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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200698datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 15, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006980740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 15, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 15, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
J :
: DNIhl;, WYOf./flfMn I


.. .. !


** *" *.fht. _.- .. .'. __ *.* ** :
': iIIJ' l
... U.S. Court

i ;
I .- .'....,"',..,....,_. '7' -- .. '"'_ _..- ,, "P' .__"- f .
* PondersCharges

Nation's First Negro' Cabinet Member Approved .
.. '
-- ---- ----- -- -- / /

discrimination, 12 local Negro
policemen lied suit in federal

VOL., 1 IS NO. 44 SATURDAY 1AXBARY 22, 1566 15 CENTS desegregate court here Monday the St. Petersburg seeking to

Police Department.The .
K&* .. plaintiffs represented by
local Negro Atty. James San-
tMl. derlln contended they were
Jm naaitiMB confined to Negro areas thus

'* !fc *# preventing them from gaining
experience to secure
proper advance when available
since placements were alled-
EASTSIDE GIRL DIES gedly based upon race. They
also claimed their chances of
financial gain was also dls- '
couraged on account of their
ability to adVance
Sanderlln's first call In a,
PLAYING BASKETBALL parade of witnesses to the stand
was Police Harold C, Smith
who denied discrimination In
WASHINGTON: Another milestone by the President- sJ'GreatJSocl I!tr'] .r.a c n ed completion th e Department and said that
this week when Dr, Robert C, Weaver (center) former administrator of the Housing and * Negroes were placed In the
Home Finance Agency, was confirmed as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. predominantly Negro Zone 13
I Also confirmed along with the 59-year old New Yorker was Dr Robert C, Wood, bead of Suspect Held Seek Basketeer's Death Raises because they(the officers)could
the political science department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a former nativeof communicate better with members
Jacksonville, who was named undersecretary. Both men are being Congratulated by President Questions Of Physical ExamsThe of their own race, during
Johnson following announcement of their nominations (UPI! TELEPHOTO) investigations.

Others In Smith told the court that Negroes .
SlayingA odd man that hovers over athletic fields and arenas
HAACPer Joinsking's lBJ Appoints R.C. Weaver scored a tragic when point on a Lake City basketball court last department were In first 1950 hired on a by tem the
Tuesday night Death brought down a member of Mat-
painstaking investigation by help, and one of the robbers* thew W. Gilbert's girls team. porary basis and after a few
Group; shot him twice In the rhea t. or are they required to furnish months were made permanent.
First Negro Cabinet Member members of the Duval County The victim was 15 year old a physical examination report
of Identification has When Sanderlln asked Smith
resulted Joyce Wilcox of 1539 Van Buren
Denies ALERT POLICEAt from a physician before ad- whether (the basis of assignment
PayoffSCLC in the apprehension ofa St., who collapsed during a game mission'
WASHINGTON-Dr. Robert C. WflVtf has become first
the suspect of last Saturday's with Richardson High School,
Negro in the history of the United States to be confirmed to fatal pistol slaylng-robbery of about the time the shootingwas apparently of a heart attack. Second: Are proper examinations was race, the police
the President's cabinet. He will bead the newly created Department a Moncrief Road resident. taking place, neighbors 1 She was pronounced dead on being given to athletes chief replied, "Yon can say
Challenging of Housing and Urban Development. Meanwhile, an all-out search standing in front of the locked arrival at Lake Shore Hospital at_frequent___T ._Intervals"...vt to deterJOYCE 'N'r that If you want to."
In naming Dr. Weaver ( he sident Kennedy had tapped him Is being conducted by> both front door of the house heard in Lake City at 810 pm attendants : Further questioning by SanderllD
NAACP LeadershipThe bas a Ph. D. from Harvard) for the position. county and city officers for the shots and rushed to a said. disclosed there was 01 e
President Johnson praised"his President Johnson signed the two other suspects. phone and called the patrol. An autopsy is scheduled but Negro sergeant and two Negro -
Jacksonville branch of high level of integrity and ability bill creating the new depart- Arrested at his 936 W. 28thRAYMOND When they returned to the was not made known how soon detectives on the force,
the NAACP from all appearances ." ment on Sept. 8, 1985, and It house, they found Gordon lyingon It would be performed. non of whom bad participated
is having its share of Internal The former administrator of officially came Into being la the floor bleeding profusely. Should the autopsy show that r In the suit.
as well as external woes. the Housing and Home Finance early December Gordon was rushed to the medical the young athlete died as the The second witness for the
At least two members of agency..the main unit in the In announcing Weaver's selection center where he was pro- result of a heart condition It plaintiffs was Charles B. Shorter -
the local organization have new development.has been In President Johnson said nounced dead on arrival. will raise some questions already a former officer on the
Joined with Rev. Martin Luther the top echelon of federal that the appointee had been The dead man's guests were asked. force who has resigned In 1962
King's Southern Christian government since 1933,when he selected from among 300 'out- unharmed reports concluded. First: Are Duval school stu- having served five and one half
Leadership Conference which was a member of the "black standing potential candidates.' dents given physical examinations years. Shorter Is currently a
bas opened offices here and is cabinet" pf President Franklin He called the new cabinet mem Sailor Given before entering school teacher in the Plnellas school
Delano Roosevelt. ber-elect "a quiet, but articulate ,.l. system.
r'-Jn710 Born In the nation's capital man of action." ., The plaintiffs completed their
11 ..2.3. 58 years ago, be moved from Job h 20 Years Inv Sheriffs MullDesegregation .'- Y, : ; I case Monday and the city presented -
111' his first governmental Job as 40 CorpsPositions Its defense on the fallowing -
r,28J advisor "on NegrO' AffatT to. 1ults' Slaying day.OB the M ing which.
the interior department Open mine their abillty'toparticipateIn has been pending for a numberof
through many dealing directlywith A Navy shore patrolman was strenuous t competitive months
housing and 10 years later Gordon Punshon, manager of .. given 21-year sentence in Ral- Of Academy sports?
found himself director of Negro the Jacksonville Youth Oppor- ford State Prison for the Aug. Joyce, who was described by
manpower In the War Man- tunity Center reported Monday, 29 slaying of his fr lend. ST. AUGUSTINE-Faced witha officials at Matthew Gilbert as Freed GIsDisappear
that he bas received notification "a nice girl the
very quiet
power commission. Sentence by Circuit Judge John possible legal suit, there is
During the postwar era. from Job Corps headquartersIn McNatt was Raymond Toombs, a possibility that the Florida type," was the daughter of Mr
a he served as rent administratorfor Washington, D.C. asking his GRIFFINSt. '39, of 2963 Snowdrop Court. Sheriffs may abolish racially and Mrs. Samuel Wilcox who
k New York State, and as office to recruit and screen home Tuesday by warrant The defendant pleaded guilty to segregated classes at their Law are the parents of 10 other
chairman of New York City's 40 Job Corps candidates from armed Detectives Willie Wes- second degree murder of Alfred Enforcement Academy In Tallahassee. children; Richard 22, Mrs. FORT BUCKNER, Okinawa
housing and redevelopment the Northeast Florida area by ton and Buster Ford and being Fair Sr., 27, of 1845 W. Lucille Williams, 19, Samuel S/Sgts. Claude E. McClure,
board.In January 31.Punshon held In county jail pending fur- 19th St.., a fellow shore patrolman. The Academy's racial policy 18, George 18,Robert 14,Daniel Chattanooga Negro and George
ERSWNE HEPBURN1 1960, he was named by said that Job Corps ther investigation is Raymond was challenged last year when 13, Barbara Jean, 11, Elalne,9. E. Smith, Chester, W, Va.,
well on its way challenging the President John F, Kennedy as candidates will be assigned to Griffin, Jr.Pronounced. The proscecutor, State Atty. Theodore A. Hood, a Winter Linda 8, and Angela Darlene,7 Vletcong prisoners of war freed
leadership headed by Rutledge administrator of the Federal one of the Job Corps Centers dead on arrivalat William Hallowes said the two Park Negro Policeman applied Funeral arrangements are under last November have literally
Pearson which spearheaded a Housing and Home Finance a- that are located throughout the Duvl County Medical Center men, on duly on the night of for admission and in being the direction of Dallas Graham dropped out of sight.
ire-Christmas downtown gency, United States after his records after having received two the Incident, visited a woman turned down was told a class Funeral Home but have The two soldiers made front
boycott that failed to gain sup His appointment to a cabinet are forwarded to Washington. pistol shots in the chest is friend and the shooting took for Negro officers was being not yet been completed. page news following a press
porters. post finally ends maneuveringwhich Enrollees In the Job Corps Edgar Gordon, 50, who livedat place outside the woman's held In St. Augustine. Program confernce in Pnompenh, Cambodia
Early this week Erstine Hep- began In 1963, when Pre- will receive room and board 5712 Moncrlef Road. home following an argumentby This was followed by the filing UnderwayT when they were quotedas
born, a former member of the and work clothing, medical care Duval County Patrolman J.C. the two men. of a complaint by Winter disagreeing with the United
executive board, reported tome and dental care, and will be Young and J.W. Rambach said It was also revealed that Fair Park's mayor to the board of Sgt Clint Shows of the local States war In Viet Nam. They
FLORIDA STAR that he VictimIdentified paid $30 a month for spending shortly before 10 p.m. Saturdaytwo was shot in the mouth by a directors, and Chairman Flan- Air Force Recruiting Office since have denied making such
sots voted off the board because money and will receive $50 for armed men entered Gordon bullet tired from Toombs' ders Thompson, Lee County announced this week that the statements
of reports that he bad every month they have spentIn home and demanded money from pistoL Fair died Sept..3. sheriff met with the board and Air Force is now accepting Both are said to be "not under -
received: $m to help organize the Job Corps when they him and two unidentified guest. Toombs according to Defense proposed that the racial policybe applications for the Air Force detention," although they
the Lincoln and New. Deal cab leave. Gordon complied by giving the Atty. Richard J. Riley, would abandoned when the associa- Nurse Corps To qualify for were charged last Dec. 21 with
Irivers. By 'Prints1Results" Interested young men are invited men $100 and the guests gave have rtlred with 20-yearl5er- tion's 67 sheriff membershipmet this program, an applicant must bavin g given aid to the enemyby
Hepburn who Is now associated 'to. com to the Youth the bandits $4, the report ala vice in February, but since in Its mid-Wiliter meeting be a registered nurse and have preparing, furnishing and
rlth the SCLA, denied the chares of an investigation by Opportunity Center at 400 West ted. having be convicted of mur- It is believed that the vote passed the State Board Of Nur- delivering to the Vietcong cer-
{ and displayed a letter from the Duval County Bureau of Ashley Street, Monday through der, his I r i Iremenl -. cords may be taken Thursdy after sing, and between the ages of tale documents, statements and
Trends Moon, an official in Identification resulted in clearing Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 400; p.m. CALLED IN VAIN were destroyed the STAR toes to press. 20 and 35. writings
.... International Union District up the mystery surrounding for further information on bow
JO, United Mine Workers of the identity of a victim hurled they may become a memberof then Gordon called, according to neighbors I to officers for Committee Preps For Annual Event' I

amerlca which stated through the air to his deathas the Job Corps .. .. ... ._ ..._ _._ :
-- ---- -
------- -- --" --- ---- -- --- ----- --
"Dear Sirs, the result of a boiler explosion

"I understand there isa rumor Tuesday. .- '.,; w -a.iM/. .
\put! around that I paid Mr. E. TIle victim Identified through i ,
:lepburn the sum of $500.00 to his fingerprints by the Uureau
win me in trying to organize is Willie Dukes.
fee ,Lincoln Taxlcab In Jackson. Dukes, a laborer, was working ,, B
:rille, Fla. There is no truth at a Northwest Duval County hog I'
n this statement, I have never farm along with Marshall Win-
liven Mr. Hepburn any money gate, 51, whose brother own \
tor anything and my organl- .. .-- ;
.lion would not permit me to
to so. A proposal to provide Job and cultural and economic de-
Francis E. Moon"It training with pay for 220 young privation.The .
has been reported that the people from age 16 through project is a Joint effort e, ., j" .ir, I
ICLC is considering throwingIs 21, who are unemployed and by the Duval County Board of t'f"I I e I Ir V'wL
support behind the striking' have been school drop-outs for Public Instruction's Vocationaland .,
Jaylight Grocery store wor- a year of more was signed Adult Education Division of
.rs--a union dispute in which Tuesday by John E. Saare, Director the public school system and
he NAACP took an ineffective of the Division of Adult the Florida State EmploymentS
art during 1964.Wilkins and Vocational Education,Ducal If v I Ie". Youth Opportunity
County Public School Systemand Center

