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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200719datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 11, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007190740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 11, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 11, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
:/.f. : a = Son star !UiirsfAutomitic Pay Raises For Teach isRAR...

.... ....... '
)L..wM/w+,tsWr//I.............. __.wkr. raasr.raw..Mw.. -- .,,, +.c. ........._........ '- ... t -... .. ., H/.TOR'f./ .. TTSTABBIN .


: ** ** ** *

I I '10000000e\Id T,_,"I,,_ ',"nod.110ft" r'I .. Ti IJ Black l... __ Daddy' _Is Hj'd'"_ 'F For_* _K idnapping'3Roy'Wilkins '

1 . .

Asks For Federal FundsTo

CompensateRights VictimsWilder
VOL 16 NO. 12 SATURDAY JUNE 18, 1866 15 CENTS

*** *** **** * *

. r"ifeeklfejo B iii. Park TTTTTTTTTTT Community Center Opens Compensation e

t J\.All-1ID:
; ------------------ ----- Is Asked For

,;. Rights Victims .


secretary of the National Association -
for the Advancement

of Colored People proposedlast
t Monday that victims of

racial violence be compensatedby
w the federal government,
partly to deter Ku Klux Klans-
men and other potential assail
** ** *
.. .. He cited objections to the idea,

22 ArrestedFor Bill Offered Including one voiced by Atty.
Husband Held In Gen; Nicholas Katzenbacb, but

Rioting To Ban RaceTerrorism "It is our belief that the Klan
.... .....
.., and other night riders and
PENSACOLA, Fla. Four Mystery StabbingOf { perpetrators of violence wouldbe

counts were lodged Monday deterred if they knew their

against each of 22 Negroes WASHINGTON The chair- victims could receive an Indemnity -

arrested in a riot Sunday at a Wife man of the House Committee on and that they, in turn,
Negro beach with bonds totaling Young un-American activities intro- f1. would be sued by the U. S.

$3,500 per person. duced a bill last Tuesday that government for the amount of

Escambla County Chief Deputy ................... would punish organized terror- that award."
Sheriff W. E. Ambrose said 19 ist activities of the Ku Klux. Wilkins filed a statement with

Negroes from Mobile, Ala.,remained Attractive Young Mother Klan "or other furtive outfits POVERTY-Neighborhood aides who will be working out of the Wilder Park Neighborhood the Senate Constitutional Rights
in custody. Three local created for evil purposes" Center in the fight against poverty are seen here during an orientation session held this Subcommittee as it began the
Negroes posted bonds. The submitted to week. Among them are Mrs. Kathleen second week of hearings on
After Keeping Rendezvous measure, : Agnew, Mrs. Mary Powell, Jessie Darmody, Mrs.
The riot erupted after two the House by Rep. Edwin E. Shirley Smart,Miss Victoria Williams,Mrs. Fannie Wise,Urs. Mercedes Kellum, Mrs. Gladys President Johnson's 1966 civil
Negro deputies attempted to Willis, D-La, Is the result of Adams, Mrs. Dorothy Wright, Mrs. Vera Woodbuck, and Mrs Marian Andrews. Standing rights package.The .
break up a fight shortly before The husband of a Jacksonville woman who was fatally stabbed a year-long investigation by is Mrs. Elsie Francis Reed. The center, on the site of the old Wilder Park Library Is now measure would prohibit
sunset at Johnson's Beach Two two weeks ago is being held in Duval County Jail on a charge his committee into the activities open to render assistance to the community. racial or religious discrlmi-
persons, a Negro and a deputy, of murder. of white supremacist orcanizaUooa nation in the sale or rentalof
received minor injuries from found at the of the all housing, ban discrimination -
Willie Joyce Ward was bound scene murder. primarily in the "Black Daddy"
objects thrown out of the crowd, over for criminal action by Mrs. Ward had gone through Deep South. $5,000 Minimum in the selection of state
estimated at more than 200 Justice of the Peace Gordon preliminary orientation for. ft The committee Is expected Takes Lawman' and federal Juries make a fed-
persons. PoppeU on a charge that be position with the anti-poverty to bold a week of public bearIngs :s eral crime of intimidation or
About 50 officers, state troopers allegedly stabbed to death his program and was scheduled to on the bill sometime this ,attacks on civil rights workers,, .Il..
aDdJhor.patrolmeDlDov, wife Elizabeth Ward iDf-7229 start to work this week'In the month, acprove.lt and.,.end It )Car, ,KidnapsMorris Starting Salary and authorize the attorney general
Tn before the disturbance was \ to Initiate desegregation
Dostie Drive on the night of day-care program this week. to the House floor for action '
halted. June 1.Ward. The victim was burled. last In July. Montford better known suits In schools and public
Amrose said the incident was surrendered to Jacksonville Saturday. Willis' bill focuses on what It as "Black Daddy" Is la again .
"spontaneous." police last Thursday calls "clandestine organi after having, as the boys would Seen For TeacherTALLAHASSEE The panel!, headed by Sen.
"It looks like they all JumpedIn afternoon, a little more thana James Meredith zations" and their activitiesIn say, flipped his wig. Sam J. Ervin D-N. C., also
how much fun heard protests of the proposed
Just to see Interstate which The Black
week titer the tragedy. He commerce, 34-year-old Daddy
they could have," he said. "By bad been missing since the Seeks To Run the federal government Is empowered Is being held 1 In Ft Lauderdale State Sea said fair housing section from
workers, Pope.
Alan L. Emlen of Philadelphia
the time the Judge gets through ,
of the murder and to regulate under the for investigation of kidnapping
night police Verle Pope of St. Augustine The leader of the Senate said
find speaking for the 83,000member -
with them they may they
N.Y. Post and
For constitution. aggravated assault.
Tuesday said he would recom- teacher pay and other new demands National Association Real
had more fun than they could Montford
Willis said the groups\ are was involved in a
mend to the 1967 Legislature the state easily
afford." NEW YORK -- Upo Estate Boards.
defined in such a way "that wild Incident in Fort Lauderdalelast
to school
a plan give teachers
The Negroes were chargedwith returning to New York after could require $300-mlllion Emlen testified that"the cause
Klaus or other furtive outfitscreated Monday In which he Is
automatic S cent annual
for the next
inciting a riot, resisting being wounded by shotgun blasts for evil purposes are accused of kidnapping one man raises. per more In spending" of improved race relations will
arrest with violence, interfering near Hernando, Miss., James included." pay biennium be retarded, not enhanced, by
with an officer in the Meredith announced he had The legislation would makeIt I,: The system would be similar This would boost Florida's the enactment of this measure."
to the one now to
discharge of his duty, and disorderly asked the board of elections a federal crime for membersor .hikes for state applied pay two-year budget aow standing Emlen insisted I there was
government at $2.2-billion for the 1966-67
In the Constitution that
conduct. to postpone a bearing challenging agents of a "clandestine nothing
The first three charges carried his eligibility to run for the organization" to: blennlum-to a record-break- "gives to one citizen the right
$1,000 bond each plus$500on post of delegate to the state Commit or attempt to com- r NAACP Wins ing $2.5-t>illlon. to acquire property from ano-
The veteran said
legislator a ther citizen who does not wish
Convention from
disorderly conduct. Constitutional
mit acts of murder kidnaping
When the officer arrested four r I Harlem. and assault for the purpose of Role InJury move for a $5,000 minimum to sell it to him, regardless of
Negroes in a fist fight, "the His name had been withdrawn promoting the organization's starting salary for public schoolteachers the reason."
party they were with began to 1 ,- from nomination by the Harlem aims. SelectionNEWARK will be a major factor Wilkins, who did not testify
protest and throw things,"Am- J Democrats for Action. Mere- Teach or advocate the dutyor r In budgetmaking."If personally because his plane
brose said. "One Negro woman /. dith, currently a student at desirability of using force this 1s approved, and I was grounded by fog in New
pulled a knife on one of theotncers. )7{ Columbia University Law violence or any unlawful meansto o f an agreement, J.-Under reached terms by think It should be, "It will he require York City but who will appear
." Willie Joyce Ward School, said he plans to run as the $160-milllon, said. at a later session, strongly
advance the alms of ; the Newark Branch of the National
Added to this school need Is the
( endorsed each section of the
Later crowds engaged the officers an independent. 4t!'
bad a warrant out for his arrest. organization or to intimidate, Association for the Advancement normal Increase in student enrollment -
bottles brick and He returned to the to p. administration bill.
with city recuperate '
mother citizen. "
Injure of
The attractive punish or any Colored
young -- People Pope pointed out.
rocks and wrecked a policecar. .pf two children was stabbed to from wounds suffered Unlawfully obstruct the free "Black Daddy" Montford. and the New Jersey State He said he had not determinedyet Urging serious Congressional -
of Indemnification
consideration the
his march -
Windows were smashed death shortly after she left a during Miss. Meredith said on be Jackson planned movement of any person in and shooting another. Attorney General's; office, the how much more money nor.: idea, he comparedslain
in others. house at 2178 West 12th Street, Interstate commerce. Last Montford is a known "junk- local NAACP unit will compile mal expansion would require.A civil workers to
"It was impossible"to teU bow where!! according to, reports, .. week's shooting of Negro leader ie" according to police here, lists of prospective Jurors for third factor, he said, is U. S. troops rights in Viet Nam "in
many were involved, Ambrose she had gone to keep a rendezvous James Meredith In Mississippi and Fort Lauderdale author- submission to the Essex County staffing and maintaining newly- that died to protect and
said. "The women and children
with her lover. presumably would be coveredby ties said he apparently was un-, Jury commissioners.Terms built state institutions. So m eIZ5mUUon advance American ideals."
were down at the front of the Barber said the this provision.In of the agreement were our
Sgt. W. C. de r the Influence of drugs $ Is being spent on Katzenbach's to the
crowds and bottles and bricks 28-year-old woman had Just addition, the bill would enable Monday.He announced by Milton Yormark, university construction alone, Idea in earlier response testimony was
came lobbing them. They c1idD'tcue left the West 12th St house the attorney general to was stopped by a Florida chairman of the NAACP branch and huge new health and welfare lukewarm. He expressed reservations -
who they nit. when a man described as in obtain a court injunction specifically Highway Patrol trooperfor legal redress committee, and facilities like Dade County's about singling out
"W e couldn't retaliate. The his late thirties approached. prohibiting members of speeding and was being confirmed by Allan B. Handler, Sunland Training Center for the civil workers or Negroeson
best we could do was dodge some assailant chased her a clandestine organization from first assistant attorney general.
taken to Jail. The trooper got mentally retarded are in pro- the ground that indemnification -
of the objects" if we saw them around several houses before carrying out any acts of out of his car for a moment The agreement was the resultof gress. might have to be extendedto
coming. He said those with her beside the violence, Intimidation or harassment a suit filed by the NAACP
catching up at a patrol station and left He said the automatic pay Increases all victims of crime.vCo"mmittemelfCallled. r
arrested were seen throwing house she had Just left. It is against any citizen. Montford In the vehicle. branch against the Jury commissioners for teachers would 1

objects. reported that the victim was A federal Judge in New Orleans Montford sped off In the police charging discrimination eliminate "the continuous agitation ) iT
The four Involved in the original trying to gain admission to the Issued such an Injunction last car, beading east in the west- in the selection of petit for higher wages" VA
fight were from Mobile. believed-to-be love-nest she year to bring a halt to Klan bound lane of State Highway Jurors. If the Legislature had taken meeting of recently
The beach, about 20 miles had Just left but that the party James Meredithto activities in Bogalusa, La. The 84. Officers said he swervedto Reportedly, the suit and the steps to place school teachers members of the Duval Demo-
southwest of here, was closed party in the house failed to action is under appeal. The avoid oncoming traffic and settlement were the first of on the same raise systemas cratic Executive Committee has
for the night after disturbance organize a massive march pay been called for Sunday, June 19
open the door. Willis bill would solidify the turned the car upside down. their kind in the country,previous government workers during
but reopened Monday. When her pursuer caught up from Canton, Miss., to Jackson legal base on which the injunc- Two tourists got out to help discrimination suits having the last session, the average at the Myrtle Ave. Library at
be delivered and added that unless beta given tion Issued. been defendants 6:00: p.m. according to an announcement -
with Mrs. Ward was brought by
him and he pulled a gun the teacher starting salary wouldbe
NeirrNaiedlj!] that he will be by Eric 0.Simpson.One .
one blowwlth an instrument believed assurance pro Maximum penalties under the trooper apparently missed in on trial. The NAACP suit was "between $4.800 and $5,200
I tealfc' 5mcwl| to be a switchblade knife tected, he will be armed during measure would range from a his search. He shot one of the filed on behalf of persons wish- this year," he said.Community purpose of the meeting is
the march. to discuss the placement of
and two Imprisonment to
$1,000 fine years' men, Stanley Dllloway 46 of ing serve as Jurors.
% K-NPfDriames: Fla. Voters League Doctors said he would need a members on various commit-
YO1 > to a death sentence Rlchester, N. Y. in the leg From time to time, the branch Problem
G. Haughtoo was named to bead week's rest before he could when terrorist activities resultIn Dlllowa '. companion F. H. will conduct studies of Juror tees when the regular official

