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1017187 F20090413_AACXJA 00197.jpg 43eea3ce52d520654d43cb80ff7ba8c65b9373faab24970b62ff6b8e98e95ed3ebfed500
7133016 F20090413_AACXHY 00192.tif 8193b57c7ef22388655b67cd09cd76e3558d49df328ca77420080e846ea06ca12ee2814c
120196 F20090413_AACXJB 00197.QC.jpg 64789d620492f9bde3da21fc82320e6db57ac6f185c5540bf9813e8d9d87423817c2a8a5
25511 F20090413_AACXHZ 00192.txt 0275a8da10fed350b556aad7671c1e47465ca814ad4e53aa6c41f295dd0fb729637d2b9c
6910295 F20090413_AACXJC 00197.tif 312e2f62321478b2b7088baf07cb1a278cd540a565b75cfed54e4061cbc83cda6d25e014
34696 F20090413_AACXJD 00197.txt e98d962abe93698246d492eb5e654885d00b9edd85aa0dbcd74b3b774ecc2d7c332cb9ca
29192 F20090413_AACXJE 00197thm.jpg 7a67e73a492615312f1b236b3eaeae65460372840e4498d64884e9a29e5d7bd1a60bc59d

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200715datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 14, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007150740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 14, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 14, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
) toRARY

.* * }jf FAA. HISTORY



'': .tJza1ftJ"111 Ubrarr ot.nmi.a: : Candidates Supported Hate
eai.'arQritt 101"S.:!et f Groups


One Denies Ever Aiding Racists


Fund For Cancer Victim

f .. __ ,
lot 16 NO. -r-(-"wr-WT*?mmfunr ssrw: 'an 'm* 7 r 't tr -

*** ** **. ** ****. y, A S 1 1Y1 ,

J i3X N Ps .' .' ; F 'Pos 1 I t

I ;
14 T I

? ltAJJltYtl.I -"' 1 if Ie tC III'1JIIS:1 .,+1'I, t! Ii' rI I

.* * % I Ia. I --"




*.*'* *r* ;

Johnson Simpson Start Fund For t! ;

Given Good ChanceIf Jax Cancer VictimA Y b 4 f.'u f / .+.

ray ot hope Is beginning to"shine for a Jacksonville woman Ipiil ir Mrk4

Vote who Is suffering from cancer and already has lost a member *4 4
Negroes of her bodY.-. do't' i

The victim of the dread disease and edtrance to the hospital.

is Mrs. Renee Mae Kenner of An appeal la being made for 1
The names of three Nerd Juan will appear on the ballot in 1020 DeWitt Street whose condition contributions to raise $I,(OO') ---"-

the the second primaries, May 24 and the votes they receive from was brought to the attention to send the suffering victim PRESENTATION Dallas J. Graham is shown presenting active In many fund drives looks on.dozens are urged to con'

'whether Negro precincts will, according to observers, indicate of Mrs Elna Mikellawhlte on the road that could lead to a check: for $C19.75 to Mrs Clan Mlkell to help defray the cost tribute to the drive to raise $1,000 take the cancer victim to

,or Tint Negro Juan are interested' in political emancipation. Jason who devotes much of her recovery. Contributions maybe of treatment for a cancer victim Mrs. R. Mae Kenner of 1020 California Contributions may be sent to Rev Dallas Graham I

1M. Johnson, a brilliant power,structure and discriminatory time to helping cancer victims sent to Rev. Dallas Graham, .DeWitt St. as Eric O. Simpson FLORIDA STAR who has been ,or the FLORIDA STAR.,__ _
lira. Mlkell hopes to take Mrs Mt. Ararat Baptist Church or
young attorney-at-lav is In a practices in Duval. JCenner to California to the FLORIDA .
a hospital P. O. I g Y' i-V* jrDenies "
'roa-oer S1aiDAagbas secured ..tdew&1kERIC
I' with a white '
opponent where it Is toped she will be Box 990, Jacksonville: Florida'
Gifford Grange for the House, President{ 'k
given a new type treatment that Hate Hint Jealovsy

of Representatives. He polled28,174rotee will put her. on the road to e.' Names NegroAmbassador
of J2201.Dick
a large portion covery.Through. _
which came from Ole white' the efforts of Rev Gregory IN ShootingOf

.sections. Dallas Graham and members Group Tie

Another Negro candidate is' of his congregation at Mt. Ararat
Eric 0. Simpson editor of the Baptist Church the uTm of Charges Bias' WASHINGTON (Special) Jax MateA

FLORIDA STAR who is running $819.79 cents was raised to Charges of Ku Klux Klan affiliation and aiding leaders of anti- President Lyndon B. Johnson
for the State Democratic Ex-- announced last week the nomination Jacksonville woman is being
help defray the cost of.the trip ,In Jury. Pick Semitic groups were thrown into two political races this weekas of Eliot Perclval Skinner held on a charge of assault to

the date of the May 24 second primaries approached of Columbia University to the murder after she shot her

N Answer ChargeOf The charges were thrown into Bostwick) filed a motion in post of Ambassador of Upper husband on a downtown street
the race between Charles W.
CHICAGO -(NPI)- Chargesthat
Criminal Court in July, 1963 Volta In Africa
Negroes are systematically Bostwick and Tom Greene for Shot three times 1 n the chest
rl qf asking Judge Hans G. Tanzler Dr. Skinner is a professor
Gloating excluded from juries in the the Senate and also In the race Willie
Thursday morning was
to squash tbe charges of dlstrlJutlng anthropology! at Columbia University -
Cook County Circuit Court were between William C, Bostwlck anti-Semitic leaflets and becomes the seventh James King, 32, of 5329Devron

Over Riots leveled by Atty Jean Williams, and John Crider for the Houseof against three members of the Negro serving as a United Drive. He was rushed to Duval

O. SIMPSON representing comedian Dick I Representatives.Tbe American Nazi Party States Ambassador Medical Center where he was
Gregory who was sentenced to reports that the Bostwick in fair condition.
reprint t Of the seven Negro Ambassadors reported
BALTIMORE lug in the county for schoolchildren of five months 111''jail and fined brothers had been supporters carries a story in which George four will be serving in Police reported that Mrs.
courtroom champion
: traffic lights and has accused $1,400 after a Jury convicted of the Klan of well-known hate Lincoln Rockwell, American African countries. Those ser Barbara Jean King, 27, of the
exposed bouse building and civil rights has Negro Watts him on two charges each of groups brought swift denials Nazi Commander told Journal ving in other posts are Ambas same address was arrested in
repair schemes which were leaders of "drawing resisting arrest and of battery from Charles W. Bostwlck. To Harmon sador James Nabrttt at the 'an automobile at Kings Road' '
and reporter George :
to their bosoms
robbing Negroes of thousands carnage during his arrest. the knowledgeof the FLORIDA and the shortly
"We have the Oiggest numberof United Nations, Mrs. Patricia expressway t
it to be not their
declaring STAR William C. Bostwick has
of dollars ,
annually.Simpson Atty. Williams said she was outside Harris in Luxembourg Hugh after the shooting
Nazis in Jacksonville
I who promises to shame, but their glory NAACP subpeonaelng Court t Jury not made a similar denial. of Los Angeles. We've got a Smythe in Syria.In The officers said they founda
"give Negroes a voice in the Leonard Kerpelman. records for the last 10 years In However, a series of reprints In the Upper Volta, Ambassador 22-callber revolver containing
doctor and a lawyer party
EARL M. JOHNSON Democratic party" so they all legal assistance committee leaders are excluded from Jury duty b*' from local dallies which reported here" Skinner will succeed ThomasE. three spent cartridges under

ecutive Committee, anon-pay- might share In the political have member lost, him said by Negro"expressingpride a systematic scheme, that William C.Bostwick There are persistent reports, Estes who Is returning to the dlrlver's seat.
defended Nazis at court
ing post Simpson who has been Appointments Is opposed by fiveothers complacency: or satisfaction John J. Kraeger, clerk of the which many claim can be documented the State Department in Washington Fragmentary reports from onlookers -
In the Democratic Party Jury commission said be received bearings were being circulatedIn Ambassador said the woman was
active one of whom-James In the Watts riots." that Klan meetings The new
was one of the key workers In R.Boddle--4saNegro. He indicated that he a subpeona which also the city. which have been held at Donna was born in Trinidad In 1924 driving her car: downtown when
opposesany One account states
election.He in for the directs that he appear before newspaper and became naturalized citizen she spotted her husband and
the last presidential Others the race further extension of civil ave. and U. S. 17 were on the a -
: that Attorney William C.Bost-
Magistrate James Sullivan evidently shot him out of Jealous
has spearbeadeftl numerous State Executive Committeeman Eostwlck property. in 1944.Ambassador.
right for Negroes. wick (brother of Charles W..
drives to raise funds for families post include: James W. Allen, Negro leaders promptly fired The current Issue developed Skinner received motives.

In distress and at the request A. Robert Broadtoot Jr., John tact during Gregory's trial in Jury Riots Following SlayingOf his BA degree from New York

ef Bill Moyers Hlott, William H. McCoy and The Rev. Herbert O.Edwards, court where be was charged University in 1951, Masters 2 Experts Named

President Johnson's aide and H. K. Smith chairman: Maryland Commission with obstructing traffic and Degree in 1952 and his Ph.D

press secretary, uned 'u, Johnson has been a practicing on Interracial Problemsand disorderly conduct during demonstrations Negro By White CopBova from Columbia University in To Health PanelSAN

publicity director for the Peace' attorney in Jacksonville for Relations, said that Just against Schools 1955. Fluent in French,Spanish

Corps drive in Jacksonville, in nearly eight years and has served because "we have tried to understand Supt. Benjamin Willis,last June and causing his service and several African languages ANTONIO Texas -NPI)
1962. as legal counsel for the the sociological and 11. LOS ANGELES -(NPI)-As killing Ambassador Skinner has spent Two prominent Negroes, not-
revolver discharge
A militant newsman who has NAACP. He basalso been activein psychological causes of what Atty. Ortell BUllngsley Jr.,' an inquest into the slaying of 18 months French West Africa ables in their fields, were

dared to speak: out against the the Boy Scouts precipitated the Watt. riots another of Gregory's lawyer's, a Negro motorist by a white Deadwyler Police said the shooting was among the Moss I people>> named last week by President
moved for dismissal of the policeman was being held
He served Associate Professor
as Johnson a panel designed
does not permit Mr.Kerpelman second case on the basis that Thursday, tempers were reportedly an accident, but Negroes disagree of and
Check For Cancer Crusade Anthropology to ease a "critical shortage"of
I or anyone else the right to say high Negroes claiming: the shooting
"Negroes are systematically African
careless studies at New York doctors, nurses and other
we condoned what happened excluded from Juries In Cook in the city, and particularly was unprovoked and
., :: there." ,, of conduct on the part of the po- <, University from 1959 to 1963. health personnel.
in tile Watts aecUoo-ccen.
County. Since leaving New York University Named to the National Advisory -
tear Watts, he said, "Is not tbeNegro's two bloody race rlotlngs withina lineman
Gregory's attorneys said they he has been professor of Committee on Health
shame. It isAmer, Deadwyler wad pronounced
had not been able to get a list year.
anthropology at Columbia University. Manpower were Drs. Alonzo
shame dead arrival at Los Angeles -
of the Herbert Lewis, The slaying reportedly follow- on
Jurors. of Hospitals
Yerby, Commissioner -
Mrs. Juanlta Jackson Mitchell General Hospital, and his
a county Jail, commissioner, ed an auto chase through Watts, Ambassador Skinner has New York City and AlBert
president, Maryland NAACP, said he did not recall whether while Leonard Deadwyler, 25, wife had to be hospitalized under served in the U. S. Army and is W. Dent, president, Dil-
answered that "no one In his sedation.
Gregory's lawyer had been refused was driving his pregnant wifeto the recipient of many scholastic lard University.
right mind hugs bloodshed and Following the slaying-three
i He was fatally
the records. hospital
t honors! and awards. The committee will recommend -
killing to eoe'. boaomwheth.r other incidents Involving Negroes -
wounded in the chest, as
Civil charged
rights the
it. Is in Watts or in Viet Nam. "hankie-pankle"groups was being wife sat beside! him. Also !in and policeman took place.In JAILED MAN education ways of to physicians speed up and
"Watts was ar.beWooap1natloocstud1nr two were arrested
one, persons
played by Magistrate Maurice the car were the Deadwyler'stwoyearold At the
other highly personnel.
conditions which after five police cars CALLED
Lee who stepped aside! after son, LeonardandGamalyel same time President Johnson
nave not been ." showered by rocks and
.corrected! were
sentencing Gregory on May 3. Ferguson, 31. directed members of his cabi-
Police Bias The cue was reassigned to J. M. Bova, tile policemanwho bottles. WINS FREEDOM net to make a Joint effort to
In the other sberiff'sdeputlesanswered
Magistrate Sullivan for bearing killed Deadwyler said they WASIDNGTONNP1)Jame.( "improve the utilization of
call to investigate
LONOONNPICharc.( of on the second charges. had chased Deadwyler's car Wlllowbrook A. McKnight Z5, won acquittal health manpower by Federal
!in the area
police persecution of colored Atty. Williams asked that the for about three miles at speeds a fight in General Sessions Court last agencies"'
7 south of Watts. Upon
residents contained Inapam- case be reassigned! to Lee up to 95 miles per hour, week on charges of public
phlet issued recently by the because he beard the case He said the car came to an their arrival, they were greeted drunkeness and disorderly conduct Robert C, Weaver
West Indian Standing and the facts before In the abrupt halt and be (Bon) got with a barrage of bottles growing out of his arrest

;:tJ Conference, the largest organisation meantime Gregory Is free on out with is drawn pistol to investigate. rocks Three thrown Negroes by were anlf1Neeroe.arrested.. by a white policeman for dancing Gets Booth Award

in England for West Indian a $5,000 appeal bond.RecentlyChicago with a white girl.
CHICK PRESENTED-Mrs. Lucille T. Mote,chairman of the Immigrants According to area ministers According to Bova, be put his Seething with racial unrest the McKnight said the arresting CHICAGO -(NPO-The 196ffBalllngton

Courtesy Committee of tile Cast Florida and Bethany Baptist the pamphlet,widespread police and civil r1&ttlleadera head, shoulders and arms into Watts community and the surrounding officer told him "Nigger, don't and Maud Booth
Association, is shown presenting a check for the 1968 Cancer brutality against West Indians have complained of alleged exclusion the aide window of the curbedcar area are looked upon you know better than to dance Award will be given to Secretary

Crusade to Uriah Portee, chairman of the Eugene J. Butler is practiced. Sergeant and of Negroes from Jury to turn off the ignition because as a molten volcano that may with a white fir 17" of the Department of Housing

Division The committee, a charitable organization, also served constables are accused of going duty In the U.s.District Courts the car was supposedly explode again into violent race The policeman said he and Urban Development
as volunteer workers in the neighborhood campaign. The "nigger hunting" and boasting of Northern Illinois u well u still moving slowly. riots making the two previousriots arrested McKnight after he left Robert C. Weaver on June >

chairman has requested other clubs and organlxatlons of the' about their being "nigger bus state, county and municipal Juries. However, the car allegedly look like picnic,accord the 1023 Club,because he smel- during ceremonies. at the Conrad

city to make reports during the month of May. (ters." suddenly accelerated, dragging lag to civil rights leaders. led strongly of alcohol. Hilton Hqte"w

A ,

_mn mmmmn.nm.mmm__.. J .

I rut : rirni' mmm SATURDAY MAY n.THEFLORIDA ;: III


:e M ,BUT in sceiNO Equal
X .'"%'fc w s .. AND'ONQU RINtIIT.IHtHrt"*

\lSfttlshe4 by the Florida Star Publishing Company
MEMBER I By Whitney M. Young Jr.

Two recent news articles focused on a

NEGRO: P RNATIOINAt major problem In American lifehousing..

One was a report of a speech by Attorney.

Jdaewow General Katzenbach who said: "we are not

only failing to reduce racial ghettos, we
ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Maiiliit Editor c :" fare failing, to keep them from expanding

HILDA .OOTtN..Clrulatl Muaur.c..t.c. N still I further housing 4'
freedom does not exist ', t
...-. ...... The other article was a fea- ,
ture in Newsweek which I
2323 'MDlcief{ Road Phoie Elii 4-6782 reported an encouraging trend '

toward Integrated. neighbor-1!

Maillot AddressP. ; hoods. About 1,000 such J.

0. Boa 599 lacksoniille, Florida 32201 1 communities from coast to
coast were discussed as examples -

MIAMI OFFICE !3lf..7P.ldn 20 of successful attempts to break

., down the barriers of blgorty In one of
377-1025 :z. .., our most rigidly segregated areas of
738 NW 3rd Aie. Phoie umIJdHl4
p"t/xu. CJ/f'/ American life -- housing.
RATES oI&AiJt' ._ q.f *****AMA
One year, $6.00 Half year $4.00 t aeoLrr and f.d
articles highlight both the
'' These two
Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States
Subscription payable in advance mil t fA.114 (' .1 I gravity of the problem and the promise ofa

to / / brighter I more diverse I future. Certainly -
., Send Check or Money order ; in adicn.inpl/l.J m. :
\ ... ..1'I. I I the picture presented of these
r -.ef.. Integrated communities Is far more appealing
U Jacksonville! 1. Florida .Y'yadg ti L.k I 'r'l': r than the bleakness of our urban
dHr/6/1 G tflN lJI
( r n ,6I.IJ66 I .rff l. OV.tir ghettos or the equally bleak sameness of
Q our all-white suburbs.

