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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200709datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 2, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007090740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 2, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 2, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
w r r -

liiji /_ Ji l iiji _ti iliiii' r Seeks rfa _" School"iQ" r.fp( Sii

L I_n a n 11_n n II I...l/. _11r01" 1"" /' a n_II_ I n_ 11_n D U lelIrq C.)4IIIII C )_'( II _n_I"


.. -- ..., .
::*-*!* **. *. *.* *.,* .

KLANSMEN'HELD IN KILLING t7n11 library of Florida -

I t Oa1DesT111e Florida wits!r.Looms r.

i {


** ,

I Gets City Post Accused KillersFlc'

T .. __._...___. Rutledge Pearson,president of

ChargesIN the Jacksonville NAACP has

u threatened that unless 1 satisfactory
it !(

3 q.. ; Federal Court' VOL. 16 NO. 2 SATURDAY APRIL I ;, 1966 on the minimum action is housing taken next code week he

: ** *** will picket local "slumlords"

HATTIESBURG, Miss.--(NPI) : responsible for maintaining

t 1' What seems to be the end of the ENDSs'IN substandard housing In/the city

., days when Klansmen and other BAR SCRAP Pearson also said be Is considering

l hatemonger can kill Negroes the possibility of a rent

and civil rights workers and strike on slum bossing

t go scot-frl6-ftlllera1dedlast He said the landlords and rental

l week when federal charges were agents whose homes wW be

; placed against assailants Involved picketed will depend on the extent
in three slaying Incidents in of their opposition to minimum
the South. l Murder wasnof SHOOTING bousing

v ; } charged, but, for the first time, Pearson made the threat last

became; dangerous to kill Ne Wednesday as he led a white

r? / grow and civil rights workers. *>* ** | ***"'**%* newsmen on a walking tour of,
The go-ahead for the prosecutions a 14-apartment slum along &'

was Court given by which the U. S.unanimously Supreme r Ewwifsman TeIIs-Of-Housing BiasWoman / narrow dirt street known u I

ruled that the Justice. .. 4Me \
---- --------- --- ----- ----
Department may intervene in **' ** '* ****?*. .** lie *

racial killings when state courts I Ia It

have lence.not punished acts of via Killed I Gadsden Negro Runs Rev. WilliamsIn :

... t
The court was referring specifically After Fuss In Race For
VERNON J. HARVEY, 36-year-old former chief cashier In to the 1964 slaying of

the city treasurer's office receives the congratulations of three civil rights workers In For '

Chicago's Mayor Richard J. Daley (right) upon his recent, Mississippi and a Negro educator Deluxe Bar LegislatureQUINCY School Board ,

appointment as administrative assistant in the office of in Georgia

City Treasurer WWlam G. Milota (standing right.) Harveyis Michael Schwerner and The Rev. J. B. F. Wlllians .
The Deluxe Bar at Broad and *
> the son of Second Ward Alderman WWiam H. Harvey. Andrew Goodman, of New York, Fla. -A fifth generation native of Gadsden County, former pas tor of Ebenezer ,_ ?
(NPI Photo by RHODEN) and James E. Chaney, a Mississippi Adams last Thursday night was Florida whose former slave forebears settled there over 100 Methodist Church of Clay and

Negro, were slain near once again the setting for any' years ago >is a candidate for the Florida State Legislature. Ashley Streets has cast his RUTLEDGE PEARSON
argument that ended in tragedy
hat la the political ring as an
Philadelphia, Miss. Their killers Dead Is ElliabethA.Hen- Johnny Lee Watson, 22, Wilson, who Is studying for a

1 WilkiHS Pleads Negro Demos were never broughtto dricks, 28, oMMW.Duval, St. freshman Itudn t at F lor Ida major In mathematics and a aspirant Board of for Public a place Instruction on the HaywoodLane.
>in state courts. A&M The street is also known u
Justice University, inneubyTallahassee
In the
who was shot cue left minor in foreign languages at District 2.
For Funding OfFarmer's To Meet For Lemuel A. Penn, a Negro breast with a 22-caliber pistol. say his candidacy asa Florida MM, sees education as Rev Williams has had a colorful "Slum Haven Lane."
killed in
Haywood Lane is short street
educator, was Homicide Detective Sgts. J.L. state representailve-fromone, "the most important problem a
having starred as a
the Georgia incident. Jordan and R. T. Mathew said of North Florida's most racially facing our state" career that doesn't even appear on city
ConferenceWASHINGTON The court reinstated indictments segregated counties marks "an football, basketball and baseball maps. It Is hidden behind com
UnitNEW the woman had been !in the "11 our children are to meet
at Lincoln University
against 2) persons hour of decision for people of player mercial buildings north of State
Deluxe Bar vita Willie Crier, the challenge of tomorrow,
accused of involvement in their these counties to determine who Pennsylvania, and at Clark Street and Just east of the westside -
26 and two other persona he declares, "they must be exposed in Atlanta in the late
YORK Brandlngas
than 300 Negro Democrats holdIng deaths. The detectives said I Grier can best represent 'all the to quality education. If expressway..

"unconscionable and in- elective offices In 33 states The sheriff of Neshoba Miss. wanted Miss Hendrlcks to leave people' thereof." not, they wW not be able to twenties. col Pearson, stated during
congrous" the Office of Economic County, two other law enforcement His concern Is for housing,education Since he graduated March 22 City Council bearing
are expected to participate >in a with him but she refused and :compete with youths of this
he has been aggressive
Opportunity's delay in national minority group workshop officers, and 14 others all and employment conditions and other lege on a proposed housing code that
they began arguing. Finally,
providing funds for the Center conference on June 3 ac- must stand trial !in the Mississippi In Gadsden and Liberty and daring In the field of edu the NAACP had an "arsenal of
four when
left the bar and
,for, ..CommunityAetlon. cording to John M. Bailey, 1 slaving, ) .rot on the sidewalk Crier pfiUed. Bounties,.both tort of the most catlon-U."IDI..rvec1 as.Athletic all weapons' wtta,which to tight
coach of
Education, headed by James :chairman Democratic Nation The court specified that the a pistol and shot the woman blighted rural areas in North Judge, Defendant Director and In /or alum clearance. He disclosed
sports at
Farmer NAACP Executive two of the
Committee.. 23 persaas.were: to be'tried Florida "weapons"
Director toy,Wilkins has call on charges other than murder. police said. Young Watson! the son of Mr. 1927-28 and 28-29. He served Wednesday.
,Louis Martin, DNC deputy Grier wu arrested about 41
Off Steam of the
ed upon Sargent Shrivel1, OEO chairman citing the great gains The 23 persons were to be minutes later at his home at and lira Ester Watson of Gads- Blow as financial secretary Picketing of landlords' resldences -
director, to provide the necessary charged under the Enforcement Florida State Teachers Association he said, will begin
Negro Americans have won 1087 W. Monroe St. He is being
i WASHINGTONNPIAZ5- for two yearsand as treasurer
funds for the project. Act of 1870( -originally passedto I "within three days" of next
through the strong civil rights held >in homicide
In a telegram March 28,to the protect freed slaves. city jail for year-old $50 aweekgasstation for two years. He was one Tuesday' City Council meeting
of the Democratic administration
anti-poverty chief, Mr. Wilkins position But the court indicated that lavedlgattoaT.V '' attendant t learned of the organizers of the Florida If the council hasn't taken satisfactory
under President .1
cited funds made available to new legislation against racial recently that be had no way of -- -.....-, .'" -' action on the minimum

Garden City, N. Y., schools under further Lyndon B. Johnson, commented violence would be unconstitu ? No Lure winning in a battle of temperswith touslng bill proposed by Mayor

the Federal Aid to Education tional. x a circuit court Judge i Louis Ritter.Anotber .

Act, even though there, are poor 65"The and Voting the recent Rights Supreme Act of 19- The administration, awaiting For GorillaIn pr Ellsworth Bean brought possibility, skid

children In the Long Island city. Court decision outlawing poll tie court's Judgment on this 'before Judge Ernest A.Love ,, ,Pearson Is the Institution of

Mr. Sbriver, the NACCP taxes have opened the door for point was preparing a new easJrfotfaHlagtoaupportanillegitimate rent strikes in Jacksonville.In .
leader said, should be "as insistent package of civil rights legislation MourningPITTSBURGH child, lost his bead a rent strike tenants refuse
full of .
participation Negroesin
on great objective of for 1966 which likely would when the Jurist agreed to forget to pay rent to their landlords
life and
our political we are (NPI) A
the due bills if Bean would
reducing Illiteracy as Garden punish civil rights crimes. past but continue to occupy their
the threshold of aiD
on a newer grief-stricken gorilla could not
City officials are upon their American politics. In a third racial slaying Sam be lured from the loss make weekly payments and post apartments. This forces land,
technical right to funds to aid HoUoway Bowers Jr., Imperial mourning tt a $ZOO security bond toward a lords Into the courts to evict
of these developments of his dead
The impact new intended mate,even bill rfi' r
noa-exltted poor chlldrea"The White of R'Y the rebel customers.
..Yilzard'of the Knights I
wW be fully explored by television Highland coo officials Bean
When the said ,
Farmer project) bad beenfir' the Ku Win Klan facedfAdoral ; Judge Pearson said any local decision
at the conference. discovered last week. A
grabbed a table and flipped it
In the firebombing on rent strikes would depend
also Include television -' ----- -
set installed and
"Significant gains was
1964 Civil death of Vernon F.Dahmer, toward the Judge's bench. In a r .,,, on the outcome of a meeting
the comprehensive tuned on In toe male gorUla'scage
Hattlesburg. (Miss.) Negro JOHNNY LEE WATSONden flash the Judge retaliated by of the NAACP Legal Defense
t .
Rights law, the Voting .
,finding him In contemptof court. ,;
leader. Fund- legal arm of the NAACP
Rights law, the mulU-LWiaa Twice, zoo officials sought to of
County. A 1965 graduate and sentencing him to two years '
., Bowers, who was sought1 by -to bebeldApri1241nY1rglafa
dollar antl-poverty programand interest him in the Idiot box, ,
High SchoolIn 'in the Maryland House of C o rrecUoo. -
himself and He said the NAACPlaw-
FBI agents, gave up ..
educatiod )
federal old-to- ; but each time, he leaped to the he transferred the ,,. .
bond. > Quincy, would discuss "the
% I
was released on $ 5,000 yers legal
senior citizens
medicare for side of the cage away from the trimester to Florida
He and 13 other men were second aspects of rent strikes."
federal for Jobeand Zoo officials that 1ES1'NEW
and programs with violating screen say A&M University from the University 'UNFAIR' State Athletic Association and

economic development." charged Dahmer's civil rights. They live gorillas in captivity must this have of South Florida YORK' {(NPI) The Selective served u Its first president. VIOLENCE
companionship one
in and at Tampa Service System's new Rev. WUUam.servedasu-
face up to IS years prison
GENUINE proved he'd rather wait !than
310,000 fines. Hla own experiences In tryingto test, designed to help local sistant Instructor upon graduation

given reasons to expect $'180, CHICAGO -
000 in anti-poverty funds In that a violent movement wW be after night riders used firebombs REVERSAL'ANNAPOLIS contributed >in no small degreeto college students and high school Middleton Jr. High School of lified, forecasts of violence in

addition to money from private set up among Negroes In the to destroy his home He his interest>in securing"qua seniors has been described as Crescent City principal of the nation's capital were made'
sources. The project was North were expressed by the had been active in Negro voter Md. -(NPI) A lity education" for all of the unfair to Negro students. Whitney Jackson County Training School by Negro leaders as nearing

scheduled to get under way by Rev. Andrew Young a top aide state lawprohfbittnglnterraclal children of rural North Florida. M. Young Jr., executive at Marlanna,principal of Excelsior an "overt expression of frustratloo"
March 1.Howevir. to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marriages appeared to be on Its Wbraquerted as to why be was director, National Urban High and Grade School of over refusal of Congress

It is believed that "I confess to a genuine fear that way out as the Mary land Senate, so late in completing his high League, said the test tends "to St. A u g u s t 11 n e,teacher of set- to grant home rule. The

Ran Adam Clayton Powell is (the movement In Chicago)won't COLiSION? by a 16-11 vote approved a bill. school education, be explainedthat penalize students wbo come ence at Alabama State likelihood was slim that South-

bl&klfig the funding of the unit get going fast enough that It repealing the state's 305-yeu- he was beset by problems from poor backgrounds and Teacher's Branch College at erndominated Congressional

under the direction of Farmer won't be well enough organized LOS ANGELES-{(NPI>-Mexi- old ban on such marriages. The of a broken home and frequent have not had access to the cul Mobile, Alabama. He served as committees which control the

who has been closely identified before the summer comes," be can-American leaders have Senate reversed an earllervote elementary school transfers. r tural materials use. Tbishard- pastor of St. Joseph Methodist district, would give in !to Negro

with the civil rights fighters. said. "The Chicago civil rights warned of the possibility of a which upheld the miscegenation "A tenant farmer's life on the '' ship..clearly 1 Indicates t that Church of Jacksonville. demands for "revolutionary
flareup between the Negro and law. The bill's sponsor, Sen. tobacco farms is not easy," be' changes" in employment,
It is understood that Powell movement is working against they wW wind up in uniform He is a graduate of Gammon'fibeologicalSemisary
Mexican-American communities Verda F. Welcome (D-Balt.), It'. : police and welfare practices.
fears that with so many former time to establish a "pattern of stated. "And especially" while their fellow-students of
civil rights fighters beading. up nonviolent action" in Northern t that would dwarf the the only Negro the Senate,reIntroduced hard for his children to get decent cavort at the fraternity Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia

.sritl-porerty proje'cts it might cities, he added.ARUNGTON. Watts riots.Falrview the bbl schooling.dable smoker." University of New York. *.*

be' difficult getting appropriations

follows Tbe,through text dispatched of Mr.Conerell.I Wllklns on March. telegram 28, Nero (Congressional AJ.W AM Qfty8tto''

