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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200704datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 26, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007040740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 26, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 26, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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: ; ;A_ 1f o'Fxfcfd dtserve B6an]tproiTOKwr ._- LI WMWB

__ ..YMw..wi.d..w. ",.. I ...wl.W., _.._ ..w+r.w.w Y.. .._e..w,_+t, .__ .r.. ..... .... ..._ .s __. u. __ s, .. .
** ** ** *



;; .. . ,.. _
* ** v >p * *; n ** *

Lawyer In Race For Legislature ; '': Gainesville University Library, of, Florida Florida

2 FAMU Staffers Peeking Election

', ,," ,*** *

r-J 'It' ,.ii I'IT.4' 1" (, M'. I .

.... .... .......................................... III.
V V 'f 15 HI. 51 SATURDAY MARCH 5, 19S6 15 CENTS

Leon School Board Post
Negroes In ** *

For Lei...... ., ;- :' : i / \ WOMAN 64 SLAYS

Alcee Hastings Of Ft. Udfordah

Qualifies For Legislative t' Seat ; MAN WITH HIS GUN

TALLAHASSEE Although Coy. .HaffddB'tJuru'.'proposed plan ill.._ *. *
for reapportionment does not give metVpe) for a Negro to be '

elected to represent pre"mlnant giroar.. .ms,another Negro ". ",( 'I' \, D e n str ration I Eastslde woman Slays Landlord
has > '
qualified for a leglslai- ,: >. ,I*. f ... I ,.
Qualifying this week forth< attached to the NAACP Legal ;(1''.J':''' )oJ 1: Like David' Slew Goliath IB B.C.
House of ,
Representatives, '
Group 4, Bro...ard County was staff.Other Negroes seeking legis, !;, .> ({? ( i iltt A i SFildopftonIt
Alcee Hastings a well-known lathe posts from their areas g Little David slew Goliath back in the days of B. C. but In A. D.
Ft. Lauderdale attorney .. t 1966 an almost feeble 64-year-old woman was able to summon
Hastings' qualification marks include: .. up the courage and strength to wrestle a gun from a man half
Karl.. ?QTIHB Jacksonviller1 her age and slay him.
the first time a Negro has rug Election
for a legislative post from thai rf f .** *...*1 SEEKS elECTION Dr. Russel I L. Anderson, ar.le. I, A shotgun shooting Eastslde was in progress was Mrs.Jones .
landlord was disarmed by his son Abraham and another
county.A shown here with his Mrs.. Celeste Johnson "
_> t : "
law partner in the Ft. Lauderdale ", .-\ ..<<. .J.JI ", 64-year-old woman tenant and tenant Jamie Evans, 3L
firm of Allen and Hast Anderson is running for a Leon County '" .:BY ERIC 0. ,SlfPSON :: killed with his own weapon after Mr. Jones' son ran and locked
ings the candidate Is a graduate School board post. Dr. Anderson is director J Haydoqrns : he attacked the sexagenarian himself his bedroom just before
of Fisk University and Florida of Student Health Service at FAMU. 'he reappJrtlort. ,,'plan> which Gov. Thomas Edwards who lived at Edwards fired once into

AIM Law School.He Is a mem lr unveiled: to, Floridians: this 'week is the hall striking Mrs. Jones

ber of the State Advisory Com FAMU Staffers a .rdly'; acceptable t6,,:anyone $eeklngtQjfulfill ;|? and Evans with the pellets, police -

mission Action Fund for Migratory Jury Bill the principal, ',of "one man one vote said.
Officers said when Edwards
BI-racial Workers, a member Board of the' Seek OfficesTALLAHASSEETwo phch) : : l ij( turn! means equal I representatioIbr } ',," .1> : fired the first shot the 64-year-
Advisory of the
every ... old woman lunged toward him
> J&n.! .
City Ft. Lauderdale and is mem ;
bers of the Florida A Ji M University Seen AidNegroes f'sip'Icals: ; I\ ); ,t>f :four senators pef"dls- and tussled with him until she.
staff are seeking election trlctf tr ftCnlne/opfew; ,, tatlvefi' for:; got the gun. When she got po,

GOP Picks 12 offices. in the coming mmber' Senate:'and, a house;'of 100 seats{. .. ..._---

elections. and +that' ,1 U:bad ,enough. But ) ,
Te Serve OH Dr. Russell L. Anderson, dIrector Bjairldjciaous/suooestlon{ r that'''af'aI, 1 t 1
of student health serviceat '
.T..EARL M. JOHNSON..., itfoV'nifffatJaroa : 1thynvthftcotel:
** Florida r"-1rI University Multiple"legal lsjusticesfitvelong 1 \\II I
Advisory".UAitWASHINGTONNPl ; ; M. .*
attorney in Group who 8. He qualified had earlier to announced run and a practicing physician is been perpetrated again fli e 6pnaKdj} '. A rJcts.1.Thenhe: ,;turns aroun!
seeking the Democratic nomination America Negroes-on one hand, ti t '
+ f Iona I
) An advisory he would run for Group ,t1 some
,committee of 12 Negro 5. Johnson Is making his second School Board.A for .the Leon County by from their j Juries systematic hearing exclusions criminal drlt'rjcts' he': fou/d/ approvq?<:Fresidency! dls( ;" MRS. ROSA LEE JONES

leaders has been appointed by bid for public office !having run trlcts.of'' equal ;size., ..). :"
native of Pittsburgh 1. Pa.,Dr. and civil cases,and on the other, : 627 Kentucky Lane was fatally
the Republican to Chairman National Committee unsuccessfully for the office of Anderson received the B.S.,II. the denial of redress by courts Frankly' ', we' 'don't understand 'this'sort I felled by a single shotgun blast
help RayC. County Commissioner. .
S. and Ph.0 degrees from the for Infringement upon their civil af/JiodgerPodge arranpemen ; fired by Mrs. Rosa Lee Jones.
Bliss to ,
prepare program Another announced trantinto f.J *'< :
University of Pittsburgh, and rights. Police said theshootingfol-
strengthen support for the party the II. D. degree from the College Such practices have been com WITHOUT a doubt, Gov. Burns'p'afJ'of' at- lowed a heated argument at

among Negroes. of Medicine, Howard University monplace in Southern states, ..targe''yotlna violates ,the",concept of: equal Edward's apartment last Tuesday .
Committee Earl members Include: Washington D. C. He where Negroes have been disfranchised representation, and goes' far beyond ,that, over the amount of money
J. Bearing prosecuting
taught biology at Johnson C. andbarredfrom Mrs. Jones owed Edwards. EDWARD THOMAS
for when 30OCX() citizens I in'three'otherdistricts "
attorney, L Ky.
Ille. ; Smith University for 13 years serving on juries. According! to detective Sgt. J. session of the weapon she hot
George Fowler, chairman. New '' had led subsequently to areble to vote and elect the him In
and at FAMU for three years. This ,L. Jordan and W. C. Barber, the abdomen.
York State Human Rights Commission The other is Dr. Charles U. the development of a dual stand. representative' for a, district of:. say,: during the beat of the argument Mrs. Jones placed under guard

; William Johnson, executive Iii' Smith, attached to Sociology ard of law,one for the white man 10,000 voter, then, those 10,000 citizens' Edwards suddenly left, went in Duval Medical Center where
assistant to Penn.ylvanla'
William Dept. of the university. and another for the Negro. 'are being denied, the rlo'h'to elect therepresentative into his bedroom and returned she was being treated for
Gov. W.
Dr. Smith qualified for the post Armed with this many ;: with the shotgun. Sitting in the, a wound of the upper arm.She
Scranton; William Robinson of member of the Leon County Southern law officers have felt of their f own choosing apartment while the argument has been charged with homicide.
former Illinois state represen- in the constitu-
Democratic Executive Committee secure violating
tative; Clarence Townes Rich a non-paying position.It tional rights of Negroes- t AT-URGE: elections ,are particularly discriminatory '
mond executive assistant Virginia that efforts to seek 'to Negroes' who have First Serves
marks the Or st time a Negro knowing redress : been shunt' Negro

and Republican Q. V. Williamson state committee Atlanta has been able to qualify to run would be turned back. ed ;.f Into 'separate geographical','areas 'and--1,

; City counc11 ltn. for the post. In the past Negroes Now come two moves almedat communities but are: denied the ,right ''of',.

Others are Joseph Bell,Mich- .....I.W. WILLIAMS..... given seeking the to run qualify around were and usually dissuaded correcting to provide these juries Inequitiesabill that are representation., "> : _'i -,', On Federal BoardWASHINGTONNPI I

gan Republican State Central the legislative sweepstakes is from qualifying. representative of a cross- GOV. BURNS In h1s'deClarat on 1 Is"perpetuating ,
committee; Atty. James L. St. Petersburg attorney I.W. section of the population of a the\ same discrimination against
California COP State (Ike) Williams who stated he ). Another Independent judgment."
Flournoy given judicial district and one and White .
Bell ; too :,
committee; Mrs. Elaine would seek office on the Repub- Telephone that will make crimes against Negroes groups ,hcb.the{ step up the governmental ladder Brimmer said that be was fullyin
Jenkins, vice chairman lican ticket. those Involved in civil rights Supreme court Id, endeavoring ,to correct.; was taken last week when economist favor of good communication
District of Columbia Republican Accused Of activities punishable by fines FLORIDA, needs redistricting, for 'even thepresent Andrew F. Brimmer was between members of the
committee, Stephen Maxwell NAACP Seeks and prison sentences.In congressional districts are not I appointed by President Lyndon Federal Reserve Board the
corporation counsel, St. Paul, Housing Bios dramatic for federal The B. Johnson to fill a vacancy on Council of Economic Advisers,
Action a appeal acceptable., time to ,redistrict\ Is' ndw
former COP
Minn.; Ed Sexton Intervention, the Leadership Florida the Federal Reserve Board. the Treasury, and the Budget
Kansas state legislator. and WASHINGTON a complaint I lawmakers have been fooling around The Senate BankIng Committee Bureau

William 0. Walker, director, On Bowbtag filed with the Equal Employment Conference composed of on all Civil major Rights-rights with;: the issue much, much tote long: I last Wednesday approved the

