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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200718datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 4, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007180740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 4, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 4, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
,-, ....

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear NAACP Plea Against Damage Suit Judgement

......... ..... ...:. ..... .............. *. .... .... .....&. :..:. ..: .... ,
'V' T T ;r. _. '!. ._. ** **



.... ..:. .... ... ............. ...... .. .* ......... _. --
** ** *

Grand Jury To Investigate City Hall t cc-OC/:::-:::::: Q.:)

0::: :r.;

.. *. .. *. .. COJS

Man Found Beaten In Mt. Herman Pk. ; oc L&;..

Police Seek Relatives Hunt
Thugs VOL. 16 NO. 11 SATURDAY. JUNE 11, 1966 15 CENTS:

** ** >* *
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. !

Man Near Is To Beaten Death Seeking Relatives Of Beaten Man City* *Hall* Racial Bar In Housing Is Upheld

By Jax Thugs Under ProbeA ***** ** * ** *

probe of the spending practices -
of local city officials,
Police are looking for the regarded by many u long over MATE OF STABBING
assailant u well u the relatives due is set to go before the grand
of a man who was beaten Jury Friday or early next week.
nearly to death mid-week in The grand Jury Is expected to
Mt. Herman Park where he probe the buying of high priced
was found, unconscious, in a cars by officials making large
pool of blood. purchases without bids, and
The victim, Moseby Hilton possibly conflict of Interest by VICTIM SURRENDERS
52, Is In critical condition in officials who are connected with
Duval Medical Center. He auf firms doing business with the
fered severe head and other city

injuries. While *
JUODS.are virtually
City homicide detective Sgts. holding their breath to see what
E. R. Deyo and J. M. Parker,. I !,A will come out of the probe Charge Bias Stabbing Of Young Jax Mother Court Upholds
said Hilton received fracturtd many, are wondering whether
skull and Jaw,apparently Inflicted Commissioner Claude Smith's
At U.S. Steel
with a heavy Instrument,and high-handed Expressway home- Believed To Be Jealousy Killing Racial Bars

appeared to have been kicked v __ sale deal which nettedhim some

repeatedly. BEATEN-Attendants from Dallas Graham Funeral Home are $13,500 In a quick turn over BIRMINGHAM -NAACP Legal -
Police are searching for his seen moving the almost lifeless body of Moseby Hilton from as will be dealt with. Defense' and EducationalFund Say Woman Was Keeping I" Housing

assailant or assailants. pool of blood where he was found In Mt. Herman Park last Smith recently won election'to attorneys this week
Officers said a passerby the U Senate and charged the United States Steel SAN FRANCISCO Califor-
Wednesday morning by Charles Brown Jr. of 1716 Payne St. S. accordIng Rendezvous Mate -
Charlie Brown Jr.of 1716 run' with discriminating ; AppearedThe nla's ruled that
PayneSt. Police are seeking; his relatives and bunting his attackers and to reports intends to Corp Supreme Court
., found Hilton nee down when probably robbers Hilton Is still unconscious in Duval Medical between Tallahassee and Jacksonville against its Negro employees the owner of a single-family
he was walking through the park Center holding down two posts In a suit filed in U. S. District fatal stabbing of a young Jacksonville woman in what Is dwelling Is free to refuse to
shortly after 8 a.m.Wednesday. and drawing two salaries. Court here, the Legal Defense believed to be a love-triangle-jealousy slaying came closer sell or lease It to a Negro
They said the man appeared Smith, however, will meet apposition Fund alleged that the industrial to being solved as the husband who had been missing since the The court reversed itself on
to have been beaten several in the general electionin giant'' Ignored seniority lines, tragic slaying surrendered to police late Thursday afternoon, a North Sacramento cue

hours before he was found. Meredith StudiesA.rming' November from Dr. John T. bypassing qualified Negroes to Willie 1.. Ward husband of on West 12th Street.The mother The court on May 10th ruled
No weapon was found at the Fisher, a Republican, and awidelyknown give promotions to whites with Mrs. Elisabeth Ward, the vieof two children was stabbed unconstitutional the state's Initiative -
scene but his pockets had been practlcioner of less seniority. tim of backyard, night time In the back with a knife near Proposition 14 which
emptied Indicating posiiblerobbery l high standing The suit further alleges thatU stabbing surrendered ,him a house at Silt ,West lath BU permitUA.web teluWl In the
. .' Himself 'Mayor Lou1.J' H. Hitter said ,' i.'StMl. del ALKe.roe.J through his '"attomeT' Earl'lI.Po 11cafound'a'swttcbblsdO' v cases-tl tuomeai -staaim ----- '-"'

He was not identified by police Tuesday he will waive immunity -, equal opportunity for'apprenticeship Johnson. Police would only say knife near the body.,They were meats, publicly assisted
. until late Wednesday. They if asked to when he testifies and training programsthat -- told the young mother had left housing and dwellings of more
still are trying to determine before a state Grand Jury investigating could lead to better paying the bouse and was walking toward than four units. It did so with
his address and to locate relatives 'For Miss. March spending practices and more skilled jobs I her car which was parkedin reference to seven cases, one
or acquaintances of the by local government officials. The suit was filed under Title front. of which was the North Sacramento -

victim., Police requested anyone Tbe other four city commissioners VII, the equal employment opportunity >- I Sgt. W. C. Barber said reluctant case
(knowing Hilton to contact also replied "yes" section of the, Civil witnesses told him a Negro In a 5-3 vote the court rever-
the police department. HIGHWAY 51, MISSISSIPPI The march which James Mere- when asked If they will sign Rights Act of 1964. man described as !In his thirties sed a Sacramento trial court.
dith began last Monday and came to a temporary halt when be waivers of immunity Plaintiffs are two Negroes approached Mrs. Ward and she Wednesday the court reversed
MississippiNegroes was felled by bullets from a racist's gun continues with otter They could be forced to testify employed at U. S. Steel's Plate turned and ran. The man chased Itself in this one case and unanimously -
civil rights leaders leading it in a determined effort that it will only if granted Immunity from Mill Division, Fairfield, Ala. her around several houses be- upheld the right of
not be discouraged or frightened. prosecuting or if they waived Both work U "hookers," assisting I Crawford Miller to evict Clifton
in the -- Hill, a Negro tenant, from a
operators -
such crane -- '
Seek Meantime, back In his New blrdsbot, is being held under Immunity Ir North
single family dwelling
State Attorney William A. Ha- plant. I
York home to recuperate from $25,000 bond. His lawyers are
two gunshots wounds in the head drafting an appeal to have the llowes would not say whether Despite repeated requests,the I Sacramento.
be will ask the officials to sign company has refused to pro-
and shoulder Meredith said bond reduced.Fighting.
Civil Rights waivers. mote either man to craneman I "Although the state, by action
that when he the march
to them training for of the legislature or the people
-arm-'MUll o r give "
be would unless Breaks Out At Inquest such a promotion, the suit al- e fr'', + may make private acts of discrimination -
JACKSON, Miss. -{(NPI)- he is completely assured that J unlawful, California
The plant employs no
Like Its sister state of Alabama, he will be given full protection.The leges.
chose to do In the
so only
Murder Of TeeR
Into Nerro
Negro cranemen.
Mississippi-long a bastion of walk by Meredith, 33, the -ager The suit seeks to permanently -",--'- 41 _< .'11 'W'I specific areas covered by the

segregation and race discrimi- former Air Force sergeant who CICERO, 111. -(NPI-f Ightlng tita1-attack, but be managedto enjoin U. S. Steel from inter- MRS. ELIZABETH WARD Unruh Act and the Rumford
nation In the old line South- broke the racial bar at the University
between whites and Negroes get away.Watts. ferrlng with the rights of Negroes .....stabbed to death. i1L' Act," the decision noted.
has for tests u of Mississippi 1932
girded new broke out at an Inquest Into to equal training and The Unruh Act forbids discrimination -
militant Negroes seek bolster ended in the 27th mile, near
brutal of
the slaying a Negro WidowTo advancement and desegregated that the'man surrendered him In business estab-
Hernando.The .
demands for first class citizen
teenager, Jerome Huey, by four facilities.It lishments. The Rumford Act
plant self
on the warrant that
ship, civil and equal rights. rallying of forces stirredby
white forbids discrimination In sale
youths. also asks back pay for the out for
This week opened a new the shooting brought togetherthe File Suit him.
up 17 In Cicero rental of
Huey, ,was looking plaintiffs from the time of their The family had been or publicly assisted
era for Mississippi Negroes big five of civil rights at preparing
for a job and instead had his "wrongful denial of promotion sky housing accommodations,or of
when they trooped to the polls, a meeting Tuesday night in skull bashed in with a baseball LOS! ANGELESNPI)- A for the funeral se"lcesofMra. any private dwellings of more
to u
some 130,000 strong to cast Memphis 25 miles north of bat. A coroner's verdict of "wrongful death" suit will be The positions suit came cranemen.about u a result Ward on Saturday at 4 p.m. at than four units.
Shiloh Baptist Church in the
hopefully ballots to nominate Hernando. filed by the widow of a Negro
murder announced. After these acts
was filed the were passed,
of by
a complaint
With Luther absence of the victim's husband. '
five Negroes and one white Rev. King motorist fatally shot by a white
in the murder are -- I Californians then
Charged Defense Fund with lb.1qual approved
j.eral Mrs. Ward, 28, who lived at -
man as their Congressional and CORE'S McKesslck were policeman. The death was ruled
Dominick Mazzone 17; Martin ; Employment Opportunity 7119 Dostie Dr. was stabbedto WILLIE J. WARD i Proposition 14 which, nullified
legation. Stokely Carmichael, chairmanof Kracht, 18; Frank J. Hough, 18, accidental in a coroner's inquest Commissions (EEOC) several ....surrenders to police I the Rumford Act and some provisions
death on
; Wednesday night
Since the passage of the 1964 the Student Nonviolent Coordinating .
and Arthur J. Larson, 19. of the Unruh Act.
Voting Rights Act, Negro Commute (SNCC); Roy The fighting broke out at the Leonard Deadwyler, 25, was months ago. EEOC June 1 by an unknown assail- fore catching up with her beside
registration has risen from the Wilkins, executive secretary of Inquest when a friend of the fatally shot by patrolman Jerold After"reasonable investigation cause", to ant who chased her through the house she had come from.It .
lowly 30,000 to 130,000. The the National Association for the Huey family snapped a pictureof M. Bova, 23, following an auto found believe that discrimination exists the yards of several nousesNAACP's is believed she was trying to Jaxon ServingIn
potential voting strength cannotbe Advancement of Colored People> the mother of one of the chase. However the get back Into the house she had
at faculty.
adequately estimated in the (NAACP); and Whitney Young, accused youths. Bova testified that his service Commission was unable to correct Appeal Just left Viet NamWILLIAM ri..ti
primary due to apparent lack director of the Urban League The mother grabbed the cam- revolver fired accidentally Homicide officers have .
the situation through con
of Interest In Congressional Most militant of the mass era out of the other woman's when the car suddenly lurched ciliation. From $85,793 refused to name the suspect -

contests meeting speakers was Charles hand, and a struggle between forward. To date the Legal Defense they are looking for, but In 1
Most southern Negroes are Everiof Jackson the NAACP's whites and Police But Mrs Deadwyler denied view of the disappearance of '
Negroes began. -
directing attention toward win- state director for Mississippi, quickly put it down, bow- that the car moved, adding that Fund with EEQC.nearly' Damages Refused d I the husband Willie Ward, there
DIne local political offices In who drew approving roars from her husband was taking: her to complaints is widespread speculation that
ever. 24 Title Vn
the immediate towns, districts the crowd by advocating meeting Meanwhile, it was disclosedthat the hospital because she thoughtshe There are now before the courts WASHINGTON-The Supreme he is the object of the police I
and counties-u a prelude to violence with violence. the four accused youths was In labor. suits pending to Jack Greenberg/, Court last Monday refused to hunt.
bigger game later on. This is "We're sick of words! cried were beaten up In Jail by other The case was the source of according Defense Fund director- reconsider a ruling which the One account of the mystery \
where the crass roots civil Evers, whose brother, Medgar at racial tension both at the scene Legal National Association for the killing has it that the young
ore appearing filed
All but
rights and Black Belt political Evers, was killed by a sniper's prism of the Inquest and In riotscarred counsel. one were Advancement of Colored People woman bad gone to visit a male I
parties seem most formidable. shot in the back in Jackson Larson said four Watts. by the Legal Defense Fund. had described as threatening friend on West 12th St..thatthe II
Yet it is In the Congressional three years ago. At the time,, "Jumped" him while prisoners a fifth However, the Negro community "We plan to file u many"more Mr. Its survival and that of the entire husband had been watching I
races that the real tests of thenewlyfound Medgar was the state NAACP served u a lookout. None of appeared to have u our resources said."Employment. permit, civil rights movement. the house after having found
voting power can director. the accused teenagers were accepted the verdict valmly. Greenberg discriminationis The decision allowed to stand out by telephoning home that
be assessed. The Mississippi "You can't go out and get your however.No Firebombs were burled and a a 5-4 ruling handed down April his wife was not at ome. When J
seriously injured, .
freedom Democratic party t gun," said Wilkins "C oc1 for- reason for the killing was policeman was shot at, but no so widespread that our complaint this 27 confirming an $85,793 damage the woman made her exit from ----- _-
fielded candidates for nomination bid!I" and case load on awarded her rendezvous J. NELSON
given by the accused slayers major outbreaks were reported. Judgement by according to
in each of the state's five Three busloads of sympathizers according to police, except that Meanwhile, a teenager accused question is rapidly becoming A Georgia courts against the NA- reports, the Jealous husband SAN ANTONIO, Tex. --
Congressional districts, and from Chicago will 'they "wanted to beat ups Negro of participating in the Watts our largest program. number have ACP. sought revenge on his wife. Airman williaa j. S.
also pet up an opponent against Join the march soon, said Floyd ." riot was indicted on charges of of our suits already The organization had claimed Nelson, grandson of
arch-segregationist James C. McKesslck, head of the being responsible for more than been productive In desegregating It had no control over picketing
Eastlaxd, chairman Senate Congress jrf Racial Equality said They because were also Hough angry reportedlyhad poUce $500,000 In Molotov cocktail I large companies," Mr. of a Savannah grocery store ReplacedATLANTA Mr. and Mrs. jacob A.

