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876918 F20090413_AACYLT 00243.jp2 f8f785e76d3d7c4024dba552ed91558a293df4760f7fa66a5c966ffe7ff5b0d4bf6d9e37
1085411 F20090413_AACYLU 00243.jpg 60c6bc69a1dc0ecd04329af216fbdc91e6a44e21dd762d15d2432c4de9db557d76381ef3
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200721datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 25, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007210740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 25, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 25, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

;;;;; '- IHS ..t Yilti J !f.Ja ksQnvi PKY LI m I'I'.JJJiim :i

'' ...-... _____c. '- 'x....1j ny I
** ***$? ***** ** :" ******** ** ** of FLA 1iaRY! / r.


;;;;; : **** >** tr ** "***4c** !* 1

__' .

F F'T; ; 'T t. ,; illiilIEI"-rB 4,aLl' In t Secrecy j "1s

{ II '1 *"' + .' ** ****** ,* ** 1


!.IL. 11 HI. 14 SATDIOAT .J JOLT 2, 1966 15 CENTS OF? i 1 s
** ** ** ***** *** ** **** **** 'tl. .

** ** ** *

"f1t 2f"I\ _1 First Negro Deputy U.S. Marshall Missing Jason'* .:

; j
Recovered I
***** ** logy

r 1K n,

IN Viet Nfim 1.

POLICE DEPARTMENTNOW : Two Negro Jaxons have been
t I M added to the list of Viet Nam "t'l
casualties '<-' '

Cpl. James Coleman Jr., SOD \ r
of Mrs. Ola Belle Coleman '1;

of 1625 W. 2nd St., died June :i
27 of wounds received in battle yIn

A native of this city CpL

\ Coleman resided here until his

enlistment In the U. S. Marine .
.. .
......# .,
*#* ## #* .T..opopopr \ Corps following graduation

Negro Police NAACP Gives Mayo r HeariRi Set School from Cpl. Coleman Matthew in the was W.class Gilbert serving of 1962.High with l

company G, tad Battalion of
Precinct Closed For KiiliRf the First Marine Division when

he was fatally wounded on last
Jacksonville's Negro precinct List Of 8 Demands At Drinking Let Nam Monday.since He January.had been In Viet t

where practically: no police business Survivors in addition to his :
was carried on has been The "long hot summer" has officially begun and the temperature mother include) bis wife, Mrs. ;
started rising last week when NAACP president, Rutledge Whiskey In the stomach and a
finally abolished.The Linda Coleman of Key West;
abolishment of the branch Pearson announced that mass demonstrations will begin In gun in the pocket was the deadly % ; Ii'J a son Lester Welcome Jr.,
precinct located in the Jacksonville on July 11 unless the city government gives mixture that culminated In a I b ( j
recreation center of the Blod- Negroes better Jobs and meet other demands. fatal shooting at the famed Kings,, + >
Rd. Driven Bar,nicknamed by
gett Homes was recommend Pearson sent eight demands some''Devil's island"
by the 1964 of the department and
survey to Mayor Louis H. Bitter It was last Friday afternoon
by the National As- later told a press conference, '
IIJ. the fellows had gotten off from s +
t \lociatlon of Chiefs of Police "If these demands are not met,
work cashed their checks
and followed demands by Negro we will begin an action and made a.beellne for the Nl 1H r 3 MP .W
...,tra..JUUb.t. Jorn..lPtt .. ,e
/ % prsgraaq'LRs ad4ed.d'we'metired .. t&A atiMtrwdM' spot: The d1 r. 4Mr
grated. of broken promises" by. .. boys were downing' +them fast"; r'.1Mrw+4
The 33 Negro members of the
mayor. "
.. Not half pints. Half pints are
will fall in for roll .
department The demands call for cooperation for weekdays when funds are!
call: with the rest of the force; by the city to employ low. They were getting them'
in the department's drill ball. people trained by the Neighborhood -
by the pints, mostly TIt :,
Two tables have been removed j ,.
pool Youth Corps,adopt housing wasn't too long for an argument :
from the drill ball to IIIAOR
to start, between two
make for additional loc
room LOUS.R1TTIR of the drivers, Elgle Burns,
kers for the patrolmen. 31, of 1459 Kings Rd. and !
In the past, the Negro officers, vice: tests are open to Negro Johnny Austin, 38 of 1573 West
under the direction of a white applicants. He added, "We are Third StBurns JAMES COLEIU IJR. :
lieutenant or captain have held sorely In need of policemen,
killed and Austin
roll call in the Davis Street both Negro and white. He also is was held for homicide Investigation. CONGRATULATED While a local TV Cameraman records the event, dance T. and daughter, Lisa Coleman
also of Key West brothers
precinct There were no Incoming said, "Maybe we can start a McClendon, right, who was appointed a deputy U.S. Marshal is shown being Henry Whitehurst Jr.; Robert

telephone lines only trainee program. Several witnesses said pongrauulated. by Chief Deputy Leo M. Mack, left. Sworn In last Wednesday, Whitehurst and the Rev. Willie

an extension switchboard.through (the department No- KlflHsm0Nfs Trial Burns and suspect were arguing Deputy Marshal McClendon was formerly a Jacks niille patrolman and Is the Coleman all 01 Jacksonville; : (

complaints were received at outside the bar about first Negro to secure such an appointment In the state of Florida. sisters, Miss Anna Belle White- :. .
I GuardedATHENS 5 p.m. They said Austin pul- 'burst and Mrs. Mae Carrell ,
the precinct. Commission Tightly led a pistol from his pocket Fla. NAACP Names Brldgewaters, also of this city; :
Monday the City
and told Burns to leave him other relatives.
received a letter from local Ga. Three of Vice President '.
alone. Funeral
Field DirectorMarvin arrangements arepending :1
NAACP President Rutledge six Ku Klux Klansmen accusedin The witnesses said the armed arrival of the remains
Pearson, which made eight requests the 1964 nightrider slaying
then put the pistol back
man Davies was recently from :Viet Nam.
of the city. One was I! os Washington Negro educator Into his pocket and turned to appointed NAACP Field Direc-
that the police department be Lemuel Penn went on trial in Lauds Negro Press
attacked f I
and RUTLEDGE PEARSON walk away when Burns tor for the State of Florida. The second victim is Pfc. .
"completely desegregated, 'federal court Monday behinda
him, knocking him to the ground. ,.... Prior to this appointment, he Norman Raymond Wilson who
that the Negro police now employed standards leading to urban re veil of secrecy and tight
They told officers Austin pulled served Coordinatorof bad been listed
as in
NEW YORK-Vice President stress on the problems of urban as missing
be permitted to participate the police .
newal desegregate security.U. his pistol again and fired counseling and Job Develop- action since June 15. His family .I
Hubert will address and
H. Humphrey tensions consumer protection -
fully with no restrictions force, hire Negroes as firemen S. Marshals and armed
twice. ment and Placement in a U. received word last satur-
a mass meeting of delegates while vigorously urging
based on race. Further, that and meter readers, remove racial uniformed Athens police officers ,
Three witnesses said they S. Department of Labor sponsored day that his body bad been
Davis attending the NAACP's57th of pending civil rightsVICE
the Negro precinct on restrictions from Jobs at guarded every entranceto passage
beard shots and saw the climax: Rural Manpower Training Sound
Street be eliminated or deseg the city's: public facilities, desegregate the courtroom and the ele annual convention In Los
of the fight. Project at Florida AIM Wilson
regated." the recreation department vator. Angeles, July 5-9. Executive mother Mrs.
When asked about the change reopen three city: Federal Judge William A. Burns was rushed to Duval Director Roy Wilkins announced University. Birdie A. Bradley resides at
Medical Center in a privatecar this week. The Vice Formerly Davies served as 1121 West 18th St., said be was
Chief Robert
Asst Police F. swimming pools and give Ne- Bootle stifled questioning of
but was D.O.A. (dead on Manpower Recruitment, Selection known to his
Hobbs said, "I can't say It's grees chances for more and prospective Jurors to his private President will speak in the r by the
arrival). and Referral Officer with nickname
not related but this thing has better Jobs In the five depart- chambers so they could first Methodist Church on the "Hugie".
A preliminary hearing .the Florida State Employment Born in Lake
evening of Wednesday July 6. City Pfc.Wilson
been considered for months of about
city government."We speak freely serving on '
march the shooting is set for July 6before More than 1,500 delegates are Service in St. Petersburgwberebe came to Jacksonville when be
will have a mass the explosive case.
Justice of the Peace expected to attend the participated in the recruit- was 7 years old and lived with tr
at 6 July 11 unless these Penn enroute home from convention _
p.m. N
Gordon Poppell. ment and training of over 400 .
Earl M. JohnsoR demands are met," Pearson military duty with two companions .. ,. ,.. which will lay particular disadvantaged youth. ''-- < .
------- ,
said. "Then we plan a varietyof was killed on a rural ., ::2"": 4
In 1963 Davies worked as a
direct action methods to highway in Colbert County, Ga. N-- Social Worker with the Florida
is Admitted To call attention to the situation." The Klansmen, some of whom eno..S Welfare
State Department of Public ,
He said some of the methods already have been acquitted Instate Beachwhere ,
{ at West Palm
being considered arerent court trials, were subsequently ; -...--- ----
Jax Bar Assa. strikes picketing of real estate arrested. One allegedly Of 'MtEdeAft

offices, sit-ins at City confessed and was being subsequently : 1'1'
The Jacksonville Bar Association Hall and tent cities.Commenting arrested by his pals

last week announced the on Pearson's as they waited for the new trialto PRESIDENT HUMPHREY
admission of the first Negro threat of demonstrations which begin. -2' legislation.

attorney to membership. be made in a letter to the mayor President Johnson personally : !!! "' There will be speeches: by I II
He is Earl M. Johnson a of the city. Mayor Hitter said: ordered the investigation that Executive Director Roy

graduate of Howard UniversityLaw "The doors are always open led to the arrests. COLUMBUS Ga. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Wilkins; and Roger W. Wilkins,
School who has been to any conferences on racial The defendants could get up Fund attorneys last week won the release ol James Jose! from director of the U.S.Community

practicing law In Jacksonville matters" Mayor Ritter said. to 10 years and $5,000 fines the Terrell County, Ga., Jail. rights workers because of hostility Relations Service I i 'Y
for the past eight years. "I think we can do it better 00 conviction In the federal Civil rights lawyers called to Negroes there The 51st Spingarn Medal will NORMAN "Hugle" WILSON

Johnson was a recent candidate that way than by writing let- charges of conspiracy to violate the case a legal oddity. After Mr. Josey allegedly was the be awarded to John H. Johnson two aunts, Mrs.EmmaL.Good

ters." Peon's civil rights. A state having served 23 years of t life driver of a car that struck a president of the Johnson Publishing man,.and the late Mrs. H. B.

Rltter said his office has murder conviction wouldbe sentence for murder, be was group of white men on a highway Company of Chicago, Jenkiivs, until entering service.He .
already recommended appointment death or life In prison. .rearrested this spring Immediately in Dawson, Ga., in Febr "for his outstanding achievements }. was graduated In 1959 from

of a Board of Housing Booth ordered Joseph Howard after having been paroled, uary, 1943. Ten of the white as Journalist and businessman. MARVIN DAVIES New Stanton High School,where
Appeals to the City Council, Sims 43, Cecil Myers 26, and on charges stemming from the men were Injured, and one subsequently ." he worked with the Migratory he was a member of the Stanton
including: two Negro community George Turner, 34, tried first. same incident for which be ...uImprl.loDed died Workshop sessions will Worker Rehabilitation Pro Blue Devils marching band and

leaders in Its membership.He The three others to be tried in 1943. Mr. Josey was indicted on one Include: leadership development gram also a member of the School
said the city has only four later this week were James S. The attempt by county officials count of murder and ten countsof branch problems, During the fall of 1962, whilea Boy Patrol.
pools (not fire as Pearson said) Lackey, 30, Denver Willis Phillips to resurrect 13-year-old criminal assault with Intent to murder. employment education, teacher he led a movement Pfc. Wilson attended Bethune-

and two of them are open on 26, and Herbert 'Guest, charges is being challenged He was tried and convicted on housing, membership recruitment la Fort Myers Florida to Integrate Cookman College In Daytona i
for the of
House a nonsegregated basis. He said 39. All are from Athens by Legal Defense Fund toe murder charge although be and fund raising. the public schools and Beach for three years before
lost Representatives In Group 8, but the other two would be costlyto It was believed that Sims, lawyers as a denial of the contended the car bad gone out Junior college As a result of enlisting in the Army. After
Grange. primary to Gifford rehabilitate and there is not Myers and Turner were constitutional right to a speedy of control accidentally. WHOSE BIGHTS? this protest he was not re-em completing his first three-year
sufficient to Improve in Bootless chambers with ployed. in
In money trial. Paroled this spring after serving tour of duty, be worked
addition to serving as an them. government and defense law Federal District Judge. Ro- 23 years of his murder Davies has had a long recordof Seattle, Wash.: and then reenlisted -
attorney for the Afro American Regarding of licensingof I yers. However Sims, who bad bert Elliot ordered the release sentence, Mr. Josey was rearrested WASHINGTON NPI-5ome service with the NAACP as early this year.
Insurance Co.,Johnson has been Negro electricians: andplum- been committed to the state pending disposition of Mr. on the ten assault "W-adylltd"1 proposals pen- Chairman of the State Education He is survived by a son, Eric
legal representative for the National bers, Rltter stated that plum- mental Institution at Milledge- Josefs claim that he ...being Indictments He was held In ball ding In Congress to bar Jury bias Committee Branch Youth Advisor Wilson! of Chicago and his mother ;
Association for the bers and electricians are subject vllle after shooting his wife held Illegally. totaling lf.OOO.. ,could, if enacted, be harmful to and a recipient of an Mrs. Birdie A. Bradley
Advancement of Colored tollcensingboardehesaid.The in the face: was not seen in TerreU County Is known as state's rights, Chief Justice NAACP leadership and civil I of Jacksonville; and a sister,
People. mayor said all civil ser- the building by newsmen. "terrible Terrell" to civil ** *.* Earl Warren has said. rights award. :Mrs Scarlette Brown Greene.I is i

..... I )' r
_. .. ... .
--- --- -.0 _... -- -

- ...-.. n_.. .nn..... ._ .__.. .. .. .m..mm. .. J


-- ..


: N t..W s y To Be Equal

Published bjr the Florida Star
fruollshing Company Cf.HSU5.NOH THC .fa
siztOF cmcs.HOR

NEGRO OFHAH THAT i ir There are many well-meaning, decent people who say they are
P TIO I THCCOUHTRYTURNS 4V2 willing to Judge people by their worth as individuals and not as
OUT'Hi uar stereotyped members of this or that racial croup.And yet they
often fail to look beyond their personal beliefs and their positions '
on public issues to understand bow abstract principle
ERIC 0. SIMPSON .........,Maiifiil r ElltilllDA J often conceals effects detrimental toprogress race relations.
: p For example, there are those who say that
WITEN..w.CIrcilitloi Kuapr, government ''ts too big that federal intrusion
Into the affairs of states or localities is bad.
kraeteuao.eeNt..n..c and that the federal government should keep
n dI ly i. such intrusions to a minimum. Now this has
2323 'MiicrUf' Rial Phni Elfii 4-6782 y r,'* long been an attitude shared by many Americans I.. '
fo'o' # pi ;./\sad is natural byproduct of the federal system i ,
Miiliil Address.. i e sand the history of our country. But let us look
+ behind this abstract prlnlcple and see what it I _
> means in reality.
'P. 0. Bu 599 Jicksuvilli, Florida 12201 r1rr It means that Negroes in the South would be left helpless in
) '' the face of local segregationist practices. It means that our

MIAMI OFFICE r. ,., cities would rot because only the federal government has the
resources to modernize them. It means that the political attitudes -
;14 ,: and structure created another for another
by age society
738 NW 3rd hi. .Phopi 3)71025.SUBSCRIPTION ) \\4 would be rigidly maintained, impeding progress today. And

.. a._o_ 1 uo It means that the federal government's traditional role as a
RATES .' protector of minorities from local abuse would be curtailed.
: ,:: : ..2Your \ The role of the federal government has grown precisely
One year. $6.00 Half Tear $4.00 :,. because to
of the failure of local governments adequately
Mailed to You Anywhere in the united States exercise these and other functions: adequately.

Subscription payable in advance Y These same people decry the growth in federal spending over
Send Check or Money order to: E'4 i itl bt the years, and many feel that, with a war raging in Viet Nam,
'001 we should cut down on programs like the war on poverty. I
wonder if they realize that while federal spending has risen,
Jacksonville 1, FloridaWho's It has not Increased its share of the nation's output. In 1968,'
the administrative budget expenditures came to 15.2 per cent
; trt4J of the gross national product (total value of goods and services
Benefiting From The produced This is a lower share of the GNP than in the first

normal post-war year, 1947, when it was 17.7 per cent, and.

Poverty Funds Available? FELT THE 'ROOT CAUSE' HAD TO BE CONQUERED! less As for than the In most need to years cut spending since. today where can it be done?

