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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200705datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 5, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007050740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 5, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 5, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
: <, U.J i..ed,1'o.-Move i'( : M- : raining'" B I -. ---_.Camp- From Winter*- Haveni

****. *.* *. -


-- --- --- -- -
"- -
j* ...... ... ...... ... -r\1 r '
-- .1Ir'. .

] EGRUSIILDI ERFKI[[1$"'I 1! Gainesville UnlTeraity Library of Florida Florida ; '?


---- --
** *

Tbeir Death Toll High Negro Valor

J- P2It
r 'Attributed' To

VOL. 15 NO. 51 SATURDAY MARCH 12, 1966 ls CENTS

High Deaths *,* .* *, >* *** *.*' ** *

{ .at Negro WASHINGTONAlthough have died in VietNam more Kih I..., SUJd fiori S.eiZiRR8n'tsl ,I

than any other t U. S. Military ._ _______ .___-:...............",,--.. .:.......,..,
personnel. Defense Department .. .. "f/

officials deny there Is any discrimination -'
in battle area
assignments. PROBE TEACHERS'AID .
To give Ironic comfort to the,
deathly situation a Pentagon
spokesman said IOU anything,
the figures show it is the valo,
of the Negro In combat.
The figures, compiled are-
cent Pentagon survey,show that TO BOYCOTT
of the Army force In Viet Nam
at the end of 196:5: 15.531 or 14.8
percent were Negroes,while the
Negro death rate t '-*en 1961 ** *
+ and 1965 was 18.3 per-*.
F, Of the Marine fore In VietNam King's Seizure 2 Stanton SchoolsIn [iIId

3,580 or 8.9 percent were '
SOMEWHERE: IN VIET :NV-"T! ;Negro soldiers I; Viet Nan: give aid to Injured Negro, compared with an 11.' Of Rentals iSilllifiN ,
death rate In the
I Vietnamese women on battle ground. Recent figures show Negro casualties percent Negro -

higher than other U. S. Personnel 1961-1965 The Negro period.death percentages Brings Lawsuit Boycott ProbeSchool hfr !
in Viet Nam become more
CHICAGO -NPI> Charging ,
marked when enlisted only men -
NationwidePlot Rites Set For Ask Protection are counted. These standout "Illegal seizure of private Supt. Ish Brant said Thursday that an Investigation Is Hiiro Plan Duiil
percent for the Army and 12.0. property" suit filed in chancery being conducted to ferret out teachers who Mrs. Ada M. Lee percent for the Marines. division last week against students to stay out of school during the Monday-Tuesday\ two-
ToM For Nurses In. Here is the breakdown of 1961- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., day school boycott which cost the Duval school system some $<6. At Wiitir Ham Spit
Funeral services will be held 65: deaths as provided by the seeks toprevent him from collecting wu.
Saturday for Mrs. Ada M. Lee, rents in the Westside District Federal court Brunt SAFETY Fla.-ICtYIt
rd.r NegroesLOS "Eat IB" Case Pentagon; The boycott was called by civic HARBOR
"This school system has
a diligent, and constant civic Army -A total of 1.0'l814c1 \ building In which he resides. leaders and local ministers to Kaplan natlonalprealdentoftheNattooal
ANGELES-NPI-A and church leader who is known RICHMOND, Va.-Attorneys ding 213 officers, 865: enlist J The suit also asks for a draw attention to racial inequities been operating under the juris- Association for the Advancement -
.diction of the federaLcourt: in
best for
diabolical plot to kill Negroes the Be- of the NAACP Legal Defense and men. Negroes: 6 officers 191 court-appointed receiver for in theschoolsstemfollow- regard to desegregation. Every of Colored People,
wholesale was brought to light thune-Cookman Circle which .Educational Fund were to appeal last week when a 43yearoldSun she organized more than 20 In the U.S.Court of Appeals! here cent. While the plaintiff-owner of with Health, Education and has been complied with. Every Sox "and other teams training
Valley welder was arraigned years ago. Monday in behalf of three Negro Marines A total of 346, Including the building 81-year-old JohnB. Welfare officials in Washington action In regard to pupil attendance in any city where discrimination
la Superior Court on The funeral rites will be held nurses fired two years ago for I, 37 officers and 309 en- Bender agrees with Dr. last week. The protest t movement has been in strict t com- continues to exist to seek other
charges of soliciting for the at ,3 p.m. Saturday, March 12Mrs. eating in the "white" cafeteria 'I listed. Negroes: 2 ooflcers, 37 King's objectives and intentions was designed by the Citizens pliance with the court." training quarter U city officials
purpose of murder. of Dixie Hospital in Hampton, enlisted, total 39 or 11.3 percent he maintains that "the Committee for Better School system officials: reported : do not .end racial discrimination. -
Herman Henry, who was ar- KR'v Virginia. The Navy was unable to come Education of which Wendell C, 59 percent of the total ."
rested by three undercover Dixie Hospital i Is currently up with precise figures, but estimated Holmes Is chairman. negro enrollment of 29,948 students A native of Boston on vacation r '
agents, is accuse conceiving awaiting action on Us Federal its number of Negroesin Brant said be had reports that were out of class Tuesday.Of \ here, Mr. Kaplan's plea wa T
an elaborate scheme to send 'w application for an additional and off Viet Nam at 500, or several teachers in a numberof this, 47 percent was classed contained In a telegram to|bt
free food samples-Uden 585000.00: for new construction 5.1 percent,with only one Negro schools told children to go as due to the boycott,compared Massuchusetts team's manffe-
peisoci-rJo.A Imost every dead In the four,years fr back borne after they arrivedat with a similar absence Mondayof ment following newspaper'
Negro In the country. He pro- The Court will be'askedlodTclde The Air"Force reportedNegroes 908.( school admitted, however 41.7 percent. ,reports that Earl Wilson, a:- ,
posed to establish four central if Negro nurses are pro- or 8.3 percent and no that there were only two Brant estimates that for each Negro pitcher on the squad was
national distribution Constitution with Viet Nam deaths. specific cases of refused service two Winter t
points, tected by the alleged complicity child absent the school system
manned by aides to obtain effective regard to racial discrimination The data covered 98 percentof in the boycott and those loses $3.33 per child in state Haven, Fla, nightclubs Saturday -',
saturation.The with hospitals receiving the forces W Viet Nam last involved Old Stanton High School and federal funds which are night February 26.
samples would have con- Federal monies under the Hill- December, the Pentagon said and New Stanton High Schoolteachers based on attendance. Reports said Red Sox official
i listed of easily alterable foods Burton Act. The Defense Department Brant said the-- average expenditure were angered stroogprotestwith1 by the Incidents''!'
/ powdered gelatine desserts- The attorneys will argue that called upon the services: to con The CCBE charged In Washington per pupil each year from and lodged a
each containing unspecified Dixie Hospital "received Fed- duct a one-time survey of Negro that less than 150 Negro operating funds has been the Winter Haven city officials con'
poison and a dose eral funds in 1956, seven years participation in Viet'Nan students bad been Integrated in same for all students, regardless cerning the matter.
hydrate (knockout drops). The before racial discharge" after Duval' schools, that busslngof of schools attended. Mr Kaplan commended Red
latter was Included so that the r promising that it would not because of what it termed students for the purpose of segregation Brant pointed out that recent Sox officials for their "action
victims would not be conscious "discriminate on basis of race, "many requests" Previously, is prevalent and that federal legislation (Public: Law in placing business establishments .
long enough to take an antidote. creed or color." "available records did not breakdown boundaries were maliciouslyset 89-10)) has made available funds off-limits which refuse
Originally Henry allegedly Negro nurses across the South enlistment by race --- up to maintain a segregated which by law are dlrectedprin- service" to Mr. Wilson,'a 30
sought the assistance of the generally work for less money Some Congressmen have pupil assignment plan.It cipally to the children who are year old American Learue *
... .
Alabama Ku Klux Klan to help ....---w than their white counterparts; raised Questions about whether was learned that an investi now boycotting the schools. He ran of six years

Implement the scheme but : Ada M. Leeat are given separate facilities; Negroes are discriminated REV. KING (Health from the HEW said "the federal undswill ,Named To Judge
he later abandoned the idea, assigned the less desirablework against on the battlefield. And law is Just as important as ( Education and mean from 12,000 to 15,000: of
be said, for fear of someone Ebenezer Methodist Church ; and, are confined to Ne- some civil rights leaders have civil rights..." Welfare) Dept. is expected to these children (Negro) will "Women Doers"
Informing on him. with Rev. E. W. Newman offici gro wards for the most part. protested that Negroes are Dr. King the Coordinating come to Jacksonville to study benefit to the extent of an average
However, before he droppedthe ating. The nurses in this case, Mil foced to fight a war with which Council of Community Organi the complaints lodged in Wash of $166 each above the aver WASHINGTON (NPI)-Mrs.Alleen .,
Idea he reportedly telephoned Mrs Lee who died in Brewster dred Smith Agnes L. Stokes they are not in sympathy shuns (CCCO) and the WestSide ington. age expenditures for the other Hernandez of California -
the KKK on several oc- Hospital on March 8 following and Patricia L. Taylor were Gen. Earle G. Wheeler,chair- federation last month Duval County could face loss 100,000 (white) children in the a member of the Federal
'easion over the period of two a period of Illness was a nativeof among Dixie Hospital's Negro man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff assumed "trusteeship" over of federal school funds in the system" he declared.The Equal Employment Opportunity
months. Fernandina Beach but residedin employees forced to eat in a told southern t senators last the building collecting rentsto event the investigation provesthe chairman of the Citizens Commission, has been
Investigators said Henry Jacksonville since childhood. converted classroom, while month that Negroes and whites rehabilitate it. existence of bias and such Committee for Better Education named to a panel of five women
gave the following reasons for Displaying a deep interest in white employees used a new share the dangers proportionately The three groups spent $2 cut-off funds is deemed war ,in Duval County, who said he judges to select nine "women
plotting the mass annihilation the education of)youth Mrs.Lee cafeteria."In in front line fighting. 000 on the building as an tinted. understood that the school board doers."
scheme "Negroes are directly was organizer i and president order to dine in this room The airborne units In which measure" according As if to say the inequities that is contemplating"certain changes The successful nine will be
I responsible for the obvious emeritus of the Mary McLeod (classroom) Negro employeeshad many of the Negro deaths occur, "emergency to the Rev. Andrew exist are being condoned by the directly In line with the honored at the 1966 campaign
lack of respect for law and Bethune Circle of this city and to telephone their orders are composed solely of volun Young SCLC executive direc ,inequities we've set. conference for D e m o c r a 11 e
order in the United States.Also was an associate trustee at Be- for food service to the cafeteriaand teers. women to be held April 17.19...
responsible are Com m u- thune-Cookman College. wait until the food was delivered Negro first-time re-enlist tor.This action was taken whenit Destitute Family Pleads For Help I .
and whites living with ments. In 1964, the latest avail
mists She had been honored by several ... was learned that tenants had
He reportedly t 1 "This procedure resulted In able figure onArmyr.-eDltst- -
ecroes. organizations and institu been without heat for three f
planned to kill the latter tions and was the recipient of cold food and delays which exhausted ments showed 49.3 percent of weeks. : :
groups also. the Mary McLeod Bethune Me- the 30-minute lunch Negro soldiers signing up for a The three groups reportedlyused i : J 7ei.
His arrest came about after dallion from Bethune-Cookman period" second tour of duty comparedwith the money to repair the .
two investigators posing as for outstanding service to the Nurse Smith explained that the 18.5 percent of the whites. furnace buy coal hire -
members of the White Citizens institution and to education. classroom seated 33: persons The'Army had 12.4 percent in an electrical firm to overhaul ri :
Council contacted and spent Her affiliations wer 'nume- but because there are"over 100 Negroes overall in 1949 before the wiring and paint and clean
tf o weeks dickering with him rous. She was a life member of Negro personnel who must eat Korea 13.7 percent in 1954 after the building.
on the mass murder plans. the National Council of Negro there, the room Is frequently Korea 12.2 percent in 1962,and Rents collected were to beheld
He is said to have told them Women, the Florida Circle of crowded and persons must wait 13.4 percent in 1964. The World in escrow pending court a
they> could set up discount New York a member of the Elks their turn for available chairs War II percentage ran about 9- action Rev. Young added I R tt
clubs: In supermarkets using and the Household of Ruth. "This, combined with the necessity 10 percent. However, Bender chargedthat
forms on which applicants She was a lifelong friend and of leaving the main cafe- without the money which ,
would state their race. Then confidant of Mrs. Mary McLeod teria and walking to the small Powell Urges Dr. King has collected he is
the organization would begin necessitates our
Rethune. room, unable to make payments on
sending free samples. ,Among her survivors are her lunch.... mortgage, taxes and Insurance
Initially, untainted samples "In addition Nurse Smith asserts Negroes Assume.
husband, Ralph A. Lee; daughters on the property or to carry
would be sent, to divert sus "the humiliation we experience
Miss Gertrude L. Styles out his responsibility to correct -
picion.: Later, each distribution a member of the faculty of when we see white persons 23buildingcodevio.
point would mail a barrage Raines High School;Mrs. Gwen- some of them maintenance Political Hue lations cited by city
of poisoned packages dolyn Bell, also a public schoolteacher personnel in dirty working inspectors.
simultaneously. Henry planned 1 of this city and Mrs clothes seated in the main
to finance the scheme Rosabelle Howard Philadelphia cafeteria while wo are forcedto BALTIMORE-NPI-Negroes) NAACP LEADER
which: be viewed as being effective Pa.; son, Joseph leave, because of our color, were urged tc pursue "auda
In 12 months through Pa. is impossible to explain" cious power, the power to ,
A. Styles, Philadelphia, ,
the sale of an invention. several grandchildren nieces The three nurses involved in make decisions which controlthe GETS CITY POST. ec ,
the suit decided to eat in the affairs of our cities and
nephews and other relatives.jlWhMrif .
..." MOBIL'E. John L. Le-
white cafeteria on August 8th Ala. t
and 9th. They were first'on The statement came from Flore a veteran leader of the
I Fp Ii Tri ll.M August
!! r\l
'\ ,, ; the 9th.However. Rep. Adam Clayton Powell local branch of the National
haw bean at'; .1Mdetbalast. .Heary111Hs6ieg 0('. according to the Department (D-N. Y.), while addressingmore Association for the Advancement NEEDS HELP -. -Mrs. Jlm.le Lee James whose hone at 5115 Ave B.
.p.rsose Ilyet at..'.aaest.ob1 of Health, Education than 1,000 persons at of Colored People, has burned out last Monday night is in destitute need of food and
fS5- N idhiht WIlt some, and Welfare, as of July 13,1965: the Maryland Democratic $ts been officially seated as a member clothing for herself and 13 children, eight of whoa she la shown
fetus mmiaiummuKwM. "the hospital DOt in com p U- per-plate fund raising dinner. of the Mobile Housing
Powell who the Joseph above. There are six boys ages 19. 18, 15, 3, 2 and I' ,e.r.
deemed. setae bf jut HUM ance with Title VI, particularly I Rep. was Board Appointed by Major '
*ra torrid lows It.fIlM. Tiealerjr., on a.* hats of ''In the areas of patient assign- principal speaker, also urged N. Langan "in response to The girls' ages are 15, 13, 12, 11. 10,9 8, and 5 years They
:- .... ......... report" arWW1smC I meat to rooms and use of separate Maryland's only Negro state ,the responsibilities of now reside at 5103 Avenue B. contributions nay be delivered to the
-...: _v .hers,'a cwt SfpottrtpvycMtrtat. admission lists for Negro senator, Mrs Verda the time," Mr. Le Flore family or brought to the office of the FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-
.l and white patients." Welcome, to ran either for becomes the first Negro in the crier Rd. corner of 13th st.
1wr AM' Noe, W rant: *, ; trial duo ban bH'O'.it 1 i i Dixie Hospital received a mayor of Baltimore, or for city's history to serve on a ma
.1fW,; Jwye 7tenNt 1 tor l.-!! Federal grant of $1,730,000 Congress. jor policy-making: body. --FLORIDA STAR PHOTOrliifmedrSltx --


