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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200720datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 18, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007200740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 18, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 18, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
of FLA.

i C irTr JPmiiiirAiilM' a y ors-DiiJwce'SkDi And Housing Bias

'II''! ., -, .. ,
.. < ... .. -.x -- -"------'-- '

**** ** *** a. .. .f. ** *


**** ** ** *.. ** *I Library _._ __..,6. e
T T T Ta or '.or Luu.Ge.itle3V1'
"""' ,,

Re" -. ,' ..P.rTCT 0 JJJjfims*.:,, '"SuitiBeMei' 0, F'. 0.1c1o.

,,- .. ., ._. .

** ** **** * ** *

Charge Ga. Hospital Faked Integration

I In Beds VOL. it nu. 13 SAIUKUAT runt 13: I isocv 15 CENTS r

: By Placing Negro Workers
** * *

.. .... ..... ..... .....
a. .&. & & & **
*** .... ###*

Negro Workers Slapping Victim In Pompano Riotyffe War On Slums [ IDJii1mitl$5OO-Jl. $ !! ray Negl

-M "C' "'...".rw-:,,"'" ... _._______._____ i

Used To FakeIntegration Is DeclaredDALLAS * ** ** ** ** *

Tex. -(NPI>- In

w speeches, conferences and panels -

L sKf _CZ / .tl&f MMrs. mayors from over 500
cities declared war on "slum- HOSPITAL MAY'CLOSE
An Amerlcus, Ga. hospital has A&M

employees been charged into with hospital forcing Negro beds 4 ,* tt s Ism,an" leading urgent up keynote to and following speechby -

{ Mr Vice President Hubert
In white wards so that they would I
Humphrey, before the U. S,
"look like patients" during a
Conference of Mayors,annual
visit by a desegregation inspection -
meet at the Sberaton-Dallas
team Wednesday.
Hotel last week.Humphrey PARTIALLY
Complaints were tiled in
charged, "Slum-
Washington with the Surgeon
General's office against the ism is poverty, Illiteracy, disease -
Slumlsm Is discrimination
Amerlcus and Sumter County
'Hospital, stated the Rev P. L. and frustration and bitter- *** ** * *
Jones, chairman of the local ness.He went on to make a strong AIM Hospital Johnson Signs

chapter for of the the National Advancement Association of pitch for the administration's Slapping Of Boy

Colored People In addition, proposed Act of 1966.Demonstration"We have Cities the "Deplorable"TALLAHASSEE New Bail Act
Jones said he had heard that

one or two white patients were resources know-how,in man WASHINGTON President
y d''sNeS in capacity, to abolishthe Florida Kicks Off Riot -
placed In a Negro ward during scourge of slumism," the AIM University already faced Johnson this last Tuesday
the Inspection but later were signed the bail reform act of
vice president said, and we with the possible closing of its
returned to the white ward. 1966 and said it a
have the will to do It Our programs law school now faces another opens> up
_.._1I.tT ..I".u..u
Clayton McWhorter, the hospital must aim at human as dilemma the curtailment of Its Police Brutality Charged "new era" in the American

administrator, stated that Wade and Son, Norman well as physical renewal, facilities because of a lack of system of criminal justice.

be would prefer not comment filnl charges againtl ftarr-ou. 'tier Taking a stand for the present funds. During Pompano OutbreakPOMPANO The chief executive signed the
any further on the charges anti-discrimination houslngbill Board of Regents Chairman measure at a ceremony in the
against the hospital since there East Room attended by Ally.
before Congress, HHH expres- Chester Ferguson Tuesday described of this who do not
BEACH Negro residents area
Is to be a re-examination by Gen Nicholas Katzenbacb, and
the Department of Health, Education Powell Wins Delay sed, unknowingly, a reiterationof ,the financial MM UniversityHospital' problems adhere to Rev Martin Luther King's non-violence philosphy FBI Director J, Edgar Hoover.
a resolution passed by the 10-
and Welfare. struck back when a white supermarket operatpr slapped a The bill permits poor people
Texas Association of Real u approaching "crlses"proportlons. -
McWhorter further stated Estate Brokers which met In year-old ooy. dows and a small riot was In awaiting trial to be released
that the Is Bars and liquor stores wereclosed without t bond In non-capltal
hospital integrated
Fort Worth a few days before.He Curtailment of the hospital'sorwaUtt progress .
riot helmets
and officers
a and that "Negro workers are In. Defamation Suit said, "Those. whq would as a community-wide patrolled the rubber- ,Police -moved"In 1rom Pom.eases'If the'judge'deems them
eligible to be admitted u pa-. :, Deerfleld Fort Lauder- trustworthy.
'bare you think the anti-dis! facility and limiting servicesi littered streets In the wake ol pano, ,
., bents' in this- Johnson said the old systems
Hospital AS ,
Just crimination housing bill Is a i students attending univer- : dale, Broward Sheriffs Office
anyone else. Such has been the the riot Tuesday night and early and the Highway PatroL in effect since 1789 was"arch
YORK NPI Adam Clayton Powell (D-N.. Y.) violation of personal liberty sity and for training studentsin A crowd of some
case In the past and will continueto NEW -( )- Rep. the A&M school Wednesday. The disturbance calmed then aic, unjust and virtually unex-
be," won another delay in his court battle over defamation of a and rights are enemies to the nursing 500 Negroes battled for nearlysix amined" since its enactment.
Harlem widow as the New York Supreme Court postponed his overall urban progress and seems to be the ultimate solu- hours with rocks, bottles flared again at midnight. Johnson said the legislation
Result 28 arrested two
case unPowell ill J on e 28. slum elimination tion. and fists against the riot sticksof policemen
for the first time requires thata
Gregory Released the trial court Is excessive" Speaking of the Demonstration No final decisions were a force of some 150 policemen. slightly hurt, a car
won the delay after It The division noted, however, Cities Act t, Humphrey said, reached, but Ferguson said he overturned, and cries of police decision to release a man be

was announced that he had been that "transfer, deliberately "The initiative and solution for leans toward keeping the hos- Taylor Williams NAACP brutality.All based on "facts like communityand
From Jail After named by House Speaker John made by defendant Adam Pow- local problems would have to pital in operation until chapter president, warned but six were out on bond family tiesandpastrecordsand "
not his bank: account
McCormack as principal delegate Wednesday
ell, a member of Congress, to come from you. You would have Tallahassee Memorial against further such "eyeball-
at the International Labor defeat, enforcement of a judg- to be willing and able to undertake Hospital, recently desegregated to-eyeball" confrontations by
Posting Bond Conference in Geneva during to take Julian Bond Makes Third
the actions and responsibilities can expanded police Talking about the Negro
June.A of such the entire patlentload of A&M.
NPI! -After required pro- crowd, he said that"these young I
CHICAGO ( ) citation is i
contempt pending The plan would require a deficiency -
the gram. fellows have been reading about Try For Ga. LegislatureATLANTA
spending several days on
In the New York Supreme Court gibR He said the proposed law, appropriation from the and School'sout
Watts Chicago.
House of Correction Farm, comedian
for Powell's failure to
appear with the State Budget Commission.Ferguson
Dick Gregory posted together anti-housing and they want to rebel (NPI!) Militant for oposing the Viet Nam war
for a financial examination in bill would provide for adequate spoke of an amount as -
bond and was released pending connection with the defamation education health large as$600,000 for operationson > against authority. civil rights leader Julian BondIs and expressing admiration for
convictions housing, plus Chief Ziegler blamed "the the of draft-card bur-
a n appeal of his judgment a full-scale in the coming hoping that the third time courjge
and social services needed to
growing out of civil rights demonstrations Powell has been convicted on fiscal heat and bad wine" for part of would be the charm as he made ners.
in slum areas to year.Secretary
last year. charges of calling Mrs. Esther help people citi- of State Tom Adams the trouble and also mentioned his third attempt to be seatedin Ironically, the chances that
become useful productive "
However Gregory criticized "outside agitators, but did the his district would be represented -
James Georgia legislature.
a "bag woman, or graft tens able to participate fully and Sen.-Elect Mallory Horne,
not name any persons or group. who twice denied by a Negro were likely to
collector, for the police.In .1 Tallahassee, who also servesas Bondi was
in community life.
White and Negro officials met be if he lost.
winning one of his many chairman of the Tallahassee greater
United States is Y
He said the
In closed session at middayin
a Malcolm
t/ Bond is opposed by
court delays, Powell gained his both Memorial Hospital Board, said
"quantitative" -
going through
the office of City Manager Dean Atlanta educator who
an ,
victory In the defamation case it appears inevitable that event-
and "qualitative" change
.1Aa Elsworth Hoppe. Afterward,the ran for the seat last year as a
within a week. ually AUf hospital will be shut
Rep. Powell and now has a more than $700 officials of both groups spoke Republican
Earlier, the state's Appellate billion economy.But down except for use in connec-
before some 100 Negroes Bond has little chance of ever
Division reduced the amountof
tion with the university.
ment obtained two weeks despite this prosperity, Charges of police brutality being seated, unless be is upheld -
the Powell
Judgment against But Adams called it a "frus-
earlier, fully justifies substan- said the vice president, "more and Invasion were made to the by the U.S.Supreme Court,
from to .
$575,000 $155,785.The trating dilemma" because Ifit's
tial punitive damages against than 30 million Americans suf- city fathers alter the late Tues as a lower court has declinedto
...... judgment, In favor of Mrs. him." fer degrading poverty" closed Immediately, there morning
day-early Wednesday defend his to bold
James, grew out of charges that "Despite our laws and our will be no place to put the right
Powell has
out of
stayed rioting. office.
-- the Harlem Congressman and patients now there.Tallahassee''
as a result of a long national Commitment, many Negro women told of being His Dean however
com- opponent ,
his wife Yvette had fraudulently
DICK GREGORY Memorial is expanding, but that
Americans do not enjoy full
plicated series of court actions dragged out of their homes should have no troubles being
John Dale farm administrator transferred ownership of Is a or two and meanwhile -
class year away
first citizenship-
Involving stays, audits of the and arrested. Negro men seated, if he is elected
property> to avoid payment of It Is crowded most of
for using prisoners to raise congressman's finances and because of their skin color, claimed they were belted with
hogs which he said were sold a defamation verdict obtained their their last nameor the time.
of religion,
contempt court orders for his clubs even though they were
at market for $275 each He by Mrs. James. repeated failure to appear In the place they came from. Adams said A&M Hospital taking no part in the riot. Foiled$50f000
also questioned the legality of The Appellate Division ruled court ordered. "Despite our housing and urban needs hundreds of thousands of
the sale ''that "the amount awarded by as development, and education dollars in repairs. There Is a While officials listened to the
Gregory was sent to the farm and health programs, large hole In the roof of the operating grievances, a small group of JULIAN BONDa

after he was fined $300, which Against Watts VoteLOS White Youths Plead parts of America's cities are room, be said, calling its condition Negroes broke down the barri- seat in the Georgia House,
cades In front of Russ'
he refused to pay or to post not fit for dally life.. "deplorable" super paid a $500 fee to the Demo-
ANGELES (NP1>-.Dr. market where the riot
Guilty To Slaying Adams also said erupted
an! He was convicted And slum Ism, he said, is the patients cratic Party and pledged to
appealjury last May 13. Henry L, H s Ins, president, to be ,admitted to the Tuesday.
Charles R. Drew Medical Society enemy Owner Arthur Marks police support the party's nominees,
hospital and doctors don't like '
CHICAGO "Slumism is decay of structure -
(NPI) Two white ExtortionWASHINGTON
thus qualifying as a candidate
PUNCHIN said last week that he Is to practice there. sad, was in hiding at some
youths accused of killing University and deterioration of the
against putting Proposition A "The medical service thereis motel or hotel out on a $500 agDond
WASHINGTONJNPI( of Chicago human spirit. Slumism Is un-
AssistantProfessor was denied his seat twice
ballot in Novem- bond from the assault and bat-
Free D. C, Movement was considering on the again Paul Moses, pleaded gathered garbage and dilapidated Inferior," be concluded -(NPIAn
a new tactic in Its ber.His guilty before Judge Edward buildings. Slumism is a "I lean toward the .cabinet te ry charge placed by Mr. and First Negro Woman apparent kidnap and extortion

efforts to "influence" local objection Is not against Egan In Criminal Court. family of eight in an unheated making the funds available to Mrs. Eugene Wade of 200 NW attempt failed when a 45-year-

businesses to back home rule the hospital, but rather against They are Patrick Kennedy and room. Slumism Is danger on operate A&M hospital 17th Terr for their son Qualifies For old baby-sitter escaped froma

lathe nation's capital.: Punch "a need to vote for something Richard Tolowskl. Moses was the stairs and violence In the until t i Tallahassee Memorial Norman, lOaThe man and a woman who were

holes and paste stamps on gas, that has already been deter- shot and killed after be picked streets. Hospital Is able to take up the trouble began with the holding Mrs.Carrie Pagan,wife

light, and phone bills. mined... be a definite need. them up and took them for arlde. "Slumism is rent so high, a slack of patients," said Fergu reported slapping Tuesday AWRT MembershipATLANTA of Drownwell Pagan, manager
D desperate man Is moved to son. morning of the 10-year-old Negro Northeast branch, IndustrbtBank

Local Government Study Meredith Starts tears 'and crime. Slumism Is With Integration of Tallahassee by the white grocery store -(NPIDuring of Washington.

the pent-up anger of people Memorial, many of the owner Marks. the monthly meeting of According to reports, the duo
Commission Of Duval County living on the outside of afflu- ,paying patients from the Negroes In the community the American Women In Radio posing as members of a reput-

The Executive Committee of the Local Government Study Commission Voter Bank AccountNEW ence. Slumism Is a virus which formerly all-Negro AIM Hos- milled aroung all day before and Television, Mrs Cella Re- able organization, gained entrance -

of Duval County will hold public hearings to hear Interested spreads through the body of pital are transferring to the the boy's parents filed the assault Four, traffic supervisor, radio into the Pagan's

citizens and organizations. The following dates have YORK -(NPI)>- Sincebe politics... larger city hospital and mostof and battery charges station WIGO, was introducedto fashionable home after the woman -
Isms It breeds those left at A&M hospital against Marks, 49, of 431 SE members of the national asked for a drink of water.
been set aside for the bearings: Wednesday, July 13 at 7.30: was shot In Mississippi .As other First
p.m the Jacksonville City Hall Council Chambers; Thursday, James Meredith said be had disorder and demagoguery and are bard-pressed to pay their Ave. organization as the first Negro The man brandished a pistol

July 14 at 7.30: p.m. the Jacksonville Beach City Hall Council been besieged by offers of financial hate," be said. "We must make bills. 701 Marks NW and his wife left bis woman to qualify for member- and demanded $50,000. He ordered -

Chambers; and Friday, July 15 at 7.30: p.m. the Baldwin City help from Negroes and our declaration of war against Hammondville Road ship with the Georgia Chapter Mrs. Pagan to speak to

.Hail Council Chambers (for Baldwin and West Duval residents). whites. As a result, be has slumism to eliminate situationslike DAMAGE SUIT store about 7 p.m. Tuesday Mrs. Re Four began her careerin her husband over the phone to

The Commission Is charged with the responsibility of conducting established an account in the Watts, Chicago and New after calling for, and getting, radio in Columbus (Ga.) verify bis demands. After receiving -

research and study to determine the need. If any, for the consolidation Freedom National Bank, to receive York and In many areas. of our RICHMOND, Va. (NPI) police protection.Shortly after- on station WOKS. She Joined the phone call, Pagan

separation, addition removal or other revision of and dispense the- funds southland A change of venue is being ward, bottles and debris were WIGO, Atlanta last March. In telephoned his brother Drapher,

local governmental structures, functions: and operations, to donated. "It is a war in which all of us sought by the NAACP in the hurtled through his store win- addition to her duties as traffic an official I I I at the Petworth

determine whether tax savings can be made, and whether The fund will channel contri must enlist and our goal can be $125,000 damage suit brought NO GOOD supervisor, she conducts special branch of Industrial, one of the

efficiency can be gained through revision of such structures, butions to a voter registration nothing less than total victory." against the organization by a LOS ANGELESNPI&th interview features of com- nation's largest Negro owned

functions and operations. program. Meredith has appealed The mayors of the nation, Victoria (Va.) businessman for houses of the California Legislature munity Interest. and operated banks.

