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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200696datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 2, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006960740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 2, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 2, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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'. ,
". _. --- "
-" .... .. .... ",. .ii" '
-'ll\K .4)o.\) "" "' <:... \ -t : t. bMJ3ftARM
: "t ; :.::: ;t.- t + Sm.aU : : LmR4.RT: >AL

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**, y '** *#* TWW B-


; ... ... ... .



'" .. *
'J"- r"k'" -.;. -. \: !I ''J!'.
i ., ,\ "jt\i
', \, ..I ... .. hI. '.
j( -I ,. .' ..
....... .-.... '
".. ---
** Y L. U NO. 4? SATURDAY JANUARY .8, 1966 15 CENTS

New Stanton Conaratulated Durina Historical Ceremony * * *


Youth Receives' ; ,

Top Honor +, 4 : :r (, BELIEVE YOUTH S )

A historic precedent wu aIn
the South tbls week when 1
Rep. Charles E. Bennett of
Jacksonville appointed Fred C. SLAYING NEEDLESS

4 Klnc Jr., 17, a senior of New
Stanton High School as a pageboy i
t o the UA House CRepresentittvee.
*** *

King, King the; a sane business of Mrs.education Myrtle '| Mia-i;'; Gets Marital, Economic Woes Believed Court Refuses

Instructor at Stanton, entered

page school and last will week remain In Washington then J Small Claims Cause Of Victim's Enragement Plea Of BomberOf

between four and six weeks J Court Post BY ALYSON E, WISE Negro HomeInsofar
He will earn $391.16 a month

Bennett said. As the result of evidence i uncovered this week, the STAR
A well-rounded student, Kin& UIAMI-Appointed Dec. 11 by concludes that the fatal Chris tmas eve shooting of a 23yeari as the federal district
is Director of Senior activities Senior Judge Raymond G. Na- old local youth might have been i i averted court here Is concerned
serves on the annual staff, than, Miss Angie N. Carter Dead is Jessie Roscoe Jr. ol'! to.uncover some solution to William Sterling RosecransJr.,
hold membership on the varsity of Sit NW 46th St. became 2413 Lantana Avenue, an outgoing alleviate his anxieties. sentenced to seven years In
basketball tam the drama club: the first member of her race patient at Duval Medical I As a tesult, whatever treatment federal pentltentlary for the
and the acb o1'* famed marching :to be employed deputy clerk In Center who had been under' Roscoe was recelvng for Marcb 13, 1964 dynamiting of a
band. a small Claims Court. going mental treatment for' his illness was thereby iliraln- Negro child's home, must conttnueto -
In commenting on King's selection The daughter of Arthur Carter some six months and who wai i B t I d through his inability tot serve out his sentence,
as the first Negro to and the .latef31'111"! Carter, also described as being mentally that Is unless a higher court

serve u a page boy from the 4 Miss Carter graduated from the derranged during the Incidents approves his appeal.
South and the second appointment F ekF t which led to his ultimate f Rosecrans, who wan Indictedfor
made.-the first selects death.According. f tte; bombing of the home of
being appointed from the North to Investigators'reports Donald Godfrey, a 8 year old
t child who had Integrated the
last year.-New Stanton Charles Roscoe, armed with a I
D. Brooks who selected Kin knife, went on a cutting spre. previously all-white Lacka-
said. "This event is one of and wounded three members ol wanna Elementary School with
the most wonderful things to y five other local Ku Klux Klansmen -
k, his family and a county patrol
have happened to our people officer before being felled bj, heard his appeal refusedby
as a whole In a very long time. three shots from one of the U.S. District Court Judge
In selecting Fred King Jr. to ;i 1 officers': gnu.Sought Bryan Simpson this week.
this hlttier-to-fore unattainable During subsequent federal

post, we at New Stanton feel I Frequent GuidanceA court: hearings, Rosecrans was
truly confident that our young source believed to be th. sentenced to a seven year prison
representative will uphold the .. closest and only friend of Roscoe I tern but his allednd< co-
--- ----
highest traditions of groups and BREAKTIIROUGH-Frtd C. King Jr (right) a senior at New Stanton High School is being, tol d the STAR that UM 1 1I
In the meantime open the door congratulated by New Stanton Principal: Charles D. Brooks and his mother Mrs. MyrtleB. victim was beset by economic
to other youth of his race to" King, following his appointment by' U.S. Rep. Charles E. Bennett u page boy in the I '. ? worries since he had a war I
secure future appointments. U.s. House of Representatives. King, the first Negro appointee from the South and the *" and a young baby to support t:; JESSIE ROSCOE
Second In the House' history, 1s attendinc page boy school in Washlagton a four to sU : .. and the couple was living apari(
'Teaching Force'Dese.r.gutes. weeks period. Principal! Brooks selected Kina for the post. each with their own families.
.d MISS CARTER Then too, the friend had doubt!I i secure relief from his economical -

NAACP Sends bad Northwestern High School whether ment..said the to Infrequent be once weekly treat,,,, In totaling and marital these woes piece meal
Sunday. 'Designated '. 1940,,attended Junior of evidence It"lDa-be- ,
.. : '. Roscof bad producedbeneficial ) i n-bits i
ML *ltSltP4 J;.fAltl4 > -"--''f t5llege had New Britain Tea* given : I
t 'Roscoe _
In litthTRbcIcUTTLE effect concluded that had one __
Protest To LBJ chins College, New Brlttaln, friend whereas he sorely needed
also.dUelpsedtha!t ,
The source
ROCK-Quletlyaadwltn Coaneticut.1 i : I Rotce e I! friends, aad it may be summed
oo numerous occasions,
Senior Citizens DayCity's Miss .Carter was formerly.; '
out fanfare-eight year* after PHILADELPHIA local ; clerk-typist In1'11 I discussed with Mm'Ms mounting u Ii' that(;this problems finally
employed ar a
President Eisenh9wer sent branch of the NAACP has problems, hoping In this way. caved In on his taut mental,
troops to enforce desegregation launched an investigation Lit i* the Justice Building. anxieties which for some six

at Central High school. a fight between a Philadelphia AME Churches To Present months he had vainly tried to
dVegregatlon Is breaching the policeman and a discharged MinistersAid abridge.
faulty color line. Baltimore, Md., soldier that Negro HeadsFreeholders Final rites for Jessie Roscoe

Miss Robert Wbltfleld, 25,, resulted in the Negro soldier Applications To Jax Elderly Jr. will be held Saturday at .....-..-......."""' .--'..
NAACP 3 p.m In Trinity Baptist Church
U othe faculty at Romlne losing an eye WILLIAM S. ROStCKAJW: JK.
Elementary school, where 454 The Department of Defense Bishop E.G. Hatcher of the Jacksonville area, the pastorswill with Rev. Charles J. Crosby,
of i's 410 pupils are white Is also looking into the mattes African Methodist Episcopal present the project and the Voter DriveBIRMINGHAM"In pastor officiating. Interment conspirators' hearing ended In
A JJojro, Miss Whltfleld Is one u a result of a protest lodged Church designated Sunday, Jan. application forms. Board In N.J. will be in Mt. Olive Memorial a mistrial and they were acquitted -
of four members of her race with President Johnson by) 9th, as "Senior Citizens Day" Other senior citizens who a formal Cemetery, during their second
as, Igned to teach in predominantly the Baltimore NAACP Branch. for t the greater Jacksonvillearea might wish to rent an apartment statement made public here the Machine trial.
white schools In a pilot The scuffle occurred, according churches. in the project are Invited NEWARK, N.J....When CharlesA. Birmingham Baptist Ministers Judge Simpson said that during
program begun last year. to police reports, Saturday The purpose of the special to write to Alexander Matthews, 48 is formally Conference has endorsed the Bias the trial o/ the five klansmen.
Muer opposite number, Mrs.. night, Dec It, at the Trail- emphasis in all the churches Cottrell at Edward Waters College elected In January, he will be NAACP voter registration campaign Exposes a strong emotional feeling per..
Fiin'a: Arnold, 43 Is on the ways Bus Station here when is to make preliminary applications Jacksonville, for the necessary come the first Negro chief executive in Jefferson County and WASHINGTON-There's no hiding vaded the bearing when defense
faulty of Booker Junior HighS Patrolman Rlhard Farina was forms available to forms, or contact one of county government in the State of Ala. place from racial bias. attorney, the late Matt Murphy
<-,ix jl l, whose 150 students are called into the terminal by security those people 62 tears of age of the ministers of the AME New Jersey, and possibly In bama. A spokesman for the Equal charged the Jury to "roll
aU Negroes. She Is one of four guard Thomas McLaughlin and older who might desire to Church the nation. The conference praised the Opportunity commission disclosed back the black tide" and assert
white teachers participating when a dispute developed live In the Edward Waters College Matthews, a tall, articulate, NAACP campaign under the recently that even a their white supremacy
a similar project designed to between a bus driver and two Senior Citizens Home to Farmer To Head mellow-voiced man whose politics leadership of W.C. Patton, machine may disclose racial
break down racism In Negro soldiers. be constructed on Kings Road were shaped by conditions NAACP field director, as both prejudice FRIENDLY LAWMEN
scbnols. Allegedly one of the soldiers, near the college campus. leading up to the Franklyn "outstanding and productive", The machine in question wasa
Both admittedly were appren- Wallace Bedford, 23, of Baltimore Bishop Hatcher emphasizedthat $50 Million Corp.WASHINGTONJames Roosevelt New Deal era, last and urged community supportof computer. EEOC's probe of a Rosecran was arrested in St.
heislve: at first, but now they snatched the policeman the project will be open week was chosen director of the campaign firm which puts all of Its job Augustine by St. Johns County
agree their experiences have nightstick from him and knocked to all senior citizens regardless Farmer the Essex County Board of "Since return of the NAACPto applications through the computer Sheriff L.O. Davis and Oliver
him duw n with a blow across of Freeholders by the Democratic Weatherholt of the Florida
!ben rewarding and enlightenteg. of their denominational national director, Congress Alabama and the formulatingof invariably showed that
Some white parents were the face. The officer got up, affiliation and will be operatedas Racial Equality (CORE) will majority.The a specialized and organized the computer picked, as the Sheriffs' Bureau on information
Whltfleld the report said, drew his service March 1 to administera board directs the operations local segregationistsHoisted
disturbed when Miss a Christian Institution resign voter reglstratloa; stimulation best man for the job, a white given by
war assigned to teach their revolver and held Beauford Edward Waters College Senior new, $50 million non-profit and facilities for some campaign the number o f Negro man's application. R. (Hose) Manuc,.
fourth grde children. and his companion, Owen Wil Citizens Home will cost over corporation being establishedto 960,000 resident of the county, voters, has dramatically However, it wasn't the machine The court also pointed out that
However, Miss Whitfield said items 19 of Fort Dlx, N.J. provide education and jobtraining made up of wealthy suburbs and increased the Interest in voting fault, but rather that of the although Rosecran admitted
that within a few weeks, a number at bay with other policemen art for the poor. massive pockets of urban po-i, fired up and the Involve human programmer who set up ing wanted by federal authorities

of the parents came to rived. Farmer will serve as executive verty. ment of civic and community the standards and had fixed the two officers filled to
"tell me they're glad I'm here, Beauford, the report said ; director of the organization An estimated half of the city leadership broadened and qualifications that seldom would inform the FBI of his (Rose
and I believe they meant It. resisted attempts to disarm him financed by federal and 40 ,OOO population is Negro,and deepened the statement noted.' apply to Negroes. crans) apprehension.
That helped me, and I'm so and eventually was subdued sad private funds..to be known as the percentage Is growing. It was also disclosed that Many
bal JY in my work." placed under arrest on chargesof ."t r'a ': the Center for Community Born on an Alabama farm uc arranged to get Rosecransa
SM added, "A few weeks ago aggravated assault and battery .: Action Education, Inc. His successor In April, 1917, he came to Support For Evicted Negroes defense attorney.
we wire having a language lesson assault and battery, and .U at CORE will be elected Newark as a child,went through .. ......... Thus, the court concluded that
and the students had to disorderly conduct. later, according to Gregg its public schools and attended Davis was at least friendlyto
write what they liked most about Beauford lost his r1&lIteYI .liIr Harris CORE public affairs Autgers university. Rosecrans.
school. There were twelve students during surgery at Philadelphia director. He showed, a keen Interestin 1 Following this week's hearing e
or maybe 15 who said General Hospital, where be was \ The center, based In the nation politics at an early age Rosecrans' attorney J.B.Stoner
they liked their teacher most. admitted. The officer suffereda capital, will Include on its board When he was 20, he became the ..'' of Augusta Ga., could not
"It gave me a warm feeling, broken nose, the report said. of directors, Dr. Martin Luther city's first Negro district leader "'J'J; be reached as to whether further .
you know, to be, thought ,of The dispute which seemingly King Jr., Southern Christian and was leader of the steps will be taken In the '
like that. If they were to try touched off the fracu was overa Leadership Conference (SCLC) Third Ward at 25. : '..-- case.

to change my job now, I think Trallways bus driver tearingoff Dr. John Morsell, NAACP; and Despite pre-election reportsthat ; .. .. II.'I Rosecrans is servln the sentence -
too much of a ticket rendering John Lewis he had relatives who were : .t t. In the federal prison in
I really would put up a big BISHOP HATCHERone chairman, Student ] / .
fight1 love my kids and I it Invalid for a transfer, Nonviolent Coordinating Com non-paying indigent patients In 1, ., 1 .. Terre Haute. Ind.
think they love me." The two soldiers were returnIng and one half million dol.lara mittee (SNCC). a county hospital, he led the .. '. .. '
Three whit third graders already from a hitch la Germany.. when completed and will Established to administer Democratic party as a vote ., _

have asked principal provide excellent modern facilities grants from big business,labor getter last month with a margin .. MentalPatient
Jerry D. Perrln to enroll them Escape Proof for housing 192 elderly unions and the federal antipoverty o(30(000 votes.Student's. '' ..

in Miss Whltfleld's class next families. Rents will begin at agency, to conduct -. "
September. Prison Has $53.30 for the studio apartment literacy and other programs Death .
Educated In segregated Little and $69.50 for the bedroom among all minority groups, the .
Rock, Miss WhlUleld receivedher apartments. These charges will center's operations will bo .. f ..
bachelor's degree from all Many Holes include all utilities and maintenance begun in March with a grant Death Laid ; ( .,' I Fools LawNEW
Nero Arkansas AM4N College costs. from the Office of Economic ..t,
and her masters degree from BLUNDESTONE EnglandThirteen .... The two Urge buildings.wU1 Opportunity.The ..p. .y. old former
YORK-A 24-year
the desegregated University of prisoners already be air conditioned and the apartments program Is geared to To Civil RightsTUSKEGEE a mental
prisoner now
Arkansas. She U la her fifth have escaped from the $3 million carpeted. Social and recreational provide a sixth grade education ... r ,for non-iupport.
patient, Jailed
year as teacher maximum security,escape facilities the tenants to about one million persons
found novel to provide
this and elderly neighbors will Including Ala.-The fatal a way
proof prison opened near Negroes, .
of shooting of a 21-year old Tus- ..J. the steady How of money for
Heads N. Y. Suffolk village.Mastermind be a part the project. Mexicans and other Spanish
checks with
escapees severedthe Rev Richard L. Fullerton of speaking Americans, American kegee Institute student here his family--forging
"cutproof"maaganesedeel Washington, D.C. and Orlando Indians, both in the rural South Tuesday Is believed to have the signature of the sheriff.He .
ChamberNEW been the outcome of the stu had gotten away with sign
bars on windows, drove spikes special consultant for suchchurchsponsored and urban northern ghettoes.
into the toes of their heavy projects) will Final agreement on the corporation dent's civil rights activities. 'ling the sheriffs name to nine
YORK- prominent JHa*. boots and scaled an 18-foot be the guest minister at Grant and its financing stressed Found lying sprawled about ---ow checks ranging In amounts from
Urn lawyer and civic leader, "unscalable" fence. Memorial AME Church at Clay that the new group operate 19 feet from a local service GREENVILLE, Miss..Charles Kaska of Long Branch, N.J., $75 tot $Z50, for a total of
has been elected president of( Three of them took the kit.. and Orange Streets In Jacksonville Independently of established station where the shooting is handed out clothes, food and toys to Negroes living in "TentCity" $1,200.
morning and reported to have taken place near here. Kaska a student at Monmouth CoUege, and When caught, he calmly admitted
the Uptown Chamber of Commerce chen-ventilator ducts route,and Sunday civil rights organizations
the 401 member private .f three others simply vanished.A will present resident applications Included I n Its broad scope was Samuel L. Young Jr., apolitical two others gathered the items In the New Jersey area for the the forgeries and said:
science at the living in tents after ther were evicted "You'll get three or four more,
agency representing the closed-circuit: television at the close of the ser of supporting groups are Howard major striking
community's major business stalled to keep a close, watchon vice In all of the thirty other University, the NAACP, institute and a former Navy from their tenant homes for asking for higher wages andbetter but the whole! total will not
conditions.\ more
establishments. inmates housed AME Churches in the greater Urban League, CORE. veteran working



-. .


