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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200708datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 26, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007080740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 26, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 26, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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..e, w..w.. ..--.. .. wnw...+.rr.. +..+w -w s .n .p "

t Negro Lawyer7CiyJI; y T'l'fiiJ r : For Senate at "l

********** '* ********* ** **,* ** **, \t\i\ :t..,


anrmsn:mfmasD*+*"*i **.**** 14-***.

Library University. of Florida -' KILL
Gainesville Florida POWELL WILL



x *** *** ,.*.. .*...* **** *"* **T,

Negro Denies HITS'-TARGU'


-. ," ,
Confab Set

111. 16 NO. 1 SATURDAY ,JPRIL 2, 1966 15 CENTS: WASHINGTONpeclnl) OpposesEOA

***** Over three hundred Negro
:Democrats holding elective offices :
in 33 states are expected
HAPPY \to participate in national Veto

.' GUN MAN workshop conference In Washington -

D. C., on Jane 3, It was 4
announced today by JohnM. Bailey i WASINGTONRep.. Adam

Chairman of the Democratic Clayton Powell, the stormy Dt-
National Committee mocrat from Harlem's Ne'
Commenting on the conference York has calmly let It be known

ala Martin, Deputy that he would'bash the w a r on
WOUNDS 2 JAXONS Chairman of the Democratic poverty down the drain and for

National Committee, said get It" U local mayors are given
"The Voting Rights Act of 1963I the power to veto anti-poverty
and the recent Supreme Court 4'L
**** *** *.***.*.*c" decision outlawing poll taxeshave programs.Toe Democratic representative

Drinking MOM Kick Klansnlln opened the door for fall' made the threat In a radio
A&M Seems Ready participation of Negroes In our Interview WINS taped in Wash

political life and we are on the
Wounds PairA Off Selective threshold of a new era m He aid that flU the mayors get

American politics control of this program,I would

gun-happy Jaxoo U responsible For DomonstrationsAs Service loard "The Impact of these new personally lead the fight to destroy
for the wounding of? per- developments> will be fully explored r it.

cons when bt allegedly pulled a NEW ORLEANS-As result at the conference. Administration He added "This brutal..How
gun Inside a Davis Street store of a complaint lodged by the New I I ]leaders and all of can they get anywhere when the
and fired once. Lawsuit LoomsBy Orleans Branch of the National the national Democratic Party mayors can veto.The whole gist
The bullet bit one man in the Association for the Advance: : officials will be invited to discuss of this thrust Is that for the first

hand!, passed through and struck went of Colored People, Gen; all phases of political time since 1776 the people can
a second man in the abdomen. Staff Correspondent Lewis B. Hershey, Selective: activity and special briefing fight city hall,but ifwe have this
Leroy Fields, 47, of 628 Davis SerVice dir.ctor.1Iu suspended sessions are planned for candidates mayor's veto, then I'm ready to

st., wu taken to Duval Medical TALLAHASSEE(5peclalThe: ( ) realization the Florida the newly-elected grand dragoa who are running for U1a'f1r.t wash this war on poverty right"

Center, where be was listed in AIM, Law School is slowly but surely heading to Us death U of the Louisiana Ku Klux kind time. down the drain and forget It. *
serious condition Wednesday causing a growing storm of protest which seems headed towarda from membership on a local "More Negroes are filing u Powell said also that money
candidates in the 19(6 elections allocated for the antipoverty ;
stomach wound. presently '
court suit and demonstrations the Interim. draft bofrd. ,
Emory Lovae J --
41, of 1441 Fairfax Concern the Issue Is the 14-student law college. In a letter to the K1*"?""*". than ever before history. battle Is far short of the
St.,was released after being Monday however State School Jack M. Helm, bead of Local Heretofore many exceptionallywell needs.
growing so great it is possiblethat qualified Negroes have He added that the $l.1 billion
treated at D1IC for a bullet
said he Board No. U-tbe largest IB
Christian AWARDS TEAM---Mra.. Ralph Col
a lawsuit might be broughtto Supt. Floyd RIFLE Q. ennpre..nt.
been reluctant to for office
run set aside for thatpurpose"won't
wound of the right:hand. the
understood the regents already state-Mr. Hershey said '
prevent the closing of the the award contributed by her husband
but the of
The geamal alsosuff ered upsurge political con ev'I"C r atc h the sur
In terrorist
had decided to close the/acllity. membership the ,
minor injuries to one hand when school because of deeper Implications "I'm not trying to back away group "has significance In connection cern In Negro communities all to Cadet Lt. John Pope jr. ,Tallahassee face."

several customers in the store school carries.the closing of the law from this," said Christian,."if I with the national secn- across the country" has changed during the recent ROTC Awards Day Said Powell "We figure U will

grappled with him for p o s s e s< According to r.1Iablesource. not admitting a freshman classIsn't Ity." Consequently, Mr. that picture. ceremonies at Florida ASM university. Mrs.colemlo's take a minimum of $7 billion to
Citing the great gains Negro dent in the hardcore
stun of the gun.Julias it is very likely that with CORE a sign of phasing out, then Hershey added, a Klansman's husband, who IB property supervisor really a
Americans have won through the unemployed and get the 32
Hardy, 52, of 871 local draft
what Is fir"Christian membership on a
Ashley st., was booked in city (The Congress of Racial Equality is former regentand board would be contrary to the strong civil rights! position of in the FAMU property supervision million Americans, black and

Jail on a charge of assault to ) playing a major role in the sits on the State Board Education. Interest of the Selective Service the Democratic Administration Department, annually donates a trophy to white, above the $3,000 povertyline.
deliberations demonstrations
murder after be was treated at some System ( under President Lyndon B. be awarded to the outstanding cadet on the .

the hospital. time and might possibly follow at the at time any Charles Wilson, although; on Mr. Helm, who vowed he would Johnson, Martin said, "We believe ROTC Rifle i.am. cadet Lt. pope received The congressman charged that

Jordan Homicide said detective Love and Sgt'Hardy J. L.._when; University, Chancellor "the agency staff, said he was also .flredfromhlsjlbinindeY figtt the suspension order',,w% '' 'that of Negroes the rising cannot expectations be Ignored the, award, for his ,rifle ..tea.w.Ha- ...la.....tM, the 11fthal'DWlrbr1hose anti-poverty war Is whom tailing

had .been drinking when they Broward Culpepper addressesthe He speaking said be was as an opposed At.alumnus.to "the: authority contained in Section and it Is clearly the son of fcrs. LOU B. Pope, 1676 N. 56th the project Is aimed ha veal got

walked into Flowers', a storeat graduating class at Florida dismemberment of AiM.", 1603-7 of the Selective Service ll&UooallDter.at that Negro Street Philadelphia, Pa. and John Pope t the transportation to take advantage

618 Davis St.'about U a, m.. At MU next Saturday. Wilson said regents officials Regulations. seek greater opportunities Sr. 737 Rollins street. Tall ahassee. ..-,- of some of the pro
Culpepper is not held In the
through the ballot box and democratic .
Wednesday. highest esteem as a result of would be asked what decision Commenting on the suspension FANU staff photo by Ernest pilyau. grams.He disadvantaged
For no apparent reason, Hardy Ms far from liberal attitudesand has been made, when It will be Horace C.B1Dum,New ,. processes cited
Among the giant steps taken by living In Watts, Calif.,
pulled a pistol, Jordan said. to carried out and how it will be Orleans NAACP president said persons
Hardy fired, and Lore grabbedfor prOllOUllCemeDt.'r.latIDr in the Ku Klux President Johnson and scene of rioting last Summer
carried out.Gordon "membership
the and was struckin ,Negroes and education. the Democratic Administration 13 Miss. Klansmen and again this year.
weapon A matter of great concern is and Steele said they Klan makes one unfit to have a "
in the field clvilrightsandfor to Powell 85,000
According ,
the hand. The bullet went
had entered Into the matter because position with Selective Serviceor
that the closing of the AIM Law
equal opportunity Martin men in Los Angeles in the
his hand and through people
through they felt racial discrimination any other government bureau
school could be the prelude to
door striking Fields u he. tioned.: Watts area don't have any transportatloo -'
a closing other departments such was Involved. 91' agency. Arrested In Death
walked to the store. "The historic appointments of whatsoever they
Assisting up in the Investigation as the school of pharmacy,lea: '.. ,-, -_.- ... --.,..... Negroes In high government have no buses, anything.
ving the Institution in the category posts by President Johnson "Of they don't have
were Patrolmen MUton New- course,
nom sod George; Bradley.Farmer's of a glorified trade school jNtgro! LawyerRusJV : including 1*. Robert WeaverIn Of Worker money for cars either"
The ate of the law professors'seems 'Rights'
: the Cabinet, and Dr. Andrew The nearest training center to

gloomy too, since the 4 : ''M I Brimmer on the Federal Reserve Watts, be charged, Is 112 miles
Role Board of Regents has hinted that 4N vtl board; the comprehensive away. .
these personnel could be kept Ju Stunt ljlJ.- Civil Rights Law of 1364 HARRISBURG, Miss.'-FBI agents swooped down at dawn last. "So," said Powell,"the trainIng -
on to teach history political and arrested 13 klansmen for the death of a Negro civil
... .. .. and the Voting Rights Law of 19- Monday centers are where they are
Oi Poverty science. On the other hand, it Ir. wiY + .r UW rights worker last January but the Imperial Wizard esc aped
Fla. FAMTJ A honors program and in the summers 65.; the multi-billion dollar antipoverty not and one of the things that
QUINCY, -( )>-
has been brought out that law underground.
and Federal Bill Willard Wirtz secretary of
of 1961 and 1962 he worked program ,
Florida AIM
of the
Unit Balked professors from AIM who have graduate University College of Law John u a law clerk in Washington,D. aid-to-education; medicare for Authorities put out a dragnet'or was still parked outside the cafe labor, and myself decided the

applied for employmentat Dorsey Due Jr., bas qualified C. for the U. S. Department of senior citizens and Federal Sam Holloway Bowers, Jr., Monday morning Bower bad other day. Let's get some buses
WASHINGTON Rep. Adam Florida State University have and if campaigning u a candidate Labor. Re was also an active programs for Jobs and development U-year-old er of the Whit.KnJ.cbtl. disappeared, apparently via. a and take these young people and
been told there were no applications -
DN. In the Tallahassee ," the most militant and pre-planned escape route. the older people who! need to be
Clayton Powell Y., was while notices were running for the Florida State SeDate participant .
reported last week to be highly in calling for law District No. 6. civil rights movement. As a secretive klan group In the nation. retrained and take them down
critical of a proapectlve $860. instructors.With newspapers. From 1958 to 1960, Atty. Due Freedom Rider, he tested the A police alert described ARRESTS DELAYEDThe to the retraining centers and
000 federal antopoverty' gradfor -' regard" the statements was .mplo1tduar.babW- bus facilities in Georgia and Negro Farmers, Bowers U "presumed armed arrests had been pending bring them back at federal ex

a project that would be directed Issued earlier indicating. that tation counselor by the Indian !r. __ .",_..", -,_. and considered dangerous." for weeks Sources authorities Powell In.
by civil rights leader State Farm agency. During this The 13 klansmen, all members planned to swoop down on said the situation
the law school-would be phased Developing for
James Farmer. period, be was active in the of the White Knights, are the klansmen in this southeast Viet Nam backs his demand
out In matter of time Charles:
Farmer, in torn, is prodding Wilson of the Florida TechnicalAssistance Indianapolis NAACP, In voter charged with violations of civil Mississippi area three weeks better opportunity and training
Sargent Shriver, bead of the Of- said registration and education programs Good Farmlands rights statutes forbidding intl- Bowers ffortwo for Negroes.
Oice of Economic: Opportunity, Program : fair employment projects mldatlon and violence to civil move disappeared Said Powell:
"We don't know who saldwhat, the black man Is
to approve the application to or when they salo ityet,so we'll and selective buying cam, CffiPLEY, Fla.-NPJ-N cro rights workers. weeks. "Number one most, casualties
finance a national literacy and paigns.! farmers In the "worthless red- Law enforcement agencieswith Authorities broadcast a state suffering the
find out before we decide on anything
Job training program to be ma In 1960 be entered the College lands" section of neighboring informers in the White wide alert for Bowers. Viet Nam."Number.

by the Center for Community The, of five met in the of Law at Florida AIM University. Holmes County have developeda Knights have said the organization Several hours after the arrests two, despite this,

ActionEducation.Thus office group of the federal and state- As a law student be particlpated IUCce.atullarlDJDlcommuD1.ty uses four degrees of Intimidation were made, the U. S. Supreme 'black men forces are re.D1J.st1DCllD'the of the ..
armed "V
Shriver, is caught in a in federally-supported\ through cooperation with each harassment cross- Court in Washington gave the
which has
supported) agency three times much u
close to as
crossfire. other and close attention to conservation burnings, beatings property Justice Department authority to
dealt hi problems of public what
white brother by
A spokesman for Farmer, the schools. File Complaint"For practices outlined by destruction, extermination. prosecute civil rights! murders their
t thereshould
former national director of the The meeting came on the heelsof the U. S. Department of Agrl- It was generally assumed that that unpunished at the localor I mean be that considerable therefore more