judiciary Committee, who is a (CORE). ,been beaten by a fire bombings. Greenberg said. whose owner had sued for da Nelson of 504 First

long-time foe of Negro rights. "We have made a national call of Negroes up group Edward Lee King, 18, was wages The Supreme Court heldit (NPI) -Chaos Ave. s, JacksonvilleBeach

Although the Negro vote is not for people> to come," said Dr. Huey was fatally beaten U be traced through a newly developed SCHOOL AID 'APPEAl responsible erupted in the ranks of the pi a. has been
given any chance of nominating Martin Luther King Jr., bead of walked to an Intersection: to "voiceprlnt" which Identified In appealing for a review, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating selected for training
a Negro in any of the races, It the Southern Christian Leader- catch a bus.One of his attackers him u the youth who MBABANE, Swaziland-(NPI) NAACP said that it has been Committee when two leaders at Anarillo AFB Tex.
does Indicate that the Negro Is &hill Conference (SCLC). "Tbe was armed with a baseball bat, anonymously admitted his role An appeal for $300,000 to expand named a defendant In a similar were ousted to make way
aware of his new power at the number will grow every day." police said. In the fire bombings. King's the three-year-old integrated suit for $100.000 In punitive for younger men who would as an Air Force air-

polls and is using it well. His attackers, who beat him on face was not shown on television. -' Waterford School, damages In Virginia and has strongly promote the political craft maintenance
In tile First Congressional 1 NIPER ARRESTED the head with a bat, kicked and situated on a nearby mountainside been threatened with a third drive of the Black Panthersthe specialist. l
District, Negroes outnumber While in and 14 miles from the sucb suit in Philadelphia. Such
stomped the helpless youth u Jail on a narcotics new political organization The airman, a 1985
whites. After restricting by Aubrey J. Norvell, 40,a Memphis he lay on the street, it was charge King's voice was secretly South African border, is being damage suits could harass,impoverish In the deep South which puts graduate of Douglas
the legislature, Negroes constituted white man accused of assault charged recorded. Police thus made In the United States by and eventually para up Negro candidates for a number
only about 20 per cent with Intent to murder In Eugene Thompson 22, a companion had a chance to compare the tile school's principal,44-year- lyse the organisation, of traditionally all-wbite Anderson senior High
of the total district you the wounding of Meredith with was chased during the two "volceprlnts." old English-born MlchaelStern. It claimed elective offices. School. _

\ 6 6r' t a

......... ft po 1 ...... ,- '.......... '_'6 ,;'

. ..,1noon nn. .. m..n.-.n-- .. .. ._-mnmnm.n mn.- ..-... 1

2-P. r- IY'U''U'I.I




...Published, by the Florida Star Publishing Company UPON AND TREACHERY.INJUSTICE,PERJURY STORY


NEGRO PREJ1.iRNATIONAL development of Negroes in

Jacksonville has been our theme for the

,past two weeks. This week we take a look

ERIC) 0. SIMPSON..........Maaaiint .Editor( at another escape route for the trappedor

impoverished in the Jacksonville com-

HILDA .WOOTEN..........Circulation Maiajer, munity.

The economic opportunity act of 1964
...-c.-c.-c.-c..... recognized the need for small businessesto

2323 'Moncrief{ Road Phil Ellin 4-6782 provide more Jobs, higher incomes anda
better life for those who are sufferingin

Maillot Address$ this great country of America.

Heretofore when a man visited the local

P. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 :;L : SBA credit office application he was that handed most a

MIAMI OFFICE Negroes would not qualify for

after filling it out but the

138 NW 3rd Are Phone 311.1025 economic opportunity loan relaxes -

_1101"- traditional credit

SUBSCRIPTION RATES standards and places greater

One year, 3.00 Half Year $4.00 emphasis on the character and

allt'd! to you .Anywhere in the united states ability of the individual. A

Subscription payable In advance I r 4- professionally staffed small business

Send Check or Money order to; ,. .,+ development center, sponsored by local
citizens, screens evaluates and recom-
,Jacksonville 1. Florida mencs loan applications and makes certain

that continuing management assistance is

available to borrowers.

CORE Must Revise Its ApproachAt \ cio" Who May BorrowA

single person who has an income not exceeding -

this time of the year many young WHAT THEY FEAREDI! $4,040 or a married person with

people are graduating from high schooo, up to seven in family with income not exceeding -

college, and university. They think they $7,590 who lives in or near target

had had enough tests in school, but now areas designated by the office of economic

upon graduation they will encounter life's opportunity may qualify for a small busi

tests. Your ness. Loans may be repaid up to 15 years
Life tests all of us daily and It is Weekly
with no collateral. The person's char
from these tests that life gives us
acter and ability to repay the loan is the
grades. some people make excellent
key rather than his personal assets.
grades some make good while make .
'd 'd '
In the very near future, Jacksonvillewill
average. Yet there are still others whoflunk"
Guide : have a small business development
the course that life gives them. Horoscope
In life wetake- the test of disappointments ,* ** *** center. persons desiring additional information -
about participation in the eco-
on test some make good
grades whhle others flunk. make .. nomic growth of Jacksonville may contact
Some "'""- """'
"""""' "
their crosses stepping stones to success. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER The urban League office.AntiStammering.

Remember when all is said and done, all

of us have been stamped with a grade by ApplianceThe
by the community in which we live. is '

your grade excellent good average poor TRAVELARIES medical profession has been somewhat
or failure BUSINESS negligent in this country in seeking information -

and effecting cures for persons

We Salute The Sentinel BulletinLast who stutter.

CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN George H. Freed of Pine Brook, New

week, in an editorial, the Florida BORN MARCH BORN JUKE BORN SEPT. BORN DEC Jersey, invented an anti-stammer check

Sentinel-Bulletin of Tampa accused Gov- 21st- APRIL 19th 22nd JULY 22ndCall 23rd OCT. 23rd 22nd JAN. 19th and received his patent for the devise on
ernor Haydon Burns of "dumping
December 31 1957. His appliance was assigned
,supporters' into the Gull to, drown." Of Sign nothing without first readIng a halt when you note a If you have had as success- It is true that not everybodycan patent, number 2,818,065. The
In the air that fore
line and punctuation change ,
this is every ful a week as it was Indicated this belief
figure of but
a speech but it is be trusted
"When the device
mark. This may prevent you bodes danger. A mistake YO'.1J'own patent account states,
also in a startling planetary design should not be made the rule.
highly apropos since Burns lost eventually, from finding! your- or someone else's could fitted in the mouth of a
try and be satisfied< momentarily There Is a majority of those is properly
overwhelmingly in his campaign for re- seU committed to make payments plunge you in a dilemma from at with the his
least who can, and it is better to give stutterer an immediate improvement in
that had no Intention which it will be most difficult
election.All results obtained. There are the person in question the benefit speech has often and with only
whatsoever of shouldering at to find! the way out. The emphasis observed
rather insidious forces operating of the doubt rather than
along during the campaign, the Sen- any time. Beslder! It would be i Is going to be on privacy to of intermittent wearing the reflex habit isbroken.
deprive mistake
you your to make an unjust
tinel-Bulletin supported Burns for reelection much more favorable for you to secrecy or activities dedicated '
gains or priceless assets. The Make .
it principal care a-
It outlined for its readers arrive at positive decisions and to worthy and charitable your
sooner you are aware of the fter the advent of the New Freed in his description of his invention
the accomplishments of the Governor in to make them 'stick after the causes after the 18th. You
that lurk this
dangers during Moon to vocational
advent of the New Moon No would fit in very well in any your criticized four others designedto
behalf of Negroes in the state third quarter, the surer will ties and your well-being. Stick
matter on which side of these departments when
you are, your help people with their speech problems.
But'when bill be your endeavors to set close to the allies and friends
Governor Burns "tore hispants" Father's Day Is one that should heart is big enough for you
He said his invention and
the defenses. It was simple
up proper over whom there can be no ; ((1))
to make the sacri-
by be celebrated whole
talking too much, by not by family necessary is Imperative for you to start reason for mistrust and refuseto comfortable in the mouth, (2)) slows the
Throwing out old and tired fices. Trouble in forms
thinking many
before systems
speaking and by thinking in terms of the daysto attempts ,
accusing listen to gossip or any speech
could movements
for new could be dangerous come to you giving you ((3) requires
Negroes of block-voting come rather than of the them in
against him pre- to discredit your
when business on the 20th. Don't some anguish and much food effort for clear enunciation, (4)) cannotbe
when in sent circumstances. The failure of methods that
reality more Negroes voted for expect much in the way of for thought. Say nothing and eyes. Changes swallowed when and
placed in the mouth
him to do so could establish have always been effective in ,
second communications believe nothing would be a fine!
primary than productivityor
they did a pattern that will make your the past could turn out to be (5)) only with great difficulty can the appliance
in first the Sentinel-Bulletin anything of a personal na motto to adopt when circum-
cized him for criti- ture. stances so Indicate. life much more complicated grave errors. slip out of place.
really what he
It takes was. 3-60-88-43-830 8-50-33-76-438 4-20-44-24-973, While Freed gave no experimental evidenceto
courage we think to critize 6-40-99-36-830
the man you touted so sighly.Commencement SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS prove assertions it is highly
LEO possible in
some cases, that the invention

BORN APRIL BORN JULY BORN'NOY.. BORN JAN. will work by utilizing the principleof

: Life's Tests "20th MAY 20th. 23rd AUG. 22.d. 23rd DEC. 21st 20th FEB. 18th psychological distraction whereby the

With all due respect to the work that There may be many among you You may again be stepping Into You had better forget what Authority wether It Is In your wearer forgets pays himself.attention his articulationand

CORE has done in the civil rights movement who are likely to discover that dangerous ground making it the accepted usages are during! hands or in those of someone

in this country it has its jife can be very complicated a- a matter of good Judgement to this highly volatile third quarter else, can boomerang and become -Yes We All Talk-
fter all This will apply most draw to a full stop and to take Any mistake of Importance self-defeating. It Is much
philosophy into threads. This is made ly to the Taureans who may be your bearings. There Is some- could set off a chain reaction better to have Influential pea QUESTION: I have noted that children
vivid to us when CORE's resolution demanding trying to break and old tie in thing going! on in the backgroundwhich that may find powerful forces ple on your side even when you make some
that the United Stated withdraw order to form a new one. And could threaten your security arrayed against you including have cause not to trust or many mistakes with their sounds.
then, there are certain financial or the safety of your those who may have been former like them entirely. Should you What causes this? --H. G.
from Viet Nam was overwhelmingly rejected
considerations that must be taken valuables assets. The New allies There is little doubt express your true feelings or ANSWER: With most of us, talking is an
last week by a group of civil rights, religious into account This may be Moon confirms that certain so- that certain people may be operating dissatisfactions too openly It automatic
community, business and labor the problem that you find! hard- called friends may bear watchIng behind the scenes making may give others Just the opportunity thing so far as the skill is
leaders l participating in the White House est to solve, unless you can or that you are investing it difficult, if not Impossible that they are waiting concerned. Yet it is startling that we

Conference on Civil Rights. reach a friendly agreement by far too much cash In the development for you to adopt pro- for to try and trip you up. And learn to talk at all when we consider
accepting certain sacrifices or of business or professional tective measures. Be especially the finanlcal risks that others nearly 100 muscles are employed just to
While refusing to inject foreign policy of the lasles around
conditions Father's Day appears activities. It wouldbe wary take are simply not for you say a single word or two-word phrase
issues into the conference deliberations, to be a happy one for aUto sensible to take advance you who may be envious or regardless of the seeming fact
the 2,400 delegates gave virtually unanimous whom it has a personal' measures against any possibilities otherwise hostile while puttingon that they are cashing In on in learning to talk the ears must hear

support to more than 100 recommenda- significance. But be preparedfor of this sort while you a false front of friendliness.Your them as well as for you. Steady speech'sound in order to imitate them, the

tions for domestic action to improve the scenes, reverses unusual still have time. Any trap that own Intutitlon may be tryIng endeavors and savings will eyes must notice how these sounds are
complications that keep you In may have been set Is likely to to warn you. bring security." made and the brain must understand and
lot of American Negroes.CORE's a whirl. Seek the answers.' snap shut on the 20th. It 4-50-88-65-688 3-90-99-72-953. direct the whole process of speakingJustas
so-called militant leader Flayd 3307757839GEMINI may be a costly ordeal.
it does all other body functions.
introduced resolutions calling PISCES
Some of the causes for inarticulatespeech
for immediate withdrawal of U.S. Troops BORN OCT.
from Viet Nam McKissick said the BORN MAY YIRGP
war 24th NOV. 22>d 19th MAR 201 1. The child may not hear the words cor-
was draining away "many dollars that BORN AUG. '
21st Jane 21st rectly, or the syllables or the sounds.
should be diverted to domestic Many of you may already have
programs 23rd had
SEPT. 22id Gossip repetlons or even the child has not
2. In some cases
Although the difficulties wlL second thoughts about the e-
aldiig Negroes and other poor people. downright falsehoods may be
be and intensified vents of last week. It may the opportunity to hear slow, clearly
Dr. Martin Luther King once made the many sharply This quarter being listed on poured Into your ears to try
you will not be able to say the unfavorable side indicatesthe appear as if you have com- and cause you to have a changeof enunciated speech parents 'hog the
mistake of meddling into the Viet Nam issue that you have reached the end wisdom of not pressing for mitted an error somewhere and mind or heart. When real conversations everywhere when they
It seems to us that CORE has of A New Moon that you see no way out of your
enoughto your rope. results that you may have failed affection exists between two should be willing to be listeners to
do in revising its obsolete civil backed up by somewhat mystifying to obtain previously You will real or fancied predicament.. persons even the truth may
rights program to confrom to the demandsof circumstances, presentyou have other opportunities>> to try A new lunar cycles shows that find it difficult' to destroy their children. ,
with brand new opportunities >> again before the month's end or monetary loss may result from faith In each other. This is 3. Poor muscular control of the, speech
the to swing the pendulum in during the early days of July. actions of an impetuous nature the attitude you may have to machine is sometimes a cause.