The war in Viet Nam will cost more than $12 billion this year,
The war on poverty has the greatest appeal but the war on poverty is budgeted at a mere $1.7 billion To
to the American heart Every effort cut this meager allowance is to court disaster in the Watts's
should be made to give the poorest peoplea and Harlems of the nation. These same unprejudiced people
better living and a better chance. must realize that their abstract desire for"economy govern
The Weekly ment" means condemning millions of Negroes and other citizens
attempt to reach the lowest level of 'to grinding poverty and hopelessness.Some .

poverty overlooks those poor people who say they don't mind who lives on their block, that they
proudly do, not regard themselves as among h would welcome Negroes. Yet, they oppose fair housing
the poverty striken and destitute. Yet v ;, .y proposals which might make this a reality. They cherish the

if our government helped these :: "right of contract", which protects the principle of homeowners
people who
: : :
refuse to admit :: : Horoscope Guide selling to whomever they wish. But this theoretical
poverty, the poverty pro- > right often robs Negroes of the right to participate in a free
gram might provide a better basis for our and open market.

national hopes and deserve at least as Many people also say that welfare spending Is a waste and

much of our fanancial treasure and attention ...........,..... PAILO The .<1f..n*>***' that the government should not support able-bodied men on
By ASTROLOGER relief. Yet the huge bulk of those on relief are the old, the
infirm, and small children. Studies show few "ablebodied"men
The poor are going to school on the on relief, unless one wishes to Include those who have

governmental anti-poverty programs but WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR Jobs which pay so little that supplemental funds are needed
the educated and uppercrust are drawing to keep families together; and many of these men work in
public institutions such as hospitals where they do vital work
the fabuoous salaries to teach the poor BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL but are drastically underpayed.

people. It is certainly benefitting There are dozens of other beliefs could cite which are held
those who are not poor. by individuals who fervently maintain that their principles
The trained and educated and the admini- terror are right and that they are not prejudiced in the slightest de-
:ARIES motives. CAPRICORN gree. Yet the effect of these is limit '
strators are now riding the financial HIM principles to the posslblllties -
,BORN MARCH open to our Negro citizens Men of good will must carefully
CANCER BORN SEPT. BORN DEC. examine their beliefs and see what they mean In real life. They

,UNSUNG WAR HEROESNot ;2IJ- APRIL 19thAs J 23rd; : OCf. 23ri- '22ii JAN. 19th must put flesh and blood on their abstract principles; when they
sacs u you allow others BORN JUNE L22H do, I am sure they. will find them wanting.
to.Influence you to accept their ?': The temptation to become entangled Just when you seem to be on
only are we criticizing the govern- JULY 22i In an unconventional
views, opinions or methods, the verge of thinking that all
ment for staying in Viet Nam, but we as you may be setting the stage There are some very upsetting affair of the heart has been, your worries or problems are The Urban
a nation seem to show little appreciation for errors andself-ttustrattoo. factors making life a very uncertain and may continue to be,presentIn behind you, they may suddenly '
for our fighting The opportunities or enlightened affair on the 10th. Instead your pattern. The Indications reappear creating chaos your
men overseas.We procedures that established of allowing yourself to get for the future, in this respect thinking and planning Kate
cannot help but feel that our young the tone for the stabilizing down in the dumps, go out and Is that you may eventually have sure that anything you may need League Story
men are making a great sacrifice in the of your borne and vocational enjoy yourself through companionship reason to rue succumbing to it. In an emergency Is at hand
war, and the people at home seem to care Interests should not creativity or vacation Be particularly strong In your seeing that, in many places
little for what they are doing. when a be tampered with, because of pastimes. This alao resistance should you find It Is difficult to obtain services BY CLANZEL T. BROWN
afterthoughts or the pressures would be a good way to make yourself pressed on the 9th, or attentions of any kind oo ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR
young man goes into the Army, he becomesa applied by persons who may new friends or to encourage 10th. The safest road for Sundays. Once this day Is
sort of outcast. think that they know better and the development of romantic most of you to travel Is the safely behind you, there should The National Urban League,'guided by Whitney Young,and the
parents warn their daughters to avoid him really don't. Anything that you attachments even when they one that leads to an Improved ,not be too much to disturb, Jacksonville Urban League Board of Director the leadership
as dangerous. They care nothing about do, or fall to do, could be the are of a temporary nature. status, the widening of your I you during the rest of this' of Dr. W. W. Schell, chairman, and L. I. Alexander, co-
his small monthly enlisted biggest troublemaker of the Those who prefer to rest and to earning power. With Mercury quarter and probably the man ". chairman, believe every person should be protected against
men's pay. :month. Always take precautions remain strictly be themselvesmay turning retrograde, the pace I Something that you may have discrimination because of race, color, religion or national
They care little for the sacrifices the when you are using dangerous also enjoy whatever comes I'I In your social circles will slowdown i I thought Impossible to obtain origin in the purchase, rental, lease, financing: use and occupancy
enlisted men's wives and children are tools or substances and do not up to a moderate degree. The accordingly: or come to could come Into your hands In of baring throughout this nation. Therefore, the Urban
making. risk running afoul of the law concerns that keep trotting a full stop. Most everyone, a mysterious manner. League does support the Civil Rights Act of 1966, because it
people seem to say why should I through negligence or traffic through your mind may have including yourself, may feelthe IS- 60 aa 43 aso will help to Insure the rights of all citizens. The following is
I :
care, violations. Legacies possible. a way of Intruding, but youshou.tcI urge to go off on.a trip. a case history of a Negro family discovered In a recent housing
am making
My son is in college and practice optimism. AQUARIUS survey:
safe from the draft why should I worry 2i0S3.7438'TAURUS 2.60.33 $9.962SCORPIO This Is the upstairs apartment In a
about other folk's problem? Sie0asix -.155 BORN JAK. frame building. It has approximately

Remember, we are our brother' keeper. 'IORN APRIL LEOlUIY BORN OCT. 20th FEB. 18th It feet Is occupied of living space.by eight It per rents sons for-a$50 i

BORN 24th It could be a big risk to get and six children. Asked what she liked two-unltl
Our Statistics Must. Be ComparedWe 28th MAY, 20thThe 73ri AUG. 22li NOV. 22II1' mixed up in unconventional attachments apartment, the mother replied that the :
favorable factors that enable There Is nothing unusual a- or to put down solid means she doesn't have to pay for -
hear you to obtain your desired No one, including yeti closest bout the fact that once you .cash where chance: Is the sole portation of her children to school L
a great deal these days. about our ends are Just u potent as ever, par your and those think you have it made some I Judge U to whether you are questions were avoided In asking her
Increased appropriations to ,education in and they may even be Increasing be friends, avight thing comes up to disabuse 'going to be favored by a stroke screens In the windows and doors, the fact that the apartment
the South, but when we compare our figures in strength. While thereIs to expect you to pay their way or you. It may be a speculationgone of good luck, you are undoubtedly Isn't repaired but merely "patched" occasionally as cheaply
with other states they don't ring solid. nothing against reaching agreements to back risky ventures. By wrong, a friend who lets right. But ills not going< 'U possible. She wants alivbugroomwberenobody sleeps, something -
This is what former Governor of any sort, it may. the same token avoid becoming .,you down, a romance gone oo to come at your beckoning. It she doesn't have now. She believes she needs one extra
Collins LeRoy be more to your advantage to obligated to them to the extent the rocks, or anything on which apparently is awaiting the next room. She objects to having cold water only. The landlord collects
now secretary of commerce, put the finishing touches during where It could take you an apparently ,you had set your heart. It .quarter when many other splendM the rent every two weeks, and charges$2 extra every two
said recently in an address: the coming quarter. This would endless period to liquidate would be much more prudent, factors will crop>> up tc weeks (total extra charge of $4 monthly)if the rent .late. The
'A decade ago the South was ten per cent Insure greater success and the the resulting debts. I| on this day, to be as far away support it. Meanwhile, keep family's gross Income is $67 weekly.There is no room design
below the national average in amount spent duration of happy unions. Some usually is better to relinquisha U you can from potential trouble your purposes fixed In your ated as a U'lncroomlntheapartmeot. There are sofas, how
student Taureans could nave financial, purpose when this assures or controversies. The one mind and bend all your efforts ever, In at least three bedrooms. When visited, only females
per ; today It is 14 per cent beI emotional andprofesslosalpro- you of freedom from outside to whom you are closely awed toward their achievement. were In the apartment, and they were all congregated around
low. blem that would seriously limit claims or the qualms of an uneasy may give you some forceful There may be moments when the kitchen table.The kitchen is also the diningroom. The rooms
Collins added that last year, Florida their freedom of choice conscience. This. more pointers u to what you should your objectives seem to be are big and overall floor space Is large,although quality Is poor.
increased its appropriations ) for higher and action. But for the others or less the attitude that you do to carve your niche In this lost In a mate of confusion or The surveyor noted that the family could get by on less floor
who are not faced with such should assume when you are world. Even If you prefer to contradictions. This Is when space "although they might need the same number of rooms."
education 19 per cent while the national serious impediments, the road faced with dilemma of making have the only say In mattersof you would be well advised to He said "Too much floor space tends to make rooms messy
average was a rise of 39 per cent. seems to be clear to accept: definite. decision. a personal nature, you can I consult the other half of your because people Just throw Junk in to fill them up." The reason
Fact is, Florida Is growing, but not fast whatever seems to be like a ::5 stand a word of advice, home team. the floor space exists, thinks the surveyor, is that the homes
enough. If we want to measure any kind' fine DrcDdsltlon. ueas S. so 71. 57-538 are simply old,built in a dty when lumber and labor were cheap.
of IIKDK This family hAS nccmiAd thl. nartmanf ..f... __'h. 'I'h.
make progress comparisons., we must have yardstick to' BORN AUG. SIRITJNRIOSBORN. PISCES mother said, "U you had come on a day when it wasn't raining:
you'd see flies here.
Approximately 180
nay. square feet of this
23rd SEPT. 22H. .BORX fEB.ISth apartment is hallway and staircase. Bath has commode and tub
BORN MAY ;3ri DEC. 21st no sink.
Information For TaxpayersThe You can be hypersensitive to
21st loot 21st a huh degree causing you to become While you have been having a MAR. 20tt This is an actual case-history in our thriving city, however
wonderful of luck .we wouldn't want to give the impression typical
peeved far too easily for run and havean Taking It out on the one yon. tame.As that this is a
public taxpayer has a right to get It Is Just as important to your own good. Before you ay even better one coming dur love best is not the way to ,"Negro .
information about how the American tax have a special exit for you to off the handle, find out the r.ICIIS ..- ing the next quarter, you may find happiness for yourself. this bill you should write your congressman and support
dollar is being spent. extricate yourself from difficult that underlie the words and have to face some rather Hake the necessary sacrifices, toward It is one of the hurdles that must be cleared
actions: of serious problems and challenges the ending of ghettos In our country. This will end the
higherups -
entanglements as It Is to have and key Including the financial: ones, tomaintain
Sam Ervin Jr. of North blighted cities
Caro-j :associates. There U welL Keep ; decrease taxation and help re-distribute the
one at borne to be used In cased is an ex your the peace and bar- ,
lina helped to co-sponsor recently a bill an emergency. A Uttle !planation for almost anything loved ones under close surveillance many that are essential oo the nation's wealth. This would also help to bring about quality
which will provide information for tax- forethought In this connection U you are likely to find out to see to It that they domestic scene. The ability school Integrated education by eliminating the gerry-manderlng of .
payers who want to know how tax could turn out to have exceptional should you take the trouble remain In good company, and that Is yours to rise above boundary lines, thereby erasing de facto integration in
moniesare to are not up to education It will help to create a climate for
value during what appears Inquire. Co ahead with some mischief petty multi-raclal r.-
being spent. to be a somewhat problematic your summer plans unless or'other that could cause damage should bewumedopadappUedwith lations that is necessary for a betergenous society

Every governmental agency can be alerted weekend. The opening pressing matters make this Im to your prestige or property. telling effect where it hurts I I I II i i i I" i 11'111" > .i
to the fact, if the bill is passed, that to make use of your outstanding possible. There Is no cause It should be with a sigh of relief .the most There is a great -.Fire Prevention in the HomeWhen
the public citizens are looking skills should be utUliedandexplored .for building up prejudices against that you welcome the workweek source of true inspiration pre-: home
over the for Its the marital state once: again for It should energy-electricity.M : ..oldest and arrant producer of edu-
money-making Just sent In the lives of Pis-
bureau's shoulder.We many | fire, or oil-relt
potential u well U for personal because you have seen or un- offer you some unique opportunities clans and It would be a pity trouble retulu. Each out control,'Reaches cause, rf houiehold fire, and
recommend the same type of freedom of reasons. There Is an dergone certain disagreeable ', to add to your pins to leave It untapped. Your United State, 600,000 yes firei In and the for children to make a drcluon
information on every city, town, county element of secrecy or discretion 'experience in this cta ectia. and holdings. While you benefit ,talents and beliefs are well some 6,000 deaths mutt from rect safety of by demonstrating the eon:
and state in the union. It is too good which must be taken Into -' Nothing can always be the rule I I from cooperation In good worth-while cultivating when house or apartment building firei open UK fire hot ipr jr away from
to be held for the federal government account to prevent being and there generally are.numerous measure, you must also prepare 'they lead to self-betterment.., Fire Prevention in the Home, a alert to keep or clothing:electric: coil: !,; being from
a alone slowed down by red tape or ore( exceptions, stiff competition on and the education: of promising.'.new film releaied by Encyclopaedia heatert; and using nonflammable away ,

ganlsed groups that. have ul 4. 8Q.. 66'52-8(8* the part-10-44-13-453 of others. -10 ZJ 11. ;Britannica cational I -filnu Film for Inc.ichoolt, the, Uluitratri.nation tf'I >non machineryIJ :-eapksive. solvents for cleaning

I i. 1

L __ ___ __ ___ ....._...... A ____ .
T.__ _

JULY 2, 196S SlIt mIlS PAGE 3 I I

u .
I !!a: Bride Weds Naval ,Doctor Senior Students Hornored I : I

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p r :

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aR I ITR" 1 7.t- ..
wY 1\
L .. ..- g'\.1' .'

i for 1, r :

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:110 ,rI
/ .
-, :, I. "f \ e f
.tii '
1 '" '
p I l. .' l. : I
: 1..' :" ,q t .. .--...#. rf>' j-lt.i: 4TTtI


ri i

/ i 4\ .1 I iii: r It __ r,i

:r r 1 ." J

JACKSONVILLE Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma A&M University,; ; Miss Joyce Steney, Florida

Theta Sorority, Inc. held a luncheon recently A&M University ; Miss Joan Barnes Fisk
honoring Senior High School girls. University. Mrs. Gwendolyn Chandler was

Participants on the panel were as fol lows; chairman ; Mrs. Louvenia E. :Solomon co- II
: r'I Left to right Miss Mary Ann Reed Clark chairman.

1t4) > t'r: .'I': University; Miss Sandra Christie, Florida
4 I '

j tn\i'::r.Iw i't' Human Relations STORK DELIVERY j
1 ; 'i ar l ll
":':.4.. Clinic At ChurchThe I WeddingsJohn 1 Mr. and Mrs. George; Johnson !:
\>, t- 2283 Calvin St., boy.
seventh annual -"t.. tattoos and Better UringCllnlc, -- Mr. and Mrs. Rufus LaFavor,
.1. i Vonsored by the Negro Educational Leonard Felton Jackson: 1352 1983!! W. 23rd St., boy. ,
H. Morrison, 3309 Myrtle i
Review for Florida Me- Prince St. 30
and Catherine ?
.t 1.. Borial College, .Is scheduled Ave., 20 and Louise J. Shaw, Freeman, 1336 N. Myrtle Ave, Ifr. and Mrs. Thurlynne Brown ,
1291 W. 30th St. 18.
<, foly 12-13 In Day Spring Baptist ZOo 21)2 Thomas Ct, girl
/', : urcb. Francis Page, Lexington, Ky., 1
Roosevelt 1433 14th
Sessions that will Interest all 40 and Helen Louise Middle- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Qualn-
jttlzens have been arranged, St.1211, 34 W.and 31st Lillian St. 39.L. Dennis, brooks, 825 1/2 W. Ashley St., tance, 4214 Katanga Dr., N., I )
age II boy.
was announced. Several coo- 33. 1
Nltants will participate. The
clinic will be held dally from .
Z1thl"t : ':30 to too: o'clock.

,Summer Program At '

-o.r; ....:.J1I.- _.' ,r' T'i.. '''':_. ..
Moncrief Elementary -1
FLORIDA BRIDE---Mrs. Cecil D. Grimes Jr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Rose, of Orlando and ,1.4 ,:.
the former Elena Suzanne Rose, pauses at Tallahassee and Dr. Grimes is the son of The Summer Enrichment program (
the altar of the Mt. Olive Church Orlando Mrs. Cecil D. Grimes Sr. and the |late continues at Rufus E. I.,

following her wedding Saturday, Mr. Grimes of Vlneland N.; J. The Rev. through Payne Aug.Elementary 9. School