: .m.

." .
THVl FLORIDA\ STAll '\ Equal
.... To Be


Published by the Florida Stir Publishing Company By Whiter M. Young

M x 3r

ERIC O. SIIPSO.II..lulllll E.itirAIYSON U t faced with the decision of making single wish
Saw ta Race RiWlons, I think It would bt thaageneraltutiaat
E wlE.- News Editor for the year
aboUt any tttalgroup), baled a. the left.vities'of
be ruled illegal-as well u Immoral tad
a few,
HILDA HOOTER. ... .... Circilitin Miiifir Woctcal.
acted attorney and president or tile American

jeVlshConSlttee, Morris Abram,spokebefor/

2323 Mucriil Rill Phil ELii 4-6712 dunce highly He sophisticated opened his speech middle-class by reading Negro from an-a 1 !I

diary of a New Yorker The writer pointed out ,
Nilliit Address 1fe.. bow much New York had changed and the tact S'.ria I

4 that a group of newcomer had made the streets
P. 0. Box 599 Jicksoiville. Tlcrida 32201 .r. unsafe for decent people. That theie newcomers education
in their drew, mannerisms lack of ,j
MIAMI OFFICE It and criminal behavior represented a serious I
threat to the continued happiness and safety
of other citizens. As the audience reached the height! atInoUmtlon.
738 UN 3rd Are Pkon 311-1025 : Mr. Abram commented that the diary was written
not In 1965--but in 1890-and It was referring to the Negro
at all, but rather to other low-Income ethnic groups that had
+ nitrated to New York during this period In Urge numbers.I .
SUBSCRIPTION RATES MIERICAM am reminded of this story dally as we witness the same

One Year $6.00 Half Year 54.00 w" r fears being expressed and the same descriptions of the new.
NITE est Immigrants to our cities namely Puerto Ricans and
walled to you Anywhere In the United States
Subscription:: payable in advance Negroes from the South.
At a time when Negro leadership is trying honestly to face
Send Check or Money Order to- up to the serious socio-economic gaps and social dlsorganlxatloo -
born and developed out of years of slavery and discrimination
It becomes extremely discouraging wben those I
FLCRIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 same acts are used to label a whole racial population or
Jacksonville 1. Florida to Justify their continued exclusion from the mainstream of
I American life This Is why researchers, reporters and .
writers must be sensitive to the effects of titles given to
their and reports such as "The Negro Family" as they wouldbe
Sentinel Bulletin Saluted to the Identification of comparable problems of dependency,
Illegitimacy and crime among low-Income families of other
ethnic origin.."The Irish Family" "The Italian Family",
During lot month' ", Florida S.nlin.l/ -8ull.H4 published "The Polish Family", etc. It is well to remember that

of Tampa, ft observing itt rwenhefh year of 7J percent of Negro families have In fact, less social disorganization
publication a historical' achievement In its own REAL INTEGRATION 'THE ONLY SOLUTION, MR. PRESIDENT that is true of comparable white families.
right It is equally dmaglng to the cause of race relations for

It it often profitable' to review ,fie pogef el human, .. Negro citizens to generalize about all white citizens basedon
governmental', Industrial, and /ournolitlic/ hiilory. History the terrifying specter of the depraved personalities found
p.m+ils reader* to appreciate the ,'rugg''.' ol on among the Ku Klux Klan or even the more subtle racist

IniHttition In iti .,,,.,, for profit and .IICC.... Die :20fh groups who claim super patriotism. In the final analysis
those who write the history books for our day will mention
celebration of fie Sentinel-Bulletin' / enable' u*to admire but rather the .
Your little about either the racist or rightist growing
the manner In which, the publication has grown into a Weekly number of courageous white Americans who put a man's

distinct personality which cmolyiei the problems' of the character and skill above the color of his skin. .
people" which grapple' with the issues of the present, May 196 represent the beginning of that period where no
and which states honestly itt opinion without' fear and American will generalize about another human being

trembling.' GuideBy
Every reader, no doubt fiat been imprened with A Letter To The Editor
the Sentinel-Bulletin'* higheit type of Journalism.' "It

has not treated crime in o sensational' pread of headline .

In red type, but it he* not teen fit to overlook the PABLO The ASTROLOGER S244 Vernon Road
crime that resident/ of the area have commi td. Th. Jacksonville, FloridaTO

crime stories/ hove objectively" preiented, ....nlio'! THE'COtINTY
many reader* would like for a newipoper COMMISSIONERS
to omit crime dories altogether." "If they expect this, :

type of reporting, th.nh.. citaent mud not commit BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELBorn

crime Remember that a newipoper with 'Individual'
Dear Sirs;
integrity I is obligated to'print all of the fact whether'

good or bad. All the while, the Sentinel-Bulletin/ hoi In regards to my application for rezoning my property locatedat

striven/ to improve appearance, styling, and /journal' the East side of U.S. 1, at the Intersection of Dekleave,
('lie' technique, my petition was denied because Florida law states that a
During your 20th onnlvenary, accept our congratulation OhiJ1Q Oi&Aa whiskey store must be 2,500 feet from a church ar school
and talutotionilAbsenteism' eap1 aJllJ1j' and I am within that distance which is true. It seems that

March 21st Born June 22nd Born Stpt. 23rd sorlawace' Evidentlythisonly happen to belong to the

At Funeral &t. 43rd' 'j' not apply to General
.. ,I -April 19th -July l 22nd j I Born Dtci 22n4JadU ; Trading Company ,:which, I assume its officers and members
J I I t 'j' are of,the whiterace.S .
Jackie obfns/ .., who ,attended the funeral of the !beipllentiful\ I J I ; I : '', Romances that are bull t on There is something +tl Interest! \ kil lIth :..1; I l; S ,

departed; Branch Rickey, stofea'that he was disappointed1! Social events may genuine affection are more like foing on where you reside and The Honorable County Commission rezoned a track of land
b.caus..nly' .. Negro baseball' player' attended for this time of the year despite *' ly to bring happiness to' the Jltne background of your life/ You apparently ire looking lor* for General Trading Company being petitioned Number 2867,
the funeral' of the man who 'hammereddown the brutal' the fact that the Christmasaura principals !than thost that are Most of the advantages remain ward to something which may signed by L.M. Nlchel Jr.. located at 3059 Edgewood Avenue
barrier of prejudice; to pennit good player to get achvnce is still In evidence Thereis conducted for pure material ,with,you as long as i you are I have to do with distant places near Cleveland Road from A-l to Business A.2. to operatea
something rather sensational situations 'and the brightening of whiskey store namely the Edgewood Lounge; Addresses
ends.I In cases where success mister= of all in-i I your
inprofessional' big league baseball. going on having to do with ha 1 s 'gone to the head there eluding the disbursement of, economic outlook.' Chance id on ol churches and distance from the Edgewood Lounge: 5729
Jdctie/ Robinson' 'Cool, Poppa Bell, and Frank Duncan your Job or the creative mau be a tendency to stray personal or Joint funds. The, your side and unless you have Vernon Road was there twenty years to' m7' knowledge
attended the 'last .;,...' Neither Hell?? nor Duncan were achievements that 993 feet 3000 block has
: you are presenting and to abandon one's self to sounds plans that may have built your hopes on pure Illusions. < ; on Francis Road, 1040 feet, and
ever the beneficiaries of fie bitter 'long light ol Mr. to those in authorityor easy pleasures that could contain been previously worked out there is little to deny been there about 7 years; St. Paul Lutheran Church, 2730
lid.", butfheyapprecialedamanwhoitoodup' againstall to the world in general the seeds of destruction! should bot be exchanged for any you their materialization. The Edgewood Avenue about 1800 feet, 10 years I could go
/ odd *o thath.. Negro Io.ebalp'oy.r/ might have Keep a tight rein on your econo. but the consequences would not, that are amtlguous! and which frugal practices to which you naming churches that white people build whiskey stores as
a chance to prove his skiff my. But this may also bring bring much joy to the persons could present some serious and have adhered faithfully are now close as 200 feet.
you in contact with an old flame the dangerous hazards that could ready to be justified by the
There were, without, doubt other Negro ployer' who involved principal
under the late Branch or a former partner with a being yourself. Good judgement not be readily for.Men. A personal advantages that you On November 1, 196S, I called Mr. Lem Merrlt and I told
were given opportunitie to play chance that the attraction re- him I wanted to arrange a meeting with him He asked me
is the prize possession of those family project may be discussedand are presently or son n will be ,
licfte,. Wfiere were they Had they forgot their ceceased > main as strong as ever who really wish to exercise it. whipped Into shape by those enjoying. Your friendly re* what I wanted to talk about; I said, rezoning some propertythat
benefactor Did they Ignor. their human obligation This is the day when decisions who are scheduled to participate -latlons, on the whole are especially I owned; he asked what zoning I was going to ask for;,
? 9-40-88-13-27-948 made and pacts arrived at pro in carrying It out successfully pleasing You are likelyto I said( A.2. be said( you can come if you want to, but lam telling
w. dont know their reasoni, but maybe they will mise to be binding expand them during your tra you before you came, I am not going to rezone your propertyto
loon tell? the nation the reason for their public ungrotefulnen 5-20-77-15-37-527 vels. A2. At that time, be did not know whether my propertywas
8-50-66-11-93-856 o n Main Street or UPS 17.
4.7033.19.S7..73jJ.iMJM .
Little Things Count In MarriageOf JaiLkLM JmJ Smllpio U you would allow me, 1 certainly commend our elected
officials for doing such a fine Job keeping Negroes from
Born operating whiskey stores in Jacksonville and Duval County.
time it (I. not the big thing; and large problem Born April 20th July 23rd Bom Oct. 24th There is not a Negro within the city of Jacksonville operatea

that threaten the peacefulnes in matrimony. "It i I. the -Aug. 22nd Born Ftb. 19th- whiskey:: store. Please do not accept this as a threat; this
collection of "the 'little' thing' -May 20thAs -Nov. 22ndMany is the only way I know bow to express myself.
A daily' newipaper once reported the story of o man Mar. 20th I am asking this Honorable Body to reconsider my application

who aid that his wife had a habit; that drove him nut, of Scorplos possessIdeals for Business A-2 or I have no other alternative except to
'Whenever we go out for dinner she never order As long as you are meeting that you are so ale"ted as The ask the Honorable Courts to close the Edgewood Lounge
salad or d....". Her theme tang i I. 'All I want I* asmall long as you uphold your faith production schedules and obtaining -' to preclude the possibility of whom examples of those with located at 3059 Edgewood Avenue which I know is operating
iteak and vegetable.* .mln.my.oloJ comesshe ideals and Ingrained convictionsthe satisfactory returns, it enmeshed in compromising you share many Interests In violation of the Florida Statute and many more. I will
would be wise to adhere to getting material and spiritual, are not name at this time.
putt her fork in it and he I Just want to taste thedressing. problems that regularlycome situations. But for the gmt Inducements for to
present or previously established you
In life become easierto
.' If I don't pitch In fast I don't get any* solve.Should up there be methods. With Venus now ten of you who have allowed shine in your own right The Respectfully
The Irritated, husband might solve this problem' by Taureans'at any going retrograde and changesof yourselves to be ensnarled by Plsceans who: select the highestof
thing troubling
whispering/ to the waiter to bring her a salad and o the you the plans or professional tactics Irresistible lures or your own ideals as their ultimate goals
moment rely on
d....". At 'Lashe would eliminate the Irritation and unexpected step In and lift the could backfire or give your lack of self-discipline, it may should extract a degree of happiness Henry Robertscc
perhapi c"r.ltl. wife'; bed habit. load off your shoulders. While rivals an edge that you may no longer be secrets.so easy The to preserve prospect from life that it is not UjS. Attorney General-Nicholas Katzenbach

tf each married couple" would' 'look bock over the your helpmate may be quite subsequently have a hard times! of your attaining a goal of the privilege of many othersto State Attorney-Earl Falrcloth

year*. they would' discover a number of 'little, annoy devoted to you and your Interest overcoming. There are Indications major Importance is high on enjoy nose of you who Jack Greenburg Chief Advisor for the NAACP
once Thee annoyance might Include' : mocking on.'* competltlrs who are vying with that it would be pru the list of worthwhile accom- have teamed up with someone Roy Wilkins, Executive Secretary NAACP
dent to check the house against who Is on a high sprlrtual Attorney Earl Johnson
for the lion ,
you recognition or
lip at the table' smoking and dropping ashes on a fine hazards pllshmnts. The only loyaltyand -
dangerous of any kind level extract enough inspiration
share : not hesitate to use
linen tablecloth' improper ".* of the dining silver; reading may understanding of your dearest *
all the tricks at their commandto and to remove them right on from this person to try
a newipoper at the table' turning up the television' gain the upper hand. This the spot. The measure that you ones would prove face invaluable to face and lift yourselves accordingly. -------- -------

too high, making too much noise In the morning whiles is also a period when friends adopt to safeguard property with when you come of a personalor The past too, is a great sourceof
for work, 'leaving/ his clothe' lyingon should be prompt and aJ -embracing problems I
getting ready a man who have stood faithfully by for ,! emotional nature. knowledge. Teacher
the floor where ". pulled them off, and a ", I'.'* many years may again prove Integration It. Little Rock

correcting a husband pronunciation in the pretence their worth. 4-30-99-13-65-439 5-70-55-18-39-575

o/compm -
/ ------- ---- --

Cong. Powell Must Straighten Up 360991597.369 U- Sa'liHaI ltJ. 'Two
teachers, *"* white' and one Negro, .
Onc. Adam Clayton' ,Powell II repreiented the militant Born Jan. 20th lost fall to 'each In preJom/non"y were assignd

Negro political' and church leader. Hi historic Born Aug. 23rd dent eodiei In little tad, Ari In'egroled sir

