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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200695datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 26, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006950740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 26, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 26, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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'iiaPPT:9: e

... ..
:F 11N/GM"F.. .YN4>1M4 wMY..w .w J-w-- +w. + M-d'M w n

***** **** ** *****


... ... ,,....:* >* *

. Yuletide Season Personhui! Court AgreesTo



MYEI S--Fonowlng an
agreement between Negro
plaintiffs and the hospital's
board of directors, Federal
Judge Joseph P. l>b approveda
plji: for desegregation of
Lee County Hospital.
4.tl The order states that Lee
Memorial and Jones-Walker
Negro branch to Lee Memorial
will now admit any patient to
either facility regardledd to
race, color or national
VOL 15 NO. 41 SUNDAY JANUARY 2, 1966 15 CENTS adding, It would make avail

**** *** able to all patients all facilities -

r [O} s SeekingMoreNegroes i : delving the they of the Negro were both suit services prevented hospitals.In plaintiffs filed i last.from at alledged March Lee re*,

"""""-'- _
? Memorial and on the other hand
were sent to Jones-Walker for I

SCHOOL INTEGRATION treatment.The plaintiffs. also contendedthat

the only way they couldbe
little continues to munch his Ice
WASHINGTON toy cream treated at Lee Memorialwas II
kiss the forehead of the
cone as Pres. Johnson plants a on tn undergo surgery and
First Lady The occasion was a party In the White House given
by Lucl Johnson for underprivileged children in the Washington on an order admission signed
by a white physician
area. UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL TELEPHOTO It was also alledged that Negro -
RATED STATE S LOWEST >physicians> were allowed I

Paul Robeson's Wife Dies; to treat their patients at Let
* ** ** **kd<* The order signed by Judge

Famed Author-Anthropologist Fayette, Miss. Negroes Push Statistics Reveal Rev. D.J. GrahamIs Lleb Negro failed doctors to In state the whether future

NEW YORK-The world lost Instead of pursuing, a legal career may practice at Lee Memorial

one of Its most distinguished For Freedom Jobs mm"Jtfm, Is Appointed Hospital. .
personalities last week in the The Robesons lived in Europe Dignity, Insofar as is known Lee Me .
death of Mrs. Eslanda Goode while he toured and mide con- leaders mustered workers for S Negroes Enrolled J mortal thus becomes the first
Robeson wife of singeractorPaul FAYETTE, Miss.-Civil right Governor
cert appearances. leaders this week carried out parade through downtown area By hospital in the state to com r;
Robeson, and an anthropologist In 1950, she wais called before normally bustling withIn pletely drop Its racial barriers
and noted author in a Senate subcommittee after a "black Christmas" boycott A penetrative survey published per cent.Orange.
this town of located shoppersIn Rev Dallas J Graham longtime
1,600 (Orlando)60,000 whites ,
wn rjght. Robeson refused to sign an affidavit recently showed Duval County-
Mrs. Robeson, 68, died In Beth stating whether he was an area where Negroes outThe group boycotted all stores the state's second largest..on and 13,000 Negroes enrolled religious, civic and business Police Hunt (
Israel of undisclosed number whites 3-1. with the exception of a wiper- in public schools 500 Negroes leader of Me community
hospital or had been a communist. She 'the totem pole In regards to
after illness of Sparking the >pre-Chrlstroas> market, said Charles Evers, attending with whites as of was one of four new members
causes, an also refused to sign such an Integration of its schools. COlstshle'sPrisoler
Jackson, NAACP state field di- to the of So-
several months. Her death came oath. boycott which carried a double The startling statistics were September 18 biracial schools appointed Board
.. andecorector and brother of the slain call Welfare District 6 In
meanlng racial color 4 enrollment ,
and a percent Negro
just two years after she and Besides her husband, she Is reviewed In a newsletter pub-
her husband had returned to this survived by a son, Paul Jr; nomic pressure-civil rights Medgar Evers. Ushed by the Jacksonville In the school system. Duval County last week by
Similar to the successful civil
country following a five year grandson,' David, and granddaughter Council of Human Relations Polk (Bartow) Total public Governor Haydon Darns A widespread manhunt Is being
& boycott conducted In Nat- olnted Rev.Graham
self Imposed exile.In the Soviet Susan. House Wife I f the,,the protesters asked for which conducted Its poll through school enrollment figures. unknown Ap who resides alongwlth at 1192 W-, conducted for a holdup man
Is likewise the
as per
Union. Funeral services were restricted random telephone surveys of six who escaped from a constable
She received Ph. D. In anthropology Immediate I two Negro policemen, gore Job \ and small talk- centage of Negroes.registeredlirW 23rd St.. wwe:. .. .
a to family II'i \iuy jpunties, **-: ft.U"taking,tb* fllcw': ( a" h _.Fw
LOS6S, Mrt .-Ama Attnatronf; Jack
... l ... school >
In 1(49 after studies': only.. The date and >place of Dlnddesegregation OpubTo "Ing wlth'cuubfyu'kuperlntehde6Wor : Integrated public lonvllle' ; Qeach Monday. -
at Hartford Seminary foundationThe memorial has yet to, be an-* lie ficlutlM- their representatives.Following system, but approximately I 180 Charles Andrews C.succeeding JJ well Reports said Johnny Prince, S
author of two books- a flounced Congress the reports' com Negroes were believed attend- ; 23, ''of. 962_ Julia St. and two I
920 Main St. Mrs.
biography on her husband, pletion,' It would be quite likelyto ing classes In 11 schools as succeeding other holdup sus-
Wilkins' RALEIGH, N.C.Mrs.. Sarah Academies i of T.3. Osteen:_and Richard Al-_
Paul Robeson, Negro" was Kin assume that Duval County September. pects were being <
published in 1930..her second Small, the state's first Negro would appear to be a provinceor Brevard (Tit usv1lIe) 40,000 driven by Consta- (t ,
work "African candidate for congress In 64 within the whites and 5,500 Negroes enrolled 4 ble
Journey was Gets PostWASHINGTONRoger Are Seeking district Apathetd George Brown j
published last August. years, didn't win as political Union of South Africa, "rather In the public schools from Justice 1 ftii I
Born Eslana Cardoza Goode Wilkins observers predicted--but she than a supposedly progressive system Approximately 500 Ne- y peace court where
In Washington In 1896, she 33-year old nephew of Roy Wilkins did better than they thought MOTe Negroes county In Florida: In the United groes In 20 biracial schoolsas they had been
attended the University of Chicago NAACP executive director With 171 of 172 precincts re- States of America," the report of September and a total bound over to Criminal i
and Columbia University's last week was nominatedby porting, Mrs. Smalls chalked WASHINGTON..The U.S. mill- points outWith of 9 percent are Negroes attending court on two .' I
Teacher's college where she President Johnson as director up 6,021 votes against Incum-' tar) academies are looking for only 135 Negroes at- classes. robbery charges "' 'PRINCE' '
obtained a B.S. degree In chemIstry of the Com-niinlty Relations bent Sen. Walter Jones' 25, more fie ro applicants, U.S. leading Integrated schools here Duval (Jacksonville) 99,000 when the Incident occurtd.
in 1923. Service 937 coming in for secondplace. secretary of Defense Robert only four of these children are whites and 23,000 Negroes en- Prince, who was handcuffed,
Two years earlier she was A lawyer and native of Kansas Predictions were that she would S. McNamara has announced. In public schools with white rolled in public schools. 135 is reported to have thrown both
married to Robeson, then an City, Mo., Wilkins received his finish third or fourth. In emphasizing the appeal for chtllre, within the corporate Negroes attending schools with arms around the constable's
all-American football player at A.B. and LL.B degrees from She had sought support from minority group youths to make limits of Jacksonville whose whites as of September. Ten Deck, at the same time taking
TRu'gers University. He. gradu the University o f Michigan. the 21,000 registered voters application for the Army,Navy, population of some 300,000 biracial schools were listed his pistol. Prince then forced
4 ated from Columbia Universitylaw From 1962-64, he was special peopling the predominantly De- and Air Force Service acamocratlc consists of one third Negroes and an approximate .0059 per the conatabletounlockthehanlJ-
school, assistant to the administrator 15-county district demise Mr. McNamara pointed the report continues. cent of the total Negro enroll- cuffs and escaped from the ca I.
Mr. Robeson encouraged her of the Agency for International comprising a farming and fish- out that It Is the Department A breakdown of school Integration ment are attending Integrated The other two prisoners, n.-

husband to enter the theatre Development InC area In North Carolina. Of Defense's""uu determination uuH d to In the six counties follows schools._u__> uu....._,., that .... REV DALLAS J.GRAHAM ports stated, refused become
see that "military careers are : The l'I'punU".uu": tuv involved In the incidentSinatra
. Coed Relates Experiences In South free from discrimination and Dade, (Miami) with 167,000 Duval County statistics,were tobellls. 5669 W. Beaver.St.,
that opportunities for admission whites and 41,000 Negroes enrolled released I.by the Director of succeeding Mrs. Estelle Foer- JoinsNAACP's
.,, ..
--- -" --- y.-r i M -" assignment and advancement Negroes enrolled with Placement, Duval County De- ster.
are completely equal." whites totaled 9,214 as of May partment of Public Instructionon Re/ Graham succeeds Mrs
rwr; : ; In his announcement, Mr. Mc- 1965 but is believed to be between September 14,1965.Crompton John Roquemore. LifeMembership
Namara said all young men 11000 and 12,000 as ReaoDolnted to the board were
of high scholastic achievementand of Sept. PO&. Sevenf-eight Wins Rev William Tbirlwell, Fred
leadership potential, good bl-racial schools are listed and Rink and Dr Stephen Gyland.
character and good >physical> the approximate percentage of Teachers' Assn. As pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist NEW YOfiK..Frank Sinatra bas
condition are being urged to Church, one of the city'slargest
Negroes! Integrate in > I public become a Life Member of the
t ,seek admission to the service schools Is 22 per cent Divisional Post -'Rev. Graham has long National Association For the
K been to the forefront In the
academies.He Unellas (Clearwater) 60,000 Advancement of Colored Pao-
said students desiring to whites and 12,000 Negroes enrolled Thomas Crompton, a mathematics constant challenge to secure ple, it was disclosed this week
enter an academy eon graduation In public schools. Negroes Instructor at New first class citizenship for his ay Miss Lucille Black the As
from high school should enrolled with whites, Stanton Senior High School, recently fellowmen sociation's secretary for memberships -
,. apply late In the spring of ;heir 4,296 as of September. Biracial won a threecandidaterace Through the years Rev. .
Junior year and graduating< schools total 30 and 19 for dlclslonal instructional Graham has been the recipientof Sammy Davis, star of the hit
'g aM fore who have not '"imisly oer cent Negro'.enrollemnt Inior personnel representative to numerous citations from religious Broadway musical Golden Boy
.,. applied, should do so all-white schools.rnllsboroughTampa the Executive Council of the and civic groups in his presented Mr Sinatra Ms
the fall of their senior year ( ) 89,000 Duval Teachers Association. forthright stand for till) betterment NAACP Life Membership plaque -
Each applicant, be said,should whites, 14,000 Negroes public He was elected representativeat of all citizens.Rights during his birthday.
w write to his Congressman or school Mirollemnt. 14,000 Negroes large for the 1966-67 term.
s y Senator If a Congressional enrolled with whites as An Instructor at New Stanton
.a nomination Is sought or to the of September. Biracial schools for the past twelve years, Attorney Nationally
Registrar or Dean of Admission 40 and Negro enrollment 10 Crompton holds a Bachelor
at the academy. Addresses:
Registrar The United States 65 Jobs Await ( -- 1 1I
Military Academy West Point I
New York 10996.
Dean of Admissions and Registrar School DropoutsUnemployed ,
The United States Naval 4 y j
Academy, Annapolis Maryland, young men between .1
21402. 16 and 21 years old who have
.. eTej 1 A r.N'S Registrar The United States been unable to finish school
., Air Force Academy, Colorado should contact the Jacksonville
a Springs, Colorado 80840. Youth Opportunity Center at ElluttA.4rT :
u EmbarrassmentCompounded 400 West Ashley Street for a
job In Duval County's Neighborhood ,

