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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200716datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 21, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007160740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 21, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 21, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text


* Klansmen Running Into Big Trouble In North And South ** *

* *.* * *


** ** * .. *

GOVERNMENT ACTS TO IMPROVE Librdr1 Oains.tillse of jllortda>florida ; rQniy.r.itl .


* *

Laws Tightened On Slumlords; A New Rose Named

I Cash Granted For Improvement VOL. 11 -.,. 9 SATOMAT HAT 21, 1911 15 CENTS

* * *.*
ALBANY, N. Y. -(NPI)-Government action was taken oo

the Atlantic and the Pacific to Improve housing conditions for

Negroes. on a Brooklyn apartment door JAX SMEAR SHEETATTACKS
In Albany the legislature passed -

from a escaping bill to prevent the law slumlords by hiding warning discrimination were tenants the complaint.that subject the premises of a ?1

behind a corporation.In .
U found guilty Slpko could be
the landlords could
past Imprisoned for as much as I a
avoid Vtrsonal% liability by
fined as much as $500, .
making recourse to the corpo or both. ,1. t\11 NEGROES"Smear

from ration individual law granting liability.immunity The sign warned prospective .

tenants that anyone leasing an
Often, they could also escape
apartment in the building"dots
detection as only the
ment agent could be identified so at peril of losing posses1slon. ** *
The landlord has been:

publicly accused of refusing to rent to Govern's Race Returns Show
The new measure makes all Negro applicants. Sheet Seen
directors and
officers major
stockholders of a corporation charged Slpko and with another refusing man to allow were Race-baitiag On Its War OutLast

that owns a building certified
Edward Mercado a city inspector
u a "public nuisance"personally to post the notice' at As Violation Of Tuesday's election and the devasting defeat Gov. Harden

liable for penalties and the building.In Burns suffered proved how effective the Negro vote can be when

repairs. the voters have a common target.
another Watts development:> ,,
In Los Angeles the U. S. Department
of Housing, and Urban Dr. Ralph Bun c be. United Fla. Election CodeOne Out of a total 269,377 Negroregistration more good

Nations undersecretary called about 188,863 Burns' political psychology*
Development approved a $150
000 community renewal grant the violence-plagued area "a --_. -- voted 8 to 1 for Mayor Robert commonly known as "racebaiting" -
shining example of this city'sneglect" him did not work this time.
King High giving something
in an effort to solve the housing miniature the"Willie Mae," baa been of the ugliest aspects of last Tuesday's elections still
ROSEA rose
He blamed both the NEW new like 165,000 votes across the It had been used several times
problems of the raciallytroubled the "Miss Tan America" Willie ,leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many Jaxons with the result -
city administration and its people named in honor of reigning state. In Duval Negroes gave with success and be evidently
Watts area. for causing the problem Mae Johnson of Washington, D. C. This Is the first time in that action 1s being considered to bring to Justice the persons High around 24,000 and Burns realized that It was beginning

Host of the money will be used In Denver, the League of beauty pageant history that a miniature rose has been named responsible for distributing a newspaper-type handbill a measely 1,900 at the most. to wear. But he was heartened

to conduct a survey of slum Women Voters defeated an effort for a pageant winner. The first public showing of the "Willie attacking several prominent Negro citizens. In analyzing the election ruins with the results In Alabama

buildings and to develop along- to have it study housing Mae" rose will be during the week long activities of the second Starting last Sunday after a group of political vermin causedto that left Gov. Burns gubernato when Lurlene Wallace succeeded -
range program for urban to be held in Dallas, Texas, be circulated a scurrilous piece of material which accusesa
discrimination during the next annual Miss Tan America Pageant, rial castle in devastation thereIs her husband for the governor
renewal. two years.In "III'" O-lU; group of prominent men falling to support Earl M. Johnson, general agreement that he ship in a race-tense election

Purpose of the grant, federal Chicago a Negro organization Negro candidate for the Legislature while supporting William won the election for High. With He thought the race pitch would
officials said, is to help pre for H. Maness for another legislative seat. In a low-type innuendo time In Florida.
the first time under- good hind-sight it can now be work one more
vent further rioting in Watts took smear sheet hints that the men were paid by asking: "AllThls. .
a private housing project. Jinx Is seen that Burns made his first But it didn't. Burns did more
and make It more livable. The 8,000-member Antioch FollowingKlansmen For $2,0001. big blunder when he hinted that than anyone else to solidify, ,
In New York the Com- business
Missionary Baptist Church The group composed of ministerial professional Scott wanted a half million dollars the Negro vote which, In the
mission on Human Rights Invoked planned a $5.5 million complexfor meD had listed their names to an advertisement supporting Ma- for his support after the past was never really solid.It .
the penal provisions of 348 which appeared in the daily papers. Thosewho signed the
moderate-income faml-- ness first primary. Ls not to be overlooked that
the city human rights law for All Over and slyly attacked
lies. "Endorsement of William H. Maness" were Burns had been accustomed to Burns received his early kiss

the first time. In Washington, New York 'In. the smear sheet were: making reckless charges and of death In the first primary

The commission charged William builder William J. Levitt told TRENTON N. J. -(NPI)- his bouse after his arrest loci Rev. Charles B. Dalley Dr. J. C. Downing, Wendell Holmes claims: which when pinned down as far as Negroes In Devil

Slpko, a landlord's son, the House Judiciary Subcom- Klux, Klan has run Into the.Liuzza case. Jr., Rev. R. Leander Jones, Dr. Daniel ULauray, Dr. Charles usually fizzled out and people were concerned, when Frank

of Interfering who with an Investigator notice mittee that the homebuudinIndustry big The trouble Ku -fcoth locally and o rv I lie Eaton, 42, another, B. McIntosh, Rev. E. W. Newman, Rev. Franklin D. Wilson, forgot about them. But Kelly Hampton came out vocally sup

was posting a has no reason to fear throughout the South. Klansman charged In the case, Rev. Robert H. Wilson and Rev. J. C. Sams. of respectableN did not let it die. He rose up !In porting him .
a new federal housing law. What the Negro back-stabbing puller-downers It Is ironic that the ugly image
of hit
massive cross- died of a heart attack on March to the defense
In Trenton, a U not all of
Negroes No ? He business said integration has. helpedhiis burning rally was prohibited by t. .,..*. them*trges--h did f contributed not know to.U Earl that most Johnson's of the fund men and- that Earl honor and campaigned harder which Burns gained in. so. tar '

prosper. court order obtained by State than he had> probably Intendedto as Negroes are concerned WM
a Maness.
Levitt was testifying in favorof General Arthur J., Johnson was fully aware of what the group was doing for for High Thus, Burns alienated to a large measure created by
Attorney Court such assistance
Different From that Maness deserved -
President Johnson's pro- Supreme Everyone was : agreement Kelly's supporters. Hampton. It was Hampton woo
Sills. .
posal for a national law against throughout the for the stud he bad taken in the put. Branding High a liberal and vilified the then Mayor, Burns
Meanwhile which carriedthe
r discrimination in housing.BeNNett In another part of the pre-election smear sheet such terms "ex for closing the swimming pools
Whites, Sexually South, Klansmen charged in Rules Against' obvloc'' .,ny concocted name "TRUTH IN POLITICS" tremism"injecting and "radicals"as did and accused him of neglecting
struck by
ST. LOUIS<(NPI)TIle notion SeeksLegisiatioa murder insanity cases family were upsets death to make It .. s like a real newspaper the Printed"paper"by offset makes in not have the effect it did when to act during the riots and then
Eric 0. Simpson.
sexual beasts defamatory w.vck: upon the two faced each other turned around and came out
that Negroes are Imprisonment, and eve charges Bias which men
"TRUTH" carries a caption
Housing shop
has been refuted by a research violating the Pure and Drug an Eastsldr printing To Ku Klux Klan". in 1964. The way the vote went supporting the 1.2 million campaign -
in book entitled"Hu read: "Simpson Sells Negroes Burns in the Panhandleand fund for governor.
team a new against
Act. to
with such a malicious, lie designed
Not satisfied publishing
Aid Vets
man Sexual Response. To New Jersey banned the big SAN FRANCISCO -((NPI- Impugn the character of the local editor the smear sheet reprinted "cracker" territory Is an 3 Negroes On

Dr. WlUliam H. Masters and Klan rally, it was learned, because The tide of battle over the Issue an advertisement that appeared in the Florida Star anda Indication that a large numberof
Mrs. Virginia E. Johnson based WASHINGTON D. C. -Per- the state feared violence so-called "crackers" aren't
racial and religious .
of whether Political Publicity"
which read "Unpaid
their findings on a study of sons who have received less although the official reason for discrimination is legal In the Others who came: In for ridicule in the handbill were OtisSpell's quite so crackerlsh anymore... Study Group
382 women and 312 men during than honorable discharges for outlawing was that N e g r o e s InCalifornliwhich that a lot of them are not to be
sale and rental of property Elcee Lucas and J. C. Holland a High supporter
sexual intercourse of which military service and who findit allowed to attend.At frightened by the term of "li
would not be began before Simn: said under the election codes it is a violation of law WASHINGTONNPI) Two
about 24 of them were Negroes difficult to secure employment least three busloads of beral" to the point that theywon't -
the .lasl! Presidential elections circulate material without listing the author pub11F" -
tc j..ait or educators and a businessmenare
"There were no differences would have an opportunity Black Muslims were planning the'state in the sheet see "cronyism", "boss
result of leelsWure's maligned
in as a !: and printer. Several of the men on the 14-member body appointed
In the of the Negroes to earn an Improvement held politics" and race balling
responses to be
crash the
to rally the Rum- of
approval of the matter before the Supervisor registration -
voted to take the
have week
last by U. S.
and those for whites," Dr. Masters their chances for Jobs If legislation on the Falrton Farm of Andrew Act-took turn last week The straw that broke the '
ford a of State.
said. introduced by U. S. Rep. C. Watson and the Secretary camel's back was BUQII'attack Commission on Civil Rights,
found he Bennett of Florida when the state supreme court Election Code 104.37 reads: Miami Jews and the to launch a study of de facto'
No evidence was Charles E. Other Negroes planned to go on "Negro
14 wasunconstitutional literature published -
ruled that Proposition "All advertisements and all campaign
added "to Indicate special sexual U enacted. 'to the rally despite Klan threats. political shall bloc vote". Even those Negroes segregation in public schools
: circulated prior to or oo the day of any
or Among the appointees are:Dr.
traits of The bill has been Informally who were supporting quietly
Negroes called
Some NAACP leaders : on
14 named because if the is being
and same
Proposition -BO the author thereof
Three well-to-do Negro couples cleared with Defense and Labor to "march on the be signed by turned against him, for they Kenneth B. Clark, director
Negroes the It
of Its on committee then
position club
circulated a or ,
and by
and eight underprivilegedNegro Departments and will be considered coda couldn't conceive that the man Social Dynamics Research
rally. 1964 ballot-was submitted to be signed by the chairman and secretary of such club or College New'
studied. and Improved in hearIngs who had benefited Institute City
couples were so greatly
meanwhile -
Civil rights groups, referendum In November such literature Is In circular form It shall have
a voter mittee and If
York Dr. Vivian
The Masters-Johnson team later this year. announced that they would who from the Negro vote In Duval ; ,
thus put down one of the old Bennett, a senior member of hold ,a counter-demonstration 1964. Backed by powerfulreal upon It the name of the printer or publisher."Any person County could be so callous, and Clark College Atlanta; and
estate Interest it was of this section shall upon conviction .
bugaboos of U.S.race relations: the powerful House Armed down the road from the Klan wilfully violates thee provisions derisive to the group to whomhe John A, Wheeler president
That Negro men and women havea Services Committee said in approved, and with Us approval, guilty of a misdemeanor. owed so much. Mechanics and Farmers Bank,
rally.At nullified law authored by Demo Said one of the maligned Jaxons: "We're going to pursue this
Durham N. C.
"peculiar sexuality. a House of Representatives the same time, Klansmen And the full page ad In lastMooday" ,
been that his c r a 11 I e Assemblyman William matter to bring these character assassins out in the open. UIs The study designed to ferret
This bugaboo has long floor speech today 'seemed to be struck by the bide Florida Times-Union
for citizens and then
Rumford- to attack reputable
used to dub Negroes as sex legislation would authorize the "vengeance: of the Lord" Byron vicious and sneaky did It. The advertisement "Can out "racial Isolation" inclass-
life Rehabilitation bidding racial discrimination In the dark behind flctlclous: names. rooms where there Is no official
fiends whose main aim in award of an Exemplary the South. the Negro bloc-voters elect
certain throughout in about 70 per cent of housing There is general agreement the material came from one of policy of segregation was
is to have sexual relations with Certificate to Joseph Howard Sims, 43, themselves a governor? The ,
civilian We after within the state. the zealous supporters in the Burns'camp,since in a desperate ordered last November by Pre-
whites. It has been a means of individuals in : Klansman charged with murdering cost of that "ad" should be
The fight that devel- TRUTH suggest that Negroes dOlitYOte .
holding down the Negro politically discharge or dismissal from Lemuel Penn, was also ensuing effort to deceive the public, charged to High, for It did him sident Johnson
oped over whether Proposition at all in the governor's race.
: and socially by equating Vie Armed Forces. accused of shooting his estran-

his civil rights demands with "Many persons who have been ged wife in an Athens hospital, of 14 the was nation legal caused to be turned the eyes on Pharmacy Students Relax .
his alleged appetite for white discharged from military service where she worked.
months of testimony -
women" and playing on the white under other than honorable Sims' was to be tried on federal California. <;

man's fear that Negroes are conditions have had employment charges of violating the the state high tribunal .I' t1 :
'. "
finally ruled .that Proposition ,
sexual superiors. difficulties far beyond what an civil rights of Penn,a Washington -