THIS 1WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY your favor. Father's Day shouldbe The first signs or delays or or from a miscalculation that adopt should you find that the 4. Maybe a child is slow in giving his
remembered no matter complications regarding travel should never have been per- results you seek are being baby talk. up
June 6, 1831 First annual national convention of "The Peopleof where you fit In the picture. and communications appear mitted to go through. You threatened In one way or a-
Color" opened In Philadelphia. It Is not the size or the cost right at the start. The New Moon may as well face the fact that nother. The day when everything 5. Perfectionist parents often demand
June 7, 1799 Alexander Pushkin grandson of a noted African of the gift that makes It valuable throws official attention your you must pay the piper and could go wrong, and the that the ,child learn speech too fast for
warrior who became Russia's foremost poet and writer, was but the thought behind status rating and have to be that you will have to concentrate future appears) at Its darkest, his age level.
born In Moscow. it. The one day this month very careful about allowing It on the task of repair may be the 20th. Problemsare ,READERS:!: : For my
pamphlet the
June 8,1950 Bishop A. P.Shaw establishes precedent by being when you may be riding for an to take an unfavorable turn' ing any damage that may have apt to show up in numbers consonant making
the fret Negro prelate to preside over Cal fornia-Ariaona unusually hard fall Is apt to which would expose you to all been done It appears as If rather than singly recommend sound indirections for children -
conference of the Methodist Church. be the 20th. Guard your words sorts of restraints or difficul there are plenty of people around ing that you must do everything send thirty cents to Dr.,, Marcus H.
'June 9, 1911 The Carnegie Corporation,which became the basis and your behavior and give no ties. Stary operating with more you who will'not lend possible to maintain your Boulware, Florida A&M University, Box
for the philanthropic fund that built many Negro libraries, received one cause to lash out at you subtlety helping morale and belief in yourself.' 310-A. Tallahassee Florida---32307.In. .
Its'charter to do business In the state of New York. 2-90-44-67-849 8-20-33-50-874 '1-50-Z2-34-755

i I .
4 "


WKDDING SELLS Miss Corinth K. Moment Weds Ralph Tice Ally. Fred Schultz !axon Gets DegreeTo Wni. Raines Students

William Wright 819 Carolina .. ...._ .1 L ___ __ _.___ Address Stanton At Regis College In Skills Program. .
St., 52 and Dora Marie
Campbell Twenty-one students of William
819 Carolina SI, 38. High GraduatesAttorney Iva L. Davis of Fairfax St., Raines High School nave
was among 166 receiving ba
been selected to participate In
Benjamin Ray Wilson 1706 chelor's degrees on June 7
Fred H. Schulta has the Bethune-Cookman College
Fame St., 18 and Dorallne Mar- been scheduled to deliver the from Regis College in Weston. Summer Study Skills Program,
fie Johnson, 1525 W. 10th St., commencement address for the Presiding at the commencement June 13July 23, at Daytona
la. 3 exercises was Richard Cardinal
500 graduating seniors at New Beach. The announcement was
Stanton High School June 13 in Cushing. made today by the principal
Rufus E. Odams, 418 Dewdrop l 1 # .::ao. 11 I d the Civic Auditorium Carl T.Rowan former ambas- Dr. Andrew A. Robinson
Dr., 21 and Unda R. Johnson sador to Finland and former The
Attorney Schulta, a native of Bethune program, in its
1125 E. 1st St., 18. director of the U. S. Information fourth .
of is
this city, received the A. B. year operation,
degree from Princeton UnIver- Agency, delivered the com.- sponsored in cooperation of the
Primus Young. 5910 Patterson r a sity in 1952, and attended the mencement address. Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
St., 69 and Alfreda Nelson I Il Conferring the degrees was
University of Florida School Inc. The Noyes Foundation
5910 Sr. M, Jeanne d'Arc C. S. J.
Patterson St., 38. 4 of Law from 1954 to 1956. makes available educational opportunities -
+ He serves as a member of for deserving students -
John W. Noble, 1232 Croth .St., I itt the House of Representatives who present evidence of
52 and Flora Grisby, 1232 { from Duval County, is a trustee their worth and academic po
Crothe St., 45. of Jacksonville University, tential.
member of the Board of Trus- i- t The summer training program
Hack Crene Jr., 3013 Phoenix! iJ: it tees of St. Vincent Hospital will emphasize subject matter
Ave, 24 and Carrel James,. vice chairman, board of trustees enrichment, the development of
Elkton, Fla., 20. of Bolles School, memberof II reading skills, and oppor-
f .k the board, Goodwill Industries I tunities to enrich and broaden
Ralph Tlce, Phoenix, Ariz. 27 + '. ) past president of the skills In the areas of English,
and Corinth King Moment, 2333 : Downtown Council, and was the mathematics, and science. Another
W. 45th St., 27. recipient of the Jacksonville aspect of the institute is
Junior Chamber of Commerce to stimulate students to develop -
Jimmie L. Maultsby, 1440 MJ. Award as the outstanding young an attitude of intellectual
Herman St, 18 and Brenda F., man in 1964. curiosity and encourage Independence -
Buckholt, 1152 W. 22nd St., 16. of thought.
\ Dr. W.B. Stewart Tenth and eleventh grades who
George W. Harris, 967 W,Ash- will attend the institute are:
ley St., 23 and Lucy D. Rober- Prinipal Robert Bradley, Ronald Young,
son, 1738 E. 26th St., 23. SpeakerFor president of the college. Sr. William Mareman. Robert

1t f M. Flavis, C. S. J., academic Toney, Reginald Collins, Klm-
Willie T. Allen, 5719 Carnation >< t fi, + t CommencementPrincipal dean, presented the candidates. ble L. McNair, Reginald Huger,
Rd., 27 and Anita V. Carter, An Honorary Doctor of Laws Bruce Henderson, Philip Rol
Ft. Pierce, 24. speaker at the com degree was conferred on Con- lins, Donald Blue and Ronald

mencement exercise of the William stance E. Smith, educator, author Norton Gloria Dixon Wendy
ClUe Ross Jr., 451 McIntosh M. Raines Senior High and dean of the Radcliffe Spaulding, Marsha Toombs,
Ave., Orange Park, Fla., 22 School the Jacksonville Civic Institute for Independent Sandra Darling, Tania Shackle-
and Lillian Jackson, 1254 Wood Auditorium at 4 p.m. Sunday Studies ford Shirley Haines, Janice
St, 16. will be Dr. William B. Stewart, Mrs. Daniel Callahan, authorof Cobb Cherrilyn Gatson, Angela

e.q, % It president of Edward Waters several books and a contributor Cason and Superba Jennings.
Marlon J. Scott, 1956 W. 24th College.Dr. to periodicals on con-
St., No.2, 22 and Art!* Mae Stewart, a native Jason, temporary problems and goals
Jackson, Brunswick, Ca., 24. received the A. B. degree from of women received an Honorary
Florida A4M College; the M.A. Doctor of Letters degree. Btly DIRECT .&' SAVE .
Ronald E. Dunlap, Evensville. degree from Hampton Institute; Additional honors were givento
lad, 21 and Herbert Louise v r". was awarded the LLJ). degree' 65 graduating students Including Guaranteed100K
Campbell 1443 Mason Ave.,26. at Allen University; the UttD., one summa cum laude,
"} sT University of Monrovia, LIberia five magna cum laude and HUMAN HAIR
Nathaniel Martin, 710 CourtJ West Africa and the Doc eight cum laudes. '
35 and Mary E. Lancaster, tor of Humanities, Campbell WIGS
612 Ardisia Rd., 32. College, Jackson, Miss. Make, Contribution,
te He has been a teacher and;
Verdell Alexander, 1560 Madison -
St., 30 and Eldora E. Da- + r was principal of Roosevelt High To Needy Family Extra thick
via, 2569 Orion St, 23. School, West Palm Beach, Fla. $21
His fraternal affiliations include Xalapa Debonalrs gave a do- Long, Lustrous

Lee C. Kincy, Waycross, Ca., I raf membership in the Alpha nation to a local family, who Mid to MM for$100.00 .
30 and Irene Wltherspoon 120 Phi Alpha Fraternity, the Elks, lost their house Ina fire. up.Styta'S
Ernest St., 32. Masons and the Vanguard Club. Members of the club are: D. Delll.e QuiUtyHumnHlr
I f Dr. Stewart is a member and Brown, president; J. Everett Will'Not Met or Fid
Albert A. Pinkney, 1630 W. an officer of several church vice 1 president, chairman of NituralHilrUn
Union St., 26 and Jacqueline I' .r.-.- .-- ... -, ,,.,.r' c related and educational organisations. Charity Committee; Mrs. V. Clouly ititchvd on wntilaitd found.

R.Ave.Washington, 19. 1627 N. Myrtle Corinth K. Moment and Ralph Tice were -.w s'officlated I by Rev. R. V. Webster of Dr. Andrew. A.Robinson,principal Mrs.Brewer Elizabeth, recording Alvarez secretary trea-; bon Easy ttingibiutifully for Styling.comfort end. 0ml fIt' ,OfttMd Hold. for NI.1

married Friday, June 3, 1966 at 8:00: P.M. Edward Waters College. A reception followed of William M. Raines and surer; Mrs. Grace Whitfield, Dramatic CaI.... 'In 81eck, Oft,81ack,
David Lee Williams 1162 W. in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Willie the the faculty are extending an Invitation business manager, cochairman 0.,.. a M.....Brown Auburn or sand
Richardson ceremony. photo by Billy BrovmBaptist to the public on behalf of committee Mra. E. L1S!.!_ 1 ,O: lr;d J'' th.d.. V
I ;
5th St., 2i and Marie Battle 7l12l Hats, place, The marriage 4MI M ftiv*HM MM
\ .. of the 251 members of the Reed, sinking fund treasurer .
; $5
1231 Spearing SL. 23; --- -- -- D.po..t ol nch item
graduating class. Mrs. Annie Mae Armstead, financial ( tnJ.Ofy' mailman' baMine.l
Girl Scouts Church Choir Plans Event; plus .O. and po.t.g. ehtrgtt.
Gateway or
You won't get tomorrow'i jobs- secretary, sinking fund; rem.t full pnce and M mil" thippott-
I with yetterday't dill Choir 4 of Zion Hope Baptist Eastern Air Lines flew passengers Mrs. Hattie Porter, treasurer, pa io.
Slate Annual Event its 24th recreation funds; Mrs. Beatrice SUSY
Train now for tomorrowt jobsVETERANS Will Coiuhct Church will observe across the Florida state WIGSDept.'J07
anniversary Monday night !in line at the rate of one every six Williams reporter; Mrs.Jewel 807 5lh A..., N.w York. N,V. ZUo17
Girl Scouts the church auditorium. seconds, 24 hours a day, everyday Mays, Mrs. Josie Moore Mrs.
Gateway are preparing
Exercise Willie Mae Smith
Closing Junior choirs in the city have during January and and Mrs Dora
for the annual day camping Brown members.
been invited to attend. February. ,
sessions. First Baptist Church Kinder
Officials have announced the
garten will conduct Its closing
camping periods will provide' exercise Friday at 7.30: p.m.,
various outdoor activities.
In the annex of the church.
THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. Available to the campers will The program will feature the
be waterfront activities,hiking,
students in songs reading and
camp craft, folk dancing singing 5.
a play entitled, "The Little Red

Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking .and,sports.dramatics, group activities Hen.The"graduates are: Irish D.'
Health blanks will be furnished
Bowens, Wyvonne D. Crosby,
who for the
girls register sessions -
Sharon R. Courtney, Sheila R.
Applications For Its June and a has free been clinic held.for examinations Cross, Schnell Daniel, Manrell

Darer Cynthia Edwards, Cynthia
The also includes
program C. Ford, Sheila Y. Gordon,
foundation elements of Girl
Thomasina C. Harris Market-
Veteran Class. Scouts program, promise and. ta Hill, Renee Lucinda Lyles,
laws-service citizenship troop
international, Wanda J. Ragan, Angella Sapp,
Deborah D. Watts, Zelda Williams !'.'
friendship. Lunch equipmentsare
Mitchell Alvin Levi!
The Size Of Our ClassesIs provided for the campers.Entertainment .. Courtney, Delmoo R. ,HowelL,

Lawrence C. Kennedy, Marshall -
Robinson, Mitchell C.Ro-
Limited By Law. binson, Mitchell C. Robinson, ..
Choir 2 of Little Rock Baptist Mandell L. Wllks and Jonathan .
Church will sponsor an enter- C. Wright.

Enroll Now To Be Sure Of tainment Friday at 8 p.m., in Honor graduates are: Rosalyn 1 .. ,,
the home of Mrs Emma Pink Latbrop, valedictorian and y.V.
ney. Wanda Gayle Ford, salute
A Place. Refreshments will be served torlan. Other honor students
and the public has been Invitedto are: Gall Moore, Sandra Dee .
attend. Streter, Cassandra Warthe, a .,
CALL 355 9874 S t r e t e r, Cassandra Warthen,
Marcus Brown and Robert L.


A r.- SAV, ear M ...r. c \ M+ t r.M.r


,- I

11 b

; \ ono sroA .


n 1 Y Is there really a Tiger in Esso Extra ?


