Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200684datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 10, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006840740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 10, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 10, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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(fA Report On The Racial Situation In Jacksonville) .1r

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VOL. tS NO. 30 SONDAT OCTOBER 17. ills 15 CENTS Gift CleirsIaOktediess !

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..... N A..wnpli K. *%U M rot''**** *-*-*.. HtuiMj to hMipMttr. -- M-..,.*,.,. V.W taN... N./.5 C.4 ..... Iw.dMw _..ry. 4..MJ., .. A..f.., .,...1r AJe ..,Nvrn..w ,.* A. J0 ....... w*

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I .orw+rr. w r ..______......_.. r.w .r.- ......5.w5.w.w..w.r..w.... ...--.w --.. _--...... ...

i ir



published by the Florida Star, publishing Company CHEEK- A GOODLY APPLEROTTFN
ERIC 0. SIMPSON .... .....MiBifiBg Editor lMARltKARTHTRiACOF, By Wtiitney M. Young, Jr.

ALISON E. WISE........ ... Hews E.itar The American press il giving Europeans a distorted, '
view; of our racial' picture. One.lIpoc.tofi"d the pogei
of fravda and bvetlia crowded with, Mes of racial)
WOOTEN. Circolatioi MUIIU
HILDA .. .. .. ...
violence and little elie. But il is disarming to read only
SHERIFF COLEMAN the crime '.Id. of our story in "the European editions
of our American newspapers and In the wire I service
7323 Moncriel' Road Phone Elfin 4-6781 accounts purchased by foreign lonquoge Jail....
To be sure our American media
Miilini AddressP.O. do occasionally portray the
progress and the promiio of i

Box 561 licksonvilli 1 Florida ourgaini toward a trwiy democratic q
social). All In all how
AJ ov., European brow only about
Iho riots marches, murders

and other spectacular ,,
738 NW 3rd Aft. phone 311-1025 rl r V5 1 events. On my rofantrip to Western Europe I town
"that thoie lo whom f spate lotted thi..in/onnoHo.
i S / The pottage of. voting rights act.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES Caini by Nagroes in employment particularly *.
mong big corporations and by "the federal Government.
Half Year M.OO
One Year $5.00 .
Mailed! to you Anywhere in the United States M : The revolution. !brought about by Iho public accommodations
Subscription payable In advance plant of the 1964 Civil Bights Act.
Kent! Check or Money Order to: What about Malcolm XT f was oiled. tMiot about
t Selmor I was otfted. Do you believe. the riots were or-
,o"i..d beforehand was osied.
FLORIDA ST 1 P.O. BOX 561 HA YME WILE In tendon this negative bias was reflected' in Ihe
Jacksonville 1, Florida questions thrown at m. by a panel of newsmen on
ALABAMA International TV. r
I tried to counter this impression by urging Europeans
The Bible EternalThe having tome contact with American initiations to uie
their eyes and oars lo gain firsthand" impraiiions.Thoio .
I --- -- -, who met me at Ihe airport might have noticed s
25th anniversary of National' Bible Week will be for .omp/,, Oaf fan American Airway employs Negro
obierved thii year from October J 18 through 24. The THE DEATH OF JUSTICE IN HAYNEYILLE personnel. They might I have .surmised" upsurge 1
theme for Iho Week, chosen by layman's' Holland' in the economic and educational status of Negroes by
Committee, Inc, will bt 'The Bible-Eternal"' pondering the growing number Negro students traveling .
The meaning of the word '''.''''0''' at applied lo the In their countries.But .
Bible/ should/ b. lull by everyone. And il It the pur- the real failure must bo laid at "ho dear of the
pott of the Week lo mote Ml meaning came alive/ for American p,.... A press which trofficts only inseniotionelism -
oil/ of ui. Eternal meant everlasting' a 'lifetime without YouPWteklyHoroscope I. as bad et one which ponder to cheerful
beginning or and 'Im.I.... The Bible/ mode up government propaganda. To hove "the right lo print.
of writings accepted by Chriilioni 01 Intpired by God both' sides of a story and than to forfeit. Mat r>gh( by
and of Divine/ authority ..,. forth, ,the history/ onethe/ default/ is naming lets than an incredible blunder.'
happeningi ,relotionthipi/ and the concept.hot ; I,'. all well/ and goad for a press lo bo quick alert/ ,
are the baiii of Chrittionity Guide iI and tireless in itt rale of ..poti", '."' .r.. But it mutt
The Bible/ has been and mud remain timefeti. force also, turn its inquiring eye upon its own blind pots
In our //1"... To keep it to, wo must read 'the Bible/ ,. ,,; and "' .rlcomi.....
and coniider. m.o"0'/ are there for each of } There or. some editors |just net big enough to admit
"It It the one Book on whete po,.' have been 'Inicribedlife's :' ?*ltl '. ly PABLO The ASTROLOGER ,rfHlC'tiV'V : oven an obvious "';.,.._,...."'It such confeitions
fundamental volt/el/ velvet/ that were meant r, tend to improve newspapers' believebility becauio
to be ".,,,0//. Why not mate every week a Bible' We*.. YOLik FAR readers can identify with an inititvhen capeble human
why not keep the Bible eternal'? ARE LUCKY DAYS arror We .!! Ihe ,... of us. On one occasion one
I ., ; V TBrv of this countries (leading newspapers, erroneously p'.,.

Teaching For Educators'Job _lBIUISIi.S.S\ L'.O.V.E .. .. XRA, .V.E' ed up an 'melvsoa' story of a Negro gong in one
ghetto sworn to till white men The tele proved to .. alea.
Vet, "the newspaper never .".109/,." although.
Corpi experience 10 far 'UII'.'" that builneifmay
hove tomething' to leoch the .educator Training tic surroundings. "'... who the story was carried Internationally and did incalculable
LIBRA damage Ike struggles of Negro crtttent.
sinkers run by hll" "." corporation loot better on he only for lava need not
educational Intlitw- marry Some ,.,.,.. Mo this _.. mate greater effort
public record than cenferi run by San
21st thru wary D.c. 22nd thru to ...ey the gains *s well as Om pains ao nation in
lions and 0'. anlili... April 19th Bern Sept 23rd ttiruOct.
TimeiService. 2-30-06.11-93-472 Jen 19tk mid-pa i i tag e front segregation I* a loftier conditionbut
Thus obiervei a Haws dispatch bytheNewVork 23
A number of the Job Corpsc.nf.rsari administered / tfeop footing up. There are they ore not nearly so numerous os mete whoso
by buiineil groups which have contract with, lh.govornm.nt. some 1'0".1'' uniotitfoctory developments CANCER THE rIME HAS COME The Do not eli..",.,. Wkile' you do creed is to soft papers at all costs.
'In Iheie, the work hoi been proceeding that could mar th' e crisis that hoi been casting not need ,. bo told' ,. mind Integration is werting; in America and oquoliry is
smoothly and productively and there apparently' have rosy picture/ that' has been built Bern Juno 22nJ thru itt shadow for a .while/ Is bow your own Itv.."..*. kit .it netusually coming fat at nemo and abroad and particularly/
been no unfortunaincidani' .. On theetherhandtherejhoi up prevlovtly./ A rather depressing July 22nd Uely' to .,..."- I" reality.' If Ihe taco with neany.l ever.... Iho whole pictu ,.. Ike full story is net being

bale" a good deaf rrovble-otcaiienolly/ / approach' event related toy our you have any Idea as to what .me individuals with whom you
!'Ing the Hot 'og.'tf ce>iteri where. nonbuilneii ergonliationi laved ones, aportnerorambiI'ous Ihe pace. .quietens./ There,arenow "the 'out Ionia is opt to ".. A .came ,In close ., doily contact.'irmnett told.Social
have the edmlniitrafive reipeniibility/ objective could CO".. developments t.Iing quiet change of mind could may be required. Security
Why should/ thli, be 10? The Tim. diipatch "'10'.' you to spend tome uneasy shape related that' may create problems wall/ still get you out of the yo,. maintain. Ike privacy you
Sargent Sit 1'//".,, who hoods the Office of Economic momonls. The sorrow that Ishung lo your tM of trouble' and confusion.From crave or Ike secrets Iketoreol
Opportunity, at laying that &u.I"' .|... *. .tnewhow lo / borne by your other' half being or occupation. You may then on.. il may bo too no concern to anyone but your- By H, DonaldsonEditor's
run thlngi." They are good manageri. They know what could' &. yours at ..11. You hove to revile certain con late to stop "the wheels that tell and your key atteciatet.Since .
ting of employees/ they "..d. They train/ people/ Inr.ohti.L' should/ )join hands the betterto _" Soploeanawmathodsorphilosophi.s have been set in motion. You gentle metkedt could ( Note: This Is Ike secondino series of ortwfoson
/ cope with Tharals.b.na / with others "the will "then hove to accept the" readily be mitMen. lor weeknest me INS ckonget in social security. Thete ..v.cl.s.r. .
This adds weight lomelhlng' that a great many' people fit Col..,.,. that may coma to are for moreconsorvetive in consequences of your actions an your part, make shad prepared by B. B. Donaldson social security district .
have been laying that' the main force for reducing you in the form of a bequeit ardor to maintain leo stabilitythat / or decisions. Go 'through with work olthapNsisI.nl..wb.rdv.a manager, 400) W Ashley StresS JacttenvJIo.' ,...1
poverty and far aiding Iheunderprlvilegedtoattain or something of equal value. appears to be threatened them to their ineviM conclusions. to Me Ike hi",. A loyal.1fri. The second part of the new .oc/olaec".lty medicaf
/ a productive place /In the economic worldwill/ / come The future never loots so Material contiderotion will/ olio Year gainful pursuits ..... .ito pr eciout pottettion.II -. plen. Isn't _......tic. Vow /he.. to eU O
from bvl'neis' .,,'.rpr//... Government ",iIIlte/p./ but "It threatening when there" ore hove to .. Man into account may bo proceeding feng> nicely would be watts many tacrt- cost is con do only a small/ part of the fob. On. of the primary two to face wherever it may beholding so as not lo jeoperdfce meting itpeitibl (or you Seat on your part to sdagvardIs .. AS. V ,..',.. drawing social
purposes of II".,,,... II lo rain /living standards / In store. Although/ you earning power or future to hold your own in Ihe fin.ancial i ol all ._... Stor becomingmore monOSly schects, Ike 1"
and provide greater opportunity for oil. And it knows there ore Indications that security. It may not .. the ""' .1'''''.'''. Ward off subtle in Ike" way yew U 00 can bo bold owt of your Ii
certain for- right time to Me enlensivetrips conduct .Nai,.. chect. If net .
how to do it. complications or th.1yea tendencies ,. Me too dim a your yev're drawing
malilies/ are in "the offing to remedy situations view of things.S.20.H. .- social security pawl hove to
should bo / down doom unfavorable yourparticular send in IJ 00 math.
Union the p.opCO" understand their relationship things settling onvlroment./ Job .1 193I.447SCORPIO every However your sisal it
lo Indvitrfotprogrets/ lecurity, end financial lucceit, to some ....n'. paid mo Government win. metoh it with. nefter IJ 00.
they will tote little inlereit In whet happens ,. Individual B-20.JJ.24-24.24S changes "that aro Imposed, on If you're eS or mere this year, yaw sow. front Saptomber -
camp."' .' which/ mete up the' basic Induitriei you bo byclrcumttencetwdlhaveto talon In stride. I. I94S ',., March J I, 9oo tours "p for this pasta
which our nation dependi for Us ac.nom/c"ovr. and TAURUS your Bent ,...; 20th thru Ike medic care .progrvm. N ,..',. drawing soofsecurity
9.70 IS.1343.334 Bern Cct. 24tk tbr.Pt. riled .. form .
employment.-1./ At. Hofer, Feb. 18th you N need sign w4l cam
Bone April I 20th thrw .. v. 22.4 to yew Ikrewgh me "'*... tf..M..c. row should vierfIke
Doctors And Medicare May 20th LEO learn to say nee These who social ._lily Joe altar September f to sign v*>.
OOV 81 SOf. 'Ke.. wke blow yew for your,liberalitynd This part *. aplemonlal ,lanprsforaVingtat|
The medical' profession was strongly oppetedtemodi- Maintain' .....IIC1. The Born July 23r J th,. maw the yaw r oKection I lor open b eart may try .find *. Basic Plan. doesn't pay for.
core, which ii now ,law. That opposition was bated onto greatest self-restraint mutt be Ae|. 22.4 thOM runs de. .p may ... intli- 0.. entry to satisfy thou own 1, Doctor's services Tkis covers doctor..service.1.I
firm belief that medicare/ ondangeri principles/ on applied to evade terrific pressures nod to Me advontoga .. the selfish motives. Be .....ioIf, a .ketpitot pow kern. a ctift c. *. dacter't %.o
which a free medical' profession is basal may bo.enentering thai coufdbemeintoined TIM I FUNS OUT. The I... loct. While it it only' natural wary people who .... soon or anywfcero also Ike doctor heats ya., -
wedge lo completely/ socialised/ or govern against your economy 'ram- who hove taboo careful note to .Ke.., putt or ..lenfceen ", tkusiottic lhamsefvet ketmef 2. Swrgicaf dressings and tpbnlt. costs metal of"
m.nt-dominot.d medicine, and thai It ii not In the best Isot previously/ mode may beheld of the j previous paragraphs Meta we .love, it twld beshorHighted may eempl t infect yaw lo- medical equipment swck as iron Iwngt aeyg*
''''.1'.'' of (he elderly. ""JI"IIt does not appear may have arranged "things to reach .A.paint. wise to ... detriment of yoerpoctetbeet. t..... hospital beds *nd wkeel kirs vsed in yewr
Now the news reporti loll us thai number of physicians Not you will" be given anymore during this turbulent' a verierOmen wKero Itiii lends to H.eJ them Snco a period Mora protfketic devices that rasWaco off or part
as ii their legal right will/ net ,..rile'om ",. InIhe time to honor"them, even who have not paid/ any to o dangerous degree. Wke wncertainry or reronchn of on internal argon braces ortmcaJ legs arm
",.,, Bvt whet tfli means should/ bo clarified when mere .,. compelling attention/ to them bad better your actions lkreo.on>odeplete could .. rapidly Ming for** eyes ecJ. I
In the public mind./ roo..... lo support your claims braco "' .......v..for tome rather your"" cask reserves, kmvness you would feel safer holdingo I.,*,. raWiwm and radieettrvo ...... ...,.
ft dees nek-repeet '...r mean that' physicians will Mistakes/ of Ike past *,. net trying ordeals or ..... and common tense %ko> >n to tko vac anon mat is providing 4. Ambwlenco service. .
refute to tree palienli who are eligible' under medicare. apt to bo easily 1e'1l'''''. N fences affecting tfieir finances aid coma together to 4.. .. your bread .-I...... S. Nemo keen services for up to 100 vie. a poor., e
N simply means thel these physicians/ will not obtain will' .... some rather tollman, ., emotions. to a considerableOBtent. "tkem. When yew ereunderfce. Vow cannot believe Ike anI (Tko a.. c ".ton covert .....e beaM car* to*. bwloWy
their/ payment by filling out the government forms euverlng/ on your port to ovoid The dutf should settle spell,. el on InSetwation or gam.Wing rente pettinW nor the ra4aptimitM if me tare follows a peri d of .*.....
which medicare require/ The reason Is Oar deepleal paying Ihe P..". Old allies Immediately aftorward giving ergo. skit it s>.nuer far Ino teeth bet ...., >TkeservicetelontkovetotonVwoperiod olko
ed conviction/ the mil' would subject "mom to gevernmenl and msocatanswould be me .n opportunity .. His meresoberminded ly true. Tke prospect on sSisre somewhere Aenuddfe.. fide pmW.ana to .. .*..,... by She T.eglim.....sffton.
controls of a dangerous and possibly' for ones to came to the" rescuewken / among yew to .eect ate mwtk kriojkter20M your fvct when it seems to bowt'm )
reaching, nature. The pelient hawvar..odd obtain "" yourproblems ftreetento become mere responsible so \ 21st AodilTo. eetfIke yes Wkon fwd it going A. ..,-. 1-,* .nd .laboratory tort and amordief
any ri"'M"oIi"' he heel coming by applying directly gal evl of bond. Tko possibility your security. One of the first ...... ., O knowing Iri- a go<.... pow aVenolpvsk.PISCES .... ten's.Under .