The Commission solicits and welcomes any suggestions that volunteers and temporary south, north, east and west gave the leaflet distribution in the have approved a bill AWRT is the only professional Drapber called police who

night be offered to Improve local government.The Commission office space to manage the encouraging response to the area aimed at stores which punishing arsonists in riots, national organization in the field :rushed to the home and found

will give careful consideration to each proposal and will under- James Meredith Voter Registration Veep' address and suggestion do not publicly denounce the and Goy Pat Brown prepared of radio and television. devoted :Mrs. Pagan,unharmed.. f'' ,rIJ8ftARYOF The ma

take additional research in areas suggested by the hearings Fund. in their panel discussions. Klan. to sign the mearnr*.. exr 1u lv.ly to wA'r i ee"1 t 1 t



. "' ..... .. .. .. .. ...................................... i. '
... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .
YJW13IJJ2II. YI i<: r

?AGE 2 "" :T'N1 .*,t11Hj.J 'mA'I a I.J { ';:: : : ..AJl(1\ STAR PIPERS SATURDAY JUNE 25, 1966&& I

Tublished by the Florida Star Publishing Company PROSPERS;WHERE THEY


.6AVIU. J James Meredith Intended marching through the state of Mississippi -

NEGRO PRE.:R1 ATIONl\l to demonstrate that a new era was at hand Ud that It
was possible for Negro citizens to walk the public byways in
.. safety. The brutal attempt on his life In full view of armedpolicemen
who did nothing to prevent the attack, Is proof that

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..M2i3LIIEEditordilDi .. hrt little bas changed Mlsslss'PPL'
The new era Meredith was hoping for has been
deferred and a climate of racism and lawlessness
WOOTEN.Circnlition Manaier still dominates. If a national figure like

James Meredith can be shot in Mississippi, the
.-c.-c .-c only lesson we can draw Is that no Negro, no
matter how prominent or respected, is safe ,
2323 ''Honcfiil{ .Ron1 Phone Elfin 4-6782.: from danger. Still less safe Is the avenge

!. "'*;* Negro citizen.
.Wllilial Address This situation prevails because a climate of I
lawlessness pervades many places in the South. (

P. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 1 Acts of violence against Negroes often go un-
punished. Too many moderate men are silent. Signs of inter-
racial cooperation are usually suppressed. An aura of fear
MIAMI OFFICE and mistrust rules this sad state.
When volunteers arrive to help register Negroes to vote or

138 NW 3rd Ave. Phone 311.1025SUBSCRIPTION to help them combat illiteracy, the cry of "outside agitator"
goes up. Anything that challenges the status quo anything that
-OI"- tries to Improve the lot of Mississippi's Negro citizens, is
RATES vilified. The state has seceded morally from the Union. It is

One YT. $6.00 .. Half Year $4.00 this public Immorality that created the atmosphere In which

!failed, to YOU Anywhere In the united States such a vicious attack could take place.
,' t Samples of editorial comment from some southern papery
Subscription payable in advance ht l 1 1CAN'T are even more shocking. Rather than condemn the attack on
Send check or Money order to: Meredith u a frightful Instance of criminality, they blame the

FLORID STAR P.O. .BOX 599.Jacksonville would-be assassin for making possible passage of the pending
1. Florid Civil Rights Act. Other papers, and the governor as well, said
.. 'that while the shooting was "foolish" so was Meredith for
attempting to exercise his rights.
James Meredith is a courageous man. He showed his courage
Are The Notion's Dropouts when be became the first Negro to attencl.tbe University of
Mississippi In the face of armed rebellion on the campus, a
Interested In rebellion which was aided and abetted by the defiant attitude
Improvement BE 'SMOOTH' OVER) of the governor of the state.

While Meredith failed to prove that a Negro can go about his
The Tallahassee Democrat recently pub business peacefully without risking his life in Mississippi, he

lished on article which asked the ques did prove quite a few other things. First, he proved beyond the
tion "Are shadow ata doubt that federal protection for civil rights workers
dropouts interested? Th
and Negro citizens Is urgently needed. The long list of martyrs
tion "Are dropouts interested ;
? The Your Weekly who died at the bands of southern racists Is testimony to the
editorial cited that a $150 000 antipoverty need for such federal protection.

program was established in Wash- The attack on Meredith also gives the lie to the racists who

D.C. for 500 high school dropouts with claim they are superior men. Superior men do not lurk In
poor reading ability. Only 25 persons between .rrAlur..ar. .1..a.......... bushes to shoot other men in the back. Only weak men do that
and only weak men fear honest difference of opinion.
the ages of 16 and 22 responded. Horoscope Guide Another lesson to be drawn from the events that the need for

"To keep the project alive, it was extended >* ** southern moderates to come to the fore and end their silence
to the city's correctional insti Is urgent. Unless men of good will are willing to abandon the
tutions ,future of their state to criminal elements whose reign of terror
were designed to help 500 .............e.s *".....-.."". against Negro citizens alienate-the rest of the country and
dropouts PABLO
and The
get hobs. By ASTROLOGERs
frighten away needed captial and industry, they must speak
The Democrat concluded the project wa up now.

a waste of money, since teachers were Perhaps the most Important lesson to the nation as a whole
hired and kept available even with the WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR Is that fear of change and fear of diversity led the attacker to
pull the trigger. This kind of fear is too common. It is responsible
reduced enrollment. perhaps, the projectwas for discrimination Jobs andschools and houslng.lt also
a financial flop, but it was an edu BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL results in numerous petty acts of prejudice which too many

cational success if only 25 persons people think harmless. The tragedy in M.\s'slSslppllsan\ exam
availed themselves voluntarily of the ple of the outer limits of this Irrational tear which poisonsour

opportunity to improve themselves. ARIES way of cash or real estate this state has lasted. long e- CAPRICORN nation.

Remember the story of opportunities. nough.
Sodem-Gpmorah as BORN MARCH
told in the old Testament 4- 50-99-46-8. 9-80-44-84-927: BORN DEC.
; Lot God, 21st. APRIL 19(1( The Urban
if he would save the city if only one ;CANCER l URA 22id JAI 19th
righteous man;'could be found. The time for you to
The. troublewas occupy ''. ,
there weee none. i your rightful place I earned ljRN) JUNE -BORN, SEPT. The more you may' be worried '

The dropout project had 25 and who knows through long years of painstaking 23rd OCT. about bow'you are feeling or League Story'
endeavors, is close at hand.It 22id JULY 22R 23 r a bow to go about doing your
what influence these individuals may have would be acting rather daily chores, the closer you
pre- Regardless of problemsor This often is the time of the
I the world in th any should draw to the who Is BYCLANZEL T.
upon ? years to come. maturely to try and force the when one BROWN
difficulties: that may exist year your Job, profession
desired results, since the pat- your lifemate or sole adviser. DIRECTOR
In some of the departments of or simply the heat begins -

Slums A National Disgrace bring tern that them has about been may designed be adversely to- may your be life entirely, the eventual fortunate outcomes in the you feel to pall particularly on you.. in Should need part It would not be to farsighted say anything on your that The National Urban League And Teachers

would hurt and College of Columbia University cosponsored -
possibly harm
effected thereby. The
final accounting. Build up enough of rest and privacy, you would
Regardless whether our slums are occupied grand Fourth of July promisesto will power to seize your be doing yourself a lot of good the relationship which you most, a conference to discuss the pros and

by poor whites, Indians, Cubans -be all that and even more, life forever more. The Can- to go where you are likely to maintain trust on the highest levelof 1 cons of quality integrated education
but or affection.
the statistics of mishapsthat cerlans who meet the fewest people: possible.A Any edouia -
Negroes, or Puerto Ri cans they are a usually accompany three- come through these marriages that take place now The merits of a quality integrated
tests lood cruise at sea or a little
successfully can for
disgrace to the nation. It is now time day weekends could beat their ward to a future in which affection resort that is not overcrowded or In the near future c 1 ucajton was supoorted by .

for us to rid ourselves of the Number one 'own records as well. It may and creativeness may would Just fill the bill, at least be based on material considerations leaders such as Wilkins of ," "
CisgraceSlums.. be wiser to get together with playable role. Should travel during the 4th of July week- the need of a partner the NAACP Whitney Young of a

As slums exists today in the large cities, side friends to who arrange are on for the local cautions- conditions\ prove to be some end. The Llbrans whose responsibilities ,ibackbons who ,adds or firmness the future to your advantages ; the Urban League, Dr JohnH. ar .; 1
pastimes what on the doubtful side It are great, or who
and smaller.ones too, they literally thum that contain no dangers. may be more prudent to avoid, are in a position of authority, that you cannot .ob Fisher president of Tea- I

their"noses at our productivity and Intel- 7-70-22-6.5-389, big highways or to remain close may not find It so easy to get tain all by yourself. chers College, Columbia Uni-

ligence and call the American prosperity) to your home or neighborhood away from the grindstone. The t144448485AQUARIUS versity ; Henry Steeger ,

a bare-faced lie. TAlfRllS 9-40-88-36- *43 greatest of tact or secrecy may publisher of Argosy Magazine;
be essential In order for
The slums exist because of inferior you Dr. Kenneth C. Clark
persons BORN APRIL to benefit from the surprising BORN 'JAM.20tl pro- .
education have inferior incomes, and CEO transpire. fessor of psychology at City College in

forced to find the cheapest possible liv- 20th MAY 20tk BORN JULY -60- 115 -972' .. FEB. 1BU New York, and many others. It was the

ing quarters, which are not kept in good consensus of the
There Is participants that the
The customary Fourth of July no denying that you
'repair, because the owners usually' would celebrations may eclipse those 23rd. AUG. 22id SAG ITTARIU. like to enjoy your leisure moments goals ot and need for Quality integrated

go broke doing 'so on the rental yield. of former years. But the same With most of the emphasison BORN. NCY. as well as anybody, and education for all students in America is

One solution, we' have tried in this country may be said of the mishapsthat your solar house of secretiveness 23rd DEC., 21st perhaps even more than most not exclusively the concern of the civil
occur on the highways and it appears to be people. But if circumstances Rights Movement
is slum clearance projects with vacation resorts, especially desirable to keep more to your The significance of present Indicate that it would be advisable When and the Negro community.
federal money and rented at a figure when there is a three-day holiday self and to reveal as little events should dawn on manyof for you to carry on your defined properly and interpreted
people can afford to pay. The theory is weekend. Some of the as possible of your affairs. you who have highly developed vocational or professional wisely!? we find that Quality integrated

this will motivate the tenants is seeking more prudent Taureans may Keep out of the way of curious Intuitions. Tills should set you activities. It behooves you to do education must be the educational objec-
elect, with good cause, to remain 'characters wherever you may off on a course that entails so without demurring. Firstof t rive of any
productivity, in seeking better quietly at home with mem- ,be, especially during the long seeing new places and peoples, all, it should turn out to which is multiracial -
education for their children.We bers of the family and like. holiday weekend. Should the taking up an Intensified courseof be financially Interesting. Many I to the socially stratified and committed
can t have crash slum-clearance; pro- minded friends. A proposal heat or your physical condition study, or altering your basic of you will undoubtedly welcome principles of universal public ed-

jects, because there is no such thing as may be made or accepted In call for a quiet locale where philosophies to bring them up the opportunity of easing ucation and democracy; in short the
instant slum clearance. It involves the some instances, mainly for material you can rest and enjoy coolIng to the times. Business trips your monetary position, especially objective ot America. The
reasons. It would be breezes do not hesitate to may have their pleasurableside after a rather long spell need for the emphasis
long of the school
process changing and
thinking hard to resist offers that take take the appropriate steps to too, seeing that this wouldbe of restrictive conditions. The ference administrators con-
the motivations of human beings. you out of the "have-nots" Insure finding suitable ac the Ideal way to make friends fact that the Fourth of July n o was best summed UP by Harold Howe

and place you high on the list commodations. Availablesums with Important Individuals who weekend may find your locality hi' Commissioner of education, when .
'I""I'I"I'I"I"I'I'I" of the "have." Of course this when they are limited, can back you up eventually. all but deserted must not prevent called upon school officials
applies only to those whose should be A rather surprising you from to abandon -
spent only for such development being on the j Job' their "well intentioned
years and status render them reasons, and for. no other., or oppoi tunity along these should duty call. timidity'
The Road Jo ImmortalityThe eminently qualified. 54Q7798,4Z7'YIRCP lines may appear as early as ll 60-22-47-345 emiamt" 'third front for racial '
the 8th. and lif-i'vi He said both
2-90-55-38-828 .. ..If ... .... ,Dicrre the gradualists
f. -OVVVI7V1SCORPIO. wvyrHORN have falledand that the
question of
man s'immortality has Nation's .
puzzled people for ages, but it is not as GEMINI BORN AUG. FEB.19th tOday" are 'almost as segregated -

far removed from them as they think. BORN MAY MAR. outlawed as when the supreme court
23r .. SEPT. 22iil BORN OCT. 201'| segregation in
Often a .
man serves himself into immortality Unless
by what he 21st Jill 21st 24tb NOV. 22id The picture that you see maybe the educators accept
does for his community, Whether it Is because you role ot a positive
a dim one but It couldbe leadership
state, or nation.in Things are rather on the hectic are getting ready for forthcoming Despite the fact that the long because you are wearing, rasing the at the risk of embar
Chicago, pfc. Milton Lee olive III side of at the very start because vacation, 0 r due to Fourth of July holiday takingup dark-colored glasses. Throw being forced white power structure and

