Florida star

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43359 F20090413_AABSCN 00478.txt 36123e631ac36bdbe715b54912e4042ebaca840e7c6b1b15da38e47ceeeeade57f36a413
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200687datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 31, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006870740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 31, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 31, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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( -... .TJI Ckirlai C U V. Davit, CoordtMiar tot ./.1st, d.tvd.1.I.lI.414mdwN Who 'lit ill. ptdoi M mend tort an M MamiaiMr for Low Inn c.

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WU It,..... teal /OM M toll .,..d.r of CM CMWBMIHpam ''' N 5 did MWN .. ttlHHl 4... k... A. M.L.ivyOwAtp .f **4 F. Apl..lki .,. M Il ll4tMIsg M'1 a1'
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D..........I. N.*.& ,..HI ............., ... Mt''E1..114S.to. .0/ ... t. Uwl-., red y i. S4r ."Ut.I. lot tf to hit away suit....

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"HI ... '''J. ,....... w. .4 .. {U.I e..1..... '.... a. ro tok..a>M. ..*.. sA Deadline SetA
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I. ....... .....41'do ,1 ...Mw. Ia4 ... path to to 00 aUMUM
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/nd.4 o1a.*. r...,t ,.- ..,. ",...,...... .. .....a.mj.h p .dM '...., -- d.a go as 1..l 1+01. .. ......
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4. 1 .. .,., .. ..* .. .,.,..L.d. ,. ....., /N,1tH4 .*.** ... .55, ......d.....N arid.N ...... avoyMMM.WICttMMa.Ma,...,.. ...
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J:.. I. Mp $.... ....... .. u. a .". tb.INoC I.- fw11.. ...41..4S. "r... .. to I* .**** to _I10111MMatlda'CA.II'MM5. ...

= a ..... .... ,H'..l oil ...... N. *.. .M.......... ..4 04. ......../ .-4 t..4. a. I.ros1e.wp ,.*. Ys.
idiom.M 11a./.a*1 M = AM k_ .... .... ...... ..... ... .w.d .'.ftI t..1.ii .,., 0> IfItlHI.> .. M4 Howl .+....." .to. 0.4. "'. dull ..... a1. I .......t....S

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_ '!!!!I" T '" T ... ...

_t: = jii: ,r..."

-- -- -- -

7 M.y'I I"Ir",'cs .
-" -- ; ;. .;.."




NEWS ,- aiiLt T0, Be Equal

'publish by the. Florida star publishing Oonpaay ;


E. VISE. livs liter _
The Whit BOOM baa Indicated that IU forthcoming conference
will mphasix lilt tragic plight of tilt Negro
III. WI8TEI......... Clfcilitlfli Miiifir I f (sea r 011 rue relations

( "stimd tor tilt recent U. S. Labor Department study of widespread -

among the Negro poor, Presidentjobnjoahas uktd
1323 Miicriif Inl Mm UIII1111 ci Stirred bJ the rectllt U .$. Labor Department study of wide.Mad -
: dlsorganliatlon among the Negro poor, PresldenUonn.MB .
has asked his bra1DtrUt to plumb beneath the surface tad
Iliiliif ...risi to product some far-reaching solutions.
to the Unltd States for gtnerations -
wW tow pests
Fliriii 32211 THERE NEVER WA$ANY PAII.T'I/ l There
In 5SS
P. I. -
FACTION. SECT OR CABAL (unless the Negro mal has the sam oppprtusltles -
tm.tT.5OnCI/' WW yNEMayrsw.cANrWEREAbrruE as kit white counterpart) lilt report wins
MIAMI SuitE Billet I. regarded as the key to the rut1art 0'tilt N.-

HOST VIOLENT FORA SEE fro poor.. and that's every family of second color inUrrtan
131 NV 3ri Ail. Mill 377-1125 IS NOT A BUSIER ANIMAL THAN r GI.1a country.
BLOCKHEAD.' The League movement, of course, baa lost
on tats question,
bees trying to foci public opinion
to fact lilt Federal report cites these paragraphs
SUBSCRIPTION RATES from my book "To Be Equal" (McCraw- Hill) !
One Year, $6.00 Half Year 4.00 I "Both u hasbsad and as a father tot Negro male

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States Is made to feel inadequate, not because be 1s unlovable or
Subscription payable in advance \ unaff ectlonate. lacks intelligence or even a cray cannel suit.
Order to 1 But in a society. that measures man by the rose of his pay.
Send Check or Money : rfTN
check, be doesn't stand very tall in comparison of Us white

tJ cou&ierpt
rl'Jt To this situation be may react with withdrawal bitterness
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 CI' pUoWNBAMA toward society, aggression both within the family and racial

Jacksonville 1, Florida croup, self-hatred, or crime. Or be may escape through a
number of avenues that help him to lose himself in fantasy or '
to compensate for his low status through a variety of exploits.
As I read these words again I can Imagine the fresh. batch of
Publicity Hit Hurt Us ALA letters will receive accusing' maktogexeuses for Negro
criminals and the like.
But u I tell Negro citizens that we must do more than deplore
The Negro race has been seeking first- Injustice by whites, I say it 1s not enough for whites cltlxeu to

class citizenship for a long time, but the deplore crime among Negroes.
masses of our group continue to hurt our This Is a time for uoderatsnhg-sad for action.
former I found recent trip to Africa of 1mmens -
Regarding the my
public image
a multiplicity of crimes
usefulness. On that continent I was deeply Impressedby
many of which are petty. the beads-high attitude of ordinary Africans The colonialism
We scanned several newspapers during the which they endured for centuries. has not been marked them u

past week, and this is what we found out about Your Weekly deeply u slavery did their American brothers.
us as a group. The rank and-file steal, In African society, the African male-whether be ls a pilot
or dllcb-dlgger...feels his worth U an IndlTidual. His lob Is
shopliftcommit assault and battery slash
u steady as the next man's and his family unit is as stable.
with knives and razorsand murder. For instance (This Is true for middle class American Negroes, by the way.))

: He possesses a spirit of confidence In himself his daily role,
A squabble led to a man s death, four peo- Horoscope Guide and kin future.
pie were apprehended for thefts, six were The difference lies in th* fact the Eiropaa colonialism
thirsted to exploit the land and its resources-whereas" slavery
arrested for gunplay, two stole an auto-
sought to exploit the human person. Moreover, because
mobile, six were charged with assault and By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER of our ludeo-ChrlstIU heritage' the slaveowners had to COBVmce -
battery, four women were arrested in fights, the Negro that slavery was Holy Writ and moral la
ten were arrested for drunkennessand four with the servant mentality they forced th* slaves to
were arrested for murder, etc. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR sum At the same time, they fed the vanity of unthinking
white people with the pipe-dream of a superior race-to
It seems that many of our group work during Justify slavenoldlng. Only In America tile Negro male has
the week, get into trouble'on week- : BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL been so deeply Injured.My .

endsand pay out the week's pay to get out I understanding 1s that Pr.lidnllobDIoG intends to hit

of Jail.Nobody can become economically independent bard the issue of the Negro male. Hopefully, his solutlou
if he keeps making the jailer will Include far-reschiag, med-mnd-potafv programs to encourage
youth to rehabilitate their poverty-struck fathers
rich.We AIRES day's end. Such matters u financial idea to something entirely different ward. Benefit from lilt great and to improve their housing economic prospects.Most .
must learn how to improve our behavior."Sucker" Bora: March Oat-Aprll 19th arrangements of other stability la your life Is mental stimulation that Is provided of the signs! of overt discrimination (white and colored)
significant details can well betaken bettor maintained by sticking to by Uranus and Plato In have been inked don. Now the unwritten sign o..r", ghettos
up later when. you will oo ambition and a single pur- solar 7th bouse and allow must be removed. For too long It has read: Abandon hope all
The world abounds with:people be enjoying sharper facultiesand pose It may be necessary for meat tb* privilege of being the who enter "hen.Serrlig.
who have aars-propositions tile favor of key associates. you to resist arguments or any arbiters of your destiny. But
that will make you a neap ofmoney. Reject clauses that could turn form of pressure that may be It you attempt to take opposite
Some will try to con- a conventional enterprise Into applied to make you go contrary direction: to the use which they The Public Interest
It is, very difficult for us to believe vine you by a show of Infectious one which could subject you too to your established convictionsand are pointing, you can expect
that anybody could be so naive as 'to be enthusiasm, while others .heavy monetary responsibili policies.. The social and club things if not everything togo
taken in" by the old con game, but never- wW resort to more subtle tactics ties.. The picture Is quite obscure contacts that you have made many wrong.' Wlshfulness cannot A short Urn ago lilt Interstate Commerce Cosmlula handed
to to making tt essential for milieu area' don decision which should meet with the approval of
theless it in get you put up your your professional ma up for your lack of foresight a hearty
happened recently Tampa, c..... Whenever you run acrosstypes you to reject any propositionuntil those that may be considered prudence or financial the American petfcle..and which, tt may be hoped, will be in
'Florida.Mrs. that fit either description U has been carefully explained the most trustworthy and personally soma should you number among the nature of a precedent.In .
Lula Ford, a Tampa resident, reported tighten your grip on your poc- and checked by trusted edifying. B* careful the few, against whom suck a 1HJ, tte Southern Hallway System great reduced the
to the police that she was conned out ofa ketbook. Start walklnt the other counselors. The odds are much when you are traveling to and charge can be mad*. Beware rates for rain transported In It's-Big John 100 ton freight
week's pay Friday before last. The lost way. The signs that you can achieve more In your favor giving youth fro or dealing with neighbors, of taking issue with your mat cars The new rates averaged (0 per cent under tgose formerly
your economic ends only edge on security. relatives or la-laws. When or other In your circle of In effect. Barge line operators protested, and lilt Commlsskw
amounted to in hard-earned cash.
pay $97 through your established gainful\ money Is concerned, wire are &WaDe..ud rivalries to fore ordered that use rate to Increased by 11 per cent.
While Mrs. Ford was in the Broadway Banka endeavors are too clear to be $.MO-M-U.U-137 many individual who art exceptionally stall controversies.Peaceful But then tt reconsidered the matter. And In the new decision
strange woman offered to share $20. 000 denied ot overlooked at the present touched. settlements should to arrived tte full reduction rinds by lilt raOrond...approved. The rates

with her if she could prove she could tan. time. Intact, by not depending at on 1Mb.TOUMnMl. tt said, are lust and reasonable.
on chance alone to bolster VIRGO A decision such as this Is U obvious benefit to consumers and
le a large sum of money. It always happens -
your fortunes, you are giving U Dora: Ang Mrd- S.p(. ltd S8M41M1UISAGITTARIUS ... .. More, tt permits the common carrier concerned to
and at this time a man came into the a bettek opportunity to step .la take advantage of Rs cosapetlttv abilities. And more, tt per-
bank and advised the victim to put her money and do so tor you. Areward Isyours.
with his. The con man stated he would Too tree a us* of criticism CAMCCR lake advantage of ttscompettttveabtUIIes.And more competition
Is hardly calculated to ease tensions ls the task need m commercial transportation today, u many
take the money to his boss who was holding S-M-77-U-U-1M that may have benbuudlag Bon: Nov. Urd-Dec. lint Bon June Und-Juty u.I exhaustive studies of transportation problems have attested.Tto .

the large sum of $20,000.The up In your domestic and Commission deserve tte highest praise for this particular .
victim compiled, with the request, TAURUS public relations. Should any threat Everything' pouts t a.elary: Ton can almost be certain... decision. Perhaps tt win beto to stimulate Congress
waited an hour. when the man did not return Bora: April IOtb.Ma11Ot1a of a ahowdown' take place of extraordinary tact and discretion those wboclaimtobe the victimsof to tab long-delayed action In eliminating obsolete laws which

she called the police. adopt a diplomatic attitude rather In trying to capture the nose ratter arbitrary treat- stand. In De way of a truly competttv transportation system.
While logic and reason have than one that could worses shining goal for which yon have sent on your part could to the
We will never be "gypped" if we think their roles to play In. any per. the situation Watch the malls been plaanittg and training. Although sam ones who may to deserving
,before acting. Why would a total stranger _'. existence, there are moments carefully on this day so as not tt seems to to with of tt. Tire&re times when Stera Action Needed
want to share $20,000 with the victim? It when. your emotions and to miss and interesting item sight, you cannot overlook the frlndsbk outlive their usefulness. -
doesn't make sense.And so people have deeper ..alllD.aaubould be accepted that may be considered a unique hurdles or attempts of others They should to then to
aa more reliable guides. opportunity advance yourself who are out to thwart you broken off before they should The war U net Nam baa completely altered this nation'
been taken by this game, so many news stories Should you com across a sit- or your personal ca.... when. yon ar* reaching out fork broken off totor they turn Into budget ___ We are committed to a major effort which
have been published about it; and it nation that calls for making such The necessity of maintalamg Duct will help you when sources' of bitterness and*. U being .escalated at an unpredictable cost. B will ran tar
would seem that no one would "fall" for a jBidnrtto, th* planetary aspects emotional self-control ls again you are making !the most 01 roar tria...... ''I'M'" goals mto tte UUiona and DIn Is. no end now m sigM.
such a "fool's' paradise." definitely sanction taking pressing to prevent a disappointment subtle powers and influential thai both yon and your clone Reports from Washington say that orders hors gone eat to
1M romantic view rather that la love or the dissolution contacts without broadcasting aim aboald be** m view ar the federal agencies to cut costs m every poeotbte way. But
any other that conforms to lilt of a warm end valuable your WIII lap** of DaM that have too*with )oiiiivi administrative cuts, detritus as they are, wm but to enough
nor stnt-aced traditions or .friendship. ttJess! mlsunder- Judgment on routpart maybe. and tt* advancement There must to a basic change m policy as veIL That needed
Give Them A Cfciace conventions. Yes nay have to 'standings have gone so tar as to immediately reflected by a sub cannot allow rasa sentiment to cheap can to expressed m a abort sentence: B M eesentialttat
be the one to show torcefttlnets be beyond recall the,* Ray been ItU alIaOMCarJkwbkbcC111J4 stand m frustration. The Aquarians government do nothing and nay tor nothing, ttnt can to
A white couple of Mlaai, who have had a tad determination when your excellent opening for conciliatory hurt you badly. Pay attention who hav*arawt too...,. provided by. taxpaymg private enterprise using prints capital
child in their hone since it was mate or partner becomes best moves on the 15th. to older member oldie try on their nervous aa well as and savings.This .
Negro lad and confused. Another day have to means above all. tint goviramiei should not m
It may be th* occasion to prove family group end soeUl circles physical energies stay engage
three days old, are carrying their fight when. dupes ....... .
there art positive that love can conquer after all matters that hive to do wit pens and allow their partners sumercal .
to the court in an effort to adopt the to be encountered by those housing and Caaac tag. I* taU seer untfl they host r- Numbers nf example ceuld be ctted. Derate: power Is
child now 21 months old. who travel la t lilt lth and early l-40-M-n-n-ITT freshet fbuKlal torts** are among die tost. B to a proven met ttat the hmstor-ew-
Mr. and Mrs. Anton scribner, who live a- hours of lilt 14th. Hold fast to ...-. Industry In able and eager to meat any..... tor newer writ
your hope a, 1.lOla.ISen.nC.PRJCO exist now or will exist m the future. B will nse B* most advanced
board their 45-foot sailing yacht, have MO-TT-lft-W-M technology m dig this prevtdtaa ft* ntUaaakt m service ,
docked in the Miami River to sue in the 4-JO-U-U-7MM LIBRA standards at fte meet modest toasobl cee* B wffl make

court for the privilege of adopting the Bon; Sept. Mrd. -Oct. tlrd pacts ft* meet nf aa source of electric energy-coal,nO, falling
child. water, ft* aloau.g .
cibtna Bon: the Bnd-Jan. rxTb Born: tea ntb-Marcb VXkK ft* Industry U nermlOed.no din Job the geesramem wfflto
The welfare Department feels that it night Bon May Jlst-June list! Ton cannot afford to lose your spend tt* bug expendBure* dial are srisjasig tor taxsienmt .
become difficult for the child to fit Into aelf-coondeac U this point security of yourself and matter bow setf-reliant you whined newer systems. On to*nf Bat. a wffl gab
this environment when he grows older. nut now appears to be lit* sine yon ar* almost on the ere those dell to yon to n miter nay bet yea cannot escape. the to tto heavy tone tile mi eel*.eened etflaie wO ..,.
Hence the scribner have withdrawn their lie doubt hat the Industrious of a definite tad construcUv to which yon attach DM wtmoetmtportane conclusion that your mas ornumion What Is lea nf tte oQaTs vale to at stake, pen action
request to adopt the child, but they nay ones among you who hav*chosen turn m health and voestionalaffairs. *. oaten of slag else. closely allied. mat to hten...sml taken .....
specific, toward which you Ifs easy to work yourself wishful about this yon tremors yon can tto the state ft* *r agalnst -
refile for adoption in so.e other state or are striving" stand the best up Into an agitated state apt' to be practkaL bpvrtear you, now *r mtor. Keen
the Bahama. chance of coming up with brU- of mad one minute and to sly baa no*-tIt"1IIM yon OMltttUe Otis thought m ma*indferm. This Week In
Furthermore, the Welfare Department ques lag results. Others who bare down Into the dump tilt ..... or nothing is glees away late a Man of action that will Negro History
tioned whether the couple could provide a been mislead "W- oetI partners Just follow your natural !intact In br* and mat you bar t* labor protect your ....-,...*mserstas
that keep from long and hart to rein nuKftucMsossMytoseen.
you lobe
normal family life and future for the child. or ambitions ere lIOn 10. I. tttt.-Jtllns Roeeceall fund Set *4cn-
lady to com to grist and to to extremes III any direction. gala But at lilt same time, R The sorts ttnt ar*ntter4wmsm
If not in Florida perhaps the couple just Dad. themnetv .IIrllc Inth Tow may depend upon acne toUe ls evident oat yon hove to nr*. mar ...*circle dodo toanrtoasty tonal, scientific nn4 cultural ntsrpoen. or
night be able to do this somewhere elae. sell of .-ctrta. l1. Tour yon right In the middle Vide now ant the futur. Ten vnlgtoi s4 taken to ,MI..*.
quite sure the petitioners are a- health and the role diet plays through thick and thin.'Ther* cannot rely en promise smcer > heart stoc-ftey seem to to to*. I. lM--Dr. Cbarlee t. .a|(*. first Regrw
wire m Rs also call tor again are todtfattona of treats or otherwise. that poverty ...,..ft* was af wisdom. I
of the problems they will confront. unkeep may nppolate4. "Jat cnlverslty Oolle.. *f Beilclnefscwity
OHM particular friends or assoclatM to B* pocketbook through lendkc and an Its related mlMrlsscanb tonll to tt* naprtnwmss me-
who ar* seen Mthnaatfe torrowng or nnderrrUntImpractical steely wished er legislated sent fy coniesn to ncwiectttemeetm In Detroit.o .
call fClc's. wuUteformedeould ...... 4mlaie4 away. This algninesBatacom- Into tt* Mare. Ale J. ll"--wuj. John a. tmcb .*. served three
.. coat yen plenty. Maid youth by some of your friends,Shonklyon ........* arid, horse rang a ktna of ncttan writ maya ter. In U* D.& CMcre fie*.
had tt* b4 Judgement el listen- allow yourself to b*caught and ........ program a. aftor U sbapmf s necormms toyew .... J. ITU.-V111I Cull. Must n net nffrweoM.
lie to ne4 act upon B. Th In wit a web K may hove UffetIn an pot best and only security IBM and pee/rnseoe, 0*
ion.Nil. .
i ooMtructtv tread thai nets lanuould met a web,M may maws Itvetyr Avoid n brnaUng till oftrtesM&y net bait risks.enemy nr.-
.. 4. 119-Tb* Anwrlcan CMventlen I Abut It ten
to promptly 11IM.IIOSlMNUt. reunions III yaw*--ue rateUons nMQunal atalChty.K .
and prolMstnMl clicks aocletlen ersnlse4 U tu.blk't-. 0.C.
r- 1-M-U-t -O-Tn pw.4. lMV.*..elt phlUU Dutoe. now ........

