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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200699datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 22, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006990740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 22, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 22, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

: Augusts, : ComiuqtSs. ;{DrivtToAid i Mothir 7 fSBtfETV1'CWtten' *'** Fire Vieti' ,t BR RY '

*... -___. -tl-k, &- -c. --. -...........,.n..rv..uow.n.+s..r.rri..w..';--- '. -.+ \
* * ** U\e nI I


UI rn m rft I1..u. a 1

CALLS PLAN "* rA pan Bilked.O-ufUfl'Oli

'LILY WHITE'TAMPAA j I, Slvings!Jor}, Teen DaughterLocal r

plan to seek cut. _* _? .
tine off of federal funds in * >(

challenged Florida counties"freedom where of choice"U la Soldier Returns To Final 1 Rest
maintains lily white tchoolswu
announced by a state National '
Association official for the Ad. VOL." 15 KO. 45 SATURDAY JANUARY 29, 1955 15 CENTS1r

vancement of Colored People * ;
official Tuesday.
Robert Saunters, state field
secretary for toe NAACP dur Ine Appoints grjJom.s.J J t1

a conference that told the press"Freedom representatives of u ____

choice" plan wherein pupils are awaaA .mf-rmn-M-iii ... -.-- ___L:.__._.
permitted to choose schools ...Uq..1..1......Hie...... -
"has not been working"
Saunters in further attackingthe _
school plan said "U is a
plan to further extend racially
segregated schools," adjding...



........ ......., .

t Woman Gets Waiter Accused Of Gunning Dr. King'sSCLC i, ., c JL i

Y U.S. COlr'Appolltlllent' Down Ex-Common Law Wife Meets ._"" -- '-? sza..-

bpi The Duval County grand Jury returned a first-degree murder FULL MILITARY Honors were given here during the final rites last Saturday afternoon
indictment Jan. 21 against the former captain of waiters at Here, SundayWith for Spec S Ruben Alston (inset left), a member of the 17Jrd Airborne Regiment who was
the Florida Yacht Club for the Nov. 26 pistol slaying of his killed In action Jan. 2 In Viet Nam, Spec. Alston was the son of Mr and Mrs. Abe Alston I
WASHINGTON.. former common-law wife at her place of the opening of its local St., of 2720 Willow Street.
last week at 614
Johnson's policy of ordered held for trial without after having engaged In conversation W. Duval St., the Jacksonville __u___ _
there Is really no choice; Negroes placing qualified Negroes Into bond for the alledged slayingwas with his former common- affiliate of Dr. Martin Luther
have applied and been the main stream of government Eddie Lee Butler, 35. law wife, Mrs. Helen Spearman King's Southern Christian Message From Viet Nam Loses $7,000I
denied. The freedom Is for continued this week when be Butler, according to witnesses 30, fired six times at her witha Leadership Conference will
whites, not JJegroes." nominated a prominent Negro .32 caliber pistol. Autopsy hold its first mass meeting I I
The N A A C P representative woman attorney to the federal reports showed she died of a here this week. HokI Xmas Gifts I Life Savings
continued by noting that the district judgeship for Southern (1EOO punctured lung. The meeting according to a
1964 Chit Rights Act required New York. Reports disclosed that Butler local spokesman, will be heldat { HiSi Vfae For Daughter
county school boards to sub The appointee,Mrs.Constance and the victim had been living Bethlehem Baptist Church i j:
mit plans for complying with Baker Motley, first sprang Into together and she moved to615 Sixth and Madison $ts., Sunday, IGommKiHome SoonBY !;
its provisions before the boards nationwide fame as civil rights W. 12th St. on Nov. 17. Jan. 30 at 7 with Rev TAMPA-A glib Interracial con'
could become eligible to receive attorney for the NAACP,follow- Police reported that Butler Richard Boone p.m.of Atlanta, one ...,""" ,,.w.. .,.- ,_----.., -. c- .'I:.. duo swindled a 47-year old
federal assistance funds.In lag which she was elected Carver City woman out$7000
started to reload the pistolbut .... ALYSON E. WISE yet despite his age, was destined
explaining provisions for state senator in New York was confronted by an armed R to make the life savings Tuesday,the victim
complying with the rights acr, during 1964-65 on the Democratic employe. Butler ran from the '+ !I "Don't send Christmas gifts, of which so supr.mesacrU1ce many Mrs Pecolla Brown 4113
Saunders said the counties has ticket. scene and was later apprehended I'm expecting to leave bere Grace St. told newsmen.
three choices; (1)) filing a statement Since February she has been by Police Sgt. W.G. January 15th, after my last According to Sentinel-Bulletin
: of compliance (2)) showing president o f the Borough of Wester.A&P'11Division. patrol." representatives, Mrs. Brown
they were under court orderto .Manhattan. on a four-yearterm, And that was the last message .. said she went to a downtown
comply, or (3)) submitting I5Ifa. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Alston store Monday to make a purchase .
.a compliance plan. ST. of 2720 Willow St. received .. and while in the storea
Saunders said the NAACP had ChristianPresidenjT from their paratrooper son, I Negro man walked hp and
been Investigating Levy, Bay,. tiE Taps nrY1 'Spec. 9 Ruben Cleveland Austta -, told her his father and mother ,..
Indian and Martin Camille relative BUTLER who was fighting with thousands had died and left him vain-. .
to discrimination in pupil went to the Independent Laundry of other American servicemen able business property with a
assignments. at 860 Washington St. and In Viet Nam to keep 31,500 mortgage on it. He
He said the NAACP branches. Directors of the Great Atlantic: the free world intact. offered the property to Mrs.
would encourage Negro parents'to & Pacific Tea Company's Southern r However Ruben did come home' H j. Brown for $8000 cash
request assignment of their Sarasota Set Division elected J. Gordon u promlsed..not to receive Mrs. Brown told the man she
children to white schools and, II.;} Christian Jr. president, delayed Christmas gifts, but was interested in the property
at the same time gather evidence succeeding Robert Smith, who to his last rites as another but she could give him only
from decisions by various To Host State retired Dec. 31 after 54 years casualty of the war. $7000 cash. The man accepted
school boards. with A&P.Christian. DR. M.L. KING, JR. A member of the 173rd Airborne the offer and promised to show
Saunders further stated that C.B. MOTLEYshe formerly executivevice of Dr. King's top assistants Regiment, Ruben was Mrs. Brown the property onE
he is going to get the facts was elected last November Elks president of the Divisionwas and an authority on "Operation killed by enemy small arms Buffalo.
then to* NAACP would ask on a fusion ticket. Confab born in Richmond Va. Bread Basket" to be the main fire Jan. 2 at Diem loa during r The victim said she rode to
the Department of Health,Education It is believed that Mrs.Motley He Joined the ALP sales staff speaker. a combat operation.Last the location, but didn't remember -
and Welfare to withhold Is the first Negro woman ever SARASOTA..An attendance of in his home town in 1922 and In addition, Rev. Boone Is expected Saturday afternoon, his where it was, stating
funds from school districts nominated for a federal Judge- four years later was transferred to discuss SCLC's Immediate grieving family and friends attended that It was a tavern on E. Buf
which are not dominantly desegregated ship. Several Negro men now some 1,500 to be members on band are for expected the to Charlotte, then a sub- objectives far full military honors for SPEC. 5 RC. ALSTON falo.
bold federal judgeships,the first yea Jacksonville which will includethe the youthful soldier who seemingly On Tuesday morning, Mrs.
Florida Association
State Elks failed t td understand. Yet
Another NAACP official, Bob being nominated by President convention scheduled to be held Daylight Grocery Stores, has so much to live for, have reasonable to Brown said she went to the
Gilder, president of the Tampa Kennedy.A New Deal Cab Co., Lily White it Is quite assume bank with the man and withdrew
bere on April 16-20 and his fellowmen
Alston -
W.O.Perry that Ruben
chapter said the freedom of native of New Haven, Coon, state president announced Expressway Authority, State King AideIs realize they six one-thousand bills and
"facade to Highway fully why ten one-hundred dollar bills.A .
choice plan was a Mrs Motley received her law Patrol Duval Medical
allow white parents to transfer degree from Columbia University Perry !is urging all Elks planning a Center's Policy, Slave LaborIn are so far away from home white man Joined Mrs. Brown
their children out of desegregated in 1946. on attending the convention x Domestic Work, Lily White Fined fighting a war. and the other man and t the three
schools." Among cases she participated to make their hotel reservations Employment I Agencies, Antipoverty Alston was a 1964 graduate went to the Stovall Professional
Gilder was also highly critical in: was the admission of James immediately at the housing program and the Lily For Speeding of Douglas Anderson Junior- Building to see the Negro man's
of Negro parents whom he termed Meredith into the University! partment headed by Daughter White Fire Department. Senior High School. The month lawyer.
as "uncle toms" who were of Mississippi. Ruth Andrews here. Rev R.H. Anderson Is the .. following his termination of his When the elevator stopped at
school administrators The convention will be the high schooling, be enlisted in the second floor the -
advised by Negro Should her nomination become pastor. men grab
Williams one of Dr. Martin
first time in history that the Army thus proving both
transferring aW.O.PERR Vr from Brown
against confirmed, she will replace bed the money Mrs.
Luther King's top Southern
he had
himself and others
Uielr children to white late Judge Arcie 0. Christian Confer and fled from the scene ..
1''i would tb'l n. Ousted Employe Leadership chosen his initial role In life. said she had worked
schools ay >stating they into the lifetime Job salaried ence aides and oft-time target He a member of Mt. Zion Mrs. Brown
be ostracized. $30,000 a year. of the Alabama State Highway day and night for years to
Church and Rev. J.L.
Baptist save the for her daughter' -
Files Suit Patrol was convicted on a reck- money
officiated during
Sanders ,
education. The
St. 'Augustine Drive To Aid less driving charge Tuesday rites.
Ruby Lee Brown, II,a senior
To JobWASHINGTONMiss night. He leaves to mourn:
Regain at Blake High School.
Williams in a hearing before Mr. and Mrs. Abe Alston ST.,
Fire-Ravaged Fatherless FamilyST. 1 i night traffic court Judge Harold parents; Abe Alston Jr., Long Four HeldIn
J.Ci. CHRIS'I VN Anna Knight, was fined$100 and costs Island N.Y.; Mrs. Corine Walters -
Holden, ousted researcher from i and given a 30 day suspendedJail and Mrs. Helen Walton, Robbery
AUGUSTINE concerted drive to aid a hapless mother warehouse of Richmond. the Department of Health, Edu- sentence. sisters city brothers,Richard
and her seven father-separated children who lost all of their In 1955 Christian was named ration and Welfare's Equal Education Reports Indicate that Willams Alston, city;and Raymond Alston CHICAGO-Followlng their arrest
possessions when fire ravaged their 91 Duera St. home Jan. director of sales for the Southern I was charged with driving
a Opportunities office U.S. Army, Fort Jackson, on charges of robbing passengers
19, is being conducted by a civic minded group deeply concerned Division and the followingyear last .f week filed for a formal a SC, who has been in service on a northbound train,
with their plight. '' C1 was promoted to vice pre petition protesting her dls- Victims of the holocaust which calling VA9-6406. I sident In charge of the New Orleans charge. I took the stand in hlft grieving relatives and friends. grand Jury action on six countsof
swept through their home are The girls' clothing sizes are I Unit. He also served as Miss Holden was fired from I own right by denying charges Interment was In St. Nicholas armed robbery by South State
Ifrs. Eva Bell Anderson and 12 and 10. The boys' clothIng I vice president tithe Dallas Unit her probationary $9,000 per I and claimed police officers Cemetery. Hlllman-Pratt Funeral Street Boys Court Judge Harry
her seven children whose ages sizes are 2,4,8,10 and 12.1 In 1959 and the Charlotte Unit annum Job because she alledged I mistreated him. Home in charge Comerford.
range from ID-years( to seven 1- In 1961 before being elected "allowed her emotional reactions
months. Mrs. Anderson Is Separated Negro Named I,executive vice president of the on matters affectingcivil Fire Destroys Fatherless Family's Home Possessions I.T
from her husband. downtown hotel will be used as I'Southern Division In June 1963. rights cloud sound Judge _,
The children consists of two To Board headquarters where all meetings Mr. Smith, who Christian ment," according to OEEO assistant -
girls and fire boys.HEROIC State school Superintendent will be held. t Floyd T. Christian has announced -' The schedule follows: t MOTHER the appointment of Harold 'Saturday, AprUM-Reglstratlon is an AP store clerk Inl91lIn claimed the reason behind
According to ,Mrs. Lucille H. Clark, principal of Blake 9;00 .m..IOO; ; p.m..opening I Atlanta. He later became her ouster was her criticism
Plummer, Executive Secretary High School Tampa as a session, hotel mexianine; 7:30: I i store general superintendent of the education office
of the local affiliate of the consultant In education general with j p.m., open house, Elks home, C rf the Jacksonville Unit In 1926.Mr. for not using the tools available
Southern ChrWlaaLeadersDlp the State Department of Education '2510 Euclid Avenue Smith has been activen to break down segregation
Conference and coordinator a- Sunday, April 17.Memorial 11 various civic and business and improve education under
long with the Ancient City Clark has served as Blake High j service, Bethlehem Baptist groups: throughout his career the Civil Rights Act r
Charity Club which 1s conducting Principal: since: 1964, serving 'Church Central Avenue, 11:00 md is a director emeritus of In her petition Miss Holden
the drive to aid the Anderson 2.30 Civil the Atlantic National Bank of claims that its
as principal: of Just Junior High, j Lm.; parade, : p.m.; HEW violated
family, Mrs. Andersonwas Tampa, la 1963, and as prlnclpal J'liberty public meeting, Booker J acksonvllle, director of the own: employment rules by fall-
on the first floor of the of Bethune High School I'Hugh auditorium N. Orange First Federal Savings and Loan leg to give her any specific
residence when one of the Immakolee, prior to that time. 'Are cap and gown banquet issoclatlon: of Jacksonville,the details on why she was fired
little boys turned over an oil He holds a B.A. Degree from 7:00' p.m., hotel, open house.u IM Florida State Chamber of and she had asked HEW Secretary
beater on the second floor. Bethune Cookman College and Monday, 14tU u..B4I.1D..s) CMulOll ommerce and Jacksonville : John Gardner to review
Mrs. Anderson ran to the second an M.A. Degree from Columbia\ hotel, 1.30 Lm.; Tour Area Chamber of Commerce. her case but was told
Door where the seven University, New York. jf city and visit to Rlngllnf Ire Is also a commission ofthe that as a probationary employe
month old baby was sleeping Clark will work with JamesL. on an ignited bed Just la time Grant former president of I contest, Booker High, acrso the Civil Service Commission.
to save the tot. I the Florida State Teachers As- p.m. open house, Elks Miss Holden also disclosed
Through the efforts of Mrs. I soclailon, who is currently serving home, 1000; p... i GOP Calldld'ateOBERT that 11 of her IS co-workers
Plummer and the Charity Club, as a general education Tuesday April 19.Business \ bare! signed an affidavit stiedfag
contributions of food, clothing t OG Jfuf. Msslon, LotJ.ISO a.m.; Fas- to her comptence and co- --
money and household appliances I Cant has been asslstng schools :lion allow Orange Blossom RI( C. DeYOUNG...Pro operaUveaess.. the only -'
and furniture are being received: I throughout the state. With the Intel, 7:00 p.m.; Grand BalL ilnent West Palm Beach County I rounds: ate contends that HEW : AUGLWTlzmrs; tactile Plummer, local Southern Christian Leadership Conference
ender the Anderson Fire Fond. I addition of Clark to the staffclank Orange Blossom Hotel 10.00 islness man and civic leader, nay IM for discharge. executive secretary and coordinator with the Ancient City Charity Club In the drive to secure
Contributions may be forwarded will assist schools from > leas announced his candidacy The 37 year-old sociologist food, funds clothing and furalrure for the burned out, Anderson family Ar'RYIIlaoc .,
to The Anderson Fund, P.O. 'Tampa south to Miami and Cant WedneedayAprllZO--Business to i the Florida House of R.. Is a former national secretary wrought by the Jan. 19 Ore which destroyed the fatherless seven shlldrea and their mother'
Box 75', St. Augustine Fla win, serve schools in the wsslon to adjournment resentatlves on the Republican sf CORE and a member of its borne and possessions. Contributions may be sent to The Anderson Family Fund P.O. Box
Ar l..... IM. 1.. nlrkml n far nor. bxnem tic:ket. i/.t4nr1'Actl"nal! Council. 75.. St. Aiurustlne Florida.




