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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200717datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 28, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007170740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 28, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 28, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

Shoots Down White Man In Over Wife of FLA. HISTORY

** ** ** Negro I Jealousy i * **

* *


-: ..;.. :"':" 1' * * *- *- *- *. *. *. *. *. '410.

OA1g.aTtll y1o10enVIII. Head Start ProjectWill Civil Rights Conference Hears

LBJ And HHH Pledge

> Employ 185Wing Justice And Opportunities

WASHINGTON, D. C. The ands of human beings."
Arid two-day conference on civil i "The damage is not merely : I
rights which opened Wednes- to the Negro," Randolph said,

16 NO. 10 SATURDAY JOKE 4, 1966 15 CENTS day President in the nation's Johnson capital pledge heard the "it is a liability to white peo-

administration "to the pursuit

Negro Wins Sh riiis"ce; In Alabama i iJ YJS which of those. justice Humphrey so Vice long and President warned opportunity denied that HubertH. them"for 20

million American Negroes will I

* *. not be "pacified" with token :
In a dramatic, unscheduled
I appearance before some 2,000 :,
POLICE HUNTING Influential Americans he summoned "
to the White House more
r than a year ago, the President
"Do not expect from me, or
any man, a miracle. Do not
expect us, even together, to
MYSTERY STABBER put right in one year or four
all that took centuries to make H.H. HUMPHREY

wrong. pie as well. Tension, fear and
"But I do pledge this: to give
are likely to plague! lives
!* my days, and such talents as I and communities for genera I

5 Negroes No Murder Motive Day Card Units have justice been given and opportunity to the pursuitof for tions unless we equalize con-

those so long denied them." 8lJJ_ ....... .L
Will ElectionIn Vice President Humphrey's
Now RegisteringA warning that American Negroes
Found By Police are impatient for full participation
AlabamaBIRMINGHAM in the fruits of America's
total of 185 adults will be affluent
society was strongly
Ala. Five eee.eConflicting hired for this summer's Operation TAMPAN GETS PHARMACY AWARD Frances C. Carr, seconded by elder Negro statesman
out of 26 Negroes in Alabama HeardOn Head Start it was announced graduating senior In the Floria AIM University School of Phar-.. A. Philip Randolph who
run-offs won election to offices Reports by Duval County's macy, receives the Retail Mortar and Pestle Award from Dean serves as honorary chairmanof
this week, defeating white op war-on-poverty agency. Hurd M. Jones Jr. A resident of Tampa,Miss Carr Is the daughter the conference.
ponents for sheriff, tax collector Motive Killers Identity Registration of children to attend of Mr. and Mrs. G.W.Carr, 3601 E. Buffalo Street In the "The Negro ghetto In every
and the board of revenue in some 14 day-care centers Cigar City The base of the handsome trophy being presentedto

a historic Democratic primary Jacksonville police are searching for a man suspected of the began Thursday and Is contin Miss Carr is an engraved plaque that supports the metal
marked by racial unrest. uing. However registration for mortar and
mystery stabbing of a Jacksonville to pestle. FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau
young woman death last
Negroes failed however, In Wednesday night. children to attend the Head
their effort to gain a seat in Start classes won't be done
the legislature! for the first Miss Elizabeth Ward, 28, of The man chased her around until late this month. White Man Killed
'7127 Dostle Drive was stabbedto several houses, catching her Arvin K. Rothschild,president
death by an unknown assailant beside the one she bad Just left, of Greater Jacksonville Econo A. PHILIP RANDOLPH I Iditlons.
who chased her through the Barber said mic Opportunity, Inc. (GJEO),
yards of several West 12th She was dead on arrival at said 65 of those hired to staff Over Negro's Wife ."
Street houses. The victim was Duval Medical Center. the Head Start program will be Humphrey in opening the conference -
stabbed once In the back near Homicide officers armed witha teachers. The others will most also sent a warning to
2178 West 12th St. shortly alter photo of a man believed to ly consist of aides and clerical "heavy-handed" law enforce
PETERSBURG Police holding a 36-year-old Negro
ST. are
9p.m. be the killer were trying to personnel. ment officials and to members
Police who found switchblade track him down,but up to Thurs, Application blanks for Jobs lathe 1 lot.the< wnte.Richard jealousy_. killing. of a_ white malt and wounding of theAegro's PRESIDENT' JOHNSON of local rights groups who seek, l'

knife not fat from the body said day no motive for the stabbing Head Start program can be Van Fatm36* of 2038 Fairfield Ave South,was city are flow centers of tension to maintain the ttttut QUO. "
they were told the young woman .was learned leavlngwldespread obtained Immediately at GJEO and soclo-racial dynamite,neal"the The vice president said that e
assault to
with flrst
arrested and charged deer..murder,
had just left the house and was public speculation as to what headquarters at 427 N. Ocean. and of brink of explosions of violence "20 million Americans will no
walking toward her car which was behind the fatal stabbing. St, Rothschild said. murder possession firearms ." longer be pacified by slogansor f'
was parked in front. While police are reported Head Start, conducted in Du Bradford T. White 36-year- Street. He told the group, "every day's tokens"
A Negro man described as in hunting for a man as the alleged val County for the first time old white man of 6309 Eighth Police said Mrs. Van Eaton delay in breaking down t the Other Jaxons attending the
his 30s approached her on the killer other sources have last year, gives tree "cultural Ave., north died of a bulletIn was being driven to work by barriers of segregation in housing conference (in addition to A.
sidewalk and the woman turned hinted that the stabbing was enrichment" Instruction for the heart and Mrs. Laura White when she saw her husband schools and discrimination Philip Randolph) include I. H.
and ran, Sgt. W. C. Barber said done by a woman. eight weeks topoverty-stricken Van Eon, the gunman's wife approaching in another in jobs means Irreparable Burney, Elcee R. Lucas and
he was told. pre-school children. Is in p The aim of the program Is to ParkHofepital.! stop and Van Eaton went up
Wilkins Challenges Business improve a poor child's chances Eaton told a sordid story ofa to the truck and fired a bullet Asks I
High Court To
AMERSON .of keeping scholastically marr ge that ended in murder into the body of White. Another
time since Reconstruction. more fortunate children when after 18 months during shot entered the arm of Mrs.
Lucius D. Amerson a 32- To Assist Negro StudentsLOS they enter the first grade.About which time. Eaton claimed the Van Eaton and lodged in her Hear $85,000 DaMage Suit I

year-old Korean War veteran, ANGELES American 1,100 pre-school children will white victim had been running chest. -
Our psychologicalslums
won the Democratic nominationfor business could spark "a beneficent be enrolled In Head Start this around with his wile Van Eaton said he came to
sheriff of predominantlyNegro revolution" in are worse.Together they year. Bradford was shot at point Florida from Greensboro,N.C. WAHSINGTON The Supreme Court's dismissal of NAACP
race relations -
Macon County (Tuske- through a systematic form an explosive potential that Head Start classes will begin blank .range while in a truck and married eighteen months petition for review aSavsnnah,Ga.,damage suit opens the way
gee) over a white Incumbent awarding of scholarship s to. must engage the vigorous Imaginative "about June 20," GJEO announced with Mrs. Van Eaton at Fair- ago. He said Mrs. Van Eaton to civil actions designed "to harass Impoverish and eventually I
appointed two years ago by Gov. youn g Negroes, Roy Wilkins, non-routine of the attentionand Classes will be held field Avenue, South, near 23rd had known White for three weeks paralyze" the National Association for the Advancement of
George C. Wallace. executive director of the National thinking In six Duval County schools.: prior to the shooting and that Colored People, the Association charges in a petition fore
Amerson will not have Repub. Association for the Advancement Clear Powell 'Of' Meanwhile, the day-care pro-: he had seen her with White on rehearing filed with the court, May 25.
lean opposition in Novemberand 1 gram will officially begin June Candidate Seeks two other occasions. He added the NAACP
of Colored People, Already, petition his staff, of New York City,
therefore will become the 10 if renovation of 14 centersis that he had cut his wife on the said suits the
asserts. FundsNEW new against organization along with E. H. Gadsden andB.
only Negro sheriff in the nation. Speaking at the Old Charter Shifting* completed by that time. The Repeal Of' head several days before the have been filed Instate Clarence Mayfield of Savannah
Negroes outnumber whites 23, Scholarship Awards luncheon YORK - 323 to 4,394 in Macon County, here, May 24, Mr. Wilkins congratulated Adam Clayton Powell was for nearly 700 child her being seen with the white when the Supreme Court dismissed
where racial unrest was sparked the two young Negro cleared by a county grand juryof ren aged 3 and 4 while their Housing Act man. Van Eaton was arrested the Association's petition
last year by the slaying of winners and the company upon charges that he illegally mothers work or look for jobs. for this Incident but released for a review of the $85 Passes Florida Bar
a Negro civil rights leader at providing the scholarships. He transferred assets to his wife's The day-care centers and their SACRAMENTO -(NPI)- Wll- under $500 bond. When he returned 793 damage judgment Imposedby
--- --
Tuskegee Institute by a white challenged the 72,500 U. S. name to avoid, paying a $46,500'' locations are as follows: llam P. Patrick candidate for borne, be said Mrs. Van a Georgia court. I
service station attendant. firms with assets of $1 million judgment for calling Mrs. Esther St. Stephen's AME Church, the GOP nomination for govern Eaton had moved out. The Savannah suit was filed r
Negroes made a clean sweep and more, "to devise a way to James a bagwoman, or 915 W. 5th St; Ebenezer Methodist or of California, has petitioned On the morning of the fatal in 1962 after the branch had
in the battle for Macon County Include Negro youth in the awardof graft collector for the police. Church 431 Ashley St.; Gov. Pat Brown to place a bill shooting Van Eaton a brick picketed a market the owner,
offices with L. A. Locklalr direct scholarships" as the The grand jury reported thatit Mt. Olive AME Church, 841 to repeal the Rumford Act on layer, said he saw White of which reportedly severelybeat
winning the tax collector's nomination Schenley Industries subsidiaryhas found no evidence to vote an Fanklin St.; Carver Recreation the legislature's special call driving his wife to work and a 14-year-old Negro boy
and Harold Webb taking done Indictment or criminal information Center, Fourth Ave., South at This is the latest move in the became angered. He said when employee. In response to an
the Board of Revenue race. flU their non-racial, but against Rep. Powell. 8th St., Jacksonville Beach; continuing battle to replace the the white man stopped bis panel appeal from the boy's mother
But Fred Cray the Tuskegee racially alert, plans produced As a result of the jury's findings Mt. Zion AME Church, 201 E. act with Proposition 14, truck to put Mrs. Van Eaton and following investigation of
attorney considered the strongest only 40,000 the'case is automatically Beaver St.; St. Matthew's AME approved by a voter referencein out at the floral shop where the incident, the branch instituted
Negro legislative candidate college scholarships marked off the Criminal Court Church, 2074 Commonwealth the November 1964 election. she Is employed, he rushed up a picket line to discourage -
failed\ in his attempt to' for calendar, where it was to be Are; St. Paul's Baptist Chucch, The Rumford Act, introducedby and "tried to kill both of them." patronage of the market.
represent the 31st House district Negro youth tried on May 23. Baldwin; Friendship House, Rep: William B. Rumford, If this judgment is allowed to
which includes Wallace's each year, a But the New York Congress Edison Ave and Margaret Sts.; was passed by the California stand the NAACP petition said,
home county of Barbour In addition five-year total man's troubles aren't over. Emanuel Baptist Church 2221 legislature in 1963. It prohibited 4 Kids Die "persons throughout the
to Bullock and Macon would be 200, He still faces two local char Forest St.; Trinity Presbyter. racial discrimination the saleor country antagonistic to the work
counties. 000," he noted. ges of criminal contempt anda ian Church, 1901 Leonid Road; rental of housing financed and goals of" the NAACP will
Isom Atkinson, also a Negro, "Other scholarship charge in Puerto Rico of the 2-G Youth Center, 29th at with the aid of federal or state In Quincy Fire see in the Supreme Court's Ep DUFFIE
won the nomination for a seat students Illegally transferring his home Chase St.; AME Church of flo- funds. decision of April 27 another PASSES FLORIDA' BAR A
on the Perry County Commis are now, to avoid paying a defamation rida, 5637 Vernon Road and Its effect was nullified by the means by which the Association 1965 graduate of the Florida
sion. Ming) aided oy outer groups judgment. Mt. Morlah Methodist Church, voter approval of Proposition QUINCY- Four Negro child and its branches "maybe A&M University College of Law
Amerson, who spent 3919 St. 14, which provided "Neither burned to death In a frame ,
including Negro clubs, Creek The two contempt motions Augustine Road. ren harassed and their work Ed Duffle, recently passed the
eight years in the 82nd Airborne letter societies, fraternities, pending In the New York Supreme the state nor any subdivision house near here last Tuesday and Indeed that of the entire Florida Bar Examination. Atty.
Division, waged a close battleat or agency thereof shall deny while their parents worked in
churches and civic units suchas court concern the con civil rights movement- Duffle is a special agent in the
the polls with Harvey Sadler Ga. Congressman limit or abridge, directly or the nearby tobacco fields.
NAACP chapters Ira add gressman's refusal to answer Impeded, if not completely halted Licensing Division of the Secretary
la the Macon County sheriffs ed. indirectly the right of anyper- Sheriffs deputies said the parents ."
subpoenas to answer an 0 t b ut of State's office, Tallahas
race. Final unofficial returns Citing the excessive unemployment ,$575,000 judgment and his failure -: Names Negro Aide son who is willing or desiresto of the children the oldestof The Court's dismissal pro see. The son of Mr. and Mrs.
gave Amerson 3,497 votes to sell lease or rent partor which was five came runningbut
rate among to appear for financial any vides foes of the NAACP "with Ed Duffle Sr. of Tallahassee
3,113 for Sadler. Negroes, more than twice that examinations on his ability to all of his real property, to could not reach the house yet another technique capableof be majored in political scienceat
The county was a notable exception decline to sell, lease or rent in time to save the youngsters.A .
among white workers, the pay (the defamation judgment, WASHINGTON NPIA A his destroying its effectiveness F FAMU prior to entering the
to a dismal day at the NAACP leader said that much of which he still owes about: toric first was chalked up last such property to such person fifth child about 10 years 'Labeling of its relationshipwith Institution's College of Law.
polls for Negro candidates who of this joblessdess, may be 35000. week when Mrs. Hattie Dorsey or persons as he, in his absolute old, was saved by Hal Van Lan. its branch as one of'agen He Is a 1955 graduate of Lin-
found themselves caught charged to "automation mechanization Heartened by his grand jury Thomas 26-year-old product discretion, choose." dlngham of Quincy, the ownerof cy' has been permitted to sup coin High School, Tallahassee' 1
between a solid bloc of whites of Southern farms,| victory, Powell took time to of Spelman and Clark Colleges, However, the State Supreme the house. He was driving port an exorbitant award in 1i
and near-apathy on the part of lack of training, including exclusion congratulate Stokeley Carmichael was hired by Rep. Charles L. Court recently ruled the pro- by and spotted the flames in this case," the petition main i
Negro voters from apprenticeship newly-elected director Weltner (D-Ga.) as one of his visions of Proposition 14 were the dwelling a fair distance tained. Re-open Probe
Three Negro candidates for training programs and to certain of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating congressional aides. unconsut tlonal. Backers of the from the highway He brokein The NAACP in its original
sheriff lost where Amerson racially restrictive practices Committee. The wife of Samuel Thomas law have signified that an appeal the door and fought through petition for a writ of certiorariIn
succeeded. In most labor unions." Carmichael Is' leader of the communications specialist with will be made to the U. S. Supreme the blaze to rescue her. Its brief on the merits and Of KuKluxKlan
In Bullock County Incumbent But, he continued "part of Alabama Political I l movement the Army, she Is the first Court. Three of the victims lived In in the present petition for a
Sheriff C. M. Blur Jr. defeated the bleak picture may be charged which uses a black panther aa. Negro to be employed by a Patrick, In asking for the the house and the fourth was rehearing, denies that it authorized WASHINGTON -(NPI)- Passage
Negro Henry Oscar Williams, to the failure to include its symbol. Georgia congressman In more appeal of the Rumford Act, left there by his mother early or ratified the Savannah of legislation earlier this
operator of a radio repair"shop: Negro youth in the mainstreamof The congressman sent the following than 100 years.Formerly charged that the State Supreme yesterday. A deputy said the Branch action and rejectsthe year aimed at curtailing Ku Klux
former State Trooper C. B. American life In consequence telegram toCarmlchael a secretary: for the Court created a difficult situation oldest girl apparently was left charge of "conspiracy" on Klan activities loomed nearerto
(Ben) Kluiab von the sheriff he is frust rated, "Let's Put a Panther In the USA Bureau of Mines Mrs. Thomas, when It ruled that Proposition to baby sit with the others. which the judgment was based. realization as House investigations -
nomination in Hale County over and handles 14 was unconstitutional Cause of the fire was not to
angry desperate Tank. Congratulations on your now constituent problems Robert L.Carter,NAACP general prepare re-open
Rev Henry IfcCasklll. "Our physical slums are bad.i anew post." and legislative research immediately determined. counsel and members of hearings this month


