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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200697datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 8, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006970740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 8, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 8, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
1 I tIBPJ.Rt tnlIV'ERSM OF, FLORIDA TLCftDAGATJTS37III& :;iii, !:=11" :::' ( \1RR P R SL ,\\\I.{ {l,

UGlllti 1y.n8''ftestaurant. r Operator Under Fire From 4-Rights Gr\UttS

** ******


...... >* .. *



I ... ....... .... ... ... ... ... ... ...

t Bigotry Has No Boundaries Sen. PopeChallenged

', I J( SATlnAT IMIIIT is, ws 15 CENTS
,**** '414141414141 ** *'

Earl Johnson To Run For LegislatureSLAYER NOT C 005E By JaxonFlorida's


4 faced a serious Reapportionment challenge Wednesday Act

t OF FATHER when Sam JOMI of Jack-
sonvlUe announced Intention of t
c D I mine for the teat of Sea Yale

ftvL ,1A Pope) 31st District Senate Seat
Jones, who U president of
y the Second Congressional DU- *
trlct Voters League said he
1S GIVEN PROBATIONSuit will to to Tallahassee Feb. 15

and secretary file for of state.the seat with toe

sac *" ** Under the 1963 Legislature

HitsTreatment Youth Fatally Shotgunned Groups Protest the a provision Reapportionment was written Act stating Into

that Sen. Pope) would not

Father-Rapist Of DaughterBY Gainesville Bias lave 1966 to .run and for could reelectionIn serve the

Of Prisoners of DESPITE the presence of one sign-carrying protesters, celebrates celebrants of the high tour year term to which he
STAFF CORRESPONDENTJustice OAINESYILLE-A group mass which elevated Harold Robert Perry u the nation's first American born Negro bishop elected fro m St. Johns CountyIn
tome of the nation's civil rights in this century were carried out without incident. The historic event took place at St. Louis 1964.
In Gedsden was apparently done Tuesday when a 21-yea old groups this week filed complaints '! Basilica In New Orleans (UPI TELEPHOTO) As a result of the provision
Jason was given five years probation? for the last Nov 13 with the City Commission { ''T Pope will be representing 500,
TALLAHASSEE-A $100,000 slaying of his father who had raped his own 12-year old protesting "police" 000 residents from Duval County
suit against Cadsen County has daughter, the defendant's sister Inaction" as the result of s Gen. Warns Seeks Post Held and Nassau County's 17,000
been filed In federal court this series of incidents at a local Atty. residents who didn't, vote for
Criminal Judge Hans Tanxler, made prior visits to the house restaurant.The .
week that
charging Negro Tom
By GreeneEarl him.
Jr, in plating Corinthian Earl where similar Incidents involving the
In the county stockadeare group representing Under the act six senators
Brown of 8222 Rhode Island the father bad occurred.The .
required to do hard work National Association for the
trW the three
represent county
while white prisoners get easier Road under fire years probation case underwent several Advancement of Colored People Persons Seeking To M. Johnson, local attorney district under the requirementthat
under the circum at the out-
stated that legal maneuvering last
Jobs. and the American Civil Liberties Thursday announced his
one live In St. Johns County
Congress of Racial Equality stances, be (the judge) might set. A core tr's Jury termedthe Union, Congress of Racial candidacy for election to the which has
230,000 population
(CORE) Atty. John Due In filing have done the same thing. incident "Justifiable homi Equality and the Gainesville Florida House of Representatives -
and one live In Nassau
the suit In U.s. District Court The court also warned the defendant cide" which faced contention by Women for Equal Rights each 'Defy Voting Rights running in Group 5 for county.

charged Cadsen County officials that if,the terms the of probation defendant First Assistant who State asked Ally Nathan for spoke before the commission.The the seat previously held by Two( Incumbents, Sen. Harry
la conspiring to( deny James were violated compla1.at.c.DtuedarOUDd ,_... _
L' ''' L' J.J '"uu" Stratton of Callahan and Sen.
would be sent toRalford Brown to be held for grand WASHINQTON-Attorney G e-
Mac's Waffle where on register qualified Nel'oe.1u1JyID4
Fortson, a young Negro with Shop John E. Matthews of Jacksonville .
denial under equal protection of Prison Brown was advised to Jury.Schevlts. Dec 25, a fight occurred between neral Nicholas duB Katzenbacb freely and conveniently, as will have to run for reelection -
the law of his equal rights. live up to his probation terms said the Jury might four Negroes and group In a speech in Mobile Ala., Is his responsibillty-the law
this will
Due also said that the suit since the court did not want turn Brown loose, but since of white men. Sunday warned those who seek calls on me to send federal for the year other as three candidates -
was also being filed In behalf to send him ti prison. Brown had purchased shotgun The protesters said that there to defy the new voting Rights examiners who wilt Or, to seatl.IODellllb1lcootentIoDc1a1m..
of other Negroes in similar shells while his father was was no record made of investigation Law that "they will have the put it another way, any quail- i .
situations.Due; committing the act, the elapse nor were any arrests federal government to reckon fled Negro citizen who wants a. ,
Fired 17 shots "The Legislature's Reappor
of time term U act with" ,
also said that Fortson might an madethe groups charged. 0 to register and to vote will tlonment Act presumes that
was the son of Rev W.H. Fort- of premeditation.Upon One of the Negroes, Identifiedas In a forthright declaration of be registered" Verle Pope of St. Augustine
testimony disclosed that receiving the testimony 'his Intentions, the Attorney Y .son.
Trial Lint said be t
son, a civil rights leader in Limey, was can hold the seat for two years ,
the North Florida rural county the youth fired 17 shots into the grand Jury returned a second hit la the stomach and cut on Cenerall&1d: without to the i
being subject
and a civil rights leader was his father, Davll Brown, SS, degree murder against Brown the hand. Another present dur- -"I have a message for those 53 Unfilled franchise of the voters of Duval "

arrestedoi. profanity and"following the assault,, of his, and the case was reassigned.. 4 log the disturbance said he was,' noisy. few whq may entertain ... County, upon the premise that ..
v, drunkedneis and was sentencedto sister at (the,Rhode Isfiad Hot. to criminal; Court., burned. Both mel" criticized 'thoughts-of trying to frightenor '
Jobs For ill citizen being represented
60 days la the stockade; address. ".* Public Defender Barry Zlsser the manager and police. coerce a Negro citizenor lawmaker entitledto
by a are
father who did not live pleaded Brown to( guilty of manslaughter any citizen..from trying to
,vTbe suit also contends that The ; Mayor Edwin R. Tunic gton offer for the office.. I shall
wan denied the support of legal with the defendant, 'an older after Assistant State told the groups that the Gainesville register or vote: U you do, Fifty three Neighborhood Youth file for the seat with the secretary -
counsel, was unable to make sister and younger children at Atty. Alfred R. Taylor showed Bl-Raclal Committee was you will lave the federal government Corps Jobs continue to( remain of state Feb IS.
bond and along with the other the Rhode Island Road residence reluctance toward sending investigating the Incident and to reckon with." unfilled because of a lack of
Negro prisoners, was forced to was said by the children to( !have Brown to prison promised equal rights for all Katzenbach told the large audience qualified Job seekers said Gordon
work at hard labor "under a citizen nearly 5,000 in the Mobile Punshon, Manager of the write attorney, Tom Greene. C.M. Vaught'sFuneralJMfes
gun while white prisoners were Municipal Auditorium that Jacksonville Youth Opportunity Johnson who was an unsuccessful
given soft effeminate Jobs within Negro Mayor List 832,000 Negroes were registered Center which Is doing the recruiting candidate for the Boardof
the confines of the stockade. Rights Lawyers In Alabama, Mississippi and screening of young County Commissioners in
Defendants tamed in the suit Louisiana Georgia, and South people for these Jobs. 1962 has been active in civic
were Sheriff Otho( Edwards< Appoints Carolina when President Johnson Punsbon said that these Jobs affairs for a number of years Set SaturdayFuneral
Peace Justice A.B. BUckwell, signed the Voting Rights are specifically for young men and is a past president of the
stockade Supt. W.H. Summer. Race Aide 1966 Legal Emphasis Act last August age 16 through 21 wn o are Jacksonville Branch NAACP. services for C....
field and Dep. Sheriff Robert The Attorney General made It school drop-outs of six monthsor Vaught sho died Tuesday follow-
W. Hathcock. clear that much work remainsto more, are unemployed, live NAACP Bans tag a lingering Illness at his
SPnINGFIELD. Ohio-In a history be done and that be fully In Duval County and come froma ZJZO Spires St. residence, will
Space Center Official making precedent,this city NEW YORK-Programs emphasising will emphasize Implementationof Intended to enforce the law. low Income family be held Saturday at 2 p.m.
has its first Negro( mayor-* employment, housing, the Act. He Id: "The message of the One hundred and ninety young Political Office in Second Baptist Church, Rev
BEHIND OUR MENln space is Robert C. Henry, 44-year old health care, and administration. Th e first dozen suits charging Act and the heart of our policy men and women are now working J.C. Same, minister, offici
Joseph D. Atkinson Jr., 38, funeral director. of Justice will be the focus employment discrimination under the Act Is simple: a t various governmental( agencies ating.
administrative assistant to( the Henry, who encountered no for the NAACP Legal Defense under the Act were filed in U the local registrar will not and non-pfoflt arganlza- By Its OfficialsNEW A retired postal worker, Mr.
chief of the technical services organization opposition, polled and Educational Fund In 1966, 1965, he said but Indicated lions throughout Duval County. Vaught a native of Ocala: had
division at the National Aeronautics 13,927 votes in the non-partisan Jack Greenberg Funddirec- that many more will be filed Whitney YoungTo These young people are earning YORK-The Board of Directors resided here some 45 years
and Space Administra election described his election tor couisel, said here. this year. S1.25 aa hour and workIng of the National Asso- A member of numerous civic
tion's Manned Spacecraft u "a window for others Noting signs of disenchantmentwith Greenberg said the Legal Defense approximately 30 hours a ciation for the Advancement of religious, and social organ
Center in Houston, Texas. Atkinson to cub into to see that people enforcement of the Civil will select the suits from Speak Here week Punshon said One of the Colored People at Its quarterly
Is financial manager of can serve If they !have the Rights Act of 1964 evidenced more than 1,500 complaints requirements in getting these meeting here, voted approvalof
his division and is la chargeof qualifications." in school segregation deIDOOItraUoDlIII filed with the Equal Employment Whitney M. Young Jr., executive Jobs Is that the youth must agree Executive Director Roy
the new nine-story project bpringtisldwith an 88SoOpopu- CrawfordviIleGa., Opportunity) Commission Director of the National to spend eight hours a week Wllklns memorandum of Dec.
management building which employs latlon-about 13,000 Negro became Natchez. Miss.; HaD tlYWe, by the fund and the NAACP. Wan League, wl'I give the on his own time taking either 22 calling upon NAACP branch
more than 200 persons. the largest city in the Texas and other communities, The I!employment program principal address whin the educational or vocational training and state conference presidents
(NPI PHOTO). nation with a Negro mayor Mr. Greenberg said the Fund will concentrate specifically on Jacksonville Urban League.boldIt. of some kind. to resign from the presidency
the Southern Textile Industrythe second annual dinner+ meetIng Punshon said that we have 01 the NAACP unit "upon assumption -
. Congressman Welcome's South's First. construction trades and Monday, Feb. :il: at 7.30 many young people coming to of elective public office.
banking and finance. It will p.m. in George Washington Ho- us every day seeking employment ."
pay special i' fin !lobe to apprenticeship tel, Dr. Warren W.Scnell,president but they do not qualify The Board extended the policy
proofs, I wgre- of the local unit announ for the NYC Jobs and unfortunately to apply to the national president ILCM. !
pted lines of seuwrli ced. we have Just not been of the Association and to
Increased use of wl-tru Young who is one ot initiation able to reach those young men regional chairmen.In .
{ e>Mtr it r'try laws to combat xisl" crlmlnation was nt's.4by the Atlanta University School and would most benefit from this 'local units of the Association,
Mr. Greenberg. ,r Social Work holds master opportunity.We Mr. Wilkins said that for the
not covered by the Civil Rb is !
> had hoped to have all 243 president of an NAACP branch -
Act. j Jobs that were available to out to bold public office "com
Part time field workers in "school youth through the NYC prises the non-partisan policy
both northern and southern states I Killed within four weeks, Pun-3; of the Association.
Greenberg said will workto shoo said, since these Jobs are
a inform citizens their rights j J only for a six month period, Therefore, the memorandum
with respect to health care. ,< each week that passes means continued "because of a possible
The workers will also help 1 !that much less money for any conflict of Interests, we
accelerate the filing of complaints youth starting on one of these feel that ir is consistent with VAUGHT
4 with the Department of j Jobs at this time. NAACP policy for a branch or rations, be served U general
Health. Education and Welfare. Interested young men who are state conference president to superintendent of the Second
Greenberg said the fund will \ meet the qualifications should resign from the prsldency of Baptist Church Sunday School
continue to file suits in pre- contact the Jacksonville Opportunity the NAACP upon assumption of for 38 years, was affiliated
eedent-maklng cases until HEW ; Center immediately to elective public off1 .'. with the National Association:
takes action to enforce the law. \ make application for the NYC. of Letter Carriers, Branch 88,
j and served u a member of
i:4 Seek Justice J U-L Announces the executive board of the local
-- --" -- ------ Raines School
Branch of the National Association
degree In social work from
the University of Minnesota Job for the Advancement
In Openings
has been awarded honorary degrees Selected For of Colored People
He leaves to mourn: Mrs.
Student's universities.He from several. collegesand Spice Program For local YouthJob Gladys Vaught, widow; Ronald
E. and Charles M. Vaught Jr.,
was a visiting
r scholar at Harvard University, Dr. Andrew Robinson principal opportunities for youthIn sons; Mrs. Sarah L. Davis and
I. : ti: YORK-'That! the year'sfirst L96061 serves u a member of William Raines High age bracket between 18 and Mrs. Anna V. Pew, Atlantic
a civil rights slaying should of the National Advisory Councilof school, announces the approaching 25 years were announced this City N.J., sisters; John C.
ewABIWIGTON occur la Tuskegee, where Negroes the Office of Economic Opportunity visit of Roscoe week by the Jax Urban League and William Vaught. Ocala:
possess significant po- and Is on the Nat- Monroe of the National Aeronautics 109 E. Union St., accordingto brothers and other relatives
lltlcall and where harmonious C.T. Brown, associate di
power Commission on Technology and Space Administration
race relations have Automation and Economic will come to Raines asa rector. Joins Job Corps
been traditional, Is shocking; Progress.Ho participant In the Adult Space Available to applicants showIng
NAACP Executive Director Roy Is president-elect of the literacy Program. aptitude will be opportuni Richard King 17. of 2163 Tal-
Wilkins said of the killing National Conference on Social Thejrogram Raines U one; ties for training as bricklayers, ladego Road, Jacksonville was
oa Jan. S of Samuel L. Young Welfare and 1 s author of To of three pilot centers In the electricians, plumbers, carpenters sworn Into the Job Corps today,
Jr., year-old Navy veteran Be Equal. His weekly column nation developing Ideas and operational and electronics. Tuesday, January II, 1968, by
and civil right worker. under the same caption appears guidelines to improve Applicants will be processed H.K. Rock Assistant Manager
D.C. -U./. Rep. Charles E. Bennett of Florida Is shown with his January The arrested suspect, a 67 la 90 papers across the nation space literacy among adults at the Urban League office Mondays of the Jacksonville Youth Opportunity
page appointment, Fred C. King, Jr.. a senior at New Stanton Rica School, Jacksonville. King year-old white service station A limited number of dinner for NASA. through Fridays from':30 Center.
17. will work u a page la the UJI. Hoses of Representatives. He U the first Negro page attendant "must not be allowed tickets may be secured from Roscoe Monroe will render a.m. until 5 p.m., Brown added. Rock said that King will leave
appointed fcy a Southern Coo 'llIIWI. Bennett is aa II-y.., veteran of Congress and t to go free on tout u the Jacksonville Urban League services at William Raines High Further information may be obtained tomorrow, Wednesday, for the
senior member of the powerful House Armed Services Committee. King was recommendedto has been the case 1 a other office, 109 E. Union St., ELgln4292. School from January 24 to February by calling the Urban Weber Basin Job Corps Centerat
Congressman Bennett by New Stanton School principal, Charles D. Brooks. Alabama murders 11. League. office, EL-8 4292. Ogden, Utah.



