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117843 F20090413_AABXRI 00110.QC.jpg 7fb87b329e73a2b3779906c0afb3c7691c56c7dff9cbb405a95f00e3548c75b5dad3c6bf
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200707datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 19, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007070740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 19, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 19, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. .-

[VietNam Her -Who_Gave Life TlS' .. ; iiks_',' BiiiIIIIUJin!

** *** *** ** ****


..... ..... ..... ............ ..... ..... ..... -.. '
---- -.--.. -.-....-..--.--.-. .... ....*.. .. ... .. ...


;I I tMwwaitjr of rjortisiCftlnaerrllle { e

fl 01"11.
** ** ** **** *

End Of FAMU F Law School Nears ,

As Regents Board Bans Enrollment

*'T** *'- "*' '*''' VOL. 15 NO. 53 SATURDAY MARCH 26&, 1966 15 CENTS

Dr. Gore Wants ********_*. ***** ** ** ** **** *
Charges Discrimination In Liability Rates ._ .:
........ ------- ,.
Gradual Phase $hmIi1fB'KS1

.. ..... .. ,.,. ,.
Oat For School -- -- _-- --- ........,._.. ..
****** I

:,AIM TALLAHASSEE-The Law School came closer Florida to

its end this week as the Board of 1 9 ;JAX GROCER GUILTY
Regents ordered a stoppage of 1
enrollment of new law students, 1,' s
effective this tall
The order is seen as the initial
move In phasing out the law .:

school which will although be meets up to any a the final year Legislature decision from, .. r ''I, ig;.,!. ::::>!:.f\f'!;; ;;. '(:;f :. P 'IN GAMBLING CASE

now. : ,a' ; ; :;; :
The board has reached no for* ,. 'I'Jc.He/Ji'!
mal decision about the fate of ., '.. ,;:. ;\
the law college at the primarily ; "
.' '******. *
Negro university But it must
decide "yes" or "no" by September
Campaigners Charge Hampton 'Big' Willie Motley

The 1965 Legislature established -
a new school/ of law.aT Harassing Opposition.. Workers

Florida State University which 4 TIIwELCOME .
is less than blocks across the <,,,",;;,
Vice Chief Doing"Hflmp"i Draws ConvictionFor
state capital from ALIT FSUis Dirty
but handfulof ....,., .. ..
desegregated only a
Negroes attend : -State Insurance Commissioner Broward Williams and Mrs. Williams are Worker Threatens To Tell All ?
Some decision must be reachedby shown greeting FLORIDA STAR publisher Eric 0. Simpson during the reception held last j
budget making time this Sep week in Jacksonville for the Gov. Burns appointed insurance commissioner. Political feuding among Dews Negroes over white office- Tax EvasionWig
tember to enable the regents to Simpson who is running for State Democratic Executive Committeeman had a long discussion seekers broke out last week with the entry of Spring as traditionally -

put together their recommendations with .Insurance Commissioner Williams concerning l high auto.liability rates Negroesand as the swalows fly back to Caplstrano in Winter. Wig R. Motley who gained from gamblers. Only oneCapt

to the 1967 session Possibilities other low Income groups are charged In Florida. After the conference Simpson males said t bf The bird In Duval (like the I ins where be Just walks In behind a reputation in recent years for Gerald Duggan, was convicted.

'Include cutting off funds was "not impressed" with Broward Williams and his positionbautooyUab birds seeking to feather their ;the counter and picks up the his grocery enterprises and Motley was charged with per-
at the end of the 1966.67 bien- nests in Caplstrano) li"nok' ;phone as though it were police also became known as the man jury In the 1964 i investigation
. nlum, thus closing down the I who wasn't Interested in making after testifying that he
Hampton arrogant, language I department branch to make his .was not
Black Soldier I Suspect butchering self-appototed Negro calls, 'money-only making friends engaged in gambling.
I ,Dies I'SIII.e' leader who hti-tnti time t Labor and Parsons recently was convicted by federal court U. S. DistrlctCourt Judge

Shot 3 Times :c II"'T'f'! ,. opened headquarters at Fourth jury on charges of tax evasion.A William A. McRae Jr. deferred!
it, f f"f and Davis to campaign for six-count Indictment sentencing of Motley, who was
Like A Red 'Bloodedh.rptr I I A Jacksonville man was takento :t'i Robert King High and other represented by M. H. Myersonand

t fi Duval Medical Center with 'f t Tbl: \ candidates for various offices. A. K. Black. The case was

,,c e,' ; : f. ..J __ : 1 I' two shots in each buttock and ( Hampton is credited with attempting prosecuted by Bernard N a c h-

"., ,.., "' :tf", '" "'< '}<" ,one in his left arm following a ':t to use strong arm man, assistant, United States }
maucH ..wfl n attorney.;
to-'dlacouragt persons'Who
a arn: ,..., \ AIA M M. IrAJ81 [,,"moonsMJiejaid in which be at! '
tempted to I are I supporting canditWoidhe
NewspapersTtelevifion; and: radio stations across the nation,1,i Shot while escape.attempting to flee 1:: I is opposing UrbiiSigns deapue ;
last week, told thestoTf of the heroism of an American CI who-' arrest for transporting moonshine addition to GOT. Burns, Ills
saved the lives of an entire company when he threw his body was Thomas Lee Turpin, : reported that Hampton is a'lianpcb

upon a Viet Conr mine which blasted_ ___him___to n Thy__. Kingdom Come 43 who lives at 6435 Beryl St. '},.tl' : supporter of Insurance Contract E

DR. GEORGE GORE :The hero who gave his life that, his parents Mr. and Mrs.Ear- The shooting occurred when \,1.; Commissioner Broward
.UM president. others might live had not made>I lie J.; :Butler, Sr., brother,Cal- city vice squad agents and mem '" Williams, Senator John E,Mat For DevelopmentWhitney
the headlines because he committed 1 Yin Butler 3 sisters Mrs.Edna bers of the State Beverage Department thews. Bill Basford, for County .
school Immediately providing rape, robbery or murder' Thompkins Mrs.:'Annette towe were tipped that ffle- o Commissioner, Claude smith I II
funds for one additional y ar to ...instead, he died a hero's death>I and Mrs.Catherine Washington, tar whisky was to be moved'from for Senate and Lynwood Arnold
enable the present freshman ...which might be tie reason that: Miami; aunts; uncles; and other Southslde across the Mat b e w s for House of Representatives.There I M.Young Jr., Execu
class to graduate, or continuing, relatives. Bridge. have been reports that live Director, National Urban
the law school.Regents A car thought to be the moon- Hampton's vociferousness has WILLIE MOTLEY League on Monday (March 14))
Chancellor Broward Scouts Official shine vehicle was first spottednear hitched his wagon to a star- resulted in a gubernatorial 6"r- charged Motley with failing to signed<< a $56,S80 planning con
Culpepper said President Or. the Arlington Expressway Gov. Haydon Burns. derto Hampton to keep his buy a federal gambling stamp tract with the V. S. Departmentof
George Gore's preference Home But, as U his about face from mouth shut On the other hand,, falling to pay 10 percent federal 'Labor under the De*
would be to phase out the law PicketedPLAINFIELD lambasting Haydon Burns a few It seems likely that if Hampton excise tax on bets placed with partmenfs new 'Huttani!

school gradually instead callings N. : years ago to campaigning for persists tae strong arm tactic him and with wilfully attempting Resources Development Pro
sudden halt to its activities. -Ilchteen him in his coming election is not on campaigners like to evade such taxes. gram.
Most likely the regents members of the Plalnfleld enough gall the erstwhile Mr. Charles Parsons there will be The taxes In question amounted Under the terms of this
will recommend appropriation Branch of the National Associa- Hampton is accused of sicking some fireworks for sure to $3,966 the sum which would contract.the Urban League will
of Colored People>> picketed the
two his old coordinate and direct the development =
of enough money to graduate the cops on because Parsons has threatenedto
have been due on of$39
wagers ,
home of the president of the
the present enrollment. Faculty cronies. "blow the whistle". 660. The government presented pf Human Resources
Rock Girl Scout
members who will remain, Washington Solomon Tony Echo, who at credit Parsons with evidence that Programs in selected cities
at least until the first year of Council (WRC) Friday afternoon one time or another has been know enough about the goings the "banker"showing In Motleywas Du- throughout the country.
a huge
March 11 to the
the coming biennium might protest O reputedly .involved in gambling .on in the police department and val lottery operation that took The Human Resources Development -
Scout unit's discrimination J
want to transfer to other law told the FLORIDA STAR that the racketeers to make moon- in bets of $30,000 in December Program, outlined in
against Negro schools or remain at AIM to Hampton ordered no shiner Hodges McGhee expose 1963 and $9,666 January 1964. represents
r and activities.
teach business law or othercourses i L ice-- sound like School national comprehensive attackon
Luther Roberts, Plainfield V Chief Bobby Starrett to Sunday Motley was witness in grand i iJ > the
problems of the hardcore
Culpepper said NAACP president who led the -- THOMAS TUHPIN bring Echor to Hampton and a story. J Jury 'investigation of alleged unemployed out-of--
In authorizing the new FSU charge that Echor and Charles protection pay-off to ,
that city
law college the Legislature ..__. during biracial a camp-out group charged in February by 8:15 Sgt M.. P. Richardson about Parsons had been taking Booty D. C. HomeR policemen in 1952 and again in reached school youth by previous who have not been ,
told the regents they could use EARL : p.m.Richardson under false pretenses. Incidentally 1964 when five programs
JAMES BUTLER JR. under WRC auspices Negro and a companionkept city policemen The Department of Labor has
any or all of the the AIM monies law school appro- the national and localn ew s media girls and white girls were segregated the car under surveillance Charles Parsons was one le were charged with taking bribes given tentative approval to a
priated of Hampton's benefactors Inhls Up
said AIM funds neglected to mention that'Sgt. In cars and sleeping as it was driven through the similar Urban League pre-apprenticeship -
But Culpepper leaner, back when
and that the days, Damptoo' Arms Cache
quarters Negroeswere
Earl James Butler,Jr.was bridge toll gates.Richardson training program
assigned to do "the dirty and headquarters was the two- To CongressWASHINGTON
a Negro radioed ahead In St. Louis and in Los Angeles
) An Army veteran who had seen work while the white girls went asked that a squad car try to.1, chair barber shop and shoeshine Starts Probe.NEW the Urban League has been
12 years of service, Butler was hiking intercept the old-model >car, stand, on Kings Rd.also The battle charged with overall direction
w killed on March 14 when his body The demonstration was called after it crossed the bridge. non-tax reputed' to be a place where a for borne rule in the District YORK NPQ-[ The name in the development of the Department )
was ripped to shreads by the also Mr. Roberts said, to pro- Patrolman R. J. Hall, alone In paid bottle of whiskey of Columbia will be won out In of playwright LeRol Jones reputed of Labor's Human
could be without
Viet Cong mine, during a destroy test foot-dragging of the local his car, fell behind a car much picked up the states through pressure exerted figure In the black nationalist Resources Program
mission. Human Relations Commission answering the description of the worry. upon members of Congress movement, and founder of Additional programs under r
Echor and Parsons both claim
Butler died In the true tradition in processing an NAACP complaint one being sought and was Roy Wilkins executive the Black Arts Repertory Thea- consideration in Milwa;tee,
of a red blooded American despite filed last November ordered to stop the vehicle,according Hampton using Mt influence director of the National Association tre last April popped up last Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland,
the color of his skin and in charging that Girl Scout troops to homicide detective and past connection as a for the Advancement of week when police uncovered an Cincinnati, San Diego Los Angeles -
spite of the fact that there are supervised by WRC were segregated Sgts. J. M. Parker and E. R. cop with the two Bobby Starrett to harass Colored People, told a meeting arms cache in a brown- 1 Washington, New Orleans -
many who would deny Negro Deyo. because ax 0 DI simply called to kick oft the District stone house which had. been used Houston, Pittsburgh San l!
Americans the right to live as The demonstrators picketedthe Hall followed the car as it they are supporting NAACP Branch's drive for 25, 'as the theatre's home until last Francisco-Oakland, Philadelphia.
home of the WRC official turned off the bridge Robert King High Mrs. Alma Newark
Am eri ancUizens. right 000 members.The August New York,
BROWABD CtLPEPPhR: The young hero of the VietNam Mrs. George Dunham,locatedin onto an access ramp to the Armstrong and other candidates NAACP leader endorsedthe The house had reportedly been Boston, Rochester, Buffalo

RegcntN chancellor war was a member of C. the high-priced residentialarea northbound Haines Street link of Hampton, opposing local branch's action In withdrawing used by Jones to present anti- Gary: Miami, Memphis and
Both that Starrett
men aver Lt.
be Company 2nd Battalion 503rd. of town, for nearly two the Expressway. from a movement to Balimore.
had not, and will not, neces- trails white plays.Some$40,000Inan-
sary to get the FSU law school Infantry and been in Viet Nlta hours,. singing freedom songs As the car drove onto.. Haines, that them Starrett night and follows day. them They boycott merchants reputedly poverty funds are said to have New as the Human Resources
rolling. for about a year. He was bornin and carrying signs which read Hall turned on his red light and say opposed to home rule U the been poured into the venture Program is, the Chicago Urban
the drive-
even to fax
The regents allocated $35,400 Jacksonville and a graduate "Halt Segregation" and "Can the car pulled to the side of the Liquors city Is to gain self-rale,the cltlsens Uncovered was an arsenal and League is now utilizing a $351, h
from a special fund set up by of Stanton High SchooL the Girl Scouts be loyal to Jim road. "will have to do some hard rifle range in what police said 000 Department of Labor grant
the lawmakers to get new programs Funeral services for the Viet Crowr: Hall pulled in behind the old work and dy.devlseplans was the headquarters of"an extreme for a pre-apprentlceship demonstration
started or to expand ex* hero were held last Wednesday, Prior to the demonstration, car and turned on his bright i NAACP, KICK$ and stick by them" he said. Negro nationalist program Involving
isting programs. The money at West friendship Baptist Mr. Roberts said the NAACP lights. He said a man stepped Addressing the rally at the Metropolitan society." The discovery triggered 110 boys, ages 14 to 24.Trainees
was used to hlreadean and several Church. submitted a list of six demands from tho car at the same time OFF DRIVE Baptist Church here, a probe of possible links in the Chicago program are offered -
professors.Culpepper said Survivors Include his wife, to the Scout unit, five of which he did. Sunday, March 13, be said it was between the arsenal I and the remedial education to
surplus funds in FSUs appropriation Mrs. Mary Ann Butler; 3 sons, WRC has shown a willingnessto Investigators said the man took FOR a mistake to believe that signing black nationalists group prepare them for passing tests
would be used to operate Michael Ear lie III and Keith, consider. But the first a policy several steps toward the patrolman 30,000DETROITThe up corner merchants would Arrested in the building were for entrance to apprenticeship
the law school until the statement denouncing discrimination who was still alone andwa's Detroit "brine about home rule." That six men, two of whom were training programs for which
1967 Legislature okays money INVASION 4n the Girl Scouts, ordered to/halt. When be did Branch of the National Association change, he added, will require wanted in connection with the they are now ineligible, and
for Its suppoL WASHINGTON -(NPIThe the NAACP leader said: the not stop HaUUred and bis first for Advancement of action by Congress "which ismade recent shooting of Lawrence P. supportatlve services ranging
The new school will open its U. S. Peace Corps program' will council' would not Issue. shot struck the man in the arm. Colored People launched Its up of people from I Iowa, Neal poet-magaxlneedltor.and from cultural enrichment to
doors to students this falL Invade two new African nations Mr. Roberts said if discrimination : The man turned and fled with membership drive for 30,000 Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, also an alleged black nation family and individual counseling
Meanwhile there are 15 students this year raising the number of continues the NAACP will Hall behind him. The officer' members Friday,March 11,with Mississippi and the rest of the alist. provided by a coach-counselor
in the AIM law college African countries cov.redtoI9. appeal to the United t Fund to commanded the man to stop a kick-off meeting at Greater states" Taken into custody as his assailants working with a group of
of which eight are freshmen. A contingent of 37 volunteers, withhold money from the Girl several times then fired two New ML Mor1a.b Baptist Church. He cited the NAACP drive In were John Moore 29; no more than 10 boys at a time.
Should the school be closed will set foot In Chad InSeptem- Scout Council, and If it refuses more shots, Parker said Rev Benjamin L.Hooks was the the states to get local branches Charles Patterson 24; Ruse The program differs from earlier -
down they could be enrolled at.JFSU bet, and a 34-nun crew will the Association will urge individuals In his car officers found 47 principal speaker .James to call upon their Representatives Buford, 29; Vincent Hunter, 29; efforts In that it will reach
oat the University enter Bechuanaland In Decem not to contribute to the 5-gallon cans filled with moon- E. Wadsworth,Jr.,.1s the branch and Senators to support Abdul Atiz, 24 and Abdul Mollk, out to find,identify! ,and register
law school ber. fund shine. ,President borne rule for Washington 18. such young people

f' 1\

A ,i 4

nn. .. .. ...m n'.m, m..mnn H .. 'ymn "H' 'H.m. .. .. H




Jfubllshed by the Florida Star Publishing Company STATUS ,QUO V APATHY

jM..E .'ER -
; ,
',t t S9 46 New York's Mayor Lindsay has announced his Intention to expand -
NEGRO1P mONAL hifl Police Department's complaint review board to Include
a majority civilians.By so doing,be has unleashed a hornet's
nest. Protects have come loud and clear from citizens worried
that the policeman's power to fight crime will be Impaired, as
CUf THE 'well u from policemen themselves,who fear that they will be
ERIC o; SIMPSON..........Miiifin Editif11111.MOOTEN..Circiletini I : WILY / DISEASESTHEMODERN at the mercy of Individuals unfamiliar with the problems invol