18-year-old Chicago Negro was awarded lag to opposing forces try pressing professional obligations a good part of this period them away and note the dif to resign Howe. warned, they
pull you in different di- you are faced with the It looks as if Sagittarlans must admit
many ference. The first thing on they "Are
posthumously the Congressional Medal of no
rections all at the same time. prospect of having to attendto will be busy in connection with should be to to be the longer prepared
your program provide prime
Honor. The citizens of the Windy With Jupiter in solar movers In
City your 2nd
disagreeable Jobs. Those tax, fiscal or Investment mat your loveti ones with the cation. American ed"
decided to name one of the municipal parks house, there Is a possibility of you who are resourceful may ters. The active ones among means of having the grandest

in his honor. If so, the deceased soldier of that you have enjoyed a period manage to get things clearedup you will make It a point to be time In their 11".. T isgive may Hawe.described both Negro and White
will become Immortal as long as the park pecuniary ease. The I highpoints In good time to get away where UM profits are to be you more pleasure, perhaps Bradaalists as "A polite
could be and
bears his name. the' 4th reached around for the long holiday weekend randed In long before the competition than If you were having team, deeply respectful sluggishsometimes
5th. of
During these you cannot go back on your can even think about It ail by yourself. The whole given the public and
Too many people think of their own wel- days there may be more fun promises to friends and loved It. It makes
a great difference: Fourth of July weekend appears that it POSSiblo taSUring each other
fare as did the in the New Testament --- playing around in localities ones and should see to it that when you have dependable allies very promising for those in Is e make
where there are few without ,0 an omelette
or no
who built bigger and better barns. when nothing whatsoever compelsyou and connections in official circles love, teen-agers and the gifted breaking eggs. ,
he had completed their construction he cars and with that are not overfilled to do so. Be open to invitations to pave the way for yon few who are prominent In the is no magic key to Declaring there

remarked, "My soul be at ease, for I tourists.difficult to It locate Is increasingly since they may take 'or to tip you off to the opportunities arts and sciences. Respond schools of the central integrating the
you where interesting people that are available. with the greatest warmth( to the they attract so good that
have more than enough to spare." such places but for those whopoI.1I gather or where new friendships -' The day when this could Work vows of affection that may be I of rather than repel and
That night, the Lord sent death for him. imagination U is not may be started. Many out advantageously. for you is the made under unusual or romantic achieving school People
Today, we don' t remember name. impossible. Acept whatever the of you who remain unwedded 18th. circumstances.i'108888788. of the ..ci1y.ch acrosssection -
unexpected has to offer In the I economic
may surprisingly decide that 4-50-33-87-543.. backgrounds. and social

t t

++. -- J .i .. t J HI.t' J. .+rw v rrrrrwr.vrr.. '' '' ...w
.- u ; ''_ "' -- .,T.I .- ..nrv-.rvr Nrrr



SOCIALLY Miss Alberta Crumbley Weds David Hayes Fashion And Hair Style Revue

''''' ''' L
0- '''
I ':'f.I.t'l'flldt", ) '''''!IIII'
With Slated For Mayflower HotelThe 1

Louise Gu yard SPEAKING ff ] North Division of the Eugene\ Butler Branch, American .
Cancer Society, will present a fashion and hair style revue
Sunday at 7:30: p.m., In the Mayflower Hotel.
Congratulations are In order for
Isadore MfsSingleton The participants are: Chester Allen Clark, Miss Sheryl Singleton
who was appointed to the Akins, Epple Scott,Mrs.Mamie Miss Lillian Henderson,
Housing Appeal Unit recently Mrs. k Taylor, Mrs. Eleanor Bowen, Miss Valerie Washington, Mrs.
Singleton was appointed for a two Mrs. L. M. Smith Miss IDea Murtis Anderson, Miss Carolyn
term by Mayor Johnson, Miss Lynn Beamon,
Louis H. Hitter. Conway Mrs. Ethel Taylor,
The Appeal unit is set up In the law to Terry and Walter Colege, Jen- Mrs. Thelma Edwards and Mrs.
nifer Gunn, Deborah King,Mary Edith Taylor.
give property owners an opportunity to Longworth, Florence Riley,An- The hostesses are: Mrs.
appeal orders Issued by the city super- :\ drla Smith Louvenia Smith, Louise Engram Mrs. Lillian
visor of building.Congratulations. .... : Sammie Smith, Marshall John Conway, Mrs. Mildred Newton,
':. son, Yvonne Meacon, Mrs Mrs. Olivia Forrest
............ .....'.1' ,. .. Alvenice McQueen, Miss Char- Nelson, Mrs. Lois,Mrs.Anderson Mary,
i f"J\,:,i; .' lene Taylor, Bishop Smith, Mrs. Viola Washington, Mrs.

are also in order for :" Earlene Henderson,Mrs.Willie
\< I Randolph, Mrs. Bobbie Singleton -
Mrs. Norma s. White Music and band direc- r 4 "Bon Voyage"MusicaFor Mrs. Sarah Hood, Miss 1 I.
tor at Darnell Cookman jr. High school. Johnson and Miss Gwenett En-
Mrs. ,white received an award for "superior / Mrs. X, MitchellChoir gram.

service'musical' achievement and faithful /1' 2 of Mt. Sinai Baptist Recognition Day

Mrs. white has produced a superior band Church will sponsor a "Bon
Voyage" musical
r program In At Ebenezer
every year during her ten year term a i Interest of Mrs. Xella Mitchell,

every year during her ten year term as organist and director, who will Recognition Day will be observed .
band director. The presentation was made be leaving for Virginia. Sunday In Ebenezer
during the district two Florida Associa- Featured as soloist are: Mrs Methodist Church for the stu-
Bessie Carter, Mrs. Bessie
tion of Band Directors Annual Honors Grant, Mrs. Edith Jones and dents student, with at Claflln Ronald College Sneed,,
at the here.
Banquet Holiday House Mrs. Juanita Prlester. Orangeburg S. C., presiding.
jerry C. Miller served as master of cere- 'h. .... .. Others appearing will be:Dea- James Arthur Reed, senior at
monies for the program. \ ( con W. P. Smith, Sgt. Edward Morehouse College, Atlanta,
Kerna D. MCFarlin, band director at New Miss Alberta bride and June Hlckson, Deacon Leroy Mal- Ga., will be the speaker.
groom 20, 1966 at 8:30 P.M.
: lory, Mrs. Luella McBride,
Mr. Reed Is a Psychologymajor
Stanton High school gave the inspirational Mrs. Johnnie at the home of the bride's' parents Mr. and Mrs. Florence Turner and and Sociology minor and

address. of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Crumbley of 7369 K'yland Dr. others. was recently chosen to participate -
Replections were given by District Char- ried in the West where 'many beautiful gifts were re- Mrs. Xella Mitchell will pre- In the Harvard-Yale-
ter members George H. Hill. McFarlin andj. Church Frl ceived. side at the console for the last Columbia Intensive Summer

C. Miller. A reception time. Studies program.
Officers and members of the organizationwere Other participants are: Miss
Stella Yvonne Ivey, Hampton
presented by Robert Barden'. Enrichment Club Plans Trip Institute; Miss Mary Ann Reed,

Charles T. Maxwell presented awards to f I Clark College; Anest M.scbeUi
J. C. Miller chariman and Ernest R.nyatt At Matthew WeddingsWillie Fisk University and
P. Holmes in, Hampton insti-
vice chairman for district leader- Summer School ,,. ........ tute.
ship performance. 'Oscars' were pre- mer Enrichment I \!) I Music will be under direction

sented to Mrs. White Mr. McFarlin Mr. Matthew W. of Mrs. Eleanor Harley,organ
Hill, and Mr. R. E. for producing the will begin Friday Lee Scott, 2409 E. Lincoln Samuel Dennis Brantley, 633 ist and director of Choir 2.
I e
Ct., 18 and Ernestine P. LIpscomb St., 26 and Mildred Awards to recent high school
superior rated bands in the district this through Aug. 5. Harris 1658 W. 11th St. 27.
be held from 8 : Williams, 1512 Steele St., 17. graduates will be presented by
year. District officers are; j. C. p.m., daUy.Courses James Schell, superintendent.High .
Miller Lincoln High school, Gainesville to be : J. C. Allen, 910 W. Ashley St., James Chapman, 1716 W. 11th School and college studentsof
42 and Louella Baker 910 W. St., 25 and Inca Aszenie John
churches have been
chairman; E. R. Wyatt, J. w. Johnson jr. Mathematics,
and Remedial Ashley St., 34. son, 1712 W. 21st St., 25. invited to attend. Miss EdithC.
High Jacksonville vice chairman
; N.
all Boyd Is sponsor.Wyonnettes.
S. White, secretary; R. E. Parker, MeBane have pre been- David Hayes, 1849 W. 29th St., Willie James Cdpepper. 1662W.
High School Alachua, treasurer; K. D. be accepted.The .placed, 24 and Alberta Crumbley, 7369 24th St., 28 and Geralyn
McFarlin, New stanton High business enrichment l Kylan Dr. W., 29. Elane Robinson, 1411 W. 22nd Club
St., 18.James.
manager and G. H. Hill Gilbert High Include
School, parliamentarian. activities, under \ Wayman Tate, 6241 Pettiford Weathers 6Sanford To Sponsor TeaThe
Rt. ,
'Coach Wallace Dr. W., 20 and Edna Preston,

..ee..e.eee. Director George 1122 Odessa St., 20. Fla.Borden, 22, 1763 and Vivian E. 28th Princella St., 19. Wyonettes Ladles Savingsand
have charge of Saving Club will I I Social Club will observe Its
courses. Ia Lake July 2) th. Henry Hayes, 1711 E. 28th St., James Leonard Campbell, 5840 anniversary with a tea June 26
Miss Margie p. Albarez, daughter of Mr. fry also I at IU0| 58 and Eloulse Rosemary, 1711 Marigold Rd.22 and Ruth from 4 to 6 p.m., at the YWCA,
i Mrs. Thaddurs Alvarez Sr. of this city, Program home of E. 28th St., 27. Elaine Slplln, 5811 GeraniumRd. 582 W. 8th St.
became the, bride of, Arthur S. McClendon to presi- Lee Reed 317 North St., ., 19. An invitation has been extendedthe
right Wash ,
W. pre: Mrs. public to attend. The partliclpants
son of Mrs? 'LlCileI'McClendon"cit.t.. nd B. ). 23 and ,Ada Bell Brown, 1117
DEFECTS'l, t ; Mrsr.: Georgia; John Wilson Parham,Leckrone, on program are: Mrs:
McClendon Miami recently. The Summer Minnie Lee .Bel ton, Harrison St., 21. Pa., 19 and Irene Williams, Versa Dixon, Mrs. Queen B.
The wedding took place at St. StephensAME gram at James : Lewis 417 E. 27th St., 17. Williams, Mrs. Maggie Black,
recording Allen Ponte
Henry James Mrs. Drunella Mosley, Miss I
church Rev. J. s. Johnson officiated. School am., and will begin I Wl (I'l I /lams, treasurer. Vedra Inn, Ponte Vedra Beach, Ernest W. Barnes, Orange, N. Edwina Norman, Miss Jacquelyn -
25 and Gloria Ann Bicker-
... sea s.e.e. p.m., daily.Activities. staff,, 7405 Dostle Dr. E., 23. Y., 24 and Doris A.Armstrong, others.Jones, Richard Davis, and
to be 1528 Jefferson St., 20.
clude: Art., r Unique Social Club Mrs. Sophia Mitchell and Mrs.
Yours Truly is on the second leg of a two making, Industrial Marvin Swint, 605 W. BeaverSt. Andrew R. Warner, Raleigh, Mattie Ruth Jones are chairmen
20 and Alice Mae Hill
Slates Annual Ball of the event Mrs. Louise
week vacation in corpus eristic Texas, and gymnasium. 1643 W. 26th St., 17. N. C., 23 and Joyce Elaine ;
Preston t chairman
with her sister Amanda Ernest Wyatt has Freeman, 1502 Steele St., 19. program ;
Mrs. perry.
returning students The Unique Social Club will Mrs. Marion P. Glover, presi-
Accompanying me on the trip are; my also the sponsor Its annual ball Saturday Emmitt King Jr., 2155 W. I2th Gordon L. Shavers Jr., 1895 dent, who will give the welcomeand
mother Mrs. Lula Gray of Barnwell, South who will attend from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. In St., Apt. 5, 22 and Saundra Hartrldge St., 21 and Joann present the mistress of
Carolina, a brother, Thurman Gray of Ft. ensuing year. the Elks Auditorium, 712 W. Theodora Brayboy,1191 W.24th Smith, 1205 W. Duval St., 18. ceremonies. Mrs. Helen
Lauderdale and my daughter Regina E. Other activities Duval St. St., 19.Lloyd Glover, vice president, will
Basketball The event will feature John 618 summarize the program and
Guinyard. are: McCllnton Brown, 4150 Tyrone P. E.
Will be seeing you next week. fleboard and wll Stanberry's The band.and all clubs have Grant Rd., 37 and Sylvia Louise 1st St.,18 and Peggy A. Reeves, give the words of appreciation.

nior also sewing high school for ,, been invited public to attend. Brown, 6563 New Kings Rd.,25. 1417 W, 11th St., 18.

program will
Tea TimeUsher weeks.

.._......._.._..._...............................,,"........._..........NN.NL1 N11NN. '
Board 1 of Day Spring Board 1o' St. Paul ,, .., ', y" ,
Usher h '
Fraternal J, : : 'IIMI,:?; ',:/; : : 'jf' !;:J*, "
{ !
Baptist Church will sponsor AME Church will sponsor a .
J /' ... f; l"r "
its annual Midsummer Tea Sun Paradise Tea from 3 to 5 p.m., :.?-/ "';",1.---:
day at the church Mrs. Juanita in the lower auditorium of the Sarah Dawkins ;1". .. .\jl" ,
Wyatt will be the speaker and church. Miss L. Chandler will J., will meet >\ ,
will be introduced by Mrs. Eu- be the speaker.en.. Masonic Temple, ,,',' ,'.., ...
nice Coker. Mrs. Wilhelmenia beginning at 4:30: .
Young will serve as U1 s t r e s s Usher Olive According to ,
of Ceremonies and Miss Jacquelyn Primitive : will Hattie Jackson, {,
Smith, guest soloist. sponsor a Summer Tea Sunday made for the .
**** at 4 p.m., in the basement of has been
Usher Board 2 of Grant Memorial the church. All members
AME Church will **** to attend
sponsor a Fashion Tea Sundayat Choir 2 of Grant Memorial
4 p.m., featuring the youth AME Church will sponsor a \ 4.
of the Sunday School In the tea July 24 In the lower unit ,:, l'A
of the church from 4 to 6 p.m.A flclgJtrl
lower unit of the church. members of the sorority >
program will be rendered.
r ik


C Ke ,

\: ROOD fiOS'Stit.