Some (folks doubt it. prevent hot Spots and misfiring And take. oil in a I.urry when they enter a
....,mu But not our customers They've provedto just a f tew more tankful. can clean up a freeway Oh, Its a Tiger all right.

R r:e, rl their own satisfaction' that High. fouled carburetor to restore lost power Still skeptical? Try Esso Extra and find
energy Esio Extra can bring power and mileage out for yourself "Happy Motoring! "

back alive. And that Eito Extra gives them the high

That the tint tankful starts neutralizing octane 'for lively performance help HUMBLE .
power-robbing engine deposits to help them pass safely when they need to or __....a_....... _mm..ry,

Beef at its Best r..TA.TIGER IN YOUR TANK,,.! fs=

\ t

,-- _

r1'r'IM1' 1.7. .O' v..vv..vv.v..r.v ;.rl w. r . . . . .


:Act J 4. STAR PAPERS -- -SATURDAY. .JUNE-- H. =11&1--&

Tea Planned For Jill 19th St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church'

CHURCH'NEWS --- -- ------'. .., ....' -......-. """ -
f To Start Confirmation Lectnres
"" "
WAYVION CHAPEL A1IE .. f" The first in the series of eight confirmation lectures itCiabrlel' a
Annual 'Women's Day will be observed Sunday In Waymon : Episcopal Church, 5225 Uoncrlef Road West DOT
Chapel AUE Church with Mrs Willie Cooper u chairman Soutel Drive, will be held Wednesday, June 13 at 7:30: p.m.1D
the church, Rev (Fr.) T. Vincent Harris, rector,
and Mrs H. J. Elliot, co-chairman.: Miss Elizabeth Floyd Is '
secretary and Rev. Mrs Cora Floyd will serve u pastor for ti this week September.
the day. The services begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 St. Gabriel's has been under- Regular Sunday senrkesbcua I'
a.m., with Mrs. B. S. Brown u guest superintendentOthersappearing mint
are: Mrs. Mildred McCoy, Mrs. Dorothy Wright, months, and with the
Mrs. Beatrice Slngletary, Mrs. M.J. Clark, Mrs. Abe Austin- Installation d the combination
Mrs. Surrena Jenkins, Miss Betty Brown and Miss Trudy Free air conditloainj-fieitinrf
man. Morning service begins at 11 o'clock. Call to worship, possibly this wee -wlll offer
Rev. Mrs. Con Floyd.Mrs.Battle Williams will be the speaker accomodatlons featuring ultra-
and Choir 1 of Bethel Baptist Church willserve. The ushers of modern conveniences for com-
Union Progressive Baptist Church will also serve and Mrs. fortable services, Father Harris -
Mary Nealey will be guest soloist. Others appearing are: Mrs said.
IDea Flynn, Mrs. Mary Merritt, Mrs. Abe Austin, Joan Davis, y Z7 1 Since there remains very little
Ethel Merrltt Mrs:; Mary Woods, Mrs. Corlne Smith, 14 r a. I wort to be done on the church,
Las!. Mae Sandlln, Mrs. Sallle Johnson, Mrs. Mamie Smith, construction of the recently
Mrs. Mary McCoy and Mrs. M. Wright. Deaconess boards of planned parsonage Is underwayand
Bethel, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, st. Mary Baptist Churches, st. ; i* Is expected to be ready for
Andrew AME and Mt. Moriah Methodist Churches will be } occupancy around the first of
honored guests. At S p.m., Mrs. Vickie Johnson, Mrs. Eartha -
Napoleon, and Mrs Thelma Armstrong will have charge of the Young People's Union
youth hour. The speaker at 7 p.m., will be Mrs. Rosa Stevens r1ii'i'
Choir will sing and guest ushers will be a group from Bethel Of Church Of( God
Baptist Church. Others to appear are Mrs. O. Davis, Mrs at 11 a.m. and vlsUors aiven;
Florida Wright, Mrs. Corlne Waters, Mrs Thelma Ray, Mrs. Will Meet SundayThe as guests of the members I
Bessie Singleton, Mrs. Mary Washington, Mrs Annie Lee t cordially invited
Brooks, Mrs. Doris Brown, Mrs. Elsie Sanders and Mrs. M. Persona Interested in attending .
Wright. Young People's Union will the confirmation lecture
meet Sunday at 3 p.m., at the may receive further inform.
Church of God Saints in Christ tlon during Sunday's service
'WALTERS MEMORIAL AME : on Odessa Street and Florida Father Harris concluded '

Services Sunday In Walters Memorial AME ZIon Church will 7 Avenue. will
TIle Singers serve ANNOUNCEMENT
begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent u hostesses. Members of the
Amy Moreland in charge. Rev. H.C.ArchlepastorwlU review union are: Travelettes, Excel All members of the Christian! I
the lesson. Morning service at llo'clock with the Rev. Mr. siors, Anthony Singers, Vance- Community Saving Club ban
Archie presiding. He will also deliver the sermon Christian llers-Harrls Singers, Harrell been asked to worship at 11
Endeavor Hour at S pjn., and night service at 6:30 o'clock. n. Singers, Jackson Singers, La- o'clock Sunday, June 12 at tbt
Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve with Mrs. Annie Mae --.- /MIWW '.d.1Y. timore Singers, Octovettes, Abyssinia Baptist Church

Davis at the Instrument. standing,, left to right: Mrs. Lillie M. Thelmarettes, Thomas Singers, Rev. Walter I
Moncrief needlework Club completed plans WhileOf
Anderson fin. secretary ; Mrs. Annie Traveling Stars. Mrs. Vivian
'for their spring tea at the home of Mrs.
Fleming, fin. treasure; Mrs. Rosa BenJamin Cherry the president. Tampa Slated
Elizabeth Debose 32U W. 18th St. which
sick treasure; Mrs. Lula Floyd
will be held at the youth center 29th & chaplain ; Mrs. Gladys Benjamin reporter;, Grant Memorial Trio For TravelogueRev.

Chase St. June 19th. Program will I I be Mrs. Cora Shuman, business manager; Mrs. To Render RecitalThe Walter S. White, pastor
announced later. of St. Paul AME Church, ftm.
i Jones, Mrs. Audrey Michens Mrs.
Seated left to right: Mrs. Eularlle Woods, pa, will give a travelogue Fri.
Catherine Carter, Mrs. Victoria Clark; Grant Memorial Trio will day at 7:30: p.m., In Mt. Zia
president; Mrs. Florence Rush ,2nd vice Mrs. Cinderilla Folson, Mrs. Irene Hen- be presented In recital Sundayat AME Chruch, according toRn
'' VhN pres. ; Mrs. Birdie Scott, Recording secre- derson, and Mrs. Maggie Monroe. 7:30: p.m., in Grant Memorial Charles E. Toston, pastor.
t+< 'r4' AME Church.
f The Rev.
tary. Mr. White has ser
Photo by Billy-Brown--. Tbe program Is sponsored by ved as a chaplain In the U.S.
the Greater Grant Memorial Army, and presiding elder.He
First Baptist Church Bishop Hatcher Club. The trio will be heard also has

!: IbI Take It Or i singing classics, s e m t-cla.s-: Churches,pastored and Is an many aspirant AVE

_____ ) __ Slates Annual Day Will Open lections.sics, religious and popular se for the office of bishop, SUbJect
to election In the general
Members of the group are: conference
In Philadelphia !In
At Fernandina Beach Bishops Meet Mrs. Luella McBride, Mrs. 1968. '
Frankye Adams and Mrs. Georgia -

FERNANDINA BEACH The, Bishop E. Hatcher, presiding Leave ItBy invited Benjamin.to The public Is Octovettes To Gin
a women of First Baptist Church prelate of the 11th Episcopal
will observe their annual day District, AME Church; chair- CHARLES C. KING New St. James AME Musical Program
Sunday, beginning with the Sun man of the Board of Manage- FORGET IT
day School and continuing ment at Edward Waters College The man who stopped me on the street downtown asked me, Nathaniel Jackson's Octoret-
throughout the day. and president of the Council "Mister, can you please tell me where Lawyer-office YDP To Sponsor tes will render a musical program
The officers are: Mrs. EmmaL. of Bishops, will open the sum Is?" "No, I'm sorry," I said.He didn't move on, so I hesitated."I Sunday at 8 p.m.,In after
t KIN KNIGHT' HeteUah, acting pastor; mer session of ,the council at, know if s somewhere near here but..." he went on. "What service program In Uoocrlef
Miss Carrie Coakley, chairman Coppin Chapel AME Church, did you want' Perhaps can help you," 1 said. Program On SundayThe 1 Baptist Church,, .
-Invites You To Listen To- ; Mrs. Naomi Jones, co- Chicago, m., June 15. "Well, Ml tell you what it's all about," he continued. "You Choir 1 of the hostcbndli
chairman; Mrs. Willie M. Ash Pie session will continue .see, I was standing near by when a fellow got into some troublethe YPD'ers of New St. sponsor, under direction
BIG BAND ley, program; Mrs.Ruby Jones, through June 17. Rev.S.SMor- other day. And so I went over and tried to help him out, you James AME Church will Mrs. A. Latlmore, pianist.
secretary; Mrs. Laurene Williams ria Jr., Is host pastor. see. But he said I was trying to take advantage of him. So he sor a musical spon- Members of the group art:
music; Mrs. Rosa Morris Bishop Waymaa G. Blakely of cursed me out In front of my friend an4 a lot of other people. 4 p.m., In the program church Sundayat audi- Mrs. Mary Young, Miss Frankla I
beautlficatlon and Mrs. Bart I felt very bad. I found out where lives'and I've got his name torium. Harris Miss Cynthia Jack 1
"DANCE PARTY"Nightly Elizabeth Harvey, publicity. 1 y right here. I'm going to get Lawyer and I'm going to The folks are son, Miss Beverly Fedd,Gwen
Tbe captains are: Mrs Ruth show him he can't get away with It.Don't you think I'm right?" the young in interest conducting of dolyn Gipson,Mrs.Shirley Ro
program the
Prince, Mrs W. M. Holmes, : "No," I replied. "Well, what would you advise me to do?Now mas and Mrs. Gloria Joes.
piano drive. The
11:30: til. 12:00.: tell it I said. Junior chorus Other rW
Mrs. J. L. Pridgett, Mrs. C. me. "Forget of the Pentecostal groups In the city
D. Frink, Mrs. W. M. Gilbert, He paused and thought a few minutes. "I think I understand.It will render service.Prayer Band, participate.
Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m. Mrs. J. Stewart, Mrs M. S. ]Just Is not"worth It Rlgbt?"saIcIl. "But he Insulted me. You Also appearing are: Miss Gloria Anniversary Set
Delaney and Mrs. R. A. Sim- don't know. he said.
Wright Miss
moos. "Listen, friend, nothing anybody says can really hurt you. As Gwendolyn
WRHC 1400 Armstrong, Miss Rhonda 2 Baptist
1400 Mitchell Choir of Mt. Canaan
long as a person does not go up'side your bead, he cant do you
Miss Marvyn Church will observe its
any real harm. So JUST FORGET IT and save the money you
FIGHT CANCER Thompson, Mrs. Constance M. anniversary Monday at 7:45: p.
would pay the lawyer, I told him. "You know you're rlrbt.THAT'S .
RIGHT! he said. We shook hands and parted. As he Dancy and Miss Unnle Billiard. m., in the church auditorium.
went his way, I beard him saying to himself, "I swear I'm. The participants include:Mrs.
Now! going to find that lawyer's office if if s the last thing I do." Train now/ortomorrow's Connie Wltherspoon, Royal Tabernacle and'
I wonder what happened after that. Male Chorus

4 LOCATIONSTO SERVE YOU L Lthe ? jobs others.

3118 Edgewood Ave. W.

A 1 1824 WEST, BEAVER -_.......W.Iy.,W"M.MI,-.__ww Mlll.n Mir M MMW/hl. --..__.
lath LplsccpalDlstrlctww w". i. ':'" '," ', .
3101 EMERSON deliver the sermon for the openIng ; 1.)< -t}
j it
service. The Commissionsof ; : .
: :
\ i 830 CASSAT AVE. the General Board will meet i

_. June 13 Sherman House Hotel, .
-- and the General Board will be
' In session June 14 at 10 a. m.
: THANK YOU with Bishop 0. L. Sherman of
for making our the 10th Episcopal District pre "t <

: recent grand opening such a great success. (In siding.Bethlehem Baptist +


i appreciation we're offering many more low, low Observance Slated

: prices to our many friends and customers! The women of Bethlehem Baptist TL 4
I Church wW.observe their
annual day June 26, beginning t,
FRESH BEEF STEAK VINE RIPE with the Sunday School and con-

C tinuing throughout the day. .- _
I 1 0 Mrs. Eliza Rich Perry will
TOMATOES SAVE LB. be the speaker for the morning
19c service and Mrs. Wither Dor- <
rell Thompson will speak for
the evening service.
FLORIDA The young people will have
charge of the program at 3

TOES29c:: p.m.

Prayer Band Leader .

Slates Anniversary "

I FLA. BRAND The Seventh Hour Prayer Band
and leader Rev. Almeda Wheeler
: c
will observe their 4th anniversary -
for extra fun..take
Sunday from 3:30 to I more one!
it 8:30: p.m.,lath Bridler Christ
ian Church, 1324<< Brldler St. take an extra
HENSLi 3 Music will be rendered by the of Coke!

Douglas Anderson Choral When the hot sun of summer .cotd
arrives you
I want plenty of ice
Group, Miss Bettye J. Crews, Coca.Cola around. Because
LB. director. Others appearing: of. Ifs Coke has the taste you never get tired
Elder Eloise Porter,Sunny rose always refreshing. That's Coke
why things with
Gospel Singers, Versiteers, i.I'.w :....... '. .. after Coke after Coke. And why its always a bright Idea to have an
READY TO EAT SMOKEDPICNICS Mrs. Mattie Blunt, Rev. James ., 'I' /.41\. \ extra carton or two around. Pick .
Burden, Rev Louise Robert, .," Upa few next timeyou'reshopping.aonhd
Mrs Rutba Mae Brown. "tf'; >. \

39 Chord Aiiiliariis ', bZthe

For Information bow to Increase
und, the olo Co****
your treasury. President authority of 1he Coco
XITU TI(:REN INICIT .SIIV'ON: MIX, TV, C I AN NIL 4I or treasury call 768-9S41 Coca-c. Baal ng'CompanfI.

