Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200686datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 24, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006860740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 24, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 24, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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-- ---

WALL COfieMUCHH Aft K ??/ TMW THOOfpW ; r .
published by the Florida star Publishing Conpany bW5EL zNE35Al+ ,:; iTN /


ERIC 0 SIIl'SOI..I..UIIII Editor rnriie.nsa By Whitney t.!l." Young Jr.

UYSON E. WIE.... ....... Km Elitir -r VOTE According to a recent article In the Saturday Review

mogaxlno/ only ana out of ten boots in the current crop
BILDA WOOTEN. ...... .. Circilitiii Miniir -! for children contain any pictures ol Negroes for the

1E Negro child as I have remorled In previews column*

... such boots tell., him:

2323 Mincriil' lid Plm ELfii 4-6712 C L- you hove no Image today |
\ and no future tomorrow.
Lfiilii Address \: So I am d el"gh led to come I

/V : ; across two boot freshly It- j

P. O. Box 599 Jicksoiiille, Florida. 32201 /II' \ .' : sued by the Macmillan/ Cans j ''

I : :" -\ pony prepared by the Boot
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MIAMI OFFICE I Street College, ol Education
n ''
:. ,'. .' ,. These primers, designede i;

731 NW 3rd Are Phtu 377-1025 .I. 'I ... leach young children' read, .

f are tiffed"In, the City and..,..,......*A"'" they provide -

r '. \\ evidence a/who" tho publishing industry can do to

better a 'lot of our children.,
Prepared by Senior ,"1,., Irma Simon ton Slack, the
One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 readers portray a roofistic picturo of life for our child

Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States ; Cm ,.n. The settings ore urban depicting/ Sue mefropolienvironment -

Subscription payable in advance h familiar to most children today. The boots

Send Check or Money order to: yo U 0 h also are ,Integrated picturing Negroes and whiles

going oboeheir doily rounds In.normal, routine fashIon .

neither overstating nor understating.,
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 Most important, mere Isn't a stereotype en ywI eve.

t. Jacksonville 1, Florida Th. boots abound In pictures ol Negro father dressedIn

suits and ties; in Negro pupils whoso upraised/ hands. I

In the classroom suggest their' will to learn in playgrounds .

a Should Doctors Charge For Prescriptions ? and aparfcnonf buildings whose figures are'

black as well as while.

The American Modkal Alleviation hot created a /bad Such images are crucial If Negra children go on

public' imog. in its" opposition, M.d Scar., and now right' finding themselvo ancluded, from ,......... tfteir motivation

on tho neefs, ol "' totting opptotorthai' boon upiol to 'learn will be further damaged It ,Is difficult

again over the limo ol whether. doctors should' mate enough for millions ol hem coming often from overcrowded

profit from the prescriptions they' writ slum fats where a quiet corner to study is

,In connection with' helot' .r issue, Sen. Philip A. Harlel Your rare to pay attention their overcrowded detsrooms.But .

Michigan hoi introduced a bill/ 'In Iho U.S. Congress Weekly boots which appeal to them, which to/I them* ... Integrated .

lo prohibit doctors from profiling' on the, products thoy 't' '. society Is in Demoting, which hold forth the ,r.mi. .

prescribe-"from aspirin to eyeglasses.' .. ol an equal chance for hem to become doctors

,In 1955 tho AMA offer a bins light' and over opposition ..; : .. well a* ditchdiogers such boots are the seeds. ale

ol lit own 'judiciary council', wrote" a new todo olothltt Horoscope GuideR new selfpride.Many' .
which' repeated' the so-called floS' bon' Tho now Negro children today hove been already"

reads stunted emotionally academically, by the scar ol

'It It not unethical' for a phyiitlon to prottribo or'' slum schools and a life of slum, sheik They hove ba npreparing

supply' drug, remedies, or appliances ol 'long en here PABLO, The ASTROLOGER themselves, far saconaWlass. cituenship because :

It no exploitation/ ( ol tho po'i."'." they feel ....,'* whet society ecpects of Hi em.

Son. Horl hoi quo'led a survey eyeglasses' art WHICH ARE YOUR Now society muM Inform them, a* the Bant Streetreaders
priced from ").50 la 115.10' higher than they' could be LUCKY DAYS FOR do. hot the doors. of opportunity. Swingingopen. ,

obtained from on oplelol0".1 lit many cases required( To open Veto doors. for today's Negro college'

adf u."m.nl by opticians. Another survey In Now York BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELAIRES graduate Is on act of fundamental justice, lengdefeyedBut

City( revealed' a certain prescribed drug told for not ,. apprise the kindergarten, and firsts rode pupil

12.11 r at ono drug tore, w"i'.I"' another' part ol town I of his imp roved'Me thence in America to negate

this same drug told for til.53 J J Hie conclusion raised academicelly those strides. which today's colored trail.blasers .

the question 'Why the wide difference price for the, LEO SCORPIO have made vocationally.

sane drug and was the fluctuation In price duo to dot- Bon: Utrcb Ost-April 19tb Born: July Z3rd-Aq. 22nd Bore: Oct. 24th-Nov. 22nd Bon Jaa.AQUARIUS, The place lo tell. the story Is every whereIn A a hens_

tar profit : ZOti-Feb. Uth the community, an radio. TV. and In the ........ A Negro

Julius Caesar admonished hit, wife that' she she vldlive' With tile Sun u tile ruler of Those who expect: too much TIle child' who sees IMffi'e Meys slapping home "",. ovt
awareness that the achle
above suspicion fn tho case of medicine, doctors, andprescriplions No matter tin carefully loss your alfa It U perfectly oat from life are the one moat vemeota of mat ol a ballpart has gotten a metsago about integrated
the slightest" suspicion of the motive of plan or bow Mood your tacUci aral for too to toilet oa being likely to be disappointed. Ota- associate your in great or public botebeft.Bul .
may be,the poiaibUltT ofobtaifloinf the center of attraction. Tolalholda may part
profit would bo eliminated II Sen. Hails bill was enacted the desired true era who expect Itttle or aothlnc be linked to your owa Onaacial can ha became a fireman or a doctor or a busineiwnen -
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UM co-operaUvetMM or iu your owa familiar aurrouadiaf your or a diploma e tomorrow hereeeie..Ithese
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Now more and mere tupormartels ilorei of olf When tt stretches beuood all of friction. Oedkat yourself no war to Negro
kinds owned or guided/ by Americaninns, are 'In Iho art utilized owned without Jointly the and full cannot aiMnt be that policUa that those reasonable proportion it eu to the welfare of the one who trough ...... He must see himself lit beats .as he it.so .

planning doge or under construction from Barcelona' to of tacb W are twinprtaaod on you hardly ever be attuned. But 1* your pillar of atrenfth. It he can ...
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Numbers of chains who** namei are houihefd words can operate la OM dark aDder or wtahful thlnktac alnct bound of reaaoa or ae reall- pear with friend whoa extra depicts a Negro girl dreaming ol becoming a stheelteacher -

In fill country are engaged In these' International' yen. etrtala conmtlona. While this this would be tilt aurest way ties, U baa a better chanceof Ttrancea have provided bad example ; ol a while boy becoming a Irvct driver; it .eysthat

tore and operationsW Woolworth' 'Is one, as Is may be poaalbU 19 to a polatUM to Joopardls the results you carrying you along to treat*r or who may hare bees racial factors ore no /bar and M inspires ho will
Resell. Ana Sears, Roebuck, which has led long' espe4once .TtntualeoBJoqiMocta could are atekinf. You may be atrucUnf bights that you ever dreamed accustomed to benefit from your to leers
of. Be especially oa guard tolerance and ...roaIt A final
'In serving co".um.nln various Spanlih-speoting. tun out to be more dUathaa | with greater Intensity to against alf settlement la Society must owoten ondfvfUI. the dreamt and ambitions -.
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notions, Is 'to outlets Spain. ol Negro tfI. It must reach particularly fete
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This, Is a tribute' to America's 'leadership' ,In retailing.It of day. Your aaaoclata appearto your' rlfhl.you But thla CIA be dew Okte that ww at once be coat. tonal interest ahould be reached me slums, where every second. child ol rivet r and

fialeodershfp' whose roots w.r.plo".rI. good many be la u commanding a poe only by pushing sentiment aside .ly and unproductive. There are by th* end of this ojuar it mult soy to him TOM can mate a barter I/a foryourself.

years ago when" the first chains were establish edend Iho blot U you expect to be anortty. wbta tt thrtatea to Interfereand more promlalnf sipsotmmtuel ter. eyes U tt takes oa tto .*
then' revolutionary principle/ mass attribution ol e It would tewlMtomalntautnir by following he path of understandings and a poling of appearance of totnf a painful Macnullan company's Bane" Street reader ieomp/v

smoltunitprofilcanein/obeing." Innumerable/ advances food will and eoBfidoc at all reaaoa and ...U.IDI.r.at.11O1514.n.419. Idea and future mtentioaa. You wrlace. hit Other publishing ........ each a* FeJIeH MeO_,
have been made since' buS the. principle remains ft tim... cu start a* bell roUlnj. Mill and Davbleday have tote lie stet But progresssegregofing

-.. gives the American consumer top value for tho dollar. '-106e.ltU.tS7TAURUS 10044.0.11.141IACITTAJUtI be .legged k.glcety.Se ,

And now It It giving other consumers lop value' for the he wpu/ien it teelrenwed y he.m.mdy 01 d.

peso, She pound mo'lira, the yen and whatever currencies VIRGO CANCER Us echaols while aAWng *o minds" of *.
are used 'In trie nations where American retail' systems Dora: Alii. IJrtj. Sept UadChoooe : Bon June 22ao>7uly UadEvea children in then to /bo chained,prajvdMO and hopelessnes -'
Bora Bora No,. Mrd-Dec. list
: April ZOth-May SOtk
nova eitabllihed,, themselves.Old *

World' retail methods wore often picture so,ue-bw I It U quit the rogue for DoN tile views cube realist Wail ao dUputea the If a* tubjeel seem re* use aee
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they also were 'indlci.nOv.lilies' were often poor, u power or tbeir rtnlnllo are eaalty of marching along with petltloaa, apeca very
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is&iensfromheUnii.JSidesor.ch.ngingeUhoiwillsAm.ric.n trtrytody. But ala caa be BO middle pound You will oa tray meaa that we should a* Uaaa U u perttaoat. U aver. We Should Be Alarmed Threat t
-dyle know.how end efficiency Bothl&c mon that lool'a gold buds all the Bound prtactolea By ReltgM
ly manace to coafua yourself The nine el stable ecoaomkpcUctea.
state it goes contrary to the Out bate bees banded don by
laws of Batnr that give tai pro all aa more Nero. you try to our forbears for our adifica oa a* aaUoaal u weD There h no grewa ol ciksens and *.payer of this
Devil Catch The HindermosLJudicial Travesty tonne to thou who atrrr tilt bare create OB*. TIle Vlrjoan* who tics and utdaaca. They ar* the u pare.al level, maytoOna.Ij ..... that should fear the aftewne ol Cvaan reface,
a partner already will established tile trends aalpredocaiaate.
hardaat. BIllie quite nallaUe to aa aa oas that are more likely by asyluni I. *. united Stotes Ue *e Minority g.o.. of '
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way would Atthoaaja paOoao*
Old Satan and the white supremacists and segregationists about axlattac IB giant, yosw be dolnc themselves to keep tamOtoa together set towork N.,..... The Rrt inA. el Cuban* made its dent on
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pklea may ,
must hove been very pleased' with the recent mon likely to ttlnk about service to aolktt a* liners coaaequeaUy, tile red of a* the economy of Florida and the o.ow>ptotmoot. ol Nay
tt dooa act ta
and act for your owe material world. Th elmuddllaf seem your arm
In trial' of new phlloeopby
A'.itS..rem. Cord decision the Collie t opiBloB> U marten oI.Ual lapcrtsaes. *
title lottrtata wbM. It coneatomaUnf may Merest top
lerey Wltfns.' alleged KirK member Haynesville Ala. a choke of teadera. n would be prudentto mosey u through tad or taster tad apotxflaa thaa Keaa ; famHrs Intend lo pay them rO0Neg..e* as a gra.a>. are mevty sem...A H..J v*>
It_.. verify whether a* ttiied loboror .-.4. end toOor. labor
Some of your bred ones may be peraaa to earned caa carry a* toy toed whatsoever Do eel largo e The
S However, w. werodisappoinlea'beceusemoSupremaCeurl tAt Idtallat tot not overly rot wish to sea la likely to aerie of deetrarttveaeaa. u (o back oa promises' aal fOIl from Cuba woWd "., ill greatest threes to *>o Florida

turned down the argument of tlchmond Flowers, practical ta tb* maaanmtat of be present. totora you take a aoma SaftttarUaa may have already may have made to a close aa. Negro *ntt>ted worter*. J..icA..e"*ausa oV
of '
Attorney General, that certain( 'fury panelists sheuldnolbe tt may be your lot to try to art trip am aay time eUataaca.and Tate could disco Bred tot moatft ofploaaur _tato tor mere are steM DIal Wo.,. wit they ga .....tlloy..pah.d eve ol AeWfob

/ permitted la sit on me case after M was known that them right la thus respect. bit at a mooed FOIl wbea aomatioa ban t aad opporteatty for you win aot be allowed to get by the rafvgeosT" **o eM..oy"J

these persons believed' that' whites who associated wills tt wm ta eoaaUtrabU tact ouch oa your mud you anyway ea, n* many of you aa cuJOll off the book wttaou. a BfM.Craadloo merSgege paymeoN an heir bontest MM *ey be tairi

Negra civil/ right's wertert wera'Inferior*Individuals.There and praaalTOMU to make la essential to remember aatuadameatal relate tile value DIal have aa. protecu aal fOIl Bees upon (*>e Wtor ol p.bl4 ...... and..., a de-
your point. Ba particular pra ea yoa through affil to have made atrfctty your ewaabould
ts no doubt that the Jurymen were Mllkins rules retardiafaafett up create in *er ego-strengtt of sa/...een f
deal wtoa la traaatt or U the tats poIIII.ltCUa1aIIC them coa be pat oa ire eats more
friends and perhaps this case will set theprecedent for oa ma alftwaya. all ar.- tavorabto There mad ba aareW planning by oer federal gev
of la signs to the
proem coafVttnf aomooaa Id to tantamount to Inking off reappear
other to fallow It follows then that ..civil' rights wor4.or who could dlacloM you aa* ugh the ... from a plane wttbaot a para comtofyear.rocu. orwwent H U I* going to male <*setf. a ..*... far due

while .,black, will /be absolutely" sole In thoNaynosviil ertta. chat. dttaossessW from ether c....y .... it I* bvoawAr-

area, M not ,In the whole' state ol Georgia 4.3041.IM34t4 h$0.M.p43441 ion to rowvo *o lad we most alto lota tare a., o*.
and. border .,.,... 1.40.N.n.t'Lm