; SITURDIY_.. .._.. .I1NII1DV......."" ic.... lace. ....

1f TO BEAR IT" rsarsrotnr I ,
published by the florid Star Publishing Oonpany <

ERIC 0 SIMPSON ...".. Miiafiif Elites

ALISON E. WISE..."".... News Editor ., Since Inevitably a bit of the put is always found la the
-> present, and some degree influences the future It Is well

IILDA VOOTEN ...... ... CirciUtiii Mniftr r u .1i," .?!'. to reflect.. on some of the significant.events of 196S la civil:
rights now well established l as America's most serious
domestic problem.

On the negative side, there was the unfortunate need for 1
2323 Mucus! Rid HIM Elfii 4-6781 continued demonstrations throughout the South, to dramatize.
K the still-entrenched resistance to anew national nggg SBI
AddressP. morality and consensus expressed In the 1964
Miiliii '" Civil Rights Law. These demonstratlonspolate4
.up not only the continuing reluctance tc
: / rant
O. Bu 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 ct ,'t the Negro equal opportunity voting buf called
J ; ',attention to the series of wanton murders s of both
MIAMI OFFICE I f white/ and Negro civil rights workers- squrders
1 r that revealed a congenital cruelty ant}animal
131 HI 3rd Ass PIOBI 377-1025 like The behavior on the part of a few mu .yltizene.
entrenched resistance was evldontjslso] la LnHMSBH
the tragic lack of courage and conscience oa the part of many
persons who for the most part remalneo-silent. -, .
SUBSCRIPTION RATES Still on the negative side, we witnessed a growing tendency
In the North to ignore or to rationalize
One Year, $6,00 Half Year, R4. 00 speakable segregated housing conditions, which overcrowded inevitably,give un

Vnlied! to you Anywhere in the United States rise to segregated and inferior schools and interior com.munlty
Subscription payable in advanceS 65WATTS services.
nrl! Check or Money order to: But serious as these negatives are..the positive develop
ments of 1965 are still the more significant and Justify
-aCRIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 beyond question the optimism we should feel for the future.
Jacksonville 1, Florida The passing of the Voting Rights Bill, I predict will mark
r the most telling blow against intolerance and bigotry. Since
public officials conceive it their first duty to be elected .
f the greatly Increased Negro vote will go a long way toward "l
RIOTINGSIX discovering decent and moral qualities among present and
Beware Of Flim Flammers r n prospective officeholders. *
The affirmative actions of the Administration supported by ,
the unprecedented words and deeds of President Johnson,
have given a new respectability and urgency to the issue of
ft concemi sec a great dial whtn Ntgroot arm dup.d
by (flimflommeri who oll.n rI.p.I"om of tttotr li.ovlng. ./ '. SPARKS THAT CAN CAUSE AN EXPLOSION ANYWHERE' as civil private rights.--however The various unjustly poverty maligned programs and.however.public u inade well

.. TM ft who happened rt woman In Durham North Carolina, who laid pellet These programs are ample evidence of what can be achieved
thai, she was flwnWommed1 out of 118,000. with more experience and more''I resources. If the victims
Th.* imWommeri. operate according to a poHtrn' '' of poverty and oppression are given the voice they deserve
I. similar no meft.r wh.,.. fh.y op.ro.ln"'i. country. Your In the control and administration of such programs, how
fSe Durham victim, Mr, 6. W. Keith, wa approached Weekly much more could we achieve!

by a woman while/ she was shopping in the fcoiemenf Most encouraging In 196S was the desire shown by the Negro
of a department store, Th. fflmftammer fold the victim .. dance citizen to play a constructive role in hts own destiny. Evi
was provided to indicate that
she hod found $20,000 which be mailed ghetto youth, given the
/rust woe to lo
'tB would ..
opportunity rather build than burn would rather work
Cuba. Horoscope Guide than loaf. Negro adults demonstrated their ability and ca
Mliile they were talking, another woman came up parity to participate intelligently In the policy-making and In
ondsaidthehodbeenodviledby'Mr Cron. to divide the administration remedial,corrective self-help programs.
the money. The two IInid.ili.dwomon offered to ihare Nineteen hundred and sixty-five had Its negatives and Its
their newfound wealth with the victim, providing sheshowed PABLO The ASTROLOGER w positives..which simply means the year had some bad people
good faith by giving them mon.y to hold until and some good people. As we look to 1966 we have expectant
hopes that the few who do bad and the few who do
they diveded the 120,000. Mrs. Keith went home and nothing
brought, back 110,000 to show good faith. After the Rim. WHICH ARE YOUR-LUCKY DAYS FOR will be outweighed In numbers by the great who do something
This Is an opportunity> for and
individuals the entire
Hammers gel the 110,000 tfiey disappeared and did

not return to divide the money with; the. Durham worn- BUSINESS
TRAVELBorn Should "Rights" '
a Worker Avoid Draft
This type of thing has happened overandover again, ?

and we can't, understand how anybody would be naive -
enough to give 110,000 to strange women. No stronger Y
It is lamentable that John Lewis chairman
It going to share his findingswlth; anybody whether
of. the Student Non-Violent
they show good or bad faith. If they were, ,they would Coordi
share' It wiNroasking people' to draw. money out of Jibha noting Committee (SNCC), has advised
the bank. CaJWlJt Cap1 aJ1lJt persons in the civil rights movement to avoid -

0y now every Negro citiien should be familiar with March 21st Bom "pt. 23rd the draft in order to continue their

the operational' procedures 'of flimflam/ / coup!.. We Born June 22nd i -Oct. 23rd Born Dec, 22nd work to assure the rights of the Negroes. 1.
advise everyone to b. on the alert/ for criminals. of -April 19th -July 22nd John lewis have as the following two ; this kind.Junior / -Jan. 19th reasons: (01) If s in the national becausewe

.., admonitions that were of., arestrengthening democratic processes
This could be the most in- Excellent sspects.confirmspractically tisTDe and ';((2)) violence' is obsolete .
'' In to the conclusions, fered'fcT.tne: prevlou.'qutrter: as a ; "
College To 'Be.; Phased Out Ueresting of all" the"quart.u that were outlined during the'.:-,.,..t4ial':1IItIIU'' : t.*Jhe matters that have been m-;.fJo.."'.Conflicts between peoples, .i .
none of which can be looked art "touched upon during the preceed anTi '
chance even more pertinent nations'.v: *
previous quarter. But the undermining ;
down There Is of the next quarter remain
upon. somethingthat unaltered
In fine with the notions program of school' Integration could be sensational In factor that was discovered ., during this one. Do not and should be treated It may be'true, as the SNCC chief
fiver Junior College, which serves about lurking in the background incur the suspicion or displeasure has said that
Suwenee character affecting your vocational closest along the lines then recommen the U. S. government has
200 students from Madison and area, will bephased then is more than ever of your partner been
Negro achievements and which by allowing emotlens to ded. Continue to be wary of deceptive in its claim of concern
out by June 20, 1967. Then its students will could bring you recognition far pressing. It may be urging you run wild. There your Is a reserve individuals who may be playing for the freedom olthe Vietnamese people
enroll' at North Florida Junior; College In Madison, and wide. While this Is most to take with a financial risk or to "6f unexpected Inner strength on your hopes of feelings for lust; as the government has been decep
gamble haplness by
aspiring respect there your reasons of their own, most of
Florida.Dili' every
upon which you can draw freely five in claiming for the freedomof
forming an attachment of a concern
are certain economic which certainly are not in
mates for the two Junior colleges/ were develop. your
when to
sense you are tempted stray colored
doubtful unconventional orl- in the
or people U S. States
menu that Interests. of
must be watched expansion your
and half/ miles There
about apart. This
located only on. or spend extravagantly.
gin. For the sake of those ifselL"It
more closely than Do not gainful activities is not only
In In "' .li.11 ever. would also be time to
place tye right
much duplication
was too programs who trust besides
nevertheless this' satisfied the old bankrupt yourself Just for the you, yourself make arrangements for summer Itrip" interesting but remunerative We hope that Negro civil' rights workers
but arrangement do not succumb to lures
sake of seeking fame or living any courses The not Immediately, then In the will not be stupid to
or training enough dodge
traditions of.." .,oflon. it up to the expensive habitsof no matter how attractive they interests of dear ones and near future.There is little doubt the draft on the
your recommendation of
Next fall Suwonee Junior College will/ enroll only wealthy If lends. The New may appear to be on the sur creative talents are that this period of opportunity CC theSlN
.second year students. W.have confidence tfiotplans will Moon reveals that Important face. There Is a splendid opportunity your own to start receiving the for many Caprlcornlans who chief because we must not create
be worked out so fhsn.w freshmen. Negro students' doors are opening. You will get to draw on your finest likely bulk of planetary attention, late have set their sights on brilliant ,suspicion and doubt regarding the sincerity -

enroll' at North Florida Junior Coil.... In this way, the to where you are going quickerby ideals and inner strength fist or soon thereafter. new horizons. Bee of our government and as Dr. Joseph -
transition will tale place' smoothly.Now remaining modest and spend and you should not allow It to i that your expenses are not H. Jackson said,' and stab in

what Is to be done with the negro 'teachers now tog frugally escape, you unnoticed 58022.1559582S&hfdo stripping your earning power. the back their own brothers and sisters

., / It would 9-SO-22-13-25-9J2 who are now fighting;
employed at Suwanee 'I" Junior College 6-80-77-5-41-687 on the battlefieldsof '
right' for them to employed/ at North Florida Junior 9-30-55-19-96-935 Vietnam

College or absorbed In North Florida schools But we JiuJ Whites have been burning and destroy.

must warn these teachers, lfcy must b. sure that their J Born July 23rd ing their draft cards in protest to the Vietnamese
training can compete in every way with that at N YBon Born Oct. 24th d'Actld war and we have already said