the city's soon-to-be-created- Directors To MeetThe reorganize his "reunion" a killing. Perry, got in his car,and fled lists to check whether racial Program Approved Democratic Committee meetson
by-executive-order health services march to Mississippi.In as Montford shot him. imbalance exists In the selection June 21 for election of officers -

administration, in the mid-summer meeting of the meantime Dr. Martin Clay County Montford Jumped in the car of Jurors. The lists also WASHINGTON The U. S. .
first step to reorganize the the Board of Directors and Luther King who began his of another man who had stoppedto will be updated periodically.Petit Office of Education yesterday Another purpose is that of
health of the "Mississippi Freedom March" announced approval of a Florida laying the ground work for
city's agencies. Executive Committee Revising School help, Edgar A. McQuade, Jurors, who render verdicts -
Showing repeatedly his ability Florida Voters League, lac. with 150 persons was halted and forced him to drive In criminal and civil program to seek solutions to united efforts among the com-
to solve complicated health pro Is called for 10:30: a.m. Sat- when two white men blockedthe Integration Plan with police in pursuit. away cases, are selected from a list community problems throughthe mittee in the various Negro
blems, Dr.Haughton comes well urday June 25 at the Sadler line of march with a truck McQuade finally made a U- supplied by the county Jury com use of college talent. areas with the view to doing a
recommended for the Job. A Motel In Orlando according toaD ,and refused to move. Bothwere GREENCOVE SPRINGS: -Clay turn and balled out of the car. missioners. No discriminationwas The state program, administered more effective Job in securing
41-year-old native of Panama official bulletin from L. V. arrested. Police found*a .22 County school officials are revising Police shot at Montford and charged in selection of by the Florida Board of Improvement in community.).
City, he holds degrees from Davis. caliber rifle In the truck. faculty assignments in captured him when his bulletsran members of grand Juries. Education, will cost $319,643, Committeemen who attendedan
Pacific Union College, Loma Main Items on the agenda are: The march was late starting effort to meet desegregation out.Police. Gloster B. Current, NAACP including $239,732 in federal informal session held at the
Linda University Medical Re-organization of By-Laws because Negroes were Incensedover standards of the U. S. Department said Montford complained Director of Branches and Field funds. home of Mrs. Etta Williams,
School, New York University Committee, report from Meredith's alleged eviction of Health, Education and that he could not get Administration, said, "T h e last Wednesday morning Include -
Postgraduate Medical Schooland Awards Committee, Financial from William Bowld Hospital Welfare. drupe agreement Is a milestone in IOWA MARCH : Mrs. Hattie Dix Green,
the Columbia University Committee report from Panama in Memphis Dr. King The School Board received a Monday night Montford tore the fight to break down barriersto Mrs. Inez Bivens, Mrs. Sadie
School of Public Health. City meeting,recommendations denounced the action at a mass letter Monday from HEW which blanket Into strips and tried to a equal justice'' In courtrooms.We WATERLOO, Iowa PI) Alexander, Mrs. Ada Staring
He will coordinate the Departments from Vice President I. W. Williams rally in Memphis and later a said the proposed assignmentof hang himself on the door of his will call the Newark Branch About 250 Negro pickets, complaining Mrs LavlnlaO'NeilJ.D.Bass,
of Health and Hospitals redistricting of the protest march was staged with four Negro teachers to predominately cell but action to the attention of bran- of police brutality, Emmett Toomer, Rev. Henry
)Jail a Jailer stopped
the Community Mental Health Florida Voters League, lac., demonstrators carrying signs white schools was him and he Is under close watch ches throughout the country t marched through this city's business Blvens and Eric 0. Simpson.The .
Board and the office of the and Initiation of statewide voter in front of the hospital while insufficient to meet the requirements where discrimination in Jury district and presented meeting will....start promFlOrii -
today, Fort Lauderdale police 12 demands to city official "tho ., .....,_. -.
chief medical examiner registration drives. police stood guard. of the Civil Rights Act. 444 s"I"t'tfnn nl.'. "
< .


. .- .- u on on u.__. .. p. .. on .1..1 . u. .l ... m .m.' no u u on.. L ,. 'n ..

: : tatl

rA''It. t Ali rAru" ..... .... .. "t11YMdAh. ..... IMI. ii,

t H. PLOII'IO. ST II I 4 Io Be Equal

published bi;th+'HirE) WI a P S 'C; y h ,


I have often commented on the fine Job our communications:
/ media have done in reporting the struggle for civil rights and
in probing behind the scenes to devejopi important stories in
this field Because I have so often praised their coverage
\ feel I should also speak out when they seem to be falling short

of their high standards of reporting.TOO .
CowARD", DIE _
ERIC 0.: SIMPSON..........Haii1ii Editor, MANY TIMES television oven stations our newspapers tendtoover-:

BEFORE THEIR play the harshly dramatic
HILDA WOOTEH,..,,....Circilatiii Muiir, DEATH; THEVALIANT 1IfI P& stories of conflict and underplay
NEVER the quietly dramatic stories of

vi..e >ra TASTE DEATH accomplishment. Outbursts of
BUT ONCE' violence or stories of strife
2323 Moicricl' Roil Phone Elfli 46712Miiliif -, ti5 bring wide television coverageand

are splashed across the
Tress \fr front pages but the many Inspiring -
stories of change/ and

P. 0. Boi 599 Iicksoiiilli, Florid 32201 1 \ff progress to the are Inside too pages often where relegated '

S5 / they are burled by columnr
MIAMI OFFICE I advertising.
/ : A recent news item is a good example of this. Last FalL,

738 Nfl Sri Ave. flue 311.1025. t-\'J \ Episcopal Bishop W. B. Donegan announced that $2 million la
/ pledged donations to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine la
a ..... J 4i' ;I New York City, had been withdrawn by persons who disapprovedof
SUBSCRIPTION RATES Q ct t ; his strong stand on civil rights. The story was featured

One yeu J J.00 Half year, $4,00 \ widely and many took this to mean that if a church or an organ
1 safes similarly dependent on donations took a strong
In the united States / position
Mailed to you Anywhere "J in favor of civil rights, it would court financial dlsasttr
et .9-0
subscription payable in advance / fJ ; Although this story was given front page treatment, its happy
Send Check or Money order to; ;.. \ ending was not A few weeks ago I came across a small Item,
t.d.'j \ buried in the Inside pages of an afternoon newspaper. This
FLORID STAR P.O. :80X599lacksonvlUe a speech by Bishop Donegan in which he
( reported
1, Florida, O'iCJo ; \ announced
5 (, that the money lost by the wUhdrawalof pledges has been more
/ ,: than made up by new pledges from people who never contributed
[ before. In addition, Bishop Donegan said that the Cathedral
NEGRO TEACHERS had no intention of deserting the civil rights struggle and that
it "has been written Into more wills than it ever has before."

MUST MEASURE UP The new money has come from people of all faiths. He said
HE MADE THE SACRIFICES-MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. that "hundreds upon hundreds of small contributions poured

in from all over the country from Roman Catholics, Jews, and
various have been
Through our we
Individuals with church "
even no affiliations. To the best of
pressing for integrating in all avenuesof my knowledge, the newspapers which splashed the earlier

American life, and particularly in our story of the pledge withdrawals across their front pages, and

schools. in Florida, we have seen how Your the television stations which reported those events last Fall),
Weekly did not mention this new development.
certain factors have been acting to our
Why To me it is a dramatic and inspiring story. Here are
disadvantage.Since .
hundreds of people countering the actions: of a short-sighted
we wanted our students to go to few, registering their apporval of a church's highly moral act.
schools offering education ... .; They made a gesture which transcended
quality our their differences of
Negro pupils are being transferred to : : Guide : faith. Yet It got next to no coverage, despite the fact that the
Horoscope earlier which stressed
story conflict
formerly all-white schools but not the ** ** big play. and dissent got such a

teachers. They are judged inferior as This is not just an Isolated incident. Papers are full of stories

instructors, or school administrators are of Negroes who are vilified when they move into an all-white
generally afraid to confront white parentswho. ...,'...,.,.,.., By PAIIO The ASTROLOGER "a*"'"*"' suburb, yet there are never any stories about those who make

are not quite ready to accept Negroesas the move and are accepted into their new neighborhood. Every
day Negroes move Into such situations and are greeted by
teachers of their children.
their new neighbors, and quickly become
outstanding membersof
We are aware that 111 Negro teachers are WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR. the community. These stories are never told, but let one

not poor from standard instruments of rock come flying through one window, and the television cameras

,measurements, and a good many are not only BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL are right there. I agree that these things are news, but
effective teachers but they akso teach so are the success stories.
The Urban League recently announced a new
with artistry. surely, they ought to be Equality," designed to help bring about pro

integrated in the schools' staffs. of I8IESBORN CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN Integration in housing. This important story was buried in the
teachers. newspapers the next day. But if the Urban League had put out

In Alachua. Broward and Dade counties, MAUN21st BORN JUNE BORN SEPT.. BORN DEC. an inflammatory statement replete with threats and warnings,

for example, certain special teachers of APRIL IStk 22d JULY 22it 23rd OCT. 23rd 22id. JAN. 19th, it When would a have lone been Negro on page student one., James Meredith, was enrolled
children with motor disabilities
Whatever problems may Those among you who are at tLe University of Mississippi, a small army of newsmen
your The experienced bands among Now that you are more likely -
with and disorders have
speech hearing be right now, they will be con-' will by now have found fully awake to the meaning oftoda1" to revert to the use of common joined the Federal troops) which were required restore order
been placed in integrated tions. ,will not to the strife-torn campus But where the
slderably easier to stand or J all the wanted answers I and developments sense and wise conclusions are newsmen now
Why? because they are competent In their solve by the Arians who hare solutions. Old friends and occurrences lose time getting adjusted to you should begin to that a number of Negro students are quietly attending "Ole
respective fields. a loyal mate or ally by their will undoubtedly the habit of coping with them see that your personal and Miss."? It was left to Ebony magazine to tell the story of thesestudents.4

The NTE test for teachers in Florida has Ide. Benefit to the full should' play a major role In gettingof definitively. One of the lessonsto worldly prospects: are improving story just as dramatic in its own quiet way.
you find yourself In this nappy all concerned. There is be derived from them is accordingly. The time to When some southerners were forced to leave their home towns
become a bete noire to furstrate hundredsof position on 25th, 26th. nose 01 little doubt that the future will the wisdom of putting aside make the soundest decisions,to because of racists pressures and threats, their stories were
Negro teachers who find it difficultto you who have no worries regarding 'shape up more or less according savings on a regular basis, or write telling letters, or to a- played up in the news media. But what about those southern
make the score of 500. This should bea automation and itS Impact to plan when you are to invest in sure things such rouse the love or respect of moderates who stay behlng and work-for acceptance:: of Integration -
on your occupation can consider as government bonds and the to whom ? Their stories are almost never featured.
lesson to our training colleges and uni making the best use of the someone you are attracted
versities. They should insist that their yourselves very fortunate education: and knowledge that like. This may see you through appear>> to be the 25th,
indeed. Others who are numbered of and difficulty
periods uncertainty
have been acquired through the '26th. Something of national
trainees perform better than average' or In the ranks of advanced years. Still, there is alwaysan which, U has often been or Iatersatlonalimportancecould The Urban
drop them from school. technicians should find themselves unpredictable factor that can demonstrated, come around transpire with startling
In order for prospective teachers to pass commanding better thana upset all calculations. This sooner or later. Heed whatever effect on people in general.

these various teacher tests, we recommend respectable salary. A sort may be the case when Uranus intuition and your own This may have a great bearing League StoryBY
of milestone in this connection to
common sense are trying
and Pluto form what should be on the drawing up of your
that the students be driven hard in such
be reached and for this
may passed on 'the last of their several con convey to you may blueprint for the future and
courses as algebra, foreign languages, the 29th. .Maki sure you are junctions. The events of these save yon many moments of your place in it. This may
physics and mathematics, the humanities, paying the attention to health.. days will be long retered.. ,self-questioning i eventually: be a critical milestone, being ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR

and professional educational history, and 2106636768'TAURUS 450194141'UO 4503387543SASITTNRIUS the last of a series of Pluto- '
philosophy. The students might be 'given Uranus conjunctions. The school vacation period is here. Hun-

a series of standard tests to prepare them 1-60-22-47-349 dreds of young people are seeking jobs and

in how to take tests that have time limits IIIN APRIL 10RN.NOt. AQUARIUS hundreds of other persons are in need of

for definite sections. 20tl MAY 20tk BORN' JILl23r.IUS.22.' 23rd BEC. 2tst permanent, employment. What does this