Makes ., In these integrated neighborhoods -
Kelly High Grow TallerThe '. The people
c-<" WE'LL REMEMBERI! fully realize the advantages their

,t' will have. One housewife
children( was
governor's race Is whirling l like a
whirlwind, these days. The Gover'northought quoted as expressing relief that her
not ""growing in white
children are up a
he had the
campaign sewed but
lo and behold a certain Mr. Kelly up threw ghetto. "' She obviously'realizes that

his support behind Mayor High, the man who Your Weekly such children's a sheltered future upbringing can only harm
her development. Exposure -
wants, to put integrity into government.We .
don't' know who will l I win, but Governor to different kinds of people, ideas
and experiences is clearly the best train-
Burns cannot underestimate the team of '" H..N.
High and Kelly. Best of all he isn't' Ing for adulthood In our fast-changing,
either. ::: :: Horoscope Guide Increasingly complex) world.

The Governor Is-making some extraordinary ***>*** In a materlal'sense too, people in these

accusations, and his opponents not are neighborhoods have gained. Housing

taking it lying down. One critic called """"""."" ,'.......-....... values for such areas have been increasing
the Governor an "unmitigated' liar "' By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER contrary to the old myths about

when he accused one candidate of asking declining property values. Study after
proves that such values are not affectedby
of$500,000 this month.to back him in run-off the last WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR Negroes or other minorities moving

High is a good man, and Scott Kelly is a BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES. they into often a neighborhood.rise. On the contrary,

persuasive speaker, who Is effective with
his conversational style. But communities such, as these, though
ideal places in which to live, are essent-
May best man win.r'7 .
CAPRICORN tlally middle-class enclaves. The larger
BORN MARCH BORN JUKE LIBRA BORN DEC problem to which Mr. Katzenbach addressed

y '. BORN SEP1 himself the spread of slum ghettos and
Tfct ChroMic Drnk .' 21st. APRIL 19th'' : 22ld JULY 22ii 23rd OCT. 23rd '22a 'J' JAN. 19th the confinement millions, In 'substandard

MM/ JluJc. ...,- ICs 'a Joy to build.'The mem- 'housing because of'"racial begot( r'i ,
| It has been known a 'long time that a Slow but sure. Everything has Make it stick. The best day by Take a new tack. The Llbrans bers of your sign rightfully remains. To deal effectively with it
chronic drunk" fs not a criminal but a to be thought out to the minutest far during this last quarter Is who have reached this stage of enjoy the reputation of being requires determined efforts by private
detail when you the 25th. Previous decisions the unscathed may now relax foremost
game among organizers,
case of chronic alcholism that do builders voluntary social agencies,
needs elements. You can no that were purely constructivein and start thinking of what administrators and builders.
treatment rather than imprisonment. The better than to make a fine start character may now be applied they should do to bolster their Accept the opening that may be state, local and federal government.This .
police officials should take notice of a In this direction while your with all the energy you chances for future gains. In any offered you to prove the point full I scale attack must include a
federal court which confirmed this fact. mental powers are working on can command. Seek the opinions event, adhere to the conserva- where it will reflect to your massive building program, strict enforce-
The decision all cylinders. But there also and support of those who can tive line which will keep you on credit and, possibly financial
the federal ment of local
court was appears to be need for a certain fill In ideas or create methods a steady course and bring you advantage. The optimistic view fair housing laws and other
reached in the case of one Joe B. Driver, amount of secrecy,at least that may be beyond your grasp. to the desired destination. The will be easier to maintain when means. And here the federal governmentmust
who has been convicted more than 200 times until you are positive that no Excellent administrative aptitudes awareness that you had betterbe you have a mate or partner wbo take the lead and set the pace for

in Durham County, N. C. and who recently one can steal your thunder.with can make money for you getting started on program can harbor no other. This will the other groups, just as the attractiveness
had been sentence to serve two on Choose your collaborators whereas their lack could pro- for the summer's activities also encourage you to make even of Interracial
years should communities are
the more than usual care, duce the opposite results. Do becoming more sharply defined. greater efforts toward the>
county road. they be necessary, to aid you in not permit false pride to pre- Whether you have notions to take attainment of success,prestige setting the pace by their example.

Like the Greensboro Daily News (N.C.) we achieving your purposes. The vent you from accepting hand a long Journey, follow training or status. There are certain ********
feel hhat the recent federal court ruling trial of unknown techniques can of friendship whenever it is of- course or set out on pioneering problems coming up which may
become a rather risky affair fered. Good family and neighborhood -, venture, U seems to be about stem from developments In your I am hopeful that this session of Con-
feel that the recent federal court ruling calling: for the utmost care and relations should also time to make Inquiries or final locale or in the world at large. gress will pass a strong fair housing law
In the case of this all safety measures. Guard be preserved as being vitally arrangements. Many if or buts Your Intuition aids you to solve which will make discrimination in the
poor man indicates
against human failures. important In the unfolding of are likely to arise on the 31st. them. .
that justice is catching up with public your long-range projects. You or rental of housing as illegal as
opinion the 7-40-66-15-89-356 9.80-78 -20-54 198 3-90-55-12-74-794 similar discrimination in
so-called social conscience' never know. jobs and votingnow
of the people. "" tAURUS SAGITTARIUSBORN AQUARIUS Is. I am optimistic too, that the
Remember have ti-CO-66-17-'19-996 Administration will redouble its effortsfor
we a number of persons who BORN JAN.
are chronic drunks In Florida. BORN APRIL LED NOV. an expanded rent-supplement program.

20th. FEB. 11th This is a program in which, the governmentwill

20tb MAY 20thAct BORN JULY 23rd DEC. 21st Show perception. Couples who place people now living In substandard -

come what may.Since it 23rd AUG. 22id are young enough to feel up to dwellings into better housing,
Bps Driver Gets AwardEdgar Is not possible to remain In an Take it from here. The eventsof the task of acquiring property, subsidizing any rentals above 2556 of
Impasse forever, the urgency Keep providing. Should there the past quarters must have on terms that they, can meet their
established that is monthly salaries. If this programwere
of making up your mind will be some unfinished businesson a pattern without straining their resources
Richardson not be denied during this last any more sharply defined than it should consider &e properly implemented with 'adequate
a Negro, was one of the your agenda, especially
three Tallahassee bus drivers quarter. Finality punctuates decisions related} to your profession and was previously. Should you decide matter from A to Z when such funds it could open up decent housing to
to receivean
made on the 25th, 26th. ec6 i mId standing, go about to take up a new vocationor opportunities arise But be many unable to afford It, and still cost
award for safe driving without an accident As long as they lean towardthe getting it settled In the most destination, it is better to more prudent when there are far less than the huge impersonal housing
in three years by the Glen Falls constructive side, you may constructive manner you can select a day that favors the clauses that you do not fully projects which scar cities with
practical and constructive point understand or which have our high-
Insurance Company. be freelncroursel1lorthepre..me devise. You may then take more you rise
of view. One of your first moves cause to believe will force ghettos.The .
task of adnncingyourmaterlal you
20 time to cultivate the social side
Richardson for
has served the
company Interest in the days to' of your life without going into may be to take on a life or to accept conditions: that you Justice Department can also act vig
ytars, and his safety record for prevent- come. Serious personal effort rather expensive commitments. business partner, or to reestablish never anticipated. Do not open orously.against) realtors who discriminateby
able accidents is marvelous. Bus drivers will contribute more to your As qnuckly as you can say cordial relations] with your door unwelcome visitors "
chances of a previous one. Be wary about who may be potential troublemakers prosecuting them under the anti-trust
like him drive an average of 1(0,000( miles achieving successand "Leo, you will always find
annually. This record has been achieved prosperity than speculationor people who are ready to take making any promises or commitments or who may be there for the widespread agreements to restrict -
other actions that are you are unsure. with the intention of imposing nelghborhoofs
without from the public. any advantage of your liberality, to are clearly monopoly
help listed as gambles. And thepeo- your eventual detriment.Some on your well-known generosity. agreements which restrain trade.
The Biblical l injunction stated: '"Study ple you love may have to be of your loved ones, too,can find 2-50-88-17-93-997 The younger members of the not forget that part of'the Let us
to show thyself workman. that needeth not taught a lesson when they abuse your weak spot and benefit from SCORPIO family group should also not blem stems from the present pro-
be ashamed. "" Edgar Richardson certainly your generosity indulgence.. it In anyway they can.Home may be exposed ,to any influ of long-standing refusal
of his award. B 20 oe.considerably safer than th e ences.l2"441739549. government lending agencies to make
should be proud safety -SS-18-38-388 highwaysoaSundayandMemor- BORN OCT. housing loans to Negroes for the
We take this. means of congratulating him GEMINI
ial Day.? : of homes outside the ghetto. When this

on his achelv ment. BORN MAT 3-30-55-17-94-976 24th NOY. tied PISCES practice., was ended after World War II It

21st Jill 21st ;how superiority. The more BORN FEB. was followed by urban renewal program
VIRGO experienced which often meant "Negro removal" .
Scorpios push-
among ,
Exploit advantages Much of BORN AUG. you will undoubtedly recognize ISth MAR. ?0tft Ing Negroes out of downtown neighborhoods
Love Will Firi A Way the water Is over the dam at the value of mediation and pacification to make way for luxury housing.
23rd SEPT. 22id Repair the breach. With the
this juncture. There remains maintaining a going This closed area of
little else for you to do but to Many add strength. You may team or desirable status quo. exception of only one day,you ed society must be open-
It would also be may consider this closing quarter = up. It would be shameful If the domi-
consolidate whatever gains or now be cognizant: of the fact that farsighted to
'Students ate resourceful enough to find privileges you have earned traveling alone through life may keep ahead of events and to try of the month as much more' nant trend of segregation in housing were
privacy and romance outside their dormi- through your wits or special have Its satisfactions, but that to anticipate what may be their favorable to your causa. Wherever to continue, for It would mean that the

tories, said President Joseph McCabe of aptitudes. You still have to be it does not offer you many advantages significance in relation with friendly there relations have been, it threats would be to frightened, scared people would have theupper
Coe College' at Cedar Rapids, Iowa re- very wary shout trying to force when you have to bat- fOur economic interests. The hand.
to that It
mutually profitable see Is these
results when they are naturally tle its ups and downs. With this reekend should be devoted to people whore
cently. slow in coming.: There Is a factor thought in mind, It will be In the sociable pastimes without over .they are warded off for good. most anxious to maintain their lily-
This decision came as a result of a reQuest in your heavenly patterp hands of many single Virgoansto looking the necessity of reserving You seem to be the one best white neighborhoods They are foisting
by the Student Council that the which has been, andwlll remain arrive at sound conclusions. as much time as possible qualified for this Job due to their own insecurities their of
college' experiment with an open-door for a long time to come, the Ambition also has its merits ,to those of a more restful cha your temperament and experience. anything whicn is own fears
to how things racter. The end of the month While you are In a con- different, on the rest
final arbiter u bulls is not the best
will not Students always
policy work. do somehow way of
will turn out. It can be, to say to obtain the other things that starts out on an optimistic note structive mood, you nay also us, limiting our chances for attaining
find enough privacy to get married as result the least always startling and make existence wholly fulfil ;but, sometime during the early tackle difficult: monetary problems .a truly open_ society. Democracy thriveson
of their college courtships. The unexpected. ling. .afternoon, you can expect a and establish more stability diversity and justice, not homogeneity
president of the col lege made a wise de- :deterioration. Grant no loans. on the Job. blgorty.I" .
6-80-33-19.46, -30-22-18-47-845'
cision.. .724. S-10-9 -IS-80-7U -601713-59-021 ...eeee

It ,1. 7STAR


MAY 21 1966 '''STAR PAPERS PAGE, 3

TEA TIME Bishop Gibson Hold Anniversary Tea w

.:......_____ '.K,.,,,,_. ,.> '..__e.-. _. ____ ... WEDDINO'ELLS

UIi""rIIrd" 1 of Mt. Calvary To Speak ForAnniversary It,:. J. ( i '.t I' 'If, '
lUptlst Church will sponsor a '" .I At: : ; _
'J MM .,\ ;f..t. f' 'fI\"J,)'t ;
$'rln at the church Rev, R. H.I Iogan i 'f ;'
Phillip Cratlc, 1759 W. 43rd
will be<< the speaker, and music
will bo rendered by Mrs. Alice St., 20 and Shirley Ann Mit-
Boston and the chell, 1778 W, 44th St., ZOo
IVtstonettrs. The 3 R's Industrial Club will
Ura. A. MoKrUVill also
appear celebrate their 21st anniversary John Edward Peterson,Gainesville -
; on .
propam.The on Sunday May 22 at the Fla., 20 and Rosa Lee

as Garden Center, 377 W. 17th St. Hagans, C14 4th Ave S.. Jax
from 4. to 6 p.m. Beach, Fla., 19.
The main address will be givenby
PfA of R. V. DanielsElemontar
Plshop Sadie Gibson Others Leroy Gardner, 1024 W. 30th
) St-h'I.'Ul present appearing are: Mesdames, St., 71 and Leila Hendrix Riley,
it annual
Spring Tea Sunday Kosle L. Chatman Annie R. 551 Poitler
+ f P ( Dr, 55.
at 4. in r "
p.m., (ho school audi. Miller, Naomi Grenard, Juan- y

tonum. Ua Prlester, Brenda Zimmons, .M Cleon Mills Jr., 7021 Wilson
The most decorated tables, Ijynett Bra Ie a, and Melvin Blvd., 20 and Claudell Eason,
representing Grades 4, 5, and :
Green. 7220 Wilson Blvd., 19.
0 Mill Iv displayed, and Judgedfor Mesdames, J, J. Odoms,Edith
beauty I and uniqueness. Hill Gertrude Morse Ida Bi-
r Haywood Williams, 713 Minnie
Prima mill\ be awarded: vins, Jessie Holmes; Misses, St., 28 and Josephine Boo-

Sandra and Cheryl Muse, Camilla l ner, 713 Minnie St., 19.
.a. Peters and Lonle Powell. a

Mrs. W. B. Mcintosh, the president Bobby Gene Kirkland, 126 9th
The Youth Department of Ju- is asking friends and +,. St., S., Jax Beach, Fla., 18
linfton Baptist Church, south- clubs to attend. A prize will be p 4ry"t and Reather Mae Currelley,
side, will\ sponsor a Spring given to the club: with the largest 617 3rd Ave. S.. Jax Beach,
Tea Sunday at 4:40: p.m. James number of members present. Fla., 17.Wilbert.
L. Davis will be the speaker Mrs. Esther White and Mrs.

The program chairmen are: Alberta Martin are program James Chaplin Jr., 728 1
Miss Paudette Scipio, Miss chairmen. W. State St., 21 and Elizabeth I
Sandra Hartley and Miss Mar Annetta Hyanes, 728 W. State.
garet Co*'art. St., 22.Jose .
Raines High SchoolTo

ar. Fernando Rivera Jr., :

Present Drama Brooklyn, N. Y., 18 and Daisy
The Royal Houses of Aragon Mae Kearse, 4211 McDanielDr.

and Saxony for the annual King's William Raines High School ., 19. '
Day celebration, in Mt. OliveAME
will the dramatic guild,
Church, will sponsor a Fred Scott, 1718 Yulee St., 46
Tra-Co-Dram of Bethune-
Spiritual Tea Sunday from 4 to Cookman College, in "Unspoiled ,. rrsI and Virginia Anita Williams,
6 p.m., in the come of Mr. and Monday evening at the Callahan Fla., 42. ;.
Mrs. Jesse 4ry
Prince 1066 W,
school. I ,
13th St, James Jones Is cud! I Ronald Lawrence Galney, 74,4
The play Is an original event
date for king and Kess Price, W. Monroe St., 32 and Bernice
of Dr. Thurman W.
Stanback _
candidate for prince Marie Edwards, 1409 Jefferson
chairman of the of
yi St., Apt. 1332.
w.. Humanities at the college, and ______ ___ -
is a three-act drama which tells
Roosevelt Bacon, 1338 E. 30th
District 32 of Second Baptist the story of a young bride who TEA EVENT-When the Happy Hearts Social andSayin Club held Its first anniversary Mrs. D. Ford, Mrs. E. Jenkins, Mrs. E. J. Cobbs, Mrs. Richer, Mrs. M. Nero, ,St., 27 and Mattie Doris Gibbs,
assaulted her
Church will sponsor a Spring was criminally When on it Is tea in Blodgett Homes Community Center recently, some of those who Mrs. M. Latimer, Mrs. M. Brown, Mrs. V. Mitchell, Mrs. p. Butler, Mrs B. 1764 E. 28th St., 19.
Tea Sunday at 3 p.m., in the wedding night. participated in the event are shown he re.Among them were: Mr. M. B. Williams, Gossel, Mrs 0. B. Cox, Mrs. M. Calhoun. Mrs. V. Hayes and Mrs. A. Perkins.
learned that she Is to becomea ______ __
u Freeland Jr. 1010
home of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Dingle W.
mother the Is "whois
Sanders, 5538 Avenue"B".The question Monroe St., 33 and Virginia
participants are: Rev. V. L, the the attacker father?", the husband or Seminole Culture Club Meetina CALENDAR Jones, 521 Broad St., 27.
Thomas Mrs. L. Blunt Miss
Tickets be secured at the
Flora Burris may Danny Williams Jr., Atlantic
Mrs. A.Sanders, .
school reservations made ,,
or .
Mrs. Midi Jones, Miss V. A. by contacting Mrs. Henrietta ''' ) J( Ii!' EVENTThe Beach, Fla., 19 and Mary Lee

Lanear, Mrs. P. E. Terrell, Wingate at the office. w Mincey, Atlantic Beach, Fla.,
Miss Cynthia Kendrick, M r a. 3 R's Industrial Cluo will 18.
Alice Burrough, Mrs. C. observe Its 21st anniversaryMay I
Wright, Mrs. W. M. Singleton, Douglas Anderson 22 at 4 p.m., In the Garden Gary Allen Christopher, 4310
Mrs W. J. Roberts, Thomas Circle Clubhouse, 344 W. 17th Apollo Ave, 18 and Lynette
Wilson, L.Summers, and Deacon Presents PlayThe Elaine Johnson, 739 W. Orange
E. W. Bolden M St.Mrs.. Esther White ate Mrs. St., 17.TAN .
senior class of Douglas
Alberta Martin and chairmen,
Anderson High School will
aft pre-
and a will be presented
program $ PLAN
sent "The Dills
Daffy a comedy -
for the occasion.
A Friendship Tea will be In three acts by Jay '
sponsored Sunday from 4 to 6 Tobias, May 27 at 8 p.m., In r .
the school
p.m., In the auditorium of St. gymnatorium. 1M
Matthew Baptist Church by District Featured will be: M. Scott/L.I ....... ...-e. ,..
4. of the church. Logan' P. -Thomas.>Davis, *""' '... "H.. Cbnsultatlo,
J. Smith P.Merritt
The participants Include,Mrs. B.Turner.