I 1 ) l ,

-- ----- -----

PAPERS.[ --- -- ,- --


\ by the Florida Star Publishing Company IT C NE5n'aSRAn BY WIIITNEY M, YOUNG, JR?

1J.1. B.ER In tho past several years the press and i
f II/? alrwavfH have been full of civil rights
11Q 2t! nrwK-- telling the story of what is being

NEGRO PRE eMfeRNATIONAL done to help Negro citizens attain full e-

<1\ quality. "11Ir.h of this news has to do with

demonstrations and with Federal Laws and

ERIC 0. SIM'SOM..hllll.I!.Editer 0, court decisions. .Much has been done and

much remains to be done in the fields of

HILDA W001ENCirculltiea jfaiitr.& legislation and in rousing the nation to

take action.
u_ III.-.c But the question lias 'b'een) raised;;

2323 Meicritf' had PIOII Elfii 4-6782 what is the Negro 'doing to help

1 himself? It has been asked both by

Mailing Address I well-meaning friends of the Negro

( and by his enemies. The answer,

P. 0. Sex 599 Jacisonille, Florida 32201 I am happy to report, is a lot--

an awful lot He is pulling himself -

MIAMI OFFICE up. by. the .bootstraps.

First, the organizations of the Negro com-
738 NW 3rd Aie.' Piano 311.1025 Y mmunity have been extremely active. Negro
f -0.: .."';'
> churches fraternal organizations
00-' social
SUBSCRIPTION RATES 3 clubs, fraternities and sororities have co-

1> One year, $6.00 Half year $4.00 yY.. .YOU CANT mmunity service programs designed to stj-

Mailed to you Anywhere In the united states .,J GET TO-PAV5 mulate and encourage youths and adults a-

I subscription payable in advance JOBS WITH like. They have scholarship programs and
Send Check or Money order to; training and citizenship services, and hale

YESTERDAYS :contributed,!, thousands of dollars
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 f ; SKILL'S" : many to
Jacksonville' 1. Florida raise the health and educational levels of

{f the community.

Girl Scoot Week These efforts have been aided by individual *

Boas Negroes who have climbed out of cir-

Some of the innumerable "Days" and cumstances of crippling poverty to make a

'Weeks" which we are supposed to cele- better life for themselves and their fami
brate each year in this country are with- lies. This rapidly growing middle-class has

out any notable significance and importance expanded at a truly amazing rate.; Between

some are unconsciously silly. 1949 and 1959 the number of Negroes in New

Some are highly specialized and are of York city who make more than $4,000 per yr.

Interest only to the few. But, there are grew from 10,995 to 198,9051 It is likely

some which have earned and which deservethe Your Weekly that the growth since then has been even

recognition and support of us all. more spectacular, The story is the same all
over the nation. The value of homes owned
That is true a dozen times over of Girl
Scout week, which is to be observed this by Negrces has increased by 123.percent' between -

year during the March 6-12 period. tiff. 1950 and i960, a far greater race

The Week's stated purpose is; "To cele- ************** Horoscope Guide *****::::***** than values of homes owned by whites.As .
brate the birthday of Girl Scouting in the companies cmtinue to open their doorsto

United States." That birthday took placeon tit** Negroes, we find more and more individual -

March 12, 1912 in Savannah, Georgia. success stories of the king I have writ

In intervening years, the movement has By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER ten about in past columns young'Negro'-

spread across the nation, bringing life- ;gineers, lawyers, scientists, managers and

long benefits to legions of girls. They salesmen, who have helped contribute to ourNation's
learn the arts and crafts and domestic store of wealth and knowledge.

virtues which are particularly suitedto Negrcesso long barred from the sourcesof
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES capital needed to establish their
temperament and inborn talent.
businesses, are now making great strides in
They learn of the wonders of nature. They
that field.
learn how to get along with each other, Negro-operated banks like 'larlem's -

and to show respect and understanding and contend with o r g a n 11 e d competition : may require a completely: unselfish 23rd-Dec. 21stA carver Federal Savings and Loan Asso-
tolerance for the thoughts and aspirationsand Bom March21itApril your difficulties may attitude and the abilityto ciation, and the Freedom National Bank a
arise In proportion to their accept personal sacrificesas source of sorrow must not bank are providing needed funds to help Ne-
ambitions of others. They learn the 19th numbers or potential Influence. the price for stable domestic be permitted to dampen jour', gro businessmen, These businessmen are also
disciplines and attitudes that are vitalto This may be,Just about the right and public relations. A cer- spirits to the point where yon
a happy and useful life in society. One disappointment does not moment to slow up the pace and lain family problem still very may lose faith in yourself in taking advantage of Federal Loans. There
necessarily mean that the world the future. Whatever end is signaled succeess isseen in the growing numbers of
Above all--and this vital to leave the field to others who much In the picture and itcould:
was never so is coming to an end. The truth
may put up a fight for it. bear great weight on your ability it can also mean that a business establishments run by Degrees and
'as today Ifie Girl of Is
-- Scouts build character. the matter simply that we new beginning is In the
to arrive at a decision: that processof serving both the
Negroe and the white
They the all need to be disenchanted and formation. comm
are enemies of delinquency andthe 8.7 i -10.33.267 will sUck. Go more thoroughly Something InsideIs unities.
firm ,and dedicated ,friends of the disillusioned now and then to Into the economic aspects of an trying to tell you to remain
lean how to live with others CANCER alliance to make sure that they self-assured and confident and Negro colleges, which are, by the way, integrating -
moral standards which are the real strength and, in some cases w i t h our- to proceed with your presentand their
are not the main contributors at a rate
of nation and its citizens. Let selves. Romantic setba'cklteacb also Born June
any long-range plans as you always which white
to the lack of harmony coq schools should emulate, are active
all salute them during the forthcoming many discriminating 22nd >eratlon. The V1 r g o a n s who did. Disharmony in your
when choosing: a companion: of 22ndJuly in conduction remedial to
key associations could: be the
Week--and let all help their cause in any love and know that they are loved
the heart, and to go more principal factor behind your determination train young people in their areas. I
way he can.What Very 'few of say that we In return may find it relativelyeasy
by equality rather than by the
to bring something we at the Urban League in positionto
are not affected by what happensin to reach accords.: are a
of the to whom
appearance: one to aconclusion.
the world. The difficulties of note the great sense of participationby
you should offer undying. love tarlans who
40-3-22-63-479 are now romantically -
Is State's Rights and devotion. While you are other people are also ours Inclined may reach the the Negro community in programs like the
establishing the basis fora whether we realize it or not, LIBRA stage of making a declaration: skills bank, which refers qualified peopleto
and it Is wise it Is nobleto
The definition of state's rights change secure: way of life do not overlook lend a helping hand when It as to their future intentions or Job f lo'penings'] other successful projectare
with the years, as well as for the purposeit the most Important element is urgently required. There Is Born Sept expectations.: But next month' the anti-poverty workshop.the; secre-
which is the accumulation of
would be better for the rituals.580445SS3 .
is intended to support.tyierf substantial resources.Mercury no need to go to extremes of 23rd-Oct. 23rd tarial training program, in which young women -
the practice of segregation was the turning retrograde, advises pessimism, however, when the volunteer for training In the skills
The LIbrans who are capitalizing
hig issue, Southerners cried about the denial planning more carefully. skies along with darken them.and your The Cancer-outlook on old as welts new skills CAPRICORN they need for Jobs In industry the many;

cf state's rights when the '_federal tans who nave faith in their own will find that their financial status Bom Doc.' other Jobs training project we urge and the
government and the courts brought about an'end talents and aptitudes arenot Is benefiting accordingly. .new leadership development program which.
toits': existence legally. When the federal likely to be found wanting when But the main point is that this 22n4-Jan. 19th seeks out and trains the heretofore untapped -
government restricts the of conditions may not be termed should also teach: many of you Once reservoir of leadership in the commu-
spending Bom April the best. Your main problem the value of money and the validity a thing has been firmly
its funds appropriated to states in the planned and decidedthere nity.
of hanging on to as much of
could be to overcome Inner -
20th- : your
South, at once they cry "federal d oninat May 20th fears or lack: of self-assur- it as you can to provide for a seems to be little to gain in having The Negro poor, too, have shown that they

or rule. Even if your pocketbook comes ance. This can also be accomplished secure future. Those who learn ,second: thoughts Proceed wish the opportunity to do things for them-
with personal
i economic: and
this lesson by heart as well as
out second best as a result, it fairly easily when you selves. The around -
In North Carolina, there is at present a life security projects without being many anti-poverty programs
by hard knocks: of are not
desirable confide In others and them
is much to give
great deal of controversy going on about human values more first and material put the opportunity to provide so apt to forget it. now or ever. Influenced: in any way by the' the country are continually beinff

banning of speakers thought to have commu- ones last.Old friends,or a partner -' strong support. Something of a sorrowful nature opinions or suggestionsof pressed by the Negro poor to let them decide
nistic inclinations. For instance, speakserwho who has shared your life's related to your hopes or friends others. No one Is infallible what they need and to let them do the
are to arppnr' before university audiences joys and tribulations for a long 20-2-66-19-688 may be disturbing but it should and even the experts are sometimes se things themselves. Anything which smackscf
out on a limb; when
must be cleared by censor before be-l time, should never be cast aside LEBom not linger long enough to cause: they publicize way their apinlosa., "welfare-ism" or a retention of the
you to put off Important projectsThingsthattransplre
ing permitted to sprnk.The for coursethere any reason whatsoever. Of July lathe Intuition should guide you truly, status quo, anything which denies them full

truth is that all rights are limited, all around arepowerfulforces emphasisingthe world outside of your own tend but you must avoid the error of participation in planning and executing