Florida Jr. Coli.,.. > -Aug. 22nd with pride that the Negroes in times of
April 20th -Nov. 22nd Ban Fob. 19th- crisis have patriotically risen to the de

Leave Last Year's Failures Behind There are repeated admonitions Mor. 20th Tense of their country.
-May 20th against putting off projects that Our civil rights leaders must use wis
are calculated to provide The odds seem to be on your dom in counseling
pro- youth of the civil'
side right now giving you an When one aspires to great height rights
One -occasion the Foul said tection for you and all the movement, because it
one Apostle Forgetting would
It Is ad-
opportunity mean
uphold perfectly natural
While you shoul d not members of the family. A rather your flewsfrlenda stun
those things which are behind I press forward to the unduly hard to gain any major press forceful aspect may reinforce do not appear ble and slip back occasIonally vising youth to ecome traitors; to their
mark which Is found in Christ Jesus.* This mokes a good goals during the next 30 days, this point rather vividly to be lacking and they should This Is a challenge that the country. One of the strong arguments
setting for the man and women who want to mole New It does not mean that you need and the wave of productivityand have no hesitancy In stepping most hardly among you will I that Negroes have ad in their quest
Year's resolutions this January I.DCln' to pass up excellent opportunities /Its gainful aftermath is still forward in your behalf whenever not fall to take up. It is obvious for fjrsf-class citizenship is 'that our rac
set your goals too high and resolve the impossible to advance or to chalk going strong and nothing shouldbe this is necessitated This that your decision should sal' group has fought bravely in all of
ipecially if you are weak at heart let yourI up substantial material gains allowed to check It other than can come-up quite early seeing be Used on human considerations wars. We must not our
when that a family or personal crisis but this could be a mat East now bring dis-
objectives b. within your reach.Regardless they develop normally. circumstances over which you black
upon soldiers
But ther has been building up and reaches ter that rests purely between who have never
of occupation resolve e are people or deceptions no control. The advent I.t
or career to the
your still lurking in the of the New Moon reflects a Its highest point of i Intensity. you and your conscience. You American colors' trail'. in dust '
make life the best there is. Do not '
your waste your There can
background ready to pounceandsnatch more co-operative and much are unexpected and expect much In the way
effectiveness by detenuIning to do only what you have the fruits of victory ftfendller attitude/ on the part powerful forces at work enabling of mediation and inner conflict
e to do. '_omll., that Jesus admonished. do more from you before you have the of essential partners than It you to emergewlth flying after the advent of the new lunar I Education And t
than is required of us, by walking' the second, undo- chance to relish them. Be ready has been your privilege toenjoyof colors. A changing lunar phase phase the charitable ones The Golden AgeWhat
mended mi''.. to assume authority or to* late. This should make It places the focus of attention among yon will have much to do.

The law requires a man to support his family II h. benefit from the services of valuable easier for you to chalk up on housing, home companions
has the means, buIfJo..n"to'.money'O make a man collaborators when this the achievements you are seeking. base of operations and the result Z-7-8..3-43-m should be the objectives of ed.

a loving lather and J."otocllri.nd. Money may purchase Is brought about by the natural ., you stand a chance of obtain. ucation and of those who are ..ducation'

worldly comforts but It cannotglve strength to the course of events Rewards 1.00-15.34.1 ing. s recipients? A good answer to that
heart and spirit for nuny past achievements 7-40-66-9-85-746 tlqnaJUuA comes from President Gerholz
now be and
The law requires that all youth between c.rtain.g.a may forthcoming Chamber of. Commerce of. the United
they should be gratefully received.
go to school but there nothing In the law to compel) Oihqo SruJlf Bern Jon. 20th States .

a student to study hard discipline his mind, and learn Z.50U.37.U.t9mnini As he sees it, America's Golden
the truth that mobs men lr... -Feb. 18th will arrive when education Age

Tne 'law requires a man to live peaceably' withinh.. Born Aug. 23rd scientists who are not ignorant produces

confines of his neighborhood b""he,.I. nofhingi/i the -$ ph: 22nd Born Nov. 23rd tics, politicians who are not ignorant of poli

'few to require a man to become a good neighbor to *. 2 1 lit While this Is a favorable quarter science! and businessmen who of
"'. p.opl.Inhh. immediate community. A man should Born in most respects, you cannot joice in a sunset can re
May 2 hr Tie situation or
during this
third sonata
afford to
resolve not lo 'let his hate his character The let your guard as well
warp by making one you should fear the as in the chatter
quarter not apt to be much down axial the deceotiv a "
him bomb, burn or wreck a newcomer's home because -June) 2 1st ,different than it was the preceding moa t could be voumif in the fluences that be later, he said "Education computer Then,
he Is 0 Negro.t \. final accounting.'iQ could be may should be a
one. This signifies going at philosophy. It
tug you. Refuse to overthrow should be
a man who is a shepherd' for example' lies down While everything of Importancemay ahead In the groove that you that filled ondermlne with doubts and fears your sound policies and practices of life. Young people our nation's way
.at the foot a/the mountain because it seems Impossible' be going your way, as have found most inspiring and dance, and that your seU-cosfl- for anything that could knowledge for Its should aspire to
to climb, ,let him listen to the beckoning voice which far as you can see, there is productive of the best that Is seising prevent you from be Illusory and possibly for the are deprived own sake. Those who
says, 'Foolish' mortal', does thou not know that he who some sort of deep-rooted psychological In you. But as the same time, bornd. You responsibility have the by abilityof the benefit of someone who Is un start I In life should W< y J go?ds.andagood
rather ,
would dwell In the heights with the godsmvst not sleep' problem that remain Insidious influences are using it wisely and to good scrupulous. The pursuit of hobbles of their look for enrichment
hidden below the surface Instead operating the background tryIng and social minds as well
but must forever climb higher and Itih.". advantage This is the bill of pastimes should as their poc...
books -
of waiting for more positive to sow confusion In your provide all the entertainmentyou Those who have
let these ,resolution became that specialized
for goods must tel
your challenges you yourself in
signs to appear, grade mind or .endeavoring to create desire It could also be branch of knowledge should onel
19661' with it now by friction In your key relation Also before you offer It to other. necessary In some cases for l In oth.r directions branch out
potent authorities who can help. ships. This is exactly what you Utllls stress the fact that your Aquarians to extend their periodof We live In
Into account and must prevent for are worth the golngprlce a world and a time in
your own sake seclusion and relaxation. Be which
THINGS ARE CHANGINGHave modify yours future program u well as for the happinessof a and disservice that you: by would do yourself .especially prudent and do not related.everything Business g way or anoth.r, is
to eliminate the factors or activities the one you love dearly. accepting less. expose yourselftoadversewea- politics, the
that really don't belong: Wedding/ dates that are set af. The phase that Is opening up ther conditions or prevailing the arts. .all touch and sciences '
you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? This will open entirely new and ter the advent o f the New will have to dow with dally activities winter ailments. other The whole' man influ.nc. each
brilliant vistas Moon have the best chance of local hit.restssadyour In the cla using that phrasepact
Equal opportunity is in business. turning( out to be happy ones peregrinations la the line of 4-70-1-7-71-47 thcihGreek s.ns., must conc.rned -
4-7-11.7-73-47 duty. and have L
460.99.7-52.469 1-90-33-18-56-393 ledge o. them all. a .now.


-- -.__:;::"'=':... _' 1 .._.


Gateway Golf Association Fete Guest During Annual Ball In Civic Auditorium

I r I II

__ i I
sett : _

SEATED from left Mr, and Urs. Ben. Turner Mrs. and Milton Hannon. past president; Leonardo Worrell, Mrs. VerneU James. Mr. Mrs. Evelyn and Joseph Hopkins, Wilbert Wiggins, Miss Pene
I Mr. Sheddrlck Green, Harvey Johnson, Leroy Core, Mn. SEATED FROM LEFT Mrs Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Edward McGowan. lope Tolbert, Miss Sadie Armstrong, Arthur and Mrs.Jacqueline' I
Harvey Johnson : fiery Elp, Betty Hall.
Mrs Piter Coie Mrs Milton Hannon sad
James Badger Mrs. and George Harris Jr., : Mrs and Cornell Lockett

-- ------_. -.. .. .. ......_._____....u _. -


v I




MEMBERS standing front row from left Joe Hopkins, S. Richardson. Back row from left: J. Bradley, G. Lockhart SEATED FROM LEFT Mr. and Mrs. Willie Waddell, Mr. SEATED FROM LEFT; Jerome and Mrs. Sylvia Richardson,
I M.Chllan, J. Bailey, L. Dorsey, W. Miller, S. Pearce W, Gibson, D. Prater, M. Maples J. Brown, B. Turner C. and Mrs. Robert R. Neal Si., Mr. and Mrs Johnny Craw Mrs. Carrie Nalrln and Booker T. Nalrln, Frank Brlnkley, I
0. Taylor G. Harris J, Kemp. M. Ward, B. Harris, J. Jefferson, T. Rutledge H. Perkins L. Hunter and L. Bolton. ford Jr., Melvin C. Boston, Mr, and Mrs Solomon McClendon, Mrs. Josephine Young, Mrs. Renee Walker, Mrs. Marie and
Mrs Nellie Boston and Mr and Mrs. Carlton Sl1rrene,? Johnny Richardson.

-..-- _.Milestone- For Youth Corps flt. Carmel Youth Day I

Mt Carmel Baptist Church secretary
has completed plans this week Participating on the program
d+s for its annual Youth Day observance will be Betty Mae Holmes

1 '.; : scheduled for Sunday Rosemary Hutson, Leroy I
; \ Hampton, Vickery Hayes, Gail
J ,
) ,. ,:);,; r : j Hayes David Anderson RobertI'

j err t "':" .t' '
; i. : "
I 'I ,
': .
'LI !t; "' : ; -
: :
'-" in a oay long series of events. 'II'III
< ff .. Sandra Robinson will serve 11
., : .
'\> l' ill' r. \
,' r. ,. ,>t C ,
"l ," .
-" \' ''' .:.
,.,, : i ... .'.""": I I Jib'' J c 1J1mJ\

': ,. .. .1'. Fellow groups and the publk
',' Weekly Meeting
: are Invited.

".. 1- : The Baptist Ministers Brother I
... ILb "" ''':
bood of Jacksonville, Duval and ..
.... "
adjacent counties, will meet :!iurdi\ b vrriul Newt
In session .ilT chairman and win M assistedby 1'11
regular Monday at
11 am. In Daysprlng Baptist Yvonne Hampton co chair T'r 1.1' J' .... ..
Church. FlriST PAY DAY at the Neighborhood Youth Corps a component project of Greater Jackson. man Betty Jean Rose Is the I

The order of the day will vine Economic Opportunity, Inc, finds Project Director Samuel p, Nesbitt (left), distributing
Include reports frm all commlttee. checks at NYC headquarters located at 400 W,Ashley St., city Looking from right is Frank r
to be followed by a Hampton, member of the Executive Committee of GJEO. For many of the recipients, It i- Instant
special business session The was also the first pay day of their lives. Designed to help high school dropouts gain work
president Rev. ft.!.. LJones Is experience and at the same time continue their education, the Youth Corps jobs pay $1,25 an
requesting the presence of all hour for a 30 hour work week and rqulre an average of 8 hours of study each week Photos

members. Jolita T. Simmons Is Honoree Saturday MeetingGateway

Barracks 3131, World
Your Hands Help During Festive Birthday Party War 1 Veterans, will meet Sat- 50C
ENTERTAINMENT CHAIRMAN James Bradley(rlghtpresents) urday at 2 p.m., in Joe H,
winner's trophy to club champion John Gibson Doctors' Diagnosis MISS JOLITA SIMMONS the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Charles James Center. The 1966 membership -
(Fotos by Royal Arts.Studio) E. Simmons Jr, was the recipient of a gala "Sweet Sixteen" cards will be distributed -
Ai lOOn as clasp with during the festive .
you your birthday party and showered gifts Each
__ eStork _I .:.-nn I'" ,
aessnMS doctor hand, mi examination event recently In colorfully decorated Walker College The Flag Colorbearers and
Delivery begin, the Catholic Digest ex- Auditorium Firing Squad will meet at .3 I
pljins. p.m., In the home of Joe Young i

es ss r .-c1J_eseassas- ..sssesssw' a h yours J normal, flnmhand- on Myrtle Avenue and 12th Sts.1 Royal Art StudioSOCIAL
The Ladles Auxiliary will serve
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flanders, Mr. and Mrs Elijah Williams, clasps: Or is it the limp "cold refreshments.
7416 Richardson hts PL. Girl 1110 Spearing St. Girl. fish that indicates great anxiety?
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Mr., and Mrs. Robert Burke l I. the coldness accompanied by
2075 W. 14th St. Girl 1613 Eaverson Ct. Boy. a slight swelling that would indicate Recuperating COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
Mr. and Mrs. George Wish- Mr. and Mrs. George Carter, heart failure? Or is the
liwton. 3222 Breve Dr. Girl. 5630 Vernon Rd. GirL palm sweating because of an
Mrs Armeta of 1622
overactive thyroid? 515 DAVIS ST.
W, Eighth St., who was recently -
Involved In sit auto ac-
'r 1 1ex
widest near Quincy on the week
It Covers Guy lair end, Is convalescing In Room ELGIN 4-1894
I 350 at Brewster Hospital and
M. J. Brandt' Liquid would be happy to have her
r many friends visit her, CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS '

a '
The auditorium of Walker Commercial r ".ef0
College was the scene
Will cover hair in 10
.w for the festive occasion. Gay
to 20 Minutes pack! No colors of festoon garland loops
.eae.Anyone can put It on were entwined and draped froma
-t at hOMo golden chandelier center and