(Js 3. 1,121 nn ban in Blcbspo4. Vn..
LSO scot no aums
tmev. 4. Ibftt-ilrtb of Lnncaton BucnM.. fnnann wrttertoetlecttfer -
Bona My UN-Anf Bad .
Bone Oct. titx-ft*. Cad Sere.I0a-reb.ua eN
U posits, no.
SbnM OHM b* mpAAat1W Imw. t0Dr. jobs gw en* ncvlnte4 the tint
CAN K ARRSSTfO p aV Aatb There Is n great cnpncJty a*
VOu poltOiF 04 A fzJTT 1, wA'ratlxZ. has eoacluston to to bone right*now to %heed postttv*.. A&ftougB r M part' et cured IIeUIC with yes but abonM meet* nrenlnent ., .. .... celtwe
gAtarSHdo, AMVSWXU N .tr D1ANAMft 7Pw64M I Snort ads no haw, the customs to swttefc trait *n* ant be rind m* echo fUflntDnl *.*. lIM-tllllea tells nrewi started bin llfr
(I111k10IS dt IN WFruq M.1t *ANY 0ViIR Jt4tM' .WJ brand to aauAer, nr tress on ptacJpM nmpnU yw* ..- cwt n* M ntolluUC


J.\'II'(1 1" !W1ILmI! : ,' J: (li.1.Whtiji ,' ', J "WI ,'f' .t "
\ ;
'w i. : ::1\\ &&IP :
I "' ,., ', .. ., .'(' 1. :'. ", ; @fl_ ", ,r ,. .,.. (" (" .6 11J .

: ..SUlD1Y MlYElm 7. U65 ,STAR TAPERS- PACE 3

Central Cetfege Professor Socially Speaking Classic Committee Kicks Off Preliminaries I

.......... ..
I Baptist Himed To USDA .

Bj lulu CuLpN
: WcnIIl" Ise (Mal Dr.
: Church --.
'Ot.d1s W tore formerly Tn* big anoont la htrtl Graduatta of both ftethunOookaan *- .
*>"' u.rdd.nl.hy.IALT Colloft and Clark Collect art t&thuslaatlo ; 'litr
Annul Womta'a Day vfll to ,.
eel ..t Gre-xttfteret C about the
attend November ZKa to daylong mate NOTtnbtr 6, betlanlagwith
1.4_. she ,..
Ctntnl Bajtftat Cbarch with dJ.uf.P.0dg the parade at II:00 *.I. la the nornlng and
nerd vrwl W A. Atomic
Mrs. Ruth Jotmsoa u Chair- ending with the last house party Saturday ".IIID..
main, Mrs. Janlt Cr1mD.Mra.IDeI Ee.rry) commitiieA, beenaWgnvef
Two JackaonTlllt girls till reign our tile oatorBotl Yh
ICarlsoa CoOutran.Other to Ifco impertonf C. I ,
Committee chairmen *e>*refv. State f**..rcA ,*er-
and members ant Mrs.. M. vice 'in tie U.S. Departmen
E. Johnson natty achooliMrs. eI A,rIcvI fur-.
O, "1. Caejir. morning Her efvfc'os will incW ..,.-
senrlcej ..Ira..t.W.kleQ.eo- verfe" eI reaeerch In fne tamexi -
chairman Mr*. J. Scrlvtn' nutrition .!*fI centumerM
youth programs Miss Cheryl .....rem ere*.
Dalse Miss Robin Forresttr. -
Prior to Divas' USDA. Dr.
co-chalrmenj: Mrs,Waggle ,.,. we e.tf eye*? ,fit raewrck .. .--.,...,.."........::...-.r.-
HID evening worship ")
).Ir.. El1&+beth Banks eo- a>r.fe< .ateftlitW' f* tjCI OFF DINNER ot Florida MM offkiala and local Bowl, la lop photo from left art: Dr. WUllam Foster, All
ehalrmani Mrs.PearlDortty' ,Uontify Sectors re.a>.ii Mefor loaders held Tbitraday week la Holiday tan laid plus for band leaden; George Olson, pima msnapr of the Gator I
hays" and. meant committee, !M. ". .r.)."lic ..I". e/ *)ie the forthcomlni annual rldtest between Ue Rattlers aDd Tuu Bowl Association; A.J. Roblda Cater Bowl Association pre
Mrs Ida Headersoo. eo- "v,,,. ton ...."... fci *Ji. SoutDera ValTcratty Cararday nltf. MOT 17 la the Gator sldeat of the JackaoavUle Chapter Florida AiM Ahuaal

chairman. Mrs.Mar I*Qua*. IF.......'" aI X.r.di.t.d ".; ,..
Ktrs.' Robert Howard Mrs. Dr. I.,.., n.li'v.e/D.flee.
Kitherliw Herrtuj. Mrs.VI. r..... is, lhI.d I. 'Am..rk.e. -- -- -- -- end -' --- ,
Singleton. Kirs. Dorothy Men .1 Sr,.,.,.,. w.... bM,. Claaale toilets QalTlo Beanie Langley, -
Wooden ).Ir.. A. U Wilson .. both atndonta at Setbus.-Cookaen college. ,
Am.t Am.rk.n w.
Mrs.r. V.Jean Forrtswr, Mrs..Mrs. WNI ..... ... III Amok.etwt.R.a'.nd Ttt parade line-up will be at 8:00: a.n.at jefferaon -
Quamrmani ts.reonberdM. pool and tile entourage will march off at tfactlj
Carolyn Kendrlek:! finance,
Ktrs. Jails Yatesj Miss Gto- .......nrarei S.> I: 00 a... raovlag vest oa Fourth street to
ova C. Rubtrry pubUelty.Kirs. eW x eM S)*.ne XI. DaTls; north on Da-la to Eighth str..t; teat oa
Aimed Thompson Co 3A.Ise.rrl.dt.DrsO.aw. eighth strttt to vjrtlo Avenue; and south CD uyr .
.Chairman C I.,.,. ...... golly la tit Avtnut to tile turtle Avenue sail park. +'I
KlUs DobbU Cherry besutlflcMlon. ...JrrMl....,. Ismtdiattlfollowing the paradt. the Hospital n
Mr*. Ethel Washbyton -
Co-Chalrmani MissCatfierlne JIXH Tapped ty CDtmltttt of tile StthuBfCooknaa College' Alunnl -
Ore. Mrs. Al- Association till grttt aluanl and visitors la
mats Ck*. Kirs. A. Metvoryi the penthouse of the Atro'Asricsn Lift insurance
Kirs. Dorothy R. Alston For Ak PoliceTroiRiiig Building oa E. union street. "op'n Houat' fee-

chairmen sponsors sod tlltl.Ill bt la sissies from 10:00 .. .. to
ads, "I ra. Berth Terrene. '
Ktrs. Doris Carer Co-Chair 4:00: P.n.prttldlag. e. ,t
-- -
men. SAM ANTONIO. T.J.-- our "open Houat" activities will be J. 8XIaUoa.lled: from loft art Dr George W. Cart fled) Monsalee Davis, lake Caliber and Dr. Footer, aodrtssea -
The Sunday School war be* urea TUrtC3 estllllo Nathaniel Dash, president of the jacktonfllltBethunfCookaan AIM presldeat and Rattlers Coach XW. (Jake) Caliber atteadeea.PU .
lID at MS .m. with Mrs. J. Jackson wfcoee fuaj- Colltgt' Alunnl Asaoelation; Mr*. Photo right overall dinner scene.Bottom rlpt. CalUter table to banqueleers. I
..t. E. Johnson presiding. diu 11 Mr*. nary L.Sellenof Otrtrndt L. Style, chalrvan of tht Hospitality photo from left: Dr. Gore, Banked by W.D. Sweet ......"'...,..............Royl its Stwtto ,0&08......_......_..

Morning worship will begat fa 1122 Van Pure Coultttt. kjra. .ry a. Coletan ura. nary H.

1 lotto win lint.seat\ Senior Mrs. Gloria Choir .t., JackaonTlll. bas Mitchell; Hja*'a ar....., and Dr. Andrew X Roblaeoa. Royalty Features Homecoming Knights Organized.

Grant will be at the co cols. boea HJ .ct.d for ttcfe: .

The pastor Re?. R. Le.. nlecj trtlalac U en air th. football gaat till bt playtd la the Gator
der Jones win spun on the Bollcesisa at Lack! ..' Boel It 1:00: P-a. In Alabama.

libject.." Senior"The Usher JpoUersCame. Board Art. Tti. Clark College alumni\ la the jackaoavtllt are la- D DUIWCII AKHMf( 0-.The

1 will sen. Air.ens Jao'.o.0 elude Mre. Luther 1....;JO. Janet; Euleat jone.; first Unmask Order o(Knig

District 2 win cbsen la h. Jut oosvUte4 0.8. Illllan Boddlt. Ira. Edn Dodd!., .... a.J. Illllaju hts of o(Omar Alabama tempt. was lathe Initialed state

Anniversary at the church Air Pore ttaale lllt&trtralalac ; and Mr*. Grace singleton. bio the lnt.rnatlonalo.l1\1-!

4(00 E..p.m. at Lack & It la tiptettd that the usual boast partita till satlon aiiild appropriate ceremonies
worship wlUbrflnat
ttOO p.m. The Pastor wUJ .. la a IM. ira iata bt held following the gan. Also leeiberaof last I month.Designated .
speak on the 1Iben.11.) of Hattlt* f. Gilbert Eldorado Chili art tsptcted to take advantage of \ Haitws Tempi,
Have Your* Mlh> School. the apeclal prlfilegeof entertaining guest there. No.1, Use new" ovptrtmeni
.............. was trjanlaed by T.D Mil
cUU grand chancellor
jvaalta tUadolph, Annie B. Mlaattt, and prance Knights of Pythias of Alaba.
Johnson sore ....t players when Doris Jonea enter ma. John Dark a charter -
tamed Lt trl... Anita Bridie Chit recently. member, of the local D,0.
K.CX. was prevlcusry Initiated I
: delivery Anoag high scorers for the evening were e>>IUI.! Into Ur Knights\ of Cn'rat

jone and llnona Brltt.Meabera a ....Ior! of tie> SupremoInltlatlm I
participating la the event Included Carolyn Led,..
Miller.Bath Sonar Ruth BTOOM endolja schell 11'. te Mn Int bW I
Mr. A Mrs De Mk un t.u M,"" (. A._. OM D.CIC.CrNft "u from Ml*
Margaret Sattoa. Vivian satterwblt. and LillianSlagl.tos.
s. ,Mr. g MVa r>*W D" <. III tM<.. f+. *.r chan(|| and FferUa. '
Mr. g Mn. S ylva.... Mari M40 Fro Mi.4i MA 0.. w.U Harrison. purdtJs.
,. g Mrs Celem ...r_ JOI 1/2 W. U* ft.Mr. 0. pren Klo nil ef the D.CXK.CX.
t Mr*, 1_.. Se. 43M r....y. Or, 1. .., Ita a darling baby girl for Mr. and Mr*. A.C. OrOfOIA. OUffNI Vtt/TfAA U-A .. 0''''. ,..I.... '.eft'.". "Mitt Morris .,*. Mr. It Mrs Rev NW sIn MAMcrtef tl N1rMr Carter of Iflg Deathe Drle. Both Delpkeala. and !. for If 4144. ,ev... ee .... ,em_vt .!fleWeW AIM U", *." y ...i''eH ....tttIf... .... Ulttton eeroinonles, said. the .
A Mrs /-" <*.. O"*MM S72f NWIf Ne" Dr. O* M,. A Mrs CIer_. Ofm-i 4334 f....IerfI Dr. 0" .............. It If."' ''' .f her .MeA/enft, MI.... Merry/ Wbrrn, Ifttf eel 0.1.> C.'lIt., rk.y ai of ship .has s era. tertian I
Mr. A Mrs MrW N.... MTV C 27* StMr. .., Geneva H..d."OII eta hrt"e* to tk* moot recent Wl leMfori M Maria Ire.* ''AMU..*,...,. ky great f>Hr.'". ,.Al.ham.'s*.." leadership In Its

k A Mrs NWeW Nerrti *41 SWI***? N:.fc..y .., ...U.. of claay LSM Bridge Clab. Janet Johnson
Mr. A Mr.. A. C C.-.. S/S4 D***. Dr, S. 011Mr. no gist player.Claaay CompletesSchedule
A M,.. Ott. 0."tJ f. J4m U 1 n ,
Laae* atteadlag the neetlag lacladed re...w.gm sew se ees N N.. sy w.e se er+,I"_ ....,., enNIt:
jvanlta lllljae.H*.rletta H"aard. Joe araaldlag.Hlanl The IfXkodUt Yo ik Commit
aadllag. Alvtta Allen. Carolyn taehlagton. IM of SUkpeim UtUMdlsl Owrrk -
Instant Sara trlgkt.Nel Tont) rothollr. and MT and Friday erealaf to eomfXe <
greet Mathla Its fall awl winter\ tftada.

............. The Olowlac actlvtlles were
lie Mdlll.d.
Photos HEAR JAI MUSICIANSttdtt le 4ert at florid A4M JlO'9tIber. naMlt,,,,,r..
caleratlisten atteatltely to orgaalatDigene ,... .
d anlte derlag a deer .... red by the .... / m o>a* (>>f..ber. CarUtmaswor salp
500 gree It PAMU recently, The laden oho atorptd hjrU aerrire. CarUtaus raroiln;. -
3uuj,' Teeth Week oteer'
0 adMlrt the orgaalat'a plsyls.rs Mlaa Alberta tanrt.Trtxwj.

Each B.11MADc. Swday AMwaJfiaadralslniB K.., 7, and _4i

cash ft***?.orala.ikrovgked
Ike SMBO of Kowaber, lilt
kfTF will eteerrt acCl&e bow mvA
Royal Art Studio at ono ftlock la 1M Social
lull! of fee ckvrtk. Frle4 art
hn.ed to awe In this ttr ort.


515 DAVIS ST. ft,*.*.. "Mi*. PABV." Pt were, Jf;eta Lett*. I, 100% HUMAN

StriagflaK. ..... prteldent. of the Aft .t...., HAIR JF1AENY'swirl'

....,..." ataotlatloa. Mlaa Marllya rarkroegk.prttlAent WIGS FULL CAP
tf tat It...., On-eraawat Aoclatit at
ELGIN 4-1M4 Tlrgiala state College>> pettratarg; **< Baruraptrt Stfll uONLY A BETTER

...jacaaelllt.. pr..tdat. ...... Cotgr-ee.
ClOSED All DAY TUESDAYS ,.,. vile I* a PAMO gr4.ate. a native ted ,.*>. $16.95 BOURBON

slag tejttrtalaer U the "."...n.. are*.

Made to sell for BUY I ,

$160.00 up.

First lulit, IIBJI lit

\\ \ (itri T.ck'tistms. list

II Vit .Mat' ir Mi

..c4 Nitwit IW UN Enjoy America's Largest Selling 6 Year Old

I OiJll', stittlll II
.1 tiiWittrrsbtia Kentucky Bourbon..avnllablc in

,.h_;.o. 1111 mud tht' ,Its, lu, a complete range of sizes!

lij Wrjt rjr 14 are ji

I : Inks1 1,, lit Slit :1geF

M SJ NM (Pntillf

: : Mat,
: C.O.D.