Just as it is true of freedom of speech. new and unusual I, but it 23rd Aug. 22nd to be wildly exaggerated and substituting wishful thinking these programs, runs into sturdy opposition
The certain that should not be made part of your when it is hard to differentiate self-reliance is the key word here.
.iwjpip'of a state have right to e- appears fairly : Things that must be settled major concerns.: between the two., ,
lect its governor The state tells the peoplp sooner or later, the pendulum cannot be wishedaway no matter 23 S 22 27 113 There are many more ways in which the Negro -

& what the lews.of the State are. Thisin will This start subject swinging could the be other food how much it may be your desireto AQUARIUSBom has sought, successfully, to help himself

turn relieves the people of the state way.for thought during the weekend, do so. And if you have failed SCORPIO Jan impressive though this is, it taVes
to be provident in the past, you *
- from the "the burdenson responsibility especially? when you,!haveallthe will Live to accept: the restrictions Bom Oct.' en added significance when seen against the
cf thinking for themselves and making decisions time In the world on your hands. that may now be your lot 20th., Feb. 18th background of poverty and discriminationwhich
and leave to the state and rightto There is a phase developing to bear. The Leos who are extracting 24th Nov. 22ndIt 'Many Aquarians may have been have hindered his efforts.

decide and choose for them. which will offer you to a take very stock important a lesson in economics: may seem uncanny to many at sea for a long time back regarding The great gap which separates him from his

Of a truth, this is Just about the way it of past opportunity accomplishment and of the hard way, would be well- people who have dealings with the advisability of white brothers who are better educated,
advised not to forget it too soon to hear make '
you you choosing a career, changing a
for the futureS wealthier end favored society which
your hopes or too easily. The necessity: of VronouncemenU that always profession or going Into busi by a
1stWhat CM Abort having a home that you can call: seem to bit the nail on the bead. ness. The answer could conceivably they dominate, remains. But It is being
We Do ParentsIt GEMINI your' own, and where you can This Is especially true when you come in the form of an closed partly because of the magnificenteffort

is regretable that a Tampa mother of feel secure, Is pronounced and wait for intuition to give you offer of marriage or through on the part of Negroes themselves in
must be considered above all your cue or when you allow financial: P r e s II r t. 'the face of immense obstacles.
five children had to be arrested for child Born May
'else. Should you allow your yourself to be led mainly by in
cruelty. The mother deprived the childof 2lst-June 21st heart, or your friends, to overrule -, stinct.: But there are times
treatment for burns suffered at the your !butter Judgment, you, when like everyone else, you PISCES
home wheh a fire broke out while she was Just so far and no further.This may be asking for an even bigger have to be guided by plain logic ;Born reb.19thMar. Ministering To Peoples' Needs
is the policy: to which you should pack troubles..Do not dismiss or the force of reality. Discipline 20th ''ibe pour and'the
needy are with
away. to the idea of going when !is to yourself us sways, and they need our
adhere when you begin sense away that applied
;: in
help la
The child was in such a pitiful condition that you may be going out of your your home locale offers no hope. as well to the younger persons Just because certain accustomed sure that many they are ways.being But helped helping by] the these right people, we must tw

with burns about the body, face, depth. In cases where others under your charge should have patterns human Ministers should not take the place psychiatrists person. should
officers amazed !have complete: charge things, a salutary effect when it is accompanied behavior have been used as examples ,nor
and hair, that the were psychiatrists take the place of ministers.Ministers,particu:
they be the ones who impose VIRGO by the wisdom gained this does not always imply -
that she could stand up at all. may lar, should be ready to meet the challenge: when individuals come:
restriction to which from experience. Do not go that you must put good sense
you Bom Aug.
to them for
help. True
they training for this field the instructor
Immediately the child- was taken to the must adapt yourself in order to : against this principle when Jon'tend and sentiment aside. No matter : being God.
maintain your p oalt Ion. The 23rd -S.pt. 22nd to weaken and resort to Just what precedents are set before. .
Just have
Tampa General Hospital for treatmentif as we quack doctors,there are quack preachers who
Cemlnlaos who have special the opposite tendencies. Plan you, N guided purely by your
There Is the possibility'that don't take their
they put themselves to trouble to calling: sincerely.: But the true ministers will
some skills possessed by the limited good j Judgment and practical your work schedule with car,. self-interest In matters that ;heed the "early cry for help"
get it should be in favorable have to do with marital
few a spot your .
considerations Intervene Christians and ministers alike
may SAGITTARIUSBorn must be able to hear
What can we do about mothers who demonstrate to capitalise on them to material and family relationships men cry
and enable a team to continue: lag for the help that they can give.Mea are dying and everyone,
?such heartlessness? advantage put If you have to, working or living together. It Nov. 9-70-88-39-201 who has a commitment will rescue the perishing.PICE .

.f i, 4L f ,

-- &

*.lltH' 1219&& STAR PAPERS PAGE 3

I [Ely. Ole Valley: :Social b..u Entertains _'_ Camellia Ladies Social Club Holds Meeting i

r KrT' TW_' tmtw* jri *Hi *? I M-HK, ,rte _i MMMAfllli lHHMi E.Z2 vI a
I I r ., r.4 Yr-e a,


II m"
I I dill,

VI Is !

!i M ; ;


II I '


.rY faI .. j 4?; ';
.. .
I :: '
t4&I I ...-J- .

,....' .".... ... :. .; ..'. ......... : d.,<,,, .' :" ..h' ', r1r1jL
_! : ;
: der :!r A

errors of the Lily of the Valley Social manager; Mrs. Carlretta Calvin, financial '
end jrvinus Club which entertained recently secretary; Pete \Wilson, treasurer;(stand-
( are shown here. Seated, from I left ing In the same order are: Mrs. I H. Leak

are: Ben Ashley, banking committee. ; Mrs. t f'onroe, guest; Mrs. Thelma Smith, pres. ;
Annie L. '//iIliads, vice prrs. ; Henry Mrs. Ella ,Ashley, sinking fund treasurer;
> ith, i frs. Oorthel) twntijoirery, business firs. Pemetria Jilson: recording secretary.


.Diplomats Attend Annual Obserance Semiiiole Cleb I

I ",; .;".. ,.. I Held Annul -__-: ...-l ..... -_." "... .4.-. .r..._>..,_---_

r r Valentine Party HOLD MEET--Members of the Camel i II I la ftaa Callawat Mrs Josle 'Jtampy, Mrs.
4 Ladles Social 1 Club which met recently at Louise Graham, t Mrs. Ethel '\talker/ Mrs.

C Seminole Culture Club the home of Mrs. Gussie sucker are shown Albertha Johnson, and Mrs. Mildred GilMam I- I
held their Annual Valentine here. Standing from left are firs I seated are Mrs. lonnle Frazier,

A M home Party of In Mrs.the lovely Lenora and A.spacious Davis, Mattie Lazemby, president ; Mrs. Loran firs A 3. llortzog, t Mrs. Layos llaygons
and firs Gussie
401 West 16th Street on Valentine Johnson, Mrs. Altamese Haynes, Mrs. \Willie I I Rucker.

UL decorated holding Night The home sentimental with lovely was beautifully valentines readings. j I IIt

ti Punch was served throughout l SOCIALLY 9ltb SPEAKING:

the and evening.otherformsofeotertalnmcnts Games were played ** v4.__.LOUISE GUINYARD

1 + were enjoyed.A delicious was "like old times" when Kevinettes awards each year. In addition, the entire
dinner was served buffet style Bridge club met recently at the residenceof slate of candidates is entertained at Kap-
and consisted of baked ham,fro-
ten fruit salad on lettuce,green The Paul T. Bennetts ssie D. Silva, pa's snack and Chant Banquet. The banquet
peas, hot rolls and cake. a former Jaxon and former Kevinette, wasa this year will be held March lq in the
y- At a late hour climaxing the special guest at the meeting, Incident- Brewster Cafeteria.In .
evening was the matching of the ally, Essie is in the city to visit her revealing future activities of the
Valentines revealing their Val mother, Mrs. Severia Bolles, who will un- fraternity, George mentioned the sweet-
entine Sisters and the exchanging -
gifts. Everyone dergo surgery within a few days. heart Party for Silhouettes. The exact

present received a gift. Barbara B. Harper, Sara Lovette, Emma date is still in question.

---_.-'.. ---- -...--- Guests enjoy Ing this affair with Lee George, and Pearl Mackey were high .
the Seminole members were scorers in the bridge session. e..ee..55.
Mrs. Marie McKeever, Mrs. The remainder of the Kevinette member-
SPEAK TO FLO UDIANS.-Judge Billy Joes Presiding judge at St. Clair county, ,E. St. Ann Wyche Fannie, Mrs. Cora Lewis Mrs., ship, who were also present at the meet- The Annual Black and White Ball, which
Mrs, Lancaster,
Louis Illinois.was ,keynote speaker during the 1963.annual leadership sem1narRKJD.8Ofat Elizabeth Simmons-Jones; "1 hat' ;, are Pauline davis, are Pauline Davis, climaxes social activities for the i cur, -
Florida At M University by the prelegal society, an organization of Students associatedwith Mrs. ThomaslnaCaldweUMrs. Dorothy Oliver, Nan Fletcher, Norma R. rent fiscal year, has been set for April
the FAMU College Law. pictured here with the Illinois magistrate are Seceral of and will be held in
and 15 Duval
Nellie Grooms, Mrs. Kemp Hilliard county
White, Daisy Gilliard Geraldine ,
the members of the student delegation from Florida A&M University High School.Leftto
right, they are: Dorothenla Armstead, Andrea Danford tarry T.Gordoan, Paul Jefferson others. at )late celestine Nicks, and Ann Monroe. Armory.
and Diane Boardley The group departed Kappa fraters have been very busy duringthe
hour declaring this a lovely Valentine -
Party. cc.eec Uses. past improving the Kappa Kastle which
Our next meeting will be held they have established. The Kastle now
n Half In the home of Mrs.AnnMcGee, Martha L. Perry was guest player when serves as a place for regular meetings and
Thanks to the famous official w 2046 Venus Street on Monday,
other gatherings sponsored by the fraternity -
PALMERS SKIN SUCCESS" Marie McClain entertained Gems Bridge Clubat
Deivery March 7, at 7:00 p.. .
formula young people j The president Is asking all The johnny Wheelers' residence on
everywhere are discovering how / / :! U II members to be present on time. Jefferson street.
really lovely their skin can be, Di ...ee.e.e.Included .
/IYla Mrs. Alice Martin will serveas Myrtis Thomas, Marian walker, Catherine