Delay In funding Center for Md. -
Community-Action Education While the federal governmentwas Takoma Park, utile guilty report sharply denouncing the at least 605 projects in southeastern clause in the Constitution as
"be headed James Farmer cttiu towns abandoned its public bousing projects were
by Jubilantly proclaiming the ones. lack of a decent housing ordinance states agreed,on paper, or Congress' authority to enactit integrated of last
as September
seems all the more unconscionable overthrow of a previously for Only ODe of apartment man to correct the situation. to ban racial discrimination. project to avoid compliance with rather than the 14th Amend ,
with 21
and Incoogrous In light of midable barrier to integrated agers acknowledged charges The report described Representatives of the states the equal housing rules. It >Is meat as compared percentinMuch
distribution of Federal funds for I believed that leas than 5 of 1963.
housing in southern states, a per the direction taken
were true. The other two denied the county whose Negro population Involved submitted statements This was Public
aid to cities coeducation "normal pollcy"or gentle ce'nl of all units will be,., cent of them Included tenants for the accommdatlons Housing say a*
it, but admitted that Negroes sits al &,6 per of the promise that public major J explanations that wait
protects Farmer's project men's agreement was being were living in their buildings. 190,000 total,u "one strand olen to both races as required of both races statlstlc.1n41cate that section of the Civil Rights Act ing lists of public housing applicants
seeks to reduce illiteracya used by three building under the Civil Act of Current of 1964.
Myers began his house-hunting ....the white noose around the Rights filled
now are
prime objective in the broad agents to deny a Negro conntessiostl >in February and early March. DId of Capital City.It 1964. by last September only 2.3 per The bUlls expected require largely by
Great Society program but Garden aide and bis famU? the. cent of all federally-financed landlord seller /if found guilty Negroes.
He said he went to Forrest Hills urged appointment of an A Mississippi town was or Officials/ of the National Committee
City, New York,one of highest housing. and was told by the resident manager official county bousing adviserto 605th to bow to the edict. Its) projects in the southeast region of racial discrimination by Discrimination
per capita income suburbs, Victim of the "gentleman's| that the apartments were Investigate various federal housing authority members had were Integrated. the court, to pay the complain in (
Is pressing claim for funds to agreement" wu Rufus H.(Bud) the Fugures show nearly half of ant's fees and the attorney Housing blamed of commitment
not Integrated. The same t Infor- aDd nonfederal housing resigned rather than sign legal by public officials to
help educate its poor children. Myers, 23-year-old assistant the nation's population in 20 would be authorized to
marina wus given Cherry' programs, and an amendment equal housing pledge required general
There are poor children in Garden to Rep. Andrew Jacobs and his Hills. of the housing standards code, by the Public Housing administration. states and Washington, D. C. title suit in cases where discrimination ,positive desegregation steps.
but officials are demanding three old live under state and local fair Many Southern authorities
City wife and their -yar- .
At Falnrlew Terrace, he was to guarantee county assistance is apparent.A have adopted a system !In which
their share
son. shown two apartments, wu allowed /In securing decent Dousing tor After it was made clear that housing laws. new plan, known as the'De the applicants can state which
under Federal formula In Aid Details of the refusal But housing remains a "
were open
to Federal authorities would -< monstration Cities Program,
complete an application any family displace by endoraet operate want live
projects they to in.
to Education Act. Although this aire d by Rep. Jacobs on tbe and ppt up adeposlt. Four days I meat or the code. the projects U officials sensitive topic of discussions. originated by a special Task
Approximately 95 cent of
Is separate from OEO, we believe floor of the House, and listed of President Johnson is prepared Force Urban Affairs, is now, per
later, however, be was told that Arlington has no fair bousing local government agencies on Southern projects this
your office should be u11ten1 the Cherry Hills apartments, to send a bill to Congress that before subcommittee\ of the use metbod I
his application had Uen denied. ordinance and voted down a public failed to comply, a new a of with NeClvq'rights
and u insistent on great Hyattesvllle; Forrest Hillsapartments As this wu going on, Arling housing authority In 1951. was appointed, which undertook,, wW enhance civil rights activities House Banking and Currency complying

objective of reducing illiteracy ; Oxon Hills; and ton's anti-poverty Community South 1de, alrlYloualy) formt-' ,to give assurance of com In the field of, pausing Committee. Act.

t a -I ,1"

-- & -

__ __ .- -- J .J n' J __ __ __ .n. ] an.. ... .. .. : !"""'


I PAGE 2 :Srai' PAPERS: _. $ATUII" !IJLU31



..Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company I ITLJTCCOWARD WHO IS INSOLENT 1'r STORYBy

& I ID OARFSQEJQ 'f The Urban League's (goal of total Involvement of

QIA In facet of oorrmunuty life Is
the Negro every a
NEGRO p m 5irQNAL; prime objective.! The Negro's guest for expression

Q S participation to make life meaningful for all
b Americans is broad in scope:> but a part of the
ERIC 0. SIMPSON ...........Muaiiii Editor FRT jcore problem Is to make democracy work.

VDU : The social scientist have re-
HILDI.AOOTEN..Circalatiol Maoagorl) r
cognized the merits of an integrated -

society for many '
CI BJSJS Pr l.-c rl VlfHl P' *'
years and In the last few 111
2323'{1loacrief{ Raid Pine Elii 4-6782 years our federal governmenthas
taken another look at the

Miiliif Address, many evils Inherent In.a segregated -
society. The passage .... *
P. 0. Boi 599 licksoiillle, Florida 32201 of meaningful Civil Rights legislation in

1964 attest to the growth and developmentof
MIAMI OFFICE attitudes and values. of America's'
leaders. We have laws to desegregate

138 NW 3rd Ave. flue. 311.1025, schools to insure and protect voting

.... rights, to employ on a merit basis oniy,
SUBSCRIPTION RATES and legislation is being considered
One year $6.00 Half Year. $4,00 end discrimination in housing.

jailed to YOU Anywhere In the united States The Negro Is playing a vital role in pro
Subscription payable in advance : tecting his country and other freedom

Send Check or Money order to: ajd loving people. This love of country,, in a

FLORIDA STAR P.O.'Dp)599 1 sense, i is being exemplified to a greater
Jacksonville. 1. Florida extent by Negroes in battle than any other

group I if loss of life while valiantly

SPARE ROD SPOIL CHILD sw1,1+ serving country has any meaning. The ratio
of Negroes dying or being killed I In South

nearly, all of us have heard the counsel Viet Nam is proportionately larger than
"pare the rod spoil the child This, THE COURT PUT TEETH IN THE LAW. USE IT MR. ,PRESIDENT his share should be, this fact i is basedon
cliche has more truth In It than fiction. deaths versus the number personnelIn

*r. \nx\ *teffertv. in a newspaper column, that battle zone.
I week a Mr. Butler was brought back
wrote that children must? be prepare for Last
life by teaching tnem that wrongdoing nustoe to our cormurl ty and given a military fun-
followed by punishment. He illustratedhis Your eral wi the honors' of a hero.
point by calling attention a brawlanong Weekly The Negroes I in 'Jacksgnvll\ should I work

T boys in a school cafeteria. They just as hard In community, as our
were caught in the act by the viceprincipal. Negro soldiers are fighting In Viet Nam
I .to make America the home of the brave and
The principal paddled them in his office, Guide the land of the free.Let's .
boys'' tears flowed, Iratdparents stormedthe ...#********** Horoscope **************.

school office demanding that he be ****
censured. This shoved the television and Talk PoliticsBy
into the act. Then the :
newspapers publicsaw By PABLO The ASTROLOGER
it was In error before their eyes over

; school cafeteria is hardly the placeto WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR NORMAN E. JONES,

stage a brawl especially with so many
knives and forks around so many platesand BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Possibly the greatest wheeling and deal '

glasses available, and so many chairsin Ing on the state level was executed by
si ght. ( Fred 0. 'Bud' Dickinson hopeful in the

Although the parents howled the John ARIES) agreeable tasks may be consequence. Remain on your yourself at your best. Some of 1960 "Governor's' Stakes"' and favorite in'
Dewey advocated were Mortified, the boys Born discouraging at times, but It toes. Pay the closest attention you who are footloose andfan- the I96U Stakes.Of .
learned that when you do wrong you get ., Mar h', could be necessary for those to everything that concerns you cy-free may run Into the one and course ''Bud' is no novice at horse

.b.urt, ..1ad..what I Is more disturbing are the 2 Ut-April 19th. who are also desirous of creating immediately live This to its Easter Sundry only wherever are held. brilliant gatherings trading, having been a member of the State
may up reputation
(.'ordinancesprobltlng) \ \ teachersfgr.using: : In a more prosperous or'(1 I the of the "'Ford-'
The ladles. particular en- happier way of life In the days to for uncertain weather comdltlons z.9o 77 18.96.297aCAPRICORN Senate and era
corporal' 'punishment I for bad school pupils eralljr benefit from colorful; come In many regions. But choppers' gleatest Influence, prior to embarking -
'.e admire", this principal .for letting the I j Easter season to make welcome '7- 80 -66 1834 -'1SI1 with imagination, one can on the Gubernatorial trail.
fellows know that they must obey, addition to their wardrobes. always create an Interesting } '
young |I I unless there are personal or day right at home .Born 1Jec. Even with all of his political
and that he was capably in charge of the underlying reasons for some of CANCER. 3'- 50 .11'- 17 22rfd.Jan.J9thJ, savvy he finished fourth
school and that he, not they, could run you to pass up this opportunity :BomTun!! !i .. 89 -.351, There Is hardly a year that behind Bryant Carleton and
it. right now, you may go ahead 22nd"July 22nAx d LIBRA .
.. .... passes without the old question Burns; however quick to sendean
when this provides a great -
Born's pt.: being asked, "ww it be fair on opportunity to "Wheel and
effect on morale. a free citizen It is your
your "
Easter Day? The will
Prejudice-. Comes HighThe It would also be agreeable to concern to know what la going 23rd: Oct. 23rj1 have to depend on where answer you decide Deal he immediately hied
take trips to visit members of on In the nation and in the whole. It wouldn't do to"become discouraged to spend your time. The* forth to Farris Bryant with a
dual system of education did not con- the family group or others to world. It often Is the force of over the fact that efficiency aspects are not generally favorable 'deal' to throw all I of his
,whom your presence acts u a public opinion that becomes the is somewhat Impaired but the more farseelng
support to him In the runoff.
vince whites that It was a costly Insti-
tonlc.:, Do not worry unduly over main factor In estabUablngbetter by the lack of certain training among you will have arranged
tution until the passage of the I964 Civil .an event that may have some conditions In the develop>> or knowledge. These are assets things to find alternate ways of His payoff when Bryant tool office was
Rights Law Now they are using argument of alarming overtones but that maybe ment of human society. Your that can be acquired by those having an enjoyable diversion, the creation of a "Committee of 100" made
economy to show why many educational pro- settled to the relief of every- voice can and should be as loud who are willlngtoexert the pro- ,perhaps right In your own up of bop business and political leadersof
grams should be discontinued at ;Negro Colleges one. Rumors and reports that as the next person's.of It is when per amount of time and effort homes. Meanwhile, you are not the state and the appointment of Dickinson -
are flying around loose are most we follow the policy "letting of
demanded. Instead wasting likely to lose track of
and made available in the desegre- likely to have no validity whatsoever George do It," that we,one day time on seU.pltyyou can strike I occupying your mind at problem the as chairman, ,
gated previously all-white schools In the and they should be taken find ourselves In situations that out with test and determinationand present moment. It would be From this vantage point 'Bud' had three
South. They now argue forcefully that it with proverbial grain of salt. are far from our liking. Easter overcome the handicaps fallacious to change any proce- years to hustle all over the state conferring t
is practical to do this. :Day: may unfortunately and turn follow out that may be confronting you.No'I.dures that are maintaining, with 'top boys' lining up both

Gains earned by Negroes wltMn. the last ,:: Jlitr? preceding to be not patterns as pleasant as It was matter how good be or how Easter poor.. well-being 6 and work. efficiency., financial and political backing for the
the weather on -20 99 :
may -, 17 43 629
three years can be measured by losses Born April generally expected. Of course, Day, keep your social engage I96>4 race.
since the abolishment of discrimination.Negro 20th May 20th your place of residence will be ments and welcome opportunities AQUARIUS In the meantime Burns did like 'wes1' and
purchasing power was reduced by. I 13, the determining factor.domes The to make new acquaint Borp JanaZOth.feb. stayed out of the mess saving all I of his
billion a year. Whether things are going lobe tic opening and public to Improve relations your should ances. This often is how many lath strength for his own return In. I96M in a
right and bright on the meet their lnteadedmates.
The statistics indicated how much typical "Burns For Burns "
more Easter enable you to make up for pre Manner.
long-awaited Sunday
the college graduate can earn than one will, of course, depend mainlyon vious plsunderstandiags.74O.99l3.26..972. as If a your reason friends for unbridled use Easter Dickinson parlayed the Chairmanship of

uneducated at this level. But, the facts the rtglonalcondltions spending you are In no way obligated the Committee of 100 Into .a favored role
behind these figures are more subtle thanwe wherever you happen to be. On im ., follow their examples.And In the I96M "Governor's' !:'takes"causing
the whole, it appears that there with the uncertain concede
ever supposed. The Negro college gradu- 22nd weather many itlcarprognosticators to
ate has no more earning power than a white will be some dark shadows and affecting Born Jinx' : .. A strong 24th.motivating Nov._ factor. for conditions that are likely topre- him the governorship as long as two years
many personally 11 vail In
man with only a good grade school educa- financially. There may be a 23rdAug..: 22nd the cultivation of social and Influential be entirely many possible regions,to it may displaynew not before the primary. He had the biggest