,eel. I believe that these fears are unjustified.Creation .
'Hiilir, WORLD HAS CNGENDON'T iI' of a citizen-controlled review board Is Imperative for
DERED,8UTIF yOU i ,... a number of reasons, not the least of which is the protection of
u FIND THE r j the reputation of the Police Department itself That small
DISEASE.; THE "+ minority of policemen who take
2323'Moecrlef,, Rial Pkui Eljli 4-6782 REMEDY ISJUPERFIUOUS. VOT eS .1' bribes, solicit graft, and five
,. their prejudices free rein
Mailiif Address, 010"J..,, '" hiding behind their badges and
.' /'" r. misusing their power are the ,b4"pr

'P.' O. Bn 599 Jicksmilli, Fliri.i .32201 ..,....-. L"'t.9; t:1.A-1I." ';1'.r' )) only board.ones The who vast would majority fear sucha of

< -... "'"
t) :' 0 -:: "-.: t"#'.. ,- .:. decent andhoaestpollcemenare
.... "' '
MIAMI OFFICE / besmirched by this group's activities
'' ?f?:: J :. .
,.,.O <.. & '..' and should welcome an
C; ,11. ," .:.' :;? : '''> -to ..(
377-1025) .. ",.. '. ''4 impartial review board which 1
731 NW Sri Ate. Phone ., I' ... .."..:. ..,;'r" ''i% .rJ/.JI..i; /;. ..'" :. will ferret out wrongdoers and

_a_. I"" <<; .4:' :&ftftiA:.!l';,:) i' J.r J\:\;. ';.!I thereby maintain high
SUBSCRIPTION RATES standards, increasing the
'- )! :irr..tIf:;.. .:: .:. '!; .: ..i'rfr:: : ::: < '. ;
$4.00 ; .. .. respect due lawenforcementof-
One Year 6.00 Half year, t't.J':; 1$ ;,,;.. I I JiIJr / .,. ,
to Anywhere In' the united States ..::..: ; : "" :.. .....t...:..7''"!. ....ff.. ...:. '.: flcials.
Najld YOU :'"
...; ;'; It'oI', \ .jo. ; t ,
., : ;j- ;;f-J{ p :. : A citlsen-controlledrevlew *"
Subscription payable in advance I- "' ." '. ; .. ,\ '/; ,,
oJ ; .J1 .. ,. f.rr,1:!; '-'. : board is also necessary for pro
: $" .. ... .
send Check or Money order to: c< ;\w i\ ;") c' J ;" j.':::' per functioning! of democratic

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 'i, -1-w. ;'. ,.::. THERE ARE NEARLY principles As Clemenceu once said,"war is too serious a mat

y., Jacksonville 1. Florida f\t i fl' 'it2.. .., t5f: 'v" -;.*.'.rAS i MANY RESISTED ter to leave to soldiers "so crime Is too important to leave to
W1.T; ; .' ::1' -N : sj NEGROES AS WHITES police officers. The principle of civilian control of military and
: f" 1:1.? quasi-milltary organizations baa always been basic to democracy
"' : .. ,
.' .
Turbulent Youth s. /. J.t. (r: ..J} .-1/! :; ':o" yid ....---' ..; I,"V ..,.. ,,-, ., i H i BBaHI u Is the principle of the accountability public officials to
:& ,: i j. : : ,' 'f .. '" the citizenry. When a citizen has complaint lodge against a
member of an organization as powerful as the Police: Department -
F31! Dl rector J. Edgar !hoover writes: "The be is entitled to get a fair bearing before a public body
w.rerican college student today is being WHERE LEADERSHIP s" ..REAlLYNHPID' made up of members not directly a part of the department t.

subjected to a bewildering and dangerous members who" can brings greater sense of Independence' to their
conspiracy perhaps unlike any social chal- ;Judgements. The accused patrolman will have his rights pro-
lenge ever before encountered by our you- tected at such a hearing and, if he is exonerated will not have
the suspicion hanging over him that the decision was fixed",
th. On many campuses he faces a turbulence ;which is likely in a purely:departmental.bearln(.

built on unrestrained individualism, repulsive Your Weekly Perhaps the greatest problem facing the policemen In our great
dress and speech, outright obscen- cities is the tension which exists between them and

ity, disdain for moral and spiritual val- .minority groups who, for the most part, are concentrated in
ues, and disrespect for I law and refer. t ghetto areas. Most Negroes in our cities come from the South,
where the policeman is most often seen as the brutal defender
Mr. Hoover goes op to say what is obvi- weee .of segregationist practices. Even in the North,many pollcemep
ously true--that the majority of college Horoscope Guide seem to operate under a double'standard, -one set of rules for
.************* *****::::***** dealing with white people for with
students are of a different stamp. But the another more harsh dealing
minority he describes are extremely vocal ; Negroes. Policemen' are drawn from all walks of life and share
the prejudices which.many people have.Theproblem Is that policemen -
l for the headlines,
they have1! gift making
must not be honest than
only more most people, but
and they present to other peoples and nations By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER also must lay his prejudices aside in the performance of his

a malevolently distorted view of the duties.There have been a number of instancesln recent!, ,years
American .ChH..cter and the .irerlcan. atti- where policemen have abused minority group members in situations -
tude. Moreover, our communist enemieswho -- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK DAYS FOR which would not have occurred had the victims been
white. It Is this unfairness which civilian
a board can correct.By .
we are fightln on the military, poll- providing a forum for the Impartial handling of charges of
cal and econorlc fronts--are' raking the BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES abuse of authority the existence of such a board will ease the
most of this end intend to make more.' tensions which now are so harmful.Police in the ghetto must be
The failure lies In homes, where old vir- seen u protectors, not enemies. The board will help them Improve -

tures are disregarded- and discipline ISa, It is Instructive their Image.too, to examine the experiences of other cities
forgotten word. |It lies, too, in the cOlleges 'CANCERdon benefit from a fine Venu which have review boards. They have found no impairment of

where, in many Instances, there has Born March June. Jupiter aspect on the 31 st.. police efficiency nor have they had undue numbers of complaints.

been 'a" declining l stress on', thoseprlncl- 21st-Apdi' t9th'The 22nJ-July 5-50--18-50-254. They have found significantly better relations the ghetto areas

pies which are the rocks 'on' whtctt"Amen can' .f ;:"'Y22ndWork A'r' "- ., dent .Jan' where the. crime,rate_was !highest and thejesdjaciapperatloji.greatest. .

freedom, strength and' responsibility' I are* '' conflict between your two out a program )that will LIBRA 20th-F.&. 18th As the old Gilbert and Sullivan song goes:"a policeman's lot Is
built. This country and all Its citizens basic natures Is still being fit the bill one you n longer Join Sopt.; not a happy one."It Is especially difficult In our cities with hugh
need to remember that In Mr. Hoover's' waged with each one taking have any doubts about''your a* 43'rd. Oct t.2J/ci Whether It Is fame, status populations consisting of many different ethnic groups and varied
words, .liberty and justice are not turns at regaining the upper Witty to achieve what you are marriage or financial security social classes. Today's policeman must have the patience of a*
without law and order'*. hand The fact that you can setting out to do. Of course, a that you are after,the necessary Job and the wisdom of aSolomon. His task can only be made
possible depend on the support of: key element would go far to The most determined and industrious elements to pin your ends are easier by the improvement of his relations with the community
someone who fa fast and true key element would be to Incur among you should re- In the formation stage. This Is at large which the establishment eta civilian review board promises -
A Street may contribute to the victory the encouragement of UM you cine a most coveted promotion, the moment to apply your keen He has everything to gain and nothing lose from sucha
Desegregation Two-Way of your nobler Instincts. Should love or to whom yon art allied raise or other benefit equal Intelligence personal attricdueness board, and the board is necessary for the more effective use
there be a split Inafewin- in other ways. It would go tar to importance. This may also affect and whatever other assets of police power and the more consistent practice of democracy.
The great emphasis during the last few stances, because you place your bolster your determinationwhich Indirectly, the development you posses to further your
years has been upon desegregation of college career and material interests .is apt to falter on accasion of marital or partnership plans and to bring them to the
and Universities that were predominantly ahead of all others you will also when youflndyourseld alone and projects. The promise of a ranted conclusions.. Do not hesitate The Right To Know
all-white. |It is now time to turn have to set the terms by unsupported. Be wary of per happy event in the near future to take advantage of the
milting to be will be kept provided can: resist -
the which you can live at peace yourself defeated you influential contacts you may\ be
other side
of the coin for desegregation with yourself. Most Taureans by negative forces which are the temptation of Jumping enjoying in both official and social -
is a two-way street. should benefit greatly from the quite Insidious as well as the gun before It Is due. These circles. .Be rather reserved More and more Informed, commentators are
The formerly so-called I Negro colleges are Venus-Jupiter trine aspect. insistent Those ofyouwhofeelthat are exceptionaly unfavorabledays to prevent anything front expressing concern over an excess of Ss2-
now offering inducements to good white 410.33.15521Z1TAURUS you have to depend more on for speculation or ill-ad backfiring and f Jeopardising crecy within the government. The general 1
students thus giving in luck than on your own .self may. vised attachments that may your otherwise brilliant pros- public believe is
us integration they being deprivedof
find the slat to be a day of ful- bring loss confusion In their otherwise brilliant
reverse your pro- vital information which it has the
fillment. wakes. But a fine VenusJupiter spects.
It Is reported that Howard University, Born April 8.30 G5-18-S8-19Z trine aspect makes the 31sta 6-40-88-19-61-849, right to know.

for years, denied admission to white stu- 20th.May 20th fine day. It is obvious that the secret label

dents. |It finally yielded to the mores of .tm 2-80-17-11-91-98'1 CAPRICORNBompfC must be attached to certain facts and

both the Negro and White community. Born July programs involving the national security.Out .
Mow that Negro colleges are bidding for Even if It is forlelll to y our SCORPIO: that certainly is as far as the
nature the
white shows intellectual conservative Aug. 22nd 22nd-Jon. 19th of should
students maturity course in the pursuit of e- Born Oct. withholding information ever
administrative wise. Our administrators conlmlc stability. While you 24th Nov. '22nd be allowed to'go. The danger is that secrecy -
must practice I what they preach about, segregation are about it, It may also be essential Naturally few people like to Eventual rewards,in self-satisfaction may be used to cover up mistakes,
to get closest tear themselves away from u well In more ma-
of on the basis of misjudgements and situations which
persons race.' partner to do likewise. There their comfortable ruts or from Many Scorpios would be readyto terial ways, should be yours to ,
'llanpton Institute has admitted white students seems to be little doubt that, the fiends they like best. But respond to a tremendous relish wbenyouareamongthose would prove highly unpalatable to the
for rore than a decade on experimental between the two of you, there if curcumstances make such a force that at once represents the who have lived up fully to all voters.
1 and I later full time basis. There Is may have been too great a ten move necessary It would be .cultures of the past and their Influence responsibilities. An unusual The right, to know is an essential pro-
nothing like forgettigb ghe past and out- dency to allow money to slip useless to try and buck them on those of the present. friendship that Is then struck tection for a free people. To deny that
old achievements could into life- great ,
through your fingers. While it Many of you are reaching the Using u a bring your
worn traditions.Our now be inspirational elementslnatmay right Is to use a tgol of the dictators.
does help the general economy point where personal and family background, you may
Institutions must make education a- to spread cash around, this is security may be more Importantthan ready to create something new have been previously lacking.
\ ble to persons who can satisfy nil not apt to see you through the the acquisition of fame or that attracts wide attention. At But remain practical_and pru-
.entrance reiuirenents.I personal emergencies that status. This. a fact that must the same time, be prepared for dentin the management of your We Must Learn
must at ono time or another be taken Into account so as to insure the criticisms that stem from Koooray and social affairs to Citizenship
arise in everyone's life. A the way of life you would sources that art opposed to protect them from the rather .
EVERGLADE CITIZENSSET splendid Venus-Jupiter trine like create In the days to come everything and anything perhaps i sidiousforcesthatarelurkingin The success of Negro leaders In arousing
aspect end of month. like to create the daysto because they were not the the background. Many who
160991242124GEMINI come There are some rather first ones to think of them. It can point with pride to their achievements .he citizens' interest In casting the bal-
ticklish problems that a r e related may be confusing and expensive may find the Sid. lot has been encouraging, but Jt disturbsus
THE EXAMPLE to your friends and pocket- to get Involved. to be a day.of recognition.' to see that black citizens must prodd-

Next week the Board of Directors of Ever- Born May book. 1/20-33-11-82-590 8-60-44-15-64-448 :ed to register and vote. \When the crisis,,
9-90-59-18-48-762 'is over the voting registration. rolls' de-
glade Progressive Citizens' Inc. will declare 2lst:June 21st PISCF5
5J per cent dividends to tis stockholders SAGITTARIUSBom' 9om'F.b.19th.Mar. cline.

; the speaker will' be Dr. George 'i. VIRGO Nov. : Like thed eve f opmenof "language< ;,, a human
Gore, president of Florida 'A & M University The pressure to transfer toa- darn Aug. 23rd.Doc. 21 stAn 20th being has to develop the responsibi-
at Tallahassee. nother address locale appears 23rd Sept. 22nd lities of citizenship gradually' and con-

At the .pecial 1 observance three model to be ever present. But Most of as generally know when sistently. |If our school teachers can ham-
his is a matter that will require unbeatable combination the hand of fate Is guiding .
louses will be available for inspectionThe --- considerable thought before you There Is no room for false be the possession of the Those of M who follow without us mer upon this Idea long and often enough,
Eldorado, The Latuna, and the Golsena, make a single move in these directions. pride or for the submergence of Plsclans who can boast of both resistance find the transition it will na ke a dent upon our minds.
all in Belle Glade, Florida.. First of all,the move your feelings in your dealings Intuition and wide experience.By from one state to another comparatively Why should citizens have to have some-
ment would not be well chosen. with those who are close to your drawing freely on them at all '
//ould that te had pore corporations of easy and interesting. body rjde( them to the polls on election
risk heart or who are the
exchanging meeting
Secondly you times, you are bound to arrive at But others who
this kind that would help ohm Heuro" race one situation for another that challenge of life along with you. the declsioosthatwillserve change the status are reluctant or who to days? i|If citizenship i is dear enough a-

to build steadily and strongly the financial may be even less desirable than Area understanding may your cause, hold the family together are attempting stay quo the flow of real citizen would be willing to walk two.
structure of an economy that is boundto the existing one. Hold on fast to be reached when everyone concerned and place your highest circumstances, will encounter a or more miles to vote.

succeed. your present Job,profession adopts the constructive hopes on the road to fulfillment. rather rough and upsetting going. Let us who teach, drill the idea of vot
encouragement to the everglade the personal status you may now view and the proper personal at But U you are part of the group Keep this in mind should ing into action and
.te wish to {give, positive behavior.
enjoy. The temptation tot rya- Utude Some sort of confusion who are unsure of themselves have
Progressive Citizens institution. lien climes Is apt to be Insidious may be created in your own mind and confused by today's events, whatever you transpires adapt yourself on the 28th to People must have thirst and hunger for
making It all the more dangerous or throughdevelapmentalncer-! you would U well advised to whatever transpires on the voting! .
to succomb torts tain official circles, but it consult with persons who can
'THINGS ARE CHANGING ZS try 27th. There Is much confusion -
charms. The most favorable should not be permitted to cloud clear the way for you. This that may be brought about To CURE
day for the forward-looking and otherwise promising and may prevent you from losing a GIVE MOPE lo
Have you looked at the Help Wanted lately? by a removal family. split or e-
colorful horizon. Those of
project Is the 31 at.t50.44.1946.197. you valuable ally or the shelter provided motional scene.
r Equal opportunity is in business. who have held on to your faith by'a happy and firmly AMERICAN
and basic Ideals will surely established borne. 7-80-S3-M-59-489 CANCER SOCIETY

\ h I, .