"SKIN In the SUCCESS'CREAM removal of blackheads IIUt'- 11' Leaphor Spivey, cohostess.WEDDING. Jackson, and Lois Avery qualified for club
smoothes over large pores SKIN girl. prizes. Sylvester Bossard was holder of among Kappa Alpha Psi's civic
SUCCESS"CREAM tones the shade / activities the BloodBank
fo t3 are Kappa con-
'your skin for that natural, fairer, Willie Morrison, ''the 'lucky Tally.
tributions to the Edward Caters college
clearer! loveliness Make.up applies / tv Street, girl. Luther Lee Crawford, 109 E. Other Gems present included Lillian
more evenly. Your skin looks more / Union St., 24, and Nettle Mae Davis, Evelyn Galvin, Zelma Johnson, and building project, and sponsorship of'mem-
alluringly attractive, softer Arthur L.Oliver,I Brown, 109 E. Union SL, 21 Geneva Wheeler. berships for twenty-two boys in the John-
"SKIN SUCCESS"CREAh1 contains the UU"H Street, boy son Branch YMCA. The latter activity the
full official strength of that dependableactive Johnny Lewis Gamble, 2125 .e..e.e..ee. group intends sponsoring on a yearly
ingredient ammoniated mercury; John Durden, 55- Placeda St, 20 and Mary Jane basis, in addition to increased support in
the ingredient recommended by Doctorsfor boy. Jackson, Rt. 8 Box 458E, 21
many years for effective skin care. ww, The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kappa the National Association for the Advance-
Con be fooled by so.called secret w ,Lawrence E.Ken,, Franklin Douglas Richardson, Fraternity under the leadershipof ment of colored People.
Alpha Psi ,
Ingredients, Insist on the original the Bridler Street, boy Lawtey, Fla, 20, and Martha eee..e leS..
official PALMER'S "SKIN SUCCESS" Lee Herring 4909 Avenue B,21 George H. Hill, reports a successful
CREAM with ammoniated mercury Fred A Bolden, Christmas Ball, both financially and in Mrs. Maxie Wilson (Almira) teacher at
only 44c: COMPARE! Comparison Rd, girl, Hilton Kennedy,Lake Charles, entertainment. George B. Nairn was dance New stanton senior High school is confinedto
proves PALMER'S there is none"SKIN finer SUCCESS"at any price CREAMat La., 23, and Albert a :Zimmerman chairman. Brewster Hospital, Also on the list of
Loonle Cushion .
drug and toiletry counters everywhere."SKINSUCCESS". Street, boy. ,I 609 W. Union St., 23 Proceeds from the Christmas Ball provides the ailing is Mrs. Hunter H. Satterwhite

Richard Perse McLain, 1492 financial assistance for local male high (Cookie), who is also in Brewster Raymond
Mr and Mrs. King'IT.;,Myers, Grothe St., 30, and Daisy Ro- school graduates who meet the chapter's S. Miller is another Brewster Hospital
6851 W. Virginia Ave, gir l., tena Washington 1668 qualifications. The top ten percent of in-patient. We are wishing for all of
Powhattan St., 19 senior boys in each high school in Duval them the best in a speedy rrturn to good

County is considered for scholarship p health.
Chester Laverne 1459
Spearing St., 21, and Wi hel-
mina Lee, 5725 Benedict Rd.,

11 a : Tick-tock..tick-tock... I Talmadge Dixon, Jr., 1707 rI
Highland Ave., 22 and Hen
( ,a? the Bourbon thatdidn't rietta Motley,Rt.8 Box 402,22

Annette Debra Hlckson,2602
watch the dock! Bunche Dr., 1811111111

Hill Wright, 1983 W, 5th St. I "
010 CHARTER 49, and Wllhelmenia Jackson ; x000 STO Sti
1049 W. State St., 40.

Kentucty's Finest Bourbon Allen War rick, Springfield, +1
r- Mass. 22 and Sallye Yvonne
Dixon, 5304 Cleveland, 19. 4i.\ :
7 years old .
Richard Vann Davis, 539 W. ,, oneeNti
Union St., and Caroly Weaer .- IiTAMPtI"B
Johnson, 1161 Logan St, IB
Luclous Tyson, 3300 Moncrlef
Rd, 25 and Gloria Elizabeth
Tyler, 3300 Moncrlef Rd., 19 v

Willie Edw. Batten, 749 W.
Adams St., 21, and Johnette
Marie Hlckson, 759 W. Duval
St., 17.John .
Henry Woods, New York,
N. Y., 26 and Gladys Ross, fAV1A MIN R 1
1475 Florida Ave., 22. Beef at its BestSATURDAY

Eddie Clark, 7260 Mark St.,
19 and Eunice Leno Twlggs,
1573 W. 34th St., 19. _

: I

.. __ .. ...as..ww w as................ A.--__ .....

.. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .. :-, -,---- --- ,. ------ -------.-'

amrn "DIC.'un. i


New Bethel AME Chrch Observes Annual Men's Day Sunday March 13

P. J. Williams Is Chairman Former Jaxon Attends Anniversary (innfarence"CONCORD

For Annual Celebration ,
I. : y iv 1 ; ( 74w 1 MEMORIAL
The members of New Bethel AME Church are looking forwardto ; I Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AYE Zion Church WU1
II a peat celebration Sunday March 13,the day upon which the begin with the Sunday School at 9JO tun., Mies Amy Moreludla
Annual' Men's observance will be held. charge. The topic "Commanloa With God,"wUl be reviewed

Bishop Eugene C. Hatch.r.pr"141nI legion of friends to worship Sun- ; by Rly. A. E. atoms assistant pastor. Moraine service at U
with the Rev. Mr. Odenu charge.At 3
o'clock P.m.1nterde.
prelate of the Eleventh day at New Bethel AME Church, :
I nomination missionary nuns will be held la First Baptist
Episcopal District and Chairman Third and Tyler Streets.Church .
of the Board Management Church with Mr*. Host Young In dorp. At S p.m., Christian
with Mr Mary Leavy In charge.
Endeavor Hoar EvenlniMrrlet
of Edward Waters College, will'
Of God
Tbe Lord's will be
: tt 6:30: o'clock. Supper administered
be the'speaker at the U o'clock t i iMI .
services.P. si the major _"let.. Choirs 1 and I and Usher Board 1 will
Slates Vera J. at the .
J. Williams, Is serving as Group f jpera with Mrs. Rogers organ.V.
General Chairman of the Annual
h Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at 4 p.m., la Aby.'
Youth Day will be observed ssinia Baptist Church with Rev.B.L.Wynn pastor, in charge.
Sunday throughout the day in the Toe pastor will also deliver the sermon.All choirs and ushers
Church of God In Christ 4, according M ''will serve Sunday School'::30 a.m.,vUhSuperlntendent WjR
to Elder W. F. Faust McNeal In charge. Testimonial service will be held at U a.m'wlth
Nestor.Services. the Rev. Mr Wynn la charge.The Male Chorus uid Usher'Board
begin with the Sunday 3 will serve. The youth will meet Saturday I p.m.
School at 10 a.m., with David ".
Faust in charp. Morning service EVERSON BAPTIST .
begins at 12 o'clock.: The Services Sunday Everson Street Baptist Church b ell a with
Youth Choir and ushers will' Sunday School at':3Oa.m.,lit.. G. M. .Allen Incharge.Morningservlceatllo'clock.RevO.Johnsccpastor .
slug. YPWW begins at 'I p.m., wilt 1
with CharlesSulllvanpresidlng. preach the sermon. District 2 will meet at 8 p.m., and evening
Walker West is teacher. Evening service at 7 o'clock. Monday at 8 p.m., Choir 1 will rehearie
service at 8 o'clock. Mrs. I and prayer meeting will be held Wednesday night
Norma Bell is aupe"lIorolthe
-- '
I : N.C. :.: 'Dr. Martin L. Harver ( B-S director of admissions and business department Friendship Primitive Baptist Church services Sunday begin
Ordination ServiceFor sec- ,with the Sunday School at 10 a.m., Superintendent.. McNalr
".m'. Day celebration throughout ond from left) dean of students at Southern chairman; Dr. Lionel H. Newsom, In charp. Morning service at 11.30: o'clock with Deacon J. Mc.
the day. Mr. Williams is an Rev Julia Brown University, chats with some BarberScotia B-S College president; Dr. E. Louise Murphy Pherson In charge of the devotion. Covenant Meeting will be
outstanding church worker a College officials after delivering the B-S social science department head; and Dr. held. At 4 p.m., communion and feet washing senrlce. Rev. H.

president weU-known of Tenor the Frank soloist L. Williams Ordination service has been 'address .at the ninety-ninth anniversary of Reid E. Jackson (Jacksonville, Fla. ) B-S Robinson, pastor, will deliver-tbe sermons for the services

Male Chorus of New Bethel leader scheduled of the for Vermel Rev Julia Jones Brown Ho- the founding of the. College. Shown from director of teacher education and public .MT. ZION BAPTIST

and assistant superintendent lyllght Prayer Band March 27 left to. right are Dr. Sara Brown Cordery, relations. Services Sunday In Mt. Zion Baptist Church, southside,begin
of the Sunday School. with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.AtU a.m., morning service
Postal employee,and affiliated at 8 p.m., in the Knights of Py- Baptism will be conducted. At 4:30: p.m., BTU will begin with

with other religious and civic thias Bishop Hall.James B.Brown,over- Lily White Chief Wayman Chapel AMF Along The Church Path Deacon A.Jackson, presiding.Evening service at 6 o'clock. The
organizations in the city be extends seer of Kingdom of Peace acting pastor will preach, and Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 Via.
a cordial invitation to his Calls Here Announces Events serve.
Church, will ordain the Rev. Meeting BY ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS

.My v.........*.*.<. Mrs. Brown bishop.Many local NEW JERUSALEM
.. groups will participate on At Shiloh BaptistC. Services begin Sunday with the
N -M.-...:: Holy Communion service will be held Sunday Greater New
the program. Sunday School 9:30a.m.loWay- Missionary Mothers from all sections of Jerusalem Baptist Church with Rev. W. A. Mack,minister, of.
Blythe Andrews of Tampa, moo Chapel AME Church", the Progressive Baptist State Conventionsof flclatlng. Services begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. At
Grand President of the Lily southslde. Rev. G. W.Smttb, Florida, which convenes with the Mt. U a.m., morning: service. The pastor will preach. The Lord's
White Security Benefit Association pastor. Gary Hall superlnten- Church March 22-27. Supper will be administered by toe pastor and pulpit associates.He .
Instant has.called all deputies, dent, Trudy Freeman,secre- Ararat Baptist will also deliver the sermon.
presidents vice presidents officers tary.
R and members to meetwith t The Trustees will have charge ************ FIRST NEW ZION
Jjr, him Sunday at 3 p.m., In of UM services throughout the
Photos Services Sunday In First New Zion Baptist Church will begin
Shiloh Baptist Church,In an Important day. Moraine hour of worship Mrs. Hannah B. Miller of Green Cove with the Sunday School at 9:30 withSuperintendent Josepb
starts 10:50 with the Consecration
meeting. a.m. of the Senior D. White In char,.. The superintendent will discuss. the topic
Is the
Important feature of the Service. Call to worship Springs, "
"Man's Communion With God. Morning service at U o'clock.
5O4Each meeting will be the outlining of 11 o'clock. Evening service Woman's' Auxiliary; Mrs. Agnes L. Dean of
District[ 3 will meet at 4 p.m., and evening service at 8:30 o'
plans for the Grand Assembly 6.15: p.m.The pastor,Rev.Smith -, ,...... ... clock. Choir 4 and Usher Board 4 will serve Rev. C. C. Brown
i which is scheduled to convene will deliver the major sermons. will deliver the sermons.
In Jacksonville April 20-24,according Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will
Lauvinia serve.A"Who's. NEW MT. ZION
to Mrs T.
Royal Art Studio Marques, chairman of public Who" will t*presented Services Sunday in New Mt.Zlon Baptist Church: began with the
relations. after the 1:30 p. m. Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., Mrs. A. M. Lewis charp. The
service. devotion at U a.m.,will be conducted by Deacons W. J. Cooper>
Thursday evening March 17th, and A. Lamar. The pastor will preach.The district will meet at
t Social Commerlcal Studio Service tUd,white),v bin chip the pastor, choir ushers and \ 3 p.m.. in the borne ol Mrs.HeU'tetta"ooreI535! HW.SL EvenIng J I y\
Ia,est iftI' congregation will render service fI service at 8 o'clock. Usher Board 2 will serve.,, '
In Second: Missionary Baptist
515 DAVIS ST. Church, the Rev. John C. CENTRAL BAPTIST
f4.4II. James, host pastor In observance I Central Baptist Church services Sunday begin with tbe Sunday
of their church and pas School at ':30 a.nx, Mrs. O..Cusarlnchar Morning service
ELGIN 41894Closed tor's anniversary.The at 10:50 o'clock.Rev CharlesScrlven,director of Christian
II.,. r month of March has been Education, will deliver the message Senior Choir land the
All Day Tuesdays assigned u "Budget Month",. ,Children's Choir will sing. BTU at 5:45: p.m.,and.evening ser
and all members of the church Mrs. Nettle Pel ham Mrs.t Anges Dean vice at 7 o'clock.
are being urged to meet this
obligation.The Sebring, served as the fourth vice presi- 'UNITED BAPTIST,
million pound newspaperand dent. Mrs \W.' A. Smart, o.f ,Lakeland, Is Services Sunday In United Baptist Church will begin with the
t LOCATIONS TO magazine drive continues. the chairman of the ministers Wives and Sunday School at9:45a.Superintendent Naomi Sims
Contributions may be called In .---- '1 N!! u. i Ma In charp. Rev. Samuel Allen will have charp ol the Men's Bible
stilt or left on the steps of the church Class. Tbe lesson, "tiring With Others," will be reviewed
Eugene G.ArnoldSr.reporter. by Rev. W.Smith,pastor.Morning service at 11.05 o'clock. Rev.
1814 WEST BEAVER S. Allen, associate minister,will deliver the sermon. Choir I
A will sing.
DANIEL 12:1: Dixie Jubilee