lo the government agency.A of marriage is me on. tests could be to affect Ihe...,- and ckootelkedayMiotseenit. 720U 144344) ft* S.,.,_...*.. flan yew pay *. for 130.
spokesmen. for the medical group which ,Is most mt. may .. preoccupying Ike oita>ry changes In your livingcenatliens to bo oropifcOMt 2nd Asa social tevwrny pays lOt of** b.**.,.. You oily
actively working 'In facer of ...,.,.rilcipe'/oft/ by ply minds of m 'ny of yew ((22nd.2Jrdj. that will redu emointenanco > I..to.22...-,....79 pop a\* ISO once oWmg ft. poor from ft en OA n*
sicianshos said "met Itt mambas ero"neteven minting, I. rat. ".. costs.40044I4.4S7. --- Mwmany alAaworadN.itsp.vg... social
of turning down ".'I."....* 4-oO-SS-lo-744S2 ecur.y i.r BOX few mate peat ...oWiwon chat
In other words "the question of whether to past id. SACITTARIUlBom ..at halos yes .. ...
polo or not to participate It up to me conscience end VIRGO ,. tkreDec. Ism F, Itft tide ,.._. andar *. S............ Pan .... A.gaol
conviction ., the individual phyiiciant/ at it tkowfdbe. GEMINI Hev. 23 Merck 20"k Wan begin July I, 1,*.. You _,* e..nJl. ap hp Hord
slresied that the Bom Au,. 23re! tVnjSepl.U 211 1944.
But it cannot be toe strongly BemMey21.ttnrteoclions tfraVatya nlgeloiift. ckonco vnnfOctober
medical profession Is pledged/ serve anyone in need *. CatTY yowr Sea _,.,_ I, I9A7M
el attention ,.,.,.... of the ability to pay Of' anyomer J_. 21t eWTAntACT AniNHONL THE STIES DAtKINL Con set Wkito you Rpn among A.
contingency. That will envoys be A.paliepfirst YWaa one has achieved ammo Mete oft ". gWnt mode to most compot tianatoof poavto.ft AMU Fw LiwhssMss
and foromest In the physician's heart and mind Is he are rapid Oisapp thing wnusuaJ or spactaiular.ft .,.. Befrm front trying to apptari that yew he .....

right to provide the ill with' the finest attention pastle inenont Is lying in wait for elands to ,...... that this Capture OIlY mr ground en dass.noagh 01 ,...,awe..... u manner *f ...... ore given sW she .**.. ./
unwary who are victims ofM wilt draw "mo Fro of a"*or Iwn .... lots of growing obetocletr walt. trying to Carry smon -..,; daliaeot that c a..lp psi,., iiq
Infatuatienoroacoesivoam.JCon. *.*., *-.Amember of' ... ....'.. bt .fto ft | c""t
*ro envious .,In Ih.hats even sry I if aM that me ..._ ... -.r Aw
MISSISSIPPI SHOULD FOLLOW LAW The plans .mat rev aro.formwloting it *f sri/ khIi",g 'Just for itt own family or an old friend cUd yw lava n* **.. in ft em**. Mod .ftee or--' ,.... N.alo sod .. .ataey mud
and oS.napes yore ..... Although this Is madly .. ... cwt ol a .arrow orotioppetnanent. tor bee...* of aortic.s,
In ,--,. ISO Congressmen fed by Now ,...'. bulldog up do not seem tobe what you may .. led to ... There wJI .. yw map lava toocl A meow*.* it .,.*.-**...... ..*.. ...d ill caw .t
Vtfiliom t fyon. OIInoel.y COIL voted wifcheld bated on onyin ....... pact it would hart mere tno- ..... far yw to aV taiga .......," to Ala>a.ammendblten. Director; t. dgar ......... ol *. ,Il.nldt a ..,, tUferent -
.... tooting of me five Mississippi/ teprete*...,,,... Mora These who marry for status or .... your Mrs and ...-..* yowrsolf to *. .... of Ue, kVrftkittko.ldatpr*. _. k* his __ Teen agnrt .nd ft**pa...rsko
then 400 depositions were ceiloctodL_ lot* Hawse Cterl for materiel, gain are lily to ,........,. turn .... to be yoursovoroel They *r* being efetated from vat yew front paving.. wy.in ben tubiectod to o I"-''-'' ....,, .th ...
aborts. sought lo stall ft. challenge by refusing to otscovor, sooner or later, that critics. Jinceyeumeyb ..... A IJu0j ea....... any wy footAlo. for .. de..adoLa.s conduct **..M< a*worn. .. ... Bad
print the ,oe""" if raa sot marsh. Mm polo Amt a a logicof pUnetitu. ,. ... also. yea marl or gets kind of fwtor Mo that pea CM odor Of' map ....f otary measwrss .*Wk rewnctI Hair
VVken this .,""'y feJed. mo five wen Committee. Wed to vas dawaadad M ,."".. gowolnf a\o meters that soma ....._ wish yoer friend fs at yaw mart De sat porou S ....... .-... de.irs.. ..l ........ This ar......
motion with the H.... AoWinittrwnen.... mot ft woo not W>e ever free w4l ton bo oppJied. to be at ,..... I it op so yot not bialy solaetlong, onceyoareaNio oooyeooo .... .,.... NEI.sawaoas. Mid h.. .,..., ... tho .......-- .. Gw..g rs ..tt..stro.a
of smiss N.. ohollongo on grounds *O frtsdom revcllerWI invst en being Mal You ska dangers that c* may try to .*.* in ..., .... tho d1rg1i d... __..altsA.
Mod, by .defeated.......... in ft* .. best bo H >You oar t so bo .... .. wad basalmmd'o
will mole its reports a Ik. duty con protec- coo .sled besS agraeable and campwnyv your .... of..... dm.Is Ir..IL'N.
the Commit** *** bwtftiterflegadlht ... by depending only on(rearfoinfuf ....-... attWMfat .... more cencievs son ever olwo ? p.av.at an Tamtftal le11 aocidy has dad ywty b.s sat ieHi.
Mittistippl Bow Congrossmon'i* c'-or'per "1 of sWo.' occupations aolfvraI ,. We por.ap.. a bit ... aro. pow oWite.... to y..n.l" m It detirod on bm tidwt. way mmy to Air.. PaS.r the dNdshaa
me men don't mil be tall given me Commit o. *.* t.*d tWpAony* pow broad ........... TVs Cling at lime Wfcen patM1a *O* toward after to mem.tain A hours.d pi.-soot to alye. has boom S. dr. fdsro to toad A.. Mm moaaiog 01.lCipMo.
While we Me ft* position that mo Mews* .Is. ...... .... >Ctn fwwt le.n.oWon catty bead you .. n>... peat reputation or pro shall mao,& ,eds' aaNo.pad and r.wd foe tom
.s d.Namt. wo for creation of rfeMiryand ... festi'tnel ....... ad ardor .... she ....
of tepreientativet Is morally, I m t leg**> bound tofollow awl- al oHov C..J',...",. "
the lew and boor the....",.... ..,.... in pow dan es> 3.44Si.14.333$3 39044.11.34.331 lassos m ie bosh pole/.J ad'etc" ....,..

r a at ear' .. ssa"ti air m.w. .'M a n.ea :> M .., J .......... t ., .. ., .... ,.. -8. "'-'" S '11 a M ,- '
.... "
T.on.1gYr -
,. '.' ... "'
y f .r. g.yir..4 t wlw t ktk.ul ........,.,.,.,.......

1- xoorl I -- -- .\--.Ir >(I I \\\\\J.\\\1) :!.I\t
_ ---- r" r \If r 1 "' IA>' .

I \ ,

: '

: B1 Scholarship Recipients Congratulated George B. NairnPrtecHi Appoiatel

luisi 'hllll' }.w 1 .! Of New Junior Hfffa

Pie Jed.....,;". Council of me Art. woe bighfy ."c- .Ing In N.. Weet FwelMi afreof It_. .. M.,..,.. Svf a t' 1 George: B. Nairn recently received notification from
ceaafvf with Arfe '.IIl.,., Eight. bovfng sent* 30.000 1.... lucillo Oor p.rririo.l.l..Ivut ployor.Higft the Superintendent and the Board of Public Instroc
perfrona wAneee previews by performing$ .,...11I..,.... ecoron for ,. ..,ettI... were Vonorlon.Scholl., Hon. Informing him of his appointment as principal
of Jhe mwiic ..n.. .,,11 II,..,.. ...., will preaenf flu ring OweneWyn Moll. onWUKon Singfefoa of the Eugene J. Butter Junior-Senior High School,
Ih. ,_. The effoir" wet Add .. .Jockaetnville. "...-. W"eIfI....., 0.,, Dorla J....., VwlnaVoomo. n. whets Is expected to be open In September.Nairn. .
Civic Awrfteriwm feel woea-enot Wvion .$-"'... N,..... Irirt CorofynMill.or 'ta a native jaxon u
w. were porttcvforly ..." ever fbe .".G.r f per onef luau lotwior ..,._.", olderjtemooraroi a graduate of Stuton High
formonces gland' .. me ,ev... ye9 .... Hero's .- School MFlorWaAAMUnIwintry.
Iteming we will .. more ., owr,."... perficfeofing In n.. ...,,11 mooting .. .Ao ._. wo nWrfloaf$ Sot H. earned the Mas-
cvtorof ortivitiee in fie fvfvre. rdey ovoning In I Ino Dvrieo Drive.... .,........... tan degree. Mr.from ColumbiaUniversity.

In ooWitien to the oforententCenoe' ....r-, apeciol onef Coroiyn M9lor. Morforio Oilmoro end MilefroefPovlino been educator with
..... ...,. been edieV", eWet aewerof'locol"' ,,' ... woro ,.,... ,,'.,er.. witn .... ...... ejwolifying a two years to experience I

In ... OBcfoafve, 'mind ......_..... lo Scoio 0,.,.. Ir pv..i prim Duval ,County Public
Com,..,., will preaenf to lobent. of .." .,.w.n....,. ffecipionta dub oriaee ..,.. .....r.. SwN A Vl '1'tern.
VfeafneeeVy and Inure-by October and 21, vMkapecM v,." S&.cwAhe.a.d tMnono' SHW.OorofeCno ) H. taught' at Weal J

afvefefif "',,,"... of S:00 p-M. Sh>-).,.,. will .. . . ville Elementary
e-i-WftW of moa*>eciofro eofll.00ofonf.!* saiociofCOWOOM s Stanton where he
ed the Blue .
Mot le ovotfeaVe of..owWic tdI..,.. Hill ierfl onortoMoefKevlneftoalrfo .cr.a) basketbaB end

., .. fI-.. over Ae wool, with. ollmombors portMpofing. foothill
. ball. For six yean, he
ved uiUtant ,Ine
Mica OwoleJo Joyco VM ito conv 'letoo roejviromonre Soro ..,..... Poor Motley, aVnmo (.. 0..,.. .... der the prtnclpalihlp p
for .. Mali ., Arts 0..,.. of Toocfcors Coflefo.CofMnolo Ann Monroe woro .rd.dprl'... late eminent orator

UnJvofeiry. New Tori Ciry. oVtrinf $ .,. > Moxino J...... ."fI Dorla ........ ..,. (Meet ,...,. J. Butter. Mr. N.1r1I1t
mor seoaon The eef re. wiN .. conforreel in Ooconfoor era ...,. 0.,... trlege Cf"o mef In ..J........ ffooefKome rently principal of A. U this prominent edu
of ToocHora C.,'..e.P W f.V. old Myrtia "'-.. I II Elementary School, churchman and Cub