J .

Socially Speaking Skebbolets Club Ready For Anniversary Observance Presentation By

Instills Officers New Stfliton

Officers of the Sbebbolets Stars MianiaR
A very memorable occasion during the past Ladles Club were Installed at

week was the formal Installation Party, by the home of Mrs. Edward Sims. Ronald Thompson of Miami and I Ia
J. R. E, Lee Chapter of the Florida A A M Mrs. Alma I C. Cash was in senior at Florida AIM University I-
Alumni Association held at the tdoewood charge of th.installatJoo.OIUc.u M will appear In the lead
Lounje. tnstalledwere: Ing role in "Purlle Victorious"the
In President Mrs Natalie Sims; t Broadway hit by Ossle Darts
addition to formally acknowledging new vice president, Mrs. Mildred J. + "- which will be presented by the
officers, the Brown, recording j 4
group presented the first in t FAMUPlaymakers Guild on
*n.U |is', tube! an annual presentation of a- Mrs. Mary F. Adams;assistant April 18 lo the Civic Auditorium.
wards to the person who is most outstanding secretary Mrs. Doris Anders The culld will appear andper-
I alumni.The I I. o n; financial secretary, form under the direction of Dr.
Mrs. Joe Ann Baker;treasurer, S. Randolph Edmunds.
"Outstanding Community Service" x a- Mrs. Mildred J. Brown,sinking :. : The Playmakersarebeing
ward was presented to Daniel Webster Perkins fund secretary Mrs Doris Anderson h ; sponsored and presented by the

local attorney, for services extended ; Chaplain, M.F.Adams; r administration and faculty of
to the community during his more than reporter, Mrs. Lottie Adams; New Stanton Senior High School.
chairman of the entertaining
This will be the third
consecutive -
years of law practice In Jackson-
committee Mrs. V. Cole.A time the group has been
ville. Attorney Perkins, in accepting the baby shower was given for presented locally by the New
plague, made a profoond and moving address Stephanie L. Bentley, by mem- Stanton faculty. The other two
and pledged his continued support to the bers of the group. productions were "Simply Hea-
The next meeting will be held venly" written ton
cause of the institution by Langs
I Monday night at 8 o'clock at the Hughes aid "Showtime" by Dr.
honoring him.
horn e of Mrs. Annie Bentley, l S. Randolph Edmunds.
The award for the "Alu nus of the year" 1705 Highland Ave.All members

was presented by proxy to 3eamon Kendall' have been asked to attend for a t r Y r u l v Christian Unity

a sergeant on the local police force, for business discussion.WEDDING Forum Meet SetThe

his local wonderful alumni chapter support bolomom to FAMU and to the BELLS s : Christian Unity Forum
Weston accepted will hold its regular monthly
the award for Mr. Kendall. James Loul. Nelson,74Z2 ,.. meeting at the home of Mr. and
tarl H. Johnson, a local attorney, instilled Gainesville Rd., ZOand Barbara Mrs. Samuel M. Shlpp Monday ,
new officers for the J. R. E. Lee Ajm Lloyd, 7434Galnesvllle March 28th at 7:30 p. m. All I(
Chapter follows Rd., 17.Ralph officers, members and commi-
as : Monsolee T. Davis
i -- ttee chairman are asked to be
president ; Othal.. Wooden vice presi- Eugene Greene, 4318 De- present.
dent; Kay F. N.rKinnop. ( secretary; Walter taUle Dr, 24 and Pequeno La- ANNIVERSARY: -- 'Members of the Exclusive Alberta Cave, Mrs. Mildred Dallas and Mrs.

H. rthite, treasurer; 'alph Maultsby,cha. Flor Geiger, 524 W. 17th St., Social and SavlhgsClub, who will celebrate Essie: M. :Smith. Standing in the same
'lain; and James t. Thompson, reporter. 23. their I 1C anniversary on Sunday March 27 order are Mrs. Lizzie M. Ford, Mrs Carolyn Go .Go Fashion

Special ;ue ts at the party included Ur. Melvin Everet Smith,955 BroadSt. at Midway Tabernacle Baptist Church are Royal Mrs. Ellen '//illl.v.-I ; and Miss Set Sunday
anu Mrs. Geprge .f.( GoVe of Tallahassee ., 23 and Francena Callahan, shown here setted fro' l 14ft, are Mrs. Minnie Hunt.
George the FAMU Alumni Association ; Dtf. .rf. ,/.
Schell I ; Or. and Mrs. C. d. Mcintosh; Mr. Rondy Levert Harvey, Sixth Aifi&il Slate Leadership Conference be A presented"Go-Go" Fashion Sunday at show Edward will
18 andClaudetteKing
3518 Stuart St.
and Mrs. ;U. D. Sweet 0. rf. Perkins .
; atty. ; 740 W. Orange St., 18. --- waters College, In the Lee
uniT:. H. Adams; Mr. and Mrs. Monsolee T. L T Seminary Building, sponsoredby

Davis Mr. and Mrs. Otha L. Wooden; \Walter Willie Coleman, 1768 W.StarrSt. the Concert Choir of Edward
H. Koon; and Solomon rfeston. ., 20 and Rosetta Kalker, 17- r?-:-.- f --t T : .= Waters, under the direction of
68 W. Starr, 22. H. Alvin Green. This affair Is
Music was furnished oy the Louis King en- being sponsored for the benefitof

senaltf i (, with Eugene Unite vocalizing. Dinner Alby Dennis Grissom, in, 23- the choir's summer tours.
party at the Robert Meyer Hotel. Attending 08 Grunthal St., 29 and Jonqulll a The latest for spring and sum-
this: affair were 'president and Mrs Elise Flowers, 1711 W. 19th St., mer attire will be worn by Minerva -

rf. d. Stewart; Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Sweet; 22. Wiggins, Janice Way,
Anethette Singleton Irma
Mr. and j Mrs. Monsolee T. Davis; '!)r. '.. 1. Earl Roberts, 1034 W. MonroeSt. Pierce, Odessa Glass, Dorothy
'Chi Ids;; Or. 41 I w'. Schell ; Dr. and hrs. C. ., 23 and Barbara Jean Tamp- Hall, Roland Paul, and James

,j 0. McIntosh; and George L/ Conoly. klns, 322 B, North St., 18. '} -\t\ Exsoo.

? : ,
.www..i.eww Everett Wrefel Echols, Tallahassee b b .
Jr. arthur C. Madry of IU37 west I 11th Fla., 19 and Ethel Mae It Covers buy Hair

street is recoperating at baptist Hospital Turner, 1729 W. 45th St.19. -. .qI'v Lam. Ti i 3, Brandt's Liquid'EAU'DEMMA

after undergoing surgery there. %
I C'r. Madry is principal if Darnell I COok- Willie T os. Collins, 5853 Ma- '
rigold Rd., 43 and Louvenla
man Junior High school. HAIR R'
Mayhew, 7875 Moncrlef Ext., .
,' 34. J ..." b n* i:
'" '.
Win never, trx .bll.lr.,1n 10
s aa to 20 Inutes.'NQ peek No
ena.Anjron can put It on

at ho.....
:A1lAl<1I VMiao-IIUIOantC'lewd'ilA"MIOLIMNIOO/WCMaal111UIIcOarL1IA/G' ( r a
It will not rub oft, it .
The only name ,I
Y stars on several months,.

the Smooth Canadian Shiutpoolng, sea bathing i

sun, pernanent, waving, '!
answers to is YO.: curling or straightening.Ironnothing
P PThat'sbecauseScagram'sV.O.doeswhat
takes it off
no otheruhiskycan-itdefinessmooth0nce .... .., You can cover any gray
.. t.
and for all.Light Of course hair no matter how stubborn -
j or how caused. BLACK
Known by the company it keeps

Seagram's\ h ,, The official I I I detection I froM New Stanton Robinson, DFCA Sweetheart contestant ; I stays WONDERFUL BLACK. FOR

Canadian>/j Senior High School tending the Sixth Annual :Betty McKlnnies, sales demonstration contestant TOUCHING UPrpRS
State leadership Conference of Florida ; Ckafence E. Evans I
Job Interview 1 NOT INTERFERE WITH ,
OistributiVe Education Clubs of America -
{ contdstant and candidate for vice-presi Permanent Waving
"-. .:-. -=:. j ; March 2)) -X at the Cherry Plaza Hotel dent; and James M '//III lams, delegate at I CAUTION: Use as directed
rygo'U.' -- in orlando, Florida seen here. From left large. Hot shown is Principal Charles D. on abel. Colors: BUck,
are ')E Coordinator Rodell I F. Roberts, John Orooks. Dark Brown, Medium Brown
J. M. Bell chapter president and delegation Price per box $2.50-plua ,4
chairman ; 'Oonild Robinson advertising The ROdell F. Roberts Chapter of (uew Federal TaxDIXIE
: contestant; :lubara Williams I I stand in for Stanton Is the only all Negro unit of the

Gwendolyn Jordan, candidate for secretaryand State association and was named in honorof

\ 1 _public speaking contestant. ; Oarbara J. its teacher-coordinator and advisor. ,
l'i -

tr' ) I won't net tomorrow's Jobs with yesterday's skills 1305 Kris Rd. In., Fli.

Y 1 !y \'P'fr..t-) v W ew edAVIN ;.'__ ,_ __ _---1.0.._ u_ _


ki I IM //ja\\ .

\ \ ROOD fi0Fj5fm'



There's One Near Yo l

\ t.

Beef at its Best A ,yrDEDrp i t


Nationally Advertised .BRANDS OF LIQUOR.

\ .
Lii ,



r I"e I


'Schedilad To Appear

) J.TI "1t: LL ;A---.. TWO MINUTES ,

NEWS ",;7; ', /': =

;,: ,1. '. HUH THE BIBLE '
0 _n I'" 't
ABYSSINIA BAPTIST 1".";:<, .,: .O, lassos noose /
Joint Fellowship service will be held Sunday at 2:30: p. m. at "-.. 1 j I
Abyssinia Baptist Church. Choir 2 and all ushers will serve. ::"I''' C'i' .. ,
Services for the day will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 "j I",'. ,,, WHAT GOD IS DOINGThe
o'clock, with the Superintendent, Deacon W. R.McNeal and tea <
chers in charge. Morning,worship IsatUo'clock with the pastor distress and confusion which the wreck and uniting them ly,
Rev, B. L. Wynn and officers in charge BTU ta at 5:30: p. -' l -; .. f prevails In the world about us duet the Spirit, to Christ and Hm hody) ,
m., with the president, Deacon H. Jordan presiding Evening not up et the Instructed believer In "For by one Spirit are we all l 1"1)|
worship is at : o'clock.Easter rehearsal will be held on Saturdays the Word of God. luted into one BodyI( Cor, 12:13): )
at 3 p.m. He understands the divine plan The Instructed believer knows"KXI
and knows what God is doing. He that this world will not always lies
FIRST NEW ZION does not expect peace on earth scene of trouble and sorrow, of oar
Sunday School will begin at 9:JO a.m.Sunday at First New Zion while the Prince of Peace remainian and bloodshed misery and diath
Baptist Church, with the superintendent in charge Tbe Sunday exile from His own world. lie has He know that after our Lord hat
School topic: "The Nature of the Church", will be reviewed. no illusions about this age,or about recalled Hi. ambassadors of grace
Awards will be made to the victorious Junior and senior clu.... what statesmen and politician can ;from. this world, He will put down
The Home Mission Society will meet at the church. Morning accomplish: in this age, for Cod cans man'. rebellion and set up Ills own
worship will begin at U o'clock; Evening worship will begin at it "'IIi, prtitnl wit ate" (Gal. 1:4): ). beneficent reign, when government
6:30 o'clock. Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve throughoutthe The instructed believer know too will be purified (Jer. 23.5): ), war ami
day. The major messages will be delivered by the Pastor, why God doe not intervene in the bloodshed will be abolished (!I...
Rev. C. C. Brown.NEWMT.OUVE. affair of men and why our Lord 2:4): ). health and long life will lit I
remain a voluntary exile from the restored (Isa. 355.: 6; 6.5:20): ), the
world. "This present evil age," he animal creation will be tamed (I...
Youth Day will be observed Sunday throughout the day at New knows, i I. also "the age of grace" I II::6-9), the desert will blossom as a
Mt. Olive Baptist Church. It began when God saved Saul of rose (Isa.35.1,2,6,7): and l.raellln,
Services will begin at 9:30 a.m., with the Sunday School. Miss Tarsus, the "chief of sinners" and become a spiritual blessing to the
V Evelyn Miller and teachers will be in charge The Junior the I leader of the world'* rebellion nations (Zech. 8:13,23): ). ,
Deacons will have charge of devotion. Choir 3 will have _, against Christ (I Tim. 1:13-16): ) and Meantime, the instructed Bible
charge of the music, with Miss Wilma Corbln, presiding at the TON -'- _, sent him forth with the "gospel believer take advantage of the
console. (good new) of the grace of God" dispensation of grace,"telling others
District 4 will meet at 4 p. m. at 1924 W. 9th St. (Act 20.24): ). how they may be "justified freely,
Evening worship will begin at 6:30 o'clock. The Youth Choir The instructed believer und r. by God' grace,. through the redemption .
will serve, along.with Usher Board 3. stand*clearly that God i is not saving that i I. in Christ Jesui"
The Junior Department will present Robert Lee Williams in an .........,. (he wreck that man ha made. He (Rom. 3:24): ).
after service Recital, along with other talent of the city. The .-- '.. i Ia rather saving individuals from
event will be sponsored by Mrs. 0. C. Corbin.

PROGRAM -- The Voices of Faith I singers The group Is under the direction of Mrs.

FRIENDSHIP. McNair will PRIMITIVEM. be in charge of the Sunday School Sunday at 10ani. of The Church of God; shown here, will Juanlty Harper with Miss Edith Witherspoon Mt. Tabor Hews

