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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200700datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 29, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007000740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 29, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 29, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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_. -,-.. .. 1
._ .

; _. 1 _. ,. S.erge.!an_ .J.1 .. lorida. : "-s First": Negto 'Police. ','', Hieutenani;; .



.... .... ..... ..... .L I' -- : .
.. ;
r} ,".teary 7.varsity :.

DUVAL SCHOOL SYSTEM Warned f b G..t. bffl'1 or,Florida- orida ,'Idfl: '

.... .
.t ,


_- _____ __ *, __ -.- wiwaI ?'

Service ,.SaturttayFormer

Warns Of

Feb. 10 Boycott : : () NegroOffI VOL. '15N0 46 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5, 196C 15 CENTSMbfikJabg

* 't..
e............................ ---,

Sporadic She citizens skirmishing committee for between Bet. Unseated', t Legislator Meets t With Congressmen Survives WiDtrtBlismI

ter Education In Duval County ._ -.
----- -
------ .
,land tile Dun County School < y .
system Hired to a high pitch: ,'\.
Jan. 28 when the system was ***** .

warned to either correct racial
Inequities or face boycott and ai r a .we. .

possible Committee federal chairman action.Wendell 2 WHITES CONVICTED

Holmes drung a press confer: ,
ence held in ST. st''ILIAJIE'
Church said In a prepared statement
that; "Unless we hare
received from the superintendent -
and the school board a IN NEGRO'S SLAYING

positive, specific commitment
of progress in the correction .

of these ills, U of a date of ... __ ... **** ,

which we we have shall already move determined into a NAACP Seeks White Faces ChairIn Newborn Babe

program of dlrct and Indirect
action to focus attention both loyally Govt. ProbeOn Survives 24

and nationally upon these

areas"We of cannot our concern.and will" not relent Morals Case Double Shooting Hours In Cold

In our efforts to secure DELANO-..After three hours ville,. MIAMI. What has been termed
for our children a sound fair WASHINGTON: Julian Bond (center), refused a seat in the Georgia Legislature becauseof TAMPA-Tbe result of the arrest and 10 minutes of deliberation, State Atty. Dan Warren stated a modern miracle by those
and equitable share of countythe and conviction of a civil a circuit court Jury Wednesday in his summation that Cirack close to the incident occured
his opposition to the Viet Nam was, said he believes the majority of his Atlanta consti .
statement continued. blew agree with his position. The 26-year-old Negro pacifist, who has brought suit in rights worker on a morals charge found two white men guilty of and White picked up the two Friday, Jan. 27 when a newborn .
Questions by newsmen to committee evil court seeking to overthrow the Legislatures action, is shown meeting with a group of focused Into national attention First-degree murder ofaNegroand Negroes in a car driven by baby boy was found in a
members disclosed the ,congressmen at the capitol. At left is Rep. Phillip Burton (D-CALIF.) and at right Rep. William this week. recommended that one be Cirack. The two Negroes were trash can after having survivedfor
possibility of a school boycott (d-N.Y.). (UPI TELEPHOTO) Robert W.Saunders state field sentenced to life imprisonmentwith then driven to an area off State 24 hours in Dade's coldest .
by local pupils which took place Ryan secretary for the National A- mercy while the other defended Road 46 where the shoot Ing was day of the season.
during Dec. '1-9, 1965/. .. ssoclatlon for the Advancementof faces the chair sincea said to have taken place following The six-pound three ounce
Another possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court AgreesTo Former CityOfficial's Colored People, said his office conviction without mercy car an attempted robbery,Warren baby swathed in newspapers
boycott may be protested before requested the Civil Rights ries a mandatory death sent. continued. with Its umbilical cord still
Feb.10 is that the board's nest Division of the Justice Department ince. Testimony continued that when untied was uncovered when a
regular meeting scheduled on Review Fla. Trespass Case Rites., to conduct< and Investigation Charged with the May pistol the car parked on the side of metro garbage truck driven by
that date.Brought. into the Sept 21. arrestof slaying of Moses Jackson, 58 the road, Jackson and white got Eillle Johnson, 34, of 7001NW
out again in a direct WASHINGTON-Trespess convictions tratlons, particularly If they'in- Set SaturdayFinal Splver Gordon by the Tallahassee of OViedo and the wounding of out on the left side, and Ci 15th St., assisted by lump West
attack was the charges of job against SI Negro civil vovle emotional attributes, or police his Negro companion, Andrew rack holding a .38 caliber pistol and Charles Phillips thought
selling throughout the Dun Scoot rights demonstrators charging: however praiseworthy the motive rites for the city's last Gordon, a flelddlrectorforthe Cashe were Charles C1rack and ordered Cashe out of the car they heard a baby crying when
system and call for grand segregated facilities at Leon might be". Negro councilman--Dr. George congress of Racial Equality- Richard White, both of Titus- demanding,"get out or I'll blow they emptied a garbage pall
Jury section since Atty Will- County Jail in Tallahassee has Leon Sheriff WJP Joyce, said: 'J;. Ross .. will be held Sat.') (CORE), was arrested and cbar. your head off" Warren added. at 2301 NW 71st at.
.tan.A. Ballotes, aftet harlot been promised a review by the Boone tO' demonstrators, fi I Bt. with !"soliciting for a lewd 'The prosecutton said Jackson West and PhfUpsumpedtrom'the
..SItdU'.Jp.ID.- "
...l < Stephen 4ged Gets 4 ,
' taesUQood some 47;witnesses U9SupremeCourrtt'- ;w eluding/ the U who were arrested : : AYE Church the; church'whlcu.: lasivious act.He was later' Years' '' trabbed White using him as a, truck and started polling the "
stated on No.ll that there appeared \The' second Judicial Council If they did not leave the Jail be found., dined $50 and placed on 60- shield advanced upon Cirack, garbage to one side before the
to "be no conclusive. which' upheld t convictions premises. He said most of them A native of Gainesville. Dr. days probation, according to' For Anarchy warning him not to shoot Cashe. motor started grinding. and the
validity to the charges.: said, that the demonstrationsheld left leaving the 31 who were Ross died here last Saturday Saunders. Jacson, upon being close to CI.. .baby was found.
Also attacked in the statement on the premises of the arrested and later convicted.The after having spent most of his Saunder's charged Gordon's. NEW YORK-William Epton, S3 rack, pushed White from him They rushed to the James E.
was the present haphazard method JalL."are not, as of right available defendants were chargedwith life here. arrest as being prompted by the year-old avowed communist and Grabbed Clrack's arm and Scott Housing Project where
of promoting school personnel for massive demons- violations of the Floridalaw ,After having learned the cigar- worker's activities in the civil convicted of criminal anarchyand Cirack pulled his arm free and they notified the sheriff's office.
and the reported assignment prohibiting trespass"com- rights movement.In spreading the 1964 Harlem shot Jackson.
making trade in Cedar Key and BABY
of Negro schools were UL Banquet mated with a malicious and Mlscnevious Key West, he came to the city addition to the seeking Riots, was given three concurrent The state said cashe then Knelt THOUGHT DIED
termed totally and cmpletely intent." near, the turn of the centuryand probe by the Justice Depart. one-year terms in Jail by beside the wounded Jackson The mother arrested blSh.rUl'
unaccepted to vs. The arrests, which were made ment's division, Saunders said Supreme Court Justice Arthur begging Chick not to Kill him was
became emplyed by the when
Newsmen also interpreted the Tickets OH Sale Sept 16, 1964, however failed Gonzales and Sanchez Cigar Co. that attention by the congress- Markewlch last Week. and White also told Cirack not deputies unusual they ,
Indirect: action of the statement to state whether any of the .gressional committee now considering The first person In 46 years to Shot Caste following which spotted a woman taking
A Republican in 1901 he and ,
u possibility that the U.S.de- A limited number of tickets demonstrators served Jail sentences another new civil rights legislation to ve convicted of criminal anarchy Cirack also shot Cube,WoundIng Interest of the investigative-
Negro--J. Douglas -
partment of Health, education went on sale this week for the according to the appeal tmore--ran for the City Council would be sought. in New York, his sentencing him in the head and shoulder proceedings through an apartment
and welfare may be urged to Jar Urban lesg e's second annual Gordon It was learned, will was under a state statue window.
and were elcted to .....
federal funds from the represent I'
cut off
( seek for his conviction.
scheduled Monday an appeal
banquet enacted in 1901
papers.Receives following Cube said White saved him
that the sixth ward. At that Identified u Winifred Ross,
local system under charges Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. Inr 15 the asassassbatlon of President
from being shot the second time
time each of the city's nine
the 1964 civil rights act is being 23, of 2808 NW71st ST.the mother
William McKinley by Cirack while be was lyingon told deputies she had given
violated. Year Term Bond's Stand Under that law, another Com the ground, stating that be birth to the baby alone at
munist, Benjamin Cltlow, convicted (WHlte's) intervention gave about )1p.m. Thursday and didn't'
Miami Names \ Is SupportedBy and sentenced to prisonin him time to escape to the woods tie the umbilical cord. She said
1919, was subsequently pardoned Cache hailed motor-
For Robbery '. a passing she thought the baby had died.
by Gov. Alfred E. Smith ist who rushed
r",. the two wounded The newspaper.rapplnr1lbe.
Negro PoliceLieuteNaNt '; n'' .' r'' AfricansNEW Epton, an electrical worker men to the hospital.The Ueved to have insulated baby,
I Criminal Cort for who beaded the harlem branch only other state Witness
Convicted ; from the 43-degree weather.
.ru YORK.-(NPI)-During a
of the
the July 9 knifepoint robberyof Progressive Movement George; Scobie Jr. of Tltusville The tot was reported doing fine
to 13 African ambassadors
Jimmie Lee .. speech is married and the father said, be the two defendants
a salesman, 'j ', at United Nations headquarters gave in Jacksonville, Memorial Hos
\ of two children. He
Simpson whose local residence rose the pistol and admitted pital.
MIAMI--This city's police department Dr. Martin Luther in the crowded courtroom to
,, was never fully identified, was disposing of it after the incident.
which holds statewide 'sentenced to 15 years in state King Jr. Attacked"colonlallsmin speak in his own behalf for Scobie assisted officers in recovering Nominated MagistrateDOVER
distinction of being the first prison criminal Judge A. Chicago.The 45 minutes the murder weapon
to become fully deleCl'ptecI.promotecl Loyd labyo ambassadorswere honoring At the close of his talk, which from the Indian River where DEL.NPICourtneyp.
a police Sergeant to Assistant State Atty. Alfred R. Julian Bond, the SNCC public scored police brutality and a he had thrown it following the Houston Jr., music teacher
Florida's first Negro Lieuten DR. 8ATTERWHITE Taylor array of witnesses!identified relational who was recently "system of exploitation: ," a- shooting. at Wlllam Henry School, last
refused a seat In the Georgia
ant.Upgraded Simpson M the one whoJIMMIE group of some 60 supportersburst Circuit Judge Howell Melton week was nominated by Governor -,
this week was Ler- the Signal Terrace Room aT ,...... Legislature, after he had into prolonged applause. ruled that the defense will be Charles L. Terry to serve
oy A. Smith, a 15yearveteranIn the Atlantic ''Coast line Build t been duly elected by voters In Judge Markewlch ordered them allowed 10 days to file motion as magistrate in the lower
1955, Smith was one of the fog Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite \ his 136th district. escorted from the courtroom. for a new trial. court system In the state.
chairman announced.Speaker "We have our domestic colon
first five Negroes to be promoted program ,
to the rank of sergeant. for the event will be ialism in the United States,"
Smith the department revealed Whitney M. Young Jr., Executive Dr. King said. "We have the Civil Rights Offensive Points North .
n.ntecIlZtJa among 125 ser Director of the National colony of Harlem, the colony
Urban author-column DR, ROSS of Watts and the colony of the .
{cents who took tT'mlnflM' League ., .. \\1
lor lieutenant eligibility list two ist and one of the nation's wards had representatives Westside and the Southslde of rt 1 ,y, ;w y
top leaders. .1eL who served two year terms. Chicago. '" r1h -
years ago. Deadline for ticket sales will 'II It Wetmore served only one term "We are determined on our side
vine moved other eleven sergeants be Tuesday Feb. 15, Dr. Sat. but, Dr. Ross ran for reelection to cast off the yokes of our ., ----, l"l'I'
openings developed
u -
with up smUhelevatmltkewlse erwhite said. Individuals or 1 and was elected,thus becoming colonialism,."
followed In routine order. groups wishing to make purchases the city's last Negro coun Noting criticism that the tie I I

The department noted that may contact the Jan Ur. cilman. up was "Interference in Amer., ./
Snith's promotion was "routine ban League, 109 E. Union St., 11 Dr. Ross was St. Stephen'sfirst ican Internal affairs, "Dr.King t
ELgin 64292. \ Sunday School Superlnten- said, "Injustice anywhere is a
and normal .
;; eat and later served the churchin threat to Justice everywhere." ,. ,,,
Appointment Looms LEE SIMPSON other official capacities. He Bond, 26, was barred from his ,
Govt. NewsmanIs helped found Prince Hall Masilc seat in the Georgia legislature <' ..,.... .
pointed a knife at salesman Troy ,. Lodge and served u its because he supported the Student .' .. '.
E. Moody, 37, of 7906 Paul sand master. He also founded Nonviolent Coordinations .....
Transferred .
Jones Drive while Moody was the Montezuma Cigar co. and committee's stand against the i "';
servicing a customer with a was a graduate of Cookman Institute. war in Viet Nam."
Fo Another Dept. flour delivery at 45th St. and Dr. King himself is sternly *,-
MODCrt.f Road Following the great Jacksonville against the BVlet Nam action, 7 1
Among Ttylor'swltneueswe- fire of May 1901, he served but the Africans who spoke at

WASffiNGTON-CNPI-Shennan re; two boys who were selling on the council committee luncheon made it clear they ;.;- .__ #".
Briscoe, information specialist newspapers. Tbe pair testifiedto which supervised the city's re- were backing the civil rights .j
UJ. Department of Agriculture witnessing Simpson pointingthe havilitatlon program. program and were not referring ,_
OFFFICE OF Information, has knife at Moody throat and His survivors include:William to Viet Nam. --'--

transferred to -a similar post taking his billfold containing B. Ross, son, of New York, The luncheon: was given by the
la me fepartaent's agricultural cash and checks four Daughters, Miss MargaretRoss Chili delegates of 15 african
stabtllntlon and conserva-: Atty. Taylor also produced Jacksonville; Miss Louise nations, headed by CAchkar
,tin service. another witness who saldSlmp- Ross and Mrs. Wllhelmena Marof of Guinea, who noted that
MIAMI Exclusive)-.- Just before Briscoe: who came to Agriculture own, gave her $11 tor going to Page Ross, both of Mimi, and the Africans' view is that Vood
going to press Thursday 25 years ago from the the intersection to see whetherany Mrs. Marion Watts of Phila-? deserved applause for his battle -
sf afternoon the STARlearned- Chicago Defender, will concentrate police were In the area. 'delphia. for equal rights.
that Mrs. Nathalie Range,prominent : on preparations and six-man Jury found Simpson Rev. JJB. Johnson pastor, will "Africans believe. Marofs
business civic leader dissemination of information guilty u charged. Judge layton officiate during the Service. sald-that. one of the greatest CHICAGO: Dr. Martin Luther KingJr., aDd h1I wife IU CD sofa 111 the living room of their
will! be appointed to the Miami the new farm program and on Denied motion for a new trial terment will be In Memorial threats to stability in their continent 4-room slum flat after moving here King said be wanted to live in a slum section to get
city council, a source close to the continuing programs of the presented by Assistant: Public Cemetary. Bowel Funeral in is the problem of race first class knowledge of the problems. He plans to direct a massive anti-slum drive a
Mayor Robert King High Stated. agency. Defender Ruddy Nimmons. charge. rejatlous. Chicago (UPI TELEPHOT: )

.t, J t 4

.. '--!"" -

nr r'ir" r : .- | ''in. K n p i 't .n y*>*>* P'p' "

._ ami Police Servant'SsAjpiSlTFIorida's' First_Negro Police Lieutenant'CONVICT


*,* 'V'

SCHOOL SYSTEM WarnedTO _4'/I) t ibraryftTpJ.versity' off }orida "elid:

II Gail b>' ., : : r



** .

Committee Funeral Service Saturday
Warns Of; i

Feb. 10 Boycott For, M Former, Negro OfficialUnseated VOL. .15"0 46 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5, 196C 15 CENTS \

-I' .* }* !* ** .. ..* *. I
,N............................ :: .