. . High atoroe fo* .... evening wore lull Avory Al- he hat served faithfully
".,.,. thriven onef CosSorine J.'..... Mrs. JoclaonolaoejvWiKeW peat nine years.PrlnctpalNalrnUa.
'.0."'/.wl' aotaicCo,.,.. ...'U.41"" .''''aA for me flee,,.,,.. COUfOI grWuotoa Deamone H. Sooty and)Sboffo Mo. E. Thomas
ing .. me M., ..., H.... recently to Wtfofo otffvify Morio Sfroeta, Merl.Meel.'-. Oenovo ""' ......, ,.*. ,..../ receive U,..,. (oogwo MfowaM Aworrfi from senior ips Episcopal warden Churchi of Saint ,
In connection with .. N.".". ., A foaoflfeMieoo., > mo JeJtnaoA onef Morion .-., wore omong oAormember ""' ..... M.Yovng Jr. L.".,,,.Director N..,.,..,t/rl.nt. preildent of the Board a
...." 0.. Clorl, CWIofofoninoreone'melomMnoCooamoM ,.'H...' ....... n.., ore _.,., .. 21 f,....,.... who ore re ectort of Ducote, .
_-"a. Ike ."..., It hWe'omivoIfy ,In .... Oofer oi'vng oeVonce ee'vfoflen .. fit I ffiom for ..,. In me dlt Unloni a charter w
. . . .
I owl with *o Ieffc. .no-Cootmon ""II.."" ", ..", ..." civil rlgnta movement wM .. u,.." I...,. In over.tvrning ber of A>h. XI Chapter
: ..,,1.... to Negro CI...,..''''..., .bovaing.gad
,. twat n.. ,..., to I Join jexlaonWflo's/ ,.,.,.....,.., circle ,la ac"...., I beoim .,,11_"_" pa ida AlpM NAlUnlwnl Pel Fraternity, Social and
. . 0,. CL M.Noir wfco ,... /y oponoef his _tel oftce of I Club held their re*
forprotficoof 2(00 '.._11 A".,.... err i&jvllle polsmarch Alumni the 'In/r.I with Mrs. Eli

Or. HoNoref V. Man ProaieW .,.....*,,..C.......n Dr. M Nolr I. g NtI.,.,. .. Vent Stoto u;.,,.,.", Kappa Afc>ha Pal ,.".. ttlllw.as on Wright and Ave
CeI,...prHU"wK th....",.....H."'" Commlffoeaoyoinfoo ..., I.. ... Ma DOS ofof,... H. ,.,., ..,.,,. He U also a past ( ulry entertained) were,.1.
Include PvWkify' .... ,....... ." Mrs. .. I.VWKJema in .... U. S. Army Dentol C..... onef woe tlitdl.,,oef of the Elementary ..la...
r." rill..... UrleA ,.".. oneltMNiom W..- wish .... ..... ol aphis 0,. one* M,.. AlcNoir ..d S10 delivery Council DuvalCounty meni consisting,
.., Bar ,.-.4.. ,,.,.j H.....,.....N...ettI"0-1" t...1 1, two ,..,.. cbilefron will greet me gonorof p bit State Teacheri Ail dainties cake. soft
Sowvonlr Proffem Dr. I. .. at SceIf onW Air. L IWlliomaj Svnefoy from 4 wnM f p.m. efv' ng o goMowointoefporfy and bold cookies and mints
and fnfortoin e..f Miss Oorfrwo'e L Stylet in me __tel 1k.. .. wMcb fno.....,.,) pvblie Duval\ County Teachers .r."r .
di oimen, I.vlhdjfWeddings Mr. A Mrs David brawn wood1029!Brady Street Boy elation. Unification for the Pn-Hal.
ere 11311 Ft Caroline Rd. Girl Mr.l Mrs. Eugene Smith tee., Florida State Spot Dante has been
omoonyinf Dr. Moore to Jocaaonvlllo/ wore le i JonoCoeaMoj's -
M/ 4
Mrs Johnnie Robin 1128: Clay Street Boy Association National for FrUay nl/hi.
AoWniifrorive Aaaia onr to MO ProtteW son. 8311 Devon Drive Girl Mr. 4 Mrs. Eugene Sand- cation Association at the Commu.ilty
woo le olao. pr"'11.,., el *. Alfcloti' CommlNoe. Mr. A Mrs. Ednond Peterson ore, MM Broad Street. -Girt H. Cotemaa Lodge 19) on Highland Avenue
J.... I. H", .*. tMllie-n H.,.. hid ,,..... CooL 4J3)Bessie Circle*ClrlMr. Mr. 4 MrsBulysees' Petty, AM, Board of .).
Laid members .. *.0.., aUwf Oeaalc ...- ... t A Mrs. Wood row page.MJ1 1908 Hardy Street Boy val County Chapter of prlaes will be
.... .$.,.HJ I ffce Initfof raring Mtlvd.d' Ao, "'. M,.. Mary M1kA..IL 1... 1 Net ..-. reM H..... Mr.. A ..e,.. Frederick* 3004 Davis Street Boy Board ef Directors of Spot D......
'-". Or.J.If. Sc." Mea( Oertrvele Sfyfea, Dr. A.drai.hrwt dot 1131 enStreefCtrlMr. Mr. 4 Mrs.' Major !Baker sir Methodist. Hospital at the rerentnwet
Honor McKlatey butler bars Jean Brlnaon. 1341 ,.A Mrs Benjamin Hay 14S4 Fernandlna Ave. Boy the Professional "" .
i. H. Aff refl Cfcorfoe P. 1a .., H. 1-.. 1TM W. nth S"". M and W. Adams.., U. Responsibilities.Nairn .
Ore*** Mrs L f. Will.."., .,.fi.... A. I... Vontter L. Baldwin, 1131 W. LswrssM CeardonOuaier, Shibboleths Gateway Barracks U also .. Natalie..., Sure hoiteisi.il, "''n.; *
emwoo-Cooamo CeI.... c..NfH"eI llth St. 11. Baldwin$ FU, 20 and Ors the CUtsens mveitment Mrs. Artnle
NomoconWnt loaf S..*.". with licWo... rd) ref... David! b.tgarom 42 Copeland Ue Miner Rb I boo S3! To Step RctltalShlbboteth Meets Saturday poration and ls the Mrs.,Jos phlne A*
m0 ..'Ml.. Ne-oco-lnt.Miea loatortiaAeoWfltlorof Sb, Si and Catherine XJ, 90. of the Nathan ..' Miss Daisy Crelgh-"
The regular monthly meeta -
Mr. one?Airs. KAere'loMore'of II 17M-"'/. Avo- Howard 443 Copeland Sb.1'1. Cyril w.tlCII1r.t w.tm Social and Savmgs of Gateway BarrarksL torious Service Award M,.. Sallys Creigh-
DuboU. 181 TyterSb. Sb 13 and Clartus D.rnkrThannoa
and Is currently a
..d IIh gw..Id.ugA/K of tA. .I.Mr..dMra Pronft Clue will Stage whatpromises V.rllll" Work WarI
21 and rvome Ruth H1U.WOS 1321 W. Ita S.. the Duval'County
toffoftUrfini W. 39th Sb, U. $7. lobe tt.lgtirjrentsr* will Awn Installation of .t regular meeting
Oofvin _.., Jotaaonvillo girt ,...." aMk. J... Robert lOcThersoq,, talolng mualesle Friday (Oru officers ........, at taCO p.m the United Negro heW Monday. Orb 2.
SeoAomoro.* Miae OolWi le .. oWfAtor of M,. 1168 W. 3tt 3t. T3 and VoCltlORllScbdilas IS) bet Inning at liOO Porn In In Joe H. James Community Fund. .. Josephine Adams
tf ParUh H.U located In the Cong ran ah tons are .. ...
hid M,.. "eW,n OolvJ, S'" eU War Sev.*.....*> Ester Stephens, 11M W. :*USb. ,.. Comer, ISA and Crunthalla. Avenue
1600 blot a/Highland Awn .
The *>.... Coofcmoo wiWcofe Her" o 7.7 tie i w
MorHe aVow MwfveWiwe A*.-*-...O..v... Davis.SO* Sb,MM 21 Sltwrdaki and Martfri Ave D.. AI..I Diy prefects sndttwpsbtlelstovlied. Commander Mclmyre J. ..of Irving Tampa. Ir. WOOLWORTH'SDOWNTOWN *

. . IT. I Food and refreih- of G ataw ay, WlUkt. T, At
Dener .... MOwaln 114 4t.... Vocational High moms wlU be served.Mrs. brlton Junior vice command
loe tai... Amiee aVUf O A Add'IN KrtJ to* moea- W. Beaver" It.. 9O and Bar* School wtQ otoervo Akimnj N. lime ls the preat* or, Robert Morgan ojsarter STORI. 100 HOGAN ST.
Day dtrkw the third annual .... md Mrs. Josephine master John Francis. Judg
homecoming Oct 91 at liM Adams Is club reporter. ..Iwcaa. Rev. W. M. Hill PHILIPS HIGHWAY PLAZA

chaplain" Mfcur N. Hart, M .
pun.wmioKay.. "realdo-ea.. ctef St. Paul Girl aspens Alonao J Unison, ''ii', \?
the ...... Council. ..- alt si arms, will be "Installed S '
pressed hopes of many Scouts Ar.M..tllg along with trustees and. f j

t.dea shidAnnat.d.N..boor other appotnwea.Ftoal "
w ut the cetebratloaCftU Wednesdays plans for the Armls
tlco Day oboe"..... will era
Ctrl Scouts and Browniesef
bo made. Members ofthsAo*
Sb Paul AMI Ctvmh are
and others who have,
Yeaa lUlary
noeilng Wednesday from
r Mfl S.-A. Every' week according sponsars ads are requested to
lighter Is to Mrs. Irene A.boa. make final reporu SasardaTrltiilHlst /.

", ., ireopteader.New Sash H1j4re
girts an tovtiodiejoia
Top Stwf it ... troep, N,.. Bats COB* Offkrers and members ef
....... Trtchoto-lau. Loral M of the
Erie .....,. J... to U
GUIs planning e* attending Florida Staio CosmetologistsDeautlclans _
\\r eat ....
year long reaUooiof .
tie ovenMfhi. Camporee Orb Asaotlatlo-.. tr
Sb AMttoe, Florida,. and 19-94 H Imp Chowenway.MI will moot Monde at fcOO ......
Is fee .. of Mrs. Lead .. dues
t11 Mr to their reglstra at JtdI and Rotreattoaial r1
Jams '......,. Ho to s
tfeei bun ty row,, Orb IS, Ceotar.: Mrs. CaUktJackson
of EecelakM.
J'' Els- anoaunted.fill .
Mrs Baggt C4IfIC< We4. preakleM
...." School, andtooowa Jw-r rrrrg bug tnwIta1'nwtfj,> sVei
......siI grade stedooj at KefarUu
J'. Hlg School sprovtatsl

Everything'sold to; naskaOy all wUas toxUAodsnd KfcooLErte [ Til LIE III ClEOPATRA WIG

plea plays, ke ne is e2rr.t.a/acd-e as ,.. foot Met Doctor
fashioned about the f'lCrt.' ...very. pr-grani H aeo four altar ..c,..... 1-

.. dry and as loin ao Mar h\ gx Jet,.Ied pisoelst-.
die lost ptafters ta rLyle .AHlral' to jro.r t)cur .

I 1 t..agvl.N. or"". M CM 0 1T Met 881
I Is eo the JooAafl reM
OLD TAYLOR 86 kto ockoel and was ekxtod OaisJttF Dn.. .pr...71.1.r

w-..... of *. teem by .
KXTt 1011'A
bis wW a .-..... Erie
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0 es otUt*.sl4>er too4CAtico ..c-cI..II.. .....{ foD KU4 to stvdUfelork .*b mMeM
.,aacan1CU PM AMDLilly's IllUWID' kong, ITI M wilt lot e.,..,fil I.ay.woke.f mm'.
I.It..n If .pwtawmu...r"Vy gal.sxj lie gal,>uV
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setto fas take rte>sjotroggls LaoMSW A..... U. $1.10iOtltll TIMA IIIIUIO
who drink it to tai oUeot ssrf,
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oiOs ........ eejwas rofcood .f .. .. .r. 11. 'If
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.. ... kotr *W ss-ass to its MU1UTut il. JN 399
.. .. : Mai ......... ad r ryad 6I auurrrruat . U. 2/. *
4 .. r Ra'trMs r...-. rnn . 11. ftc
V ., .. ..,. ,1'1I....anN W tool. I" lASS . iH 49. rii- tT Lot levaaiee] tHbraitotrevfeefcee
;' .... ...... .. .
.. : .' M btrtMay .a* pip at 180 UGS u. IM }
rM... Ueoor LaSou.ao.. !N4I r'uUG.1 ,. if. lui i ......

n..,s-l (roes MAli owa. ;:;;; AY/ .... aosaoexoao e.ae t..o4. WU oobcJaoto-.
.p/. i..sat / ..aatIl.rp ..... MCAT ......a.-.tosi .... Mcb..Di. ltV CUlt po DOZIM iMWNfTIMC

Monto Lsaftor Itof eX(ski ..... ,.., _
4ww N. r ql TIM Mm ffftn tm atWOOLWORTNgs
I;:tJ: 7.wr
1'-r.........., M _-....',IMM ItR d....,Coat Thin f/INII rw. at d MititW aenf.wree.slp tar. ...... ..... .....
w tnatoal..atd ....._d Old TfIIIW 1&tr.altrt q thtl!eat w.,..,."., f,y(. TWPtsiis U. $2.
04. g/.....naAatltt ... L grti.rlnlFer'wht ,M n" M'g".""""r'"vw' r Srsv rap- 'cavrtof to -..... 4


It 1

TIKINCW II. v..,.. .no.... ttV**i iwf ;.... ..t. W.