Ohio Department of Industrial TAMPA Robert Saunders, Opportunity Commission here, organizations succeededIn )JWE II ISSUE of redlstrlctlng.abollsh-' nomination of Andrew F.Brim
Relations and publisher,Cleveland Florida NAACP field director Feb. 25, Herbert Hill, NAACP mer as a member of the Federal
having legislators present a mAt, Is felt so keenly
among citizens that r
Call-Post. stated that NAACP officials in director for labor program civil bill Reserve Board. He Is the first
comprehensive rights
Throughout the nation the state are seeking advice charged the Bell Telephone Laboratories to provide fair tr lab in the South many: groups, are ,studying and urgrngdemon;:' 'dskations j Negro ever named to the board. sr "tPk
Negroes voting rights gains.In from the organization's attorneys with racial discrimination and protect Negroes and civil to, the 'capita'' to Prod lawmakers J The vote on the 39-year-old
Camden, Ala., a Negro can- regarding action on the in the provision of rights workers from violence.The tdfredljitrlct' and abolish 'thi,:at-largee-'l: r ; assistant commerce secretary
didate I&.seekine the office held matter of a recent attempt to housing for Negro workers being bill presented to the U.s. I Iectlcn-for..county: ,:'eol S latly offlcestJAME for economic affairs was unanimous. Y
for 28 years by Sheriff P. C.Lummi. bomb a meeting.The transferred from the com Senate is the Civil Rights Pro- .
( .) Jenkins. Until last bombing attempt was made pany's Holmde N. J., plant to tection Act of 1966, which would The Committee also approved
year, only white people could on Feb. 22 at a meeting at the a location In Napervllle 111. provide federal juries selected Group Asks Extension without dissent the nomination
vote in the deep South community. B'nal Bethel Temple here where Housing for the transferred from a sampling plan to give a of William W. Sherrill tope a
The 1969 Voting Rights Act NAACP President Kivie Kaplanwas Negro technicians Is being made representative cross-section of member of the Federal Deposit
changed all that,giving Negroes the principal speaker. available only In all-Negro I the population of the J judicial I I 1dIslrict. Seeks To Build of MedicareOld Insurance Corp. Sherrlll, 39,
a 3,600-2,600 voting majority in Kaplan was addressing a joint areas by realtors who discriminate is president of the Homestead

the county. meeting of the Clearwater Mr. Hill charged. State juries would be chosenthe Age Home Bank In Houston, Texas.
Drawing even bigger attention Bell Telephone Laboratoriesis CoverageCHICAGO President Johnson named ANDREW: BBIMMEB
NAACP Branch the Florida Human where discrimination -
in Alabama was the race for Rights Council and the one of 21 companies and four same is proved way or automatically NPIA delegation Brimmer to succeed C. Canby aaoied to Itaerv Board

governor. Instead of a race United Nations Association labor unions i in nine states where the number of Negro of 17 AME ministers in the Chicago WASHINGTON Disabled Balderston on the Reserve
issue, there was a sex issue. when a cherry bomb was against which Mr. Hill filed Jurors is less than one-third of area recently called upon persons under 65 would get In Board, which has been closely He acnieveo a very commend
COT. George C. Wallace, barred totalof Medicare under divided on setting fiscal and able record as a member of the
thrown at the building. No InJuries complaints on behalf of a the ratio of the Negropopulatlon Mayor Richard J. Daley to urge on legislation
by the state constitution 80 workers. Introduced yesterday by Rep. banking policies. economic research staff of the
were reported.Rev. Negro to the total population. his assistance In their plans to
from succeeding himself, announced Donald Harrington of New Among the companies so Trial of state crimes would construct low income housingfor Claude Pepper, D-Fla. Brimmer !is generally consid- bank during the 1950s,and many
that his wife, Lurleen, Tire Medicare ered a moderate while Balderston feel he can be counted upon to
York City also addressed the charged were Goodyear held in federal courts In areas the elderly. The group also now covers persons
would ma as a stand-in. Wale Texas 65 and was viewed as a conserva- build further upon that record in
meeting. and Rubber Co., Cheek ; where racial discrimination ex pledged Its cooperation In thecity's over. Pepper's legislation
lace made it clear that he would tive who sided with a majority his service as reserve board
Rabbi J. Marshall Taxay a General Electric Co.,Evandale, ists.An. fight against blight. would add any person under
still be pulling the strings. subscribing NAACP life member Ohio, Reynolds Metal Co.,Hur. Indemnification Boardwould Led by Bishop Joseph Gomez 65 who is receiving disability of the Federal Reserve Board member.His chief. responsibility In the

.N Is bead of B'nal Bethel ricane Creek, Ark.; Eastern be created under the Civil Fourth Episcopal District and benefits under Social Security against Johnson In raising Interest U. S.Commerce department has
Temple. Airlines New York City,Atlantic Rights commission to pay damages the Rev. Roy L. Miller, pastor About 930,000 more persons rates late last year. voluntary
AUTO TAG AGENCYON Although police are investigating Coast Lines Petersburg, to civil rights victims of Greater Institutional AME would come under the Medicare Brimmer assured the committee handling for curbing the outflow pro.of

the Incident, they stated Fla.; and the Observer Transportation violence or intimidation.In Church, the delegation also Included umbrella through Pepper's pro- that he would act independently private gram capital, as it applies to
MfRTIf AYDUE that they could do nothing fur Co., Charlotte N. C. such cases, the federal two outstanding AME posal. as a member of the board. business corporations.
An auto tag agency !now open ther unless charges are The labor organizations Include government wouldsuetorecover laymen Atty. Russell R.De- "This Is a modest proposal for "I would listen to comment and Much of his academic
2422 Myrtle Ave at the corner brought. Local 55, Brick Masons the money Including the Bow, administrative assistantto the extension of Medicare to advice but I would not want to has been in monetary experience
of 15tb st. union AFL-CIO Columbus, defendants court coverage to a relatively few give you the Impression that I
Robert W Saunders Florida state or locality as the mayor, and Circuit matters. He taught at Harvard
Open daily IncludingSatur- NAACP field director, stated Ohio,AFL-CIO Building Trades if the police were involved. jurist Sidney Jones. people who have already experienced would be anybody's man, the Massachusetts
days, the office is St. Louis Local 100, the misfortune of havinga Brimmer said. University
staffed by that NAACP officials in the ; The group seeks to purchase
Negroes. state are seeking legal advice International flrot herb oodof Sens. Paul Douglas(D-llt)and urban renewal property tabulld crippling Illness or injury "I am not Joining a bloc of some Institute of Technology, Michigan
from NAACP attorneys regardIng Teamsters Cincinnati, and Clifford Case (R-NJ.) introduced low cost housing In the central and, for this reason, are unableto kind or escaping a bloc of some State University and the
of Peansylvdkia.
vwvwv future action on the matter. Lodge 2013. the bill into the Senate. area of the city. continue in their Jobs. kind. I would want to exercise University

.. PI { I


--- -
-- ---- -

,.PACE 2 JT? NTHE n'Ii'l t! ,Sift 'PAPERS! SATOR9AY MARCH 5, 19f-(

FLORIDA STAR I. All... III. ....., ... Politics As Usual
... ,... ,,01
.1.' .01.
....I'. ".,., If,....
NEWSPublished ....I.u,,.".'". 1 BY NORMAN.. E. JONES

by the Florida Star Publishing Company ',.._....1.. "I'.

NEGROES 10MONTHS BUT 'Governor S''Stakes' run
NEGRO P iRNATIONAL I ALL THREE PREVIOUS INCIDENTS for various and sundry reasons which follows -


1. TO seriously try out their chances for

future efforts in the 'Governor's Stakes'

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.........Mimiif Editor good race with a fair number of votes all
over the state will attract the attention

ALYSON E. WISE.Niws Eiilo.r of the 'Money Boys' and the 'political

'.\ King-Makers' and mark them as good 'hor-

HILDA ,NOOTEN Cjrcilitiu Yaeagsro.asw : :;' jO' back in future Races.
.., .' .. .. .. ses' to
.:); I 1:1: ", .; 2. TO attract
> L. .u.o..a....' ""' statewide attentionwith

2323 .Molcriet Road, :Plop .Elin.:.:4-8712 the possibilityof
a judgeship or

Mailing Address ; other safe' politi- "aC't

; cal plum later .on,

:! P. 0. Box 599 JuksoRiilli, Florida 32201 FA' though they have no 'R.

reason to believe

MIAMI OFFICE they could possibly

capture the 'gover

738 r'HW 3rd !'u'"e Phil 377-1025 nor' s Stakes'

: _I 3. Repayment of
past political debts: "decoys" prominent
One year. $3.00 Half Year $4.00 ta. are
in thus group and to
Mailed to you ,Anywhere in the united states obligate
'powerful Interests'
for future
Subscription payable in advance ,
M' which .includes backing for lesser
Send check or Honey order to; fAHfH HAM AlA9AHA offices
+' political appointments, Juicy legal andother
Jacksonville i, Florida contracts from! these interests or
sources Influenced by these interests.

Objectives Need Changes VictlM' Of A Free-W lf' Alt TweityOielHoroscope nature 4. To to wage decoy campaign the electorate issues of from such dis-a

cussion of other Issues which might helpor

.... hurt a serious contender.
During the past year, We have several _on..IIQIa.. .1111';" 11--.0_' _nr.... 5. since someone' must be elected, there
times written editorials calling attention ....
to the ineffectiveness of civil : > are always a few' serious candidates who
: : feel they have served their apprenticeship -
rights demonstrations since ,they have already Your ,
and have sufficient
served their purposes. With the I Weekly'. political and
financial backing to 'finish in front.
passage of the recent civil rights laws,
civil rights demonstrations ceased. to be 'h 6. TO run a good race so they can wheel
needed. and deal with one of the entries in the

For one thing, the NAACP should be called" run-off, to throw his support. shown in the

upon to test any violations of these lawsin ,, :, Guide. Primary for a big fat political plum.

the courts in the land. More substan- Wheeling and dealing Js' usually 'with the

tial progress can be made in this manner leading run-off candidate assure' grea-
than by a thousand demonstration. I, ter odds in favor of the wheeler.