Gordon Punshon, manager Young men and women selected s v ,
of the Jacksonville Youth Opportunity to take this training will' ,4 r I
SpeaksOut ) Center. be paid $19 a week plus transportation -
This Jacksonville Multl-occu- If they are single
AgainstViet patlonal Special Youth Project and without work experience and
.. Is designed to provide the youth those young people with two
Nam CriticsNEW -- of this community an oppor- years experience may be eligible
WILLIE DVKEJ tunity through vocational trainIng to receive from 28 to
the facility when a boiler exploded to prepare themselves with 38 dollars a week plus transportation
YORK-Roy Wilkins hurling Dukes some SO the skills necessary to be able while they are In
NAACP executive director last feet to his death and causing to secure meaningful employment training. kL :
week said its organization injuries to Wlngate who was TIle project Is 100% Federally IL
"disassociates Itself' from a hospitalized. The project is aimed at those financed under the Manpower
statement opposing United States According I to Investigators, youth who without training are Development and Training Act
involvement in Viet Nam Wlngate was standing on one end and will remain unemployable of 1962. The cost of the pro-
and the encouragement of civil of the boiler and Dukes on the because of a multiplicity of ject which Includes vocational vlimj
rights workers to seek an alternative other when Dukes was reportedto problems-.they dropped out of training, basic training and sub- ,.
to.the draft. have cut off the steam. It school prior to achieving the slstance and training allowance ar

He referred specifically to is believed that the pressure basic education required to will amount to $139,222. ..,. .
------- -
the official Student Nonviolent inside the boiler rose to a function In society today, they Recruiting of young men and -- -
Coordinating Committee state- point to have caused the explosion. are untrained and unskilled in women for the training will PLANS UNDERWAY Board and staff members of the Jack tamable through the local Urban League Office. Board members
sweat opposing U.S.Involvement the technical occupations demanded start immediately and Interested sonvllle Urban League's Annual Meeting Committee met seated from left areL Mrs. Pauline Coffee, Mrs Alpha 101,
to Viet Nam and the draft. The boiler was used to boil by today's employers young people should make Wednesday to complete plans for the annual meeting scheduled Moore, Mrs Martha Horne, Mrs Asa Gardiner and Mrs.
Be previously had expressedopposition swill gathered from restaurants they come from families with application at the Youth Opportunity for Monday night, Feb. 21 during which time WhitneyM. Cornelia CXRee, UL administrative secretary. Standing from
to civil rights groups to feed the hogs histories of unemployment and Center located at 400 Young Jr., director of the National Urban League will be! left: Clanzell T. Brown, UL Associate Director; Dr. W.W.
becoming Involved in other callI Wlngate was treated at a local many of them live in slumsof West Ashley Street. the principal speaker, A limited number of tickets to the Schell, UL President and Dr. Hunter H Satterwhlte, committee -
see. hospital and released. appalling conditions social banquet will go on. sale In the near future and will be ob chairman. (Royal Arts Studio Photo)

f .

: c


NEWS \ To Be Equal

published by the Florida Star -m*


ERIC 0. SIMPSON .r... two distances-how
Every step in race relations: measures
ALYSON E WiSE............ far we've come and how far have we yet to go. It cannot be
denied that the appointment of Dr. Rot ert C. Weaver, a Negroas

HILDA WOOTEN......... a member of the Cabinet,of the United States government
we've come but to see anything
is an indication of ho w far ;
PnoGftA. : unusual in the appointment of a man s, highly qualified is ameasure
of how far we have yet to go
2323 Moneriet Road Photo ; 1 said practically the Mme thingrein the Wroductory chapter
"To Be Equal, to Dr. Weaver's
appointment earlier as head of the Housing and Home finance
Mailiig AriDN Agency. "Here is a man who has hlsbacheolor's, his master'sand
G his Ph. D.degrees with honors from Harvard
P. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville J REr;rjoN ,,',. University; and who has had twenty-five years'
experience in housing and in administration.Them
MIAMI OFFICE "t unusual thing about It Is the fact that this
-Job has never had in it a man with such outstanding .

138 NN 3rd Aie. And qualifications.S3: today we applaud" not Dr. Weaver, but a

President who has recognized these qualifications -
$ THIS'}
and placed In a high and deserving
position the Individual who properly measuresup
SUBSCRIPTION RUE COURAGE-THE to the job to be done In the Department of
Onp Year, $6.00 Half FEELIHG THATHEHAS Housing and Urban Development.
lulled! toyou Anywhere In the AWOR/fTODOArALL In future columns I shall be discussing the full significanceof
Subscription; payable COSTS; THE XN5E this new Department and It great challenges and opportunities

Send: Check or :Money ; OF DUTY. ", .xn that will Increasingly affect the large majority of Americans
r who now live In urban communities. With our knowhowand
tURIDA STA.1 P.O. -.- resources, our cities can become--must become--havens
Jacksonville 1, 1 of hope rather that the dungeons of despair which they pre
sently are for so many.
Today, 1 wish to single out the appointment of Dr. Weaveras
symbolic of what!: I believe 1966 can become in race r-
latlons for our country. The first half of the sixties will be
remembered best as the period in which the tangible, visible -
Brooke Hopeful GOP blocks to the Negro citizen were removed--in employment, .

a .... in the use of public accommodations, In housing, education,V
health and welfare, or in the very crucial area of voting. ,
Massachu etts It will also be remembered as the period In which new, large-
Attorney WAKENING were initiated for the of'
scale remedial programs purpose
ward W. ookeai
a rehabilitating the dlsadvantaged and compensating for the years
the Senate from of historic abuse and deprivation.Now .
bright a star for the however with this significant appointment usheringin
been wondering how they the second half of this decade the optimism which feel
the disgruntled minorities. for the year ahead Is well justified I predict for one thing,
Some politicians predict less Inclination toward concentration on conflict situations,
the who has the Weekly and mire attention to the positives, the successes and the
man cooperative efforts. The real reason for this will be that more
begets loyalty and responsibility and resources will be placed In fie' hands of
from different groups of Negr o leadership to implement asst\tance'programs, crime
been dreaming of prevention and rehabilitation efforts. The Negro, given more
years," said a GOP Guide opportunities, will focus more on se U.help programs(remedial
were elected, it could and school, etc.) than on demonstrations. He will evidence
party image overnight.: increasing pride and confidence and new aspirations which u till
have been surpressed.
tributes, Brooke personifies I predict that there will be a continuation of the conscious
ition of the Grand Old ASTROLOGER effort by Negro citizens to register and vote, and, in so doing,
forceful and articulate to reward those who have indicated a desire and a sincere
Brooke has a boldness interest in their pllght--at the same time using this means
boundary; and when LUCKY DAYS FOR to reject regardless of party label, those who have provento
Saltonstali announced his be'mere opportunists and stumbling blocks to justice and

the Senate Brooke LOVE to constructive, corrective programs.
The year 1966 will more than likely see the first Negro,
driver's seat.Brooke's since Reconstruction, elected to the U.S. Senate, and if a
term of office as vacanc)' should occur, I have no doubt that President Johnson
eral has "mellowed" would not helstate to name one of our many qualified Negro
The to the U.S. Court.
judges Supreme
psychology. s 1
will match any candidate up before the winter is over. always be the case. There may Allor this progress, ondergirded, encouraged and made
lines anyday and The Virgoans who are farsighted be some good opportunities for possible by an Increase In the number of decent, fair-minded
anytime. will recognize the value the sale or purchase of old Intelligent white citizens will help bring to America to the
Then too, a lot of the 'of all spare time available as properties which should for all
land of ,
be point where it will be not only the opportunity
voters will get the providing the needed opportunity checked Into thoroughly before regardless of race, but, in fact, the "&..and of the Free and the
their concience by voting to take up training courseto they are passed up entirely. Hone: of the Brave"
candidate to prove they perfect their existing talents. Although you may be called
iudiced. They can count on The time and effort you spend upon to make short trips, some
elected .. with your loved ones,especially of them may turn out c to be Let's, Talk PoliticsBY
h'gh-typa '" those whit iret In their tender ;.:'unproductive or frustrating ",;
Let the Brooke star Imes't
care and yean, certainly will f NORMAN E. JONES
Massachusetts' political not be wasted. It may be time
when it does, it will keep to start cultivating some interests -
outside of the home. The Increased political activity of the Negro in Florida
There is a chance that it would e during the past year is dramatically indicated by the reelection -
:help some of you to start a .21l.Ul1.1t of Atty. Cunningham to Riviera Beach City Council,
South Short- .career. Do not expect to better the election of Ted Nichols In Melbourne, James E. HugerIn
working conditions by going to Sort Daytona Beach, Claude Brooks in Crystal River and the near
Dec 2n I IJon.
a new community. It is more miss by just 1,000 votes of Mrs. Althle Range to the City

The South is short-changing prudent to hold on to what you lth Commission of Miami.
got. The election of Brooks to the City Council of I
poor people' in the national' While Crystal River Is perhaps the most surprising
gainst poverty. your long range plansare and most significant as Citrus County 1s In the '

Millions of dollars are going you can nearing take the off point in the where desired area commonly known as"RThe Wool Hat Section'I 1 y

while most of the better j1JAa direction, a few unexpected where Negroes were permitted to register In
numbers only after the of the |
are getting their due share. monetary, professional 1 passage Voting
Born Sept. 23rd Rights Bill. He became the first Negro ever
traceable' problems
to a 'lack of may require you t to to for
run Public Office in the County
funds. a slight delay. You1111
-0 t. 23rd Citrus
< discover In County is geographically grouped in the
good time that this
Most poverty programs was much more hard core of North Florida Counties with Bradford
sponsorship, which means a 19C6 may not be getting off than you presently realize.Con County where a Negro was elected to the '
tribution from the sponsor to the kind of start that you sequently banish the tendenc city Council of Lawtey and forced to resign after threats to
not necessarily have to be in have been hoping for. But don'tworry to worry or to give vent to his life and family. The reaction of hard core Racists in the

take the form of suitable' With Venus going on a your annoyance. Someone whom
When local' sponsorship is very long'retrograde journey you may have befriended or SIGNIFICANT TREND AFFECTS GOVERNOR'S RACE
it stands to reason that
your helped out
difficult initiate some sort of creative and emotional interests either financially may This significant! political activity and increased registrationof
more or
program. It is well-nigh >; may come to a stand hostile attitude. This shouldbe adopta the Negro, which may reach 500,000 by the time of the
etrate the rural' South in still. You will simply have to offset by the loyalty of others May primaries, is setting a precedent in the forthcoming
issippi. abide your time and consoli- who are devoted to you and election of statewide officials in the May primaries and the
Our large Negro dte your position in every your interest General Election in November, so no longer can the Demo
cratic Primary winners take for granted their election
best !* other respect. Those of you ,since the
way qualified to get who are wed would do wellto strong opposition of the Republican Party In recent years.
programs going. Then why assume the passive role It has only been since 1946, a short two decades ago, since
and allow your mates to play tp2 the Negro won the right to participate in the Democratic Primaries
aggressive and positive ap- In Florida and then only In the few larger counties.
How To Get Rich proach. Thee private Intereststhat Bern Feb. 19th- However in the past three years and particularly since the
have been paramount of late passage of the Voting Rights Bill, Negro registration has been ,.
may now produce some very Mar 20th stepped up in the racists North Florida and Panhandle Counties
Do you want to know hopeful results Your con to boost the total of Negro voters to more than double since

wealthy? We are not science is vour guide 1960.
J. Paul Getty, who is Marriages that did not come offlast This coming Gubernatorial Race shows a marked trend of V
; month stand fair chanceof the
richest major candidates from previous years in that they all,
man in the United doing so the next thirty days., even at this early date, are scrambling for the Negro Vote-
written a book entitled: S But there will be more obstacles openly: while In the previous elections since 1946 the Negro
When he outlines what you mllpio standing in the way, Bloc Vote went by default to the least objectionable candidate
say,"Gee, ain't it simpler Born some of them being the products without too much organized effort as the candidates were
Oct. 24th of your own mind or leery of being identified too
Many men have achieved closely--or at all with the Negro
minds to believe that Inner misgivings. In any event Bloc Votes.
they -Nov.
22nd when doubts are serious enough
or wealthy. They keep d there will be no harm In waiting
themselves so often that Refrain from forcing issues until after the middle ofRFebruary The Urban League Story

to happen. Not only this, where you live for possible t o take up the whole
so hard that they make aftermaths could leave you matter once again. This would!
come true. more confused or frustratedthan give friends additional time red BY C. T. BROWN
Mr. ever. And If you are under opportunities> to get to knoweacb
Getty's counsel l is
so taking any repairs or reconstruction other better.tlrptaJ ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR JAX URBAN LEAGUE
a small child can understand jobs, make certain