If this were In the .'10'. h. Alabama Supreme LIBRA letter To The Editor
Court's decision would hove written! finale*onihecaso.vt CI1QM1 Ion Sept Mrt. -Oct. 234 CAPRICORN
UayUaWuaa Hat Don Dee. a>>.IU. 1Kb Ian: Fta mb-atarca 39$1The
tho national. citizenry has a eon outraged by his, :
IV Mbl -inn of
a* to mUrtm4tel
Peer* JttmwVo
treveity .Justice, and they will demandIhetlhe Devilcetch
sites loo to ceaeral aadyoar frt aid audit al aa pas Ittoot tat mttt mrs mmt aero tn mrrastiaras
Ltttla to Poops *
tho "" '. '. Hy or .
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AUkoafB tto euttirtlloa of aa* ter this aI .
ae tact that your "'- tonnaaIa earls to particular are apt topay of Ufa wm aot ba tooted tot "UIc AMPUT, The ccMutirr-oi-: .
raaroaa aad tftrt raa tataroata aaaotkodar elooer atteattoa to what ea* mtoote by a* absurd t ban I MtttpOtly> of noMM tar Btoft** De otiM....
add seat tolUilta MomaWa4 aarecoc <* De tGtr tse
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Ida wvatrvsMrwMvtawawab .
ar atsfemeata CII earth
ataod. Ttoy moat Ukaly are very say aaa ....z. Thla may totocaaaa
to III allele 0IIbtUdIIIC aRhle maca ta aa plow oaly tile they have ana ned ao-fafled advoratoa aI..s.r.. > trig stout a rwtlttuc ta ft* amat The U tto ojoiaftra taut: ttma doN act appear to to }lit through a loaf coatact via you Um at tta ..... Ma antler toMuy urges Oat Tom became ratmiHafr Igpand r/>.
could to rnalat through yoar ritjM tor aayoaa to do UJWICpodM diet yoa are act Italy to make what to aaldar vrrtoea toa* mocnae mM la to I* COM I rmucr of d csuowI
!lit Matter Hew Yen Vela mid at ON araaaat ttmo, at* shod .. AAaa aapecttoafima fooUaa atatemaata or claaaa contrary, aero reoAigito.esdvdeseantItstwee. I* OM lar oA Negro .> .,.>. sated Folio mm .flrtCUnoUy
eaatnamt use earn branwa* ate bill bat Deft sal IIIaI you scaly know what pUc to ockbm ctoucn te a* motel IIndIn tit
it to arrrr at a aaUatactoryaaawar. are are cartato elteaeata hat FOIl are taftmf ...... Bat ae tstaaMttol to aa pod through eamMBTM: are M cosj otlta* va At 011011W
nil U wtora"e at* of int. Rusty toady ii
a* hues atracsl* afeaUM.aaad De MrttaftUyliortocrat
to tJtIC aa '-tIaI maw paopla aa whom wouUIlka
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amploa of dyaamk....or abed CM kM tokrsssa
pa aaflvhtoala. They are aa right of cMI
who tout totartao to your to* to lIMe aa aaaraaaloa,
H I. SURE T. VOTE rtatra may coma to at up acoM bait CaatiaM to eatreia real neb u tour mate ar cbMaeol eves wto have tot ae example* n. CVrtII diami ceaaa r a pnaeme tat e,0 a te-
racer ateBitkaat caaaa from .tare to aa de'.kpart of your bteratora area era lie' tint toe prefer to aaa .r. SOBM lie JuCLacseah. ., to IIIIrC1 a sty. a es .I. All I tl.gre ..
waka FOIl eel draw your suneachabu of vie have ... ...... eht tee ear
trteadaa>pa aad to a* awa*.f could a the betted ms Mcenkace. you sjot aulte map to htat Oat dIr dritdsf
floss of yoawtocoma total of your pcekettoot b. Instead ot takmf tamlaa Msaed. to .. tie( up year vat tot par; III to Sat De IICtDItI a+a0 brew se fall sta
to tile raaltaaaoa that caaatva ambBloB oa your part sell aea may eta to caateaed tadmmbto potonC5 RmpeelumCtty. Del sew sTth.sts IICfD wwre
Oa The Pert Aad toaeaatrattaf. oa aaa taut *.. eoaM aarm yoa to boa re- imaftm yomraeU toyuarao to decide rev caunato sadwill rig .a 011teatbl III art. err m et MOtnc
rHthway caUoa ar otttatdra wm apes pcb wood artostoa rot sap shell adopt tear .... AautUcotfamhCfaaar wad be timer ....... M rat I Mar sM pe as a u.f
wata doora to aaccaaa to aotaao. > of Ito hats you may earl is AOeacaAkal attttada. Yaataa* arfatoattna coubt got yea to ., ---.ac 1bItIWr7.ant II surety lit a Dane sir. Mwceaew
ara IBtaly to coma claosrto oa. Kabiatora ar aaat at Ua aid know by aavBalOBMtoaa semi attaralrt mOcm(yo ramalat ... ..cae ... r sc....g ws have Rent waim
DM trove tacta at lUa.Garni maid. ba barbartat aoeae tether yoar aide art the tt -**. and economic poUctea.Bul III pawed t.... ld De --hilt ..,.. to a so
aiaaa rte pramr to follow the faacy aotkaa shod. bow ywuaaouVI orally prom yea aa to rat u ate to a* way knew pores bst ynl Mctrtma.
Uaaa of sad raatataaca mad after all. There ara aa ..., tome to acejtre da bet beksncvzWdersetbe n. Male meta "De t1Per.
lead ISSMS N. 2aa. apaal your ...,. may aetra Ie sus .em Se a hw Ili
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end mo f ortoroJ'pvbfk aro,invi/dSundor.
.:-. .' Oct<< 25 from 4 tftrawah, S ,.m. whon mo Sfcn.CIvk"
f ana* Social' Sovtitgi' XYwe ..."" At annual fall r..
t : ', lovolyMiiiSAoilolowit. I al lIec1g' H...... 1207 Oavii, $>.,Mr. II"" ,. Small,,
.ii:'. aPort SI. J... FlorUo. 'Ml. ".litl..... ...... ,.,-'.
4. Bofnvno. c-'"'." Col'...*
for 165-44. wittbotoolvraa'lntfio

.,..'. ...", Saturday -i BsaR
.morning .,../ during 0.. JioV-
hmo porformanco al mo..,It. r
vno-Cootinan-Clark CeI,.. KRESS ;
'fooffcafl .-. Setw,....,m'oHNov. i
f In Mi. Gator fowl 0" ,
M//.< towit ft .- ...kr, majoring in o**.noM t.v In aotthon to Mess B-CC.* M. famav. I-CC OM.Ial iy a
M.. Ir.""" .." c..... wit d....fodvrodl Tfco lovalyyoong ,f;;., > STYLED
ca-oo*! wfta hull from North CNdin.oro major* r'i r rr
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k Gator fowl. Clastic .id. w9l bogin promptlyat
9 00..m. In.Bo morning ol Nov. A ...m Ii..... ..... 1f WIGS
at '00 .m.. 0...........". o'oijrin, .. porkco>oto In {
mo p.,.. .,. v>f oW to contort mo cho rmof\ Front. | .ni sissies, tn nun it""
.. ;}
Hampton at Elgin S-4J49 rogora'ing .,.ciI'c......* ; JL :. ZOOS I HUMAN HAIR'
*Opon H."..* ,.,'''''"".C'''_.. olvmni ana1 vli.lor UVyj slot .II U....,
will bo Add in mo'onmovio eI III. Alro>AmoricontfiMng READY-TO-WEAR,
l4 NatliomoJ Dovi" ..iJ.... of A.Jacttonvtllo REGULAR BEAUTIFULLY STYLED,
0._., .. .. lolli no Caobman CeI'.. Alwmnl' A. COMPLETE WITH CARRYING ,....
.ociotion ...;did II,.......,._.-.I".G..?", ,,. ..ick VALUE
L Styl.. ana*Mary F. CeI.,,.., will groat vi..,. tram $60.05 CASE AND HEAD
'10.00 O-m. unlit 4 00 p.m.Tno Ill.
Jarl.onvillo Alumni Cnoptor ol kappa Alpha PUIIK
not ambartoa1 ... its program tor 'NS-"" with : KRESS $ 95

mo 'Gooa 0''. Ie.".. SpnT. Tn. loc*( -.",.. ,.... : \ LOW 39
prowW ., irt If44-145 program wI wd> InduWW ..,G. : "A. i
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rmrfo (.!(.; contnfomMi, h.id.rltj.fw.I..dIN w wGttIftD BLONDES AND PLATINUMS ONLY oU0.85 1
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onW family. ; contnitifconi to foVvartf MMon C.,..obwilo'inf
prafoct .,...sNdip J.twenty N .I.y..na.' of wo itoliati M Now far City by torn*orJo wara barar to 9 too SAomOA Oaramy V. Owanfc FJffi
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.nW ,.,.Itic o.f o "..,." by. loW iow ckaplor oITappo / im larart al Vapaa Sigma Otoptor al S< ma Gamma shin.Nbr.n) Clofcomo, Mono il Mr. Haot wai I'll
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mo rpp. Fonwly' f KM c of mo OolW HoW $ra>o Elected Qaeen Just Us Social Seminoles r W BOOS HUMAN HAIR
P art D.oto.. $<*.Wor....pA.orrftorlf6i .....to frWfriotfor <* I
..n .! M,. amrf Mr Ivllor frio.*or. .fli. Savings Clvb1t Meeting Monday REGULAR
now onrWIoW.,Crf rV WM..C.II.g.. \
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(owroncoV, I...... VKO P o/o ord>; SWamanLiorfjorMl at S o aloes at 4123B Club to ttttnd an !.-
r.."., .! f ocor lL William A. joAntoA Ie..,., al C r virctnta AftauaLlaoola portut silting It T Mr. Buddy C.rro&1.tc cooaitlUAt, will ba la Ibis
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Ilaaaork Call..9.a.......... lapfcamara poydtalaay majorMr .
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1ElistMervon's .. /r..ld.stlidii.. Jill
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2111 I. Ul.iiit4 An.f a-I Mr. fmmof MWIor. IIJ4 W 4m If. fat f.a M.
TIM dab. alao ol..b..
1"1 i 1I.S\\st /i, oW Mr* fray C...4f. till *.* ....... J'M .. tbaat .lb.ra .I0..
Mr, erJ ..,. ,.,_. ,.......... 441J MY..nSr. wsr..Isrb..s
1f.'t I ...,. "n.tI, allied.Correctioa.

tilt strtltt I. Mr. a.d Mr f''.*o Car..... S1n.4
,tYltttl rlr, Sit Mr* rramAoDavift 104 HW.o Sf.

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Oct. |.. f
Accord', la I.. KO.

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,..,.., af IM4 INsllsIrtIii. except pie

rill Villas Until who drink it

Afl ... *..Wf. af frotlaHI
>E Oft MIN to attood a.ooi.tff .
at OM DVM MlMMtfMmj
,- wane ...*.I N.....
\h ..:. ta ..**..o BMtrvttMM ralotttata
.. ..*.. I abMiMM. Mia.Ima t.,. Fa
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: r 1'J1 Y.I' h

Beef R t GO Vary 1.or N.Nd IaiMaw1' 1.1') trwn get fill-"at.. Good... 1rv.f.se ,of.'I I.!;
at its Best 'AW w.fKfL"...,.. t..M.f Oct in+atl. ha/.nw7 r AI W W....,nsvh' t.c.SIt 4I
'-* M MCJIJ* .w,'7'"oJ''3f a .-. ., ..,..."",.,., .."., ."..OIttI,,,,. c.J--.JAI, '1ix ,Ar
.". .* *. .....w .-.. .*../M..<
awr .. -1

___ ,i. _

{ 1 b t M ''AlfW _/ -....

I 'f I r t I


I Allen Chapel To Observe Annual Women's Day Program I

Complete Sunday Recital Program Daily Sets Gen 'I Chairman Odell Walkins White I

MhiZrth! J&totfSorvlcot New Class Announces Louise E. Perkins As Speaker

Miss Louise E. Perkins of Mt Vernon Baptist Church will be
Fir Men, the speaker for the 11.00 a.m. service Sunday for the &IIIIIIalWorn'D'
at Allen Chapel AME Church Mrs I
A new. Watty Class for un Day observance ,
WAITERS MEMORIAL via begin Sunday at I p... at Odell Watkins White. General chairman, announced.

/ Sunday In bbII.nM.mart.AMEZI., 1771 Spires Arena comer of Miss Perkins. supervisor of Squlre.mlstrcss ceremonies.,
Church .." .. with" ti. Sunday School.9.30am.., wlmMn Ella fit, tt announced this tit Young Peoples Department Era Lane; Henry. Gordon AME;
Amy Maryland/ prseh eR",. Pie lotton *$ome\ week. a school teacher and a Sunday welcome Sandra Jones response
I Mltutlng Ood't Gift/ will .. ,ev.I'y ,..,. fc L tt will be the guideline for School tacbtr. Ruth Seawricht; selection
Rogers, pastor Morning ,.,,//c. of II e'clock' IrA,*. Instruction and application cf She attended Edward Waters choir duet. Vertress and
Annie M. Owl will protonl her piano/ ,,".,.,. ext program practical Christian principles Florida; Memorial Colleges and Janette Moore; solo Barbara
at Tusk- J.ak1u.AlJo .
earned her BS decree jane
erf 3 pee. ChrltHan sWeover Hour d ) "-...., eoW win be brought out In the leetv. Institute Tuskecee Ala solo Barbara Burroughs
evening; serviced 7.30 .'c/od./ The cnefn ene vAeri .. explaining some important ogee bama. She has done advance presentation of guests;offering
will// (.ne with" Mra. Vwo I. Kogerien Mrs. A"../. AL phases of the Truth's tea- study at Florida AIM univer remarks and benediction.
Davit at InttrvmmnH' chine. Is a member of Nu Evening worship will begin at
B Is a study the author says miller of Eta phi Beta Soro I p.m. with the following program -
CHURCH Of OOO that t "a treat lore nless
folded by right thoughts, wIU Th y. she Is an instructor Call: to worship Mrs. L.C.
..t., The Fifth SundoyUnlenwill beh.ldMlhe' Holy Temple, brine about disharmony, So At present .
Tolbert elementary selection, choir
Susie E. Jones :
at scripture
Church el God In Chrtrt .11I6. .. with the ; ;
...L ''' 4 Sunday three other facmltles must be
Mrs. Lela Crews
School' and ,,,, Ihll" Iim..M6..II..,. combined with lore if school. ; prayerby
'c. people
morning of
at intro-
COMMITTEE of New Bt. James AME Church, meeting recently Miss Perkins will be Mrs. Susie Smalls;selection,
boot of Mr*. Rebecca Y. Thompson (fourth from left) 910 Dellwood St., completed plan boon tnkod to return ,. ,It.;,110m.dunk for service art to bttfld a harmonious con- duced by Miss faye Battye Scott choir; solo Mrs Yen Robinson .
for the SUnday Oct. SI recital of Miss Anita Carr, beginning at 7.00 p.m. in New St. James Sunday night Communion service/ will ko hold during sekmsness.The of Edward Waters Collece.Mrs. ; A and B reading Mrs.
Church auditorium. Members from left art: Mrs.Ethel Davenport Bannister, Mrs. Escle mo morning ,.,,//c.. author goes on to say that Carets Byrd of.. ZJoaBapUatWbtptltso101lt. Georcianna Ford; duet Mrs.
B. cCloud, Mrs Lynette Brace, hostess Thompson, Mrs Rowena Hughes and Mrs. Ivory Saturday of 12 o'clock' tho SunMito lerwl.II", HI. a hither state of consciousnessIs toe E.oise; Dennard and Mrs A;-
Ml bloom
Asbell. Other committee members are Mrs. E.B. Lovlngood Mrs. Harry Mae Anthony The youth rlepo,"" ..., will/ m." at i".."' Choir I tnd bursting upon is Mrs. Watkins is General Chairman Eloise Dennard an Mrs. Alberta -
Miss Veda Webb and Miss Mary Williams. The event Is being sponsored by New St. the taming circle will 'ipentor night ol ."" ,ocloflOft whole Is race.the earth The pouter and tt calls abroad and Mrs. Lnvenla Squires Williams; reading Mrs.

James YPG, Mrs. W.E.A. Harris, state director. 10, Mr*. W F. foutl Nov. 1.. Mhtlonory I.',.. Will. for am and nations to come up co-chairman. Mrs. Shirley Mildred McKnlght;presentation
(Royal Art Studio Photo) chair of Mrs. Eva Lee
Ann WQllamsUprocram guests Looks.
,I jams will", .. mo .,H6w. higher Persons Interested in
maL Also offering Mrs. Hattie
the of t the New-
EMANUEL ..,nsrYouIt Guest ushers will come from F M 1.,1, Triumph To Host' Gospel Recital Mt. Ararat'sAlrounces Are are Invited to attend Mt Sinai's Usher Board from Murray; remarks, cochalraan
to the
Class Is free an!
Day will", UervN Sunday lit Em.nudap- Mt Moral.dud choirs will Mrs. Laura Sonia; remarks,
TTli'nph Holiness Church Sons of jubilee, Miss Fete tiit Church boglmttng wlm tho Sunday School *9.30 public.School.It U Dial affiliated SM-W2 vi3t Unity for- be Choir 4-B from Mt Ararat Mrs. bell Watkins White If!).

4 Third and franklin Frances scrlven soul am. Morning' fervlceef/ II e'cleci ,.*. S. L todgor, further JDtonaatJoa.Kr..1a117e and AIburJ..tbod1ItCbllr. oral chairman and Rev j.w.

