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910119 F20090413_AABSPT 00498.jp2 e6f5ec4acb7c8407c3ac40aab81b48eb3d99519e1a3b379fea6c8d8b99b9a33015b32028

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200689datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 14, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006890740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 14, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 14, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

J' -

Gainearlllv University of Florida Florida _' un-Off Election. I 2 Ex-Miami PolicemeB'F y \cfeced



... .. *' *. *. *. ... ..... ... .... .... .... ....




Sentence 8 Prison Rioters Name Jax Teachers Dr. Scott

* In Testimony
ML .15 KO. 35 SUlIAY R8VEMIEI 21, INS 15 CENTS Rescued Sea' Disaster Survivors
The report contatntd In a 500-
**** *
** page book,rtprtttnllni Ito Its.

Mad Gunman Wounds 4 At Beach Club dt U llraoftt described pees bf to ptrtirtph Ito one prosecutor saute thaI aieoaiilklai

MtttU with ...."

**** Sate Atty. William A. IUI t.
towel tnnounctdU reek,after
k aU week lav' '1111'110. Into
tltoftd Job ..IUnlIA tile tcboolytttm

::1 JAX YOUTH CHARGED I nrtiflod' tntt rumor.It "va* all "W.I i

Ho."" In ttitlmooy wfcl hKtllowa

i 9 1 q, ,say and provided the Clllitna to tcttoolofftcUlt Cora l

WITH KILLING .lltt* for Better EducalUM:
FATHER which brought lilt charges, tl
but two teachers midi' ate

.... .. .. cwtttoM against Dr, J.I. E.:
Icon, aitUUnt tuptrlnttniltnl

Miami WomenIn Stores' Employment fYouth t says | \y of tat Negro.UU KhooU* press, 11 descried a llal

Commission t ton offktr between aupl.lik .
Father Wis ] Bryant and Mtfroptrtonntlla
Ito' school' tyiUdTto .
Race RuN OffMLUO.wta
cc ullooi nudt against
Of Negroes Under Molesting Sister Wr Dr, Scott by OM tractor are
a publkly to.doratd of tuck aotorlou stun thai
tupport of some 49 IBItrdtaoatnttlooal Eanct4 after to rtportwflfa tits .U vkitaprtidiptcuUlk
mlalcttri taottor kit bar attta tlac to NASSAUA: IIOMft aunrlvor fron the burned & .. ftrauutb Cattit, which lank early tt to whether (to school board
cmc.uladtd leaders tad Survey By "Star"limited assault. kU U>**ar old Mater, MOT, u. ia brovaht btrt la pale. on a pant Ouard Hitoopttr. The oruttt ship vlll conduct a lung *lodtttr.
Croupt. lira. Ataalit voa a tl yttr old ton aooa after' .
ftt&ct bouaJ here fro. ulaol -lth aa ..U..attd. J50 persons aboard burned miM Whether Ito' lop Negro of
$ runoff spat la Tuttdayt city pulped t amaltr. of shall tato tour hours biters alnkUf. about tidal bat be.1I", III,0'11111I.-. .
commlMlootra rtct. ftttor'i body last Cthirda tad (tai it2.i1t101O' ) duct
Mrs, tango rtctlTtd" ,55I Boycoll Seen Best WayTo U be lie told .ta county Jail lot Mr*. Wry Loathes Crtwlty
lavtttuatloa of murder of IM9 Japoaka ltd, a teacher
Gila M ore Job Opportunities H.ld for ftrttor tavt tlcatkoa a LX-LNWMeN I Gunman Wounds Four for Mica years Mid ato vtntto
a mradtr charge U Ctrl I Dr Icott'i oOk to pita
BY Irk 0. Slinptoafi Found GuiltyIn for tmploymtnt. bee 1\IIIt tilt bad
pressing financial nt la.IM .
has beta mort than tvovttkjacotinct Bathltdrt Itotraoa, r1 Bribe At Local Night Club Claimed thl t* tto pre.
local brtack tad Kit prtaidtol of the eta onaLLuaaUot for Case noted her saw lo Dr troll
1 1r tea Advanetatnl of Colonel FMopto taaowattd pat a atrftt of tto tdalnUlrtlor made Miualtdnactt
aurctot and t call for t dovvtowa UUUtJ "" bras of 1) to her. Ito atld she
boycott world follow aaUM: ( (ills ptrtoa remains !kotplltl 100 Club and atrti bnunctr..
a? Mayor LcmU H. iLltter sad cur offlcUU took ttn/ to rtctliy 9 para tack were Soled out to lied ta aalUfaclory coadltioa EVICTED AND RETURNED' them told kin the dWn'l, Mattdvork
a Uct of crJe'ur", vakfe two formtr UUml pollct of. thai I.*"
Pttraoi cttrt. tad tkrtt others were rtltutdfollovlAC Police Itaraod (hot u,ttt Was *
1 Tto NAACP staged OM of tta aurctot M Tender. Nut 1. fictri. found inUty of kaTtnIU Irtitratat, Ito STAR .tdt lo Um tit club by Mrs Crawler said she bdtu14
r tad M aurctori wire prosy imrt for otatrvcunt tnf brltwa from t aarcotka Ittratd Wtdattdt as u att.r Miytra after aukln too .muck school .board member Mirllnti
fk ferlBf tto o'clock rug NW vttaoul r;.naH. Jwln Iota 4 4, pedaUaAia1lag man of a oM'iata anootlAf idles Lottt *u aald ttoa to IWktr about Dr, IcoCI'a advaa
laatora ta a eoukknUt mood DDM taw 11 adult aurttori PS UJ. DUtrtd Court fires tl t JftCkawlU Bttck I Itoprtmlatitadrtluraodvto ctt,
bat Mtptd4 tto MatMeo flata tad tto ..,....... wars Um4o aoatMcti art torntrNtrcotlca icttclub early I fuodi aoratAf. Ito club was clotlAf took Anuttor tttctor,WUlUn M,iMto -
MM. RANGE ..r for di.poalt/a by Dtlntd. Court figs rnak rowttla sad kUMaliiul. HeW ta count* Mil oa u u> out t pUlol and darted fir In* of 144 J.Hftoo .., luldKtlhwtt
to canOdat taws C.fCtoU DUe tto Btrctet. art coat...... oa a mr ordnly tuaioa. RoottvtU Trtmtlt Malt 10 er..I..1Met, Into. t crovxl ttrtloultd lo tobttvtea ( thai to watdUmUatdby
\., !**! UJKt *.*.e1.spM. Jackaoavilto D.cro cuutaa ar. tMbdtrtaf tto call tot u an .toad., taw bees lit tl fJ.OOOtKNi .. .41, of Ul tread Argue lotkCoaflttd ?10 tad 100 6tcj.lt.. Ito ockou4 board of"....,.
the fact ttot Ckrtot* Btld to oat boycott of uatot atoru w Uc> fttraoa tat MCfMttdatocid EAJU.BAOVN t' '-< ''a attaoarUa I'tlr' 'war .cIuUo.." .
to tto Report of Mayor Rob* eoattaM taimf* <.. Cartotaui ...... ..oartftd avapottBrova Ao ladktof found fUr tad taOurtl IftdlctlCtoitr to tMelubalingwb.ts bUytra lit Mid that tilt charges aujtkt
ort fig Mat vto UadiUdtd OM of tto qiwittou Pat. trU. .. ta tto scads.perlOU of Ml Rood toltadDrtrt taUtolli ondtr crKicttcoMUlloa .u, tnd rhea to at* tftytritorta .. stemmed front kU' Ktl'l-
Into rake tot kit ana eoo .to. are cooc,... *m m Ooda X.t To melt at to MCW ...It.o..t. $ .Uk t bullet lodged flrlnf .UdI,. OXktrt 'Its la a Negro school bnycotiUl
acat lo vest term dtauadt U vtottor ta til-out boycott tonlowa *o 14 to u tto r.*all of ttoaltrd at Hick u of WtdMiday.roetlTtdIUM .ateU,.. for ttor U ao dowM that papa *IU Had M hire tarMiat addict. to SMM D. eel ta MtUfacfor condlllua UCtltta lilt god,JobM was vowxtodta came out.Muldrow .
MM to kla ccpooMl tape-be tl CtrUtaM !!.., tap*ttlly .ta 'in"Dt Brova. tQataMtMrtia.Dvrtl H. Johato Ill. U. of tto sock. Ito W let ludtlnfatir MM that to vu too
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Faces Grind hire employed u *tU u apcradtd avrtrtl N.poca, ttoaakota la 1aiM att.apta( to asuMMMa U, of 119) Boultvtrd. Mlctoriktytri. lovftt, alter belly tto pistol SIgN give i him" a k* ta atrtoulltactor
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Jury Eli. has to hire talus do. M DIe bet maalM .ttot a Mater of took rtflt from ttotoat by aa *.1dt.&IItcI.& ... toflkl.taf hose oa lilt Slyest and vat
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hen *u ordered toM Then U |*wrtl. gulag flul a lUilod boTcott or *...II the nctlai vto tto. ataatttod DCTBOIT.- lot rrtad: Jury CUM Twtdty call a ottoctlv* brta| pro rsa .o.U be man *0 cttv. t* sad Ml ..., tto Watt door, TRKMBLC latorutd *u ta act of paid for kla vtrkM MuMrowtaavtrod
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east trade from DoN firm Itol art act Lot .... M0tr aadctootTto CUM ..* acrat 4 citefrt.ed 'toad of tto. firs Baptltl Matt* Ruby JttkoM GeJM,. ,Mya or*. to Mid.lUUowtt .
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Court Rules I I .H .Pay said. Push .... I to ontaf. u eke "........ *.I UilMi Pal *ot tr fie
Meyer-Eiect Llitlsiy Tires 4 iod' >H Del are vtrt to did s 'ixr-rifA. g:r... may Ma fcrt s.to...*.
8 Convicted 'to .a* Utoury of at thieve.Heir. Tto ottor ......,. U Mr*. j I!f br, | .trl eels ky Itoartobj
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Negroes Horne ...rta to tota BM dra. tai ** loot tocaM *. L/ Mart rWf to tart off awe aod NMisc... /tsar add s ....* of RJrtoMkf, toto
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-- F .....- .6___________ ._.___ _





published ty the Florida Star publishing Company i


flYSOH E. WISE........... Mews Editor By Whitney M. YoungA

HILDA WOOTEN.......... Circnlition Minuet Mayor LESSON Richard IN POLITICSChicago's J. Daley Is a

very powerful politician. As a matter of

fact he perhaps swings more weight with
7323 Mucritl, Road Pkone Ellis 4-6782 the Administration than any Democraticmayor -

in the country.
Miilf>! AddressP. That was clearly demonstrated recentlyin

matter concerning the Federal Gov
0. Boi 599 lacksonville, Florida 32201 ernment's suspension of $30 million In pld

to Chicago schools on the strength of com
plaints that they practiced discrimination. -

3rd Hie. Phone 311-1025 "HUHANREINGS SHOULD .
738 HW BECOME CtMLMDJHAT { TO 4R AMERICAN 'it is said that he talked the matter over -
Lf SORfLATEO TOEACN with people in Washington.They .
ATTEMPT TO REACH COMMON AHSXfCRS TO apparently listened and
One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 FRIENDLINESS OF THE MIND.VOLENCEISSAVAGERY. cratic administration

Mailed toyou Anywhere In the United States CMLIZATIOHISRfASONABLJEHESS..' iri.'AV $( U O# 4t f like to see top
Subscription payable in advance
Send Check or Money order to: Hence, officials of

partment of Health, ]
and Welfare conferred
Jacksonville 1, Florida The white House on a practic:11. _
solution to the problem. YOl'NG

( As a result under-Secretary ;lilbur J. .
Cohen went to the Cindy City to meet with
Veterans Day In RetrospectIt school-board president Frank U.Alston .

When the meeting endedDaley was reported -

is good sometimes to reflect upon an to be happy. That Is to say, the HE.i

occasion In retrospect, and this is the had decided to lift the suspension on the

sort of thing we might also for for Veterans aid money and recall Its team of five investigators

Day celebration over the years we from Chicago.

have'seen Armistice Day evolve into vet- Whlston, on the other hand, agreed to

erans Day. This is ns it should he. up a school board committee to examine
As the people watched parades over the all evidence concerning concompliancewith

nation, some\ brought tears to the eyes of Your Weekly Title VI of the 1964 Civil RightsAct

the viewers since it brought reminders of Including alleged bias in a school's

deceased husbands, sons, and relativeswho admission policy which partially caused
went to their reward In the cause of the aid suspension

"', freedom Horoscope Guide Title VI states categorically that no
Among our fighting men, the Negro has Federal funds nay be used to support programs -
known no peer in that devastating dragon where discrimination is practiced.At .

called .r.f> have been least among the any rate, school superintendent Benjamin -
traitors and Americans who have deflected By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH C. Willis has maintained that no

to the enemy lines. Then, too, in the discrimination exists in his system, and

parades, everywhere, we paid our tributeto ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Whlston declared that "there has been no

the valor, bravery, and heroism of the concession on the part of the schools.

men in the military. Those of us In the BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELAIRES The attitude of Chicago school officials
parades ,marched with zest and gusto ,when reflects some change, though. A good deal

our ROTC units "sounded off _.. of the funds allocated under Title I of
---- ----- -
NOW we pray for peace in the entire the new Elementary and Secondary Educa

world, and the goal is not far to seek if tion Act, for example, was to be invested
each person in every nation plays his of the month. It provide the early enough, or to accept tthos signs that someone may be in improvement! of slum schools.It .
to all of to shin that addressed to to mislead deliberately -
opportunity you are you so trying you
little part to reach this goal. was Superintendent Willis'originalplan
Born:. March ZlcUAprll 19th your blessings as only Leos bot to miss out the pleasuresand eiposing you to a monetary -
can do. Spread a little of tile other good things that most loss. The lesson to be to spend the greater portion of the
happiness and lunshln that Individuals in the nation enjoy drawn from these conflicting money in three school areas -- sennsouth
Florida Speed Traps When people on the whole makean should rightly be yours at the on this traditional occasion. aspects: U that you should take Shore and Forestvllle.
honest appraisal of the benefits present time. There Is soother While generosity is commendable no one's word for anything told
as well as the merits that than Thanksgiving Day to open do not allow yourself you have cleared tt with your But Forestvillelocated in a Negro ghettoIs
ue were indeed glad that the St. Petersburg have com to them, they will be your hearts Indulge in a little toi be a soft touch to the under- Intuition or instincts.No matter the only area that clearly qualified,, ,,
Times saw fit to publish an editori forced to admit that the credit feasting provided you are fully 'ant *;. Develop creative Ideas. how persuasive any argumentsmay for such assistance. Willis later claJJ ert w'.-
side of the ledger show "?i aware of your limitations in sound to yon, the dangerof districts
that his original choice of was
November nth, on the numher of "speed remarkably well. Keep this ?
this respect Continue to apply losing something valuable II
trpps' threatening motorists Florida firmly la mind on Thanksgiving your whole allentloctoths task too pressing Ignore merely tentative.In .
hound from New york and New mgland, Day when you and your dear that lead yon to stability or SAGITTARIUS any case. it is apparent that the presence -
It Is about time we had! a voice speaking ones father around tilt readlt- prosperity. Pas up those that Boca: Nor. Urd.DIc.11at of power politics in this curious
out against such unethical practices no to lonal offer feast your, aa do thanks not forget for all have built-in hazards. situation dictated the reversal of Co.

