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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200688datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 7, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006880740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 7, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 7, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

unl.itY of F1.orlda'KY\

.. ,,, ..J ,
".", : Gainesville Florida

_ifiJW I ) ] o JIIJiij

*4 *****


***** ******

13 Negro Prisoners On Trial / Teacher Melboarae Wins

' By 3.1 MarginMELBOUKNTtd

For Rioting In Raiford: Prison Nichols, I

30-par old Negro ,teacher, ua-

daunted by not oavmcbtea fivta

## # ............................. a seal on tht City CommUsipsi\>

Pretest Over Parents Defy Demonstrators altar kavtnc won last year,
drfftltd a rrU.-apponr by a
H -- :,\ martin of J-.l to become tile
:J .:/
ConditionsCiBses : second typo lo' win a similar

; 1 f, !(:! ." f'f .,.- .... VOL. IS NO. 34 SUM NOVEMIER 14, ISIS 15 CENTS post Nichols In Florida dtftattd this ytar.IncumbtntUs

Riot \ :, .. '.J _L _- ftoloa I.M9 lo m.Tkt .

STARKE--TrW for IS NtfroInmates J' ..:)-.:.:. "" yd.LLNCOLNTON I to tt first tltcted mtmbtr.lo tte of city his body nee
> rr. ,,
Prison t 11'1 illi.---
at' RaUbrd
charted with tte May 27 tat, j ; In Nichols the history won the of rue the last county par,

block and
Inc la a ctll mm but the clrc.U Cast mdllfltdhU
bert Wtdatsday *
tell, cot wdtrway ktory wtea U ear shownthattefalltdtomtttqualinca

durlnc testimony takta t
from tort custodial officers ---

\ believed The outcome to lure of stemmed tte riot troy U I ARRESTED) IN f\\'':I"" ,- .

a food tad dcplorabU coalition. .

clostd Protteators that attendants wUMistu*JohaaltWilliams. dU :

Jr.,1$.Btu Brooks ait

XI, awl William Hlllaia W, JAX BOLITA RAIDS r R R '
toachtd: oO tilt Incident wtea

tilt, started trays la Ua mist
which the aBlrwu
calmed dowsed aDd tilt * *

prisoners vtrt mowed to Mwig. I Heart W0MIa Police Hit Lewson Thomases

,CA.. RIY. ) "aBrovvL.oMoftte Couth Agents
It wu tatter rtvtaUd that tra Chr UtUa Leadership COIII.r.. .leaders.leading the protest ,

..... offletra went 2 Into tte wine march furs, pleads with Sylvester Gltie, Utter of a gray of b CmMttt Wta $65,000Establishments

officers wen attacked u4 fur def iof Negro m.a who blocked ttelr path to more and .tAt

tter dtstrwetio begun.Officers his chlldrta through." Tte defiant Negro group, pelt .U1 At WIWWIH ,12 ,._ (Nit

Richard Duor aad. workers, protested that the dfmoutratloas kept their childrenout -...-?.?.. .... TED NICHOLS

B.J. Joliet Hlllman told,ofbeiJIC WUllams attack.td sic of school.(UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL" TELEPHOTO) WILDWODD-Mri. ArmaatUHence II a tlr..-praugd oft.aaltt of 3133 Broad (I. All were ,.- tau by not brln| a property
by local bu..... woman, l
Brook sad tile guards laid candidate forthe by" Died vice sojMdamta.Ccwaty > Uaatd oa f SOO bond. MlAMU.Aa the rtsull of an owntr,
prisoners broke windows, tort quaUOtd aa a furs f patrol and state bmrtr Cli&rpcl.U' optratlac pm. Injurious fall by his wilt, la a Ironically, 5oU 's same war

tedding aid caved otter City Coamlaaioa I agents, ""'rda II peraou WIle bas and rtltaitd oaJOO local auptrmarktt II UU.ror. also moved from Its balled
tIP Tuesday, ,. arrtattd sad; char with $ bond waa Mrs tnti sir Municipal L K te ftllrdla
acts of property of destruction. Ir: a afuMralhomt V. pd Illite- tail reel vast also
OM witness said that then I i] Mrs.Tte operator Hines Is tilt first member i t. boUta optratkms, U.JUs Ham Thomas, IS, otTIH FtraandlnaSt. Thomas and his rib. EnctU: comply with tte court's

was abovl SO prisoners IB peafu .. otek III of Use sits aquad aald.Arrtattd B. Thomas, wen warded | qualincatluti order,
ball sad abort a tlmllar WA UNGrOH.. (NP1)) -.TV loa onUuaully I'I'IT"' vie. of ter race to public asses andcaart4fromoMto Rtltaatd oa $ .000 bond ...doa 13,000 In damsits by a Circuit That Nichols Dalai amithtrN

rasher m the cell block daring U.S. _".. court tail wee DUlt ....... wet to office II reuwlred: la Sumter Its charter County la 1IU. fooT counts of optrallac arambllac chirps of optratuf a lot. Cart jury, U has .see iro, Jamta Clltttr of Day

the rtotlnc. I4rtd M r lt :au Ut: coati- "IAt IEIraw'lat'rdifarelequal hoist, posttsstod ofuaUlAf try wtrt aanotactd.Ttttlmooy. lost IWach, ah offk'a at
tdI.aa'j' of tu DJJ Yells par.UljMUm; by 'lToe.. Mrs th eebsJota.daerate of five caadtdattTte ( tqalpmtat atdiac aid Mra. Rttha Beta, 41 of Mil dUclratd durln the Itetbunt Cookmaa Coll*** who
Otter attendants aimed vtrt,: :uv:.ti Act >*rly I ntsl lea, &a By a '.J <:3t.- Jait 'U ..lop.t wale ctmUdalet wtolng the aaatatlaf la tbs optratloa of alotttry Red Pole Rd.,Carl.Rotttwrry, 'thrtt day trial laM week tt* alto tar a commlsslo wit
Junta Allison. {I, Jells 4. aU ton M. h'u ul two Md loitermf a I H. of MM Cryatobtl List thrvt reels
a mo t ?,,...1 as apttdui awe ; of rotes wllibt rui fort Joel( Kay Ptsrsoa that this torn SID.
P17M.40, Cnrto Brooks, II.JUMI lot ...rly 30,000 Ntfroti Prttu) 3iiiiri oIU.a\l..u; hlgbtai number tilt two vacaatatata. 'bUnff boast wire tlma hf RoWe Rtvtls. 91 of l ei W, Ite heel of Mrs Ttomta* lIMit Doth Huctr and Nkhnlawtrt
tltcted to
Lasatttr, 14, KtthaaklLtodaty. .rtUltellJ1 federal waster Lair sa': '. auk sea I... "17 for gross sad. oat whttt, ...1'1 Barer 1t.1 Mra. Rtola CaI4'U. .btcamt cau
IS. Donald IICMlDdtrH.IS. to tote to Sottttera tltctkma t d writ U l..-.'.. i vu ttt Itu* Wanwd thai at Jtfftraoa a Roaltr 33, of 41 of 1101 Oprty $L1 bit.... Ite lilt floor ln and a durtnf the halfttmt ctrtmnayof
Jlamit Ut Thornton, M, IH4.Tte. IV.J :ar .::11 ft' /'.ins MUt < R has Ills ...... R. chargewatt Mrs Lola Mat tails U mtial atrlpatonittenaorcaua* the BtllMMfConkmaa, Clash

tad James WaddtU. II. hlch tout's adios camiat Dr. K ..., -. "ml" N. pre...., WUdwood Ml has of 1W whoa he kpoaataakm of gambllnc ..,.* and..Otte Ut 01'''. 21. both of IIIC .., to fall Colltft fmtfbali runt to the

Tat 11 dtfndaats art amoafSI tte rsgutal of Sub Can par..'... maJtl Ju S tt nit Clsttrtd vottrs. meat std who war rtteasH. oa UM W, -4th St., ,rs. Mirctr.. Gator Bowl to JackaontUlt.
prisoners who am been art whttt. Most Kr* rtfinrattoa Aa a rtfelt. U via io ratd thai
41 U40 Hwxte
with W- tt DtUamr .
Uaa that u tarty test of DMraUlt'y to total 140. 3700 bold; charged ,
upd. of tilt art .a lie U.te Tie cost ptrml.1doUMr! to aiU termc a tjambUaf bees Ckarttt > Raw Mrs LiMes& Joss of Mra. Thomas had aufltrtd a

Caw lot tile dlatwbaact la madt. The Ut en..,..sa littrtcy ..'.r. ttatts te S4:mll br tota bet. U tip M tt be npaa osptcted be braght owl whoatfttst lad to prior. to tilt Ho*. U cloak* to U. Rail! tile ter apint.Tte .
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published by the Florida star publishing Company HATING SON f BODY.- ,

0. SIMPSON Editor /f01t1 ENGLAND ..... :::,,...,,,.
ERIC Managini

ALYSON E. WISE.. ... ...... News Editor
President Johnson's recent decision to eliminate certain

HILDA WOOTEN. ...... Circulation Manager Federal civil rights agencies Is reason for some misgiving
To be sure, those of us In the vanguard of the tlvil rights

E ,. movement are amendable to streamlined programs designed .

: ., to promote equality of opportunity for every American.
2323 Moncrief Road Phone Elgin 4-6182 : t. A close examination of the President's new move however
.tn. gives rise to some disturbing questions u to what positive

Mailing AddressP. help and leadership will be forthcoming from the Federal.

: government In the future
r. ordered the end of such vitally
q' In essence the President
0. Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 Important agencies as the President's Council on Equal Op.

,/'Iy portunlty, and the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity
MIAMI OFFICE established bu executive order to give Vice-President Humphrey

1 administrative control over all government civil rights activity

138 NW 3rd Ave. Phone 311-1025 within the Executive Branch. The Committee was as a matterof
fact, created to handle the responsibility for eliminationof

discrimination within the ranks of Federal government as

well as in business and industry. Especially in organizations

I SUBSCRIPTION RATES ft ; U N.Y holding government contracts.
More crucial however Is the fact that Vice-President Humphreywill
Half Year M.OO r'
Year $6.00
Onr ,
no longer coordinate the work of these agencies, and
vailed! ts> you Anywhere in the United States NEW therefore will be unable to exercise his tremendous power

:subscription:; payable in advance of office in the Insistence that civil rights decisions be made

:upnrt; Check or Money order to; with minimum delay.
; : ; JERSEY Indeed under the Vlce-Presdent decisions were nude without

: undue fear, inasmuch as be was directly responsible to the

r (nIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 President for his actions in coordinating and poMcy making

Jacksonville 1. Florida '. functions.It should be remembered that the President himself while I

J2' ., VicePresident and chairman of the President's Committee

... on Equal Opportunity developed this agency which be has
.fI.F. / disbanded to level f that caused U I
now a high o efficiency
Know-Nots Make Hard CoreWe t Sf work to be widely acclaimed.

Whatever the President's motives, said one noted commentator

"the civil rights shake-up has downgraded Humptirey

anti-poverty have heard program.considerable Many Negroes talk both could pro lift and themselves con about the up THEIR SPREAD OF LAWLESSNESS MUST BE STOPPED, MR. PRESIDENT politically.Vice-Presidency More as significantly an institution, U has, substantially lowered the weakened status of the the

economically if they only had the"know-how in some useful
Federal government's effort, and upset the expectations of
Job, profession or vocation.
the minority .
Take the case of some Negro women In a town In Louisiana. groups.The
secretary of Labor now assumes responsibility for
They made delicious and superb fruitcakes which they peddled
reviewing discriminatory complaints and Insuring complianceby
from a roadside stand but they were not getting many sales
contractors with
government non-discriminatory require
Our Federal government stepped in and lent them $Z5OOO ments.
with which they have started a cooperative bakery to make
Your Promotion of non-descrimlnation In matters of private business
and market cakes throughout the nation. This venture has WeeklyHoroscope
except contractors, will remain the concern of the .,
encouraged them to consider expanding the business to Include _
candy manufacturing. Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity headed! by
Franklya D. Jr. The Relations Service
Roosevelt Community
Think of the hundreds of good cooks In our race, and there
under former Governor Collins is transferred
are few of us whose economic success would not be enchanced temporarilyto

by a government loan of$25,000.But added to this, the borrower GuideBy the the Justice transfer Department, and awaits Congressional approvalfor

would have to have the knowledge for business management, or
The U.S. Civil Commission will take
be trained In such procedures.We Rights over the clearing
house and functions of the
learned that these Louisiana Negro women had the know. datagatherlng Community

how but lacked the capital. Even without the $23,000 they were PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH Reklsdkelwlelalslkjlfakjdk kJk ckdWs1c1sUsU1tWor sums

making out fairly well. ,
Relations Service and becomes the chief
Sad, but nevertheless true, the great poverty problem In this government fact
country Is that too few people have useful skills; and particularly ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS finding agency in the civil rights field.
The Justice the
this is true of our racial group. Department even during Impressive days
of Its leadership under senator Robert F. Kennedy, createda
Welfare and poverty assistance helps hundreds of people to
Just get by in a sub-standard manner. This group of persons BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL reputation as a careful and slow moving agency, apparently
have more children than anybody else, and these offspring afraid to make even a slight change
aren't too unmotivated. Should these agencies come under majority scrutiny by lawyerswho
-- are often given lo legal debate Instead of actually solving

critical problems.As .

ed under the Lest of conditions*i also be the occasion for couples from passing on the slightesthint now constituted; the former acenfles will come under toe
Not By Bread AloneSome AmES Should you require further proofof or partners to have frank of your private and emotional Jurisdiction of cabinet leaders. They will bot be Inclined to

Born; March 21st-AprU 19tli the need for self restraint talk and to arrive at mutual Interest to the sort ot overlap towns. They will bot be Inclined to step oa the toes

and prudence you have It in understandings that may be people who cannot wall to broadcast of other cabinet oC leers to solve a civil rights problem,

years ago, In a book published by Channel Press, Inc., Things may be progressing the form of a solar eclipse most beneficial the Information far and or, perhaps to inform the President as quietly as necessary

J.C. Penney head of the great merchandising system that bears satisfactorily enough at the start late on the 22nd. It warns agaInst wide. This Is also a day for on matters crucial to !the agencies.

his name, wrote: "We re today the world's greatest nation. of thes qaurter as long as gambles rash romantic 4-10-M-58-123 greater prudence on the roads I should like to think that President Johnsoawlll immediatelyreview

We're the mightiest. We're the wealthiest. Yet we are not you heed the call of duty In adventures Do not Ignore the and In the pursuit of your dally !the results of his reorganization U the very war

the first in history to attain that top spot among the nations of a conscientious manner. Any the antics of the younger gen SAGl.TAPIUSBorn ; duties. But a real test in future and perhaps will decide to r.1II"1I'k.Prn Uat

the world. One nation after another has made the long struggle slipups on your part In this eration. You seem to be doing : Nov 21rd-Dec. 2Ut. connection with your .health or Humphrey with the authority and responsibility ot oversee
upward, stood for a period of time, some longer than others connection may create complications well enough In the field of occupation Is la the offing, according these. civil rights functions and require regular progress

on the pinnacle of national greatness and power and disappeared or controversies with gainful activity and may be While the greater part of this to a solar eclipse occurring reports to be made to him
down the other side. In line for a recognition in
allies or top people. The solar quarter be free of unusually late on the 22nd. This
"Some of those nations we have with us yet. Others are not eclipse that accompaniesthe material way. may could be the signal for you to
disturbing elements it
more than mummified relics on toe desert of time(...It's Important hew Moon throws serious 4-10-99-28.336 does not mean that should hand the ball to your closest A Letter To The Editor

that we of the United State keep this in mind This doubts regarding the way the drop all safeguards you economic partner and to sit on the sidelines .
power which Is ours today Is not necessarily permanent. This winds are blowing during the VIRGO and otherwise. The for a spell. Do It willingly -
wealth Is not necessarily enduring. It can disappear within the wrong
next thirty days or so. This Born Aug 23rd- $ept. 22nd decisions or attitudes could Interfere November
life time of some of those who read these lines....,..... warns you to seek out the soft : with worldly or 3. 1945Mr.
"Because we hold today the position England held fiftyyearsago where consider professional 2-50-U-46-
the position so many other nations held before her, it spots most you vulnerable.may Ap No matter how hard anyone progress and a cast Carl Uncston. Chnlrmn

behooves us that we ask ourselves where we'll be fifty-year yourself whatever corrective measures tries, It dues not provide any a shadow on akeyrusociallon. PISCES Dual County Budget cofwUslon:
ply the have
But will
from now ....That answer will be found to be spiritual. guarntee the results wUl be thing you yo
? lie within grasp Born Feb. 19th 410 Dud
your desired. The events cf this But the thing you will have to : -Wrch 20th County courthouse31l
well as Industrial moral as well as economic. For neither
quarter once watch most Is the Cut By street
may prove again closely solar -
men nor nations can live by bread alone.
1.100.3319121TA that you must compromise with eclipse that may affect you Jacksonville Florida
Vast material advantage can Itself be an agent of destruction Although there are few planetary
it we lack the character to deal with it wisely. It can lead to life and accept most of Its In a personal way It seems that configurations ot major
terms This will no doubt go your valiant efforts to succeed consequence during this third
lethargy and indifference to the enduring values which are Gentlemen
1m US against\ the grain but the harm will :
the fruit and enabln
quarter the one that tears close
the mark leadto
of and It
a free proud Independent people. can
Born: April 20th-May 20th that ensur from to and IH31EAS. this cellos Including nil .
growing dependence on supposedly)'benefic lent government. may attemptIng you overcome individual watching could be the eclipse of Its tate
to alter the force of circumstances > monetary problems.I3044.I1.C4). of the SI and counties Mist accept ta.'chsllrng.'
and thus to the undermining fundamental liberties. The yearsaheadperhaps ia. Put your tub and of providing
Just a relatively few years- will demonstratewhat Certain trends are developing may be suffered well-being first In any case and the beat possible educational nystcw fur
alone rather promising lines mainly by yourself The solar
kind of a people we now are. reject proposition that could the tralnlni of Its youth. If it In
but they are also likely to eclipse that takes place lain oa leave you out on a limb. Both to nalnt ln

contain hidden harks to sting the 22nd verifies the Judgmentthat CAP.:(CORN domestic and public relation thin Unntte society of tree people nnd preserve

A Challenge To Negro CollegesAdministrators toe unwary It could be the very no one can really predict Dora: Dec. tZnd-Jan. 19th should be maintained on level the peace of the world sod
one you love and trust who maybe outcome even under toe that insures harmony and continued

unwittingly cause you to best of conditions. It wouldbe No one Is perfect and. tots a co-operation., Some of ...VHOU-.AS our beloved Duval County over n lass

from the predominantly Negro colleges In make a bad Investment with a matter ot prudence on your ,attar that all people sooner you who plan to take up 1 business of pests has failed to period
rather to provide e the country were advised recently to stress engineering and costly consequences part to see that your property or later have to recognize and on your on would be
accounting If they want Industry to compete for their graduate .one or both. The belief that your. I* protected against weather take Into consideration. This more prudent to wait until next eot>ar ble to other coon tie* of Mi.