Streets, will host a ReviversGospel Echoes, District 20 "0110'11/ dollvor/ Iho armors Al J p.m., dlttrtct mot WaanamaXer: l sder; ch. Jones, pastor; benediction.
gospel extravaganza Blven Specials Echo and S7V at 5:30 p.",.Deacon Same. fhtlllm" In eft.,.,.. Guest clubs Cultural will Miss Include Barbara Epicurean

Sunday night during an ettes, Male chorus of District 20's annual Fall Tea Evening service of.i:30 e'clocL/ The lunlor and childron't Saturday- Concert- Robinson president, True Vine
will .., .. toord 4 will/ alto ,
will be held Sunday Oct. 31 inlit. chair .ave.Mrs.
adnlsslon free program Tabernacle Baptist and Lodge in, OES,Mrs.Butt Clark
at others Ararat Annex with the program S. L '011,., and Mr*. Thtlma SarnweV will ...w.c" worthy Matron Christian Community
clock. 830 0' Mel Tin Grace, a radio scheduled to begin at 4 .". ./th. mutfc. Monday night, Choir t,D.......* Savings,Mrs L J.Jones, hunted Real
p.m. and ending at 6 p.m.. Dec Board Uiner. Board 3. DlHrlctt r 17 and II will torva president; Stewardess Board 3 100
deejay at % HUMAN
Groups and singers appearing Daytona Beach ...T. Brown, leader amounted at Union Progrotth/o Boptitt Church of Grant Memorial, Mrs. R.S.
on the prograa will be seater of cere- ITbe program follows: .Johnson president HAIR
will Include: conies and uiss Mary Opening selection,Zorlah Fellowship NEW JERUSALEM Service wUlbegtowltht eSun-
The Golden jubilees Neally will be beard In Prayer Band; scriptureC. ty, day School at UO: a.m. with WIGS FULL
solo Lee; prayer Deacon A.L. The Minltlort Doatatu and teynten's Iducotfonol Mrs Eloise Edwards of St
a special Hall; .selection Mt. Ararat 4-B Union, .auxiliary .. tho St. 10..001...., Frog,.seW. James AME Church serving ungerbntendeot
Reserve your copy now Choir; Introduction of mistress Anottatlon/ will// con*on In Union ",,,,'y. S.s. Miss Toleda Style E4ONLY
I of ceremonies, Miss Shelby Lo- Hit Church. Or oat or Now Jerwol' "*,." /c.* Sunday Washington toed secretary;
vday; mistress of ceremonies, will bo hold In Union Progressive, Miss Patricia Polite, gad organist $16.95
THE SPACE AGE AND Mrs Bonnie Frazier;welcome, and Mrs. Daisy B. Wesley -
lira. Bonnie Frailer;response, FIRST NfWZION of St. Matthew Baptist urewAn.r.
lira. Dora Black; selection, Made to sell for
THE MODERN NEGROBy Little Doris Springer tint, Now Von loptfrf, Church services/ Sunday bogln Guest teachers will be Mrs.
Also solo Mrs Norma Scott; with, tho Sunday School of 9:30 am, Svmorlntondont Ida Scott. Mrs Geneva B. Palmer $150.00 up. t
reading Miss Pamela Frailer;, Joseph D. Ymtlo In chargo. The ,."Ie.SNf\ All.. Mrs Johnnie Mae Jenkins,
C. W. ScarboroA Instrumental solo, Miss Jean using G."* 0".' will/ bo ditcuitod by Mr* Emma Mrs. Ruth Austin. Miss Lelalha first fiiility RHUI lakEitia i

Courtney; reading, Deacon C.H. H."rI.,..", Morning service of 1 1 .'c/>*<*. Al 4 p....., Williams and Mrs Viola !
.. dynamic book now being published by C.W. Thick luflistrus
Cooper; solo Mrs N.R. Sloan;
tho ditlrhtt union will' ton*.,. with M,*,lUlionSovndortIn Walker
Scarboro the author and publisher of several reading Doris McCoy;remarks. charge ol mo program, Choir/ 4 and Usher Secret SWer a Alfredo Lug will sponor The moraine worship program
books.Included Mrs S B. Frailer; and President program teatartag Sister follows
great spaceage among these titles, 'PIctorial History B. Young; presentations, 4 will lerve. Rosetta Cone and gospel stag, Call. to: worship at II a.m. by ID Rot Mat if Flit ,e
mrs and
remarks, Deacon ".T. BrOWDj'clo.lnc ; ST. MATTHEWIAPTISTServices tress $dwrd y, Oct. Mrs. L.G. Jones pastor of the
of cape Kennedy" "Anerlcans space port""pacts remarks and benedict JO at I.M p.sa. to the first Natujl lair UNCluilj
day; processional, choirs op-
About ThepeopleinMlssleland U.S.A." Ion Rev D.J. Graham pastor / Sunday'In OroatoeSt.M."" _.." .,,,Chunk Ion Temple, U3 W. Monroe enlnc hymn selection Mrs. Vivian -
life in The Cape Kennedy Area." eo bogs with" if.. Sunday School, at MS ......, Suforln- and a. Other slncer' and troops Lane; prayer,Mrs.Lucille $stitch iiDtaiDrijjti
THE SPACEAOE AND THE MODERN NEGRO vividly and tondont W J. Nathan 'In charge. M.rtI",g.ervk..1 11 .the Elder general Hill pubUe Is Invited. Thompson; chant choirs; scripture nltibtH FIIIAttioe
A. Is
accurately tell the story of the.lnportant .'dock ,..,. Homer WwI,.,, peeler, will doll v or w.torman. tor the pu Mrs. Avery Moreland.decalogM. ;
: role the Negro Is playing In the great space E At 5 "."'., (Vfl), Mitt Ooroldtno Them* pre> Mrs. J.P.Epperson; 'fir myStytiet
challenge; steps that need be taken to Insure t UNIFORMSM.e.w tiding Stoning orvice ., a i'd_ Choir I eW .... Singers Staging missionary offering.Miss Polly
1 further advancement are also Included along d ch.nM. junlaushers/ will' torvo. fuotday .7.30 p...... mrayormooting Brooks; solo, Mrs. Byrd offerlng .
Mrs. Ruth
with a report on Equal opportunity Employers. rittiIII Nw."..rue wwl..np..... lollowod/ by tho Mo ttudy. Wodnotday, 7 Sunday Program Vlcey James Mrs.Clark Rose Gray Mrs. Lay CIIer Ir Sad $aspl'
t The book in 8V I 11" In size with 180 pages ....... "w c... ,.'".. Choir I will mal.r,........ Friday at a pm.Choir A select Mrs. Viola Wilder and Mrs.As- .
l It ..... u s w a'MI 2 rohooriei staging tromps tad soloists" .sird Girt had Sin
I and 150 photographs.On II L...........d%" ..sI.. feature a program Sunday. at ale Paschal; selection Grant
publication date (approximately 12-18-65) uwn rueIe1M1es MT. TA.0. BAHW I p.*. hi MU Ararat Annex. Trio; ackaowledgenMeta of cu Send J3 Deposit (Pistal
the book will sell for $J. 50. IF YOU RESERVE essuwnsq tt was aawuKed this week. est, Mrs Lo lM ChapptU observations
M,. Taker BopUtt Church torvlce Sunday bogln.,.... Mrs. EUaa
,.... Sharp;
will save $1.50. UWM A*>lkMwim The Glut Trio of Grant Meaaorial Drier
1 1 1 YOUR COPY TODAY you rem mi UUIM miSPIIXSEI tho Sunday School at 9:'0......, Do... ._ sWr In AME Church: appreciation, Mrs. Odell W. Malty ). Balance
por each copy desired, send' only* $2.00 (in rmioK ONIFIIMS>i ireleNraa chorgo. Morning lervlcoe* II o'cloci ,..,: H. T. Over* William Caeaos, ClarenceFelder. The Watte and Mrs Luveola Squire. C.O.D.
eludes postage and handling) to C. w. SCARBORO, awaa.a.n.LN.N drawl ,.11.,, will preelde. Choir 4 and Usher Board 4 Voices of faith with Mrs.Jawsoa. Commencing at 4 ....Sander
_......., .. -
e.6 a
t. Jones will be to charge of the
P.O. BOX 321. Cape Canaveral Fla. will serve.AIYSSINIA Grant Male Chorus wtth
youth which follows SUSY WIGS
Prot Carter T. Lewis, The program :
Selection, Mt Tabor
SA nsr frailer Sisters; Gary and Terry Choir
prayer Patricia Jones; Scripture Beit. 307
AoyttlnSa Baptitt Church services tammonto wi" Iho Baker McKeaale. Barbara IIIIrrGII ;.. -
Sunday School ., f;30 ..m. Morning Service' erf II.' ,George Smith R ThIlag, Miss Ja )eeUM don choir; tatrodwetlaaofmUstre.es SOl 5ti Art
James Gevvrl Wand
clock' with ,.,. S. L Wynn pmwor, mchergo. The Mole The Soul Revivers. & of cerewtaeke,Susie. AM
Chorvi end v.her board oil lOr... IN ol 5:30 pm.. In Tirk, N.Y. 1M17

Deacon Hudton Jordan .II.n.... honing torv'co .">
a:43 e'doca

YE.4'i !' ER

1 YE. OIVI TO FIGHT Snday PnZrI11 ,

: MULTIPLE arguers of ...... Meet ,
I SCLEROSIS I Court 7. will sponsor Ms ..-
,hf Irtlt crippler I. ul program ...y at u \ : :
ttwanmm **.. ** "* MuoaSc IIa1J.
dunS ja....II.

..AT", ,


LEAN TENDERPORK 65 Pont. Catalina .$2895 Some people .

.... It T rm tnmmnmmo. rwroot" .**.k>TT.

roOTrORAND7llIX.4AirrCOrnX ...S3as
C5 ...n .,,- M.7/Mt ......"'rr. stick label on
A .Tntw, rMtnuv .....""TV.

3 LBS. 62 iI Vvii"sroiiT'oU1'1I. .. : .f ws their diet cola.


63 Mr.t2-OO R HARDTOP ... ......1:1S

,,,\GIZZARDS4 LBS. 63 rofff. r.i."V VII ftl'ORT COUPE ,12IS
61 roNiACKrAU I"F.'F".DR.I1'TOP ,.$iwsn
VERY MEATY >?vw..it w ltr***% \\
63 RAMDLKR: CLASSIC 4-Dlt: RAll 1..11103

OX TAILS 5 65 VAiJANT:BARGAIN. RAil ..... ....ls S

LBS. 60 ilF.VOOii-rv-l. AUTO. HAH .S WM stake
t a swnmsm

HOG MAWS 5 LBS. 65 Buick $4395 on ours.

ARMOUR **** '' ra >Mi r t =
Iwxf M*R1.w.W:M.:.;.. W:' *\f*



64 cTirv! TMPALA V.. HARDTOP ... tttw
VERY ... w.wTee.a ..,.....". sew.con. ;. '

MEATYNECKS Barracuda V..a .$1995.msev .

1\t. 5 LBS. ., MR.m --- ........IS T P
64 FORD v.a. RADIO A HEATER ,.,.. .$110$ .


BONES .-'tire ion canto choose! ftora ..
us. LI
-4I :

MILK 2 :

.lecboftrll..MNt Recola>atee+dsd D4ramt"EL

mi IK in MM IHI M un iy cuwi 4 f-all-IL t-aa

-- ---- -

.. .._ .... _.. "WUUwhb'jjI/J +. "'PI "w ddoLtlltsimfwraall
-- ;'_ .. tJsv v.- lxt OhWA'sTdllllt G dl ttnUEBBnmMi B
: t

.\ ..:i

1SSS ___ PAn s_

New .EBeployi !lfiij EIiftlde AIM- ; University Stiff 'IM. ,,,Various Capacities

4 1
SHOWN FROM LEFT: Mrs tan; Mrs. Jo Anna J. WUUans Q. Al a OL_ _.. uru KMoct; Mr*. Etols I.ArclMr. rot; Mrs Amt J. WttUama, U* Henry Horn Economics Economics; MlM Mozart Farm -' ...ta JolwsonUbrarlaa.
Jssta D. PotUdMMr, Jbnr* Student WtUkrt Dept Dr. Syd James J. Franklya, A&T1ca.t. Admission and Reo- Purchastni Dot: Miss Mary Miss Joyce D. Thomas, Horn* r, Academic Affairs; Mrs

Louisiana Gets ProMOtioRAC Howard Grad The HHHBB Relations. Beet Top Official Welcomes Distills

Fair Integrated Royal 1CID11ST toriMrty- a. Gladys chtnlstryprofosaor V. Hawed To U. S. By CONNIE SEALS, SP9lalltCounlty

at Acrlcalteral and Edaeatlon Dpartaint
BOGALUSA, La. -For th* Tschaical (A..T.) CoOec oCnoaboro <
Orit UBH ta Its U year his M.C.. has bees appolstod > Health Post OUCAOO-lN' -ovn..g ." opoe remc. .., s Mevltiow -
tory tile Wsshlactoa Parish to u taaportaat nuat Interview ,._.. Edwin& C. ....". CHUaa Urban 1 1a 1j
(La) Fret Fair was totecrated WASHINGTON I.opv..a.cudvi diferte*. wo aid. by one white penelUt -
last wtet.. Th oreakttroufh Howard university medleal.choolrldul.l..tweek
can oath.heels of actloailhr** was "M,. Berry now toll .... |vit wkat **. N...,.. LT t

tieoed by the Bocalasa Civic Appointed acting sect Ion chief Mint
and Voter LtapM. a local con* t of the U.s. H.,lth Servic* \MS. 4 ketilotiois Berry .eid*>Miy wow.nltKe.omeahing
mimlty croup which works ta 1,1f 6 Hun Control program. < yew wont*
coq>>erl1Joa with CORE. Dr. EdwiN Brown Cross.nwlve a T. iMf, the,....i.. .. ........ IntlemlemBementatndixtMored.
Until this ytar, NKross lad of Forms City. Ark., ( .1 4",,'1 know they .."MoiI"1 .\.irTKit

ba admitted only oa DM last wUl bud the coronwy section ."......, ...... told ky'.,ry,Iraoicolly ill"........ I >
day of UM lair. Robert flicks, of the program, supervising the pr.v- bn/ .... o r lock el ...._.", semi
rk -pntld.M of DM League.inaounced ruff( of profesiloa l health ... e. Am...k.ne with reflord to shag N..,..* ......
also that Metro public workers.
school students had rteed Ho will be reipocafck for TKo trwgedy U tKot semi form el svh vt.II.,,: W minerilie ,
to particfcat* la sefrtfated t- stfcmUtlng n.tlon.l.it.ie.nd .k.......*)ewoMBtedMnf't .*..'"/same"'*_
tents at a.. fair, web u chonu local efforts torodttcede.thsand 1... ii..", ...rl.) ,....1.*.a>ectedbyn, eny rien-wKilet.
band, aDd dramatic par disability from coronary America .KM o calemltovt h..i.... bvilt waon skiwb r'

bro continued UM practkt M For two ye.fi. following b.l. cwm*
of nleaslac Wnro. aid white his service as chief of the "' ."..
pUs oa cU..... days for II.teDdaDe. at-patiM department U.S. .. -
TI.1. system was evpaerted by U
    at th. (air.Bocalasa Public Health Service hoe
    f M.. lederol Iwailivo, store law and contlilutienal doctrine
    has bttt tha SC Mof phil. Sift FrMKlsco.: Dr.
    major elvll rl Flaw tht beciaaJac of tb* year.Followlnc mist of Acrkaltur. AsslciMd actor of.,. re c* Corps In *. C,... S ... decltUn. of U57 .\.. Ne.re..1' ad norifSH
    IUl'CIltlItcI CORE to th* Dtoperattv Stat* Research EINop, wttidi * National Director Jam Far* Servtc. sb* will evaluate KMb I la Addis Ababa he \ *\. abolition. .. ..." ery, the l I.f al l kiwis al ".baaken NfWINVfriOArO Civil S..". (_>nCnairmanaKnrV. M_y. If. ...__..
    mr, Boat public aecosaodat research ta th* bumaa nutrition also was liaison officer be.aw. |. banged. to Jim-crew ...,.,... .lens .leg.!. five women incfwrfeW' in aSe grewa af 4f newly. epp.ink.J CemmiitJan, ....... ...... she
    Ions Is this Bill city .... ...* and wMum.r as* prof .... the rear Corp and Iced 4i..iilrancM.amenl .M.,.,1.,.... .cIiMieNi are camafating/ weat farntal rrairw'nf ....ie". in rwMnlrtgfan. Amanf aXe I;.,. I Jl MillPfcvllit

    opened to Mecross, ram area.la the Ethiopian gove rnmem on "' ,......., ..'..,.,... hwl *.*.....* saan al Cery. I,,J., ". .IiN..,......." to .. employee at a CSC ""' .".......
    all medical mil"'" Upon T"" .,. Ine ....-Ie 1..1r.p6y.1 Nag real II......" rVtwree faff(, to rlgnrl/ ore Mat D..Nmy Igl' el A"",.. Wti v Milt Sr.etC".;.me Maty.Atitt .
    Dean Of Negro Co Starring Role his return from Ethiopia, Dr. Iramilerred "-th.... e predemlneMly ravel ervle M.,, jane Mare of Ireatlyrv N T, Miss S..... lee a) ._...*..Ule. S C, ..W

    Cross became chief of modi er aeatanl aaaUalian re ... .. ." ttrban Indvtlrla) MI. Alary Jane M.,. .. .re.AI r,, N ,.. Mitt _.. lee ., ._...."ill.. 1 C .nd
    Diplomats Baried cold BUNDLED of OM Vt Worth AGAINST Sea. EtdneyPoiter OM Health cU senrlc Service, hospital U.S. Del ,........... MI.. Mary Ale.il Pecerto af '.'.4.. Onia. Misses Igl II...\ end Ba..,.. are (ran* neCammfetian't

    NEW YORK fXPOFn rtlrvleJ portrays a topnotchpbo* troll Die lact .. racUl l "vai *falian na. remainad. canilantbrt CAlr... region' Miss M..,. from Ine New Vert '....* end) Mitt I.. f,....