Coftgress of Racial Equality last week's announcement Job Bias cultiral's Soil Conservation' Monday's arrests were brought state level: of the
(CORE), said that Shrtver could service. about mainly through the work emphasis on the position
that the predominantly Negrolaw when
black In the U. S.
get the long-delayed program school will not accept a NEWARK, N. J.-The Plainfield This' success story of farming of an FBI informer in Bowers'wper.cret people
started with a stroke of his Ie4b' klan Rock Throwing black men are dying three
pen.But NAACP Branch bas filed development depicted group. "
freshman class In September. JOHN D. DUE JR. white brothers.
1 spokesman for Shrtver three complaints with the New March edition of -Soil Conservation '- u u
Seat. HOME
Meeting with agency representatives ....seeks Senate ATTACK NEGRO'S
said the antipoverty agency'sstaff were Dr. Armand Wat- Jersey Division,of Civil Rights ," SCS' official organ Hoodlums Nabbed
still was checking the application II law charging employment discrimi Alabama. In 1963, he took his la notable In that the land Is The arrests were made in the
kins an At professor
and that U had not yet Rev.,C. K. Steele, Southern Coordinating -; nation. Nine other firms are Bachelor of Law degree from highly erodibU and for many death January 10 of Vernon PAC01MA, Calif. - reached the director's desk for Leader ship Committee alb under Investigation to determine -. Florida AIM and was admittedto years crops were planted In the Dander, a Hattlesburg Negro Force was used to arrest two
approval. and Splver Cordon, Congress whether they are hiring the Florida Bar. bottoms where soil could not who ha d been collecting poll members of scattered, small SAFETY MEET
Powell is chairman of the ; of Racial: Equality. and promoting their employees Following his graduation from wash awaf.Uowever taxes from Negroes too frightened groups of Negroes reportedly
House Labor Committee, which University Chancellor without regard to race.' the FAMU College of LawDue in many Instances, to pay them to local author.W. stoning h 0 Uti and passing
on Tuesday\ began bearings into Broward Culpepper said the Listed In the NAACP complaints Voter the Project of the fields were ruined by sediment ... Two carloads of nightriders autos occupied by whites after AUSTIN, Texas (NPl-Cturlei)
the antipoverty program. The Board of Regents has not madea u the Public Service Education of the from tho |11JP1a.DdI. Currently, attacked Dabmer'home the protested arrest of a Negro Clack Jr., one of six deputies of
congressman declined comment decision to close or phase out Coordinated Transport Western Southern Regional Council. His using conservation methods,the January 10, and peppered with youth, according to police. the Be xar County Sheriffs Department
on the Farmer-Shriver clash. :Electric'$ la Kearney and work in the council Included land Is considered to be among gunfire and Molotlv cocktails. The disturbance was quickly holds the distinction
But Powell was reported to feel the Corporation In RaIIn,. Instruction of voter registration the best La the country. Dahmer died of burns. brought under control by police of being the first of his race selected
that the public Identification of a Assiilt Clirfis In each ease an investigation by workers and temporary assignments Typical among the 30-40 Bond was set at $10,000 each summoned from the four San to attend Texas Depart
militant Negro leader-Farmer Fill Agalostwatts the NAACP revealed Indications with the National Council farmers, all N'lfoea-wltb for all but three of the arrested Fernando Valley divisions. No ment of Public Safety school.
-with the Office of Economic of discriminatory practices in of Churches, < Council of ,farms varying in list from a few men. Two others were orderedto injuries were reported.The Clack, a deputy since 1963,has
Opportunity might hart the Riot' iris Wrings or in promotions. Federated OrganltatlonsCO( acres to several hundred-ll post $15,000 grounds they community Is mostly Inhabited completed a four-day comprehensive -

chances of renewing antipoverty LOS ANGELES-(NPI)-Three Included among the firm FO), and the legal Defense Fund Leonard Gainer, who farms 120 were better able to meet the by Negroes and Mexl- communications workshop -
funds in Congress by alienating men have been charged with under Investigation are'the of the NAACP. acres of Ms own, and to of higher bond, and one man in caD-Am:riclUll, receiving aid sponsored by the Gulf
Southern supporters. assault with Intent to kill growing Plalnfield Trust State National ......w. rented land. Another successful Houston-the only one arrested under the anti-poverty pro- Coast Public Safety Communications
Farmer had been scheduled to out of the shooting incident Bank and the Ellzabethtowa, cooperator is Marvin Long,who outside KWIalJA>1-wU ordered cram. officers conducted In
take over as executive director in Watts for the second time in ter Company both of which have n f6 l !a,140-acre,farm'near to put op $50,000. **** the Texas Department of Public -
of the center last Thursday.His I months Accused firing into Indicated their willingness to t Chance rates;: Bowers, owner of the Samba You're A NobodyU Safety academy.

supporters from CORK were an occupied building are the ,cooperate. Marshall C. Brown, t: I'' Long, a cooperator for only a.year Amusement Company In Laurel, You Can't Vote Appointed deputy by Sheriff
angry at fhrlver for act approving Garcia brothers-Carlos, 19, NAACP Plainfleld,labor chairman credits soil conservationpraclices eluded authorities late Sunday W. B. "Bill" Hauck, he worked
the grant for the project by and Robert,20( *-both in custody, stated that these initial need' with bringing about ..nlght. He was last seen entering And You Can't Vote as a Jail guard until his promotion -

that time and some threatenedto and Albert Uedrano, 24, Stella responses were encouraging .i:/'!. ... .....p., ..., Sat.. better farming the communi John's Cafe owned by one of the If You're NotRECISTERED to patrolman In 1964,
demonstrate la protest. I large. "action is what really counts." ty. 13 arrested klansmen. His car another first.

t r I 'f

I .. _,. .. .m._ ,m.__ J om. .m *. -'" ? ._

1m ;; : ; tai
._ __ ,mum. IHIL i. .


: s4 TRUTHS THIS NATION ,r i s dial, Employment Is compulsory all
ME14fE H.UHAD TOLEARN ,t. r I' companies that employ over 75 persons.

1i. to HOHtVER REMOTCTHEAGGRESSIOHHOH z,,,, t" ,' This was one of the first steps necessary

EVER DISTANT THE to upgrade minotliy group ,.errtberslnto the

NEGRO P % OVAL SOCIAL OP ECONOMIC ,, work force.However': there are many things
DISASTERS THAT> '' that they mt/sf do to get better jobs In
PEOPLES.XONERSELVES the Jacksonville community.Good .
pRUTAk M'lrt7UR- ; grooming Is Important. The hair
talc I, Sipso ............Minilii E.ltirlltDA THEIMR4Cr.WILL FLKL. r should be neatly combed and brushed, wear-,

J ing apparel should be clean and neat and
WOOTEK..,.,.....Circifjllii $srsjsu'2323'Meecrist : ruerss eexss' t\- shoes should be shined. The most importantpart

\ ..- fift-1 of good grooming is personal hygiene,
'i'' ,' the employer will always notice these tra-

BiiJ Mill Elfli 4-6712 ) : .I..,\ i its first.
I:1 I
J.. \ The job seekers attitude must
Uiiliii Address i, ,,11;" :" be positive. Each person, who
'\: I. seeks employment must feel equipped -

',. O. Bn 599 licksutilli, Flirili .32201 to do the job offered.The .

applicant must be aggre-
MIAMI OFFICE ssive but not overbearing The

prospective employee should

131 .1. 3ri All. Pfclll! 377-1025.. display his best manners, sucha

_._ ..... warm smile and other (courtesies that
SUBSCRIPTION' RATES will enhance the interviewers appraisal of

one year. $8.00 Half Tear 4.00 PS '' the applicant.( .
s Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united states Sr Presently, this is the employment picture

Subscription payable in advance of the Negro In Jacksonville: 35? of the

I) Send Cheek or Money order to: males work as Janitors and VQ% of the females -

FLORIDA STAR P.O. 'BOXaWiJacksonville ;; work' as maids. The Median income of

I. Florida Negro families Is 03,000.00 and this fig-

ure is questionable. The average Incomefor

EASTER $$4 DISTRICTW/THOUT BOOTSTRAPS!' a white family is better than 5000.

00 per year.
Taster will soon be here again. And, c- We must get angry at Ignorance and rush

though few nay. know it, the theme of Eas- ,CHAOSIYour Into* every available school that will help
ter is older than Christianity Itself. In i quip us with today's skills, this will

the modern world, it celebrates the Resurrection help and take self. evaluation tests admin-

of Christ. Jut similar rites istered by the Florida State Employment

were held In times long before He lived. Service. The Negro must work a little har-

Rituals of rebirth, historians tell us, der to obtain skills for today's' job.

were conron. in the ancient civilizations.Uow Weekly The ,aforementioned tips will help to

Easter is greeted with ,-sunrise, ser- change the employment situation for the
vices, and these date back to the medieval Negro In Jacksonville.

custom of praying while the sun begins its

clinb into the heavens. One legend holds Guide :***. 'Policeman In The Middle
that the rays of light which break throughthe *****:**:****.. Horoscope **** ::::*****

clouds on Easter morning are angels ** The Negro has been the victim of much

dancing for joy. This Is, indeed, a happy police brutality in the past, and in some

tine--even as it is a time for thoughtsof ly PABLO The ASTROLOGER places we still have flagrant examples of
those aspects of life which far beyond ,
go this kind of thing. 3ut, by and large, the
the sere material.In present-day officer Is a better-picked man

,many communities, elaborate Easter WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR fir his job.

parades are held, and ladles appear fn Just the other day the newspapers stated

their new finery--a flamboyant Easter hat BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL that I Mayor Lindsay of !Mew York City threa-

has become something If a tradition. And tened to apnrolnt a civil review board to
then there Is one of the most charming of
review police actl n.. However, we don't
custons--the Caster egg hunt for children. ,I-, CANCER?. of long established procedures' if love and human relationships t recommend a civilian review board at this
aster bunnies, the eager children are Bo "Bom June.22ndJuly may turn out to be in the Indispensible to your time, since the crime rate of NYC is high
tola, laid the eggs. And this, too, has 21 it't Jar ) right after all. It may belIecessal'J happiness, your heart will become enough without demoralizing its policemen.It .

Its origins In antlqulty"in pre-Christian -..... -Aprlr19i', 22ndPeople to take energetic the final arbiter. The Is true that some poll cement and pat-
of free will has or
tires the rabbit was a symbol of abundant Naturally, most people do not who are older than yon measures to protect Joint assets -, principle never should be questioned. rolmen are Just'about' as hateful and rude
new life In the spring seaslon. like to get out of what Item .are, or who have acquired ,, and long-term invest, '
ments. 9"; 80-66-19-n-258 as one can get. But the majority'of'.themare
caster thus combines a rich mixture of to be a comfortable rut or much more experience in the'world '
and solemnity. Both are good-- a steady Job. But in this may be invaluable iti t 2-30-44-19-63-124<< CAPRICORN respectable, courageous'and, honest.
day of nzift-movlag events, you when you are in need of Policemen and patrolmen who deal unfairlyand
soul of Let "ttDL L
3oth are needed by the man. it .is not always possible for guidance. You tend to be influenced LIBRA\ too harshly with the various minority
all enjoy this Easter--and, in enjoyingIt the individual to exercise a too heavily by Individuals Born Sept.i 22nd Jan. '19th] should be dealth with individuallyand
that the spirit of He who was free choice. Automation, who embrace all new groups
pray Some sort of climax, brought it is the minority -
resurrected fron the dead will some day techology and all the other fads or ideas and whose lead 23rd; .p ttC about by the events of the pre quickly. Ironically,
modern conceptions are hating can get you off on the wrong groups that often benefit most
ceding months,may be expected
rule this There Is no doubt that
an inevitable effect that track. There'Is an excellent police protection.
leaves very few of us un- opening to get nearer to the have been through considerable er. Do not thuadofthlaquart-be misled into making Every citizen should do his best to assist -
difficulties. But this often
touched. The Arises who truth and to benefit from the
UF Seeks Negro HistoryIt .
have recognized these actors\ advice of mature persons who Is bow Individuals develop a final decision. The unexpected the police in carrying out their
character which is the : developments that duties. have little to lose and much to
long before may already have have their feet solidly on the pin- transpire in between :.ye/
Is with pride that we learn that the made the called-for adjust ground. You are following the cipal ingredient for going would only compel you to adopt gain.
ments. But those who have right instinct when it .Is more through life with the least
UF at Gainesville l is considering signing an entirely different point of
If that
been drifting along, Just hopIng important to you to acquire scars. you recognize
David Lee Wright/ C'3i" basketball view. This is a day when a
Negro player
have learned valuable
for the best, find that status, or to pave the way you a Pesticides And Living Standards
star at 3 lake High School Tampa that they will have to take for material successes .that lesson, and are more disposed change in your life or the
with athletlc'scholarship I I can to conduct your affairs accordingly impact of world events may
an I positive actions without fur only come through indlvl*,
be' The
have to taken Into furor
Last month, Taif pa"' Tribune sport editor ther delay dual intelligence and Initia: the beginning of a sideration. They probably con will over the use of pesticides in
tire happier and more prosperous agriculture, seems to have somewhat
revealed the t a-
Ton possibility.
'-9 -lI-ZS-64Z mean overthrowing all previous -
should her-
420221346345LEO: << phase shortly be bated. But there
!'//right's scoring exploits have attracted alded. Those of you who electto plans and adopting new I that are still many who believe -
university scouts over the nation. TAURUS work from behind the scenes ones that will fit better In these chemicals represent a