WILL NOT TORN HAIRMXOISH extended It to the walls Golden
sunbyrsts were suspended from
the loops In each cormer of
It till not rub off, It 1 the auditorium. A "sweet six
stare on several Months.Shaapooing teen" Dowerarrangementcon

eta bathing, slating of It pink rosebuds
white 16 cubes of
sun, permanent waving, yi4iii
sugar a leather f.ruspr1Dk1ed p !r0a
curling or straighteningIronnothing with glitter adorned a table.
yJ takes itoff.
The hoooree's piano instructor
You can cover any gray
Mrs. Evelyn S. Foy played
KEN hair no Batter bow stubborn
accompaniment u the group
or how ctuied BLACK sang "Happy Birthday". At the

stays BLACK end of the selection, James ., M
-Invites You To Listen To- j OA6lN"BRMAMNDEDy
WONDERFUL rot Brooks, uncle of the honoree
ITXJCNINO UP pulled a cord and released balloons
from a plastic balloon
bag that was attached near the
permanent sexing ceiling, above the decorations
CAUTION: Use as directedon

"DANCE PARTY" label Colors: Black, Many friends of the boooree

Dark Brown, Medics Brown were present.
Others assisting the bostswere
Price per boa $i. 50'plus
the honoree's grandmother, '
Nightly. 11:30: II 12:00: Federal Tan Mrs. Kettle F. Simmons;aunts,
Miss Julia Brooks Mrs.James

Satiriay 9 .,.., Til 12.00: ,... DIXKPHARMACY Simmons Brooks; brother 111, Mrs, Charles T.L. Rd-E. Beef at its Best .a gWV1A

Slmmons in, Mrs. T.L..
Redding, Mrs. J.D. Spaaldlog,
1400 WRHC 1400 Mrs. Roy Sykes, Mrs. K.B.
1305 .
Kip R In. Fb. Bonner and Mrs. M.H. Barnett


\ ........ .
"'- ----- -----



I Chain Of Missionary Assemblies To Convene Here January 16-18-

St. Paul AME College President Contributes To fundDr

I Project J I Captures I Community's Interest I t__ Church To Host --------

Missionary ProgramThe

Christian Endeavor
Fellowship of St. Paul AME
Church, will present Presbyterian

R. Fern Sunday at S P..... _
CM of the main speakers to
r be beard during the Florida
Chain of Missionary. Assemblies
program to be beard hen
March 18-18.
Rev Ferger nerved In India t
as a short term teacher In + k j

1910 under the former. Board .
of Foreign Mission. of the Presbyterian
Church, USA and later
as a career appointee under
i the same board.
His first five years as a t
missionary was spent in educational -
work u a principalof
several Christian schools ,
for boys. He started the first L
troop of Indian Boy Scouts to
the whole of North India,, and

Just before retirement, be of Florida Memorial College, presents a donation to Theodore
received the Sliver Elephant, Dr Royal W. Puryear,president
irWI"t11T 'I'II 1CUULI.IPA. the highest award of the Bharat Thomas, president of the William Raines High School $4> for the school's
Scouts and Guides,correspond Food Bank". Looking on are Dr. Andrew A. tfoblnson, (left) Willie Cowan, vice
to the Silver Buffalo of the president of the Senior (li-Y Club, and E.W. Bryant, club advisor. .
Boy Scouts of America.For The "Food Bank" is a service project sponsored by the Senior Hi-Y to which the student r J\
the last ten years of body and faculty made, a cash donation and contributed non-perishable food articles. The.
R .r of food baskets to situations in the school community
.N his service Mr. Forger was effort will permit the Issuance emergency
on loan to the pioneer workof throughout the school year. y
-- -
Radio: and Audio-Visual Service -
ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CAROLING bu various Girl Scout troops Lutheran Church;; Troop 533 and (of Second Baptist Church, Council of the National *--
f during the recent holiday period was featured In various Mrs C.D. Isaac and Mrs. Maggie Sloan; Troop 313--318, Christian Council of India. As Along: The Church PathBY Progressive State
areas of the city Including hospitals, nursing homes and shop Mrs. Bonnie Frailer and Mrs. Frances Melvin and Mrs executive secretary he helped
11 ping centers. At Brewster Hospital, the girls presented J.E. Davis with the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church troops Parents to set up the Christian Association ALBERTA WILLIAMS Baptist Convention
gifts while some told Christmas stories. The carolers also assisting with transportation were Mrs. Robert Clayton, for Radio and AudioVisual Progressive Baptist State Convention To Convene Here
sang at the Ai P Supermarket on 45th St. Participating troopsand Robert Moore and Mrs. Nancy Owens. Service, which is direct Meets
their leaders were: Mrs. Arcola Burgess and Troop 494, responsible for some eighty Great anticipation now moves In the church realm of Jack- Committee

!I church groups, union institutes, sonville and nearby towns due to the coming Progressive The first organizational meet.
I Neighborhood i Youth I Corps Program Launched and related church bodies to Baptist State Convention of Florida to the Gateway City March
__ India His work centered Intfi. 22, through 27. Mt. Ararat Baptist Church will be the official InC for the 52nd annual sessionof
host group. ,
,,,., ,,. .. The beautiful and syacious church is an Ideal setting for the the Progressive Baptist State
W + meeting /the host pastor, the Rev Dallas J. Graham is widely
100.t ,. known for his cordiality and cooperative congregation. Convention of Florida, was held
ti Lending support to the weeklong observe will be the sister
i church and their pastors, since the convention Is one of the to the educational building of
finest Christian organizations 1.1 churchdom and the hundredsof
outstanding ministers and lay people from all sections of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church,host
y 1 Florida and other parts of the nation will be In attendance.
Interestingly, this year is one of unusual leadership settings. church.
Rev. Dr R.H. Wilson serves as Foreign Missions "3 chairman and Mrs. M.L. Johnson as District president of the
f Senior Women's group The Junior Women are headed by Mrs. presided. Deacon W.R. Davisis
Rena and Mrs. Johnson also is third vlcepresldent of the State
Missionary Workers and Mrs. Owen as vice president of her assistant chairman and coordinator -
state group.
Outstanding work in the progressive is Its total purposes, pre of all minor committees -
sent body, missionaries ushers, youth convention, laymenand
children. and will serve asover-
The convention will feature excellent preachers, teacher,
seer for the souvenir program.
and siakers. Music will be heard at Its best with finely
i d1; -IJ REV HENRI R. ERGER trained choirs, choral groups and soloists from f.r and Frank Hampton is his assistant.
J Allahabad, where be built a near appearing at various departments dally.
large library of religious, educational Guiding the thought will be the unified theme "ChargedWith
rlI irn Deacon E.C.Thomas and Grant
and health films and The Task of Qualifying The Great Commission." The
I filmstrips, which are used by wonderful choirs of Mt. Ararat and other local artists will
H\ many churches and Institution appear on the program Tuesday evening March 22. Mlcklns are secretary and trea-
all over India. Just before leaving -
Illt j India be turned over the Dee Dee To Tour surer, and Mrs. EssieM.JoneswUlheadthekltclkneommittee
= direction of this work to an Warwick EuropeNEW
j TOP OFFICIALS of the Crtatet-Jacksonville Economic Opportunity 'director;GJEO; Fey Samuel Ne.bltt, director, NeighborhoodYouth ;: '.' : ', ';
Indian leader
,Inc., are shown with New stanton Senior Rlgh'School Corps and Rodell Roberts, supervisor Distributive returned YORK CITY-DeeSe Remo Festival, Milan: Italy.
Mr Forger
I principal Charles D. Brooks (left), after having launched and Education at New Stanton. Mrs. Maude Butler, chairman of from Recently another trip around the Warwick, youngest half of the Miss Warwick has been honoredby assisted by Deacons C. Bussle,
'f. recruited 22-New Stanton students into the Neighborhood Youth the Social Studies Department at New Stanton is serving u the world, to the course of recording duo of Orange, N.J. being one of three Amei leans
f Program. Conversing with Principal Brooks are: Gordon coordinator-director of the school's NYC She is being assisted which he carried on several sisters, makes her ifrst trip being asked to appear at the G. Price, A Daggs and P.
i Bunche, director of the GJEO: Lewis J. Carter III, deputy by other chairmen in special areas, Brook said. photographic commissions. for to England and Europe Dec. International song fete
14. The 19 year old sister of
Williams.There .
the Presbyterian Commission, *
ACE League Sets Meeting Hatcher SlatedAs especially In Ethiopia. He also thru Dionne will remain in Europe -
E.C. 31 1966
Bishop visited Egypt, Sudan, and Kenyawhere January when
she appears at the famed San
The monthly Christian endeavor new conference year he obtained many koda-
I Hour, ACE League, will The publishing of a quarterly Raines Dedication SpeakerBishop chrome slides of the work and BRAND NEW
be held Jan. 16 at 3 p.m., news letter for the state meet life of those countries.He MOBILE HOMES
in St. Paul AME Church ing will also be discussed. Eugene C. Hatcher, 73rd bishop of the African Metho has prepared an illlstra-
I The Stare president, Alex- According to Mlndel Stokes, dist Episcopal Church and presiding prelate of the 11th ted address modern miraclesto $195
to which he talks
ander Cottrell, has Invited all youth president, outstanding Episcopal District, will deliver the dedicatory address when missions
of the work to Ethiopia
districts and local presidents talent will participate on the William H. Raines High School kickoff a weeklong series of especially
to meet with the youth and program. dedication programs beginning on Sunday, July 23, at 3:30: p.m. Nepal and Taiwan as ha DOWNOR is
: assist in the plans for the Dr. Andrew A. Roblnsonprlncipal, tinounced. saw it oo his trip.Church LET YOUR CAR JT7RMTURE .
On Monday at 7:30 p.m., an Sets DOWN PAYMENT MAKE THE

123 Bedroom. Bnth-10' and
anthology of fine arts entitled Weekly ServicesFriday 12' wldr t up la M ft.
1 locl/TONSTO WE TAKE DEALS!: only one
SERVE YDJ "Aesthetic Moods" wlllbepre* night service begin OTHERS REFUSE:
ning at 8 o'clock will be held No iltlngCrt approved

1824 W. BEAVER sented by. city and county high In the Church of Cod, True MOVE on IN spell TONTTE I :
Temple Saints In Christ 1663 n(
I Only Downtown ice .. diet
'I, 1 830 CASSAT AYE. schools artists In the areas of W. ZMn St.. Elder Lee Gatesannounced. 42' I'$wt<)5
I periodic painting, choreography Sunday service will commence 55-10( REPO.
3101 EMERSON with Sunday School 10:30 a.m. e neooM
1'1' and sulected music drama and morning worship at 12 o'clock pica U'AYMENTeeeoennM$700 that rates
noon. YPD will get underwayat
If other facets of the fine arts.
6.30 p.m. and evening wor $1i6.00R.
U.S. GOV. INSPECTED ship will follow.Wednesday .
WESTERN Prelude to the event will be night prayer service S. Evens Motors
will begin at 7.30 p.m.Tbe 3rd & Main St*. famouscola

; STEAKSALE HEAVY 79C a fashion show 1 general services public is Invited to all 354-8331


FLA. GRADE "A" I "50 people name :

LARGE I may call today I Ito

2 DOZ. 51 1 in be one helped day!

EGGS SAVE Ife DOZ. I I Whatever problems ,your and PttE

I conditions are, PEP FEP

you I through will help God." j S Ggq ,


0 "Help together OIE A FREE

by prayer"
The Latest Men's Hair Styles

FLA. "TT" BRAND ((2 Cor. 1:11): ) Are Taught At The DIET

:::: 19 Whatever you need I I PSIi

HENS LB.I God's tot it. JacksonvilleBarber

Call or write: I

W-7QO College Inc. 'e1ar6ru

QcLBa MRS M, BURNS W a repg

I BANANAS P.O. BOX 495 630 DAVIS STREET ttthetPio.4 '

I DETROIT 4, MICH. i licksnville Floridi
ftfft THE 4 ---- ---

S .. I:.

'- y --y.---- .mm. -. -' ,"-j '-m_ m .m


Civil Service Ceremony Highlighted I By 'Top Brass Wanted Brother- Honorary' Group Holds Installation.JODf I .. J

Tern. To Visit !flJTJT TN111,1i SurrendersIn h r

B-CC CampusDAYTONA A Cop Slaying 1.