f fA frN Youth Corps, said
Gordon Punshon, Manager of (

ATLANTA-Being denied the the YOC. F
use of restroom facilities at Punshon said that 65 Jobs still ,
a place with which one has been need to be filled In various .
doing business for non-profit agencies located rI
over thirty aJ '
years Is one thing, but when throughout the Jacksonville :
the denial Is capped by embarrassment area. 1' jjj
of a personally Young men assigned to work degrees In science and mathematics -
humiliating kind, that's adding for one of these agencies will from Florida AiM University -
Insult to the Injury be paid 31.25 an hour and will He has done advance I
Mrs. Gladys Browning, a former work approximately 30 hours study at the University of
Atlanta resident denied a week. Florida.
... .....
the pension added that there are holds --- --
1 use of a large white Georgia Crompton membership
Insurance /OIllpaDY's1ad1es now some 185 young people In the National Education As- ATTY MARIAN WRIGHT, 26 year old Mississippi Civil
restroom. working In loyal County's NYC sociation the Florida State rights lawyer, has been named one of the country's four
-- : She bad tone to the branch program Teachers Association and the most promising career women by Mademoiselle magazine,
SPRlNGS--R.col1e-: ; ; freshman Earnestyne Evans writes about her part la the office of the company to close Punshon urges young men who national, state and local units A native of Bennettsville, S.C., Miss Wright was educateda
civil rights movement In a by-line article In the January "You the Reader" Issue of Seventeen out business on her deceased are residents of Duval Countyto of Mathematics Teachers, t Spelman College in Atlanta and earned her law degree
Magazine (on newsstands December 30). The teen-a,. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard mother's Insurance. Her family contact the Youth Opportunity Florida Education Association at Yale Law School As a member of the NAACP legal staff
Evans ST., of Route 2, Ashland, tells teens. across the nation that she once thought she had held Insurance. with the Center immediate' to make and Young Mena Christian As- in Mississippi her Job has led to occasional Jailing and
wanted to live In the North.jiow wants to stay in Mississippi. (Photo by Triangle Pub., Inc.) firm since 1934. application for one of these Jobs. sociation. physical attack

'it ) R

__. __ _ ___ .. __ __ .. _' _d .. _.d,.' # ...... .

F iTiiT :T


-"v J .

published by the Florida Star I\Ivlhbhl Company ARE NOT CONTRADICTORY Support for cutting of present and planned expendituresin
INCOMPATIBLE BUTMUTUALLY the domestic public sector of our government In orderto
WC 0. SiMPSON.JMIIil Editor HELPFUL TO EACH OTHER? more adequately finance: our expanded International Involvements -
H" Is being voiced more and more frequently by
AIYSON E. WISE........... Hors Editor privately and public officials It la true that tome of those
..... who advocate this kind of move have never been supporter

IILDA IOOTEN......... Cirttlititi lIaulu -;; -.- .,.... ., of public programs-tne War on Poverty, federal aid .to
education, expanded health and welfare benefits, and other -
'. -rs .. and it can be easily recognised********
International situation to destroy -

2323 Miicriil lid Mm Ufli 4-6712 that which they never favored
in the first place. Never
e the less, there are others who
Miiliit AHrUJ are more sincerely motivatedand
who have less invidious
P. 0. In 5.3 ..icaiiiiltvFliri.j 32201 reasons for sup irtlng the idea

lr atk of a reduction In domestic ex
MIAMI' IFFlU' penditures. Their reason,
however, are largely based on
311-1025 the belief that we are presented
731 NW 3ri Ail. PlMl Q with only twochofcesmilitarypreparedness

..' i or domestic planning
-* and they feel that under

One Year. SUBSCRIPTION$6.00 Half ft.S tear-, $4.00 : : : rl 1 iQ no In preparedness circumstances addition, there be must, weakened.are military those

Mailed toyou Anywhere In tH united States who are reluctant to accept

Subscription payable In advance iiy- ti 1 L \ the fact that In this periodof
Send Check or Money fjrrter to; i unprecedented prosperity andemployment
ls I any self-respect
lag, conscientious, hard workIng -
__ person would be unemployed.

Jacksonville 1, FL4ridn Finally there are those who have themselves only reached

confortable Incomes In this generation, who feed their own .
: sense of adequancy--and. Indeed, superiority suggesting f)
that even temporary government support of the unemplcvible .
Look Out For Bombs At SchoolA : -: contributes to their dependency; or worse still that being .
unemployable reflects some congenital moral flaw in the

bomb made of gasoline I I and
glass bottle and Including (nixed I > oil went smaller percentage of its budget on programs of health,

off without warning rot lood ago In a high education and welfare than any other country in the world,
school locker room! In Miami but, actually, in relation to the value of the dollar today we
are spending only a fraction more than we spent twenty
have It In years
,:.s luck would students were
ago. And by far the large percentage of that which la spent
asseMbly go for those who are basically unemployable--children, the
an assenbly hall session that ran overtime Weekly chronically disabled, and the elderly.Too .

and no one was injure Rut think of few people are aware that the image of our country

the tragedies that could Sa.ve happened abroad having a gross national product almost that of all
at loss to other countries combined but with a tate of unemployment,
Sheriff's' invextlgators wgf'tf a
school-dropouts mental illness substandard far
Sheriff's' investigators were at a loss to Horoscope GuideBy exceeds many such less affluent countries. _

explain the bomb explosion $\ the Palmetto It Is tragic that almost no one conceives that the best

Senior High school of which I Clyde Crab- long-range defense of this country--as well as Its appeal-
Is a society where each human being, regardless of race,
tree is principal.We .
the Sheriff's Dep@"tment to bear PABLO, The ASTROLOGER religion, nationality or economic class, has the opportunity
with for a full education.to the limit of his capacity and desire;
down this search for tpe guilty cul- an opportunity for a Job's the highest level of his ability;

lack of consld Everyomeans WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR and the security of adequate Insurance against economic
children was indeed alarmist) fluctuations, health hazards, or the dependency and boredomof

must be exhausted to apprehend the guilty BUSINESS old age.
for who knows It just could be LOVE TRAVELBorn In a world where both sides possess the weapons of total
parties, destruction, thus making war an impossible way of resolving
you who could be the next, victim of a conflict or assuring loyalty, then the idealogy which in practice -

bomb explosion.The works to provide real freedom from want and opportunity *
school adrol n i strati on nAybe\ con Id take for all Its citizens to participate will ultimately wit the
measure to prevent a tbt to be receptive to anything that the process of achieving the plies to persons who have joint battle for the minds, hearts and loyalty of people the world
some precautionary JJ.J smacks of unorthodoxy It may desired results. Do not under holding or interests in common over.
recurrence of this sort of thing. only arouse a measure of Ill sell your creative aptitudes for so watch for openings at the top.
March 2 lit will for you to press your point they could become the most precious '>- 9077156 9-797 We Must Clamp DOWN
too forcefully. assets toward the estab- CapAkoJmlorn

Fate Of FAMU's Law Sthool What ? -April 19thIt lishment of life This of a also more Is not secure the right way The South has been getting away with its

moment to make decisions that Dtc. 22nd miscarriage of justice for lolthese many
U not only a matter of CmtDJA
The fate of the Florida MM Law :School thinking big but one of suiting could threaten economic stabi -Jan. 19th y ars. I Negroes have received I unmerciful
which has only 17 students and six faculty the action to the thought. Once wont Juno arty all the &:. laid'down .. sentences for stealing one waterrrel Ion
22nd 620991343629 Live up to rules
members, Is probably undl5 losed. you hart decided to go through to strength worth fifty centsalleged I KKK members have
preserve your
It i Is kno however, that 9 new law school with.. plan or project, start -July 22nd BAa and well-being even If this mean burned Negro churches with impunity, the

will beopened at the Florl '\ tate Univer- doing the spadework In orderto Those of you who have reached a somewhat restricted diet ores, sniper's bullet has murdered Negro civil
have It well advanced when
sity in September, IHCG, Also In Talla- the to full speed a certain stage In life without Born Sept. 23rd program of activity. Despitethe rights leaders and nothing was done aboutIt.
money go
hassee. ahead arrives While you are having made adequate provisions -Oct. 23rd fact that the future still The culprits wiggled off the hook of
for it realize that hold considerable promise, you
Dean R.L.1111\ lams stated "noneof naturally more Inclined to enjoy may justice.
Acting ,
this was not such a good policy are not yet out of the woods
aofwhat will the holidays along with the rest Although mosr Ubrans preferthe (Because so many whites had gotten away
us has the slightest it after all. Marriage with a person far enough to relish It in all
of the world this does not more pleasing pursuits in
happen to the FA/HI/ Law Cchp01" Hut it is from, doing who la more mature and life, as a rule, the tendency Its splendor Others expect with anonymous ( so thought) murders a
prevent some
known that at least one AM-l faculty member rather fruitful thinking. Shroud who knows how to extract each to take work more seriously much of you In the way of sniper's bullet in Dallas, Texas, cut off

has applied ,for a Job at FvU Law School. everything you plan or do In dollar's worth Is another way la now developing tmong aU common sense and In the the life of our late and beloved President
since It that to Insure a stable and satisfactory of you. Whether it 1s for gain management of money and you John F. .
Dr. Groward Culpepper, chancellor of the secrecy seems way of life for some cannot afford to let them down. Kennedy.If
state universitiesreported that money had many people are curious about who lack an amount of the or Just todevelop your domestic Do not impose a work load on our courts and law enforcement office

been appropriated for the operation of the be what too you surprised may be when up to.usually Don't required .self-assurance ButIt aptitudes roll uu, you your are sleeves quite readyto and yourself that Is not absolutely continue to let certain classes of whites

ASM Law School through !%( >. very co-operative people start should be realized that this get down to brass tacks. You essential and limit your travels get away with murder and church bombing

It Is obvious that FAMU's,, {Uw school will taking a contrary attitude. It of entails sacrifices making before concessions and not of may also be stimulated by the until climatic more favorable conditions personalor prevail. of the houses of I Negro civil rights lead-

be sooner or later combing with the one la reflected by Venus turning after alliances receive official desire to soushine some of This does not prevent you from ers, or the bombing of the house of a Negro -

at F3U, or else, why wasn't It planned that about retrograde a month.for a A period greater lasting un- sanction Partnerships that are your would friends be in the In which line of case pru-it doing all the necessary research resident who moves Into a predominantly -

the school I should I remain \, \ /:,M, since I It derttandlng on your part plusa based mainly on an intellectual dence to figure out the COstS now and working out an all-white neighborhood, then who can be
has the library and other foci l ities. In more energetic s individual plane rather that on a physical accurately and well in advance Interesting Itinerary. Continue safe?
the to one are more apt to bring the It would be very difficult laterto to add to your learning, especially culprits will I bomb white
fact the state could have expanded approach your dally respon- best out of each of the parties In the net! of new Pretty soon ,
one at FAHJ and established an integrated slbllltles should stave off Involved pay off debts that have a languages churches and the houses of white residents

faculty. dissension.2-50-22-19-82-252 3-50-22-13-87-352 portions way of growing when the out of necessary all pro- 5-30-55-17- '-535 with impunity, because they think nothing

There is no question thkt the FAMU Law controls are not applied In time. will be done about it.Sooner .