This warning should have struck at the heart of our outmoded personal and Joint financial Interests and either hazard. fact may already be brought year This would give you more liar six In the state and tn the ..*th KKJIU*. of

coloeg curriculum because Harold S. McFarland of General could In be threatened 1s by .-:0.6/.&4JS2LJ3RA none to yon by a remark yon time to estimate your chance Insufficient financial support. MdHOX.VS
Motors, who addressed some 500 delegates during a an error Judgment punctuated overbear or a letter yon receive. accurately Obtain much more
In Atlanta said ZOO were kink out of by a solar eclipse that Whoever It 1s that Iran- reliable data and advice. They
meeting only Negroes takes place In your solar 8thhouse. It 1* the MikMwcwt opinion of assay rt. .
spires on these day U will
can unearthed..
36,000 And he counselled that
university graduates. Negro
Mercury turning retrograde Born: Sept 23rd. -Oct. 23rd fit II with the significance ot stable civic vriMlaatlona.eUucutera. .....1.... set
communities should lei students know this by the time they This would be especially valuable .
two days later,does little the solar Klips ton! take professional ..n that the budget of 30.7 MlUlMi
reached and them toward in science
Junior high point careers in aiding you to build up
tow dues littleto
days later
We hope that toes college officials were aroused to the offset the possibility that The emphasis ls more than place late GIlt, glad n maybe the substaAlal assets that will dollar presented tn your nucust body by the Duvalcounty

point ot taking constructive action to revise their educational you will be adversely affected ever on the desirability of shunning farsight on your part to project furnish powerful backing when school no.rt 1* re *oMbl r cad pracU.". ,
yourself on Imaginary
programs to prepare their students for employment In the when place trust in the limelight. It would Interfere an the time comes lor you to assert sad
nuclear The times demand more than Just a good liberal you your series and to take yonrnvlt to .
ars. chance alone Creativity bolstered. gravely with the progress yourself more boldly. At
arts and science for these be found "a dime piece to discover tilt Dawsor .
college can adose. yon are slowly making to tempt to take the lead lOW
." shortcomings that standstill wmAS. UU n w. troop or mponslbll ltts**"
seek now. It could also place could only. result m serkw Impacts
t These colleges are mainly preparing teacher amd a few 6-40-M-64-I39 you In toe position of being In need ot correction. Some ot on your emotional stab have ndnltted the Uft
prt-med or pre-law student There are openings for persons the responsible party for developments backfire your private and connections hive disturbed could Wry Be concerned about the to rrvd these fends without ue>du. Ul hardship
trained in management speech pathology, audiology GEMINI with which yon have yon well-being ot your dear one.
and frustrated on the people of this. OMrtlty. to It
clinical psychology researcher In various fields and
many Dora May tlsl-Jun Slat had nothing to do. Do not rely
others overmuch an any doubtful source t'.M-n.ZM S-70-U.T2-4n
Our Junior college must cease being Just feeders to tour You may have through of Information. Avoid beingor UHXVCD. that the BUhof sad Milliter .f the

year colleges, and they must concentrate on sum strong some rather beetle gone moments attempting spreading motors and gos A.VAflUS; rut Florid OMIftrN \frt.aa..tlloftht< B>laci*>nl

technical and terminal courses The Florida Sentinel Bulletin to bold your key associations alp Your financial position remains Born: Jan. ZOt'.rett.llC1 Yovr Cherub *tron.lf Mrr.rt the ,.ltle n takes by
in Its editorial of November 2 supports our view when urging more stable than when
together This the Devil tvncher Mnoclatlom mud
may reap.ettsily
that Negroes must be trained to"qualify for positions as clerks MI I we
DOt be of In you remain"la a De.tralcor.r. OutsUn of the petty njmoy-
water meter Inspectors firemen, policemen (managers), and Instances your but due choosing to many. Besides a solar eclipse casts ores which one encounter almost request jour w unpredictability
other Job requiring civil service examinations. of human nature and serious doubts on toe veracity daily Ike greater part treat to lion dollar bd..,.

It 1* very important to be able to pas examination at a unforeseen circumstance The of the written or sp..... word of ala quarter mad tw consld- UNICEFot

time when the majority of Jobs require them; but nor than solar eclipse denote a sharpening Secrets exchanged wltnln the iced almost tranquil.There are rrnyerfully ubnlttd:
this kl our schools pat their programs to teach and train ot existing tensiond between family may be Intended to surprise sign of name distant matter
people In some useful skills thai will help them keep their title and rivals alike yon shortly or problem that may come to t
)Job after graduation from Junior and senior toU.P"U with the possibility that one* your attention and bpl yo tt.fA. bib. .. Ii_ loCo IhtN.rt 'lrw

we offer industrial and other course by all mean make somewbere haw to &.' -33.7t-/17 to dtp. Mo your baste reserve .r rreils prelate .r the nth

them modern for the I960' and 1970*. It 1s all right to thing give. U there U anything may you cope with U. U you cnnnouJUy cupWith .I..d "trl" AjfAad

train people to make furniture shots, and other t"bICI. can do to restore harmony SCORPIO sidestep 1. it would ne 0. hulkfor
but let's train then for assembly-line production to that sensible thing to do. Th weekend .
tame or whereever else U may Boar Oct. 14UI- 22ndIn
factories Industries will employ them.
stay passed serenelyunder
have been apse chance money
sacrifice nuy what- raid be the W... 25 11, s + 14
or personal
provide the necessary element. fen that yon an now sitting on T.C. Seh.,rrreHMft. .....,.
This Week U to be preferred toCCDI.DUOI. no far u your financial I top of the world. Nothing U
In Negro History This .Interest are concerned en'*,: likely to happen to above you I
tk* seems to be ft* valchwort
I oft M n nolar eel*** diS-
.IO.S.U.Ill for this quarter Yon May obligate clones the possJbUttjr of a &. It...atU., s re.leHn.

Nov. 10,1901..TJ. Hornsby, Pilgrim Life Insurance company yourself Innocently to Ikmn dlinppnafment' and ot hopes Elder

executive, died la Augusta, Ga. LEO or purchase without fh I Ihnt cannot be materialised.CAJCCM .
slightest sat(+kk* that tail
Dornt July 2Ird-Ag. 22ad : SoIW2.TS-Nt
could be taking nt Inn pnnenl
Now 11 1904-Author Shirley Graham wife of the late Dr.
Attend to the various matters moment. The Scorpion who Do.I I Ttmbt mow Joe rewMrmr'tof
W.E.B. DuBois, was bora in Indianapolis, lad that are ot Interest to your' or who have not lakes stock out. .I I

Nov II, IMl-Rev. Richard Baptlste.. pastor, Olivet Baptist pocketbook without going over of this warning may discover Don ease z.I-hIJ 21st Yo c*.U .. e+s1e- ft* aisle. .... "I\.ne dsrs. .....,
board I.* any way then an ant they turn lit nwmwtmIn
Church, Chicago during IIGO's was bora. compelling factors that yon In lor 'eouioitrabAeIICIIack. There... not too many co.- ..sow 1ft Jwprraul(be gal beea.r" '- mssisa.e 4......

meat UU Into consideration This U miffed by picador that you cuM ccc* term tttM nee TWs f*' me. It ".. .*.. pwi. ,...

Nor. 13. lH4-Harrlt Pkkeas and. France Wills became) the before yo decide to take a the solar eclfee Oaf. 11 nnnonnctd writ darn* the lint five day Bus a als.msees.yppa.. .n for new a4 Mme nfct.W .

first Negro members of toe WAVES ramble Oat would be Ul-advts. for late tofu Tits may ot the third ...,.. Bu< t.ttals 11'g0 caddie ea get rh*.rA


j n .L --- ". -- -- .
l f

,f ( I


"St. Pete" Coed To Reign Eye Annual Holiday .Charity Program A&M, TSU

\ \ Socially Speaking Parade PlansUnderway

:;. u.a .
.P"'f By lulu Kiiiyirl

The word nova readers, 1* that It la very fashionable -
The annual Florida AIM vs.Ttxu .
to tconoaiza. ID other cords save your "
Southern University.\ foci-
1, '. shopping dollars for better day.. Our source of ball (amt parade will place,

"'til",.. Information is the Jacksonville: Branch NAACP>> and Saturday, November t7lh at one
its woawn's ancillary HNS. o'clock. Preliminary plans for

Also, according: to SINS It is Mart to eat candy; the event which -precedes) the.
annual Gitor Bowl betwttn
plenty of lt-tsptcially when its delivered to F.A.M.U. and game Its arch

you personally so. here* s to a. Modestly tttlred rival Texas Southern Unlvtr

but a very sweet you for Thanksclvintt ally, was hide recently l>u tile
.... .... .N. J.R.E. Lee Chapter of the FU.

Las nujeres Eleiantts M\ recently In the home of Vt A. A M. Alumni Association
William Scott Jr., was again
Beverly Taylor for Its SMl*onthly pinochle sea named Grand Parade Marshal

s ion.MMbers. j r "fSING with Ames 'Jlmmlt1 Walker
enjoying the hoatese' hospitality were: u Assistant Parade Marshal

romp Hicks Barbara ittlte. sue Matthewa. sandra The parade this year promisesto
1. hiss saall bt bigger and more ranting
Thompson Clara wllktrton. June Davis
than tvr It will b* led by
irma fitiIns and Karen Bucca. the famous """, clltne 100" of
.... .... .... F.A.M.U followed t>y "Miss
Bonn of the country's legal Binds tot together FAMU and her att'mUnta

at a recent social in Tallahassee Attorney Ray on a large specially ifcatjwd
parade float. A \new feature of
ond Watkins, assistant law professor at rAW; Attorney the parade' this far will be
UP 65 ACTIVITlESenager J, Theodore Lawrence ( fourth fro left),
Gwendolyn chtrry of Miami; Attorney Charles "Mlaa FAMU High" and hr
and staffers of the Jacksonville District of the piUrtn Health and Life insurance attendants The craws K.O.T.C
llaon of Tallahassee; and Attorney Ruby Burrowsof
here ia her uniform Co art engaged In their annual "Fall Harvest Roundup (Nov i- marchlnc \unit from AIM and
KISS ROTC" AT rA'CU"Pictur.d
taahiniton. D.C. present
were moat persois
business Texas Southern" University' are
through Dec. 4)during) which tint they -111 complete the year' v
aa an honorary officer of the Florida MM Unlver- The latter does legal research for the office of also expected t U partlclpattAlto ,
transactions The three top winners in the Roundup will bt awarded prises.
i ally Reserve offleera Training Corps Loretta Senator Edward Kennedy, Washington. D.C. ) featured will be all of the
yOWl'Ul reign this year as "Que of cadets .... .... .... The abort croup from. left, yrs !tiC be 1 B. Montgomery. cashier; Mr*. M-L. local high at'hoo! ruixia A Mai
Rackley, Mra. B. Eo Slanona Manager. La rnce. Mrs M. E. Cottrell Mra. Q.tf. of tight hauls are expected
of the rAW ROTC. serving as official hostess at
r Mary Ann Reed, a Clark College sophomore fro ,
Edwards and Mra. O.J. poster, art .*iib re of The Grandeurs charity Club and to take part In the Wg *|>*ctacit. -
all affairs with which the ROTC unit la connected.The : : Jacksonville, has Mea awarded a National n.tho-
will sake their annual distribution of Xsaa. bankets to needy fanlllea. during .
attractive ,..111 ROTC h. senior majoring diet scholarahlp. She la one of six Clark students tars sign scfwl bands cv.
the pre-chrlatnaa.. weekend Royal Art studio ,\)to)
In elentntary education She la the daughter of winning the award which is valued up to $M)0) to* quested to future the "Ouwn"
:ur.!! and yrs Tony B. touni. 1920 16th Street South ward tuition. from their school along with

St. peteraburg. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of aca- I Improved Service Passed On To Passengers Coquettes of their their cheerleaders particular school aa" a' part unit

dtalc ataadlng.CMpua and conaunlty citizenship Several,.. parade' beta art
New Stanton Ant+sal! Coronation end other factora. Plan. Annual Icing. prtpared diH>ln lurIng -

tinier this ytar Miss Reed was one of thirty tile parade any, will present
The Annual. Coronatlo, a Ceremony Neabltt; Mien Rosemary cu. Clark upperclasaata selected to be an assistant in Coffee Sip beautiful and charmtHf UUos
Iid New Stances
for ter and Earl Brows;Miss Tenth from the local' AUntnt thaler
beuor rugu i oU". and Ur Grade Antioaette sad the personnel Dtpartatnt's prtshaaa orientation
Cadllac AU local G".riui tee, k i4ilti <
attendants eau held that week Warren White; Miss Eleventh progra .,r. Lea Coqutttta Charity Club .,, clubs\ and ctvk ouaulU'thwa :
_ la the scbool.u.11tor1llm.1ber. Grade MUs Sylvia Xoraaaaad She is a social science major and ia in a pay* wW present its annual fashion art cwdulli u\ .:<.,.1'
were two pvrformancta of theceremony Benjamin Norman Little Miss etiology for her secondary field of study. coffee alp Not, II from 4 lo participate In in* park!
la order for all of Deanna R. Moore lad Little program 4 p.m., in tilt YW,;A. partU'lptlt: 1I1,1IkI"II'oIt.a.h.! : ) i ?
the nearly 1200 students en* Master Ullam F.GraysoswUl She is a Beater of Clarka IMCA chapter sad the Mrs. Courtney Carlty and rtfUlraikw form must U tiled

roll:: .* the school to attend. serve as royal crowa and seep Bpaniah Club. sewing itutlrnla wW be ft.. with the local AJumftli'tui'lrrTht
Miss L.E, Solomon dean of ter bearers. .U. .... NH lured\ In I .s.w II and Show .. forma may tt aurrd
(iris war la chugs of this With the audience standing and Zeta Aden. auxiliary to lets phi Beta Sorority : It" revue, with Mrs. CarUyaa from ntfmlwra of the Alumni
school-wide affair. the Glee Club singing "Here narrator. Chapter or t, cMtlailtnf' tit>*
The formal program designed She Comes Miss New $taetoc"Meru ia sponsoring a Fashion Hat Tea Sunday. November A Mra. Clara WlUtrn will b- Grand Parade Mu.kai... DM initatlona
for the occasion Included the Wane Crompton, Miss :1, ia the Myrtle Avenue Llbaray. guest soloist and Mra. Eunice art asked l l tll r..I.i *
royal Fanfare by band numbers New Stanton of 1M J.M escorted Featured at the tea will be the latest destine I M. R Rlchardaon guttl planUt. aa aouo aa po siW., Inukt
Joecpb Morrison. Alfred Wat- by Michael Stewart made herapp.erssci by alllatr Hattie Hayea.tvelya TIll hoelraataart: Mra. Fran* that or'IIIIUlktlWl.'r( tie
era, Chester 8r'ut.1le1 FUm aDd continued tithe Hughes Johnnie Byrd and Bernice sulth els _'blt.bunt. Mra. CtlttlintEppa pirate may !. euniukit ik Th.
lag Unsey Sareant and Robert stage where she eau crowned will be models for the show. Alverla Lane will nar : Jacob, Mra. JtannltMtlla paradt roult will I.I atwvmi".*dlattr
You.oo. The traditional march by Mrs Eveleaa Smith WlAfate, Mra. Allct Slater, W,.. ,
for the royal procesaloa was Mist New Stanton of 1M1.Mlaa rate the tveat.Blllle Dora Taylor Mra. Emma Stu.
played by Mrs. LUllaa T.Rob- Crompioa made her acceptance lilkersoa is chairman of the affair. kts, Ntt. l.owlt Wtlls, MlatZtlmt Choir Inspires
lilac on the orgasm Mrl.RobiA- speech which was mellowed .... .... .... Johnson Miss Chlr).

loa alao played the march for by a IItal'tr... of Ztnobla Oenwright was hostess _b.. the Vielldo Ulae and Mien Jaualla Jack. embershlp
the r.c.sslolal. "The Nuts ot the Flowers by son
The tidies of the Court and the Glee dab EaaemUe aid Ladles Club held its recent eting. Club ntmbtraartti, Mrs.CUrMe Members. mr..1 t,..... al"'lI theft escort were: Mlaa CUda the Dance og Love by EdgaramaJones. Mrs. J.C. lassie. tthel Late Mary K. Pearce, 01. Americas Airlines stewardess Joan Dursey says new batpge Pulllt M.S. Dakl Scott, ... MIM |>rt..>i> run'
Malloy and Lawsoa Howell Prlackul Charles E, lie M. N..toa. Rita Bell ncOoaaldkon. Wattle C. r f lattnas make II posatMe to park to mark more..all IhoM Mrs. Lars) Johnaoa, Mra.Ag U"rC' last fun isy were itiW
Miss Brenda Cooper and Eddie Brooka made observations and Canrbtll. ,r.. J.M. Ashley, Btrntet White, and things that wouldn't stay .111I1a the weight l limit before. When MS A, Walker Mra. Htrlwrl Inspired by the Chu.r'. "nil
Brows Mlaa Sylvia Grant aDd the indicate sang the school Laura Rote were song participate.Aa4 fOIl nr American, chi weight of tile bill dneanl matter, You Johntna, Mra. Mufua Williams, It... nf 'I| Walk With (.."f.ltiiu>.;
Ronald )Bruns. Mlaa Lute song whkh was followed by the ..... .... ..e. raw check two Urn hllr..... one up to Jones and Tracy King; Miss ecesatoaal. in* aecietd mop to It lilt..... lUiwI luggage meawrlng up lo Iff luitlti, Mrs t mt CU. ibis mirt-of.I... miisi
itariM h.but and Girardtae a traced lice was had by all) i M ,..ferrl.e.of 41 tnr....., will alb| ...11, Imtor tile seal of your Aafrot) Nrt. Mra. Delay V. /......... lovers and the al.f'.l pare.... afr*.

