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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200706datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 12, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007060740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 12, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 12, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

,. .......

1.M.1d. t .r.e Grahf Ends : HoldouOBlieYcd"Siii! ( t I ; nod r For].bijut.p'1'fin'lf

... ? J. ..-.J.w MW J..... t......<-.-.. I i i uw
*.** ** *** *** t
i V


.1_.. ;.....___ .. *
", ** *.* *

t t\ t Library Unirwalty Gainarrin.:w: 32,000 Voters Purged From Books ;

v 2,700 Negroes Signed Incorrectly

'A 14g1 \
i' *
AA. *
li.ilui Ii Fatal Alto .
____________ ___ StHuts Crash


VOL. 15 NO. 52 SATURDAY MARCH 19, 1966 15 CENTS

* *.* >* *
"" '"' *

nos Government WilPGetAbolish svrNGmflfira

,,P rf 1

a AH School Segregation t

-T'-'llT'-nr Tl .. !. I.I..11,111in.." r nunnvn--.roijr-i. ... ._.. l_ -
** *r. .Y y. r
-- -
.was to be groom ..died in crash .was to be best man .. another crash victim .escaped death by miracle I


Jdxons *

CLAY FIGHT To .... [ J: \) &:: 'Wildcat'Spring Minnesota TrainingORLANDO Starts.Twin

** pitcher Jim (Mudcat)Grant flew
Nights, into Orlando from his Shaker

Drastic Action See Mislims Ready To Retaliate' Powell Heights, Ohio home Tuesdayand
I Although Apr signed his 1966 contract with
With National Prodact for closing of President Calvin Griffith, thus
loons To hi Boycott ,books-seems ending his holdout
FarmerIn ; Neither Griffith nor Grant disclosed
School Ills NEW YORK-The word"boycott which white American busl- Robert A. the terms they reached, I
nesscompletely detests is being employed by some 42 national Jaxons to but it was believed Grant signedfor
advertisers to block broadcasting of the Cassius lay-G e o r g e over $35,000 and less than
MIAMI An official of the UJS. tration prom:
Chuvalo fight from Toronto, March 29. FeudBy $38,000. He received $21,000 in
Office of Equal Educational Opportunities until the final
The sponsor boycott of the fight was seen as something that 1965 when he had a 21-7 record In
made it known that U on causing
could lead to massive Muslim and Negro boycotts of certain Minnesota's American League
the federal government Intends more time to
products as many have expressed the view that although they do H. J. MCFALLA pennant drive and won two World
to get tough in wiping\ out Mallard said
segre-v not with anti-draft statements think be has the Series from
agree Clay's they two games the Los Angeles -
Cation and discrimination on the dilemma has engulfed 32,000
to should not ba for them. .
right expression penalized making Dodgers.Grant
nation's public school. prominent Negro leaders concerning yet returned
Dr. TlnsleyL.Spragglns,, The controversial fight! will not hag price, Malltz had an index the proposed literacy the current had s a 1 d duringthewia-
ter he would for
Metro representative of the be broadcast on radio in the pendent radio producer attempt crusade to be financed from also, that sign nothing
less than but
USOEE,,who was a speaker or i, United States because of an at-., to sell the program toadvertisers anti-poverty funds. 2,700 persons $50,000 began in '
the 40th annual conventlonof the<. parent sponsor boycott,Michael!, and line up an Independent Rep. Adam Clayton Powell] ,,:.sign their compromising figure 'j I

National Association of CofegiDsansindReglitrirs Malltt of Main Bout Inc.. said network of stations. (D-New York),chairman,House,' voters did a..' February tut weekend,.CrtntMdBakbe ,c.""".&t
,"The TuesdayMalltxf'laid'the'fighf. Stations major cities including, Education,, and Committee,*'/themselves, : ., : was still seeking $4L500andMonday r
matt to abolish dual school set for;Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta became the center of the situation theft names said he had dropppedvUs 1
systems Inescapable." March 29th in Toronto will not' werelinedupbutnfladver- when he declared it wouldbe them 'j t
demand for $37.:500. '
He added,. "Monty is power be on radio In this country because Users would take it. a mistaketouseantl-povert It is believed Griffith first offered -
and the federal corernmentwlll i t '' no sponsors were willing]I Forty-two advertisers turned funds to establish another group Grant about $28,000 then I '
use this power to pressure to pick up the tab to broadcast it down, Including many who had to wage a war on illiteracy gradually raised his final offer I
school systems, both North and it. The advertisers apparently previously advertised fights including This declaration The to 35000.
South to eliminate the last vestiges > shied away from the fight because ones involving Clay. was County : Grant would only say that he
of segregation." of Clay's anti-draft Many said they did not want to aimed at a pro- from 8:30: was anxious to start getting into
Dr: Spraggins warned that the ,soundoff which has caused such, get involved because of all the posed massive be open at pitching condition after his
government will use its control.. a furor, Mallts reported. controversy surrounding Clay. literacy program .C on March 22 three-week holdout. He said be
over billions of doUarsforedu- Malltz is the executive vice Malltz said he believed the long which continues in good shape because
cation "much more drastically. president of Main Bout Inc, search for a site for the bout, James Farmer ', SA be performed as a singer and
in the months ahead." which: holds all the ancillary also had antdverseeffectonthepromotion. formernational. .lancer with his nightclubactall
And if any school system rights to the fight. director Mallard also .winter.
decides to turn down this federal The pressure put on theatersby Con- \ that the office Grant Is the last Twin player to

money, the Negro official, veteran groups who have White Wife gressoffacialE ... '* following : sign Outfielder Tony Oliva held
.said the Justice Department threatened to picket any theater q u a 11 ty 500pm.; out for two weeks before signing
will step in to enforce compll- showing the fight also apparently would bead.J FIRMER; April 2. ast week for an estimated $30
tact with the 1964 Civil Rights! has been effective. At first hand, Farmer was apparently In addition, 000.
Act. Malltt said all major theater Quits Mate ; under the impression brought to :

Dr. Spraggins said the "free chains have refused to show the that he would receive financial throughout ACUTE'' GRIEVANCE
choice" plan adopted by many fight in their houses although support from the Office of Economic benefit of c I
school systems, allowing stu- Malltz said that many indepen Wants Kids Opportunity with the'sup lowing dates
dents to choose the schools they dent theaters around the nation port of Rep. Powell. listed below.A Marshall."l MINEOLA, L.I. -(NPI)-Aa'

will attend, "looks goodbutsome will televise the fight. LOUISVILLE, Ky.A March However, a legislative move by check investigation of charges that
southerners took* rood: Malltz said he first negotiated 25th bearing to determine the the Congressman threatened to: STAR Negroes are being refused admittance
thing and male an evil thing of with" the American Broadcasting future of five white children, curb Farmer's new group. So most of the Into local volunteer
1&." Company, which has broad- their mother a"1 her aew Negro certain had Farmer been that cards and fire departments has been launched -
"They said to Negro students, ,cast many recent heavyweight husband, was secured in funds would be forthcoming zens. : by Nassau County. "It
You have a choice, but you'd title matches including ones Involving -, Federal District Court here this from R. Sargent Sbriver, head appears that (the charges are)
better make the right one', net, ,, : acute
Clay. But after the week by attorneys the NAACP of the anti-poverty program becoming an grievance
which means you'd better go work declined to meet the ask- Defense and Educational tha the resigned his post with with the Negro community: "
back to the Negro school you Legal CORE. '
were attending-" the official Fund Inc. million Asked t ti
said. Civil Rights wants Mrs. her Francis children Ellers returned Anderson to The for proposal an attack was for against$860 illiteracy r ?
Now,he said,the government Istelling America's minor
All five among i 0. '
her home.
new youngsters
school systems they RoundupWASHINGTON are presently being cared ities. According to reports,, ._r..s..I, ._
must have some Negroesandsome
the Powell and White House ,
whites in all schools, no for in homes provided by
court pending outcome of the officials are opposed to the proposaL U. S.
matter what plan they adopt>
(NPI)- In an bearing eyed for a
achieve Recalled this.on the college administrators effort to steal the Democrats' Mrs. Anderson divorced Powell said the Department of of the mixed .
to help thunder, 18 House Republicans George Ethers in June of 1 1333!) on Health, Education and Welfare which has I
Negro teachers so they prepare will be have proposed anew civil rights grounds that he was "unfit to has been the pioneer In waging three .tat.
qualified to bold Jobs In bill which would bolster enforcement act as father and husband"She war against illiteracy and that weeks
schools. of the civil rights gained custody of the children. Shrlver's agency should work Two ca..
count hand "Dr. laws now on the books.The COP She subsequently married closely with HEW. -Kentucky
"I can on one ,
said "the colleges bill would strengthen federal Mar slmll Anderson a Ne g r o to He opposed the formation of the other
Spragglns in this room that criminal penalties for anyone plinois in January of 1964 and another group In the field to doa State Senate.
'represented depriving someone of his civil moved to a predominantly Negro similar work.He said he would In Maryland ,
government's rights and make It easier topro- neighborhood In Louisville introduce an amendment to the thumbs down \
officials involved anti-poverty bill that would establish on a bill :
establishing institutes to train secute public The following month, Mr. : y 1
white and Negro teachers. in violence against civil rights Filers petitioned the local circuit under HEW e s upe r- VertJa : :14
supporters. It would also give courtforcustody of the vision a nationwide program to have repealed
the Justice Department the authority children on the sole ground that ,reduce illiteracy among adults. interracial
War UnwinnableDETROIT to inltalate civil rights the new husband was a Negro. If be is successful,the amendment feat was
-The Rev. Martin law suits on its own. Kentucky law declaresmarriage would eliminate Farmer's without 4
between a white and new organization. However, \
Luther King Jr. this week described -
the conflict in Viet Nam *,* Negro Illegal and void. the bill did
u "an unwinnable war." Circuit Judge B. Schmld quietly
King, speaklngtoaLentenser- NEW YORKNPI)- Two ordered the children removed Draft Objector slonately, }
vice at a downtown Methodist cab drivers a turned down Negro from their mother and Issued senators,

church, called for admission of passengers the other day.It order saying "rearing Stand Trial described"
Red China to the United Nations was nothing new, but these these children in a racially mixed To honest
and for a negotiated settlement two were sorry they did not pick atmosphere will per se indoctrinate Recently,
with the Viet Cog up the would-be riders. Their them with a psychology CHICAGONPI.On March Supreme
"Htt alternative to disarmament action was observed by William of Inferiority" 22, Donald Weatherall, indicted nimously
and strengthening the UN H. Booth, chairman, City Legal Defense Fund attorney, for refusing to report for induction on marriages
may well beaclvillzation Commission on Human Rights, James A. Crumlln,questioned a into the armed services, and whites )
plunged Into the abyss,"be said. who had gone out to catch a cab letter sent in January of 1969! by is to appear before U. S. District held a one
King called on all churches to and Instead caught the cab drivers Judge Schmld, which stated: : Judge Joseph Sam Perryto given
t taU leadership in guiding man discriminating. Booth, a "Since the divorce,the mother have his trial date set. 32, white
kind to the "the dawn"of peace. Negro, said he would press has married of her race and the Weatherall was indicted for and his -
The' war in Viet Nam is an un- action against thedrlvers, court feels the best interests of refusing to report for induction part Indian FxE %
winnable war until we come to, either through the Hack License the children require that they be last June 1.He objected to"par- Set to CM man who observers
......that the only alternative to Bureau, whichcansuspend reared In a home other than the ticipating In a situation and Involving 25 are Mrs. products In retaliation
violence Is nonviolence," he licenses after a hearing, or one maintained by the mother violence, killing derson March 29 la Toronto, Ca
said. through the commission and her new husband" death. husband, .

c d

1. I


( 2 STII rmi SATURDAY _HMM_ 18.1 13S6f

/ idj UMn,Company ..wnrortrC'D


Few human diseases are so aptly named as cancer: is. Yet few
NEGRO P 01ONAL: of us know why. Cancer is a Latin word meaning a crab. WhatIs
i there as Innocuous as that flat-bodled, bloodless creature,
.vilklnf sideways on stiff 'lees', hampered by limited vision,

ERIC E! SIMPSON.Miniiu Eiitir little Wna tactile pow.r.andU'lnc.moocrocu..ater.pebbl..,

rs'tP "for the ancients however,the crab was a symbol of silent malignancy -

HILDA, .10DTEII..Clrcll'aU.i Manger. ;. U' of evil growth of mystery and of the dead, cold
7; ,4' remoteness of the mansion of the moon.Such,really is cancer

.. so far in human history.It .
strikes silently, legally,at the heart,at the members with-
2323 'Mmrii, lid Pint Elli 4-8712 cut distinction. Cancer as one man has said, knows no bound
arles. And it comes without warning.
Miiliil Address When, therefore! we speak of the slums atthe heart of our cities
as cancers to be cut out bysurgery '

1: 0. Bu 539 lacksiiTilli, Fliriii 32201% this,nature we do well of cancer.to remember For-, ." .

MIAMI OFFICE as tells our us past, we history are aU-incessantly Inclned to _______

be courageous surgeons In our ________
377-1025 desperation. All toco often we
731 Kff M Au. PfciM a. refuse to act likewise for- "

.. warned diagnosticians. Yet, it
SUBSCRIPTION RATES .65WATTS is better to prevent by diagnosis -

On* Tear 18.00 Half year $4.00 I5 what one is driven to exercise -
later by surgery.Our .
wailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States American city slums are
Subscription payable in advanceS p ;
cases in point. What we forget
nd Check or Money order to: ( is this: they are cancers at the

I heart of a living growing thing
-the And now we contemplate -
.ttcksgAy.1A13LJiQ.ridaWant \ _
C RIOTING them as surgeons, for we

t.- oiled todiagnose their long-de
veloping) malady. Yet, at this very moment,another variation: of
To Become A Norse RtioW4, the same cancer is attacking subtly the outer members of the

Does a young person in your family want city.This is a disease peculiar to our age.Our big city is no longer
to become a nurse? Today's Health which 'a mere city. Nor can we accurately speak of it as a metropolis.

is published by the American Medical Association Growing imperceptibly and spreading steadily across the face of

advises that there are four America is a new, living condition**revolutionary today as the

approaches to entering the nursing pro- first city was 8,000 years ago. This is megalopolis. .
By 137, three out of every tour Americans will be living
fession. These are: A four-year collegeor in sprawling urban complexes. Planners predict on the.basis.

university program leading to a bac- of accurate figures that by that time there will be three such

calaureate degree; a three-yean; diplomaor Your Weekly large urban areas: an eastern megalopolis stretchingxrom Boston -

hospital program leading to a diploma; to Norfolk and taking in New York, Philadelphia and Washington

a two-year community or junior college a mid-continent megalopolis embracing the land between
Milwaukee and Cleveland,and a western megalopolis comprising
program leading to an associate in arts the Californian costal ueasaodtheir hinterlands from San Diego

degree; a 12-18-month program for prac- *t:* toSan Francisco.The New York area alone will reach 21 mil

tical nursing. Horoscope Guide lion by 1989, SO million by the year 2010.
************** *****::::***** As the megalopolis develops the traditional suburb is also undergoing -

ttttt a change character.Tbewell-knownandall too horrendously -
visible city slum is now attacking the ever-sprawling
Taxation And InflationHenry suburbs. But this new growth has different causes, produces a
ly PAILO, The ASTROLOGER different appearance, and makes the diagnosis the more dif
Hazlitt writes in Newsweek: The ficult.

new budget is undoubtedly inflationary.But Many such communities originally grew up around industrialcenters

it would be inexcusable to increase WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR outside the boundaries of the Immediate city.
But the changed tempo of industry has demanded a need for new
the already excessive and growthstuntingburden skills created unemployment among the original suburban in
of.taxation on the American peopleon BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL habitants left school drop-outs without recourse. Augmenting

the plea,that this is necessary to this are migrants who come to these out-ef-the immediate city
combat the Inflation.' The way to prevent -------- areas in search of lower costs or to escape the Infamous big

further inflation is to start slashing city: ghetto.
ARIES required. AQUARIUS, Suburban tenement complexes threaten tobecomeweU-plamed
billions of fat out of 1967's projected 290771896297'CANCER barren aimless Isolated by
Born March Bom Jan. wildernesses socially spiritually ,
nonde tense spending. billion. LIBRA
economic stagnation and swept bYDlWwlndaolp arty uchS1s-
-- ---' .. .. 21tt-April.)9tk ..t .* w' '* Bom': Sept. .-I" "'L '" ;2Oth-Feb. 18th w content. .: ,* ,*III>!, *i 01 "ult t'..* *rt "5u*
...... In our modern America, an American's rights are not satisfied -
23rdOct. As long as you can maintain
Even U there usually is m or e Born Juno 23rc| stable by putting up better housing. For he cannot.withstand the
position on a basis you
time for social doings weekends 22nd-Jury 22nd The Idea of marriage l could need not be rushed into anything pressures of spiralling prices and obsolete work-skills due to J
you should arrange things Industry's surburban anthill,!cannot avoid a feeling of social'alienation
that has not measured to
rather yet
seem to up
let's. Doff Our Nits. To A ContestThe to advance the dates to the 17th, Even if the goal of your choice of you who have appealing remained some your desires or requirements. and disorientation in the long impersonal canyons of '
18th. There are many indications appears mighty high to many of till While then The lunar phase being initiated new skyscraper streets beside the faceless walls of huge dwel;
up now.
that duty or a physical you It should not be deemed unattainable Is nothing particularly againstthe reveals that you may shortly ling-bouses one tiny window of which belongs to hfaCIt
current Hiss Tampa" Beauty contest letdown may compel you to reserve The time to set your prospect in the stellar make some Important trips receive would be a terrible irony if, when President Johnson's Demonstration -
will have a Negro among the ten finalists.She the leisure days for more sights on It and to plan on the it may be desirable to pattern put Interestlngcommu- Cities are established at a cost of five to six billion