r If "
.] 1

? ,, 1

'{w I

NU j ",t4., '.J.;;; Jvn'io/\ 1 \ :nn root SATURDAY JUliE 4, ""!

PiDluhed by the Florida Star Publishing Company THE THING SHOULD EX/ST.*


The local League Is concerned about the
] 1 run of Negro businesses in
NEGRO PRE MERNATIONAL 4 ., Lf economic condition
O. \ the community and identifying potential

business man.'
Editor Our concern today is the Franchising as a
ERIC 0. SI.'SOIl..Iaullll.. ,.. method to bust I ness Success. .

HILDA WOOTEN..........Circolitioi Mahler Capital Requirements and other Financial
Aspects of the Franchise Requirements' for

...-c.-c.-.c. initial capital vary from $1.000 or less

2323 Moncrief Road Phone Elfii 46782Mailini .to SJOO.OOO or more, depending largely on
the type of business. Variations -

Address. within a franchise

organization depend on the

P. 0. Box 599 lacksoniille, Florida 32201 scale of operations the fran-
chisee wishes to extablish.

MIAMI OFFICE Some franchisors give the

choice of paying a lump sum

138 NW 3rd Ave. Phone 311.1025 L.9 > : 11 at the start or making pay-

4IIIIHJ .. ..... O ments over a specified periodof
SUBSCRIPTION RATES time. Others require a down paymentand
qG4 either finance the balance themselvesor
One year $6.00 Half Year $4.00
, Mailed to You Anywhere In the united states guarantee a bank loan with the dealer's
Subscription payable in advance Inventory as a security. For purchases

Send check or Honey order to: by franchisees, some franchisors give
rather liberal credit terms, but many ex,
Jacksonville 1. Florida tend no credit at all.
Area Protection Of FranchiseeSome

But It In franchisors have definite policiesfor
Happened .
area protection of their franchisees.

Others do not. The better franchises

The Governor's Race NO MORE FOOLING..THERE IS A BACKLASH! give protection for segments of cities,

The St. Petersburg Times immediatelyafter or metropolitan I I areas. Franchisees I receive -

the May 2Mth election campaign race all inquirees from their areas and

called attention to three things that from their areas and get credit for all

""beat the clock"" type predictions: sales made in them.

I. A candidate for governor cannot bet Your Weekly PricingThe

upon the support of the third highest run- most common pol Icy of franchisors regarding

ner-up. Well I I Mayor High did with the the pricing of their goods and

support of Scott Kelly and beat the incumbent .. ... services by franc I sees is to Issue a sug-

governor overwhelmingly. Guide gested price list and Jet the franchiseeset
2. A candidate can win in Florida by Horoscope prices in terms of his own competitive
capitalizing upon the racial Issue. Burns situation. Some franchisors establish the

tried it but it did not work as it did maximum price the franchisors may charge,

in Alabama. The Times reiterated that it ,...."..."...N PABLO The ASTROLOGER j ............... and some specify the exact prices at which
hoped the racial issue was dead in Flo- By franchised products must be sold.

rida, and so do we. Promotional Activities

3. No candidate can win the governorship WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR Advertising campaigns using national
without a million-dollar backing. Mayor media have been developed by several fran-

High did. BUSINESS -" LOVE TRAVELARIES chisees. At times, the franchisor may
We would like to add a fourth axiom. No also wish to do some local advertising,

candidate will be sorry if he thinks before especially when a new establishment is being -

speaking. But Burns didn't' and he I opened.
lost decisively to his opponent. Here- at least obtain some promising selves. CAPRICORN Training programs

after, we hope that political candidateswill BORN MARCH nibbles. 6.30 ?7.62.345 BORN DEC. Training programs for new franchiseesrange
9 60 33 16 881
confine their remarks to the main 19th r CANCER from a few days'' helo from a super-

Issues..dVUJ ''Nl *. ; .; .......1 Cvuu. u'J/i: 21st- miL* :, UBRJU 22id. ,JAN. 19th visor to training ,at centralized facili l
# This should'be a'happy"and HORN JUNE .,' While the reserve that so many ties. Frequently new franchisees are
'H remunerative week during BORN SEPT. 22i* show to the world
22II1 JULY Capricornians trained on the premises of established
How Long which you may reap the resultsof has certain merits, it can also
23rd OCT. 23rd favor- dealers. Refresher training sessions are
previous endeavors. Settle There are many more work against them. It is better,
Do We Want To Live? matters, discreetly, that are Direct methods ociasuonally able concumstances visible at under certain circumstances,to also beginning to appear in the franchise
related to the home, family, fall, but this does not generally this stage making It possiblefor speak up and not to hide one's field.
occupation and the financial ar- Imply that they connot be replaced you to tackle your pro- light under a bushel. Too Quite a number of franchisors have devel-
You may seriously think that you want to rangements. Do not try to inJect by others that are far blems or objectives with con- many more outspoken Individuals oped comprehensive management manuals.In .
live forever, but the anxieties and fru- new Ideas or elements more efficacious when used with siderably more daring than will misconstrue these
strations of the twentieth century after all has been said and discretion. It would be a won previously. generally In your qualities and think that you addition, they send out regular mail-
mind. may agreed. This would be of no derful Idea to make tote of sun sign, is looked are haughty,uninformed or have ings of house organs, bulletins, newslet-
change your help and even turn out ot be that into upon as being most beneficlent ters
everything comes your something to bide. Even you and leaflets various
covering -
Man's' potential we learn, indicates that a hindrance to the beneficial developments head and to use it In the development but, of course, there can be know that this could be farthest of their aspects
he can I II lye to be 260 years of age. Improved that appear to be of a plan that should some individual exceptions. from the trouth, but it does you operations.
health practices, experiments in Indicated. You may be some- bring you to the very doors of Many of you are in fairly close no good until this knowledge These are some of the positive factors
with the Forces
touch Higher
what annoyed when too many success. The opportunity, awaited Is shared with the rest of the to encourage to seek
keeping hearts and brains'"al Ive'' in an in-laws or youngsters Invade making It feasible to sound persons franchisees.
or unexpected, to get world. Anything you have to
artificial envlroment suggest that the com the privacy of your home. A them to open wide should not out your feelings and deter- say to existing partners, or
artificial enviroment suggest that the determined show of authorityon be overlooked, especially. mine whether you are having regarding your hopes In connection YESWE ALL TALKWHAT
your part, however, may a lucky run of It. Some of -
complicated bodily interdependencies can These are days money- with marriage, should
prove to be the proper solution. raising drives for own your gains may stem from deeds not be secret the llth.
be to some extent treated: separately.A your preformed In past, and others kept on IS STUTTERING?
German doctor proved that the amoeba's worthy enterprises cause as would well probably as for may be classed as especially 9 t If we paid attention to the definitionsof

life span could be increased 65 times. surpass the figures establishedas good breaks AQUARIUS some 50 authorities on stuttering we
Although this accomplishment for mankindis TAURUS the minimum quota. would be utterly confused. We have some

remote at the mement, there Is no tel- BORN APRIL BORN JAN. 50 theories as to what causes it, and some
ling what mankind can become nor how longhe 20th MAY 20th 20th FEB. 18thYou 50 therapies or programs of treatment.
can I live.However I SAGITTARIUSBORN BORN JULY Wendell Johnson who died last summer,

it is not In God's plan for us transpired Forget whatever during the may previous have NOV. 23rd AUG. 22id should enjoy a period& and who was an Immlment authority on stut-
free of
comparatively obstructions
to I live forever. quarter and concentrate on the 23rd DEC. 21st The element of risk la greatly problems. Consequent.- tering said that "Stuttering is a name for

The Propaganda For Safer CarsWe matters that are now pressing deminlshed right now giving you IT, as long as you stick to the what the speaker does, a category in which
Now that have discovered
for Immediate attention and, you considerably more freedom to Job or purpose at band, and refuse the listener classifies what the speakerdoes
should have that the chancesof
are hearing a great deal of talk these possibly, that action.you arrive The conclusions at-, or making a ,go of marriageor serve your personal and ma- to be led down the spend- refers by means of It to the problem

days after adding safety feature to our and the settlements that are a profession depends greatly can terial always interests.take advantage While you of thrift safely road, you and may cosily find placed yourself that ensues when listeners label ones