Be EqualBY
'" "-f I To

published by the1' Florida star publishing OOBPMJT ; .;....

7 ........i!! WHITNEY, Y011"Last

ERIC O. SI.PSOII..IUIJII Editor Spring, a report published by the U.S. Department of

Aima ( VISE Km E.itir 4 Labor and popularly known as the Moynlhan Report, after
its author,' received a good deal of publicity in the press.
Since then It has becom difficult to read about or discuss the
HILDA WOOTEN ......... Circilitioi Miiifii t&x ;L?: Negro's drive for full equality without encountering references

to this report or without dealing with the questions raises.
Briefly the point of the re port,.which is entitled "The Negro

Family is that as a consequence of slavery
.7323 lucrlif Read Phil ELii 4-6712 ,
and oppression the Negro family as an institution -
has deteriorated to the point where Its
NiL. lsg Address pathological state threatens to engulf the gains

Negroes may make in the future. Impressive
P. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 looking charts and graphs are presented show i
that Negroes commit more crimes, have more

MIAMI OFFICE llllgltlmate babies, are more often unemployed : ,
and are more often members of broken families.Ihfnrhinatal .i
I : baa been Dressed Into
MIA report
738 NW 3rd Ate. Plane 377-1025. uses ;'b'khll. author; Daniel P. Moynlhan. an eloquent advocate

of civil rights, could not have foreseen. Both the popular
.. press and other quarters m have seized upon parts of its findings -
and have distorted them to the point where th e record

SUBSCRIPTION RATES i Jlrtj must be set right.

One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 First, of all, the report Isn't about the Negro family at aU,
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States j ---- ; THER tSSOMETHING THATIS MUCH MOM it is about some Negro families! The picture of prevalent

Subscription payable in advance T r SCARCE. SOMETHING FINER FAR.SOMETHINS pathology It overwhelming' not fit reality and Is a gross

Send Check or Money order to: I RARER THAHABJUTY.ITI5) THE ABILITY injustice to the majority of Negro families
RECOGNIZE ABILITY" which are as stable as any In the nation.
aererew.t.uv.q Further, the statistics it quotes leave out' factors which
I puts Its findings In doubt. Nowhere among the many chartsin
Jacksonville 1, Florida the repoty Is there a breakdown of comparative statistics

I which contrast figures for Negro families with those for

; white families of comparable Income. What appear tobe,
)_ tr : : racial differences in regard to family stability are more

< i probable class differences, which Negro lower-class families
What About Unseated Legislator? share with the whites.

:: .... Again, figures which purport to show Negro crime and
than those of whites do not take
Ullgltlmacy rates as higher
Several' limes during he past week, a news program
into account hidden factors the police propensity for arresting
showed' young Negro legislator land being denied'' HE WAS (PREPARED) Negroes more readily, and the ease with which better off

kit teat in rtie' Georgia legislature' The reotom As 411| white families can conceal illigltlmacy and abortions. Too

SNCC repreienhVe, he mod treacJierou itotemenb often the figures which show such shocking disparity In family

regarding the federal' government's Vietnam War stability are the result of these "hidden" factors. The
/ pejorative implications of the report's figures Juft donot,
policy. stand up to examination of the cause behind them. .
Jliii It unfortunate for me young man, become hiss The real message of the report, obscured by the unfor,

"//ol.vi.ionint.rvl.w.xhibi/.d him G./n.nig.n'andva-/ Your Weekly tunate emphasis on the distorted figures Is that unemployment

Bally articulate.' should' hove known better, for no among Negroes, twice the white rate and affecting perhaps

politician' /. qualified' to set In the' 'lawmaking bodies 23 percent of Negro men, has effects which go beyond the
economic, harming the social fabric of family life. The povertyand
of /h.' nation or slat. who express beliefs' which can
unemployment which afflict disproportionate numbers of
bE( Interpreted as 'treaion. And this applies' to anybody Horoscope GuideBy Negroes in the United States take a tremendous toll from the

regard of roc* or color' man who is Jobless, the housewife ,,bo is forced into the labor

A civil' rights 'leader should' hov enough forethought' market to make ends meet, and the child denied the atomsphere

to keep his mouth" closed on matters of foreign policy' he needs to grow up properly motivated.The .
the family faces today are caused by
problems Negro
about which he knows v.ry 'little, let the' experts lolve' PABLO, The ASTROLOGER
Its economic disadvantages, which are in turn mainly the
the' Vi.Inom..luu., .. result of the discrimination and unequal treatment of today--

Now King and other" civil' right' figures want to see WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR not chiefly the result of slavery, as the report argues. The

H they' can get the n.w legislator' seated before con'idrifig sooner we get off the side track of peripheral issues and back
on the main road of current basic causes,the sooner the Negro
demonstrating' legislative Porfimenfory pro-
BUSINESS LOVE will attain the equality to which he is entitled.
c..dur. has_nething' to do with'" civil' rights in this' instance TRAVELBorn

It Is too bad that' Mr. Bond let words run out of his

mouth as from hatf-cocted gun. Bond should' consider THE URBAN LEAGUE STORYBY
lied prejudices. One way is to mate, or anyone else, should and prepare yourself very carefully -
.the matter closed' lince .he didn't think ""r..p.oilng.
avoid frequenting places where be checked before this creates for the interesting developments -
such types gather and to remain lasting anamositles. And while that may shortly catchup CLANZELL T. BROWN
We Must Avoid Loan SharksAn close to home as possible.You ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR JACKSONVILLE URBAN LEAGUE
March 21st your earning power is at a with you. Do not try to anticipate Health
need no one to guide you high level. It is the right timeto them since the marginfor and Welfare

Just now. salt a substantial at this is
-April 19th away partof error stage
Investigation Is now underway to look Into /the
your gains Subsequent rather small. Little trips may
'loan shark racket In Chicago, becaus a wife has testified RELIGIOUS RESOURCESThe
2-60-68-16-39-268 periods when it may drop. Despite be Interesting from the sightseeing
that her husband was pressured by a 'loan company Most everybody is ready to state welfare programs point of view but it appears -

for getting'behind ,I In I interest; payments, The wife offer advice but very little of ,1 o. that,have been or are to be established ,, doubtful that they will Urban ;League consults with _religious'leader-of-all

.conl.ndsha/ ho do.. 't.ow.lh.'company' anything, it may be considered worthy I'' dh.Cam- '.! > It) ... it Is- mainly, up to., be productive ,in 'the" way ,of Faith tOt-rlOhtt. and' mobilize, poteDilal.Ia,.'1eadBtalaJp In

From what the testimony says, the' man has already' of being followed. Those who : the individual. monetary plil' I" the religious'community! 'to help promote Urban League g als.
are offering counsels of a personal ,
overpaid the' loan and still has an outstanding unpaid be consideredmore 4-9-55-18-46-495
nature may 5.20.8810.94.528CacOAn Motivates members of religious groups ant congregations
balance' dependable than the people Born June 22nd to put their "faith In action" in the field of race relations.

The original 'loan was for 1400, and the husbandhas who are telling you how to -July 22nd
Invest or to spend your money.If Sponsors and conducts leadership conferences and workshopwith
paid ov.r 11,000 on the. 'loon and still has a 'long .tiJAa
you number among the Arlans the Individual members and with the congregations.
to The wife, whose Id.nly is unknown is
way go. who have learned to heed the There Is no doubt that the ma- The Jacksonville community is undergoing significant changes
under heavy police guard for fear of reprisal' by gangland little voice Inside, you will not jority o f you have resisted S.pt. 23rd Born Dec. 22nd economically, socially and morally, but the most important

She is the first, of a .., ..*/ 15 victims scheduled have to ask anyone for anythingYou Jeopardizing your standing bothat -Oct. 23rdIt changes are In the areas of morality and religious resources.

to appear before the /Illinois Crime Commission may be still be troubledby home and with your asso -Jan. 19th Man from the beginning of time to the present date has occasionally -

This case is serious wh.n one considers the high rote the memory or presenceof ciates. Where this is so, take gone through periods of reawakening or
someone for whom you have additional steps to bolster your is not always as easy to create rebirth, this is true In Jacksonville today. Our
of interest', more than 1600, which has been paid for The pattern for the month hat
been carrying a torch. The answer monetary alliances and to make as many people believe. city is being exposed to the opportunity to help
a loan of MOO. There is such thing as having been set and whatever it contained -
tosuchprobl.m.lies certain that all your dear ones those persons or families In the communitywho
W. urge the /judicial' and court authorities, to bring your subconscious and that is feel as secure as you wish to wait until the urge comes In the way of exciting need guidance, training and readjustmentof

"these alleged financial rascals' to trial' The 'law must where you must seek it. Keep them to be. Although you may over you. Others have to relyon developments has already taken values and attitudes.
finances and friendship apart. have been down on the Inspiration that is offeredby place It is now up to you to The churches In our community are primary
set the example' for the' whole' nation. cutting your relish it to the best of
social activities because of the an unusual person of cir your source outlets to help bring about total Involvement -

A Letter To The Editor 1-20-44-19-26-124 costs Involved, this could be cumstance. Be open to eitheror ability the advantages and to make or privilegesthat the mostof of disadvantaged members of the com-
of short duration. Home pro- both possibilities. It may munity. The only way for many of these persons
be wiser to break off an attachment you have had the good fortune
jects that require making con- to become Informed about forthcoming is through
It rather Interesting to read of Governor Burns' recent to receive. Home can at-
was that has nothing to
siderable outlays should be held his or her church. The goal of the total program Is to help
meeting with some 200 Negro citizens In Tallahassee and his Jllll1I.tU offer for the future than to allow ways be a restful and cheerful
in abeyance until you have had all members of the community to help themselves.
appointment of Clifton G. Dyson State Board of place, especially when weather .
subsequent it to D not
go hopelessly on. o
The local Is
more time to sheck Into the league totally committed to a better life for the
member as chairman of a statewide Negro advisory conditions render the outdoors -
Regents permit yourself to fall in love
matter with greater thoroughness. Negro. Therefore it Is our contention that forums, panel
group. This action on the part of the governor Is a far cry until you are positive that the somewhat questIo able. discussions
It would not do later on group meetings and conferences between ministersand
from 1964 when be showed utter disdain for the Negro votersof Born April 20th other party reciprocates'Inful
to discover that you have gone 9-40-77-18-74-947 laymen interested la equal opportunities and total personality -
Florida. overboard. measure. This after all is the development Information
begin now to seek out the proper -
-May 20th only guarantee of lasting for and channel it to all of their members.
This meeting points up several things! : a 870991058879t&O everyone concerned. Your achievements ai&cQA The League stands ready to help orientate any church group

will soon attract club of organization about the many anti-poverty]program.Let's .
ONE, Governor Burns now fully realizes the importance notice.
of the Negro voters which will be in excess 300,000 at the There is not much in the way Born{ Feb. 19th-

e time of the forthcoming May primaries.TWO of excitement due during this 5-100-44-18-84-732 Mar. 20th
last quarter. The danger that ,. Talk I PoliticsBY
it I Is an Indication that the governor Is aware that he is brought about by too much
Is hurting politically throughout the state This was clearly leisure. Avoid being drawn Into Born July 23rd SmApiD The more you are with pea NORMAN E. JONES
evidenced in the massive defeat be suffered on his 300 million games of chance, unwise romantic ple, the less time you will
dollar road bonddoggle. adventures or the excitement -Aug. 22nd have to sacrifice to what couldbe Since all
Corn Oct. 24th major candidates In
of speculation. Ever negative pursuits or thinking. announced the current race for Governor
THREE, that the Negro voters of the state must become more if there is not much stirring There appear to be many oc- the date realize the Importance and> significance of
politically aware lest they be sold down the river by a few so- in your professional milieu, it New that many of the difficulties -Nov. 22nd vasions open to you to entertain .Ively Negro for Vote and m making overtures openly and ggres-
Negro support. is little likelihood
There that ,,
called Negro leaders wh o will sell their birthright for a does not warrant neglectingyour that were besetting you are your friends and to Join candidate will anyone
"mess of porridge." responsibilities in anyway safely out of the way, there Most of the excitement that them In happy pastimes In their previous .Iectlons.III receive the Negro Bloc Vote by default as in

borne ot your menu should be clear sailing for the was forshadowed for the whole own hom... Club or fraternity. IU8 .
1 would like to remind you that the Incumbent governorIs may be more aggressive than rest of the month. Domestic.and month may be considered as actlvites may also provide some 10 the Democratic, the first year which Negroes In Florida participated

the same person who refused to endorse the Johnson- usr ', making it advisable to public relations are definitely being on the way out during bright spots that will bolster least distasteful Primaries, Fuller WarreD was found the
Humphrey presidential ticket In 1964. rr .sin out of their way when on the mend and this this last quarter' 'This should your morale at moments whenIt In 01 the candidates' and 1 received the NegrodnL
4 feel that unpleasant sit- broadens your horizons con- leave you pretty free to go threatens to sag. Start tat- 'SfS" McCarthy WM the overwhelming favorite