Is Cheryl daughter of Richard Pride restful pastimes. The chancesare surest means or appoach is oil definite decisions regarding nicatlons and have a better Inducement dollars, and over 1,000,000 slum dwellers are providedwith
of that your tasks aresome- now here. Yor should not allowit for de- fresh dwellings the same cancerus discovered in an advanced ;
principal Blake School and she will dates and other pertinent details arriving
in the finals scheduled for what onerous and that you maybe to slip by without taking some until next month. It is quite possible cisions. Next of kin neighbors! virulent stage in the suburbs.
appear March having more than your share sort of definite decision regarding that heart In will also provide something for And this is the crux of the matter. Just as the real affliction:
26 at Curtis Hizon Hall in Tampa. of trouble getting them done to the means at your disposalto with your your intuition conJunction will Inform you to think about with good results of the Negro is not merely the'tdenial of his voting rights, of
Citizens regard this achievement as a your and everyone else's satis make greater effort,not now, you unmistakable terms for yourself particular. his access to education and to equal employment possibilities,
sign of interracial progress since a faction. But you should extract but next month. This is one valid when the moment is ripe. As Those who are practically: but his relegation to a social ghetto which puke possible the
Negro girl will go to the finals. Cheryl comfort from the Invigoratingrays argument why serious preparations long as doubts linger refrain starting out in the world or In denial of his rights,so it is in the case of me surburban cancer.It .
that instilling more energy backed by your 1 ingenuity from new social circles would has been said before. Let us remind ourselves of It again:'
Is a student' at Bethune Cookman college and impelling you to get and experience, shouldbe mitments.making Do any not permit binding com. enhance their chances of drawing .what.the Negro is struggling for in the civil rights movement
and now she has achieved what would have going. You will also notice a undertaken without further to get enmeshed in a yourself com attention and praise by making ultimately the rights of all Americans. The Negro struggle has

been a .i p ssibility a few years ago. change of heart. delay orprocrostination.: Thereis promising situation in the the most of their appear- only highlighted a : injustice J which, U left unchanged,

Beauty is no respector no reason why you cannot rely meanwhile for this could very ances. would finally affect all America.
persons and : on understanding and sympathetic well lead to eventual frustra 620 991743629CAPRICORN Every day which pus8.1s one more day's growth tor the cancer
it Is found in abundance among all races TAURUS friends to offer their servlc.s. tion. of the suburban slum as for the cancer of uncancelletf

It is also dependent upon the evaluation denials of Negro rights. Our astronauts hurtle deeper and deep
of the beholder. Born April2Oth 1-100-11-16-57-141 er into the outer darkness of space;we as a nation are hurrying

Only an insensitive person cannot -May 20thIt Born POC22nd into deeper social crises rooted In these ills.
beauty. appreciate IEOBorn Bom Oct. Jan. 19th Action,diagnostic action and not the surgical knife is neededin
is possible that you may have time, so that America u a whole ceases to be like'a golden
to slow down somewhat due to Juty 24th Nov. 22nd Circumstances seem to be in whale wallowing uneasily in the shallows of unfulfilled reforms,

the tact that everyone else 22nd There always are new of command of things and it appears to use one writer's expression.We .
This Week II Negro History around yon is doing the same 23rd-Aug. doing things which may ways or may wiser not to try and alter have the wealth, the will, and, I firmly believe that most
thing. It is necessary for big the them to suit your taste.Not only Indispensable of all gifts, the wisdom to foresee and to preventthe
not be am improvement on
organisations as well. for individuals The more you think of It, the old. But If one wants to keep up are you not likely to be able to birth of more vicious social diseases, or the extension of
more appealing the idea of travel bear any weight but they ones already afflicting us. '
to start taking a new
with the rest it is not generallythe
March 13, 1865Orders were given to enlist for personal or educational probably know better than you
look at
previouslychartedcourses best policy to ap.1nsttJle H......
Negroes in the confederate Army. to determine whether reasons may become. Family trends. The new lunar go period what is good for you. There,. ,
General Lee surrendered before these it is desirable to change their and financial conditions will no,, that is being initiated indicates indications that an old phase Is
doubt play an Important part In reaching term I sat 10 nand Top JobsThere
troops saw action. directions or not. It wouldn'tbe that you may havetoplay closer
to arrive at
impelling you con- that you have to prepare to enter -
March 14 1794Eli Whitney received human not to have made clusive decisions. And to add to attention to what is going on in
new one very shortly Much
many mistakes in the past. But fieldandinwhat are numerous big-
f patent for the cotton gin. Invention was the probabilities In this direction : your particular of it will be domestic and residential paying Jobs going
value when
have only we
they there is a new lunar phase manner this U apt to affect you. In character and some unfilled because there are not enough neo-
said to be based on an idea and plans ofa have learned to benefit from
to old methods when
that distant and Hang pie with the needed
indicating higher -' of the responsibility have talent experience and
Negro slave. them as we grow older. Your work for but do not be
they you
-mind interests are now receiving to be shared by associates: or motivation to fill them.
chance to do Just that is being
March 14, 1910Henry Lincoln Johnson was the planetary spotlight. hesitant about overthrowing numbers of the family. The
presented by the advent of theNew them M soon as they become ; Recruiting burerus.for large corporations,
confirmed for the office of Recorder of Associates who are willing to Caprlcornlans who make the
Deeds upon the resignation of John c. Moon that alsoemphaslzes accept your point of view can outdated and ineffectl ve. It also home the center of their gainful find more openings for a vice president,
the inner with all his or
that this
person to remember
contrubute immensely to your endeavors should discover a comptroller or some other official fna
Lancy. her strength and weaknesses.Try ', is the time.of when one
enterprises. Those who refuseto year that this Is more than profitable. there are qualified
people to for
:,!arch 15, 1843Rev.. Richard Henry Boyd for improvement. do so may have to pushed aside .must guard against' colds. them. apply

father of. Henry Allen Boyd was horn in 3 -X.33:15.54.343EMIP11 so that you may enabled 9 jp 55 -.14 -75. 925 3-50-11-17-89-351 .\ certain
: said
company that it would hire
Noxubee County, Mississippi. He was foun- to move upward. PISCES
:SAGITTARIUS'Bom 200 persons in executive
Jobs all paying
er of the National Baptist Publishing ; 4 .60 44 .-52-454 ; Born Fob.
Nov ". $25.000 and more, if the qualified personnel
Board. Bom May, 19th-Mar. 20th
23rd-Bee. were available.And
may we add that Ne-
March 15 1899Eight Negroes were mas- VIRGO
sacred in palmetto Georgia. 21 st-June 21st Bom Aug., Anything that has to do with You can be tauiy certain that\ groes could fill soTie! of these Jobs 1 ton 13

Taxas abolished slave your creative endeavors, the neither your allies nor compe- they were qualified and had the experience.
March 17 183
Although it is considered necessary 23rd Sept 22nd pursuit of culture pleasurable titors are likely: to stand still Negroes should find new areas in which to
trade. to rush these days in activities or the interests of while you are trying to run the get training. For
March 17, 1917-- Nat 'King Cole singer- order to get to the top first, The advent of the New Moon your dearest ones will be highlighted show your own way. Yon win executive positions why
entertainer wan t born in Montgomery Ala. this is not necessarily: true In again demonstrates the value by the opening of the have to be exceptionally subtle not take graduate training in public ad -

began musical career while still a high every Instance.: The quicker of maintaining a workable budget Dew lunar phase. Consequently and tight-lipped to put anythlnf ministration industrial management vocational

school student in Chicago. lie died Feb. one runs, the easier it can be investing wisely saving your actions previous to this over on anybody. Even If then supervision and so on. Don't
to get tripped up aoo the way. regulary and having sufficient date must be taken with these Is an apparent sign of success, over run the market with
15, 1985. at age of 47* in. a LOS Anzeles There Is such a thing as acquiring insurance coverage where it Is factors in tl... Ambition and certain later developments Just teachers.

hospital, of cancer. knowledge and experienceand most needed. Also keep your tax alliances are matters that also be detrimental to yourself as
March 18, 1898-- Blanche K. Bruce U. S. this all takes time and considerable records straight to void the hold your attention; They can well as to your pocketbook Anew ...........
senator from Mississippi ((1875-31) effort. Hope rather pitfalls of unlimited imdebted. not easily be set aside Just to lunar phase indicates that
Negro than speed will work in your n.... Very constructive movesin satisfy frivolous whims, yours your ..s.1oDIandcu1lbold-
died in Washington D. C. favor since this (be one strongest this respect& maybe undertaken or anyone else's. Besides decisions ings are receiving the brunt of
March 10, 1785" Tom Molineaux a slave incentive to plod determinedly with the help of reliable now made regarding planetary attention, shortly \ Uncle Sam has a couple of
and one of America's earliest pugilists toward a single chosen experts, should their help be re- these departments of your life after the 21st. Some of it maybeto plane to make your money a.

was born in Richmond, Va. objective. Your slclal life also quired. It is very Important to may not bold water for long the good but you will have to easy to Nye as it Is to tpend.
promise to take on a more brilliant .' obtain the ungrudging support They should be put off until do your share by permitting There't the Payroll Savings
color with the fronds you of the one who Is sharing your April when there no longer are the outgo to exceed your income. Plan where" work. And theBond
Help Fight Ciicer make on the way quite willing to your life and hopes for the future. any doubts about what- you want. Edge up on your goals. .Month you PUn where

I give your aspirations any boost a- 70'. 22 13 -98 572'$ 972Cr bank.II you'

i A .

-- -

---- -

I i \


L- 'Women's Talk FAMU PlaymakersTo ROTC Presents Bouquet, St.. Patrick'sTea

'., Be PresentedAt At Mt. OliveUsher
Dy DONALD MOSBY I Weddings'I-'I''ICharUe i

I'd Just come home torn work when Mom came Into the front 'New Stanton Board 2 of Mt. Olive
In her
room from the kitchen, the fire Mating eyes.
AME Church will
tike; I've been livingwlth colored women too long to go around Principal Charles D. Brooks, sponsor
Post St. Patrick's Tea
looking tor trouble. Besides, knowing Mom, it would get to me faculty and administrative staff March 27, in the lower Day auditorium James McNeil, 2412 son Kd., 21 and Nancy Louise
without any effort on my part. of New Stanton High School will of the church beginning at Westmont St., 23 and Barbara Davis, 6645 Kinlock Dr., 21.
Just as I sat down, it came winging on In like a homing pigeon present the FAMU Playmakers o'clock. Borders, 71 Magnolia St., 21. I
"Why don't them white folks leave that boy alone'z"What Louis 9764 New '
Guild April 18 in the Civic Audi Hostesses for this affair will Lang,
boy?" I asked, knowing that not to ask would be like torium. be Mrs Merceda Chandler, Lenwood Benjamin Simmons, Berlin Rd.; 28 and Andria
committing sidewise. Ossle Gainesville Fla 20 and Rebecca Daniels, 1137 Spear
The Guild will render Miss Mary Taylor Mrs. Eloise .
"The boxln' boy, Clay." Davis' "Purlle Victorious." Robinson, Mrs Jessie Johnson tharlette; Juana Washington, ing St., 18.
"You mean AlI?" Members of the committees for 5870 Scott St., 20.
Elizabeth Richardson.
and Miss
"Don't get smart.You know what mean.They better leave him
the production are: Steering t ,.
The board has been divided into
alone.;' chairman Willie Baldwin 1731' Lee Jackson Jr., 14'76 Grothe
Jr. W.
Mrs. M. J. Hampton, ; five with the ,
"Why do you say that?! Mrs. Christine Robinson, I. E. groups presidentand 11th St., 31 and Jewel Lee St., 39 and Victory Henry
"Well], they say they don't want us colored folks to be Black Bryan, Mrs. I. J.Sanders,R.F. vice president representing table. The Linder 4909 Ave B, 26. 147C' Grothe St., 29.
but klckln' that boy 'cause he's one
Muslims, they keep
Roberts, Mrs. V.O.Ingram, ,
"Mom, you know them white folks:don't like what 01' Elijah's Mrs. A. H. Wilson John J. person with the largest donation Arthur Rudolph Kindle, 815
wW be crowned "Miss St. Patrick" -
saying" Mrs.L. 7r Walter Givens Lee 6731' Franklin St., 20 and ShirleyAnn
M ,
Coleman, Mrs. B.King
"The only reason he can keep saying Is 'cause they keep H. Williams, Mrs.G.B.Sny- by the pastor, Rev B.J, Rhode Island Dr. W., 18 and Geathers,1364 Evergreen

giving him something to say" der, Mrs. Audrey Fisher, Mrs.L Williams Emma Jean Brown, 6761' A/e., 19.Samuel .
"Well, good lotJn'/' ((1 call her good lot In''cause even If she's T.Robinson,Mrs.Sarah Fol- Rhode Island Dr. W, .
my ma,she's darn good looktn'.), "what do you think them white son, Miss L. E. Solomon, Prin- M usical. Program McCasklll, 1216 W,
folks should do?' cipal Brooks, Assistant Principal 4th St., 19 and DeloresGreen,
"Just leave that boy and Elijah alone." E. L. J. Banks. Presented SundayThe Dawson Harrington, 1225 W. 6313 ResUawn Dr., 17.
"If they don't, then what?!" Tickets and Finance, Mrs. C. 1 Beaver St., 79 and Tina
"Then they're gonna wind up with more Muslims than they'd Robinson, chairman;T.Cromp- Singing Wonders will be Wright, 1164 W. Beaver St. Charlie Vann Andrews, 1410N.
have had otherwise." co-chairman; Mrs .R.C. presented in a Musical Myrtle Ave.,20 and Annette
"What makes you say that, beautiful?" Solomon, Mrs, G. C. Bowen, l Program, along with Mrs. A. Jordan Hightower, 418 West Delores Hickson,2602 Bunche
"Even if they don't like being called it,them Black Muslims is Miss R. M. Broome, Miss D.Z. r Bailey Sunday at 7:30: p.m. at B n verSt., 65 and Adell N. Myrtle Ave, ZOo
_____ ._ ___ __ _
colored folks Just like the rest of us." She paused and then con Pearson, Mrs. M. C. Thomas; n the Apostolic Shiloh Holiness Avenla Dunbar, 418 W.BeaverSt.
tinued. "And one of these days colored folks are gonna get tired Posters and Display I. 'Bryan, FAI1LI '(OTC CVTT3' KlTin PUNT Kl.,3Cadet ( I -- Church. ., 53.Sylvester. 1 1I
fif seeing them Muslims gettln kicked around and go over to chairman; Mrs. M. Hampton; Col. nOM I d M. Joe, Haytona }each The program will be sponsoredby
their side"What's/' Mrs. R. Roberson and Mrs. 645 r
Seating, Mrs. L. H. Williams, I kiss from Watts JessieSt. Royal Crown
this got to do with Clay?!" chairman, Mrs. S. A. Barley, accepts Mrs. >anuel I F. V\mpson, J.. Bailey Elder Hattie ., 22 and Ruthenla L.
'r "Ever since that boy said he'd bee converted by Malcolm X co-chairman; Mrs. S. D.Sim- wife of Lt. Col. Sampson professor of Williams is pastor. The churchis Peoples, 1210 Harrison St., I '
to the Muslims, them white folks been giving him what for." mons, Mrs. R. B. Timberlake, military science at Florida *iM University located at 2102 Thomas Court. 20. Cola
"White folks don't like what he's doing" Mrs M. L. Butler; Properties, after he presented her with a
"White folks ofthlnp1 doo't like, but 1 don't go around F. X. Llttlejohn, C. J. Round- beautiful bouquet of flowers during the Jos. Lee Selby, 6810 Richard
spitting at 'em and calling 'em names." tree, Mrs. E. G. Higdon, Miss annual TQTC 3al I.
"You ain't white." E.L. Wiggins Out-of-town Pro-
"There smart ; motions Mrs.; M'.B.King: chair- --F>>iU, staff photo by ;rnest: Fillyau.delivery .
you go getting again.still haven't.forgotten.how ,
Free !
Free Free !
to give you the back of my hand." man; C. V. Bostick, Ralph
"Mom, what I mean is,bow do you expect white folks to act like Greene, Mrs. K. H. Blanchard. .
you, when white folks ain't never lea rnedto leave folks alone School Promotions, Mrs. A.
that wasn't doing what white folks want 'em to? You got to be Fisher, chairman; Vincent :
colored to learn bow to do that." Stubbs Miss L. Jones; Club
"Sometimes I think all that money your Papa and me spent and Fraternal Promotions, HOMEMAKERS SERVICE SHOW
sending you to college was a waste of time" She stared at me Mrs. S. P. Butler, chairman; fO
and the fire In her eyes began to rise again. "You get to running Mrs. T. H. Jones, Miss L.Norman S
your mouth and you sound right stupid." Mrs. H.Bailey.Mrs.N.T.
"What I'm saying,pretty,is white folks are use to telling black Russel; Matinee.Mlss L.E. Duval County Armory
folks what to do, and when a black man don't do like they say, Solomon, chairman; R. R. Mr. and Mrs.Andrew Singleton, 68 W. 26th Street, girl.
white folks' blood starts boiling." Robinson, E. Joyner, Mrs. I.A. 1519 W.,30th Street t, girl.
"White folks better learn the best way to get black folks to for- Kelly Mrs. T. S. Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Mingo Cobb, 745 Thursday Friday Saturday
get something is to forget about it themselves. They Meals Mrs. G.B.Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hargrove, Everson Street, Apt. 6, boy. ,
made Elijah important and then the Negroes started listenin' to chairman; W.P.Williams,W.H. 1221 E. 23rd Street, girl.

him'"You've" got a point, I've got to admit." White.Hospitality, Mrs S.F.Folson, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H.. Ladies Auxiliary March 24th, 25th, 26th,