June II to Lt. Grimes', M D". ," of the Or,., .S.M., PecK ,and) the Rev.Ftr NesorPinder | \ '11aotIerlAp Include, rhythmic -
Medical Corps, U. S. Navy, of Mt. Vernon officiated in the double"rFngceremony 1 ,, pity and art activities i
of Mr. at the Orlando church.. around which other aperience.I'
N. Y. Mrs. Grimes I Is the daughter ? be developed.Also included

will be: television viewing, library .
Mrs. Nora AndersonIn Footnotes To Fashion Hospitals Lose reading classes and viewIng -
I of motion pictures. .
"y Ittty Marshall Medicare Funds| The registration will continue
Musical Program Horn ,..hie" CO..lt..t, HcrcuUi Powdir, Company throughout the summer pro- f
Remember when you used to some guidelines are needed, They WASHINGTON -- Aboul f t gram and will be held dally fi
Mrs. .Nora Anderson will be work hard to bring the outdoors are being provided by the researchers 1,000 hospitals, most of then> from 8 to 4 pm. A lunch for Iy i
presented in a musical program In" In order to look as if you in the fiber development In the South, have not complied I hour will be provided dally.i a
July 10 at 7 p.m., In Mt. Sinai knew all the latest decorating labs at Hercules: with Title VI of the Civil Rights i f"I
Baptist Church. She will be accompanied trends? Now. Just to keep us on 1. Make sure it Is made by a Act of 1964, which bans racial I
and Lodge Holds.
I manufacturer
by Mrs. Catherine our toes, were told that "out" ts reputable discrimination In any federal
marked indoor-outdoor carpet.
Baucom and Allen N. Greene. no ,longer relax"In- Its If that supposed confuses to, ing Hercules.; which makes only ly-assisted program. "I
The participants will also include you What it means IK the newest the fiber and not the finished car Thus, the Department One Day Meeting '
: Mrs. Ruby F. Herndon, trend Is to make your outdoor pet, reminds homemakers that the of Health, Education and Wel- of ; I
; The Grand Chapter
Mrs. W. L. Prince Smith, Mrs. living as comfortable as it ts new Indoor-outdoor carpeting fare faces a crisis in achieving Royal
under various trade names has a the State of Florida,OES,working -
D, Lucas and others. Indoors before 1 when
W. compliance July I
will to
special backing cling of Prince
the unexpected places protection .
Among the hostesses will be: Among the federal program of healthcare ,
you will be meeting carpeting Is smooth surfaces such as concreteor Hall Grand Lodge, A. F. andA. +4ror .
Mrs. Leila Singleton dean; on a boat, around a swimming tile and that It Is a firmer for the aged becomes ef- M. of Florida, will meet
Mrs. Verlee Suggs, attendant; pool and more practical for all weave, but feels like a natural fective. in a one day session July 11
Mrs. Ledessa, Johnson, Mrs. In a downstairs recreation room fiber.) The program is expected to 1 in Bethel AME Church, 224 E. _
Leona Jenkins, Mrs. Venus with the carpet running right out 2. Cleaning a Herculon olefin put a strain on medical facilities -
Brown, Mrs. Rozena Lewis, to the terrace The result of this carpet U easy. It will get wet If throughout the nation. Howry Avenue, Deland.
may be a whole new vocabulary It's outdoors but It will not be Entertaining chapters are
Mrs. Inca Williams Mrs.Juan- (''carpet'eMla, for Instance, re harmed by water Most of it will Many Indigents seeking medical Queen of South 141, Prince of ;
Ita Priester and Miss Willie placing "lawn" tennis), run off just as water runs oft the cue will be turned away from Peace, tMlstedbyRuthCbapter
M. Jackson Actually this has a practicalside deck of a boat or the edge of a hospitals unless the institutionsare V
128 of Seville.
The program Is being sponsored because one of the newest pool. Spills of food, or trackings certified for federal funds. Miller royal t
by the Senior Missionary fibers for carpet Herculon, has, of dirt or sand on children feet Numerous southern hospitalshave Mrs. Hannah ,
proved Itself to be almost com are also easily removed Brushingor grand roitron, and cabinet have
Society Circle 2. pletely mildew and moisture re- carpet sweeping will take care hastily arranged for compliance asked nil matron councils and i
Distant. This led to a logical step: of any dry dirt. Spills of food in order to receive other members to be In attend- 4 I
making a type of this olefin fiber even greasy ones can be wipedup federal money for continued: mace Mrs. Sallie Jones, state
Into carpets In several colors with a damp sponge. operation and improvement of
to be in
which could be used outdoors as 3, Choose a color you like present facilities. However, In
well as indoors and both placesat you'll have It a long time. If you North attendance.
Crown Arkansas, Tennessee,
Royal the same time. want to stick to the greens for Members desiring to attend
Cola Carpeting the outdoors, or using. real outdoor use you can put Carolina and Florida, less than the Supreme Grand Masonic
carpet to link Indoors and outdoors down a'"lawn green" which never 50 per cent of hospital beds Congress to be held In Los /
is such a new concept that needs cutting I. have been cleared. 14-20 have /
Angeles ,Aug. /
been asked to contact J. E. /
Bradford 1418 E. 23rd St.,
Jacksonville, for transportation

Information. new at your beauty shop from Gillette! t

Independence Day I

Celebrates MondayThe I

Gateway Barracks 3131 Eft, the truly different )

World War I Veterans and
oo roat curl relaxer
tai'' $ Ladles of the auxiliary will permanent I
observe Independence Day,July 4
4 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. cooI cool \
Ira Hemby, 1863 W. 29th St. goes on ""Stays

44j Barbecue, fish watermelon t .
will be free to alL Games;
and other amusements will be Forget hot combs and stinging chemicals. Now from the .
ajj gviw plentiful. AU members and ,
laboratories of Gillette comes this truly different
friends are Invited to celebratethe
I affair with the group. curl relaxer. Epic goes on cool- tays cool
The event .Is In the Interest
of the building drive. It's so gentle your hairdresser needn't wear glovesyetit

relaxes even the !tightest curls Color-treated hair ?

Hair Style ShowA No probleml! Epic won't revert-In rain or heat.

It lasts and lasts, Actually conditions your hair. Leaves ,

hair style show 111 be fea- just enough body for the new smooth hairstyles. Your hairdresser
'BRA DE tared July 23 at 8 p.m., In the I
there's been like Try
knows Efjic.
never anything
g vs Myrtle Avenue Library, 13th
Beef at its Best m Street ancIllyrUeA.Y8DUespon-


Mrs. Edna B. Calhoun, local .
beautician and hair stylist t ,
will direct the show. .Y

.. / '. .:

,. 1
.I, t j

" .(:, ,oIIo:;>>t..... _" __.:: __ .: -.:' _0-: -. ". u :-_ : u.':- _..:. t -' oI..IL._ :' : = _= __ : _- % .

' . . . . "

1 4. JUU2.1I1


1 Kenyan Gets Management Course AI Pan Americann1 TWO MINUTES

1 ( CHURCij-N-EWS ____

I inn 1NE BIBLE '


: Revival meeting will begin July 11 it 8 p.m., In Abyssinia I
i Baptist Church and continue through July 22 with Rev. G. W.
Warren of Palatka and Brunswick, Ga., U evangelist. IF HE BE ABLE
Baptismal service will be conducted following the morning

worship, and the Holy Communion rites will be held at 4 p.m., t:hhl" hIM limit .or Any thai l iN whin Mi. the I Holy One, Ili..1|, | i i.hlllllt' ?
with Rev. B. L. Wynn,pastor,and officers in charge. All choirs : nigh of kin unto hint "I f hm fatuity ,, ami ili.Knui an a mner '"
and ushers will serve. Districts Sand 11 will sponsor an outingto may nilti, him,or,if he'U 11,11', l htmayndiunhimwir alvury'n I.row*.

Magnolia Lake July 16. The bus will leave the church at ? /tl (Uv 2549)IJmUr : ), II.. 1M our IdrswYt 1 I"ill.III'1i1+ 1<,

9:30: a.m. T Old' lilaimnl' law our ilc<",""r, "fur \'.nly' I 11. look 'im' ',',
t who had failed In IrtMiHim miiM Hun tin n.iliin, of mini'I*. (Inn' |II|,
EMANUEL BAPTIST : Nell hiiiiwir,or lit Mold, into slavery, UKik on Hun the Ml1.1| of "Ir.llIun"
Services Sunday in Emanuel Baptist Church will begin with the Ajii hm maitur paying off hiM dil>u in i (lltli. 2:1/1): / thin Hi/ nnuln+ rl'I"'II, ,
Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Deacon George Smith and Mrs. M lieu of Halary The I slave lonl I In. Jiwaml (unlili.I ","a.II' forulinli,

Mamie Fields in charge Morning service at 11 o'clock. Choir retk'tlllt l, however, liy" hm uncle or while Inner than the antfil. for' ''hiMiffirniK. ,
3 and Usher Boards 3 and 4 will serve throughout the day with any near relative thai Could afford( I Ito of dealhthat. Hi
Mrs. Marian Carter and Mrs. Susan Badger at the instruments. t\| ,\
off hm IId.IM, our ,
pay or nay the (rait of(;',1.| ehnuld' la-II'.I"ull| +h,
Rev S. L. Badger pastor, will deliver the sermon. At :9 p.m.,
AM panxaKi. "/ /11 be ahle/ he may redeem for every inui" (Hilt I( 2':>),
BTU with Deacon James Phillips in charge. Evening serviceat "
6 30 o'clock. There I an! many, shin. win, null,|
: M :! S1bj(y yiArIM'pN" "IJ ht he Me"I Significant( <|iialIficalion -
: 1. ': mil fart up 10 (heir rllnclill..n.
for what bankrupt
.\ I .wMmhim think thai ,
able k'ClII himm.lf
ill" wan ever (o m
Magnolia Baptist Church servicesSundaybeginwlththeSunday! y.'J In this God would leach UM still riiloim I ihtnixilviK lo 1 h.1II.,
School at 9:45: a.m. Morning service at 11 o'clock. District 1 .J' t- Important way Icnmin shout nalvaimn O,H| says! "/)" it, if yea/1 oreJdr"/(

will meet at 4 p.m., and BTU at 5 p.m. The evening seryice .: from an .in. All of UM have failed 1 in To l the nth young ruler who a,kc.,
will begin at 6:30 o'clock.Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve, i have "\\'hat niiiol I do to inherit UITIM
bumnciM, werec
and Rev. W. S. People, pastor, will preach. Tuesday at 7 p.m., .: an debt of Min against life," iht I Lord said) "\iiii km" ih,
prayer meeting and Bible Study will be held. Thursday at 5:30 \ God and a our huge felluwman and have la*'. .this , and you Kill U( .

p.m., Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will rehearse. Men's Day will I become morally and spiritually Hut who of ut hat perfectly kip

be observed July 24. A\ bankrupt the Ian of GIMho| of u. i_ mea

We have "nilCh of kin," to repealed law-linakir in the sight
. NEW ZION .... \ a c many
MT. .
God|? \\ho able ,
ui, but they are unable to redeem of m lo r <1.nlhim.H : ,
Services Sunday in New Mt. Zion Baptist Church commence
themselves ? Why not then turn from
; with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Mrs. Annie M. Lewis ut because they
1 : bankrupt sinners, but there in One self to Christ, our rich Kiniman
At 11 Deacons W. J. Cooper and A. Lamar .
will conduct the devotion. The Holy Communion service will be x sYII 7+ -n- '.!f.-**.._1t.- -__." _. ...?.., ,c.c .>_N. r" "' '.,Y 'C ,MJ,...r..,..x._..... who has an Infinite store of rihteoutnent | Redeemer I "In' whom lit..wt have, n..

;E held at 5:30 p.m., with the pastor In charge. Usher Board 2 will Even in the jet ape, it's a long way from achieved two "firsts"" along the way. and redeem with us which Indeed to pay,our He dept did forgiveness lemptum through of sine, according MXH!! in! the the

:, serve. life In a village near Mount Kenya to Gichero is the first Kenyan to win an .International -. pay the penalty for all our sine richt of Ilii grace" (Cph I 1:7): ).

FIRST ZION BAPTIST enrollment In Pan American Airways'' high- Enterprise Fellowship from the

First New Zion Baptist Church, Dinsmore, services Sunday ly-selective management training course in Council I for International Progress In Churchmen Elect Summer Tea Set

begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Rev E. M. Moore, New York. Management, which gained him his job with

pastor, will review the lesson. Morning service at 11 o'clock, But David i Gicharo, a young Kenyan, made Pan Am. And he is the first Fellowship Officials For Men's District 10 of First Corinth
and BTU at 5:30 service begins at 6:30 o'clock
Evening :
p.m. winner to work Church will
this jet age transition in little for an airl ine. Baptist sponsora
with the Home Mission in charge. Monday at 5 p.m, choir more Observance
Summer Tea
Sunday 3
rehearsal. Tuesday at 7.30 p.m., the deacons and deaconesseswill more than six years. Furthermore, he has Day at 3:30: p.m., at the church July ,
meet at the church. Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Bible Study The men of Tabernacle Baptist
and monthly conference will be held Thursday at 8 p.m. Institutional Church elected officials -Y
Youth Observe Women's DayObserved for their annual Men's

WALTERS MEMORIAL AnniversaryThe Religion And RaceAPPROVAL Day program Sunday which August will 21. L.V.terminate Choir 2 of Grant Memorial

Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME Zlon Church begin Jones was elected chairman, AME Church will sponsor a
with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Miss Amy Moreland Charles Reed co-chairman, Summer Tea July 24 in the
in clurge. The lesson, "God's Right to Command" will be Mt. Olive youth department of New Women's Day will observed and Edward Allen, was named lower unit of the church, beginning
j reviewed by Rev. E. A. Odom, associate minister. Rev. A. C. observe Its Baptist Church will NEW YORK-(NPI)- A special committee assigned evaluate Sunday In First Baptist Church, secretary and treasurer. at 4 p.m.Sunbeam .
anniversary July me work of the Delta Ministry National Council of Churches Jacksonville Beach.
; Archie pastor, has announced that the Lord's Supper will be 12 at 8 in Chairman Jones appointed the
administered July 10 instead of Sunday.Morning service beginsat auditorium.p.m., the church reported to the general board last week approval of the long- The services will begin with following committees: Program SingersTo
relief and rehabilitation in Mississippi. The the Sunday School at 9 a.m.,
11 o'clock with the Rev. Mr. Odom in charge. The interde- Many range program H. )f.Pauline chairman
nominational Missionary Union will meet at 3 p.m., with Mrs. city have youth been departments the committee's report declared,"The(Delta)ministry has brought with Mrs. Remel Rice u guest members, Charles, Weaver;
Rosa Young presiding. Evening service at 6:30: o'clock. Choir ticipate Invited to par hope to the poor Negro for whom the NAACP, the Church, superintendent. The teachers Charles Williams Emory Ha- Present Fete
according to Miss Federal and local governments had offered no hope. Mrs. R. Hogan,Mrs.Annie
1 and Usher Board 1 will serve with Walter J. Umbcic Jr., are James Finance
Miller, program chair Smith Miss Julia Calne, and gin, Motley. Mrs. Rosa Lee Ashley will
at the instrument Saturday at 3 p.m. the stewardess boards man. Oliver Seabrooks chairman
will sponsor a fish fry at the church. .CONGRESS ADVISOR Mrs. Lucille Brown. Mrs. Lil- members Walter ; present the Sunbeam Gospel
Sidney Dorsey,
SetThe LEBANON, UL -(NPI)- Jeffrey Humphry, Wlnston-Salem, lie II. Williams will review Willie Singers in a gospel program
"Artist Program" cN.( C.) graduate student at Southern Illinois University, played the lesson and Mrs. Rose Goosby King, Bobby l July 10 in Brooks Prayer House,
Music Law-
Newsom. C. A.
CHURCH OF GOD lent role In Student chairman will make beginning at 8
a the
prom Congress session at the Method- Kennedy, p.m.
Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday in the Church of God in M. P. Tookes Missionary 1at-relateclMcKeDdree remarks.The rence, chairman; members, The will include
College last participants :
week. Humphry a Negro
Christ 4, according to Elder W. F. Faust, pastor. The combined Society of Grant Memorial AMS Eddie Collie, Lee Wllks. Advertising -
served as advisor to the congress' semester-long project In participants are: Mrs. Thomas Singers,ErcelsiorSin-
choirs and Usher Board 1 will serve under direction of Church will sponsor an "Artist Carswell Norton, '
human relations. :Naomi Smith, Mrs. H. Wright, gers, Celestials,Thelmarettes,
Elder 0. S. Anderson with Mrs Celestlne Faust and Doris Program" July 10 at 7.45p.m.: 'Miss Mildred Wlggs, Miss chairman; members, Ralph Mrs. Sarah J. Wilson, Ids.essie .
Faust at,the instruments. Sunday School begins at 10 a.m., in the church auditorium. Hazel Brown, Mrs Blanche. Maultsby, J. G. Smith. Decoration Mae Thomas, Mt Ararat
\ with Deacon Walter West In charge..".Th.lesson,."God's' Right Choir E will support the participants EVICTION Lorraine Berry Sheffield,chairman IfcGUI
Mrs. Brown
Brown Male Chorus, Andrew
,to Command" will be reviewed by the pastor. YPWW begins oa program.;An Invitation LONDON -NPI- The Roc. Howard Jones, 49-year-old A. H. Lewis. Publicity, H.; M.
Mrs. Barbara Mrs.
Baldwin Jackson
minister-aide the Graham Crusade and singers Nathaniel ,
has been extended to the Negro Baptist Billy ,
at 7 p.m., with Charles Sullivan In charge.Deacon B. F. Irving Pauline, chairman members,
team found that "in London there is Mattie Freeman, )Mrs.Adell Octavettes, Mrs. Alberta Lati-
prejudice every
Allen public to attend.
Is the teacher July 11, District Iwillpresent Mrs. Ruby hays R. T. Bradley and Eddie
in musical recital. bit as ugly and unjust as anything we back home." The Williams Mrs. Mary L.Hayes, more, Choirs 3 and 4B of Ut.
a Durham. Ushers Carswell
native of Oberlln, 0., said he was told to vacate a luxury\ Mrs Essie M. Turner, M r s. Ararat and Robert Prater.Appreciation .
Good Racers To apartment after spending a night in residence, because "wedon't Alice Boston and the Boston- Norton, chairman; members,
Eberneza Summen1Ue Maria Hour
AKA Sorority Anniversary Tea Held allow Negroes here." ettes, Mrs. Marion Williams, ,
Compete f.l Rev. Mrs. E. T.Williams,Mrs. Hartley. Tag Committee,Albert
Jennings, chairman members An appreciation program will
Eunice Bennett, Choir 1, ; I
Present Fashions Auxiliary: Board 1 of Grant R. Furlow and Elijah Watts. be presented July 17 at 3 p.m.,
Memorial AME Church will July 4 Events ASHlNGTONNPJ!) .The annual Church Woman of the Year Friendship Baptist,, Atlantic All members of the churcboand in the SunshlneSpiritualCbuach
Beach Mrs. L. Allen.
award of the Religious Heritage of America went to q>en- ; all Center 674 Florida Ave., and
, Gamma Rho Omega Chapter celebrate its 54th anniversary Also Miss Joan Plttman,Bren- departments of the ,
concert artist Marian
: of Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- with a tea July 1, from 4 to 6 The leader in the race for the Aodersonduringtheorganization's dinner da Jackson church are asked to work wil sponsored b y Mrs Carolyn
Ity, Inc., will present Fashion p.m., in the lower unit of the I960 NASCAR Grand National at the Statler-Rlton Hotel Thursday. The award lauded Miss S. Gadson,, Patriciaeywaar lingly so that the program can Burden, Miss Carolyn Bryant
Anderson for "a constant
being of
Fair here Oct. 21 at 8 p.m., in church.the championship, and DIM of his source religious inspiration Elisabeth Smith, Carnetha "be a great success. and Miss Cynthia Jones.
to her and successful
many throughout long
Exhibition Hall of the Civic A program will be presented sternest rookie challengerswere career. Black, Jennette Campbell, .