automobiles now .production. While automobile made, should turn out to be on the proper management your magnetic personality in before its end. Apply, not only speech as stuttering. "
manufacturers do not want to be even more favorable than you of the economy, you may take getting your point across,there Tour intelligence, but also your From research we conclude that it is
required to install safety features, they may have hoped. Your heart the this end.appropriate The difficulties steps toward that may be times when the more talents and those of your friendsto more than the way in which the speaker
could take for -
a leap Joy
have been usually progressive in the Improvement subtle approach may serve you achieve a worthy accomplishment talks and/or
of something that affects may have placed burdens on the even better. This may mean Surprise also comes into how much he blocks, repeats,
of their products for the pub- you personally and those you family, as a whole, also seem confidential Interviews or making the picture In the most unusualof etc.
lic. love. The unexpectedness of It to be plentiful enough. The good use of your official fashions, and it may leave Stuttering is a complexity, consisting.of
I It "Is predicted that a few of these all could be the one factor that practice things you have in learned through or Influential contacts. Do you and other members of the emotional reactions to penalties given by.
gives you the greatest pleasure, or your wordlypursuits not underestimate the family somewhat richer in
changes will the powerof
appear on 1967 models, should come In especially listeners, situation and
especially for the Taureans who words fears, com-
the ladles in whatever you spirit as well as from the material -
including more padding, collapsible steer- are ready for romance and handy when your aspirationsare are undertaking, be it for honors point of view. munication stress causing the blocks and
ing wheels and dual hydraulic control marriage. taking another Jump up- or material rewards. repetitions, ones moral strength or self-
along with back-up lights ( which were . ward. A loyal ally can help. confidence, and amount of speech fluency.
once optional ) outside rearview mirrors 4802275269SCORPIO
ANSWER: I suggest you write I for the
and seat belts in the front and rear, and GEMINI booklet "
5tUcterln Words" ((25 cents) :
dash board paddingThe BORN MAY BORN FEB. published by Speech Foundation of America,
safety features aim to accompl ish two BORN OCT. BORN AUG. |152 Lombardy Road
21st 19th MAR. 20th Memphis Tenn.
21st ,
goals: ( I ) reduce injuries from crashes, 24th NOV. 22id 23rd SEPT. 22id READERS: Questions
and ((2)) the prevention of crashes. |It Is The picture appears too rosy This' la going (fo be a tar more disorders of on language, speech,
obvious that the customer will in the for you to sit complacently by The weight of planetary favor Seeing that most of the aspects favorable period than the previous speech and hearing, discussion -
trying to make up your mind la on your side right now, during this period may be considered and following ones. Yoq and Parliamentary law will be answered -
final analysis foot the Increased
safety whether this calls for any actionon giving you the privilege of hop favorable, you should may therefore freely reveal in this column, Write to Dr. M. H.
bill. your part or nor. Start fog for the best Optimism not tarry on the way up the lad what.I.. s 1 n your mind and Boulware Florida
Now while ambitiously especially tends to but It der of success. Utllite the services Ael M l University Box
newer safety devices will be planning expand should heart and try to obtain the assent 310-A Tallahassee
included on our future automobiles the in connection with projects not be allowed to turn Into of your mate or other or consent of the person Florida32307.
having to do with your pecuniary oy.-coofldenc'l especially of co-operative and friendly people who .is immediately concerned.
greatest safety stronghold will be foundIn Interests, and arrive at the you into whenever you recognize the The PLsclanumOllUou Leon Elects Four Neiroes
the flesh and blood behind the steer by the llth. taking chances that you would advantages of doing so. You more mature will be the least Four
ing wheel. No apparatus can safeguardthe Ctrrumst noun a fortuitous not ordinarily consider. The should also act quickly in following disturbed about making the right i Leon Negroes were elected recently to the
careless and reckless driver on our nature should |IVe you all the discussion of mutual hopes up letters or offers that advances. The younger ones County Democratic Committee, the
encouragement you could possibly could bring flrendshlps to the are made personally to extract among you may have to have first since the period of Reconstruction.
ask for to rake*In substantial point where It appears u if the full benefits that may en- recourse to the services. of All four won over white
THIS WEEK NEGRO HISTORY gains. Naturally, the the matrimonial knot may be The long-range possibilities an old friend to stiffen your they included, Charles opponents, and
heavenly bodies can only call tied In a hurry or under surprising of whatever create backbones or to act u inter- : U. Smith Arnett C.
June 4, 1849 John Mercer Langston lawyer Congressman from attention to the possibilities, conditions. It is an or undertake or excellent and mediaries. Joy and pride maybe Greene George W. Cono.r.nd. Edwin F.
Virginia abolitionist, minister to Halfand acting president of and you are the one who has opportunity, and It may be should provide any Incentive spread far aad wide during No nood .
Howard University, 1671-79, was graduated from Oberlln University. .to set the wheels In motion. termed one of a lifetime by you require to show yourselfIn the moments when the setting More and more, members of
Those among you who fall to some Scorpio But it also top form. This la. the right la Just right for the obtentlon engage In local pot our group must
June 5, 1754 Frances W1I.l1ama'ou of the first Negro-college: do so will have only yourselvesto Is Imperative that those who day to make Inquiries about of your heart's desire. offices the We may not win
graduates, startles academic world In toe UnltodStatesby publishing blame should these days embark!! on this adventure must summer courses few times, but we will
a poem In LaU". pass by unfulfilled.. You can be absolutely sure of them 3-50- 12 '111 get the experience

i I Ir !

-- -- -- -- -
... ...... -

..... ,
-- ---" -- -- -- -- -. --- -- -- .- - .. -

I :i


:" "- Sudaiits In Recital : I

.__________ ___ A

==SOCIALLY_ .. :J1AKDtGJ: I f ': A'j I dI

Rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of other members present. i
members and friends I I
Matrons' Historical: Edition attending of Activities I ............ J r i +

held recently nhe beautiful lawn of Mr. Three tables of bridge and one table of I a
and Mrs' Anthony Kinnon i 3309 W. Edgewood whist were the hub of activity when Lois :

Avenue Avery entertained Gems Bridge Club re I
The history of the club was dramatized in cently.

pantomime I by four local I ladies of the Rosario, Zelma Johnson, Rachel Donald I
young young set Rozanne Iszard Carla and Margaret Starkes filled I in at the
Walker Patsy Brinson and Debra Mackey. whist table, and each received an award
The skits depicted mementous activities from the hostess.

the turbulent years, of the 30's HO's and Bridge club prizes were prrsented to AI-
50's.' Charles Pavis acted the part of the venia Scriven and Sylvester Bossard, with

physician. the guest prize awarded to Martha L.
'Master Rheuben Brooks and Little Miss Ferry.

Joy Lawson served as the book Paiges, Perry.
while musical fanfare was effectively done Helen Toney and Juanita Williams I were
by three talented members of the New Stan- among guests participating at bridge
ton High School band Ben Flemming tables.
Lyndsay B. Sarjeant, and Robert A. Wilson,

Jr.the prologue narrative, and epologue, Evelyn Galvin, Geneva Wheeler and Myrtis
done by Mrs. Nathaniel Davis in her usual Thomas completed tables when Marie McClain

i inimitable way, was a masterpiece. entertained Les Elites Bridge Club re-
Guests of the Matrons listened attentively. cently. Each was a recipient of a gift ? ,a

I from the hostess.
to the forms, foibles, and facts concern- Leona Bennett and Johnnie M. Mitchellwere -\ ; 'Q ( i

ing Criterion past activities, and were high scorers among club members.
amused by the fantasies of things they

hope to see and do--a possible trip to the ............ ..

moon a trip to New York City to see grand Best, wishes for a speedy recovery to -

opera and the Bolshol Ballet manorall "shut-Ins" this week : Mrs. Pansy Hicksof The following students of Miss Catherine Debra Evans. Second Row Priscilla

transportation, and pissibly seeing one 533 West Seventeenth Street who is con- Palms were heard in their Sixth Annual son, Constance Floyd, Jennie Edmond
big happy world.Criterion fined to Brewster Hospital ; Mrs. Nell I J. Musical Recital May 23 I In the Afro- Floyd, Vanette Spates, Bessie Bel
Matrons officers are: leola Coleman who is convalescing at home after American Life Insurance building. Stu- Loretta Bel ton. Awards and

Lawson prrsident ; Lucinda Calhoun vice undergoing surgery at the JacksonvilleNaval dents are: front row, left to right-- given with Priscilla Robinson
president; Hortense W. Gray, secretary; Air Station Hospital ; Mrs. Daisy Marilyn, Butts, Betty Davis Elizabeth the Highest Scholastic I .
Mable Oliphant, assistant secretary; SarahR. Fields of 1218 West Twentieth Street who Floyd Ramona lelgler, Jacqueline Edmond, Yvonne Wynns for best attendance.
Hicks, financial secretary ; Florida Is confined to Brewster Hospital ; and Mrs.
Rutledge Cave, treasurer; Blanche Jenkins Willie Mae Davis of 14912 W. Virginia Ave-
chaplain; Rose Peppers, business manager ; nue who is confined to Baptist Hospital STORK DELIVERIES
Kathleen McDonald, reporter, and Eleanor Buy U.S. Savings
parliamentarian. Lay membersof Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. John V. Mack, STAR. .SPANOUD SAVINGS PLAN
Littlejohn, Girl Scouts Camp 1564 W. 14th St., girl. 3617 Stuart St., boy. <*
the group are Olga Bradham Glorya WEDDING| BELLS FOR ALL AMERICANSw ""

Brooks, Etta Deas, Janie Jones, and Hen- Begins June 26
rietta Kinnon, official hostess.
The Girl Scouts Day Camp has Talmadge Dawsey,2753 King .
............ been scheduled for June 14-17 Cole Dr., 21 and Nancy A. '
hostess to the most recent and June 20-23. Established Young, 5325 Spring Grove Rd.,
Fletcher was 22,
Nan Bridge Club, camping will begin June 26 and
"meeting" Kevlnettes end Aug. 6, It was announced.
in her Durkee Paul E. Petty 1735 Brewster
evening ,
held last Saturday There will be three sessionsof
two weeks each. A clinic will Rd., 20 and Pauline Stephens, out..flaking..looked dull andgray.'Vaseline'
Drive home. Gainesville Fla. 16. "Skin was drying
Pearl Mackey, be conducted June 8 at 4 p.m., ; Company"j
Ann Monroe, Barbara Harper, in the Educational Building of ..n, ,
of prizes make it soft
and Dorothy Oliver were recipients Mt. Ararat Baptist Church James L. Oliver, 1609 E. 26th I Petroleum Jelly helped
St. 63 and Bessie Adams 1609
awarded by the hostess. Health cards will be mailed ,
E. 26th St. 64. 100% better \in few days.Mrs
France 'Jbhnsonnwasguest: ; player. by the 'councO \\to girls who -. NfIRM and.smooth..looked' a
Nicks Emma Lee Health ,cards to
destine' register. are
] Charlie Hlchardsciy224 Elm
Sara'LoVeUe Donald' P. Ryder, New York N.Y.
Davis, Daisy Gil Hard be presented for examination St., 69 and Leola Braille, 224
Georae Pauline were among by the doctor, it was announced. Elm St., 61.
Norma White, and Staff members are also needed

for the camp. Mrs. J. E. Davis Walter Cox m, 1561 W. 15th Applied as a continuous film to hands 9
The Entertainers or the Gateway Girl Scout t St., 18 and Margaret P. Mar- ankles face arms-when your skin
I Council, may be contacted for shall, 3220 Thomas Ave., Miami ;
information. needs more than cosmetic care- \
Club OrganizedThe Fla., 19. u 'Vaseline'PetroleumJellylsthesooth
i ily
1 Seminole Culture 'y Helps dry, ashy. skin
Curtis KlDsey, 2062 Wright % ing answer. gray ,
BUY.DJRECT & SAVE' Entertainers, a new club Ave, 23 and Sylvia Williams, Via regain its normal look and tone. No !
the southslde was recently fr s
Guaranteed on organized. Club Plans MeetingThe 4028 Towhee Lane, 17. other softeners,no skin cream no skin /'. 1

The officers are:Mrs.Thelma lotion provides better moisture protec
100% HUMAN HAIR Armstrong, president; MissLoretta will meet Seminole Culture June Club 5 William M. Everett, Washington fit. tion. Try it.
Bowman, vice president on Monday D. C., 21 and Barbara Ann "
WIGS ; Mrs. Rosetta Clark, secretary at Mrs.7:00: Laurel p.m., Woodbury In the home 7027 of Perry, 1541 E. 22nd St., 20. .4, WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE ""-- ...,
; Mrs. Louise Bush, THAN COSMETIC CARE. a-I
treasurer; Miss Eleanor Richardson Rd. Officers have Charles A. Kohn Jr., 628 3rd
Cooke, Miss WUhelmenla Ham been asked to make their year's Ave S., Jax Beach, 26 and
Extra thick, 21 mond, recreation coordinators; report and members to pay Luvlnla D. George, 3600 Grant
their Indebtedness to the club.
Owens Rd. 25.James .
Mrs. Jacqueline Baxter,repor- ,
Long, Lustrous
On the agenda will be the installation
ter Mrs. Earth Napoleon,
M.ch< to sell|for{100,00 up. Alice M. Pear- of the newly elected Ware, 819 Blant St., ,
*! chaplain; Mrs. officers Mrs. A. St. ........ ...... .
Style Delor- : by George 27 and Essie Mae 809 'NWNIX'W'/NIMN ?'''H.eo IMrnw QN MI INIr11 M MI NIeMN IN/MT
son, sgt.-at-arms; Mrs. Trip, ,'
Delu.e. Quality' Human Heir es Brown, sinking fund treas- Richardson Jr.The last meeting Blant St., 21. I t <
Will Not Mat or fade was held in the home of Mrs.C. .
Mrs Virginia Johnson,
Natural Hair Line urer; ,
G. Williams and at the close
Miss Lena M. Hayes,sick com- ', Leamon Jackson, 722 Pippin
Closely>t"fried on renhlit.d 'found of the meeting a delicious repast -
loon for comfort .nd M" Hold all mittee chairman. The club will .St., 30 and Louise Brown, 944
Mttinot U.ut fully Demi DretMd for meet in the home of Mrs. W. was served with Mrs.WU- .E. Union St., 26.
EatStylingDramatic/ Hammond, 2331 Westmont St. Hams as hostess.
Colors In Black Off Black' James A. 1943 VenusSt. ;
Dark ft Mtd Brown, Auburn or Sand Taylor,
Sample' ; Light Shadtt I Annual PicnicThe ., 29 and LaVerne S. Hagins. 1 1f
Mind. Cray f litre Give Head Site 1217 W. 19th St., 23.
Send SS Depotit on each "item Seminole Culture Club and Francis I
"*otal M 0 f pay ma,khan balance' a.m.; Eighth St.,
plot COO and pottage,charge. orntmr will sponsor its annual picnicto 8:45 a.m.; Davis and Arch,9:00a.m. : WUlia Ben Osby, 1526 illInois
paidStVSXtVGSo.ptjorfi lull pnre and 'IIf will Uiip pott Little Talbot Island on June .; Davis and Third St., 9:15 St., 40 and Alfreda MarleaCato,
18.Bus a.m. and Florida Avenue and 1543 Davis St., 39.
schedule: Myrtle Avenue First St., 9:30: a.m. Tickets
507 5th Ave, New York, N,V. 11)l1i and 26th St., 8:30: a.m.; Myrtle can be secured from membersof Herman Frank Brown, 1143
'I Avenue and 21st St., 8:20: a.m.j'; the club and at the bus stops. Millnor St., 23 and Jocelyn
L Myrtle Avenue and 8th SL. 8:30 Gray, 1432 Kings Rd., 19. 4FX

e Si r

M f .,' N i


:' .. '000notkSNM' A

w r I for extra fun..take more than !

