Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200690datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 21, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006900740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 21, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 21, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Shooting Spree
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Bombings Shock Nation With City Body 1/i 1

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NEWS The of FulfillmentBy
published by the Florida Stiu Publishing Compinj *FEAR IS THE TAX THAT r4 'CON5C/ENCEPAYS

ERIC 0 SIMPSON...........Mintifli. Editor I TO GUILT" ",own, Speaker, U.S.JOHN HOWM W. McCORMACK of X.prMnt.tlves

HYSON E. WISE........... Niws Editor i
The first session of the 89th Congress is completed.We .

HILDA WOOTEN.......... Clrcnlitloi Manager : ,I have come now to the summing up. If we had
to give this Congress a name, a name to distinguish
from other Congresses of the pyt, a des.
m in history we would have to
Ignition ,
7323 Moncrlil Road J ftoii Elgin 4-6712 i iI it is the Congress of fulfillment


Maiirnr. AddressP. I The extraordinary achievements of this

Congress are, apart from for example

0. Boi 599 iI Jacksonville Florida 32201 the early days of Franklin Delano Roose
velt because its superbly historic record

MIAMI OFFICE generally was created without the acutt

pressure of tragic national crises.It .

138 NW 3rd Ave. Phil 377-1025 II ,, f was done out of a sense of the na.

a M.c ..a tion'a greatness.
.. This Congress perhaps more than

any other Congress that has been before reached a

SUBSCRIPTION RATES higher moral elevation.THIS .

One Year, $8.00 Half Year $4.00 WAS THE CONGRESS

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States This was the Congress that gave the Nation Its fint
Subscription payable in advance a t rrId real "nuts and bolts Housing Act. that took aim at the

heart of America's housing problem and extended to
Send Check or Order to
Money :
the less fortunate American an opportunity to raise hit

t t'aml1yln new and better housing.
This was the Congress that thrust Itself into the very
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 pit of our neglected national education problem. It

Jacksonville l, FloridaThankfulness enacted Federal funds for elementary and Mcondaryschools.

; RHOPESIAN PREMIER .. It took the best system of higher education

e IAN SMITHAFRIGHTEHED and made it even better with continued Federal grant

to our colleges and universities.This .
Is A Decent Thing LITTLE MAN was the Congress that launched Appalachia,

i WTH BUS MAS! providing aid that totaled $1.1 biljion' for an I1-state

J program, changing desperation into hope. It passed i
While man should be thankful for the many the Area Redevelopment Program. It provided $.54

blessings he receives daily, the annual million for manpower training. It expanded President

Thanksgiving Day observance by the gen Johnson's poverty program.

eral public sets a wonderfully warm ex This was the Congress that blazed a new edifying

ample.Thanksgiving Day was bred and nurtured trail in the field of medical cart for the aged that
authorized grants for community mental health centers
in religion, the American culture,
for professional and technical staffing and that worked
by the pilgrims who followed a tradition
to stamp out heart disease, cancer and stroke.
practiced long ago by semicivilized Your WeeklyHoroscope This was the Congress that destroyed the long-held

tribes; festivals they were. myth that once a tax is imposed it is never removed.

Far too rna y people are ungrateful for Excise taxes were repealed on a massive and historic

the sacrifices made by parents, associa scale.

tes, and others. Many children feel that This was the Congress that removed the stigma of
parental duties are imperative, and theydon't 100 years of Negro disfranchisement from the soul of
America by passing the Voting Rights Bill.
have the thoughtfulness to
This was the Congress that gave encouragement to
Thank you, Dad, for the check you sentme. the Nation'a struggling artists through the establish.

." Newly-wed couples forget the courtesy PABLO, The ASTROLOGER ment pf a National Arts and Humanities Foundation.

of thanking people for the gifts These are just a few of the accomplishments of the

they receive.HOW WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 89th! Congress. They indeed show that this Is a Congress .

many of us thank God for giving us of fulfillment.
The record of legislation written by this Congress will
a sound mind and body, as well as the
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELAIRES live forever in the story of man's progress to the realization .
to be moderate in all things
common sense of his noblest dreams and the fulfillment of jug

--eatingdrinkingsmoking, and behavior? tic,.and peace through sound government
HOW many of us follow the counsel: To --

thine ownself be true" ? issues to the breaking point. activities that are strictly confidential .

How many of us have given thought to There are Indications of a cash you must take the at- AQUARIUS
the many gains made by the Negro race and Born: March 21st-Aprll Wth or property legacy coming to most precautions against a Bon: Jan. tOth>,.b. lltala Let's Be Cirefsl Abort Accidents
the Cemlnlans who are to line leakage that could have rather
speeded by the 1954 supreme court decision
for such But sine there is upsetting consequences. This
1964 civil rights legislation, No matter where you |o or a lunar eclipse on the same may require you not to share Then bo ase giving the luring the past week, we noted news articles

and the 19S3 voting bill? Many people, writ tnert seems to be little day, this could iD'Yo1ytperaoaal any secrets with friends or even velvet'glove treatment to anyooa reporting all kinds of accidental

black and white are responsible.A chance of obtaining the,,Infer disputes or litigation causing some members of the family who comes around making injuries and deaths. one man driving
mattes or, satisfaction you art delays group. Ton also have to steer unreasonable demaoda. If yoa
according to snail
grateful heart, CHEER, a compact automobile somehow let
after. Call on your inner reserves clear of prying neighbors or hare beta frugal and economical
March 19R3, will initiate Thanksgiving. of patience and self M3-80-44-38 UM chronic spreaders of gossip, !, it undoubtedly has been hloseIf run up behind a large trailer

Rather than wait for some .especially' control since you cannot buck malicious or otberwl...All this for sound personal. reasons and truck and under its rear end to meet his

bountiful gift from Godlet us be thank the tides once they arc In full LEO Is emphasized by the advent lOt for the benefit of anyone death. He was driving a little faster

ful for what we already have, remember- flow. In any trent, you woulddo Born July t3rd-Aug. lied of a lunar eclipse that often else, assocoatss, friends or than 'the truck which was moving alone
well to mailing Is of unfavorable de1opIa.at. rank outsiders alike.Tour loved
prepare your as omen
inK that much good may come from heart- the highway just under the speed limit
list now while you atlll nave .. It also Indicates ones bow that you are extraordinarily
fplt thanksgiving for simple, little time, and to draw up the list There Is little doubt that each that delays or otter factors over generous but you suy for tracks.

things. of things you have to do and Christmas Is making greater which you have no control reader also hare to make them understand Another nan ran into a filling station

Finally, let us not forget that Thanks and the presents you must pur and greater demands on your any form of travel uadealr- that this ojuality caa go Jut gasoline pump, set it afire, and luckily

giving Day is more than a symbol for football chase. TUs could save you the pocietbook. This year Is not apt able. It's time to be home. ao far. B appears to be very no one was killed burned or injured.A .
pains of getting caught in the to be the exception and you may wise not to reveal too aid
games, parades, turkey and cranberry mad rush that Is slated to get be hard put to figure out tow of what is oa goat mid zed to Leon County n,20-year-old materials

sauce, highballs, and wild par underway as early If not earlier to .tr.tela'OIU' dollars and MI-IO-SS-1M work oar your plans secretly farm worker died shortly after being

ties. than usual. The Incentive: to provide the pleasure that your so as apt to Jeopardlae; them crushed against a concrete mixer on woodvllle -

Almighty providence, we thank Thee for drive straight up to your chosen loved ones may be expecting SCORPIO ta any way. The lunar ecltoo Highway near Capital circle Drive.A .
primary objectives is not lack from you. Beware of drawing IDdSeateClIIIU yoar coanooacoa
Son Oct. 4ta-Nov. Had cable metal
livesl) carrying bucket
our : a snapped
to shirk spread around taking
and not
ing you are apt oa your cash and resources couldthb
any amount of work that maybe with the mistaken tension that pleasure out of waatyoa and dropped to a rasp near the victim
What Kind Of Place Is Heaven entailed. Toe lunar eclipse a gamble here or speculation Obstacles that prevent yoa from an tatoadteg to do.: Dent and slid down on the ramp pinning the

announced for this day Is an there may enable yon to accumulate relishing a success seem to worry too maca ekes poe dart MIl between the metal bucket and the con-
We were recently attracted to a letter indicator of delayed malls and the sums you II.... abound during the crat quarter. always Bad waat yoa waat.atae* crete mixer
written to the international evangelist, communication In general.MtftOlMII The only alternative is for you They any also be tacoaateredta Urns ta oa poet aide.
todouble your work output through the psrsnaaceatyoetra.utic Last week an 18-aranth-old girl strang
Billy araham, asking this question: overtime and greater or Interests making ...1..I..mCA1CD led to death accidentally when 4 word
"please tell what believe heaven
"me you r endeavors. This may be all right it somewhat problematical as screw lodged in her throat. It wu thought
will be like. for the Leo who are young to whether yoa eat llvt apoto
at first that the girl died from natural
First, the evangelist stated, "I'm afraid TAURUS and vital enough! to withstand the yvletlde expectation*of yoar
Borm April lOth-yav toth besidesyoarseU.This causes, but the screw, three-garters of
that my opinion is irrelevant on tilt strain but It Is tEem dear ease Jon JwaeUadXTtty Had
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such mended for the others who have an
question Is know
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It la DOt too early U some many more .u.to&be CCryd4!, undermine yoarseU-coandoact autopsy. The Bother stated she had no
that Jesus had quite a lot to say about may think to get your holiday In some cues, a new and better since there art many days torweta Wade a targt tat omtls prat- idea bow the child got hold of the
heaven, and He was not in the habit of preparations under way First rc provide the lOW aad Christmas Badmiaaroas tidally auadatory inset days
olutkjob after opportaatUea to tan tome* lift/a atUgattoat aadto Accidental poisoning kills about 1,500
talking about things and places that of all, there Is tim question
did not exist of bow much money available BM tables ta poet Cavor. rsepaethCRne. R IIIaIII4 ad people in the United statts'trtry year.
Ml-SO-lS-lM obtained at the prtet of poet
for purchaseofpresentsandall All of these accidents could have been
Jesus Christ said of heaven Do eat take ta extra
: 1.11.5041.511&AG1TTAlU11a :
the trimmings that are put avoided if precaution had been exercised.
l.Our knowledge. shall be increased in These Jobs last to satisfy at.......
of the Christmas scene. VIRGO
By reading labla on the bottles in aedlclne -
of samiBat who mato pet
heaven; .most likely to
are the factors Born Aug. IJrdSept Und
2. In heaven we shall at last be conformed keep youprtoccupled from aemjaiy axplottag yap tea and kitchen or putting
flora Her. Slrd-Dee. Bat
todtlge may have to adopt 1M atttade poisons out ot the reach of snail children -
the start Before you -
to His Image. (Now by being Bade in very Then are always tadtvlfrals that yoa bats post twa tetareto th.re would have been,
la considerable daJ.drt&mJDc,1t no need for
the image of God it must be emphasizedthat who want to na the show and DiM about aad... poi taa
worthwhile Then seems. to to ao seed the SOO deaths
annually from -
we shall not look in heaven as we for you to shop around to check who remala Indifferent U to for worry over IBS act that aot waste all pier Oat and poisonlag.
do on earth -in the flesh when man exercises on available or desirable cut whether this hurts anyone or Den are too many obstacles energies aa other people troaatst. -
not. You may be undergoing such Tat Caaetrtaat who
his power of re as or? and acquisition items. and on the price tags an ordeal without the .means of standing between yoa and ON total ta ttt loyalty lad tteperadoa .
of knowledge and use his will he that are attached to them. This defending yourself as ym live resells JaI have beta aiming .
be tor af tteJr rise at aaaoctatot Kirkman Predicts 19
is like God to a finite degree. The image will save you the unpleasant too late every right to ell:). PaUiactIs tor. Xothtagwm With spoiled fierytaasperaaeot tai sot have at ...
surprise of discovering tat waiting. post
all that cu be counseled a be eerarn4 abaA either
is spiritual. .
) ; that have been wishful aad tut tompa
in heaven and you realistic may for Do moment for aay at. waoa to atari mew at for lees ttmt to.....
3. certain
sorrows sufferings of thai over aspects yoa wOl bow
back could
tempt to tight very
celebration now eat ..,- meepee at ray arlgMtadkattoae on HighwaysOver
our earthly lives will be unknown. of the yuletide well result la a showdown to and to. a taaar tcifeta
and the lunar eclipse backs Mrs to get whereat you art
4.in heaven there will b, zestful activity which! you could very well be SOBM Ofncatty early stresses tto used at
tat belief that it la area going oa time.
in serving God. (Many people, living ap less costly to be fully informed tot loser. 1e Ylrgoana no over aoaatagproblataa.ralatkm rtvahmttag whole phflc.