matter who does it. The .American tomo- the blessings you nave so far Th Sagittaiaaa among you woo CANCER missioner Francis Keppel's initial decision -
bile Association, which tries to keep enjoyed it may be a grand recognise how well off you are Bon lane Bad-July Bad to invoke the Title VI clause in

motorists alert to such hazards, warned gesture to remember someone VIRGO la comparison vim so many the North.
against 22 speed traps nn U.S. 1. 301 who cannot make any such bout. Dora: Aug. IJr4- Sept. Bad others will not hesttat long As long as you are surrounded Raman pucinskl. the Democratic CongressBan .
Provide the badly needed ray ofcunllght la finding ways and means toequalise by those who love you truly
other ain entriesto from Chicago started the ball rolling -
and ,
17, interstate 95 that restores man'sfaith things. Thaaksgivlac aid to whoa you an deeply
Florida from northeastern stutos. In man. There may be t It occasionally require aa event Day should lire up to Its usual attached you need lICIt lit too when he accused Commissioner Keppel,
The Times, on Monday last weAk, u 118hed chance to solidify partnership of great algnlflcanc to bring promise, provide the good fretful over the external facet head of the Office of Educationof""doing
map spotting these points. in doing so bonds through the pursuit of a out the true talents that too cheer that goes along. with aa of your ulstoac. Grre priority disastrous bar. to the whole concept of
,,,, common often lie This couldbe well table.
.. ambition dormant appointed Although to your closest relatouhips,
Federal aid to education.in .
the rendering a good pub
newspaper was the message to be brought son dlsctssioa could mar th* whoa you an preparing, Jot aid
lic service. home to many Vlrgoan who day durtag the evening, tt Iii celehratlag the customary additionhe asked the General Accounting -
t\e\ had an occasion once, en route front fit this description. Thanksgiving likely to hav serious con Thanksgiving holiday. The cos.Odeac office to look into the administration
our Capitol to Jacksonville, to run into TAURUS Day will be all the more sequences There are promising aid. comfort providedby of Keppel's department. Then, Republican .
this kind of thing .. not on the highwaybut Born: April ZOth-May SOthTb pleasurable when your favorite alga! of profit to bo your aoanct adviser should minority leader Senator Everett If.Dlrkstn .
people are gathered around the mad through professional
cause your other problems to
right in the heart of a certain lit of Illinois threatened a senate
table with and other otter smaltkm
you members boot-building or pal and. va ,fad away. Th
tie town. the local policeman who "siW conditions that prevailed of the family group.T ere activities. Tot must avoid stage sums to be all set tora investigation of the matter.
during tilt preceding quarterare remains t possibilltr that rue !hut and emotional speeding bat of serious planning ngarding presumably the success of the Chicago
not likely to change to any will lose control of your temper for this could CUM you to lilt Nut acUvltlea power play will encourage opponents to
Are Not Draft DodGINg great itect. While your affectionate and say words that cat mon. overpay or underpay. that are unilateral or collect resort to similar Beans designed to circumvent -
and higher minded interests deeply than you nay have latended. M. The toasflts to. b* derived '
th. lopos.d withdrawals of Federal
hvoredtheDeed U a. toe ao time to finish th* aoeoaury stimulus
There has been quite a hit of publicity for adopting art being a cautious course making amend to the way that to everyone Interested to act funds from aebool systems delinquentIn
lately regarding the burning of draft in your financial operations 1* will be most eff ctive: Engagement CAPRICORN .Mrtttfcftlrt. their conformity to the standards of

cards. So far as we know, no Negro has a* pressing as vr. Taking' or wedding parties may Bon: Due U44aallh Wall' everythiag seems to benesting integration as set up by HETI. in fact, it
put his patrotlsm in jeopardy, and may everything in consideration, also tate place la your horn .to your favor oa thoadvat is nnored that some persons have already
Taureans a* a whole will "hare or near by. tt U hot to your character to of th* Hew Moon a
to It that build fires under efforts.It .
God help our youth keep way. begun to HEWs
as much to be thankful for u allow yourself to be pushed whole series of problems aspects
Draft card burning seems to have reached anyoM else. This should be arouad too freely either by tote an to doe pursuit Tow cannot be stressed too strongly that
the status of n sport, and we suspect mad evident by your loved one* or peopl n will retaforce yew an highly stimulated by read the new congress should press hard for new
it's being done for publicity rather thana a* well a* yourself when you LIBRA aid to ding to. you highest OHploymoBt aad araeraallagcfvortanlties. measures to strengthen Federal controls
form of protest against the war in Viet all alt down to the traditional Bon: Sept SSrd -Oct UrdTh Ideal*. Ward off all attempt tOIl win aodowbt on all aid to education bills.
Thanksgiving Day dinner Th to pry you. booed through propaganda do your toned to benefit from
Nam. month end oa t rather promising or eve physical them to the fall. But then an One HFI official said; "The difficulty .
It is a risky business we should know, not regarding tour future ciao ThaataftvtBg Day always developments to your doBMsti is that the Instrument ..' s. wtllding Isa
to defy the Draft authorities. Those who prospects and the development upi aDd downs of life are t* merrier whia tt U passed and public relations that could rather shaky one. Perhaps we weren't as
try it usually get caught. They are subject of your social Interests.GIMW1 being shared by nor and all t* la pleasant coaapaay that Inseaapro.tee bring about acruaoalou dupatos. .. clever in wielding it as we could have
to five in prison and $10 on term or another feted mainly offered dlsuatty to lilt fiuaOy. been but we're still trying to use it as -
years ,
remaia that most of u areenjoying ones aid close It..... ThereI broke* frtedehips ...shatter. "
000 fine. a great degree of safety some occupation or aaUcl- eat hopes. firmly as we know how.
We have looked with distress upon the and prosperity. AId we should paled evens that Buy also tootmbUagyournlndalBnseBt In the meanwhile, both Mayor Daley and
failure of public opinion to convince be thankful for all bUaaiags thlte House officials Bight well be asking
Bon May tlst-JuMtlat and advantages, small aid tar If tt U a matter that you cea
youths of their civic responsibility and how lone can they politically or morally -
ge. With this .to salad, the whole do aaythtog abort, apply the
patriotic duty Because of this, we are Th unexpected has a way attuning family should assemble around full tort of your totellect aid pocn afford Chicago school superintendent
producing a generation of draft dodgers; what may appear to bea tb* table aid offer tts prayers buoy decision witt prompt Bon: rb. IXh-htacch lID Willis without seriously jeopardizing both

and worse draft card burners toaster Into a thing of splendor lad gratitude with out nsrvatloaa actioa. Then an addtttoaal their civil rights programs and their
sports b
ThoM of you who appreciate I oa our traditional coaQna th* aoc* sL/f obtato- civil rights image.Serth's .
Nf your blessings la tilt right Thanksgiving Day. A very COBatnctiv tog aa tt* facts aid aaowtedn'
Week la History
spirit will find that Uf eu be development may betaking
that U
good and that people of eoafUctinc platt finishing you, AQUARIUS auy roawtnd hofor Tti.s To We' Negrees
Mov. 14, I$19-Booker T.Washington,tamed educator: aad toua- then"" ear be rteOKUtdnuuct,1q your mat and other BOOM associates Bon: ..... 100-,... lath you caaa tithe owl oa youron
der of Yuskego. Institute, Ala., died or wn a partaer. Drop
aa with
Day provides a ualqw opportunity
Nov. 14, 1154-Th VJ. Spree Court outlawed bus. segregation opportunity for famillnualoaa, to do soatething positive an hMtaeaa coacora sad .oacoatrato The word has b.en *rr* 4 around that the
oa th* -...cDaItI tail Cniversltr of plat
Ih arguments toward tilt general wtUar Intercollegiate Ath
but *possibility Vhoa tt area to welghiag Deap.Jut >I of obsentag Taaataglvtkg Cay
of Coofedentloa and Perpetual Vela I recurring or dietary eicesse good Ih* had, you say to Oo tndttloBBl _r.ne letics Department is interested in signing -
Mov. 15,1177.-Ankles. causing" upsets eaaoot be mils tact after all the tome* friedfr WEB whose. you tan up one or more Ntro players for the
adopted.Mov. ruled out altogether.' Accept is rwaaiac the** This shouldhav yr prayer aad toastawshould 1944 football t..... This pioneering by a

1% itn-J.M. Laagstoa. lawyer and race loader, died. economy occaaons, obtain to bolder weeded the capital Joint SCORPIO I gnat hearts how*who* you. lit oay BMMwhoaneaaooot private Institution may spur up state
art docfcHag oa
Bon Oct.I"'ICot.1ZI4 fOIl to rent aflecdoas. fwt
school action in this
snit the backing of IO- retard.
er to speed th* eosatof aadoaal yourself oat to ho of .
Nov. 11,1/7-Marce.s Hayaes, world greatest basketball I tedlvtduals.. should they develop holiday. rrtoada or relative nrvfc.In Coach Charlie Tate disclosed recently
MB to for
dribbler, organised tile Harlem Magkiaas.Mov. one or arood th* H-tt. ware tor? tined to. Yowlleant advice or sweat sort of yon ssststaaco that Negro players are "in the plans'

$ MUllaa Christopher Haady touaklaa, musk But dost be bullooaod toto Buy joy 70 sad onwravmbera that togtvw. of the Hurricane and I mean soon." He
1 1113- ,
; terms .
accepting Moat everyone' has a shsn of of as tajafly to jessposiidigy
Bayla Then to
aaoagagimisBt has been
publisher lid composer of "1t. Louis Blue- aid Memphis"Blues screening Negro athletes la both
trout* but whoa the
is aid
score chariot aa
He died March II ttJi.Mov. grac* ep.- party" es woddtog
,was bon to Thence Alabama. tallied. S geaeraily comes it bat ...... But dasplto DM fact r your mJat at high school and Junior colleges for se-
that the BhMstog* tar outweigh that tt t* ThaaajfTrtsg toy, coring the best prospects.The .
It, 1904-Dr. -' (Ilk) Aafttw*, presided RepablkofNIcvriavasbora. I LEO everything ele This is the a probesea reUM. to your' I will b* necessary Sat you. coach Is aware that southern
to tafca advice -
: tram
Bon July IW.. Bad penoas
thought to keep tomtotttwould pocheftook of protmwm lUll logos and universities .
Bat be a had Idea to. pass ttoa tutu to trouble& you toahsa.Th who Buy lit more kntMSlo. are gradually over
so,. IT u.-.*.. LoCI Cany, early salssfaaary to Africa. It la likely that you aad th* to loved OBM ad particular ahCaty to with tt out .. stile ass yw tocortatomaiton coming the hurdle preJadlce against
died Ia Liberia.Ito' red of the bUr live bee* frteadi wtth whom you are aas*. Wit hwt I could take will that ....ant oa yoor to- colored football players bcat e the na
lootlag forward to. th* arrival tog Thaakagtvtag' Cay. Da act power aad a nil sew el th* tan ties is too far along for that unless it
17,1153-Yotsade flouts Dtc.r of Rtv. I of this last and apUftiag(scatter IDrI"C" to. w4 out anltatioaa fillies to. do due ttt .... 1s Alabama and Kisslssirvi.
KJag It was ....


-- -----w J.---.ll-sJ.u-- 1I' -' _p____
: -; ; ; .
'rTT-- -T i -i
: 1

I' .


'HISS: Hew Stanton Vikings leadKellers' 2 Popylar JaxoMS Tendered Surprise llrthdiy Pirty By Friends'I

;consistent.Wieser ,. --- '' ( ,',. '
"" ': :
Loop 'W'J,
Of Events

The Supersports Mixed Bowline
Leapte cited the Vikings as the
"Team of the Week" u t i-- I
result of the fourth week in j I
competition. The Vikings are II
Muss McKlnnon, captain: ;Rosetta b "n /j? I
Smith, Arthur Dowdell.and i; 'rrZ Ir II
James Ke,. Their three-rime : ,
r Mt totaled 1427 pins, and their : ( I
'' third came of 111 outpointed
all other team of the twelve
team league, for highest series \
and highest came.Sharlic .
highest Ldlvidualboors
are James DuBoee 600-
zoo. hlcnest series; Vivian
Greene 5Z1.11S.lI1helt series
(Women); and James Key 589-
y''Vref. 1.1. hichesl came (WeD). The
league concratulates these outstanding -
tellers. Other outjfitrtim +
mel bowltu..rt.r.C
.} Williams $71-107. James Stec.
It, SSi-lM. Junes Jones .
Thomas Logan Louis Jackson :
A.C Richards, Henry Elliot.
The number of women bowlers
attaining 400 or better series _
Is steadily Increasing for this _
set they are Pearl B1ackwar.l ,
Lc na McKlnaoo Pat Sharp
Louise Mealy, Emmallne Brown -

VIcU Johnson Mircarette Bak- QUICKER (Nip) SWS SR. and Erie o. Slnpson were recipients of n surprise Use, Mrs. Vivian Jefferson. Gardner RMS jr Mrs. gary and *' or.an j. Jones.St .

or and Mildred !Hampton.Committee birthday party last Saturday night week in the host of the glass R. Lucases. petersbun. Harold Gibson Mr, and Mrs. Eric 0. 8l,v, nn and Gardner (Nip! )
Prominent: school activities The m.ml1frllJp :"lo N. turtle Avenue following the sethune-Oooknaa. Clark College grid classic Sans.
of the Supersports Is request
etle Woou of Crorafton New Stantoa Mid major. Inc that young ladles Interested la the Gator !*>.l. Attendees seated fro left are: yrs SAella Allen photo right, seated from left: Mrs Mary Jones Mrs. same, Us Ulm, 'm. Mary

Blue Devils Band Hlch'sMarchlnc ,wrs la Joining the league reportat yrs. Louise culnysrd. vra. Thooaslna vail ace, host and.. yrs. Klcee R. Lucas Slnpson Mrs. Louise ouiaysrd. Mrs Willie L. LUCSS Mrs. Glatys ease, vrn.

crowned HMlss New Stanton Sherwood Lanes Sunday afternoon and tjra. Gardner (Gladys) Sans ?r. standlnc from left: Jules\ Quinyard. wellbonarlon Vivian Wallace and Mrs. Thooaslna Wallace. (Royalrt gtudtn fotns)
Senior Hih School" for mj. at 3 p.m. "he. K. Jackson sports editor Atlanta Dally torld. All IOn I.,_
(6 during the deem tradUioul

coronation Wooia crsduated cerem>..from.y, Broadwijr .. .- .UUUU. ... Owens 1IIItis

a at Cold which Junior pIA time High hoaorloc School she received her 1M for c::: L L 0 : __ r; J-_ =o.}]1IIi: : : 1 1.r } Ladies To WeddingsCharlie I