1 would furtherllke to remind you that the Incumbent governor itions are warming up. You siderably. There are certain along ay you please and doing log precautions to protect your McCarty SLV throughout the state, both wer elected.
Is the person who as police commissioner of Jacksonville loved ones are quite stimulating ticklish questions related to the the things that entertain you property from damage after tile mantle shortly after taking office with
countenanced the beating by police officers countless Negro and may provide the Joint economy that are still or that provide for the contortsof SOth., Johns falling House Speaker Charlie
citizens who were exercising their constitutional rights inspiration for creative work. begging for answers. But with your nearest and dearest when until a special election was_ hM _in .iou....
the Vote
would also like to remind you that the Incumbent govern good will on both sides,It should ones. Don't allow friends, no 3-70-22-19-84-372 for the Negro went solid for Leroy Collins
Is the same person who while campaigning for governor in' 4 not prove to bee too difficultto matter how well meaning they backing for bobtail the term lo 1956, with the solid
3-80-33-16-63-381 arrive ar a lasting under- be to Interfere in the Negro Vote which was rapidly
looked with disdain upon, and callously dlsregarde J>e may ,
Negro citizens of Florida. standing. Walt until later next that' progress of your personal andprot.s.lonal a- In crowing the First, Collins Primar won,.In an unprecedented P.ep III
month to make decisions
Much has been made over the fact that the gave .r has affairs. Home In 1960, the Negro Bloc, after _
to how are related to your professional that are held together by ties Born Jan. 20th strongly supporting
appointed some tea (10) Negroes ; ir, aa quasl-Uberal Tea David
analysis of the Job breakdowns shows that with two ex )tlons dRl1WU or worldly, interests. They of affection are those that are .Prl".._",_.."? ._,?1I..h.?..?..., .ft VIIIWU9W_ ___ .lo_ &_10 uL the Canton First
all of the appointments have been In the antl-po rty or would be based on a more the most enduring. But there'are -Feb. 18th in the run-off against Farris Bryant.oye
essential to have order solid foundation. moments when you Scor- Bryant
related fields where It was Negroes was .l.cted.
that the irnorhow Born May 21st pins have to curb certain Impulses There is not likely to be any
to get federal funds. May suggest you ask g In
many Negroes has he appointed to "little :...lnet" -Jyne 2lit 6-80-33-13-94-683 that lean on the unconventional strain of importance to Justify M"!?, Robert Vote King High Miami Mayor wrapped up the
side. g yourself during the Negro and upset strong favorites Fred (Bud)
position or how many Negroes did be appoint to the Conctltutloaal -
Revisions Committee or to the Tax Reform balance of the month. The rules Dickinson and<1 Scott Kelly to gain the run-off spot against
1-40-33-19-74-143 have laid down JacUoaYW" Perennial Mayor Haydoa
OiMpJ you governing Burns. High retained
Committee. While you cannot count your your conduct and the domestic the solid backing of the Negro Voters to the run-01 aDd was
chickens before they hatch, you swamped by Burns by some 146,000
activities that are required still majority.
Fellow citizens, one of the greatest political tragedies of our till have a fair idea as to bow' il Since 1964
many alignments
: bold good and need not be 1Ubstutta.1lJ have been made
Born C't'J by Kelly High
enrollment of all Aug. 23rd ,
time has been the substantially complete plow you may come to a corOct aDd BurDi with the Negro and
altered.'A number of each has declared
Negro voters la the Democratic Party. Until this Imbalanceis guess. Go ahead with family will seek th Negro Vote. openly they
-Stpts 22nd you who art celebrating your The passage of the VCiYU Rights
corrected, the Negro citizens will continue to be virtually projects on the assumption ; BUll and
Voting Rights BUll
birthdays should have no cause int'Ir&t1oll of
Ignored by the democratic power structure. la every household that they will produce the desired horn Nov. :23rd public facilities has schools aDd
Whatever for the attention virtually .Um.lnated i
had to be this complaint over the strong hold
number of and democrats month
there *ould be aa equal results slmce yon are 01 avowed
la this way, It will be evidenced! to all that the Negro voter under strong protection Influences may be now considered u lying .- ..:. ..atII you ar receiving from your In the full participation segregationists of all for Statewide offices, resulting
behind rather friends and cherished major candidates
than aDd
ahead ones actively
Is Ml wedded to one political party. that will keep you from
aggressively seeking the
you. Exploit the advantages that This is an excellent occasionto : Negro .Iectorate--and openly.orwell
led to
going off onerroneous tangents.YTnere you have up your the first tIm.
SIGNED: Is the necessity of shunning you have won, slowly but stead! potential during the preceding go to the theater or to
ly and enlarge on them entire In the And they might as the distribution of the
LoW.1k.t Williams, the individuals only weeks there may be little more amusing and c.ltaraT Negro vote
company well
when you are sure that thereis pastimes that art closest any decide statewide aDd local elections this and 1
Vfatl Vice President, National Baptist who take too much: out of you no possibility of upsetting to expect In she' way of pro- ,to your, heart '[uduue .1eqI0I1I.
National! Republican Assembly and First or who are trying to fill your the angle cart. The tendencyof Ire... Familiarize yourselfwith

Vie ......Mot. Florida Voters League, Inc. head with gossip or unjusti picking arguments wok your new technics if need be MO-M-17-M-749 (TO BE CONTINUED)

J f \


: If
sIIail" IAKUART 29, 13SIMl. ,I" un-..;;. rAIit J f

Zion To Host Male Chorus OriMizitlu Held Aiuil Ilectioi Of Officers Club Holds

YPDers Conference Elects Officers "" .t' ', I Officers Election I

The TPD of the East Florida Rev Albert Reddick, pastor ';', iT ,"f"f.. "" ; I !'J ..r. 1'L" SN The Ladles of Leisure Social .
Conference Brancb "
Missionary at Grant Memorial AYE Church 1' 1 )
Society, AMI: Church,will meet presided over the election ." .,': _\! 1. ; 1" and Savings Club held Us e-
Saturday at 4 p.m., In the lecture meeting for. the Male Chores : ." lectloa meeting recently in the
room of Mt. Zton AME recently. t .' ,; home of Mrs Willie M. Williams -
: ; ,.
Ctnircli with lilts Karen Allen Officers elected were: McGhee:; 1P 14U W. 24th St.
,newly elected president, pre- Pearson, president; Willie T. Officers elected were: Mrs
Ed- Marie Smothers vice president;
tiding.Uiss Stephens, vice president;
Delphine Thomas, area ward Morgan recording secretary Mrs. Mattie L. King, presidentfor
director, has asked each churchto ; W.C. Drake, financial secretary the 15th consecutive year;
send representatives to as* ; Eugene Wannamaker, i Mrs Leila Fowler recording
slat in the planning for the buatneamdsaterl{ Otis Williams secretary reporter; Mrs F.
year. The directors are; Mrs treasurer ; Otto White, chaplain Mrs.B.L.
Bernice Henry,Northeast;Mrs. McQueen, chaplain;William Ellison Ayers, financial secretary;
Beatrice Zelc1er.W.st aDd Mra.. reporter; Albert Birens Mrs E.Cay,banking treasurer;
Annie .Mae Mclntosh, South. critic; Robert T. Moore, miscellaneous Mrs. F. Wilcox, sinking fund
treasurer and Car- secretary, Mrs.A.P.Anderson,

TREE CELLS ter T. Lewis,organist and foun- sinking fund treasurer; Mrs.
Only 1 Vic: of a tree's body consists der. VJ. Slplin, program chairman;
Mrs. M. Jordan charity secretary -
will meet each ,
of live cells the Catholic The chorus
Digest claims. Saturday at >p.m. at the church. ; Mrs A.M.Barker,charity
treasurer; Mrs E. Hickson,
sick committee leader; Mrs.
Miss Doris Harris Pledges 1 L. Love, decoration committee

Troth To Herbert E. Blackshear Band Parents

HASTINGS<;Gethsemane Baptist Churcb wu the scene of one of Schedule
the most fashionable double ring ceremonies when Miss Doris
A. Harris and Herbert E. Blackshear were united in holy

matrimony.The t,1a Iw Annual! EventThe

bride Is the daughter of French tulle
Mrs. Walter E. Harris and The bride had eight attendants. Band Parents Club of James
the late Professor Walter E. They all wore Identical floor Y / y1r Weldon Johnson Junior High
Harris, Sr. of Hastings. She length gowns in Diluna Taffeta. School, has scheduled Its annual
Is the godchild of Dr. J.A. Four were gowned in Hot Pink concert for March 7 In the
Long of Palatka. The bride and four In a contrasting color school gymtorlum
groom Is the son of Mrs.Gladys of American Beauty Rose. The The club met recently to make
Blackshear and the late James dresses of the Junior bridesmaids : arrangements for the event,
Blackshear. and flower girls were : with Bishop Sadie Gibson, president
The espousal began with music a duplicate of the bridesmaids. in charge The beginners
played by Mrs. Lillian Hardyof Mrs. Minnie Clark was matron l'1v v : a band under direction of E.K.
Palatka at the or gan and Miss of honor. The bridesmaids Wyatt, rendered a program and
Amy Anderson of Ocala. Andrew Mrs. Mary Brown, Miss Caro- the project of the club was ,
Klnson of Hastings, Miss Evelyn lyn Smith, Mrs. Vera Hall, terminated.
Alston of Palatka and Miss Mrs. Carolyn Atkins, Mrs Winners of the first event
Anderson sing three selections. BloodeD Muldrow, Mrs. Do-I 4 were: Mrs. M. Martin receiveda
Following the ceremony, William reatha Smith, Miss Ernestine transistor; Mrs Thelma Horde y
Bank of Palatka tang"The Humphrey; Junior bridesmaids -= first prize; Mrs. Thomas
Lord's Prayer." were Misses Yvette Rboad and Crompton second, Mrs J.
The church wu beautifully Sandra Clark. Misses Lorelle Ifht Meuse Mrs. Harry Anthony
decorated with baskets of white Hlnson and Kep Blake were :," Mrs. Geraldine Williams and
gladioli, chrysanthemums and flower girls. : Mrs. Nellie Weaver had a tie
fern.Candelabraa formed \ for third prize.YPDers.
green James Blackshear, the groom !t.
a background behind an arc brother, served u best man. (
with a kneeling alter in front. Ushers were Johnnie Brown, Plan

Daniel Evans, Johnnie Smith,
Given in marriage by her brother David Van
Walter E. Harris, T.of Clifton Trappe Rboad Thomas D. Jenkins Wither- STAFFERS SEATED-Tfae An- Brown, Apt. 4, IMS W. 45th Minnie Brown treasurer; Richard -' SOolomon, Clarence R. Harris regular meeting will be held In Saturday MeetThe
Teaneck, New Jersey, the Roosevelt, Killion and nual election and Installationof Street. Elected were: James Brown, business manager; and Henry Davis. Members not the home of Paul Brown, Apt.
bride wore a chapel length gown spoon Beanie, Theodore officers featured the recent Oliver, president; M. Tyson, Mrs. Betty Oliver, sergeant- shown are: Mrs. Elizabeth 2, 1844 W. 14th Street. Mrs. YPDers of the East Flor-
of Banquet taffeta. The fitted Brown bearer. meeting of The Unique Social flea president; Mrs. Rosa Tyson tt-arms. Members are Mrs Ward, chaplain; Mrs. Davis J. Josephine P. Collins is the ida Conference have been calledto
featured long tapered sleeves The bride's was ring mother wore a Club which was held in the recording secretary; Mrs.rsaasw Geraldine Davis Mrs. Betty Williams and Paul Brown. Next reporter. meet in Mt. Zion AME Church
and a portrait neckline outlined floor length turquoise importedlace home of Mr. and Mrs Richard (ROYAL ART STUDIO FOTO) Saturday at 4 p.m. Miss Del-

with chantilly lace embelled and a silver sequin bodice phlne Thomas, director will

with tiny seed pearls.The bride dress. She wore a matching .... 4II C+4II C 4II C I 0 n n I.- preside.The .
wort a mantilla styled veil headpiece with a shllow veil, Socially SpeakingBY McBride Recital director has asked each
of Imported English illusions accessories, and an orchid corsage. Stork Delivery church In the conference to
with a deep edging of Brussel Set For have three representatives In
lace. She carried a cascade The groom's mother wore a D n n r n D 1I ',4II s_ ressl LOUISE GUINYARDThe Sunday the meeting. The members will

bouquet of stephanotis and white floor length sheath Ice blue Mr. and Mrs Lovell Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Willie B. Evans newly elected officers of Gamma Rho Omega Chapterof The Gospel Chorus of Philadelphia conduct registration.Area .
sweetheart roses,accented '*I crepe dress with matching accessories 9812 Davis Street. Boy. P.O. Box 771, Fernandina Bch., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc were Installed during Baptist Church, DeaconJ directors, local youth
aa Imported white orchid and and an orchid cor- Fla GirL a regular meeting of the group last week. Thelma H. Jones, Thomas, president, will workers and director have been
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wards a member of the group, conducted the rites. sponsor Mrs. Alice McBride asked to accompany the young
1728 Everson Ct. Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Battle Officially placed Into office were Ruth. C. Solomon, baslleus; In a recital Sunday night In people In the meeting. Com-
1912 1a11ec1p Road Girl Erma Word, anti-baslleus; Barbara Robinson, grammateus; the church auditorium. mittees will be appointed and
financial With some of the most outstanding -, officers presented. The new
Sue Mathews, antl-grammateus; Janice MCcNalr
Mr. and Mrs Johnnie K......Butler. Mr. and Mrs Frederick Clark. invited to calendar will also be
4656 Flynn Ct. GlrL 1911 Franklin Street. Boy:,' secretary: ; Mabel Martin tamlouchasj Alma Daniels'Epls- local\ groups year .'."pre
Coleus;\ Frances Johnson business manager; Louise Sheffield, participate among those ap- sented.
phllackter; Laurlce Hunter, parliamentarian; Betty Davis, pearalng will be: The Queensof Masons Set
f t Palatka News"WHAT hodegus, Johnnie Coward, custodian; and, Norma White director Harmony, Harris Trio, the
of public relations. The sorority has set February 13-18 Bostonettes, Singing Wonders,
YOU GIVE LIVES" as "AKA Week", with Family Worship Sisterhood Night and Mrs. Butler, The Celestials Jan. 29 ConfabThe
Now before we tell you who the young lady was we describedlast Rededlcation of Founders Banquet as two outstanding events. Nathaniel Jackson Deacon
week, we would like to call you attention to the March of The latter will be held at Holiday House. Fountain, Elder Mose Davis, master masons of Duval
Dimes Drive and to ask you to give freely. Nothing more Ebony Fashion Fair, which comes to Jacksonville regularly Philadelphia's Gospel Chorus and adjacent counties have been
pathetic to see than a child regardless whether colored or under the auspices of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, will be and Deacon Solomon Tlmmons. asked to meet Saturday at 7:30In
white, rlc h or poor with infantile paralysis, so where ever presented in October this year Gamma Pho Omega Chapteris AU groups and the public is the Masonic Temple for the
you see a sign saying help the March of Dimes remember presently enacting plans for the South Atlantic Regional! invited quarterly meeting
"what you give lives"! Conference which It will host in 1967 during Easter week-end
Alma Daniels and Norma R. White are chairman for this V
I IS THIS YOU? event. InstantPhotos
Last week when Wi described Miss Mary Lou Holey, wbe was

very pleasingly surprised. She also received two passes to All members were present when Ann Monroe entertained
the Theater. Now this week our minds goes out to a young Kevlnettes Bridge Club last Saturday
r. damsel who is also a senior at C.A. High She and her mother Celestine Nicks Sara Lovett, Emma L. George and Bar-
lives alone. She is very popular) around the school. She is bara Harper were recipients of prizes Dorothy Oliver,
a reigning queen over the very outstanding athletic depart- Doris Bennett Pauline Davis, Daisy GUllard, Nan Fletcher, '
ment of C.A. She is a very modest and unassuming young Norma R. Whlre, Geraldine Milliard, and Pearl Mackeywere !
lady and very easy to look at and talks so much like her Dad among other participants.A 50C
you have to listen closely to understand what she says. Well,

we've said enough about her to know that we are talking about concerted drive Is in progress for the benefit of the 1966
her. She may have two passes to the show March of Dimes. The 1966 March of Dimes Committeeheld

a preview of Hair Styles at the Eldorado Club Sunday Each
afternoon, complete with music and other forms of entertain ,
ment. Charlotte Stewart, chairman of the Mothers' March,
The many friends of Lanalec Howard, owner of the Ace Dry led the march into the community last Thursday evening
burnt knit with Cleaners will be glad to know that he Is convalescing fine after Shoppers downtown are able to contribute to the drive Royal Art StudioSOCIAL
Imported ,
Skg orange
The Waltet'E.: Harris School matching accessories and the being quite ill. He was a patient at Putnam Memorial Hospitalfor through the regula r parking meters by placing I0!(# in the slot.