Beef at its Best SI7 I fJt Sd Xl AM,

Itv Tut. I.T ttill


-- --
----- ---

tI y it! 1 rr 11 I} I '
s ;

j .
.' I


Young Peoples Anniversary Program's Guest Artists Along The Church PatsEdlton -I

note Last 1'...'* conduct the worship. '
( :
I l tilJurcb elvc! Union Program column carried the program of Friday alght. Rev. R.B..WD_
the church and pastor's Joint son Bethel Baptist, Rev. C.A.
annlverslty which was mistakenly Price St. Matthew Bapti
Set For Nov. 14 r recorded through no (Westslde) and Rev.B.H. Hart.

ABYSSINIA BAPTIST EMANUEL BAPTIST- error on the part of the writer ley. Friendly Baptist will be la
The ,
Young Peoples Union will .V
Services Sunday begin with the ei Mrs A.J. WUl>ams. The errors chop
Holy Communion service will Sunday School at 9:SOLm.,w1tb carry out their regular month r ,u > deeply regretted and Is being Rev. W.R. Lovelace of Lake
ly program Sunday, Nor 14 beginning
be held Smith and Mrs. rectified this week) land will be the guest minister
Sunday at! 4 p.m., in Deacon George at 3 00 In
: p.m. Abyssinia
Abyssinia Baptist Church. Rer Mamie Fields lncharge..MornIng The congregation of Second Sunday, Nov. 14. The minister
Baptist Church with Jerome
B.L. Wynn, pastor will dellrertbe services at 11 o'clock.R". Thomas serving u host. ,, ;" Baptist Church Is moving !la .
sermon, and all choirs and S.L. Badger, pastor will deliver The church Is located at the Intense anticipation lithe hour
ushers will oars Sunday school the sermon. At 5:30 p.m., BTU intersection of Logan and De- draws nigh to begin the observance w ',
at 9:JO a.m, and testimonial with Deacon James Phillip pre Win streets, Rev. B.L. of the 115th anniversary
Wynn ,
service at 11a.m.,with thepas siding. Evening service at 6 30 pastor. of the church and the seventh e .
tor presiding. The Male chorus o'clock. Choir 3 and the Children Special guests rUl b tlu Dud x pastorlal year of the Rev.James s
and Usher Board will accompany Choir will serve throughout B Singers of St.Augustine,Matthew Carl Sams.Beginning.
the pastor to MU Olive the day. Circle;will observe W. McCoy, director. Yrs : Sunday evening with
Primitive Baptist Church Mon Its anniversary with t "sltln Tbelma Edward will be the mistress a special program centered around ,
day at 8 p.ra., tor the church service" during the morning of ceremonies. ', the theme of this year's
and pastor's anniversary. The ..nic... Choir 3 and the Yale Leading tbe devotions will be' TF N affair. "A call To Be Remembered
pastor and congregation will Chorus will observe their anniversary the Whosoever .Prayer Band. ;, the celebration will continue
worship In Shllob Bpatlst Church IoWlyYoodtytttp.m. Others featuring the program through Nov. 15.
Nov. 19. Districts 1,5,6,11 will meet at .111 be Choir 1 of Bethany Baptist Tbe Christian Fellowship between
the church at $ p.m.; District Church Deacon the celebrating group and Is of
Shepard, a speaker great magnitude !
2 !In the home of Mrs. Beatrice other sister churches will best
NEW JERUSALEMHoly Smith 2211Ct1rInStDlstrkt president; Mr. Rudolph of Mt. It* best with outstanding and per 1OIIIl11y.TbI .
services will John and Woe Jerrido work of Thanksgiving
Ararat. wffl
the of their
8 In the home of Mrs.Mattie ministersm people
be held Sunday In Greater New ten Gospel Ecboettes.Abyssinia find Its fulfillment la the annual .
Tutson, 308 Spruce St;District churches participating alghtly.
Jerusalem Baptist Church with Youth Choir will serve u hostesses and highly spiritual Pas
9 at Mrs. Laura Flnney, Monday night Nor 4;
Rev W.A. Mack, minister In 929 W. Duval St, at 3 p.m; b The Rev. R.A. King of Payne tor's Night's program at which
School begins Twelve which make time the Rev. C.A. Weaver
chop Sunday groups up of
District II at Mrs.Ma41t Browo Chapel AME Church, Rev. DJ.
the TRev. the Union will sing the aud r r Daysprlng Baptist. Rev
9 30 a.ra. At 11 a.ra, E.R.
; 1249 W. 4th St; District 14 at ; Graham of Mt Ararat Baptist
Mr. Ytctrlllpreac4At3p.m. ience's favorite twmb .. Yrs Simpsons of Zlon Hope Baptist
Mr. and Mrs.James Coleman on Rev. Eddie Taylor of St Paul
the communion sermon will be Vivian Reid la the president, Rt,. W.C. Neal of St. Tbomu
30th St.; District IS,in the homeof Baptist and Rev. AJ. Hughes,
and the Cynthia Jackson Is secretary Baptist and Rev. BJ
delivered by the pastor, ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ollle Jones, St. John Baptist, will be Incharge.
will be administered. .Mrs. Tbelma Edwardstreasur- of Mt Slnal Baptist
Lord's Supper along with
2570 Spinet St:District 17 In ins .
er, Mrs. Alberta Latlmore, tbe people of their churches .
home of Deacon and Mrs. Manuel Tuesday: Rev. W.M. lull Mt
supervUor, pianist and re will share la the khrttlot.
Huff, 2837 Jupiter Ave; Av Calvary Baptist,Rev.JJ.Jones
MT. ZION BAPTIST District 19 in the home of Mr. porter. of Antloch Baptist and the Rev.WC. .
Services Sunday at Nt. Zion and Mrs. I. Johnson, 2841 Begonia Tbe public la invited. Mitchell of Uttle Rock Edward Waters
.. Baptist Church begin with the Rd., and District 20 In r Baptist, will do !the tooors.
Sunday School at 9;30a.m.,with the home of Deacon Carl Mack, Central Slates VAX* FIRST LAD or ID'IO" ,Ira.Ethel Davenport BaM1It.r, w111 direct tne Consolers Wednesday Rev. S.L. Badger To Host Gospel
Mrs. B. Alston in Burp At S322 Buick Avenue. of Mlaai 13th anniversary prograa here Monday nlght.Nov. 8 with a nut of Emanuel Baptist, Per R.L.

11 a.m. morning service. BTU Women's her of the nation ranking gospel singers featuring the prograa. The concert Wilson. Fr.endshlp Baptist and Singing Groups
at 530; p.m, Deacon A. Jack- -FIRST NEW ZION.- DayObservance Rev. W.... Jones of First Corinth
ton In chirp Evening service Services Sunday In First New will be held at Bdward' waters Coll.. and lets underway at 8p.i, peclal guesta Baptist, will direct the ser The Consolers of Miami will
at 7 o'clock. A visiting minister will include The Original.Gospel Haraonettes of Biralnghaa, Ala.
Zion Baptist Church begin with ; The Sensational ,Ic". celebrate their 13th anniversary
will have charge of the the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Nlghtingalea of Washington. O.C., Miss asses MM scott. The Gospel Eehoea Thursday night. Guest ministers No,. lID the auditorium of Edward
major services. District 3 will under the leadership of Superintendent Committees art planning for and The Voices of jeruaalea. Coapeting for tbe title of "Miss Harao- and their churches participating Waters College,beginning
meet >in the home of Deacon and the annual Women's Day observance nette" at 8 JS
Joespa D.White.Yrs be Mrs Betty Samuela and Mies Vivian Lewis. They will also compete p.m.
..r.. Welton Flynn, 2025 York Emma Henderson will discuss which will be celebrated Guest will be tbe original GOSCuest
St at 4 with Mrs. Ruth for the title of "Miss Consoler." winners'will be given an out of town -
p.m, the topic, "Hannah". Morning Sunday, Nov. 21.Mrs. will be tbe original Gospel
Wright as hostess service at 11 o'clock. At 9p.m. Ruth Johnson has been trip sponsored by tbe "First Lady" The Friendly Hostess club. Mrs. L. tail Harmonettes of Birmingham

BTU with Miss Ortle Lewis In elected: chairman and Yrs InesMorrison Haas, president, will tent Miss Marian abets The Gospel Queen" will emcee. and the Sensational Nighten
EVERSON STREET chop Evening service at 6;30 and Janle Griffin are The public is invited. a gale s.Local.
Services Sunday in Everson o'clock. Rev. C:.C. Brown will co chairman. An !inspiring pro groups appearing will be.
Street Baptist Church begin with preach tor the morning service gran nas bet plumed ana toe Gospel Echoettes, Miss Essie
the Sunday School at 9;30 a.m. and ken Clarence Askew tor the public U Invited. BrotherhoodAUIlliary Mae Scott Voices Jerusalem.
with Superintendent C.M.Allen. evening ...nice.ST. ORDER OF SERVICE: ComingEvents Woodlawn and others. Mrs. Betty Samuels.
Morning service at o'clock.. Sunday School will begin si and Miss Vlviaa Lewis arc contesting
An appointee will deliver the 1:30: am. with Mrs.M.W.Johnson tor the honor of 'Miss
sermon. A revival meeting will PAUL BAPTIST !la sharp Morning service Plans Musicale To Present Hannonette, and 'Miss COB-
begin Monday night and continue Services Sunday In St Paul will commence at 10.50 o'clock solers', A gift will be lire the
through Nov. beginning, Baptist Church begin with the .rUb the deacons la charge of Tbe Jacksonville Ladles Auxiliary Choir, Nov. 21 + winner. Serving as 'emcee*will
at 8 o'clock. Sunday School at 30a.m.: devotions. The pastor, Rev. R. to the Brotherhood of be Marion Whttehead. The program
> Leander Jones will speak on the Sleeping Car Porters will present The Ladles Auxiliary of Miss Sue Matthews, organist will be Rev.C.a Dalleyof >Is being sponsored by
subject, -What Have You?.'ltD. a musical concert Nor Ual die Brotherhood of Sleeping for Woodlawa United Presbyterian First Baptist, RerJ.CRaI Yrs Ethel D. Bannister. The
for Choir 1 will till Senior 1, p.m. la Ebeneter Methodist Car Porters will pnrentOre Church, announced that ers, Macedonia Baptist will Friendly Hostess Club members
Usher Board 1 will ae".. Church Ebenezer Male. Trio In recital "aorta In E: .klt", will be will serve as bo6t,.....
Salvation I Healing Holy Ghost I BTU Hour wfll begin at 0/: The Ebeneter Trio will be featured Nor 14 at 1 p.m.. In one of the numbers presented
w -- p.m. EreaDrlrortnlprlUcat on the program, which IsIn the church auditorium. The when the choir Is presented
mence at 6:50 p.m.with the deacons recognition of the long years group is under the direction Sunday, Nor 21 at 8 p.m. In Good new. t
t. In charge of devotions. .of service by A. Phillip Rudolph of Mrs. E. Hurley. concert.
aT Communion and Christian Fellowship 1Dt.rDatJonaJpr..ldtnt The Program Is In recognition Sponsored by the Music. Department
will be .held during the the Brotherhood and the establishing of the years of service the program will include Asthma & Hay Fever Sufferers
service.The of Randolph's Square la rendered by A. Phillip Randolph the beloved 'Sanctus1 by
FRIDAY NOV. 5-14 pastor will give Communion Mew York City. Mrs. Elisabeth, organiser of the Brotherhood Gounod, 'You'll Never Walk A Report Relief in Minutes
mediation entitled 'ff .T"gLife's Austin 1s auxiliary president. md In Interit of loDe,' by request and a well
Seas.; A11 choirs willIng the Randolph Square Establishment balanced repltolre of all I1tDtcla.sical
Area-Wide Full Visitor an always welcome Woodlawn Recital In New: York City.Arna.l seal-classical, spiritual
GospelCONVENTION at Central. Woodlawn United Presbyterian tad other favorites. R. a.rk.bU t>.et.e'. For-aaU HtlU .....In*.
Music lovers promised CIro eo. ...,.. .
Church Choir will be presented Women's are Wltt+ .' Dr.p n l.J_tt..eArty
** ** In concert Nov. tl at I p.m., be observed In Mt..Day Sinai wm an entertaining. and memorableevening.

in the church auditorium.Mlsa Baptist Church Nor 14 ......, w ,.. ..
> .w W war r .
Fight. Cancer Jacqueline Smith will direct Fete ......
throughout: the day with Mrs.Rosens Anniversary trwr-rrr r M r.rw esr.ew
I the choir la sacred elaasics Lewis as chairman wy.e. er r w enw r.......Me ..___
At The Circle of Enaa- -..---......... I1af0w M.rrt ca.-:
and toll meek "''r.. Lo, Do H.lr, MrsJUt-' { Missionary .... ew.rw -M N t7ernr't:. ..t OAr1 aef ...
tie Foreman co-chairmen. ..I Baptist Church will celebrate ........ rrr..... ., rr ... ........ ..
al IlhMaa c- M .......
CIVIC! 'AUDITORIUM THEATRE tta anniversary Sunday w e + r r
> Other officers: ant MissSwjama 11 Lawn a'.. u service.' .w ....... .... r r......M
Brodeaux, secretary Ow.e a.-Ayr .MM c..a** Kta.q rtrm..r..r.
DOWNTOWN HCIiNlllU ..I.... Florin WU- Her ..... Badger ptstot.W
deliver a special serBoa for the
oox, treasurer Mrs.' Emma
... service tike Is designated asBlsskx
Dry music chairman.Mrs. .
Ellis Sharp finance ) hour.
[fOR III PEOPLE OF All 'CHICKS J chairman! Mrs.' CattflaMor
rU, Mrs. Manle Heart ..
There member Miss Ooreta WIJ-
is cox. youth department chair 0 i lttlitaliS 11SIt1
mant Mrs. A.i:1IMo tag ( 1H
chatrmani, Miss Mill .M.Jackson. .

EVANGEUSTWM. man Sunday School chair 1814 W, BE YER
E. CARffHTBI oidyone

and EVANGEUSTO. Friendly Baptist Chirch 830 C 1 YX101

women l observe their an*
o. N. DOUGLAS nual day t;... 38 wlda..n. A. EME8S4N
diet cola I!. Klrktand as chairman.

"A Cenvwnllon that The men of the church will
sponsor program Sunday la
will build your Faith interest ef the celebration
In God. rates R. Pearson will be the speak STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR WITH

er. .
wet I. CMMNTH Holy ftkatf Re**! District 10 win' pretem M
S) VeyerJef H e Sid that appreciation program for
the ministers and deacon Ort TURKEY PARTS
M. Choir J and Usher Board
1 wU II,... Re*. a. H.
Hartley p.ior, win bt.per.

cola Second BaptistPiaaaiag


FerAnniversaries $


'RiV. .. Yt s. 0. N. ooze a ulI Second Baptist Chert wQl be-
lit Us usn aaaJveraary zed
ON aeveoU el*e*. J.C Sams,
pastor, Nor T. ltd font ax vur MUTT
an.p 1fof.1S. NECKS IOIAL FOR 5 'LIS.

2 .:M DAILY The swam wffl be ca
tend startar subject. "A

10..7:30,,. i Can M Remembrance** Themes TAILS Yttr ICUL MUTT rot 6 LIS.
J. wttso*. senvsae general
Sim. Strokes chairman end Mra.J.CemmtoM NOOOUS Ot laM

v. Arartrarrj, c.-cWI1llIfto
MO ft 7:30 dulrma are us tlior auoao
N"". AWl Faye Nw1L pro uutj
teat dulrae ..."". Uey AYQ. 1YNT 2DQnr
c a. MOUII 1. Treats. cdMlnn4Mrs.
s 1+Wki. G. D. "'uIt. -

Mill TIE SICK Ml milCTElr sP' WNII.... e may tare SMsk.Aten *.

P. Header-en clulr Y; lEI

BMN. Chubs T. Mama.a .
.t., eo t ravem Us*

lory, Ceene MerrtisetM.cfcAlraa .
*. lira. Lmte a.
J...... c-cmatr aat *.
"'... Nat tMjehs).
"' tbal,+o. DevURovs FRESH PORK EPBJ.fc.tiHAM
tree. e.dufrrtea
A**** cacTACT. A. cJ
.,** csmaatrfn.lMra
o Tanifie-t co-dutnma-4 r>.
.... Net U. K. Hear*, ,
r AN eH.191i. Of AH Ettlllhr dulrMA. Ure Ueaujehmev

Many full *+*! Csmiestea 0* 1'1 .&.... ev feeimaai gVsaoa'stjt .

*. Letts-rry. titatrma VATtH i.. lEE IBtll Cwt M IUT IT Clilia 4iWlIQ1t


... .?-. .-..- .(r } iI I'I (,- ---:,- 1 .. ".p&1_ ".. AI '\ '

r 7SUNDAY t;

_. -- d ,* ..- ..
I .:. "' .