at Friendship Primitive Baptist Church. lIoi'nlncworshpwill appear on the Annual Spring, Gospel Caraserving as accompanist. The regular order of service will prevail Sunday throughout
begin at U:30: o'clock with Deacon J. McPherson in charge van program to be held at Florida A & M The program will benefit the FAMU March- the day at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. Services will begin with!
of the devotion. The sermon will be delivered by Rev. H. Robinson ,University, Sunday March 27, 7:30 p.m. Ing Band scholarship for needy students. the Sunday School at 9:30: o'clock. Deacon Jason Bar r, superb-'
or his appointee. tendent will preside. Morning worship will begin at 11 o'clock,
with the pastor in charge A Musical Tea will be presented at
3 o'clock. BTU Is at 4:45: p.m.,with Mrs Theodore Smith, president
Train now for tomorrow1't Job GIVE TO FIGHT Take It-Or Leave ItBy United Nptist in charge. Evening worship! Is at 6 o'clock. The States
terminate this hour of worship. Choirs; 3 and
You could l be right. But maybe not These days, tome CHARLES C. KING 4 will serve, along with Ushers Boards 1 and 4. Mrs. B. Black
lobs are disappearing for good because machines do them I' To Observe will preside at the Instruments
WHAT DOES SENIOR MEAN? (Read James 1:2247)) and Miss F. Hemming
l better than men. That's progress It creates problems.But The great crippler Tbe man was tlchty-etcbtJearlold.His daughter was half that
it also creates opportunities for new and better jobs. of young adults age. It wast bright,sunny Sunday afternoon.Tbe daughter drove Youth Day Magnolia Baptist NewsSunday
Will, you be qualified to get;!.hem? into the driveway, dismounted and came on the back porch. Father
was calmly relaxing In his easy chair contentedly talking Youth Day will be observed
School will begin Sunday at 9:45 a.m.,at Magnolia Bap-
with a son and daughter-in-law who had to share
com the few
Sunday throughout the day at
tist Church. Deacon Tommie Lee Hackley and teachers will be
SAVE SAVE SAVEFULL remaining hours of daylight with him.
United Baptist Church. Choir 3
in charge Morning worship Is at 11 o'clock,with toe deacons in
'Papa, get up and get dressed," demanded daughter as she will havecharge of the music. charge of the devotion. The pastor will deliver the sermon.
DOWN quickly nodded a greeting to the others, meanwhile, "Get BTU will be held at S p.m. BTU Hour is at 5 p.m. Evening worship will begin at 6:30: o'
PRICE PYMT. ready for the tea," said daughter dear. "What tea?" Evening worship will begin at clock. Choir 1 and Usher Board 2 will serve throughout the day.
66 CHEV. Impala Spt. Cpe. $2695 $295 8 o'clock. Rev. W. M. Smith Prayer service will begin Tuesday at 7 p.m.
Pop asked with quizzical expression"At the churchthey'rehaving is pastor.
66 PONT. Cat. Coupe 2995 395 a tea at the church this afternoon; and we are going; so The Sunday School and BTU Sandra E. Polke Readers
get ready. Hurry up,"said daughter "Awl rm not interested In will celebrate their joint anniversary -
"Kil"2 nail' NWZM: a .JIIDlO: AND BftAKt FACTORY WAHHAXTT no tea.You goon without me.Pmtoo old for that sort o* foolish during the sunday Recital At MidwayMiss
66 FORD Spt. Coupe 2995 395 ness now," explained daddy."Now don't say that.You are going, school hour. A program has
:A.rJl81t RLA:7R+elt ".1.. (":81M,; rr'CT : 'tWA5ttANTT WJR: ITDIUI'ICI.' now; so come on, get dressed. You see, there aren't any more been planned by Mrs. S.Sims. Mrs Loretta Williams; the
old people. We !have only SENIOR CITIZENS! came the insistent The subject is "The Nature of Sandra Elizabeth Polke Harris Gospel Singers, special
63 RAMBLE1 Classic 2-Dr. $ 995' $195 request."And what does SENIOR mean?"persistent rebuttal ,the Church. will be presented Sunday In her guest; Mrs. J, M. Polke, Mrs.
A I't rovwww. bounced backv-SUence reigned for a few minutes while Prayer meeting will be held at* first Spiritual, Recital.SuadaJ 'loss Murrell, and Clarence
62 reflected embarrased. She walked 8 Tuesday The night at 8 o'clock, In the audi- Polke. "
CHEV 2-Dr. V-8. ?. :\ $ -695 $ 95 daughter -owiously. away. p.m. night youth
'T1ND" .rnInt7 AIR FOND, Papa resumed his conversation( wsitb his visitors who were choir will meet for rehearsal torium of Midway Tabernacle Mrs. Carolyn Royal will serve
62 CHEV Impala chuckling at the old man's mental alertness and sense of true Wednesday at 7 p.m.; youth Baptist Church, Arlington. .as mistress of ceremoniis.
H'top $ 995 $145 perspective.Papa prayer hour Is at 8 p. m. The Participating on the program Hostesses are: Miss Connie
4.5 .5 RADTO Fr<''''". Aurnwirte, I LOver is now passed on to the place where there are no more adults have been asked to ac will be: Mrs. W. Arthur and Wilkins, Miss Bernice Todd,
100 Cars To Choose From ,teas, no arguments, no Sundays and week-days,and yes, no senior company the children. Mrs. R. B. Van Dyke devotion; .Miss June Bryant and Miss Vel
cltliens. He died at eighty-nine. But each time I think of Easter practice will begin at welcome address, Miss ma McQueen. Mrs. J. M. Polls
R. S. EVANS3RD him and his last few precious conversations with us, I seem to 8 p. m. Wednesday Frances, Van Dyke; response,. ,will serve as dean!hostesses.
hear his slow deliberate vole repeating "AND WHAT DOES ,.. .
SENIOR MEAN?' Was be really trying to say that you don't
& MAINEL change basic acts simply by shuffling words and cleverly
4-83R1/ EL 4-8382 switching labels?.-that you don't do away with problems without Free Free Free !
"Jackaonville'_Most Recommended Dealer" facing them honestly? I still ask myself, "Did I get the
message?" What DOES senior mean?

110G110NS10 ctrl Wo.ea's pay 11it HOMEMAKERS SERVICE SHOWDuval

1824 WEST BEAVER At Little Rock
it itf4w
a3o cassaT ASE.
County Armory
j The women of the Little Rock
3101 EMERSON Baptist Church are now making
plans for the Annual Women's
Day Celebration for Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
April 17th with Mrs.Susie I
Pierce as general chairman and I

WATCH FOR OPENING OF OUR Mrs. Verdelle Green as P March 24th 25th 26th
co-chairman.: Other officersare @ ., ,

NEW STORE AT 3118 EDGEWOOD ,AVE. Essie: Program Kate Laidler Committee and,Mrs.Mrs ) 4i'S'(

Florae Anderson Junior chairman Prices Bigger And Better Than Ever
Mrs Bessie Baker; Finance -

j Cbarlease Hayes; Tags Chair Doors
man, Mrs.Leola Thomas;sponsor Open 6 p. m.
chairman, Mrs. Rosa Mae
I Stalllngs; Decoration committee -

PIG FEET 3LBS. S and committee Mrs., Mrs Inei Annie MrsrC.Huger Kearse Campbell; Music,, Free! Free Free '

Mrs Theresa Hodge,Mrs.Vera
1 Drayton and Miss Linda Etell;

MEATY WESTERN Publicity chairman, Mrs.uWy-
line B. Dunbar. Miss Vernlce
Mitchell will serve with pastorof
NECK BONES 5 the day.Captains.
IBS. are: Mrs. Renelda
Jenkins, Mrs. Ethel Carnegie,
BEEF Mrs. Annie Mae Todd, M r.. r

Campbell Mauls Burkes, Mrs. Mrs.Willie Annie Mae "My son's skin was rough, chapped..a .

j 5LBs. Howard Miss Helen Rose Mitchell A.
TRIPE Miss Patricia Merces, neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline' ,
Mrs. Mildred Thomas, M r I.
FRESH CAUGHT Florie Anderson,'Mrs. Mary Petroleum Jelly was. It didn't fail", .
Ann Jackson, Mrs. Kathrene ?
( Bullock, Mrs. Lettle Hicks, Mrs. Betty Washington Chicago.
: (Amir. 7 Mrs Ida Mae Ford, Mrs.Daisy _
. I MULLET IMIISON ST.sioeitONir. LBS. Simmons, Mrs. Helen Brown, From child's
ei Mrs Eula Mae James, Miss dry, chapped skin to
Johnetta Bush, Mrs. Thelma J. the dry ashygray condition that M r;
Thompson, Mrs. LUlle Mae j plagues grownups 'Vaseline' Petro. t
1 u Neal Mrs. Susie Dixon, Mrs. leum Jelly applied as a continuous

,i FLA. BUDGET BRAND Hattie Jackson, Mrs. Vivian i film, is the soothing answer. No other
1 Robinson and others.. I C softener, no other skin cream, no skin

29B.PiCNICS ; lotion provides better moisture pro-
FRYERS DANIEL 12:1: tection. Try It,

Great trouble is just before us NEEDS MORE
and we can survive ONLY in THAN COSMETIC CARE.
: God's Word.

43B.laTCI ;
1 Authorized King James Version
Red Letters S5.98p.pd.
Charles Bridges Box 395,Alia
patch Station, Mia m 1,Florida

w J\

'IiRs flt 11 I;,


00 *= Governor .Look In On PTA Confab Recruit Training For the Urban League Story

T" -*' tjajar 'J ....'

111. ft. regular U.S. Army training The Urban League consults with national ,

urf 'cilities swampedwlth enlistees, state and local housing authorities and

f as a resuUoIthe1ncreasedmU- with builders, lenders and real estate developers -
(1 byMnla''One k itary personnel 1 requirement,
the Jacksonville Subsector on housing needs of Negro faml-

Command Florida Sector,IV U. I lies, and on slum clearence and reloca-

S. Army Corps, NAS, Jacksonville tion. The'Leagu sponsor and conducts institutes -
has established a local and workshops on the problems
of the
world's st unique hotel! "
U the Las Hrlsas Hotel in Acapulco, training provide program basic recruit training faced by Negro families In renting and

Mexico, everything is unique and unusual. for young men who now joinU. buying homes, and neighborhood and block

Your own pink casita (cottage) at the Las .S. Army Reserve units in the association meetings to give guidance and

Irises Hotel Is your home away from home Jacksonville area. technical helD to Negro families.The .

in every sense of the word. No elevators A provisional company, Jacksonville Urban League's -
currently number some 100
carpeted hallways nor the artificial at- trainees from all local U.S.Army commitment to the area
rosftere of the I large, conventional resort y. Reserve units has been or- of housing is in agreementwith

hotel. Your "room"" is a pink cottage, : *ganlzed and Is now conducting the city government about II ,
with a swircing pool right out side your ; training for new enlistees the need for a minimum housing
under the supervision of Army code for Jacksonville, It is
door for that invigorating\ dip. Each cottage Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Gay
is equipped with its own refrigerator C. Livingston, Jr., of Keystone an established fact that TO?
bar stocked with soft drinks, ice and a FLORIDA'S GOVERNOR VISITS PTA CONFAB---The Honorable \Haydon\ Burns, Heights who is Commanding of the housing in Jacksonville I I

variety of alchollc beverages. A large (second fro right) governor of Florida, pauses to shake hands Officer I of the 499th Quarter is sub-standard. The majority I of the substandard -
'is with Mrs. 'Williams l l of Tallahassee (second from left) after master Battalion at NAS, and a housing is in the I Negro Community. -
bowl of delicious fruits
tropical special staff of Army Reserve
the of the parent-Teacher
addressing Florida congress Association .
placed in refrigerator daily with the
your I at Florida A & M University. Dr. George W. Gore Jr. ( left) president personnel. Major William For- 'find
corplirents of the management and a delic- \ tenberry, Jr, is Training Coor during our research In the hous-
ious continental breakfast, placed on your of Florida A & M, and Maxwell i saxon of Daytona Beach, public dinator; Captain Lewis E. Loss* ing area, many other problems associated '
terrace before 3 to be when relations director for the PTA, share the kind remarks mace to 2803 Kline Rd., is ProvisionalCompany with this social light such as lower skil-
a.m. Mrs. Willlzms/ l l by the Governor.FAMU photo by Ernest Flllyau.l l Commander, andSer- led persons, higher crime rates, lower
you arise is also "on the house. Lewis
geant Major B. ,
Las 3risas means "The Breezes" and thisis 1432 Lawrence Place, Is field morals, a higher rate of unwed mother,

really true Genorl The hotel is con- The Artists' CircleBy First Sergeant. general poverty poor health, and loss
structed on the most breeze-swept locationin Train Musical Ear Normally young men who enlist of' life to fires.

all Acapulco and with a fabulous view EARL CALLOWAY for duty with a local reserve unit Therefore we should support a minimum
Anyone who hat hearing, can are sent to various basic training ,
many miles away across the bay. It is NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL hear muie. facilities oftheregular housing code to change this unbearable

really cool the year around--average temperature PHILIPPA DUKE SCHUYLER pianist and three-times goodwill The key to overcoming what u Army for their Initial training situation. A minimum housing code Is also
between 73 and 82 degrees. ambassador of the U.S.State Department,will appear in concert mistakenly" referred to at "tone and then on to some otheracllity the first\ area of compliance for any city
at the Olivet Church In deafness, i. concentrated listening for instruction in their
Baptist Chicago, Friday. March %5. Renewal.
trees tropical vines and advises \Is considering Urban
Flowering Mildred Alexander,
organist that
The famous young artist recently returned from Africa where chosen military specialty,if required
and educational consultant Hammond
multi-colored shrubs are everywhere you she has been tour ing the continent since Dec. 4, and appearedwith Organ Company before returning to _
look the Cairo Symphony Orchestra.Following piano serve with the hometown unit
and add one of the many exotic touches concerts "If you really want to enrich
so typical of Las Brisas. in Togo, two organ recitals and a lecture t delivered in your life with more music, listen which they enlisted. However, WHEN YOU ARE ILL
French betorel.OO. she was guest of honor at a dinner given by to it on the radio, hi.fi, television, since overloaded basic training + w {
Your own private jeep ((100 of them) Foreign Minister Georges''Apedo-Amah. at concert, with your can, your facilities are now unable to pro
These jaunty jeeps have become the trade- In the United States, Miss Schuyler will render concerts along mind, and your heart. Best of all, vide this training for reservists You Seek The Best Doctor v
rark of those at Las 3risas who would like the east coast, ending at Sacred Heart College, Belmont, N. C. learn to play a limple musical instrument the local action has ,When Your Doctor Prescribes, tae r,,
their. own transportation to explore the like a home organ. You'll been taken to provide all basic Get Experienced Pharmacists }
younelf distinguishing tune
rany white, pal -llned beaches, to go Into and toner," the promiiei intermediary training possiblefor ..According to your Doctor's
untrained enlistees until
Orders We Use Only The Best
town for shopping or nightclubbing. Las THE R. NATHANIEL DETT Music Club featured Webster Carter such time as they be assigned Quality Drugs ,
3rlsas has 100 jeeps for its. guests at a musician and composer,in an Illustrated lecture with assistance Noted Jl/.D. Says Soap' to and receive the com- C. E. BLACK
very nominal: charge. from Juanlta Moore,aCMcagoschool teacher and member Is Best plete course of instruction at a Proprietor
For those who would rather not drive of the Negro' History Roundtable at the club's annual Negro Beautifier"The regular training facility.The 3 Registered pharmacists TO serve YOU
History'program. local reservists began attending -
themselves the Hotel maintains a round- best all-around condi-
day-long sessions,
the-clock complimentary transportationsystem. ... tioner and beautifier for a young every other week, February 20 ----A COMPLETE LINE 0 P----
skin..ls plain toilet soap," asserts and will conclude their training

A special welcome drink from your host, THEODORE CHARLES STONE,noted baritone,president Chicago medical writer- Dr. William schedule In June, The training Cosmetics- Rubber Goods-candles-sundries
Music Association and vice president,National Associationof Brady. includes both classroom
the Las Qrlsas Coco --awaits
"Wash the face with soap and
Negro Musicians, vindicated his desire to do what he knows lectures on such military sub-
on arrival. Every room has Its own ser- how to do best, sing..As warm water, rinse the soap jects as military discipline
vice unit with refrigerator well stocked : {he artist presented his songs ofSchubertand Wolf} :cola wascaught away with tepid and them col- courtesy, first aid map Drug
'*lth soft drinks, mixers ,and a variety of In the spirit I of his singing and looked further than. der water, dry without much reading, and satdtatlonandfield
''your favorite alcholic beverages. These the voice for the aesthetic beauty of art In Mr. Stone's case, he rubbing That's all Once or training in military formations, 1907 KINGS ROAD.EL36276
', communicated to his audience with an Innate sensitivity twice daily, according to grlmlness drill, physical training, manual .
charced consumed.capti1 "
are as .
of the
-' 'I ,that. comes from an, intense. .. love'.. and devotion. to music ., ,. envlromeni.. .. of arms, etc. .
; : ( CO"I & one'i of 'the VfOr I d1 s' 'greatest'ItJJnts t '.. ? '' i "/c I -* ". -,.' -- -7 ,} -,

.! of the giant sailfish and rrarlln.: ass i 00. .1 I't

Arrangements for fishing (and excellent t, .
'kuntingV) can be made at the travel desk. GRACE BUMBRY noted contralto and open star, who
made her debut at Metropolitan Opera In the fall of last year,
will be Santuzza of "Cavaileria Rustlcana," which Lyric Operaof i
Chicago will state this season.


d I I"ladtseairtlte THE NORTHWESTERN University Saxophone Quartet, which
performs serious concert music, will be the first group of its
kind to be sent overseas by the U. S.State Department's Cul- THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AVE. B.
tural Presentations Program.
The Quartet will make a three-month spring tour, performing
mainly for university audiences In the FiJIIslands,New Zealand, --
,xarOlik ttivd,8is ; Australia, Singapore Malaysia, Thailand,South Viet Nam,Hong FRESH PORKROAST FLA GRADE A

IK N. MYITLIAVI., Kong Taiwan Korea, and Japan.


UW> MOM NOMOUC HER GRIST New York-born Negro soprano,made her Metropolitan -
r Opera Debut in the season's first performance of Rossi- I
'LO..U'S. MOST l/NDHRATIO/ FUN ni's "II Barblere dl Sivlglla" with. a cast that,included George
BLUE FISH Shirley as Almaviva.
UMUTAtll WHIM 101110fr Lb. 49e

KING MACKEREL STEAKS LEONTYNE PRICE will be the star of the eighth performance 370'

;iDITOSTSTYl, :.I-l O ANo'Iii: Lb. 69c of Verdi's "Alda" with Elena Cernel as Amnerisand Franco LB. 59*

TILL Tan TODAY. .ti Corelll Menta will as conduct.Radames and Sherrm Mimes as Amonasro. Zubin LB.

*.., .,th. ,.. H* .....",c...... ...