I .
.L I


..--. .. .. .. . j . .. . .- ... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... '

: :: JUNE 11.J


I FAMU Alumni S. E. Russell Ends Lock-In "Black Like Me"Author Among The StarsCINCINNATI

Meets In New York Earned Degree SiA Protest Is SuedLA

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-FAMU) Ohio Chicago's popular disc jockey,Ed"Nas
NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Samuel E. Russell CHICAGO -NPI Lawrence CROSSE, Wis. -(NPI)- ,
Some 135 members of the Flo- assistant former cab sau Daddy" Cooke, Is In trouble!
Young, 56-year-old Author John Howard Griffin has
AiM University General I director the Vocational- The WVON jokester has been heralded sat nation's funniest
rida threatened to fast ,
Technical/ Institute driver who been sued by a local man who
Association and associate deejay and one of our Among The Stars columns recently delin-
Alumni are expected and lock himself In Ms restau- charges that his 13yearoldson
to attend the second professor of industrial education unless the advanced eated this with aa account of the Nassau Daddy jumping into the
rant government suffered mental anguishand
at Florida AIM University for the love of beautiful Bahamian maiden.
bay a
annual Northeastern Regional him loan threw
a $5,500 Injury from reading Grif
Conference here at the Hotel l Tallahassee, Fla., completed Ex-Motown promotion director,Jack Gibson accompanied
all In the towel last week as Small fin's book, "Black Like M..
requirements for the Cooke on this water-logged romantic excursion has another
New Yorker, June 9-11. Business Administration officials -
In his book who Is
Dr. James A. Colston, pre, catlon Ed.D. degree at the in industrial edu-of carted restaurant equip- white, tells ,of his experiencein dear friend In this town who is rapidly! pushing the Nassau Daddy,
sid..ntf. Knoxvllle College, University out of the top spot.
ment away. posing as a Negro in the
Knoxvllle, Tenn., and a native Pennsylvania here on May 23. Young had been granted $19, South. His name is Bob Hudson and he is comically choking Ed Cooke

of Daytoiu; Beach, Fla., will,, Russe11'sdoctoraldissertaUon 500 loan by the SBA to operate Edward Theodore Bardwell, for all he is worth.
is entitled
be the. guest speaker during "OccupationalTrends his Young's Chicken Delight a carpet company executive, The fact that both disc jockeys are fantastic nuts is not the
and the Curricula Implications Y have In both love to look at
only thing they common.They
of the general sessions.
one of Selected Industries :restaurant.. When business + charged that his son, Joseph
Dr. Colston will become president began to falter, be sought additional Jay, was Injured by reading !
A 1r j Cooke stole Kim Weston from Hudson pulled a
of the Bronx lovely me.
Community $5,500, but was denied it. Griffin's book and Is entitledto
College next September. In retaliation, he locked himself actual and punitive damages. "Humphrey Bogart" and three Queen City beauties no longer

The conference opens Thursday in his restaurant and vowedto Bardwell's lawyer, Phillip G. speak to me-Cindy Hamilton, WCIN's prettiest disc jockey;
(June 9)) with registration fast for 30 days to call atten- raa Arneson, charged that the boy Cynthia Jackson, the Go-Go girl Tiger who Went-Went; and
and 4; get-together. All delegates tion to his plight.However,when- underwent psychiatric! treatment Donna Foster, who Is considering marrying me if 1 ever get

have been asked to ('ht'Ckmto SBA officials came to pick up after reading the book. rich.
the hotel in Hudson, WCIN's most talkative record spinner comes on the
the admitted
Thursday equipment, Young Arneson said he wants to re-
order to be prepared for the he had been eating regularly.The late} certain, sections of Grif- air at the ridiculous! hour of six in the morning and this par-
opening session on Friday removal of the equipment fin's book "to show alms of the tially accounts for his lack of couth I
morning. The New York-New resulted from Young's failure Communist Party." He also Then too, he has a "Grandpa" who works with him and drinks

Jersey Chapter of the FAMU to make any payments on the seeks to show that Griffin's like a fish. Even though the senior citizen Is the imbiber, Bob .

General Alumni Association is $19,500 loan, said SBA book actually does not portray always seems to have the hangover. Wow!
the host for the confab. officials, who added, "We had his experiences in living as a We bung out all week talking about good things to eat, radio
National officers expected to to protect our collateral." Negro, stations that we have known and loved, and our favorite singer,

attend the conference are Young came to national atten- Daniel T. Flaherty, Griffin's Jerry Butler who reincarnated the big name policy at the

President Charles F. Wilson tion when he befriended a wandering lawyer, charged that "Thepeo- Sportsmans Club In Newport Ky.
and Executive Secretary George rabbi and found him ple behind this suit are racists Playing to a packed house most of the week Butler found time

W. Conoly, both of Tallahassee, --..,-.- -..... lodging.As and extremists.", to mike the rounds for radio interviews, and a feature plannedand
Fla. Dr. and Mrs. George W. a cab driver, he was noted executed by Bill Splllers, publisher, Cincinnati Herald,en*
in Florida." It is extensive In- titled "What An Entertainer Does In His Time."
Gore Jr. and Dr. B. L. Perry for providing free newspapers. Elect First Spare
will also attend the conference. vestlgatlon of employment cigarettes, chewing gum;umbrella FAMU Piped Butler, "What spare time?"
SCHOLAR FETED-Mrs. George W. Gore
trends in manufacturing Industries service and other extras The Cincinnati branch of the Jerry Butler Fan Club got off to
Dr. Gore is president of Florida
AIM and Dr. Perry Is director in Florida from 1940- for his fares. Jr. wife of the president of Florida A&M Negro To a flying start and several things are belngplanned by city members -

of research and grants 1965 with projection to 1970; University, Tallahassee, presents a gift to Include teens from across the Ohio River In Kentucky.

at the Florida institution. the relationship of these trendsto Julian Bond to Dr. Samuel E. Russell during a recent Real Estate Id. Splllers, youthfully prominent member of the National News-
The program will include committee public school curricula, and fete given In recognition of his having paper Publishers Association, has decided to work for the new
Implications for curricula adjustments entertainment newspaper, "The Word." He is scheduled to fly
and general meetings, earned the Doctor of Education from AUSTIN, Texas -(NPI) M.
relative to Industry RehllffedWill degree to Chicago next month for a national seminar being called by
election of regional officers, needs. the University of Pennsylvania. The gift J. (Andy) Anderson, prominent the publishers
discussions, committee Capitol City real estate broker
He earned the B. S. and M. S. from The Sportsmans Club doesn't plan to with
ports, recommendations to the Dr. and Mrs. Gore was one of several became the first Negro in the stop Mercury recording
degrees from Florida AIM University Try AgainATLANTA artist Jerry Butler however. Also scheduled to
general alumni association, presented to the honoree during the af- southwest to be elected to the appear
and certificate from in the
a fabulously-appointed Jim McGrlff Ahmad
room are
presentation of awards,and will fair. Seated in Austin Real Estate Board.Pre- ,
front is Russell
the Foreign Service Institute. -NPI-.The Jamal, Sam and Dave, Damita Jo, Cannonball Adderley, Jr.
end with a dinnerdance.Program expected sident Bob Bailey in a luncheon
Since 1950, he has worked at happened again to Julian wife of the honoree Dr. Russell an associate ceremony at the Driskill Hotel Walker, Martha and the Vandellas, Gloria Lynn and Jimmy
AIM (except for foreign ser- of Smith..
Bond, Georgia representative- professor Industrial educationand administered the realtor's
ForUnemployatles vice employment) as a printing elect from the 126th district, assistant director of the Vocational- pledge to Anderson, along with Two of my favorite women will make the end of June and first

instructor, an assistant pro- but he still refuses to throw In Technical Institute; was honored by two white realtors of July really swinging weeks in Newport. Mary Wells opens'
fessor and
industrial education.professorof A nativeof the towel. colleagues in the institute and other R. L. (Bob) Wormley, Ander- for a week June 21, followed by Maxine Brown, Jung, 28. I may
Bond was, for the second time, son's business partner, was sneak back down for them.
Jacksonville, Dr. Russellwas rebuffed In his attempts to take university officials at a party held at admitted as an associate mem- Met Dayton (Ohio) deejay Gene Barry (not Bat Masterson,

SE W "ORKNPI>- Pro graduated from the Peck his rightful place In the state the Holiday Inn. A native of Fernandina, ber of the board. mind you) of WDAO-FM, who plays everything that Jerry
High School at Fernandina,Fla., legislature. The House Rules Fla. Dr. Russell earned his Butler his
grams have been launched In undergraduate The Integration of this local sings on highly-rated station.tigttttttiiitiq.
In 1938.In .
three cities in the northern Committee voted last week to degree at FAMU, where he was an industrialarts business establishment marks

half of the nation, and in three leave 1953 of absence Russell from was Florida granteda leave his name off the legislative education major.FAMU staff photoby another historic first for Texas. It's been a succession of heartbreaks. First Barbara fillips

S widely separated areas, rolls. Ernest Anderson was selected upon his broke my heart in Buffalo; Tracy Hornsby, in Atlanta; Earllne
|to "make unemployables employable AtM University for a tour of Prior to rendering the Fillyau. first application. Henderson, in Los Angeles; Janet Houston, In Cleveland; and
." service in Baghdad, Iraq under decision, the committee had now, Elsie Frailer is going to break my heart In Detroit. I
sponsorship of the U. S. State listened to 90 minutes of testi Clinic Scheduled can feel It coming.
In New York
i a pilot training Should Government Officials
Department. He served as assistant -
during which Bond See the Stars.
[program, going under the in- mony, refused you Among
director of the
[trlguing title of MIND (Methodsof T.chnicallnstitute and as printIng his original to retract outspoken any portion view.concero.1ng of. Ask Job Seekers' Race? AIM uUnlverslty Football Florida anI'
[ Intellectual Development) (OKOUTslTHROUGH
'as announced. consultant to the Iraqi gov- Viet Nam and the basketball coaching Clinic will ( THE AGES
ernment.A draft. WASHINGTON - The has program enabled, already 20 undery prolific contributor to edu- It then went Into secret session government officials ask-- a- Job He did not say whether he would sons interested in attending the 'THE FIRST EVIDENCE OF MAN USING FIRE TO COOK HIS FOOD\ CAME FROM

erto, Rican teenage Negro rlrls and cation magazines, he also has and an hour later returned applicant's'. r ce-- order the head count and apparently clinic should write to Coach THE LOWER PALEOLITHIC\ \\\ RUN\ NEARLY 1lf "' \lW K&W1 i
'- published a book entitled Test Us Two civil rights leaders came let the city's,, policy Jake Caltner.Florida A&M University -
host of them high school drop- ruling against Mating Bond UNTIL flU A HEAT COULD>BE COHTMLUD THERE COUID K LITTLE COOKING.
Items' 'in Industrial Edu ation. First elected to the house seat 'up with opposing answers to the stand. Tallahassee, Florida
s-- to gain enough profi- His scholastic and education
question as
In a campaign against Atlanta government
fey in typing and spelling achievements have earned for University Dean Malcolm J. officials in two cities took
t i find clerical jobs in industry.ey .
him membership in such societies equally contradictory actions.:
Dean (GOP), he was barred .,
are products of a 20- as: Alpha Kappa Mu, from a seat. He returned againto In New York, Herbert Hill, h
eek course" held inhe
"cram American Society for EngineerIng run unopposed. NAACP labor secretary, opposed -
headquarters( of the National Education, Kappa Delta Pi, In his third try for'the post,' a U. S. Labor Depart-

fThe Association of Manufacturers. NCCPA, Phi Delta Kappa, and Bond will face his former opponent :ment plan to record job applicant's 'I lfJ. i'fn
program Is jointly spon- Pi Gamma Mu. Dean, in the Democratic race in order promote !' ., : :
[sored by NAM and the Chemical
Russell listed integration.Hill .
Recently, was
Dean has
(I Bank L: New York Trust Com- In the 1966 edition of Who's switched to the Democratic said the NAACP still believes SUPER

pany. Who In College and University : that racial designations .. .
In Chicago, the U. S. Employment Publications. Party. continue to represent a "dan .. ,

!' Service launched a $250, Dr. Russell Is married to the Dr. W.A. Freeman :get to the Interests of Negro PRICES 'GOOD THROUGH 'c' SUNDAY AT EDGEWOQD AYE B.
000 program to train youths in former Careta Lotson of Savannah workers."