    .. wet hstd wt week totrapber-correapoadaal ta his Hte. tens .kae dI..... to.at the wWw' ....... I I. ftS.A...&. .pi.Lawless

    d Philip's Episcopal CTurchfor no langer ........ vaan clearly defined 1_. to enl -
    Letwr A. w.1tyear! Medical Assa.lategrates l l.n racial diMeran. NaaledResearch
    eld dean of .....* diplomats. .. WIIK[ For AlE III
    In vie large ellis, American taclely .. daveUaedo .
    who died earlier la die week
    a* Jydenrum hospital tyMem .. tie .lact. ...'....." eaeratlng) spin lens Aide TOil Beak Th. Mst 1 Doctor "" .

    Bespactacwd' and soft-spa and ......__... rvliwgi which, In *>air. ........ aenal baa Toif Doctor preacrlbe. a
    has. WftSoa noved with *a** ;B CHICAGO (NPI)- October menken race and wieralere, are teeminf ly thrih ....ral differcM rk 17 started u aaj>ktoM day Ill..'. dote K. Lawless, Inleratllon*
    oa UM history calendar of th* ally know "dermslolnclsl and to year' DictoraOrd.r.
    career with aa aplomb that t avebaendividedlnterailalaWal) .) taciety,
    durecwrUed kU whots KaUonal, Medical Association.Meetlac .. .. a member of the Ckirtro Una- *, I. UM Only The Mat "ILAcr
    Uf* u In we Kave ... ."... ty.>amt.lwenaving atorleta. > C.I.
    Dora ta Su Uuls. h* w M s aessioa ta Shorelaad wits OM Hotel hat, **. ...... "' ...... and. ntintrnvm af tacial c.... rd of health, was on of tl Quality I'nll pr'OClrhtor
    ta .
    -.owrtter.. Join persona named bah week I* a
    reporter ft* hoard of the tail between Ike ,... oaseat w tonal
    3 -
    I Su Louis Star4 ylft" from Governing commute to advlt Mayor" Bjaii ruua) ntAJWAcim TO .UR TOUA
    { .-.-....
    U02-Q H* thcarrwtoNe k Medical Conualttee For RuaaaaRlfhta Richard J. Dale on spoclall*
    This divided ...... ta COMPLETE LINE or
    Torfc *. OM IOU e berahhortontatloa > taclaty .p aoary way la five lid medkslie-earchaiidltsla*
    uk&l productoa.brt shU add sad recraHsMoir- Mb4 Ae .hors end 01.. dlsl l.pled .._ ...." tad wads for the Cateaco ar... awittlc-Rubber OaodaCandlnlhMdrl*.
    bach lot* newspaper wort a* _...., lMsaehe4.aaal .n.f ....." MOM I la. *.*...*ti.... ....w. TIM committee compoaod of 'rM *ipnoNt CMICO row AND i4LIYt$1DLilly's *
    maaqitg.411ccuddrwa.dlLi three procd sM-.barh.pdrlv lay and profesaluMa anembtrs

    of dos M" Tort Af.. thm *. '' was eelabllabed ta accordance
    M tfw Ktv Ton World and ta addttloai to Stveallac byes {ORE Stlis Ow Fall Itoclal ".... with federal. 111< bnan,. fo-' Tort Herald Necr phyaklaas to |ota Idea $UG mlUlo. nallnAally
    Trau. .....pelds.t'pkttfa.n Bod- sad older doctors wa. haedrlftod Up S. C. Drive PTonrru; lot heart ,r....", lad strokereteerth I
    UMI 'U ha r.ilr 4 from btdIr.s a Cotaahta. Pie. away froea ... grip, TIGUawl CTAIr. trala"' .
    his post r mtmbtr of die NOT. ,...... PoIIor c -sUriwltt IOU also rv$ d'omtdai/ug HI III. till U-JI2JI '" '"
    Tort CtryCornnlsstMonhwr* tkhard VUurh ta OMsaspoaot vale payakiaaa trait taro* h. Cu.c.L I C_A .I -
    froap ...1.... drasu that laaos pUe oat the amity to becosM NhU CORE grog ta sparkJaf t
    A rtclftom W many hafton.he aboard a UJ. Mary dMtroy.tr. t.embers*. a voter r.utnUIII.'cd I
    hold LI.NV..ldsst. and I.... B. HarrU eo-pro- Seated this saov Is DM feel de.Ktipfn drtv here mDortheeter -
    hIe'.o"doII.. die CrMd dried vuh vwaurl, ud dls lie that by tacreaaanc UM of* Cowry. A year af*.
    Moo, H m. Oroar of ATM* tcW 'Thi BCofdFlht. _....... toctlv BMeaberaMp. IMO tall Kecr rrfjatralVo MS.IMS than
    c. R o irpcloa{ M< too tor* eOectlreir serve u tilt oaa.ra.rt of DM ellctJ pop*
    hooortry No.A. wd Doctor clear vote procreaatv thta* alatloa and Is now nearly 10
    of Lf dtf rott from Lto IteC BMdkcal era. porteM. MAR
    ccht tut teUtwrforo Ml,tr* Th seceaa of this BCafrasi County reflstrars kin sought SUPER
    ... rttrcdtly. dicer has already .... heralded by to block hide mtatratto* bystowdovM
    OM tact that rely Moutaa4- aad evaatv tactics, lIGHTS'
    lie wWte physlctaa. ha.* recontly so Bal Met MO people Mae THIS MICH' GOOD THIU SUNDAY AT OIWOOO AND AVI.
    oteed or sude aWiks. bee oa DM roclatralloaUnas
    IUISUI RII ret KI[ CUSSES to*. .ta ......, nad October
    $ a has be** taint thai ta add on ... day ta ... of skin
    Starting {Noveaber l lath
    Wo to Uw attractfe *** u ...* WWM OM vottac booaa FLA. GRADE A FANCY GRADE A
    orcaalsallM waach .. .. tricecp.M4i WkJie refiairatta
    .* *
    IA.e$1K$ AIM CIIU.It to s hue. .ste*. liberal....* .....* UM ...., of vettafa DRESSED V. DRAWN SLICED BREAKFASTFRYERS
    CMIC 54.1 1 aiM OOU: tl |* .....-.TMritiit tsd
    tac ta medical care, laere arewfcue
    KIMM4.' TI'' Ststaela0. CDutlIlo.&IIOeW'CI. parskiaM ta the ...... wane. and sty ',IZI wWtes *fTwer

    .Rs.o .""II.cIl"111II.S pr.**ao* ale ... to b* apart ... ap. CELLO BACON
    .. *. He era** ar* now nil
    of th* leewardkri *f

    cnu.c If MISIC Itofr taw lor fidtc* aadMl7 Mdtac.....th af* tarMrty at. Caar|*afl-wtae. aVhooJoSklals PACK
    l .
    partanUr ta the DeW
    of BMtth eervtrea. lln. alas.Mrs habM nnslli *r
    1016 V. 20th Strtct w%* lie wnttaf to Hato --11JIIiC to trwtoct Bur trtMjbMttac
    and other fama ofhaMseneal
    b* a part el (ft* pclr.u* 59CDIXIE
    IL 1-a2. EL ...C .. EL 1-1111 I** social saonnimi of M* tress ails vJl 23 L.
    u., sJd Or. Gan N T k*. insaPtnktlat tar LB.
    ... ...
    ahalrta *f OM ... rhtaRoyal pU. Ns saa* CCUE
    ---.e. chair*.** Mrs. Canm TrncertM.
    atone wth her beat eat,
    has be..Brad. Ira her fc*for
    refs rbjnl acttvCle.
    -- -- :- ta s racaat .....tafare Bra.Jr FAB
    CrcwaCela c.&>>p. '.T. aMeata, CRYSTALSUGAR
    tehlnd every greM drMk Wisrea MIL Tracer **d COE vtr*.
    I caeJrma, Mrs. Vleterta D.U*
    .. pMt wIt.ak.. ,. wrtw..wwtwrwdtkd.t .

    SeqnIM'.7 rA tlrw M II c..fr'" cataHBM spas DETERGENT
    stwdMU to heh .*..
    The Sura OM.

    ---- GIANT

    InstantPhotos 6 LB.19C SIZE 39C

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    -l'T \
    ;". IMII I M/lSN it 1+H 'rMf ma ill IT 1 1/SS.N II Kill( Illl 11111

    .... 50C

    Each U. S. H\\ POTATOES II II. lit 2'

    t Royal Art Studio FANCY lEI KUCIOUS APPLES 4 II. IllIllll 2'C



    HotsuM mm IlIAD urn sal 1 1O

    515 DAVIS ST.

    k FOREMOST KE MU 111 ?tin i v ut. 2*

    + N t !> 1'reo Nr. ELGIN 4-114 COOl HOPE EVAPORATED MILK lilt Ml 1 1O

    -- k era.?s tesl



    - -- --- ''i j 1 1f.''A i '' "l- -/\24:/ II \.f II' ,1 ,I"" I ,\ r.ffk\ ,
    '.I: I '< I\Wi\ / Yo >l I:1,, .. : \, ii,,fJi1j .. .
    J '" liWI I' .' \ Iff. ." -' -- -

    ., } ) .



    Celebrating Pastor's Anniversary Official Accused Sunday Program Feature

    Of SlappingN.

    Y. Woman

    NEW yomc--"" stepping of
    Mrs. Alfred Brewster of the
    NAACP branch la Rockville
    Centre Long Island, by an of.
    neW of the village has been
    denounced U "!be despicableact .
    oft cad" by John A. Hors ,
    sell assistant executive director '
    t of till National Association

    1 for the Advancement of Colored
    f I
    Mrs. Brewster was slapped _
    Robert B. Sasseen., chairman
    of toe village board of coning _
    appeals, at u official hearing
    on a proposed urban renewal "
    program for an area predominantly
    1wr occupied by Negories.
    i t Mrs. Brewster, rice chairmanof :
    9lli: I'' the RockvlUe Centre Tenants SUPPORTED ay eutilanding 'locot soloist end gospel growpa the Grant Memorial Triotontittlng

    Association, was a member of 01 101,.. Georgia S. Benjamin Mn. lrarJr,. I. Adams end 101,.. iuella/ W. Mt-
    a delegation protesting the proposal Bride willWghUghle" ,u.ica' Sunday Oct.31. LCD In
    on the ground that It required p.m. Mi Ararat Anne in behalf
    1 at the local Mvticlont International' Corporative Recording Society.
    USHER BOARD of irt.! Ararat Baptist Church and nual event. Brother Robert spear In the organi wholesale removal of .
    families. without provide
    junior ushers are engaged In a series of eventsIn zation's president and Sister josie Adams Is supervisor Negro relocation.
    II recognition of the 39th anniversary of the of the junior usher Board. !acceptable .ring the 11 a. .. Sunday,

    pastor Rev. Dallas J, Graham they are Inviting (Royal Art studio) A Teacher Speaks ...About

    fellow groups and .friends to join then In the an- Opus HIM Office

    Teaching Competency The HTE. I
    Toe Jacksonville Branch of ,
    Jaxons Celebrate Ceremony Crawfordville Second Baptist Scheduling the Atlanta Life Insurance Co.
    has opened its new offices at By WALTER H. WHITE ,

    Negroes Win 115th Anniversary. O slrVIIC'1 Every experience/ teacher background ol college' grod-
    hat at one time or another
    valet orenotinlended
    ; they
    Court Hearing By Alberta J. "1111.. I been confronted ,.. 10 evaluate advanced preparation '

    second Baptist church Is completing plans for c....", with qveitioni, such in ;;.... fiWoY
    AUGUSTA Go. A lit,.. .
    the "What h.the relation.nip
    nsth anniversary of the church and the seventh 01. The Mental MootvromonttV.oraooli
    judge federal' court here ordered ': the Nit and
    of Its pastor Rev. carl j. BUS with activities <,,* ... end The Fourth
    the Slalt Board fdotation
    Ld to extend nightly fro i. ;" your everett leeching com Mental
    M..o Yearbook
    NOV. 7 through &:
    to ,..01". he school .mo..6 l.t.The h. ..............................._..._._.u.._ : '''.flCyr "Will tho Nit reveal mote meiotlotomonttabout
    111 deiegregalion Issue that hot 11. the choroclNd.leacls-
    9 celebration will in charge of services.Mrs. the Nil:
    retulted/ In days ol demonttrationt orT Evidence Irom/thoro-
    .. .._
    oTII. inolions
    In Crowfordvill., begin Sunday nightNOV. EMS L. Feature, \ live opinions Indicate thatantwert ore
    7 with the annual opening appreciation. objective; written tettt ad-
    Gibe to the above awe**
    Tafio/orro CO" ny mini lei d under ttendardmed -
    program with Tuesday night Revs.
    School' tyttem' brought b. lens mould netettorily benegative. condition which .,.
    special features
    centering W.M. Hill Moderator, .
    is fore the court by the NAACP designed to meoturo the relative
    around the opening East Florida Bethany A tempting ol tame I
    legal' DelenteondCdutation- 121 Jefferson St. adequacy ol the preparation
    LIE ol fund was placed/ In r. theme, "A Call Baptist Association Beautifully constructed aad totally the moil highly retoecledauthoritiet wtond
    ceiverihip and ,the, Slate to Remembrance." f.C. Mitchell, Little complete with modem drivela on totting reveal '_hi"l..i,..". in elementary
    I II It A'tiIj Board ol Education named- The opening night' Rock Baptist and R.L- facilities, the unit replaces t the Mowing, tenclvtiont and secondary tchool.
    I service bead-
    Ii i c elver. program at 7 P. N. will Wilson, West Friendship the : The ..-'io,,. admittodli -
    i quarters that was located:
    I Th. rocoivorthia or bankruptcy Include the sponsoring Baptist in charge and Beaver and Jefferson Sts. The for Bulletin ol Information 1964- mootuto only whet

    action an oddity In auxiliaries, contained Brother John A. Payne, ...V. Young long-time administrator Candidates mo tandidotet knew abort
    ca... ol mil type, places retpontibility choirs, Brother Abner appreciation. and underwriter lathe "". The National loath.or education ..._,, end about
    for directing the Henry presiding, Mrs Duel County 11..18 manager *....... ." Edvicel end .heir .,,"-|oe',. '..... who
    school' iyif.ni (In the handtal Wednesday Rev W.L. of the new offices. Jetting Service, ,rinc"." conttrvct M......l.ompho. I'I
    Lucy Tremble with or. First Corinth The
    Jones New Jersey sires:
    the slots board under the mat the ob.lily to loach it
    J.C. Sana offering observations Baptist and Rev s.L. rind leather liomino-
    \ cowls lup.rviiion not mee ",.... 'ho. who
    In N.w York, Joel Gr.en. and closing. Badger of D anuel Baptist DeathsColMl i* kove been prepared i... tt\e ,......" otthotoo*
    tJL.-\: 'I berg legal Detente Fund director Monday night's event in charge par ...d edmintiered since 1950 _i".....* invil net 0'*......