According to University of Oklahoma identical offense in civilian life D. C. Negro reserve of !-, 14 was unconstitutional.: Its decision ) a
psychiatrist Dr. LouisJ. would have occasioned," Ben- was based on the equal I'J
West, this fear Ls 'one of the nett said. "My bill would assist After the shooting of his wife, protection clause of the 14th j.!';
Amendment to the U. S. Constitution -
most profoundly distorted but, those persons by allowing themto Sims wal charged with assault -

.emotionally explosive aspects" earn by later conduct: an with Intent to murder. He was .
of America's racial dilemma. Exemplary Rehabilitation Cer- committed to the state mental The key provision of Propo-

Writing in "Sex and Racism tificate Issued by the Depart- hospital at MllledgeviUe as a 'sltion 14 provides: "Neitherthe

in America" Calvin C. Hern- ment of Labor. "suicidal and homicidal para- I state nor any subdivisionor 't

ton has noted that "In the mind "The Secretary of Labor would noid." agency thereof shall deny

of the white woman, the Negro appoint boards which upon adequate -' Sims had charged that bis wife limit or abridge directly the I

is a superior sexual animaL proof of rehabilitation lad left him because he "was right of any person who !is willing -

"It matters little whether be a period of at least three years good for nothing" or desires to sell, leaseor __ r t 4re
actually is or not; she belieyesit could issue the certificates In. Cecil Myers, 28, another rent any part or all of his

because her culture has taught proper:> cases to persons dismissed Klansman charged In the mur- property, to decline to sell,
her to believe It. She from military service lease or rent such propertyto :>
also fears der of Penn has been sued for
the Negro sexually because her under other than honorable con- non-support by his wife, a mother such person or persons as r lj j +
culture has instructed her to ditions." of four. be,.In his" absolute discretion, Ja-p,

fear him" law- Sims and have chooses. 'J
The 18-year veteran Both Myers in 4
The Rumford Act passed
Hernton a native of Tennessee __
maker, who will direct a House been unemployed some time.A .
1963 the California legislature
working oo his Ph.D in sociology by
Armed Services Committee inquiry third Klansman charged in of
at Columbia University! into military discharges the murder Howard Guest 39, was considered one
the against
noted that the Negro remains In the near future said applicants was facing prosecution for violating discrimination strongest measures In housing In
"the scapegoat of the ideology under this proposal wouldbe the federal Pure Food

of sex and racism"* in Southern required to show that they and Drug Act. He was accusedof the law-the nation California To counteract Real Estate the !.

culture. had lived up to certain standards selling pep PWs.MeamrhUe.EugeneTbomu.43.. t4 iff
Association Introduced Proposition
"Most white people in America for at least three years priorto '"' .:' \ '
14 to wipe it from the ? ......
project their own inner sexual : .
anxieties onto the to applying for the Certificate: a Klansman charged in the mur statute books. It succeeded In ILt..... ___ ..;\, _: _J<. _
Negro to a board established by the der of Mrs. Viola Lluzzo a
.wen an extent that they,especially Secretary of Labor. He said Job civil rights worker, was convicted doing so.Federal. (rrCDXMTS CfTKRTADf Toe women of the Florida AIM from the School of Pharmacy with Mrs. Curie are: H. Joyce

Southerners, Imagine black counseling and employment and sentenced to two law, requires that 'University School of Pharmacy are shown here entertaining Walker, Tallahassee; Ines Holmes, High Springs; Frances

men" have unusual superior placement would be given to years on a federal charge of there be no racial or other 1 frs. Marge Come (center), professional representative,Em- Carr, Tampa; Alma McNalr Tampa; Carolyn Greene, Qulacy

sexual equipment and capacity: individuals receiving the Certificate. possessing! an Illegal weapon discrimination in projects J .1
Hernton said a sawed-off shotgun sleied at where federal funds are used. .1 Voice to the women on the uses of Emko products. Students Photo by Ernest Ffflyat,

.((1 r.

-- -

n. .. ..- ....n.. n ,nn._ -. ..,. n. j n n .. .. --n... .. J.. .. .n.. ... J. .. .'--',-. TK
V.:;; .; Vt ti" ;


"("' NCvr'
.,.Published by the Florida Star Publishing Conipany
ti. a. StoryBY'CLANZEL
MEMBER, 15 roMT oN League

'- p Pc!; T. BROWN

4U7VMAr f o 1 The urban league deals less and less with

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Manifii! Editor professional jargo and more and more with
-- the Idiom of those we serve. The situation
.OOHN..Clrulatiaa ('MaRifer, 4 ..onr..n.--. I1oM for the Negro is so desperate that
# the priority items on the agenda for the

.-c .-c .-c .-c .-c future are in the areas, of economic

2323 'Moncrief Road Phil Elfin 4-6782 growth. To put It more simply, the Negro
citizens need food, clothing and adequate

Milling Address :\ shelter. Meat bread and potatoesthisIs
\ the big push for tomorrow for the Negro
P. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 \ worker, family and community
The Economic Development Institutes,

MIAMI OFFICE ,1 t y s sponsored by the Urban League ,
., r K ;
i Affiliates across the Nation'

738 HW 3rd Ave. Phone 377-1025, 6'f 1 v4 to strengthen the leadership ,
of the Negro
--.u_a_I.... -
SUBSCRIPTION RATES businessman Is a major move

One year, fa. ('10 Halt Year, $4.00 in this direction.The .

"!tailed to YOU .\ny.here in the united States Economic Development, Institute -
Subscription payable in advance held last Wednesday,

V Send check or Money order to; Thursday and Friday In Atlanta -

P.O.3QX599 Georgia, was designed to help ,
FLORID Jacksonville STU Florida create a climate for the Negro to grow
economically. The purpose of the Insti-

d1 l ( I' Mf v tute was stated clearly by Clarence D.
Parents Neglect Takes Action ( r! ) r Coleman, southern regional director of the

National Urban League, as follows: ""Theseare '
WHY a number of parents let themselvesget DON'T FRET..PREPAREI problems the Negro must overcome to

into difficulty with the law con- .realize total I economic I development I ,

cerning child neglect we do not know. ( I ) lack of capital ((2)) limited clientel

But, if found guilty then let justice be ((3)) lack of flexibility' (U) lack of resources -

done. ((5)) lack of managerial skills. "

City Judge James P. P. Calhoun of Tinipa Your Weekly Coleman said ""The' Negro must strengthen

recently sentenced two Carver City mothersto present businesses, establish new ones,

100 days in jail for depriving their find resources, get qualified trainees,
eight minor children. and find ways to overcome the negative

them Police to reported investigate that the neighbors status of called the ::' ':: 'Horoscope Guide ''':'::':::' qualities businesses..associated'", normally with Negro

women's children. All I were poorly clad Frank Stanley of the National Newspaper
and had been left with a 12-year-old boy Publishers Association stated, "A Negro
who said children business must reach all people. There
that the were'"often"left are
"...... ... -
in his care while the two mothers "" By PABLO The ASTROLOGER 100,000 Negro businesses in America with

went, to a nearby bar. profits ranging in the $3,500 class

When the officers caught up with the yearly, this is not a very good pictureto

mothers, they claimed they had been away WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK DAYS FOR encourage persons to remain or come

all I day shopping --- even though they had into business.Dr. .
no packages or purses. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES Patterson of the National Business

The judge, in meting out the sentence, League and Atlanta's Mayor Ivan Allen_
said: ""I may suspend sentences on both agreed that an integrated community gives

of you after you spend a few nights In centratlng on your secret, on many sincere and loving advance of the deed when it more advantages to all citizens economi-
the stockade. '' creative or money-making ad- friends, on occasion, they may comes to expanding your expenses cally.l
It appears that the mothers could have BORN MARCH ventures successfully (or so not be strong enough to comet for the sake of social Believe it or not, Mr. Stanley gave these
spent some of the bar money on the child- 21st. APRIL 19tk it seems), you may also be your aid in moments when prestige or for the acquisitionof startling facts about the Negro market:
ren._ Perhaps they were getting welfare/ digging the pitfalls into which you need it most. The Virgoans exceptional objects. Upsetsdue It Is a 30 bill ion dollar market. Lucrative -
you risk tailing yourself.Youcannot among you who have outstanding to misjudgment, broken
I'Remain steady. The plan you "
I I I In such
opportunities offered
pay but didn't use it wisely. It some- bave made or arrangements afford to hazard Incur-C *,talents should, not'allow friendships unrequited love are
times become necessary for city officialsto concluded before the 3rd,shouldbe ring the enmity of the one directly them to'die out from under- should be guarded against on small business fields as soft drinks pro-
take charge of welfare monies and buy allowed to stand unamendedfor above you, for the sake nourishment or lack of ,the 6th.310991680V33. duction, shoe stores, food stores, whole-
for the family. the rest of this first quar- of hour personal and economic edcouragement. sale and retail home furnishings and
ter. The belief that you can welfare. B. .20661636.383.LIBRA automobile franchises.The .
improve on them may be pure 9-60-77-13-59-021 .. CAPRICORN Negro must strengthen and developnew
Did You Vote On Hear Say? fallacy. The efforts made In businesses
CANCER private capital
this direction may backfire and BORN DEC.
,S the candidates got nearer to the end create situations that are worrisome BORN JUNE ,. BORN SEPT. from banks, industry, insurance companiesand
of the line in the runoff campaign for and problematic. U you 23rd OCT. 23rd 22ad.JAN.. 19th pooling efforts as the Jewish peopledo
run Into an opportunity to buy 22ad JULY 22>t to help a person get a business started
governor, they yelled and "pointed fingers" Retain confidence. The more
at each other. Newspaper took try or sell to get property the deal at an closedbeforethe advantage, Decide nothing. Seeing that Keep the lid on. This period, mature Caprlcornians among that will I I afford a living. (There shouldbe