Friendship. Local Group For National Tee Vee Showing Along. The Cherch Path

i1? : Programs I The Coil florid end l.iit.n.lopll"' Aiiociation will,
Churl In IH 72nd
JJurtb ith coon.with! *. Antioch 9aoM oo'mot -
Men's Day I :' salon' Oct. 19 through 24 .." t. J. Jonot. pot-

.10 lh' medfng la JoatIHfI re ..ono 01 fit. mod InhnI
HOPE AME Chairmen J. Randall and oiling and 10",11..1.". In
Services Sunday In New Hope AME Church will begin J. Simpson and their com I ho fi/atery/ .i1! .... D/rfrirf or.ganhotiont I
with the Sunday School at 9;30 a.m., with Superintendent! mittees have completed for ; ., The) hot church r"I
J. R. Henderson presiding The lesson will be reviewed the annual Men's Day observance mitt.. under toodenhip attoy.
by Lewis Champion which will be celebrated
Jonotmh mittpraionttlio !
Morning service It 11 o'clock with Rev Z. 1.. Tyrus. front the 9:30 Sunday School I + Tvoidoyevening vI
minister In charge. ACE League at 5 p.m.. and even- through evening worship. welcome, fragrant
Ing service at 6:30 o'clock. The sermons will be delivered Rev. Walter Marshall and of 7:3Gp.tn.
by the pastor. Choir 1 and Usher Board 3 will Deacon L Roberts are the program I M,. R yK*McK/sstd will/f/vo the royonao to Ino pro.
serve throughout the day. chairmen. 'oicA1fi: unified let- tmT K

The train rally has been postponed until Oct. 34. Sunday School will open activities Hanoi mookjUI/ .. properly.pee n .
Monday night Choir 1 meets for rehearsaL Tuesday st Paso o'clock with .. Wednesday morning ,
at 7 p.m., teachers meeting clati meeting at 8 p.m. Deacon M. E. P.aenon.erv- ky the I." W. M. H.W. Mho : ;
The youth choir will rehearse Saturday. ing u host superintendent.Rev. ".oJ.,...... Ho mill kteuiiledky t
The missionary society will conduct the service Oct. Marshall will presidedung tovorondilH.HortloyondA. t
31 with Rev. S. 1.. Badger Minister at Emanuel Baptist the U o'clock service I. Hughotlc.moderator, r.odiyol.
Church, as speaker for the 11 a.m.. service with Rev. 0. V. Slngktsry of Thunday monyng't opening oven! o> 9:30 ,'clod11II
Yuke delivering the sermon. ;'" the Senior Women'a ."y;". Ino Junior Womon of
ST. THOMAS BAPTIST Program participants! win include 200mh. and o //oin loryico ol Ino rwo kodiet commencing -
Rev. W. C. Neal, pastor at St. Thomas Baptist Church, Rev. Harold Samuels at 7:30 p.... Friday of 9:30 0..... will
will deliver the sermons for the major services Sunday and Rev. GameD Sims of -
f.dvr.0.. Dirfrkf Udhea..d
and also review the lesson, "BezaleeL" Deland and West Friendship
) .. i,..
rolfcorhoo 'a /onl "
Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Morning service at 11 Baptist Churches, respec- &.. and Vice Mod-
o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher Board will serve with Mrs.W. tively. Deacons D. Joyner,. Th. Moderator Ii"
C. Neal and Mrs. A. Mainor at the Instruments.The Leroy Mallory. and W. Solo NATIONALLY SPOTLIGHTED in tfio near future mill .. the VOKO of faith Choir I o/ Iho '' _lor", Hour will get undermay
Improvement committee will meet following the mon of Mt. Zion and Mt. Calvary Church Of God, 1445 51..,. S,., according to Mrt. Juonita Harper, director. The grove at 2:00 ,-.... and of 7i30p
morning service. The Senior Missionary Society will Baptist Churches. will .. .... end heard on TV Go." .' Tuna' tchodvlod for Sunday ot 9:00 ...... over ..... mitt ..held J
meet at 3 p.m. A program will be presented by Mrs. Also Brother Benjamin! VAOXT Channel 4 on a national' network I." J. C. Soma seal*. Suer d "Cbojr) ;;;411..
Blanche Miller, and Mrs. Neal will be the speaker Griffin, of St.Matthew Metho hen and.." i. H. Hartley, ." .ntol. mill highlight, tho
Usher Board 2 will present a musical at 7i30p.m. dist. The Ebenezer Metho- Rev. R. A. King Group Jo Feature Program program with the friendly moptiit Church fducotional
Prayer and teachers meeting Tuesday at 7i30 p.m., and dist Church Trio will be guest r tally being conducted ky fit.,..,. George A Price; p..-
Bible study conducted by the pastor. Choir 2 will soloists and the Friendship ; rhrr for al St. Matthew BophV Cbwrdi EJllcofiortallooJ
rehearse Thursday at Ti30 p.m. Choirs 1, 2. and 3 will Baptist Chorus will serve Erects New chairman, ._.,.., konodittien and oc owrmoni will
observe a Joint anniversary Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. District Evening worship will begin 101_.
1 will sponsor s Founders Family Day Oct. 24 at 4 st 6)30 p.m. with Rev. T. H.Ovefltreet Church Here Al 9.30 a...... Saturday, (the Children and Youth Con.
p.m.. at the church Mrs. Melvana Wright will be the pastor of Mt. mention mill bo held and mill .followed, Die ..,({.
speaker. The 60 anniversary of the church and the 23rd Tabor Baptist Church as While visiting In Florida recently *
,.,..... The 7.30 Dhtrkf eangoliitot Hwywill
of the pastor will begin Nov. 21 at 3 p.m.. and continue! speaker and Rev. Marshall the writer bad the nee pm.
ka preiided ky Rev H. H. Wright with the
through Nov. 29. Various ministers will participate. presiding. pleasure of worshipping with over
delivered ky Rev Eddie Taylor' o/ sr.
to /
old Common DO
Other re.lUre.wIUbe an the Rev Raymond
UNITED BAPTIST given program by Rev. H.,M. Moss A. King who was as fowl toptitl a"",,. The congregation choir and uiherimill

Sunday activities In United Baptist Church begin with of Shlloh Baptist Church,Way- busy as s bee In s hive. In accompany their potfor,
the Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. The topic "Bezalel- cross, CM Rev. Willie Llm- order for die readers of this Y 0lrkt; / Sunday retUonl .G. W. fottorton and heitSuperintendent
Dedicated Craftsman," will be reviewed by the pastor. brie pastor of Cotton Chapel Item to know who Rev King Morrii Mann will conduct mo 9:30..m.
Morning service at 11:05. Choir 1 wlllserve. At 4 p.m. Methodist Church, Deacons Is s short biography of Sunday School,.......Deponent( mil bo s..ervf.e4bx
s soft money tea will be presented In Interest of the Homer Marshall P. him Is herein given. Ino VkoMeWorotorprocoo'ins the II .... worship and
districts anniversary. Evening service at 6 olclock. Williams and Henry Rice of Raymond A. King was born ..,,. W M. Hill 11II'''''.''''. O. T. McColl.at alternate
Monday the minister and members will worship In Mt Ararat B.pdstChurchand in s small Missouri town,De- s mOt deliver tho .-."
New Galilee In Interest of the church and pastor's an- Brother Guy Matthews of iota, and Is a life long member
niversary. Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., Bible study. Prayer Friendly Baptist. of the African Methodist
meeting at 8 p.m.) youth prayer hour Wednesday at 1 The 3:00 p.m. will be highlighted Episcopal Church. He pu-
p.m., and Junior rehearsal 6 p.m. Staturday 7:30 with Rev.LuckvMlUer toted churches In his home
p.m., the districts will sponsor a dinner at Deacon as the speaker Spelgnti f Brothers state at Borneterre and Chirks ;' :
and Mrs. J. Sapp, 1655 W. 23rd St. as soloists end Brother ton for nine years and was : : ;:tJ' t-. ... .;:, .
Harry Prime. presiding. transferred to Oklahoma to ;'.', =,.
PIRST CORINTH Friends and the public are pastor the Ward AME Church.Boley rr
Services Sunday In First Corinth Baptist Church commence invited to all event, *. where be served for
with the Sunday School at 1J130..m. The pastor four years and then to Var- 1
will review the lesson Morning service at Hi 15 o'clock. E..IA..o..cIS non AME at Tulsa for eight
The choirs and usher will serve. Dinners will be servedat years and from there to Ward
12 o'clock In the annex by the young people. Communion Chapel Muskogee for three ,
service at 3i30 p.m. years. He served as Presid ,

NEW GALILEE Men's DayMen's ing Elder of the Bcky-Musko RISING YOUNG STARS. freod.a Dews; ana ,". aifMeShadomt.
Services Sunday In New Galilee Baptist Church begin gee served for three years. He will .. feature In concert Monday. Oct It

with the Sunday School at 10 a.m. with Mrs. K. Ing Elder as Presiding of the Elder of of too: p m. In the auditorium ol mo Church el Ood
Brltton In charge. Lesson review by the superintendent. Day wlllbeobserved Boley
,In CIt".t. 2126 Yuloo Street friend and the musk
District for
Muskogee one
Morning service st 11 o'clock. choir 1 will serve and Sunday In Emanuel Baptist
Rev. J. W, Carter, pastor, will deliver the sermon At Church beginning with the year and then was transferred loving, evht' ore Invited/ Elder Fred Hectic 'la the ...itoottor.

3i30 p.m.. an afternoon of music will be presented with Sunday School at 9t30 a.m, to Florida the Eleventh Episcopal .
John Gray In charge. Evening service at 6 o'clock. with Edward Jefferson as District to pastor the
Usher Hoard 1 will have charge. The church and pas guest superintendent. Rev St. Paul AME Church Central Sets Mt. SalemPreparing
tor' anniversary will begin Monday night. Other ministers J. C. Burney will review the After serving that pastorate
s will have charge throughout the week. The anniversary lesion for eight years he was Annual. Women's ForWomen's
will end Oct. 28. The Mile Choruses of Emanuel appointed Presiding! Elder of
, Mb the South Jacksonville District
SinaiBaptlstChurches Day ProgramThe
Homecoming will serve for the 11 a.m., and served that post for three DayThe
and Rev Arthur Anderson of years from which he was of
women Central Bap- annual Women's Day *
Planned By Bethlehem BaptistChurchwIU transferred to the First tin Church will observe their program wWbeobMrftdSuD-
CRT*' CHOIR & PULPIT be the speaks.Scripture Episcopal District. and ap annual day Nov. 28 throughout day Oct. 24, Mrs. Ross Lee The Latest Mil's Hilr Styles(

GOWNS Rabla Court and prayer at 8pm. the day. Mrs. Ruth ...Johnson N.lI"PlOl r am chairman, .
., will be conducted by Is chairman Mrs Janle announced this week.
AU :.'.: ... Rev. A. Barker Von Brace Griffith Mrs. InesMorrison, Activities will be programmed Arc_ Taught At The
;= Rabli Court 28, Daughters will serve ss muter of cere co-chairman. for the entire day
t"0.1.t ...i eoI4 of Ills, ladles auxiliary to monies and Marvin Green will f.A Other officers ant Mrs Mrs. Lee continued.

(mutts;fuNltell; airy. the Ancient Egyptian Arabic serve as soloist. Speaker ls M. E. Johnson, Mrs. O. 1.1.. Officers for the event are. JacksonvilleBarber
truth,.....r-,..... Order of Nobles of Mystic Freddie Harper. tert Caesar Mrs. M. Walden Miss Virginia Muford.
Shrine will observe Homecoming A panel discussion will be Mrs.
t.w MM Amtttto J. Scrlven Miss Cheryl dialnnani Miss Viols Johnson -
villa rot nil cmiM Sunday from 4 to 6 held st 8 p.m., and at 1 p.nx, Dalse, "'UuRobblForll..r. co-chalrmani Mrs.
P.RU, In the home of Mrs the Male Choruses of
Abyssinia Mrs. Maggie Hail Mrs. Elisabeth Beatrice Calhoan. financial
SPRINGER FAHIONOnlFHMSMl Jamie Mendes! 725 W. Mon and Emanuel will Inc.
reader College
MM..*.!. thanks Mrs. Pearl secretary Mrs. Maxine Dallas '
|tMtBt IIWMMMHIttW.MM AMwMI.eM' ;;I. roe St.edA the song service. Again Doraey, Mrs. Ida Hender repo".r.ln.C--rlr.a ,
program will be present the Rev. Mr. Anderson will -t tpointed son, Mrs. Marie Buggt. Mrs Simpson, decorations! chairman -

poach Robenallow.rd, Mrs.Katherlne ; Mrs Emma Rogers,
He rrl". Mrs Margin pastor of the day. 63O DAVIS STREETJadseHTIIs
.,,. )'P. 11--' Singleton, Mrs. Dor*thy Friends and the 'general r ,
tars Wooden Kirs. A. 1.. Alston publlo are Invited. Rev W. flirUi
Mrs. Annie L. Wilson O. Rogers Is minister of*.* .
I lOtt110Nt .
TOstn Mrs..Jean Forrester, Mrsr. .. clurf' a I
too Presiding flier of the v. guarterman.
M-s. .
Philadelphia District of the a ,.- .
Caroh/a Kendrick Mrs Jells .
1824 W. BEAVER Philadelphia Conference.He Ties. Miss Geneva C. re .
served there three year R as berry, Mrs Almeta .. "
1 301 EMERSON and then was given a similar Them .. "' ,. '.
seiv. Miss Bobby 1 .. .
..... C" 1,_ -.. _
poet over the Manhattan DIs* Cherry. Mrs. Erne I ....... : t' ," ..
Washing ."" .f! .. : t "j J>
830 CARAT AYE trlct when he ..; ,fill f
served two ton, Miss Cad.rin.Or., ., .' ''I' .. ,1' '
i ran Rev. Kings' appointments Mrs Almets E**. Mrs. A. r \ a/, I.I
from 1953 through 1981 Mcrvory Mrs. Dorothy \Is.ton .' V
was under the badershlp of Mrs. Bertha Terreace, .'
Bishop D. Ward Nichols. He and .Mrs Doris Cam.
wes transferred back to F lorUs .. .. !
HICKORY SMOKED In 1958 and appointed Pre- IItI In
S skiing flier over this North
Jacksonville District. Royal Court m will spon-
Some t
BACON2 After one year, he was sent ser an Autunw Tea Sunday people
to the" pastorate of Piyns NotE Oct. 31 from 4 trail I p.m. tn
LEAN TENDER Church, Jacksonville, where the lover audltorsam of Gnac ,
he found f few Memorial AME Church" Cliy
s frustrated

PORKCHOPS2 LiS.Irs ershlp.members to rallying Rev starving the King succeeded fork*]. Invited.Mrs.nd Orange.. IIIbIr.d.
people to the
HASLET TIME cause and bow. there stands '"' ."IDIIMrs.Roeas.mINII -
on the corner of 23ri and Plans la program duirmaa.Annia diet cola.

HOG s bstttlfel edifice with Fete
HASLETS 3. an educational wit Including
.. fcrnlBire\ for the .ancn IIJ.... Tbe Ladles of leisure. So
FRESH FLA. GRADE "AN tirety debt free Rev.King and cial. Savings Cfcb win observe
the congregation got together Its Mdt anniversary

Moncei h was evidently love Monday aatrc..he Slaal ...
(,,,\GIZZARDS4 LBS at fint Sight. Baptist ChercK We 1 i


OX TAILS 5 us. ThePerfect link stake ourname

WESTERN token Tn, l on ours.

HOG MAWS 5 Las fur MisuiiiM PietistMervon's ,


OLEO SLIt 1l :
y. ;; rh<

VERY MEATY ffucrlitiii Pkirtie ,j of 0 .

1'i NECKS 5 2112 I. ElfiiiN all ..: .

us. 4:4'v
MEATY WESTERNNECK MS44IS Alsi PI.5.1512 1 1rs ..