School I is doomed to xtlnc'on.Let's h Those of you who have chosen or later, one of these "mean citi-
JrHlJUtd the path that lead to spltltuallty zens" will bomb the house of a prominent
Born July 23rd could encounter temptation on Born leader the business of
Jan. 20th white community a
Salute Some MAW Firsts the to
way urging you turn back.
the edifice of
Born manufacturer
April 20th Aug.. 22nd This Is a test which you must white or a
The locale of two new firsts for t Negroesis meet with a stout heart. -Feb. 18th white congregation. A sniper's bullet may

in Boston and Washington D.C. -May 20th The feeling that you nave had 78055152178S! The Aquarians who are more just murder the mayor of a city or the

The senior class at Harvard Universityfor enough of holiday-making economy-minded than they governor of a state. ,When this happens,
Most people are likely to spend should be needed, especiallywhen formerly were, could nave the
SmApio law enforcement machinery will I do what It
the first time In history has elected
New Year's Day resting or you are convinced that time of their lives right now
Negroes to the posts of flfst and second engaged in quiet family pas you are happier working. Consequently Inventory sales that take placein ought to have done fifty years ago! .

marshal Is. They are Darry Williams of times. You are not likely to rest as much as you Born Oct. 24th most large shopping centers
be the exception. While an extended can In order to feel completely would give you the much desired -
the basket-
New Rochelle, I H.Y. captain tff period of Inactivity may refreshed when the tune come -Nov. 22nd opportunity to lay In household I Expensive, Bit Overlook Criticism
ball team and John A. McClMskey of Mld- to take .
; whet your appetite for more up your dally routines supplies. You are not likelyto
dlet positive action,there are strong .secondary milestone overlook the possibility of ago, government pur-
marshal lead the march.In indications that had better may wish to prolong the merrymaking la chased
graduation you birthdate being the pri- adding substantially to your own a downtown St. Petersburg hotel as
the nation's capita I Gee Jr. proceed with great caution and but will have to make it your and your partner's wardrobes center '
,Dowlas very plain that you place responsibility mary one. This always Inducesa a training for the 'nnien' Job
deliberation. This In especially when you run Into fine quality
a 11-year-old Milwaukee resident who has true In matters that concern first and pleasure train of thought as to whatto merchandise at greatly reduced Corps, "there were many misgivings in that

been working In the office of Rep Henry your pocketbook and economicties. last. The necessity 0 t straightening expect in the days to come. prices, Since It Is possible to quiet neighborhood, said paul Harvey News.

3. Reuss ( D. WIs. ) recently became the Those of you who have out your accounts and stress There seems on the personal to be considerable and Joint purchase lemons too, this Is It seems that the city is fed up and voted -

first Negro member of the tapltol's C5- previously arranged to take a meeting obligations may conjure finances that may require a what you must guard against to ask the government to leave the
short trip or an extended tour up certain problems that When two are engaged in a joint
of city with Its
guides. look to project. The ,
person corps aren't easy to solve. It may closer on your part reason;
need have no qualms about start venture, it would be mutually
The guides conduct tours for thousandsof out as a scheduled. Just make entail certain sacrifices OIl your make them Jibe with the true profitable to consult each other 'The 270 girls housed in the hotel were
visitors to the capitol each or baek*t be facts of life. This could entail Their
grounds certain that your affairs are part .cne. before taking action "noisy" boy friends were 'drag-
year. Gee's appointment wa$ arranged by In the hands of energetic and maneuvering to try to maintain cutting that down not on certain absolutely expenses ne-- racing at all hours" on the streets out-
speaker John W. McCormick y( I Mass. ) trustworthy persons who are the things on an even keel.creditors You can cessary. The ambitions you 9-20-66-14-24-926 side. And there were raised eyebrows over
depend on
We like to make these flr sbut we are least likely to undermine you your
achievements. put on considerable pr..sureto harbor for the success and alleged "loose morality" and "begging
more .Interested In the hundreds And thou- or There your are some very pleasant collect their dues welfare of your loved ones weigh PiAaA for money" on the part of some of the

sand places for our group. surprises In store for you when 4.7081434478* heavily In making your decisions. school's enrollees.
you are In a creative mood. Born Feb. 19th- "Eight girls were expelled for drink

1-40-33-18-18-143 Oihqo 8-60-58. 18-53-888 Mar. 20th ing. "
Littorbigs M.
9RJnini 5PgiffaJUad There could be a tendency to The Job Corps, a part of the anti-poverty

Keep America Beautiful recently polled Born Aug. 23rd look on the worst side of local poverty program, received further criti-
and International events and to cism when boys at Tongue Point
litter authorities in Born Nov 23rd Oregon
fUty states to Born
May 21st -Sept,22ndlDttrtstlnc arrive at the conclusion that Center rioted with lead pipes. Problems

determine whether men ot women litter -June 21st posslnillties to ac- -Doe. 2 lat they are hopeless. You maybe have presented themselves at other cen-
the least. The men lost, fibula down. hievee personal goals are now in The Saggltarlans who have the particularly concerned over
ters. the critics
So said
The survey, covering an equal number of t the informative stages for you good fortune of being able to the effect this may have on "Whether e-
men and women leaders of anti-litter Friends may be inclined to I and those ou hold In affection draw on wide past experience your pocketbook and the short nough boys and girls will hereby be taken
prolong the hour of reason. The knowledge that this takes will be the ones best fitted to or long-term plans you haveso off relief and kept out of prison to justify
croups indicated 73 per sent of those But If you reach the point whereTou time should not deter you from meet the requirements of the carefully drawn up. Instead the total efforts remains to be seen."
polled voted men the NatitfjV1's NO. 1 lit can no longer take It, resist doing your duty!your best tradition future. This la the thought that of allowing this to reach the Outline.if you please the great
terbugs. only 12 per cent thought women all effort to make you I and giving full satisfaction should cross your mind as soon point of obsession call on the per cap-
change your mind, pick up your to clients or employers advice and services of your ita cost for each girl in training at St.
litter more than men and Jft per cent had as the new year gets on Its
no opinion. hat and go. The accent Is on I alike. Loyal support may be eventful way. Nothl positive Is closest friends and partners Petersburg. But don't blame the antipoverty
rest and privacy for the next from llfemate to provide the needed spiritual
expected your lobe gained by couples or part- program for the behavior of these
We don't know how many ot these men re- couple cl days since this may and anyone else who has an lift or other reassuring ex*
youths. Blame
ors who In futile their
arguments if
presented Negro groups, b\it we do know *. necessary for you to re., Interest In seeing you get ahead over engage things that are not planatlons. The social aide of find parents you must
that many Negro men are pi one to Isate freshen your energies and to I In life or In your chosen pro likely to be overly Importantafter your life should bright enough a scapegoat /t least the government
litter lying around. Take for example, get yourself back Into the nor fession. Those of you who are all. The conservative line to keep you entertained and In has the faith in the potentialities of
certain recreation parks iw, the state. mil swim of things. Even your Impatient are only making your Is the one most favored In the a happy frame of mind these youth and is willing to give them a
closest associates: do not seem I tasks harder without hastening management of money This ap 3-70-44-17-39-374 chance if they will profit from it.






Milady's Fashions For That "Loaf Winter's Nap

v tf1 -:
r _



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-,+ t I

v PR js L


I !

. "1

ik ",

.. '"

;; -...

+ I > .


n ,, "
1! e } + 1

5 r, t t9
a ty i

/!. ,
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; *\ '.
/ VF "


n./Ittl i I'' 11.1 i{ 111 t ? a vrR l k '
YI .., 1"rt''1\ r, .. II' I.wCf ar Na IdNKuU4t# 1 In t w $ td' ,, ." .IW
: :'...... ......

y 4 t\ Jat ;

:> "\ .
< '
Ir 4 tIt"I. -

1 t1 '
.J T nt
"-- .

a '. ,



... t rt f j '

< '

1! .. \

.. .
I Mew York, N.Y. (ED)**Aecord1n to Clement Moore's IMft .ore likely tw opoiscatedi ooe-sfcoulder gowns In dramatic Insist W (or JmmUnd.Tke elegance. The fabric, crepe tricot made with Enka
cut, poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas", Yam_ full-length or sultry knee-leugth; the sari or Grecian drape ... "IIc looking crepe fabrics-will even trimm- Crepeset nylon, Is silky soft and completely washable.
was wearing I kerchief u eke settled down for her "long effect that takes Us sophlscatloo from the lack of the usual lngs-wlU withstand repeated washings aDd still keep their Available In coral, white, black or "Flamingo" pink,
winter's sap" Nowadays, nlght-before-ChrlstmaJ uppers are lingerie trim; a gown and peignor ensemble edged with flutters luxurious look and feel. The luxurious touch and fluid drape In all sizes About $19 00 each.
considerably sore chic Sleepwear gifts under the tree will of marabou trim or delicate Lice scallops; or a bikini nightie are highly compatible features with the latest fashion In.tIueacl.
with matching knee-length cape. .. 4-B TilE GRECIAN LOOK-Slmple, but far from plain' this
1 --"o' ._ Young sophlscates will be opening presents of gowns vividly Authentic crepe tricot of American Enka's Crepset also one-shoulder crepe nightgown, a popular style in the
colored In geometric or floral prints..in black tad white enhances the popular traditional styles of floor-length gownsand current season's slerpwear collection, Is slashed to the
"op art" prints., in Flamingo andshockingpink..andof course Cowing robes, slim Empire gowns wlthh fitted bodices thigh and accented with rhinestones trim and a drapedtab
In nude, Die current color rap In intimate apparel. In fact, or styles designed with fullness ptberingbelowa fitted bodice. at the shoulder. The gown Is available as picturedor
with Its stunning array of design and color, this season's Where once women were satisfied with a few pairs of full-length, in black, white, coral or blue. Small
sleepwear looks u though It were designed for parry-going pajamas..flannel for winter, cotton for summer..now onlya medium and large. Short gowns $15 full-length gownis
collection of the most elegant and beautifully styled gowns $16. ..___
Barracks Set will suffice, especially: since they require so llttlo care
/ Career Soldier 4-A ELEGANCE FOR UNDER THE TREE-Plctured here is
.. Next I gown and peignoir ensemble that flows with feminine
(Tr- Meeting JOBS OPEN
: Spends Furlough

l ;;J.d""IJlI1.or..I! !iiid.B.,; lneuaf./.. For January 15 You Don't Have TO Go TO Tom To Get
1- .
Ifs N MTITLI AVIT Gateway Barracks 3131, Veterans With Family CASHIER CHECKERIBM
_. ,.. ... .. of World War 1, USA LOW
IwR mommtm i furit l .. <0" n'"t "-r >. PRICES
.. .. .,. *
Wf ". II. .,.,., nt mnllrtn. fl, ton ,.." in.trttt .. has postponed the Jan. 1 meet KEY PUNCH
./N ej1A.tw'"an..efM flu < e.r1Y..pp .1 to tilt Avnary |> ing which has been extendedto 1 1pre.

'.r.e.A.1fenawFRESH" Saturday, Jan. 15 at Z p.m.
DRUM Center 13th and Grunthal Sta.,
:I. Commander J.S Irving Sr.,announced. NOW. PAY LATER
C.U HV e .. MerretlM 2 gc .

=-..: ":._'=r.fU. During the future meeting, Trade with Your Neighborhood/ Drug Store TOP JOBS IN THE lACKSONVIll AREA
a M M..." reports of the Jan. '-II mid IE tILL MEET ANT PRICES: ADV.IN YCUR LOCAL PAPERS.
a. e1. annual conference in Sarasota fe Deliver also fill all Doctors prescriptions, NO AGE LIMIT HIGH SCHOOL NOT
will be given, the commander
WHITINGIS continued.
: **** LO.i 33 All members whose 1J64 n REQUIRED[ DAY OR EVENING CLASSES
membership remain unpaid are
fI'i .T 'MN (*"''""11' 14 Wl expected to contact Quarter Dixie Pharmacy
fill le 111141 i-ii Call 356-5745 Day or night
rN,11..M WICIM.NImSPECKLED master Robert I. Morgan im

mediately.The commander said that 65 PAUL L. BRADLEY,'h', CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE
TROUT IB. 49C needy persons nc.IYldCbrlat- son of Mrs Myrtle Shootes, 1302 Kiifs' lead At Myrtle Afem
1495 Johnson
the holiday
OYSTIRS Seu .J.;f.Nl /j Fte. ,., the a.eervell.I buyer. IA. 7le and Us Auxiliary and has returned to his stationIn
JffJFiiJW1.. fir St.",., -rT- $1-25 World War 1 veterans and Fort Brooke, Puerto Rico.. PAY Till LICIT WATER
and Laura Sts.Iflu
Me' te SpeOel' PT. $1.6 their dependents desirous of He la 119M graduate of New forsyth 1
AMUCMICOU Joining the Barracks and An later completed his1 U.s. Army
SHILL OYSTERS i:. '""- $5.50 xUiary are Invited to attend Medical Corps training at Fort
the Jan. IS meeting. Sam Houston Texas.