-. -
==.== ;:
services tAd eiUuasJI>p. She ..:;.:;._ : a' .. ... ...... ... ... ... ... ... .... .. Meet Si.nr.liy
was lead soprano la the Broadway ..... _.... .... .... .... ItIIIII .wvvvwvvvw
Glee Club and attended Officers and members of the
the Garden State Ballet N LOCI IS! 7s.INTAKD Brlcl& club pet last Saturday evening In her Cal Owen Illinois Ladies Club will Lee Wife, IUI Madl- vet ..., 41 and Ruby Glover
Another treat ts in s1 trre for srort.-.Ind.d, Ml Hocan St. Apt. U. 41.
C mpu7 of professional daacIncia boon street hone.las mist Saturdal night In the home son St., 14 cad Louise Glbbs .
New Jersey, fualovlai. jscksonvill e cltIiins--the snaaal scbell invited Evelyn Barnes, tjlldred J. of Mrs. OWl Lee Jordan 1430 1510 Msdtsoa ..., 'II. James Davis, (04( Court H,
Florida US laiversltygane ,.... southern football Johnnie Lee Simmons. UMw. 13 and Us Elberl 101 Court
la adiltioa to her proustotiS ftullse and juaaitn J. Randolph na guest piny I, tith Street
PrlscUla H.II.inyises.
c... Wonta Is president of to be plated next Saturday lovesber 27 .rs. The latter was the recipient of the guest Members are requested to attend Williams. roth St Lake., 14 and Fla It.Cdille / Mack, 311 W. Stale
City ,
Homeroom to all birthdaypiedfws. -
11-7 vkeprlsid.atof
la the Gator *> !. prepared pay
prise. ... U and Jacqueline D.
Jewel U and ls u advance Bee Patron, 7U W.
student of the Crete! and Gertie preliminary activities .ill !be cliiaiei by ther Nigh scorers nnoncclabNMihers. were Doris Jones The previous mestingasbold. Church ..., II and Rosa Mary 121 W. Stale 1.1 II.
Talent School. rand parade scheifciled ft> Saturday sorting, atlas Vanorisn schell and Eleanor I).,. la the home of Mrs. Flossie Young 7U W. Church .... II. Albert D. Detroit Mlchlcan -
Mist Oroatoa>> Utbed aWr lisa Scott elll servejanes parade narahall and Other M bers partlclpatlm Included Carolyn j, Smith on tin St. Plans ...rtlor..lat.d Kenneth Soloraaa, &M1 Marl 3) and Carolyn Ryala,
1141 3
W. Xb St. II.James ,
Cold Road. II sad Gloria JeanCalney
of Mr. and Mrs )
for 1M
of Calioway Circle talker assistant :turlly. fW s 'lur- Miller Ruth Bonaer, Nariaret Button, liaoanSrltt. Christmas asses 1121 W. IMh St, I1. A. Hartley, 311 ChelseaSt '
chill |ftO" .lll be the first to step off fol and party. 13 and Aisle
She plans to attend Flak Uuverttry coatale Jones Lillian slnileton. Members were saddended to Carl DenJ Tucler ISII Ar- R.WollbrlcM.
la MtavOie wit fall.IXirtaf load by Miss u, ..;ad her atteadaats. A new learn that member, Mrs.Arde laths .W., 14 and Juliette Ma Ill Chelsea .... Is,
the coronation ceremxy addition to the paradeof will be the appearance .................... IKS Plots was called to New rla Hunter III Veron Rd,'" Edward J, DHeiui. 1441 w,
: Woua's eoatla Mrs "Miss f.wu Hit Scho 01" and her attendants Hiss pearl vaekey qualified for the top aesrd Orleans on account of death In Carlloa Puft, till W, UstSt. ita St.. 12 and Carthslene Alice
41 and WasnlAftan. UM Crolhe St.,11.
Catherine A. Pick
Zeta Von Wim'waS! aDd daigb- her family followta the bwlaess -
ter from KaaMttle arrived by Other parade participant s will include ROTC Mr- when tevinetten Bridge club net lest Saturdayeveolac session. eft. INI W, list .... 41 Bennle Ward, 111! Moat ...,
place to ..bI..IM activities. chine units fro the two schools elfht local high In the Illinois street hone of the tat Mrs.Smith served i sumptuous Rohr Jones, Ml W, Monroe II and Annette Ales, 1300 Moss
school bands along with t the: ."QIJ..n." fron each thee oeortes.price shrimp dinner with all the fli- St.3311 M and Mtttle Lon Wright Ave, II.

Gateway BarracksTo school representatives 1 rron local fraternities, sinners In addition to vrs. M ckey were tugs following refular session Jspoak.111,10, .
Freddie M- rur. MS W. Hea +ItOO + +
Meet Saturday sororities soeisl clubs '.and civic oriaaltationsipate. Daisy Gill hrd. ,Nora Ruth shite, sad oeraldlneMilliard.

Ul are Invited to partlc .
Officers aDd members: areei- Groin wishing to pert i ilpat ia the parade nays juanltn tyatt ins guest player sod n fornerKevlnette.

petted to take their place during secure the neceery for!. fro. \Mon.ole.1. Darel teals Ktlv of ..I..., Florida ear Inattendance.
toll call IatadayMsGatevayBarrette *"*" '
1111 meets all pm. vis. president of the lo ruei Alujeni Association '
II Joe M. James Community tics A joint baby nhoeer ess liven for the nee additions I IH Ixx

Center Commander J J. IrvlafSr. The h'IJ AU
ss.ou cid. in connection e the |a.e Runday .. B.fcv o.ors. and Mother Oalee George and "
Commander Irvine Is also veAin at .. In the turtle Baby Oliver, mother Dorothy Oliver
talliac attentioa to the 1H4 ".!r>' r Jl, 6 p.I! Aveiroup.
dire which mad U paid In full\ sue Branch Library The / aided by the eep lira. Ce't.. used the ThnnkMlvIsi not Iff for her

by" Jaa. 1. IH deadliM. He irate activities of club a and fraternal organl dMorstlsc .d.... and th*) group enjoyed n typical .,',

went on to say that all WxbWar ittioaa la tilt city, pli in* to sake the n.... 7hunksslvIag ...... :
I veterans, wives, widows
tiring week-end a XMorsb I. one. "
led dependents are welcome .................. \.
to )oln forces with their bottles. Tickets fey the fw>tbe.l 1 gae nay be purchasedewod
Fuel reports cells Ana1ltk. at Menroa! 5 fharocy. tter. Avenue. Rear lortreets. Ira. MM .....,1.., an aooorlsh| organist of

Da, celebration'program wm 11111.4 Dvls si Hollywood Muele .,....., Methodist Churl for a amber of yeas

W made during Oe ...ti.<. tore, vest Ashley Street t. B'* s Record ..., t. will. be presented In s recital Sunday, NOV. 21| I \,
the commander concluded.. at ton .. In the church .. '1-
Ashley street; plnckneyBroad
Annual Diy and poles I streets; Buster ford's Rests- ".11&)Ie.. of Etwaeteer sChoir .

rant t talon tre.t. JeMal.Wrluilstovs a..- I. A side variety "
Plans tile. Jacksonville of the caers.) *.*!.
Completed mutant, South jscksonv ; The
Tourist' and Convention) Runl raw; and the 'M Alan clMsics plus surrort
Oader the letdersMp of Mrs.Xatarlne by tap ranktni artists Everything'sold
Association ".*. .. era st the firsts tntsl.
&lmsvncMir.uof gilds Road. ef the oily promises ,
IM.ODHoIo.rc' Simpson Methotfial
U e'hs* Re*, Joshes Reddka,
......_......... the
mmlster, here ttsalised ptass -- --- ------ / rlss' os) prvrwn a fashioned about

lor their asnwal 4 ,. Hoe.tl Gail Sckell see hostess ben Lee TMese Antes .111|| bw th. ever
Woewe/s Day Cbswrvaac*. pleaslni Miss Jacrrle.
Pv cal speaker for thenvwaiaf Royal Pilw To Meet Siiday line Faith Md Eddie
worship service wUbe
Mrs. Sari WishlKtas, atacwlty ne Royal Pita Cfl sC3a4 StrwH.will Deas. ....t artists, OLD TYJO1.II ) \ 86(
s.sur at Oar *nCsusjaan hoM is r **lar .....'1 TW nfesiteot Mrs. Mary DusawtMf who will .t.. nwsbers lit .rUI"O: I
Jwatar K>fh srbo 4. ....,. IMr. II st on, U rowdies me nBindstxe edlCstH U the fsltkfeln. aid loyalty of theCCMiO
The TMnnkto program .m *30 ..... to tke kosse III SUof an .....,.. *.

be ssnuunceA, let trans McQwun, 1111 Davto Stsier Ctrl Curs. secretary.Tki Rrv. I. I. JI'.s, .Ulster. staled his ....rMl..

tlon for the s.if' rt alrw/ ||v.. ii program aid

.mmm..I Is ,.?...1&.4 that all **brs of the church s.r.

port the program f.ttl.rhyisttlsg st least ...

"" .: ] Stat Iehery ft.*t fey M "..I.. tck| ..Ia.. tAt b* one of
: .. .
: .bolesvm.
1' ,1J. otertslnwwt
St. ..
Trip To
Mr ne4 Mrs. ..... ...... AogestiieCstewsyA

'.. rm LMMH Circle, .. CUL; sitlary3IIIelVt<< pay MMg si 111 W, Firstersns .
". Mr. ne4 M/s. James kiwi nf warts WsI.. WA II 100 .... ,i 4
\. IU a.u. ., nod m* T'J. JenMMi CV* of Anneals lit lev11.A W,...... .
., Mr nndht/a tllahVUUssM, Greet ........ AMI Churl *mm o t n.J Mrs. Lotvtols T.
U20 N. I"UI4N..c&tL are sttodulm a b.s trto to Mares /e rteimM sM...s> .
Mr, nad Mrs. tnesl CeaUne: St Aoiwsitos+ .....,. ..... II IM relettoos. dUetlor. ,....
UH Daetie Dr. S CirLM BMMOUhMvvlMandMrr* lively .
/, aw4 Mrs. Jaws V, .... Oe ef t.JO n. n. .. toe hill
.... 128 W. SM SL. Oft.tU4 xcept
Flears Cowl CirL
Mnw< hUn. leftaaM was Ha rldp

await Mr, and IMOemnSV.Mrs. ,.... .e R hr.ttU .T., COHDU DI. SMITH flU the people

PvOnus c.-1. Girt I.HbaUV. I" l

y till B. hid Is PUls tve. was tae ,,..,It Is:

Sepia Ladies fist te Cswelss U M' .... I., M ..*.. TeO>rre<1l. who drink

| If fs nwffr vita
To Meet Saturday annum MAO**.* ftikuT si.....

4.,.. algal rtcn*. itwcs J tlt'TPsat'
Tke (.'o es Ut* tteial Uvinfs trite lust KHLUMI novx K11IathshgPla .

Iciest Hei's Hair Styles CM wU nwM snwclslcaa mvK stK" ca ntninu ,DllI.UU
....ore Setarmiy aXX.
.*., SO 1111O.u.a to CMef tssvlan. o t tore ptMtsn JtOtU
Are Taught At The hi. Mr, and Mrs. .... am*:t:. M.ICAIIIInK MsnnatMcurie
/5.3,114 Tires &...... 1135Q .uan ttujumumnMO. )
A* .....,. are ....... M aaIiID, SLCM 6fno C.M I I'Mad'
JocksoRvillflarbtr be to sQeAswK more me..... w .. Ir11a
lie wO M Ac anal SB***.
letfy ear m. Us to tarry art I beet eoslltleee ..*.*.If seostlerH ..,....1

ts ansMl ThssmscJvtof cnsVynmpwtnef .blest Ue s*. sf s islfe ..*.... nets*** ef glee'

fAJId. wee a4 "..u.et. fwnviUBPMTMnj flBOCM bPOtslla/
Colltgt IHC. mines rwisttoff to I. ......111..
"Nt. '
.. orwc.s so*fen Tars ct3.H pays Mee..tel II'.t staorNUMT ."ws.t.THsf .*,toaVt. *oowm nostX prase Old 7.JAst III .....IN$cn. dd.4rnurd .
I1atklsyl vOftteoftsmnrtofflMi 3aalrs.d IB e... w .'3/*,e. .... PwOSC .. *-ltrDR. .7.,w.rd se.sV M aww .../eww Inn scout rue ...... Trf alM 1R.rYwrgh
! .. REX SMITH News .,.,.,. It Ir1d. JN 0. Jea.ar pet""y C&. "anhbAW WeWn. Ky.w..ww.ww .
630 l.5 5al hale ph'g fslelslrqern.

f.1LS MMytr e-/i ........, ...... sc ... ta.m.s'e.p.tte Jjl
littJiiiiUi. flirili --====.,.


I _.. ....-...- .. ., ,. .. ..
s..w w + -wore -s.- M +.1..uen'.n1 ---- --- -e r -

:L 1 _J. -u--

-- e

f. '

21. 1155
4 .

. Masons Schedule Thanksgiving Observance For Sunday, Nov. 21 1

Masons1 Slate Garden CircleTo

ThanksgivingObservance Sponsor

Ytr-I Fashion Show

The Dahlia Garden Circle will
Deputy A.M. Simmons of Blue
sponsor a fashion show Nor
Lodge Masons and Deputy A.M. 28 In the Afro American: Building .
ofthe Heroines of Devil
Auditorium from 4
to 1p.m.
and adjacent counties are calling .
I for all officers and members
Mrs. Lucille Martin and other
of Blue Lodges and Heroinesof
models will be featured.
I Jericho to meet In full uniform Among
other models will be Mrs.
: Tiny
dress Sunday, Nor
Mae Thomas, Urs. Henrietta
at 2:10: p.m. In Mt. Calvary
Baptist Church. Scott, Mrs. Eels Thorington,
The meeting commemoratesthe Mrs. EloulM Washington, Mrs
annual Thanksgiving observance Martha Barns, Mrs. Ruth Mat
with Rev W.M. Hill u Deal ,Mlss Jaunita Prince,Pa.
speaker.All trill and Sheila Ann Canady.
deputies, officers and Mrs. Ethel Spears will be guest

members of the Masons, Royal modeL

Arch, Knight Templars ,
Shrlners, Sublime Prince,Eastern Bethel Choir
Stars, Christophers, Daughters -
of Ills, Crusaders, Enmasse Of Annual Birthday Party
Golden Circles and Juvenilesare Officialdom, Friends Turnout To 'Angel Mercy's" Plans Recital

urged and to attend friends are cordially MIJS; cARTIIA M.M. 'JlilTE, Jacksonville's "Angel of Mercy," ( snown White annual day; Miss White thanks attendees for their kind

Escorts invited to attend, witness second photo from left) was the recipient of the city's red car- White's' annual day; Miss White thanks attendees for their kind The senior choir of Bethel

1 and enjoy the special program pet treatment last week when she was honored by a legion of officials gestures; Mayor Commissioner Louis H. Ritter lauds Miss White's Baptist Institutional Church will

prepared for the occasion and friends in commemoration of her OQth birthday. The e- many years of public service to the community; The Just Us Social present a recital of sacred

Choir Observes vent was held In the auditorium of the Clara NHte t Mission.Pro- Savings Club was oneof the many local organizations participating music church Sunday auditorium.at I p.m.The lathe

gran principals shown from left areU.G. Rep. Charles E. Dennett, 'on the program. ( Fotos by Charles Adklns) Youth Adult Choir will sponsor

Fete Monday whos busy schedule never falls to Include attendance to Miss the program, which will consist

Program Annotated of hymns, anthems, and Negro

night Baptist Senior 16th in the Church Choir anniversary church 3 will of auditorium"I.observeIts Monday/Sinai, Annual Announced Session By I riiiii.iiii: : I : l1 : I Gospel I The p.m.Starlight on Sinters in Ml.program Sinai and will Sunday Primitive Excelsior be presented at. lam spirituals.Mrs.soloists.. and Ruth Mrs.. Wise Henry Lillian, Herbert Mack Robinson) art Pot I

the man Sib, president of Dea.Edward and the J.Black-7th of The Holiness annual session Church of the Cfwrcl) J&tojBEPHESUN by Baptist Elder Church Sheffield and, pastor.sponsored is organist and director