Cafetorlum,'was the scene for white orchid lifted from her. eight days This Is possible because dimes do not register for parking
The and meters have been so designated to receive dimes for the
the reception that followed. bridal bouquet. ****************************** COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
bride's table was covered with The bride Is a graduate of 1966 Campaign I
Mr. Thompson formerly of this city but now of Boston, Mass.,
an imported white hand made The Walter E. Harris School H. James Greene is chairman for the drive for the North-
was la the city last week visiting friends and his step father, west Division. YOU HAVE NOT YET MADE YOUR CONTRI-
cloth of pure linen with lace and Tuskegee Institute, with a
Insets. In the center was the bachelor of science degree in Mr. James Ormond. He returned to Boston Saturday. BUTION-througn your place of employment, your church, your 515 DAVIS ST.

all white four-tiered temple physical education. She is presently .NNN.NNtNNNfNtfMftN school, the school attended by your children--then let this serve
ate with the miniature bride employed U an Instructor U a reminder, PLEASE GIVE I

and groom. at the Walter E. Harris Mrs. Ethel Hampton was called to Ft. Lauderdale Mondayon Just Us Club Meets FridayThe ELGIN 41894CLOSED
The bride's book was kept School, Hastings the account of the death of her mother.
by Mrs Jeanne Cooper and Mrs Mr. Blackshear is a graduateof Just Us Club will bold its and Mrs. Freddie L. Black-

Thelma Wright. Displaying of Stanton High School, Jack- NNfMfN+tNfNNNNN.NN regular monthly business meet- shear, 4828 West Virginia Ave., All DAY TUESDAYSBeef
gifts were Mrs. Joan Florenceand sonville. He is a senior at log Friday night Jan. 28 at Lincoln Estates
Mrs. Retba Merritt, and Bethune-Cookman College and Mrs. Fannie Granger who has been visiting her daughter 8 o'clock In the home of Mr.
Mrs. Mary Singleton. formerly a professional football Mrs. Willie Mae in New Jersey, rturned home Monday.She .
The newlyweds honeymooned player with the Pittsburgh was accompanied by her daughter Her many friend
on Miami Beach. For traveling Steelers and Hartford Charter
were glad to see her.
the bride) wore a two piece Oaks.
*************************** CAy

The newly elected officers of Usher Board 1 of Bethel \L\

A.M.E. Church of this city will be Installed Monday night. Avery _-
Thinks to the famous official unique program has been arranged.
formula, young people '/4 '4 1're.lly
everywhere are discovering how / L Any person who would like to have news in the paper from the
lovely their akin can be. A Ity/t'{ Palatka area are to notify E J. Vreen.
-SKIN SUCCESS"CREAM aids W // / yi'1
In the removal of blackheads ?ICtltW''M 0 S10f
smoothes over largepores.'SKIN ;;
SUCCESS"CREAM tones the shade ''t'/ WHEN YOU ARE III
of your skin for that natural, fairer jw 91: "
clearer loveliness Make-up applies lIPtv ,"FeV YOU seek The Best Doctor
more evenly. Your skin looks II
more .
/ hen your Doctor Prescribes
alluringly attractive, softer
Get Experienced pharmacists
-SKIN SUCCESS"CREAM contains the
full official strength of that dependable According to your Doctor's) el b .IJ

active Ingredient ammoniated mercury, Orders We use Only The Best
the ingredient recommended by Doctors Quality Drubs c E..BL 1
for many years for effective skin care. proprietor,

Dont be fooled by so-called secret .3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO' SERVE: TOD-
Ingredients Insist on the original the 4' s 417U44a
CREAM with ammoniated mercury, Coeaietice-Rubber Ooods-Candles-Snndiies'
only 44c. COMPARE! Comparison
CAILEQ FOR AND DaflErLilly's -
prov..lherl is none finer at any price) a

drug and toiletry counters everywhere Drug Store s t
at its Best
"SKIN .SUCCESS" """ : .,
."'.f "

It I it

r ,. ]
,a, ...... .. .._..... .. ...._.. ........._..... ..... ..... h,_. n.a ,. ...............-._......_-..AM.M..wM.wA... ... T. 1 ; -'.-aa-

7 1.'w+__"" "", ",,,,,,,,,.,. ,.rw,rrr .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.',,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w rv,,wv,r,,,"' ''''' ''' '''. .'v. 9 ... .. r.....vw..ww'rr'ww rwrrr.r.ww+V. ..... ... ...'_...-.y -

fir'u l

"""""" "
*" "" "
PAGE I SIM. nun _____. J.:. ...
EbeHezer Group Readies} Concert Series
17tb To Feature

b m 1 Youth win CO''IUVI tHE SIAM 80LEres. .
Day ty
...._ IOCI Y
Oecee nee woe ooeU J
" .
'. The Youth of Ebeneser: Methodist tv .
PENECOSTAL CHURCHThe Church will hart charge t
I of all MnlcM Sunday with WHEN THE. .-- LORD- ASKED WHY
Fifth Sunday Union wUl meet In the Pentecostal Church UM speaker for the 11:00 worship
of the First Born 2, lest W. 23rd st., Sunday commencing services tobe Brian Davis, Then are two occasions when of the. tin utter that unreasonableness Cod 01man'
with the Sunday School at 10:30 am., with Supt James Mills He U the BOO of Mr. and Mrs. the Lord asked "Whyl" which to lave him,
"al,., precldlng. Morning worship at 11:45.: Mother Laura Ramsonwill Johnnie Davis, a member of y r un out from ill the rett.Once had to be more than reasonable.
Saul had led hie nation
deliver the sermon. At 3:30 p.m. a program will be presented. Ebeneur. Methodist Church, It was to' God Ht cried It 'and the
J. At 7:50-p.m., the Pastor's Aid Club will be presented with and the MYF. An eighth grade and one to Saul of Tarsus. Once world In rebellion against Christ,
" Mother L.Ua'Underwood presiding. Testimonial service will student of James W.1dOIIlobD.. to the Holy One and once to the but this I it just why, In Infinite
be held at I p.m. and Elder Marion White will preach the son Junior High School, he par* chief of ilnnert. Once He cried It love God chow hIm to l boron the
sermon. Ucirttes: In many of the extracurricular from the shameful cross and once great apostle of grace, Idling the
WALTERS MEMORIAL activities there. A from Hii glory In heaven. In each world that "Chritt died for our
I' scout of troop Slhe has merited tale the name was repeated. .."
i ,A Services Sunday In Walters Memorial AME Von Church all the requirements for the i-1 In Matt. 27:46 we find the first Hear him tell how he had been
,;. begin with the Sunday School 9:30a.m.: with Miss Amy More- Eagle Scout Badge. Incul.hed'by'" ai He cried: "a blasphemer, and a persecutor,
r land In charge. The topic>> ,Cod Is Redeemer,"will be reviewed The speaker will be Introduced "MY GOD MY GOD WHY and Injurious" but how "the grace
: by Rev H.C. Archie, minister MMprnlng service: at 11:001 by his sister, Miss Sheila High-' HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME" of our Lord was exceeding abun
with the pastor In charge. At 3 p.m. the Missionary mass will tower. Presiding over the day's, a-L-t The other It found in Acts 9:4: dant" ((1 I Tim liU.14): ). Hea
convene Varlcks Memorial AME Zion Church.The Christian activities will be the MTF president where He calls from Hit exile in .him laY 1
Endeavor Hour will be held at 5 p.m., and evening serviceat church and district,Miss -1 heaven. "SAUL SAUL. 'WHY 'Christ Jesus came Into the
7 o'clock. All ushers and choirs will render service. Mrs., Sheila Hemming. Devotions by -r-- PERSECUTEST THOU MEr world to lave .innera. of whom I
Vera J. Rogers and Mrs. Annie Mae Davis will preside at the Kenneth LaTe' Music will be = These two questions representthe am chief. Howbeit fur this cam I
Instruments.ST. furnished by the youth choir J greatest riddle of history and obtained mercy, that in me ftrnt
under Miss Helen Stoddard,&lid O yet-strangely, one of them h the Jesus Christ might .how forth all
LUKE the MYF Quintet.At simple solution to the other I Why longsuffering! for a pattern lo
6:00 the youth will present r did God forsake His Son You will them which should hereafter believe
District 4 will present a program Sunday at 4 p.m., In the a "Twilight Musical" In which and the answer when you ask why on Him to life everla.inl"'ere.( .
church auditorium. many of the cities' outstanding v mankind represented by Saul, for. 15,16)).
: The participants Include: Mrs.Lenora CraftonMrs.Josephine young music artists will be took and even persecuted Cod'a Since the "chief of .inne,." is
Collins, Mrs. Elizabeth Bellman, Mrs. Marian Clifton Mrs. heard. The public In Invited r s tt Son God't action, In giving Chritt now In heaven, there is hope fur us
Alma Bevel Robert Same, Miss Cynthia Brown Wilbur Jones to witness all services. Church X up to die, wit the antidote to all if we but trust in ho I Christ
Joseph Conyers, Elena Westeran, Mrs. Margaret Baker, members are urged to support .i ..e' man'i. Chrll death was the rem who died for us.Greater.
Mrs Cornelia Scott, Emory Griffin, Mrs Dorothy Robinson, the youth with their attendance. edy for man'i tin. It was becauaa
Frank Smith, Mrs Delores Haywood, Deacon Russ McCloud,

and Rev M.J. Trowell, pastor. Slate Pew RallyThe AI. Central Board PayneTo

Mrs. FiRMle Bradford Speaker Kale Training Chorus Union of Little and Junior Rock see' Slates ProgramMadame Present
r ', Baptist Church will sponsor a ENGAGED in their mid-winter concert ..r..... The Dives Specials Youth Group and tbele EWC Recltallsts
Sunday At Allen AME ChurchEducator pew rally Sunday at,4M p.m. Instruments of Faith Ensemble will feature a recital Sunday night at 8 o'clock in Knights Louise B. Nelson will ,
In the auditorium.The of Pythias Hall, 1040 Broad St. Deacon James Byrd along with Vermel JOOI4 Holy Light be the main speaker when Usher The widely known Edward Waters
I, civic and religious presence of all departmental ,Junior Male Chorus and Prayer Band will be In charge of devotions and Rev. Julia Brown will be the speaker. On) Board I of Central CUE College Cholus will be
leader, Mrs Fannie Bradford groups to serve other local talent will parU. Sunday afternoon, Feb. 13, the Specials will appear at Mt. Zion AME Church CSouthsMe) Church presents a pre-Valen- presented Sunday, Jan. 30 at
will deliver the main addressSunday Visitor are cordially Invited cipate on the program.The program ,Rev. C J. Jenkins, pastor, On the same night, they will sing at Cooper's Academy. They will tint program Sunday, Feb 13 7 p.m. In Greater Payne AME
during the 11 a.m. service to Sundays Missionary pro Is In interest of the church 'also present a program oa Sunday afternoon, Feb 27 at the Church of God, Steele and Blue beginning 3 p.m.1n the church Church, E,. 23rd and Plateau
being sponsored by Allen gram at Ailed pastor's anniversary, Streets for the youth of the church. The. public Is Invited to all programs auditorium. Sts., Rev R.A. King pastor
Missionary Society, Rev. J.W. scheduled Feb. 1321. (ROYAL ARTS STUDIO PHOTO.) Among programs participants Conducted under the direction
Jones pastor announced. .. will be the Grant Memorial of H. Alvin Green, the has
Other program principals representing Facility. Recipient I I Of f Shriners I Contribution I Temples Trio, Mrs. Rose Broussard, gained noteworthy recognition
ReUa Johnson Mrs Alice Boa-
the order of The : not only in the State of Florida
., .__ ,, ,_ __ ._
., J.II& I f'I'I.1'l.: !
"- T Jessie Mrs.
Eastern Star will also be fea n ------OK', .. .'f "" --I ton, Mrs Hasting, but also as the result of
tured. r'R ,,':;.i 1t. ',\I."} Announce Oda Mae Cohen, Mrs Margaret annual tours through Georgiaand
Mrs Bradford who graduated :.f"{ .; Lunsford, Mrs Daisy! Walter, other sates
,- .. ..... :t. Services Me*. Llllie Bell Myers, Mrs. The disciplined group blend
r .. ," Thelma Edwards, Mrs. Sarah magnlflciently both charm and
(j ; Church of God True Temple Hood, Mrs. Lucille Lester, Elder harmony through the rendition
\ Saints In Christ, 6057 Flicker: Mose Davis, Miss H.Lewis of the classics, semi-classics: ,
Avenue, UjS. 1 nightly revival and Mack HalL spirituals, folk songs and pop
\ r services are in progress this Mrs. AL.L. Lewis the Board tunes.
week and will continue through president and Rev. W.C.Flana The program Is being sponsored -
>u next week can Is the host paator.Anniversary by Mrs. MD. King
; Services begin at 8 p.m. each supervisor of the group
1t night. Monday night's preacher Fete The community's music lovers
kviM will be Elder Lee Gat... are cordially invited to bear
Sundays Service for the Church The Morning Star Pallbearers the outstanding group which
A of God, True Temple Saints in 1 I Society will observe their anniversary promises a music ladeDpro-
t s Christ, 1663 W. 26th St will!I Jointly Sunday In Mt gram directed- to entertain entire -
'" a'v open with Sunday School at 10:30 Ararat Baptist Church, beginning families