GROUPER SNAPPER THE SAN FRANCISCO Opera Company has announced that the VEGETOLE

A". pM/w.1...rn.r M tr.t. .f "-..fM ..., 691II..t American Soprano Claire Watson will be among the singers ma-
king their debut during the forthcoming season. Returning also
SHAD SPECIALS!.,In i.. 39c.. a.ka" Lao: 29c will Purltanl be Rerl,"Grist Verdi's Operas"Don scheduled Carlo," for Mozart's"LeNosse production include "I dI SHORTENING 49*'

Figaro," Wagner's "Tannhauser," Montemeczl's "L Amore CAN I
del Tre Re," and Berlioz' "Let Troyens." Ii


THE REV.WILLIAM H.WIGGINS,JR.,director,religious life, i
v Texas College taped a half-hour television program based onUs h
master's thesis, "Esau Sings:An Existential Study of Three t:
the extra smoothness of
Ertjoy Psalms and Three Blues." The show,entitled"Esau Sings," SURF }

7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon was directed and produced by Dr.AlEdyvean,professor of com- _
munications, Christian Tbeologlal Seminary, Indianapolis.
"Esau Sings" was sponsored by the Indianapolis Federation of GIANT
Churches and was shown on station WISH, Indianapolis.! DETERGENT 49C
Sneryl Shey a local night club vocalist, sang the three blues
numbers investigated by Chaplain 1 1 Wiggins In his thesis, and
Miss Wilma Green, Butler University student, read the Psalm
that contrasted with the blues number. .
I j


and the -mmmglHmDm: ] FRESH CRISP CARROTS I I.U. BAG lOt''

agedoesn't IS IT MAIINa YOUR un.ISnAlLl.

? cost Don't acratcnl...It can tau, 'lnfaetionl > containing four tlmaa a* much for 1.U. 25
Bourdo one extra cent! Stop) Internationally, /' famous only Me. Satisfactionu.rsnte.d I FROZEN FRENCH FRIED POTATOES IU
almafa"tkin $ucc if ointment, or your money raf undadLOVBLIIR .
with adfad itrancth contain slsvsnImportantlnlr.di.ntssklIIfully ''
Induct fatt bi.compounded td plus haadto-toa protection with CLOROX 4'ILUE
I ... th. ILEACH CAl.,
relict whan akin crl "lMlp"l Don'trlsk daap-actuif foamy madlcatlonof .
I IwNOar dlafifuramant or daniaroua "Skin ......" Soap, It busty
,faction t by acratchlnc. UM MM akin baths wltlto It fights iarma thatOft.
,comfort Mcral of militant,, Pilmafa ., aifravita panpiratlon odors
........" ,.. .
I IA "Skin Ointmant maka* you aura you'r* nisi t PLATE MAYONNAISE QT. 45
reasonably prfe.dSt 44e. Save 770 S. n..". Palmari "(kin' Svccaaa"Saaa.
by buying (n. larga economy aka .Only We.
01NT1151' .ALLARD FLOUR 518. 49
if is ,


\ t t
-- ,

: ;:4I r

I 6 ,. PAPERS ,

......................... WOODLAWN 1Jr Walter H. White

CHURCH NEWS To Speak Sunday eons
trFZrt tall

At Wrightsville r
(lt14- By ELDER L,N. PEARSON SR. 'Ir

I I Elder L. N. Pearson, Jr. and
: intum eu.ationa about Deacon Dannie Gadllng will be fNT

Junior Mm tttqurtlt. In charge of Mid-Week Prayer )

grooming end inlereefa _.. service Wednesday March 30 r L;'
-"" 'jar. at'rp.m.1I1the Conference
Q. Sometimes I with I could for someone to stay with their Room. Thursday, March 31 the Whit's >'our 'clothe* message' ?
new boots all year round to BOon children while they're away Adult Choir will rehearse under Clothes tell a treat deal about
.could tee my ..akln.n. Ask torn of your mother's the directorship of Miss you, even when you're not aware
.) re M heivy, I feel like a friends.! Chancel are tome of jicquelln Smith choir director. of It. according to fashion leader -
two-legged plmio! Please, tell them will be harp to hire you, *ot Faultiest Stan Company,
m* how to do torn eierclses to or know someone who needt Friday April 1 the Boys Scouts Take the colors you wear.
help put them In shape jour ten'ices. Once the word I la will meet at 5 p. m. under the If you wear red. especially
A. Tf twirling ankle out that you are available you'llprobably direction of Mr. Clifford N.: t t bright! red, you're telling! people
to whittle) them down, 1he>' have all the job you Norton scout master. The Girl you have I bright outlook on
be a bit bred the tint few c.m handle, and your purse will Scouts will meet Friday at everything!
be fuller too. 4 with M Helen Tony In: Pink I II I gentle form of red.
r s
Ji)s, but keep it up. Here's p. m. When you wear, pink you're feminine
what to dt;: Lie Jown on the Q. :\1) fact new need to charte."Mrs. E. Hill will meet charming, and w a r m.
floor with )our legs straight break out but DOW ill of I the Cadettes Monday April 4,, .........--- People who wear blue are calm
Lift your right leg liftl.i imJ sudden' my complexion's a nil at 4:30 p. m., and the Juniors WALTER H. WHITE!, and root and extremely cleter
reach for the ceiling with it problem.' Pleat ruth some tu|' will meet yat4p.1Do Drama Becomes YouOne They take the time to think
Keeping )our tote pointed, to- gettlons! April 5. Walter H. While, Instructor of thing through and make definite
tate )our ankle! in fie cKxkMisc this Church School will Foreign Language at New Stan- decision.You're.
A Try three-step approach The open
circlet. ReNtrse anJ nuke I Ate to a dreamier complex. Sunday morning at 9:30: a. m. of the most dramatic "totallooks" fashion as "one of the fine arts". ton Senior High School, will be ready for anything
countercUxkw! ice cirvlei speaker for the 7 hour of when wear y.IIAnd! like
Repeat p. m., you
ion: Get plenty of reat at with Robert Gardner In charge. of the is this
with the other leg E\entuall). houri Spring season This imagery is surprisingly wear- worship during Dual Day Cele- red, It stops traffic. People who
at night
least eight Jeep
)ou'll b. making fifty\ twirls with more if you can. Eat I balanced The morning worship' service' ensemble. A sleeve.free, slim dress able, too. In lightweight worsted that bration at Wrlghtsrllle Methodist wear yellow know what they
will at 10.55 a! m'wltl to do. And they go abea.dand
begin : want
each ankle, and well
on our
to ihapel anklet.. ) diet plenty of meat Rev F. D. Wilson, pastor i iL4 topped with a three-quarter coat holds its shape, it is the type of Church Sunday. do it!
way Ash eggs milk fruit and vegetables the The Adult strikingly bordered with opulent fox. fashion that is flattering it will Mr. White received Bachelorof Green a combination of blue
bringing so
i Q. I'm always l short of money, and minimum of
a Science Degree from Columbia and yellow', It calm like blue and
but studying and school attic!U fried foods and sweets. And Choir will furnish the music For the epitome of femininity, it is always be on you-rather than-in the University, New York and bright: like yellow. When you

des take too much time for a cleanse your face often at with Miss Jacquelin Smith shaped with high-rising lines. closet. Who could bear to part with serves as chairman of the Division ,,'.ar' green, you're clever, lORk
How can I Iura When minister of music and choir sensible.
part-time job. least three times a day. cal and
a tilde spending money la m) there', no time to wash with director In charge.Mrs. Sue A. such glamour-so right for Spring'ssocial of Instructional Personnel, So what about your clothe
spare time soap and water wipe the accumulated Baety will preside at the organ Picture.on in this creation of henries life ? You'll find it in fine Duval County Teachers Associ. message: ? Your closet probably

A. Hate you considered bab- toil off your face *. No wonder National Board of stores. White, pink, celery. Sizes 8- ation. contain clothes In all these
titting? You can do that at with a Kleenex tissue folded NOW fORTOMORROI'S He Is affiliated: with the Boy colors a* well a* fashion-right
often at you like! without keeping into a pad. Keep working at TRAIN the Coat and Suit Industry refers to 16. About $200.Altar Scouts, YMCA Omega Psi Phi variation like cranberry or tur
a rigid schedule! Find one these beauty habits the results lOBS Fraternity and other civic or- quolse. Some day, you'll wear
of colors for
will\ be worth It! combination *
or two families who are lookingDon't ganisation.
fashion look. Out there' on*
......................................................... CallBY Leroy M. Argrett will a thing your clothe all need regaidles -
TWO, FOUR, SIX introduce the speaker. T. E. of color and that' KFK
Belcher Is serving as chairmanand Faultiest Fashion Finishing.
B. Klrklln Is co-chairman. FFF start. the moment you
bring a new dres, blouse or pair
BIGOTS AREN'T WHITE of alack home from the store,

Mary Nealey Recital Sunday During a conversation recently with a group of Negro Classic Date Jet on.That regular Includes laundering keeptnc: buttons according .
ministers one of them said that he broke with the leadership to the hang-tag Instructions,
Members of the Young Women Slater, Mrs. Hortense H. Ford, of a couple of Negro civil rights leaders when he JouAJ4ITje 34th annual Orange and Ironing with Spray-On starch
of Allen of Ml. Olive AME Mrs. Anna Laura Pinkney,Miss learned that they were married to white women. Blossom Classic and festivities or Fabric Finish to give your
Church wi present Mrs Mary Josephene Price Mrs. Jannell Two ministers. Including: myself took this man to task will be held here Dec clothes Just enough body and
Nealey in recital Sunday in the Wilson and Mrs. Janet for what we interpreted as the same kind of bigotry pro- ember %-3, 1968. Thegrldclas- keep them looking like new

auditorium of the church,befin- Williams.. Also appearing will mulgated by the most bigoted white racists.In sic will be played In the Or- throughout Here' how their to test fashlou your clothes life.

nig at 7 p.m. be Mrs. Elliot Ashley Mrs. my own civil rights activity, I'm continually con- ange Bowl Stadium, Saturday message! :; Check your color personality
Mrs. Nealey Is a member of Bernice White and Mrs. D. B. fronted with complaints by whites of good will--active In Night Decembers, at 800.: The with a look In your
Mt. Morlab AME Church and Barnes. and dedicated to the cause of civil rights--who wonder FAMU Rattlers will meet yet- closet and drawer And test
will be accompanied by Mrs. T. The public has been Invited to why they still receive scorn and hostility from the very tobenamed opponent. your clothes' appearance with a
Bernice Hodge of Little Rock attend. The church is located at Negroes they are trying to work with to help the cause. look In the mirror!
Baptist Church Mrs. Eliza Franklin and Pippins Streets. The kind of integrated society that we say we want is
Rich Perry will serve as mis- Rev. Benjamin J. Williams Is a what could well be described as a society of the ultimate
tress of ceremonies. pastor. In freedom. This Is a society where--regardless of YOU Don't Have To Go To Town To Ge.t
Hostesses are: Mrs. Alice Members of the Young Womenof race--people are free to make their own personal choices,
Allen are:Mrs.Emma L.Mo- t ti t Y r and such choices Include the choice of a llfemate.
'ran, president; Mrs. Emma J. r N To condemn a movement because two people have LOW PRICESDRUG
(I Hawkins Mrs. Johnny L. Byrd, ___"m'_._ achieved the ultimate In freedom assuming all the responsibility -

} Mrs. Mercedee Waddell Mrs. entailed. Is a form of Negro bigotry that we
Ellen Kennerly, Mrs. Gertrude can well do without STORE NEEDS
suffer agony In seconds gat relief]. Harrison, Mrs. Johnny Camp- MARCH OF DIMES volunteer Ernestine Ravencll help* count pUI Strange Isn't It, that the very institutionthatprofesses
that lattt with ORA-JEL. Speed release. bell, Mrs. Lillian Dennis Mrs. under the supervision of Senior Public Health Nurse Either Cmmmann at to believe that "out of one flesh Cod has created all people -- -- -
ttintly formula to puts stop It to throbbing work In. jtME+tlq> Dorothy Kennerly, Mrs. Mary the Baltimore, Md, Maternity and Infant Car Center. Volunteer( nodal ," the vlctlmes of color Identification are so anxiousto '
toot achepanrowfedoe. j otya Mitchell Mrs. Francis Cook the busy profession ataff of the. prenatal care clinic I In the who dispensary cannot, use,and perpetrate lu divisiveness A '.. Trade with .Y.qu.r.JieiBn.b.orJiood<< Drug store
for children
record supervising a playroom
for I PARCECNTTb by keeping
icommend Mrs.Willie M. Kennerly Mrs."fee left at home when their mothers keep clinic appointments. The March Hate separates people. Love unltei'people.' This'fact WE MILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. iVYOUR LOCAL
auraje'TOOTHACHE Sara,D.Washington) ; Mrs.: Lillie of Dime urges women to Net early and regular prenatal care In.an Is true, no matter what racial group practices either. papers we Deliver we also fill all Doctors -
S. Williams Mr*. Evelyn effort to reduce the risk of faulty development before births / Because the white man seems reluctant to practice the prescripti'ons.

.. Edwards and Mrs. Arlene Reed kind of love that unites is no excuse for the Negro people.
-- -- --- -- I to practice hate In retaliation For Negroes, with church

Identification to do this is SIX.
and LEARNING Here i La proof-positive that bigotry is not racial Dixie Pharmacy
EARNING Bigotry dwells and thrives In the lives of those who har-
bor hate animosity jealousy and vlndlctlveness.

The biblical admonition that we cannot love God whom 1302 Kings Road At myrtle Avenue
we have not seen and hate our brother regardless of the
Make Money color of the hater or.the hated whom we see. Is irrevo-
Girls Can
Boys & cable. Phones Elgin 5559798

Harvey Cox,assistant professor of theology and culture
Andover Newton theological school. In his book "The -- -- -- --

Secular City" speaks well to the point at Issue.In .
the "reconcllatlon accomplished by God to which TELEPHONE

the church testifies.... Greeks do not stop being Greeks,
Hundreds of Florida Star Newsboys or Jews being Jews. BILLS AT OUR STORE
Are EARNING from $1. to S1O.OO Week s7 Clinic Scheduled

And LEARNING to do business. AIM TALLAHASSEE-The uUnlverslty Football Florida an

basketball coaching Clinic will
YOUNGSTERS I If you are smart and be held June 13-17, 1966. PerSons -

Interested In the,

want to earn your own money Jake clinic Gaither should, Florida write AiM to Coach University !' a Take along the"takealong"

this is the way to do it. Tallahassee, Florida

PARENTSI Your child may not

need money, but the training gainedas l 1 =.v of Jchenley!

a newsboy will help him to be r, ;, A pint of Schenley Reserve goes

N "' wherever you go. Packs easily) Pours
successfuf in later life. Many of the ** the smoothest whisky anywhere.