'n .. ...
BONES I. .__ .r

?,. "n\t'\ I. Ittlt..t. .


.' .

., .. ..

-_. .- -- ... .. .--- -- ._ .. -. !Jr.- .. /I" s ,

J J "I.I.It,! "' .."'. ..I, ,
"' '' '

r:: : A = -'Or' 1 1Policl

..._ ..-_ _.. _- H_ .. .. .=-'- .

Seeking Ready to Assume New Posts Studies Jury Nation s Highs! Ranking Catholic First Woman

Mays' Ex-Wife Ban Laws 1\' AppointeeSelected

"" ,
here and Nevada, are seek'

Ing Marghurtte stays former > (NPI ) -
wife of the San Francisco 1 WASHINGTONNPO(
=::duals: attention" to '
'Lr Miss Phyllis Sloan. 23.
Giants' baseball star, for t':* exclusion of Negroes from
of Gary Ind.. last week became
questioning In the theft of two Severn Juries Is occupying
the first woman
rings valued at 112,000. fte!cstlca Department, buts
ever appointed as civil serevice
Armed with
a grand theft spakestraa refused to sty She
warrant police from Reno vlwther the Investigator. was
practice Is spost'A -
from class of
hand-picked a
Nevada said they wanted to *! : violation in Hayneville,
49 Ins Civil Se price
new com-
question Mrs.Mays In the theft ...:..
mission training
of s $1,600 emerald ring from The violation Involves 90-' Investigators
a Reno Jewelry store. year-eld federal law that VATICAN OTY h.u ,. .' VI"'.. op i. Local police said they havea irakes: Jury discrimination sfns .jr. li;,J h.p hffcsUn,,"SM.. 9t t M.."e/J'o erfferry Miss Sloan will work In thecommission's
warrant for Mrs. Mays for : Asked about possible whe will ser e ca AuxMtory lialti/I/ of New Or Chicago regional

questioning in the then last use of the law after an allMt )00".. Perry ,'Jt i it elbows 110,.. ..:,>y co.-ofwl..J. of officee.AU the new
month of s$4.400dlamod ring w Jury acquitted a HaynsVk hit .p..lf"*maif' 'y A.-aNVtbep" of Chicago Jhn Cody were Investigatortrainees

from store here. n j depot sheriff in the who me (he rnei. nctm "nH (If J CALEPHOTO) college graduates recently
Although detail of the thefts tvSun slaying of a civil passing the Federal
were not disclosed Mrs.Mays rlcs werker the reaction
is believed to be in the San : -J bclcatad! that a course of action National Urban League Receives Service s selective entrance oral Interview examination and,

Francisco area. had not yet been decided. a background Investigation.
ftfcvfda authorities said a- The Johnson administration
: Foundation Grants While Mtss Sloan was doing
and Carnegie
other man woman are has assigned fundairemalpriority
also being sought for question NEW JOBS IttMTHfOUGH -ft. Dono c/._ (lety D.'rfncf M.".., 51. Joclioivvifl to helping Negroes advanced work on a master'sof
science from Howard
ing as accomplices In the Secvrity Office eW Joel t Snipea, Training Supervisor ore shewn. wfffc "", /moon ft.fenvy lain the right O vote. But NEW YORK NT-.. Tvsntyelght\ collage graduates University, she also

*thefts. of Joctinviff mnj ffoffie f. S!iTlwWf. Fr Volley, Ga. wrio .re _." Irie grevp reaction to the HaycevlUe have received' Carnea> Foundation grams Tor advanced served as research assistantand
")Ir. Mays obtained a Mexican 01 trainees ctoirf to cempfcf* UrW.... el training ,In Social Seevriry (two "tI.M.dico. trill on top of acquittals Incthar study to prepare' them for careers with the Urban Lea- graduate teaching assis
divorce from the San r_., s'1S/ w... ovf.f Ocefo .. cJoimarepreiafiMfve/ erne? ShllweJf, will serve lr limi'or civil rights killing in gue aa tanrracial profusion civil rlg'-a' organisation. tant.

Francisco outfielder and team copocify in Mocon. G..rg<.. $ South!:, mayecmpelthedmtnlatraton .
captain in 1962. She was awarded to seek more Immediate The stud Ms, many from fare efforts housing upgrade
--- ------
310,000 ayear alimonyand remad.ls.!. the South, are each resolving and Information work, and Powell Seeks
$So00ayear for support B-CC Grad Tie Justice Department stipends of about $1,000 to research decumeixlng the
of < child. Neither Side Guilty sleet U debating whether to pursue courses at major .!. plight of Negro and other dls- Ouster Of
Jets In a suit with the Americas varsities tn such flaMs as advantaged ..", .
Moves UpL adder fellow
SEEK RULINGON Civil Liberties Union housing adirlrUtrirton.! per The League i began
SEW: ,, Yc K1'0( The first bias complaint filedunder (ACLU chal>rjtrg the cone sonnel and guldaaca!! counMtng !- studies tilts semester at U. S. Official I )
the .letea1f-lodtY amendment ot the state law Ot Success sututlcntUr/ of trials la Low- & and race rtlattorj and the following unlverittlesi

FREEDOM agabetdiserimieatiawasha1k<< ojulte diplomatically by tiles Chary (Hirneville) because community organisations. Columbia, New: York City N6ahlsgt/ .n .{NIB' w I. ,
the State Commlstoo for Human Rights In I hearing on wotren and Negroes are "The civil rights programscf Catholic and Howard Uni Adorn CI.ytn.well, .*>..ro
the merits of the CHICAGO :Tft-A exestded from Jury service. Conrad D.
RIDERS CASE case. ( Negro tomorrow, itys wattles Washington, C.I
.. Cenwnltte
The complaint, which developed as no romplalm at all. youth who stoically faced sbrekea Tht ACLU appealed! to Supnm Graves feUowsWp director Atlanta C'nlvtrsltyi University m.i\ i Oft
Edwt.ll.. .,., (lok'.,INi....
was flied by Mrs. MarcellaR.Stevens. a key punch operator hem and United Court Justice. Hugo L. for the National Urban League Maryland! BaMmoret
TALLAHASSEE-Olsposlt- against Morris and Cb.r1oneGrcuman,husband and finances ftfged! a'lead' !with one Slick, Alabamian. to ore here. "C+e't be '''''- Wasters" Reserve University ...... for rtie ,esignsds/ 01
ion of three Freedom Riders wife owners of a four-story buUdlnc.Kirs. goal ta mtad. hgh! scholastic dea stay of all court pro- snored! out by .Wbjntttari' ana Cleveland) BoewnUnlmtltyiUnlveritty Oe.". J. $.e d.. hi......",.,
who were charged with unlawful Stevens charged that she had been refused rental aeMevemeet ad fte illy a ceedlrgt In Lowndei county criticism alone."Skilled. of Mtehlgani Ann *. U.s. Dc >.rime. .iteJlAlerUrin "
assembly In U61 in Ocala of a four-room apartment last June because she is < business of Ms own today! is ptntffeg euteome of their tuft trained prelMsionals Arbors Onlottate, Columbus New Yerl Clay< oc....WMir
and convicted has been Negro fast reachtrg Ms ambition before s thrMfederal krwwledftable ta SWing San Diego State) University c returned to the State Supreme At the : of the hearing however, Mrs. Steve.. -to jwn and manage s chainof \ court la Montgomery. Negro eittoM vII vie of Deaveri University of Pittsburghi > < Pew.1..1') 'In .r.f flef >
Court for reverse al disclosed that wished to drop the complaint becauseshe storei. the reason for this action tor lei tn the Jab market" and. Sacramento State to Secretary *f Me ,InserterStowerf
of the convictions by the c.- was no longer: in a position to rent the apartment Ronald Samuel i lce-fJ. It was reported was' to seek the housing market are Sacramento Catlf.i and De- UW.... Mel .rejd.'s/
S. Supreme Cart However. the attorney for the Grossmans. Leonard graduate of LtcCO *''-?* : eicouege aSjpreme\ Court stay to prevtrt urgently .needed A picket Paul Uftivtrslty Chicago 'oMi/vJ.s Pew..vela. N..'...ep.
The three defend ants James Goldstein opposed the 1\1OIIe. and asked\ that the case be the retrial of Ko: I Klux line can epee" the doers .f s The students screened peso .. 1. I' ....,.4 ,In .
O'Connor. Herbert Caliendcr boll and adkidleated on Its merits. He told the commission tmlll: CoB Leroy V.U- Jim Crow sthoel In Bosttn from arpeng hundreds of applicants "ret.wsd.rsIeodi.y .. Ametl
and Rev. Leslie USmlth, all that he would produce wltnessess to prove that Mrs. u 3.'r. in the county. but bow do you UMIS the were balled by Whitney eon ooc(I.tr. Me m.... *Untie,
of New York appealed their Stevens was Dot financially capable of paying the rentalon ( >ea asked about the pose VpeMty of tducitiM Negro M." Young Jr., the Lea fine C.iaewnV/ 'Me .JO*
convictions to the U.!. Supreme the apartment at the time she filed soft t" k sac of the IrS Jurydtsrtr'iatten MMren will get sure key III.'* nettenal eiecultve dire .
Court through their la subsequent testimony both the Grossmans testified : !law. n a result of w.& SAI"" ? octet, for "sneaking put for ,0000wrJ! nevef.f
attorney. Em*it 0. Jackson that they bad twice taken deposits from lira Stevens, but tf? r: /r-an! trl.1.o1IIM "In die difficult! civil rtjHuInfighting ....Uty." Ha said! "Many ewe* ..4. ,tttitf .***.*.

Jacksonville. returned them each time when they we unable to area (,..rue Prtii Secretary Dill 01 tomorrow morel ef the whirlyow awn court by $v.jd.N1A.AmetkeoNw
Assistant Any. Gen; ,George lain the Income of Mrs. Stevens' husband. Stevens Is a t :"-ere. "ptte4 bouts *ra b. decided en technical have tuned their backs ontNjiestiM .ewfn W lnwnfe4eM( rflievte*
CcorglefT cited another case moving man.Radio "'sf* rteklndcfqueitton peens than by dramatttknockouts. Jut M their paru. 'Inp ... eaMMt Oft N.f re> .In..

Involving Freedom Riders 1"':, i -> the..tsorney general ." he saki. el*, hut. try havrrft I also "'It......i .11.1.... U"re*",-
whertln the State Supreme Official r m srtr Meyers: s aid hat The pragram Is financed by commend them for rocergUfog .A* fh..Atlfwill' ViweWW .
Court refused to take Jar* Study Shows I-':- nciMnf about! announced a three.)..?, 1100,000 gram that tN Nan batikifteU ./ as... tft'- wWi
isdlctloa and was upheld by roe cf a tfekgatlen of tpU-; from the Cernefte Corp. of IA civil rights will be right In sieve, /pel.noa .I.v. alletlin
t. U.S. Supreme Court. r pal -liters'( to try to seeP New York M the ...pnftt their own cities and suburbs, r.. Irene sub "lees.. .
To Hew PostLa PolilicalSlrenglh revert Johnson. Urban Laafve, which' \ has AM jury tn th Misilsilpp4Deha. whip. ...4.1., ""' '''IIIf wMekw.

AILNEGROCITY "Mt" reported whit House ifftUaiei it n cttlei, "Our ." pl.s" .. .'-.. //fl. wsbsr..

ANGELES The ape visit will! urge tit President staff of 100 trained njU-ttme .... eA 1i RUMORS potatment of Frank C.Clarke, w *,l led, formers federtlln-. BfofeiilMtl rashers i* already : .w ... ,...., ........ InHef
+ (Is. isrv' BtleQ! ta Alabama, grow" greater diarist Man ,
as media supervisor at Crwtnbaaey. uaytoos w r.L eenNura ell vsdetlls.4
Inc.. Los Angeles, Of Negroes stock ciaaager *l L 4 II i and Ing out of the sliytrc ef JOBS- other civil #tt orsantttons **- FIGHT Swoltle' "tvH Pew..tI cw.

/DISCLAIMED was announced here by Market, is on Cw first rurgel fen Daniels, an KpUeopalleirtairy ctn
/valise Ill -{NPt-" Cbwhniregvu. ).llch)1. Mtnchin.. Jr.. vice IT. LCCO: (,"PI ) Ths the ladder t> srresa. K. H. student fromKaere, we haw r. Mst from "....4 1ft ... .,.wW, .....,....
petvaly Jiryt/N. pre.". cod general manager local U We Pnawac of kis graiaittraclass ........... .iO.,. atlas." flpeofef new f ...*r4w! *.... In....Utf jl
b of tive advertising agency. suttattcalprtrlla ofNegroes lit eompktcd the fare RTtKLYNKKJ : : 'WAw. ., ., Hke Csfd. f eeMe tWIROAST >
,"' ,..;. Criow.C.-I.M** page activists f
la 1 1.1 Typical LsiM
_.4 ..... ..0 .itl..",. Clarke Kins Cru; Vasey Slid their pxestitlpolitical He year U course worklrg ra continue years Msducation t el I ...1 maVw alt/ Uii liMkida" youth motivttlan. )ebretraining CANCER ,sd enJ 'f\.tr p.rdewle
from radlostationK8IAOakland. he tnto .It end
.tI ewe strength U ircstslgnlfkeat fftrtk e M'k bead el evIPvre N All earnfry'
dia.va nd p'.acenrem.block
g.mblini Calif. where he was' fact relating t. miorln| ta mar.hang .tke YOGI rite> with wuitli britt
.... ...N. .. neilrti rrf ;
fa prole 01. and dlsttt'jttciLRonald' b work, wt. ,
squeal sales manager Negro prClb1e l.. The report Urt Under rntm .
,.w.. ...l. w.4nq rNL1 Prier to that he headed his revealed thai the Ne|re we early We WMfraught ----- -