Abytinnion Baptist Church memb.OY. him moral' 9m ni80rn Born Nov. 23rdDec.rst -Feb. 18th Had anyone suggested this eight years ago when fan

support In carrying out many civil right venture -Sept. 22nd men preside/ Eisenhower had to send federal
When Reverend Powell was elected, to the U.S. Congresi May 21st integrate students troops to
Central High' School,
from New fork' Harlem' Negroe'bubbledover" It has often been pointed out Not everything that Is of value would' have been: "?. impoiiiUe- the reply
with racial pride because they felt" that in M,. Powell -June 21st that the and important is exposed to public view. It The NegcIt.., I. Mm
higher more Roberta
The Inner urges that bring out will be necessary to possess WhitlM who tlwiVr1
they had a reliable leader and a vocal' orator
positions are the harder
creative aptitudes should considerable discernment and 7om''". Eleeentary School, where
A* the year pasted by. Powell teemed to have luc- Any projects you have initiated it is to fill them. This your 434 '
not be too lightly dismissed tenacity to uncover the elementsthat :;MV.// white' Mrs Frerfo Arnold (.
cumbed to the practice of*o many omercongroiimen. in connection with domestic and may be of special significancewhere on"the loo'.rlunlo
since they could lead to will provide and )
you you your High School whose 750
H. piled, up a great absentee' record, but wes appointed housing matters should be the most modern technical undreamed of heights not too partner with the advantages students ore Negroes.
chairman of the education committeeof brought to their logical con. or electronics operations You
powerful far In the future. There are privileges that you both desire. wou'dn"believe this either butOeverngfaubu"
clusions. Cut down on extraneous conducted In
the House. are being any some rather vague or decep- There is one danger that many Is quietly' working with private
activities that take you most of to
Being vocal' he often did not think before peaking event you can aspireto tine forces at work recommending Aquarian must be wary of and Negro ,.. ., In groups put more
from official responsibilities unusual and most responulble positions
and was found guilty" In court of calling o Harlem' widow away your Interesting that you redouble your safeguards that Is the choice of a goal teachers InsMeIobs.Menycritics non.
or that may careers. Those of you are still : .have seidthat Paubus
a 'bog woman*. She sued him in the court and won onward undermining well-being. to tackle against efforts to dip, that could have more glamour doing this to romof. his
your young enough higher political btore
Into funds than substance. It could turn
your reserve or Joint
of 175,000 You are more than ever likelyto educational courses should not It may beroe*01 OovemorF.ubuho"ornd
resources. Should have out to be a trying adventure about
Powell reneged on his obligation and tried to avoid understand the value of a lose a minute making the nece- you any lace to insure his political
:reason to doubt Judgement to try and reach it ; but it could else
your b.
payment of the 175,000 by allegedly' transferring' property a sound financial position In sary inquiries. And if you have hue that he has hod.
on these days, turn to someone at any cost both In the way flange 01 heo" or that he ha,
with a "0:269: valuation' to the aunt and uncle' order to uphold your claimsto a mate who Is providing all the ,who has had experience In thematter of money and dissipated ener of long lad recognireJ the'paie, 0' the ,
Negro .
.of hi wife. status or authority. This encouragement you may needto "o/ul vo
under discussion fad'sensible gies. Stay on the solid path planning should' we/n In
Powell's"" .first; Judgment was reduced M6.500. How. implies taking more positive hurry you along you can. advice. yam which you can rest your. State" b place' Negro teachers In Southern
In this direction by consider yourself for.tire
a adtool.preJomn"y'ra.
ever he ha* been feundquifty, o"ronJ.rr/ngproper./ steps any very hopes and find fII1fUlm.i1I.1.80S5.II.n.1I5 attended by white students.
Only In this
honorable means poslble.920.44.14S8.924 person. ,..It-
way can
tie to ovoid paying his few suit judgment. This new white parents. Negro parents,, learn how to make
'Judgment will/ require the Congressmen to pay anodditlonal 7-10-22-18-87-712 1-90-66-17-87-296 a4ushnenh lit their behavior to the demands 0' the
; turn. new social .rd.r.

j k ,

-- ,-- -- -- -
--- --- -- -

"" ;f, 1M' -

. .. .. r" -. .


u'11 older w1/1flUte'I


SOCIALLY. .1th; ,IJ'. Sammy Davis Jr. Television Show Premieres Friday NightLiquor r I

SPEAKINGA Industry's Successful Project Top Actor's Dynamic Talents

week Into 19o6 and I am still hearing "Happy New Year"at Set For Weekly TelecastsNEW

every turn. And after two weeks absence from the scene a

"Happy New Year" to all of m; readers. YORK'."The Sammy Davis Show"
uatrr*........*.*.....**....*.*** title Jr. Is exactly what the
says: a show bullt around the dynamic and varied talents of

its star. "Mr.. Entertalnm@nt._ ._ ______ .. Sammy Davis ..ii-..
The many visitors to Jacksonville during the recent holidays
Included Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bellinger of Orangesburg, S.C. Premiering Friday Jan. 7, it is good and performed by
who enjoyed four days of beautiful Florida sunshine; Miss (8:30-9:30: p.m. EST. In color) persons having one necessary
Gwendolyn Leapheart of Chicago; Emrett Groomes of Ithaca on the NBC Television Network, Ingredient..talent.
N.Y.; Miss Martha Holt of Qulncey Florida; Mrs. H.C. "The Sammy Davis Jr. Show" Hamilton adds, "We plan to
Coleman of Tallahassee; Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Rodgers of will feature Sammy as a singer have a swinging show! The NX

Miami and their young son, Virgil Jr..Mlss Marilyn McClain dancer, musician and comedian. Television Network bought
of Philadelphia, Pa., daughter of Mrs Marie McClaln. The star says, "I wUl not Sammy Davis. We Intend to
just sing two songs, Introducethe give them and the viewers all
..ttkrtt.Htrtttrtptt guests, grab the check and' the Sammy possible within the

Kappa Alpha Ps.'s annual Krlsmass Ball was the usual run for the nearest bank. I framework of one-hour show"
Christmas night in Intend to work in all respects
successful affair. The event took place
the Duval Armory. Music was by Charles Parker and his band. intend to work" in all aspectsof Allen Chapel
***************** my show
Producer of the series, Joe AME ChurchTrustees

Mrs Thomas Barton of 5761 Tusk Court flew to Bermudato Hamilton says, "Rather thata
visit her parents during the holidays. She and her son, t c 1 r' esJ aarlety show, ours will bea rites will be celebrated
Thomas Jr. visited Mr. and Mrs. Eric Welch of Smith's show with variety. We hopeto at Allen Chapel Sunday
Parrlsh. have an air of spontaneityand during a daylong series of events -
freshness about it. W. wUlpo. Rev. J.W. Jones, pastor
.. --- .
********************** : m announced.
Eighteen guests and ten members graced the home of Mrs. Choir Z and Usher Board Z ,
Joan Spaulding for Classle Lassies Bridge Club's annual a4 will serve the 11 a.m. and 6:30p

brunch during the Christmas holidays. 1,1 t .m. services.
High scorers in the session Included Mrs. Mary Brown of The Sequi-Annlversary Tea of
Starkes and Ann the AME Church will be held
St. Petersburg; Vanette Thayer Margret
Monroe. Gifts were presented to guests and members exchanged from 4 until 8 p.m Choir 1
and Usher Board 1 will serve
Christmas presents.
the occasion.

tsar.taa.t.tt.. Rev J.L. Linsey will preach
during the 6:30: p.m. service.

The West Thirty-First Street home of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy I7, Order of service follows:
James provided the setting for a Christmas meeting of the 943: am., Sunday S chool. 11
Cather --- o'clock Morning worship, ser
Les Elites Bridge Club. Mesdames Lillian Singleton,
ine Jackson and Miss Myrtle Turner were guest players. .,. have to top names in show- mon by the pastor.

Vermal McCone, Lois Avery and Mrs. Singleton were recipients Enjoying ringside seats at a meeting of Sky Ranch For Boysat habllitatlon of wayward boys regardless of race or creed. business as guests, plus new Vogue 60 Plans
of prizes. Buffalo South Dakota, are seven of the lads who are under The meeting was held in Chicago. talent People we plan to use

Maxine Jackson, Johnnie M. Mitchell, Irma Murray Leona the supervision of the Flying Padre, Father Don Marray, Father Murray has maintained a 95 per cent rehabilitationrate on the show Include Elizabeth Fashion
Bennett and,Mule MClaln were am, ng participants. director of the ranch. using a theraphy which basically employs teaching the Taylor and Richard Burton(Jan. Show
The boys listen to an annual progress report made by Father boys how to fly a plane, and offering them the exhilarating 7)), Milton Berle, Judy Garland,
filttl4.rftM.NHtttt Murray to a group of leaders of the liquor Industry which has work as cow hands in the wide open spaces of what still Tony Bennett, Nancy Ames, Jan. 9 At EldoradoMRS.
for five years sponsored this project dedicated to the re- remains in this country of the rugged Old West. Joan Rivers Joey Bishop, An-

The Sophisticates, a recently organized bridge group, entertained thoney Newley and Alan King,
The home of to name a few"
with a cocktail party New Year's night.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wheeler provided the setting for the Jax Airmen New Beauty Aids Readied Although the "Sammy Davis

affair. .--..-....---.....- Jr. Show" will originate in t
Enjoying the evening were Mr. and Mrs. George Bawls a New York, upon occasion It will
of Miami; Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett, Mrs. Lois Avery, Complete Training, c travel to other locales to accommodate
Mrs. Marie McClain and others. a particular guest
Receive Assignments star. Says Hamilton, "We are
Farmer Appoints Faith MissionPilot already considering a jaunt to
London so that Sammy can work
Jacksonville men have received with such stars as Laurence t( 4

Council Church Of their first U.S.: Air Force duty Olivier and Peter Sellers
asslngments after completingbasic The "Sammy Davis Jr. Show"
NEW \'OI.K-James Farmer J I will
/ Tlipit training at Lackland AFB, feature "good mil sic"--
National! Director of CCWE.anUOQ 111 UlllS Texas. .p mainly standards. However,the

ncunceo tie appointment of a music of today, the "big beat"
Sunday service at Faith Mission They are Airman Third Class
group prominent Sroeklyn sound will be heard provided
Charles Hill and Lonnie R.
civic, religious and labor on 1749 East 21st SL will open
leaders to a National CORE with Sunday School at 10 a.ra., Isaac. Airman Hill, son of Mr. t Stanton GradCompletes AUCE LEG.tEE
and CMrs. Charles Hill of 6220
Relations Elder Amos Darring pastor uO will
Com:nunity Advisory Highly popular Vogue
Pettlford Drive E, goes to 1
Council announced. usher in the New Year's latest
Waverly Air Force Station,Iowa Air
The new council is com- Morning worship begins at in Milady's fashions and hairdos
posed 08 Dr., Robert Palmer, ":3 o'clo..k.lounder u a communications specialist.He when they present the com
becomes member of the
of arooklyniCORE.and; :. .J 14IsSIgn? M ** e'Cnrcni!! d ... a Force c 5 unity's initial\ fashion .show
new dlrctDrlJltob!\ F, ftf.WtoC; b tewinmfttjSunr t I' 15t r 1'ip' I t '\f1datll, ftJ ,nbIJtI ,"Ia t
Kennedy JOIN Center, chairr daT evening in\ Jol ,session J WICHITA FALLS, Tex.Airman p.m M aciousCluVEldorado. -
man ;cochairman: Mrs.Maude with platform'guests IIIId other $ JI Third Class, Richard. A. MadU .
B. Richardson, .veteraa civic principal) llghJlghtlng/ the pro- son, son of! Mr. and Mrs.Uam Classed' Is fhe'eitt's Itahmfc

leader;,RabbUBEPWAWLN Kreit! (, F"1}",Th.. public Is r!ted, tot Madison of 1748"W? Second'modelS, members of the spon->
lrn .
man, Director'of the Brooklyn "send' de'pln" St., Jacksonville has b e II n''' vwganization wtlr.wi'
Dr J. Scott display seasonal and spring
graduated at.'Sheppard AFB,
R cQCia1] Neea w nw
SSSyfSS Church
director and .f ,yin n_ I I., I\ 9 Texas from the training course wear will include:: Alice Le-
15 11 ; r J'
4 ,
professor'atProoJlIYACoUgt.rlI1": I I i.n, m n t itl I ; .1'' dy S 1y /- w for U.S. Air Force ro
Rev. c"rle.La..rence.J: < mr 'VUXllfA: JST>Rif psr Its P 0)n !mechanics, ,1 U ". ,,'j,Thornton.tBernte\ ,SnUth, .TJwr:
> .. n H'Yoa'bonrt'Jiye ; d'bTc t s Airman Madison, ,8 gra 'uate.a nS1..ll4a k.iy, ,JaIHl/ta, / ,PFWcpt"
Ii ( Air Defense com' of New Stanton Senior High and Gladys Crapps ,
:900 To Town To Get protects the V.S. against enemy School, is being reassigned to Members of Club. Eldorado

air attack. The airman Is a Moody AFB Ga., for duty with and their guests are Invited.

LOW PRICESDRUG High 1965 School.graduate William Raines the Air Training Command. Refreshments will be served.

Airman Isaac son of Aubreyr

-' ._. ,
STORE NEEDS I InstantPhotos

I II FUR me Drunette-compieiioned woman, Ulxabetn Post cosmetics is featuring a full line of ,
II beauty aid products, from "Sun Tone" liquid make-up to lipsticks in "Royal Violet," "Star
I Spangled Red" and "Fashion" (deep rose) hues. The model, seated, is using ttiple-sined
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug store face powder in a suntan shade. The other model, holding one of the lipsticks and a "Petalpuff" .
WE HILL\ MEET ANY PRICES ADV IN YOJR LOCAL PAPERS compact with a "New Tan" shade of powder. The other products in the line Include Royal

We Dellvef. We also fill all Doctors prescriptions, Jelly Foundation liquid makeup and a combination powder and creme formulation which Is
described as "a complete makeup In a tube." Prices are 39 cents for the lipsticks, 49 cents
J for the face ppwder and liquid foundation, and 69 cents for the suntan powder with a compactand 50C

: the Royal Jelly Foundation. Elizabeth Post products are sold nationally In many leading
Dixie Pharmacy department stores and in S.H. Kress stores.