Apropos of our editorials, there comesan ." ..Y' MHO, The, ASTROLOGER Next to the serious entries and sometimesan

announcement by A. Phillip Randolph entry is both a serious starter and a

calling upon civil rights organizationsto WHICH :ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR wheeler-dealer, the wheeler-dealers are
"undergo a basic re-examination involving the hardest hustlers, trying to pick up

tactics and strategy ,as well as poli- BUSINESS .- 'LOVE ,- TRAVELs strength in every section among all kindsof
cies and objectives. divergent groups wanting to win
.. .._,
-- ------- friends everywhere and not hurt
Remember, we have from time I to time recommended ---- -, _1111 __ __ anybody's
the use of persuasion as an alternative ,'1: feelings.

technique. ,force, your I band In a retire i r Taking no 'strong stand for or against

For instance, when demonstrations were unusual maaaer.n 1 l C- controversial issues', parrying, thrusting,
rfo1'ng'hlgh thousands of people' went to 7-50-18-M-2I9 to .U LQ sidestepping,' feinting, ducking, playing
better to stay March .. it,safe like, a champion boxer. ;.
jail.) \Would it not be now '.to" I 2 ra 1
out of jail and spend the fines on econo- f Born S.pt.,23rd Born Doe. 22nd He is most vociferous in a general 1 way

mic self-help projects in Negro communi- -April Wfb", on the subjects of motherhood, patriotism,
ties? -Oct. 23rd -Jon. 19th states rights, federal control and of

The Arlans who have a certain ,Bom'June 22mlJufy course the threat of communism. They can
amount of paper work or Tasks that appeal to your artIstic There may be manypressures oratorically, place a squad of communists
other detailed tasks to handle or romantic nature go from the outside trying to convince around house in
22nd every the state and have
: far .to counteract the force of
Man would you another course
Is Still every day find it advantageous -
Resolvte This enough left over to staff the
not to put then off. negative maybe than the OM that you are now state Department -
Not only are chores likely to u you possess the leant bit Just what is lacking right following will be more beneficial in Washington, the Universities,
accumulate but you may find of the facnlrt to ev&lote treads BOW in the lives of many ia the long run. This both faculties and student bodies, chur-
yourself unable to handle them and their significance! it would Librans causing: them to Indulge could be a fallacy through which ches, sunday schools and kindegartens.This .
in talking about the good old days, most because of helath conditions or pay handsome divides, event in .-lIteenar, worry that is the more. perceptive Capricorn- tirade
people would have you that mankind is weak- an ever Increasing work load. bully, ,to cultivate U to the depressing |ii4.debilitation.Nevertheless lass should be able to see against the 'commies' is designed -
ening in his high resolves. But truly he is There are signs! that you are utmost of your pores. This ,,tt.doesnot, appear' without mace effort. Those of to keep from committing themselveson
not Of course., he may not be able to e- reaching some sort Impasse would aid yon .la mktag good to be the right moment to throwaway you who may believe that you any real and pertinent' issue which
r.ulate. his ancestors and survive a harrow that could seriously interfere decisions. plaate ahead and., a sure position for onethatistooaeliulousaadperhaps can: open>> doors to the pact may might offend a couple of voters.
with efficiency or productivity.. bettering yaw fCanclla sit- be sorely mistaken for there
ing wilderness with a nuzzle-loader, and ax Keep on the best of terms with nation to the point where you :nonexistent. Those of you who are far too few examples that
and his wits or the fcrtitude to endurethe your other half and with college will no longer peed to worry. 'elect disregard these words this !has ever been done
rigor cf American slavery, but the recent use who would be the most able Given reflection to these 'of caution: may discover that succeufu ly. The Urban Leaguo
cold snap with its snow and ice prove and willing to take over certain and related subjects while the ''you have created condition that
mood to be is far less stable than the one S-90-1S-M-342
duties to which you cannot attend appears
that present isn't
day and
man ineptloafer. yourself.47o1Ulea. strongly in this direction. l that you thought you were remedying .
Fir about a week most people accepted inconveniences BROWNASSOCIATE
1... I .... -Salhrt"'ly.23rd I' I
resolutely so that they survived : '
the actual hardships without becoming .Aat .
physical or nervous wrecks. 'g5< 4" .
Jon. 201hFhb.
N .....
'Modern man may be in eternal hock to magic 71LukR4- .

buttons and to limitless front and back 10. 11th The Jacksonville urban League is concerned -

door deliveries, but when buttons fail and Bona April 201* ',' ." :-: Born Oct. 24th" about the maximum barticirmtinn., of Negroes -

deliveries cease, few of us-became captivesto ... 22nd Notice what is happening .lathe in all activities of community lifer

deprivations or fears Folks not only -May20tb world and try to run your The civil rights
"made do"f: but many made an Interestinggame Taere woutf be no pout iaosJpoaing Even U it may be considered personal life accordingly. Your of see
out of it. The rather severe ordeal of:, d1 0agreeable tasks, r'mart these days to appear maID concern may be bow to Negroes are no longer -
the preceding month may Dare tspfcUUy thoaa related to Jour adjust your finance to the wishful
calloused: sentiment is still thinking
Regardless of race. Americans both black left you somewhat bewildered 1SDU ... aauldyou. decide fractions of times and bow to
likely to remain the final
and: white demonstrated the ability to face and at a loss as to where to begin ,to wait until cUcttactaacei for* 'la the case of most Scorpios.arbiter stretch funds that tend to be they are part of our

a serious crisis with manly Intelligence.this all over again 'One of the answers ce your hand, you wW discover See how much better, it is when more and more limited by the federal and state
is a part of our true heritage. may. be that you have that they have become >you put some feeling in your rising taxes and living costs. laws. The exerciseof
teamed up with the ,wrong frustrating becaoee. of the add relation ships with loved ones Should you somewhat pussled these rights is
partner or acquaintances and itional complications that have Should be somewhat
you put- imperative.
Be Careful Of Oil that it be in developed .in the meantime. Decide .and frlendswhoarepertlcululy A good
; Stoves may your Interest close to you. Resist the personal tiled U to BOW to go about example of
to make a complete break Co to remain mute over tendency or the counsels doing this, it may be In the non use
through the list carefully and your feelings and to apply the cf: others to take the hard line ..tallDtenst toask your auto of anything is de-
in Jacksonville and numerous localities of retain only the names of those aie, where need be, without should something rather or other key associates to offer terlotation or in
serious -
the south in areas where the whose and further delay. the
underprivileged loyalty friendship appear to be 'developing needed suggestions. social sense non-
:! reside there have been too many disastrous remain above question or 8-20.19-11-142 m your key .and affectionate 6-40-1S-44-166 use of blood won
fires caused by accidents'' with reproach. Separative Influences usogaf. ocs. rights for' inter-

kerosene stoves. small children have been may bring are very about strong an estrangement and they Oihqa, 2-70-17-44-436 d'iAaL gration of public
burned while their parents from
were away without your help. Don'ttake
home anything U positive Indicator Born Aug..23 Born Fob. 19th facilities will cause these rights to be

An Jacksonville infant, Just last week, that the tunas has nothing -Sept..22nd :SiuJ' .. 20th only a declaration on paper, but the ava-

died: from a kerosene fide started when a worth-while In store for There seems to be only men ilable facilities shouod be used and en-

hal f- l eepy brother upset a kerosene stove you for to be the the very opposite Bona Now 23rd answer to whatever you decide Joyed by the Negro citizenery of the com-
appears case.
three of the children in the house were saved Any hlctIOSDutmayharebeea to dd during this period eMit munity to the maximum degree.

hut the 17-month-old baby girl lost her 3-80-16-33-476 created recently la your key -D.H.2"I can be summed up la OM worddoD't. A situation reflecting
-- This applies principally inferior feelings,
life.f e, :association nay tow reach the to individuals who nave low self-esteem. and values of the status
The fires generally when the stage where little can be done
occur parentsare
UU decided to break marriage or quo system
from home a 'I(to stave off the flames of dis The more violent and passing was exemplified by a large number -
away usually on legitimate I any coab1Dat1CJD. it has too of Negroes
I cord. Whether this toads to storm has been, the more grateful attempting to movie
purposes like going to work. in this particular "(ton May 21 it i definite estrangement or not 'we are for the return of often happeaed that fall successful lido oblivion in our city last week. see a
: couple or -
case, the parents left home before rill depend mainly oa the self- fair went er. And so It maybe group The disturbing factor
each to
fj a.m. leaving the children alone. -Jon 21 at 4 4I control lAd maturity displayedby for many Sanitarian who have strike once out Independently.one Thin Negro citizens was a long line of

The solution to these accidents 4s strict I' the parties oa opposing sides. been uprooted from their customary must be taken Into account by to a movie that standing In line for hours
The question U to what comes Whereverressoa and Justice associations: family life was playing at a neighborhood -
enforcement of fire regulation for houses I the Pisciau whose particular:
fait, your career oryourfam-'can be applied It is advisable or wordljr occt attans. This on the other
thesis this hand the same
and the requirement that one parent stay at responsibilities, is the one 'to give them free rein before I may be Just the needed circumstances place movie was plaYing downtown
There Is the possibility line modem -
home with the children. But alas, the wages that could press for a positive 'Irrevocable decisions have been 'opportunity to rebuild on a foundI I category. no ,
of showdown when
are so small that both parents must answer before the end of'the 'reached, I I6015 II ation that will be more solid and decision taken a contrary to the a ly It is .itleVfccosiar the snack bar, etc: sure-
work to make ends meet. They must eat to- tuarter. Even if you are reluctant I enduring one recommended. price difference of
live. to accept the responilblllty the two movies not
-'I1-lZf to have to undergoYflARlJlJ
circumstances could 8-30-13-33-832 2-80-14-22-942 1 the long waiting period

.... .
-- "
1 .



i c t o r i a l i ( Of Jax Urban Le4:ague: s Annua I B a n q uet

The scenes below depict highlights of the Banquet which had Whitney Young, secretary speaker. Attended b y an array of c cans banquet was held in the Gi&nal Terrace of
Jacksonville Urban leaguer' second Annual of the National Urban League as the main of both races from nany walks of I life I the the Atlantic Coast Line Oullding.

r ) ; wiripn 1ur'r '..._


t I


__ Y

CURTAIN CALL .. Dr. Hunter H. Sfttterwhlteho 5..1Y 1Yee1 ,-
serted at' master cf ceremonies for the ,
I occasion Is seen with Mrs Alpha Hayes __
Moo te and whitney young \ -u\ Jla

r .L "'\\1_ { ,
.._ all i > "' .b.).."-- L7+.. err. '

SATISFACTION .- Mrs. Janet Johnson, Mrs Rutledge pearson, EarlM. CHEERFUL -- Mrs. Hortense Williams Gray, (seen sidewise) with Mrs.I. .
Johnson. Atty. and Howard Hill Chanter of commerce executive E. Williams, (center) ardent League worker, were among the some I
display signs of satisfaction. 450 guests present. At right is Mrs. Gloria Brooks



a r7

) Ma


TELLING 'EM .. Whitney Young deliveringthe L
ain address--a discourse of great 4.r
humor.signficance--dripping with irony and 4 I


-- -- --- ---- --
WHO ME? That's what Eric 0. Simpson, who was presented an award -
for "outstanding performance in Journalism" is saying as Whitney SHORTER E. L. Aoercromble, president of the independent Laun- \I
young signs autograph for Mrs. prances Plummer while Al wise dry Workers Union hears words of gratitude from Jax League chair-
FLORIDA STAR staffer looks on. man, r W' ". schell. At left is stan Roundtree local, Laundry I
Workers union representative. Beaming are Rutledge pearson and
Lewis carter assistant director of J Jacksonville Economic oppor-
l1 tunity program.

d n ,
r r f. ; R }


? 1

y .. ', j' : ( 1f ;: '!:; : .
;' S ; "

.,''i4\l.,;\!. ., ." ;'./\"i'fr.I.'ill\ :' (?;ti.' $; 'lf'i\, \\" ... '"'./"'..' :: {
WELCOME -- Mayor Louis H. Ritter extends '. '; : .. :..!\:\:;\ \ \;?!.IiI,::.;g l'.:;.r\\\/I..i.' : ..f\F:\.P.1;: ?';" .