tion. chance of reuniting some of your Whether youare doing the right connections may be hats or apparel without bankroll I the biggest political organization
Thus for, during the period of Integra- good friends during the afternoon thing or whether the opposite Is laid at the door of the profit- risk. In any event, your own and all the spit and polish of a, Westpoint'
tion "Negro salaries averaged less than and creating your own Jovial true, you can always find some- making l philosophy. While thereIs instincts or good Judgement V Lieutenant.
atmosphere. Be rather on body who Is against It, or for it. nothing wrong with the Idea should be the final arbiter of fourth
salaries of white -
halfcof the average per- the skeptical side regarding And as you cannot listen to both of wanting to lead the good life, what to do or what to wear. You But again the best he could do was
sorts. long-range projects that sides at once,go ahead with your it 1s not always the exact for- may still be trying to fit certain behind Burns, High and Kelly, the Voters
require Immediate and substan- without alterations mula for the creation of per- bouse did Tallahassee.
original plans any alterations Into your again not want him In
The Die Is Cast For FAMU'S Law School tial capital to get them started, whatsoever. Easter Sunday sonal happiness. The bestpro- budget not always an easy task Kelly Immediately declared himself as
those that are not your own in is more often uncertain cedure may be to try and devote when you have good taste and exacting of
There has been considerable talk about particular. Some kind of an offer weatherwise. This year Is not half of your time endeavors requirements, traits to Burns had done in 1960, to stay out
phasing out Florida A&M University, and of this sort may be made.It apt to offer any exceptlon.Butthose : to human considerations and the be found among most advanced the runoff so as to better build himselfup
also about discontinuing the law school.In is the one you should question who have Invested In new other half to the material pursuits Aquarians. for another try in 1966. This left
instance the law school at from every angle Imagin and smart apparel should have that will maintain soundness 1-90. 22-12-84-172,. Dickinson in a wheelingdealing'Positionagain
the latter In Easter I
able. You should have a better pleasant opportunities to attend your economy. who
FAMU is being phased out because a new feeling for such things and be fashionable events. Even U the Day seems to be almost u un- -Jr. ES \ only this time It was Burns
law school will bd established at Florida less likely to make jnlstakes. one putting the pressure on you predicable as it so often is, /Bom; 'Feb'*.. hied forth to west Palm Beach to seek his
State University.We .;5-_ 70, "-E2-' 13-98-? to take certain risks Is close to making it more of a probability IvIh.., :r JMar.:.0 20th. support n the :runoff. Again ''Bud' made a !
will out your affections, adopt the that all will depend on where you deal and wheeled with Burns.
double that the State phase GEMIV9) dwell.. Now that your program Is all
closing its selfish attitude and respond only set should be it This time his payoff was an appointmentto
Florida A&M University by .l-l00 ll-l6.57 or seems to be
Born May. t\ In so far as this Is compatiblewith to to check It the Cabinet by Ray
doors, 'locking up the dormitories and all vital interests up you over for'. In a post vacated

facilities, and releasing Its faculty. But '.21st.Jun, 21st.> i) 460 44 -l9.62.4047Ylg" r possible sions. This revisions Is a Job or should omis Green, State Comptroller. Dickinson Fin

there Is the possibility of assigning the There Is little doubt that your o._ Born Npvtl23rd tackle right after Easter you, a day ally made It back to Tallahassee after
institution a new function and status. desire to widen your field of :Vei1.: that may fall far short of general all subject to the approval of the same
The argument now Is that when we establish personal ambition being stimulated Bom: Aug;,\ -- tact' expectations In many parts voters who rejected him twice for top the
by yours or :::23rd Sept. 22nd Outside of the that en- of the globe. You Indulge From the thls'Cabi-
I the new law school at FSU. there will ,. may spot. vantage spot of :
someone else's. While E a s t e r -- ,thuslam Is likely to drive you your liking for social pastimes
be no need for continuing ,fAMU'U';;' Law has a few friendly aspects to There 1s little doubt that the to excel In whatever you do,the in the company of friends from .net Post, I if he is returned, he may again
School inasmuch as this would be dUplication boast of, it does not appear likeI presence of Jupiter In yourlOth task of pleasing those In the top>> whom you can extract advice "wheel and deal" himself Into the Govern-
I of function; But, we rememberedthat I I ly that you will make much headway ,solar house provides ample positions will not be an easy one. and comfort. Be careful about or's' chair sometime in tl,I
the future.
the period of segregation I In promoting personal support for those who are ambitious T ey may be asking for the 1m- undertaking home expansion
during or professional causes. The and seeking a higher i possible with a good chance of projects that may take more "Wheeling and Dealing" is by no means
duplication of function was encouraged, possibility of interesting potential status. But -It can also createa getting you to achieve it when the money out of your cash reserves confined to one political level wheelersand
ai'nediand I; abetted. backers, financially or degree of overconfidence that challenge 1s strong enough for than you expected or can afford. dealers are found from the precinctto
otherwise, Is A bit more promising could trip you up. It 1s possibleto I you to take it up. Easter Day Such enterprises require plenty the White House. We will! discuss suchexamples
for the Cemlnlans who make the mistake of overlooking will have Its usual quota of bad of thought and accurate estimates -
Have: you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? are very reserved In their the machinations of potential and fair weather, according to before they can be > on local and national levels in

f ".Prejudice is out of business. demands. The prospect rivals or competitors, where you reside. But you may launched.: future chapters. \
; going
.._ __ .. _. ,_ ..4 having to work bard or at dis.. suffering serious setbacks as a have the opportunity of showing 340.33 :i 15 54 S43 t'HELP i

J. --,,-!. t
i .
-- --- -- 'r __._ __

APRIL S, 1966 STAR PAPERS 'jlf 3

Beauticians Set April Fashion Show -'-' -'-'-"- '


-.) e B9O* HB>-) B BM)4BlP'4>4B B9O With'LOUISE I B I

QUINtARD 4444.444444

That little ""nip"" in the aid that we
have been feeling during the past week is Only members were present and Margaret

customary for this season of the year. It Wilson was hostess when Kardettes Bridge
Club held Its
most recent session.
however that of beautiful
means, many our
Easter outfits will I I have to ..be covered Margaret entertained at home.
with lightweight wraps. 'If past events Grace West, Sybil Butler, Mable Jones,
Mary Cole, Mary Walker Geneva Adams
may be used as an Indication, you may rest ,
assured that "many' a fair maiden"' will Margaret Starkes, and Louvlnla Solomonwere

brave the chill rather than hide that gor- among persons attending the bridge

geous outfit she has been dreaming about party.

;V__ S 'jy. -L for Also weeks., this season prompts many fashion 444'.4444*

2 shows that feature models ranging in age
__ from the young, young set to handsome ma- The Darnell Cookman Junior High School
trons. None of the shows can outfeaturethe Band under the direction of Norma R.

Number One Show that takes place Sun- White, received superior rating in con-

day afternoon--Time: Between 2 and 6 p.m. cert and sight rating at the District II

: Place: Almost any stfeet in Jacksonville, Band Festival held recently in Alachua,

and in any in the world for that matter. Florida.

i:9..4 Event: THE EASTER PARADE. This I I is your The band will be prrsented in concert
invitation. Please be therel! Friday, April |115, at 8:15 p.m. in the
Civic Auditorium. Tickets may be secured

'0 t ............ from the Band Parents Club

The Moncrlef Road home of Joan Spaulding 4444444444*

... provided the setting for the recent meet-
ing of Smart Set Geneva Wheeler was guest player when
Bridge .Club at which
NlLJ : .,,Jot"f! : I time Helen Toney was guest player. irma Murray entertained Les Elites Bridge

.. ," '.;.:" '" ..... Glorya Brooks Louise Club last Friday evening.
-- ...- Walton, Thelma
Lewis, and Norma Bland qualified for club Leona Bennett, Elizabeth Jones, and Annie
prizes. Charlotte Stewart Lola Schell B. Minatee were recipients of club awards
lUe Jacksonville City Wide Beauticians will present a"Corona- '!Thomas, Mrs. M. Camper,Master 11I0muReated,Mrs.Bessie Nellyvonne for outstanding performance in the
Russell bridge
tlon Ball and Colffuretta" on April 11, 9:00p.m., at the Elks Harris, Mrs. Callle J. Cone, Mrs.Rosa Lee Tould, Mrs. Renea Elizabeth Downing,
Auditorium, 712 West naval Street. Members shown above are.; Kenner, Mrs. Vivian Crumble, Mrs Charlotte Wilson,Mrs, Vivian Holmes, Lois Iszard, and Janet session -
from left: Mrs. Dorothy W..Sonon. Mrs. BurneUe Shaw. Miss Thelma Whaler, Mrs. C.Wiggins.Other members not shown Include Johnson were among participants In the Johnnie Mitchell Lois Avery, Marie
E. I. Broo IDI, Mrs E. L. Jones, Mrs. C. Donald, Mrs. J.? Mrs. Nancy Travis, Mrs Rethla Davis, Mrs. Maggie McClain, Maxine Jackson, Vernal I McCone and
Wright, Mrs., Bernice Rhodes,Mrs.Berdle Martin,Mrs.Minnie Jones, Mrs.A.K.Breaker,Mrs Kate Graves,Mrs. Washington. 444444444 Bernice Henderson were among other members


Zeta Phi Betas Slates Cotillion WEDDING BELLS Ruth Bonner was guest player when Classic present.

The Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter of County Armory, April 29. Lassies Bridge Club met recently In
the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is A award will be the home of The William W. Wrights 44444444444*
scholarship 3311
Isaac Sanford, 1764 Spires bt.. Ben Allen Pritchard, 1808 Pull- ,
presenting a coterie of lovely presented the winner of the ,22 and Brenda Luclle Kitties, man St, 19 and lola King, 1624 Japonica Road.
Deb young Cotillion ladies In blennUlSubMlsI at the Duval, Blue Revue" contest 1263 W. 32nd St., 20. Wlndle St., 17. Hazel Pink, an ex-official member of the Vets Have Time Recital Features

group, was also present and vied with mem-
Betty Royalston
Frederick Law, 2018 W.13th St., bers for club prizes. For Gl Rights
32 and Minnie Eva Ford, 1117
Oakley St., 26. Dorothy Oliver, Margaret Starkes and Veterans t planning to go to The Neighborhood Cancer
Carolyn Washington qualified for prizes. school under the new CI B 111 Committee will present Miss
Jones 917 Grace not have to rush to meet Betty Royalston In a dramatic
Charles McKinley Sykes was winner of the door prize. do a
Florida Ave., 22 and Carr l le Helen Toney, Juanita Williams, Geneva deadline, the VA pointed out today recital In Sunday at 7:30: p. m.,
Trinity Baptist Church,
Lucille Lawrence, 1S23 SwiftSt. following President John-
., 19.Calin. Henderson, Henrietta Howard, Alveta Allen, son's signing of the Veterans Duval and Jefferson Streets.
were among other participants. Readjustment Benefits Act of The program is entitled,
"Cod's Trombones,"by James
P Eugene Slmms, Balti- 4444....... 1966.Although most benefits under Weldon Johnson.
a more, Md., 21 and Elinor Gene Miss Royalston lsal9Sfgraduate -
the new Bill are effective Immediately -
Thomas, 1989 Talladega the education assistance of Old Stanton School and
Rd., 21.Jobn Shirley Harris was hostess and her West benefits will not begin t prospective graduate of Lin-
Calvin Shannon,5345 Nineteenth Street home provided the setting until June 1, 1966. :oln Business College. She has
Washington Estate Dr., 27 and t .when Galaxle Ladies Bridge Club met Late in April, the VA expects recently been accepted by the
!t;". Carolyn Eileen Hill,5338 Dostie last,, Saturday evening. ,to have application blanks and :lvil service board in Washing
ton, D. C. Miss RoyiUtoQ is a
full Information available at all
Dr., 20. ,
? Demetral Wester Vernel I Robinson and
( member of the church and serves -
VA offices and at the admission'offices
.. '.. Charlie James, 1237 W.18thSt., Betty Graham were high scorers for the la moat approved In Choir t. -
Also will be
39 and Georgia Horace, 1832Voohrles evening. schools. appearing
the Tonettes and Trinettes.The
Rd., 27. Mary Walker was the recipient of the Veterans with service after Golden Girls of Lincoln
$ *v 96Q January 31, 1955 will have am-
Du + guest prize. Hazel Pink, Eloulse Amaker, Business College will serve u
James Frank Sept, 1923 Ros- ple time to select courses and
Lois Avery Alvenia Scriven hostesses.STAHSPANOUO.
selle St., 41 and Bernice Scott, Margaret make application without losing
816 W. Cleveland St., 30. Starkes, Vanette Thayer, Eva Rosier, and either class time or payments
Mable Jones were among persons enhoying from VA. SAVINGS PLAN
Patrick Israel, 3518 Ardlsia Shl rley's hospitality. ** *, IS FOR ALL AMERICANS
Rd., 21 and Susie Ada Tucker. i .

Qa4 SENATOR Tea Time Calender For Battle Cancer Of Songs Drive T.V. REPAIRSCALL" NOW

Paid PoL The PTA of East Jacksonville Elementary School will sponsor The West Division of the Can CALL NOW 398 .3820.
a Spring Tea April 17 from 4 toe p.m., la the school cafetorium. cer Neighborhood Drive will
Mothers participating In the homeroom mothers contest are:' sponsor the "Battleof theE.rs FOR FAST SERVICEON
Mrs. Doretha Baker, Mrs. Roberta Cross, Mrs. Hazel Perry, featuring Essie Mae Thomas,
v Mrs. Lillian Young, Mrs. Rosa Harvey, Mrs. Wattle Jarrell, "The Gospel Warhorse," and ALL MAKE SETS
J LOCATIONS TO Mrs. Beatrice Coaxan,Mrs.Nellie Murray,Mrs.Myrtle Lamar, Emma Tucker "The Gospel
ONE Mrs. Mamie Martin, Mrs. Annie M. Baker and Mrs. Catherine Queen of Alabama," of Montgomery ALL SETS REPAIRED IN THE HOME
King. April 24 at Edward
Waters College.
The Gladiola Ladies Club will sponsor Us 34th anniversary tea Also scheduled to appear are $3.60 PLUS PARTS
!t 830 CASSAT AYE. April 17 from 4 to 6p.m.,in Wilder Recreation Center, Third Mrs. Mary Goodman and Mrs.
EMERSON and Mt. Herman Streets. Mary Neeley, recently featured CHANNEL 17 CONVERTERS
3701 The club with the largest number of members present will receive in the "Battle of the two I

a prize. Marys. ValarU Malbory of SPECIAL PRICE $15.95:
,New Bethel AMC: Church will .
The Federated Garden Clubs will sponsor ft tea April 17 at the appear In dramatic readings i
MONTHI Myrtle Avenue Library from 4 to 8 p.m. Three prizes will be The Friendly Citywide Hostess i Clayton's Television Service
given for table arrangements.The Club, under direction of Mrs. '
, theme is "Spring Treasures," and the tables will be decorated Irene Williams, will serve.
I around the theme.Judging will be based on appropriateness > SERVICE 7 DAYS A WEEK
condition of materials,originality of materials and design.
Special club and Individual awards will also be given. For
J (EVERYTHING OES) further information contact Presidents Mrs. ThomasBrln-
son. Mrs. W. M. Gusto, Mrs. C. L. Byrd, Mrs Lillie T. Cut- w
MEATY life, Mrs. Catherine Murray, Mrs. G. L. MooreMrs. Percy ', STRAIGHT MMMN WHISKY M MOOT.CIMi.010 CNAITII OUT.CO.,lOUIVtUf,KV.
I AVERY Robinson, Mrs. Eugene Seals, Yr..Nathaniel DavisMrs.
NECK BONES 5 $ George W. Morrissette, Mrs. Carrie Mallard,and Mrs.Eularie .
us. Wood.
f According to Mrs. Morrissette, Federation president, clubs Tick-took.. tick-tack...
BEEF with sponsor lists are to report them Immediately.The sw/

; TRIPE 5 PTA of Susie E. Tolbert School will sponsor its annual ; the Bourbon thatdidnt
LBS. Spring Tea April 17 from 4 to 6 p.m.;la the auditorium of the L
school. Three tables will represent the three grade divisionsand watch the dock!
FLA. BUDGET BRAND tables will be Judged for beauty. A musical program will
be presented.