,, ,' 5, taTAAeh OPIlEN take an extra carton of Coke!
m tQw
When the hot sun of summer arrives, you want plenty

'./ ti Coca-Cola around. Because Coke has the taste you

1. of. It's always refreshing. That's why things go better

N fTM V.: after Coke after Coke. And why it's always a bright idea

,?.$,,''' extra carton or two around. Pick up a few next time you're
ty'r r. d lu ,


;'t.'W.f WIthe
C ottled' under the authority of The 0
Beef aft, its Best t byi' Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bot ling


t .

-' .... .--- ... . . .I.ISAIURUAI
l:.. 1 1

1 1'11 1 11 11.1 1YI..V..r r /r..1. .r -r r / .. r


. OFFICERS OF THE MODERNETT CLUB Miss Doris MackIs "Miss Eisl Florida AJ letaool1e (.IIIS'-

_____ 1T '.f T 'I I l' l T'fIAin'. ---,
(w Featured Soloist j2; : 1 ; '. f I 1' f 1 1t

,i ; Miss Doris Mack, a studentof t i i" ; "r / ,. t
M Edward Waters College will ,
be the featured soloist in a I'I'e
recital entitled "The Silver I
Lining", Sunday June 5, from h ;t tf
4} i ryoYi 4 to 6 p.m. In the Queen Geor ,
i r'' gia's Basilica of Grand Mighty
Fortress, located on the cor- t
&A ner of Ninth and Phoenix Ave. ;, ,
Miss Mack will be accompanied 1
by Miss Dorothy Hall a J ".
Junior Music Major at EWC. .
: ,
= Also featured will be Miss rz 'rl' ; Ektw
Delia Flimsy dramatization;' !. .I Ix !
t Miss Alveria Lane M1 s t r e s s '
of Ceremonies; The Kingdom- 1 ? i II.
alres of Mighty Fortress and
Mr. Charmln lUll, Introduction \

will of guest be featured artist; along Prince with Reuben Miss I. \\ :

Mack. \ I \Q"

Reading Program

Starts At LibraryThe ; 4)) i

\ I
summer reading program
of the Myrtle Avenue Branch ,
Library will begin June 10 for :
The new officers of the Modernetts Socialand vice president : and Mary Walton trea-' all children who are patrons c Je
Saving Club shown above, were Instal- surer. Standing from left to right :' of the Jacksonville Public '

led by Rue Marshall during special ser- Verdeil I Reed, assistant secretary; Caroline Library.

vices held In the home of Mrs. Lucy Favors, reporter ; Nokamls Jackson, Wonderland The theme,", Wander Is a variety Through of ,' .'

Hightower 2421 Barnett St. Seated are: critic; Lucy Hightower, sinking fund trea wonderful reading it was an s c, -

Tommie Linton, president ; Mae Willie I Lee, surer; Ruth Gloves, chaplain (not shown) nounced. Characters from ") _
and Elizabeth Robinson, business manager. "Alice In Wonderland," and i
vice prrsident and Walton treasure.
; "Through the Looking Glass," ti I
will be constant "visitors" at

I i CHURCH NEWS the The branch.story hours will be a r .

feature of the programs Each
1 CHURCH OF GOD Friday at 11:30: a.m., special
Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday In the Church of God In J. W. Jones minister and officers In charge. stories, poetry, music, films _
Christ 4 with Elder W. F. Faust pastor in charge. Choir 1 EPHESlAN BAPTIST and filmstrips will be featured.
and Usher Board 1 will serve for the noonday service under Epheslan Baptist Church services Sunday beginwith the Sunday Awards will be given to all WINNERS'-Capturlng the title of "Miss East Florida and Bath any" in the con-
direction of Elder 0. S. Anderson, with Mrs. C. Faust at the School at 9:30 a.m., with Deacon W.J.White in charra. Coven- children reading 10 books the
test sponsored by the senior women's District Convention of East Florida
piano. Sunday School begins at 10 a.m., with Mrs. Emma Levyin ant meeting will be held at 11 a.m., and Holy Communion ser-
charge. The YPWW is scheduled 7 p.m., with Charles vice at 3 p.m., with Rev. W. L.Bell, pastor, officers and visit. Youth FellowshipHour Bethany Baptist Church was Miss Belinda Jackson center of Mt. Calvary, second
Sullivan and Deacon B. F. Irving in charge. lag ministers In charge. The pastor will preach. Wednesday Slated At prize winner was Miss Brenda Tatum, left, of St. Thomas and third prize winnerwas
at 7:30: p.m., prayer meeting will be held and Thursday at 7:30: Miss Brenda Huey right of St. Matthew.
WALTER'S MEMORIAL p.m., Choir 1 will meet for rehearsal.ST. Mt. Ararat ChurchThe
Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME Zion Church begin MARK BAPTIST
with the Sunday School at 9:30: am., with Superintendent Amy Services Sunday In St. Mark Baptist Church will begin with Youth Fellowship Hour Bethlehem Baptist
Moreland presiding. The lesson, "Reformation Under Heteklah the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Covenant meeting will be heldat will be held June 19 in Mt.
," will be reviewed by Rev. A. E. Odom associate pastor. 11 a.m., and the Holy Communion will be administered at Ararat Baptist Church Educa- Observance SetThe Take It OrLeave
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Presiding Elder W. J. Umbric 3 p.m. Rev. W. M. Lavant pastor, will deliver the sermon. tional Building with Reverends
will preach. At 4 p.m., Mrs. Annie Mae Davis will present a Tuesday night prayer meeting and Bible Study will be held. William Barker and Benjamin women of Bethlehem Baptist .
program In interest of the church. The Lord's Supper will be Saturday the Junior choir will rehearse.ST. Hoover presiding.The Church will observe their
administered at the major services by the presiding elder and JAMES BAPTIST participants are: Deacon annual day June 26 with Mrs.
associate pastor. Evening services commences at 6.30: o'clock. Sunday services in St. James Baptist Church will begin with John McNeal, Walter Robinson Gllbertha Jackson as chairman; ItBy
Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve with Walter Limbric Jr., the Sunday School at 10 a.m., with De ac on J. N. Graham in Miss Charlene Sands Ronda Mrs. Mosell Franklin, co-
at the Instrument. charge. Baptismal service at 11:30: a.m. and evening serviceat Mitchell, Shirley Thomas, Patricia chairman.
:'I 6:30 o'clock. Rev. Albert Mobley, pastor, will deliver the McNeal, Rev. William Other officers are:Mrs.Annie CHARLES C. KING
GREATER BETHANY sermon. Scott Mt. Herman Specials M. Grant Mrs. Georgia Floyd,
Services Sunday in Greater Bethany Baptist Church wWbegin MT. SALEM BAPTIST Voices of Unity Trinity Baptist committee chairmen; Mrs. "Who Am I I'" ReadProv.23.1-7:
I with the Sunday School with Emanuel Washington in charge. Sunday services in Mt. Salem Baptist Church will begin with Church Junior Choir, Bev- Llllle Webbert,secretary;Mrs. The first thing a baby wonders when he Is able to be curiousIs
A Morning service at 11 o'clock.Rev. Landon L.Williams, pastor the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with James Ellis and Miss erly Fedd, Rev. Harris Rob- Lettie King treasurer; Mrs. perhaps "Who are you?" He notices others around him. The
"I will deliver the sermon and Choirs 1 and, and the Male Chorus Virginia Munford pr(; 1d1ng. The lesson will be reviewed by ertlettes Larry Boston Bos- Lucille Williams, choir chair- moment he becomes self-conscious he wonders "Who am I?"
will serve. Usher Boards 1 and 2 will serve.The Holy Communion Eugene Calhoun. Consecration service begins at 10:45: a.m. tonettes, Choir 2, Holy Church man; Mrs. Mary Glover ushers He may never for a lifetime askthatquestion aloud, but almosta
will be administered, at 3 p.m. and morning service at 11 o'clock with Deacon J. C. Greene of the Living God, Catherine chairman; Mrs. Sadie Fedd, million times he asks it silently Much, If not most of his
GRACE BAPTIST t a '> 1 I it and Eugene Calhoun In charge of the devotion. Choirs 1 and Sand Williams, junior choir of St;, Sunday,School,chairman; Mrs. behavior can be understood and explained when we realize how
Sunday..rvJc.1It Glace Baptist Church begins with the Sunday" Usher Board 1 will serve throughout the day,with Mrs. Mark Holiness; Nathaniel Jackson -< Vivian Wlson reporter; Miss often and how,deeply. this question penetrates and punctuateshis
School at 9:30: a.m., with Deacon Clenton James in charge. The Dorothy Murray at the piano. Rev. W. Q. Rogers pastor, will Beverly Strong,Edwards Sharon Starlworth, youth chair- mind. "
lesson will be reviewed by the pastor.Rev.B. F. Brown. Morn deliver the sermon. The Holy Communion will administered and others. man and Miss Barbara Lewis, The ability to think is God-given. It comes as does the abilityto
ing service at 11 o'clock, and the Holy Communion service at at 3 p.m., with the pastor associate ministers and deacons In co-chairman. eat, sleep work and play. But unlike all other abilities, the
II 5 p.m. Choir 1 will serve and the pastor will preach. Prayer charge. Deacons Acle Wilbert and Cornelius Calhoun charge Jerome Thomas Group exercise of this one-to think-determines the destiny of the
meeting Tuesday at 7:30: p.m., and the choir meets Wednesdayfor of the devotion. Monday night,Choir will rehearse and Prayer Gospel CrusadersTo Individual. What I think makes me what I am. If you want to know
I MONCRIEF rehearsal at 8 p.m. Choir 2 will meet Thursday night. meeting and Bible Study will be held Tuesday night. Wednesday Slates AnniversaryThe me truly find out what I think: when I wake up, when I am at
BAPTIST night Choir 2 will rehearse and Friday night Choir 1 will re- Render RecitalThe work or play, when I meet other people like myself or different
Ii Moncrief Baptist Church servlcesSundaybegln with the Sunday first anniversary of the from
hearse. myself In their llkesand dislikes,values loyalties, color
it I School at 10:15: a.m., with Deacon M. Hill in charge. Morning Jerome Singers will be obser- Gospel Crusaders will U creed, etc. ,
j service at 11:15 o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher Board 2 will serve. ST. PETER BAPTIST ved June 7 at 8:30 p.m., in presented in a recital Fridayat The thinking I do on the surface level of the mind is hardly
The pastor will deliver the message. Evening service at 7:30: Services Sunday in St. Peter Baptist Church will begin with Howard's First Born Church 8 p.m., in Mt. Sinai Primi- thinking at all. It is like the leaves simply yielding and bending
o'clock. Rev. R.Scott,pastor will preach.Weekly prayer meet- the Sunday School at 9.30: a.m. Rev. E.U. Tolbert, pastor, will tive Baptist Church. The program in the direction the wind: is blowing at the time. It be com-
Ing and Bible Study will be held Tuesday at 7:30: p.m. review the lesson. At 11 a.m., morning service. Covenant 2.Appearing on the program will is being sponsored by pared to footprints hastily made on soft sand may In passing.
COMMUNITY BAPTIST will be held. The Holy Communion service will be held
meeting Won.
be: Soul Revivals, Singing A. Brooks. The that make
what I like deep
Services Sunday in Community Baptist Church 1781 Highland at 3 p.m., with the Rev.Mr.Tolbert in charge. Evening service ders, Sunbeam Singers, Excel Others to appear are: McCall into the ground with me am are digging It
into with
a shovel the a pick.
or rock
a Avenue begin with the Sunday School at 10 a.m. Morning service at 7 o'clock. Homecoming Day will be observed throughout the dots McCall Singers,Thelma Singers Thomas Singers, Excelsiors takes selection of the spot and concentrated effort. That kind
i': at 11 o'clock and Communion service at 5 p.m., with Rev. day. rettes, Robert Pralther, Elder Thelmarettes,
of thinking is THE REAL MAN."...for as he thinks In his heart
Mose Davis Alston Twins, Nathaniel thaniel Jackson and Octovettes.The so is be."
Jackson, Octovettes public has been invitedto
Celestials, Blvens Specials attend. Robert Blalock
I Gospel Echoettes, Gospel Superstition Tea Reading,Card,
y rt Echoes Miss Sarah J. Wilson, CALENDAR Anniversary Set Reading Voodoo, Witchcraftand
LIOiI A. Blalock, Traveling Stars,
}' Robert Blalock gospel singer Fortune Telling. They are
[I Miss Rosetta Cohens Mrs. God.
"1 S Frances Scrlven, Greater EVENT and musician, will observe his all Slns..Forbidden by

iiii iui HhIL III Bethany Choir 2, Mrs. Mary Pallbearers Grand Union first Greater anniversary New Mt. Olive July Baptist 3 in The Catholic Church
Latlmore Singers
Nealey Lodge 228 will meet in Mt. Church, Hart and Brady Sts.
Buckman Mrs.Singers Ethel Bannister, Ararat's Educational Building On June 12, the Austin Twins : Needs Yea and Wapts YH.
Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. The and Mr. Blalock will be pre-
Miss Essie Mae Thomas and
meeting waspostponedlast Friday sented In a recital in Springhlll
Become a
Miss Thelma Edwards.
due to Inclement weather. Baptist Church, 19th and Buck-
Gateway Barracks Miss Marguerite Dennis is man Streets beginning at 8
urging all members to be pre p.m. other groups will parti ROMAN CATHOLIC.
sent. dDtte.I .
Announces Meeting Deputy V. W. Edwards will
hold the election. f I

1w Gateway Barracks 3131,World 1I I
War I Veterans will conductIts Christian Aid Society #7 will I
last meeting before the department hold its monthly meeting Monday
convention Saturdayat night 7:30 p.m. at the
w\ 3118 Edge wood Ave 2 p.m. Varicks AME Zion Church, W.
The convention has been scheduled 9th St. "
for June 10-12 in the All members are urged to be : 44
j (West) George Washington Hotel. All present Mrs. Thomas Shepard -
delegates have been asked to presiding.
attend this meeting. Members
jf f OF ANOTHER NEW PREMIER MEAT MARKET who have not made pledges to
the building drive have been Train now for
asked to make them during

'! p GRADE A SPARE RIBS SWIFT'St the meeting. tomorrow's job

t (randy to eat)


( )


25C L0. -Invites You To Listen To-
LB. "i



11:30: til 12:00
3118 EDGEWOOD AVE. (W) :

STOI NIW LB. 830 CASSAT AVE. 710 RUSHING ST. Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: '.m. .