Georgia Williams, Mrs E. S.ley,Weston and ,V.B.McCrary.Wright, A.Berna-Bart- CONSULT DR. SMITH FREE
Johnson Mrs. Remizer Brown
Mrs. Mae, Williams Mrs. Goldie -, dette Watts Is student direc- I- .ExaminationYOU

McCoy, Miss Lennett Scott tor.The 1I !
Mrs. Altamease James, Miss play Is being presented will Be Told in plain words what The Trouble

Marlon Bessent and others. under supervision of the Language is, what is Causing It And what May Be Done To
Arts Department. a. Correct It, If You Suffer With:

yo'-- Don t Have To do TO Town To Get






Trade -itl Your NeighhfrlOOd Drug Store Medical Reducing Treatments (Men & woman)

HE WILL X2 ET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAl I treat conditions .
papers we Deliver ve also fill all pact AT MEETING Members of the Seminole Culture one of the re! Woodbury, Mrs C. G. Williams, Mrs. Violet Lavender and without commonly consldered.surglcal
criptlons. city's oldest organization who held their regular meeting the Mrs. Alice Martin. Standing are Mrs. Mary Charles,Mrs. Llllle the use ot a ,knife Modern< methods of
r pre home of Mrs. C. G. Williams, at 1756 Davis St. recently are M. Perkins, Mrs. Addle Ford, Mrs. Minerva Butler and diagnosis and treatment. FREE-EXAMINATION 3Y

seen here. Seated from left are Mrs. Lenora Davis, Mrs. Lau- Mrs Vidalia Butler. (Photo by Billy Brown) APPOINTMENT ONLY'J6 years successful practice

Dixie Pharmacy in Jacksonville HOURS 10 A.M. to 4:30 PM,

President Bishop's Council Classic Date Set PHONE: EL 4-1187

STORKdelivery MIAMI.. Fbe 34th annualOr- DR. REX SMITH

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue sage Blossum Classic and festivities -
To Install Bishop HatcherThe will be held here Dec- 900 West state street (Upstairs)
ember Z-3. 1966. The grId( clas
Phones 5559798 Mr. and Mrs. Wads Cain, 2590 sic will be in the Or-
Elgin McCoy Blvd., boy. Rt. Rev.EugeneCllUord Hatcher,the seventy.tbirdelected played ffice Formerly occupied by Dr, Lyncker-Opposite
Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church,and the presiding ange Bowl Stadium, Saturday \Itz.ITMI6HT. I
December3 at 800. The
Mr. and Mrs Nathaniel Hayes, bishop of the EleventhEplscopal: District,State of Florida Night, :
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONF 241S Doby St.. boy. and the Bahama [Islands will be Installed as president of the to FAMU'named Rattlers will meet a yet-
-tRe- opponent
Council of Bishops on Wednesday, May 18atMt. Herman AME !

BILLS AT OUR STORE Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Leonard, Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. --- -

114S Palmetto St., boy. As president or the cowlcuhewill
preside at all sessions held
by the other nineteen bishops, ; k \ IOUMON WHIIKV M MOW C1NS,OLD CHARTER DIST,CO.lOUISVIllt.KV,
representing a membership of
more than one and a half-mil L /rt

____ 5554, lion In America and other parts

_________._ ___ :::: :___ of the world. He will serve as Ttck'tock..tick'tock...
______ the official representative of ;
_______ ULk100o his church denomination bodies are, where congregatedand other :' the Bourbon thatditbit

he will sit as Judge In the

event Accompanying of trials of Bishop bishops Hatcher S watch the dock! j

I to Ft. Lauderdale will be his _
wife, Mrs. Oretha T. Hatcher; S
sroass his daughter, Mrs Ruby Crawford OLD CHARTER

Cleveland Ohio; his sis-
ter, Mrs Julia Butler, New
York City; Rev J. W. Stormes, :1: Kentucky's finest Bourbon
presiding elder from Cleveland -
; qiriOREEN Otilo; his granddaughter, 7)Nlrs oldSATURDAY
\ :: Belinda Crawford, and all the -.LsrnJ

pastors, presiding elders and
I many laymen from the Jack- _

sonville area. Several pastors,
presiding elders and laymen r
\S. RA from other parts of the state

will be In attendance also.
:w +M -
., V1rvAi1wDADe' The following Bishops are expected
C ? 41 to be present: Bishops,
t S. L. Greene, R. R. Wright! Jr.,
\ George W. Baber, Joseph Comet -
I I. H. Donner, W. It. WU-
kes, C. A. Glbbs, H. T.Primm,.
w [ F. D. Jordan, F. H. Cow, E. L, sY'c
Beef at its Best mckman, W, F. Ball, II.) L.

Sherman, J. D. Bright, G. N. .
Collins, G. W, Dlakcly, II. J.
llryant, II. 1. Itearden and ll.N.
Jtoblnson. I


Mt. Ararat Ushers Edward WitarsStfMnw Mil's Dy Committee CHURCH NEWS

'' '
Slate Anniversary School: .-. '
h r ;: j't
;1 Usher 'Hoard 4 of Mt. Ararat Opens Jill 9 i i'1 S 'Vi \i.ri t rt -:{"'" :.l"j..i.'1 DETHANY BAPTIST
Bethany Baptist Church
I. Baptist Church will celebrateit Services Sunday In Greater begin with
24th anniversary Monday the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent Emanuel
::I s Summer school will begin June lesson will be reviewed
night In the church auditorium.The + l ii } Washington presiding The by Rev. L.
program is:Processional, 9 at Edward Waters College!and )q T. Williams, pastor. Morning service at 11 o'clock.The pastorwW
tuners and guests; selection, will continue through Aug. 12. preach. AU choirs and ushers will serve. BTU begins at
youth choir; scripture, Rev. The session will provide two 6 p.m., and evening service at 7, o'clock.
terms. The siz-week term will
IVnJumln Kratier.; prayer, June 9 and end July 22. :
Marvin Teal; introduction of begin MACEDONIA PRIMITIVE ,
Mistress of Ceremonies, Mrs. The ntne-weektermbeglns June Services Sunday In Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church begin
Thelnu Ra\; Mistress Cere- 9 and concludes Aug. 12. with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Morning service at 11 a.
monles/Mrs. Corene Waters, The purposes of the term 1"": clock. An appointee will deliver the message. District 2 will

welcome, Urs. Gertrude Davis, are: to serve the educational npetat the church at S p.m.,and evening service begins at 6:30:
response, Mrs. W. D. Easton; needs of students who desireto o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher Boards I and 2 will serve. Tuesday
solution' Westside Choral make up'" certain deficiencies; night, prayer meeting and Bible study will be held. The 5th Sun-
Class, reading, Mrs. E. M. to assist "students who wish to. day Union will begin Wednesday night in Pleasant Grove Prlmi-
Mann; solo, Mrs. Althea .begin or continue their academic live Baptist Church, Rev. E. Rollin, host pastor.

Parker, offering, Deacons Ed study during the summer
in order that they must reducethe
Hayes, Hiram Waters,
:announcements, Mrs. Julia number of years in college; First New Zion Baptist Church services Sunday begin with the
longmorth; remarks, Phillip to assist those who desire to Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Rer. E. M. Moore, pastor,will review
Alt i\'k, Robert Spears, Rev. certify In their respectiveareas the lesson. Morning service at 11 o'clock with District 2
D. J, Graham; presentations, of Interest as well as to In charge. At 3 p.m., District 1 will meet in the home of Mrs
Mrs. Rosa Penjamin; ushers keep their certificates alive; Mary Evans, 6907 Richardson$ Road. BTU at 5:30: p.m, and
count. and for those who interested evening service at 6:30: o'clock with the usher board in charge

Usher Hoard 2 of the church in taking courses for self Im Beginning Wednesday, union meeting will be held In Community

mill serve and Usher Board provement. Baptist Church on Baker Avenue.
During the siz-week term, all
Z of Mt. Olive AME Church
students are limited to six r
mill be guest. Honored boardsare MT. VERNON BAPTIST
hours. A maximum load for the
Usher Board 5, and the Baptismal rites will be conducted Sunday at 11 a.m., in Mt.
nine-week term is nine hours.All .
Junior usher board of classes scheduled Vernon Baptist Church. Youth Day will also be observed. Ser
the church.Grant dally vices begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. with the junior
between 3 and 9 The
in The lesson "Corruption Amidst
department charge.! Pros
staff will consist of regular
iJ Memorial Trio members of the faculty and perity" will be discussed by Rev. C. Whitten. Morning serviceat
specialists who are Invited to 0 11 o'clock. The Rev.'Mr. Whitten will deliver the sermon.
-* To Render Recital participate inthesummerwork.Information BTU begins at 4:30: p.m., with Mrs.' Bertha Richardson
may be secured, presiding. Evening service at 6 o'clock. Rev.G.T. McCall will

The Grant Memorial Trio by contacting the registrar, the Preach.: ,Choir 4 will serve throughout the day.

mill be presented !in recital dean of the college or the director :
June 12 at 7::30 p.m., in Grant of the summer school. i I Ii JULINGTON BAPTIST
Memorial AME Church t Services Sunday In Jullngton Baptist Church, Loretta, begin
Sponsoring the program will with the Sunday School at 10 a.m., with Deacon Harry L. Jones

be the Greater Grant Memorial Lily Whites Elect I In charge. Mrs.Susie Greene will review the lesson. At 11 a.m.,
Club. morning service begins. Choirs 1, 2 and Usher Boards 1 and 2
Other organisations in the 'f'ik6.h'.z.' ; ..:. ...L._... .- will serve. Rev. Wilbur Burgess, pastor will preach. At 2:30

church and city have been incited Local I President Shown are members of the steering com- Richardson Sr. Will "Mitchell., Herbert p.m., the pastor has asked the congregation and choirs to accompany -
to attend. him to Abyssinia Baptist Church for the FellowshipHour.
mittee for the annual Men's' Day celebration Wright Jr. Willie Anderson Augustus Evening service begins at o'clock.. The message will be

p Mrs Angelena B. Hogans was which Is scheduled in Grant Collins, James Smith Eugene Wannamaker, delivered by the pastor.

Lodge elected 174 president with Deputy of Lily Willie White Memorial AME Church May 22 throughout the J. W. Jones, J. W. Jones Jr. Bernard

Mae Hart presiding. day. Members' shown are : Rev. A. J. Reed McGhee Pearson Luke Grimes ZION HOPE BAPTIST
Services Sunday in Zion Hope Baptist Church begin with the
Other officers are:Miss Lillle Reddick, pastor ; Herbert Wright, Albert Will lam Malcolm, Charlie Wiggins, James
II I Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Morning service at llo'clock and
Mae Harris, vice president; Milton, chairmen; Hamp Dawson, Rev. f. D. Rousseau B. Covington and others. Programs BTU at 5:30 p.m. District 1 will meet at 4:30 p.m, at the
," Miss Gw endoly o Jordan, recording will r I be presented for each service.
:r :;; secretary Miss Beverly church. Eveningservice begins at 6:30 o'clock. Choirs 3,4,
I .TTlMCr ; and Usher Boards 4 and 5 will serve.Choir 2 and Usher Board
Cohen financial secretary
,,- lOMglI IALIVE' Mrs. Ellen Lindsay, chaplain;; Bishop E.C. Hatcher Octovetfes SlatedTo der 3 will service accompany in Interest the pastor of the to church Day Spring and pastor's Monday anniversary.night to ren-

I Mrs. Minnie King, Marshall, Take ItOrLeave
Mrs. Caldonla Demery, treasurer Prayer meeting Is Tuesday at 7 p.m., and Bible study beginsThursday
To Install Officers
I fII90UI1fTIC at 7.IS: : p.m. Other weekly activities will prevail as
Mrs. Magolene Bellamy, Render RecitalThe
I /lilt'\ Ii/Jl4RI4NTCCD I II ; usual.
fJ' KNUIHC I jI teller; Mrs Dora B. Anderson,
I At Mt. Moriah
Nathaniel Jackson Octo-
general! Mrs. Ethel
Love fOWEI, Th., .t. l..m.ry j Hopkins, inner guard. rettes will render a recital
I lucky chr",. ed to Ortw, Canj -! I II ItBy Sunday night In New Mt. Olive Assistant Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday in the Churchof
Members of E. C. Hatcher
I Hi', Attract LUCK In low, |,m.i, I II the banking com Bishop ,
God in
k butin.ii B.-1 Baptist Church Hart and Brady Christ 3, southside,Sunday,beginning with the Sunday
Mfrlit. -'rot': er mittee are: Mrs. Hazel Young- presiding prelate of the 11th ,
I :Hood to .!.nit oil sod School at 10 .
Streets. a m. Morning service begins at 11:45 o'clock.
I !fed luck, tlthouih M tup.rnituril I blood, and Mrs. Ethel Baery. Episcopal District will install
I cKlmi ti. ......Ever pi r .II f UAR'1 I Mrs. Tinla Bostwick Is public the officers of the Amy Robin' The group, a new singing organization Elder C, Long Sr., assistant pastor, will deliver the sermon.
I paid ANTEED Includlni Mlv. Only Initructlont li H ft f post UM"J I I II relations chairman. CHARLES C. KING son's Young Women of Allenat was organized in The pastor has asked the congregation to accompany him to
Sopped only" If ft depose! KCom I Icoin I December and is under management Hastings to render service at 3:30: p.m.Evening service beginsat
t Mt. AME Church ,
J, order ( I.IIC' C.O.D.S) j Read St. Mat. 0,24 ff
I SECOND ,PRIMARY, __ ; of Nathaniel 7.30: o'clock. Choir 2 will sing throughout the day. Monday
; ? ??" Sunday night at 7 o'clock.Also Jackson ,
pt.FS VOTE TUESDAY If you look up tke word"prlttaryM! in the dictionary, you will: Choir 1 will meet for rehearsal at'8' .
> and Tuesday
e.e, iOI 1M > MIMIUb.|i.i.JM4II I, .. participating will be Mrs. Charles Kemp.Mrs Alberta ; p m ,the. Bible
find that it melUll.'fttst.lJrortle. e4 time or development. Band
Emma A. Moran president of Latimoreorganlaedtbegroup will meet with Miss Louisa Jenkins presiding. Thursday,
MAY 241BOLDEN'S "Second" refers to "that which! comes after the first in se the Young Women of Allen of and is supervisor and assistant the Home Foreign Mission will meet at 8 p.m:,with Mrs. Rebecca
quence." In other words, that which is "primary" and that Brozton in
Mt. Olive AME Church, Wen pianist.The charge. Friday, pastoral and tarrying meeting
which! is "secondary" are set up in distinction from each other.A dell P. Holmes, Clarence Fel- program will begin at,8 will be held, begInning at 8 p.m. The pastor will speak. Saturday -
thing must be either or in order to be true to its original
at 4 p.m., Choir 2 will meet for
SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOL meaning. der, Miss Yvonne Owens, Mrs. P.m. rehearsal.
Gertrude: H. Harrison
How does It happen that we have something falsely called Mrs. I ..
-Stirtinf Jin 14- "second primary?" Can it be because what Is truly primary is Dorothy M. Fossett Mrs. Author

not accorded its real place? Can it be linked with that tendency ine Adams, Joseph Lee,

Study( with Richard L. Bolden, music specialist in human nature not to admit It when secondary things are Mrs.Carswell Sarah Smith Mrs., Mrs.Willie Carolyn NOW IN PROGRESS
really secondary? Do we still want to make secondary values, M.