The youth recently took the test all high Born April Born July rather than in the open may the present p'' ture. grave danger to human life and wildlife,
780M1625103AQUARIUS and that
school seniors take, and if he makes goodon 20th.Moy 20th have no particular difficulty their lie should be prohibited.
it he nay land a berth on the Gator's 23rd Aug. 22ndthe in locating. Just the right position. : Those who feel this way would do well to

five. lIe!' hope that his score will make him Whatever has been brewing In dream world In which 3-80-99-15-86-136 .Borp Jan. read something' said by representative
regard to your romantic or Jamie L. /hitten/
eligible for consideration. cultural interests, a definite some of you may have been .20th-Feb.. 18th Chairman of the 'appropriations -
will residing of late was bound to 5CpItPI Gub-conmlttee for .Agriculture
The University of Florida then have discussion: could wiser and ,
crumble under the impact of ( O.c-t I24th I This quarter of the month is before: the recent
rude history if it signs young Uright. older heads may be solicited, @orn; far too unpredictable for I National Academy of
reality.\ Now that are : you Sciences
provided that such: a you Nov, 2nts( Symposium on Pest control
Other universities throughout the nation fiord aware of the_true facts, get to change your fiscal investment Hunan and
is about, and willing to Welfare.
have won high records with colored play- counseL Loved ones could busy 'on thejmeasures- that Although you may have been or securltJproeramlfor In his words, "It is our
ers; why nust Florida keep the old policy| become you somewhat of a pro- 'may be called for the establish going through a period of indecision something you know little or methods of pest and disease control which,
Florida will be glad it gives non-whites blem, especially those belonging a real basis for personal the time has come nothing about. There is no together with complex and extensive farm
opportunity to play. to the new generation or Joint security. Your domestic when it will have to be a yes doubt that the previous machinery, plus new and better varieties
&n month's events
have led
and public relations Re-examine the exact of food
It maybe ,up to you to checkon are or no. to certain crop, that has made possible our
up a climax that
now playing a vital role in state of your deeper feelings. standard
the they keepto of
Obedience Better Than Sacrifice prevent company them from falling the formation of fiscal policies Come up with an honest Judgment may be touched oft on the by living, the highest ever known
5th, 6th. Once y ju have been man.
under bad influences. Those that must be established as to what they mightbe. '
I"/ have heard that obedience is betteran of you who may have been to prevent any theatenlng This gives you time to made aware of its full Implications The reason for this, he went on, is that

> sacrifice. And, indeed, it is. too indulgent in this respect ,emergencies. Your own good weigh all the pros and cons. more solid you ground will be to on take much these tremendous agricultural advances

Disobedience is the basis of life's' wrong may even find that it is perhaps Judgment the facts seems to be attunedto Banish pessimistic or perhaps that- the threads of your life overagain. up have released great numbers of people from
u they now egotistical thoughts
late to do
anything working the land
Your career, ambition and permitted them to
giving you the opportunity to may be keeping you from
about such situations .
Ve have heard that obedience is better exercise it more Judiciously forming affectionate relationships or conditions in general turn their talents to other uses. Today
than, sacrlflee. And, Indeed, it is. 97044i6se454GEMINI << than ever before Do not that could upset your may induce. you to sitdown less than n per cent of the population Is

Sisobedience is the basis of I IIf3'swl'ondoing. i :" fear a drastic change when existence. Those of you who able to produce food for all. And chemis-
this enables to been wed for time :
you get have some
The [Oook of Genesis describes disobedience your try Is In large
part responsible for that
two feet
Bom solidly on the ground can disserve the sort of love, PISCES
tvry2lst..June I
and how destructive are the con- achievement.
that U binding
j loyalty more
-12 tu Born
-$ -118 -39- tab.19th.Maar. Mr.
sequences. 21st than personal attractions. In Whitten also said, ". .Now that the
Good citizens have learn that, as we go VIRGO brief it may be a moment-, 2 The possession of an independent for serious The Piscians who have not
through life, we are constantly.called upcn thinking; it is time we reminded urban and
spirit is a wonderful BomAug.23rdSept. ; .1.90-77:':17-67-943SAGITTARIUS << permitted the fires of dessenslon -
to obey. We may not like it either. The recreation minded people that cannot
thing when you are entirety 22nd to get out of band have we
police officer may make us go aroung the self sufficient materially a splendid opening to patch afford to restrict the use of such weapons

block when we are In a hurry. Our employer and splrtually. But when you You are "the one most 80m Nov up matters with their other when there is no evidence of danger to
makes to time he nave to depend on others to likely !:t> ; halves or partners. After all, health when properly "
and 23rd
us get our jobs on to recommend the latest ap- ec : 21r used. All' mannerof
status to human nature
maintain Is
or often
penalizes us if we are late- too often.,. market your your services, the prom* to problems whereas There are some powerful, I I and all allowances unpredictable scientific tests, using the most sensitive

3ut obedience is a good thing, becauseit flouting of customs and traditions those* to associated remain! with you area contradictory forces first should be made for foibles and advanced equipment and techniques '
helps us to develop self-control and could have some pretty ; in the conser- pulling you one way and then which are not the exclusive have shown that modern pesticides,
vaU7e.corner. There
self-control is the basis of moral charac- upsetting consequences No to -be"said for both sides mucb the other. The question that f fIt property of any one IDd1Yl- employed iin the recommended manner and in
matter bow brightly the spirit ; hardest to sneer could beth dual. The manyamongyouwho
ter. There are certain rules set up for of Justice and fair play maybe but rather than adhering to one that t&* to do with have the experience that age accordance with law, are safe. They are
an's behavior, and these rules are founded burning within you, refrain Inflexible positions, it would the choice of making a career brings will readily see this an essential defense against the sourgesand
upon religion and racial experience from revealing your ideas to be wiser. to adopt the middle or'domesticity and family life' point and you will be slower famines of which history tells us so
through the years. those who believe in leaving pertinent course. when This all Is particularly your principal! goal.Of course, to pass Judgment and quicker much.
Ochool children must learn to obey their things Just as they are. They financial'-Interests parties have particular circumstances to forgive. But there are
be capable of taking retaliatory hanclni in :: will greatly Influence Indications that finances
may maybe It
parents and teachers. |If we had nore. ,,of measures against the balance. When the dud the outcome. Should you be playing an Important part would take more than $75 billion to
It, teachers could instruct their classes has cleared sufficiently: for individual to whom fame in build the Present U.S.
you that could turn out to be an your calculations and.that railroad System ,
more effectively. Moral character Is developed much to your disadvantage. clearly everyone 11twill to see things more ambition mean the most, you they will be high on your according to the publication Qonpetltlv/

by a 111ingness l l l to obey. 8-50-33-14-54-653<< revealed, "that undoubtedly be} will undoubtedly select the I list of rings still to be done. Transportation, Published by the Public
path that leads to them. But 360551874283t<< Relations Office of the \
Western-., Railways.-

S \. s


i I
SUIliU mil 2. nu' _Tlh'PIPE flfif 3

I Wins Speaking Contest JIJon Honored With Birthday Parly And Gifts .

,Socially Speaking r__ ,
pWhlI( .
J\'rI t P

t '- Kevlnettes Bridge Club held Its Seventeen t tis
Anniversary celebration last Thursday
evening at Holiday House on dairies Street.
a i f P Friends were Invited to rejoice with them.
As the celebration coincided with St. Pat-
rick's Day, the group thoughtfully carried
out the St. Patrick's Day mot Iff In Its

Adding greatly to the enjoyment of the
affair wes the Eugene White Band, which
4a i thrilled music lovers Into the wee hours
I of the morning.
t Club officers and
membership offler Included -
1 ', Norma White, president; Barbara 3.
r1g+ ii Harper, vice president; Nan Fletcher,
treasurer; Geraldine Hilliard, treasurer;
Pearl Mackey financial secretary ; Doris
i K N NyV1r ;, ktr L. Dennett, reporter; Ann Monroe; Sara 'e M
'J1' Lovette, Daisy Gil" Hard; Emma lee George;
Paul jne Davis ; Celestine Nicks ; and
Dorothy,!)liver. ,
I ----- -
I'. '., rt "Pauline Davis headed the committee responsible BIRTHDAY PARTY -- Friends who gathered recently to honor Ernest I
I for the anniversary I event, assisted Smith of I 1-117 \W. 15 St. on the occasion of his birthday are seen I
Charming Miss Gwendolyn I. Jordan, senior by Geraldine HI I Hard," Cmme Lee here. The honoree is seen at the extrem& right. l
DE student at New Stanton Senior High George, and Ann Monroe.

School lations I is from seen Principal receiving Charles special D.congrau-Brooks ........ ....... Bridal Events. -Erlls' Smith Homored With

for her recent achievement as the winnerof ----- -,-- ------- I
the Public Speaking Contest held at the The most recent regular assembly of the Birthday Buffet Dinner
Sixth Annual state Leadership Conferenceof group was the meeting held in the home of
the Florida Distributive Education The DeVernon I Hicks I The Community Center, enChase (Mrs. Alenlnla Johnson, Mrs.
Clubs of America March 2N-2G' in Orlando. Sara Lovette, Nan Fletcher, Pauline, and 29th St. wu the caster Alice: Pompey, Ur. Norman
of a beautiful and colorful Williams, Mrs. Feola Clark
Looking on approvingly is Miss Jordan'sor Davis, and Geraldine IHIliard 1 1 qualifiedfor 'birthday Buffet dinner, givenIB Mrs Corine WUkin,Mrs.Tom-,
Coordinator. school advisor. prizes in the bridge session. honor of Ur. ErMrtcnlth,1 life llctlmumy, Urs. Julia:
hiss: Jordan was declared the best of more of 1417 W. 15th St.,b>-Ms wlte, ,lHalley, Urs.Sarah Washington,
....... ... .
than seventy other contestants from some Mrs. Essie Uae BmltH.A Utf.jlotttlla Evans.. .Mrs.Jean
sixty-five or more different schools :.In sY lovely arrangement of Red. rette Wbfie, Mrs..Ruby Baker,