,fend Sporadic the citizens Education the Duval skirmishing committee In County Duval for between County School Better I Legislator Meets t With i I Congressmen NbjbiijiiIabc Survives Wintry Blast s j

system flared to a Ugh pitch
Jan. 28 when the system was * *

warned to either correct racial r
Inequities or face boycott and F
possible federal action. f N'J T

Committee chairman WendeU : + e r { 2 WHITES CONVICTED

Holmes drung a press confer. .
nee held In ST. Stevens AYE: Y ,
Church said in prepared state
ment that, "Unless we hare
received from the superintendent -

positive progress and, specific the In school the commitmentof correction board a IN NEGRO S SLAYING

of these Ills, as of a date of ** *** *

which we have already deter- Newborn Babe
mined we shall move Into a White Faces Chair
of duct and Indirect
action to focus attention both lo- Govt. Probe Survives 24

vally and nationally upon these In Double Shooting
areas of our concern." On Morals Case I Hours In ColdMIAMI

"We cannot and will not relent -'_ "" t -
In our efforts to secure DELAND---.uter three hours vile,. -- What has been ter-
for our children a sound fair TAMPA--The result of the arrest and 10 minutes of deliberation, State Atty. Dan Warren statedIn med a modern miracle by those
WASHINGTON Julian Bond (center) refused a seat in the Georgia Legislature becauseof
and equitable share of county : and conviction of a civil a circuit court Jury Wednesday his summation that Clrack close to the incident occured
his opposition to the Viet Nam was, said he believes the majority of his Atlanta constituents -
the statement continued. rights worker on a morals charge found two white men guilty of and White picked up the two Friday, Jan. 27 when a new-
with his The pacifist who has brought suit In
position. 26-year-old Negro '
Questions by newsmen to committee agree focused Into national atten- First-degree murder of a Negro Negroes In a car driven by born baby boy was found In a
with of
eral court seeking to overthrow the Legislatures action Is shown meeting a group
members disclosed the tion this week. two were trash can after having survivedfor
and recommended that one be Clrack. The Negroes
at the capitol. At left Is Rep. Phillip Burton (D-CALIF.) and at right Rep. William -
possibility of a school boycottby congressmen Robert W.Saunders,state field sentenced to life Imprisonmentwith then driven to an area off State 24 hours In Dade's cold-
( )
local pupils which took place Ryan (d-N.Y.) secretary for the National A- mercy while the other defendant Road 46 where the shootlngwas est day of the season.

during Dec. 7-9, 1965/. -- "ssociatlon for Advancement faces the chair since said to have taken place following The six-pound, three ounce
Another possibility that the U.S. Supreme. Court AgreesTo Former of Colored People, said his office a conviction without mercy car- an attempted robbery,War- baby swathed In newspaperswith
boycott may be protested before CityOffldal's requested the Civil Rights ries a mandatory death sent- ren continued. Its umbilical cord still
Feb.l0 Is that the board's nest Division of the Justice Depart- nce. Testimony continued that when untied was uncovered when a
regular meeting Is scheduled Review Fla. Trespass Case Rites ment to conduct and Investigation Charged with the May pistol the car parked on the side of metro garbage truck driven by

that date.Brought. Into the Sept 21.. arrestof slaying of Moses Jackson, 58 the road, Jackson and white got Elllle Johnson, 34, of 7001 NW
out again In a direct WASHENGTON-Trespass convictions trattons, particularly If they In- Set SaturdayFinal Splver Gordon by the Tallahassee of Oviedo and the wounding of out on the left side, and CI- 15th St., assisted by Ramp West
attack was the charges of Job against 31 Negro civil vovle emotional attributes or police his Negro companion, Andrew rack holding a .33 caliber pistol and Charles Phillips thought
selling throughout the Duval Sc- rights demonstrators charging however praiseworthy the motive rites for the city's last Gordon, a flelddlrectorforthe Cashe were Charles Clrackand ordered Castle out of the car they heard a baby crying when
ool system and call for grand segregated facilities at Leon might be". councilman. congress of Racial EqualityCOREwaaarrestedandchar- Richard White, both of TItus. demanding,"get out or I'll blow they emptied a garbage pall
Jury acctlon since Aity. Will- County Jail In Tallahassee has Leon Sheriff WJP Joyce, aid' 'Negro be George Sat.mctv..MJp.lDi ( your head off. Warren added. at 2301 NW 71st sty
: Ross -
E. will
tin A. Hallows, after.!Having been promised a review by the some'2to' demonstrators, in* !IB St "..ged with !"soliciting for a lewd The prosecution said Jackson West and Phillips bimptdtroathe
.... .question some 47'.witnessesstated U.S'Supreme Court/.+ ;," eluding the 31 who were arrest.. : Stephen', aui laslvlous act.He was later' Gets-3 Years ;r .-grabbed White using him as a truck and atartedl1l1Dlth'- 4
AME Church the Church Which
on Mo.ll that there appeared 'The second Judicial Council: ed if they did not leave the Jail he found., dined $50 and placed on 60- shield advanced upon Clrack, garbage to one side before the
to ,be BO conclusive: which' upheld the convictions premises. He said most of them A helped native of OUnenWtDr.. days probation, according to. For AnarchyNEW warning him not to shoot Cashe motor started grinding' and the
validity to the charges. said, that the demonstrations I left leaving the 31 who were Ross died here last Saunders. Jacson, upon being close to Cl-' baby was found.
Also attacked in the statement held on the premises of the arrested and later convicted.The after having spent most of his Saunder's charged Gordon's. YORK-William Epton,33 rack, pushed White from him They rushed to the James E.
was the present haphazard me JalL."are not, as of right a- defendants were charged life here. arrest as being prompted by the year-old avowed communist- and Grabbed Clrack's arm and Scott Housing Project where
thod of promoting school per- vallable for massive demons- with violations of the Floridalaw After having learned the cigar- worker's activities in the civil convicted of criminal anarchyand Clrack pulled his arm free and they notified the sheriff's office
sonnel and the reported assigh- prohibiting rights movement.In shot Jackson.
trespass"commlted spreading the 19(4 Harlem
making trade In Cedar Key and THOUGHT BABY DIED
ment of Negro schools were UL Banquet with a malicious and 111schevlous Key West, he came to the city addition to the seeking a Riots, was given three concurrent The state said cashe then Knelt
termed totally and cmpletely Intent." probe by the Justice Depart- one-year terms In Jail by beside the wounded Jacksonv
near the turn of the century The mother was arrested bySherltf's
unaccepted to us. The arrests which ment's division Saunders said Clrack not to Kill him
were made Supreme Court Justice Arthur begging
and became emplyed by the deputies when they
Newsmen also Interpreted the Tickets On SaleA Sept. 16, 1964, however failed Gonzales and Sanchet Cigar Co. that attention by the congress- Markewlcb last Week. and White also told Clrack not spotted a woman taking unusual,
Indirect action of the statement to state whether of the gresslonal committee now con to Shot Cashe following which
any The first In 46
person yearsto
A Republican, In 1901, he and Interest of the,, investigative-
u possibility that the U.S.de- limited number of tickets demonstrators served Jail sen another J. Wetmore sidering new civil rights legislation ve convicted of criminal anarchy Clrack also shot Cashe,Wounding
Negro- Douglas proceedings through an apart-
partment of Health, educationand went on sale this week for the tences, according to the appeal would be sought In New York, his sentencing him In the head and shoulder -
--ran for the City Council ment window.
welfare may be urged to Jax Urban league's second annual papers. and were elcted to represent Gordon, It was learned, will was under a state statue .......
cut off federal funds from the
scheduled for Moo- seek appeal for his conviction.
an -
banquet enacted in 1901 following; Cashe said White saved him
the sixth ward. At that Identified as Winifred Ross,
local system undercharges that. day.. Feb. 21 at 7.30 D.m. in Receives 15 the asassassbatlon of Presi- from being shot the second time
the 1964 civil rights act Is befog time, each of the. city's nine 23, of 2808 NW71st ST..the mother
violated. ........ dent William McKInley. by Clrack while be was lying told deputies she had given
Year Term Bond's Stand Under that law, another Communist on the ground, stating that he birth to the baby alone at
Benjamin Gltlow, con- (WHlte's) intervention also gave about 1p.m. Thursday and didn't
Miami Names L Is SupportedBy victed and sentenced to prison him time to escape to the roods. tie the umbilical cord. She said
i For RobberyConvicted ."cV<<" in 1919, was subsequently par Cashe hailed a passing motor- she thought the baby had died.
rJ ,." :AVA.ri.: doned by Gov. Alfred E. Smith ist who rushed the two wounded The newspaperwrappinnglsbe-
Negro PoliceLieutenant :T&& ; Africans Epton, an electrical worker men to the hospital. lieved to have Insulated the baby,
t in Criminal Cort for ,. ,;;r ; who headed the harlem branch The only other state Witness, from the 43-degree weather
the July 9 knifepoint robbery '"; ""' .. NEW YORK-NPI-During( ) a of the Progressive Labor Move- George Scoble Jr. of Titusvllle The tot was reported doing fine
of a salesman, Jimmie Lee 'speech to 13 African ambassadors ment, is married and the father said, he gave the two defendants in Jacksonville, Memorial Hos
: Simpson whose local residence ::i at United Nations head of two children. He rose the pistol and admitted pital.
MlAMI--This city's police department was never fully identified, was quarters, Dr. Martin Luther In the crowded courtroom to disposing of It after Incident.
which holds statewide sentenced to 15 years In state King Jr. Attacked"coloniallsm speak in Ills own behalf for Scobie assisted officers In recovering Nominated MagistrateDOVER
distinction of being the first prison by criminal Judge A. In Chicago.The 45 minutes. the murder weapon
to become fully desegregated Loyd Layton. ambassadors honorIng At the close of his talk, which from the Indian River wherehe DEL.NPICourtneyP. (
promoted a police Sergeant to Assistant State Atty. Alfred Julian Bond, the SNCC pub scored police brutality and a had thrown it following the Houston Jr., music teacherat
Florida's first Negro Lieutenant. DR. SATTEHWHITE Taylor array of witnesses identified lic relatlonlst who was recently "system of exploitation," a- shooting. Wlllam Henry School, last
Simpson M the one who refused a seat in the Georgia group of some 60 supporters Circuit Judge Howell Melton week was nominated by Governor -
Upgraded this week was Leroy the Signal Terrace Room aT r Legislature, after he had burst into prolonged applause. ruled that the defense will be Charles L. Terry to serve -
A. Smith, a ISyearveteranIn the Atlantic ''Coast line BuildIng been duly elected by voters in Judge Markewlcb ordered them allowed 10 days to file motion as magistrate in the lower
1955, Smith was one of the Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite his 136th district. escorted from the courtroom. for a new trial. court system In the state.,
first five Negroes to be pro- program chairman, announced. "We have our domestic colonialism -' u
moted to the rank of sergeant. Speaker for the event will be in the United States,"
Smith, the department revealed Whitney If. Young Jr., Executive :...'f Dr. King said. "We have the Civil Rights Offensive Points North i

ranked 12tn among 125 sergeants Director of the National colony of Harlem, the colony
who took examinations Urban League, author-column- ..,.. DR, ROSS of Watts and the colony of the "
lor lieutenant eligibility two lit and one of the nation's wards bad representatives. Westside and the Southslde of .
top leaders. ,1c' who served two year terms. Chicago.

years ago Deadline for ticket sales will = It Wetmore served only one term "We are determined on our side ...._.'_ _
vine other eleven sergeants be Tuesday, Feb. 15, Dr. Sat- but, Dr. Ross ran for reelection to cast off the yokes of our 'y (Jot
moved as openings developed -
with up smith elevation likewise erwhite said. Individuals 0 r and was elected,thus becoming colonialism,."
groups wishing to make purchases i the city's last Negro councilman. Noting criticism that the tie
followed in routine order.
noted may contact the lax Urban up was "interference In American -,
The department ,
Snlth's promotion was "routine League, 109 E. Union St., Dr. Ross was St. Stephen's Internal affairs, "Dr.King
ELgln 64292.Govt. first Sunday School Superinten- said "Injustice anywhere Is a
and normal;;. --- ent and later served the church threat to Justice everywhere."

Appointment LoomsMUMTExclusive JOOOE LEE SIMPSON In other official capacities. He Bond, 26, was barred from his
Newsman helped found Prince Hall Masonic b
seat In the Georgia legislature '!oo' r
--- pointed a knife at salesman TroyE. Lodge and served u its because he supported the Student C
Moody, 37, of 7906 Paul grand master. He also founded Nonviolent Coordinations 9w
Is TransferredTo Jones Drive while Moody was the Montezuma Cigar co. and committee's stand against the
servicing a customer with a was a graduate of Cookman war In Viet Nam." -
Another Dept flour delivery at 45th St. and stitute. Dr. King himself Is sternly x
I Moocr1ef Road. Following the great Jackson- against the BVlet Nam action, ii 1
Among Taylor's witnesses were vine fire of May 1901, be served but the Africans who spoke at :
WASHINGTOJfCNPISbermanBrlscoe ( ; two boys who were selling on the council committee luncheon made It clear they
w Information specialist newspapers. The pair testifiedto which supervised the city's re- were backing the civil rights r"vw
U.S. Department of Agriculture witnessing Simpson pointing havilltatlon program. program and were not refer
OFFFICE OF Information, has the knife at Moodys' throat and His survivors include:William ring to Viet Nam. .
transferred to 'a similar post taking his billfold containing B. Ross, son of New York, The luncheon was given by the
In the department's agricultu cash and checks. four Daughters, Miss Margaret Chelf delegates of 15 afrIcan lr r : '
ral yfrMVtfitlffli and conservation Atty. Taylor also produced Ross, Jacksonville; Miss Louise nations, headed by CAchkar M.
'" ", service. another witness who saldSlmp- Ross and Mrs. Wllhelmena Marof of Guinea, who noted that J
}--- Jast before Brlscoe: who came to Agriculture son gar her $U for going to Page Ross, both of Miani, and the Africans' view Is that Vond
going to press Thursday 29 years ago from the the intersection to see whetherany Mrs Marian Watts of PUladelpbla. deserved applause for his bat- .
afternoon, the STARlearnedthat ,-- Chicago Defender, will concentrate police were in the area.A tle for equal rights t... :: -..::. ---- :-_
Urs. Nathalie Range, pro- on preperatlona and six-man Jury found Simpson Re,. JJ5. Johnson pastor, will "Africans believe" Marofs
minent business civic leader dissemination of Information on guilty u charged Judge layton officiate during the Service. said."that of the CHICAGO: Dr. Martin Luther Klng.Jr., and his wife sit on sofa In the living room of their
will be appointed to the Miami the new farm program and on Denied motion for a new trial terment will be In Memorial to one their greatestthreats 4-room slum flat after moving here. King said be wanted to live In a slum section to get
city council, a source close to the continuing programs of the presented by Au1ataDt Public Cemetary. Sowell Funeral In Is the stability problem of continent race- first class knowledge of the problems. He plans to direct a massive anti-slum drive In
Mayor Robert King High! Stated. agency. Defender Ruddy Nimmons. charge. rejatlous. Chicago. (UPI TELEPHOT)

. w r; tM.

.....- .

-- J .. J .JIf
po ..

lilii'.j f f surnvns SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5, 196' .AI"*; 'i"'''"1" I

THIE-': LOll I'D'ST AM let's Talk Politics -

.. w- ,
.; .. J.-.,.!wPublished ...; U41i.r
by the Florida Star Publishing\ Company -

ERIC I 0. SIMPSON. .....:..,..".I4 all.t J Editors In an undisguised attempt to take a leaf from the strategy -

News of General Nathan Bedford Forest, the freat confederate
: AIYSON. E. MICE$ .. ...:.. Editor J 1 1or General and Cavalry strategist and founder of the Ku Lux
HilDA : : .htli.- .ill Man, "To Git There Fustest With The MOSTEST" Govern..
W001EN... .. .. r Burns summoned local Negro leaders from all over the stateto
Tallahassee to attempt to commit them to support. his
effort for re-election come spring.