FHA Lens Director Cautions Atty. Gen. 61'13O,1tI1H s; Association Meets in Regular Session Students. To Hear Denial May

Up 87 Par Cent Winter Drivers OnCheoslnj Business Instructor Kick Wallace

CoL H.N. Klrkman, Director Upstairs
Uort thai is.too rural Mtcro at the Department of Public ElectorsTAULAHASSSn Tallahassee -FAaltO-Studeats
tamOlea wkoM members total Safety stated. 'As the dI1IlfOW ta the Tallahassee area Interested M.ntgny. Mm. ..J?NP$ .
td more thu W.OOO benefited shorter with the approach of >e Attor ta craduatloa education Die AI....... Senale'ie fl..;..
from: UM IU.6U.OOO te loans winter, so do the chances of n.7On.rsl's office has ta bualneas are raped to talk J o.,9. WltllN.'..'''''.w-
advanced 'by the Farmers BomtAdmlalatrailoB the reckless driver to nuke It with Dr. David U. Donnelly. ,V Kimielf M AI..........,.
!throne the ,..r''. been asked for na official ... ., ,
la Souttera Tuesday November I, at Flor w if vlewellyl.calNs.' "
t States 1* D.lcalIiS5, Secretary The mileage death rate Is al opinion concern ida LAM University. r.et w.rfi mi'..W Mingt.lni .
of Agriculture Orvffle L.Freemaa lb'dryUgtttt at alftt thai .ta log the qualifications Assistant deaa of students ta > W ., rotli,peV.rm.rwill
announced. Boars, said the of electors psrtlclpa- the Graduate School of Business Jn'wence ", ..ff, ,In A/e.
This Is 44 .. Patrol Cater, aUbooch toe voluem of the Vniverslty of
a peretDllDcrt.
tang in trustee and Bill- Chicago nam. M will fii.', be U. 1
over tile previous year la tile dean Donnelly will be on the
ace elections. S n tor Oserg. b% Use
of tnmc might be muck FAMU std
Bumber of Negro families served sans camefrom I ....
by the agency, u aa 17 heavier during the daytime. Thin office has Issued until 9 p...Tuesday.November y.,. And is S.n...,.VVWIoce
percent increase ant the somber The roasoa for accident Increase the following opinion t. He will discuss eradualt pro- will|| K.ve a new 'Int1v.m.nol -
assisted ta WO. after sundown said concerning the qualifications grams of study at the University en.fly *e Se''_IJ.Aea.r n.eeee .
Negro farmers used tile funds\ Klrkman. Is pretty obvious: of electors in F of Chicago Graduate School of *rfeMt' Ml,, ."4."' ., Sinai
to operate buy tad develop Too many drivers dlsnfard voting for school trustees _..ter Business and provide InforBtion Ipid.t.e
family farms and maintain their the obvious fact that darkness f _. ., T .."'ap'J .. about financial aid ladcareer WIII/NI/ wa ap.cLdt..h0..US
.. ....
All who .
hides dsnger. : persons ...
optratloaa during period of -, opportjnttlea. 5."... sue WD m .
drought floods sad otter dls- Effective weapons acalnst the nut the nlnple require- The University of Chicago of.firs .
.'.. .,.., crelic Sen. Jtttn Spcrkmcit lit
hazards of driving after dark s..c
Stir Other Negroes la real mints of the constitution courses of study hiding "..
inns lIMeS this type of credit Include good headlights properly and Florida statute ruIDA PUNTSM' AT rAbVireabera of the Florida printers and publishers Association to the decree of Master of maw. IAN fieiile, .(Mi
t he Alfkomm/ .,.
assistance to build sue bourn. adjusted speed thai wont ) that la to pause bare for a photo during tlu fall aenlnar seeeloa at Florida Business Administration of Dr. "
outrace thoa headllgMs, and say **rgfin,
Improve and of Philosophy ta
existing dwellings Business. Allstudents
develop trades and amices to a constant attitude ofsi.rrnsssofhuger all persons 21 yearn of AM tmlveralty. ....ra atteadlni the fall aeasloa were; Mrs. Thelna T. Oorbna who hold or expect to The (Mw. ..fM Wores s.c.teesiem .
InereaM their incomes. hours of rtasu.. Inclement ace .bo have lived at (left), acting director of public relations rAW;Robert ,Nelson, Dupree receive a bacbelor'a decree wee Ireuphl "v..n

Without Us kelp most of(hen weather and reduced least one year la the pr... asps;; Harvey (Roblaso. rAW; janes L. Burton rAW: David C. Col Hoc- or Us equivalent, refardleaaof times In *>. Alek.m. $tne"
rural people visibility face all drivers lathe state and all nontha la ton PAW: Bnanuel and LBr-eace fealey, tealey Bros, prlatera. Daytona Beach: field, are eligible to apply he,.,. II is! Smelly WWel, ,

mal people would have moved months ahead,warned also applies Ktrkman.to the county, and are .en- Archie Raoaoa and Robert Allea.rAW: Joseph Jones aad Mr. aad Mrs. L.L. t DU- tor admission to the school /U-M.' Ne rtee".fl21 elfj"" ..
off to the cities la search of a This warning Interviews with Deaa Prissily ''". vle >.win.TA. .
pre Tress Tnnpa. %
Better way of making a living. pedestrians equally U much. tally competent nad not may be arranced through Mr. v.>. t.ndite. I
iidill.dwould About CM-tbIrd of all pedest- la mod duly reels- C. C. WM en 5
These untrained ud jail Cunalncftam director
runs deaths occur ta traffic .-' ....".,..,.. M.s we.ld
have a lStdtoU'turtlill Placement Bureau Unit A
hours of s and I tired sy participate.There Anonil Drive Hurdles Goal lass ellewee WJl( _
probleois. Secretary Freeman between the Noon 111, Student Union 1 Build- >c.Is sass
noted. is no requirementthat Inc. Florida A 4 M Unlveralty. .., t.verner anal ye.rlervinf.
Approximately 1,5000 Nero Patrol Commanderconcludedbr' a pernoa: be a freeholder TAe ...,. ..".'i"' $... pr.Ailih .
ujInI8i and walk with or taxpayer to African Student sp At.l m. ..... dacid. I
farmers borrowed $14.Mtt70 daylight haunt Tour participate in the election ( ",.m .,,<<..tI;... 11I_
to toy teed, fertiliser, seed life ta at stakeir of school trustees;: Heads New Club ../ ... WwlI..1,. Ml I
livestock and equlpmeat needed .
ins be, .
L reference to the reer a gwer
to carry OB their fanalnf operations qualifications for vo- FALLABAt tt...(TAMUeChamberlala )--. sir, H. .M Weclerf ,In 1911.
and make needed la-
F.r lOll 01 CilIa..
; Die
provemeots la their tarmlnf Assistance For tine in school .111.,. 1111 W. Africahasbeonelecledpre- men nenlwMcpprev'erf
ay Mie H..1./...
methods. electloaa. we have la- aldent of the newly orc-alied
1J1ed; in' .. ......,
More than 1.000 farmers War sued the foliolac: to bellcible Cosmopolitan Club at FloridaA ,
borrowed S3.4..U9 needed to OrphansA to participate 4 M University
continae braille after drought! Composed of terete* students
nest law alined by the SHELL
conditions, floods or other asiml President liberalised eliclbtUty in n nlllace election, and those from outside of the
disasters but seventy requirements War Orphans aa elector mot, la ad. Continental United Hates, the
damaged their crops. Education Assistance, the VA dltion to uelnc reclntered orcsnlsatlon. ta open to International
Some $7001ow Income Metro members of the
announced. pat n tas oa realor faculty
families borrowed JJ.4U.440 and other ptfeoulDl.r.td taInternational
Certain orphans whose fathers personal property. it OIL
to develop farm enterprises and served durlnc the socalledInductloB relatleas. Tbe
trades and service that would PerkxT were entitled Is the eleemit of psjinc Florida A .A ...Uah.rtlltllIb
raise their Income and 1m- to educational assistance only t.... that dUtlncuUheabeteeea U serving with Florida Stale
prove tkeir level. of living. If the veterans' total disability eilclblllty to t +w4 University co-epoaeot of the
More thaa rural Metro model Uailed Nations General COMPANY
1.100 or death was directly due to participate in a trustee I
tamilles borrowed $$,4.S: q the performance of active duty. Assembly scheduled to be held
to build saw homes and remodel C. W. Henry Manager of the election and n ntllaceelection. .......a,... from 1.10.1:00: p.m., Wednesday
existlac structures. VA ta Florida,reported that this ..... October 17 ta. the House of has modern 3 bay
Approximately 100 additional requirement has now been elimlnated. The eiact eordlac of UNfffD FUND OUOfA TOf' fO AGAIN AJMU-Ce-rWUg pnc.d.sr.1 severvlre Chambers the Stale Capitol rrvlce station with
Negro farmers borrowed $4.7O.I70 All that Is now required the t.gctt..roti, as .,..' / Bulldlnc.Raymond. fAtAbltftheit backroom
aad Improve .hsAspafA. AIM Unlv.r.hr .f WM .... *e leW M t" li tH f..! M I.a.

family to bay farms..enlarge ta that total disability spelled out la the Constitution ItM te- C*.,., U..*W P. Farmer Home Admlalstratl- or death be rn.'LredDdY, lAd the Florida .. site n,,eWeWl W,,.,
os credit 1Itltndl4 tlodltr wA" ta said.unable to Identify orphans Statatea "tho a quail- ..4 ".4ee It el...,... ay feyoe M. MJYee fr, eSeJnwen ., fte te** Cownfy UrW,*V ornnlaatioB and Bernard Fee-
credit u.tautIs not available. who may now be eligible fled electors that pay rand drive Firrf' ef e* y to a>e 'e er .. to** I* rMnf "( ,...*. ,., fte eVJve. f AMU'ite neU of Orange Park Fla., B FOR LEASEin
under this ne w tag on real or pernoanlproperty' .4 ... ./.toO, fte ..... ...e..'"< re ertW re We In salt .rttl ".Wf.. ft ".221, former Peace Corps volunteer
All loans are accompanied by" gilds India this new law. Henry tadlcateethat to Ceylon ta secretary, Mrs. ideal locution ntIStatv

assistance mafttfcaent.AppUctfloa U arm. and financial may arced be panou.ho now entiled believe to orphans they It In aot eaouchjest Cong leant Deplores Move Joan Bulldtnc!Williams.social director Mudent,serves Union Penal stii,

art aids II tile educational asslstaace to contact to oea property as treasurer and Mrs. fhelma. MINIMUM WESTVttTFINXNCINO j
county once that serves all the VA. and he assessed, but To Deictivite Reserves mil T. Gorham ta sponsor of the AV. IL\8Lt:

real areas. the pereoa assessed scat Cosmopolitan Clash .,... '
actually pay the tax before .. WASHINGTON, aaThe fcactlvMian ef Reserve Il Xlff Past
unts by the DeMrvMat ef" Defeaee Is blow
etssrly s tt
Shooting Suspect Freed no beooexe ellcible 22tlJtitni' *w country." 11... Ren,, Diaries Idad. (tu4 iits .... ere e*> Mohan T-yter Jr., term' Fir (lilinitioi till;
to participate la Islll.a C. BOMOQ W JecMemrtQe. atM toeiy.Dennett rUtt. stamp fiu. tre M..tlyMke er .peelat! tfluiueltePreidenfs !-

LACKS. 11se. --Ii typical Mississippi-justice /' .lect loa. a senior memberel whom hays had swamis ..41 |Me t4,"IT.'.-TMi'e.. .In IMSUMix huwry. ConnltM en. CquslOnwrtunlty F, i.1 cone 355.m ,
tuMolI.tilt gin accused *. ,...,.,..HaM ArnMd ttitolni sod aperient, its r rd ell ......, the. _m. fer three years,
by police here of abootI Papal Appointee Services Commutes, wrwtesecretary strtvtM for vie stlvtWfo ef trte ..h..e stamps die, w ISM wan sworn In Mondey ss idl.l- [vaults' 7(4.202
lei into the -hone of pr."L Murpa. UUCP branch ef Defense Robert fgbttr end d/tnj for "Ir I I. N4e un4rUn4 the erW rector" *. Kiperflmpert 1
prealdeat.&as been tin .. the. ,....,..t "\\po .
freed .
and his ball Bossy r. Becomes led .. McW.i e sod Secretary .unntrjr e. MMhirg1m
tuned to kin. ef" the Amy Stanley R. RaeerBM

Tie nu was arrested following an attest on Dr. bs strerujkr eppeeed aha

nr>>1I' life on lert. }| bee five shots SMuhtdB Negro Bishop reductions tfm totem M terces mettivetlensef whichmlntmtae ,

larie picture ,&a Co. in the NAACP leaders the Baden*!defense
hon and sladoes In to other roc:.... AKAMAI imnrr Bishop, ., *. ceuntry.M .
I the Mot, ft... Curtis A. LrrU. .
nil In the necoad en not reassured due
on or. Nnrph's
I I Ira. D.O. Floss mbtshoaattire
life. nl first took place on June is ibis aahotcua I after his consecration. faze BMttl srs not MAR
*. recUe. defense reduction.
eu fired .t Us BOM. in both toss, It I ao... A native yansmislas and SUPER
#i i Cagr.e hit r oiiiilbr
Is believed that the shots ere fired from... alumnus I afsXAafustlnsBesiiaary. nlied .. Iftt...... the

h. car. .reposed Mrter ef *. X.- QUANTITY RIONTI IIIHVIO
deaal Ge.... ndr Be-. TNIU fRICIJ 0000 THIU SUNDAY '' tOIWOOO AND AVI. 1
serve*." Ooane isld ta W-
aloe spectfkaDypretee
Ml v. detctlvsttas effw FLA. GRADE A D & D FRESHFRYERS
BOOOA TreneponscfeMCerre
lUulvey limN Gasp
9t $..Mgursreanmed.d. kyl

Roc 11 l,). Gab" M. Tkemas KiM.ef PORK
U1ILiD1IflEtWEI Jeefcjenvtlk, rfcrMa HesM
*t4 made W ensttnedner.
n n auuunt roM un otucut seme!, ..., Us roeelvee'a
0--.. .e. MM .4M _..... ..... __ ea M *rter recbws ... *. Ions
.r: Her ; !. ..tire.: :-:-w ., .,. ... ......-. Nee. years M 0. ..Jy suM

:: -=--::::.:= Lenu.. ...PU..... Insets t.he war end ru* ROAST
-W ..... ,w r.W reUree ta nt ui4ed e ntntrtis. >
_-: =:r : r.s.ew.:=ew.W.s ay..r ::.-:--- jet, as DtrvdkltaWorUwsft 25 *
sow ... .. =
w -.y w'i.
-- ... r. ..r.wv s.. ai..is- lit lard Lets; Ms., he PieM t malted ta Mar
.. .
wary Na s. .. ,..
M Micrw via etnt.i
atf juafllnry .
***** f .**** ** *** *** *" *a>s)>' >**B>if r aiehqp al Deserve saN ta Jsc*
.. ........ .... ..... -. tj.... .... ... van n1 ewMBMV" '"f ..... b Vtme ruulTleaOH esU .. fr lMS..Uirer. > 11. *
I and became tte .... ... N .. Third Any. ..... 33
-succsss* TLnT!. Mad fternna CsOetkt binVat m e4 by CsJ-ml Henry/ We...
mrpOTOttwavs rnvmlspnet 0>P1 ran rt.v id ta JIG su-
) c Me ks type ef w.rferetvet.
aswttg ... said .. ....

Tket unH ... sspe i 0y
FHH Ilftntl .... see Iv itj.s1lgbU.f
.... ..... itumia ..... SHORTENING
-end k U onvleM del .y
N.. ,... ,HIt pawl ...... ....ei .* ..tr1tt.-
b4..M Ine/ den el MM come ran snunl,
Enjoy the extra smoothness ofT : ..... ...._ ....... ....... es s es> Bufilien ...,....
_.. .ad a.a.da .I ,.. ere a *. very hsen ef ...
Veer Old Kentucky Bourbon I r-. .... and .fOw taVtalKem 3 L8. *'

A.usd"p w ,.... ..ArI..ww **Tie y:-WerhJ War I SOerUtt CAN 55 e L8. 4S

'fry ,..,...IJ ....- ......... ....... wtaasr. wtu> MUBM BAG
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..6. .......d"1 I l LInad .. ta fMnrftess,said, ....-
w.......... lust. BV..nVe pun"*.rwtCrii CENTER CUT LEAN WHITE IACON t/ 3f<
H_ .. Lead "..,g 1..t .. .'as tfw so.ttawrg
..Wust vdr.1 M h f .ataelr

.._. M.4A 5gIn" .....-. .-4.. Mnc. .ell.II P.1.etiel riNd...,......lM.. SMALL IAMECUE SIZE SPARE IllS II. 45t29t R

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1 Oar ...ni ef t.
.__ of Laid .
gnaw s.rofi" Ut has VvteU*
d .-.. .. ... ..,. ..Ile ShM as preVtle let nw*Urf.r U. S. # 1 POTATOES 1111. ui

rd. I rid 1.... NI'Ir V....d. .......,."/
.... .1.. M'a ld* d.1... II Aa.u.gwtklwYP.
1 111 '.ti L.I.aM.MdIr.w f.*y far Yssdl.. r GEORGIA lEI TOMATOES m uui 10<
w ISPI std! ...... .dd1 1..141.di tOUtOmdo
a.7q- M ..d.,....:-s'/.< etdag ... WD .II

'-.4.... eI Idw.o 1 M/ do....at wts..,..r..."ti 'pr..a-n tar ROYAL LONG GRAM RICE tl. ni. 29<

...... a ..... ..w ..... ..
A. ... pw'... Ia/ew ..w.you. boa n* UM 'P'.v f.Uerte..a..W 15<
... 500 ,,---4 pas fn..r AJAX CLEANSER IU'UI UI
eats ..-o.11JL A.Y., ....... or the.- ,.... e.1.

amrsarrera.sm I ..... r I.4.... u.......r. far-k Is sstreje,ef.... COIN REEF u u. ui 33(

H_ row ...... .4. ........ ..* LWTt..g ef ---h.11..Arw.. ears/.
.... "01'_ .... -
a+. w fre Ko .
Isis end estsatrwle
d 'M 1.o4 Av .....'y. end r*f I LIVELY IOG FOOD TAU CDS 5(


I 1 I .\ 1 ,', ,
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I' If ( ; "1 I. /" 1 '
-1 ; A ,
$i'' \ II fjat!! }/, / If 1
'I' .,... I.I ",Jf":," ,Iff.IJI. 'KW'r, {