course, to the Joist birthday celebration heU .. Campbell and Mlaa Maggie k.l-| Tltw of the nit tvtnMn
list later day evening lathe Myrtle Avenue boat of torn.Guttl. Itrlalnmtnl In' iiit f..r llnm. "
The lice L License, honoring Rile 0. 8l'*('eoa aa<1 : mortis will be Mia Tony when lb. Choir will! tvntlml.\ lit(
A. Johnson, Will Vkkle Pvlllt'' ,
annual Pre.I'II"-C"'" ( ,41
Gardner art Keanvth Hoy WUktrami. end
# Ctrl lunday sight NM, 1)) at
Helping the ...tie-tea to celebrate their ao retain AI1M Clarke, ... .
rr.O deliveryMr. 0ckwk In the cfcurrfc a lilorUm.
a arterofaeeat ry each! ..re. ..,. and va.norwaa .

joata of it. petersburwinos jaekaos, --
sports editor of the Atlaata Dally world. M-roH .--'-"' Dinner Sales
is a Mrs Roecoe Kllpelrkk Chirl Thompson Z06I axes Slltl OlStlfllCIltllt
L Olbaoa Elijah naady. nr. and Mrs telbora tel
; Illl Man CU Boy. Mr.4 Mrs. .:.. GUI.. Mr 4. Mra. CarttoaCuneacy TR"" GflVbe. Narl Council of
pThis nicest lace; Jaa.a K. 'Mi-My" Batterwhite; Vivian jtf Curtis R, Jackena.1714 W. Vlr 8)41 Puvroa Dr.Girl the Lily While Uc.riry IWoruAaaticUllua .".ra Saiettea: H awl
tenon; Jell. Oulayard. Eugene Lucas; .,.. Davis (tale Cl .Girt. Mr. A Mrs.lieU Mr. 4. Mrs. Edward Thuraiua, will serve dUMri II of Palllvartia Ass<<.ittlk>.nof
smoothest BaMtlls Alien; Mrs. Gardner ..... r. ; oardser Mettle), sloe W, tits II. GUI. till Boqueroa Ct. Girl. Mr 4. Saturday, Nov II from aria Am rka M..it t.f ()nt will'
sad Mr. A. Mrs. Araotd "naadage, Mrs. John llalford lit W, 17th lime uixU al the ,....Jllnr. of oU r" their J.wl Mniret.ir iv''
Baas, jr. Mrs, Erie 0. Blapsos; Alya a Ewise.
bourbon UI4 E. 14th St., carL Mr, 4. Bt. Gal. Mr 4. Mia. FreemaaKellnua. in* Baaipeoas, III W, KJlk U.FrUnda How II, to the ...ltt 'mint' tMt.
Mrs. Eegwae W, board 144 .I4TI Grunlhallt.loy. are l IIIUecI sal du. Ararat "NtrfUt- her b.
.. .
.. .... .... .
w, cal: p. GIrL Mr, 4. Mra. .Mr, 4 Mra. Elijah Lewis MMr sera will be delivered by ft*
ever to comeF1out The nsie tfepartatat of toodla-n caltfi prtaby hrt.4Jwl Awe, Girl.___ _n ea4/S... ..,_ __ _

of tents CIare'Ill present the church choir la r D r

recital NOV. 31 is the church auditor....
The affair Is schedule for B P.a. 7>e choir till

\.l Kentucky.Find feetere sacred claaalcal sad folk ...1.. Mil ,

jacqoelya smith Is director, and M. Dwtels, chairaaa -

r of the steering ....tt... !
The pttblte Is Isvte4.
.... .... ..H

Mrs.Charleao Hall praaler left this meek with her

agkttr, peals sal sac Eric U )ola her .hubby ilrraater.

out Server P/urc sad rroftesleaal football

star who Is swe ploye4 by. the Btate afla onloredo>>

for yourself Denver. .... ...e ....

pootbali fan are wow looalM.,..." to the lar-

lest tai cost latwrtast sports evest duties the

wseth.1 >me...,. tM rt-vTeaea ,,Mther tlt UB
w r
hell T-akMlvlai ....*.< U the eter Sod|

tMwolte T. D 'te, .r.*.. at *f the JWbr.'IU
s4..ou. o i.4i.ICMO...>.a o*<*" &.... L j.eeat1 n ef the fun Al..-
Cawttr ef th* j. a. & LHtl.r
ai "...latlfa .,.1... fall 4.talla. Ia.ls.lsgaxxlsl

...,.. la Mil .*.-* Mltwa.Beef .


'*:, -,=

\\v-- S 4 ty, 1 e '

..,1: : ,j If {'J'

\ : ':/ ,4 'f


AK I ri TO LEAVE J(1*:


-. [iJ Nationally Advertised


:Ipru ivr

at its Best w

-.... .
1 I

r'r J ) ,
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14, 19651 i' I

I St. Paul BaDtist Observes Dual Day Sunday;. 2nd Baptist. Climaxes Annual 1 FeteEbenezer I

Committees St. Paul
Voter Registration Pioneer Honored To Climax

I : rtb COlllfl'letesCOlcert To Observe

ehj. Plans if I s n .1 HomecomingHomecoming Dual Annual Dual DayThe Day effort

Committees for Woodlawn observances is being conducted by the members
EMANUEL BAPTISTS MT. LILLLA BAPTIST United Presbyterian Church's scheduled In St. Paul Baptist of Ebenczer Methodist Church
<' Sunday In Emanuel Services Sunday In Mt. LUlia Pre-Thanksglvlng Concert by Church of Baldwin Sunday, beginning will come to i climax Sunday
Baptist Church will begin with Baptist Church begin with the the Choir have completed their with the Sunday School beginning with the morning service .
the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Sunday School at 9.30: Lm., various assignments and art i'r at 9.30; a.m.Deacons .. which begins promptly at
with Deacon George Smith and Superintendent Bessie JacksonIn looking forward to a highly successful I Joe King and WadeilBryant 11:00: a.m.
Mrs Mamie Fields presiding charge Morning service at event. will have charge of the This Is a Joint announcementby
Morning service at 11 o'clock. 11 o'clock. Rev Grant Lee, The event has been scheduled devotion at 11 am.Other participants Wendell P. Holmes. Jr., and
Covenant meeting will be held pastor, will deliver the sermon for Sunday, Nov.21 In the church Include: Choir 2; Miss Miss J. Maxine Fisher, cochairman -
at 12 o'clock and communion and Choir 1 and Usher Board auditorium at 8 p.m. In the instltutlon Cornelius Bryant, Miss Mattie In charge of the pro
service at 2:30 p.m. Choirs 1, 1 will serve Tuesday 7:30 located at Woodlawn r Weatherspoons, Miss Gwendo gram. Rev. Ernest von Wilbur
2, Usher Boards 1 and 2 will p.m., prayer meeting. and Cleveland roads, Rev F.D. lyn Thomas, Miss Beaulah Newman reports that all neces
serve throughout the day with Wilson, minister Boyklns, Patsy Ann Thomas, sary arrangements have been
Cecil B. Fisher and Mrs Mar- MT. ZION :BAPTIST Commute officials Include; Miss Linda Simmon, Miss Ber- completed by the official board
Ian Carter at the instruments. H. Daniels, general chairman; .w Deuce Martin, Charles Bryant, of the church and the commission .
Mt. Zion Baptist Church will C. Simmons,finance;C.Norton, t Rev H.L. Baker, Rev Y.L. oo stewardship and financeto
GALILEE BAPTIST .begin Its services Sunday with tickets; Mrs. Pauline Davis and Thomson, Miss Florlne Curtis carry the activity in a very
the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.,; Mrs. Helen Toney,mimeograph Miss Gussie Walker. effective manner.
Sunday &services New Galilee Mrs. B. Alston Is In charge. materials; and Mrs. Doris Se- Dinner will be served at 1:30: Guest musicians have been
Baptist: Church begin with the Morning service at 11 O'clock. well, publicity.Also p.m. At 2 p.m., the pastor and Invited to furnish special musical
Sunday School at 10 Lm., with and BTU at 5:30.: Deacon A. B. Gardner, R. Bell, I.Carswell is.: Choir 1 will leave for Folk- selections during the service .
Superintendent K. Brltton In Jackson In charge At 7 p.m. and R. Hart. Miss ston, Ga., for the anniversary Special contractors who
charge Deacon A.Stephens will evening service. A visiting Jacqueline Smith Is the direc- celebration of Choir 1 in Mt. have been working to help make
conduct the devotion for the minister will preach tor.Music Carmel Baptist Church. the month long cburchwideact.ivity .
morning service and Choir 1 pastor lovers and friends are BTU at 5;30 p.m., Roy Mc. a success Include Mrs
will serve. Rev. J.W. Carter Invited. Kinney presiding, and evening E.w. Hurley, Mrs. Ethel LaFe
pastor, will deliver the sermon. MT TABOR Recital t r devotion by Deacons W. Bryant Mrs. Alverla Davis,Mrs.MaryF.
At 3.30: p.m., district unlonp Services Sunday In MT. Tabor Gray and Saul Williams 7.30: p.m. Wilson, Mrs. Marian Kelly,
meeting. Rev W. Smith, pastoe will begin with Sunday School The Rev. Baker will preach Mrs. Fannie Sneed,Mrs. ionie
United Baptist Church,will have at 9:30 a.m.with Superintendent I Planned Nov. 14 tiJJ the sermon. Usher Boards 1 Robinson: Mrs. F.H.Alexander,
charge. Choir 1 will serve for Jason Barr. The lesson Is Jonathan and 2 will serve, and Mrs. C.1. Mrs. N.T. Russell Mrs.Henri .
the G p.m. service. Tuesday Selfish Loyalty. Morning Mrs. Cuss P. Gray, gospel Williams will have charge of etta Kinnon,Mrs. Martha WashIngton -
7:30: p.m., prayer service. A service at 11 o'clock with Rev. soloist, will be sponsored in a the music. Miss Myrtle Turner,
call meeting will be held for H.T Overstreet pastor In musical recital Nov. 14 at 8 M Mrs. Eva Williams,Miss Percy
Usher Board 1 following the charge. BTU at 5 p.m. with p.m. In Walters Memorial AME Little Folks Fete Tolbert Mrs. Salli Norman,
district union meeting Sunday. Paul Behn In charge of discussion Zion Church. She will be accompanied Wesley Jonson, Joesph Debase
and evening serviceat by Mrs.WllhelmenlaHill. Set For SundayThe ....1. demons, Milliard Foster
FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE 7. Choir 2 and Usher Board! I Preston Peterson Herbert Robinson
Services Sunday in Friendship 3 will serve with Mrs. Dorothy Among other appearing will be WQJDONE-Rev.! Dallas j. crania (center) prominent religious..civic leader and the help from others.
Primitive Baptist Church begin Chllds at the console.Greater Mrs. Marva Wright Belinda
with the Sunday School at 10'a.m. Jackson and ElSie Mae Scott. and pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist church, received a handsome engraved placque Buttercup Singers of Mt.
Sunday afternoon, Oct for his long pioneer effort in the all. Oil' Primitive Baptist Church r
S Superintendent M.McNair New Jerusalem Baptist '1'1baby\ contest will also 31 breaking
1 In charge. Morning service at Church services Sunday terminate at this time. Sponsors white Democratic primary here in the ld-40s.. Making the presentation in behalf will sponsor Sunday at a little 3 p.m.folks program PV CHOIR PULPIT

11:30: o'clock with DeaconJ.R. commence with the superintendent of the program are: Mrs. o( the Democratic women's' Educational and voters League, inc. were Mrs The participants are: Willie
McPherson in charge. Rev H. In charge.Morning service Betty White, Mrs. Mary Leavy Ann B.MCGee, (rlghtpresldent) and Mrs. pearlle padgett The presentation highlighted Lamar Byrd,rtutner Lee Green, GOWNS
Rubinson, pastor will preach. at 11 O'clock. Rev. W.A. Mackminister Mrs. Hazel R. Phillips and Mrs. ...
the All e.-4 e.
League's second Anniversary progrw. Royal Art studio photo) Sarah Gardner,Kudine Johnson,
; At 3 pm district meeting will will deliver the ser Millie Thomas. c==--
i be held In the home of Mrs. mon. Evening service at 8.4S: Patricia Ann Foster, Barbara I I e.l..***_...4
Ann Leonard Timothy Baptist
Adell Dyers, 1226 E. 3rd. St. -.rr*
with service by Choir 2.
An appreciation\ hour will be song Along The Church PathBy Monday Program Celebrants Junior Choir, Alton Leonard, ...,. MIIIIIII tin
held Monday night in the home Sister CohenIn Lorena Williams Gloria Seven &" '''''n.:,!::.,.....
Church of Christ
of Mrs. Lester Smith 536 A- ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS Junior Choir, _..,,,_A..a.IoIe
Written in Heaven,John Barker, lltirVIMIIIIUlM
cOtta! St., beginning at 7:30. Appreciation
Rev. W.R. Lovelace will be the out of town guest minister Daniel Wright, HolyTabernacUJuUle SPRINEEI FASHION ONIFOIMS
ABYSSLMA DAPTIST Sunday during the Sunday phase of the weeklong 115th anniversary Singers; Buttercup ,.. .,. I.
.It aswhw.b.sp.w
Program Monday services of Second Baptist Church and the seventhof Rev. J.M. Duon, benjamin w_.." .....Co A_..........
Youth will be observed : Hoover and Pearl Hodges:
Day Its pastor Rev. Carl J. Sams. :
Sunday theoughout the day.Bap. The guest minister is a marvelous speaker sad pastors ,
tistmal rites will be conducted ; Harmony Baptist Church in Lakeland. He is
during the 11 a.m. service.The vice-president of the Sunday School Convention
Young People's Union will meet Auxiliary, Progressive State Baptist Convention Y r { rVrevs.'t'
at S p.m. with Jerome Thomas of Florida and also co-chairman of the Applied Christianity Spiritual Temples, Inc.

as host. Appearing on program Social Service Committee State Convention i.. -Presents-
will bo: fund D. Singers of parent body. Re*. Lovelace will deliver the I
St. Augustine, Who-so-everwill sermon at both the 11:00: a.m. and 7.00 p.m. Tour Comforter and Your Guiding light
Blbltway Prayer Band, Gospel services. v.
Chorus, Church of the Living Other ministers who will participate In the from Coast to Coast
God, Choir 1, Bethany Baptist after-service beginning at 1:30: o'clock will
Mrs. Tbelma Edwards, Mrs. Include Rev. A.F. Cummings of West Union Baptist Chare. w ..
Ethel Bannister and others.The Rev C.C. Daniels, Mt. Carmel Baptist and Rev.Tbeodore a., RT. POPE W. SIMES
BTU will sponsor a queen's Lee of SpringhiU Baptist all of whom will be accompanied
contest at 5:30: p.m. The con by their choirs, ushers and congregations, soloists win to Of N.Y.C.
testants are: Dime-trie Early Mrs. Alma Harris, morning and Leroy White, evening
and Sylvenia Miller On Monday night (Pastor's night). Rev C.A. Weaver Day- u Wiittm Yiir Pnilen May Bi
t -- spring Rev EJt. Simpson, Zion Hope, Rev W.C. Neal, ,
r St. Thomas and Rev B.F. Addison, Mt. Baptist Churches TkroiiR The Puir 01 Go* Aid That Faith,
THOUSANDS ARE respectively along with their ushers choirs and congregations
respectively will supervise the services. It Cat Be SI,,"
t ..BSI11: HOPED BY Sister Rosetta Cohen and other Soloists will be Miss Flora Mae Burns Ralph Green,

R *; :IWTIEIl:: DEVINE OF wellknown will singers feature and gospel Walter Randall and Brother Washington Williams MOLDING SERVICES NIGHTLY BOO: P. M.
groups an Appreciation
: INblt Program in her honor First Corinth CIrri YOUNGEST GOSPEL GROUP, the Thelmarettes Cos-: TUES. I THURS. I EVERY SECOND
II I, Sick Worried Bat d I Monday night, Nov. IS, begin Baptist Slates pel Stagers, aged from I to U years of age will be honored
Luck, Troubled ning at 8:30 o'clock In First during a program Uoaday sight at 1 pm. la First Bora Tern I FOURTH SUNDAY
Lout Love, Lost Born Howard! Memorial, 14S9 35th Anniversary ObservanceWith pie 2. 1451 W. Vies It. Elder Flu Howard pastor, Mrs.
1 Alberta Latlaore. director-pianist and Mrs. Thelau Edwards
Manhood! W. Union Street AT 142 FLORIDA AYE.
Also to be honored will be program arrangements completed this week, first Is tae poup8 manager. They are: front row from
+, Let MOTHim of left: Terry Boyd 4, Jeaa Burke, 6, sad Fay S. Mid-
Jerome Morris Thomas, the Corinth Missionary Baptist Church will observe Its 35th
INDIA help you. Thelmarettes Gospel Singers anniversary commencing Monday, Nov IS sad continuing die row from left: Nits Burke, I, Craig Pollard. 2. lAd Bar Advice Daily: 1 10 a. m. li 1 p. ..