"welcome" to League secretary, Whitney ,...',) \ .. .,. .' ........... ... .. ':... "..'...: ,Jj
young. The county was represented by Commissioner .. -. .,. .j.l.: .... 1 e
.1' .
Bob Harris. .
(. .. '" ,. .
t ; (11. ( I

Yes, We All TalkBy ,"< .
: ., : _
Marcus H. toulwore' : ,


QUESTION: Art thereguideline' rvlet' In parliamentary
procedure? Pleat' discuss In your column -F.I.
ANSWER From various parliamentary 'law tourtet.we .
have 'titled: from live eleven' fundamental' principia Whitney young and Mayor Ritter talk over views. From HOSTESS This charming quintet served as hostesses for the memorable
; bu they. can be regrouped five: left are Clanzel T. Brown, Jai urban League associate director banquet. From left are Bernice smith, Betty Brundage,
I i. Th. individual't" detiret) should' b.com.ha/0'h. young Ritter phio Whitehead and James Washington international Betty Burgess, Theresa Mackey and Merceda chandler. I
organization (liven though he voted agointl motion, Chemical workers union execs.
I he should' b. a 'loyal'member In 'Inns ol the majority
with ol' the club I
2, Wllol mo'tority mutt b.tarried out, yet the rights Regional Press Workshop Aide
ol the, minority mutt be preterved. ,
enhrled lull and tree d. I Ml i
it to
3..Every main motion .. ,
bat. .. cr
4. One question, only' can b.tontiaerea at ane time.
5. f very member hat righlt" equal' to those ol .v.ry
other member. ,,

lEADERS: formyponphl./onparliam.nfarylawtMI' 4r %
week, tend 30 tentt to cover cool of handling Writ.
Dr. M H. Boulware' Florida ASM Univertily., Ban 3I0' -A. c4po
Tallahattee" Florida' _32307.
sros ts


Myrtle Avenue.. Tag Agency m ssr dnro ,

.t*._ /"

2422 Now-At Myrtle Ave \ ;::

-- .---- -- -

Corner 15th St- 'WORK51 PPER'' ---Robin Forrester, seniorat \
New Stanton Senior High School Jack- 'BRA pED'
-Convenient Hours sonville, will serve as WORKSHOPPER) assi- Beef its Best g 1 1
stant during the forthcoming 16th Annual at

Open Plenty Of Interschclastic Press Workshop at Florida
AiM University I Tallahassee, March 3-5- I
Saturdays Parking Space Editor-in-chief newspaper of the GTANTONIAN, school I

t '

e. .+.Nw. v.. -- .vr .

SAfiliuU' IAp6B S.Spiritnl hiM

Woodlawn United Render Recital._ unaay Tu Sit FREE RUG SHAMPOO
. Fashion Show Sponsor ...
e Presbyterian Church "."MANCMI.. MOOM, 'M. ,: dS \ The Goodwill glvlngaSplrlt-Sewing and With Rental Of Shampoo Equls.
Saving Circle went We Rent Lawn
9 '{, : : ,:''; '::(" 13 1966
Much ,
'f" Sunday,
ual Tea Garden Tools
By ELDER L. N. PEARSON ..\ .'' '.".( < ; Floor Polij.
.\. .' In the home of Mr. and Mrs. hers & Sanders, Mechanic.
John H-Groomes, 2033 W. 14th Hand Tools Local Trailers
The arranged for the $
program \{
_- celebration of the 90th anniversary ,r> Street Mrs. from Everlena 4 to 6 Dunn p.m.will be per day.'w
Woodlawn United
of the
lr .I e. Presbyterian Church on last I II the speaker. NATIONAL RENTAL
1 r Sunday was carried out uplanfled. -' rI The public Is Invited.Aiilvmirj
The Morning Worship ser I Set CENTER
vice was well attended.The feature 7323 N. Main St. PO 8-89.S5;
attraction was the way 1U
Adult Choir responded to the The Goodwill Sewing and
1. :ZWSIAirJ appeal to be present at both Saving Circle will celebrate -
morning and evening services ... its 17th anniversary Monday THOUSANDS ARE
Only Mr. W K. Harper was absent I v March 28, 1966 at 8 p.m. In
on account of Illness and The Bowden MemorialM.E. BEING HELPED BY
Mrs Barbara Walker for rea I Church, corner Uth and Pullman kN .MOTHER DEVINE OF
sons unknown. Streets. INDIASickWorrfedgef
Now, Woodlawn Church has the, The public Is Invited. .
nucleus around which a great- *wrlr
choir or choirs could be organ Troubled
DANIEL 12:1:
ised. It Is an Imperative"must" Lost Love Lost
that our cholrbeorganisedThe ( Great trouble Is Just before us Manhood.
Adult Choir hopes to organise and we can survive ONLY In Let MOTHER OF
1 Immediately. We do hope when God's,Word. I '
'M (INDIA help you
1 the Friday edition of the. '':'''"III!'
FLORIDA STAR comes out this, THE HOLY BIBLE to.--u week, the Adult Choir of Wood- MOTHER DIVINE(
# : Authorized King James Version
lawn United Church will bean
4 : organized reality. Red Letters $::5.98 p.pd. P.O.Box 5712
.4, .., Rev. Wilson carried out the Charles Bridges Box 395,Alia Detroit.Mich.
: gallon Station, Miam 1,Florida
perfectly. He '
programs .
,., kv 33142 48239
11III5'.J deserves much praise for a Job
well done. '
SPONSORS -- Meabera of the Trlchologlst Cosmetology OIINICI. UIDDIeJI. At1N1A..7p
Local 38 who The FLORIDA STAR senta l- -- WHEN YOU ARE ILL
will sponsor a fashion show sat. night March 4 at the Elks Auditorium photographer to make surprise ".
are seen here. From the far end are iiesdanes Eddie Lee pictures of the church and congregation TALENT Freddie I Davis I and the Little
Brown treasurer; Myrtle Kohn sgt. -at-arms; Gloria fowler chap In the 4 o'clock p.m. shadows a talented grcuo of youngstersunder You Seek The Best Doctor. .
lain, Minnie Lee Alexander president; Olla B. Taylor business celebration. He did not make the direction of their father will When Your Doctor Prescribes,
the pictures. Asked why? He in recital Sunday March 6, at the Pharmacist. 4S $
manager; callle jackson artist bureau chairman; and Mildred said, I did not find the Presbyterian appear a Get Experienced
Dallas recording secretary. other officers and members not shown congregation, only at.Stephen' Trinity Baptist Church, 1357 Hart and Bar- ....According to your Doctor's
here Include; Mrs. Eula Barnes financial secretary; Mrs. Lila AUE Church. nett Streets. The program Is under the Orders. We Use Only The Best "

Anthony vice president; Miss Evelyn cobb, Mrs. Adna Lewis, Mrs. "The Lord hath need of them." sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Smith and is Quality Drugs C. E. BLACK

Leila Brookins and Mrs Johnnie May stunsell. Matt. 21: 3. scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., Proprietor

3' Registered pharmacists To serve YOU

a i Tea Even) Planned

At Mt. OliveUsher

Board 2 of Mt Olive Cosmetics-Rubber Goods-candies-sundries
annual St. Patrick Day Tea,
March 27 In the lower auditorium Lilly's Dreg Store
of the church, Pippin and

Franklin. Streets, from 4 to 8p.m. 1907 KINGS ROAD

The members were divided Into -
groups with Mrs.Edythe Foster EL38276Instant
'e ; and Mrs.Lillian P. Ford,
.I.,It p! '.'..I. president and vice president at
.: the President's Table, group 1.
..' The chairmen and cochairmen -
':.,.. are: Mrs Edna Demery,
.. Mrs Gladys Lewis, Mrs Rosa
I ; Thompson, Mrs. T. Bennett, J. SS5
:.. N. Legree, S.Jones, Mrs Photos
Frankie Owens,Mrs S.MaHoney -
with Mrs Jewel Hill Mrs Lu-
\ nella Jones, Mrs N.B.)fiopald-; Each
avx .son, Mrs Prlscllla Wide. | K

';: .
t Independent Stip! Ink! Aid Listen

t U 1 Special INCOME TAX $1.99 Royal Art' Studio
Life' : Form 1040-ServicesfromTues,
through Fri. ONLY.
: Taxpayers Don't lose your
home. Social Commerlcal Studio Service
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J' ..i
We will pay your taxes with a
Construction Loan on your
./.1. house.call All you have to do Is just 515 DAVIS ST.