sides, while the Tampa Tribune did not endo of the 5th. But if you this is not the most favorable in addition be a to rather the third worrisomeone. quarter, you no doubt are used to ordeals no interest changed on the loan).
seem to come out for High in the gover- have to wait until the 6th to sign quarter of the month, it may may. This means keeping down and problems. Conse- The S.B.A. is desirous of finding Negroesto
be the better part prudencenot quently, you should not have
papers or to arrive at the detailed enter business by financing loans from
nor's race it did present some cold to make any vital decisions your soclallilng and let-, too much difficulty taking these
arrangements, it wouldbe first ter-writing to a minimun to 015,000 to $25,000 and up to $350,000 toa
statistics refuting the charges made by a mark of whatsoever. You should rather troublesome first and
Burns that Negroes blcck voted for High.It part to obtain prudence legal or on expert your take into account your Job and prevent you would letting prefer out to anything remain that in* third quarters in your stride. corporation if they can raise 20% of
well-being and devote yourselfto The others, whose more tender the
seemed, according to the figures, more advice. This could save you the shadows. It could be that money.
search for bettermentIn have enabled them to
white people voted against Burns than did great trouble now and later, both respects. And when a the maintenance of your status years escape trying experiences, We also heard wealthy men such as A. G.
Negroes in the Tampa area, and the Tribune and tions rather of burdensome obliga- loving friend and/or associateis and economic ratings depend could receive their baptismalof Gaston and John H. Winters give supportto
humorously but subtly referred to a 8 a lasting character. offering good advice from on the amount of discretionyou fire by being subjected to the American system of finance. They
"white block" of voters. -80-33-19-48-724 the bottom of his heart, do not display in the conduct of trouble and upsetting situationsthat cautioned acalnst accepting the myth that
only listen but heed it in its your private life and of course, will place them on the foot
The florida Sentinel-Bulletin of Tampa bow the government can solve all problems
TAURUS entirety. This could preventa on you are able to steps of their elders.
came out strongly for Burns regardless of series of heartaches disappointments keep It under cover. The Li- inherent in Negro business advancement..
his to the racial issue BORN APRIL brans who are interested in 2-50-88-17-9)-
attempt inject
separations or The conference was a step in the right
Into the campaign. Governor Burns talked 20th MAY 20th other developments that could spread Institutional social work reforms or in wide-could AQUARIUS direction. Resolutions were reached on

too much and said the wrong things at the turn an bleak apparently rosy future contribute much to the suc- BORN JAN. methods and approaches to help the Negro
Think then act. Investigate into a one.
improper time. No doubt, he learned that In cesses that may be achieved get into the economic stream of americanof
before participate
"you' will never be sorry if you think games you in which the odds may any 3305517949761EO In these directions. 20th FEB. IBth life. It also stressed the importanceof

before speaking. be stacked against you. The red 'J-40-661589S56 Flexibility counts. While you his full participation to close the
What we would I like to have witnessedmore danger signals are flashing frequently JULY may be all set to undertake a gap between white I american and black
of was' 'the presentation of the and brilliantly and it BORN SAGITTARIUSBORN rather ambitious project where American economically.As I .

issues, what each candidate stood for, could Ignore be them.sheer Close foolhardiness the books to, 23rd. AUG. 22id. NOV. you live and work, do not hesitate we look at Jacksonville, we can read-
to it ice
put on as soon as
and what he would attempt to do if tighten your purse, and do not Be less trusting. This, along 23rd DEC. 21st you realize that there may be ily see the ghetto businesses that cannot
elected. open them unless circumstances with the third quarter, are the some rather extensive risks compete due to such factors as mismanagement -
force you, until at least 11 ones that call for less trust on Don't ask for it. Anyone who involved. Ultra-conservative t lack of capital limited clienteJ
A Sensible Approach days have transpired.Taureans your part and greater prudence Is out for trouble is likely to practices are recommended in lack of diversification ,
who are interested in gathering in the-matter of lending or investing run into more than was anticipate the conduct of your professional or resources. An
Interesting facts or in expandingtheir money. The chances of d during this and the 3rd monetary,diversionary Economic Conference of this type tailored
!>.*;re are easily some' U5,000,000 snor- Intellectual pursuits may being exploited by someone quarter. This applies to people and emotional affairs. to Increase the number of first rate busi-
ers in the U.S. but one source says do so to their heart's content. whom you consider as honorableas who are on your side as well Should you plunge head first nesses, be they franchises, small I shoe
40,000rrSome<' authorities say that But guard against surprise attacks yourself are so powerful, as to others who occupy the into anything without taking Into stores or samjl I corporations of .varlous
by Cupid or the gambling that should be made aware opposite camp. You are not one
you account the possible con-
snoring is a medical problem, while others urge on the one day when the of them before rather than after to bow to those who are in sequences, you may have causeto types, is needed in our community. The
differ on this point. At any rate, something aftermaths could be quite pain the demarcation line of safety authority, especially whe you rue the fact, eventually.PISCES local League is seeking participants a
ought to be done about it. ful. Take things easy for the. has been crossed. There is a believe that they are not fit .. Economic Development Institute.
popular writers have indulged in light rest of the period and warm fine proposition that may be to possess It. Bide your time, 9-$0- -1.1)! :4 :tC
fun-making at the expense of the snorerin up slowly to certain ideas that discussed ina highly secretive for it would not be exactly Let Clubs Be Bdshiess Like
are taking form in your head. manner, but It could be that prudent at this stage to arouse -
quite similar to jokes directed -
a manner will have the powerful enmities. The We have
8-30-22-18-47- you glory and observed the business
at old maids, mothers-in-law, bossy yet pay all the bills. It simply impression that the whole worldis BORN FEB. a number of proceduresof
wives, and hen-pecked husbands. Snoring GEMINI Is better to adhere to the status against you, including some 19th MAR. 20th clubs. organizations, fraternitiesand
disstressed the victim who responds to quo on this day and to pass beings whom you took for willing In these meetings, it Is evident -
the reactions of the listeners. It often BORN MAY up all the supposedly good things supporters is likely to be Tread with care. This Is not that there Is a general lack of a

defies medical treatment, but worse stillis I 21st Jill 21st that are placed In your way. accentuated by. rather abrupt the right moment to make mo- knowledge of parliamentary procedure on
developments.b40phi1779936 mentous decisions or changesin the part of the
390551274VJ4VIRGO chairman
the drain upon ones nerves in trying to as well as the
l>> your alliances. The consequences members.
Peace before all. Even though .
keep from falling asleep lest the non- of hasty actions could '
the noises. lure of profits, recognition or have far-reaching Usually, these clubs elect a part lamen-
snoring partner resents SCORPIO' repercussions
other spectacular advantages BORN AUG. tarian
the nature of which but he doesn't'
The immediate causes Include: flutteringof may be hard to resist, you may may study the subject
23rd SEPT. 22id BORN OCT. not be too clearly defined at so that he ran be useful to the
the soft palate, posterior faucial pillars have to develop a much better organi-
the moment. All the best Intentions
nasal obstructions, or any com- plan than the one you now have 24th NOV. 22id. zation. The chairman does not know in
in the world could
only .
to obtain the desired results. Defer to authority. You do not (many situations) what to do.
bination of these things. You don't have to put your fin- appear'to be holding the commanding Cool off. A friendship that ease a little the problems and upon the He doesn'thJ
The sensible approach is, first, to seek gers on a red hot stove to position either during starts out to be red hot oftenis disappointments that are building knows that parliamentarian, because he
\ medical care; second, read widely on the discover that it burns, and yet the first or the third quarter. the first one to grow cold. up to an explosive point. this officer cannot help
It would not much.
be a hard matterto very
with sleeping that Is Just what you may do This calls for considerable discretion The same may be said of ambition -
third experiment
subject; fall in love and to
during this first quarter when when you have to deal on occasion, when it arouse We suggest that thirty' minutes
postures; and, fourth, practice exercises, before directly with becomes bit the Jealousy and fury of the one be reserved -
you act you think. Fric-, top people, officials a too much or too at each club
to strengthen the muscles which keep the 'tlon seems to be building up; or any others who have expensive to maintain. It wouldbe who may take it as a personal study and J practice "meeting for a brief
mouth shut and the tongue forward In the poking a threat to a key association. the means of enforcing their an additional safeguard for betrayal and affront. law of good pari iamentaryI
mouth. And while you are con- wills. Even if you can count you to figure out the angles In

\ .. \ L

...-..........................-....-..._........._......-......... ....... V _" A __ & -- --... .. .. ... .. ..- -- .__ __ __

i a MAY 28, 1966 STAR PAPtKS PAKE 3 I

II r.- ..._ ,,__ A..I Tea Held" S1ORK\ Visiting SoonDr. Musical Tea For St. Patrick's DayLily I Ir

I Louis L. Davis his wife
J delivery Myrtle Ruth, son, Dwayne Va- .. -_ ... > ,.


Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D.
Richardson 4909 Avenue B,

Mr.girl.and Mrs. Hurshel Hardy, J:1 -::

1538 Illinois Street boy

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson -
2308 Lee Street boy.

Mr. and Mrs. William Cherry,
7564 Reed Street, boy

May DayFestivities dL

Held -

nler and daughter Dwanda Lanler ." ,
At Pine ForestMay .will be house guests ofDeVlne .

v -- 1l : ..:}
Speedway Community Club recently field their annual tea. From left to right ire: Day festivities will be held :
Mrs. Alice Freeman business manager; Mrs. Jimmie Lee Cambell reporter; Mrs. Mattie Friday at Pine Forest Elemen- l w, ti .- '',. ,,
I Jane Williams, reporter; Mrs. Pearl McTear reporter; Mrs. Mae T. Collins and other tary School. :.
"officers include Mrs. Pauline Singleton Mrs. Gladls Hlnderson, Mrs. Pennle Mae Dick- "Rainbow Fantasy" Is the y ; .
erson, Mrs. Bessie Hill, Mrs Julia M. Morlon, Mrs. Easter Mathls, Mrs. Maetta Mitchell theme of the events. The participants LA i Y
and Mrs. Irene Stevens. Staff photo by James Singleton are: Clenda Randolph ,
Paul Toloert queen and king;
I Chequeta R. Byard, Carl Knox -J fY
- -- --- --- -
ner, Cheryl Jamison, Evans
Howard, Lasonia Mundlne, Jeffery -
ELLS Dukes, Wilier Ragland, j Tc! 1
Michael Bailey Bruce Kennerly -

court members; Roberta ... .. i
p -- -- -------- --- -- -
jI&I. Jonathan Long 1031 W. 28th Key, flower girl; Julius Buggs .
St., 20 and Renee Hiawatha crown bearer and Janice Flo- DR. LOUIS
Wright, 3118 Buckman St., 18. 'wers train carrier. Mrs.Shirley White Lode f 174 had their Poet St. Patrick' Day Musical Tea recently. The parti-
M. Carlos is chairman.The his mother, Mrs. Adlee V. Davis clpants on program were: Mrs. Dorothea Smith, Miss Olivia Hogans, Mr. Harold Nlaran,
Calhoun J. Williams m, 3922Orlando public has been Invited to attend. of 1633 W. 10th St., the. Mr. Allen Green, Mrs. Sarah Strickland, Mrs. Tiny Boston and the Female chorus of Shiloh I
Dr., 28 and Gloria second week of June. Baptist Church. They are pictured above with members of the Lodge. Mrs. Angelena
wr Foreman 7378 Slmms Dr., 22. Joint Anniversary Hogans Is president. Mr. A. W. Boston, Mr. William D. Sweet, Mrs. F. Felton and Deputy
Zoo Lulla Price were also on this program.
---''-- _"N''' 'II Robert F. Roan, Chicago DL, Outing Photo Viv. James S. Singleton
Porcelain enameled tttl It a feature of nearly every com 23 and Pauline Brooks, 3032 At Second BaptistThe
I ponent of this "rtttarch hou '" bathroom, Walls, countertops Saturn Ave., 21. The FGG Social and Savings :
choirs of Second Baptist
bowls are mode from porctlon-on-! -st..t.l Church will observe a joint Clue! 1 Is sponsoring an outingto ;; Awards Days Lily White Held Anniversary Set I