write to; Dilphrlne Cherry and Barbara through Monday, Nov. S:, Rev. W.L. Jones, pastor announced.. bara Mercer, i. Back row from left; Bernard C.McCUla,
'', Mercer will be the guest sing .N..N.NNN.NNN.N.N 11, and Lily Burke 1. The public is invited. Royal Art Foto)
MOTHER DEVINE ers. Singers and groups are Invited The supervising committee At 413 In St. lifirnitin Pliu:355: .671)
P 1>.0.11015112 to feature the consists of Deacon Eddie Starks Mungln, secretary. l
program. Other committees includes: Young Peoples Fight Cancer
tIOtrol!t,rya ch. The public Is invited. Elder chairman Deacon J.A. Dawsey Decoration, Brother Herbert
43239 Flu Howard Is the host pastor co-chairman and Deacon Albert Thus Brother Robert Greet union Completes ,

and Brother Nettle Ingram; appreciation
Mrs. T.D McCall, Sunday Program I
Urs. Lettle Stephen aad others.
/T10N1Q Historians; Mrs. W.L. Jones Completion of the program was .
p / airs. C. Moagla and Deacon announced by members. of the ;.
Srivt Too Bishop Robinson. Young Petple'sUatoswatcawill, I
Supporting churches and pastors conduct a moslcale Sunday at 3
1824 W. BEAVER sad congregation are u p.m. is AbyssuU Baptist
follows: Chuck. Union sad Dt wan
1 830 CASSAT AVE. Rev A.'. Gumming. West Ua- streets Rev. B. L, Wynn pas
lon Baptist j Rev. A.K. Hughes tor.
of St. John Baptist. Twtsfey Jerome Thomas will to tae
3101 EMERSOy night; Rev. A.D. Hurls St. host ud Mrs. Taelma. Edwards
James AWE Church, St. Mark will be the mistress of cere Some people
I Baptist, Rev UvaatRev.W.E. monies.A .
Young i Tabernacle Baptist listlag oi the Uatoa member
LET PREMIER MEATS REALLY Wednesday, Rev W.L, Wynn, sMP MlowsiBwckmaa
Abyssinia Baptist R... R.L. Singers, Eicelsiors, \
Smith First Timothy Baptist Famous SUvealres.Harriets, stick a label on
: ST Thursday Rev. O.J.JonesNew Karris Singers HarrtU Stagers
RET-C-H Hope Baptist Rev. B.R.limp- Jackson angers UUmoreStagtrs. "
son. Zion .Hope Baptist Rev McGowaa Singers,
C.C. Daniels, Mt Carmel Bap- Ta lmarettes, Taomas Stager their diet cola.
THAT DOLLAR FOR YOU tilt, Rev. W. Bvrgessjvling- and Traveling Stars.
ton Baptist; Friday Ref G.A. Special guests win to me b-
Price St Matthews Baptist, was DaB Stagers of St AsgvsUae. -
Rev H.T. Overstreet. Mt 0- Prof. Matthew G. Me*
live Baptist. Coy director Pad Qo&r. ofBetaaay
Following Saaday School at Baptist Caarca Tae
9.30 aja. Sunday Mrs. W.L. Waoeomr WU1 Prayef Bead, Westake
Jones, wife of the pastor will aM Gospel Eeaoettes.Alaa. .
pICNIC 39 head the memorial service tor rather Rsdolpl sad tae
: deceased Beaters and Rev. lerrtdo rsGospelCaora
.J.A. Wright of PaUtka will supervise of tae Churl of Tat LMag God
the Commgaioa service.A M l....Graataal Streets.8&.l Olnenalue
song service, tterarlag all map er.......lister Lisle
choirs and ebonies will get.. Mae Taoma*; aoates* *01 toAbysaiam
i FLA. GRADE "A" & BUDGET ferny at 4.30 p.m. Toata choir 4. on ours.
Rev J.C. Sams, pastor cI Tae spoasors promiat talgar*
1 i Second Baptist Catrth will$ deliver eejnrtamiag ...'* pr. .
27: the sermon darlag the I: gram tar friends 114 tilt geaenlpaUk .
FRYERS 30 sent,. ptaaalag 10 attead.Mr .
Mondays. might Real service *. YtvUa Reid Caerry lathe
will direct by Revs,Joshua Red- Ualoa's pnakitat; Miss T = -
cUd of Simpaoa Methodist ChMth. Chin lattice is tae secretary _
NO .
OUIUI Rtv. S.L. Badger el I- ; Mrs. Taelma Edwards, .
AT TMISruci suaael Baptist lad Rev. ILL banter Pad Mr*. Alberta .r I
Wright of Ewrgreea Baptist LaUmore -.m.or..paa&.ll.
Rev JX Terver'91 serve I
M master of ceremoaie Tae .
stn EEF39CCUT Cosrtesy committee coaatat of ,.l 01 .He ,-e\ I .t !

Mrs Kettle ...,... Daaeea 1
A. Walker Mrs IDea Walker Tae Baptist sf mister*AUiaata 4
UrL Freddie Cottoa, Mrs. JeW win apoasor wives of Be AlUaace I
2 Wet. Mrs. BeatrfceSaO m Tiled.Parade,Hov.a .....
and airs Bertha ...... at Lao ....., m me home [3iJ ,...n' Pip
Brother Eddie SU.... Mrs C. of .... and Ura. Eddie Tttter iii
.,.,.'" Daacpa car Sister cI m w. aM II. "'

E, Crawford Mrs J.A. Daw.aey The nUc. has heee mvaWto .- _. -- ._. __.
and Mrs. Lama DaJadaa afiead hy Mr*. CJL Wfflmm f
MATES m M KKI611 XHOI 611 HOT If CHANNEL 4 Neale tae fiaesri ....... DID '


-. .. -. --- .. ..




Staffer 2 GraduatesFrom 2 Economists Upgraded Hires First Career Soldier Receives Citation CORE Fights

Involved In IRS School Negro Officer I Protest Bar .

Speaking Series have recently graduated A former professional baseball ST. GEORCC. S. C. Dor-
Iron the player and a part-tin embalmr chester County efforts block'
Deland Tbe Stetson University executive selection became the first Negroes to CORE protest activities were
.Administrators'Institute on Desegregation and development be appointed to the local police- Hacked by coun actions
was addressed her program of the internal force last week. CORE lawyers challenged ,as
oo Friday November S, by Dr. Revenue Service. The new appointees are CosT&ornhlll. uncon tltutlon I a,t. George
diaries U. Smith bead of the Elliott Gray formerly i'z: 7't Jr.. 24, who still picket control l law. which pro
Department of Sociology at works part-time at the Walker r' habits leaders from belra
Florida A*M University,Tails- division chief In the Funeral Home as apprentice closer than 300 feet from .
hassle Air Force Accounting and mbalmer-funeral' director aa store picketing.

Finance Center Is now George Burnett, 25, tone-time In a related legal action,
Dr Smith will also be the assigned to the IRS dis member of the Chicago Cubs CORE lawyers have soughtto
principal speaker artment farm system. hive removed to faders)
tract office In St.Louie
meeting of the r Both meeattendedtbe required I court cues rending against
Higher Education of the Florida .s assistant to the di. police school for a few boars leaders of DcrchesterCi

Education Association on November rector.Lawrence. la the afternoon five days a COLORADO JftfNOl Co/e/ Sta/f S......", tolpH NsWiten CORE cUlmtng that they
19 at Boca Eaton. The p. Doss, ford week,, and then went oa duty cannot receive a fair trial
theme of this meeting will be assistant j la thepredominantlyNegroua (fn'gfili, ie>n ef Mf, erne? Mr*. tufwi leSion .lI54J In the county courts
erly director.
'In Search of Significance on the! t p.m. to S urn. shift W Unties Joclienvd/e/ 'M"".* the U S Air Dorchttter County WAS selected
the FAMU professor's presentation of operations In the IRS East Point is the second of the FrteCe nme<)*bfi.nMe4atf fat Afi. C.le. Sergeant by Attorney Central
will center around the office of data processing 'so-eslled trl-clty areas South eaViei" a lup,..ly nvenfery supervisor, wot ....,J..J Kattenbtch: M one of twelve
subject) 'Tbe Relationship of In lashington, is. IM: AG fORF.IG'CDE! POSTS-Tneaa two agricultural .Fulton county to hire Negro ", midst for menlen'evi service d lewry All Ce'e new counties where,, the Jua.

Modern Social Trends and the assistant to the director economists have been appointed to important foreign Patrolmen College Park preceded He it new *..It! ,.." I* ant es a member ./ l* Air De- tic Department U sending

Emergence of Problems of of the Detroit dis trade posts In the rj.s. Department of Agriculture 1,, It by two years employ- I..... CemrnenWwfcicK i.*, .Air'.r" Higher! Education.' tract a poreiga Agricultural servlce.Dr., Freemanis !'lag Nero police. The only city US, Godson Mertri .Amerken Dol..... C mm "rf The eril"- appointment registrar follows of the ted.

On November 26, Dr. Smith The Revenue service assigned to the export program staff and Dr. remaining Is Hapevillr refech'ng, ", c.i,....,. Serf*.n'led Mere it the ...., ./Mr., Mi'elroJ' M.dt.; el 1142
will serve as one of a panel of management development Hurst Is chief of the special studies branch of ", CORE to John Don, JllltittPer.nnlln
discussants on the Teachinc of Initiatedla the sugar and tropical products W U".... SfcMlinviffe.f'eftWew'StontonM'flhScrW.Mrt. ofricUJ, about the
was division. The-lat
Social Problems In Secondary program IWiien'l fwffcer, D.niel l '''ift,." live .* 5413MencriW evasive and. -ntetlrst
Schools.' This panel discussion 1956 to Identify and ter cane to USDA from (south Carolina State CO I. FIGHT CANCER ; bed. Jets.nvilla Ii."'...ant CoI..I' ,. I. >f the, 1 ofTlcUa. Over 600

will be a put of the procram of train those officials who leg where he ear professor of agricultural economics ,.... chief iw*. .fy Jivhshi<\ lit. meleitf>ei>,...""">ien, people were kft on H* registration
1 the annual meetlnc of the NII demonstrate the greatest and the former from the Texas cooperative (U S. Air ferte ,.h.f&l lines" In 5 rt niber s
floral Council for the Social executive potential Extension: service where he .was formerly an associate and. October and the one day
Studies at the Americana Ho- After successfully completing county agent of Angelina County.'King' In each of these months when
the wO'1Ib: <<*. were corn
the training, Your Good HealthBY WALK AND IE HEALTHY ed.

4 Seniors Receive participants are aaalgned Louis ScheduledFor a, Allltriftil P.Aa,r_ AIe"( Despite the tactics of the'
as assistant director local ofTlcUU Negro reels'tratton
Contmr) to |HI|>.IIHI, bvltrfrelatively .
UL or as assistants to the SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN,M.D., MPH few foot ,,,,II.. are ls now nearly 80;, ef
Scholarships director. BetkuRe-CookmoR ...".... merely" by torn and. ml.. the el1tDle; porvUtlon. la a
Ulcerative colitis has long baffled doctors because the cause l h,.e<. There are a url.I ty oflenillttan county where white ref la.
TALLAHASSE Foar Senior Gnu 44 was born in DAYTONA BCH-Lomis -Sates- local idol la 1111 for ala powerful 1s unknown the treatment difficult,and the outcome uncertain \ ponnlble' fur IMlitiet ,,tuU" cartels" the number
students In the Florida AIM St. Louis, MO. He began mo" Armstrong, ptoneertrum- trumpet work. Soon Louis some authorities have thought that this disease was caused bya Imlmllne drruUiory. of voting\ age whites '.'M
University School of Nllrs1ncbaY his career M assistant peter and Ian great will be was able to replace ala U germ or firms but this sow ...1ft.lalla.l1. 011.r*>,'., tueuknllf illnimler. registered whites and) cry
ulcer." ,
,beta awarded" tuition scholarships section chief in the Any featured In a concert at the occasional engagements, sad Epidemics of ulcerative colitis do not occur and the diseaserarely Meets, nriirliln rntiienllnl tumor' nn.1 l urihrllln m'' ttlr*) 1,121 whites of voting: ....
of $ZOO each from the Betmiae-Cookmaa College Gym wbea Oliver left tor Chicago, attacks more thai one member of a household. tternrnilllen, week unklrn, or
National Urban League Finance Center tn St. Monday night November M, Armstrong took Oliver's placer Direct observation of the colon la parsons with this disease I''nhe*. heel. .|>wr. end fiwl
Louis, aDd had held a during which time be wUl receive KUroys baad.n lag be Joined has revealed that anger and resentment produce aa Increase ''nlbal..n.
for Oliver's band aad made lathe muscular' of the & .- ----------
The scholarship:recipleolsarei series of progressively outstanding achievements King activity wall of the colon, engorgement of
Miss Alice Irene u the field of music and als first recording. Its blood vessels, and pinpoint hemorrhages.
Bailey,daughter sore respoaalblle positions
;jf lit and Mrs Andrew and human relations, the alary M:. Sine his first, Satchmo has Tats suggests that U emotions do not cause the disease, they InstantPhotos
Bailey, US Semle> Farm Road la St. Louie Leod Bethune Medallion from put more than thousand s umbers caa at least aggravate U. Food allergy may also be a factor
Hampton Va.; Miss Juanita AnnCarruthers Denver before his selection Dr. Richard V, Moore, Presl- oa wax. aad stay of these The chief symptoms of this disease U a persistent diarrheaware .
of for the IRS eiecu drat of Bethune Cookmaa Coil. records sell for $20 or manu blood In the stools. This leads loa marked loss 0I.1Pt.
daughter Mrs.
Tnelma Carruthers(47 Patter- the development program. *c.. collectors Hems. today. Among profound weakness, and anemia
Lake The Salchme fans of Volusia his best kaowa record.late Dath will result unless the process can be controlled. The
lOA Street City;Miss Dolly He attended Burner High
County will see aim at the earlier treatment 1s started, the better are chances tor control.
and Lee Moore, daughter of Mr. School In $t. u>uis, andreceived height of a fabulous csreer and are -Shiae', Ciinatowa', J.st. a calmer outlook oa life and a bland diet free from any
Mrs.Houll!Moon Route 2
his master's at time ekes Tiger Rag' 'I cast Give You will ail
dot 921. Lake Placid, and Miss a be ls being roughage sometimes be that seeded. Some victims 50o
Breoda Ray daughter of Mt aDd degree at the university honored by foreign countries and Aaytblng But Love, 'rreaan1a1aDcr. require periodic blood transfusions and others have beenbeaefitted .
Mrs. Clarence Ray, Fort Laa- of Denver. H* 11 married major cities lath* UaltedStates ucI.or.recent,Mack by taking drugs of the cortisone group for short periods.
derdale. Wbea Louis arrived m his the Knife' aid Hello Dotty Sooner or later, however, most victims must have the colon
to the fotper Vivian C. aometowa. New Orleans La., Okkily enough, Armstrong i* removed The medical treatment outlined puts them Into better

has Bi'ley: .Is a graduate of Bannister last Sunday be. was welcomed better bon U tb* Called States coadtttoa survive" this operation. Each
: as a Sbowmaa-Comedlaa, Removal of the coke mew that 1 new opening, called U
the George P. Phenli High On Peace P----V: a movie sad stag star tau Ueostomy, mast be side la the abdominal wall.Maay Improvejaeats .
School and 1s
Hampton, active
trumpet player aid taapired live beea made.la the Utostomy bag thai must be worn by
la the FAMU Homo's Coo.Cress.
Nurses. President Assxlatloa me Student and Corps Council : Louis stager,Armstrong, the tadestrwcttbl these 10 to dances persoM* swim U thai sad now get they married caa lead a nearly I normal lift. Royal Art StudioSOCIAL

the secretary of the Peoecos- r trumpet player wboa .la most cities, there are on*or more chapters of the United
N'.*4HfACTCX; vlbraat lore weaves t lead
(NPtjActor T' r
taJ StoOeot Council Miss Decay Association This "I..ataoralttlooat.rlor persona
clown through Jail mask history SERVICE
More, II I graduate of Carter sager Henry OsUfcntc, Ifthlseaprlry VBO mast tint to readjust OMIT U...&ad Wish the outward
U aa Ambassador of Goodwill -
of freiUcn of the
Parramare HI,** School Qulaey. appearaac of complete motmallty.Starspangled,
tot tbe sad
Delifont Negro race
CawrprUet, was
Miss Camthers U t OM ef tune Xerroei ptnlcl- AsMrtca. tt nmors of t Jaaaary -, W 515 DAVIS ST.
graduate ofKJMaekClemeataryaad
paling la .d y-lang meeting oft rrtrmeal tree tbldlwUl \
Richard High Schools,La.UCU'i a
2s-mam eitlotul advtseryeoancll probably be last Arm.; way to
; and Miss Fay is s graduate
of it* Peace Corps strong eomcert tb* Daytoaa
of DUlard ComprehensiveHigh ItttteeV Beacbara. tend ELGIN
School, Fort Lauderdale a son to college 4-1894
Florida.Pripin. The count n. wider the Aa reel show bwstasM" crttk

chairmanship wf Vice& Pml- by s brass bead Ibmdreds baa said, "Lomls Armstroag U.S. SAVINGS BONDS CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS
dim Hubert K. Hwntrye' according to associated press puts *a a treat pertormaac;
Fir Tta Fitiri plowed tf. theory that des jammed the corridors sad paraded ., u music, it ma from ecboes
of New Orleaas street. .
Peace Corps U .tastruneat wltt aim to the airport's parade
goe Jobs elll alcply to bellboys syllables
of nation bwildlng.CtbrNgr.esserving. VIP room, when be was officially straight
disappear II the tear with welcomed sad gives out oa Jsillard School af

future *.. ..eb...., fit council are t"rtev,Jtmei several .,,&lda. Mimic stream of coaarkwaa. ,
K. ftofelniofx, founl.r-dirvtter algbtmar Lola shag tbseoray
eew techniques ,ill sale U was s rare visit borne lor
Operations Crossroads ballards sad they earn I*
the obsolete. If /oar'ob Attics toe., and newly to- U UU-u4 H took a OM beaeflteoacert was life, bsv. BMtalaf lad more.