..VOICE PIANO THEORY GUI- BAND AND ORCHESTRA IN- goals, relationships, etc., seem or look primary simply putting Mrs.Thorpe,Shirley Miss Arlene Harris, Sands Miss,

TAR STRUMENTSAlso that label oa. however contrary to facts. Gwendolyn Nelson, Mrs. Velma NOW THRU JUNE 12th
Cod demands that He be recognized as first PRIMARY. He
often Is pitted against someone or something in a RUNOFF, Bannerman and Mrs Ahrestai THIS IS tOUR CORDIAL /AW4770V TO ATTENDGREAT
Bell. Rev. J. C. Bannerman Is
HOSPITAL AIDE COURSE and He does not always win even then.But we may console our.
Training for hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, private- selves by saying He is first although He is second. Sounds pastor. SALVATION DELIVERANCE TENT REVIVAL CRUSADEFOR

patients. Crazy? It is crazy for me to have to go to all the trouble I do Georgia Solon ALL PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS WITH
Bol.u's Cilleft Of lISle to vote for the same persons twice. In a "second primary" so
many queer things happen with God and man.
1816 W. ,20th Streit ,Speaks At St. Paul REV. R. W. SCHAMBACH and PARTYOne

EI 4.0006, EI 6-6465, El 5-9722 1 VOTE MAY 24th Bible School>!, 6111
Benjamin Brown, Georgia Outstanding Deliverance, Evangelists

convention. set State Representative, District Under One of America1 Largest Tent Cathedrals
.135. will be the speaker for the
The Bible School and YPU
3 Locationsto Convention will begin liar 23 East Florida Conference Lay.
and continue through May 30 Organization Monday at 8 p.m.,
Serve You in Holy Tabernacle Church. In St. Paul AME Church.P. .
J. McIntosh Sr.
On May 30, Apostle R. L. president
of the
organization stated
Davis will be the speaker for ,
1824 WEST BEAVER Mr. Brown is an Informative
the morning service. The clo- .. e
speaker. Other local talent will
sing will be held at
830 CASSAT also participate.
3 P.m., May JO.





: FRESH 55 C ritiyIh .


FRESH .' Ji 4\


.. .. ,

Between Adams anil


-Invites You To Usten To- 2 GREAT SERVICES

75 BIG BAND (Prayer Cards Issued SERVICE this service)


(Prayer for sick. in every service, )


HOG HEADS 15 II30: til 12:00.: THE, BLIND stE. lIE DEAf HEAR THE liME IUI

hr Alt People Of III Chrchs.Fe

Saturday, 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m.
rladienp y.Uf r. briee .n.t .ftl kirk.
'''.N.rldiC',."ro JrtlH' ."".L."o'. ehn dnd.J/Iln.d.
1400 WRHC 1400 Ind ,.. COll'S rmr dpd.pprnred.,4";R p.wued.



i iThQ LI



The A

r oar Florid Star Ird

:: a Endorses A.D.

: / s

May 24, 1966 Plmaries. Tie Caadlda.s
B"ow Ice:


,.. Heo

Aed U rge Y 08r Support ityin





:) f

Candidate Denies .j. Francis P.

Hate Group Tie r PAT CNRY ,


Newspaper Rprints ; : STATESENATOR

j .il
Show Candidate ,, :: 10

Aided nace-hat.r. t', ,,1.: :

: '""q e ?
Charges Ku Kim KUn affiliation and aiding leaden of anti- '.'!! '1+",, .
Semitic: groups wert thrown into two political: races: this week ': +'
u the date of the Max *< second: primaries approached. ; ". ',',71' ..'. 4
.. 1" /i r"-1?
The charges wert thrown into Bostwlck) filed a motion in '""
the race between Charles W. ;,11
Criminal Court In July 1963 Jt.
Doctwick and Tom Greene for asking Judge Hans G. Tastier /" & .
the Senate and also in the race to squash the charges: of distributing : n
between William C. Bostwick anti-Semitic leaflets < r.* DOlT ::1. n
and John: Crider for the House against three members of the :
of Representatives. American Nail Party BlrE NA. .-
The reports that the Bostwick Another newspaper reprint ,
brothers had been supporters carries a story in which George ,
of the Klan of well-known bate Lincoln Rockwell, American .:. CITr HAU ::8
brought swift denials ,- ,
croups Nail Commander told Journal .
from Charles W. Bostwlck. To reporter George Harmon: a r '""" ,,1 OP4
the knowledgeof the FLORIDA "We have the biggest number :. .c ,
STAR, WWIam C. Bostwlck has of Nails in Jacksonville outsideof SE.iTE '
not made a similar denial. Los Angeles We've got a
However, a series of reprints doctor and a lawyer in the party : eAses&J0 .
from local dallies which reported here" sor
that William C.Bostwlck There are persistent reports, .' !
defended Nazis at ,court: which many claim: can be documented -. "
f" air! s.1'hearings wire being. circulated. ,that KUn meetings f.c. -J, 1. in the city .which have been held at Dunns'' er'\.J___ .::! _"_........' t .: ...CIA" yap t" 1 ",.eI"'". .' arnr.. :. +lra ,
Cue newspaper account: states Ave. and U. S. 17 were oh the
that, Attorney William C.Bost Bostwick .' :
? 'j''' 1' ;
wick, (brother of Charles W. ;* ELECT TOM

Smith's Record Tricky "Deals" GREE

SpellFailere His Defeat At Polls F c STATE SENATOR DISTRICT 31

To Improve )Jax Slums And Profiteering

The Expense Of The Poor Remembered iy Voters .

Incumbent: Health and Sanitation Commissioner Claude Smith f
faces: the strongest political opponent in his long tenure In City 1
Kail u he attempts to obtain a "place for City Hall" in the
Florida State Senate.
Francis P. "Pat" Conroy, prominent and former DO r s "
school board member is challenging Smith in his efforts to be '
elected to the Legislature. Political observers view the fight aTIVES
u a battle between "...cblDe controlled, ticket producing: In- S 1'1 0 .
dividuals" and non-political persons who are attempting to 1"
clean-up": Duval County politics.: One sage pointed out the jf N\C\\\\ SO ., .
number of tickets such as those produced by Frank Hampton, I !isle r.
C. Holland Josh Hlllman, the Duval Democratic Alliance tj'J. \ i ;
: Otis Speights' Kennedy Democrats and others as proof of a '' \ f \REPAESaNHO Com''lire '
1>:4 machine. financed campaign in behalf of the Health Commissioner. ,\lustI GROUP rIiv'dqljg

:;- Reliable sources state that the aid of all members of the local ** (''"t. .to'
,* Democratic: Executive Committee (precinct commltteemen: and 1'y v *,.: '
rt' women) has been sought to conduct: : a door-to-door campaign ,. (3 rtJA,t.,, .
\ for the Smith effort 1'1'
Opponents of Smith state that principle reasooi for'their op-
hls bid for a senate seat hinge around the following. //4\ 'f'.J('f ..
i.*.*. The Health Commissioner got elected to the City Council in
% 1M7 over a Negro in what long-time residents term a"deal" 1PERFpR
,i)4. ) made by preachers and others who claimed Wilson Armdraag'.
*t. was "unfit". Jaxons say Smith has not been available to citizens J 1 .
; except for a few friends and because. be has not had opposition 1.-' -
> since being elected Smith has lost contact: with the voters. .: MAMOE
j*,. w opposed many measures introduced Into City Commission in Ef4ctIrnr1
the last few years which may hive benefited minorities.
The most frequent criticisms are centered around Smith's
functions as Health Commissioner.Infrequent trash and garbage
collections In many Negro nieghborhoods. flaunting of health ...
regulations in regard to plumbing by slum-lords, mosquito y
control and weeds In vacant lots and abandoned property are '
among the grievances cited.: 1 ed A \\1eIIiel'I \ :fi
Conditions at the Cleveland and Sth Streets IDclDtrator.t : '
Negroes for the most part are still helpers and perform 1Ib7tf : \ \ell
slcal labor while whites drive the trash trucks and act u 'I\e \)
driver-foremen. Segregated facilities: for workers still exist \\\0\\ \

at the Incinerator.: ,
Smith was part of the BURNS TEAM which voted to CLOSE
Joe .
COURSES. He upheld and voted with the majority faction In all { 'OI rll//8/1 :
these instances. Ie' PUblic
INTEGRITY -U is documented in the Congressional. Record 7 ."v + 'eJe"' Service com 'rEST
and u local newipapers that Smith was a partner in A scheme .' ''" a. ///,
which bilked taxpayers of millions of dollars and enabled < SFlwa/ i iHDq
,. .and his partners to make hugh profits off of the resale houses ;", ,. .. IOARO ,
from the Expressway route to mostly Negro buyers. r ; ,t i :.'


., .
-- ---- -- -

tt/rr It. tt.ae.Ii11 Iti t trt'ttttt 1111111111 111 11 .. I t. ttltl. t tt



';: Blasts Claude Smith's Record Earl 1 Jo NSON, Eric SiN p3oNt Ilf..st.d..lfd.llIW! .!.!!. o'lepL -._

t Urge JNxeNS To Yote Moy Z4 :

: A The names of three Negro lOOM will appear on the ballot lathe
1'1 I riF r second primaries May 24 and the votes they receive from t I
;__ the Negro precincts will, according to observers, Indicate .r
11 whether Negro Jaxons are Interested In political emancipation, mat
.. or not )

It "1:rr tY Earl M. Johnson a brilliant power structure and discriminatory

young attorney-at-law Is in a practices In Duval, '
) > run-off with a white opponent Simpson has secured sidewalk-
!I'It !
Gifford Grange for the House log in the county for school :
Y .4 $ 11 of Representatives. He polled children, traffic lights and has
\ l 26,174 votes a large portion of exposed house building and
which came from the white repair schemes which were .
sections. robbing Negroes of thousands
Another Negro candidate Is of dollars annually.
\, Eric O. Simpson editor of the Simpson who promises to ....
d t ,i ''d ti FLORIDA STAR who Is running "give Negroes a voice in the "-
y y. for the State Democratic Executive Democratic party" so they all
Committee, anon-pay might share In the political
ing post. Simpson who has been appointments Is opposed by five fir
active in the Democratic Party' others, one of whom-James
was one of the key workers in R. Boddle\ -.4s a Negro. PRESENTATION Bishop Hatcher, chairman of the Board of Management Is full of smiles
I w the last presidential election. Others In the race for the after receiving the check for $500 from Francis "Pat" Conroy for the construction of the
w He has spearheaded numerous State Executive Committeeman Laymen's Auditorium and Citizens' Gymnasium. Plans and specifications are now on the
4 .drives'to raise funds for families post Include James W. Allen, architect's table, a survey has been made and the engineers are completing the boring
in distress and at the request A. Robert Broadfoot Jr., John
of Bill Moyers Hiott, William H. McCoy andH
President Johnson's aide and ; K. Smith. loins SmorHia Conroy for Senile"WORKING .-
press secretary, served as Johnson has been a practicing
publicity director for the Peace attorney In Jacksonville for s
,Corps drive In Jacksonville, in nearly eight years and has ser-
._ 1962.A ved as legal counsel for the
--- -
BELIEVE IT OK NOT-But pictures don't lie. Here's an out-door prim In the heart of the militant newsman who has NAACP. He has also been active
dared to speak out In Scouts.
theAccording the
city, It's located in the Hanson Town within a stone's throw of the Department of Health. in against Boy
more than 15 years in office Claude Smith has done nothing to improve conditions such as
seen above. Yet, he asks Negroes to elect him to the Senate so he could represent the Power "
Structure that runs! Jacksonville's Political Machine. Incidentally, NAACP President Rutledge Jaxons Believe Jota Crider
Pearson took.; newsmen on a tour of this area a few weeks ago to show them some of the things SjiM

Negroes hate been protesting over for many years without avail. Deserves Support For OfficeJohn t."

What About This Mr. Smith Crider,running for the House of Representatives Is re-
.............."'"-- ., ? .. garded by Jaxons u the man deserving of election to the Legls-
., 'Y,,' .....re.
.. .
a ." .
1Y'M"4 to his supporters, for are:
,. tf. Crider, unlike his opponent, is "Easing the home owners tax watWrth.l alo.tgron: .2
f. not tinged with associations with burden
anti-racial groups and has 1m- "Restoring the effectiveness : vrr.In M r/r
;.': pressed citizens that he Homestead Exemption
!: believes and practices demo- "Better schools for our child
cracy. ren
Crider is opposed by William "Strong efficient local government '' f h M I n
C. Bostwick, who, according to
newspaper reports, has repre- Protection of civil service
r sented one of the country's New Industry for Duval
most notorious groups-the County
American Nazi Party.It Strong air and water pollu-
was revealed this week that tion controls
t Crider's supporters are urging "Elevating the standards of FOR PAT-Workers young and old,most of whom have volunteered their servicesto
r Jaxons to assert their desireto :wage earners and fixed income elect FRANCIS "PAP' CONROY are seen outside on e of his campaign offices. The people
r--- maintain good race relationsby groups seen here are supporting Conroy because they know of his record on the School Board and his
H supporting a young man who Promotion of beaches efforts to Improve the community In which they live.
has displayed no leanings as tourist center"Improvement
t.I toward racism. of urban ser-
Among the things that Crider vices and living conditions Slapsoo Hilps EWCJGd Grant
7Y says he stands for and will work r--- II


____ >..;...;.._...c>j.,.... ;r...........-.u.um. =..- :,;... W. Conroy's School Board ,'Record-;
SHAMEFUL An example of the shameful, do-nothing, don't care about Negroes attitude
Sanitation boss Claude Smith has shown since he took office severe. years ago. By failing to Winning Support Of Citizens
enforce sanitary plumbing codes, Smith permits slumlords to rent sub-standard homes to
I Negroes at high tllta1s.JJIJdJ 4--

Run A Sanitary Department ? Since Francis "Pat" Conroy has exposed City Commissioner
I The WavTo Claude Smith's plan to try to hold two offices in what he calls a
"bold attempt" to give the city"machine"seat in the Senate,
r thousands of Duval citizens are rallying the support of Conroy
In his bid for State Senator, District 10.
w f '! Conroy who served as a member of the Duval School Board
from 1947 to 1950 wW be remembered as the man who carried
the fight for equalization of teachers' pay and pioneered for the
Improvement of the county's schools.:
The former school board member pointed out that if City Com-
missioner Smith is elected to the Senate,citizens will be shortchanging -
themselves by having a representative trying to do two
Jobs while Jumping from Tallahassee to Jacksonville. Conroy
says the City of Jacksonville Is entitled to a full-time City Com-
missioner (who gets $11,500 a year) to clean up problems like .
the misuse of city cars, cranes and credit cards.

MODEST-Eric 0. Simpson, extreme right,candidate State Executive Committee betraysa
modest smile of satisfaction! as President William B. Stewart hold check for $25,000 presen-
r h rt y i1 ted to him by members of the baud of County Commissioners as part of a $50,000 appropriation -
to Edward Waters College. Simpson worked with members of the budget and county
ark I 14 commissions to affect the appropriation. Next to president Stewart are Commissioners Bob
I Harris, Julian Warren Fletcher and Lem Merrit.

-- --....... ---- ,- -- Ail Award For Servicerrr1j1
STENCH- This scene shows Isadore Singleton (God bless the dead) surveying r.very unsanitary
area In his neighborhood before he died about two years ago. Singleton who showed deep -- --
concern for the Negro community ran for a city council office after this picture was made
hoping to start a lean-out of the city machine of which Mr. Smith Is a part..The machine that PICNIC
keeps Negroes in Duval in economic and political enslavement.

) .. mUh. Made.! A1i Killing, I


Iry r ; fr This Saturday, May 21st-4:00 pm




t A i%, ,e M i All Supporters Are Asked To Be Present l

For This Meeting And Picnic.
For Information Call- ELS[ -5196 !



COMPLETE SUPPORT" PLAQUE In recognition of his service in hunUn relations Simpson was this year'cited by
the Jacksonville Urban League during Its anniversary banquet. Simpson has also received
citations for service from Bethune-Cookman College, the 4-H Clubs, the Jacksonville NAACP
FREE FOOD and other organizations and religious groups.DUVAL .





BIG PROFIT When homes like these were moved to make ..ylor the Expressway depriving IALL GAME PLANNED NEXT YEAR !
hundreds of low Income whites and Negroes of their homes, Mr. Smith made a handsome and I
l. quick profit buying and reselling them at a huge profit. Paid }'ol. Ad.

4. t A f
} ..._ 6 6 6. 6 .. ... .. L -.J.
,. : _---wM t r_t'" "_" t'" '' ''' '' ...