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Beef at its Best Ifl! 'i I) :c onltd Jacksonville unoW lh. authority Coca-Cola of Th Bottling. Coca-Cola Company Companyby


. _* ; I

:1-r r .. . . .



l CHURCH NEWSJERUSALEM J r Sweetfield Baptist. Church Observes Women's Day jmnaay I

BAPTIST Dual Day Mrs. B.W. Williams Is Speaker

Services Sunday in Jerusalem Baptist Church, southslde, will Homecoming Day Presentation To Bishop
begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.with Herman Single- : Cwfletfield's Women's Day
Observed Sunday For
tary in charge. Set At Mt. Tabor -- -- -

Morning service begins at 11 o'clock.'with: Deacons Dotler
Joiner and W. Toorabs in charge of the devotion. The Holy Homecoming Day will be observed Dual Day will be observed Annual Women's Day will be observed June throughout the I

Communion will be administered by Rev.R.W.Jackson, pastor. Sunday In Mt. Tabor Sunday In St. Luke Baptist day -at- SwMtfield Baptist- Church.
Choirs 1, 2, 3, and Usher Board 1 will serve. Baptist Church beginning with Church, beginning with the Sunday Services will begin with the Jams is a teacher In the public

Men's Day will be observed Aug. 14 with Dotler Joiner and the Sunday School at 9.30 a.m., School at 9:30 a.m. with Sunday School at 9.30: a.m., school system and serves u I
William! Toombs as chairman and co-chairman;Herman Single- with pest teachers in chargeof Dennis Armstead as guest su- with Miss Elizabeth Best, ML r- r- "--.rr A

tary, program chairman and Deacon Nathan York,.pastor for the classes perintendent. Mrs. Mary Brown Ararat Baptist Church serving
the day, Morning service at 11:30: o* will review the lesson. as guest superintendent. Mrs.
clock with Deacons Paul T. The teachers are: Eddie Rosa Stephen will review the

CENTRAL BAPTIST Behn and Jason Barr in chargeof Brown, Miss Claretha Adams, lesson. Guest teachers are:

. d The men of Central Baptist Church will observe their annual the devotion. The partici- Lee Bryant, Mrs. Ida Booker, Mrs. Lula Mercer, Mrs Ride

day Sunday beginning with the Sunday School at 9.30: a.m., withW. pants are: Miss I. M. Blemlng, Mrs Mary Parker, Deacon W. Cooks, Miss Voncille Pickett,
D. Sweet as guest superintendent Rev George Monroe will Mrs Flaring Benton, Rev. Nathan, and D. Nelson. M r s. Mrs. Leona Jackson Mrs. 1 4 I IA

review the lesson. George Tilley, Rev.H.T.Over- a Maggie Stills will have charge Julie Norton, Mrs Edith Howard .r'

The Make Chorus of Grant Memorial AME Church will serve street, Rev. J. W. Jones, and of the music. Mrs Eloulse Thomas, (
for the 11 a.m., service and Rev H. L. Herod will deliver the others. rr The participants for the morning Mrs. Eddie L. Williams and
sermon Joseph Johnson is guest soloist.At The young people will have W, service are:Deacon Herman Mrs. Dessle B. Pollard. M
7 p.m., the Male Chorus of the church and guests will be charge at 3 p.m. Appearing Waters, Mrs Alice Morgan, Morning worship will beginat
presented in a musical. will be: Miss Sandra Capers, Miss Betty J. Streeter, Mrs. 11 o'clock, with Mrs. S. L.
( CHURCH OF GOD Miss Angelina Holllday, Miss Carrie Plnkney, Leonard Mit- Badger, serving as Mistress
Rose Mary Butler, Jason Barr y chell, Deacon Joseph Thomas,
Services Sunday in the Church of God, Steele and Blue Sts.
i Miss Marion Bessent Mrs. r
Jr., Miss Maggie Calhoun,Miss ,
will begin with the Sunday School at 10 a.m., with Mrs Naomi A't ?
Bessie Herman Sin-
Elizabeth White, Miss Lena Rhyams,
F. Tunsil and Miss Barbara Mitchell At 11 '
charge o'clock -
morning service will Porter, Miss Myra Hill, Miss gletary, Mrs Charlie M.Beck- r MRS. MATTIE POLUCK
commence. Choir 1 will serve and Rev 1 worth Fred Law Mrs. AnnieR.
R. Hestle. pastor, will deliver the sermon and have chaw Angela Burkhalter, Capers second vice president of the
the baptism. Family, The Rev. Mr. Over- Brown, Mrs. Doris Hutch- General State Baptist CooveJI \.
YPE begins at 6 p.m., with Mrs. Irene Tunsil presiding. A street and Rev. Hughie Owens. i- inson,, Usher Board 2 and lion; selection, SweetfieW
series of lessons will be given from the theme, "Fruits of the At 7 p.m. the participants: sr hM Mrs Lucille Frailer. Y I Quintet; invitation to Joiners

Spirits." The'topic> for Sunday is "Love." Miss I. M. Fleming, Rev J. W. The youth program will be I Mrs. D. B. Barnes; appeal,,
Evening service at 7:30 o'clock. Again the pastor will preach, Johnson, Mrs Essie Jones held at 3:30 p.m. Appearing ,,4wr Mrs Sam Williams; offering
Williams and Deacon Charles will be Larry Armstead, Mrs.
and the Junior ushers will serve.
Mrs S. D. King, Mrs. L. Mc-
Evans Ronald Back-
Tim mono. Margaret ,
Anniversary GIFT--On the closing 'day of the 95th..session moo, Percy Clarrett,Miss Joan Queen Kitchen; observation Mrs. J. B.

of the Florida Annual Conference of Evans, Miss Shirley Wiggins, ; acknowledgment
Choirs 1 and 2 of Second baptist TWO MINUTESVW Miss I, Armstead,Gerald Armstrong of visitors Miss Dorothy Scott
Church will observe their .' The Methodist Church 'at Bethune-Cookman Miss Marshall Darby, Also appearing will be Mrs

anniversary Jointly June 27 at College in Daytona Beach, Florida. Rev- Marine Backmon, Ronald ck- Rosa L. Jackson,and Mrs.Mat-

8 p.m., in the church auditor- /WE BIBLE erend Percy Blow, Plant City, Florida, is moo. The BTU hour will begin tie Pollock, chairman and cochairman -
ium. IT COINIUUf. TAM Mil.IIIIAN Mrs. D. B. Barnes
at 5:30 with Frederick
The program committee, under IIILI IUINOII IOC11TvCHICAGO 0M seen presenting Bishop James Henley, Damps: in p.m.charge, of the devotion will serve as pastor for the day

leadership of Mrs. Orilla ( left) 'Southeaster Jurisdiction Con- at 6 P.rn. Youth Hour will begin at 2;30

B, Anderson and Mrs. Ada ference from Lakeland, with a gift, an The participants Are: Choir o'clock, with Tiny Holsey
Bostic, has secured some of MRS. R. CWT serving as Mistress of Ceremonies
THE RESURRECTION MOURNING"But attache case from the Central Jurisdic- 2, Zion Hope Baptist Church; -
the leading talent in the city The Is SeMRS. .
Trowel Miss Virginia program : i iI
Rev M. J. -
of The devotion
and church to participate. tion. Bishop Henley was called to Ceremonies. .11 __.__ -4
Mary stood without at the hope Listen to their own words: preside the Bishop Marquis Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth will be conducted by Mrs
Allen wpulchre epinj" (John 20:11): ). "\\'e had trusted that it had been He for ailing Belmont, Mrs. Elezenla Western Mattle Jenkins, Mrs. Mary
Chapel \\hy does he weep? Because the which should have redeemed Israel\: LaFayette Harris, of Atlanta, Georgia. Mrs. Hattie Armstrong, Mobley and Mrs. Essie Jones. f

tomb i i. tmply'hat' needleu tor- and betide all this, today I is the third Miss Betty Streater, Mrs The program is: Processional, l fI

Men's Day row. follow in the wake of unbelief) day since these things were done" Pentacostal Church Barbara Richardson, Rev choirs; responsive reading,
Thote tear-dimmed eyes did not (Luke 24-21): ), Church HoldsWomen's Leroy Dillard, Mrs. M.B.Watson Mrs. D. B. Barnes; mission

we the evidence of the Lord'resur They had given up hope because Mrs Alice Mitchell, Mrs offering, ushers; prayer mis- I fI
Program Held rection. And when the angel asked: this was the third day since the Lord' Day Slates Observance Ann Baker,Mrs.Effle Drewery, sion, Mrs. W. E. Young; an-'

"1Vhy Deepest thou?" She said.: crucifixion, yet this was the very Sweetfield Church will Deacon Dessle Pollard, Mrs nouncements, Mrs. Gladys I
Because have taken Baptist Of Pastor's Day Emily Green, Mrs. Del 0 r I.HaJ'WoocS Shannon prayer for sick, Mrs.
they away my day He was to rise from the dead, observe its annual Women's ;
Alton Armstead and
Lord and I know not where they according to His own, oft-repeated G. H. Hamilton; welcome address -
June 26 with
Day on Mrs. D. B. Pentecostal Church of God in Usher Board 2, Greater St
Mrs. Rosa Bell Barrow
i iH is hue laid Him Poor woman) She promise. ;
aAd Barnes for
serving as pastor
Christ Jesus, observes the anniversary Matthew Baptist Church. '
would rather have found Hit body !Mary weep because the tomb is the day. response, Mrs. E. W. Mainor; rha Yf I
of the pastor, Bishop
solo Mrs. W. Sinclair In- a
there! empty IThetodisciplesare brokenhearted Officers for the observanceare o. ;
Oscar Gates on June 27. Church
HoldsWomeM's -- ,
But here are two on their way toEmmQu. because three day have : Mrs. Rosa Lee Jackson, Bishop Brown will be the speaker nan r I
who are no let sorrowful now' passed since His death. We chairman; Mrs. Mattle Pollock, -

They are talking together about all smile at the irony of unbelief coTChairman; Mrs. R.L.Grant, DayYouth o a r + t' ,
that hat happened. during the last But what about ourselves? The chairman of the Trustee Board; r r e

few day* and 'a. they communed risen, glorified Christ exercise far Mrs. Prlscilla Holsey, co- x Day will be observed r
I together and reasoned, Jesus Himself greater power and offers far grcatrr chairman; Mrs. Novel Sunday throughout the day at D.: B. BARNES

drew near and went with them, blessings to believers now than His Williams, chairman of the Dea- West Union Baptist Church. I lection, audience" I ; scripture
but their eye were holden that they followers of old knew anything about.ft con Board;Mrs.Gladys Shannon Services begin with the Sunday Catherine Butler; prayer, Mrs.
\ should not know' Him. And He taid was Paul' constant prayer for''' and Mrs. ClaraJacksonsecre- School at 9:30 a.m. District 1 D. B. Barnes; selection nee
unto them: What manner.of.tpmmunication !UM: believers of his'day;' ndil: is taries and chairmen of the finance I 14 will meet following the mornIng D, B. Darnel Choir;'welcome I
I are these that ye have God' desire for us that we may committee; Mrs Pauline service Sunday, and the address, Miss Linda'Spencer; !
I one to another, a* ye walk, and are know "what Is the exceeding greatness Sibley, chairman of tags; Mrs. Young Matrons have been asked introduction of Mistressof
\ tad?" (Luke 24:15-17)). of His power to u.wardho Madeline Judge and Mrs. Viola to meet at 3:30 p.m., in the I Ceremonies, Shirley Holsey i
Allen Chapel Men's Day program believe. His mighty power, which Thomas, courtesy committee W. M. Cummings Educational ; I
'I' will be held Sunday June I The word "walk" here doe. not ; poem, Shirley Holsey;introduction -
He In Christ, when He Mrs. Doris .
mean to walk on but to walk aboutto wrought Gray, music; Mrs.M. Building District 6 will meetat of speaker,Martha Furlow.
; 28. raised Him from the dead, and set L. Brooks, Sunday School 3 p.m., in the Educational \ I
wander aimlessly. I Carolyn Hooks will serve
I Rev. R. V. Webster, who will[ They were t
Him at His own right hand in heavenly committee. Building, with Rev. Amos Wal- ," )
their to Emmau, but they as speaker; instrumental solo :
be the speaker Is a memberof on way
places, far above all. ," Miss Ruby Coleman and Mrs ker as host.DIstrict MRS NOVEL WlLUAMS--- Miss
the faculty of Edward Waters;, were to brokenhearted that they Barbara Ayers; offering, !
(Eph. 1:19-21): Annie B. Bennett, and Mrs. R. 7 will observe ItsannIvers&rJ'
College and pastor of the newly did not care hether or not they got troductlon of speaker, Mrs.. S. Rosemary Holmes and Melvin
How often we, who call ourselves B. Barrows will be in charge at 3:30 at
organised AME Church in North I there. And it i I. interesting that the on Sunday June zo;Monday : p.m., L. Rice. Spencer; Introduction of
Christians, are bowed down with<> of the Youth Hour, Minister the church. Rev. Amos Walker
Jacksonville. clause "and are tad," i I. translated night Wilhelmenia Mrs. B. W. Williams, Mt. visitors, Willie Holsey; also
doubt and grief, when we should be will be the speaker and Mrs :
Mr. Stephen Wee is general[ in the Revised Version: "And they Grant; Tuesday,Bishop Cooper; .4 appearing will be Ruble
enjoying "the of His resurrection Presented Lottie Tookes will be guest f
power In Elder Sam Arnett
Wednesday, Coleman.
chairman, Rev. J. W, Jones, stood still, looking sad. ;
I" Thursday, Elder Pure; Friday, soloist The evening service will begin
pastor What had caused them to give up District 9 will meet at 4:30
regular service and Saturday at
5:30 .
Monday : o'clock. The program Is
--or, Program night Bishop Cooper of Costa p.m., at 934 Bakers AvenueIn Devotion, Eastslde Prayer

NOW! 1'1" os, Fla.Judge. John the home Riley of District Deacon and 10 Mrs will Band; processional, choirs I ,

scripture, Mrs C. A. Weaver
Duncan meet at 3:30 in the home ;
: p.m., mission
4 LOCATIONSTO offering Mrs
Mr. and Mrs. R. Rogers, 2041 prayer
SERVE YOU3918W.EdgewoodAve. % Speaker For Yulee St. District 11 will meetat W.Mrs Demps Gladys; Shannon announcements prayer,
3:30 p.m., in the home of
Mrs. Margaret 4104 Leo- lor sick, Mrs. W. L.. Jones;
I Youth Day introduction of Mistressof
nard Circle.
I J Mt. Olive AME Church will be i The third quarterly report of t Ceremonies, Mrs. Madeline
830 CASSAT AVE. jk'P.L4' the scene of Youth Day this t all districts and auxiliaries will Judge.
Mrs. Annye B. Bennett will
coming Sunday. The principal 1 be held during the evening service -
as Mistress of Ceremonies
speaker for the 11:00: o'clock; .
I welcome address Mrs.
; ,
service is Judge Gordon Dun-
Musical Slated W. B. Green Mrs.
; response,
can Jr., Associate Judge of the
f MRS. ROSA L. JACKSON Mildred Thomas; solo, Mrs.
SUGAR CURED Juvenile Court, Duval County.
Vera Robinson of
The Sunday School will be in 1 Bethel ; introduction
Baptist Church will
At M t. SinaiChoir speaker, Mrs. Rosa Barrows;
the charge of Gerald Paul Jr. serve as speaker. Mrs. WW-
The evening program at 6:00 speaker Mrs. Mable Jones.