Auditorium. with outstanding talent In the among the earliest entrants NEGRO BISHOPCHARLESTON Choir 3, Diane Gadson,B.Ja.ct-
The show theme Is "Color- church and city participatingbaloo. In the Firecracker 400
son, Shirley Campbell, Miss
Art Studio
S. C. (NPIThe Reformed Royal
." Dave Rivers has been Boards, clubs and auxiliaries to be run at Daytona International Episcopal Lynn Johnson, Barbara Donald
Church, meeting in its 38th triennial general session, elected
, added to the staff as muuic in the church and city have Speedway on Monday, son, 12th Hour Prayer Band,
Its first Negro bishop last week.The Rev.Sanco King Rembert,
' been Invited to atend.
director. rector, Israel Reformed Church Is the first colored bishop in Mrs. Mattie Turner,Mrs.Essie
the church since Its founding In 1873. He will serve u ulatant Cooper, Mrs. Alice Thomas,
I 4.NOW to Bishop William H. S. Jerdan Summervllle. Mrs. Mary J. Campbell, Mrs.
rte" Rosa L. Higgins, Mrs. Daisy

e i BACKING \ Williams, Mrs. Gladys Walker, INSTANTPICTURES

OAK PARK, HL-(NPI>-The Rev.Donald Wheat,32-year-old Mrs. Lena M. Watson, Mrs.
pastor, Austin Boulevard Church, last week received overwhelming Effle Ellis, Mrs. Bessie Ellis, N
SERVE YOU3118EdgtwoodAvt.W. of the 70-member church board topar- Mrs Lute Jackson, Mrs Lucille -
ticipate in endorsement demonstrations. The Issue was brought Lowery, Mrs. Sue Worthy,
up when a member submitted a resolution to the church elders, Mrs. Mary White and Rev. H.
3701 EMERSON critical of the minister's rights Involvement. H. Wright, pastor.

Greater Zion Grove
1824 WEST BEAVEB Ala.-(NPI)-A better than 3 to 1 vote was:.
registered by the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the NOW LOCATED AT
Methodist church last week in accepting the merger of the all- To Present MusicalA
OPEN ALL DAY MONDAY JULY 4th Negro Central Jurisdiction within its fold. The vote was 240-

74, with eight abstaining. : muskalr procnlli will be 710 RUSHING ST.
presented July 8 in Greater

ALL PRICES GOOD THRU MONDAY Zion Grove Baptist Church,
Wesconnett, sponsored by Deacon
R. S. EVANS3RD James Byrd. SAME PHONE 3541894

The participants Include:Mrs.

1, Ruby Allen, Mt. Salem Choir
& MAIN 1, Mrs.Dorothy Murray,Voices
of Jerusalem, Celestials, Singing -
Wonders, United Gospel VETERANSFHE
I '68 MODELS LOW AS 1500 MILES Chorus, Angelic Spiritual Singers

I RIBS 53L. CHOICE OS COLORS and the Gospel Echoes '

65 MUSTANG V-8, 4-IN-FLR., R&H .$1995 Help! ,. ,
65 MUSTANG . . $2195 Htlp Help
r NonAC f.w l% pTTAuvoMAT1c.. sea. Porn 1Tn:".
Jin. Riisinlt Frnllii 01 .
65 BARRACUDA V-8 $2095 Of; 630 DAVIS ST. Is Now Taxing

FLA. GRADE 65 CHRYSLER wmsr9 Macs, fij,. ,


65 FORD HT .. $2195 Biiioi, Sjiritial, lealtr.R Applications
;,N LAlll'\/I1I'OYA1'IC .... ..... ADa cummOito For Its
"A"29L1. Roosevelt Franklin of Ma-
: 64 CHEV. $1995 .
eon, Go.Dlflnt.
; XM ww"ts r-r0bLwIwIcr ,!,LocuYSLER Spiritual Healer Veteran

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;L-i I I j t /1

__ ___ ...
--- .. ..-.._._................. -"'!!!


Demonstrations Whites Held In FAMU President Receives Honorary DoctorateFAMU Nation Recalls SifHlng Of .:; i

At U.S. Steel Negro Killing. Declaration Of Independence'' '

NEW YORK_ ; discriminatory NATCHEZ, Miss. -(NPI>
policies of the Something new has happened Which Denounced SlaveryPHILADELPHIA
United Statea Steel Corporation in this hotbed of Klan activity:

in its southern plants, the NaLocal law enforcement iclal
tional Association for the went after three white men
Advancement of Colored People charged with murdering an elderly recall the signing of a Declaration of Independence which :
launched a series of demonstra- Negro man. condemned slavery--and then didn't.

ions at the offices and mills The trio said to be members The Declaration, as:
also obtruded them thus paying
of the company, beginning In of the Ku Klux Klan,are charged Americans now have It,contains
off former crimes committed
Pittsburgh and Birmingham with murder In the death of no references to Negroes, slavery -
or the slave trade which against the LIBERTIES of one
June 8, Ben Chester White. 65, who has
people with crimes which be
flourished at the time of its
A pre-demonsfation rally in had no connection with civil
signing urges them to commit against
Pittsburgh on Sunday, June 5, rights activities the LIVES of another." ,
was addressed by NAACP EIAccordIDe to federal sources, But as originally drafted by
All of the foregoing
ecutive Director Roy Wilkins the White case was the first Thomas Jefferson, the American
t ation of slavery was struck
and other leaders with racial angles which had i F + t Declaration of Independence
out of the Declaration of Independence -
d denounces in the most
The following day, Herbert been handled entirely by local r slavery ,
Hill authorities "in time" ringing terms found in Ameri-
NAACP labor program a long The Representatives of Congress -
director, led a picket line of The accused are Claude W. can history.
seemed to have less of a
about ISO Fuller, 46, of Kingston Ernestthe What happened? As Jefferson
persons in front of ;
that "all
problem agreeing ,!men I
H. Avants 35 of Washington J1 later explained, South Carolina
steel corporation's head ;
n ire created equal, that they are
quarters in downtown Pitt.and James Lloyd Jones, 56, of M Georgia objected, as they endowed by their Creator with
burgh. Meanwhile, in Alabama Natche AU were being held had "never attempted to restrain "
certain unalienable Rights...
Dr, John W. Nixon, president in Adams County Jail without the importation of slaves, R
i'I I Being largely
of bond. and... on the contrary, still arroupofslave't
state NAACP led the
holders themselves,the signers
wished to continue It.
Avants and Fuller ideo-
picketing of a U. S. Steel mill were
of the Declaration of Indepen- :
In Fairfield, a Birmingham IUlUied as Klansmen by the House Even In those days, Dixie was
fighting for its"state's dence probably meant to affirm :
Committee UnAmericanThe
barb on by this no more than that "AU :
But the South was not alone In
Activities. Jones also sad
corporation, Mr. Hill was L- trying to hush the (white) Americans are equal to
charged, "maintains segregated to have Klan associations. up slavery Englishmen" ,
Sheriff Odell Anders said denunciation.
facilities and racially Or perhaps they were merely l
As Jefferson explained "Our
had been shot 16 times ,
separate seniority lines ofproWhite
mouthing the conventional philosophical ;
northern brethren, also, I believe
motion. These discriminatory In the chest and arms a '
sentiments of the
felt a little tender under
practices doom Negro workers rUle He also had been hit in _._ _"__'__H_.. ._.. those,censures for their day, made popular the French
the head a shotgun blast. ; though
to low-paid,menial,nonskilledJobs
essayist Rousseau, and foundin
people had few slaves
denying them the opportunity His body was dumped Into a PRESIDENT sional record fruit of very similar form In the Virginia
to enter into the highercreek a few miles south of RECEIVES HONORARY DOCTORATE outstanding themselves, yet they had been

paid skilled and craft jobs." Natchez. It was found two days FROM HIS ALMA MATER --- Dr. George W, talents, education and told him that his pretty considerable" carriers of Declaration month before of Rights the American adopteda

NAACP demonstrators in Ala- Gore Jr. ( center ) president of Florida dedication Is excelled only by the them And what to others.was this denunciationof Declaration of Independence.

bama began their march from later.Hospitals, Comply I A&M University, is awarded the honorary quality of his life as a man. He called slavery which so upset the But when It came to the slavery

Miles College in Birmingham doctor of laws degree by his alma mater, him a distinguished son of DePauw University signers of the Declaration of question, some four score and '
to the Ku
Klux Klan
stronghold To DePauw and said' 'you reflect great Independence? seven years before the nation ,
CivilRights University in Greenscastle Ind.
of suburban
Fairfield to dra ,
went to war over It,the nation's
credit I", It was a
on your alma mater. The hood paragraph accusing
matize their charges against during the spring commencement exercises. Great Britain's leaders were already uneasy In 1$
u, S. Steel's employment prac Requirements Dr. Gore was graduated from DePauw In is being placed upon Dr. Gore by Dr. in of waging "cruel King war against George 1778. T

(tices.In WASHINGTON - addition the
by Mr. Hill,to the NAACP policies cited Alabama tually all" of the nation's\ hospitals Kerstetter, president of DePauw, said the Dr. Gore holds the master's' degree from Its most sacred rights of life a foreign power for stirringup
the slaves to revolt 4n much
chapter reports that when will be in compliance A&M Uresident had a remarkable profes-. Columbia University. and liberty, In the persons of a
the that various
same way
with civil rights requirements distant people who never offended -
men are "laid off"the majority '
by July 1 so that they can him, captivating and carrying groups throughout American j
of them are Negroes, even if qualify to care for Medicarea Shriver Urges Muslims Punished For them into slavery history have been blamed for ;
it means giving the white man Shown In
Anti-Negroism Inciting Negro Insurrections.
beneficiaries, John W.Gardner, In another hemisphere, or to
"Negro Job" during the lay-
off said period.that Negroes Further,transferred Dr. Nixon and secretary Welfare of, Health predicted., Education, "New Way To Pray"To Mississippi Negro Housing Holding Jail Meetings transportation incur miserable thither.death in their Already, the his fear white of man Negroes hadexpressed I

from one job another without Gardner said 72 per cent of WASHINGTON -(NPI -Fiveof "This piratical warfare, the and the havoc they might. cause

consultation, automatically lose all atien"abewere care for Help Needy PHILADELPHIA, Mlss.-{NPI) one of 18 white men accusedof 36 Muslims, under punishment opprobrium of INFIDEL in America.
And Declarationof J
in the which resuled close-order Is the warfare of the although the
their seniority elderly now It was only two years ago that conspiracy for holding powers,
compliance with the federal ban this Mississippi town became in the deaths or the trio, was drill practice and Impromptu CHRISTIAN King pf Great.Britain. Independence was officially
A for the United
spokesman CHICAGO (NPI> Poverty Director silent about slavery, the Representatives t
on race discrimination. known internationally as one of among the law enforcement officials meeting have been released .
Steelworkers of to America eliminate urged The HEW secretary's figures R. Sargent SHriver, the notoriety places In the na-' who confronted the from isolation cells. "Determined to keep open a in Congress were t
job civil called for a new way to pray, moved onto returnedto market where MEN should be concerned enough about that
were disputed by rights tion's South, and ere the acuteness marchers as they The other 33 will be
"wherever It
discrimination leaders, who noted that most during his address to nearly of Its dubious place in the the )jail to hold a brief prayer regular cell blocks u soon bought and sold, he has prostituted "cruel war against human na- r.
P. Moloney, Southern continue to 1,000 AME ministers and lay- with his for tur Itself to leave It out of the
service negative
USWA vice told dele- hospitals sun could soften with the passage as they agree go along suppressing
president, discriminate against Negroes.Mental men attending the recent spring of time, another incident Halting just short of a yellowline prison regulations.Jail every legislative attemptto Declaration, while piously affirming I
tales district annual "
conference attending, "Our a friends of the hospitals in the South session of the AME Bishop's cropped up as a reminder of on the sidewalk, the Rev. officials said the inmates,. prohibit or to restrain this that" All men are created ,

NAACP the U, have been the exception, except Council. the first ghastly deed. Ralph Abernathy, conducted the part of a 180-man cell block ,execrable commerce.: equal. f
are picketing S. in Alabama, where Got.George "The clergy must find a new Last Tuesday, the Meredith prayer session. Immediately, staged closer-order drill "And that this assemblage of The Negro was the "Invisible /
Steel Corporatlon..clalmlng Wallace ordered them resecre- way to speak to God," he said, marchers on Jackson, Miss., following the services, the Rev r practice during an athletic horrors might want no fact of man" In the i Declaration of (1
there are separate in linesis gated in an apparent election "to lead all America to God" detoured to hold a memorial Clinton Collier was arrestedby period. Ordered to .stop, they distinguished die, be is now Independence. And proof of that I I1s
progression plants He advised the what the Declaration '
move. clergy that the march in honor of three civil Price and two others on refused. exciting those very people to was /
corporation There and is segregated merit fa In...the North, few hospitals "hands of ordination were 1M rights workers who met their charges of failure to answer The next day, the Muslims rise in arms among us, and to going to say-and didn't. \
J, cUffiesq enough have racial policies, but rooms upon you not to preach to mid- death near Philadelphia .two four traffic charges In,court. \held two impromptu meetings purchase that liberty of which -4
'. ,, harcea to cause..pur, and wards are, often segregated : don clanonlybut;: to.know 'years ago.* <.wiA > --TV ,v....f r He was later release*. ta *400. during a mass television viewing -, be has deprived them;by mur DEFECTS'H '
union distress Let '
us f1JGN,1h
great and Negro doctors usually what the poverty program can Jeering white crowd attacked bond. hour In the dining hall. dering the people on whom be ,
hope S, Steel will
ellare mean to people In need. He
not permitted to practice the un e of marchers, and a --
minate it exists discrimination" wherever in hospitals with predominantly said, the clergy must see that brief battle ensued,while police .
white clientele community action programming and federal agents stood by.H I.'I I.
J,I of the Office of Economic Opportunity Later when law enforcement

WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou "keeps on its toes. officials stepped into halt the
Shriver praised civil rights fracas, the attackers retreatedand
x demonstrations, calling them continued to hurl bottles hiIIUJP -'

Seek The Best Doctor. "prophetic protest", but added and stones at the marchers. 't ::

When Your Doctor Prescribes, v that this only opened avenues At one point, during the battle, MARKETS

Get Experienced Pharmacists for"moral the church people to assume one white youth jumped off the SU P EaR .. j
responsibility"by hood of into .
.. a car a marching I
According to Doctor'sOrders.
We Use Only your The Best keeping involved and seeing Negro girl, and immediatelywas
that! the views of the poor are beset the male marchers 1
Quality Drags expressed and beard. surrounding by her. THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AVE, B. 1I

C. B. BLACK He warned the clergymen that In another Instance, a youth I

Proprietor the goals of the anti-poverty turned a water hose on the U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST
3 Registered Pharmacists To serve YOU program could not be accomplished marchers, but the wife of a

U all "we do Is preach deputy jailer turned the water

----A COMPLETE LINE 0 F---- piety." The laity, he said, can off, and scolded the youth. The
be part of a new breed of same youth grabbed a television 45

Americans that Is finding an camera, jerking it to the groundand
Cosmetics-Rubber Goods-candies-sundries
alternative to violence. with it the cameraman. Hefled LB.
-PRFSCRIPTIONS CALLED FOB AND DELIVEREDLilly's Shriver's address, given in without being pursued by
the Great Hall of the Sherman police.

House Hotel, was the main feature civil
Store That same night, rights
Drug of the sesquicentennial marchers traded bullets with FLA. GRADE AFRYERS

banquet of the AME Bishops night-riding assailants in the '
1907 KINGS ROADEL38276 Council meeting In a four-day first gun duel between rights

session workers and segregationists
In his welcome to the delegates Wounded in the hail of bullets 29U.S.

Mayor Richard J. Daley exchanged between auto-riding '
highlighted the activities of Chi whites and Negroes in the head LB.

cago's Committee on Urban quarters of local civil rights ,

Opportunity (CCUO) and com- groups was Stanley Stewart,
mended the participation of white.
several AME ministers and He sustained superficial .

When it gets so jammed around the bar churches wounds and was treated and K
Greetings were extended also later released from Neshoba

that you can hardly move- by Rev. Edgar H. S. Chandler, County Hospital. POTATOES 35
executive director Church Federation The outbreak of violence occurred -

this is probably the bottleneck.It's of Greater Chicago; on the second anniver- 10 LB. BAG
the Rev. John Hunter First
sary of the slaying of James
( called The Sure One.) AME Church, r.urInd.JJudge Chaney, Meridian (Miss) Ne-

Sidney A. Jones, Cook County gro; Andrew Goodman and Mi- ,
Circuit Court; with the Introduction chael Schwerner, both white MONOGRAM LONG GRAIN
of the speaker given New Yorkers. I

by Atty. Russell R. DeBow, Deputy Sheriff Cecil Price,.

Mayor administrative Daley. assistant to RICE 3 LB. BAG 19 i

Bishop Eugene C. Hatcher, Elect 6 NegroesTo

Jacksonville, Fla., president, LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
AME Council of Bishops, responded -
to the greetings and City Council \\

.Shriver's address Music was t

Choral furnished Club.by the The Alpha Revs Joseph Omega RICHMOND, Va. (NPI)- LEAN ALL MEAT BEEF STEW [" 't

Detroit and Three Negroes were elected to
Brocklngton, E. P.

pve Williams the,invocation Des Moines and, benediction Iowa-, last the nine-member week in the first city election council FRESH CAUGHT VIRGINIA RED TIM CROAKERS lB. 10t I"y

respectively. held since the poll tax was
abolished. B A. FRESH TENDER OKRA 15{
FRANK TALK The new councilmen are 18.
r wsuwAlOeHW y t Cephas, 58-year-old real estate -

Hot dogt, It'. Summer lime (gam! broker; Atty. Henry L. DRINK 12 fit $1.00
Time fur tin.k our and beat h Marsh, 32, and Winfred Mun- RICH CAN ASSORTED rums 12 oz.

puller and wirnie roaiul. To addto die, 57-year-old Insurance ex

your Sumner fun, Eke: linutewarn ecutive.
hat inlrodiwrd, a handy nrw The trio were the only Negroes FRENCH'S MUSTARD 24 oz. e.
l..rlm'ue tool railed a Frank Spear In the field of 18 candidates. I

The Frank Shear| was designed i|<- Elsewhere, the Rev.Lawrence 9
ofirally In prevent burned fingers, A, Davis, a Baptist minister, BLUE PLATE BARBECUE SAUCE is oz. :
a romnwin by.pduc <>( std lime became the first Negro to be : ,
wienie transfers from routing. fork
elected to the Fredericksburg
lei bun With the new tout you VAN CAMP PORK AND BEANS i i CAN 25t
limply push the gear/ forward InMM (Va.) city council; and in Petersburg I %

aWaPSSrar5.enMmOlSW.wPas OS'44RAlaalufIM Ylift ure the franks and pull il huh H.E.Faun11eroy,high I i
l<* release them safely one at a school teacher, won a counclll I 2' :

j I .