on earth are walking around Mead well ahead of time and to all possess the low of someone with ta-laws or the toaaftOtfyof -rogardtagaeaaandvt4U40UtU )- Holiday
who Is steady and true, or*ho
on their feet. ) ; ways. are occupied to tascteatag ladeooatrectivepsrtnttsmgtoo. making aa txtoaded voyagtaaoald
to set aside, B poaaftit
5.in heaven sin will be
no more; $.12.1043.415 lid eta tomttpwtEamaca
Billy Graham recognized man' inability alder themselves lucky enoughto more you satisfactorily .....,.. T All AR MBit CM. BL x.tlelaee. .
to describe heaven, its glory and beauty. be able to rise above partly .-u: OtmM ef BM Deter .,. a ....91 mail ese ae a .*.
hath personal consideration The tniotiiuCaJUCOUl Bom Fmb, JD.",",. SOft meat ef PkUe ..,..,. suit Me at a waste mesa e.wealb
not heard
"Eye nor ear seen, nor lunar' eclipse, oa the same day m.artaee ...tr aMl tt pews teUSM MINt at BV. .**.!,-
the heart of man conceived what God bath CIV02Q foreshadows a rather trying Owtaf to BM met mot yes will Ci ta *ffl* messes e* Oei. DUtIl use re.eadaewge
prepared for those who love Him." Bon Hay tit-J.e list axperteact connected wiG the : may a* wetgaed done ay pet nertaVa .>.... sad ai av retil s sea ......... end

During slavery and many' years after B- home zed outside tcUvttiss. Ion DIe. tzaaXtea. ttttWatOer aoaal tnIIUte or eOcaU raspoastbflinea .... De 1M Iet T1awstaiGeiNrt. ..a..u er.Mtf Bk. sow aa *.*.
mancipttionoldtine described wuit you auy be rally wan Rely oa your cleverness aadtoguaity > m wwe rid a* .. a tea eca.101e II to....a .....
Negro preachers of tat advisability of saatatata- to see you through tr.ls ttt mafia Bat to your adrantaM to atteaapt 1Mtaa Yte hew 1MMy ewaa ... elr..M
heaven as a place in the skits tag complete bazaar ta you safely. art slow or tocaaat ef ether to taa ua etaar chutes rotate ...... .....Metes II .:tI ... to to on ev .../. tidal 11M

with .golden streets and pearly gates. key ralaUoasafca, the tendency ..... Melon ever which yoa to ta* tosataf .Boanaaappoara p5_. ....... X M4n. pose'. hetav ........ .
They pictured heaven as a concrete place to apeak poet BUa4 will moths 1.1'-40-"..11 have aoeoatrolsicoasrvt worry a tofccM OK yoa eaees.te end 1 aedtrr, uw". wm ta* atneoiBisi J ie,.*<
,.....s. Toe art apt will tall auk much aragrosa ta $...... tt ?seem etasp.1.It1 helmet ewes M4 tM t.wIU1M
that could be perceived through the senses easily sad atttatJoa aa roe part .
tatarfereact the cf goKtag araaaata ana be ww ..... see auaver .... B O. CM.weed +
of vision and touch. know that to meat aay UBJU act speed Sings ap. Toa risk tr.. tea a. .
I. now to be .rIII. mesa wgethet. May n kMt er.m.eMI.cr Eutmn to M.. to t ea
*tat yoa patprivate Bon Sept SrdOct.. ttrdTito taapoatag farther strata aa
heaven cannot be thought of in these dimensions aflalra. Tats ta tan you narvoat system which TM ana aaeaar ta year Meet to DeW" .aW. wUe Yy ate ewataree to aa arlwtw"omt :
IN StlvtM. .
for it is a place of the spi Bald protet a like reactloaoa slouch to a...... tapacJaQy toaM a* fa*vtBtagaMa yorr crime d..wee ,..c.mueemases dater yeas....Men4e ..KLee
rit. tat part of taoat who claim certatoly to sot CM rlgUTUs by" aa c ;tkmnlaan vie hue tiller ball er aaargadt towda Th- ,sa.tat Day BM ilia powwow wee eelesr es

in the spiritual sense, Jesus told pee.piethat"the tat right to do BO Its resultstroai certainty Is sot tile ricUsaooNst baoa emit ftt weataor sot na to ussirtiki sat taaa. ior ctaaaj yam !III m MQ aeons,, awed ..... II ........
lICIt Ittaly TM taaar adtaasLi at ft*
acct claaaer art to btod r-neu.onur Toa to wvrttagp reel YM .,....
within long ago may m m ens mess eMs.eyeeds .,. .....-.J
Kingdom of Heaven la to be very ..., eM for aaiwnneltoactraad. or ta wrtttog. Comtec tveataof a ratter amhsTkaa program at the .ejsartar. ta a warataf W1U a* SWIM *... Sit,mess, m sae ........
you! Jtlua. made it plain that heaven Tat act that aterU7 waka you live ao prestatawareness to* the eelebrattaa olDIe ,... epitet weimotk w eeeldlSera e easy a May dtaese tY Rwn .... ,.... .....
was a spiritual place located everywhere ta ixtagrttroajaaeeoaWSat tools pane you Odt aad the kaoOag tat atpreanati. Dial esa.. 1e dttt.edal to ........ AOr rwMtt ai.eaaf II ... M e.4 Ywe W lees -
conceived by the powers of the aaHadvaataga.casHon- from Uvtag ap to your word poet tea Mwg. Haw ta wit's Yep e4 measeabw a tee may eww .... .' eer.M.ed
as acatost proastag aay StoaU poe be eagipd ta aay 1-ll-lMa-lU .1..IWGt.. a Mar an.e o.natr De ..... ci1M.


-- -- -
-,----. "' ". .,,' .,. . .?" ,' W : l.B l WL, ..". ,

I r" 1


Underwriters Hold Important Joint-Session Club Expands Fall -Wintor Aclivllies

fl.JnInJ / .
J 1f4 r '

,. #

'., ...
\, '{ 411
S '

__ Y11a t

!f"i SAGE ADV1ai-
On the question of wages, homemakers do you feel
r unfulfilled when you're scrubbing the floors on your
hands sad knees, pushing the mop or broom Do you
( honestly man In 11eunjdbi pitch and catch with the little

: Whether you love It or bate It, you are s housewife
std likely to remain so.
To make your job a little more pleasant (that le. if L
you are staying at home and really being the littlehomemaker
), why not Ilk hubby for s salary Just
like aQ other people who work? (And watch him hit _
the ceding ft Good for s laugh, anyway _
The u.s. Secretary of Labor reports that s regular
housewife works S tie'.bcur weak. She spends 44.8
.. hours ss s nursemaid& (at 11.23 per hour 8.9
.' .. I. hours ss laundress ((11.90)), 13.1 hours u cook
4 h a 13.50)). plus amultltude of other duties.
Even without overtime for work beyond 40 hours
MEETING In the conference room of kyrtis Avenue Branch Library recently. tie*. your weekly pay would come to 1189.94. How's about I
bars of the Dural and Adjacent Counties Managers council held a joint session starting a movement, Madame Homemaker? Have aprotest
with the march, organize union.Tou' .
Life underwriters AaaocUtion.Additional Intonation concerning
LUTC worth your weight In gold so spread the
claaaea for 199960! and the recently paaaed Medicare Bill was Imparted by work. Oops bonito Word I
III'HIltU Carl singer.ja social' security tdBiniatratlon rtiresentatlveetandln t:

left) and H. Kenneth Tobertt.: Duval LUTC chairman stated froa left are; AUTUMN LEAVES 1M 1
J. TheodoreLs.rence. pllcrla Health and\ Life inaurance Co. DAOIC secretary; The autumn leaves are really tumbling down and
did la the time to t touch of
bring autumn's golden :
A.B.Ash.ood. central Life .,.V. Touni. treaaurer. Atlanta Life and ' Patteraon. supervisor Others present Included J.T. Collier, president .Man a- sweet potatoes. Its delicacy enhanced by bottled i,
(era' Council. T.L. A. 1DI. vice president. Afro-Aserican Llfs and the co.. lemon Juice W. a 0 IJo P. Lmngoton school ut Thursday NUT' is at 7; 30
panics' supervising personnel (!Royal Art studio photo) That special male or special guest will give you p... ia the hone of Mrs. Rosa Johnson, nest First at .".re plans eere font
me approving eye while they enjoy the delicious ulated for the 1965-69 year elth Mrs ;abel dray as chairman and 'ire. Nancy
palateteaslng Aummn Ham IUe.", made with scup Holmes, co-chalroan. The president, Bishop Mile Gibson made reports and additional .
Deltas Slate Quintet Glamourizes Hairdos and a half of mashed cooked sweet potatoes, half
cap brown sugar and quarter cup bottled hmo Juke. enbere veto added to the I'CMUh'.8a'" fron left are: Mrs. janle
Tou'a also need s half cut applelauce. quarter Bryant Bishop S. Gibson, president and Mrs 011 I. rvyrd, stamiln from", left

: Third PhaseOf teaspoon cinnamon, two center cut, half Inch think are Mrs Rosa Johnson Mrs. Alton Atlllt..... .:ra. Nancy iioleee and Mrs. pea*
bam slices, whole clos.a (If .ilred another
). quarter donla Hollle. (Royal ut Studio putu)
cut bottled lemon Juke, another half cup brown sugar
Program and! two tableipoons pan drippings.
Combine> sweet potatoes half cup brown sugar,

The Jacksonville Alimil. ..+ quarter etanamon rap Spoon bottled on lemon top of Juke one,ham applesauce.&.. 'Place and Guy Ladies Davis Installs New Voters League Officers
Chapter Delta Sigma ThetaSo* M +
second slice
o ever sweet potato mixture said edgesofhamslkcs
rorlty vUl present Point three y I with cloves, Ifdeilred. Schedule Fete PALMITTO-UV. Davis President of the Florida& Voters
of Its Nttlonal Five Point .
pro Bake In a slow oven (OJS degrees) 48 mtta es. League, Inc., Installed the officer of The Progressive Voters
Dec. 4 at the Afro Amert
tram Combine quarter cup bottle lemon Juke, half cup The Cay Ladles Social Club League of Manatee County following his stirring address
can Life Insurance Co. brown sugar and drippings.: Spoon over ham elk,. will observe Us Ird anniversary keynoting the occasion recently &Palmetto.\ .
Point Three deals with JobCpportuaules and continue baking for U minute. Sunday at I p.m., la St. Mat. In\ his challenging remarks; Davis sdraanlahed the croup
for Touth and will To serve, carve down through both ham slices the Baptist Church, lath aejMoncrtef. to |0 beyond the belt..Pith.lathe community to seek members
be held as a clinic for youth and ftUlns liking si you would, s loaf of bread ltd include all levels of cttlienry In their sctKUles U order
la the auditorium from v SU servings.JCNT The partklpaats oa program lo develop and sustain a strong and effective "Gr... ooCl.rocram"
to 1 p.m. Students la. the Ma ,
rue Include Mri.JannleSouth .
and IOtlll1'adt. la the city ww EFFORT land Mrs.Lucille! Rollins Miss He cautioned young people' lo develop a positive tltlfvae
participate. "" Aa enlment obstetrklan and aaniral childbirth Loretta Rollins, Mrs.Inei Chef. toward their converters and employers In\ order lo oUsla.
Members: of the commute entftuiut advocates that husband aid their wives field, Mrs. Victor Tonsil and fobs, lo hold (them tad lo get promotions. Me further streamed
are: Louveala Solomon Chile la childbirth. He claims of teller and continued study,
that It Is an 1tt'Ye'" otbe r a. the crest erpncy preparation
mis, Queea anuto llrytliTurner. and .husband ls theben posilble roach durbw preg Davis Is Equal Onwrtunily Coordinator of the Florida State
Lucylle Cljrma Dorothy aanry labor end birth luelf.la Sushi Enit Industrial 1 Commission.
Williams, Mary Coleman WIG "KALCDOSCOPCM"GU o r la wig artistry was dls* Ms Just publiihed book "Huehand-Coerhrd Officers Installed vast ,President Dock Pollard Jr.. vice
b.".( Gveadola Jones Bertie Mills, played" fasclcatlng fanaioa flea the Wonea's Improvement ChttJbirth. (Harper Row, TCttf?! 13.'$, written Usher Board 4 of Emanuel president Oscar Randolph Secretary, Irseal lieVIA, record.
Serena Joyner. L dIe Duald Club Greater iBStitutlonal AUK Charts, presented ".1C&Jt1doelOCI" for erospectlvers. he deals with the rare feeding Baptlal Church will obeerve log secretary: Miss llarvietu Williams, financial secretary
wills Denis, Willie scope at Ftaks" loving and erhletk training of prefnant women, Its SU aaalversary hid al Andrew Aleitnder, treasurer Frtscis Williams, publle ratal
Lacil. Gwendolyn Chandler kslnstvminslyearestyadnnttfroo Lorn 7 p..., la the cbarcb auditor ,.. foetal clalrmsa Mrs. LIU
CUcaro. Wowing cC ( aa advocate of "famUyfcnured' child- Ions, W Aanle Csyle, Wiggles
Clara., wukersos CeraldlneWeOk left) VtrtttU Nudes Mildred Breva .Doris KM; iJ (seated. ) birth* the author rUlliM fceallaad KamaBrowa Buses Masse tad Pat Roeemond. (XPI PHOTO "LaugSter is aver of "Tie great dUtlnguUhlng rharscterUtka supervisor, will preside. Lang, chaplain, Htv. C.W. Roll
la B.tural-fclrtfrown*. when the wife ls Rev. a.L. Wraa, pastor of Past Officers of Florida& Voters League, Stanley McKlaaey,
that h that radlamy beeuiir.1 at the monwnt of' Abysslala Baptist OMKB oil Mrs. Csale K. James. Mrs. Nellie B. Greene sad Mrs. Anna
Ton ton't Have To\ Oo To Ton To Get I birth, why should t band not share the rerUnre be the .....,. B. Gatls were honored.