First, go into business for { that all safety regulations are

salaried man never gets complied with by members of uJ The employment situation in Duval County is below the
income). the family, persons under your average necessary to absorb the influx of young people
Second Discipline 'employ and your own sell This Born Jon. 20th into the Job market and the unskilled or semi-skilled coming available -
prevent mishaps or financial for
may jobs. We
wherever are optimistic about some employment
claims being charged up
opportunities that
Third, Pay your debts "; to you. Scorpios who do a bit -Feb. 18thNo such as IBM technicians are available, and apprentices for the first for time to our city,

Fourth, Work, work and work 'if local traveling should find matter bow difficult It may: and plumbing electrical work

Forget the nine-to-five work this period fairly profitable U appear to you, make no decisions However, the employment picture Is not bright enough to
don t count on free not always comfortable. before you are sure change the outlook for the unemployed unskilled
Remember that he who that you have the full approvalof and underemployed Negro The local League
heartedly Into business higher-ups of official cir hopes to Initiate an on-job-tralning program in
succeed. !If he any does the sP'lit 1ll. ld cles. This is reinforced by indications the near future to help provide and prepare I
average person to find
that supposed established a Job in the economy I
money will come In so fast In their places. Results that Is stable and rewarding. On-the Job-train- II

bury, him if he doesn't watch to may be hard to come by.: fag programs "* jointly sponsored b>r the
Born Nov. 23rd seeing that you could be handicapped Federal Government and local companies or
by a problem of envtr o- firms to help salvage human resources In the
Join The -Dec. 21st ment or of a personal nature. labor market. ___. .
There should be for you The strict policies you have The National Urban League's Executive Director
to complain abu! ,. ... the way previously Introduced to Insurepecuniary Whitney M Young, Jr., has declared "the core.of the civil
of returns from your worldly stability should be rights problem U the matter of achieving equal opportunity
or professional activities. maintained at the level that for Negroes In the labor market. For It stands to reason
March Of Although you may not have as you have found In your best that all other rights depend on that one for fulfillment. We
yet obtained the maximum it Interest. cannot afford better education for our children, better housing
| does not signify that this will or medical care unless we have Jobs"

1 1 .

.J. J, ,

.. .

- _.-. --, ... .., "'-- .. J. '
---------- -- -

n'n 1


Tri Faith Panel Survey Claims-- Famed Quads To Receive Another Citation i I ft'I:

SOCIALLYSPEAKING ... ___ r ....., ;
Hi thLOUIPF Scheduled At YWCAThe ilillt !tStlIg IT39I9 ,
Reduction In
mam s mam BTBR EBWW t jsa ;
WINYAM Y-Jewel Club of the Young .11-
p ir r ar aeror J..
Women Christian Association Cigarette Smoking BCT4
will present a Trl-Falth Panelon id titf; i>f "
Wednesday evening Janu- vS I
SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT--Nancy Ann Frlnks freshman ary 26th at the YWCA locatedon A gradual but perceptible shut RSRf glt117 tM ,nu
speech correction major at Florida A4M University la shown East Duval Street at 8.00 in cigarette smoking habits has Rl r
receiving: the 1968 Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship Awardpre- p.m. been noted over the past five 6 a r'- tltl7u: w,+t

sentsd by Beta Alpha and Delta Kappa Omega chapters at the The film "One God" "111 be years despite a rise in total w-

annual Founders'Day program held Sunday January 9, in shown prior to the Panel dis cigarette consumption.
Lee Hall Auditorium on the FAUU campus. The presentation cussion. Participating on the The announcement was made m

panel will l Sidney M. .tefkowltz Rabbi of lic Information Director of the
of the American llRltltll{
Congregation Ahavath Chessedthe Florida Division

( Jewish Temple), Father Cancer Society, with head-
Richard Cowles Bishop Kenny quarters in Tampa. He said
that the information was obtained -
High School; Rev. Robert Webster -
chaplain Edward Waters from the Society manual
College and Mrs. Marian Flow "1966 Cancer Facts and .t(1I'( / gp r to .a t v .

ers who will moderate the pa- Figures
nel. It was further disclosed In :JI

h The trl-Falth Panel is in con- the manual that the U.s. Public
t. Junction with the study of Health Service has estimatedthat
Christian Faith one of the program there are now about IS
priorities adopted for million ex-smokers A survey
study by the National Young shows a drop in the propor
Women Christian Association.A tion of adult cigarette smokers
special Invitation is exten- from 59 per cent in 1962, downto

ded to all YWCA members and 52 per cent in 1964. This I T
the public 7 point decline added to that : 'N "fw

shown in earlier studies indi- .
Airman Johnson cates that, among men, nearlyone
out of four is now an

BasicSAN ex-cigarette smoker according ,
Completes to the U.S. Surgeon General.It :1 I

ANTONIO, Tex.--Airman is also reported that physicians : ;
far less .
Sarah are sacking
P.A. Johnson daughterof
Mrs. Murdis Johnson of 2044 that the general public. There 'IJ J
has has been a drop in smoking
Kingston St, Jacksonville
doctors in this countryand t
been assigned to Hamilton AFB among estimated 1 w ''ems. t4IL n;
in England to an
Calif, after completing Air
Force basic training. 30 per cent. A mortality study ..< '
(Doll-Hill) conducted over a
The airman will be trained
on the Job as a communications 10 year period among British i r! TT;
male physicians show a 7 per

cent decline in the lung cancer 1LULtz IL .4
Is being made by Glynette Bowers anti-baslleus of Beta \ death rate in contrast to a

Alpha chapter. A native of Chattahoochee Miss Frlnks U the 22 per cent Increase among i I

daughter of Mrs Mable Frlnks 1157 West Tenth Street other males--attributed, In the I i'lAA I 'S ,t ,
Jacksonville"FAMU staff photo by Ernest FUlyau. context of other data, to the a : :
fact that physicians have given -
Dedication activities for William M. Raines High School In up smoking because they are
addition to civic the next week's celebratioD of the
qualities during more subjectively aware t '
.. W Aw Air
will Include a dazzling array of fashions by Miss Ethel dangers and relationship of -- ---- -- -

Spears and a semi-formal banquet Friday January 28 in cigarette smoking and lung

the school's cafeteria cancer. The famous Fujtt Quads as they pose between classes at departments and Its sports teams. Tie comely coed nv'

Dr Andrew A. Robinson Is principal of William Raines High Eehune( Cookman College Daytona Beach, Florida The young become synonymous with the annual Change Blossom 'l'la<""
FIRST SCHOOL CHARTER where their gracing of a beautifully decorated float upr
School ladles Mary Catherine Mary Louise, Mary Ann and Mary
James M.IJI\On. in 1815. mgnjcd tenting a concern is one of the highlights.l r I uu i
Alice soon to be featured in a national magazine are sophomores national
...................... for Georgetown University annual parade.
specialist with On Air ueiense the first Congressional ch.irtcr to at Bethune-Cookman Bettiune-Cookman has embraced the Quads to its nrirt
Command. The Quads, highly popular on and off campus have made
in institution of learning in the and vice
Jenny Stynes of Washington D.C. was guest player when A 1964 graduate of New Stanton L S.. the. nholic frequent appearances on behalf of the college, Its various versa
Digest re-
Millie Smart entertained the Zenith Bridge Club last Saturday High School, attended Ed- (Theodore Johnson Pint)
evening Mrs. Smart awarded club prizes to Mesdames Mary wards Waters College porn
breaker and Ester Simmons Ruth Parrett was the recipientfo

of the door prize. Top Group Ushers In Current Spring Fashions Council MeetingThe Slates Meeting

Other members present included Mesdames Elizabeth Harris -_... -------_._---,_._._.._...,_.,-<- -- ----- .... --.---. .
Sarj'1 Dawkins Cowl ,,!a.
Corine Kennedy, of Fernandina Beach Claudia Burns Hazel
; Joe H. James Past exalted of J., will meet Tuesday it :
Lllllerthal and Elizabeth Jones r x Rulers Council 29 will
l k y w p.m. In the Mas mli i I. uq'' .
Mrs. Stynes a former resident of Jacksonville Is the aunt $ '
scft 1 b4. V. meet Sunday at 3 p.m., In the 4th floor
of Mrs. Lllllenthal
.................................... Elks Auditorium Worthy matron llattu I ll" K ""I
District Deputy Grand Exalted has asked! all memlx., t? i
Eva Rosier and Vermal McCone completed bridge tables for
Ruler E.J. Norman will make tend tie first meetin "i "
Gems at Its regular meeting Friday evening at L. Caryle his official visit and Install the new and be it
Davis on W. Eighth St. Mrs, McCone qualified for the guest new officers year pnpai'
pay all dues In full f fill i I I'
prize All members have been askedto and endowment! for I Serena Wheeler and Myrtis Thomas were winners of club contact George Warren and

prizes. EvelyntGalvUi, Catherine 'Ja kson; Marie McClaln, attent the meeting. The year's "
Sylvester ZJossarQ Marie Streets and Thelma Johnson were ,program wllj) be, outlined by., : lodge To Meet
among members present. Dr. L.C. Ervln, chief antler
IYvJ Lily White Lodge: 1'"I' t I t'
ttf ntgpuhttf tnnttn Coming'henls sponsor its ainbuw I Tea tl 1/1 I

A gospel program has been Joe II. James Cfllt'l! i Mnuh
Daisy CIHiard was hostess when Kelvinettes Bridge Club scheduled in Blbleway Church from 4 to v p.in.
held Its most recent meeting. All members of the club par Sunday at 3 p.m. The programis The particlpai inclutt MI
ticipated In the event. Evelyn Joyce Clintonu:
being sponsored by the Sun-
Norma White, Doris Bennett Barbara Harper and Dorothy nVt beam Spiritual Singers drey Fisher, Mrs Alv,':!"'i' M
Oliver qualified fo r prizes. Emma L. George, Celestine w Mrs. Bertha Belle will sponsor Queen Mrs Mi ti, I II'' '
Nicks Geraldine Hllllard, Sara Lovette Pearl Mackey Ann the Sunbeam Singers In a Washington Mrs 'irihn'i '
Monroe Nan Fletcher and Pauline Davis were among members musical program Sunday at t;30 Morse, Mrs .:.N. I "" "

present In African Mrs Irma JiMnOlom,
y.m., United Church _

WHEN YOU ARE ILL Consultation/


YOU Seek The Best Doctor Eiammatio
Ii' .
\When\' your Doctor Prescribes ;
You Will Aa Told In Plain \Word/ fiat the Tr' u.
Get Experienced pharmacists 1
raat Is Causing It and! Gnat "Nav'in n.'no 't" .
,. According to your Doctor'aOrder.
It If You Suffer \BlthtSTMU :
.. we Use Only The Best
c g 1ILAlI:
R1IRITlS IIeAnvnirV 1'1 .\T:1)0; : ;': '
Quality nrugs Proprietor

3 KEGISTtkbO: : PHARMACISTS TO ERVE YOU- COLDS 1I\RI; IIs'tASNRRV"Lm't'!' ;: ';*...i 1! '.

A COMPLETE LINE, or IIIIf1Vfi7.A STOIACH ni mnn:: Pe1VIl'f'Iq"t', .,

tbsmetica-Rubber -"' WOOD ft SKIN PTwm: rant'INTS'lVA '.
NEW: itAKS tJi<)' -vogue oO, comprised of a number hairdos were displayed Participants standing from left are:
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DlUVERED.Lilly's of the city's top models, thrilled their dyed-ln-wool followers Blrdell Lambert, Eloulse Washington Eula Thornton, Gladys NEURITIS! Dl'l"\3l : !. ')1''(). 'I

during their recent fashion show held in spacious Club Craps Bernice Smith, Juanita Prince, Vivian Hill ... ira SCIATICA KIPNLY" & TMWRL1VF1 I"OMC| PIWWMM
Eldorado where! the latest In current and spring styling and Chills, Martha Burns, Theresa Mackey and Alice .Degree 'e UJVBAOO t IMLLHN / "\ '* .'" free
Store next hr.I"n,! i s.IlQW.:6'JJl.' be..anlliI.Wlt.elf.._ '
Drug I AND 'TO,'TX

I treat conditions commonly conn I 'It'red "II'' ,

Women's Talk without the use of a knife. Modern: MI.th'>il',. "tnosli ,
-- -I
-- --- ----- -
1907 KINGS ROAD EL-3.8276 und treatment FRsE-PX4vIN4TInv I "Y WOIONLY ? ',

intercourse 32 years 8\4CCPlt i fil practice In J'iclmlOUSS "'"