Is one pf the, alt stalled asMcIra patter, of rhePmbyterlw Sw *y for tb* JusMaaetm Wbe be plays, .Jed Ilk wbea t I
tins the panic button Church of the t* gwt aim back lilt otter real oa*. play, yea SUPER MAR

"-in* t help stet that Ceveasnc. sew Tert. tad ;yr. Tb $-rear...-" .old masof know that this was M Ibe Oral
Benjamin t. Us/t push a* lion oftem recalls his Uat. Indian IM.w
'lit hel ( ts plaaalagaaead. tfeor .1.,..... sever bees equalled la bis life-
reOeff, At- days U als bometowm, lot Swar OUAHTITT MONII MIIXVID .
lot. Urn sot will N ever be. botch THIS rticii, coo;;: THRU SUNOAI AiiPdiwood AND' AVI. i
there .la a waifs lose
U sore this s .ux.... more
where be was swat tor flr toga ass a ....rtaae,. wrapped
pistol oa Hew Tear's Eve, wP m ai* musk sad bis .....
REGISTER KOI last be lowed a mvaaral career, paper vowce, U a way ef We, DRESSED & DRAWN
HEW CUSUJGtirtlnj lit says "They taagfit as bow a paW of view, ... aa am. BOILINGFRYERS
jjcveffber ICth t* drat Us* they do m the lade tbal this meld will be FLA. GRADE A
army. I wow n* b*
..0""t. AIM Go igfe beet Uowlag every stare.Froea ..*. hist*,
early. rein lsood, aalcbsMweat
rA..'re SUM ogee ,uICI I
aa I* bM *M t tManmia BACON
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I l ,j ....p.aw..V.utt.lw6 ttltMdat. met lilt pawn lor CM aeveot -
| lOlltTS CJltECE IF NISIC vela. Lewis was released frees ,
lilt wufs hose, be .... e*.
artly wad be wasted I* dos Without Bond
IDle #. 20th' treat At owner, elm tat ywwag I* 17 19

pay. I* sheaf. be. Bead papers (Caettawtd from Age t) .. LB. LB. "
r.1, S-f722. |L 4-0001. If. .-. 4el awl. parked |oM pUilK rae :,
. gla mule ter s doUsr s aigbt.wiu 1. Total Mkuiaa wf ....,...
vuJUa IatM.....mel trim an polky mail( beards
..-KJe* diver ..* was flM m .., ....,....., sacs u
I '
II A* Lfcrarr Board. Clvfl swr> t\- BLUE PLATEMAYONNAISE CLOROX
tat. oard, a.c t ; reef loa gaud,,
.....CA'>sep1. *.
S. CkMiag h Itoftwew ere
/Aeueere' .se'............u.......ii' .............. ". aad bettor Jut* m O* Bvet BLEACH
w > artmeaiaef ctyiuiirameat

at I. Af*+tm.tt ef S lecaJ9al .. e_
*t.ertmairy+ iemmlssln n
'J1dc-tock..titk.tock... wwrt far *.M! *....,a... IsawUar
"..... pUc** wf .
Bourbon that 19
I the QT. 'h 1 10IIWI
.. ftmmedtate h stem ....,... GAL.

didnt "siilcli) lie clock! phCf-am mursarta, Was saaalmwm ,

1 Tied .....,.,.n.a ef me

OLD CHARTER ghee Sgre fart pun, gUmmaMpa ateUesj *. fJariere4 ef me iwn i f/SS.M N MM 'fIN mti[ ( I I/MM/ N KM mi' Wtl[

erase sfl Pegr polite.

Kentucky's Finest Bourbon proem eve mmml ef aS sort puce. aad/er alaclea atfe-* SMAll WEST!!" IAR4-Q SIZE SPARE RMS 11. 45*

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7 rarioU I. 0. pewmeew tnn.asi SURF LAID .
I* ew4 baa *e.erag* by awalsrws i u. m, 4ft2ft
saw. nimmsi M..
Ury ef nor soar U I awwepeaww FANCY YELLOW ONIONS ) us. 10
ef berg hate sat
tCt\Ht. east as OD* ">.wiIwr
sad atml Cimut: .....* KANM-TAK. FROZEN FRENCH FRIES U. III
f, .....-. .-.a- de.rtfrsih .
b> Carnal *>*.'(". heal Ml MONTE PEACHES m UI 1ft
btf sb* sef/atk a *f rat**' .
to a ..... prvpwl bwfli *.

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: p.Ukal amrtiaafitm aMawaayemtles

bas M) la a ga gnat y pwinrtwwtc .. **. WNrTE HEAl IIKC nirnt 1 litMA.

cbasswa fill SIC. csBawaatrwa

as.asmiwm it alarmsm. GUM SMAU FRESH EGGS n cum 3teSUNRAY


-. ,
-- r
I I-\. #

1, I l I


Lily White 125 Gordon Sponsoring AnniversaryTo Schedule Annual Event For Saturday Democratic Women's League

To Conduct Thompson Recital Continue 'fI'I/Ipr'f '." ..-:-- Cite ReV. Dallas J. Graham

'. :, .
The 83rd anniversary celebration t Rev. Dallas J. Graham, pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist,
Sunday Tea Sunday, Nov 14 will contlnye In Waymoo and veteran civic leader was presented handsome engraved
Chapel AME Church Sunday at placque last Sunday by members of the Democratic Wo-
Friend and fellow croups of :3 p.m., with Rev. Curtis Paris, ii men's Educational and Voters League u a highlight of
Lily Whit. Lodge 129 of the Lily -
their second anniversary musicals Sunday afternoon, Oct.
White Security Benefit Association Jerome Rev. H.A.Bailey McCreary.In charge and Rev. II In Mt. ARarat's auditorium. ....--*-..*.... I
art Invited to attend ,
At 8 .m. Rev A. Anderson
the annual tea planned for Sun- of Bethlehem Baptist Church Presented by Mrs. Ann B. c- president, Mrs. Edna Lewis,
day, Nov 14, commenclnt at v a : and Rev. Clyde Jenkins of Mt. Gee, pr'IIdeDlaDdlltl. Pearl- secretary, and Mrs. Jullaa
4 p,ra. In A. L. Lewis Branch Olive Baptist, southslde will W Padgett the engraved placque Brooks treasurer .
YWCA, 8th and Calhoun streets, conduct the service re.4 "for his community ser The general goal of the organization
Mrs. Lauvlnla T. Marques, director Monday, Rev R.W. Jackson vice and making It possible for Is to also promote and
of publicity announced. of Jerusalem Baptist and Rev. J; everyone to vote." encourage an attitude and climate -
Mrs Mary B. Taylor Is the H.T. Overstreet of Mt Tabor The presentation to Rev. Graham of opinion conducive to the
president.The Baptist will have charge. was the outcome of his lone the registration of all eligible
program follows: Tuesday night Rev W.L. Jonesof ; and successful struggle In citizens of Jacksonville, Devil
Prayer, Elder I. A. Christian; First Corinth Baptist will f v. breaking the all-white Democratic County and Florida.
opening song,Mrs.Elvora Clip Vocalist Henry Thompsonsu- have charge. An appreciation Primary In Duval County Present officers of the League
per, scripture, Mrs. W.Spauld- ported by local singers and program will climax the celebration la 1946, thus maing It possible are:
Ing; Introduction of mistress of groups, will be featured in a In honor of Rev. G.W. for every citizen to vote regardless mrs. Ann McGte, president;
ceremonies, Mrs. Elizabeth M. recital concert Sunday night at Smith, pastor and wife. of race, creed, coloror Mrs. Inca Blvens. vice president -
West; mistress of ceremonies, 7.30: o'clock In Gordon AME national origin. ; Mrs. Gertrude Harris
Mrs. Dianne Smith. Chapel, 23rd and Wilson St., r a ,, The League was organized secretary; Mrs. Annete Love,
Also, welcome, Mrs. Earl Mrs. Moore, sponsor. New Zion Group 1963 by Mrs. Ann B.McGee who corresponding secretary; Mrs
West; reading,Mrs.Mamie Ste- Rev R. Parker is the pastor. along with a group of other women Lois Freeman, treasurer;Mrs.
phenson; selection, Angelettes; Others to be featured on the saw the need for an organization Annie Burnett, chaplain, and
solo, Sammle Davis; reading, program will be The TravelingStars Slates AnniversaryUsher to acquaint the public Mrs. Hazel Dickerson, parlia
Mrs. Willie Mae Thorpe; solo, Miss Rhonda Cameron with voter and mentarian.
registration, voting -
of the Hlnuettes social and savings
READIED -- Officers and neuters
Willie Mae Hart remarks,
; Miss Debra Byrd, Miss Gloria through! education. Membership rolls are open to
Mrs. Taylor;piano selection,0. Jean Powell, Miss Ethel Lee Board 2 of First New Club will present their annual dance Saturday night Nor 13 in Elks Auditorium The League's first officers Interested civic minded women
Jackson. Harvey, Miss Valerie Smith. Zion Its Baptist 26th Church will observe 812 welt 'cunl St. fallow clubs and the general public are invited were Mrs. McGee, president; of the city and Duval Coun
Mrs. Anna McMlllon and Earl Prof. Alex Green will accompany 17 at 8 anniversary Members seated from left are: IIn. Rosa Lee Bostlc. reporter; Mrs. juanita Mrs. Jimmle L. Davis, vice ty.yacktonrlllt't ,
and the third of
West are chairman and cochairman p.m. )
respectively, Is Mr.Invited.Thompson. The public President J.C. Griffin in the givens, financial secretary; Mrs. Annie B. Luca, program chairman; and Mrs.
church auditorium.The Vera Green assistant financial secretary standing from left: Mrs. Mattie ,
participants Include:Deacon Foster, president; James trill lus. assistant business Manager; Roland ill- I
John Anderson of Larent and Brit F noun"
Choir 2
son, business manager and vice president; Sam wheeler and Mrs. A.D. King, recording -
St. Thomas Baptist Church SEAFOOD
Ralph spatcher. critic Tommy Thomas CENTERMyrtle
Jessie B.Hester,William Prince secretary other enters are ;
,: >/ '''',.;' Smith, Miss Carolyn Moore, chaplain; Mrs. Thelma Thomas, Willie Green. Mrs. Sallle Carter and Mrs. E.6. Ave et Shod ROt 3x333=
-.1 :,(--- -- Mrs Susie Ealy, Mrs. Carolyn Dean. (Royal Art studio Foto)
Unwind.. +; -. :{t"!(-:, Limbrlc, iM.flfe.M.IIWfe.MklMM.l"ILL OVITAa/ .e.WIwW. _....N....._........n5.. N..1 ..... MNe

Choirs Thelma 1,2 Kemp, A, Mrs.Walker Mary, Mrs.K. ** *** Central l CME Rev. C. C. King SHELL OYSTERS ;5-: $5.50

Heard, St. Paul AME Usher Give To Anericar ALTIMOR Select . ft. SI 75
Board 2 and Bethlehem Usher Board 1 To To Present APALACHICOLA Select . PT! $1.55!
Board 2. dicer Society Vi PN fer the cemervotive ,, EACH 65c
Sponsor Tea Nov. 20 RecitalSupported OYSTERS S>. < ord. for Srewj,., I.2S

SHRI.tA,; 'JUMBO n. $1.10 .

by veUknova local ILUEFUH FOR SROILINC LI. 39<
artists Rev Charles C. King
ThePerfect will be presented In a vocal MEDIUM SHRIMP . u. 69c
oratorical recital Saturday ,
Link N y.r Nov to at I p... in the Little OCEAN VIEW SPOTS XSSK&: ; LB. 39c
Theater of JacksonvilleCivic
( LOISTER kASNee SLIM" n e. rr ee..N ran,
Between Yon Auditorium.The Bonne CUT PIe nI twt. LB. 89c
.<.l, ArrA event Is being sponsored LARGE FLOUNDER . 49c
Your Physician ,. by the Musicians International CATFISH 7 L59c
t. Cooperative Recording Society LI. 59c
And DentistMervon's "T"I'SY/LCAN'T n PIA,,- veal II.'M
I also known u the MICHES of SILVER DRUM . . L1.
Florida. MID. MULLET .. . .LB. III
Pharmacy Rev. King distinguished himself LARGE MULLET ,. . .U. 29e
u a singer and orator STEAK FISH . . .IB 69c
during high school and college. FROG LEGS . . LI $145
You However, It was !the result of KING CRAi LEGS .T. LBJ SIJ2S
Prescription Pharmacy Us successful television debut '
I FRESH PICKED CRABMEAT, Full 16-eunce f?.
,then reward yourself 2802 W. Edfewood An. CLASS fASTIURIZID W"'TI...' ClAW, .LI.CIAS$l MIAT.SO CLAW l|. 'US US
c..iI .-. .L91.15 A SUS
with America's most PO-54485 Also LIVE CRASS ,ar"D'oZEM $looKEN
PO5I5I2u With Rev. John Payne u the
popular whiskey. ; mala speaker Central, CME

,Seagram's 7 Crown- \ \cal\ Church's Stewardess Board ;
has completed Its for .4
'''The Sure One. W' UK\** ,. its annual Friendship program Tea Sunday c ,
I C tl\re\ ,Y "!1 beginning at I,30 p.m. la +r
I i( IUCIIN oiimuiicoMMn wro cirr,lumxoimsiin ttrttxt uMkmMuiMiifiiTi. IA the"church auditorium, Mrs \
i It Myrtle B. Shootes, programdi- :
il rector, annexed.I .
---------- ---- ----- -
I .

i j

oa the Kea Kalghl Program
C) that Ud friends and fee general
public to encourage aim
to revive the long neglected
Appearing wtta Re. King M
the program will be his daughter .
Mary Alice Klnf. "T*
Goldie Gtr!" of Betaunt-Cook-
lUll College Che will be feat
ared la aa Interpretive dance
presentation of ODe el OM
t ctarty Psalms Rev. King's son.Charles .
C. King Jr.. recttattoa.
Others listed as program par.
tktoant Include Mrs. Georgia
Beajamla soloist, wk 0 is a
I/ member of the Grant Memorial
/ Trio. Sbe U Vice presided of
r'y ,, the Society.
Accompanying Rev. King win KNIGHT
be Mrs. Harriet Weebtr. ass
him of the city's mad acconpUsbedBaity
(astnft(>riTfce -Invite You To
Listen To-
..t111T '/fleuuh.S Imiil l .

a r LJ\NE ''S PItts I


"0. J9.9S.. ... .SALC .

$1Tt...REG. t39.9S..IALI U.ci. .....P.IIen ./ :..Y.Mw, NN.::.eo: I '
_NWL..H"' ...-..M Unit 11:Ji a IMI:
W M. .rr y Nw.h.lN.w..rr.
.. ..
11I'ELAst .4 .M
30"a40'-AEG. $I9.95..SU M.me.= MMT.=-. = Setahy I ,... II 12H: '.1.
PA. a- r.M M
... ttfSiIAWI

STILT ON TRAy..WALNUT FINISH .....".."L...*M.'m.t tow ease n. 1400 WKHC 1400

RIG. ,.
J29.95 "" r. SALE

) Cs.G STOP Whs.* fw TW fed W

4i STOP Wbto| FM Seorirf

pccia'I e owl'\ S1 ro h 4"" aoM.s1rFi4' NOW!

'ELECTRIC L eU.. _. \

OOUILI Hit' SINGLE CONTROL $10 ", .. "" '. .,

oca. $ 2.95. .. .. .. .SALE" .9 IJ' m "'.' 11'1 '9 P'i I- I1! ,. .. '- .. '.i" "


r ACI e* ,. -

LI VEAT- t d n I

till mil mine unit
At-.RCO. S39.95.IM.C

'limn classes lit liriiii li ill mrsis

HYO.AT UNIYUSITY [NORMANDY otLANi MAM AT MONMC 4 DOV At 'SlCtETUIUnnj kilt' 355.1511 II cud celyss Tedsy :

398-4501 389-1144 353.
YMIU,..,'TII.4 0....MOM. fIlL'fa.4 0 TMr_Aa011111Fsa18IfON1IDS t in PIICIiiinitn scJ ...._-._......._---...._...... i
fiai troeauat AKia .. vain tMuaRlOg IUIIUPIIC I .. _. ..u.. ._. ....,
J C'tT'tSTtT--,. ,
UMIUI IHBUKtII IPU J mmcx-: ,,..._. .. .,,aE; r



I' "

,\ I l ,

Production Capacity Tripled Hoover Links Emphasis On Consumer Services

Wnhl"-With-/NPfl-/Reds, fil Ofcr T

i cfor I. Edgar Hoover lost -
: : .4 well lined th. WI,1. Dvbeisdubs I j :

.wf.iMs akewf onj the CanwnwrWslstKooli .
Junior rritwmr, sp rtsor.J youth l.dn.hlp.
S ,_ill' e.d ishr.ra with racei.fpr.,.s<. .. .
. ....... ,.. ..\ f....,tow atnW vaNetrfry.. *