LOW PRICESDRUG Wins UL Scholarship



Trade 1Mb yon :neighborhood Dni Store

'c tzu. an AST nuCM ADY is! Tan LOCAL PAPCXS.le .
Delivel se aleo fill all Doctors Prescriptions h w

\ Ma

Dixie Pharmacy :

1392 Rags lilt At Mirtlt, Aunt

Phitt nail 5-85IMI .4


At III stiltw.t t \ic-! :


ITVMOtG MAJCO-Mtse Breeds Ray OM0tsr sf Mt.untIL We
ca,..<. ..,. Fen UedeNeM. .as receady ....rW a VfAscetaeMp Beef at its Best s eN e
af. M HtkMl Urtaa Lee wa. A eee4 la DMFtartda
AAM Urterury. kVaool af INrstsc Miss Ray .Usgraduate
tt DUlart Cee retMuIre KK Stteei. fAe law ofBM
fast ate4Ma la De FAMV SHwH ef ..,all} *t. recel>*4ItTL ,
ecs laraMps.--FAMO STAFF F1OTO

---- -- --

CeM..s Receive

t yfe 0 HZ!'?L "<*s" rue N NSW Ne"* ee.M g|eMHM 4S *>er>ui* M.t Uchenleyfl
Sears Grants

tv TOW.LT.Th. t*. tad
sgr. C.tUte Fret taaar instant
triMH noo.000 sts II meet. party :
kef a... a4 ....,eUre,
R was .-(.4 fey" 2a. ..
W, Brywt. .e Fe..t.UC1IUwI

nw 7*0b.r.oW preetne.t..es a y... n.aca ..... just add friends and serve
I ...... free ahhaeta.gh ,
a "p&UIIf ssrtmg De
DIll Is* qua at DOt
via be seed ST 0w laeftMflnaela
espied yatlraMl art' ** ar
rear .......seftUar, .M,aM ts
..,. OM 11,900 ae"4y....stsmgewe0
be itte. W WC U-

: KEN KNIGHT Tile lar k .Ofia.... pwtbe. .. De 1s1t h

lilies. .....,. ...,......
-Invites You To Listen uols g. .s.....n e..geeW
.. ..te>.alte la Ceerpa.SU '
..e*...,.< It Veens Cart a.S'chenlcy
laM .m 'ee.... u3 to r ,
BIG BAND as Attests, rt.ll; aerf am
st '....... ..0.,."< TVe ite ..
.....t 11M U .MCegesrstoes
; W ass.. aa Ail.seeclees. ,
: .. Lwsa.nlqrr. -1" _
C&nbaI" t- and
""It!" haw

__ : r1fgs 11:21: tI flit ,...drYmr.e..ut. aU.BrrtMtssi
< sisMiiBiiafs SJinecamgjTf
aesi i.., ae CMaH $.egyCefin .
Situ1 |... II flit PA a FaX....sw BtM ,.,.
Daft* .. Sass ... ..**J>..
.. Frh. t 1M ...,...... ....
1400 WRHC 1400 tar fit.Zw M ssmn u
..wr .---.



...... ., .:.............. ., /> .\ .. ... .;", .. ,

I ; re



I Simpson Methodist To Celebrate Annual Women's Day Observance Gmiiteed Real

Wirfz Names Central Special Benefit Program CelebrantsNATIONALLY Miss Harris Annual Event 100% HUMAN. HAIR

Clark PrexyTo Baptist -: : : !rI To Observe Gets Underway. WIGS FULL CAP

WASHINGTON Committee.-Secretary of ChurchSunday AnniversaryMiss Sunday, Nov. 28 Style E4

Labor W. Wllllard Wirts has School w111 begin at I Bertha Burls of the Annual Women's Day will be
930. Mrs. MyrtLe "
: Terry, a $16.95
mil ...
named Clark College President
member of Saint Stephen A.M.E Harris Trio will observe her observed Sunday in Simpson
Vivian Wilson Henderson to the Church will first anniversary Sunday at I Methodist Church with Mrs.Nazarlne .
serve as Superin
new 14-member Task Force tendent. The lesson will be .p." la Blbleway Holiness Simmons as chairman Bij ,((2)) Mi&'sfor
which will review United Sta renewed by Mrs Ehelma Mitchell Church, tots Pippin Street and Mrs. Sadie Godson co-
tea Employment Service programs a member of Saint Paul 'The participants will Include: chairman. $31.95Deln.
for the Department of A.M.E. Church. Mrs. M.CodySllveralresSam- The celebration will begin with
Labor. The pest teachers are as eel Beget, Miss Yvonne !the Sunday School at 9:30,with Quality'Numai
Dr. Henderson's appointmentto follows: 60.rby.f Mcdeadon: Miss Elnora GIbbs a visiting superintendents and
the group is part of a con Junior Boys Mrs Mildred Miss, Delores Bright Miss teachers In charge. Hair
tinuing association be has had Riley; Junior Girls, Mrs.Susie Matde GO**, Mrs. S. McKel- Mrs. Sara D. Washington win
with the Federal Governmentin Keith; .Shiloh Baptist Church. y 4 M aWw lay. Choir 1, Mt Pleasant Baptist be the speaker for the 11 a.m.
and projects Involving Extra Thick
programs Intermediate Girls, Mrs. Julia ; Choirs 1,2, St Mary's" service. The 2t captains will
and other ,
manpower Cohen; Day Spring Baptist. Baptist; Choir 1, Blbleway make reports In the form of
labor and economics related Senior Class, Mrs Eloulse Mc- .JWteco a1 Prayer Band, Mrs. "Flowers on Parade" beginning Long listnij-
areas Clellon; Seekers of truth class B.M. Avery, Mrs.Alice Phillip, with each letter of the
Mrs. Verlee Suggs; Mount Ararat Mrs. Mildred Dallas,Karlettes. alphabet. The group will sponsor Will Not Mat ir lade
MEN & Baptist. G.W. Brooks Class y Theodore Newman Mrs.Vivian a movie at the Strand Theater
Mrs. Sally B. Mathls; Women Cherry, aDd others. beginning Sunday, featuring Natural Hair Lice
Bible Class, Miss Elizabeth Elizabeth Taylor In "The' !I
Bess; Mount Ararat Baptist. Sandpiper, Tickets may be purchased Closely stitched it
lira Whllo You ....,. Men's Bible Class, Mrs. Alice s+ ta 8 Advertisers from the church mem
Johnson; Day Spring Baptist. teitilated foiodatioi
IBMBUSINESS Morning service will begin
To New
at 1100.: Mrs. B.W Williams Sponsor bers.LANE'S (for comfort aid. fit.
a member of St. Paul Bpatlst
OR Church will be the speaker. Sammy Davis Shaw POLS Holds all
Mrs Jute Buggs Davis will :
FASHION serve as guest soloist ; \ I settiois beijtifillyDeniDnssed
Abyssinia Baptist Church will NEW YORX-Elght advertisershave The(.i,t/ve with celome//
'15 t we 'IOOOTIACWOMEN be the guest Choir. Mrs. Jute purchased sponsorship In
TO Griffith will serve as pastor NBC-TVs new weekly color EASE CONSTIPATION!

In this service.At series, "Tbe Sammy 1)a'1IJr, (still Mil) I bMnN W WletNe
r Show" which premieres Fri t".e..4 j I..,.. ,a.ewl em
S p.m the Youth will present ..., for Easy StyliiL
BUSINESS orWhothor FASHION a program Mrs Jenetta r4 day Jan. 7 (I.SO-9.SO p.m. NNNIN.od Mrt. .*M od Irrtfulortty HI ,"'....,tof d,.....*.71....
icrlven Is chairman, Miss EST), Don Durgia vice president .tM.0M onr*0 IM coxsHMt M .... COM e.4Mrtti Inoilla m| .'NY'xLOR) SEND SAMPLE
or you Faihian choow, you I toroof will, hewer kiluiintn Cheryl Dalse and Miss Robin Television Network Sales .....UDC Jk"t, fiUl_ .at__.'.dmifon....... end.of DCS I RED-GIVE HEAD SIZE
btnifit, ol ytort of oxporioncothru Forrester, co-chairmen. Miss announced. e,4r.M.- I"u't I.
the bled' and ,,own ,..ct,,". Gall Price, a member of DaySpring RANKEDBhentp efalssadtheir"InatrumentsofrsHhEuemtb"will appear They an Shell Oil Co.,Schlfis IANfItL 311.Vtytari SIVMntart
method..... at L9C. fctvor, bd... Baptist will give the Sunday at 3:30: p.m. In New Hopwe Baptist Church, Marietta, Rev. DJ. Jones pastor la a Brewing, Bristol-Meyers Co., antaM lilll s'u.13..
tH opportunltioi. boon ooaoot address. special benefit The group has been presented In several nationwide tours and Is aDderthe Block Drag Co., S.C. Johnson
Only "lack of ambition Min
bold. you. MrlLIC men Evening worship commencesat direction of Louise Blvens(standing extreme right) the Spanish guitarist and student Son Peter Paul Inc, and Dioosit 01 tack item
f '- 7.00; p.m Mrs. Myrtl H. at Edward Waters College. The public Invited. Whirlpool Corp.
t; Jones will serve as pastor, (ROYAL ART STUDIO PHOTO) I. (Postal MONJ Order}

.,.,...... Balance C.O.D.
Heading ServicesMOTHER .... .. 0000t0It."
........ ......."
I : : : Ji1tbur ebJpl P,1v0. -4 ffcilmli dialers iiiHed.

b c......
CfWwtUf Clan : l05a.r/.d,.... au. ,w..a.-12 SUSY WIGS

Wale Na 0101,1w
Services Sunday In Macedonia EMANUEL BAPTIST services ta Abyssinia lava* Prboo AvailaUoIITI .
In Emanuel rot 9i
Services nil UTUN
First New Zion Church
Baptist Church with the
begin Church with the
Baptist 507 5tk Ail.
W,th tin now opportunity ..pnlryM services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at 9:M am., Baptist Church will begin with Sunday .School at ':JO a.m., SPRIER FUIION BNIFOIMS ,
ha had' at IIM ovoiy day you Sunday School at 9 SO a.m., the Sunday School at 9:M a.m. rIs0..LLaewb..e.ek.lw.
: Superintendent John E. Singleton with the. W.R.McNeal .
Superintendent .
w / Co
cowl o'fo-d la nt back and MilNo Deacon George Smith and Mrs. New Yirk N. T. non'Pharmacy
Superintendent J.D. White In In charge. Rev. J.C.Rogers ser ,
you tea can fobs advantage charge.Morning
of trlod' and arovon t'awMa. moth.odt charge. Jordan Franklyn will pastor will review the lesson. Mamie Fields In charge.Mora- vice at 11 O'clock. Rev. B.L.
ta auoi"fy you fat tho had' a* review the, topic"Amos Morning service at llo'clock. bag service at 11 a.m. Rev. will deliver the
Wynn pasta
l.v. C.vM lot ban of ambitionCALL S.L. Badger, pastor will deliver
of Justice.
Champion Morning
'"4d w. MrN Choirs 1,4 and Usher Board 3 sermon and Choir 3 and Usher
service at 11 All elected the sermon. At I.JO: pja.
a.m. will
serve Billy Beal will preside Board 1 will serve. Fellowship
officers will be installed. Rev. at the Instrument and the fellowship service at Abyssinia service will be held at ':JO j
C.C. Brown will deliver the pastor will preach. DeaconessBoard Baptist Church. Choir I will p.m, with Choir 1 aDd all uhera j The ;
sermon. The Home Mission I will meet following serve. At ISO: pja. BTU with At S JO BTU j .
will meet at 4 p.m. At 8 p.m. the morning service. At 1:30: Dea. James Phillip la charge. wW nrvtng.MrL 1.RoWuosfacrrrge: p.m. I Perfect IM i ititwiu
Evening service at ISO 4
the church will an anniversary pja .
sponsor p.m., BYPU with Mrs. M.L. Evening service at .1:45: p.m. a
Choir 1. Usher Board 1 ant
recital. All choirs will Tn
Polite In charge. Evening service District will observe Its
participate, and districts will at 6.JO p.m. Monday at the Junior Choir will serve anniversary Monday at I pm.Rev. rt
355-6617 make financial reports. Choir I p.m., Choir 1 will observeits with Cecil B. Fisher and Mrs. R.L. Smith of First Timothy flU PhuieiiiAH I
OR WRITI land Usher Board Swill serve. 86th anniversary.NEW Thelma. Barnwell at the Instruments. Baptist Church will be the StatistMervon's '
speaker. Christmas rehearsalwill
Lincoln Business Collegi JERUSALEM be held Saturday at I:=.
The St. Joesph Gateway Progressive
III w. MYTH ST. KVERSON.: STREET Association will continue New Zion
JACKSONYILLI.FLOSIDA Services Sunday la Everson In Greater New Jerusalem
Catherine Street Baptist Church will begin Baptist Church beginning at
,It... Iwiilik ma wild of Panama City well known with the Sunday School at 9.30 ':.SO, with the Sunday Sunday. BaptistCburcIi MT. TABOR BAPTIST tsar Pmcrii,tier PharmacyIrelreed
..*,1.'. Information evangelist, is a.m., Superintendent G.M.Allen Morning service at o'clock.
directing the
an* will
Day observed
Not.. .. ............... .... Dual nightly two-weeks Pentecostal In charge. Morning service at Moderator S. Love will deliver Sunday ta Mt Tabor Baptist 2112 I, Ci I An.1st .
"4M.... ... .................... Revival Services now In 11 o'clock. Rev .Orion Johnson the sermon. At t.SO: p.m., Rev Church, beginning with the Sunday .
City ........................ progress Temple at 14S9 Howard Memorial sermon, pastor Evening will service deliver at the 1 A. Kinder armoryAnnounces will deliver the missionary FERNADDU BUCH.-a d, & ':SO.vtttSupertotendent PO-544IS$ Al! ,...5.1582I.
.... ........ .... W. Union St, Jason Barr ta charge.
rn ....... Elder l Flu Howard o'clock. Monday at.p.m.,Choir School will get underway at
M* ........, Ml Chock awl Services will begin at ,t o'clocknightly. Pastor. 1 will hearse Wednesday Event 9:SO a.m. with SuperBleadeat Rev.Moratag H.?service. Overatreet at 11, pastor.o'clock f lck r11t