PILE Lucas- -6 -CarriesOn -.- -Atlanta Gridsters Eye Upset Benevolent. Association Preps For Annual Event' FAHUin Regional Tipped fed ]t,

With Over Floridians Saturday Nile 01 Printers Assa*

Atlanta Bravesa McClairen's Bethune-Cookman Wildcats WASHINCTQU.C.-
Coach Jake (Cy) The heed of the *
Clark Panthers In the annual Florida A
L.S. Epps'
) to Coach
) \ -( play host M
employed of the Gator Bowl Sate University Department ef
L..I .I' 1. has( been scheduling
.. Printing bat bean
de- BowL named a
to I" '.a"" And! promotion 15 p.m. In the Gator regional vice-president
lit Atlanta
I crushed Zt-6 Fort Valley
was International
,,ud i a lioiall Club. Hei Undefeated B-CC, which ear. suffered Graphic Arts
and subsequent Educational Association, .
Infielder for rles Its odds on favoritism Into
'a r star
I "
losses by scores of 16-0, and The sppofntment ef James
AIM University Saturday night'igrldfestexpects
'!r .j i rlila; 8-6 a 12-12 tit with Tuskegtt.Knoxvllle 1.. Bream
.t /" i II i a native of Jack- to have a tartar on Its Stati to the oxeeudft posttlrt -
and Savannah
hands despite the Panthers' t- was snnoanced
\ I:' respectively, and a S2-o victory bv'Donald U
Hayes a
Florida wen-loss record
I H I wonted' from 3-1 current
over rival Morehouse.The dent of the KAEA
l-n" after playing The WUdcats-already predicted
Una 1'1
daylong colorful series of MU primer win serve Intht
Salinas In the CalifTii McClarten's most out
Sa- events will get underway Saturday Florida Region. 7Preslaeat
While with standing team--Is literallylo-
; acted ,314 and stole aded for bear" (or rather the at 9 00 a.m. with the annual Hayes said thai
I" was the team's Panthers), but records show parade through the main thro-: PLANNING COsOCTTEE Officers> and members of the be featured from 10-00 p.m. ontfl I.-00 .... Heading the pro- Braton was sppolmed to the

.Ii i I e andpopularplay- that classics and homecominggames roughfares, B-CC's hospitality Jacksonville Police Benevolent Association art engaged In gram committee from left are: Sgt. Oa .lcrtnll. advisor paws because of the too
generally provide the function from 10:00: LID through planning for their 10th Annual Policemen's Ball scheduled Set. Lewis C. Williams president; HJohnay Doe, treasurer crest he has shown to rat hqAEA

; s('liaige from the surroundings for seasonal upsets 4:00 p.m. at Afro's Penthouse, for Saturday night Nor. 17 In Civic Auditorium. Dancing C. VcClendoo, financial secretary and Hilton Mevson, pro- because of his sbOinrto
I he was ent by the pre-game snow from "'45 with music furnished by Jerry Butler and his Ochestrawlll cram chairman. Admission tickets an available., erganlxe and .,lIt rat >Tp
until 8:10 p.m. at the Gator Bowl
Clark opened the season withan
kickoff I IS o'clock.A .
and the at : --
Impressive 26-0 over

Lane Tigers', but on the following Clash week presented spectacular at halftlme.show will be The Tigers' Lair Spotlight On Sports

A&M Instructor
With Lincoln Honored By By FREBDIE JOKES !CPI

defensive linebacker tackled -
Head Coach Nicks of PraIrie. AGAINI's

November 13By Nat'l Group view State said after Om game PralrlevieWs Odell Newsom tie-in picking the Boston Celtics to capture their
that EWC was the hardest opposition the ea cone for a safety,
the eighth straight chanplonshlp the tine the 196568 -
the and raising
log game
be has !had this season.
1 EARL S. CLANTON III Pittsburgh Courier reporter Tigers spirit for their first National Basketball season draws to a close.

St. luls--A gay 90' tune Ricks Roberts said that this was cvlctory or tie la big league And as la the pant, the reason can be sued np
k Meet Me in St. Louis' capturesthe the best game that he has seen ball and scored again oaasafe- In just ten words: Bill Russell.

big weekend Interest cen EWC play. ty when Charles Lee was caught the The Celtics of Coach ted Auerbech still have defensive
tered around the first Gateway The two teams held each other In his end tone. As
Football Classic that pits In- scoreless throughout the first gun sounded at the end of the genius Russell, and that's enough to assure
the MUwauKe Biavcs< parent defeated Tennessee State University quarter but during the latter game the score read and remained then another title. Thin Is not to nay that '
ts it";ise (Idaho) club -
'JUt I. ., He bat- against once beaten portion of the second quarter, PralrUvUw II- Edward other Celts like Bob Cooed, the Jones Boys, sea J.L t>stllTOU
;ttt PI'' i" 'J league
; (.,. -.t .I i 32! et.aadwai Lincoln University In Busch the Panthers broke loose when Waters 10. Scott and I. C. you Helnsohn (BOW retired), and others AEA members, beceatewtafavness of
Coach Also
November 13. Asst. H spent dn tfsnt
Stadium PralrUvleVs George Ball pas >
,Ul-Star shortstop have not contributed to the Beaatownern successes
2nd defeat
u.agu This will be the first confer sed a 40 yard pass to Richard said we suffered our that Is iwtBlred to r
c." icali M-> 'the most popular ence game for Tennessee State, Seals In the end zone for the and he feels that the mea over the years. kEy uphold the loses efhbi
j p) ;a*" I feel that they are indisputably that Russell has spelled the difference
his lour of the 1964 Mid-Western Athletic first touchdown la the game. should It's Just office, and bee ante ofhtsc H
I H' ", missed' clubs Association Champions. Coach YThe conversion was good ancPralrUvlew 'big league ball play betteea success and failure la the past, and be u antes and effort tawardd
'1- i I .s farm by go- John A. Merritt, NWAA's 19M led .,-0. Trailing ers' and their defeat was due rat advancement of Ir
ti, tiuma In the Northwest will do it again thin year H. !. the Celtics Insurance
Coach of The Year, who won PralrUvlew by seven points to mistakes and penaltieawltkhhave arts odocsdon.Draon "
'" in; U61 1 Denver of the R.G. COLEMANTALLAHASSEEFAMURalph we against the NBA system that Is supposed to
hurt game
two of his us every Is also
the conference crown Charles 'Fox Lee started the matant
,i ,t the League Texas:in 1963 laDi -, three years of reaching in the ( ) Tigers on a 60 yard much to have played this year. Scott prevent domination of the league by n single tea professor ef prtotnw et

t till i, in He was an out- loop wojld like to annex the sec G. Coleman property record PralrUvlew 17 yardllM where went oa to say that every game over a prolonged period of U... Florida Mil and secretary
.I : I. and won honors tional trophy for the third straight supervisor of Florida MM he passed to Willie Greenway is won or lost according to the The system works like this: Every year, the teen of the Florida Printers and
c I|1'Jy..r swarded the team
was mistakes
University amount of
year. in the end cone but the big Publishers AssociationH t' I.I. tub. Farmer'sDegree at the bottp. of the NBA totes pole gets first
Superior teambefngable
baseball In Busch Stadium becomes the Honorary end wasn't able to bold on to the makes and the other native of JscksonvCle and 4graduete
: ,I' II .t t fiom at the National Convention to capUUie on the mistakes crack at the choice college crop graduating late'the
handl- first' neutral meeting ground ball, u the first half ended. ef FlorUa At1
I. .i knee Injury la August tor the two NWAA grldtoughles of the New Farmer'sof The Titers got 60 the scoreboard these are what we call league. The chanplonablp teas, on the other nd New York thnivenlles.Ireeke
i, i II., career, a position since the now Defunct Memphis- AmerlcaNFA) at Atlanta, early in the third quarter the 'brakes' and PralrUvUw" hand gets last pick In the draft.
: ic i epted
,I ,. 1'1I'lllary' education tn- staged Bluff City Classic,which Ga., recently. when defensive tackle Albert was more fortunate tbaa us la This method within a reasonable tine, in supposed -
I served as the opening season's He was one of the three blocked la Prairie- getting the most important brakes .
Jones punt
I /I/ ". i- ort Myers. to boost the tall end teens and tort of temporize KewtdTo
game for State and Lincoln,closed Floridians honored this year view's wed tone for safety.The of the gtme.Head
nine years ago. for Ms numerous contributions Tigers took the lead over Coach, E.J.Clemaawho the top tea. The top team's talents are

HELP., Incorporated, sponsoring to the vocational agricultural PralrUvlew late la the third camr to the Tigers territory supposed to dry up with the years, and this, in
'III' .pongUd woe t o the classic as a charity program. The other quarter when Charles Lee kit early la the summer months of effect, would end Its championship domination. I. U. IurDO6TOKMAS3.

,..ndon tt coNeee fund drive, picked St. Louis' two were, Emmltte McCray A.C. Miller on along pas for the year said that because of But It hasn't worked that way with the Celticsand
action packed weekend for the Instructor of vocational agriculture the Tigers first touchdown of because the haven dlnlalahedRussell's .-(M PI )
coloege football game. There Is Lincoln High School, the game. As a result of a IS tlnply yearn Aov-Cem.; Edward W. Brooke,
Gateway Classic Parade Saturday Palmetto, and G.H. Brown yard penalty PralrUvlew penetrated talents ns n great player. highest elected Negro officio
"' morning the football gameat Instructor of vocational agriculture to the Tlfers' ) yard r There can be no other way to figure It out, forever al In rat nation, last week
Busch Stadium In the afternoon Lincoln High School, line, where the Tigers defensive since the gangling backboard artist came out was nlected to the board. ofmsmas

the St. Louis Hawks play'the Tallahassee made aa immovable goal line of the university of Ban rrnnelteo to form nit of Ms eld akna meter.

'a.- _'_ -:. ? San Francisco Warriors Active In NFA work sine stance; the Panthers not betbg alliance with the Celtics, the team bat been winning Boston University. {.
Saturday night and Sammy Davis his Junior and senior high able to hit pay dirt in three downs First /lected enomeygen.
x'. ..JU.S Jr., brings his company of entertainers school days at E.Q. Douglas were forced to kick t field goal HRA championships. era! ta Iftt et tfie only Republican -
SAVINGS BONDS to Kiel Auditorium High School, Sebring, Fla., when they took the lead 10... Even when tone of hit chief collaborators ionic to win statewide office
Sunday' night for an "EveningWith Coleman served as chapter at Coolly and now Helnsohn. depart, 4.9 Russell be was re-electee' tom4
Sammy Davis, Jr" president for four years.Everythings News Service his late arrival here at Edward continues to contain the opposition to enable the by the Urgeet pinta].
Waters be wasnt able to work try of any ....... to maUntod
with the be had celt. to achieve victory.The .
Gets New Head boys la/priag States that year sn4
practice to get them aqualnted Celt.at the start of the present season. ej by any Republics to I.*.

v OtKIGONPO.J.Henry with the type of ball be plays. long on Injury. Thin developnent. coablaed with '
"h"-.' Randall a co-founder and 1 feel that we nave good boys, the departure) of the all-around veteran Helnnohn. ectenetWAnyGet Bride Wide WILI.B

news editor of KPI has we have strong boys, and we baa raised the optlnlaim of the opposition and nit LUi from rhe
been named Managing Direct should have won or at least mntversa/t scneel of Isw,
or of the NEGRO PRESS H* tied the game against PralrU those who curse the Celtics for domlnntlng the where. be also served et to

TERNATKWAL news service, view, la the first quarter where sport In Yankee fashion. Law Review __. :
replacing! Lee BlackwcQ. who we should have taken the led But the opposition bat rejoiced before, only to

has accepted a position with we were not able to pass due find Russell still ttlckltg hit hand defensively

the dry of Chic ago. to the fact that we didnt have in their facet for those decisive victories nt r---iirs----
The new managing director field position and we couldn'tgain
Is a veteran newsman of any yards on the ground ltUO eeL
some 20 years experience In because their line was large yet when all is said sad done, and ekes be chips SHE tim

the field of Journalism and more powerful than ours. are down it elll be Russell who wilt deelde the

o.U' Blackwell. also a co-found. We were always forced to kkk Issue in favor of the Celtics. 1
er has taken s poet as an throughout the gaaae. U we hadbugger Iwiritf
Administrative AisUtant to linemen and most Important Urban Leifie's Recrvitmeet'rogrum
Com- bigger' becks we probably :
James V. Fitzpatrick 41 in HM
mlsaloner of Streets and Sanitation could nave trampled out Helping Negro Tuckers .
for the City of Chi yardage the ground la order
cago. to get posttltion la whichwe NEW" TaUt William A Morgan knows tothtisealymat Is Itr
Randall Chicago born so desperately needed. To mere Is s welcome at wea. s piece for Seensn
and reared was for many years open ear pass attack, we have Negro teachers: .In northern schools. tote the opening /IIT InlHII
connected with the lso- ends who are some of the best day of rhe l M- 4 school year be bat been serving ass
old fashioned about dated Negro Press, In cap- reclevers ta small college toot- librarian for the Menu.., New York school svtnwa, .
settles as emerulment,genera tell one of whom leads the team Momreee Is located to Wesichemr Cemnry, swhirbeaMorgan 134 E. IIMI ST.

] news and editor editor. la receptions, lielk Bessant.We area near New Torn City. L________
He also was of A have one of the best catching is ens of the rainy-
NPa bl.l1z1IsalIWWII.nt. Cankers beck In the history five Negro. teachers appointed
rtlYLOI.16< eel to French ant Englishspeakbw of our school A.C. salllUer. to the fartthUs of nineteenWescheiter
OLD "wplpfnla Africa The quarterback CharUs Lee school districts :'l'
and the Caribbean, excells to his passing already tits year win me assistance IEIISTEI MI rn in CLASSES

Since the Inception of NPI be has computed 17 passes of of the Teacher RerntanemCommittee Starting Hovcssfcr ICth
IN August 194 Randall has which II were for towndowns. ef rae Urban

been serving! as news and features Thane reclevers and passers Leag. of M'ettt huwt. e H0*'irai AIM CouetlCMMin \
editor He win retain are Ineffective to games like the A swbetantial smrnber of
these two dudes wae potIyr, last two we hen played tf we League registrants who now e SAUl O.KM CovmgKiwecntaenm
In addition to Ms neW posi- cant ct the field position to wash ta Wettcaawrseteeb e 9urtevi oe Covotg ke

I lion pass and we cant obtain this cone from other parts of the Au taI"'tMO-WICI... IrTnaMts, ,
wUfcMI larger linemen to open L'ntMd St... WUMrnn Met
np holes and bit backs to nn was born and eitecmml:
1 M.
ceiiw IF luic
.1 Davis Records taraegntnem.The Net* Care Ina, He received .
Tlfers areet OM type of bob sea fXA. end kis degree r

New Film's ball club to take a beating tying ..flatter ., Selene to 1010 V. nth Street
down and to tact I have Library Service from North ,

never known them to lose two Carolina C IL I1JJ, IL .-. se ILe .. l
Title Sent eonsomtive paeebetote.Tbey.net He nee had .olkgee.amity
n strong agfregatfco school and plebe RtUJ"-
Dennurt. foot CaroLIaaI..... ptrieace. Last year hm wt
Sammy DavU, Jr. has recorded Way wan ray win face Head Librarian et, die Trenton
I jjxceptI rite title a.from Voocneee College. Lock lot res Nnh CareUna E'-eo-
Joseph C. Levtnes -The Jnd us of the -vtt.-. tary School JOISOPB8CASHIER E t'
Best Apse In 1"'bola t-
Wide World." spy thriller -
spoof ta color scheduled for CHECK :t
'a the people November national release by

embassy Ptctares.the TicePerfect IBM KEY 'IIKII
.4 tune,compoetd by Same link
my CaM and Jknmy YaaHwt* '.
sen will be released shortly Bltiin TilYnr FIX RECEPTIONIST
who dri kit by Reprise Records.

Darts evrreatly starring NjilcliiIII mi I10W. 'AlLAm
Broadway la the W ....k...

"GoUefl' Do7"W tact star BiitistMervon's _
ta the motion prate, MAMan TiP .m M m MCUIItIU IHI
t Called Adam," for U-
vine's Embassy Fleams.Cahn Pharmacy N m LOT. MI rant HI

wbe wrote rha lyrics
for the new Broadway show HUH MT H mmCH IWKJ
.. ':. 7tereper." end Vearkaeeem Tur futtrijtiu fkirncf

.. have wee eight Academy JK-51. lit it all.b11
Awards between ram for 2112 I. Efrflflffj &11.
sorts written for fitas. The
dmoc aabor ated en rae swardwank CAR TlAIIUUIIIDI"n"'J"
htts "All The Way .5UU iisi '|.5.1512|
-Htfi Hcrs" sal -Can Me
ar..tJle.'tIDe Cahn "r Sit |U nit .-..
tT e" IS notgIweg "tINt." Thai 1 why todIfs modem eO. Ie Moose Old Tay10f M. strait II rtdCIId- won en Oeear for ns ferries t\f.\ l
." .one'.1' nevoeer otd flavor M smooth sod matk'w n better then ".... Try lit tt'fbItl1 tor -Three Coke to The'roantaeV 'I"f..' I.
.. Out 0I1tJUet1 co.. frritolt w Loufaes.q If1. I FeTTTl Ml IWlJ StL
gar 80Uf00n Wh *-r. 16tool, W i layAmt and Yea teases ;.T1tln '''b.

won err for *e mete ferSwtojtng I I ,


-- ,--- -- -- ::. ..... .,. I


\ ''t '


1 4 I l

n__ .