/ ONLY 1824 W. BEAVER SAME PHONE 3541894 1400 WRHC 1400



-- -- <; .._...._



Urge leu On 143 Students Completed _....._- Trained For Secretarial Careers ''I

Hewing Funds Retirements At Bethvne

NEW YORK Following announcement The Commencement Committee of Bethune-Cookman College
by California Gov. announce that 143 students who completed requirements for W
Edmund G. Brown that he would graduation were awarded the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of eke '
continue to enforce Proposition Science degrees during commencement exercises Monday V '* fVT>>'
14, despite a California morning. May 30.
Supreme Court decision Invalidating 4"t
the measure, the National The following students received of Science Degree In Biologyare
Association for the Ad- the Bachelor of Arts : Adam Danford Bostickin, ,
vancement of Colors People degree' in English: Alice Faye Tampa; Richard Louis Camp- t

called upon Robert C. Weaver, Atmore Babson Polk; Marie bell, Hastings; Johnnie Lee
Lee RJ* J, Daytona; Anita Fisher Rosa-
Secretary of Housing and Urban Daytona; Joyce
Development! to continue withholding Ann Blaine, Panama City; Billie lyn Greene, Palmetto; ClydeA.
Jeanette Brown, Ocala; Graham Willlston David
Federal funds from urbAn ; I
renewal and other housing Shirley Jean Edwards,Daytona; Cornelius Hlnson, Deland; Ii
programs In California. Dannye Lee Jenkins Crystal Beatrice Elizabeth Johnson, i Iry
Under Proposition 14, adopted River; Gwendolyn J. Jones, Sarasota; Willie Floyd Jones,
by a referendum In 1964, fair Gifford; Juanita Jones Dade Leesburg; Walter Lewis Pre- I
housing legislation: was banned City; Lillian Fletcher Kemp, sha, Palmetto and David L.
in California. Miami; Harriet Lawe, Daytona; Young, HahIra, Georgia Majors 1
Anticipating an appeal from the Freida M. Mayes, Palmetto; In Chemistry are: Terry FSa
California Court's :5-to-2 Isabell Queen Miller, Miami; Cleve Blanks Jr., Daytona; AlIen I
ruling, Gov. Brown said he Martha Ann Myrick, Leesburg; Colbert, Crescent .w
would Instruct the State Fair Earle Patrick, Orlando; Pen- City and Gloria Morgan Johnson I
Employment Practices Com- nell Preston Reynolds, San DIego Gifford, Florida.Mathematics Aw
mission not toenforce the Rum- ; Janie Rowe, Chattanooga; Majors are:
ford Fair Housing Act pending Arnell Eloise Taylor, Daytona; Willie Ruth Council, Chatta-
action by the United States Bettye Ann Williams, Ft. Lau- ply Tampa; All Pourya, Iran
Supreme Court. derdale and Tyrone B. Wil- and Ray Hall Wright, Sanford,
liams, Jacksonville Fla. Majors in Business Administration
Try a telegram dispatched May
Majors in French are ThelmaP.
: are Alvin Dennis rj
: ANw
11, to Secretary Weaver, Robert A
L. Carter, NAACP general Colden Leesburg andJ mes Brown, Miami; Arthur Ralph'Hadley .L

counsel, said that "unless and Henry Smith, Jacksonville.Spanish Louise. New York; Aaron CAREER GIRLS-Completing a novel business training program at college They were among sixteen young women, all academic students recommended-by
Majors are
until the state's antl-discrimi- Richardson Bradley,:Savannah Douglas Hall Jr., Miami; Roland level, conducted by New York University and sponsored by Standard Oil Com their teachers In public and parochial schools of New York: City, who attended
nation laws are fully operativeand Drucilla Garris, Hastings and; Shelton Hankerson, Day pany (New Jersey), Misses Lydia Culno,Margaret Gomes and Jacqueline Gantt, NYU for 24 weeks on Esso scholarships in order to acquire from professional I
being enforced, we tona; Arthur David Johnson from left to shown at exercises receive certificates experts the basic
urge Harma Mims I Miller, Belle right,are graduation as they skills knowledge and attitudes essential for secretarial careers -
the Department of Housing and Belle Glades and Ruby Alice from Assistant Dean Warren Bower of NYlTs Division of General Education. .
Urban Development! to continueto Washington, Live Oak.
withhold Federal funds from Music Majors are: Abram Majors in Business Educationare You won't get tomorrow jobs-
urban renewal projects and Alexander, Samont; John Frank : Gloria Dean Aldrldge, Indian 69 Awarded B.S. Degrees Kivie Kaplan with flt'rdaY'llltllll ,
Alexander, St. Augustine Mae
; Town Dianne
from and all housing ;
any in California." pro Edith Alexander, St. Augustine; Anderson, Ft. Lauderdale; Eddie Becomes III Train now for tomorrow't jobs
grams At
Florida Memorial
McKInley Genwright II, Jacksonville CollegeA
Ruth Browning Daytona
At the same time, Mr. Carter ;
sent a telegram to Gov. Brownin ; Reginald Bernard Evelyn D. Chatman, Leesburg; In PhiladelphiaPHILADELPHIA you Don* t Have To Go TO Town To Get
which he said: "We find no Mitchell, Winter Haven; Louise Catherine Jones, Savannah; total of sixty: -nlne students were awarded the Bachelor of -Kivie Kap-
Beatrice Polke, Jacksonville Sheila Diann Lewis Port St. Science degree during the Seventy-Fourth Commencement
legal Justification in your position lan, president of the National
without a court order and Shirley Ann Wallace Joe; Barbara Elaine Morrrls, Exercises of Florida Memorial College. Of these thirty-five Association for the Advancement LOW PRICE'SDRUG
maintaining the status quo pen Miami. Jesup and Doris Louise Shields received their degrees in elementary Education,six in English, of Colored People, had to
Majors in Religion and Philosophy eighteen in Social Science and in
ding appeal to the U.S.Supreme Elementary Education Majors seven Biology cancel a speaking; engagement

Court. Moreover, in our view, Clare! are Miami: Ezekiel and Terrice Harris are: Ann Roberta Anderson, The graduates who received George, Fort Pierce; Henry L. before the Darby, Pa., NAACP STORE NEEDS
until the State's antl-discrtml Pensacola; Earnestine Barlow, their degrees In Elementary Griffin, Lynn Haven; HerbertP. Branch near here on May 10
nation laws are fully operative, Washington Beach. Stevens Daytona Sparr; Joyce Ann Bell,Ft.Lau- Education were: Maud R.AkIns, Jackson, Garyville; Lula M. because of illness. --------_.

California does not qualify for Gloria derdale; Mary Magdale ne Tampa; Cynthia S. BalD, Pom- Jenkins, Vero Beach; Jacquelyn The day before, Mr. Kaplanhad Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug store
History Majors are
: Betha, Jacksonville; Agnes Beach Veronica L. to leave a meeting of the
Bain Johnson Felix
Federal funds for urban renewal pano ; Tampa; G.
Jean Ft. Pierce DottieMar1a.n WE WILL MEET ANY LOCAl
Debris Black Dania Eura the'NAACP
or for any other housing ; Pompano Beach; Earl Barber Long, Mar 1anna; Deborah A. executive committee of
programs and we have so urged Dabney Milton, Leesburg; Lee Brooks, Mulberry; SallieM. Lawtey;Carolyn Bell,Pompano Mosley Jacksonville; Maggle- Board of Directors In Papers We Deliver we also fill all DOC-
Morris Wilbert
the Secretary of Housing and ,Daytona Brooks, Daytona; Bessie Beach; Russell Brinson, Lake lene Nelson, Florahome;JamesP. New York City when he becameill. tore Prescriptions .
and Vinnie Rebecca Tomlin
Urban Development! Mae Brown Mulberry; Willie Wales; JoAnn Brookins, Wash Patterson, Orlando; MaryP. .
Dade Social Science Ma-
City. : Charles Brunson, Greenwood; ington, D. C.; Johnny L.Brown, Pray Elkton; Jenethel Sin A physician who examined him
jors are: Herman Warnell Gal- Catherine Massey Bryant, Miami Starke; Mary L.Brown Quincy; clair, Graceville. in Philadelphia said that the Dixie
Vets Charge Iman, Daytona and May Eileen ; William Clark, Miami I I; Ethel M. Bryant, East Palatka; Biology Majors are: Sandra NAACP president was exhausted Pharmacy

Wilson, Daytona.in Bet- Debris Christine Cooper, Gerald R. Carter,Pulaski,Virginia J. Allen, Tampa; Elaine S. from extensive: traveling
Majors Sociology are: Clearwater; Carolyn Collier ; Emma L. Davis, Pensa- Bradley Green Cove Springs; and was suffering from a mild
Ethnic BiasII tye Beach Jean Gloria Allen LeVerne, West Baker Palm Crist, Riviera Beach; Gloria cola; John L.Harvey,St.Augustine Donald L, Hair, Fort Pierce; case of flu. He was advised to 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue
; Jean Cunningham, Ft. Pierce; ; Gloria H. Herring, Cleveland E. Henry Fort My return to his home in Boston.
Apopka; Glorida Jean Biggs, Alma Rahmlng Ferguson; Tho- Orlando; Janice D.Howard,MIami era; Luther D. Lee, Alachua; In a press conference here
ParadesNEW St. Petersburg; Raymond Anthony maslne Cameron Fleming; ; Allan Jenkins St. Augustine -. Paul E. Long Panama City; prior to being stricken, Mr. Phones Elgin 5559.798
Burns Jr., St. Amity- Larry Clover, Belle Glades; ; Freddie JotasonYulee, ; Junes A. Roberts, Stuart; Bennie Kaplan reiterated the Associ
yule, New York; Walter Col- --- ----- --
Eartha Harris Orlando Bren- ation's intentions to establish
; Barbara J. Jones Opa Cocks; B. Smith, Hastings; These
YORK -- The Her, Ormond Beach; Geral- da To Dye Harrison, Miami; Rosa E. Jones Tampa; Merce- graduates were awarded their multiple branches in Philadelphia PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE
Donald Pensacola Rob-
Defense Department was accused dine ; Maxine Ann Hawkins, Miami; dia McArthur, Lakeland; Annie degrees by the president of the as it has in New York,
last week of bias along ert Eugene Donaldson, Tampa; Made Eugene Hunter, Lake Alfred McGahee Miami Gloria Detroit Houston Los Angeles,
D. ,
; college iDr. R. W. Puryear.- "'
ethnic, lines, ',la the, makeup of, Sheila" Leslie .Dudley Pensa- ; Wanda Ross Jackson, Ft. S. Nails..Jacksonville JfcttJe'. ..... '- ... : Omaha and other elU... -_. BILLS ,AT OUR STORE;,: Xv, ;nt:
parades. The accusation was cola; Willie Gene Dyer;Lake Pierce; Annie Debris Jacobs, M. Nelson, Florahome; Russell J
made by William K. DeFossett, land; Mary Frances Everett Ocala; Julia Ann King, West L. Norman, Vero Beach; Shir-
national president of the 369th Tampa; Bessie M. Guilford; Palm Beach;Charlene Knowles, ley L. XCaln, Panama City;
Veterans association, a Negro Bettye Leola Hardeman, Day Miami; Joyce Marie Lee,Tam Jacquelyn M. Reddlck Pompano
tona; Malcolm Henderson, Atlantic Edwina Alexis Lord,Miami
organization. pa; ; Beach; Jacquelyn H.Reeves,
He based his charges on the City; Boylze Herring Jr., Doris D.lols.McAllister. Tampa; Barbara J. Snoalts Ft.
refusal of the Defense Depart- Hobe Sound; Annett E. McCor- Miami; Frederic K. Douglass Lauderdale; Elma L. Sullivan,
ment to grant a request for vey Pensacola; CarolynAlverna McCoy, Miami I ; Wlnnlfred Fort Myers; Fred L. Sullivan, .
additional regular military personnel Miller Deerfleld; Thomas Davenport Patterson Orlando; Fort Myers; Rhoda J. Swift,
to the 369th during its Eddie Oglesby, Greensvllle, Barbara Henderson Perry; Bartow; CI.nton L. Taylor, s R MARK
participation in the Armed For- South Carolina; Rosaline Anita Theresa Edmonson Porter, Melbourne; Llllie P. White, .
ces Day parade last Ssturday, Parker Ocala; Willie L. Pear- Tltusville; Jewell Renee Greenwood; Clarence Wiggins,
"because it took place on Saturday son, Columbia, Georgia; Juan Radford, Bartow; Patricia Ann O'Brien.
." Ita Gloria Pitts, Deland; Arlington Sanchez, Annette Scott, Quincy; English Majors are: Bernice THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. B
Supporting his contention, he Sands Jr., Tarpon Rosilyn Smith I t Chattanooga; Bailey, Port St. Joe; Llllie B.
noted that the St. Patrick's Springs; John Davis Smith Shirley Ann Powell Smith, Brown Qultman Ga.; JosephC.
Day and Columbus Day parades Miami; Rose Swain, St.Petersburg Miami; Madelyn Carol Squire, DeVine, Arcadia;" BarbariC
composed chiefly of Irish I ; Dorothy Whitfield, Elho, Miami and Henry Young. Foster, Fernandina Beach; FLA. GRADE AFRYERS
and Italian marchers respectively Georgia and Settle Carolina Majors in Physical Educationare Gloria J. Mims, Gainesville;
-received larger military Williamson Roanoke, Virginia : Lottie Jacquelyn Dabney Manrle A. West, Palatka.
contingents. Candidates for the Bachelor Leesburg; Reginald Carl Dan- Majors in Social Science are:

cll, Tampa; Rudolph Barber, Ester M. Allen, Lawtey; JoyceV. 29C
Auburndale; Herbert Eugene Baker, Jacksonville; Carolyn -
Blackshear, Theodore Roosevelt F. Carter Ocala; RobertL. .
Johnson Jr. Jacksonville Starke Vivian S.Dan-
; Clark ;
!!Any building I design will have Billie Lee Long, Miami; Dol- lets, Malone; Lois B. Diamond,

beauty and function but always phus Peppers. Cross City: Ed- Pompano Beach: James I.
ward Pressley, Bar fo w.-and U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST
with Stanley Allen Wilson MarianHE WHO LAUGHS LAST prona \).
the human touch. ,
intended tell the
Florida ably tory
that's a must." hirmelL)

"The gin I buy is London Dry. T.Y. SERVICEREASOKAIIE

Gordons. It's always brisk,
- -
dry and smooth..To me, ,

Gordon's is a must." I RATES I U. U.S. # 1 .