Mrs. Catherine
Sykes,organist. Church of God Prm In Jesus -
Guest expected: include:Senior --EMANUEL BAPTIST-
II will to conducted at Mt. BAPTIST-
i -
Choir 2, First Corinth Baptist, Sunday services In Emauel Baptist Church begin with the
Ararat Holiness Chuck Nov. Services Sunday In Epneslan Baptist Chorea: begin with
Male Usher Chorus, Grant Memorial, 23-28 with Bishop J.H. Charlie Sunday School at 9.30 a.m., with Superintendents George t the Sunday School at 9.N: a.*., ".I. White In chart. The
Bout 3, .
Gospel Chorus, in charge. Evangelist Evelyn Smith and Mrs. Mamie Fields presiding. Consecration service pastor will review the lesson. Uaroing service at llo* V
West Friendship Baptist; JustIce B. Charles Is host pastor. at 10.50: a.m., and morning service at U o'clock. Choir clocl. At S p.m., the pastor has asked the choir, ushers
Lodge 10, Prince Hall Partoclpants Include: A.Walt. 3 and the Male Chorus will serve. At B.30: p.m., BTU, Deacon and members to accompany: him to St. Mart Baptist Church
Masons; Choir 1, First Newt hour, James Williams, Missionary James Phillip In charge, and evening service at 6:30 to render service. Evening service at I:30 o'clock. Prayer ? d.r .
-, Zion; Gardenia Social: Club and White o'clock. Choir S and the Male Chorus will serve with Mrs
A. Missionary meeting Wednesday at ':10 p.m., and choir rehearsal .
the Male Chorus of St. Stephen A.Roberts, and Deaconess E. Marian Carter and Matthew McCoy at the instruments Rev. Thursday at ':30 p.m.
AME Church. Dudley among many others. S.L. Badger, pastor will. have charge of the pulpit service .ST. PETER BAPTIST.
.WESTSIDE CHURCH. The deaconess anniversary will be observed Sunday in St.
Inc. Services Sunday In the Westside Church of Christ, Dell- Peter Baptist Church. Sunday School begins at 9.10: a.m.
Applied Christianity Spiritual Temples, wood and McCoy boulevard, begin with the Bible school at Morning service at 11 o'clock. At S p.m., fellowship service -
-Presents- 9.1S: a.m., Brother R.L. Leaphart and Cleo Williams in and BTU at .10 p.m. Bishop A. Young and congregation !
charge Morning service at 11 o'clock; song practice at of Day Spring Holiness Church will have chirp of the
Your Comforter and Your Guidini Light 5 p.m.; youth training class, ladles and men's Bible classes 0.30 p.m., service.! :
at 6 p.m. Evening service at 7 o'clock. Midweek Bible .HOLSCr CUE. *; _
from Coast to Coast study at 7.30 p.m., and Young Men's Training Class at Services Sunday for Holsey CUE Church will be .held at

5:30: p.m., each Saturday. the new location site, Phelp and Florida Avenue, beginning
( RT. POPE W. SIMES --FIRST NEW ZIOMFrlst .. with the Sunday School at 9.10: I."., with Mrs. Bertha Gr@ -m"
New Zion Baptist Church services Sunday commenceat fen In charge. Moraine service at U o'clock with Rev J.O. _
9.30: a.ra., with the Sunday School under leadership of Cray, pastor, presiding. Evening service at ':30 o'clock.
Of N.Y.C. Superintendent Joseph D. White Morning service at 11 o* UNITED BAPTIST-
clock. Choir 4 and Usher Board 3 will serve. Rev Clarence Services Sunday In United Baptist Church will begin with
tfhitivir Your Problem May Bi, I Askew wW deliver the sermon. At 4 p.m.. Holy Communion the Sunday School at 9.41: a.m. The lesson will to reviewedby
service Rev C.C. Brown will preach and all choirs and service at 11.03 o'clock. Rev. W.M.
the Morning
Throuib The Power Of God And Your Filth, ushers will serve.ABYSSINIA .
Smith will deliver the sermon and Choir I will reader the
It Can Bi Solved. BAPTIST- music. At I p.m.. Districts! 1, I, 1 will worship In Hew Mt. TAKEN
Services Sunday In Abyssinia Baptist Church begin with
oil,. Baptist Church U Interest of District 1's anniversary.
the Sunday School at 9.30: a.m., Superintend nt W.R Mc BTU at S p.m., Miss R. Lapp la chart Evening service .
HOLDING SERVICES NIGHTLY 8:00: P. M. Nal1n charge. Morning service at U o'clock with Rev. B.L. at S o'clock. The pastor has asked members to accompany -
Wynn pastor presiding. Choir I and Usher Board I will him to Mt. Else Baptist Chvrca la an after service
TUESDAYS AND EVERY SECOND serve. Usher Boards L S, and 3 will sponsor a pew rallyat procram. Tuesday at ':30 p.m., youth prayer hour and at KNIGHT -."
3 p.m. Rev. J.L. Oliver will be the speaker. BTU at 9:sO I p.m., youth choir rehearsal Saturday, the auxiliaries will
AND FOURTH SUNDAYAT p.m., Deacon Hudson Jordan In charge and evening service sponsor a chicken dinner la the borne of Deacon and Mrs.
at 6:49: o'clock. Following the service Choir 4, Usher Brad James Sapp, Ins W. 13rd ST., beginning at 7 p.m. -Invites You To Listen To-
842 FLORIDA AYE. 4 and members will accompany the pastor to Emauel Baptist .NEW JERUSALEM.

to render servke.MT. Services Sunday in Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church
advice 1111,. 10 i. m. to 1 p. n. .. TABOR- begin with the Sunday School at 9.10: a.m. At U a.m., Rev. BIG BAND
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church: Sunday services commence with ".A. Mack, pastor, will deliver the message and at I p.m.,
qT. "OPE W. SINES. the Sunday School at 9.30: a.m.. with Sisperlntendent Jason baptism will to held. Evealnc service at 1.41: o'clock.Woodlawn .
Barr In service at U o'clock with Rev. H.T.
Overstreet, pastor, inc charge. At 3 p.m., the Independent "DANCE
KJE. 712 'V. DUVAL ST. 8 '.....ern: ONE. 03 E: Benevolent Association of America, Inc.. will observe Its II strict w mini PARTY"1U8

ALL AND BE BLESSED 10th anlvers ry. The pastor will speak Evening service District I of St. a muses
at 6.30: o'clock. Choir I and Usher Board S will serve with Chew Sets lid W"-I

At 413 Lit St. litormitioi Phil: 355.119 Mrs. Ella K Singleton at the console. p.m. Nightly : ti 12:00:
The partksjjanU tech** lira.
M I S I e.1 e Mary Nealy, Mrs. Mary Goodnw. -
.*.. Mrs Hoasle Mae Bell, Satarday S ,.., Tl 12.89: '.1.
pre TMna
JIUit Norris RIV. PuS -
concert tilt Wood1an
ta.ta. Mrs Edith Hill' lira.
ttulted Presbyterian .Church .lees Re1d Mrs Iaie Mae 1400 WRHC 1400
Choir will be preMllltcl Lady
1 ID tilt cburcl aedl.toot
at p.m
.eY. A.l. -pe. UllSua.,

FROM NOW ON FRESH MILK IS NOT THE BEST MILK FOR COOKING. tortun.Committee. chalrme are: H_ t.. iAfO"Daslelst -

general caairnun;
Charles Claaoa Deuce C.
Norton, ticket; Mrs. Paallne t uonau uttm
NEW IMPROVED VELVETIZED CARNATION IS. why? Because Carnatjon Evaporated Davis! lira. Helen TToney, ml ro
meogrsp Nttrlal,Uta. Doris
Milk has been improved.It'.velvetized.What's velvetized mean? It'.that little something extra that change every Sevell, public relations chairman *.
1014 Yl. BEAYEA
thing. New Improved velvetized Carnation performs miracles with everyday meals, makes everything better than ; B. Crrdner. R. Hell. UCarrtell
C. Boetks. Mrs D.Carsvell .
fresh milk ever could. Makes meat loaf juicier, never crumbly. Make soups creamier, sauces smoother, and {la and ..HarUaaistanl. 139 CAfSAT IYE
M1u Jacqueline Smith U dir
twice at nutritious at 'fresh milk. New Improved velvetized Carnltlon'l. the modem, economical better cooking 3101 Eb1EASOH

milk. Try the recipe for Meat Loaf Continental and tee how much better meat loaf can be when its made with new ector.Center's Bazaar

Improved velvetized Carnation.

The Scheduled Methodist Stturdiy CoaanusJty TURKEY TIMEFRESH

aster SIM Lfcpte Rob will
have ks drat annul Basaar
this Ssrarday. Jfovember 10
from D .... .-l 4 .... FROZEN "SUPREME"HEN
Mrs. Mama MBr ttl. Chair C
maaof tto Sham saMtaal
there will be an types eftaac*
,rWYllYfnno? Stag sold M plan M temc some 3 9
r Christmas smoppis it the Cen
((1 rmr e ter. Hems kern toe donated
from vtrtaM women's gray" TURKEYS 1 Hilt'
and cakes and eooktoe baked by
Miglbortcod .....

< ( a tests There tor will eaOdrtM be games of all and ape.pia. ..-, PREMIER HAS EVERYTHIN8 IN TURKEY PARTS

maty special tvestattracfto
EYAPOIt'Nfl1i meats will to available so plan S
M having Reset on the fronds
*tta you trtesrfs. TURKEY PARTS

? .,wage gresteer er.stMt. CentralBaptist

i 35.IM1 y ,. DRUMSTICKS 3

ChurchTtofoltowtacerterefservk WINGS 3ui

TCI titIIIDda1 observed today .
Scfcoo WIll befta at
MtAT LOA COMTlNgNTAL CembiRi iegred.Bets. tin lightly, 9-.W. Masi wersl* will TAILS
I Vi pound grouts beef fleet In IV* i )Vi 12V4 tech tot oommeace at 10-00. Mv..ou- Bus.
Vi cup fine\ pecker ","I l pen.Sale In moderate ease(J7Vf!j ne om.wm be k chargesad
I egg about SO 11I1""' ''. lit stets MI *ui IIU9tt De merefsg
4 cue chopped onion .
wire reel about 10 mmwtet before
1 teeipooft garlic senV ewn.g -m Os> Cater was beMa
ti iinrinf slitter
removing ,,
( tMipoon salt I*' BASS ....u.c. Uta DtstrtctrMett
ease 2S1 k wfil to kM at land
1 tebleipoon preftered mustard 15
ft cup!(snarl ten) u x>iM Tq talU1t11 t/11110( saesator e* a& CstrktsTtaBkf -HENS
Ise Mgdeat*10111 >trteerf w< oe CMnl -
nettle an waisaesi Man
II wrvteee. sad
ttvtbee> QatraTs. lAm TH ill URUT UU II HIT IT man 4PAG't




I White House Confab Schedules- Funds SupportingCollege Top Students Attend Function Seek SecurityFor

Negro Health Care Study Civil

The conference's concern was birth death rates among Negro Students
directed to a MV study drawn families are higher than thoseof Rights Workers
up and reported by New York either the Puerto Klcana or

, bass hospital S. commlsaioner Dr. A- whites In the same Jobs. NEW VO**-$ .,/ four ife. year woreourSoraeWgranfitoCnfinw WASHINGTON .. (NPI)-Clvil
Ytrby which held that Last year, President Johnson dens arc preionrly oMMdi.gdeegregot.d their ifwaV* /hNt(
only the moat rights leaders art preparing a
Nerroea noted that the Infant death rite colleges end f Y" Or Devil l*'d 111 .iplcoVoni <> major push for congressional
likely to
pt better
health for r
cart than the least educated non-whltts In 1WO was 70 univoriihei wnder o .,ho'o' ,. were received' ,fail action on a personal security
per higher than for whites
whites in that city in slip program oo'minitfered'bx; yoor.AnahSer. acto to provide federal protection
1962 M
accordlnc to the report there Yerbyi per cent higher.Dr. lie NAACP local'Oe'enioan*' M tvrn* wna rceiv .. for rights workers anlaaVvlolenc
study covering
U a "special dlsadraatact to 1961-6) reported that Nero foVcah'onof Fund, according toe *" Kno'arthipi' (ail year and Injuttlc in the

being a Negro In the United and Puerto Ricans in tht high* report mode p"blic her. wore .'"'., graduated .r did South.
States which wen tops his po tst soclo-ecooomle group have ,,,,,... of he ,ichaforiniaiIt reel return to td*.> lists year 4 The proposed legislation will.
make It a l.dlr&1trlm.toaaur.der
verty. a slightly lower birth death to Jrn0lomnl' togaDeonie for ether reasons Or. Davie' .
assault, threaten any person
The study found that
hare the niftiest death Negroes rate than white families low. Fund de..gr.yotien "ielo,'.. *aW.T In the pursuit of his con
Mrth. ratesat eel on the social scale. by etJobliiriing 0 flow ., N... data 150.000 In tdialar- stltutlonal rtgMt.
-tncludln1 fetuses
mort than 21 weeks' duration of overall It was also Infant disclosed death rate that the In ro itvdenti Into public1porforf '/ .... ships bas anpad( ", *,.,ort Last week the Leadership Conferenct .