Your Good Health Highway Patrol V 'Chicago Presbyterian Missionaries UrgedTo

I To Step Up Mayor Gets Work For Peace Negotiations

By SAMUEl L ANDllMAN. M.D.. M.P.H. NEW TX '- United
Educator Pre.byttrlan """ "' rtea In
mCHWAT SAFETYSTATTSTTCS Negro Aide Paklltan and .l.k... txen advbed by d. ehurrh'i
MEASLES overseas mll.lon.rm to follow anlndeptenden.eaurHol

Last year In Florida motorists CHICAGO (NH) Altx.fwHoff acttori. in ccnsultnlon with Chrbtll comlft.U\Jt", In
Mony parent centider m..... 0 mild ..titoote of travel both cocrtlea. "S ardll" theft!
u estimated personal
R. D..... formeraVavty sifeiy and the
cHildhood thai need covte them no e.M-I wWi this mUUao possible wlthdrewal of women and cMUro from
were tree, but we mnt never less tight" of.the loci thaimeaile more tttu'',000 Brad commlMJoner, Do are. danger
I Ia ofto* 0 viciov tiller.' way throughout the state. par Mont of ,.....tit.$." The word was cabled recently pastors and 98 Amerlu"mll.
epidemic; el thit ...... scar U th.1. winter orspring. Ertrr I hours and SI minutes Inca It62. Mona'ax wo by the Commission on lion workers
bt Matured. <...* .1s. eotvr in (mnmer.The OM of a...* motoriits was .warn In a* aoWnhtro. Ecumenical Mission and Re* In Pakistan. Lahore. ts the
dii_.Mtwolly ("'ha., ait ordinary cola1 wii 0 kflled oa a Florida roadway. flu .*.1...... Ie Weror lkfiorf littons to the mln. lon'imlstlonarUi borne of Forman Christian
cough. followed In three or four day wiw. o rotX. The Every 1 minutes> and 10 seconds J.Dal.f,,In on Im*reitveciry In those two College. Klnrutrd College for
(rooted danger I Ie In children vnder two,or older children U accident Doom,. hill ceremony.DeSow countrUs. h followed a trash Women Forman High School
...... for.", r......, in health.I h 19M, 1.M5 people died la !2. ass cnoionform outfcreik of fighting between for Girls and the United
I* the .children, ore poor traffic accidents la the state O. toborl CoftoA *n. 0.. Oral (o s. A4kfc. (Ut). r* **... meyer Dol., laialbocavi India and P kl4tn as longsmcuUerlna Christian Hoepttil In India
such complication' a* onevrAoma' oroncepholili vUto another M,1W! press (.fveo *pe<(ol'citaffon from Americon ModWol AtteciV \ noetllltles bunt Pathankot ls dll center for
brain lever) contlitwte* o root threat tolifa. van injured. This death awe ,- Non and American Nttrttoo; Home Auecierion Oct. 13 of Mi nrovon ability" Mat WO of our Internal Avalon Gin? Higher Secon*
Middle .. Infection' ore commonly. ouocioted with represented a <4< per cent for meriroriowi iervJce oWUodonMp, Dean a/ and more thin 90 year worker anJmUilonarlctare dry School ndTrlnlngCn-
........* end eJmowfli. wiey ore not 0 throat.. tvrvSvoJ.Soy increase orer the previous ye. Faculty for this f7rt leriei ol ln.Ntvh.a a* name and ..eevfi". within 100 mtki of the var a r.
retvlt in d owning ..,."" .fIC. ,In governmentbuiinet low fronts of the .
moy "" 'L ar. Figures to date this rear war, re* Presbyterian mlastonwork
nard W. JWnf Council .. ,. .
core by to NeaMi
,In the pod, o'r only moon. ol protecting Infant from indicate a greater percentage of and,_. ported the Rev. Dr. Theodore bi ban conducted In both
....... ..
Cora of .,.....
me A"Ci. '.41. F. J. L
y ,
of &
lectioler countries
......... wo* lo give mom gommo glebntin not two people Till die.hUybuhumsj. Holder a Romlj, ewcormnlMlorfiS eo. since the mid
effective rypei ol vaccine ore now .......... loss isn't enough fatingam. M.O. EicwhV* Vic. 'retie'enJ WmAMA. ffoVcotian degree from 11I1,.. rotary (lot South Asia, UOO*.
to mats a drtrer cautious. Iy. Dr. Cerlon former retWenl of <<."..* fechmcaf fnilt. No word hu been received
The 1 live vaccine vs...m..d.. .v4ns........* boon to oil State Normal Univertity
weakened that. althewgk it can din. ...............,r04v<<- ery 24 hours damage merely lids ,41 Island, former h Acting COIIWfti..Jo".r of CaWation; Jn I9J3. Dtlew attendedOeorgot yet from United rrebytrl though Heads Center
at the scene of each accident Virgin fretUonf-rreeiHror fno! Adninislr.ta.1. .- ; missionary rertonnel.
ti.n ol ankbodio* against the dks.. It will c.ws. .* own UfiverK'fyScnool the commujlon has .
totals S1S7.U3 or more than owning name of Ones tele, dl p tch4 -
mild cote ol I meade. at to _.Iie.... of low from 'ItSI.,
pott $50 Bill** each year. To this two e bles. The first In. Cameron
'The other vaccine v... a titled'" .....,"h"L locovto total can be added the millions 31 and recerveW this Degree urjOig an Independent course
w. believe met the live voccino-wkick& U porlectly.... of dollars awarded by Insurance School Hires Refuses To of Jwrii Doctor it mD.P.w of action according to field I YAOUNDE Craroo.N)-
-pr.duca. more.lotting immunity mo Board ofH.... t or Individuals as the Univertiry ScKool I W JuJjirnt J also encouraged Crneii C. Crlgg baa been app
.bat boon dirfriowting( typo to doctor U Chic.... nth of law suits remittee Its First IH law In I IWM mlsilonary rcrionnci to olnled director of tilt .newly
M meetle* ,'n... before yor child .he* boon from such accidents. Testify hiss lerved a* nononolfieW "recognlt! opportunityj for t.l.blllItdllllIed Nations In*
vaccinated the tovority ol "kit attack con Mill be modified The M.COO mile primary sya* r.*,.,*.....,.,* for meCKicoge servtc and! ministry ofreconrtlUtton formation center U Yaounde.
by ... was ol globulin, bwt skis It lea comprises less fhaa M percent Negro TeacherWHITE Rope Case Defender and 'In In this time ofneed" GIla will perform this tII c.
gamma more
llin) of the 7tfMl mile and to Inform col'kiguu Ilea in aAUJJoo to his pnsadutisi
,... .rI. caaaclSam >
OBentive end effective "* gvrnmnt
man me protection afforded
roadway network In Florida.let PLAINS,N.Y.-The first ofouriupportlflprty aa technical UN asalsl
by mo "ocel.... this UNCHWtO. v.. (INfO.) A I er and for sacs board
same system aecommoda day of the IUS-" school iwcfc wars W'of'A director .utlNdo their reaideol npnsaatlas *
Civ y."" ,child the bee). Hove him vaccinated ..... '.Itblulrw..,. (
tea U per cent of the total par was s red star day for Jooeneie wmoinow living of reeoofiOl.ttJ* VIVA director. UN spocUifund
traffic volume Florida. second grade teactfer. Boom ;In Hawaii with her ...,...eM.h. .ii.tant Wilfrid oVroctor, ben The assail! t'preuNwp- program in Cameron
Of the total 161.515 accidents WUllams and the PocaaticQ Hill .. ... ... o port and! concern for action A native of the United States
\ JMj ton t Have to Oo: To Town To Oat m* now raa*Irail' 1ft .. $,. t.vI. Iltr NYA *...iir.ant .
occurring In Florida a IH4. Mew Tork school system. For for rSomai YSbnd.y. toward s nrfttliMd pc. it Gnu has been nerving as real
71, 21 or 44 per cent occurred ..r.. WUltans U was her first *tateandrgJonaf ofrecter, sakes dent representative since Feb
using to return to the fotiand .
LOW PRICESDRUG the neodqwarterodln. CK/cagot aliiloni *- "Commtsilon shorkej in rur,. IMS. lie lilt
on primary system. Of the day on U exciting new Job.) .. )Joined UNIortt.lI.
total 14.110 injuries nsultlnf For Focaatlco Hills, U marked aaaear o* 0 .1"' lo Micnoel V. DiSeHo. pllcitlons ripUlnrreMerak* la Wit and servedas
from these accidents, U.'fn the tonal time a Negro teacher gins ""'". director Office ol r rk. Stool latan-hdla hostllltlci. Cx. regional social affairs officer .
or 80 per cent occurred on the bad ever conducted a class .la The trial. wMcfi InvWveiVVbiMey (.notion WbtMnglen' D.C., ana* tends to you and! aU Christian in Beirut. Lebanon until
STORE HEEDSTrade primary system and of the total this .small, predominately '" two conWction$ ; for aulttanl to f.f.. orrattO* friends uwrntreofourpray* 1137.
I.MJ deaths. 190 or M percent school district in Wtstchester roving tw* Ivnchburg women He,., chairmen wbonv era and l action for ill of you
occurred on this system. This County one of the best-known and a lenience of II....., woi mitto ... Africa' HwslN.i0 and for tk-gortMlons." ret*** Of poems
1s smaala( when one considera suburbs of hew York City. cs&ewd wntil N..1.Y1bnr.y Lira teas confUknre In you Opus Irirciifjiip' Drift
With Alfoir/ ....-i"...
Your Neighborhood Drat Start sod d,vl.hins .
the mileage Is toss than 14 percent Mrs. Williams Is one of (thlr r..I1. )awiUmalers4Nfkanre
1C U HOT ANT Defew hiss lerved rereiontotive *- of Christian' wit. At heal ludqluterl
PtUCSS ADV.IS TCJ LOCAL PAPOtS.I of the state total. ty Negro teachers who found .
Wtlliam Kvnhl Now
Delivef.to alp till all Doctor prescriptions Last year 117 deaths occurred their Jobs In seventeen West Asy r of eSe United mis bcconxi critical .*. The recently orpni.ed Jack.II.'UI. .
oa the segments of roadvay cheater school. district this Verl. wo* WerWod1 o motioi* Mhe. Seas government on III,.. Untied PmbytcrUnj the Chapter I of the Fe4
which win l be four landed under year through th* Teacher R.. ". he rips th.r/siiwnl. mJuioni to itveV ....foreign U.S.A. are most directly r.. erslkm of V tier an*of AUWara,
the bond program. These 1207 Wettebester. Moil thta. ..11... Ma grew no* hot the W*. aid proton ,In ,14 African land to it. I'nlMd Clutch of USA/ toe, has r wned its mem
Dixie Pharmacy miles comprise only u.. percent chits have been appointed to hm ..* net ,.,..ont to leitifyogeinilhlm. nation* during ,If4041.A ,. Northern hilt ..td the! frUtH berthlp drive. through Its local
of the 1M4 fatalities. Larf schools whoee acuities were deputy cemmitiionor' ; of Preibywrlw Church of rill. htfcftmarten. 1430 Kings HIIII4.
pint In addition to the death. Integrated In earlier years In w....,., .... wen new fried Deportment of fnvoitigetion; ..I.... Theta ari35,213cans. Commamier J. S. Irving" Sr.,
1,10) In many caws through the eWortsmany bers In Uhocwn.'lkcu"'lth' will a>uaiAl ...tr..1IIa
persons were injured ) per-
In both .... after
..._ r**> aoefing Deiow' tofory wo 111.700.
n.2 oats ln At Mirth Anna 1.040 accidents which occurred -- ITT IndUn, pwtors and Ml bins InluriMlkin who will call
to the
sits .
en these ...,...,.. These... twnromecevrl Hit now toil wiMooyllJ. American mUilonutei the him at n .Uu. He will /mpant *
Pious Eljii 5S587-.0 meats carry u average of 1, H. will. .. hi.d. tot 000. United Ourrh of Northern In- tal..mat kill on the first ,
151 cars each 14 hour pit lod.tkatlrtlcl and time N.". 19 on ocftorg* .. hitheCnltodrreibyiertanChurch meeting stitch will be cyan lo I
show thai despite W raving a whito woman lam of rVlitn. taw sre veterans of In* %ianl h Amr
PAT TOO LICIT f ATER All HUNWIIUS hearer trust divided four women were. ........In If.,. altAnelo--::.:=. =BOO fP** IT. T9I nwmhers In 112 con Iran, WorM Wars I and Iud
laud highways have a much \ .' |r..*tlons with' 140rahUt.nl' the Korean Ctmlltel./
AT III STilE lower fatality and II,.ry rats I .
Chan older hlghwaya. During thethreeday FOLGER'S
Memorial holiday period VEGETOLE
this y ant. In which 474
persons died m traffic eraihei,
divided al4 ways were.Ihe sate COFFEE
at ,oats. One key reason Is SHORTENING
r that .....-. eollisons are estremety >
ran on divided high*
ways, separated by land or diN
this. earthen marl or tonghssteel LIMIT 1
or concrete barriers. 1 CAN 5 9 0 W/S5.00 FORE 3 AQV

Negroes Pka cases through Ihe effortaof
the League's Teacher Hecrultment MORE FOOD ORDER IBS. f 7
To Campaign Only a. _
tew other teacher sbeid Mrs I' J5.00
WOliama ls the fire ,! &.
IB "Ob Mbs. iMcher a this parurelarsth* ii MITE rooo oiod ( I

Kfrnorrters s1 itllladu A edits of ).r.. tort Mrs * +

", froodam. DemotrMlenrry WlUiams aneaded Boeton v...
will run as csndldewi stall and ass gradMatedfromMew 1 10. CAN
.., Cowreii seers eer.ft..d by York Untveratry to JIM.
So* .,.. Q CMtUndD.WUSJ ..... Cwr...". she U wotktag IITIOOT rooo 79 C
towards her Master's Mgr I
( and .lUilfrdie *
ie Howe mombers.hlf a 1I4NMCDII'M4III& at Teern. 010(1HMOCIAN ( :
DP .std. Intt weir fcvwkl era College Columbia II..,. I 1 QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
sit,. Last year, she tight no.cond .
C4ndUes In
grate a n How York 10X0 CUll
...... ehxtions srwr s ates*
"Teaching 111 s. bur*
live drive
voter rrglstretion t*
... men. dv.t UO.OOO: ... school such u IMrantleills
III Latest Ho's Hair Kogrotsi RICE
MleiUitrK. wart reOs. tromUes. to U a (*Kbvatag
ctal. ****. Mrs. .Hiiamabelhrvee
runs OMilned
Are Taught At The (, .. called after the Tm really iooaiag lor TIDE
..eneo re>cie4 ft* Mr7. et* wart to thisTeachers year," 330 OYCIUATIOI
.' nape t* ..*. hvs whtteIsslsilpDt us. GIANT SIZE
Jacksolvilll / i.pre.*......._ Asia.
grist Keg..**. h.< been h.r.
rod f rern votlaf. (YAfOIATIO
The lderl revemtwniwtsMryed Depletes Dave!

Barbtr Colltg.1 INC. I".*"The MasY.W4.*ll&meVtlrlllgt.a.wWbtm1 vide" lelilrf *a .'./S/Kt.w..*. Schools Sltlltlu exotwUretonrd MILK 7BMI 1 I jui'cfuPU' 4 .. ... $1CHEF'S

mderal gwpr.ws Mail if to* ef ft. nV .rd ., DUe.<.
630 DAVIS STREET cwnp,.........** Lawrence Era of OM Florida .at* Tea*
COTOT. MftT choirmes. lU chera Mclnnon dew with CHOICE FRENCH FREDPOTATOES
'liclsiitilli. Flirlli Is ....,..'........1... grav ....,. the action ef the -
5mlTALLAMUnt'The school budget Cemmins*
ten a cvnag ne ec... -a...

g4 nthonlnaarCWe u retnennnediil by the 10 'ozs. $1I..TU'S

recommend the cJUaoM WDwal
Cowry the *ia>erfcwandeaf .
and (.. kv nrd ., Nail'
t InmnrUim and (be Dwnl Ushers JIM quit CUll 1111
fcr fheir nOwis m restore

their* recomieitimffcni orhoots.to y ttnttmit hmjUmintlngO ef ressartaMlJfy en- FRUIT PIES 3 U wt:'suI 8ge GIlTS.. MEAL

fuetody ......, fteenansinlerClsens 35e

pass has toAentoddenrty mil. CIIHr. ClCH" elllm.puu SUS.
tkn Ihwy Ire caxemodnhnul
tte weUnr rhlUren and

t,1 Dot IdolA nVry...eeiawrt.... the nrcaodOn fLA. GlADE A fRESH WHOLE CHctt( 1(1(

... UM of a. soar}* *
+ ........ nuppoel" ef Ihe t4of TOMATOES

Aside tnotrwtke/s..... bwlg4by FRYERS 27C
las payer and Dele

wt. Mrs a-atofiod a, ft*_ ffcval nrOennfa OMTIsrttool u. 3 C\\; 39C

\ ,Vtr* Cnmmi.in Is hwrodM I
*. D ens wily. ,...H a *ofgto
hvjnr. to an ..,..., hvlvmt nun WI swaJutss[ Slln 'U.'II' ClUI trot MISTY UT1.
i oiotoUoMj programaCwnJCeasry.
The Fwnas Stole Tontttofi
.. Aa eciWa. L..Iits. C.aata..ssm .- PORK ROAST 49C
4 otitlr.wage & BM thesis nnd .59C 55C
,. ....- What is it that women see omens of Dent Coonry a nVotrcMOMtee l' 11.