G\G \t' GIZZARDS 4 IBS. Choir 2 Second Baptist Church will sponsor Its annual Spring OLD CHARTER
Tea April 17 from 3 to 5 p.m., in the home of Mrs. Annie Huff,
1862 W. 24th St. Mr.Glad'sC.VauchtwW be the speaker, and
VERY MEATY Mrs. H. M. Wallace, mistress of ceremonies. Kentucky's finest Bourbon

OX TAILS 4 A Spring Invitational Homecoming Tea will be presented April 7 oldSATURDAY
LBS. 17 from 3 to 5 p.m., in the home of Mr. and Mrs George Reed, years
1511 W. 27th St., sponsored by Choir 2 of Abyssinia Baptist
SMOKED Church. r

NECK BONES 3 The Sunday Morning Prayer Band will sponsor a Spiritual Tea
LBS.LBS.. April 24 at.4 p.m.in the home of Mrs. Ida M. Cohen, 1750 W.
26th St., for the benefit of the anniversary celebration. Elder
COUNTRY PORK Mose Davis will be the speaker.

The Israelite Baptist Church will sponsor Spiritual Tea Sunday -
at 4 p.m., at the church,1401 E. 4th St. Evangelist Bernice
1202 VACUUM PACKED Staten will be the speaker. w



:t ,


._. -... ... -
.. 'h" H ... .. .. .. .. .. h. .. '' .

. : : '


Dedication Rites Contest Winner .lending Hone For Elderly CookmiM .lld

Take It-Or lelve It __
At Grtr.Payne AME Gives Recital
Dedication service will be held f
Sunday in Greater Payne AYE DROPOUTS AND GRADUATES Read St. John 17:4 In Auditorium
Church. The Junior Choir will 3r1 2 Tim. U-I; :ft pry
serve Rev. R. A. Nine pastor, The Darnell-Cookman Junior
will have charge of the dedication Did you ever finish everything you have ever started? Why?' High School Band, under dl-
ceremonies and Dr. A. E. Are you still a member of every group you have ever Joined? section of Mrs Norma S.White
Robinson, principal at William S Unless you can answer yes to both of these questions yon are a will be presented in concert
Raines High School will deliver 1r dropout There are .exceptions you stayed with what you\ April 15 at 8:15 p. m., in the
the message. started out with, until you .flnlshedyOllUour..tbtD you art Jacksonville Civic Auditorium.
The Easter program will be ,a graduate, not a dropout. The band rated superior in
presented by the Sunday Schoolat Today most of us think of dropouts and graduates only in connection concert and sight reading recently -
4:30 p.m. Presiding ElderW. with schools. However there are dropouts and graduates at the District n Band
F. Foster will deliver the from clubs, Jobs churches, and many groups. Festival, which was held In Ala-
sermons for the morning and > "Why do so many people drop out of school?' chua.
1 evening services. you ask. Well ask yourself "Why did I discontinue Superior solo ratings were
I my connection with my club? Why did 1 earned by Renee Lilly Cleasle
MT Zion AME quit my job? Why did 1 leave my church?" The Hickson Herman Griffin, Loo.
reasons may be many or few. They maybe goodor : glnue Parsons Gerard Blakelv.
Willie Hampton ) athews/Jr., poor The causes may be deliberate choke or Margaret Brill, Pamela
Easter Service Set son of Mrs Mildred Cook Mat- they may be beyond your control. Williams and Curtis Davis
hews was the recent winner of i ir Excellent solo
All dropouts are not misfits and all graduatesare ratings were
Mt. Zion AME Church,corner the "1U ng and Queen Contest" not useful to society and well-adjusted. Abraham earned by Charles Simmons

Beaver and Newnan Streets will sponsored by the Shepherd Boys set out from Haran, his home,-at Godcom-; :4 .... .1r 4 Charles _Scantling, Charles
hold its annual Easter Sunrise League and Girls Auxiliary of mand, looking for another city built by God. He died before he ".':".. Parsons and Linda W1tse 1.
services at 5.00: a.m.Rev.Rob- Second Baptist Church. reached it. Moses set out, at God's command,to lead an enslaved .. Superior trio ratings were
ert V. Webster will deliver the Willie Is a 7th grade studentof race of people to complete freedom. He did not finish the i BaBBWB Kl earned by Renee Lilly Cleasle

sermon. Holy Communion will, Darnell-Cookman school, task but died within sight of "the pr o m ise dlan&" Judas The Rt. Rev. Joseph Comet presiding prelate. Fourth District, AME Cmirchseated, leftand) Hickson L'Merchle Frailer
,be administered. president of the Junior Usher committed Richard during a visit to City HaH to discuss .Linda Witsell Sharon
dropped out of the group,of Apostles Christ and a Mrs Gomes chat with Mayor J. Daley, Chicago McQueen
Rev Charles E. Toton'.u:: Board and is a member of theChildren's ,crime, then committed suicide. Saul of Tarsus persecuted plan for building low-income housing for the elderly. Among members of the delegation Clovla Williams, AvaBelL,
serve at the 11:00: am.service. Choir, the Music the Christian Church severely, was an"enligbted"honor graduate of AME ministers and officials accompanying Bishop Gomes were (standing from left) the Martha Mitchell, Charles Simmons -
Baptism will follow this Staff and Boy Scout Troop 173. : of about the best school In Jerusalem.Our Revs Robert Thomas, Sr., presiding elder, SouthDlstrlctJ Russell S. Brown, general secretary Gerard Blak'ely,and Loo-
service. .of Second Baptist Church. real mission or purpose in life does not depend for Its fulfillment and U. .S. Robinson, presiding elder, North District. ((NPI Photo by Tony Rhoden' ginue Parsons ,'.
Members to place
are urged
on whether we dropout or graduate. It depends on ,. Excellent trio rating were
in the church In
flowers memory'of
Walter Memorial whether or Dot w. are F A I TIn' U La "Faithful to will t or to' earned by Angeletta Bullarl,
friends Matthew W. Gilbert
and/or relatives
on. whom?" you may ask. FAITHFUL to God. This Is the only true Deborah Robinson and Bliss
this holy occasion. 'CHURCH NEWS Thompson. Superior .
AME To Hold answer. quartet
Easter Is Just around the cornet.Before Easter Sunday Is Good Choir And Chorus tings were awarded to Cleasle
Friday. Before resurrection Is crucifixion. Before honorable Hickson: Ava Bell, L'Merchle
WoodlawChurch Sunday Service graduation is FINAL EXAMINATION Before receiving the reward The public is invited to attend Easter Services at the Fellowship The String.Choir and Seventh Frailer Martha Mitchell,
is carrying out the assignment. St. Paul testified, "I am Baptist Church 1414 Logan St., beginning with Sunday Grade Chorus of ,Matthew. W. Janice Mcintosh, Florida Reed,
News Services Sunday in Walters ready DOW..I have fought good fight have UDI.heelllT' School at 9:30: a. m. followed by 11:00 a. m. services at which Gilbert High School will appearin Linda Alexander, Barbara HalL,'
Memorial AME Zion Churcn COURSE I have kept the faith Jesus the Christ, prayed before time the Lord's Supper will be administered concert April 18 at 8p.m., Herman Griffin, Angeletta Bul
The Woodlawn United Presbyterian -: begin with the Sunday School at going to Calvary ..Fath.r..1 have glorified thee on the earth; At 4:00: p. m. all Districts of the church will make tgetr!! reports in the school cafetorium. lard, Michael Mitchell,Deborah
Church will hold Easter 9:30 a. m., Superintendent Amy I have finished the work THOU GAYEST,ME to do." for the month.Starting at 5p. m. Easter Exercises will be Participants in the string choir Robinson.Excellent.
services beginning at 830am.: Moreland charge.. The lesson,. If you drop out,drop oufof the race because you have to, while presented in the church auditorium.Rev.G.H.Hamilton, pastor. are: Beauford Adams, Queen quartet ratings were
Rev. F, D. Wilson will deliver, "The Victory of the Church" doing what in good conscience you know lathe right thing. If you FRIENDLY BAPTIST Amos, Vloletta Begun Roger awarded to William Gillesple,
the sermon at the 11:00 a, m. will be reviewed by Rev. H. C. graduate be clothed with humility motivated by slnc.rlty.and Services Sunday in Friendly Baptist Church begin with the Sun- Burton, Lois Carter, Alphonso ,Cheryl Muse, Michael Allen,
worship. :, Archie, pastor. Morning ser marked by service to others not Just self. day School at 9:30: a. m.,with Superintendent Nathaniel Brooken .Goggins, Ezekiel Hayes Theresa Calvin IIUcbell,VlDcut
The Church School will present vice at 11 o'clock with the pas Fashion in charge The pastor wW review the 11 II 0 n.C on s e c ra tI on Hlghtower, Marine Johnson, Harris Karrell Johnsoc.Garj
its Easter program on Sunday tor in charge. At 3 p. m., the Show Model, service at 10:45 o'clock and morning service at 11 o'clock. Janet Liptrot, Rosalyn Major Griffin and Timothy Waters.
afternoon beginning at 500pm.: Easter exercise will bepreseated. f Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 wW serve. BTU at 5:20: a. m., with Lewis Moore Wlllette McGrlff, t Superior student directing ra
and the annual Easter Egg Hunt Evening service at 6:30 Mrs. Llllle Fareell presiding. The Easter program wUlbe presented Leroy Spencer, MelvenyaSpencer tings were received by Ava R.
will be held on the church o'clock. All choirs and u s h t r s at 7 p. m., with Deacon Jesse Myrick: in charge. Gaylord Stokes, Bernard Bell and Renee Lilly Excellent'

grounds on Monday, April 11 at will serve with Mrs. Annie Mae Williams andD.borahWU- student directing rating t to
5:00: p.m. Davis at the orpn.Gladiola EMANUEL BAPTIST liams. Charles Simmons. Herman
On Wednesday April 13,Elder! Services Sunday in Emanuel Baptist Churctibegin the Sun Omega Savings Club Griffin, Angeletta Bullard, Michael
J. B. Darby and Deacon Ellen M. day School at 9:30: a. m., with Deacon George smith and Mrs. Mitchell, Deborah Robinson .
Green will hold the Mid-W e e k Ladies Mamie Fields in charge. Consecration service at 10.50 a. m., Meet Saturday and Rosa Cobb received
prayer serlvlce starting at 7.00: and covenant meeting at 12 o'clock. At 2:30 p. m., Holy Communion superior quintet ratings
p. m. in the Conference Room. 34th AnniversaryThe service with Rev. S. L. Badger pastor in charge The The Omega 12 Social and Charles Simmons Looglnue
t t tj pastor will deliver the sermon and Choirs 1, 2, and Usher Savings Club will meet Saturday Parsons Vincent Harris.
E FIGHT BIRTH DEFECTS Gladiola Ladles Club will Boards 1 and 2 will serve. Cecil B. Fisher and Mrs. Marian in the home of Mrs. Myrtle Gerard Blakely Gregory Jones..

r 4wi MARCH OF DIMES observe its 34th anniversary Carter will preside at the Instruments.At S p. m.,. the Easter Smith, 2215 Cato Road. Joseph Lucas Terry Harmon,.

April 17 at 4 p.m., in Wilder Exercise will be held. According to the president, Gary Griffin, Elwyn Curington,
Park Recreation Center plans will be made for the banquet Richie Reddlck, Edward Levis,
DANIEL 12:1: .Mrs. Cora Lewis president FRIENDSHIP> PRIMITIVE t, which is scheduled for William Gillesple and C. Mitchell
Great trouble is Just before us has announced that a program Friendship Primitive Baptist Church services Sunday begin April 30 in Douglas Anderson received excellent brass
with the Sunday School at 10 a. m.,w1tb Superintendent M. Mc- The meeting
School. previous choir
and we can survive ONLY In will be presented with outstanding ratings.
Nat In charge. At 11.30 a. m. morning service with Deacon J
God's Word. talent appearing. Clubs in : was held In the home of Mrs.
McPherson in charge of the devotion.Rev.Robinson
pastor Vernon Sands.
the city have been invited to at For more than 29
THE HOLY BIBLE will deliver the sermon. At 3 p. m., District 1 will meet in the. years
( tend.Hank"Meyest. home of Mrs. Luclle Johnson, 643 Llnclon Court, N. ,-,. Florida's Sunken Gardens JnSt
Authorized James Version is Petersburg hasofferedtte
King public relations .O\1'J.
Red Letters $5.98 p.p Charles Bridges Box 395,Ally Beach, was recently elected a Districts Union of New Galilee and United Baptist Churches : .. most every variety tropical
pattah StaUan, Mia m I, Florida! director of the Coca-Cola Bottling will be held Sunday atSp.m..1n United. The choirs of the .. vegetation in existence.

33142 Company of Miami."Jseksenuffk. churches will serve Rev W. M. mlth, pastor of United Bap- ..
C tist, wW be the speaker. Choirs 1.2. 3, will serve. Services The fist annual Pan American
begin with the Sunday School at 9:45: a.m.,with Mrs. Naomi Simsin .* .. Hotel Restaurant Exposition
charge. The lesson topic is,"What is the Church's destiny?" will be held Oct 31 throtigHNw.
I MODEL-Charming Phyllis Lumpkln ,7,fe one of the models and will be reviewed by the pastor. Morning service at I. lUll"111\\s 2 In the convention ball of Miami
I who'll be seen la the Fashion Show to be presented Sunday, April 11:05: o'clock. Choir 1 will sing BTUat 5 p. m. with .. Rosemary Beach
17 in the main ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel. Saw in charge. Evening service at 8 o'clock. Tuesday at
The affair is being sponsored for t the benefit of the Cancer 7.30: p. m.,' Bible Study, and prayer meeting at 8 p. m. Wednesday ,' Don't
Crusade and is scheduled to begin at 6 p. m. at 7 p. m., prayer meeting. will be held for the youth. Choir ipu Have To do To Town T"o Get
2 will rehearse at 8 p. m.