4 S .
successful r Take along the "takealong"size
most men were Newsboys
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the fun of it. '

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Quality Human Hair
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Natural'Hair Line
AL1 ESS. STREET& NUMBFR PHONE NO. '. Casey stitchad on....."I.I.d foundation
r for comfort and fit Holds all
tattingt beautifully Demi Dratted for
Lacy StylingDramatic ,
Send my child 20 copies of the Florida Star on .r Color In Black' Off.,Slack
Dark! t Mad. Auburn Sand
credit to start him in business I will pay theFlorida Sample bowel= Ipht' Shades A
Mined: Gray $9[ t,,. Give Head Sin.
Star elf for each copy he Hel h. Those f
Send S3 Deposit on each item
that are not sold I will return and will not be (Pottil. MO,) pay mailman balance
pint COD and pottage charges or
required to pay for unfold copies paid remit, full price and wo wilt ship, pott-

.__1_______ U Co tr
907 SIP A..., New York N,V. 10017
-, -

'ly !
.l." : .. .. : .. .. .. .. .. .. -- -, .. "
-- ------ a -

1966 __ PACE

AREA READ US A STORY Malcolm X's ___ _
Negro Play

Slayers Won't ......-c.4..... .-.ct4lll C.-.c1 ___n_I
WAH1AWA HawalUTechlncal 1966
Sergeant William D. Ma lone, Voting UNIVERSITY PA.-Lincoln University has receiveda
son of Walter A, Malone of 524 Get Death Rap $450,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for use in edu
Jacksonville, has arrive d for By RON BLAKE cational reinforcement and financial assistance to potentially talented -

duty at Wheeler AFD, Hawaii I. college students from disadvantaged families
Sergeant Malone, a radio Any way you look at It, 1966 down a senate approved NEW YORK -NPI)-The three "This grant from the Foundation" University President Dr.
equipment technician, pre- ,looms as an interesting year in measure providing for a referendum convicted slayers of Malcolm X Marvin Wachman announced, "Is the largest non-capital grantIn
viously served on Johnston Is- otlng. and possible constitutional have no fear of losing their livesas the history of Lincoln University.
land. He is assigned to the Air The political spotlight will convention on the repealof the Black Nationalist leader
Force Logistics Co mm and cover the nation as a record the poll tax. lost his. LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, PA. A $50,000 grant from the fund
which keeps USAF units at home number of Negro candidates.... The HousepriUegesandelec- The death penalty was for the Advancement of Education established by the Ford
and overseas supplied and North and South-toss their hats tins committee was not the only abolished New York two years Foundation, has been received by Lincoln University,PresidentDr.
equipped for Immediate action into the arena. one to kill any move toward poll ago (except In certain cases). Marvin Wachman has announced.
anywhere in the world. Among the Interesting contests tax repeal. Its senate counter- Convicted on first degree mur- Designed to strengthen and expand the Faculty Leave Program
The sergeant formerly of 418 will be the one In Alabama part adjourned before acting on der charges, the trio could be at the noted international university near Oxford, Pa., the fund
Cedar Street, Albany, Georgia where the wife of incum- a House bill to establish a special paroled within a few decades or will be used to aid faculty members and administrators who
is a graduate of Madison High bent Gov. George Wallace is study t commission which 's kA 1 less, after serving part of a also teach, advance and refresh themselves Intellectually by affording -
School Albany. He attended running as his "proxy" In the would treat with the poll tax and life Imprisonment sentence them the opportunity to do research and complete advanced -

Morehouse College Atlanta. gubernatorial primary. other election requirements. __ Talmadge Bayer 24, also studies
His wife, Shirley,U the daughter Wallace cannot succeed himself The Supreme Court's upholding uu known as Thomas Hagan, Pat
of George Bethel of 2149 as governor However, of the constitutionality WITH TWIN SISTERS Kim (lerO and Karen, four-year-old DcrclBrinMM terson, N.J.,Norman 3X Butler, Albany State College Albany, Georgia will observe Founders
Federal Street Philadelphia Mrs. Wallace has assured of the federal Voting Rights Act ,Washington, D.c.,looks forward to story time. Derek WM bong: 27 and Thomas 15X Johnson,30, Day on April 1, 1966 at 10:00: a.m. in the Sanford Hall Auditor-
with water the brain, serious defect which
on a endangered
Her mother, Mrs. Dorothy voters that if she ends up in the was regarded as apsychological"shotinthearm" right his. mind and even bU. lUt. Surgeons at I March: of Dimes B hulatory of the Bronx, face manda- ium and dedicate a memorial marker at the grave of the late
McCrea resides at Lancaster governor's mansion, Alabama for the lag- Defect Center Inserted a "...11.." tube under his scalp to drain sentencing to life Imprisonment president of Albany State College Dr. William H. Dennis Jr.
Pennsylvania. I will not have a "petticoat gov ging Negro registration drives fluid which caused pressure on the brain. Today. Derek b able to. keejp on April 14. on Sunday April 3,1966 at 3:00p.m. Dr. Henry T. Hutchlns, Jr.,
ernment"-her husband will in the South.Approximately 500, with his. normal sisters In all their activities. Contributions to ttu Two years ago,they could have Associate Professor of Education will deliver the principle address -

HIGH WYCOMBE England still pull the strings. 000 Negroes have been. for March care of and Dimes treatment help support of problems 57 Birth similar Defects to Due.Centers.'.. across the nation been sentenced to the electric at the Founders Day Celebration on April 1st.
Airman First Class TheodoreN. In an attempt to freeze Gov. registered since the act became chair. Now, however, only per- Dr. Hutchlns a native of Albany,Georgia,Is a 1956 graduate of
Foster son of Mrs. Mattle Wallace out, moderate Atty.- law last August.On sons found guilty of killing Albany State College and received the Master of Arts degree at
Gen. Richmond Flowers leads the other hand segregationists peace officer acting the line of New York University. i
Foster of 1442 Jefferson Street
Jacksonville has been selected, an array of other aspiring Democratic are seeking other meansof Negro Honor ,Stadent Wins duty, or convicts who slays
candidatesfor govern-' circumventing the threat of guard or an inmate are liable Mr. Robert Marshall, Mr. Robert Green and Mr,George Fol-
Airman of the
'Quarter Outstanding for his unit at or. The Negro vote could very the South's growing Negrovote.This Woolworth AcheivemeNt Award the death penalty In New York. som all graduates of Albany State College,Albany,Georgia have
; High well decide who will be the next new tactical developmentwas The conviction the three men been selected for inclusion In the 1966 edition ofOutstandlng*
Wycombe Air Station England. governor of the state. spotlighted recently whenan was announced by the New York Young Men of America.
Airman communica
tions Foster was honored Other leading Democratic con- election, in which a Negro Bobble J. Hamilton, Cleveland, Ohio high senior, has Supreme Court.The Jury's guilty Selections for Outstanding Young Men of America were made
for his specialist conduct and tenders Include former Gov. candidate had been favored,was been named recipient of afour-year college scholarship verdict was read by Negro by a thirteen man National Board of Editors.Doug Blankenship,'
duty performed exemplary He received John Patterson, a segregationist cancelled by the all-white Baker sponsored by the F. W. Woolworth Co. through the National Jury foreman, George Carter. Past U. S. Jaycee President ((1962-63)) who 1s serving as chair
: for ; and former Rep. Carl County Board ofComml- Scholarship program Butler and Johnson bad said man of the board stated that men were selected between the ages
cash award his
a achievement.
Elliot. ssioners In southwest Georgia respective winner. they were lieutenants of twenty-one and thirty-six who"had distinguished themselves
Bortc director of
Coupled with this, Alabama'spoll The commlsloners also D. B. Mr. Borts said the achievement Fruit of Islam, the Black In one or more fields endeavor to the point of being outstand-
Tue airman Is member of the personnel the company's East
Air Force Communications a tax was declared unconstitutional abolished the post of Justice of -Central regional office, said: scholarship Is aid-to-edu-part of thecompany's Muslim elite guard but denied ing." Outstanding Young Men of America Is an annual biographical -
Service which five by athree-judge federal the peace which the Negro and "Miss Hamilton's excellent over-all involvement In the killing. compilation of approximately 10,000 young men of outstandingrank
| operates
cation program. Woolworth'stalso however admitted his throughout the country. Nominees for the book come from
i million miles of communications court in Montgomery, which white candidates had been seek academic record and her outstanding Hayer, ,
ruled the annual $1.50 levy was ing. extracurrlcularac- has been participating in role in the slaying, but denied many sources However the majority of the nominations are
channels and
more than designed solely to prevent Civil rights leaders charg the National Merit Scholarship membership In the Black Musllms. -. made by Junior Chamber of Commerce Chapters and Co I 1 age
[1.000 air traffic control facill- complishments are convincing
Negroes from voting.At that the board took its action Program since 1956 and Alumni Associations.
evidence of
(ties, around the globe. the same time operations of solely to prevent the election herabllltytopursuesuccessfully In currently awards four full merit Though the prosecutlonattempted "This book" states Henry Ford, II, "serves as more than a
The airman Is a college career
a graduate of federal voter listing offices in Walter Singletary, 65-year-old scholarships annually. Negro to show that all three tribute t to those It is meant to honor. It calls attention to the
Xew Stanton Senior her chosen field and thereby
HlghSchool. seven counties in Alabama and Negro farmer students have been among the were Black Muslim "assassi great capabilities of our young men and. their capacity for getting
credit to the Woolworth
t He Is married to the former bring '
winners of these awards also he "
one in Mississippi were extended Yet all Is not blue for Negroes nation" squad members out to things done.
cress McKnight. scholarship. said. In addition to the scholar kill Malcolm Mr. Robert Marshall isprlncipalof the Washington Street High
beginning last Saturday. in Georgia. In Fulton county, a Miss Hamilton a student at, X for his attacks
**J John W. Macy Jr., chairman, Negro was added to the staff of Glenville Senior, HlghSchool ship programs the company has upon Elijah Muhammad, Black School In Quitman, Georgia; Mr. George Folsom principal! of
SAN ANTONIO TEXAS.-Alr- U. S.Civil Service Commission, the county registration office. has been the been annual contributor to theUnited Muslim leader, the stateowas the Brooks County Training School In Dixie Georgia, and Mr.
i Jerome Perry, son of Mrs. said the expanded: hours stem Mac Dennis, 22-year-old Clark school's honor represented roll for six on semesters Negro College Fund for, unable to prove the charge, Robert Green Is a teacher at the Leary Elementary School,

ve.yn; P. Brown of 1037 West from an expected Increase in College business major and Is a member of the .21 years Leary, Georgia.

i St., Jacksonville, has been voter listing activity resulting graduate, became the first Negro National Honor Society. In.1963 --- ---.-
ected for training at Amar- from the Supreme Court's to be hired as a registration she was winner of the French I
AFB, TEXAS., as an Air favorable ruling on the 1965 Voting clerk. medal. Her memberships; ( 1

ce specialist. Rights Act. He will have the same authorities clude the Glenville Student re,,
e i airman a 1965 graduate ofAnton Meanwhile th controversialpoll duties and responsibilities -
Council, the All-City Student _
Vocational High School tax came under fire from as the other 12 members of Council and the Youth Council QUANTITY
,..ently completed basic traln- another source. Sen. Ralph l W. the staff. Human Relations.Mr. on .RIGHTS RESERVED'

_Lat Lackland AFB, Texas. Yarborougb (D-Texas), a In Alabama the DemocraticExecutlve'Committee Sorts said Woolworth Is

*S liberal, told a cheering audience in predominantly one of 33 U. S. corporations 4
ANTONIO,-Tex. Air- of labor delegates recently that Negro LowndesCounty sponsoring achievement PRICES GOOD

i Jerome L. Sanders son of two million additional voters voted a tenfold Increase in the scholarships for outstanding THROUGH SATURDAYt"DIXIE
,}''f Bernice Sanders of 234 could be registered In the state filing fee for candidates in the Negro students. Each scholar- t s I

St., Jacksonville has now that the poll tax had been May primary. ship, he said, is accompaniedby
elected for training at abolished by th federal court. Subterfuge in predominantly- a "cost of education" grantto l

AFB, Tex.,. as an Yarborough added that the poll Negro Bullock. county blocked the college ,selected by the : CRYSTALS :
porce communications tax law was passed originally to would-be Negro candidates In .,
rt.t "keep the poor from voting." seeking posts for county commissioner MOST FRAGRANT
1. man Is a 1965 grad- However, Virginia will They learned that I
New Stanton High Scb- continue underthe status Quo, at there were no vacancies to be <
; r-spri l lfc Or.. Match.
I recently completed bas- least for the time being becausethe filled. The state legislature had ex
fag at Lackland AFB, general assembly turned quietly extended the terms of i SUGARsEORSU
( a the county commissioners by .
two years, during the final days
-- -- -- of its session last year. I lED

In the North, 28 Negroes have
I AUTO TAGS ON SALE so far filed for offices In Pennsylvania LBS.39.c
for the May 17 primary TOMATOES 1 c3: s$1
1 while in Chicago, a campaign to 5
get a Negro appointed as the next '
lyrtle Avenue Tog Agency city postmaster got u n d e way LIMIT 5 US. PLEAS WITH $5.00
Dawson GREEN '
with Rep. William L. ARGO BLUE LAKE CUT
t (D-I1L) spearheading the drive. OR MORE FOOD ORDER
Two names have been Sanded
Now-At about Alderman KennethE. E 7 ,1
Campbell((20th)and Henry W. '-'__... SWEET BISCUIT BEANS ,:;

2422 Myrtle Ave. McGee Sr., 58-year-old Gardeners who have grown i
37-year veteran in the postal flowers for years admit that the
service. McGee Is personnel most fragrant the old.fashioned

Corner 15th St.- director for 62,000 employes In mignonette. The flowers FLOURS ISLAND FARM MIXEDVEGETABLES
2,3000 post offices Inl 11 in o t sand are not what anyone would call
." small, reddish '
"sbow) They are
Michigan. or yellowish brown against light $
-Convenient Hours In California the faux:pas green lea v... But oh, that delightful 7 1
which GOP gubernatorpal candidate refreshing sweet scent! CANS
Ronald Reagan pulled off And mignonette Is so easy to
Plenty Of
Open before the state unit of the Negro grow.It .
Convention still Is not generally known that
Republican ,
Saturdays Parking Space Is creating repercussions. mignonette Is a good pot plant. 5 LB. SUNSHINE

7 fflflBAKERITE; .



This isthe ,N:

,? nicest, .
smoothest 49'C'
$ 3 LBS.

I bourbon MILK 7 CANS ,

ever to come LIMIT 1 1. PLEASE Will 5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER


\S' .n'. [Kentucky.Find FULL

r N


E I '
[-"Invites You To Listen. To':


for yourself. LI.98.C

"DANCE PARTY"Nightly IB.rmn 'U 7

11:30: til 12:00:


Satnrdaj 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m. L6 moor e IMS.ECHO SPRING. DISTILLUY.lOUISVILU, KY._ .

1400 APPLES ,!, AVERAGE' 39 .

6 t

+ .. . . r..r e. rr.
.v .
.y -
r/ y ., .. ..rv. .. .r r v .v r. v vr. rr

--- Al :> STAR "PAP $.. .SATURDAY MARCH 2&, 1988

p _


I _

.. M -. ""' IR"'" "

I Day Care Center' Open In Miami ShowBizBy JAMUANS In Who's Who Among

Strieits In American Colleges


.ELECTRIC NEW YORK PEARL-(NP1)-Pearl Bailey pointed out tit concert In

Philharmonic Hall that she wu "In show business before they

had electricity," and then proceeded to generate her own elec.triclty .

r with a performance that tad the audience: swinging with

her from beginning to end. Single old favorites men as "The

we Birth of the Blues" and"Melancholy Baby,"she reminded Ylew-

3a around.era DIXON that QUERY the days of live vaudeville aren't* over, as long as she's \ Ii'' [IIIi.i.

4 FRANKFURT, Germany-(NPI>-Famed Conductor Dean
,Dixon described himself as so busy with his music be baa Uttle I

.time "to become bitter about the American racial situation." l

s Booked up solidly through 1969,la cities from Frankfurt to Sydney :

Australia, Dixon has waited for a call from his native
America-and beard none.Why? "It has to be race I Just can't
see any other possibility," be said. Dixon came to Europe In .. __._._u. u. -- -

1949 to guest-conduct the Paris Radio Orchestra and never returned TALLAHASSEEAN-Mary Lou SELECTEE. Robert Lee SELECTEEBlanche

to the United States. Coleman, a senior Physical Education Alexander, a December, 1965 Rosalyn Hammone, a senior

1 major The daughter political science graduate. Ed. choral music major. Miss

J POTTER SIGNS of Mr. andvMrs.Ralph Coleman itor-in-chief of the 1963 FAM- Hammond, daughter of Mrs. G.