: morning service at 12 o'clock, at 2:30 p.m.Rev. District Tea
., f Evening service will begin 3:JO D)., Graham, pastor of .
*,1: fi' J' t rand a later meeting will beheld the church,' sad a member of.Society fellow groups and the general
: '"j' j at 6:30: ; night service at ,WO], be feJMaker.tor:puIaUc. Jrt '..#14 'a Dlltrlct'
,I p.m. the occasion-!and e' YOM*!''Tea b..y :troar4.r'.a. ID
The public iI'IDvlted to all Adult Choir will render the the home of Sister liable Lang
from Spellman College, bas activities Elder Lee Gates Is music. ,2803 Everson Ave.
done further study at Howard '., t .'. .4'A the pastor Societies to meet at the church Deacon Marion Boone Is the
Is memberof
University She a at 2:15: p.m., are:, Societies Wader and Sister Eva Williams
Bethel Baptist vice Church where '; c; Simpson PillS 6,11.22,23, and 26. 111 the reporter.
she serves as presidentof F t
District 1. .1
She Is a director of the home h
Extension Department, a member Youth Day
of the OES, Grand Royal -1-y
Matron of the Ama an t b row Youth Week will be observed
State of Florida and has Instructed r I n Simpson Methodist Church
In several colleges beginning Sunday mlcopfn"ng
The pastor Is request the through Feb. 6.
The young people will have
HOLY LAND LIONS Roscoe C. Washington Los Angeles. Imperial potentate, -Mrs. Jessie K. Williams, Illustrious commandress, Syrian charge pf the services Sunday
Lions, mentioned more than Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Court (HO, Daughters of Isis; Washington; Joseph H. Silversmith throughout the day Speaker at There is
100 times in the Bible are now presents a 35,000 check to the National Jewish Hospital Jr., NJH president; Mrs. Eva Ray Allen, Imperial 11 a.m., will ,be Miss' Em.mer.U -
extinct in the Holy Land the Denver Taking part In the Jan. 16 presentation are from deputy of the desert*of Colorado, Daughters of Islsand; McNalr, and Miss M.
Catholic_ Digest_ ttates. left, David L. Holllman Illustrious potentate Syrian Court*49; Squire Bullock, Imperial deputy of Colorado.. Washington U soloist Earl
Brown is guest organist.
rgtatgatr e Thomas Recital Elect Officers Guest superintendent for the only one
Eugene Glover wtselectedpre- 9:30: Sunday School will be Jerome -
s toclnoKS 1a Slater Essie Mae Thomas .sident of the Blue Diamond Social Patterson. Miss Betty
Salt known Co her radio and LYe and Savings Club in a Bullock and Laveta Irvin will
public as the'Gospel Warborse meeting In the home of Mr. preside at the Instruments.On .
1824 WEST BEAVER will feature ar recital Sunday and Mrs NBenny Stokes, 603 Monday night Choir 3 diet cola
night at 8 o'clock in the auditorium Cleveland St. will present a program. Usher
of Good Shepherd Baptist Board 3 will sponsor a I
830 CASSAT AVE. Other officers elected were:
t Church, 1722 W. 29th St. Benny Stokes Jr., vice president program Feb. 2, and the Methodist
Brother Sammy Henderson, Mrs. LUlie M. Mason Youth Fellowship Banquet
3181 EMERSONFRESH ; ,, that
Mrs Thelma Edwards and other secretary; Mrs. Estella Stokes will climax the activities. ratesa

r stagers will appear Matthew financial secretary; Mrs. Leo-
program with Brother la Nicholas, treasurer Benny
'THIS Unit WORLD'lotal
McCoy serving plano-ac- stokes, business manager; A of eight and a quarter
James H. Gee assistant bu- famouscola
,mites of roadways were openedin
S slness Mrs Naomi
last the Catholic
I year
Simmons chaplain and Mrs.S. .
PIG TAILS 3 It Covers' Gray Hair I Staler,reporter, Digest claims.

LBS.LBS.. 1fII. /. Brandt' Liquid

# .

NECK BONE 3 HAIR'COLliE,. 111 name: .

till cover gray hair ia 10
to 20 elnutes.No pack. No
..*..Anyone can put It oa.
at boa.


It will lie
not rub off, it
etaje on several
sea bathing
WHOLE sun, permanent waving, ::-=-=..:..MA.w, ...=Y.fir.Mee........,...,.... R 39*

HAMS 6.10 HAMS LI. 59 curling Iron-nothing or straightening.. toft. WHITING LB.,39C

AVO. WT. 'LI. You call corer any gray I II tea.tt.a
hair no Matter how .tub-
born or how caused. BLAOC

HYGRADE SMOKED Pc* M. e..d.wd.NM M ssM..'.sr. .s.wA.. .h"'HH""'.""'''''' a' 6 Ment.w.w

15 .. NOT'I'OOafIMOtIPDOra XNRRFni: Jin' SHAD SPECIALS! at, 39c <...... .. 29crx..w

PICNIC Permanent IlY1niCAUTIOft ... is mi hi i-.....5 g..d .... -.....--...

U. : ue ae directed SHELL OYSTERS ;soh,"":.. 5.50

on label. Colors: Black. OYSTERS, fe, Stewing .. .. u. H. 1.25
lark Brown. Medina Brown. OYSTERS Selects . .. .>TV $1.50
Price per boa 12.50\piue.federal Standard Vi Pte. let the teneerveth. buyer, t>, 73e
FLA. BRAND Tu IALTIMORI Selects. .Specie n. ,s1..'
C :
elMUNn r5NawtiILAN"OUM \1'

HENS U. ( M.... D*.*V I-U. C.ey.Ous ..*.. '........ i., $|.|f


UI1 lip 14. IauJa. LARK ROE MULLET .Lb 29fi
t VATGJI .4 1f "
I ', h"ni .

---"Y"WMrW'- L L
-.- -- .. -- .. .... .. -.... T -.... .. ............. -.... -.... -.... ... -.... T .... .. .. T T T T .. T .. .. .. -T.... ...-. T -.... -... .... .. .. ..
T :: ;
1 1eeswavns

'''11..1 La, iat rirlir/e.
'aIllti I rnwc 11I

.I Chats With, Famed Scientist Wilkins Speaks .' Discuss, Integration Problems -

At SUliWorker's

Rites kr H

Executive Director: Roy WUklns
expressed the grief she entire Ii e yr a .M
Association at the funeral herm .
Jan IS of Vernon Dahmer,
w former NAACP Hattlestarg
Branch president. Wilkins also
t' i9 h N presented Mrs. Dahmer check j
from UM Associatloa to cam
the funeral and other expenses L !y.sq 1t' ,
1 1s at the ceremony which drev approximately '
r 500 persons
,+ farEi tI S rI Tttt militant NAACP branch
leader was killed when a bomb .t t j
completely destroyed his homeon -- 1
Jan. 11, following his announcement 1&w!
;I I t1 that he wotld PW "
{ collect poll tai payments at IL
his store.
His 12 year old daughter suffered -
''i serious burns in the explosion -
and his wife was also
:burned. Two other children lathe
house escaped injuries.
Preceding the funeral NAACP
I Mississippi Field Director, CONCORD, N.C.--Dr. Lionel H. Mewsom. Barber-Scotla .about the problems of Integregation in the present American
1 Charles Eersled the mourners College president, speaks to. a race relations class from society. (Jim Wise Photo)
from the county courthouse, Lenoir Rhyne College and a selected group of B-S students _.
where a pre-funeral rally was

held,Church.to the Shady A crowd Grove of Baptist ZOO New Facility Honors Top Mentor

11Iin'1h! the _. .
; hostile whites gathered --- --- -- ---- ---- ---- --- --- ---- --
courthouse while city police
patrolled the area.
Iti Also present at the funeral
were four of Mr. Dabmer's
sons who are in the armed
servlces-Vernon: Jr.,Martinet
-M I -
and George and Alvin H. One -
of the sons, stationed la Germany I

!TANYA'TATIJDR;Washiuton, D.C.. National 1 Cooncfl of Negro Women youth representative death,through had learned a Lonson of his lather news U'At 1brapres& I II

asks .Dr. Jonas Salk about'the Salk Institute for Biological Studies at San Diego, Calif. ThlInstitution paper. A fifth son, Harold, an mf !
and research projects at universities across the nation are aided by March of and another '
ex-serviceman son, I
Dimes foods. The Junior Council of the National Council of Negro Women Is pledged to work t J 1 .'
12-year old Dennis, were also /M w yarn ,,
for the success of the 1966 March of Dimes National Foundation-March of Dimes program .war arweor<++ ;
present ,, irwe
Includes In,addition to research, aid to birth detects patients and public education a iarrp, Gietntw.aMMea'Ar.n
rru a ran aNreunwl
cwu roe ew MNt seatrr.Npn'r.D1 J
Leaders e'u a rwmrr.ear
350 School ExpectedTo r yt
Humble Supports Nationwide Program rr T WNrlal3NcL.MawNse4'NcNMIlee.a'1 Mehra! j

s. _._.__' L ____u.u..._ Meet Mar. 23-25 In Jax arlti.+ +eumm espJrrrrg j

Approximately 350 Florida school i leaders are expected toon
attend a three-day meeting i the education of disadvantaged
and culturally deprived childr en, to be held in Jacksonville,
March 23-25, State Supt.. Floyd T, Christian announced

Christian said the meeting Education using additional criteria -
would be a leadership conference -'' estimates SO per cent of
to discuss the general all students in the nation to be 'reI
\' problem and the special skills educationally disadvantage.
needed by teachers and administrators which would amount to 360,000, J
/ who wk with dls in Florida, if the same percentage t a
advantaged students. The state applied.Teachers ,
wide meeting will be university working with disadvantaged .- .., f 'f ,-'

personnel county directors of children, Christian _fl._._ ....__';""..Mit.-: ;"" ...._ --< .. ar._
instruction, county school superintendents said, need special skills and ---
school board in some cases special training CORNERSTONE IS LAID-TUs group of Florida AIM University Moses Washington,Pies Johnson Israel Taylor,worship matter,
members, school principals to understand and provide the officials and Tallahassee Masonic leaders views the Masons Mount Olive Lodge No. 5, F.A.t. A.M., Prince Hall! Affilla-
from areas of high concentration needs of these students. handiwork following the laying of the cornerstone at the "Jake" tion; Dr. George W, Gore Jr., president o t Florida At M;
of students from low In some Instances, these students Gaithef. Athletic Center and Gymnasium on the FAMU campus. O.J. Chestnut, Masonic Lodge state deputy; and Coach A.S.
r Income families, state and start school behind their Viewing the cornerstone In place in the building that was (Jake ) Gaither, director ot athletics: and head coach, who
county public healthe workers, fellow students, and need extra dedicated last July are from left Dr. H. Manning Efferson, was honored In the naming ot the new building.--FAMU \
.;.and school.social workers. ,! ,doc"tors help to catch and keep op. Jn esfl dthe ;university, 'who.presided during; the ceremony. ;, t staff photo by Ernest FUlyau.. '1
.. NIi4'k, I t ** .#<> Ea
and dentists. I meat cases'special programs .\'I ,'>.,J. ... : t'o
Christian said there Is no must b designed to bridge ( { ..
accurate estimate of the total the "learning gap," Christian "
number of Florida students considered said and to keep the student' 1'
educationally dlsadvan interest to achieve success. '
PLANNING FOR PROGRESS-TM positive results of a Plans 1'1
taped except the number of students Group topics of discussion for "
for Progress workshop on Job opportunities and equal employment from families with Income the conference include: teacher
for mtnor tygroup youth are discussed by Franklin under $Zooo a year used In education, communications parent : .
D. Roosevelt, Jr., chairman of the fqual Employment Op
figuring federal school funds' educatoln, program evaluation i \
portunity Commission and George A. Lloyd public affairs under the Elementary and Secondary personal and social development ,I .'' .'
coordinator of Humble Oil & Refining Company, at a meeting- situation ,
Act, which amounts to classroom SUP.ER
-'ashington, D.C. Humble, a Plans for Progress company,
'142,000 in Florida. and out of school enrichment: t ;
wa. one of the initial of the vocational guidance
sponsors of .
However, the U.5.:Office: ..programs.Sammy .
institute, )held at Texas Southern University Houston,Texan QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVIO

World News ,DigestTEL Davis Jr. Scheduled l lTo ..'

AVIV--A $Zoo million desalting plant! ,which will use the Return To Own Show .Feb. 11 J >
Mediterranean as a source for providing fresh water i is fRESH 1"-
presently being considered Jointly bytbe: governments of :
"Mr. Ent.r bU1edt' Jr. :
Davis will
return star
theMediterran.an Samm]y f as
Israel and the United States The plant, to be located on
and host of "The Sammy Din Is Jr. Show" Feb. 11 4
Friday, ,
south of Tel Aviv, would use heat from u DRESSED & DRAWNHENS .
on the NBC Television Network
American type atomic reactor to produce approximately 115 I
million .gallons of fresh water a day and generate 200,000 With his prior contractual log show of the season, Sammy : PORKCHOPS
kilowatts of electricity. It is expected the plant could be built commitments and the filming will sing at leer a half-doten ,
and put Into commercial operation by mid-1972. of "A Man Called Adam," In numbers, dance and otherwise
which he stars, both completed perform in the areas of entertainment
JORANNESBURG-Another example of the one-sided Justice Sammy Is free to devote his for which be Is noted.
practiced In the South African Republic Is the recent drive tull-tlme to the music-variety Appearing on "The Sammy
launched by police to stamp out the incidence of violent series. In contrast to his open- Davis Jr. Show" will be Trial '

crimes Some 1,000 policemen, four or five at a street Takes Over Lopes, Corbett Monica, Paula
corner, svjp black African males for questioning and search. Wayne and the cut of "Golden J I
White malts and the black or white females are exempt from Boy." Lopet, a hard-driving ,
this drive. New PostORLANDO.Harold singer featuring the "big beat"in : i
r Latin style, is one of the .::1 ,:
H. Clark ,more dynamic young men In ;:" .;' ;
of Blake schoolsince the and field :
principal High recording nightclub 19C' 79C
.- 1964, has taken over his today. LB. LB.
new duties u general consultant The cut of Broadways "Gol t.. i
; I with the Florida State Department den Boy" In which Sammy Davis .
of Education. stars, will perform with Sammy, ,1
Clark will service schools show-stopping 127th Street,
from Tampa south to Miami number that features. Johnny. .
He bring s to the newly created .Drown
state department assignment a Mouse hunters when looking at WESSON: MAXWELL HOUSE
wealth of experience.He served "used"' hoiMi,check the bathroom >
as principal: of Bethune High Int. Older fixture and plumbing' .i
School, Immokalee and came to may need modernizing- to mentoday's J : : :
Tampa In 1963 as principal of standards for adequate i OIL COFFEEI
Just Junior High. c'toanllMis facilitlM and- convmlnc 1 :,: \
Clark holds a B.Adell'lIfrom e. *.
F Bethune Cookman college,Daytona -
wR. and the M.A. degree from I
Columbia University, New York FIGHT CANCER i

City. ,.),,: 240Z.fCBOT. 1:59C
you Oft Have To ,do To Tom To Get, :.J..,:.:' L7 .