"A whole lot of black folks are becoming Clay fans who wasn't chairman; Mrs. L.F.Etheridge, Pearson, 2329 West Mount Of Veterans Uni t
before Just because those white folks keep pushing that boy Mrs. A. L. Jenkins, I.M.Gray- Street girl.

around."You think" they should forget about Clay's religious beliefs? son,; chairman Production; Mrs, Mrs A.I.M.Sanders Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wright, To Sponsor TeaThe Prices Bigger And Bett'r Than Ever

"That college where you spent so much time taught you about Mrs. A. G. McIntosh, J. H. 5851 Harris Street, boy. .
how Clay's got the right to believe, or not to believe in, any Steeley. Ladies Auxiliary of Gateway
God he wants to." Reception, Mrs A. H. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Love, 1344W. Barracks 3131, World War Doors Open 6 p. m.
"Yeah, It did say something like that. Ifs part of the first 10amendm.nta Mrs. M. B. Mitchell],chairman; 16th Street, girl. 1 Veterans, will sponsor a GeAcquainted t
*! Bill of Tea March 27 at 3:
Rights Mrs. V. C. Wiles, Mrs. H. R.
"Then Clay's Just exercising his Constitutional rights. Scott, Publicity, R. F. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Woods, 30 p.m., at Joe H. James Canter
"Them white folks still don't like it." E. L. J. Banks, Mrs. 1. .Wor- 5680 Verbena Road, boy. Hurst and Grunthal Sts, !
"The point is, my favorite son," she smiled winningly, "iti ren; Souvenir Program, John J. Mrs: Etta Lee Brookt will tx Free! Free Free!
i tint nope of t business.: He don't have to going to the Army, ColprnadMarie;' Streets, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pullins Jr., the speaker. Others appearin 8 ; j
u'Ji iU JU> UK.SU tldllt'lbl.anh
.hbc >
and he don't have to be quiet about it. .,. ...,. tfM$ti are: Mrs. Lucinda Jackson, t > ,I Ia
.. > W.;'ft. Rlotfj ; :. Young, 1045 W, Z5t.Street,;Apt. L,boy.
Mrs Dorothy Wright Mrs.Co
hn Mrs. G. Pr.ssley.Flowers .
: Mrs. V. Ingram, Mr. and Mrs Sinclair Wilcox, rifle Waters, Mrs. K.Oree.,
Mrs Pearl George; Mrs. Margaret
Mrs. Y. A. Reed; Music, Mrs 6117 Strawflower Place, boy.
Consultation L. T. Robinson P rid r en, Miss Minni
Mr. and Mrs Johnnie Media- Baldwin l I and Mrs. Elnora rumour xamm mum*WHUKY M moor. (fxncimr Bisrainn coMpmnr,nuami, amen i ir '

CONSULT DR. SMITH FREEExamination Smallest Town ton, 1631 W, 20th Street, boy. Hemby. I

On Exhibit'In Mr. and Mrs Silas E. Jones, Darnell Cookman

YOU will Be Told in plain words what The Troubleis 7379 Dostie Drive, boy.

what is causing it And what May Be Done To Jax Chorus In ConcertThe
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hlggln--
Correct it, If YOU suffer With: French Canadian, M. Armand,. bottom, 4014 Spires Street,girl. Annu a 1 Concert of Dar-

ARTHRITIS HEADACHES THROAT DISORDERS LaFreniefe, a paralytic"lova- nell Cookman Chorus will be
lid has built the world's smallest Mr. and Mrs Henry Butler,14- April 7, 8 p.m. in the Civic
ASTHMA village and made it run. 29 Franklin Street, boy. Auditorium, featuring the chorus -
COLDS HEART DISEASE NERVOUS DISEASES Completely mechanisedeven of one hundred mixed
INFLUENZA STOMACH DISORDER PELVIS DISEASES the moving machinery Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Green,20- voices under the direction of
RHEUMATISM BLOOD & SKIN PROSTATE TROUBLE hand made. Housed In an old decorated 80 Run Street, girl. Mrs. R. P. Askew.
NEURITIS 'DISEASES INTESTINAL DISORDERS school bus this The chorus will render classics -
mechanical masterpiece is on Mr. and Mrs. Willie Pearson, spirituals and showtime
SCIATICA.. KIDNEY ABLADDER CHRONIC DISEASES tour appearing in shopping 1 1653 Hiram Street, girl. chorals.
LUMBAGO LIVER & GALL. BLADDER DISORDERS ters throughout North America.The One of the main features of
MEN AND WOMENI display took three years, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clark, l9- the evening will be a play,
4 months and 10 days to com "The Waltz King" based on
treat conditions commonly considered surgical plete the tiny, hand carved figures Our, Friends the life and music of Johann
all In motion at their Strauss the waltz king.
without the use of a knife Modern methods of
respective chores are truly a Tea Held Kenneth Harvey will be seen
diagnosis and treatment. FRE -EXA /INAION BY masterpiece of.mechanical ge- as Johann Strauss Sr. and ,
APPOINTMENT ONLY-96 years successful practice nius. The exhibit is realistic, At St. Paul James Kinchen will play the
In Jacksonville. HOURS -930 A. M. to 10:30P.'M.1>>: t rustic and refreshing depicting part of Johann Strauss Jr.
PHONE< EL 4-1187 the splendor of early Americanlife. Usher Board of St. PaulAME Mrs. Mamie Taylor Ispresi- iZ1FYQUCAN
Mr. and Mrs. Hernat Des- Church will sponsor Its Our dent of the Band Parents Club.

DR. REX SMITH during harnais will their live stay aboard Philips the bus basement Friends Tea of,the March church 27 begin In the tir FIND i

'900 West State street (upstairs) Highway Plaza on U.S. #1 where ning at 3:30: p.m. WIG
the exhibit will be open to the
The President, McKinley
Office formerly occupied by Dr. Lyncker-Opposlte public Chambers and members have SALE!
Itl tz. Contributions are shared with invited all usher boards and
the Crippled Folks Society of friends to attend. Rev. A. C.
Canada. Chandler is pastor. BUY DIRECT & SAVE!

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w :
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Quality to sell for Human$100.00 Hair up Extra Deluxe Enjoy America's Largest Selling 6 Year Old

Thlck-Long-Lustrous Will notMat
8000110 tti ( or Fade Kentucky Bourbon..available ina
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S complete range of sizes!
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foundation for comfort and fit.
'k Holds all settings beautifully
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A DED remit full price and we will ship

Beef at its Best SUSY, WIGS. bet::30715013ft '

Ave, New York, N.Y.:

, -4 ) ,


j .
-" --

r f" I


Progressive Baptists Open ,JOXOB. halved Certificate, 11 Tike It. .

State Convention In Jax n ,3 'Or Leave jiB J

The Progressive Baptist State Convent ion of Florida,will open
IU 52nd Annual Session at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, with the '
Rev D. Graham\ as host minister,Tuesday evening March 22 / Rev. Charles C. King
featuring the choirs of the church In a welcome program
A. y
The Convention will opened the Morris College, Sumter.
(Read St. John IS: 1-U
by the Rev. James Carl Sams, He will also deliver the sermon ,
the General; President,Wednesday for the"President's Night", at t .
at 9:SO A.W. This will be a Mt. Ararat Baptist Church,Fri a t ti.
joint one day night.at '7:30 o'clock.
Rev W. H. Calhoun of Tampa, The auxiliary presidents will )! (Read St. Luke 19:28-35.: St. Mat. t:42:
will deliverthesermons. deliver their Annual Address .. : What do you Borrow what do you 1 l nd7
Beginning in the afternoon the Friday morning .,.' i. When? Why? From whom? to whom? What do you

auxiliaries sessions will conduct their I for The the Auxiliaries"General; will President's assemble '.J t tp ; tWo? Where did you get it? who? How do you

The Senior Women,of which Annual Address Hour" In the ? _____ know it's yours? Where did those you got
Mrs H. B. Mlller.president afternoon at 2 o'clock. ." it from obtain it? How long will you po-
mill hold their Individual The Children Youth Departments ; sess what you have? What will happen to'
at the Second B ap t U let
meeting will present their
I it when you are dead and gone? Are you
Church, the "Junior Women"of Annual Programs at the Parent >
which Mrs Rose S. Lee of Avon body, Saturday at noon. The two sure?
Park, Is the president,will meetat presidents Miss Nancy jesus Christ owned nothing while on Farth
the St. Matthews Baptist Lawrence of Jacksonville, and he said SQ "THE FATHER has delivered all
Church; the "Ushers Union" ,Miss Nora Davis of Orlando will \ .,' things "intomy hand. "
sessions will be held at the St. be heard In their Annual 'I .
Thomas Baptist Church, Mrs Address. \ "Foxes have holes, birds have nests, but

Idella Williams of Tampa, Beginning Wednesday night, the Son of Man has no* where to lay his
serves as the leader. the State Mission Board under !head He said this to a man one day who
The Children's Convention will the'leadership of toeHev.E. CHARM. I CLINIC CLIMAX---Gmlllng and pleased niaxed a five-day series of charm and per- told him "misterI will go with you where
meet In the Education Building Armster of Clearwater, will with her performance, Cherie Blackman sonal development clinics held on the FAMJ "
,ever you go. jesus instituted the
fthe> host church Andthe present an after service affair.A right a Florida A&M University freshmanfrom campus for students registered In Project first
Brotherhood (Layman) Unions selected preacher with their Upward Hound Cherie, one of the project holy communion with his disciples in a
Jacksonvl lie accepts the certificate
will meet at Friendly Baptist ,choirs will appear each night participants who were involved in the room he borrowed in a house he had no deedor
'1 Church Dr. Sams, will preach his presented to her by Mrs. Everee Clarke, title to. He rode into Jerusalem
The groups will attend the Edu- annual I sermon at Mt.Ararat Newark, flew Jersey, school of charm and clinic sessions, Is the daughter of Mrs. Palm Sunday on an ass (a young colt that on
cation Rally, Thursday evening Baptist Church, Sunday dance consultant. The presentation cll- Rosa Meal I Jacksonville.
the had used himself
They will alsoparUc ipate In morning Other out-of-town never ) that
"The Commission and Social I guest ministers will be heard at jesus did not purchase but only untied and
Justice Hour" at 2P.M.Thurs- the other co-hosts churches.The Mrs. Mary NealyIn Along 'The Church Path Grace Baptist used. jesus died with tut a will because
day afternoon at which time the meetiag will close Sunday Ihad no tangible property but the clothes
Rev. OTJell Reuben of Sumter, afternoon with the Mission Hour Recital At BY ALBERTA J. N ILL I WO' Annual Women 'en his back. The Roman soldiers stripped
S. C. will deliver the address. Services at 2 o'clock."Jacksomille's .
Dr. Reuben, Is the president of The ,Rev! Dr. J. C. Sams Jacksonville, Rev. J. G. Hilton of these.off him and gambled to decide who
Mt. Olive AME Tampa, Rev. Isadore Edwards of Fort Myers, and Rev. W. R. Day Held SundayAnnual would get them. jesus was buried in another -

Lonelare are members of the Progressive Baptist State Convention man's grave who took pity on him,
The Young Women of Allen of will be
Most Recommended Dealer" Mount Olive AME Church will ,..,......,... .....-- observed Women's Sunday at Day Grace Bap- seeing he had no Insurance policy tc give

R. S. EVANS3RD present Mrs. Mary Nealy/ in tist Church. Mrs B. F. Brown him a "decent burial jesus's discipleswho
recital, March 27, inlhe audi will serve as pastor for the day. had given up all their earthly posae-
torium of the church, beginning : : Sunday School will begin at 9:30 sions to follow him as ha preached, taught
<& MAIN at 7 p.m a.m., with Mrs. Emma Melton and healed without church
a building-not
Mrs. Nealy, will be accompanied Miss
LARGE PURCHASE OF serving as superintendent; I t I
by Mrs. T. Bernice a s Betty Joe James,secretary;.and even a tenthad nothing but his command-
CHRYSLER CORP. CARS Hodge, with Mrs. Eliza Rich Mrs. C. H. Houston,will review ments when he was gene: "Love ye one a-
ENABLES THESE LOW, LOW PRICES Perry serving as mistress of the lesson. Teachers are Mrs nether as I have loved you. "
JUST LIKE NEW-LOW AS 4,000 MILES ceremonies.Mrs. Fannie Bradford, Mrs. Vera job said naked cane I out of my mother's

65 Dart "270" $ $ chairman. Gertrude of the program H. Harrison com-is : Suggs Mrs Alma, Mrs.Walker Cecelia,Mrs.Rachel Mime, womb, and naked shall I return. Many

Auto, R&H PS, Io9o 195 mittee, assisted by Mrs. Lill- Smith and Mrs Emily B.Perry. hundreds of years .later p aul said, "We
Fac Warranty :i'y/ $ ian S. Dennis and Mrs. Mattie Morning worship Is at 11 brought nothing in this world, and it is
65 Valiant .Campbell. Rev. B. J. Williams o'clock. The program is:Devotion certain we can carry nothing out. Therefae
SITHR $IHR Ispastor. Mrs. S. Scott and the
if we have something to eat and
The inen of Allen will
1/aO iyO Young
200" Auto RH, PS, Deaconess; prayer, Mrs.Rhon-
Fac Warranty 11ik'i' Rv=i spearhead Holy Week, at Mount' ale Singleton; Mrs Celestine wear we ought to be satisfied and'happjiAnd ;
65 Ply IIIH'top > Olive, April 3-lOth. Prayer ser Waye will serve as guest solo I, Charles Columbus King, in 1986"say
Fury $ $ vices will be held nightly In the
"God is it's
2395 295 ist. a wonderful world, an
auditorium of the church from 7
V8 Auto, R&H. Mrs Alice M. Stone, a member life can be beautiful. I own nothing. ButI
PS, AC, Fac. Warranty /*;,*i fiyf. until 8 p.m., with various members of Mt..Zion AME Church, would not turn loose
of the club in charge. God's unchanginghand
65 Ply S, Wag, $97Qcqntr:: I which is scheduled to open its 52nd annual session at the will Mrs.serve G. Cotton as speaker, and Mrs;offering Hilda, nor exchange his gift .of. Christ my

9-PiiS. 'VS.'AVltO, R&H. ''i3OrO v3, O DANIEl: 12,1,' Mt.;Ararat Baptist Church;. Tuesday evening ,Logan;: also appearing wiq.be savior: 9rwal1;: then gold..,and J .!silyey:,),in this
PS, A." Cond FURY IIICHRYSLER' PRILP Pr r:. Or. Sams, Is the Generar President, Rev. Hilton, Is the i 2nd Mrs. Sallle Golden. world, for I am supremelY':happy.' '" ''God
S FAMOUS Great trouble Is before
us Vice President.Rev. Mrs. B. F. Brown will preside bless ..YOU.Homecoming. -
5-Yr. or 50,000 Miles WarrantyON and we can IUl'vlve.ONLY inGod's Edwards, Is a member of the "Commission and SocialLi' for the afternoon service at 3:30

ALL CARS Word. o'clock. The program Is:Prayer SundayIn
THE HOLY BIBLE Mrs. Sallle Golden; guest THOUSANDS ARt"BEIY0
soloist, Mrs.Rosa Lee Boy tins. Jerusalem
R. S EVANS3RD Authorized King James Version Mrs. Gladys Foster,a memberof HELPED BY
Red Letters $5.98 P.pd. St. John Baptist Church will (
Charles Bridges Box 395,Alia serve as speaker;.offering''', Baptist Church ''tJ MOWER DEVINE OF\'
<& MAIN pattab Station, M I amI,Florida Mrs. Thelma Stalling, and Mrs. Homecoming will be observed :INDIA
EL 4.8381 EL 4-8382 ..33142 Ruby G I v e n s. Also appearing Sunday, throughout! the day at Sick,worried, Bad}
will be Mrs. Corlne Timmons. Jerusalem Baptist Church, Luck Troubled

Southslde. t 'Lost Love Lost
Mt. ZioiiWomen's Services will begin with the Manhood.
is l IlOC11113R110tERYE Sunday School at 9:30: a.m.,with
H. Singletary
charge Rev.R.
Day L. Wilson, pastor of West IINDI' helpIou.Write .
1824 WEST BEAVER Friendship Baptist Church will > to:
y serve as speaker at 11 a.m. '
j 830 CASSATAVE, Ia March 27th Rev. S. L. Badger will deliver MOTHER DEVINE
the sermon at 8 p.m. All choirs P.O.Box 5712
3101 EMERSON Annual Women's will be and ushers have been asked to
letrol) t,Mlch
Justice Committee" and the Rev.. Lonelare,is the Cochairmanof serve throughout the day
observed March 27th ? at Mt.
the committee.Rev. 48239T1iksL
Edwards, Is also programmed to deliver the Educational Zion AME Church, Soutbslde.
Mrs. Beulah Gulnne.will
Sermon Thursday night
serve as chairman. Other
WATCH FOR OPENING OF OUR Linda OverstreetI officers are; Mrs. Helen Russ,
Men's Day co-chairman; Mrs Lorraine
NEW STORE AT 3118 EDGEWOOD AVE. I Charge Oi' Armstrong, assistant; Mrs. !
Held AIM Mary Hicks, secretary; Mrs
Lillie Mae Anderson, reporter;

S-T-R-E-T-C-H THAT DOLLAR AT PREMIER ,. Morich Sunday School ...chairman.M r.. Myrtle Smith, program

Annual Miss Linda Overstreet and Captains are: Mrs. Ethel
Men's Day and Budget
; Mrs. Beatrice Plnkney will have Harris, Mrs. Doris Anderson,
QUICK FROZEN GRADE"A" Anniversary be'obsetvFjSunday
LEGS 3 Ibs.WINGS at Mt. Moriah AME charge of the Sunday School at Mrs. Llllie Mae Anderson,Mrs
s Church. Rev. J.'C. Bannernun Bethel AM Church, New Berlin. Thelma Payton, Mrs Leile
TURKEY 3lbe. Is pastor. The church locatedat Regular evening services will Jenkins, Mrs. Barbara Hicks ..1111"IlllLi
Stonewall and Oak Streets begin at 3 o'clock. T. R. Brill Mrs. Dora Jenkins will serve
Dr. H. James Greene, principal will have charge of the devotion. as pastor for the day Rev.CE. 1-
NECKS 5 A has been arranged Jenkins
a* of James Weldon Johnson program pastor.
PARTS High School, will deliver the
TAILS 6 a* morning address. Morning ser- '"+rleBe I
vice will begin at 10:45 o'clock. '
Church school will begin at 1 ra
"DUBUQUE," SHORT LINKOSAUSAGE 9:30 a.m.,with J.Randolph Hen
derson, guest superintendent in t
charge Mr. Henderson is a 1 t
o 2LBS.FRESH member of New Hope AME

s Church Assisting Mr/
Henderson will be: James
Prime, Bible Class; Alfred
Walker, Intermediate. The lesson + q
I "The Christian Commit
ment", will be reviewed by Willie
CAT =eft. 2LBS.
&I ; sonville Walker University, a student of Jack,

The Male Chorus will lead the
processional for the morning
worship. The program is: Consecration -

PIGTAILS 4LBS. banks, also prayer call Rev.to worship Rufus; The Latest Men's Hair Styles With all my heart I express gratitude to the people

hymn, Rev.. Lloyd Thompson; of Duval County for allowing me to be reflected
prayer> and scripture; hymn, without opposition There
Are Taught At The are not word at my
Rev R V. Webster; selections, command adequate
thanks but I
express my ,
MEATY Nathaniel Jackson Introductionof
; will
speaker, T. V. Thomas; best attempt to show how I feel by doing my very
offering, John Myers, Deacon JACKSONVILLEBARBER to represent you to the best of my ability
OX TAilS 4LBS. Braxton Lane, Alex Phillips,
and J. W. Jactson.
Afternoon service will begin at f8.Jj
3 30 o'clock. Amuslcalpro- COLLEGE INC.
gram and baby contest has been Charles E. Bennett
4LBS. arranged at this hour by the Member of Congress
FATBACK Youth Department.W. 630
D. Cannon wilt be featured DAVIS STREET (Pate Political Aa'.rtta.m.nt b, Chain L Benn.tnus..>
In a Musical Concert: at 7 p.m.
I The services will terminate J JACKSONVILLE, flORiDA
WITCH TIE KEN KNIBRT SI8V IN WJXT TV CIANNCL 4 with the captains report.