We can't continue to let students ride .. BORN 'JAM. situation indicate to the community?
It may be assumed that you 'wherever tense situations ((1)) there must be an increase of indus-
by beds of
on flowery ease. we must increase 20th FEB. lltk
have rediscovered the and
: way exist, there is serious danger
This could'be 'u good a time trial complexes in this community to
their '
educational furstrat on' tol- that things will settle down 'that they become explo
as any to have a little All may seem hunkydory and
snug the the skills
must give'them once again. The advice Intervention average (2)
erance. Teachers pleptyof or sive. Should you fortunate
heaven to which you can re-. : .this may well be trie, when '
work to do, so that they won't have of a true friend or tire whenever the mood strikes enough to sense that the possibility your house is in order. This the average worker must be up graded

time to hang around the student union and professional counselor may be you. Circumstances: ,too, may is there, and you have includes your job, living quar- through on-Job-Training Tech-
all that It t takes to obtain
loaf. your have a hand in making it advisable the means or power think hard ters, earned income and future nical schools and in service
beartde.ir... Hope should to be and come up with some kind ''projects. Those of
somewhere else : you who training in plants.
The sooner our students face be abandoned!
Negro the never even when of an answer that could stem have
when followed
certain unwanted characters trend of
hard facts of the trend toward quality there Is a possibility that you situations make the tide of chaos dissension thought in this Parents with children in col-
or demands past
year or so
education will be subjected to certain that would ensue otherwise. lege or high school should
the better it will be. IncompetitIon on your time or pocket- will have no cause for self-
for delays and restrictions. It has There are signs! of the eventsto in take a close look at the market -
teaching reproach these
positions; a book. The one day when the !; respects.,But
'often been said that what Is visible
Negro teacher must be much better to displace worthwhile is worth waiting for expected: does not happen, or come which may (there' la something going 00, projections for work to
those who have highly developed
when the unexpected does could nearby and in the world at
white help
a teacher and guide their child or
every time. It may be your time to powers of perception. The
be the large that
29th. Uranus
and Pluto may
Let's wake up before it is too later! undergo the experience. Be are then making what shouldbe crisis, should it come as indicated 'surrylnt for cover. everyone The last children to areas of employof .
exemplary in behavior when their final conjunction in by the last of a Pluto- 'Pluto-Uranu conjunction is announced went;. if thiS is done they will- -be ableto

.your success and happiness .your solar 2nd house of nIIIDC. Uranus conjunction, may be expected to take place, giving find work when they get out of school.
Ambush Of MeredithWhite pond on it. You may also have .. It would on the 29th, 30th. It 'rise to conjectures
Shooting to pay closer attention to the be farsighted 'may affect many other people that it may The common saying "you can't get tomor
to make certain that effect people and nations
way the financial situation is currency besides yourself, here and in every row's Jobs with yesterday's skills" is
well where. While it
U as precious papers and may benefit
men of high calling are horrifiedat shaping. i' possessions are completely various regions. .some, it probably will be at going to become more a reality in the next

the sneak attempt to assinate James 9-40-88-S8-94J safeguarded. 7.90-68-74-374", the expense of others few years.

Meredith on a lonely Mississippi highway SEMINI' 8-60-11-53-912 2-90-53-38-828 These are some of the areas where Job

recently we are concerned about this SCORPIO opportunities should increase:
foagrant violktion, because it placed in VIR6C BORN OCT. PISCIS

jeopardy the good name of the entire 21st tin 21st IOU A06.2Jrl 24tl NOY. 22II1 :BORN FEB. 1. Clerical Field

decent South and Indeed Mississippi it- You consider troubles -' SEPT. 22ii UI.IIAI- '
may Those with whom you have 20t| I 2. Insurance industry (General)
self. to be at an end, or almost
so, despite the fact that Look for friendly and sym indissoluble ties of affection Life may not have been easy
(N.C. ) News and observer wherever :can and should be counted onto 3. State and
a major j Uranus-Pluto conJunction 'pathetic support thereis for many Piscians in the past County Government
said, in commenting on this incident likelihood of It provide moral as well as
places a question markat a being won but this maybe more of a matter
'They (whites) win' shoot a colored man the end of this sentence over, This may entail extending material support whenever you of seU-comgyatnlatlon: than 4. Contract:
without it ever entering their :idiotic: and quarter. Results may be your social interests far have need of It. Do not allow :'self-blame. Along with it,must Construction

minds that they are assailing their own entirely different than you ex and wide, but any pains that pride or any other negative have come the experience: and 5. Whole-sale and
element to from Rental Trade
peel. Or aometb1DcwitbIn the this could involve will be well prevent you the wisdom that are engendered
pretensions of
white supremacy. Better family may transpire causing worth the price. This may accepting graciously. Some by the difficulties rather than

Southerners, not marching Negroes, are a stir or a removal. In any. also be one of the last chancesfor [unexpected event having to do by the pleasures of existing.And 6. Federal Government
their targets. event, it would be a prudent single Virgos to find their with money, the home and these are the qualities that

The, shooting of Meredith came at a time step on your part to strengthen helpmate/ although this could friendship could take fashion place due inrather 'should now serve you In good' 7. Transportation
when mob-type racial action :the bonds that hold you and also mean accepting a personof startling i stead In th.deelopmeDt of four
appeared to ito what should be the last of
your other half together. Do more mature years. The I !dearest ones as well u ofyourself.
be on the wane in the South, if not .in not allow any potential fc nls.within conjunction of Uranus and Pluto a recurring Uranus-Pluto con !' Your mate or other 8. Social work and Recreation

Mississippi. 'What did it sieve? :Nothing, your four walls to remain which may be the final one junction. Whether it will be ,close associate: will undoubtedly
except that it causes the arrest of the .undisturbed and see to it that of a series. indicates that many a blessing or difficulty will I,be affected in some strange 9. Service and miscellaneous areas
alleged culprit It cannot to they are Immediately ellmlanated of you have reached an important have managed related well affairs youa. !'manner by the final of repeated
serve ;
milestone in
lives. conjunctions of Ura.auaDdPlu-
as an act of precutipn.! your : There
settle anything, for that matter, except Your gainful endeavors should It maybe an unusual experience during the put months. Those ,to in your solar 7th house. You are hundreds of Jobs under these2SSW'

only to make bad matters wtrse. thrjr for many.. 'who have hick as a partner. no doubt will have to assumea814484927 broad Therefore, a person must

only to 'make bad natters worse. D-30-"-II-IIIO ',-t'O-.-..Ssa.I1V'. ;,.(should 40-77-38-427 fart wy wUL : full control. seek information about specifications

: for a Job and train accordingly.I' .

\ i 1.

.. h__ .. ....


..*.." .I./IS ,-
MTHMY JUNE 18, 1966 STAR :PAPERS'' tilt 1


Church will t Kalifcov
Choir 3 of Friendship Baptist spouor
---- ---
season ends for Tea Sunday at 4 p.m., at the church, located on New Kings Rd.
many persons this week yule resident, is in the city. she ..........
Although--those involved in public school work. attended the graduation exercises of her The Male Chorus of St. Paul AME Church will preset* its
to several will return in a few days brother Terrence who received his diploma annual tea Sunday at 3:30: p.m., In the lower andttortaai of the
work In the summer program; some will; from New stanton Senior High School church. A program will be presented, hooorlag the oldest ad

work with toadstarf' ; still others will Marilyn is the daughter of Mrs. Marie B. youngest fathers present.***.****..
enroll in summer school in the Mcclain of Lincoln Circle anda
various 5025 N. The Moncrlef Ladles Needlework Social and Strings CM will
universities in the country; for most it 1964 graduate of New stanton. sponsor a Musical Tea Sunday from 4 to I P.B., lathe 2-G
means a much deserved rest. Community Center, 29th and Chase Streets. A program will
.r.e.ee.er. be presented.
Auxiliary Board 2 of Grant Memorial AME Church will spouOI'
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Its annual Father's Day Tea Sunday at 4 p.m., la the hone efMr.
social clubs take a respite during Sorority, Inc met recently at the Garden c and Mrs. David Moore 8214 New !lugs Rd. Rev. F. D.
the summer months, largely because of the Richardson Jr., will be the speaker.
Circle with Grace
Monroe Luella McBride
high rate of ..*******.
tioning members. included caused by vaca- Lena Norman, Margurite Mitchell and Betty A Musical Tea will be sponsored Sunday at 3 p ja., at Mew
are the various in this group Messer serving as cohostesses.The lit. Olive Baptist Church, Hart and Brady Streets.le participants
which bridge clubs many of chapter gave a bridal shower for Include The Harris Singers, Mrs. Ruth Gnat, NattMlel
have held final meeting of Kevi- Delores Johnson who is soon to become & Jackson's Octovettes, Mrs. Marie Brown, Mt Olive Gospel
nettes Club.Marilyn bride. Chorus, Rev. Mose Davis, Andrew McCall and Singers, MUs
Epps Frances Scriven, Pentecostal Gospel Choir and others.
Britt Elizabeth Downing, Winona The door prize was won by Mrs. Louise ..........
Lois iszard, and Charlotte
were guest Players. Bostick Durden. The Pulpit Aid Board of St. Stephen AME Church will sponsor
Club The local. chapter will present Ebony Its Summer Tea Sunday at 4 p.m., in the home d Mrs. Bermlce
members topping the score sheet were Powell, 1516 Davis St. A program will be presented with Mrs
Fashion Fair on October 21 at ExhibitionHall
Barbara Harper Sara V. A. Ferguson as speaker.
Lee Lovette, and Emma in Civic Auditorium. The theme of .......-
George. Pauline 1
the consolation award. Davis qualified for this year's show is 'Colorbaloo. Tic- The Music Department of Bethany Baptist Church will spctsor
kets for the show may be purchases from a Spring Garden Tea Sunday 4 p.m.,In the church alad1torl l.
Members present in addition to prize any AKA soror. DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS Mrs Eva C. Bose- Appearing will be Mrs. Hazel Argrett, Ada Bracy Chorea of
winners St. Paul AME Church and others.
were Doris Bennett, destine S nee err..e
man Wanton
president of the Florida .
A&M *******
Nicks, Geraldine Hilliard Ann Monroe, University Faculty Women's Club, presentsa A Spiritual Tea will be presented by the Faithful IS Social aid
Nan Fletcher Daisy Gilliard, and pearl Beach School Holds Musical Program Set check for $700.00 to Dr. George W. Gore Savings Club Sunday at 4 p.m., In the home of Mrs Sadie M.
Mackey. Williams, 805 Lime Street. Mrs. E. Stocks will speak.
Jr. president of the
Promotional Rites university, for the ..........
.etrree.ree. Promotional exercises were At Edward WatersA National Defense Education Act ( NDEA-) Stewardess Board 1 of St. Paul AME Church will spouor a
held at Jacksonville Beach Ele- Musical program will be sponsored student loan fund at FAMU. The Summer Tea Sunday In the home of Mr.and Mrs. A.. Setae, 1779
mentary-Jan i High School presented June 21 at Edward amount of the check' represented funds Davis St., from 4 to 6 p.m.
Catherine and Waters College, beginning at -....
jackson Margaret starkeswere with Rev S. P. Nesblttas spea- raised during the I960 "Faculty Show-
guest players when Les Elites Bridge ker. 8:30: p.m. Pilgrim case, annual variety show which I has beena Usher Board 1 of St Paul AME Church will sponsor a ParadiseTea
Club held its final meeting. The latter The Rer. Mr. Nesbitt la associate The parUclpants Travelers, Gospel Include:Cru-- yearly benefit effort since the club's' June 26 at 3 p.m.,at the church Miss L. Chandler, daughter
of the will be the speaker.
Qualified for guest prizes. minister at the Church of saders of Los Angeles, Calif., Inception In I960. Presentation of the pastor, ..........
God Christ He stres-
Lois Avery Johnnie Mitchell, and Maxine sed the Importance Temple.of "Know Sunny Rose Quartet, Ver- check was made during a Florida AAM University Westside Community Club will sponsor Its annual Sunner Tea
Jackson were recipients of club prizes. ledge In the Space Age," slteers, and the Tonettes. will The Faculty Women's' Club luncheon In, June 26 In Henry Gordon AME Church, 23rd and Wiljoa Ira A
Marie \icclain 200th person attending the program will be presented with leading talent lathe city parti
Annie is
B. Jones, Bernice "Knowledge Power. receive a cash price. Tickets University Commons. -- FAMU staff .
Leona Bennett, and irma Murray were among Presiding was C. 0. Billiard, may be secured at the door. photo by Ernest Flllyau.'Weddings cipating.
other members present. former principal at the school
who Is presently principal at

.. Carter G. Woodson Elementary Stork_ _. Delivery_ .
rr ear.See. F ,
School. Remarks were given by e
Dr. J. I. E. Scott, supervisorof I Mr. and Mrs. Mack Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Plowden, Mr. and Mrs. Edward !. Jet-
Evelyn Galvin was hostess when Gems Special Education; Mrs. J JJoe 2232 West Mont St., boy. 717' Jackson St., girl tenon, 2955 W. Mft St, girl