2323 Moncrief" Road}, J phone .Elfin 4-611 The reaction from the frass roots was tremendous, mostly
.. .. ,, unfavorable and as the campaigning moves into high gear
I In March and April, Burns will probably be most surprised and

I' *' Majljni l AddressP.VB'OZ ) Il chagrined to see many of these
.' l leaders who supped at his table

599 liekoillh, riflrlir322bl... ., :: campaigning furiously against
", ". '- himopenly.. Many others x111'hide
\ OFFICEI their hand and be at the
MUM!. J most lukewarm in their sup. 4
.. 'I'

138 HW 3rd Ara Phone!, 377-1025, ,,;, c Still others will be helpless to

U h-- aid. Burns as they have already
r, found a: hostile constituency '
back home'. scoring them far
"" ---
SUBSCRIPTION RATES even going to the Burns JONES

One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 .1 Summit Meeting
!Allert to you Anywhere in the United State! Among those attending the meeting most were and probably
Subscription; payable in advance elll continue to be dyed in the wool anti-Burns and no amount
? of wooing will possibly chage their convictions.
: Check or Money Order to:
I.. There will be a reaction in a negative sort of way In the favor
CTAS'P.O.. BOX 561 \ of Burns as many of those attending the meting will finds\
.FLORIDA that other candidates will bypass them because of their re-
Jacksonville 1. Florida lationship with Burns and that when they seek to get on the

Burn's Bandwagon' there will be no room and they will be
rendered politically Impotent in the forthcoming Governor's

campaign, nursing a wounded ego and an empty purse.
So actually already, the strategy is paying off for Burns
You Can Make. Yourself Rich as he has politically. Impotent may of those who did and gould
',. continue to effectively capalgh against him-- if they wait

"If o person can d.v.lop. his subconciousmindto help too long to openly declare themselves.

him plan hit method of getting rich, h. can do whatever Thus in one coup, Burns has placed a large contingent of
s s s local Negro Leaders on the spot, creating confusion and
he wants' in hit direction. The individual, however 1 I / I I
distrust their local
among constituency, rendered them politically
must hove 'the driv. to accomplish his goal' and the impotent. In the leadership vacuum created, a i j

'faith 'to expect it to happen ,i'New sit of Negro leaders' obligated to Burns will develops -

Edgar C Parts, an electrician of Phoenix, Arizona, iid through them Burns will take over the political

'taught himself how to ploy' 'the slock market and1 amassed leadership of the Negroes in the state-- eliminating strong
and effective opposition which so dynamically manifested
a 'fortune' Just recently, he gave more than 1100,000 Your WeeklyHoroscope itself in the 1964 election

in stock' to the University of Arizona. Th. gift, is in the (to be continued)

form of' an endowment for worthy students.

Parks could' never hove been wealthy" just being a THE URBAN
plain electrician' earning 12.75 hourly.' He began investing GuideBy

in stocks' in '1941', and may we add h. never

w.n"o coll.g.. r

A young college student' whose Id.nty has since been

'lost' onc. ailed his father to permit him 'to use in a PABLO, The, ASTROLOGER I BY

'lump sum (6,000 saved for him to go to college./ CLANZELL T. BROWN

Sinc. /the son was majoring in accounting and business WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR

administration the father consented. The youth, who was ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR,

.nroll.d in course in "investments' and stock', man- '

eivered the 16,000 into' 15,000, butth.t.ach.rgave, BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL- \ JACKSONVILLE URBAN

him a grad. of"D" in the course.

The two examples cited, one untrained and /the other' ..,---
trained, used their skills in the business of learning' '

how to invest mon.y 'for profits. Instead' of so much remain in the background and

'loud mouthed demonstrating' why couldn't' some 'large to attend efficiently.to their As Jobs long quietlyand as you 3iJAa $ugitlf v uc.

civil-righ/s organization teach Negroes how to Invest'
know that you are really forging Born

i "their I.fv'-;money',," ,-"""'in" a" "manner' designed earn 'large pro. ; t i ,?Born Morch. 21st. ahead, it is important: >forothers' rI- ...5...,.p.,|. 23rd, _, ,, :J" Education of our ::youth today; must be broad-based to include -
; to' be told about it. It. ,,
Bo'n'y 23rd / "
Oct. 23rd "
I an 6f": the eiperle -April 19th could be'even harmful to your
mature'stable personality. How to bring up your child with-
cause to draw attention to your -Dee. 2'1 Itit
This is a fairly quiet period out prejudice- a topic worth concern to those parents
advances since this has the effects -,
Food And Your Budget The Allans who are happy of arousing envy and antagonism when it would be farsighted to They may not have any other who hope to bring up stable children.
enough to posess built-in Instincts make your peace wherever it of Early positive action by parents is of the utmost Importance -
high and low. Jupiterin way knowing just where thye
will have no trouble your solar sign exerta a may have been breached. This fit into your estimation especially in rearing a child without prejudice. A child by the
Trienoh Meyert, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Agriculture ; analyzing the ominous clouds beneficent Influence, as a rule. could turn out to beo only way in the case of Sagit- age of four years old will !have acquired a real concern
recently had something important' to say about that are gathering. You will nat But since it is still going retrograde of coping with the problemsand tarians who have been more about race. The conversations in the home, playing with
the food business urally look around! for the most remain patient until difficulties that threatento less mysterious regarding their peers and the tempo of the child's community help to create

She pointed out that today1 supermarkets offer some logical cover where you can find, you feel that you are ready to arise during the third quar- ultimate alms or purposes.In prejudicial attitudes. It Is also true that the parents appraisal -
6,000 to 8,000 or even more i item from which to a refuge later in the month benefit from its maximum ter. And if you findyourself certain instances of self does help to shape the child's attitude toward his
choose and 40 p.r cent of them have reached the when the storm may break out fast meanwhile pro- engaged in an affair that could f e s s i Ion al obligations,compel pro- being an inferior or. superior being. Commonly, the Negro's
shelf since '1953, and 60 p.r cent or. new since World In all Its full fury. Also see be quite compromising, you some withhold confi- conversation will reflect indecisive attitudes, on the other
War II. Mor.ov.r, in the old' day a chopper hod to to It that real property is secure 1200-18-68-389 should redouble your safeguard dences persons, even from the closest hand, the white person's conversation will reflect positive
male a 'long series of stop on her buying rounds-at from loss of damage. The same against unwanted exposures or members of the attitudes. These are some of the factors that help to molda
the butcher' the bakery, the drug store, and so on. may be said about the Joint some kind of disappo ment. family child's character.

Now everything is on handendon display' at the super economy unless it has veen built The desirability to looking 8-40:'l566 594 The guideline for parents to help their children have a
market Mrs. Meyer adds, 'And everything includes' up to the point where it can &VUMBorn : ahead to all possible eventualities ;.wholesome attitude toward self and other people is following
all the things that get added Io the" groc.ry bill that readily absorb demands made is already being pointedout the golden rule to "do unto others as you would have them

aren't,, even foods HiM of all records- 'laundry and soap encyclopedias, floor wax, childr.n'ssocks About' 20 upon It, no matter how largeor June 22nd admonishing you to put an e..ap1uC: JLn do unto you". The parents should be careful not to use degrading
unreasonable. Friendly relations end to an impossible position expressions about members of their family. Parents
per cent of the overage groc.ry bill the bill we lendto and work 22nd must be realistic and explain to their
where you live -July children situationsas
the food billis mad. of item
think of
as up
5 80-15.99 .484
should be kept on the highest they but they must also show the child that condi-
to wear or road or listen to or clean house with. W. Born Dec, 22nd tions
level posslvle since there may are changing and man has always made errors but
certainly/ don eat them. There is practically nothingyou
he has
Conveniences and ease of' shopping do not end at be a call for good neighborliness can do to change the waysof UL -Jan! 19"'hDo attempted to correct them.
this point, as Mrs. Meyer make clear. Now foods or. before the month is over the world and its people.But lO. Studies by Mary Ellen Goodman in "Race Awareness in
offered in a processed manner which tremendously' reduces Reinforce this policy if you there is much that you can not wait until later this Young Children" show that Ly the age of. four, a child hasa
the time and effort the housewife must devote to can undertake to overcome your own month to bring your work up strong sense of self and a stronger sense of other people.
readying them for the tab).. And some of these convenience failings and handicaps. This 'Born Aug 23rd to date. The earlier you start Out of a growing ability to perceive and to form generalizations !-

foods are actually cheaper than' In the fresh 7-55-16.34-296 could mean abandoning the form the better will be your pros' comes the awareness of the sizes, shapes and colors
-Seph 22nd or objects. and
orunproc.ss.dform. of pleasures that may be con- pects of sailing through the people, Early educational games encourage -
What about prices Dial's o vitally Important part of sidered unconventional or debl coming: storms unscathed. Well children to sort out "look alikes" and to search for
the food business from the consumer' angle.' Mrs. J01Vl.lt io to much atten- similarities and differences.
liatlng. Now is a fine momenttp Try not 'pay being and gainful endeavor could A child's ability to do this:
Meyer toy this: ".. ,1 I have the preliminary. figures character which ,tion to what is going on in the figure among the principal targets is a positive sign of the development of his thought pro-
for '1964 'for eight 'large retail' food chains And the build up march to world and concentrate on your of brewing difficulties. cesses and of his intelligence. This, it probable that with
will facilitate a
figures show that their n.'proW. 0.0 p.r cenl of sales' your self unduly over events over 10 his own! famUy. young white cnlw might observe "my
haven't changed atoll' since '1957- each year they've' Bern April 20thMay.20th rosier and more prosperous which you have no control whatsoever There is nothing like beingpre* hair is Ugh., but my brother's hair is dark. A Negro child

run about '1.2 per cent ,W. eat better than' we used future Criticism of a highly pared before hand to obviatethe might observe that his skin is dark, but his sister's is light
to. We pay a 'little' more for privilege.. But since ourincomes I-ZOO-18.66389 tactful and constructive nature necessity of worrying on (To be continued).
have gon. up 'faster 'than food costs, w.'r. may be palatable, as far as top of yourother troubles

spending a smaller share of what we .arn for better One does not necessarily have your close collaborators are -100 -18 -77 -S88
meals./ to be a prrphet of doom to c1mJ concerned.{ But this does pot You Can Change YourselfAn

take the pessimistic view and guarantee that they will not take 1P'c4cQ

realities. Consequently you do Born July 'exception to your comments
King Can't Be Everything' well to heed the counsels of 23rd. when have the slightest notion Interesting' story was printed In the 'Indianapolis )
Bom Feb, 19th- Star (last week about a man who decided la change '
experts or others with vast -Aug. 22nd that you are finding fault. It, ,
x1 experience when they are stressing would be much wiser on your jlOfh him".'. Just recently this man was selected a member
From observation' we have noted that Dr. Martin some of the ominous trends part to accept a more retiring Mar.. of the Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest scholastic' society In 1
Jr. has tried to b. all to the p.opl..v.ry' The first signs of discord in
luther King Put order In your life whereit role and to pemit your life or The Piscians who have bad America,
and relationships
where in the United States. This i I. an impossible feat may be lacking. This could your personal may appear key and should- business partner to take the: ample opportunity in the pastto William E.'Constable' wHo! Is 35 years old five year

he is trying to undertake. Include your heart as well as not be dismissed in the belief lead. There are a few pro- acquire wisdom and experience ago was a full-time employee, at a Bloominglon'
last summer Kings went' to several' big cities on what your financial interests par- will )know diana limestone and he decided
that they are meaningless.They 1 50-17 *66* 583Smllpio undoubtedly or quarry his life was
he call.d a ""people-to-people'i, /' ,.* He mod. 17 ticularly in the cases where are potential troublemakers and feel that certain coming deve only Vegetable, existence H., "there/or, enrolled' at

speeches Chicago in succession, become hoarse, and they are unconventional first and In Is it may prevent much more serious lopments look far from pro 'Indiana University to broaden his perspective

fatigue put him to bed. nature.tranquil This the quarter whole but showdowns in the coming miring But this will give them Within the 'last five years, he has accomplished' almost'
fairly on
King went to Chicago In spite, of the fact that' local' this may be because the elem- weeks to root out the principal the advantage that others do not .,h.lmpOl.ibl.l" going to school' and supporting a wife'
'leaden told him not to come there' and New York City for sources of friction now. It may possess to take whatever pro and three children.' Hi academic
ents gathering strength
.are Bom Oct. progress was so excellent -
'leader ,let It b. known bluntly' "that they' didn't need the weeks to come. Taureans be more necessary conservative to adopt monetary much a 24th, tective best to meet measures any and they all deem con that he earned a grade overage of 3.93 out ala

"i wta are employed or on their possible' 4. For this
In'the Bible' w. have a good example' Moses tryingto policy that are creating the -Nov. 22nd tingencies.! he wo awardedthe
will do well to pursue'their
0\-' p, Hall prize in
be everything. H. was on "the v.rg.o' failure, when dilly duties without mak- basis for strains in your asso- government. and 1U Foundation
This is one difficultythat Seeing that there are some 44001788678 grant and a Merit scholarship'
Jefhro, his foth.r-ir.law' saved him from calamity.' ing drastic changes
rather, troublous time in the : Mr. Constable' look on Inventory of himself and d.
Moss took the advice and associated with himself a may be troublesome If
8-7714-M-344 it would be an Intelligent ,. tt tided to mote his 'life more than '
partner, Aaron who was strong where he was weak. not impossible to resolve in offing, JFuahlt; a vegetable wateredand
to obtain definite cultivated" by .
'view of circumstatnces that you move someone else.
Th.y supplemented' oilier" and together achieved
not well In results while your chances are Some of you who have
whet neither of them could' hove don. alone.' can very control. Born Jon. 20th despaired about reaching
Moat. a few instances, marriage couldbe still good. This applies to for expanding horizons should' 'tote courag.ln what
confine his activities
likewise. Dr. need 'to to
King a way out of the dilemma the horn dear ones, roman- -Feb.! 18th William E. Constable' did. Turn disabilities
the immediate Southeast in only the program of the Born that cannot be found any other tic attachLonts and all the pursuits opportunities. your Into
SaC. We think he goofed by running to Atlanta to May 2 lit way. Loved ones or your own that are closeet to your With the passage of time, thereis !

demonstrate In the defense of Julian Bond whom the "-June> 21st emotions can also create situations heart. Rn motivated only ,by a growing realization among

Georgia legislature: has not' seated. Since this was a that you cannot cope with your own frsonal desires rather many Aquarians that moneycan
problem' partly connected with' SNCC, and also' one successfully. It will be even than by the Influences that be made to go farther Buy U.S. Savings Bonds
tar our court, he should' not have int.rf.rr.d. Such Progress does and not wide have to makeit to be harder to wait .until later to certain friends may be tryingto than they ever reallxed in their .
broadcast bear on carefree eTAll eMNOlEO SAVINGS .
take action. yen more days PLAN fe.rOR
lad of forethought" might' well" damage hi Image as a real. Right now, it is in the ALL AMERICANS RCSlP-< 1
non-vid.nt colonel.' interest of most Geminlans to 6701688.367 93016-33-387 230-1177-674 I ,

.4 f f s

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5r"W6.: & Y" a'''"'" VeA,. ... .." STAR PAPERS PAGE 3 I

Gateway BarracksTo Deltas To Observe J Jax Coeds Head Campus Group New Stanton Sets .III/1/.Y/111/11111/,1..1.1111 11