TWO BIRDS, ONE STONEA : 10 e. in. to 6: 30 I''. m. .... "'I'')N; I 1- ,
drug used to clear up a certain kind of veneral infection REST POTENTIALThe DR. REX SMITH

also appears to have an unusual side effect--that of curing 900 '/'ellt Ptuti, Street (Htalrs)
well the not conclusiveas next electric helper we housewives can look forward to .
alcoholism as Although findings are
If want better whiskeygo than from appliance-land is an electric window washer. What a Office Fnrmerlv'rcur'ied" hv rir I.v"ck'r.1j'''' i j''
you a yet studies of the drug, metronldazole--used on more fsneesMf
the 200 alcoholics In two hospitals..show decrease In compulsionto rest potential this packet presents.I ___ ....
right to top.
drink and an Increase in aversion to alcohol.
Seagram's 7 Crown is Metronldazole a prescription drug, gets its name for the
organism it Is effective against trlchomonas vaginal, a
The Sure One.IUGlAI"'TutI1C011N11Y"IOIIClTf.kbllllD""lsaI' microscopic parasite which Is transmitted only through sexual

r- a InstantPhotos

.B to


SOC f l SfOpfyA

I r ri Each
: A 1 r rnt

?fAMPB '

Royal Art StudioSOCIAL



515 DAVIS ST. \


ELGIN 4-1894- .w.eva.w DOV.ANMIN AADAD

.MMOff.UftCMNMUIMilM'I Beef at its BestSATUR


f *

: Ir -ltw w.w.www. e.sr. rose ; t .. .m :.r. .. r.v. .._.. r. .. v r .r... .
i f-

.__ .., __ w arse.... w
f '. ... .ww war w L.rw w--

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Along The Church PathBY Anniv rslry Celebrants Schedule Project A Thought For The Pahtka Week

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ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS .. W '1\' : '. :rfr/ ::..i a Time is the sand of life And wish to pin It

Wt caD but wish ta tin
:\' And when we waste a grainWell
Six auxiliaries to the Progressive Baptist Stat e Convention : ,
o f Florida will meet in their varied annual sessions March ,
IZ through 27. Th a groups will hold their meetings simultaneously after being absent from these columns; for several
with the parent body which will convene wttt IlL fr rears we are returning at the request of so many who used
Ararat Baptist Church. to read our column In the Florida Star,one of Florida's leadingrace

Women's body of wbch Mrs H.B. Miller ot weekly newspapers. We are again featuring the article,
Green Cove Springs is the leader, will observeIts Is Tills You? so at this point we shall begin awlth a very fine
52nd annual session. young lady who Is a senior at Central Academy High School

The newly revised Junior Women's group under She really posesses a very pleasing personality. She lives
the leadership of Mrs Rosa S. Lee will be Intheir with her parents. I think she plays basketball. She with the
second observance The Youth ConventionMiss r k_ rest of the family lives out on the extreme west, the N. Westside
Nora Davis of Orlando, general super. out of the city limits. They have a ':59 green and white

visor, to whom the Rev H.B. Wbitehurst 01 Ford. Now I am sure she knows we are talking about her.
Sanford serve as minister, will observe their 9 If she will contact this reporter she will receive two passes
5th upgraded year. t to the show
The Children's Convention, also a new regradea group under
to whom the ...*...***...***.*************
the general leadership of Mrs M.M. Warren
Rev W.J. Glover of St. Petersburg serves as chairman of The
Shepherd Boys will meet in Its 39th annual session. The officers of J.A. Nottage Lodge IBPOE of W will be
Members of the various ...arches will find it to their advantage installed Monday night. Mr. E.J. Norman District Deputy
to permit their children to share in the activities of these will be present to perform the Installation ceremony A ban.
two groups. Excellently prepared adult s supervise the deliberation quet will be the main feature of bills and daughters An
which afford ach child a participating opportunity $ Invitation Is extended to any Elk to attend, it was stated

and adjusting to group Christian activities by Mr, Johnnie Brown, chairman of social session
There is also a teaching and training department for babies E.J. CVereen will serve as toastmaster for the affair Dan
known as "The Tiny Tots." Savage Jr. Is the Exalted Ruler of the lodge.

Mrs Lena George of Jacksonville is the state supervisor
assisted by other children, interested persons. She works .*.*..**..*.*.***.**...***.i.**.**

months with the little ones teaching and training for more The many friends of Mrs. Katherine Green will be glad to
effective living and personal service to the church and com t know that she Is convalescing from an operation she underwent
munity and the underlining objectives of the total convention. t I' e, recently Mrs. Green Is principal of the James A. Long
forums additional periods be the center of rSUNDAY 1 Elementary School of this city
attention at,each department, dally. ....................;......>M...,

Nume prominent ministers and lay people of the Northeast l Mrs Thelma Johnson and L. Harris returned to their homeIn

area serve in Important places throughout the State Conventionat New York after a very pleasant visit with Mrs. Johnson's
large. mother, Mrs. Dora Vereen and her sister and brother-in-law
In addition to the many messengers, a host of visitors from Mr and Mrs. Eddie Norris While they were royally entei-
all parts of the nation will be present at the five-day session talned by relatives. A very lovely birthday party was given
Outstanding choirs from the various parts of the state will CONCERT.-During their 18th anniversary program to transport them to the various church programs. Friends Mrs. Johnson by her sister Mrs Norris.
be heard at each meeting dally. Visitors are welcome. which begins at 8:30 p.m. In Mt. Ararat Annex th Latinos and the general public are urged to attend the event which
Singers will also launch a drive to purchase a station wagon will also feature a number of the community's leading gospel ..eee.ete.eeeeetutae.e.aaetThe '
singing groups.CJwrd many friends of Mr. Willie Hunter will regret to learn
Clark College Art Instructor's that he has been very 111 for several days Mr. Hunter Is one
of Palatka's oldest barbers and a highly respected citizen.

Exhibiting Show At Fla. A&M The Pervials at the Mt. Tabor 1st Baptist Church was

largely attended and very high Sunday. The pastor Rev, J.A.
TALLAHASSEE work of Floyd Coleman, art instructorat [== == =-i Walker delivered fine sermons both morning and evening.
Clark College, Atlanta Ga., will be featured in a one-man ,) Jto.s The Sunday School was presided over by the SuperintendentJames
art show which opened Sunday, January 16, in the Florida W. Roberts Jr.
AIM University Carnegie Art Center. The formal
the show Is held from opening ......".............*****..*** ,,
being 3:00: to 5:00: p.m. The paintingswill MOUNT TABOR
be ob display through January 31. ABYSSINIA BAPTIST
Services Sunday In Mt. Tabor Baptist Church begin with tie Church services Mrs. Harmon who Is an Instructor at C.A. Elementary
Included In the exhibit are Abyssinia Baptist Sunday commence with the Gwendolyn -
the Twentieth America Draw-
Sunday School at 9 30
; a.m., Deacon Jason Barr In charge Sunday School at 9:30 last weekend In Jacksonville with her sister
oil paintings that have been : a m., Superintendent W.R. McNeal in spent
Ing Annual Exhibit,Norfolk,Va Morning service at 11
Rev. H.T. Overstreet pastor service at 11 oclock Christine Thomas who Is 111 In
widely shown and awarded a 1963; the Eighteenth Southeastern will deliver the charge. Morning with Rev bBL Wynn, seriously room 355 at
number of prizes. sermon. At 4:45: p.m., BTU and evening pastor, in charge. Choir 3 and Usher Board 2 will serve for the Brewster Hospital.
Exhibition! Atlanta 1963 service at 6
; o'clock. Choirs 3 and 4 will sing and Usher
Awards received the artist major services. Joint fellowship service will be held at 2:30p.m.at .
by and the Artist Teachers Exhibition Board 1 will serve. :
I have Included: first prize in High Museum,Atlanta, NEW JERUSALEM Emanuel Baptist Church The Male Chorus and all ushers will
water color in the 1964 Atlanta 1963. Services Sunday In Greater New Jerusalem serve BTU at :5;30 p.m., Deacon Hudson Jordan In charge Evening
University Exhibition of Negro commence with the Sunday School at 1.10 a.m. At Baptist U a.m.Church Rev, service at 6:45 o'clock. The youth will meet Saturday at 3p.m. Rev. Preston L. Walker of Philadelphia, Pa.; arrived in
Friday Night this
Artists and the John Hope Prizein W.A. Mack, pastor will deliver the sermon Evening service city Tuesday.

oils at the 196S: Atlanta at 6:45: o'clock. Again the pastor will preach. Following the ...........*.*.********.*.***
University Exhibition of Negro Meeting Set service the pastor has asked all choirs, ushers and members FIRST BAPTIST
Artists to accompany him to Beulah Baptist Church to render service Services Sunday in First Baptist Church College Park begin
The 26 year old artist a St, Ann Prayer House 2, 3308 MT. ZION BAPTIST with the Sunday School at 10:30: a.m., Superintendent James Mrs. D.A. Boyd spent a very pleasant weekend last week

native of Sawyerville, Ala., has Lee Street, will feature a Fri Mt. Zion Baptist Church, southslde, services Sunday begin McCutchen in charge. Morning service at 11:30: o'clock.Rev F.0. visiting Mr and Mrs. John Boyd Sr. Shw was accompaniedby
I exhibited his paintings at the day night, Jan. 21 prayer meeting with the joint Sunday School at 9.30: a.m., Superintendent A. Davis, pastor, will preach and the choir will serve. BYPU at 6: her daughter Mrs Fannie> Wooten and her grandson
: Atlanta University National Exhibition with Bishop H.L. Milnor Alston In charge. Morning service avt 11 o'clock; BTU at 5:30 30 P.M., Mrs. E, Johnson presiding. Evening service at 7.30: Charlie. They returned Tuesday.
l I of Negro Artists from in charge and an Invitation is p.m., Deacon A. Jackson presiding and evening service at 7 o'clock. Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., prayer meeting, and choir rehearsal
f 1958 through 1965: ; the Landmarks extended to the public. o'clock. Rev. A. Sanders will have charge of the services. Wednesday at 6 p.m. te.teteeteeeeeweeteeeteeeeteeMrs
'c of Milwaukee Exhibit, The meeting will get underwayat EMANUEL BAPTIST NEW MT. OLIVE Minnie Norwood returned to her home In Tampa

t Milwaukee, Wls., 1962; the 90'clochndchr1atlal1.wisb. Services Sunday In Emanuel Baptist Church begin with the The youth department of New Mt. Olive Baptist Church will after a very pleasant fortnight visit with relatives and friendsIn
I Mammoth Life Insurance ExbJbltlon log to take put in the healingand Sunday School at 9:30 Deacon George Smith and Mrs. have charge of the services Sunday beginning with the Sunday and around this city. She was the house guest of her niece,

i of Milwaukee Artists, other events following the Mamie Fields in charge. Morning devotion at 11 o'clock. At School at 9;30 a.m., with Miss Evelyn Miller in charge. Miss Mrs. Come Ellis

1962. the Fourth Arts Society sermon are urged to attend 12 o'clock, Rev. S.L. Badger, pastor, will deliver the sermon Annette Miller will review the lessen morning service at 11 Mt. Zion
Exhibition. Palm Beach. 1962: .....An- .- h.'hh.ir-. .... 'rlan.y.- and conduct the baptismal rites. Fellowship service at t 30'' o'clock with the junior deacons in charge of the devotion. Rev. DESERT DEGREES
; C.L:Tilfalr, pastor will deliver the sermen. A 11 r [ In mat ilctcrh the 'Umpiri-' .
p.m. Choir will serve; BTU at 5 p.m., Deacon James Phillip f1 Evening service Church
I In charge and evening service at 0:30 o'clock. at 6:30: o'clock. Choir 3 and Usher Board 3 will serve A/Tic lure 1 foot below the urrJC -
WALTERS MEMORIAL with Miss Wilma F. Corbin at the instrument. Mrs. Alice Sunday will be observed as' under 72 F., the Catholic DI.

WHEN YOUR iLl L!" n Sunday's service in Waiters Memorial AME Zlon Church begin Boston and Bostenettes will render an after service recital. "Homecoming. ," at Mt. Zion Fest IJ>'1.