I skilled crafts, under the spon- Ga. They have three child Heads Hampton'sFund If the new policy must go Into
sorship of the Urban Leagueand ren. The Russells reside in 'effect Hill urged that separate FLA. GRADE AFRYERS

the Illinois State Employ- Tallahassee at 3307 North Ridge Drive ,records be kept so that personnel -
ment Service. Road. officials and business and
Purpose of the apprenticeship HAMPTON, Va. Dr. W. government would not know the
program, said Frank H. Cas- Clothing Workers Adrian Freeman, retired Chief applicant's race.

sell, USES director, "is to. Attending Traumatic Surgeonat He was referring to decision 29
reach the poor and disadvan-, Hear R. Wilkins Harlem and Mt. Morris Park by Labor Secretary W. Willard LB.

taged." ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Hospitals, will serve as Chair- Wlrts to require racial identification
He called employers to' of the National Alumni
upon Roy Wilkins, executive directorof man on his department'semployment
turn their backs on their past Campaign Committee for records.
the National Association for CUT
practices of "always seeking i' the Advancement of Colored Hampton Institute's Centennial The change, which reverses WESTERN CENTER
to hire the best and rejecting1 Fund drive. previous policy, will affect the :
the :
People, was principal speaker
the poorest candidates." at the afternoon sessionof His acceptance was announcedby 2,000 officers of the federal-
Even in riot-scarred Watts Dr. William W. Watson
the 25th biennial conventionof employment services PORK CHOPS LB.79.C
(Los Angeles), there was a the Amalgamated Clothing President of the National Hampton 'across the nation."I .

privately-supported job center Workers of America Alumni Association on Sat- am sick and tired," Wits
functioning.. urday afternoon followinga had said, "of false piety of
meeting of that body convened those who answer inquiries
BOtDEN'S SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOL at the college. about the racial aspect of their PUREX

Dr. Freeman will head a com- employment or membership
-StirtiBf June 14- mittee of approximately 100 practices with the bland, smug

men and women in a bid to answer that 'Oh, we don't know,'

Study with Richard L. Bolden, music specialist raise 200,000 from 8,000 because, of course, we wouldn't BLEACH 10
alumni. This effort is a partof keep records on anything like* Y2 GAL.

the predominantly N.r r 0coUege's that'."
national drive for$18, Wells said the administrationneeds
000,000 which, in two years, racial statistics to see LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE MONEY ORDER
has raised
over$8,250,000 from where discrimination remains.He .
HOSPITAL AIDE COURSE 2,100 Individuals, corporationsand added that job applicantsmay

Training for hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, private foundations. refuse to state their ran. DIXIE CRYSTAL
patiects. Following his graduation from Meanwhile, Edwin C. Berry,
Hampton Institute In 1922, Dr. executive director,Chicago Urban -
Boliea's College Of Music Freeman attended the University League called on Mayor +:
1816 W. 20tk Street of Toledo and then enrolledat Richard J. Daley to take a SUGAR !:, ,:,' .29c' :
University racial head count among city 5 LB. I
El 4-0006, El &.&4&5, El 5.9122 earning his medical degree In employees to find out whether 'I
1929. He Interned at Harlem job discrimination was being .t. 1 BAGAURD

Hospital and pursued postgraduate -, practiced. LIMIT ONE $5.00 OR MORE MONEY ORDER
WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou studies at New York Berry said the bead count was -
University and Bellevue Hos- needed "as a guide for 6ge
pital. corrective action where lB.
Seek The Best Doctor He is a Fellow the American and for the edification of U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK

When Your Doctor Prescribes, ." College of Surgeons, the New ,the general public where
Get Experienced Pharmacists" York Academy of Medicine, a findings are satisfactory. 10 U. LAG 49C
member of the American Medical U.S. # 1 POTATOES
...According to your Doctor's The mayor was urged to set
Orders We Use Only The ,lst va Association the New York up apprenticeship programs for
Quality Drugs County Medical Society and Negroes with all craft unions SMALL EGGS DO!. IN CARTON 29C
C. E. bLACK numertous other professional doing business with the city. ..4

Proprietor !organizations.Long The mayor, however, answered -

3 Registered pharnaclHtH TO ftorve you active in civic and educational Berry's suggestion by observing FROZEN FRENCH FRIED POTATOES 2 18. BAG 25C

0( affairs Dr. Freeman has that references to race ,' _
established graduate scholarship in city personnel record had ,
----A COMPLETE LINK U P- funds at both Hampton been removed partly because

Institute and Western Reserve. of urging from civil rights PILLSBURY FLOUR 5 18. BAG 49C ,

Cusmetics I Rubber G'rudM- Candlox-Sundries

Train now for tomorrow fobs QT.

Drug Store You mold' IK- right, lint lIav"lilt.. 'Ilit-ne Jjyi, tome SHORTENING .3 t. CAN ;
john are dinapt"| | -: "for KII.HI| lnTKiuc mjtlmici" do them ,

1907 KINGS ROAD I In'in'r than nucu.'I'ht I'M primiemi. It rrriirci proMemi.llni .

i it, rftso rfrficK' i>/'uriiiHiifi for 'new and tatter I join. \ WHITE BREAD URGE lOAF ''O
EL-3-8276 Will vuii l I.i< 1Iialili..1| l 'ii "C''J.i! m heard f fft


( '
..-..-..- -- .


- ., II* ft 1HIMSATURDAY .

;; I




--- -

CAMPUS NEWS To Crown W.saer i -

.., ,
I- ,,
Bjr DORIS BROWN .. q: .

.. .. .
The gauntlet of self-appraisal and self-evaluation was tossed ,., ....
down before 115 KnoiTllle (Tenn.) college graduates during ;t
baccalaureate services by the Rev. Eugene Si Clair Callen- '
.der, pastor, Church of the Master, New York.
Speaking on the subject "What Can We Expect in These 1j -
Times?", the Cambridge (Mus.) native challenged the graduates -
to begin with themselves If they "expect great things of a94
human nature." 'i tut,
Fundamentally, he said, human nature may be the only thing
that can be changed lie further urged them to Improve their By MARION B. CAMPFIELD
own "standards and performances..keep company with the HIGH CHAIR SET
masters" Mealtime for the little adora- reach, but close at hand for

"It is not by will power, not by bootstrap effort, but by the bles of the nigh chair set can mom whenever the need arises
rebuking and Inspiring )Influence of the masters that life is be a time for coaxing, cajoling -and the needs are legion.
remade..0ur expectation of society will be determined by and oftlmes downright trickery -
whatever we estimate people to be capable of being and doing" 1)i): A real problem, though, ARTISTRY IN THREAD
etaoeteeee Is mop-up> time accompanying An unique kind of artistry recently -

A five-point plan to help disadvantage students through residential i- following a set-to with hlgh- was discovered down
colleges In such areas as Watts (Los Angeles)-is partof chart royalty. Kentucky way. Instead of the
an overall program to Increase educational opportunities- r Now, mom Is rapidly swear Ing usual canvas,pallette and easel,
has been proposed to the Coordinating Council for Higher by an Increasingly popular this creator of things of beauty

Education I c. clean-up aid to solve them,however uses a 25-year-old sewing ma-
Dr. Kenneth A. Martyn, professor of special education, Cal- 1. .t + She's found out that the chine she purchased for $13 to
State, L. A., and a consultant to the McCone Commission, recommended w bib doesn't eaten cereal or express her talent.
In addition,"large campuses of 300 or more acres, strained vegetables spoon- Threads of brilliant hues and
and, above all, planned culturally dlversive student body" spattered from dish to ear or the treadle sewing machine are
which could "reduce the final geographic barriers to equal educational elbow or, more likely than all this purveyor of art sans
opportunities." P4A not to mother. canvas needs. Her techniques

Dr. Martyn further proposed ethnic quotas to prevent student She's not caught off guard, seem easy
body in one of these new Institutions from being dominated by though when there's the handy If you want to try your artistic -
;! '. }i' ability via the sewing ma-
race. L/ I/f/I/ / .i/I : dispenser or convenient box
**.**.**** :> :: \ of Kimberly-Clark two-ply tissues chine, try the method employedby
MORGAN STATE COLLEGE, Baltimore Six graduate i'.1. .. nearby Ellen Duffy of Lexington to
students were awarded Morgan State's first master's degrees 'off,J."... ."".. ; >. .'.... ,{ To make the high chair set's "paint" her.sewIDr machine
"jJj ..
during commencement exercises for 433 graduates fro m 17 // _1.1-. t -N J f: J"I- I I feeding time really' easy, portraits.
states, D. C., and eigh fovign! countries and U. S. possesions. ,:I. ,,; there's a simple answer for First, she draws an outline on
Four received master's of science degrees; two others were 1 ,"';H::: ::'" baby's mq>-up, In pop-up variety linen and then starts "paint
". '' ing" with tens of thousands of
awarded master's degrees in the arts..aeu.ra } Junior sired Just for that
VIP bit of precious masculinityor long stitches criss-crossing the
FAYETTEVILLE STATE (N.C.) COLLEGE A $235,000 a j .t aNEW femininity background and other types of

loan has been approved by the Office of Education, Washington, "Juniors" can be easily tapedto stittches for details.
to help build a new physical education building on the college the back of the high chair. Prized and latest example of
campus. The new building will be a combination teaching facility ,' They're always out of baby's ber artistry Is a portrait of
and gymnasium for women students.In the Duchess of Windsor as she
addition, the National Science Foundation, Washington, appeared when Edward YD abdicated
awarded a $2,000 grant to be used under the direction fo Dr. Mrs. Eva J.ennings'Article the throne of Englandto
Tyng Tsalr Cbao, department of chemistry. marry her. It took Miss Duffy
********** AcceptedFor two months and 30 large spools

HAMPTON INSTITUTE, Hampton, Va. Dr. W. Adrian of thread to complete the nearly
Freeman, retired chief: attending traumatic surgeon at Harlem Publication 3x4 foot portrait.
and Mt. Morris Park hospitals, has accepted the chairmanship
of the national alumni campaign committee for the Institute's TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-Mrs. Get Ready For

centennial: fund drive to raise $200,000 from 8000. ._ Eva B. Manning, an alumna
This effort is of the national artve-lor $1S AIM and
a part college's of Florida University That Beur'H..lt t
million In the'past I two \years, over $8.4 million has been teacher In the' Leon County ..

raised from 2,100 individuals, corporations and foundations. public school system, has been TALLAHASSEE The month
-....... notified by the University of of June may be a time for

NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE, Durham National and Chicago that ther article, "The honeymoon and fishing trips
state teacher education bodies have given the stamp of approval Challenge of a Change," has but It Is not too early to plan
to accreditation of NCC's graduate program in teacher education been accepted by the editorial a hunting trip especially If
preparing elementary and secondary school teachers at board of publication the Sep-' your Interest may be in hunting
the master's degree level. tember, 1966 Issue of The Elementary Florida's black bear. Preseason -
The groups include the National Council for Accreditation ot .. .-. ..-- -- .,-- School Journal. The bear hunts are' held each

Teacher.: cation the North Carolina Department of Public article deals with Mrs. Man- year in the Apalachicola and
Instruction and the Association of Colleges and Schools. nings' reactions to having to Osceola National Forests beginning -
The accredited program will prepare school service personnel "QUEEN" NEEDED Pretty Mary Anna Duncan, Miss test there Aug.22-27.The annual contest Is now open to entries, change from one grade to ano- in September.
Florida World of 1965 will be hand 4-7 at Coral with eligible girls between 17 and 27 asked to write for applications -
elementary and secondary school principals! supervisors. on Aug. Cape ther "without having a remorseful / W. B. Copeland, chairman of
and guidance counselors-at master's degree level for automatic Fla., to crown her successor. Winner of the annual pageant to Contest Director Gayle Carson, 333 Alcazar Ave., feeling." the Game and Fresh Water
certification._ heads next for Columbus, Ohio, and the Miss USA-World con- Coral Gables, Fla. She is the author of another Fish Commission said,

article, a pictorial piece,which "Twenty-eight bear hunts of
Fish Are Bit'tig Honored At FAMU Boaters Warned will be published In the September three days each are scheduled
The Peace Corps brings 1966 Issue of Grade Teacher for the two national forests

Y ,- AboutUse Entitled "Creativity in 'beginning September 19 and
idealists lown.to earth.You At Lake Jackson ': ,: It Reading the pictorial article .continuing through November
I' ..,. shows children in a reading 5. Hunters who wish to participate -
i ih it iw
t Ski Belts
class at work in class
could join For information, write TALLAHASSEE'Florida Is group In the managed hunts
The Peace Corps, Washington D.C. 20525 famous for Its fresh water fishIng A TALLAHASSEE Florida situations should begin now to organize
/1 and one of the hottest spots boaters are reminded that ski Mrs. Mannings, who Is a sixth their hunting party as each
.. ,...... ., _
fo.t'tf" t > Nn"It' .00 IK Th a/nttUry Count I
In a state loaded with hot spots belts are not acceptable lifesaving -, grade teacher at the Southwest hunt is limited io not more
might well be Lake Jackson equipment. While ski Elementary School Tallahassee than 17 people> except upon
located almost within sight of belts are fine for skiers, if Is the mother of twin approval of the hunt supervisor. -
the Capitol at Tallahassee. the skier gets Into the boat, daughters, Jeanne andJeanette, ."
According to O. E. Frye, director there must be an approved lifesaving sophomores at Florida AIM Each bunting party must make
WAMEDIAL of the Game and Fresh device on board for each 'UnIversity. The Mannings' application for the managed
Water Fish Commission, this Individual the boat side at 421 North Buchan St., bunts prior to August 26 and
statement Is based on the findIngs According to Brantley Good- Tallahassee. obtain a $50.00 party permit.
of a fisherman's creel son, Chief of Law Enforcement
census being conducted on the Game and Fresh Water Fish
lake. The census which mea- Commission, buoyant cushions
: 1260 sures the fishing pressure and are acceptable 11 the style and r
fishermen catch started May design of the cushion Is U. S.
21 and will be concluded June Coast Guard approved.
19. "Lifesavlng devices are completely .
During the recent Memorial' useless If they are
FLORIDA'S day week-end, wildlife officers stored In a locker or tucked Y
and fisheries biologists checkeda under a seat In case of emergency -

total of 1,891 fishermen.Only ," emphasised Coodson. .
two of the 1,891 were unsuces- ....,

sful, the remaining 1,889 either
had their limit or a bragging t .
string of panfish and bass. One
# fishermen was arrested for exceeding 4 4 i

the bag limit, he had ihe SHORTY-$35.