Services Sunday in Israelite Baptist Church begin with the Sun-

Lerpesf end'pest Rnesole ., Now OH Sale day School at 9:49 a.m.,with Mrs.Rose Dunn and Mrs. B. Johnson

__ ___ .. ..,,__.___ ._ f. a'" in charge. Horning service at 11 o'clock.Rev. L. C. Pr.... NEEDSTrade
175 N. MYRTLIAVI.rm Advanced tickets lot "purl1lV1ctorlous" unto a IUIUHHUI play. A* HI Bill ley pastor, will deliver the sermon. The Easter program will DRUGSTORE
vn: Iced tsI', not4 .l tA. Grref.r I''f OpntGout : featuring the Florida farces, everything is ,.grossly: ) be held at S p. m., and a Spiritual Tea will be sponsored at 4 ---.
Tournament: Ter"ale T.me'r Tmn. dnlt bt.w 0.. AIM University Play exaggerated No ideas or meanIng -' p. m. Evangelist Bernice Staten will be the speaker. -
ti, G.y B'tw" laded lit t*1 ,ilrttch and Capper Doug N"" are to be taken seriously with your Neighborhood DrugstoreE
18 j
makers comet April
'" under tit. 11>"' .
Nora et r .fnnd Centre ,It .r1 .dMVt t. una.. Me t1+r1 dwto in the Civic Auditorium are now profoundly. Such plays are USUally MT. ZION BAPTIST WILL MEET: ANY PRICES ADY. IN YOUR LOCAL
+/rl.nr.t"q Our nen te+nt/ered pmbtM1, ./f5 O'odurKnn" b.ri"tn., fD er.mpl LffA"011 e/ our oltt I on sale at New Stanton Senior presented for the audiences'! Services Sunday in Mt. Zion Baptist Church will begin with the Papers we. ellver. we also fill all Doctors -
eoniUt'nl t+elrn iM oi.r it) OBi .el.f, e.. bflmf/ I High School and may be obtained to laugh at the ridiculous situ-,t taliens. Sunday School at 9.30 a. m. Morning service 11 o'clock. The ( prescriptions. .
from any member of the staff or In this)connection,Ossle sermon will be delivered by an appointee. BTU at 4:30 p.m.,
Th. 0dd1.0.4.r.rit.Of Ttx P.. Pith let faculty. This announcement Davis is the first playwright to with Deacon L. Jackson in charge and evening service at 60'

WHITE PERCH a r I I s lb. 49c I made by Mrs. Mildred Hampton treat the race problem in a satirically clock. Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve throughout the day. Dixie
chairman of the committeein farcical manner. The Pharmacy
has charge ofpresentingtbePlaymakers New York Journal-A me r I c an FIRST NEW.ZJON
PtBLIf: NOTICE 7'a.! Conwrvstlon Dept ms nan*
!Imoiuly ?> alo) ,'M v* taxpayers I days to dlxpo o( Guild. called it: "A bright and gay Services Sunday in First New Zion Baptist Church begin with
exlenns\ Inn'ort of "Purlie Victorious" is a farce spoof of Dixie." the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent Joseph D. 1302. Kings Road At
FLORIDA LOBSTERS'1I.. 89c 'Comedy and one of the few plays It should be noteUthatthe! whole White in charge The topic, "The Victory of the Church will Myrtle Avenue
of Negro authorship that has had production is stylized to avoid be reviewed by the superintendent. Morning service at
+ 51..." Rtcamnxiitf GrvflN tr Grl. a succ essful production on the Impression of a realistic '11 o'clock. At 4 p.mthe Deaconess Board will meet at the Phones Elgin 555979.8

GRUNTS . lb. 35c Broadway.! In this play Ossle problem play. The sets the exaggerated church. Evening service at 6:30: o'clock. Choir Sand Usher
".,".,,. I om ".y 14'..' Davis the playwright has taken and bombastic acting Board 3 will serve. Rev. C. C. Brown, pastor,.will,deliver themessages. --- --.
many of the plantation stereo- and the arbitrary lighting are PAY YOUR WA7ER'
BEACH WHITING lb. 45c types and the clinches found in designed to enhance anon-real- LIGHT, AND TEEPHONE[
numerous plays and stories of istic situation comedy and to FELLOWSHIP>> BAPTIsT
n>n\'inr inr-At' mm-Hrv the old South and composed them bring out the frony and the hu- Services Sunday in Fellowship Baptist Church 1414 Logan BILLS AT OUR 'STORE *
.. rnorof the star.b .
,Street begin the Sunday School at the usual hour. At 11

.. ,. .-. o'clock, morning service begins Rev. G. H. Hamilton pastor -. .
r will deliver the sermon. At 3.30: p. m., district meeting. All 1IIIIIIIIIi""" ,.' .' '
districts have been asked to make monthly reports. BTU at 5 .'. ..
p. m. The Easter program will be presented at this time.

Services Sunday in Mt.-Tabor Baptist Church will begin with
the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent Barr
presiding. Consecration service at 10:45 a. m., and morning n
\ 'V.r service at 11 o'clock. At 3 p. m., the Easter program will be
presented at 3 p. m. BTU at 5 p. m., and eveningsenrlceat 7
p0GU ay o'clock. Choir I and Usher Board will serve with Mrs. Dora n .
t afOV thy Cbllds at the console. Rev. H. T. Overstreet pastor will i
Mt have charge of the services l 4 PA '
3 "W'.Jt:
.,.. SPIRITUAL : ffKsrq
.i\4 SUNSHINE I _.. .
O Services Sunday\ in the Sunshine Spiritual Church begin with ,>,WW* Iu
the Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Morning service at 11 o'clock. ? \ IJOti. i
Baptismal service will be held at 3:30: p.m., with Rev Sarah : __. __ k ..I'
.. r
"' 0 YTAMM E. Jones pastor, in charge The Latest
., Hair Styles

Services Sunday in Greater St. Mark Baptist Church,Mayport; Are Taught At The.
i begin with the Sunrise service at 5:30 a. m. Sunday School at
10:00 a. m. and morning service at 11:30 o'clock.: The Easter
I \ '{ program wW be presented at 3:30: p.m.Evening service at 7.3fto'clock. : JACKSONVILLEBARBER

: I Rev A. Thomas.will deliver the message. ..

,. Missionary Day will be observed Sunday in First Born Temple
825 W. Monroe Street. Services begin with the Sunday School at COLLEGE' INC
: Beefat' q't e 10 a.m., with Superintendent M. McQueen In charge. Morning ,
Best ee
1 its service at 11 o'clock.: Missionary Rosetta Cohen will speak!

.. J Afternoon service at 3:30p.m.: and the Easter program at 5:30 630
__ o.m. Evening! service begins at $ o'clock. DAVIS STREET


e \

..... -


,. PACE 5

I wlded.olarship Off To Art Festival 'Cml'RighrBig: Sir..; To Speak At F FAMUIilPIiJI'IIhu Supreme Court Featured In-.Play I

&.;;.W... .oM.......... -.M., __ _

To Spark While G j Asked To Rule


1, Irr House June Confab :I! Right t To Counsel l,1aw

"Big Six" of the nation's civil -
Legal Defense and Educational
rights leaders are playing a
Fund today asked the Supreme)
prominent role on a 29-mem-
s I Court to rule on whether state
ber council to develop an ''IC- ,
courts are to provide legal
tion oriented" agenda for the
counsel for ,
indigent defendants'
White House Conference on Civil .
accused of misdemeanors.The .
Rights, June 12.
Issue in the
The council, comprised of across I principal
Find's petition In behalf of
section: of national leaders -
on the civil rights front Is Robert Winters, 124-year-old
Negro bus boy, is whether a
holding a series of weekendfork
1963 Supreme Court ruling applies '
sessions" at the White
r. to all defendants who cannot -
rr House to work out the format
afford a lawyer or only to
and a substantive agenda for
with felonies.
the historic conference.
Among those serving are A. The IJMcase.GMeonv.Wtln-
I wright, established a judicial
Philip Randolph, an honoraryconference
1 doctrine that state courts must
chairman; Roy Wll.klns I
,, NAACP executive director appoint lawyers for defendants
who cannot afford to retain
; Whitney M.Young, Jr., executive counsel
director, National Urban -
Winters was convicted of a 3
\ r 7;u League; the Rev lfartinLather
morals offense Involving white
King Jr., president
"' woman In Little Rock Ark,and
I : Southern Christian
SCHOLARSHIP *IkNERS- -Pictured here :re Leadership sentenced to 30 days in Jail and
Conference SCLC) MeKinirk
( Floyd -
three of four Florida fined $254
A&M University High nstlfa cS1'i cfor
Congress -
School seniors who have been awarded scholarships 'oaR'aclalEquality -i Unable to pay the floe, he was Shown here are Reginald McGIII ; 'Pat-
committed to the County Penal
to the Midwestern Music and Art (CORE); John Lewis,chairman, Farm to work It off at the rate rica Davis who will appear in the forthcoming -

Camp, at the University of Kansas Rawranee Student Non-Violent Coordinating of one dollar a day, extending presentation of "Purlle I Victorious"under

Kas. from June 19 to ;July 31. Leftto Committee (SNCC); andMiss l- -' his Jail sentence nine-and-a-- the sponsorship of the faculty of
Dorothy Helcht,pres1deat.1)
right, pictured here, are:: Helen John National Council of Negro Wo. PERFORMS AT ART FESTIVAL---Miss/ Armenta half months Defense Fund New Stanton Senior High School April 18

son, daughter of yr. and Mrs. James L. men. Adams, ,I Internationally famed pianist I and argued The Legal before the Arkansas in the Civic Auditorium.

Johnson, Tallahassee; Darryl T. Gorhaa, Dr. Allison Davis School of member of the Department of Music facultyat preme Court that Winters was Miss Davis plays the role of Idella I I Landy

son of Mrs. Thelma T. Gorhan, and Judith Education, university of Chicago Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, not represented by a lawyer at and Mr. McGiII I I will I I appear as Charlie Cot-
also is
council member
Moore, daughter' of Dr. and Mrs. Oscar A. along with U.a S.District JudgeA. will perform April 13, at the First World his trial and therefore was unconstitutionally chlpee In the fame Broadway hit by Osse|

Moore. Not shown is William Lawyer (Billy) Leon Higginbotham Jr.,Philadelphia Festival of Negro Arts at Dakar, Senegal ,However the convicted.Arkansas Davis. Other members of the cast will I be
;: ,
Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawyer smith ; Rater Johnson, West Africa. .The daughter of Mr and Mrs. Supreme the Internationally famous Pla makers

Helen and Judy were awarded instrumental former Olympic decathlon Albert Adams, of Cleveland, Ohio, Miss .Gideon VCWainwrtghtt a sunder Guild from Florida A and University(

music acholarah.ips.' Darryl a bais-baritone Jordan champion Jr., director and Vernon, Voter E. Adams is a graduate of the Juilllard I I I I need only supply a lawyer when under the direction of Dr. Randolph Ed-

and Billy, a tenor, were awarded Education proJect Southern School bf Music. Fol lowing her appearanceat I a defendant is charged with a munds.

.vocal music scholarships. 'Regional Council, Inc. the festival In Dakar, she will embarkon felony.
Under Arkansas law, a felony i iTo End Racial Barriers '
President Lyndon B. )Johns<< a month-long concert tour of Africa ,Is a crime punishable at state f (IllUlui, Boils I
proposed the conference In his LOS ANGELESNPIUThe ,
that will I take her to Lagos. Nigeria ; :penitentiary. Mlsdeinianors
TRAIN NOW FOR TOMORROWS JOBS commencement'' addressat California Medical Association OMAHA,-(NPI)-The mid-
Luska Zambia are usually punished by
; Blantyre Malawi Dar-es-
Howard! University last June ; Imprisonment at county work has approved a recommendation west's largest collection of I
'4 "to help the American Negro Salaam, Tanzania; and Kampala, Uganda.--- farms or jails. Legal Defense that membership in the books on Negro life and historynow
fulfill the rights which after the FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. ,Fund attorneys maintain that American Medical Association repose in the local public
long time of injustice, he is finally this has nothing to do with a be banned to any medical society library, thanks to Delta Sigma
BARNEY F. COBB about to secure.: defendant's need for a lawyer practicing segregation duringthe Theta Sorority.
The council: the President NAACP Labor Director Representing Winters in the closing session of the or- The interracial women's group
plained, would have the responsibility cue are Legal Defense Fund ganliatlon's 85th annual officially turned over the col
ANNOUNCES HIS Ir e for sitting through the Director-Counsel Jack Green- meeting. lection last week during special
CANDIDACY FOR 1'1t concepts, proposals and programs -> Investigate Youth Center berg, James M. Nabrit m, Michael The recommendation to the ceremonies presided over by
outlined In the NOY.I'1- COLUMBUS Meltsner, Alfred Fein- AMA also urged the California Dr. Geraldine P. Woods, Los
ATTORNEYGENERAL : 18 planning\ session and develop ,Ohio-The NAACPbascalledm U. S. Secretary berg and Gerald Smith of New body to Join other states who Angeles national president.To ,
>> "programs for change" to of Labor Wlllard Wlrti to nuke a formal Investigation Into the York and John Walker of Little plan to submit similar resolutions be known as the "Delta
be presented to the conference operations of the Columbus Youth Opportunities Center and to I Rock. to secure 100 percent Sigma Tbeta Collection," each,
participants for their consideration cut off Federal funds to the Center pending the outcome d then backing for a Joint resolutionat I. publication making up the gift

OF FLORIDACobb and action. investigation.. .revealed widespread Incompetence ,may va:........m.... the AMA's Chicago convention jwlll carry a commemorative
One of the two conference vice In a letter to Mr. WIn from,I In the YOC: staff- In June. I bookmark..... with this designation.