SKIN CRIES... ffZJY7 with the Sunday School at 9:30 Superintendent Amy More- They will be accompanied by other singing groups A.M.E. Church, at the corner

i RELIEVE THE ITCHING MISERY OF1"UPSET SKIN'Palmar AmCKI land in charge Rev. H.C.Archl.,pastor,will review the lesson of Beaver and Newman Streets, --- -
"God Is Father." Morning service at U o'clock ST. JAMES AME Rev. Charles Tosten, pastor.
*! Skin Suceeta" Ointment buying' the ,large economy: .1,.con.ta Baptismal rites I
wi I".dd.d 11""I'h co".I"' d.ven ,ning four timet' aa much for."Iy1m will be conducted by jhe pastor. At 3:30 p.m., the missionary Services Sunday in St. James AME Church eastside, begin The activities will begin with HELP I
t pound po"..nl.l Ingred Aa th,.,e ntt internationally Ikillfully, comd 99c Satisfaction refundedLOVILIIM .guaranteed, or yourmonay society will meet, Mrs. Mary L, Leavy In charge. At 9 p.m., with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., Superintendent P.J. McIntosh the church school at 9:30: a.m. I
famous skin m.d,cation silos the COMPLEXION Christian Endeavor Hour, and evening service at 7:30: o'clock. in charge. A visiting minister will review the lesson and with Summer G.Wiles, superintendent BY PRAYER
itching .nd Induce fist bliiltd I deliver the sermon at 11 a.m. Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will
nod from Itching 'IIter ..plus h.id.to-to. .protactian, with Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve with Mrs Annie Mae In charge, assisted by
foil, be till! Don'miaeries I rnk diafigureI you tha de.p-.cun1 ,f foawr' metficatlen Davis at the console serve with Miss Lorraine McIntosh in charge of) the music. Raymond Wade and the teachingstaff. "50 people
of "Skin .
lycena SM
: It I
lent or dangerout Infection by bathaa while it h. EVERSON STREET Each member of the
t.crtt cratching'of 'millio"t Uie I the. shin. Palmar'tIkln comfort o'tan, make aggravate.u'pj.5"u odori Sunday services in Everson Street Baptist Church begin with ST. MATTHEW AME church school urged to bring may call today i
Sueetit" Ointment ,... be "..,. Palmer you ",kNl' .......19.* the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., Superintendent G.M. Allen in Services Sunday in St. Matthew AME Church begin with the a friend or former member.
awabiy priced at 44c, Save 77e by" ''', Only a9c"SKINSUCCESS" Sunday School at 9:30 a.m, with Miss Rosa Johnson In I
charge The
charge Morning service at 11 o'clock.Rev.Orion Johnson, pastor review of the Sunday School to be helped I IIn
I OINTMSMT will deliver the sermon. Evening service at 7 o'clock. An Rev Eugene Mobley, pastor will review the lesson. Morning lesson will be given by Solo-
SOAP appointee will preach the sermon. Monday 8 p.m., Choir 1 will service at 11 o'clock. Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve mon Waterford. one day!
rehearse. Wednesday night, prayer meeting. and the pastor will preach. ACE League at :5:30 o'clock with The regular worship service I
Eugene Rose presiding Evening service at 6 30 o'clock.
; will
begin at 11:00 with Whatever
: a.m.
.Lyy7t .. ... ... your
the pastor and stewards leading I
e TEEN-AOE BRIDES' DISCOVERY-: Temple Slates the procession followed by problems and
homework was taster; than housework Programs members of the gospel choir I

31Dt1110MS 10 Catholic Digest-January. and junior ushers. The pastor conditions are, I
Revival Services
'{ Trustees' RitesEvents will be assisted In the service
I will
Slgyt by Dean J.B. Epperson help I
Services Sunday at the Churcho Rev.
ft 1824 WEST aaCowwwzv oi J Diu.ia" f God, Temple of Saints in Sunday will center a- E. McCoy and brother Solomon you through God," I
R. S. EVANS Christ, 1663 W. 26th St. will round Trustees Rites at Allen Waterford. Music will be furnished -
(' feature Missionary Day, Elder Chapel AME Church, 1531: Swan by Mrs.Maybelle Ollphant "Help together
830 CASSAT AVE.i Oscar Gates, pastor) announced Street Rev J.W Jones, pastor at the organ and Wilbert Jonesat
3rd & Main Sunday School will begin at announced. the piano. Every memberof by
,i 3101 SG11I 10:30: a.m. and morning service Trustees, class leaders, missionaries the church is expected to be I prayer"I I
65 starts at 12.00; noon. Evening Choir 2 and Usher present and bring a friend. The
Dodge Dart pastor will deliver the ((2 Cor. 1:11): )
service will be held at 3:30 Board 1 are requested to serve sermon. I
"270" 4.DR.tV'i p.m. and night service at 8:00: the two major services during Immediately following service -
S I'In-eeSMuH: r MWTR o'clock. which time the sermons will a period of fellowship will Whatever you needGod's I II
I S1'-R-E-T-C-H' wAA.A Nrr, Members are urged to bring be delivered by the pastor. be held In the lower auditoriumand
$195 Down their friends to the services During the recent election for dinners will be served. jot it.
and the public is always welcome the new year Brother Leroy Church conference will be held I I
to bear the Word of God. Wednesday evening January 26
THAT DOLLAR AT PREMIER 65 VALIANT Prominent leaders of the church at 7:00: p.m., at which time Call or write: I

"200" 4-DR. will serve u speakers duringthe trustees will be elected and the 'I
TJIANIMIsmp* Revival Meeting and soul stewards will be appointed. W-6700
: -WAmAKtV In a recent meeting with the
5FRESH saving and healing services.
CAUGHTMULLET $195 Down According to Elder Gates, the Board of Stewards February MRS. M. BURNS II

S nightly services will be served 13th was proclaimed as 'Gen- P.O. BOX 495
i by Elder Small, Elder Joe L. eral Budget Day.' Men's Day
63 Chev. $1195 a will be
iioIU IwLY observed March
Carter, Minister Sister Mason, 13th. :
Eulene i
I ICI: IMRPADIo A axAtxR6 Minister Sister Gates and Elder Jones, Chairman ,
Gates. T o all the services,the public ---- ---
BEEF OR PORKKIDNEYS Chev $ 795 Theme for the meetlns will Is cordially invited.

4Pft AUTOMATIC. be taken from Luke 4.16 and -

65Tord $2395 "You Must Be Born Again,"
4 John 131.W.mbefl. JOBS OPEN
'' 'oc 'a .
AF: 'WMoTOpi.ANOM : :
t are urged to bring
.. I'owr'h qhft
ma" o .11ON1( : friends and the public Is in
:'Nt) 1011.. carTons woe vited. CASHIER
63 omet $ 995
-- -

HOG MAWS 5 VOL*I7teR i ";lOl'n i.KlIAJfA( REGAIN Johnson was elected to vice IBM KEY PUNCH

chairman of the Board of Trus
IBS 65 Must.$2495
tees. He is calling for all members PBX RECEPTIONIST

h ontO wpm.HUT!nvrmmte* foWFNgTittmo MANHOOD of the board to meet Sunday .
'' MEATY AIR CONDITIONovr at 4:00 p.m. for the body's TRAIN NOW.
the first which be termsto PAYLATER
TO cioou em..N _.... ..
?0.w_ Ike i ..kat.,..l eli .ftU. be of vital Importance. All TOP JOBS IN THE
OLANOI* _Tkll..., members are urged to be pre AREA
IBS.IBS. MZkltwa w'llk VII..d sent. The pastor will be
present NO
..... .,... .... -, for the meeting. AGE LIMIT NIGH SCHOOL HOT
& Main .. ..wry, I. -..
.... ...., ,.. N The book Is now open for pay-
"UC'1uoNVtua. MO.T. M. e.F OLANDt..,,i7ULM win.at meats due on the spring budget REQUIRED. DAY OR EYENINE CUSSES.Call
FAT BACK 4 .ICO..K"D pIIAL&It.J."rIIJXl .... .. .
I. uta r
pe. and the pastor Is urging that
.... ,.. .. Mr akM-
tow _..> auk ..... payments be turned In Sunday; 356-5745
Mk :iv fns tueAn .._ 55.5 ,.. .W..M Day ir eight
501.1 1rinn I 4W7.Ilk I..Mild -
tor Anet. AMUrmtt p.. a NR:>*f:* ?
MONZA II ... My IN p..55 ...
CONVERTIBLE ......-.. AN.COS....,else. Dont auffer agonIn' teconda..1,relief
In.II..t. slim OUA-JtL. Speedrelaaaaformula
PARTS 4 tiger U rt.ir'an Ala. can puss II to work In- ( *** -> 311 Fli. Title Biil.iitFersit.
LISe ttantly la atop throbbingtooth.ch. /&"* .
$1005.CALL .pain,aoaafedoe-1 A
WINGS & GIZZARDS 354-3024 NIwai1N fll..A.CM e0. Ion .comm."d It for MNIWT1sthlnsora and Inn sts.
.on zozri -J81'w;/
WMT ee er.


A. r ,

__ -
.. -

I .. .. -

.. 11 I


Consider Aide Commemorate Scientist's Day Thespians Set Fund Receives Needed Boost I

For Judgeship Pulitzer Prize

WASHINGTON..Serious consideration lnlr

is being given to the :- T --;-- -c ;: ....... Winning Vehicle
appointment of an administrative ".r,, '. '" ': '.....
... 'W>r- ,
assistant to District Commissioner r.. TALLAHASSEE-A day
John B. Duncan to
run is being planned at Florida A
the bench of the D.C. Session
for the
AIM University pro-
to fill the created
court vacancy
duction of the popular musical
last by the deathof
based on James A. Michener's
Judge\ John H. Burnett. Pulitzer Prize winning novel
Carl D. Coleman, 55 year "Tales of the South Pacific."
Democrat if appointed to
old ,
The most ambitious projectto
fill the vacancy would leave be presented thus far by
he has held for IS
a post
the FAMU Playmakers Guild,
assistant district corporation
years as
the Rodgers and
counsel. musical will be presented in

General Sessions judges are the Charles Winter Wood Theater CONCORD, N.C.-Dr Lionel H. Newson (right), Barber-
appointed by the President for Thursday through Sunday Scotia College president, receives check from Euleas Milling,
10 year terms. He has already January 27 through 30. Curtain associate professor of social science and longtime directorof
undergone the usual FBI investigation time will be 8:00: p.m. the United Negro College Fund drive on the B-S campus.

which follows selection.. In order to offset unprecedented The check represents the 1965 donation of the B-S facultyand
A native of Danville,Va.,Cole 1 production costs Including students (Photo by Jim Wise)
man came to Washington u a rental of the colorful

youth and obtained a bachelor costumes and some props used Carol Cole Receives RoleIn
degree from Howard University In the musical a donation will
In 1921. He was graduated from 1 be charted for the"South Pa
the university's law school la cific"I performance The donation Movie Starring Decn MartinSeveral
1935 and admitted to practice will be 25 cents for
in Washington the following children and students and $1.00
months ago it was announced that Carol Cole had
year. for adults.
been signed to a seven-year contract with Columbia Pictures
Corporation as part of its New Talent Program.
FAMUan Given 1r Concert PianistGuest

Soon movie audiences will see way following her acting debutin
Important Post r1 Iq \ / Professor.-Mrs.Carolyn Miss Cole in her first role in "The Silencers," starring
Brown Anderson of New York Columbia's The Silencers," Dean Martin as Matt Helm
City is a guest professor in starring Dean Martin as Matt
GAINESVILLE-Gaston Troy the Department of Music at Helm. Saving Bond
Code Jr., an advanced senior
Florida All M Talla-
University, Miss Cole, daughter of Mrs.
and stage electrician at Florida
hassee. The director of her Maria Cole of Los Angeles,
A&M.t University Tallahassee own piano studio at 78 Manhattan and the late Nat "King" Cole Holding Gain
has accepted a position here Avenue New York, Mrs. was the first Negro actress
with the Sperry-Rand Corpor I Anderson is a product of Wayne signed In the New Talent Pro In December
ation. He will begin work here .
University and the Detroit Conservatory gram. The program was developed -
this week as a trainee-tech. WASHINGTON-Public holdings
of Muslc/where she by Mike Frankovlch, Columbia .
Dic Ian, and expects ultimatelyto of Series E and H United States
earned the artist's degree. She global production head,
serve as a tube-tester at Savings Bonds gained $74 mil
received the Fifth License from to give new talent opportunities
SperryRand.A lion in December the Treasury
L'Ecole Normale de Muslquein for stardom reminiscentof
Korean War veteran who Department reported today.
Paris, France. Outstandingas the old Hollywood star-bulid-
spent three years In Germany Cash sales of Series E and
a concert pianist as wellas ing days.
and one year in the continental H Bonds during December totaled
a teacher she has performed Miss Cole is part of the program
United States during his military $329.4 million while redemptions
In Denmark Norway,Sweden that not only recognizesthe
service Cook is a graduate at cost price, were
and France The FAMU need for fresh
of Lincoln High School here $3:8.9:: million, leaving a net
guest professor is the *ughter in but
talent the
and a native of Gainesville. GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER DAX-GeorgU State Sen. In 92 years, was the principal speaker at a luncheon for 400 new Industry Increase'.at cost price of $.5
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy R. Johnson (fifth from left) and Dr. Alma Ulery (third earlier in the day. From left are Gerald Bradley Public also that the talent when discovered million.E .

