. ,
SAVINGS .. Bonjla to Negro citizens whlchl You will get these at 2 shsep.h.ad PRODUCTS INC.Bay. Monty- bach en. d.llr.r/If not 'ltl.t..'''.'
STAR SPANGLED we bYe extended in 79" other] lections and Bible ver. !! ,,, 3Sj "..Y. NOTB: 'l'HI'aMULA -> G. Modol Hair Pn...... ....
rOH ALL, cities." leturnmail.' wavy Mea cawlea guarantee.a 1M% wrlt cap 5-i. --"IFII IS, Now York

--- "
{ ;I I'



I ."The Hole-In-One Club" President Tennis Club WON Tournament Course Is Offered..

Sports Parade on ...,.,...... .. ... .."._Jo Master Sergeant Herbert L.. I

8-0 IN Daytona BeachThe Crabbe of the 549th Ordnance
Department. U. S. Army, with
PUS&EDJBACKHardluck Johnson Branch YMCA plonshlp. headquarters at the local Naval
Ernie Terrell, who keeps on winning against lesser Tennis Club won the Daytona Gulnyard defeated Jones, and Air Station, will be the instructor -
opponents In the--wBA version of the heavyweight crown, bad w g Beach Invitational Tournament lost to Daniels In the quarter for a civil defense training
another setback last week following his 15-round decision win recently. finals. course in how to detect and
over Doug Jones at Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston. Henry Daniels took top honorsby In the doubles division Guln safeguard against death or
Physically outstripping his opponent In every department winning the singles titles yard and Jones lost to Daniels injury from explosive devicesto
except site of forearm (121/2 against Doug's Inches): waist. and teaming with Luclous Al- and Albertie and Smith and people and property.
33 against 34; and ankle 9 1/2 against 101/2-Terrell went* bertie for the doubles championship. Tysdale defeated Tim and Mac- Master Sergeant Crabbe has
through the IS rounds for his second title defense, and lost only key. been trained to risk his life In
two rounds, because of low blows. The "Y" brought back five Albertle, the 23-year-old order that others may be spared
The non-exciting match was hardly over before word was out t sB of the six trophies. youngster who upset Henry In death of Injury from explosive
that Cassius Clay had relegated Terrell to No. 3 spot In contention Daniels won two Albertie two, last weeks city matches could devices.A .
for bis crown. and Willie Smith one. not cope with the veteran in series of weekly classes,
Clay, going International In his title defense, has selected On his way to the finals, Dan- this tournament. Daniels was under auspices of the Jackson-
Brian London of England and Karl Ulldenberger of Germany iels defeated W. Mackey, J. behind In several matches but vllle-Duval County Civil
u potential opponents before Terrell. Gulnyard: and Albertle In the played smart tennis throughoutthe Defense Council, will be held
Clay says be', not dodging Terrell, but that be would be finals. tournament. in St. Stephen AME Church, 5th
"happy to meet him, after facing" London and Iflldenberger. In other matches Albertie defeated Norman Urguhart, executive and Davis Streets, continuing
But the three fighters are not the only ones shooting for a R. Tim, and T. Tysdaleof secretary of the YMCA and through July 24. Announcementof
chance at the Clay crown. Eddie Machen, who Just gave 20- Mainland High School in the Julius Jones bad high praisefor the course came from
year-old Army private Joe Orblllo a drubbing for a split decision u semi-final. the fine showing of the Michael Bush, district coordi-
In a 10-rounder at Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, Tysdale won the 1964 Cham- squad. J. Jones Is program nator and Hazel Alexander, deputy -
bas his bid In for a Clay dance. secretary and in charge of activities coordinator with the local
So has Oscar Bonavena, 23-year-old Argentine, who chopped Legion Post 197 at the "Y". Civil Defense Council.
hi s way past 28-year-old George Chuvalo of Canada last week Jones said the next match will "The training program
atMadison Square Garden. probably be against Gainesville teaches Identification of bombs
Neither seem to have a chance to move up past Clay's choice: Baseball Team in Gainesville, Florida. and other explosive devices and
of prime opponents. However, Bonavena baa an alternative Accompanying the team to how to protect the public front
suggestion. He would like to try his fists against Floyd Patterson. Slates 2 GamesThe Daytona were Mrs. Henry Dan- their effects until bomb dlspt.