AA A A -

", -., ", ... ... ....""I"" "" '''''' <'''''-'''''':'' ''''' '"I.'''' '''' ,-...."'-....""' -.-. -.r. ...,, -.-. ..,. ...."


I Patrol Boys Return With, Sponsor

I __ ... ,...-_._...______._ _- _-

I wouldn't advise anyone to save his
""Confederate' '-' .m4
Money11 because some '
things are definitely in the past and The Day Camp conducted by the Johnson <'

will I I be permanently confined therein. Branch YMCA is proving to be an interesting -

However that does not. hold. true for event for the children-- In fact, many

feminine fashions. The fact is, if you adults would be happy to participate in

can hold onto an outmoded garment loneenough their ""once-per-week" excursions to

you will eventurally be able to places of Interest In Florida. It

use it again "en mode. Interested parents may contact Norman T

Kemetnber--and some of you younger readers Urquehard or Julius Jones\ at the YMCA,

cou dn't possibly remember--the 5700 Cleveland I I Road, 1T IRQ

long-sleeved ruffled printed cotton
dresses that your grandmother used to r

wear? And what about that old wide-
brimmed bonnet made from matching print Bridge has not been forgotten during

with a big bow tie at the chin? Whoever this very busy "summer vacation" I

thought these items would reappear on the say this because so many who are normally

list of the ""fashionables" but they I idle during the summer months are nowwor"d .. 7

are here though with I limited use. The ng I in various seasonal programs.A {

granny dresses are recommended for loung- group of 'dedicated bridge players are

and entertaining at home while the holding weekly sessions on tuesdays, however YOUNG LEADERS Members of the Isaiah Blocker School are: Samuel Way, Warren Godfrey, Leland Lockman, Collls

bonnet takes its old place in the garden Patrols Boys, many of whom attended the annual school boys Griffin, Bergen Crump, Keith Roberts, Curtis Marshall, John,
( providing an excellent shield from the Lois Avery and Zelma Johnson were host- patrol meet in Washington recently are shown here with their McCloud, (Mr, Payne) Odin Prlester, Thomas Lester, Rickey I

sun ) and more outwardly, to the beach. esses this week. The group met In the sponsor, George Payne, center. The patrol boys, from left Holmes, Ralph McBride, James Jackson and Carinthlan Cates

Then there is the straw bonnet with the Latter's' Hart Street home.
sash attached that ties at the chin-- Aretha Johnson, Martha Perry, and Lucile Legislation Explains Improved Voter League Yankees Ink Shaw

these were the vogue in the early days of Harper were guest players. Star BaseballRALEIGH

the "horseless carriage" (an automobileto Miss Perry was the recipient of the Housing Conditions For NegroesNEW Directors MeetBy N. C. Robert

more youthful readers) This Item guest prize NORMAN E. JONES "Bobby" Height, star outfielder -
returned to the scene several summers ago Maxine Jackson and Marie McClain were YORK-
and Is quite popular still in various among members of the regular players who housing conditions for Negroes new buildings. Directors of the Florida Voters time CIAA championship base-
be Improved The tenements were to be made In their meeting
received prizes League ball team, signed a contract
shapes and colors. These are only I a few into modern apartment buildings -
Geneva Wheeler Galvin Government agencies, civil, In Orlando'was the reading andadoption here Friday with the American
Evelyn Catherine
spokes in the huge revolving style wheel rights organizations, and ten- for middle-class families, of resolutions strongly League New York Yankees.
that are currently In view. We won't Jackson Mildred Hampton, Vermal McCone, ants councils came up with the Housing and Redevelopment) endorsing and working to builda The 8-1,170 pounder,who was

mention the "shift."" that has also been Johnnie Mitchell Sylvester Bossard, and answers ranging from black Board announced. two-part system In Florida drafted by the Yankees in the
!" Annie B. Jones were among other participants ownership of the ghetto and At the same time, the Johnson/ and the urging of both partiesto recent free agent drafts for
known the "sack" and prior to that Administration offering its
as ghetto rehabilitation to pick was place Negroes on the slate their Binghamton, N. Y, farm
the "shimmy"' sting and new legislation.In plan to improve housing conditions of Florida delegations to both club, signed for a small bonus
So, there is something in the current The group met last week at the Johnny New York, black ownership for Negroes: the open the RepubUcan and Democratic and has been assigned to the
Wheelers on Jefferson Street. offered solution toHarlem' housing section of the proposed
l was as a national conventions.The Johnson City, Term, team in
"hold to what you've got,11
saying, on 1966 Civil Rights Act.
Elizabeth B. Jones Myrtis Thomas ghetto problems. board heard the report the Appalachian League.
especially if it happens to be a wearable Marie Streets and Martha James R. Lawson, chairman, However, passage of the law of the By-laws Committee, Height, hitting .414 in '65, led
garment that Is no longer in style. Perry were United Council of Harlem Organizations appeared to be in doubt as adopting some and referring the Bears to their second
guest players on that
occasion. Again representing 89 several congressmen expressed -
others back to the committee straight CIAA title This ,
............ Martha Perry qualified I I .for the guest groups, and president, Harlem their opposition to the mea for further study. Emphasis hampered by injuries, he still
prize I Council for Economic development sure. A compromise housing was placed on continuous registration clouted the ball for a .350 batting -
declared: "Let black provision appeared likely of qualified voters mark. In four seasons
Lt. Commander Raymond Lambert, his wife ............ people) own the ghetto, and then Sen. Everett M. Dirksen all over the state. wearing ShaWs colors, the former -
Anne and the Lamberts' four children ,they're not going to tear It up." (R-ni.), Republican leader,said The late Joe James, former J, W. Ligon High School
'" :Lawson said new housing developments be opposed the administration chairman of the board was
Victor, Raymond Jr. Pamela and Charles A Harlem "won't proposal to bsAb all housing star compiled a collegiate Career -
very tired writer brings greetings In eulogised by the body for his batting mark of 381. The
have taken up residence In Jacksonville.They from mean a thing" unless they are discrimination. long and dedicated service to
of his
are currently guests of Edwin and "the wide my stay in built around a new industrial No compromise will lessen the league, his widow, Mrs biggest this day career Howard came
and Joyce Lawson in their Alaro Road open spaces" was not as long or commercial core that fur his opposition to the housingprovision Hattie I. James, responded to University when against be went five-
as my ghost writer Indicated. See you nishes Jobs for the residents. be said.DIrksen' the tribute paid her husband
home from whence they will go to temporary next support for civil for-flve, hitting three homers
week! Meanwhile, a Fair Housing Frank Sampson of Riviera
and In
driving seven
U063 runs.
quarters at Moncrief Fair was held In New York, rights measures hasbeenneeded Beach was unanimously electedto
Lt. Lambett is stationed at Cecil Field. .*eess.ea..ieeeeee co-sponsored by the National In the past to override filibusters fill the unexpired term of A two-sport star here at ShawU.
., Height Is considered by his
Urban and the Asso- by Southern Senators.Sen. .
League Joe James as board chairman
Sam J, Ervln lr.(D-N.C.) coach, James E. Lytle, as one
ciation of Fair Housing Committees President L, V.Davis presided of the finest baseball
pro pros-
described the -
openhousingproposal The Fall meeting of the league he's
pects ever had
Purpose\ t* the fair is, tq help> as "ridiculous, absurd will be held the fourth Saturdayand
.efaviftce'people) apartments I and in violation of constitution Sunday In September in .... ......

tI and homes are available to them al rights of free association, Perry, Florida Those In attendance RADNOR, Pa. When CBS
i outside the privacy, and protection of property -
LUCKY TIGER-MONEY were: shelled out roughly $12,000,000
In Washington, the Action Coordinating Mrs Made Richardson, W, J, for the New York Yankees,critics -
Committee to End Enrln as chairman 0 f the Bruton and William C. Lewisof screamed that the sale gave
Segregation in the suburbs Senate Judicial Subcommittee, Orlando, Frank L. Sampson, the network a stranglehold on
(ACCESS) picketed the farmof planned hearings on the measure Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Engrain the national pastime. But the
Milton Pollnger, a Maryland -and was expected to do of Riviera Beach; Atty. I I. W, once-mighty Yanks finished
SWEEPSTKS apartment developer his part to I hinder passage of Williams Arthur
I Boynton, sixth last year (their worst
"We want to let Mr. Pollnger the bill. A.. McCoy and Norman E.Jones position since 1925)),and haven't
know that he is a segregationist Another critic of the bill was of St. Petersburg, Mr.and Mrs. shown much steam this year.
and we want Mr. Pollnger Sen. Harry F. ByrdJr.D-Va.) Daniel Siplln and Mrs. Nettle To add to their woes, they're
to know we are. not going to who described the housing measure Morrison of Winter Garden; saddled with a ball park more
i7' let up on him until he opens as an attempt to""circum- airs. Hattie I, James, Edward than 40 years old.< The Yankeesare
his apartments to all people," vent our Constitution. Holt, and J, H. Goodson of also faced with dwindling
said Charles ACCESS According to Byrd,an"elderly
Jones, Jacksonville, Dr. Von D..Mi- attendance problem which
lady on .a pension" could be
president Belle of Ft. Lauderdale; John isn't helped] by the neighboring
In Evanston, a northern sub- hauled Into court if she refused W,Stevens of West Palm Beach; Mets, whose broad burlesque
urb of Chicago the North Suburban to rent a room to a "teenagerwith Rev James D.Hag1n of Santord; has succeeded In picking up
Center for Human Relations a trombone" She'd have Ralph] Maultsby of Tallahassee; an unbelievable following.
was opened. The center to pay her legal costs; the Eugene A. Poole of Ocala, "Called before a Congressional
f will encourage families of all "teenager" wouldn't, he said. James F, Daniels of Daytona subcommittee last year to explain -
races to find homes and apartments Meanwhile, the House Judicl- Beach; and L. V, Davis of the purchase," says
4t in the predominantly iry subcommittee was thinking Gainesville sportswriter Melvin Durslag in
white suburbs.In about reporting out a milder
Chicago and New York, city bill tbs n President Johnson UUCP Cites PiUis.ir TV Guide, "CBS officers may
j now demand a second probe...
officials planned to replace tenement asked.
buildings and rehabilitate And liberal Northern Congressmen NEW YORKNPI)- John aimed at having "the purchase
them. were privately skeptical H. Johnson, founder-president explained to them.

In Chicago, two Westside of the bill's chances: passing. Johnson Publishing Company
:publishers of Ebony and other The Florida Fruit and Vegetable -
blocks were to be rehabilitated *
2 Summer Refresher Association the early
map&1Dea-wu named winner says
at a cost of $1 million. The
Chicago Housing Authority was Cranberry Shrub make a de- of the annual Splngarn Medal Romans are reported to have
to demolish seven deteriorated liciouiljr cooling lummer drink. For of the NAACP fed parsley to their chariot
structures and construct 30 i about six wrvingi, mix I pint bottle The Chicago publisher joinsa horses In the belief it would
M 4&1F three-story walk-up apartment 1 cranberry juice cocktail, I can select list of previous winners make them speedy
buildings hi their place. ((6 ounces) froien pineapple juice of the coveted award, which
wuI I concentrate and 2 cup California was set up by the late J. E, There are more than 60 varieties -
New York the
In city
Rote1wine. Serve ice cube.
over Splngarn in 1914 to honor"dis of tropical trees and
to renovate 10 tenements ,I
planning Shrub and other
Cranberry winepunchei
tinguished merit and achievement plants along Miracle Mile,
In Harlem by using the { art also great for carry American Coral Gables'fashionable shop-
LT MitcbelJ-Lama Housing law,SDI i Ing on a picnic in a thermos jug groes."among Ne- ping street. .
1 ( k

', m }'Rci ;,. .


MWin p w.:: "Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull and

with free Tiger-Money! gray.'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft jg

and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days:' :
Over 13.000 prim; 15 Ford Mustangs, 50 RCA Victor Color TV Sots, 50

Johnson Outboard 50 8-mm Ball & Howell Movie Sets, 150 Orrtronlcs Mrs Donald p Ryder, New York N.Y.

Car Tape Decks, 750 Rival' Electric Knives, 1,000 Thermos Picnic Ghosts,

1,000 Tyco Road Race Sets and over 12,000 AMF "High-riser" Bicycles!

Applied as a continuous film to hands, ?v
Enter now!Eater often I All you do it pick up Lucky Tiger Tilt' teat and handkgripa. ankles, face, arms-when your skin
Money at participating Euo station It'i free-no f
chars It any pur- There are over ".000 prize la sill So come In-get your needs more than cosmetic care-
ntceuory. Lucky Tiger-Money and regiater your children for a bike. 'VaseJ Petroleum Jelly is the sooth
Each bill of Lucky Tiger-Money baa a special aerial numAnd while you're in the station, why not fill up with ing answer. Helps dry..ashy.gray skin ...'a''<' '
ber printed on it The winning numbers will be electronically Hlgh-energy Euo Extra gasoline and "Put a Tiger In Your- regain its normal look and tone No
aelected. Winner Notification Forma are avail.bleTa HmppyMotorlngJHUMBLE L othersoftenersnosklncreamnoskinf VaSellnl'
and, on July 31, winners will be potted-at all participating .a
ttation lotfonprovidesbettermoistureprotecJqf ""tll I III
tion. Try it. t t
Many thousand of stations are alto offering a special 8
sweepstakes just for children. TheM dealers-all over WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE :.
the country-will be giving away "bigh-riter" bike with :.i::i"'wa sNi a' cour nr / THAN COSMETIC CARE.rr .


1 5
L.1. I
_. .
-- ----- -- -- -- -- 1.--

2, 1966 STAR PAPERS' lACE 7I

Civil Award Winer Harlem ReNt World Hews Entertainment fives Aid CriesSIR '

I Rights RoundupBY I ,

Strike Leader DIgest POITIER
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL --- LONDON-(NPI)-Actor Sidney Poltler,presently on location -
LAWSUIT Charges CopsNEW RETURN In England to film the movie "To Sir, With Love;. But it

MADBON WU. -(NPI!)- A of racially-tense East Baltimore NAIROBI (NPI) Ronald Isn't the first time His Initial London-based venture was In
couple from Dolton, DL, has after Negroes hurled Ngala, leader of the opposition "The Bedford Incident" for Columbia. This time the Academy
YORKNPI)-Charging Award winner for his role in "Lilies
of the
filed a $2 million lawsuit la U. stones and bricks at them. Kenya African Democratic FielcS"POrtray.a
S. District Court charging that Among the pickets was Charles that "the racist cops chokedme Union )KADU), found himself teacher who tries to build sense of self-respect discipline
," Jesse Gray, Harlem rent and responsibility a maladjusted of East End
they were abused by police who Luthardt, white supremacist returning to the spotlight of group teenagers
mistook them for Indians"The candidate for governor, who t;? strike leader, was arrested at Kenya government affairs last
question Involved in this suit Is marched In front of Core headquarters City Hall after refusing to enda week when President Jom Ken- DEBUT
whether state or localagency -.only days after i sit-down demonstration yatta named him to V'.va: the LOS ANGELESNPICarol Cole, daughter of the late Nat
has the right to deny CORE picketed apartment Gray's group of Harlem teenagers Ministry of Cooperates; and King Cole, has received favorable reviews on her West Coast
his civil rights any the buildings where Negroes are got into a hassle with Social Functions breakoff of theatrical debut. She and Bill Bixby play the leading and only
person ground he Is an Indian said not wanted. a demonstrators from a .land- old Ministry of Commerce and two, roles In "The Owl and the Pussycat" at the Coronet
lord's group, the American Industry The appointment fol- Theatre. She has been signed to an exclusive sew-year contract -
Prof. William G. Rice
law a con- WATTS SECESSION Property Rights Association, lowed the recent resignation of by Columbia Studios and Is appearing, although not u a
stttutional who filed
expert LOS ANGELESNPI>-Watts which was protesting rent control Vice President odlnga Oglnga star, In the film "The Silencers"
suit on behalf of Mr. and Mrs.. 4 wly
should secede from Los Angeles and his formation of an opposition -
William H. DeIan.'Jbe suit
that the and incorporate as R Each group took over partsof group of some 20 dissident VIETNIK MOMS
charged Delaneys were
forced to stand 11/2 hours "Freedom City," Cliff Vaughs, the steps leading to City Hall Kenya African National Union CHICAGONPI)- Moms Mabley, who has been going over
beside their regional director, Student Nonviolent after getting entangled In a (KANU) legislators well in her new Mercury albums,has expressed an interest In
car as police accused -
Coordinating Commit pushing and shoving match. visiting Viet Nam. "All of my boys (fansare over there," she
them of murder. When tee, has proposed. The plan Police ordered the contending HARLEM BEATING said. U I have to go out by going to Viet Nam to see all my
Delaney asked a policeman to was applauded by Norman B. demonstrators to move on. NEW YORK -( PI- Two policemen children well, then..Hallelujah! What a way to go out," exclaimed -
take his wife to a nearby hospital Houston, president NAACPs wry When they didn't a policeman were transferred froma the famed comedienne,whose ag' is estimated at 62-70.
he was told, "Indians central branch who said the grabbed Gray around the neck, Harlem precinct after being
have no rights," the suit plan probably would perpetuate, and several others seized his accused of beating a 46yearold PLATTER FAME
charged had Mrs. Delaney subsequently rather than dilute Negro pf.- / arms IDcIlep.Arrested former convict in a bar. LAS VEGAS-(NPI)-Shirley Bassey, the British singer currently -
a miscarriage on dominance in the area-and by along with Gray were Charges and specifications making appearances throughout the United States,is also
the road. Louis Smith CORE and Allen Robert Vaughan, 21, and Miss were being prepared againstthe making it on the platter. Her single "Don't Take the Lovers
Jamal of the black nationalist Marine Green, 38, accused of two officer, who were accused From the World,"is to be released soon.And she expects to cut
DO-IT-YOURSELF "Us others. kicking a policeman. of perjuring themselvesin an album In New York.oon.S.preMe .
group among
NEW YORK -NPI-The earlier "in
Gray was charged with disorderly testimony an
City Commission on Human conduct but paroled attempt to secure recognition
Eights has decided to handleits PARTY CLEANUP WINS AWARD FOR STUDY IN FRANCE---as one by Criminal Court Judge Her- for themselves' Court Hears J. Bond