,.w -- --- HOLLYWOODNPI!)- Sidney Potter has been signed to 3103 Galimore Drive,Tallahassee UAN, Mr. Alexander was vice- P. Hammond, 120 Palno Street,

appear In the ZOthCentury-Fox Musical, "Doctor Dolittle." Polar Miss Coleman is a memberof chairman of Pi Gamma Mu, St. Augustine, Fla.,pre.ldent

CENTER -- The opening of Miami's' Dorsey day care centerwas won an Oscar for his performance in"Lilies of the Field." Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority cadet officer of the Famu Reserve of the Florida A&M Opera Guild.
DAY CARE Also starring will be academy Award winners Hugh Griffith and university pep squad, Physical Officers' Training Corps, She Is a member of Delta Sigma

attended by local officials and citizens who made It possible. Rex Harrison Education Majors Club,and City and held membership In the Theta Sorority, University

Cutting the ribbon is Mrs. Dana Chapman while Mayor Robert King Women's Club, and City Wo- Pershlng Rifles, Scabbard and Choral Society, and the White
local president of the Economic JAZZMAN RECOVERSNEW men's Congress Blade National Military Frater and Gold Honor Society.
High ( center) and Alvin Cassel Miles Davis.. report ..... ......
YORK-(NPI)-Ja trumpeter FAMU, staff photo by Ernest nity. He Is the son of Ur. FAMU staff photo by
Opportunities Program Inc. hold the ribbon steady. ed to be recovering from an operation that turned out not to be Flllyau.SELECTEE. and Mrs Willie B. Alexander Ernest Fulyan.MADAM.

as serious as was thought. Davis was expected to be fully recovered of 1124 Gibbs Drive, Tallahassee .

by March 21, when he Is to appear at the Showboat Fla. -
Dr. Moore Scheduled. For Jazz Theatre He underwent surgery to remove nodules from 1 GLORIA

I Fashion C reates. his vocal cords. r

Cruise As An Ambassadorby y Palm Li Spiritualist Reader.- Ad-

Function In Kitchen SETBACKSDAKAR visor In all affairs of life: Love
I ,
Senegal -(NPI)-The First World Festival of Negro I
Marriage Business Sickness
LOUIS ALLEN Steps have been taken for Dr. Richard V.Moore, president-of Arts in April has suffered two setbacks. The Ford Foundation, ,
etc. Lucky Days Lucky Hands
Bettune-Cookman College, to travel In new African countries' expected to pick up much of the tab for the festival, Is I.WJ III There Is home, 'dreadful
no so
this Summer as an "ambassafc r of good will" under UJ5. State "studying the matter" of financing festival needs of $450,000. h
\ that she can't help. Located at
Department auspices. Meanwhile, 10 of 18 artists withdrew their works from an exhibition :
901 N. W. 79th St. Phone 7519307. -
toB-CC Business Manager at the festival, charging that the festival was emphasizing
will be of 8 until 10
The assignment part Open a.m. p.m.
came as a the performing arts and curtailing its financial support of the
James E. Huger,
a trip which Dr. Moore and his to the artists. n dally and Sunday. Located in
wife will take as guests of the "complete surprise" Miami, Florida. 'One visit to
college's beard of trustees and Moores. .MADAM GLORIA and you will
associate trustee. Mrs.. feel the dlfferenre! ...
: CITY Calif. (NPI) Cassius Clay's cousin
First announcement of theUoores' said Huger. "And.someone : Half price with this adlllllltllll/
at the she. saw Dr. Moore remove his Marcello (Mark) Clay has been signed to portray a legionnaire '
trip came trus-1 l'I, glasses to wipe his eyes." in the French Foreign Legion movie, "Beau Geste." Clay was
tees' annual luncheon at the
other Since utensils new cookware are and to Daytona Plaza Hotel. The trustees It will be the first vacation Dr. the first Negro to work as a stand-in for a white star, substituting --..-- .,
cooed assuming for Jack Palance In the television series "The Greatest.Show .
: teen at well at In. in official session at theeoUep Moore has taken since
be ott. view and, t their, the B-CC presidency 1946 on Earth." Clay has appeared on "Hawaiian Eye" and Alfreda Douglane
close at hand today's kitchen. Library,confirmed noted. "Once a Thief" (ld Blackshear, a senior majoring
Of course, wouldn't dress Intention to make afiout $8,000 in Jean''
you madicin
to send tin pre- Miss Black- SELECTEE..Barbau
up in a new costume and bonnet available for the tour. It will The trustees' plan dis- *,* **1c. ; shear, a member of the Delta senior biology
was Pearson a
the ,
then hide your finery in a take the Moores to Spain Italy: Moores on trip
closet. Don't .... Sigma Theta Sorority is parliamentarian major. Miss Pearson Is a member -
phrlo'e1t and Africa before they attend the -- -
war in a '; of Women'* Con.: of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority -
not in us.. On display,practical World Conference on Methodism gress and Supreme Court Tau Beta Sigma, andkWo
utensils become decoratives in London, August 15 to Justice of the Student Supreme men's Congress. She is the
the kitchen
e e 29.The .r Court. She is the daughterof daughter of Ur. and Mrs. L.
announcement, according Mr. and Mrs.ODouglas Black.
Pearson of 2471 Doby Street,
1SP2IN6 shear of 213 Osceola Srewwr, Jacksonville, Fla.

Tallahassee, Fla. -..FAMU staff photo by Ernest
....FAMU staff photo. by Ern Fillyau.
est Flllyau.
V e_ i.G.-


.1 4 television network, you can deter'''
mine your own degree of politicaltrum r1111y .

any e. affiliation.,whatever your formal political ..ice,

Politics Test questions have been

I .ram 0. J. dolman. 4 +-1...... Ina prepared by political science experts .
No. 12-66
437 Morchondlio MoriCkkogo at Michigan State University,
For Immediate Release Illinois\ 60634 and Frank McGee will be the com

closed in a resolution read by mentator.
Rev Lee Nichols Designed for viewer participationin
a Daytonlan
who has been a trustee for. about Music Helps YoungstersInto testing political knowledge and WMBM
thinking, the show will let you
DIAL 1260 25 years. Liberal?Conservative? How long match your answers against those of '
Nichols also that he
reported Social Swing b a senator's term? Who'i your control groups taking the test priorto Spotlight ProductOf
just had spoken to U. S. Representative congressman? Do the labels.you.use air time.
Syd Herlong in Washington Music can and should be an important different sounds made by tinkling to describe your political views Test yourself I You might be surprised -
by telephone confirming part of youngsters' early a fork on different size glasses filled really reflect your thinking? to find your views fitting i into The'Week'
hat Herlong had asked yean. with varying amounts of water. Also You can find out by participating the right of left or the left ol

Secretary of State Dean Rusk to "It gives them Immediate rewards jiggle and sing along with your in a nationally televised politic right! Miami Florida
put the State Department's puts them in the 'social child to radio tunes. ten on Wednesday, April 20, from ,
approval on Dr. Moore's "am awing and, at the same time nur. 2. Make music a part of young 10:00: to 11:00 p.m. EST Through
: bassadorship". turetta delightful pastime for adult sters' parties, be it a singing gameor thii.ipeclal program on the NBC
FLORIDA'S.Cep A telegram from Herlong and leisure years," says Mildred radio music or records, or evena and governmental knowledge and
Alexander, organist and teacher of dime-store souvenir musical In. comparative place in the liber.l.toconeervative -
stated, in part: teachers. your
organ strument. political ipec-
"''l11rQugl1lts Bureau of Education Children have a natural .affinity 3. Take your child to live concerts :

and Cultural AffatrsUwtU for music They respond to soothing when pouible or a FILMCONVERSATIONS
be happy to cooperate in any way lullabies and, later on, create parade. Point out the different Instrument
possible to make Dr. Moore's rhythm with tapping spoons or skip \
1 trip a meaningful one, not only ping rope to singsong tunes. 4. Have a musical instrument In
# for himself but even more so for Introducing children to music your home that the whole familycan A remarkable series of film conversations :
the people of these countries should capitalize on this natural intermit play and enjoy, one that a child with the great men and
j which he plans to visit." and response to rhythm and can learn easily. A home organ allows women who have shaped the Ideas
melody. a child to create music in and event of our times ii being ; >
And the Moores travel under 1
as As education consultant to Ham. only a few minutes and gives him made available to schools by En .
State Department sponsorship mond Organ Company, Miu Alexander an immediate sense of achievementand cyclopaedia Britannic Films Inc.,
Dr. Moore also will be serving suggests these proven tips for impetus to go on. lie also can Wilmette, III. Theie half hour In. _..
as "ambassador at large" for mating music an early part of imitate other instruments, such asa terviewi bring into the classroom.
the City of Daytona Beach and as youngsters' lives: guitar, trumpet, clarinet, drum the wisdom of luch personalities as the SHORTY $35,

"emissary of good will" for 1, At a young age, show them and many others. Robert Frost, Herbert Hoover, MEDALO STYLE #66!
Volusia and for that matter Frank Lloyd Wright, Pablo Cauls, eocvUto t Cloo 0ftV
County For
.. .......H.U ....
4ole' H ,t.
& BLUES the U. S. Carl Sandburg, Eleanor Roosevelt, unaddriu.
; 71 and noehm"
+ I.-'i-:
/ Today's Teens Need Hitching Posts Paul J. Tillich and W Somenet n': "5wew.4
Jwot writ
cIIIi1I AJ... .. Maugham. FJi 1t"" Manual willap.dues TUir Col/MoJol Holr P,.... Inc.D .
Too many of today's teen ages something to which they can attach < *awe from ha HAIR MOOTS t. St S, '"'''' IS, ...Y. .
are in danger of being lost perma. themselves. They can be easily NEW fl yOUR( SCALP. The..eondlUaa... affnlt
'nently to the world of fun.morality, lost in a world that II too big if Fa* U hair* prom oltvn d......11" ..twany. heavily 'COMB I
( according to a noted author and they lack hitching posts. SLACK FASHIONSA Yew slg e IiOCTOIl l: AWAY ,
that the Humanities NO* InvmtM a imdtoat**; tae
lecturer. believes -
: Fadiman rainbow of colon and casual fonnu''IM CAkBONOXU
Clifton Fadiman, Humanities -the study of literatureand styles tailored to the "action man"will which I* mMd with many prwan .. GRAY

l RADIO STATION Consultant for Encyclopaedia Britannic the arts-provide them with highlight men'i slack fashionsfor BONOt bnflcUI la such Infradlanta.. trensl.' ..CAM..... WITH t
Films Inc., warns that the finest hitching posts our civilization Spring-Summer, 1966. fill antlMVll and don such tm* THIS
youngsters from fifteen to eighteenare has been able to set up. He is The fashion conscious man look BUMPY work In DANbRUrr halniaf an scale ITCHY thai IILII
must vulnerable to seduction by currently advising Encyclopaedia:
ing for something new this year can may DOCTORS regard ItkUhVand. cmIIISH
the 3 PM world of the Films in the productionof tttCSCHiai It r.e SMarseal
post frug Britannica choose from dramatic modified .
Humanities films. new Jp .....".... Many asutaylnstaxunullr
and the hopped up sports car. its high school bell bottom slacks, bright bleeding cauwd seals I.r.'t aandU
J "WHAMMY "During this plutic period the The Humanities help s II P p l yyoungsters Indian Madras and slim; trim \er- !* tar. rUva4'Vy th*>
Starspangledway t Trtale stranrh tasfarMula > .
b..ylr may wayor ions of the ever popular Knickers Writ* far this DOdMMtOntUINB 'g
(. another. If they are captured by spec live and give them some aware. Look for colon to be bold and masculine SCALP rOMMULAstaw.
to savea the world of passive entertainment f civilization u a whole. It will ha wit to ,. ness i> according, to Jaymar-Ruby- -.J..d aM ready M wa. in IT 1: -.N aadIN,.. g add ..1.
they may eventually operate all Fadiman believes that the Humanities Inc., with more of the "total I look" torn T DAYS, and 11 pI w1 tt.t 55th..,aI-1StUa.r.b.ee
bundle their lives at intellectual lowthrottle ran be successfully deployed atl<( aur monly bark Fay .a.QT Dt.rS..t.....cke. w
in men'i fashions. .ul ::!
.nlr This .. '
n d.15wwy. s "
INMIAMI" ," he said. against i the non-mental ...".'hlII,. Bant radlneuona. I'raA 4WI" DYSD ALOOK
(Instead of stowing "The high school student, fortified world of sport, diversion and rapid apl.ne/ ....-...-.... ......
away GIVE TO FIGHT UM .teeNRnwttlaDlu.CATza M 1. ........ ...U.., euNlag
with little or perspective: is "They are the ideas, images c-. ..
loose change In old no motion. SCALP FOKMULA Gf. b Paeans c. c.
your an
pass .....
quite naturally persuaded that only sounds, passions great historic IMUlTIPLEISCLEROSIS SMMy can Itu,. Yaw hair and e.._. t..1n ell p.51.1. .. w p_
nock, turn It into a bagful the present exists," he said. actions, heroes and villains to which sal. ....n'I fine cara. I wl andr Tlalla. 1.ad. g/WhM
But Fadiman believes that for whom the adolescent is I :r MBM and addnaa tJOLD ., sue akod. ..,
all pe.
of U.S. Saving.1 Bond and to KBOAL HAW noovcriiNc.fe .l.Mtit. salt
d.ll..r .,.
he declared. The -..I. .1 2 plus .
So you don't have much their reIM'II uln"", high school 1 culiarly sensitive, I great crippler 1 1S. SHiS' tIoIIr.r/M" if IndMpy'I..I
youngsters are drsperalrly, srrkingI "" H"' r
I of young; adults Do ,, Ss.l : 1
to Htnrt with. ata'.r batktfyr > ae.klye 33 tl.w, y.eli

\. 4 "
i I.

.. .


I Held Spring Cincinnati .fieds May Have New Stir In Tommy Harper Military Jobs

Awards Banquet .wrn711 Open To CIlIialtrT.GORDON.G&10)O ]
hh e. .NI UNNNr n L"MN Y
In NIm INe ,,,IN,
Lincoln University soccer and C dais at Fort Gordon announced
cross country teams were boo- o1 tS. that the Department of the Army
ored Thursday, March 10 with has authorliedcooverslooof
awards when the Delaware Val 1160 military positions to civilian
ley Conference held its annual II!;' positions under the Defense
sprint sports awards banquet Department's program of clvlllanltatlon -.
at the student union of the 11In of jobs previously,
Philadelphia College of Phar I held by military personneL
macy and Science. -- : Civilians are being hired on a
The soccer team woo the conference -r' 4 permanent basis in positions
award for the third year .. covering administrative, clerical
in a row. The team also finished 3 iII .jS'; '" maintenance, medical,food
third In the nation in small col ,. ''. service, transportation, and
.let playoffs at Kansas City ( : ,:. (.I.'. .. .. training fields. Types of Jobs
last year. .v. : .. ... ".. '. ". ...r available Include training
The Lincoln University cross : .... instructors, electronics equipment
country t team pickepttptwo: installers and repairers
telephone Installers and repairers
.awardsteam award and .. "
one Individual award to Stanley .., .., .... .4 kitchen and baking equip
B. Johnson I / t" ... II ment repairers heating
Joseph D. Troilo was named to L : equipment mechanics: water
the conference all-star basketball ,\ IW treatment plant operators,
team with an average of16. I Itmmy.t kt plumbers. laundry workers,
5 points per came. iteamfitters, sheetmetal
St. Clair P.Henry received going to Topeka where he was sensational.His.324 batting ave workers, professional nurses,
individual table tennis award. Profiles Of rage, 15 home runs and aleque-leadtngl3halU wer.instru. clerks, typists stenographers,
mental his being named "The Most Valuable Player in the modelmakers, machinists.,
Mil's First Imr Threo Eye League." He led the leagud In runs ((131)), triples ((10 warehousemen drivers, laborers
OUTFIELDER TOMMY "Tom" HARPER-BORN October 14,. ______ _n_ __ __ automotive mechanics: ,
and stolen bases ((31).Hewer second In batting and he topped: the
e PHOENIX. Arix.-{NPI)- Willie ( 1940 (25)) at Oak Grove Louisiana.. SA TS-Ribt. THROWS:.. second Backers in fielding with a mark of.963. major league prospect (not including pitchers) in the league for cooks, and guards. .
Right. HEIGHTIO. WEIGHT 164.ANCES'rnY-liecro.MA- 1962 "the best "and to teammate The new civilian positions will
Mays clobbered his first Tommy played with the Reds entry in the Florida Winter Instructional rookie runner-up Chico Rule
RRIED-Batmle Jean Williams October 6, 1962. WINTER AD- for "the fastest In the be filled by recruiting new employees .
homer i of 1966 last week, as League after the 1961 season and Impressed with his runner
Ibe and his San Francisco Giants DRESS-1324 67th Street Berkeley, California. COLLEGE-. versatility, playing second, third and the outfield. He had a fine rookie seasonforClnclnnatlin 1963 as he was ia and by merit promotion
San Francisco State College,1958-60.HOW OBTAINED BY REDS 129 hit ten home drove in 37 and batted .260 the of employees presently on the
teammates beat the Cleveland -Cincinnati Reds Farm Despite only one full season In pro baseball,Harper opened up games, runs, u
Indians 8-2. Willie's homer, System. as the Reds' third baseman In 1962 after Gene Freese sufferedhis Reds rlghtfielder. Tommy also played six games for the 1962 rolls.
a Tommy Harper, 25, began fulfilling many predictions made ankle In .Reds at third bace. Applications are now being accepted -
typical training.
Mays injury spring
wallop was a for his baseball potential as batted.257 in 159 games la 1965, In 1964 the leftf lelder led the in by the Fort Gordon CivilIan .
400-foot drlce over the right However, when Manager Fred Huthchlnson felt the youngster u Reds Harper Reds stolen
center field fence of Phoenix played a good leftfleld, led the National League in scoring runs was pressing a little he sent to San Diego on 24-hour recall on bases with 24, being caught only three times.He batted .243 asa Personnel Office, Building
with 126, hit 18 home runs, drove In 64 and stole 35 bases and
Number 2050, for these new positions. -
unlclpa; Stadium. April 5 after Tommy had played In six games. sophomore.
was caught stealing only six times. Tommy batted .362 .
to tear the Coast with .333
St. Louis getting 25 for 69 with ten RBIs. He batted .452 again Harper proceeded League apart a
WATER WEIGHT Cardinal hurling at St. Louis ((M for 31)). batting mark. Tommy hit 26 horn rimi, stole Z2 bases, had 24 Pick GrandmotherTo
An adult's body; is 50-60% The mercury-footed Harper was signed by the Red organization doubles and eight triples along with 84 runs-batted-in. Have you looked at the Help Wanted, lately?
Harper led the Coast League In scoring runs ((120)), and bases
28 1960. He where he hit
on May reported Topeka .254 in 79
Catholic water a Digest child's states.70-80%, the games drawing 76 walks and stealing 26 bases. on balls 005)) and was elected to the All-Star Team as the third Head Mental Prejudice is going out of business.