    FAMU KAPPAS CROWN QUEEN lames Monroe HolH' counsel', laid thecourf'i also under sponsorship ticipants Board of NoUi. 743 FrvifOrovo by fdvtononot totting Service tfiat Iho ,..,< ", ..uro wAr
    end CliHord, Holmet, both Jotlitonville, art shown action 'thould' be a of the auxiliarieswillinclude Deacons, Board of Dee- ltd.Mrt. o nonprofit edtttatiart- oven the owlKort and edt-

    here pretexting 'Mitt Keppe Alpha' Pti" and her lignaf to the country.: participation cone. i and 2. Boardof Mary H. Clendon. al ergeniietien. The pro. tort do not cl..... them soda
    ottendonlt the ,1905-64 school' the school gram wee ttarted i* 1940 by ...,..
    year. Mitt do- 'Todenlim/ and evasion In by Sunday Trustees, Districts '1015 Frctter/ SiMrt. Of Pof.diy Cols
    dora Cumberbotch el Ojut, It elementary school' the American Couc an CaV I. ol rei"..'.. UofidoA4anlic
    a junior deiea rogation ore top youth Department BTU 1-20, Deacon Alexander Henrietta A. Sell/ "
    education major at Florida A&M Unlvertlty/ Site hems on the agenda ol the Boy scout.,al rl Scouts 5n2 W S.... St. lotion at the roquo* ot large 'NY w....,, Po<...-
    wo recertify' crowned during on impressive ,,Negro tommvnity* bo laid.nl tHy k....' tyelemt to aid lon, iIec.da./es
    ceremony f. .Shepherd Boy*. Q\rls Lewis A. lrod,.,,,, '1551 her. .
    on Iho ASM compv Her attendant! ire Mill Detro school boards and rh.Dsportmenl '. Auxiliary starlight them In teletting '"....tm.nl oto .pew
    Belcher' a Freshman toclolegy/ major/ end Mill of Health, education Band Helping rltonSt.Mrs./ AIli.leckhom,1399W.22nd Viorly alter, ceIle,.. began tency in UovKinc hoe been

    Carolyn' "ob.,'" a freshmen biology/ major/ both and Welfare" which, I-Teens. vain. IA.IeOreemSNM a m.c r*. 'c".J ....debated .
    from lac'.anylltFAMU/ itoff photo' by Ern.sl Fill. mutt approve' their plant' od Hand Club with BrotherA. % /St.Mllie H. lobiiMon Sr. 5471 tonnetiien wire their ea\t- to+it. A. yes. no I
    Jackson Brother ....
    yo".' quf.KO/ /In paper compliance' Id. cation pre. Somettaledoportmontt ono hot devised on ettotprool ,
    w tho Negro man In the ttroelIt Seb Chester Miss Josie Brooklyn Mrt. Aim' McN.... ft IRem ol education I a. codfO /tor *e
    Star-spangled way to going loprotetl '."",andvigorously Collins, and Rev. R.A. 165. wow "to.*. led retulrtlor ....... nor loocly d..mod

    endheco.rt,are King of payne chapel ,.. flattie 2051IhomatCl. teacher tort>ltoo* all ol Me ing ....... or InoIho
    send a son to collegeU.S. going to protect hi., ,..n bad AME and Rev A.J. Hughesof M Morntt. The omaminolio* ate used contkinot ol infradienlt j
    him 'In that lor ottotting tome ol thequoUitotiont 'Kot mate le loachinf .
    up proteit. St. John Baptist t Avf vtfvt Hanoi ieiiie
    SAVINGS BONDS toneideredno'
    Churches, respectively.PBEVIEWS e.u..tl.vt .
    1. Mary M"IIion. lor ellectivo tlettroom ,
    1757 W JM Si coitory ...., it not ell..
    ..uM toothing. They do not
    *. I....
    Mrs Arneeler Cvw"sl'p. need. / it only
    W 8ASS temeotere directly
    '27 'renA" S, exempt tvth .......roc.....* M par.tonality. thai .. con do. Wo need
    ofSAT Heard jr., Brother Al.via lot. D-.'.,0.//.. ISoOWIS : Utero I"l tuldro, ether "oc...... lee toloilinf.
    ; Jones Mrs. ao.aL. S'Jeiepfc tool tor there ...
    CIVIC or ability to motivate; leantTa .
    .) loathor* who w. .
    lehnten 1425 W to
    .811 th..eY. ..L. Jones i- .
    JI Commas tominobent eon of better en Iho "H
    I of First corinth Baptist Coo'oit Orier ,Ie2e Camp .. ...
    30'JJUDII'OBIUM. I" are des....oJ.. provide whs' e y i..mpM.elee.Mrs
    RIT and Rev. &&.. Bad i S>. art appraital ol propecttvo *- not a.t*.... *.v
    get Kaaouel Baptist T_., Ptvtnmer. 30e StateMr leeches prolettio- 1 lot* tnowlodf. a.l........

    la charge of aervleea. Rd 6. .. ottdgenerel edutetien hey con nol Irontloto il tothildron
    JACKSONVILLE 1 Mrs. pia L. feacher, .. t.cJle ,_... OI7' Sir edirMd.word meotvring nor can they relate .

    V 2 Shows 8:00 & 11:00 P. M. appreciation.ThursdayDr.A.B. tin A, e. mo general duce iend to ,...1., much I."
    ADVANCE 2.0 0
    .u.... .... ; Cole- Kimb.r/y/ Mi eel Heidi .> the c"". .." *.., '..10.

    ( SPECIAL STUDENT' TICKET $1.50 FOR III SHOW) TICKETS at USUAL PLACES I nan, shiloh Metropolitan Idol Vno SitdoleeyB4W. 30+St '- -

    Baptist and Rev. J.
    Mrt. Verlene O Gleor.l3-
    UMMONIC ATTVACnOMf Aso t j. Jones. Aatioeh saps
    r 26 teal Street
    pveeeoJt ALl IN PERSOI'Hill List Rev. '.No Hartley. Mrt. Itttie Mat A..*>* 101

    Friendly Baptist Kngttd.Gordon.
    18 charge of services One UOfOoW* Have you noticed that .

    COM! Usher junior Boards cahers,Districts 1 aad 2. *..,.. Maggie J.li A I7UColKovi the Smooth Canadian gets

    tNI ill AM J1O6. Deaeoa George St
    Soyl o Davit. Bel4miJoA + to the best parties?
    e1 talker Tae Frailer
    AlA... 7452 Rich.*
    S Sisters, program teas 1e. Rd More guests prcrcrVQ
    and Brother JohaA.
    Fayae. appreclatloa. ",.... Alwend.. Oo4)oe.) than any other brand

    BUTLER prides; Dr. P.J. Irs un W jjrrfsi i of import edwhKky.
    Mrt. tamer Hammer. 904Mr ( t 1 1 Joes_hat Moth<<

    .. Sege Rd one an-ckfnC'S'
    'P-4 AMo Nthelet. till
    : *
    Mw.d S1Jena VMSHb once and for all

    e I'MTtUNMVt +d 1f ...I... NJIi.d ,'-'I' Llaht'0coursc.Scagrams .

    .,? : Mi H I f Vot.A"ony.. 2I9 te*. \ 1-",
    .oHld.Mr .
    MAJOR .. Mary MoH.M.l. 1055Mr .; CarudiJnJ

    I tOVIM MWMI >f OH IVt; 0_ sa.JoA" ...... '+
    H. .$4.'i MIS ,.. ...:

    L Wfi.mt H II ,.

    : : PIPS *3. W1LUMSBM I.St*. Awn tUeoloeJor Alt- '

    : .ANcE' IKEIiE.S of lit. Ararat ..,. to*. 2542 7* Ave I

    1 tlst. presUlag: lev. Dooto lo..* PwrioOeVom 1
    x ,r ..Co Real of It. Tunas de5 S22 N.nhes It CANADIAN WNW ; 1I
    Baptist) U charge of s-..... lOMHooierS I

    servlcea. sealor Its *.
    1 aloaary Btxletlee | and Mr. te.... SOot. I9S2 M ..rJr
    110, $4
    r : : e s t 3. jaalor lisaloaarysociety. MIL OpAWi Pr.em.q If.If e 4M
    MatroBB proireeslve -
    MtMr 1/M Slat
    cl._. palplt ,.. A. Wliema III Meg.
    MASON Aid $oar4, the K.D. ......It < .

    PIE stilt dab Deacons J. *. C.--. 11_eb.sA < U'

    ., ,C. Hiratoa sad '. .1.'IIOrrl..n. 0..... O"'* c y..r.d +M1AM. .,,..Sat,,..'
    ,AMO THOAW ; .. ira Barttea .. N.L edda

    pg fSTRA GGFOtGf I. Collier. .rs.jiaalta CMr*. ,..... DWa OrMrs. j

    p Raraaall sad v..... ....> 274
    WIUJAMIELI If" CUB L. Feacker.prograa ,.....omit Or.gV I

    BlskligBts, .*. rV-., Ml H- StMWe
    Dr. USM cre.. ,..- *. NerwViB 3310.6 StCeJ !

    C tot of Mt. tloa pro ...a.* N...*. lOlt t ._ .
    bia Bell. M wwp.s N. msway I ors so a 1sa roan. .see a. el g
    gr.Mtve ptlatClMrck SletUMr

    ''.a .err''' I'. petersearg.. will I-e ....... wc'OJt
    deliver the sera te W 2'. Sl


    I \ 'l'-.I1' I/( .II ''' 1.1 ; II .._'10' .1,/ 'i, (. -i,
    n .. (,\ > 1 \ II l' ,IS", ,
    '" c. t ", \J "
    ," ,JfhJ.jlI! ....III' n I, .,, ._'.

    I w \\ {


    The Himai Relations Beat Guests At School Tea Peers "God's SpaRkiRg," Asks AME CkirehPly's

    CHICAGO' (tNn) idle VIof the .1944 CM fight i 9 r 1,000 Diy SaMtsiice Gets 10 $400,008

    Act wot brought info ..ltorpei.."" I focal when 130 Fir Rispitil

    million wo withnefo for five rfayi from tfio Clti .g. MA4 A-/Nfl>-0on A. Wbodt. M...,..,ldman fating

    public tcnooft p.Ii,,, Mio reiofotion eI ell.", .*of Re. 1 charge W creating a diNrvb..... and wing,roto". PHILADJLPHl;.. ..(NPI)..Tbt
    crimination.Cnftffeo1 longuag, Aden unutuol ....
    rOCl" If to. .. ere judge mucus ,t M UxxlUJ
    *Nenati crminotion lit Foo'oraJtf AtliifoWfrooram lob. M. l.i.--........ __ ._j,. hM EpUcoptIOMircfc
    .* Tirfe i. .. .., r u.. purtkaiod UM KM-
    VI .
    will froquenrfy
    0 p".hicll Wood ....j.. .. ttvdi.d .... numoer wo* ,* ouioeniod mr-oM local Wooua'a booplttl
    ot the government review of o*prog. i end ending 11b.d. .nigger* for 400000.
    to city |oi for 1.000 d.y.'I. .
    alerts now one 1 n.. officer cold Wood hodttorted Tft buUdlaj and land occupied
    Ood from
    Kilo VI fare imply mot aWea I ... .., by UM laitltutloo bYe
    ( no one may oo ,, to .. In the*treet u catl-
    .. ,
    participation or bo ubiodea' to efocriminanen wliSe got after being arrotled and wo mated raise ot abort $1.9 mUUoa. .
    I.. wonted 1 Iwi.. .J .
    roc" II wW be De
    parlicipofing In any program which rococo* (reaVo : down to hi* shorts.01.,. they u.dby AME'a
    10 d.y.bre..umptdewds .
    u a wralac BOOM,.aecord1DctoI.
    money or other oititlonco. cWd get him to clop.Jvdg.J.hnc.n .
    n.. wnu uaf napponingtoc* AnaU. Norris, attorney lor
    Thete term wie'e of including
    cover a verify N.pp.dl.I
    program Currod when V>Wd> J......... UM (toaomlBatlcexTbo
    tomo of the moro basic inttiluKoni one! ortrvitie obiervo that Woods hadenough
    ..Joo "" ..ut..well.. aoapltal had boea closed
    of our I ..,. CoVtcotioix houtina. employ .one to toll on other atoct oath y January bacaoMof
    _M. .u.I_... health, coro ana1 welfare .,. 0 few )' y,. deliver tirade, of forte endprdkfiens.Th Croat in Tampa but net financial: dimctlUaa, NorrUaald.
    'Jurirt going
    of .. .
    mo onovgn to bsphlscl.M.s' n Aa FHA 100.101 9uo.UUO
    long with Iheroeueet, .ve6o
    I According to the Potomac In.l"' ", me, Wbthingfan g In public rholwat when Wood base btei approved rtoota
    O. C. which ha.pr.p.rd o booklet, ..."floJ TltefWerol defendant four* minute*. creamed that ho wontedI.OOOdoyitnrfeodoflO. Uof lb. bulldlaf.

    Dollar' end NoneWreninafion* .... foaValgovernment T1T1 T1- Welf. Now Wbod began **** *

    ap.", ...,......'01, *I5 billion; In 'IM4on fioro'i a man who operate*
    o Sprvt.Nree/end
    N.tie en
    Ihe lino auiitonce cover eW by Title VI.
    h.', IB..ally vain, credit
    How tochect for complowKO? The Potomac MaliMb.oH.t .
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    o fcoletnf on Jntoreefmf convonorioM_ wlM Alko Ooooorict.
    Me VI male H door mot notning" (hart of tan.PS. 0 *onior Irom ....
    rW/or .d No contlnw od b naming
    o.eo Jooo. ocMnf oWn of -.. FlorMo AIM Unrvor y
    ... eowoliry In afl' atpocti ellocI.,." essiv/dpro ,.......,. rbo convortalioM tool place mt. roconl rbolo'0...." Too say Scfcool( of. oral other Tampon. operating

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    .. regulation detail Ihe eWoront ainoV of at.- ordered warrant*'..".11

    crimlnotion that must bo ...;.1..... Thoom*tnot occur for .> ...... Wood named.SwftcMng .
    .._..of r oc.. color, ornofc'ono? origin Hoover Liaks A&M AluaimisXXNS FrakllI GetsAmbassiflor's to production F' N" :

    Denial of tervice.. I.nci.l.id.r etW benefit*. Hbod aid 1"roJld.DH- T

    Providing foderaf benefit* that .. different Dtlats clubs gar* wiN! winlhechampiontMpovery

    from what other receive or oro provided In a dit year vnttf Iff*.*

    I ,.,...,m_.,. With Reds Post h GliMiWothingtoA Oaimlng ho wotn'lcraiy, ,
    Subjoction to (." ..oIi iM or teporate treatment Wood* .uddenly pointed topfainclonSo .

    -.. friction In .... foil' enjoyment of leaWol benefit > WMningtoN -(Nfd- W 01- -{N"Dfront.. wJilto dirt.,.

    'I *, while other* ore ...,. (This ceni .v.".. but rector J. fog.. Hoover ,loot Y Un H. WWIiom'' taw.,. U.s. charging, him with coll Ing him. .
    ,....roII., it would Involve udi titwation* a* mol wool finlod mo WCf.aX Ovboi roproentotivo to UNISCO "fWgg or*In .'local bar roc ently.

    ing a 'lounge In (.. ... or a library' available dub and the Cemmunietponeorod under mo ,... U.S..UN Am.boitader Wood idontifiod the ......

    la minority group* only at certain hour.) youlS 'leadershipchoel Aefol I. StovoMon "effI._." a* wearing lodgeNo.