I I 'ISM II 1 FAINIOMI Friends and the public night, prayer meeting. C.T. Campbell and lostnctorsla will deliver the seravoe Evening Yt"+ Stt11t1\ >. t
I I SVIINIII MACHINII are Invited. charge. service at ISO e/clocs. \\tttT "'I
r- Moraine worship will befta at Choirs I lid 4 wUl serve. -. **m *.
11 a.a. with Deacons P.1. State
and Bee Session ta charge
of devotions. The message will
be dlU"rHbJ the pastor,Rev
Marshall.At .
O / r LOCATIONS TOsEIYE 3 p.m. there will be a

roe I r. a Homecoming program
conducted by Mrs. A.B. Wade
1824 W. BEAVER and hatiri nay talent .
Evening worship U scheduled
830 CASSAT AVE. to begte' at I p... Service wUremala
IB regular order lad
the pastor) will deliver ta* ser-
mon Choir 1 IUd the Teeth.
Choir will fermlsa the aisle
with Mrs. Magaret lice at tie .
coasole. Usher Board I will
SISTER ESTSLLA CRAY,President serve. All eabera are urged
TURKEY TIMEFRESH of District 1 of Friendship to promptly attest. Ike service. Some people
Baptist church Rev. Reports will be aude at tfce
*Rents Smith.pastor, announced close of the. night service.
unit will sponsor a Spirlreal Mrs. A.B. Wade, tkeOnaaa.
Tea Sunday from 4 will I p.nu a* Mrs. A.C Bradley eechalraua stick label
FROZEN "SUPREME"HEN C la her re.I ftce, 79ZlaMoncrlef will offer huts a on
Road Citenslan Deacon at the close of the aervlcw.Frleeds .
Caleb Cray Is the district's IUd the piebUa are ta-.
leader. Friends and the. pnbllo Fr..... IUd OM public are ...
3 9 aretavtted. vlted. flieir, diet cola.

TURKEYSPREMIER un LB Applied Christi Iy Spinhial Temples he.


HAS EVERYTHING IN TURKEY PARTS tur Cwfirtir ail Yiir tetchy UI1 (

We .. .
FRESH FROZEN GRADE "A" from Coast to Coast :

TURKEY RT.. POPE W. SIMES stake oiiriiame

II I.T.c.

DRUMSTICKS .6usSi fats sr Tnr Priklia Mil li, on ours.,

WINGS nrnl' III Puif II III Ail Tnr filtk,

a It Ca li Siliil.IIIIIRI .


., .,, .. ;

rmn SHUT


15 Aida laU,: II I. i. ti 1 f.rr. !-

\ HENS PCPC w. Slits p,


K>C 7U W, CUV&.. ST. S >....a .: OdL OC

Alt ItO BC BLESSCD. >c. jo. 1963

wmi TIE: in MICH mi en HIT TV CANNEL 4 At 41) III St UfirBittnkiiillSS,1711


'' ," '" ". .. !.., : .(/. \ : I" .. -, Wi' '. 3; ,_' ,, : ,


\ r


South's Civil Rights"Segregated Groups Justice11 Attack -News Of Area Servicemen- Esso- Official- I Promoted To New Post

Leaders of the'CIYU Rights movement la the South tr bert SAN ANTONIO Til. Airman
nlng a comprehensive campaign to focu tbt IPOtlJIbt el public, piI Kenneth M. Ties whose guardian M
cutlap OD what they nail "SecrI tt4 Justlce." Dr. 1brt18 Alton W. Yates, resides
Luther K1Dt. South rB Christian Leadership Conference at M7I W. Virginia Ave.,Jacksoovflle t
(SCLC) U spearheading the talUil attack OD tile lJ.teml ID his been selected for

Alabama. of. "a .lot of efforts" already-. training at Lowry AFB Cola, t +
John LeWis of the Student Hoc- underway by these organisation U an Air Fore munitions specialist. 4
violent Coordinating Commltt M1't
which Included semal lav suit* .
($Nee) has said this will probably a nationwide letter wrltlnf cam: [ Airman Yates a 1965 graduateof .
be the largtst, most dura palga toSellator.udCODIffU.mID I Stanton Vocational KlghSch- .1. S
aU c formal campaign and and the'or ganlslng of South ool, recently completed basic '
concerted protest since Selma. CommaniUes into viable training at Lack Dd AFB TII. w
Announcement of the new drive political mlts. SHREVEPORT La. -Cdmoed Sy'
followed a recent meeting la Following the Atlanta meeting 1 Walker, son of Mrs. Mary Lea- 4 (
Atlanta of several rtlJcloutaDd Atty. Charles Morgan of ACLU vy of J019 W. 45th St., JackaoovUle .
civil rights Utters. Present declared that the major thrust of has been promoted to 1 fi'
at the meeting were SCLC'sDr. theicampalgn acalast "AH- Traeey D. Whttebead Charles H, Stewart staff sergeant In the U.S. Air
Martin Luther King Jr.. Force
White Justice" will be to Insure
Rer. Ralph Abernathy, AndrewYoung SAN ANTOMO.Tu.Airman IAN ANTONIO.Airman -ruu- Sergeant Walker Is a medical ; 3
enforcement of federal Whitebead
eilctlng Tracey D. eon of. Charles X Stewart
Randolph Blackwell. supply specialist at Barksdale -
laws and the enactment of
hoses Williams and John Bar. Dewey Whltehead of SSZS Agar yoa...ot..Ur.1JId UrL Clarence AFB La. He U a memberof
ber; SNCC's .John Levis and federal laws If and where Mcessari. Ct, Jacksonville has been assigned M. Y ewart of 1M W. Ardlsla the Strategic Air Command
Cleve Setters, Atty. Charles and communication to the to Robins ATB, Ga., after Red, Jacksonville, has been America's long-rang nuclear
President that do not feel f
Air basic
completing Fore to Castle California

tlorgan of the American Ctrl assigned AFB. bomber and missile force.
that laws art sufficiently enforced
Liberties Union Father training. after completing Air !
Henry The strgwant attended Wash-
which would eliminatesegregated
Stein of the Episcopal Society Airman Wbltebead a graduate Force basic trali*!
Justice from every of Matthew W. Gilbert High Forte basic training. *'' I
for Racial and Cultural
Rev. J. Oscar McCloud of Unity the, courthouse In the South. SchooJL will be trained on the The airman a IMS graduateof ESSO RESEARCH SCIBmsT"Dr,Rlcharvl r. N.blett of Raso Research and Engineer
presbyterian Commission on This SCLC-sponsored drive, Job a* a musician with the Coe. William E. Bathes High Ins coMpany' has been named an assistant director of the conpsnjr'a newly
Religion and Race, and Rev. the sc* Bruce Hansen of the National In Alabama this the year enactment, seeks The Airman received Ms B.S. Job u a fire protection specialist In platnfleld New jersey, rill continue to head the research un agricultural
more specifically
degree from Bethune Cookman with the Strategic Air
Council: of Churches. of legislation to make the threatening College Daytooa Fla.- C".ud. products which has been Ma responsibility aa an assistant IIlr.ctor1f products :
SCLC Executive Director Andre assaulting or killing of ___ research fur his firm '00... Dr. 1'blett and an ESSO Research associate

plans* call Young for stated the coordination that first persons U pursuit' federal of constitutional crime.YOUR .. T.S, 0111. right review none of the recent dtvelin'MntfJq .their ".

rights a field with Dr. Huts Mechelnann\ and Anton sr echt. Mrleulturlata Vr
Qef'lal\1. .

t _____ :
Presbyterian Leaders Deplore Distributes ;

( !tots: This It the fifth In a series of Kenneth hi. Yates $500,000 To j E

article on the 196J changes: la social: security by Jigtoa High School at Blakefy Rhodesia's Racial Policies
R. B. Donaldson) nr. Donaldson) la social security l Georgia InstitutionsUnrestricted i
His wife, Louise, II tilt daugh
Jacksonville Fla. totaling
district: Manager In ) grants I
let of Mrs Lush Own of Kt NEW YOrtK-Rhudesla's unilateral declaration of Laf.pen- ; distributed the
F1NVNC1NG: THE TlO HOICAL CARE FLAr5The LeoaCousarSAN : I, Hesmith, S.C dunce "pits while against black In Us Implicit assumpllonjthata week$1,000,000 o f were November Ith by
basic plan "111 be financed by social security white mlnottty of (20,000 has tilt rl.1II to rule a nation of lour Scars Roebuck. Foundation
tales and by general fund from the Tr- ATOttlO...Alms Leon -1IIIIi... million black Africans," two United Presbyterian Church leaders der a continuing program of aid

nrv Tales to finance the Baste plan, paid by eeploy. Cousar, ton of Mrs.Lady Cot- g.clared her, prevail In Khoiiesla "lOllIaltlltl. ( lo prlnl.lII'POrted collegesand
..., en! >ioyer and self ...,10114I sir of 1544 C. Sath St.. Jackaonville Beanie L. CUjrton. la a Joint statement deploring people of that land may chain universities, Robert D.
la special has been assigned to "the blow struck against uni with and thus Webster, local representative
workers will b* placed a peace Justlc
fund established TTyndall AFB. Fla-. alter com SAM ANTONIO T ..-Airmu ..ualllumlA righls"bybacllon serve as a positive eiample of the Foundation, Mid today.
hospital Insurance trust Dieting Air Fore baste taala- Beanie L. Clayton. son of ear of the Rtiodeslia Prim to other African nations that In announcing the distribution
la the Treasury. This trust Mile and Mrs. Herbert Clayton of Minister, the Rev. Dr. Eugene: still eilst under minority, of the INS grants, Mr Webster
fund will be stalntalned entirely Airman, a 1H4 graduate Rt. I, Muvill, Fla., has been Carson Blake, the denomination racial or foreign domination. said that II participating
separate" fro the old M*. survivor of Matthew Gilbert High School, aasigned to hither AFB,Calif., Stated Clerk and William P. colleges and universities In.
will be trained on the Job U arescM Thompson of Wichita Kansss .
and Disability trust funds. the tai after completing Air Force Florida shared la grants totaling
boat specialist with the
Baste: training. UoderatorlIld: 10,930 In the p. Augustine
rat will apply to the sane earning Air Defense Command. He attended *
: -We
D74ILD90V The airman U a INS graduals stand with the world In area Florida Memorial
u art taxed for the other part of the social security .noradaAUt UalYtrd7. ef Dumber High School.- horror at Rhodesia regreaslon a..-the-tiH- ..i at..s. College received 1,500..
progran, and will apply equally to etploy Green Core 1 r1ae.. Fla., will Into colonialism, which comet =.='"
employees and the self-ploltd. The tai rat be trained oa the Job as a' Frank Shelley si a time when the world
rs. construction specialist with the SAN ATONK,..Air man Frank people have .never beea to com* ,
for the Basle Plan will be-: Air Training Command.Preston Shelley, not of Mr. and Mra. muted to basic human freedom
Itft 15, Leonard Shelley SR. of 1S1I But we also share the anguishof RESISTER
stn.T2 .505 W, Seventh ..., Jacksonville, our Christina brelhera la
1973-13 593 t has bees assigned to Chanut Rhodesia and throughout tilt Starting November |leth'
1976-7 .60 AFB. HL, after completing Air world; pcrtlcular those uBrl.
.'01 Forte teak training. tale whd have tried diligently HOfIT AIDe tbUelt
1.1O'1e lo bring about reconciliation
The airman, a IMS graduated C""II"
1987 and thereafter Mew le Mon High School and ultimate Independence with "LII (1lt. C60elfttl'.cn's1et14
SOS will be trained on the Job asa IlAh.ualll&lfrl(". %.fevl/n'sttWefl'