own discrimination charges NEW YORK NPITh.Com- of eight national winners In the 1965-66 j man Solnlker until July 13.
against taxi drivers after the munist Party has adopted a NO SEARCHES
Architectural Scholarship Award) : competition 1- 0 ATLANTA Ga. -(NPIThe his admiration for the courageof
Police Hack Bureau dismissed new Negro program of fighting
WASHINGTONNPI)>- A federal -
U. S. Supreme Court has agreed draft-card burners, and his
"white chauvinism" with Clifton C. James of Louisiana State
charges against three taxi drivers even t Judge baa been ordered to
to the
opposition draftBond
hear Julian Bond's
accused of refusing to In the Party. At the party's16th University, left will study In France' Train Musical Ear enjoin local police from Illegal to he was wrongfully complaintthat denieda optimistic about a favorable -

pick up Negroes William H. national convention party this summer at the Fontainebleau Schoolof Anyone who hai hearing, can searches of Negroes' homes, seat in the Georgia House ofRepresentativ.s. court decision Is run-
Booth, commission chairman, leaders said they would move hear muiic. which were described as "the
FineArts: Paris of the ning a third time for the same
near one great
accused Police into civil rights whether Is
Deputy Commissioner struggles, The key to overcoming what most flagrant Invasions of pri-
Edward J. McCabe, the "white power struc- schools of architecture and fine arts in mistakenly referred to at "tone vacy ever to come under the Bond, SNCC public this Information seat
Hack Bureau director of dis- ture" and rights leaders like the world. The L. S. U. student son of drafneu," U concentrated listening, scrutiny of a federal court. director, said was a

crimination in dismissing the 'it or not. Claude Llghtfoot Mr. and Mrs. McBurnett James of 2336 and advises educational Mildred Alexander consultant,to organist Hammond More than 300 houses In the rule sign in that his the favor.high court may Classic Date Set
Communist leader from
charges. Illinois Negro estimated that 1,000to Dayton Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is Organ Company"If out Negro warrants area were after searched with A special three-judge federal MIAMI.. The 34th annual Orange -
enrolled In his school's' five-year archi- ( you really want to enrich a policeman court in Atlanta had decided
KLAN SIGNS 2,000 of the 12.000 members was killed in December, 1964. Blossom Classic and festivities
life with music linen Bond Feb 14.
Mrs claimed the Ne tecture curriculum. Above Dr. James E. your more against on will be held here December
< WASHLNGTONNPI)- by party are to it on the radio, hi-fi, television, Two Negro brothers were accused Bond has won twice In his
Lyndon B. Jonson's national groes. hand, of the Architecture Department at at concert, with your cart, you in the killing. district-where Dr. Martin Luther 2-3, 1966. The grjd classic '
autification campaign suf.red "mind and heart Best of all,- will be played In the Orange -
L. S. U. congratulates the winner as your WATCH STOPPED King Jr., lives only to be
a setback as 20 Ku Klux SUIT NIXEDLA learn to play a simple musical In. Bowl Stadium, Saturday
recruitment posters wer.ced CROSSE, Wis.NPI)- A they look over his Certificate of exceptional itrument like a home organ. You'll ATLANTANPl The denied his seat in the Georgia Night Decembers at 6:00.: The
along Northern Virginia"Help lawsuit against John Howard merit from the Portland cement find yourself distinguishing tunes Atlanta Police Department has House of Representatives.The FAMU Rattlers will meet a yet-

Fight Communism Griffin author of "Black Like Association the donor of the scholar- and tones," she promises abolished Its all-Negro 6 p.m. opposition reason to the was Viet given Namwar as his, to-be-named opponent

Integration 0 I n the Me," has been thrown out bya ship awards. Dr. Hand was in charge of watch
the 18-by-24-inch signs state court judge. The suit
ad Arlington police removed had charged that Griffin was the class in which young Mr. James

i signs.MOOTS personally liable for alleged developed his winning dssign entry ,
mental and moral damage to Involving apartment housing and a shop-
BOOTED Joseph Bardwell, 13-year-old ping center. The CCAj QUANTITY
(BALTIMORE -(NPI)- Pic- son of Theodore Bardwell. In finished young man now
[bets from the National States his book Griffin told of posing years in college and will
I.Bights Party were ordered out as a Negro in the South. return for the last of his five years In RIGHTS

the special architecture program In the ,

Fall after his studies in France.
T'O'U Don' t Mare To oo TO Town TO Get RESERVED

LOW PRICES Education Negro, White ''.'r '


:_ ,DRUQ. ,STORE, NEEDS"" ,."t,. ,, GRADUATION ROW .a\ Conbiit: ,Wits ;>
------.--_- BOSTON
Fade r lth your Neighborhood Drug sture exercises at a predominantlyNegro SAIGON, S. Viet NamNPI.
junior high school were Another of the stirring storiesto
broken up by the Rev. Virgil come out of the Viet Nam
papers, weDeliver.* we also fill all Doors Wood, president, Massachusetts fighting was told last week when SUGAR

prescriptions.i unit, Southern Christian two Marines, one a Negro, recounted 19
i Leadership Conference. Rev how they Joined forcesto .
: Wood protested the appearanceat overpower Viet Cong guards .5 LBS.
Dixie Pharmacy the graduation of lira. Louise and escape from a month-long LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH $10.00 OR MORE FOOD PURCHASES
former chairman
Day Hicks captivity.
of the school committee, governing Heroes of this exploit were
body of the Boston public Sgt. James S. Dodson,23-year- WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE 39C

1.302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue schools. Mrs. Hicks opposed old York (Pa.) Negro; and Cpl. -_
bussing of Negro children to Walter W. Eckes.20,N. York. DEL MONTE igi *
achieve integration. "If you Dodson was captured near Da- *
Phones Elein 5.559198 were In a synagogue, would nang, 379 miles northeast of FRUIT COCKTAIL UN ] BAKE-RITE
you have Invited Hltler'asked Saigon on May 8. Eckes was .-
-------- --
Rev. Wood, who grabbed the mi- taken into custody In the same
> AY HOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE crophone. "No, no, no," the general area on May 10. CIRCUS ALL ,
audience answered.ARTIFICIALITY Both escaped on June 16 and DRINKS flAVORS 5 4S $1,
reached safety on June ZOoID
recounting their story, 5 91C
DARIEN, Conn. - Gregory C. Coffin, departing capture was the same, the duet r 29C 3 IBS.
superintendent of school, said they were confined in a PORK & BEANS 40 Ole
termed the atmosphere in Darien small prison camp somewhere
"most unhealthy." He was southwest of Danang. On or PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MORE
referring to the total lack of about June 14, they were mar- MORTON
Negroes In the system and the ched by three guards to a different -

Jews.presence"It's of the only artificiality a few dozen of Enroute camp.: the twosome noted BEEF, MAXWELL HOUSE

the racial thing that I'm worried that their guards were carelessIn PIES CHICKEN, 5 8 OZ 8 9C
about" he said. "Because the handling of captured TURKEYFLA.
of their money and postloo, American-made carbines. Figuring -
these kids will probably be this could be the break COFFEEFRYERS

leaders, and they're being pre- they J1eed &tbe two plotted an GRADE WHOLE
pared for that with only.wildly escape.On .
unrealistic view of life.; the evening of June 18,
while seated in a circle with
GRANTS VOIDED the guards eating rice 29C
_ 1 oab RICHMOND Va. -(NPI)- The the chance came. The guardshad at.69cSMALL
? Fourth U. S. Circuit Court of left their .36 calibre carbines LB.
,{ Appeals has voided tuition leaning against a tree
grants paid by the Board of about 10 feet away.
supervisors of Prince: Edward No better time than that ex- WESTERN BAR-I-Q SPARERIBS LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD
County to educate white schoolchildren isted. Dodson jumped up from
in private schools.Ne- the circle, sprinted to the tree, PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MORE

gro plaintiffs had called the grabbed a carbine cocked it,
county action a "midnight raid and whirled around. 5 9c Hill
on the county treasury." The He had caught them flatfooted.
court ordered the $180,000paldout The guards looked at him, and ,,.
restored to the county turned and fled. ICE MILK
treasury. The county Is the only The remainder of the tale was SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK
locality In the nation to abolishits actually antl-cllmatlc. After a
public schools rather than two-day hike, they reached the
desegregate them outskirts of Danang and finally ASST.

PROGRESS REPORT walked Into army a small post. South Vietnamese STEAK LB.S9C FLAVORS 39.c
years after the U. S. Supreme

Court decision, outlawing // We An To Have Peace
school segregation, only 5 per U.S. NO. 1 CAROLINAPOTATOES
cent of Negro children In the "Moreover man bas a natural
South go to school with whites right to be respected.
Harold Howe D, commissionerof He hat a right to bit good
the U. S. Office of Educationhas name. He hits a. right to 1011S.39cfRESH 1
reported. But Negro children freedom in investigating the
In the rforth don't do much truth, and, within the limits
better. There, de facto segregation of the moral order and the

of the Negro youngsters keeps 85 per in de cent facto of common good to freedom of GREEN SWIft' PREMIUM CANNEDPICNIC'S
and and
speech publication,
Canadian Jim Crow schools, he said
to freedom to pursue what 99ATURDAJULY
=1 '' V.O. ever profession he chooce. '
tisMrGMD Seagram's tnjy CABBAGE L. 1CI :

Help Keep "He has the right also, to CAM I
be accurately informed about I
OlSTIlLlIS( co 1O.l
turf 010 lie 1.w I1G1111 "
swsnaN-/! ntss OF Freedom public events.

,) I 1


PPP. ..L.) J.JI.JJp ...- .. .... .....T.rr..,,


nil 1 STII JAEa s SATURDAY JULY 2, 111Ij

..... U .-
... ... .. ...' .. .. ,' .. '
e'-j ;. .t." ,.
''..t., t. a .jau

: f. ''f11. '.. .... .' '...' ....J f.
l' .
.' ""!- .. ...PI t''P''I'J
...::. :1 .. .
: -;;,;;. .-_ .' ,. .
.. : .:_.In.-.I... ............,..c.,. .' .,. 'ill .......

e ,.

Outstanding '''Students. Receive Scholarships


MIAMI BEACH FU. More than 50 varieties of flowering
tree can be grown lUantf Beach.These range from the crepe 1ViU'FPUFi
myrtle of southern temperate latitudes to such tropical exotics: i
u the polnclana and lUng-llang. y 1
....-..." + j ,

MIAMI BEACH Fls. -Two of Florida's "original settlers."
the crocodile and the panther, have dwindled in number before
civilisation's advance.

Austine La mar
: -- V (
fashion pattern L ,, tt\

( ) 1 fr

i '" -.....,..I".''...I t I \

( ,
+ ray, t t rM

... ) n

1 _.__._ .
-- ---"

Gorham, member of the 1966 graduatingclass salutatorian of the Florida A&M Univer- ---Top-ranking graduates in the Florida

J of the Florida AIM University High sity High School class of 1966, acceptsthe A&M University High School class of 1966

School Tallahassee accepts the Kappa Leon County reachers' Scholarship are pictured here. Left to right theyare
Alpha Psi Fraternity Scholarship fro Mr. Award of $100 from Mr. Matthew H. Es- : Judith Yvonne Moore valedictorian ;

Matthew W. Estaras, principal during the taras principal during the school's Alice Stephens, salutatorian ; Louise
annual Awards Day program. Darryl who recent Awards Day program. In additionto Richardson and Andrea Danford. Judith is

h ., served as president of FAMU High Student the Leon County Teachers' Award Alice the daughter of Dr and Mrs. Oscar A.

Council is the son of Mrs. Thelma I Thurs- was recipient of the Florida A&M Univer- Moore, Oak Knoll Estates, members of the

Gorham, associate professor of Journalismat sity Scholarship of $250 and a $UOO grantto faculty and staff of Florida A&M Univer-

i&u: Florida AiM University. Hope College, Holland, Mich. She is sity, Tallahassee; Alice is the daughterof
--- the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mr. and Mrs. Charles R, .Stephens and

I Missionaries Hear 3 Greater Bethel Stephens, 608 Famcee Street Tallahassee. Louise's parents are Mr. and Mrs Shad Ie

Richardson Tallahassee. Andrea who
1\j Mrs. G. Sweeting Will Observe made her residence in Tallahassee with

Miss Universe Pageant To her uncle and aunt the Rev. and Mrs.. M.