Bridge club met Edythe Anderson, former
recently at 1718 Jefferson principal; Mrs. Mary Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Morris Felix, Mr. and Mrs. James Simmons, Mr. and Mrs Robert L. Patterson
Street. and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Jasmin 507 Dew Drop St., boy. 2349 Stuart St., girl. 1620 W. 19th It.. girl.
Mildred Hampton, Martha Perry, and Doris from the attendance de- Timothy V. Warr, Memphis, Lee Davis, 2568 HUand St.,
Bennett were guest players. Miss perry partment. Term.;25 and Drunell L, Thomas 43 and Annie Lee Breedlove. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Price, Mr. and Mrs. Willie N. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Rasdolwrlgkt,
was the recipient of the guest prize. 5437 Mays Dr., 19. 2568 HUand St., 38. 510 West 19th St., boy. 2333 Woodland St., boy. 1424 W. Sad SL, girL '

Lois .Avery, Sylvester Bossard, and Myrtis Gateway Barracks George E. Johnson Jr., 1923 Clarence Askew, US Ernest St., Mr. and Mrs.Ronald Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. John W.Albright, Mr. and J.fra.l.- McCulel,
Thomas were winners of club prizes. Meet CancelledGateway Tuskegee Rd., 22 and Margaret 67 and Elizabeth Smith, 115 428 Phelps St., boy. 1619 Barnett St., girl 1560 W. 6th St, girl.'
Other participants in the meeting included Benedict, 1203 W. DuvalSt. Ernest St., 64.Y
zelma Johnson, Alvenla Scriven, Barracks 3131,World ., 17.Cbarlei' 1
Geneva Wheeler, Marie streets and War I Veterans, will not meet Arthur James McClendon, 1338W.
Mcclain. Marie Saturday because of the picnic A. Myers, Tampa, 15th St., 29 and Margie
given by the Ladles Auxiliary Fla., 21 and Joanne L. Stubbs, Phalathie Alvarez, 1410 W, 9th Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans
I to Little Talbot Island. Mem- 2020 Curry Lane, 22. ;t., 27. .
w "". 4 ..'.re..e..e.. bers have been asked to attend ,yam .f">> ... 'V I' w'ert: "t. IIt'
the picnic. Tickets may be secured Willie F..''Williams';;1617 Steele- Samuel L.McMUUon!Kiul- '"pl.... itl "", ,... "J' .._ ': I '
Miss from Mrs.Rosa Summersor St., 21 and Annie R. Howell mmee, Fla., 23 and Delorls f < r ; '* ,
Marilyn Mcclain, a former Jackson- Commander J. S. Irving. Jasper, Fla., 19. Johnson 3633 Freeman Rd., 22, i +".' '\ / 'f )

Raymond Copeland, 319 E.Ash- I;!:
ley St., 58 and Pauline Ander- :,,,

son, 319 E. Ashley St., 29,. '
{ : ,
Carey Louis Chlsbolm, 214 '
W. 12th St., Apt. 13, 24 and !, j '! i
r Mary Ellen Nelson, 1737' Aca "" ; f 0

"My son's skin was rough, chapped..a demy St., 27. 1 :

neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline' ; St.Willie, 48 and Nabrltt Cynthia, 325 Marie Carolina Hart, j I)' R ,;

5703 Belefonte Dr., 39.
Petroleum Jelly was. It didn't fail"Mrs.

Eddie Williams Jr., 1311 Mt.
Betty Washington Chicago, III Herman St., 20 and Frances T. ;':' <' ...

Sturgis, 1315 Cleveland, 18.
From a child's dry, chapped skin to I, "
the dry, ashy-gray condition that James W.Brown,Baldwin,Fla.,, ; +
4 plagues grownups, 'Vaseline' Petro 21 and Edna E. Shannon, Baldwin ,'e: :$ .
18.Alexander. ,
leum Jelly, applied as a continuous wry
film, is the soothing answer. No other Miller, 1021 Julia i'" ,1 1tt ,

Y softener, no other skin cream, no skin St., 20 and Maggalene Fanny,, "
lotion provides better moisture pro 1021 Julia St., ZOo

Vaseline tection. Try it. '
Elverst Mitchell, 1216 W. 16th ',
St., 19 and Barbara Ann Willis,, .
THAN COSMETIC CARE.Beef 4273 Katanga Dr., 17.' 4s '/

Vaseline James Chaplin m, 1828W.33rd '"
St., 19 and Geneva Elizabeth :', !. '
Crou, 1651 W. 20th St., 19., \\ .. ,
In a unit : .

Adam David Mathls. 1634 E,. .
22nd St., 33 and Shirley Ann

t Holmes, 1634 E. 22nd St., 20 Granville T. Woods (1856.1910) :,'

Connie Deadwller, 608 W. Beaver
St., 34 and Eunice Lee Cole,,
s.rs 608 W. Beaver St., 28.
1 .+. r

Edward Lazenberry, 1123 ClaySt. ;
., 25 and Ivadell D. Pride,,
5062 Walcott Ave., 22. His inventions helped chickensto

Herbert W. Putnam, 1336Steele hatch-and trains to
St.! 28 and Annie Mae Tucker,, stop.
1638; W. 15th St., 26.
sloHTAMPIs John A. McKinney, 1205 W. 7th It'* hard to believe that a man who ne vnccsln the development of air brakes.
st, 19 and Barbara M. Card ver completed an elementary education This was just the beginning Woods
net, 5838 Holly Hock Rd., 19 patented over thirty-five electrical! and invented fifteen appliances (for electric
mechanical inventions Yet Granville. railways.The greatest'of these was a tele*
Lawrence Ernest Graham, 142 Woods did just that. graph system that enabled moving trains
Van Buren St., 21 and Patricia Woods went to work when he was 10 to communicate with each other.
Ann Thompson, 2068 Dana Ave.,, years old and literally learned his skills Woods went on to organize the Woodson
\ '. OMEN 11. the job. In his early thirties he !became Electrical Company.And, in tact years,
; ,. interested in thermal power and steam. he succeeded in selling a number of his
r Marvin Crosby Jr., Waterbury, driven engines. And, in 1889,he filed his Inventions to several of our country'
Como, 22 and Gloria Yvonne first patent application on an improved largest corporations.
O'Neal, 2019 W, 10th St., 19., steam-boiler furnace. He then invented Granville T. Woods will be remembered
\ : r M"e an electric incubator in 1900 And In the ns an ingenious American and a
Gary M. Bowen, Santa Cruz, next three years patented a seriesof ad pwlific inventor.
Calif., 19 and Betty Jean Willis,, i


Joe Louis Falrley, Alexandria, STRAIGHT BOURBON .

its Best b0[ [ a s Klrksey, 1536 W. 45th St., 19. .
at Send for free booklet containing the portrait and story of' each American In this .......
Write lot ingenious American Booklet Room 1345,99 Park Ave, N Y., N.Y. 100U
Ernest Fields, 1470 E. 25thSt.,
21 and Victoria Reddick., 1470E.
nth St., 18.


-\ .

.y.... .. ... ... ., ,, .. ... ... .. .. .. ... .. .. '. .. .. .. .. ..... .. ..... ... .....,. ...... .............. ........ .. .. .. ... .. .. ......... .. .. .. .. ', .

'AU 4' stAlL HUH SATURDAY JUNE 11. 1966&&

:East Florida Beth my Baptist Assn. Sunday School And BTU Set Annual Meet I

Pleasant Baptist Church: 1 Is
Clot Held Meithlv Meetiin Mt. I
CHURCH NEWS Host To' Sunday School: Meet

".':' '. '
CENTRAL CUE CHURCH c.. The 63rd annual session of theDistrict Patterson Alexander Hear&
Services Sunday In Central CUE Church will begin with the Sunday School and BTU President Patterson will hare
Church Scbool at 9.30 a.m.with Mrs.C.Brown, superintendent,, I' etily; If Convention East Florida and charge of the Sunday School
la charie. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Choir 3 and Usher '.. Bethany Baptist Association, June 26.
Board 1 will serve Steward Board will also serve. Rev W"4 .. 'f, will be held In Mt. Pleasant The discussant for June 24
C. Flanagan pastor, will preach. At :S p.m.,laymen's meeting :t Baptist Church Green Cove will be Rev. Theodore Lee.
ad from 4 to 6 p.m., a spiritual tea wW be sponsored by the : Springs, June 22-28 Rev. C, Others participating are: Rev-
missionaries in the American Legion Hall 2179 Benedict Rd. I Donnell, host pastor. rends G. T. McCall, L n!
Mrs. Louise Nelson will be the speaker.Evening service begin The organization arranged Green, B. H. Hartley, W. C,
at 7 o'clock, with the Board of Christian Education In charge .a new' school of method pro- Mitchell, Charles B. Dailey
of the anniversary celebration. Urs. Juanita Wyatt is program cedure with aim to give greater H. H. Wright, J. M. Bryant)
bw..wu.. e help to the workers and mini John Payne, G. A. Price, L.
t e sters of the community, it was W, Jones, B. H. AddIson, A,
NEW BETHEL AME t Y announced.Rev. I, Hughes, Landon Williams
'rile trustees' rally in New Bethel AUE,, Church will terminate J. C. Rogers will discuss C. C. Brown, R. McKIssick,!
Sunday. The service will be held from 4 to 0 p.m. Services the theme, "Teaching and Eddie Taylor, T. J. Daniels
Sunday begin with the Sunday School at 9.15: a.m. Rev. ElUba. Training In the Church," June J, Calhoun and J. C. Sam;.
Jones pastor, will review the lesson. Morning service at 11 ,23, during the morning session Alexander Heard will be In
o'clock and evening service at 6:30: o'clock. The senior choir and Rev. J. J. Jones will deliver charge of the BTU Day June 24.
will reoder the music, with Miss Winifred Williams at the the sermon for the closing
console and Usher Board 2 will serve. All fathers will be boo service June 26 at 2.30: pjn. Vacation Bible
ored during the morning service. Tie Sarah McGlnnia Missionary 47 Rev. W. M. Hill, moderator
Society will meet Monday at 8 p.m., in the home of Mrs will present Presidents W. G, School Scheduled e
Ella Frederick, 1419 UcMUllaa Street. ,

CHURCH OF GOD Grand Union The Mt. Olive Primitive Bap.

Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday throughout the day lathe tint Church Vacation Bible
Church of God in Christ 4. Holy Communion service wlB Observe Anniversary School Is scheduled to begin
be held at 12 o'clock with Elder W.F. Faust, pastor in charge. Pallbearers Grand Union will June 20 at 9 a.m., according:
He will be assisted by Elders Edward Spiller,Rodney Christo observe its 68th anniversary to Superintendent A. M. Fra-
pher and Vincent Nugent, Minister P. Bright andCharles Reed. Sunday in St. Paul AME Church, tier and Rev. J. M. Dixon,
Choir 1 tad Usher Board 1 will serve under direction'of Elder beginning at 3 pastor. .
O. S. Anderson and Urs. C. Faust. Sunday School begins at 10 Rev Wilbert Burgess pastor The school will be conducted
a.m., with Deacon Walker West presiding. YPWW at 7, p.m., of Jullngton Baptist Church, dally until 1 p.m.,for two weeks
with Charles Sullivan in charge. Evening service at 8 o'clock. CW will be the speaker.Other talent and will be held In the lower
auditorium of the church. Lunches

ABISSDJ1A will participate on program. will be served daily.
State Deputy G. W. Edwardshas
Fathers Oar will be observed Sunday in Abyssinia Baptist asked all presidents and
Chunk throughout the day. Because of the illness of Rev. B. grand officers to attend. *
L. Wynn, pastor Rev. J. W. Marshall will deliver the sermons .
for the morning and evening services.