SI C,..>e#...ryDvrfc owl advertlslng and public relations was t.eomL-v brponant .'lIS wtih s Mmber of Pto"' '
.. h-"I' In Meav' -ihe the diverse -
r eIWfevlfle firm Frank Clarke win become Msvu mererneenlngfcr greatest
., ..... ef Mi metier.' ..lri.Uoroek .
*emes c. Itfy Associates. with, : a/llcei here coming rears now
...." .. IA.,., 0...g.TS and U San Francisco.He as expected taersates M the kUttery, and fir.James .
... ..-...4.. ,"' ...H.ftoMi will report directly to city*! Kef r* popultttea nddecreases w, Ftoferi Sr.. who I
tow* .. .I'*'*lee v...*,' htniam' Cline. vice president la wbiM pepulatleadevelop. received fvsMdy. of KwaM
T*. reWe e .M to te* and asioelcte media '1NC'Ur.mmglHll3Dm ... 6, and Ms dveetMftort.DenaM r'Q'

v....,' Ne*. sA.r e f mWmfl Xeuai the ." efcarsfMr ,. s MIll JM>H sad MARKFYS'Till1J '' .;
le '.teM ....W"''t '. *.. ". d m ):e'r. vote la m..gyekxtlons Seeker.rive s -
theLeagMUStrf years tswr, Jaew .
IISs It ed that tat nl- $'., met sol Biurted. Mi prvS
fend the any lame l..tcwe .s M wIfe, Mary ... ,,, ,.. ( ( d'
..U teal la v.w IB tugs. After ....11*. De.sysleawsury Iglus y'tGTor' +< aU S.-DA" : AT 10... h "' :' AND Avt 18AR
Denvotrrle, Asfcaadkf aa4 c ... .... -
tie wbe snows srie tie en. KeftaM ._.... Vests FRESH

elnepln| mr.v. racial barriers VMatfeAaljtewIIMes fckjtielMMl. 8.0 SIZE
r 111 receive gr AYgMt wtrkm' .."-+ire Ingrerery i I

.... the reports ltd.Te stare .."e4 *f Ms
n n Msji4 mt Ill ..sIUIU' bear Ihls! cIt --as eat. lid and mrki Mr. and MM.H PORK
... .... N -- Mra .4M K.Iktns. I
slew M-e
0i.1 lOt U se .UIII'"1 tfiet pereesi SPARE
.... .
.p.v.w_ e_ ..r eM..n,... y. .m.pan-/Ma.w... ., C* feere VM to Oeswcrattc Al Weetat.' s pesos. tata
If, tibias e'-l, hw.ld keceSM -
=.=::=.,= a.orsuete COMPUIIIOM ) N perreM siafsn- .
-- -.._. ..-- e4 ,"..... Lynda B. Jeeevsot tht hen MfHseijurs Pr el4ert
_-_ _"c.-, -. -- last and M ,.,.... M to ....
=:: -:::=-.= :.:::-- ..=-.: sued. fr rear Jabs r. ***'4y to1HO ....u and C.e aib$ aat stw.He :
I -- .".*.'* w -- .w- 'saw SSKIN.S000ESS' sUo m. U. verb vet .. .
I ***** *****.=: **y .. ..=---l: tdtUIW team was .tissjiifSf RIBS

.. ..-....... ..... ..-.., .... ....0-. ... Howard Guard .M s..4eai eSMHD..,..,-
ed wK t-i ta...al Mo.

"''r..> aiM ."Mk to Perlast. LB. .
1 Is Charged KMW was prs....: ';

aa ewre.H si*
hi Held' Up rlt\IetL"..,. "He..was.1 IleNe.dl awarded: asn 49 :'W

scholarslp as ......c...
Iv.a .s..g... r tP' s:ie1 q ,
cheer O5y. $0. .Nw.vd Its ..,... It...let... fII ..- .. -- -

I.o.yNsp.. .. ......i ... our Dr. ...UO I..11 I.ymr
r,"W IM, ..*. U*. I&4/I $sarsnk a3y reieweetfUoaki BALLARD

MI.,.. .. A. ......., ene r.lKta'I' aced eMe lesdsr.
pee ..IA ,..." ..tI.. A. ksd W fte"StfiteU as 5:55.4: fewkSXcrfor ,5 BIMS > FAB DETERGENT

i......... .I w 51 ... L.d+.. Pletrttaa frdueaisser.

e w Ierw g .s *. b51 ... MM HiMlarsHptfesesjM ,. FLOUR

,..pt H. wee $ SJ' M 11X9lad. M eMstantsng ....., iIsMrf -

trlbos'c/4tseu.. rasB t"
IJ.. .II eI.... ... 0,.." ....... TMsnarVediseftrfitfw GIANT
,...,........, 51,,.... ern .takgoaud ubs4rr 59
._" '. ...... pd c. ....... avaH, g..m is srtBBslnefcM SIZE
I Ie (..% I,...J De-wet )$. reel Is HrtNi e...*/.. :r 49
Me kaI..e HI ed ')).COD. the fUkt elwTafie ......... ..... 6 LB.

A amid.., Ida..R.1.. vtlrnaw BAGiL

...... r. I..a4 23..e Lrsy a I ilya.t..1 s
.... ......g ... '''' *...(.. amis'was ares 54e-'
freAharaiCeaniittfteMek.i. leer .
s40.4 -
.. 44 .
.._e. .... 1J ,_ + ...... III........ : S. GOOD RW STEAK'J' ten 6!
yea* fee* aj| ......".Clave -
y....f ...f .4 ; .
g>.ete <. ....,.,..f ..*.**, -t.AJj1I Phi. A; I w

JMN ----

,: I tars Cclor Is aria To HANDI-PAK FROZEN FRENCH IRKS I r U. MI 35$

flo fckt pef! Sty .

/ $ Silt IU all a-r lOVfl JiUSM,. FOREMOST ICE CREAM % III.m 4te

: 81 I.jrhrg( {

I'' llr lid I 25t.W


iiihrrs! ,.T>. ttt ,
I Ids Tic.Nlr. SIN a.yla.eo 7.sea. lOYAL RKE s II. Ml. 5*

st.L >C tII. ..... Mp. r .
an a..a w Y .w.-.afar. I 131 ..,. M role ao. ea..9e.
S_ 1-_ ..' .-.. __ rsae
______ ,.........,. BORDEN EVAPORATED f Till cats $54

-- -- -
-- -
---- -
-- -

: Z. _" ___ ._ __ ,__ .. _. "':' .. ::; !.:. ;r. -

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"IG & .. --
,... .. .
f -" ,
f '. ,"' ;. ''. -----i:
'l4' .
: t \ 't.r", ;..:. _

: :_ILL) xt _i'

.. ,.. 'y ,
y,gtyt I

Omegas' Crown Queen Miami-Dade Junior CollegeA Mother's Death Leaves Children Homeless

parade of big-name talent has been booked for this s*'-'
son In Mlaml-Dade Junior College's annual Artist Series,Dr.
David Shuford director of student activities, announced.
Heaviest emphasis will be on jazz In the Student Government
sponsored series that wtu Include Stan Getz Peter -q r 4r
Nero George Shearing and the Paul Winter Sextet.
Varying the musical fare will be the Norman Luboff Choir.
In the field of drama; The National Players will present
performances of Shakespeare and Mollere and Basil Rath
bone will appear In a ene-mu show combining drama, poetry
and readings.The .
schedule calls for some artists to make appearances
at both North Campus and at the College's new Palmetto _
Center. Others will appear at only one location
North Campus performances will be staged in the 6.000- _
seat JFK Health Center. 11380 N.W. 27th Avenue. They win
be open at no charge to the public as well u to students and _
faculty Dr. Shuford said _
A limited open-door policy will prevail for events at Palmetto _
, : Center 7401 S.W. 120th St., with students and faculty _
having priority and others being! admitted to the limit of Pal _
metto auditorium's 900-srat capacity.The _
complete schedule] Is u follows
k, Stan Gets Oct. 21, North Campus 10 ..rn. and 8 p.m.
Peter Nero Nov. 4, North Campus, 10.a.m.! Palmetto
r Center 8 p.m.
The Paul winter SextetPalmettoCenterNov. 20, 8 p.rru
National Players Feb. 10, North Campus 10 a.m. and
8 p.m.i Feb. 11, Palmetto Center 8 p.m. Shakespeare'sRomeo LITTLE HAUZINO MN y'll..v.r see *Wrm ** y.lq /*. cfctfoVo of *e 14 Mr,
and Juliet and M die re's The Miser are productions /ef v ;ocifl of 1427 NWo*' lo o. AUM play ** tf e I to be presented. fowl )r. Mr*. Jocte. efeaf foal wee* from comaKcotfoAS WfewUf *o eeey's WraV The
George Shearing Feb. 17, North Campus 10 a.m. and hornet*** gro o>'t Mvre dalvswfll, eitfter come Miteto She MejerWaie of M* t etereDeporfrnenf
of Psi l Phi ,
HER MIGHNESS-Several member* of Upsilon il chapter Omega fraternity *r on ereJionofe fcomo.
Inc., el Florida MM University peie with their queen, Mlti Alan...... Tinker of Shrevepert 8p.m.
le. Shown here, Ml to right, are: lorry Aoiile, Wett Palm leach, Mil* Tinker, p
junior music major| el the Univerntyt, Alexander Rebertt, Winter Park. Standing ore Crippled Children Ray Charles The Throw Hits Into Political Ring
Mm Eugenia Nichols, Hallandalet, Unnerli Roller, Tallohate.) Mm Wpnda Hpyei, (joke- : .
lend): Oronl Talbett, Owenibore, Kyi' and Cecil Hayes, Fort Lpud.rd.l..
To Benefit From
Enigmatic Genius llh1RJLiq1It

History Of Millage For Dade County Xmas Card SalesThe
By lee Ivory
"Tiny Tim"Christmas Negro Pro*. Inlernotionol

Public Schools 1955-56-1965-66: Card the Project first time being this conductedfor year by Key 'fell t# court cole ,In Norm Cord/ .. Hit plan/ 1i ; :

the Crippled Children's Society c/eve'epeo' en oil' loot offer "'.? left' Oterfotteiviffe/
linage for 'per.tlon Is off to a good start. airport and ,Ito, nod te return. Then, e/c.",... ft wo
Grand Christmas Card Chairman too 1.1o to mole the toonoae concert.
School County Dlltrlct Debt TotalService Kirs. Thomas W ike field, and The itot. lupreme court fudge( who neorcf Hi. ee.. ,7
year ((5th. I3d) Vote, ) Total Mlll. committee members M u. rw/ed/ met fay 'covlJ"ev. 'rev.I.J' .,.u. from Cher.foMeiviU .
10.00 MO 19.00 g James Dotm, Jr. and bins / to Ro not.' end Mi, oWiion to fly boct ..
mS-158 1988-51 9.00 10.00 19.00 0.80 2.00 21.00 19.80 Florence Bettendorf are I toanote V... not the reeionoMe ...rel.. */ c....'
1961-S8 10.00 10.00 20.00 2.00 pleased with the reactionand The pencfinp; feoVof cote In leiten hung fceevy over
19II8-S9 10.00 10.00 20.00 2.60 22.00 22.50 results to date, Mn.Wakefleld ..,'* head) and the pofernity ceie file ...1"" Kim"
19Se-80 9,00 10.00 19.00 2.60 21.502LOO reports that over Florida Jill nothing to ease the ftvreVn trying to five
1980-81 9.00 10.00 19.00 2.00 81,000 in eiders have rome In a world full' of racial and politico! heilflitxAnother '/ ,
19111-82 10.00 10.00 20.00 1.00 2 LOO3L50 In already .nd. although returns chvnt 'of The House of Chorlet'Iwmaled to
19152-83 10.00 10.00 20.00 1.00 have been relatively the ground when owfrooeout/r rid ,../"_,* *f the CANDIDATES-- "Aleee metlMs. left si tee ud receives
1915a-84 10.00 '10.00 20.00 1.50 2L602L50 good so far, orders will .e-c'wi/v' / VI.. ork-Ba/dwirt Hill, area of toe A,." .... beet wlehee for success froi I. George Allen
1984-815 10.00 10.00 20.00 have to come In at least uwell / offic/oft ,. '
1.M petitfened city ion/no hove fey t 1MO.OOO *
3.88' 8.00' u they have been for islet, te the too law partners cttscise their
8.68 o.65' home removed loca"ta the menifrevi dweflfnf eoitrvcti -
19815-88 Me .00 11.68 0:80: 12.28 the project to be successful the view of other home* Intentions to see* election to the House of Icpre-
It Is hoped that many more ..sentttlves the State of Florida for Misuses
In Th. three-level white and yellow,, mention ,...."ft .
Mllligc actually levied following rvuttisment. orders will begin coming u ad the 0.8. ODoireee U ttahlMtoa for All ..."
property people are reminded that the huge swimming; / peel, tennli.vMs and underf rovndparting
holidays are drawing near. Conttruded on me to* of Ml H give* the
", _I..,. el fay't family and..s c,... friend* and ..--
.oci.... a gird eye view el the entire loverly HOB Beach Short
.,... One entire wall' of the huge 'living room I* ceitrvctedolgloi ...
Wien me itrvcfwre wet completed end'levhhly forniihed. > MIAMI BEACH This dry's longest public bathing
fey conceited$ matt ., Ala ..,...i town ....... beach. Lunnwa part, wag set aside. for rnuiklpalse
la 1912. three years before therlty was bteorped.
men)* .. mot he cevld onf;.y e mvoWeiorved vocation The property, nearly mile la length. U estimated MM p
."II..rt of'live It up In his new hem*. Hit ,..1I. to be worth at tout 174 mOUov The park ls named
ken filed the petition after Its original donors, J. C. ant J. N. Lamms
City lining official bnllionlf y noting that 0.. hours toner dewlopen.evltetl.
had already keen completed' turned down Ih a petition
.* being to liltiV;, too late." Several hundred roildent
NUMBER ,, many of IItom ardent I..1 fey CA.rl.e, were .ei.w Iltw 1 OW.Uly bat

ONE teverely ditappeinted. r'a ....-.
They did win en* minor I victory, however fey ..* A WHILE E )1
forced to abandon plan* for. private airfield and ,,_ ;
gar for hit, 'light" .... when m*city ,Indicated ft wJd lAG
net grant hint toning permit !
fay. Jr. 10.D.vi4l. andfebert,4, 'oy'.'III,.. trap: FULLII
ping I.da anfeyed the tennlt cewrti which were oclihreiy ti-
RHYTHM & BLUES deiigned lor men..* OWIe. 'lolled ....rwl In Mas.imming
poof that really come a* iwrrprice t* fay
Irises t* wim be once confided met ajnce hit only
brother hod drowned. b*n.iih.res,,,(*,,..,would ".
ever own any type twimmlng ,.... WmBm
The "Movie .10." ..*teemed t*.. holding Mi own
with me '0.,.,,,,* retting and trying, to gat .....011 together Spotlight t Product 01 The With
again 'H." were ..m,." fay ..* recording .
new talent f ndt on hit own Tangerine record label
I ...tt infroavenify.. he wo mating e..e.A.pp..r..esv. Miami, Florida
loch new development In "'i. ..#... narcotic cot.
however. ..* reported In doted by me nod_'a tcntbe
The third pending paternity cee preyed on hit mvtJeMod -
mind The man .*' nighly..eneitivo monner,
: *wk4 lento ol humor. and ma magic to. ,...a. timplo
DIAL : plaintive moledle. become not( nol ..>>. alw..
._ ... ,. ." Why Jiff fay M to appear? Did.. dJ.er"'Wy do.
t '\ J' \ cido .. Ignore" the covrt ordorf *'''. wore or* poof
mate who loved him wantW" He know
Me on. ........ mote who did war* not taAlnf.Then .
(;ltd* by liwl/. m* ...., began Neap net The
bead of The HOMO e! Cnorlet* ..* 1HIiII....... p.y> i

1260 For The # 1 Sound! chlatnc.of..., treavnent, In C.'oIJt" b..itof near 1*. .. f1.IIt'

fey' menial. and physical canrfUon bnov. .-I, ..
data/ friendi and bit ptyohlotHert a* mo Si Pn nc<. :
boipltof m tynwoed. ..eoygverdod otr.,. ...... s. '
who Inew el fay I bMorcara*.* remain" ad 4ont orvahmnty tt. SHO TY.$35.MfOALO .
denied mot Tito Oenle.*woo In monajl epAy
; STTU IHnUiiy
asl ddRevlly. = .::*:=,..m...t r*
Orlr Hoctar.ramadptyaWowletondbaadel -
DIAL Yy ...... -w....
... ma Natter. OWc*. refvted N rovaof any mfcjrmK.a :=-' .', r ,. r.aa
,. :- .bwtlbco.o. Sold.fwfltnatconnVwt or deny ...,. saW.s ::;..... ...
: thing. I wM not mate any *tatomonnx* MAIArr.31.sv.