Florida. "The Challenges of marketing.11Jhe Marie ((3. McClaln was hostess when Sophisticates Carnation. table,where centered tAt Buffet ea.bonorN' (Mrs.Eunice Lute Coker Mae, Mrs.Simpson Evergle, Mrs.
; is holding the bronz and \Walnut Thro- I ;ridge Club met 'aturday: even- dinner was served. Coker, Mr. and Mrs. Wash Da.
phy presented to her by Mrs flea Quigg, ing in the home of Johnny and* Geneva The many friends olltr.Salttl ale, Mrs. WUlle M.Washington,
representative of the perry and Hutchln-' :Wheeler.( I 1,4 enjoyed. the evening .ialbggame. ,Mrs.Evelyn Glover, Mrs. Bet-
The* 'JittMBirthday"
sang Edwards Mrs.Vivian Robin-
son Company. Guest players were Lois Avery, CatherineT. to the bosom IM jt.r
'ICO] Mrs. Otha Bell Allen, Mr.
Jackson, and Juanita Wynn. showered blawlthmtojtMutl ( Mrs. Charles Edward, Mr.
J _II_ .. MMI ..-.c.-.cl_0_n_n s Charlotte 3. Bostick was welcomed as a / .ful gifts (land Edward Jr., Mr. Alfred
new member of the club. / Among thosepreseatwirtUr.: :JUckj Mrs.Blllle Barnes,Mrs.
Stork Delivery land Mrs. Kamp CulUvao. Mr. 'Margaret Howell, Mrs. Lillian
High scorers among club members are Char- i' ," .
u and Ira Carswell.Dr.4 CJBr 'McMillan Mr.and Mrs.Ferris
n_n_n_1.-.c ()4"' C.-.cIII114III I lotte Tosttck, Mildred Hampton, Leona Ben- t :: via, Ur. and Mrs. BenBonreH, ''Rhodes[ Mrs. 14 Ildud Ray,
,._ ... ........
nette, and Evelyn Galvin. : i Mr. and Mrs. HarrUt 'sson,. Mrs. Verna Ttmsll. Mrs. Mary
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Allman, 17 Mr and 36 Jefferson Street, boy.HampshIr.. Drive, boy. a guest prize. Vermal McCone, Geneva Vivian Copeland Mrs. Leona airf lilt. Hugh Trapp, Ur. and
bride of Charlie Scott, In
'jr; a cere- (Adams, Urs. V strlc.WiUluks, [Mrs.
Wilfred Trapp.
'heeler, Annie ]3. Mlnatee, Irma Murray, and held In the home oft'Mrs
reception -
Ur. and Mrs. Allen James, 13 Ur. and Mrs S a mu e l Thomp-
43 West 11th Street, girl."O". 4104 Leonard Circle, E., Johnnie M. Mitchell Marie Streets, and SM. Anderson at 3138 Dandrldge DR. Jack

girl.w Myrtis Thomas were among other members sonvllle. -___ -'h _._- '_. .__ _
present. The bride Is the daughter of yr and Mrs "
..tN ........ ... Willie Taylor of 1478 W. 30th St. and the : '"UNWI01d.".1.'i' \0;/.'' ,
]I groom Is the son of.ur and 'M r S'Charlie ..
a3 t.>wti..., Scott 0 f Bal dwi n. STAR photo by.James.. Singleton. .. ,,' r v .
i Invitations' went out and were duly res ."
i ix ponded to last week for the reception I' 1a .
honoring State Treasurer and Mrs. Broward t P
\Williams. The affair was held from -J:00: !
to 7:30 p.m. last Tuesday in the audi-
torium of the George Washington Hotel.
Persons attending reported a highly enjoyable _

event. ... I'/
......i ****** .*. : "
f; ; ,
;, '
of r .f .."-". > .,.'. I
The Sixteenth provincial Meeting Kappa ,;-
Alpha Tsl Fraternity will hold sessionsIn .......1?" It.::". I'T.
Tallahassee April 7-O, with headquarterat '): I :
Holiday Inn of America. "Training for ..., ,;:
Leadership" is the theme of the meeting.
Thomas 'Jradley, grand 'polcmarch! and I 1
Oliver ;. Gumbs of the Grand Board of .
Directors will be among outstanding Kappas
,KEN KNIGHT attending the convention.
Important social events"scheduled duringthe
-Invites You To Listen To- week-end include a coctall party for [ then reward yourselfwith
% VEDOINO BELLS'-turrfage TOWS sere exchanged
BIG BAND vl'sUlng Kappas Friday evening from CX recently by Miss Pauline Nadine America?* most
to 7:30 ; an invitational dance by the Dobson of 1581 Ella St. and %i>jj: James, ter'" ,whltk.y. :
from 0 to
Tallahassee Silhouettes p.m. JT. of 215G/ W. 12 St. in a ceremony held] SU .n..7Crown- m"The
"DANCE PARTY"Nightly I? midnight! Friday In King Arthur Room; at Mt zion AMR Church. ,
an undergraduate luncheon in'King'Arthurr The bride la the daughter of Mr and Mrs The SiweOne.fuaIlamfluUISCOMPANVNtlYOANCIrrSUNmO.
11:30: til 12:00: sponsored by Alpha XI Chapter; a closed Mr. and Mrs Levy James, Sr.STAY .
banquet at 7:00: p.m. Saturday; and the f photo James Singleton o.f
Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m. climax of events, th.e formaLJUack and
from |0d6'p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
;hlte 3all l
1400 WRHC 1400 aturday, to be held In the Dade Street Illllllllllll iMiifI
Corimunity Center. I


f.vr.r J t i.JctlEi\ i

\ ,il'/y,. ,. X000 f10A.y

-, ,,-


Emblem of QUALITY, SERVICE and CONVEt .'

\ ;:; ': There's. One Near You

Beef at its Best


Nationally Advertised .BRANDS OF LIQUOR.

.. I I 1 1i

e. .. ... ...,................. t ;. k. '.

m._--/M. .1/ .


I --- CHURCH NEWSServices ----.--- lethal' laptistAmqvact ''Take It 'Orteave' it' Mt. verses

f dwell Haws
Sunday Jerusalem Baptist Church nstsldeb. 1o. the home of Deacon and Mrs. lleUon Jenkins, t704 Jupiter St. By CHARLES C. KINO :

with the S\mdI\ ,Scbool at tt5: a.m.,wWalllperlDbDdtIlt A. Way Dlstrkt S wW meet at 5 p.m., at the church. Evening service I Made It (Read Rom. 11.33-36) Mt Yuan BaptlstCssr
In 'bar g'. Rev. Joe C r o o m s,pastor wWrtInUle lesson. will begin at.30: o'clock.Choi 4 and Usher Beard 4 will serve., ServicesServices services Sunday begin with the
Morning service at U o'clock and the communion service at ..tSa.m. Rev. C.C. Brown, pastor will deliver the sermons.GRIATKR Sunday to Bethel Bap- "Where did yon get your kite sonthe boy was acted by: a mm Sunday School: at 9:3oa.m.wlth
passing by. "1 nude U." said the boy. Deacon Fred Gray la charge.
l ST. MATTHEW tilt church twttslde,at begin 9.30 "Myl What a beautiful cake, Jane/'said Edith'entering UM The lesson topic, "The Mission
ST. JOHN BAPTISTThe oaday services In Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church begin with the Sunday School : kitchen of her friend's home" Ob. I made t." said Jane. of the Church/'wlllbe reviewedby
with the'fcmday ScboolaUt5a.m.SuperlnteDdeDtW. J. Nathan a, m., with Superintendent I. Rev G. T. IfcCall. pastor.
Church School begins the service John : "Well, I made It, said the workmutohlal.nowaul1e
( Church Superintendent J. AJau Sunday sitocitaifeRevJ. InSt. Bapi(1st X; In charge. The pastor will review. the lesson.Regular servicesat Owens In charge.' Morning ser- ;I I punched the clock at the end of a bard Morning service at U o'clock.
U 5p.m.The pastor wW preach and the Holy Com vice at U o'clockBaptismal 1 "Boyl made It," saldthepltcherrutheday.last inning closed the Covenant meeting will be "held.
Hughes, minister, will review the lesson. Consecration LID.LiaDd rites will be observed. '
administered Prayer'.' service Tuesday at 7:30 Deaconess Board Z will meetat
: game with a score ot 1-010 favor of his. team.
Ire at 10:45 a.m. The Rev. Mr. Hughes wW preach BTU at 4 wtllbede
p.m., and Bible Study wW follow.The Christian Aid Club will* The sermon dear 4 p.m., in the Educational
p.m, with Mrs. Lucille Frailer In charge. The Lord's. Supper Rer. R. L. Sanders.Choir "Ob Mom, Dad, I made It 11 made It I" exclaimed daughter
meet also.Wednesday at 7 Choir 1 meets for rehearsal and livered by outstretched Building. BTU at 4.30p.m.
p.m., on commencement day with diploma In hand and ,
wW be administered at 5 p.m., with the pastor and associate m 1 and Usher Board 1 will
Choir S will rehearse Friday at 6 p.m. arms to receive the warm congratulations of both proud parents. Mrs. Bertha Richardson pre-
charge. Wednesday at 6.30: p.'m. the scouts will metl..W. At 4 P.m., communion
The Is told who died and went to he!L On siding.
story of a man
In Is 7.30
Scoutmaster HUlsmon David
E. charge. Prayer meeting p. service with Rev.
FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE service at o'clock.
arriving be was not too uncomfortably seated on the third floor
m., and Bible Study at 8:30 Thursday S:30 Choirs In charge.
: p.m. p.m. Johnson pastor
Sunday cervices Friendship Primitive Baptist Church begin where he had chosen his own chair.On the back of the chair wasa The pastor will deliver the sermon -
4 A and B will rehearse at the cburcb.NEW 3 wW
and sing.
Choirs I 2,
with the Sunday School at 10 service at 11.30 and administer the
a.m. Morning sign: "I made It. A supervisor on that floor quickly called a Holy
MT. 710N o'clock with Deacon J. McPherson In charge of the devotion. Prayer and teachers meeting TIleelicon.u guide and had the man get up'from toe chair. He was escorted Commulon. Choir I and Usher
Covenant meeting will be held also. The communion and feet will bo held Tuesday night. Board 1 will serve during the
Services Sunday in New Mt. Zlon Baptist Church begin with the meeting will be held to the second floor where he was seated on a reclining chair on
Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., Mrs. Annie U. Lewis In charge. washing service will be held at 4 p.m., with Rev. H. Robinsontn In the home of Mrs Sarah Jack the back of which was a sign that read "I made U by being. morning service and the combined
charge.Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve throughout the smart." He was soon Interrupted again.He was escorted ty"-, choirs will serve during
Deacons W, J. Cooper: and A. Lamar will conduct: the devotion day. son. Monday DIehl District Swill the service.
evening Usher
at 11 a.m., and Rev. R. D. Bennett, pastor, wUlpreacb. Holy meet In the home of Mrs. other guide to place on the first floor where be Board Z will meet
Communion service at 5:30 p.m. Es.-lo: Lewis, 1017 W. 28th St stretched out comfortably on a cot. At the bead Monday at
Annual Service Gladiola Ladies Choir 3 will rehearse Wednesday was a lab el that read, "I made It by being service and Bible
MT. ZION BAPTIST at 730pm.Easter practice lucky." He soon dropped off to sleep,It was so will be held Study
Services Sunday in Mt.Zion Baptist Church begin with the Sunday will be held Monday and Wednesday comfortable. Other souls around him were aUasleep.1'bewerepa1eandanemlclooUnr.but Tuesday at 7:30 p.
Held' The Pastor's Aid Club
School at 9:30 a.m. Morning devotion at 11 o'clock with Rev. Sunday 34th.Anniversary at the chl1rch.Glendale m. wW
at ISO
..'M L. Montgomery, acting pastor. In charge. At 30p.m.: ., The combined choirs of Ebene- they were breathing. It was not long before the Chorus will meet p.m. The Gospel
PTU. with Deacon A. Jackson presiding. Evening service at 6 ser Methodist Church will con- The Gladiola Ladles Club will Social chief overseer of hell came looking much dis Wednesday I ate
I 'J dOC'k. The sermons will be delivered by the acting pastor. duct the annual candlelight ser observe its 34th anniversaryApril Club Observes pleased. He called the supervisor of the II 1 Irsl tfloor p.m.sut '-
I Wednesday a special meeting for members wW be held at 8 p. vice Sunday at 7:30 p.m.,. In tilt 17 at 4 p.m., In Wilder and leyi'lmaml' ,him for making a mistake.
m, with W. M. Brown Deacon Board chairman, presiding. church auditorium. Park Recreation Center. The Glendale Social Charity had nun awaken the man and escort nun to me i-.- A

I I The service Is'U honor of the .Mrs. Cora Lewis, president Club will observe Its. 18th annl sign over the entrance the bottom of the stairway read: "THE 'DIRECT & SAY
FIRST NEW 210N sick members of the churcJiand has announced that a program versary Monday night In First LOWEST HELL. The man was taken to a beautifully made im (
First New' Zion l aptlst Church servlcesSundaycommence with elf,. Music will be renderedby will I be presented with outstanding Corinth Baptist Church, Duval bed. It was'downy soft. The room temperature was perfect so Guaranteed
the Sundi School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent Joseph D. William Bathes High School talent appearing. Clubs In and Madison Streets. the perspiration soon left the man. At the bead of the Led was a
White in charge. The superintendent will review the lesson. under direction of Mrs. the city have been Invited toat- Among the participants will be: sign, "I made It with a LITTLE help."The man wa.undressed 100 HUMAN HAIR!
Morning service at 11 o'clock. At 5 p.m.,District I will meet InShrrrtdftl Olivia group W.Smith.PASTEL. tend. Rev. W. L. Jones, pastor, Mrs. and put to bed. He was asleep almost before he bit it. The devil
Lucille .Lowery and others. himself came In wlthacrownfor his head. It reaJ "INGRATE."
1 The devil made this remark as be left, "That crown will keep WIGS
i I iI ii i iI will keep him there forever.He'll never escape from bell. Don't CAP

iI i worry about Hill. Keep your eyes on those people on the other
'" floors" "But he's so comfortable" said the Chief Overseer; Extra thick, $O J
I -fr i"7 ."I thought he was to lose his soul. Let's torture him." The
\\r.f7It'a Whst I I |
H devil replied, "Fo need to torture him. He would not feel II. Long lustrous
I > \ ibpely-nob toV ; Anyone who has come THIS FAR without realising bow many M.d.to..lIltH SI 00.00 up.
i ; TirHie ofInn' Vr'ar.
1Iuppy OTHERS,contributed so much to his successful efforts has lost StytocsDalun .
vX .-'- his soul." Quality Human Hair
At that point a great stir was heard upstairs. Quickly the devil .Will Not Mil or Fid
went up. A great crowd of demons awaited him Impatiently sot Natural,Hair UnaClowly )

c. they were IDLE. The devil sent for batch of signs and W one ttitchid on vantilatad. found.
lion for comfort and fit
given to each demon. He gave following order: "Go ye Into etbnysb.auhlully.D.miDnssidfor. Hold ill
Awea.r.11n1'rlcn'x all the world and pin your signs on ANYONE you can. As each Easy Styling
wa of you succeeds in finding person who will accept your sign' Dramatic. Color 'In Black Off,Black,
you may return to heU and receive your reward. Now get going: Sampl.Dark A' Mod Dslr.d.Brown LIqAt I Auburn Shad or Sand

ilcailtjitartrrM forHitnitreri and Hundred* ot Candlv99ToH lflnd l'nrl ylnrerh. The last crew is almost out of si On each of the signs appeared these. words beautifully decorated .- Sand $5 Dtpont on lacktam/
I N.I' .ddlg.. : "I MADE IT." plus(Postal COD MO and) pay pottaga mailman charges balanct. or
I remit full prict and we will ship pO.t.petd. .