., t
""IL- __ I


I Redeem Baptist To Host Emancipation Proclamation Program

I': Take It-Or Leave It St. Augustine Sorors Complete- .Community______;___ _Project_ .u. ._ Society Elects Emancipation

] BY REV. CHARLES C. KING Holiday Notes< New Officers CommitteeSets

What's New ? (Read led. 11. Rev tl.3) ST. AUGUSTINE-Amidst the TIle Alpha Epsilon Hnnor Society ProgramThe

I got up one mornlgn feeling flnt. After I routine morning numerous festive occasions of Edward Waters College

devotional with the family and a good breakfast, I went to celebrated here during the car.rent conducted Us election meeting
'Work. Leaving UM house, I wu greeted by a neighbor. for the school year. 103rd annaul celebrationwill
holiday season was the
repUed.1could I to held Saturday at 10 49
I :
"HI Rev King what's new? "Everything. liter are Sandra Hallowajr,
Saturday Dec. U dinner hosted r
she wu pusseled, but I wu la too big hurry to el.I by Mr. ,and Mrs. Gus Jack. yen : president; Letrlce Allen, vice Linn, In Shlloh Metropolitan

I plain. As I boarded UM bus, UM driver returned my "Goodmorning" president Gloria Best, seerstiny Baptist Church
120 Kings Ferry Way In
with a cheerful. "Howdy" what's new? Others son. A song feast will be presentedby
; Louise Martha, treasurer -
honor of their son, James, and
crowded In behind me, so I simply swallowed and went to Alfred Hooker, business UM coueolldatedcholrsoft e
the Dec. 24 benefit dance ;
I find a seat. Arriving at toe Job I found the bou waiting by the Ancient City Charity manager and chaplain; Elizabeth church with Mrs Josephine
with a special assignment Before describing it, however, Morgan reporter. Browning, Mrs Alice Roberts
be called me back from UM uual roe Seeing a surprised presentedlnElks Members are: Willie Anderson and Mrs. Alice Mack charge.
100 St.
I look on ray face, he broke the ice by saying "Well, old The, Jackson Washington party was held Lenora Hill,Irene Jerkins James, A. Huger, city commissioner

buddy what's new?" I don't remember DOW what my answer in honor of their son Jaaes lltW. Virginia Lyons, Ethel Reed, of Daytona Bach
was, but I do remember the special assignment wu rugged. Derrell Richardson, David and business manager at BethnneCookman -
who !had all civil rights charges
j Why on this particular day In such a short space of One, dismissed against him by ( Ehakespear, Catherine Solomon College,

had everyone asked the sane ,..sUoD: "What's MW?"' Federal Judge Bryan Simpson and Johnny Lee Wilson. Dean Daytona, will be UM speaker

Was something being called to my attention? Was It Just colts 15th of this month Charles L. Williams 1s ad. Other participants are: Rev

a mere coincidence I couldn't kelp sinking about U-sul After the guests were seated Tlsor. Meetings are held on me AJ. Reddlck, pastor at Grant

I all night. "What's new It wu almost Ilk* the ticking of a Mrs. Jackson explained role second and fourth Sunday In Memorial Church Rev. W.C.
clock or heart beat. Flanigan, Central CME Church;
your H.Y. Tookes Library.
Next morning when I bad devotions, I opened UM Bible at her civil son rfcbtarucCl.1II bad played during the"Ha.the _.._ I___n ____ .X> -. --..--_ Dr. Andrew Robinson,:-inclpal
Eccl 19.; Like a suddn Hash of lightning the firM caught at WUllam Raines High School,
I tion's Oldest City" which results FAMU DELTAS AID LIBRARIANS-Members of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta *
my eye: "The thing that hath bees..shall be:...and there Is Miss Eleanor Toombs, JaniceE.
no new thing under the sun." la his having been Sorority, located at Florida AIM University,are shelving books in the Florida AIM University A new air service linking Nap) McIntosh, Mrs. Eleanor M.

For a long time I thought about tt: "There's no new thing arrested numerous times fore library u part of their community promect. Helping with the pile of books being returned to les, Fort Myers. Miami and Harley, Ebeneter Trio, Atty.
r e r c lalnc his constitutional the at the end of the trimester are Jennifer Jackson (left) of Tampa La Frances Marco Island
under the sun. Then, ope tarnlag a bit further in my Bible, library put has been estab LJ. Shaw, who will present
I noticed at the top of UM pig "New Testament.' Well, rights. Hestle of Jacksonville, Mrs Alverta Morris, circulation Ubrarlan, and Wydine McNalr of tithed by Naples Airlines with the speaker, and Rev A.B.

here is something new, I thought. But what makes it so? turkey After, bam delectable and all.the menu trimmings of. Tampa.........FAMU staff photo by Ernest Flllyau headquarters In Naples. Coleman, pastor of the host

What is a testament? Then I remembered Jesus's say lag church
had been served therewere
at the Last Supper that he was creating a new testament
further recalled of the many expressions' of Florida Memorial Prexy To Speak t
in his blood (St. Mark 1424): one
gratitude and encovagesMnl to YWCA PlansYeir's
Master's final Instrvctkas to lit *iscbtu "A new con-
mandment 1 give into ic*. that.). 1
have loved you...$t. Was UsU.M guests.The First
Then like raindrop that fetlov .*. another in rapid sue blgeest event of the Yito- win fi' eIaLE Dr R.W. Puryear, president of Florida Memorial College,
tide holiday wu UM benefit will be the
principal speaker for the first annual Altar Service
ether fekes to BM froalhesacred
cession ones started spoke SV COINIUUt I. ITAM Ml*.
Breakfast Dance sponsored Meetfog MondayThe to be
sponsored by the Raines Hi-Y Club on Monday.
pages St. Paul was heard, ft itemed joyously exclaiming MIAN SWil IOCMTVCMCAeO
Dec 14 from midnight atll
\ J
"If any man be In Christ he lea new creature: 4 ...., by the Laciest City YWCA A.L.Lewis Branch MUNOM cawMAJORITIES r The program '.111 be held In stration, faculty and student

old things are passed awiy,..(I Cor,Hi):closing UM cateredbook Charity Club to Elks Lodge. will begin the I Ml program the auditorium of William body in beginning the calendar

I glimpsed once mart she "_'" Just one theater Mule wu furnished to the Monday. The membership Hanes High School and will year with a religious and inspirational
before the last "And I saw a new heave and a new a bar ... year CAN BE WRONG convene in two sessions with
lilting strains of Freddie committee will meet to complete
and He that sat the threw .,Jd. Behold make all
upon ministers of the school community
Thompson and his Orchestra plans for the membership When Si Paul "a, at Ephcsushi I Million uitridiipprd 1 tin goddiM
ThM the words of MM re*
Rev. 211.5)
things new ( were
and breaklut was served dnr Ing campaign with Mrs. Mary L. mighty message lout Chrmt I IJiaiu fruit ihnunaml ),'arol..re participating
surrected Lord who la walked this' earth u I now do. He
Intermission and fallowing the Washington, chairman, presidinc. and the rich .of Gds grace had a Chrmi ui two minim after, Inn Dr. Puryear brings to the
had met all that I shall'ever be confronted wlth-and had
,.. dance on the first floor of the profound effect I 'melriul.n.llhe I whit known her talayP \\lurv I in the northwestern community a vast
overcome. I think ; .. now whenever! someone adks meun. of
.." balL Thursday, the Religious Resources silversmiths had been doing a bigbusiness evidence of all. the nnraiUs die I I.supnn'nvl background experience
..., ta those who have surrendered all to his
The club is UM largest and Committee will meetat making mlvtr khrini for to havn.lIlhl' ",'rJlI..ry service. He is an ordained Baptist -
there Is but answer Everything l A new cove
M, one : Minister has been
..e .. "Behold I make the most progressive in the 10:30 a.m. and continue the the goddess Diana, but mm theirbu.inr. in link inure than a memory a public
commandment creature.
a new a new city and the affair wu considered dlscssslon of the study guide .. was falling off ..teadily.Thrycould and the religion which nvolvwl 1 1amun.1 school teacher, YMCA professional

.J ant things new. HAW NIW YEAR beneficial to all eoncerned "The YWCA As A Christian not take t h i.ly inn down, her name in a thing! of worker and served a

since It wu gives for Movement." Members planning for they adored Diana-also they the pant u president of Butler College

Honors Set St. Paul Holds a most worthy ea..... Ie attend the Regional meeting adored the money they made selling Hut the BillI", all there nnlurxs in Tyler Texas for three years.

Mrs. LoucW. Femmer,1W.Meseaic in Atlanta Ii April, have been As the distinguished presidentof
images to help other pniplo adore anti more. haM KKXH! unchanged
Foi .JL CIO YdlttUe FeteThe advised to avail themselves of her) 1 and unchangeable It haimeaihrred Florida Memorial College

I... the opportunity to study. with Finally sonubody marled chant l. not barely 1 but halll.' for fifteen years, be has had
a pre-eminent Influence on the
President the committee.On drral is Diana of she ":p/oniaf'l Homely, all the olurlllM of criiHixin
annul Christmas breakfast Ja. 11 at '1:30 p.m. the Soon othera Joined and swilled the and oppumlmn; and, her (iriivitl I it. educational field throughout the chapel program.

A state-wlde testimonial ban was held In St. Pal' AMI Elects OfficersFor YWCA will conduct Us 23rd chorus. until oil wilt one tout,! Mir to lie imkvd the \\ord of G.I| southeast He has published Visitors have the option of attending

'"jet honoring Charles Harris, Church Christmas oralng at annual meeting in the cafeteriaof about the spate of Iwo kauri tried Head tin Mil*! '. t.|xtially that titles In the Journal of Negro either the 9:30 am.

I president of Florida AFL-CIOi I o'clock. A.W. Boston and New YeirGreen Brewster Methodist Hospital out,jrral n Diana of Iht fhtimni!" part vthiih l i. mi'ant for us I'xlaythe ,: Education, Florida State Teachers or 10:30 a.m. programs.
I co-workers thehffeskiasi. Association Bulletin and
be held In( Miami in.May'19C6. prepared Persons planning to attend have You we! the great mans of peoplewere cpinlds of I'aiil 'I hire we find ,

Bay Lodge 1M, rUM been asked to make final re- still faithful to Diana! Htlerring how Cod, the JIIIKC! of air, can In the Negro Educational Review,