\ h .L,

-- "
IY' .. ..



I Integrated Juries Give Guilty Verdicts Segregated Jury Frees White Man 1

I President Pishes legislation Organizer Of United Nations Association; College Prexy Joins Program r rTo

To Eml Jviy DiscrhrfMtloR Aid Small CollegesWASHINGTON i

WASHINGTroNcePI>-While District Judge Ted Dalton denied -NPI-Another woman, distinguished in her '
efforts were being made to abo- a petition to have a rape field, has joined two professionals of her sex In major posts in
Ash Jury discrLmtatlonagaist trial transferred from Lynch n I It the Johnson administration.
Negroes, two Integrated Juries burg Corporation Court to I Dr."Willa B. Player,preuident program designed to strengthen
convicted persons of crimes. federal court. Bennet College Greensboro,N. small, developing colleges and
Another Jury-not integrated The petition was filed for C., is the new director of the universities.I A native of
treed a white man la the killing Thomu C. Wauley, 20, who Is r Division of College Support, Jackson M I I.s., Dr. Player
of a Metro foundry worker. accused of raping an elderly U. S. Office of Education. holds a doctorate in education
As President Johnson pushed VJUte woman.Wansley,a Negro, Shey In charge of a grants from Columbia's Teachers
his bill through Congress to outlaw has> claimed he,could not! get a tz_ College; a M A., Oberlin College -
the bU'rlllofNeeroedrom fair trial in a state court. Heart Attack-Charged and B. A., Ohio Weslayan
Southern ,Juries attorneys for Throughout the United States. University'
the NAACP Legal Defense and the number of executions was on Klansmen She has received also the
'Educational Fund asked the the decrease., Only ,seven By honorary L.L.D. degrees from
federal district court In Birmingham Americans I were executed in Ohio Weslayan Albion,Lycom-
Ala. to end racial 1965, the Justice Department In Slaying lag and Morehouse collegesDr.
discrimination in the selectionof reported. Player joined Bennet College -
Bessemer (Ala.) juries.A Four states-New York, Iowa, BESSEMER, Ala. complaint, filed in behalf, of West Virginia and Vermontdid L ---.: ___ ---- j took a heart attack to stop William She became coordinator of instructlon <
four Bessemer Negroes away with the death penalty, ------- 0. Eaton Ku Klux Klans- in 1948,vice president
charged that although Negroes except for special crimes. The Sorae Fay Etta Mitchell seffner; and Edward man charged with two others in 1952 and president in 1955
comprised about 52 per cent of death penalty has now been students from Florida A&M University who 'Williams. Vero Beach. Standing, left to In the slaying of white D e t r o i 11 She participated in the
the population, the names of wiped out in 13 states. met recently in the cabinet Room of the right are: Arthur Teele, Tallahassee; civil rights worker, Mrs. Viola White House Conference on
only a token number Negroes All seven of the men executedin Florida state Capitol building to organizea Lutrell Medlock, Palatka; William Lynah Lluzzo. Education and InternationalCo-
have been Included on the Jury 1965 had been convicted of local Eaton who retired from a steel operation ln,196S. ,
collegiate chapter of the united Jacksonville William .....
lists.In murder Four were executed in ; Marable Waycross, plant jobinl964duetoaprevious 4*
Memphis, integrated! Jury Kansas, and one each in Nations Association are pictured here with Ga. ; Carolyn speed, Lakeland; Ruby Thomas, heart attack, was charged with On August 2, 1W4, the U. S.
returned a verdict ofgttlity Missouri, Wyoming and two FAMU professors who serve as advisors Jacksonville; Gwendolyn Strother, Mobile murder in Mrs Luizzo's night- Destroyer Maddox was tired
upon in the Gulf of Tonkin by .
against eight young Negro to the Shown seated left riders' shotgun slaying following ,
group. to Ala. ; Mathis Harris, Tallahassee; Geraldine North Vietnamese PT boats.
men, who were charged with raping the Selma to Montgomery
: Mccarty point
a white teenage girl ASCS Hires small, Jacksonville; Margaret sealy "Freedom March" last
Miss. ; Helen York. Mobile Ala. year. Dr. Charles Drew, a Negro,
The Jury made up of 10 white ; Dr. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Jermaine Banal Pasca- Also charged were Klansmen developed a means for the
and two Negro men,recommended William E. H. Howard, professor of poli- goula, Miss ; Harriett Rogers, St. Peters- Eugene Thomas and Collie safe storage of blood plasma
that fire die la the electric First Negro tical science, advisor; David Addison burg; William Long, Graceville; Lawrence Leroy Wilkins in blood banks,and in doing! so,
chair and three receive 99-year New York who was elected C.C.UN chair- Oliver Palatka; and William Bassie Wilkins is the only one of the was responsible for the savingof
prison sentences County Office man; Mr. James A. Hamlett, associate pro- Delray Bea h.' three to be tried for murder. up to a million lives during
Criminal Court Judge PrestocBattle
World War U.
sentenced the defendants fessor, Department of Foriegn Languages;

immediately after the verdict DEWITT Ark -(NPI)-TroyK. :
was Two announced.others who stood trial with ee. for Butler a county the first office Negro manager's train-,. War On Poverty Negroes Form Nationwide Career Officer ";::1

post in the AgriculturalStabill- ': InstantPhotos
them were acquitted.The defendants ,
ration Conservation service Official Demoted'DENVERNPID1ck ,
were accused of
raping Credit Service
two girls aged 14 and IS.IB (ASCS). U. S. Department of Group Chalk Up "First" '
EilavUle Ga., a Jury of 11 Agriculture, currently Is in ,Clark, CHICAGO (NPI) With emphasis on the amount of money spent -
Negroes and one white man connoted training in the local office his InArkansas sllsstant director of the local by Negroes In commerce and Industry: a new Negro concern ALBUQUERQUE, N. M.- a Negro teenager of vol- County where War on Poverty program reportedly has entered the competitive credit service field. A "first" has been chalked up
is '
manslaughter In the home community, Almyra, was reassigned to a Known vast number of real estate by a Negro in the Internal Revenue Each
slaying of a white policeman.The located. t h. less important post as Head Bureau ( ) renting apartments to S e rv 1 ice, with the appointment 501
Upon assignment, n-ear Start coordinator
jurymen set the sentenced ,
deals in need rental of Elliot H.Gray as assistant
Charles 15 -old trainee will serve as ASCS recent meentlng of the anti- reports
at six
IRS field
cations e director,
county committee administrative : companies seeking to em-
years' imprisonment. officer with vital farmagency poverty progrsm'sbcardofdir- companies i qualified Negroes need Gray wuformerqlls1stanttothe j
Hunter with ectors. Art Studioj
wascharged IRS district director in St. Royal
E 11 i programs under his di- Officials of the poverty personnel reports.
hooting nJIJ la policemanJohn program nessmen mortgage houses busi- Louis. In his new post, he will
Harden 45 Nov. 15 after rection. were not available for
on have
reporting.The Jurisdiction over theentirestate
A 1965 graduate of Arkansas lawyers and doc tors
a wild car chase. Hunter comment on the switch nor and 220
testified he shot Harden to stop A1UN College, Pine Bluff he 'were fe1l workers. able .to to the are this loaning type of Negroes money" persons. approximately Social, Commerkal 1 Studio Service
him from beating his brother was a teacher In the Almyra shed any light on c circumstances which service A former Air Force accounting
school when he receivedhis
Willie Hunter, 15, with a billy high surroundlnglhe change. reporting.The offered Include and finance center(Denver)employee -
c1ql;). appointment. Prior to his appointment as new credit verbals, Cray 45,was chosen for 515 DAVIS ST.
Butler will adminlsteracreage person-
Selection of the predominantlyNegro assistant director--the highest and the executive selection and
believed to be ,allotments, price supports ranking DWOP assigment held mortgage rental confiden-
jury was service, i development program in 1965.
credit and assets
unprecedented In the South since cost-share conservation by a Negro--there were few, perlenced Insurance reports Aproduct of DillardUniverslty ELGIN 4-1894
other farm
Reconstruction days.In assistance activities.among if any Negroes administrative of credit death claims-and a New Orleans, be holds j
Anniston' Ala., an all-whits program will fur- .positions. Nicholas collection,depart I the A. B. and U.PJL. degrees ,Closed' All Day Tuesdays .
Ills appointment give
Jury found johnny Ira Defries; No complaints of Clark's competence famed I ., from th University.of Denver. ,
85, not guilty In UM nightrider ther assurance; ASCS officials were Indicated. It was L. Taylor -'-- \.
slaying last July of Willie Brew- said, that Negro farmers will learned, however that a new met .
have full opportunity to participate regime has assumed reins of
star, a Negro foundry worker. groups of
Brewster was shot to death in various agency pro- the local anti-poverty oprations. lyze the
from a speeding car while returning grams. '
home from work. The Head-Start program has
sed to
In Lynchburg, V&U.S. been described as the best or- the credit
ganised and most successful With R

WHEN YOU ARE ILLs DWOP setup-one which bas Moman SUPER MA KC"'
found favorable response from the task of
t the many children it serves.It "
ged Taylor."A
s t was learned also that the a

When Seek Your The Doctor Best Prescribes Doctor. i Small Business founded Developmentcenter by Negro has The THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AVE. B.

Get Experienced Pharmacists .j' > citfsens of Greater East Den politan

..According to your Doctor's sw ver six months ago, has closed I and the
Orders. We Use Only The Best shop. SBDC was the''tie* between Commerce PORKROAST
Quality Drugs the Small Business administration community

Proprietor C. E. BLACK program. and the poverty all The new HICKORY SMOKEDPICNICS

3 Registered pharnaclsts To serve YOU The Devener Blade reported, debt
following communication with groes
the President and other top
----A COMPLETE LINE 0 P---- or used '
echelon administrators, including or
War oo Poverty chiefR. estate.
Cosaetlcs-Rubber Goods-candies-sundries Sargent Shriver and a Colo- Taylor

-PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED- rado congressman, ?that the do not rea
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Lilly's. Drug Store the drain." and judgements liens 370 430PUREX

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1907 KINGS ROADEL382'76 Homecoming file

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Tallahassee-- The JUT Co-i feel
liege of North Carolina Aggies'!,Negroes is
from Greensboro have beenna-, credit
med the 1966 Homecoming op-. [available to
,Ipenents of the Florida MM'i help
:University Rattlers. 'credit and LEACH
y ,4 The game will be played here credit I 1 1LIMIT 10C

at ZOO: p.m. Saturday Nov; 5VJ,1'tion," said K GAL.


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Enjoy the extra smoothness fVx of .

7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon 49C

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I { U. S. GOOD RIB STEAK lB. 75(


Invites You To Listen To- and the

BIG BAND Y extra agedoesn't cost U. S. #1 POTATOES 10 IB BAG 39*

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8euro p one extra cent!


Nightly 11.30: til 12:00: GOLD MEDAL FLOUR s ti. me. 49<

Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: 'p.m. : M MOOT BLUEBIRD ORANGE JUICE 4i oz. CAM 29*

'1400 :... .--..: ''a
1400 WRHC -


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Altar CallBY Ebmzer Sets S'. IY'S ,-n..exr rrwa, _rr.roa.o..o CHURCH t : ws.aa-La'l

recital Date Services Held

0"11" 0 I I- n 110
n 0
DA iS.D.D. _
EOMORY G. s ewr_l/_ 1.-.c.-.c l I- 0
Negro Press Inetrnatlonal The Jacksonville Hampton At St. JohH

Club will present Miss CarolJ., BETHEL BAPTIST presiding. Evening worship Is at 6 o'clock. The major sermons
Drown and Vernon L. Smith la a Service Sunday will begin with the Sunday?SchoolSunday at Bethel will be delivered by the Rev Mr. McCall. Tbe missionary So-
A ree.nt vftit to two mid- .if.rn cifief fftof ,l'et known Joint vole recital Sunday at 7, 'Sunday School will begin at9:15: ( Baptist Church, Southslde. The Superintendent' ciety will meet Monday at7:30o'clock.Usn: Board; 2 will meet.
'In my *un.r doyi. shockingly" veof4' to me who. p.m., in Ebeneur Methodist a.m. Sunday at St. John Baptist Earnest Owens will be in charge. Morning worship will begin at Monday at 8 p.m, Prayer meeting and Bible study will 1 begin at
< K.t fc..n going on right und.r my and your net*. W. Church. 'church, with Deacon J.Alexander 11 o'clock, with Choir and Usher Board 1 in charge of the pro 7:30 p.m., Tuesday. Tbe Foreign Mission Board will meet Tuesday
I' r..W f..w 'he white have W."f to hSe ."..,... and how Miss Brown Is the daughter of general superintendent In cessional. The pastor Rev. David Johnson will be In charge of at 8.30: p.m. The Educational Board will meet at 8.30: p.m.,
I; Hie N.f re has token over "' Inn.r city but to go Into Ith. Mr. and Mrs Beanie Brown' charge. The lesson will be re'Ie..ed the services. Evening worship will begin at 6 o'clock. Prayer Tuesday. Teachers meeting will be held Thursday at 7 p.m.
.. ads end ... for yourself Is I another mats and Is presently a junior; by the pastor, Rev. A. J. services and teachers meeting will be held Tuesday night at the Usher Board 1 will meet Thursday at 8 p.m. Choir 4 will have
Twenty-five yean ago I tarried moil' In a tertian of majoring la voice at Hampton Hughes. Consecration will U church. Choir 3 will meet for rehearsal Wednesday 7:30 p.m. rehearsal Friday at 6p.m.Choir 2 will meet for rehearsal Friday
held at 10:45 The choirs
.no 01....... eitie. that waf all white/fabavf 50 per cent Institute. Sb. was aNewStanton and adult a.m.ushers ..WIea4 Choir 2 will meet Friday at 8 o'clock. at 8 p.m.CHURCH .
Jewish' ). Today, that ton peifal' itation area i. 93 percent High School honor graduate and young
the processional. The Rev. Mr.
studied voice for three years OF GOD
Negro. under direction of Mrs. A. H. Hughes will deliver the majormessages. Schnlwillbeginatloa.mSmdayat the Church of God,
Vow might tell any white bigoted' real' estate oreier mail Moore. At Hampton ah. Is a Usher Board 1 will The Sunday School Anniversary wWbeobservedSunday morn- Steel and Blue Streets, with the Superintendents Miss N a o m I
pow knew that on. four-block area where carried member of the Traveling Choir, meet at 4 p.m. at the church. tog at 9 a.m. at Tabernacle Baptist' Church,'with the Superin- Frailer and Miss Barbara Mitchell in charge.Tbe lesson topic,
than it did 20
.looks better now with" Negro occupancy Women's Senate, Music Educators Deacon M. Walker Is president. tendent, C. A. Laurence in charge.Morning service will be held "Christ, The Glorious Master", will be reviewed by Evangelistic -
year* age with white and Jewish occupancy National Conference and BTU 1s at 5:30 p.m., with Mrs. at 10:45 o'clock. Rev. W.E.Young will deliver the message. All Mrs. Viola Albritton. Morning worship is at U o'clock.
The shocking .question, however, is what ,. the Negro the Student National Education Lucille Frazier, president In adult choirs and the senior male chorus will serve along with The devotional services will be led by the Gospel Chorus Mrs.
deing wi"the city now that he occupl. Its, c.n'.". Association. charge. Evening worship will Usher Board 3. Ruth Spiny will preside at the piano. Mrs. Janet Parrls will
T. .. sure, the Negro has not achieved the fullness' Mr. Smith is the son of Mr. and begin at 7 o'clock. The weekly preside at the organ. The sermon will delivered by the pas
.,the power that such occupancy ought give him. This .Mrs. B. J. Smith, senior at activities will include choir MIDWAY.AMESunday tor. The "King and Queen" Contest will terminate at 3 o'clock.
... may attribute to the fact that' ''. ho. not hod a long Hampton Institute, majoring In meeting Monday nlzhlat: School willbeginat9:30o'clock'atMidway: AME, Mrs. C. Richardson Is sponsor. Mrs. Katherine McGahee will
experience in politico! science, and does not know what music education with emphasis 7 o'clock. Tuesday at7p.rd.,the Church, with the Superintendent S. C. Hart in charge. Morning serve as mistress of ceremonies. Mrs. Annie M. Cain will be
,. do/ with whet. now has, pot ill cllly. in voice music.He pastor has asked the combined worship Is at U o'clock. The Junior Choirs and ushers will speaker. Singing groups will appear also. The Young People
Mere critical analysis might' segg.slhat" the Negroneither was a Northwestern Senior choirs to meet at Mt. Ararat serve. Evening worship Is at 5:30 o'clock. Choir 1 will serve. Endeavor will begin at 6 o'clock, with Mrs. Irene Tunsil, pre-
recognises his power pof.nfio''no,do..h.'now :feign honor IUdut, and Baptist *Church render The pastor has called all Trustee, Stewards, Stewardesses siding. Evening worship is at 7:30: o'clock with the youth In
what to do with power potential' once recognfied. studied for three years under service for the devotion at of the to meet after morning worship. Class meeting will be held at charge. Music will be furnished by the"Voices of Faita", Mrs.
'Throughout "the inner city, the, Negro church quickly direction of Richard T. Hartley. convention. Wednesday 6:30 the usual hour Tuesday night.Junior church practice will be held Juanita Harper is director. Rev. McKinley Parris, youth mini-
meet withE.
identified! The Negro now occupies the massive co His activities at Hampton include p.m., the Scouts will scoutmaster. Saturday at 4 p.m.Alll children of the church have been asked to ster. Rev '". Hestle Is.pastor 1
thedral-type church buildings that the whites would, no participation with the Hlllsman, meet Tuesdays, and Thursdays for Easter practice.
Prayer hour wlU begin at 7:30:
'longer support in changing neighborhoods., choir and touring choirs, will be held at
p.m. Bible study
The Negro is paying an exorbitant price to maintain
The departmentwill
8:30 yruth
froma Choir, director of the choir during p.m. Sunday School wtubeginatloo'clockSundayat Bridler Christian
these ghosts of a former day, draining resources sell fish and chicken*
the Summer Music, Church.Morning worship is at 11 o' clock. The Paul Fountain
people, 'lately' become midoVecfass' that could' inmonyInbnc.L dinners at the church Saturday. VftN THE BIBLE
dilute, Men's Council and the Singers ..Wb e presented In a musical Sunday at 8 o'clock, Mrs.
be put to more profitable Tbe Dual Day Committee will a. SIAM .m.MIIAN .
Music Educators, National E. Baker Is sponsor. Mrs. R. M. Phillips will sponsor a IT cosNiuut
Then there' ore the store fronts-with some of the most Conference. sponsor Calender. Teaat .ILl KKHTYCMICAOO I
March 27th.
vntheeteglcal, and illogical' names one can imagine- The artists will be accompanied Oakland elementary School progranr IUINOM 00036WHAT l .