'BETHLEHEM BAPTIST -The SII houe elSh--ld- { Josephine Bfley Mrs. Mattie
Services Sunday in Bethlehem Baptist Church will begin with theirnonthiymeet-, : Mrs.
the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Deacon Eugene Sawyer ing in the home of Mrs. Bosa Mae Stalling. Elizabeth Merrlth I Mrs. '"Haggle Brown, Mrs. 65 PLY. FURY.V-8 III $2795 $295
Mrs. Llllle Webbert and Mrs. Sadie Fedd in A delicious Elizabeth Mob ley and 9-Pasa.Wag ,
charge. Morning repast was served. Members standing Mrs. Rosa
Air Cond. PS.,
service at 11 o'clock. District 3 will sell dinners following the shown seated are Mrs. Sarah Blue, Mrs. Mae Stallings. Automatic, R&H .
morning service, and fellowship services will be held at 3 p.m.,
in the church auditorium.BTU is scheduled 5 p.m., and even --- 65 PLY. FURY nI $2395
tog service at C o'clock. Usher Board 3 and the senior choir Registration Begins "Gospel Train" Christian Endeavor Fellowship Hour HT V-S. Auto., RH
will serve with Deacon and Urs. fouls Brunson In charge of PS, AC, Fac. Warr nlc1.CHRYSLER'S R8?

ptJolt the! music.services Rev. A. Anderson, pastor, will have charge of the June 20th At 4PMThe Program Presented, Hour Set For SundayThe Held Sunday FAMOUS

Evening Division of Stanton A "Gospel Train" Programwill monthly program of the, 5Yr. or 50,000 Miles WarrantyON
Annual Session Bethany Baptist Vocational High School will be presented Sunday at Christian Endeavor Hour will be The held youth Sunday fellowship the hour Educational will- ALL CARS
begin registration for the sum 8 p.m., In Summerville Baptist be held Sunday at 3 p.m., in
of Mt. Ararat t
The' Masons have scheduled Church SponsorsSpring mer session June 20 at 4 p.m. Church, sponsored by Miss Grant Memorial AME Church, Building Church with Reverends
:heir annual St. John's Day according to Principal W. D. Bertha Harris. Rev. A. J. Reddick,host pastor, 64 VOLKSWAGEN
TeaA William Barker and
elebratlon for Sunday in Sweet. The Master of Ceremonieswill and Rev F. D. Richardson Jr., Benjamin FUm XKAIXH. ONLY llaoe
Greater Payne AME Church, musical program will be. Courses leading toward high be Prince Matthews and host president. Hoover presiding.The $1295
1230 E. 23rd St, Rev. R. A. presented Sunday at 7, p.m., in school diplomas, business education Miss Belinda Newman will Miss Betty Randall,youth pre participants are: Deacon 64 BUICK
John McNeal Walter Robinson
!ting, host pastor. Bethany Baptist Church,honor- and general education serve as dean of hostesses.. sident, has announced that Miss Miss Charlene, Ronda, KIVIEJIA: ATR CONDITIONED
The observance will begin at Ing all fathers. courses will be offered. SpecIal Singing groups in the city will Gwendolyn Jordan, a graduating Sands $2695
1:30: p.m. Deputy A. M,Frailer The tribute to fathers will be classes in Modern Mathe participate on program.Special senior' of New Stanton High trlcla Mitchell McNeal, Shirley Thomas William, Pa ft)*, KPTOP FORD OAtACT "*//WI''
MS called all Heroine of Jeri- given by Mrs Wynona Sumpter matins will also be offered guests will be Mrs. Little M. School, will be the speaker,and Scott Mt. Rev. nZfUNO v..: HADIO: AUTOMATIC.. HtATrK POWER tKA&F
:bo officers and members and If r!._Ruby Williams.. dally from 6 to 10 p.m. Black and Mrs.Hazel Williams. John/Thomas/ Jr., director of the Voices, of Herman Trinity Specials .u PINE< .
Unity Baptist $1595
kr ti \ ": Youth Council on civic affairs
__ _
c- --- Church ,Junior Choir, Beverly 62 VALIANT
and staff will be guests' -.
.... All church. groups represented Fedd, Rev. L. Harris, Robert- IIIONrl'. JlUC'Kn 5EAra '
have, been asked to secure ettes, Larry Boston Boston.
ettes, Holy Church Choir 2,' 62 FORD
assistance from persons who )tI!! "" AV1'OfofAna.
LUCKY TIGERMONEYSWEEPSTAKES cannot attend for the annual Catherine Williams, St. Mark bo ok.IILTER.. au.r;
scholarship award. Holiness Junior Choir, $795
Nathaniel Jackson, Octovettes
59th Beverly Strong J. Barker, A. OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM
Anniversary,"'Robinson, R. Hoover and J,

Set Sunday Edwards.Song RecitalThe R. S. EVANS3RD

Auxiliary Board 2 of Mt. Zion
Jh f AME Church will observe Its Soul StIrrers Singers of
y 1 m.l W 59th anniversary with a tea Bayard will be presented in
/ recital Sunday at 8:30
41 Sunday from to 8 p.m., in the p.m., In
the African United Church. Vactaonvffle'i. Mot Recommended Dealer"L1
church auditorium, Mevnan and .
: r 0 Beaver Streets
The participants are: M r s.
: C. G. Williams, Mrs Callie D. NOW! "
c.. Dowllng, Mrs. Estelle McKIs-
sick Mrs Viola Reeves, Mrs. 4 LOCATIONSTO
Little Jones, Mrs. Cornelia
Archie, Mrs. Lydia H. Sweet, SERVE YOU3118EdgiwoodAve.W
Mrs. Elinor Gay, W. K, Harper -
Miss Polly D. Brooks, 1
Rev. Charles E. Toston, Mrs. 3701 EMERSON
Janle B. Epperson, Mrs. Vivian
Morgan Mrs. Laurel 830 CASSAT AVE.

4kkLc Woodbury, Mrs Jessie Fea- 1824 WEST BEAVER
cher, Mrs. Lone Loving and
Mrs. Willie Mae Pendergrass.

Sister Essie ThomasIn 'FLA. NO. 1

) Sister Recital'Essie'Mae) Sunday**'Thomas"-> POT A TOS( C

Mt. Ararat Baptist Church'W&U-

Junel be.,.ln.a,ai8c3Q recital. o'clock'Sunday at night Good, 10 LBS .

Shepherd 'Baptist Church 722
W. 29th St. "'- 50 r

Also appearing on the program m
will be the Austin Twins, Mr.
,iIIIIN Blaylock and Samuel Henderson
of Choir 3 of Mt. Ararat.
Mrs. Willie V. Bryant is the FLA. Grade

sponsor Rev. Carvln, pastor. "A".M'

Gospei -RamaA

Gospel-Rama will be presented FRYERS

Win with free Tiger-Money! Greater Sunday Payne at AME 8 p.m.Church, in LB.

In interest of the Men's Day
Over 18.000 prizes: 15 Ford Mustangs, 50 RCA Victor Color TV Sets, 50 celebration

Johnson Outboard Motors, 50 8-mm Bell & Howell Movie Sets, 150 Orrtronics The participants will include: Fla. Grade
Car Tape Dicks, 750 Rival Electric Knives, 1,000 Thermos Picnic Chests, Mrs. Mary Nealey, Mrs Jessie EGGS QQc
M. Polke, Mrs. A. Barley,
1,000 Tyco Road Race Sets and over 12,000 AMP "High-riser" Bicycles! W. P. Smith, W. Came, Sam "A" Large DOL

uel Bryant, Mrs Celestlne
Enter novel! Enter often)All you do h pick up Lucky Tiger- and seat) to some lucky boy or girl Way and Mrs.Rosa L.Boyklns.
Money at any participating ElIO ttatlon. he free-no pur- ,
eMu II necessary There are over 15,000 prizes in all! So corn In-get your Superstition, Tea Reading,Card: WITH o
Lucky Tiger-Money and register your children for a bike. Witchcraft SUGAR $x.00 39
Each bill of Lucky Tlger-Money hat a special serial num. And while you're in the station, why not fill up with Reading, They are FOOD
bet printed on it The winning number will be electronically High-energy Few Extra gasoline and "Put a Tiger in Your and all Sln Fortune...Forbidden Telling. by jDod.Thi ORDER in.
selected. Winner Notification Forms are available Tank*!" Happy MototingJ BAG
and, on July 31, winners will be potted-at all participating Gathilic Clare

stations.We've |ot'.. special sweepstakes just for children, too. HUMBLE S Kills Ton ltd Wants TH I ROYAL RICE WITH
1 $5.00FOOD 49C
Every pmrtidpatinj dealer-all over the country-will be
rlser" bib with .uc s COMMMV Long Grain
giving away a "hlgh- ( Tiger handlcgripsCFTOI IIIAOINQ &HV = .AMr hennas a ORDER ll.



--- -- -- -- --- --- .

wJi". r. .
r..r r. ? . . ,



I Negroes Getting Smaller Share Negro Political Billy Dnifls Appears la TV Play Powell( Bungs NAACP Sets HearingOn 'fine Showing"In

I I Of New Whita-Collar Jobs Gains Mix --1 Culture to CongressNEW New BranchesNEW t Primary Vote ;I

In AlabamaBDUIINGILUCNPllerro YORK -(NPI>- A long
WASHINGTONNPnNe) young student can emulate" time desire to bring culture YORK A hearing on ,JACKSON Mlsv-NPI)-Despite
gross received more white- Stalnaker said, referring both tarough art into Congress has the establishment of multiple the failure of the Mississippi -
collar Jobs last year In the to the academic! and employment been. partially realized by Rep. branches of the National Association Freedom Democratic
nation's leading firms, but not situation. political gains were mixed m, Adam Clayton Powell,(D-N.Y.. for the Advancementof party to win nomination of any
as large a share of the new Sit-ins and demonstrations Alabama as four of 26 Negro chairman, Education and Labor Colored People In Philadel of Us candidates as Democratic
white-collar Jobs U before have "signalled the existence of runoff candidates won, while Committee. Phil will be held at the Asso opponents In the Congressional
.vice President Humphrey re- a generation of Negro men who the remainder lost. Original paintings of Richard ciation's National Office, 20 race, the entire voting results
ed. show drive, determination, and On the one hand, the state Dempsey 56-year-old distinpdshed West 40th Street, Ne w York was described as being t fine
tsWeaslag statistic on the federal hope," be said. will have its first Negro sheriff artist and wiener cftMamy City, on June 8. showing"
government's Plus for "The aggressiveness of the since Reconstruction days. awards will hang In ELC In a letter dated May Ie. Making the statement was the
Progress program, Humphrey young Negro men in the streets On the otner, an attempt to. room' In the Rayburn House' NAACP Executive DlrectorRoy Rev. Edwin King, chaplain at
disclosed that employment of today could, if given the right vote a Negro into the state __A'TUs Is one of the hopes 1 tmbored Wilkins notified Cecil Moore, Tougaloo college and the sole
non-whites In white collar jobs modes of expression, becomethe legislature failed.In when I first moved president of the Philadelphia white MFDP Congressional
by companies affiliated with cornerstone for a phenomenon Macon county, the white Mo the Rayburn Building last NAACP Branch, of the meeting candidate.
the program Increased 9,818 practically unknown minority washalklng a b ou t'iolenceleavlngthecountyand fear-that paintings of prominent and invited him to attend and He said MFDP leaders were
last year, out of 95,390 new in America In former generations Negro artists would be on "show why the present charterof a bit disappointed that t the
white-collar Jobs. : a Negro managerial in a few cases, living with the M display in the various commit- authority of the Philadelphia total number of Negro voters
The year before, non-whdtes class, perhaps 20 years from prospect of having a Negro Guest star Billy uanieis takes time between tee rooms," Powell said. Branch should not be lifted." did not come up to early estimates
got 6,629 new wh1te- ollar Jobs now. which displays the same sheriff in the predominantly scenes on the "Run For Your Life" Dempsey, currently an Mr. Wllklns' letter cited the of 50,000. This' he said.
with 100 program-sffulsted kind of Initiative and controlled Negro county surrounding segment, "The Day Time Stopped, to givea 'Instructor at the Corcoran Gallery NAACP Board program adopted resulted In a measure from the
firms, out of 19,276 new white- aggressiveness that business Tuskegee Institute. few musical pointers to series of Art, Washington alsois in 1964, to establish mul shooting of James Meredith on
collar Jobs. needs to survive in a competitive Lucius D. Amerson, 32, Is expected star, chief of the graphics branch,: tiple branches in major cities the eve of the primary ballot-
"Thus between 1963 and 1964, world." to become the county's Ben Ga zara. General Services AdministraHon. and the failure of the Philadelphia ting.
non-whites represented something Stalnaker took Issue with businessmen first Negro sheriff in a long Branch to appear at previous Another factor t wastbepre-
over one in three of the who say"We will hire time. He has promised to uphold A winner of eight awards, Including meetings scheduled to sence of armed deputy sheriffs
Increase In white-collar em- every fully qualified Negro the law .1rlyforallcounty White_ House Confab a Rosenwald Fellowship discuss: Implementation of that I[near polling places: leading to
ployment. Between 1964 and applicant." residents.He Atlanta University policy. In establishing addition- la I disbelief by Negroes that the
1963, they represented some "There Is a real question," does not expect Republican Backs LBJ Rights ProgramWASHINGTON Ceorgal Purchase Award anda at branches Philadelphia,Mr. :officers bad been assigned only
thing just over one in 10.." be be said, "whether or not stan- opposition In the November general special Invitation from the Wilkins pointed out, "It will be I Ito keep order at the polls.
said. dards based on experience with elections but a move Is government of Haiti, Dempsey necessary to withdraw the present The MFDP did,however,carry '
While the total number of new white students or white employees said to be underway to have .(NPI>- De- solution calling for the United bas had 42 exhibitions over charter of the Philadelphia' at least two counties In the
white-collar jobs for Negroes can fairly be used for Negro a writeln vote to block his nuriclations, promises and States "to cease Its Involvement the world In the last 26 years. Branch and recharter It as one election, and proposes to run
was larger last year than thereat applicants." final bid. recommendations characterized in Viet Nam," before His "Blues de Pablo" an of the multiple branches which Negroes for county and state ,
before, the overall number Employers must develop "the A clean sweep county offices the two-day White House the committee panel chaired abstract painting based on a will be established in that city. offices next year.
of new white-collar Jobs talent that lies,underdeveloped, was registered by Negroes as Conference To Fulfill These by Dr. James M. Nabrlt, president musical theme, hangs In Pow The hearing will be conductedby Said Rev. King "We expectto
was much larger than before. In the Negroes already on their L.A. Locklalr woo the tax col Rights which convened In the Howard University and ell's private office. Commenting the Assoclatlcn'sCommlttee elect 15 to 20 membersof
"In other words, the pie got work forces, as well as those lector's nomination and Harold nation's capital recently. But deputy director, U. S. delegation on the canvas, a mixtureof Brancbe.. the state legislature four or
larger last year non-whites they may hire," he said. Webb took the board of revenue whether there would be any' to the United Nations. Dr. exploding colors overlaid with ''Noted M.D. Says Soap five sheriffs, and a numberof
didn't get as large a share as race. dollars-and-cents outcome of Nabrlt overruledhisresoluticn. varl-colored designs Powell county officials."
they did in the previous period Dr. L. Newsom la Greene county, the Rev. the meeting was something else. President Johnson and Vice quipped; Best Beautifier!!
despite the affirmative action Peter Klrsey won the Demo- The conference was denounced President Humphrey both addressed "I thought that one was 'U. S. "The best all-around conditioner GET ON THE
program of these 100 leading cratic party nomination on a as an "exercise In ritualistic'liberalism" the conference with Polities'."
To and beautifier for THRIFfOUND
companies," Humphrey added. Supervise place on the school board. in some civil rights President Johnson pledging to a"young
The figures show that ''weare Not so fortunate was Atty. quarters, and boycotted In continue "the pursuit of justice Four Vie For skin..ls plain toilet soap asserts BUY AND HOLD j,.$.
medical writer William
going to have to reach down Ed. Fred Gray whose election to the others.In and opportunity." Dr. SAVM6SBQNDS
farther and extend ourselvesa Georgia state legislature had been con New York, the Metropolitan The President took issue with Brady.
little more." sidered a virtual certainty. Development Conference for those who "counsel the Negroto Mayor Post
One such new tack was pro- ATLANTA - posed by John M. Stalnaker, position oa the Southern Regional legislative candidate, he bad at the conference program "is. In even where It Is offered-to go NEW Royal Art Studio
president National Merit Educational Board has first been declared the pri- the nature of a hoax. it alone, to seek and acquire -(NPI)>- A podiatrist -
Scholarship Corporation. been given Dr. Lionel H. New mary winner Dr. Benjamin F. Payton, executive power 1 independently, so that. restaurateur. Baptist
Staluker said that businessesmust soul, president, Barber-Scotia However It later turned out director Commission on he may owe nothing,to others." minister and a grocery store STILL
help provide honor and College, Concord N. C. that he had won only a plurality Religion and Race, National operator are pltteda.p1nsteach TAKING
models for Nerro'outhlDorder He will take over duties as thus throwing him into the Council of Churches said the Vice President Humphrey other in the race to be electedto
to encourage them to improve associate project J t director runoff where be lost bis bid conference could actually be struck out against almost every a two-year term as mayor
charged with one in his speech.He denounced of Harlem come June 21.
their job qualifications. improving 118 Institutions to represent the 31st House dangerous."The INSTANTPICTURES
In the South.A black nationalism declaring Candidates are Clarence Brln-
"10 honoring academic attainment district--which includes Gov. more you
former faculty that "our entire American experience [ son, operator of two food stores
among Negroes, we help] member oi George Wallace's home county hold that speak in general terms, m
make it worth striving for.Peo Lincoln University and Stove in Barbour in addition to that fall to come up with com- cries out against this and two doughnut establish
ple don't develop their talents Teachers College in Missouri, Bullock and Macon counties. mitments... the more you raise approach! ments; Dr. Benjamin W. Watkins '
without striving" he said. Dr. Newsom also served at The turnout was huge throughout the danger of violence when He also assailed members of John Singleton, operatorof
Southern and not fulfilled the Negro middle class "who a chain of restaurants; and
And Negroes "must have University More- the state. In each of the these expectations are -
house College.In he said. appear more concerned about the Rev. Herman R.Henry,pastor -
Negro mode 1."-people they, 26 races involving Negro candidates ,
1944-46 be their own positions than about First Harlem Baptist
could equal "given enough time was supervisorof voting was largely along The conference meanwhile
and hard work," he added. community services for the racial lines although many pre- was boycotted by the Student the plight of those less fortunate Church.
St. Louis less articulate The winner will be sworn Into NOW LOCATED AT
"We will not have Improved Housing Authority and dominantly Negro counties sup Nonviolent Coordinating Committee -
academic attainment among Negroes more recently was named to ported white over Negro candidates whose leadership has of their race." office at a ball to be held In
generally until there art the National Defense Executive for office.In been taken over by a militant Commodore Hotel