I The dinner will be spoawwed AM.CotsU served as toastmaster recently elected officers for the serrations by Jan. 6.Eviigilislicil. to the religion, "huh Mirrotimlid just and still JUKI ify the.innerRom The speaker's affiliation include B-CC Dean
who remarks concerning the Association of School
by friends of Variety Children' MM meaning of Christ ensuing year with the rites this pagan goddess, the town clerk 3:21.26)), how He paid for our sins Administrations Alpha KappaMu
Hospital In recognition of /belabor being held at Masonic Temple, said THESE C \ the ,
Fete confidently: llmmlf when llf died aM *
..... Christmas carols were Honor Society, National Attends Confab
leader and the service 410 Broad St. with Deputy Simmons THINGS CANNOT BE SPOKEN Son on Calvary's croon (I Cor IS:
also College students Education Association American
program which he initiated. in sting presiding AGAINST" (Acts 19:34..16)). I t.3) and how lie ran now offir ,
nine Remarkswere of Political and
present. Academy
behalf of the hospital. were > Elected wereWorshipful : MOTHER Catherine Anderson In striking contrast, Paul man salvation to all solily liy Rrarothrough DAYTONA BEACH-Dr. Joseph
Bate the pastor and Social Sciences National Association
William E, Allen of Tampa, by Muter Willie J. of Panama City, will bead two later informed at Rome concerning faith in Christ (Eph. I:7: H. Taylor, Academic Dean, Be-
Mea'.Da fur Advancement
the erysalutianstosdskd
Florida secretary-treasurer of Cooks; Senior Warden, Johnnie weeks Evangellstlcal Service those who stood with him: Mlcm 2:7.10): ). thune-Cookman College was a
with the celebrationscheduled : of Colored American
the state organization has bee* L. Jackson Junior Warden, beginnlnc Friday sight Dec.Jl In March.vCiaM.c for Advance.
Association the
1 named general chairman of Ca f seep' Reason; Treasurer, at 9 o'clock In First Born RE IT ISSPOKNAGA University when 'The Planning
the selectedaueitinsjMt In'fRYWI may nut I* ill the nisjoniy' they
raider ment of Science and the New
I testimonial event. : { # uygs Joseph Cefpock Secretary, Temple, 125 W.' Monroe St., NSr.Acl' Council'the Mid-Florida
t11JJT dacar' P. Flet 28:22)) may even be '|x>kt'n again.thut of Science
Harris is a trustee Collie Mitchell senior Dnaeon, Elder A. Hill, pastor We wonder which.ide our reader they alone, in all the world enjoy Jersey Academy College Association met todls-
char and Jesses L, Williams, Dr. AA Robinson has -
1 Board of Miami's Variety Children's Charles Harvey,Junior Deacon, Following Friday night, the would now prefer to be on: that of the ksowkdrethe 8"NuttanltheJ"y announced cuss a 'Non Western Affairs
chairmenOther officers Is
eo- that the
Hospital, the nationally Arthur Darls. Chaplain, Willie remaining Bight's services will the suptrslitious. multitude, or that of .salvation general Institute' to be held at member
Joseph Coppage secretary, Invited to attend the Altar Service
known peadiatrlc center. St. treasurer J. Bird Senior Steward, Ray- begin at I p.m. The public isinvited. of the minority who place their faithIn schools February 7 through 11.
Jean Johnson ; and )Join with the admini
His group of state unions recently ModhrCottrell ford Mdtr. the Bible.NJS .
Mrs. reporter.
"adopted" Variety{ Chil Also Junior Stewart. Cleollr-

dren's Hospital as their major moo, Marshall PhiUkt Jones,
community service project in librarianAtttiJs Major Tyler Logans and WU- Club's Republican Group Golfers Guild

the coming year llama H. Allen, Senior Assistant

There are 1,019 locals in UM. teuton Secretary and ttaperter.Following Celebrates 103rd Fete Saturday Elects OfficersThe

state of Florida comprising a the Installation -

membership of more than DAYTONA BEACaMflsM Marthe. ceremony, '.I. Coppock wu Jacksonville Amateur

500,000 according to chairman Bethel, LJbnr.... BMHisiiCookman presented Master regalia M.s. Harper Sr. of Laura Street Presbyterian and Rev S. Golfers Guild conducted Us
Allen. College attended the by Loe. Watson pastor of Mt. Sabor Baptist Church will offer the election meeting for 1966.

meeting recently at Stetson University principal and guest speakers addresses, respectively, when Re-elected officers are El-

U.S. *ads In Deland, Florida,with the NJCS Club's Republican group observes the 103rd Emancipation wood Banks, president Joseph There
Bur Equal opportunity don work Gel
members of the Association Proclamation program Saturday at 11 am in Redeem Pauline Sr., vice president; is

ns. rrsxous..vx.evuer45.. sus wwsswr. ef Mid-rlprldl CeOegM. a good odllf.tioll..nd swill you Baptist Church, 30th and Buckman Set, Rev. El. Norman, Oscar I. Hlllman treasurer;

pastor. son Willie C. White, financial secretary .

The public Is cordially Invited Cornell Dunlap, assistant
Officers of the sponsoring organization
are E.H. Clipper, Sorority Celebrates recording secretary; P.J. oidyone
secretary William
presl iscllnoNS n precinct committeeman Holiday Dinner r Shellman, business manager;

arc sal ;, Miss Marie Hastings,3-H. James H. Holmes, chaplain.
Precinct recording secretaryMiss Eta Mu Chapter of Alpha Chi Dr. Daniel Laura, conducted

tez4 w. suY Verena Gardner,3-H corresponding Omega Sorority beld Its annual the election. diet cola
secretary Miss Christmas dinner at the Holiday -
5101 Inn Gifts were brought Funeral ServiceFuneral
Ruth Crutchfield, 3-H tag com.alltM
EMElS6lIE chalrsun and Miss Ada by the members for the patients

!50 t V. Morton musical director in the Maclenny Hospital.A services for Collier that ratesa
turkey dinner was served
Principal! address will be by
with all the trimmings. Present Cohen of 141 W. Eoaver St.
M J. Harper selection,general will be beld Friday, Dec.. 31
i at the affair were: Sorors
address by Miss M.E. Johnson at 4 p.m. in Mt Ararat Baptist .
Jaunlta Lewis bulleus Annie
guest speaker, Rev Wat-
K. Breaker, Myna Camper, Ullle Church, Rev.Dallas J Graham

Seviielo Club M. Smith, Lottie Mitchell pastor oftclathng.r famous

and Alfreda Lee.

"Happy NEW YEAR"HOGH'jOWL Meets Me diy ,

The Imloole Cnlrare Club will 1 cola

meet Monday,...1,117:00 p.m. '
U the home of Mrs Jennie Artie

Ford corner of Francis St.and

Oevetea ret War, mat Rd.Ion ell Mrs.CalVht name: .

3tLL Williams, Elgin 4-9036. / .


10e YAMS 10()!

12 oz. rxo. 4.M flR ItifMH. SUGAr

LARGE "A" SEGGS The Latest Men's Hair Styles


2 Are Taught At The

T. wish you a JacksonvilleBarber Es.


F T NEW Inc. \


9 DAVIS STREET ..au dwo ,, ,.
630 .
u. ......... 1 '

T J 1"' J ; 1 }- Jicksuiilli, fliri.i
.EIa i$i.i i.
1NEyft i '

t'I .

I .(

. . .-. -'- ,


-,_ ... -


I 1 Pay Final Respect To Rickey -Cite Howard ESSO Aids Education Fund

Medical Director _
-( '1' t P '
1. (.'
WASHINGTON-Dr. Dorothy B. 4TH L !
Ferebee, medical director,Ho-
ward University Health service
was honored at u appreciation
dinner recently for her 30 years
service to the university
The dinner was sponsored bya 1
Committee of) Friends representing -
the various organi
nations with which Dr. Ferebee
has been affiliated. Principal
speaker was Mrs. Ester
Peterson, President Johnson's
special assistant for consumer
The distinguished honoree,
during her tenure of serviceat
Howard University has been
clinical Instructor in obstetrics -
university physician and
assistant professor of preventive
She* also :rved on the U.S. EXECUTIVES of the United Negro College Fund discuss tills year' campaign with representatives -
Food for Peace council and in of) the Eiso Education Foundation following presentation of a check for $150,000to
1964 was named medical consultant UN.C.P With the $150,000, Esso gifts to the College Fund now total $1,010,000. From
L to the Department of left, above, Dr Frederick Patterson, president, United Negro College Fund; Robert Goodykoontz -
State, traveling extensively in a vice president of Humble OU & Refining Company, who made the presentation; J
South America and Africa on a James W. Bryant, executive vice president of U.N.C.F. and James Avery o f Humble, who
1E medical lecture tour is a national vice chairman of this year's College Fund campaign. Humble Oil is a contributor -
In 1959, in recognition of to the Esso Education Foundation, established In 1955 by Standard Oil Company (New
the outstanding quality of) her Jersey), Mumble's parent firm. '
-- -- --
career, Dr. Ferebee was hon-
ST. LOUIS: Among those attending the funeral of Branch Rickey Bill Shea, Continental League Kenneth Blackburn Jackie I
; ; ored as the first recipient of) HAPPY NEW Shaw Graduate Joins Peace Corps
I here are from left: Buzz Bavasl, Dodgers; Jack Kent Cooke; Robinson; Charles Swan; andTrankDuncanUPl TELEPHOTO) Simmons college (Boston) Distinguished -

Alumni award,and in SYRACUSE, N.Y.--Winlfred E. given to the United Republicof
, Tallahassean 1953 was its first alumna com- FLORIDA STAR Colliday, a 1965 graduate of Tanganyika and Aanzibar,
Lawford Signs Magazine Sums 10 Top Negro mencement speaker. Shaw University, has been Miss Colliday, the daughter of
named a Peace Corps Volun: Mrs Pearline J. Colliday of
Passes D.C. Role in teer, having just completed 14 4812 Ashland Avenue, St. Louis
, Hails
Gains In Year-End Roundup American Jewish Congress weeks of training here at Syra- will teach at the high school y
cuse University. level in boarding schools and

Bar Exam Davis MovieNEW Biggest Negro news of 1965 was made at the ballot boa, says Civil Workers The St. Louis, Mo, native who day schools throughout the
Ebony Magazine in its year-end roundup of the top 10 events Rights AcquittalThe majored in mathematics at Shaw country, expanding Peace Corps
WASHINGTON-James Lagarde YORK-..Peter Lawfordhas for Negroes In 1965. University, left for Tanzaniaon educational efforts there.
Hudson, son of) Dr and December 28.
been signed to a guest The exercise f American JewishCongress case
o new Negro nation's first
James Hudson of Negrowomanam-
Mrs. passed the bar starring role in Joseph E. Leyine' political power In the North bassador. hailed a decision last week Mr, Karpatkln also noted that In Tanzania, the new name
examination, In the District of "A man Called Adam"TraceMark and a breakthrough In voting 5. Passage of President by Chief Judge John M. Mur- while the demonstrators in this
Productions tea rights in the South made 1965 tagh of the New York City case may have caused some
where he Is employedin Johnson's aid to education bill '
ture for Embassy Pictures release "the year of the vote" for U.S. Including special provisions Criminal Court acquitting 17 inconvenience to passersby,the r InstantPhotos
civil volunteers set- effect of Judge Murtagh's acquittal -
Negroes, says Ebony Magazinein culturally deprived areas rights as ,
Starring Sammy Davis Jr., in its January Issue. 6. Employment breakthroughsIn ting a new precedent in cases Is that no Illegal act .
the title role, with Oasis Davis "American Negroes for the every area, ranging from Involving peaceful non-violent was committed in causing some
and Louis Cicely In demonstrators. members of the public to be
Armstrong first time their history are the War on poverty to the open-
Tyson and Frank Sinatra Jr., standing on the actual threshold Ing up of airline Jobs for Negro The 17 demonstrators were inconvenienced.
the latter making his film debut of a long-awaited birthright," pilots arrested on March 19 at the Mr Kar pa(kin's associate
"A Man Called Adam" is says the monthly magazine. 7. The Roman Catholic Church headquarters of the Chase Man- counsel during the sl.l-datrlal
hattan Bank in the Wall Street were Arthur Q Funn, general 500
being filmed entirely in and The top 10 events for Negroesin appointment of the Very Rev.
aroung New York under the 1965 listed are: Harold R. Perry, a Negro to financial district. They were counsel of the National Urban 1
w direction of Leo Penn. 1. Emergence of Negro power the post of auxiliary bishop of part of a Urge group that was League, and Burton. H. Hall of
Lawford will portray Manny, at the polls. Ebony singles out New Orleans and the Methodist protesting the bank's granting the Workers' Defense League.
the booking agent known as the the Cleveland mayoral election, church's surprisingly vigorous of loans to the Government of Among the defendants were Each
"Octopus", In this drama abouta which Negro Carl Stokes lost drive for integration with other South Africa, charging that the Karen Smith, 17 daughter of
gifted jazz trumpet player by only 2,143 votes, and the Protestants following suit. loans were strengthening the Mrs. David Smith, 355 Eighth
unable to cope with his per- role of the Negro vote in elec- 8. The Air Force promotionof government's policy of apart- Ave, New York, a memberof
heid. the national Governing Council Royal StudioSOCIAL
personal and professional prob- ting liberal Republican John Benjamin O. Davis Jr. to
The civil workers of the American Jewish
lems. Lindsay mayor of New York lieutenant general (three stars) rights were
-- Being produced by Ike Jones and moderate Mills E. Good- anti a you as c.flierif stafC: charged with "disorderly con- Congress, and Dr.George Wiley
the Washington,DCJawtirm and Jim Waters,from a screenplay win Jr governor of Virginia. of U.S. Fortes and of the! United duct" for sitting on sidewalk associate national director of COMMERCIAL STUDIO
of Rhyne and Rhytie, He Is by Les Pine and Tina Rome 2. Passage of the Voting Nations in Korea. as part of the demonstration and CORE. SERVICE
credited with having done the the film also features membersof Rights Act of 1963. Says Ebony 9. In sports, big league sWitti 'resisting arrest" forgoing -
chief editorial work in com- the cast of "Golden Boy," Officials expect that every football's first Negro official, limp after being notified
piling the voluminous Law and In which Sammy Davis is concurrently single qualified Negro will have Burl A. Toler, and big league by police that they were under FIGHT 515 DAVIS ST.
Judicial '' .2m of Nations, an starring on Broad- the right to vote by this year's baseball's naming of) Negro arrest ,
international lawyer, judiciary way, Congressional elections. Emmett Ashford to begin umpiring Although Judge Murtagh handed
and law school:: directory for the 3. The first White House American League games down no opinion other! than to ELGIN 4-1894
Washington World Conferenceon Promise Conference on Civil Rights,with acquit the defendants, Mr.Kar- CANCER
World Peace,\through Law, Kept more than 200 Negro and White next spring. On the playing patkln noted that there were
held,.in September, 196&. 41 .... .. .. '. 'leaders meeting with President fields, the accomplishments of ,two Important aspects to the ,o y.-o e. 'i'f1 .a ;, CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS -
The compilation is said by experts TOLEDO--(Ohlo--A 61 year Johnson to discuss Jobs, administration such stars as Willie Mays,
to be the "best summaryyet old alcoholic kept his promisethe of Justice, voting, Mudcat Grant, Gale! Saycrs and
published on Internationallaw hard way, to a judge that health and welfare, the family, Arthur Ashe.
and legal Institutions." he would never come back to housing and the community. 10. In entertainment a big
Young Hudson's father is a court again on drunk and dis- 4. Gains in the lie I.. of breakthrough In TV with Bill
professor of philosophy and religion orderly charges. government and politics. Ebony Cosby on "I Spy" becomingthe
and chaplain at Florida The man, who had been in cites the appointment of Ttiur- first Negro to star in a
A4M University. and out of court 105 times good Marshall as solicitor general non-racial role. In JournalismCarl
since I93'j, told the judge he the frequent mention of Rowan be.ame the nation's
would not be In court again Robert C, Weaver as leading first Negro political analystfor
invitations have been sent to. If the jurist give him 'break contender to head the new Department a major news" syndicate MARKETS
48 top amateur golfers to participate I this time.' of Housing an d Urban In the arts, the emergence of SU P.ER
in the annual Men's He walked out of court witha Development, the election of another Negro opera star, soprano -
Amateur International Four suspended 30-day sentenceand Constance Baker Motley as Grace burab.-y: who debuted -
Ball Invitational Championship $50 fine--and dropped dead. Manhattan borough president with the Metropolitan> QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
at Hollywood, Fla. Mar. 22-27. Death was attributed to a heart and the appointment of Mrs. Opera last ye u.
attack Patricia harris as amoassador
'o Luxembourg, making her the