gathering p.opl..v.ry' Sunday. Most of these are pos by Norman Voelker,a member March 27. A program has been SUMMERVILLE BAPTIST
tered by m.n ,lately" called of God ((f) who. hove full'' otthestaffofthemusic planned. Sunday School will begin at 9:30: a.m. Sunday at Summerville IS A CHURCH?

time fobs elsewhere. but apparently want a place' on department at Institute. Tickets and teachers In charge. "
Baptist Church, with the Superintendent Do you know that most people, again, "the Body of Christ, or
Sunday to purvey .Ith.oIogy/andma'.om./ } may secured from members Rev. J. W. Jones The lesson topic, "Man's Commitment", will be reviewed. even the great majority of religious "the Church which I. His Body."
."'u' and feel' good of the local Hampton Alumni Morning worship will begin at U o'clock, with Deacons Robert people,do not even know what \Ve do not join this Church by
VMien the Negro clergy' and 'laity wake up to the potenffnl Association. Slated To PreachAt Newman and Ben Sauage in charge of the devotion. The sermon a church is?Ask the average man on water baptism or any other religiousrite
of so much religious pow.concentrated in the will be delivered by the pastor, Rev. G. L. Boyd. Choir 1 will the street what a church i.i and he'll ; .-e join it by faith in the Lord!
Inner sty, they can become on. of the most Important lead the processional, with Mrs. Jacquelyn Richardson, ?:d- probably reply "A church Well Jesus Christ. Referring to believersin
factors In the shaping of what John l.wl.oI the Student/ Mt. OliveDry' Allen ChapelRev. siding at the piano. Usher Board 1 will serve. District 1 will begin -, anybody knows than A church i i. a Christ, Paul declares) "By out
cells 'a beloved' at 7 o'clock. Practice for the Easter exercise will be !eld:
Non-violent Coordinating Committee building where people (o to worship Spirit art MI' all baptinrd into one
emmunlyr.dnmdsocidy' Slice Tea' J. W. Jone., pastor of Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m., with Miss Delores !" But this Ia! not correct. Body" (I Cor. J.I3)'ami: ) in Rom.
's., w. have In the Inner city, religious power, political Allen Chapel AME Church 1531 Prince and Julie Newman in charge. Bible study and prayer The word translated "church" in 12.5: he says "Ye being many ere
power, buying power, albeit' what w. may not Held Suday. Swan Street, will preach la Mt. meeting will be held Tuesday ebt at 7:00': clock. Choir 1 will our Bibles, limply means aitrmbly, I oil Body ill Clintl.
have t.mm.nwrot..conomic pow.r. Vernon Baptist Church Sunday meet for rehearsal Wednesday at 8 p.m. so a church it not a building, but Many sincere people have had
The preacher 'in the pulpit' in the inner city must become morning In an after morning the assembly of people who meet IN their name on the rolls of religious
increasingly' aware of the power of the masses. Stewardess Board Z of Mt. service at 12:30: noon. ANTIOCH BAPTIST the building. And a church is not organizations for years before lear
The people in the pewmusf becomeawaraof the power Olive AMI Church will sponsor The service is in connection Sunday School will begin with the Sunday School at 9:20: a.m., necessarily a gathering of worshippers. ning this great truth, that the true
they represent its annual Dry Shoe Tea with the anniversary observance deacon M.H.Mann and teacher a will be In charge. Morning ser The riotous mob that had Church the Church of God, the
mssp.w.rpot.ntiolmusthay.' Ih.dir.cfionofa philosophy Sunday in the lower auditor- of the usher board of Mt. vice will begin at 11 o'clock. The sermon will be delivered by held.the gathered at Ephesus in Paul'i day Body of Christ, ia not a building

and a '.,Irir that will' save our cities, and they ium of the church, beginning at Vernon Baptist Church.Rav. ,pastor, Rev.J.J.Jone.At 3p.m.,district meeting will will be presentthe ia called a "church" (Gr. ekkleua) but the company of those who have
4 o'clock. District 6 will be in charge Mrs. Letnlra Henson in Act 19.32: and this in Christ
from the demonic forces that du" Jones will be accompanied by passage come to trust as their
cities, royhum.niy
are our The ser
at 6 o'clock.
Participating on the program The evening service will begin states that this church
topic. assembly,or Savior.
his choirs ushers and
forces of for all congre
and for the good people Board
will be Mrs. Viney Ford,: Miss gation. mon will be delivered by the pastor. C hot r 1 and Usher was "confused, and most of them We sincerely: hope the reader
thef redeems. Alsadle Straughter, Mrs. Beverly The order of service is as follows will serve throughout the day. Prayer meeting will be held Tuesday did not know wherefore they were belongs to this one true Bible
This might mean hot Rev. Thomas Negro wilt either Demps Mrs. Beatrice will be held also. Choir 1 will.meet for "
Bible study
: 9:45: a.m. Sunday School at 8 p.m. come together. a church is Church-and also attends a focal
have to find a new gospel' for the In which w. live Susie Shelton 3 will meet Friday af 8
Mrs Choir
ago Plnkney, with Mrs. Amanda Gay in rehearsal Wednesday at 8 p.m. simply an assembly, not a building. church, an assembly of believer in
.,find new garments for the old. The Grant Memorial Trio, the for rehearsal. The church of which the Bible
charge:; 11.00: am.Morning service p. m. Christ who love and study the Word
A n.w and mere challenging Altar awaits the churchAn ,Mt Olive Gospel Choir and has most to Is "the Church of
motorcadeto of Cod
; 12:30: p.m. the say so a* to "grow in grace andin
the'Heortofmelnne/City" ; where th.r. are others. Mt.Vernon to begin;2:30p.m. rRIENDSfflP: BAPTISTS Cod, which He hath purchased with the knowledge of our Lord and
hundreds of wlnos dope addicts, hair-processed *P ,ACE League to meet at the y Schoolwlllbegin at 10 a.m.Sunday at Friendship Primitive Hi. own blood" (Acts 20.28)). St. Savior Jesus Christ" ((11 Pet. 3.18): ).
fcoysHMBwedanotherand disparaged N..,. m.",. h i bjt will be In
age r stay u... ......* 0s tenant foe transfer; 6:30: p. m. :-8 t1lt Cbur The Supertr.te-.dent M. McNair Paul calls this church, again and
And li'i'A..Mi;. from Ntnor.e'n..llli ask -- Cloning 'service, reports and Ciaree. Morning service lent 11:30: o'clock.The devotion will.be..
ourselves and them Wfiy stand Y. here In me marketplace =-=:= .- doxology.: led by Deacon J. McPherson. Rev. H.Robinson,pastor win oe-
I (Dinner city), Id/e, ail the day longr liver the sermon. The Deaconess Board will hold its monthly
meeting, after morning service The Stone Rally will terminate
at 3 p.m. A program has been arranged. SEAFOOD

EARNING and LEARNING WEST Sunday UNION School will begin at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at West Union i l

Baptist Church, Rev A. F. cummings Is pastor.Morning worship
will begin at U a.m.c h o I li twill have charge of the music,
under the direction of Mrs. Catherine Baucom. Usher Board 2

.toys & Girls Can Make Money will serve. Baptist Training Union will begin at 5 o'clock, with I
the President, Mrs. R. C. Solomon presiding. Evening worship JecJttontilh't Ijtrytst vin&Bet: Known"' t
-/Jl begin at 6:30: o'clock, with choir I In charge of the music, ._ -- -
u-'det- the direction of Mrs. Ella M. Rafe. Usher Board 1 will 1M N. MYRTLE AVI.
District 3 will meet Monday 1:30o'clock, at the home
scr.e. .
cf Mrs. Geneva Marks,Ion Daniel St.Church wide study course
Hundreds of Florida Star NewsboysAre wClt(1D Monday at 7 p.m.,and continue nightly through March WHITE PERCH Lb. 4Sc

Klna d Id* f., H* Lsullf C.nfM

EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Week s, Sunday' LUKE School BAPTIST wtllbegt at 9::30 a.m.Sunday at St. Luke Baptist WHITING, FRESH_Lb. 39c

a Church, with Percy Clalrett in charge. Morning worship Is a 11 Ono of Our Moil Popular Baltl", Fin).
And LEARNING to do business. of the devotion. The sermon
o'clock, with the deacons in charge
will be delivered by the pastor,Rev.M.J. TrowelL Choir 3 and KING MACKEREL STEAKS Lb. 69c

YOUNGSTERSI I If are smart andwa'n Usher Board 2 will serve. Fellowship service will begin at 3
you Rev. W. Damps of '1OU CANT SCAT ,'
o'clock. The message will be delivered by SILVER DRUM cHOanrs :L ft- Lb. 32c
Church. Choir: will meet for rehearsal Tuesdayat
Beulah I'aptist
to ,.. ".. .......* .... .
earn your own money 5:30 o'clock. Regular prayer meeting will begin at 7:30: 0'- 4 "! lotti f Nwl k. V.
clock. Choir 1 will meet Tuesday for rehearsal. ?::;i";.. RED FIN! CROAKER Lb. 29e
this is .the way to do it. .

PARENTSI Your child may not Services for Sunday willbegltwithtbeSunday School at 9:

30 a.m. at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, with Deacon Fred Grayin GROUPER FILLETS _,. ,.69c
The lesson topic "Man's Commitment" will be reviewed
need but the charge.
money, training gainedas by Rev. G. T. McCalL Morning worship will begin at U URGE SHRIMP . "LB. $1.20
o'clock. BTU will begin at 4:30 p.m., with Mrs. B. Richardson MEDIUM SHRIMP .
'a newsboy will help him to be .

successful in later life. Many of the \ Wm. Raines

most successful men were Newsboys. Students To IOURION WHISKY.M MOOT C19M,OlD CHAin BIST.CO.lOUIIVtUf,RV.

Conduct ServicesThe

faculty and students of
Start A Route AnywhereYou William Raines High School will Tick'tock..tick'tock.
have charge of the services Sunday ..
Florida at 6:30: p.m. in &: Joseph
Live In
'... Methodist Church, according to the Bourbon that
AV's Rev. Golden Smith, minister.
e Appearing will be the choral didn't watch the dock!
and Andrew
group Dr. Robinson,
11 You li Bisness
Pit principal. The service Is in interest -
of the annual Women's
Day celebration, which Is OLD CHARTER
FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY, C scheduled for March 20. Mrs

FMRJM STAR P.O. BOX 561, JACKSONVILLE ,. Fla.' Charlie Will Gardner chairman
rt.' co-chairman.and Mr..Albertha Johnson, Kentucky's Finest Bourbon

+ 7 oldPAsE'i
Sit years
i ,

t The Goodwill Sewing and. \ "
I Saving Circle will celebrateIts
17th anniversary Monday "5
3 I ADCfjEKS STREET & NUMBER PHONE NO.I March 28, 1966 at S p.m. In
The Bowden MemorialM.Z:,
.Church, corner Bus and Pullman
Send mj child 20 copies'of the Florida Star on! Streets.
I credit "to"start bin In business. I will pay the The public U 1JJItec1Revl.1

Florida'Star lie for each copy he sells.. Those

that are not sold, I will return and will not be ,

I I required to pay for unsold copies. The RevivalServices are being
held In Mt. Sinai Holiness
J Church corner of Abbott and
fist Streets.
*. TT Elder L. M. Sparks charge

h. )if


... /rMr.. 1 m11wYM 111rYY PAGE 7miMcrrn
................................. r

NAACP Protests NAACP. Announces GATEWAY

cAlJ-t- Opening Of Spingarn
Hespitil, BARRACKS '

1t4 1',11 Medal NominationNEW
4 wr YORK-Roy Wilkins, MEETINGGateway
qu<>.fn>n< nftnulJunior executive dlrectorof the
: ,Vm mqurtlr/ GASTONIA, N.C:.-Tlw NAACP National Association the Advancement Barracks No. 3131
ArlominA tail iNr.rruAQ. ? has protect to Governor of Colored People, veterans of World War I of U.
Moor Uw shocking and Inhuman < ,, this week announced the opening S. A. will hold their regular
Tm gibes to .Ml my Bunt Dad conditions which waist at the of nominations from the public meeting Saturday March 19th at
to put up ionic ihelvct! Ustonia Orthopedic Hospital for the 1966 the Joseph H. James
ta the thy for the rtk-rad.. That' the ponce, tor Spingarn Medal. Center at
sad ... bu Ikktli fill a eon cilt, books dictionary paper all pen the here. The award was instituted in 2 p.m
rtit. I turn hardly. will, but I things you regularly -need for Following an Investigation by 1014 by the late J. E. Spingarn, The Building Drive for our
4o t know what. ta weir to a itudymg If )'0"',. organized NAACP North Carolina Field then chairman of the Associa- Barracks and Auxiliary is now
cMcnf .ta the rtt,'. It a .***.fI' 'ou'll get more studying done Director Charles McLean and tion's Board of Directors. It is in progress.
and skill all ri.hl? In less time! officers of the GastOnia NAACP awarded for "the highestor t All Color Bearers and members -
A. Ordinary sweaters and Q. I have two sisters and Branch, a report was sentjasf noblest achievement by an of the Firing Squad are
ikiru arc probabl a hula casual we're always ictttng our eoemetlcs week to the Governor outlining American Negroduringthepreceding urged to be present to receive
for a concert. A drew or confused It's accidental, the treatment and living facili year or years." your ratings and supplies.
suit I ft more appropriate, worn because our. bruilM and Jan afl ties of the Negro children the The 51st medal was awarded
still with in hot doubt and, and glotes there. If.>room.u'r. look the same. We Just grab the hospital and urging an flj-: last year to Miss LeontynePrice
in your suitcase take along two most keep convenient mint separate oats.! How cuI situation Immediate Investigation of the the celebrated Metropolitan Clinic Scheduled
dresses or a dress and a suit Opera soprano.Other win-
and ark pour aunt to help you A. Here how you can do It Mr, McLean reported that all ners of the medal Include Miss TALLAHASSEE-The Florida
devlde what to wear. Have a and brighten your room, tool living facilities are segregatedIn Marian Anderson, Dr. Ralph J. AIM uUniversity Football an.
food time! Find a box Urge enough/ for all the hospital and the staff Is Costume Suits Wing Into Spring Bunche, Dr. Robert C. Weaver, basketball coacbing'Clinie will
Q. I spend half my Mud)'log your cosmetics Then, cover it segregated as well. Neither are the Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King be held June 13.17. I960. Per-,
dm runolnf after adhesive covering there any Negro teachers em Jr., Thurgood Marshall sons interested in attending the
A fashion that ,
and put )our name on the is as 'important to because it is fashioned in pure worsted clinic should write to Coach
pencils next the dictionary: ployed to teach the children Daisy Bates and the Little Rock
thn a MMIU Would It help If box For one extra of security accidentally, Just Incase Further Mr.McLean reportedthat Spring as the swallow is the light. wool. To assure you of the best, Nine, and the martyred Medgar Jake Gaither,Florida AIM University
I chose OM special piece to leaves a lipstick you or brush lying because limited facilitiesIn weight costume suit. It has the total, rely on "The American Way With Evers (presented posthumously Tallahassee, Florida.
(tody? around, put a tiny piece of adhesive the separate Negro section finished look that denotes meticulous Wool". to Mrs. Evers
A, B>' all meani Choose a covering on each of your the children were not separatedby fashion.
studying ipot. then you can cosmetics to Identity them sex so that personal privacy National Board of the Coat and Suit
Jteep e'er)tbin, )ou need together When you and your sisters each was Impossible. This condition This
elegant three-piece suit has
a Industry selects this for 1966
four room it probablythe use a different color, you'll costume its AUTO TAGS ON SALE
does not exist In the white section -
I best place, since jou're lean. know at a glance whose cosmetics of the slightly shaped,jewel.buttoned jacket outstanding qualities of wearabilityand
|41"1) to be interrupted Ark whose, hospital bloated and lined with
... .... ........... .. A/11/111,11111111,1' are The NAACP Investigation was pure silk flattery. It comes in tan, aqua
also made known to several paisley. The easy skirt has jaunty and pink. Sizes 816.,Sells for about Myrtle Avenue Tag Agency
white ministers in the area who pockets. It has,a fine, distinctive look $135. at a fine store near
ENANT'S RIGHT New Rules Set were shocked to learn of these m
degrading conditions and
their to T. V. ShowTo Now-At
pledged support bring
ELD BY COURT' On Desegregation an end to these practices. Baptists In "Unity Call