Isaac of 1474 Wilcox St.,moves j Each

to McGuire AFB N.J., as a Commissioner James HugerTo -
-- h -
1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Areas transportation specialist. He I

joins the Military Air Trans. Speak Sunday At Woo 11wn &ANE'SPILLS
Phones Ellin 5-5587-98 port Service which provides Royal Art StudioSOCIAL
global airlift for the nation'smilitary
forces. A graduate Rev James Huger recently College and aU') st VPS as

PAY NOR LIGHT WATER AM TELEPHONE New Stanton High School, the elected t Daytona Beach city the institution'sbi ; nana The ,laxative with, c,'lom.(.
airman attended Bethune-Cook- commissioner, will give the get COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
BILLS AT OUR STORES man College. keynote addrer Sunday duringthe During World War 11, he ser- EASE CONSTIPATION!
11 hen ved with the U.S. Marine Corps
a.m. n -
UNI'I fills I li.it >a and uri
Chapterol..1 i 'ha and was honorably discharged tlva compound }famnui tarIlnl conalipation : 515 DAVIS ST.
WICHITA FALLS. Tex-Alrman and irregularity lor mar 75r.'i.
Fraternity cell tar with the rank of First Sergeant will aid In rroucmdS.comOr1
i t I Third Class Daniel P. George Founder's Day 'use.rce Mr. and Mrs. Huger are the : o ", ,contt,pat on and Irraiularity .
o."n.nf In moil c1InON
son of Mr and Mrs. Talmadge In Woodlawn I *' parents of two sons. They are on LANES PILLS at pour Ouptoo 01.
George of 6907 Wilson Blvd., Church Rev -pmliers of Stewart Memorial the land name 35. ..el t.Sr.your d'oUI"., .. addiait la and ELGIN 4-1894

Jacksonvllle.has graduated at Franl."t.. list Church. UNI PILL 311 V,,,pal SIWlckinOuri '.
A Sheppard AFB, Tex., from the i a* public is invited Sunday's I : AHioni l I5J5J
training course for U.S. Air observance. CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS
aircraft mechanics.
Force s v r
Airman George, a graduate of ..
New Stanton Senior High School, -- -

will be assigned to one of the

more than 250 Installations Lr
world-wide where Air Force .
W combat units are based. r
J 1 ,
fpu l4'on'llel tomorrow' /"

jobs with )' 'terday', killt-


LOSE 1 IBS. IN 10 -"'" ?

DAYS OR NO PAY son, pastor a00p A'
Mr Huger has served asGen- L r sto
eral Chairman of Alpha Phi t 2tIs
Alpha Fraternity and is a member v w ,. r

KEN KNIGHT a of a number of religious, ,

"h X./.1..d ...u..... civic and social organizations.
..' .... _
I 11.1. lIu. SIX.Ih. Among them being a memberof '
slat .. IN ........
-Invites Th/.X ... ."....1 .". the Daytona Beach Chamber
You To Listen To- .11I ,... .... S OREEN
of Commerce.In i ,
II.. Sd/ra 5.1.... \ BTAMPB
,. ,
111.1 n IM M.MM addition to his commissionerpost
.., ..1154 ". '/... ..
ho.1 ...... h. .... he is assistant to the
BIG BAND ......... tN' ..... IN
of Bethune-Cookman
...",. ..... ... ...
.. .... .1154 .IIII .."
.. ... .
pr..f.. 'h.Iha..tM1..,... ....Nf. ., Annual Event
.... ,..
Iw1 W
PARTY"NithUJ .... L. .
"DANCE ..,. .. ,..." .."...1./ ....1.
.. ,w/IMM[ h.w.//.lr/f Washington Court, H. of J.

.r.1..d.d.... 11 ....IA., ,W.r.. M, .., will present its annual post-
.. .... .. ddM
ll.r and
.1' > KLI M yuletide program party,
.. ..... ...... .
11:30 til 12:00 !I. "BR
: : A
..... M ... II ... .., Friday beginning at 8 p.m., In wDED'
........ el .'.. ..N.1 the home of Mrs. A.M. Fra-
....,... r10V1A INI
Saturday 9 p.m. U 12.00: p.m. N1wae5 eeela CN CO will tier,be 1483 exchanged.W. 10th St. Gifts beer at its Best A

.01 202 lay U... Tings Bonds
WRHC 1400 tl WIST J9 IT
1400 NIW VOItK, N. 1. e1. IMM111 YYIMu.l
1011 W'.1.1..1

) :

.. _
- -


...... ... .. -


t Take It-Or Leave It Church Support Given' Annual Drive MINUTES

.,_ _q lW.h4<. .i!) 1'.n.: .... TWO

.STRANGERS BUT ONCE (Read St. John 130)) yi veto we Min 1NE BIBLE '

When therefore, the Lord retllzed ho w the religious tana News COIMILIU I. STAM' Mli.MIIAN .
tic. were making a great Issue over the act that he made eT Illll tOCMTVKUNOIt /

and baptited more converts that! their leader (through Jesus tinteo OM

and baptized more converts than their leader (though Jesus NEW! JERUSALEM tVt

Himself didn't baptize anybody but allowed his disciples to OUR WEAKNESS AND GOD'S POWER
Jerusalem Baptist
Greater New
do so). He left Judea and returned to Galilee. And it was MAR4 tti t// .. ,
Church services Sunday begin earth ihtn can IIi "*'" I" "H .I
to he to of hr.1 eas on
necessary go through Samaria. Then came a city What our
with the Sunday school at 9:SO ,( .kk thorn in Ih' flesh kl I .h""I,1I I IU
niiniNm <
Samaria called Sychar near the price of property that Jacob minister IK hialc l unnl
a.m Rev W.A. Mack lluUlHur. I ixaluil nlxti imiiBiin I I'nr
gave to his son Joseph. r.r end .l.a.l I |*"|1,10"
deliver the sermon ..
I 'lIlIhl laird
ihinK iu I Ithnit
in this '
Now the well Jacob had dug was still there, Jesus therefore a .I IVmiHoM. BIM| htalitl all
at 11 a.m. At 6:45 p.m., song N'nturn ". ilia II niHthl, ckjMri, (nun
being tired from travelling sat on the edge of the well. Andit the name of Ji' u offirinK
will be rendered by .
service lit Mini :
And I limn nut \l\
n nu
In the iiponcumliin
was early
moraine from "lnn\in ;
Choir Z.A3VSS1NIA. .1 19.ill. GR.1CK IS !tHdl-M. .:: lint
There came a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said of their npmium, (*cl :
to her, "Madam, give me a drink of water please." (For BAPTIST ti 'llI't All i ho*' ..h.! > ecm hiak'l. I"wir ,.', IIIH- nJI1: 1STKI.il'l||.
his disciples had gone Into the city to buy something to eat). linn II>' MI"c nmiM, 'to |"h>' iial IS MAU 11-Km: I INXXtXK: ;

Then the woman of Samaria said to him "Why would you will be observed Infirmity l 'li',,':ii a lia"" elsl I dial' l :NhSS'dUor: (I l (1779)I : ).
Youth Day .
of ask for drink I of a \ the 1'111'I apiwik'n re.nM' lit"
being one race, me a seeing In Abyssinia Baptist Church shun nil Ihw was >HM
different race, for we don't associate with one another beginning with Sunday Schoolat -t I.,*! Jesus ..a. njiiinl ao King; UUnuiifiilMUSI, ': .
Jesus answered "If you had God in your heart and knew 9:30 Morning serviceat In.ih in llwimnrnaiiiii ail in Mw ": dl;1.111.TII.IH.: :

who you are insulting for asking for a drink you would have 11: o'clock.a.m. Baptism will beheld ".."m"I"". K,,m. 11:11: Jl illihrtiiilu I "- (FORE \XIII I IRMIIHKC.IOKX'

asked him and he would have given you water to live by. Choir 4 and Usher Board rv.tili no 'U' *i. it In "I.r |IS MINHKMIIK.S. : IIIAI
The woman said!, Mister, you have nothing to draw with, : THE l l-OXXrKOt' CIIKIsl :\|I.WK
4 will serve. Districts 5,7,8,11, <
and the well is deep, then where are you going to get the living m"'n\\l- k\0\\: 'IH\I THE :SI' I1)Ml: -: I 'I'.Xkl.;

watery Are you greater than our ancestor Jacob who gaveus 12,14 the and morning IS will service meet following Districts __u __ ___ __ ____ __ 1VI 101.K CKMIION GROAN<< I'U\S'K IV INtlKMIIItSKK :

I the well and drank from it himself plus his children and 9,10 and 13 will meetat ELDER EARL MURRAY chairman of the Auxiliary Board of the American Cast Iron Pipe FillM im\IIHH: l\ X\lll-> I XXt \\h\l\:

his cattle?"' Jesus answered "Whoever drinks this water the church and District 2 Company (ACIPCO), Birmingham, Ala, is shown as he presented March of Dimes chairman, !I'MS 'UX.HIimiMII I NOW 'IIIINXI\ : I SIKOMi" (II ('.''r

will continue to get thirsty and come back for more but meets in the home of Mrs Everharding Prultt with a check in the amount of $1500.00. The check represented the contri- \\i I> :\oi o\n '.inn BUT" IlCI.IO),
whoever drinks the water I'm talking about won't get thirsty Trumella Grooms 628 W. 17th butions of over 800 employees to the March of Dimes The Auxiliary Board has been a large 01 RH! .ns ..usn111! CII FOU \\'IIICMIS! | UhFX1M

anymore because he will have a source of supply inside himself St. BTU at 5:30 p.m..Deacon contributor to this organization since 1951, with total contributions approaching $15,000.00. IIAITilE: FIKSIWIIS OF NOI: IU'1 Illot 5111 I)
that will never give out." Hudson Jordan presiding Dis- 'IIISIIRII): ', E1 EOI'K.: -I Ot'KOtMU'.\\KDM\\: I 1'ERltill.I: .

The woman said, Mister give me this water," Jesus said tricts 5 and 11 will sponsor oIEI.\ ES GROAN 11 l l'IIIN 01'l{ M-l Illh (I\\X\KD: : .\\ l ISI
Alright, go get your husband and come back. The woman their annual New Year dinner Altar CallEvents Ordained Deacon StltSM1IM.: FOR '('lIEAINl'I I Rt\tXXtl> l H.\\' I II'IHFOR l

answered, "I don't have a husband Jesus said "You cer- Saturday at 8 p.m., in the homeof 110'1'11.1' IS IHr KK OUR I I.l ICIt<< 'I' .U"Fl.lr I ION:
ttfmly told the truth when you said "I have no husband." Deacon and Mrs. H. Jordan IEIPTIO'UF: OtU HODX." WIlICIlIS HIM nll K \ :MOXlfcAl '
But you have five husbands and the man you have now Is 2037 W. 13th St. The youth of the past year cast shadows over the New Year. (Hut Christians in ihm primntttil : '. XXORkt III tOK I is .\
I not yours. You sure told the truth that time" Shadows ought remind us of our unfinished tasks, our unfulfilled .,
will meet at 3 p.m. nm" mill phn' o.nl; inhrnni; FAR :MORItCttl: >IN: < \|"
I, The woman said,"Woman I can see you are a preacher. hopes and of the essentiality of man's responsibility art draw ihnii k"4r ,u, (i.1| inwarr E'I'KKNAI.I : l 11'Eltll'I'I ; I Ill
Our people worshipped in this church, and your people say for the other man. I ,
MT. TABOR anti fait l h. haft him'If .IORX (11C or 4lb: Ir)
that your church is the one where people ought to worship. A In 1965 there were three devastating events that shattered .. ,

Which is right? Jesus said unto her, "Woman, believe me, In Mt Tabor both property and life. Ml 111: ,

the time is coming..in fact It's already here..when people Servoces Sunday with Sunday Schoolat On a day that! was holy to many, residents of Indiana and ptt. Episcopal Church I
Baptist begin St. Gabriel's
on't\ be concerned about whose people are worshipping where. Deacon Jason Burr Illinois were victimized by shattering tornadoes. Sheets of .

You see, God is a spirit and whoever worships him must 9:30 a.m.Consecration, serviceat steel, like tissue paper hung from wind stripped trees. : Church- ture will be announced In the
In charge Granules of dirt were blown deep Into victims' skin. St. Gabriel's Episcopal .
have his spirit And that Is all God is Interested in. Property
worshipat future.In .
and will near
10 43 morning
Moncrief Road
: of 5225
At this point his disciples came on the scene a.:.d were very damage was in the millions. This event, man could not con '
11 o'clock her H.T. Over- : conduct its Sunday services beginning addition to the Increase oft
find him with the Still none of trol. "fit ;J. :
surprised to talking woman. ;
will have its
street pastor charge. '' at 11am. throughout present membership the Influx -
Hurricane Betsy lashed its fury across the South, taking .
them asked her "What are you seeking? nor asked 3 '' !".
and Usher of friends and
why are you talking to her" Choir 2 life and limb, destroying property, to become this nation'scostliest .}.' ; .;. the current season Rev.Fr.) visitors to
with Mrs. Dorothy services which
will in
serve : T. Vincent Harris priest are heldevery
said the natural disaster. r. .
The woman then left and went into the city and to District
at the console. has been
men, "Come. see a man who told mt all about myself This Childs and 6 will meet at 3 Man can chart the hurricane's course, fly Into Its eye, but "hd charge announced. Sunday mos gratifying
2,3,4,5 Although present services arebelnj Father Harris stated.
must be God-sent most shockingly await its wrath and fury realizing his \
a man. ,
p.m., with the leader o f District own humaness and inability to control. held in a temporary The general public U cor-
presiding.. BTU and evenIng church it is expected that re- dially invited to share In St.
Watts was besieged with all the terror and retaliatory anger -.- -
I AME ChurchesTo service at 3 o'clock of humans depressed Into animal passions and was left a IMPRESSIVE ceremonies mDdelinK: of the present struc- Gabriel's services.rri

HELPBY burning pillaged desert, a small reminder of what was once marked toe recent ordination
Commemorate Watts. of Ford Deacon during
services will Leroy as -
PRAYER First New Zion The namely tornadoes and Betsy will be charged to the services held at Antioch
I begin with the Sunday Schoolat "will of God" as though our Creator was some wrathful
of Baptist Church with Rev J.J.
under leadership
50 people Founder's DayA 9:30: bloodthirsty :
ogre. .
White. The topic Jones, paste officiating.
Deacon J.D.
The waste at Watts is the debt of all humanity. We will

I may call today nlchard Allen Tea, comme- be"The discussed Basis by of the Belter'superintendent. will- be paying for it in the New Year of '66 and many years to ACE .