39 Sister Rosetta Cohen will be p.m. will be devoted to a musical 2 of Mt. Sinai Baptist
presented In an appreciation program which will feature Church will sponsor a "BooVoyage" n '

PICNICSFLA.GRADE"A" program Monday, June 27 at junior choirs of several of the musical prOl'amSunday -

First Born Church, 1459 West local churches and their direc at 7 p.m., honoring Mrs.
Union St. Brother Nathaniel tors. Other featured arUsts wUl Xelia Mitchell, organist and

Jackson is the sponsor ElderF Include McKInley Genwrlght. director, who will be leaving
..Howard, pastor. and Henry Wynn with the Imperials the city for Virginia,,her home

Featured will be Mrs. Edith

c "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"R. Jones, Mrs Bessie Carter,
Mrs. Bessie Grant and Mrs.

S. EVANS3RD Juanita Priester, along with
the choir.

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__ 1


I Charge Mississippi Trying To- Blast Federal 41966 Old Charter Scholarship Program A Reinstatement For }

"Gerrymander" Negro- Voting Inaction In Negro Teachers i

JACKSON, MLss.-Mississippl full federal protection for Negroes RICHMOND The Fourth U.
Negroes charged the state legislature Shooting
registering to vote in
Is attempting togerrymander" 4. Circuit Court of Appeals
Mississippi and full federal :this week ordered the reinstatement -
counties where MEMPHIS .
: Teh.NPI.Rep.John )
provisions of mobile registrars of 1ft Negro teachers who
Negroes have the highest voting in in Conyers,Jr.(D-Mlch.and
every county
lost their Jobs last when
the Student year
percentage: by proposing an a- Nonviolent Coordi-
of the war in Viet the Hendersonvllle, N. C.,
mendmeut to tbe state constitution : Nam have eating Committee have denounced -
which would permit the civil i rights been movements urged to join federal and state Inaction nn 7 It R+- tl ,rI rf'I'! !I, Ilse r r! 1i school system was desegre-
according pted
legislature to consolidate: a which failed to prevent
to Victoria Gray, Mississippi The court
acting on an appeal
James Meredith from
county a heavy Negro vote being
Freedom Democratic :taken by the NAACP Legal
with another that has a strong gunned down on Mississippi's
partb and Julian
Bond twiceelectedandrejected
Defense and Educational Fund,
white majority. Highway 51 during a voter registration -
Georgia reversed a Federal District
This "maneuver If successful march.
legislature member from the ourt decision. The Fund actedIn
Meredith said he would
would nullity the black voted 126th resume
behalf of the teachers and
his march
Negroes from send- through Mississippion
prevent More than 25,000 civil: rights the North Carolina Teachers
June 16 if his doctors
to the per-
a Negro legislature marches will arrive in Jack- Association.The .
r to county: and local offices son, Sunday. The mit.
pilgrimage Rep. said he District Court had dis-
Conyers was
will rival the 1965 Selma-to- missed the case on groundsthat
disturbed to hear Meredith'sview
The action began after
Negro Montgomery march led by Dr. there was Insuffieclent evi-
"that the local and federal
indidates for ..
congressional King who took time out to lence to prove that the teacherswere
protection which he had
omination drew a majority of deliver a funeral oration in enjoyed dismissed for racial rea-
during part of his walk Into
he popular votes in Jefferson
memory of Arm= ead Paipps, sons.
Mississippi had halted
Claiborne shortly
d counties near the a marcher who died of a heart before the attack" However, the appellate court
river in the recent i-
Ississlppl attack near Marks, Miss. Meredith was on march from kjtrq found that the dismissed tea-
rimary. Militant Negro candi-: Civil rights marchers de- Memphis to Jackson,topromote chers had been forced to com-
tes lost only because: whUepooentl toured off the line of march Negro voter registration when ete for a chance to retain their

outdrew them in white and escorted a group of Negroes he was shot near Hernado,Miss. ( : Jobs, while white teachers were
Jorlty counties in the con- to be registered to vote
esslonal districts. Aubrey James Norvell, 40, who routinely reemployed.
following a hand-clapping and was unemployed, was Jailed In Eight Negro teachers who had
This show of massive and singing rally in front of the the shooting. been employed before the

termlned voting strength in Penola county courthouse. FIf- Conyers said he and five New Li schools were desegregated kept
e Black Belt region shook ty-three Negroes were regis York Congressmen have : their Jobs.
e foundations of mny: old- tered "called for an Intensive Investigation 6.. s The court ruled that the criteria -

e traditional white political Comedian Dick Gregory will of the circumstances used by the school super
ce holders who hastily drew not be among marchers when surrounding the shoot- intendent to determine which
the new legislative proposal they reach Jackson. He is con teachers were to be retainedwas

ed at heading off the titantlc fined in the Chicago House of Ing.The other Congressmen are "...too subjective to withstand -

egro voter "juggernaut" now Correction after refusing to Ogden Reid, Theodore Kupfer- scrutiny the face of the

eeplng southern politics pay a fine after being found man, William F. Ryan, John long history of racial discrimination -
e cowardly shotgun assault guilty on charges arising out Dow Lester Wolff, and Ben- In the community..." t
James Meredith near Her- of civil rights demonstrations Rosenthal. The appellate court ordered j

i, Miss, set off anew wave against Schools Supt. Benjamin jamin"None of us wanes to surmise the District Court to reassume I
civil rights demonstrations Willis Mrs. Dick Gregory and that there was say: compllcitf SCHOLARLY MEETING'Ibet1ckoUofthe196i'Old Charter School; Dr. Jack Gourman, San Fernando State College and Jurisdiction la the case and to
t marked the first time in Frank Ditto, executive directorof ,on the part of any local officials Scholarship Awards Program got off to an auspicious start in member: of the Old Charter Scholarship Awards Program execu supervise the school board in t
history of "Ole Miss." thatk the OCCI and other pickets in the tmbush, so I am Los Angeles recently ,\when educators and community leaders tive board;.James Wbeatly,1965 winner of an Old Charter Scholarship setting up objective standards j
: folks have gathered forsalve marched in front of Mayor sure that :: e Justice depart- gathered to discuss the program and prevlousscbolushlpactivities ; and Charles "Cnuck"wllllams, vice president for employment of teachers. 1
protest marches and Richard Daley's home protest- men* nip be' most thorough ini's sponsored by the Old Charter Distillery Co.Among those of Schenley Distillers Co. The standards must be applied .
er registration drives. log the jailing of the comedian. investigation," said Rep. present were Father Joseph A. Francis of Verbum Del High to all teachers alike, the court
Ike aa atomic explosion, Ne- In support of the marchers, said.
es throughout the nation took civil Conyers. "All of the
rights workers in Chicago plaintiffswho
the battle begun by Meredith New York, Phoenix, Ariz.; Meanwhile I, SNCC, Stokely chairman-, Rev. ShuttlesworthTo Philidelphia desire to teach in the Hen-

headed towards Mississippi Louisville, Ky.; Buffalo, N.Y.; charged that "violence In Miss1sSlppllsweUdocumentec1- Selective Buying dersonvllle school system and
n foot t, In motorcades, Nashville; Albany, N.Y.; San Step Down From Gets 4 More who can meet the minimum
ins, buses and private ves standards
Antonio, Texas; Louisiana and and federal Inaction to end that of the Board are
--to swell the trek from Los Angeles, have scheduled terror is alsowell-dxumented. Alabama Group NAACP Branches entitled to..reemployment for

aphis to Jackson and to marches Saturday and Sunday. "Only 24 federal registrars BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - slat In voter registration In Watts, the NAACP held a Come the court said.
have been sent into the 82 count- ResultsIn September or October,
yes. march the Brings NEW YORK Establishment Legal Defense Fund
protest against ies of the state." the Rev. Fred L. Shuttleworth lawyers
Martin Luther King, Jr., shooting of Meredith. Clint In a telegram to Meredith's proposed to relinquish his postas of four additional branches of Involved In the case were Di-
ed a June 23 civil rightsy Ball, NAACP regional youth family, Carmichael chargedthat president of the Alabama the National Association for the rector-Counsel Jack Greenberg
and march on Chicago's division vice president, said the attack was certainly,, Christian Movement for Human Advancement of Colored People and Melvyn Zarr of New York;
Hall to July 10 because the march was suggested by guuded by the racism to much Rights (ACMHR). In the City of Philadelphia was J. Levonne Chambers of Char-
e Mississippi emergency Roy Wilklns, executive di- a part of the 'Mississippi way Fayette Miss He made this announcement recommended by the Associa lotte; Conrad O. Pearson of
headed for Mississippi with tion's Committee on Branchesat Durham and Ruben
rector. of life' and prompted by the during the 10th anniversary J. Dailey
bets! of his S.CLCwhere! Another march was launched knowledge of past experience, meeting of the organization In a meeting here, June 8. and Robert L. Harrell of Ashe-
ed marches and prayed for last week from Gettysburg, Pa., that the U. S. government will FAYETTE, Miss. -A six-month NA AC P-sponsored selective 17th Street A.O.H. Church of Announcement of the commit- ville.
in the South. with the 90-mile dlstlnatlonbe, do nothing" buying campaign that Beverly hurt business has ended with a Cod last weekk.However tee's recommendation was INDUSTRIES MANY

Nobel Peace Prizewinner log Washington, D.C., and the Meredith, Carmichael noted, Joint statement of agreement Issued by Charles Evers, state he noted that he will made by Judge Hubert T. De- Florida's many industries in.
ed Chicago with Missis U.s. Justice department. This "was returning from t govern- field director for the National Association for the Advancementof retain his posts as president lany at the conclusion of the elude food products chemicals
saying "In Mississippi, march, however, was smaller ment-sponsored civil! rlguJ:: Colored People, and Mayor R. J. Allen. Southern Conference Education meeting to which Cecil B. ,and fertilizer. Insecticides
o civil rights workers arebilly in number--only four persons conference 'to fulfull theserights The NAACP's local branch in colored work together Let's Fund (,SCEF), and secretary Moore, president, and other s i sod lynthctlc timber fibers, lumber IncUid. .
I products
lynched ,or mls- .-and is seeking justice for .' Jefferson County, headed by K forward as friends"' Southern Christian Leadership officers of the Philadelphia In* furniture and paper:cigars.ind : A't
Chicago,. Negroes-, anti-civil rights forces. "We find pr'ovei1"btce again ''Ferd'' Allen, had submitted a Conference (SCLC)._ Branch bad been Invited electronic components. '.4
spiritually>> murdered and The quartet are members of that words will not stop bulletsor list of 19 demands to the Mayor' -----
cited." the Pennsylvania Ku !Klux Klan. law enforcement that is committed before initiating the protest.All .
Unpnts of "marches for Led by their grand dragon, Roy to racism," he said. of the demands have been
m Mississippi"joined Frankhouse of Reading, Pa., Meanwhile, Dr. Martin Luther met, Mr. Evers reported at a
civil: rights marches in the group seeks to "force the King, Jr., charged that the city- news conference here, June 8. .
ila county headed by Lou Justice department to deal out owned William B. Bowld Hos- Last December, the NAACP
e, chairman, James Mere- justice equally." pital In Memphis had put Mere- won a similar victory In nearby

Mississippi March. DOCTORS IN AFRICAIn dith out"ata moment's notice." Natchez. 1
National Conference for the The granted demands includethe
Meredith had been taken to
Politics adopted a motion Africa there is only one addition of qualified Negroesto
hospital after being shot. MARKETS
marchers should demand physician I for every 80,000 peo- have reacted the city police force and SUPER
II "Naturally, we
plc.! the Catholic Digest reports sheriffs ,
I with( righteous Indlimatlnn" at county department, a
f ; hospital's reported-action, program for desegregation of
Dr. King said "We can't take public schools, employment of THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOO AYE B.
WHEN YOU ARE, ILL this lying down." Negroes In frontline office positions

Hospital officials denied the desegregation of courtrooms -

charge, said Meredith had left and other publicly-owned
You Seek The Best Doctor ', and Implied that facilities, and selection of Negroes -
voluntarily, FLA. GRADE A
When Your Doctor Prescribes, Dr. King and other rights for Jury duty. Also a
Get Experienced Pharmacists, leaders were using Meredith to commitment to Improve roads,
..According to your Doctor's promote their own ends. streets and lighting in Negro

Orders. We Use Only The Best Civil r i g h t s leaders, meanwhile neighborhoods.At FRYER DRESSED 5c DRAWN 29
this time the stores in
Quality Drags used the march as an ,
Fayette have been fully desegregated LB.
C. E. BLACK occasion to Issue a manifesto
Proprietor demanding that President Johnson and Negroes are em-
3 Registered Pharmacists 'TO serve you take sweeping new civil ployed in many establishments.
Speaking for Fayette, MayorR.
rights action.
Signing the manifesto were J. Allen says, "What we CENTER CUT WHITEBACON
----1 COMPLETE LINE 0 P---
need Is a little bit of forgiveness
now -
SCLC, CORE, SNCC, the Mississippi ,A .
NAACP, and the Delta on each side I would
Cosmetics- Rubber Goods-candles-sundries Ministry like to see Jefferson County asa 45

PRESCRIPTIONS: CALLED FOE AND DELIVEREDLilly's They called on the Presidentto place where the white and

send "mobile"federal voting LB.
registrars into 600 Southern Powell
Drug Store counties and to work for a

1907 KINGS ROAD "freedom"billions" budget"in aid for involving low- U.S. # 1 MAIN

income Negroes.At Penalty
EL38276VETERANS the same time, the march
went on, gathering hunderds of
participants, on theL- way to POTATOES 10 LB. BAG 45C

Jackson, Miss. ReducedNEW
No longer at large was Nor-
I vell, who was described as a

quiet, kind, Christian man by
friends,-and Just the kind of YORK An appellate BALLARD
man to watch out for, by rights court this week reduced $155,

HE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. leaders.Norvell, who "had never been 785 Adam a Clayton Judgment Powell against(D-N.Y Rep) 49C'U.S.