Harper trained with the Reds in 1961(on Varsity roster)before baseman.
The managers in the Coast League! voted "Ham" "the best Health Program

1 ,

Spotlight, OR SportsMIAMI Dr. Dorothy Height The Sports. ParadeBY responsible NEWSYORK post NPIAnothe in city govern; : r 4

-(NPI-Ex-Redleg slugger Frank Robinson last week merit has been entrusted a wo
ended a holdout with the Baltimore Orioles,after signing a $62, Gets Melby AwardNEW NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL man with an extensive back _
000 pact, making him the highest paid player in the team's his SHARES WILL ground in administration.Mrs. _
tory. The team's last holdout, Robinson being counted on to YORK-)-The 1966 cmcAOONpJLoyalty has paid off for ex-Harlem Globetrotters Emma Bowen, widow 67r ii.
help the Orioles In their much-sought-after AL pennant this Ernest O. Melby award of the star Inman Jackson player and assistant to the late Abe and grandmother, has been appointed -
alumni Association: of New York r ________
year. Saper stem for many years.WbenSaperstein's will was probated, secretary of the local
University's School of Education It was disclosed he left four per cent of his estate to Jackson.The Community Mental Health;
PLAYER OF YEAR "for distinguished s service will also asked that the Trotters operation, begun Jan. 7, Board responsible for coordinating -
ST. LOUIS-(NPI)>-Rounding out one of his most successful the field ofh m relations," 1927, be continued indefinitely. Improving expandingmental
seasons in the NBA, offensively and defensively Wilt Chamber. has been presented to Dr.Doro- health services.A .
lain of the Philadelphia 76ers finally shook the Bill l Russell thy I. Height, president, .TESTED IN DEBUT :founding member of Free n'1
-ghost and.was voted the NBA player of the year. Nosed out National Council of Negro PALM SPRINGS Calif/- J-.EmmettXshfordthoughless dom National Bank, the new appointee -
several times by defensive genius Russell of the Boston Celtics women *and director, YWCA's colorful than usual, was outstandingly decisive last week In his brings to her new post
Wilt this year had an easy victory In a NBA poll of players. He office of racial integration. debut behind home plate u the first Negro umpire in the Major exceptional capabilities. She ,
also is NBA's perennial scoring champ. The honoree, a NYU graduate, Leagues. Emmett, noted for his colorful arm-waving calls at has done administrative work
currently is serving the Pre first or third base, thumbed down four Angeles and one Cub on for the Bankers? Company The Latest
BECOMES MOTHER sident's Committee on Employ. strikes and prevented a team clash during the Chicago Cubs and and the Federal Reserve Bankof Men's Hair' Styles
CLEVELANDNPIBrenda Ayres, 18, who named Cleve- ment of the Handicapped. California Angels game. New York.A .
land Browns' football star Jim Brown the father of her unborn Dr. Melby, dean-emeritus of teacher for six years in the Are Taught At The
child in a paternity suit recently, I has given birth to an the school presented the award $75,000 PACT public school system,Mrs. Bowen -
eight pound..girl after a difficult delivery. A trial date In 'dating the,' annual Spring VERO BEACH, Flar-NPI-Mau'yWills( ,the elfish captain; of since 1947, has directedthe
the suit,hi which Miss Ayres claimed Jim had intimate relations Conference Schools of Education : the world champion Los Angeles Dodgers, .baseball's Methodist Youth program,of JACKSONVilLE'BARBER
with her in a motel will be set next month by Juvenile Court at the (the Student Center. greatest base thief stole some\A the thunder from Dodgers:) St. Mark's Methodist Church
h Judge Walter Whltlatch. In 1965, Dr. Height was the recipient General Manager Buttle Bavasl and signed an estimated $75, Manhattan and has served as
of the John F. Kennedy 000 contract Instead of a reported "ta e-1t-or-leave-it" pact advisor of the New York NAACP '
AFRICA BOUND award from the National Council formerly offered him, Wills may get up to $10,000 extra.SALARY Youth Council. COLLEGE '
LINCOLN UNIVERSITY Pa. -(NPI)-A sll-memberbastet. of Jewish Women. She also I INC
ball team from Lincoln University will fly to Africa this summerto holds board memberships with BOOST *
participate: in an Operations Crossroads Africa sports the National Committee on Discrimination ORLANDO Flfcr-NPI- The Minneapolis Twins last week
program. in Housing American gave Jim Grant, their World Series hero and 21-game winner in --i...u..-"Sarlaft. ...... 630 DAVIS STREET
National Red Cross,CARE 1956, a big boost In salary for this season. His new pact estimated ::.=:::

I to be about $35,000 is an Increase of some $14,000 over 'lACKSON"HE" FLORIDA

Easter Homecoming Foe last season.

Tallahassee... The A&TCo- NEWS BRIEF
of North Carolina
jllege Aggies
from Greensboro have been us- NATCHEZ Mlss.-(VPI-Chil) Photographed in Kentucky at the Old Taylor Distillery f'.I! '
fmed the 1966 Homecoming op- rights forces sponsored a boycott .
SpecialsAn (penents of the Florida AIM of local schools In protest
'University Rattlers. against the appointment of a
The game will be played hereat white man to the Natches-
2:00: p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5. Adams County School Board instead I

letter Thai of'a Negro. Charles
Ever Watch Evers, NAACP state director
led more than 100 Negroes In a
This Clown march on city hall in protest ': i"
Rights leaders had demandedthe Why did Colonel Taylor ::.
Royal Art Studio appointment of a Negro on
51 85 32 the board. Evers, earlier, was
arrested during a march on Al- make his Bourbon in a castle?
Social. Commerlcal Studio Service 321 10 549 corn College, in protest to thecoUere's
student loan policies.RICHMOND .

515 DAVIS ST. 5 I ........

1 4 Va.NPI)>-Vir.

Closed All Day Tuesday EL- 41194 A ginia's Pupil Placement Board In 1887, Colonel Edmund H. Taylor Jr.,
has been abolished by the ..
1 2 general assembly. The board atone t set out to find a special kind

== 22 11 10 time was used to preserve of water to make Bourbon with: frt
racial segregation, but, in the
j limestone spring water.
face of federal court rulings,
514 14 3iI This water has
desegregation proceeded In a ,, r
Virginia the state's schools,
unique flayor-a tantalizing
Sometimes He's Up Sometimes meanwhile
becoming the most
I He's Down He adds subtracts, desegregated in the South. The taste that it takes on as it
I works it all around He works.
it all around. board in recent years has done bubbles up through lime
little more than to rattfylocalassignment ,..
groundrock. uALOTAYLDR
decisions as
29 60 96 the state's "massive re He found a perfect spr -If,

COMING' ATTRACTIONS. Ih t an c." to desegregation near Frankfort, Kentuck' nd r

?m.o'_is..asstr rumbled a next to that spring, he bu.. his -1

MAN'S Found distillery Built it to last, .in
;,.' the form of a castle made nT

Three Men Arrested w41 M MII/ Y I. of the very limestone t'l

that was to give his water It >c

ORANGEBURG.$. p--I ij its intriguing flavor. i!
'Man's Days art Num Federal agents.pretendlng to bet Does the Colonel's "
bered.' Health and
revolt in Latin
plotting a
Fortune Can Be Yours When America, seized an arsenal of castle make a better Bourbon? Try A ;

You JQjow Your Lucky Days machine CUDS at a farmhouse Old Taylor. .and taste for yourself.Everything's .
near the city and rounded up rrdr
I I I Ali Lucky Colors Etc. : ,
I three men on charges of violating ,
Send $2.00 for
the Federal Firearms Act. /
Horoscope Guide tar
Arrested were Jack S.forger
APRIL 31, Coper; John MlcbuO'Berry.25NorthAucustajand old fashioned ...

; about OldTaylorexceptthe
Fill in the blank below and Charles W.Uavell,38,Sumter. f
mall to ZODIAC, Post Office The cache lncluded23automa- people who drink it! t "

Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. tic weapons and several hand ': _:. : -'ii 6.
grenades. Aent'ofthe U.S.Alcohol KENTUCKY ITftAlCHt BOUDVON KMISmi,..NOOf, Ihf 010 lAVlOH OlSTIUlKt CO',"'MANKFORT $ ,KV.SA"TUIDAT .. '
NAME=-- .-. and Tobacco Tax Division
estimated their value on the
ATE OF BIRTH.-- black market between $10,000and
Mo. Day $12,000.

t l }


--...- .
t" ..

) SATURDAY' lURCH 2&: 1911
\ _______ 'Sf A" PAPERS

_1 I TED HOUSE FOR SALE Celbrated Anniversary 9 YMCA Cruise
at home, Call Royal 8-room home.alr conditioned, '. '
central heat, electric kitchen, -
--- Deed HM
automatic washer. Sale or SetThe
Cola lease. Phone 355-7223 for information .
EE[ RUG SHAMPOO r deadline for making reserrations -
for the JuneZO
'With Rental Of Shampoo Equipment LEO'S r, YWCA Cruise U April 1, 1964.
We Rent Lawn Mowers) F FOR, SALE! ( 1f The croup will leave Jacksonville :
A Garden Tolls, Floor Polis- SHOE REPAIRShoeReparing Several coods used. Rebuilt Monday BornlngJune20th
hers I Sanders, Mechanic A vacuum cleaners $14.95 and up. at 8.00 a.m. by charter d t>us
Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2 arriving la Miami at Pier
Vacuum Cleaner Hoses for all
per day. 3 around 3:30 p.m. to board the
makes $6.50. Cleaner over- new, luxurious "M. V. Nell"
NATIONAL RENTAL Of Any Kind Is hauled $8.95. Free pickup anddelivery : and leave Nassau arriving
service. Sarge's Vacuum -
In Freeport Grand Bahamas in
CENTER Our Only Business Cleaner Service Center' the afternoon. The croup will
7644 Len Turner Road across spend the afternoon and evening
7323 N. Main St. PO 8-8955 934 E. UNION ST from Dalry Queen.! Phone 765-: In Freeport. The "Nell" will
3233. sail Thursday night around mid
night arriving In Miami Friday
moraine June 24th at OOa.m-: ;,

......... CHOCK FULL ol STARS of'66-............... 1 ,1 4 after Inc the having croup breakfast>> will to and the land-the,
}s.L1 Hotel Seville on Miami Beach ;
SAT.ARR. where they will spend the day
2 Saturday June 25 the bus will
return to Jacksonville.
I. COLISEUM For further Information and

,I':" .......... 9:00 P.M. Until? reservations, persons Interested
VTICKETS PLACES ............ I In maklnc the trip may
:: at USUAL ADVANCE s 2 ..00wneaos.aamacrtoNrt contact Mr. Francis Walden at
the YWCA, Eighth Street.Knickers .
\ +sa.a ALLN PERSON .
i N1L -

Back for '66'

___.___ .... __ __ ___ .. Knickers are back on the men'i
W' --- -------- ------ ---- --- ------ fashion tcene-but unlike the baggy
CELEBRATION -- Members of the !lose of Sha- Clverr Corbitt, financial secretary; Mrs. .."plui foun" of the Roaring Twen-,

0 ron Bible who celebrated the organiza- Jeanette Jordan, treasurer; Mrs. Eddie r Mae tie trim*-and the tailored,'66 version with a are new dim"ac,

tion's fourth anniversary at Dowden Meth- :Small{ recording I secretary; members. not tion look" for. today'i modern man.
odist Church are seen here. showninclude: Knickers have a historic pan

Standing from left are Mrs. Mary Trapp, Mrs! Dora Brown, Mrs. Martha Thomas, Mrs. which Empire: date when back a nobleman to the Byzantine had hn

y ireporter; Mrs. Freddie Mae Cotton, Mrs. Mary Scott, Mrs. Willie Mae Jones Mr. tailor design a pair of knicken He
w "nLaverne Ether Madison program chairman ; Mrs. Frank Smith and Mrs. Thelma Chester. liked them to much ,more than
skirts and togas that he issued an
... edict that all men would henceforth
:Our Friends Darnell Cookman' Mrs. Mary,\Nealy B.7 v:.:.......a*.** wear Knicken.

Tea Held Chorus In Concert In Recital At On Your Lot..Or Ours

At St. Paul nell'The Cookman AnnualConcertofDor-Chorus will be Ml': Olive AME. .

Usher Board 2 of St.PaulAME April 7:, 8 p.m. In the Civic The Young Women of Allen of
Church will sponsor its Our Auditorium, featuring cho- Mount Olive AME Church will H. A. (Smoky) Stover
Friends Tea, March 27 In the, rus of one hundred mixed present Mrs. Mary NealyIn- ,...
M basement of the church, beginning voices under the direction of recital, March 27, Inthe auditorium hors e M..a.es.
at 3:30 p.m. Mrs. R. P. Askew. of the church,beginning
The President, McKinley The chorus will render classics at 7: p.m aces t..k..h nr 'h... nun
Chambers and members have spirituals and showtime .Mrs. Nealy, will be accompanied ...: "
8l![ M 'RY M.0.'THE .
f OQKQfOtjS QfMOffi/O. Invited all usher boards and chorals. by Mrs. T. Bernice
B.B. IM6 ORCHESTRA fc friends to attend. Rev. A. C. One of the main features of Hodge,, with Mrs. Eliza Rich I
Chandler Is pastor. the evening will be a play, Perry serving as mistress of
"The Waltz King" based on ceremonies.Mrs. Metli6
the life and music of Johann Gertrude H. Harrison Is
Strauss the waltz king. chairman of the program com-
Kenneth Harvey will be seen mittee, assisted by Mrs. Lillian !
"SUPER-RIGHT" WESTERN BEEF POT as Johann Strauss Sr. and S. Dennis and Mrs. Wattle i
James Klnchen will play the Campbell. Rev. B.J.WWJ.amM. .
CHUCK ROAST ROAST I part of Johann Strauss Jr. .Is pastor. .$5000.ON YOUR LOT EV-8-9000
Mrs. Mamie Taylor is president :
I of the Band Parents Club. |-

LB. 55 Mt. Zion

TRIMMED Women-3 DayAnnual tnuwi nwrocn wanton WHIOT.N t.- i&mm m piimi*tamm,mmmn tamaaFYQU S

Women's Day.will be
observed March 27th?iat Mt.
'SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKED I Zion AME Church, Souihslde. 44.fir. N 7
59 Mrs. Beulab Gulnne.wlll
$ '
SLICED PICNICS serve as chairman.
'Mrs. Dora Jenkins will serve" '
as pastor for the day.Rey.C.E. .

Jenkins Is,pastor, ,

TURKEY NECKS LB. 19 $ A&P Cares. About Ydu i To Sponsor Tel .

Depeodabte Grocery Baysl The Ladles Auxiliary: of Gate-
"SUPER-RIGHT" PORK. ,way Barracks 3131, World WarI
r Veterans, will sponsor a Get
txTRA SPECIAL! VEGETABLE SHORTENING Acquainted Tea March 27 at 3:
'SPARERIBS. 30 p.m., at Joe H. James Center -
Hurst and Grunthai Sts.
f CRISCO LIMIT' 1 I the Mrs speaker.' Etta Lee* Brooks will be J L

A r
LB 3 TO 5lB. Housekeeper. Rm. and board. $
3 79 V OF $5.00CAN .$20 weekly salary. 354-2557,
OR MORE ,9. 49o
water bus
3 bedrooms, hot near
---, EXTRA line; schools. $50 month. '612 .

: BLEACH LIMIT: 1 t tI I IONA YELLOW CLING I I Palmetto. Ph. 354-0554


SLICEDPEACHES 429 W. 18th Street. Modern 2
!I bedroom kit equipped and
S OF e space heater. $70 a month. Ap-
PLASTIC4 9 $5.00 'ply 4061 1643 to see.Main St. or call 355-



4 .1 .01. 99., CONSULTANT: Enjoy America's Largest Selling 6 Year Old

CANS ,Well-groomeo lady over 25 to
(Asst. Manager) train for Figure Fashion advisory Kentucky Bourbon..available ina
$position. Travel locally.

ORANGES SYr EXTRSPE. IAl! r: Car experience necessary.helpful.Some Phone business 768-. complete range of sizes!

JANE PARKER, 73221, 768-4361.: .

lr 'f flB. PEACH
39 .JOBS SALARIES TO $63 fare l\Jdelt
5 BAGa advance rush reference, phone


8.01. SISTER DORA HELPS :age1 iiict 9
HEAD 39' ,
LARGE (Product, EACH all problems of life. M ,

If you are overcome with .. ... .
i ,_ o .nwoaa (J _D_c ...._ ____.., trouble I can help you
eesa'SHOP "- "" --

\ Af 3D.. .. 4511 ST ...... PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY MARCH 27 I It and pray.4J27 St..Auitultlne Rd. I Ia

t tr f .