Q. tm bavlagj. HIT pictare{ and hair spray in 11. along witha Tk. clubs ware nomarf far
...... Mil week and. I dos, boa of Junrar-eized Kleenex VMIIiem Edward.aWroWsf Dok -
know bow lo prepare. T4 like tissue to remove stale make to do MHwrihlag eilTertal with. up. A nail Ale and colorless i noffonolly fom.W evlll.r. le*-

ua ny ?bale Do you have say polish also help. Put a mirror d".In r rvr.r....1 ma .er.f,>>.Can. tr'r.' .0
on your I locker door. YouTI
mwrWil wti. died ,In
hive party
an kit
A. The natural look it In- repair
for after Aecr Cn 'lnl43In <
and the picture is of you! So gym class and special
wear your hair and make-op in occasions,, at well u date A .ft JJres. ..,.,. III. Sw.
the usual way. If you are about Q. I keep ...,... to low g>ram. CounMa 01 33'.1.1.ra I
to try a new hairdo anyway weight. .burn I MSI seat able to ..... i.t fcer,,''v".Jid..rt
decide on it at least a week stay M a pecialrjr rhea
before your picture: is taken ao I C. o* with. the e4hr sHrlaafter N..vr s*at Owfcaii" etieMi .
you can get used to it and be school. war. *a>rominett- _.... Com.mwrWiH I
sure you like it On the big day. A. It'. hard to loa weight wAe*."."HJ. ss.aW > "
be Mire your hair it clean and especially when. everyone else it yoweS IvodariKia acn.lss I a ...
your makeup perfect Use a eating ice cream and candy. But >niarad s>y III. parry loaf ,
light-colored lipstick. Wear a there are lots of
things you can
Jwn !I. tar a steea>. Vvp
dress or skirt and Mouse withsimple do. Most important. Man with prepare
a collar or round neck a visit to your doctor aad act Y campaian far raerwtlmanlmnj
and a minimum of jewelry Thephotographer his permission. Take your own IA1._ .; agiMtan amanf yaweS.
will tell you eat lunch to school if possible. NV Hiawgfc K. eeKri4eW) the r
actly how to pose ao all you Then, you can put in celery! and ( .
ravps as an 1II..lfiM.
have to do i I. look
your carrot sticks instead of potato
loveliest spawn 'caneoJve-a1, the C...-
chips and an apple instead ofcookie .
,. r mvrsistp.rfysndnvrfvre fcy Strvstesf
Q. N bra I MI Drink skim milk. U
to right after r
school. I bate .. earry Mymakeup you have to buy your lunch .....I 01 ya aSfwlae>nar- \.
.hi my purse. Id heavy avoid starchy foods fned roods ants ta .... caws W wrarla1Monism
.rid ....,. and I ......... and desserts. Avoid talking / ,.Sa FM ckiWafiif nainow "
about your dicL >ou wont be 1t&i
roriet lhi a< horn at
t or line tie wilt JON
school. 1art ... that Much calling attention to your weight. ever group
..d.-.., .tat I lib to pN Hoo. problem and besides, food will ... ree.... draft end antiWatNam
freh before gotag oat seem lets important lo you Woman stratiansIn THE JOIN' AtnMO f-Mi''"" M. Wostof HII_
then. When you go out after ftSo FM .....v.I report We Oil' A Ruining e..,.,....,'* f ostern III. tefion, Ids'
with A. Be a aa beauty all-day-loni boa in beauty your dnnk.school Sip order it slowly a low and calorie no one soft I Noavor aid C_,,"''...were II ana ., the newest momoera of Mi. company's .
school I< cosmetics like lipstick! powder until they see the results! rfjNh _.nl.lnrWoranata kit rosiaWtiol I ee'.v.... with In motor .link .eI."" ...
...................... ... .. OtrCtf ST CARPET Fllff _..,.% from coolmo tubs at Uniteo? Jlolei tvUor Co. .v
............................ in ....-...,. S. C n.. company il tripling' fa prooWton copociry for Itie plont rfi* 12 I manlfii eovoroa ayItio Dewey McOreovy w.., .It 1944" f,.J"... .,Morgan

lono fiber which will' sown to used in vpKolsfory ...... .., ,pofypropy. report fca lalst (t .. '.n.. Stale College' ,in ,.U ", .,.. Ms ....iv. city. H. {oinoa1
MISIIS' Elmti Mti.irsLOUISVILLE. ore nigMy atom ,..i...",. olmost stdic I,.. ....1 ore"easily ono' the Council ,.,.... to totooff o Ml spool of folyerost. mavosf IMO mara ."on ...v. 4 ", ...11I. 'loter. AM Air re,.. ...,." wrtti ..,Yi Ky. (NPQ During Supreme
ee tivl'i.. In an dirt ta gun overt eot, VWiflimorrloo'ono'Noioneovwa.ntorMe, H. said
SconUh Rite Soa Jurisdiction Prlnr
Ml fomilm liveat JiOOMono'owminAvenwe'no'otfimoro"
Hall affiliation/ session last week, a record nunir of SIKlajont now
titrated. to the 33rd .
were degre
The class was named In honor of the law W.H. Perry Religion And RaceNEW "First lady' And Guests Franklin Gets
Sr.. longtime) resident of LotUvlll and a prominent
Prim Hall Maion. Any. BUN C. KIU1.Log Anpsu city
council member wag MlectM M pr slMnt. ORLEANS -(-Aprogram.beartngthe catchy Post In Ghana
LouUvlDe Defender pubUghtr-rditor, Frank Stanky, ttamifkatlon of "NeljhbcrriooJ 1 P..." and spar ,
MM one of the a jiiotf g principal ipeakerg. Hoattonvag gored by the annual South Central KiethoJLst! MUaionsryconftrcnc Isao jI We.III.IN'I I.nk
.._lied for the 1 M meetba.I' *, hag mad. lt> debut In Louisiana, Arkansas M a IMI. H. Williams former U SSr .

Missouri. Nebraska, Kansas, Cldahoma, Texas ." .....'..iv. to UNI SCO
and New kltxlco. Its S-rt'OI' Is to footer deeper cur wi'J.rh o !I... US UN Am.fcaitoWor .
demanding across racial lines nlun' congregations t' A will act as a "good neighbor" to congregations, of Sgross. .. ".t loreW So hrhwrdl..nhiw.p .
Indian ,
or Spanish.CM
M ...,.. ......,..1 1.,III"
,.*tl .> a n>.......r to 0"....

AH A, Nebraska ( l'O. A broad social and s-cono- sou i ,.., wool,
i role program to"wblra the frontiers of the free goriery n.. Sad.er.ign 1110.
to Incbde aU Americans, of an classes, and r...." ,..... lemurNei/ e..,....1 lit.nemnd .
wag endorsed by the National( Catholic Conference for s by "feii'W...iiV

Interracial Justice during Its rcnt four-day biennial !.n ol Abe thlJ' N..,. to b. a
convention at Cre(ghton unlv rsIrv. bn.ndorgtrgttrpro* given IMI _......,.,,.I post .
the !sat Ion diK bed that It
a 4 gram organ was committingloelf
1 lin fosl iwly. ynghaw/I. 41
tlf. Mw work against all pattern la the church and +
i llr society which land. to Isolate black from whrvs and poor r lit.Iwrhrng N y. ban :
from everybody tb. .." loner ..ai,,_. .Nerney
gu.r.1.IC.SJerrri. e_... rM.
r U I, H'Io".n..JUNfSCO .
tt WASXINCTCK .prI.Se.( : aRobenC.Oyrd(0.w.' Viol IMTtXTUis. *..iiri, worn .. w>ro jr second iron tile left, ls pictured heroin I on/of onto ,U Cast.we .

. Isyg the blame for the roctnt .(breaks In LM ..Ir.. ; ,>Jh. the buffet supper which .bat bocosw a hu .co.all' trtdltlon& d florid g.lle.r/.nl. / ., .aju.4

,M Cnieago and SnrlrvftoU. Mass.. to the actions of toebrgy AM unlvtratty. TaMahaa, The presidential. residence, Sunshine sianur, .u visor ro (no mi US a whom he accuses of" ".fbt".w." they aril the scene of the annual fto.ghoa hero .lth !fie f>ire, Jell to right art: ,lon d .... UN 0.,01..._
trarif/ consider to be bad. IK cUind that
was not the cauM of the tares(. and civd the MwhoW poverty 'w,.. Clifton 0. Dyaon tv oa. ...be, of the B)std of Mw"ts, Ltingaton fllbM. DIM'

gome respect 'for law and order" and the "ahsenre. of .. all of lost ...1. ...ul!.
bmrnlng, looting ass ashing and. "'It,.,.." In his stag
during his youth to gurfwn I his argument. DIXIE CRYSTALSSUGAR

The Latest 1 Hears Hair Styles NEW YORK (NPD Aa atroval of the rWrgylpsnklpatloa
la the right foe espial rights and. crpor

Are Taught At The entry tkroughoat Iht Untoo1 tta fS was made by Chief
Simeon O. A lbo. NI1srlar.'N rvpreaemailvt last
week. Speaking. to M must.Mage of the Christian:
Churches (Duxtpatg' of Chrl 3. AOebo saw "we lIlIIlI 5 us 'UUI
JacksoivilleBarber Africans .. A
( ) are glad the Christian comi Mry Is playing
s large rub bi trying. to ..).. t* racial problems la W/SSII II Milt 5 9C
** Ballad liases.QtCACO ."

College (XT!) Aa 'shonatie M a8ChristiansWbrcomt SPECIALS GOOD THRU
ktv oItI d and reevemd atxnt rerorethtans.KktMiHc SATURDAYAfl _
adranceg sod. Similar mars** was made nDUO\
STREET last week by tt. ton Roman *"'. Hews WasUnwn.D. DETERGENT
630 DAVIS C, odttor. of s Ci h.1k p.rladkel cVaUng with hot.
". Sp akln. M s BssrgVal '..re...* In IN Cawed iHMElll SWIFT EWEFLOUR
'Jictsiiiilli Hirlli Hike* bow->. drrtraeJ Hut OtrUtiansswst give. ..*>
sIt. beUol the they f. suit. .U a wwkt ap.nram" l:5.49C

OfficMAfilist W.IS Tucker Exam L UNIT, 1 PUAU W/S3.H II NIK Mil 1111149C' (
Olrscrsr B siM-
.spa Modn warned POS teak ,,. CLOROX fRUIT COCKTAIL
nat rsawal sf auterlal free ,KM, II .*ifllis au .*..
art lot seeker .laU*< is
Matt WIoIu below ib..ain
taU Cks3 ast III atksMlT.acaergbastlMttas 51TURKEYS
.. kih waist u. W aayfttera AIMIII STAR III 4 3.3
SUM lot DK
... )
., II WaJ t* IU "
Iran. L bola are ate af laM KVSJMM aya "
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18th century England'sfavourite Ha saM aft ..*. p .rtJ 1Ie..... and Bateal WOf.twa CORN
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rector. Religion And RaceBy Miss Joan A. Bailey To Pledge Schenley Showcases Lavish Florida A&M Drama Major


presld Thai Negro press iternational Troth To Leslie Bums Lee Holiday Packaging Party HereMIAMI Tapped Nationwide Biographer

Prayiopenln JACKSON, Miss. --NPI--The first step toward deselecting TALLAHASSEE--(PAMU)--The engagement of their daugh-! BEACH It coil more than '3 million/ to set TALLAHASSEE- (rAMU)--D lores II. Wilson a

per, s the 3,000 member Galloway Memorial Methodist Church largest daughter Miss Joan Aloha Bailey, to Leslie Burns the slope for Miami 1.<
1n1Dcerell; church of the denomination In the state, came recently Lee son of Mrs. Emma Lee of New Orleans, La. *as the yor.ft university, has been selected to
when Bishop Gerald LoA A&M
Kennedy Angeles, was guest speak
announced here this week by Mr. and Mrs. ROT L. woe hold at the Hotel' S... eluded 15 gift '.mi. appear. ablographe In the first edition

West Mrs.;! er.The bishop was asked by a Mlllsap College student U he Bailey, 516 Hampton Street. The wedding has been villa Monday night whoriSthonloy t The holiday' season It on- of The outstanding young woven of A.erlca.

AlsoWest could bring some Negro friends to hear the prelate. Bishop set for Saturday, January 8, 1866 at the Blessed Induttrlot, Int. dit. pasted to account far otponditurot .._. ... _- .-.- -_-_.-.- .- .. .- .
; Kennedy contacted Dr. W.J. Cunningham, pastor of Gallowayand Sacrament Church In Tallahassee. ployed its specially trootot I ol about 5.519.000( for Selected In recognitionof the academy: September!
phen told him he would not keep the scheduled speaking date A graduate of Florida holiday potkoging which In. alcoholic beverages In the Miami her outstanding abilIty 1966.
unless the church was to .
solo, open everyone.A metropolitan' area this accomplishments and
lengbty conference between the pastor and church leaders A&M University In Aug Miss Wilson's Interest
Mrs Mrs. arrived at the agreement that all who came "peacefully in ust. 1965. the bridegroofn- Among The Stars year end 0Ilou"3.676.750In services to her community in the theatre miens

Mrs. good spirit would be welcome" elect Is currently stationed Florida according to BarnardGoldborg country and profession trOll her elementary and
With Lee ivoryChen / president ol AHtliotod .
Miss Wilson 1s one
Jacks at high school days when,
Fort Rucker. Distillers Brandt Corp,, )
Mrs MB director Davit wotn't IoU\ ,. whn h. of a number of young American ienberof
Ala where he Is a mem- Billy \ Selt.n''.,'s mortoting tubtidiGoldborg she was a both
West FLASHBACK TO WATTSWASHINGTONNPI"Nlght ber of the 98th Army told mo ho would hove torn big newshis week! women whose nahe thFAVUChildren's Theatre
chain ( ) Call," the national audience Band. He Is Soulful Sugar Pi. SoSanto and wonderful trio torn, alto told, on oudi- were chosen on an ism and the youth Thea .
... participation radio show of the Methodist Television, Radio a former hove learned up for recording and portonal op- onto ol distributor principals' partial basis for inclusion
and Film commission and the National Council of Churches, member of the internationally poorontot in the Iu,,,,.. Ihoir firs 45 rpm '.'.0'. tolotmon' retailers' and "_.. In this unique tre. A talented singer
has this week been conducting a nightly program on the recent renowned Flo- tot for tats' Ihit months it onliHod 'Do I Moko Myself mon who visited Sthonloy't publication neuters she has perfored M soloist -
Watts riots over some 20 stations throughout the country The rlda A&M Marching Band. Clear on the Argo 'lobol..' I hoard it end iI'. a done Merchandise Mart ol the Hotel at mass civic programs -
of the board of advisory -
programs, which began Monday, numbered participantsthe
} among An Instrumental music gotlll? throughout the
Seville here that rolailtolotin
Revs. Cornish Rogers, Calvary Methodist Church and L.L. editors of the
L White, Holman Methodist Church, both of Los Angeles.and; W. major at FAMU. he specialized 1970 are Wojoct.Jo"( .369. volume are Mrs. LYndon state
Leonard Evans Jr., Chicago editor "Tuesday," first general A roth of PMitotiont ore duo to hit the ttandt real, 000.000 ''billion/ for Florida agointl She toured Europe with
distribution Negro newspaper supplement toon. John Denied, owl /in lot Angolot.' hot com up 8,494.000,000 ''Ixllioni/ B. Johnson Senator Margaret the Internationally faAOUS -
with hit *A4ov.rici* and i it't dottinod to bo a big ..1. in 1964 Chase Smith and

'I.,. Danitli, you might ,em em II.", com out with The collection' holiday gift Mrs. Dexter Otis Arnold.
HOEY AWARD WINNERS tho magnificent Clogont end Elegant, r.." magazines patliogot, novelty' bottles and Nominations of feminine
NEW YORKNPIThe( 1965 Hoey Awards for Interracial with farlino' Hondorton. Sealer GnHin Thod Foster, now produttt ore on o notion. careerists under the
Justice, made by the local Catholic Interracial council, went hoMo,,'.Mtlomoro and that bunch wide tour ol major mortott to age of 3}, to be includeed r
to James A. Dumpson, former New York City Commissioner from Chitogo 'h.,. are rumor ol"Koyholo' ," "Fino give sales' tlolltoltiiholotoloriond in The Outstandingyoung
welfare; and Gerald E. Sherry, editor, Georgia Bulletin, of. Brown Framo.' and The Word,' oil ol which might retailers'
ficial Catholic publication in Atlanta. The awards are given "'0'. it onto they overcome "lirtt issue tis." a di.".. 'on opportunity to woven of America
I each year to a Negro and White Catholic for outstanding con that olflittt now publitaliont sac Selt."'., packaging program > ere sent to the board

tributions to Interracial understanding. endloplanohoodlortho of advisory editors from
coming holiday' ioion Mr
James Brown narrowly ottopod doathinFloridawhon Goldborg' toidHo omens clubs, civic wr
hit leather, Codillot limoutino tthat right, not vinyl' organlzatlonaand college
plainod' thai public'
toppod. but loothor-botlodl overturned twi<* onoroirvdick alumni associations
tastes woratamplodinatoriot'
highway. ol marketing research studies throughout the nation
i Ho openedhe fogol ,lIeo" /in Chicago (loll weal sad
and ol the A daughter of Mr.
non Hi* worse for wear end if you otli mo, overlyondowod many suggestionsoffered
have boon Mrs. Dempsey Wilson of
incorporal >
In the bassoon. with energy end the ituH ol which super .tor I
modo. .d In .om..f the potlogotTo Kennedy Drive weaverCircleTallahaasee
A graduate of Florida ore florid \ir' univer
A&M University High, the Jrovolling with hit own compUt' revue. the lomot aummerue briefly' sane 01 Miss city play.akrs Guild
Brown I /save ponnodonnumoroutottotiont, hod thorn Iho features the public 'loooihr Wilson Is a talented
bride-elect Is a junior ,In decanters. for during trip sponsoredby
standing In long lines hours before. throatro doors Ofomplo amateur actress. She was
majoring in psychology were op."ed. And, 50,000 Am.ricen toonogort ton'tbo wo mutt consider on unutuoldotign recently interviewed by the erlCM Educational .
V at Florida AiM Univer wrongl' something that it dilloront Touring \a''cla
Broad producer Charles
sity. Before matriculating Its really ironic though, how writerswho scream unique, modern. tontemporary Ion and the t'OO.HUx .
1 ;. at the Tallahassee and yell about how bod lomot frowns ott I.. stave streamlined lender wood and plans to continue wiliutnis a neuter