.. ........... .... p Idle and children and Mrs. sal! experts can reach the seen*
No one Is saying anything about Sonny Litton, a Clay victim .n .n. American Legion Post Willie Smith and children. and take charge," Coordinator
who Is making like his successor to the crown by fighting in GILLIAM HEADS HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB-Jim GlUlam,veteran Los Angeles Dodgers star, has 1197 baseball team will play The rating of "Y" players Bush explained.
Europe. He Is scheduled to make three ring appearances in a been named president: The Holt-In-One Club for the year of 1968. At Dodgers Florida host to Post llJTs team on Saturday through the first three placesare Membership In the Civil Defense -
comeback campaign. training camp, Mr. GlUlam, above center, receives trophy for having made ace from HermanA. July at 2:00 P.... on tentatively set as: Men's organization as shown
Meanwhile, the next title match of interest Is the middleweight Schwecke Jr., right, Miami, Fla., while Walt Alston, Dodger manager, witnesses. The new Bishop Kenny's athletic field. "A" Division! : H. Daniels, L. by an Identification card is now
clash between dual champion (he's stillprotedlsgthe New York Club president succeeds Dr. Charles S. Ireland, Washington, D. C., who was 1969 head of the Members of the team are: Albertle, Jimmy Walker. Men's necessary to register for the
Athletic Commission's ban on his holding onto toe welter title Club, which Is sponsored The Coca-ColaCompany,Atlanta, Ga. Other heads of the we-made- David Diflus, David Thomas, "B" Division: Willie DensonSr. course, Bush added.
and has a court suit pending to decide the Issue) Emlle Griffith, It group have been Hamilton Hughes, Fort Worth, Texas businessman, and William Brisco, Theodore Bryant, Nathaniel ., Jerome Parker, Joseph Among persons already enrolled -
and contender Joey Archer. Both will square off In Madison contractor, Cleveland ()IW). Mr. Schwecke supervised the contest during the recent Miami Purdy, Eddie Taylor, Laveflte Walker. for the training course
Square Garden on July 13. North-South Golf Tournament The project Is directed. by The Moss H. Kendrlx Organization, Williams William Johnson, Boy's Division: Willie Denson In addition to Bush and Alexander -
And lightweight tltllst Carlo Orbs discovered last week that Washington, D. C.Martinsville. Raymond Stiles, Robert Homes, Jr., Norman Denson. are: Fred Felton, Thomas -
his attempt at holding two positions was not good enough. He John Ford, Gene Paige, Larry Women's Division:Mrs.Char Logan, Billy Beal,Herbert
lost his bid for the Democratic nomination to a state senate VACATION TIP Hunter, Jerome Hutcherson, lotte Edwards, Mrs. Cora L. Fuller, Edward Gordon Jr.,
district encompassing parts of New York City. Speedway PreperlyFor and Jesse Hunter. Walker, Mrs. Genturde Huffman Johnny L. McClendon, Archie
Whether this ycar'i vacation All legionaries, parents of Mrs. Mildred Parker. H. Gibbs, Earl H. Quarterman,
The United Golfers Association's 40th annual tournament Auto tikes you to new parts of the world players, and lovers of baseball The club will hold Its official David, M. Patterson Elijah -
will be held Aug. 22-26 on the grounds of the Chevy Chase and Bisy Racing Season or familiar ground, the Infection are Invited to attend, there business meeting at the "Y" Jackson Charlie B.Griffin,
Orchard Hills country clubs, instead of at Vernon Hills, which "and ocor-caulins! bacteria that growon will be no admission charged.. Sunday evening at 7:00: o'clock. .Willie J. Bryant.
has been sold.The tourney is sponsored the Chicago Women's MARTINSVILLE, Va. Martlnsvllle Speedway Is going to skin will be there too.
Golf Club, with the assistance of the Borden Company. have one of Its busiest fall seasons In history with two major
racing events scheduled within a month-the 11th annual Old 1
1Wcb1pD's Dominion 500 on Sunday, September 25 and the first annual .
Martlnsvllle Modified and Sportsman 300 on Sunday, October
RUSSELL Jtckr aK 23. to pattern the event after our I