LOW PRICE! i t PETSIIC Calander I Tea Set f EqualopportumtydoenwrkGcl. SUSY. WIGS c.pt.J07.- .

507 5th A..., New York, N.V. 10017

ByE Ephesus Unit ':a good? educ.tion..nd 10 will rou.'

The Ephesus Home and School -

Association Is presenting their On Your Lot..Or Ours
i ilj"h
lp lpr annual Calendar Tea Sunday
April 3, from 3 to 6 p.m.A unique -
program Is being arranged
I : Perfect choice: for thesmall for the event which will take ,
,v4>f '" fry. Colorful favor ,I place at 2760W.Edgewood-
S&lies in two tone and solid nue. H. A. (Smoky) StoverNI

plush. Have gay ribbon ,.... Manage

f t trims. Aworted sizes and i I I t1
** noiei. Choose rabbits,
DANIEL 12:1: 'i ewe l.rreak.nlp a. rt.... t.11nxs
duck or rooster.
!I Great trouble .Is Just before us
and we can survive ONLY In .
....iw rY/S,uf. .. I God's Word. .


Authorized King James Version'
Red Letters (3.98 p.pd.

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+ m iJ1 pattah Station, U1 a m I L,Florida I '' .

'er lM r. III 33142He ON.YOUR LOT EV-8-9000 .


r 1 Cuddly! assortment measures a
s locl>logs tosflrf
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n J.04./-:: .. --iz: ;L'... S ter. sea. -'Osr solid colon.FmrntB ..,,, J. 7t...

EASTER CARDS tWff selection ot gaily. r pped. .310)) EMERSON

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to 219 .( GOES)



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traditional] and funny faontc Multiioloreilovin haw Easter list. Beautifully wrapped baskets and
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1 ,r
C 4 u.s. GOV.G AbIIDpuuas

j 1
I I : C


ffllttphai *.* ////--Ar"'. .. li'arrrr algaCOLORING .. f V'/rfe>ff... FraIt.IIar.re'J... "


29 59 p0. 33.Bircl Ih. 31 4AI:: FREE LB.

.1 I ox. ('at1.Itr'! of kcnrutivft Colorful ph.i!tlc eggs to be Includes favorite colors plus -!size goalies made with nite-xize pectin jelly turkey,; "AZAR" SUGAR
grass for Enter baskets and filled with candy) goalies.Pkg. all the necessary! piece only I the yrv finest of 1-|, eggs are tops In taste, PC'rl CURIOS ,
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Downtown Store 300 Hogan St.. At Monroe :"ru TIE UN IlII$ U _/.DINT 1 11 INN i .L

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.a. .r l teo..2- ...... a .A ...: ___at---... _o606.. .. .t. aa.s..a ..._ __ .. 0.___ _. _ _ . . . ,

- -

'' "
APRIL ,2, 131! ml WHS''
,PAC, 5

.f World By Negro Press News International Digest, I Wilkins Hail Civil Rights Roundup I I IBY

POC1DN South Korea -.(NPO)
"Seal the; border" Is the present 'BUY-IN' r article drafted by the Human
project being undertaken NEW YORK The Negropresswas FAYETTE Illfi. - In the
by the South Korean government "a trailblazer Fight White segregationist have I, approved the article,callIng -
beforethe ,
6-E'-1 la an attempt to keep North for Freedom lone launched a "buyh"tocounler 'I. for an attack on prejudice i l
Korean agents from crossing b professional clTll rights organizations "- a boycott organised by the NA- by a 15 to 0 rote The Soviet
Into South Korea.'The border 0" I Is were established, ACP and other civil rights Union Poland the Ukraine,!r
sealing Is being accomplished NAACP Executive said In telegram to groups. Special convoy.ol can, i I, Iraq, and Jamaica abstained.: !
by the erection of two-Inch Wilkins a with born blaring and Confederate : I
wooden poles, .Iptto 10 feet '" Frank L. Stanley, president Publl-of flags fluttering bring CONVICTIONS
high lashed together with barbed tile National Newspaper passengers into town to buy as MONROE La. .<(NPI) -Four
wire, strung with booby Vhers ,Association felicitating much as $50,000 from boycotted white men have been convictedby
,, 1 its observance -
04. traps, and :protected by mine- ,. ,. ".. 1 the organization on : merchants during one trip. an all-white Jury of breaking
fields and machine gun ....... ", .. of the 139th anniversary The buy-Ins have been organl- Into a Negro's home and beating
of the founding of the N.g r 0
led by the Americans for the the family's white daughter-in-:
MOT THE SAME press In the United States. Preservation of the White Race. law. One of the four was a Klansman. -
e NAIROBI-(NPI> A misplaced "Without toe foundation laid by Heidi Richards: 25, a
..at or dropped Initial could wreak* the early Negro editors: and publishers TAXI REFORMS native of Germany was beaten
I havoc among political parties and without the continuing WASIUNGroNNPI with sticks last Oct. 30 by four
in Kenya these days Former support of the Negro press, Diamond Cab Company has decided men. She was staying with her
I'VIC. President Oct &a 0dIAp.I the remarkable clvllrlghlspins to encourage Its driversto husband's parent's Mr. and
ousted from the No. 2 spot) for would"have been well nigh pick up Necro rues The decision Mrs. Robert Richards, Jr.,
allegedly fomenting*r n>mimi i impossible, Ur. Wilkins said.: came after complaintsthat while her husband was serving
p 4 takeover, immediately or&*!< TIlt telegram was dispatched: the company's drivers pass in Viet Nam. Convicted: were
red the Kenya African Itettyf t for Founders' Day of the Negro Negroes up. The company also Odis: Slkes, Z3,Richard Thompson -
,";' f (KAU) In opposition to the riling i r Press, March 18, in the midst of eliminated a clause In its 21, James Hedgepath, 45,
'j KANU (Kenya African National "National Negro Newspaper by-laws which barred Negroes and Gerald Pardue 26, all orW.st
'ttolon)and Its r In!KA U(Jtei i iI Week" from owning or renting Diamond: Monroe.Hedgepath admit:
t ; The NAACP leader expressedthe cabs.ANTISEMITISM. ted Klan membership, and
African Democratic Union.)
j I 1 hope that the Negro press police llnkedSlkes with the KKK.A .

,; \',.' EQUAL PAYSYDNEY I !I"W i "continue In this struggle CITED .
I i (NPI) Cattle' as long as any American is discriminated : t UNITED NATIONS - (ranch owners In the northern I II against solely because The United Nations for the first every Florldlan's home Is the
territory have been ordered by of his race, color, religion time, has cited anti-Semitism goal of the Florida Library) '
I Australia's top>> Industrial trl- or national origin." as a form of prejudice Ina key Association. AprU 17.21."Jacksonville's '
receiving the trophy for"Highest Attendance"during -stateiight I
is Harry L. Burney Jr., (right)national president of the 'bunal the Commonwealth Ar- oho Bengstacke, (left) publisher of the Chicago Defender Is I
lethune-Cookman College National Alumni AssodatJoo and can- bltralln Commission payfullblooded the bon as to congratulates James E. Roger business manager Most Recommended Dealer"
tdate of president of Florida State Teachers Association from : aborigines f Bethuse! -Cookmaa College and a city commissioner during
tty. Frederick Lovejoy; of Lovejoy Cuneo,and Curtis Law'' same wages as white workers recent visit to the campus.While in Daytona Beach Mr. Seng- I R. S. EVANS3RD
Irm, SouthNorwalkConnecticut.: Atty. Lovejoy is a member of (receive. The order affects only tacks toured the campus and city and was special guest during
_e board: of trustees at Bethune-Cookmaa College. The action 'about 500 workers, but It tare- "command performance" concert of the Bethune-Cookman

took place during! recent all-states night celebration Bethune.. garded as victory for work"drive the 'ollege Cbotr.Powell I II & MAIN
for equal
.Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida. equal pay .
conducted: by aborigines '66 MODELS LOW AS
working in agricultural,timber Announces Mississippi Ordered
Merit Awards / NMA Favors transport, and mining in- I I I DOWN

t dustrles. I $S' Million Grant ,0'Grant Charter PRICE PYMT.:

Goes To Attorney Education For j; REBUFF I! NEW YORK-ONPIM grant of \EW ORLEANS-NPl-'lb.: '66 y.CHEV.- *Impala JJ. wwuwmwn: Spt.; FACTORY Cpe.ARUAITTT. $2695. $295UlSfyiSZ ,

i ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast-PI) t $5. S7.G10 to provide needed U. S. Court of Appeals for the 66 PONT. Cat.
CmCAGO-NPl-The "Legion Medicare Plan The Ivory Coast has takes a work experience opportunitiesfor Coupe $2995 $395
of Merit Achievement" award 1tercoup I C Ire u It district has,
hand In the Calnes-Ghaoscous A'TnMA''r "':lLrowlP'' """wo.; AND MAKES. FACTORY WARRANTY
: 1,200 ,1a-scboo) and 6,000
will be presented: to Atty. Russell Mississippi to grant a
R. DeBow, administrative WASHINGTONNPI) Dr. plans by Issuing a warning out-of-school enrollees baa charter to the NAACP on the: 66 FORD Spt. Coupe . $2995 $395
Leonldas: H. Berry Chicago to the Guinea governmentnot been announced by Rep. Adam grounds<< that objections to chartering I VI OAIAXIP. 'Wo', AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, POWER UTTrniNn.
assistant to Mayor Richard: J. I RADIO ft HCATFlt, AIR CONE IT10N. FACTORWARRANTY
National Medical Association
president : to use Ivory Coast Clayton Powell (D-N. Y.), for the New York
when the Chicago Cultu- corporation
told a recent conference as a troop movement steppingstone |, his home city. LARGE PURCHASE OF
were inadequate: by its laws.
ral Clticens i Foundation: for own
Performing Arts holds special attended by 25 national to Ghana. President Felix I JHoupbouet j The grant, for the Neighborhood -, The court also directed: : a federal : CHRYSLER CORP. CARS
medical and welfare organizations backed the
: g
Palm Sunday: (April 3))program, with Youth Corps programs court in Jackson to block ENABLES THESE LOW LOW PRICES
that the NMA differs warning by stationing lends!1 brings to a total$10.941,184 ,
quick arrests aimed at
Atty. DeBow Is being honored: "some high officials who state troops along the border tobloctpassage : the funds received within the up civil rights demonstrations.The breaking. JUST LIKE NEW-LOW AS 4,000 MILES
for his outstanding: that Title VI should: be used: as of Guinea-Ghana, I
U months for
past youth
butions fj the civic lire of the corps court said: the record: 65 Dart 1fe70"
and that with-
educative tool
an forces. work lath $
showed a pattern of
of law conduct
community In the fields: of federal funds should by 1895 195
holding :
government.The I Jackson officials "wblcb leads Auto, R&H, PS,
program will be held: in not be an aim in itself. ,Negroes Seeking leadership i i us to the conclusion that defendants : Fac. Warranty fiftfe p Y
Noting that NMA backsequality !'
the auditorium: of St.Mark AME : took advantage of every
'lion Church. of medical: opportunity,"Dr. I I opportunity serious or trivial, 65 Valiant
Berry added: the"The NMA basno Roles In Arena $1795 $195
Pqlflcal to break these
Appointed as administrative! up demonstrations : -200" Auto., RH, PS,
objection to education: but
assistant to Mayor Daley last I against racial discrimina Fac.
beginning July 1, 1968,the association -Anewdevelapmenllnthdzyeu'a lion" Warranty ';J. w:?
DeBow previously -
October Atty. ._
would like to see that increasing their -- ---
served: as Deputy Commissioner elections is an effort by Negroes toprovlda own
City Department of In-. education compulsory."The political leadership: rather tban mer'l7 aupportJJII polIUclan.