BEACH..Dr. RI. : : JJW CHICAGO.."I've been running
chard V. Moor, president of cared," said 20 year old RIchard
Bethune-Cookman College ta. Black u he surrendered
nounced that the ClvU Service himself to the FBI alter having
Commission and I number of been a fugitive for a little
Government agencies who are over four months
members of the Southeastern Richard was the missing brother -
Federal Recruiting Council will wanted by the FBI In a
send a team of representatives nationwide manhunt growing out -t
to present an Employment Oui- of anorthslde supermarket robbery .
look Program at Bethnoe- which led to the slaying I
Cookman college during Career ot a police sergeant.

Day activities, January 21. : Earlier his brother Hollce,22
The program Is scheduled for was captured by the FBI In
Hun Memorial Chapel and will Tj Miami and returned to Chicago.
convene at 10.00 Lm. Bethune His trlaltwbeenseUorJan.14.
Cookman students will have an Black surrendered to FBI agents J1k'Y
opportunity to receive firsthand in the lobby of the UjS. .I rI
.. .
Information .
about these courthouse. With him were his --- -- -- ---
employment opportunities.The COMMISSIONS TO SIX.Principal participants In the commissioning ceremony which high father, a factory worker John EDUCATIONAL FRATERNI11Newly initiated members of Theta lara ck tcrof
keynote speaker will be lighted the end of the first trimester at Florida MM University Tallahassee, are pictured Black SI; and Joseph Kellman, Kappa Delta Phi Educational Honorary Fraternity at Florida AIM University are grouped
H.Z. McConnell, Recruiting and here. Seated, left to right are:CoL R.L.Huffaker ROTC Division Headquarters, 3rd Army, FL 43, founder of the local Better here for a photo during the banquet at the Duval Hotel The neophytes of the fraternity seated
College Relations Officer of the McPherson, Atlanta Ca., who made remarks during the ceremony and presented the commissions Boys foundation from left are: Eleanor Hudson, New York City; Betty F. Lawson, Bep Glade;; Evelyn Russell
Atlanta Region Civil Service ; Dr. George W. Gore Jr., president Florida AIM who made remarks; CpL RobertB. Richard had been a member of Boynton Beach; Kay F. Shlnholster, St. Petersburg; Shirley T. Williams Perry;; Eleanor I
Commission Nett, Hamden, Conn., deputy commander of the Student Brigade; Lt. Col. Samuel F. Sampson Kellman's club which specializes Gay, Jacksonville Standing from left are t Sadie M. Brown, Tarpon Springs; Betty Jo Jordon,
Agencies participating in the PMS bead of the Department of Military Science Florida AIM, and Dr. James Hudson, in teaching boys how to Pahokee; Ella M. Boozy, St. Petersburg; Andrew Spears, Pensacola; Dorothy M. Flynt
program wWllcludeClvUSer.: University chaplain, who gave invocation and benediction. Standing behind them are the cadets box and had been employedat Daytona Beach; and Samuel T. Moseley, Jackwaville..-FAMU staff photo by Ernest Flllyau..
vice Commission Agricultural who received commissions Left to right they are: Eugene Campbell, Jacksonville Ordanc Kellman's Globe Glass t
Research Service, Bureau ofPublic Corps; Wesley J. McMillan. Apalachicola, Corps of Engineers,David Johnson in, Tallahassee, Trim company.
Roads Defense Supply Infantry; Robert L. Alexander: Tallahassee, Armor; Johnny Legine Perrlce Ordance Corps; ,The brothers are charged with $1,000 Scholarship; 4 Elected To Cleveland
Agency, Federal Housing and Moses E. Aaron, Sebrlng Armor. slaying Sgt. Charles Eichhorst, \

AdmlnlstratlonForest service, 43, last August 4, when the Awaits Qualified I I
Internal Revenue Service, John Enroule To New ,Career NAACP Prexy policeman interrupted a rob NAACP Board Mayor Appoints
FT Kennedy ac.C.nter.Geor. bery of the Treasure Island
ge C. Marshall Space FlightCenter 1 Food Store. Rights Worker For First Time Nearo Aide
Small Easiness Ad. Takes Over PostNEW According to witnesses, --- -
ministration Social Security Richard was standing In the ACCENT ON YOUTH-$1,000 NEW YORK-Members of the CLEVELAND MAYORCLEVELANDThe
Administration, Veterans Ad. doorway of the store with a scholarship Is awaiting some National Association the Advancement Increasing
YORK. Within
ministration Hospital and Weather two after Arthur B. a day or gun when Elchhorst accostedhim. qualified person who has madean f Colored People, potential of the Negro vote was
Bureau. 87 Splngarn He Is said to have surrendered "outstanding contribution"In voting in their local branches indicated last week when mayor
retired u president of the
During the alt.rnooolrom 1.00: the association his gun the cause of civil rights. chose six of ten candidates Ralph S. Locher, who barely
to 4.00 p.m. representativesof v upgraded It Is alleged that Holice came The award Is given annuallyby seeking election as membersof nosed out Atty. Carl B. Stokesto
one of its 60 board
these agencies will be on to fill the members from the store and shot the the United Packinghouse the Association's Board of be ,.-.I.ctedlast fall, announced
BethuneCookman campus Named the fourth vacancy.presidentto policeman through the head The Food and Allied Workers AFL- Directors at-large. Altogether the appointment of a
where students can contact them I head the organization since pair is then said to have fled, CIO. The Rev. Martin Luther 20 persons were elected to Negro to his cabinet.
for further information, brochures Us dropping a paper bag, containing King Jr. is a member of the three-year terms on the Board, Ally Clarence Gaines, who is
applications and specific ..WI Klvle founding Kaplan retired years white ago was in- approximately $3,500 takenIn ward of Judges.Applicantsmay. four for the first time. also a city councilman, 'was
to the either be In Results of the election the to be director
answer personal questions robbery. announced picked by mayor
dustrlallst who had been aboard
..t1 Richard said, "I was terrified high school preparing for college at the NAACP annual of public health and welfare
wETS COMMISSION.. -Miss Jochebed K. trees, a JI&Dt. 19to member since 19S3. Splngarn every minute that I'd be or already enrolled anda meeting here showed the fol-' the only Negro In the
Primitive graduate of the Florida AIM School of Nursing Tallahassee has held the post since 1939. shot or killed. I knew I was candidate for a degree. lowing winners: Dr. Ralph J. Cabinet. .
accepts congratulations from Lt. Col. C.N. Acheson after There were also other other wanted for killing a cop.andrm Applications for the Russell Bunche, New York City; Elvis His appointment Is said to nave,
receiving a second lieutenant's commission in the United echelon There were also other top glad It's all over now" Bull $1.000 Scholarship are being Kaplan, Boston; Frank Reeves outraged some Negroes' ,Including .
Baptist States Air Force Nurse Corps. After January 1968, Miss changes within the or. He made the first overturefor accepted until March 1, Washington, D.C.; Theodore M.' Stokes, who ran u an Independent
Lyons will attend the Nurses Orientation Course at Gunter became ganization. Clarence Laws,who surrender three months ago, 1966, union president Ralph Berry Cincinnati; Alfred Democrat and lost
AFB Ala. Upon completion of the course she will be assignedto regional director who according to Kellman. Last HelsUln said Inquiries should Baker Lewis Greenwich, to Locher by 2,100 votes
Confab Set one of the Air Force hospitals within the United States. Joined the NAACP In 19S3, resigned week be called and said he be directed to the union at Conn.; and Mrs. Margaret Bush less than one percent of the
She is a native of Fort Plerce...FAMU staff photo by Ernest the to accept a position with wanted to give himself up. He Room 1800, 608 South Dearborn Wilson St. Louis.At total.
U.s. Department of Health
Flllyau. Education and Welfare asked Kellman to get in touch St., Chicago, I1L 60605. the Board meeting after Stokes called the appointment
with his adjournment of the annual "the traditional kind of bone
TAMPA-The 6Sth Annual Session father membership
of the Florida State Primitive Negro Lawyers NAACP Reports NAACP William branch Moore president, Darby (Pa resigned ). They were supposed to meetat Receives $15,000DAYTONA meeting, the following tossed to the Negro community"and
Baptist Convention will the post be has held a bus station in Gary Ind., were elected to the Board: Dr. said It "means nothing"
be held here, March 23-27 for the past three Inline but the youth changed his mind BEACH-Bethune- James McClendon Detroit;Max He added that the Nero community
according to an announcement Woman Get High Income, theorpn1&atloll'uOll.years and named the Junction of Ogden Cookman College receiveda Delson, and Mrs. Amy Splngarn considered the move
by Rev. M.G. Miles. partisan policy. and Roosevelt avenues in $13,000 grant from the HJes both o f New York City; Man "an insult",
The State President said that Moore was elected last November Chicago u the meeting place ale Smith Noyes Foundation, Jessie Vann, Pittsburgh Dr. J. Stokes contended that since
the host church will be the Legal Posts Membership. Loss to the post of Darby com When Kellman and Black reached New York In support of its Leloldas Leach, Flint Mich; welfare programs are administered
New Salem Primitive Baptist CHICAGO-Two missioner He continues his the spot Richard was 1966 Summer Study-Skills. and Dr. J.M. Llnsley, Rich by the county and federal
church located at the corner of lawyers were prominent 22 Ne- NEW YORKThe National Association affiliation with the branch as standing In a doorway. gram mond Virginia governments Galnes' department .
Scott and NebraskaStreets.The gre among new for the Advancemento executive committee memberand The funds will be used to aid, Each year one-third of the would be stripped of much
magistrates of the Circuit Courtof
theme for the convention this Cook f Colored People reported also will 'remaln on the fcelected 10th and llth grade 60-member Board Is elected. responsibility
in last
spring will be "The Role of week county Chief sworn .. an estimated total Income of Pennsylvania NAACP state con.ferenca' You won't get tomorrow't students who will be invitedto The full Board consists of 21 In commenting on the appointment
by John
Judge S.
Job with in six weeksummer regional members, three youth, Locher said of the
the church in a Confused World. Boyle. $1,319,900 for 1965. In addition board of dlrectorc.' ytitcrday't tklllt participate a one
to Improve 18at large and 18 elected city's "troublesome and vexing
The Women'sCongressandthe skill program
a total $329,500 was received -, '
They are attorney' MyrtieStryker 'Replacing bim'si president Is '- '
,by the Bard : 'ar.u" Is employment.
Second Annual Sunday School ,- the first Negro woman to from the new tax-de Mrs. EUwl Smiley Formerly I their reading ability .I;
Congress will also be In session ductible NAACP Special Contribution .
be named a magistrate In the vloa,president Mrs. Smiley will
during the convention at history of the county circuit Fund, primarily from serve out Moore's unexpired
the New Salem Primitive Baptist court and Atty. James Walton, large donors. term, which ends In December
Church.In Westslde civic leader and for This Income was achieved, 1966In
a statement from his officein merly assistant state's airy. NAACP Executive Director Roy Birmingham the city's united -
Tallahassee, President M.G. Their appointment brings to Wilkins stated at the Associ- civil right leadership ask
Miles asked all church officials nine the number of Negroes ation's annual meeting on Jan. ed the US. Justice departmentto
and members to cooperate In serving u circuit court magis 3, despite a loss In member dispatch federal examinersinto
order to have a banner yearIn trates. ship of approximately 20,000 Jefferson County to enroll MARKEts
meeting their financial requirement from the 1964 enrollment. Negro applicants for voter registration. 5UP.ER
Atty. Glenn
!. T. Johnson,presi Wilkins stressed,however that .
The host pastor this year will dent. Cook County Bar association the NAACP has a "raw" or The petition drafted by Atty.
witnessed REJIRVtO
be the Rev E.A. Todd. swearIng unadjusted deficit of more than David Hood, of Bessemer was
fan lauded the elevation of THE$! PRICES GOO: THRU SUNDAY ATIDGEWOOD AND AV, I
$200,000. addressed to U.S. Atty.-Gen
u.. two
sup US .vtafi a.,4.new..w that the Negroes and pointedout Local NAACP units,he warned Katzenbach.
"-- !!' tinction of having city more has "the dis which "do not have a healthy Night riders fired Into the FRESH FLA. GRADE A
Negroes to back their
f membership up home of two Negro families In
serving In the
Judiciary than officers and their activities will Tent City, Lowndes county.The
any other city In the "
nation. find themselves eventually families were active In the DRESSED & DRAWNHENS
with little real power and in newly-formed Lowndes county
You Don t Have To Go To Tom To Get fluence." movement near this tent city PORKROAST
Mr Wilkins stressed that Just set up for Negroes evicted for
as members must be solicited"so trying to register to vote
LOW PRICESDRUG we must enlist more funds. No one was Injured In either
We are in a deep hole financially shooting.

even though, thanks to John Grater OM of Barry
our new Special Contribution Goldwater's campaign organizers LB. ,
Fund, we had a slightly bet. during the last GOP presidential .
ter Income for 1965 that we bad race, disclosed that
for 1963 our banner year, or be likely would seek Republican LB.
for 1964," he said. Domination for governor
with your Neighborhood Drug StoreWE
of Alabama this year.
New voter listing offices were 19cCLOROX
We Deliver we also fill all Doctors Prescriptions. Dr. Edmonds opened by the federal govern 37'WESSON

ment In the post offices In
Tapped forInt'I several Mississippi cities. Toe
Males and counties Involved are:
Dixie Pharmacy Carrollton Carroll coujty
Group Carrollton Carroll county

Newton, Newton county; Men-

1302 Kills lid At Myrtle Amu CLEVELAND Dan Tyler Moore HEIGHTS, general Ohio.director county denhall; and and Vicksburg Magee ,Simpson Warren '

,I HUH Ujii 5-5597-98 Association of international, has announced Platform county. OIL

from his office here that ..
Ih. S. Randolph Edmonds, pro. Klansman
PAY YOUR LIEHT WATER Add TELEPHONE tensor and head of the Department 24 OZ.