I morating the 150 anniversary service at 11 come League
to be helped of the founding of the AME Morning services at There were two significant walks in '65. In the cold, damp e..t
o'clock. Evening days of March thousands walked the historic Mired from
I will be held Sunday
in one day! I I as Church in other AME Churches 6:30: o'clock Choir 3 and and Usher Rev. Selma to Montgomery J Sets MeetingThe
3 will
Board serve,
In June America's astronaut Edward White did what no
throughout the nation, in Mt.
will deliver the
! I Whatever your Zion AME Church 4 to 6 p.m. C.C. Brown other American has done: walk in space And of both, it monthly Christian endea '
lower auditorium. serrmns can be said, the shadow over '66 indicates there will be vor Hour ACE League will
problems and The boards auxiliaries,clubs, CHURCH OF GOD more walks like these. be held Jan. 18 at 3 p.m., j' ,

j conditions are choirs and usher boards have Man always learns in disaster how to turn in concern to in St. Paul AME Church
wll 1 be observed
Youth Day The Stare Alex-
tables. his fellowman for strength hope and survival. Until we walk president
been asked to sponsor '
to Elder
I I I will help Some of the committee members Sunday according to the "Altar" in the other person's home and heart, sny ander Cottrell has invited all
are: Mrs. Vera Davis Faust pastor. walk in outer space is most significant districts and local presidentsto j
you through God." Mrs. .Alice The youth choir and ushers meet with the youth and
Mrs Alice Griffin,
will Miss '
assist In the for the
I II Stone, Mrs.Charlotte Stewart, will direct the choir and Miss Central Mother Midway new conference year.plans :
"Help' together Mrs. Evelyn Wells, Mrs. Frankie Karen Faust: will preside at The publishing' quarterly L
Lang, Miss Daisy GUllard,,
by prayer" Mrs Marie Calhoun Miss Polly the Morning piano service at 12 o'clock Baptist \: "AME Church11 W\H' will$ letterl also! for be the discussed.state meetIng -
Brooks Miss Delphlne Thomas, and evening service at Bo'clock. According Mm del Stokes; } _4 a are ." 'Y"&n" ..
Mrs Laura Lli>]ohn, Mist Church coaferenc was heldin
Cor School at 10 a.m., with
[12 1.11): ) Sunday Church youth
Clotell Seals and Mrs. Ophelia David Faust in charge and Midway .AMErChurch; With'1 I" talent willi president outstanding the The Latest Men s Hair Styles
participate on
Whatever you need I ,Toston YPWW at 7 p.m.,with Deacon The regulai'orde; of service the pastor. Rev. 'g:J. !frahi-: program. ,

; Walker West as Instructor Sunday ,will begin with Sunday lyn In charge v Are' Taught At The!
God's got it. School at 9:30 a.m. and morn- The purpose of pacfiferetice1: !' Ba'plist BrotherhoodsMeets
was to reorganize (the chufch.
I Luncheon 'Announced ICHTHYIC! SYMBOLThe ing worship at 11 o'clock with The following officers were elected -
I nrisii,m* in the curly' Roman the Deacons in charge JacksonvilleBarber
Call write Stewards,W11lie Godson
or : : ,
Senior Choir 2 will sing with MondayThe
Jacksonville Branch of tnipirc made them elvc' known vice chairman, Mis. Ida Armstrong
IY6-700 I the Florida Chain of Missions to each other "by tracing In the Mrs. Gussie Wise Tucker at secretary; Mrs L.P. Baptist Ministers Brother-

will sponsor the annual Board nr with the forefinger the outliix the console. The morning mes- Mitchell, treasurer, Charlie hood of Jacksonville, Duval and

, MRS. M. BURNS I luncheon at the Soutlside Methodist : ol"( .i Hsh ihc Catholic Digt. sage will be delivered by the Robinson, Mrs Amanda Jefferson adjacent counties, will hold its
I Church Friday at 10:30: .'.I\ note. The Greek worJ for Rev R. Leander Jones pastor Mrs Alma Blackshearand regular meeting Monday at 11 College Inc.
BOX 495 i a.m. Final arrangements will fish made who will speak from the subject -
P.O. i up of the initial llel. Captain Robert Manning, a.m. in Dayspring Baptist.
I be made for the Chain of Mission ter of the phrist.' "Je u, Christ t. "Looking at Myself.BTU trustees Allen Thomas vice Order of the day will be "Re

! I DETROIT 4. MICH. i sessions to be held in the Sn ol Cn>J. Siviour," will be held at 5:45: p.m. chairman; Mrs. A. Wells; secretary ligious News and Views" by DAVIS
The installation of officers will 630 STREET
I church Jan. 17-18.
l ; E.H. Williams treasurer dev Cyrus Weaver, Dayspring
-- --- be held during the 7 p.m service
; Mrs C.E. Daniels Mrs. pastor. Th a Bible expositionwill
Irwq.M.nt reega Weekly activities are as follows Mary Henderson, Mrs. Dru- be given by Rev. J.C. lacksonille! Florida
cilia Walker S.C. Hart, W.P. Smas pastor ofsecond Baptist
lOCt110NS 10 : Monday 6 o'clock, Missionary -
Cox, E, C. Clarke honorarymembers Church.
Society.Tuesday.7,p.m. :
; choirs, MrsTWtn-
Bible Study prayer meeting
gard, president Choir 1, Mrs.
II WednesdaySenlorChoir
1824 W. BEAYER Jaunlta Choir 2 Mrs.
rehearsal, 8 p.ro. Friday, Sen Hogan ; ,
It I ior Choir 1 rehearsal, 8 p.m. A. Wells Choir 3.
11 830 CASSAT AYE, Visitors are always welcomeat Sunday School, S.C. Hart,superintendent
Central. Mrs. Annie Frailer -

)101 EMERSON president, Missionary society 4
and Stewardess Board 1, "ii 1

Service SlatedAt ushers Mrs. Lessle Miles, .1.-.
president, Choir 1; E.H. Wil

St. MichaelsBishop hams Choir 2; Mrs. C. Daniel,
publicity chairman.

WESTERN H.L. Wilson and Elder Services Sunday begin with the

STEAK HEAVY Benjamin Fountain will be the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m.
at Morning service at 11 o'clock; Some
Sunday night speakers St. people
79 Michael's 3308 N. Lee St. for sermon by the pastor;and Even

ROUND the service will open at 8 p.m. ing service at $30;: o'clock.

The two leaders speak from MESSIAH'

t T-BONE the subject, "I Hear You KnockIng Phi. word M, ",,II. the Catholic stick label
SALE SIRLOIN ( But You Cna't Come In". I h -, is derived from a on

The public Is invited. ., Hi'(>rw word which means

k FLA "T.T." BRAND annomteJ." their diet cola.



2 f M'l
FLA. GRADE "A" { stake

I LARGE EGGS' 2 SAVE lOc DOZ.DOZ. $1 1 1FRESH BEFORE AFTER. t on ourname ours.riPE

"h M .... _"". T._.rI.. ,... .,....,..nr ..., .'h... .....,. .. .n ..
touft* U Ik, kkn* kk4 kkifT .. ". wnl ki<. krl tkkinlwr
frkii a.l.,. N.. nt4l.:t..N .. ..... .
lORMtLA.,.. IMN.Trj ..... .. /
,. IM | k l
C ( l4kr la.tOMLLA M ea '
: /.10....... a ,... ...., ,....Ilr .........
: I
LB /lewee eleeaece .
.0. 2023: -S
O WelT I' 'T.
flaw YO... M V. I I
FLA. BUDGET BRAND ..... .O..tLA! IMM M ., .... I ...! M ...aMMIa11.Nd ta. Mir r I fP1\\e..n-I. ,
.;. ...... ., rOBMtbA! IIMW -l 'bi
1./ M ikkrkniM "'''' kf kMk y ,* mi PEPIII-cuA dIP
.d 4 ,.rtl... I .
cc I N._ .. ... .. ... .. ,.". ,reerw.lie.!

Mm. .. .. I IHr PEPSI
FRYERSWITCH l(: .. ., .... ::::... .. IMM' : : ::: ::: I I I .
.... .... II
Kwlkw II.' M "
u. *
.......-IrlMt l n.>1"ali.1 .wdr.rNrl.I.. .. M ,IM, '-"a ....,_ I I '



-- _. ...-


( Program Enhanced For Rural I People State Moves Magazine Cites Year's Outstanding WOMeR-

m A. JBH. .-==--'J

I oJ/' .- To Plug Up -1 L 12'Th
-. .
.. .
a *- Stat,
Treasurer-Insurance Commls '
stoner Broward William sal
Florida health insurance COlD'pan1e.
s are developing new pc ,
Holes to plug the gaps In pro
tectlon left by Medicare.
The Medicare program wide
becomes effective Julyl.1Mi
offers basic, rather than con
1a protection agalnt ,
medical expenses. So, print 1
companies are preparing poll i1JJ !
des designed to supplemet
Medicare's protection.
"But don't drop any mediaInsurance ; .rwra I '
'J'I ..: j until you bear Iron ) +er
your company",warned Com -t
mlssloner Williams "Every

APPOINTED TRAINING STAFF DIRECTOR-- Henry L. Taylor, center, recently appointed thing Is still under study" i '
director of Schools Education, and training Staff of the U.S. Department of Agriculture' The Commissioner said soon
I Rural Community Development Service, is show n conferring with Secretary of Agriculture 5,000 forms, applications, ant{
Orvllle L. Freeman, left, and RCDS Administrator Robert G. Lewis Dr. Taylor and his policies were being studied b))
staff will help to develop ways of providing training and re-training opportunities for rural his career staff of experts It
people on par with those now available to urban residents. -..USDA Photo the insurance field to color
proper protection and coverage
of Florida's estimated 175,000/ / -
Top Fund Raisers citizens eligible for Medicare. ----qII.I-- '

I: Accuse GIs Commissioner Williams assigned : :
Deputy Commissioner '
__ :
I Frank Alexander to study the
Freed By CORgi Medicare program and to conduct _
a special Medicare
for the 22 Field offices to
NAHA Oklnawa-The local VS. provide on-tha-scene help foi
military command last week Florldlans throughout the State
disclosed that the two U.S.Army
sergeants freed last month by
the Viet Cong have been charged "Poll TaxSunday"
with aiding the enemy.
Military authorities said charges -
would be brought against Set
the two-Sgt. George E. Smith
Chester W. Va., and Spec. 4
Claude McClure, Negro Chattanooga By NAACP
+ Tenn., freed last Nov. .Y
t ,28--tor "preparing, furnishing
.,ryt and delivering to the Viet Cong BIRMINGHAM Ala.-As part)
certain documents statementsand of Its poll tai campalgt
writings Inimical to the currently: being conducted ir
interests of the United States', Alabama, Mississippi t Texas,
However, It was indicated that the NAACP has organized s M
the GIs are not being held "Poll Tax Sunday" to be held
for statements reportedly madeat In the three states on January
a Nov. 30 news.conference 9. 4
In Phnom Perm Cambodia. Pastors in these states, which
The twosome were reportedto still require a poll tax for state
have said, "The United State and local elections, have beet .
y ttttllilt ;))11 r has nothing to gain from the urged to emphasize the nee<<
war in Viet Nam" and they to pay the tax to their con- .

-- -- would join peace movements ,NAACP re ,.l1on.1s sending In addition speakersto the .. .. .. Yes We All Talk A
and "Mr. Showman" advocating the Wit end when . .----T.--9' I
STARRY) TRIBUTE.. Eva Caber Bobby they return to the lialted states many of the churches.:
Williams, recently returned from an extended tour of Japan Hundreds workers hare been
Both were released by the ...
and the Orient were among Hollywood's top-ranking stars recruited In Texas and Alabama BY MARCUS h. BOU WAitE
Viet alter two as
paying tribute to the late singing idol, Nat "King" Cole prisoner Cong as a propaganda years mea- to work on t the campaign. In The purpose of the amendment is to modify or change the March 22, 1965. :
during the Nat "Kin," Cole Cancer foundation benefit chaired sure in honor of U.3. pacifist Texas, the NAACP has established wording of the original m)tion. so as to make it more agree- By deletion: "I move that w. amend the motion by deletion :
by his widow, Mrs. Marla Cole. Filmdom's greats attendedthe movements protesting the Viet ten centers throughout able to the majority of the membership present. It Is one of of the words "two"'
affair to raise funds for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Nam conflict. the state with salaried coordinators the ways to help get rid of a question before the assembly. By substitution: "I move that we amend the motion by :
(NPI PHOTO) It was not disclosed whether In each center. The club may amend by (1)) addition of words (2)) elimination eliminating the word "two" and writing In its place lie word '
(hey,are In confinement onOkl- During the week of January or deletion of a word or words and (3)) substitution of a word "tlree", so that If amended, the motion will read "1 move ;
"9, Twilight Poll Tax marches for another word, etc that we send three delegates to the annual convention." :
will be held i2y[addition: Suppose the motion before the house Isi "I move READEivS:" For my chart of parliamentary law motions
Halt !iTon [Dixie'ii) :Ii f her![Investigation is to be 1 hougbogtjTensl. : '
i I "
;, l to Jetermlne whether thehould B t't we send twj delegates to the annual Convention An send ,UX cents, lo cover the cost of publishing and handling l .
could be, "j) that this club amend the .'
be dismissed or IT amendment move to Dr .M.H.r, 3oulware, Florida AIM University, Box S, JIO-A,
Negroes aitel the word convention the words '
they are to be court-martialed. Say Mmttlon by adding on Tallahassee, Florida 3M07. :

Hospitals Racial Bias They were captured Nov. 24,,' '
1962 when the Viet Cong overran Becoming f Less T y :
the Hiep Hoa U.S. Special .
Forces camp 27 miles northeast :. I. L '
W.lSHINGTON--The 111, C Pl 'additional ;staff"fo mor vigorously .
of :
Legal Defense auu CiCitioFund enforce Title VI, and Salgon'I I Women Led 6 d 'I I I 4

and representatives ,Q: urged that Negro nursesbe. pro- ...
thousands of Negro physicians' tected through the law. ATLANTA"NPI)..The new .
questioned the sincerity of the generation southern Negroes MARKEts
Department Health, Educationand STEPPING OUT is becoming less woman-led SU P.ER
Welfare 1 In In enforcing a recent survey conducted by the
non-dlscrlmlnatlon pro- Southern Leadership Confer
visions of the Civil Rights Act. ence disclosed. QUANTITY RIGHTS. RESERVED ,
In statements released here, t The survey pointed out in particular THEM.PRICES GOO THRU SUNDA IDC.EWOOD AND AVE, B
the Legal Defense Fund, the to those involved in
5,000 member National Medical bringing social change.
Association and the 3,000 Dr. Robert L. Green educational U.S. GOOD FRESH
member Medical Committee for psychologist on leave
Human Rights charged HEW from Michigan Stat University
Secretary John Gardner with headed SCLC's Citizenship education -
shirking his responsibilities department workshop atthe CHUCKROAST PORKROAST
under Title VI of the Act. Penn Community center
In a 13-page memorandum to which reached this finding.
Gardner the Legal Defense The group was 44 per cent
Fund said that since Februarymore male and 54 percent female
than 300 complaints of with average formal training
discrimination In medical facilities of 11.4 and 9.5 years respectively -
have been filed with Seventy-one per cent
HEW. of the males were employed
The Department has found only against 50 per cent of the fe-
about 35 of the facilities to males. Average ages for males
be in compliance with TitleVI were 22 and for females 31.
yet no action has been In summing up the survey
taken against the remainder, BORN U miOUT LEGS below the knee, Juanlla Pciw e. Cleveland Dr. Green said: "To the extent LB. 47C
the memorandum charged.The Ohio rides proudly...' from the team of medical iptclalKti" who that the personnel examined LB.35C
Legal Defense Fund also have literally "put her ea. her 'nl" It Ih. March of Dunn Birth UtfcctiCenter are representatives leaders
Cleveland Metropolitan General Ilo+plfal. 37 such centers are
recommended that HEW employ of the southern Negro community -
supported by !March of Dime fund throughout the nation Al each the
it would seem that the
medical 1 team Involve many etperta dedicated to treating the problems
of children born.Ith birth defect In Juanltu i caw, care Included the most recent generation Is less
wakes of a pedlalrlilan I orthopedist, mine, medical toclal worker, of a matriarchal society that
I mil T I S-U tUM AT ISM occupational I ihrrapM, psychologist: phyikal IherapM and many other the one before it; at least in
LGJ.I.'I..IJ 'I I'I the case of those brlnglngaboutsocial
t........"4..u." 0. ... dlee work Get
'M.I. ."'of..ray-I/INYFIaI/kiln.In,"..., rnhfll4 txuul| opportunity Stale Pilot Program Announced
om VOYNIMONCY.TVV \"tV"'OAl BACK aK'XKJeilutatHin,and unwell you To Upgrade Teachers' Competence SHORTENING .

TALLAHASSEE-State Supt. Floyd Christian announced
I for a pilot program to upgrade the competence of Planl''
scored less than 500 on the National Teachers ,

JOBS OPEN Christian will seek Board of ployment the fourth year).
Education approval to file a In addition some counties: use 3 LB. 59 C CCARTON
plan with the U.S. Office of the NTE scores In determining DOZ. IN 4 9
CASHIER CHECKER Education to offer 15 weeks teacher salary schedules CAN
of instruction at three Florida Christian said the courses:
IBM KEY PUNCH Junior colleges for SO teachers would not be designed "toteach
beginning in January and an for the test" but would provide
additional 90 teachers for a general skills which educators
PBX RECEPTIONISTTRAIN slightly longer period during hope will also help the teachers

NOW. PAY LATER next The summer.program would be financed and Improve result their in their competencies scoresbelng,. U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK 'J LB. 69*

by a federal grant of $49,970 Improved.In .