The modified and sportsman two Grand National races andwe
race, a new event for the half- feel this will help give the.
BINGvS mile paved track, will be anat1oDa1 drivers the prestige they de-
dC7ISP ] phamplnnyhtp classic serve."
and the south's top>> drivers are Previously, the modified and
fa expected to compete for the sportsman cars took part In a
$1,500 first place money and 50-1 ap feature on Saturday
over $8,000 in cash all told. prior to the two Grand National
"We !have some of the leading events. This too has been expanded. '
modified and sportsman drivers QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
AMtRICANsJwJ In the nation In our area and On Saturday, September 24,
this is something the fans !have there will be a 100-lap featureat PRICES GOOD THRU SATURDAY :
been asking for....ral'ear.," the track for the modified
said H. Clay Earles, presidentof and sportsman cars and will
the speedway. offer a fine warmup for.,the fall CHASE & SANBORN HERSHEY'SSUGAR
"As far u qualifying and our event ,
entire program, we are trying NASCAR's leading Grand Na-
I tional drivers are expected tQ.. 4
,be on hand for the Old Dominion 'COFFEE"CJEB. 'W
Nab FishermenFor 500 on September 25. Ford
driver Junior Johnson won the
500-lap, Z50-m II' race last
season while Jim Paschal: drovea
+ SCHEIIHASE Selling Plymouth to victory In the
urdu Virginia 500 In ApriL 1 59LIMIT 39'
Ray Hendrick of Richmond,' 5 IBS.
4IEE WAIKERDrarde Game Fish current NASCAR national modified ,

Vma'ihlr rcY point leader, won the LIMIT 5 'IBS. PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASESOF
SO-lap modified and sportsman
prior to the Virginia
fishermen charged with sellIng 500. $$5.00 OR MORE OF 5.00 OR MORE
Curie Russell beads the U66Al1-Amer1cabaUet fresh water game fish were And
be one of the favorites -
ball team selected by the National Association of Basketball rounded up today In a surprisingmove for the 300-lap, 150-mile AJAX
Coaches. Russell, the only repeater from last year's squad, by wildlife officers of the modified and sportsman event
compiled 2,132 points in the balloting, conducted annually for Game and Fresh Water Fish on October 23. .
the Wheatles Sports Federation. Commission. The arrest Involved DETERGENT -59'
Joining the 6-0
"It's going to be a busy fall
guard on the first team are Vanderbllfs Clyde Lee. James nine persons who will Earles said, "and we think the JEWEL !
Walker of Providence Dave for traffic
Scnellhase of Purdue and Dave face charges fans are going to enjoy U."
Bin( Syracuse. in the sale and possession of r

fresh According water to game W.fish.B. Copeland, W"atc.hThill r,; ..-----"7 ,FOR $1.00--MIX OR MATCH SALE" ----- -

Commission Chairman, the undercover -

Any building I design will have violations Investigation Is a continuing of wildlife Clown I RED DART CUT GREEN

beauty and function, but always operation Involved and while fishermen this operation In- a 6o-43-163 I BEANS 303 CANS $ I II

with the human touch. Marlon County similar investigations -

that's a must.'? other are parts being of the conductedin state.. 24' -12 354 I ISLAND FARM MIXED

The nine arrested will 303 CANS I
persons j
c The gin I buy is London Dry.Gordon's. face a total of thirteen charges 1 ,. ... 5 VEGETABLESBUSH'S

It's always brisk, on sale eighteen of fresh counts water of game unlawful fish, 4 :' : SHOWBOAT WHOLE WHITE

dry and smooth..To me, possession of excessive bag '
limits, and storage of freshwater 1- .:. ., 3 3oo I
Gordon's is a must. game fish in places where -- I
other food stuff is offered for
1& /
3i 2138
win wwrb wwr..U,CMw AA.deo+AMmsad.wr.. _c-YO'.ArM.fah/.I c"t_M..... _. sale. :; : GEORGIA RED I II
-"r", YI A wildlife officer working undercover '
was able to gain the 51 515
confidence of the violators and '

obtained the necessary evidence Sometimes He's Up Sometime; I I {I
A that led to the arrests. He's Down He adds subtractsHe : SUNSHINE
Investigating officer reported works It all around I "
) that he was forced to I TURNIPS WITH ROOTS 303 CANS