Institution where her to .' ash while' lomot, who screams and yells about 'loll topered. grateful A her studies, after of Delta Sigma Theta

parents are members of 'love 'fid all thollunl, moles o manor ,.""".. potliogo mutt bo elegant, .I_. graduation from Florid Sorority and has been
I the SHORTY $35. Hit recording ol 'fopa't Got o Brand Now ...' bag. winS 1.0""II"... indentations AIM university, in the t.. l for IBductlofl'lnto -
the recently i r <
MEOALO, STYLE #665 faculty' e spent I it one ol the holtotl, ,.".".tolling tunes In the. notion notches vetbtploinonduntluHorod .
: Ito\ COflMlttO, 11\.."... C.I.lot OlM.d.1. two "years MS a student and Fred Toylor fofio at Chitogo't fined area of Draft it th* A- !bet.. Ul-'ia
.' + young and ol tourtoooty .
:1II Mal> M4'I.a. WH..HXI .N .
ond : oiommlo i i>d Bom* on.* at Kansas state university mon oooul Chitogo told: ,h., now bog lies got to handle'It nerican ACad.., of perm Phi natilnal honorary
oddr.oi. INS; ,r lu.:"l ,FRCK >* Manh'athn.. It for forming fraternity for Verities
hit assess ,r It to oi Arts In >* york
OnoW Sttur.lly,.Ir.m Hoolthy IM 'iot.HAIC.;;.COOT, Au!, O.IMd.lwrH Doo. ,Bklyn Holt P.W.15 ,N.Y.j in*. Miss Bailey is a .ember II you. ton't tight 'f'", goodness sale, loin '.",. mete features impossible into ana bring pottage City, File plans to enter in the field nf draaa. ,
In YOUR SCALP. Th. condition of the James Brown pal' '* mine Iriond. old buddy, H
our hair fun d.ptndt.. hoovllyon COMB t Newman Federation yov'vo got on otro O-noto 'laying; around not doing yet wohovotomoupwithwhat '
UM r.lur.l h lth 6(
and the believe It the mtV
psychology wo
Not, Yoori Ito DOCTOR CAM AWAY anything. you ton always' got In touch with. "'.. Im
1 lormulo Invtnttd eo\\, mtdlrotod CARBONOIU Mr Club at PAW. At Kansas the third guy In line at the Rescue Minion with. the mtK holiday poctoyinfprogram OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS tA
which U Crud with mony erov. GBAY state university In the hittory ol Our
." b.nTtkl.l' l"MdlorU. CA1U 'fllt. amply bowl' In my hand singing hymt and ttvHI' *
1I BONOEt. ; I S. luch, tironf_ ow.r. WITH r' became a member of the industry, h o tonhnuedYou
tul nt1..pU..nd dOl. turn THIS
work pyl"DAN6R0rr. in.r.l.ITCHY o>,, IOLOI ivy Lead Pledge Club of United Presbyterians PledgeAid y ,
many DOCTOR rtiird It highly (ONIIRUSM Alpha Karpa Alpha Sorority 11'011" gtt tomorrow'i
Kilp and r-KCICMIBI troublot M.It", lor onnoylntf mta r To Relocate Cuban RefugeesNEW Jobs with )'titerJay'jobs skills
I '1\1I111 .."... .<.1!, tondl
llervo .ro irttllr. rtllovod by tb* mmmJ( The bride-to-be is the YOffir-rh United; froibylorlon; Churth't Com.milt Tomorrow's clll bdifferent.
w1 of thio Trlilo ttroniih __ e
Uf .
( granddaughter of General
tormulo Writ I., hit, XX.TOM a .* on Soryitotlturgingthodonomino-, / Thtrll require L-
OBNUNB new :It will SCALF b* MM to FO-.MVLA pee til #TI Bailey 307 Kinard St. tion't tongrogotiont go on m"ttond-by I'botlt to ...ill different skills

r/iii ?DAYS?? r.1dy and Is It you". USa...* not** I.r.l.. oooik*Sfti.1'and burn!wm ro*.odd' tuk,olo alt I Eldorado. Ark. (in the relocation ol Cuban re/wo-*** entering" the Unitod; And you can get those
'II"It..l. nionoy barb f.y MOTA OVI.Ioiio.i.oAiick.ii *., Stales. skills b/ re-tr
on d.lly.rr. ThU In. AVOltt/ ondthould inlni.
dues ; tondiHont require
......f moro.vtrylhlni You ,|tl Don It "I whit I.bull ..,,,.,,.........d,.,."._w,.., .LOON......; Margaret' Oillip; SlIoc". wo need to toll upon mom oni 80 don't wit for your
eiroctloiu Uto .Lying. Pr .nl. iolllni, r FIGHTCANCER WMBMSpotlight
the tlnoil KKDICATtO ford preeeat job to b* rem
C..I m Pio.no C. cS,. .'
SCALP .ocvli".ocory.'
-noy con buy.rOKMULArour Vour M '" _1.4 In ,...... or ,..... the i short nottto
lisp. dOMrvo this toro Dual hair on4 and t roTTnVbii'.1 .Mde.r Blast| e. rotonlomont .....ey. told her Only ..bar10 porttnl ol placed. Get the facts oaretralnlni
I '
I tf"'>At n ""MAln and oddr PRODUCTS... to ooLO INC. J l.l.t writ.. oi'oio okod.. Pr. only elk needs ,. knew whiththurthot the rotugoot now arrivingfrom now. visit Product Of The Week
.... .
/PP** *i i1. lh' ROTE B.y. "on. hock dollvory N.. MILM.d.ply. < "would bo able to Cuboororogltlorlngwilh, the local office of your
COCMULA"5 i/" Kv. :.a" THIS D. l Modol, .:, ProJwl. I... move Swiftly' with .. .
Jn htenep hat sww..".r.a .,.. writ. D.,.. tt.l, .... I." 1), How Yo. .thould the, Protestant tmontorodChurth State EaplojBent Miami Florida
Wend Sorvito. Mrt vice.

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FLORIDA'SNUMBER 'gontiotTho voluntary govornmontwtll. ogontlot booting Intludno Three cool characters

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Mr*. S>otlrWWi H.l mmott
saga these ron. ONE atportodtobomovingtoorootwhoro NewWine Drinks Three Flavors!

may hovo rotattuot orIrian Chill them....the cooler they we the Utter>tniTI like them! .

The dt.role 01....frfot*<.. lot pet toll tbfresh.. tasty flavors that keep their "coor.C..a..

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Cantor, 475 Riverside; rIi10111h

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Rattlers Crush A&T 28-14 Netter Joins Coke Staff B.-Cookman Stuns Gaither Confident

In International

GREENSBORO N.C.-'l"be.uT College Triumph Antes last Saturday Clark By 56-26 Tally, Of His Rattlers

fell before the Florida A4M University Rattlers 28-14. In I
aa Intersectional football game played hart at Memorial i TALLAHASSEE Noting that his Florida MM
Rtn"IWD. GATOR BOWL A three touchdown 4th period scoring spree football team was offering before Jacksonville fans

A crowd of more than 7.OOd[waltzed CD In for the score. by Bethune Cookman broke a close game wide open> which was in the Gator Bowl for thefourui straight\,: -year on Nov. ST.Co .
ptrsons saw the contest. Elroy Maraud one of twc featured by electrifying long scoring thrusts keeping an Intimated ch Jake Gatther. siysi
8,000 on the edge of their seats with both teams scoring
Expensive: Aggies miscues helped quarterbacks used by tb In "We" hope fans win accept he easing up? Are fends Insufficient
other that sent 61 the
every quarter points on scoreboard
to continue the frustration Rattlers, passed to Kermai us strictly on merit- asa to fleW cope-
which since 1950 has haunted Jackson for the extra polnti Two Elijahs set the pace for Glpson, scored again on a SI pretty good football team tlttve teams?
ALT In Us bid for victory to clinch the victory for Flo this high scoring contest which yard run, Clark struck back mpreityseundyetentenatnlrg Mv"'e are no longer jetting!
before the usual power house rids saw this pair of namesakes oft parlaying a 66 yard kickoff return game the Florida boys we want*
from Florida. Phillips, the Ante ground Biblical Prophet racking up by James Curb 15 and "It rained all day last year Coach Cattherexplalned, ""'.
The Antes spotted the Rattlers gaining stare was outstanding 011 three touchdowns piece to con 1 yard passes' Into six points. and we were a bit appointed have for years recruited
two quick touchdowns early defense Used only sparingly of tribute nearly half the total Bethune capltallted on the field faiths crowd but we have high Florida prospects almost exclusively.
In the ball game collected offense be was a key figure Ii points. position set up by a punt downed ftopea of making cur annual This past yearwe
themselves and for most of two slowing the Florida attack,boO 1 The Wildcats served notice on Clark's one and a abort game In Jacksonville a major got justcne boy cutof
quarters remained in content :30 the ground and from the air, that there would be fireworks S6 yard punt to move the ball event In this great c ty an- Tampa and only one from
ion. Dame Fortune ruled against Preston Johnson with 6 car a-plenty the first lime they to the nine where"- Allan WU- ," Coach Gaither says Jacksonville Imagine I
the locals. rhea for 49 yards was the tof got the baU. A Z4 yard end son scampered In the end zoos "W. have had some great "One boy we counted on
They went deep into their lineup ground gainer for Florida. sweep by John Knight, a pass to run the halftlme score to *players at MM and fielded for three years suddenly
lung several freshmen to ..; from George King to Bernard S6-I4. some outstanding te ami. I quit eommunicittng. Where"
bolster the offnese which has Burns for 16 yards carried The ton Id pace continued think we play, sound fundi- te he? He'll play against
sputtered from cam to came Trojans StrongIn TennU star Arthur A.-he l mvntly retained A' Youth Market to the :, from where" Elijah through (hi half-lime show with mental football" said the us In Jacksonville on Nov.
this year. Key man among the Con ultant for The Ccx-n-Cola CompAny confer with Charles Glpson lugged U over, followed the bands of Clark and Bethune veteran offcnste minded 37 for Teams Southern."
new faces was Willie Pearson W Adams. Vice 1'n.. Jent, while visiting the Atlanta-ba.ed later by a 43 yard gallop by pulling on aa entertaining show. coach whose 169 victories Coach Gaiter explain
Jr., a freshman quarterbackfrom Basketball soft drink firm. The 22.yesr-old Virginian, who te the tint Knight for the second score got A display of beauty and charm against only 26 losses that he required plxvnwutest
Wlnston-Salem, who brought the game off to a stealing start by Miss Clark. Miss Bethune, and for tics maltci him the for.U Florida high
negro ever to play on the V,S. Davis Cup Team, will advise
life to the Ante offense the which never let up until the final their attendants, and the lovely wlnnlngeit coach In college school seniors w. responsible
Pearson passed for a TD and Returnees on merchandising of the Company'g products in the youth whistle.! Fulti Quads, freshmen students foobaa "First of all. our
kept the two scoring thrusts market. Abe U currently working for l Pus degree in marketingat Elijah Nevett 'The Wild Mas- .at BCC. At Ute summer Gtitter" ...111'1t11 the boys
moving with three exciting runs PETERSBURGTenktur- UCLA in ice AngelesMighty tang from Clark opened one B-CC has a much needed rest had eight akimnl In the National they can go eUewhere and not
/ ZOo It and 1} yards. men form a nucleus of Virginia of the greatest displays of uninhibited this weekend to sharpen up football League, three take a ten and you know
{Florida scored first on a 93 State's basketball team, breakaway running or for the" Invasion of the Rattler In the American three In the human nature mallow people
yard run by Major Haseltonby which te preparing for the Ha- Tennessee a college gridiron since the Den, Nov. to and the finale of Canadian League and three bar teats
AlTs John Granger JUT sons three weeks .. Gallopln' Ghost from Illinois the season with Allen University In the Continental. Of the 1'. "rundanwntity" Coach
had worked the bail deeply opener ran wild against Michigan.In In the lilt of Maroon and It te estimated at least Gaither said r\Nulruv

Florida territory when the runback w.y.Bill Mania. In hte flrstyear the second quarter Elijah Gold U Tampa Saturday Nov. a dozen remain In lute young Negro high school
occurred.Dml Bias kicked u the State 37th.Rattlers' season. Fans will recall seniors to talldw."ItU
Virginia College
the extra point and the Rattlers coach brings an outstanding Eyes Bowl Bid the late, great Chicago Dear as the white students when
were off, 70. record from Dlllard Cnlverslrv Schedule running star, Mllte" Calll- applying for admtejon to
The second Florida touchdown where hte teams won more, who wu killed In a was tough, after
was setup as Rudolph Given*. eight league championships In NASHVtLLt Uikteftated I for 547 yards and nine automobile accident at prep years of getting l Inferior
Rattler guard blasted through ten campaigns and untied, Tennessee State I tcucrtlowns. One 69-yard season last falL u lining.'
to block a punt by Furney Pol The Trojans will be playing Cnlwnttr'! football team,I catch wcuU get Robinson's 22 Basketball Settos: In addition te falther" Dr. Core suggested the
lock. ALT halfback. Roger FlnMy their home games In historic ranked sixth! by associated I name In the records book for current teem with a 6-1 solution might be In leachingakimnl \
Florida end. pounced on Daniel Hsf gynaashw for the press (college division)I total yardage, but he needs record going Into November volunteering to tutor
the ball on the ALT S yard final ....an. The structure te seems destined to shatter il]I four more kis to match Jami TAu.A HASSE E-F A.,U>- The IS DeneJkt College Feb. l9 after winning four straight.MM prospects to better prepare
line. On the second play from to be replaced by the new but two of the university's mats 11 year old record. Florida AiM University Rattl- Alabama State College; Feb. 19. will bring Its bind them for the titi.
scrimmac Gene Thomas scored million dollar health and physical eight Individual season grid In the remaining names, era basketball team will playa Allen University, ; called the ",r-'Ie.t half He also IOU the same
from the seven ,&r41JDe. education compks records. Robinson should eclipse the U game schedule: this season. time show In fotb.U"' 10 Ihtcntlay IUd w... that many of tfwM
near- Coach John A. Merrill's S8 passes MUte" Mitchell Eleven of t"U" games scheduled Games Away Include Dec. 10- Class agilnit Texas boys they would lose whonuy
Michael Johnson scored the Stadium.trig compktlon near Rogers charges, 8-0 this year and caught: In 1M3 senlng the will be played at home swill II. Fort Valley, Ca,Jan. 7, Southern In antghiginie\ fall the Ht were "Inferior

first touchdown for the Antes Two of the ClAA's Central .-0 over two seasons, are In present record played away. Lekloyne College Memphis m the Gator Dow Thanksgiving Students anyway and that
( Tea.. 6 Lane
with a 10-yard, off-teckle IntercoUrgUte Athletic Association among the three teams from The Rattlers open the cage | College, weekend Now 21. a fair studenthall be
which season by playing In the Fort Jackson, Tenn. Jan 10, Morris roUonorllli MMs
burst The score climaxed a thrpeel-season. NCAA assured that his chanres of
) finest freshmen last
CollegeFootball Brown, Atlanta, Ga. (Tenlatlve)
70-yard drive, which featuredruns Rod and Gene sponsored Gramland Rice alky State DutetbellToersa rather 4fCilive loss In their miklngan: admlsaabte score
year. Looney bowl Slate be Hat te Fort Valley, Ga., Dec. Jan. IS, Allen University, Columbia Slate "
by Menlo Phillips Willie Kelson will picked" game at Tennessee were .-.
return to the .
S.C.t Jan. 14 Benedict
Vaughn and Pearson. Pear '" .rrlor'. corps. Doth ire and the Nil hytDl'lII will. Scores 1011. FAMU finished third In aRanhrs headrearh. who Gattner. who went toAUI
son passed to Johnson for the ... second ant vive college football In Su the Southern tntercoltectete A- College Columbia I.C.j has college football's brat I In 1997 has brenhsad
year men. they Jan. 19 South Carolina
extra points. Louts :November: 13 when they Inlet ic Conference pre se11on i State winning' record, made a reach sites 194S and. has
II.' and .
,averaged 7X3 points B. Coukmaa M- S.C. Jan. II Albany
Clark Oranceburg.
face 16, race last year, There are SOSUC ,
The Battlers scored following Jefferson City MUsair startling statement to a prl won lea game' '. loll :36ml
per genie re.pectl..ly.Loonty. Edward Waters tS a 77-yard sustained march asSam based Lincoln University In tames on rate nweilng 01 school offlcltls tied Il'Ur. did not sugten -
a Portsmouth, Va. Tenn. Ail Jaa. S2
24-Vlorrts Brown 0 TuakegeeInstituteTusketee. -
Anderson Florida fullback the first Gateway Classic In schedule. end alumni there was' solution
prep star, had 20.6 reboundIng FU. AIM 5$. N Ala. Jan. IS Alabama any
C AT U schedule follows ,
The complete "
Duseh mirccelatmt
circled end from the 10- Stadhun.The 1111I dtys of to hit recruiting prd>lfnt.
average. Nelson who was S.C. Stale 17Mi.. State .. State ColteceMan.
yard line. Daniels failed to al AU- AP raffling: apoeifbk Home fames D.c.13, Morris ryAL. greet team at Florida MU "Out mark this our days
.w selecteeat
England foe for the KnoivUle SSMonhouse S6VUftete Brown Collate (tentative); Jan. ., Jan. SI, Clark College, Coach
get the kick off from a bed Weaver to Gramland Rice are ever, A.I.Jake) of great national teams are
High Hartford. Stale SI-NorfoU 6B. 17 Lane college; Jan. II.Tusk* Atlanta Ga., Feb. I, IoU the atumrdasienibly "
pass from center. Competition and playing ta Gilther caning to en end. he saIL
The Antes came back Into Can but, played made only half a ".- the first Gateway Classic are Pours -Delaware St II .,.. tesllhile; Jan. SO, South AUanla. Ga.| Feb. 1 a. DethuneCot4ama which InrludMl A |U Galther-eaicnhl Rattkr

the ball came OB an '$-yard sate igreat the Impression history-making highs for a Allen College S7-Benedlct 6Teiker.ee Cattlin State; Jan. 24.LnaOJIII College Daylona AM P.. i Went, Dr. George .ants have whit national
drive, capped by a Uyard re rroce.throughout: con Single" big blue season per J7-ISM Arkansas lts ALMS 4Gramblinc College; Jaa. II, Albany State; Southern Beach, Flat UlercclltfUte and Feb. I4S.16 Aute-, Gore a highly respected educator Negro football championship -
formance. Feb. I. Clark Colteee) Feb. of .
pass from Pearson to Phillips and three till *siadsflayed
Big gain In that drive were First year men who have However, sharp-putte UviAfctoe 41 Howard It It. Benedict College; Feb. 10, tic Coherence Tournameal, Whit wastitereuon? Alter undebit! season
.. Ft Valley StIS- SavaMiah II C.... Feb. Tub,.., Ala.
runs by Pearson of I-yards Joined the Trojans Tyrone Eldrldge Dtcfcey and sere- Shaw BelhuM Colleges t 91 years *e headceerh was
to the ALT ro-rtrd strip and Balky 6-1, R.llte'C.I\ handed ED!. Johnnie Rabbi- HampleaCoUtfe 14Altwy
Dave Gotas. I-II. Ruchvilk; son have paired. 'C'r. personal Stare 10- Alabama St 6

r----------- Daevlllei Lurch lnd.i darks. VM Oliver Mitchell.6-1.McLeod.Morgan 6-1.6-3., .reeerd......IW assault Fred Dastling on Slate's Vakmlnfai Dlchey grid Ixmiateaa EUtat.tlCity Pralrtekw Si.1IIIbera11.ZLFarMUiUte 19. Dlskep ILlahcp0 0 4 PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK! '