BILLS AT OUR STORE Florida. of AIM Speech University and Drama Tallassee at- Wilkins Goes EOT. C

has been recommendedby 29C Y2 GAL. 1 10
the committee on associates -

JOBS OPEN to membership in the IPA. JailBIRMINGHAMPrison
Drew Pearson, internationally
famous newspaper columnists Is doors

CASHIER CHECKER associates chairman ,of whose the committee membershipalso on Wilkins clanged Jr.behind, 22-year Collie old Leroy Ku LIMIT 1 W/J5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDFR LIMIT I W/ $7.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDERr

IBM KEY PUNCH Includes: Edgar Bergen, Klux JOaasman linked with the
Hal Holbrook Ambassador En
civil rights staying last March
rico Titers and Mr. Moore, of Mrs. Viola Lulzzo Detroit U.s. GOOD RIB STEAK t 18. 69CU.
director general.
The Florida AIM University began a one-year term for

NOW. PAYLATER professor's membership In the violation of probation for carrying S. NO.1 POTATOES" to LIS 35C
60-year old IPA was made possible a sawed-off shotgun.He .
when the board of directors .
TOP JOBS III THE lACXSONVIll AREA of the IPA at Its Wash) FBI was one of and three charged arrestedby with
ington, D.C. convention IL
the fatal shooting of Mrs.Lullto -
August, 1969, authorized the who came to.Alabama asa
creation of a limited number of civil rights volunteer BLUE BIRD FRESH ORANGE JUICE QUIlT 23CHUNT'S
REQUIRED. DAY OR EVENING CUSSES. new memberships for scholars The woman, mother of four,
prominent In fields of drama, was killed, last March 23 when
speech, Journalism and music. bullets were fired from a passing '
Call 356-5745 Day ir lifbt
The association's membership car. She was driving Leroy TOMATO CATSUP 20 OZ. BOTTLE 25C
Includes the talent that appears from
Moten, a Negro youth
CAR TRAINING INSTITUTE before audience In every media, Selma to Montgomery,following
those who book the talent the the march on the state capital.
CAMPIEll 2 25C
program chairman who choose Wilkins was acquitted In state
311 Fli. Title BiildiiiFtTSjtk the talent and those who favor court last Oct. 22 of the murder
IPA's objectives> of trying to charger.' Later be was '

aid laura Sts. Improve the American convicted and sentenced in federal HOlSUM WHITE BREAD URGE LtAf IO
platform. Many prominent pro court, to 10 years In prison -
fessors and over 600 college on conspiracy charges

I I presidents association are members of the growing out of DM murder. ROYAL RICE 5 LB 'II. 59SATURDAY


t I !

-.... no._ -

1 -.r.dt. e. e..e.. / -. ..wYn\ 1 .11.. .. It 11 It .. .. .. .. It .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 11.. .. .. ... .. .. ."' ........ .........................._...............T/Te _.....



51 : Ii

,. go-lf y, ,


Virgin Islands Tourism Keeps Former FAMUan Nationally Cited Price Awarded, .-4! a Members Enjoy'1 Holiday Repast t tu.

American 'Dollar At Home -- +1! we 50th Annual -

U,S. VIRGIN ISLANDS-.TM "go foreign,but ke p the American
dollar at borne" tourism theme of these Caribbean vacation Spingarn MedalNEW

islands is seeing its greatest acceptance this winter.GOT. Ralph '
M. Palewonskv has announced. YORKMetropolitan opera -
counter of the Caribbean art
Price received -
With roving tourist facilities star Leonyyne
the warming tinkle of
operating at near capacity before enjoying the 50th Spingarn Medalof
cash registers, both by reason
the Christmas-New Year the National Association for
of the Influx ofvlsitors by cruise .
of Colored
holidays, and reservations already the Advancement
boat and stepped air services -
promising a "stay- up People at special ceremoniesat
visitor and because of the the NAACP-s 1966 annual
tI1roulbMa, crop, I
favorable customs differentialawarded
at the New
these American possession FeUowshlp dinner
I lying Just east of Puerto Rico by the Congress to c'- -. York Hilton Hotel
visitors from these
and bathed by the warm Atlantic and returning other Americanterritorlea.Adults : CONTEST; WINNER-Constanta R. Johnson, a Junior at UM The medal, awarded annuallyto
and Caribbean tropic wafers customs Pasadena Playhouse College Pasadena Calif., shows the an American Negro for highest M
are permitted
are enjoying their biggest trophy that she woo in the recent National Miss Talent U.S.Acontest achievement was presentedto k
free from the
entry Virgins
( year and best economic sponsored in Pasadena by the United Dance Artists Miss Price by Rudolf Blng
with a full gallon of spirits
outlook of history the Governor retail at and MGM motion picture studios. Her mother, Mrs. Charlie- general manager of the Metropolitan d
which incidentally
noted. mae Johnson, and brother 2nd Lt. David Johnson HI of Opera Company.The .
one-third the
Shopkeepers in this bargain approximately Tallahassee, examine the trophy with her. A graduate of honor was given Miss
cost of popular brands on the
Florida AIM University High School and a transfer student Price "in recognition of her e
mainland; they can also bring from Florida AUf University, Miss Johnson was one of divinely Inspired talent, in tribute
FAMU Grad back other purchases: --$200
five runners-up in the contest that Included five categories-' to her extraordinary achievement
overall duty-free if $100 or
i more Is, purchased In these instrumental dance, vocal comedy-drama, and variety enter as the outstanding and in ;JACK AND JILL FETE-Members of the Tallahassee chapter of Jack and Jill of America,
tainment. One of two finalists in the dance she soprano of our era, '
CompletesOverseas Islands--of bargains in French category her Inc., were feted at an elaborate smorgasbord during the recent holiday season Pictured here
of priceless
did modern number to the tune"Tambu". The Pasadena appreciation
perfumes, Danish silver Oriental a jail citizen at the event, held at the Holiday Inn, are, left to right: Dr. and Mrs. A.D. Brickler of Lake
Playhouse coed was elected "Miss Sophomore" in 1964-t contribution as artist I
silks Imported Bradford Road, one of their sons David Brlckler Mrs Edwin Thorpe chapter president
TourTALLAHASSEENathaniel cameras at Florida AIM. Miss Johnson Is the daughter of Mrs David and person to the ,continuing ,
and watches, etc, in the scoresof equality and Southeastern Regional director of Jack and Jill, and W.H. Baker Jr., Tallahassee,
Johnson, principal of the Maybe High School Blountstown. crusade for justice,
well-stocked of Char
Wll- shops .. and understanding among the
FAMU staff photo by Ernest FW, ..
llama a 1963 graduate of Fla. lotte Amalie Chrlstlansted and peoples of the world"
AiU< University and editor of Frederlksted in the Islands of

THE RATTLER student yearbook St. Thomas and St. Croix For .- Crippled Children's, Program

visited his alma mater and scenic grandeur and some of Co.Host I Sportscasts t t JaIlOR' Wins
friends Tallahassee recently the world's finest beaches, as

following his returq to the well as modern camp grounds Bands With Dade SchoolsTHE
United States from a U.S. mill at ocean's edge, tourists have 3rd

tary tour of duty in Frankfort, discovered the smaller Islandof
Germany. St. John which lies jut aboutof EASTER SEAL--Crippled Children's Society, In cooperation

Rated E/5 as a clerk in administrate St. John which lies Just 20 Amateur. ContestDAYTONA with the Dade County public) schools Inaugurated an

Williams was scheduled minutes by ferry from St. Thomas tn-school physical theraphy program for handicapped; young

to report to Fort Devens, Mats,, and encompasses the nation BEACH.-Miss Cle- sters.

where be will serve two and southermost national park. mertlne Hlghtower a Junior Helping to officially launch the Dade county public school

one-half more months more majoring In music at Bethune- the program at Tropical Ele- system so the potential for
until his discharge from the Detergent May Help To Cookman College became a mentary School were supt. of growth of the program Is great.

Army. He plans to enroll at Save Some New Babies three time winner on the Ted Dade county public schools,Dr. There are already a number of
New York University where be y Mack Amateur Hour according Joe Hall, and Tropical patients who are either In the
will begin work for the M.A. newborn Dr. G. B. Avery, director of the to Oscar Scbonmaker an official Elementary student patients process of being referred by
at Cbildren'eHospital
degree In political science. In nursery Washington, has repotted on the nationally tele- Diane Perchlk (age 11), and their doctor for treatment or
Williams, who came to Tallahassee that attempt are being vised show. Charles Ellevenyl (age 7), and who have already In treatmentin

from Miami, where he made to produce a mild detergent Miss Hlghtower won byalarre their principal, Mr. Robert F. the new program
was visiting with relatives, is which can b* put Into the lunge ts3 margin when the final votes were Hudson Representing Crippled
married to the former Jacquelyn of infants with hyaline membrane rcently received from across Children's Society were Mr. Harlem Doctor'sFinal

Johnson, a dietician at Kings diienic. This U a respiratory ailment the nation after her September John M. Garner president and

County bospltal.Brooklyn. Mrs. which causes breathing dlf 19, appearance.. Earlier in the Mr. James Lias, executive di Rites HeldNEW
Williams was graduated from Acuity In newborns year she won in Miami, (March rector. YOKK-Funeral services

Florida ALM University, 1964. According to Dr.Avery,a brnby'i 21)), and New York, (June 20)). Tropical Elementary Is one of were held last week for Dr.
The couple has a daughter lung! ate normally like bubbles of After a third victory *Cbl- eight schools in the Dade County Geneva Pena
tissue, In which Holder physician
from the
Natalie Renee who was born oxygen the talented
.cago opera singer public school system in which
air Is transferred to the blood long active in Harlem health
July 7,196S Un FrankfortGer- qualified for the finals the place two 'Roving' C.C.S stiff! Therapists -
Studios hnve shown that a deter work and the board of edu
many, **, S\ Itlle and date to be announced later. Miss Ruth Chastney and
tent substance ,
t L. : mlcht ke j' cation's public health program. ..
I / Ihfso tuiliUoi fronrtollapslng' A win .Jn the finals would. give" ,Mrs Barbara.Lynch,;are give Dr. Holder, wife of Dr. Oliver' :cT
her a full scholarship to Jul- log theraphy treatments. '
O. Holder also a physician
Hard School of Music New York
Crippled Children's Society
Ur died at the age of 50 in Hark- "
and singing engagement M hopes to extend its theraphy ness pavilion Columbia-Pres- )

Radio City Music Hall. services to other schools if, byterlan medical center.

Miss Hlghtower became interested and when the need arises. .' A 1944 Howard university medi-

v 1 } in concert slnglngwhen At the present time, approximately cal school graduate, she was
her choral director at North
160 handicapped child-
associated with Harlem and Mt.
western High School, Jackson- ren are enrolled in special Morris Park Hospitals,and was
.rifle, recognized her talents education classes throughout secretary of the Manhattan
and convinced her to pursueopera Medical society.

as a career.
She is attending Bethune-
r ; Cookman College here on a

t music scholarship.

I the SHORTY-$35. Pensioners WAMEDIAL

T.t a. late Illuatratad C..loe.1Mrd.N M Reminded To
I 1:.le Itrlaa, ( ,Nalf aaajl ... h .,
and .attachment.. ; .:-1a'- .r.d. >\1.-
if* wow
< ---
aa ? -
,, :.:k, ,_ .. >t. ]wl writ.
Mitunlly H..I''',. Normal -H". Gal/Maaal Half ,..... 'In* TWO SPORTS! IN ACTION-The globe U their oyster Jim Simpson (left) and Bill Cullen-- Report IncomesNearly
CHOWS fram the MAIM HOOT 0.,I. it a. Skl. ",. 15, ".Y.COMBIJJI are co-hosts of the NBC Television Network's weekly sports series, "NBC Sports in Action."