Florida A&M University Receives FLA. GRADE A

$47 11 0 Summer Institute I Grant I CHUCKROAST

WASHINGTON, D.C.--A National Science Foundation grantof FRYERS'LB.
$47,110 has been awarded to Florida MM University,
,z Tallahassee, for support of a 1966 Summer Institute in Biologyfor
Secondary School Teachers

IO One of 65 grants awarded in Frederick, Dr. Andre Clewell,,
(2L: the United States and the only Dr. Howard Carter, Dr Roy
one awarded for a biology institute Hunter, Jr., Ira Jones, soc
at a university in the Dr. Lee Evans.
4L state of Florida, the grant will 27
1'Mr Car KillsOwnerDU3UNNP1)"A
w be under the direction of Zuble LB. 47
W. Metcalf Jr., assistant pro- ( driverless
fessor in the FAMU Department car killed its owner last week
of Biology, and will terminateon when Benson Newton Goad, 50,
September 30, 1966. was Impaled by the drlveshaft
Metcalf, who will direct the after the car suddenly lurched
: # institute with the assistanceof forward and ran over him twice, CLOROX
a highly qualified staff, served when Goad had gotten< out of the
last summer as one of a car to start it by holding downon VEGETOLESHORTENING
select group college teachers the gas pedal with a stick.
Invited to participate in the After rolling over Goad, the
1965 Radiation Biology Conference car circled a field 40 times BLEACHGAL.10e
at Oak Ridge, Tenn. lie and crashed into a tree. Police
has done work beyond Die mas said the shaft had to be removed -
ter's degree at Florida State before Cioad'sbodycould
University in Tallahassee. be dislodged.
Persons interested In the
National Science Foundation-
sponsored Summer Institute In To nil our 3 LB. 590
Biology .for Secondary SchoolTeachers %
many frtenth CAN

and neighborstie

We light the li/lllP of tend greetings LIMIT 1 W/ $7.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

hope fur till men ei'i:r),it'In re. -" and best SMOKED HOG JOWLS TONGUE IN 4 TEETH OUT 39('

: "" trinltes for
KEN KNIGHT t ; tp LB. 69

-Invites You To Listen To- : r U.S. #1 WHITE POTATOES 10 LB. BAG 33<



"DANCE PARTY" should write-to -Mr. fie FLAGA BLACKEYE PEAS 12 OZ. BAG lOt?

Metcalf In care of Florida AIM
University, Tallahassee, Fla. 3 (h, BAG 35*
Rir.U 11:30: til 12:00: Metcalf, who will direct the ROYAL RICE
.; institute and teach principlesof :J.YALIER CLEANERS

." .. Sahrdar S p.n. Til 12:00: ,.1. assisted vertebrate by Dr.zoology Ronald,A.will Chung be AND LAUNDRY FOLGERS COFFEE I LB. CAN 75$

of Tukegee Institute, who will

1400 WRHC 1400 give biochemistry: Instructions; Dr.the Lafayette area of 15 Locations HOLSUM WHITE BREAD LARGE LOAF 10$


,'_ "" -0 .i 4


. v. . ... .. .z- .++.+.. s t. i : i-i'ii1f..V Y1f. 'a++N sy .t+. .



bW. x .9'
1 l r1+ ( ? ,
J 1 t,9Wr /
t Ir .Y P i




OB Parade I Alumni Attended Alumni Renews Friendships i

,_ '-tnT"'I'l _.....- f_ __........... _

Co-Hosts MIAMI OB..Among Classic Florida AIM i 'L=r -r-

MIAMI..Actress Janet University alumni in attendance _
will Join Lorne Greene as here at the Orange Blossom

host and commentator, Classic were two parties traveling .
showbusiness celebrities by planes from Rochester
perform In the line of New York and Cleveland, Ohio
during NBC Television Charles (Chuck) Williams of A' ,
work's color coverage of Rochester headed the group
annual Orange Bowl from New York, which made
Taped highlights of the its headquarters in the Alcazar

Year's Eve procession will Hotel. This group of 38 traveled i v C w;
colorcast on NBC-TV by chartered plane. (1 'ti" ,

Dec. 31 (830-930; ; p.m. I 1 Alumni In the group from 7 '?/ r
and Saturday, Jan. 1 (10;30 Cleveland Included Mrs. Dovie 5U18 ttn
1130; a.m. EST), Michael Sweet, Mrs' Ciretchen Dates, ,
don, who co-stars In NBC- Mrs. Winifred Harden and Mr.
Bonanza" series John Brewton. Others in the ; ii

will lead the nighttime party were Mr.Sherman Sweet,
cession as grand marshall, Mrs. Isabella Rogers,Mrs. Ann
previously announced.Ten Hardee of Palm Beach, Mrs. ?
of the exotic floats F, Ferguson Mrs. Marcella c .

project this year's theme Jones, Mrs. Julia Wynn and .,
"Era of Golden J Atty. and Mrs. Robert Decatur --- _, -- -- ... --- -----

The final float In the line Instead of returning with the RATTLERS, INC. SPONSOR BUS FROM MlAMI-Some of the For many of the Rattlers, it was their first time back to the

marchwlll carry the '66 r-1 group to Cleveland Mrs. Dates members of the newly organized Rattlers, Inc., group from campus since graduation. Nathaniel (Traz)Powell, FAMUcUss
Bowl. Queen, Helen accompanied friends to North Miami, pose with their wives and guests in front of the bus in of 1948 and All-American end, is president of the organization
and her court of four Fldrlda, where she visited this which they have traveled to Tallahassee to attend the recent which has applied for a charter from the Office of the

cesses. 4"I week with her sister, Mrs. Florida AIM University-Southern University football game. Secretary of State of Florida
Different parts of the 4"r PcAlle W. Fears assistant professor
will be seen In the two 4"d of business and her
All-America Ink Patriots Pact
colorcasts. NBC-TVi brother-in-law Mr. Ernest D. _
coverage will be produced Fears Sr., instructor In foundations T r
Ed Pierce, with Dennis I of education at Florida

as director Bernard Green AIM University, and other' relatives
music director and Donald I In Panama City. L
--- -- --- --
Epstein as wrUer.McKay t
4"I explosive James 4 Lettermen

Inks will ignite 1066

''. Arena Montague Above and, he Return To -' !

MIAMI-Ouen Grid Pact McKay a KOFJ, the radio V I. Caters -

pound tackle from Shorts
has signed to play RALEIGH, N.C,-.Four letterman -
football with the Miami guards comprise the nucleus -
during the 1966 football to grow pineapples of Shaw University's t
McKay played collegiate a few years ago basketball squad which preps
ball for the Florida AIM pineapple fields for an IC-game CiAA schedule L fr.N d !

versity Rattlers The apartment build this year. 1
is the newly formed club In Bill Spans, in Ills fourth\ season
American Football at the helm of the Bears, has
McKay played for the a hawk-like bird the task of finding replacements
large freshwater frontcourt. of
Lions of the National for his trio Jim
less than 20 of
League and the Charleston Snow, Lee Monroe, and Joe

kets last year.of the Continental were that thousands destroyed in five.Byers the big men of last year's _

are respon- Among the returning lettermenis

'" 4 'vA Y I one of the CIAA's (Central
Intercollegiate Athletic Association :
) finest backcourt operators JOSTON Photographed when he visited Boston last'week, Gas Edward:: : Brook of Mass., looks o4i/. >a I.fl4d'IIe'J:

. Triple Honor Given Negro State NAACPSTo in Ira Mitchell who led Dick Arrlngton 23-year-old Notre Dame guard, (seated L) contract at South Bend, Ind., at the Insurance office of Frank
the Bear cagers to a CIAA goes over contract terms with Bill Sullivan R, president of Sullivan, brother of Bill Arrington received a bonus in tile

Attack Bias Tourney berth with an 18,8 the Boston Patriots of the American Football League, as Atty five figures (UPI TELEPHOTO)

ENID, Okla. -A three time honor chairman of the Agricultural scoring average per game. It
has been conferred on a 592 Stabilization and Conservation was the play: of this All-New
At State Fairs Gets First Negro Train twit fur rolnorrrnr'x john
acre bacheolor farmer of King community committee.As York City selectee from New
fisher County. chairman, he pushes erosion York High School
City's Hughes '
I TAMPA-Following a letterto ----- 'nu0111It' | right. Itut 11I:1\: h. not MUM il.INK, WMIIImli.in
In the
Clifford King, a resident control and other Improved that led the Shaw quint to a
Big Four community of 330 practices designed to maintainthe branch presidents throughoutthe spectacular seven game win din. '|Iharutut'orIa.hlhtramsntarh"NaJ"tINnl!
white families and hlmseU,was farms in good condition. state from state NAACP streak at the close of the 'G5 hitter, than nun lli.it'n progrtsu It teat |ptl,|>lrmN.|

elected for the( third time as field secretary Robert W.Saunders campaign lint ir ,iKo ut .iti. "pinriuiniii"* loi inw ,IIK| luliir i illh.l .