'a7z" I Iio compete market in with order an to established obtain evena 963-61. 1 359 --------- --- ..rrrrrrr---------- ,

small percentage of game wutfiNG A'I'TRAt11V s.
fish sold by the violators. During 50 54 45 SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK'STEAK
the investigation be successfully .
purchased a total of .SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK,

496 pounds of game fish which ,59 1
included 293 pounds of bass and MAN'SDAYS' ,
203 pounds of panflsh. The fish CLYKES
.were purchased for an average .ROAS1' 39
price of 38 cent per pound. j
Most of the fish were taken I NUMBERED PURE PORK ROLL .
by hook and line or by Illegal '
wire traps and there was no SAUSAGE 390
Man's Days are,Cum
evidence of a netting operation. '
bered. Health and
Most fish were sold directly WOODSMAN SLICED.
Fortune Can De Yours Whenyqn
to the consumer and did not FRESH GEORGIAPEACHES I
Know Your Lucky Days
Include a middle man, nor was
there any evidence of an organized Lucky Colors Etc.
operation between the Send $2.00 for your lOcBACONB.69CU.S.
h violators.In ''Horoscope Guide for .w.
commenting on the arrests, JULY
Copeland said, "The violator
who sells game fish and wildlife J
Fill In the blank below and '
las.9epw Is the most
b for a profit
4.. unscrupulous of all game law .
GasJun'r GAaw"d w FJ does this Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Ftt.NAta '
violators. Not only
If I tnt..."inn tngltna. violator break the game laws '
Ama Ca and Int wan but be commercializes on the 10'39I 1 ,
mild IIPCMWwtlatanwistrtaa..aw.iaeUI. STREET --
en amalsnutnamtan state's wildlife resource at the
-- .
expense of the sportsmen by Day
0. ,
selling this wildlife

1 t t )

.- -
...... .1 -

.r r .. .trr. .v. . . . .


HELP KEEP WANTED FREEDOM Area ServicemenSAN Religion in 'Public Schools Appointed Chairman :]Spotlight On Sportsby

Integral Part of EducationMany

MAIDS, N. Y. SLEEP-IN JOBS. ANTONIO, Tex. Airman Larry D. Plaugher of Jacksonville Scholarship Committee CHARLES J. LIVINGSTON
Salaries to $65, Are advanced Fla., has been selected for technical training at are disturbed by the render thanks to Almighty God.

Rush/ references, phone num Chanuto AFB, m., as a U. S. Air Force aircraft maintenance U. S. Supreme Court's prohi- The Chief Executive officially WINTER HAVEN Florida FROM RING TO ARENA
ber. ABLE MAIDS AGENCY, -. bition of officially sponsored asks each citizen to express Canners Association President Thinking about trends-that Is, In politic*-la recent years,
163 N. MAIN,FREEPORT,N.Y. The airman recently com uated from New Stanton High prayers and devotional readingof gratitude to a bountiful Creator. Robert D. Flippo announced another career has opened up for veteran actors of the celluloid -
pleted basic training at School In 1962 and attended the Bible in public schools the appointment of Eward H. screens, television, radio, etc. Those who have made it,
Lackland AFB, Tex His new Central State College, WUber- But few are aware of the 4. The American teal. On Price Jr., u chairman of the primarily from the West Coast, have seemingly embarked
HELP WANTED school part of the Air Training force, Obio.ALBANY doors the Court leaves many every $1 I bill since 1782 the Canners Association's newly upon another long reign u a front-page personality
Command which conducts open for teal is pictured with the Eye of formed Educational and Scholarship The most recent of the actors to make the switch Is Ronald
SecretarialTYPIST hundred agsgecWisedccuras Ga. Patrick 0. recognition of God in the class- God directly above the pyramid.The Committee. Reagan, GOP winner of the California primary for the state's
Duncan of and Mrs.
son Mr.
"-.1 room. words Annul Price, a Florida State Senator gubernatorial seat.
who can do wpm. -u Coeptls signify
Warren L. Duncan of 1450 W.
To make the picture
r more complete sports personalitieshave
Accurate; must be good In English Second St., Jacksonville, Fla., Within the Court's limits edu- : "He (God) has favoredour and can: Products vice president, Inc. of of Braden-Tropi- Invaded the field. There Is at least one current entry
and spelling. Apply: has been promoted to airman cators can make the curriculum undertakings
from the baseball
.r ton, will bead a committee among world, and now there Is a seriouscmtenc.r
FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon- second class In the U. S. Air reflect the of Ood
recognition from the pugilistic ranks-Carlo* Ortls.Ortls .
,. charged to Increased
crief Cor. 13th St. No phone Oath 01'Office. The oath encourage
Force. as an integral part of American vocational Interest in the citrus who Just barely managed to retain his lightweight
calls, please. Airman Duncan Is a food specialist life and the religious Influences taken by government employees processing Industry The com- crown recently In a scheduled 15-round match against Johnny