: 1260 For The # 1 Prizes! Gloria GET ON THE AVYDIY
:, : nWRYFT4&RSAV -- -- -- em: _
.... ailE
', ... Hla a otlrtUta......,, 8lIY AN HL 0.& -::...wI 14181llll

A .....
tanS.. Ms- awe is M

fI .. .***, QcIa.sa..t.4 U *7 -:5 '
I ", L"DIA tarn... Lift Duo LIcqtoads. 0 .r 1mf
: I : Tw(. !. M ..... *a4r -= .. f :
L ....1 t II ,4) .* ... = -;-
T J' ect4Vt: < Ml ...- tIl' .M.r ;fA" --r
"i..as _
IUMt..o.r.1I1..Ja1. .. J'.r': : w.. .. ... _.. A
nth ..... ... ... Ie':: "
Ct.a 1'a. will !' *... -_- ... ... -4...... _
caill P..dnl, b Mt4 U FAras M.Piaw"d.4 --t.-c..
riyl. n.. Oae vim ,. -a- as.aw r.w.....-.. rs S =:a'"sv

1260 For The # 1 R & B Hits! OJLOUI OLMtl *4 7*. *iU .rfr: .. ... .... ,

tea to* 4irrr.... 1 .=:,::. .

.."' -4

t f\\ tc "


EWC Strengthens Colts Win County Diadem Virginia Tromps Pro Scouts Vie


I Conference Lead ; r :Q tt .. : :t: Howard In 29-12 Bisons Rout For Tigers' Gridsters I

Petersburg. Ys.--Afbr I GRAMQLINC:;, La. (Special) guard WlUlo Young, 255j end
'. ,...... t. sluggish first half. Virginia It Is unlikely that the songwriter Elton Mlngo. 310 halfback
Drubs State 290Edward ,# 'IF ,. f. :JJ '.\ Sum overpowered I plucky who wrote' the lyrics Charles Washington. 313s and
( .r t C Howard University squad by for "SaNrd IJ Night Is the halfback Coldle SeU.,., lfl&.
Waters encounters the conversion was, fib sUowed \,. :. \ I t ... .1. : '\ coring three touchdowns afMr Loneliest Night In the Week." The assumption among
Lane College |Q Jackson, when' the Tigers were' charged Intermission for I decisive could accept Ms own premise scouts Is that Cornish, Dyer,
Tem Saturday night follow ,with" an oflside penalty. a ... 29'12 win.' If ,. were' to make a visit Washington and Ycungwllldevelop -.
ing last Saturday's 29-0 win The hard hlntno Tigers'de- In moving to their tint to rambling College during Into Immediate pro stars
over rival Albany State to assume fcnsemen who nave had the t win of the season,. the War- j the football season. where they will, Join some 20
undisputed lead In the local capitalizing on rumbles rlon wore sparked by Sl1rhtwyrow's Saturday night or for that odd er*Tlyen 1ft the p11J-for.
Southeastern Athletic Conference all-season caused the Rams \ .. \. -t two sixpoint* matter any other day or night, pay ranks.
race. to again mlsseue and Leo tossed \ : ers, Harry Sharper's put* Is any thing but lonely for coach
Junior Guard Louie Carter to Elijah Duncan and t/ f catching and I strong defenlv Eddie Robinson's Tigers from Football Results
placed the demons' forces a brace to AU-<:anference V 44 ,rA effort.. early September to lite
Into the scoring column senior luUback Lyawood, 1'1..t Preston Blackwell, tallied November, Edward Woiere 29., ,.AIbo y
early la the opening quarter (Truck Simmons to paydlrt. twice for the Bisons who One of the reasons Is the St. 0
when' he recovered s Rams Sophomore end WaltcrSlm- I 1iJ! ) .' trailed by only 18-12 In the relenting quest for talent by Florida MM 28 .Alobomja, ,
a nimble In the end rata maw Intercepted s Rams' \ arly minutes of the final professional clubs.Grambling AAMUolHunoCookmon
AH Conference senior pus end two plays later Leo l stansa. Is literally bulging *,,...Morrisrown
quarterback then went to the tossed to fresh end Willie ..-.: During the first half.Stan with' talent scouts who Judleiously 1 7VMHoneorf
air to hit senior back Ahln Creeowty for the final score <..: showed the Isms Inconsistency follow players with 29 Control.
MtOer with' a 19-r+rder but In the founhquarter. Ci rea- :rs't tI. as displayed In the their scientifically refinedsystems. Stole

way" scored a two-point conversion opening loss to Del.wareSt.1e. tuhoo sj .fI u u. 0
CURE MORE back on Sam a Kendrldta pass from Junior the MAsrrrs Or Alt Mq atwvey ore *e WarisiVo CoiN of ftSo Ctorence Ml eon I..v.ieft toVrolrothe took Trojans a and score propel move Like la animated and out pupTt of the stadium they Mia*. Volley 7.....TeioaSo....
u wen aSe Dt/vW Covittf / ... 'deerpienlAM' Mwng( aSroe-f omo S l.yWf wi" them to their Inte ran Is* Virginia Stale 40. SKow 11
alias and w.tchI'raclltu.ulona -
GIVE MORE to II win Tigers" la wrapped as many up contests ths If third this the contending aVooafyM' >_.*. THe aVoves wen She Mtfol Arles g mea 10-1 virti Me sloe led Ing scan Ing amid the SI ,.yt.. U ,,.,..,.-
swan Colts copping; Mi. fiitW pair 74 .rwI J-0. Cfcomps ,....1i0lSJ from row hurl left ore Virginia State's first four richness and pkntlnide that 'villeOVorhoea)
AMERICANCANCER The Tigers next bomestandwQl AM i. O.i...., II.; *.,w.. H. 0.....,'SS:; lieft... LN, Q Sammy OOAO MooVer. .Fj rushing> attempts In the open* haw made Grambling anassemblyllne 4. .eh.", 0eftodid
be ismrdryo! ht. Oct James A. For* 38. Hoary N. Oefoee, Jr.. 21.; leyet WWjU O loci row from ,IWfc CwrtiiAWIfer. Ing minutes resulted In two producer of pro 3*. Knoiville IWL
SOCIETY 23, against powerful Mississippi icoror Ofia VWHomi.? WllieaVyontFiWna W oolini.. Wjrj Artfcwr Crowrforal lost funbles, and the Bisons grid sun Vlrflni Stole 12. .01._
VaOey la the annual IP; joAnny Son.*. If OIM(Jimmy Corr. tcoror. Omtr members or* ftm lorffey. and timed one Into s touchdown The Tigers are so strong 'villa 0
homecoming: soar VVbfWt/ Wbrat C,. (loyal Art StoW. **eM, Mel. Sw am hobbled the ball this season that scans will Morgan 33 Morytond
u he was' tackled at the have a latitude of choice Swell
-Welch This Clow VSC 32 and the Bisons'Julian at most (101 II loot. Nertk Cwollep 10. S.C.
Minis Brown Ties Wildcats Negro Elected C.-Cell till Shelton recovered. On a It might be wishful thinking Stole 7Delaware t
fourth down '
II play Qrsrterback
SenIS on the part of supporters, Sto,oo..HowevdOWHO

23" 5! OR 4th tarter( Aerkil Gen At 'St. Aug.1 Junior High, well a Walt quick White pltchout yaw and Disck the* sheer, or envy bum by dope the opposition 'from I.

speedy halfback ran24yardadown an of scouts, but most
,. 4 DATTCNA BEACH With 2sM kft la t bitterly fought Defended White the right sideline for experts agree that no team has LEA loo
; Homecoming Came two Coorges from Morris' Brown By Team Mates the score.The bctwr pro credentials. "
tamed up oa a perfectly executed 63 yard touchdownpass. conversion past fail fieki '
Scouts hope to s taath
ST. AUGUSTINE-Jachls Robinson have been put
may and
Brown to Atkinson with Roooevtit Ruse 11 bootIng ed.
the first to discover that an at Wast sewn Or amblingstalwarts '"
the work of
offers rr ono r.rxstrtlJL
the tie Bethune extra point to State countered on the nextseries.
1 5 one of the fastest highways to racial +acceptance, but he and! Implore, exhort ,
Both teams found going trees the 20) yard stripes.Bethuns la. certainly not the tat As Bobby Wlngo' re* or cajole them Into j JoinIng ever-
IsEric's mother and secretary the kickoff( SO
11- /-il rough on the yratd&thtmeoakmsa with Cookman scored Latest discoverer of this turned yards teams In the American.National ,.
of the local Southern
the VSC 41. On the next
to "
Canadian and! Continental t ALL THMOUdHf
netting only urly In the first quarter asa "
magical phenomenon Is Eric
,!lSllteouttees 84 yards and Xorrts Brown result of breaks caused by James, 12. one of s half Christian ference Leadership play, ""&laro" picked, his leagues after firDecember Who Mfr1-hlne'e' flMl_.anlInt
winding, up "''hili net 25 1r0bar penaJI..... A long pass pus lore sudonts chapter. w ay through tMHarsrdsecordsry draft. lli> rya' TMrre hardly a
Negro now PTA meetings at KetterUnus his block nl In lk.. .
; gathered "I"| MMinlrr krr t
Both teams scored via them the 12 nullified Seventeen AFL and NFL .
on was
Ing .
He'r 1beo.etltler attending Konerllnus JuniorHigh .. .
are neither hostile nor ers and rand S3 yards for man mn'1 llnil a |' <- u vtM
,, I"' DortlRe the air w Ida BtdluntoCookmanpldlW by an oflsUe penalty bursa School here In the Ancient friendly to dwhgropsnntrrho the scouts watched rambling li". If li* k..*>i* a .im"a
up 319 yards and the Interference can against tally. massacre powerful PrairieView brie Mr lh. miltliwf amihiitl .
adds, Btibtrtcts. City. attend, .according toMrs. Dab ChavU'kick was wide .
Visitors 167 yards.Bottle Morris Brow gave item a Last week Eric, who, ei- rammer who 441.They ) mumtlHtlmiWilK
but ofllsde
.ft* works it all troood first down oa the 79. from an penalty against marveled at the Hill tufiiiylly see a"
cells la mule baseball.footbaU ,
Of LI..., the attitude of the white pus Howard gave the Warriors for. mtaawro .f .rt""M ...,.
which tossed Robert ability sir spred and! versatility
010! ATTIUCnONS point King to and other activities, .. .
ems as one "formality.. another chance, and AI Me .. ,.n4 rtelawee
Two rugged Unas battled Dlckeraoa ta the end was named te: of theKeaerUnus of All-American full- ., .. _..
espsla alatwr
11311ittea Mrs.' rhimmeYexpressedherself Banks' to Bobby Wlngo: IKre\ 'H IHf t >ewiMt
throughout die afternoon toa sane, Alka kicked to give the football ream back flenry Dyer. WOj halfbark Moue, My |k. Mtrtwry
u In the rottA
-- being mostpatased tlyM tamer r u
great defensive struggle home la am s 1 point advantage When, short time later, s by her Eric's Leroy Carter Wit erMNells
{ oars living yardage grudgingly.forcing which dry held until late Student addressed one of tie son at KemrUnas.rsp41scvrptstre two points. tackle rank Cornish bet
the offense to take to to the four*quarter. lunil refill .rlthrti *l Crlf.hls : I.
the air to a game played be- all 'of
ARE NUMBERED team-mates, tea
13 10 tern promptly t genfod- DIXIE CRYSTALS
'II"' Days art Ntltl' 1st Downs on the offender, herded him f. ti
be!ed." Htsith aid For- Net Rushing 12-72 M 10 --28 22 !Into s corner of me gym,and ..
Passes Am Comp ,
admonished' him la
no war
tine CM' Be IOu nit 219 ItT
Net passing SUGAR
eenala terms to "!et' Off'dwlr
Toa IDOl Tour Lecky DUI passes tot. 0 t testy flsl0. "I

tact-: colors rte Fumblas Lost ',.,0. 11 34Penalties 0Pull Ever since then Erie feat I
bead 2.00 for roar bad smooth saUlitf. not only r
Oulde for UI W oa the sports field' but aU I
Harescopc Points After TO I I !
over the school grounds.Keaerllnus .
'OCTOVXfill SCORING was first antrgrated \ RIGHTS RESERVED 490
BCTICNCCOWCMANi 24 yard err King to R. last and at fir I QUANTITY
!. the He*, beloe Dickers., Ana kick year 5 IBS.
turn there were minor Incidents SPECIALS GOOD THRU SATURDAY
lad sail to I001AC. rot MCRRB BKOWi 61 yard ,.... C. BrowateC.Atkinson. and rare-tniming has ,