....','Invites, You To Listen To- WK WILL Trade MECT with ANY Your PRICES Neighborhood ADV.IN TOW Drag LOCAL Store PAPBISt U.s. .GOOD CLUB STEAK :.\..A \; 8.;, :- 79c

Dell vet. we also fill awl Doctors j
.BIG MHO prescriptions U.S'. #1 POTATOES 10' LB. BAS 39

:<> II .

'DANCE PARTY" Dixie Pharmacy MCKENZIE FROZEN CUT OKRA z' 10 ii.'"PKSs. 29


1312 Kbcs( Raid jit. Urrtls Anus

Nithtfy 1UD: 0'' 12:00: Piiw.ELfii. '555S7-H CAMPtELL'S VEGETABLE SOUP 2 TAll CANS 25

Satirlir I ,.s. Til 12:00: ',... CABIN HOME MEAL 5 LB UG 29

'\" l 1 )'4 '

-- L. __ iIt _

.. """ ""' ........... .. .. ..-.. ..... ... ........ ... .... ..-..._ ... -<............... .. .. .. .. .
"T.- .p. ,. . ..-...._ .. .. ,. .'- .'.-. ....-. .. .. .. .. ..-. ..,-. -.r....,. 7. ,...,.,.. ,-,.,.. __.rrr.-,... ..-. -

: \, ,..th, w... ... \iii' It ,. i.






i Quaker Citian Wins Vaunted Crown State Fair To Feature Wide Seek Now, Vistas For Rights 'Groups

.--.... ---. -
Variety Of Italian Projects ... "'t'fl : ,' ; :" : \ 'rf ) '. '
:!: ," j\1), ) .( :. ,: ,' : .. .
', *>*,> : -" ; ...., i
: I'
'i TAMPA-.A wide range of Italian products, ranging from 'I' \ 1j

::\ ,;:;:,'" { late model cars to beachwear and expresso coffemakers,. IY,'I ::; ,f, :,ri.v ': "
''' 'I W1.: ', ...' will be a highlight of the Florida State Fair, Feb 1>12, in "; '. '),,::1'4
: 1' Tampa. > .
i Y .
L The displays "are a golbal facturlng nations. ;
1 example of recent Italian pro- The graphic presentation Is ,1iiii1\
sponsored by the Italian Ministry .
:; !e'Jp duction variousfields,stres- ,
; '" sing the development of Italy for Foreign Trade. '

.,.... I : .. postwar economy," says Drawing the men's attention' .
'41...". ..;. Ermanno T. 01 Martlo of the wW be new Italian cars, motor
in scooters office machines, and
"i "; Italian Trade Commission
I.....' ". \ New Orleans. a selection of fine Italian wines.
The exhibit shows that the land Many of the goods displayed 4Tel.
; : iI1!,'.. celebtated for gondolas, are distributed through Florida
.. wholesale firms which are part
,: \ singers and has emerged
+ grapes
.I'f ; .
; since World War U as one ef the growing trade ties between

: : 1"1 J .' .; ........ '-:,(.. of the world's leading manu- Florida and Italy. j
l.' ,' \ j
1, ,. '
q .. .I ,,. Designer Moves StudentsTo
.i.t "/ : If
-'I. J"
.. ,, .;:. ) ',....}..:r.. : ,.:, J. To l.r..rQ..r'.rs Direct'PlaySeries
'. .', .11.1 H. :\ici;: -.,"..;, ..fl',
Vickie Lynn Crockett, fcently elected u MISS SEPHIA:
.. PHILADELPHIA 1966 made a personal appearance the Grand
Court of John Wanamaker at 12 IS Students wit 1 take
: p m. on Thursday, January Because of the accelerationof over the
20th. She was Interviewed by Reeves Wetherill,Wanamaker interior and architectural director's chair for the Pea
official Players production of three one
commitments the office
At the conclusion of the Interview WetherW presented Miss of Robert R.,Bleemer Associates act plays, Three for the Road
recognition has been moved from opening Wednesday (Feb. 2)) fora
four day run at Miami-Dade
Miami Beach to M Northeast
40th Street, Miami, in the heartof Junior College Pen Playhouse
Wins The bW Includes Edward A1-
Vaunted Award tamed Decorator's Row.
bee's "The American Dream"
Bleemer, formerly associated
with Henry End Associates,has directed by Bob Bemreuther,
Just completed designing the Tennessee William "This Pro- _.t+ -
As interiors of a new wing of 40 perty is Condemned" directedby WHERE DOES THE MOVEMENT GO NOW-James FarmerL Peace Corps Aide, and Charles A. Ward, acting HUPC director
d'r rooms, plus corridors at the Heather Lee Haven,, and ( ) discusses the need for civil rights movement to Join the' (L-R). The meeting preceded ana address by Farmer,
Balmoral BHotel In Bal liar Eugene lonesco'a "The BaldSoprana" war-on-poverty in developing realistic training program for former national director of Core and now director of a national .
/ tour and Is currently doing directed by Diane Negro youth with Clement Cumberbatch, acting executive anti-poverty organization, to 200 of ACTS. Harlem
sn the interiors the new 92 Shapnlck. director of Associated Community\Teams, Harlem anti- Domestic Peace Corpsmen.
room addition and all public Curtain time for all performances poverty agency,,,.(Far R.), Eugene >Berk.,Uarlem Domestic
is 8 II General
areas at the Walklkl Motel In : p.m. .. _
admission Is $1.50 and student --- -

Miami Among Beach.other current assign- tickets are 75$, which IncludesadmJa.loo Miami I ThespiaT: Group fn Final I Roles I |
meets is the re-designing of for one guest Advance I Rule for job Intcrvitnv;: It. '
the Cocktail Lounge at the Beau reservations may be clean, be combed l be corny.t_ ntnl.
Rivage Hotel the model apartments made by calling 685-4337.. !be, polite I

at 100 Lincoln Road, the I

1 refurnishing of all public areas To New Post MADAM GLORIAPalm
and rooms at the Lucern Hotel
SCHOLARSHIP WINNER-Edmund Henry, Sebring a fifth year the
and new Clubhouse at the
student In the Florida AIM School ..Miss Ethel & .
University of Pharmacy, Moorings in Sky Lake, Miami. WASHINGTON- Spiritualist Reader.
Tallahassee, pictured In the center, receives the 1966 McKesson Bleemer, in addition to being Payne assistant! to the vice Advisor in all affairs of life: ,
and Robbins Scholarship presented by Michael Reubln, an interior designer is also chairman, Democratic;National 'n .Love, Marriage. Business SIckness -
Jacksonville McKesson and Bobbins Company representative /a'graduate architect He U. .. committee' has beet gtan-_ T etc. Lucky Days Lucky '
during the recent Opening School of Pharmacy Assembly. currently designing the Nor I ted It leave of; absence U ser- Hands. There is no home
Looking on during the presentation left, is Kenneth C. Davis, mandy Isle home of Sidney ve as consultant to the ''I Social so dreadful that she can't help.
assistant In the School of administration Located at 901
professor Pharmacy Gordon and the architectural Security : N.W. 79th St.
addition to th e State Fire and A native Chlcagoan Miss Payne ,Pnooei 751-9307. Open 8 a.m.
Clean Hair Win Over Gown "Exclutivenett" Casualty Insurance Building In will assist In the Mldical Alert r until 10 p,m. dally & Sunday
conjunction with Richard Levine program traveling throughoutthe r'I Located In Miami, Fla. One
When socialite Mrs. Alfons Landa discovered two other AI,A. country contacting churchesand ,. visit to MADAM GLORIA and
to enlist their L will feel
women in identical dresses at the Palm Beach FlamingoBall Although head of his own design civic groups you difference
in infor mini senior citizens bc
her confidence remained unshattered. office for less than a support Half price with this adIIHll! !!
Ball her confidence remained shattered year, Bleemer has already of their eligibility to par. o '1 .
"Five hundred women could have this dress and I wouldn't added several members to his ticipate in the new medical
mind," said Mrs. Landa. "The only_thing I did to prepare for staff care for the aged plan passed '
this ball was to wash my own hair." by Congress last year. 7i

Mrs. Motley Plans To : 1

Aid''' N.Y. Housing F '

: .
W AME of consulting engineer in her .
NEW YORK--In a move to pro -
vide borough residents with office was abolished to make
greater help on housing and relocation way for a new housing con
problems, Manhattan sultant post. Eight other engineering
Borough president, Mrs. Constance positions which had
Motley last week reorganized been vacant for a period because
her office to bring of a lack of qualified applicantswere
about improved llason between also abolished.In .
her office and the 12 Manhattan their place thudded seven
community planning boards. new civil service posts, designated }.

I Mrs. Motley eliminated nine as administrative assistants ItLI It .
engineering positions and substituted at $7,500 a year The .
DIAL -1260 eight new "assistants"Jobs. administration assistant will

Salary Increases ranging be in charge of expediting programs l'
from 11,000 to $2,150 a year for the Manhattan Community -
were allocated to five staff Planning boards k
members. Mrs. Motley said the overall I E .

The )13,000-a-year position to reorganization 82.the reduces from 83, .eb I

COLLEGE friRFORUERS-ims trio of Florida AIM University seniors will appear in their WMBMSpotlight
FLORIDA'SQ final collegiate performance at the Tallahassee Institution when the internationally known
FAMU Playmakers Guild presents the Rodgers and Hammersteln musical, "South Pacific"
'In the Charles Winter Wood Theatre on the.FAMU campus Thursday, Friday, Saturday and
Sunday January 27-30, Left to right are David Helper Mulberry, who plays the role of"Emile"
the French lover In the tropic paradise musical Delores Wilson Tallahassee,
who will act, sing and dance in the lead role of "Nellie Forbeesh" and Anthony Sweeting The Week
'Miami, who portrays "Luther Billls," leader of the Sea Bees. Miss Wilson and Helper who ,
1 YP have traveled in Europe with the Playmakers, when they entertained American soldiers under Miami Florida
# campus.U.s. State Department and USO sponsorship,have been seen in many leading roles on the FAMU

t. -

=' .

.f .oM>i.t. niiM i0 C.411.511M.d.t. '
RHYTHM & BLUES i.4 .,.::::r..::L..'H.u..s..nd ....I'wnd.d& A'S
.,'. ,.... .lIle R.tnA
... ua wilt..
"...11,. .....",,. Nrm.t "11.... G.1.4}M.d.I. N.lr ,..... ,_
0500'ta yoUH I..e.SCALP.lM Ttw 1lAIR MndlliM HOOT Dep'. ft 5, SFI". It, N.YoCOMBIJ "Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull and

*.vt hair Nile d.pe..4. h.. lyM ,i
... IM. YMn MitmlwrIp I gray.'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft t
.., ,
NOT. .Nd. xwllnt e.f
.Si which....LneflctI..'-.It ........$.$4"Inmet"n.wi llh CAItBONOEI.mur. CAK.p.*.. I and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days:' '

RADIO BONOEC U such ...... e.wt.gill .
STATION .nurpQ. (ltd daUlod'Y. M. (uch Ibis Mrs. Donald P. Ryder, New York N Y.
wet! 1". DANDRUP! 1:' .N mi-rrcur.W1try '
OCToIII I. ." Illehly -
.nI.. P tr..tla.RRZCRIR5. ...:,.gr.".a.ft.eat..ll s..Pss tk { n
e.u.cd ..1. ..ondl..t. continuous film to hands .'
Applied as a
UOMmi trwilr' u. -kr tie
"WHAMMYIN ,"""' .a. .wrIoi f.r. Ism'= t'i :: ankles, face arms-when your skin W t
O lVINR SCALP PORMULA needs more than cosmetic care ,
-sew.,..4 II*.will. ....01 k*,.Milt te MM to. bu m sit IT I..5ridt'i.hsdds.lw r 'Vaseline' I Petroleum Jelly is the soothing ;

lOa......1..DAYS. ,...,. .n.a..y... M F''I. NdI.n.sW. WOT....A W..h..1 DVB S..t.M., etu..U.,.t.....,,t WlOt'Nis '"'. l .- answer Helps dry ashy.gray skin '; .
MIl' sue .ft Uwy. ThUliM t. .dal.Ir srWwitr "'l t' its normal look and tone. No
." said.. -."'7 wjirwMC .THAT.......tt.SUDeRN._,,"_DvID Wy h_.. y regain "
? "r othersoftenersnoskincreamnoskinlotion
r=: gX .
J.DI. : : .
TED-KAiiVo.KXA'! y..Cwhip tffc7ssrrHsr" provides better moisture protec! .. srr,
i d.wst uyi.two.. 1st M4.* ZSSMS ...."..' 81.' s .. ,. tion. Try it. t
.- *.-ooua -. .
MIAMI" IS.-CAIIIMade.BS!** INC.. iijaKtr..; 'Lltt.Pip.'4y.... WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE 11
tt U. N.Y. HOUI wN1f G.II wi.a..... .......... t... I THAN COSMETIC CARE.r '"--
t .. c-,, =. -- D.,.. Sl-1. a.511y.y U. b.N YMII t 'V"f I



.- Top Official Meets SuperStarsCHICAGO Irving' Named Fred.1 Throws Aggies Stretch Pool Playing Assumes Popular I