Hie tsaablet.snlsg* baa elll b* "800 .,,.ar. poatal specialtast with the The. two spokesmea voiced theirUTort C qultae.""" ,VOICI..." .th/teuwlufl. t
Air Training Command for "III, steps taken
benefit to people who aren'teoCUl *
The cost of hospital Barry L. KaObact a 17 the Hellish and United Stale, loioirs COUE.E or MUSIC
security or railroad retirement governmenl toward economlasaMtloaa

flee .111 be paid fn>*) general fund of the Tr- SAX AXTOtOO.-Almaa.,,, !* sgslnst the Rbodeslaagovvrnmeat
cry U HaUbach KM of MIL c... be FPANCIXI TKK CHA.NCCS H OLD AGE. $UtYI VU. AND silo HaUback of lUG FcrtttIt Ciu It AitrleuCiieir tune we RM ccndema actions -
Jaeksotrifle, hu Men a- Y, Torrent snywhere la the world that fur- KL 5-97 n IL 4-0001 gL .. 411
DISABILITY p* GLAYS signed to PUnatargh AFB".". Siciitj then divide the races.
.111 ) an Increase la the IAJIAJf'J01lIO.urau"'tfoaY. .
con ffOllCI( AFTt COMPUTING Air They urged people everywhere
,t baa fro 14800 to '''00. effective January bask training. Torrenea son of Mra. hr. to prsy for cslm and reason to
fta It Torrtnct of IX* w.Swvtntfe .
and a reviled tai schedule: The a. alma IMI graduate I
1. 1.... (2) The a Stre.l of Jacksostille
Survivors and Disability of Hew bates Senior Rig :
tai rats schedule for Old Me has beet selected for training
School wUl be tntne4 on the
tnsuranc follows; at Kessler ALB, Misc., as U
ear DlJloJtr-Wloye> E\* S.lf1 -/>- X* u 1..c"I>ly specialist wta. Air Forte c..a1aiCaUoN..
Air Command.RU
the Strategic
Pl yd aat.I'M cialist.
lather Clareac BtfMrld The atrium. a 1161.a.. .
s..1t 15, at 190 Magnolia St,Jat.Jelis .
tf Hew paten Senior Highchant
,.17.... -H s.t\ receealycoepetedIs.It MAR KE1 .
nee.2 6. 65 t." hire training at Unwed All, SUPER

1971 and threafter ...SHIPR t." Tta.Alrmat.
Haws Stiff Torrenc received an
.*....*.'. Pepe. Rom cute QUANTITY II6HTI' IIIIIVOT

( III AIC III /.lor College, .. FwtertMTfaTts.AUmaa/ ", ur" :. ,-\QII ,..IMM, t\6, Ifi t( 4.;' .
kCDTXIAPOUS. Mls. -0lpr>*
Best Doctor A St. fed ywtt U fte kU-. e"
to. seek The II' eel Pegre to Jots the staff. tf FLA. GRADE A I DIXIE CRYSTALSUGAR
ban 1M' Doctor prescribes.Oet the M...."., CUtaJI -),.....'
Experienced phanaclstaAcoardiag SMratag newspaper.Mfcfiael I IF
U Four Deter fetora Kill. II,wto

Order. t* eM Oily n* St Co L lUCK .. taking gradual* werk at OMtttmttty ) FRYERSLB.
ef M..tatalc..a
Quality ftni .,,.rstter
ef Journalism. U wetting e*
I S, tSYIS&D nuutuam TO 'natvt roc the TTSMM copy desk.In .
mt-Ik.w.. he began
A COwPLITI LINE OP cay report** aaalgMaetU.
CI-.i te......., ...... a41..en.. Last > tmber, KOI was pre. 25 LB. *
PaXSOUPTIOllS CAUD M AJO td.ItUD'Lilly's s.ese4 wKh a IMO ttheiarsMiwar 19,
*' It tsawr St. Thosnas tract PKQ.

....... JIua
Store Mr a* T,.* Cite Cher *f
Drug the SvatbaU Vrters ef Aaeerti InilT I W/S5.I II MJH.fW* OMEIC [

key wtfle b* was centJetmg SAM UTOn
lee setter peat at St. Taut isc ........ F_ HarfL tost ef Mrs.DiUrtM .
nn HIM "M tlllltl Uef' .D a IX II ...... Hash ef KM hkOUhSt S. *1
suttca. JackscswUe. has k..n ee-
heeled for trams* st SWcc HAFB.
Tea, as an Alt futealrtrafl LIVERU.
....... spMiaJ' BEEF
---e..eewr....RI M.rRa tIf ..i J.... The ..,..., who atte1H,leer
tlleMo hips acrcHfJ'
o..Nsin bask tai W at

1 Ticktock.tick'tockthe i4ctisM Dofleslic 1T.I.Mined. LB. 29 10 LB. 33 *

Bourbon dIatdidIit Hotter Of Yea BAG

watch the clock! 1lLUU1A. CWf.K) -
tea...esn clads IMblg
k..,.". and tare .*vMcaiMretwwa
a wMew De Ude rf.*Aef mil cnn JUKIBACON tutu
OLD CHARTERKentucky's ef The Tear-IMl II s usa.W .
fenseln H luttt ....
......... DOG FOOD
Finest Bourbon MIL Sweete .caM a ......
tht lenliyn who .wM s UtMg ,
he wMrt, c.-c W
7A truing cull 04 taw to*..!
m.f aurt a .ea at bcsl u. 59* : Mil CAl 5
Mfii. Is so Aa.tiM lied
Crew e.lsr/.er'Ihn tesiteg
bf cMr*.
stare .* Ma f../.. Uses -.-.- -
k.*at4 .*> rf .*., ah,.
hM t4 the. MMMM k* tf
rwng W pg-t. >t1 1Me EIISIA 1(1TOMATOES(

edgitree.1rhI .
I ms we he' ....
hen .d Sand" Mvtauol WI. fAD
__A caa. afeM/tsIIM w aunty DETERGENT
eM.Me M _.......C....
C tce.Mae.Al .
ire Mc. .We 1iaI'eI" S.i
II: ... lie so tees ..iY .... JIJ tin I
he .........., ..... 1 1O : IIAI" 57n CSUNDAY
..... g...W ed ...... aala



1 '

.. stu.rUfis SUNDAY NflnMiEl 21, I8S5

Celebrate Annual Colfee-Fashlonetle First 2 Days Policemen's Bill Preparations Completed .::
i Hunt Harvest ''..

Pars Last YearLAKE \ :jj jjct.

CITY'Huntern harvested
an estimated 219 deer and 112 \N a. .,
turkeys In the seven northeast r Andy
region wildlife management a- t ','
teas during the first two dan ;:
( of the 18e-" hunting season,
according to W.B. Copeland, .:
Chairman, Came and Fresh Wa. d .
ter Fish Commission. M
I : Copeland said the deer kill Is ;
approximately the same u lastyear :,
tor this period but a considerable
app is larger number of tur y
r- keys were harvested. Turkey FLORIDA A&y-Texas Southern football fans will tare another the Association's Police Athletic League and otter protects
numbers were low last hunting entertainment schedule replete with pity Saturday night when Advance admission tickets and table reservations are anllsbl
season due to heavy rains dur the Police Benevolent Association presents the forever popular at Hollywood Music Stop 60S W.Ashley fit.Program coaaltte*'
fog the spring and summer annual Policemen Ball following the game In Civic Auditorium's members from left are: Johnnie Doe, treasurer; Bgt CharlevScrtven
but favorable weather this year eiMtlttnp hall. Music will be furnished by nalonally famed recording advisor; Milton Nevsoo program chairman Sgt .
during the spring hatch enabled artist Jerry Butler and his orchestra plus an array of Lewis C. Williams president; and C. ..McOendon financial ':'
them to make a good come other talent.Proceeds from the event will continue to underwrite secretary. :a:i
LES COQUETTES CHARITY CLUB scored another high In their annual social event last back. Everything considered,' ..,
Sunday afternoon at the YWCA, 8th and Calhoun streets when they presented their annual prospects and turkey appear hunters.food for deer ':
"Coffee With Fashions." An entertaining program wu featured. Members from left art: Wildlife
Mrs. Marjorie Johnson, Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Mrs. Ullie Battle Mrs. Carolyn WUUams, Miss officers report huntersuccir I
: good all
Mrs.Maggie Daisy Kellam Campbell., President;Mrs.Martha Polite,Mrs.Jeanannette Scott, Mrs. Agnes Walker and Bag game checks throughout show on an the abundanceof species reg os.of I[tiweNathaniel 'ddings 1

(CHARLES ADKINS PHOTO) quail and squirrels. \ _

Kenneth B. 'U 11 a...
Frederick 48. Julia St.. 27 and Gloria 18'
spearing St. is
lax 4 : z jr. 5702 Vernon Rd. jesse Roscoe, 2413 Laverne Ansley. and Eleaae Jordan 1822
; 21 and Barbara Jean Lantana Ave. ?3 and patrlcla 8302 Morse Ave. 19. ff. 13th sl. 18.
Sr Mitchell 032 ff. 18th
delivery Ann MCouay. 0017 jenlaa payne. 1880 w. Eddie L.e Williams.Rt.
St., 21.jerrellEllJahcastell.
Carnation Rd. 20. Dot St. 27 and Ida L"11l.0D. 4 Bon 433; 28 and Paulette -
jues Darnell Anderson 1175 W. Beaver K. Jenkins, lUg
Mr.and 1424 Myrtle Ave. 20 jr. 340 I. Beaver St. 20. 118th St.. 19.
Mr. and Mrs. BennyWoods,1732 b00'. Mrs. D"tllllOn.
Jenkins 4128 Katanga and Joyce Ann peay. 732
Wright Ave. Mr. and Mrs. woodrow Dr., s. Girl. roe, Rt. Box 444 8.-, Court H. 17. St.. 25 and ArgeniaRochelle Robert Lee Jackson Alvin Chas. Miller
girl. Girl. Hagan. 1953 *0 1987 W. 5th St. 20 and Jr..Ta1l ....... 21 and
Adams 352 Johnson St. and saauel
Mr. Mrs Chancey Durden 1940
23rd St., 23. .
Betty jean !h0ll. Bald Alfreda M. Harris. 530
and Maurice Mr and
Mr. Mrs girl. Mrs Robert
Mitchell, 2111 Emerson! Mars St. 44 and Essie Ray Paul vlnson. 1001
J. Williams 1811 E- Mr. and Mrs. Anthony St., boy. "Wallace 2319 D. St. Mae woods 1940 Mars St. win. Fla. 21. WI. orange St. 18.

The Atlanta Life Insurance CompanyAnnounces I

the Moving of its Offices to their New BviMiaf

BT LOUISE OUINTARD of the "Sumer Bridge club" this past auawjer
'11'\ --' -- ...'.... Thanksgiving has cone and gone, and I trust The foraal Dialog of the groip' u the 'Sophisticates"
.'" /" ,4, that it was truly a day of Thanksgiving fur u the s Jor event of the evening when
everyone. the group act recently at the hose of .
'J _: .... .... .... 1490 .. Mrs Ira.1fUn'11.
9th St.. with Mrs. Myrtle: Thou'
'The nut big event is scheduled this week-end aa hostess.

the FAMUTeias southern football gate Saturday Other activities Included formulating plus for
evening in the Gator Bowl the "Toletlde season"
activities with
.... S.S. .SSMre. Mrs.
Johnnie Mitchell presiding following rounds of
June B. Albert a bridge.Evelyn.

p UJRIL 1964 graduate of FloridaMM GeJvln,Marlon .walker and Annie B. Nina-
university has returned tee were top bridge prise-winners la consecutive
to her ales ester order. Marie. McClain wu the recipient of the
as a iMber of the Art special prise vlrgie
Gray Martin Venell .c-
Department. Cone Leona Bennett. Geneva wheeler. Johnnie M.

The daughter of Mrs. Mitchell Mildred Haaptoa. Marie streets, and
Alas C. Brown. 4949 Halls iris were other participant
821 Jefferson Street, Center State St. Drive city, she cane to .... .... ....

FAMU fropruell.0)<>&- 4 'The Lucille Martin Models will prsent "Fashions
Featuring Drive-In Window Service For Your Convenience .an junior H>aft School of Elegance" Sunday afternoon fro 4 toe
city. clock.la the auditorium of the Afro-Aeerlee.n
A product of the local Building on Cast union street.
schools. Mrs. Albert The latest fall and winter fashions will be fea
showed praise in early tured.

childhood of her present Henrietta Scott. Kloulae waahlogtoa. Martha .'

vocation. .... ..,. WCS..... ALBERT Burns gala Thornton. Ruth Mae Deal tiny Mae (
I Those Juanlta ,rinc.. Patricia Canady and
I Qawa Rho pests) chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority ghella Canady will be song endela for the af.