Gaston Troy Cook Sr., of 110 from left). President of the National George WashingtonCarver Relations Department; Charles A. Hereford, Bailment Representative must. have a .means and H sales during December
Commemorative Association, meet with representatives of the ; Dr, Illery; Kenneth Hawthorn, Sales Representative; by which- step by step -It is represented an 11 per cent
City of Pittsburgh at a reception during the recent George Sen. Johnson; and David Stahl Pittsburgh City Solicitor developed, and trained.As decrease from the $372 million -
Washington Carver celebrations In Pittsburgh. Sen. Johnson Bradley is holding a plaque depicting Dr. Carver which is part of her participation sold in the same monthof
elected to the Georgia Senate in 1962-the first Negro there owned by Dr. Illery. In the new Talent Program last year. Resemptlons, at
r'v'' Miss Cole attends classes conducted
.mil cost were cent
price one pre
drama coach Lea

1. 11i1\ ROTC Scholarships Deadline Fla. A&M Student Receives and Mahoney afternoon--two hours three morning days a below cember,1964, at redemptions cost. price of $331 in million De.

Announced At Florida A&M Govt. Employment Information week.There is much to be learnedby Bonds The cash amounted value to of$4,486 E and million H

th e contract player Just
2.7 per cent below a year
TALLAHASSEE--March 1, 1966 Is the deadline for accepting TALLAHASSEE-Florlda AIM University students received starting out on his or her Career ago. Redemptions during the
ill applicants for four year scholarships at Florida AIM University first hand information about employment opportunities in an but with the added advantage same period were ,254 million

under the ROTC VItalIzation Act, according to an announcement exciting range of professions and occupations in the federal of the facilities and at cost price 4.8 per cent
by Lt. COL Samuel F. Sampson PMS and directoro service during the annual Career DayConvocatlonscheduled| experience of a major studio above the previous year. Interest
f the FAMU Department of Military Science. for Monday January 18. The convocation was planned b> behind the young talent as accruing on outstandingE
Asst. Prof. C.C. Cunningham director of the Placement Bureauat of 'Carol T. Brown, 4080 Ulll- Miss Cole's case, the process Bonds amounted to $1,514
In 1964, congress passed a I lected college men participating FAMU. bridge Street Detroit Mich., goes very quickly. million and accrued Interest
W. 4th Street Gainesville.Cook bill known as the ROTC VItallzatloti -. and desiring to participate in and the late Mrs. Roxanna Dur-',' Many movie goers will agree paid out on redeemed bonds
who also attended Fes- Act which expandedthe I the ROTC program at any of The 1966 FederalEmployment ten tests Is given in these don Brown. that Carol Cole has beauty and was $863 million. During 1965
senden Academy formerly located ROTC I program and madeit I the 247 colleges and univer Outlook program convened at areas. Attorney positions are talent and the probability of the cash value o( public hold

,Aear Ocala, ,as .a.. prep more appealing ..collegeand I sltles offering Army ROTC. 10:10 a.m. in Lee Hall Audi, fllleg federal by ,direct application to FIGHT CANCER many more roles coming her :ings of E and H Bonds gained
school i and vocational student ,prospective( college'students Two Florida AUf cadets- torlum with H.Z. McConnell, agencies. $883 million.
has worked for the past nine of the United States. Everett Osborne of Tallahassee recruiting and college relations

years as stage electrician at The new program providedfor and Henry G. Wall of Eustls- officer from the Atlanta Region,
Florida AIM University. 600 full scholarships to be were recipients of two-year Civil Service Commission, aas
awarded the first year to se- scholarships.In keynote speaker.
1966-67,100 ROTC scholarships Agencies participating in the

you On' t Have To Go To Tows To Get will be awarded by the program Included:Civil Service
Army. Of the new scholarships Commission Army Missile
400 will be for four years, Support Command, Bureau of ,
LOW PRICESDRUG awarded on a competitive basisto Public Roads, Defense Supply SUPER M KEts
outstanding high school Agency Eglln Air Force Base, ,
graduates who will enter college Federal Home Loan Bank

for the first time in the Board Forest Service Internal QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
STORE NEEDS fall of 1966, and 600 will be Revenue Service, John F. Ken THESJ PRICJSG003 THRU SUNDAY Dr.EWOOOANDAVI.' ( B
two-year awards college students nedy Space Center Small Business
who will have completedtwo Administration Social
years of ROTC training. Security Administration Soil
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug store Applications for the four-year Conservation Service South GOODCHUCK

IE KILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOIR LOCAL PAPERS. scholarships will be acceptedby eastern Forest Experiment

We Deliver we also fill all Doctors prescriptions Army commanders In the tion, U.S. Army Aviation Center BOCA SLICED BREAKFAST
United States and by major Veterans Administration
overseas commanders starting Hospital and Weather Bureau.
January 16, 1966. The deadlinefor Applicants normally take a
Dixie Pharmacy accepting applications U general test of verbal abilities
March 1,1966.Requests and quantitative reasoning. A
for applications for Writing ability test Is also re- BACON
t the four-year scholarships quired. Sample questions are
1302 Kims Road At Myrtle Areiu should be addressed to the Commanding sent to all applicants. The start- ROAST
General Third United sent to all applicants. The
Phones ELfia 5-5597-98 States Army Fort McPherson starting salary for positions
Ga.30JM Attention: AJAAG-R. filled through the Federal Ser

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER ANO TELEPHONE Applications scholarships for will the be two-year made by vice usually Entrance$ .181. a Examination year but out is C'

ROTC students to Lt.Col.Samuel standing candidates can be paid LB. ;KB: 69
BILLS AT OUR STORE F. Sampson, Professor of t beginning salary of 6269. 49C
Military Science Florida AIM This year as In years past
University Tallahassee, Fla., federal agencies are in need
c (r 32307 of a large number of college

graduates in physics, chemistry -
9 Investigate Illegal mathematics, and other

physical science specialities.
f fh fr
n salaries for these
Starting positions PILLSBURY
Trapping of Fish is $8,207 a year for
M/ candidates holding a bachelor's BLUE PLATE
.1 LAKE CITY-A large scale investigation degree but who have superior
was conducted scholastic records may startat
II i v recently by wildlife officers of 7304. Ratings are based FLOUR
tha Game and Fresh Water on education and experience.No MAYONNAISEQUART
Fish Commission to determine written test is required.
the extent of illegal fish trapping are expected to be InterestedIn
In Lake Lochloosa locatedIn the opportunities offered.
the southern portion of Ala- In federal service this year,
chug County. prospects are also good for
According to Bob Brantly regional graduates in accounting auditing 5 LB.
manager for the north. forestry and law. No writ- : 39C 39C
east region, eighteen officers, PKG..
worked nine hours dragging the
lake in systematic patterns and IN 10

using probe poles along the DAYS LIMIT 1 W/S5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER LIMIT 1 W/J5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
shoreline and I n bonnet beds OR NO PAY

M produced only five rusted traps i
Inoperative and incapable of
holding fish. I FRESH PORK ROAST LB. 39*


---- I I.We.,.0.s.'.1.1. ......1r..I.. .. STEAK LB. 69*
------ 11,1 I. U."I'"'...1111.Ih. ... U. S. GOOD RIB
-Invites You To Listen To- t LEO'S Thl.h .h.. 10..1 UI.
Ih. NN.

I M..... ..MNLM. .h. ...e.l.dl.. ....... YELLOW ONIONS 3 IB. BAG 10 *
., ...
BIG BAND h...,.. .r.|.. Ji.l I.Y.YLIM. .
.. ,,,.
.,....*. < ....l.Y. .
= She Ripiiriif ., ,.. ISM $S., .n .... ,
.. .. .
PARTY"Nithtfy auS ,:::.::: ::.:' :::
"DANCE ... .
Ot Aiy KM NNI..,../ I.IM r..Nu,: "h.N4.N.'.''.1..,I...".|).. HOLSUM WHITE BREAD LARGE LOAF 10*

11:30: tl 12:00: is Oar Ir &S17N/,.. I. ".'a .,.,_ ',... ROYAL LONG GRAIN RICE 3 LB. PKG. 35 *
111, w .... II ... p,

Sitirdiy 9 '.11. M 12:00: .... Oily Bisiuss I .,......aMa.. .. ,L. IMM VEGETOLE SHORTENING 3 LB. CAN 59*

334 E. Sf. 5t I 'o* 2023

1400 WRHC 1400 L.J .New i WilT'..if., v er. V. SEACALL GRATED TUNA FISH 2 CANS 29*


i l.

,- ''-



., v.
t fay
:, J *N

c..:' "'lL '

Brown Eyes Jim Brown Enters Annual North-South Golf TournamentCitations I

Golf TitleMIAMICleveland Readied For Top Sports Figures Rozelle To Speak "

Brown fullback .
Jimmy Brown will be 'I I

among top-name sport figures -. I
teeing North-South off in Golf the Tournament 13th annual At Sportsfest :

at the City of Miami Country'
Club Feb. 24-27. !!' ATLANTA--Stars and leadersIn memory of the founder of the : .
Voted the National Football y t l 'Ngr the field of sports will get Atlanta Dally World, first successful "
Leagues most valuable playerfor P the red carpet treatment In Negro-operated dally
1965, Brown also noted Atlanta,.."Clty of Pride and newspaper in the United States.
for his low-handicap golf game Promise," come January 20- Dr, William Holmes Borders
will be trying to wrest the Y 21 and the 31st Annual All- pastor of Atlanta's historic
event's amateur title from Sports Jamboree of the 100% Wheat Streea Baptist Church,
baseball great Jackie Robinson, Wrong Club, a project of the will be toastmaster for the
last year's tltllst. Atlanta Dally Wordld. occasion. Charles Adams,vice-
In addition to Brown and Robinson NFL commissioner, Pete Roselle president The Coca-ColaCom.
a record number of golfci New York City, has been pan, Charles Greene, dlrctor
>s are expected to be on named the 1965 recipient of of public relations, Atlanta Life
hand for the 54-hole classic, "The Pioneer Award" and will Insurance Company, and Milton
Including former heavy weight address Club's awards dinneron Farris, Gulf Oil Corporation
champ Joe Louis Friday evening, January 21, vice president, will speak in
r at Atlanta's New Marrlot Motor behalf of the Club's co-spon

----- -_. ._. --- ..-.-, -r--- -. HoteL Two stars from the University sore Dr. Borders and Dr. !B..E.Mays .
CitizenshipClass HEADLINERS-The above sport Brown halfback, University of Rankin Smith, owner, The Atlanta Thompson, president, The J00% festivities will feature the sport of Missouri..Charley president, Morehouse ".
figures will headline the 31st Missouri Columbia, Pete Falcons Football Team, Wrong Club. Co-sponsored by ,personalities at an Awards Brown halfback, JeffersonClty, College, Atlanta, will be named
BeginsA annual All-Sports Jamboree of Rozelle, NFL commissioner, Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves The Cocao-Cola Company,The Breakfast and AU-Sports Dinner Mo., and fullback Carl !"Bull" honorary members of the Club.
The Atlanta Dally World to New York City, John A. Mer- outfielder and Gale Sayers, Atlanta Coca-Cola Company, to be held at the new Reese, Springfield, Mo., will Head football coach Oree
be held In Atlanta, Ga., January rltt head football coach. Term. Chicago Bears halfback Inserted Atlanta Life Insurance Companyand I Marriott Motor Hotel in down receive "The Two Friends Award Banks, South Carolina State
class in United States Citizenship 2021. From left, the stars State University, Nashville, center, Is Dr. A.L. Gulf Oil Corporation, the I town Atlanta on January 21. ," companion citation not College, Orangeburg, who
began January 10 at and sports leaders are Carl ing inter-group cooperation on placed six players on the conference
the Miami Senior High Adult Reese, fullback, and Charlie the field of play. football team, has been
Education Center, 2450 South- The "Pioneer "and friends selected All SIAC coach of the
west First Street The eight awards were inaugurated by year and will be honored with
week course will meet from A&M Official TappedNAMED Miami Coed Business Education Major The 100% Wrong Club In 1956 the team at the Friday mornIng -
7 to 10 p,m. on Monday and in memory of the late A.F.H'rDQn breakfast.
Wednesday. The Instructor Is TO FLORIDA STATE 2T T" t." f! 'J'/--t4.J: ; ---t.: ( pioneer Atlanta At least six members of the
Mr. James Coats. rOUNCIL--J.R: Lee Jr.,vlc. '" r 1: Lf '..... f1.; ;.1P': "'" il. businessman and ex-slave, who AU-SIAC team have been
The class is free to all adults president of Florida AIM University : 1.. : : : .
,--- : ;; :/ founded the Atlanta Life Insurance drafted by either the NFL or the
age 18 and over. Textbooks are has been named to the -_. ... : .
... .- ( Company, one of the American Football League-,
provided for the students by Florida Advisory Council on -.-, ., ., '. :. ... .'}. leading Negro owned insurance Florida A4M University placed
the Everglades Chapter of the .,/ ,",J V'' ..tl"7 f1;';' firms in country. Baseball'slate three players, ends Arthur Robinson -
Daughter of the American Revolution r M'I) :. ..J:... .(' .. "'. .'" ./,.. .":' Branch Rickey was the NFL Dallas Cowboys,
The class is especially II : : ," ::.t ': '' Club's first "pioneer", while and Andre White,NFL Washington
,. : .
designed for new Americans JL .
a -
t1IL r.-' \ Jackie Robinson and"Peewee"Reese Redskins and center John
who are ready to take '. ...' honored the"friends" also
1 '. were as Kelly, to the Redskins
tests fo r naturalization:, but I < t :+
In the Inaugural year, Bethune,Cookman College, of
anyone interested in a quick review Gale Sayers, the record Daytona Beach, is sending
of our national heritage } .1" ... ... breaking, rookie halfback of the Elijah Gibson, FB, and Rudolph
will find It most enjoyable., f ..i + Chicago Bears, and Hank Aaron Barber, tackle to the AFLKansas