Annual Observance World, ''Iews; Miamian Wins Award Condemned SlayerIs Study Grant Given

-,- --.--- Granted StaySAN
I '.,,.: Digest ,. FRANCISCONPI>-
: r", -(NPI)- A
Aaron Mitchell, 36, convictedof
DRY SPELL the Dec. U, 1962 slaying of 'National Institute of Public Affairs
L CHOMA, ZambiaNpJThe i:: ).\( a Sacramento Career Education award
next few months In this southern IL ;: :'. sentenced to die intheSanQuen- has been granted Morris A.Slmms .
# a personnel staffing
: Zambia farming (tobacco tin gas chamber, was granted
I specialist with the U. S. Department
cattle) region are expected to :-: a stay on the eve of his scheduled
be dry ones. There bas been .' execution. of Agriculture to enAble -
s'i nq rainfall since early in the The stay was granted by U. S. him to complete studiesIn
I year, with the result that an District Judge Alfonso J. Zir- public service.
acute shortage of water for poll until a hearing can be heldon A member of IEDA's-Agri-
steadily whether Mitchell cultural Research Servfbe: since
br human consumption Is testified
,August, 1962, he Is former
; "i mounting. The dry season) will j at his trial because he was
} Y resident of He
k reach its peak In August and afraid his refusal to do so would Philadelphia.
I i his hoMs: a B.A. degree In sociology
September. ,-4 damage defense In the eyes
i of the jurors. from Lincoln University
Since his trial (Pa.), graduating cum laude in
NEW NAME the U. S. Supreme -
'k LEOPOLDVILLE (liPI) I Court has ruled that a 1960.
After July I, names of the principal Judge shall not point out to a He will matriculate at Indiana
cities In the Congo will II Jury that a defendant refusedto University during the academic -
bear a definite African sound, I testify. year, 196667. (
under a decision mad recentlyby I 1

;; : poldviUe the nation's will become cabinet.Kinshasa Leo-, .: u... I, Vote And Work For j

ji Stanleyville. Kisangani TO STUDY AT OHIO STATE bus, Ohio. Dr. M. H. Bouiware,
Elliabethvllle, LubunbashL Miss Betty Tucker, graduating director of the Florida .u.YI
The change which occurs senior at Florida MM University University Speech and Hearing The Man That Has All
I u the Congo celebrates its and daughter of Mr.Llnnie Training Program, said the I I 1
sixth independence anniversary M. Tucker of Miami, Fla., has tralneeshlp will enable Miss
discards the names given been awarded federal trainee- Tucker to qualify for the mas

WHO MEEDS SECURITY It UM theme a) tat .new AUUIMI uw*t.ub. W a....,M. __.. the cities by the country's for- ship in the amount of $2,400 ter's degree for membership The People At Heart -
ti Week, promoted by the 45 Negro-owned companies the National Insurance Association. A mer colonal ruler, Belgium. plus tuition,from the Vocational in the American Speech and
goal of $80,000,000 In new business has been set for the period May 9-H. Insuranceman Rehabilitation Administration Hearing Association and for the 1
George Phillips and Mrs. Vivian Branch and her daughters Rochelle and Gwendolyn Seawood STAY PUT to study toward the master's Certificate of Clinical Competence WILLIAM H. MANESSSTATE j
5; modeled for series of posters promoting life Insurance. The above Is one of them. CAPETOWNNPIA reversal degree in speech pathology at Miss Tucker will graduate -
of Independence trend Ohio State University, Colum- from the Tallahassee Institution -
throughout Africa was regis- this summer.
ti "Jack!omllIe's Mot\ commended Dealer SENATOR-DIST. 9
j Tuskegee Given tered recently by the Transkel "
Legislative Assembly which Dr. Stephen Wright Martin Luther King
I R. S. EVANS Weed Killer Grant voted 49-1 that "the territoryis A Vote For Maness'I is a

; not." yet The ripe move for came Independence. after Named UNCF PrexyNEW Has ReservationsAbout Vote For Fair and Better

TUSKEGEE, Ala. -(NP1))- the opposition had called for Government.
i: A $45,000 grant to study the full citizenship rights. Trans- YORK -(NPI)- Dr. GregoryCHICAGO
3RD & MAIN usability and effect of diuroa kel Is the first Bantustan (reservation Stephen J. Wright, currently
'," a weed killer sprayed on livestock ) to be established president of Fisk University WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou
'RR MODELS LOW AS IMO) MILES feed-has been awardedto under the South African Gov Nashville, has been named -NPI-Dr,Mar.
Tuskegee Institute's schoolof ernment policy of separate president of the United Negro tin Luther King Jr., has given
CHOICE OF COLORS his to comedian-civil
agriculture. College Fund. blessings
racial development.FIVE Seek The Best Doctor. "
66 MUSTANG The two-year Investigation to He Is scheduled to assume rights leader Dick Gregory's When Your Doctor Prescribes,
s ,. pinpoint the safe usage of weed YEAR PLAN his new duties on July 1, replacing "sincerity and devotion to the Get Experienced Pharmacists
1IJ"Tr alto net, killers currently In wide use, Dr. Frederick cause,"an aide indicated last
:r r'n'' TAKE KAMPALA -(NPI>-An ambitions D. Patterson '..According to your Doctor's f
66 IMP66PONTIAC Is part of the U. S. Departmentof new five-year-plan, who will serve as honorary ,'(week, but he will not supporthim Orders. We Use Only The Best
candidate for
as a
OUR: Agriculture's efforts to mini* total Investment of president. mayor.
1148IRTMr' RRRtTQvp1'eT 1 T mite potential hazards to man $644 seeking million a between now and The new UNCF head, who has The Rev. Andrew J. Young, Quality Drugs 1 ,
TICK and animals from the use of mid-1971, has been announced served as a faculty member and i I executive director, Southern C.E.iS1A'1Proprietor: ; \
pesticides fo r protection of officer of six southern colleges Christian Leadership Conference
.. ,... by the Ugandan government of that endorsement 3 Registered pharmacists To serve YOU
and explained
"''SteRANEb crops and livestock. President Milton Obote. Someof universities, is a graduate ,
ST'enc" NTT .1) : $19 5 The Tuskegee project will be the funds are expected to be of Hampton Institute, and holdsa of political candidates is
66 FORD directed by Dr. Wayne M. Dur- In the way of foreign loans and master's degree from Howard against the organization's po ----A COMPLETE LINE 0 F----
PFT, rw rrtr fY1V11VR "". dIe, assistant professor in theInstitute's grtnts-4140 million while University and a doctorate from licy.
.91 poww
\ '''rJ' vn' AI' MNrIc TU" VI" division of animal New York University.He On the other hand, SCLC will
roar; "* ITEM NO RAnIo $56 million may come from Cosmetics-Rubber Ooode- Candiea-Sundries
':., HEtTMACTOR* WARRANTY science. bodies. also serves as trustee of work actively in voter registration
regional or semi-public
Assisting him will be Hampton Institute and Meharry and political education -PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOG AND DELIVERED-

;fk JUST LIKE NEW-LOW AS 4.000 MILES Dr. Chester H. Gordon, a dairy IMMIGRANT CURB Medical College. In addition campaigns. Rev. Young noted.
/ cattle nutritionist with USDA's LONDONNPICommon be Is a member or officer of "Dick Is so sincere," the
CORP. CARS Agricultural Research service. wealth numerous educational associations SCLC leader said, "but sometimes Lilly's Drug
Immigrants are finding
". .
; 65 DART"270" foundations and he Isn't sure of the avenues
$1895 $195 It tougher to transplant themselves
to express that sincerity." 1907 KINGS ROAD.EL36276
1 Auto- R&H PS, DOW,," Nabrit Joins from their native landsto commissions.
t i Warranty nMT. the mother country. AccordIng -
65 VALIANT to last reports, total immigration I .
$1795 $195 Group Working VOTE MAY 24TH
"200" Auto, R&H, -now strictly controlled j
P'IILL. ""Wlf, -during 1965 amounted to
PS Fac. Warranty 'MII .
'. 'a'f4ll! fill' q On Electorate"63,119. This waaJl,68QJver a, a \of, _.au.. ,. \ ........ ,, A f'
)7 than In 1964. Hardest hit by t.
WAHSINGTONNPI)- Dr. the curb are nonwhite mem-
James U. Nabrltt Jr., deputyU. bers of the Commonwealth.NEW .
S. Representative to the
United Nations on leave from HOME QUANTITYRIGHTS'RESERVED
the Howard University presidency NASSAU, Bahamas -(NPI- "
,,, ,
r ran. .ke -* i is among the 14-mem- All Nassau joined In last month I I e
ber American Bar Association for the dedicatory services of :
Enjoy the extra smdothness of Commission which Is seekinga the new home of the Bahamian I SPECIALS GOOD

non-partisan formula for modernizing Times weekly newspaper. In
7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon I THROUGH SATL'RDAY
electoral college procedures its new home, the paper, edited i
in Presidential elections. by Arthur Foulkes, will go on
a twlce-a-week publication,
12Jr The commission, which began with expanded pages. '' ''.
, Its task Thursday, has for Its
objective, to secure a national POVERTY PROGRAM
consensus that could lead to GUADALAJARA Mexico VEGETOLE W" ',
action by Congress for adoptionof (NPI)Mexico, like the United
I 1I a constitutional amendmentto States, has fielded a poverty 59
w 1 clarify and make uniform program, known as the Lerma .
in all states tf.e procedures in Plan, it Is designed to Improvethe 3 IBS.
electing a President and Vice condition of eight million LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH 5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

President. Mexicans living In an area of

and the Fourteen Presidents, fr 0 mAdams about 50,000 square miles,con i
extra in 1824 to Kennedy in stituting 20 per cent of the
agedoesn't f fI I960, did not receive a majority populaton and occupying 6.6 per .
cost of the popular vote. Electors cent of the land area.
ourbott one extra cent! are chosen by the popular
4qpi i vote within the state. In most BALKS AT UNION 303 10
states, there are pledges to PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad -
support the Presidential can (NPI) Things have changed
didate of a specific party.Dr. In the past decade, and the British CAN
Nabrltt, who Joined the Virgin Islanders no longer LIMIT 3 PLEASE
U. S. UN staff less than a think of a possible merger with
M MeertJjlawlNelrllllaNrelalOolMantrT. year ago, as American representative the U. S. Virgin Islands. This MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANTCOFFEE SUNSHINE
Information was disclosed by
to the Security Council

:D.-...- was recently upgraded<< to H. L. Stoutt, leader of the BVI
the number two position,directly delegation to a parliamentary RINSO
under Ambassador Arthur conference in Trinidad. He said 60Z. 69.C
Goldberg. the 30 small British Caribbean 6geHEIIl
Islands had thoughts of a union JAR GIANT'
r 10 but with the
years ago, now,
THANK YOU ALICE CONWAVrOK British financing Improvement '
the islanders wantto
YOUR COl1l AGE IN FLAKING UP Tills retain their British identity.


r/'' RLCOMMHNDliD WITHOUT REGARD TO THE to a letter received recently by u on 5 IBS.

,r'. INTERESTS OF TILE PCOPLH.I the African-American Heritage
Association former Ghana PREMIUM FULLY COOKED
President Kwame Nkrumab Is
:, I don't have the recommendation of confident that be will regain

;.-: those who are paid for ticket recommendations, control of government. His letter .
In said "What has
part :
interested in the best PICNICS lB.3ge
},; hut if you are qualifiedman happened has given me time to

t'1.. in Group 10, please ask your neighbor, take stock of my work for Ghana
minister school teacher doctor Or and Africa during the past 20
attorney, "
years. New vistas new perspectives
your trusted political J leader about Don Nichols. and new avenues seem SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK

to open up more clearly.


a Trans.
A : kel CAPETOWN chief minister-(NPI Paramount)- RICE 3 LBS.SHIFT'S ;

Chief Kaiser Matatlma recent.ly .
DON told the South African cabinet
ministers that"we are earnest
ly convinced separate develop. 5c
meat Is the only policy that can u.39c CAlU'GE lI.
f fiNICHOLS ensure peace progress and HENS
good neighborliness for all thepeople
of South Africa."Trina-
tel .Is the first Bantustan (reservation .

white-settler ruled South African PREMIUM
GROUP 10 government to perpetuate
I 1 10t
59c SQUASH L u. C
the )all-out policy.apartheid (separation CHUCK STEAK LB

j) .' \

_, I
---- ---- -
-C k---- --"---" -- -- "- '
--- & :'I/I' ..:y ..:.",,',.'...

.err'r.r''t r'r ,r'v r.tir.rrrLrr. .r .r.\ rr tYr..rr'. .r.V.V .r . . . .1

cm: '1J ,STAR PAPERS ., SATURDAY MAY 21 1966

I Plus, Trip Plans Outlined For .Nmii, For- CoicertNew I

Insurance Firm : ... .
,' e
U .. ..-----r .' +, Even with the simplest water color
.' .
NEW YORK NPI \ I strive for
-( )-Plans perfection. only
were announced: lut week for 'H
the founding of the. Intraroerl- through dedication that anything

can Life Insurance Company, great is ever achieved."
a recenUy licensed subsidiary .,1r

of the Intramerlcaa. Life Corporation. When I buy gin, I insist "

Robert Randall Is president > fF iuV on the very best London Dry. ''.".
of the Insurance
the corporation firm.are Clarence Heading Gordon's. It is ideally.dry and crisp,

\.a t B. James, chairman, and makes a perfect martini.To me,
Leon W. Berney executlre vfc
president. Gordon's Gin is great gin.9?

Last November,Intramerlcan,
:m the holding company, publicly Elmer c.Stoner noted artist author and editor
sold 430,000 Class A
Mrs. Marl Curls of 1049 W, commonshares ,
'. at $10 each for net
5th St. Is leaving toe city tomorrow
gain of $3,977,500. The
to ristt her slsteri com
I .I pany's total fund! is estimated
In Brooklyn N.Yk and New at $4.8 million.
Friends art wishing her an :ti .
enjoyable trip. .**>*.****> .Fr'ir -

Vote May 24th t

t rvt:

D 1 B .M .. ...
& t .L ;
"' ; New canton High Glee Club Parents are seen planning for the Laura Jackson: ,ElSie Williams,Mildred Bailey,Little Parrish t.V
I&a annual concert Friday, May 20, 8 p.m..111 the Little Theatre Venus Brown, Reva Brown, Alpha H. Moore, director Ivory
r. / > Civic Auditorium Left to right: Howard Baker, Mesdames Sermons, Frances Smith. Standing, Hamilton Cheatham,president -

< .
-- --
-- -
't -T"' "

t Texas Realtors Civil Atliiti Lift Plus '
'tL rrt'i bergetlalrti 8eet'Knprmt .. ,Rights Roundup| 6aEUOeYDn

IICN. MnTLI AVI. Ready For Meed (ton Offici Strictin
.. ,
Wkttr fit r frMl
iuftl View tittmtl erra.re.tlo..tld'
tifrtim opf'atiiff fotlK" and ir1" the itOfH/ ",.,led NEW YORK -(NPI)- Floyd LtsGordon'
Hnimin to make.eomebiek, FORT WORTH, Texas -NPI) ATLANTA-NPi-Plans for,
B. McKlsslck, CORE national cmCAGONPIAccord-
Trri point* out that flood Crntrr ifirayf tm tot of fkrlr City and state officials, along the construction of a new home 11
IrcftM .nd rttr ttrtd jit* mcfcMif a fomrtMtk, Wh.t Nee10tor director, has branded a Baltimore log to Roger N. Baldwin, 82- office made On pelted N _
rovHt' txprrt tit*' vtnrtof tAI ifleettbltmtf rrero..btvrwe y with local businessmen, will building were public London,fugling n 1789.rrn
.. court restricting founder of the American 7t
Injunction year-old ,
tirloat be keynote speakers recently during the annual nttht span"rprm CngtndAmtt '
during a
Liberties Union, K..a tht ward
picketing activities u"un Civil ,
BEACH WHITING Lb. 45c public delegates mass to meetlngwelcomlng the Texas Association constitutional and illegal." In great advances have been stockholders Life Insurance meeting Company of Atlanta I f IOIICT Of I S,llMX WUIMl SWIItS OlStllUO FMM UAII TOO!CMDON J OIU NceLID) LINOtNNI.
a news conference, the CORE made In racial equallty..slnce
of Real Estate Broker's
chieftain "This the 1940s." He credited the U.
said country
SHRIMP BOAT WHITING !lb. 32c June annual 911.convention In session guarantees the right to assemble S. Supreme Court with intro
A LOCAL mODVCT peacefully to petition for ducing a "better rights
The convention will be headquartered
redress of grievances" The climate"
PAN TROUT Lb 29c Motel Inn at the Downtowner Baltimore arrests were made. MIX PACT wwrT rprn
'"" .... M M.t'e..r .I.rl.O, bwla across from city after the court ruled that CORE CHARLOTTE, N. C. -(NPI) I
J. W. Robinson Houston
had violated an induction limiting The Presbyterian Hospital
Is of the host
president group, picketing of a high-rise come all the way around and
an affiliate of the National As-
apartment house to Sunday completed the statement of
Ho tqutl irtrn brnilril/ and served retch tfrfirn butter" sociation of Real Estate THE MANl/yiTH I /
Brokers. afternoons compliance with the 1964 CivU' A I PLftN I
URGE SHRIMP' .LB. $1.25 FEDERAL BACKING Rights Act. Although It had
i Plans will also be made
MEDIUM SHRIMP .. $1,10 attend the national to PORTLAND, Ore. -(NPI)- been admitting Negroes since
SCALLOPS . LB. 89e I in the summer. .meetinglate The Yakima tribesmen,arrested March, '965, the trustees had TO LiOlEt tAXES l
for in forbidden refused to authorize
fishing areas
ot the Columbia River 40 milesto compliance statements, and had
CATFISH . .,' LB. 59C the east, In violation of state kept some of the hospital's
URGE FROZEN ROE MULLET LB. 35c law, are getting defense help facilities segregated.
STEAK FISH . . LB. 69c from the U. S. government.The SWIM POOL MIX The tudden and ditattreut .d veUrem' tax burden thrown on the property ewnenat
__ VOTE federal government got into the BALTIMORENPIWh1Ie a result *f the recent school l crltls makes Immediate relief mandatory. Elect
FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT picture because of an 1855 the Pennsylvania Human Rela- ,"Fred Schults your Representative and here I I.what his plan .f action will boi