    Differing irwmenIn determining; whether par* wH roc ont prat eat.**. cleared -.. fir**hurdle on Mi If. TA..Nk,.dmiN.dMs' .
    .on* totiify aamiion. .NoI''''...., quota oligibility goiml tow and outSoHty. way to being approved lor the*

    momborihip, or other requirement or condition n.. dub woro named for pott of _........,to Oho MIx. tH'l'
    Denial of opportunity to provide lorvlce or WRIiam rdwardbWghardOoboif. lailwook. lau

    property to the fodoroVy ouittod activity or inttitwfion tJ year old "" ... Tho Senate Foreign lola
    ., .... offer 01.*. o opportunity in o Afferent swdi.nfy i.wd0.M.,.'oc. .Man cemmioeo, apt roved konomino9ion It RX40.0kla.-KPO..jM.
    bUr EO old
    M Mi a -, & mu
    "'._'. furor and member 01.the Com* by ,reddent,...... oI..aieu dootooi ud FrucM
    Denial of opportunity to participate .*contractor* FAifU STArI.....rt .en of* third .. bo
    e Negro
    monlet party who died in Allen .Jour, U, UTO, for UMrltf The latest Men's Hair Styles
    tub-contractor. Ii, .,oJ.." ..sis/dpr j art. Carl .r. ,. a attire of Phil ambatadorlal
    or Accra. Ghana in IMJ.In .... given an poet secad UaI,....deli.a.-
    Sub/action .. eWriminotionbv criteria ormotnod* an addro* before fto Supreme adelphla P* baa Joined ,into lail luI,. ttOliam, I*.,. Uetuw by Cu4U COM*
    Ufl of Florida AIM tMnralty -
    of odminiifrotion .that accomplish' indirocfly what i* Council of IJrd degree u M hwtmctor IB oeoeo Tho flushing N.r..bom ty ottkbUo. They sera ptmU Are Taught At The

    prohibited dir.cdy.Teacher's M....*. (Oulhern'JuritdJction aka Ha U UM KM of Mr. former oittonl attorneygeneral of ttrtt eklldro
    Hoover aid Dvboi* 1ctI. and Ura Worn Bmmoy of Ptlladotobla .,Cofifomia came.. MtnpMf Itonty.. .Jock P.TrtilM .
    Pipe State NUterMOfficM wore'pnml.enl0..g Cam- and U married lad .he U S. delegation. .....12nd of Uld*.(t Coy, IUd JacksonvilleBarber

    _Ill.* who ......dd. pecW UM Utber of two .... Ho rocolrod UNESCO -'... ,in 0_ .UM *doalal* alactpaUoa WM toed IaWWUd M IIMUlt
    Collecting Hobby Wares UM baclMlor ot aiUcolrtd Sw1. Lwd ...11. adviier
    you* leaderiMp (cheoltponeorod ova. forbids a1D4 aur......
    by the le.t UM bachelor or arta do* to M.190I. 1 U 1 d./... Tot .
    party ifloroty old ho *ni II
    frog Florida AIM la 1164
    Termed Unique Afiisst Mows trot ion/ at rho UN General lorn.A OM College Inc.
    June to prepare ateppedup and the Muter e1ee.... d.. pool rump lo HM ou *
    far .' horns *A XM court ud UM
    campolgn .
    frog Florida State Uai.
    WASHING ta\ (NPQCato CoatervaUo Dtrotrorolpb Rude end ..i....." s..... ,..... voraUy pot In tOIL Mr. Banty prdw&.otbwfs..lvskit and Fordhom ) .> UJL ft reti. eoo.rt, U aK...

    W. Adana 76, who retired fat Hodfta waned 00 wed .. ...., oJ .... ana of apoclallaaUco U laborocoaomka. UnJvoryiow eery. 63O DAVIS STREET
    SellooI. ". ol orvod
    1941 M uiUtmt principal! at o a* '
    Armttrong high retool from that rtawanl of malarial from ,,..,. a* *on fllagiMmotopawn ."FAMU ItaJI photo .11..... NAACP (pofWceun.tal. ** *.<*
    which ha hat aUtoHrnud bottom below UMBMU conceived, oe Caws by Craoal FUlyae. .
    was tradvitod. & and a* MMywen1.I FIGHT CANCER luktlilllli. FInUl
    an.,.",. bobby. kick Vat t UM of anybody munl e party and nurtvr od by. of.... NAACP we etero'..,.'".
    of Udal ters of UM a*> .
    Dlrllwtie put 60 rttrs.Adami trvMed bond of youAU odhar.onf
    bu eotkcMd. ohlmc* ait of Florida U proUbtted by .. the cowto of world Betel oute

    order tnuaval elrrwrutancts.U060 FtorldaU*. Mania*!* aVo fV ct.l 0I4iJ....
    ptptJ and hat itoiy for llodcti aId... HO practice. however, IM aSo group* wins OH PeaceCorps' t '
    his bocoBM ka ro
    a probleai
    tech ont of tntnvArmstrong fte draft and ...flVl.sNom
    root raovAa. Ut added that '-Ia FAB 59
    MuUtyimotoipipe. daman..ration*. CHldl + .
    latMdlato nwu..U.s.pI -
    a la hi* don liter dinner.There. %=
    pnctko aloof O ar OIlIer ,.. f.,. II wo* efietle+ed.ha : .
    an plea vc-rywhtr
    1M he has .wldtvtrlor/frem boackta.Maay oompJod a large We on ... WASHINGTON (STfjAdor I I '

    which to choc**. HI CM pick abort trooi prt pertyovaera Dubai club*In connection. ttofti. Harry etlfame, toKU w/$5.o0 OR MORE
    a InMrdlaam or a ecrncoctfw )-* bo MId last tktl ao an 'invoetigation.In o demon.etration exactly cI rnildoM of...
    pipe that atarwd Mmtrxilnj Mrs cu MOM from otftl laaaad < againef U.1 "Involvo- OtltfocM EnatrprlMi.. was i FOOD ORDER
    a briar or I Wckorr IrOIIIDe water litcaa ads met In oSo VI..._... war, OM of rhrto Ke roti ptnkl* II
    .. pfoptrtyMd polo. lo ( .wttrgd QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED .
    tctrvador a pla4plps.N4 ) iilbitb flu In M. ftl ooouol report. ( ad7orf '
    eoUectton of pipM on Dell tp* ... till 94-inaa uatl.od l adrUory asm IUCEOT WEPEACHES
    toid Comm
    Hoover t
    of bohtnd bad. Dot MId Bodpt the roan CorptTho
    lop plies pipe
    to InltftrotO ... .
    bad aa4 Ualo**d
    p&pI.tie willa, .la radio S pracoc $
    to coatiaao cat lead to a v0. right* movement In re/erento couactl WIder fit DIXIE CRYSTALS
    .n tables. sl..s kEYda. a Ion, 4 2'J!
    aremcd4 pipe, or I abort ....h;of FtorMa'a alrtody wr to oVe II monnS* covered by dMlmoiMKIp of Vial Preil

    nery4" ... Iou bead traloa protlaa.He aVe report, boaidatonoptvnltnc dill HMbtn II. Hmwphrty,tt*
    Ad.n*, who baa over lUll Oat .... a prttjwrtycraer Common/*! forry. Ul- eterod tf. theory hen DMPttc 5
    makod a elf tram and picMp rtrot tutorial to klaU A. moved Into more opon C.rp.Ii a twtnwtiomof SUGAR 39C MIX OR MATCH SALE

    a tear only e ..laaaDr. 4. DM koto mated vfflto ......... <.. a*) aMorf to gain Milon b IMU' ? US.WS5.00 .
    tot n nod 01 ptp, H n whnho nilod. by ftatirt by UkJaaltrUI < now inJvdence.* Other N.jrosl..rvet, with CMItll 1(1TOMATOtS
    w..... round. old r ma froaiado lslarcp.rtue. rht council art fho Roc./.....
    who eatBlnuQy Ut if" erttdtnmr Moot of DM base ...... It, fUfctrwen, fowkkir-dIne.oar. M MOlE FOOD ORDER
    'alto. Ins ., Fterlda'a toackoa U tko. Qp rMMfta CroiiroedaAt 1 IDUtt
    Now MIKtIoa 0I.per. afar ru ob Receives net, ox.. and aovly>> kvettUed UAH
    U something of*eor.- ,.... of Ol'odrUed procticeaockMOOa. ...... fejter of ltPr { Wit
    mcor ho rtikidr >. *kywrl. Owrtk of it.
    Ft rt
    to with low he kifcwittd Mat. Bodfta Mid thai UM DtrUlon NAACP MedilKCW c....... Now Tork and Dr. MAYONNAISE %: ,59C PEAS HI
    t'U ritlf plp or hen ... of Boackti aadCkoroa of BheFterkte Doajemki C. Maya, prttl*
    A Mto WMhlqteal\ A* loud of Coaotrralloiku TOHK- OUt Mrs 0- air, klOTtllOMO CoUefO, At
    'lint ttraad agrt.a' from boos dUtcted to tabs r. 11'. J, CaJapboU veek! bo- mo UK( tut en ciiu[
    Howard Ml v..Irp oad tfitvoJ. try atop to haJt tkpnctfco m.pa calM Iko twrd rck>ioat of OM. Cued ,la Who's Who IlItllH
    wrilty of r.m..iwt I.T. IUo4 Medal tat ootoUatf.IB lEANS intiiiint
    ( *ort at tko auu IUACPAcrfetf nn fOU..C.U-MM*
    __ ___ __ t s ....,.rt* to otboao. ktua goriMok protldoatOoaatuM SHORTENING Icl1
    tam V.T. ...., v.tleyla .
    ? ne ..... oolaUlafcod bINS ..o fit..... cooeeo 1"1
    ,I by Dr. [...- T. Hood.fonaor fro oral 23.200 ..... I TURNIPS MM )?

    1 s Si..tda.ateeset IUACP a.attMeal. POOH ktaCMvtoU ., M table ....S for MORTON POT

    U aocrotary of OMK tootle Itatlot) fro. cnc

    1 wwA .Je IIAACr0 a latawrpnsidW Ike .'11.'. of tfco'a Ml

    of De ... fto .1 As.rleaa ......II PIES 510.,89cnn'IN MM s 1

    Ha ttxiu. nun


    i. The smoothest PORK ROAST

    i bourbon ROAST II.49C

    that ever came 1159c

    h out of Kentucky SWIFT'S PREMIUM FUllY COOKED( )

    PICNICS Lt. 39 BACON iiiitmi SLICES

    KEN KNIGHT 4 tt I U. AVERAGE 11 69C

    Invltet You To Listen To- I.. U. S. NO. 1POTATOES

    IK IAN 10 LIS.39C


    ,,J ',,'1.I

    11H:: fl I 17* "I... : 11IM lifE IUIIUI/

    BANANAS u.1 oc

    1400 WRKC 1400 .e rMM .rue -=-e......i/ha/N .. s 35CSUNDAY

    1 ', 1 III 1 ,,1 1 ,'t h}g ;1 i"; ''.r/l r


    P16E 1 .STAR upns '''SUlDAr OCTOBER 31, 1l6Si

    't 1 y' f'

    1 =.ei t =1> = "
    t ,xto '
    1 xi ... ?

    .. .

    Humble Spearheads Jobs Talent Hunt Cancer Divisions Leadership Award For U.I) S. Senator


    District Officers

    H vu announced at the annual .:;
    conference of the Florida/ !- .w" t
    + .,
    rUlon of American Gear a t r
    Society, bald la Miami recently,
    tint William Berftand of Fernaodina -',
    ;; ,'
    Beach and Roy Camp- A
    J blUe U.D. of Falatka. were! 7rr 1r
    elected .to be District t delpt *-. /
    dlrtctori for the comlncyear. r

    ,' t :,, District Includes the folioIDC *- / '
    counties:; BlUr,Dunl,Hasto -
    f St. Johns,day Flajler.ind]
    Putnam.Ifrs. .
    Berclund haabttBoanwd
    Lay DUtrlct Delegate Director.
    and Dr. Campbell Professional,
    DUtrlct Delegate Director TB-
    w. i tj will cooperate with the various
    II county Society Units wtth-

    ,, i la the distjlct to help conduct ''.. '
    public educational volunteer R, +
    training conference and aim 41 fi.
    act as representatives Sot the' I

    f a district at meetings of!the So-,.
    clety's State Board of Dir' .f
    ectors. /
    State officers elected to serve*
    I during the Soclet,'. 196S-M

    ,, t fiscal year are: Sam Wesley ;.
    plum, II .D., Jacksonville,
    president; Donald W. Smith.,
    M.D., Ulaml, pnlided-elect;; ,,

    +j s.' John J. fomlllo..Y.D Miami,i HOU rWOOD. FlOfflOA-Sonoter 0..,.. A. Sm...... receive* .leWertK* _.,tI rremme
    firstvice president MtrostG1DboDl
    I I Tampa, second; vice I Florida Oo/ene-Spoce 04/v.'"" Attoclotien for ftolpln, e'evefo 'H. ,IneVtrrie
    H.H. Seller M.D. the ".... Smmer Lit dews RSe prfnt.p/e W a *tere e'e/ecf progrem for mil' iwpplien
    GRADUATE HUNT A committee the Interroclol', president; .
    I Council' for Buiinet mtntol' program now undo way, ro encowregemorertightcheol Tunpa third vicepresident; of Cape VenneaV. a'etlorlng' "rneferlet. WeKveree mere m,,ef ee wiMeedeioeM el any
    Opportunity ofcove, meeof if.N.w "
    York and college tludtnlt to choote bwtinci R.J. Thompson, Tampa, treasurer llrxt' He laid r"lerVoo /( capable meeting many pace end We/onto need lull aWtwant
    City headquorerand dluuntt lit ..p>riVifurtlljr I career Memberof Iriegroup, III.'.C.I 0.'.flluco'o.; .. ; Mrs. Martin Gould, Ft any Florida concern re .).. tingle' "n fetere. f t.Mratlam... f. NeafeyrVgnl)

    of Covnied'ng' and Employment' CommiHee, /itlenrome' Pierce, secretary.President. of St. olorthvrg, .._lot;." prexVenl .nJ vice *> ..U.,., d H_,.... me.. pretenttthe
    CommiHee'l co-chairmarv 'obertB Bratwelf. "andi,.,. Dr. Denham aid awerrf la Senator Smatfier ,In Me pretence al VVRItam, T. Mclnarnay llf(l ', cevntW
    who i* him; nil a financial; analyit' In the freoiwrer't that the Society's Florida Division for the S._,.'. Small lutinett CammMtee oI.r.lell Smother h member.Iinilli .
    Deportment of Standard Oil' Company 'New Jerteyl.The now has! a tBcmbership
    Council;' lor Buiineti Opportunity oidt a"evelopingNegro ; of more than 69.000 volunteers
    contribute time and services Widow His
    enterprltei' ei one of i it* main ob/ectlvei/ by who Spikis Iran Free Pamphlet
    In helping! conduct: the So
    offering'economt'c coniultolion, and oniitonce iwchtmall ciety's year-round cancer control Girl TwlRS Available To
    bwilneiie. program!of public and professional There Is no truth to

    education, research.patient the recent Mlanl N'.' MEW YORK-NPI>-Twliw bon Women On Cancer
    \y services and the annual report that I will replace to the widow of slain Black
    n educational fund-raising Crasade. nationalist leadwe Malcolm X
    Businessmen Henderson
    Conyers Charges as
    R>r' To further strenghtea our' brings tp n total of ses girls What every wonuaahould know
    \.Jif tight against cancer, Dr. Den- Executive secretary of to Mrs. Betty Shabaaa. Pregnant about early detection of. .
    Targets 01 Discrimination ham said, we hope ,to enlist the Florida Education when her IrDaaa.llLL cancer, the fora of cancer

    the S H ORTY $35.. the aid of even more men and Association.As last February u he addressed which rip develope u new
    volunteers la the : cases an estimated 1
    women as conquest executive secretary a meeting of his followers among .
    MEDALO STYLE #685)) "Only 2,337 Ngro Am.rlconi held mcnogeriol. petition against cancer-whkh still of theoede Classroot Mrs. Shabaia commented:: rm 700 Florida women during t the>
    Par aocipUla I IlluaUata ataloaTarMcdala In the Federal in declaredCongrctimon lakes the liven county nett twelve months is
    1964 of nplalaed
    rl Ilylaa,wlVN 1t afafand government more than glad tt Is over. It has been avery ,
    .d....allachmanla... Ifa ra..vnd a M nama HM4ual -NO t John Cenyeri.. IDm-Mi Ju.l vrlla.C I.IX of he 30 ,9f1 |debt In Hie civil l ) iervl e el .' 1 bite Job to do One of the twins born to the being nude available by the
    HaaUhr n.Ml.i Hair. .l/Madal. Hall ,04. Ina. for the teachers and attractive 90-year old widow Florida Division of the American
    12 and above which Dtl.10.oo0 I .
    CHOW (ran Ww HAIR MOOTS D."/. Si J, aklr IS, N.V. grade pay yoN
    In YOU* SCALP. Tk* *n4IUM al Fitcol' year 1963 ttotittict will endoubledyhew' tome Teenager Robs children ofOe.de county, will be named lUlttl. taking Cancer Socs.c,.
    "'ur Half alui dtpn4a httvllYto COMa part of her' busbaad's" drst....
    OM natural twaliN tt >vurKtlf. .r Improvement, but theta Incredibly lo.un.'; demon* and 1 fully Intend to