TOP JOBS IN THE lACKSONYIU AREA under. the Vocational EducationAct. aimed addition at teaching the courses of dls-willbe YELLOW ONIONS \ 3 LB. BAG 10*.

Christian said the Is advantaged children, to develop
some guidelines for use of colleges 25
an outgrowth of a suggestionmade FRESH COLLARD GREENS *
at a meeting of a special in teacher education and 2 LGE. BUNCHES
REQUIRED DAY OR EVENING CLASSES.Call committee set up by his to begin research on the
predecessor Thomas D. Bailey problem of determining which SAXET PORK & BEANS 3 TALL CANS 25*
356.5145 Dar or Right to help teachers In need of teachers who fill the NTE
employment due to coo should be counseled for other 12 02. CANS 39
solidation of schools. areas of employment.The CORN BEEF *
QUEER TRAINING INSTITUTE Under Florida law, all courses will cover: four

;.scores teachers to must receive have a regular 50Q NTE) general, teaching areas: communicationskills and counseling: GOOD HOPE EVAPORATED MILK 4 TALL CANS 49*

311 Fla. Title Building teaching certificate ud to go disadvantaged students, mathematics
Ion continuing contract ( A teacher and general education
Forsjth and Laura Sts. Is eligible for a continuing: skills. CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP TALL CAN lOt
in The criteria: for the selection
contract after three years
the of the 180 teachers In this year
a county county superintendent if recommended for by em- program 1 s being developed. PINE-SOL DISINFECTANT PINT 49*

J-- 4 1


:(' I 1 I

1' J2. :r Iii .. ..
,. it. .. ,, '... ,,_ ( ill .' -" '
''0 '
',' .'", .




:" Z e t
Iltlrr r) ;f :tl


Beach ShortsMIAMI Library Aides. Cited For Heroism 3 -Way Discussion MeetingHeld

Technical ProgramIs mil 4'p On Cuban Refugees' SchoolingA

BEACH-Constructton in Miami Beach during 1965 ScheduledAn Hires-way meeting to discuss financing of Cuban' refuge .
almost equalled the city's record-breaking' total t of education in Dade County was set here for January

28900.000 set in 1962. And like the record year most new intensive training p\'ocram' e 5, it was announced by Dr. Joe Hall,superintendent of schools.
building was in apartments showing a continued trend for I
; for library technical aides, Inaugurated Participating in the session after that date, under thegovernment's
more people to take longer vacations in this resort city
last fall at Miami- were E. Aldon Llllywhite director new open-door
Dade Junior college will be' i of school assistance policy. It has agreed to pay
MIAMI BEACH--A new headquarters building for Jaycees continued and expanded this 1 1 I US Office of Education, Herman the county $600 per child for
International will be erected soon in Miami Beach JCI winter in the term beginning Myers director division of temporary construction costs,
headquarters now is housed In the former Miami Beach Jan. 7, Dr. George; Metullis, finance Florida State Depart in addltlqn.
Chamber of Commerce offices on the bayfront at Fifth Street. director of Technical Vocational ment of Education and Dade At the height of the refugee

and Seml-Professlonal school officials. influx in 1962 in-.Miami the

MIAMI1\EACH-Probably the last attempt to grow pineapples Studies said today. The meeting was held for the enrollment peaked at 18,2-X;()
The two-year course of study purpose of developing a work. refugee children enrolled.Since
commercially in the Miami Beach area failed a few years ago
because the land became too valuable. The pineapple fields designed to prepare students ing agreement In accordance October 3, more: that 700 refugee -
I now have become subdivisions with homes, apartment buildings for petitions as clerical tide with policies under which the children have cleared a 1
and shopping center on professional library staffs. U.S. Department of Health Edu through registration centers.
was added to the curriculum In cation and welfare has said It The school system registeredall

MIAMI BEACH--The Everglades kite, a hawk-like bird answer to what he termed "a will pay the local school systemfor newly arriving refugees but

that feeds only on a certain species of large, freshwater serious shortage of technically" __ ': refugee education of children held up actual enrollment pending
snail is facing extinction It Is estimated less than 20 of trained people In this.field. enrolled after October 3, Dr agreement by the U.S. to
these birds remain where once there were thousands in While primarily aimed at Hall said. pay full costs of additional chil
South Florida. Drainage of the Everglades that destroyed speeding students into professional The Department cf Health, dren.
much of their food supply and casual shooting are responsible employment at the end : Education and Welfare notifiedthe The Superintendent of schools
for the dwindling number of kites. of two years, the program provides -- -, "", school system in mid. said he is "most anxious" for

course credits to full acceptable Liberal OFFICER Willie Nicholson, center, receive plaque presented ty Miami Mayor Robert November that it would pay approval of a working agree
for transfer a
in King High as Mrs. Nicholson looks on.-MIAMI METRO NEWS BUREAU PHOTO. 100 percent of the operating ment so that the schools can
Arts program Library costs of educating Cuban children begin collecting the urgently
Science at senior colleges and
needed funds.
universities.Applications for Winter term Officer RetiresAs Syracuse U. Sophomore Class
Dr. Elwin G. Neal Elected
enrollment are now being takenat Hero In I

the Admissions Office Scott Sets Up Fund For Negro Students
Hall, on the college's: North
11380 N.W, 27th Ave. Line Of Duty Easter Seals Campalgn Hand
Campus, ..
lip SYRACUSE N,Y. The sophomore class ar Syracuse University -- .
has established a scholarship to be given to a high school
Mayor Robert King High pre.sented student annually in a racially-troubled area In the Southern Elwin G. Neal M.D,, orthopedic surgeon has been named

Official CitesLeadership a plaque on behalf of United States Peter Jeffer, class president, and Joel L. chairman of the Easter Seal-Crippled Children's Society's !
the Miami City Commission, Swerdlow chairman o f the scholarship fund, said they hope Medical Advisory Committee society president John Michael
I f5r' to Willie Nicholson a retired the first recipient will be from Selma Ala. Garner announced. Dr. Neil will automatically also serve on

I Roles police officer, "for long and Under present plans the scholarship winner will receive the society's Board of Directors.
I meritorious service and for $500 from the sophomores the class of 1968. Chancellor
Dr. Neal will be filling the are: Lynn P.Carmichael, M.D.,
'ice the SHORTY-$35i' MIAMI.-Leadership does not heroism above the call of duty William Tolley said the University endorses the project post vacated by Robert Kelser Director of the Family Medicine

STYLE #685r dwell In any Ivory tower nor Nicholson a 16-year veteranof and will provide additional funds for th student selected. M.D. who has headed the committee Program at the University of
MEDALO the Miami Police Department
f.ulog'et Jeffers and Swerdlow said In a statical: As college students for several DrKelser Miami's School of Medicine
tllu.a.l.d does it develop through the years. ;
.r-ui. .. : brought about the apprehension we do not lIve on an It"lat We live in
?i.ir w4 a
M.d.u I >"I v"iL"jd printed page, Dr. Gilbert L. in addition to carrying Jim C. Hlrschman M.D., a
.v 1 :&::.rvrrv.r.V.tur.lly : ... Porter told a group of Alpha of three armed men world fall of problems and unrest, '"rid which on his own private practice Is medical sonsultant for the Miami
'..... write. Nov. :1934afterbelngwound- we will inherit all too soon. There fore we nave an obligationto presently the district District of the Division of
.G.i: ;:: N.II. ,..... In a Phi Alpha Fraternity men and ed in the legs by one of them surgeon
HtilllixCROWS NOtmat Aar Oh!, 5'5.1.1,.. J5. ...Y. I Alpha wives her recently. prove to our selves and others that we are willing to of the Florida Crippled Child Voctlonal Rehabilitation; and
from th HAIR ROOTS I with shotgun pellets when he attempted "
In YOU SCALP, The eendttba.1 Speaking before the delegatesand accept our responsibility to serve society. ren's Commission and is chief Bruce B. Sutton M D., chief of
t.r bal ."... d.p.nde. heavny COMB J guests at a convention. to arrest them.Nicholson The sophomore class has set aside$3,000 for the scholarship of the Division of Orthopedicsat (he physical medicine: and rehabilitation
i.a reelp!h.Yew ItIWnl die h DOCTOR stth .l care. AWAY s, closing banquet at the Blscayne cbasedthemthreemlles In less than two years the class has raised $11,000, the Variety Chlldrn's Hospital.He .
SNOT Invented a m.dl.od a..totmula through the northwest section largest amount ever raised by any class Syracuse University. will continue to service at Veterans
c.lled CAIlBONOKlowh" Terrace Hotel, he said, "We serve on
and received serious Administration
shotgun The scholarship was established after members of the Hospital Coral
Ie ml..d with many not exert the committee as an active
EAR. do leadership by
... antilcIN I".dl.n. t wounds in the abdomen. were asked to suggest to the to
.. WITH ways put money a worthwhile member,
CONOat esuch a ollon" pown.rrt telling people. We exert it only Eventual y two of the three Cables.'I

; :'[ I k:\ ,., (.t a* u91 result thinking of sitting pttaleros with a I assailants' were. convicted. of as- use.Under the rules for the scholarship,veach sophpmor class I New addition s to the committee .

....n,. DOCT I. I ,Ii \ IdlBlioiu; jiault.i. president will name a high school. la A southerq community\ r 1
.cNp ud "IJ f ::I: /Ms r .iu erOrDade final!supferU-1) J i l/U/ a Result of hU wounds thecity's which has been characterized', by racial ,filctlpn, A faculty) I JOINS FIGHT 'AGAIN I

.tt.rn.llS,... _I';,! '1lotIO Uet I County schools pension board granted committee will halp Mm make his choice. The recipient will
\ .r. .
Nicholson retire-
a disability ; be chosen by the principal and members of the ..
uN Il TrlOI' elr..a u. faculty high
... totd the Cr"'P "The" ; t
......ul.. W rtt. I.' "Ie Q(...)"SIORN111Nx leadership! t 'ynent last November. school.
SCALP 7PAMV1.AMw. that succeed. in; creating
I writ unt oil sit. Jeffer enrolled In the of Business
It M add wler College Administration,
[ u.t sew. wd aru.n 1'
Changes which advance
-'vrd and ready 10 .N. des IT 1" W..ho. oul.'Will ..0' rack olio ; the q'' Court is from Great Neck )L.I. Swerdlow
studying in
WO" 1 DAYS and 1I youarssmr, Non. .oi'l.k.18111'0 ." wor groupprogress is nbi broad.' 't Schedule : the CqUege 1
:'\ :: mono. 7 a ca fUT'Ar"; wNery.rl'r.Nudn .': tills'Ifamedlate and fekertedl of Liberal Arts, Is from Syracuse. | ,
) l
....'Ihln'. Don J.." Bru.hetu.h.ds"ovln..e.IUDDCN UYtrD'LOOK.. Inside small groups of. 10 to ': Repotting Class His father, Irving Swerdlow', is associate dean ,of the ,
; ,
You 'L pail
awu- p7.'. tere1Uo rubbIng University's Maxwell Graduate
=r.o. ., e MqM MIDI.: ell.ee".L Corn.. a pleldd: 'Latar 15 people oho Interact fre-! School .of Citizenship and J,
CATCOmen sin J Rke 1Mlr, ::z a ''' c.nt.d In po.kel ar ,_.. public affairs
*/ IJ I .Your : 1..,.,,, la .n ......, BlHk. !. quently. Miami-Dade Junior College's
.nip. .....". .mt c.... Just MIEn ..d .P:........ Bl... He added that if an idea is Department of Secretarial
.m. end .ddror to-COLD jil.l rrN..uu Ih.d. Par only Pianist Artur Rubenstein To Aid F
t I HAIR PRODUCTS INC. II.:: on d>ll'*ry flu* ...'.... to gain wide acceptance.... Science Is scheduling one-year
: (I 1 Sh..pth. B y. .. bock II not d.n.Mld.rookl .
,n 33 N Y. NOTE: THIS GoT4 M.4.l M.U P....uct., I.. small groups group by group credit programs In Court Reporting ,
WORMULA erne s 1M.%. writ D.... S.I. B-... ,. U. 4.w YerkJ J will nave to accept it adopt and Automated NAACP Legal Defense 'FundNEW
Vn "".1 b..aUannt. I I, It and spread it. Accounting this Winter in the

Dr. Porter urged his Alpha new term begnnlng Jan. 7. YORK--Celebrated concert pianist Arthur Rubinstein
"brothers" to begin showing Providing Intensive instruc will give a benefit performance at 8:30: p.m. Friday January
more leadership in every walk Von to prepare students fully 22nd at Carnegie Hall In behalf of the NAACP Legal Defense
of life through a "unified act. for professional level employ. and Educational Fund.
ion program." He said that ment after one year of study Mr. Rubinstein in his fifth benefit performance for the
WAMEDIAL "this must happen In every both programs award certificates Legal Defense Fund will play Brahms Concertos No. 1 and
area of this great nation in which of Proficiency upon com- 2, with ochestra conducted by Alfred Wallensteln.
we live" pletion. The estimated $30,000 proceeds from the concert will be JIparr.

Courses are open topart-tlme used fo help meet the Legal Detnse Budget.
Noted M.D. Says SoapIs as well as full-time students The Legal Defense Fund often called the legal arm of the
providing they are able to meet entire civil rights movement is presently defending some
Best Beautifier course pre-requisites, according 17,500 Individuals arrested during peaceful protest demon
to Harriet Withers depart. strations against segregation and discrimination.
"The best all-around conditioner ment chairman. With a full-time staff of 17 lawyers and 121 cooperating

and beautifier for a young The Court Reporting currlcu- attorneys in various parts of the country, the Legl Defense ..
skin..ls plain toilet soap" asserts lum include courses In Fund has represented Negro Americans in 61 cases before
medical writer Dr. William machine shorthand business the U.S. Supreme Court in the past two years.

1260 Brady. writing business law, court
"Wash the face with soap and reporting terminology and secretarial Your Good Health
warm water, rinse the soap procedures. Prerequisites -
away with tepid and them col. for taking a machine 8y SAMUEL L, ANDEIMAN M.D., M.P,H.
der water dry without much shorthand (Stenograph) courseis
rubbing. That's all. Once or one year of typing Although about 75 percent of all teenagers at one time or
twice dally according to gr 1ml- Automated Accounting\ Includes another have acne, not one of them like it. In tact, many Johnson
consider it Publication Publisher' Job Johnson wane lees March I
of the environment. of a major
ness operation accounting catastrophe. 01 Dime. PeNI'er
Child Ana Wagner h.
t"i IUpportl.he fight
machines dat capture equipment Acne is caused by an increase In the production of oils birth defect. 19M Much of Dime.rampilgit provider fund. for uphill puiknt
FLORIDA'SQ and computers with in. .by the glands in the skin. This is secondary to an Increased aid nteirch and public educatloa to help children born with birth I
put-output devices as well as acidity of the body's glands of Internal secretion. ocfecti.

business writing computer However in desperation, many teenagers squeeze their I
business problems, and business wblteheads or blackheads which consist of skin oils that
MADAM GLORIAPalm math. have hardened In the pores of the skin. This is a bad practlve THINGS ARE CHANGINGHave i
because it opens the way for the formation of infected pus.
& Spiritualist Reader. tules

l Advisor in all affairs of lUst Some improvement Is observed when you looked at the Help
Love Marriage Business Sickness Star-tpaft91ed way t. the adolescent with Wanted lately?
acne washes the face at least I
# with beta
a day a good
etc Lucky Days Lucky send a eon to coll.eea soap. Equal opportunity is in business.
,: Hands. There is no homeso
dreadful that she can't help.