1 HAKI WHITI .. .I*. SLID CLAW .. .II $1.ISCMktaU .. treaty giving Indians unrestricted tions Commission was warning Pint tho;Stata of '
I mutt assume a larger share the burdtn of 'financing the schooUfunder } .
"*(... ..LS! II I.U All Lump .. .L/ $Z.,$. fishing rights. There Is a public swimming pools and the Minimum Foundation "
I, clash between the Meaty and amusement parks to"avoid discrimination Fragrant.Socohd
," the CambridgeMd.
p0 ( ) volunteer fire company the State must return mora mojiay -
disclosed that it was closing directly' the counties for use at local
Its swimming pool rather than !layoff.
comply with a court order to

Integrate. The officials contendthe 'In the 1963 Legislature' Fred Schultz 'Intro ".
pool Is private and thus is duced,and passed, a bill creating the Tax
exempt from the provisions of Reform Commission t. help keep us out
the Civil Rights Act. of such problems. At a recent mooting .f t
a Tax Reform Commltilon'sub-committoa
DON'T GIVE BOOM NEGRO Fred Schults presented a motion, which
was passed, that the Constitution' contain
ON COUNTY a provision to allow the Stale t. appropriate
monies' to the counties the con ,.. r9
CITY HALL dition that they !lower ad valorem tal'" t

The battle ahead, to got this recommendation y{ ,, a
ANNAPOLIS {NPI The passed Is not ana for inexperienced ,
A SENATE SEAI'ICity aspirants groping their way l"
'Joint Civil Rights and Citizens through their first legislative' sessions.' 41 t
Committee last week put plans
It I Is a difficult task avon for a man who
In motion for the appointment "
has demonstrated strong floor leadership 'j
of at least one Negro to the In past sessions.Vote ,
Hall Is calling on you to vote for Anne Arundel County Board of
Education. The also
Commissioner for the group protested for lower ad valorem '
my City opponent the reappointing of an taxes through
response In the past when you called on Incumbent member. mora State monies to the counties. Veto
City &all I ? Have your representatives been Two Negro candidates,recommended for the man who can got the bill passed.I .

listened to with respect and attention? by the School Board
Nomination Committee were
'Have their requests for Improvements been listed by the committee. They VOTE FOR
anseered? Jacksonville has had a slum '.are Dr, J. Alexander Wiseman POSITIVE ACTION t

problem for years..but my Commissioner '. of Annapolis and the Rev. Martin -
opponent's City Hall Team sat back for : t It L. McKenney, Glen Burnle. VOTE rorn
In making Its request to Gov.J. I T7
years without requiring absentee landlorrs
Millard Tawes, JCRCC pointed FOR r Kill/iH/nUL
to provide plumbing and heat. For t
years out that 15 per cent of the
dirt streets have gone.unpaved..and paved _. county's population Is composed
streets have gone unrepaired. Now you '. of Negroes and said that "at Pad Pelw.l
have a chance to show City Hall that least one of the sevenmember -
board should be nonwhite."
while your garbage service may be

poor, your memory i is good. Don't' ..

give City Hall aSenate Seat.

Vote for a man who will repre- .

sent all of the people I of ,

Duval County al I of the

tine..Pat Conroy. 1' '

lY "My son's skin was rough, chapped..a

neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline'

A. ELECT -g' Petroleum Jelly was. It didn't fail"a i

Mrs. Betty Washington Chicago. III.
Francis 9N'
1 From a child's dry chapped skin to .

the dry, ashy.gray condition that

plagues grown.ups. 'Vaseline' Petroleum

Jelly, applied as a continuous
film, is the soothing answer. No other

( I softener, no other skin cream no skinII

STATE SENATOR ; lotion provides better moisture protection
{( Try it.


PoIAKal'; Adv.rtl......... pad for by Jonwt Culp.pp.r' r' f .

-' ,Vaselfne ,
: ..... ,.t'l r ''If ,
I .. f I- ik

l t !
b N I,' .

.1. A



I -

I Springtime On The Campus Institute. On. Problems Set LSD 8-CC Stvdflifs

Nere lasinoss ce To Tear Africa

Joyce Hanks and Oscar
y Pendleton will represent Be-
4 ATLANTA -(NPI)- The community development, and thune-Cooknun College during
National Business League and the future of Negro business a Study.TnvelSemlnattoAfri-
the National Urban League have communities In Urban Renewal' ca scheduled for June 20-August
daffy hands In planning three- ,development 18 under the sponsorship of the
Economic Development Institute According to Whitney Young .This year there will be many parks racetracks ball game Division of.High Education of
to be held May 18-10. Jr., executive director National four-year-old Americans ringing and on ships at sea. the Methodist Church In corporation <<
Purpose of the Intltute la to Urban League, the Institute! bells on July Fourth, who For the past three years the with a group of church
direct attention to the problemsof Is a major move In the direction will grow up believing that "Bells on Independence Day" related colleges and American
I present and prospective Negro of securing meat, bread this was always the custom. project has been Included in universities, according to an
businessmen throughout me and potatoes for the Negro Actually It was from the first Governors' Fourth of July announcement by David L.Lea-
y ti t country. worker and community Independence Day till about a Proclamations, and this holiday -
i family, ver, Prof o f Social Science,
The National Business League,, .. in the future. century ago when the sounds which was losing much of Bethune-Cookman College
dedi-' of peace were drowned out by its solemn significance, wa rekindled -
a nationwide organization
Berkeley G. Burrell presi- .
the noise of war, and the day into a day of bells today.
cated to the progress Negro- dent, National Business League, became celebrated only with i ringing out America's birthday, Th% seminar Is designed to
owned small businesses, has said the nation will not truly firecrackers: and rockets. ,just as it wa in the beginning visit people in action, to get a
worked closely with the NUL arrive until equal aspirations Writing a book called The i It has been said that a thing concept of the many different
Southern regional office In planning and equal opportunity,combinedwith Seasons of America Put a must be done four time before cultures of Africa and to lean ,
the institute.At equal ability and equal few years ago, the author unearthed 'I It become a habit, so this of the many religions In Africa. r
the Institute, a dialogue application of oneself, will pro- the story about Independence fourth year, for the revival of Joyce Hanks, a 19-year-Old
r will be carried on with representatives vide equal returns. Day bell-ringing, 1 the early American custom of j Junior majoring In social
of management Ie' and he mentioned that "it ringing bells on Independence science, is a graduate of Mid- ,
finance and business Institutions I Day, is a most important one.
seems with firecracker disappearing -
dleton High School Crescent
"In Honor OA ,,." ,
/ Perhaps there will be no great
rilia in an effort to find new we might well revive City, Florida.
iit-down dinner party In bells within reach of your
American custom
to opportunities that early
# ways improve honor of special guest, Oscar Pendletoa, a graduate
a will
perhaps you seem
The Idea took hold
... for In business. quickly
-- Negroes whether it's a visitor from out to be the only one ringing a of McKenley Tech: High School,
Sprint; Season on the campus of Florida Memorial Galley has brought about many Those attending the sessionswill of town or your husband's boss, and,churches supported and by organizationsand small handbell; but you will Washington D. C. Is a History
outdoor acth'ities both social and academic. Shown engaged in outdoor studies are cam seek ways of developing can be a pretty special occasion. newspapers know that all over the nationin major. The 20year-oldstudent(
It reached millions of people
'pus coeds of the Ancient City college campus: Cecil Armond a Junior from St. Augustine, channels for providing financial If party it'i like your this first you'll venture want into to do a In 1963 it was passed in Washington every state, millions of bells Is an outstanding athlete and
I. Florida; Mary Brown, a senior from Quincy, Florida; Montrae Calhoun, a sophomore from resources needed to operate come careful pre-planning One as Senate Concurrent will be ringing out the message student leader at BCC.
=Tampa, Florida; Prince Kelly, a junior from Miami Florida; and Mary Louise Lee, a businesses, market expansion, of the,first thing to remember Resolution 25, requesting that of democracy and liberty. The 21-member group madeup
Junior" from Jacksonville, Florida. This season of "Spring Fever" seems to have moth and supplying management Is to keep the number of guests all American bells, public and A safer and less noisy pastime of students from colleges
ated the students toward to end the sonnel for Negroes currently to a minimum, six Is usually a for children, let them
passing grades college year. private, church, school, fire, of the United States will also
in business.In rood size group-&n easy number ring bells on this day, proclaiming -
to cook for and serve to. college and town bells ring it America' Birthday. tee London, Cairo Jerusalem,
Saban Of addition special emphasiswill Also, keep the menu fairly simple simultaneously at 2 p.m. Eastern And wherever we are, let us Tel Aviv, Athens and Rome. A
Strack AndHclendon/ Urges Passage be placed on the Important and don't try too many new Daylight Time on July remember this greatest of staff of qualified persons will
role of Negro Investors; business recipes Fourth. Some place now ring American days with Joy and direct the seminar Dr.RichardM.
education for managerial bells for two minutes, other reverence. Bender, a member of the
Featured At A&T Coach Clink How To Protect manpower, small business organization FIRST AMERICAN BIBLE for four minutes, along with Bells on Independence Day division of Higher Education
and development, John Eliot'i 1646 translation many radio, TV programs, and Eric Sloane, Warren, will serve as director Dr.Darrel .
GREENSBORO: N. C. Three big names football and basketball money management, distribu of the Bible into even public loudspeaker_. in Connecticut 06754 Randall, Chairman of
coaching circles will highlight the annual Coaching Clinic Tenant Protests torship and franchises, the the first Bible Algonquian was African area studies program
in America
to be held at ALT College, August 4-6, 1966. Negro cO 5Umer'* role In the printed School of International Service
the Catholic Digest states, VOTE MAY 24 1966
roe footbausecuonis war Improvement of family and ,
Heading up "Coach of the Year." CHICAGO.-NPI))- The will be associate director.
Lou Saban,former head coach McLendon, well known in this against housing discrimination,
with the Buffalo Bills and for section for his performance at blockbusting, restrictive cove-
basketball, Dave Strack, head North Carolina College, nants and segregation gained
basketball coach at the University reached national prominence at momentum when Atty. Chaun- DO NOT BE MISLEDI
'of Michigan and Johnnie Tennessee State ALl I University cy Eskridge urged passage by
McLendon, head basketball where his teams woo three National the Illinois General. Assemblya
coach at Kentucky State College, Association of Intercollegiate bill that provides that two-
will share lead roles. athletics titles. thirds of the tenants In a building -
Saban, now head football coachat may engage an attorney to
Cal Stoll, end coach at
the University of Maryland,vas Michigan State University and file suit seeking receivershipfor I am aware of the FALSE and VICIOUS
head man at Buffalo for four Walter Hunter, head coach at any building where the land-
years, won American Football lord has not maintained the '.
P. W. Moore High School, Elizabeth '.' ., rJ
League championships, and was City, N. C., will round building properly. I,., ..
named "Coach of the Year," in out the staff for football, and Atty. Eskridge represents Dr. ., ;" ,
1954 and 1965.A Harry Edmonds, head basketball Martin Luther King Jr., Elijah that
star player at Indiana University coach at Merrick-Moore Muhammad and the Black Mus .::'lf&*, rumors are being circulated
Saban for four years lims and Cassius (Muhammad
High School, Durham, N. C., Y f'.St "fJ"riI
played for and captained the will complete the basketball Ali) Clay, and also handles tax r f' A .'.
Cleveland Browns. Besides a matters for them. '
group.Dr. '> "
one-year stint as head coach Lenox D. Baker, ortho- Eskridge Is currently handlingan tl"f in your community
for the Boston Patriots, he paedic surgeon, Duke Univer- appeal of a court order barring \hAtt
previously held head coach positions sity Medical Center, Durham, Dr. King from continuing i
at several colleges and N. C., and chairman North operations a slum building. :{! :
universities in the mid-west. Carolina Board of Health, will In the meantime, John B. ,y ; by the frantic GREENE MACHINE that ,
Strack, considered one of the conduct sessions on injury care Bender, 81, owner of a building v +x II: tli .
top basketball strategists in the and prevention.Dr. taken over by Dr. King on the .\ \,:.\(/ ...
nation, is best known for the William M. Bell, athletic Westside, died in his home of 'II ,"" ... :' .! .,' ....:: :,:, t:1: ;:
Job he-performed a,the University ftdlr. cto: | at,/,A&T. J ,\dlrectpr jjf."''"apparent natural causes. } :, ,. I trr'. '-91dSI l '.' '" rJ WM" ,1TiMW' IAJI
618it1lft I ,a6'hl3'alme'mater the Coaching Clinic. /" Ailing on 1 PebalTbt! the'SoutHern r ': _x 'ra.IIJ I a .ii'.r' of the KKK- ,
In five years from 1960 Christian Leadership Conference H r
to 1965, he brought the Wolve- You uon't get tomorrow't headed by Rev. King .' +
rines from the bottom of the Eskridge presented a copy of aNew ,I A";:'"
I cellar:in the "Big Ten," to the jobs York State Law to the Illinois ft..
top In 1965 he was named with yesterday's skiltt Legislative Commission on s
-Low Income Housing giving details .
of the law to protect .CHARLES W. BOSTWICK '
Royal Art StudioSTILL tenant's protest rights.
In Evanston,a suburb of Chicago -
W. Vaughan Stapleton, and
his wife, Joan moved out of their

TAKING discrimination apartment protest against over William rental give you my oath

F. Shaw, a Negro chemist who
s was refused an apartment in the
building where Stapleton lived AFFIDAVIT I .
because of his race. .

In Washington, D. C., 22 organizations STATE OF FLORIDA ) .1\
submitted recommendations r
to the District Covernment I ss I.' \I"';" ..
to revise and COUITY OF DUVAL ) .
I strengthen the city's twoyearold -
fair housing regulations asserting .
that the existing law is Personally appeared before me, the Undersigned authority,.

NOW LOCATED AT Ineffective.The organizations. suggested CHARLES W. BOSTWICK, who boing duly sworn, deposes and saY8'I

that District real estate

ST. licenses be denied brokers and CHARU3S W. BOSTWICK, a life-long resident of Duval
710 RUSHING salesmen who discriminate in
the sale or rental of suburban County for 40 years, a regular church member, 'a practicing r

housing. The group also seeks attorney of good standing for 15 years and a member of the ,.

,SAME PHONE 3541894 provisions and that commercial would cover property residential Democratic Party since I was 21 years old, do solemnly swear

that I have never been, am not now and will never be a numberof

A Negro's home In Memphishas nor connected witht
been the target of racists
who threw toilet paper on the
lawn of his home after he moved The Nazi Party, The American Nazi Party, The Cuacuuniut Party, _

neighborhood.into a previously all-white The KKK, Any Other Subversive Organization. Nor do I subscribe "

This isthe Mr. and Mrs. CeorceW.Jack- to their beliefs.
f17)k son purchased the home from a ..
Negro real estate agent. The ...0 I ";"- _...... ,_
nicest ., _. .
pranks began shortly .
afterwards and Included piling W. BoatwJc.A.. fiant
smoothest of toilet paper and for sale ,
the lawn. Sworn to and subscribed
signs on '
bourbon In Pittsburg. Secretary of the before me this 16th day ,
Department of Housing and Urban I
of May A. D. 1966.
Development Robert C.
ever to come ,
I Weaver called for labor leaders'to
out of become sponsors of federal
rent-supplement housing. .
'JlfL./ .-'
Weaver urged action on the "
Kentucky.Find I demonstration cities proposalnow Notary'Public, State of Florida

before Congress, which he My Cora: saion expires 111167Charleo .
described as "the design for a .
wv ww full-scale war on urban problems .
across a broad front."

( litician In Oakland Ronald, Calif.Reagan, actor-po, said be I humbly ask the support of the approximately 62,634 voters in Duval County who

was against the Rumford Act
: and Proposition 14, the state voted against the Greene machine machine tactics and power politics to vote for
out constitutional amendment which -
nullified the anti-segregation
for yourself. housing law and all such future

legislation.The destruction of the color- CHARLES W. BOSTWICKState
line in housing throughout the
nation will lead to dramatic
changes In the political and Senator, 31st District
power structure of the Negro

I'Moot O 1CS ECHO SMIING DISTILLUY LOUISVILLE nants people, segregation who by have restrictive long and been discrimination cove-disfranchised to provide equal representation without political payoffsfor

by prlvat In real public estate housing concerns.and every man woman and child in Duval County.l .

\ t \

----- --- --- -

. . .

PAGE 10 ____ __ PAPERS .




LI !!-J _i__

WORLDOF Humble Oil Gives, Fellowship
Chi. Symphony WOMAN TALK

By Ir
Conductor .
: ,'"
,- Has It occurred to those of you who have been wishing and
LEROI JONES; Published by CHICAGO -PllIufY) WILLIAM MORROW 1 COM- wanting a your ,
,' PIL ,1J what and where make It?
U ls will become the first PANY 252 $4 you
Negro ever to conduct the Chicago ; pp; That a Wine Cellar, also, Is the start of a hobby?