\ unitized porrelnm-on- and tub. It is just one of Louis B. Sarvls 5917 Riverlet anniversary June 9 at 8 p.m., the coo on Saturday May 28,
Mtvl 1 bathtub enclosure replacing several new concepts I incorporated Rd., 18 and Khalilah A.Thomas in the church auditorium.A from 10:00 to 5:00: p.m. Games i Program Seti Election Meeting June 14lh
the traditional wall in the bathroom designed 1285 W. 31st St., 18. program has been arranged Games will be enjoyed an I -
surround of ceramic tile is I*' architect Herman for the occasion by the chair- awards will be made. Dinnerwtl1 i I Lily' White Lodge 173 Mrs. Sarah June Wilson will
Lynn Sermans, Lake Butler, 22 be served free. Adrian L. Oliver principal at
a .feature of a "research! man, Mrs. AWe Faye Maxwelland conducted its election meeting observe her 13th anniversaryas
and Annie Mae Ford 111 StuartSt. The bus will leave from the
Jacksonville Beach School hasat
Flora co-chairman. I. with Deputy Louella
hOIl-t.> ere ned b\' the National Burrs recently a soloist June 14 at 8:30
., 17.Arthur. Jefferson Street Pool site t: announced the Awards Day proi -
The choir of Mt. Charity Price
\ ociation of HomeBuilders presiding. In the Church of the
: p.m..
i Baptist Church HUllard, will 10:00: a.m. A small fee will be i I ram will be held June 3 at 9 a. Officers elected were: Mrs Living God 14th
near Washington.n.c L. White Jr., Library be guest group. Other choirsin charged. Tickets are now on i I m., in the school auditorium Mildred C.Hill,president;Mrs. and Grunthal Auditorium
Pa., 23 and Annie L. Lee, 73 the city have been Invited to sale. Mrs. Gladys Wilson Is i Gloria Williams will preside A. Floyd, vice president; Mrs. Appearing will
The eliminates enclosure! whichvirtually 27 Tampa Ave., 19. attend. the president. an outstanding student of the P. Mathls recording secretary; be the Sunbeam program Singers Sun-
grouting graduating class and a memberof
Mrs. V. Johnson, financial
ny Rose singers
problems is bathroom construction the Student Council.
in a ke\" featureof Nina FMC Stidents Listed li Who's- Who the Wanda Thomas will conduct secretary, chaplain; Mrs.; Mrs.L. E.E.Frederick Ellis-, Speight Jackson Singers Elder Mose, Nathaniel Davis,
the upstairs 'famil\ devotion and Noah Jackson
marshall; Mrs. Anna B. Byrd, McCall Singers
bath. It consists of 'five r will give the occasion. The treasurer; Mrs. Ora Johnson, Stars and others.
large panels covering the I band under direction of Herman teller; Mrs. Rosa L. Turner, The hostesses will be members -
area from tub to ceiling. Ij Green will give selections. general manager; Mrs. Eunice of the Sunbeam Club and
Four of the panels are fabricated j The faculty sponsors are: Taylor inner guard; Mrs. 0. Mrs. Thelma Edwards Mrs.
from steel Mrs. Tiny Thomas and Mrs. Johnson Mrs. A.
patterned Byrd banking Amanda Collins will serve as
B. Wesley. Other activities
and flushed in"a low-gloss committee. Mistress of Ceremonies
for the senior class will
blue porcelain enamel\, A
filth concave formed inset ,.,, JtC '1t include: Ninth Grade Worship
with recessed soap dish and II. York 'for the American Iron Sunday Promotional; outing Execrlcise June 4 and June the 8. YOU .Don't Have To Go To Town To get
a shoulder-high shelf for and Steel Institute Porcelain ,
shampoo and bath oils is enameled steel is a featureof Senior ClassPreseNts
porcelain enameled steel nearly every major component LOW PRICESDRUG
in a I lighter blue. including; the tub
The wall surround can lavatories, vanity tops and PlayThe

be produced to fit any stand- even the wall s>stem. 1966 senior high class of STORE NEEDS

Douglas Anderson High School ---------
will present Its class play Friday
Royal Art StudioSTILL (tonight) at 8 p.m., in the Trade with your Neighborhood Drug storeWE
"' 'ra 5 l The play Is a three-act comedy papers we Deliver we also fill all DOc-
t q f.
r t t w I entitled, "Daffy Dills"ands tors prescriptions.
TAKING held In the living room of
Richard Dill's home.
The cast includes: O'Hara Davis -
INSTANTPICTURES Vivian McCrary Artice Dixie Pharmacy
Bartley Juanlta Smith, Lester
Logan, Marie Scott, Ralph
ST. AUGUSTINE Fla.-Who's leadership, extracurricular activities English Major from Tisdale Paulette Logan Phyllis 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue
Who Among Students in cooperation in educa- Arcadia Fla.; Deborah A.Mos- Thomas Sherrie Nell Weston -
American I Universities and ,> tlonal general citizenship and icy Social Science Major from Beverly Wright and Berna-
Colleges. One of the most out- promise of future success. Usu- Jacksonville Fla.; CharlesE. dett Turner Phones Elgin 5559798.
standing publications in America ally a student is selected for Bartlett English Major of Miss Deloris Johnson is direc- _.
today has honored nine of this honor after his third year Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Bennie B. tor. The play is a Joint effort ---- --- -
Florida Memorial's students by in an institution of learning. Smith, Biology Major from Hastings of the Language Arts Depart- PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE
NOW LOCATED AT Fla. James ment, Charlie Lee, chairman.
listing them in its 1966 edition. Those selected at Florida Memorial ; Roberts
This publication Is created to College are shown from Biology t Major from Stuart, The public has been invitedto
give one national basis of recognition right to left: Mrs. Vera Bolden Fla.; Nina M. Lawton, Music attend. BILLS AT OUR STOREDon't
710 RUSHING ST. for students In Col- Jackson English Major from Major from Newberry, Fla.
leges and Universities throughout Lakeland, Fla.; John P.P.Phil- This annual director of distinguished -
America. lips, Social Science Major from students has been pub-
Students are selected for this Chlefland, Fla.; Joyce Baker, lished since 1934.Many of those
SAME PHONE 3541894 publication basically on their Social Science I Major from who have been listed in its edi
achievements in scholarship. Jacksonville Fla.; Joseph opportunities.

YWCA Announces

dof .

r Summer CampThe

YWCA A. L. Lewis I
Branch has announced itssum-I Plan a
mer day camp program
held June 20 through! July 15.
The camping program will beheld
at the 8th Street building
\ ROOafrO ty and is designed for girls 8-14 '"
to years of age.Activities i
will Include: Music, / party
Craft sports biking trips re- / )
,d creation planned worship 1
: trampoline and swimming.Miss ,
w Grace Brown employee in the
f OgEEN.e public school system,will serve -< pti '" tJ' / y
eTAMPa / .. '
as craft coordinator for the ,

.. four weeks. '.
.4y- ... Registration will be held June ::Mt ,< r ",
3 and June 10 from 9 a.m., to >"' tt ,
s 5 p.m. Registration forms will ....
be mailed upon request and maybe C'\\.1 \
returned by mall. For further \
# t cs' ''I Information call Miss B t: ,..",.!,..::t:
V Pearson at the branch. .
I .', .::jj;; I,

'dRA DE ....".... .
s rs AA Hobo Dance .. without
Beef e t -
at its Tty the Smooth Canadian,
Nu Chapter Eta Phi Beta Sorority
I Inc., will present its Seagram's V.O.
3rd annual Hobo Dance Fridayat
10 a.m., in the Duval County I CMMIMttNlSH-lllEHOOFUlCCTCOimiWlC! Irons[ OilMtrtOOf SIMIMKffUUSM.l t tmUIDIY
I Armory.


.iy.r.l..liffyl +i .vii. .f 11 iv P$1' *' + .


.M&E 4 __ ____ STAR PAPERS

. I'U III' Held Spring Tear Ml.- Ararat Church Tea ____ I

r vT TWO MINUTES \-j.--.I.Z'j.I'

I .,.' ,
I ;' .::
A//W mE BIBLE '"


r ( 1
9R \M.my |III )|>lo BIIIH| >BC ilml "'d). walk in IUWIUKH' (if life" (Uoin '
\'Illiolll"I (MN'H| r'wurll., .li. I lliiMwlm I 6.1.4): ).
.lo lluir I |lest| In ll\l K<..l| %|ivI .s. 'Phis I i i. nil (;,,,/'1 lining/ and only :
Thi"I IK mil wi, fur ( UN 1',, \\nnl mi' >'. now IK tin. luliivir. ready In dot \ ilI
ul> I tllOH. ttlllliUVKllVol'"Who I: ! path Nivol: 1 tI". and called l lUK Thu.I tin DIN mill! adds Hi I II I Tilll I 2: I
!! with an holy tilltniK, NOT I "If .wi. suffer. wt shall| || also reign ---
.' 1 ACCOUDINC:; OIIK \\OKI\S: wilt Hun: if w i' deny !linn, lie ':
lull. 1U"'ur.lin lit I IIi" own |l'"fJII"| nisi will deny IIH (\ir 12)), \\hen
,mid 1 nr.m whidl111" given UK ill .the IxliiMtV xtrviu fur ChriM i IM
Oirinl J JIHIIH I.r..r. ilu world I- r.vi..wl.I..I;".. undid, will "ruuvc f (
Kim" (I II I Inn I 19): ), a reward," |but others will\ "'miffirIIIKH ..Jlie
V UifirrniK! lo this I "Hiilvalion whit'h ," hough they ihimsilviH.' will \
I. Ml Chris) JIKIIM," Si. Paul HiiynI : "I In 11I\\1.1.| yet 1 ".11" l by rirl'(1(I Cor ,
"Tlli.I i" a r"ihflllllll'in for if wiliaxe .1:14,15): ). I :
died unit 11 mi, wv Khali also II will IN duply .niliarraxxing, a
live with IIi", (II Inn. 2:10.11)\). in dial In usher. MiiriU: The UluvirVIIUIIIK i.inn $lo face cnipljhandid the One A spiritual tea tor Mst 39 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church wu held recently. From left
to Mrs. Lizzie Mae Block, Financial secretary; Deacon, Edgar Hall, Mrs Susie I
CaUary arittlil.pax "died. who gave| I IIi" nil. Himself to nave right are:
will, Chris) \ii\untf I the Crow, ilu in. Nil xalvalion IH liy grace Mitchell, president; Mrs Anglia McBride, mistress of ceremonies. photo by James Slncleton,
Christian Unity Forum held a spring Tea Sunday May 15. in the home of Mr. lit says: 'I'IIIH IH 'iml ("hri",'"diallillo (him hit' apOHlli,<< haxitn conclude! T
and Mrs. J. C. Preston. Participants on the program were as follows: Hamp "'a< no Kiiinir. Ho had nodialhlo hiHrlatinuiil in II 'Iimothy2, with You won't get tomorrow'jobs
Da son, Carter Lewis Mrs. Janie Crockett.Richard Davis, Deacon R. L. In.. \llo in dying my death!" I the" words we': Little Rock Choir with yesterday's skills I
If arc unfaithful yet Heal
Vklftians, Rev. Rufus shanks Mrs. Brenda Law, Miss juanita Law Mrs. A. Lloyd. And mi liy 1 faith, ho ill 'crucifnd I >idilh faithful: lie cannot deny Train now for tomorrow's joli
Mrs. Mary Shanks and Mrs. Lillle M. Thomas. Shown are some of the members with Chrmt" (Gal 2:20): ). The I pin- HiniHilf" (Ur 13)). Plans Recital
,present. ally for All HIM sins has I Utn fully ThuM I our rewards as believer "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"
STAR Photo by James singleton (Mini, far ho died--in ell,;", and I depend upon our faihfulnc( but Choir 4 of the Little Rock I
'thiiH haM aluo riHcn with Christ "10 our salvation, thank God<< on hid 1 Baptist Church will present an
evening of music, Sunday, May] R. S. EVANS3RD
29 at 8 p.m. In the main audi
Forest Park School Mt. Moriah torium of the church.
The following program has
been arranged: selection; in & MAIN
Sponsors TeaThe Church ServiceThe troduction of Mistress of Cere

monies, Anthony Jenkins; Mistress
GRANDOPENI Forest Park Elementary Missionary Society of Mt. of Ceremonies Miss '68 MODELS LOW AS 1500 MILES