W lwwnaar., _(n. :, J:':::::A/N.wltrw.nw rvrYMN"Ml I n.Iunr1k. (wn.d .r on I"'" '4Ia !


I WORTH $2.00 I II


I- - -I
E EGG 39





Study with Richard: L. Bolden, music specialist FOREMOST ICE CREAM ALL flAVORS K HI. 45*



Training for hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, private
) laee4oLaiGutn'L patients. BALLARD FLOUR 5 LB. BOX 49*

GM,wnb'p ''r 7ar'lwidon 111 ..'s College 01 lISle
.InyfndII n 1/69, i mr PURER SUPER BLEACH K CAl. PLASTIC 19*
,tnt(vppWMtfw Arnynrr. 1111 I. 20th Strut
AinfiKt md Inl waklPIHUCTUU.ILesavnntnsuatrlUIUOaautttlsartoaositetaaa.ot
uwm El I 4-0000 El I 0-0405 El 5-9722

\, ]

. :. .._ _0 1 '- *JJf.". W-fcV.'*..*.*.' *J-f ""J"..* *_*'"
... & --. _....

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---- ---

', Your Good Court Throw AskedTo OatElectloa 17th. Annual Conference a 9&ncnJ ; .I .'

',1' 1 Jra. 1(,

; Health i : .... b


Pv SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN. Defense and Educational (

PEPTIC ULCER Fund attorneys today filed suit ill

Although most persons think of stomach ulcers as a single in federal district court here I a.
disease' doctors recognize two different types.The true stomachor seeking to void the May 3 Democratic {e ,
gastric ulcer is relatively rare and is more likely to resultin primary election in
serious complications than the other type,the duodenal ulcer. Greene County, Ala., where By MARION B. CAMPFIELD
Duodenal l ulcers are located Just beyond the outlet the stoma Negroes outnumber whites by
ach. Peptic ulcer is a convenient term to cover both types. more than four to one. NATURE'S DRAPERIES
Gastric ulcers occur equally in men and women and are not The suit, filed In behalf of 1 Just as draperies add life and loveliness to your windows and
caused by nervous tensions. Duodenal ulcers are much more four Negroes who were candi to your home, so do nature's draperies wines and perennials*
frequently seen in men than in women and are almost always dates in the primary, charges -enhance the beauty of your property. '.
associated with the pressures of business and other forms of numerous irregularities In the Thus, it Is Important that one chooses vines that add the attractiveness
tension conduct of the election. desired around buildings, along fences and arbors, I

In both types of peptic ulcer, the pain is produced by the section Other plaintiffs In the suit are and in borders, beds and containers.
J of stomach acids on the raw eroded ulcer surface. It can four Negro voters who alleged This column confines Itself to the perennials which are decorative
be relieved by neutralizing the acid, which is usually presentin ly were victimized by voting a ., and add drama to the exterior the home-perennials

a higher than normal concentration, or by preventing the officials. ,. : ... i : which will continue to live and provide beauty year after year
stomach lining from producing Its acid secretion. Defendants in the act Ion,which .." .'.. j Some such would be the wall-like and colorful actlnldia which
The pain in most victims of peptic ulcer is localized in a seeks to enforce the federal .. grows to :50! feet under favorable conditions. The actlnldia has
dime-sized area near the mldllne and above the navel. It is not Voting Rights Act of 1965, are big, attractive green leaves and clusters of whitish flowers,
present when the stomach is full but two or three hours after the County Democratic Party t J which are followed by edible fruit resembling gooseberries.Then .
eating. As the stomach empties,a gnawing pain starts and grows Executive Committee and Its SPEECH AND DRAMA OFFICIALS-Officers in attendance the 17th annual Conference and there's the popularly-dubbed silver vine, whose young
steadily worse until the acid Is neutralized with more food or chairman, J. F. Cameron, and Play Festival of the Florida interscholastic Speech and Drama Association included several leaves are silvery in color. And, there's the amelopsis, which
an antacid. County Probate Judge Dennis prominent figures in the field of drama. Pictured here left to right, are: Dr. Alphonso Sher- is not fussy as to soil and situation.
The pain of peptic ulcer is made worse by eating coarse foods Herndon. The probate Judge is, man, guest conference critic and Judge, member of the faculty at Southern University; Baton Some have variegated leaves and are very eye-appealing in
I such as bran and raw cabbage-highly spiced foods, citrus under Alabama laY, responsible Rouge, La.; Dr. S. Randolph Edmonds, founder-state director and head of the Department of autumn also, because of their varicolored berries.
i Juices, and smoking. It is typical of a person with a duodenal for the conduct of all elec- Speech and Drama at Florida AIM; and Mr. Clarence Brown,, conference president, G. W. Another attractive year-round vine Is the Hardy Dutchman's
ulcer that his pain is diminished or absent on weekends or when tions held in the county. Carver High School, Miami. Apioneeringfigure |In the field of speech,and drama Dr. Edmonds Pipe, so-called because of the shape of the purple-brown or
the victim Is on a vacation. The suit alleges that large was also a member of the Department Speech and Drama at Dillard University, New Orleans, 'yellow and purple flowers which grow 30 feet and have large
This is because his nervous tensions are decreased at such numbers of white persons who for 12.years before coming to FAMU. FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. leaves.
times. An exception would be when there are more tensions have died or moved out of the
associated with the victim's home life thanwithhls occupation.The county were carried on the TIPS FOR MOTORISTS
milk and cream diet, once a popular treatment for ulcers, voting lists for the primary. Morgan Students Many a family will be taking to the road-or has already
has largely been replaced by gelatin because milk sometimes While there are less than 1,500 BooksBy picked out the itinerary for a vacation trip, and is counting the
irritates the colon. qualified white voters livingin World Of days until the time of departure via the oT bus.

I Bicarbonate of soda and other antacids are now being replaced the county, at least 1,789 Learn To Fly Welcome news for the motorist Is that two rubber bands are
by drugs that form a protective gelatinous lining in the whites cast ballots, the suit the only Items needed to keep one of motoring's indispensable
stomach- such as aluminum hydroxide-and drugs that repress charges. MARION B. CAMPFIELD BALTIMORE, Md. Three traveling companions-a box of Kimberly-Clark two-ply tissues
acid formation by blocking the nervous stimulation of the acid- Further, the suit alleges that and Morgan State College ROTC -from a perilous position on front dashboards or back windshield
the belief
forming glands. illiterate Negro voters were ANYPLACE BUT HERE, By r equally-erroneous cadets will not only receive ledges.

With proper treatment a peptic ulcer will heal in a few weeks not allowed to use sample ballots ARNA BONTEMPS and JACK cannot that work Negroes and towardthe whites their commissions on June 6 The new-junior-size boxes fit easily on most car visors (passenger
but, unless the underlying cause Is removed, the ulcer will to help them cast their CONROY; Published by HILL fulfillment together of but will also be certified pri- not driver's side, please). Within easy reach,firm and
j recur. votes, although white illiterates & WANG, $3.95. more democratic vate pilots by the Federal Aviation safe on the visor,the tissues are handy to wipe off a dirty wlnd-
were granted that privilege. With the Negro's current quest way of life. Association. stilled or sticky fingers or to stifle summer sniffles. The box,
Unable to use sample ballots, for freedom-exemplified by The book also points out that Cadet Colonel Michael Herndon is out of sight when the visor is up.
illiterate Negroes had to turn marches, civil rights demon the Negro's migration from the 22, of Lexington Park, Md.;
Beach Shorts to voting officials for l elp in strations, boycotts and other South to the North and"breath Cadet Lt. Col. Samuel Sprlggs,
1 marking their ballots, accord- means-intended to focus attention ing the free air," has, been 22, of Washington D. C., and Northern Congressman
lag to the complaint. In many on second-class citizen oversimplified as a matter of Cadet MaJ. Noel Harvey, 23, of Providing
instances, white voting officials ship based on color, this revised 'economic betterment. It stresses -' Seward, Alaska, have almost
MIAMI BEACH. Fla-One ot the most expensive plants ever refused to mark tie ballots ofttllllterata' and expanded version pf that the search for freedomof completed 35 hours of ground
Introduced id Florida is the water hyacinth. Brought Uw stateas Negroes for Negro "They Seek a City"pebllshAdIn ; ; opportunity,. was not alway school Instruction and 37 hours Bluest, ..Opposition To. Bill
an ornamental and "planted" in afresh water canal in 1884,'* Candidates and Instead marked 1945'Is a timely, Illuminating for monetary gain-tut of flight Instruction at the near
the hyacinth now is responsible for the expenditure of more than them for white candidates, the and penetrating study of ,for equality and respect.The by Laurel (Md.) Airport. WASHINGTON -(NPI>- Major Housing branded the adminl-
I $250,000 a year because It clogs lakes and canals,stopping suit charges Negro migration within the work is replete with accounts This ROTC Flight Training opposition to President 'have been Illinois Republican'
drainage and navigation and killing fish. The complaint said that of United States. of personalities, some Program, begun this year at Johnson's proposed fair housing Senatorial candidate Charles H.
C ********* about 100 election officials It should meet with far greater historically well-known and Morgan, is covered by a 'measure is coming from-of said fair
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. The papaya,a dooryard fruit in Miami named by an Appointing Board success than its predecessorfor others, obscure. The book Is .contract with the U. S. Govern all people-those Northern Percy. Percy is overdue housing although -
Beach, has almost as many uses as the coconut. Aside from supervised by Judge Herndon, the authors have, in rewriting recommended reading for Its ment and subcontractor, Sur- Congressmen who have legislation be would long it at, the
being a food, green fruit and leaves are used in the manufactureof only four were chosen from turned an uncompromising portrayal of men and women burban Air-Service, Inc., in supported civil rights 1 lawsin state level.
a spot remover, a sedative, face creams and shampoos, a lists submitted by Negro spotlight on an area with different points of view, Laurel. the past. And House Committee
meat tenderizer and nerve tonics. Although classedbotanlcallyas candidates. of Negro and American history approaches and individuality. The cadets are now doing solo The reason: The bill would chairman Judiciary Emauel Celler
an herb, the papaya "tree" will crow to 20 feet or more in Legal Defense Fund lawyers which too long has been nee- Interwoven throughout is the flying in a Cherakee 140 under affect their districts much more '
said the
(D-N.Y.) housing -
asked for temporary restrain- lected. theme of belonging the watchful eye of Harold than it would the South, whose provision
1 must be added to school
ing order to prevent alterationor Presented in vivid style-both Simpson, civilian instructor in problem is not residential segregation ''
and employment laws to "free'
1i destruction of voting lists, authors are novelists and Bon. FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE the program. Jerry Belshel- as such. the "
i ballots or other records per- temps a noted historian this By HENRY G. BIELER, mer and L. Morgan Stern were One such Congressman was Negro
i height.WAME taining to the primary pendinga newer study of Negro migration M. D., Published by RANDOM ground instructors. Both workat Rep. John C. Kluczynski (D- The proposed law would ban
hearing on the suit :traces the Negro's struggle for HOUSE, $4.95.: Surburban Air-Service, Inc. Chicago), who represents a district housing discrimination everywhere
in the
The plaintiffs who were candidates democratic freedom from the A distinguished medical doctor At graduation, June 6,Herndon on the city's Southwestside nation.
In the primary are era before the Civil War and has presented a well-de- will be commissioned in the where Negro residents are The committee Is made up of
Thomas Gilmore Percy ifc up to the Watts' riots. fined path to lasting, drug-free Medical Service Corps; Harvey not welcomed by the Congress 40 civil rights, labor. and religious .
Shan, Alberta Branch and Peter The authors have excluded ,health, thought! the proper use in the Infantry; and Sprlggs will man's Polish-American constl- organizations.
Klrksey. All were attempting many myths, .In ,1 udlnr thepersistent of food which can release the receive his commission from tutents. The organization said
to unseat white incumbents.Mr. belief that the Negro natural curative powers In the the Signal Corps in Feb., 1967. Even civil rights leaders appeared President Johnson should,
Gilmore lost his bid for does not want to help himself, body more potent against disease All three look forward to enterIng '' to be taking a dim view instead exercise the power he
t nomination for sheriff, and Mr. than any medicine.The the Army Aviation School oT the bill, noting that states now has to control the 'use of