DECEMBER, 31, illS Phone 354-9270
12101/2 Davis'Street. Closed All Day Tuesdays


BONDS Reserve for Life Policies end Contracts ..,..to'..$119.940.236.1! !
U S Government .. ... .. ........ .. .. .$ 3,195,70379 Reserve for Accident end Health Contracts ...... 1.85386,27 O
State.County t Municipal ....... ..... ... 13.538.981 Supplementary Contract Claims Payable ...,.... 279.756.48 /. ounoes m

Public Utility..:::::::.::::: ::::::::::::: 33.485.67098 13.440.91877Induitnal : : : Policy and Contract Claims' Payable ,........,.. 2.860.213 IIAft.a

Railroad ............". ............... 1,693.57881 Premiums Received In Advance ................ 1013952.32
STOCKS Commission Due> and Accrued ................ 620,48447 1824 WEST BEAYEA

Public Utility-Prtferrtd ....... ........ 1905.93781 General Expenses Due end Accrued .... ....i'.. 156.10342!
Public Utility-Common ....... ....... ... 3,531.498 Taxes Licenses and Fees Due and Accrued ...... 2050637.94! 830 CASSAT AYE
tanks Trust end Insurance Companies- Amounts Withheld as Agent or Trustee .......... 468.068.21
Preferred .,... ...... ....... .... .. ... 101,07810Bankt Unearned Investment Income'......,,... 7,002.26 3101 EMERSON
Trusts and
Common ..... .. .. ....Companies-..........,. 796037.00 Security\; Valuation Reserve....... ...,....... 769.512.60!
Industrial-Preferred ... ..... .. ..,.. ..... 207.62855 Other Liabilities ....,.,..to.,........e.....'. 334.268.20 '
Industrial-Common ..... .. .. ......... 133546300 "AZAR
Railroad-Preferred ..... .... .. .to'...., 327.34850 TOTAL RESERVES AND LIABILITIES .....$130.358.62208(

I Savings end Loan Association Shares ...... .00Investment Capital I St oc k.to to............... 4,867,93700
In Herald Life Insurance Co. .... 4 733.093 83 ........ .....,....... SUGAR
First Mortgage Loans on Real Estate ...:..... 62,992,815: : Paid In Surplus ,.. 5651530.74
Reel Estate .......,.......... .... ....8604703.67 59'CURED
Cash and Bank Deposits ...... ....... 2298.22845 ......,.. ...... 644,56023, HAM
Time Certlftcttes of DepoUtS .. .. .. ... 1.050.000 Group Contingency Reserve
f Premiums Due end Uncollected ... ........ 2,988,01557 Unassigned ...., ..............,..... ... 17.493.46145
Investment Income Due and Accrued ... .. ....... 1,057.084 TOTAL CAPITAL AND SURPLUS .........28.657.48932 ,
Loans to Policyholders .......,.............. 817.49657! _
Other Assets ... .... ......... ... .. 499929.39 TOTAL, RESERVES. LIABILITIES CAPITAL SAVE 20c PER LB. AVG. WT. 8-12 LB.

TOTAL ADMITTED ASSETS .... ... .. $159016.11140 AND SURPLUS ..,.... .to.... ......$159016.11140 ,MEATY


ADMITTED ASSETS, ......to...........t..5 159,016,11140! .


JACOI F. BRYAN, ill, Chairmen IBS.
wuroio c. LYON SR. CECIl 8. CARROU

52 West lay Street Jacksonville Florida 4 Lit


Combination District Managers Ordinary Unit Manager '
F. Perdue, R. J. Charles, J. M. Motley, W. J. Phillips, Jr. 4

E. L Forrest, G. C. IwanawikiTelephone Telephone. 1S5-I644 HOMI OFFICfJACKSONVILLE IBS.IBS..





,Mr I .

SAIUROAt MUCH i, .lyre STAR ArU> Ptit 5

_ National H Publishers Assn. Hosts Cabinet Ollical 'Anti- Semltism1' Among Negroes Famed :Musician Meets Admirers


.Commented OR By Jewish Grout]

NEW YOKK-. In the ....b. 21 Issue of Congress Hi-weekly, a publication of
the American Jewish Congress gives the organitatlon'ssldeof
tho reslgnaUonolWUl 2.laslow.AJC executive director,from the
g "jutlonal advisory(board of COIiE.Maslow .
t '* resignation occurred schools
last Feb. 3, as a result "It was this statement t that ,
I of what he termed was a white prompted Will Maslow, i; ri
wash of an Incident which occur- executive director of the i
I red at a public meeting called to American Jewish Congress to
discuss desegratlon of Mt.Ver- resign.
non (N. Y.)public schools. "The problem of Negro antl-
During the meeting strong semitism is not one that the men
words were exchanged: over the of goodwill like to talk about.To
lack of progress In ending racial many Negroes It Is a source of
."rLMer.N ,Imbalance, with some members embarrassment; to many JewsIt
of the Jewish community being Is an issue they wish had never
accused of opposing school Integration. come up. Most Negroes depl reantiJewish
prejudice;yet many
At the height of the discussion, Negroes utter anti-Semitic
Clifford A. Drown, CORE educational remarks out ofhabit, or
chairmanJn Mount frustration, or resentment
Vernon, Is said to have shout against anyone who Is white
ed.: "I.ltler made one mistake "Most Jews are sensitive to
MUSICIANS GET TOGETHER-A group of admiring Florida AIM University music studentsand
wen: he didn't kill enough of the struggle against raclsmyet
staff members surrounds Mlshel Plastro of the famed
Longlnes Symphonette during a recent -
s you Jews. many Jews active In the civil
\ r4 i I Noting that Maslow's resignation rights movement have tended performance on the FAMU campus in Tallahassee. With Mr. Plastro, center from left
was not made because of look the other way when antl- are: James Lanear, Jacksonville; Mrs Dolores Houston Leesburg; Freddie Edmonds, Phoenix -
L'rown'sremarks, but rather Semitism cropped up, or have City, Ala.; Mrs. Rebecca W.Steele,assistant professor, FAMU Department of Music; Miss
Bobble Robinson, Havana; and Mr. McCoy Ransom formerly of Nashville
because of subsequent actions explained it away In terms of Tenn., university
by CORE director, James "Jewish slumlords" or other organist and member of the Department of Music faculty FAMU staff photo by Ernest Flllyau.

Farmer, the editorial con examples of "exploitation" of
timed in part: Negroes by Jews.
"The remark was an obscenity. "Despite the excuses and despite Middle Class !
It was reasonable the explanations-or per-
to expect that the director haps because of them:the Negro ScoredNEW
of CO. E,James Farmer,would poison of Negro antiSemitismhas
Immediately and unequivocally remained, clouding the atmosphere -
repudiate the statement and the In which white and YORK-{(NPI-Dr. SamuelD.
man who made It. Instead Far- black, Christian and Jew, must Procter, special assistant
mer merely ordered an I.nve.etlgatlon work together in the common R. Sargent S h rive r, director,
to determine the 'coo- effort to make the promise of Office of Economic Opportunity,
text In which Brown made his equality come true for every during the annual breakfast of I
remark. citizen the Association for the Study of
"He also said that 'based on "There are lessons lobe Negro Life and History, urge
what we find out,we might apply learned from the 'incident' of the Negro middle class to work
certain standard sanctions, more closely with the ImpoverIshed -
":;"IT Vernon. One Is that those '
which could Include,ultimately who are fighting the disease of ( masses of the face.
dropping him from mem.. racism cannot themselves be Charging that serious trouble
bershlp.' Mr. Farmer went on Infected with Its venom, lest could be averted If the 1 less
to say that'also i ntol e r abl e' they relinquish any pretense to fortunate Negro was given sensitive -
were the school board's dew betaken seriously In the consideration,the former
laying tactics In ending'de facto struggle for,human decency." president, Virginia Union Uni- The Latest Men's Hair Styles I
segregation' in the city's versity and North Carolina ALT
staffer referred to the Negro A ._ T ..........* A... Th.
middle C g IW U" C
class as "the people-on
Warrick Named Urban
leage the hill" and warned against
further alienation i of the Negro
Nat'l Job Program Coordinator I destitute. JACKSONVILLE.
"The angry poor young

r NEW YORK-(NPI)-James R. Warrick, a retired lieutenant Negroes make no distinction i "
tween the black and white
colonel In the U. S. Army, has bun named coordinator of the he declared in denouncing the BARBER COLLEGE INC
National Urban League's on-the-Job-training program, to absence of"rapport" the
supervise local Urban League projects fh 23 cities across the middle class Negro andtheyoungpeopleonthelowerlevel
I L country. These projects are designed to place some 6,000 people
In training positions to develop skills through on-the-Job of the social ladder 630 DAVIS STREET

+. X?4( training. "We, who '
i S ,i ,,, :4TN 7 I The program ,is one that will in Germany; for three years.i made should owthis"headd.. J JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
-:> ,' ,}l j I eventually be recognlzedby Born In Harrisburg, Pa. and ed. "We should act and not talk.
businessmen and industry as a raised Harlem..
NNPAXID-WINTER LUNCHEON--During the annual luncheon of the, Nat vital source skilled,

ionaf 'Newspaper publ lSh! ers*AssoclaU'on, held at the Internatlona,I I manpower.The chief difficulty confronting

Inn in Washington, D.C. publishers and editors of the NNPA-grou P Urban League job developers,
heard addresses by U.S. Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbacand h explained Warrick, Is gaining',
Sargent Shrlver. director, U. S. Office of Economic Opportuplty. 1_ the cooperation of businessmen
who reluctant to and
The annual mid-winter NNPA workshop was hosted by The Afro- train are people with no hire previous

American Newspapers. Dr. Carlton Goodlett, publisher-editor, Th San Francisco Sun-Reporter, presided at the luncheon,, session. I II n "We are Interested In reaching SUPER

top panel Mr. Katzenbach, left, chats with Frank L. Stanley, Sr. all levels of In the efforts disadvantage to
center, NNPA president and publisher of The Louisville, Ky. Defen I' community decent job our opportunities provide -

der, and will l I lam Pruett, right, manager, Department of Public Relations all Americans suffering the affllctlons THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. B.
The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Ga. sponsor of the lun- of joblessness," War-
cheon. At center, Mr. Katzenbach receives ceremonial photo fro n rick concluded
John H. Murphy, III center, Afro-American prrsldent, while Mr.' soldier His 21 years extended as a from professional World WESTERN CENTER CUT

Shriver observes. In bottom panel from left, are Moss H. Ken' War 0 to the Korean War. He
drU, public relations firm head, serving The Coca-Cola Company, served as an officer In the 93rd
Mr. Murphy, III and Dr. Goodlett. Infantry (all Negro) division, In
years.the Pacific combat tone for two PORKCHOPS LB.79C

During the Korean conflict, be
y"v won a commendation when his
company was ordered to

suppress serious uprising SUGAR CURED ,HICKORY SMOKEDPICNICS
among some North Korean war
Take the"takealong" prisoners
along As aparatrooper,Warrickwas
Instrumental In Integrating the
size 82nd Airborne Division.He also SMALL SIZE 45
served as commandant at a nuclear
warhead school
assembly IB.

of Jfchenley! WIG

J A pint of Schenley Reserve goes PUREX SUPER
', wherever you w\ Packs easily Pours'

the smoothest whisky anywhere BUY DIRECT I SAVE! BLEACH DETESiGENT
e Take along the "takealong"sic
of Schenley Reserve just for

the fun of it. trr 100% HUMAN .


r, lA Style #5 C '
1 19 PKG.39C

ONLY.... $21Made 1/2 GAL. GIANT
to sell for $100.00 up Deluxe
Quality Human Hair Extra
Tbick-Long-Lustrous Will not
Mat or Fade
hen. le Natural Hair Line 1 COCA GRADE 'A' SLICED BREAKFAST IACON i u. PKG. 69*

A eN "yxr.ati .

g r foundation Closely stitched for comfort on ventilated and fit.< EXTRA FANCY RED EATING APPLES 4 IB. BAG 33{

Holds all settings beautifully.