School PTA will sponsor an Morlab AME Church, will hold Geneva Jackson; welcome, Arthur CHOICE OF COLORS
Appreciation Tea Monday in the Its regular fifth Sunday service Glbbs; response, HisHis:
school auditorium,honoring several May 29 at 7 o'clock In the even- Cynthia Brown; solo, :
teachers and citizens In ing. Joyce Taylor; reading. Miss 66 MUSTANG $2395
the community. The Youth Department of the Evangeline Bryant selection, V WttS& IQATTf *O TO PACT.
Former students and friends Central t Methodist Episcopal Mt. Calvary Trio; selection:, w HT.
of West Lewlsville School, now Church pastored by the Rev. Midway AME Church; instrumental IMP. $2595
Forest Park, have been Invitedto W. C. Flanagan, will presentthe solo Miss Francena I/.r PO'W'RE.nUDf: attend. A program has been. evening's service. These Paul; selection, D. B. Barnes
arranged for the occasion.The versatile young people are dl- Chorus; offering, John R. Dun 66 P VTIAC $2795
participants include: W. rected by Mrs. Clementine bar and Anthony Jackson; pre CAT LTOA corps AUTOMATIC,
Russell Robinson,Oscar I.Hillman Brown of Central Church An sentation of the contestants;; wj&smsw0 *lAiie;
Cecil B. Fisher, Mrs. W. additional feature will be the report of the contestants; remarks 65 FORD HT..
D. Lucas, Miss Barbara Robinson guest solos rendered by the and benediction. $2195
Miss Jacquelyn Smith, young Miss Levy, a student of Contestants are: Miss LindaM. iTi; : As AI A1R ccnJrtJo,,,cwmVi
NOl Mrs. A. N. Sessions and Miss Darnell-Cookman School. Jones and Miss Shirley
Cornelius Salters.Gateway Banks. 65 PONTIAC $2995

Baby Contest In Members of Choir Swill serve I rWAliUW iE! WWmw. '*".
Auxiliary as host and hostesses.
St. Paul's ChurchA

contest will R. S. EVANS
baby popularity Mt. Moriah AME '
Holds MeetingGateway be sponsored Sunday at 4 p.m.,
in St. Paul AME Church. Three

I Auxiliary No. 3131, prizes will be awarded and Slates ServicesThe 3RD & MAINe .\
Veterans of World War I ofthe each baby will receive a gift.
USA) will hold their regular The babies and sponsoringclubs
meeting Saturday at a p.m. at I are*: Bryan K.'',Baney.WOOlen' nab missionaries AME Church of will Mt.have Mo-; 4-8381 EL4-8382' \
... the Joe H. James Center. ; Progressive Club; ; J
charge of the service Sunday r
l AU officers, members, delegates Vonziel L. Butler, 20th Century "J/ckaonvlfe'a Moat Recommended Dealer"WHEN
and alternates are urgedto Club; Terrence Laster, auxiliary at 7 p.m. The youths of Central]I
CME Church, under direction I
boards Sharon Renee She-
be present. This Is the last ;
..!!!!:iiiItI!! meeting before the State Con- bee, Usher Board 2; Chandra of Mrs. Clementine the Brown,will 1
-- 10-12 at the Renee Wilson, Choir 1;Bernard program.
vention June
I 1t'! II'." : =:Jf George,Washington HoteL Chandler Wilson and Boosters Robin Whipple Club. ,A.C. nell-Cookman Miss A. Levy,School student, at will Dar be I YOU ARE' ILL

guest soloist. The public has I
NEWEST AND MODERN STORE been Invited to attend.
TEA TIME You Seek The Best Doctor. .
When Your Doctor Prescribes
FRIDAY AND SATURDAYBANANAS The Sunlight Social Savings Club will observe Its anniversary Young People Get Experienced Pharmacists
with a tea May 29 In the Garden Circle Clubhouse, 344 W. 17th ...According to your Doctor's
St. Mrs. Sarah Lundy and Mrs. Mattie Everett are program Orders. We Use Only The Best
chairmen. Celebrate Quality Drags
AnniversaryThe Proprietor
The Carnation Garden Circle will 3 Registered
sponsor its Pretty Hat Tea Pharmacists To serve you
May 29 at the Youth Center from to 6 p.m. Young People's Union wll I
celebrate their first anniversary It
CHURCH NOTICE Sunday night at 8 p.m. ':t ----A COM P LET LINE OFat ----
New Mt. Olive Baptist Church i.
LETTUCE 1 10 WALTERS MEMORIAL Rev. Telfalr, pastor. Coemetica- Rubber Goods-candies-sundries
HEAD Sunday services in Walters Memorial AME Zion Church begin This singing aggregation ii -PRESCRIPTIONS
with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Miss Amy MorelandIn composed of 12 young group! FOB AND DELIVERED-
charge. Rev. H. C. Archie, pastor, will review the lesson, who will be heard singing y air
"The Fall of Samaria" Morning service at 11 o-clock with the favorite selections Lilly's Drag Store
pastor presiding. Choir 1 will render the music and the pastor
FLORIDA GRADE "A"FRYERS will preach. Usher Board 1 is schdduled to serve, and M r s. Vacation Bible
Annie Mae Davis: will preside at the organ. Mrs. Davis will 1907 KINGS ROADEL38276
sponsor a program at 4 p.m.Progrssive School SetsRegistration

LB.25C Baptist GroupThe Vacation Bible School DateThe li:
Tabernacle Baptist Institutional:
Ministers and Deacons Union and the Women's Missionary Church will begin June 13, art
LIMIT Society, auxiliaries to the Emanuel Progressive Baptist Association registration begins June 7 will
3RICE will convene in Mt. Salem Baptist Church May 25-29. Mrs. H. M. Lawrence, super*
visor in .
The participants Include Rev. president; and the alternate Is' youths will observe theli
W. M. Wright, Rev. Henry Rev. S. A. Thomas, presi Miller, New Brooklyn Baptist Dinners\ will be served. supervisor presiding.VETERANS .
3 LB. Church boards, Philadelphia .
37 Baptist choirs and usners.
The women will have charge Zip Ili.
BAG Thursday at 8 p.m. The participants
I include, Mrs. F. Smith,
Mrs Mary Barney, Mrs. A.
King, Mrs. D. J. Jones Mrs.

I NECK BONES 8 IBS.N $ L McCoy.Tony Educational Neal and night Mrs.will Lucille be observed THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC.

Friday at 8 p.m. Appearing
on program will beMrs. Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking
Essie Nell Brown, Rev.
FREE RIDES lEMON TWISTERS and Tony others.Neal, Rev. D. J. Jones, jk j je

a Services May 29 begin with Applications For Its June
lAND e Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. k.-
1 RIDES ON REAL lornlng service at 11 o'clock.
e message will be delivered
Rev. E. I. Norman, vice 1st Veteran Class. KEN KNIGHT

flYING Ivsical Program -Invites You To Listen To-

FOR The Size Of Our ClassesIs

d SAUCER Fridey A SaterdsyI Set Sunday BIG BAND

THE choirs An afternoon and gospel program chorus mu-of Limited By Law.

1 FUN PRIZES sic, will be presented Sundayat "DANCE PARTY"Nifhtly
I 3:30: p.m., In Second Baptist
Church Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
t INTO SPACE Choirs and choruses In the 11:30: til 12:0aSitirday :
t ; KIDS! FOR EVERYONE city have been invited to render A Place.
selections. The Is 9
program p.m. Ill 12:00: p.m.
menW being sponsored by Mrs. Maide
Jones, captain for Group 8 of 1400
*|TC1 TIE lEI MlIT SI0* 6)1) lilT TV CMNNEL 4 the Clearance Drive, and coworkers CALL 355 9174 WRHC 1400I



_. -...... -
--......- -. --

n i"


I Receives Distinguished Service AwardAWARD Raleigh Girls Civil Service Display Collection 01 "Rare BooksHarrison "

_.. .n ._ .. ____ ..........
+ Win Pepsi CollScholarships League Announced

v, Receipt Of $20,000
d a \
: <

PM RALEIGH, N. C.-Two J.V.Ugca The National Civil Service r t
High ScboollirlalAaa1I League has aaaovaced the
4, Drocclla Gibbs and GwendolynRose receipt of $%0,000 from the
ir Harwell, were announced Alfred P. Sloan Fomdatlon to
u winners of Pepsi Cola scholarships taaagvate. a $1,000 Award to
to matriculate at Shaw outstanding'' career cull servants. 1 ;

,University for the 1966-67 -
'school Tae Lmf... gave half of the
.. The two year.winners were among Sloan grant on April 29th at/ r Lc'idr '
high school seniors who com- Jtt twelfth annual Career Service -
t at't1 peted In the test for the Pepsi Awards Program, the
Cola scholarship awards. The ''Oscar," of public service.
,, contestants were from North The grant brings to $45,000the
,,I Warren High School of Wise, Sloan Foundation rapport
N. C. Fuqnay Consolidated this year of toe LeagM's act-
School In Fuqua N. C., and ivities.la .
Ugoo High School of Raleigh.The addition to the $1,00 tax-
two winner were announced free award, each awards received -
by Mrs. Velma G. Clark a gold engraved Hamilton Ji
director of testing wrist 'atc4'Robert :
who administered school: C. Weaver, Secretary
and college ability tests. of the new Department of Boo
Misses Gibbs and Burwell sing and Urban Development
were each awarded a$500 scholarship delivered a major speech at
for their freshman U' the Awards program at Wash
of study at Shaw. J. D. Lewis, ington's Sheraton-Park Hotel. ?
special markets representativeof The federal career employees t b kf 111IF
: the Pepsi Cola BotWncComPlAY received the 1966 Ca- il)
of Raleigh, and James reer Service Award, are: 1 I Cameron, special markets representative Oscar Bakke, Eutera
Regional Director, Federal
of Pepsi Cola -------
r Company of New York, were on Aviation Agency; F. Stewart
hand to make tbeawardpresen- Brown.Chief, Bureau of Power, Rhodes Memorial"Library, BethuneCookman -
tatlons when the winners were Federal Power Commission; College in commoratlon of National
announced. William O. Hall Assistant Administrator Library Week has on display in its Foyer,

Wilkins To Deliver Development, Agency for Dwight International a collection of "Rare Books"" Includedin

A. Ink,Assistant General Manager this display are: Altemus editions of
Convention Keynote Atomic Energy Commission Dante's' "Inferno"' and Milton's ""Para'
r a now Assistant Secretary dise Lost" illustrated with woodcuts by
NEW YORK Roy WUiins.. for Administration,Department
Gustave Dore Charles
; Dickens Rare print
executive director of the 1t of Housing and Urban Development -
I. tional collection, ; Fleetwood's' ''Life' of Christ
Association for the ; Paul H. Riley, Deputy
Advancement of Colored People Assistant Secretary Defense, Illuminated; Henry's Exposition of the Old
will deliver the keynote Department of Defense Joseph and New Testament, printed In 1712; a Holy

4p I session address at of the the opening Association's public J.International Disco, Assistant Organization Secretary Affairs Bible, printed In I86U; Works of the Late

't' '57th annual convention in Los Department of State; Rev. James Herver, printed 1792 and the
Angeles, Tuesday night, July Charlotte Moore Latterly, Physicist Old Blue Back Speller. Shown above is
"' 5. National Bureau of Martha Berhel Libraian as she explains a
The five-day convention will, Standards, Department of Commerce piece of the literature to Majorie
.I' ',. be devoted largely to devising ; Bernard Strassburg piece of the I literature to Majorie Guzman
I' : of new programs to aid the Chief, Common Carrier ,
: people at the community level. 'Bureau,,Federal Communications student assistant from Tampa, Florida.
.t.... ,Of particular Interest is the Commission; Mary E,
.. .,JOt workshop on consumer protection hitler, Commissioner, Vocational
\ ".: scheduled for July 7. The Rehabilitation Administration New Voters To Cast Ballots
I ,
panel of experts for this season Department of Health,
will be headed by Mrs. Esther Education, and Welfare Ellis BIRMINGHAM A total of fice here under direction of W.
WINNER---Thomas L. De'lton, Deputy vice Award. Mrl Delton Is the first Negro Peterson, special assistant to H. Veatch, Chief, Military; 6,423 new voters here and C. Patton
State Director for the Department of Agriculture's to earn the Department's highest honor. President Johnson for consumer Division, Bureau of the Budget. {throughout Jefferson Countywere In addition to the nearly 2,000
affairs. Instructed In the proper persons trained in the office,
Rural Development Distinguished Service Awards were
Community pre-
Other workshops of vital interest {means of casting their ballots others were given Instructions
Service In Georgia, Is congratulated by sented 91employees during USDA's' 20th will be devoted to poll. DOING NICELY 'In the May 3 primary election In evening classes and Inwork-