.In VOUIt hair SCALP.....* d.p.nde Th. t.ndlti.e.f.our .....u,. The series ranges the world for the best in sports action and puts it on the network Sundays,
Ml tiM natural tlttlth at >
.NOT. Vain n...M.
Much to ...aallad.. with CAKBONOU. "I deceased veterans In'Florida
many I Cambridge Has Role In Spy"Comedian
Sn DenafUtlal Iniradlanta. CAR. who received Veterans Administration -
BONOCC le such a ilronf, power 'monthly pension pay 1260
ful aaUMBtla and don iiKh tin
work I* helping an ITCHY. GLORIAPalm Godfrey Cambridge star Robert Culp. ments were reminded to reportlIeir
auwpy CANDCUIr scalp tba' makes bis A pretty villager, Mel, manages annual Income promptlyto
TV debut
IMI" DOCTORS tf r d idsiltenlp as a dramatic
M.WWSCRIBS : .:: wi.r & Spiritualist Reader. actor, when he starsas to convey to American secret fie' VA to avoid havlnt their
raublai Many annarln Advisor in all affairs of life
aianully canard scalp tandlUOM : an Oxford- educated Zulu agents Kelly Robinson payments stopped.B.J. .
.ara frtnllir rallavad h M Love, Marriage, Business, Sickness king, determined to the (Culp) and Alexander Sco 11(BUI Gannon, officer in charge,
KM) .thas avenge
Trlpla th
farntula. Writ for thu DOCTOH tar S (;;;j etc. Lucky is Days Lucky sufferings of his people by sell Cosby) the location of the dia VA Office, Jacksonville, said
OBNVIN flaw U will SCALP ba Mill t FORMULA.' all. dreadful There no home ing the Industrial diamond out monds. But the pair must overcome the VA has mailed to all who
r* i {nd ready U UM, tOOl IT 1-: -_.s and lr..e Os add eel.. that she can't help. put to the Red Chinese in the Zulu and his bench receive pensions a new and
I FOB T DAYS. and U 'W..hn Located at 901 ,
yen ara no* eutrul a.tab.U. : N.W. 79th St.
.. 'Court of the men to regain the gems simplified punched card on FlORIDA'SQ
attoflad your monay |M II. Fay MOT DVI..I. ...-J.keU way Phone Lion, Wednesday,
.oly 'IJi an tI.u.." TrU to. ''mA"I .eels.r""I Al8lJl' 7519307. Open 8 'a.m. I I Feb 2, colorcast on NBC Television which the Income. report must
ludaa awrjihlnc Dani II wtlti rMiuir .,r' at U .....h.".......,...._.1... ...... until 10 p.m dally L Sunday I Network's 'I Spy series. be made.
dUvctleni Us.th.n n.. MZDI. :.Inning. P..nl.lln. rubbine Located in Miami, '1.. One These questlonalre forms must

CATLO SCALP buy.7ORMULA Vaur MW.M .._Coo".via M I" PlatC.w... h.' .. .....Cr... visit to MADAM GLORIA.and TV Cambridge audiences, already for his known to FIGHT .not be folded or otherwise mutilated -
away den DM" cra, last Mm. Co' .n ......../ .1..11 N you will feel the difference I I comedy
f:1./-. 1tI..I'Me' 0-01.0 J PUIInu.H wrll.Blu,. data*. akada. Pay anly Half price with this adUlII1I!! !|| monologues, has appeared be as they are run through ;
( &Pi, PRODUCTS IMC. II.M an d.llarr ..Iq.. fore as a dramatic actor In automatic drta processing mac- 1
........ ... : Mori.* back If net S.II.hi.I CANCER
y 1A 15. N..Yhi' :No ''rHII movies, but not TV.
I L n '": M4 Half Pa,:.., ,.... #
.s ......,. see. .au.re.lq 111"0I Dept ail, Bfaaklyn II, 0w Tart. I "Court of the Lion" was writ
I t ten and directed by series co- ,

, ', ; "''>-. *' .t :&? !.I1-J.Wk\! Q

;.Ve.kr;.. ev..Y.-f _tA7y-(.''F 1 oi-vJ ...;.tltlY'J ]M

:1III I. "Skin' was drying out. flaking.. .looked dull and !i. RHYTHM & BLUES

i gray. 'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it t soft fcj

E i and smooth..looked: 100% better in a few' days!' n.. it

Mrs. Donald P Rhyder New York, N.V d. rA..rr


Applied as a continuous dim' to hands, Pill ll

" ankles, 'face arms-when your skin ,
needs more than cosmetic care-

: f ', 'Vaselme' Petroleum Jelly is the sooth, e

I ing answer Helps dry ashy gray skin

I regain its normal look and tone, No

: other softeners, no skin cream, no skin '

: I s I lotion provides better moisture protec ,.y J, 'WMBMSpotlight INMIAMI"

I iI-'L x lion Try it,

Product Of The Week

Miami l. Florida




j I

--- -
---"- --"
-- "-- (

1 r'


I 1----. igl Star A&M Athlete yo.th Corps Helds Champion Buffalo Bills Meet AFL All-Stars Saturday \ I

ELIZABETH NJ.--A1 McCoy, native of St. Pet.rlbar"wbtn Humble Assists Government's NYC Programs I
I be was a standout athlete during hU nigh school days, has Champs Versus Stars
become equally. outstanding u director Neighborhood

Youth Corps. IB Elizabeth of Detention

Although the NeighborhoodYouth That year he signed a professional -
Corps ha* been in existence baseball contract with In First Meeting
only six months, the statlstlcf the Philadelphia Phillies, to
""Its performance are play second base, but a knee
Impressive according to a recent injury put him on the sidelines The American Football League Division This year, for the
a I I-Stat Game, pitting the first time, the League champions -
report by R.Dennis Brooks and he was eventually given his
a special writer for the Ell- release. McCoy wept to Norris champion Buffalo Bills against will oppose a choice selection
labeth Journal 'Of the 340 a pick of the top players from from all the other squads
youngsters who have applied the other seven teams in the In the AFL.
.. league, will be colorcast from contest also offers element
for Job training, 290 are employed The an
in the YouthCorps'work ," Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas, of revenge The All-Star
on the NBC Television Network will be coached by San DUso's
experience program and 2 8 have 'r
graduated to permanent employment \ ; ,..' Saturday, Jan IS. The colorcast Sid Oilman, and will Include
In private Industry.A \,;':" r which concludes NBC-TV's 10 representatives of the Char-
h''' coverage of the 1965-"football
former gers.
teacher and pro
fessional baseball and Softball season will start at 1:30: p.m. Lou Saban's Bills, meanwhile
player Me Coy says, "The )t.: The 1966 AFL All-Star Game will nave the advantage o f having -
program has been enthusiastically will be a departure from the played a full season as a
received throughout the past, and a spectacle unique unit. Their attack will be led
among Us kind. Previously, the Jackie the AFL's ,
city and both the young people <..; 11. by Kemp
and agencies employing them :,'. ; contestants were stars from the fourth leadlngpasser,with half
.,, Eastern Division
versus back Carlton receiver '
Wray pus
have benefited greatly 1t' I "+t+wd
McCoy,'who has "no car, no .,"". ". counterparts from the Western Bo Roberson and kicker
stereo or many of the luxuries ,. .... Pete Gogolak, whc was the lea- Mrh
people take for granted..and Dolphins' SignExRattlers gue's second leading scorerin
never owned a television or 196S.
telephone until 1964," says be In past All-Star games, the
deprives himself of these sommotylace town, ...., where /he began West had won all four engagements -
items because be be- teaching school His first class amd Gillman wu tbe winning -
heels that "to understand was a special course for deprived MIAMl-Two Florida AAM University coach three of the four *
people who are' deprived you children who were slower Rattlers signed contracts year I. :
have to acquaint yourself to the than average learners. recently to play professional NBC-TV's color coverage of :
trials and tribulations they go Meanwhile, he attended Temple football with the Miami the game will start at 130pm. j' -
through..", University! to further his education Dolphins of the American, Foot EST, with a pre-game analysis :
by Jack Stroud and Pat
When be was graduated from ball League .
Florida AIM University, Tal- In Norrlstown Al didn't forget Tackle Johnny Holmes of Savannah He moo. At 1:45 p.m. EST, the ', '
lahassee, in 1954 with a bachelor about baseball. He joined Ga, played for the cameras will switch to the scene .,,' .
o f science degree In physical Norrlstown Block softball team, Blue In the Blue and Gray of action at Houston. 1 ".,: '" ;jj. ll
education, McCoy served helped them win the state championship game in Montgomery D Jaxon Wins >DfiL'_
in the Air Force and then and went on to play End Bill Barber played for the YOUTH CORPS--In Houston, Texas, visits to cultural and a time until all 170 had received a first-hand view of oll-
moved to New York where he in the world softball championship Wheeling Ironmen of the Continental educational Institutions and leading business and industrial' .lndustry refining operations. D'Ollve
worked for a year with the at Clearwater,Fla. League last season. 3rd Time On firms have been a regular part of the Neighborhood Youth of a refinery pipe still to show how crude Mr. oil Is 'fractionated'uses a model
city's Youth Board and House Both players signed as free Corps program From left, Manuel Valesquez, Thurmond Into valuable products and raw materials The Youth Corp
Aggies Blast agents. Holmes was a member Amateur Contest Dllllngham, Pedro Reyes and Ray monQulnones learn something Is one part of the country's overall Economic Opportunity I
Ferraris SeekRevenge of the 1965 Rattler team while ._- about oil refining process from Norman D'Ollve right of Program The Houston enrollees are between the ages of 16
Barber has played in the NIl*\ Humble Oil li Refining Company, The Youth Corps members and 21. They work 32 hours each week. The educational visits
At Vikings 91-63 lonal Footba League, Canadian I visited Humble's Baytown Refinery near Houston about 35 at to businesses and cultural Institutions and schools to keep
Foottal( League and the 'r them busy the fifth day.
GREENSBORO, C.-The ALT old United League, now the -- .
Sebring Races ARies last week explodeda second Continental League : r---
half rally to blast the The Dolphins will have three '. 1 LEO'SSHOE
;, Try This Trick For I
Rattlers their roster when ': ?t. ''
Elizabeth on
City State College 1'.. 1
Stung by their 1965 defeat at Vikings! 91-U,1n a C1AA bas they open training this summer ,4j"lI!', "" '" Ever-Clean GlovesMemo REPAIR
the world famous Sebring 12 ketball game played here at Owen McKay, a tackle ..
Hour Endurance Race, Ferrari the Charles Moore Gymnasium. fro m the '64 team, signed ... 'f. to forgetful femalisi I If
plans now call for entering As cold as an Artlc blizzardIn earlier with the AFL club. The you frequently find your.If all! Shot Repairini
three all new sports prototypewith the first half, scoring a Dolphins will field their first By DICK UOLFFFulling dressed up with no clean white
undisclosed power plants measly 34-points against Z6for lean this fall. ; glove. to go, try this grooming I
t..ml.I"I' and |'|HIIK rpliltH of fUlieniidi, H>" In 01 Any Kind
In the Saturday March 28, 116 6 the visitors, the Aggies came A total of 22 Rattlers are .tor* ""tlon.wlel.. tn full H pprnehes| | Angler,. will b. happy to see gimmick A. 1 1I
now under contract to play water ,kip-, mid loon nt you return from a"dressup" I
Enduro. storming back after inter- pro- COACH LANGTALLAHASSEECoach imlmninm head liiilnnm nxlilim ImlcH ate Kiting 1l
Brought to their heels after mission to turn the place intoa fessional football. A breakdownby Bobby I tn be.a. lot qnlflcr Mini nimbly morn' I'u.hll tin than lit nililmimmrr washbasin event of soap, go or straight determenttudi to n l Is Oar
years of road racing victoriesthe shooting gallery league shows that five are .
Lang head coach and director A* lake milfadKHtri' "loolx fUh. will Him' '! moving from their While still wearing the
Farrarl factory strategy Big man in Ute attack was with the NFL, 11 with the AFL, of athletics at Florida AiM Kiiiumei il<**|> wain homes to fern) In the nlmllow*. Top ,,'ateiflohrimcn !gloves, wash, rinse, and hang themto Only Business
plans for a field of three prototype freshman rebound ace, William four with the CL, and two with University High School was lining Til.*. IMIPPCIH mid ,pliini will get more frequentrxiilnult dry. It's a*easy ai washing yoin
and one of the highly Gilmer, main cog In the ALT the CFL. '* strike* by ItUKfinmilh Mini unmllmmith bun*. for limtNiu hands and reward. you with over-
successful Dino machines. "unnlng attack. He pulled down named the "Big"coach Nine"of North the year"for Flo- ,runehethere In.1.111" I,,'. n.during.. hmikcil the.munniei In xlmllo "water, nniy be Imgci' than (hone. ready clean gloves, 934 E, UNION ST,1