    NOT, .UrnUd Vtvt dtt. DOCTOR m* ,,
    M mli4!'IM with CAHBONOUiwlc many pr.*- GRAY cation, training and opportunity necettary to that oil 1 .
    to btiwflcltl, lnr.dl.*u. CAM fully participate American economic Ii'..Private MOB CAB DRIVE
    nOKOCC to .wl irmi. rwr.. WITH ; I may It in eiy understanding ""rlrllf Suitori cuts
    /YI *'' >.t U aiHl> ..n Itch Itnenwicpyj THIS butineii not even achieved Irtit level el integration.We joe vlllle Milton 31, that Mr. Henderson' decision I/
    DAN&irjrrlMiiPrCikr( IDLOICOMI mutt advoid the danger et Inttitvtionalulng. token of 1236 Nf Ittll St. a. to retire In hoII.r.
    Many DOCTORS tf..r4 II .klfhly. .
    .""/ '"IIK"'>. '. I.. i.o,. int.grotionwhithic6alilLtlydedbrlAolwringol! ane local cab driver told baa been under
    NdtnYYlw.. MteP tMy/t II.SH Negro in each department who (Urnan placed where he
    itorMlly tauwe Ndr l en4U police he was driving consideration for the tiff USING
    ltM .r. frwiir. nI4rN.1/ JuT I will b.moil noticeable the public.C. ."
    + ,
    wi.l Ikw ,__ Ell vehicle In the Nt4Sth
    Trlrto *trw>'ih Ur peat aeveral years and
    formula Writ lor IKU IXXTOK S .", ert ttotement wet port ol e peedi prepared.fordelivery MEALWMBM
    oa>UlNa. II will SCAIF M wnt le rORMVLAMW. ... Til tonight at the._vol..v.. el the N.NauldUnh.d and Second Avenue baa absolutely nothing ;
    5tl !?. ,..<, to "... >v.S ITIf I:::. etwt Md Man rt tdt Nl Ikentee Beverage Allocation competed predominately District at 10: IS p. .. to do >lth tAe National ,
    YOa r ... eaMt ,1.
    wlnu MI tJ
    MIhI1t1. .1."' ."-'r MH are. ..*,. NOI'A DYR/alhlt..ItYa1 ..q of Negro bu..ine*"men from Eottern tiN.et .*. hat Thursday ...k .11.. Education Association
    I' .. .tliv>ry. TkU. to tdd e 1 r pNwllI AVOID/
    dux. .v.rrlhlrt(. OMI ...". THAT /VOUtN ._UYID. LOOT, International Inn, Vvohing.! D.C. Jeb eiKrimino he rat balled by three Investigation.
    Mw. Youtl wlltt lull B-u.h.lUvh.4"" '''' Neat
    r.r" Uw ': : lorln/. Pno1n1 i>llin,,tuMlrr/ Non alto pranolo/the very !high rateellaitwre' amongNegro round nalM.He I would appear that
    CATU MMNr Itn SCALP...,io. Y."tiull.AD. ...1.. M4,,.. U If c L.M rtl.4 IK in PIN1C p.....1 *.,,,,.i>c,.7ruJTr ""allbu.i".,,,,,.,, declared C.nyor'TIIeeRp.ri.nto further stated that this roar Is the bandleork -
    Noy NNrw llM t.r.. JM ..M4'Km _'" .It """**" .'."' '. and contact golne. Ihrevgh |dole with ettoalithed of the pasrfvngers
    ... ..... '.- OLD ..,..., T..l. .11...., One of those in tie Spotlight Proddct Of The Week
    tr IUI ftr Mf .bwtineitet Utrwciel for. Interetled
    r" PKODUCTS .. yovng men seated hist in
    wan by
    .t /nt. 1i1- .J.-: buY oI.I3.t.Z..I.; : state who eould like
    BOTH later ttorting owl for memielve
    1rA iN.r TMItti. G(4 front nnd the other two
    MtNNr PndtNt. Inb nothing better than to
    ULA tow1N .. Miami Florida
    INS ,
    !' .. ante. wtr _...... OqA il.l, arNUrt. U, tl.r y.rk in the back. He said beess lOUt the teacher ranks. ,

    given n Nf S4t1l St.

    and second Avenue destination. .

    FLORIDANUMBER Shortly. after Milton Three cool characters

    said be felt what felt

    like n pistol at the

    back of bin bead and have just hit town

    the youth in front din-

    played a bite

    : ONE Milton continued that Great NewWine Drinks Three Flavors!
    be turned bin
    pouch over to tile noaey trio Ch11J twm...the soars they rliT@:the better you1J bb thcmI

    and be ... then told to Cd an three' frtsK. tasty JUvon that bep their"cooT.

    leave tie cab at 3atAvenue

    and 34th et. ed

    run teat, which be eatd'he Oran e

    RHYTHM & BLUES did. Lime ,' Ro Lemon

    yl.r./pewelel trot a .
    ..... 0 .NM edtM Rock Rock"lI

    STATION ;{ ),'. \:' r /

    F"r' I

    I le ',"" '1/7 ego"1'lttTle

    DIAL <. Ul iAVMd BCNOt
    t A

    1260 For The I a1 1 -Sound! MADAM GLORIA Rp

    .' htm A felrtoaUst fteader.A4vla0r .
    '. t ,. In an affairs ei WIt

    '._'hl': .. t.;;.1 Leee. Man..... ........ a. ..
    DIAL cfcness eDt Lath Days Lavck y ly
    > ....... There to no hone
    so oteejdrel Ifenl she enrt neks.UrstH .
    at: tot .... TMAwtl at.ruone .
    1260 For The #1 Prizes : ni-MOT. Ofe** I .... '
    M .... iaOy A Sen**. I
    Locater ...... FU. OaerlIl -
    DIAL *. YADAIM cLOIU.\ nd
    tea *O feel the 90eree .. K !

    1260 For The 1t1 R & B Hits! ''I Malt nee .ca ala ICInrn el.e.e>,nalf au.r


    ....., ,, .' I

    1 I,)\ ''j 1'' J Nf l. ',,1,JM.I", I" .I' i'l'' 1 \Q' I'l'. ." ,\ -' : Iii. .. N(.,I ..I ,, [ ,I ,

    11 t 1
    1 ,

    Pitt I ,,

    .1 l m Edward Waters. Florida A&M Stung By 40-19., 45-6 Grid Losses I

    Edward Waters HosPrairie 't: Fomer- Ja. All-Time MerMm Joins- Recreation- DepartmeHtCOMCRATVUTCO Tigers Administer- I

    I .. ... ..........\,- I

    iwuuf u.uw! _urn View mat' Saturday r' I A&M's Worst Defeat I

    OUT All -Am rkla tacklt who that DM nbu&diaf
    protram w' I It NASHVILLE for tht victors
    is now theft rarnat football which Athlttlc DUtctor-Coac* vas quar
    coach Ole Ednrd Waters ColItgt t J. (Ox) Otmons tnginttr- estimated Eldridct DIcker whost
    tlaaa tans b r .
    right\ arm rifled two
    Tlgtrs should prom from lag at Edward Wattrs Is btgtoning '
    UM mlstakts IB thtlr 40.11 Blfht pasats and Ia Job
    to payofl la at amas- LS
    Ion to Mississippi 1 Vallty lastSaturday short of ttmt.DM UlUlas 'uhloll--complted
    tog period
    stInt computing
    by IS
    Bight and will! could* to ttM 1aIe.... of sis JUU's
    tr powtrful Praxis Vttw Jut arrival kilt,Otmons was BB- S- sler. both atria! bombs for a (03
    tnotbtr ben..to at to WoUsoa IplCtedqJp.aaeat aids: to conduct a spring fie y \ ad hoalTtly ....'. dtftoat stopped
    Part Saturday
    1 cnlting program so atctssary
    mr ttvta Rattltrt cold by holding
    algal.UM .
    to Its tor losers
    pro by grad- Ole lDJY.ra1t
    to M yards nthlng and
    fan gtts Briar way promptly nation, transfers and othtr mat history. total.
    at MS o'clock. tins which rtsults te IOSSM Mali ,U I
    As Ole record stands. CM lo- tot football soaad.Otaxos ay EARLY BIRDS
    cal Tlgtrs vttt 1 prtsaot 410Mason's was also matt to
    carry out tht usual spring tnIaIDe Tlgtrs oHtost acne clU
    kadtrs 1IS'Sooutb.&M.nMhWicCoat.r.ao program which tarty ta 'Ra > play with a J-0-0 1M year sttsapallitlycourM whoa Noland Smith seamp-
    record and hart but OM sort by vhlch a coach shspM his whamptrtd for U yards
    eonftrtnct came slated via mam's type play for lbs fall Despite Andrew Crtta Punt. Die*
    Vor.... M No.. I at Dtmaart glints.UM toaatd Ihrtt stcctaalvt
    South CaroUDa. Btgardteas ofthtlr Oi tot it be knows that Uahappy rid .. and hit WWw WaUr
    fortunts against Vorbtts, for UM first tits la Edward k Rocktts first oBt'yardvr for tilt M>
    tbt Tlgtrs hart already Tripped Waters M ytar hlstoryi tf s sldcat Harold TO and tile Tlgtrs ltd
    op tbtlr fourth constctttvtSEACcrowa. .football and rtlatod athltttesteam ClTfa Coach at tile and of tile quarter
    light to ....'. third
    an pointing to top atbIttte score was
    Ia thtlr Mtto last Saturday eomptUOoa, and loss fa* chaps' u by WUUt Tvcktrs Mar
    Bight against Mississippi UN talllar to Crates highly rated vp tile team.Wt closing Momtats o tbt. ,
    Titus dlsplaytd thtlr gnat put record, tt wUl come to scored quarttr. With Suit's
    coo'%p against OM of tht top pua.1atvda1.. two lamta. on thtlr own 10, Dtckty
    1 teams la vas. bat wt four succtsaful passim
    lilt nation whta via Jai aportsmlndtd'oDowtrs
    th* SCOT Showing M ttM Short- of Edward Wlters Wt pt l up 17 Elbtrt DrungoIratUylM
    sad of a II-O tally they troMto sports farts TU1VM1uanother blip and lrt to icons from tile Rat
    .DM oceaaiot by, storing 19 gnat Tatars' oppoMalin irtta light to CO.
    points m That yu MtmiagiyS Coach Bffly Hicks Run said T\IIa4aJ. the half todtd. tile Tlg,.
    BflPtltH Btfort.Howtvtr Wr team, on* of thtmtmbtrsof --- Julian winos (etnttrUbtlngcoogratalated ) !- Formally bon U OM of'jai all-Unit top swtmmtrs, Malta Tht Rocktls. Itadlog JS-0.
    whttti Mlsslsskyl tat highly touted loutbwtstAthlfttk by Duvet County Commlsslontrs chalraua Bob Harris matriculated JTtaMssttStattAAIUBlvtrsltyNaahvlUtTtBa., stowa, I la Tlgtrs conltmitd their
    was lIOn that balding Its own Cootertact. (right) afttr having parted a Duval ClvllStrvtct Board aiamlaa following gradation from formtrNorthwtsttratUgh School bore ty Uafut .. ... attach la tht third
    ta a H tflort against tat A colorful pn- 'IM and naif* Uoa and opoa substgjMatly btlng appointed Assistant Ouval County Booty and Walton plaa U tipansloa program .la lilt Mar Man rasa Dell to Eugtat Bowta, Jot Smith
    atlas's most powtrful SWACfltpnaants dm show by CM Edward Waters ftVtrvlsor of RtcrtaUon to CuptrlnttfldMt of R.ctatksToamy for county rtertattoa. uaday. / for rtaptcllvt TDt.
    tht Tigers van Band and tile TlgtrttttaIspromlstdl Booty. Other eommUslontra ttndtrlog Waltoa tile wtlcomt mat (Royal Art Studio Photo) tht Rocktts .. Csrttr Kortd from 17
    plajriaff teams of much tessarcsllbra. art Commlsslootrs ftetchtr Morpa (left) and Julian Warrta. ECU lad [ out la Iht Mirth for tht
    OM thlnf. final icons of tile 1'....
    IMS 8 mitt bt rtcogustdTrlifM's ... No oat .'. Arthur Robtnsoa plac
    JIKOO "Coin Plices..Doin' Things NBC'S Series Rights don. Rait tors Into the scoring
    ICoatttadtr > rbM ht ultlaltd 111
    Tip Hlsh .per bottom from pass to Rudolph llarntsoa.flSNINfi .

    JellS Florida AIM Trsckmimilt Extended 2 YearsNEW coal firs.team,ivtraft Dtblty i cant ( LINES

    I'AMUI 0... eI A. ,..i.., .... ptlast ytar, succtaaful" ftshtrmaa" a*
    '.... eI '';",11.. w... ,'"'.... .'"'..__ eI p. YORK .Rights! fortsclu- btJo Nttwork whkh shout., (bit DtbUy his,"tine rtlrttvt Into on a iwraa net lit
    ant 1t1t'.lDdradloeot.r.. did lilt strlts for Job said
    milt**! i.r.I.S.iO '_i',. lr4. .. H..ellI S1i.0rI many year I .
    act of bastball's World'" Itrlts from tht .arl, days of tht hid. lied a gaalkl tiptrlmtnlliig loflnd
    .. ...trfcvl.-J N 'leri. AIM U""enify nr and All.tar gamta hat boa won to 1133. mad .1.,.,.. producltvt spud and
    .sa.... siNsyy ........ MMMU f__L titMuted to..tht National Broad Tbs rights for tilt apse W I stray don (144'2662'm') for '1.111ft.
    N. b. ... eI M,. .)iWMn. A..A.. k....,. leiIII. J. casting Company for anothtr major Itagut gamts provldt, Ukt m tvtry
    H.relfl SlfaM*.. W JJAf .1Wdri.. .e.wMoOry N two ,....., IM7 UldIMl. NBCalso that NBC-TV TUtrver au pd. Dtftnst has
    ,. Slr.t $1 J_.& f*H.4SpwX N.. ...,. Msmi w/i.. eI'"P.' w acqtlrtd ttcluatrt rights ttandug pas a wttk dart tIIt t start Ins [This Clown
    to teltttst sptclal Major Us .Iht rtgular staaons of ltd.I 1b/ ( ...
    His foAari t. .. .Jwc..,s eJ IItIrrl
    c. .wI... .0d d.v.yJ0M.1 ..._ .,..... S...,." I. a sM. i pt bastball ,.... during KM through IMt. lbs majority of f I ry W att4 142 -17-15
    % T Masons 1M4.1M7 and. IMC.Tht .ace ....b&U ,.Ite.... will btoa Raids first
    eI A. ..,. Ma..hi.l fI..I I. *< u..., i. ,...... I.' ... N.. PM M.r.1.. ; NBC TtltTlsloa. .Nttworh... aumbtr of ,....sadvii I comuf and
    S-. -'I._ ........ r.d/. S&.. record of having covtrtd tvtry bt toad oa a ...Wa, Bight. saws cat bt 4
    "ev., $1i.0r .... .Iw -. elJ..I...... eI "..... World writs slnct INT, tilt "DC.tv..W pr..... most of| Tbt first two
    ell *. SI. Crfcpte g.gEb.CNA.I ,'"" ... .I C.r..M. UOJ..Ir. first fat lb... gamtt verb tile Major Ltagut .....la col*, !trial ptrlod. i I
    Sc4..I .101# b.. ".rtlfr. 155 ...*... brrrN.Ifb"- All-Star classic or. Tht schtdute of gassts and I art prtMtl ... }
    ..,;'i" I.,.' Iw_.sJid.ScA..I A. ....tvr't ...f r*.. it a.h has .... carried continuously tile teams participating vWr UstasouBctd Is why. trtry ... .. I IJI
    ". NBC'TY alnet 1/30. Bothtrwit at a later dalt. Wt gars all W
    ... d.rNI. ,
    5 JObIy.1,4S r/J .iA *. <*.' Oil havt brio teltcast Intolar but .... of -M -20
    h.. A. .Hwy C- .. ....-..... slsct'llM.' do tht .Job .
    H...IS 0"..,,', ,.,., C.l.Ls r.,......" utes has btta broadrasl lbs World rt* ... 54 12 11'I

    h.J.5fNti", ...... SlI_.... .... ssweJv.l. plaT> ... In 7 o"...r tht IfI'C'ell
    A -/.1 1...1__ d.. eH > !( 'He's Up
    _d 'n_ _. s M.. foci .OJi.ldCh.'I _
    ..... .,.N r. rm'"( Teed. .. eI *. U. t ...... 1c .e'hft 1st No's Down,
    flell He s.1 .v.0A d ....: I_ AAL.w A e a I. adds, aubtratts,
    ...r.. Mil. ..J ,1w.,., H. .... l IAAUIr4 .,........... I. It all around
    lv V. -. It -'fI. eI A. td..f.I.1 ,....; .0. eI T.4.JJ.Is U ."q ATTMCTIOrtf
    Myrilt Avt taw1 AtUmi ffi
    NNiv. 0-- 1.r1i. ,rxoJTfcfc.-. ,.... .... nt 11 iII 2S
    A. '... ,rv.. ..dA.r_ ..... r sk.. k..1.A ..--------.
    MI1.' *, Iv.., I.r1Id.n 31iw.1J ,.,.,4 eI.... a-.11
    .... II.. .,.... MAN DAYS
    0..... ..,. C&k..LA WHITING LB. 32c
    eA4 .... ....... M 1s..I Ie0.01 .., ... .122.... ,t ....... ..