1 hours.114 fish after fishing for three MEDALO STYLE #665

for compute Iliuitraud Catalof of
In addition to checking fishing M.d.la Heir Stylet.Wli.Half cape

licenses the creel census Is t _.nd...NtwMnmUMud... U'. yov FREE name poe and
... tuat writ*.
designed to determine the hours r.q.
Health Normal H"i. Gcl/Meeol i Hair Prod. Ins
spent in fishing, type fishing, SEBRING STUDENT HONORED AT FAMU-Edmund Henry, CROWS Naturally from the? HAIR MOOTSin D.,.. 5. 5. BklynJS, N.Y.
type of tackle used, bait used graduating senior in the Florida At M University School of Pharmacy YOUR SCALP. The condition el
and fish caught.The information receives the McKesson and Robbins Award from Dean rev the hair natural often depend health .heavilyon ( your

gathered during the census will Hurd M. Jones Jr., during the recent School of Pharmacy Hon catp.NOT Invented Yean duo a DOCTOR meditated CAM-Ufformula
RHYTHM & permit the Com"issiontoeval-{ ors' convocation. A resident of Sebring, Fla., Henry Is the son called CARBONOKU
BLUES ate the lake from a recreational which la mixed with many pro. :
of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Henry Sr., of Scoring. on beneficial Ingredient. CAX .
Mint of view. BONOEC la such d. strongppwse. f
Frye said "The fishermen'are ------ Cut ankeepUa deee turn fine
work In helplnf. an ITCHY
not Questioned on the proposal Train Musical Ear Ir stir BUMPY DAN&KOrr: ocalp thattan '
ldJl UOWkfx' DOCTORS retard It highly J
to lower
the water levelof
hat and PRESCRIBE It foe many
Anyone who hearing, can
Lake Jackson but nine out scalp trouble. Many annoying
hear .M M
muiic. externally cauted acalp condition
of every ten fishermen checked The overcoming what it are really relieved by u..
key lo : .
RADIO STATION"WHAMMY voluntarily VM .* thii Triple Irmtth tar
expressed opposition Ba&WSTDo.u mistakenly referred to al "tonedealne. formula Writ for thla DOCTOR j
to the proposal to alter the BY 5 ".., ..," U concentrated listening, .GENVINB SCALP FORMULA
It win I be ant tta all
water 0o I yes
level. uv adviir Mildred Alexander, organist :sluad and ready to ass. 'as rrIVOR ]coat comb and broth t* add ..lor"KV.WiSVlU
and educational consultant to Hammond I OATS, and ': you an rat Will not rub .'/.
SUMMERTIME COMBO .uU.tl.d, your ask. Pay DYI.t..l......'"'....>l war
aIr dimmer when Organ Company WMIM'S .sty. gasu on dcUnr7. This aa'aI to.A1d color gradually l AVOIDS
Noted M.D. In tl h. bal "If .. .. suDDEN DYED
Says Soap rUli are fat, 0111.111, ,ii.I' 11111.".! you really want to enrich penny more.earything.You (et tt-.s.t.: ; B.ushsttah.dfosnstng LOOK
It ttest lnM imlblllly byIrugarslare noarliiK Your life with more music listen direction*. U.. the flnMi MEDICATED -alaing. Pr.nnt..oSun rubbing.
ncautlficr l III .
'htar lln-w Clay Dot be to it on the radio, hi-R, television, otl ght Product SCALP FORMULA yourbteny eel.be .Con....... in I.. PIa.1t0 pec".1 C......,,..C.si. .
"The best all-around conditioner u lure In Ian Inrkle box tlmlwlllHi'HiHK at concent, with your ears,' your ..can.r...bur.fine Youe ears. rut hair Bond andaealp i't: .Blw.alt ......... 81.clt t..

lln-lr Inlcmil .mind, and your heart Best of all' your nam and addro to-GOLD lust ..
and beautifier for young When no single appro11aeema Tram to play a simple musical in- or The Week ;tU-.rra: ..DUf!: INC.Bay. .is.. .. '0.. etllnr tutshod., tlu. Pay 1..1.04CI..,.,
MIAMI" back i1 .
IN ckln..ls plain toilet asserts two, itrimienl' like home You II aet '
soap, '
to work, then try a organ Brooklyn 91* NY. NOTE: THIS o.14 ea..l Nat,; '
medical writer Wil .< find yourself Tunes FORMULA ....... a TOO% writ uwa. In. ,
Dr. apeelallata distinguishing ...
urge the flahlna Florida. .. Dap' 1.1, .kl,.. U. H.. Y."
and Miami ( money bar guarantee.
liam Brady. Mercury outboard tonrt" she promises : .' .
L f,

.. L. .. .
-- .-.:;...-.... ...;: ...:; '--- -- \ --- -- r -- -- --4

...;;..;. .:;.i.., : .. ",'

I SATURDAY 1m II mi nn ; ; as'r PAGE 7

AII-SWAC Team Loaded.. Elected To The Hill Of Fame .Jim' Parker Is Lecturer For

I With Southern
U. RmersBy FAMU Coaching' Clinic

The complete aU-sw AC team Y .y .. 'Thursda)'.
era University Thlaclads liter : the all-pro offensive
{ :
follows ,, ., : Frank
il.1UI McGuIre
ill- dominated the all-South : \ lineman for the Baltimore Colts head basketball -
Western Athletic Conference) 100-yard dash: George Anderson -'' prof..slonalfootball team, will coach of the University of
track and field team releasedlast and Grundy Harris,South- be a lecturer at the list annual South Carolina Gamecocks Is

week. era University; James rinses.; ..... ...... ...... Florida AtU University CoachIng the guest clinician: for the basketball
Texas -- ........ .
Oddly enough, Southern Unl- Southern University .';;.. .:-' .".. .,--..- -- __. '.' ....... .. Clinic here, June 13-16. section scheduled: for
verslry* 400-yard relay team 220-yard dash: George Anderson a. Parker is scheduled: to discuss all day Thursday,June 16.
which careened to a 39.6 world Southern University; Arnold "The Baltimore Colts' PassProtection" Coach McCulre has a succes
record In the California relays Bristol and James Mines, during the Tuesday sful basketball coaching record
was not picked as a unit, but Texas Southern University; afternoon session. He will that stretches back 27 years
each member of the unit sewedup Richard Stebbins, Grambllng. return Wednesday morning fora His record through Ugh school,
a spot on the all-conference 400-yard dash: Theron Lewis, lecture on "Trends In Pro 'professional basketball, and
team. Southern University; Thomas fessional Football" Jim has 'college lists 459 wins against
The world mark was the second Miller, Alcorn; Elbert Stlnson, been used by the Colts as key 193 losses.
straight In two years for the Arkansas. blocker In offensive pass Other coaches on the clinic
Jaguars Last year the mile 830-yard run: George Hunt, protection. staff are Bob Devaney, head
relay team of Robert Johnson, Texas Southern University;Felix "Gigantic Jim," as he [often football coach, University of
Anthony Gates, Everette Mason Johnson, Prairie View;Len- called Joined the Colts In 1957 Nebraska; Charlie McLendon,
and Tberon Lewis ran 3.04.5: nox. Yearwood, Grambllng. after being named to the All head football coach, Louisiana
to tie the existing world mark. .One-Mile: run: Bruce Carter, American team and winning the State University; James Wan-
George Anderson won double Texas Southern University,Anthony Outland Trophy at Ohio State xa, bead football ka<*h, North-
honors, getting a place on the Southern Crux and Darrow Dodson, University The Outland award western High School, Miami
100 and 220 yard dash rolls; University. I goes, each year, to the best Fla.; Forrest McKlnney, for
Grundy Harris was one of three Two-Mile run: Anthony Crus Interior lineman in the country.The mer head football coach at Union
picked In the 100 yard dash; and Darrow Dodson, Southern winner is named by the Academy, Bartow, Fla.; and
Webster Johnson ended up on University; Charles Ruth, Al Football Writers Association: Jimmy Sharpe, assistant foot-
the team as a member of the corn. of America. ball coach, University of Ala-
mile relay unit, and Harvey Discus: Curtis EnID, Texas Parker has been an Allproand bama.
Nairn as one of three of the Southern University; W.W. has played almost every Coach Devaney Is going to be
Jackson and Ray Scott, Prairie minute In assisted his
long-Jump picks. every Pro Bowl game by offensive line
Selected on Southern's all View. since he has been in professional coach, Carl Selmer. Assistant
SWAC mile relay team were, Javelin: Robert Celestlne and football. He was a first coaches coming from LSU are
Anthony Gates, Robert Johnson, Michael Washington, Southern round draft choice of the Colts Charles Pevey and Bill Beall.
University James Williams,
Lewis ; In 1957.
Theron and Everette Ma-
son. It was Gates, Robert John- Alcorn. He first played offensive tac A&T Athletes
Nolen Batiste.
Triple Jump:
kle for the Colts before
son, Mason and Lewis who tied
the world's record of 304.5 in and Willie Owens,Southern University + forced by an Injury to be shifted Gets Top Award
the California relays last year. ; Lee Hicks, Texas J to left guard. This was In the
Southern University. 4 middle of the Colts' 1962 kam GREENSBORO, N. C.-Elvin
h palgn. Parker was so outstanding Bethea and Melvin Phillips,two
DR. PALMA'S in both positions that he was star athletes at AAT College,
named All-Pro In both posi last week took the lion's shareof
tions. awards at the annual athletic
Office Will Open July 5th Parker is a key man In the dinner
Baltimore offense. Countless The affair, a buffet and dance
ii- i touchdowns have been directed combination, at which the ath-
At I 1123 N. Myrtle Are through his line slot, and he letes in all sports and their
is agile enough to haul his 275 guests attended, was held at
pounds around the flank while the Charles Moore Gymnasium.
You Don't Have To Go To Town To Get leading a ball carrier on a Bathes, who has been making
sweep headlines this spring In the
The FAMU clinic opens Monday track and field world in the shot
LOW PRICESDRUG at 9:30: a.m. In the air- put and discus events, and who
Lexington, Ky. -- John Witbeck ((2nd left) vice president and general sales managerof conditioned Charles Winter last fall starred as tackle on
of National Distillers In Cleveland, Ohio, National Slstlllers. Adding their con- Wood Theatre, with greetings the football team,was presented
STORE NEEDSTrade was elected to the Hall of Fame honoring gratulations are John Lethbridge, ( left) from Dr. George W. Core Jr., three-top awards.
Old vice president of Natlonak Distillers, and president of the university. Heyward McKie, star end on
_. outstanding Taylor'salesmen He holds football section runs Monday, the football team, was awardedthe
-------- Ray Herrmann Jr. vice president and
the "Hall' I of Fame Award"t prrsented at a assistant Tuesday, and Wednesday. Basketball plaque which goes to the
-titli Your Neighborhood Drug store dinner here by James H. Mclnerney, ( right) general manager. comes Into the spotlight "Most Congenial Athlete."
papers we Deliver fte also fill all DOC-
tin prescript FIGHT CANCER Tennis Club

Watch Holds Election
Dixie r
the Johnson Branch YMCA QUANTITY \
This Clown Tennis Club elected officers RIGHTS RESERVED I
for the 1966 season with Julius ,

1302 Kings Road .At. Myrtle Avenue 157 33 215' Jones,program secretary,pre SPECIALS GOOD ,
,"" A. I .. hit. v--: '' .A ..Lr... .i ,.. ,-.t,... .. siding.Tbe officers. are: Joseph Wal- -. ''" "'HROUGH"SATa.RD' : Y'\' .\Mot

Phones Elgin 555979J.) 7 15 \-' 2& ker, president; Jerome Parker,
vice president; Mrs. Barbara
1 4 Jones, secretary; Mrs Mildred
Mrs. Charlotte Edwards, trea MORTON porPIES

BILLS, AT OUR STORE 8 surer Julius; Arthur Gulnyard Perry,,reporter.chaplainand (

; The club will meet each First : 5' o=..ggc.ruaKer '
c ,CIfEN
"Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer" 3 and Third Sunday, beginning at CRISCOLIMIT ,
7 p.m., In the YMCA Building.
5-14 36 Practice sessions will be held C
each Saturday from 9 to 11:30:
R. S. EVANS3RD 131! Het 423 a.m., and Sunday from 3 to 6 1 WITH OTHER FOOD 3 6 SWEET BISCUITFLOUR

Sometimes Up Sometimes p.m. PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MORE IBS. 7
The court will also be available ,
He's Down He adds subtracts]
& MAIN He works It all arou"4 for tennis between 12 and liS. 39C
1 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. NESCAFE INSTANT
Leonard Curtis,tennis professional
'66 MODELS LOW AS 1500) MILES '64-35-5
at Boone Park,conducted PLAIN OR SELF RISING
CHOICE OF COLORS COMING ATTRACTIONS a clinic on tennis recently.
Members of the club are:Mrs. .59
$2295 Ines Butler, Mrs Gertrude
Eufaula Barron JAR SliCED
Huffman Mrs. ,
v-A w. pin MF im. fAf-iont ,
? Linda McMillan Mrs.
66 <:Bfev.! IMP. $2595 MAN'S Doris Banks, Mrs. Elizabeth LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD
.K, rorr VA AOJn Mri'' Denson, Mrs. Carolyn Baker, 89C
RAN "OWE* iTTrlirNG, rAf OIT DAYS Mrs. Verletta Williams, Mrs PURCHASES OF $55.00 OR MORE 3 Vi CANS

P51TIAC $2795 Rosa L. Williams, Mrs Cora
NUMBERED L. Walker,Guelda Pierce,Shela EZ LIQUID
IRA rOP AvtnMAI'1V RN.M'A..A'.I '
<:TRV HTFERINO W R""TY AM> MAKr*. Hlghtower, Regina Gulnyard, SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK
65 FORD 'Man's Days are Cum Norman Denson, Willie Denson SAVE
T..III $2195 beredHealth and Jr., Willie Denson Sr.,Leonard IDe STARCH
V OAlAXnr ,TnRt Baker, Donald Barron, JameBarron .
AIRRPN7 I! Fortune Can Be Yours When
you Know Your Lucky Days Henry Daniels, Jimmy GAl.
$2995 Walker, Miss Gladnell Richardson cUQ

*P*V it TIA'',.AH-ANTV AIR f"ONnntOMO. oNiviiMnr rC*, Lucky Colors Etc. Miss Mimics Williams, PIW/C/
Send $2.00()( for your Jimmy Edwards and Bill Johnson -
Over J 100 Can To Choose From .
Horoscope Guide Sat

R. S.
Fill In the blank below and Director 4 BLEACH
Named A SAVE
mall to ZODIAC, Post Offl.ee'Box : ft lOC

& MAINEL 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla., Of PersonnelORALNDO HENS IQERB.3 > GAL.. 49C[

4-8131: -- PM-33a2; : STREET-NAME -- Buren,former(FNS)AllAmerlcan St.uVan pusil .