Demi-dressed for easy styling. BANQUET FROZEN MEAT PIES BUf CHICKEN tumi 15$

M Dramatic Colors In Black, Off-
Black, Dark, Med. Brown, Auburn 10
or Send Sample Desired. HOLSUM WHITE BREAD mil lOAf $

I Light Shades 6 Mixed Gray
$5.00 Give Head Size.
Send $5.00 Deposit(Postal
M.O.) Pay mailman balance plusC.
O. D.; t postage charges,or VAN 1 CAMP PORK & BEANS aih CAN 25e
remit full price and we will ship


501 5th Ave, New York, N.Y.

I '

..,. .. ... .. .- .. ,. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .,




r a


Y 1b L .


Petroleum Jelly Te le FAMOus Attend President's Reception Anderson Named To ."..

I Board Of( U.S.M i( =;

Advertised In Negro Press "t A

NEW YORK, N. Y. -Carl M. }
Has Maiy Usis Anderson, a member of the j 2k
board of the United Negro College -

A new continuing schedule of thousand different: ways,almost Fund has been elected : answers' quntion..bout ..t
newspaper advertisements In none of which its Inventor had -J treasurer of the 3.200,000- : Junior Mm ttiqurttr, Ir"
the Negro press for "Vaseline" In mind. ( member Lutheran Church of : grooming and intrrnnQ j JI>" s
petroleum jell has been Movie stars use It to stimulate America.Mr. : ..-. .-.:::0.--" -'"
announced Chesebroujh-- tear drops.Artists use it to preserve Anderson, who Is Tbil mini b. the longest Wrap the pointed end lit) nn.
Pond's Inc. The new advertising paint brushes. Mothers secretary of Merckand winter In history! I don knowIf orange sink in cotton, dip it in
campaign is being scheduled in infant babies use it to help prevent Company, Rahway N. J., was I can stand my clolbci anymore polish remover and use it to
this newspaper, and In 32 other diaper rash.Magicians national chairman of the they all look co drab remove excess polish from your
:Negro I newspapers. It on playing cards to effect UNCF'sl964 and 1965 cam Help! cuticles Wipe smudges from
The new "Va If I 11 n f" petroleum tricks. Big-league ball playersrub paigns. Under his leadership, A. Think spring! A few your finger tips with the flat end
jelly advertisements will it Into their gloves to make ?tl the Fund achieved the highest cheerful touches will do the of the orange slick wrapped. in
advise our readers how they can the leather more pliable. Blind level of contributor support in trick Try a gayly colored scarf remover soaked cotton When
help alleviate skin problems folk use it to keep their fingers its 22-year history. held in place by a shiny circle you're finished, wrap the paper
towels around the used cotton
they might be experienc Ing. The soft to help them read Braille. Mr. Anderson served from 19- pin warm to sweater.brighten A the bouquet neck of of a and toss them away. You may
ads yUlsppur periodically.The And wise motorists coat the ter- 62 to 1965 as a member of the artificial flowers at the waist even find that you make fewer
initial contract period is minals of their 1 car batteries executive board of the New provides a touch of spring, for smudges when you're not concerned .
from January thru June 1966. with It to prevent corrosion.. Jersey Synod of the Lutheran winter dresses Four or five about them while you
.' Each advertisement In the new Today its maker Chese- Church in America and is a perky bows made of colorful polish.Q. .
Negro Market campaign will brough-Pond'a Inc., Mils more former member of the ribbon pinned over each button I'm going lo dinner Sun
feature a woman endorsing than 80,000,000 jars and tubes Narcotics Advisory Board, the transform a tailored blouse into day with my parents at one of
asellne" petroleum Jelly for year in more than lOOcountries New York State Board of Health. a pretty mate for your favorite their friends' bou.... Is It all
its various personal care skin of the world. "Vaseline"petro- He Is currently president of the skirts Accessorize with a spring right to ask for a second helping .
uses. Actually It Is used in a leum jelly U also brought bulk U New York Regional Group of the accent and you'll look and feel of something I really like?
by cosmetic houses,which use it PHAKMACis IiE'r '1\A1e.11tER This group of men with Interests In pharmacy enjoys a American Society of Corporate brighter! A Requests for a second
Annual Observance base for and pharmaceutical "gabfest" the secretaries and vice Q. I lint love lo wear nail helping flatter the hostess and
as a beauty creams, during reception given by Dr. and Mrs. George W. Gore Jr., at a president
by pharmaceutical companies the FAMU presidential residence Sunshine Manor, for members guests of the 40th annual of the national organization, as polish, especially pretty patltls. are perfectly all right unless
which compound the Jelly with clinic and 37th annual meeting of the Florida AIM University Clinical Association, and administrative well as an officer and board But whenever I lisa polish I there is no more of a certain
cuticles ahead and
cover my finger tips dish. So, go right
y wonder drugs intoolntment officers of the university, their wives and husbands. From left are: Hurd Jones R. member of two institutions of and the table M well. When 1 ask,
w forms. Ph., formerly of Houston, Texas, acting dean of the School of Pharmacy Florida A4M University higher learning and numerous try to remove smudges, I ruin (for ."'Ni"" to othtr f" J-
Chesebrough-Pond's also does ; Dr. Asaad N. Masoud, formerly of Cairo Egypt associate professor, FAMU School of civic and philanthropic groups my manicure. What can I do? boar on grooming, busty tntkfkyuthng
a brisk business in a dozen other Pharmacy; Dr. Vadlamanl K. Prasad.formerly of Madras, India, associate professor, FAMU Mr. Anderson in addition, Is A. Forget about spills and writ for your
related Items ranging from School of Pharmacy; and Joseph W. Pellum R.Ph., pharmacist at the Florida AIM University president of the Merck and Co. smudges while you polish! First, two','e'Oas gmdfboom, 'Sitting
"Va ellne" Blue Seal pomade to Hospital, Tallahassee. FAMU staff photo by Ernest FlllyauViginia ., Foundation. place several layers of Kleenex Scanty." Sad )) teals to: "Sil
"Vaseline" Lip Ice, as well as ------ paper towels to protect the table ling Basely," Sox "'P, Kim9trb -
uQ.Tips" cotton swabs and cot- top, Apply polish as usual, and .CUrh Corp,N",..', WI,.
ton balls, "Cutex" and State Soutb's First Since Recons truction let your nails dry completely J4917)
M "Pond's cosmetics, "Per- ----- .- ...... .. .-. .- .... .............................................. ... .."

tussin" cough and cold preparations Sets Founder's
and the new water-active FAMUans Hear
I men's hair dressing "Groom Day ProgramPETERSBURG
and Clean." Savannah StatePresideNt

// ire ,4re To llan Peace Va. -Grieg's
FA1IU VESPER SPEAKERRev. "Concerto in A Minor" I %N l!
M.G. Miles, dean of students Moreover, man ha a natural featuring Mamom Morrison,
at Florida A & 101 right to be respected: pianist will be the principal TALLAHASSEE -"The time
He has a right to his good work of theannualFoundersDay
University, will be the speaker 1 has come when men must accept
for the vesper services duringthe name. He has a right to Concert by the Virginia State the decision to live or beprepared
freedom In the College Symphonic Band,
Founders' Observance at investigating to die''Dr.Howard Jordan
Florida.A t \4.l Sunday, March truth and, within the limitsof Sunday March 6, at 8 p.m. ..r'rraK Jr. told Florida AA M University -
133 The speaker U a graduate the moral order J'and the. F. Nathaniel Gatlin,Head of the I II h.P Vespers audience
or Florida A-A If Universityand common good;to freedom of College's Department Music, I Sunday evening '
will conduct the band,and be assisted
Ohio State University. speech and publication andto Dr. Jordan who was appointed
is also president of the Florida- freedom to pursue whatever by Claiborne Richardson president of Savannah State Col

Georgia Baptist Convention and profession he may choose: Bands., Assistant The Director Is of lege, Savannah, Ga., in 1963,
pastor of Tallahassee's program
Philadelphia Primitive Baptist 'He has the right also, to scheduled for Virginia Hall Ji "first stressed class Importance performance" In of

Church. Rev. Miles Is a native be accurately informed about Auditorium.In ,1 .... .. address inwhichhedeGlared -
of Lakeland, Florida. public events" addition to Grieg's ..-...
Concerto Dr.Gatlin will con- h. '. ,f "Firstclassper-
'It.,..,.", << t:; fornunce demands first class
duct the band ln"Amparito .
'- -- -- -
J Roca" (Texidor-Winter), ELLAVILIC GA. : The first almost-completely I Negro trial Jury, |II| flow procedures face the greatest crisis d j,
"George Washington Bridge"Schuman Negroes I and a single white man leave court during recess here of history lathe United

( (Velke), and). "Concertino forBand" The almost all Negro jury, first since recd istruction, days, was States of America due to the ftUltld

WAMEDIAL Mr. Richardson will conduct chosen to try a Negro youth charged with tl he killing of White place many "changes that are taking .. 4.r 4...

"Americans We March" (Fillmore policemen.


"Oklahoma" (Rodgers- .. MADAM GLORIA
Observance Feature Palm ti Spiritualist Reader:
Scout Executive Named In Hartford Advisor In all attain of life:
Science and Religion .. Love, Marriage Business, Sickness .