3101 EMERSON Great trouble Is Just before us
and we can survive ONLY In Singers 'Battler r THOUSANDS ARE
Cod's Word.
FRESH CAUGHT Authorized King James Version The Dixie Jubilee Singers will :INDIA
present the second in a series
Red Letters
$5.98 p.pd. Bat
Charles Bridges Box 395,Alia ot the "battle of soap" for the Sick worried
MULLET s? 7 pattah Station, "II m I,Florida M: ,a championship of Florida Sunday Luck, Troubled
LBS. 33142 Mrs. w.\ A. Smart Mrs. "an-nah 0. Millers at 8:30: p.m., in the Elks Audi- "r 'Lost Love, Lost
torlum, 712 W. Weal St. 4 Manhood.
$ Deaconesses Council and Mrs. Nettle E. The participants include: TIle f ,Let MOTHER OF

MEATY It Corns Gray Hair pal ham, is a member of the Evangelical. Voices Andrew
urn. J. Brandt'a Liquid committee Nathaniel Jackson,Celestial ;:J Write to:

OX TAILS 4 ".."......." Spiritual Singe ., and the MOTHER D V NEP.Q.BOX
IBS. .E IUD E 1111 I Raggon tine. Brothers of St. Augus 5712

MEATY WESTERN HAIR COLORER This Department will hold its indivlual Robert Brown will serve u Detroit,Mich.

I sessions at the Second Baptist Church. I master of ceremonies 48239 __
fill cover ray hair ID 10 1

HECKBONES5 to 20 Minutes. pack. No } -Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"1
LBS. .....Anyone can put It on. ,
at ho... t R: S. EVANS



LBS It will not rub off, it

tijs on several Months CHRYSLER CORD. CARS
EoMpoolng. sea bathing
i sun, permanent saving.
TRIPE 5 curling or straightening 65 Dart "270"
I LIS.I iron-nothing takes it off. $ $
Auto R&H, 1895 195
j You can cover any gray Fac PSI
hair no natter how stub Warranty 1 1ty, w:,
MEATY PORKSHORT born or how caused. BLACK 6S Valiant $
stays BLACK.ONDEWUL! "200" Auto.. RH PSt 1795 195
RIBS 4 FOR warranty
LBS. TOUCHING UP The Latest Men's Hair Styles_ 65 Ply. Fury lf W.J.

Are At The H'top, V8 Auto.,
FLA. BUDGET Perauent Waving Taught PS, AC. Fac. Warranty i Ml
CAUTION! : Use as directed Ply S.
on Label, Colors: Black .65 Wag $2795$395
LBSe Dark Brown Medium Brown. PSt A. Condo FURY III
Price per box $2. SO'-plus CHRYSLER'S FAMOUS wr.

LEGS & BREAST Federal Tu COLLEGE INC 5-xr. or 50,000 Miles Warranty


i FRANKS 3 PKS. 630 DAVIS STREET M VALIANT R"200' 4-DR, ... .....,.$1095
1=.o=. 84 l RDr( 'rA500'\\LOMN UPE
..... .$1995
VATCR THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW ON lOT TV CHANNEL 4 1363 lies Rl .Jat. Fli, lACKSOHVlUE, FLORIDA 63 C 9 O"UTnl.ltil" : "L, IAolO OWN., UATInL POWU erwatuna'991 Ala,

f R&H . ... .,. ...$. ,

) f

'mi_ S1 A PAPERS____ pier

Julian Bonds Wins Safety. Theme Emphasized By Transportation Group Little Errors Cease. "[ I

--.-...... .

Serious Traffic Deaths.. ,
I Again But Still TALLAHASSEE Florida.
Highway Patrol warned today I high speed roads can bring sudden
death failure signal your
a against committing what seems Intentions before making a turnIn
OppostionATLANTA like little errors while drlvlnr.poIntl'll traffic Is dangerous.
out that the result is
often tradegy. Sudden stops, especially when
rear lights are not in Up top
-(NPIBy now, asked.
a Ii IS ,, "There are several common
Bond must think he's working order, cause many
Julian on Bond said he would "like errors that Just about
a merry-go-round. Last week, tosee"anorgaaltationthatwould everyoneIs wrecks that bring death and Is-
guilty of tt one time or
be emerged victorious in the be sanctloned'by the another," declared Patrol Jury.
special election for the seat courts to oppose the recruitment tQ Commander H.N.Kliknun Passing on curves and In no-
which bad been denied him, and of Negroes Into the k "and these errors have In the passing zones result In bea4-
thus to all Intents and purposes, service. past caused many tragic deaths crashes many times a year In
Is the Georgia representativefrom While Bond's chances of ever and injury dealing crashes. Florida and In almost every
district 136. case there is serious injury and
being seatedaweared lobe dim, One of the most common mis-
But, it just might be that he lost his effort were at the same takes the motorist a h. Is property damage Ifnot
the war,while wtnnlngtht electtlon. time arousing residents of his failure to heed a stop) sign. death.
This won't be conclusive district to tight for their right "Just rolling to a stop street Another common bat seemingly
until the U. S. Supreme Court to be represented.. without to small error Is to drive,
coming a complete
has given its view I on the situ Residents noted that they had halt and looking for traffic In even for a short distance to the
L .rY left of the centerline.Pulling out
ation. twice expressed their preference both directions is not enough to
Whatever the outcome,there Is for Bond without his taking Insure safety for you and the from the curb or off the I
shoulders of a highway into
definitely aprecedentln office. They charged taxation other drivers who may be approaching -
the making, and both sides are without represtctationa denial from either traffic without warning Is I
sharpening up their guns for a of votlsg rights In the pre direction," Klrkman said. deadly. I
showdown battle. dominantly Negro district Turning from the wrong lane on, .......
The kibitzers and skeptics are The Issue could result In the
prtflcting that Bond will never denial of Georgia's seats In the v
be seated the legislature despite U. S. House of Representativesunder "
his sp e c la l election vietor the provisions of Section
>. They list these strikes 2 of the 14th amendment to the ic
against him: U.S.Constitution. 4 .
-A federal court ruling failed That section provides that denial f
to uphold him. of voting rights in electionsof 1tw
--His seating was being con members of a state legislature r
tested by Rep. Jones Lane of and other officials shall
Statesboro. The contest of the result in corresponding denial
election would move the House of seats in the U. S. House of NEWLY OKUAMAtD with programming emphasizing safety was the theme of the Duval County -
Rules Committee to act on the Representatives. This section school Bus contractors who organized recently and elected officiers.
challenge. Lane's recommendation of the Constitution bas, until ,
was originally responsible now, never been enforced. Fpointed, to serve a temporary chairman was William Dorsey.. Mrs. Mary E. Walker was
forBond'souster selected temporary secretary seated in foreground are Mrs. Walker and Marvin c.

from the legislature. Negro Police Harris. standing from leftl Olarence Grant ivory Anderson, William"'Dorsey. Riley I

-Bond must run again in the Burns, Henry Lynn, R.R. Wilson, Charlie Walker jr. The next meeting will be held I II

ber September general primary election and to be Novem-seat- Named Captain' sunday Feb. 27 at 2:00: p.m. at 2427 Myrtle avenue North. ('ROYAL- ART STUDIO FOTO r.

ed In has the no 1967 chance assembly of serving session.He this. !I. Washington Civil Rights RoundupBOYCOTT Negro Newspaper

year as the assembly has already -
adjourned. And be faces WASHINGTONNP1)Tilmoa SET Week ObservanceSet
this The,
possible opposition in the other B. /Bryant, 45:, last week WASHINGTONNPIA con- mands partnership. l l
of first madein
elections. Joined the ever-growing list of sumer boycott will be called promise equality March
Civil local merchants who our Constitution is ours to 13 .19 I
--The American Negro policemen to rise in against "
Liberties Union has withdrawn ranks to the captaincy. refuse to support District home keep. KEN KNIGHT
from Bond's case before the U. Given his captain's Insignia rule a new civil rights organization SAME OLD STORY BIRki1NGHAMNPi"The 139th anniversary of the Negro
S.Sup rt m e court. The with- last week.O'Bryantbecomesthe -the Free D. C. Move- URBANA HI. (NPI>-Suspi- Negro Press: The light of Free* press in the United States on -Invites You To Listen To-
ment-bas announced. Mer- clons that the John Birch Society dom" Is the theme of the 1966
drawal came as Bond hired two second Negro to hold that rankin March 16.
attorneys Victor RablnowiU the Metropolitan Police De- chants will be asked to sign petitions Is set to wage an all-out attack National Negro Newspaper The week's observance surrounds BIG BAND
and Leonard Boudln over partment. In so doing, ho established to support home rule,send on the civil rights movementwere Week observance which will be the March 16 (1827))pub- 1
reportedly strong objections by two "fir It." telegrams to President Johnson bolstered last week when celebrated simultaneously by lication date"Freedom Journal -
ACLU officials. The two He Is the first Nero to attain and Congress, and display Robert Welch repeated some 133 Negro newspapers ," New York, the first Negro
lawyers have been identified the rank from the plainclothes "Free D. C." stickers on their charge that "meddling of communists throughout the country during newspaper to > .published In "DANCE PARTY"Nightly
with litigation to protect the division, and last fall, was the windows. If they refuse, they Is"hurting the rights the period March 13-19,according the United States.*
legal Interests of CommunistCuba first Negro to graduate from the win be boycotted.CAPITULATION. move ent. Welch, ,Birch to Emory Jackson,chairman -, During) the week NNPA will
in the United States. FBi police academy. Society founder said racial National Negro Newspaper announce the winners of the 11:30: til 12:00:
problems would be solved in"peace
Bond got into trouble with the Since graduation, be has been TRENTON N.J.- for white barbers with Ill grace, freedom"except for Brirmlngham World. the publisher of the first
Georgia legislators opposing special classes for
holding til 12:00
the war in Viet Nam and Negro policemen emphasizing I decided to fold their opposition communist and federal govern The observance Is annually paper, John Russwurmwhohad Saturday 9 p.m. : p.m. !
expressing admiration for the the need to apply themselves to to cutting Negroes' hair last ment meddling. sponsored by the National the distinction of being the
courage of draft card burners. progress through the ranks. week. .The capitulation was inI .iLAWMAN VERSUS Newspaper Publishers Association first Negro to be graduated from 1400 WRHC 1400
The representativeelectshowed Commended many times be I face of the state supreme court CAMILLA -NPI-A1oca1 which commemorates the an American college.,
that he stood byhisorigtnally..rpretsed'convictions.'tnared the' Policeman of the In the of Gat1 deputy sheriff has been charged