..t last .eek-end la the home of sara fair.' Ethel sp.ar.UI be guest sodel for the
Wright with Lillian singleton. Florence Turner' ahow.which will be narrated by Betilah C1ellu.

Sadie Wilson, and Lucretia wlllta serving as'hostesses.
Mrs. Josephine Alexander Mrs IOb1. L. Biker Walter w. IMer .

ClerkMrs. Cashier AeatIII Mrs. Wright opened the ..,Unl Uh a very 1.. Yes, We All- Talk

preeslve C..Uh Meditation.Thoecaon gave the report of the //tOal. (JIEnDil I 11II Inetteattf called pon ta mthespeeches.
Bating o-1UltlD4reported that officers would .but daft seen Sobs able toseltct wksie
] be elected at the December 15th neetlag. Other and no*.l subjects.C.Y.IUQ'lIt.1Irw' ta yair cone?
.ember* of the eoaaitte are Sara Wright Alaa ANJWtRi the fonoti6tg mJghl itlimlM r.r ihtakIrsj. -
TheUa Argrett. ma word lOlI.fey are mimlou sufcjcrts. km ;;
Daniel. !" Grant. 1. The .America shpi :.
and Sue Mathew 1. The hlghoaoa ef life :
B.white gave a report of tb. program coant. : -- X Wtlibur. the second aide
T. Bodison Jay Brown Frederick Coward Mr*. B Douglas Mr*. Betty Wdy "rt- C.M. Muses :
... several event are being planned. Members 4. The rtes d-th.-cvlsp
Agent Supervisor Agent Agent Agent Agent of the sorority are donating toys for the A. Are we re dyT
& Cr bnar
Bank to be preeented to eedy chlldre during
1. f'1I7" rids fire
Staff the Christ*** season.Other .. Ckxprirt for .....rldea' .
The &
Management OMlttee Include e. oirsetves tae the
working 00 the Program Rotklm grave 0 ;'
Alas Daniels. Vera 0.11. Louise Durd.n. Sadie
I Invites The Public To Atteml I Wlleoa.Brm Btewmrt.Jaaalta Knight ton* Blaad. e '.

and Louise'Sheffield. 1
Ruth 801c*>>.. Alaa DMlels. and j NOna L thite Best Wishes !
OPEN HOUSE will represent the chapter at the Regional Co-
to be held la Fort Valley. Georila this
Mrs. ovelda B. Jackson Mrs. Bertha p. Jew geneses
Agent Agent .... .... ....

.. Sat Nov. 27 jolalnt the roster of organised bridge clubs of Atlanta LifeInsurance
this city Is the BDpfclstleetes" a grow fardeat

9 a.me to 4 fitss bridge fans who participated as .eebers

I \ .d Door Prizes To All Who Attend II I Co. ::1

PLUS : A Prize Drawing every CttfMtllltiwISitlati

hour Starting At 10 life luiimi CIIJHJ
Y Johuas a.m. Walter jobnaoa Mrs. T LC wood
..reo A Johnson
Agent Meat

Clerk Agent W.6. LUMPKIN, JR., INC.



IIIIIIIfI. ten 1i
irnct iiuiui IESIMtEdUTUK :


,, M. 5. UifUI. II.
it MdllUer Chester B. Morse Chester B. MorN j... L Pattertoai vr*. Clan Real large sap Jr.
Sivervlsor Supervisor supervisor Agent Agent H3 UK SHEET PIS imtt NX WI riESllElT:

UCISHIlllt 3. riHIlA.3H71

J275 LANE AnilE) ,


: ... 4 I I'

n f.3UJ IT 4.3434iiasmaiuiiuu

In. C'fecJ1. I. with t4arla Y. Tcot .- II

Agent Di.t. *r.m. IEIIT CU1TII

.. .--. -- .-- : .. 1., -- '
-- -- --

(, .. ,. j J !I':,: .' :. 1..' I ''b iJ' ,. ..t::,..:. .;,,',,',!I\\ .. imM.1& lr I. .. ,. .



Preparing For Fireside Cheers *T7ME.JAVERs Yes, We All Talk WANUB -

I '" I By MARCUS! El. BOOLWARSt Hale Help

byMartha a fire-mlate speech, the speaker could larttty hope to
Brandt derelcp montbsaoae Idea aiid the same 11 the of tba hs-mis* LOCALFactory
SEASONAL SHOUT CUTS" te speech. The speaker briefly announced to the audience OM
la not part of the country simple point tad U should be supported by Abject matter Ute Jl ep. r
winter Isn't the longest aeason comparisons, eipUostlfm.il, fflutratloas,statistics,quotations. Wanted
s of the year.-It Just seems that Incidents, or visual materials b the conclusion the speaker
way. Out unless you Ilve on an should summarise Us OM mala point. $600 Monthly Guarantee
Iceberg there are a good many
r"r thing lots ran do to streamline The outline of such a speech would include the following $2000.00 Monthly potential Guarantee
your housekeeping for an easier'
lit not shorter) winter! frt Statement of Intention la k staple sentence.
at th you Rapid
(1) ftecolor and repair Advancement to
Sane tlm.j You ran make a (b) Make U clear by flcores. Illustrations, eumples, explu*
fading rotor on slipcover or up.bolstvry &ilon, comparisons and contrasts, bristly story tic. la 1OIIi.1IHclIe' Manager position Available
f_ so another season wlta are my helpful,eachud1a. rams, naps, .
eC ti'. the aid of one or the new aerosol pictures realaids and so on.Us 'i Equal opportunity Company
,r.brl.pra'L Color I I. sprayed '
onto tilt fabric much. the sum eat' Call
> war aa U paint. Result: fabric the final summary method to conclude UM speech. OM collect
color I* brightened. almost likenew may, however u* otter methods of conclusions.For example, .' '". ; Bob Raines

",saving both time an"naon" quotations, questions, a sentence story etc. (Aria code 314) 426-7242

It) Winter coat for carp*!.? .
Yes your carpets ran wear a
winter routor at least a coalIn rill
... *. Onr your carpets are
,clean spray them with an aero I
r aol fabric rooter and water
proofer. Keep dirt out-or at
least on the surface where It
ran be more easily wiped oft
Winter won't lave quite ..
much of a mark en your carpet
with this .lntl.r "topcoat. ..
CLAUS tad Charles "Chock" WOllams, tke president Schealey, DlstUlers Co. hold (S) Waterproaf winter
a strsten meettef at tile Concord Hotel.Klunesha Lake N.T. where Schenley invelled fall lotheaj You ran now do your ;
aDd holiday CUt parties to the pressssodUqnor trade. Ulss alary Washtactoa a piest at the waterproofing at home, ptiab-! jm
hotel listens u Mr. Williams describes for Santa bow Schealey this year lancted some I button style. This year who.
noosnlt, coats and other outer
$l million to create mon attractive decanters
pre-wraps ans unusual holiday psckans to gear are washed or dry
help retallerst a Urpr share of the Yuletlde market. tleaneil. find one of the aw
aterproofer.. In aerosol formA
few pushes of the spray and
Support Book Of Month YOU. and the outerganneat will be readyto
keep you (or your*) dry until
Small Business the lint washing or tleealng.Yen .
mull take a time aavlng

f 11.-, f. ..... ha.a tip from dry rleaner aad lineup
all garmenta to b* treated on
TheN I. UU a plies In this a line or sung on a pipe In the
country for th*man who want be........ That way they'll beat
i to co Into bualneaa for hlmaelf. the ,rlaht height for you to
In fart about a 05 perrent of lbs mork and already hanging on
r boils,... of i !lan..n for the waterproofing
leis country co before atonal the par
*ome4-l/Jmtt. I Ilion meats bath, In.the closet BB
C of tJM.nt- "Tho Emblem; of QUALITY SERVICE and
r today aremall CONVENIENCE"
firm. [I i
They prerW. a ReceivesHAACP

livelihood far -.
71 mllllen
Amcrirana and I Me.ilKIW
renerat %
of .. u.,1 SiM.w
ear *
,t. : bualnee activity. TO K" (NFl)- Mrs. >
,"; .f,., id1 -ljlJ taH Irma PTeaid lire J. CsmptwU list ***k b*-
i .nt ".h",a laid. 'Every cane UM third recipient of the

L bow Ameriran of leadership community. .draw, and Ha lit I.T. Read medal lot ontaUnd YOU DON'TNEED
drive for preerreea from reepeft.Ible III( work la the stale NAACP
MATT TEl WALKER unx prndot of Educational Hn- Sad proeroiv..mallbwis.wrnen ckr tile s eoafereoc U SCMM
tap Iac.. discusses "Favor The Runner" with Us suthor ." lady, K.T. TO LEAVE JUX
Jay RlcUrd Kennedy when the two met recently, Walker Lloyd Skinner U that typ TM medal was established la
formerly Martin Luther Hue's top aide, was recently named ef food email manufartarer Mal__and.. H.proree.or .. a. IMS by Dr. E.lea T. teed,. TO GET BARGAINS ON
president of the publisher of encyclopedia on !Nepo' Herltafe. In Omaha, Nebraaka, and s former NAACP slats p,...
KenMdys book rarer TM Runner which has u Interracial kit about 1:1r"I-Umt Meat for ouUtaadlnc work Mrs Nationally Advertised
theme, has been named ai the January bookof>Cw-strhtk Skinner U Campbell 1s eecreury of the. ,
selection by the Nero Book Club n 1s also scheduled to work en community pvabl.aw. tale NAACP sad a former
.. ..
drive. sad
aenre aaaa
become a major) motion picture atarrlnf Frank Sinatra and officer of many rlvt* erraatl.Uona. presideftl of the anU. BRANDS OF F LIQUOR
Sammy Davis.) He I* rrveldeflt lbs
National Small I..'..... Aa**>
Clatlo. Ciled In
FREE ROC!) SHAMPOO Ill ,........ are I. tous* Who
market, with small m.rit..r
or,.?.Sad that I* An wtU W... ..
Nit TOU"("$) .ea-
ilth teetal of BhaapooCq TEETHING PAIN All th* small bulnMma
want* I*the right to t np.t.1 hat tan Borough presldMtCoastaaee
.l....', I. teat( ; Lane ., awls curt.. e .. fairly. and squ.r.lSkh.s.r
+ taker
war soe r. +set.ean
o.er" a Oardea Tool. says.
n..IN .1 w.yr.wru
S. long a* th. Initiative efIk oaeof 14 eo ea cttoa*
floor pollafer ..M4er. ar.uer..e .r w email bi.emai to. Met fro aaoai 22. 200 boos
..t4uIOJole.\ total TO Mca A..e. Wr.rlaf"rra aharkled. a* lest a* he U sotkaap.red
by arbitrary g..nrswotnry1.tea or aotsbl wo... for
Trait,.. 12 pc dej. ora-jelXv- be ran doe tt a special cltatloa Croe-

RATIONAL RENTAL CENTER T.t'to a be.U aay ::::1.,buln the Na*a.> the edltora of ....0' a i JI

ttonal Sawn >w.*..*. A__.- era of Aa.rteaa ......"
7129 (.lile.t. PO S-MM IJoL"

1 I I'


: My


TRIM! r tflfw r




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k N ryeerrM .'

...I >

Y ,., .. ...uIt ....

Ir \ fl' f,.. Make R u g q m eN >/
1 1, J tr..",... Krren 1'rgsr.rlreNJ '
.... .".. .... wv
00.fa, "

_ptOrOugh w0e/srq_..NrbI .



C.nf1le el I s.tIot w... .
I I1ce Ne. Mprel
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."" w $ s
back a1hepN. 1 .
Klewlel WetMn erif4n
I Z /etMC.tt.cr) / ,
oww.r+1++++ len p"'a 1S,..Lr : ::=::fra ai.r.FNfax s cleat's ,.::castes, e1)keMe S1S 'd
UHi .... tim.n .:10.... eta I. Jett fester tl ea ee 00
n ClIo...j VHb UHf neeKle.. ;:: ekes. 4wg' 5
\ j _If e.- ttneAos Nper :f' :::

r eaaereq Jleisf .... -.a-.. Ilerwe ...

'.ibeeriese'trmNNE' seer ctM off 10

tic. er.t a e y K I.... r" Wee1l

... w
s149lSe ,..;. ahi

s.,.. IteIJ,...,

df wry uw. / ...lwJ. r ,..,I rhwi

j .:.acre Mr a ,tie ,.aae..Jr/ ...w..

it wiA ee. f M yr ......---It 1 feeSe

rye trap Idwrre ors. .....eP:elk a .e' MieiIAee t Ueb ../ ..... M/M ., T1erl1

4 M..... err./aa. H.ay",.,.,.1"."

n rr .eAayrr y Jteeeee,,.. As A

."' ,.." .-

...as Ik... 00

'. "'.,..;.-.-.-..--- :.-....:.:.:.-..:::::.:.-.;- \\\1\ I VlmP-M,
t. : ., ,. ','" _U .. .II. !..._, t."

} I t' ,t'r I I

"" -- '

:'.II.:' '.';:-.. II I I

11 aA r a ? ,

I X 1 i .