Solicit, 2422 Myrtle Ave.
} WASHINGTON In groups within the nation must
UES LANDLORD order to Bandit Robs CHICAGO-NPI-A -
qualify for federal aid, public MembersCHICAGO declaration, "Call for National work together, not only to attain
:HICAGO -(:'iPITwo! suits schools will face tighter desegregation RestaurantWASllmGTON Unity," adopted by the National the good things of life for themselves Corner 15th St.-
ought \bthe: city and tenants rules.A Baptist Convention U. S. A., but also to fulfill the
arging substandard housing, strict set of rules have been Members of branches Inc., last September, has nation's life..."
ened significance recentlyen put into affect that will substantially -(-NPI- new of the National Association received the unanimous Dr. J.H.Jacksonpastor, -Convenient Hours -
an associate circuit court tighten the freedom-of- "bite the hand that feeds you" for the Advancement of Colored endorsement of the Chicago City Olivet Baptist Church and,NBC
ige consolidated the actions choice procedures and place wrinkle was written Into People in Chicago will make use Council. president, appeared before the Open Plenty Of
flic ruling b>' Judge Richard more stringent requirementson robbery annals recently when a of a televised interview of a The call stated in part: "All council to receive the plaudits '
papolitano, believed to be thefst faculty desegregation. nattily-dressed man, ordered national Board of Directors .. from Mayor Richard J, Daley. Saturdays Parking Space
of its kind The new member to sell memberships
nationally, as- regulations dealing breakfast of pancakesand
tic >* ** *
in the Association, reported
red tenants' the right to sue with faculties reportedly call coffee.
|ir landlord. for assignment of both Negro When he finished he picked Sydney Finley. NAACP Quad-
jie suit, filed last February and white teachers to the same I his check and, Joined by two State field director.
gainst Jacob M. Feldman school when there are faculty others, whipped out a revolverand Mr. Finley said NAACP members -
t his wile,Doris, m accorn1 members of both races In a relieved assistant invited non-members' Into (1
1 by similar action by the district, regardless of the composition manager of 1404. their homes for a coffee hour
of the student body. The trio made good their escape Sunday, March 13, to watch the
I Chicago Dwelling Associ- Retained is the target date for but police immediately 1:30 p.m. showing of the "Your QUANTITY
l was appointed receiver in complete desegregation of a launched a dragnet armed with Right To Say II" program Dr. 'RIGHTS RESERVED
'city's suit, which the Feld- school system by the fall of 19- descriptions of two of them- L. H. Holman of Joliet, III, ; : i .
appealed to the Illinois 67 In order to qualify for federal the diner, and his young, blue who'appeared on the program f .
tte Court. Date for the aid-to-education programs. topcoated companion. There is a NAACP Board member. At t( PRICES GOOD
g; was continued to March This was set in original guide was no description for the third the conclusion of the program THROUGH SATURDAY.
lines Issued last April. man. hosts appealed non-members '
t ;
to..loin the NAACP. I
on tile program, wmcn one
been taped Dr. Holman discussed -
the Black Muslims, MAXWELL ,HOUSE .1- .\,(\
,housing and employment discrimination CLOROX. 'w
and political affiliation ; : '
" Old of the Negro. Moderator was
Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans Dean James McBurney of the C'OFF'EEGALLON

: ,. School of Speech, Northwestern
\ University Interviewers were SIVE 110
'C S wIte1 t I Wendell Smith of the Chicago
: 0' : Sun-Times newspaper and '
WGN-TVnews, staff; and Jim 39C
: Riddle, WGN-TV news. 1 5 9'C'PLASTIC
The program was also ;1BAG
scheduled to be aired in the New

York City area,Mr.Finley said, LIMIT 1 PLEASE Kill $5.00 LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH $5 DOOR
over WNYC-TV, Channel 31, ,
i c t il'' Wednesday, March 16,at 8 p.m., i MORE FOOD ORDER, OR MORE FOOD ORDER
.o A and again Saturday,March 19,at

4v; : 1A tt A ,< 10 p.m. MIX OR MATCH

", i'i ir Second Negro DOLE SLICED. TIDE GIANT 59


'ix; t1 +l ;fll Draws Five NO.2 LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH $5.00CANS


AMERUS, Ga. >(NPIEddie
James Lamar,the second Negro VE6ETOLESHORTENING
I ts.J4i4 charged with the slaying of a PEACHES 32KCAN 8gc '
white Marine enlistee during s
k* last summer'sraclaldisorders -
ipyAL has been sentenced to
five years in prison. DOLE PINEAPPLE '
Indicted for murder, Lamar
pleaded guilty to voluntary man- 3 89C BS.59C
slaughter Whatley in the 21.slaying of Andrew JUICE N= 3

His accomplice, Charles Lee
Hopkins, 23, earlier receivedlife
. .2 ma erer imprisonment when an interracial -

Garret A. Morgan (1877.1963) of blindly mercy.Hopkins white last counterdemonstratorswhile J jury July admitted 28 recommended into firing a group OKRA KING nun& TOMATOES 2'SI: .451,'CIGRITS I n MEAL CABIN DOME IBS. 35C

Negroes were holding a
prayer vigil at the courthousetwo

Whatley blocks was away slain.from where I SOUTHERN FARM FRENCH FRIEDPOTATOES

It took a disasterto The vigil was in protest to racial -
terrorism and harassment

prove his invention.On Charged Negro Church Burning 4 POLY 2 IB. l8sl 1

July 25,1916a tunnel explosion one penetrate the smoke and gas and
trapped over twenty men working 228 come out alive?Finally Morgan emerged COVINGTON, La.-NPI-An
feet below Lake l.neThe huge( clouds carrying a survivor. Again and again herd all-male, all-white Jury, after
smoke, K-tses, dust and debris made returned to the hole until he had saved deliberating four hours, failed, SWIFT'S PREMIUM FULLY COOKED
it Impossible for anyone to search: for over a score of workmen. This remark to reach a verdict in the trial.
survivors just 1.1it seemed: hopeless able feat not only drew publicity to his of a white man charged with
v/me-or.e- remembered hearing about a invention, but marked him a hero as burning a'Negro church, and as 4 TO 0
coat nurne'l) Morgan and his Invention. well. a result, a mistrial was PICNICS I I 3 9
It virus: (mret A. Morgan had been Morgan didn't stop there. In 1923 he declared.The IB
trying in interest Ohio manufacturers patented: another device-one that may Jury was hung despite the B>0.
in, 'his device for a long time. It war the unnoy us at times, but has undoubtedly fact that Oscar Anderson,
"gas slriUI.ior"orgrfsm. \",n we: krlaw saved many livc:,-ctll: electric stoplight, charged with setting fire to the
it try]:i/, .He' sold the rights to nlirgccorporation.Morgio Hart tell Methodist Church, -
: was summoned and! quickly Morgan was awarded I a gold medal by near Slldell, La., Aug. 3, IOCS, PREMIUM SHOULDERPOTATOES
Imlvd: l with ,his brother and two gas Cleveland for his heroism In the tunnel was identified as the master GEORGIA RED SWEET FRESH LEAN' GROUND | SWIFT'S
inbNlatars, l'4'' ''ther' they descended in* explosion, and settled down In thatto mind behind the torching.
the ...,rr'J.IIIIf'1C hi ic khe..,. The crowd city where he continued the work he Providence Baptist Church, 10 BEEF r IIs.$1.39'ROAST! 69C
waited nilertlyatthesurfuceCould! any' loved. miles away, was levelled by fire IB.
at the same time.
OLD TAYLOR Testifying against Anders on

In Klux the Klanaman arson.Glpson also said implicated Anderson 'II.59c

'r.N'U'V V'.''' '. r hOUKHON WHI-iKIf. M H"'00f, IMC OILS fAt!OH WOIII UK! *CO.t INANKIOWI! a IOMISVIII C, KY, River wits KUvvrn's head of Urn"wreckingcrew" KKK Ptmrl II.10'c P CHUCK'STEAK

,. 4 IS11RPAPERS I\. I'


;iASE I TAI lAPElS SUOIIAY MAR CI 1 1d 11. 1'111.

( 0 :1 ..w Y r t

iii t Z iiinsqs


Ir Marketing PR 6roap Joins Bottlers Labor Leader 13th Annual Sports Spectacular Held I

f __ _.. ,.. ,_ '--., t ... -, -, _

<.t ITo Hear Top!

:..Albany State Kr, ,


ALBANY, Gs.--Marvln Fried- t
'!maa, research economist <
.. lor UM! American Federation of
S b 9 .., r1e !' 'Labor-Congress of Industrial
i Organizations, addressed the
student body of Albany State

r I College on Friday March 4,
1966 at 10:15 a.m.In the Caroline
Hall Auditorium. The Division
of Business will sponsor UM
I I Mr. Friedman a graduate of
1 Rutgers University New .
: : Brunswick N. J. who has done
graduate study at the Universityof
Wisconsin has been an econo-

NEW FACES IN COCA-COLA--Tbe trio of young men have recently been added to the large ,mist for theAFL-CIOsince 4
1961. Prior to that date he served
Bottlers of Coca-Cola throughout -
group of marketing and public relations men employed by IIIC
the United States From left are Harold Williams, Indianapolis, tad., Coca-Cola Bottling nine years as Assistant t l
j .Company William Randall, Jr., Macon. Ga., Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Eugene Director of Research, and Education ,
l of the International
McCullers, The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling company., Raleigh N.C. An Army veteran
1, Williams served as a route salesman for Coca-Cola in Indianapolis before assuming his Chemical Workers Union and ,
.present post In his firm. Randall is a 1965 graduate of Morgan State College Baltimore anda '.12 years as director of leglala'tlve w.
native of Macon while McCullers Joined Coca-Cola in Raleigh after having served in the union.and political activity of that- ) U T1

armed services in Panama.
In addition to Us duties for the .
'AFL-CIO, Mr. Friedman is
Chairman of the Labor t '. ,r r jlp
Election Year
fl ,Research Advisory Council ot'
,the United Stales Bureauof
; Labor Statistics and ajt1'; ;
Dooms Bias Bills
'Chairman of Labor Research '
tlt lthr
Advisory Committe on ,.;k. :
PHILADELPHIA County Colored People. A former president .Manpower and Employment-
Court Judge Theodore O.Spaul- of the Philadelphia, itlstlcs. He is also an alternate
dine was sworn in Thursday NAACP Branch, he served for [member of the National Labor-
March 10, u the first Negro many years as a member Board of the of (Management Manpower Policy
Pennsylvania State Superior Association's national [Committee of the Office of n.sry
Court Judge. Directors.The Emergency Planning. He is a'
Judge Spauldlng, a member of new Superior Court Judge member of the Board of !
the Philadelphia County Court was sworn in by Super lor Court Trustees of the Federal Stalls-' _. --.._--- -- .- --
bench since 1955 is a vice President Judge Harold Ervln at {ties User's Conferencean

president of the National Association ceremonies In City Hall. organization ofbusiness .. COCA-COLA AT NORTH-SOUTH GOLF TOURHEY-- I left, bottom pictures, are Dr. Davis f-3|
the Advancement of labor
for and others
He is expected to be a candidate termIn (Concerned groups: with groups the quantity and The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Ga. and Committeeman Clyde Klljens! Miami Hick

nug atst MADAM GLORIAPalm the for November the full ten-year election bib quality of statistics provided' the Cora-Cola Bottling Company of Miami ,Gardner, N-3:) tournament director, Miami ,

year for which be has Republican Federal agencies. ;:pioneer co-sponsors of the Miami North- Mr. Kendrix, Don Perkins, NYC, Joe Louis,

D t Spiritualist Reader.Advisor organization backing. South Golf Tournament, were In hand again former N-3 champ Los Avgeles, and Miss

in all affairs of life:Love, during the recent 13th annual sports spec- Muriel t. Maynard, associate, The Moss H.

Marriage Business Sickness,' tacular held In Miami. The above shots Kendrix Organization who was registrarfor
V etc. Lucky Days, Lucky Hands. Yes We All Talk;, show scenes, from the tournamen/ Involving. The llole-ln-One Contest. At ,right' Is
There is no home, so dreadful ,
::I.JW.,.' that she.can't help. Located at 1 :By Mnarcus .Hi Bovlyor' *., Coca-Cola andits representatives') |In top;; Mr. J KendrJx'contest: director, ,.whose
,I 901 N.:W. 79th St. Phone:'7519307. Vi left photo is Mrs. Myrtle Patterson Washington D.C. Atlanta Ga. public

Spotlight Product' Open S a.m. until 10 p.m. Pronunciation Hudgins, New York, who received trophy relations firm handles promotions for The
I dally and Sunday. Located In QUESTION: How should' the word .colllmn' *b. honoring her as "Queen of the N-S" and Coca-Cola-Company. Eastern Airlines, r New

f Of The Week j jr MADAM M1amf.-TJorlda.GLORIA: One and visit will to pronounced? Shovldth.r.' a/Y/ 'ound? -C* 8. M > five-time winner of the women's dlvfsldnof York, and the City of 1 Miami are other co-
1 you 'QlCSrONrh/ world 'column should b.
pronouncvc :: event
feel the difference. the tourney. From left are her husband sponsors of the l NocJh-Gouth .
r Miami Florida Half price with tht->< atilltllllllll/ /: KOI um KOL to "im. with tol um to William I i i Hudgins president Freedom
rim* with 'turn",. with th..mphasis, or accent on Hte j ,
first/ tyffobl which I have capitalized' ''National Bank, NYC, Moss H. Kendrix, The Harlem Globetrotters Cancels Benefit

Motion/ fo KtKindOffimei Coca-Cola Company N-S Founder Ray ,

a club passes a motion. that prove* unwise 'Mitchell I Mrs. Hudgins," Herman A. Sch- RICHMOND Va.The execu- discrimination In the recruitment -

maybe two or three yean ''ot.,. Hence, it may wecke, Jr NYC, and Dr. Jra) P. Davis, tive secretary of the,Virginia of qualified Negro
rescind the motion previously' passed, let f us say N-S executive director, Miami. Among the"camefortherlde" ,State Conference of the National athletes." Mr. tanks asked the
WAMEDIAL on Nov. 26, 1963. This is on example' ot how to propose ,Association. for the Advancement promoter to join the NAACP in
visitors 2nd photo
this motion which requires a two-thirds vote to I : of Colored People has ,demanding "anunequivocalnondiscriminatory
pass I. were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 'Ziggy11 (called upon the worldfamousHarlem statementof
"Mr. Chairman, I move to rescind the motion or Johnson ( he's the noted Detroit showmanand ( Globetrotters to cancel policy" by the foundation and.
action taken upon the motion, passed on November columnist) who are non-golfers. At la, scheduled benefit at the University ithe university. '
26 '1963, by which "this club went on record as' I D. C. Mr. Elder repeated win while of Virginia charging '.In the absense of such a statement
favoring civil rights" passive resistance.* In 'legislative drat the school c is guilty of of policy, Mr. Banks said,
bodies, 'like Congress of the United States, bills Harvey Breaux, Miami won amateur mens'crown. "overt racial discrimination" ''the NAACP urges! cancellation.of a.
are repealed' For example' the repeat' of the 18th" In center panel are, from left, I because It has never recruited ''- the March 17 game.
Dubois ,a Negro athlete :The university.said,In a slate-
Amendrnent to the Constitution during the administration .Herman NYC, player IrepresenFative .
W. 'Lester Banks the NAACP meat that the foundation raises
of Franklin D. Root9vtil. for the United Professionar Goiters Association -
official, in a letter to Globe- and provides money for athletic
Mr. Kendrix UPGA public -
1260FLORIDA'S relations
READERSfor trotters '
i promoter Abe Saper- graats-ln-aid and has nothing to
: my Parliamentary' taw Motions Chart which( director, who In next shot, examines (stein, said the Virginia student. bo with the moneo/s distribu
groups motions'In classes andgives; things you should' Northwestern club which Is promoted Aid Foundation has "an (indisputable tion, which is handled soley_ by.
.: know about 30-odd motions, send 60 cents to cover by holder Ted Rhodes Nashville. Mrs. record.of overt.raclal'' the .university.!

cost printing and handling/ to Or M H Boulwore, Florida Ann Gregory, next 1066 women's champ ,
MM University Box310-A Tallahassee/ Florida' ?I
Gary, signs in with Mr. Kendrix for The

32307. Hole-in-One Contest sponsored by The
16th Annual Press Coca-Cola Company. Also seen signing in

Is PGA touring pro Pete Drown Los Angeles .