SonthenZIJacksunSt.. 14Grambllng
I LEO'S Virginia Deachj and Pen Parham S4 record of 11 scerlng
1 4.0, Perrsborg. passes, .las 40-36wla ovenSad.rmn
I The SchedukDCCCHOCR -- last weak and with
SHE REPAIR J at Shaw.4it four gamei remalnlnc. Dickey ,
K.C. College '-'tow. te a cinch to boost that num
10-at Maryland State 11- ber. Averaging n3yarespergame. Lincoln., ( Mo. )
\ lipiiriif
..1orfollc State. It- atHampton. pianerbacli :'Jtektj: kL
should atee crick David Holiday Foes
ii AIJ Kit* JAM ART 7VlrjtnlaVnlon.1KorfoDi .' Doom's total eOrMe yard
State, 10-Mergan hip d 1426 yards set
I I Stews U-MaryUnd Slat. to IMS. Merrltfi tratador- JlWadLUI, LA. (H,. &a1)-
I Is Sit 1I-S- r.r. like st.a| ClUe has amassed Uscoln IMtverslty of JeffersaejCtty. ,
1 I rLWf: ART 9-K.C.CeDrte. JOel yards sassIng Mo., U GramUinCs; foe
III lisiiiss 1-1i Mlf'COI\ ll.at VUglole AJ a nuking ta tMs for the second an uHu ; inlon.MSbPeurs.. 14- ....... wit..,... ice I here 1laaksgvlngtMy.
Jhaw' II." Mergan. tv-at triad Mil e* 1110 ,'Na.
134 E. WON ST. J award. boons bulk h e.Ut nhk> The ...... will b* plated alCtty .
Park B adtvm. The ltsdiu
L____________ 11 yards testing and
1236 silttt In 374 flays.Stickyfingered elite M.OOO.
'M, ".- Coal E4dae StotUeoi tooktUM
btnses ems .rtI1 all huteam's oil frees .palchi treed.base -
npoia le his startlac Useup -
pass catering flpres. -
MIEN TIB HE III fuilnton eae hi 397r44yanSa to make the amwueiremewt,
and frvetorh4 Ltecvln (4*Z). a mender of
.. The Beet ftoctor MMeat CoWereereU
yon e II' .wM INs year. LeoijMH- the strong
tees four lists preeerlbes. .011 set" D. school mart a formklstie ef..e...
Get tiperleweed pfearvacUt si ItU by eatcfclnj 34Wefcb Tae Mteaovl Tigers are
rcxWd by Pwlftt pied ....
Accardlnt your t )ct4 r e
pUrcd va/alty fouttH wHkUM
Orders M C.. 0*lr n. ant .. tMveraaty! cf MUweeots taIMS.
quality mu .Prucr9 r This Clown 'S6 s4 S7 wwe tee
'Golan Gte/eere were twit. a
s ucicnxu nvAjpaciiT TO am TOC 44113ZS3iH vd./. cattail chcapki.i 4o-44J

A COMPLETE LINK or SI .*.. will pUr Lama froeaIMcaaaa t l THEVWGE?
(b..u ..Wbb.t 0D04..a.4......drh_ Miaeowf, ArUneas. 4 f 9/ 1
BMMts, KIMeIiuta. Teerea e
.PUSOUPTIOM OtLED POt A'ID ML VOSD- J and Alabama.... season eeKa :- y ,.

IMC II-fUM .......
4 i\ The sekKttaej ctf Ltacott pels
Lilly's Drug Store /0 1 u eejd to roof-...,.t to|Out t '
lad M.casj lute, BtOtisaore, rlX (
1SS Merispk .... xfeU.. '..
tl-i4 Nseth Ca/WiM CUkaw, DwKMtorky .
Ul IIICS HU Cl-3.12JI .... W Stale,
II 13-T1 'r.......",, listed<<, at eee tleaeaenOer \
a u aa ctcueMt
ft>eetle.. ...' a thm WssM4ag ,..... ...* Cut.
esietleee p.'s IH. .... d DaJUs T.... 4S-4, last
tau ta a* initial IVarv Ce*
I' aide settrsete.4e lD.a.4e.
works It ell .r....
Enjoy the extra smoothness of d.1w0 irnucncru

7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon CS lit l5 .
-- -----



ettae' a Days ere leete -

b...... ...JU and ,..,.

.e CM teere steer IIIRARY i

*. (ftee year L.dy Dina

r t.e4Dla.reIU cease anewE, .t.....

*..4 I) 00 fer year re les.ehre a a u.rlydcsuui

4nd t>epTr1 .r/.ee>. Oelee ff 'ere I .'fUetI

1 dursttlw tgft JOTTMUXrill ,u...., .......... s1a. m* I HUMMW I an Extn ****** iiini MIHP. ..rii wtysie

I. the bleak ..... pM atwRrllq MIlt a.tlesru1
ts9rfttt! ... sell t. V<C, PMI this. .... cite ... .....s.-4 r.. ... lea 1.-- e*... .. .I.e m-- u. prewar and *...... a Oe.s.s -f ... /w ...... ... m.s .
.. ... ..... ...-... ... IIMq.
.7m Offlew tos fill. Ja .... ... Nwn.Sl e..rMzr e..u.e era rase p'e' M ,.............. /w .-.w.dw "'--4 e.wse. .........
....., at a.................-4..... ............. "
title L flerlla.ME. FANTASTIC .. .e...... .... to .-..,... .. te a.'e er..A .a spe qwd ans5...... K*e r>e. to lad,**sad ads e.-.
UKNIHOS"flTlI 1 .... ... .. ..., ...... t'.. .....rre **..... -n.r e... le 'w ... ".."..........

1r ................... accoehara 'b N'irre.tl.

e s.eswi i ..' eee

Mlre.ammrtr.e aTTUZT........... ........ HUMBLE -.- ---e
IS K ve..r e1M'e'
HU aurn .-see........ ..

)1m fI m
5ZT11.M. [ tint n I

: :: : -
_- '


-- JOBS OPEN fAM U High's I Annual Event I It Sports Parade

Royal Crown

LilT CalliTOOTHACHE LAS YEGASNer...(NPI--ThU gambling spa U ready for the
KEY PUNCH Mzt big heavyweight title fight for !foy.mberr tad so are tilt
principles: ..Champion; Cassius(Muhammed All)Clay and chat.:
linger Floyd Patterson the twice crowned e:-tttllst. Wfcfl
SjFrlet PBX RECEPTIONISTTRAIN the oddsmakers were preparing to accomodate the betting
I public both Clay and Patterson appeared to be nets-peak. forain
UlyVtly ; NOWPAY LATERTOP J34 Impressive boxing drills. They meet for the t1W'a NOT.n.

JACKSONYILl AREA Don't suN.r tgony.In seconds|*t rallt
: tat ''th.t lasts with ORA-JCL. SM. .drltformult >. : YORK>-NPI}- The once sprawling,block long business
the an > put It to work In.ttintly empire of former middleweight! champion Sugar Ray Robinson
NO AGE LIMIT. HIGH SCHOOL NOT I to lop throbbin'tooth.ch.p.If$0s..dOC /j .. .,
day, I .y., ., Tanlsbed after the last of his Harlem holdings was sold to
4 p.m. tons recommend It for PA !IMTt..thlnso "' r businessman Ken Sherwood last week.The often crowned Robin
TWCAMrs. REOUIRED DAY OR EVENING CLASSES. ra_j e..' \.w;; son who made a fortune In the ring and then bought an entire row
: of buildings along Seventh Avenue between 114th and IZJrd
rector Call 356-5745 Day or night! streets, sold out even a heart shaped desk gives aim as a
Mrs. I present by his former wife, Edna MM.

Praysper HELP 'WANTEDMelds LOS ANCELES.NPI--S1Dce: being hired U a community
openla relations specialist for the police department,Johnny Roseboro
311 Fla. Title Building Ou.rant ..
lncilll; He1I york Lle.I' JobS, her court are assembled during the recent coronation ceremonies at the Tallahassee greatly. In demand. _
ceren and Laura Sts. ...kl1 fire sdv school from left
Forsyth ,35- 55HAROLD campus demonstration seated are the two little train
Mrs.; mnotMra.AOWCI- bearers, Dorcas Sampson, daughter of FAMUs PMS. Lt. Col. Samuel f. Sampson GENUINE E UNDILUTED
Also, Deptl; 5, Wnbrook, y. and Mrs. Sampson, and Stephanie Barrett, daughter of Sir. and Mrs. James R.
West;. Barrett.Seated behind them from left areCostina: Kittles, Aiaa sophonore," WATER FROM THE RIVER JORDAN
phen daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Costa Kitties; Linda Fitzpatrick, "Miss PAW High"

solo, HELP WANTED: daughter of Kelvin Pitzpatrick, Jacksonville, and Mrs. cilia B. Fitzpatrick, FONHAVC 6ENERATIONSSPCOPLtj
Mrs.Mrs. FE'ISI.G' : Tallahasseeand; Dorthenla Arnstead, "Miss Junior," daughter of Mr, and Mrs. R j DEPENDED ON COCO

Mrs.; TYPIST Waynan Arnstead, Bradenton, and niece of Mr. and Mrs. Hodges Abner, Talla LUCK CHMM3.NOW wE KNOW

Jacks hassee, standing from left are: Darryl MCGhee, escort of "Miss Sophomore." THAT All LUCK, GOOD 0*
Mrs MUST Be Able To Type on of Atty. and Mrs. Alphonso MCGhee, Willie C. Dixon, football captain, son SAO, |II WITHIN OUftStl '
West cValn R. S. EVANS3RD 50.60 W-J'>M. Top Salary of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dixon, Darryl T. Gorham. president of the PAMU High student I : VCS. FITH I IS THE ANS. ,

lor person who qualifies.ApplyFLORIDIt Council, son of Mrs. Tbeloa T. Gorhan, and Freddie Dor sey, escort of WU TO EVEUr PROBLEM .

<& MAIN : STAR "Miss junior," son of Mrs pleta Dorsey. ; ONLY THROUGH FAITH I CANE
2323 Moncrlef Rd. __ __ n _
Methodist ,4 $! PACKAGED I IN A
65 CORVETTE SPEED "365" MOTOR $3995 Zion Hope's District 24 Coming Events

65 Pont. Catalina .$2895 FREE RUG SHAMPOO In Center Sets Youth Day will be observedIn ,a3 WATER MOM. THE
"!>* "'TO!"".AID CW.DmO'rtD. CTWT WARRANTY. AnniversaryDistrict the Church of Cod In Christ 'S RIVER JORDAN WILL SERVE
65 CHEV. 'IMPALA HTOP'wAKMnrif 4DR. V-8 .,.$2695 With Rental Of ShupooEqalpant 24 of Zion Hope Baptist Teach-In ConfabDavid 4. according to the pastor Elder AS YOUR 'INSPIRATION

65 PNT( R1rkD'C'PR AIR COND. .. .$3695 We Rent: LawnMowers Church will obi "e its W.F. Faust. with IN YOUR SEARCH fCRftREATER -
The services commence
/65 BUICK AMC< WILDCAT:'AIR"TV COND.$3595 k Garden Tools, 13th. anniversary Sunday at 3p.m. Whittle,, executive the Sunday School at 10.00: sm. FITH.
In the church
A1MOITKIW rC.ORV WARRANTY Floor Polisher enders, auditorium director of the Methodist Community with David Faust In charge.
65 Cad. Coupe DeVille $5395 Mechanic A Hand Tools, Local : I Center announced this Morning service at U o'clock.
Caleb Gray, W. Wilson Rev.
week there will be a "teachIn The Youth Choir and Ushers Or ATER MOM THE RIVER JORDAN INCLUDING
AUiniTxr* ATe Cot..DmoRD.Amoey munTT. Trailers $2 pet day Remus Smith, Miss Delores
65 VOLKSWAGEN DOWN $193 forum" at the Center 2939Ltppia will serve with Miss Doris << AN EDITORIAL ON FAITH THE BIBLICAL OUOT}.
65 FORD 2-DOOR HARDTOP COUPE .$2595 NATIONAL RENTAL CENTER Travis Anderson, Mrs.Miss Mildred Jacqueline Jefferson Road on Saturday mornIng Faust and Karen Faust at the TIONS OF JESUS "A'TISIN THE RIVER JORDAN.ANO, *
November 13 at 10.00 a.m. Instruments.Dual .
Ya THH powrn TrrniKn ;
7323 N.Main fit. PO 86955 Mrs. Burncll Spencer PROOF MOM THE BIBLE Or WHAT FAITH HAS ACCOM
62 CHEVYII 51'.OwTCOUPE .$ 995 The School Superintendent,
I Ml Deacon Willie Travis and others PLISHED.
H VRLETH4.'D8() R''' members of the Budget Commission
62 6" .
$995ITOM'lie. are also participating. Day will be observed all .
Rrntn' I "t,1 f will be present to present ONLY 1.00 PER BOTTLE. 0"OtR AS MANY AS YOU w.Sti
63 COMET: : 2DOOItHARDTOP; .$1295 the facts behind the pre. day Sunday November 14, la St. FOR vouRSEirorAs airtsroRvouR DEAREST MI cues,

Doug Hargett, president of the at
Morning Worship begins
POJIACASTAR Cn'lEFM4.DR. -----------
61 HTOP ..$1093 -----
Dial 0-Matic Sewing
Singer- Youth Council on Civic Affairs 10.43: with devotion In charge 1 HOUSE Or FAITH,
rnvjB n-rrrniNo MN AtTo nTir xxxrttAnf
VALIANTVBAROAIN: R&H .$1595 Machines Zig-Zag sewson Furnished. Cnoklni PrivPintle will serve as questloneer and of Mrs. C.S. James and others. P.O. Box t2H.JACKSONVILLE 1I I
WoNAit or Couple Mr. Whlttlesejr will serve as Mrs. Cussie Paige Cray will
65Buick$4395RIVIEHA buttons, makes buttonholes 35e-1191. moderator, be the main speaker,Mrs.Myrtle I FLA. 1I I
This special program will be Barton will serve u pit I PLEASE SEND M-JIOTTLtSOrGtruINt WATER MOM I
GRAND SPORT fancy design 'etc. presented especially for teachers soloist. I 'THE RIVER JORDAN POSTPAID.
Ile r imvr HAVF tlwon.'j H> ''' ,'" nti* { 1"t sold new for over $300 and student who care to services at 6.4 I ENCLOSE ONE DOLLAR FOR 1I I
M IT rrc IT i oi M if Aliftf M MiA find out about the present situation Night begin : I EACH BOTTlC.MYC II
FOR RENTFurnished with Deacon Leroy Mallory and .
has balance 52.30 or however m.mbersolthe ---
OA-cr 100 Cars To Choose From you ; of devotion. II 1I
Fountain In
A. charge
I ''
Invited \
community art to at. 1hCgr5q[
can assume S7.eo monthly Rooms. tend. Rev 8.L. Badger pastor I I
t R. S.EVANS Will take older of Emanuel Baptist Church will Cl ITV STATE, ;-
be the speaker. Guest
; guest ---------------------------
475 west 19tk. St.
machine soloist will be Walter Ctvens.
as partial
3RD & MAIN pay, DEATHS -

1'1 "Jacksonville's] Meat\ F eommfnded Dekl'r" ment.Will delim.No Obl Pi. 353.0420 I
/ ','': T.L 4.831U -EL 44382 gations. Call 353.1946 Mrs. Alberta Perry, 721 Stone.
j] OB BBS Line wall St.
Mrs. Jessie 1340
\ 111'or\ day Davis W.
j1L .15U Si.Mrs. ;. "
Oi lla Brown., 1480 W.
State St.
John Joseph Knight, WM Ella
l'I ; SHOP St.
William Henry Harris,Fernan
cUr .
I J I Ii sAYEX1'1 Jim. Leon pope, a 1M1 1 McConnlefit.

Mrs. Fannie Brows James,1941!
Venus St.
Miss Cadys Mae Richards 95S
Broad St.
Arthur Scott, 6917 WUsoa Blvd.
) ', 0 'II luac Singleton Jr., W5t Paris
1 I E AtP I
11. Ave. Everything\i
'" .....
Victor E. Fields tMl Southern
r} Harrington ASST. MGR. Harvey PKO. MGR. fit.

MIL Rena Vashlnctoo. S74
3000 W. 45th. STREET CaroUDe St.

Stub Jacques Allen.,111)Everireen -
l -: Prices good thnifk Sunday, Noi. 14 Ave.Jimmie .
C. Hodges,8M W,Mew old fashioned about
only, it ,roar 45th St. ASP roe fit.Mrs. .
Ap Thelma White Roas, S4S4
lI James Rd.Mrs.NarcUws.
I Bell Tate..Z054I

I Mrs. Annie M. Baney, City. .
CREAM HAWAIIANPUNCH Kermtt McLaa.64x1 Beryl Ave.
I Julius A. Alexander Jr. MMSprlnc
Part Rd.
Raymond Cherrle, 790 Minnie
Rd.Mrs Aaa.Brpwa. ((4JO Klan

Mrs Blanche Mon*, 40t I
sea St. c I 1'"ii
Jeffery Wsu Myers, 1411 Sea ., "

4 14-OZ.PIES 99 MIUART 14-OZ.CAN 29 C fit.grove Mrs Ella St. "'alUrIIU W. tad .' ..



the people

i.GAE. Ml.

I PLASTIC 49 4 1302. 89 has a modern 3 Uy whodrinkit

IDC CANS service station with
established backroosi
and .1100.,1

Save OR sfMctals Ifo this hi the Melt Deft.isttn wens t

ww Light iKl'
Ideal location at l

W State purl Sts.M1NIUUX ,


Tin fw Itfirutiii CA .Now.. II not N.eT1 ''TNh..,haal/a tNdIrII.--.c.s 1stpr N ellml4 ete3t eel
taenuoRnd Itseer. oM fteA.. >r ee e',.Iooa rot Whom see betasr aw "Pt try a ranassy
tttici ****+* fovea MMr.. M morn* ou Fepgw, Ass+r y ca. IFN1It1t set t.eim.1& q.v .

U. nlfl1S 7442I


".-. ,. .. .... ,"'t ..._--_.._ .. ......J. l..r' --..-.+...-'a ) 5 1L A'1 .A:1.r": ." _. t:1":0.:.. t