McShan was defeated for the Seventeen Units book points out that improper Cadet CoL Herndon, who has strong housing laws were no federal monies, credits, and
tax assessor nomination. Mrs. foods cause disease been Brigade Commander of the less residentially segregated planning that go into the housing
Branch, running fo r tax collector Chartered By NAACPNEW while the Intake of proper foods ROTC at Morgan since September '(than others. industry. .
and Mr. Klrksey, seeking 'cures. 1965, is an honor graduate The National Committee
a seat on the Board of Education of the Military Science Against Discrimination in
DIAL 1260 YORK Seventeen new More significant, however, is depart. ,
are facing runoff elec. meat Cadet Lt. Col. FIGHT CANCER
local units of the National 1 the inclusion of health secrets Sprlggsis
tions. ( the Second Battalion Com .
Association for the Advancement through food control and the
Legal Defense Fund attorneys of Colored People including regulation of the nature anti mander of the Corps.
Involved in the cases are Oscar two additional branches, amount of food control and the Capf Jack E. Walker of the

Adams and Demetrius Newton in New York City and a second amount of food you eat which Military Science Department,
of Birmingham; Director- branch in Detroit, were granted Vlll help combat not only over-' is in charge of the Flight Program
Counsel Jack Greenberg, Fred charters by the executive committee weight, but fatigue, allergiesand at Morgan. Col. Merle
Wallace, Charles H. Jones Jr. of the NAACP Board of many other complaints- Smith Is PMS and the head
and C. Stephen Ralston of..New- of the department.Gov. .
FLORIDA'SQ I Directors at its regular month Including kidney ailments, hypertension v
York. and the special I 1v
ly meeting here, May 9.
problems of Haydon Burns has designated -
Confers In New York City, which June as Florida Attrac-
Tuskeegee already had 13 branches, two tions Month .
new units-Mid-Manhattan and
Degree On Wilkins Transit System-were granted Negro College Choirs a$

charters. Max Delson, a mem ItSM
..1.1 TUSKEGEE, Ala. -Roy Wilkins ber of the NAACP Board of
# executive director of the Directors, is organizer and Start New SeriesNEW
National Association for the first president of tne Mid-Man- IL.2.
Advancement of Colored hattan branch, composed of YORK, N. Y. -The ABC the SHORTY$35..

:;, People, is among three distinguished persons living or working in Radio Network will present the MEDALO STYLE #665
Americans receiving mid-town. Kermit Saltus is choirs of four member collegesof For complete Illustrated Catalof of
the United Negro College Mcdalo rUtr StyleWlt..ilatf cape
honorary doctorate degrees at chairman of the group which and Bttachmeiili: Send name and
the 84th annual Tuskegee Insti- organized the Transit System Fund during the June "Negro .ddr.... U'. ,.... FREE rap

tue commencement here, May Branch the membership of College Choirs" broadcasts. ; "" Normal .Rair '.""'c-i: /Medal Juat write." Heir ,..... ,Inc.
30. which is open to employees of The choir of Oakwood College, GROWS Naturally from Healthy the HAIR MOOTS 0.,.. St S, ftklyn SS. N.Y.
RHYTHM & BLUES Also scheduled to receive hon the City Transit System in all Huntsville, Ala., will initiate In YOUR SCALP.often The dependa condition heartlr el
orary degrees at the exercises five boroughs as well as to such .the June series with a program :.N:4n u .' your
are Miss Helen the famous other transit workers of sacred music ranging from Not. Yost die DOCTOR ;A-
Hayes, as rail l..n"e.4 a 'odlrat''d tar
actress, and Eugene Pat- road men, skycaps and the like. classical masterworks to Negro '-wee -' formula cedeCARBONO&I...
which la mi. with many prov
terson, editor of the Atlanta The new Southwest Detroit spirituals. The program is to be .n beneficial Infredlenta. CAM COMBe'AWAY
Constitution More than 300 Branch, the second In the broadcast the week of June 5. BONOEb antlMplio 1. such md a do..trongpow.r.Sal .. sure fins
students are candidates for degrees Motor City, is headed by Mrs. The Oakwood College choir is work In helpinf' an ITCHY.BUMPY
directed by Harold L. Anthony. PiLillta, DANDRUFF scalp ttt.iand ,
with Dr. L. H. Foster, Gladys Woodward. Other charters r highly
president of Tuskegee, making were granted for branches The choir of Bishop College w- .... .. PCSSCSIYanlt lot: "Ktnfe
RADIO In Dallas Texas will .lp trouble' !. Many Annti:*;
be featured
STATION the presentation. in San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Lee .sUnully cauaed eca'p condition lauSHmronf
and Screven Counties,Ga.; Hut- the week of June 12; the are roily I relieved bjr tholue
of this Triple atrenfth tar _
choir of Saint .
.blDaot' ,Kan. South Augusli e's College .
:,- ; Vacherle, formula Writ for IhU DOCTOR 1CENVINE :
WISE La.; and South Burlington Raleigh N. C. will be SCALP rORMVLA 1:1
now It will be unit to you all
County, N. J. heard the week of June 19; and mixed and ready to UM. ill IT Ju.t eons .not Mu.h 1. odd .elan
Moro Ihim 500 the final broadcast of Lte month FOR T DAYS, and It you Ara notaatlafled tl..h.. out, sill non rub .f6
"WHAMMYIN "publicity pic- New youth councils have been money back. Pay NOT A DYC.a.at.ot.eutck..t ...
a : tune ((8 x 101 urn rclcnwdwnkly I established in Wilcox County during the week of June 26,will WMBM only |I.l.u.. dallvary. Thla. Inlud !;HAT"d? sV&BtirDY'ft; D>'
by CviiriMH. (CJurdi ,feature the choir of Virginia .a everything. Dont B,,,... AL8 ,,.
Dixon ftC .tt.ched forremoVTnc ...
which rtiNtrlbuUd five mUl1'm ; Ala.; ,111.;Anderson,lad; penny more You eels It with ...
t publicity, "Id.'rll und tiwdnrvirc I South Vacherle, La.; Winches. Union University, RlcLmond, Spotlight Product direction CATW. SCALP, Vw the FORMULA flneft IODI-you off rolorlnt....'* iCJS*.Pr.r.ntP. '" Pl"oillni" C.,.rubblnc., Coo
than 289000 bumperKtilpH ; ter,' Ky.; and Whitmire, S. C.. Va. money can buy Your ...Ir and C..wn to .11 to .pock.l...... or p....
in I9A4 In oddtlon. CvJ 1 Additional > "Negro College Choirs" U scalp dtorve tin* c.... Just and PI.tln" Blar. .1 Bl.ck e.
MIAMI" j>r<>KM' Uurd<.ns' gift "hop"lII'd' granted for a chapter at were Ala- carried by ABC affiliated sutions 0" The Week your M2DM name. HAIR and addreea PRODUCTS I.GOLDo.PI INC Jo.IMI, ",rtl.on ,delivery..... oh... p." only
) glue poetaae.l
117,11410lmlill curd dur.ln a t
|post J Sheepthead
throughout the Bar
country Mon-y back If
not ,
I'M to th I bama State College and for a rooalyn :3S, NY. Nova: THIS GofJ d.Il.M.d
tarry < Cyprus Model Hair 'roof..... ,
UurdtnM I story buck home ]| young adult council: Chicago hours.on varying days and different .Miami, Florida! 'FORMbLA money bee cairiee....a..100....**. wm.en D.,.. $'.1, Break!?* Ji, New. Inc.York


'- -
.. ....---.-..--.......-.

j ..... ..J ... ... ... -.. .. ." '. .." .." .... ..-............ ... .J ...

II. -----1


I __.. Cited lor _Excellence HiRtfHfl Permits Youth( Athletes Win Awards Chip Reed 'Memoriil lasekilfLeague

1 A lit Differed Begins Play June 6 ,

t )
M TALLAHASSEE Florida Koty (Korner, Wilder and Coca-Cola will kick off the 1966 '
hunters will find something Emmett "Chip" Reed Memorial Baseball Little League at 4
when they purchase their wildlife p.a. June 6 at Simon Johnson Park with A. F. Whittier assls-
Y management area permitsthis ( tan postmaster slated to toss out the first MIL
year. The familiar public Carver Station Is the leading
hunting permit Is being replaced contender for the title this year that the Little Leaguers will
have their annual Beach Tour-
William "Sticks" Thomas Is
by a new wildlife managementarea
the last week in July at
stamp. The new stamp the commissioner of the league ney
Little Talbot Island. The team
and he stated that all
which is similar to the duck games
stamp must be attached to the will be doubleheaders and will winning the most games will
license and the hunter requiredto be played on Tuesdays,Wednesdays be crowned the city champions.
sign his name across the and Thursdays; game time
Fishing Licenses
face of the stamp.W. 3:45.
B. Copeland, chairman of The league Is conducted by the
the Game and Fresh Water City Recreation Department. Expire June 30
LI Fish Commission said, "The David M. Shields and CarltonB.
Commission feels that the new Bryant are in charge, and TALLAHASSEE All fresh
wildlife management area Mrs. Emma Hightower is water fishing licenses expireon
stamp will be much more convenient -- supervisor. Other teams parti June 30 and new licenses
for the sportsman as ; ;:! cipating in the league are the are required on July 1. Most
It will eliminate the additional Otis Speights Tailor's, Blues, fishermen purchase new
permit. The new managed by Roy L. Mallory; licenses as soon as they are
ryRSy 1966-68 hunting and fishing 1L-! Coca-Cola, managed by Harvey available, some delay until Just

censes will go on sale June _. ... .._ __ u__ _- Flemmings; Moncrief,managedby prior to going fishing, others
15." Willie Bussy; Wilder,managed will fish without a license as
A wildlife mangement area AWARD WINNERS AT FAMUfflCH-Dr.O.A. Moore (right), head of the department of health by David M. Shields and long as possible. During the
stamp, in addition to regular and physical education at Florida AIM University, congratulates Bernard Kelly, football Carver Station, managedby month of April the tables were
license requirements, is necessary "rookie of the year," Troy Reddlck, "sportsmanship award" winner, and James Palmer, Adrian Smith. Last year'schamps turned on 254 of the latter
for any person except basketball "rookie of the year" during the annual Florida AIM University High School AU- were Koxy (Korner, group as they got "caught"
residents over 65 years of an Sports banquet at Florida A&M University recently. managed by Carlton B. Bryant, fishing! without licenses. .
to hunt on a wildlife management and Joe James, managed by
area. As wu the case Racer Henry Caines.Commissiooer.
with the old permit the new Farmboy Tennis ClinicSponsored 'FIWTB/RTHDCFttTS Thomas stated Buy U.S. Savings!: RondaJ ;

stamp will cost $5.00 for adults
and $2.50 for children under Enters StockCar

FAMU HIGH'S TOP 15 years of age.IE1P SundayThe
BACK-Willie Johnson (right) of Florida Classic
AIM University High School, is presented a trophy by Coach
> THE FIGHT first annual tennis clinic
Bobby Lang for being named "back of the year" during the DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.AKeokuk
annual All-Sports banquet. FM-FREEDOM. Iowa farmboy who has will be sponsored Sunday at
S the Johnson Branch
p.m., by
been going to town In racing
cars since 1950 will be one of YMCA on the Y s court.

I GRADING SCHOOLBOARDS Auto Racing News the many stars who'll be seen fessional Leonard for Curtis the, Jacksonville tennis pro
In action in the eighth renewal Recreation Department and
of the Firecracker 400 at Daytona *
t' director of Boone Park Tennis
: James Hylton's decision to runs In Firecracker. 400 International Speedway on,
r Club will have
stop preparing cars for other at Daytona International Speed- Monday, July 4. charge.
...'__ men to race, and put himselfin way on July 4. Don White has filed his official Julius Jones, program secretary -
it the branch said
: : the driver's seat, has paid The Firecracker is worth 2, entry for the $64000: -added ,
.. : off for the Inman, S. C., top 500 GN championship points, summer late model stock car program Is being sponsoredto 0
rf'- flight mechanic. as well as $64,000 In prize classic, and will take the star encourage more participation
Hylton and his 1965 Dodge money. tor's flag in a 1966 Dodge. He game. Following
f 'Q now are a surprising third in Hylton and his sponsor, Bud proved that he knows how to the clinic, Interested personsIn
To recognize outstanding the NASCAR Grand National Hartje, also will be eligible get a Dodge round the 2.5-mUe club becoming will meet members to of the
achievement by a school Point standings, topped only to share in the $5,600 bonus Speedway trloval last February. and elect officers
board the National Education by leader David Pearson and money Speedway officials have Qualifying for the Daytona 500, outline a program for the g :
Association and Thorn Paul Goldsmith.The put up for non-factory, or independent White covered a lap at the speed summer. in
'Assisting the clinic will be
McAn Shoe South Carolinian hopes to drivers. The first 174.452 miles per hour, and
nationwide Company jointly further Improve his standings, 20 Independent cars to finish finished a rousing third to J. Gulnyard, Henry Daniels and i1 / .1
sponsor a awards
and all but cinch NASCAR Rook the Firecracker will split the Paul Goldsmith and Richard Jimmy tennis Instructors
program. ie of the Year honors when he purse, with $1500 going to the Petty In a 100-mile Grand National at the branch.The programIs
free and Is open to men,
first non-factory car to pass qualifying race.
the finish line. Like most of the really great women and children. The
branch will furnish the
Hylton will go to the post In stock car drivers, White Is a
WHEN YOU ARE and balls.
ILLYou the Firecracker-which has a charger, meaning he thinks the .
10 a.m. start on the Fourth front of the pack is the only,,
In the 1965 Dodge In which be place to be. And Daytona Speed
Seek The Best Doctor. yr has campaigned all year. ThisIs way Is the perfect spot for the
When Your Doctor.Prescribes the same car that David: all-out chauffeur. Its long
Get Experienced Pharmacists < Pearson used in 1965, and Is straights and 32-degree banked
...According to your Doctor's one of the fastest, most dependable turns make It the fastest racing
Orders.'We Use Only The Best late model stocks on the strip in the world. QUANTITYRIGHTS'RESERVED
li* equality Drugs v. _i. .:.' Vi circuit. White ,made his first driving.appearance : ',
C. E. BLACK The charging rookie will meet, in '1950,' and has ,
Proprietor aU of NASCAR's best, and De been a. winner ever since. His \
3 Registered pharmacists TO serve you troit's fastest, In the Firecracker. record Is proof of that. He won SPECIALS GOOD
Forty-fourcars are scheduled the IMCA national title In 1954, THROUGH SATURDAY
----A COMPLETE LINE to start, and they will 1955, and 1958, and the USAC
0 F---- qualify with time trials that national championship) ) in 1963,

start on Thursday June 30, after two years runner-up. '
Cosmetics-Rubber Coods-Csndtes-Sundriee and continue through Sunday The Keokuk stir, as will all YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE AT YOUR BANNER FOOD STORES"
-PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDlilly's July 3. the other top drivers In the
The six fastest cars will qualify race, will be on hand for the
each day, and the remainder first of four days of qualifying
Drug Store of the field will be settled on Thursday June 30. The two
by a consolation race on Sunday fastest cars on the opening day
1907 KINGS ROADEL38276 July 3. The two fastest will gain the pole positions. HERSHEY'S
qualifiers on Thursday June The Firecracker field Is limited FA B
30, will get the inside and out- to the fastest 44 cars and
side pole spots. will have a 10 a.m. start on the
..morning of Indepencence Day.
White and his Dodge will run
against Detroit's fastest makes
-Plymouth, Ford, Chevrolet, 59
Buick, Olds, and other Dodges..