vestigatiotr. .. ,aDd will NMA continue Is actively to serve serving as the who seem most likely to aid the .,ac..eau.-fnd. most likely. .' I. ,
He has more than 30 years of to let them down.
administrative and: executive guardian and aggressive exponent The Negro politicians'aim Is to make the Negro a viable political ;
experience 'In government, of equality in medical: force and give hundreds of thousands of newly registered .'
care and equal medical opportunity themselves behind instead of merely
business and: law. : voters someone to align ,
for all Americans. giving them the choice of the "lesser of two evils." tI
In addition politicians are seeking to wrest control from race I t SUPER MARKETs
'baiters who have long held political power in predominantly Negro -. j
s3Pk. 3 a if areas through the timeworn expedient of denying Negroes
l N vote.
yet In Blrmlnghan, the state's Negro leaders formedaa organization THESE 'PRICES 6000 ,THROUGHSUNDAY. AT EDGEWOOD AYE. B.
with such a view in mind-candidates who would truly represent -
the Negro in government andwhowouldedge out the 1
"race baiters."
The group, (known as the Confederation of Alabama's political SMALL BARBECUE SIZE
Organizations (Co-A-Po) said it was not trying to replace any '

existing It has not organization., as yet,endorsed any candidate.However Alabama's
AU,..Gen. Richmond FIowershasdlscloedlhalbe the SPARE RIBS LB. 59.C
"Jockioni'MSt Lnryttt asBaatKwee'Ih state's Negro vote In his bid for the gubernatorial post.
.,.1 +.--- .f In Chicago Timuel D. Black Jr., president Negro.American
IK N. MYRTLE A VI.Wld Labor Council announced his candidacy: for the state senate.' .
ehtfou* Tttf'tnri (a fA4 pat Drwd.I..d S.mv Knu[ Others in the race for the Illinois senatorial body are Russell
boulnvt. Tt'A ..w tAef Jin Bn*>Hv" Bunt VNO" Eu.IRa/
j AmiRoerp-d Ivey it A ir m n.
iticcyt (
and Aid. Charles Chew 06th).
41 S'afixxt Ctntf.tr* .Itctvl Oft tfit Mal Its tntt b.e* M V* SUGAR CURED
.Ilo.k..e'N Aon.1t t1dUI lot mol.Y.RU..U4 In Durham N. C., real estate executive U. M. Mlcbaux,Jr.,
announced his candidacy for one of three seats In the statehouse
KIM e'tin Pea nu L1Iy CI..h.WHITING of representatives/:' '
Lb. 35c Michaux declared, "I an not the Negro candidate for the Democratic 4 TO 6 L B.

nomination. Rather, 1 wish to be Ute Democratic nominee AVERAGEPUREX ,39.
Produced CWior M'I/JOrl on our owns Snapper nf who also happens to be a NegroIn /' ;
39c San Francisco Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett,publisher Sun Reporter ,
BLACK SEA BASS Lb. weekly newspaper, made good Us promise to seek the

'-Tin li teglMmft, eta .M tM Btnkt' lit tfitHt till 3mil Hmit__ Negro publisher said be believed U was"the first of my SUPER

Lest Chant I'Unify.ln.t It) ff race since Reconstruction' to seek the governorship oran, '

FLORIDA SPRAY LOBSTERS L,. 89c ,state.Vying"against Incumbent GOT. Edmund G. Brown Dr.Goodiett GAL.

fg>> II _. said he would force the governor to"go Into( the ghettos of Watts LEACH2
the 600,000 California 19
39c and Oakland" Brovnexpectedtowln"any
WHITE PERCH ..,etlcell, .. Lt, Negro,ote.." A
Meanwhile, Leon Wagner, of the Cleveland Indians saldhe ,.
.STEAK FISH u 69c would enter Los Angeles politics when be r.Ur..from baseball.
"1 think a lot of Negropolltlclans In Los Angeles are Just there
for the floor show/' said Wagner a Los Angeles resident. "P' .
'Jit definitely be In the corner of the people who can't defend themselves -
because they don't nave any money"
t In Washington Rep. John Conyers Jr. (CD-Mich.)aJ(/"Qual1- I
fled Negro American leadership must eater the political arena
If the promises of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting :DETERGENT 59*
Rights Act, and the Wai-on-Poverty arc to be fu1t11led.J : GIANT
"Within a few years Negroes will become majority la many

,of America's largest cWes.r SIZE .


.' .s w U.S. GOOD RII STEAK 11.li.. i5e

.1 t You Seek The Best Doctor. ., ', ,
,When Your Doctor Prescribes!
Get Experienced Pharmacists 7 :CENTER CUT WHITE IACONANQUET 49*

......l....( f... ::1 ...According to your Doctor's I '
Orders. We Use Only The Best w APPLE 'E Ct. eitiir
l *
Quality Drags
The Latest Men's Hair Styles, C.E. BLACK f fJllLY mi ..

Are Taught At 'The: -3 I *Reglntored pharmacists To Proprietor serve you. !i. FANCY RED SWEET POTATOES li.UHE 10* ,



Co .etle -Rubber Ocods-Candiee-Sundrles


; |. .fttyri "uq'{ t'
'11. 5ge
.. 630 DAVIS STREET 1907 KINGS ROAO 5-11. .
I '

_,,1[ KSWJ .U. .;L.. l., f, 1 EL-3-8276. -. '.., ." -- DELMONTE CATSUP mi. BOTTLE ',25e' I


--- - --

''SAtrrrY ami mi
net i
f' -
-- ---- -
-.-<'- t.- ;;. IV .. .. -r
.111 "
.' f ,J. 'I' r 1 -flji-


II / I fix: t 11 W rtr ,JiiYq .


I -Scenes from) the 1966 Dinner & Jkince of the International. Masons ;Day CareAn t I.

_. ___________ ..", _.. .. a. ..
abandoned library In Mia-

al, used to store the city's
itorm shutters, has been y .... tJ.1(i
firaced up and modernized Into ...,
I day care center for many of the
:1tJ'a children. The center is : -
Tr ''r one of toe many projects InJdIa-
aI'. continuing cooperationwith B
President Johnson's War I '
i ;
on Poverty.
The grand opening featured a I 1.c
group of mothers who began petitioning -
for the day care center
and many of the officials who FLEXIBLE REASONS '

Q 4 forged the plan Into reality.
5 4 I Those present for the ribbon- Seems to be a rather odd phrase to employ when pointing to the.
cutting ceremonies were leaders traditions suggesting which wines to servewUh which foods, but
r 1 who made the center possible these suggestions are reasonable and flexible. .
.i -- Miami's mayor, Robert Wine-tasting at home and pairing foods with wine are popular
i'ii' King High,Congressman Claude ways to entertain..-white dinner wines and Rose(re-ZAY) are
Pepper and Mrs. Dana Chap paired with fish, chicken and turkey; red dinner wine and Rose
man, daughter of the original with beef. Cheese and fruit are usually. accompanied by dessert.
.. donatpr of the library. wines (the sweetest wines). i
'The building, near downtown However, guests should encouraged to experiment with other ,
Miami at 100 NW rt th st.,Is the : wine-and-food combinations to determine which they

former Dana Dorsey Library, personally, prefer.
donated years ago to the city. The tasting, like the "rule," over-simplified.. "White wines
4" I The day care center will havea with white meat, red wines with red meat," tradition decrees.
1 maximum weekly charge of$1 For example, cook chicken (awhite meatwitll tomatoes, onions '
per child. Its purpose is to offer and green peppers, and a white wins most likely not the preferred
kit an instructional center for wine.
ti nI children to learn and play,while This Is where flexibility of the rule shows up. You might find a
their mothers work. burgundy or claret or a Rose, a much more pleasant choice.
I Rose has the light,delicate quality of awhite wine, the color and
I. FAMU Takes ;; agreeable tartness of the red-It Is the most versatile wine in
: i the world !In many connoisseurs' opinion.
Double-header To test the flexibility of the wine-and-food rules, you might
prepare the same dish on two different occasions, using a different
wine each time.
From DePaaw SPICY CHICKEN WITH FRUITS is ideal for such an experi
ment. The traditional wine to use In this recipe and as an

I r TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-Florida accompanying beverage a white dinner wine like California
AiM University took a double- Sauterne (so-talrn) or Chablis (shab-blee). Rose, however, is
1 header, 6-5 and 4-1, from De- particularly good with It because of the fruits that surround
Pauw University here last week. this delectable, taste bud-tantillzer. The recipe serves six.
The Rattlers squeezed in a run You'll need:
In the bottom of the ninth inning One (five-lb.) roasting chicken; salt and pepper, one onion,
toedge the Hoosiers from peeled and halved; two stalks celery, halved; one-fourth cup
Greencastle, Ind. In the first melted shortening (half butter); three-fourths cup syrup from
i r n game spiced fruit (such as pears, peaches, figs, watermelon pre-
'S DePauw got off to a fast startIn serves); one-fourth cup wine vinegar; one cup California Chab-:
::1 : the first game by scoring four blls; one-fourth teaspoon powdered rosemary or ginger; assorted -
: runs in the second inning to takea spiced fruits.
d5 t t.I 9-0 lead. The Rattlers got two Season Inside of chicken with salt and pepper. Insert onion
.. ...p. _....... -
__ -
---- -
.4. .IS 1. runs in the second. frame. and and celery in cavity; truss chicken for roasting. Place In pan
tied the game at -5-3- in me nun brush on melted shortening and sprinkle outside with salt and

'I. Master of ceremonies, Qlshop ,.,.P..I,, I, at the' speakers xaole. membersand MllorIL.| ..... Inning.FAMU got three runs off pepper.Place In a very hot oven ((450 degrees) for 10 to 15 minutes,
'' Come of the 300 "
Young I f4, 5'G// #7. a walk a sacrifice, a single and Just until chicken begins to t take on color. Reduce heat to mod-
3ere.C GeoggeGoldAtty. Alfonso gueste enjoying the delightful !ire- Baseball Gets I. a triple.Shortstopper Ted Taylor erate ((350 degrees) and roast, uncovered, one-half hour.Shake
:i past. belted the triple. The remaining Ingredients, except fruits, in acoveredjaruntU well
,* Woodrow i/ilson./ Grand r Master of the' #0. Mr. Wilson delivers a short speech. winning run came on a squeezeplay blended.
:tate of Florida and Mrs. Katie Cren- / Past Associate t Matron, A Sponsor I with centerfielder Carl Spoon about one-fourth the mixture over chicken. Continue to
shaw, Grand I Matron of Flori'da. #0. Mrs. Ann King, Champion scoring on a fielder's roast, basting often with remaining mixture until chicken is ten
1 Grand; Master ''Jllson his whispers to Past Grand r Matron Mabel DETROIT-Chrysler Corporation choice with one.out In the ninth1nn1nC. der, about one hour longer. A square of foil may be placed
guests Gordon while Mrs Rena Mason of Winter\ will co-sponsor national j j loosely over chicken the last half hour of cooking a light brown

-.... Park waits her turn to ,whisper. telecasts of major league baseball -, DePauw took none runlead in skin color Is desired.
this as part of its Serve with the rich fat removed) ,thin :
year sponsorship the third inning of the second pan Juices ( as a gravy.
i #/ 10 31 shop Youna offcla.t) of top sports events on game that was short lived as the Or for a thicker gravy, skim off all but two tablespoons of fat.

till Mrs Crnestine Cook of Orlando, Fla. television, Richard E. Forbes, Rattlers collected three runs off Thicken Juices slightly with a little cornstarch blended with cold
and Mrs Rena Mason enter the 3anquet director of advertising, four singles and a DePauw miscue water. Arrange chicken on serving platter and garnish lavishly
Hall.i announced today. Grant Tolbert, Bobby with an assortment of spiced fruits.
W AMEDIAL Chryler will co-host "NBC- Thompson; Maurice Williams
Pl 12 Mother and daughter in matching hats TV Presents Major League' and Taylor accounted for the -