Joins Wings Around World Staff
Atlantans Ready 31st Annual Observance

A Season Opened ...
iIjJiIU x '' -'a -.. J; "1 '" '-..-' I f ;T '.;f'" ,

:i ': ; .': J" f 1iJ'

; x Wednesday, ..::.: 1'L I ; .: .:: .. !. .

I, ; 1 4 Nov. 24 ,f :f.!: A ..

waterfowl hunters afield at 12 +r b is t1 q t :
o'clock noon Wednesday, Now
24, for opening day of the duck,'
,r 1rl goose and coot season The
season for waterfowl was In
two phases beginning Nov 24
I and continuing through Dec. 6. '
The second phase of the season Dfr : t,
will open Dec 18 and continue
through Jan. 8.
Hunting Is being allowed every
day from auntie to sunset except
for the opening day which
begins at 12 noon, and Leon
County where waterfowl bunting
Is allowed only on Wednesday's,
uP u
e .a 0 + ? Saturdays, Sundays,opening day .
and holidays, according to W.B.
Copeland, Chairman,Came and
Fresh Water FWtCommIsslon.
Hunters are being allowed to .s 4 9 'V

I take a dally bag limit of four .._.. .. I\V,..I
-- --
ducks, two geese and ten coot.
I Total possession after the first ALL-SPORTS JAMBOREE-.Tbe 100% Wrong Club of The Staffer Emel Scott, L I. Ctlttenden, and Thelba St. Brows
day was limited to two day's Atlanta Dally World Atlanta, Ga, has set Friday, January Standing from loft, are Frank T. Odom, Gulf Oil Corporation,
bag 21, 1966, u the date tor Its 311t annual AU-SporU Jamboree James Williams, W.C. ....n, Charles w. Greene, Atlanta
For the 850 to 1,000 girls from all parts of the world who will come to'Pan American Airwaysnew The dally bag limit of four with the 1000personcapacity ballroom of Atlanta's MW Life Insurance Company Joesph Jacobs, Moss H. Kendrick
international stewardess college In Miami, Florida,each year is graduation day Here, at ducks, may not Include more Marriott Motor Inn being the location of the popular sports The Coca-Cola Company, M.B. Cook William M. Nix Brady
the culmination of an Intensive five-week course that coven literally downs of subjects from than two mallards, two wood event Abort members of the nationally famous sports club Barnett and Dr. C.F. Cootby. other members of the Club
how to brew coffee to International documentation, Robert N, Nichols supervisor of the night ducks or two canvasback. In flank the Club'i president, Dr A.L. Thompson, Federal not seen, art Jack Adams, Dr. Robert Jordan and William
service training school, pins the coveted wings on Thelma Hinton of Montclair, New Jersey addition to the daily bag limit Housing Administrator center front, following a recent plan. Lucus of the Atlanta Braves The Coca-Cola Company, World
Mill Hinton 22, was born in Jersey City,N.J., graduated from Montclalr High School and studied of tour ducks hunters may take nine session From I.n. .seated art Dr William B. Strop Atlanta Life Insurance Company and Gulf Oil Corporation
merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology In New York Before Joining Pan an additional bag of five mergansers shire, J. Russell Simmons, Atlanta Dally World Marlon are longtime sponsors of the Jamboree.
i American she was an usistantbuyertoraNew York department store. As a Pan Am stewardess of which not more than E. Jackson World sports editor, Dr. Thompson World
she'll be flying to 88 lands around the world served by the Jet Clippers one may be hooded merganser,

J -- be In allowed certain to areas Include hunters two additional will. Interracial Assn. Pays Off Florida A & M University SelectedTo
Soothing l to be a 1ft for scaup In their days bag
'I Santa's Feet anyone, .pecl.JFr tlrtd In Movie RoleWorld A Federal duck stamp, purchased Share In 22-Negro College Grant
; the foot manager from any U.S. Post Office beea
MW YORK-Florlda AiM University baa selected to
a luxurious, !
famed jazz musician
Yrovld. tire is required In addition to share with ether colleges
I for twenty-two predominantly Negro a
Louis has been signed
Armstrong the
fttt long after the Yule regular hunting license, for 1.000000 "matching giant" made by the. Alfred P Sloan
li over, by producers Ike Jones and taking ducks and geese. Foundation of New York City, The grant was announced by
designed, the Jim Waters to star u "Sweet
) mat-
hat vibrating caps, po.|. Daddy" In Joesph E. Levlne's Dr, Frederick D. Patterson chairman of the Cooperative
t 1 at a 80-degree angle, "A man Called Adam," starring College Development Program with which the twenty three
: allow you to enjoy the Davis Jr. In the colleges are affiliated.The
Sammy ,
1 I while lilting In a MIAMI BEACH-New explorations grant U designed to encourage the twenty-three Institutions
title The feature goes Into
chair. plo. for Atlantic food
tropical to develop additional sources of private support
In'B too toot manager Ideal Is convene In the production New York shortly fish, to help nourish the exploding with particular emphasis on alumni and local giving. The
.; ,bathroom;keep or .side a The "Sweet Daddy" role will population' soon will be colleges have bees placed ID two groups by the. Foundation
chair, and comet In a be Armstrong's first truly dramatic started from a just completed with seven Institutions In Croup eligible for matching funds
of colors I ) soft mel. part In aa almost legendary U.S. marine centeron .
: pink rtsearcy la the amount of $".161 each and the sixteen colleges la
or Ivory white, it can musical career which has a Biscayne bay Island ben Croup n eligible for matching funds of JJJ.JJ1 each.
Plull'.d r Into any with AC included motion pictures,radio, More Information about tuna I To stimulate u Increase la the Cow of gifts from eoil.gealamnd
: ;{1 re'I' a television theater, records and will be one of the first goals and local givers, the matching formula of the lots
i available for about teven- concert stages the world over sought Little Is known about Foundation will give each college (up to the prescribed money
A long evening of dollars In the dual-capped for the past fifty odd years.In the species In the Atlantic, limit of its grwip) $l of Foundation money for every f 1raited
such a* the one this "A Man Called Adam "
habits of
the Pacific
up and down chimney gentleman li using, or although from alumni of the college; and II of Foundation
wear out a mm-but a tingle-capped model l. for Armstrong will portray u aged the fish are reasonably well money for every ft raised from private donors withia the
.minutes with this foot- nine dollars, tn Dr, jaii musician who 1s rediscovered understood state la which the college U situated. Monies raised from
electric manager U J just l' Foot Comfort Shop at and returns to public MIAMI BCACK-The Miami other private sources will be matched by the Foutdatioa
lo el
think ,to help put him back at In drug,department and favor Beach payroll for entertainment at a ratio of one dollar for three.
shot ttoret. Directing the Trace-Mark Productions star runs Into the millions each U the over-all average matching ratio U CM dollar for
film will be Leo Pena winter One hotel night club operation two u the Foundation expect the project will mate available
Train now for tomorrow jobs The future will be filmed alone Is shelling out a to the twenty-three colleges $1.000,000 .U ace bade
entirely in New York by Trace. half million dollars this season Including the Foundation grant, !during the scat two years
You could be right (Hut maybe not, These days, some Mark for release by Embassy for show beadllners. addition
I jobi are disappearing for good because machines do them Pictures to the dine and dance spots,substantial

better than men. That's progren. It creates problem. budgets are alloted forlegitimate wr..tt Utter Son e Dill Ufy Men?
Hut it alto creates opo""i. for new and better jobs. stage performers
III III III and artists appearing symphony
Will you be qualified to get them r concerts and opera. WHOLE ;

lL. sli, .. : BAG FULL! fJ

Mrs C.A. Kelley of Clay, Texas, lugging water frost the old biJ
well (at bottom) ls a thing of the past since the. Farmers
Hone Administration of the. V." Department of Agrlnltaremade
their. Interracial aoaprofU water association a "'.500
loin to establish a water system. At top, Mrs. Kelley U
stows la her modern kttchea washing dishes. Five white and WMBMSpotlight
n Negro families la Clay 'benefit from the water system.CoTernmeat .
financial assistance tot establishing eoomualty
systems and other purposes w more thus doubled, u a Product Of n, Week
: result of recent leglalatloa. Applications for luau auy be
nude at county offices of the Farmers Hone AAaialatratloL
USDA PHOTO Miami Florida


SCLC Polishes Pamphlet

On Nation's Negro Politicians

ATLANTA pamphlet ."The Americas ltffOlu PolltkUa"
designed to correct soejse of the. dlstortloae and oajalsaioasU
the political alstory the fovthera Negro America has

': RHYTHM & BLUES ence bee.published by the. Sowthera Christian Leadership Confer-

With Bketcfees oa key 1sempoutklaas presents BUacae Brace of
of singular achievement MlsaUstn. Robert Saalls efgo
(past and presatX the ta Caroliaa Robert tHloctef
pamphlet seeks to show that So th Carolina JtBersoaLong
the Americas!Negro,at various of Georgia, Kiram karat
STATION points .la his history has ee.coGled of MUsiath I. Isaac Rapkr
u active, and ladeedcrvclal of Alabama, Ptaclaey Pledk tl. SHORTY-$15.
place IatbtpaUlicaiaDII of LdOaUaa, Jofca Lraca MIDALO STYLI d/IIS
I I legislative proceaaes of ale of Muatsasjvt, aid George *
: country's history.! watte of North CaroUaa-oo sewage.,1 ,:='es.-5 M.M .::
-- ew .a -
I BntBtUAg with Jobs Laagstoaof Southern stalwarts of Oe FirstReconstnKttoa .1.- .'. /ste near.A4a..a

DIAL ",* VlrgtalalW-imXhears* Its "........ ....:::-...::-, -- P err
Negro elected to public office te Georgia Senator Leroy JohascaIee4s uo- .... eau soot_ e.,. to 5 ...,. 'It "',.
the WOJed States Is* paaveMMADAM the first of eke Se odMecceutnrUoa k>..VOOatr 1---=
na ar< *ttTtuUct .
: : officials Charles ytttm TsScTO* <53tIKTT

1260 For The # 1 Sound Gcailil..car Ret, R.L. Ktert.V :" t iMM.wa.s CAaaoorvoiii inime.ewe.s*M.

JU Edward sad Dr. SUaky t1.w... r s,-i, == r= CGlllfj'AI.Y

,; ,!tfj. GLORIA data toUawtag.with TU Georgia's pajapaMtescleete M w_w. -Mwr1-.r wva _y

IHlxt A Spirtteallst Reader E1tlt** tie eight negroes ..-.no.. 0IW'T0e.e.'o"n......,....W....
Advisor la an aa&lrs of lifts elected to the Georgia HOBM ..&K........ _
DIAL Love- Marriage* Butaeaa, &. of Rcpreeeatattves la last "June -w ..mew?
efts***, etc. tacky Days Le- epectal electkek hUM !Bond, r
1,1 ... ==IS a. t, .. : :: _
sty Kaftta. There is aa MMM lee Browm. J.D. Cruet -------e
dftadfd Oat she tuft... W1W.aa AlAsaader. Mae Grace e*Ait- roeui .LA

'm!!j 1260 For The st 1 Prizes Located at: M .... 11110.. HasUttoa, J.C Daagfeerty.Joka si CTrSe.Ts&S"s l::. =. ;":. -: -
poMa>t n. Cps .... Bond led Albert TteeBMoa. .......... r- .*?.. ..T ..,,, .... '--" -. ..-
Mill tt era. slay $aday. Copies cI De pvUkadoa are .... -... ...,M -. .:... ;;' "
DIAL available wBhoat rep .
coat, poar- _..
Located la MUaU. FU. CM
visa te> MADAM GLORIA ash .... trosa Oe KLC see =area ';..'"'...:.. :.:.:.: .... ': ..-.:. -lC_
... .taAtluo.Yo ..... scan....ta.cia.. .. -. ..
you wan the alt rs wa. a. i- ad -
The u1 1 R & B Hits! -- : "': -- -ar
j 1260 For Wit price with this Mltmd &aNOCK.'ItTt.. .: ....., w ... r.es. .

". aY .. ......t eat s.,'aNra.e's. .. .. .::... ,,-
roc" W4 ... ...
lobe wise yesterday's ak .. war i: M.. .........-110 ... ,..

_. ..... ... ... .
-.r./l! Ii.IiL' l.rrr "':!Irt---4 .o&'I w -:..- I:::.....:. -, .. ... .... -- .. ..- -

llib l ,', ',,-- i ,.,. "j r, ,1lt"I)_ t ,.

e 1
t 4 1 I


I Steadily Improving 1 i Rattlers Clash I With i Texans Saturday In Gator Bowl I

Gateway Classic Foe Clash Here ,In Gator Bowl Saturday Night I 8:00: P.M. I

: r'c: I "" :ri'"Jlh) .' '\.. ,

: Sti,1 .' .:r:.