at Turner AFB, Co. in man's development. witnesses in court and mittee will study the best way Bluaro In Civic Arena, Pittsburgh-which ended in 2:29 of
HELP WANTED He Is a member of the Strategic passport applicants concludeswith to encourage young people to the 12th stanxa-scurried from the ring back to the Bronx
Air Command which maintains They san: include these facts: the prayerful petition: "So plan their future in the citrus (New York) to make sure his place In the political arena becomes -

Sales People America's constantly 1 1. The help me God. This practice processing Industry and to Invite assured.
alert force of Intercontinental Mayflower Compact
Men and women, to sell adver- was originated by George Washington students to further their The 29-year-old Puerto-Rlcan-born boxer Is among candidates
missiles and Forty-one Pilgrims in 1620
Jet bombers. prepared In In
tising. Liberal draw, liberal education through specialized Tuesday's primary New York, and Is seeking nomination
The airman Is a graduate of the first written consti- Democrat for the state
commission, easy work, quick courses offered at Florida U an Independent senate from the 29th
,sales. You earn $75 to $150 New Stanton Senior High School.: tution of our land. Its opening: 6. National anthem, the Star-. Junior colleges and universities. District. 4

L1f you're keen. Fringe benefits -_.---- daughter His wife of,Mr.Carolyn and Mrs.Is WilLiam the "In the name of God, Amen," Spangled Banner. For 117 yean, seeking Wonder political if there office will In be the a future Casslus? Clay or Ernie Terrell.
Opply' : FLORIDA STAR, 2323 11th it also stated that the this song was popular as a
LARRY D. PLAUGHER Baldwin of 1731 W. voyage to patriotic Clay, who Intends to make his heavyweight championship
oncrief Rd. cor 13th St. St., Jacksonville.SAN America had been 'undertakenfor hymn. On March 3,
to provide technically trained tulle a really International thing, is scheduled to meet Karl
personnel for the nation's aero- ANTONIO, Tex. -Airman the glory of God," and was 1931, Congress adopted it as CN'tTdl Mildenberger of Germany on Sept. 10 In a title match at Frank

FOR RENT space force. Curtis W. W1WamsllCDours. signed "solemnly and mutually our national anthem Its closing furt's (Germany) 79,000-seat soccer stadium
Airman Plaugher attended Forest Marie Wil in the presence of God" : "Praise the Power that hath .., The German fighter, who has 49 victories out of 54 fights, Is
511 W. 17th St. Unfurnished High School. \ I made and preserved us a na- --,.-to begin training late next month for the Clay encounter-pro-

apt. Now you can live In Jack- 2. Declaration of Indepen tion/ Then conquer we must, vided( contracts have been signed by then.