At Calendar Rally Red Carpet Day G. Miles, 1525 S. Bronough Street, is the

Genesta Convene OR Miami leach daughter of Mrs. Carrie Mae Danford, 8603
? \ Mrs Sweeting,president
of District 10, the National MIAMI Toe at$60,000 Greater renovation Bethel MIAMI BEACH Fla. Mid-July Is the prettiest time of the Nevada Street, Cleveland Ohio.
Congress of Colored Parentsand program year In Miami Bea.cb-at least from the point of feminine loveliness -
Church 243 W.
h Teachers Association, -for the Miss Universe
Beauty Pageant comes on stage
( State Branch) was the 8th st. Is progressing to the here In two weeks. N.Y. Suburb Gets
Nest and
speaker at the "Calendar point where the officers
Rally" held at Greater Bethel members plan to observe "Red The .contest will bring girls racing at the Miami Beach Ken-
AME Church Sunday afternoon, Carpet Day" the third Sunday> from more than 50 countries nel Club. Negro LieutenantNEW
No. 1.163 sponsored by the Senior Missionaries in July when more than 570 seeking t the cash and other Vacationers have a choice of
Sizes 12-20 of which Mrs AliceJ. square yards of red carpet will prizes that go with the Miss nearly 3,000 hotels and apart- ROCHELLE,N.Y.- 1 .Bar U president.Mrs. be. purchases at $6.50 per Universe. crown. While the title ment buildings for their Sgt Alex S. Toooe has become
: Cherry M. Boyer; program square yard by the members as worth at least $10,000, not I summer accommodations, all the first Negro lieutenant In
A BOON: to every wardrobe..the simple sheath detailed in a. chairman. Invited Mrs. and auxiliaries as the last Item Infrequently some of the other within a few blocks of this commUDity'.poI1cedepart.
dramatic *ay. Graceful flow of drape over the shoulder into M. Perry to serve as Mistress to complete the project. girls walk away with long- swimming golf, fishing and ment.
the inset cummerbund and cascading over the skirt provides theweep of Ceremonies. Mrs. M. Price As a result of the.damage sought breaks In the movie and other outdoor recreation. Promoted from warrant
' of contrast for this elegant crepe sheath. A dress to be worn gave the opening remarks and done by Betsy last year, the .television Industry. Prices remain at bargain officer to lieutenant Toone Is
with confidence for any afternoon or evening occasion. Make it in. Mrs. Henrietta White of St. trustees_ were authorized by The present Miss UniverseIs levels as little as $5 or $6 a president of the Westchester
a soft silk shantung, faille and choose a bold stripe or print for the Luke AME Church gave the a church conference to Issue petite Apasra Hongsakula, night double. Guardians Association and a
contrast drape Contrast U cut on the bias for effective use of strip{*. invocation.Mrs. bonds to finance the repairs the delegate from Thailand last vice-president of the National
Price $1.No. R-163 available in sites 12,14,16,18,20.SIZe C. Glenn of Sailers-Chapel ud renovation of the 70yearold year Representing the United Cousin For Bishop Council of Police: Societies. He t
14 takes 2% yards of 39.inch fabric and 1V4 yards of 39-inch fabric AME Church read "Others"and edifice which leads the States in the competition will Is Westchester County's second Z l
for contrast drape.Standard body measurements for size 14 are: Miss B. Babes of St.John's Eleventh Episcopal: District of be Maria Remenyi, now a student Club ActivatedThe Negro police lieutenant
Bust 34,Waist 26, Hips 36. Missionary Institutional Baptist the AME connection. at the University of California -
Church read "The Creation." The Rev Sylvester A. Cousin, but a refugee from SAFETY'S NOT ill li ear
Send One Dollar for pattern plus 5 cents for (postage In cash Musical selections were ren- DO., pastor for ten years reported Hungary. She was chosen at S. A. Cousin for Bishop>>
or chec.k. No Stamps For Flrst.CIass mailing end 15 cents extra dered by Greater Bethel Gospel today that "the equipment the Miss U. S. A. pageant In Club which directed the campaigns FOR SISSIESThe
Add One Dollar if \ou wish/ NEW AL'STINE LA MAR PATTERN Choir; solos by Mrs.G.Perkins for aircondltJoning of the Miami Beach In May. of the Rev SylvesterA. mOlt Intense critic of a
BOOK #3 complete} selection of High Fashion designs, including of St. John's Baptist Church, upper and lower auditoriumsIs All the girls will appear In Cousin, DD for the episcopacy child behavior/ it mother child.
our best-sellers from #1 and #2. Send to AUSTINE LA MAR "Only A Look"; Rev. Charles now being installed. A new evening gowns, native costumesand of the AME Church to the He hu black and white standards;
Fashion Pattern, (name of your newspaper), Box 1815 CPO Anderson, ..It'. Mj Desire,"; ceiling and roofing have been swimsuits during the two point where he Is now there are no greyt in hit judgment
New York, N. Y. 10TJ01. Print your full name, address Pattiri, Miss Joann Starr, contralto put In, and other general Improvements evenings of Judging July IS the "choice of the General Con Nor don he make allowance" 'he-.
\ music major of University of have been and 16. Judges will Include ference, Bethel and the Eleventh cauie: they are only children. Getting WMIMSpollight
Miami, "I Love Life"and"No completed. The Idea of each Mlcol Fontana, an Italian cou- Episcopal District (Florida and children to react to playground
body Knows the Trouble I've member and auxiliary purchasing turlere; Count Slgvard Berna- the Bahamas)" has been reactivated safety U the baiii of a new
Seen." one or more square dotte of Sweden; Count Jean. and the former officers 16mm film produced by Encyclo-: Product
paedia Britannica Films Inc., the
Size.WAME In her Introduction Mrs. D. yards of carpet was Initiated de Beaumont, French art critic, retained. The group will nation's oldest and largest producerof
Howell of Trinity CME Church by Rev F. J. Hicks assistant Earl Wilson, synldcated columnist meet July 21 at 8 p.m. at Us educational film. Of The Week
explained that Mrs. Sweeting Is minister of the church. ; Dr. EdilsonCldVarela, headquarters In the Charles Safety on the Playground shows
a native of Miami; attended the managing director of DiarlosAssociados North's Travel Bureau, 1102N. children making and avoiding/ erron
Seventh Day Adventist Academy ; Don Klngman W. Third Ave., where plans from which accidents item Dialogue Miami, Floridathe
Booker T. WashingtonHigh painter; Aura Takarada Japanese will be perfected to completethe u contemporary when several
School and Florida Normal Jackie RobinsonIn movie star; Philippe task at the General Con boys diKUM ways that you can get
College; Is an active leader Halsman, noted photographer; ference in Philadelphia, Pa.,, hurt slaving catch- --- -- -
DIAL 1260 In Bethany Seventh Day Adventist New CareerNEW Aral Hllarlo, the first Miss 1968. I
Church; predldent of Universe and Eartha Kitt, sincere Dr. Cousin was a runner-up
District 10 of the National Congress candidate at the 1964 General
of Colored Parents and YORK -(NPI>- Multitalented Bevies of other pretties will Conference Clncinnati,0hla.
Teachers Association (Florida, Jackie Robinson has be on stage every night throughthe and many connection: general:
State Branch) as well as identified added another title to his list summer. Two of the top officers and delegates throughout -
FLORIDA'SABC with the principal cultural of varied positions.The night clubs are continuing their the church have pledgedto \ -
groups of the community. She former Brooklyn Dodgers lavish revues of winter right vote for and support his '
Is the mother of six sons and great, has been named director- through to fall. candidacy.
especially Interested In educational co-chairman of the Hamilton Other headline attractions at Mrs Fannie Jeralgan was reelected t
I and religious pursuits.The Life Insurance Company, New the show spots will Include Sue president of the group. ; .
Junior hostesses Informal York, In which he has made a Lawton, Dave Clark, Frank Mrs. Cherrye Mills Boyer Is ;. .
# dress were Misses Estelle "substantial Investment" Sinatra. Jr., Connie Francis vice president Mrs. M. Wood-
Cooper Leola Cooper, Claudia Robinson shelved his plan to Renato Rend, Anita. Ortes Cab ward, secretary; Mrs. Margaret -
Thomas Nancy Williams Sharon organize an Interracial Insurance Calloway, Lionel Hampton, Carey is chairman of the _. H'
RADIO 1 Smith, Leila Baines, De- company and Instead Fran Jeffries, Nell Sedaka and Ways and Means Committee; SHORTY-$35.
lores Barr, Rosa Barr,Margaret decided to take a leadership Roy Hamilton. Rooms provide Charles North Is treasurer MEDALO STYLE #685
wide In music from Rev F. J. Hicks Is chaplain
Parker, Mattie Hayes Anita role In Hamilton. a variety: ; Per eeraUU lllu>tr.ud CM.l./.t
McGruder Cathia Darling and His multi-faceted career t new jars club through go-go, Rev. Joseph E. Ray U public M dlo Hlr: SirU,tYIPH.11 t.p.
LoWe Griffin began In 1947, when he became Latin rhythms and ota) :>>r.. relations coordinator. end.'_ItechmanU... II'. r.-..Snd. rage name-.Nmeut.4Md.l and e
The Junior hosts In proper the first Negro to play In the On the concert stage In the I.II.Heir. ,.... ,Ino.Dopt. .
attire were Messrs.Elder Coo major leagues. The year before municipal auditorium the Miami Pilgrimage UrgedAs !CHOWS lUturallr from Health the HAIR Normal MOOTS Hair St 5. Bitty' :IS. H.Y.
Washington Ed he had Integrated minor Beach Symphony will present pa YOUR SCALP The condition of
ward Wright Jr., Beanie John leagues. Anita Darlan,lqraDo.lDd Russell Negro Press .'..our the hair natural often dpenda....1'" .(Rn.U7a rewrcetp.
RHYTHM BLUES son, Walter Walker Gary Robinson, 47, was vicepresident Christopher, baritone and Invented Y an <10 a DOCTOR meditated CABHOT U-
Cousin, Jerome Trapp and In charge personnelwith the summer "Pops" chorale Week Observance formula celled CAMONOKb
James Taylor Chock Full ONuts, from 1997to in an evening with Rodgers '..which.. beneficial la mixed Inindlonta.with manyprbr.CAK
'The Calendar etJnaft i i to-; 1964. Berlin and Kern July 10; Michael SONG. UMuue"a: arena. power COMB."
eluded, JANUARY-1Ir.. Margaret Re went on to become special Rabin, violinists July PHILADELPHIA44P1)A) ful work la nelpiae;doet a.such ITCHY fin*
Carey Mri, Claudia assistant to Gov.Nelson Rockefeller 17; Vivienne Della Chlesa, July pilgrimage to the shrine of BUMPY. DANOflOrp Mate It&Ufclyad Ualany
toms, Mrs. Mary Golden; for community affairs. 24 and Jan Peerce, tenor, July Frederick Douglass 19th century ntESCHlBK DOCTORS Msoos.. mur
RADIO STATION"WHAMMY FEBRUARY lire. Mettle. Later he was named general 11. Programs with additional leader and publisher has .scalp....naaUp trouble. cauetd*. Man scalp* ...cendl.Uone .....,.
Peterson; MARCH- Mrs. manager of the Brooklyn Foot- guest stars, are scheduled each been suggested u an appropriate .. at* neatly relieved .r the) OttftOEleolerlni.
Mrs. WU- ball of the Continental Sunday evening through August.At .tr.this Triple .Ct" tor
Cherry M. Boyer, Dodgers way to observe National 'formula. Write for this DOCTOR
lie Parker. APRIL-1Ir..A.la League. the Saturday night concerts Negro Press Week In 1967. CBNVINB. SCALP rOftMULAnow.
MAY Mrs.Fannie Robinson has also been a newspaper m the Marine Stadium through Emory 0. Jackson chairman muted It will be atnl..My... all aN
Barr. president; and ready to UU IT I::: ': Mrrh b add s.la
Sept. S the music of various tOB t OAtS and U MeaaUallad. .. earl
Jeralgan secretary**.* columnist of sole As 1966 Negro Press Week Committee .. yon ors "OT Dya, son. rob..11..
your money bach Pal gsa.y e.l.kwt ,
Mrs. L. M. Clark; JUNX-Mr men, be has become well-known composers such u Kern, Cole made this suggestion .nly ,1Jon deliver TklaelwJea ... t. Aow ... jIA"; .. AVOrD/
Jessie Giles, Mrs. Mary L.Jt u a representative Negro lea- Porter Lerner and Loewe, at the 26th IIIDUaI convention ...." mon everythlnr You .ftt Dont It with s:rill ..............,ier''-1n4I DYID .Loon.....,
Cousin; JULY Mrs. Mario der. Rodgers and Hammersteln will "of tne National Newspaper I jM. Use the flnotl MXDICATSO It. Co..Pn. |*R Mi pi.(.::."e.i.7c2?
'As long as Negroes are be Interspersed with South Publishers Association meetIng ken SCALP FOBMULA: your be ._,.et in eock.l ?
: buy. Your hair and _. wee
c. .......
O. Hicks Mrs. M. Belay; A0- brought Into the mainstream American, Viennese and cither at the Benjamin Franklin neap .deeorv line ca_ Jurt send P'aU_M slur.3r. all. .1 ...... le
IN MIAMI"'I of American business programs. HoteL MM and addreee to-QOUB e _I'.. .t.lo .._. ,
GUST-Mrs. Maggie w111iaysMrs. and =.u. HA W PRODUCTS II,.. Par eaI
Vic.sr.oSt ".U"'OJ' Ion .
G. DarnellSEPTEMBER, young Negroes are encouraged A further selection In after-1 Douglass, an abolitionist lea- a a|aS4} N.Y.ShetMBMd N01'l14: ...O.rModel set "; t r.' .
OCTOBER by career that's all that dark entertainment Includes-> der,was also noted FOBMULA ...&. N.l. roet.;he.
Mrs. Hattie Berkley; my as publisher a. Ilex Wfl D.,.. at.|, Bwekl .
.. Now
Mrs. Jean Clempsom counts," be has declared. gltlmate theater and nightly of the North Star. fem Money bee*( ....... JS. Y"P ".

Ii ) t




JULY 2, 1966 STAR PAPERS rm s

Deadline Set For Motorists RemindedOf Neiro Star In TV Series '

I Spotl'gitt( On I
Fishing Licenses Highway Signs ,, SportsBy


wildlife officers will begin I N TALLAHASSEECoIODtI. Klrkman, Director of the H. CHARLES J. LIVINGSTON ing in order to finish out
strict check for fishing licenses baseball at South California
Department of Public Safety, L
on July 1, and If you. plan stated today that willful disregard colorful Reuben (Hu. deane) Carter. and would have been In the

to r fishing on or after this for traffic signs and signals Sf middleweight boxer same position which Floyd Lit
become fir la'st
date be to bare the : pugilist
sure new by motorists and pedestrians tle. all-American tailback at
to u. 'or Unjled with the
1966-C7 license otherwise you for Syracuse University, will find
continues to apeU disaster
law. I. ->k the :)
be subject to arrest for L.L 29-year-old
may many highway users during the AtY himself when he turns professional.
without u :ompanlon John
fishing a license. I .
According to 0. E. Frye director summer"Disobedience holiday of season traffic signals Arnold ?0, both of Pat- Little, who Is entering his
Came and Fresh Water and laws are contributing '' t folio erson were picked up senior year at Syracuse, will
da! fatal of
Fish Commission, the new licenses factors In the Florida Highway dig shooting be running Into the common
men and the critical wounding
have been on sale since Patrol's statewide predictionof draft agreement-made recently -
June IS and are befog honored 17 persons to die on Florida's of tavern.two others in a neighborhood by the National and American

by wildlife officers throughout highways over the 4th of July Football Leagues-when the
the state. The new license Is holiday weekend, which starts However according to police pitch time comes. That means

valid until June 30, 1967. and 6 p.m., Friday, July 1 and extends being Carter held and Artist "are not only one team will bid for him,
available at the office of all until as suspects, are and for a comparatively small
midnight Monday,
not under arrest and have not
County Judges or their license er bonus.The .
July 4, said the Patrol Chief been booked or charged."
agents. Traffic signs and signals represent perennial "I'm quitting"Jim
The scooting took at the
Frye said, "Buying a fishing the expert planning of place Brown of the Cleveland
Lafayette Grill about 2 30 In
license Is not so much a matter skilled and experienced persons : Browns may be forced to make
of obeying a state law as U Is in safety know-how. They are the morning. Two armed men, good his promise.
helping raise money to provide designed to protect human life one reportedly carrying a shotgun Brown, currently in England
invaded the bar and opened
better fishing. All funds on our streets and highways on a filmmaking assignment,
received from the sale of but unless they are heeded fire on the bartender and customers will not be finished playing

licenses Is used by the Game faithfully they will prove of "4fLL actor until late August, but he's
and Fresh Water Fish Commission little avail in preventing accidents was no immediate due back at the Cleveland
reason for the detention of Carter -
to improve hunting and to motorists and pedes- Browns' training camp on July
fishing conditions. One dollar trians. friend... 17. Failure to show up at that '
from the sale of each three "Twenty-one died on Meanwhile, Emil i e Griffith time will mean suspension with
persons who seeks a return to the practice
dollar fishing license Is set out pay.
our highways during the last
aside in a fishing! Improvement 78 hour holiday weekend,"concluded of a boxer holding two or Newest claimant: to the title of
fund and be used more titles at the same timea ". human" Is
can only to : Co!. Klrkman, "and the la Hammerin' Arm- the .orld'iluteat
Improve the states fresh water driver or walker who deliberately Henry Tommy Smith, six-foot: speed-
fishing." strong-seems well on his way ster from San Jose State College -
flouts the law by disobeying -
A resident fishing license cost traffic signs can be exceed- I the to getting matter.a court decision on who set new world record

$3.00 or a sportsmen may ingly dangerous to himself and I recently by running the 22-yard
t. For one thing, Griffith, won
purchase a combination hunting to others. -- dash around a turn in 20
-aDd- fishing license -for.- S10.50.T----' Twins Dyron and Myron Berry pay close attention "The Virginian" segment titled "RideTo an agreement bouts will that be no held elimination until- seconds.
to be aired NBC-TV. Smith, however, claims he was
to Bernie Hamilton who stars as Delphi the State Supreme Court ruleson
not at his best, so, If this Is
their father in Universal Television'sBernie whether the New York State
Parker In
DensoH Beats Jerome red In several motion pictureand and enthusiasm are refreshing Athletic Commission can strip true, he should be setting a

Hamilton actor who, as a post-Civil War farmer television films, including tyron would like to do a spy him of the welterweight crown newer mark when he is In top
scored and father "Devil at 4 O'clock." "The settee and star In a western form. Earlier last month, he
Men's Singles Tennis TourneyJerome tremendously as the of two young twin which he holds Jointly with the
husband In the film "One Potato sons who settles In the south Young One," "Synanon,""Take while Byron envisions himselfIn Two Potato," stars In Universal west. a Giant Step" and "Up Peri a comedic role "something The 28-year-old New Yorker a straightaway wit h a 19.5
Parker was defeated by Willie Denson ST., who won Television's "The Born and educated In Los Angeles scope" like ''Gidget' took the middleweight title from clocking.

the lien's Singles Tennis tournament in the "B" Division of Virginian" segment titled Bernie started his actIng Hamilton's young sons are Hamilton, a reel veteran of Dick Tiger of Nigeria last April

toe YMCA's sponsored championships, 6-l. "Ride To Delphi" to be aired career as a juvenile extra played by 15-year-old twins countless films doubts quite 25: and Is to defend the title Summer ProgramAt
Denson WOl1"the first round Ernest Wilson and Henry Dan- soon over NBC-TV. and got his first speaking role Myron and Byron Berry sons frankly that he'll ever make a against Joey Archer in Madison
match from Joseph Walker 6-3, iels defeated Julius Gulnyard The ruggedly handsome thesID "The Jackie Robinson of Los Angeles real estate bro fortune as an actor "becausethe Square Garden July 13. Rufus PayneThe
6-1. Parker reached the finals 6.., 6-2. In second round matches plan, who has been In show Story." Since then he has star- ker Charles A. Berry. Despite demand for Negro actors He also has a welterweightbout
by eliminating Arthur Perry Albertle defeated Jones business over 21 years, Is cast their ages, the youngsters have Is so limited," so he's Invested line up with Stanley (Kitten Summer Enrichment pro-
6-4, 6-3. According to Tournament 6-2. 6-2 and Daniels defeated been acting since they were I his money. The actor owns ) Hayward In Las Vegas, gram at Moncrlef Elementary
Director Julius Jones Walker 6-4, 5.7. 64. f Severn and some of their movie real estate in Texas and ope- Nev. Sept. 30... School began Friday June 24
Alberta defeated Daniels in TRACKS IDE AT DAYTONABuck include and will continue for six:weeks.
Denson will advance to theUeD'1 "Home From The rates two art galleries and an Funny how things work out
"A" Division the semi-finals 6-6, 7-9 and Hills" and "Four For Texas." antique shop in Los Angeles for different people Take Mike The hours are dally from 8
In the Boys Division, Willie 12-10 In a match that took two Baker talks happy talk about the Firecracker 400 at They've also done TV commercials and Beverly Hills. In addition, Garrett the Helsman Trophy a.m. to 4 p.m.
Denson Jr., defeated his brother hours and forty minutes to com Daytona International Speedway on July 4. for Purina Dog Chow and he has for the past ten years winner from DSC, who signeda Several activities are offered
In the quarter finals Crest three Los and will Include Arts and Crafts
Norman 6-2 for thecbampion.shJp. plete. toothpaste. owned and operated
He has two cars entered-a the 50 fastest drivers. $300,000 contract with the
Pre-school work and
Jimmy Walker eliminated J. Byron and Myron are under Angeles Christmas tree lots, ,
1966 Olds and a 1966 Chevelle Among the drivers Buck andCastles Kansas City Chiefs last winter.
The double elimination tournament Guinyard. standably excited about being one of which is frequented by playground.Mrs. .
-and he thinks they'll be two will be competing Originally the speedy halfback
last weekend but In the last match Walker versus in movie and television films of the well-known Holly Bernice White is the
began many
of the cars In the first five to against for the major share of had thought of delaying his sign coordinator.
will be played under protest Daniels ended In a dispute flnlah."Both. the $64,000 cash awards are and their youthful exuberance wood stars.
of the contestants later,accordIng at four games all. Albertle
cars are running good Richard Petty Curtis Turner,
to Mr. Jones played aggressive game real good" Buck said. ."1 am David Pearson, Jim Hurtubise,
throughout the tournament. DIrector -
Other matches saw Lucious not the two Marvin
saying they are Cordon Johncock
Albert winning by forfeit over Jones said the finals fastest cars in the race, but Pinch, Bobby Johns, Bobby
will be later.
played they are no slower than the five Allison, Tom Pistone, Paul

or six: cars, and If something Goldsmith, Don White, James AMOCO GASOLINE a i
happens to those chargers,well, Hyltonand a host of others. :; ri" ,
we might take it all." Thaf a, lot of men and cars :

Gin the rocks? Right 1IO'tY. at the moment, to beat.
on r figure Pll drive the Olds and When Buck Baker was told
Neil Castles will drive the Chevelle. what he has to beat to finish EXTENDSY
But we could change. We where be thought be would be
have been switching back and said:
forth. There's no telling who'll "I'm not t rookie. I know
be in what" who is who and what Is what.