a..I : ,).; outstanding outfielder of Ole City Chiefs, while Allen
Aylanta Braves, will be in Atlanta University, Columbia ..has
How Quick .,5 A\ to accept best-of-the year Charles Bryant HB headed to
: nods in recognition of their the NFL St. Louis Cardinals.It .
Are You ? achievements In professional Is probable that other players
football and baseball. from the SAC will be drafted
This simple test will show thl The WA. Scott, II Memorial as free agents.
current state of your reflexes Trophy sponsored by the Coca- I
", Cola Company, goes to the John COSTS
4 3 10 Mental Retardation Mr. Lee r Merritt-coached .'" 1gers" of ;

1oIi\r412. Joined the Florida AIM staff Tennessee ,State',University, .,l The 'average annual cost at n' tgooJ t
6 ..11 8 "'f'19 .u.business manager and was t+t ,1' not yr Nashville, In recognition of j private college in I96S was a

1 7 2 VShell promoted 1957. He is to the vice-president founder cUbe In their having been named football the ;about $2. 00. md at a state uni- .
1965 Intercollegiate verity about $1.750. the CathoC -
Orange Classic and Is
: 011 Chin
champs among Negro colleges j
Digest rcporitthe
.See how long It taker you la ouch co-chairman of the Leon County The Scott Trophy honors the
each number In numrrlcil ordrr United Fund.FAMU photo by
wcnndk_* lour .fte..s .n about Ernest FUlyau.
7 wfondttrj Good WATER WEIGHTAn
4 Mconrit* Fuccllenl adult's body Is 5060%
Mora than nlnt wcondt* Your no water, a child's 70-80%. the'
uclldni in too tow Catholic
Digest states.



CONCORD N.C..Business students at Barber-Scotia Collegetry cord, N.C.; Jacqueline Spencer, Mlamt, Florida; Dr. Sara '
out IBM machines which will be used In a data processingcourse Cordery, B-S business department head; Mrs. Dorothy Sad -

WAMEDIAL during the spring semester. From left to right: Mrs. ler, Concord, N.C.; and Mrs. Frieda Greene, Mt. pleasant, .
Jaunlta Black Howell Concord, N.C., Timothy Johnson, Con- N.C (PHOTO BY JIM-WISE)

Dade Countians To Honor Civil Rights RoundupBY SHORTY $35.

State School SuperintendentDade NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL tot MEDALO........,. lllu STYLE>....*.. .,#.Io.685 ol.
Ldua H.lr S< l...wla.,H lf .pal
WAHSINGTON-A one day boycott will be staged by the Student I, and .tt chm.: Mad :. a>aIMadh.
... It'a ,.. rRIK UP0"raouolt.
Countians will get a chance to meet their new State Non-Violent Coordinating Committee on Jan. 24 unless a proposed WtwrlN.
Superintendent of Public Instruction here January 26. D.C. transit system fare Increase is turned down. Naturally HMJthr Normal rue C.I/Y./.1 M.lr ..'.... Inc.Do.1. .
HAIR at 5, I 35, M.Y.COMBlJJt .
Most of the riders affected CHOW from she ROOTSla Bklr
are Negroes. According to Marlon
SCALP. Tho eondlUonMW .t
Floyd T, Christian, named to 'the post slnce.l1948..the same Barry, Jr., director, SNCC's Washington office, bus riders are hair oiui dtp**** bravllyn
1260FLORIDA'S the post in October, will be. year Christian, himself, was "sick and tired of being exploited"by the company, which plansa ealp UM, Tan natural,* health DOCTOR et CAnormuU X MI-*
honored by an open reception elected superintendent of public five cent fare increase N 1..IId. madleatad tar
sponsored Jointly by the County't I instruction of Plncllas County, KLAN KANRALEIGH (which Ie ml_..1114. with CARBONOBb mans pro.
Council of PTAs and the Dade While it will be a tribute .n Wiwrictal Ingrtdlcnu. CAM /

County School Administrators' tribute trip, it also will be a C.-Gov.. Dan K. Moore has named a committeeto *tat ONOI saUwptl.Y such and a d.strong... ;..power-hE taw ,
Association from 3.30 pm until working trip for the veteran fight an active campaign against the KII Klux Klan Repr.sen.taUves Mffi'Tr?.ITCHY 55.5
5 pm at the Museum of Sci educator whQ will address stud of state agencies will make up the committee. North :n4'" .. 'f?r/for a.
ence. ents and parents MlamlCOR- Carolina was found, by the House Committee on Un-American anlp l troubU. Many .oBojrtatfU owe?
With more than two decadesof r' School' In an coen Activities, to have the largest number Klan units of state externally ....... ,alp .ado
assemblyJai' any
800 >M are irMlly nU > d'hr M
school His
successful experience pm
I in the union. M* .t hi* Trial itrMfih ter =:: ,.
behind him, Christian becameFlorida' subject: "Boom or Bust. JOB DRIVE (oelu4, Writ for thl. DOCTOMOKNUIKB e i \
"Aspirations for Education In SCALP FORMULAM
first appointed school .
It nl
b* -* U m all
superintendent when he took tHe Florida" will go on the podiumfor t.e4 sad ready M tun. UsS IT taxi. ...... and ....." f. ... ..1-
.. .
: CINCINNATI-Local fOR V DAYS and U ... w4'
005 wIU
business ton wt 005
cam of office on October 4. discussion when he speaks ala leaders have started campaign 00551505 rour money heck. Pay "OT.to DY& Iwl.a.Wak1.I w.rL.y.
succeeded Superintendent PTA Council session at against discrimination in employment. A Cincinnati Plans for only ease: .n Unrr. ntf In.eludM r. add .aloe Ir' AVDOSIr
1 Thomas D. Bailey who had held Beacham Progress council has been organized by 134 companies, with pawn vwrlhlnf u .fM Oont It r h a r hiU a Sraahas..$....... ". _DYID.,''' .LOIN....(
r"-vo .r .
member firms promising not to practice bias In employment + th* ?)M txSDlCATKO -. olorlni I Pro M. .1|||V. rub' /
SCALP fORMVLA' f'TS '" P'""" Cow, Can
# Scienct and Religion Many MM. ....,. Y_ bate. year and ko_. In peas or pw..
DENTIST'S PAINSATLANTAA slop ...... II... care. Jwt axed c PIaINa In 81-.n. ..-*..' 51.05.
Svicnce and religion are U.S. District court has paved the way for a I Ut--:: :: tao ONC )u.e en,., .t... 11I_, Pay nay
not antagonists but listen. Negro dentist to Join the Northern District Dental Society of D.pe ., 2 Mw..-..-, lay. l1.e'" book a d.llv.ry It noo dti&e.d PIw ,..,....

While science tries to learn Georgia. The society Is under orders to provide Dr. Roy C. :IM.n.nq=ILA baclb.taint av.rastaaw)jOT& 'l'H1a.. tf Gl4>. SI.I.Me...awakl.U..,sew Yak..
Bell with for
more about the creation, religion u application membership.
tries to better understand .
the Creator. While, 'r
through science, man tries to-
RHYTHM & BLUES 'Harness the forces of nature
around him, through religionhe f.
tries to harness the forces
of, nature within him" "My son's skin was rough, chapped..a

Wernher Catholic Dl.lltst-Jllfluay.von Braun neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline'Petroleum ,

Jelly was. It didn't fail" : ,
--- -- ---

RADIO STATION Mrs Betty Washington Chicago III.

From a child's dry, chapped skin to -
t Spiritualist t Reader. condition that '
the dry, ashy'gray
Advisor In all affairs of life: plagues grown.ups, 'Vaseline' Petroleum .
"WHAMMYIN Love, Marriage, Business, Sickness
1L'a Jelly, applied as a continuous
Lucky Days, Lucky
Hands. There Is no borneso .r film Is the soothing answer No other .
dreadful that she caa't help softener, no other skin cream, no skin .
WMBMSpotlight Located at: 901 N.W. 79th St. lotion provides better. moisture pro.
Phone: 7519307. Open a.m. Vaseline tection. Try it.
until 10 p.m. dally A Sunday
ProductOf Located in Miami, Fla. OM 11 >! Will* WHEN
you will feel the difference.
The Week
MIAMI" Half price with this adlllllltl! Vaseline

Miami Florida
----- --


. I'.. . .. _'" _...... '" .. _.>. .. :0 -:


Corner Stone Laying Ceremony Held At "Jake" Gaither Gymnasium

I Rattlers, Eve Conference Crown Masonic Lodges ParticipateAt __ .. Rights Worker Award Recipient.. .

., __ Fete
Jake Gaither Gymnasium


TALLAHASSEE.-Member of local Masonic lodges participated .
In the cornerstone laying ceremony of the "Jake" Caliber
Gymnasium and Athletic Center, Sunday at 4,00 p.m.. on the
Florida AU University campus. 1

Dr. H. Manning m.rsondean Hayes, bead football coach at a"J:7_
of the university, presided during I Ohio State University, Columbus .
the program which was held I Ohio. State Rep. ..r "
on Railroad Avenue between I Richard O. Mitchell and State iv 'r l
Gamble and Osceola at the new I Senator Wilson Carraway, both I.
gymnasium site. I members of the Florida Legislature
The cornerstone laying ceremony : 1 from Leon County, made
Included musical selections remarks at the dedicatory pro f
by the FAMU Brass-Wind I .
Ensemble under the direction Coach Gaither, who Joined the
of Lenard C. Bowie, director FAMU faculty In 1937, serves
assistant professor In the Department I as bead football coach, athletic
of Music. director and professor of health
Masonic lodges participating and physical education at Florida -
in the cornerstone Included At M.

K.mfc I S fck 5--- .*- f*.- Mount Taylor Olive, worshipful-master No. S, Mr. Israel; One Day Deer ',&J

THE 196S-68 FAMU BASKETBALL TEAM-Pictured above are members of tne bo-* J.R.E. Lee Sr., No. 422, the
Florida AIM University basketball team. Seated first row, from left are: Jesse Daniel, Hollywood Rev I.R. Bradley, worshipful ;
Larry Bowen, Palmetto, Thurber Caldwell, Camden New Jersey; Fred Rollins, Pensa- master; and Cherry Hill No. Rated A SuccessPANAMA ,
cola, Livingstone Sykes, Lanett Ala.; and Melvin Rutledge. Palmetto Second Row from left; 549, Sandy Johnson, worshipful .
Ted Foy, Wheeling. W. Va., Arnold Mohorne, Pompano Beach; Frank Ponds, Bonlfay; Edgar master. TIle program closed 164 CITY-Hunters antlerless deer harvested
Wilcox, St. Petersburg, and Terry Lucas, Tallahassee. Third row from left are: Bennie with remarks by Coach A.S. n c'I I
Bobbins, Pensacola, Tony Shelton, South Bend, Ind.; Jerome Sutton Tampa; and Weldon Caliber and Dr.George W.Gor Saturday at Eglln Field in
Brown, Bonlfay. Fourth row from left are: Thomas Watts Jamaica N.Y.; Dennis Jackson, Jr., president, followed by the Northwest Florida lathe second
Newark, N.J.; and Keith Lewis, Washington, D.C. Fifth row from left: Joe Williams, trainer, special one day antlerless deer A f .
Lawnslde, N.J.; and Edward Oglesby, head basketball coach...-FAMU staff photo by Ernest bunt held there la as many 1 aere
Flllvau._ year.
to Ronald Wise,
y 1966 Is Boxing's Big Year, Commission According and Colonel J. "

Top Scorer Y. Read Deputy for Civil Engineering -.
Says Clay; Cites New Image at Eglln Air Force .:::.J __.J. l..t. &9

Base, a total of 610 hunters LONG DISTANCE HONOREE-Twenty six year old Marian Elizabeth Wright, NAACP Legal
CHICAGO-The year 1966 will bars of the Louisville sponsoring out of the 1,000 eligible par Defense Fund attorney In Jackson, Miss., was named "one of the four most exciting girls"
see the greatest world revival group to make arrangements ticipated in the hunt. this week by editors of MADEMOISELLE Magazine However a courtroom appearance in
and Interest in boxing ever with companies previously The.hunter success rate of behalf of a Negro father, beaten Christmas eve for allowing his daughter to attend Integrated I
known In the history of the Involved in the dandling tetfftwas an Increase of Mississippi classes, prevented her attendance. So, she talked long distance with Betsy Talbot
spo rt, according to world's of these fights, but In .. %over last year's rate when Blackwell, edltor-ln-chlef, former Metropolitan Opera Soprano Rise Stevens, center, and
45Bethune heavyweight boxing champion my opinion, such arrangementsare t70 hunters took 49 deer for Gustav Heningburg, assistant to the president of the Legal Defense Fund.
Casslut (Muhammed A.l1)) Clay. outdated." ITFlorida a kill rate of 18$.
During an interview with Negro Clay said he wants to defend Only antlerless deer or deer
v Press International in the the title at least four timesa with antler less than five Inches Launches New
Swank Contlnentlal Plaza hotel year. He offered to fight three long were legal game la Ya. State Cops Health Bd.