sonville's new conveniently S> ANTONIO, Tex Airman .1 dence. This cornentoneof American when our cause it is Just And a A SISTER was having difficulty In the meantime, Clay Is getting the pressure from another
cated two-bedroom apartmentfor .tlchard G. Henderson freedom provides the basis crossing a busy intersection source to defend his title. Eddie Machen, 34-year-old professional -
this be
$90 a month. Including new phew of Mrs. Mary K. Pearceof for our Constitution, Bill of our' "motto In God is when a young boy came of 12 years, thinks he should be In line for a go at Clay.
kitchen, equipped with hot water 2526 Boulevard, Jacksonville and all later our trust. to her assistance. After they had As he sees It, "I'm smarter and more experienced than ever"
heater Water turn. Apply 1643 has Rights, legislationin safely crossed, the Sister thanked Macben: has been knocked out only once *ylngemar Johannson./
Fla., been selectedfor 7. National In God
behalf of human rights. It motto WeTrust.
Main Street. You have to see to
technical training at Kees- him. The lad replied. "That'lOK.
makes four referencesto A joint, resolution was DIAMOND NOTES
believe ler AFB, Miss., u a U. S. Air specific Any friend of Bat/nan, is.
the of adopted by Congress on A potential hurler for the Cubs of the National
Force air traffic specialist. dependence our na- July a friend of mine." Catholic Digest Chicago Leaguewas
LEO' The alAnan recently I tion on God. It speaks of the 20, 1956. -July. signed to five-figure bonus contract aid sent to the team's.
completed basic training laws of nature and of nature's Tacoma (Wash.) club of the AAA Pacific Coast League. Jophrey>
8. Slate Constitutions Forty- Brown,, star Grambllng College right-hander, won the largest
at Lacklsnd AFB, Tex His new God; that all men are created
k nine state constitutions recog S IDEAL TV bonus ever paid a Grambllng pitcher.
SHOW about
Shoe Repariii school Is part of the Air Training : a
Command which conducts equal, that they are endowed by nize our dependence on God cowboy In a hillbilly shiprrnu Signed by Cub scout John "Buck" O'Neal, he goes to Tacoma
1 : their Creator with certain un- Himself the L space.s with a 'fifi racnrd nf fannlnv stet i!.ft.r! <. for an ft.I r.enrt.
hundreds of sneclallzed 1 as source of human um-
Of Kind courses .. inruwi fits m a monstersurgeon's *
Aiy -- -" --- i fieehiti
---- ri.--
to provide technically trained alienable rights. It appeals to rights and liberties. face Catholic Digest Including one no hitter and
CRT 3 W.
Is Our Business personnel for the nation's aero the Supreme Judge for the rectitude -July. r While Willie Mays pounded out the 521st home run of his
Only space force. St., Jacksonville, Fla.,has been 9. Pledge Allegiance to the career to tie Ted Williams for third place in the record books,
to FalrchildAFB of our intentions, and Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves Is home
Airman Henderson was grad- assigned flag Both the House and Senate : setting run pace-
934 E. Unioa St. Wash., after completing Air trusts in a firm reliance on the the fastest In the National League history' which needs jot to
adopted the resolution to add A DINNER GUEST was brag "
Force basic training.The protection of Divine Providence. be sneezed at.
ROOM FOR RENT airman will be trainedon the words under God to the ging about her recent Jrip Of course, he Is by no means a home run king, but he has
APTS FOR SALE 3. Thanksgiving Day From pledge, and It was made the abroad. Finally, In a condescending
Nicely furnished the Job u a construction slammed 24 round trippers in his first 68 games, to be ranked
Cooking. Pri-
vate. Single woman specialist with the Strategic the start of the nation, one day law of the land by President tone, she turned to the alongside Babe Ruth's and Roger Marls' feats in the American
2 Bufldings consisting ot 61 Modern conveniences or Call couple.356- Air Command.A each year has been set aside to Eisenhower on June 14, 1954. host and asked if he had ever League. Ruth notched his 24th in 60 games in 1927; and Marls
3604. graduate of Matthew W. Gilbert toured Europe. did it In 62 games In 1961.