,'; = %%' in the Smooth"Canadian? saws,, eM nnaonts snail a MtMaeairlnrtnuvy acOnnlA.

oO-- and *aoi.*i nni< ntCSont -
T- / Saram', v.o.cSon
Tlaryr'JjfOd6it slut offin M .... Cssaas
FANCY lED DfllCIOUS 111et Ra.
.- .b.lllIOothu.WJ rVStim4filb ....

cnxrmdftxnJLU: t>rycoun<. .

_-+ew f stow ewwn se OJM ns .... r.......-- atgl Ti AsirkiiCiicir APPLES ORANGES

Sitlitf( I 4 LI. lAG 29C 5 u, ui 39C

p f rrrr r.4 u,. < -

. .. . .. .






I Ii i __

r s sI
--- ----

I I Nearly 4,000 Students Make Good Pepsi Cola ;Upgrades Official I, A&M Grad Gilbert Grad In History L argesl Class

.I l ; On Jobs For Agriculture's ASCS Names Howard Prof. To PostNEW AppointedSolicitor I

YORK Harvey C. Russell. Pepi 1-eoli Com-
pnys Vice President for Speclll Markets sine 1963.
hu been elevated to Vice President Corporate Planning
Department and H, Naylor Fltxhugh, former Associate W.i. fo/m/ ...It, fAMU) .' I
Professor of Marketing at How ard University,w as named Attorney Edward toctgera a'
to replace Russell as Vice President for SpecialMarkets. 1963 grodwofo o/ fho Florida

In his new post Russell will Markets Department. In 1962j ASM Unlvortlfy/ Coil.,. o/
engage In. continuing program j he had the distinction of being low It o.been appointed/ cult-
I 1 of exploration of future the first Negro to be named ton county tolttltor/ for faint' .
marketing trend and the s corporate officer of major leach County ky Marvin M.
development and application U.S. company when he was Mounts, cevnfy io//cl/ ,.
new marketing techniques. elected ,Vice President of Afty. todgtrt gradual h rs
For Fltzhugh! the election Pepsi-Cola Company. tram lh. CoI,.,. of Law of
as Pepsi's Special'Markell Russell Is s member of FAMU with nonoraandwaarfi.
r Vice President adds a commercial Presftent Johnson's "Plana too ttudont In o clots/ of five.
facet to a career for Progress" Advisory H. passed ho Florida.r In
which thus far hu been primarily NO'll em..', 1963 of his> Art
academic. Currently a tiHlng !
candidate for the r
( I
A nail*. of 'iH"I
holds an A.a cum laude
and Atty. Kodfon not llvtd In"Florida
anM.BA. from Harvard),
I Ion 14 )'oor.. H* Hivghl
Fltzhugh brings to new
position a distinguished back of ....ov.I'Hlgt.trtool'prior

ground as s scholar, educator la .",.rI"g fhi..... FAMU low *
researcher, lecturer and school In 1960. H. fa a Navy
businessman His assignment! veteran and roco/vod >h. PREPARES FOR PHYSICS CAREER AT CLARK. Lee 8lnltary, a bu graduate of jack-
rvd, It the coordination of all bachelor' of art degree from aonvllle'a Matthe Gilbert HUH School is a saber of the largest croup of

Ile phases of the Company's Special Howard Unlvorilty, Wo"thing- Physics Majors ID the history of Atlanta's Clark Collet. Shown br la the
Markets Program with Mil D C colleirs xray laboratory with Department chalnaa O.P. Purl, slo.ltary is in
Pepsi-Cola Bottlers through
a program geared toward training for graduate study< and a carr in rarcb.
Nearly 4,000 Negro Students and to check diverted acre out the U.S. Reporting to him' H. Nlyltr Plhev.A. I
make Good On Summer Jobs ages..land taken out of crop Is s staff of thirty men who
operate In both bottler liaison Council and served! on Governor
for ASCS production under ASCS agreements
Agriculture's and administrative functions Rockefeller's Committeeon

WASH DCGTON-Nearly; 4,000 Copeland did his work so Fltzhugh. .Is s founder and Welfare member Costs.of the He West-Is aboard WMBM Weekly Miami Beach Shorts
well that his was Increased -
Negro students, employeddu- pay ""
cheater (N.Y.) Adoption Ser-
rtng the summer for the first from $17 to $19 per 'II
time by the U.S. Depart day during his second week I r' vice Rodman, Is co-chairman Rockefeller --of with the Schedule I UIAVI! BAOI"'SII young American ueiclun. either
ment of Agriculture's Agricultural of employment. And his. :' winner of international competition or t ruh"l1
interracial Council for Business
Stabilization and Conservation supervisor James E. Frier-
Service ( ASCS ) son ASCS office managerfor Opportunity, and vice- w.c 1MMONDAY of faawoa nsaes In suds have been signed N* *.0lol.t. >

won praise of their supervisors Brazos County, says that chairman of "One Hundred THRU FRIDAY with thMlaai Reach syaphony for the 19 !-
by their aptitude and the Prairie View student showed f3' Men". 66 concert sason.
skill and accuracy of their remarkable aptitude and did A native of Louisville, I Kentucky '12:00 M 5.00 AM TAeMidnighl Rock-Alae/ lock Jaa ............

work. his work with skill and accuracy Russell was graduatedfront 3:00 AM '00 AM tovorondfroMcCaff Ootpolt MIAMI BEACH .. Cowboy Indian rid the range a few
Som 2,800 young men Kentucky State College :00 AM-12 00 N Milton Iwtterbolf,, Smith Recu loll beachfront hotels of last
"IL. and completed\ advanced studies lies fro. the burl
were employed In the field, Although some difficulty A I/wo/ .
I I\ mainly as performance reporters was expected because of his .::.;: st the Universities: of Indians 2 00 fM tovorendlroMcColl Rhythm Ooipol leach At the Brighton fla. r.*.rvatlon. 69 Real-
to visit firms and measure race, Copeland reports that and Michigan 12:00: : nol Indian. own 3.641 head of cattle. They can
allotment acres of such he was received courteously Harvfy C. Ruutll During World War H, he l200N-200fMlovorndlroMcCoir' Ooipol rounding bf in such the sae aanntras
I crops as cottontobarcopea- by both white and colored presently Pre.ldent'-elect of served as s commissioned 2:00 fM-700 fM Clerance'C,i' r.r'oe'/ A tall b* seen up
and the of officer In the U.S. Coast thyfhm' 'A /Ives' their western counterparts.
and feed experienced no
nuts, grains to determine farmers, National Association
.. .
......... .
whether or not farmers racial problems. He was one Market Developers and Is that Guard. 7.00 f M. 12.00 M -OiMi; .liir/ Snior Rock A toll
had planted within their of 54 Negro performance reporters s past president of the Nation' He resides In Yonkera, .", t thythnt' I sVw*. MIAMI BEACH Vial tor* alto brim their boats with
allotments. employed In Texas. al Business Education League. York with his wife, the former 'Cicopl Monday Nf WS 5 Minwtoi on Hour the to Miami Beach on vacation have practically
The other 1,100 summer Largest number of ASCS He holds number of awards Jacqueline Denis on of 'e ,.Mi",, '. en Ho// Hwrti unllalted cruising choices. The state can b* traversed
summer workers, 'Chicago,.and.thelj two sons.. I
employee principally young Negro from nationally prominent!
I. west via
sad seat to
women, worked In State and 119.. were hired In NonhCarollna ,groups Including the Washington Harvey Denison and John, SATURDAY frosi north to
county ASCS offices as clerks 830 field employees and P. C. Chamber of Commerce Vance. !, inland waterways, safe for avail craft. Protected
and typists and aides.Employment 281 office workers. Mississippi I 1964 DistinguishedService 12 00 M S 00 AM rh. Midnight 'ed.A'oe'/ Ion channels lead southward ISO siliv and larger vessels

of the Negro workers was second with (30 In Award and the Marketing 300AM-900AM ".,onto Taylor Gospel Can take to the open ocean for offshore Island
was In the line with the agen the field and 81 In off Ice n I Research Council's Members Set ':00 AM-200 MilantuNorboirSinithtocIA tollthylhm herring.

cy's equal employment opportunity Georgia was third with 416 Certificate of Merit A lives ............
policy. and 96)) South Carolina fourth He Is married to the former f J.00 fM-7.00 fM Cloronco T.' ToyUr tact I RollS handball archery
For effective administration with 45$ and 106 Alabamiflfthkwlth Thebna Hare of Amherst.New Talk With Gov. Ihytfwn A live MIAMI BEACH--facilities for tennis,
of this policy, ASCS Administrator 118 and 841 and Hampshire and Is the fatherof volley ball buece and other sports are provided
/ 00 fM-9 00 f M *0..l. t'lr, 5.....,. Rock A toll
Horace D. God Virginia was 6th with 82 and three children*Nay lor,Jr.. ; wlthla the that Mach swalclpal recrntto.aysts.T4e *
,, AIves'
\ frey has been given t special 60. Summer workers were a senior at How ard University, ATLANTA (NPQ) Employment Rhythm depertawat also sponsors dances, "On all T./
Negroes 900fM-l200M Som Or.-
commendation the

by Secretary employed throughout Medical School Richard a
of Agriculture Orville L, South. sophomore In theHowardUnl* levels of state government"was 4 NEWS )Minvt.t on Hovr es ID craft., lectures aad wales .11 open to
Freeman vanity School of Engineering the major topic of discussion I Minvfe; on Had Howr visitors.
Groups TkrutiiPnsiil when four freshmen
Typical of the Negro- and Judith Ellen, freshman ai
Negro legislators met privately
performance reporters employed -' Pembroke. SUNDAY
Tinsiois with Cov. Carl E.San
by ASCS was Robert Russell's selection. s hl tod-Alon' Rock Jots
eSe... 12.00 M1.00 AM The
Copeland a Junior In vocational NEW YORK.(NP1>. Two Dew member of Papers corporate The lawmakers were Reps. 00 AM-3 00PM tovorendlroMcCofl Oopol, whets be44u Dial.llry bmdA

View, agriculture Texas A. and at M.Prairie Cols Harlem to youth blow iroioshav the IM off threatened Har planning another advancement staff represents In a still history William Alexander Junlal o 2.00 'M..oo'M OuJe; //1rs..i.r. Rock A tollthylfww WHOLE i
Bond John Hood and Den A II.,..
He :
lege. was assigned toBra- lem's seething unrsst. which began In 1950when
lOt County, Texas, where he Joined the Company as a Brown. Drown Is local 6:00 fM-t.00 fM Open Made Toll
more than 91 percent of the One ol thorn celled/ tfi.''/,. field representative, tie subsequently NAACP branch executive secretary. 9:00 PM-1200 M Sam Oy.." Talk BAG FUur[[!
Percenters,hoe been .
farmers are white. d.se..b. became assistant to NEWS Minvtoa; Hour iWMBM
After few .4 01 a small/ hoodlum/ Brown announced he would
a gong Half" How
days training the sales vice president corn- t Minh on
he Mel chomplonod/ fief ..sign! his NAACP post tarry
was sent Into the fieldsto a pM.feiophy pany project manager, and In .
measure acreage of cottoncorn.sorghum ogoinif both *M,.. 1968, formed and was named near month.FLORIDA'S .. *

and barley, and N.,....., Director of, Pepsi's Special

I ; Your Good Health

Win .. oproo h of vintor, the ooWy .".*..' Spotlight Product Of The Week
..".1" edjvsaresnIs; IAN .,.. Oft o die svrvtvet Tko
Wo W.. Mad *oWooo .*.lIIid., hi .,M,or ... Miami Florida
.eon ..U44 o... H o 10.,.' ol fo vndor aJto Un ,
d... got "*iKi.f sad o'i'tovffA ewe CO......,O* fo "J.
spire ft.or ..* eto ao ol rooVfoo1 nee
Chasing sic bed y ..... see el iftol'. .. a.weII hariw

NUMBER ONE O. It wee onto aVowfhl fit foci !*>. wgeens Aevel.vsd
Ihoi (of tome*oero>io*. Hl ooV .,..*f oova ..
cool the ,""a"fIy .... f* IS "..r... o' lass
This roWwcot l*<* oooV'a t>..rI for Lyres
fvon ih/vonrf It no* horn. M. S) i. *rof tMvo 00I -

.O PAN It.,. f* f otorofe moro oooV. hoot ao t o*
Wd day ,.. were fo ." .... des I lor' ML Oof ..
RHYTHM & BLUES e warmer plot It yow ash ."llo, yo.,r,.* sliver oM

** roy.Another.
o old ides K>o* ho kee..le de*.d <* BoSif .lvnl .
e ,oriel*. "dy {* lro..M if saved .* rvUWw

lfi slew *r, N.Lest Ihowod very .lo.fy. 'roeJnsj ..
....... ft'Mvo od *. .....' H.. 'rojon pas.
STATIONDIAL la "....4 o.,aJto..*..*. Ht SHORTYJS..
This la borf otom-ti,fc.d by om'or <*f ** port M UfOALOy snur
w.* ..Hf04"N.tr2"| troo" OOA ,..*. i*.. :=c-.:::=.i....
fo .w....o.., bo w.o a s> m
\* tomporoNre .. bolow 101 o..MMADAM Me Meio' -"si.aea'::;.P.d ...
; I.eewhp/N.. = ::-- --un" e.ss M a. ....,. lL K..
'; M w 'e..cAL..Iw ....:;;.1

,i AvailOleFor $it

..ae .
M. .... c.as.....

1260 For The. # 1 Sound! -:' Adeptiea :---r--r= ...:.;.: CIRIJ

.. w rtcsMn
f ww. .w ... '
ae asv -.0.'" _
tea ANCCLU Q4i" MSB A d felrttaallst ftoador.Atfrtsor a ....... .......
haodr4 and M auacee a w e.wsuss
: Two hi aD aaatra of Us; rase --4
: are .tanmdiatetravaa Love aUrrta,.. .ata.as, Bcawaa. -. .i =
DIAL : tl* loc adoption, AsCoanry roe, Laesy Dtn. tacky '.ow. -wee.wso...... i w
Barest Mq&m' ..... TWrt Is ate bosses 1tav,.,,,.. SCALP- sr -
nponsd Uat woes.T droadfcl stoat aa.taws ..>ALecata4 II '
** bsr'u*, ta *nio neln| II: 101 st.W, TIQ IL I Dirt:w:. :.: ...:.. G\_ l.:. =-__av:.':..-:.-::
1260 For The ,1 1 Prizes tilt0 *, .JcaBJAreorfcaayosantart Pica: TS-UOT.' qua I a. xta .........pso ...... .: 5 50..""'..-- -
ao 43 of otbtrbWo M .... aaOr A arty. w-..... -..-o..,1M. .... i' .: eit"'w m...
'edtaN11D41 of both I Located la atUaU.<< fla. OB a.. M......- .-.
DIAL ....* are aloe .P fer **?*- I that a MADAM CiLOIUA .d -1Aso Vs so I IIIo f_. .w TTST STE -tc_
doss latf thaN l MwatHAj yam vQ BMt A* IiHeeeaee sow .. r --5 = ..
ttst* br any .** laff tire vn BUS atfJtmn wweow w oas1I .* ... ..
1260 For The 111 R & B Hits! ehlldroa, S free.M<.aw IJJirtSi:..r.r---l f
A3B nqatroaoats are f -:14 ..---. ....
easy rara** family .. -. .-...s.S..w w{ "-'% ....... w .... rd
pwu t. ..,.aa a W 4 w .. .J

._ __ 4_ _' .. ... .. ,.. .. \._, I 1

--- -

"'Y .. -

I. I


Citation Honors Coke Official Gaither Promises hollers' ie AI Eastern Open -... .