5j .. .

hl iM l" "


:7 "

j .,, .4' \

..: '"
-. ;. ':i .'-. "

1.w '.'., .. 5e.'r ('

i S-. __
tt :, .
l .J' 'k; t .
h J' .
} II.:
'\ .. '
m..tl \:
1 h Ii.! "' ,' "' ....r. ,
A d t

.. ........ .... ..... ._ .c Jjl>A 1
--- --- .. ,-- "6' ... -- '" a..lUilllAoIICIa.I .s.; --..
of the Gateway Classic art tile teams representing Florida running the larcest crowd In the history of the event art wipected to rtobert English and Coger Cover Rattlers' player shown ISO pound senior from Savannah, Ca t and .John C Williams
I .u University and Texas Southern University which take. be oa hand. Some members of tile TSU Tlcra defensive unit from left art: Andre White (17), 11-year old "'5. tlO pound (14). t3.yesr old 110-pound senior guard from Miami. I
shown at photo (left) from left art veterans James Blven, / Holmes old
place Saturday. night at I:00 o'clock la UM Gator Bowl where senior end from Tampa. Johnny ((73)), 11-year


.. Tenn. AS I Seeks 4th Annual ClassicTo Vies Courtesy Brahman Breeders Coke Completes OBC Phase

Rice Bowl Berth IH Hiatlig OROtkers' Showing InterestIn

By EARL 8. CLASTON HINASHVlLLEUndefeated Florida Fair
Feature A&M-
Ttnn. .' leniiTALLARASSEEWlth 1
State University U currently laUM TAMPA-Bnhmu bre.dsrsars
thick of rte fight for e tile 1M- showing tremendous Interest lathe
btrttt to this year's Crantland TSU Extravaganza M aunllnc season repldly colnf open show of the Florida
Met Bowl. Last reel Coach Into full swing! hunters received State Fair to be held la Tampa
John A. Merrltt'd Tiger defeated some friendly advice from w.B. February Ist-Uth,*IMC,according .
Lincoln: University .!.' With the reactivation of his had riddled the Rattler both Copeland, chairman Cam and to T. WUsoa Spark, Assistant tJ f
In tile St. Loul staged drat Blood Sweat and Tears units, off sslvely and defensively lot vests Water Fish Commission, Fair Manager.Sparks .
i. nest Gateway Cluste.ta Cool Jake. Caliber U expected t devastating 4J-I lambasting. Out their manners oa location heads up the many 1st
UM contest, punt return to bare his Rattlers In lop Thus allay Jake returned tc otter time go a long way toward events Involving livestock,
specially Molar Smith broke hi* shape when! they tact Coach his Ore.-enft setup which had landowner receptions."Plus poultry and agriculture for the
own punt return record that be Clifford Jack, ) Paul's. jeua resulted his t.lqttraedeM UM old problem of cates Fair and Is well knows to Brah
established In October of INS Southern Tlcers here Saturday wlnntncest coach to tht nation, left open, fence tore down, man breeders throughout tht
when be galloped U yard a- at I p... la tilt fourth annual and since the Tennessee debncl wood net. nflr and Uveatockendangered" country lit U coordinating UMBrahmaa
pat Florida AIM for the fame presentation tf the Gateway haa routed AA T U) North Cart- Copo1aD4nJd.we open ahow with Kelly
wlnilng TD that gave tile Nash.' Classic at the Gator BowL Ilea. Louisiana Southera and sow Saws a new and mart poisonous Lyons secretary for the ria.,
,WIau.14.lhktorowertileRattlen All had been going well for Batki s-CookmulW UM Rat. pUgut. flue U 1141983 Brahmaa Breeders Aaaoc W k*.
la 1KJ. In St. Louis Florida.At M this,.u.aU they h Uer.' t.ual of Old. model Utterbug who has become Mr Lyons said entrlea to date
Smith took a plgskia on ala faced ,....... State In what Saturday nlghf came-whkh the scour-e of all civilisation.Wt Indicate thla years Brahman
ova coal line nod raced IS had been classified u a usual the Rattlers lead M vUl be know all about the Utter- dew will be tht largest to
yards before belnc bumped out rough touch battle between two the first of a battle of a atra* bug loss of unknowtncly qualify several years.
of bound on the Lincoln: S-3. of the utao.'. top teams, but between. Galther and one of and some of us unknowingly Breeders of Brahman cattle
Quarterback Eldridge Dickey, before the day WU o..r. tilt his former .. Coach CUT tease tile door to u Invitation will be pointing towards the two
who loaned IS TO paiee last Uerrttt coached Teoneaseaa.Sabers lord (.Jack) Paul who took over to rettrv A landowner seldom crud champkw awards at the :L
week to establish a new unlvtr the grid decttnles of Taw has any palienct left.when be Fair, The IM Grand Champion :ij ; .
aity ..uk. hit I td passes Return' Southern this past fall and also finds out that hunteri hire scattered bull via Sugarland's ReiWanao ___ -
against Lincoln: to up the recordto holds the position of director ,.,..* all ttr his place II. owned by U." Sugar
17. Merrltteharp-tyedpass* To Basketball of athletics. aid btvt ducreated UM land Corporation, Ctewtslon Fls.
er U only IX) yard abort ofnutcklng ; Interest from fandom standpoint scape. The Grand Champloa Female
the Uilvsratty's all fever pitch this year aida Brahman was d* Queen deMaaso.
lime total .... yardage Set 18 Settos rtctrd crowd U expected to Rackets Trade A owned by Duds Main
Dickey who haa nmaated ItJ be oa hand for the I p... Ise., Cocoa, Florida.
yard la 171 play thla season CONCORD. X.C.--After II.toe.u kkkoff.Tht To StretftheiWeikiesses The beef cattle Industry to 4
approaches UM IHJ mark set abeence, the Barber annual colorful weekend Florida U enjoying rapid growth "RATTLER" FILM PLANS COMPLETEfPUna sere eomfUled recently at llorkla AiU
by David Boone at 112) yards Scotia Collect Sabers return program U expected to get U ls evidenced by" the Increasing University for the filming of the ll.l Orange Blossom ClasiM by The Cots-Colt Company,
la 274 plays.Dickey to the hardwood court with an uBdtrway Friday alght wtt tht etport of Florida beef from Atlanta Ga Above, following planning session. A J. (Jake)Gellher second tram left. director
who U .y.rar\DIl...4 ambitious! eighteen came slat*. usual round. of social affairs to ,tile Port of Tampa, Sparks r. of "a.tIClIII4 heed fOlCbeU coacrfat the. TilUheMee |Ulef lalllllllpe. UM ball' to Harold
yards per came will bYe a la their last outings, to 11)1 be followed by" the downtown Tht .JackaoBVillt Rtcketsilfatd ported.Cwrtton. Hamlllon, AdvertlslAg and tales Promotion U Deptrimenl., Cott-ColaCompany" vltMieed by
thane to break that all time the 1-' hoopsters potted u parade Saturday at I p.m. feeturinf see player, asked Earl Lsmterl. Tall* a.... Coca-Cots ttvttllng Company and D.C Islllngton, FAWU courdla
total offense record this Satur U>)1 wla over Rock lairs ttcht local and several waiver. oa another and placed Ural Her of spsclal sells ltis. Hamilton was formerly director of puflM reUlkme si Clark College,
day against Kentucky Stile at Clinton Junior. Collect,followed out of tow high school. cases.gists tw* oa OM injury Ust, Conch Atlsnts Georgia. The llrd annual Otange Blossom Clasik vUi |I. held II UM farnuu Orange
Frankfort, IttlltlCt,. by a 71-84)) victory ever Char pIu queens, tat crack Put Egan announced.BlUy In TriRSDortiiig Uowi, Miami, on December 4. Tbe Coca-Cols Company and .Ms Miami" Bottler *f Cort-Cols
loa.'. Carver Collect. Coach FU. AIM ROTC drllltoa. thtTallaksisesas Held, a .center-winger are pioneer participant> In. the Mum! event, haiing fur 1 number ef years ewnmrled tht
01 the 8-3 quintet was A.T. tamed astk ally. cams to UM Jtocaeta aplayerdeal .R.E. Lee, Jr. A.IIIbltll are named M fit "Iftlverslly's ski pieildeM and OUC founder
CollagefeetM. Cordery, present B-S business tamed -hUrtltoc 100 Band" aka tht )ohastowa Jets Of KfleJ Gillie entered t queens' float to UM abaci parades and hoeted luKheoa. for the press boa .orp*
manager, tat bathes queens and Doll Raid considered. OM *f the dui Ing half>lime 01 UM n.*.
The Sabers opea their IMS tosrts represenUnf both toeti* best pee prtepects tw* year TALLAHASSEE--A buck deer
Sceres- home stand acainst CUatoa .Jr., tutiou and the pfatry *f ag was ottained tot .Jim Let*. draped. ever the front of asaeto
COU.... Rock awl, S.C. to theLngas peasad Wllmi apects* cber, Ik* Sun pile OM mobile. might loot lerrUte. but Pro Tea FIGHT CANCER
Florida. AiM tf-BethuatCaok. Rep School crmustam, CM*. Rockets had to preseanoa drills. R would be a lot Maser att. ms Eyeblingites
nun .. T.... State 11,Kentucky oa December 4. Atthoufh tht Itattltr art rM The locket ..... waivers oa cuisine. *.Ue, parked la tht shade
St I.. Jackson St. 1$. Miss The B-Sabers rat their first tof the crest s lost 0as winning ChrU BenUe) ,..", Fto. of OM trunk --- ----
Valley Ui GramiUng 14-Sou .... en Kov. M when they In street, OM Tulsa art nerty plared to the first alas Tht word from butters. con- 7 Gram Tiffsm
then La. 14. AngustiM veUed to Martatwi, Temv, ...... to ...* gant sad .... lour point defied wtth the food angle of ,
..-... II;Livingston II-Mis to tangl rah tt rttowa Col. ute brand at 14a pLasrI tout Defvneemea Rk A Brtdtord and venison I* that tt would take
College U; AlaUma St. u. left other road eottetta ptt baQ aSkS U expected ctnddtUoanl Jack KUn sire put on OMtojnrv a long ttrle of lest to find ... ... IIMH
LaM 0; Morris Sl-Vorhee* 7, the Barber-Scotia On acainetFriendsa stature to OM lour lisC a harsher war of treating' a GAAMBLdO. L*. JIPf offlct o| Cemmlsskmer PeteRtielle
.. Hal U-Vtnstoa-taless.0! *. Dec. It WttrtU, year aid Classic here. venison thai Isytag M against There U 1 haul SOIcouralagttreugh l l has IslaM save
Morgan St. u.YIfPaIa SL 0; Dec. 1) CUatoa, Feb. Ij ec.U. .- Prl'an fu Hijb huts a not hood and. etposlng OM OM Amerkaa and Ratlonal Cir al lllIIC ilslesrll "II.. 511IINbIi
Arkansas AMAX I1-wu., ,. pea, ,... D.rtm, '*'"II. deer to OM *.; not M Beetle Football League over the ChbperMmert to Nsturreatdisry
S.C. Trad, '. II, Yoorhees, + 0 1014 .111 .a.I DM cilia file at every stop. ImartMlvt horde of giants ol 119: ...,.... 81, AI'| UNll
reside IIRES '.' It. and Wins tau-, la rte ass, Proper handling of the dm Virus football SI CfamUlng CrsmUlM has II salves enS
r dlsarpear from actual km to UM stout tetUfe.Is 5 ..MdtlM. Hall&at ..*4.f*
Tnt successful fisherman a. 4 Gut AMd CAM to ftart. uee natklsee.ate U recommended by the Florida OM pretude\ tow annual tr* upend to nI ig* trofeee* lif
voids "guttla We I rut." Be his most epomlst atatmtnt Watch' Ibis Gown ttduilque. ell *MU. Came and Freeh rater rid prefcsslaaal draft and lane lost/Ml and hslfeflheee
varies his retrieve ta successive admits thai UM teamwMprebably the 5141.15. If Fr Cammlseloa. This means tu. UM essential fats art todts may .,.....u, become pry lilitliltl)
cuts, ttpertmtattog to Cad tsaprvv. as the s1SaJL 41-21-51 Job 1* *.. *f the*. alt 1'4"'.'' dressing, aad quick remtval lose stars.Ftv /
OM mod productive speed and to a shaded area, tf not n ei-Tiger Sass per ef sis CramUlsg; sectors
scud lot It al.. _pregrissuu.Til M II 22 slip tee pails Mttos Wool to a woler, Prompt. t v. formed to DM Nay lot payraaa Signed last fXemfeer sfepUfto 1)4 I. UIIR II!
...' t Slip seal, that ring agamst fly damage U Se,e* Tiger ..uo..rt .>g wta Amerka and RatmsalLeiarMteam .
paid OM flseel ........ last -----------
J J .111 bell Uhee4. piss/a4 urged to Moue choke vealsoa *. .
roast week vial ttelr MeabUed lal
I ,eels wars assailed at H toOOO
2 ---------------
by DM ..*.r *f aa Amerka
J FeeibaU Usg franchue. .
I. This ......* ef rataIs a......". Th. Sort OM

1T21II1U1111 WINTER PREVIEWS beaded by fuU2.(k Men/y Over 7 Crown U Is S..gram**)

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WARNER '.... lt-aV.r-ud. El-
a 21-II I tea lfai.eIUpunde. ..<.C ..ilttellers.
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