:lay said: "My first step in top-notch contenders in one this special hunt conducted in
,his direction will be to defend night for the championshipBrian mater sung AIM by University the audience.alma and around closed bombing range First CIAA WinPETERSBURG..Spurted Readies Annual Boating RampsLAKE
!my title against Ernie Terrell, London, Doug Jones and at Eglln Field where the
The Caliber
.. Gymnasium and by the
Ernie Terrell with only 10- to
CITY-Fishermen and
deer population
'room the World Boxingassocl-: Athletic Center named for the and floor work
ball hawking deft Medical ScholarshipsThe
minute rest between
i lion calls champion. periods outstrip the carrying capacity boaters have two more public
veteran Florida AIM football of George Lancaster and Gene
"1 am in favor of holding theI fights.He of the range. boat ramps for their use In
coach an act of the 1965
by Williams Virginia State copped
[, I Ue fight In Chicago," con. added that If he were beaten Florida dedicated Eligible hunters were determined State Board of Health Baker and Suwannee Counties
Legislature win
was Its first CIAA by upset
I t.nued Clay. "A new closed. by any of the men, the the by a drawing from among says the deadline for medical according to W.B. Copeland,
favored State 9374In
during university'ssummer
Cookman College Wildcats circuit company Is now being victor would be champion. the holders of regular season ting Morgan scholarships Is February 1 and chairman Game and Fresh Wa.
'are tied for first placeIn formed--Main Bout Inc. As he narrated his boxing 12. convocation last July Eglln hunt permits.No historic Daniel gym, Tues for dental scholarships April ter Fish Commission.
the SIAC Conference andone experiences, Clay noted that dedicatory message wasdelivered allow day. the
"I am vitally Interested in dogs or rifle were Recently constructed by
of the deciding factors is Is "the best fighter by Coach Woody Never behind, the Warriors 1.Ten
this company and in seeing Terrell ed for the hunt. of each are awarded Game and Fish Commissionare
outstanding season play of John that it will be one In which around today and I would be shot well from the floor,placing.. each year and each is worthup ramp on Ocean Pond recreation
four in double
ny Allen. The 6'8" forward to meet him in a title Crosby Golf men figures
Negroes are not used as fronts happy 6-4 Gene Nelson to $1,000 a year for as area in the Osceola
sophs ((21)),
has scored 269 points, averag bout." National Forest in Baker County
but as stockholders: officers long as four years.
ing 26 points per game. He and production and promotion He said he would begin trainIng Set RATTLED Rod Looney ((23)), Williams ((19)) Only students who have completed and at Suwannee Belle Estates
Is a freshman from Delray agents." for the bout after contracts Tourney A rattlesnake can measure and Lancaster (16)). pre- dental or premedical adjacent to Royal Springs on
Beach. (Theodore Johnson foto) Numbered among the founders hadbeen signed andwouldset temperature changes within a In other pre-examlnatlons studies are eligible. the Suwannee River nine miles
Is Jim Brown, rugged member up training quarters on For Telecast"The thousandth of a degree the games, State will play at home High school students are not west of O'Brien in Suwannee
FISHING LINESThe of the Cleveland Browns of the city's: southside. He also Catholic Digest claim. against Maryland State and St. eligible County.

the National Football league."I mentioned securing a building .Paul's.. -__.__.__
successful fisherman avoids section where Road to Pebble Beach",
and setting up a
"getting into rut." He am determined to see thatit half-hour makingthe
would watch boxers a nostalgic
varies his retrieve on successive is established this year" train spectators for championship mat 25th anniversary of the CHASE & SANBORNrOFFEE '.
Clay added. "I am aware that
casts, experimenting to find ches. Ding Crosby National Pro-Am
the most productive.. speed and. various influences' may be exerted When asked it he had beard Golf Championship, wlUbepre-,
action for his lure from some of the mem- from the army about his reclassification ,anted. Saturday, Jan. 22, on
-.- Clay said be had ithe NBC Television Network
Ray Bolger will be host of
"""'- -- ----. -..-.- not.Asked the program which Immediately
if he would marry again
in view of his recent divorce precedes NBC-TVs
W from attractive Sonjl Clay. live coverage of the semi-finals
who was awarded a $15,000 annual rounds of the tournament at 1 MB. COO QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
settlement for 10 )'eau-. Pebble Beach, Calif.
Clay declined to comment. The sponsor of the half-hour CAN jP J Frees! Good Through Saturday
well the live telecasts
His plush suit was painteden.heU show, as as
of the event, will be the
with orientalred
carpeting. In one corner: of 3M Company.Appearing LIMIT 1 PLEASE W/J5.00 FOOD ORDER
demonstrated with Bolger and Blng
the suite, Clay
a color television set while will be Bob Hope, Phil Harris,
guests sipped coffee: served ala and other of "Der Blnel.'." Mix Or Match Sale
carte.A golfing friends. Films of the a-o_ -

challenger appeared In the first classic In 1937, with Blng
door of the suite and offered doing a dance In the rain in I MUSSELMAN S
for the title. He his shorts, and of the tourna
to fight Clay .
was George Seals, 275-pound ment's first winner,Sam Snead, APPLESAUCE 7 fSCANt:
offensive guard for the Chicago Will be shown.Additional .
Bears football team. He was highlights will be
seconded by "Big" Jim Jones, films of Hope and Crosby in GEORGIA RED
student at the University a typical clowning mood. Arnold
I I II II 195-pound '
I' of Wisconsin. Palmer taking his never- TOMATOESISLAND 7 303
Clay and Seals chased each to-be forgotten nine on the rocks
other among the suite, shadowboxing below the 17th green at Pebble
a bit for the entertainment Beach in 1964 and snow on the FARM MIXEDVEGETABLES
18th "white" at Pebble Beach
Seals claims he is fast, heavy in 1962. 7 303

I I and alert, and feels he is in CANS _
good physical condition to havea

to with Clay.Sauihern. Watch This ClownZ95410 ROTEL SLICEDBEETS

Wins 7 CANS

Sugar Bowl MeetNEW


-- toppled and one was tied 3 BEANS CANS
I as Southern University's spectacular 2 ,
track team roared I
through the Sugar Bowl track _______IOI.-.nInI--c D_
HAIR ON HEADS AS meet recently. 5 ** 1

National AAU hurdles champion GA. OLDEN SHORE PILLSBURY BEST

BALD AS BILLIARD BALLS Will Davenport ran a 11-504-Z1\ JEWELs CLOROX
record b sting 13.9 to win BREADED PLAIN OR SELF RISINGFLOUR

the 110 ....ter hurdles event, 13-99-16
wiping out the 19S6 record of SAVE 16C
14.1 set by Duke University Sometimes He's Up SHRIMP I
Joel Shankel.Jaguar sophomore Sometimes He's Down 3 59C L C49C
Harvey Nairn ran a fine third. He adds, subtract ocLsTN
top hurdler and He works It all around

team member who of failed the U.S.to Olympic compete COMING ATTRACTIONS 111.59c 49 c LIMIT 1 PLEASEWJ5.00 WITH OTHER PURCHASES,

after suffering an Injury In 62 414 55 5 IBS FOOD ORDER PLEASE
Tokyo, was one of the most
sought( after track stars In the a n.-.a _______,_ __ '-O

U.s. last year. He decided on MAN 'S DAYS '
Southern after finishing a stint FLA. GRADE A WHOLEFRYERS
in the U.S. Army.
EFOIIWhy AFTER Southern's George Anderson, ARE NUMBERED
the Baton Rouge sprinter often
be bald adding years to your appearance? Stop baldness called the best in the country ......... ................ 27C
today. We are no longer In the horse and buggy ap.Toda1' today, tied the 1965 record "Man's Days are Numbered".
scientific developments bring your relief. from natwe. of Dave Sims of Duke in the Health and Fortune Can Be LB.
Now medical science has discovered toe new relief 100 meters run, with a clocking: Yours .When You Know Your
from baldness FORMULA 1988. of 10.2. Olympian DlckStebblns Lucky Days, Lucky Color Etc.
Try this formula today on our guarantee that FORMULA of Grambllng college ran second. Send $2.00 for your Horoscope MORRELL ROLLSAUSAGE
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.. ... .. .. .. ..... ... ...... .. .. 1 *** ** .' RED SWEET SWIFT PREMIUM' ROUNDPOTATOES
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Our successful noncompetitive Does
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Yours for the storage .'
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acceptance In the KId ; Wt Rent Lawn Movers siiXi warehou anytime, phone
West necessitating oar ipsnsioo. Ik Garden Tools Floor Polls' Y 151.1141..1601 Main Street
P. 1.1. CAPSULES Minima capital hers tv Sanders; Heckaafe. *
1.e.wM MNI Mw M.,1YI t.n.Lr.: req.Ired. All Inquiries Bud Tools Local Traitors,9 .; iu- WANTED
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h Dept. 234. LYNBROOK, N.Y.

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its second annual dinner meet. Punshon, Manager of the N atl.Netd
.I' : :' lag Monday, Feb. 21, at 7:30: Jacksonville Youth Opportunity ,..........Nee.......,L..It..e..,,.,11,,
\ .f ...';. 1 .,.,. :' p.m. In George Washington Hotel Center which is doing the recruiting .. Iq ....Ia....I...
.,. .. .., '., 't< Dr. Warren W.Scaell,president and screening of young .N II. .. IoaroNlNUM ..
We : '., ,'...11, of the local unit announced people for these jobs '(pN.. ...11"..,...., ,- .I..UI., ....'I... er
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FILETS of Magnolia "66" Servicenter

-AM INd..d.MYw I If NIA.. .....,.,........ _. .. n.69.
Edgewood at Avenue B
,: ;' SHAD SPECIALS! ....u 39c..u. 29c
) TIle .... II ............ sa IdI..1 AN............ 764-2417 Foe! Oil Kirostie 765-9393

SHELL, OYSTERS aSST.: 'Y, $5. 0OYSTIRS "Its PfiitH Oi The Ticket" Inneiiiti Diliiiry Radio Dispatch

,, Y f1 fer Stowfaf ,.?... ..., Pt. $1.25 I ,, ..... .. ....' .. 1
\ I1dlir. .I YA ;1 OYSTERS Selects !;?.,.... ,'PT. S1.30 t' ''' 'fV ;': ;;' (: ..'
Standard Vi PH. fr the eoiM.rr.fNe .buyer, IA.7iiALTIMORI I .. :
0\ioar.I.i l i Selects .'. /.Speclsl. PT. $1.89" : ,. .. ,/. } 1'
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PRICES 511 W.nth St. Unfurnished Apt I 1
POW yon can live in Jackson.yill .
IH THIS i < 't i DeW conveniently 1*. r
: cited iwo bedroom apartmentf V 4

1 7Al\ AD ARE L A M8,1" : lor $90 equipped a month.with Including hot water netrkitcha

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GOOD 1641 Main Street. You hereto
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,": .. .... 't. ... The Latest Men's Hair Styles

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I ctiLSiANI Plastic $149 .
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t. Jug 630 DAVIS STREET : \ ;
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