-:I Month award la December. ,19JT, 1 itioiMadlsonwhotwo. years ago. with beating and arresting a, I ,.\0. ... .., I
hair because he enrolled his
as he called for "ad'organized' for'his work In solving number refused to-cut the 'of two Negro
to avoid prospective Negro patrons. children in a white school. ,
movement Negroes of rape and robbery cases In the
military service on racial southeastern section oft city. Rather than face prosecutionunder Wayne Errol Humphries has i
01 antl-discrlmlnatlon lawsand been accused by the U.S. Justice -
grounds. He spent 10 years as a patrol-
because of lack of funds to Department of beating
"Why fight for a country that man before being assigned In
the case tothe U.S. Willie Lemons,a sharecropper )
for ? he carry
has never fought you 1957 to the detective division.
Supreme Court the barbers and chasing him out of the
decided to snip all who seek county. '
PLEATt1SCAL00SA Jackie Robinson

You Seek The Best Doctor. appeal for racial, Ala.-NPI-An tolerance was Wins ElectionAs

When Your Doctor Prescribes, made last week by Mrs.Lyndon Budget TrusteeNEW THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE B.
B.Johnson atFoster Auditorium
Get Experienced Pharmacists
...According to Doctor's University of Alabama YORK - your
where Gov. George C. Wallace SUGAR BALLARD
Orders. We Use Only The Best signal honor has been accorded
made his Infamous "school
Jackie Robinson baseball great
Quality Drugs
door" stand against integration.She who the to
opened major leagues HICKORY SMOKED
said, "To treat everyone as Negro players.
Proprietor your fellow citizen is not always
He three
3 Registered pharmacists To serve YOUA an easy thing to do..Yet the was among persons
named last week as trustees of FLOUR
spirit of t the SOthcenturyde-!, t the Citizens Budget CommissIon. PICNICS45c
---- COUPLET LINE OF---- .

Cosmetics- Rubber Qoods-candles-sundrle The Peace Corps brings


Lilly's Drag Store idealists down to earth.You LB. L. 39 c'

could join For information writes
1907 KINGS ROAD The Peace Corps, Washington D.C. 20525 1-1\
.. .... .
I'W1 I.d tw1IK' "I.tMY.raiM rKl Thl '''''0'0.'C..1.
-- -----


Things Are PossibleAre

you facing difficult problems? Poor

health? Money or Jtfb. Troubles? Unhappiness C

isthe Success and "Good Fortune'1 In'' 29

Life???? If you have any of these Pro-
nicest, blems or others like them Dear Friend:
+ Here I is WUDERFUL) NEW3. s

smoothest See' the t Man of God SIZES C

bourbon Land Direct, from the Holy LB. 37 LIMIT 1 WITI S5.JO 01 lORE fOOD IIDUSATlilaY..tCl.1t

ever to come Prophet John
,, out of With his blessingfor

Kentucky.Find aturday.this week Come and and WESTERN CENTER cut PORK CHOPS 79


55.00 Donation.

They come are early.limited The so McKEHIZE FROZEN CUT OKRA 2 10.01. BOTTLE 29

The Lord reveals to Prophet John. He has
out It. You need it. Come in person and get U.Se # 1 YELLOW ONIONS 3 LB. BAG 10

this blessing. Prophet John will Pray

for yourself. with you for all your needs f 0 A.M. to DELMONTE CATSUP 20 OZI BOtTLE 0 25

10 A.M. Daily, except Sunday.

Prophet John House Of The Lord BLUE BIRD FRESH ORANGE JUICE BOTTLE 1/2/ GAL. 43

Open Dally 0 a.m. to I p.m. --3 p.m. to ROYAL RICE 5 LB. PUt 59
I 0 p.m. 2C6I Kings Rd. Corner of Darrow
Jacksonville.Take .
City Uus (} to fork of Old Kings Rd.



- -

6 STAR' PAPERS SITORDM I limn)i 'irises; r

.. <
m& '
rv +** '



Gives $2 Million To Colleges Annual Clinical Association Meeting

NEW YORK N.T., March 1- meet current operating expenses. ,. __ __ .__rl'.nl\ezr l ''.''''' I 115w .'
The United Negro College Fund It win be used to expand r'I
today distributed the record essential educational programs -. JrrlFt o
sum of nearly $2 million to Us bolster scholarship aid I
33 member colleges and universities to more than 16,000 needy stu-i '
it was reported by James Improve faculties andbulldSibrary ,.: b S r !i
W. Bryant the Fund's executive holding

vice pesldent. The (Urmt portion of today's '
The disbursement totaling $I, distribution $416,012 goes to 'J
9;):.OO9. exceeds all previous seven colleges and universitiesIn : _
allotments derived from annual Georgia. Six Institutions In'! H .
appeal funds and representsthe North Carolina will receive) '
final distribution of gifts, $327,030; tour InAlabama) J
"ThIs money" Mr. Bryant $275,184; three la Virginia ft rf{ ___ T' a Li,
noted "is desperately needed $238,788 and four In Ten:: ,wf r _

by our member colleges tobeipINabl1111Y nessee. $223,011.the .

i '. t

\A1 cv



a : k t ANNUAL ,FETE --- Some of the FAMUans attendees at the recent lath K n o "Jacksonvi I l e, H. B. Partridge, business manager and Mrs.
Partridge: Harry Eberhardt and Mrs. Mabel' Eberhardt rental hygl-
annual clinic and the 37th annual meeting of the Florida A&M Unl- ,
'- '-, ,
SHORTY-$35. verslty Clinical Association are shown In attendance at the recep- Sl3iin[ : Dr. Nathaniel Jones, SSi i Photo right from left-
W. Gore ( second left
Jr. ) Dr.
; R L. Anderson
tlon which followed In Sunshine Manor hosted by Dr. and Mrs. !
MEDALO STYLE #611 and Mrs Anderson from left and Mrs. \Warren H.
For coevlete Illuatralod. 4a> > George W. Gore Jr. FAMU president. In Photo left from left are: Shirley'

M.dele:Hal" Il'.M.loa.WHall.I.u.-1.. : ".1:*-"Soaddta.a. land ',1 1ro. Theodore M. Ross of Orlando, financial aid off I fer; Mrs. Osarlo ( FAMU Photo by Ernest Flllyau)

...** loot writ.
Col/Medal Heir ,.... Inn Tour "Six Gun- Territory"SbowD College Deals--A d Registers
from Health 1b Normal' ROOTS TlairCROWS Dool.. St S, Bklrn 33. M.Y. In Who's Who Airline First
In.rlr YOU hair* SCALP.ot.n depende condition b..dlt el 'COM Meet In Miami MLU -The Federal Aviation4gency
'.. UM natvral health oC >vtcalp JL,. the governmental body
can College Testing Program responsible for
medicated a.formula.
NOT Invented safety
I poly
eaUed CARBONOUiwhich MIAMI (F AMt))-The 40th Annual
GRAY and James Edwards of Science standards in
UJS. aviation
to mixed with many pro** Convention of the National said
beneficial '", Research Associates in
on f Washington today:
sttrong.powe WITH Association of Deans
College ,
ttOtiO* to lueh a *
ful aaUaeptld and don luch find THIS and Registrars will be held at Some other features of the convention "The Bo.lnc721hacom"
'work to hot /n' .n ITCHY are:workshop and ques pletely reliable safe aircraft.It
..I1KI'T. DANDRUR .Calp thai cueicom the Dupont Plaza Hotel here on +
Day DOCTORS retard It bli tion-box sessions for deans and was thoroughly tested during the
: March 14, 15 and 16. Member
niXSCRUU It lor moat
registrars dealing with administrative -
..calf trouble Many 0aaoytag.zonally BUSHvM ship of the association Is madeup certification process and
tausod .coif tooth.. of 20 colleges throughoutthe problems of colleges, exhaustive investigations of Its
:tkls are er.atty ren.v.d-by tMiand and the banquet sesslonwith fit'L
..t this Trol..tr.atll Ye U. S. This year's theme is maintenance and performance
I I .rtlh....*Write SCALP for Ihto FORMULA DOCTOMlOEXUIN "a "Higher Education and the President Benjamin E. Mays of !have disclosed that it isavery
(now. It wilt lie not to oilVlicd Great Morehouse College as guest airworthy piece of equipment"
tOIl ) eonb and bni.li ad* Society.
(ltd read/ to UM. RVOK .. Ia'o :.' speaker. Eastern
T DAYS and l| You aro rod to. .h.caHU! rah Registration of delegates will .,;A first airline in the
..uor..... your money bark P.r IOTA' .>t :'..:Ja; Dean Charles Walker ofMiamlDade.Junior world to place the 727 in service
Yll4f1DLD.M.yDI be held
on Monday morning
.Mir l.....eli everything( on delivery.. Bont This MTenajr In cA; :'! lnrm..t.: ,ALO.ah.4 ur Marcb 14 and the pen Ine session College is 'J _w two years ago has carried more
moro You (tt: with alt +b Hat.PUML.a1/n.,= chairman of the .local ..,. t.liII. than four and three
ilrocilona. Veo UK IODICATKO -, "ft. Geo n. In C.a. Cr will begin at 1:30: p.m.wlth '-' I _..... S1 .1 quarter
SCALP FORMULA MUT M ...nLdn P.eba the Hon. Robert committee. Officers of the association million passengers a n 4 now
or Pw greetings by S1SELECTEDJoyce
none? lIu). Your half and Cue.n an ......... Bteeli toPlatlnual In addition to
...... Thorpe over three billion
Mal fln coro. Just and Blu King High mayor of Miami,Dr. revenue
hamo ahid add,.. toMzDAL J..t writ., aiato* ........ Pf ..., Henry King Stanford president are: Dean Inman A. Breaux of steney passenger miles with the 727.
HAM PMOOUCT9 INC. lld oa d>llrr plva Malaga.Monev .
Spt. .t 2 Shttpohoed, Bar. back if not delliMed. University of Miami and U.S. Langston University first vice daughter of Mr. and
!! I""u._NY. fcOT :: THIS /M.1.1H.Ir1' ,,. .,'In*.. 4 president; Registrar Paul!. Mrs. R. steney, 1241 W.
t III.A 1ft 100 Attorney James Matthews. Director
% wru.alrybaca .,
Deofc Sfl M, tiara
1\10,...... aWklrn ,ew Edwin M. Thorpe of Clifford of Atlanta University Duval street Jacksonville ,
above Is Fred McCoy a Miami senior at Detbune-Cook- second vice president;Director
Florida A and M University.as
man College, Daytona Beach Florida as he poses with Kirby sociation will Helen M..tayesof Albany State has been named
president give
Grant, who plays "Sky King" on the popular television series. the opening College secretary; Registrar 'to who's who Among
McCoy is Boy Scout Master of Troop 108, of Stewart Memorial Several nationally message known 7. A. twitty of Johnson C.Smith Students in American
Methodist Church Daytona Beach and his members were touring will appear on personalities thethreeday University t assistant secretary Colleges and universi
"Six Gun Territory" where the TV star Is appearing and Registrar EJ.:Brant-
which terminates
WAMEDIAL program ley of Clark College treasurer. A senior mathe
Wednesday noon, Executive committee matics major at FloridaA&M
March 16. Among them are Drs. mem-
Entertainment Hues And Cries
hers-at-large Dean
Edward Sanders and Tinsley are: A N. university she is
Whiting of Morgan Slatt t College ''
a number of Sigma
Spraggins of the U. S. Office of Delta
THROAT SURGERY Registrar Della Phlpps of'
Education Sands
Douglas Theta
NEW YORK-(NPI)-WU1 trumpet star titles Davis be back? Agency for International Development Arkansas State College Dean: inc.
That remained a question after the Jazzman underwent major Robert E. Stoltz of the Prezell Robinson of St. August White and Gold Honor

surgery on his throat New York University Hospital. Miles College Board, Dr.Truman C. IDe'. College and Registrar P. Society Mathematics
was In "fair condition" after a operation to removea Hunter of thelBMCorportation,. Palmer Worthy of Claflin Col Club and women's con
Ifowth from his throat.The temperamental performer had William F.Adams of the Ameri lege. 'gress.
kept his hospltalizatlon a secret for more than two weeks rKflfl8