) wrong and malt corrections.:
Wt'U be back1, said Florida The Rattlers spent last week
AAM Coach Jake Caliber The starting all over agate. Plans
-ktr e Rattlers lost their first game call for going back to the three
ol UM cirrtnt season to Tennessee team system Junked last spring >r
State at Nashville 496Saturday and the Rattlers have used units
a week ago. named Blood, Sweat, and Tears
The Rattlers were open last with tremendous success for
week. The week was spent work* ..,.n17U1'L
lat OB basic fundamentals and Our losses were to great last
every phase of football la preparation year until we decided to try
for the Rattlers' remaining two units this year said Gal i
five games this Mason.We ther. We had hoped to have units
expect to com back', that could be used on both of
said Galther. Wt hart played fens and defense, but would OTOA PROS Af DOWNINOfOWN-rwwy.v.e "rei .rfie'oJ; ,U Me f..._ op.*
some of our test pores after consist of players who were W *. I..Um Oolf AModetfo* r.ellllot D*.*.,*." f... rot".rf,. Ak>>".. h on".tIt,..
loslnc. There Is merit la defeat. primarily defensive and often* W .. pl.,...., Inclw' '''nf oKori of Ae UmltW fre/M"""W Golfers" At.o Oar boys have been used she specialists. (...,.. tfie .vn..."" l..momeitk free, row from loft oro Jimmy Wtlbom H.""... Dw
to winning and they art not We'll look at all five of our IWf. H.fer. Svmmert l Uy M.,.. ...." S nmt. Wrftor Staworl o.W Hewed Mimmt
accustomed to losing. quarterbacks again this week. Se FAMU plays an tnt.rsectlcoallame Maybe ..'U look at all five of
HowerW VMioolor.' lo.d> ,eA.
memkr. Nor>t/iolel JtpK VMiMolol (JfOA .sidw/: d
against the AAT Collage our quarterbacks this pr
again VWa,- .i.; K.... UfOA vice retioWl M M\rW .,.
Ales of North Carolina InGreenboro week Maybe we'll decide on row M.... C... Chin .. 'CliIlJ..IV.
loiort Mtffor' ., Jotook "...,. ...rJ ......, .
Saturday tft.rooao. three before fume time again "' NCI Oortlnor, Jimmy T.y<.r, !.. Eld.r
The Rattlers have u edge of st AAT this weekend and maybe ticker1 tit....., 1_.. McMiNion ...W Horoto1 0.,....,....
H-l-l against UM Antes. not. b'. hard to say right now. .
The Rattters bar not droppedtwo We have all week to decide. File State CemMlssloM Lists A & I Cagers
noes in a row since 1941. The Rattlers started Elroy
Southern University defeated Morand. a Ut-Ib t-feet ha Dos And Den'ts For Hunters
the r lUau. tt-tt. to a regular lor from Ocala, .la the first Set 26 Settos

HONOIff-Ckorlei H. ... lerf.. CeceColo Comc-ony. At. season came,and Virginia three tames Rudy Jamison, tfeet. for
YOUTH INSflMTION oo TALLAHASSEtA list of 'things to do and remember .
Union .In the 114-lh .
upset them It.o. junior from Jack NASHVILLE Switching back
.. Ya.IA Inipirerfion: A.oro1 from CkorUe' F. iro U efiroctor for .... Florida hunters was Issued today W.B. ChairmanGame
'."'0. Go receive Orange Blossom Classic.: soovUle, started the last two by" Copeland lo college division basketball
......ct CoHeso-HNWioroo' CoocMClime OftJ AMlew Cornel snot momfcor of mecoaching The Rattlers have alvaysbou games and. Fresh. Water Commission competition, Tennessee State
: .fo# .t fce lays .. S.C.. rn.im.--Jo Mr. Soo e. former vtlK rolemoM oelate need back to trounce opponents Willie Powell /-2,192.105xlot -u UM interest- of safety, good shell capacity, magaaln and University's hardwood artists
reoreientoN've for me Colwmhio i CoCWo ftofffina C.......,. ..* fcm rW for ..,. after dropping a game. The from Tallahassee and two sportsmanship. and staying out chamber combined. will play 10 of their Ilgame19CSM
coAlnouk'oni ,.program* of o.noM .. .me r.*'" 01 CeI_.... A nerfive So** CorWWoio scores have been lopsided.Jake freshmen have been used as subs) of trouble, hunters should! Never use full-Jacket or mill basketball schedules
.,eroo've. "". Ccf College, M,. .......oi .... .,... or Coco-CcU ,. Cobmoieifor Gattber has had tbn.eud.hat- all season. Ken Rlley, 5.11. Obtain a copy of and become tary style cartridge or .U caliber the home court.
,Ko" frvo before lamming oMOtioW with me Coc.Col. CompoAy's ed and untied seasons since: bee IM-tb freshman from Bartow familiar with the State and Federal rlmflre cartridges while Coach Harold .'\&N.r. starting
So mor lerfi ,.,:._I o*c. in All.&.. The Coco-Colo Cempony Ic e........ of M1.n.didCdl.g.di.itwdgere.awlidL.Nr.1.pt..cAs.f coming head football coach back and Aloaso Gilbert H, 105In hunting rules. hunting. or taking deer or bear. his stith year at the Tiger Helm. ,
me n./i..d Ws> k..... in 194) freshman from Miami" have Always hand firearms m such Always check hunting areas will ages December 4 la Man's
FA1IU. under Caliber posted been used in spots. Both Rlley a manner that you or other for Illegal ball and never shoot Utle. Garden against the Chi
ooc<>.. _4..Mo... from mrovghevt me .fe... .-0 season m 19M after u Or and Gilbert have potential but people are not endangered.. birds over baited art... sign based Jamalco Saints prior I.
sale Blossom Clsssle loss to lark experience lItC'UUJtodo Obtain the regular state hunt Never hunt turkey with. a dog to taking" charges on the
ROCKETS Tennessee State, 41-J9. The UM Job on a full time baits Ing license from a county ,Judge and donl hunt or kill a swim road for the Kalghts! of Columbus .
Sports Parade RalUers regrouped themselves Gaither was sltenl about hislinemen. and the special hunt area per .lag den.Never Invitational Tourney at
in IJJ9 for a 10-4 season after He dldnt Indicate any mlt In addition to your regular carry or use a gun Portland, Oregon December 10
"OWN QUOTING OPEN HOMES.CHEDULE losing to Prairie View College shakeup la the personnel of a hunting license before entering wtth a light la the woods or on and U, Pan American College
fHllADtlr-MIA-fNPI-r' ) .j>U;,.;",9 wAy fee h. JeelJeeI In the 19M Orange Blossom line that held four opponents to any oTthe wildlife management the water at night. December U, Four Canadian
Classic. Once. ....... In 19C1 a mere M yards on the ground areas supervised by the Com Never use artificial light fire, University" Quints during the
tore* they came through vita an unblemished prior to the Tennessee State allaloa. .t, trap,snare. olsoa.salt lick Christmas holidays and Vnlver
to ,efi'; 00 ky.r.lil..1. H I9M .101I"* White the search continues for mark of KM after avalanche' of 11 vards. Buy a duck stamp and write set CUM, or live decoys to hunt ally 01 '.. Cloud and Lincoln
.row* CfevofonW lr*..iM ifor fwilooci, ..*f *>. f'..,e.l veteran delMsemee the Jack a 14-1 shocker: by Southern The Kaitler forward wall, rated your name la Ink across the or take game animals or birds. University before returning to
..,,,,. f oi'nor In NerioAet ,.&... I....,. ....,.,.,. Vclarea1 wills Rocket are preparing University In 1XXX one of UM toughest U the face of the stamp before.... Copelsnd said that there were his home court.
/ : *. .Acfvo"". f 'H' .. /Wv.N t Move Irfrfe/ low their eastern Hockey Lea 1 ...t Intend to be a peps :country, had yielded only one lag ducks or geeee.Respect many more detailed rules and Coach Hunter who was 1J-7
more ...... K o ...*...i 'Ml o lleo) ..1wo"4 *o ,.... *. gue homecoming Friday night "'". said CaUier but *e play touchdown on the ground SU the property of others regulations Out all hunters must .. last season sail 4>4 U MidWestern .
leofvo vloyim Mb-por I.II. Ails off. f om 0.1 01 foft .. in the Jacksonville Coliseum.Unable harder wart we Ion a ball I of seven TDs scored against and always ask permission be. follow. Summaries of these. Conference play, will
I lI.oJ.) ...* to get off the launch* gts.. Q helps you pinpoint ,AiM before the Tennessee fore crossing fences or hunting. rules and regulations are avail bulkl his learn around eight
ing pad m a gruelling ..... your mistakes, analyse what's ,le ....... had bee made trough oa private property. able from the office of all CIN.8fy veterans and two promising!
INTCOIAKDIOUr game all sly tour, the Rock I the air. Plug your ahotgua to three Judges, new comers
NfW 0 fANJ- dIeM_ CeWie fortint of CfNfOfO eM e)wfM.o s o.*.... column against the er....*
Kw.y lo... Mv"ClfOf\ Mica.. mill.. foo'vroW .U. 10- column against.. Creenstoro
Generals la their home .
rand 1.."> <. M..icr.l, Atetrferi.CM.. 2) will he toWtwrnj1! fire* I.l.rr.cid! ...... mokft (M *.
IOTA ,.-,"" L.vis.....I low ooiwUMff mi-eel"<.>. wet have been scheduled
o'ocforoet wncontfc'wfcomW ,.vorof y..... ..o. fcvl O p. SI. Petersburg) gets etnder
way SIP o'clock.:
viowl o r''I fo,romo to.*i,.,.."..W oovf..* NJ Conch Pal tgan-s youngsters 'I.
.Aon I*o New OHoe ...w-i t..vmlisio., mid IA.fNAl.rs have scored enough goals to
wore NO) .vi..... ep,ei >.H.OVMWTIOHT show at toast two or possibly i.f .
three wins, but a pans defense :
OAT IEOINS TtAlNINO has allied every attemptf chenlelJ..I ; .
MIAMI IMCH- Nri- ..'* lie.." .....d d.- telephone from Maine to
..<_ CoM,l (M.lMmmoel Alfl Cloy ef o.. Iroi-mf. for California: for player help*said
Mi No. 22 ti.. JJ...*. .....d "..,J fo..or.. Pre.ld.al Harold Klabtader.
lot V..... 'for oorw.V>t He Ho-ieW mo Koiot o. M/ rvt twos promised help by....
ovnefi.flN. era! clubs as soon as they make
their final cwts. adds
I W. cam stand paU.rhal's for
.... w. know we can score, fl ; ,
TO! All III I but our defense .. giving .-.
i too many unease We have to eau '
Toe fte.k The Best Doctor R.: some ct...... a
Rhea Tour Doctor prescribes. The aoc:..... had scored SO friends
Get Experienced "' ...lClat. goals m their first sit games. M
But they had snowed f&. U ,, fi
According t. your Doctor
average of T.CJ per game Coal
Orders. te Ce 0*l, The Beetoiallty c.1.. te Gordon ttbhry had sversged
mil .,.....rsetor 17 J saves I game to his op. l
,QOOOU'Slt.On when I.
.3 ucisrueo; r ujB ACisT TO satvc TOWA the hrlghtor aMI, Ctrl .j
Co.Llfl LINI 0'Q.Uu.aar [tar and his Rockets: win betoteej '
poodi-cldl..-grdttee0te01nIo.1 w....day night by the
Jacasovffle ttachets Booeter
., c.cLD anti AJtt f1.1Lilly's Cash at c.. A Rats en heir
Highway. The serial.,begtMI
T Welch nM lid buffet Ihw you t
Drug Store forms sun ,
A party has Won ....
4uM lit Friday night before...
Greenetar gam*. R starts atM
mi uiss nil EE'2121iI ,. and wffl be held. to the Cell serve.
..... .

Wekh Ibis Choux ,, W t ,

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Invite* You To Listen To- ..... S1.M fer year

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M4 Mil U XXOtAC hot %
"DANCE PARTY"i Offle lop 1111. Jac.r. %; ;
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II I 1400 WIHC 1400 airs tr 1111"W; # 'lu UK) bait due IIIIg9tilt "I'M' i'NI f in 'jmrj 1 U' S<., lei tin "uoJ titiHU jui with $ 'h.1.f.\' ''I."IIW.I'SUMOAY .

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fleE ,ID ,, :TAI PAPERS .sinn.. HVEUIEI- 7, INS

Reserve Your copy now President i WKKIED Hflllttrf If you ItIKJ prefer Salt en.oft tftelknli i
Semis Greeting ( CrowB 'I' Dllrl ir r siiftCkristiii I I add flr. the lUrUrw liquid en bafer the .-MW marktt.?

THE SPACE AGE AND To Africans Royil liar 35t.2HC'BErt I aft.tr-the Are. Is I Ifalud.

THE MODERN NEGROBy Your nickel treat to UNICEF WASHINGTON.presfctnt Lyn- ''Cill' PUILIC MHCEMickiHS

protects don B. Johnson la a statement ? IAXTH SIIl.r.Dial..lJtk. SlIiIr
offered the best vlsbes of the
C. W. ScarboroA children from TB. '
American people to the OrcaaIsatlon aids Guaranteed. Good" Zif-Zsf its

.. djrnaaic book now being published bjr 0. W.scarboro meeting of African In Accra Unity, Chans.vhlcfeIs FURNISIEI ROOM .New York Ltre-Ip )obl. N klttHS, ants kltt.
the author and publisher of several ANNOUNCEMENTAVOID The Organization of African ..u.U7 fare a dr.HAJtOLlf Wu f Ism fesifi itc.
books Unity Includes the independent I DtPLOYMBfT' AOWC1
ireet included among these U thl. "Pictorial History THE CROWD AND SAVE: 50? BT PURCHASING YOUR African nations with the exception Fir BII oily.Pkiu D.,.: 1. Uibrooaj "'. SftM HW fir ira $360,
of Cap K.nnedj 'Americans space port' CLARK COLLEGE CLASSICS TO BE Africa. 356 1702 $SSZ.30. HMl
Tftctt About Tt.people ID IIllIhlll d.b.; s.A." PLAYED SATURDAY AT I P.W.IN THE GATOR BOWL. TIC- The President pointed out that UMN $JTJfl BtMJ
life in The Cape Kennedy Area." KITS ARE ON SALE ATi the chime of the United States FREE. RUG SHAMPOO .
WE' SPACEAGE AND THE MODERN NEGRO vividly and snares with the Africans. I ROOM, FOR..RENT i _s. Iii tiki tllorBlacbin
Accurately tella the story of theImportant common aspiration for the advancement 1th .atal of Ihe.poo is. partial Hy

role the Negro ii playing In the great space ALL KOZY KORNER STORES freedom." human Unity and Fmrfskri. Fir tics caglo IQ.1,*_.. It Beat: Lan ....t Iii ,.her... IMiptles. ,
challenge steps that need be taken to Insure The full text of the Preslden.lal Mowers (hur.ea .Tools, '
ir Lriy. 35B-2S04, Call
further advancement are also Included along DELL'S DINER MYRTLE AND 13tk STREET message follows: I floor pollahtr a senders 3531341tiki
with a report on Equal opportunity Employers. "I extend to the Organization tduale dad tools, toed ir gay

pie' book Is 8 4' *. 11" in size with 180 pages LILLY'S DRUG STORE 1901 KINGS RD. I of the African Government Unity the and peetincsof the peo Sri, Ira!iupPg ,Trailers 12 per day.11ATIONAL .

and 150 photographs.On ple of the United States of A- SALE 'RENTAL CENTER
[publication date (approximately 12-16-63) COLLEGE'PARK BARBER SHOP ON KINGS merica. NEGROHERITAGE
the book will sell for $3.50. IP YOU RESERVE "We la the UD.Itcd State sharewith TYPIST 13J3 Lima. St. rO 1-$f0
YOUR COPT TODAY you will save $L 50. ,ROAD NEAR EDWARD WATERS .COLLEGE you a contmor uplrtnon '
the advancement of human &
for MIST Able To Type
send only 12.00 (in-
por each copy dignity and freedom. Your or GQ.IO W-PM. Top Salary
chutes postage and handling) to C. W. SCARBORO MERVON PHARMACY 2802 ED60. AYE. ganisation provides one means for person who qualUles. FOR SALE
P.O. BOX 321. Cape Canaveral, for the people of Africa to resUM ApplyirLORIDAITARUUUonerkfRd. LMRARY
their hopes and dreams.Your .
put work la the peaceful NEEDS AMBITIOUS' PERSONS
Fla.'f to all the world the rOMARO AND REVEMC.
benefits to be derived CONCEPT IN LITERATURE
THE CORNER DRUG STORE 2304 ED6EWOOD AYE from cooperative action: A

_. w ."...;; MEMBERS OF THE BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE ALUMNI deliberations."I wish you success It Is our la-your Cape 1451 W. 221." St. ZAaaiNO AND rANCY THE coNTRiauTioNi, AND A.
that they will strenchtea the STITCH OESICNI. FULLY CHIEVEMENTI I : TilE 4E'V 0 HAS
Behind every great drink thereis MR. EZEKIEL BRYANT, VICE PRESIDENT."Jacktontlllt'i bonds among you and further advance GUARANTEED.CAN It SEEN I MADE TO MANKIND.FANTASTIC .
great whiskey. the well-being" of your hall( '''1. Class INYOUR MtA.MAKI* LIGHT
a member countries. EARNINGS
Seagram's 7 Crown, ucl. pirck.' Pivil st. MONTHLY PAYMCNTSOF |4
122 S. CLEAN-:
33XCCB Myrtle Ave at Shed ROE rurnlehed. Cookies Ptly.Illnile .tl. PHONE 35I-1S21 CESSARV
Rowan or Couple. ir
..... .... .
A 1ttI S/ ist-11ea. MAL WRIGIT, lac.
::: LfI :::,4 NM MM:==_. ...s s..bIA APPLY 133 STATE SI

SHELL OYSTERS ;wl ? $5.50

IALTIMORI Selects .PT. $1.75
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'rdeT iAaiAWVT
MEDIUM SHRIMP .. Li. <9s 65 Pont. Catalina $2895
.... ..,..
'F OCEAN VIEW SPOTS IreVNi LB. 39c ALLWOOLBENCH Aa eoevl.'v vA17et..a.TT.
65 CHEV. IMPALA HTOP 4DR. V4 ...san
LOISTER su ioiltA{ /jiiiiwt: ll. 19. WARMER 69 MNT," D'PRlX."'AIR"CO\D. .. .$36 $
1 LARGE 'LOUNDU .LI. 49e '
I CATFISH .LI. 59ePICKIID 69 JrWi., AT.'AiRnCO:4D. ..... ,$3599
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Mltb bill
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SILVER DRUM ... .... .... .L.. 29. r All AUfotwwv, ,m omtmtu. ....,.., w. "rrr.
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1 LARGI MULLIT.... ... tNe'. 29ITIAKPISH "SILK" $11.95 roM 1-DOOR HARDTOP COUPE: ....I3S9Iu

I FROG LIGS .\LI. $1.45 Ifek Cellar cJixWriraKFtouTi .i MIii
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C..adl '! S. 11 "
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I EAI HUll 65 Buick $4395
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____ '' CORDIALLYINVITE e.u. ttr1tI'l zm'.fr.;; 91;;r..tA-l:

.&;::Too cul'ro Choose from
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1(1 you ts Men's Shop R.S.EVANS3RD

(( ...... I......,. & MAINJiAoartte'I

: A __ com shop .. Noc1 JtIeomaIft4e4II. Dear'
,. w. re *rr. ...
) ))
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45Hi St. I 'I

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SALMON CAN 49 '-!.




,, Nationally Advertised

Sivt_m Vriiii Iftt tills 1 fa *, MH Ptpt. BRANDS OF LIQUOR.

Gnu "A" Dressed I Draw FkrNk tf Gttqll>


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