..,. lie seeks to 90 higher in public serv- chairmen assisting the council Columbus Labor Committee
ke. Barney F. Cobb, a City Councilman of Jacksonville on a full-time basis Is the Rev. Chairman David G. IfcConnell,
i of Walter Fauntroy, SCLS Wash and Herbert Hill NAACP kli
operator a commercial art service, today -
his .. ington Bureau director,who will i rector labor
announced candidacy for Attorney.General for for program, the
the.St..*,., fJerM*.".,Cebb, a resident of.Joekwnvllla !travel throughout the country NAACP charged that the Center I. ,) ,. '. .
during the past 42 yean, hoi'previously) teken meeting with grassroots and indigenous I"has been operating In clew and
a. active part In political and civic affair H. Is a leadership.Rev. ,deliberate violation both of the
member. ef the Baptist Church, and 11,.. with hit Fauntroy's responsibilitywill (Department of Labor's own re- MARKET
wife and mother at 279 East 25th Street. Cobb was be to assure full participation ,''gulations and of Title VI of the SUPER
educated in the schools af western Kentucky priorto of these groups in all phases 1964 Civil Rights Act."
moving to Florida, and has operated a commercial of the conference. He also will' Although the agency"established -
art business for mere then thirty years which confer with other local leaders primarily to serve the
has enabled him to become widely acquainted who have first band knowledge disadvantaged young Negroes THESE PRICES GOOD, THOUGH( SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE B..
throughout the state. of the problems.The In Columbus "the center has
In his announcement, Cobb said that If elected, knowingly and repeatedly accepted -,
he will ga to Tallahassee with a free end open Florida Canners Association racially designated Job ,FRESH
mind, ready to lend an understanding ear te the 1s celebrating its 35th anniversary orders from employers and!
citizens and taxpayers of Florida. He said het he ; The association was has filled Job orders on a racial
would consider this office a sacred trust, demand organized in Tampa in 1931 and .basis," the NAACP charged.In .
'ing adherence to fundamentals of democratic moved to Winter Haven In 1959. an accompanying 14-pag PORK
government. "Law'Is that which is nobly' asserted, complaint, the NAACP Quoted ROAST ,35C
and ably maintained", Cobb said. .In order to .be a .J Willard P. Dudley, administrator
Judge of the United Stores Supreme Court, it is The 11168 Spring Meeting of the of the Center u having tolda
not 'legally required for one to ba a lawyer. I quote, Florida Public Relations Assa. group of YOC trainees that,
the Tampa Tribune doted March I 1. 1966, in which will be held May 1Z-14 In Tallahassee he didn't believe in disadvantaged -
., it is stated that all of the attorneys of the staff of with convention sessions youth!, "because if you've AZAU SUGAR CURED SMOKED
being staged la the chamber -
the Attorney General of Florida do.not agree th.ta got It, you'll make It anyway"
of the House of
parson must .ba a lawyer to serve as Attorney NAACP Investigations further
General. The law should' follow the pulse' of thapeople. tives. C
Now' I, as a layman, and a public officeholder I 12 ", ".";
have become accustomed to' feeling HAM 55
pulse of tha average voter. I know what they th.t EasterSpecials l6.
end whet they da net wan*. 1A
Many members of the Bar Association are supporting
ma, and I shall rely" on all the members
of same when circumstances warrant their able
PeW........u............by ...., r.c...

l Ari filter Tin fur 'DETERGENT lU.m.25C


Royal Art Studio "

Social, Commerlcal Studio Servffta GRADE A SMALL I


I EGGS oZ39c'I

Closed All Day Tuesday EL- 41894 ,


You Seek The Best Doctor. f. ,

When Your Doctor Prescribes, FROZEN FRENCH FilED POTATOES 2 LB. BAG 25C'
Pharmacists "
Get Experienced f..J'

...According to Doctor's ,..
your -
KEN KNIGHT Orders. We Use Only The Best J. FANCY TENDER POLE lEANS LB. 'ft

Qualltv Drags ....,.'., ,1 _
-Invites You To" Listen To::; C. t. BLAUlk;
BIG lAND"DANCE .3 Registered Pharmacists TO Serve you

----A COMPLETE LINE 0 pCo..tlc.Rubber ---- FLOUR 5. ll. ''AI 4'

IT 45
11:30: iii 12:00': DELIVERED-

Saturday, ,9 p.m. til )12:00, : p.m.; lillyS' Drvg Store VEGETOLE SHORTENING 3 lI. CAN 5'

1901 KINGS''ROADEL38276



t.I. L 1 L)

I --S S

w. .. .._..... .... ._... ..
.n .. ..__.... ... .

. = =


: }Z-T----:7-v: : q ..j: r : : "":, l. ; -- t





I', Plans For Progress Committeemam Research Center IJofsiag' For Harlem WORLD NEWS Famed Artist Visits Bethune Cookman

To Speak To FAMU Students .... ----
BodyTALLAHASSEE .., ..... .
-. Goes To Si: PeteST. DIGEST
Placement Bureau.

Jones, a native of East Orange, PETERSBURG- (NSA rlit MILITARY BRASS
N. J., Is in charge of the Chemical new research center costing $2 ..RIO DE JANEIRO (NPI)>-
Bank; New York Trust Com million will be built in St. Old generals never die,"they Just
pany's Lenox Avenue at 125th Petersburg by t the Jim Walter I seek office as president of their
Street office A 1924 graduateof Corporation countries, and In Brazil, three
the East Orange High School, The center will provide! about generals have entered the race
where he was a member of the 12S new Jobs and will have an to succeed President Humberto r
rw track and football teams,be was annual payroll of more than $1 Castello Bran eo.The hopefulsare
also graduated In 1959 from the million when in capacity opera- Generals Artur da Coste
American Institute of Banking.He tion. SUva; Amaury Kruel, former
worked at various Jobs,including The researchcenterre local police chief, and Oswaldo
those of butler, chauffeur presents a shift of t the Cables 'Cordelro de Farina, who was
and factory hand and after Corporation research center commander of Brazil's World
four years of service lathe from Des Plalnes, DL, to St. War n expeditionary force In
army was discharged with the Petersburg. Cables Is 'a at ,Italy.
rank of first sergeant in 1945. subsidiary of the Tampa-based it
Fla. -GlascoW. For five years be did factory Jim Walters Corporation.About .. ART EXHIBIT.WASHINGTON'
Jones, representative of the work, and In 1950, be began his 70 professional research staff t "', (NPI)- A
Plans for Progress CommitteeIn career with the Chemical Bank members and their families tr4 .;collection of 150 selected works
conjunction with the Presi New York Trust.Company. He will be transferred to St. .of traditional African art was
dent's Commission on Equal was named chief clerk the fol Petersburg from.Des Plaints. opened in the museum of African ---
Employment Opportunities,will lowing year and was advanced Art last week, for exhibition Charming Lena Horne as she is greeted by
speak to the Florida AIM University to assistant manager In 1955 .* w throughout the springand Miss Minnie Thomason after her speech at
student body on Tuesday and manager in 1961.
summer months. Taken Bethyne-Cookman College In
I! April 5, according to an from the Peabody Museum of Florida. Daytona Beach

announcement by C.c.C\IDD1nc- DiscrimiHqtioR I In HorsiNg Harvard University, the exhibit
ham, director of the FAMU n Includes figures, masks and"

IRHerr. Bern, N. C. and utensils wood In Ivory, bronze, clay. id *

NEW. BERN, N. C. -NAACP Legal Defense and EducationalFund i .- MADAME: MAYOR Your Good HealthBy
attorneys last week file suit in Federal District Court here SLUM HOUSING FOES: Mr. Clement R. Cumber-
DALAT South Viet
seeking to prohibit New Bern public housing officials; from arbitrarily batch ( center) acting director of Asso- Mrs. Nguyen, Tyu Hua Nam-NPI,a 48yearold )

denying housing to Negroes._ ciated Community Teams, flanked by Miss I mother of tbreeLndwUeoflpbslciaDnrlun

Fund lawyers contend that New to public housing because she Shirley Rector, coordinator of ACT'S' Har- at Dalat( DR. SAMUEL 1.. ANDELMAN. M. D., M. P. H.

I Bern policies deny due..process has had children out of wedlock, lem Domestic Peace Corps and New York City Hospital recently achieved two
and equal protection of the law, two others are facing eviction Deputy Buildings Commissioner William I "firsts" with one fell swoop. BED WETTING
violate the intent andpurposeof because of the birth of Illegitimate {She became simultaneously the Many parents make the mistake of expecting a child to have
Federal public housing laws and children. Diamond at a recent panel discussion regarding first civilian and the first perfect bladder control at 18-24 months Although this varies

deny adequate housing to needy The complaint also chargesthat the question of housing In the woman to be appointed mayor with different children, true control should not be expected un-
women and children. another plaintiff has been Harlem community. under the present regime.BornIn ill the child is three, and scolding or shaming child about
In a complaint filed In behalf told that her grandchildren,who North Viet Nam, she moved wetting the bed only will add to his nervous tension and aggravate
of a group of Negro women, the live with her in public housing *" ,to the south In 1954 at the end the problem.
civil rights lawyers contend project, must either move, or. Ready To Record of the French-Indochina war. Every child should be encouraged to urinate Just before going
r New Bern public housing Is ale: wW be evicted. to bed, and for the child under three, It is wise for parents to
segregated, Negroes are Still another was evicted from ;. -\"I' .J .. ..",", _. 11 I NEW DESIGNS get him up again when they go to bed. This Is not toilet training,
t ftUlUd, charged higher rents than are a public housing project, after, I AUCKLAND -(NPI)-After but merely a precaution against bed wetting.
whites In similar circum- having lived t ere 'five'years, ,: i, ,the furor created over the dei Even after a child reaches the age of three, an occasional wet-
stances and Negroes are denied because of the olrth of an illegitimate \', !,signs for the reverse side of tin should not be viewed with alarm or made an occasion for
due process of law Inappllcatlon child. Two other plalntUfs c,,, ]' the new decimal coinage punishment
and eviction procedures.The were evicted In the last 'scheduled to debut In July, If an older child, who has had normal bladder control, reverts
suit also seeks to enjoin week for the same reason. ]J '1967, the New Zealand government to bed wetting, hechouldnaveanexamlnatlon t >y a' kidney
officials from barring women All the plaintiffs complain that h'r Issued anew set of de- specialist (urologist) because this Is often a manifestation of a
from public housing because of the management of the public t t"y' .I signs. The rejected designs Include kidney or bladder disease. It may also be a manifestation of a
,birth of illegitimate children. housing projects requires them it rJK those of the Southern severe emotional disturbance.
WMIM, Named as defendants in the to sign leases that require them ., Cross flax bush, mountains, This may occur when he feels that his place has been usurped
( suit are the City of New Bern, to vacate their homes, without lTs I Maori mask and,motifs,rugby'\ 'by a new baby or when be has a feeling of insecurity.. the habit,
Spoflighf"ProduCt the New Bern Housing Author- opportunity for hearing, in the & footballer and a high country persists, he may need psychiatric help.]
1 ity and the executive director event of the birth of an Illegitimate I imusterer on horseback Bed wetting Is sometimes blamed on a behavior disorder, but
Of The Week and Individual commissioners child. t. more often than not the behavior disorder is the result, not thecause
of the Housing Authority.One The leases may be terminatedon :INFLATION, of the failure to control the bladder.
Florida of the plaintiffs allegessae 30 days notice by the Housing SYDNEY, Australia -(NPI- Electric: devices are available that set off an alarm at the first
Miami, I : has been denied admittance Authority, but tenants must give A move Is underway among New contact with moisture, but they are not very successful because
six months notice if they wish to .. GuInean tribes to Introduce a they do not attack the underlying cause, and do hot work until
move from public housing, the j' 'standard price for purchasing-: some wetting lias already occurred. .
complaint charges. P'l brides, which during recent. When a disease of the kidney or bladder can be ruled out, however -
( .
New Bern officials also main- : I years has been afflicted by inflation. the drug Imlpramlne may help] the child with a bed-wetting
tain separate public housing for In an effort to keep face, problem. Thedrugcan be obtained only with a doctor's prescrlp-:
WAMEDIAL ,Negroes and whites, the (families have been borrowing tion, and should I be given under careful medical supervision

complaint alleges, and Negroesare heavily to meet bride price de-

I charged higher rents than es 1 1mandcthat. han ranged u high
are their white counterparts.The k lac fl,HO.. Only two stables have won the ADAM GLORIA
suit asks for a temporary., .- '1'-' Flamingo at Hlaleah two successive -
restraining order and preliminary I';' '... years. Woolford Farm
I- and permanent injunctions BEGUILING) LORRIANE D.lIroN'S'yes. sparkleand Negro Get HearingOn made It in 1939 and 1940 and Pafin &Spiritualist: Keener AO-
her smile flashes she anticipatesher visor In all affairs of life
as :Love.
against the pr.ctlces complained Calumet Farm did It In 1947
: of. first Mercury recording session. T.V. Bais and 1948 with Faultless and Marriage, Business, Sickness.1etc. ,

i Legal Defen 'attorneys. The rapidly rising young vocalist went Citation. Lucky Days, dreadful
WASHINGTONNfl)- The Is no home
I so '
I handling the ct ire J.Levon- the
: through test with flying colors. A that
U. S. Court of Appeals for the : she can't help. Located at-
ne- Chambers Charlotte' Jack DlctorCounsel longtime singer of ballads, it took eight District of Columbia ruled last Florida's lemon Industry was 901 N. W. 79th St. Phone; 751-
\ Green-
1260 erg, C. Stephen Ralston and years before her discovery and ultimate Ne-groes ) almost totally destroyed by the 9307. Open 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.
Charles H. Jones of New York. recording contract. (NPI Photo) I ,, freeze of 1894-95 after which dally and Sunday. Located in
Working with them is Edward 'ion their charges of racial disJ the lime Industry expanded, .Miami, 'Florida. 'ODe visit to
V. Sparer, Legal Director of :crimination in broadcasting by says the Florida Fruit Vege MADAM GLORIA and you will
''a television station. table feel the dUferenre.
the Center on Social Welfare
CAMPUS NEWSONE The ruling was described as Half price with this
Policy and Law, Columbia University adliuinilflthe "" ,,!
"''a sweeping decision" by
I very
School of Social Work.
Henry Geller general counsel -
FLORIDA'SQ TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -(FAMU)Beginning on April 10, and ,!to the Federal Communications
Man CoNvicted continuing through the month of April,one-man exhibit of !i Commission.
paintings, graphics, sculpture] and ceramics by Leonard Ba ill It was the first court ruling
Second Time Foote, senior majoring art at Florida AIIM University! will be i requiring the commission to
on display In the University's Carnegie Art Center. allow members of the public
For Rape The exhibit will be In partial f fulfillment of Foots's requirements at large to challenge renewalsof
for the bachelor's degree In art. broadcasting licenses ,
1 BROOKLYN, N. Y.NPI; ) The son of Mrs. N. J. Foote of 320 W. Pershlng. Tallahassee, The charges against station '
# I George Whitmore, Jr., a 21- Foote was born In New York City In 1938. He studied at the New WLBT-TV included assertions -
year-old Negro was found guilty York School of Art and Design from 1955 to 1958, when be enter that it carried a dispropor ..
for the second time of attempted ed the military service.Upon his discharge from the U. S. ArmyIn tionate amount of commerlclals
rape and assault on Mrs. Elba. 1961, Foote worked for two years In the field of commercialart and entertainment.
Borrero, a practical nurse. In New York City. Previously, the commission .
= Originally convicted In refused to allow members of