Secretary of Agriculture Orvllle L. Annual Awards Ceremony on May 17. 'boil action; school problems, According to a recent U,S. through an NAACP project. shopsset up In predominantly
Freeman on receiving a Distinguished Ser- USDA Photo including desegregations and Census Bureau report, 22 per Mrs. Mary F. Williams was In Negro .areas of the country.
quality of education; employment cent of American families had charge of the project which As a,result, an estimated ZOO,
; housing and community incomes of$10,000 or more in maintained a training center at OOO Negroes voted in the pri
tensions. 1964.! the NAACP voter education of- mary.
Noted Journalist
.. ," i, GOP Nines It
Jill 14-
Visit Albany College
Special Assisted t
' Study with Richard L.Bolden, music specialist

Mrs. Gerry Major, Society and Tom Fairfield Brown, chairman -
VOICE PIANO'THEORY GUI- BAND AND ORCHESTRA IN- Associate Editor for the John Republican State Executive
OAR STRUMENTSAlso son Publishing Company, Inc., Committee of Florida, announces -
publishers of Ebony and Jet the appointment of I. MA7tKET5'iNE3E
HOSPITAL AIDE COURSE 'magazines among others;visited -' W. (Ike) Williams, an attorney SUPER
Albany State College;Albany,
from St. Petersburg, Florida
Training I. for hospitals, clinics, doctors' of fleas,private Georgia recently. She was the as a special assistant to the

patients. featured guest at the Community chairman to complement the PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. B.
Bil.ei's Cillin Of lISle College eztraganza held In the staff at State Headquarters.Mr. .
Sanford Hall Auditorium and Williams was selected
Illi I. 20tl Strut addressed the student body on
from a group of prominent Negroes -
the Center West Mall. The FLA. GRADE AHENS
whose names had been
El .aOOI. El 6-6485, El 5-9722 extravaganza featured perform: submitted by Negro politicaland
mers who are favorites of the civic leaders. All members
4 TO 6 LB.
local.MI Mace. of the group pledged their full
support to Williams and Us AVERAGE 25
I program. They said his appoint
ment as special Assistant to the B.
Chairman represents a new and
constructive approach to the

Important Job of bringing Negro SUGAR CURED HICKORY SMOKED
voters Into the Republican
Party. The State meeting of the
it liNT SODaPopl1 Florida Voters League, Inc., a
non-partlsin organization PICNICS

representing of the the 300,000 hopes and Negro aspirations LB. 39DIXIE

voters in the State,was held In
Panama City, Florida, on April
2224. CYSTAL
Mr. Williams Is vice presidentof
: the National Negro Republican -
Assembly, the Florida
Voters League, Inc., founder SUGAR
and president of the Southside 5L6.
Republican Club, St. Petersburg O
and Is a member of the
e Pinellas County Republican Executive LIMIT 1 WITH 55.00 OR MORE MONEY ORDER BAG .
Committee. In 19M be
\ convened a statewide meeting! -
the Negro Republicans of FABDETERGENT
.;.. ..: .. .- GENTLEMAN FARMERIt's
>o/h.,, easy to tell a gentleman .
'.. < .; farmer; he always tips
his hat to a nice tomato. : GIANT 49



; Cola ll I II I FLA. GRADE A SMALL EGGS 101. 'il euro 29t

.,,- 'i... Roc44 FOREMOST ICE MILK ALL fUyaU X Ill. 35t



LOVE POWC*. Thay ara I laitmjaryi
I I'I.cty' charmi all.itd lo Draw, ComJ J
wildest j IPa, Attract LUCK In low, iamaa,I II Jli*
Cola Rock's just one of the wildest gang m.na.nd work or builn., la-1 I FRESH TENDER POLE IEANS U.
of wines ever to come rock rock rockin' along I I bad llavad Ivci.to protacl U agalntl w wpamatural a.ll and I!I Iliclalmaai

Try Orange Rock for lock; Lemon Rock for Zip; 1ANICCO, aIM ONj$i 5 pair pair la pat |I LEMONS i rot 1!
Lime Rock for Kicks! L-o-v;. those rocks! |ilklppad paid lAcludlni nixlt Inatructlona|1 daimll lor accom-1 uaa SUNKIST LARGE

I ASTURO CO.-Dept..F8{ 12 IZ. CAN 3f$
rrmNwn......ears sae.cum reel Area war'C.nays,car ca nuut can.A J tt.KI H4 MIUKA, f.1I4J1J CORN IEEFTROPI ,




"*-w----....___.... 1> 1'_ a a

rsr.r..o.wr r.rr. . '
f 1' s1ef11f fsee. .. .el .. :


-- -

Dr. Martin L. King Elected Fellow Of Hospital, Cnlniufts Activities' I

-.-- _. jrjLr, rmtt"dynrt.ty_>sirre_rt.*aV *B? *!n' B Y P'ty8jm''aTtfJi lITEND

Academy Of Arts And Sciences jt r, .,, \. ,, I

ATLANTA, Ga. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was notified tl ,,1 I r ,
last week of his election as a Fellow of The American Academy
of Arts and Sciences .
$. .
The Academy was founded in Boston, Massachusetts during C
the American Revolution by Intellectual leaders prominent in
laying the philosophical foundations of the new nation and in
framing its laws, governmental structure and Institutions.

John Adams, who later became Ious thrust of'nonviolence caa
the second President of the break down the ignoble wallsof '

United States, Initiated the chain ignorance misunderstanding r
of events that led to the forma-' and hatred which exist between
tion of the Academy. It was theRev. Individuals, ethnic and racial r

Samuel Cooper, Fellow of groups. The organization seeks '
Harvard College from 1767 to to secure andpreserve the right .
17S3' mho carried forward the of ,.
individuals to govern them- ..
idea, and on December IS!I, 1779, selves and determine their own ,:
"an Act to incorporate Society destinies.
for the cultivation and promo- Dr. King is a graduate of More-, -i7.1
tion of Arts and Sciences" was house College in Atlanta, and ;a.
read in the MassachusettsHouse received his doctorate in the '
of Representatives field of Systematic Theology : :
The Charter of the Academy from Boston University. la i; r r
sums up its purpose, "to promote 1964, be was awarded the Nobel
and encourage the know- Prize for Peace, which is given -,- _

ledge of the antiquitiesof ,annually to the person"who has A. HOSPITAL OPEN HOUSE---Mr. and Mrs. Hllnon S. Sorer; sr. of Basconb, Pi a. HOSPITAL'S 20-YEAR EMPLOYEES HONORED---Mrs. Grace Smith, left, director of
America, and of the natural done the most for the :
history of the country, and to ;ance of brotherhood among furtherf men 'lank their son, Hilmon S. Sorey jr. administrator of the Florida MM Unl- nurses, presents an award to Mr. Malachl Andrews, chef for the Florida MM University

determine the uses to which :and the abolition or reduction VI ersity Hospital, Tallahassee, during the recent Open House fete which marked Hospital, during the institution's recent lIIIIunity Recognition Banquet
the various natural of ] culmination of the hospital's observance of national Hospital week. During
productionsof I standing armies and for the tl tie which highlighted the annual National Hospital Week observance. Looking on,
the country may be applied; I extension of these the senior of their and
purposes. tl!he day spent in Tallahassee, Soreys were guests son a and
to promote and encourage medical second from left, are Mr. Hllmon S. Sorey Jr. hospital administrator, Mrs.
*aughter, Mrs. octavla E. petties, 685 wailes street. ..
discoveries; mathematical Science Has Role FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau.; Adele Lucas, R. N., maternity ward nurse. Mrs. Lucas also received an award
disquisitions; philosophical for 20 ;years of service on the hospital's staff. Another 20-year award winner,
inquiries and --
astronomical, meteorological,; In Western Film not shown, is Mr. John Henry Whitaker, cook.
Ernest Filly
FAMU staff photo by aa.
and and geographical improvements observations in agricul-; Science of the 1960's aided ..........._ ._ ....... ._.....UW
ture, arts, manufactures, and Robert Lansing's portrayal of
commerce; and, in fine, to cultivate a Western gunslinger of the
every art and science 1870's in "An Eye For an Eye,"
which may tend to advance the action-packed western dramain T I I IrI

Interest, honor, dignity, and color which had a glittering
happiness of a free,Independentand world premiere at the Sunshine
virtuous people.>> Theatre in Alburquerque, N.M.
Men of letters and public 'Wednesday, May 23!, and which
affairs as well as educators 'will be In general release this

were always Included in the ;summer.In .
membership and leadership of the Embassy Pictures release & L
the Academy in its first cen- Lansing plays the role
tury. Among these were Edward 'of a bounty hunter whose gun-
Everett, Ralph Waldo Emerson, ]band is mutilated by an oppon- W4

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ,ent's bullet. Invisible plastic # __
Horace Mann, John Greenleaf aided Lansing In simulating Inability _
Whittler, Oliver Wendell Hol- to move the musclesof
mes, Francis: Parkman, Henry his right hand. '
Adams, William G. Sumner, Pay Wayne, Slim Pickens and
Cbarles W, Eliot, and Augustus Gloria Talbott also star In "An
Lowell.Dr. Eye For an Eye" which was
1 \1'tr
King is President and one produced by Carroll Case and 3
of the founders of the Southern directed by Michael Moore. j'i; Iuu s

Christian Leadership Confer- FINANCIAL FACTS ,
ence. SCLC is a loosely struc- Despite the nation's booming ....... ..-..-.--rr. ..y. ____ _
tured federation of naUon-wtde than OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE"-Silling with pleasure and surprise, Harold Moore, Engineering

affiliates that adhere to the economy of American, more families onethird Department staff member at the Florida MM University Hospital, acceptsa -,... -- .., I. .......;;:J

moral imperatives of the philosophy have no ravings, investments, U.S. savings Bond, presented to him as the hospitalI Host outstanding Employee TIM-YEAR EMPLOYEES CITED---During the,recent community Recognition Banquet of

rooted>> of in the nonviolence thinking of deeply Jesus, or reserve funds, according toa by Mrs. Adele Lucas, R. N. right. Mr. Moore's mother, Mrs. Faye Florida A&M University Hospital, Tallahassee, awards were presented,by Mrs.
Grace Smith, director of nurses, to three the I
iswuod employees of
recent report by the looks 10-year hospital.
Henry Thoreau and Mahatma Robertson, on during the presentation.
Gandhi. Its basic commitment University of Michigan Survey FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. Shown here, left to right, receiving the awards from Mrs. Smith are; Mrs.
is to the belief that the miracu Research Center Lucille.Arnold, member of the dietary staff; Miss Daisy Fagan registered ana-

--- MiamTWalers esthetist; and Mrs. corine Johnson, LPN, Student Health Service Clinic
Dr. J.A. Johnson State College Trains
FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. I
For VacationersStill