Receive ColorsAt Founder's DayThe Second Annual I
d Il

Jacksonville Alumnae I'.7r'i." ', t'I. .. Community Club DayNew WMif t10

Saturday Session Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta r Stanton will observe Its 9j: -
sorority will observe its :53rd! i'A A
1 A Sod annual Community Club Day
Receiving of the colors will annual Founder's Day Sunday, 't' + on February 16, at 10:15: a.m. ,Intl,.,lag/If.tlain, aliitiilJunior ,
feature the Sat., Feb.3:! meet- Feb. 20, at the Civic Auditor w # t
In the school auditorium. tfm ili Ing of Gateway Barracks 3131 ium (little Theater
beginning ..
The theme for the program Is, I / unit INt.'rr',1
'Veterans of World War I, USA promptly at 4:00: p.m. : f.J.i.
"Encourage, guide, and Inspire / ....,
INC.which begins at in The theme for the is :
2p.m. program t "
Joe H. James Center, 13th and Internatioo Understanding of Fw .n I SA Young Leaders of Today. ta- Q. I'... loo short I know I Ihoulcl.n'r with .ibsorbent Kleenex paper; t.
I lent from all fo the clubs participating \ but I'm thorUrIh.m loch hcfore
Grunthal Streets, Commander Cultural and Value Differences r w.r worry you sl.irt. Keep u
in Club Day will per- IIr> friends.I wont fcw
JJS. uny my more Iou"lc.I"ycr towels
Dr. Rotanalal
Irving Sr. announced. N. Gupta, a grad
forn for the audience, and Mrs. In ill 1 least look falter, so what h.m"y11 you cm mix colors
Quartermaster Robert L. Morgan uate of Bombay University, In Willye F. Dennis, Librarian, will present the colorsto Bombay, India, who is well versed ,
Eastside Public Library,will be A. think I' Us ill in the 'ou're through wish mil diy
both the
and the
In the field of international the Sleaker.There l your brushes, put I\Io.I iy sour
Keynote way you slow' ,,,,1.I I tic w.iy you
auxiliary. Dedication of theAuxiliary' affairs, will be the keynote be a total of 37 clubs participating drcsv mil Ihc way you wc.iryour supplies. md disc, :.ird 'Ihc mess
colors wW take pla- speaker. ., nn the tiblc with the towels',
,, ( In club day this year. h iir Sl.nul l tall -- head
ce during the Ir Feb. 12th- Invitations have been extended :1' Cub Day was originated by the up. \h'lIlderI I\.k. 'tummy in. Q. I just i>ol inviful I in the
Meeting, same tine same place. to local fraternities, sororities : "" '. urtulest I
." 'r' Dean of Galls of New Stanton, mJ sent liKkcd " AU members of the Barracksand foreign students of surrounding \ ." ;"I.j. ., Miss Louvenia E. Solomon last or A,line drc'CIInd Hull,! ruipl fur one tliinuI _
auxiliary to be schools and the I mur know win) In ilu wluii
are urged colleges High : February and It was an Immense skirls' never full ones Vertical:
present during both meetings. general public. A reception will 't..H. ': This line, in,'ike you look taller hori- It's HIIIK In 1 liiiuI I jus) surl <>f
: \ success. year's program
President Elnora Hemby will be held in the reception room .fJ'a Is expected to be even /onl.il lines the opposite When dls.ippi.ir.liil; should I ilii?
Preside during the auxiliary's area Immediately following the )'ou10 cOlr; I*o'ri'cc outfits, he A. 1 this put sounds t\li' ,
meeting HERBERT better. Mire Ihey ire ill ric color. spn.nl1, When uui n. hitim' ,
program BLACKSHEAH--former professional football player now a graduating senior at is assisted
Miss Solomon being ,
More then color rc.illy 11",1| linn, n
one divides \ nol l e sto \
Members of the local Found- Bethune-Cookman College Is shown above with the military queens of the Campus Cadet Corp. by Miss Inez Solomon, Mr. you in the middle Keep.: your I le.ivc Don I let. Ilk Im.il, mo
Laundry II(lingers er's day Planning Committeeare Call Harrison (left) and Debra Dennis are both from Jacksonville. Blackshear Is an officer Fosterlck and D.L. Robinson. hair short. lightly uplificu, md meats ruin ,i ,n.ilpnH, When

Double/ As Scats sorors: Emma BrownLU- of the cadet unit. (Theodore Johnson Photo) avoid l Kings You'll look taller II stalls lo hll'IL, lip. "tell I.uisfrienls
lien G. Small, Louvenia E. Sol- 'n and Thinner loo' 11,1-1-\! .Ihmkmi,

Di-forativc I'lnHtir Myrtle Turner, Serena .. ,
laundi-yoraon a h'lle'.IIhl tell Ini ln>tt iniKlMMI /
-- -- -
r. oe.wt I Il tlile lte! / II Oe Q. Painting; with wader colors
hampers- in KettniKulnr: 01 Joyner, Grace Brown, Beverly cnpgcd| \oiiisilt (hen
Yolnd shapes run double mi Taylor, Willye F. Dennis, and k my l.ilrsl' hohhy. Itul It's MI le-ive Wi don I Inu, to. stay> *
chest. btlll'll011,1 ,comfoiUihk-Gwendolyn Chandler i Socially SpeakingBY = hard to p.ilnl; without' rlrlppinucolors I In the veiv I end to slum whit' ug"I

I IItI.. i desk. thin or wulir run I nil do?over m\ IIIMV )'oure' his ng'!' Still'
lonnrnid l'.* ( ill (hehosliss the
Artist Plans Exhibit:1' BY LOUISE GUINYARD fee> ls cr4sl fe A 1 I hit's nay) Simply vitvcr next' d,lv lo tell her .ic.mi how
the entire desk or ihlc I lop nice tin pools \<.1\
: : The fifty-third annual Founder's Day celebration by the Mary Mitchell, Mary Washington and Leona Bennett were 111111111111111111111111.111Lincoln ,..1..11..11.1.1111111111..

';".;",;;I;r fkaa J.. .... Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sor- guest players when Mytls Thomas entertained Gem Bridge GradMiss Gets Positionbeen
". :.'It;,-_..__ :--11.t \ ority will be held Sunday Afternoon, February 20, In Civic Club last Friday evening Mrs. Mitchell won the guest
Auditorium. The will at P.M. IN THE Little prize.
begin $
1 t. program Gloria Jean Jones', the employed as a key punch
l'-- t Marie Streets Catherine Jackson and Marie McClain were
Theatre.Dr. .
Daughter of the late Mrs. Thel- operator In the Duval County
1 R.N. Gupta, a graduate of Bombay University India, high" scorers In the bridge session. Sylvester Bossardwas .. .. ..... w-- JI\ Registrar's office
9 ; will l deliver as address centered around the general theme awarded the door prize.

.. .': of the observance, 'International Understanding of Culturaland Lois Avery, Zelma Johnson, Geneva Wheeler and Evelyn' system A product Miss of Jones the local school
was a 1965
Value Differences Calvin were among other participants.
of Lincoln
graduate Business
The program will be followed by a reception which will
also be held In the Little Theatre. ........................... S College.

Local Deltas who are directly responsible for Founder'sDay Congratulations are being received by Dr. and Mrs. ThomasW f tor-ipongUd way to

plans are Sorors Emma Brown, Grace Brown, Gwen- Bland of 621 Verona Road, Daytona, Ohio on the birth =+ t tA send a son to allege

dolyn Chandler, WUlye F. Dennis, Serena Joyner, Lillian of a. son, Thomas W. Bland Jr. who was born on Jan. 21. I r

Qtv'' Gay Small, Louvenia Solomon, Myrtle Turner and Geraldine Dr. Bland is a former Jason and Is the son of Mrs. Daisy
Walker. Bland, 1419 Louslsana St. and the late Peter Bland. Mother I i

and baby were reported doing fine.
ONE-MAN SHOW.-Ted Jones, new faculty member at Florida tttttttffq .
AIIM University, Tallahassee, Is shown with some of the %

paintings, prints and drawings that he has on exhibit la a one Suwannee
man show that ends February 20 in the Art .
Carnegie Cente ::: SAFETYSENTRY ?
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority has completed plans for "AKAWeek" 1
Gallery at FAMU. A native of New Orleans Jones who
La., and graduate Feb. 1318. Theme for this'year is, "Accent on Students Hear ma taught at Forest
of Xavier University, New Orleans, and Michigan State Uni- Sorors." tf. Park Elementary School, had
versity East Lansing, Mich. Jones has exhibited in U.S. SAVINGS BONDS
The will worship at Snyder Memorial Church Sun- \
shows at New Orleans, Fort Belvoir and Alexandria, Va., group U. Of Fla. Duo BY JANE DAVIS
Feb. 13 at U a.m. The church Is located
and day morning, DIrector of Consumer Services
Washington D.C.
downtown at Laura and Duval Streets. The Brask-Schieber Duo of the Sentry Insurance
Sisterhood and dedication night will l be held at 8 p.m. Wed- A.a.a.h GOOQt
of SO
University Florida Gainesville Bicyde Safety FEELS
nesday, Feb. Id, at the Myrtle Avenue Library.The presented a lecturerecital I
r+rrg celebration will be climaxed with a cocktail party at Every safe rider survives 1
Friday evening, Feb. 18, at Holiday House on Haynes St Suwannee River College That's an acronym, a sentencein TO RELIEF FROM "UPSET SKIN" 1
Norma S. White is chairman of the program committee. on Thursday, 1:30: p.m. which the lint letter in each I caused by certain minor skin irritations.
A mutual desire to realize word stands for word to be
ttf.ttttt Mtff Nttt t a Palmar Skin .uac..." Ointment buying the 'large economy sire con.
more fully the Ideas of chamber remembered. with addtd strength contains*iavan laming, four limes ai much for only
of Music performace led to the According to Sentry Insurance Impudent Ingred,ents'kllllu' y com. 99C.S.tlsf acuon IUII.nt..d or your
The Roth Drive home of Margaret and George Starkeswas this acronym could save pounded. At this, 'IntemaUonallyfamous money ralundad.LOVKLIKM' .
the scene of two Interesting bridge parties on Frridayand Information of the ensemble at your child's life. It concerns skin medication, ease. the COMPLEXION
the Itching end Indueaa fait blessed
Saturday evening of last week. Unlverstty'in1963.Slncethattime bicycle safetyESRS I equip. relief from Itching. miseries. you'll plus head-to-toe protection with
Vannette Thayer Mable Jones and Hazel Pink were guest the duo has been well ment, signals, right side and feel I better fait! Don't risk dill" aure- the of "Skin deep-.uce.uchng..foamy" Soap medication It .beauty
received in its pertormaces mnt ordanaerouaInfection; by
onCampus .
bathes while It fights terms mat
entertained Classle Lassie
players when Margaret Bridge scratching. Use the akin comfort
a Every often aggravate odor
and throughout the- Equipment: youngsterwho paraplratlon
I li(1Y for the"guest prize. sacral of mllllona Palmar* make
Club Friday eenineVtnnette qualified is old enough to ride a you lure Veu'r nice to
Southeast. In addition to formal "Skin Suecatt" Ointment rtatonably be near Palmar* "Skin Succtn"oap.
Sara Wright, Margaret Mathis and Carolyn Washington were recitals the duo has received bike should be taught to prop. priced et 44c. Save 77c by Only 29e.
recipients of club awards. Helen Toney, Grace Sykes, erly care for the bike. A bicycle -
and Henrietta Howard warm response to their seminars is safe only when it is
Geneva Henderson Joan Spaulding
1 and lecturerecitals.Robert in rood condition. The lighton
were among other members present. Schleber, a graduate of the front should work and I
Alveola Scriven was the lone guest when Margaret enter- Illinois the reflector on the back
Weslyean University.
tained the Kardette Bridge Club Saturday evening. Sybil should! not be cracked.
and Indiana University,has done
Butler, Vannette Thayer, Margaret Wilson, Gwendolyn Ste- advanced work at the University
wart, Hattie Stewart, Louvenia Solomon and Mary Cole Brown -
OF Michigan. Among his tea-
were among members present. chers have been Geza DeKresk -

ftpatnfetatffWREN Andre Gertler, Albert La- GOING

bert zan, Courte.Julius Stulberg, and Ro-. OUT

He has appeared in chamber

YOU ARE ILL music performances with such
KEN KNIGHT artists as angel teyes, Dud-

YOU Seek The Best Doctor \ ley Powers, Samuel Lifschey, OF BUSINESSOPENSUNDAY

When Your Doctor prescribes. E, f"tJ.- Alexander Schuster, and the
-Invites You To Listen To- Get Experienced pharmacists '.C ;.I Stanley Quartet. Rior to come-
log to the University o f Flor-

According to your DoctorsOrders :;Jf. Ida In 1963, he was member ENTIRE STOCK MUST Bk SOLO OPEN SUNDAY

BIG BAND We Use only The Best C. E:.wLEI of the faculty of Western Mich-
Quality Drugs igan University, where he was

: 3 REeilSTtKfcD PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU- string quartet and the Kalamazoo RADIOS
"DANCE PARTY"Nightly A String Quartet. RADIOSRINGS 9x12 RUGS
He has appeal ed as soloist cnwru'IwI1N
Cosmetics-Rubber Goods-Candles-Sundries with several symphony orches- *'-LJ''L
TO S199 t "' s coffin
'' 'N' L
-PRESCRIPTIONS CALLEQ FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's trap and has served as conduc- REG. Anlnlrnu1 "
11:30 SIll cr;
: til 12:00: tor of the Battle Creek Sym- $399 /

phony Orchestra. $7.98 VOLT BATTERIES 15'lien's '69"' V

Saturday 9 p.m. Til 12:00: p.m. Drug Store Wlllard Brask received his degree -
-- -
from the University of Mi
chlgan, where he studied PIano STRETCH:I SOCKS AU. SIZC: FITTED

1400 WRHC 1400 with Leonard Share and Gy- BE'J ShEETS

1901 KINGS ROAD EL-3.8216 orgy Sandor, coached chamber IITHSTONI .. SPENILL Girls and Boys SOCKS

w J music with Filbert Ross, Albert CAT tVI SIGNET
Luconi, Robert Mann, and f3 fI J\EG.\ 9'7c
Eugene Bossart, and conductIng Value To g 66 } rT $1.88
with Leon Barrio H
Before coming to the University $14.95ia 39c Ul! FAIRLIGIITERS PILLOW CASES 25 [EA.

of Florida In 1963, h< OTHERS ON !ULf 67.

'..r' SAVE l1L' held teaching positions at New. 40 HOUR ALARM CHINA STATUF.TTSWtIISKEY

t berry College, Ithaca College, SETS
and the of Michigan OR ELECTRICALCLOCKS
VIE umtRS-r'P[ IRS!
He has also had extensive experience NECKLACES
.. In New York as professional T 21 STYLES .

Pianist,arranger and VALUES 3 VALUES

conductor. Mr. Brask appears Values To $3.00 TO 61C lne TO 77CZ.II
frequently as a pianist in solo MANB 'AINTIDPICTURES
recitals and Is active as an y;.4'111LACE $2.00 2"B $
\ f004oitse3t accompanist. t--




$ '
r----------- To $9.95Imported $299 00 in -t
f' SCARVES :, ?; 69 slm y I

\.a... REPAIR I.I.,:


i .Is", Repairing F Ft I I Open 'tll 9 p.m.' car kicu'sr *''o. I 1111'11 l .

t t Of An IUid F J.I J.

I t I
I Is Oar

Beef at its Best .I,. Oily Bisiim j I IT fflftf 355-3056 I I Ii

1134 E. UNION ST. t tL I v .'** .

_____ ----

a .