Apartments. Rental High School, Airman DO AMERICANSGO "Oh, yes," he replied, for he
Williams attended Onondaga SALES GIRLS WANTEDLadies had been a tank commander HOT FOOT

HELP WANTED MALE I College In Syracuse, N. Y. under General Patton. "But only While on the subject of baseball-and football, too-a new

\I $$260 mat Facing paved st. Partine Tim COSMETIC.to sell Phone STUDIO 768-4883 GIRLS. TO CHURCH? turret class. Catholic Digest areas.Innovation In playing fields has been ushered in-heated playing

; Priced far quick sale. Men with cars, work a few HOUSE FOR SALE July. Thats sort of like giving the players the hot foot, but froma
hours on your days off and 7 apartments, 1635 Pearl FOR Today, 13% of Catholics serious viewpoint, will help to keep playing fields dry and in
earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply: Street. 7 baths, fully furnished. RENT never go to church; neither do THE DRAFT BOARD asked the good condition, during Inclement weather.
Call El 3-5388 FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon- $12,000 cash. Call 765-8521 Furnished rooms. Call355- 33% of Protestants; nor 39% young man his occupation. "I'ma The first such heated fields are the football turf of the U. S.

crief Rd. cor Hth. for appt. to inspect. I. 8908 3544863.. of lews..__ .___ _____ .L_ .comedian.. "That. so?" mocked Air Force academy's Falcon Stadium; and the new Civic Center
tune ic among me generalconclusion the examiner. "Let's see Bush Memorial Stadium, St. Louis-home of the Cardinals.
noted in a survey do you Underground cables, spaced one foot apart some eight inches
-- of religious beliefs made by Dr. something!: funny. below the soil, will-In the case of the gridiron insure frost-
:: : George Gallup's Public Opin The lad turned to the long free surfaces. _
1 4 -1 y ion Survey sponsored by THE line of men behind him and For the diamonds, It will mean faster growth of Infield and '

1 01-iH P t, CATHOLIC DIGEST. yelled, "You can go home fellows outfield grass In time for opening day That, of Course, would
: 1-- A similar poll made in 1952 I got the Job!" Catholic mean nothing to the Astrodome Houston, which does not use

showed that non-attendance at Digest July. the legitimate green stuff.

church then was 18% for Catholics Kenya's Klpchoge Kelno has copped another 5,000-meter race,
32% for Protestants 56% this time in the Berlin (Germany) international track aul field
meet. Time in 13 minutes 2S.6 seconds,the best clocking the
for Jews. The trend, therefore, THE PRISON INSTRUCTOR was

The sto.rtfthat cares. .abo fYQJl1: ,! ; shows! more church Americans now, 14 are yean attending interviewing determine three their new educational Inmatesto than world the this record year,timed Kelno he, however set last, was November.about 2.4 seconds slower

1 ei later.Other interests. The first prisoner expressed
findings: a desire to study mathematics
i "'SUPER-RIGHT" SHORT SHANK I j'j'a i Church attendance Increases and the second preferred -, Police Reports

1 I with Income. 41% of the upper history. The instructor then
I and 40% of the middle-Income asked the third man "And what

11..1 Manager) groups attend Sunday or Sabbath are you interested in?" STAB VICTIM CALM 830 Dew lit St. shot Ruth
SMOKEDPICNICS services every Sunday; only The prisoner grinned "Outer Sanders of 1537 W. 1st St. The
33% of the lowerIncomegroup space," he replied/ Catholic Digest John Ennis Cain of 1050 Mon victim stated that boyfriend
attend weekly. -July. roe St. was the victim of his. came to her home, and as she
The same trend is evident common-law wife, Mozelle came to her home, and as he
with occupation: 43% of pro Frailer, when she stabbed him entered he pulled a pistol and
fessional and white-collar worken In his left chest Saturday mornIng fired a shot that struck her In

attend church weekly, whereas TEEN-AGE TRANSPORTATION: for unknown reasons. the right thigh.
only 33% of farmen and car loaded with excessorles. Cain, however, saw no needIn Miss Sanders reportedto
service worken do. Catholic Digest-July. fighting back and went to police that Moses often playa