Elected BishopMIAMI Stall For Head
IWAMEDIAL FAMU Professor Elected Secretary I
Fla. Dr. J. A, Start Program BEACH, Fla.You'reliable r-rf Vil s p *! .
Johnson, professor of Greek at to meet Just about anyone TALLAHASSEE, FIa.-FAMU) iuburn University School of \ :.: ;
the Interdenominational Theo- Virginia State College at a fathom or two down on the Dr. Mahlon C. Kinney, dean of Education, Auburn Ala.,as vice ..I1- t
logical Center of Atlanta, was Petersburg will train staff for coral reefs near Miami Beach. the Florida MM University chairman.The f .
elected to the bishopric of the the 1966 summer HEADSTART Skin diving and scuba diving College of Arts and Sciences, council elected a board "
Christian Methodist Episcopal Projects, Dr. Samuel A. Mad- devotees here Include entire has been elected secretary of of directors which will soon un.-TTtl
Church on the fourth ballot. den, Director of the Division families, college students, the Regional Council of the name an executive director for You can help protect your
The highlight of the two-week of Field Services, announced grandmothers and grandfathers Southeastern Education Corporation the Corporation and select a belongings from vacation
CME quadrennial conference at recently. Two training sessions and an increasing number of a non-profit corpor- permanent site for its head- crooks, say researchers at
1260FLORIDA'S the City of Miami's Bayfront for approximately two hundred vacationers attracted by the ation being set up to deal with qqarters., Yale & Towne bv using/( a
Auditorium, was the selection teachers will be offered at the clear waters and colorful undersea educational problems in the personal travel lock in your
of one of 27 ministers seeking Petersburg campus of the Col- life. Florida Alabama Georgia hotel room.
elevation to a seat of honor !in lege during June.Designated Says one boat owner who charters area,",,
the Episcopacy. asStaff Orientation exclusively to diving par- The 55-member! Regional .
After trailing the Rev. C. A. and Training Conferences, the ties: "Of course, the majoritywho Council, meeting at Florida
Klrkendall, president of Lane sessions will be conducted in go out are teenagers and State University during the past
College of Jackson, Tenn., on week-long sessions, June 12- college students, but we have weekend, also elected. A.
the first three ballots, Dr.Johnson 18, and June 19-26. All personsin enthusiasts of all ages. One Williams, dean of the College
led the final tally from attendance will be assigned lady must be in her 70s and of Education at the University

start to finish. for participation in the conferences -, she gets as much fun out of it of Georgia, as chairman, and \
: The !51-year-old Johnson polled by local community action as the youngsters" Dean- Truman M. Pierce of the
: 213! votes to win his seat groups. Persons may not Most visitors donning mask
by a 26 vote majority over attend the training conferenceson and flippers are out primarily
Kirkendall whose final count their own.Virginia for sightseeing, while all-year
was 189. The approval of 2-3 State College will residents usually have a hobby
i 1I of the 405 voting delegates was provide housing and meals at such as collecting shells or
1# 1 necessary to elect him. its Petersburg campus forpar- tropical fish for a home aqua- 1
tR1 ;j On the first ballot Dr.Johnson Uclpants in the training ses rium. Some also are interested
polled only 59 of the 404 total sions. The conferences will in spearfishing, al the SHORTY-$35.
votes cast. The though this is barred in certain
Rev.Klrkendall provide a seven-day concentration MEDALO STYLE #665
led with 63. on the responsibilities of areas conservatlonpur- For complete Illuitritod Catalog of
i After a number of withdrawals the HEAD START Project for poses. .. M*d.lo H.lr SlyUi_,Wlft.Half .p.
the second ballot narrowed. teachers and administrators The vacationer here for more > x. ond. .otlachmente... It'. yoi.Send. FREE name vpoarecuett. ond
to virtually a two-man bid for working with the children of than a few days-these ordinarily .oa.M Just writ*.
,..... I....
Cold Modal Hair
Normal Hair
Ifaturally Healthy
the seat made vacant by the pre-school ages-those who are used .in sightseeing, CHOWS from tlto HAIR ROOTS Dept. St 9, Bklvn 33, N.Y.
death of Bishop Luther Stewart would be expected to enter night clubbing ana swimming1' In YOUR SCALP Tho condition of
I RHYTHM & BLUES who died November of 1964. school in the Ml term of 1966. at beach or pool can becomeat .year n the haJr natural olten ...PIthMetauvue

.Kirkendall received 195 votes. The emphasis will be on early home in scuba gear even No t Two'ago* DOCTOR.CAR-.. ..
to Johnson's 156. childhood education. though a neophyte. If Instructions formula called CARBONOBb
Only two votes separated the A demonsb'atlonHEADSTART are not available at the which..la mimed with many pro**
j two after the third ballot was Project, films, tapes, creative hotel, arrangements can be BONO an ;! la i.lrny. ;Bali powerful CAJU .;
counted. Klrkendall 202. Johnson arts, music and speech labora- made through any of several nay antloepUe and don an aurh ITCHY ono
i 200. tories IP"Clall1braries,college. sports shops that specializein slay worklYeaANMISn' ....Itasdial
As customary, the newly elected staff, plus nationally (known authorities diving equipment. Contact many and: DOCTORS Mfertnnoiwtng (
bishop was hoisted shoulder in early childhood education also can be made in this way acalp trouble*. ;
i RADIO STATION high by Jubilant supporters and health, cutrituon, psy with boats catering to diving oitoraally* ana naatly cauaod relieved acalp by condition th. r

carried bodily upon the plat,, chology, sociology and cultural parties. formula. of .trite Write Triple for th1.I.I.t>DOCTOR tar A.. ....;
\ form where be took his seat anthropology will be assembledto Best spots for scenic diving OKNVINX SCALP FORMULAnow.
as one of the nine-member provide the content of the are the reefs of living coral II will bo .was to you allwrt
end **-, ** "**" Us* a I'wt.' oo..b.d Ioru.h I. add ..1_
College of Bishops of the CME training program of the conferences south of Miami Beach a few DA'S. and U you aro notaaUaflod w..h..ut. Will .01 nab .".
"WHAMMYIN Church miles, and Isolated, rocky only was.. your on, deUvery.moss back Thla pay In- to HOT odd DYt color t..1..y.Wck.N"" .l AVOID m.q
The newly-elected bishop was shores also south of the city :WMIM dod..rrthlnt. Dam' a THAT auDDlft DYED
moro y.u waif; full &u.henwb.d/orr.mo.in.' oicocV
ponny tat It
consecrated during a special NEGRO INCOME and reached In most Instancesby dlreeilona; Uea tno heat UXOICATBO /..rin.; Pr.wM..illn. ,, rubMry
service presided over by Bishop> boat. Where the shore is Spotlight Product" SCALP FORMULA your 2/ COm.... In PI..u. C....... C..
The I > medium income of Neam monoy can bur Your hair and p.,. S1
B, Julian Smith of Chicago. fitiinliot in the US rock it Is quite feasible to pad- ooalB demro tin..n. Jiul and Platinum ieBl11!
The 350,000 membership was dle along with mask and snorkel 01 The Week =.MwaAandIt. to. -GOLD J oa write, otato ahade. Pay only
MIAMI'tI !fir"I I HI ill 14\ according to r: INC. II.tl on delivery plue ... .
Church,will celebrate Its centennial mini US, (\' in water only four or five feet j Sre.kl,,. 2\. NeY..p.lr.ad.Y i+ r. Money. bach It not d.11.M.d..
it n
In 1970. nsim Bureau deep and see many of the colorful ..", in'a. a.... THIa Cord1 Model' Nolr ,......ct.. ,Inc.
roLA .rU. .
rt'/lurt.| little fish. 1M lam I. Florida, I.. Nca ....r...i. D Jl.l, Brooklyn 13, Now V."

I .

n n.n .n. .n .. .n. ..n. .. .n. o' no .L.n .-



I A Trophy For FAMU High Daytona Speedway Most Outstanding Players Championship Won

,' __
It r --- d
'4 1 : 1" ""' 1 By FAMU'sGolf
Schedule Activity

5, 1 1s Team

Daytona Beach Ga. ( )-
Goldsmith, who has turned a Florlda AiM's golf team successfully
: .
'f at International defended
( r lap Daytona its Southern
iI. Speedway at an official speed Intercollegiate Athletic Conference -
of 174.910 miles per hour, wu golf championship here
,...' the first driver to til* entry recently on the Adams Park
for the Firecracker 400 at the course. The FAMU foursome
r Speedway' on Monday, July 4. of Nazareth Brim, Robert
The Munster, bit, veteran Shaw, Ben Just, and Larry
will drive a 1965 bemi-bead James took the championship
Plymouth-the same car that with a team total of 345 in 36
carried him to victory In a 100 holes of medal play.
f) +' rYr mile Grand National at the ---_
Speedway in February and the P WatchThis
Peach Blossom 500 at Rocking-
ham in March.
The car, one of the fastest late Clown
S tCLkcs c model stock cars in the world,

ts Is set up by Ray Nichols, one of 41-06-44
the country's treat racingengi- i/
neers, and has proved a formidable
competitor this season.In 353 15 642
addition to his two wins,
r Goldsmith has a third at Riverside 2 6
_. .:.rJ seconds 4 Columbia, ....---r. y ,-
ttartinsvllle. and Darlington, 1
e CLASSIC PIGSKIN Willie Dixon, left, captain of the Florida AAM University High School and a fourth at Atlanta. FAMU HIGH STARS-Center Willie C. Diion,left, was named the "most outstanding basketball -
Baby Rattlers football team, presents the game winning football of the Capital City Classic Although be has raced In only player" and halfback Tony Ash, right, was similarly honored in football during the annual :
to FAMU High Principal Matthew Estaras. FAMU High defeated Lincoln High In the Capital 12 of the races on the NASCAR Florida AIM University Hugh School Athletic banquet recently. The trophies were presentedby 5
4 City Classic. The ball will be placed in the FAMU High trophy case. Grand National Circuit, Goldsmith Buddy'Brandt"of Buddy's Sporting Goods and, Hardware.

has been no worse than 36.41: .55

second place in the national Maryland State SI A Conference Clark's College
Bumper Copf IN THE point standings since the start
of the 163Sometimes -20-64
DRIVER'SSEAT' Is recognized by College Won Met On Tied Tennis Game He's Up Sometime
most experts as one of the He's Down He adds
I CONTINUOUS CORN CN MEAN HIGH PROFITS truly great all-round drivers FAMU Campis .
Track Championship ATLANTA, Ga. (FAMU)- He works. it all around
l-husking) togs rotation* over |11\1'iod" ol 7 to II h tin the country. He started on ATLANTA, Ga. -. (FAMU)- Florida A&M's tennis team had *
lor toT","in.: nothing but comn years. 'l'p"rl| average! corn mot r 'ycleil the early 1950's Maryland State, with distance A devasting track and field to settle for a tie with Clark 70 31 79
.> M'IIIO ol our Infills' lortilol.uul \ Mold iiurouti's ol noiuU' IDlnixhoN and won three national championships College for the Southern Intercollegiate
runners Benedict Cayenne and team from Florida AIM University
lia* Ivon oontiiHi.illv per acre When !von rent I car, are you before switching to Carver King accounting for 24 went through the Sou- Athletic Conference .
,:tuning in populttfitx' our: (On I III\ Earl \In lIl'r fans I iiire you're getting the most for auto racing. He has driven all points, won the team championship thern Intercollegiate Athletic tennis championship 64 79 753MAN'S
the Ia>t )11: \oar or moro. in \lontK>>nu.r\' ('Ullllt '. liui, \our money? This check list from types of machinery modlfleds, recently In the 45thADDualCentrallotercoUeciate Conference championship meet The FAMU netters were defeated
\Mu.' Kivau"o corn i!'! llihN liau1 been ill tvntin.III Hertz 1 I. Intuionc can help. find Proper the liability answer, late model stocks, Indy cars, Athletic here recently like a tornado, In the finals in both the
our most important loot) ni< corn for 10\ to 1 111dears ({ property fire, theft and collision sports, GT, roadsters and mid- Association (CIAA) Track Meetat leaving discontent and confusion singles and the doubles. A win
pain, and '\'nlinu'u"1"1>- i'\oot: | for, tin nets coverage are included in rentals gets. Virginia State College,despite in its path. In either match would have I
ping.: lot* you grewour -inn.tl tear ol so\U-ins; from the long-established nationwide No driver challenges more being upset In two events. The Rattlers' 86 points were given the Rattlers the title.Ron I
high t'"t-ineonte ,'rop11 \inirlv ,\nditlun I (hi-!* short; span rent a car companies: With strongly for first place In a Cayenne dethroned KingSatur- 57 more than their nearest miles of Fisk defeated Leroy DAYS
..t "li'H'r\ ,\ \oiiriui ol time Mold, increased some" other companies read the race than Goldsmith He starts day in the mile run as he had rival. Morehouse College, defending Long of FAMU for the singles
fine print" for possible loop- flat out, and runs that as
from an UVWIKO! of Qoiixhels .i' holes. way done In the two-mile Friday, SIAC champion, was crown. Ralph Long Jr. and Bill NUMBERED
l long as his car functions. He
per acre 2. Cheic..f car Make sure Is cut from the cloth but King came back to whip second with a mere 29 points. Bailey of Clark defeated Long
same as
Of course these yield you have broad selection: stan- Cayenne In the 880 as the two The Maroon Tigers raised a and Reuben Patrick of FAMU 'Man's Days are Num-
increases, according to dard and medium. size sedans the man who has won the past. accounted for three first places strong protest after near- for the doubles title.Both teams bared' Health and
leading agronomists at 01 in convertibles, station wagon, two Firecracker 400's-.A. J. and three seconds towards'' ly 3,000 fans watched the Rat- had 12 points each. Fortune Can Be Yours When
pI Mathieson laboratories are compact sedans. sports cars and luxury The Firecracker 400 carriesa Maryland State's winning total tlers take first place In 10 of You Know Your Lucky Days
due to heavier application of of 49 points. the 16 events. Aide Award
3. Special cot t. You can often main purse of $64,000 and a Lucky Colors Etc
fertilizers the use of better get special reduced rates at Morgan State was a close Don Smith broke his own
supplementary of
hybrids, heavier purse $5,600' second with 37 anddark- record in Send $2.00 for your
plant populations sacrifice in service. Major companies points the shot put by heaving
will be split the? '
bettereed control have a seven-day rate first 20 Independent among, non-fac horse North Carolina ALT,get the ball 52' 2 1/2". Smith w<& Foundation.. Horoscope Guide for
minimum tillage practices with unlimited free mileage and ting two first places each from the discus for the third straight JUNE
\ corn Mold* on and/ favorable weather tint low weekend rates. tory-backed Four of cars to finish. welghtman Elvln Bethea and year His throw this year was Dr. Richard V. Moore, Presi-
days for the
field in continuum corn arcoften oecause these good manage' 4 Dr.p.aff privilege. Want to Firecracker qualifying freshman jumper Bob Beamon, 161' 11". Ken Brown, a fresh- dent, Betbune-Cookraan Fill in the blank below and
fly to city, rent and start on Thursday
one end ,
a car
higher now thai when iiicnt t practices! were followed UR in another; city With a large June 30. The pole positions for was third with 33. man from Oakland, Call!., seta College, announces that AlbertM. mall to ZODIAC, Post Office,
f 'ldt'ere in a rotation new mark of 6' 10" in the Bethune, Assistant Librarian Box 1171 Jacksonville 1
( continuous com rental concern you can "rent it the summer classic,whose field To round out its fall from ,
F.nners.ho have had proved to be the most profit- here...leave it there" usually is limited to 44 cars, will be grace, North Carolina College high Jump. Kent Schoolfield, has been approved for a
field. in continuous free of added charge another from Columbus Jessie Smoth Noyes Foundation NAME
; corn nhlp ON'gtonii! \ \ far determined finished yearling -
on the first day of first in the 440-Yard
award of $750.00 towards his _
Relay and then Ohio, set the pace for STREET
qualifying. was disqualified
for a bad baton others to follow in the 440-yard study at Syracuse University DATE OF BIRTH-_
pass intermediate Library School during the Summer ,
ICC Coed hurdles in 56.2 Mo. Day
seconds .