: watchdog committees of I'ot-by Height ((48 ppg), a 6-1 dElt Will von In. 'Jll| .ll.ht'.1 l t" mi; thou'hvorlts.
the organization will be on guard senior from Raleigh,N.C.;Bennie .
for a.'l forms of racial discrimination 3-0 senior
Lake ((4.2ppg), a
in programming, employment
from AshvUle N.C.and Norman
and use of faculties Joyner (7.3 PIg) a 5.11 Junior if Southern cooks
at fairs It was announced this
from La Grange N.C.all return
week.In at the backcourt spot to give
letter the officials
his to ,
Spann botft'depth experience %
said "It is fair time i
Saunders ,
at tie: guards. In addition, twoflrst.year
again.." 'fairs; are coveredby
men have looked equally SELF IJSINGMEAL'
titles" in the 19G4 Civil Rights Impressive In scrimmage ti
and pre-season sompetltlon. -
Saunders went on to say that
Spann pointed with prideat er.
most all fairs are in some way :
of frosh
tie performances
connected with agencies of George Renwlck and tutus WII.
state, county of local govern lalms. jPWMBM
"each operation i. ir
ment adding,
At the moment two things trouble
must comply with the
this nature
Spann about the Bear cagers.
1260 law by eliminating all formsof One is the lack of consistencyfrom
discrimination, his front court aggregationof
Saunders went on to say "I Ivan Donovan and Robert Spotlight Product Of The Week

am asking that you pay close "Foots" Williams, the G-G gust
attention to the operation of the! ,
year center from Raleigh's ry Miami, Florida
fair in your locality. Please Ligon High School.
with I
make immediate This year's club has absorbedthe
local fair ofllals, get to know offensive patterns very well, --
them and obtain from them written -
but oa: defense is where we
FLORIDA'SQ commitments that they are" have our problems Spann added."OUI' ...
with tile law.
in compliance
will have
In his letter Saunders also big little men better again LOUISVILLE, Ky.-Mrs. William Northington,left president
to a getting
suggested that speclalvlgll.1ncel,I. Edward TBreathitt look on as Nat Northington,of Louisville's
be made of school boards which ack position on defense Thomas Jefferson High School, signs a grant-in-ald scholarship ,

assign days for attendance by unTmR to attend the University of. Kentucky He is the first Negro to
students and to learn whether HAPPY sign a Southeastern Conference grantinaid scholarship.UPI .

1 "All Negro" day are still being FLORIDA STAR ( TELEPHOTO)

# scheduled.

Race -

A&T Star Inks Your Good Health Pigeons r

TAMPA-A flu'teilng cloud of
"y SAMUEl. ANDELMAM, M.D, r .p.H. hundreds of homlngplgeonswlll .
darken the skies during the
49er Contract opening day ceremonies at the the SHORTY-$35.

61st annual Florida State Fair, MEDALO STYLE #811fer
I once heard a bald man "I never appreciated my hair
GREENSBORO, N.C.-Melvln February 1. eor"">l t III. .d CaUlol efkto .
until U was gone. RHYTHM & BLUES Phillips, star halfback with the the other hand there is famous religious order that The plucky birds will hover allachiMiitl fend n.M and
On a
.......... ..'. yai.. rRlEt r.a
AiT College Aggies, a high 'can't wait for nature to take its course and shaves the hair over the grandstand getting >au. l. Jual w ll..
draft choice by the San Francisco -' their bearings in what will seem Gal/Maa'al rlalr ,. .. Inc.Daat. .
off the top of the heads of its monks. be.", ..Iljr H..It"" Noers.l flur Jf 35. ...y.COMBIJI' .
Forty-Nlncrs of the but mass confusion to the thousandsof G OW from lha HAIR ROOTS 5. Bklys
True, baldness is relatively rare la women many women In YOUR SCALP. Tha e.MIUM al
National Football League, was complain of a.1 alarming thinning of their crowning glory as spectators expected to be on I .Ye Isle Nt d.e d..M rllys
sighed by the club on Mo..day. hand for the event.MADAM '..Tiia.tiral M.tth t y..e
they rapidly approach 40.
Selected In the fifth round, hair Is not known but several facts -;
The loss of definitely ....... CARBONOUiwhich
Phillips was drafted higher that appear to contribute to it. One Is heredity. U m'.... with many Brer.it .
any other university or college relatively early bfMflcUl I",.......... CAM
The men In some families become bald I .
BONOEC U such iron* powarlul -
RADIO STATION football player in Noith Car tgewhlle others resist baldness all their lives. GLORIA ...u.. and d.M ....." flM

lina. Anything that Interferes with the circulation In the scalp work BUMPY In DANDRUFF.e.IP:: WI
He was also drafted by the favors baldness. In men, this may be the result of wearing Palm t Spiritualist Reader 51.57 DOCTORS r..rd for N =
auf.alo Bills of the American and PRESCRIBE --
a light or heavy hat or headdress.In Advisor In all affairs of life K.|. '..ull.... Many UA..t!.
Football League it result from a tall type hairdo or aitanully .e.ir doddi.t1ea.
women, may Business Sickness .
ceremonies Love Marriage ara iraa'iy fcy th*
"WHAMMYIN At signing Forty. winding the hair on tight curlers. etc. Lucky Days, Lucky uaa al thia ..r:1I atraafth tarlonntila
Nine Scout, Jack White said dandruff and certain hair Wrlta far tar D\X."I\M. .
Other causes Include excessive ; HandsThere t is no home GENUINE' SCALP FORMULA
Phillips will be used as a defensive and other cosmetic One of the chief causes of loss MW. will ha atnt r* all
dyes dreadful that she can't help. 4. :
back. so and raady ta USB IT 1-: aoaia and bniMi (a 544 aaJaa
of hair appears to be worry or emotional upsets. Located at: 901 N.W. 79tU St. VOA? DAYS, and If ,... an Sal r..M. ..u1..!..rail. "" "* ""
head coach for NOT DTIIE .... ..
Bert Plggott, testosterone hark. Par
cent "
the said he Is confident Recent studies Indicate that one per Phone: 751-9307. Open 1'a.m :"-1',1-:: =: Thai I*. !fflA'T'" aaiar .dially AVOw*
Aggies that Phillips, will make the ointment rubbed into the scalp dally for several months until 10 p.m. dally t Sunday. aludaa paiuiy; man avaryihlnf Yau (.r-.t.J.: .; &.......UDM....."'-DYAD.'''' .L.... of hair In bald .
will result In a moderate repowth in Fla. Ow dlrMtlMM. .. I1a.,6Wy
Located Miami, Uw Ida flnaat MEDICATED 'I'-1.:::
"he Sn
He said of Phillips, CMMI
grade. conditions recommend shampooing once SCALP FORMULA ..,. Caaa. CM
skin Pee.waq
Authorities on Visit to MADAJ/GLOWA and W In packal ar ._.
Is one of the finest competitorswe and twice week if It Is oily. nth huy. Ywr...... hair sad. c.._. In .n .e.d..1 B'-
hair U N
a week If your dry you will feel the difference.! aoal dMar** lina Just .adQwOAs. PI..la_ 81....
have had in a number of If you have dandruff you should use one of the newer dandruff Half price with this adIIIHIl >y .MAW 1 and PRODUC:;:;COLO ,.. _.It.. ..... .._. "1' ....
A clutch player IMC. td ....
years ... d.llv.rr elw '
{ .
De. j J .
MIAMI" removing shampoos. Haapa w* Bay back 11 ., .r.
offense and defense, he has Brush your hair lightly using a brush that has bristles Brsokl roBMULA'x* 11..._*_.r. .KOTI:, THIS c.4 1lle4a1 Hair ....(....... "....
exceptional strength and speed. that are DOt excessively stiff...preferably nylon ba Mnay ..... ....r le.v gny, rats DaaK at.!. e .aIr1133tl.w y,""I

1/ t

, l .llU .



I NBC Will Telecast Annuals est Shrine Contest -

Pepsi Cola Schedule Annual Event Worlll I Champ Retains' Title

i .r.r. -- Sign With Pros
'"rl' .
:J: 'f ,, -\.,.: TALLAHASSEE-Flvt players
from the Florida AIM University
4' RatUeu'football team have

", signed contracts to play pro- e
fessional football with National
r Football League and American

Football League teams.
Halfback Eugene Thomas and
end Paul Washington Inked con
tracts with the Kansas City
Chiefs of the AFL.Tackle David

:T Daniels also signed with an AFL
; club the Oakland Raiders.
End Art Robinson plans to
play for the Dallas Cowboysand
Center John D. Kelley will
Join the Washington Redskins

1 I NFL.Both clubs are members of the h

Robinson, a native of Hallao- L

dale holds the team record for t L
Ae yx pass receiving for a single
t season. He set the mark of
42 receptions and 563 yards -

in 1964. He had'43 receptionsfor NEW YORK: Welterweight champion Emlle Griffith lands a left to the stomach of challenger
562 yards in 65. Manny Gonzales during: the first round of their championship bout at Madison Square Garden.
Thomas is from Ohio
and was the leading scorer for J
the Rattlers this all with nine

TD's and two conversions for Top Rookie Topples
58 points.Daniels and Records

Kelly of Fort Lauderdale were
co-captains several times this

I AMERICAN TENNIS ASSCKIATION 50TH ANNIVERSARY..plan- ..i.A. ofU.Ul, (sealer figures) aUceo Hill, Aeeiat.nt season.
Ding meeting is held at Pepsi-Cola Company New York Head. Executive Secretary and HDr. Hubert A. Eaton President,,' Washington's best suit is defense 1311
quarters In preparation for the annual tournament scheduled confer with Pepsi P.R. men Charles Dryden and Chris Conner. He is from Port Arthur, a" ",

for Central State College, Wlloerforce Ohio In August 1966. Texas.

State Game Commission To AidU. Pilot Wins Sports ParadeBy

Of Florida Water Program

TALLAHASSEE--The Came and Fresh Water Commission DAYTONA BEACH. Fla..-Elilah Glnson.. Bethune-Cookman
at a meeting in Tallahassee December I, endorsed a program PETERSBURG Va...Hulon U college's power driving.fullb ck, has been invited to play
proposed by the University of Florida for a three year studyof Willis, Sr., assistant professorof with the South squad in the North-South Senior Bowl game at
factors affecting the present and future quality of Florida health and physical educationand Mobil, Alabama on Jan. 9. Glpson who recently closed a
surface water. The Commission agreed to support the University wrestling coach at Virginia brilliant collegiate gridiron career was elected fourth in
research program by a contribution o( one fourth of State College was recently promoted recent draft rounds by the Kansas City Chiefs of the American

the cost of the study.A from first to second Football League, and is said to hold the highest draft rating .