More large-city: dwellers are the hosptial Immediately to be with a gun around her, and she
i 6T08-LD. .treated.No feels that be did not shoot Intentionally -
churchgoers than are those in
SIGN prosecution was made, and Nevertheless, Moses -
tAYG. cities under 10,000 rural
39 .. or HIGHWAY the Rocky Cain refused to give any information became frightened and ran
residents 41% 35%.
: to
Jr Mountains: "Report All Smoke concerning the action. after he discovered that he bad
1 9w .IB. 1 Signals to Western Union." Police Investigators found, shot his girlfriend.
1 1 Geography is an important Catholic Digest-July. however, that the victim had
1 il factor in weekly church-going. been drinking.
the Gallua- Poll- flmtt In th.. TOLL OP HEART DISEASES

: "SUPER-RIGHT" SLICED HEAVY WESTERN SPECIAL! (Prelate Miiifir) : Mew England dnthMiddi; ; HOME! FROM COLLEGE the GUN PLAYER SHOOTS GIRL Elimination of all heart ..I...
Atlantic region 51 1% and 42%, IN HOME ceases would add sit \Coin u'
girl answered the
I respectively, attend .services phone and life expectance' .at birth. the
every heard
an unfamiliar
: BEEF LIVER 39C Sunday.> In the Mountain and male voice Playing with fire became a Catholic Digest estimate*: it
.LB' ,
on, ,
PRICES say over we're wait-
AD Pacific regions however, only for serious matter last Wednesday would add about the\ "tear t u'
1I 32% and 30%, respectively at- ing you"Much night when Charles Moses of- \pcttanc\ at age t<0.
I ARE GOOD THROUGH annoyed she inquired ----
tend.The "To whom do you wish to

y:1, MAZOLA CORN OIL SUNDAY JULY 10 ; higher the education, the speak;
higher the percentage of church After
2 a long pause the man I 1 1I
attendance. The survey finds that ,replied "Sorry I must have I I 'I

: SHOP AT OUR AlP 41 % of college graduates attend the wrong number! Nobody I
church each week while know says whom'." Catholic I I
I C WAREHOUSE STORE only 33% of those with 0-11 I Dlgett-JulyPOTENTIAL.
.Zola EXTRA SPECIAL: 4 9 yean of schooling attend.

I J LOCATED AT I Age is also an important fac- HIGHLANDMIST

QUART BOTTLE .tor. Thirty per cent of those 18-
,3000 W. 45tb ST. 24 yean never attend, church. to kf holfd. Catholic on ELL Digest-: a site I

1 j J AND SAVE!!' Welder Planned July. Rz: Ti


I Up with the Dim'Joneses." lode SCOTCH WHISKIES
packages simultaneously. -
II Henry planned to finance DiSellt-July.
the scheme, which he $
months through the sale of 'GENTLE"SCOnH
I 14.01. 98c I an invention.The Kent Hall on a hUktaird" in :: S tFl
4 Columbia *
; CREAM PIES PKGS. 1 welder, however, denied : i.Rocked &I th. cradleof

the charts.: He testified that "I.I Find mil who the deep...
1 JW i the plan was. conceived by Roderick I, is. Big Brother Mellowed In the cask

ALL VARIETIES CAMPBELL'S CONDENSED SPECIAL! J ERR Duff, president, Greater 2. Find out what to full perfection
.L Los Angeles Citizens Council. ,wants. Big Brother MILD & LIGHT
"6 VARIETIES TO i He also said Duff bad offered 'TR.Y+ IT1! ENJOY ITI
3. Knuckle "
SOUPS 1CjNS $1.00 PIESY aim $10,000 to kill Dr. Martin tinder Catholic
1 I
Duff, who is said to have'
SPECIAL! I alerted authorities to Henry's ONE
wz. ,' denied having conceived .
11'U iCH' 39C plan the ,plot or having proposed to i a by !If you save: the "long arena *'here NEAR YOUIv..v. e a

/ SEEDLESS GRAPES ".. 29C bankroll Dr. King's us uIna- ,' buy wmethtng up you can't enoughto ./-

1 lion. /Jf f''ord' It. Catholic
+ -- -- - -- - ----- --- ----- Digest-July.

.J t t'. C

.. __ __ __.._--"' _'_ -=---_ __ _...: __. .... \..... ..--..- .. -