: Symphony Orchestra when dis- That once you have one you're off to a lot of fun tasting and
Whether or
ho directs two performances of agrees with one the agrees author, one will wiur testing, decanting and declaiming, bottling and boasting, collecting -

Offenbach's Operatta "La Perl- be forced to admit he turns the and comparing?
"hcl June 1 and 3 during the black and white Your very own Wine Cellar can be a few shelves, or part of

"June Festivals," climaxingthe spotlight America with on a forthrightness *1. a closet, a cabinet or a basement space.Remember two things,

its ":5th orchestra's anniversary observance, of that pulls former no punches.The director. of the \, however-It Is best: placed loa cool dry spot that won't get too warm-

Lewis, a native of Los Angeles, Black Arts Repertory Theatrein .\ away from sunlight where temperature is as even as possibleyet -
,: ).
founded that city's Chamber New York's Harlem, in one- '".. won't freeze (The Ideal temperature Is between 50 and 60

Orchestra in 19S8, His Europ third of his offerings, has gathered degrees Fahrenheit).
.t Whether choose shelves racks bins or a combination
'r ean tour with the group in 1963 early writings between you ,
under the auspices of the State 1960-63 in an. arresting and store corked bottles on their sides,so that corks are kept moist,

Department brought him wide persuasive fashion. The bookis and therefore, airtight. U corked bottles are left in their case,

spread acclaim.His also strikingly autobiographical turn the case on Its side. Wines with screw caps may stand upright -

conducting engagements in tone. .
have Included the Los Angeles Jones has presented within its Remember also, wine Is a living thing and responds to the way

Philharmonic and the San Fran collection devoted to U Is treated It's Important, also to arrange wines carefully.
covers a
cisco Opera. His most recent literary subjects which presenthim Sparkling wines are best stored on the lower racks or bins of
occurred last December a Wine Cellar, where It is collest. White table wines should be
at his best as an essayist. _
at the La Scala Opera in Recommended are his delineation stored on the next lowest, and red wines just above.
yAtTh Dessert wines be stored at the top because they are the
Milan, there he conducted the of "The Myth of a Negro may ,
least affected by higher temperatures.One .
world premiere of "Gershwin- Literature "Expressive Language _
iana," a ballet cantata basedon and, "Hunting Is Not of the virtues of a Wine Cellar is that wines Improve as

George Gershwin's music. Those, Heads on the Wall" they age In the bottle. But, If you keepyour wines very long, ;

Lewis has just finished con- The selected also Include just remember each wine ages differently. ;
ducting a series of 22 concerts essays one entitled "The Legacy White wines are at their best as soon as you buy them, but if 7
with the Detroit ; storage conditions are'favorable, they can be kept for a few "
Symphony. of Malcolm X and the Coming -
before they begin to lose quality. j
His professional career began of the Black Nation," which years
when Alfred Wallensteln con- betrays the author's leanings The same applies to most of the everyday red table wines. "

ductor of the Los Angeles Phil- toward black nationalism However, some and a fine "big" California red table wines- :
notably Cabernet Plnot Nolr in the bottle
harmonic, awarded him a chair "nationalization of all proper- ,.,. -Improve steadily i
with the At 16 for several years or more.
symphony. age ties and resources..wlthin the '
Lewis became the youngest boundaries of the Black Some have been known to age .long as 45 years "
Champagnes and other sparkling wines are rarely kept long
member of the famed orchestra. Nation..."
While serving with the U. S. kd N..JH in home Wine Cellars, but their sturdy corks can Imprison the 1
bubbles for at least few Most dessert wines the :
Army he toured a years. on .
Europe as
conductor of the Seventh Army' VID ALEXANDER; Published by other hand, continue Improving for as many years as you keep $

Symphony, directing 150 con- BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY, of"f them. S

certs. He was named conductor INC.; 317 pp; $6.50 f : SUM DOWN 4..
of the Young Musicians Founda- .,
j Summer's fast approaching and HOW'S the time for all '
ton dedicated to
group pro The 1966 Kentucky Derby Is '
for who want to be "with It," to come to the aid of their figures,
tiding career opportunities past, and another thrilling page 4
musical youngsters.He has been added to the Churchill'' if they're keen on looking their most alluring--4n pants or

first received national attention Downs' horse racing annals. It! slacks a
in 1961, when be was Fans everywhere will agree I .. u ja.fl: The slimming process to take inches off the hips is a MUST, 4
It ,
I for summer because pants fashions the leanest and
named substitute conductor for that few moments in sports beat l are fitting-
I est on record. It'll take the hipless to fit in both
girl modishly
two concerts of the Los Angeles the stretch run in a thorough- ..{ {i"
Philharmonic, replacing ailing bred horse race for sheer ex- bah the hipster and bell-bottom fashions- >tralght-as-a-soldler

Igor Markevltch. A tour with the citement.The regimentals.The .
orchestra followed. author, who has been described A"4 a tops that go with them tuck In. There are no Dying shirttails -

At the "June Festivals," as "one of the all-time \4\ .r to bide the curves.
Lewis will divide his attention great turf writers" presents / It's Important then, that those of us who like the freedom of
1"1. '" pants fashions get with the exercises walking bicycling bowling
between music of the Baroqueera highlights of ZOO years of horse- -
and operetta In concert and racing-from Eclipse in 1764to I".f'j': ) .. and even standing on your bead (oops, my aching sacroill-
popular vein. Kelso in 1964. lt :: .:. ac-to trim off extra pounds which the pants-fashion t i has
.. frowned
He will make his Ravlnia Fes The book, however, Is more I .. upon.

tival debut In Chicago this sum- than a history of the sport of
mer, when he returns to conductthe kings It portrays all of the
A Harsh words for the American bathroom have come out of a
Chicago Symphony In the color drama and excitement .
; five-year study of Indoor plumbing and the overall conclusions
North Shore Park on July 9.' of horse racing. :! .'...' .
of a Cornell University research tear is tersely summarizedin
Lewis: Is married to soprano It tells of the horses, of the
nine little words
Marilyn Horne They have a men who breed, train and ride HUMBLE OIL FELLOWSHIP-John E. Collins (rightwho) has t hassee\ will enter Chicago's Graduate School of Business In "The bathroom is:a disgrace to the space age."

daughter, Angela Turnham then, and of 'the ,millions- of been awarded Humble Oil & Refining Company's first two-year the Fall. Collins' home Is In Miami, Florida. Specific: comments:

Lewis, born last June 14. people. fellowship In the University of Chicago's pioneering "Careers Humble's new fellowship Is designed to meet all of the stu- The tub Is uncomfortable and unsafe. The washbowl Is too low.

in Management Program," is shown at the oil company's Bay- 'dent's financial needs and Is valued at up to $7,500 over thetwoyear The shower is cramped.And .

town, Texas, refinery discussing manufacturing operationswith period. In addition, the oil company will place Its u for the whatchamacallU, It 1s "the most Ill-suited
Humble's T. L. Satterwhite, coordinator of employmentat fellowship winner In appropriate Summer assignments in Its fixture ever designed." ;,

WAMEDIAL professional Job levels at the Baytown plant. Collins, now flaanclal and business operations this year and in 1967 to provide Come to think of It, the researchers are right. What really

.completing his senior year at Florida'A&M University, Talla-, work experience in areas related to his graduate study. new changes have been made in the bathroom in the last 40

I years? None, really. .
There have been fancy gadgetlng and styling but a complete
Bahamas Gets Tan Queen Dairy Month History Of; Negro overhaul of the bathroom nothing. Now It would be good if the

designers and planners get busy on a complete overhaul, and

Opens In' Miami Film Available not 100 let years the dust gather on the researchers'findings for another' .:

The Jacksonville tf roan .'

Month League has secured a film ser- .
MIAMI -June is Dairy I
titled A HISTORY OF THE NE- .;
In South Florida Is so big this '.
the will start GRO IN AMERICA, accordingto '.
year dairy people I '.
1260FLORIDA'S celebrating in May and wind up C. T. Brown, League director :-
late August.It The three.films trace the

will be a long hot Junebutthat background Jbf the struggle"
is Just about how Southeast fulfill the promise of American.

\ Florida Dairy Institute did it democracy every individual's

last year. And it was too goodto Tight to freedom and equality. ,

be just for one summer I These films, using carefully

\ The Institute starts its cele- selected graphic materials, t

bration May 28th with the Sun- photographs and newsreel foot-

shine Dairy State Invitational age..dramatlze the passage of 1\
track meet for Florida's high the Negro into bondage in the wsa -
New World..
school track stars. It will be

'f. held at Miami-Dade' Junior

it\I! \ College and is cosponsoredby

South Miami Jaycees. .

1 There are six baseball games: the SHORTY-$35.

Qj ( June 18, July 30( and August MEDALO STYLE #685:;

# : 20 in Miami Stadium; June 4 For complete Illustrated Catalog of,
and July 16 In West Palm Beach Mdalo Hair giylea,wiei.H.lfand rqa
Jf .ell Bend name andaadreta. -
A I and June 29 In Ft. Lauderdale. Ii'a ,: FREE upor-

r tit Cow milking contests will be I Ho.l-Normal .OutGROWS ; "''''Gel/Moeol. lu.t write.Heir ,..... 'Inc.Deal. ,

r r :J held In conjunction with the Naturally from the HAIR ROOTS Jt 9, Bklyn. :33. M.Y.COMBIJJ.

games of June 4, 18, and 29, In YOUR SCALP. The condition heavily el
you hair elUit dependa
featuring milkers from press, en the natural health e( your
radio and TV and other YIP'S. .eealp., ; Years <|O DOCTOR CAR
d NOT Invented a medicated tar
Admission to the games will formula CARBONOM.
NASSAU, BAHAMAS-With her reign as beauty queen at an eon, require a dairy ticket obtain- which U called with many prov.en :
RHYTHM & BLUES Janet Thompson, Miss Bahamas 1965,left,presents the scepter able without charge from, food BONOIL ben .rI"'I la such Ingrodlenta.. .".n., powerful CAX.

d authority to her successor, Sandra Jarrett, Miss Bahamas and dairy stores and milk delivery anllaepUo and does auch lino
1966. The coronation work la helping ."" ITCHY
was held at Paradise Island
where :
thatmane '
men, plus a 25$ donation BUMPY DANDRUFF" scalp
finals of the Bahamas Beauty Pageant contest were held. Violet DOCTORS regard U highly
which will to Boy Scouts and
go and FRK3CRIBB II for many:
Miller, center, a member of Queen Sandra's court, was the' Crippled Children's Society acalp trouble Many armoring
second in the scalp condltlona
runner-up contest. externally cauwd -
camp funds. tilllp. aro freatly' relieved by tbe
-... Minister of Tourism photo by Frederic Maura There will be a Fourth of July 4.' ?, f two formula Of thie Writ.Triple for thU' atrencth DOCTOR tar rmroJi

fireworks extravaganza in Mi- A.:4: CUTUINE SCALP FORMULA

RADIO STATION Heroines Court Meet In Dade ami's Orange Bowl Stadium, .Mw. It end will randy be 1.01 tw uao.1. USa'au ail IT i:::, semis.. .and. hu.h". t..dd e.la:;
admission by dairy ticket, witha FOR 1 DAYS, and U you are notiruxtjfj will not nub .55.
aatufled. jour money back. fay NOT A DYE Es.I.u.lulcb..t ..,
The Grand Court Officers of rolnes are being urged to donation to VarletyChUdren'sHospital. 0':1.'ISI:: on d. yo".. ThU In- I THAT? odd cola tradu.ll AVOID
attend. SUDDEN
the Heroines of Jericho, Work. Their scholarship student,Joseph :; :::'. 'You(.get Don U with a'full a 11<..."."..'".*f.r.removing DYED .LOOK.....
log under the Most Worshipful Reed Jr., of Bradenton Is The Milk Bowl Olympics,'' Jr.'I0...SCALP. Uee the fORMULA flnwt IfXDICATEO tolorlnl.. 'Con.! .'.I"n Pl""e aoillnj.Caee.rubbine.bi C..

Union Grand Lodge Free and In Who's Who at Lincoln which is coordinated with the can It",. Your. hair yourmoney and carrl.d In pock.I or pure.
i "WHAMMYIN University 'W.t'Spoilight ...., Ftaum'suJ.1.1' .."."..' BU" ,.
Accepted Masons President's Council on Youth scalp y. fine care. A cal sandrcur
of Florida Pa. The Grand Court feels Fitness national name and eddreea toGOLDMaDAL Juat w,''.. .,.,. ."..... par .nly
Jurisdiction PIIA met In Dad rewarded. Heroine Rosa .Jenkins program will Product .{MAIM PRODUCTS, INC. ,1..1 .n d.llv.ry pu. .
City, Fla. recently to formulate education board be held twice monthly, with an Dept J Sheepiheed Bay. Mon back If not < .t..I.I.
chair man. Brooklyn JJj NY. Notch THIS f.U Model Heir. Pfeduelt
plans for the 1966 Educational obstacle course running set for fOHMULA. eaiviee. 0 100* writ Deal. St.I. Brooklyn. 35, New York
ten bat*
Outing for benefit of the Educa- Vote May 7 In Hollywood, boxing Of The Week money guarantee.
MIAMI" tional Scholarship 'Fund. The matches May 21 In Miami and

outing will be held in Dade City a swim meet June 4 in North Miami Florida
MAY 24th *
Miami Beach ,
July 22-23. All Heroes and He- ,

t a

1 ._... -'.' 1- -.-_. _....-."-.--- -}


. Relay Winners Swim Program' Quads To Be Guest At Firecracker 400 Tennis Classes FMC Students Visit

At YMCAA Bates CollegeA
Opens At YMCAThe
mi. group of four Florida Me-
b total of fourteen persons mortar college students and a
second annual "Earlybird have registered for the YMCA faculty advisor, Mr. John Price
Learn to Swim" program will Tennis classes now In sessionat recently visited the campus of
begin Monday from 7 to 8 p.m., the Johnson Branch Bates College In Lewiston
at Johnson Branch YMCA Some of the states represented Maine, to get a first-hand viewof
Classes will be held Monday among the participants are:Atlanta life 01a northern college
to Friday at 7 a.ra., and the Georgia; Kansas City, campus.
t.. Saturday sessions will beginat Missouri and Long Beach, Students who took part In the
rr 11:30 a.m., and end at 12:30 California Florida
Memorial Bates college
o'clock. The classes are open to anyone
Exchange Program of
The program Is cosponsoredby Interested in learning the basic which the two colleges have
the YMCA and Duval County fundamentals of Ten n 1 s.Clas-
bean engaged In for the past
Chapter, American Red Cross. ses are conducted every Satur- three years are PatrlclaSlmp-
t Persons passing the course will day horning from 9:00: to 11:30 klns, a senior: from Miami,
receive Red Cross certificates. sm. Following each class period Florida; Ronald DeHart a
Julius Jones, program secretary -, free play and practice junior from Radford, Virginia
announced that matches are held for the
persons participants. Joseph Carl DeVine, a senior
planning to take the course are Saturday sessions from Arcadia Florida aadNa-
to be registered by 12 o'clock will Include the service and dine ;
Wheary, a freshman from
Saturday. 'strategy with Jimmy Walker, Palmeto Florida.
The first session of the adult he u the chief Instructor. The
Exchange Program Is designed -
will be May 23-June Other instructors
program are Henry to
give students the
11, The second: and finalco'urse Daniels and J. Gulnyard. to opportunity
In the
engage a-
will be held June 13-30.'The r rSpa Julius Jones, program secretary endemic social, culture pro
course Is offered free but persons said he
I J ( was very pleased gram of each institution This
r are encouraged to take with the turnout for the first program each year gives new
o r
YMCA memberships. session. experiences In which they share
The courses consist of the Tournaments will be arranged with their student bodies upon
basic fundamentals of at a later
swimming water safety, elementary t1 campus.
forms of rescue and
w4 date.VETERANS
artificial respiration. al
L .
t 'f s +l SyrN'
Skills to be taught Include:

Jellyfish float, prone float,back
PENS RELAYS The Florida AiM University Rattlers woo float, rhythmic breathing, release _
the -HO and 880 yard relays at the 72nd annual Penn Relaysat of cramp prone glide
Franklin Field in Philadelphia recently. The coach and three prone kick glide back glide, THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC.
members of the FAMU relay team shown here with the trophiesare back kick glide arm movement TO BE GUESTS AT FIRECRACKER 400-The only set quadruplet co-eds la the world will
: Coach Ken Gibson (left, kneeling), Eugene Milton of Ocala, on front and back be guests of the only Negro NASCAR driver at the eighth running of the Daytona Firecracker
Jim Ashcroft (left, standing) of Brooklyn N. Y. and Major Ha- 400 at Daytona International Speedway on July 4. Wendell Scott of Danville Va., (shown In inset -
zelton of Bartow. Not shown is Nathaniel James of Bartow. ), highly skilled and respected driver on late model stock car tracks all over the South, Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking
FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. VOTE MAY 24th has asked the Fultt quads of Milton N,C., to be his guests at the mid-summer racing classic.

The girls (L to R) Mary Ann, Mary Alice, Mary Catherine and Mary Louise are freshmen at
Betbune-Cookman College In Daytona Beach. They are pictured In front of the main grandstand Applications For Its June
at Daytona International Speedway. They are 19 years of age.

Aggies DownWinston.Salem Sovthern Track Team Takes 1st Veteran Class.