I. convicted of slandering a Harlem FLOURS
in any kind of trouble before, LB. BOX
I never said much about anything woman by calling her a
"bag woman" (graft collector
in particular--Including civil
Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking rights, his friends said. for corrupt: police
A Judgment of $575,000 In
damages was returned againstthe

Harlem congressman: last GOOD RIB STEAK IB. 694
Applications For Its Gets New Trial December. Powell made the .

defamatory remark six years

Veteran Class. For Use Of 110.The $575,000 award to Mrs. HANDI! PAK FRENCH FRIED POTATOES 2 IB. BAG 25*

Esther James a 68yearoldwidow
"Nigger"TRENTON was set as the resultof FOREMOST ICE CREAM ALL flAVORS ;: GAl. 45*
charges that Powell and his
The Size Of Our ClassesIs N. J.-<(NPI>-John wife, Yvette, fraudently trans
Roberts Jr., a Negro handymanwho ferred ownership of propertyto HOLSUM WHITE BREAD LARGE LOaf 10*
bad been found of
guilty avoid paying Mrs. James

Limited By Law. manslaughter and sentenced to the original damage Judgment VEGETOLE SHORTENING ate. CAN 59*
serve from five-to-nine yearsin of $211,500, later reduced to
prison was granted a new $48,500.

trial by the New Jersey Supreme The case has been markedby CORN BEEF 12 01. CAN
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Court after his attorney charged: a maze of court: actions, 39f
i the trial Judge used the word Including appeals, stays, audits -
A Place. "nigger" during the selection of Powell's finances: and GULF INSECT SPRAY Pint CAN 29*

on Jurors. contempt of court citations for

Essex County Judge John F. the congressman's repeated GEORGIA RED TOMATOES 2 203 .254
Crane denied using the term failures to appear In court as
CALL 355 9874 during the examination of pro- ordered. One contempt: action
spective Jurors. still 1s pending.


-__ a __ A_"" _a __......- ............................-......-......

.. "." .,.....!I''rY'T' ,..,.."..,..,. .,,' T J 7 ., "'I'r Tr 'r'" T.,.T .. .. .. .. .... .. T -r .. 1" ,.,. T .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. y.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. y .. .. .. .. .. .. r .. .......... .. y .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

I 7. -r. J. ..


I '__ .a1Y _fII /fI/ ::

...:.---"OO"fL...... ......

New Hair Relaxer On Market Two Negroes Manian! Dies

TalkBy .... __...

Apply To In New York

columnistDO Hugh Payne a science teacherand
LOUISE P. DUMETZ guest Own TV Station
J I guidance counsellor at Food

TELL ___ it and and Maritime High School of
Attorney Paul C. Perkins
Housewives, long harassed by rising food costs, are acutely Dr. James R. Smith of Orlando New York City, died on Monday
aware that buying in volume effects a telling saving in budget have applied for permission evening, June 6.Mr, Payne lived
planning. So it was no surprise to them to learn that the Bureau to own the local Channel TV in the Riverton Apartments of
of Labor Statistics has discovered that the poor-unable to Station.t 2181 Madison Avenue and was
buy in volume are paying higher prices for food. As far u is known, there are 52 years old.
Had the Bureau of Labor Statistics inquired of the average -1-F no TV stations In the United A native of Miami, Florida,
house wife, it would have learned long ago that anyone who rid r States where Negroes are represented Mr. Payne came to New York
does not have the cash on hand to take advantage of bulk sale as owners thereby City after graduation from
offerings beyond day to day usage is paying more and getting having a direct voice In the, Morehouse College to establish
less for her money. operating of such a profitable Paynes Cleaners and Dyers a
Making it official, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said, "The ..rs business. tailoring and cleaning and pressing
poor pay more for food than consumers in higher Income areas. Two Negroes are presently business which he operated
The reason is not that the poor are charged more but that they serving on the Board of I Directors Jointly with his wife until the
tend to buy in smaller quantities, which cost more per unit. which Includes various time cf his sudden passiaj.
They often cannot take advantage of economy of buying In larger members of Ethnic Racial Religious The eldest son of the late
amounts.' and Social groups< in Samuel and Luella Payne of
Further discoveries (still nothing new to the shopper)indicate the community. All of the mem Miami Mr. Payne received his
that some commodities sold In large units in higher Income ''tN bers share equal voting and formative education In the
neighborhoods, are available only in small units low-income profit stock.Attorney school system of that city. He
stores. I Perkins is the City matriculated to Morehouse Col-

Flour for instance, is sold In two-pound packages In one Prosecutor of Orlando, coun lege in 1936 and graduated In
area-and in five-pound packages in another. This Is true also sellor and secretary of Washington the class of '40 with Bachelor
of sugar. r Shores Federal Savings of Science Degree.
And milk sold in quart containers, the size favored in poor and Loan Association and practicing He continued his educational
arees, cost from one per cent to 23 per cent more than the Attorney a member of activities attending classes at
half gallon container. the Mayor's Interracial Com- Columbia University and New
U that Is not enough there is the statement from Agriculture mittee and a member of the York University and Hunter
Secretary Orville L. Freeman to the effect that housewives Board of Directors of United College and from 19S8 was a
should be "reassured not alarmed" over higher food prices.He Appeal. member of the Board of Education -
explains It this way: Food prices are going up, and so Dr. Smith, a practicing physician teaching In the elementaryand
have wages. Percentagewise (watch that word), consumersare \ Is the president of the high schools of this city
spending less for food now than they did five years ago. r A\ % Washington Shores Federal A member of numerous business
I might add from my vantage point they certainly are becauseof rry Savings and Loan Association, and community organizations
that very thing-higher food prices. a member of the Board of Mr. Payne was official
The Increase In wages has little or no effect upon the poor Directors of Orange County of the Board of Directors of the
person, but the rise In food costs does. It whacks an even Junior Achievement, Inc. and Neighborhood Cleaners Association
larger hole Into a budget that has seen no Increase.No other civic organisations.World and a past officer of the

matter bow the figures are juggled-addition, subtraction, Licensed hairdressers from New York to resistant and super-curly hair, and tinted Morehouse College Club of New
percentage etc.-the low man on the totem pole is still paying California York City.
and from Minnesota to Flo- or color-treated hair. ReaetyContest
through the nose, while his better-sltuatedincomewlsefellow-( ) The product He Is survived by his wife,
man-though be Is complaining ttll has it soft rida attended the market-to-market debut makes a woman unmindful of perspiration, Mabel (the former Mabel Selbyof

Unless suggestions urging special discounts for stores in poor of a totally new curl relaxer for women humidity or rain and now opens for women Dates Stocton Maryland) whom be

neighborhoods are acted upon, it might be wise for the housewife and agreed that everything changes, including an entirely new area of sports like married in 1946. Three sisters,
who resided in such an area to spend the carfare necessary to methods of hair care for women. swimming CAPE CORAL For the fourth Mrs. Gladys Braynon, Mrs
boating and
reach a store that will give her the large quantities and resultant tennis. With an */\n.'Aiitlva- ".... iheadl..Aln.:" Mary Monroe of Miami and
Not believing such a revolutionary hair Epic cool
savings that she requires. relaxer shampoo after shampoo rids World Beauty Pageant will Mrs: Madeline Wright of
That has its disadvantages also. Though carfare costs couldbe product really exists, many hairdressers, the hair remains "permanent" until be held at the Cape Coral Yacht Detroit, Michigan; twobro-

wiped out by the savings In food pur chases, there still is the convinced ttfkmselves" either by feeling new hair grows out. The almost unbelievable and Racquet Club. This year's thers, Samuel and Wind Payneof
matter of time and physical effort-especially In lugging the the effects of the relaxed hair of live product contains no caustic contest dates are Aug. 47. Miami. Numerous In-laws

loads back home-that would make the trip not worth it for modeJs at the debut or attended freeworkshop' thio. An Epic eliminates the need for hot or Entries are now being and a host of friends in Atlanta,
the money saved' accepted, with Florida girls Miami and New York City.
Then too,' think of the crew that would. .be Deeded to cart, .the.-i' sessions which are provided by and permits women now to change 17-27 single or married, eli'J* A' funeral service conducted
loads back. ;the Epic Company, whrch'rlslresponsrblefor their hair styles easily and quickly witha gible. Entry Information and by the Rev. Dr..Roy Nichols of

By auto, there's a different story, but It all adds up to the the Introduction of this unique hair flick of the comb, because the relaxer' forms are available by writing Salem Methodist Church was

same thing. Count In gas oil, wear and tear, and one Is back product. leaves necessary body in the hair for Gayle Carson, contest director held on Saturday and the body
where he startedd.DeliveriesJust The Epic Professional Products Company stylIng. at Florida Casting Agency, was interred at FerncliMCeme-

t forget it. Is'a division of the Gillette company. EPic cool curl relaxer is available only 333 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables tary of,New York State.
After fifteen years'of painstaking research I in the finest beauty salons from coast All, contestants must submit Festival Opens Soon

Miami Beach ShortsMIAMI it has introduced nationally the to coast. Experts say this is the product entry information and photosby SARASOTASarasota'.an

only cool comfortable permanent hair re- hairdressers and women have wanted for July 15. nual Asolo Theater -
laxer on the market. The product Is effective many years, Miss Florida World will represent is having the Festival
BEACH, Fla. -Latest accommodations count at Miami on all naturally curly hal r-- the Sunshine State In sale of largest advance
Beach shows the municipality has 35,728 apartment units and : the Miss USA-World event, tions In Its pre-season subcrlp-
31,714 hotel rooms. Aug. 22-27, at the Ohio State history
Daniels Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Miss The festival season opens July
**********.* Redevelopment. Summitted USA will then compete In the 7 at the Asolo Theater on the
grounds of the John and Mable
Miss World Pageant to be held
National Safe Boating Week
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Since its establishment across Bis- begins July 4th, but it Is never Star In Program I In London In November the Rlngllng drama Museum of Art. With
cayne Bay on the mainland in 1898, the U. S. plant introduc- too soon to begin "safe To Miami For' Ocean Front Mary Anna Duncan of Coral State department of Florida
tion station has received more than 20,000 plant introductions. boating." Experts as well as n_ Billy Daniels Internationally Gables won last year's Miss the University coordinating

The station specializes In tropical and sub-tropical fruits and novices should take a good hard MIAMI BEACH, Fla.-A long- acclaimed entertainer, stars Florida contest, being selectedover night will feature productions, the first
ornamentals. look at boating safety tips, and range development plan by a meter for parks and play with Ben Cazzara in Universal 17 finalists Linda Hurstof Ado About Shakespeare's"Much "
the "rules of the road" set by special city committee has been grounds and use the center for Television's "Run For Your North Miami was first run Other plays to be presentedIn Nothing.
Buy U.S. Savings Bonds the authorities before venturing submitted to the Miami Beach municipal shops warehouses Life" segment titled "T be Day ner-up; Juanita Jones Miami rotation throughout the festival
out on the water. Council almost simultaneouslywith and truck parking. Time Stopped," which will be Springs, second runner-up and
Let's start with the matter of public approval of a bond Additional recreation,facill-. aired eve r the NBC Television Elisabeth Jevnaas Boca Raton, "The running Miser" by until Moliere.Aug. 27"Man are

getting your boat to the lake or issue to purchase a half-mile ties, including a golf course, Network. third runner-up. For All Seasons"
river. After you put it on a of oceanfront for an additional would be established on Pelican Daniels who stars as the own- Children 1-o-v-a. to get dirty io Bolt, and two short by Robert to
WAMEDIAL trailer for towing you must public bathing beach. Island. At present, Pelican Island er of a night club In the episode why fight it? Instead, dress your be offered at one plays
remember to drive atareduced Funds from the bond Issue Is owned by the city but recently completed a IUccesMMe tots' in! machine-washable duds, "Oedipus" performance
speed. This applies especially would be used to buy beachfront Is under two or three feet of and a half years as Sammy for!and mud let them indulge their talent "The Bald Soprano"by Sophocles lone-and
to curves and travelling in a between 81st and 87th water. It, like much of Miami Davis Jr.'s co-star in "Golden ramei, pies and assorted grim sco. by
high wind. If you disregard Streets In the northern section Beach, would be bulkheaded. Buy" iHe also appeared with
this warning, the trailer can of the city. This is the last filled. Davis on the recent TV special,
1260FLORIDA'S pull you off the road. remaining privately-owned major Another major recommendation "The Swinging World of Sammy
When you get your boat on the property along the ocean Is the enlargement of the Davis" and has completed his
water, consideration for others not developed in hotel and apartment present municipal auditorium own special, "An Evening With
and a little horse sense will go hllllrllnire. U.M.dtn.r. and convention hall complex Billy Daniels," to be aired soon
far toward preventing acci isting parkSitd; give"residents 'with i a civic center new city over ABC-TV, .
dents. Avoid overloading your and visitors unimpededaccess tall and a consolidation of the,
boat with enthusiastic friends to nearly a third of public schools for the area.
This applies especially: to small the city's nine miles of ocean The expansion contemplates acquisition -
craft.In beach. of additional land to
row boats and similar small Much of the proposed redevelopment bring the city library and city- "-
vessels you should avoid stand- plan is concerned operated Base Art museum
ing up or changing seats while with the area south of Eighth within the complex. t'A rthe
# the boat ,Is in motion If you Street site of the earliest Along with* these Improvements
ABC are a bit of a speed demon building activities in Miami the plan recom-
1 avoid buzzing the dock or other Beach. mends extensive street devel
RADIO boats whether moving or an- The plan contemplates acquisition opment Including widening of SHORTY-$35.
chored. Keep an especiallyclose of all land adjacent to major traffic arteries and MEDALO STYLE #815