Watch 4 9 C LIMIT 1 PLEASE

This Clown36112Y 5 IBS. WITH 15.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER




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I II Ir"

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153, .20-79 ASSORTED I l
390TISSUE"\ 25C'
....- ,.,,' Sometimes He's He's Up Sometime MILK flArDl$ UL p
-- 'id1; 'r' 1'H'' '" 1 sv 1: '>" works it all around
"i f I I1

'i, ,"/,}f/i '/, /1" '; tl t,'jTL 90"- 41 46 I McKENZIE GREEN MORTON

{, !',,'rr":?' -i'-Ait!"S' .sA', ;'' ''1l;
< ,, 1 J4V;:; 3 29c

': .1 ':W't'ILD' "ft....., ;., 5
/ XMff.fJt.1"f'J!.

: :
", / ,
>t /' i ,, ';" >7/; ($ NUMBERED,
> ; ,,
? '/'- oc
," ,
/ <"; -"
4' ,
', ?,;:j;<' ," '" /" ; ''..aD'. Days are numbered. ROAST PICNICSLI.49C

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ROYAl CROWN LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! White MflH Gets Benton Harbor League Season Opens With Contests On Local Playgrounds

COLA Rei. Roosivilt Fnaklii Of Life In SlayiHfl Murder Is UnsolvedFORT I

Macon, Ca. WORTH, Tex. -- DENTON HARBOR, Mica.N -
A white defendant: found guilty ( PI)-After more than a year,
ROOM F5 RENT Diiiie, Spiritoal, Healer, of murdering! a Negro becausehe a series of brutal murder in
Will be in Jacksonville June was a black patron of white Benton Harbor remain unsolvedby ,
FlffiN IIED.CooLlnl tavern, was given life in the local police authorities The "
10th and llth. ; : : ;; :'i
Private. Single woman or couple. All 'will come to be helped. state penlntentlary by an all- slayings began Feb. 7, 1965, ; i
Modern conveniences.356. This athe Rev. Roosevelt white. Jury last week. Veteran when Mrs. Esther Jones,, 37, r' ''i' .
3(04.() Franklin haveteen Jurists and lawy.rsltated that left her home In the northeast 'N' ., r
you hearingand
this was the first time in Texas section of the city and went to 'I,
reading about. '
that a white man has received ,
Meet a downtown tavern. She was ..,
FOR SALE Rev. Roosevelt Franklin such a "stiff" sentence for the not seen alive again. "i" .
at the Astor Motel, 1111 Cleveland .. .
slaying of a Negro. One week later on. Feb. 14, / .
:i>44 W. Ed house. $5,900-4300 down, $55'. St.LEO'S (Little Sid) McGoodwin, 39, apartment In the same area. ting
monthly. shot Joe Hughes Wallace, a 28- The next day her body was .r ,:, 'i1trl'V -: ,
year-old shoe shine boy, in an found In the charred frame of ...;*": \
Y 1"r
:048 W. Edfrewood Are., 3 BR. Shoe all-white laver. a burned-out home 11/2 blocks
house. $9,500-4300( down, $55 Reiiriof One witness quoted McGood from the tavern visited by Mrs. i.i i.
monthly. win as saying, "I think I'll Jones /
Of Any Kind Just blow that nigger's head On March 27, Mrs. Amelia
:050 W. Edge ood Ave, 2 BR. off," shortly before Wallacewas Boyer, 60, went to work as a I
house-$7,900: $300 down, $55 Is Oar Only Business I shot through the head. scrub-woman In a lauderette .w ,.. .
monthly. A surprise witness, who Is near the home, adjacent to the
Call 64.0:71; after 5 p.m. 934 E. Union St."Jatkonvillt't I an ex-convict and in Jail, testified northeast section Sbe arrived
that he saw McGoodwln, for work and was not seen I
shoot Wallace, and saw him alive again.
pull the trigger of his revolver.The On March 30, little Diane
witness, Willie Frank, Is Carter, age 7, also a resident
.' awaiting trial on a robbery in of the northeast section, kit

dictment.He home to shop>> for her motherat YOUNG PLAYERS--Three of the of the
teams which I
,rre I told the Jury he saw Mc- a supermarket, located In games season scheduled for
Goodwin holding the gun and the same shopping plaza as the will be competing for first place I In the June will bring Kozy..Korner against, Carver
heard him say, "Where I come lauderette from which i Mrs. Tadpole Boys Baseball League are seen and Wilder Park against Coca Cola. Other
from niggers stand up, and if Boyer disappeared.Diane never here. At left Is the Coca Cola team, next teams which will participate in the games

Gc, you lay don't down.stand" up, I'm gonna was seen alive again.Police is the Kozy Korner team with its sponsor, represent the various recreation centers,
you theorized that the
Wallace had come to the tavern was a sadistic, sexually slayer Marvin Ganson and at left is the Wilder namely, Lavilla, Moncrlef: and Joe James
largest and Rest Known1 j t to tell his employer's son that warped person. The bodies of Park director David M. Shields. The open- parks.
lit N, MYHTU AVI the son's father was Ill Diane and Mrs. Boyer were

PAN TROUT . .Lb. 29cP.d..d the Another tavern,witness said she, co-owner asked Wallace of- white mutilated.while Mrs.the Boyer other three was Little League Schedule Elects OfficersThe I HELP WANTED
if be wanted anything to
h 1..". victims were Negroes.
drink and Wallace replied,"No, After checking more than a June 6. 3:45 Kory Korner vs Carver Wilder vs. Coca-Cola Student Council of Stanton SecretarialTYPIST
SPANISH 'MACKEREL Lb 39c I know I'm" In the wrong placeto thousand tips, the files still election Vocational meeting School conducted for officers Its who can do 50 wpm.
Mini:..: t;"i.n 1o."I'rll: tI f.t..tI Vfl *''eph tunrr drink. remain open and citizens fear June 7 3:45: Joe James vs. Lavilla Moncrief vs. Carver for the next school year.Twen Accurate. must be good in Eng
Though sharks are rarely eaten a "mad killer still lurks among ty-six candidates competed In lish and spelling. Apply
SHELL OYSTERS bu. 5.50 in this country, they are a them." 'June 8 3:45 Kocy Korner vs. Lavilla Wilder vs. Joe James the campaign assembly.The FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon
popular dish in many sections New York NAACPMembership new officers are Arthur crier Cor. 13th St. No phone
OYSTERS, for Stewing It II FT. $1.25 of Europe and the Orient, says June 9 3:45: Moocrief vs. Coca-Cola Carver vs. Lavilla Bland, president; Leon Nichols: 'calls, please.
OYSTERS Selects . .t. PT. $1.50 the Miami Seaquarlum's Capt. Drive vice president Charlie Mae
Standard i'a: Pt.. for the co">erv, tive buyer, EA. 73c Bill Gray. June 14 3:45 Koty Korner vs. Wilder Moncrlef vs. Lavilla Coppet, secretary; A11 tam e s e HELP'' WANTED

I ELMIRA N. Y. The New Hines, assistant secretary;
June 15 3:45 Coca-Cola Joo James Carver Wilder 'Sales
MULLET ROE, Salted . .Lit. 99. WANTED York State Conference of vs. vs. Joan Randolph, treasurer. Rita PeopleMen

SHAD ROE . . per sat 95. MAIDS, N. Y.SLEEP-IN JOBS. NAACP Branches has called June 16 3'45 Moncrief vs. Joe James Lavilla vs. Wiler Matnls, business manager;Jacqueline and women, to sell adver
UlSm THIU .. .II. $J259 KIND CRABS ...:....LI. Sill Salaries to $65, fare advanced. on units of the organization Hollomon, reporter and commission tising. Liberal draw, liberal
the Paula Robinson, chaplain.The easy work, quick
MEDIUM MULLET ... Lb. 29. Rush references MAIDS, phone AGENCY num, crash throughout membership state to drives conduct in June 21 : Coca-Cola vs.Kozy Korner Moncrief vs. Wilder Installation ceremonies sales. You earn $75 to $150if
LARGE SHRIMP . .' LB. $1.25 ber. ABLE
II. ? FREEPORT,24.Y. an effort to recoup the 5 per will be held In November. you're keen. Fringe benefits
MEDIUM SHRIMP . .oi..L.. $1.10 163 N. MAIN, cent national loss last year June 22 3:45 Joe Carver James vs. Kozy Korner Coca-Cola. Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323
------- vs. To Sponsor Tea Moncrlef Rd. cor 13th St.

June 23 3'45,Moncrlef Korner Joe James vs. Carver
vs.Koty Stewardess Board 2 of St.Paul HELP WANTED MALE
EXTRA SPECIALI"SUPER.RIGHT" AME Church will sponsor the
June 28 3:45: Laura vs. Coca-Cola Carver vs. Kocy Korner annual tea June 12 in the lower I Partime Tine

auditorium of the church, with Men with cars, work a few
June 29 3:45: Coca-Cola vs. Wilder Lavilla vs. Joe James Mrs. Ida Dixon leading the de- /hours on your days off and

WESTERN BEEF votion. earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply:
; June 30 3:45: Carver vs. Moocrief Lavilla vs. Kocy Korner The Male Chorus of St. Paul FLORIDA STAR, 2323 .Moo
A' : ; IONELESSFULLCUT Mrs. Vernon King M. McCoy crier Rd cor 13th.HIGHLAND.
r July 5. 3:45 Joe James vs. Wilder Coca-Cola vs. Moncrlef and others will participate.

f.A July 8. 3:45 Lavilla vs. Carver Wilder vs. Kocy Korner

July 7 345Lavilla vs. Moncrlef Joe James vs. coca- ola I
July 12 3:45: .Wilder vs. Carver Joe James vs. Moncrlef 'I'
+ 1
AsP Cores, .AboutYou! t- ROUND July 13 3:45: Wilder vs. Lavilla Kocy Korner vs. Joe James
V. f
July 13 3:45: Wilder vs. Lavilla Kocy Korner vs. Coca-Cola
:;.. '
July 14 3:45: Wilder vs.Moncrief Kocy Korner vs. Joe James

July 19 3:45: -Carver vs.Coca Cola Kocy Korner vs. Moncrlef MIST
TI 39 r
STEAKiProdacei LI. July 20 3:45: Carver vs. Joe James Coca-Cola vs. Lavilla

( Meat ) Ebony Publisher TEA TIME r ww ert 100% SCOTCH WHISKIES

Manger A Musical Tea will be .. A 49
Wins Alger AwardNEW presented June 19 at 3 p.m., the
Church for the benefit of
of the JohnsonPubllsJbinf
District 3. Rocked in the cradleof :
Company, Chicago
The participants are: Harris the deep...
12 named winnersof
was among Singers, Mrs. Ruthe Grant,Na-
Mellowed in the cask
Horattoo Algers
the 1966 thaniel Jackson's :
Awards, .presented to men Mrs. Maria Brown Detavettesl to MILD full t perfection LIGHT 5 tLI
follow a"ragstoriches"
ti .I whose life stories Chorus,'Rev. Mose Davis, An- TRY ITI ENJOY ITI
pattern.The drew McCall and singers, Miss
selection of the winners Francis Scriven, Pentecostal ON SALE AT YOUR NEARESTJAX
LI. was made through a poll of col- UQUORSTHERE'S'
Gospel Choir and others.
Asst 20 79C' lege leaders by the American **.. '
,J" .. ( Inailr) v gri4u lAG, Schools and Colleges Associa Auxiliary Board 2 of Mt. Zion ONE
tion. AME Church will observe its .
Johnson's award was based on NEAR YOU! e .
y W 59th anniversary with a tea
his parlaying of $500 to publishthe June 12 from 4 to 6 p.m., at
Negro Digest,from which he the church. Mrs. Eleanor Gay,
subsequently built the Johnson dean of women at William

EXTRA SPECIAL! KRAFT Publishing Company. the Raines High School, will be "Jacksomllle's Most Recommended Dealer"R. .




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'i r
4 i

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