UIUKDa.'hUJIUAal. ,. .unI
.I PJISt, 4 1o" 4A1_ TAPERS

-i 4verses. Commanding General Visits Installation n Central Dnval UNited College Fund

+ i
.e -- --
I Ott ? Church Holds Annual Awards'Program

I Local educators, civic leaders and schools were honored for
J 'e News their efforts in the 1965 United Negro College Fund Campaign
Monday night when the Dural County committee of the or-
LEWIS MEMORIAL rM s 1 nnlzation held its Annual Awards Banquet in the Signal
/ Regualr order of service: will Terrace Dinning Room of the Atlantic Coastllng Building Monday -
Services Sunday in Lewis Memorial AME: Church will begin prevail Sunday with Sunday be- Night. ch.
with the Sunday School at 9.30 a.m., with Superintendent gluing with Sunday School at The special' citations silver Assisting the committee: with
David Scott in sharp Morning Service at 11 o'clock. riiiii : '9:30: a.m., with Superintendent trays and a special trophy were guests and publicity were Dr.
. Choir 1 will render the music and Ushaer Board 2 will ser ''M.E. Johnson and Instructors presented to those schools and H. James Greene principalof
ve. Evening service at So'clock. The Holy Communion will In charge. individuals, who were responsible James Weldon Johnson JunIor
be administered at both services, and Rev Joseph Scott, Ur The deacons will lead devotions for the success of the annual High School: and Rodell F.
pastor, will have charge. Class meeting is Tuesday night In the 11.00 o'clock ser- United Negro,College Fund kRoberts, DE coorinator of Net
vice. The pastor Rev. R.Le- Drive in Duval County, By Dr. Stanton Senior High School.
.w ander Jones will speak on the Richard B.Moore,Florida State
\ MONCRIEF BAPTISTThe : : ,. subject, New meaning to new Director United Negro College
,\ (' ': !! .i life". Senior choir 1 will sing. Fund, Inc. and President of Be- Anniversary SponsorSISTER
services Sunday In Moncrief Baptist Church begin ..,i. \" i\Y6"\ Mrs Gloria' Grant will be at thuneCookman College, The
with the School at 10:15 with Deacon M. Hill T '' ,, .. ", \.' ,, the console.
Sunday : a.m., j. -, ',1 :" presentations were made immediately -
presiding. Rev Richard Scott, Pastor, will review the lesson. \ \: t f 1"jIq _Pr'r The Junior church Bible study following the main address -
Morning service will begin at 11.15 o' lock. Choir 1 and usher _' It" ; will begin at 4:00 p.m.and their by Attorney William H. I
board 1 will ..".. BTU at 5.30: p.m., Deacon James Pough ,l choir rehearsal will commenceat Maness, co-chairman of the
In charge Evening service at 7:15 o'clock. The pastor will ( 5p.m. 1965 UNCF Committee in Duval
preach. Tuesday at 7j>.m., Choir 2 will rehearse. Bible During tb.7:00o'clocIlM"lce County.
study and business meeting will also be held. VISITS FAMU-.Major General William A. Harris deputy commanding general of the Fourth The Lord's Supper and Christ Highlighting the occasion was
r United States Army was a recent visitor at Florida AA1I University Tallahassee. He Is ian Fellowship will be held. the presentation wards by DR.
1 pictured here left to right, with Lt. Cot Samuel F. Sampson, PUS Florida AIM University The pastor.will give communIon Richard V. Moore Presidentof
: ABYSSINIA Baptist ROTC detachment; Clifton G. Dyson, West Palm Beach member of tile Board of Regents for meditation entitled,4'The Bethune Cookman College
1 Higher Education in Florida; and Dr. George W. Gore Jr., president of Florida A4M. Lord's Supper." who reported that the schools
:j The Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at 4p.m. turned In more than $4,251.00
in Abyssinia Baptist Church with Rev B.L. Wynn, pastor Central Board Visit Cinnuc for the effort and the local educators -
; in charge. All choirs and ushers will serve. Sunday School Govt.t should be very proudof
\t 9:30 a.m., and testimonial service is scheduled at 11: their combined efforts under
A.M., The male chorus and Usher Board 3 will serve.Dis- Slates ProgramMadame the leadership of Principals
trlcts 1 and 15 will sponsor a pre-BValentlne Tea Feb. 1 Charles D. Brooks Andrew A.
at 4 p.m., in the Home of Mrs Pinkie Johnson, 1619 Whither i Robinson, George B.Nairn and
St. District 13 will sponsor a pre-Valentine Tea Feb. 13 Louise B. Nelson will A mJ others in the system.
in the home of Mrs. Henrietta White, 609 Court "G,;; Blod- be the main speaker when Usher William M. Raines High School ROSETTA COHEN will
gett Homes, from 3 to 5 p.m. District 10 will sponsor a tea Board 2 of Central CME received top>> honors for raising sponsor the Tbelmarettes Tue.Feb
at 3 p.m., at the church, and the contest sponsored by the. Church presents a pre-Valen-' i more money through its staffin 8 in their first after-ser
Red Circle Girls will terminate Feb. 13 at the church. tine program Sunday, Feb. 13 the county. The School received vice anniversary program at
beginning at 3 p.m.in the church a special citations anda First Born 2 Howard Memorial
UNITED BAPTISTThe auditorium. trophy.>> The second and third Temple 1459: W. Union St.,
Among programs participants place in the high school division Elder Flax Howard, pastor, A
Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at 5:45 will be the Grant Memorial Stanton and Douglas number of gospel groups have
p.m., in the United Baptist Church, 1409 Cleveland ST. Trio, Mrs. Rose Broussard, wAnderson Honorees In the JunIor "already promised to take part
Choir 1 will deliver the sermon. Sunday School begins at Reels Johnson, Mrs. Alice Bos- ,.eJ High eivisiooswere Darnell Jon the program and all other
9:45: a.m., Superintendent Naomi Sims in charge. MlssR.X.Y ton, Mrs Jessie Hasting Mrs ccookman, James Weldon Johnson local groups are invited. Mrs
Sapp Is secretary. Rev Samuel Allen will have charge of Oda Mae Cohen Mrs. Margaret and Northwestern.. L. Thelma Edwards In director-
the- Men's Bible Class. The lesson is, "God is living Spirit" Lunsford, Mrs. Daisy Walker ,,,, Lewis R.E. Payne and John manager of the host group.
aid will be reviewed by the pastor. Morning service at 11.05 Mes. Llllie Bell Myers, Mrs. E.Ford won honors in the Ele- The public is invited.Sll1pSOI .
o'clock. The Rev Mr. Allen will deliver the sermon. Tuesday Thelma Edwards, Mrs. Sarah : mentary School division.
at 7-30 p.m., Bible study and prayer meeting. Wednesdayat Hood, Mrs. Lucille Laster, Elder Individuals cited were Dr. Albert Plans
7p.m., youth prayer hour, and at 8 p.m., the Junior choir Mose Davis, Miss H. Lewis ii Klsserling chairman of the
will rehearse and Mack Hall. ; __ UNCF Committee;Dr.James H.
Mrs. ALL Lewis lathe Board v- t Lewis, co-chairman of the- Youth Day
HOUSE OF GOD president and Rev. WC Flana- Lewis co-chairman of the Un-
gall Is the host pastor, CF Committee; Rev. EarnestWNewman Youth Week will be observed
;I Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday In the House of God, ... Secretary; Charles I n Simpson Methodist Church
1725 W. 28th St., beginning with the Sunday School at 10 a.m. D. Brooks chairman of the beginning Sunday continuing
with Superintendent E.... Booapart in charge. Elder J.... Jax CoedReceives CAREER CONFERENCE GUESTS-Dr. George W. Gore Jr., second from right greets schools and educators division. through Feb. 6.
Tarver, pastor will review the lesson, At 12 o'clock morning Brunzy Hardwlck, revenue agent, Internal Revenue Service Jacksonville second from paid to The young people will have
' devotion at 7:30:: o'clock with Deacon L. Harris in charge DegreeMiss left, during the recent 1966 annual Career Day Convocation at Florida A&M University Special tribute were George charge of the services Sunday
Robinson -
:'I The pastor will deliver the sermon Prayer meeting is Hardwick Is a graduate of ..Florida A&M University. Looking on,, left to right are: C.C. Dr. Andrew Nairn A.and H.James,Green throughout the day. Speaker at
rf Tuesday night, and tarry meeting Friday Night 20- Cunningham director of the Placement Bureau at F FAMU who presided during the convocation B their. role In thee annual 11 a.m., will be Miss Em-
Rose Marie for
of Jones Mr. and program; Mrs. Martha R. Broxton personnel officer, Internal Revenue Service, Jacksonville; fund raising activity merell McNalr and Miss M,
FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE year-old daughter and Mr. H.Z. McConnell regional recruiting officer Atlanta Civil Service Region. county-wide Washington is soloist Earl
Mrs Theodore E. Jones SR., .
Brown Is
staff Ernest Fillyau.
photo by
Groundbreaking ceremonies will be held Sunday at Friendship and granddaughter of Mr. and A surprise plaque was pre- Guest superintendent for the
". Hrlmltlve Baptist Church, First and Pearce Streets. Mrs Marie Green of 1643 W. Baptist Hold ParleyHOT sented to Dr. Richard V. Moore 9:30: Sunday School will be Jerome
Union Street, was awarded the in behalf of the principalsof
Bachelor of Science Degree- TWO MINtr&5 ."L SPRINGS ARK--- Duval Cunty. The presenWonwas Bullock Patterson.and Laveta Miss Irvin Betty will
WALTERS MEMORIALRev. from Florida AIM University Leaders from all state con made by Mrs. James A. preside at the Instruments
Dec. 17 1965. principal of Forest Park
: ,,,, ventlons and their district leaders Espy On Monday night Choir 3
Education W7W THE 8161E''" '1' ."' School. .
An Elementary ma- ;; Elementary '
H.C. Archie pastor at Walters Memorial AME Zion convered on this nationally : will present :'a' program. Usher -
church, announced that Rev W.J.,Limbrlc, presiding elder jor, Miss Jones held membership -,,. I' MM COINILIUI AN aim I. STAN tociirriCHICAOO 'II J,".r.4.;.;.,; .r'-7i' >'/ known spa last week for Others who participated on the Board 3 will'sponsor a
of the Jacksonville District, will conduct the services Sun with the Student NEA, J formal program for the awards
ILLINOIS MU ? the mid year session of the program Feb. 2, -
day School at 9:30: a.m., Miss AMY Moreland Presiding. let the YWCA and other campus board of directors of the National banquet Included Reverend Alva Youth Fellowship Banquet
presldeing elder will review the lesson, ,"God Is Llbing organizations. Baptist Convention, U.s.A H. BRock, minister of the Lake- will climax the activIties.TOOTHACHE.
Spirit." Morning service at U o'clock. The Holy Communion A graduate of New Stanton GOD'S ETERNAL PURPOSE Inc. Sessions were held In the wood Methodist Church; Rev.
,I will be administered by the presiding elder and officers High School class of 1962, miss Bath House hotel with the Rev. Ernest W. Newman, ministerof
::1 I Interdemonlmational/ missionary meeting will be held in Var- Jones Is a member of Mt. Have you ever considered care Pentecost Peter declared that after J.H. Jackson national president the Lake wood Methodist
:I icks Memorial AME Zion Cburcb with Mrs. Rosa Young Sinai Baptist Church where she fully the opening words of the "the restitution of all things" God Chicago presiding Rev. Ernest W. Newman Min-
:: President, presldeint. Christian Endeavor Hour at !5.pm., serves as pianist with the Youth Bible? "/* the beginning God created would send Jesus back to earth and ister of Ebenezer Methodist Don'I tufftr agony, In seconds get rate?
department. Church; Dr.. James H. Lewis that lists with ORA-JEL. Spted nlciM
the heaven and the earth"hy the times of refreshing would "come formula
putt It ta worn Inttantly -
She has already acceptedapo- doesn't it limply lay that God from the presence of the Lord" President of the Afro-American to stop throbbing ,jtoothactnpalnosafadoc
You won't get tomorrow's sition in her profession and Is created the universe? Why the (Acts 19-21): ). SIGN in a cigar-store window Life Insurance Company and 5)' M
'I I jobs with yesterday's skills being congratulated by her family heaven and the earth/ Not; until the raising up of Paul : "Prlcei Reduced on imperfect Reverend J.B.F.Williams Dis tort recommend It for IAPENT1
and a wide circle of her find do learn that believers Perfectoi" Catholic trict superintendent North Florida -
Ai we go on reading we we now all Digest
Train now for tomorrow's Jobs friends."Its' district the methodist chur
the this for in Christ "baptized
answer to question are into one
___ _
.n the Bible clearly teaches that God body" (I Cor 12:13): ), and Col l.S: -
hat a fold purpose, one having and many other Pauline passages
to do with the'earth and the other speak of "the hope which is laid
with heaven. The former It the up for you tn heaven" Indeed,
subject of prophecy, while the lat before God believers are already
:1I ipYE T0013U ter i* the subject of "the mystery," given a position "jll heavenly
I or secret, revealed to and through 14c,," and are blessed with all
St. Paul. (See Act 3:21: : and cf spiritual blessings tn heavenly places
CASSAT Rom. 16:25)). The former concerns In Christ" (Eph. 1:3: ; 2:4-7): ),
Urea! and the nations; the latter The prophecies regarding the
"the Body of Christ," the Churchof kingdom, however, will still be fulfilled
the heavenly calling and Christ will reign on earth
Some people are surprised to and bring the promised "times of
learn that there is not one promise refreshing" Thank God, this world
In the whole Old Testament about will not forever be a place of war Some people
Pork Time"
going to heaven. There the whole and bloodshed, sickness and death,
outlook It earthy, with Messiah misery and woe Indeed at that
reigning at King (jer, 23:S, et al). time, heaven and earth will be
FRESHFRESH PORK SALE When our Lord appeared in the opened to each other, and thus stick a label on
flesh the angels cried: "Peace on will be fulfilled God's two-fold purposes -
earth"/ (Luke 2:14)), He Himself : "That in the dispensation of
said that "the meek" should "in' the fulness of times He might
herit the earth"/ (Matt, 5:5): ). I Ile gather together in one all things their diet cola.
COUNTRY taught Hit disciples to pray: "Thy in Christ, both which are in heaven
will be done ill earth/ as it it in and which are on earth; even
heaven" (Matt. 6:10)). Even at In Him" (Eph.IIO 1: ),

j BACKBONE 69L I Instant'Photos .

: Wet

I FRESH PORKHAM 69C stake name

50o on ours. .


: PORK SIDE 59FRESH Royal" Art Studio


a u .

FRESH : '515 DAVIS ST. -5

c "iofiftl.cou .

HOG HEADS 19 LB. ELGIN, 4-1894 : gf, die f ration! ". ',

;iI ",'


5 ,


I = .Gets Assist From NAACP Unit Congressmen: Protest Gregory Observes The Year Of The Horse" N. C. Colleg8Prexy

; ;
H.Y. Poverty

? Unseating Of Bond Group's Action ,. t ':.trJ. ; DR. SAMUEL NORTH CAROLINA P. MASSIE COLLEGE RESIGNS -

WASHlNGTON-Congressman segregated Georgia House la 1 ,.gtr, PRESIDENCY

John Conyers, Jr.Dem-Mlch.) cause for further grave concernon SYRACUSE, N.Y.-NPI-Th
tills week announced that he and the part of all Americans.Free ranks of the poor will form the (,:. DURHAM, N.C.NPI) --Dr.
., :,: > Samuel P. Mini, 46, third
other Democratic in'our nucleus for
twenty-two speech, as guaranteed a recently organized .
\ ot Carolina College
Members of the House of Representatives Constitution, means nothing antipoverty action group, president North -
have sent a tele- unless it means free speechfor the National People's war Cou- tendered his resignation
gram to the Governor of Georgia the unpopular cause and the ncil against poverty. last week during a regular of
and to the Speaker of the dlssentor. Assisting In the establishmentof meeting of the college board

Georgia House protesting the "The rights of every American the local group was come- trustees.He .
Pz refusal of the Georgia Houseto stand in jeopardy if the actionof dlan-clvll rights activist Dick gave no reason for resign-
seat Julian Bond The text the Georgia House Is not reversed Gregory ing or comment onhis future -
board of the
: \ ; of the telegram follows: and Julian Bond accorded The local group, formed to plans. The
> "We strongly protest the denialto the seat to which he lift federal programs out of what 55-year-old institution accepted
effective June
Julian Bond of his seat in was elected and which he has has been called "The clutches his resignation
,..1'I I the Georgia House on the basisof now been denied because he of politicians?; is by financed 30, and granted him a leaveof
'\ .. ;" the unpopularity of hs political has exercised his right to free by the Office Of Economic Op absence with full pay, beginning -
\ Feb. 1 1.A 1.
t .' ," : views on one of the speech as an American citi- portunity to bring about "tot
'. ; great Issues al of the selection committee was appointed
i' confronting our zen. participation poor,
1 to make recommendations
I It nation. Congressmen: John Conyers especially in the policy-making
,:.. "The right of every citizento (Mich.) Adam C. Powall (NY3)) ranks," it was disclosed. by July I, for his replacement -

voice public dissent is a Cbarles Diggs Jr.Mich.), Addressing the organizational ..Ji. ..- In ttp: J17,000-a-year

r'r'I keystone of our democracy. To Augustus Hawkins (tlCalif.),WU- meeting In addition to Greg CHARACTER STUDY..Edwin Parets (right), advertising and post. In headed the interim by William a Jones committee -

a destroy that right by refusingto liam Ryan(N.Y.),Phillip Burton ory, were George Wiley, Nat- sales promotion vice prsldent of Schenley affiliates, receives business, will takeover
4 seat a legislator, electedby (Calif.), Don EdwardsfCalif.), ional CORE associate director; aid of famed restaurateur Bill Chan in checking translation the duties manager of, the sl-
the people who has expressed .Jonathan Bingham(N.YGeor-) Caesar Chavez President Na- pr
i.TORS--M-Carolyn of timely Schenley ad ,that saluted the Chinese New Year.
JOINS WHITE RE Martin of Princeton strikes at Calif. Ronald Cb tional Farm associa- dency.
unpopular opinions Brown ( ), Workers
N.J., became the first Negro member of the Trenton Bilingual Mr. Chan, proprietor of the Gold Coin restaurants A native of Little Rock Dr.
the very basis of our democracy cameron (Calif.), Jeffery Co- tion; and Livingston Wlngate, :
"' in New York City, agreed with ad that "Schen Ley" (pronounced holds from Arkansas
Massie B.S. -
and Mercer a
county, N.J. Board of Realtors aileran 11-
year The tact thatJul1.1nDondIs helan (Calif.), John Dow (N.Y.), HarYou Act, New York. "shun lee"
I struggle and a law suit by attorneys for the NAACP i,gal ) means smooth sailing in Chinese and smooth AM1N; an MS InChem-
one of the first Negroes Leonard Farbstein ( N.Y.), After March 1, It was further In
Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. Mrs. Martin, the mother whiskey English. Ads appeared in English and Chinese istry, Fisk University, 1940 and
fieely elected to a formerly Donald Fraser (Minn.), Jacob revealed, the local chapter will
of newspapers on Friday (Jaruary: 21)), the first day of 4C31, PHD In chemistryIowa
since two teenaged suns, has been in !the real estate business Gilbert (N.Y.), Robert Leggett be cut off from direct OEO "the year of the horse". ,a State organic 1946.
1952. Father (Calif.), Robert Nix (Penn.), Funds and will be forced to College,
TrippedUp held Instructor
Me has as -
-- posts
Joseph Resnlck (N.Y.), Henry receive money from local community Education
Fisk and
Southern Atlanta High euss (Wls.) Benjamin Rosen- action program. RoundupBY and professor
Negroes By Mail thai (N.Y3), James Scheuer NEG O PRESS INTERNATIONALNEW Langston University Chemists and won'