enough Negro models that a. he,* rve by Secretary of Labor Selma,; racially moderate group that wants to concentrate THINGS ARE CHANGINGHave 710 RUSHING ST.
WiUard Wlrtx.Martini Wilson Baker was declared the SNCC's energies on building a

winner of the sheriff's race over third political party. you looked at the Help Wanted, lately?
segregationist Incumbent Jim Fred Meely Philadelphia
Clark However the Incumbent' SNCC leader charged that." Equal opportunity is in business. I SAME PHONE. _354194
.is expected to contest the re- Negro leaders at the conterence' _. \\
? sults and even to try again In did not represent the Negro -
the general elections. community.He .
In North Carolina,"the Rev. called the conference a
William R. Crawford of For- "rubber stamp for governmental -
syth county was nominated by policies and a tool of President -
the Democrats for a house seat., Johnson to capture the
Meanwhile, Georgia gubernatorial Negro vote on the grounds that
candidate James H. Gray he Is doing something about MARK
4 drew fire in two segregationists civil rights laws" SUPER
quarters. Lester Maddox asked Rep. Adam Clayton Powell(CD-
Gray, a conservative, to drop N. Y.) urged Negroes to aban-
tid out of the race, because be was don the conference in their THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE B,
> "mixed up with the Great So- quest for equality and to seek
I Maddox"ls tie former restaurant instead a position of"audacious
; owner, who closed his, power" from which they could
than serve Ne- demand their rights.
eatery rather
"The era of compromise is
be said. "You cannot
also attacked by gone
Gray was
.. of compromise man's right to be
__ Grand Dragon Calvin Craig
the Ku Klux Klan, who called free, nor can you sit down and
the Democratic candidate "a reason together whether man LB.47e
political opportunist." Gray should have some rights today
A bad recently blasted the Klan. and more rights tomorrow.
tt r At the same time, Negro lead "Civil rights have been a grand
stands on deception. What Is needed Is
.. ers took opposing
:. ;....t1'. of." .' whether Negroes should participate Implementation of man's human SUGAR
\ \(,. $f / '' in the affairs of national rights. To demand these God- 6 LB.
.""- ," "; : ,,';; :. (: political parties. given rights is to seek black
t' .. ,. -...",. ;. In Washington, Clarence Lee power-what I call audacious DfcsDR 29
$ '.,: ,.:': .>e ':>' Townes, special assistant to power-the power to build black

.. .. > GOP Chairman Ray C. Bliss,, institutions." of splendldachievement. LB.

\< \' : ',' Meanwhile, the conference
'cipatlng! can help the Southern,
concluded by strongly supporting
organizations and the nationals President Johnson's pro- MAXWELL HOUSE ,INSTANTCOFFEE
party go in the right direction." posed rights law, but rejectingViet
Nothing can be "accomplished Nam as an Issue.
from the outside," he said.Townes' Some civil rights leaders
Make it 6J2.59C
perfect. Job .is to "rebuild the among them Floyd McKlsslck,
Republican party's Image among new CORE leader-bad tried to
Negro voters" put the conference on record .
to In Baltimore Julian Bond, opposing the Viet Nam war as
twice denied a seat In the Georgia a hindrance to civil rights pro- DIXIE CRYSTAL
legislature after being e-
lected twice said Negroes in However their proposals were
: Southern rural areaswbere they overruled, ruled out of order
are in a majority are unwilling or not voted on at the delegates' SUGAR
to share their political C panel sessions.McKissick 5 LB. 29 ...
,Y power. Introduced his re- BAG:




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tA."wr Get...According Experienced to 'your Pharmacists Doctor's II FLA. GRADE A SMALL EGGS loz. IN CARTON 29*

Orden. We Use Only The Best

Sea Quality Drags 'C. E. BLACKProprietor U.S. # 1 POTATOES 10 IB. BAG 49$

'3 Registered pharnaclsts To serve you 25
bra Sea rages FRESH TENDER OKRA LB. *


Q- Cosoetlcs-Rubber floods-candles-sundries


.v Store
Seagram's Extra Dry/ the perfect martini giniUCIIM GOLD CREST FREESTONE PEACHES 5 # 2H CANS $1.00



-- : .., ., .. __........ ......A.I.:... {,,<. .

.- rvvvvvvDARE -
--,. -v.-- -V-V pVVWYWV'py V wr- .r-v--, ,

,j .SiT .iDAy""j ifl' 1lUII
I (HII "n$1' ,

I F :;


The Artists' Circle' Fernandioian Gets A Gift

_._ _. ._-_ .- .. ;;
-- ---- ------- -
By EARL CALLOWAY r" mf12 .,


Eugene Ormindy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, wtth guest J:, +Yt r I 1 ,:
conductor Stanislaw SkrowacuwsU opened their five week. y '
15,000 mile tour of Latin America at the Regal Theatre to y

Kingston, Jamaica The ym the sponsorship of the Cultural Presentation.Program of tile
United States Department of State. t We9

Two concerts were held In Port of Spain, Trinidad by three .
f performances at the Third Festival of Caracas in Venezuela.
Bert \lndsey, young Negro baritone .is performing pro: L .
auctions d Paeemi's "JibdIae Butterfly" and lit ar..e a a*' Irs A CINCH-IFI
the Metropolitan) Opera National Company closes its first E \ Keeping house nowadays can be a snap-that Is, if you take

North American tour with a two-week engagement in Mexico advantage of the many household cleaning products now avail
City, Puebla and Guadalajara. able. But, before you take the luxury of gloating over presentday
The Mexican engagement has been made possible through the "homemaker's cleaning aids," let's look back on those

generosity of a group of leading Mexican industrialists banters days when washing those tall windows was sheer drudgery.

and businessmen, organized by Bruno Pagllai, president k Necessary were an assortment of rags, a bucket of ammonia
of TAMSA, (Tubes de Acero de Mexico, S. A.) and by Henry' .. water and another of rinse water. So was that hazardous step-

Ford n, chairman. Ford Motor Company. ...a ) ladder, and oh, those aching arms when you finally finished
The tour began at the Bellas Artas Theatre,Mexico City May washing, rinsing and wiping, then buffing those window panes.
30 and preceded to Puebla Festival and comes to a close Jar rr I i Today, the story really has a speedy,happy ending, for washIng -
12 at Guadalajara. windows with modern cleaning aids is really a cinch. AU
aerosol window cleaner and a roll
you need is a can of spray
Shirley Yerrett, mezzo-soprano gained new laarela la t tilt = I f of paper towels.
artists world recently with tremendous orations la theRojrtl -.. / / After applying a whisk of spray cleaner on the window pane,
Opera House of Covent Garden: u Ulrica in Verdf "Ua BsB ,M41L4- wipe with Kimberly-Clark's two-ply paper towels. Even smudgy,

in Mascben" with Istran Kertess conducting. sticky children's finger-prints com right off.
Following her three performances: as Verdi's soothsayer,WeeVeratt Buffing with clean towels completes the Job with less trouble,
flew to RCA Victor's unique Rome recording studios iL no lint-and more shine. And, of course, paper towels are dis
where she recorded Ulrica in a new stereo version of Masks posable. Your only cleanup task is putting the spray can back
Ball and an exciting "first" recording of Donizetti's rarely- in the cupboard or utility cabinet.
heard "Lu cretla Borgia."

.. -'-- '- '- --
McHenry Boatwright, who first attracted national attention That tedious chore may soon be past history tor homemakers,
when he was the Chicago Tribune Music Festival Best Vocalist: deploring dishwater hands. The next appliance for her kitchen
award!, debuted with the Spring Opera of San Francisco last SCHOLAR f HONORED -- Jades (L. Bruton assistant AIM University Vocational-Technical Institute will be an ultra-sonic dishwater, and It Just loves that dreary

week as Lethario in Magna by Ambrolse Thomas Others in I professor of printing I FloridaA&M I and Mrs. Russell. Dr. Russell task. It even hums as it works and the sound "shakes" the dirt

the east included Helen Vinnl,mezzo-soprano as 1IJpaD;Frank University Department of Printing a _native" of Fernandina Fla. and an off the dishes.