"Jdl"'IJ) M'"1.r""n""fj, r".I..r" DATE OF BIRTH-Mo.-Day entry football Into the star Professional and last year's SWIFT'S PREMIUM FRESH PICNIC

Football Hall of Fame,has been
named vice president anddiree- :
tor of player personnel of the LB.39C
Orlando Panthers, Central Flo PORK ROAST
rida's new professional football
team of the Continental Football

1 0 of the nation's all-time SWIFT'S PREMIUM PURE PORK ROLL

football treats, Van Buren was FANCY GOLDEN BANTAMCORN
All American Halfback at LSU
in 1942 and 1943. The following SAUSAGE
year be became the top draft
choice of the Philadelphia Eagles -
and a sparkplug on the
Eagles for eight years & 49
Van Buren steps up from head 49C
coach to his new position. Per- LB.
ry Moss, former coach of the
Charleston, W. Va. Rockets, ;
g has taken over the coaching U.S. NO. 1 GT.FA..
duties of the Orlando Panthers .;J

head Moss football was athletic coach director at Florida and PKG. 690

State University la 1V 9. POTATOES .59Ct
The Panthers were formerly IBS WITH $$5.00 OR H92E i
the Newark Bears of the C. F. FOOD ORDER
L. who moved their franchise:
,,to Orlando last February. :1'

....._,- .4.. ."'f.!r
t ) *
I,.. / ;

__......._T f' 1 1 ". .. ...-........-- 1 -

--- -- -- ------

II Tea TimeA Installed Club Members Dining Car Employees Help Keep Freedom

.Jet Memorial ServiceThe
Revival Tea will be sponsored In Brooks Prayer House at 4 "4" 1Jt..... :"'"'....:\ \ t 0 .r..> ,,),\, "'''.t. it.. WANTED
Sunday by Mrs. Gwendo- p.m. Mrs. Louise Nelson will ..}"1,. .. ,'.\('T>t' ,"; :,}.h. :..,'" ,'."" '",:" \;.)' \" : 'li'i" \lt, conduct Dining their Car 29th Employeeswill annual MAIDS; N. Y.SLEEP-IN JOBS.
lyn Combs, Mrs. Helen Thomas speak. ,t' : Salaries to $65, Are advanced l
era ,, Memorial Day services June
and Mrs. Georgia Floyd In Bethlehem Rush references, phone num
Baptist Church. ,Usher Board 3 of Ut. Ararat 19 In Mt Ararat Baptist Church, ber. ABLE MAIDS AGENCY,
The program is scheduled to Baptist Church will sponsor a commencing at 7 p.m. 163 MAINFREEPORTN.Y.
at 4 Spring Tea Sunday at 4 p.m., The participants! are: W. C.
begin p.m.Auxiliary
Brown, Gabriel Hopkins, A. P.
**** in the home of Mrs. Ruth U.
\ Board 2 of Mt. Zion Peal, 633 W. 17ta St. Rogers, C. L. Williams, H. W. HELP WANTED MALE
**** Rogers, Mrs. Meltonia L. Vaughan -
will Its Partine TIme
AME Church observe
Rev. D. J.Graham, Mrs.
59th from District 2 of Mt. Sinai Baptist -
anlversary Sunday Church will sponsor a June 1 Lucille Wallace, E. L. Harris, Men with cars, work a few
4 to 6 with tea at the
C. O. Bolt, Mrs. CaWe Dow- hours on your days off and
J, of Bride Tea Sunday at 4 p.m., at
church Mrs. E. Gay
the church. ling, Kyle Allen. Miss Fannie earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply:
Raines School will be the
High ear Sampson, Mrs M. L. Breaker, FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-
speaker art The Cherry Blossom Social AL.. Johnson, W. D. WltselL, crief Rd. cor 13th.
W. H. Taylor, Elmore T. Ar-
and Savings Club will observe
A Musical Tea will be
: sponsored
velle, Mrs. Oladean Bryant, HELP WANTED
June 19 at 3 p.m., at Mt. Its ICth anniversary with a tea
Reverends L. J. Coleman, S.
Sunday in the YWCA beginning
Olive Church.Outstanding
Baptist at 4 p.m. i B. Bennett, A. D. Harris, E. Secretarial
talent in the will
air a Ward, L. J. Perkins and M. D.
TYPIST who do 50
cipate. s Shell, also J. M. Slmpkins.ATTENTION wpm.
The Moncrief Ladles will
*** Accurate; must be good in Eng
Auxiliary Board 2 of Grant sponsor a Musical Tea June lies and spelling. Apply:
Memorial AME Church will 19 at 4 p.m., at Community s'I 'FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon
sponsor the annual Father's Center, 29th and Chase Sts. Club president and treasurer. ,. crlef Cor. 13th St. No phone
Day Tea June 19 In the home Have plan with which to aid calls, please.
of Mr. and Mrs. David Moore, Usher Board 2 of St.'M ti- your group financially. Call
8214 New Kings Rd. Rev. F. D. hew Baptist Church will spon- r r I .7689841. HELP WANTED
Richardson will be the speaker. sor a Rose Tea Sunday, begin- [ s< ;
ear ning at 4 p.m., at the church. y jJ&LJ Sales PeopleMen
The Chit Chat Civic Club will _
**** and women, to sell adver-
sponsor a Spiritual Tea Sunday Stewardess Board 2 of St.Paul .t'!" ) TEETHING PAIN tising. Liberal draw, liberal
AME Church will sponsor Its ; N.w liquid ORA-JEL ends commission, easy work, quick
iitoly twth-
annual tea Sunday at 4 p.m., ; ;\) % Inv pain.Just apply, piln f iiti away." sales. You earn $75 to $150
ROYAL CROWN In the basement of the church. k kO \.r"; 'IJ' ; p IXcommtndtd dlalrlelan work by fait.many.. .,f a1''GY, if you're keen. Fringe benefits.'
\: non.y rciulti back awrante0 Alaonllabb or c7 M Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323'Moncrief
'n PN eITe Rd. 13th
.. '' cor St.
COLA -- -. 'e1' ZLEO'S =
The Simplicity I Ladles Social & Saving ";mother of the. club; and Mrs! Mary L.
Club were Installed in the home of Mrs. Rivers, business manager. Standing from Help! Help! Help!

Royal Art Studio Doris Hawk, 1058 W. 31th St. The club left to right: Mrs. Jeanett Thomas, asst. jtev. Roosevelt Franklin Of
officers were installed by Mrs. Mable sec; Mrs. Lucy McDaniel financial sec;

Stokes durl special services. Seatedare Mrs. Doris Crews, Chaplain ; Mrs. Helen' Macon, 6a.

''f -"-- STILL TAKING Mrs. Elouise Wells I president; Mrs. Jackson, reporter; Mrs. Alberta Martin Divine
r-- Ann Stokes, secretary; Mrs. Florlzell chairman of program committee; and Miss Shoe Reparlni Spiritual l, Healer,

: Bryton, treasurer ; Mrs. Mable Stokes, Dorothy: Rivers, critic. Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Ma-

: jf i INSTANTPICTURES Photo by Billy Brown Of Any Kiad con Divine, Ga. Spiritual Healer

e Is Our Only Business Jesus Is truly giving blessings
', ';' .. Wins Plaque for Teaching and victory to many people's
I. ,
[Little Rock Timothy Baptist
934 E. Union St. problems. SUCCESS CAN BE
.. ;!"'. ,'" "' YOURS.See or write me today.
r Scheduled Events Revival ScheduledRevival ., Superstition, Tea Reading,Card I have a special message everyone's
1"'fT : Reading, Voodoo, Witchcraft In need for.
Districts 1 through 7 of Little will be held'June and Fortune Telling. They are Last week many, many people
Rock Baptist Church will observe -, meeting all were helped by my special
NOW LOCATED AT their anniversary !jointlySunday 27 through July 8 In First LwTEACHER Sins..Forbidden by .God selected Bible reading to be.
at 3:30: p.m., in the Timothy Baptist Church,accor- t r 'K The Catholic Church read each weekend. If you wantto
church auditorium. ding to Rev.R.L.Smith,pastor. be delivered quickly, send

710 RUSHING ST. Choirs 1 and 3 of Little Rock night Preaching by Rev.will W. W.be Whitehead done each, ';'- Needs You and Wants You. $1.00 and to Rev.a self-addressed Roosevelt Frank-envelope -

Baptist Church will sponsor pastor of Conner Temple Bap- lin, 630 Morrow Ave., Macon,
their annual Guest Night Pro- tist Church, Savannah, Ga.Ser- Become a Georgia. Phone 7455685.
SAME PHONE 3541894 gram June 16 at 8 p.m., in the vices will begin each night at You will get these special selections
church 8 o'clock. and Bible
verses by
ROMAN CATHOLIC. return mail.


.j, .'fr.... Business Subjects


._ "' Typing Shorthand

OF THE YEARDr.. Clinlta A. Executive Secretarial
/ Ford, 1966 '"Teacher of the Year"' at
$ 89 I ,! tour\ COOKID Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, admires Business English

4 LB. 2 Ii J 'AM"" I the plaque presented to her by the

CAN I .,; ". Student Government Association during the Filing

't"__ A&P Cares. About You! annual prrsentatlon ceremony. Mrs. Ford, PHONE
\ who was graduated from Manual Training 353-7668

High School in Muskogee, Okla. is a graduate -

of Lincoln University, Jefferson NEW
"SUPER -RIGHT" HEAVY WESTERN BEEF .City Mo. and has the Phd.D. degree from

Kansas State University, Manhattan. Member -
of a prominent Oklahoma family of LOCATION F
POT educators, she is the daughter of Mr. and ;
Mrs. Clinton Arnsby of Oklahoma City. On

I leave from her position I as head: of the Mrs. Edna B. Calkion

Department of Home 'Economics, at Florida

i3ROASTLB.45. AiM, Dr. Ford Is currently directing the 1k

second Upward Bound Project, an Office of :ply Formerly Company of Foe's Is noratJuanita's Beauty Sup-
Economic Opportunity-sponsored program designed Beauty Salon

to motivate non-college I bound For the latest In Hfgb'Fashlon
students. The 'Fords I live at 2029 N. and personalized cut and style

Meridian Road, Tallahassee. ---FAMU staff for wigs, wiglets, braids, etc.,
photo by Ernest Flllyau. the. "in" hairpiece that gives
you a new, beautiful hair style +
See Jacksonville's award winner, consultant and stylistJuapita's
'" ""' IOC OFF LABEL n. Gels His B.D. Degree
Meat ) Quarfely ConferenceAt
( Salon
'Maaager r Beauty

"nct BOLDDETERGENT tT ; ,: .', Allen Chapel 5506 AVI .IAI: 45th Street Pbene 765-3307

Presiding Elder A.H.Richardson
ems- ;) I of the West Jacksonville
N 'Y i '., District, AME Church,will con t
duct the 3rd quarterly confer- 1 I
3LBS. "" 1taw ence in Allen Chapel AME >
IIAllfl ftIDuqIR Church, Friday at 8 p.m., according r
1-OZ. .; to Rev. J. W. Jones, ,

GIANT 7 i : .. t, .,.,w."}.,,.,".. pastor.All .
k boards and auxiliaries have

PKG. f' x ... uesi, musician and been asked to make. written and HIGHLANDMIST
financial reports.
educator of this the .
was wW
LIMIT 1 WITH PURCHASES ( \ recipient of the Bachelor of Children's Day be
observed beginning with
Maiaier'MB. Divinity degree from the Felix
OF $5.00 OR MORE Adler Memorial University of the Sunday School with Mrs. A. F
Charlotte Gay in charge at 9:45: a.m. The
,N. C. Beallsa mem-
ber of Grace Baptist Church, youth choir and usher board eMawr BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY
JANE PARKEIUJEIICIOUS where he serves as organist. will serve at 11 a.m., under 100
SPECIAL a He also supervision of Mrs. Odell W. .rorlwnuu %SCOTCH WHISKIES
serves as organist of
Choirs 2 and 4 of White.
APPLE TES Choir 2 and Usher Board 1
Is a teacher In the public
F.. the 6:30 the
school system. will serve for : p.m.
service. At 3 p.m., the Voicesof "GENTLE"SCOTCH
You won't get tomorrow's Jerusalem will render a I:49
fobs program and the SundaySchoolwill Rocked: Eflh'e cradle
)1 1 8-OZS. 39 present Its Children's Day of the deep...
I. ) with yetterday'i tklllt piogram at 4:30: p.m. The sermons Mellowed in the cask:
f fPni'iciAMaiaiirl will be delivered by the to full perfection
::jJ I AN EXPENSIVE NEW GYM was Richardson.
: \ Rev. Mr. MILD LIGHT
recently completed and newly 'TRY ITI ENJOY ITt
'launched with a dance for teenagers W
,: lingers. Choir 4'will. celebrate Its Ja;%;
ICE CREAM WATERMELONS24T028LBS.QQS AD AiE GOOD A young the dance man was who asked had the attended 24th anniversary Monday night, ; ONE
June 13 at the Zion Hope Bap-
THROUGH SUNDAYJUNE next"day, "How were the acoustics tist Church at 8 p.m. ,NEAR YOUIPEE p a

2 8t 49C AVERAGE 09 V EACH 12 "They? couldn't come" replied have All Junior been Invited choirs of to the attend.city

the UJ.