1260FLORIDA'S 2JGA.TES: A & T Students Protect ot00a gllj

CLEVELAND Ohio NPI-Oorothy) Done pin,famed Jazzplanlst -
kept two dates last week. One was at Chicago's Urbanite Food Service MADAM GLORIAPalm
Lounge where she performed,and the other was In a courtroomhere Against

where she and her husband,photographer William Miles, 1 Spiritualist Reader Advisor
were Involved In divorce proceedings.Miss Donegan seeks$250aweek GREENSBORO N.C.A group the nation's leading catering In all atfslrsoflife:Love,
child support for their four month old son,' Donovan of AlT College students last firms specializing in food ser Marriage Business Sickness,
Preston. Miles is filing for divorce, charging"extreme mental Tuesday afternoon (March>1)) vice for the college and' university etc. Lucky Days, Lucky Hands. WMBMSpotlight
cruelty." picketed one of the dining halls campus. There Is no home so dreadful
for part of the dinner meal and Protest leaders complained that she can't help. Located at:
FREEDOM FESTIVAL held a brief mass meeting at that the firm, which also'has 901 N. W. 79th St. Phone: 751-
HICAGO-(NP1>-Orw of the most outstanding aggregations of the Holland Hall Bowl protest contract with the University of 9307. Open 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. ProductOf
Negro talent ever assembled will appear at the Chicago ,Freedom J against the newly Installed food 'North Carolina at Greensboro I daily and Sunday. Located in
Festival March 12. Harry Belafoote doubles as singer and producer service plan. provides at AIT a dally menu Miami, Florida. Ones visit to. The Week
.of the affair, co-sponsored by SCLC and the pity's. Coor* The college food service,since below the standard of that which MADAM GLORIA and you will
'7'iJc 1 diluting Council of Community\ Organizations. Other stars January 3 of this bas been 4t provides at UNC-G. feel the difference Miami Florida

# will be Dick Gregory Mahalla Jackson, George Kirby and Sidney handled under contract-by of ******** Half price with this adIIHItllll/ ,
Poltler. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Is expected to make a
major address at the festival, which wW support the Chicago 1
Freedom Movement's efforts to wipe out slums In the city. ,


WOW A )tJ 12;. I/> d \
Ramsey Lewis Trio drew "
one of the largest crowds ever to attend an event at ALT College .
last week. Nearly 6,000 music lot ers were on hand to hear
Lewis' top recordings of "In Crowd," "Hang on Sloppy," and '
RHYTHM & BLUES "W-Heel Sneakers." Three hundred persons had to be turned ?I
away. "Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull and ,

ARTIST NEW YORK COSBY-(NPI)-Many people know Bill Cosby's a television gray.'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft '

spy, but few are aware that he's an artist too. Those who
attend the 16th annual United Nations Art Club Exhibition for the and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days"Mrs. : '

benefit of UNICEF (United Nations Children's Jund) will see a
Cosby original painting 'Portrait of a Spy".a puzzling, provocative Donald P. Ryder New York, N.Y.

RADIO STATION abstract drawing,Inspired by his role In the NBC-TV series .
"I Spy" The exhibition will be held March 16-April 20'in
the General Assembly lobby of United Nations headquarters.
Applied as a continuous film to hands

JURY TRIAL* ankles face arms-when your skin -

"WHAMMYIN CHICAGO(NPI-Chubby Checker has asked for a Jury trial needs more than cosmetic care- '" )
after being accusedofhavlagrelationwlthal7 year old college ;.Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly is the sooth

student. Checker, known as the king of the Twist was granted a l N ing answer. Helps dry,ashy"gray skin t
continuance his case.Checker's wife and his mother have defended a-- regain its normal look and tone. Noothersottenersnoskincreamnoskin }
his Innocence.RECUPERATING: i'
;: a lotion provides better moisture protec' .t .

PARIS -((N PI) Yet another famous luminary of the entertain tion. Try it.

ment world Josephine Baker 59, Is recovering satisfactorily 4Y '
". .from a serious operation which she underwent recently The St. s a. '' J
MIAMI" Louis-born singer Is convalescing at LesMllandes,the chateauIn THAN COSMETIC CARE. "-- 1'P

the Dortogne district southern France, where she maintains
a home for her multi-racial adopted children

g I. -

.' -<-->--..... .. .. .. .. ......... .. .. .. . -t tPACE It


FAMU Track Team Scores In Jesuit Invitational Track Meet p


ft M Finishes In First Place Pitching Stiff Brock Spars Simond Johnson's Leading Team Coach Robinson Gives

Two Divisions In Track Meet Of Jax SVRS SOlt .rl'S :'3f -- Schedule For Grambling I

TAMPA -Florida AIM University track and field team won Taking Shape Ball TeamBATON Baseball Team

je J Junlor'college and freshmen divisions of the first annual'suit ,r t
Invitational Track and Field meet here recently. The The Jacksonville Suns pitching KUUGE' La. -(NPI)- .'>" Bv COLLIE J NICHOLSON academic and
third in the staff for the '66 : GRAMBLING La.SPECIAL( service losses.
jattlers finished senior college division behind season began Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals ) Grambling
Nor I Ida State University' and the University of Florida,The' to take shape u two pitchers outfielder and Southern University er. Coach Eddie Roblnsonre- ficult time might have .a dif
Diversity' of Miami was fourth. returned their signed contractsto baseball star and Ted leased a 28-game baseball as third. Long-tine finishing Dirt.
the Suns office. schedule for the G;fa m bllal i dissenters
21.9 time. Savage also of the Cardinals grudinglyconcede
Veteran Carton Willey, who, Tigers this week with what the possibility.
The FAMU freshmen tallied worked out on the Southern .
SIH< 581/2*points to win first place Jacksonville fans will remember practice field along with the Jaguars looks like the usual skuldug- Even with unexpected development

e was for his sojourn wlhh the Milwaukee .
the Junior college and fresh last weekend. the
jble division. First place win Braves, signed up for Brock, a member of the South Each spring from his vantage to have too many appear short
his 4th season with the Wets organization. point Robinson tries to bamboozle
and team that won the NAIAnatlonal -
their times were: ern comings.
a VYUley split the season Southwestern Athletic
ers' IntheZOOyarddashwitJi'a Skinner triple Jump 44' championship In 1959,and Some area newsmen are un
between the Mets and Buf&lo Conference
r/ ";JCen Brown, high Jump Savage, who joined the Cardinals rln1.lntobeUey- kind enough to suggest that
F AWU last able
season, and had a 1-wln, status for the league
; iManer 100-yard dash, last season, are both en- Grambling might claim the
cornt. 2-loss with
record the Mets
; 440-yard relay 42.2; Dick ; a route to spring I training to r. t race. unusual distinction finishing
2-9 record with.Buffalo.He will h The usual scene does not prevail In
220-yard dash, 22.1 and Florida. basement.
on the be strengthening the Suns bullpen .' this year and Robinson,
old tlm.. aid
Schoolfleld, 440-- aril "It's like Inexperience Is the major
ll.l with his relief
work. unashamedly
econd 55.4. Willey resides In Ctorryfleld. Brock, as he)joined the Southern pretense. dropped all drawback. Only 10 players
team on one of Its rare appearances returned from the 1965
Maine married, Is 6', weighs Decimated by
vou Don't Have To do To Town To Get 1 on the diamond this graduation that posted a 26-2 record.
((175, 34 years old. He graduated season-because of cold .
from Cberryfleld Academy In and rain. March 11 Alcorn AIM
1349, and was signed by Jeff HInes March 12 Alcorn Grambling
Jaguar coaches Emery AIM Lorman
and Bob Lee coached Brock In
Ron Locke, a23-year-oldlen- his college days Southern,and March 18 Prairie View Grambling *
hander who played at Williams- both were elated over havlogthe March 19 Prairie View
STORE NEEDS Eastern last Grumbling (DH)
port ( ) season, Cervices of the formec Jaguar
_. a brief stint at Buffalo Is 5'0. in whipping the team Into shape March 25 Wiley College
-------- weight 168 bats He Grambling
right. was the with Al- March 26 Wiley
for season opener College
Trade I t h your Neighborhood Drug 'Store born April 4,1942,at Wakefield, corn College March 5-&. Marshall, Texas (DH)

E KILL MSET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL Rhode Island, now lives In Shan- Brock upon leaving Southern, April I Southern Univ. Grambling

spars, we Deliver we also fill all DOC I nock graduated, R. I.from He South Is single Kingstown, and was signed to St. Cloud where April 2 Southern Univ. Grambling(DH)
rlptlons I he spent a portion of the season
ur>> pres High School, Wakefleld, In 1959.
playing 128 games.He scored April 6 Arkansas AMiN Pine Bluff Ark.
His record with Wllllamsport 117 runs, hit 33 doubles, six April ? Arkansas A1UN
last year was 8 wins, 'llo.ses. triples and 14 homers, to finish Pine Bluff, Arks(DH)
Dixie Pharmacy an ERA of 2.91, with 99 strikeouts with a .361 average and"Rookieof LIJ April 15 Jackson State
In 136 Innings He had a., the Year" honors before u> : J t April III Jackson State Jackson kiss Miss.
2-2 record with Buffalo in 6 moving to the Cubs the sme sea (DH Q)

games. son. April 22 Bishop College
1302 Rings, Road At Myrtle Avenue Other signees Include: Ron In our games with the Cube In -U-IALI KiNUtLcM0iKu! --'IV-.i. ui mmona jonnson recreations April 2! Bishop College Grambling
Nlscbwltt, veteran left-bander, 1961, Brock appeared at bat only park team which leads the junior League Grambling (ro1Q)
purchased by the Wets from theDetroit 11 times. In 1962,played In 124 April 29 Texas Southern
Phones Elgin 555979.8 Girls Basketball Houston
with 4 wins, no losses are Texas
organization, joined the
Aprll 30WaIS Texas
games a. a regular, and 148 In Southern
--- ------. Suns bull pen staff today. Ron, 1963. shown here. Front row, from left, Bernadette Houston, Texas (DH)
Jacksonville: fans will recall Brock was traded to the Cardinals Cole, captain; Barbara Robinson, co-captain and Miss. Valley Itta
> AY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE pitched for Jaz in 1963, before in June, 1964, at a time he Vanessa Fort, Back row; paolla carter Gilds May 14 Miss. Valley Itta Bena Bens,, Miss Miss.(DH
called the Cleveland )
being up by
was hitting .251. From that time and
wynn Wanda Mlckens. other members of the
BILLS AT OUR STORE Indians. He pitched for Syracuse until the end of the season, he Homecoming Foe
team not shown here include shurley Classic Date Set
of Z.Z. and a sparkling 1.50 ERA hit a remarkable .348 that hiked ; Bryant _
He had 1 win, no losses with w his overall average to.315,topson Paula Harris, Cynthia Freeman and Jewell Brown. Tallahassee The WI.UIITje 34th annual Ori
.. ..- .- -- -. Tigers, closing the year with a the club and sixth in the National 4 of North Carolina AlIT College ange Blossom Classic and festivities .
2.74 ERA will to held here December -'
League.In 'THINGS ARE front
CHANGINGHave Greensboro have been
Gary Puttmann, rookie shortstop the NL, Brock Is second onlyto the 1966 named -. 2-3, 1966. Tbecr clu'-
played briefly at Green Homecoming opponents lie will be played in the Orange '
Los Will* in
Angeles' Maury looked the of the Florida
Help Wanted AIM
you ly?
vllle (W. Carolina) last season, base thefts, and for his sire. Is University Rattlers. Bowl Stadium, Saturday
is 6'2". ZOO IDS,bats and throws credited with great power. Equal opportunity is in business. The game will be played here Night, Decembers at 800.: The
right. Before leaving the Southwestern at 2:00 FAMU Rattlers will meet a yet-
Athletic conference : p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, tobenamed opponent.