Chevy-powered Chaparrals 15-down rebounds for the evenIng Wildcats Come for the "Big Nine" North t L____________
riding high on their 1965 total mostly in the second half, Conference of the Florida -
victories throughout the U.S which put the Aggies In bu.lness. Interscholastic Athletic Asso
will be back with two all new He also dumped In 17 From Behind, Win ciation by the coaches in the
cars to be driven by Jim Hall points for the game. conference. Coach Lang's Baby :
and Hap. Sharp o f Midland, .The game's high man was the DAYTONA BEACH-pettuine Rattlers finished In a tie for ,
Texas.< slut >v tn ""W i.t>i" Vlklnge! Richard Todd,4beAU .-Ceokmsn College eamettoro ,J second in the conference fact ..
Not yet answered is the million CIAA forward' Todd burned behind In'' the closing minutesIn last season. He Is a native 01
dollar question from the Ford the nets with a 25-polnt out- Atlanta, Georgia recently Jacksonville, and a 1957 graduate
Motor Company u to their put.The of Florida AiM University p III
all out effort to again win the Elizabeth City club led the In Atlanta, Georgia recently where ho was s star end for the GIANT 59"
coveted GT and Prototype auto ball game by up to four points to defeat Clark College, 76-69 Rattlers
road racing laurals they woo midway the first half and for and go Into a tie with Clark SIZE
so handily in 1965. about five minutes matched ALT for first place In the SIAC
Advance ticket sale reports point for point but the speed Conference. Watch This Clown QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED LIMIT 1 PLEASE

shows the new spectator areas and pressure exerted the At halftime the BCC Wildcats Prcei Good Through Saturday W/S5.00$ FOOD ORDER
to be a popular move on the home club began to take its trailed 38-34 and with eight 86 413 24
part of the organizers. For the toll.When minutes left in the game they ----- ----- -- ---- --- -------.
choice spots and seats in the ALT moved out front, still were behind 60-7. 45 70 33 DIXIE CRYSTALS
new areas write now to R.C.F., 19-18, at 5:04: In the first period ArlexieGray;&'lO" guard and t II t
,!P.O. Box 71, Sebrung ,Florida. they were there to stay. Johnnie Allen 6'8"forward went

3870. on a scoring minutes spree to In win the remaining the 6 ., 9 I: SUGAR LIMIT 5 LBS PLEASE 5 [ft. 39:I II

ea.n_cta.o.amtns.aa r _t 25 game points, Allen while scored Gray a sunk total 12.of 1 3 I W/J5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER BAG t

Enter The Field Of High scorer for the game was 5 1
Business -------- ----- ------ -- ---- -- ----
Clark's Ronald Jackson with 31.
Carl Fuller and William Levan 95 OR TED
100 61 1
Enroll Now For All
both Wildcats standouts fouled mfihl.FT3"LL'-rn
out In the final half for BCC. 12 39 58 TAll ,
Business BCC now has a 1-% record MILK 7 $1
Subjects At I for the season In the SIAC Conference Sometimes He's Up CANS a
Saturday night the Cats Sometimes He's Down LIMIT 1 w/n.oa FOOD ORDER

play South Carolina State at He adds* subtractsHe ...L
WALKERCOMMERCIAL Orangeburg, South Carolina, works It all around NORTHERN HEINZ( TOMATO
The next Wildcat bomt-tUt COMING ATTRACTIONS

TYPING OFFICE COLLEGE PRACTICEIBM I will Augustine Normal be played Memorial on January against College 17.Florida, St. 1 I/ B6 30 TISSUE SAYE OC29C KETCHUP- 14 Ol.19C

ENGLISH I SportsmenReminded MAN 5 DAYS



... .. .._
-------- ---- -- ---- FRUIT COCKTAIL TOMATOES
All Other Subjects BUILdINGAnd j Season ClosedLAKE "Man's Days are Numbered".
Health and Fortune Can Be
[ I 1132 North Myrtle Are PHONE CITY-Hog season closed Yours ,When You Know Your'
January 2 In the northeast region Lucky Days, Lucky Colors Etc
se> t s se Mne along with deer and turkey Send $2.00olor'our( Horoscope 4 300 CANS $1 3 303 390I +

according to W. B. Copeland, Guide for CANS
== -- "- chairman Game and Fresh
: -.i- ==--t
Water Fish Commission JANUARY
hunters ---- -- -- -- -- -
Copeland stated "Many
were under the misconceptionthat t SWIFT PREMIUM CHUCK I MORTON | FLA. GRADE A WHOLE I II tt
bogs could be taken through Fill In the blank below and
February 27 which is the closing mall to ZODIAC, Post Office t t t t tI
date for quail and squirrel." Box 1171, Jacksonville I, Fla. I I i I II
Hogs are classed u game animals -
In Alachua County, Levy NAME I I ROASTJifSrlFRYERSJLB. I l 1 1I
County, Camp Blinding Wildlife
Management Area,and that portion STREET I ; I
of Lochloosa Management I I It
Area in Alacbua County.

t I 2 9 t
Seek The Best Cqet0r.fben : !
You your Doctor Prescribe B' I t 3 LBS $1.39 I LB. t

Get Experienced pharmacists ---------- ------ ----

According to your Doctor's



'Illy ,
I I 'gel'
I I ICI .I Allen a i ldi l .
CbHetlrs-Rubber Ooods-C ndles-Sundries ------- -- --- -- ------- --- -
iIW IN! q 4 t

Lilly's Drug Store I I 10' 39 I IC


_________________ __ __ __ __ __ ___

t e

_ _&
-- -- --------- -

. . . -- . .



The Urban League Story Program Honors Outstanding Students .

Associate Director Jacksonvaia Drub LH M. 'V'I
The Jacksonville Urbaa League Negro uunrai Heritage !
AND WOMENS' SHOES Program will be aired on WRUC Radio Station for t period
of 13 weeks beginning January,00-7.18 p.m
VALUES-41 up to I29.J5 The local League aloof with the regional offc* feel that
most mata media outlets dealing with social, economic
1/2 And and cultural life of the world do not (in accurate data OB
Save to
up till contributions mada by the Negro to all phases of American.
life. ;
The coming radio series Is u atteanpt to help
Group womens' 5090shoes tilt local cttlBenry gala an appreciate of tilt,
Negro's contribution to his country; to help
$14.95 Values treat an appreciation of the Metro's achieve
Bents; to destroy It.rotJptdllDqeaoltlltRten "t f- I 1. ,
I as a group, and to give till total cltlienry theatportunlty I '
Mens1 90 t tto r bear some of tilt additional
Group of 'Ifl Information necessary for t true historical) I U k ,
1] context of our country ; ,
Dress Shoes The Youth of our City and Country Deed hebal '
\ Values, |0 $23.95New Information concerning every facet Americas. i.
We, In order to make the necessary adjustment tor a dabli,1.fe. : :1:
One of the problems that will surely plague all of till r
location No Plicae Orders youth of the Jacksonville community Is tilt relationship between Ar hN rI
Negro and Caucasian In their attempt to make till community
a better place for them to live,work and play. I e P '
The young people of our community need to share till total VA
!tb4t"VI.f4 BOOTERYMain cultural heritage of our country. The sharing understandtac -
of our total history will help to give this community responsible ,l
tolerant future citizens.
and Adams St.



The regular order of senrtot N "
JAX > ,.

THE JCVCMODERN will prevail Sunday. I ._w.-_ .-......-. '" t .-... "- .....,''
Sunday School will begin at CONCORD R.C.- Ushers for annual Barter-ficotla CoU te Uacclne UcCaiilll Kiss; '
STANDARD Service commemorating accompUsbments of outstanding B-S Teasley, Atlanta Ga.,; Betty :
OFQUALITY 9:JO a.m.with Urs. U.E.John traduates light candles preparatory to passing torches to Carolyn Faro, Cary N.C. .1'I I
1 CLEAN the collece's new students. Standing from left are Barbara Sarah B.Cordery< B-S
Williams, Chester S.C.; Barbara.Morrow, Charlotte, N.C.; rated for tile occasion (Photo by )
SERVICE STORES son, superintendent In charge, .

CONVENIENCE The deacons will conduct th< Yes, We AII :Talk ta .'J cil' 'Cfh te .

devotions leading up to the 11, BY Marcus R. Boulware t .....:. ,.-- .

'THIS a.m. service. Choir 1 with Urs. "Bedlam" is a corruption of till proper name Bethlehem, Myrtr. A.. 'a d Acf ms Phl"4 tt 4,Ntl!
IS NOT a place in England where st. ilary's Hospital for the InsaneIs
Gloria Grant at the console.
located.: That place was known u "Bedlam" so the word
j& JUSTANOTHER will furnish music. Senior Usher bedlam and was .coined for any place that Is noisy, upsetting, LARGE FLOUNDER Lb. 49'

IMPORTED confusing.Tto ,".. H...... N.." N.. NNAHA. INN Ie .04.. '...... ..m, ...
Board 1 will Tto, .,
serve. MMwI .N. l.t.r ANI //.n a .IL.N,1 LN
100% SCOTCH WHISKIES SCOTCH! word "boycott" which civil rights workers use so freely
I'1 pastor, Rev. R. Lander Jonei these daysa was derived from Captain Boycott in 1880. SMOKED SHAD :, .M. 590
RED HACKLE wen He was ostracized by the Irish Land-Leaguers. His name
.F" PRODUCED ind lit Prize In Compel-! will deliver the sermon from WU used so often in connection with ostracism that It came SHAD SPECIALS! -ff 39e :fM 290

9-/f'!' '. BOTTLED IN ton Scotch Wth AllWhiskin Other et tile subject, "Going, To Extremes. to mean"to withhold business from" WHITING
.-- SCOTLANDREG.J399 lost Brewer ExM READERS: For my free public speakii ui *..*j! end two 32c
'sw'"" $649 son Had In London ." stamps and long, self-addressed .business. envelope to Dr.U _no..Ln..MI..04 ,,_ a-/M NN.I.,_. Lila
i REDHACKLE H. Boulware, Florida LAM University, Box 310-A, Tallahassee. ,. .... .. __
"" Q.Q IS NOT JUST BTU will be told at 8:45 p.m. Florida...32307 II ww"ywhe h_ _. .,...............
t, Evening worship convenes dI You won't tomorrow's OYSTERS, for Poultry Stuffing Pt. $1.25
I i get OYSTERS SclecttiArT .
I PT. $150
: 7 p.m. The pastor will UM jobs with yesterday's skills ? nD.P... for( the ca".natl. buyer, IA. 73.
OISTILLS.SNAVwHISK was h. Train now for tomorrow's jobs Selects .Speclel PT. $1.69
hJP ... I w AS his text, "Eternity in tileH.art"
1 vjpuaot'"oitn Es
------ -----------
1 YR.OL DAt .,. .. ,
IOU t..A' "
ANYraa ,; SCOTT BOURBON = I Sul '-ruihi Qualify}l

IOM AIMS Whites, w DalRUM Abyssinia Plans 'I
N i! \ t ',Y; Heavy Western Beef
''i OtD1tENiUCKYBOURBON irks Tills/ ..
ErisDry GIN we January 16

i SemKavVODKA Talent Night Fete STEAK

86 $ 3 9 9 ; YOURPICK TAKE $339V ;r Wltn program plans completed ill

PROOF 3tof$10 tS Choir t of Abyssinia Baptist SALE !I IEft I

MATCH Church will present aa after M N1sEA1

service Home Talent KJghl

it) Sunday January 18, In tile
I church auditorium. ROUNDYlllr I


Kit.. Prtv. Couple or single I SIRLOIN TIP I
eat a & Woman. EL 4-4M9 or EtA I I
v 7S10. STORE AT I
LONDON 3000 W. 45th ST. I I
wceawr.., tt PROOP OR COUPLE. CALL 356- LIKE THESE + ,, 1 I
PROOF 99 1198.



LOWEST weekly.referenda Fare HAROLDACEMCT advanced. Rush,' Spout Jm Parker APPLE I

PRICES CASE Dept. 234, LYNBROOK R.T'I PIES 1'lhct.oz. 390 I "Seper-RiAbt" Heavy Westen Beef 'i I

1 g 5 LOTS, WANTED "SICIa1"lS.-r..k_! Frisk Fla Grail _A LARGE I ROASTSBOTTOM I





WE h ,a Is o 5 4 411 LIQUOR N. MAIN, FRECPORT, N.Y.. SEGO 4. 8S87C:: I I II BRISKET c ill! 8 9 C

Spicial I Yai Cal,'sPOil I '--t:

AT *Oz s' S3 93 0 51050 Ml W. nth St. Uhbtriisi Apt SPECIAL I Sweet laity Tupli
Now.you can live la Jackson1U BEANS :: ,' Per
lAXBEACK new conveniently ORANGES. 49t
ettedtwo bedroom apartment Ouse
kitchen wr S9Q equipped a month with mcludlnt not water new Spiciil I Mill I Mllliw EIGHT O'CLOCK' SPECIAL I Firm Giliii Ripe

VISIT.ATTHI 0$ S, G, SaA9 !.HI eater Milo, and street built in..T beat.bare Apply to COFFEE '.!;" 65C '. BANANAS n. '10e
E+ war ao r e to believe. q
7ilti R.e s : '. Spicial I Firm Rip Califiriia-
BEACH BLVD. IQ s a Special I Nirthin BATHROOM

With Rental Of TISSUE ?i99C .
Shampoo Equip
O Special !Suet Juicy
LIQUOR a a mat We Rent Laws Mowers \ l
001 Garden Tools, Floor Poll*.
s PRICES hers A Sanders Ifochaale 4 PIIRCE"ulGE.j'; TANGERINES.m.3geGOOD
[ON THE BEACHES G,01 Hand Tools, Local Trailers U I ( )
onus ot CASES per> day THROUGH SUNDAYJANUARY Spicial I Frisk Tiiitr Bras
?# 16 I CABBAGE ib. 5C.i
PACKAOIStOIII 7SSS N. Mal .. PO $-'951

s t \

.1. .... ,. ,. ,...- 'S ., ,. '- .. -.- .