watch for swimmers and both ocean and bay for publicuse clover-leafing several of the M r.r dalo compl.t.Hair IIr.WII.H.ltlu.trat.d. C.t.lo..t" cape
water skiers and give them a south of Eighth Street.Much busier Intersections. and .tt.chm.nl. Send name andaddr.M.
'. ,.... *
> II FREE: up
wide berth. of this Currently the redevelopment
already is municipally raavw.l lu.l writ*.
Jumping or diving from a moving owned. Both waterfronts wouldbe proposals. are In the Initial Naturally Healthy Normal Hoe Gol/Mdel. Half ,..... Ink.
HAIR 0.,,. St s. Bklyn U. N.Y.
boat Is hazardous becauseyou to stage. CROWS from th. ROOTS
given parks with the interior In YOUK SCALP. Th* eondllioa' ol'your
may hit a floating or submerged land devoted largely to hair alien depend* heavily
object. You may also apartment structures Several Armstrong Gets an th15..natural.,. i".et health DOCTOR. at CAX yourMetp.
RHYTHM & BLUES hit the water surface at an large apartment buildings have Z 11111M formula NOT r.nl.d called a medicated CAP.BONOU.which Ur.
angle that will knock: your been erected In the last three Dramatic RoleWhen .. mlved with many proven
breath out. years on the bayfront beneficial 15.rMt.54.CAR. COMBffj
justnorthof Louis Armstrong completed BONOEC'1* .
See that everyone aboard hasa this area. the shooting of his first dip run nUaeptio and day turn fin*
life belt and in the case of Along the south bayfront, In scene In Joseph E. Levine's"A 1Ua1PYpDANDRS.ro thaimany
children make them wear themat addition to parks and play Called w dawn DOCTORS retard It klfhlr
Man Adam the
all times when they are lathe grounds, It is proposed a com- = PRESCRIBE troubles' M.n'l (at. many
RADIO STATION"WHAMMY boat even when It Is an- mercial marina be developed entire cast, crew and some estenully e ....... ...1. .oedf. ....
extras broke Into ... ...
forty spontaneous dais. ", r.II." by UMuat ji
t chored. The site would be less than applause. of thla Triple .'r...., tar. =--
Don't take your small craft five minutes from the ocean formula. Writ. for Ihla DOCTOR j
This was well-deserved tribute .GENUINE, SCALP FORMULA
too far from the shore Squalls and a portion now is used,asa now II wilt be wet to you all
of the finest
to entertainers
one ..
... e5d .'" t uw. vn run mt> and bru.h la add ..1..
frequently arise dock
on very short for charter sports fishing of our time who plays iIOR T DAIS. and: U you ... Sal SZZZS W.;.".a ...,. Will not rub aff.
notice. If boat WMBM .....,. NOT .*
your does capsize boats. money bark ry addDYa.et,1a p.d..se\.t; way
his first dramatic role in the 'only Ilan. I l
you should stay with it. A second marina under the Embassy Pictures release."A ttY .. .".,; "Ivo'r>> Ie; THAT IUDDtN DYtD Al >IP*
This will make it mar mar Van It with ISr.IC. Bru.li attached lorramavini aioVaT:
easier for plan, would be pl .
developed on Man Called Adam," which Spotlight ProductOf ilracllam*. Uaa lha tlnctt MBOI- coloring; !:.I': aalllng. maMna;
to find otar eff. Pla.tla Caa.. '
rescuers Island.
This CM
you. would be restricted GATED SCALP fOHMULA aurtnmxjr ..Nd tin
stars Sammy Davis Jr., asa ... ..... '
Besides the shore may look to private i pleasure Mn V. Slid c.m.. .11 .Md..t. B1.eM.
troubled jau musician beset w.ip dearrve tun. car* iiut Bend ..I1., .
IN MIAMI" closer than It is. Even good craft and houseboats With the with personal and professional The Week = nme> and HrM t.-GOLD i".' ..11., '".,. .had Pay only
swimmers have trouble swim purchase of .u.5J rAI. PRODUCTS INC. ,9f an .' .. .
Star Island olua paataga
now an will JJep :: :
prjpblems) be seen at theatres Sheepehead Bar. Mono* back If .M.Mi .. .
ming long distances In cold' exclusively residential area, the nation Miami Braoklmt 9Ji NY. ; THIS Modal Hair PreeWa. 'Inc.
across this sum Florida FOaM UI.A ....iao. 0 100* wrli> ,
water the city would reserve the perl- mer. Jtaj sawiay bac* guaraMa*. 0.,1 sl.l. Braaklyn 35, Ne. Y."

i I ,
.. . .

, .- .. .. .. .. ... ... .. .. ... ,. .- .. .. .. .. .. . .



I James W. Johnson YMCA Kicks Off Its First Annual Tennis Tournament I

Help Keep .I I TRACKS IDE AT DAYTONAForty Planning For Golf Tournament Youth Camp YMCA Tennis Tournament

.... .. .. ... .. .
Freedom of NASCAR's finest ----"" """" --- -- -- : Releases Activities At
anything to write home about. Opens Perry St. Courts I
Grand National drivers and race If s obvious, of course, they're c.
cars will start the Firecracker basing their choice on my twoDa'tona TALLAHASSEE The
Watch gates The Johnson Branch YMCA Tennis Club will begin Its first
400 at International
Daytona 500 victories the firstin
are open for little brother and annual club tournament Saturday morning 8:00: o'clock at Perry
Speedway on July 4. 1964,the other last February sister to attend the Youth Conservation Street rmrlcEvents .
This Clown Each man, In his own way,will (Incidentally, In the first Daytona -
Camp located at Lake
feel the will be held In the men, to Daytona for this event.
peculiar challenge of 500, In 1959, I started in
Eaton in the Ocala National
women and boys and girls divisions. Officers of the "Y" .
the "Big D", and eachwillroar a '57 Olds in sixth place, blew Tennis
Forest. Previously the
1.0 42 63 headlong to meet it. the engine at 20 miles, and camp Club are: Joseph Walker, pre
restricted to between
was campers All events will be singles with sident Jerome
The DIS Is the finest and finished 57th. In all other Daytona ; Parker, vice
the of 10 and 14.
fastest closed track In aces the Women's tournament president; Mrs. Barbara Jones,
86 42... 68 race races, I've driven a Ply- The new ruling will permit
starting 1:00 p.m. Sunday. secretary Mrs. Mildred
the world, and the furious com mouth). ; Par
campers from the ages of 8 The Men's singles will be a ker, assistant
secretary Mrs.
petition constant often ;
7 puts a Of the five Firecracker races
9 to 14. double elimination two out of Charlotte Edwards
unbearable strain and
on men I've started, my rather Inauspicious ;
machines. demands According to Denver Ste. three set match and the women' Arthur Perry, chaplain sad
Daytona finishes have been 26th
6 4 Claire, director of the Game event will be a double elimination Julius Gulnyard
best and if hard I reporter.
a taskmaster.
s In 1959, 11th In 1960, 30th in
and Fresh Water Fish Commissions -
set match. The club
one meets for
Many good men, in good race 1962, eighth In 1963, and 16th Youth Conservation official
2 5 cars, have been sidelined there, in 1964. That's an fin Julius Jones, program secretary business the first and third
and it's Camp, the new policy will per- at the "Y" said trophieswill Sunday at 7:00 p.m. New members .
no disgrace. ish of a little better that 18th
mit the 8 and 9 old child
year be awarded to the winners are welcome to
Some of those who start the Join.
536 19 398 place. Not so hot.
ren to attend the camp and and runners-up in divisions..
Firecracker 400 have no illusion As always, I'm planning and PLEASED Two members of the local Par and Birdie Golf resulted from an Increasing Joseph Walker president of BOXING r

40 24 321 of winning, although they hoping to Improve that averageon Club seem pleased after completing arrangements with Lew request for such an age group. the YMCA Tennis Club said DOUILEHUDH

are great competitors. They July 4. And I know the "Big Price, center, City of Miami publicity director, relative to The younger children will attend the Daytona Beach Tennis Club \\-w* /
Just yearn Intensely to pit their D" will be fighting back with r
Sometimes He's holding the United Golfers Association tournament In MiamiIn the camp during the regular has extended an invitation to I I
Up \
He's Down He adds subtracts;, the courage trl-oval and ingenuity against every turn of the wheels August of 1967. From left, Ernest Hayes, club president camping sessions but wUl be the YMCA Club to participateIn ." t
monster and
grap Driving in a race on Daytona
He works it all.arou"J with it Price, Lawrence Batchlar. City of Miami public relations placed in special groups In their 4th of July tournament.The .
pie as long as they are International Is different
agent and Frank Rivers, club vice president. -MiamiMetroNews order that they might receive "Y" will form motorcade
humanly and mechanically able from driving on any of Bureau Photo.Grambling special attention and a camping JANCTIONEO IY THE wn15 -
146 31 38
< to do so. To them each mile the other superspeedways.The 1 And
designed for the Hunting
program age Fishing
they can slug out Is a gleaming fantastic speeds possible ROUNDS 1 I ON I Bll,
COMING level.
: ATTRACTIONS Tigers First Live
j touch of glory and, who knows, there make the difference. Ste. Claire said, "There is Licences Available SCREEN CiOSto 1 I Ie Ir
548 maybe some day they will con- Any driver in a car capableof no basket weaving or leather CIRCUIT *

quer the "Big D". Others are winning at Daytona must go Games ScheduleBy TV ProgramORLANDO craft at the Youth Conservation TALLAHASSEE Florida 1 M&3UNE -1'2
confident they have the equipment full bore all the time. At Daytona Camp which opened June 12 sportsmen are being urged to
and know-how to beat you seldom If ever correct COLLIE J. NICHOLSON and continues through August avoid the rush and buy their
the odds. a mistake. Make a miscue andyou're The first major fishing and hunting licensesnow.
So this is GRAMBLING, La. -His voice sports program ever to be televised 13. The camp Included seven TERRELL
the challenge each In real trouble and out sessions of The new 1966-67 fishing ,
summer training
DAYS of us will face July 4. To me, of the running. You Just don'trelax hoarse and his face furrowed live from Canada direct In nature fishIng and hunting licenses and management ERNIE
study, camping,
no challenge looms larger than from start to finish. with a puckered frown, Glum to central Florida will take area stamps are avail Championvs. /
hunting, archery, firearm
NUMBERED the Firecracker 400. Not only Of course, a good race driver Eddie Robinson sounded an om- place late this summer when swimming able at the offices of all County .
safety, marksmanship -
has victory eluded me on Independence never relaxes In any race on inous note of general retreatIn the Orlando Panthers, a pro and Judges and their authorized
track if be'. in releasing a torrid 10-game football team of the Continental boating. DOUG JONES .
Man's Days arettum- Day at Daytona;only any there to information the sub-agents.
bered.' Health and once have I come close to win. What makes heads-up, errorless football schedule for the Gram League, open their regular Youth Complete Conservation Camp on and According to W. B. Copeland, Challenger ,

Fortune Can Be Yours When making a creditable finish.That d r 1 v 1 n g and absolute hUng College Tigers. season against the Montreal for reservations chairman, Game and Fresh .
applications ALSO riATURINC'
You Know Your Lucky' Diy was an eight place finish in must at Daytona, the fastest Speaking In calm and measured Beavers. be obtained Water Fish Commission the
by writing
1963, the first year the Fire- race track In the world Is the tones, Robinson threw up a big The game will be televisedover the may Youth Conservation new .1966-67 license Is not required CLEVELAND WILLIAMS
Lucky Colors Etc. smoke screen In an effort to WFTV In Orlando and Camp, .
cracker was extended to 400 monotonous all-out speed until June 30, however, v.
Game and Fresh Water
Send $2.00 for your miles. Previously, beginning 'you've got to maintain to stayin beguile opponents while making; will be played In Montreal's Fish they are presently being TOD MERINO
Commission Ocala Florida
Horoscope Guide for with the opening of Speedway serious contention. the usual diagnosis of a none- multi-million dollar Expo honored by Wildlife Officers. lAX CIVIC AUDITORIUM
or the offices of the Commission
in 1959 the As most race fans know too-happy season for the Stadium 1,334 miles away. the license now will
JULY race had been a youdon't Southwestern Athletic in Panama City,Lake City, Buying Burs Opt 130: f...-
250-mller. have to back off the runs defending prevent many sportsmen from
Lakeland West Palm Beach
rill in the blank below ancj Racing experts among motor- at Daytona. They're highbanked Conference champions. VACATION TIP and Tallahassee. embarrassment at a later date First fight, 9:30: p.m
mall to ZODIAC, Post Office sports writers and broadcasters and sweeping and you go The schedule Is unusually stiff when they decide on a sudden

pox 1171, Jacksonville 1, Ha. have made me the favoriteto around them Just about as fast and demanding, Robinson said, Whether thin year''Icalion 6STON rIiTNRIFT trip and find they have no li- PRICES 200-100.400.. ...
win the upcoming "400". as you would streak down a to card that lists cense. tla.Y..w JM CM
pointing a taker you to new pant of the worldor AHditMlum N mmU firti T.....,
NAME First of all, I'm flattered. Secondly straightaway on the 2 1/2 mile Prairie View, Tennessee State familiar ground, the infection 6O-ROU//D Children under 15 and residents O/h./ c./o." ....

STREET -: I hope, naturally, that trloval track. As the oldtimerace Ail, Texas Southern, Jackson and odor-cauiing bacteria that grow BUy'ANDWOLD u.s. over the age of 65 are rn.......A........ir...................
DATE OF BIRTK-- they're right. But finally, let driver said: "Just floor- State, Arkansas AM&N and on akin will be there too. SAVINGS BlJNOS exempt from license require JIMMII. MURDOCH, MOMOTII 354-2041
Mo. Day ; me point out that my recordin board the gas pedal and keep Southern University. ments.

the Firecracker hasn't been turning left". Accordingly, the coach pro

Last February, I was fortunate fesses a willingness to acceptan
enough to set a new Daytona even break as par. QUANTITYRIGHTS
lap ((5-mile) time trial at an C
YOU Don't Have To QO To Town To Get Grambling finished the 1965
average speed of 175.165 miles campaign with an 8-3 record- ..Y '
per hour. On the backstretch appearing In the Sugar Cup
I was doing 190-195 mph despite Classic and NCAA Pecan Bowl
LOW PRICES a wind problem that bothered -and no one except Robinson oo

all of us qualifying that day. expects the Tigers to drop far,
I won the 495-mile race(short- regardless of personnel los- RESERVED

DRUG) STORE' NEj&STrade .... ened by two laps because of .... t1
.... : rain) at an average speed of The team is backed by con-
-- -
160.627 mph, although 22 cau- tender type talent that includes
H'dyour Neighborhood Drug store tion laps slowed the race andI a half-down names likely to PRICES GOOD THRU SATURDAY

HE WILL V2ET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL had to make an unscheduled become commonplace in foot- !
pit stop for a change of tires. ball conversations this fall. 1.FOLGER'S 1.\
papers. Vie Deliver. also fill all
: we. During the early part of the The complete schedule INSTANT
tore pre a c rip t fo n a. race, Paul Goldsmith and I were follows:

drafting each other In traffic Sept. 17, Alcorn MM College
at better than 176 mph. -Grambling; Oct. 1, P ra 1r I.. C
Dixie Pharmacy Those speeds, which may be View A4M-Pralrie View,Texas COFFEE LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER 9 9

equaled or even exceeded In ; Oct.8,Tennessee State Ail- FOOD PURCHASES
the Firecracker 400 on July4, Grambling; Oct. 15, Miss. Valley 10 OZ.
Illustrated exactly why Daytona SUM-ltta Bena, Miss.; Oct. OF $$5.00'OR MORE

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue takes more Intense concentra- 22, Jackson State (Homecom --------------------v_.-------------
tion every second of every race. lag) Grambling; Oct. 23,Tex-
Phones 5.559198 You're not allowed a single as S3Jthern-Houston, Texas; I "DOLLAR DAYS" I II
mistake-If you hope to win. Mov. Arkansas. AMJIy'Grambling -
In fact, although you don't ,, Nov. 12, WileyCollegeMfarshall I OSAGE CLOROX
--- ------
have to wrangle with the turns, i I., Texas;. I 4 t .CAN$1
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE Daytona takes as much out of Nov 19, Southern Universit)*- PEACH HALVES 2* I I II
the driver as any other race. Baton Rouge; Nov. 26, Sugar

BILLS AT OUR STORE Cup Classic (Opponent to M I *
see. namdl-N! stflrleans. __' 1
--- ---


'Any building I design will have 1

beauty and function but always I GARDEN PEAS 4 303 CANS; | I ''P1AST'CDEL I II

with the human touch. .