P. Perretta, tenor u WilhelmMelster; Phlllos u karat Nixon, presents a gift to Dr. Samuel Russell I alumnus of FAMU, is an associate pro- The electronic invention will clean anything that an ordinary
soprano. dishwasher (the machine, not the homemaker) can handle,
during a recent party recognizing his fessor of Industrial education and as-
without adding any detergents. And, as if that wasn't enough,
"IlNstigator"Gets having earned the- Docto r of Education' director of the Vocational-Technical the manufacturer eventually hopes to eliminate the need for

degree at the University of Pennsylvania Institute His wife' is a teacher at Nims hot water. The cost? Approximately $500, but that s a smallprice

Looking on left to right, are Junior High School Tallahassee,:fAMU to pay, isn't it,to end cracked,unsightly dishwater hands?

Life' Mr. M. C. Thomas, dean of the Fiori daGregory's
LC8 ANG LES-NPI(. )--A We ---- If you're sick of your crystal wine glasses, if you're tired of
sentence in prison was meted F FREE D.C. Head the dusty wine bottles on your table, you definitely need a
out by Superior Judge HerbertV. Dixie change. Put a little atmosphere your wlne-dr1nt.tng-dr1nk
Walker to Lloyd Wilson,' World Of Books it from a picturesque wine skin.
Aubrey Jr., 16, who was found Says That Cops A modern "skin" will soon be on the market-a collapsiblebag
guilty of being the "instigator" March FoiledCHICAGO made of special plastic laminates and stored In a wooden
of the shotgun slaying of By MARION B. "
a Negro, ,. CAMPFIELD Are"'Uneducated case. '
sailor in watts, U This English "bag-in-a-bag-in-a-box" x" is light, easily stored
Convicted of first Jtogre*.. 11' C.lc'IO: ; .THE NWRADICAlSBJPAUL pense ,won't; put this one down., WASHINGTON {(NPI>-.The and relatively unbreakable.Also, the skin maintains a more

murder, the sentence; was ,JACOBS and SAUL LANDAU; meBOOKNOTBS contention by Free D. C.Move uniform environment for the wine than any bottle outside the
recommended by the Jury (NPI) wine cellar.
? Published by RANDOM HOUSE, : Georgia Rep.- ment chieftain Marion Barry
His victim was :Mickey L.Garron .; Gregory's plans to do a re verse 333 $4095. elect Julian Bond, Atlanta,barred Jr., that local: police "are un- If you're the hostess who wants to provide the mostest, this
Argot (HI.)sailor stationed completion of James Meredith's pp from his seat lathe Georgia educated" and the guidelinesfor is a great idea for "primitive" dinner parties.
aboard the US) CbandUr. much through Dixie were foiled
The authors, in a two-part House of Representatives for making arrests for failure
Garron was standing oaths by a minor inconvenience.He treatise on the so-called new, the second time, will take six- to move on was too broad and Court Acquits NOW HEAR THIS
street corner when be wu hit wnet to Jail after refusing left movement, have lumped month leave ofabsencefromhispost vague played adet.rm1D1nirole .
in the bead and chest last Feb. to pay $300 In flues for together in this category such as communications director in charges being dropped According to the Hearing Aid
10,. by shotgun pellets'Jlred disorderly conduct and obstructing organizations u the DuBois Student Nonviolent Coordinating against him and two colleagues Claiborne In Industry Conference molt hearing
,from passing car. traffic on 'June 11, Clubs the Progressive Labor Committee to write a last week lottet result from one of four principal

la the auto, driven by Aubrey, 1965 during a demonstration Party,and SOS (Students for a book, tentatively titled THE Barry David S. Levy and cautet They are: infection,
wen Roland R. Stephenson, 19 against Schools: Supt. BenjaminC. Democratic Society). They also GEORGIA HOUSE IS NOT A Frederick R. Mangrum were Dr. King Write-IN,ototcleroiii (bone disorder), noise

and Daniel de Vough, 15. Willis. include the "new radlcals" -,, HOME. Holt, Rinhart ft Winston arrested last May 26 when he and age Six million Americans
who fired After Meredith was shot, among MAYS LANDING, N. J.NPI who are suffering from hearing
Stephenson actually
considered for
WMIM'S : the Student Non-Violent are being refused to move on a policeman -
acquitted Clay Claiborne,a former losers of varying degrees could be
the also announced he would
l&-gauge weapon, was Gregory ccommltte the publishing contract. had ordered him to do
Miss 1 Coordinating aide to the Republican helped l through medicine, surgery
convicted of first degree complete the Ole craduate' <**
rod ctOflhe' Dixie in (SNCC), because it has recently so.In National Committee of chargeshe or the ute of a hearing aid However .
murder and .1s scheduled to besentenced march through THE CHICAGO COMMISSIONon a doseddOOrheuingbetore
veered from its original knox
they do not they can
conducted an illegal write-In
June 27 to life Imprisonment. reverse by walking ffom the mode of operation. Human Relations' Mayor'sCommittee Clark King, chief assistant to presidential campaign for the be helped because they will not admit .
spot on Mississippi's Highway on New Residentshas the corporation counsel last their lou and
Week However, In this writer's opinion to or recognize
De Vough has been committed 51 where Meredith had planned' this does not justify published a CULTURAL week, the trio were released Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., sent the available help Why not
to the California, Youth the march as a to Negro during the 1964 election.
spur SNCC's Inclusion under EMUCHKENTGmDE&M when King found no evidencehad Invest a little of your time one of
Miami Florida, authority voter registration the "left movement" category to assist schools and volunteer been presented that breach Claiborne, 37, was charged these long Summer days and 'get
However, Gregory chose to go nor can Its new policy be termed centers wishing to expand the of the peace had been imminentat with violating the state's election your hearing tested? Be lure you
to jail in Chicago instead, refusing -,' "radical" in the implied sense horizons of their students This the time of the arrest. laws by ordering 1.4 mil are not one of the six million min-
to pay the fine or post of the word I 32-page fact-filled booklet'includes Barry noted that the guidelineswere lion unsigned leaflets urging ing out on the wonderful world of

an post an $800 appeal bond The authors, in the lengthy in addition to some 150 still too wide and vague, Negroes to vote for Dr. King sound

WA.MEDIAL Magistrate James Sullivan or- introduction which 1 describes field trip suggestions, a checklist and that the law should be rewritten. -

Magistrate James Sullivan. the membership, programs and of trip planning aDd a list lluy U.S. Savings BondsHatunlly
'ordered Gregory to the House prospects of the groups analy of printed materials containing He said, "It is a bad law that I

'of Correction to work off the zed, evince concern about what current local events informa- gives policemen the sole discretion ,,
fine at $5 a day. At this is being increasingly: voiced tion. in such matters-..especially -, .
rate it would take 60 days to
in Washington
and written--the lack of a coordinated -
'pay. More the cops are so uneducatedand
I 1260 But his attorney, Mrs Jean specifically program, the "Ideology"too Youths Form awful They use the law asa
Williams said Gregory would
often has been criticized, harassing device against
probably post bond after a weekend "
rather than understood. "Ideo-
stay in |jaI#. Home Rule
logy, could be an awarenessor
Gregory Independent candidate
development of a hard core ORGAN HASHISTORY
I. FLORIDA'SRHYTHM for mayor of Chicago. program of tactics to obtain WASHINGTON -CNPI( ) --Anew ,

Whitney "coalition" politics or a unified organization has come 1 D t 0 be- OF
Young purposeful frontal action. tog to press the fight for home

The second part contains major rule in the nation's capital. PLAYING JAZZEvery
bocuments illustrating the Called the Youth Organizations
Becomes Social
varying perspectives of the United (YOU) for Home Rule, to often, a jail buff will) -
movements under attention. !it Is composed of the Washington hear an exceptionally fine jazz
and Demo organist and think he hat diKov.e .
,Young Republican
1 Welfare THE CRUCIFIXION OF PETE, cratic clubs, young membersof d something new and different the SHORTY-$35.
McCABE, By JACK PEARL.. the Americans for Democratic The technique may be new and dii'fermi a MEDALO STYLE #615
CHICAGO - Published by TRIDENT PRESS Action and the NAACP. For conwUlo
93rd annual forum of the made by the young artist, Freddie I H.ir strl.MIebH.If" cqe
$4.95. While there U some disagreement at.ehr.nta tNnd N.1. end.ddt.e.
National Conference of Social need for two Roach but the organ at a Jan and. >. It'* your rRIB Wan
Work:, in session recently, over the instrument i i. not new at all .....,.;,...., .qua. J cal wrllo.ColMo.ol .
field IM.Doot.
A gripping, suspenseful, ac organizations in the The history of the Jan organ Normal Hi. Holr hat.
Whitney M. Young Jr., executive tion-filled novel by the authorof Lonnie King president, Young dates back to the early 19201 when GROWS from Hoaltlty'h. HAIR MOOTS St S. Bklyn 35, M.Y.
director, National Urban thrillers, including Clubs of D.C.,said studied it ala lit YOUR SCALP. TIle condition o(
many the late Fan" Waller .
Democratic "..... hair often dtp nda hoavUyon
League, ascended to the presidency "Stockade" (Trident Press, 19- saying the FreeD. child. In 1926 he recorded StLouu the natural hoiltti ef your
of the NCSW. 65) this .is a tale of a man who. C. Movement Is irresponsible Dlutt and Lto .Ave..., MOT catj. Invented Ytara tffo a DOCTOR modlratod, CAR-Uf
& BLUES Named president-elect two finds himself Judged and convicted but we feel we are a responsible BIN" playing a pipe organ Then, formula call* CAHBONOXb.
years ago, he .is the second by friends and neighbors ) group" the Invention of the electric organ which. bow I*!tidal"'I....Inirodtonta.with many CAR.noNOLL' Pror.n .
Negro to hold the top office in on the basis of a rumor so wild At the time the new coalition by Laurent Hammond in Ins ; la auch a itronc powerful
the his created whole area of musical anUwpUa end doot aucfc ttna .
organization's 92-year a new
that "it must be true... was announced, Marlon Barry, work In Miplnc an ITCHY
tory. It is a startling story of a man Free D, C. leader rapped the exploration Waller was enthusiasticand BUMPY, DANDRUrr .'ItltN''
made tenet of recording on many
The conference Is the world'soldest a =
awakening to an ordinary day organization. He maintained the and r.lrlfrd. foe so.nnante
the Hammond during .
and largest social welfare u an executive of a publishing that another group fighting) for three yean before hit death One ...'.rlllt&&, ..!..... Mai*engine ondl-' "
RADIO STATION forum. It was founded in firm to find himself Inimically home rule "will only confuse was hit famous competition, TktJutirbut ...... art erottly rollovod. by IMM
I of taw Triple alronfth tar
1874 u the Conference of >
and h.lple..lybecause maligned people In the community. WfttiIn formula Writ for thla DOCTOR S -
Boards of Public Charities of'a fantastic lie told He added that he had sought the 1930't Count Bane released ..CEHVIN, will SCALP bo to FORMULA' all
II ywi
Woman Named To' by his secretary following an to get the four groups into I an organ recording of No. '1 MW tnUod and reed,-'v... Usa ITTOR lust MI*. -V.:';,.end. out.bru.h Will to not odd rub color oft
uneventful office picnic the Free D. C. Movement last body Kneaii and Milt Herth wai' T DAYS. your end money If you....on,Ir. Pay not'aaUiflod NOT DYIIul..y.ulek.et' ..,
f Civil Service{ Comm Of course, truth does out. He February, so that a common heard in a term of Jill novelty 1.n1y. 'l.'' .on doltvory. Tact ... 'THAe.t4 SUDDEN color lr.du.lly DYED A 8l.ch.d /,.
:: "WHAMMY' vindicated but not before his program could be mapped but record.. ludoa more You' "Ir-"I:: : caypoiuiy full a Bru>.hatt...P.....for""r.aeln..a..aeolorln. r.bNy'off
Toward the end of the .UI"
highly capable: and trusted secretary they refused to Join. ware ,ilrocllOM. UM tho flnoft MX9ICATED Com. In PI..II Caw Con!
MT.. VERNON N. Y.- Barbara, C. Press wasappointed -unattractive of face However Reuben McCornack, with Louis Jordan's Tympany Five' iWp .can..1'.. Lu.. .. You car*. wi..adDr r.I.: : oil. ohodooi 8'.... IMlt'1
but of form on which
a Civil Service Com- voluptuous president Young Republican developed\ a pedal technique which U itamo and addrao' to..COLD) wr" 01" ahado.. Pay only.
MIAMI" missioner by Mayor Joseph p. the rumor hinges-Is killed, club, said, "We want to maintain attracted the attention of Duke Elgton iiQi: at HAIR 1 ShooMhoid PRODUCTS. \Diya; II.ft on t dollvory t>luo p...'....l I.
IN Vaccarella. Het term of office after being sexually assaulted.' close liaison with the FreeD. Together, Ellington\ and Brooklyn. M.I NY. KOIE:: THIS "G.1411'1': Hoi not,d.lletd.d Prodv: '..'..... "I i
.. will run from June 1, 196 to Those who like their stories C. Movement and work with Ltavu produced a recording with !FORMULA.. money kc canriot. luor.. 1M....%. writ' o.pa Ss.l, Brooklyn IS, Now York'
with chills and Davit the and Ellington
My 31, 1972. Jam-packed : sus them. on organ