still births and deaths within this Is than In end formerly logre- laid on Civil Rights met
country higher {Tavan ichoJortnip; ihydonf
her to discuss the need for
seven days of live birth. go'orfcotloge*
a number of European nations,
preionlfy oKonding noUru'vertiry
Health cart for the disadvantaged despite the dearth of doctortper Pie cho'art' jp rvnrf war o.- are tilt law
Is piecemeal often inadequate capita In those countries. 'celi.It.rI two years ape with" of Mi'uiulppt/ tort RGCQTIQN Quartet of Florida MIl unlteraltstudents cuisines an albua du- Nearly '100 representatives of
.... of SoutnCarolina the member dls
underfinanced,poorly grant from hS. ..",. el the University ring a reception liven recently by the r/tMU/ chapter of Alpha Kappa MU .Nation, organisations
; cussed a 11 memo on"po
and 'gM at the UrWvor- page
organized provided without fo'. Now Y.,. Governor, and ; *1 scholastic Honor society standing froa left art; HUJ LOU Colrann, Tall- tential avenues of"dtr&1loct..
compassion or concern for the Jones Named pity of Narlh Caraf'na and I*
dignity of the individual. Dr. Sonorof H.rfc.rf H. loriman. et the Uni'veriJry; Alaaama.Alia haste; Caroline Brown Plymouth; Bishop HollfUld and Jeanne y-nnlnis, both lation to prevent and deter antl-
Two white tftfrfonH onrolUo' of Tallabasees.Negro civil rights violence."
Yerby charged
five attending
His findings also revealedthat Director Of nprodominonrfy N..,.0.., ere In Virginia. William U Taylor
C'emian Cs S. Cl tnro*
Sovln ce"oget' o".otc.i( ,," staff director: of the U.S.
Davis ShowNEW Miss. City John W Oovii.i form orprouder. Fochnalogy and fail Carolina told the state conference of
CoI''..., 0,..""ill.. N. C. branches of the NAACP that
YO'WC-Clark Jones has of WeeVirpine; and tee*acn .U."II''._State Aid For "I... In Paris the commluloo will recommend
5''ofC"ege' .dminidas III.K"oaellip'o Legal Indigent
Hires First been named t to direct "Tht University and Milliapi College Th opening of the second additional meant to gun
; Ihelo-'
Sammy Davis Jr.Show,"which J.htfMI.... American style drug store lathe rotes safety of rights work.
will start Friday, Jan. 7 on gal Defense fund One lonman tcnalarinip ro- WARRCNTON. va.-(NPI-.Sllarp criticism of the federal city of Paris, Franc ers.
the NBC Television Network In nil ropart to Jack 0,..... on contended that "no
Negro CopCUUtKSDALEMlss.NPI Taylor ,
offer of free legal services to tile poor was October
c"i."', it .t aatn ., Ih* Wlowing government's tOth, complete with ablack.U.
(I.30-9.SO; p.m. EST la color). .erg togal DWonio Fund d:; ; registered by Negro lawyers from southern states, who were preview party entertaining thing la more fundamental to tellilted
A veteran TV director wbo begin ovntW. 0,. paidI6cIP&.rshps MtMi.nsS : society than the rights
) roctar Davis ,, attending an NAACP Legal! Defense Fund conference last over 9.000 guests Including .
Univ.r of Virginia U ;
This southern city has just Ma career during the early oreawara'orfInn week diplomats and other of cttliena to live free treatise
hired Jesse Wright as its firdNegro days of telecasting Clark Jones (roar, including one forgrodwoto vanity of Cincinnati, Unrvorliry ; > 'nItltp1 repretentatrvet termed tile offer at"1D1IAlnr'.t' notables, set both The N.. fear of violence or reprisal."
1s directing the current Perry ; ol Oeorgi'o A4arana l. In addition to calling for a federal
policeman.The wart of the U" "" .,. so long as U In necessary to aecur tilt York Times and The New Yor
Como "Kraft Music Hall" color Nortnooit lwiseneSlate. ; law agalnat! civil rights
action of the City Board ol f/orido/ lot iwmmorMora College; bar associationn.Th ker Magtttn to COIIIIII.DllnellPoe
last week followed a stepped specials. He was also director ry Men licnmand.Mt,af College criticism cam after B. Michael Baugh, of the Office tilt current Amerlcantutlon 'crimes, tilt groups also suggest
400 irwdonh had
up civil rights campaign in tile of Coao's fuUhour shows : UnvoriryalSwtflMiMiii Economic Opportunity, told tile lawyers to go back to work of Paris. that Congress act to asaur the
North) Mississippi community, several seasons ago. applied for Khafertnipi/ ; for trio .p< and Nartn CarolinaCoAogo with your eommualttos and submit proposals for federal grants. Located on the corner of Boule removal of civil right trialsto
in better Jones has directed many TV 1964-65 lelt..' year said federal courts when fair
which asked addition C. B. King Albany, Cn. : ward Saint-Germain and Rue de
Job opportunities and ate of specials including tile first two Addenelty; If dud.&swh. Aisle' "Then U bo community In south Georgia the MM )'ou',. Rnns, "L* Drug.tore" Is trials art not poaatbl In atal
courtesy titles In addreutncNtr.ro live productions (1955 and Ind) r ec.v, edvcheler, ell.,.led fmaryUnivariirylnnett > been talking about. There art two separate and distinct com destined lo chang UM taCt of courts.
*.. of NBC's award-winning Peter CoI'' ,.: Armitranf CW- munitits-oM black, on* whit." one of tilt most famous neigh Also, they ash that federal
Natchez city fathers receiveda Pan" with Mary Martin and logo. SovannaH..< St VIM Contending that tilt legal aid program was a part of OEOU bornoods on tilt least Dank In court furors be selected by lot r
sIIDUatp.uuoelt"r&1.Hu Cyril Ritchard.Among his other Snarls Miss. cent Nwriina Scnaal Imningnam ; aMl-porert7 drive, Raugh admitted U had run Into ant tgonnltmby addition to a movie theatre from the residents of th* dlt-
aco. directing credits art tilt"Ford ,, Ale; VMntnra CWIef. lawyers In soma Northern communities, alto. with WO teats, UM Drugstore tr lei to avoid "discriminating
SOth Anniversary Show" with Food Program. loe' NJI. $ C and JovtSomJtoto Lawyers with email Income tarts down the aid because they features/ a bar and Mttturant af while juries."
Mary Martin and Ethel Merman CoI''.... M.,...,., Artaniai. fear M may lake from them cues that pay, fiO-M la fees, b* where customers can select Th law would Include a meat
Song ComposerIs This season Jones has directed added. Th agency has not set up funds for 1 legal aid proposal from t menu which lists such ure to suspend or remove slat
"Sammy and His Friends." "'ASHLVGTO.fNPD*.. What without at lost some vupport by tilt local br, although typically Americas foods t* a officials whose actions do not
Jones' TV series credits In- promised to be t project wtth may have lo tlimlnatt this practice U the north. The agency shrimp salad bowl or I ''11IWldwleb. follow their constitutional oath.
"Dog Sitter"NEW clad "Your Hit Parade..nePatrie. beneficial overtones appeared College Receives .b* disclosed", expects lo flnnnct SOO legal aid proposals by Tkt favorite bar
Mussels\ tow,"lAd NBC last week to have died aborning. neat hat $. drink 1s Bourbon which TheNew M.s.th

YO.:K*-<>PO-Soncvrl. Bell Telephone Hour,with which. Funds amounting to Ito, 000 Portrait Of At this time II baN been financed, but only la tilt tooth at Yorker styi "U what the ..v iLS.hdeei Male
ten com la all aces from he 1s currently serving as di railed last ThtAUgivtng by 10, Clarksdal, Mis*. Local activity needed to pub such projects young French now drink Instead srr :veer rr."f
all walks 01 lift and mo occupations rector. 000 college students to teed hungry In Atlanta" New Orleans has alt with apathy. of Svotch, which U out."
OM suck composer MittitttpplNegroet appear Late President Negro lawyers from three Florid elites contended that U
U Mrs. Elizabeth Gotten, Tl King Praises to be hopeleaaly wound up laAgrkitlturt th* federal agetcy financed legal aid projects In that state
year old domestic, who has theWwsual department red through th* bar usoclatloa, MM of th*work would b* assigned
occupation of "dof- tape. ALBANY, Co.. A portrait of It Negro lawyers previously showing an Interest to helping RESISTER NOV FOR NEw CUSSES
sitter" A. C. Powell According to the National Con- the late Or William M. Deanls tilt poor.
Gtartlng l November I
)It... Cones has the d1It1Ae.t CIT of Church. Delta Ministry former president of Albany It*. tt wan suggested that tile agncy mcsldlt Howard Unrttrslty
of being tile author\ of MW YORK.-(NP )-.A meeting and thi National Studmt at* College was presented la his law school gradual to go toto OM South aDd prepare legal aid
the tit song FrifM Tills of minds seems to have been soclatliM, the money was lobe widow, Mrs. WUam *m M. proposal thai the per_" could finance. *' ''. AIDS COiiMISi.ll
centos of which have been achieved between Dr. Martin .*od ft dlttrttmt surpUs fed Dials who U tarn preeaatedit e CA1ntl.. A. .." c Causes:
recorded by Peter Paul and Luther Klag.Jr..and Hep.Adam era! food In needy areas of to a* eoUege to be ttiag S NIsDMAyt's Su.l.vlso. ftaltell

WArT, Peggy SHpr, and a Clayton Powell, (D, !C,\.), over MwlutrfL with tat pkrnrtt of atlas Car* Train now Jar tomorrott't Job OJlfU"I..o.WIU.IA"O, ", I"'II\IIW'"'
British tinier named >ancywhisker. the formers tnvtaloa of North Stephen MeNkhola! former line Hazard tile Nt"btMfaclof

era cities la his newest civil.rights civil rights director tot thtttudenl 01 the coUocw and Dr. Joetpn Y* i could 'be right But maybe' not. !>,** days, some lOlDlK'J COLLEGE OF MUSIC
".. assoc latka, charge a W. Hoiley, nut pr.aidM&"tII,
A |te/t-grlndmott r.wtugkassome I
.r. nod
job house machine
I"4.pt.n".l oo ihtrnbetttr
Last that the Agrk aturdepartmot Alhuy: State Colin
>0 old.t1m. tones and Sunday, Dr. King was the '
instnunental tunes to .her com guest speaker at the morning hat backed out of th* deal Th portrait U a charcoal than men. n.. progrtu. It create prokUmi 1016 \W. 20th :GtrtttKL
posing credit Mrs. Cones p- and UM noon services in Atys because, th* aegotlationa ever drawing mad from a photograph Rut it ales treitei tfftri.*ittti for MW end better job.

peered last week in a guitar slnian Baptist Chares,pattored the part yen Nee met with take by B.f. Cochran. Will you be qualiAeJ. I* get them? $..-1733 IL .000 CL 1.14. ,
banjo) performance U Green by Cobgrmmaa PoweU. repeated delays and toars.seau Mr. Cochran nud OM *.*.*
wick vWap. Some weeks sgo when Dr. to Mlitlttvl anthorHiea. tall. I. Mrs. DMuUt.la
Her love of mask making stem King announced his Intention They said however, that todepertm.W accepting OM portrait Mrs.
from her childhoos days. How. to to vide northern cities In an was prepared to D*rests preMed UM hop that
ever as the reached adulthood '1pUQIoI civil rights drive, be permit tree atotwats and saint- H wgwJd serve as an Inspiration
it fated lido th* background was warned by th* Concrete- stirs to dutrttxit food In any lo th* ttofeau. Albany Mate
county. that refusod to )*U OtO .
for a number of )'ut.. nun to "stay out of Harlem. .*
The oM sore was reve'e4 to His appearaar at Ahyttlnian Neo. .y Family program.
the mid 40>s wail ate was came during DM otmnc !
employed by the weil-aaown of CM ChI(.'. 117th sMtver* .

family of mukUnt, Dr. Char sari service and was preceded IIIK( TOO IRE III SUPER MARK EY5 e'.
by a statement from Rep. Powell
Us Sir and the late Birth ..
Crawford Seepr. landing the HoUl Peace prizewinner 14 ...* Th. Ht Doctor "'
Their m..kaJ.ttbDt brow* u "A tighter fer humanligMa II.
at**) her patter preecrlbe J
ate .her **t of the kitchen and and a peat AmericancituenoftM QUANTITY liGHTS IISUVIDTMtlC
-odd.I Get Cxprlnc4 pbr*.clttAooerdias
onto the ttace. A memoraU
I.'CII tIOO TSJyW fUt'tDA' U .Melljr" hI aFRESH
incident was her appearance have said many time. CMCocgrettnun to rur rwctor' I

at CouutvUot Hall to .at*. toted that Ret. Order. I. 'M Oily The *ol e, t""tMqT
tnfton yak OM of CM lager King U the greatest tying Amerkan Ouallty fwni
offtpf tact, Pe<'. black or wwte. He Is rntrtt
For the three the more that that He U ak aual* s
put yeara uuitruu nuMACim TO HXYI TOU-
w tees a3ernatinf between tarlaa and dues of the world
work as a domestic aad per. who hat male tfc* enur globe A COIPI.III LINK Of
forntiaf at ecOee losses and hi pattor.te... ..M (b..Uu.l..bbr. Ooods C sdteeruadtleePNI4lt.1l1PSI0w1 FRYERS25c

folk fetttvala.CnrreMlr. C.eLm rw ATDLilly's a.1 ftJ -
Vtrt. Corten U dog
tutu* for SopM ta th* hose 00000
of Mr. and Mrs. TMXiy: J. Store
n.areap, Jr. I<:tAw was a tin in Ti Auricii,! Drug
tram pmident KM- !. SMALL
Pear**, who utved aa specialCOMtel clear Siciilj 39C
to .e CUet ..*. 1111) KIK.S IRA1'31211( ;' SIZES

nil,... .)



--luklleft.u- Uett JUcomnifn4d DtaUr:

This isthe A 44111 -IX Mill

1170 C1100sE 1110M
nicest !

smoothest VOtXJTWAOCK CTLTAX' A9 A N*' S 7MU
bourbonever ... .......-n ; 2 'LB.

65 Pont. Oitalna $2750ft ) 39C JAR
to come ... sM ... ... ......es ;."'.. .......v

CHEY IMPALA MTOf 4 Dft. V-4 .$:"S

v out of u #VMJI1 f"lIfi."llrrco n. SItU

Kentucky.Find IS >.ft'l'wElR'.H"IfI"cacD..... .rNs..N.ae. sms SUGAR CURED SMOKED IACOH 'fllU men 55t

65 O1e"/ Imp V-8 .$2550u

II1'H"S. .........,..,.,tr.'I..r. n- i SMALL WESTERN IAR44 SIZE SPARE RIBS U 4SC

u cwtrr J.POtrTcocn .... .. .. .. P11

tt u tw '.,N..r4 ir.iii' e ll.1' . ..I9S I U. S. POTATOES\ n U ut 33(

Jtu1 + . ,aV' :f5

out NU U7IrT'" CJII OAli"IAH urns FOREMOST ICE CREAM 11S11111 'nUllSi! "1"' 39(

t lllfWii-f( r.e. AVfO. RAN .. .I wu
for yourself. POND cy $vNtnY nDAX M-PAJU. ,"Uti
14 cIIt, lTAE.1 fTi> F HIM 3D CM <
.. mees M e* *>aB >*>a .!.....* ,.see

53 F..awedCntrr. Sed. .$1795SIM

q.r "Ir.n" !' ..... se ..... .

e1..ooe I***.tot"....* "uP 4Ss .apyr.nl4A,.t'' M J'OIU) M CKtY .SIMIT NORTHERN IATHROOM TISSUES IIUS( 19(
CMXT" Y1 fats a fUCCA .p. s.m

Orr 149 Can T.OMB** frwt PH1SIURY F10UR 5 n in 4get


-- -- ------ --- -- -

-=- -- -- -- .,- -_-_- -_ ..._ _----_____________.___u-w---_ -
--- -


II Is Birch Society Taking Over From Klan ? :-- J. W. Christian Named WANTED
By CHARLES J. LIVINGSTONBIRMNGHAMNPlThert in each Congressional district: In the United States ODe Vice Chairman. Of Plan Male Help
Alabama county (that embraces Birmingham) alone Is said
was speculation abounding last to have exceeded that coal, according: to Birch Spokesmanj!
week u to whether the ultra-right wing John Birch Society The society Is said to be capitalising on white supremacyas NEW YORK -Jospeh W. Christian has been appointed LOCALFactory ."
t would eventually take over from the anti-Negro KIll Klux Klan does the Klan--as well u on a general social, religiousand Vice Chairman of the Plan for Progress Committee of I
organization In the South. This came after if was reportedthat political conservatism In the South. Joseph E. Seagram Sons Inc. The purpose of the groupis Rep.Wanted .
the Blrchers had upped their membership In several key Reporting on the Birch activities la the South, B'nal B'rlthsaid to Insure Implementation of the equal employmentopportunity .
cities In Alabama, a typical southern state sensitive to the, : policy of the flan i and its sales divisions '. ,' '
race problem. The South represents the most solid growth of Birch strength The Committee was formed attention to Seagram. $600 Monthly Guarantee ....*> a
u a region. as a result of a meeting be* Christian began his careeras
According to the Anti-Defamation League of B'nal B'rlth, However, U was noted that the South's trouble spots have been tween President Lyndon B. advertising space salesman $2000.00 Monthly potential Guarantee .'.'
which keeps a watchful eye on right wing and antiNegroand In Klan strongholds, and not those of the Blrchers. There art Johnson and Edgar M. Bronf for the New York Amsterdam :
antUIewlsh organizations, the Birch Society now boasts also other factors: Involved in the speculation. man, President of Joseph E. News, rising to the post of Rapid Advancement to .
more than 100 chapters In Birmingham and has launched a Questions are being asked If Congressional hearings conducted: Seagram Sons Inc., held to advertising manager. He later .
campaign for Increased membership not only in the South, In Washington Into Klan activities will be a boon or bust tor confirm the support of American held managerial positions on Manager position Available: .
1 but throughout the United States. the organization. It was also noted that withdrawals from the Industry In equal employment the publications: Peoples Equal opportunity company ", *
B'nal B'rlth reports following a survey that toe Birchen Klan have been slow and Involved mainly those who are easily practices. While such a Voice and Our World. g
I have pushed their strength to record proportions In such scared off by publicity.: policy: had been the historical In 1949 Christian joined the Call Collect "l".fr;'
key Alabama cities as Montgomery, the capitol, Mobile, on Meantime, another bate group hs been active In Mississippi. practice of Seagram,the group marketing staff of Seagram- ,." .
the Gulf Coast, manned space-flight center Is home based. It 1s called the "Midnight Messengers" because it operatesat was established to insure continued Distillers Company.. White 90b R1\iMS
The Blrchers are reported to have a goal of 1,000 members night under cover. and energetic action there he rose to the posts of (Area Code 314)) 426-7242 '.
I upon the goals of the Presi- National Sales Representative
dent's Committee on Equal .
Employment Opportunity.
Mr. Christian 64,is Presi-
WOOLWORTH'STOYLAND at moat MOIT to" TIUlt t/.rsi,osI n
dent of J. W. Christian Market
Consultants of New York
City.He has re.lgnedaUodIer
NOW accounts to devote full-time ]If[ you can give a

Do wPlrore Rheumatic And better Bourbon..give it!