Buck, one of the most amazing I'm Just saying we'll be close TIME BETWEEN .
men In sports who Is still a at .the finish and running." ,
challenger of champions after' The Speedway comes alive this
two decades as a racing driver, week. The track Is open for
says that Oldsmobile is the practice on Wednesday July

most under-rated car racing 29, and on Thursday, July 30,
"My Olds will be the only Olds the four days qualifying trials OVERHAULSMr
in the Firecracker 400," be begin. The two fastest cars on
said, "but it will be in thereat Thursday will get the pole positions -
., .
limDwl M. Mutt NmiOrlMnlU
Buddy Mfi p Twirl
the finish. If It isn't knockedout and the guess Is that .
by an accident, that Olds the pole winners will break J: i

will finish in the first five, 176.000 miles per hour. ,
and that goes for all the fac

tory-backed cars. It's a bread ,

a and butter car. It runs, and U WatchThis
s 1 f6wsy' stays"
Buck was asked if be thought
Clown ,,,
he would beat his son, Buddy, b
who Is Fox Lawexitr t .
driving a Ray Dodge
15 8& 3&
in the Firecracker 400.
"I'm going to try to beat Buddy
e yv'. r w1a 1Le but I'm not sure. He Is a real 432 35 352
good driver Buddy, and I'd
say that even if be were not my 6
son. You know what gave me
my biggest thrill of 1966?Hearing -
a spectator say, during the 4 : \2 1 a, n-
running of the Charlotte 600, y mJr.. 1 I 1ry I

that when be looked at Buddy
9 s '
t t ; .ln'S
leading the field he was looking taw ;

it at Buck Baker of tea year sago. $ 1
Make perfect That's about all a father can 26 54 36

ask." S.eeVe .
13 13 466
If Buck's two cars finish In .
the top five they'll have to whip I
the fastest field In the history Iqmetlmes He's Up Sometime:
of the Firecracker. Fifty cars ie's Down He adds subtracts,
are entered now, and they comprise le works it all around I
the 50 fastest late model

stock cars In the country with 63 61 37


sc\, 1 YGO 310 52 524




By Mary Whitman
How many more day till w
iue !KO to the too?" or "How long, operate three 11 passenger
till Hobby party!" or "When'* Man's Days are Cum
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seWy,4 lwelydly, Fortune Can Be Yours When. '
IU kinK a Nenrie of time end If were of of business.
It lalendar< all ri* tan do IK You Know Your Lucky Days out cars, we rc out st/ev1fM ...". NL .t.AI"H. ."r wl.a.n

xneex Since we've used Lead-Free AMOCO.
Lucky Colors J!
;; cv Mow yen you lmh him about ;

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b".k. nee available at loraverily JULY and the speedometers now add up to \AMERICAN
Hloim IN a happy an
1I"lIr. It/'N a kit In |il ybM.k form 198,000 miles.55
Any smell worker tan punch W In the blank below and
nut iirt' Kluvil nunibfrN and dIKIIH l' to ZOiXrVC, Post<< Otttu You expect more from ArncrictUt., J ;
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NAME ... .. ... .....
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IUIII IIITIUtll. IIUIKKTO.MrMOrlllTIUIIH"IIIIO"ltl'Clllllll' ra are provided to |put on for TBEET- --
liellowr'rn TliankHKlvliiK Val DATE OF BIRTH -
'/ntlnt. *'N Day and other high > Mo. Day

i i t i---
------ -
__ --
-- -


WANTED ROOM FOR RENT NY School To Build Yosr Good Health Reelected 3H Precinct Urgent Need For leigva ,Official

,.UAIDS N. Y. SLEEP-IN JOBS.ISalaries Nicely. Single furnished woman Cooking or couple.Private Home LibrariesPupils By SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN, M. D., M.P.H. Republic' Committeeman Health ExaminationsVIENNA ,'. "To

to $69, Are advanced. Modern c<
Rash references phone number 3604. of Harlem's Frederick Swimming, one of the most popular summer recreations Is so The urgent need for
ABLE MAIDS AGENCY Douglass Junior High School important a skill from the standpoint of survival that everyone .periodic health examinations Youth ,
163 N. MAIN.FREEPORT.N.Y. will start building should learn It In childhood. Knowing how to survive In the especially in a person's middle
HELP WANTED 139, Manhattan was explained today by WASHINGTON (NPl): bes-i
their own home libraries water would save the lives of many children who drown every years ,
demonstration year. More often than not, these children were not wading or Dr. Wilson T. Sowder, Florida mood H. Sealy former National
HELP WANTED .MALE. Secretarial under project a of Joint the New York City swimming, but slipped off a boat of a pier.In state health officer, to a world Urban League official, h been
child to swim avoid talking about the dangersof gathering of medical expertsin appointed as assistant to the
Pirtim Tine TYPIST who can do 50 wpm. school system and the Cottonwood teaching your ,
Accurate; must be good in Eng- Foundation.The drowning and stress the fun he will have. Above all, don't session.He administrator of the Labor
Men with carat work a few' lish and spelling Apply: Board of Education has use the old method of throwing your child into the water where spoke to the International Department's Neighborhood
been on your days off and, FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Woncrlef accepted a $500 gift purchase he will learn by thrashing about that he can keep afloat, because Assn. of Gerontology which Youth Corps.
earn $10 to $15 or more. Apply; Cor. 13th St. No phone books to be awarded to pupils this may well instill adeepandlastingfear of the water in him. deals with the problems of Sealy will be responsible for
FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon. calls, please. of the school who complete At first, let him wade in shallow water until be feels at home aging. Official languages of the seeing to It that all NYC pro-
crlef Rd. cor 13th. originals research on a person there. When he shows an Interest in swimming, support him sessions were English, French jects throughout the country
woo has made a significant In the water while teaching him the proper motions. and German with simultaneous measure up to the requlrementa
FOR RENT contribution to Negro and/or Stay with him and encourage him,tut let him advance swimming translations. Papers also were of Title _VI, Equal Opportunity
LEO' presented In Italian Spanishand clause of the 1964
Puerto R I c an hlstroy and ability at his own pace. Avoid letting him become over- Civil Rights
511 W. 17th St. Unfurnished and to American life fatigued. Russian. Act and the Secretary of Labor's
apt. Now you can live in Jack culture The project was arranged by When he has learned to swim stew strokes, teach him to float Dr. Sowder, long recognized regulations enforcing Title VI.
She Repiriif sonville's new conveniently located Executive Deputy Superintendent on his back and on Ms face and to tread water before allowing Mr. E. H. Clipper, pictured as an expert on gerontology, The new labor. Departmentaide
two-bedroom apartmentfor of Schools Dr.John B.King him to venture out beyond his depth. A little later be should here, recently began his 24th said more than 75 per cent of served since 1964 as associate
Of Air KindIs $90 a month. Including new and Mrs Theodore W. Kneel, learn the principles of lifesaving Including: mouth-to-mouth year as 3-H Republican Precinct the people of the United States director of the Washington
65 years old or older have one. Urban League. He
kitchen equipped with hot water resusclatlon. previously,
an official: of the Greater New Committeeman of the
Oir Only Business heater. Water furn. Apply 1643 York Urban League and of the He should swim only in supervised areas and preferably always Republican Party. He was also or mor e chronic conditions as director of the agency's job
Main Street. You have to see to Foundation.The with a buddy. Ducking and horseplay in the water should re-elected as a member of the such as tuberculosis, heart development, was instrumentalin
934 E. Union St. believe. $500 fund will be depostled never be allowed. Duval County Republican Executive trouble diabetes t glaucoma, Increasing the number of
and diseases of the blood
cancer Negro employees in hotel
by Principal Carl Llgglo in a Having learned these minimum essentials your child "getIn Committee during the
savings Institution to be used the swim" for a summer of healthful! exercise. May Primary. office positions.
for the purchase of books on Whether you and your family Intend swim in a lake, a river, Clipper, wbo Is president of

+ I I Negro or Puerto Rican contributions or a pool, these are the 10 commandments for swimming safety. the N. J. C. S. Club, announces r ... -- -:.-*.-.....--e.-
1 to American historyand v--Never swim alone. that be Is the general sponsor ;
culture. Never go out beyond wading depth until you have learned to of an annual Fourth of July 1 '
float on your back. outing to the beautiful Daytona' '
-Don't permit ducking or horseplay in the water. .
FOR SALE Bethune Beach on Monday. All esw"i.I
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AIR CONDITIONERS sizes -If you get tired while swimming, cSoo.tpanlclCooseneyOUf go on this grand outing. Bus-.
and kinds. Some almost new, ; ,1 i.
HIGHLANDMIST strength by floating or treading water. ses will leave at 9:00 a.m. and /: .
all perfect cond. $55 to $145. Don't> dive into water that, is less than eight feet deep. return at 10.00; p.m. .. ....
Ph. EV-4-8555. Don't allow children who can't swim to play on an Inflatableraft. o He .expresses his thanks and .. "
: The raft can carry them from shore,or a tear can deflate :appreciation for all who sup- < iF.
f the raft. him.Tickets r
-Be sure that someone who can give artificial respiration ported for the 4th of July "t. M."Jacktonvllle't.. _Largest. ._ :. !!O m.tt} KnownAnrmjr "
;;; ,BIENDED J 2Ss"ylpISKY! !! TEETHING PAIN Is present at all times when children are in the water., outing may be obtained from 116 N. MUTLI.AVI.
I 100% Naw liquid, ORA.JEL (afaly. and U.th- Never swim where motor boats are In motion the following persons, accordIng ) Irnnl pnft ,,"ot. In hut 1 iifulnv'l/ Jimrnnt ttinirixi
Bf :'lVSpjy: : :pl1": 'fll.J way" BASEBALL to Mr. Clipper: Miss Doro- Cnn<. Burnt' I... limn tnlhiumitirnllr ..'I", lln put It
by mildly/ .
::z pedl.trlcl.n.. work fait many.. When there's work to be done, boys get spring fever but not ,) jnrnirr tiibrrnnlnrM. rnnituinl Vflff Av./ ftfArrrnll
... 49 ,.,11., awr.ntudor thy Silas, 751 Van Buren St.; iht nrifin / 1I""tI."ki"-Iti trifintilly/ MUM !.
."" ..n." the .yb.ctAl.o.yal.bl. ple when It comes to playing baseball. Whether It be sandlot base prat t thnl nnlhrr party rirrlfil m ,
GENTLE"SCOTCH t N MrEr1TS' !: ball or a Little League team, baseball will improve your boy's Miss Leatha Hopkins, 2nd and llfr at Sftifnotl/ ell,,., ,,,,,. it Hfupnn no ntrt far unit, uiipiritmunr
oraJea physical fitness if, in his boundless enthusiasm, be doesn'toverdo Broad Sts.; Miss Varina Gardner *, lh. 'Inilhfal "tI. I. d.vwy.s.r.4 nf e."ine. f.ir.hnk.,
.. .
:5th it. Franklin and 27th Sts.; t mfrnpfilinl brlou,
'Rocked I In thd cradleof Miss
One common injury has come to be known as Little Leaguer's Marie Hastings, Myrtle
Mellowed the deep.in..the cask elbow. It occurs mostly In boys between the ages of 9 and 12 .Smith Ave and 21st Sts.; Miss Emma LARGE FLOUNDER. I I I I Lb. 49c
Ave. and 4th
who do a lot of throwing. Ruhtd.5" tio" lit tit U7" "'. from Hoi folk./
to full perfection Sts. Miss
.'At this age your son's muscles are stronger than his bones ; Ruth Crutchfield,
MILD LIGHT HELP WANTED which are still growing, and a lusty throw may tear a small .11th and Mars, and from Johnnyj RED CHANNEL BASS, for boking' LB. 39e

TRY ITI ENJOY ITI ,,' Sales People bone fragment from his elbow.If your boy is so unfortunate Springleton's, 2619 Old St. Augustine OYSTERS . PT. $1.25 Va PT. 65e

ON SALE AT YQOR NEAREST Men and women, to sell adver! as to incur such an Injury, he. should not be allowed to play Rd. MULLET ROE, Sotted . Lb. We

JAX LIQUORS tising. Liberal draw, liberal' ball for the rest of the season. Bus stops, beginning at 9:00: SHAD ROE . . .per set 95c
will be at the
THERE' ONE 'commission, easy work, quick; places a.m., Union and Florida following Ave. LOBSTER TAILS .Ik usa XINt CUSS ... .. ..U. Sill I
YouthCogress :
Nations ;
'sales. You earn $75 to $150if The largest and most publicized 4th and Florida Ave. State and MEDIUM MULLET .? .Lb. 29c
NEAR YOU! you're keen. Fringe benefits.' spring in Florida Is Silver LARGE SHRIMP
Broad; 3rd and Broad; 21st and $1.25
Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323. Springs: which has a dally flow To
Moncrief; 21st and Myrtle;11th MEDIUM SHRIMP .LB. $1.10
Moncrlef Rd. cor 13th St. I of more than 500 million gal
tons I land'Mars; 21st and Phoenix:; SCALLOPS ? .LB. 89c
Convene July 4tk I'28th and Buckman, and JohnnyJ SPECKLED TROUT LB. 59c
J Springleton's, 2619 Old St. Au-'
LB. 59,
gustlne Rd. in South Jax.
The entire Bishops Hoard of STEAK FISH LB. 69c I
: the Churches of God In Christ FIRST AMERICAN BIBLE
: will meet in executive session John Eliot'i 1646 translationof FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT

: : f\1' ::_ here at noon OSlclallnternatiooal Friday July 1 1 the Bible Into Algonquian was FLAkE WHITI ... .II. $1.50 ClAW ? .L*. $1.1 I
CLfThe. during the the first Bible printed in America Co.kt-.rl, F,.,.ri .IB. $1.IS All lump .. .la. SZ7I I
.I'.g..I Youth Patterson Congress Memphis, Bishop,,Gene J. C. the Catholic Digest states.

$. : :. : :: .:..:..:..:..:.:..: .... ..... ...:.::.. ral Secretary announced last

(I The store) that: ;cares...about: ::you 5:1;: } ;:;l!;'ij! : the week.COGIC Bailey The leaders executive Templa will meeting be Church held at of of ,i ___r MI MNW,M 1NMU M.NN.

I God in Christ, 6370 McKinley t


The Youth Congress, being 3Jr. I
l held under the auspices of the
.: : w.- Youth Congress Provisional .r
;. .. ,
Board convenes In Detroit,
... .
it L *+ti C June 30 through July 4, and is
r ''t" .
:: expected to draw more than
'J! .... ,.,., M'.. :... 3,000 delegates and visitors
.,' t/ from all over the nation
i- Bishop Patterson In a letterto
> lEG OR members, .said the Executive
1.\ : .. : '
: :; Board
meeting on Julyl,
.... > v would consider "matters
'" Y' BREAST 3 9'C
.. to further implementing
,- QTRS. LI the progressive national program -
/A 1- Ian SlMINj of our Church that is being i. S
formulated by our General As
sembly", with Bishop A. B. r
HEAVY A Pre-Congress Musical featuring -

WESTERN top local state and

ASf COGIC national churches gospel talent Is slated from for

HAMS 4 LB. 2 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 29, r aid aF
CAN at the Church of God In Christ w
State Temple, 3500 Elmwood. ,' 1i a'yy
C The Congress theme is "The
19' Role of the Christian Youth In
LB. Our Changing World." w
Congress headquarters will be.

1 SIIPEI-mtH SHOUT (Isst. IaaaserJ State the Church Temple of 3500 God in Elmwood.Christ

] 'SHANK SMOKED .. Special services will be held t .
''' all day Saturday and Sunday t.w
n :' 1 July 2 and 3, at the Masonic) Ir
HAMSOAKBURNE t tM tu f. Cathedral Auditorium I 500

t .. Temple Ave ,, r t
I -, ) Bishop Louis H. Ford, of Chicago -
j IIj
International Public
: ,
SHANK 49C r Relations Director for the churches I
PORTION l8. I of God in Christ, said
special features during the Congress I>>< f t .J
will Include youth preaching
a WHOLE OR .i' consecrated prayer, Youth ",
w .59 Bible Study, Witnessing, sightseeing 1

HALF LB.. ,. tours, banquets and a : ,; } : .
.. special reception on July4 for .'. ,' Q: '
't 'J'
all young people attending the
BRAND ,BRIQUETS OF Congress. You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola.

CHARCOAL 20 -u. 79C capacity Bishop Ford as International, speaking in Pub-his Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always rcfreshing.That's

lie Relations Director and a why things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke.
member of the Executive Board
SPECIAL! of the Churches of God In Christ,
i JANE PARKER DELICIOUS p QflJJ' said Bishop O. T. Jones Jr., of
' Philadelphia, was "no longer
CHERRY PIES 'I' 39C official president of the Youth
V, Congress .of the Churches of x b thlnsjgo
in Christ."
+? God Wfth

JUMBO SIZE VINE RIPENED SPECIAL! :SPECIAL! Inquiries concerning the Congress

AIL FLAVORS, MARVEL Youth should Congress be addressed Provisional to: & Coke

CANTALOPES 3 89! Board care of Bishop J. S. ilf

ICE MILK{ Detroit Bailey, Michigan 1981 W. 48208 Grand 81..., .

FIRM RIPE' SPECIAL( Elder Chandler Owens, of
Newark N. J., Is chairman of

PEACHES 2 liS. 25; l/2 GAL CTH. 390 the national Workers.Board.Youth Mrs.chalrlady Congress J. Y.Provisional of Herane Field Is ........ iimtor KM authority of TIM Coc.-Coi. Company bvi Jacksonville CocaColaJAlt !Hotti1! fmPu1: .


f L
', IL