HARTFORD Conn. -(NPI>)- etc Lucky Days Lucky WMBM
"Science and religion are trict which encompasses theentire Hands, There Is'no home
not antagonists but sisters President Edward R. Cole, at' city of Hartford so dreadful that she can't help.
While science tries to learn the Charter Oak Council Boy Hartford-born Cor ham attend Located II: MI N.W. 791B.St. Spotlight Product
more about the creation re Scouts of America announced ed Saints Junior College, LexIngton Phone: 1514307.Otwe I a.m.
f 1260FLORIDA'S tries to better underhand the appointment of Walter E. 1 Miss, and Howard until 10 p.m, dally t Sunday.Located .
ligion Gorman Jr., of Wethersfield, University. la Miami, Fla. OM Of The Week
the Creator While Conn to the Council staff, last Active In Masonic work Gor- visit to MADAM GLORIA and
through science, man tries to week. ham Is married to the formerAs you will feel the difference Miami Florida
harness the forces of nature with this adlllllll sti
a district scout executive Half price
Smith of
Mary Jean Washing
I around him. through religionhe Gorman will help to administer ton D. C., and they have three
tries to harness the forcesof and supervise the program of children.
nature within/ him" scouting within the Capitol Dis

I 0


I James (Jack) Gant, specialist
I In secondary education Florida
\ I State Department of Education,
# II t will be the speaker for the Luncheon -
: | during the Founders' '

( I 1 Observance March U-13. 1966.
: :;) j The luncheon will be held In 4
the University Commons at 12:
30 p.m., Saturday. The speakeris r
1 a graduate of Florida A& M the SHORTY$35..
", University where he earned the MEDALO STYLE #655
bachelor of science degree and tuwa.ed C.uloa.ltd.l.
ror ors..feu
he received his muter of H.lr elyl.wl.N.ll. _sew._
RHYTHM & BLUES science degree from Indiana :amen chCe's pus- .tad FCIL.a : ...

i University He Is a native of ..." ... .i r*.u.rii:: :..dol w iio.H."lf ,..... .-
s Balnbridge, Georgia (CROWS K.Uir.lly from Hoalthr tbo HAIR Normal ROOTSIn Hut. D.. $t S. ftklyn 1 IS. N.Y.
YOUR SCALP The condition ot
Doctor Cuts Off .mif w hl n.tunl oil- depends h..tsh .t heSVDF.n >sw.scalp .
: Yrara.dge DOCTOR CAS.
NOT ...."4 a modlratotformula us

His Own Hand which ii wined called. with CARBONOEli many prow
.oNOct: t. each a stronngWr.
RADIO STATION"WHAMMY ST LOWS-NPl)-Anlndlan antkupUO and doe .w (1150
I Double-Check This Coat work I" en ITCHY
neurosurceon recently emu- lusty?. DANDRUFF' sea 1..(
lated the Biblical admonition to many PRESCRIBE DOCTORS rtfird it lor Hnd sa.

Your best fnenil fur Spring '66>>- stores .iMMind. (he toiinlr)'-at a rein.irk.ilily "cut off thy" right hand if it eetiraiU..), assesses.uotdUrn M.njr scalp MUMytotfoondC IRISHKOOUGU.

tile lioiuulHtootli diesked'out-even l little prit. forall iln heaulyIt' offends... are froollr I ; ewsleyed bjr tM _
| : Dr. K. Shed Ansari, 30 year Hoi .( eau Trl.U ttronfth; tar #
: more iM'WHWortliy when tile check i ilined ill .* shapeyl| .| 1 with hkiiiiiiiing lit in pure, old hospital staffer, carriedout ..renal.. Writ SCALP for this FORMULA OOCTOw-4ORNUINR ,1

tile liiii fur 'ont runt. Declarre I natural wool. 'Hie Aineriuin VVu the admonition in bizarre fashIon wow. I. will ko .seeM '... .u c .
on ) .. usa J1' JvM eooib oiid bgi.n! fo add
    Nutionul Itourd of the Coat and Suit Willi"HII" U iii.irtiil| | ill its soft and sent the dismemberedelegmu'e.itsliglrtweighlcurnfortItiud .ion.Ud.s...DAYS your and IMMMT U w bo<*oro rs...> le.e.NOT A*OTS..>h.o.-....*will,,..not..".no.. vo oft.?
    hand he, himselfseveredwithal o.lr ||ai ThU to odd alor ...wily Av0THAT
    o* dtUvorr te-
    "the checked .
    Industry, : coat goes everywhere >> aSjDOtfflDYED LOOC
    hacksaw to his estranged wife, .le.verrthing wrell.a. ..
    INMIAMI" .iet.J."t.: BnMkuMtochodfano"tii oi *ooold
    : : -inorniiiK to moonlight. 'h"ksur'us'd'f"tis'ly, forxlitxen Margaret also on the hospital .. *U.You.... "*j 1 D1- >ln(. P.Ha..an1a..bbly. .... .; ,
    Yen, indeed the day !le. gone when and |MMk ',,,, Jet hutloiH tutu h.uklelt staff. The package, dripping CATRO wee CM SCALP FORMULA Peer olC.M .COM_... In I I.. .....".., ca.s or __cky
    7 kur You Mir
    blood was delivered by cab to .*.!. ...... (in C.m..16.1w. thodiw Block o*
    < he<'kx were onniMcrfd tuatiul. Ku hionahleM > add! ;sore c|'urk.Mlaik Pius JM ss.d
    Mrs. Ansari at the home of a Four jU end oddroM -OOLO Sea _It.. .,.,. ..._. Per only
    tint. around the tloik.You'll NaDAL PROOUCTS1 INC. i5.es .. deU..rp ....
    wear and white. bizeii 616.) >> About friend. A note, accompanying Des.I 4'H....EOTR. TMu Mon.r. kock tl sot d. tlru.

    1 find this young l>>>euuty at fine $(>>0. hand the hand that, caused read: "This the trouble.Is the"' FOaaIUS.Acafes.Ywlle .IMcD Y.-1: ::! wm- Do M4**. S stall|.|, Brooklyn Hue pr.duay'lee.JS, tJ.) <.. Y..'

    1"t a "t, J

    HUH 5. iits STAR PAPERS PAGE 7

    Lincoln Cagers Set Winners In Miami Golf Tournament Start With ScvenFooterTime's ..

    I Mllo! doubt\ that Crumbling would bf a
    worthy fu.irtrrrimilKt| in the NCAA meet in Evansville *
    African Prnaram -' There's also little doubt where the Tigers
    --- ... would go; I If freshmen couldn't play',
    I llanil.inK; the center assignment for Coach Hodhy
    UNCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa.- go to Abidjan,Ivory Coast and tc I is 7-foot Hobby Christian freshman. Grambll/ig
    Uicoln University's basketball Ouagadougou spokesmen rail him the "tallest,
    the capital of biggest ever, to play
    team will fly to Africa this sum Upper Volta. here and hr.'s going to be the best too."
    mer when the members will Coach Brayboy has A broken finger Christian's
    already se right Index-may
    in the
    teach Operation Crossroads
    Africa, Inc., sports lected his team and alternates, decide which way the Tigers go, too, The finger,
    pro and they ha >e begun studying broken In two places, Is in a cast and Christian is rid
    gram.Notification of the team's French and African languages ing the tench. If it hasn't mended when the doctor
    ac- which they must know in order tc k A makes his next check it'll get another cast and
    cptance was received {
    ( Grambling may have no freshman worries.Christian's .
    by U a iv e u It y president,Dr. more effectively teachAttheadvlcenfop F
    Marvin I Wachman in a recent atlon main value this winter hag born
    letter from Dr.JamesW. Crossroad '' "a: .he team on the boards. He's averaging nine points per gameas
    executive and coach > set about i a scorer, but he doesn't have to score much. Hobdy
    Robinson, director of
    has quite a collection of pointmakers.The .
    Operation Crossroads Africa,a obtaining pa.: .nd visas to
    Lincoln alumnus, Class of.19J5. the five African countries leader is 6-6 senior Johnny Comeaux, a
    The six team members and which they will be this summer; genuine! All-America candidate. Currently averaging
    coach Bobby Brayboy will attendan Senegal,where they land; Mall, 30.4 points per'game, he led the nation a couple of
    orientation program In June Upper Volta and Niger, where ,,. week ago when his average was up to 34.2.
    and will then Oy assignments they will be In se' ice; and the __ An art major with a 3.5 grade point average out
    In West Africa. Ivory Coast,whet they will at* ., ,. of a possible 4.0, Comeaux has twice won Grambllng's
    They will undertake program tend the evaluation session at .I Egghead Trophy, the award which goes annually to
    of coaching and playing basket the end ofthesumm rand where the athlete with the highest academic standing.
    ball, along with whatever sports they will take the charter flight r. Comeaux has scored 1,764 points, including 537
    may be requested at the various home at the end of August. this year, at Grambling,
    schools in which they will be Team members include Joseph : ,
    Meade, Philadelphia.; Y p{ rrA J _r
    assigned.The You Don't Have To Go To Town Te Get
    group will work with youngpeople Joseph Trolio,West Grove,Pa;
    in Mali, Niger and Upper Alvin Harris,Oxford,Pa.;Benjamin
    Moore, Pittsburgh, Pa.; 1
    Volta-Theywill deplane at A i
    Dakar for two or three days of Ray Ashville. .
    orientation andthengoonto Ibm Crawford, Pittsburgh, Pa d
    Alternates are Dwjght M u rph, nb' rr,
    Mall. From the team will II
    : ,
    Teaneck, N.J.,and Ken Spauld- STORE NEEDS
    jng, New York, N.Y.
    Watch ---------

    This Clown Negro Heads Li Trade with your Neighborhood Drug store
    Golf Club's papers we Deliver also fill
    we all DOCtors -
    50 312 15 WINNER, The victory look of four contestants jokes with Bob Shave, Jr. of Miami who prescriptions.

    11 13 84 Recruitiig' who wr winners and .ruwiersup In''; spilt second and third place money amount-
    the 13th renewal of tbrH rUSDutri Golf ing to 1,000 after finishing in a tie from

    5 8 charges DENVER by-local
    the Park Hill Golf club practiced club, Feb. 2327From. left, Ann Gregory, year's PGA olub champion from St. Peters-
    6' racial discrimination In its use cf Gary, Ind. successfully defended her burg, Fla. and Lee Elder, of Washl ngton-
    6 of club facilities, a Negro employee championship. crown with a 279 Ltotai' score D.C.1t wen the N-S event fcr the third time 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue
    Jim Gross,was placedin t
    1 4 charge of a numbec-llpi cam Sun Outfielders Sign Contracts
    Robert SNefllr 0* jputs Phones Elgin 5559798.
    O. Shearer, presidentof Two more S1IIIa outfielders: .
    &2 wlUI 48 RBI, and
    J94 17 battlnlaver-- ----------
    the club, said club Joined tilt told by returning
    the Is
    42 for sale. He said, be wanted n to SAN FRANCISCO Vtondarfu W1fle$ Mays, the,, their signed contracts today. pets age of>and.2VJ throws for the left year, was.Larry born, PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE
    921 &I sell the club National Player LawrlllCt (Larry) Elliot who
    golf because of League's Most: In SaD Dleco OD March 5, IUS,
    Sometimes He's Up SometimesHe's hardships suffered by the death "cooled It! over a cup of cQffeetat anews WU with SaD DI.ro(PCLj Jut 1'2", weighs ZOO lbe BILLS AT OUR STORE
    14 home .
    of his brother, who usually season, knocking runs
    last signing
    conference week after
    Down He adds subtracts, ,
    :handled most of theclub'.bua1- ..
    He works It all around He works ness. a two-year contract with the San Francisco ,
    it all around. Giants for record salary estimated be .
    Shearer claimed the policies a 1 '
    COMING ATTRACTIONS under protest by Negroes are as high as $130,000 a season. Mays, who QUANTITY
    primarily dictated by the land batted .317 in 1069, with 112 runs drivenin < RIGHTS RESERVED
    33-40-19 lord the Trust
    through Clayton
    and was the major league home run King '
    Company which specified: that ,
    the property was to be used by with 52, thus becomes the highest paid PRICES GOOD
    MAN'S poor white male orphans. player ,in baseball. Just Imagine, he I Initially I- I THROUGH SATURDAY
    The club wasfounded by Shearer signed 'with the Giants-" 1950 fOr
    In 1930. He said Negroesue '
    now welcome to use the facilities .
    of the club.Recently,Mayor DIG PACT "
    NUMBERED I'Man's' Tom Currlgan' came under Ore'when'it ATlANIA..l.Hammerl! net .Ha(*\ Aaron.has.ste: \ ;' "" "
    Num.bared was revealed that lie ned a contract calling I 'for more than "DIXit'CRYSTAL