Arthritic PainsRHEUMANON
300 & Monroe ,
Hogan 0 .r.:n.grsv vae't.

P. I. S. CALMULIS ., qr
TTniHirfT....f..el rr.tW--.
TheaaaG6lJGiTOYS N..M."IMw An r M'wnN M'rw
( aw' leXeit Iheil U**IM >e> **M 4lfe
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.** fir.*.me** w rth NIY/ Mre N
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:-l N rw=r.x,.:;:r-a.--:3 ..;'w.
For Girls and Boys r.1W.;

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...-.....-.....-.....-...-.-.-.-...-..T.--.-.-.-...-..-.....-.....-.-.- - - .41k


With Rental Of Bh..poo

,. Equipment We Rent: Lase _
t yours A Garden Toole, aV
Floor polisher a ganders,
ledianJo Had tools. Local -

Trailers, $2 peg

7)23 ".ilia St. PO ../1Mrro. -
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/ rit--"s-ot./ CM IwMM w/4
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: Dftlfjned For Children '..7 ]>ar.f .aLaN/w4IkUw. :: "Ultl** a .. ..p..JK" ..

: 18" TYKE r' 1 '
.. BIKE .
...... i. ;
.rurrlt U v+c. For the pro-school, set! \, LEH

She'walk// light/ /info Chrome plated angle ban have! I f Behold the holiday spirit! Ancient Axe in a unique 3dimeruionalihowctse
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Cuddly Walking Doll
step from floor Sensational buyl! Is Our 1
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e.- 'level lurf.ct' -even rugs and carpel. lily lisiussS34

Nol just i few steps but clear across the room! America Lu&fSt Selling Year Old Kentucky Bourbon!
Her' b'lIrry.powered motion ii controlled by a twitch I E. NNIIN ST. ,

on her back-shuts off automatically e>, z ,. L.-__________

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A>ir... imported MarxtrHter



"BABY oft modem typewriter;, "The Emblem of QUALITY, SERVICE and CONVENIENCE11 ,
measuring ll'xIV high in
a streamlined housing of high

nuglo the way this impact plastic. Contour ihaped 9 9 '"M.V' ,

baby stops cr>Ing when 8 Has linger die keys cut metal are y-to-rrad.typing key*. .'. ,.....'" ...:\. 1(- /. .. .
{ .
YOU give her the pacifier. Types all letters 01'the alpha : \' qi.H"" :
hug her or lay her do*'",. 138 ... bet. numerals punctuationsigns. :. ." '"( '\ ::
Made of soft vinyl with "'" / Includes typewriter rib- ,.J\ \ ...:
turning head.She's beeuti.fHjr a lnstnattioau honk YOU DON'T I
''l cbmed from top to .. ..... .-.. -...-.. -.. .... .... -.. -...-.. -..-.A. -...... .
',I toe.tl'hlgh,soft U o\trl! EED TO LEAVE jax
Unl.e toll leo" ... .. i


ROLLER SKATES Nationally Advertised 1 Vr

of etyWe to ft Mjrof
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a IadMa, ttaalse a U1At, '
dstlln a WeI Ii. 7 Tilth 2.!! .
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jAthinjThiStars Debate Protect Mayor Greeted ly Mob Honor Scheduled

Rights WorkersATLANTA 1..m I

By EMORY G. DAVIS -(NPJfiebates> For C. B. MotleyNEW
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL tre raging from Washington 4
and through out the Deep South 4 4EI -
CONFESSIONS: OF A NEGRO u civil rights leaden argue YORK-Mrs.Constan legal fight mat resulted In the
for new federal legislation to ce Baker Motley. Manhattan. enrollment of James Meredithat
response to an Invitation from n Jewish millionaire, I protect Negroes and civil r borough president' will be the University of Miss eal-
occasion to be shown through his palatial home. Instead rights workers from mtscar honored Nov. 90 for her work ppl In 1961
f pointing out his rare or Imported furnishings or discussing: ridges of Justice. u associate counsel of the Kirs. Motkv also kd die
i artistic genius projected in his oils, be rather pointed with The major Issue revolves NAACP Legal Defense and Legal Defense fund teams
ids to his library on Negro history around means by which the Education Fund that opened the doors of the
lot having counted the number of columes of Negro history federal government,under ex* Mrs. MoUey will be put University of Alabama(despite -
[his possession. It would be unfair to even hazard a guest isttag political constitutional at the 17th anniversary luncheon Cov. George Wallace's
; It be said however, that never In my life"have 1 seen U llmtuttons. cm Insure an of the N tlonl Commime abborttve stand In the doorway -
ny books on Negro history U'Wbere-.itbtr public or objective trial Ins reclalese. for Rural Schools at New ). University' of Georgia,
vale libraries. ClvO rights leaders In the York's Hotel Commodore. University of Florida and
| was ashamed. Imps confess, that u a Negro I had nora main favor federal court handling The committee organised Ckmson College, S.C.
there were so many books about as. of all chtQ rights trials.as by Miss. Rae Bradstaln of New With the Legal Defense
rre were named heroic Negroes of the that be : York to aid children
put well as sweeping reforms v + attending Fund the legal arm of the entire -
'led familiarly, and I knew of them. I tilt a keen... of state and federal Jury SYS* aecad*rate, rural southern civil rights. movement
shame when be spoke names, equally familiarly, with terns. schools amuaUy honors two Mrs. Motley has scored legal
bleb 1 had no knowledge. Jury reform has been push persons for outstanding contributions victories 'In vlruaUv every
He suggested the possibility of some agency opening aok ed to the forefront by the two 'to. civil and. human area ofraclal strife..housing,
store specializing In displaying and selling many of recent trials In Lowndeaf(Ala.) rights. transportation, public aocommodationa -
fit books that are still In print and some, through his cwnty. m the first Thomas Also honored: this year win sit-ins mass
m personal efforts, that "have bleD reprinted, Coleman a whir community be Gerry Wort national demonstrations and criminal
its philosophy for wider desaemination of this material leader went free In the fatal red Municipal ttate. County actions.Mrs. .
at when more Negroes know about their past-since they shooting of Jonathan Daniel,. YORK:Manor John Liasey is greeted baa mob at while touring Harli Workers Union, Motor's record before
ave not been taught their put through the regular public a white New Hampshire Episcopal voters for electing Ma mayor Undsey toured other putt of New York City to show voters who fought discrimination ube the U.S. Supreme Court
bool currlculae.they will be more Inspired to really give seminarian and civil Us appreciation for voctortous over his opponents. Democrat Aba Beams and Conservative organised hospital worker* vmbkmlshed.. She hat won
tart to our current rights straggles rights worker. WUUam Buckley, throughout the nation. six victories In sU appear
This 1s not a hobby with this man. When you walk into his 1Dhi second: Clansman( (CP1 PHOTO) Mrs. Male who ,wen t Mcs .
uslntis office: you get the Idea that you're going Into the office: Collie Leroy Wtftlns Jr.,was landslide election to the borough She has personally represented
I some civil rights organization where again you see so acqulned u the nlghtrlder -- presidency this week, the Rev )MartinUthsr
liny books about the Negro displayed shotgun slaying of Mrs. Viola $202,000 Contributed served mealy 20, y.atwtth King Jr., as well as scores
art of my confession 1s my own lack of knowledge about Gregg LJuiio Detroit housewife World News Digest the Legal Defense Fund be* ef Je"., known civil rights
i many available books. and 'civil rights worker By Negro Associilioi I tore being elected by ).Ia workers
Secondly, as a minister why I have not searched u this Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., balsa city eouncllmna to (lID A native of New Haven,
laa has and made such books available to the churches who cut short I European NEW YORK-Associations WATIRntOUDCSIRTf aa nnexptred term at borough Cum, ).Ir.. Motky' Is the wife
here I have pastured speaking tour to launch a Negro sachet have contributed ,rt.&duII.t year of Joel )Motky a New York
so i here is aa overlooked Altar that all too many of as, inpit pressure drive to make such more man 1703.000 to MECCA Saudia Anbl-CfPO-Saudia( '* desert waste, Beginning as a Legal Defense real eatite and Insuranr
and pew have missed-the Altar of Our Heroic Put. slaying a federal crime, ls a the Teacher Information and lands are sot as bereft of water u it was once commonly law dull while still t broker The couple has one
(But there is something we can do about it, and I mean, like staunch advocate of making& Security Division of the thought. According to experts of the UN TAO vast reservoirs student at Columbia Culversir ion, 1S-year-okl3a1Jr.
'OW. civil rights crimes a federal NAACP Let al Deviate and 1,500 feet below the sand have been storing 19 rainwaterfor / Law School U IMS, she Mrs. ilotky mended Flsk
I Anyone interested m establishing such a library la church, off.,... Educational hud according some 40,000 years. The only problem lOW 1s to provide rose to the number Nt adminlatrattvt I'nlverstty, and graduated
none, business or storefront, please write to me to cart of Joseph RatIo counsel for toe report made public today, technical: advance end training to make the water readily poet behind Fund DirectorCounsel from New York Inlverilry..
_s newspaper and I win put you in touch with the man who fie Leadership Conference oa The report said most of the available through the country's 710,000 quart miles. Jack Greenberf. -
fcan supply you with tIt world's most complete catalog ofbooks CMl Rights Joined Dr. King funds:! ceme through,. the National .
..paperback sad hardback.on Negro history. md John Lewis chairman, Council of Officers of A former state senator and FIGHT
la church, we preach and hear about the history of the Jewishbeople Indent Nonvtoknt Coordlna Star Teachers Associations: LOIT TEE JJaJUmHU one of to few women civil
In therl struggles to relate to God and reality U though ting Commime (SNCQ m afreelng rNCOSTA), an .rganisatida' rights lawyers to the nation,
here were no similar straggk being borne byu of the darker mat Jury reform founded la 19SC. shortly after MEXICO crnr..cNPo..Ifforts by representatives of Zambia Mart Motkv gilned national CANCER
hue. should be s pan of Congress* me Legal Defense Fund established Veaesuela. std Csecaoelovakia to have South Africa ousted from prominence whoa the led the
What a marvelous addition to THE goeu sl to add OCR gospel consideration next)'tar. Its service for Ue nteraaUoaal Union of Official Tourism organisations felled
.tsacbart rtceatly. .At the same time, aa African draft resolution against Hiys Ei-Miti EioneritedCNAKCU !
South Africa std Portugal failed to be approved delegates to
Hizonner Swears In Appointee the list ....s minting of the tateraatlonal Air Transport


LUTAKA-OI PO-Woodlands stadium was the scene of a retwr
match betweea Member of parliament and I team made up of .d
mayors sad sauaktjwl couacUlors Referee of the match was
President Kenneth Kaaada. lAd the kkkoff was made by TomMbora
Keaya' mustier lor leonoeale Plaaalag and DevelopMnt -
who was attendlac the Ecoaomk Commtssloa" Africa'
eoafereace held la fee ZambUa capital.LC .

DON>0PO"rer the third UBM n four years, Britain DAD, Mrs. MargBurUe Weeded Wa,., (right)
sad Its soutt Americas colony of Brush Gases art leached WIFE or Ian franclse Giants ballplayer, Willie Mays, won
H. talks ever WBM aid taw the posaesalon will be granted Ia.MOedesce dismissal of...,... of grand taeft la Pasadena(Calif) .1aJe 1.
The two settler eonierences, .b llil and 1HJ pal court last week the lad been accused of the theft ef a 14.
tailed because of political tfllTerences between the three major tOO ring front afaallcnahle Jewelry establishment last An* IS
awiittcal parties of tae coIoa,. Don wttt Mrs. Mays, tram me left art ker altoraey, Martha
Make Louis wife of looser neavywelghl haling caamplun
:"VAJUUI.URQ.bfPl tall state
A the kflslatnrt
upon Jot Louis, and Wall D. Parker, director, Joe Louis 4 Assocklea .
clvfl .laws saade the
topes stronger rights was by Pennsylvania
CatBollo connrence. p c4k relalV firm (XP1 'PHOTO)

..: J.\.I\


j a

111. S9C

NOW If. OMtCMU AB>. t.,M.4 f D.aW f...**4W ........n ., be ......... '-II, ... ".,. .. r1sAg CAN uIpp SflCIAU GOOD THRU SATURDAY
..... ..h e/f'oc.M A.tlreIi. A id.MNM.y.r /.A* D.>-. t.v..iyi M,. b,e*"' si k5ea 0.1.,.. RESERVED
a,0a.,11. CWy MfM .a ..._hn ii die ..us..y eel .,..if.-,M ... cw.'Ie.....ay'. .-4 ..I..w i/jsii n HUE fllIIII QUANTITY RIGHTS
ke..e ., ,4..1 .tIII .....w..n .iM. .I .. .,.. rr+l ,... by ?.., fbd..1 .
,y..i.e e.._..y ,. M.,., 0.1.1 airy ... .... -

-.1111'1 Aid Race CIIuM1rrf"1lSHO disc NING FAD

CKA04.PQ4u.dIW se4 ke. aiayvc recerws re.
haste to till Uves ass iV ere ef ate ta..ortesl pagans kVS.
weary are anJUUe Crosi eke local *ktk.l Camoikcoaree
< ..Te nsu. ef II si..... araOasj eae en ft* lives 7 nil cm $1 79 C' I ciAirMX 65 C
ef island ,...., frederkt DMgUse,kid rt Mall, lss.. J ?.
-tock..tick-tock. ate .....Hr. Dr. George Wa.asj.iaa Carver ail Dr. Mary I
.. McCkod a.o-.

the Bourbon that TZAifVOULOi IIIICTS HUE HHEl[ tin minFLOUR
AJCKLU-yi1>-TV local tetra Legs a.4tteCaa -
Us ArcMkMs ef 1M AIc elM e4 after part ef|.BeraCalUbrata. 1H I '
did t ANutch the clock! The K craa. wkk caOs tor .....,.,. Is feral* PORN 5 | 51 ::'II'S S,11.49C
*.el. .....*** ........i, Is ..... as De ArcMkceea ;. (CARS .: '
rt.my aer.as

OLD >nM leer all ... rlnleati and Oorvmare 3
II Oe efftag... etgreesel last week ay .. .... ,..... SLICED PINEAPPLE
Cores IINe. esee.tl*. ttrectar ef ae rree+rterk snares C '
CHARTER .( De OasM ...... The salaWef aM abet N err ca.nac-r. ,27 fir
were really wtt t, Bert voaU ben bed racial .two loaf 41 U. (

-flm .... you let I feel Del Ike critic II m rekttes Is Meg ..c.. I PINEAPPLE JUICES1 I IIIMHI

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.f Royal Art Studio II1K A IAOII