    ... 51b1 f...sdy .....J.I. MN A. -t eI 22 ,... fORlltX RATTUJtr AU. Amtrkras Al Dow at Jatasoa. GINUINI MAYfORT SHAffU U. 69c NUMBERED
    H *tfc.*lt {. *. U<. .1 ..,..IOt4"' .' 1.IPS7, tar vbt has slrtady madt a .... far nimttU u pre toot. .' a Days art nua
    $..... 0.. k. Inebr. ... fiea .. ... .41. ..,. ball nib u a Haler with tht OMVT Bracket of mt A* I- -.cl L..L ...- I has ." Mtaltfe sad ror
    ,fie.... .... IMnwONJ rno.he .. .... A. C"'H... ...... mtrkaa foottaJl Uant has b"a shifted It tight t... Ac* I flU" 1t.OwND11 ,LI. 29C ,orvlc Csa It yours tuts
    J/.1 __. ........,.,., .-II w "-4. .AIsA .. ... .cording Bronchos' AJ U cs/rylK t.t ate sari s..U.13. utabllshtd
    .w.r.a.il. G.T.6r.. U r M4. In ......., Lq Ills d aIIGJt1.- arch httvitr ...... o..oa u h NI.M SHRIMP Large LI. 8geonn.s and Is11cA not blots four It.lucky tMia
    -'wrIfI.. lf4 .
    >.. <. ....... N rSdNN .to* fryu II'PT. 11.4' / n.M for yt r
    JJ'2 lime.. N ftt f., .... ..... .. ., .
    'i r it ... MACH .S. ; ,' .'d. fart'Inw7
    M.II a1 SM. CW. .
    a ,r.*<*v. rwtrrf .! UrgedTo Speed Up UceutauaUaf P"dues ... s.tttf4. fe, Stewlelt SIJS FOR
    (l.f s. .*.,. .. ,. ....e lqM 22'M' ...*.5 rfv L5 Ar. > .
    ....,.,..,. ...-. .: J.1 I. P. 000 -.. N Urtat Ittt art as follows OMPAMO Ul A..... ,U. 11.10 in ld1al la the klaak ..1,.

    .'..J_." P04. ,.. 1.... ltd.....I.. Sfast C..otrdios.t..al1t wt* 'ad Drrg-_...4tO tOIJTU . . I LI. tttll. "tat.1 ,* la ZODIAC Nat

    1esataat. County resl/n.kuattog..-....-----...-.- 'too.10 SMALL PIOUNOUuiei ....... .. .... .2+tLI. MINI HUM IN fei 1171. Janus<
    rtouHou .. 4hCATI
    Iis1/IM .... .. II. It It It 'INA.tUJNO I. florlJ. .
    Ctuaty ofl.tr
    tana hose
    toMty NL10Na .
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    1 dMb M day contmunM blldW1.10; IMCKLIO TIOUT .. II. 3$.
    Id ... .. .....__
    < Asaual sUttwMt MM .
    MUUCT .
    ., ... .LI. Jt. "
    .'TAT rye/Ki1.W! Na. YrtM. N Mg M.rr.s eMTN'LIO MID MUllirIAICI .. . ,l30.. fir ".. ;
    -.ue MUUIT .... .. ..... LI. l'.
    Ming WfM to svttd tht lastmhHte WAK "ISH ....... .. .. L1.. O1. ........ "...
    .nsh. WW"-51b. (iti Ti 6atkts IIOIAIt .. ...... ... .... 45. F.1. till
    tag aar. andptrmJU v.015 MOO LICt .. . .. .II. fl.4f '
    ..... af gasM ajutug aaisMl day. bantmcMssoa. tf OMivctatag CtsctSscittl, KINO' CIAI U@i' . II. SUf tacit' $ 1l'1M.W, ''W'

    U, m BM first, JUMS Fourth
    and FWh C 11.rrd3's OUtrt-. S ***.*...*.. sass is'....>IM. *.. .*." e u*. K>4.tl.".'>ltM4 It,s tit
    eta and >Nttimbtf, la DM
    Third Cutrttts.Amrttmff .
    to .... Ccgsra4
    Recreation For The Entire F m0yCsKiilH Chainnna. Cnan aad FrMh ins.
    tor Flsa CtmmtMlt a, t...177, -Schenley 1 instant party :
    009 Fwrtda buaMrssrtt.M. <1.
    IHfwnl Psflcr td to aMjmrt ...., .......
    ar aasvniMiBt lit.... tram
    641 W. AikUy Corns JiHmMWM m* n ..." todns EUs year
    0wr CS. OO af mtbuatMtwiaUM
    Mam De cpMlal hunt
    fMCt ISM 7s Of > Torn TH ,.,... wk aDtvt huafwuj
    hi a vtitaopserat... just add i friends and serve.Ia
    1 ON+41d M M (ralNtoa I
    LOW PRICES .....g DtwMtt art avaOatMfnm
    tht tCQct af mt s.MytoajM.

    e........tlp.crib.t.tauesn from s.."y MBM t*
    .aUG STOKE NEEDS .....- ...
    II tf mtwttft*
    lilt ...... "
    xt-: K
    tr* ill) |a.r MlafchtrtM*) fine .." r ten :;
    R tzu tczr Arty meat ADR.11 T eta LOCAL ,....

    .. fill all.
    Dtllvtt.tt alM tsxttra prrtcrtUtM
    SHE lUll( I ,
    } HI

    Dixie Pharmacy Ski liHHtfII I iw.ews ,

    I sir 114 I

    00 Il ts laM II Ifrtli IrtfMS1H7H Is lif I IIIII'"j! '

    'II Elsta .
    Icy. litbiss

    ,AT nu Li n. inn MI XEIirHEBnu 111 t. Illll ST I

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    ,t \1111;: t' IJ [ j ,, ''II'' l'jl'l'
    AI {IJ : "'/ .
    ", .. ,)l "e/' ./. ,jjij\, I Ir

    r ; ( f rA


    Apostolic Central Ml. Ararat Club Has Busy SchedulePARTICIPATINQ Rev. 0. Ivras1 Anita Carr Court HocksTuition J '

    Convention Baptist Y+ Funeral Rites Recital Slated Fees

    Set. Nov. 7-14 Church Slated SatardayFaneral For Sviifiay Dbtrfe JACKSON.Covrt MfSS.-f J.4e> MCH ee.I.r-

    old e. erJ.r.J"iA..d nls.1.n .
    services for Rev 0-
    The 14th annual Holy Convocation Sunday will be Convention Ifs A. Burns who died Monday ./more*h."7.000 drf4r
    of the Apostolic Churchof Dajr at Centralfor at the residue Mil Steele .n m.*f./Aem Negro Ie
    Cod in Christ Command members and visiting .. will be held Saturday at Missfulppt ptrltfe sdeeb.4t "
    ment Keepers will convene at friends and will open 1.M p.m. la Simpson Memorial ,".vf cwyfaf toMon.InmtvH .
    the headquarters,2032 Benedict Church. Rev Joshua Reddick aWwgM"'e NA-
    with school at
    Road, Nov. 7-11 Bishop M.C.H. pastor, tad Rets.JBF Williams ._ NCI Imgml O fe.ia. -..Jfflunil. .
    Cooper founder and entertain 9: 30 a.m. with Mrs. M. and E.H. Sbepard. superintendent ,' .... fv4 A. ,fvdfeetonptnrry
    ing pastor. E Johnson and teachersIn of the North and Sooth Florida _. ,,.."' r..
    The Service Sunday begins at
    charge. Methodist Districts, reapectlvely Ii! ,.,,.,,,
    : p.tmr
    10 a.m., with the School of Wisdom e.r
    Morning worship will j otnciaUnc. forccmenf W f
    Welcome Missionary L. I veteran -
    A of 19 years service :
    Williams; response, Missionary begin at 10: 50 a.n.with to the Methodist ministry, ,.,"" by a apreif.esst.edfh.
    C.J Sandes. Other participants the Deacons in chargeof Ret. Kuras was bon la Serl AU..I.....''..f"...,,.
    are: Bishop Cooper and devotions.Rev. George vea Covnry, Georgia Admitted '.' I"Jdy.ARCADEk.
    Bishop C. Walker. w. Monroe will deliver to tile Georgia Conference ta ...0; ...
    The platform speaking 3pm. the special convention 1926, lie bad served pastorates ,
    will be led by Evangelist A.M. la various area of the state,
    Pearson otherpartlclpantsare message Senior and had Mired U superintendent i
    Missionary L. Williams Mrs. Choir i will furnish R and later u treasurer la
    , F, Jackson, Mrs. Yvonne Cooper 1 MISS CARR
    music accompanied by both OM Georgia and Florida$
    Mrs. D. Thomas Mrs. C.J. Mrs. Gloria Grant at confereoces. Men's She*
    Sandes bishop C. Walker and the console senior After having served vita a Miss Anita Carr, n
    Elder J. Coleman. number of churches la the state member of the freshsu fashions fit for a king
    The prayer hour Monday will Usher Board 1 will ser in the 39th anniversary of tht pastor Rev Dallu J. Craaaai of be came to Simpson Memorial class at Edward
    be held at 9am. Committees Mt. Ararat Baptist church are the officers and Members of the D.J. Graham Chorea herein 1937 from Orlando waters 15 W. Adams
    will be appointed. Dinner will ve.The BTU Hour will be Club sister Carrie Blake is the president; sister Viola Murray is secretaryand and served until Ms re College, will appear la St.

    I* served at 4:30: p,m., and a held at 5:45: P-n. Evening sister Alberta Hayes of 1241 steele st is sinking Fund' treasurer. tirement.a __ her first public recital
    program will be presented by -.. -- --- Sunday, oct. 31
    will beer
    worship (Royal Art Studio poto) ROOM FBI RENT
    Mrs. -,rain Williams. Speak ._6 .. _. _. .. ____ ia NSW st. James AME
    gin i i v T"e vvuventlon -
    will l Pearson.
    M Punished .
    Church auditorium under cooiiai rrlv.Ylaile
    The participants Tuesday are will terminate Raines' Senior Bishop SimsIs DDRIOR Clicks the auspices of New st. Incas or Coiple.
    Deacon R, Simpson Mrs. Marie M the close of the ser
    James ypo. Week 4.,1. | ,.*. to It
    Fauster M. Jacobson, R, Simpson Minister vice Elected To BuriedPHILADCLPHIA IR "LittleDavid" ,' The progran will begin p... Weekends, la... to
    Appearing Wednesday will be WEEKLY ACTIVITIES (NPO m. at 7 P... 7 P.M. 15S-I1M.
    Mrs, D. Thomas, DW Sapp Monday, 7.30: p.II. official Duval PostNew Funeral services were held Role Kiss carr will be accoapanled -
    Missionary C. Clark, Evangelist board meeting; last week for one of the ,
    C. Cullard. Tuesday, 7 P.m? Bible Raines Senior High School AME church hierarchy'smost DENVER Colo.A1 Dense, by H. Alvin BELT MINTED
    On Friday appearing will be study, choir 3 rehear became the recipient of county distinguished prelates former football treat at FT*. ..'f"' ''''. .. Green choral Directorat
    Missionaries L, Williams, C, wide honors recently when it Dlshop David H. Sims at A i M, is now in Ms second .. Edward Waters. laid Ovaraatead. oood'Me.
    Clark D. Cooper E.angellst sal, Thursday 8 P... was announced that Carolyn 0- Greater St. Matthew" AME year with the Denver Broncosof .... York Ltve-l jobs
    A ,M. Pearson. The Sabbath church business .meet- duet, a senior member of 12-9 Church. the American football Lea US-US weekly fare . School will begin at 10 am, ins: Friday 8 p. m. homeroom and majoring In the Bishop E. C. Hatcher presiding KUS. PIANO FOR SALE EmOYVBIT ACWC1
    Bishop's Day will be observed Choir 1 rehearsal. Diversified Cooperative TrainIng bishop of the 11th A three-time small collect r Dept; 9, U a brook, ..1.
    Nov II. program was elected Lie. district (Florida) deliveredthe all Americas while at A A M, bed
    tli.itin 1540 V.
    utenant Governor at the convene principal eulogy. Denson Is the BOB of Mrs. A. :
    thou held In the South Jacksonville The 78-year-old religious Anderson, 121 .Acorn St, laJacksooUte. 'j 51. St. 3540103FURNISIEO KIP WMTEIhrtliw
    Elementary School. leader died of a kidney ailment .
    The countywide Cooperation one week after enter The (-2,801 pound speed merchant several) BH 21
    JOBS OPEN Club which convened while theMISSODUM Ing the Mercy-Douglas hospital was a sixth-round draft ROOM ,
    r- Elevated to the AME choice of the Broncos ta PM.As yrs. or older urtiaf 1 itf
    rt. "Jt bishopric in Cleveland. Ohio a rookie last season Al '
    CASHIER CHECKERIBM t. In 1932 he was assignedto caught 23 passes for MJ-yirds Us leaves to mourn Mrs. Elderly Clifti ir siitli bits MI iinjffs. Fir
    the 15th district South toucbdowa. trails Louis Bums, widow;
    and one IronlcaUy Kristin lady 35S-2BM iiteniiw call! 7S5-22S1
    Africa. this touchdowa was Broncos Joha Thomas, city, stepson: ,
    KEY PUNCH i Upon his return to the United lonctst scoring play of the season Mrs. Xrleae Woods Atlanta,
    States, he served the Alabama -.-an 12-yard pus play. adopted daughter; Mrs Beaalah
    ) Episcopal district and then Unlike last year when Deuce Reeves, fylranla, Ga., sister;
    PBX RECEPTIONIST I t the First district New York played exclusively u a flanker Raw Joshua Reddlck, city,oep-
    New Jersey Pennsylvania this year be Is spending more hew
    TRAIN NOW PAY LATER Delaware and Bermuda.At time u a tl&at tad...position interment wttl be la Memorial
    f the time of his death, that 1s Incongruous: wttt hi* Cemetery. Holmes tad Glover : -
    TOP JOBS IN THE JACKSONVILLE E AREA '", ..t'.( "Pc. .c.t.. : he was writing the Polity of theAME site.Altooufh. mm Horn la charge.

    NO AGE LIMIT HIGH SCHOOL NOT ,'. ',.'.1i.. If. .'." 'CI ,4 church from, on the special General assignment Iwss tnaa Al weighs otter tight 25-10 ends pounds 1 r....."... J...".....

    ... \ .. Conference at Its REQUIRED. DAY OR EVENING CLASSES, ; ,,: \. \\ in Cincinnati last remarkable ability to adjust ,"." 1 smith 11actlock!
    1 \ -\ year. say bas ofleasire coach. Red TYPIST"MUST tit
    j ,: tt A 33rd degree Mason. Bi* Miller.
    Call 356-5745 Day ,or ailbt f. shop Sims, a native of Ala : Bf Able To Type OLD
    barns, was graduated from 80-60 W-PM. Top Salary
    311 Fla. Title Building Georgia State college, Cber for person who qualifies.
    election of officers was being lln college B. Ali Ober- (:TEETHING PAIN Apply.rLORmASTAR CHARTER

    held, consUs of DCT classesof lln Divinity school S. D., .. .... .....
    .w NquM OKA-Jtl *" UU
    and Laura Sts. WaDerlef R4
    Forsyth Duval County School System and University of Chicago ,,"a sin J.wl.N M,"....11.. Krs1N'1,1 a ....a.sw..e
    J ___ I senior high school embracing with a master of arts degree. .Le' bMa.n..n.it....*. wwrti*fM"
    ..:: ...,...... .
    . He did farther arldul'Ndyat ulll
    the course. .AIM...,...."fIIeeij 'FIEE RUB SIAMPOO'11th
    , Yale university .!::1..II. .
    ora-jel haul Of lieapoo'Bqulpneat.
    ---- ------------ -

    MEET YOUR NEVf le Keutt. Lava

    .;, Mowers a eer4ea .Toela, r,
    STORE MANAGER ,moor Polisher a Benders ? ,.
    FOR SALE a lend Tools, U r a.

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