resolution proposed by can be traced back to a condition degree Black Celt Karate, the of any Negro player tram Florida.
Harold W. Ashley fifth district of changing water quality. art of empty handed self de-

commissioner stated that Florida The research program as proposed fense. NEW YORK-NPi)-The New York Boxing Writers association
with Its unlimited fresh by the University of Florida Willis who is now the top has named Casslus Clay the heavyweight champion fighter of
water fishing is the envy of will study the factors affecting Karate official in the state, In the year. Clay received 22 of 33 votes cast. He has an unbeaten
other states, however this Is the quality o f Florida's that he holds high positions In record In 22 fights including 18 knockouts and tour decisions
a changing situation and two associations, was promoted
many waters and in view of the state's
of the finest fishing lakes are expanding population, ways and simultaneously by_ Master UKof Robert the WASHlNGTON-NPI-Ralph( Metcalfe former Olympic sprint --
Titan r
rapidly becoming little more means must be found to retardthe United A.States,Karate" Association star in 1932 and 1936, has been named to a Ive-man arbi CHICAGO: Gale Sayers, rookie star of the Chicago Bears, relaxes in the trophy room of
than a haven for rough fish. destruction of our fresh and Master Matsutatsu tration committee to settle the feud between the NCAA and his home here recently. Sayers scored six touchdowns Li the December 12tli game againstthe
Ashley said, "For years the waters or within the forsee- Chairman of the JajanKarate the AAU. TIM dispute over sanctioning athletic events threaten San Franscico 49ers squalling the single-game TD record In the NFL. lie also shatteredthe I
Commission has endeavored to able future, tha lakes of Florida Oyama,. to weaken U.S. chance In the 1968 Olympics at Mexico City. NFL season mark of 20 with his final TD December 12th and raised his season total
correct a bad situation by manipulating as they exist today will bea Do Kyokushlnkai-, Metcalfe, now a Chicago alderman,was one of the nation's first to an NFL high of 126 points. (UPI PHOTO)
the fish population In thing of the past"Ashley Tokyo. Negro track competitors ..
The promotion also means that -
removing rough fish and stock stated. -
ing fish. This type offish Willis is now authorizedtopromote 4 Archers
game The Commissioner's support Prepare
management is at best a of the three year research program rank of his first students degree Black up to Belt.the New History Of Harlem Promises Galaxy Of StarsRepresenting
temporary. cure to a deeper Is not to exceed $15,000 "
Prior to this he authorized
rooted fisheries problem that and is contingent upon the financial HuntTALLAHASSEEFlorida's I
aid and support for the to promote up to the first class Many Untold, Startling Developments Foes
.Crown Belt _
Shaw', balance of the from 'rat
Changes archers have been
"Authenticity Is the time we A o Just provided '
other sources. At the turn of the century Harlem was art ideal neighborhood,
strive for. Any person can start opportunity to
a symbol of elegance and distinction. Those who could affordto
a Karate Club and promote as continue their sport during a The 41st annual Easl.W..1SlJrlne Warmath of Minnesota.Coachesfor .
Cage Dates Scoffs Figure they like, but without certification of time live In it became a grand style slum moved there.the Within a short period special wild he; hunt scheduled (game pitting college the West will be Jon! Kal-
a area, largest Negro ghetto In
and affiliation,students the worll for January 14. 15. 16. on the ,football stars from Eastern- ston of Stanford Comer Junes
RALEIGH, N. C.-Shaw Uni usually loose Interest," Willis Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management campuses against their counterparts of,Oklahoma and Kay Nagel; of
versity's Athletic Director Salary ReportsThe asserts. The story of how and why this apartments. High rent presented Area In Charlotte County. from the West, will Utah.
James E. Lytle announced two At the present time, the Virginia happened is told in "Harlem": any great rush of tenants, According to Jack Cllett Commissioner be broadcast nationally from. The
largest player the field
changes in scheduled basketball Chicago Dean'Gale Sayers State College Karate Club The Making of a Ghetto" by even after the subway was com- Game and Fresh Kezar Stadium San Francisco will U Greg Kent the 3-7
dates on the Shaw Bears' 19C6 denied published reports that and the Southslde Virginia Law Gilbert Osofsky, to be published pie tee. As a consequence of the Water Fish Commission Wau- Calf, Friday Dec. 31 Utah offensive tackle, who
cage schedule. he's getting a six-figure sal Enforcement officers Karate by Harper Row on Jan. 19. initiative of Negro realtors chula the special bow hunt for ((4:30 p.m. EST) on the NBC weighs 275 pounds.
The December IS game against ary in an exclusive interviewin Club are the only organizationsin "The rapid growth of Negro large numbers of colored people wild hogs will be limited to Television and Radio Networks.
Elizabeth City State College the upcoming January issueof his state recognized by USKA New York (before the turn of then began to move In West approximately 8,000 acres on This year's version of the
which was cancelled earlier Ebony. and the Japan group Willis if. the century) created social problems Harlem Mr. Osofsky writes. the field trial grounds of the Shrine post-season gridiron Davis' MotherTo
this month because of fall term "The newspapers started that authorized to establish or recognize and racial tensions unequaled Panic selling began. Blockbusters CecU M.Webb Wildlife Manage classic promises a dramaticduel
final exams at Shaw has been $100,000 stuff 1 didn't "pro groups Interested in since slavery days" was stimulated by unscrupulous ment Area and archers participating between two of the finest Play In MovieNEW
rescheduled for February 10 football's Rookie of the Year affiliation with the associations. Mr. Osofsky writes. white and black realtors. in this special hunt power runners in the land-
at Elizabeth City. told the magazine" Part One describes these developments And soon Harlem became will b required to possess an Mike Garrett of Southern California YOKK--A sign "Welcometo
Lytle also announced that the "As a matter of fact, I haven't FAMUan Gets and places them changed from a segregated archery hunt permit in additionto and Jim Grabowski of ADAM, Mama," greeted El-
February 3 tilt between the told anyone outside m>' family within the framework of our white neighborhood to a their regular hunting license. Illinois. vira Davis on her arrival on the
Bears and A&T College has been bow much 1 really got HoweverI Assistant's Post national history Part Two tells segregated Negro ghetto. No special permit or wildlife Both squads can claim other set of Joseph E. Levine's "A
shifted here to Shaw's Spauld- I did admit that part of the 5 how and why the Negroes movedto Colorful personalities of Harlem management area permit will lop ground gainers as well, and Man Called Adam." A former
log at the deal called for Pig-footed be required for the Cecil M. this dancer and the mother of Sam
Gymnasium request a three-year, DULUTH, Mlch.-Bernard J. Harlem. Part three shows are presented year's game may providea my
of ALT College officials. The no cut clause with a 1965 Pontiac Fennell a December 1909 how the ghetto became the slum Mary one of the wealthiest Negro Webb archery hunt other than rare spectacle in this modernera Davis, Jr.,Mrs Drnlshascome
February 17 contest, originally Grand Prix thrown in. That's graduate of Florida MM University it remains today There are 16 women in early Harlem; the regular archery permit as of football of the ground out of retirement to play a
scheduled here,will be switched all I've ever revealed to the began work here December pages of pictures. Madame CJ. Walker who made required for the Citrus Ocala game stealing the spotlight from featured part in the Embassy
to the ALT club's homecourt public," 20, as assistant to the The history of Harlem was a fortune from a system for and Guano River archery hunts. the passers and catchers. Pictures release, which stars
Moore Gymnasium, 11>i Greensboro Sayers "scoffs" at reports changed by the development of straightening hair. Archers will be required to Another phase in the dramaof her son in the title role.
that the Bears gave him a slx- the subway system which resulted check in and out of the designated the contest will determinehow This will be the first time that
figure contract the article In over-building by realty checking station when two powerful and flashy Mrs. Davis who will portraya
notes. investor, the author shows. entering or leaving the special offensive units can cope with lady bartender In the film,
Watch This Clown West Harlem was glutted withNEW WHO ALL THROUGH hunting area. Camping will be two stout, outc'sndingdefensive! has worked professionally with
Rattlers Win \\lio n>'. flKhliiK'M flnlxhrnlfin permitted at the camp groundson squads. The West's line aver her famous son.
82-20-56 ihr )"r r' Thpici Imrcllypiii e the field trial area, and ages 235: pounds a man, and Being filmed In Now York
In the iiiiiiilry' where N archers will be allowed a bag the East's 225.: under the dlrecllot i,f eo Penn
mini 4 Hill find N >la,* In
| wHit
51 45 14 Cage TourneyFORT line I If lie bouM. N K I rungIdii limit of one wild hog per day The West leads in the series, "A Man Called Adam" costars -
I4 for (In* outdoor mid. Htiml and two for the specall hunt which began In 1925, with 19 Ossie Davis Louis Arm
\)' i iii>'iltnllnii/ In addition to the Cecil M. victories to 16 for the East. strong, Cicely Tyson and Frank
1 VALLEY Ga.,...The With I little Ingmully and a Webb hunt, the Guano River Five games ended in ties Sinatra, Jr., the latter making
: FLORIDA AIM University fair mcaturt of fortitude any. Wildlife Management Area In This year's East squad will his film debut. Guest starsis
Rattlers won the first annual one can extend hit flthlngpltaiurtt St. Johns County will also be be coached by Floyd "3en" Peter Lawford.
through the coming open to archery hunting for wild Schwartzwalder Ike Jones and Jim Waters
Fort Valley State College Invitational winter months, say the Mercury of Syracuse are
2 3 Basketball tournament YEAR outboard folk*. hogs for five weekends begin. Jerry Burns of Iowa and Murray co-producing the Trace-Mark
here last week. DIng January 22. Productions feature.

11-88-92 Led by Thurber Cadwell Jr., I -- -- --
and Jesse Daniels the Rattlers
defeated the Albany State College administrative counselor of the Wishes;
44 915 66 Rams 106-79, in the first Duluth branch of the Office of

Sometimes He's Up contest. They came back in the Economic Opportunity.
Sometimes He's Down finals to edge the Fort Valley A former Peace Corps Volunteer Here'' to the
He adds, subtractsHe Wildcats, 110.107 in a thriller Fennell served from
August 1963 to 1964 In Ceylonas New Yrarl; Hrcl
works It all around Daniels a sophomore tram
COMING ATTRACTIONS Hollywood, Fla. tallied 26 a physical education instructor
with the italics friend' .
Ceylon Peace Corps !
points in both contests.Cadwell
32-184-21 a freshman from Camden,N.J., project. He is the son of Mrs.
was tile high point man in the Namon S. Fennell, 449 Hurley Reyno
with Street, Orange Park and was Pharmacy )
first game 29 points It
MAN'S DAYS graduated from Dunbar High 525 fie
was his first collegiate game DAVIS STREET
School at Green Cove Spring
ARE NUMBERED Corner of ASHtCY r00o sroAts

PHONE El 87871 Md

Jachsonrille", Florida;
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1901 KINGS ROAD EL-3-8276 L

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: S Cheek-your Including tar'e tir the.f apare.carefully // W* :Art To 110. Pcooe I Top Slugger Traded To Orioles New Quarters lUlU

HOUSE FOR RENT A badly) worn or slick spot "Moreover man hu a na. MAIDS N.Y. SLEEP.IN
on:tin li especially danger tural right to be respected.He For Evicted JOBS. SAL FRIES TO $95.Fv .
I lurnlshed. when driving on ice or hu a right to hit good
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brakes are In top condition. truth and, within the limitsof ABLE MAIDS AGENCY, "163N.
the moral order and the _I s.r WASHINGTON.....(N P1))- MAIN, FREEPORT N.Y.
common good to freedom of Josephine Dupree, S8 rear
speech and publication andto old mother of six children ,
R. S. EVANS freedom to pursue whatever wu reunited with them last Rheumatic And
profession he may choose. I pa f f week when the National Housing
authority obtained DeW housing Arthritic PaIRs4tIIIJ
3RD & MAIN "He has the right also to 10 d furnlsDlnS through FREE RUG SHAMPOOWith
be accurately informed about the D.C. WeCare department.Mrs. .
"Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer" public events." Dupree was evicted Rental of Shampoo Equip
EL 4-8381- 4-8382 while she was hospitalized last ment. We Rent: Lawn Mowers
May. Her home was re-rented t Garden Tools,Floor Polisher P. t. S. CAPSULIS
: her furnishings and personal 4 Sanders Mechanic Ji Hand ThauMiwta have)found Mathht*Iwn.wy
65 BUICK $4195RIVIERA removed to the etIIIY: :.".:..11.: ."' '
belongings city Tools, Local One-Way Trail. t''Iah.wOOId.., .., AnMr'lyaa.....I....ho Le-MN Alu'.N:
dump and her children placedin ers. .cnrwLal I..r..Nar
Junior VlUlage. M Ip"Y M.'A } M..IMAM..up.1Y.f .
63 CHEV.l IMPALA.... MHJti. tOTAI.SPT.OWNM CPE .ITs. .JUM1. .n'. .t$1395 She obtained the new quarters .NATIONAL RENTAL CENTER :..Yp you t r'HHZ. :n4 ritt twPninT l >NT i3CwSrS"l
V a STICK'RI". In return for agreeing to dismiss .It".' "'. CWAULM:
65 VOLKSWAGEN . .. .. .Down $ 195 two court suits which 7323 N. Main St. PO 8.8955 .
62 CORVAIR MONZA COUPE .. .$ MSpmo # she Instituted against the a-
e* !\ RADIO a laATIDIt. xx* CHAM gency.

64 T-Bird, Local Owner .$2995Am :TI hospital Upon her she release went to from live with the This Business

eoKMTioif. man LW.ATIIM: IHTMIOH. A MAOTTI her mother while the children OPPORTUNITYRings
65 CHEV IMPALA HTOP 4-DR. V-8 $2595 remained at Junior Village.
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