Located at: 901 N.W. 79th. St, '

Phone: 731-9307. Open 8'a.m. (-:; ..
{ '
until 10 p.m. daily I> Sunday -' r '
t ? f6 f'g(_\ t ?
Located in Miami Fla. One U ev --_. _\y_ ....-j ..YiI: fM'JtI'V.
visit to MADAM GLORIA and .
you will feel the difference ..., : -....,. ri

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U,S. SAVINGS IONDS 7"Skin was drying out.. flaking. .Iooked dull and ,

Baseline' Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft

what better than a Dixie Lily b on? and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days:'

: Mrs. Donald P Rhyder, New York, N.Y. ,


: __

ArrU'6' ? :y ?. Applied as a continuous film' to hands.
a 'p ankles face arms-when your skin %:: ....,

needs more than cosmetic careVaseline1 ,
'WHAMMV.0 # r
Petroleum Jelly is the sooth "

ing answer Helps dry aShygray skin y;

Regain its normal look and tone. Noothersoftenersnoskincreamnoskin :;

INMIAMI" WMBM r lodonprovidesbettermaistureprotec .r.;;:i,

tion Try i it. .

h Spotlight Product Of '.The Week WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE

k THAN COSMETIC CARE. "-__. __ __.__
Miami, Florida


---- -

JANUARY i, isit& an PAPERS 'PAil 7

Senior Bowl Game To Spotlight Future Grid Stars I


Blue-Gray Setto Riles Held Former Champ Lauded By Ex-Titleholders 1965 Was Year Of Negro In Sports

For N.C. College'sDr.

Slated Saturday The year IMS was the annum in which Negroes finally
Weatherford demanded and received their due in the sports world.
4. During the course of the year,two new names joined the select!
group that has Us pay checks monogrammed In six figures
BILE ALA....The profesll are huge.The North's line aver RALEIGH N.C.-Fuoeral Mr- .Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain and Bill Russell.
football star of the fu- ages slx-foot-tnree and 244 vices for Dr. Allen ErlcsonWeatnerford t r The year also saw playmaker Oscar "Big 0" Robertson bold
I will snow their talents In pounds and the Scuta's 1Iz.thr".lIIdaha1fancU43pound1. U, chairman of out until be got so close to those gentlemen that be need
117th annual Senior Bowl North Carolina college's department never wait for them to pick up the tab at fancy diners.
with the plek of senior Coach of t the North will be of physical education Leaving basketball for a quick glance at baseball, there
feje stars from the North Mike Holovak, bead coach of and recreation, were held oUtWit was Willie Mays walking off t the turf with the home run crown
|oting their counterparts the Boston Patriots. Weeb Ew- k In CM chapel at StAugustine's and his usual $100,000-plus salary
UM South, Saturday, Jan. bank, head coach of the New college He died 1'I'J Roberto Clemente of the Pirates and Tony Olivia of the
i action at Ladd Memorial York Jets, will coach the South. unexpectedly In North Carolina 1 Twins repeated their league feats of taking respective circuit
jn will be covered live This will be Holovak's debutas college's McDonald gym : : batting crowns for the second consecutive season. Both
I In color on the NBC Tele- a Senior Bowl mentor, while nasium. however missed getting the warm financial congratulations
Network bejlanlns at 2 It will be Ewbank'a fifth ap A nationally knownnleader : which Mays received
EST pearance. He has guided three In recreation, he served on the Jim (Mudcat) Grant emerged as the second dark-bued hurlerto
1 Gowdy will call the play. winners and has lost once. state recreation commission claim two vlctores In one World Series (Bob Gibson of St.
[play account with Paul In 16 Senior Bowl games, the from 195660. A native of Chat Louis was the first), but alas his ailing-armed opponent
stman u the analyst. Lou South has won 10 times the lottesvllle, Va., Dr. Weather Sandy Koufax took the Twins for what they were worth and
row will be the producer North five, and last year's ".1 ford was fradmted with the t sent Grant through the showers onto the dancing floor
Harry Coyie the director tie was the first In the history B.S. Degree from Hampton Institute Grant has teamed with a trio of foxy felines, the Kittens
1966 Senior Bowl will of the series In 1934. He held the ) g and Is scheduled to appear In Chicago alongwlth showstealingbase
k the ninth consecutive year The Senior Bowl waste first M. Ed. degree from Spring 4 i ty thief Maury Wills and Willie Davis the fastest man In
NBC-TV has carried the post-season gridiron classic field college, 1936; and the baseball.
sic, and the seventh straightIt that paid its participants, and M.P.E. degree, 1943. ,, s, Gale sounds like a girl's name but when connected: with
has been telecast nation.In continues to be one of the best He earned the Ph. D. degree Sayers II strikes instant terror Into football's stalwart.
.--..__.__..:. ....... '"
color. "first Jobs" for new college In health education, physical .aNEW Only the mighty Jim Brown was able to keep from being
game shapes up as a po. grate who will be playing for education and recreation from YORK: Sugar Ray Robinson is elated as he Is hoisted up by four boxers who gave him eclipsed by the nimble Bear, as he raked In the honors Sayers
ally explosive affair with pay. This year each memberof Pennsylvania State University, some of the toughest fights of his career, during a farewell to boxing salute to the 45-year passed up.Biggest .
i squads rich In All-Amerl the winning team will re* 1948, and did postdoctoral. old boxing great at Madison Square Garden December. From left, the former fighters are: money winner of the year was big mouthed Casslus
plaer. Each can claim a calve $1,000 and the losers In special education and anthropology Randy Turpln, Gene Fullmer Sugar Ray, Carmen Baslllo and Carl "Bobo" Olson. (Muhammad All) Clay, who made fools of a lot of little people
fcwheellnapotential on the will get $750 each. at Harvard University. (UP PHOTO) who bet on and pick sentimental favorites to win
lose, and defensive units that He is'survived by his wife, The Kantaakerous Kentuckian whipped hard guy Sonny Listen,
former Miss Rebecca Christmas although there Is still some confusion over this. He did the
of Durham N.C., and ala NBC Seeking ApplicantsWASUINGTON same for fancy Floyd Patterson, a New York nice guy who
children..Allen Erlcson m,23; Sports Taps ,predictably finished last. His take transcended slr-figure
Shaw U. Cagers Thomas Garfield III, 15; Peter .-Toe U.S. mill: considerations.
Michael Karpovltch 11; Se- tary academies are looking for
I quoya Rhlnehardt, 7; Cornelia more Negro applicants U.S.
Toaster alt and Rebecca Collegiate Pro StarsThe Secretary of Defense RobertS. Basketball ScheduleJanuary

Face Christmas U, nine. McNamara has announced.In .
Tough Slate emphasizing the appeal for. 8, SouthCarollna State In Qrangeburg South Carolina;

AnterlessDeer minority group youths to make 15, Albany State in Albany, Georgia; 17, Florida Memorial
NBC All-American collegiate Is the result of a consensusof application for the Army,Navy, Collegee in Daytona Beach, Florida; 22, South Carolina State
LEIGH N.C-The Christmas loose a SO-plus point man and football team and the the commentators and ana' and Air Force Service academies u Daytona Beach; 25, Lemoyne College in Daytona Beach;
y break brings a well de> not miss him?,*, the Bears1 Hunt NBC American Football League lysts who report during the Mr. McNamara pointed February 1, Florida Alt M In Daytona Beach; 4Lemoyne College .
fled rest for Shaw University mentor qulrled.Spoof All-Pro selections were NBC Television Nf work'scoverage out that It is the Departmentof in Memphis Tenn.5; Lane College In Jackson, Tens;
ears who suffered two conserve t face really lights up announced by Chester Simmons of the 196 AFL sea Defense's determination to 7, Clark College In Daytona Beach; 8, Albany State in Daytona
losses in their last two when quitted about his first. Slated Jan. 8 director of sports. son. see that "military careers are Beach; 10 Florida AAM in Tallahassee; 14, Benedict College
logs prior to the holiday year center, Robert Williams, The All-American squad was During the regu r season, free from discrimination and In Daytona Beach; 15, Savannah State College In Daytona
rw. Following a 105.98 loss who is commonly known as PANAMA CITY*.Proper management .. chosen at the behest of NBC NBC-TV covered grand total that opportunities admission Beach; IS, Allen University in Daytona Beach; 21, Savannah
Virginia Union up at Rich. "Foots" around the Raleigharea of deer herd on Deb 1 Sports, by the AFL professional who witnessed of 78 college and werel(FL games.In assignment and advancementare State College in Savannah; 23,25,26 S.I.A.C. Tournament In
and, the Bears, playing where he played scholastic Air Force will again emplo]y P scouts of the of college games 49 of which color. completely equal. Tu\ kegee, Alabama.V .
moot the services of star ball at Llgnon High School a special one day.antetiesi+ scores and repre \
rd, Ira Mitchell, fell vic The 8.8 center has a fide deer bunt on portions of UtJ during the season believe to be I
Elms : Snts what they -- -- OUTDOOR TIPS- ----- --
to North Carolina College,
shooting touch and can score vast installation which are ordinarily best: college players In the
01.89. well from the outside. "His closed to hunting according All-Pro team
| The Christmas break for bill speed and ability to put the ball to Ronald Wise Third I 1aDd. 'J'be AFL B\1TED UP DUCK RETRIEVERYou U'R'SUNK CLEAN UP
the Bears' head coach in the hoop' has given our District Commissioner Gam '" Fieejc nows In milk carYWiroyuu know about using- listing Chuck hunting, leave dead
means two things First it will club a lift," said the Bears' and Fresh Water Fish Commission Grall a l ,,.' always: have bait. rod and multi-hooked lure to Are you having tiuublv with rhuik In the open. Thttt way
give him a chance to get Mitchell coach and Colonel J.Y.Read, everybody knows that, you say. retrieve ducks. Well why won'tan sinkers that won't hold In heavy11I1.ft .'* lean-up squad throyotes I
who suffered torn llga for Civil I Try this: Freeze worms when old umbrella do a. well Tie Diive rails through them. nnd bUlla I'd.. can police
Deputy Engineer
| they are easy to find you'll a linn to handle il. th They'll dig In. keep the bait
meats In his ankle In the Union Bears Sign at E 191n.'lb. Glard.st( remove > the Rica and make room for
have them when where It belong.
clash in tip-top shape beforethe date of the hunt will tx, they're tcarre. and cast. Prongs catch the dock the next woodchuck.

Bears resume CIAA playon January 8, for the first Saturday
January 7 and 8 with contests Grambling'sAllStar after Elgin's general season To Giants HERSHEY'S .
with Livingston College for deer closes, January Z,, tr:
here in Spaulding Gymnasium TackleNEW Legal game will again be only' NEW YORJWUlie Young a,
and Johnson C. Smith in Char. anterless deer or deer with lesi i whir at providing service for
lotte. American than five-inch antlers. The beg: Gramb11nr/college backs has' '
Secondly, the long layoff mew limit will be one deer. Ao I> signed a large bonus contract ,I SUGA j .I ",..t"
tackle Frank Cornish of Gram
that the coach has to worry Elgin Antetless' Deer Hunting I ; play lltn 'the New York, l ,
( about re-grouping his forces bling i college Bearl..signed' with the permit Issued on ad Impartial I:1':1't Giants r I I : I; t'
last week for
and them to back to Chicago 3 t signed .'
getting drawing basis from'amODl; The -pound guard '
the peek *jl34gxs bs ore a sum reportedly the largest.. .holders of regular season Elgin ups the National FootballLea LIMIT 5 IBS ] J
receive4 "
> Louisiana sib C
t the two-week Break by Hunt Permits will be required -> / club began grooming It- W/$5$ ; ", UI lmrr\'fcHtRESERV; '
lete since Bill
Cannon '
Joinedthe :
Utilizing1 (heir pressing defenses in addition to a regular sell or an upward spiral In.the 5. 9 )
mostly the.three-quarter. Houston Oilers.. ''Florida hunting license.: 19ft loop race. ) DRJ MDREj; 111 \' ; 'SI:kCI fS,000IDTHRU: ; SATURDAY' !'
and )iU court press the Bears' The Bears,refused to discs' ** While Elgin deer population i labeled a surety1 to maintain FOOD ORDER I" i, 'I.. i.
the site of the contract butU .
have) upended Virginia State' has not'yet reached a criticalnumber *e level of performance with 'r : -_ I
Fiyttteville State andLlving- was estimated to be.well over It is definitely headed 1, f the pros that landed him a first "
stone for three repid wins to 125000. Based on what was in this direction on some ot team berth on the Associated VEGETOTE v:. 59CI'EER GIANT 69C
offered in the rival American
start their season. '"Without the bombing rages which sob Press small college All-Ame PK6.
I'1 I Football
League one source
closed to hunting will get
Mitchell in the NCC contest necessarily rican squad Young
our defense sagged a little because placed the figure as high as during the regular hunting season an opportunity to help New York '
we did not make the $160,000. tTrapping muster a sophisticated look in Mix Or Match Sale
rate the
At 285-pound
proper adjustments to combatNCC' any of Elgin deer in some the core of its offensive line.
lineman Is believed to be the
amazing comeback in of these areas' been conductedfor The compactly built senior
the game" Spann said. "Of most expensive small-college the past thirteen years by likes to bit people and can put
course, we missed his scoring player In history. the game and Fresh Water Commission an awesome rush on passers. HISLETS WHOLE I
last Decemberby
He was drafted ;
too. After all, what team can with no appreciable Young was reared less than $
Chicago as a reduction of the herd five miles from the Grumbling
campus. He prepped at Lincoln KERNEL CORN I ,J2 oz.

High In Ruston,, La.


successful fisherman avoids Your Hands Help KING IHAAA
YOU Seek The Best Doctor I
"getting into a rut." He 5
when Tour Doctor Prescribes.Get varies his retrieve on successive Doctors' DiagnosisAs OKRA & TOMATOES 303
pperlenced pharmacists casts experimenting! find
According to your Doctors the most productive speed and lOon as you clasp your
Orders we Use only The Best action; for his lure. doctor's hand nit examination : BUSH CUTGREEN
begins, the Catholic Digest ex:
Quality .Drugs_ Proprietor plains. 5
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS To'sERVE you. ours a normal firm handclasp
Watch This Clown Or it it the limp "coldfikh"
that Indicates great anxiety: ?
Oosnetlcs-Rubber Ooods Candl+-Sundries 41 13 22 Is the coldness accompanied bya DEL MONTE EARLYGARDEN
'PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED. FOR AND DELIVERED.Lilly's slight swelling that would indicate 5
heart failure? Or is the PEAS
84 3.03
37 -
55 palm sweating because of an

Drug Store R ""V A*. 0 overactive thyroid?