-. eM.a tea. .e..Ye..a era a,we.Ya.u ELGIN 4-1194 POTATOES ,10C, BANANAS



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iamian To New Post Burn Cross Headlines Holiday Spectacular Del., Likely On Park; No ''I

In Yard Of Cash Florida
'- '/' To Buy Cape

':. I

rfr---r-- ,' Vietnam HeroSAN lly BILL MNnrtD: plumed In rn: shred with IhrIHirrlu '
CartM a.r.M CUM 1 ** rtrplt the tort thenil
.Jr' TALLAHASSEE Th asamM the t..\ could
ANTONIO. ( (Pi).-A
| eliminate the fund
) stair rnulrtn t irate up with |pw.thly
flaming crosssymbol of blf Ihr emit to rkwo the ('.1"| the ute hurt r' |"nte i .;.; .. otry and Intolerance was burned Florida park deal WI'ftnH- t., nirripieie' the $14:) million
''.I-.I1 In the yard of an Air Fore .. .... day and will hate In ssk for par..h.t,?.
veteran last week only a day .n ".'I' .lon of limp front
before be was to be decoratedfor ? I the nw""r.
,. ',' gallantry ""k.1n Viet. tarry> nwinhrr of the Ca.Ulnel Mclinaarlhliag
the nrcrt for
; rrrocni/p%
r" 1 lhl. pro| Toe scene of the cross burning PraisedSecretary
inr nape In arqutrine. II.
/ ; I
was the suburban borne of
I; I I.I.f. ..M !State t'l'mpirollrr, !FredI1lrkmwn.
:;: Staff Sergeant and Mrs.Lindsey ,

1 f I Brown in the all-white Gateway' "\\'* are nine wfltk raitHTM1 klcNaaura is to be
Terrace. The.1p1t1cuacuftlle / plan aom lily In .ftI'uff congratulated for his rectal ac*
'ttt:.' cross-burning If any, was DOt Honda: ." State Trr'. Hoc In ordering that DO 17*.
immediately ascertainable. f lit,., ,.m"rrt, ilhimt arid.K year old eervlcemeo will be sent
f l
;' :' The Browns nave lived In Gateway \. Into combat in Yletaasi and that
'II' \ Terrace .Ine.last Sept.SO. Bill htilli MtM lhr> Ml the thosel7>rear olds who are BOW'

'';I' ... / ,'r All of their neighbors! are white. C'iihinrr?'tl'ft\n.would\ teem feel ih"..owner k SWan fighting OB the front lines will

.. .1. if But there have been problems ..r the MiMrtf Key Rican., be withdraws u soon u possible
",,' and the neighbors! are friendly. Ct I irl ,. declared Congressman
:;.. .. \ p The Browns have three children John CqtI1tr..,Jr..(Dim.),(ica)X

'BJJ'1'/ .. ;I' aged 14, 9, and 4 years old. ) tl M "eaatelra Its,. ram hopeful Hut this will become *
Sgt. Brown returned from Viet I la. lh. <* HMk?r. l""k the |ir..|.. a part of Amerleumlll*
cam last month and was assign rrty aft lh. .. markM wsltt. | tary policy.
ed to Kelly Air Force Base. 7 \M. I I. sine IM .l"l* 5 I originally asked Secretary
1965 graduate of Florida A&M university, has The new residence is close to fi Ir> I ham. !0 make a firm nffrr.niati ycNamara Out tile Korean war
joined the FA.MU Coleman Library staff she Is the
his work. policy of not
.1'. row. .Igatrrne he should be
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles shipp, 770 N- W. The day after the ross burning > won I l'II' ahlr In make olds into
' 67th Street, Miami. incident, at Kelly AFB, Brown the nirr by that lisle, neat applied to Vietnam when a constituent .
11 was decorated for his servicein MnrNUyPifkm expressed her concern
Vietnam receiving the first >..ii was ready torvrnmtwnil to me about her 17-year old
Help Fight For freedom. Buy NAACP Freedom oak leaf cluster to the Air .<,, a Tuesday Marine SOB who was fighting
Medal and a commendation me ('"I.lftl"., t mf- heap l that fu"rtIt IB Vietnam,declared Congress

l 'Seals From Your Local Branch dal. ,fund the 11Io lied uMsl Mttumimn to take *n Iron op.Imn mss Conyers. B las takes two
stated that be
His citation months of dlscissloB for the
Ihr I 1.11..1l'ut
exhibited courage in the mart. >w HllMrcw the Tff Defense Department to reach
'cessful accomplishment of important flmfrwnrtatiKn after IcurnlngIhrtr this decision. tile mothers of

combat support mission w.. pn .)lhIHy| a auitrnnttatlnc all oar 17-year old volunteers
under extreme hazardous coo 'INut Shut fT<1. can BOW rest more comfortably
dltions... that fund mkhl I I.* I'>krn tel knowing that their young sons
the V S. !Siipmi 'i'n t.
will not be sent Into combat

Alleged Slayers ..". .t'* the .-..... m.,.'rhatrtc until they I react) tb.,. of
SAMflT DAVIS ..IDIII" the upcoming Thanksgiving Day television special 'SUQ t. Uk e nand tankel eighteen n is gratifying to

Davis and the Wonderful world of children," which will be shown as to hour tasle. .. rlckls55 reseed.ed to see >tnattB* Marine Corps

\' Trial SetNEW long color special on the television network of the American Broadcasting "........,. was the first military serviceto

0>11I1&111. in the story, in which amy appears u the only adult among two do*' Williams use confident agree to such a policy change.

.-- YORK-NPI>Three Negroes zen youngsters, be it permitted to visit their very special world centered on the, wl.n.io of time wouldbe The Detroit Congressman re*
X : charted with first degree iterated his belief that seven
k a playground. Here be appears with some of then before playground swings. crantfd.Mr:
the Black teen Is jut too for someone
t jt lp derof Malcolm X, Garcia want the young
Nationalist leader will stand laivla in be used aa s State to fight la war, although

.,,Aty iwh trial before Supreme Court Judge Orange Blossom Flowers Indicates Split park. he Mid "and 'It !butt I admire and respect the cow
Charles Mark, Dec. e. at If the stile badnt brrtt age of tile Americas yong mea
th. SHORTY-$35. The men accused of premedla* taking any rtion;" who volunteer at such an arty
HEDALO 4IIS ted murder "with a sbdtgun" Executive Board I Alabama Tn lrra.urtt said On'. age. Since tile law sets the
Third In
a. I.5. .I.1 1aiINn.d J last Feb. II are Thomas Hagaa Party lint(ton Burn pltnnH tft draft age at eighteen. Conyers ti
l' handle the rwcotiatlona per.annally stated '1 do lot tbia tt U'asst
:2 and
: r : {2 alias Thomas Thayer '
--i I Mod n.M' .. Meets Sunday and that .hr. loo. was olds to
Negroes to ask 17-year
.. li'a yawar .1& t5 Tlamadge Hayer of Patterson MOB1U Als.CNPO*-The rising political strength )
M ..:C.I/M..al: I.. .. 3X Butler, it la the South, and particularly Alabama, was dramatised last 74elfie.nl" of getting satyr risk their lives wbea the Uatttd
W. I" ,
Malr P' N.J.I .'
Normal B.ie The mid of the tin
.IOW(ilurtlljr Iron Hnlthr ha MAIM HOOTS Daat. tt I, BUIr11. H.Y. and Thomas 1SX Johnson 19. Executive year Board meeting of the Orange week la a proposal to form a third Dtmocgatle party. \\'11I1"'. sad Dickinson States dots sot I ask this sac

In..uf YOU hair* SCALP alien .Th,*.tonOUo".. haavilyan ot COMB Malcolm X was shot to death Blossom State Cosmetologist Charles Morgan Jr., a former are allowed to partklpate la >>"lh MWt IN Cabinet rlfice of draftees.
dM natural hulih .1 >vut u be was addressing a rally Birmingham lawyer who Jest party affairs m Alabama. Ii-
Association Inc. will meet
K.lp, Yttn lie DOCTOR CAR- ,
NOT tnv. il.4 a m4lnt4. or AWAY of his Afro American unity or* Sunday, Nov. SI at 1.00: pm. InglyUbeled himself u the head Hinting at a split wttaAlatama
.'_"1. .114 CARBONOSLi of the Alabama Democrat Atty. Gee Rlctueood
GRAY imitation government-m
which U ml4 with many Bm* at Walker Elementary School,
en b nfkl l lnfr ilnu.I CAM* exile after being harassed be. Flowers sooRded slmOsr third
J Un
1101 NW Fourth st. Fort
.BONOtC anUM la U.such and a.Irene.*. luch...w.roful fins THIS WITH won't tomorrow derdale. cause of his liberal racial views party note before a meeting of Fiiirlti if Siitkn cub
work la htlpiBf an ITCHY You get proposed the formation of a local Negro Democrats.He .
Officers and members are requested
BUMTV PAN6nOrr ( 11101IIMI
ttlla lu skWsTomorrows
with J
Job yttttrday' *
Snail DOCTORS r. ar< IthUhlri to be present. A Get "National Democratic Party/ Indicated ae might na tor
>4 rRMCRiss Tl far many A Soutbera regional director of office seat year oa a third
M.lp IrvuklM. Many 1\IIOJIIn. .HIMflallWMi. jobs will be Acquainted Tn will follow the
>lmILau' *.< acal* NMM business session under the American Clop Liberties party platform similar to ne 1t \
....11' Itlln""ar the re different. They 11 reQuire sponsorship Ill' USINGMEAL
'at. :r..r Ihta TrIPI. Irmfth Ur __ of. the Broward CountsCosmetologist Union, who BOW lives la At. Freedom Democratic party laMississippi.
". lonriula. Writ* fop Ihto DOCTOR a different skills. Unit 7,Mrs Flo lanta, he made the proposal at I 1
OKNVINS. It will SCALP M pint la rORMVLAi yw all And you can get those rerace AUjireiWent and first a meeting of the Alabama Democratic He observed thartfttrVsmertt r r
SSfi ."< read, la Sass ula IT .st NN w.d tut u'. add .Ir kills by conference probably la a movemea similar
TOR T DAYS. and If ... tins. S.M..1. nut..k.f4 re tralning. vice presedent of the State As
you are
....... .. the of the state's to FDP.
.tie"l dIt. yout man* bark Fay 1I01'A DYIa. .dm. So don't wait for sociatioB. strongest
SI ..,. Tliia .dd ..1 l AVOIr, your
n dU ta
0':1.:: ; -.r t predominantly Negro political Else where Negroes quietly
... > present job to be replaced Mrs. CaWed ROM is state
: :.r..r-"It..t.: .
; action registered to vote last week U
man groups.
.r.r.. ...... VM th. ln*.| MXOICATKO ?nIwlna.hf. C.:..P.Ma..llta. In P5..tt. C..wMlry.. Cr out the facts on president of the OBSCA and Atty. Orsell BUlingsley Jr.. the oral county seat Ion of WMBMSpotlight
SCALP rORMULA Mrs. Bertha Perry is state
ywtrmmy ..... .
M .MIN L .
can sue. Yaur hair atvdaal _. M u. visit Birmingham, who heads the Uncolntowa. c... A discordant
....... time c. I. .n .......1 .1.. 1. now. publicity director .
.<. and ...e.ro.... ta Jwwas .1... the local of conference, said Later his or. sole was sounded however ta
U-ir. -GOLD is. wrtu, .... ...... office your
pa* a l* :
MAIM PRODUCTS INC.! tl.tl .. dll..rr lu. .. -... gaalialloa would withhold Suffolk, Vs. Two Negroes were Product Of The Week .
Rre klyna2y. N Bay My kMk if M| .|7.M.J. State Eaployaent 8.r-
Y. PYla/l" THIS CN MaJal .:, Pt-p.tta. ,In*. official commitment of Itself wotmdd by a shotgun blast
tTORMULA ils.gereL1eeM1 catviaa writ D..*.. st.!, Bravlilrii 11, tl.e J.... vice. FIGHT CANCERFLORIDA'S to a third party ttatil after fired from a passing ear short Miami Florida
I IaueWq the meeting alibi State Demo ly after they left al voters ,

cralle PutrID January.Alabama rally.
Negroes It waspotal*

ed cut, are mcensed by the
state's Democratic party bald
emblem which carries t word
white steremacy. \
Three cool
Miss Ethel Payne, assistant characters "
to Lasts Martin, vice chairman

Commute of the! Democratic, said that the NwUanal party have just hit town ::;

would see to II that Negroes


NUMBER ONE Convicted For Great NewWine Drinks Three Flavors!

Ripe Of M lu. Chifl them..the cooler they are,the better youil like them! .

Get all thrp fresh tasty flavors that keep their "cooT.
Negro Girl .' J

RHYTHM & BLUES A HATTUSBURG.switch to tradttloaal MW-pIPQ-Dials Orange :.

justice was recorded last week LimeRock 'Im Lemon :

wfcea a Forrest dirty put -_ Rock I'
convicted a yowg whit welder -

toe raping a Negro te.aager. Rock :
The Incident marked the '.
first time m Canary history \
that a watt men was sentenced
ta aa attack oa a NegroNorsea .-
Cannon.: It, of the
Samrall eomavamtry was sea*
tested to Urn Imprisonment tor
tile My 1) rape of a IVywar
old stem ctrL Rape&II capitaloffease aYs t'" ,

I M the Jury may..,.. 1 slimy
I late Urn.MADANTGlORIA. f fI
fI I

1260 For The # 1 Sound! ,. ; Roc di I!

: I
t'. \.. d7
rate 4 SplrtttaUst lUeomr.Atfvtaor ;
,. ::
'I'i' ta an aflalrs el Bat 1
\' J"t DIAL Lowe. Uarrtage Bulaeas SI*
ukases, .... Lack DaraU.esy .
...... Then) la BO MMso '
4ree* l Dial she east he*. a : 4 4T

1260 For The 111 1 Prizes faceted ftCMt at: Id..cuss... t.I a.m M.raIWT. .

'IIIISI lit .... **0? a *-1 '. .J
DIAL lasted ta Klamt. fla+ Oae .
1d tovrtfl MADAM GLORlL Ingem 2I 2i

1260 For The 111 1 R & B Hits! ,a.u piers toe.wID me tai CSereace* cnmd : C mm A m. m/r -I i


I, ; /, *!
__ __
-' -
: :



Wildcats, Rattlers Clash Saturday; Jax Readies For A&M Texas Southern Classic

Classic Foes' Prep For Saturday, Nov. 27 Anvil Gator lewl Contest, Here

i --- -- -
6 iR t 7 '' r

rH '
:: '

:JiI"* rrTa

..... .. l
u dEASOT'S ,.. -L .... <
$ RECORDS will have llttlt tearing on the poi'soutcome airy TUtrt. Th rivalry will bt furthtr lateaslfltd tbia yea, log from left: James Dsvla Otis Evans Lawrence MeGurdy FeativUlewill get underway Saturday at too; Po... with the
Saturday night, Nov. n Theo football taodom..ei* since firmer Juan Clifford (Jack) Paul, eiproUrt of Rattlers lid Benait All... Rattl.nlrolll.ftl Senior Sri Arthur Robin gigantic parade "'lIlow, Equally colorful pro-time and

t petted to tilt to Gator break Bowl previous to attnedaace record this year..co Coach Jake Ca1tberbutabDo'trUID.atorol Tens Saitbora tan (M) from HaUanuaie; Senior BaU Euftno Thomas (JJ) halftime festrvltiet will highlight the "tr.pI XH Ur annual 'I

witness Out annual Chute betvtoa grid forces. TSUa offenshrt linemea kM Uac at left art: from Aixon, Otxioj; Rudolph Janlaon (U), fealsr: Quarterback, gtlea!, alone will UM's lam "Mir '!Mn< 100"
best Florida AIM tattlers and tilt Tens Southern Utalver Thomas W Iker, Robert Thompson and Leroy T&/4ot.Stand JackaoovUU ami Rudolph Givens (60), Saint Guard MlamU 10

Wildcats Invading Rants Hcmj Expect Banner World's Most Grueling Allies Set

I 19-6 Defeat Season For Sport I To Be Telecastbecomes I IntraSquodPla

Rattlerland Saturday OR All. State Duck Hunters
BARCELONA SPAlN-The ti* a living sample of > Saturday
ALBANY Go-.* The Albany TAi-UIUSSXETho: 1MSM cltl&c oilman of one of the world the punishment' the racers under .