M JA T4LT1I 'SWAG Honors For Third Time

GREENSBORO N. C. The The Size Of Our ClassesIs
ALT College Aggies last week HOUSTON - downed the Winston-SalemState and mild upsets Southern University's track and field I
College Rams, 12-8, In a CIAA forces out-scored Texas Southern 98-82 to win their third Limited
baseball game played here at straight Southwestern Athletic Conference championship last By Law.
Memorial Stadium. week.
Overcoming a 3-1 first Inning
Everette Mason fifth.
Southern went Into the second
deficit, All T pushed ahead 5-4 day of the 28th annual SWAC Jaguar sprinter George Anderson Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
In the third and Iced the game meet Texas Southernby lost to Texas Southern's
0gs with a five-run outburst In the trailing James Hines In the 100-yard
A Place.
12 points but the Jaguars
seventh frame. dash and In the 200, and Willie'
soared ahead after picking
Leading batsman was Lloyd up In the
Davenport was upset
Llghtfoot, for the Aggies who big points In the triple Jump 120-yard high hurdles by TexasSouthern's
collected 3 hits In four timesat and the two-mile run. Arnaldo Bristol In CALL 355 9874
But bad luck the Jaguars
dogged -
bat, drilling In four runs. 13.7. I I
the 440-yard relay.
The winning pitcher was John
"iI kAcii Ni Mnv 1 leg. A dropped baton resulted
In the exchange between he Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans
and second runner Grundy liarr "Ii ':
r ale Texas Southern won the r "" "' '. .." .1 "..I' '<"I 1 __...
,.&, ..d.r ra.fw ,0I YrU) e: :h hUh _Sza'tef, I o '".... ". .;... .event posting at 40.9.hrN.lrsw a!. l' .... I>> rft.! ':
Tyrone Lewis won the pole
/'E vault but was disqualltiedwhen ? .'
__ It was discovered that his name t It
was not on Southern's eligibilitylist. :

Anthony Cruz won the mile >, 1 ',. < .

run In 4:20.5, but a disqualification i '", 'r ,, f.i
S'U P E R was announced becauseof <,-" .
alleged elbowing In the final ., // '
lap. However, near the end of ,) it e
Yr $
the meet the disqualification

the winner.
Southern was expected stage :, /I ,
a one-through four sweep lathe 't.,, "
quarter-mile but Arkansas', :
U.S. GOOD A'-i'
: : Y
Elbert Stlnson 1 ,
registered a 48. ': ;
3 victory upsetting Theron Lewis -
who finished second with ,
79CENTER Anthony Gates taking fourth and '

LB. e j J,1
Watch 0 :
t t {

CUTPORK This Clown ; .:

CHOPS 49DIXIE 85-11-22 $j / r ;

LB. US 16 436Sqmetimes ; ;/ '- ,!

5 ,.. .. 9 >, ;.f 1)1t!):,,."_, ,'./ :, '

CYSTAL fiinaieriei' / i ii'
4 0

SUGAR 3 1 Jan Matzeliger ((1852..1889)j)
1 10
5 LBS. 345 80 93 ., :'1I


He's Up Sometimes
He's Down He adds subtracts

CLOROX He works it all around His invention made Lynn, Mass., "

BLEACH .:. 30 41 612 the shoe capital of the world '


Y2 GAL.;:
LIMIT ONE WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER When Jan Matzeliger first went to workin provlsed tools he fashioned models of
a Lynn. Massachusetts, shoe factory, his idea Finally, when he felt that he
,MAN'S he was surprised to I learn that just one was on the right track, he used an old
75 shoe took hours to complete.He forge to mold the !gears; and cams that 1
U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK( li.III. .DAYS discovered the reason for this was went into his working, model.
the laborious process by which hand His invention was an immediate suc-

EGGS II CARTON 33* NUMBERED, (asters painstakingly pleated the leather cess. Its adoption created thousands of
FLA. and fitted uppers to soles. new jobs for an operation that had been:
Man's Days areJtum Matzeliger couldn't believe that in the limited to a few craftsmen. Shoe prices
fAMILY SIZE EACH bered. Health and year 1877 a way couldn't be found to doth were cut in half, and wages doubled.
25 Fortune Can Be Yours When, lasting job by machine: And so, on Within a short time, exports jumped a
BANQUET FROZEN CREAM PIES You Know Your Lucky Days his own time, he ,began)\ to experimentwith from 1,000,000 to 11.000,000 pair a year.
: ideas on how this might be done. And Lynn, Massachusetts had become
SOLID OREO ; 1 LI. me 15* Lucky Colors Etc. He started out by renting a room over the world's largest)\ shoe manufacturingcenter. \: \
DELIGHT ,Send Z.OO.for your the old\ West Lynn Mission. There, using All because Jan Ernst Matzehger
'Horoscope Guide fat'MAY scraps: of wood, old cigar boxes and lav had invented the first lasting machine.


: ;:- GIANT PIC. 59 Fill in the blank below and KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON %
FAB DETERGENT mail to ZODIAC Post Office ... w 1

Bo 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. "N.c..{INMONt 0..00 .H''...., N..00NE 910 ....,. o,tU.t?co. /.N.oll l IO.IIMIA' .'.

VEGETOLE SHORTENING 3 II. CAM 59* NAME I Send for free booklet containing the portrait and tory of each American In this teriet.

STREET ..- __ Writ lot Ingenious American Booklet Room 1)4).99 Park Ave, N.Y.. N.Y. 10016I



.." t :G t

.... .. K r
.. AAAA.1..wA -- -

--- --- "

IrTjTiu: ; : i"


!II' Galdarce Scholarships Nctlveif I (ME's .M..t Your Good I

[I v1'P&3vhe2: J JDoh. II MI..I

ISAAC, Fla. -A full schedule Health
of business meetings, an appearance -
: by a prominent church
.Y. "..11.*'.m.S..da. Sparkled afro Pvaek leader and an address by By SAMUEL 1.. ANDELMAN,
Next time you hare friend 1 lemon NAACP leader Roy Wllklns head
over for a hootenanny, a imall 2 lime** the agenda for the final week of NOSEBLEEDS
hullabaloo, or dancing a go gt, 8 CMS ((9 os. etch)Concentratefor Bird Eye 'firr official sessions of the 26th When your child springs a

try this c:1; : feast u a partytopper. Awak.Imitation Frown Orange JuiceS i 4 Christian Methodist EplJcopalcooler.nc. nosebleed, don't panic. Nose-
S kind I Y
or more
bleeds are common In
at Miami's very
with cup pineapple juice Baytront
of waffle along a varietyof
toppingand have each 6 cup cold water Auditorium children: of school ape There
guest concoct his own waffle 1 6 bottles ('701. each) ginger tm The quadrennial meeting are variety of c1IIt": the most*
ale, chilledFrown
sundae combination. Fruit Ring sew t 1 t ly W'b which got underway May 4 and ;frequent belnc blow on the head:
Or use 1H sap bottled time iy closes May 15, Is expected to or nose
juice. see the completion of four Another common cause Is.dislodging -
Squeeze the juice from the J.I r.' accumulated church the hard crusts that
qx lemon and lime; train Into a matters and form then
business Also to the mucus In the DON
punch bowl Add concentrate
pineapple juice,and cold water. be decided: I. selection of a dries out In superheated Indoor
Stir until blended. Just before complete, slate of church officers air.For
serving add finger ale, and and a new bishop for the this It Is wise to smear
float Frozen Fruit Ring In 150,000-member-world organisation. !- a very small amount of petroleum
82 punch. Make. about quart or Jelly In each nostril,avoid
Keeping the waffle platter Mrvinjfi.Froten Frail RI... Arrange Tbe conference Is being attended picking the nose and use a humidifier -
filled planning may require pre-baktng.a Muavrt Bake* sliced strawberries, drained by more than 2,506( In your home whenever,
the waflei! in the morning, tool, canned pineapple tidbit,orange s delegates and visitor from all you turn on the radiators
and wrap in foil Reheat tn a sections, and. mint leans parts of the pobt-com. coming As a general rule. it there Is
mold 8
In 1-1/2-quart in
ring or
toaetercrinthe broiler atierv from far Ghana and steam frost
mall ring mold Carefully add fi as as no or on your windows
Gig timt. water and chill until loudly Nigeria. .along with the choirsof the air Is too dry
Chocolate waffle are a favorite froxen. Vnmold and float la five church-sponsored: colleges Some children spring a nosebleed -
With them might
peppermint ice you cream, hot punch. on hand to provide the mereJ'bJbecom1lll0y.r-:
fudge sauce, or warm apricot K here lo Sit sad Self session with vocal Inspiration. excited. Nosebleeds may also,
jam Beg and borrow alt the roach Wilkins perhaps the confer occur when a child stands on
Or fry orange-flavored waf. tablet in the neighborhood (and ence's most noted guest flew his head for more than a min-
flll end serve warmed _pi' chairs to go with Arm) to yow/ to Miami from New York to ute or two.
blended'''''',' guests have a place to ttt their. .' speak to the assembly at 7.30: Girls who are approaching
or -
frozen 6rr' plates and o.-a"d themitheit p.m. Wednesday (May 11)), and puberty, sometimes have nose
Regardless Charles C. Parlin, an official bleeds In place of a menstrual
the flavor 1'8 Piper S ppU.. I I of the World Council of Church. period-4 condition known as
thewafflee This Include plenty of the es, also of New York,addressedthe vicarious menstruation
any of tA.. tare*.ilxed napkin In wild, I
gathering at Its Friday(May when a nosebleed occurs.: It
t o pf in g wild print, stripes, or plaid
ti,ontdbe goodtvtttened Plate: and cup to match or b* I 13)) morning session can: often be stopped applying
orprepared .w On Sunday evening (May 15)) an Icebag or cold
whipped cram real"op arty" and hare a batchof -- compressesto
whipped topping stripes, polka dot, and Twelve Dade County school teachers each aoove are: left to riflnt aamuei Gay, the choirs of Lane College of the back of the neck. Have
honey, ice cream in a variety offlavort I plaid in itark black and white. Jackson, Tenn.; Miles College the child sit up and tilt hls head
Andrew'Donel11 Edwin Demerltte Peter
grated chocolate, and recently received $200 guidance scholar- ,
of Birmingham Ala. Mississippi -' forward
the blood
so will not
taltei.chopped nutt-tailed or un- I Collect Oean-UpTlme vied plates, cups,and ships from the Kiwanis Club of Miami. The Bucholtz, Jim Brannon, Lucille Bell I and Industrial College of Holly run down his throat.

For the party beverage serve I napkin in ihopping bags for scholarships are used by the teachers to Dorothy Angello. Not In picture are Ida Springs Miss.; Paine College Pinching the nostrils for 10
a huge bowl of fruity punch. "iuta"' "garbage d po.al.1'u. attend special study sessions at the Free- Graham, Frederic Wiechman, Jean Mill I I Icote, of Augusta, Ga.; and Texas minutes Is another effective
This punch keep chilled with a .j wax-.lined ones art particularlygood. doms Foundation'Valley Forge Pa. Shown Pearlman Johnson and John McCloskey. College, of Tyler, Tex., will maneuver. If these measuresdo
floating I ring of Iced fruit. combine for a concert perfor not stop the bleeding, call

mane your doctor who may have to
Last Friday (May 6)) the group pack the nose with gauze
VOTE MAY 24th Negro Miles Kept From heard from Dr. R, Espy,of New When the bleeding has stopped,
Uncle Sam has York, general secretary: of the the child must avoidblowinghls
a couple of National Council of "Churchesof nose for at least eight hours
plan to make your money m* Christ. He was the first of ,and when he washes his face
ROOM FIR .Ml. easy to cave a* it i il to pend.. Fadii White Mn a list of principal speakers to
NICELY FURNISHED! ROYAL CROWN There the Payroll Saving address the conference
Private Single woman or coo- Plan where you work. And the CHICAGO -NPI- "Negro with dignity! ?" he asked. The Rev E. P. Murchlson of WANTED
ple. Modern conveniences.3563604. C. Bond.a.Month Plan where you men have contrited every "And what if Negro homeowners Birmingham Is host bishop for
bank. scheme possible to keep from ( ; failed to pay their the conference. MAIDS, N. Y. SLEEP

facing the white man," said the mortgages? UNFURNISHED ROOM :JOBS, SALARIES TO $63, fare
Rev James Bevel, an aide to. "And what lit Negro schoolchildren (advanced., Rush reference,.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., refused to go to school Unfurnished room. Use of kitchen phone number. ABLE MAIDS
: :'. to :
'Super Right" Gualriv Short Shank Frank London Brown Negro education??" Hot and cold: water. 1750 W. H. Y;
peC18. ); ,,* History Club In the Chatham i He indicated that there would 16th Street
x p. TMCA branch last week. I be Immediate results.
I Rev. Bevel,a leader of the Alabama "Negroes should sax Chuck
demonstrations a few We'll cooperate with you when
rears ago' said he had heard you treat us with dignity.We're'
local Negro men say, "I'd COon human, and we're not going to p ; .I
to Alabama, but I'm too ctiod being treated as anything

.r:. IDtID". le..." _
Down Sooth be added,be heard Rev. Bevel differed with thosewho

,. Negroes say they didn't need tote would say Negroes should
{r : Imch-cointer and restroom be treated right because: they
facilities denied to them. pave! great leaders and made HIGHLANDMIST
YY> '>, He described these contributions to
bfo fib, ; roses u significant
J1 devices Negroes use to avoid America.
IC '.': ::. 1':5.:: :::: ::: a ,,,", .. .": a confrontation with the white I should be treated with dignity
:: "
: :: : :
: :
;: : .: ;: :::1i: man-"Chuck," u he called simply because noted R2
:. : ; : i him. he darioned. He
:' : .. "Chuck" Is sick, said t the had given up dressing sharplyand r BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY
: ...J
.:>::<<.:' minister, depicting: his nonviolent speaking formally "be-. 'i. !r 100% SCOTCH WHISKIES
: :. : ./ movement u a "psychia .cause I have nothing to prove..,
SLiCE WHOLEORXA4.'r: (-- : .CENTER SLIS: 59: : tric ward" designed to make c

.Chuck" well Teacher ElectedTO :+ :: the 49
t- teen "Let's straighten Chuck up," "''GENTLE"SCOTCH
said Rev. Bevel, who leading !
EXTRA SPECIAL! I yl a direct action campaign: In the STATE POST
Rocked In the cradle
city: for Dr. King's Southern
EIGHT Christian Confer of the deep...
O'CLOCK Leadership
r' Mrs. Ruby Jackson Gainer, an Mellowed In the cask
ence. Instructor of the social sciences:
He said, however, many Negroes to full perfection 5th'
If at Washington Junior High
1 had become heirsto
was elected presidentof
I 1,1,1 "Chuck's racist l1ekne... the DepartmentciClassroom TRY ITI ENJOY III

seconding the motion" when Teachers of the Florida State ON SALE AT YOUR NEAREST,
the white man offers It. Teachers Association: at Itsre- .JAZLIQUQBSTHERE'S
I "If we Negroes' didn't second cenfr6th annual convention
/ 1Ii f:' 59C Chucks motion It would die for iu m1. ONE
NM lack "
}, a of a second, be aid She Is a member the Florida
He took Issue with Negroeswho Education Association Ameri- NEAR YOUl.a! e

G u T I (Meat. Manager fire with say pre they" want to "fight can Delta Teachers Iota Omega Association chapter Alpha and-

r'aaner so.sres "'lbt, should get smart, like
SHOP AT OUR HP 3 LD. j .73t O'CLOCj lNeat Maealerl the fire department. They put the Order Kappa of Alpha the .Sorority. Eastern and:
i s.eunovosnou out the fire with water." '

WAREHOUSE STORE'| MG COf 1ne p.sh srn FEE tort/ill Rev could Bevel help said heal that the nonviolence white- I i

3000 W. 45tk ST. his man own by racist confronting sickness.him with

II On the other hand, he noted JOHN
(see Care ...Alt-it Tee ; the pitfalls of this strategy. CRIDER'SOpponents
When I confronted Sheriff
Jim Clark of Selma and told
him racism wu wrong be must
I I have thought I was "playinc Endorse Him!
SPECIAL! '. the dozens' with him," Rev
t said.'After .
SUPER-RIGHT BRAND 12.0 8"9C I "' all, I was telling the

LUNCHEON MEAT 2 CANS sheriff that everything his JOHN CRIDER has never aided or abetted
mother" had. told hlowas persons known to be NATI-RACIAL.

n SPECIAL! (r4nt. 11I.lllli. ) wrong.Most Negroes fail to organize

IIU caJo'H their power, the militant minister I 'AM PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE

29C noted, not realizing the ENDORSEMENT OF THESE FIRST ,
,. strength they have as hotel r PRIMARY OPPONENTS-HERE IS WHAT
workers and even U home- t' THEY SAY .

i NEW FLORIDA SPECIAL! + owners aDd students y I know the platform and Mraonal. b rkind and
"What if all the
I Nero hotel Mirli .! beth candidate md :atroail urge mj /rleed.e .
l workers tit: off during a to mnport J.hn Crider.
59c I major convention In Chicago: '
and said, 'We're not coming : O4ozdi. :
jack to work until we're treated

EXTRA SPECIAL It yr I .r|...all .y frhndi sal |.
J Mppoitorg
Special .aneParkerSUGAR
Fl0-CANE hack Mr. Crider .. the ascend .r_."
n I r.l k. ti the bins qualified ..d teethe .
.i" !R"EE 'RJS' SH.f I ,B]t i Mroa|.at ui pUtf.m u ndar UIMr
APPLE PIE ( year *....
,With Hental Of baapo 1quJp-f:
I meat. We Rent Lawn Mowers]
(IUOdice MUlur i lA Garden Tools Floor Polls-
I '
tiers A Sanders, Mechanic A
5 iii 49C Hand :TgoLocal; Trailers, |2
l '
'.1..8019'f I PRICES IN THIS AD, per.dt1. ELECT


:!;:::. .
$n." ORDER, MAY 22
isrt JL lI&JD.I-.JIC! ?..p-:I ,
.. "'-.. --

II) i J'i
P\ ,