November of 1964 of the attackon ................ ,,the public to dispute a station's
I Mrs Bo rero-( the verdictwas license renewal, except when SHORTY$35..
set aside when it was disclosed FAMUans TO GET AWARDS electrical interference or economic -
that one of the Jurors TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -(FAMU)-Three Florida AIM University : Injury was alleged. T.r..c >Ut. III..SN.d t t.l.j.0(
RHYTHM bad uttered racial slurs during Accordingly, the commission a Mdl Half t.L.wIr..H.t/.r0.l
& BLUES graduates and a member of the university staff will receive ,, ond NI..M..t.Mad iwmr' ondoddriM.
the I .It declined to order a hearing .. r.
un yt r y' coveted"meritorious ac hie veme D taward" II'* row FRKE *
Whitmore was exonerated of 1964 when two civil rights leaders ...u..<. u
during the spring commencement exercises here Saturday
the I ktUinllr HooJIhv N.r.rl7ra.r a.1MddaI.i ,..... ,Inc.Doot. .
murders of Emily Hofferth April 16, at 9:00 a. m. -.Aaron Henry and RobertT. CHOWS, from lh' HAIR MOOTS It 5, Sklyn :JS, ...Y. ,
and Janice Wylie, whom be had Dr. George W. Core Jr. president of *announced the Smith-and toe UnitedChurch ta YOUR SCAUP. Th..MUW.n
.ur lutr .It.s >p.nd. hoovllr
allegedly admitted slaying in selection of Samuel Cohen of Miami, Dr. LaSalle D. LeFall of of Christ opposed .n t e ..ivnl h..lth St :
1963. In his stead, Richard Ro- Washington, D. C., Dr. R. L. Anderson Tallahassee, and Dr. WLBTs application for a thrNear .e.ip Not, ta..llel..lIra'Y..o.iDOCroc"l\tar
bias was convicted of the Flossie It, Byrd of Prairie View, Texas, as recipients of the renewal of Its license. I'' uk ....... CASSONOSLwhka
crimes. However, Whitmore award for exemplary services. The church a national Protestant MI bMMHctel M tnlIN Incrodlont with Many*. m:
RADIO STATION dill is under Indictment for the denomination with a BONOEC I..u.h..u y .owr.ful 'COMB.I
murder, to which he allegedly AEROSPACE SAVINGS large membership In the area. work.nU..pd..ed.. dew.n lurk ITCHY tin* ;
I admits, of Mrs Minnie Ed- By using the metric system, Among the charges was a complaint 8UIIPY. DANDRUFF onto that
monds in Brooklyn on April the ucrospucc industry could over an editorial broad- .MV TSSiCtn(It u lor IlkUhlr OMB?
14, 196-C. MVC SUM) million BEFORE a cast at the time of the University I ,scalp. trouble. Many *neerh.d.
yearly, the itonulluo4 orolfr MMUm !-
"WHAMMYIN The key witness against Whit- Catholic l Digest YOU START of Mississippi Integration or* erotthr rolUvo4.br" IM*
: report ..
more In the rape-assault trial ( ANY FIRE I crisis In 1962 which declared Mo ( thu Triple itr.ii th Ur
.......... fonriulo. Write for ikta D was the victim, Mrs. Borrero, FLUORIDATION .. "The word of the hour,the word OKNVIKB SCALP FORMULA t--
who said, "I will never forget of the day, the word of the yearIsJJeverr -.j It(*wlU n.dy oo. Mal M UMJ.to bee oil rr. I '
his face as long as I live." Itcc.iiiio: the question i is a political JW a DAYS .Mu aot :. w..U.a.o.Yy :fu'
Assault in the I IIHUO in many areas, 10,. Follow : ... your movtbock. Tr IIOT DY.fh....'....w11Ya.."... wep.r4,
second There also t.
degree, were complaintsthat only HM on d.et.r, Tai toohid .d f
with attempt to rape, carries a (MM() U. S. communities are still local the station's weather reports ** ovorylMn. Bont 7. AI"( .. DYSD 4l o.
punishment ofa five-year maximum without lluorijation, tho Catholic regulations' occasionally ended with d laiM. moro. Uw You(A*(H claw N wUVf MKDICATio U- afgtfn.. fnr.101.>. ::.l1.e. ..N.* .
l notes. Mora than 8.000 SCALP fORMUlA row'moMr El' C ."". ci-. c5
sentence and a$1,000 fine. Digest the prediction "Tomorrow
: CM any. Your air .... 5? .Nf.d. U p..t or ._. .
iiriiJcH end over 3.CMK( ) clinical km)* ft ... CUM la sit .ho4M aioaM
.... cloudy with demonstrators. yd..ro. ** nro. JIN 'I.U_ elw..a t>
"IHN-A!i, HKIOI I..' ,and biological Hindus! including It was also charged that the MIDAll ,.,W orfdroi PRODUCT* to GOLD INC., -,. ...'''.. ...1.. ........ ..,. ...,
MIAMI" 1)IMOVF.ltyIIIII'II1w1 : ; an extensive iinalytit by hc U.'S. station discriminated against 0.M't .te J ............. II. 55.5It.Nd.l- d.IIowy .fr.!: .'....
foxier slum 'I '
/ wm liou.ie 1a. W Y. )fOTE .n.j4
work (Cutholic Digest. I'uhlic Health Service, have local activities of the Roman fn IRUSMULLA .rYt.. S Iq1%: ..... 3r.t. ,. :...',....
proved its. cITcclivencsH Catholic church I AN YMitl aQyge r a.I11y. U. tlow Y.II


''I; Ii I Ir I

,, _....
A (- "- .. .__.-.-- .. ...........


Profiles Fishermen Get Rattlers Still Challenging Not all fishes have stomachs,

I Cincinnati eve the Miami Seaquarlum's I
-- -- -------
Of Cowing, StirS Bag Increase Reds Capt. Bill Gra,. The intestines I
of the par rotfishes,for instance
-<'.. connect to the throat.

TALLAHASSEE Florida's TAMPA, Fla.; You have to go back a long way and do considerable
\ fresh water fishermen can look researching to find a case which parallels the great : 'The 'curing of cigar tobacco
o forward to an Increased bag limit comeback of "Hamilton Joe"Nuxhall,the Cincinnati Reds'left- e, ,+' takes more than two years.
on panflsh starting on the hand pitcher.
first of July. The Game and Since his purchase from the then Cincinnati farm club San WatchThis
Fresh Water Commission Diego, on July Zl, 1962, Joe's contribution has to be ranked as
clded to Increase the bag limit' one of the most amazing comebacks in the annals of baseball. Clown
from 35 to 50 at a recent meeting Since his return from San Diego Joe has won 40 and lost 20
of the Com missionsHomosassa for the Reds In writing his great comeback.Yet S Yf 879 -14 584 :
r on March &5. The new u In almost every season,Joe has to battle for a starting '.
fishing regulation will providefor berth on the Reds' mound staff.
a dally bag of 50 panflsh,10 How does Joe feel about this? 42 97 &66

a bass and 15 chain pickerel except Everyone has to battle for a job which all right with' me I ,
In Dade, Broward, Collier kinds like it that way. Although this year I hope I start right oft 1 6 3
.s and Monroe counties where the In rotation. But its
regular pitching up to the club. Whatever
cSa11 B.CCCape panflsh Is oft ''they want to do is okay with me. I've never been on a pennantfelnner 5 W 9
W. Chairman minor or major leagues and I hope It.can come true this!
the Game and Fresh WaterCommisslon'cald. declared '
year, the likeable lefty.
"There Is no Reds' pitching coach Mel Harder has been very Impressed with -A 4 8
reason why we should not allow Nuxhall. '

the fisherman an Increased bag "Nuxhall," declared Harder, "Is one of the hardest workersI've 1I 367 16 586
on panflsh. The biological ever seen In baseball. All our pitchers have worked hard .,
findings of the Commissions but Joe has been one of the hardest,especially for a fellow who I t 434 19 4&
/ ', fishery division prove that the'fisherman' has been around for so long a time.
FIRST BASEMAN LEE ANDREW MAY BORN March 23,1943 Is catching only a "Joe,',' continued Harder, "has complete control himself all
((22)) at Birmingham, Alabama. BATS-Right. THROWS-Right. small percentage of the panflsh the time. His biggest asset is control ofhlmself and of Us -/ Sometimes He's Up SometimesHe's
HEIGHT 6-3. WEIGHT 200. ANCESTRY Negro. MARRIED population and thatan Increasedbag ches. He works constantly on his control. I watch him pitch' __ LiTh l Down He adds subtracts,
Terrye Perdue, January 18, 1962. CHILDREN-Have two the limit will in no way damage batting practice* and he works diligently on his rhythm and' He works it all around
daughters. WINTER ADDRESS- 2413 Tempest Drive,Birmingham fishery resource"Another control and then he'll go to the sidelines and work on throwing l
UXAlabama.. HOW OBTAINED BY REDS Cincinnati: Farm change: In the fishing at the corners and works with all his pitches."In 4068194'COMING
System. % regulations to by the the Commission 12 Inch the first fifteen days of spring training,"Harder said, I'll, t ATTRACTIONSMANS } '
Lee May.ne of the best prospects in all baseball, had a tre was limit remove bass In Putnam size venture to say Joe threw In thirteen of these days I've talkedto .
mendous season with the San Diego Padres as he tore the Pacific on county. Joe and be says he knows hehas to get In shape and goes
: Coast League apart.Padre manager Dave Bristol considered: The size limit was Imposed several right out and works off the rough spots. Everyone has to work RATTLER CO-CAPTAINS"-RATTLER CO-CAPTAINS. Carl
May one of the finest major league prospects he has seen In nine years ago as a part of a off the roughness but Joe r'al11psabout it In great fashion" Champion (left) of Gary Ind. and l Richard Williamsof
years of managing. In study Putnam program on bass stocking. When Nuxhall pitched two-thirds of an Inning for Cincinnati Havanna, Fla. are aiming for another successful DAYS ARENUMBERED
Before reporting to the Reds on September 1, the rlghthanded" At the Homosassa County. the back on June 10, lHe almost two months before his 16th birthday year with the Florida MM University Rattlers'
May, playing 143 games blasted doubles,seven triples, 34 meeting he became the youngest player ever to appear In a major ',
Commission also establishedthe baseball nine, Champion led the FAMU sluggers in
homers chased: across: 103 runs and batted.321 along with leadIng league game.It .
the league with 327 total bases. After J joining the Reds on general regulations for the was then back to the minors for the well-liked "Nux" and batting last year with'a ,405 average Williams
September 1st, May appeared In five games,going hitless in four resident 1966-67 hunting birds season for he struggled for years before be finally made it back* making batted 348. The Rattlers have been Southern Intercollegiate 'M aD'. Days are Num-
trips. game and the Reds' Varsity la 1952, the first of his nine full, consecutive Athletic Conference baseball champions bered.' Health and
animals. The for deer
May's superlative play won him "Most Valuable Player on the season seasons with the Reds. for the past alx'years. Fortune Can Be Yours When;
turkey quail squirrel! bear and
Padres" honor; the "Most Popular Padre", voted by the fans; wild hog, will, November, 12 Big Joe had some fine years with the Reds during that time 'You Know Your Lucky Days
named by a poll of the managers as"the most dangerous hitter open 12-5 for the 1954 Red team; 17-11 in 1955 and leading the
in the Coast League," and he was tied as the first baseman on In Fifth the Conservation First, Second Districtsand ,Fourth and league with five shutouts; and 13-11 in 1956. Miami Dolphins Football Camp Lucky Colors Etc.
the league's All-Star team. week later Joe was traded on January 2C, 1961 to Kansas City for John Send$2.00 for your
one November
As a_youngster in the Reds' farm system May had a tendency: 19 in the Third District.on Tsltourls and John Briggs He was 5-8 with Kansas CityIn Set For St. Petersburg Horoscope Guiije.for
to uppercut: the **il. It was a tip from Manager John "Red" Davis The Commissions 37 games In 1961 but after'that season his wanderings _
game management
at Macon: which: helped May tremendously. Davis suggested division started.In ST. PETERSBURGFNSTh 'across the street from the motel APRIL
that he go into a slight crouch to avoid uppercutting the ball. Davis -, report presented Florida'a spring of 1962 Joe trained with Baltimore; was with Los ;Miami Dolphins, new AFL pro-; consisting of some seven
managed May two seasons;in963 at Rocky Mount and In '64, progress wildlife relocation on Angeles Angels from April 9 to May 15 (no decisions In five ifessional football team, will acres. The area will be fenced, Fill In the blank below and
with Macon"May report Indicated program.The total of games); and went with the Reds'. San Diego farm club on May conduct their summer football converted Into two football mall to ZODIAC, Post Office
could hit a ball out of any park" declared Davis. "Lee 365 wild turkeys trapped a and 19, 1862. .camp for the next five years at 'fields, and provided with a Box 1171, Jacksonville I, Fla.
doesn't have to swing hard but he was wasting all his natural relocated on public hunting Nuxhall posted a 9-2 record at San Diego ,and the Reds St. Petersburg Beach. watering! system. _
powerjippercuttlng the ball while trying to swing: too hard. The lands. A total of 31 native deer :brought him up in July of 1962. He was 5-0 the rest of that The Dolphins will prepare The agreement calls for the STREET NAME __
crouch keeps him from coming up off the ball.", were trapped and ,relocated.: 'year with the Reds.In their first team for the 1966 Suacoast Sports Group to provide I -
6-3200-pounder was signed by Red 1963 be 15-8 and 9-8 in 1964. He was 11-4 In 1965. DATE OF BIRTH----
The trememdously-built, In addition to the native cleer,49 was AFL season at the not-yet-open $50,000 to cover thetraln-
Scout Jimmy Bragan who Lee credits with "giving me the opportunity white-tailed deer and 43 sika The 1966 season could be the year that Nuxhall realizeshis -$2 million Happy Dolphin Inn tag, housing and feeding of the MO., Day'
and encouragement." Lee also calls Manager Davis deer were obtained from out of ambition of being on a pennant winner and the 37yearold on St. Petersburg Beach. Dolphins' party for each of the
a "wonderful manager." the state. A total of 345 wild could be one of the, most important factors in making The training: field site will be nut five years.
May broke in with Tampa (.260)) in 1961 in 26 games; batted hogs were released on public ,this possible. I i- -'
.260 again In 1962 in 89 games with ten home runs and 65 runs- hunting grounds. The report
batted-ln; hit .263 and IS homers and 80 runs-batted-ln in 1963 also indicated that during a recent FAMU.'Nelllsls :'
at Rocky Mount; at Macon In 1964 blasted 25 home runs, drovein survey 32 of the 38 antelope I ...
I 110, which led th.leacue' batted .303 and was named to the. InFloridaweresighted.
:Xll-Star team. Start Schedule QUANTITY
Lee played winter ball for Valencia in Venezuela this past In other action the Commission r! 'RIGHTS RESERVED

winter. agreed to the construction of a TALLAHASSEE Fla.-FAMU) I' I i '
fisheries laboratory near the !
The Florida MM University PRICES
f 6' y -"F ::::..:t. City of Eustis.The laboratory' tennis team will -plays busy .v' THROUGH SATUR')SI <(,J
Is to provide central services schedule during the next six
to fisheries research biologist weeks.jhey opened slate of 11 iJ
on a statewide level. The pre matches against\ the Clark College -
sent fisheries laboratory Panthers from Atlanta,Ga-;
cated in L..barIIlDotade- at Atlanta Friday April 1.
quate to meet the demands of increasing Coach Bob Muogen of the Rf'-'
research and the Eustls tiers said he has the No. 2 net CRISCO *
facility will be designed to player in the Southern I Intercollegiate 3115. 69
meet future research needs. Athletic Conferencein