State Golden Rams defeated tho bunting Mason ta Just around moat (ruellnc sports' events,tho co. With hands abKessed
DAYTONA BEACH- pined 4)9 yards mating seared edCUrk.aUowlof US yards net Alabama State College Morsels the comer and there u every 1,600-mile Tour do Franco bicycle and body bruised and sore, hols GUEEMSPOt O N.CThe. brand
The WUdcata of Bethune-Cook- new edition of the ALT Collect
alMtoachdowosaDd carried rushi&f. l/-4 la the Mills Memorial Indication that this aeasoa will race, will be seen la color seen. at the point of .near
man CoU" Idle last weekend for Ore two-point conversions Panting chorta will be handled Stadium baton a crowd tatl. oa "NBC Sporta In Action" collapse Anlo basketball learn already
bo a banner:tor duck bunters.Nwtere .
sill meet tile Rattlers of Florida Dotting his total points to M. by dark Wrlcht. a frtshmaa Bated at <4.000< to retain their "too' la the 'ways 'ofvildfowt Saturday,Not SOM: P....) Other Inlerittllmul tUUMaCara described aa lbs Mast collection
A and M University at Halfback Alias Usoa aDd John quarterback: who has booted the record of never having loot t ne preparl&c for theopeainf oa tilt NBCT.letslonNetwork. miss. ta action: Include of basketball pUvera ever
Tallahassee Saturday November Knight art the loaf distance ball 14S4 asaso.lot assembled at tilt college, will
yards this homecoming pM. ot the d.ck.coot, and Jim Simpson ls boat of tile Raymond Poulkior ot Franco .
ZOoID on display MI Saturday"ea
mm tor BeUuine-Cookmaa; aa imprelll.n.ta"nlt. K1I1oDc't. The Rams scored with 112 larding season at IS.00 NBC Sport weekly aeries which and Felice Glmoodl of Italy. Co
a Cator Bowl Claaale Nov. gives runalaf room. either oaecaa .. kick to date 71 Coooe tog Novemlwr SO.
was a yard run by Charles Henry soon, !November' S4, according ta produced by Stuart SchulberiContlnuioc : Besides. the race Itself HUe annual
I, BetBune-Cookmaa debated > all the .a,. The accounted Stalt. from The occasion la the
p yardtr against Albany US to.. aopbomore fiard to WB. Coptuad, Chairman. coverage where tt "Sports ta Action" captures
CUrk CoD ce S-24. The Wildcats for II Wildcat Korea Ernest Sheffield, a senior,and Columbus, W.. a 1 yard ran Game and Fast. Water Fish left off oa Nov. II, The NBC the color and eicltemenl of the nine-Gold which tame. la,as traditionally Inlra-squad
maniac attack will be &M acalnst Clark Corp Ktac. a aophooore.wUl by Alas pounsel. IS4 to.fresh- Conatssloo Sports ta Action color cameras I 'aUliona of fans who line the scrap startup
by Elijah Gibson a tW pound The .Cats," a little bup4 share the quarterback dutiea.Kinc. BUS quarterback from Tallahassee. CopsUnd said, several ot tilt aero ta oa the loaders ot tilt I':joule to cheer their tivorttea lined to arrive al a "
HtI10r who scored tart touch. up after their last outing will a roUout specialist completed Florida and a IS yard lineup fur the opening
classic Parctkwa.ftla
wildlife manaB.ol areas o* mine ta C R, and the moment of climaticI Ihd .. Is to
downs spinal Clark as fee be ready to D against the Rat. elcht passes afalast pass from John Walker,fresh by the commission art where they have rested bay rhea the winner pedals .IOft. lbs game
picked. up 110 yards rushlntlth tiers .A weekeed off before Clark for 101 yards. BIB quarterback from Way high on tht list ot choice duckhunttoi for a day after more than I, Ilk to the Pare des PI tones be sponsored by the Gate; City
,. his t-lstlne. turalnt runs meeting Florida AAM Is Just When asked If he had planned Chariot Lawrence Chapter of the AaT Cc41'r*
Ga. to
cross, ilteaand while hunters SOO miles of torturous pe the big fullUck has been the what we needed", says one special drills for the Rattler. IIS to. aophomort flanker General Alumni AssKlalUlor'
art eipected to make fall use Ahead is a homo stretch of ails I hero and to claim a .
bread and butter maa all sea Wildcat during a Ufhl workout. UOdcst (ame Headcoach Jack back from Tampa Florida.Jobs the 1..1iI ot Us SrhuUrshlp
leadlnc thai
forbktdlnf proportions vl dory UworthibuutflOO.
'' said "TWrela of these accomodattona they ,..no!. It ls to l. played .ta Iht
IOU lor the Bethuae-Cookmaa Barber wUl Cy" McClalrta after
Captala Rudolph kicked Be point
Walker and duwa the French served
ahould become fnmlllarwtththtrefulatlona up.over 00 0. Gorge Freetflsnd
,,. ,
Charles Mare III.IIMIAC
Gym *
elevea.boareboastiota4Msasoa. lead defensive no seed for nattvatlon whrawe make the total II.
a charced-up touchdowa to
applying to the Alps and i route to tilt finish at ftol' producer: ana auecior
la all pass he has all against FAMU. They halt must Florida A and M, Albany inlned 101 yards to clal basting areaa. apt lint ta Paris that otters nnthInf tot "!''IIK: Sport ta AtU".." Irvin.1 1,10; Ato o'clock.Cat head. tack

raking attempted It passes Standing at Bt lop of the list by wind, cold rate slm co trsit of the Tour do Franct this week ed
THE PK03A3LE STARTING W E UP miring heat Nrmus nprlnls,aneahaustlat eipres high opll*
need computed t for a total duck and was reaponalUt the
of prime huntmf stem
Eid James Greta Vllw IMtba mowntaI. climbs.Aeeldeds nuo sunit proacwrts fur t'.ftr -
End Bernard Hums 4"ll"Tackle IMfcatuna into of 102 yarda. The Kami la tho Guano River wildlifeManactmett << mo vemenl of camera crtwian.1qw s;c..rabig' ....... team.
"' Barber I' made It drat downs and. oul. Areas la St. John are commonplace, ipmenl along the S,600-mllt will ... slrenhfeae with.. tile
Tackle Larry Rudolph blue 'X- U' lbs lend 110 yards la penalties County.'This area present oat death ta I possibility, and out rou le of the rsct, Freedlamlals return of Thenkirt Campbell
Alabama State nude tl yards duck feting a universal eiperlenco. i was field' producer and
Albert VI" mtboSlllha of tilt brl '. .Coard Calvto Wright Harris I'll" ruaklac. attempted tart aattotall pictures .ta 1 number of yeara.Tho Hearty a third o I the riders dirt ktor ot tilt..r....'cottnr- whimi. were aktellned last
Guard tMtba and completed II results of lbsald. -....., collapse. give up or art bot.UIUJ of t he Monte Carlo HaUy which ,.
Center Henry Tout* V11M of II yarda. The Horntta made Be.lake aai allow. before the tour Is over. was i'telecsst, earlier this test sessuo
Halfback Joha KnlfM VFUnktrback 111 lbs IS first downs and anflertd draw down of British star Tommy Sampson, 0................-
td Bd area to rooted wttawatortowt
no lbs
Daniel Cooper only IT yards to penalties lbs foods sad the present who pretties Incisive reports .. ...
.fullback Elijah Ubeoa VI" WO lbs .us ..a TRADE WITH
t-0 end of oa tht rats al various stages
at tto
score war wlMlUtamorcacbord. -- Florm.
conditions u a JtI Star
Quarterback Goorco lung V10N m lbs appear =.:== Advertlsert
the. first quarter; 1>-0 at ththalf -I
Cactata f u-o al tilt Bird and II.tll Tht Guano area will be opeaMovearter II
Watch This Clown A&T, Eogles ocort waa .... u tto II prowl I... IwaG I I
Rockets Hornets scored t touchdowato the first aIM days and

413 27 115 Reedy For Bo 4th quarter hut saved Bt ported berwees) November
Strenghthen to sake Ole coavtratoa.Commission St-ll sad December S4 to Jaa

51 55 ,. nary I open IM everyday hunttof. This is the Canadian
Holiday Play Opens Tht area will M cloned
I Forces oa M adI,.. TwsodayiabdFrt '

.1 Billy Gushy, a left wtojer CUD ORO. H.C.-The klchprf dsyo at aU Umoa.Coptlaad you switch to when
5 who scored 4J points fcr Clinton oUp of wlnoJn. and the Dull Hunting Am reminded. ail duel
II last aeaaoa, kaa beta pur Eaclt Trophy wUl be at stake ....raew Cht ..1.rtvw1..a. yo'u get richer. .,--Af' +

C chased from Cltaloa by the vans the ALT College Aotoa LAKE CIT1 -L rtetMalhe* aoa la Doss Kov. S4 ttroufh :

JachaoavUte Rockets, General tie up with the JIorG Caroler has O.ew-tUrols, tn and Doc I and Doe.ltaBro.sk Jar N. d
Maaafer-Caoch Pal leu aa- College Eafleo to the inaaal Be Game sad Freak Water Fish I. and. .ta Kktttoa to Btrofularhuntmi 4
11-32- I! pounced today.' Carolina Clams kxxtall: CUM Commission has made poatR thins,all duck huntersstiteet /
| The Rockets km asked to be" played hero to Thursday Bt ootabUahmeat of a new VIM pests and aldsr art re
47 IS 21 walvera oa Jean Paul. Guilt Roveamr 1$. life auaacomoat area ear Florida gated to possess a Pedant
aoaetlaea Hfa t0 [and put Bob teary oa thettisablod The Thaaknftvto Day tattle aportameo aMortftog toV. duck ....... .Hunters oa Dew
list to Btae room lorClaahaa : la tet tor MeoMrlal atadtoio, CUt iaaumsaf areas artroqalrod
.. ..u.. Dot 5. CopeUad CommlsatoaChairman _
Ma a a and John Tern La. woh kkhoff Uave at UQ"" to U4ata I &UdltfomanacetMot

It 44' illl'rUtI. road, who Joined the Easter Far ....atraicht ytaraatoco Rimed Lochlooaa WUdUtokUnaiomoat am permit to addttM -
It eorh It alt sreuadctvi't0 Hockey Lean team last week InS, Bo CUA has had iwaJI Ares Bo BOWhuottof to hontkn brass a 4duckttafl "
the final outcoeat ofBtCaro. 4A
ATTatTW"IIS tut has yet to play. territory tomprtoesaa. *
Claahaa played 11 gaawo last Unas CUaaM ..determine OwoaJereoro "... ..., 44.000 acres sad
513 31. year and had tot pala aad Sassist. chasnpt. M at this aorroondt Lochlooaa Lab IBBo Prtfiri f. ne r...
---------- year lite.... aoiherBe Eactoo
.. UFond scored U points Muthoaotera ,..,u.fill Ala
and 14 coal sal H an.... sew Be Ages la i top eoateodor thus County: and extend tote toot Jobs .111 al ,Iydltaaetar
MAN DAYS U'you I have ruchtd (hit, d
lot Bt New Tort Rogers last hut Be .... rtvaljrykviweeoBotwo oouBoaotera Putnam County. la the aesrfutoro IIIUGL cluto wU ho exactly Boa ..... ti d alllucncc. congfalublion
ARE NUMBKEDlaa .. may take aa aotjvo net oatblaes..
Winger Gould: saw acttoa ta ."hwU. .... ..... ...,. Hoes tot pee toctMltjoto till aseIkeei If you fuvenX. cheer up. You've got
the sockets Brat edit fame*. Ggis.U. Bret-toe* .
Day art ,..> bees KUrod ISJM to Bo Ala
aertd." He ecorH three *>*Uaa4hs4lonr ted aria*, to sponsored totot* tans County aorttoo, put may bolote. If peer something lo look forwjrJ lo.
Health aad for
asstetaOL ary. also awinter fy fey Bo Coca-Cola rompanteaof not beIu.a4rasp. ...a Job la ono of '.... lf| Sealraml\
tine CM I. Tours thttt Durham and Cit........ ,
ta armless to (hreramea
County side of Bt ar... OtherroftlaUooo Clad the pasts
laot Tour LackPeji iltdvursir dWM.tsCare u. Bt aamo aaBt eeot help sub, that rS 9"i ; CIn.JdianJ

ac tend y Calo 12.oo,. etc for poor wta The la Pockets.als* pass ahMlnf hc<*.s.r to,.fwlon lea.lina.CoUeft by Wag ta 1M1.last lie toaocm.wffi A<.* He l tounan cend Angles Art and Permit s Pw Isrequired olll Itl I la p.alaistead. f ..... f'srorrl. ,....... ... ....It ..". .............?.... ..'1

U ,
tor .
the wmaia trail WednendsyMe tmootlBf a secondtoe. to adCKtoa M refular ,
"arruocopo oaldt for
10 at Rnav>Zt.. Ecu wffl hunt tot Uoonoo. I,
JCT'EMD hen GUifett.. Uf ondremdylor The ....u tea ,..,. iwU.a I
actlocstrvak ........ award, a recuteuo I
rtll la the blank telatis ltc'-"m. asetp./losrg ataolotfuiLBert if I

sill to Z001AC PootWfleo at pees paM FrUayto Pioott. lead feetblll Revel Crews]
conch tot Bo At told ,..
Son Ill!. Jacks- Bs only hams tasM to ..... *
pwierl'se art prtpartoc lot
The Rochets dttsatodnrrrhw
'lilt L "erU. ly tateatoa Cniejftora, 11 aa DIe w. Bt eory name aa at Cell
Rea .-;lys two Bird ported we veto n hunf tor .. ...*
O, lerenroUtte"

gG o todnlll.d tar r '

a.| r..*.. taw UrneU latefoar
-nor.................. aa 9o Mho Carefioa' cat,
The .Rothtta.... Bear o>wet. TicPitied

1U: c. to m. Pueeratorr sew areas I
IZl1X.i '-.U, .. ha.. at****** att of air [etc

M BOOM.ors.RU Pir ahwf.CHAMPIONSHIP ... rs

lltilll Til,
Tnr FlitieliiIII

I IlltlStMervon's

awe. .


I.., FriUfiitiM Flifiitj

COlISEUM 2H2 I. C fitii| Iff.FIS4tS .

...... .... -
i ............ ....- "....:-.- .......... ( llsi M51JI2
Co ::::s

300 r c::. ...-=: 300 11

::: 1\t\ I. Beef its Best
opt IsIt 1x 'It Zq 1\t' I. ,. at

Mw"* < tt t.JS iteltta ,,ti/. 9..1 $1 I" ." 1,.

.,....,.. .T. ..tt.t.. eirer. tS



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Kirkland Jr. 1643 Main C:Xreet. You have to ASTIIAIIC ClCmmi! M COIPOII .,
ad Percy
Trainer Own? see to bellere.. Amazing 'I. 1"
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