Chosen Queen i I I ," '.

y Diane Allen, a 19-year-old
sociology major was chosen by
unanimous vote of the student QUANTITY
body Queen of Bethune- RIGHTS RESERVED
Cookman College 1966-C7, during -
the school's homecoming .
football games set for November
S A'I 5th. She and her attendant THROUGH SATURDAY
will travel with the team and
throughout the year she will be
the official hostess of the cam

: pus. ..
The Howard High School graduate -
is a member of Delta "BONUS BUY / AJAX

Sigma Theta Soroity, Inc., the
Women's Senate, and the Can-
The young student wbo plans
to work toward a masters degree -
in sociology was last
year's May Queen at BCC. iff:49 GIANT PKG. 59


I will have
building design
beauty and function, but always BAKE-RITE .' 'N' 59<

with the human touch. 4 i M 1 ..

that's a must's

**The 'gin I buy is London Dry.Gordon's. $1.00 Mix Or Match Sale"

It's always brisk
dry and smooth. .To me,

Gordon's is a must." PEAS GRITS

W Fwtaine Jones, A I A. Architect and Chairman of the Board
i VJesl Side Chamber of Commerce of New York Architectural Consultant on Latin America ARGO BIDE LAKE CUT GREEN $ ORCADIN

BEANS 7 303










arcs CHOPS I

toiiDoliDay IB. Uvv

(?wrl.a': (.nLIarwlMIIwllwwpmw IaI/uJ. .. Gar + GOLDEN RIPE FANCY BANTAM

2 .,250 CORN EllS

\ N \ \

__ 1 L ..... -...

p--y-777TY-y-Y yyp wry'vy'r'r','yy v''r. --r r'r'r y y yy'r'r'ry r'ryyr YW'V T


9_____ _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ .- STAR PAPERS iAIURDAY MAY 28, 1S66

The Peace Corps brings QUALITY t- Aiding Cancer_ Fund Drive __ Y' U won' get tomorrvw's .

job.e rOOTHAC H E
idealists down to earth. fr WIGS with yesterday's skills
Oon'l,,,tie,..onll.In'Kondl I.t Nil..
J41 .
t 100% HUMAN HAIR ,...t ,.." wlln 0RA.JCL. Spsd'
,tlI milil iom. lor litfonmttlini wrilot IDOl FBi ''Irmul8Puli Itlowo,1t In"
I the 1 1"1" ,','rl'''' Vi1thgttii. IU O\: :\ ,1NT. stilt,, to .loP throbbinCtooth.ch
: 'V. .. .". .. .. '.,".. A'.'..," Ik* ,*..I.............. if.' .=.-' NO FINANCING CHARGES NICELY FURNISHED:Cooklna' ',t ,. ,.cemm.nd'pain,10 Safe It doc IPrivate. ; "".'!!.'!1:
Single woman or coot..thln.. .ora.j0I J. I' ;'-J;;
SMALL WEEKLY PAYMENTS pie. Modern cooveniences.356.
II 3604.

f 0000 CALL ooooo

: If you want a better whiskeygo Dixie Supply Co., Inc.

right to the top.Seagram's 354.3436 7254180"Jacktonvillt't

f 7 Crown Is
-- -
The Sure One. r e REFRESHMENT..Ethel Bannister,chairman of the Westside -
Division for the American Cancer Society drive and Hugh
Wilson flank the campaign fountain during the "Evening In
Paris" musical fashion event held at the Mayflower Hotel
recently. According to Mrs. Bannister, the division has raised
r more than $1,000.NAACP .


Commemorates. Participation In 100%SCOTCH WHISKIES
Largttt and Iiet nowai

136 "MYRTLIAVlFor M.W. Evers Small BusinessesNEW the 49

llif trrorit hrr.Afn0 barriers I
National Association for the serting that past 1
JjT$ !W BLUE OCEANBREAM Advancement of Colored Peo- Negro participation in businessare Rocked i in the cradle [
ple across the country will rapidly being eradicated of the deep...
Lb.33C hold special services on June Whitney M. Young Jr., executive Mellowed in the cask,, : '
i 12 commemorating the third director, National Urban to full perfection -

-Qafltkr tavl tllm ". von cm. n irtrt 4 n.u .,trla '.in" ff* anniversary of the assassination League, Issued a call last week MILD LIGHT _
",.r,. ot f'ftUrH to ihnr' A an!, firm ttxturt tnt Quality ) of Medgar W. Evers, the for Increased ownership and TRY ITI ENJOY ITl
of small businessesby w
GENUINE Association's courageous field operation ON SALE AT YOUR NEAREST

J- SNAPPER FLANKS Lb.. 59c sissippi.secretary for the State of Mis. Pointing Negroes.to the employment JAX LIQUOBS

Mr. Evers was slain by a hazards the Negro employee THERE'S. ,ONE
YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER sniper's bullet on the threshold faces, Young said as employer, _
MANGO SNAPPER LB 69 of his Jackson, Miss., he will be "in a position to be NEAR YOU! .
SNAPPER THROATS home as he returned from a master of his own fate." _
The NUL chieftain made the
NAACP rally Just after mid-
PAN TROUT . Lb. 29c night on June 11, 1963. Since statement at a luncheon meeting -
.. ., ..,.. of the Economic Develop
",<<4 kv M ., .h'M" then, another NAACP leaderin
ICMIUOSTllUISCOVPMr NIWIOIKClU.HUiKOlH' WT( .MMOOT 6r.GlIIUUItIU".ITI Mississippi,Vernon flahmer, ment Institute, a three-day conference
SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 39c has been killed by terrorists.Mr. on expending opportunities -
Ha equal, vlim" broi/rrf/ and ffrird wit* draw.n "utlrr"SUPER.RIGHT" Dahmer died last Jan. 10, for Negroes in business.The .. T.V. SERVICE
as the result of a fire-bomb institute was Jointly sponsored
which by NUL and the National
destroyed his Hattles-
burg home and business. He Business League.As .
barriers fall, new
was a former president of the
) Hattlesburg NAACP branch. challenges appear. Integration ----I I II II
is street, and Negro
a two-way
::t- Among branches already must rise to its challenges .
scheduled to bold services are I REASONABLE RATES
.,, ,, three in Mississippi-Laurel, as well as Its opportunities -
:i Newton County and Natchez. he said.Watts I I II
The Natchez ceremony will be :
COOKED held In front of the home of Riot I
i! Branch President George .
Metcalfe, who narrowly escaped
A t martyrdom last August 27 asa Wins MedalLOS I WORTH $2.00 1I I II
hidden bomb exploded when
: be stepped on the starter of his ANGELES -(NPI) -
: automobile. For heroic action which saved I II
: ; the life of a comrade trapped IN TRADE
Memorial under a collapsed building during I I
DayObservance the recent Watts riot,Fire-
Cores About You! man Frank J. Harrison last -
\ / week was awarded the coveted

SHANK Gateway( Barracks and Ladies, Fire Department's Medal of CLAYTON'ST.V.

"SUPER-RIGHT' [LEAN MEATY PORK PORTION 45 of Auxiliary 3131, World WarI Bravery.Harrison, along with white
will observe Memorial
fireman Malen W. Jacobs,
: Day Monday at Memorial crawled over glass and shed.
II. r
at 3:30 SERVICE
SPARERIBS Cemetery, beginning : ded metal through a narrow ,
o'clock. opening to reach Robert L.
,All ,organizations have been Laxague, trapped under a fallen -
Invited to participate, and the wall. Jacobs received a 398.3820NEW
public has been invited to attend. -
Music will be rendered by similar citation.
i; Northwestern Junior High Club Enjoys

3 TO 5AVERA6E-". SHANK HALF 55 School Band, under direction of Dinner Party _
Jordan E. Baker.
( 49C LI. Relatives of the deceased veterans Mr. and Mrs. Harley Brown
,18. of all wars have been and family recently entertained LOCATION
(MeaManaier: ]. asked to bring flags. Chaplain members of the Golden Links ___
James E. Webb will be the Club In their home, 881 Brl-,
speaker, and Mrs.Elnora Hem- dier St.The .
; by, president of the 'auxiliary, scene of attraction displayed Mrs. Mil B. Cilktiin
<:";! ; Extra fyecfci| Vacuum Pecked I i :EdripecsJ'' VactwiiPcked will conduct the wreath cere fern and cut flowers,1 _
; J1 monies. The firing squad will along with the club colors. v
I1z : give the gun salute and taps Formerly of Poe's Beauty Sup

AsP BRAND, FOLGERS'COFFEE 1 will be played by the band. ,FREE RUG SHAMPOO ply Beauty Company Salon is now at Juanita'i.

\ TUTORING CLASSESSpeak \\Vith Rental Shampoo Equip For the latest b High Fashion _
LCOFFEE native Mexican Spanish ment. We Rent Lawn Mowers and personalized cut and style'
." ." or native Zulu. Fluent lessons. & Garden Tools, Floor Polls for wigs, wiglets, braids, etc.,I>
Call 353-5815 or leave hers t Sanders, Mechanic A the "In" hairpiece that gives
message. Hand Tools, Local Trailers. $2 you a new, beautiful hair style
per.day. .See Jacksonville's award winner, consultant and stylist



TYPIST who can do 50
Accurate; must be good In Eng. 7323 N. Main St. PO 8-8955: .550& tit. B At 45U Street Phle 765-3311
lish and spelling. Apply:
Urn if i with *500 Order limit i wth5OO Orde FLORIDA STAB, 2323 Mon-
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