M Rattlers Open Brock set a batting record of
.524 which still stands. t,
Meanwhile, Coach Hlnestaldt
Baseball Games the current Southern team has QUANTITY
been hard hit by graduations RIGHTS RESERVED
and major league invasions.Toe
Against Tampa Boston Red Boa have snared Jaguar f '. !a
r. '* "'"
first baseman Milton e r : "'PR/CESGOOD *
Blackwell. while the Chicago THROUGH SATURDAYHERSHEY'S '
TALLAHASSEE Eleven White Sox nabbed shortstop Sam
freshmen reported to spring Hairston.

baseball drills at Florida MM Another Hairston,Johnny, has

., University here recently been signed by the Chicago n D n n u ..-. J
IYIi I ) i II h1101 I according to:Costa Kitties, the Cubs. Despite having replace
Rattlers' head baseball coach. his entire Infield and come 'up
The Rattlers open the 1966oaseball with new pitch Ing reliables, '
I f I I I season with an exhibition Coach Hues is still optlsmlstlc
I game here March 12 against about his team's chances the
, I'
+' il ill i I [the Tampa All-Stars. F FAMU SWC race this season. He notes 39\\
I ll I j'' :fent Southern Intercol '
? iii l that the 59 team was similarly SUGAR
legiate Athletic Conference disposed, and it still won the tl-

champions regular schedule.Fifteen will play. a 25-game title. / 5 LBS

played at of home.the 25 Eighteen games will gameson be Fight LIMn 5 IK. PLEASE WITH 55.00 tl MOl FOOD ORDERI .

the schedule are SIAC con -.cl D_ .....-. .-. ..-. _CJ _0 n 11 _a a a n_D a _
Kennel Cluh tests. The Rattlers play noncon-
terence games against DePauw Calcer'Watch 4II C 4III C 4III C.-.c .-.c.-c 1 _0 n_ n_I
University of GreencastleInd.,
.POST TIME I O'CLOCK en McDUFF N.ol BEAVEFYou're and Stillman College of Tuscaloosa -

Ala. FAMU qlM twin-

bill 22. here against DePauw March This Clown I CHEER 49 e8CIa

AIM posted a 19-3 record last 20-511-11 GIANT
season. The Ratters won their
a little bit richer sixth: straight SIAC 'title and
were Invited to the NAIA play 55-10-3! LIMIT 1 WITH $5,_. OR MORE' FOOD ORDER \

when you switch to offs. Coach Kitties has yet to _11 D D II 1 4III C1 D _11_ II 1.-c I_ CJ_ n.- a -.
lose a league title.

the Smooth Canadian.Now Reporting for training with the GOLD MEDAL
11 freshmen last week were nine SWIFT'S
returning lettermen.t Three I
that you can afford to think or returning lettermen hit above FLOUR
great whisky first,price later,drink this in: the .300 mark In batting last J 1tG.q. 5sa J.MILK7' I 59
Seagram's V.O.does what no other spring. Phil Or. 5 'COl* 'A $1 1 JEWEL;

f whisky can.defines smooth once and Catcher Carl Champion led the. 133 15 US..UUV
't foralLLightOfcourLuckyyotj, batters with a 405 clip.Out Self Rising

Known by the it keeps fielder Rich Williams l was 32
company 141
Seagram's\ r" second with a .358 average and IS SOUTHERN FARM FRENCH FRIED CEOUU lED "

r Canadian vf) J season Maurice Williams with .348. finished batting the Sometimes Down He's He adds Up SometimesHe's subtracts, ", n 1 1SEA

I from The last top P season it t c h.are u Ernie returning Lee He all works around.It all around He worksit 4.Polr: .. .

|<3-1)), Rufus Slater ((1-0)), and 22-BO-4!
Tyrone Bryant ((1-0)). Lee
(( l .. '
ERA of 3.50. uL .

lows The:complete HOME GAMES schedule: -March MAN'S' B* HASH' 390LB.

12, Tampa All-Stars; March-, 2i Dr $1.29' p I C NICS JPOM

SeadVA14ADIAN.t 19 March, Alabama 21, Fort State Valley College State; DAYS ARENUMBERED .. .

CoUege; March 22, DePauw WOODSMAN SLICED
University; March 25-26, Still

'. \"... <, ? 4- "X man Morris College Brown;College March; April 29-30 'Man's Days are Num BACON'sWlFT'S':PREMIUM FULL COT' ROUND

beredHealth and
'+ 25, South Carolina State
SSS, College March 26-27 Allen Fortune Can Be Yours When;
m University Aprll Wor. You Know Your Lucky ,Days
szss: t ; Z9. 8ge
'A- S, house College; April SO,Tuske- Lucky Colors Etc. STEAK
r- \ I" wtttut.. Send | .oo for your 6C LI.
t GAMES AWAY ,April I, Mar Horoscope Guide for.M .. ,
I rls Brown Atlanta Gs
College ,
'" ; .
April 2, Mor ehouse College, ..-c.-.c I_ a a 11 a a'_ a.. a.. D a _
A.R CHFill _
r ,
Atlanta G14; .\pr114.,TuskegMInstitute.

$ 1 Tttskegee, Ala.; April In the blank below and U.S. 1POTATOES
21, South CarollnaStateColleg .' mall to ZODIAC, Post Office HO.
'.#f:' Orangeburg, S. C.; April Z2-U. Box II'll. Jacksonville 1, Fla.
JAUen UnI v.rs It y. Columbia,' C
3. C.; May 3-4, Alabama State NAYI _
Ws*IIIIIY-A UN vlainu eases*TUU.....mar.. MUM lunuii ea.M College Montgomery, Ala.;and, ''STREET-- .-- __ 1 10 us..UII .39

[May 5-6,StUlman College,TusIculoosa DATE OF BIRTH.--- .
Ala. Mo. Dai

, S. \ 8


'''. ''n''h"n'H''nH''H'n'-'t-: : : ''' '' ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... IJ ,, ,L'.''''. '''. '. .'.''I"-----

1' : '


-oe> t..a S. I. S.ItWill I Deliver Dr. Richardson Northwestern GroupTo Ml.t Ararat' District
flf'j 'J 'lfI.'JI.'llfglJ.t. ; Step! Ink! Aid Listu

SHOE REPAIR RlEl.IJ1 ': Ann! Men's Diy Address. Leads Service At Render ConcertAt Special Form 1040-ServlcesfromTues.INCOME TAX $L991 f Slates' Anniversary,

through Fri ONLY. District 9 of Mt Ararat Baptist
Shoe RepariRt.Of Sam I. Smith, director of Secondary Schools, Duval County Allen Chapel St. M allhew Taxpayers: Don't lose Jour Church will obisrvelts28thae
School System, will deliver the address for the annual Men's I
home March
niversary 20 at >p.m.,
W.A"- Day celebration March 13 at U am., In Mt. Zlon AME Church, According to the announcement The Northwestern Junior High We will pay your taxes with a I: in the church auditorium
Any Kind Is according to Eulent J. Jones., chairman.Mr. released by Rev J. W. Jones, School Glee Club willb pre Construction Loan on your
.Smith .U a native of Pittsburgh cer for the U.S.Naval Academy.. pastor of Allen Chapel sented In a concert Sunday at 3 house. All you nave to dots Jusfl $ LOAN ARRAMEI J'
Our Oily Bisinesj CALL 7644511AU : Kansas and attended the Mr.,Smith was appointed supervisor AUS Church, 1531 Swan St. Dr. p.m., In St.Matthew Baptist Au- call .
local schools her, graduating of Adult and YeteranEdu- A. R. Richardson, Presiding ditorium, and sponsored by the Reduce monthly payments by
934 E. UNION ST. MASONS KI.run from Andrew Jackson Senior cation for the Duval CountyBoard Elder of the West Jacksonville mlsslooaryaoclety. C.' I. lull! combining: your home and bills
-..eleasft.rea. _e_r High School He received the A. of Public Instruction In District will conduct the lad The church will be hostess to with or without home improve
B. degree from Drury College, 1946. He earned Us Master of Quarterly Conference business the Junior women auxiliary of Pbone.354.U10! ,' ments.
Education degree at the University the State : lZlO 1/z Davis Street. Frisco Construction Co., Inc.
Springfield, Mo., and has taught session Friday night at 7.30: p. Progressive c.nven1 '
at Harlan County, Kentucky and of Florida, and served as lion, March 21-27. M 2679 W. Beaver St. Call 387589L -
LM High School. undergraduate counselor in the The pastor i. requesting the Annual homecoming day will
Mr. Smith 1s active In the Na- College of Education. membership! to support this be observed March 20 throughout -
val Reserves and holds a commission He has served u assistant conference and that each board the day, and a musical program -
as commander In the principal and principal at Du- and auxiliary to hare both their will be presented March
pont High, principal at Englewood financial 15. The combined Choirs will
WINCHANNEL U. S. Naval Reserve He Is currently written and reports W '
the commandant's local High. Mr. Smith 1s also ready. serve and other choirs will par- A 111
representative for recruitingand a past president of the blvd Tbe order of service beflns ticipate.Spiritial.
program information offl- County Education Association at 9:45 a.m. Sunday School with
and .is affiliated with may other Mrs. Amanda Gay superintendent Tea Set

[ MASTER organizations. In charcef 11a.m.morn- The Goodwill Sewing and
WIG Chairman, Eulene Jones; lag service sermon by Dr.A.R. Saving Circle .is giving a Spirit-
Music Chair man, Chester Rlcbarson; 5 p.m. ACE League;
ual Tea Sunday, March 13, 1965
SALEI! Morse. Others assisting chairman 6:30: p.m. Evening service and in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
TAKE TWO are: Monsalee Davis, reports. All choirs, ushers, $JQclisonrI4 arlfst hJ 'J1IJWeM '
John ILGroomes, 2033 W. 14th .
IADa Vn k Lw. raw.wrorr 4B. AZ .Mwa.f>r.wNpcAeMA. A
Chester Cowart, James Lundy, stewards, trustees and class
BOY DIRECT ft SAVE! Solomon Jones, Nathaniel leaders are to serve throughout Street, from 4 to 6 p.m. Its N. MYRTUAVIUIVATIO .
PORTABLE RADIO/PHONO Davis. Rev. Charles Tostoo, the day. TO N. 1 SPICIAl. THIS Will q
Gnnitiil I :

100% HUMAN pastor.Royal I Crown Students To rOBS advance, SALARIES, rush reference TO $63, phone fare Kin. ... !lie ,.. ,.... Lmfty C*.|..

WIGS FULL CAP Conduct Services I number. ABLE MAIDS AGE' WHITING, FRESH Lb. 39c
Cola ,NCY, 163 N. MAIN, FREEPORT; _
Style #5 TtM faculty and students NY.TOOTHACHE. DIM./Our Mat PopuUr BoJtMf fleA
FREE RUG SHAMPOO, William Raines High School will, KINO MACKEREL STEAKS Lb. 59c
ONLY. have charge of the services Sun-
... $21
With Rental Of Shampoo Equip day at 6:30: p.m., In St.: Joseph "
Made to sell for $100.00 up Deluxe ment. We Rent Lawn Mowers' Methodist Church, according to SILVER DRUM "Y0 CHHOOATLESES:"IM.'* Lb. 32c

Quality Human Hair Extra t Garden Tools, Floor Polishers Rev. Golden Smith, minister. ; ,......d it-. IMNs e..._".... N........v..
Thlck-Long-Lustrous Will not & ,Sanders, Mechanic i Appearing> will be the choral Don'I mff.r igony.In Mcondi it ralld :iri'vV RED FIN CROAKER Lb. 29c
EnterThe Royal Crown HairDressingGOOD Mat or Fade .Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2 I' group and Dr.Andrew Robinson, that tottt with ORA.JEL. Spwd-r+l.M

GROOMING SWEEPSTAKES Natural Hair Line P rday. principal.of The the annual service Women'sDay in Interest tooth.ch.patn.ouf.doc-formula to putt atop It la throbbing work InUntly SHAD SPECIALS! Iff 39c .tf-" 29c

RENTAl\ tort rteommtnd It for .WREN e'ts.thlneOra
NATIONAL } celebration, which Is
It I the Royal Crown way of saying thank Closely stitched on ventilated
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