) I 4 303 CANS 1 I I
The gin I buy is London Dry. '. TOMATOES JURfHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE

--- -------------- -----------------
Gordon. It's always brisk,
dry and smooth. To me, BOLD

Gordon's is a must." NEW DETERGENT

// frdda.n9JOre:' A.I A. Arrfllf1ctInri Chairman of the Board
Wnt://* Crmrntjor Commerce of New York Architectural Consultant on Latin America.
-... "M< >._., 49c 69C
>- "'1". j, /1 ,"
"(, "y n. GIANT t


3 IBS ,




49C 59C 49C
LB. 10 02. PKG.


GoloohS1ON00NDRr 10-59' CORN 10 <*" 490


(,""/i" ('''>.'inilinlltilinnliiii. I lull.mil m I/UJ/ -u-c-GIN PEACHES 10
II TINY'"/'1'I' IlK/l HHl All HUH:II ullll Hill WtuhlriOIICI r


... ,
\ .
,. V

...__.----,.... ----- --- -

..f rl.ix eefe'11./Sf1i.51f.I If IYY.fY ; wM.1 .1111MYOfl..1. 11 x. r .

.. ( I STAR .PIPERS... _n_ SATURDAY JUNE 25, 1966

I Local Airman Defends Air Power Harlem legislatorsSay Tense Scene In FAMU Student, Drama New Afrit Give Up U.N. Post litHer Events I

Effort Made EdecuRtioMCeeters M Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.
the Latimore Musical Kindergarten
',: A will terminate Its years
lo Candidate Often work with their graduation exercise. -

Members of the musical:
MEW YORK -(NPI)- The III IIIi Special bask adult education school Include: Nita Burke,
nomination of Supreme Court k designed to help those, who Terry Boyd, Fay Boyd Bruce
Justice Samuel J. Sllvermanu would like to further their education I.. Mercer, Bruce Williams, Tena
Manhattan Surrogate has la reading, writing M 1w Williams, Craig Pollard, Ruby
been opposed by IS Democratic arithmetic English and other Jackson and Theodore Sampson -
\y legislators and,district ar.... Then la noJUmlt tad who will act u Master ofCeremonies.
: leaders In Harlem, because no fee.* will be charged. The Nathaniel
SUverman was nominated la i Registration will to told dally Jackson Octovettes, the Thelnurettes .
an effort to oppose a candidate A. 1.. Lewis Elementary School 6 and the Latlmore
/ ..J'l endorsed by J.Raymond.Jones. with Mrs Dorothy Green and Singers with Charles Kemp and
.., .Jones Is leader of the New at East Jacksomrlll Elementary Mrs. Latlmore at the piano
\ .." York County Democratic or- / School on Florida Aw. o will also participate: on the
ganisation, which has endorsed with William D. Cannon Sr. WASHINGTON04P3)Dr.. program.The .
t\ Supreme Court Justice ArthurG. The time d registration will James M. Nehru, Howard University ..
r Klein for the party nomination. be from 8:SO to 12.30 and from' president currently on ceremony will be at Mar
Vietnam- 6. :00 to 8:00. t leave and serving as deputy U. shall Temple, 1348 WhltnerSt,
WITH U.S. A spokesman for the croup, Hour win be arranged for U. Representative to the United
Airman First Class Lewis. R. Knox, son of C. Sumner (Chuck)Stone, special y classes after the completion Nations, disclosed last week The public is cordially invited
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Knox br. of 2778 assistant to Rep. Adam t yti of registration. that he will give up his UN District 3 of Mt. Calvary Bap-
Spears Lane, Jacksonville, Fla. i Is now i In Clayton Powell (D-N. Y.) and T assignment In the nil to returnto list Church will present Mrs.
Vietnam in the fight against Communist former editor-in-chief: of the Given his duties at Howard. Guide Paige Gray In an after
aggression. Chicago Daily Defender, explained Negro The noted lawyer-educator service musical July 3, following -. .
Is air policeman In the that there was an"aura wO appointed by President the evening service In the
Airman Knox an
of suspicion" toward those who Honor Johnson In April as No. t man church auditorium.
pacific[ <; Air Force which provides offen support Sllverman. .to Ambassador Arthur J. Gold-
sive-defensive airpower for the U.S. and Stone said Jones was the only berg at the International body. .
its allies in the pacific, Far East and Negro county political leaderin ; WASHINGTON OP1)) He had served since last Sep WANTEDMAIDS
Southwest Asia. the nation and his position Thomas 1.. Delton, deputy state tember as deputy U. S. Representative
The airman is a graduate of Douglas Anderson would be Jeopardized if he lost director, Rural Development to the UN Security ,, N. Y. SLEEP-IN JOBS.
the fight to get the nomination _- Y Service In Georgia was presented Council. Salaries to $65,111'1 advanced.
High School. for Justice Klein. BBJr Jf J.I. .. ,
-- a distinguished 'service- Rush references phone num
The Harlem legislators denied STUDENT DRAMA--_"Moony, a dreamer pro- award by Secretary of Agriculture Observes AnniversityThe ber. ABLE MAIDS AGENCY,
fyble School Closing Fete that they were opposing Justice trayed by Reginald Montgomery and his Orrllle L. Freeman and Gospel Choir of Mt. Zion 163 N. MAIN,FREEPORT,N.Y.
of antl-
Sllverman because
any became the first Negro to earn
disillusioned wife "Jane played
by AME Church will celebrate Its
the d hissupporters.
feeling on part
Vacation Bible School In P. Warthew, Miss Joan Poole, Negro Ezell I Allen, enact a tense scene in the the department's highest honor. first anniversary Monday at .
Institutional A graduate of Tnskegee Institute TOOTHACHEDonl
Baptist Miss Genen Jackson Mill
"It is difficult to explain the one-act play "Moony's' Did Don't 7.30 p.m., In the church audi
he wascitedfor
Church will close Friday night. Brenda Sistrunk, Mss Jeanette exceptional .. i
The program will begin at 7 Robinson Mrs. Heists Solo- Negroes' position to a white performed at Florida MM University, a professional competence,Initiative torium. t\lt! l lasts suffer with tiony ORA ttcordi.JEL.! Sped get- rely|
o'clock. All students have tees moo The principal Mrs. H. man U" said Stone. part of the recent Playmakers'' Experi- and dedication In bringIng formula putt II lo worK Instantly
FOR to stop throbbingIooth.chep.InSowfedoo
asked to be present at 6:30 M. Lawrence.FIGHT. It hard "for the average mental Theatre Project in which plays were economic, educational, and RENT -
o'clock. y 4 white person to have a Negro cultural I opportunities to the Nicely furnished. Located near ion recommend. It for.
The teachers are Miss LIllie CANCER in charge," he added,refer ring directed by majors in the FAMU Departmentof underprivileged people In Georgia bus lines. 354-7510. tHllllnlorajel'
to Jones' endorsement Klein. Speech and Drama. Montgomery, sopho- Florida andSouth Carolina.
sore speech and drama major, is the son of He has been a government

Royal Art Studio I Tea Held Sunday Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Montgomery, 515 Famcee employee for 19 years and NEIP WANTED ,HELP WANTED
served u a vocational instructor Men
Street, Tallahassee, Miss Allen, a sopho- or women partlme to work.
Circle and correction i is In Toomsboro and Crawfordville Average $37.92 per wk. Hours
The Rosebud Garden more speech major Ga. Secretarial
; as supervisorfor of own choice. 3845288. Mrs.
STILL TAKING will sponsor Its annual Flower the daughter of Mrs. Hagar Allen of 602 the Farm Security Administration Henson. Mon Wed. FrL TYPIST who can do 50 wpm.
from 4 to 6
Hat Tea Sunday home West Brevard, Tallahassee. The play was and with the Soil Conservation Accurate; must be good in Eng-
the lawn at the
p.m.of Mrs, on LucretlaWlllfams,1490W. directed by David Scott senior speechand Service in Georgia. lash and spelling. Apply;
1 INSTANTPICTURES 22nd St. Prizes will be drama major from Daytona Beach. HELP WANTED FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-
awarded for the prettiest tats.5 Geraldine Floyd, junior speech and drama Female Dark Room technician. Grief calls"Cor. 13th St. No phone
... Experienced In quality ,
major from Tallahassee was assistant portraits. Call Sat. or lion.
director, and John Spradley of Tallahasseewas Royal Crowi 3599534. '

I i Superstition, Tea Reading,Card 1 'ighting and sound master. Cofa

Reading, Voodoo, Witchcraftand HELP WANTED MALE

all Slns..Forblddea Fortune Telling. TII.yar.by God. To Slate MusicalMrs. 4 Are IndictedIn ROOM FOR RENT Partings Tim Sloe Reparini

NOW LOCATED AT 'The Catiolic Clirck' Ethel D. Bannister and Negro's Death Nicely furnished Cooking.Pri Men with cars, work ate R Of Any Kill
the VerslteenwWbepr.sented vats Single woman or couple. hours on your days off and
In a musical program Sunday Modern conveniences.Can 356- earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply. Is Our Oily Easiness
Needs yea CHICAGO (NPIA Cook
tad Waits Yu. In Mt. Zion AME Church, Law- 3604. FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Moocrief -
710 RUSHING ST. Icy, beginning at 3 p.m. County returned grand a murder Jury las Indictment t week Rd. cor 13th. 934 E. (liiii St.HIGHLAND .
Become i At 7:30 p.m., the group will
four white youths accused WANTED
against HELP
appear In St. James AME:

II SAME PHONE 3541894 ROMAN CATIOUC.. Church: Mrs., Ruth Lake Jenkins.Butler,sponsoredby of Jerome In the Huey bludgeon, IT, while beating ha SailS Pupil t .

.1 1 was In suburban Cicero hunting Men and womsn'to sell advertising. //i1 iN
for Work. Liberal draw, liberal t
"tit "SUPER-RIGHT" HEW WESTERN IEEF '' -" The quartet,are Martin Kracht commission, easy work, quick
and Arthur L. Larson, both 19; sales. You earn $75 to $150
Frank J. Hough, 18; and Dominick if you're keen. Fringe benefits'
Maaacse,17. Apply FLORIDA STAR, 2323
CHUCK They are accused of setting Moncrlef Rd. cor 13th St.
upon Huey at a darkened Oiling
station and beating him to death
with a baseball bat. FOR RENT
The victim, a Junior college MIST
ROAST student, died of his injuries at 511 W. 17th St. Unfurnished R

Mac Berwyn.No Nul. Memorial Hospital. apt. Now you new can conveniently live In Jacksoixvmvs r BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY

cated two-bedroom apartmentfor tcorcx.u"on fnl.st lOOft SCOTCH WHISKIES
license is required to fish
$90 a month. Including new
c In Florida's salt water, but kitchen, equipped with hot water A
fresh water fishing requiresa beater. Water ram. 1643 ... 49
BONE IN 59C AP Cares, About You! license Issued by the Florida ,Main Street. You have Apply to setobelieve. ".n. r.m. "GENTLE"SCOTCH the
Game and Fresh Water Fishing .
CLOSE TRIMMED 18. ,.O111mtSBtOn 5th
Rocked in the cradle
SEE of the deep...
Mellowed in the cask


From Atlanta, Georgia ON SALE AT YOUR NEAREST

NEUMANN'S Tbenoblei&anof today can and will help you, no matter how hardor THERE'S ONE
a ; large your problems. I know God is able
xXV' will be here from June 23 to Friday,July 8, at 703 West 4th
N r Street..

\ 3, Li'! PIES Hours-9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

I.' I' CHART 591-


I 1 1.LB. 8.01.
:...... .,: I

V..Y LIMIT 1 WITH $$5.00 ORbt EACH Biasing Hot Summer Temperature
Outside AND
5 ,
., High Engine Temperature -
s lnaJde,'UDder your J!
IOC OFF [LABEL hood-can create a Com ,t'. '\" "" ..' ''fJ'!' ''n 1'f'" '.
bined Temperature of 150' .... kaott:.. : .
right where your battery U6 N MYRTLIAVIr .
AJAXDETERGENT lUll t l trrrk frud nottt last l A.r. Sr. Wtft
fticci/fo *r out TAX 1:6loCji1'o"u i
tklndtixr trho feral* utdM ed f (is7i>!
Itn K>rt, / AniwtpfcoM ftttk r tknockrd fl rnt conelmfM,
rAi YX-o Battery ..
TroublesAdds .
Stops IA t !* IHrtt WILLING ;;: tmoHf th mlnorit* wAo will b*
.N.n -Mfd.J'OfOr.mt: ..nuHi to Mrtrt.U th.
Gout cw nf *tah frtnt.
for tzmpltt of err nteetu in tin Utttr itntglt, M. biltxi

3-lB.[ 1-OZ., New Life
GIANT PKG. 59C (Iissi. Managed I --"' -6 to Old Batteries The Unchallenged Favorite in Thu Art


Makes New Batteries
Last Lonur Produced Off Our Lore Beufh
1.U. MULLET ROE, Selte4 . u .Lk. 99
2 270 l.r' Let V.3(6Protect SHAD ROE ; . l per Nt 9S.
SAUCE CANS f : 3 fOR 390, From Breakdowns you LRS10 TAU ...U.J2JI IKK Ellis ....ILltlf
<0// This .Lfc 29c
MEl 0.611 AMERICAN y, Summer URCI SHRIMP .Ll $|J5
Fall, winter or Spring.

.020 25C SPECKLED TROUT ..L59e

( Mnaler



4 a 4 t

------ --- ---------
-- -