    .' Days Health are and the signed property a new,five-year inadvertently lease for 575,000: to make him the highest paid mem- :. SURF 3 9'0

    Fortune Can Be Yours When moting discrimination.The ber of the Atlanta Braves baseball I team. GIANT
    You Know Your Lucky Days mayor said he did not remember He was one of three leading tan' major lea- SUGAR
    Lucky Colors Etc. signing tilt lease and U guers to Ink baseball 'Racts in the five- UNIT I W/$5.00 01 MORE rooD ORDER
    Send $2.00 for your he did sign It, it was an "oversignt" digit figure last week-the others bel no'PlttsburghPlrates'
    Horoscope Guide for on his saidtherearetwo partShearer Roberto Clemente, the PUIU SUPER "IEL MONTE III 01 lATCH SALE"

    things In the conditional of 1065 National League batting King, and '
    MARCHFill the club.One is that present employees Vada Plnson, Cincinnati Reds' fleet cen- 19C BLEACH sUP 20 OZ.s 4 fOR $1
    In the blank below and be maintained !la their ter.fielder. Clemente got an estimated AT BOTTLE.
    mall to ZODIAC, Post Office present positions and that he receive $90,000; and. Pindon I ,:vjMO.OOO.<<) LIS. $
    fair for the club.
    Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. a price PINEAPPLE
    The club has five employeesand MORE> SIGNERS : liMn 5 1t3. .PUlSE II $$10.00 GAL. C 01.CANS''
    NAME -- Is located la the euy's"tdglground' NEW YORK. ( .Pitch. r Al"Downing and outfielder 39 DRINK 4&
    area.According 01.
    STREET -- ports,. Ualte4, AfrliMi Is Hector' leper last.*..k were among PLASTIC $
    DATE OF BIRTH-- constructing a(12 million fhe.N..york Ytnkees''players coning to CALIFORNIA CLING '
    Mo. Day school'la the area." terms wth the Bronx Bombers' VELDA FARMS 4 CANS
    { for a total PEACHES 303 ,
    I of $128,000. Downing and Lopez, whose C R I S' C 0
    salaries. were not disclosed, joined team- ICE MILK CUT GRUN

    mates Jim Bouton, jack. CO 1 llen 1 and Joe lEANS 303 4 $1
    Pepitone to ink thelcJOCG'contracts.


    WINCHANNELMASTER : thern LOS ANGELES California's!"I l rant star'tffke halfback Garrett and Hels-Sou- 3 LIS. 6.9c'2 GALLON 39C TOMATOES 303 4 $1'

    man Trophy winner, is torn between a pro
    career in football and baeball. The 'LIMn 1 PLEASE 1'Saa SWIFT PREMIUM CHUCK

    trying to land him. He was In Dodgers II MORE flDI OIDU
    uniform for a workout last:, week, despite

    the with fact the Kansas that he City signed Chiefs grid of the contract American SEMINOLE SLICED R 0 AS T 4 9 c

    TAKE TWO football I league. LB.


    't.. ..rtePO2TTIMEIO'CLOC rAc.o.reK 69C STEAK LB. 9 8 C

    Enter The Royal Crown Hair Dressing STEAKFIRM

    PIES cmumio 2 9
    It'S!the Royal Crown way of uyin|"think LB.59C
    you' for usinj America' lavontt' good OZ.
    Hes's your g(00mirn products,Inter often..make PEACH
    chance to win your chances of winning, better.Thee'syour
    own portable nothing to buy, ,lust use official/ entry
    .dio/phonal blanks available where Royal Crown pro-
    ducts are sold or at your radio station.A RIPE
    winner a week for four weeks Hurry
    end enter today!'

    & I r I BANANAS U. 1 10FANCY

    OVAL COn, lOVAl Clown ,.
    IOVAl UOW 10'Al UOW




    .. __ .I". ." ... .. IISITURDAY


    r ml

    '( I_n_'...-0 ROOM FOL8EN1 St. Stephen's AME Mutiiis Scheduled Ckirch Of God Obsism Pnzrins

    LEO'S NICELY FUttNISIIEDCI>oking All Stepping Car Porters At Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday the Church of Cod in
    To Sponsor Contest Chair At Christ 4 with Elder W.F,Faustpa.tor.1n
    I charge Services be-
    :Private. Single woman 01' cou lc
    SHOE REPAIR pie Modern convenience i.3&- Coast Line -mmmgo-mmDm I ton with the Sunday School at 10 a.ra, with Mrs. Emma Levy
    3l.04. The budget Committee of St. Train Porters of the Jackson presiding Morning service at 12 o'clock.: Choir I and Usher
    Shoe Repaying Stephen AME Church will sponsor villa Division Brotherhood,will i IS IT MAKING YOUR LIfE MISERABLE Board 1 will serve YPWW at 7p.m.,Charles Sullivan In charge
    I '- a "llaby Of The Year"conconduct special meetings, Saturday Don'I ecretcll'.1t. .ten ceute In'.ccon"'n' ,.,. four tlmee .t much for Evening service at B o'clock. From to 6. a pretty bat tea willMarch
    NOTICE TO DARTERS test March 18 at 7.30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at tion Palmer' atop"IkIR! tucc' =" Ointment*, 'only 9*.. Setlt'ection .guaranteed be sponsored by DIstrict L District 8 wJlI; present a m U'I l cal
    Kind Is
    Of Any or your money refundedLOVILIBM
    II a.m., In the Clara White program and District will
    lira wllhaddN ilrenilh contelnt eleven' present a program crowning"Mrs
    Darbers of the North Wes i Section LCCenwtlghllacomml I ,
    Our Business of Jacksonville met February ttee chairman. Mission 613 West Ashley St. Important.|nredlenti. Induc.tkillfully lest ble compounded ..edrelief ...plu heed-to-lo.COMPLEXION protection with DIstrict T' ID Interest Df the budget drive, wlllch will be held
    Only I Making their official visits ww when skin arM."A.Ip''I Don't the 0eep-ectln foamy! medication' 13.
    17, 1966 to discuss an Increase dot dltfiRurement' or denieroue Incf "Skin Sacs...** l..,. it beauty
    in prices for hair' cuts be A. Philip Randolph, International ,'ectlon by ec.tcllin. Use the skin bethel while It flghlt Arms the
    E. UNION ST .
    934 FOR RENT comlort Merel or million. Patoften uravate penplratlon odor
    president B. F. Mc- .. ... .. .
    etc, prices to become effective meft .111 .ue. ointment. make you sun you' nice to
    1 1. ea 1 1966. All Barber are Laurln, Eastern Zone super- reeionebly, priced,.,at4e.. I. lie b...near Palmers' "Skin swear"by
    April I. Furnished rms. or apartment. visor. buying the economy lie ,.Only 29C'SKINSUCCESS .
    asked to co-operate In this Reasonable rates. On bus lines.
    At 11 urn., Monday, F. M.Sul
    move 475 W. 19th St. 3530420. OINTMCN1'
    BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY livan, representative from the UUULE SOAP
    \our own business plus vei? ..- Railroad Retirement Board and oa f fTT ft

    hlfh. income If you qualify r" 'JJ:y*tFUEIUPHOW a*:f '':!J.:'tl'' Royal Crown from B. P. the McCurdy Travelers representative Insurance 6 1tbv
    sM competl- .
    Our s u r rei non-
    iommisstonableproitucts Company will be In attendance
    tive highly .
    are hiving. phenomenal Cola to give Information regarding ;
    accepting. In the MidWest OIL the benefits from the two groups
    necessitating. our expansion. COMPLETEFUEL r for 11000-q> employeesSPECTACULAR
    Minimum capital f AN.u l t

    , required. All Inquiries ,_ :: : .a.X.: .SHOW: 0
    confldental. For more information .Uot
    CENTER'CALL ../d. 011Ct 4
    CALL Bert King, 702-384-9142 : 764.4511
    or wale to 240 West Wyom- All SEASONS ICI 4/ SUIT TUESDAY MARCH 8
    ing, Las Vegas, Nevada. ....".11_ f f.M. ("Inutile,
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    Oftl.l M.wntaa Abe et A.dN.rl.mTkk.f
    Ord..Ase.p.d1a' Melt er M.O. ted
    CMIL.M..d 1.....!.M = .= la *lee.
    MIt .P $m",,.'( !... IUIIK, PROM NOMW.lt KEN KNIGHT

    <& MAIN "',t\"t.\ *10A'I MOST UNDilUTED PlIM -Invites You To Listen To-
    't1- BLUE FISH


    65 Dart a 4 'Vilcp *
    270"1895 $195 rs
    Lb. 39C 11:30: til 12:00:
    Auto. R&H. ,
    Kim ., the f Pork Lec. ,c..1It
    Fac Warranty rR'I fL P1'MT
    > GROUPER SNAPPER Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m.
    65 Valiant 4 pi pI sJ ....
    $1795 $195 Ah. sr.l" In 'l" 691
    "200' Auto RH, PS.Fac MM.mMt I :MIMr ... II. 1400 WRHC 1400

    Warrant ARC: P 0M SHAD SPECIALS! ...u. 39c...". u. 29c

    65o.V8A, o.R&IH& ,$'ZiOOU- $Ziv?5 r

    PS, AC, Fac Warranty ft.Vi''I PS


    5Yr. or 50,000 Miles WarrantyON J o.F 4 P

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    r 1 III










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    BLEACH PLASTIC: 3ge Nationally Advertised


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    t'l:;..t f tr

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