( left) r Mrs Rose Fluel len of Ft. 't Myers Baseball" each week during the singles. The final run came Clinic Scheduled ADAM GLORIA

and daughter Mrs Phoebe Baker of Miami :25-week period from April 16 in the fifth inning of the seven- TALLAHASSEE-The Florlda'ALM
,i.n Mrs Albertha .through October 1, Forbes said. inning game. Palm i Spiritualist Reader.Advisor
Lee of
Homestead Football
Florida. NBC-TV has scheduled tele- Ernie Lee went the route lathe uUnlversity an in all affairs of life:Love,
basketball Clinic will
i casts in color of 25 Saturday first game and was credited with coaching Marriage, Business, Sickness
Who's Who In CollegesAnd games and three holiday night the victory, his second of the be held Interested June 13-17, 1966. Per- etc:. Lucky Days Lucky Hands
In the
sons attending
'games on Memorial: Day, July season. Bobby Thompson There is no home so !
Universities 4 and Labor Day, Lie Chrysler pitched the second game,and he, clinic should write to Coach' that she can't help. Located at:
Jake Galther Florida AiM University -
executive said. Sponsorship of too, went the route and was credited I 901 N. W. 79th St. Phone: 751-
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Sumpter of the All Star Game and World << with the victory. He's 2-0 Tallahassee, Florida. 9307.: Open 8 a.ra. until 10 p.m.
1260FLORIDA'S : Jacksonville, Fia.rl' Series will complete Chrysler's for the season. Joe Johnson and daily and Sunday. Located in
'f'D1l\r,, -- baseball package, he added Richard Walker of DePauw were Shark meat has a tendency to Miami, Florida. One visit to
Commercials will be allocatedto the losing pitchers., spoil more quickly than many MADAM GLORIA and you will
the Cbrysler-Plymouth DlvU other fish, says the Miami feel the difference.
sloe and Dodge Car and Truck Seaquarlum's Capt. Bill Gray.i Half. price with this adllll.!!!! !! !
I Division, Forbes said. Classic Date) jet '

Chrysler Corporation has become 1 MIAMI-.- TJe 34th annual Orange -- --
Increasingly active in recent Blossom Classic and festivities -.
rear.II sponsor of major will be held here Dec-'
sports events, Forbes pointed ember 2-S. Ig68. The grid classic
I out. In addition to weekly major will be played in the Orange '
league baseball, the All Star
Bowl Stadium, Saturday I II
Cane and World Series, the Night, Decembers, at 800. The j Ij
company's present sponsor- FAMU Rattlers will meet a yet- I
1 'ships include American Football tobenamed!. opponent. <
League games, the Rose
# Clara'HoIJf1ed Bowl Game and the Bob Hope L 4
Desert Golf Classic, he said. ,
RADIO ) a senior '.Political / The current emphasis on televised ': (<
Science major. Holifield is vice SELECTEE Sandra Bonlta sports by the company's ; .
l president of the Alpha Kappa Mu Cooper, a senior elementary divisions, Forbes said, U centered -
Honor Society, and holds membership education major'at Florida ]i on 'Dodge's sponsorship
I la the Student Governments AiM University A member of of the Orange Bowl Game, Big the SHORTY$35.MEDALO .,.
Association Men's i' the National Education Assoclatlon < Ten basketball pm,. and the #665'
Senate, and Pi Gamma Uu Miss Cooper Is hodegus !NCAA championship basketball I Far ..... .1. .STYLE... .. .lM.4.14Ti
Honor Society. He Is the son of of the'Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- j .l. $ yl.lHI.*.,H.ir .....
game and Plymouth's sponsor- ...... .._ andddr.
nd IIMhrnnt
RHYTHM & BLUES Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Holifield) try, and holds membership lathe ship of 14 one-hour programson .... ll'. ?.... FREE vpOT
Sr., 110 Lincoln Street Tallahassee. Young Women's Christian 4u't. JIM< writ*.
the PGA national golf tour. ir.tur.uJ' Healthy Norm*! Ufcir G.1 ..I M.lf "'M. I....
Fla.sEI1CTEEGlorldeaCon. sociation. from tlM HA1K HOOT 0.... St S, Mir 35, H.Y. .
na J* SCALP.Th. eondltiM
Testimonial r WI' .((..> dpnd Malin COMB
Given Banquet
Bishop ,Perry j :a the Mturml rwalth *X 1
1 CHICAGO-) Thlt Most 'I II I for ."spiritual recognition and Jortnul e.lp. In..tld* e.IM4 c s DOCTORNDt .CARBOMOXXtwfclcn ......1......CAX-t.v AWAY

1 Rev Harold R. Perry, 49 year spiritual unity among men." N rtI"I with many prrr.n ,GRAY ,
in his tribute to b.' tnar dlentn. CAM*
i old auxiliary bishop Roman Mayor Daley, WITH J
BONOCC I to Inch s w.r.
RADIO STATION' Catholic archdiocese of New Bishop Perry, said the "human
    Orleans, was lauded! at a testl- t I problems of our cities can best ftLIM 1M .ruKPT1*D<&' iT'inrM Sc.1wj ITCHY{ mil : I

    modal dinner sponsored by the be met by spiritual leaders" I[!:!H'/nuscnias DOCTORS niard it toe H kt..-:I,. IOMI ,
    Knights and Ladles auxiliary of like Bishop Perry. w... ......1I1eft. Mw>r nnos.d pus I Ir.S
    St. Peter Claver and held in the Chicago U proud to hofor '.lUnullr.ro frvcily e.....rU' .r vd-br.!p. c ndl'WOM -.<
    "Pick- Congress Hotel. \I I him," Mayor Daley declared. ).a4. l th.. TrlpU .tr.th tta rternlul.
    "WHAMMY ,1 has servedparishes (, ... Write for IhU. /I 's
    t Archbishop Perry, a native -t !: Bishop Perry GDVnQ SCALP NUIUe.
    Lake Charles,La.,who had serI'I in Louisiana, Arkansas saw. II will De .ante I. U I r
    'wed as national chaplain of the I,I: and Mississippi and also Idslid v.M rosdy lit s. rr .... r..h..w rue we..s.rl:
    i I :
    superior of the ur >. hi so?A DY .p K.N/.b..t w
    Knights of St.Claver for the last was provincial air ,ul .n dd.uvtrqyi n.*. ... 4 r .dwllr AVO
    i x10 years, vowed to "preach the. southern province of the United 'WMIMSpotlight tluda "rjihliu Dotsray a TIt DeaN DTp
    of the Divine "" *"" .. .1md/ter.1., ?
    INMIAMI" '
    the Society t. .
    'gospel of love. States for ilneiloM. UM W>i AIM.:IfXOlyCATED -. M/.* > FT.** *- rabbll S
    : CMM to /rtatliTlaTcSS
    lie said there was a great need Word ProductOf SCALP.rOKMUIA mi* U mt.d 2T
    I. V
    mMMT .... II..,. Yur hair ..md4p M.H.I T
    ... suetla Johnson a senior biology 1 r d..re iN* UN. Jmt *..dMUM /Cam**...|Bin.n*. >lMd**| DN.h.INL. .

    major. A member of the New Have'you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? The Week 8.U..*!HAW 2 CM (Sh PRODUCTS ddraMOOU....h..< INC.r.,>.. M'iTMnii'd.ul S b. I u -"*Iw.. i iM4 Ply,,..Lw s.t/
    Club Miss Johnson is Anilbasileus I Mllssr.d
    man I ?!! .TO.**. ,*. Nor*: THIS M d.l H 7r Pdocs
    of the :Zeta Phi! Beta is of business. PvMUl.A ..ww *oe Mnl. D ,'lie.
    / Sorority. She U the daughter of Prejudice going out Miami: Florida. Vs SW.,,-Mllya 1[ t Si-I M.hl, 33, d.r Ysrl

    .. .. .. .. .
    -- -- -

    mil 2. nu STAR PAPERS Hit 1

    I league Gels DoniHon(
    Spotlight On SportsBY

    _.-... "'- s

    S r PRCPRACE'BARS AUCKLAND New ZealandNPI)-- Besieged by persistent
    protests over the exclusion of brown-skinned New Zealanders
    i',1 from rugby matches between New Zealand and ultra-segrega-
    Jlonlst South Africa Prime Minister K. J. Molyoake last weekbarred
    [ racial bias in New Zealand sports In the ruling which
    received bi-partlsan backing Holyoake declared:"Let there be
    I no doubt that the government regards the principle of full racial
    ,''equality as basic to the New Zealand way of lifer! i

    "SEE-SAW: 1

    1 NEW YORK--( PI-- Davis Cupper Arthur Ashe of Richmond,
    ,;Ya., got revenge for an upset loss Charles Pasar,U.of PuerjoHlc.9
    recently, by outclassing hit opponent, SMS,in a r o nn d-
    robin medal play Indoor tennis match last Friday at the Vanderbilt -
    Athletic Club. However, Ashe was upset again by Eugene
    !1''tr Scott of St.James L.I.,31 to 23, in the same tourney ultimately -
    woo by Chuck McKinley the 1963 Wimbledon champion

    r NEW> YORK--NPI( )--Some of the heavyweight t boxinf spotlight
    will shut from the belabored Casslus Clay-Ernie Terrell squabble -
    Mysh to Uadlson Square Garden Friday night where former Olympic .................-- -
    champion Joe Frazier battles Dick Wipper man of Buffalo N.Y. OUTFIELDER RICHARD C. "Dick" SIMPSON-BORN July
    ., In an elcht-rotIDIIseml-fInaI bout. The card is topped by a 28, 1943 (22)) at Washington, D. C. BATS-Rlght. THROWSn
    10-rounder between Jerry Quarry of Los Angeles and Tony Alongl -s Right. HE1GHT-4-4. WEICHT 'l8. ANCESTRY .Negro.HA
    of Patterson,N.J.Frazier has won all five of his professional RRIED. WINTER ADDRESS-696 San Juan Ave..Venlee :'Calif.
    gouts by knockouts HOW OBTAINED BY REDS-Trade, from Baltimore with Milt
    Pappas and Jack Baldschun, for Frank Robinson, Dec. t, 1985.
    y'X In 1963: Dick Simpson was with Seattle and California Angels
    ,Round-The-World Golf-You're Kidding! He was in 149 games for Seattle where he batted.301 with twelve
    triples, 24 homers, 29 stolen bases and 79 RBIs. \
    /I"t He was In eight games with the Angels (.222)).
    Simpson was a standout baseball, basketball and track star at
    l; Venice (Calif.) High School, making All-League in baseball.
    I : t tb At Santa Monica (Calif.) Junior College, he high-jumped 6-7
    and broad-Jumped 25-3 for a school record and reportedly ran
    the hundred in 9.5.
    meet- Chairman of The Board He was signed out of the first ADeeIl'Tr1outCamp in February
    The Astro Gents Little League at a of Commissionersi!! ci 1961.

    ing in the office of Dr. C.L. McNalr for_ _the league. Simpson, who resembles Ernie Banks size and swing, batted
    D. D. S. recently received a donation from Other members are: I left to right, Dr. .281 for StatesviUe In 1961 with 15 home runs and 64 RBIs in 88

    Mr. J. Gadbold, president of the Junior Clarence L. McNair, Henry Daniel Donald games.In .
    Jay Cee's In support of their newly formed Darren, Julius Bacon, Cornelius :Smith:; and 1962 set a club record for home runs for San Jose with 42
    I u he I baited .313 and droveln 113 markers. He was also In six
    little league.Receiving Lenard Baker. It Jf.-- games with the Angels that year (.250)). On the final day of the
    the check Is Hr. Louis C. Myers 1962 season at Cleveland, Simpson won the 75-yard-dash running -
    Ah away from other contestants headed by pitcher Pedor Ramos -
    Woman &t-Aggies Emcring ., -' '\. who Is reputed to be one of baseball's fastest runners.In '
    Proves 1963 Dick sidelined
    ; l' was by illness and Injury nearly half of
    WIN: ARNOLD PALM Ell? Hob Hope and Lawrence Welk the season at Bewail Bothered by a throat infection, Dick hit
    She Knows Guns As National Contenders. .' .. .' thought Arnie was kidding when he told them about his golfing only .232 for Hawaii with seven homers in 89 games.
    challenge now to amateurs from coast-to-coast. Palmer'sHoumltheWorld
    In tncserwo open The fleet-footed youngster got another chance in 1964 but after
    "ely, high praise ,
    his both
    golf content pits golfing judgement: against .
    N. C. -Th. youngsters, says that AliT will : duffer and experts alike who must match 1t-holes selected by Arnie batting only .140 in 21 games be went back to Hawaii. Still both-
    CHICAGO -NPI-A 47-year- GREENSBORO Introduce two, and probably from world.famous course In ten countries. The three top winners ered by his chronic throat ailment be blasted 16 home runs
    I old Falls Church mother Is the} ALT College Aggies, never before three, other surprises before and their club pros will Jet with Palmer to Australl via Qantas Airways In 109 games and batted.243.:
    I a serious threat In track for a two week golfing holiday. Winners will sight-see and takeIn
    real-life counterpart' the regular mprinLoutdoortrackand That winter Simpson bad his tonsils removed and be began to
    and field circles, are rapidly the Australian Open and Dunlop International tournaments and
    has ended.- .
    field gain weight.He
    Rosle Riveter. season
    [highly touted
    national play practice rounds with golf's alt-time leading winner
    emerging as con money on.
    I Mrs. Catherine C. Johnson tenders. Bethea;'also a football star who championship courses. Several hundred other golfers will win com trained with the Angels In 1965 but opened the season with
    (proved this fact to the chagrin last season was selected to the plete sets of golf clubs bags and professional golfing equipment. Win seattla where be had a fine start.
    in drive for
    lot U males when she was the' Mainsprings the second string aIl.Amerlcatsain Arnold Palmer contest kits are now available free at travel agenciesand Oh December 2,1965,. California traded Simpson to Baltimorefor
    national recognition are a shot- national weekly golf pro shops everywhere. Norm S1ebern.tt' .
    [first-man or woman-to pass by a leading
    and discus throw artist in
    [the D. C. Industrial Safety newspaper Is the junior who Is -
    Elvis Bethea t Junior from
    I creating much of the eiclte-
    Board's for
    instructor's exam
    and freshman
    Trenton, N. J., a
    P'stud run," powder-charge- ment. ,
    sensation Bob Beamon of New I
    propelled construction tools Bethea took first place In the _
    [ York City a star performer In I I
    I of Inter.
    use to drive studs into con- National Association
    ] the long Jump and triple Jump[collegiate Athletics Indoor QUANTITY ,
    crete. "
    "Head fact coach: ,Muf ray Ne'OSTTIMEI Challlp1oo Jp.-at Kansas City RIGHTS RESERVED