Coed ( ), Lionel Van Deerlln H. H. H. SpeaksAt YORK-( PI-- A Harvard the Manufacturing national 1961
Cited Calif ) suggestion by: a University association's a-
Moving To North ( .) Charles Vanik (Ohio).
WASiJWG! ON.DC-N PIMa) psychiatrist that children be taught: to drink alcoholic beverages ward for the "Outstanding In
ATLANTA-(NPI-Miss Sharon to tie F..,[tripped up a father In school wasn't going over too well. Mrs. Jenelle -caching' the field of Chem
TALLAHASSEE, FLA.-NPI) Hutclilnson, the only winner 01 wi.o tried to get himself ar- FAMU Grad Enters Progress Meet Moorhead of Eugene, Ore., national leader:! of the Parent- istry."
-Educated Negroes and the unskilled the public school system and one testee and did, but In the reverse Teachers association, said she was "horrified" by the pro Dr. Massie left Fisk to become -
have moved out of the of 10( winners from Georgia, John F. Graham, 53- Tuskegee Institute WASnNGTONNPlVice posal. Gov. Harold E. Hughes of Iowa said he disagreed "1, associate program director
southern areas in significant has Leen cited as one d the old officer president Hubert H, Humphreywas "
year Arm/ reserve 000 per cent. How the school children felt was not disclosed for the under-graduata
numbers, while whites and material outstanding students of High incited arrest and acouithear- TALLAHASSEEJulius C. a keynote speaker last science education,NaUonalScl-
capital have moved in School English in the country.A ing to break up the marriage Houston, son of Mrs Alice weekwhen the fourth national Foundation Washington
to take their places, accordingto senior Henry McNeal tur- cf his oldest daughter In orderto Houston and the late Henry conference of plans for progress CH1CAGO-NPI--( ) boycott against Jenner Elementary school ence D.C. Ke came ,to North Carolina -,
a study published last November ner High School, she was among fcrsuade, her to return to Epps of Quincy, entered Tus met to provide leadersIn ended last week and was pronounced successful. Target of College following the retirement -
by the University of those selected i Pie! National. collegeOralum kegee Institute .this week to promoting the concept of e- the protest was the school's principal, Mildred Chuchut, of Dr. Alfonso Elder.He .
North Carolina press. Council of Teachers of English was charged with a study under the College Management -* dual employment opportunity.More who was charged with making! disparaging remarks about also served parttime ((1933-
The study concerned ttself with as 1965 national winner In Its sending tlieatenlng letters through Internship program.A than 315 major corporations minority groups.BIRMINGHAMNPOCivil. as chairman department of
63)) ,
the development and movement annual achievement awards co- the mail. He was found 1964 graduate of Florida A employing a bout 8.6
( ) Rights have asked pharmaceutical chemistry,
attorneys a
of human capital part of the mpetition. unsound of mind, incapable of &M University, Tallahassee million persons, are currently federal judge to dismiss orders University.
population with over an eighth Originally, she was nominatedby standing rill, and was committed Houston was graduated froM participating in the program. demonstrations school restraining
Involving children. Use of children
grade education--in the south a committee of English tea to St. Elizabeth's hos- CarterParramore High in Among other featured speakers has been assailed Editor Elected
by millionaire A. G. Faston and Dr.
and Its effect on the community chers to represent Turner in pital for mental treatment. Quincy, in the class of 1960. were Whitney M.Young Jr., John Nixon, who resigned from his position as local NAACP
competition with almost 8,500 Testifying during a two-day Since September, 1964, he has executive director, National- branch leader.SAVAKNAH MlNftEAPOLIS'-Cecil E. Now-
It noted that racial segregationin students from the nation's high competency: hearing, Graham Urban League and Hobart Tay-
GA.-(NPI--The U.S. Justice department has mm, editor-publisher of the
southern schools has resulted schools.In said he had always expected lor, Jf., executive director,
sought to Intervene in a suit agianst school officials in Tal- Minneapolis Spokesman: and the
in a greater relative use of addition to her excellent "his beautiful and brilliant" Export-Import bank.
Iaferro, Warren, WilJces and Green counties. The suit char- St. Paul Recorder, last week
Negro teachers than In non- performance in English, Miss oldest daughter: to obtain an Young addressed the Washington -
ges that Taliaferro county's sole white school closedto was accorded to the signal honorof
southern schools. Hutchinson has held the office college education and perhaps ; Itlton Hotel confab on."ARE was
The study pointed to the pro- of president and vice presi- enter the field of msdlcine. .: ,pilots changing fast enough?" avoid Integration. The suit, agianst the four Georgia being elected to the board
... : of tile COO imm'ierMinnesota
gression of desegregation In the dent, In the Dramatics and the Instead, while away at schoolIn .'...,.':.:'"'". f. i'Two of the newest federal counties, was filed in federal district court. ot directors club.

south sf presenting a danger Musical Arts Clubs, Student Darstow, Calif., In 1963, ;J.,"'.". geocles, office of Economic Opportunity EASTON, PA.NPIThe) Lafayette College chapter of A charter Press' mVr Kewmiu:
nv ,
that the region will adopt non- Council Junior Honor and NatIonal and the Equal employment the Sigma Chi fraternity made
she married and dropped out plans to qhit\ the national organization is believed to be the only l Negro
southern patterns of hiring few Honor Societies., of school. Graham testified that Opportunity commission, unless It Is allowed to initiate a student of oriental elected to ti.o board!:
Negro teachers in comparisonwith The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. he sent libelous and threaten- .1. 1"'t 1"- presented their plans before a ancestry. The school's board of trustees has ordered newsman of club in
the non-white population.A William A. Hutchinson Sr., she ing letters to the family of major, audience of several n the local chapter to leave the national organization. unless the a nation.recognized press

loss of an estimated: $l billion was selected to be an escort his 19-year-old son-in-law In Hundred businessmen. it is allowed to intlate the student. .... .
-- -
human is threatened
: capital for vice President Hubert Hum Bar stow. .
!If the, takes place and, non- phrey when'tie visited Atlanta.YO >When his letters were Ignored,-i .r4
souttern schools refuse to hire testified, he sent copies of'' \ j
Negro reachers, the study con- some of them to the FBI.These .

cluded. contained threats agianst his been working in tu* accounting
son-in-laws life. Department at Florida AIM University -
> :::01i' t Have "0 Go To TOMl. To Get I "I wanted to get arrested to '

show my daughter how much Young Houston, who was active -
her parents wanted her to go at FAMU In the organi-
LOW PRICES i to school," he told the court. zation of Future Business Lead-

era of America, entered the ,
Charged With ktuskegee, Ala., Institution under .THF!!f. PRICE'(| ftflOO THROUGH SUNDAYAT EDGtwdOIJ; AVE. Hr
in which he R
DRUG a program
will receive a scholarship sub U.S. GOOD
I Phoney Dr. King sidy as part of Ms .training.The I BOCA SLICED BREAKFASTBACON

college Manageemnt Internship -
With Your Neighborhood Drug Store program, involving a CHUCKROAST I

\KE RILL KEET': ANY PRICES ADV.IN Twit LOCAL PAPERS Election Bid tvo-year training period, will':

We Deli vet \\\'e also fill all Doctors prescriptions. lead to certification and place-
: ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (NPI) ment for the FAMU (trad.Or .
After a delay of more than 15

months, Clay J. Claiborne, Republican W.P. Foster
leader, will face trial
Pharmacy for charges violating the state Chairs Conference
election laws in his alleged pro j,

motion of phony write-in campaign GAINESVILLE. William i i *

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue for Dr. Martin Luther P. Foster, head of the depart LB 69DIXIE
King Jr., during the 1964 Pres- ment of Music and directorof

Phones Elgin 5-5597-98 idential election.He bands at Florida A&M University LB. 49
is alleged to have aided Tallahassee: servedas .
In distributing 1.4 million leaflets -
state chairman fro the Stateof
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE: urging Negroes to vote for Florida during the Southern
Dr.'King for president, a wri Division Conference of the College CRYSTALSUGAR
BILLS AT OUR STORE te-In campaign which Demo- Band Directors National ,
crates claimed was; a COPs Association, which convened PILLSBURY
scheme to split the Negro vote here January 20-22 at the University -
j and weaken support for Presi- of Florida.In .

j dent Johnson. the Marching Band panel
The leaflets, distributed thro session on Friday, January 21,
ughout the nation, were printed Dr. Foster spole on the topic, FLOUR
in Atlantic City. Dr. King "The Marching Band Music I
noted at the time that the all-
'of the Pat," in which he pre-
egedinspired Claiborne campaign
sented a brief history and organizational -
was a cruel and vic background of the

ous attempt to confuse Negro marching band as a "new musical
t\\ voters," adding that he was art form." 5 LB. 39 :
willing to risk a guess that 5 LB 39

ti, rt it Barry was Goldwater the supporters who contrived of Sen. J. H. Johnson PKG. BAGLIMIT .

this The venemous government act."Is basing its Gets Top Post LIMIT!!: 1 W/S5.00/ OR MORE FOOD ORDER 1 W/$5.00/$ OR MORE FOOD ORDER

case against Claiborne on the _. :__
I(e fact that the leaflets containedno CHICAGO ---(NPIJohn He

mention of the person or Johnson, editor-publisher, E-
persons sponsoring them. An bony magazine, was designated FRESH PORK ROAST LB. 3ge
investigation, showever, revealed the no. 2 man as vice chair-
that two press runs of 700,- man of the board of SupremeLL'e
1 000 each were ordered by the Insurance Company, according U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK 18. 6ge
defendant with instuctlons to* to president Earl B.

bill the committee fer Negroesin Dickerson.For .
government, Louisville, Ky the past 10 years, he has 18. JOe
The Latest s Claiborne, an assistant dir been a member of the boardof

ector of public relations In dirctors. As vice chairman,
Are Taught At The vharge of intergroup relations, he will serve actively on various -
I Republican National committee, committees. He recently LB. lie quarters)
entered a hearing In Decem- was appointed chairman of the

JacksonvilleBarber bber, 1964. agency commettee responsiblefor MONOGRAM lONG GRAIN RICE L8 35e
He has been out under 45, merchandising and market- 3 BAG

000 bail since October, 1934, Ing of insurance coverage the
when he was indicted by an company sells .
Atlantic City county grand jury In pointing out Johnson's new VAN CAMP PORK A BEANS a2 CAN 25C
College Inc. for aiding and abetting violationof responsibilities, Dickerson noted -
state election laws. that the job will utilize,
If convicted, he faces a fine to a greater extent his promotional BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE
up to $1,000 or a jail term and marketing talents.He PINT 2geVEGETOiE
630 DAVIS STREET up to three years, or both. further disclosed that the

magazine magnate edited IIIPreme'l .

litksoiiille, florida early in emploue his career publications as SHORTENING 3 LB. CAN Sot

4 t tSATORD&Y4if&RVfYs.5t.i1966

... .... 4 ; r r ..

PAs .11.." STA..AfER$ SATBROAYr FEIAYApYa 5.1811,


-i -T :

M.iAYwd .a

Association Inducts Life Member Women's Talk Representative Nation's Top Public' I

Classic Date Set --- -. .. ......._- _.

UIAUI. TJe Mta annual Orange ; JI i SLEEP,SWEET SLEEP
Blossom Classic and festivities [ ; I

will be held here Dec. If you're one of those Inclined to toss and tumble, count

ember 2-3, M66.\ ;,The jr id clas ; sheep and even resort to sleep Inducing pills, you'll be Interested
tic will be played In the Orange -, to know there's a pillow developed Japan that will
Bowl Stadium,' Saturday' a brine that sleep, sweet sleep that oftlmes eludes you. Madeof
Night., DecemberS;at 8:00. The t- 1II foam rubber, it has a tiny eleuronlc detce1nl1de which
'FAMU Rattlers wUl meet a yet-t : i produce sounds resembling raindrops by means of a special

to-be- named opponent neon tube.Running.
e on bouse current, It produced 70 sound pulses per
minute, which the maker describes u monotonous and sleep-
Inducing. After a person falls asleep, the sound of rain drops
I 4 : continues throughout the night (So that's why If* so easy to _
sleep and sleep when It's raining.).

wife insuranceyou _

,. Iro rAN ,, sfr as wife and mother,, are a little overworked and quite
valuable. U Illness..or an accident should disable you, your "s
husband would probably face the chore of hiring extra household .

help. And nursemaids, housekeepers, et aL come high
I ,these days. Eliminate the negative and latch on to the positive,
o thereby making sure that your husband does not face severe f
financial setbacks should you become 111.
Ask him to check Into wife Insurance. Many insurance

companies write "Income" plans that pay up to $200 a month
'while a non working wife can't carry on her usual household _
wits tasks because: of slcknesso or accident. In the past only
working! wives could get income protection. But, now they've

r eattuU ; decided stay-at-home wives are worth money also.

.1 :
11J.JJ Birmingham Assigned. Federal

Registrars Following Protests N
__ _.__nm w A

SENATOR NAMED LIFE MEMBER.-Senator Clifford P. Case, R-NJ, was named a Life BIRMINGHAM'-Finally responding to repeated urging by the
Member of the National Association of Colored Women's Club during recent ceremonies held National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,
in his Washington D.C. offices. Shown third from left, the Senator holds plaque awarded to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and others,
WMBMSooflight him as "New Jersey Citizen of the Year" by the Northeastern Federation of Women's Clubs. Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbach has agreed to -

Posing with the honoree, from left, are Moss H. Kendrick bead of a Washington, D.C.-- send a task force of 20 Federal examiners to speed registration BEST OF LUCK..Attorney General Edward W. Brooke, left,
Atlanta, Ga., public relations firm who is NACWC's first male Life Member Mrs. NaomiY. in the Birmingham area. Massachusetts, who aspires to succeed retiring U.S. Senator

ProductOf Hatcher, Northeastern Federation president, Atlantic City, N.J., and Mrs. Mamie B. Last October,when the NAACP field as well as to Birmingham Leverett Saltonstall, R-Mass, Is greeted by friend Moss H.
Reese NACWC national president,Albany Ga. Kendrix'drmwhlch,bears his name, representsthe launched Its Intensive drive to All these cities are In Kendrlx, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta public relations man,
Coco-Cola Company, Atlanta, Ga., and Carnation Company, Los Angeles, Calif., which
enlarge the number of registered Jefferson County which Is the following Boston Press conference at which Brooke Republican
The Week support various projects of the noted women's organizations. Negro voters In the city, 37th county to which Federal announced his political intentions. Brooke and Kendrix are

Dr. John Nixon, president of examiners have been assigned members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and long-time-friends.