---. To Peace Corps Pace Illrs' Win Skein Status; Popular Family Game

Upset WIRrAYETn.'V1LLE the mace handle the
GREENSBORO, N.C.-The AZT Pool with a capital P no longer moderncue
stick .
Advisory Group Affles last week ran their win means what It once did,as many evolved.For
N.C.--Shaw: the home
streak to 10 straight gamesby American families "tate the presentdaypool
r GREENSBORO N.C. Cat Inlns*, University ended a four-game whipping.Augustine's College cue": and turn to the absorbing tables are about tour feet
I, losing streak with a 93.91 last wide, and either seven or eight
bead basketball coach at AIT Falcons, the North Carolina game for family entertainment
feet long Some have
College, was last week named i second win over Fayettevllle Eagles and the Livingston at home. folding
to the 22-member special Fifth State College here last Friday College Bears in CIAA basketball The same game that once lured well legs to make storage easy, as
as of
a variety
Anniversary Peace Corps night. play youngsters out of the home and leveling
Coaches Committee Ira Mitchell: The Bear's ring. All of the games were played Into the local pool ball (and devices to assure that the playIng -
leader sank the winning baskets surface Is always perfectly
His appointment'was announced I here. thereby Incurred the displeasure -
on two charity tosses with The Aggies turned the Charles of 1s aligned.
I by Sargent driver, director of parents) now keep A table should be
the Peace Corps He said the! two seconds to play showing Moore Gymnasium into a veritable ing the younger set at beans pool considered
the clock to the Shaw a long term Investment.
on shooting gallery sinking: and the Is
Committee, Including the nation game rapidly growing
\ fire their fourth win of the The best ones have new, warp
leading university and college St. Augustine's College 108.56, into popularity. To meet
coaches, will recruit senior season against four'.etback... which saw five of their players the demand, a depa:t,.,**t store defying playing surfaces and
mar resistant
varsity athletes and physical i The homeitandlng Broncs, score In doubel figures.. chain's sporting goods depart
Pool Is with
education majors for Peace' trailing by fourteen points at A&T eased past the the North ments are offering a numberof normally played
Corps Volunteer program overseas the 4:39 point In first half, Carolina Eagles, 71-6J in a full-sIze home pool tables 15 balls, each numbered. A
and advises their train- staged a ripping comeback te game, close most of the way,, Pool aha come: full cycle since cue stick is used to stroke a
tie the score at 91-all with J but which had the losers in Its origin hundreds of years "cue ball" against one of the
log five seconds to play in the contest numbered balls. Object: drive
The committee will visit training the catb-up role for the whole ago Originally pool-like
on a basket by Jim in homeof the numbered balls into one of
and offeradvice Keyes.Playing evening. The Eagles tied the games were played the
--William Eckert: baseball's; new commissioner ((2nd! from left) meets super- program centers their usual "give andCO" contest at 18-all, but never led. wealthy British and French six small holes, or pockets,
cars (W) Mickey, : Mantle, NY. Yankees; Sand Koufax L.A. Dodgers and Jim (Mud. to the Its Peace Corps to offense, the Bears ripped fTed Manning star for the Eagles families. Mary Queen of ScotsIs at the corners' and two edgesof

I scat) Grant Minnesota Twins, here it the Baseball Writers Assn. of America's 26th ann help improve sportscornmunlty to a commanding 48-34 lead, led the scoring with 26 reputed to have played billiards the table.
ual Diamond Dinner Mantle, Koufax and Grant received awards and development programs; To one who has never played
Ezkert was the principal | spearheaded by Mitchell, who
Robert Saunders
and similar
speaker: TELEPHOTO Including those In operation a- points, (a game to pool) the looks
broad.. enjoyed another spectacular :Aggie star and captain, hit for and billiards is mentioned in game deceptively
with 38 easy In many cases, however
performance a point
1 College 25 points Shakespeare's "Romeo and.
who came to AtT -,
shot be at least difficult
=: The effort. The Livingston Bears became, Juliet". Only in the last hundred a can as
I ---- Sports Parade in 1994, has an outstandingrecord horror..2S
as a
-- -- Three other Bear starters golfer's
as a winning coach. the tenth victim of the Aggies years, however, has pool foot .
... His teams here have won total I Joined Mitchell who upped here last Tuesday night The evolved Into Its present form.
CHICAGO Roy Campanella, ....... real skill
presents a
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. his per game mark to 29.1
Bears put their hustle against In the the chain
of 209 against Just beginning,
formerr catching great of the Basketball coach Glen Rose of, LONDON-'Hammering Henry games | per contest In the double fig- In the early constant challenge to family
the taller
Aggies points out, the was played
Los Aflgeles Dodgers Is almost Armstrong the only man ever defeats, wlaingflveconferencetitles game members since the
the University of Arkansas: declared tires columns. Bob Williams game require -
certain: to be named, along -, to hold three world boxing titles and four tournament'championships. part of the game, holding the with maces. To achieve greater unusual steadiness of
last week that be ;, 'racked up 21,followed,Bennie lead for the first five minutes then
players began
with.ex-Boston Red Sox at the same time, becomes accuracy hand and of. A
scouting around for a big man- Lake with 13 and Ivan Donovan of but faltered under the the handles of these accuracy eye.
hitting star Ted Williams, to the first,Negro sj/pi ts figure play using weapons knowledge of
physics can
preferably at 6.7 for his varsity : with 12. .
in the stages.the to stroke the
balL From
baseball's /Hall of fame soon, team, and Is determinedto to be honored by the Anglo- NBC Sports pressure in handy too.
a Chicago,columnist said last American club when -- -
find one, even if it means Sporting
week Campy thus would become crashing the race barrier. Arkansas he is cited at a dinner in the Shaw Bears' Cagers upset
the second' Negro to be honored has never had a Negro London Hilton Hotel, Jan. 17. Cops Award J. Robinson Speaks

if.the speculation proves player on Us varsity squad, Since retiring, Armstrong has St. Augustine In 84-73
correct The first to make It but one, Louis Bryant, 6-1, is switched to gentlerr pursuitsand NEW YORK-Tbe "NBC Sportsin RallyRALEIGH I
was Jackie aoblnson, baseball' currently playing on the fresh- Is now pastorlng a church Action" program receivedi At A&T College
race pioneer*and also an ex- 'ma n team. In California special award Jan. 14 from N.C. Shaw University, pre-game favorites, staged
Dodgers.starJ; the Unlimited Commission of ..., a thrilling last ditch comeback to defeat St. Augustine's '
American Power Boat Association. GREENSBORO, N.C.--Jackie nation. College 84-73 in a battle of srosstown rivals.

Golf With Sam Snead Slated Leads Rattlers Robinson Famer, ,and Baseball'the first Hall of his of He presented a massive silver A standing., room. only crowd ket by Robert Williams with
The citation states "For outstanding his bank '
cup given by saw the I
I nc..to crack the color line homestandlng Bears 5:34: in the contest.:
To Feature 13-Lesson contribution to the .In in recognition of the leadership come from a nine point deficit After moving ahead In the last
Series major league baseball
recently -
sport of hydroplane racing this afforded by the studentsand
'- challenged with 9:23: on the clock. five minutes of the game, the
award Is to NBC College in the drive
The will presented the college George Renwick, a Baltimore Bears with their full
programs originate students to ,
feature "Slammin" Sam"showing take the lead in
at the Firestone Country Club Jim Simpson and Guy Lorn- for racial equality Dr. LewisC. freshman, replacing Bennie !press in high gear, took the
various types'of golfers conducting a nationwide voter
in Akron, Ohio, one of the how to Improve their games. bardo." Simpson andLombardo registration drive. Dowdy, president of the college Lake in the Shaw lineup ignited ,ball from the Falcons on four
most challenging courses in rported the World's Championship Robinson and who introduced Robinsin the drive with three key :straight occasions and scored
These on-the-air students will now chairman ofth.
the world, where many championship Regatta at Lake Tahoe Board of the accepted the trophy> and assists as the Bears chopped ,on three of them to open up
thee tall New
from or York
vary very City
Nev. which was televised said that it is to be placedin ..
tournaments have been the and Freedom National away to wlttle down a "' .5 a 67-61 lead with 3.38: to go.
portly, left-hander women Bank delivered
held. over NBC-TV last Oct. 30. the trophy case of the new score to Just 57.53 with 7:47
Programs range from golfers to the elder and the main address on The taller Falcons, three
sued basics as how to get off! Junior players and the average : Stuart Schulberg produces" i Sunday afternoon at the final student union building now under to play. players in their front court'at
the tee, playing the fairway, golfers.No I' "NBC Sports In Action program of AtTobservanc construction. Using three-quarter and full 6-5, were outhustled by the
and sinking the ball into the one 1s more Qualified than The award was presented at of Men's Week The observancewas In issuing the challenge to court press with Ira Mitchell, Bears off the boards. Shaw
cup, to the refinements of the Sam Snead to discuss and the First Annual National Unlimited sponsored by ,the United students to Join the movementfor Renwick and Norman Joynerout :came up with 45 rebounds,while

game such as ways of mastering demonstrate the game. In the Hydroplanes Awards Men's Congress, a student organl ,,. voter registration,Robinson front, the Shaw five frustrated ;St. Augustine's pulled in' 41.
Banquet In tie Essex House, announced that the Freedo
rough situations Augustine's team finest
ration. Joyner playing
three decades he has been playing .
"Golf with Sam Snead" will high tournament (I; New York City. The program developed> intoone National Bank had already pledged into numerous turnovers and 'of the season, tossed in 29
golf, Snead has won more of tribute to A&T and the a substantial Initial fund for put together a SO-polnt second ;points, 11 of them from the
The "blanket look" is the key 1 tournaments than any other pro TourneyTo four then-freshmen students at least one full-time Freedom half performance to run the 'floor. Mitchell the Bears'lead-
to men'i sweater styles this fall. and is reputedly the game's top who, on February 1, 1960, set Scholarship to be awarded a Falcons off the floor. log scorer with 29,1 average
AMU CAGE CAPTAIN. In student to attend the graduate The score was tied twelve limited to t 17
Stripes domInate the designs, and 1 money winner. Receive motion (Ih. famed student .itin was Jus points
the yarn In both cardigans and 1 Identifiable a mile away by Livingstone Sykes, a 6-J senior movement which later enveloped school of his choice for the times, eight in the opening twenty by the Falcons, but seven of
pullovers range from long-hair his omnipresent straw hat and, from Lanett, Ala., has been almost every college most outstanding- leader in the minutes, before the Bears t his tallies .came in the cru-
brushed Creslan mohalr to woolmobs.lr.to named captain of the Florida voter program took the lead 61.59 baa '
; superb natural swing, Sneaos 1,500 ,SeatsGREENSBORO and university community in on a clal 8:26.:
; napped and sheared AAM University Rattlers basketball t
mountaindrawl and dry wit
Acrilan. team for the 1969-66
have made him a perennial N.C.-N.arly
These blanket-like sweaters, season. He ls a graduate of seats are to be added Good
favorite not only with the gallery 1,500 rices
should be washed as carefully as Lanett High School and the son t,
but with his fellow players In the Greensboro Coliseum
actual blankets. ;
of Mr. L.B. Sykes, 601 Cherry ,for the 21st Annual CIAA Basketball Through
in Lanett, AI .
__::: __A_ l ,. ..Drive, .'*<, > w M+ M560' -_ 'Their;for Tournament three 'daystwfrbruary to be, held:;- q? '.n. 4 ,.IIMdnny, ;

ArrestedFor Z., IS, and 26. QUANTITY '
Dr. William M. Bell, athletic! "

director at A4T College and RIGHTS RESERVED
Violating chairman of the .Tournament
Committee, announced at a''
meeting of the Committee here'
Game j
Laws last Sunday that these seats are HERSHEY'S
to be added at each end of the.1 _
LAKE CITY--Violations of Flo basketball floor to take care of '
rida's bunting, fishing andboat-: the expected record turnout., LIMIT 5 LBS '

log laws resulted in 560 arrests The new arrangements will accommodate SUGAR $ OR MORE S 39C'W$5.00 I
In the northeast region during
nearly 10,000spec-
the last six months of 1965,' \tator.. FOOD ORDER IBS. "

according to W.B. Copelnd, : He noted that for the finals
chairman, Came and Fresh Water last year every seat In the ----- -- -- --- :
Fish Commission. Hunting j house was sold.

violations accounted for 327 Dr. Bell added that tickets are 1 MAXWELL HOUSE I I
arrests; fishing violations, U) to be placed on sale at the
arrests; and boating violations, Coliseum beginning on Tuesday 1 I II

50 arrests. February 1, and may be purchased .
This is 71 cases less than I I
direct or by mall
the total number made during I COFFEE LB.69C i

the same period b 1964; however 1
III ,mIINI I'I''I'i ''I I VIII I, 39 more hunting eases RATTLED
were made. Fishing cases were A rattlesnake' can measure
I r'I I I i I I 60 less and boating arrests temperature changes within a
jl Dl i Illl II 'I..t. i, 'I I 46 less compared to the last thousandth of a degree the LIMIT ONE PLEASE W/S5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER :
six months' figures for 1964. I Catholic Digest claims.
stated 'Ibt number
Copeland --- --- -- ---- ------------- --
of licensed hunters and fishermen
In the region continues to I V

increase every year and it is Watch This Clown MIRACLE WHIP DEL MONTE
refreshing that today's sportsmen cAB !
are more conservation 62-950-34
conscious and respectful of SALAD DRESSING COCKTAIL
laws." He also stated I II
POST TIME I O'CLOCK .on McDU'FN. of BEAVER game"The decrease in the number 15- 20 -5b '

r.L __. of arrests Is a strong indication I I

that fishermen and boaters 9 I 59C I 4 303 CAN $1 1 1M

are becoming better la- ., GIANT 49'MAYONNAISE
formed and educated regarding 1 3 ? _
boat registration and safety requirements

which the Commission 2 1 I iT K--- ------ -- DEL MONTE
has actively enforced I

since 1963." 21 1 103 44 KRAfT j PINEAPPLEGRAPEFRUIT.
Regional manager Bob Braou, POT
said/'W1ldl1fe officers nave received PIES'I
excellent cooperation 19 81 I I

y [ from bunters this season In re- Sometimes He's Up BEEF( ,;>CKICKEN.T I I
porting violations and helping Sometimes He's Down DRINK
r apprehend offenders. Eight U-, He adds, subtract mr I I
1 legal deer cases were made He works It all around
I where hunters r.portedtbevlo-, COMING ATTRACTIONS: I 49C I .4s OZ. $ 1
latloo and cooperated in effectIng -' ,5':1.: I O1 CAN I IDEL
the arrest."Brantly further 990
commented, "The habitual YIoWor -: 71 39 52 __________ _

knows the modern wild I SWIFT PREMIUM ,I. MONTE
life officer is better trained and FRESH JEAN
equipped to deal with those ,MAN'S: DAYS I 1 GOLDEN CREAM STYLE'I
T who disregard the law and GROUND BEEF FULLY COOKED
__ therefore has curtailed J bis.activities. ,ARE NUMBERED I I '

." $1.391 I 1 I CORN 53c $1 1 1DEL
........................-. 3 IBS ,
Men's Hair Styles How Quick "Man's Days are Numbered". P-I I C N I C _

The Latest Are You ? Years Health .When and Fortune You Know Can You Be?, BEn------ I MONTE

Are Taught At The This,simple test'will 'show' the Lucky: : Days, Lucky Colors Etc. I I WHOLE KERNEL
urrent: state of reflexes. Send $2.00 for your Horoscope
I '

JacksonvilleBarber 4 3 10 12 FOR I 3 9 303

6 11 '8: 9 JANUARY SUII18 .U.49C I IB. 'CORN 5 CAN s1!.