7. To a doctor, the hands reveal
1 3 clues to the past present. and OSAGE RAGGEDY RIPE GA. GOLDEN SHORE BREADED
1907 KINGS ROAD ( future for there are few diseases 29c
5" 1 which do not leave tome Imprinton PEACHES 2K
l.3.827&1 them. Small bumps on the
69-501-16 finger tips, called Osler't nodes,
I ; can indicate heart disease; colorless SOUTHERN FARM FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP J

29-93-54 nail beds can mean anemia; .
r fine capillaries under the nails
-1/J '. Sometimes He's Up can indicate, by characteristic POTATOES
: Sometimes He's Down
". '. He adds subtracts pulsations faulty heart valves; PREMIUM FULLY COOKED
_--.. ? broadened finger tips and wide .
He works It all around
nails can reveal lung disease TWO LB.
= From these a doctor forms an POLY BAG
.. impression that can't be run
,-, .-- -" 15-442-11 I through a computer. SEMINOLE SLICED PICNICS I I lB49c.BACON .



"Man's Days are Numbered". TENDER CllBESTEAK

III I II "'ii" i 'LIP UII I h i' II 11 ill i iI Health and Wben Fortune You Know Can Your Be .N..MM...- ... ..aN............1CLLI. STEAK 89c
Yours OLNDe' TNI.
... ...,.
Colors Etc. .I..ufs. eN+
Lucky Days; Lucky ... 99t lB.
-.a/.N uIIa v.
_... .. ... _
Send $2.00 for your Horoscop .1" ,.
.... .-.. .. -., ,
Guide for eNIN.., IN el
wolf o1. 'wiiiiNlnLla 6 MEDAL
JANUARYFill ..... .. ".1. .,.,_. .d '

I I I I III IIIi ......MNINa/...........N/ aN1..MNNN .

i I III'dll I III II IIIII i II III; i II I In the blank below and ,......u uia.i,or w1MNIYfIN rrN....., P POTATOES t T FLOUR TOMATOES

mall to ZODIAC Post Office ...."/ ....." or ....
Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. .........ICOD,., ... -NN'-
....,.- A" ......

NAMESTREET I"..w".l .....CM CO. 2 LB=. ?5 C, SElF rum IISKC on 49 C 2URDIY c tEllO C


"_ ... .. I < von. N. v. _





. Lincoln Business Contributes To College Fund ; Presents Gifts To Schools Schenley Industries Presents Gift i

.\ .. _,
T- ; J "). ..,. '.. i \ ) :, '
.: >..t 7'h: : -. at
( i
', 1t ... ...., .,...., ....:;
; '

t t:


A z d. -

r iINP

: _

KICKOFF-Charles T, William ((left), vice president ot;
Schenley Distillers Company, presents a check for $10,000 to
the Interracial Council for Business Opportunity (ICBO) to.
Inaugurate the group' Los Angeles fundraising program. From
the left are Norman O Houston president of Golden State

__ Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Victor M. Carter, chairman .
of Republic Corporation, cochairmen of the Los Angeles
BENEFICIAL cES 'URIS..TIIe Duval County Chapter of the United Negro College high school: principal with "Voice of Scriptures" recording of the entire... testament ICBO. The $10,000 gift from Schenley Industries Inc. is expected -
Fond and five Ugh schools were holiday period recipients of gifts from Lincoln Business In their respective school libraries.) Principals and Lincoln staffers shows in to be the first of many industry gifts which will providethe
College during informal ceremonies attended by representatives school principal photo right are: Dr. Andrew Robinson, Babes Senior High; W. DsVaughn Sweet, Stanton organization with a guaranteed loan fund to help Negro
I at the host Institution. In photo left, Leonard Doctors, President of Lincoln presents Vocational Evening School; Doctors; Charles James Matthew Gilbert High; Chester businessmen receive aid in getting their own businesses started
$200 check to Charles D. Brooks principal of New Stanton High, for the United Negro Ccwart, Douglas Anderson Junior-Senior High; Bob Eddings and Herbert DoctorsLincoln or help those who already are in business and may need some
College Fund which Brooks serves as local chairman. Doctors also presented each ; and Charles D, Brooks. (A. Paul Crawford Photo) assistance. The ICBp also provides aid through counselors who

themselves are successful businessmen attorneys, accountants

GUARANTEED;WANTEDMAIDS NEW ROOM FOR RENT The Urban League Story From The Shovel or other professional people.


weekly. Fare advanced. Rush I ING pRIV. SINGLE WOMAN BY CLANZELL T. BROWN
references. HAROLDAGENCY, One summer some years ago after a long triad at State U, EvangelistMOTHER r----------
Dept. 234, LYNBROOK, N.Y. Health and Welfare TIle Kid-.the hero..decided tie needed a short respite before I LEO'SSHOE
I 1198. reporting to his summer's long toll u a construction worker. I I
His dad had been working for the company for over 30 year,. II I
The Jacksonville Urban League consults with family and child REPAIR
In the early years, his dad had been a laborer too, but with
welfare agencies on solutions to problems of Negro families I
BRAND NEW and the advent of a certain gentleman whose Initials art MLK,
disseminated Information on Health and Welbre.The .
Dad upgraded to straw boss. He doesn't get any more I She
MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT problem of the aged is one of concern In the Negro was Ripiiriig
but he doesn't work u hard either--which means
community How to help solve some of these problems of the
'aged is a worthy goal. Benefits to widows at CO is worth little something.
$195 age Of Air Kid
511 W. 17th St. Unfurnished Apt. Consideration I A widow ale accepts benefits a/ 60 will The real boss and the cat who's making the bread Is the
who started for the the
foreman ofay working
Now live In Jackson-1 company I
you receive 7L% -of her husband'beneftte.. This an be the difference ,
DOWNOR ville's i.new,'conveniently lo-i, between a stable Income and a meaner existence. same year Dad did. There's moral there too, but that's 't I Is Our
the story being told.Like .
cated two bedroom apartment) Speaking to a relative or friend about Insurance for
I said, The Kid felt he needed a little rest. What with
MAKE THE!: for $90 a month. Including new''kitchen the aged Is one way of informlnf the aged peran about benefits I Business
being the star footballer at State besides bur'11IDcthem with Oily
DOWN PAYMENT equipped with hot water that are available. up =
1M Brdroom. Batlt-10' and teeter and built in heat. Apply The 1965 social security amendments which were| signed Into and going to classes, it had been a rough year. + I
12' vide, w to m! ft. 643 Main Street. You have to lawlaw by President Johnson on July 30th established/ broad You see, be goes to State on an athletic scholarship which I j 934 E. UNION ST.
WE TAKE: DEALS means everything 1s paid for except n all things an food,.
OTHERS REFUSENo ;we to believe. programs of health insurance for people 65 or older. This clothing recreation.-you know, the little things that only matter L_______.____
waiting-Credit approved program is important for persons now working, for they wU! whether make It or DOt.
on spot I 'have this protection in later U already65or you t
; years. you are
MOVE: IN TONITE This being the ease, he had: t o make It on a highpayingslave
will reach that
age soon you need to know what
summer if he/was to make tt at State in
Only Downtown Lot every going
will be available In
1966. prottOD
42'.,' wd( 1 tat rooms FREE RUG SHAMPOO July the Fall. So, his sumacs were all laid out for him well DEVELOP
$95 DOWN There are two types of health Insurance, ((1)) ..... "'r yourBUSTS

55-10 REPO. i With Rental Of Shampoo Equip- ,(2) medical. If the person desires nxflcal Insurance it will ] TIlt Kid needed a rest, and that's where
cost $3.00 month. A combination of the two will
1"DltOOIfl'P: ment. We Rent Lawn Mowers per give .In..advuM' HI comes In.
$7 .OO i Garden Tools, Floor Polishers coverage in the hospital; some out-patient hospital diagnostic to State too, and to say he's like loaded .. .._.... ..
1 Sanders Mechanic & service; post hospital home health care service; physicians D. 1 ra 1,
: He is like money. 141 ..........I
TEST Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2 and surgeons services; home health)1s11.;laboratory services His family, tt seems was originally from thlse parts, Catherine Anderson ::fii>, >! >n
and medical equipment. This Is a program that will help each *
R. S. Evans Motors P day. citizen In the long run. We can help create a healthier community but when the mono* began pouring In away back 50 years ago of Panama City is conducting r..jl"'i1'' ...."l"u"i D. IJB I\
moved X the weeks .... .. ..
they away. two evangellstlcal ... nJ
by sharing< this type of Information. Persons desiring .,., \
354-8331 further Information should contact the local social security James Dean in, however wanted to go to State. He felt It services at First Born Temple i MTBODML 1.-...* ...Ik.rf!?/ i

7J23 N. Main St. PO 8-8955 office, or the Jacksonville Urban League.I was the best school\for what be wanted, so where, here bewas 825 W. Monroe St., ElderA. Nrf41N .rN4.. ....
and even more Imbortant, The Kid knew the cat. Hill, pastor. The services .a.v.. win .t! 5 .r
\',1'llatt l l H. "I L 1 .. r w Wes tor 5.
Towards' the: end of tie semester, tie two were talking shout) which begin at 8 p.m.each night HORMONE CtlAMi
.. ....... .........
Jia.ti.l J tj U' : : I plans .for 1 'summer; and the Kid mentioned I that be felt wll|.end next week. .... ,. .... k* ran ,
tike being uty for,:, ale' lpli of weeks. So James Dean in ups tan wlU.. MMIU..OT
and 1II.111I1m"'to the) family1* Bummer cottage on a little -<.r.<...,.n...*-M f.UfK ,
BE ..,.
--- IF tp -i
r- Canadl
Island off the coast of to Lake Erie.Well WANTED .> Y. .. "I ., ,

-1 like man, thlswasMrtheKld.ItslldonUkea glove MAIDS .N.YSit"-IN ,CHUM..,. ...._..Irt, ,.!.J. .UII ..,.. ....... k
wofc know then but
He didn't it .
to It. ,
and the ,Kid was ready .e mmi ftr Ik* .1..e MM
p.1.' YOUR "A&P. STORE Ms summer cbttage,'lit turned'tut later,made some full crOft .ioes' SAL "IU'5* TO **5FRE"AOVNCE"D.RUSH COY 4.wen.rtM.. .. win ePaCIAC'Oers... fM
se. loot tiny'b colllplJ .Oli.!x' 11. f Tn tt j : REF- ....N INN11 *M>*f* MI laM a.a M !.MaN Mra-
.. .
.. .
ok AT3000. W.. 45th 51.J ..- He should< have known, but ybtl know low it Is when CM jutcaD1 'UENCE'', ''HONE NUMBER .rn .....5.,. .MM.,-k.*.<.ultofM..?ftu !,
what's1 right in front of b arose. < r-t \
see ? ,
I white ,; ;,163nN IIWJtMK IIIMAllox c..
Now The Kid most usually wore a pair slacks -
1 ti THIS WEEK FOR buck and a sweater around campus James Dean III, oa the MAIN, ; Ny .5Wt.S5en. C
?'r ;1 other hand, usually looked like be stepped straight from the tan "?II.. N. T.
,; of "Gentlemen's Quarterly" which means that this cat
5 '' J pages
: '4 VALUES LIKE THESE wore $100 suits to class. But it never registered on the Kid
until they reached the cottage.
TIle first day on the Island tended to make the Kid think he
IN EVERY DEPARTMENT In the wrong church pew. The maid and butler came down to
(ASSISTANT MANAGER) greet them as they gat off the small boat that brought them THE LOWEST IORRBiM I

across. Immediately the servants began ranking off French,
C and James Dean spit it right back.
TIle Kid coul d hardly speak English. Then out comes the I
r'S family and what a family. Now' color never meant much to

Beef STANDING RIB the Kid, but aside from not looking like Negroid, they didn't
"Super.RiIU"Western act like It either, and there weren't anything to make the Kid
;1 y o+ believe they were U James Dean m hadn't said they wer. BEACHES I Bottles orlses I )
1f They tad been on the island three days when it happened.) ;
E 1 A story came over the radio about the March on Washington,

4 ROAST Carr r 89CtUi and the Kid mentioned that he thought he's make that scene ARE AT
because be thought it was real good for the race. .
"What did you say young man?" James Dean Williams n, "
asked him In a hard cold voice. ;
; Mow the Kid Is not stupid and he knew Immediately that he'd : BEACfi .
toe but he felt he might be able to bluff It
< stepped on a ,
> "Super-Right" Western Beef Or through--like a mouse taking on an elephant

"Well" The Kid replied, "I think A. Philip Randolph's Ideals
kILicfrAII great and I'm going to be there."
s Your "I wish that riffraff would stop making all that fuss. What

they need to do Is teach Negroes to help themselves Instead
Choice 99C IN OtK MODKKN CLK4HPU'Mtiti

(MEAT MANAGER) I EMR LB. of Dean running n. around the country agitating" retorted James STORK fIII

It was obvious the visit was over. The Kid couldn't stay
SPECIAL I .GOLDEN RIPE In the house any longer. He's committed a grave sin.
WeU. that's Just about It. The Kid went on to work, and Washington -
Bananas "Super-RigM" /' Pork Loin Sliced WESTERN PORK for the March. When be returned to State In September
be learned that James Dean Williams HI was In Paris at the
Sorbonne. The family had gone over during the summer and were
going to live in Paris. Things had Just gotten to be too much = ;
2 to 3lb.Avg. .
PER for them.
POUND 10c I CHOPSSPECIAL Pkg. 79C When the Kid beard this, he got mad, but then, thinking It
over, be felt really sad. He thought of all the other cats like
LB. James Dean Williams m and their families,who were caught
,up in that'Same trick bag. He sighed and said, ''It'.1Id, man.
FIRM RIPE real sad."

AMIOUPears +
; White House EVAPORATED Special .


MILK 6 Tall 79" M. MTITll AVa
3 l nil west Feed .... hi. TM.r't TlMM-UniM ..wt the
POUND 19c Chas City eN MM w iilra4 X NU .S HM. TIM Mt(
Of N.. = leCopes N. s.Hle : M w.ld was
Field Bisiiess
Eater The ... .. .. ,. .....
"Wk" f 't <" < t .. .fIce U .Mt. t *N we psple
sS "e./.N Cmttr .n ki|"" erilwe. IIhtI_ spree Nh.5ee.e
LARGE I ...... .
Sunnybrook Fresh Florida Grade A Special All fM4..r
New Fir
drill = M"N.M. M. ......... NMC CerN." ,GNLARGE

EGGS 2 of Dozen Ctns.one ggc Bisluss Subjects At FLOUNDER Lb. 49'

... ........ _
1.1. eNM1. II N 1,1is NIe
WALKERCOMMERCIAL r./ wee. eww, a. ..- a -...... ....... N pN

: lane Parker Delicious DUTCH APPLE Special I SMOKED SHAD X.. ......,,. 69o


ENGLISH ... .. 32C
IBM ens e.r. M t. .e r.ilw .
". Cans ....w 5.. a e.r.vw .

(PRODUCE MANAGER) il.. __..........a lY..w ..........,..
All Flavors Special 1 .

Prices ii this Ad Are All Other Siijects OYSTIRS. ,., re lW> StaHInf .. .. Pt. $I.U
1 i0t Aid OYSTERS Selects "to. . FT. $1.50
good Lkrealk IHI' 3 "," 89 StaiUerrf Vt ffs. fee the c....."..Hve '-'", EA. 7JALTIMORI .
: : HI-C DRINKS 1832 Mirth Myrtli ATI. PInE ELS.M2t Selects& . .Ss cll. PT. $'-9

laeuarr 9 _. .. ._ AfAUCMiCOlA

5; J.PILE .