Workshop Awards All with Mr. Schwecke, who supervisedThe
Coca-Cola Company's contest. From

1 .Around Year Book Winner'. Trofais Celt Probed L'----'

Q TALLAHASSEE Fla. --The Northwesternerof
# Northwestern High School Miami won the best all-around In RobberiesCHICAGO '
yearbook award presented by the Royal Crown Cola Company of Starting To 1<
Columbus Ga.,durlne the recently held 16th annual Florida MM -CNPI( )-A series 4r.
University Interscholastic Press Workshop. TheHamptonlanof of robberies shooting assaults
Hampton Junior College Ocala won the best all-around newspaper
Demonstrate'PETERSBURG since last November have been
award presented by the Seven-Up Company of St. Louis traced to i new cult (mown as the SHORTY-$35.
"The lands police authorities
... l.l. IlltMtr..... t.l.lo. .!
The Glbsonlan of St. Peters sonville; best news story, v Vfriiola revealed last week. M.d.l> Hilr Styl...: *..ll.ls.:2
burg Junior College was Judged Lion's Echo CarterPar.ramore State's resurgent Troiiss ire Existence of the alleged subversive end.r.-i...f>fRKB d n.u*'"P1IHuttt.
RHYTHM & BLUES best college Quincy presentedby record of organization currently .
the Junior year High posting a surprising .. JuM writ
..... ..
the FBI ,.. WI/M.d.l. H.lr .' 5.
book. The award was presentedby the Afro-American Newspa- four wins in five conference under investigation by 1N..r.np KMlUiy Norm*! !lie IS, M.Y.
St S
the Taylor Publishing Com- persbest; newspaper features outings after losing eight and the local police recentlycame :W*from SCALF.UM HAIR HOOT Dept.
pany of St. Petersburg.Plaques Northwesterner Northwestern straight league games. to light after four alleged MU. "In .epMw weir COMB I
went to each winner in the year- High Miami, presented by the Although the momentum which embers were arrested nip.wi tk Yuai iwiural' .. Imlth DOCTOR eC CAB->wi AWAY "
book and newspaper Judglngdu-. Petersburg Times St. Petersburg has carried State to a successful by robbery units. ,, NOT .....tH e ..CAKBCHOU....,..... 4f
ring the Headlines< and Bylines ; best newspaper mid-season stage has been The four, protesting when police wale ml. d with muty prr. GRAY
Awards Luncheon In the University sports story Monocle. North. team effort sophomore forward attempted to list them as .. ... f1claa wth..treate0w.lrrdl nU. 05.aoworL'r ,. WITH .
Commons. Dade High Miami, presentedby Rodney Looney a 6-4 strongman Negroes, that they were (ul .MtlMplU *n4 dec.. .ue1t HIM 'THIS .
RADIO STATION Other winners in various categories the Pepsi-Cola Company,Atlanta from Portsmouth's.Norcom members of "a superior race," nUMTT work Is. DANDRUFF tMlftmg a..ITCHY* ttei IIL01
In the 1966 Judging were: Ga. High School, has been the man and refused toaame their\ / DOCTORS ltrd It : kl kjyu cmsIISH
best use pictures in yearbook, Other wlsnerswerebeet: of the hour. Looney who is Just leader. I|I"->d rmxscRias*.....""".. Mutt i.W/t.K MMT .
Northwesterner Northwestern newspaper editorial Attucks1an now beginning to realise his potential Two gave their names as Judah e.u..d n.._...,.". ...Ile.t ... cr
High! Miami, presented by the Attacks High Hollywood was virtually unstoppable .Israel 22, and Benjamin Israel, .ire thu IPMUr Trlvl itrMfth tar = ;"""' -I
"WHAMMYIN Johnson Publishing Company. presented by the Pep s 1- in the Hampton game when 22, their real names are Roaco I..aar' \. *. Writ scALP for thta FOXMULA DociMM. 1

Chicago, 111.1! best yearbook Cola Company AUntaGa.; he hit a carrier high of SSpolnts 'I Hanna I and Scott Brown. Hanna [| W. II..wfll.. ".ee 4ly Mat*. KM.to tm r.** e'l rr 1=: .-.. ..e .J .... b .old ..1..
has record for
theme, Mlddletonian, Middleton'High. best duplicated newspaper and pulled in 27 rebounds reportedly f DAYS, .nd II 7M u M e..h..s. vttl..t..b.r4'
Tampa;presented by Tay- Times R. Frank films Junior Under this perioddurlngwhlch icry. ) fto ror rnontr bxfc. fvT .IIOT"'Dy'!!a..pN.ad.ulebutp.T ::!.
St Tallabasseepresenledby whipped, Two others arrested were snip .et:m dtUrarr. TUte toItkl ; Ie7oogK. DYRDALOOF
lor Publishing Company High Virginia State College '
::: .i..a.--t.: Wt >AL.hN.MLm./y
Petersburg; best yearbook lea- the Seven-Up Company/ Kansas Morgan 93-74 defeated Maryland 'James Felder ZOo and Anthony f r. 'UM Y*th I fiiw | MXDICATKO alrtciUcM Mew p.s..r.v..MU.... =:.
tures, Stantonlan, New Stanton. City MO.I photo award. Aloota State "'-88. and edged Thomas, 2L The former! origin- >> SCALP rOHMULA ,UT. KT. .C. I.I.pI..1._..' _:a..._C..wvWd _.
of Glbbs High presentedby 78-77 his name'as Simeon I ta m 4 buy. vr isle .de..lp .
High Jacksonville presentedby Walker North Carolina College gave ....r. tin ctra.. Just M 4
Royal Crown Cola Company, the Tallahassee Camera while dropping a 92-81 decision Israel. Thomas indentified i .*** la-OOUD !Id..atsh' V,
Columbus Ga.;best newspaper Center Tallahassee; best all- to St. Panic,Looney has scored ,self as AbedneRO Ben Israel' 'e".dd.. ........! INC.,.. liooV.*** W n itoliM r.I.....
MIAMI" column M1d<11etonta.n, Middle around newspaper photography, at a 29.0 per game clip to bring AU were implicated in a rob- tys3. ".Y. lOYE: THU1.A ; ./ H.o: ... :.........
ton High, Tampa presented Trident Florida HI gh, Tal- his season total up to 300 points (Wry of a laundry. Bond was set .Run-eL= : 1Nt. wme Dips $r.I. ....11I'.U. dew y.rk

the Florida Times Union Jack- lahassee. In 16 games, ,at $20,000 for each.



L n I nm nm._ -

r 1 1In

limn MARCH 19. 1966 STAR PAPERS M6E \/'

The Dug-Out 3-Time Wilier First Negro Umpire Golfers Plan The Sports ParadeBY I

To Compete. hDaytoui ''1 %: Schedule At NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALSTILL '

What would your motion be If your were a member of thioonajor l f rr RILED

league clubs In the space of three days? A fellow very Nation's Tourney WINTER HAVEN Fla. - qualified to answer Is Jack l Ualdschun, the Cincinnati Ruts Races, week lifted an "off limits" boycott of Cafe Cloud 9 for refusing

pin'her. to serve pitcher Earl Wilson, after receiving written apology
On December 7, 1965 lldschun was a m e m b e r td the Philswhon DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -A CHICAGO -(NPIGolfers from the cafe's manacer. However, Wilson 30, and one of the
he was traded to Haltimore Jackie liraitdt and DIf: 1'1 1 d three time winner of the event, from all over the country will team's top pitchers vas not Immediately pacified, declaring:
of 111. converge on the city this month "1 was the thrown out. I
Kncwles. Roger Reiman Kewanee, one received no apology. Don't they
Couple da>'s later, December 9, the Drives dealt t Ito reliefspecial aid the 19C5: AMA Grand National for a planning session leading up think I can read?"
!*. ,' Cincinnati, aJonlwUb Milt ;& ,HM'Dick Simpson champion, Bart Markel of to the 40th annual United Golfers
for Frank Robinson Flint Mirli., will be In the big Association Tournament Aug. $40,000 PACT
"1 was a little shotkby U all..'recwlls Ualdschun. "1 had been field when the Daytona ZOO is run 22-27. CASA GRANDE Aria -(NPI>-Slugger Willie McCovey last
reading that I might be traded but I really didn't believe it as I on March 20 as the closing feature 1.AUAHFltl Highlighting the March week ended a short holdout with the San Francsco Giants baseball -
just tad a mediocre year out of five Phllll season: of the annual Daytona: parleys, which observers and team after receiving a 1966 contract that Included a "100 d
"It was getting near Christmas when 1 was traded on Derer.uUr Motorcycle Classics. followers of the sport have raise"-estimated to be about 40000. Alluding to McCovey's
7 to Baltimore and I was a little surprised but "tr" taking It Reiman and Markel are among s agreed will "kill two birds with 29 homers and 93 runs batted In last season Giants General
over I took It In stride. 1 figured the first year 'e A .ertcan the more than 100 expert riders one stone," in a philanthropic MJ.;,jer Chubb Feeney said: "McCovey had a goodyear last
Leaguers would be seeing my screwball pitch for the i., st time from all parts of the country and entertaining manner,will be season and he Is deserving of a fat raise."
and I should have a good season in that league. We started making who will compete in the 200- the production" of "Golfcapadesof IN AND OUTPENSACOLA

plans and decided to continue living in Yeadon Pa., just mile track and road course 1966. FIa.-NPl-Clpr-chewinuolfpro ar lie i
outside Philly, and I would commute at various times from event. This extravaganza, spearheaded -( Sword of Los Angeles and Pete Brown were numbered among
r-aUimore which Is only about a two hour, 90-mile ride," von- Three other major national by the Chicago Women'sGolf those vying in the Pensacola Open Golf Tournament last we ek,
tinned the 290ye.ir-old; six-foot, 190 pounder. point standingraceswHlhecon- Club March 26, during a but V was "no go" for Sifford. He failed to finish anywhere In
'Then a couple days later," recalled Baldschun"I got a long tested during the AMA meet, dinner-dance lathe PickCongress' the money brackets carding 289 for the total against 272 for the
distance call from Cincinnati and I couldn't Imagine who or why biggest of Its kind in the world Great Hall, will present winning Gay Erewer Jr.(worth$10,000)).Brown got a taste, however -
someone was calling me from Cincinnati. I answered phone On Friday, March 18, the na- as a star-studded feature, his 286 giving him $371.43.
and it was Phil Seghl (Assistant General Manager of the reds) tion's best amateurs will meet t the internationally famous
the Reds had traded for how about that. the 3.81- Duke Ellington and his orches-
and be calf Just me and in a 100-miler over TOPS INDOOR MARKALBUQUERQ

I.vas really shocked. No words came out. Phil asked me If I mile course, which will be the tra."Golfcapades" will benefit N. M.-{(NPI)>-Jetress Edith McGuire(a.t
was happy and I was thinking after five years I would be going site of all the races. Close to ---- -- week topped the two-year-old women's 220-yard Indoor recordIn
back near my home town(Greenville Ohio)but told him 1 didn't 100 of the too amateurs already. CALIF. : It's '"play ball"' for CWGC's Junior Golf program a two-day Amateur Athletic Union national track and field
know as I hadn't had time to think Just couldn't believe It aid have filed their'entries. rI"mcttshford: who this will which provides funds to estab- championships and boosted Tennessee State All University'sstock
spring become lish to aida
had no Idea of being traded to Cincinnati. Phil told me that the Saturday March 19, is doubleheader a scholarship grant as a champion-maker. Her time of 24.5 seconds topped>
the first
Beds bad been trying to get me fgr two years but the Phillies day. The opening eventIs llegro to umpire In the deserving junior golfer inte- tile old mark of 24.8 set by another ex-Term. State Tlgerbelle,'
wouldn't give me up and wanted tooo much for me," added the a 73-mile race for novice major leuQuc-5. Ashford started a charity rested in attending college.The Vivian! Brown, in 13.

t personable an 4"titter the shock was over I felt very good. I have a lot of of them have entered meaningthat the r",11, ifc.rnU. Angels: waits' for the first weekly the professional winter months lessons on-the-- DECISIVE SCORING .
friends around Greenville and Cincinnati and I felt that I could heats will have to be run BOSTON (NPI)-A capacity partisan Boston crowd 13,909
show Cincinnati they made a mistake five years ago when they to determine the finalists. pitch. shford will uq'lre games\ In the course training,and chaperoned was forced to watch in painful frustration,as their beloved Boston -

left me to be drafted oft the Charleston, W. Va. roster. (Bald- Following the novice race a big American League. trips district and national CcMcs! minus,defensive ace Bill Russell went down to defeat -
schun was in the Reds farm system from 1956 through 1960)). field of amateurs and experts, competitions for youngsters U- jj.'ore the Philadelphia 76ers in Boston Garden Gangling
"I felt glad to be back In tye National League for two reasons. will go to the line in the 100- Women 18 years olace.SprilU WLt; Chamberlain poured In a decisive five points In the closing
First, to show Cincinnati they made a mistake on me five years mile battle limited to 250 cc minutes of play, after Russell-whose defensive skill had kept
ago and secondly to show the Phillies why they shouldn't give me machines. A&.M' Begin Htfnting Chamnerlaln from breaking loose-fouled out when Boston was

Reiman, winner In 1961, 1964 Set Golf Meet enjoying a slight lead.
up."I'm real happy to be with the Reds and like it very much with and 1965, was severely InjuredIn Spring SportsTALLAHASSEEFlorida
these fellows. We have a fine club and an excellent chance to a spill in August of last year, Opened Here BAYLOR RETURNS
take the pennant" concluded Jack. but now has fully recovered and' CHICAGO-(NPI)> Elaborate A&M LOS ANGELES NPIWith their ace Elgin Saylor returning
Baldschun relies on a fastball curve,slider and screwball and will shoot for an unprecedentedfourth plans already are In the making to tie lineup and top form, the Los Angeles Lakers scored an
University Is set to kick off Its 1
Indicates: he might go for a fork ball in 1966. win in the Daytona 200 on for the 19th winter meeting of TALLAHASSEEFlorida' easy 126-105 victory over contending Baltimore Bullets to move
His screwball is flfferent from most screwballs.Batters have his big Harley-Davidson. the United Golfers Association ,16th annual SpringSports Carnival statewide spring turkey gobbler within one victory of the Western Division Title Baylor, down