The site of the laboratory Is Leroy Long of Tampa. Long '
near Lake Eustis and locatedon finished third in the SIAC last UM.IT 3 IBS. 1f 5.00 01. MORE FOOD (ORDER.
a canal with access to the
year as a freshman. He has met
lake. the SIAC singles champion, HERSHEY'S
The Cotrrmisslondlscussedthe Ralph Long Jr. from Clark,
completion of the Lake Griffin several times
0 haul seine program, and the The No. 2 man on the FAMU
construction of fish ponds on net team is Reuben Patrick from SUGAR
the Cor bet t t Wildlife Manage Orlando. Atlanta's Branch Cu- 5 IIS. 29
ment Area in Palm Beach rington Is the No. 3 man and a
County. The Commission also strong contender for the No. 2
discussed the bids received for spot. Curington Is a freshman, LIMIT 1 PLEASE N/f10.00. OR MORE[ FOOD OlDER
installation of a new well and while Patrick Is a sophomore .
I tl ll)' GI I Idly l; ,;III t I I II16'n pump in for the Holt Fish Hatch The Rattlers' tennis schedulefor I
ery Northwest Florida.
1966 follows: Home games-
The Commission received a April 25, South) Carolina State; MONOGRAM LONG GRAIN .
delegation of fishermen concerning April Z7-Z8, Albany State;April 3 IBS. 39C
a proposal that trotllnesbe 29, Morehouse; and April 30, RICE '
prohibited In the Clearmont Tuskegee Institute. The gamesto TIDE ,

II' III Chain of Lakes. No action was be played away Include:April i
,. lIii; ,t I,,, taken on the proposal.The .
I, Clark College;April 2,More- f. u 7i/
final action of the Commission house; April 4, Tuskegee Institute ORKMB
JEANS 4 $1|
was to set the date April ; April $ South Carolina 'CAN"S
29 for the next meeting
State 3-4 Albany State
; May ;
Nmll May 8-7, Tuskegee Relays and GIANT 59CSIZE
L John Swain a Negro tau near Carnival; and May 13-14 SIAC DEL MONTE GOLDEN CREAM STYLE'CORN'
: giant of a man, in 1884 fought
iPOSTTIMEl O'CLOCK on McDUFF N.of BEA VE John L. Sullivan for one round Tennis Champtcnshtps4i / 303 :

..- '.4 and lost. 3I 594.

+ ,



j j A WHOLE 01 HALF djY*i *

,5 t

"Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull and .

z ,
'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft

and smooth. .looked 100% better in a few days:' I

Mrs. Donald P.Ryder. New York, N.Y. ROAST". 490 PICNICS Ls. 490

Applied as a continuous film to hands,

ankles, lace arms-when your skin '' w.. SEMINOLE SLICEDBACON
-, ay needs more than cosmetic care'Vaseline'PetroleumJellyfsthesooth- > ;r- ;:> ;
% .f, '" I
ing answer. Helps dry/eshygray skin ,
regain its normal look and tone. No 'YAC-O-PAK S9

yes' ", other softeners,no skin cream,no skin ..' I.
I lotionprovidesbettermoistureprotection l' 1'-

Try it. a, "




II I BANANAS 2 Ls=. 25* BEANS 2 LB_. 394

.. }



She will read your entlfe'llfe-past,present and I & delivery Diy rent. Married, respectable Iln N.w liquid o".nl "hly .nd.,t..tll-..,," :' New Beauty Hollywood operator Beauty and Barbers.and Barber -
but will teU working couple. Call 333-M42. :omnmnd.d by many/n.
future. She asks no questions you] "'
.. Lounge. au W. Ashley St.
what you want to know, tiring date and acts of I p.dl.trlctans rsutte au.r.nta.d: works last.or M1enNr 'I CHI 354-9774.
business, love, health and family affairs. Will I BBBlB BBBl B BS B B HB B BMBlB B BlBB BBBl BBBBB8k Set May 8th. p.ce.AI.o.rall.bl. "" !!!!P...'
help you find lost art. TELL you whom you will] orajol'FREE \; ..
marry and when. U the one you love 1s true,what Mr. and Ural Willie Harris Ur. and Mrs.Sylvester Brooks, The women of First Baptist Royal Crown
luckiest for and what. SOZ5I1ar.Street, girl. > 819 Blanch Street, girl.Mr.
part of the country you, Church Mandarin, met with
to do to be successful.Will reunite the separated,! Rev .1., L. Davis, pastor, and ,
and Mrs. 2114 Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Chatman, ; .SUYDIRECT 8. SAVt
locate absent friends and relatives, and cause Major Kelly, organized for their annual celebration Cola
4834 Amos Street tray.
Commonwealth Avenue, glrL { RUG SHAMPOO.
happiness between man and wife. Makes which U scheduled forMa Guaranteed
lover's quarrels. Tells, If l1ctneasor bad luck 11
8.Officers. .
natural enemies, evil influence and bad luck. Does not tell to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nance Mr. and Mr.Jun .C. Strick- With Rental Of Shampoolqulpuent. ; 1003 HUMAN HAIR
elected Mrs.
1139 E. 8th Street land, 182S E. 22nd Street,girl. were: We Rent Lawn Mowers]
for FOR
please you, but will tell the truth. One visit will repay you Luclel King chairman; Mrs. AUTO t Garden Tolls, Floor Polishers '
disappointments In all others. I not only read your life like an Tbelma Motley, co-chairman; 1961 Mercury, "Meteor 800". & Sanders Mechanic & WIGS FULL
open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Come Your Lot..Or Ours Mrs. Margaret Hartley sec Good condition. R/H auto trans. Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2 CAP
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wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried when you financial secretary and pro- per.day.
can be helped and everything made clear 'consulting THIS gram chairman; Mrs. Lena NATIONAL RENTAL extra thick $21
GIFTED MEDIUM! Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED. Anderson,treasurer; Mrs. Anna WANTED1MA'IDS Long, Lustrous
I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address, MADAM S.FJ beautification
BESSIE Is located north of Callahan 011 Hwy.301, 1/% mile from Stl X H. A. (Smoky) Stover ,chairman. N. Y. SLEEP IN Mada to Mil for$100.00 up.
City of CALLAHAN, Florida Phone 8792250. MA I %.lel Mi..9.. The captains are: Mrs. Louise JOES SALARIES TO $65, fare: 7323 N. Main St. PO 8 895lEO'.S 5 ItrIe as
WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE frIe I Hartley, M r I.Cornelia Easton advanced. Rush reference, Dakua. Quality" Human Hair'
SPORTSMAN MOTEL phone number. ABLE MAIDS Will Not Mat or*at.Natural .
Across the Street from .lust'. \'ilrdel1'YosIe", Miss
Open dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Including Sundays N9; gone (gnash.a.. MM 771447 Geraldine Hartley and,. Mrs. AGENCY, 163 N. MAIN FREE- I* *, Hair line .
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VOTE Meet 'TuesdayThe problems. She has helped many ae RepariDi Mind Gray|S Eat Give Haad Sin I

JOE CARLUCCI and can help you by the touch Of'Any Kind Is' (S.nd postal l$5 M. 0.D.poait'on) pay mailman,' aach Bttanca Item
Grand Union Pallbearers of her hand and the power of God. plus COO. and pottaga chanjtt. ornmrt
.r. Lodge No. 228 will meet Tuesday See this Indian SplrttualReader' lull pnct and we will, hip, Potl.
Our Only Easiness paid
Save our outdoor stop at 7.30 p. m. in the Educational today. Open dally and Sundays
the CITY air! and water $50 0' ON YOUR LOT EV-8-9000 Building of Mt. Ararat 'from J a.m.to 8p.m.9029 Lem SUSY W/OSaptao7-B
pollutors. Baptist Church. Turner Rd. For further Information 934 E. UNION ST 507 !5th AM, N.. York N.V. tfolf

The President, Miss Marguerite -. call 763-9522.
___ I Break up the CITY politi. Dennis announced this will, -. --. 1 1I.I. .. ...._. --=--=-:=: ..-- -
cat machine. be the final meeting before the,
1966 AUTO TAGS ON.SALE Grand Lodge convenes In Daytona -
Save outdoor
,' the CITY our air and* water April 21. endowmentswill
Assessments and /
pollutors. be collected in this meeting.
Myrtle Avenue Tag APPEARING
I cal Break machine.up the CITY politi.. Agency Raines Orchestra NIGHTLY

Slated For .Concert' t ,
1 t.M, N 1.00 A.M,
Fjmily Min Outdoortman to Now-At
"HELP ME The William M. Raises Senior
In St School Orchestra present -
Member All Saints Ep'tcopal : 2422 Myrtle Ave. High its Initial concert April 17 / Cl1VllAND aD. .

Church i.'w. at 4 p. m.,in the school auditor-

Highly Succtttful Sma'l: Business r i: Corner 15th St.- ium.The group Is composedof., l

M.n :.musicians from Grades 912,
;.:.. and is under direction Albert MON. & TUES.
Plying Tues Like You and Sick '[""- -Convenient Hours P. Henderson. No admissionwill EASTER MONDAY
of the Waste Too be charged and the public
Open Plenty Of has been invited to attend.

Put the lid on the 'Smoggmg Smoke Stacks' of the tickets for the members affair may of the be Ladies
Saturdays Parking Space purchased from Night
CITY Electric Department. sorority and from the contestants. -
A social dance will follow
For STATE SENATOR Did, 10Paid Pol. Adv. the presentation. of the debutantes .6' Featuring -

--- --- --
Educational Root-dip } / y EUGENE WHITE

COMPLAINT WASHINGTONNPlRep.. ;; Doing Love Songs & Soul Music

charges that efforts are. For The Ladies, --- FREE CHAMPAGNE
made to split his House Edu-
lion and Labor Committee"be
cause I am a Negro," through
the proposed study by a Joint BIGRECORD :WEDNESDAY
Committee on the Organization
2.. TO 3lB.AVERAGE of Congress to create separate
House committees on educationand
33 labor. "This attempt wouldbe
; unthinkable if a white Southerner PARTYFor
r Lk. were sitting u chairmanof .
( ,
this committee," Powell
said. "But a black man from
"SUPER-RIGHT" WESTERN BEEF CHUCK Harlem is a menace because be Your Dancing PleasureAll
has too much legislativepower.


Ga.: -(NPI)-In rt '
protest against inferior equipment 1 Spun By I
Cares. .. About You! "SUPER-RIGHT". SMOKED. SHANK PORTION FULLY in three Crisp County
Negro schools, some 300
COOKED HAM demonstrators marched on the. MONROE Plus t"
". 590 courthouse, lowered the American -
and Georgia flags, and ripped -

PLAIN OR SELF RISING and Old tried Glory to do In the same ace to the s HAROLD ADAMS

EXTRA SPECIAL:: Georgia banner, but it was too

GOLD MEDAL BLEACH | new and sturdy.

FLOUR.CLOROX local school board has agreed
to assign more Negro teachers I
to predominantly white schools -
and white teachers to predominantly -
IB. GAL PLASTIC i tBAG Negro schools.In the face
5 49C 496 of possible Supreme Court actIon WOMACK HOWARD
TUG against it, the board issued
7 II9 J IIhr
a policy on integration. 1


2,4. '
(Ast. ; Manlier) ATLANTA Georgia educators-(NP1)-have A groupof gone And All The Kool Kats \

'FRESH, JUICY FLORIDA to Washington in an effort to

nave guidelines federal altered desegregation so education Plus TEDDY WASHINGTONExtra

ORANGES 5 &: 390 will not be disrupted in Georgia.
I Georgia Atty. Gen. Arthur Bol- .
ton called the guidelines :

"utterly absurd and without. ___,.._
j 0 u n d a II 0 n" and said court
challenges would be "Inevi
SPECIAL: JANE PARKER e a' table Georgia's Sen. Herman

PRICES IN THIS AD I Talmadge"arbitrary termed, capricious the guidelines, and EDGEWOOD AGOGODiscotheque

.'* MIX ORDER All Night FRI. & SAT.lACE .
I t* V.
Va (NPO TheU.
S. Department of Health t11887ssaa p

AlP WAREHOUSE STORE"! ', : Education It on the line and: So-called Welfare has"free laid 3 Girls 3 Stages

dom of choice" desegregation
LOCATED AT 3000 (Produce Mauler) plans will no longer be acceptable -
loll IOZ.EACH The "freedom of choke"
390 W. 45TH STREET which give a pupil the option of Week-end. Happenings fir
\ school he wants to attend, .
but place the burden/tdesegregsilen
on him, not the school

North Division High school has Featuring ,
COFFEE 1 MB. BAG 63C 1 MB.: BAG 6913LB. MB. BAG 73C been boycotted in a protest
facto segregation,by
against de
3IB. BAG $1.85 BAG $2.05 311. BAG $$2.10 the Milwaukee Committee.United School. Integration CHICO On Blues & Rock Vocals .-.

1 ",
1 :
._.... ---c_ ---. ._- : _. ..# =- .. .... ." -