Miami, Florida B jr U.S.Savl.ca....< Altar CallBY the Birmingham NAACP Branch under the Voting Rights Act
I ... and W.C. Patton the Associa-
of 1965. Homecoming Foe
-0'::::::: clinic Scheduled
tion's flrld director for the
IIt EMORY G. DAVIS D.D. voter registration, called for Tallahassee fte ALT Co. TALLAHASSEE-The Florida
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALHaving assignment of Federal regis Slates Change liege of North Carolina Aggies AIM uUnlverslty Football aa

trars. This request was repeated from Greensboro have been named basketball coaching Clinic will

lived in and around the Chicago area for quite some both by the NAACP and the 1966 Homecoming oppenents be held June 13-17, 1966. Per
time and seen Negro children going home from school at by the SCLC which began In In Name of the Florida A&M sons Interested In attending the

the close of the day, I was accustomed to the fighting and January, a series of demon University Rattlers. clinic should write to Coach
running, and dashing Into(he street"monkeyshines"and some- strations. MIAMI.-Congress Inns Inc, The game will be played here Jake Gaither, Florida MM University
:OH''' n GO eiKafeireUr l lf r; ttnws the vile language :.all. the.usual;pattern ol''alter.* Meanwhile,!xtbe:,NAACP drivewhich will be the new corporate name tt 2:00 p,m. Saturday, Nov 5. Tallahassee, ,Florida,
hotel and
school behaviour. enlisted.tbe Cooperation! for the Congress Inn

I But, here in t this Southern city, these children were walkIng of churches, civic association motel franchise operations It.
and other organizations succeeded was announced by Irving Greenfield
orderly, there was no fighting, no pulling and tugging, ,
.r no "monkeyshlnes". just quiet, youthfully dignified group by December 1, In adding Jr. The name of the Have you looked at the Help Wanted, lately?

walking home from school. It approximately 11,000names firm was formerly Congress
was amazing Prejudice is going out of business.
of Negro voters to the rolls International, Inc. Greenfield
UII. My traveling companion, a business man from the nation'scapital
Yq alson remarked that hese far without the aid of Federal re further added that he had been
youngsters were more
1 M .... *.. orderly than those in his home city. gistrars.In appointed to the office of president -

N the SHORTY-$35. What is tl that Northern city youth lack that apparentlythese Washington, Katzenbach said and that both his appointment
the registrars would be assigned and the official name
Southern have?
MEDALO STYLE #665 city youth
For compute Illuatfete4 CataloafolModale The majority of the Negro youth in Northern schools today to Bessemer and Fate change would be effective im

y oitachmenta Hair atyl.ewla.HNt.: Send .">*>'.Wand recent migrants from the South. This is not an assume mediately. Greenfield also WAMEDIAL
... FREE: UP*' stated that "several new additions
.d. n' yours ption. Check the registration and you will discover their RobinsonTo
Normal Hair re"ueit.Col/Medal Juat write.Heir f roe*. Inc.. birthplaces and the places of their Initial school experience. to staff Congress would be Inns announced management I
CROWS from Healthy IIM HAIR ROOTS Deaf. St 3, ftklyn! :3S. H.Y. U these came from other well-behaved and well-mannered "
ta TOUR SCALP The eondlUoa) olwur schools In the South, what happened to them when they came Defend shortly.
hair lten tfependa heatilren COMB It is expected that within the
ike ...t"1" et North?
ec.lp. Y.w sao DOCTOR CA AWAY next six months, all existingand
from the South
Perhaps Negro youth coming misinterpreted
NOT Inyatdd l n.d/at.d 4f
future of the
formula called CAaBONou" what for their elders The elder Golf Title properties
was an emancipation.
which to mixed with .....nr.flclcl ..... Congress franchise chain will
.. came North where there was more freedom but realized
n '-'!! / ...., CAR.SONOZG be examined and
U such a alTonf. power WITH that being freer'also meant assuming more social respon MIAUI-Early entries point to carefully evaluated -
lid aau..pIl. and ton inch tins THIS I In keeping with new
work IBhelping an ITCHY. sibility. a record field for the 13th
BUMPY DANDRUFF ,alp that IOLOI Where social: and business relationships exist In the 98 per Annual North-South Golf management policies. Uniform
t any DOCTORS regard It hUUr com standards will be established
and nuUCRIBS II (or way cent Negro Community perhaps there is a tendency to be Tournament Feb. 23-27 at the 1260
cafe trouble Many wuoTlniCexMrnaUr ..ISM as part of the long-range program
caused acalp eonditkme circumspect. City of Miami Country Club
art really relieved kr theYM lal Coming North forced many of the older ones to exert more course, Richard Gardner,tournament underway to develop a
el has atretwth standardized Inn.Greenfield's .
f anrtula, "Write Triple for thla DOCTOwOKMUINB tar.$ restraint, realizing the broader social base made them objects director announced. prototype
SCALP FORMULA ..I of observations by whites who were prone to criticize. Gardner said some 325 will ultimate goal Is a
BOW. II wilt be atnl to all and net
strengthened upgraded
2>>ed and ready 16 uae. rasa IT 1 um stub end tvficn fe e& eelorut This awareness was evident in their behaviour. compete for honors in the pro
pop T DAYS, and U you are not wa.he..ut. Will not rub.11. work organization of highest
to the
MUefled. money back. Pay NOT DYE.Eaeleat.qulckeM. way Apparently the younger generation migrating North fessional and amateur division.
Inns the
enly '1.11 lour delivery. Thte Inelud to add IUDDar-DYED AVOItUK' assumed that more freedom meant that they were now free Fifteen flights for amateurswill quality throughout U.S.
.o everything 1 Dent J'C' B.THAT..... .. LOOK.. from decent decorum and be Canada and Caribbean.
penny more. You (H II with full attached, 0"1.. .u. everything even respectable Include four women's and
direction., U.. the Aunt MKDICATKD eolorlnc Preventa olllni, rubblnfoff. Executive offices for CongressInns FLORIDA'Sf
Cornea In Plaitle Ga... CM haviour. two seniors. All flights will
money can SCALP buy.FORMULA Your hair your and bo Ci> ee canted. In an In ahadaai pocket or Black P_. te. Admittedly, the pressures of prejudice upon the Negro carry first, second and third 85th Inc Street are located Road Miami.at 660
calp dnertr fine care. Just scud Platinum. Blue. raises the "pop off' level of his emotions. But, why must place trophies. N.W. ,
< ldreH to-COLO .,.,.
Jail ,
=.:tr.r. PRODUCTS INC. -!>.* write on delivery ehade.plue pay..'.aI'l' the other Negro youth waste so much energy and emotion Jackie Robinson,of baseball'sHall
D* < -M J Sheepahead Bay. Mono; beck. If not d.fl hied. fighting one another..acting the fool on the street, using of Fame has notified official
I ,
DRMIULA M Nn. 1/00rEi! THIS Gel1 Meeol. Hair ,...."...,.1.| .(.
i n money bai* wwral.100.%. ortI.i Deefc Sol, Brooklyn. :Ji, New. York j vile language in communication with the other? he will defend the Students Take 1
I amateur title he regained last ,
year after losing to James Hoi- #
loway In 1963.
He was unable to competein Over Positions

t 1964 due to a knee opera )

tion. Students will take over the dIr.ector' : }
also received from
was chair for the Pen Players'
Nathaniel Starkes of Ft. Ben- production of three one-

nlng, Ga., pro winner In 1965, act plays Three for the Road, ,

"My son's skin was rough chapped.a the that$800 he top again prize will money.shoot for for opening a four Wednesday day run,at(Feb.Miami 2))

Lee Elder of Washington,D.C., Dade Junior College's Pen Pl RHYTHM & BLUES
winner in 1963-63, is In Miami
told how 'Vaseline'Petroleum ayhouse.
t .neighbor me good pure practicing for the event, with The bill Includes Edward Altec's
fail"'t'' '; local pros of the area. "The American Dream"directed
Jelly was. It didn't Ann Gregory of Gary, Ind. by Bob Bernreuter,
will defend the title in the
I Mr*'.Betty Washington Chicago I III, women's division which she won party Is Condemned" directedby
Heather Lee Haven, and

I From a, child's dry chapped skin to AMA. last ear by 16 strokes. Soprano"Eugene lonesco's directed"The by Diane Bald

Mrim GIrNJ.l.ceplrltuallat RADIO STATION
the dry ashy.gray condition that Shapnjck.

,, plagues grownups, 'Vaseline' Petroleum ? Curtin time for all performances
Reader Is 8:15 General Admission
Jelly, applied as a continuous : p.m.
Advisor ta all affairs ofllfrLor for one guest. Ad-
L't film, is the soothing answer No other
: *. turrits Ira.J- vance reservations may be
l .
softener no other skin cream, no skin I,
boss, Slckaass, .to. Lucky made by calling 6854357. "WHAMMYIN
lotion provides better moisture
DIana, Lucky Mrs. tacky "The American Dream" cast
i vaseline tection. Try it. Hnds. men Is DO boa so my Donahue, Nancy Beckman,

WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE dreadful that .she' esa thelp. Charen Austin and Kite Fern.

t THAN COSMETIC CARE. Located at: M} N.W.19th andez.Jackie .Medics and Parris
I' strt t.paxmt:7: l*'sbt
Buckner are starred In the
I ,1/asefme open. 5.L''until 10 P.B. tennessee Williams' production

'daily A {Bunds?. Located 1*. and "The Bald Soprano"
:Mlml. Fls. ou'visit to cast features Ralph Horn Beverly
AI MAOUH GLORIA Mil ' I feel the dlfftrtnot. Susie Avnet, Barbara Bern

I lIatt Irio. with rail. .A4HI'f reuter and Joe Crowley.' MIAMI"I

I I ,...... ... ;, t ,.

. ., '.. ..- .. _.. eo. .. __ .... .."_ _,_

'SUNDAY. fUIIAIY1 .. 495 STAR PAPERS- 'PJfif .r._

Top Sports Figures To Spotlight Jax Suns Feb. 9 SportsfestTerrell

5.sHe'll Fairways Star In Match Play Thindods CopNat'l Old Pro's' IR The Money I ILEE

.... ,,\. -" "' ....-. .1<1 ___. "
Fight Small III? !:\ '
College Tourney ,., '
In MarchBY \"
Clay '
7e KANSAS CITY, "0. (NPI)- f oi.
CRAIG B. CAMPFIELD Southern University George Anderson ,i.\.... .
CHICAGO .. (NPQ-- mtlle won the 60 yard dash
Ernie Terrell the world boxing running only one-tenth second W ,
association- recognized heavyweight off the world's record.not once t
boxing chaplon, wnoalso 1r but three times. Willie Davenport
doubles u show business personality >> set a new municipal i
eels certain that his r record In the 60 yard dash high
next engagement will be In March hurdles and the Jagular team
when he charts the bill with r won the first NAIA Indoor track
Cassias (Muhammad All) Clay and field championship. ;.
Terrrell who Just completeda Anderson the National AAU sin
week's ran at the Regal theatres _______ _____m 100-yard dash champion,posteda aa
with. his ttce-man singing CHARLES SIFFORD watches the flight of Us UU1 after teeing WI w We batch .Wl 6.1 to win his preliminary heat, .:
combo the heavyweights--di- stralla's Bruce Devlin (extreme left) filmed for television series at the Royal Selangor then zoomed through the semifinal v .r
closed in an Interview that unofficially Golf club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The match Is one of eleven sponsored In.1966 by 011 In 6.0 to come to within
the date for his clash. Company featuring some of the finest American and Forego Golfers and some of the Wor one-tenth second of the world .
with Clay has been set for March Id'. oldest and most popular and beautiful demanding courses. Sifford, a native of Charlotte Indoor record of 5.9.shared by .
19. N.C., Is the first Negro to compete on television's oldest and most popular once- Bob Hayes formerly of Florida fr :dL )
Asked If there were any loopholes a-week golf show, now In its fifth season. The Sifford-Devlln match w111 be televised over AIM; Sam Perry, Fordham and
In the Clay..battle, he said about 160 stations of the NBC network on Saturday afternoon, February 5. Darel Newman, Fresno State.
there are none "Just a lot of There was a rerun of the
thugs have to be straightened semi-finals after Grambllng's :
out. Sportsmen Bag Record Kill Richard Stebbins fell victim to W9yI1
"People are trying to throw .- a slipped starting block and for
monkey wrenches, esspeelally the second time lot eb day,
those who are biddlngkor the +r Anderson was clocked in 6.0,
fight. THey're throwing out mudslinging fT this time along with Texass
publicity about the Muslims nrf James Hlnes. 1 r
and also saying that I In the finals It was Andersonwith
am under complete mob control. his third six-flat feat and
Terrell was asked if his association Runes comelng in second, with
with Bernard Glickman, Gramblln's Vernus Ragsdales ..
-- ---- -------- -- --
his former promotion man,had, taking third.Southern's ELDERSrlght), 28-yeardld golf pro from Washington, D.C., who won third place
anything today, to do with this f i I. b t mile relay team, In the $5,000 Grand Bahama Open held at the new $2,000,000 King's Inn Golf Course.Free-
adverse publicity. along with Anderson and Davenport port Grand Bahama, receives congratulations and a check for $450 form Harry Obits
"Possibly yes," was his answer. Is still undefeated on the (left) and Dick Farley, the King's Inn golf pros. Elders finished with 68-71-78-74-29L
Indoor track circuit this season First prize was won by touring pro Paul Kelly with 70-72-72-287.
On the subject of a new man. Both Anderosn and Davenport ..
acer Terrell said, I don't have back to back wins in the
have a manager. I am my own motor city Invitational Detroit PREVENTABLE DEATHS
manager, and I am not looking and in the Boston Knights of, About 47,000 men and women cer Society estimate that about 75
for cue Colubus meet will die of lung cancer in the United per cent of these deaths will be

State this year.The American Can. caused by cigarette smoking.t .

Watch This Clown

r .
26 659 43 r QUANTITY
51-30-15 THREE CHICAGO HUNTERS (left to right) William Hall prominent businessman; Houston 0
riall, noted attorney; and Earnest Richie transportation eiecutinve, proudly display some I
5 8 of the pheasonats bagged on a 10-day hunting trip to South Dakota. The men, officers of the 11: PRICES GOOD
HHR Hunting, Rod and Gun Club bagged thler Unit of small game and deer during their- THROUGH SATURDAY
4 6 hunt sojourn. Atty. Hall Is president of the club; brother William, vice president; and Rich. u
ie, treasurer. (NPI PHOTO )
2 1 .. ;' I IHERSHEY'S

11-301-22 EllingtonTo Sifford FacesAustralian Denies Retirement I OR DIXIE CRYSTAL

91 18 50

Sometimes He's Up Play A 5 5 LIS. 39Cw

Sometimes He's Down Confab SUGAR 19C
For U6A In Golf Match .kJIv
He adds. subtracts ,, ., ..
He worD 11 all trooDCI (0, ,:,; .. ?"' "- : : ". LIS.I \ : W/$5.00/ OR MORES
COMING ATTRACTIONS The exotic,1roplcikl Royal Se'
chJcago.NPI-lnternaUon.( ) langor Golf club course in Kuala .' fOOD ORDER
ally renowned dean of orchestra Malaysia, will be the scene
81-93-T5 leaders Duke Ellington,will of action when NBC colorcasts
provide drama and scintillation a match between Australia's
March 26 when the Chicago-, Bruce Devlin and Charles Slf PUREXBLEACH
MAN'S DAYS men's golf club holds its"Golf-
ford of the United States Sat.
capeds: of '66" dinner-dance in urday, Feb. 5 (5-6 p.m. EST) \t Uf" .- ..",...,. h GAL. PUST.IJ
ARE NUMBERED the Great Hall of the pick. on the NBC Tele vision Network. JIM BROWN pile driving fullback
Congress Hotel. Gene Sarazen is host commentator of the Cleveland Browns LIMIT 1 PLEASE 19C

.......................... The affair will highlight the of the color serrles. who was selected all-star backIn 'OR"DEI
three-day 19th annual convention George Rogers is the on-the- the recent pro bowl game In W/$5.00 fOOD
"Man's Days are Numbered"Health
of the United Golfers Association
Los for the third time
scene announcer Angeles, ,
and Fortune Can B4
opening! March 25 in the Devlin who the Australian told the !
won sporting news regarding -
Yours When You Know Your

Lucky Send Days, Lucky Colors Etc. Pick More Congress.than 100 deld tes represented still Open an amateur Crown,while turned he professional was. ces are his I'll retirement-"Chan-be back next sea 3 BIRDS EYE RDHOOK
$2.00 for your Horoscope
85 golf clubs throughout [
in 1961 at the age of son.
Guide for the United STates are expected 24, and currently is among the VEGETOLE L 59C
to attend.
lea"''g money winners on the
JANUARY the dinner- dance will mark pro golfing tour. Sifford, the Avoids Pay Cut '
UGA's 40th anniversary. Leo veteran, has been playing for
nard L. Moots director,advertising NEW YORK-Although Injuries
pay since 1947, and Is a five-
Fill In the blank below and and merchandising.Central time winner of the U.S. National kept him sidelined most of last .
mall to ZODIAC, Post Office division, Bprden company, Negro Championship season, Elston Howard lost nothing 1 ]
Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. will b quest speaker. from his renewed contract
mbines the charm of the tropics NESCAFE S 79C
Proceeds will be used to expand with the character of Western ,which he signed at last year's BONGOIS 5 I 10 OI, $1
NAML CWGC's Junior Golf Pro civilization. Situated Just figure of 65000. JAR PNG,
gram to include a scholarshipfund outside the modern cultered Howard, who batted a subnormal -. t
STREET- to aid a deserving young capital of Malaysia, it has pro 283. in 110 games reported -. .rYELDA
golfer fessional toughness. he was completely recovered
DATE OF BI3TH- from a bone-chip operation said MONOGRAM LONG BRAIN !
he Just couldn't get back into
Fight Cancer .. JAPAN HAS mGESTSUICIDE the shape he was in when he left, CHEER RICE 3 LBS 39C N
The Yankees' first string catcher ICE I
said be felt he was in fine
yr condition due to the fact tie has flAVORS CARNATION EVAPORATED

SEAFOODCENTER never abused has body.. MILK 39C 69c 7 TALL $1
( e= ---- ''GAL. CANS

AAjrtl* Av nu*
or Shed.ROE'Jfc
4 51 1 .