Office ear 1171. Jacieofllle *- RmsaeUICIckBetruns ccMUitod ever Sine, .b" CRISCO II fOLGER'S
Cookman 1000-
at a .
1. Plorlde.HMtt. dlmtalahlng "'po.
Morris Brow 0 0 0 l' 1 Parents of the Negro SMdeots -

..................... come atttndlm ta. lot KenerUmealso s deal of SHORTENING COFFEE AH69C
Rockets SiflR Defense MmCordtt 'MadUrIyy white ..tdemswbOe

IU1I.: ................... Matblosoa,, "rough J.... Rockets rre. ..H.r.w their dellvertng\ dIIldre and, parking
otfeowinankasbMSpvr* t lab 1ftit, annaunred 'this lIP reports
cnaoed for fir Jacksonvtlle woe*. Mrs. UKlUo rammer who 59C I LIMIT 1 W/S00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
DAft! Of 1.n11l.i -' .' Rockets front the Johmtowa 7WS S roagh-, t wg* burly 3 LIS. ;
othojoman. om of Upolkocxee .

you DM* Bate. ft Oo To Too To Get ) ".'... be..a lookingtor.SaklElnblikter. R. S. EVANS urn t win S5." "Green Giant Special) Savings' Mix Or Match

LOW PRICESDRUG brings The 3tyearki whti khn a Ma wail..,k.oa ofeipartfan. 3rd & Main' II HUE mi 010(1FLOUR( KITCIEN SUCH SIKH SOtOEK lAM

lie piayod two
years of fro koctoy ,ht Victoria
& C. He .pat twoyears 14 Chr. Impala -
STORE NEEDS wtA h Ung fctUnd t-y.+t rM .!* ** INR loll MOll KIWIS, WIOLC WIOIC MINI 110011
Ducks and last year ha played $2695Q .12
a.as... lor Johnstcwa Is the laawruHeckoyUape. KERNEL CORN oz PACK CORN
; t'rM. Grand Fritt
Trade vita four neliiborVwd store Ma n nu. war VT ruccs ADV.in i&t UXM. rAJTMto tark ..! ***** ISO poamla.Hostwotskn $3695Vtrk ,
Dtllt. .. also fill all OxUra proaerlatlota.Dixie 4 CANS 79 C
"Cere'le. kaa it* .1_. *. IS 'A11 rat 'UII snf IIUle
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Pharmacy to aovene's .ooh," beamod $3595 MCMN2II
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OMTV t front tfw Jew DOWN $195
TU2 lilts lid It Kfrtii ITIIM be rD1 Mrt.a toMairaraDsto TIDE 69C
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Slpe4. Store. Ae Rees
FIT Till HUT IAUI Ml UllfHIEIllli keW efTkUai **..o< to Mrs a Tara 17atrntry Waft m'lIIlII

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: ,",' $1995Q UKD sr' iTI

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r ,' rent r al teertt; t tV, "lu' 'im POTATOES
rr '11595 lI. 59C

Your guests are )C 514rS195 ; 10 1 39C

"fA :4 um i HUSH t inn. LIS.
.,. expecting to meet
,[Ii $75II '\
the Smooth Canadian

at your party. $ HEN TURKEYS}., FilM RIPE ,

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-- -- ------ --- -- -- -- -- -- --



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: -::-

Mt. CalvaryTo Hear Central Anniversary District's POLICE REPORT-I .

Rev W. T. Rogers, pastor
John A. PayneJohn of Mt. Salem Baptist Two Jacksonville women an argument started. Rele quickly apprehended by city
ford told the victim to leave
Church will be the principal were placed in city Jail last police. He told officers
A. Payne will be the speaker when District 2 of Wednesday charged with according to reports that he had entered the buS
principal speaker Sunday at Central S.ptlitChurchob..r- .5 shoplifting. then later retreated to get lding to go to sleep
3tOO p.m. during the DUtrlct ves Its anniversary Sunday beginning Officers, who Identified the 12-gauge shotgun Owens -
Laymen Brotherhood' Fellowship at 4tOO p.m. In the the women as Eva Bell Hoi who was hit once in Xlrs. Llllle G. Davis of
lervlce In Calvary church auditorium icy and Loretta B.Simmons, the stomach with pellets 1827 E. 28th St., told investigators -
Baptist Church. The District Is Inviting ,'ty said they were arrested at from the weapon told officers that her boy friend -
Rev. Mr. Payne Is Assocl- friends and'the general public a downtown departmentstore he thought the weapon Daniel A. Carter Seat
ate MinIster of Second Bap- to participate In the ob- 1 after being detainedby was s play toy.A her sevcrly after he found
tilt Church and U a much servance. Mrs M. B. Robin s sales clerk. cut she had used all of the
ought after speaker on Ilmi- son Is the president Deacon rI ipr 48 year old cab driver money to pay bills
was attacked by an enraged -
lar programs throughout the Angrous Jackson the leader Mrs. Annie E. Herndon
city.Rev and Rev. W. Leander Jones of 1923 Ella St. reported to motorist last Friday Mrs. Davis suffering
Payne will be supported the pastor. city police that her home after he stopped to pick ups from bruises and severe lacerations
by other ministers and was looted of s television passenger on G run thai St. told officers that
various choral groups from Bivens Group I while she was at work. Leon Richardson, of 431 she didn't wish topreis cha-
W. 17th St. told officers
churches of the city. ti She explained tolnvestiatlog rges.
that the driver of a 64
Primary purpose of the officers that she had
meeting will be to foster closer To Present l Ncep left the front door to her Chevrolet stopped behind James Walker 37. of 612
unity between the male r home open so hersonwouldn't him and demanded that he Union St., narrowly escaped
members and churches of the Gospel EventSeveral J be locked out when arriving move. The attacker pull of serious Injury last week after
city. home from school out of his car and a he was shot la back of
pistol striking Richardson the head by an angered vis
will be An eutatde\ Jacksonvilleman
programs about the face.
itor. Medic showed
Recital Set presented by the Blven Specials was fatally wounded at reports
the bullet
that barely entered
and Gospel Echoes, unr 9LL a Florida Ave pool room Two women were arrested the skin.Arrested
Vernon King will be presented der management of Mrs. Ines last Thursday after arguing for fighting last Saturday and held In city
In recital Sunday at Diverts and Deacon James with another man about s after one decided to end the jail for aggravated assault
8 p.m., In St. Stephen AME Byrd. beginning Sunday nightIn woman. melee with s can of potash was Rohalla Williams 43.
Beulah Baptist Church, featuring Dead on arrival at Duvet
Church sponsored by Mrs. The victim Mary B.Black of 81S Ionia St.
Mamie. Taylor group cap the Gospel Echoes. Medical Center with twobul- of 322 North St. was ta- Officers therolsed the Incident -
tain. The Biven Specials will be Jell lodged In his chest was ken to DX1C and treated for occurred after Walker -
...r.1 King will sing classics, sponsored Oct. 24 at 4 p.m., Andrew Lee Howard of 1111 bums on her cheat. Her assailant came to the aid of s
semi-classics and spirituals.He In Mt. Olive Baptist, south- Florida Ave.. In city jail and landladyQueenle woman. They were arguing
Is the son of Rev. and side Oct. 31 the twogroupswill under homicide Investigation Belcher of the same address about s radio.Lawrence
"'rI. R. A. I King, memberof sing In Triumph Holiness 1 U Otis McBrWe.22, of 717 told investigating officers
Greater Payne AME Church. E. Fifth St. McBride was that hte fight started Tlsdak. 39. of t.
Choir and a public school In- Sunday the Specials and was also treated at DMC 311 Madison St.. reported to
"Their Instruments of Faith," for a bullet wound in the
structor. fleets that the fight star
police that | 88 was stolen
Hostel es will be membersof will travel to Daytona Beachto right thigh. after she turned the Ugh,: from him while visiting on
Fidelity. LiRoaa and appear with Melvin Grace ( Reports indicated that the off In the victims room. Duvet St.
and other two had been earlier -
Epicurean Clubs. groups arguing/ He told investigating officers
and stopped but the alteieatlon
A 40year-oldjaeksonvilte that he fell asleep

t P>. Eugene lutfer Division' 0'/fit.Duvol'County Unit Am or Icon Cancer society, ..,n''," both pulled resumed pistols.later Howardwas and was man found was arrested In the rear after of the he at his tlxl few friend's house
after When
swords of an opprecfat/on/ meeting Tuesday night" / 'In .,.-"'., Molhodut/ Hotpital/ Cafeteria hit twice from s .33- Main Metal Co. ,awoke a his wallet drinks.] was he.
.,,", at trim meeting was Richard/ I. Mills (flop. center) who Intlalltd' Alyton t caliber revolver and Me- Johnny W. Brown, after concluded. gone.he
I Iy N+Ia.Idloslud.rDlvhlonchelrmonondUrloh/orta, / ( / (not shown' at ,1966 trvtodo their-/ Bride once.Officers. setting off the alarm was
man Outgoing/ Civilian chairman/ C. A. Wi/ds/ It shown right Awards war* pre,,"'," who arrested I
M'r9 ta sectlan/ 'leaden by Uriah Portea who was alta/ 1963 trutada chairman./ Receiving/ a. McBride after he fled the

wards were (bottom; t. H. iamtt. M,.. Ado iohnton M,.. Emma Hon. M,.. Oortrudt ,c'W. described his attitude

Harrison, M,.. lllllo Woe Smith/ Mrt Edith Taylor, who accepted' th. award for M,.. as indifferent.

father Demon Mrs VI"I,,,". Hicks, who accepted far /tA,.. Mortodot iocl/ond/ ; Mrs. Tho

mat McOee and Mrt. Mob!. reeden. for th* Century Saving Club/ The certificate were A 22-year old man reported -
pro.,""." far oll'lfondlngcel"/ th* 1965 campaign to city police that he Enjoy the extra smoothness of

---- men was on attacked Phoenix by"Ave.The two. white 7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon !

fiend Voices Of Faith victim Identified as

1a SALES MANAGER Qiurch A Social Newt Jessie Cook, of 1728 E. 25th
To Slate Benefit. St., was cut on the left wrist

( NEGRO ] TIE{ FLORIDA CTAR as he 'fled his assailants.Jlmmle .
The Voices of Faith of the

9r ; 37 14 SALARY t COMMISSION WANTED Church of Cod, Steele and Blue
Streets, will be presented on Lee Jones of 1049
r $19,000 l HIUIMUM Tsrrasio Mechanic and program Monday at 8 p.m.. In W. 3rd St., reported to police -
l POTENTIAL I Orlndara to work lo Puerto St. Stephen MIl Church for that his home was entered -
the benefit of the Women's Day and a record player
NENEGR011ERITACE, LIBRARY 'Moo and The Virgin Island. celebration.The taken.

I Plve ere experience and group, under the direction He valued the article at
the only library oovermi
[ references required. of Xlrs. Juanlta Harper 3240. r 8ndtMlitri + I
the ""ro..' contribution Write: will sing spirituals gospel\ ldotsn't '
i t
and achievements to nan- selections and hymns. Others Aa early evening drinking
I V.I. Terraiao Co. P.O. costGnltltrlCtnti
kind 1* openfni} new of- appearing will Include Xlrs. spree sent a 34 yt ar-ota ,
Boa 103 Christianated at. Harriet bales, Xlrs. Thebna Oak St. man to Duval Medical /Wrbq !
KEN KNIGHT floes lo the Jt ,area.' *e Cross U. ... Virgin feland. Rave, Mrs. Jessie Holmes Center last Friday 1- w ln..
have an esc.lltnt'oppor and Mrs Llllle Mil Wright.A tier he was shot In the stomach 'i t tN
tunity for a take; etarie spiritual tea will be sponsored with a single bar-

Invites You To Listen To- wailer who has a proven FOR SALE Sunday from to 9p.m.. .shotgun! ,
record of hiring and training IINOIR electric eewlncachlne In the home of Mrs. Annie Charley Owens the vie
Mae Pangs 1480 W. 8th St.. tlm, is patently la serious
ealeaaen la the direot
In console cab. /alol <
featuring the Fergus on Prayer condition. Police reports Indicated
BIG BAND sales t1.1d.A11 intonation like Be*. Sees forrd !Band that Owens had been .

first reply write: and un,... All attach- drtnktnj heavily and knocked e ..
enta tor .asking.. buttonhole Aniiiirstry Pninn on several doors at *
NEGRO HERITAGE LIBRARY ilfsaiilni knocked on the door of 69
fancy stitch deeliae The Soul Revivals will observe ye ar-otd J ernes Releford art
7300 BISCAYNE BLVD Fully tuaranteed. Can their 7th anniversary I

11:30: til 12:00: MIAMI, FLORIDA 33138 be teas in your area Sunday ness Church.at Queen Esther HoUI ROOK FOR LENT? .. tJ-l Instant

Make eight Monthly pv The participants are Xlrs. ,na hit eel. Ceokiis Prlv,
Stturdiy 9 p.m Til 12:00: p.m. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ente of $4.11. trite: Thelma Edwards, Gospel Ilille lo..a er Coeple. ._

EMPLOYER Credit uaaaaer, 122 !9Cleerweter Trotters, BSA Sinters Coldens -eek dare. 3 P. .. to U Photos
McCaU Singers, Singing
1400 WRHC 1400 Soil Lario Wonders and others p.a. 1..II.ade. I i.e. tot
florid ,,. .. 35/ 3t'' 1. cru7 d

'UIH Malda Ovarasjtee4. Hood

New fork live*]* Job, Royal Crows Each

IJ5-ISS weekly fare adv .
NUOLD I DtrtonoTPept A/Q1C1 Colt

8, U*brook. I.,.
Royal Art Studio



te Beat), Lan
I.s.ssads .4 was
toss toltt .m.0 5JIt.1 flowers ft fjardea bale
**nnwi* ".*t ,W I* I L. 515 DAVIS ST.
'path 15 .'.. ."...".. Ploer pellaker A ...)..h.
.. ......
...._ .III'",M .
..... ,...".'''...1 I' fe'ItMtft"'loraJe" eckae.it Mead Shots. local
"' Trailer. 31 Peg *.,.


I 1UI Wish. Ic. pQ $-""




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TO LEAVE JcZ* J.. :; _

I TO Nationally GET BARGAINS Advertised ON \ w (I


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