difficulty in picking the spin of the ball and it looks like a fastball Markel, after announcing his convention March 2 -27 In the March here 1819.Friday and Saturday willbe hunting season opened one-half will the. flu for four days,scored 37 points in the game, his lea*
up until 11 almost reaches the pit..It sort of stops> dead and Intention to retire in 1964,came PIck-Congresc Hotel. Competition hour before sunrise, Saturday SOL'S high.
then drops> sometimes as much as two feet. back to top all the expert riders Heightening Interest for held In track and field, golf, March 12, In that portion of the
tennis and baseball. Some 19 1
In his five full seasons In the majors with the Phil, Baldschun''I in national point standings. officers and delegates from all state located south of State Road BIG O STARSDETROIT
teams have Indicated that
pitched In 333 games,all in relief,which is the Phils' relief re- The Daytona Classics opens on over the United States,an enter- will In the they 50. The season north of State -{(NPI)-Continuing a starring role he bad played
cord. He pitched Inpmelotalsof65,67.65.1land 65 for his five March 14 with registration, and talnment highlight spearheaded carnival.compete two-day Road 50 will open two weeks later against the Philadelphia 75ers earlier,Oscar(Big 0))Robertson
seasons. He had victory totals in his five Phil seasons of 5-3; practice begins the following by the Chicago Women's,Golf on March 26. pumped In 30 points to lead the Cincinnati.: Royals to an easy
The Alabama State
127; 11-7; 609; and 508. He posted earned-run-marks of 3.87 day. AMA officials predict that Club and Borden Company- Hornets will meet the Rattlers'College 1 According to W. B.Copeland, 137-123 win over the Detroit Pistons. Robertson had sunk a 20-
2.95; 2.29; 3J3; and 3.82. close to 1,000 riders will be here sponsors of CWGC activitiesIs -.'baseball nine In Chairman of the Game and *"foot jump shot with three seconds remaining give Clncy a 120 t
He eas credited with"saving"48 games Urine his five Phillle for the four top> events the En- the appearance of Duke El- series Friday and a two-game Saturday 1 Fresh Water Commission, -100 victory over the 76ers in the earlier NBA contest.
seasons, 17 In 1964 and 14 of these came on the road. duro run, and the sportsman's lington and his orchestra. afternoons FAMU Is hunting will be allowed from
Balkschun was born in Greenville, Ohio on November 18, 1936 events. The Duke and hIIlnternatiooallreDowud one-half hour before sunrise YOU Don' t *
and graduated from Greenville High in 1954 where he lettered In, band will be Southern Intercollegiate to 12 noon of each open day. Have 7
baseball, badketball and track. He also attended Miami University Grambling Faces featured during "Golfcapades Athletic Conference champions Hunters may take gobblers only
Golf Is also to start
at Oxfords Ohio for two years and played baseball.He 'dinner-dance marking expected on 1 with a dally bag of one and a
afternoon at the Jake
married Charlottee Kolbe in 1958 and they have a son and Tough Diamond UGA's 40th anniversary. Gaither Friday Golf Course. 1 season bag limit of two. ,LOW PRICES
The spring turkey hunting
daughter Proceeds will aid CWGC Youth
Seeing Baldschun in a Cincinnati uniform should be a welcomeToilet' Program and ,,"chd'charIUl. Coach Gibson, head track: season will close at noon March
Season coach at FAMU and carnival
27 in that portion of the state DRUG STORE
for the rabid Red fans. according publicity -
.director, said he plans to enter
chairman Mrs Bernice Cunningham. located south of State Road 50.
GRAMBLING La.-(NPI-The competition In the-triple Jump .
The northern part of the state ---------
Jim Planting Season I 1966 baseball season for the and the 480-yard shuttle relay
Brown Is UGA officials : will close at noon, April 10.
'... Tigers In the Southwestern -' expected for the first time this All'i Trade with 'Your NetahporhooMstore
Grambling |
I year, ,There will be no spring turkey ''<
tttend Maxwell ,
EnglandBoundNEW Completed J SOON Athletic Cooferedc.race .'> president are Stanford total there will be 16 events,ill> t season in Alachua and Madison 'WE WILL' SETANY': \, PRICES ADV. riFduit LOCAL
promises to be rough one, in field events and 10 in track counties. papers we Deliver we also fill all 'Doctors .
according to the 28-game 'Nathaniel Jordan vice Teams entering the carnival prescriptions. -
YORK-(NPI)-Cleveland's TALLAHASSEE-Now Is Turkey hunters will be
a president and Central District
grid great, Jim Brown, schedule released by Coach will come from the Southern required to possess a valid
time for farmers anl
good ran head St.Louis Mrs. Mary
Eddie Robinson last week.If section of the country and may
license and
who is hunting when hunting
again th1n.ItJDeolrelirlnefrom
chers to comp Ie t.their plans Campbell general secretary
s not so much the schedule, ; include such crack teams as the wildlife
football to on a management area
for wildlife cover plantings.The and Mrs. Marcia Jones, assistant Dixie
of the Gram Southeastern Pharmacy
become a full-time actor-sails Florida Game and Fresh WaterFish as it Is the makeup secretary, both Chicago; Conference track the hunter must have a manage
hung squadd.Decimated and field champions from theVn1y.rsity
England I In April for the Commission reminds financialsecretarypresident area permit.
James Morrow, I
by graduation,aca- of Tennessee and Wildlife
management areasopen
of "T
landowners that land can be emlc and service loses, Gram- Eastern the Grambling College thin' for the March 10 1302
Downs. 26-April Kings Road At
filming of"The Dirty Myrtle Avenue
managed for both an annual crop bling might have a difficult time District) Hollis, N.Y.: and clads Grambling has one of the '
role in season are as Telogia
Brown has a starring :
and a harvest of wildlife the William D. Jones treasurer
third.Long finest teams Inthe
as high as relay
finishing Creek Point
12 Washington;
the film which centers on army -
fall Dayton Ohio
time dissenters grudgingly con- country Dick Stebbins, a member Blackwater Phones Elgin 5.559198
Gaskln Eglin
misfits who are given a
In many cases, a portion of the Other VGA nations officers
of the 1964
chance to redeem themselves by cede the possibility. Olympic team Field, Apalachee,Liberty,Leon
cost for wildlife food and cover. Include C. LebronSimmons .
Even with unexpected develop- and gold medal winner in the Wakulla Aucilla steinhatchee -------- --
out a dangerous
carrying planting can be shared by the parliamentarian Detroit
ment, the Tigers appear to have ; 440-yard relay, beads the relay Osceola Lake Butler Gulf
mission during World War II. Federal Government. too many shq tcomings.: Charles R. Martin, aerpantalumslndhnapoUsS.L.- foursomes. Hammock, Tomoka, Farmton, PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE

Some area new.menut unkind ; and Croom
enough to suggest that Hall, Nashville, Southeastern BtUS'AT OUR STORE
district Detroit and Jack .....'
Grambling might claim the unusual ; SUPPORT YOUR
distinction of finishing In F Dukes, Boston president,

4 aTO .a. FEELS 5.Q GOODI l the basement. New England district. HEART FUXDWatch
Inexperience Is the major Mrs. Paris B. Brown, Washington -

drawback. Only 10 players returned D. C., tournament
r GET RELIEF FROM "UPSET SKIN" l from the 1965 squad that director, Is assisted by Mrs. r .
caused by certain minor skin irritations. posted a 26-2 record. Agnes G. Williams, Chicago.

h''", .,*. Skill SHCMM Ointment buying four large i much f con. This Clown
wltti.....ttraitftli contain IMVMI taming time*a for only" I
Important lnr.di.....skillfully como Me Satisfaction guaranteed or your SPOTLIGHT ON SPORTSBy
pounded. A* thi. Intornitlorwlly money refunded. 20-591-11 Take the1"takealong"
.... along
famou skin modicitlon the LOVKUBrl COMPL.IXIOM ,
Itching ond Induce fait bl.*Md ...plu h..d-to-ta. protection with Charles J. Livingston
relief' from Itching miMrlet. you'll medication 3!
feel better feitl Dont risk di'iiiremen the of ".oaep-ecting!utI ._...foamy" $..... It beautybatne BATON ROUGE Southern ,University's Indoor 55 18 size
or dengerou Infection by that
while It fight germ
tcratchlnt. U.. tile akin comfort often aggravate penpiratlon odor track team is reportedly the hottest
tecret of million Palmer make* aura r. nic. to 4i ---
.Skin Suecet*" Ointment. rea- b. near. Palmer you ";kia lasses." outfit on the major indoor track circuit. 3
ea.1I1y priced et 44c. Save 770 by Seep.Only" 29c. of Jchenley!
I. -- .'- The jaguars thinclads I have emerged as big 2

"SKIN.SUCCESS" 01.1: winners in the Motor City Indoor meet, Detroit i ; _
iHHIfOJTTIME ; the New York Athletic Associationgames A pint of Schenley Reserve goes

; Madison Square Garden ; and the wherever you go. Packs easily. Pours

Knights of Columbus meet, Boston, in addition 1- 18 133 15 the smoothest whisky anywhere.

.. .- .., .. -. to winning the team championship in Take along the "take.along"
the first National Association of Inter-
32 141 IS
size of Schenley Reserve just for
collegiate Athletics Kansas City Mo.
WOOS WINNING OOACi Sometimes He's Up SometimesHe's the fun of it 17'r

MADISON 1, Wls.-Wlth a record of 125 victories Down He adds subtracts, r
He works It all.around He works
and 35 losses In 16 years behind it sll around.

-" him, Les Rltcherson 39, head coach at '

r Moore High School Waco, Texas, has been 22 60 49

offered an assistant coaching job by the ,COMING ATTRACTIONS. .
University of Wisconsin. Les is a Negro. '
,(H-_ U < ..

NEW YORK Recently recrowned middleweight MAN'SDAYS

champion Dick Tiger of Nigeria has agreedto

defend his crown against <:-.Iralie Griffin, ARENUMBEREi '

and will meet the Virgin Islands world '

welterweight tit I 1st In Madison Square ; ?

Garden on April 25. Tiger will be defen- 'Man's Days are Hum-. _

ing the belt for the first time since regaining bend' Health and

it by decisloning Joey Giardello Fortune Can Be Yours When'*

in the Garden last Oct. 25. You. Know Your-, Lucky Days w


t I If II LOS ANGELES' Ex-heavyweight champion Joe Send Horoscope 2.00 for Gulcje your.lor I

Louis has come second thoughts about ser-

F ving as Cassius Clay's "adviser" for MARCH, .

the March 29 title fight--if ,It eVer comes
off--with Fill in the blank I
Ernie Terrell." The second mall to ZODIAC, Post Office*

thoughts' ,crop up because of objections Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla''
f/om Joe's wife and friends to Cassius''

Muslim views. He may not havr to make a NAME---_

decision, however, since the army Is STREET DATE OF IURTI1_ IUNMD WHilUV,M rmof,14%SPAIN NEUTRAL(MARS OSCNnaty DUTHUM it.M.C. '
I O'CLOCK .aMcDUFFN.ef BEAVE thinking of drafting Clay ere the fight Mo. Day;

__ ... -.- '-' I ', comes around.
., t. \ A 1


:: : :

l : .


'JOB OPENINGS Washington Job CorpsTo I Evers JailedIn WORLD NEWS DIGEST- -- I 'C.I. Prrlreted',

":lax Urban League Has Openings I for Cabinet I Start Summer Training March ARCHBISHOP

'Makers, \Wood \Workers and Furniture Finishers LAGOS (NP1) Like sister
1 WASHINGTON-NPI-Recrult. director, Office of slug-evers and 200 Independent African nations of.
''Experience on the Aptitude is the meat of unemployed (IrU Opportunity. Economic LORMAN, Mlzs.CharlesEvers Ghana Ivory Coast and Uganda, Nigeria has gained its first ,{rr ,
Requ I anent. between 15-21 to serve as a wo TIM new project,"an auxiliary ..1&.lpp1lleld. direct African archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the
, ;/ Ie/ also have opening for Orange Pickers man's auxiliary corps for the Job corps" to reach all teenage or of the National Association Most Rev. John Kwao Amuse Aggey, who was enthroned last
:I' : l.25 Average to 52.00 per hour Is the war on poverty has been suggested 'girls, would u g m e n t the pre for the Advancement Colored week in a colorful ceremony as a replacement for ArchblsJfop
scale by R. Sargent Shrirer :lect 1,518 girls In six Job. :orp People and 200 demonstrators Leo Halte Taylor an American who resigned last July because
I pay centers learlnlng secretarial were arrested here recently of W health and subsequently died

.nursing, consumer and electric when they marched on Alcorn'
start where the assembly skills. College to present a list of 32 MADISON AVENUE
Realize,first off that in th.l'OUnlrlC's
IH Shriver suggested an Intensive grievances. JOHANNESBURGNPISoutll Africa's counterpart of Madison
Peace works, have to start small.
Avenue is awakening to the untouched mine that lies
officers and
Your fob be teaching a child in Nigeria the alphabet. summer training followed by Campus security
small may among the black South Africans. Where heretofore because of
weekly meetings slmllarto sheriffs deputies arrested the -
Maybe he can't use it now -but he will.And It's a start.
, Or be helping Colombian farmers to start a farm those of the Army Reserve Addressing demonstrators: on March 4 after low purchasing power-they have discouraged and Ignored the
marketing you may cooperative.And for the first time they'll work together. a luncheon sponsoredby they had gone about.hall a mile black man when it comes to advutising lures, now the ad men
Maybe you11 help set up a health clinic In a Pakistan village. the United Church Women at into the predominantly Negro are falling over each other In an attempt to capture sizeable Joseph L.Walters,son of Mr.
chunks of the market. The rise In urbanization and Mrs. Milton McQueen of
rapid and
It ism't going to solve all of the villages medical problems- the New York Hilton, Sbrlver-: state-supported institution and wages
1- but it.too will be a start. while admitting that the existing charged them with disturbing though still low, but higher than the cost of living-Ms brought 1561 E. 22nd St., Jacksonville,
have failures and JftbTps for women the The demonstrators about this. change In thinking. Florida .is stationed at Beale
V < Whatever do,it won't be easy.Youll Job program peace.
4 frustrations. You can work for months-maybe even year would never encompass the 500,. were Jailed at Port Gibson,near AFB, Call for duty.Watterwasrecently.
**-.. and rarely see results you're happy with. 15-20-year-old girls-outlined the college. They were later released ROCKET MEMBERS' pro-
But youll be finding out things about yourself you the basic elements of his after posting $35 bond TOKYO-(NPI)-While France was busily registering its satellite moted to Airman 2/C.
can never find out anywhere else. By the end of your proposal. each. FRI with the United Nations Secretariat in New York, to He is a 1962 graduate of Mat.Jhfw -
I two)l'lInln the Peace Corps,you'll know how much The proposal followed criticism The grievances sought, become an official member of the International Space Club I W. Gilbert School and
Japanese scientists were cUscloslnCplanl launch a four-stage entered the Air Force in 1964.
well how much lake. liberalization of
you can give as as you can that the sane "amount some policies
And more Important to many of the people of attention has not been givento :Stealing with students and abolIshment rocket from the Uchinoura space center March 26. The launching
49 nations,you will have brought something they girls" in the Job corps setupas of others;Improvement will be In preparation for the orbiting Japan's first artificial FOR SALE
never knew was theret..hope. If you're willing to take on I it has boys. rot student accommodations and satellite !in 1967.
't ..' the biggest dragons of them ails hunger disease 1 Already applications of 4,000 'Increased wages and salary for rms. of used furniture. Sells''
TAX OATH cheap by
owner. 2235
and illiteracy start right now. girls have been processed according campus employees and faculty. Orchard

,;;1.-IIII. .. Writes The-Peace..._Corps_.Washington__...D.C._0325_... to Rep. Edith Green(D-' Earlier, theNAACPleaderhad wildfire ROMENPIA throughout the piece world of was legislation introduced that Into could the catch Italian on par like St. 3565949. .
.7" \ Ore.), member of the House Education called on the State College ,
liament by Sen. Umberto Terracini week.The bill would require -
"': ..r and Labor committee student Board loan for policies an investigation of the col those declaring more than million lire($16,000)) incomea rrrr.rr": ,,1.'Ii',.,'{fh JJ:
to take an oath that Income declaration
year "my correspondsto '
Ilece.Evers also sent a telegramto the truth."Those found guilty of perjury or who refuse to take L F&w/PNo:'V .
a I the oath would be punished by Jail terms and stiff fines.
RIIUllffl'I i the U. S. Office of Education OIL
requesting the Immediate withholding DEATH OF A SCANDAL I *".
of .'; Federal funds and
s NASSAU, Bahamas -(NPI -One of the principal figures in the ecu
flte Opening Of a thorough investigation Christine. Keller prostitution scandal In London-which involvedher

Trade Unions Jamaican boyfriend,Aloyslus(Lucky)Gordon-died In Princess ..,cA
Margaret Hospital last week of a heart attack. The deceased ... c..II
is Lord Astor, of the millionaire Waldorf Astor (hotel) I CALL: 764-4511
h Mason $ LumberTOoropanY. DiscriminateNegroes family, at whose ancestral home former War Minister John Pro- ALL SIMONS ICS t furl.t
fumo first became acquainted with Miss Keeler.

Flffct t Ciicir
Westside Branch
Wore Glamorous
CINCINNATI T-I" The Ohio Civil Ever!
Rights Commission has made WANTED -

_. ,public a comprehensive,64 MAIDS, N.Y. SLEEP IN GREAT CAST OF SKATING STARS-
a report which confirms
'p ge
advance rush reference, phone
Branch of the National Association -
for the Advancement of
Colored People that local trade
1 unions discriminate against Negroes N.Y.:

just one week after seven tluzBng$kotl!' rk ands
1834 W. 45th St. 765.4614 ''NAACP leaders were found With Rental 01 Shampoo Equip -"* ..+ entertMnng.:
guilty on trespass charges meat We Rent Lawn Mowers
For All Your Building Materials stemming from a sit-In stagedin Garden Tools, Floor Polis
the Building Trades Council hers li Sanders, Mechanic L
Hardware Supplies office last August 10. The seven Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2'.

were placed on a year's probation per day {..'-tifJ ncomimmM for '...
Emacirig New Homes .. ,FHA _I with a stipulation that ftll'JOlllf tviry aft' ::,

FHA Home Improvements W. H. Streets Mir 'should they become Involved In NATIONAL RENTAL
,, a similar demonstration during EIGHT GREAT PERFORMANCES

that period, they would be sen CENTER Tues., Mar. 22 thru Sun., Mar. 27
fenced to 30 days in the workhouse :1323 ,.. Main
St. PO 8-8955
\ GRACE .A'I FLI.. OR GH, and fined $50 each and SY.e.
court costs. PRICES
'I t FRESH I ICE. PACKED WHOLE .' The seven Included Mrs Mar .., WW.. Tkw*.-I tJL MAIl OIDIM NAY PRIORITY'
o aLEO'S 11.00,12.50, ".00 4011 NOW m>t IIST StAlL
tha Holt, secretary treasurer;Abraham : : '1''..' P.M. ..*. I. I 1:41: 1..1_. lto..,.., AAdewee .....,.
; ...
S. I 'oM
Baker, press publicity committee r 12.00 ILIO. IJ.SO
jl'1' FRYERROASTING chairman; Rev. Robert L. SHOE REPAIR.r. lOX'emeuMIMMINO
Mitchell and Mrs Elizabeth PAIN
Jordan, executive t committee Shoe Reparinf I NALP.PIC4. COIIIIUM
members; Mrs. Lucille Green, I TAT M4TIHIII ONLY I .. ." A.ll.M. .*
Critewm RlfM U I*
community coordination
tkw Tnn.SIX .'
CHICKENS committee chairman and wife Of Any Kind Is
of Dr. Bruce H. Green, branch PRODUCTIONS!
I Our Only Business DONT MISS IT
president; and William Mont

': gomery. 934 E. UNION STI
Zh i 4 IB. 39- t' ******** -.c t4lll Cl_0....


at.rstr ,,


PRICES IN iRis AD ARE GOOD A&P Cares. About You !




"STEAKS CHOICE YOUR ( LI.9'8C'.t4lll r.

1 Ct4III ISeS5sseasttlsesnls-...ce Ct4lll It_ a n II_ Q_0_ a _


M J WHITE BREAD 2, S 43 I. ,e





J' I '" : ." '..__

f COFFEE ''ft 650 ',15' 1 1.89 YOU DON'T. : n'.'... \/0 X-;'" i: .



(11S1.lIlu&er( ) BISCUITS. CHOICE. 3 !CANT: : 25I Nationally Advertised

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I LrLE9C i

(tniitt Manager) 15 BAG' 39

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