UN..It"IU BLUE FISH WHIM .IOILIOlavla Lb. 49c 1i7&rJTirIll & STEAK S9C
C / WITH DlltWN 'YTTIa 11.


.;zzsnjxsfEMiS'fff: 59c

elq. NM ,.. '1... ......, c......


r i=: yin...N 1."HI.d..I '.... ...., .. .. m.69'

SHAD SPECIALS! 1_ L" 39c .... Lb 29c !

SHELL OYST RSlr""' $5s:

OYSTERS for Slewing . PT. $1.25
OYSTERS Selects . ... PT. $1.50 LI.10C
Standard Vt Prs. for the conservative buyer, EA. 73ALTIMORI <
Selects Special PT. $1.69 -POST TIME I O'CLOCK on McDUFFN.BEAVER,

I, ,


. . . .. . . . . . .. . ; . . "

I PUEI STAR pun- __. _n_! SATURDAY_ uu_ FEBRUARY 5. 1966 .

I Kentucky Dooms Dixie Jim Crow Allen Celebrates FOR SALE rll"Ij1-- '1.11:1 'gl'ftJ I

:; : ? ::::$rJfut mP Vacuum Cleaner Hoses for ail '
As GOY. Holy Communion makes. $6.50. Cleaner overhauled fWLUPHOWCOMPl
THE FAMILIAR SIGN OF Signs Rights Bill $6.95. Free pickup and
Rites SundayHoly delivery service. Sarge's Vacuum w OIL, .
FRANKFORT, KY.--NPI--KenhKky: Governor Edward T. Clean r.Service Center *M9
I / 'ci\\ QUALITY Breathitt signed the 5510.We I3ILEWCOALyIJjIl'
; recently enacted state civil rights bill Communion will be cele- pnneti! Blvd. Phone _
Into law last week In
a significant
ceremony before the statue 771-8255. .
brated Sunday during the two _! ...
CONVENIENCE of President Abraham Lincoln In -
the Capitol Rotunda., major services in Allen Chapel WANTED IJuIJ uJJ! SNdulI C- c..
which Is located at 1531
The bill, which passed the Senate -' River to pass a comprehensive Swan CALL 764-4511
36-1 with one abstention, civil rights bill. The public a- .J.W. pastor N.Y. .ALL SIMON ici I' PUB?. IBUSINESSOPPOaTUNin
and the House of Representatives ccomodatlons and employment announced.All JOBS. SM.FRIIS I TO $'35.
p ::i ::m 76-12, will (0 Into .!reet00 sections are considered stronger stewards trustees, claus FARE ADVANCED.RUSH REF-
than the Federal Civil Rights leaders, ushers choirs are requested -
July 2 It forbids discrimination CRENCE PHONE NUMBER.
In public acommodatlons Act of 1964.Administration. to be ready to serve. ( r
and businesses and Industries and civil rights The pastor is looking forward *BtE MAIDS AGENCY, 163 Your own business plus very
employing eight persons or leaders and others favoring the to meeting and creating fj. MAIN, FREEPORT N.Y. high Income if you qualify.
more. bill sat In almost stunned silence members and friends at the Our .u c c e 5 atul non-compeU-
Toe measure makes Kentucky in the packed gallery as Lord's Table Sunday. FREE RUG SHAMPOOWith tlve highly commissionabla I
tile first state south of the Ohio president of the Senate Lt. Sunday's order of service will I products are having phenomenal
Governor H. Lee Waterfield, Include Sunday School at 9:30 Rental Of Shampoo Equip- acceptance.in the MidWest
SAVE ROOM FOR RENT announced passage of the leg- a.m., Mrs Amanda Cay, super- ment. We Rent Lawn Mowers necessitating our eipanslon. -
intendent morning services 4 Garden '
islation. ; Tools, Floor Polishers Minimum capital
NICELY FURNISHED.Cooking The Rev. W.J. Hodge president processional by official staff It Sanders, Mechanic t i required. All Inquiries
Private. Single woman or couple. of the Kentucky NAACP and sermon by the pastor at Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2 confldental. For more information -
Modern convenlences.JW- conference said everyone nearh1m"just 11 a.m. per day.NATIONAL. ,
1198. sat there". Communion to the sick, 3:45:
CALL Bert King, 702-384-9142
p.m.; ACE League meetlng,5:30 RENTAL CENTER or write to 240 West Wyoming -
He credited Gov.Breathitt with p.m.; evening worship and reports I Las Vegas Nevada.
Crown 6:30 7323" N.. Main St. Pp 8-8955 I ,
Royal much success of the bill. : p.m. I .
'Buy A Case "I am happy about the bill, Coming events: Tuesday Feb. '
of course," said lodge; "I 8, at 8 p.m., the pastor officers "Jacksonville Most Recommended Dealer"
Cola think It Is a significant step and members will con- '"
forward In the history of the duct service at Union Community R. S. EVANS
state of Kentucky and the na- AME Church's anniversity
tion. It will now be a question observance; Sunday Feb. 27,
SPECIAL CASE PRICES ON ALL WANTED of enforcement. the Grant Memorial Trio will CHRYSLER CORP. CARSJUST
GUARANTEED NEW "The has done sucha be presented in a recital Sunday -
YORK LIVE-IN JOBS to $60 great Job In geetlng this bill Feb. 27, under the as-

No need to go further than your telephone or to your nearby weekly.references.Fare HAROLDAGENCY advanced. Rush, passage through now both seems chambers almost that an-, piece of the Stewarts Board. 3RD & MAIN

friendly JAX LIQUORS STORE to get LOWEST CASE Dept. 234, LYNBROOK. N.Y. tl-cllmatlc." Mother Anderson "
The minister than called for 65 Dart 270" '.
LIQUOR the state to name Negroes to 1895195Full
PRICES.CHECK BRAND NEW state boards and suggested'o- Conduct ServicesMother Auto., RH, PS,
THESE SPECIALS! MOBILE HOMES thers be hired In responsiblejobs Warranty Full Price Down Payment

%3..... ... .Ji.:::.:. .:i,.... rillt: ,*"; ...lj.:.:.1i:.:.:::..1.iii::::::: : .::r.:: r.::.:.:.'::.:: '.M:.'_=-::.<:.;'''::...d.i'".;.."""' ..:. : m 195 .in Hodge the government.Rev. was among. those Catherine Anderson,

iij i f Ic14v1f i1!! jj r tijtie jj1 jn .NNv.I.i DOWN Others Invited to Included attend the the Rev signing.Robert Panama well-known began City three,evangelist last weeks Monday nigntly from night 65"200"Valiant Auto.5 RH.PS $ 7 OU .$I W W

( Estill chairman. State co- Fac.
:: :: : ...J '! WarrarJ7
: I: ;;..no.s ...; >:.::.::: .::.::.: "' ::: :.: :::::: OR LET YOUR CAR, FURNITURE missUn on Human Rights;Mrs. Revival Temple Services 3, at First Born Full Price/ Down Payment
:;: ::: ?::: : ::: m MAKE THE Dann C. Byck SR., commission 1964 Ella Street.
t! f DOWN PAYMENT members; and Galen Martin, Elder R.A. Hodges pastor. 65 Ply. Fury '$9QQR$9QRn
; 1 ili j r
... ) 12-3 Bedroom. Batb-10' and executive director. Nightly services will commence
r .:.:. ::.:.::=:3 I..: : o:.....1 M wide. up to 60 It. The governor after accepting at 8 o'clock and Mother I mo Air toWV
I -i- 't' :: :: :::::: ::: :::: ;:::: congratulations of the group, Anderson Is Inviting her wide Automatic Full Price Down Payment
:i: .. .:::::: ::::::) g J:::::: tLJ. ::::
.m:" :.:.; .:.:.:i f:.:; :: :: waiting-Credit approved paid tribute to civil rights leaders circle cf friends and the general Radio Heater, Power Steering
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42' f wide. 2 bedrooms
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ship exhibited by those backing nightly services. Power Steering, Radio. Heater '''u11' Price Down Payment

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SCOTCH 1 1. !i Lord Calvert i 1 ; Ky Str Bourbon i iCASI R.S. Evais Motors islature." Cancer's, Danger Signals 65 Buick $3995

OF 5th'* :i :: :::: CASE O' 5th', ::.::: :: CASE OF 5th's :I" 3rd & Main Sts. Breathitt paid tribute to the Unusual bleeding or dischargeA RIVIERA GRAND. SPORTS
leadership of both parties for lump or thicksr.lng in the breastor
L 1$4995.1$4650 J h hI' 354.8331 passage of the bill In the House ilsewhtri ONLY 8,000 MILES. LOCAL OWNER. ITS JUST NEW

$6300 A sore that does not heal

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12.YI.OLDIM'.SCOTCHCAlI m Flora Homes, Inc., pursuantto
..... $8280 CAli.....
CHIVAS REGAL : :: OLOKEN1UCHYTAYERNI $5145 Sections 192.29 and 192.30,
:: Florida Statutes, as amended I
r 'I\\\1
hereby gives notice of its Intentions -
$ OO
CAli..... CAll....'. $5500 to apply to the Duval \\\
U U ;: :f I. W. HARPER County Board of County Commissioners ,
TEACHER'S Highland Cream H for the vacation In
$6500 6Yl.OLDKY.STI.IOUIIONCAli part of the plat of Floradale
ANCIENT AGE ..... $4800
:J. Unit 10 as recorded in Plat If'SALE
SCOTCH UOUfUR :::: ILENDEDWHSKIY, Book 31 at page 45 and 45A !
DRAMBUIE CAli.".. 19 00 :::: fOUR ROSES CAli..... $4 500 of the public records of naval I
County, Florida, and the rturnof
:::: .
.COONAC ,. such property so vacated to .S.: : I BONELESS TOP
COURVOISIER .-. $9440THOMPSON 01 CAli,, $4100 acreage for the purpose of tax
....:.: White Seal ation. Said part to be vacatedis I ROUNDGEORGE I

I HARVET'S Bristol Cream CAst.. sgoo r GILBEY'S9r( f1RI CAli... $ 95 follows more particularly* describedas
: IMPORtlDSHIRRY Ms 111j LONDON TOWER 94- Ufli I 3 9 Commence: at the Southeasterlycorner CLOSE TRIMMED"SIRLOIN ,

SCREHUY OJ.C. CAS'..,. S5 fl95 ::::: JACOUIN'S CAli $3 9 95 Unit 5 of as Cleveland recorded Heights in Plat,
J .110.
: L: VODKA Royale
Book 31, pages 22 and 22A GRANT CLOSE TRIMMED e
IMP.CANADIAN WHISKY i 8ACARDIiUM of the public records of Duval
I: :
Sit E .
S4780 S 512 County Florida for a point T-BONE
:: ,
<<<< of beginning! ; said point being ,

-y.,. mm.W6. "",.. n""","S","',),,' .'WVO..nn.n........ ;.;.:.....w.......... Lot situate 97 In of the the Westerly plat of Garden line of MEAT *BONELESS-
:: : r : .o.o.n..t;: Vale as recorded In Plat Book !! RIBYour JLB.
:[ jj: :
.:, .... .
[*U 1 .... 2, page 1 of said public records -

::1 L5I k b.i I1: 1; .I r::1i I 4El I: 31 minutes; thence 20 North seconds 24 degrees West MANAGER .*BONELESS Cholcel"SUPERRIGHT" ,

i ;,r : i.: along the Easterly lines of said CLUB
El ilh ...:.::..::2. ?:: .::.:.:..::.. .: plat of Cleveland Heights, Unit
: ; ------------- ---- --
: :: ::::1:: ',w.'S:::::: .::::: :: 5 and the Westerly lines of
: ... .. ..
%:" fc o: "".. Tffi2z1 :::k ::; .H ::::1ri Lot 97 of said plat of Garden BARR INS --- Special!
'.' 0 :: :: '' :: SHORT SHANK SMOKED
: 'C ;:: :: ::':' .:: ':'' ,'
.. .
I : :o:':.*: .....:........ I'I :..:...::...::.." :;::....:....; t.'...:...::;:.. Vale 59 degrees, 83.69 15 feet minutes; thence 15 North seconds TON \

ri: .{:j 4 ; ; 11 1 m East, 459.48 feet; thence Shank .
Cooked d Ham 59'
South 0 degrees 42 minutes 45 ,
:: : I.2-.I i::: :: LzoAIl i ::: :::: 1T11t :) seconds East 880.42 feet; .ASST. Portion LB.

thence South 89 degrees 17

t: II II i ichenley minutes eet; thence 15 seconds South 25 West degrees,74.07 STORE : JANE PARKER REG. OR SANDWICH SLICED Special!

21 minutes 12 seconds East,
Reserve jij1j; im 1 SmirnoffVodka ,f r! Guckenhelmen1 j 13.84 feet; thence South 64 degrees -
: 38 minutes 48 seconds White Bread 2 a; ; 43'MEL0BIT
i Blended Whiskey @ H 1 Jj Blended Whiskey 1 West 117.1 feet; thence North MANAGER ,

:4 CASEOFSEhs :::jj: :::: CASE OF 5th', ::1 :jj:: CASE OF 5th', i: 25 degrees West,23 115 minutes feet; 20 thence seconds .- i4: -

South 64 degrees 34 minutes AMERICAN, PIMENTO OR SWISS Special!
II 40 secons West, 1652.26 feet .
Loo $43OO : $3995 to the Easterly rightofwayline '
; of Cleveland Road (a 60 Sliced Cheese 39'cHARYEY
jffu1m\ 1:1J
j j i '
:: : : foot right-of-way as now establlshed :
: r 1f:11:1: : ::11; 1:1:1::::: : !NiM; by the omce of the .

County Engineer); thence North -

FREE DELIVERY OF FULL CASES U along degrees said Easterly 51 minutes rliht.of-West ,, _. BETTY CROCKlK LAYER Special!

ANYWHERE IN DUVAL COUNTYSTATE way thence of North Cleveland 64 degrees Road 34 50 mln feet PRODUCE Cake Mixes I. 3 1.LL.3OZ, 1 00"ANGEl

PROHIBITS DELIVERY OF LESS THAN CASE LOTS isles; 40 thence seconds North East 25, degrees 1651.76feet : Pkfs.

Asserted Cases ((12 Bottles) Mixed To Your OrderAt 25 minutes 20 seconds: West .
WHOLESALE 115 feet; thence North 2 degrees -
PRICEI 41 minutes 13 seconds EASTERN ROUND WHITE Special!

ORDER TODAY Ph. 398-5928 25 West degrees, 65.05 23 feet minutes; thence 20 North seconds -
U.S. 1 Potatoes 10..45c
West, 113 feet to the .
OR PLACE YOUR ORDER AT ANY OF Southerly line of said plat of
w OUR CONVENIENT PACKAGE STORESKfm&Mftf&ffMiffsti&tSftfit Cleveland Heights Unit 5;thence PRICES IN THIS AD ARE

$ :t :; 40 North seconds 64 degrees East'34 along minutes the G009 THROUGH SUNDAY FRESH CRISP Speciil!

THERE'S ONE NEAR YOU Southerly Heights Unit line S, of 44.86 Cleveland feet to FEBRUARY 6.ATOUR .
... the point of Declining, STORE LOCATED AT Rome Apples I l.
lliIILIr' N" ::::=*..h;: :: Vsy:: ::: ::: :$::::* :$;:: 4 : 390
Flora Homes, Inc.
By Paul R. Dawklns, Vice Pres 3000 .. 45ta ST._ Bat