'n< .. .rr 'v Y'w."r'wr'' .'+ww.rav+r vrr'v o.rwr.'rr.r. .' r ..._r.t v.n.... '

::/ .. .:.: :: : :: n I;. :-'r-_::: ::: I.1

Adult Swimming Top Negro Architect Is Featured To Enter International Panlympics Erase Lidd. PUZZLES ENLIVEN MOTOR TRIP

Classes Begin First and second graders will en- geographic! location, natural r*>
SillS Record joy a summer vacation motor trip sources, and capital cities, Long
June 24th In Gordon's Gin Advertising more if their interest U built up before the trip begins, parents and
in advance, according to Playikool children can make a game out of
The Grid Pact Research If several states are to "claiming" states with Information
The James Weldon Johnson Gordon's Dry Gin Company is highlighting the accomplishments
Branch YMCA will begin intuhilt of a series of prominent Negroes in a current advertising be visited, youngsters can use a and Siting them into the map put
puzzle plaque to !learn about vie.Even ,
..eAML LOS ANGELES -- 0 n. map
class in swimming June campaign. The advertisements are appearing In this and other
24 at the YMCA Pool. newspapers. and national magazines j ,half of profootbaU'great hold-
The classes will be held each w. Fontaine Jonesdistln- A out-Crnle Ladd-4he J17 pound
and Chairman of the Housing l all-pro tackle formerly of the
Saturday and Sunday from 7 tog guisbed architect and consultant
in the Committee. He also serves u San Diego Chargers became a
p.m., and continue through architectural: field is one
July. of the featured subjects.It member of the Community Houston Oiler.
Toe course will consist of the Is not surprising that Mr. Planning of Board ft in the Borough With his attorney, Charles E. with the simplest water color.
basic fundamentals of Jones was selected. He is an Manhattan; member Lloyd of Los Angeles, Ladd
how to swim, elementary forms eminently successful architect, of the Advisory Council and went to Houston last week and, I strive for perfection. It's only

of rescue and artificial respiration. lecturer, writer and devotes Executive: Committee, the according to reports,came back through dedication that
much of his time and Committee for a Friends World with one of the finest contracts
American Red Crou Swimming to community affairs and energy giving College in New YorkandChairma ever negotiated for a Negro great is ever achieved.'?
n of the Board West Side
lineman in history.
certificates guidance to
will aspiring ar-
be Issued young
Chamber of Commerce of New There have been reports circuiting
to all When
the course.persons No completing Jones' career interests York City. around the country that I buy gin, I insiston
children will be allowed during or began in college at Pennsylvania -. Mr. Jones has demonstrated a National Football League the very best London Dry.Gordons. .
that dedication to his Ideals
the sessions State where his unusual cU> offered Ladd a $600,000
Julius. Gulnyard,American according Red to abilities won him three Senatorial has achieved the goals set for thvee-year package deal. It is ideally dry and crisp,

Cross Water Safety Instructor. scholarships and the Senior himself. He expresses his objectives r Lloyd, one of the city's best- makes a perfect martini.To me
Class Prize. He served u simply''AD) building known and most successful
an officer: during World WarD 1 design will have beauty and young attorneys, would neither Gordons Gin is great gin.Elmer
Watch following special training in function: but always with the deny nor confirm this alleged
the Engineering School at Fort human touch..that's: a must.". 0" u NFL offer. He refused even to C.Stooer noted artist author and editor

Belvolr, Va. and then continued When be relaxes, Mr. Jones t hint the amount of Ladffs con
This Clown his studies at Columbia School enjoys a drink with friends. tract.
of Architecture, where he His brand decision is Just u L.-L- Re said, "I was successful In
45 19 52 earned the degree of Bachelor carefully made. He said, "The negotiating a three-year con
of Architecture and won the gin I buy is London Dry. Gor tract for Mr. Ladd. He's. tN
112-O-556 don's. ITs always brisk, dry I am happy and Mr.K.S."Bud"

R and .mootb...To me, Gordon'sis WHEELCHAIR CHAMP -- Mrs. Velma Wilkins! Adams (Oilers President) is y 3 3v
a must. happy too. ,
1 congratulates her husband Alonzo for Ladd and his former San Diego I IGordon'
4 Good Racers: To leading Bulova Watchmakers team to victory teammate Earl Falson, an all- s

id 10th National Wheelchair Games in New pro end, played out their options
3 7 Compete IN York City. Alonzo, a Korean War' veteran with the Border City team the

will be a member of the U. S. team enteredIn past seaac .
9 0 t July 4 Events the 25-nation International Paralympics They both became free agents
on May 1. Falson is still cosigned -
48 9& 39 that opens July 26 in London -England. and from Indications,
The leader in the race for the will be back with
National More than 250 handicapped athletes from the Chargers
1960 NASCAR Grand
24 13 24* states competed in the 1966 wheelchair in 'M. ,
.. championship,. and one: of his Ladd and Falcon have been
.. Games vying for places on the 25memberU.
sternest rookie
""" "'01 MN'A challengerswere courted by NFL Canadian and
Sometimes Hes Down Be'He.adds Up Sometimes Lowenflsh Memorial Thesis among the earliest entrants S. team. Wilkins who is a native of other AFL clubs ever since
in the Firecracker 400 Washington North Carolina and self-
works it all rou" Prize. a they first announced they were
Mr. Jones was awarded two to be run at Daytona International employed watchmaker has competed annually playing out their options.

965 45 869 unusual fellowships to study 4.David. Speedway on Monday, in the National Wheelchair Games since Falcon and Ladd are two of +a r W
in Latin America and during July the paramount reasons why the a
launched in 1957. 6
they were r
Pearson Is the frontrunner -
COILING ATTRACTIONS his trip there he gave approximately .AFL and the NFL are expected
in the point
200 lectures in to have a truce in their long
11 9 57MAN'S to various business, social Spanish standings and will drive a 1966 School Board VACATION TIP battle for talent any momentnow. ORDOgIIamortan
Dodge Charger in his effortto .
and professional groups and to Whether thu year's vacation
win the 2500 points that goesto
several universities. His study takes of the worldor Ladd and Falcon were traded
the man who is first across To ReloOH you to new part
in Latin America led him to a familiar ground, the infectionand earlier this year to the Houston
the line in the 160-lap battle
great interest architecture in odor-cauiing bacteria that Oilers, but former AFL Commissioner '
round the Speedway's 2.5-mile growon I Cm crttltdn \ n=r
countries Retiring. kin will be there To Joe FOBS nixed the London,
DAYS south of the border too tngHrtd m I7t3 ,
Pearson the Fire- ,., .
trlovaL won lit Iht ,
arro.a.v in round a: ir.Am.rrr..nd
deal when
and as a result,be is registered protect your family, take along several Charger General Manager -
Int world ____
cracker in 1961 when it was _
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Carnation has been growing sports heroes (and other unusually healthy people) f or.snou than sixty years. CANTALOUPES 29C


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i STAB MHIS',!' SATURDAY 11, 1966Deltis

. floured SeniorsA Rin Is A Special,
liiititiii Fre., I FURN. APT. RENT
,1,' Matured couple: to manage and' '
For rent. Married, respectable:
,..t.,t'.""" a SISTER HELEN Indian occupy apartment. Attradl"l working couple.: Call 353-6942. She Reparini
A Cod gifted, religious alary and apartment.
woman wbo If b here for the first! 44M or 9,1757.:, i Of Kind
time.SISTER HELEN has help- Aiy
A w ed many people with rich: problems ROYAL CROWN
U business, marriage, .,RANTED Is Oar Only Business

i'i'i. bm health. mar or whatever be. One your visit prob-will MAIDS, N.* Y.SLEEP-IN JOBS. COLA 934 E. Union St.

convince: you that this Is the Salaries to$69,Are advanced: --
j1"L blessed woman youMr e been RusO references: phone num
rD looking for. She Is available .
i. ,!. ,._ .
from 7 c.m. to 9 p.m. dally 163 N. MAIN,FREEPORT.N.Y.
and Sundays. Ton owe It to
V yourself to pay her a visit.)
_' -. 117 N. EKrnid are.,

Book Review titled "The' Adventure of __ Across Frii Men Pirtim Tim .
with cars, work ;
a few
I Learning in College' was given by Mrs. Pun's Shiiiiif Cuter hours on your days off and r&
Sibyl P. Butler, speaker. earn$10 to$15 or more.Apply; HIGHLAND;
cries: Rd. cor: 13th.
p l Prefer a settle couple or MIST
mIddIe-.,. woman only. 354- HELP WANTED
7510. Secretarial == BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY .
TYPIST who can: do 50 wpm.
Nicely furnished. Cooking.Print Accurate: ; must be good in Eng Ja
*. Single woman or couple.: itch and spelling. Apply: the ; 49
Modern conveniences.: : Call 336 FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon '"GENTLE"SCOTCH
lsot.I crlef: Cor. 13th St. No phone
I t eallsl please.
f 'Rocked I ETtar cradle:
y I FOR RENT of the deep...
Mrs. Geraldine O'Nell :HELP WANTED Mellowed In the cask:
Glenn receivesa .
511 W. 17m St. Unfurnished
going away glfVon her 'trip to England apt. Now you can: live In Jack: Sales PeopleMen to MILD full 1 perfection LIGHT: 5 t h
to a world Methodist conference from Mrs. sonville's new conveniently: located and women, to sell adver TRY ITI ENJOY ITI
Shown are some of the Seniors honored recently Lillian I G. Small president.Star two-bedroom apartmentfor Using. Liberal draw, liberal
I at the luncheon. $90 a month. Including: new commission, easy work, quick ON SALE AT YQUR NEAREST"JAX ;
Photos by James Singleton. kitchen: ,equipped with hot water sales. You earn $79 to $150 LIQUORSTHERE'S
beater. Water fora. Apply 1643 if you're keen. Fringe benefits.'
PRIVATE INSTRUCTION I Starspaftgfaftoney lain Street. You have to see to Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323 '. ONE
WIGS believe. Moncrlef: Rd. cor: 13th St. ,
BUSINESS saverAnnual -
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... .. I
Seminole Culture Club
will hold Its annual picnic at
354-3436 725.4189CALL
or Little Talbot Island, June II.
/ Toe bus schedule includes ,
stops at: 21st and Myrtle 8-00 wu
CLASSES FOR HOMEDEMONSTRATION. a.m., 8th and Myrtle 8:10 a.m.
8th and Francis 8:20 Lm.,Davis
REGISTER NOW and Arch: 8:30 LD1.,SrdlJld Davis ttt'.. largrst pxd'4rt"R'iWasn
8:40: a.m. and Florida Are. I UN. MYRTLE AVI 1wp
Phone 353-7668 and 1st
Donation $1.00"SUPER.RIGHT"


\ /n "//I*bath e/till OtIM 'n,ftti"1.......

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14 OZ. CAN
( "
criAu( ;;; : ROUND FULL CUT ram cnini'! 1fI1 Ov 1t,jirt ./ tOUItr mitt .q".'. four pcrti e.n mllrd iut KEN KNIGHT

-Invites You To Listen To-
CUBED .. .,.,,,,,
BONElESS aaC Nfl-I /a.* brnllrit tnd c with.dr.Mn hatter_ BIG BAND


A 4.P Cores, About' You- SWIS$ BONElESS SHOULDER Roak.d..//a",,,,.,,of 91ft HU"Il'.n.IIttl.' rz"Alm"e.i.root, Nnrfmk f"., ./imtf Hit, DANCE PARTY"Nightly

YOUR CHOICE! Ypu Don't Have TO Go To Town To Get
SIRLOIN CLOSE tRIMMED 11:30: til 12:00.:

) HO. LOW PRICESDRUG Saturday 9 p.m. tit 12:00: p.m.
,f. 1400 WRHC 1400
) r f;" lB STORE NEEDS

CO' Trade with Tour Neighborhood Drug 'Store'
"BONE CLOSE TOUR CHOICE! papers we 'Deliver. w.e also fill all DOC i'
TRIMMED S 08 tore prescriptions.



1302''II.IJ Road At Myrtle Avenue
2 LBS. 29

"' WHITE BREAD 2 t'&tti' 43* ---- -----


'f- !;; I ''
L --- ;;;;
;/ :t' WAljA,1'
: ;::.:'\' "' C ,:,111 f

:.':, > q" oofJ' ,.; II


CASE OF 24 'i2-OZ.

.-.. CANS .
Of 630 DAVIS ST.,. Is Now Taking

3 FOR $100 (LIMIT .1 1 CASE OF 24 CANS WITH $$5.00 ORDER'

Applications For Its June

J MHO I MELLOW Veteran Class. '

EIGHT The Size Of Our ClassesIs

Limited By Law.

r7'.2 .. N wrrrr -
of the
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Smooth Canadian,
MB. '3 LB$1 '
A Place.
(Meat Maiaierj (Asst. Manager)' (Prehce Manager) BAG BAG, 1

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