1 7 2 5 -------.- --------- ----- ----------
Fill in the blank below and

College Inc. :Suit OU CkM, mall to ZODIAC.; Post Office

Se' bow long H era you to fcwch Box 1171, Jacksonville 1. Fla.NA FRESH TENDERPOLE 2
tick Mmtaf .kt MUMfteal scat. .
e I -..., Yw ,.... an sash 4'
63O DAVIS STREET ....... .
1 I Mc Mh} Very CooA STREET BEANS 2 33
I _...., Eutttnt.More LIS.
licksiiiilli Fieri!
mss also. '..eesd.r Yew NoICtIoM
see to* .Mw. I DATE OF BIRTH -

/......... r .:' 1 11SATURDAT

- 61.. 6 .....-..--_ .._.........._._-.............-.-... .. ... .. ......____.----...........--.....-.....-..-..

.. on -..................

r r'" ;;c- '


,MAIDS: GUARANTEED IANTED t4EW ROlli Crawl 'Equalopeonumtyioe.work,0.t 1 J az Artist I Makes Presentation I Veteran I FIGHT CANCER

YORK UVE-IN JOBS to $60 Aood.ducationandwwilly.a
weekly. Fare adYuced. Ru.I4 ',Cola I .a BarristerIs APT. FOR RENT

'references. HAROLDAGENCY, .,....... i'
Dept Z34, LYNBROOI N.Y.-. ,, Buried 4 EM., Apt' HIIC Water Reas.
TEETHING' J '188-4'180
_______ 3 SINGER ',,3" CHICAGO-Relttives,..
'"-v from out
r !:! N.w liquid Ou JcL I''''''' .ndl t..tho
I lEO'S St'trlnc. mach1De.ltftlDatoraInIP'n.. Jnat. .saint bV. wmyfli.a .,.M of town last week Joined colleagues ROOM FOR RENT
1 f Good CDedltton, Fully electric, r.dI.trlcuna' .works f.II... and contemporaries for
I Does everything complete with money.lulIl h.Aleol.llI.bl.Iu..nt..d 0' .11': t funeral services for Atty. Ze- :Kit.. p r 1 v. Couple or Single
1 SHOE REPAIR I attachment, Yours for tile storIn j.II, .- "\.... J I'"I 1 ace change $15.00 each Call ora Ao. ; I barrister and senior partner

CI 1 warehouse anytime phone .. of the Loop law firm, Braden,
e S53-IH8..1 IWD Street.of Hall, Barnes and Moss. FURN. RM. FOR RENT

Death Jan. 16 In Wesley Me- Kit. Priv. Couple or single
r ARY U. J JI' :"" mortal hospital reportedly was Woman. EL 4-4669 or EL478JO. .
ANTED attributed to heart failure.
1 J ..n.ITII.IIUI"ISI( 'J" Final rites were held in historic -
1 I Is Ou .:ItIl.'IJI..I.I.: .N.V. St. Mark Methodist church
'( 'I '.1.5. CAPSULES' Joes.SALFRISto$55. ,. where the deceased had been

1 1 ,011 Buluss I "._"d.kn.k""A.M_..ooMl'MNI FARE ADVANCED.RUSH REFh.v..vM 1 a member and official: for some Nicely Furnished Cooking
I .::: ckli- .sine"'u.'..:uw sue a !PHONE NUMBER, 40 years. The Rev.Maceo Pembroke Private. Single Woman

I t34 E. UNION A1..I S.tWIC\loa",, stt..d 'AaE MAIDS AGENCY, 1 163 pastor.delivered the eu-, Modern conv. ,Call 356-1198
Burial in Lincoln
I Ollt ""I0Ullt MDN."I.aACtC" logy. was
..._________:.. _, .'YlUI..lfCNIC "V rr.; Richard V. Moore (left) President, Bethune Cookmaa College, wiz presented a portrait, Cemetery.A native of. Giles(Tenn.)county

of himself by'Alfred McGee, a senior from Jacksonville during a recent assembly. program, and son of the late MOIU'otEUzabeth and. /
j as Mrs. Shirley B. Lee, assistant professor ol Education looks.. on. Braden, Atty. Bras

,one of the most respected -!
his alw!
----- ben of profession, on

Don M.. Thomas Gets Promoted Airport Brings 4ernal was actively. civic affiliated and political ta frt iCOMPUTE I AMICOAL

circles up until his death. FUEL
ALL Personnel Head By C r'ieforpi$ Out RomanceIn A graduate of Flak Nashville) CENTER'
AND Northwestern (Chicago:
CNdl Said
OVERJAX DETROIT'-Appolntment of Don M. Thomas as a personnelstaff Males universities, Att).Braden came [ CALL764.4511
executive in Chrysler Corporation's personnel placement to Chicago shortly after his
The FAMILIAR recruiting and development office was announced by RobertF AUCKLAND, New Zealand--, marriage to toe former Bernice AU MASONS KI b PUlLFREE

Bowers,,director of personnel relations. U has been said romance flourishes Beckwith of Oklahoma In
SIGN OFQUALITY. in the oddest places. But, 1926. Two sons and a daughter
Thomas, a native of OberUrf
Task Force for Youth:
phrey's were born of this union.
there are receptionists at the
Ohio, joins Chrysler Corporation Motivation. He also was associated Information center at new International Atty. Braden, a member of RUG SHAMPOOWith
from American '
LIQUORS Airlines, with Hobart Taylor, who'll Prince Hall Masons, a life
CONVENIENCE where he served eight years Jr., vice chairman of the Pre.ident' Airport go member and former polemarch Rental Of Shampoo Equip
as an administrator those philosophers one better. ment. We Rent Lawn
In Mowers
personnel Committee on Equal
SERVICE! relations and on the compony's Within days of the airport'sopening of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, It Garden Tunis, Floor Polishers
Opportunity. two girls received on Cook County and Chicago Bar It
staff. Mechanic
Born August 19, 1930.Thomas associations, American Woodsmen &
the spot proposals of marriage Hand
For the past 15 months Tools Local
Thomas Trailers $2
attended Oberlin High School from newly arrived travelers.For .. and Flck university alumni per day.NATIONAL.
fz4\ and graduated from Hamilton example: A bearded traveler club.
WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OFI College, Clinton, N.Y., In 1952 proposed almost as soon RENTAL L CENTER
A with a bachelor of arts degree. as he landed. ,Another gazed THOUSANDS ARE '
JACQUINSmember While In New York, Thomas pelrclngly and at length at one 7323 N. Main st. PO 8-8055!!
was a' .member,'Dl 'the Urban of the girls and with the conventional BEING HELPED BY

PRODUCTS SINCE 1884! League and other civic organi approach, asked: t MOTHER DEVINE OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
.PRESTIGE Is member of
sations. He a 'Arc you free this afternoon? 'INDIASfck.Worrfed.Bad Your
the New York' State Bar As- ., about getting married', own business plus very
9 sociation. high income if you qualify.
w Luck, Troubled Our .u c c e s slul non-compeU-

i-M"> Enters Gubt.material Racetake Lost Love, Lost live highly commissionable
RARE OlD EJ t products are having pheno-
SCOTTRESERVE a survey ot opinion In A Manhood. menal acceptance in the Mid<
.JBI! FEDERAL SAN FRANSCISO--Dr.Carlton metropolitan areas throughout \ Let POTHER! OF West necessitating our expansion -
$.Y R H. Goodlett publisher of the the state to determine the extent ;INDIA help you. Minimum capital
\ $ / oco weekly Sun Reporter newspaper of support be might receive. Write to: required. All. Inquiries
o t, srodghrlIAPUrkyItntau and a physician, indicated last Asserting he has received many confldental. For more information -
BOURBON week that there is a strong telephone calls from Negroesand I MOTHER DEVINE ,
I I probability that be may toss me .er< of other minorities P.O.Box 5712 CALL Bert King, 702-3M-OU2

rll j Kentucky Bourbon a DON M. THOMAShas his bat Into the California Democratic :all, ovtu tl'n tate urging Detroit,>. lch. or wrtle to 240 West t W>'om-
I |
him to his
gubernatorial race. announce candidacy
ing, Us
been on loan to the VJS. Vegas, Nevada.
$39 First, however he will under for mayor 43219

$99 = dhnator.

r Progress and also directly coordinated -
StirI Vice President Hum-,
p01 U 5th. ,
"air S" KANf Nt\N .
... ., Y
'" \
., "
,', .', tORJL1( HOMES;
:y Grade "A" Quick. Frozen
$1 l b town

,...." ....., ... I >'14'

"RED HACKLE IS NOT *. l:1r':. .f;arnYunA.v In M BAKING
.. .
,; \ JUSTANOTHER8COTCH1! :..:. .P' f rJu, .cN GSM a
2 t.:;:: A r'n'rnr
\ RED HaCKlEwot :: \
III Prke IA Com-
IMPORTED R, J,",1 Sfit t.1pfOt3irl
100% SCOTCH WHISKIES + NUtieA Bilk AI 3 C.I\hin\ !Sis.3I ,
iatchWhlekyal 4 ':: S.1; HENS
list BriMf'i E thi.[ % 7x ?'
PRODUCED ; f, ..
SCOTLAND f irtwn!n 1AfeA. 11,1. il9, P '. '
t REG SB 99 Sth NOTICE OF APPLICATION i .wr.i'i.r..A
..T : +, 4 to B.l8.
Flora Homes7 Inc., pursuantto
u 0
100PROOP 94 PROOF fri 1W Sections 192.29 and 192.30, 39C
Florida Statutes, as amended,' Average LB.
hereby gives notice of its intentions -
BOURBON LONDON to apply to the Duval
County Board of County Com- 'nnnnI-c:
l."- FALLS TOWER yfmnsJ.ent missioners for the vacation In PRICES
Tower+en part of the plat of Flondale New! "Soper-Ritht" Quick Frozen Cbopped-CUBED j

BONDED-KENTUCKY Mr Unit 10 as recorded in Plat' IN THIS AD
GIN I Book 31 at page 45 and 45A ,
BOURBON DRY of the public records of Duval
> 1 111M
I raY,IMw County, Florida and the rturn 4.". ARE GOOD Steaks 69
$d9! of such property so vacated to ; } ,
..,. I & $3 99 acreage for the purpose of tax-' ;, .. AT YOUR _
,ation. Said part to be vacated .
Is more particularly described A & P
FOR 1111 .is follows: : I\ "Soper-Ri&ht" Extra Lean Freskly-GROUNO

Commence at the Southeasterlycorner WAREHOUSESTORE :

of Cleveland Heights,. 19
** .rw. yi w..w< | CINZANO Unit 5 as recorded In Plat Beef 3 t1.

Are Now At WOflfO Book 31, pages 22 and 22A: r .
ipuJkt.'Iu1i1Au: SWEET of the public records of Duval, r

JAX OR ourVERMOUTH County Florida for a point '. .300 wPRODUCE
of beginning; said point being
AllEOod Brand Sujar Cored
t E3&l S09 situate In the Westerly line of HANAGERf 45th ST. 1-SLICED r
.. Lot 97 of the plat of Garden ( )
B EACH f 99 Vale as recorded in Plat Book 'MB.PKG.
r FEDERAL RESERVE SAZ9 t ;;.i 2, page 1 of said public records Bacon 79 I

Visit Us At The 1o.n,OLD40% ILIND "TOT. ._ Iege SJM 31 minutes; thence 20 North seconds 24 degrees West JHHI_ JANUARY 30 .

1SlMKOVf along the Easterly lines of said 8 '-' _
VODKA s3oARK $. ? plat of Cleveland Heights Unit

Tk I I ; A"IIOID 2 5 and the Westerly lines of Special!' UlI, /1 EASTERN '1 EXTRA SPECIALI!
s3a9. LOWES Lot 97 of said plat of Garden ,,,0,
". GIN" Vale, 83.69 feet; thence North ROUND : Snltaia Braid Quick FrozuPOTATOES
WHITE't .'iA'
JACOUIN'S' 59 degrees 15 minutes 15 seconds '
.L RUM S4o9. PRICES East, 459.48 feet; thence : FRENCH FRIED1.0LBS.
South 0 degrees 42 minutes 45 '
.. .
Sh.> With C NiKInOur : .r
seconds East, 880.42 feet;
MtJtm, E.J.SCOTT'dtuN: 1 s4o9.BRANDS..I' thence South 89 degrees 17

chnP.d..St.t.. ,.ns, OLD( minutes 15,seconds West 74.07 ,POTATOES
.... ,r ,"_. "...;'n'o wet, thence South 25 degrees :
21 minutes 12 seconds East,
IMPORTED '"% IS." feet; thence South 64 degrees 49c
CHERRY JELINEK. WINE SSSRf1111"HuUrr $49slti 38 minutes 48 seconds 1 .
West 117.1 feet, thence North :- LB.
i oto&\.'" 25 degrees 25 minutes 20 seconds MANAGER 2 BAG 25C'ASSISTANT

IMPORTED ; iHiSW West 115 feet, thence ( )
f,: Jacquin'sVODKA South 64 degrees 34 minutes '
041t u k s4tt1>ttk4e1w4e 4III C-
HEDGES i BURKEr 40 secons West 1652.26 feet Special!' MEDIUM'SIIE YELLOW COOKING '
to the Easterly rightofwayline Jane Parker Freshly Baked-PEACH (Special
& BUTLER -- & BARRY of Cleveland Road .(a 60 '

ROUt SCOTCH CHMICOAlrilTHEl ly l foot right-of-way by the office as now pf established the; ONIONS Sin::s 250 i pies ''IB: 1.01' A

b ahs.h.d M Ieq _,JL I tmlNtmrMiti V
P.dv..d,scandal A *'w I RUTVCKT County Engineer); thence North ,EACH
roi MUIMIIM 24 degrees 51 minutes West
k' "d mi.D 'BOURBON Special 1! -
i 1h'dtt., rurm along Easterly right-of- FRESH SWEET JUIcY

unoor a" "N $ > 49 :: $ >59 way thence of North Cleveland 64 degrees Road 34 SO minutes feet- ORANGES 5-LB. 39 C All Varieties CAMPBELL'S CHICKEN (Special)

40 seconds East, 1651.76feet ,13,
SthuclwiM ; thence North 25 degrees 'D., D1 00
EK 5th |
Reg. .
Un 'a 25 minutes 20 seconds.West, Soups 6 $1
$4.75 115 feet, thence North .S degrees Special; FRESH. SWEET ells _.
41 minutes 13 seconds c
West 65.05 feet; thence North JUICY.TEMPLE49C
25 degrees 25 minutes 20 seconds ORANGES :;
IISTMCTIVEJFUKUXS West 115 feet to the UP Really fred.INSTANT.Special. ( ))

679C.'T Southerly line of said plat of
BEER Cleveland Heights Unit 5,thence Special!! FRESI-ROAftED '1i.Ol.
: Coffee 99c
North 64
degrees 34 minutes
40 seconds East along the :. JAI
PRICES GOOfr AT AU" tUR $T(>RE$FOR ONE WEEK Southerly line of Cleveland _ .....
Unit 5 44. .
Heights 86 feet to
NdtlMlTf. ALt MERfcMAHpiSC' GUARANTEED" the point of beginning

:}i. r/V/ -f l''

. .. r
'+ '- .. .. .".....................' ._ T. ..._ 'TT .. ......__....:................. ...... .