    Ho.., with a toss _of 56' 8"; : :
    second place a sa sun ropers ,
    All Eastern Indoor Championships I PRICES GOOD
    at Baltimore with heave THROUGH SATURDAYHERSHEY'S
    r of 60' 1", and garnered third -r
    JN place with a 6011/4"
    National CollegiateAhleloblntheUCAs- Jimmy Brown, Cleveland I
    Browns' star fullback demon'
    sociation Indoor Championships
    strated he can 'run' billiard balls
    In Detroit. as well as footballs during a recent *
    visit to the New York Sport
    s1tet6f;: th'J4Wkimi and Camping Show recently,
    II,'. playing on an AMP Grand
    .Prix table. SUGAR 39CLIMIT

    CT eoe CUWITSsM Miitiif SchHilH. 5 IBS.

    o_o hdi a..r.ar *. The Clarence Jackson Multi S US. Will 55.00 01 MORE FOOD ORDER

    Baseball League) will a
    :managers' meeting at 8 p. m.
    is of vital
    Water temperature Monday night April 4 at Wilder
    concern. When surface water Is PUREX SUPER
    between 33 and BO degrees, they 'Recreation Center.
    lie In the depths. Spring holes All managers who have teams
    will usually be warmer than surrounding ,and are Interested In joining the
    water during the early League are urged to attend 1/2 GALLON
    I season and cooler during the The regular League season 19
    VIII warm days of August always BLEACH
    I I'I'I I IIII i IIII I i iI I I good When spots the water to look warms for above trout. starts April 24. \ Kill 55.00 01 MORE FOOD. ORDER

    60 degrees, ash become more active Watch
    and aquatic Insects start
    hatching, the clue to use artificial This Clown
    wet flies Temperatures '

    best between for dry 55 and flies 68-degrees fish In shallow are- f92. 12 639 $$$DOLLAR DAYSSSSMUSSEIMAN MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE
    riffles and around corer.

    trout Above get this uncomfortable temperature most stay 3& 11 55 15 02. :'
    ) deep and feed at night on natural 5 $1 69C
    LiJ1Li44fn: baits. i APPLESAUCE GUSS <
    The authorities at Mercurysay : .
    these are only' tips; when
    > O'CLOCK MMcDUFFN.otBEAVE you deal with fish no one can Iti WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

    -- -- -. -.. guarantee results! 4 STEWfEF 2 303 $1 AIIIII'DETERGENT I _

    snuion eoutKM WMIICT M nraor ems,OLD CNMrrti WIT.co,louitviiu,KV. 49212. 639 Ai60 TENDER SlEET :
    '3619216'Sometimes PEAS 7 24 ot it.:1 1


    .;. r Tick tvck. ck-tock. ; He's Up Sometime; MAlDOAF
    .. .. He's Down He adds subtracts, 3-4 ROLL 59C
    He works all around $1' GIANT
    the Bourbon that 30-51-113 TISSUE.PACKS

    didn't watch the eIock! wOUXNG ATTRACTIOr< "SWIFT'S PREMIUM BEEF SALE"

    : MAN'S' CHUCK IiI


    ntuckys> Finest Bourbonsy I ROAST 49TEAK', ,6.19FIRST :'

    I years old 'II..'. Days are Hum .
    bered.' Health and
    Fortune Can Be Yours When
    Ice KW Your Lucky Day '

    Lucky Colors Etc.

    ''Horoscope Send$2.00 for GuldflJor.your iv 5 9. ,CHOPS LB. 89 ,." SHORT Riisu390M } !


    Fill In the blank below and!
    mall to ZODIAC, Post Office! NO.. 1POTATOES
    Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla..

    -- .s.

    1.DATE OF BIRTH-Mo.-Dayf I


    --- --- -
    --- --- ---

    .. ... -.
    -. . . . . .



    CITAtIONF Recital Sunday I HELP IIIKI
    NEW STANTON FACULTY t : Typist, oust do 60 words,accurately
    -- -' The Gospel Echoettes and the good speller, good
    PRESENTS Celestial. Spiritual Stagers*1J1 English.. Apply Florida liar
    J' F render a Joint recital Sunday' 2323 MODe rial Rd., Comer 13th
    .rf :The Florida Agricultural! and MechanicalUniversity 1'N afternoon In Trinity Baptist St.
    4 ,fe Church, Dun and Jefferson HELP WANTED
    S1 Streets. ,
    Advertising Salesman. L )enl'.Commll.too.
    The Echoettes are under direction .
    Liberal Draw.
    of Miss Jacquelyn Inez
    not essential Apply Florida
    ; Fort and will feature Miss John- Car
    fk Star 2323 Moocrlef: Rd.Corner
    ? PLAYMAKERS GUILD IN etta Bush at the piano. ,13th St

    Meeting Sckediled HELP WANTED

    English Teachers.. Part time
    The Seminole Cultural Club employment evenings.Do proofreading
    I PIRUEVICTORIOUS will meet, Monday, April 4. writing for publications.
    In the home of Mrs. MaybeuParker Writ Florida Publications -
    I 1756 Francis St., at P. 0. Boi 1171
    r ':00 p.m ,Jacksonville Fla. 32201
    -- ---- -
    \ .

    .By OSSIE DAVJS'Directed

    By RANDOLPH EDMONDS' Myrtle Aveive Tag Agency


    "Monday. April IS, 1966 8:00 PM ''I' CITED --Two members of Post 107 American Now-At

    Legion were honored with cltiations for
    / meritorious service recently by State' Com- 2422 Myrtle Ave. .'
    .J n.. 'in&rjder Lemorace who Is, seen, second from

    (left, presentlngfffie awards to Legionaires Corner 15th St.-
    Willard Morris and oscar I Hi Iman.( Beaming :
    i approvingly at left Is Post service
    Lofflcer.q. L. Flenold. -Convenient Hours -.
    a ';STAR photo by James Singleton Open Plenty 01
    ,. Cuknai.' Bold' CIiClil1'
    i Saturdays Parking Space
    Daraell-Cookman: .Choral aCkercb!\ .

    Parents Club will sponsor the HirvTcis' Held Sunday
    chorus in concert Thursday ,.
    night in the Little Theatre,beginning .
    at 8 o'clock. By ELDER L.N. PEARSON SR. ,EasterSpecials
    The participants Include:Kenneth -)
    Church School will begin Sunday -
    I 'H Harvey,Thomaslna Kelly,
    at 9:30 a. m.with RobertGardnersuperintendent
    ,Phyllis Levy, Cauandra Buck- ,
    :bolt JIDIeIIC1ocIaeDCbarIeDl]
    In charge.The moralog worship
    Taylor DC "Supreme
    'senrlce will begin at 10:551. m.
    and others. Tickets Uee secured
    Rev. F, D.Wilson bringing the
    Iromembers of the
    and also serving the
    club. The cfcorus Is under dlrectloo /
    ;icommunjoo. The Adult Choir
    of Mrs.R. Askew..
    iiw :with Miss.Jacquelyn S m llh directing Art Bcttir Ua Ever
    f will furnish the music. ,.
    r Mrs. Sue Ann Busty will serve
    Royal Crown: at the organ.
    There will be two worship Ear-
    vices Easter Sunday. The flr.st: Royal Art StudioSocial
    CHARLES D. BROOKS MILDRED J. HAMPTON Cola haul,, of worship will begin at
    Faculty Chairman _.: _8:30: a.m., and the second hour
    Principal of worship will begin at U a.m. Commerlcal, Studio, Serytte'
    .WANTED The Easter Church School program '
    will begin at 9.30 a. m.
    Beauty operator> and Barbers. April 10. The annual Easter Egg ..51S DAVIS ST.
    New Hollywood Beauty and Bar- Hunt will be held Easter Moo-
    5urtR'Kihni I tint UONLIII
    ber 622 U at 5
    Lounge. W. Ashley St. day April p.m. '
    Call 354-9774. Closed I All Day Tuesday .ElJI834!
    Services HeldAfFIrst'Coriuti
    ' toju Dbii> too Have To flo *
    Group Casualty Claims ; To ToWn To Get.
    Clerks.. Souttslde location of
    WHOlf. OR Aetna Life & Casualty. Good Services Sunday in First Cor-
    starting salary. Other benefits. lath Baptist Church begin with LOW PRICESDRUG
    RIB 59C Ph. 359-5361. the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.
    HALF Equal Opportunity Employer. The pastor will review the lee
    son. At 1115: o'clock, morning STORE NEEDS
    service Choirs and ushers will ,
    'SUPERS-RIGHT" ft PORK LOIN SLICED WESTERN UN FUR. APT. FOR RENT serve,and the pastor will deliver ---------.
    rr the major sermons.Districts 1,
    511 W. 17th Street. New 2 bed- 8, 12,-and M will meet at the Trade with Your Neighborhood Druf"storeWE
    rooms. Also new.kitchen equip- church at 3:30: p.m. District 6 WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL)
    PORK CHOPS m. PKG. 69Q ped. Full tile bet b.Jackson,- meets In the home of Mrs.Rosa papers Dellrer. we also fill all Doctors -
    ''viii '. best neighborhood. $90. Thorpe 618 Dewdrop St. Dis Prescriptions. (
    00 per month. Apply 1843 Main trict 4 meets lathe home of Mrs.
    Street or callI55-t061tolD. E.: Gane,. Evening service at
    "SUPER-RIGHT": HEAVY WESTERN- BEEF POT'CHUCK spect. 6.45 o'clock.T h e S e n 1 lor Mission
    will sponsor an after service Pharmacy
    '590 A&P Cares. About You! \:; WANTED'MAIDS musical Sunday night with
    ROAST ".' N. Y. SLEEP Mrs. Carolyn Llmbrlc as nar-
    '" JOBS, SALARIES TO 365. tare ator. 1302 Klnrs Road .At Myrtle Avenue
    advanced. Rush reference, .
    .. In RecitalHarold
    EXTRA SPECI'ALII' phone number. ABLE MAIDS
    I AGENCY, 163 N.MAIN, FREE Boggs and the B 0 I g g 1 Phones Elfin 555979.8.B
    1 PORT, N. ", Specials of Port Clinton Ohio, .
    will be featured at 8
    ' :FLO-CANE Tuesday
    r p.m.Temple, In, recital 825 W.in'Monroe First Born St. PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE(

    Choir 2 will observe its anniversary '
    LIMIT 1 WITHPURCHASES during the program. i BILLS. AT. OUR STORE

    y OF 5 lAG,.LI.; 4 9. Of Any RepariRg Kind Is ........... CHOCK FULL of STARS of '66-.....-. .

    $5.00 OR MORE I Our Only Business. 'JACKSONVILLE SAT. 2.


    ...... .
    r 9:00 P.M. Until
    Ji Rental Of Shampoo Equip,
    :.meat. We.Rent Lawn Mowers) I ATTRACTION-n..w J ALL IN PERSON J ,
    'A Garden Tolls Floor Polls .
    LltflM OF YOUR CHOICE' 3-LB, hers t Sanders, Mechanic l
    .1'0Z I Local Trailers, $2.
    *, ,Hand Tools,
    WITH' PURCHASES OF GIANT 5 9 per day. ,

    'ClKTER' rf I
    Jdhe'IP' rker Features rJsn N, Mali ..SFr.TO 8-8955. I I'NA


    SWEETPOTATOES DUTCH (Asst .Maiaier) Call 1I'i,,

    :.398-3820: ,

    1 .. FOR FASr SERVICE Laverne I(1d

    3 .- 29C I-IB. 8-OZ. 39C :Di* All Makes Sits

    I I I EACH. ,All Sits liiairii

    II I li Thijtai:



    Serrici 7 Day A look t &Ot9FMd 8/1L MIRR)'Ma ,
    -- -- ----
    ''SHOP AT 3000 W. 45TH ST:....:. PRICES GOOD 'THROUGH. SUNDAY APRIL 3i j .! A.M. (Ii.I. '.1.1! .

    J, '' /